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Sunday, 19 May, 2013 Rajab 8, 1434



Nawaz and Kayani mull future course of action

No easy way out for Pervez Musharraf

All’s not well between Nisar and the Sharifs

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Saturday called on the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief and prime minister in waiting Nawaz Sharif and briefed him on internal and external security threats facing the country. PAG E 02

Though, the complainant in the Judges’ detention case, Aslam Ghuman, has disassociated himself from the case, top legal and constitutional experts see no immediate relief for former military ruler Pervez Musharraf in the case saying that under law. PAG E 19

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has become an “unwelcome guest” at Raiwind as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leadership is holding him responsible for the party’s dismal performance in Rawalpindi District, Pakistan Today has learnt reliably. PAG E 04


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N news sunday, 19 May, 2013

Re-polling in nA-250’s 43 polling stAtions todAy KARACHI STAFF REPORT

Re-polling at 43 polling stations in NA250 constituency will be held on Sunday (today), while the Pakistan People’s Party has announced to boycott the exercise. Sources said that security strategy has been finalised to maintain law and order during the polling and as many as 3,500 personnel will perform their duties. 40 polling stations will be set up in south zone and other 5 in east zone. As many as 22 police personnel backed by eight to 10 rangers and six to eight army personnel will be deployed at each polling station, sources added. As many as 2,300 police personnel along with Rangers and army will be deployed in south zone while 275 police personnel backed by 100 Rangers and army personnel will be deployed in east zone. Quick response force of army and rangers will also be deployed to tackle untoward situation during the polls. Separately, Balochistan’s polling staff has left for Karachi to supervise re-polling in NA250. The ECP has sent 110 employees of Balochistan to Karachi under security cordon. Hub’s Assistant Commissioner Fawad Soomro is accompanying the staff. According to ECP sources, government employees belonging to Lasbela District of Balochistan will be deployed at polling stations in NA-250. Meanwhile addressing a press conference, PPP leader najmi Alam said that the party had decided to boycott the re-polling because the Election Commission had not heard the party’s point of view on the issue. He said that PPP had obtained 44,000 votes from the constituency in the 2008 elections and therefore was a major stakeholder in the area.

CeC should hAve AddRessed nAtion on Rigging issue: imRAn SHANGLA HILL ONLINE

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday said the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) should have immediately taken the nation into confidence through a television address on the issue of rigging. “There is some substance in the complaints on polls rigging and manipulation of election results. The CEC should have immediately addressed the nation on TV and taken on board the whole nation on this matter. The mysterious silence on his part in this respect is making a noise,” he said, while talking to a party delegation at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. He said PTI will go to all extents to bring to the forefront how this technical rigging took place. “I am grateful to Nawaz Sharif on his arrival at Shaukat Khanum to inquire after my health but the words ‘friendly match’ expressed by Nawaz, were solely his own brainchild,” Khan said.

nAwAz And kAyAni mull futuRe CouRse of ACtion LAHoRe



HIEF of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Saturday called on the Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) chief and prime minister in waiting Nawaz Sharif and briefed him on internal and external security threats facing the country. According to party officials, Shahbaz Sharif was the only member from the Sharifs’ political team present in the meeting held at the Model Town residence of the former Punjab chief minister. The army chief, who arrived in plain clothes, also had lunch with the Sharif brothers. PML-N officials privy to the development described the meeting as a good beginning from both sides. “It was one such meeting in which the participants get a chance to know each other better,” a senior leader said. Kayani congratulated the Sharifs on their thumping victory in elections. Both sides expressed satisfaction over the peaceful and smooth transition of power in the country after the Pakistan People’s

Party (PPP) government completed a fiveyear term. In the meeting that lasted over three hours, Kayani briefed the Sharifs on the internal and external security situation facing Pakistan. The briefing also featured the war on terror and the situation in FATA. Nawaz Sharif lauded the role played by the army in extending security cooperation during the May 11 polls in the country and its efforts to strengthen democracy. DRONE ATTACKS: Kayani and the Sharifs unanimously declared drone attacks a sheer breach of the country’s sov-

ereignty and stressed that these attacks should come to a halt. Nawaz also presented his national charter to the army chief. Both sides reiterated their resolve to go alongside to resolve national problems. Kayani held out assurances of the army’s complete cooperation to Sharif and his government. There was no official word on the meeting, either from PML-N or ISPR. Being out of power for a long time, Nawaz Sharif would have been interested to know the security situation in the country with a looming threat of Taliban and

PTI senior leader gunned down in Karachi, Imran hold Altaf responsible KARACHI STAFF REPORT

Just hours before re-polling in selected polling stations of the NA250 constituency in Karachi, unidentified motorcyclists gunned down a senior female office bearer of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) outside her house in Karachi’s affluent Defence area. According to police, PTI Sindh Senior Vice President Zahra Shahid Hussain was shot dead outside her house in Defence Phase IV late on Saturday night. The motive of the attack could not be immediately ascertained, with some police officials suspecting it to be a murder during robbery while others termed it a targeted killing. Senior Superintendent of Police Nasir Aftab said that initial findings pointed to a case of a purse snatching gone wrong. He said that per Hussain’s daughter, her mother got into their car to leave. The driver wheeled the car out and was locking up the gate behind her when two men on a motorcycle pulled up and tried to snatch her purse. “When she resisted they shot her.” Hussain was immediately taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Hospital but she succumbed to her wounds. Doctors said a bullet to her head had caused her death. Hussain was a founding member

of the party and was also the chief polling agent for the NA-250 constituency, which has become controversial after the PTI accused its rival Muttahida Qaumi Movement of rigging the election. While the PTI demanded repolling in some areas of the constituency and staged a sit-in protest for seven days at Teen Talwar Chowk, the MQM had been demanding re-election in the entire constituency and staged protests of its own. However, the Election Commission stuck its ground and ordered re-polling on only 43 polling stations. The ECP decision angered the MQM and they announced to boycott the re-polling, calling it unfair to the party’s mandate. On the first day of the PTI sit-in, MQM Chairman Altaf Hussain had given a veiled threat to PTI supporters to call off their protest or risk retribution by supporters of his party. He had also demanded separating Karachi

from Pakistan if the party’s mandate was unacceptable to the Establishment and parties opposed to the MQM. However, the MQM chairman was quick to condemn Zohra Hussain’s murder. In a statement issued from London, Altaf extended condolences to the PTI leadership, Zohra's family and party workers and prayed for her eternal peace. Demanding immediate justice, Altaf said her killers should be brought to book and given exemplary punishment. IMRAN ACCUSES ALTAF: But in Lahore, PTI Chairman Imran Khan held the MQM chief directly responsible for the murder of the senior party leader, who is the widow of a former ambassador Shahid Hussain. “I also hold the British Govt responsible as I had warned them abt Br citizen Altaf Hussain after his open threat to kill PTI workers,” Imran tweeted soon after Zohra Hussain’s murder was reported on TV channels. PTI Information Secretary Shireen Mazari said that PTI workers and supporters faced a serious threat in Karachi following Zohra Hussain’s murder in cold blood. Arif Alvi, the PTI candidate in NA-250, appealed his supporters to remain calm. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has given a call for countrywide protests over the murder.

the initiatives so far taken by the army. Nawaz would also have been interested to know if Pakistan could stop or minimise drone strikes which have been a source of resentment for the masses. On the other hand, the army leadership would have been interested to know what the future premier thought on regional politics, especially Pakistan-India relations. There are several issues that will test the civil-military relations in the coming days. The trial of General Musharraf under Article 6 of the constitution is one such slippery issue. It is not known if there was any exchange on this issue between Nawaz and Gen Kayani. The big question mark likely to crop up in these relations would be the continuity of policies of the present security regime and whether the Sharifs had any role in mind for Gen Kayani to maintain the continuity. Observers said the meeting was of paramount significance for it dispelled the impression created by certain circles on the mistrust between the army and the new government. Earlier, Kayani made a lengthy phone call to Imran Khan and enquired about his health.

suRvey suggests pAkistAnis ARe toleRAnt people MoNItoRING DeSK The “World Values Survey” carried out by US newspaper Washington Post and British newspaper Daily Mail has lead to a surprising result. The survey done on 80 countries to estimate the level of tolerance for racial others claims that Pakistanis, often labeled as ‘extremists’ by international media, are in fact way more tolerant than most nations of the world. According to details, Pakistan has a number of factors that coincide with racial intolerance i.e. sectarian violence, its location in the least-tolerant region of the world, low economic and human development indices etc. Yet only 6.5 percent of Pakistanis objected to a neighbour of a different race. This would appear to suggest Pakistanis are more racially tolerant than even the Germans or the Dutch. Pakistan’s tolerance levels are in sharp contrast to that of its neighbors as India, Bangladesh, Jordan and Hong Kong have been declared as the least tolerant countries in the world. This was because 43.5 percent of Indians, 51.4 percent of Jordanians, 71.8 percent of Hong Kong people and 71.7 percent of Bangladeshis interviews stated that they did not wish to live next to someone from a different race. The data indicates that Anglo and Latin countries are most tolerant. People in the survey were most likely to embrace a racially diverse neighbour in the United Kingdom and its former colonies (the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and in Latin America. The only real exceptions were oil-rich Venezuela, where income inequality sometimes breaks along racial lines, and the Dominican Republic, perhaps because of its adjacency to troubled Haiti. Scandinavian countries also scored high. However, a serious flaw in the methodology of the survey could be the fact that in most Western countries racism is so taboo that many people will hide their intolerant views and lie to the questioners. Max Fisher of the Washington Post suggested that maybe ‘Americans are conditioned by their education and media to keep these sorts of racial preferences private, i.e. to lie about them on surveys, in a way that Indians might not be’

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sunday, 19 May, 2013

poweR outAges eClipse post-eleCtion dRAmA eleCtriCity shortage Crisis worsens as shortfall hits 5,300mw ISLAMABAD ANWER ABBAS


AKISTAN’S electricity shortfall once again hit the 5,300 Megawatts (MW) figure, and most parts of the country, especially Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), have been subjected to prolonged and unscheduled electricity load shedding varying between 16 to 18 hours per day. At present, the power supply across the country is 9,500MW with demand around 15,000MW, causing the severe shortfall. Taking serious notice of the crisis across the country, caretaker Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso has summoned

a meeting of the entire government stakeholders on Monday to introduce some important decisions. Caretaker Federal Minister for Water and Power Dr Musadaq Malik has also logged a complaint against non-cooperation from the ministries of petroleum and finance, who are reportedly reluctant in making payments. In Peshawar, electricity load shedding went up to 14 hours whereas in KP’s tribal areas and outskirts, the situation is worse with electricity available for only five to six hours. In Punjab, power outages have almost destroyed the industries. In Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and neighbouring cities, people are suffering from load shedding for 15 to 18 hours daily. Lahore, Kasur, Muridke and Bhai Pheru have been hit the most due to increase in the shortfall. Power outages, lasting as long as 20 hours, were recorded in Faisalabad and Gujranwala.

Various parts of the twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, have also remained without electricity for hours since the last few months. The major reason behind the prevailing chronic power outages is that most power generation plants and reservoirs of the country were built in 1960 and now face around 40 to 50 percent decrease in their power generation capacity as well as visible reduction in water storage capacity. In addition, most rivers of the country are facing water shortage which has a negative impact on power generation, contributing significantly to the power crises. Also, the government does not pay power generation companies for the electricity it duly consumes. The companies in turn cannot pay their overheads or afford to import power, and the supply stalls. The circular debt reached at least $4.4 billion in 2011-12 and power cuts shaved three to four percent of the GDP in the fi-

nancial year 2010-11, according to the government’s Planning Commission. The estimated present circular debts are around 300 to 400 billion which have also magnified the present load shedding situation. The government would have to bell the cat by removing subsidies being paid from the national exchequer for electricity to normalise the situation and to reduce its financial burden. No proper census has taken place in the country after 1998, which has contributed in wrong estimations being made prior to introducing new projects as well as managing supply and demand. The economy is in a poorer health now, than in 2012. Foreign exchange reserves have dwindled to a large extent, which cover less than two months of imports. That is making it impossible to manage more spending in providing furnace oil to power generation companies. Majority of the power plants have

nawaz sharif approves PML-n’s energy plan Constitutes team that inCludes businessman to see Country through the Crisis ISLAMABAD TAYYAB HUSSAIN

The would-be prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has given a nod to his party's energy plan, tasking senior party leader Khawaja Asif for its implementation since he would be the next minister for water and power. Electricity load shedding saw an instant increase during the past three days as the shortfall touched 5,300 megawatts (MW). With the temperature rising, the shortfall also picked up and as a result chronic load shedding is being observed in urban and rural areas of the country. The overall power demand is around 15,000 MW while the available supply is only 9,700 MW. However,

Khawaja asif tasKed to implement plan as water and power minister experts say Pakistan has the infrastructure and the capacity to produce 21,000 MW of electricity but owing to different reasons, the full capacity production remained a dream. A well-placed source in the PML-N told Pakistan Today that Nawaz Sharif chaired a meeting attended by his party's senior leaders and some businessmen who would be part of a team which is going to help the government devise and implement the energy plan. The source said the team briefed Nawaz on the proposed initiatives for short, medium and long-term targets for enhancement of power production which would rid the country of the power crisis. "The team includes a business tycoon and some other big names while eminent banker and economist Shaukat Tareen, who has also

served as a minister for finance, would lead ing load shedding would be the top priority the team. Senator Ishaq Dar would also be of his government and he hoped that the ena member of the team. The team briefed ergy plan would help his government to redress the issue which had hit the Nawaz on the energy plan at length country's economy hard; and the PML-N chief looked with millions left unemconfident about the plan's ployed while industry outcome," the source the team includes a had been shifted to said. The source business tycoon and some other countries. added that Senator "Nawaz Sharif Ishaq Dar and other big names while also lauded the Khawaja Asif eminent banker and support and were also preset keenness of the during the meeteconomist shaukat tareen, business coming. He said who has also served as a munity for reSharif asked Dar dressing the and Asif to make minister for finance, would power crisis. He sure the plan is imlead the team. senator said if his governplemented in letter ment continued enand spirit and no buishaq dar would also be a joying support from reaucratic hurdle undermember of the team patriotic businessmen, mined it. The PML-N issues faced by the peochief assured the meeting ple at large would be tackled and that his government would be fully backing this plan to get the country out of the country would be on the path of the crisis, the source added. The source fur- progress," the source quoted the PML-N ther said Nawaz told the meeting that end- chief as saying.

stopped producing power due to unavailability of oil and gas owing mainly due to stalled payments by the government. On April 9, the premier directed the Ministry of Water and Power to take immediate measures to improve the power situation and use all available resources to ensure that power generation is optimised so that minimum load shedding is carried out in the country. It was decided in the same meeting that the Ministry of Finance would inject an amount of Rs 20 billion immediately to ensure fuel supply to thermal power plants. However, reportedly, due to non-cooperation by the finance minister, the crisis has worsened. The current power shortage situation has reached a point where alternate resources to generate power for domestic and commercial users, such as generators and UPS, are proving insufficient for providing relief to the people.

pml-n’s pARliAmentARy pARty meeting tomoRRow ISLAMABAD ONLINE

The Pakistan Muslim League– Nawaz (PML-N) has called for a meeting of its parliamentary party on May 20, media reports said. Sources said the meeting would discuss formation of governments in the Centre, Punjab and Balochistan besides first 100-day plan, relief in load shedding, budget proposals and making alliance with the Jamiat Ulema-eIslam-Fazl (JUI-F) and the PML-Functional. Moreover, the meeting would also mull over the future strategy relating to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf (PTI). Nearly 140 newly elected members of national assembly besides senators and central and provincial office-bearers would also be attending this meeting, sources said.

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04 N

news sunday, 19 May, 2013



All’s not well between nisar and the sharifs nisar not inCluded in meetings with gen Kayani, us, uK and saudi envoys ISLAMABAD TAYYAB HUSSAIN


HAUDHRY Nisar Ali Khan has become an “unwelcome guest” at Raiwind as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leadership is holding him responsible for the party’s dismal performance in Rawalpindi District, Pakistan Today has learnt reliably. Though the PML-N won polls across Punjab, Rawalpindi was the only place other than Multan where its candidates faced humiliation at the hands of its nemesis, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Rawalpindi is considered a PML-N

10-party alliance announces wheel-jam strike on may 22 KARACHI: Anti-Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) alliance, comprising ten political, religious, and nationalist parties, has announced a wheel-jam strike across Sindh on May 22 against alleged riggings in recent polls. According to reports, the ten-party alliance has termed the recent polls a historic robbery of public mandate in Sindh and announced sitins at every division headquarter during the strike across the province. A special meeting of the ten-party alliance leaders was held, where they announced the strike and decided to meet Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif in Lahore and brief him on massive rigging in polls by PPP candidates in Sindh. ONLINE

Re-polling ordered at 47 polling stations in tharparkar ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Saturday announced repolling at 47 polling stations of NA-229 and NA-230, Tharparkar and fixed June 1 as the polling day in these constituencies. The ECP said that pursuant to the report received from the District Returning Officers, duly endorsed by the Sindh Election Commissioner, the ECP had decided to conduct re-poll at 47 polling stations of the said two constituencies. According to an ECP notification, repolling at four polling stations No 162,261,272 and 275 of NA-229 TharparkarI and 43 polling stations, No 102, 103, 104, 1 0 8 , 8 8 , 1 0 9 , 110,120,34,40,46,39,42,58,46,183,203,173,1 92, 169, 175,160,157,172,156,171,191,180,131,151, 184,143,144,182,129, 187,158, 161,210,181,154.126 and 170 of NA-230 Tharparkar-II and its corresponding Provincial Assembly constituencies PS-62 and PS 63, shall be held on June 1. STAFF REPORT

lB polls in kp within 90 days: hashmi MULTAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Javed Hashmi said on Saturday that his party would ensure local bodies elections in Khyber Pakthunkhwa within 90 days. Addressing the members of district bar here, he said the PTI had emerged as a true national party following the May 11 general elections. On the occasion, Hashmi said that even the Muttahida Qaumi Movement had to surrender when confronted with people’s power, adding that such a trend was witnessed because people did not want Saudi style rule here in Pakistan. INP

nawaz and shahbaz unhappy with nisar for mishandling of tiCKets in rawalpindi distriCt stronghold and the party has never lost elections in the garrison city since 1980s. However, the PML-N lost NA-53, NA55 and NA-56 to the PTI. The PML-N also lost the provincial assembly seats which fell under these National Assembly (NA) constituencies. A source in the PML-N said Nisar was being given the “cold shoulder” by the Sharifs in the wake of the party’s defeat in Rawalpindi District, adding that the former opposition leader in the NA had not been invited to the party’s consultative meetings at Raiwind. “He [Nisar] was not included in the post-election celebrations. He was also not invited to the Sharifs’ high profile meeting

with General Ashfaq Kayani. In the past, Nisar participated in all meeting held with Kayani. He was also not invited to meetings held with the US, UK and Saudi envoys,” the source said, adding that Nisar’s absence was conspicuous by all means and was being taken by surprise by many. “Nisar was also not included in any of

the party’s delegations sent to hold talks with various political parties regarding future alliances in the three provinces. Nisar was also ignored in the talks held with Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl chief Fazlur Rehman in Islamabad,” said the source. “The recent statements by the PML-N leadership and Chaudhry Nisar about Altaf Hussain also reflect a gulf. Nisar criticised Altaf for his recent statement demanding secession of Karachi and demanded that the government send lawyers to London against Altaf. On the other hand the PMLN leadership has not criticised the MQM leader. Rather, there is a backchannel communication going on between both parties to install a government in Sindh by sidelining the PPPP,” said the source privy to the political developments. The source said the former opposition leader was also not invited to a very important meeting held in Lahore which finalised the party’s energy plan to bring an end to load shedding.

Afghan parliament fails to pass divisive women’s law KABUL AGENCIES

Afghanistan’s parliament failed to pass a law on Saturday banning violence against women, a severe blow to progress made in women’s rights in the conservative Muslim country since the Islamist Taliban was toppled over a decade ago. President Hamid Karzai approved the law by decree in 2009 and parliament’s endorsement was required. But a rift between conservative and more secular members of the assembly resulted in debate being deferred to a later date. Religious members objected to at least eight articles in the legislation, including keeping the legal age for women to marry at 16, the existence of shelters for domestic abuse victims and the halving of the number of wives permitted to two. “Today, the parliamentarians who oppose women’s development, women’s rights and the success of women...made their voices loud and clear,” Fawzia Koofi, head of parliament’s women’s commission, told Reuters. Women have won back the

hard-fought right to education and work since the Taliban was toppled 12 years ago, but there are fears these freedoms could shrink once NATO-led forces leave Afghanistan by the end of next year. Increasing insecurity is deterring some women from seeking work outside the home, and rights workers accuse the government of doing too little to protect women allegations rejected by Karzai’s administration. “2014 is coming, change is coming, and the future of women in this country is uncertain. A new president will come and if he doesn’t take women’s rights seriously he can change the decree,” Koofi said of the Elimination of Violence Against Women Law, which goes by the acronym EVAL. The election for a new president is expected to be held in April 2014. The constitution bars Karzai from running again. After almost two hours of clashes between Koofi and the more religious members of the 244-member parliament, speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said the assembly would consider the law again at a later date, but declined to say when.

Some members sought amendments, such as longer prison terms for crimes committed against women, such as beating and rape. Many lawmakers, most of them male, cited violations of Islamic, or Sharia law. “It is wrong that a woman and man cannot marry off their child until she is 16,” said Obaidullah Barekzai, a member from southeast Uruzgan province, where female literacy rates are among the lowest in the country. An Afghan man must be at least 18 years old to marry. Barekzai argued against all age limits for women, citing historical figure Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq, a close companion of the Prophet Mohammad, who married off his daughter at age seven. At least eight other lawmakers, mostly from the Ulema Council, a government-appointed body of clerics, joined him in decrying the EVAL as un-Islamic. Abdul Sattar Khawasi, member for Kapisa province, called women’s shelters “morally corrupt”. Justice Minister Habibullah Ghaleb last year dismissed them as houses of “prostitution and immorality”, provoking fierce condemnation from women’s groups.

KP CM-designate promises terrorists ‘due respect’ PeSHAWAR ONLINE

Pervez Khattak, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) chief minister-designate for Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KP) has said “we are ready to give terrorists the respect they want”. “We don’t talk of Talibanisation. We say terrorism exists in the province. It is not known to us who is behind this terrorism. We request all those behind terrorism to work for peace in the province. Whatever respect they want, we are ready to give them. We are ready to reintegrate them into society,” Khattak said in an interview with BBC on Saturday. He went on to say that he wanted peace to prevail in the province and for Pakistan to make progress. “We will work together with prime minister-in waiting Nawaz Sharif in the federation to eliminate terrorism from the country,” he added. Responding to a question he said, “We have come here with an agenda to establish peace through dialogue. We are ready to talk to all political forces and concerned people

Obama invites Manmohan, visit likely this year manmohan will also strongly taKe up issue of Controversial immigration bill NeW DeLHI ONLINE

At a time when Indo-US ties appeared to be losing steam, US President Barack Obama has invited Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for a bilateral meeting this year, Indian media reported on Saturday. Confirming the development, sources in Washington told Time of India that Manmohan has accepted the invitation and time was being decided. India has proposed the meeting during the Indian premier’s visit to the US for the UNGA but sources said that both sides were looking for a mutually convenient time between September and December. The invitation comes when there has been a stalemate over civil-nuclear cooperation owing to India’s nuclear liability law.

TOI has learnt that US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns first spoke to Indian authorities about Obama’s desire for a meeting with Manmohan during his recent visit to Delhi. Then a formal invite was extended. Sources said that the leaders would review all key bilateral issues between the two countries including civil nuclear initiative, counter terrorism, Afghanistan, defence, space collaboration and education. Afghanistan is an issue where India has certain reservations about US policies ahead of the pullout next year. US has repeatedly praised India for facilitating regional economic integration and ensuring private sector investment in the country but New Delhi has been watching with reservations the US move to engage the Afghan Taliban in the reconciliation process. Sources said that Manmohan would also strongly take up the issue of a controversial immigration bill, proposed by a bipartisan group of senators (Gang of 8), which proposes to tighten H1-B regulations further against the interest of Indian IT companies. In an interview to TOI, Foreign Minister Salam Khurshid said that the

“Both Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif are unhappy with the mishandling of tickets distribution by Chaudhry Nisar in Rawalpindi District. He had forced many decisions regarding party tickets and had also disobeyed the party on award of ticket in PP-6 and decided to contest against Chaudhry Tanvir Hussain’s relative Sarfraz Afzal.” The source said there was a decadeold standoff between Tanvir and Nisar, adding that the latter took revenge from the former during polls. Chaudhry Nisar had also objected to award of ticket to Ayaz Amir from NA-60. The source added that some senior party leaders, including Raja Zafarul Haq were trying to resolve the matter between the estranged party stalwart and the top leadership. “Soon, Nisar would be in Raiwind but he would have to face the music for some time,” the source added. Despite repeated attempts, Chaudhry Nisar was not available for comment.

draft bill wasn’t good for bilateral ties. This will be Obama’s first bilateral meeting in his second term with Manmohan, whom he looks upon as a friend. While the US president has expressed his fondness for the Indian premier on several occasions, the fact that he chose not to meet him on the sidelines of UNGA in New York in 2011, and also did not invite him to Washington during that trip, was seen as a letdown. Obama may have more than made up for it by inviting the Indian premier at a time when his government is plagued by domestic crises. He was the first state guest of Obama when he visited Washington in November 2009. The visit was used by the two leaders to reaffirm the global strategic partnership between the two countries. The meeting will also earn India some diplomatic bragging rights in that it will ensure Manmohan’s engagements with leaders of all P5 countries in 2013. While French President Francois Hollande and British PM David Cameron have already visited India, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is arriving in New Delhi on Sunday. Singh is also expected to visit Russia this year.

from tribal areas through jirga or any other means”. About his newly elected team he said, “Youths have stood up for bringing about a change. The experienced ones gave no development to the province resulting in devastation and corruption. These youths will bring a change”. Hinting at new challenges, he said there were several issues that faced them. “Education stands destroyed. Hospitals stand destroyed. We have a bureaucracy like an unbridled horse. There is rampant corruption. Nothing seems fine. It will be my endeavor that a role model government comes in the province,” he stated.

pti names Asad umar as hashmi’s successor on nA-48 ISLAMABAD INP

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to nominate prominent leader Asad Umar to contest on Javed Hashmi’s vacant seat from the NA-48 constituency in Islamabad, as Hashmi decided to keep his National Assembly (NA) seat from Multan. According to sources, PTI Chairman Imran Khan took the decision, after consulting various party leaders, to name Asad Umar on NA-48. PTI President Javed Hashmi secured 32,533 votes against 13,861 received by Anjum Aqeel Khan of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). Asad Umar joined the Imran Khan-led PTI after resigning as chief executive officer (CEO) from Engro Corporation. He has also received Sitara-i-Imtiaz from the government of Pakistan for his achievements in the business world.

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And God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected. — Spike Milligan

LAhoRe sunday, 19 May, 2013

WeAther UpdAteS

450C high

0C 25Low





45°C I 25°C

45°C I 26°C

45°C I 26°C

PRAYER TIMINGS unannounCed outages for as long as 18 hours paralyse lahoris

power shortfall shoots up to 6,000 mw

Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 3:30 5:03 11:59 3:39 6:55 8:29 LAHoRe

We should actually shift back to hand pumps,” Shahid Zaman, a resident of Gulshan-e-Ravi said. The outages have hit all strata of society equally HAT has brought together the 1.2 and all sectors including businessmen, students, poor million PML-N voters and 0.7 million and rich alike. What has become shocking is that PTI voters and millions more in the commercial markets also suffer even more than the metropolitan who did not even bother to domestic centres. Azam market, Shah Alam Market, and other vote is the demand to come out of the dark and hollow electricity-less black hole the city has commercial hubs in the city have been hit by 10 hours of unannounced load shedding. become as a result of unannounced long There is a saying becoming popular hours of power outages. among Shah Alam market traders It is certainly not the number of There is a which goes: “Gahak te batti da koi votes you get; it is the number of time nai [there is no fixed time saying becoming electricity-filled hours one is for a customer and electricity]”. supplied with that matters. With popular among Sheikh Akhlas, a trader in up to 18 hours of load shedding Shah Alam market said even shah Alam market in various parts of the city with UPS runs out of battery and hours-long stretches without traders which goes: now most people have got light in the scorching May’s hand fans and emergency “Gahak te batti da koi heat has become a double lights which also run out at trouble for the citizens. time nai [there is no times. “The situation is so The inconvenience worse and is badly affecting fixed time for a multiplies as the WASA our business; the streets are turbines also work with customer and mostly dark, it is such scorching electricity and hence power heat that the customers don’t come electricity]” outages also translate into at all and no one in the authorities unavailability of water in various parts seem to be taking any action,” he said. of the city. People are also expressing their rage on the “It has become routine now, initially during the construction of the Metro Bus and now because of Facebook with one of the users asking the PML-N outages, the WASA turbines don’t work and we are chief to come to power soon enough so that they know mostly without water. The drinking water is available who to actually curse for the long outages. The overall routine activity has been jeopardized in the market but what about regular household chores?



Photo by Murtaza Ali

by the load shedding. Rehma Sajjad, a banker said, “Life has been crippled because of the outages. It has become so tough for the office-going people because there is no time for load shedding and no one knows when to wake up or make a timetable because the LESCO outruns all plans one makes; it is just the terrible feeling one gets every morning when there is no light.” With the long, unannounced outages the conspiracy theories are also making rounds in the metropolitan especially on the social media. People are spreading out the word that the long outages are a means to divert the “public attention” from the issue of rigging in the elections. Another one making rounds on the social media is that it is being deliberately done until the PML-N chief takes oath, makes his trip to Saudi Arabia and upon his return the situation will be improved to appease the masses.

The power shortfall has increased up to 6000 MW and the situation is even worse in the industrial hubs such as Kasur, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. “Initially there was a 6-hour schedule announced for the load shedding but for the past few days it has reached up to 18 hours and even more in the rural areas. We voted for Nawaz Sharif because he is also a businessman and understands our problem, we hope the situation is improved once he takes oath,” Sheikh Ali, a businessman told the scribe. The outages have also put the tall claims of the caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Najam Sethi in question. He had promised more electricity for the city dwellers in May, which, interestingly, has become the worse hit since the start of the month. While the hopes of the city dwellers continue to melt in the scorching summer heat, LESCO PRO was not available SHEIKH ALI for comments. businessman

Initially there was a 6-hour schedule announced for load shedding but for the past few days it has reached up to 18 hours and even more in the rural areas. We voted for Nawaz Sharif because he is also a businessman and understands our problem... we hope the situation improves once he takes oath.

nizami gives Reshma Rs 0.5m cheque LAHoRe APP

Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting Arif Nizami on Saturday visited the residence of renowned folk singer Reshma and gave her a cheque of Rs 500,000. The minister said, “Reshma is our national asset and has earned great fame for Pakistan through her talent.” Reshma requested the minister that she wanted to perform two shows which could be arranged for her at Alhamra. The minister assured her that it would be done. Reshma congratulated the PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif on his victory in 2013 elections and added that Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan should not get disappointed. Reshma’s son Muhammad Latif and her daughter were also present on the ocassion.

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Until we totally change the way we elect our leaders, until we remove private money from public campaigns, lying will be the de facto method of governance in this country. — Peter Schuyler



LAhoRe sunday, 19 May, 2013

where is my passport? hundreds of Citizens Complain delay of four to five months in passport delivery

agents taKe rs 5,000 to rs 15,000 for an illegal but early delivery of passports


agents who roam the vicinity, you can get your passport earlier than the ordinary citizens like Amjad would get. A few months ago, the passport office opted for a short-cut to passport renewal; the officials used to stamp the passport on the spot, extending its expiry date. It helped in speeding up the process for at least those seeking renewal of their passports. However, the practice was discontinued in favour of printing of a fresh passport copy. Hundreds of citizens at the Abbott



T has been two long hours that Amjad has been standing in a never ending queue at the passport office at Abbott Road. As he sweats in the scorching summer heat, Amjad says that he applied for a passport five months ago. The man was told that he would get his passport in two months but till date there is no clue of his travel document. As Amjad slowly nears the information window in his queue, he witnesses that a man who applied for a passport on the same date as he did, bypasses the queue and goes straight in the office and after a few minutes comes back with his fresh passport. Infuriated, Amjad abandons the queue and approaches that man with hurried steps to enquire about the matter. The case turns out that the man had paid Rs 5,000 to an agent to get the job done in 10 days. “Your passport is not ready yet. Come again after a few days,” is the persistent reply for an ordinary citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan from the passport offices in the city. Four to five months of delay in passport delivery is a routine matter for the passport officials. However, if you are wealthy enough to pay a few thousand rupees to one of the many

Road and Garden Town passport offices have been complaining about the delay in obtaining their passports. The citizens who got their work done through agents told Pakistan Today that the touts worked in close liaison with the passport officials. A citizen said that while he was escorted inside the office, his agent bribed everyone that passed his way inside the office; from the security guard to a senior official inside the office at Abbott Road. Passport office sources told Pakistan Today that these agents had a tightly knitted network and they operated in connivance with the officials concerned. They said that it was impossible for an agent to get away with a passport without bribing the high-ups. Moreover, sources said that officials in the passport office were not scared of anyone and indulged in corruption at ease as they knew how to get out of trouble without getting affected. He

said that a proof of the influence the highups have was that they had stayed unaffected despite publishing of several news reports in the media. Sources said that an enquiry was called when Shahid Iqbal, assistant director of passport offices, was found involved in

douBle muRdeR ACCused flees LAHORE: An under treatment accused involved in the killing of two men fled Mayo Hospital on Saturday. The police said that the accused Athar Mehmood had killed Kashif and Faizan, residents of Samanabad, last month but he was also injured in the incident and admitted to hospital. Two police officials were deputed at the hospital for his security. His accomplices came to the hospital and took him away at gunpoint. Pak Millat Police have taken the officials into custody and have started an investigation. ROBBED: A robbery was reported in a local trading company in Salamatpura where five unidentified men took the workers and customers as hostage and made way with Rs 0.7 million. Another robbery took place in a shop situated in the area of Jorahy Pull, South Cantt where four robbers looted Rs 0.2 million, mobile phones other valuables. Separately, a citizen named Nawaz was robbed of his motorbike and Rs 60,000 on gunpoint in Guldust Town precincts. STAFF REPORT

illegally making passports of 11 Afghan nationals. They said that in spite of being found guilty of the charges Iqbal was not dismissed or tried under the law – he was merely transferred after his arrest and the matter was brushed under the carpet. Pakistan Today observed that agents at the passport offices charge between Rs 5,000 and Rs 15,000 for an early delivery of passports. While some have had their work done through agents and several continue to await the delivery of their passports, Abbott Road Passport Office Assistant Director Shahzad has little to say about the matter. “We have eliminated the agent mafia in passport offices. No passport official is involved in any sort of malpractice,” he said, but hastened to add that the delay in passports was across the country and the government was working to resolve the issue.

BRITISH HC MEETS NAWAZ LAHORE: British High Commissioner Adam Thomson met Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) Chief Nawaz Sharif on Saturday and discussed Pak-Britain relations and other matters of mutual interests. Pakistan’s relations with its neighbours were also discussed. Thomson congratulated Nawaz on his success in the general elections and expressed good wishes on behalf of the United Kingdom. He said that the British government was an advocate of democracy and wanted better relations with the future democratic government of Pakistan. The PML-N chief said that Pakistan’s new government would focus more on trade than aid so that the economic crisis could be curbed. He said Pakistan wanted good relations with all its neighbours and would not allow its land to be used against any country.INP

CIne StAr ph: 35157462


02:30pM 05:00AM 07:45pM 10:30pM

SoZo WorLd ph: 36674271


12:00, 3:00, 5:30, 8:00 & 10:45pM

SoZo GoLd ChAMbeLI ph: 111-999-977 AAShIqUI 2

12:00, 3:00, 5:30, 8:00 & 10:45pM 05:30pM

OF TIMES LONG GONE: Children are fascinated by relics at the Lahore Museum on World Museum Day. ONLINE

twins ChRistened As nAwAz And shAhBAz LAHoRe ONLINE

Zahida, an ardent lover of Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N), was standing in a queue to cast her vote on May 11 when she had to be rushed to a nearby hospital for delivery. She gave birth to twins whom she and her husband Siraj decided to name after Sharif brothers; Nawaz and Shahbaz. Loving a leader or celebrity is not new but this couple from Raiwind surely has something new to express its love with their favourite leadership.

ksB offiCe CAtChes fiRe LAHoRe STAFF REPORT

Furniture and electronic equipment worth thousands of rupees were burnt on Saturday when fire broke out in KSB office situated at third-floor of a plaza on Davis Road. Four vehicles of the fire brigade reached the spot and controlled the fire after hectic efforts. Cause behind the fire was stated to be short circuiting. Meanwhile, fire broke out in different two houses at DHA Phase-3 near EXPO Centre and Lawrence road China Chowk where furniture and other valuables worth thousands of rupees were burnt. No loss of life was reported in these incidents.

pAF ph: 36688880


AUDI-1 SUper CIneMA AAShIqUI 2 At royAL pALM AAShIqUI 2 ph: 111-602-602, ek thI dAAyAn 36118679 AUDI-2 AAShIqUI 2 the CroodS (3d) ChAMbeLI obLIvIon AUDI-3 the CroodS (3d) ChAMbeLI obLIvIon AAShIqUI 2

03:00, 08:30, 11:30pM

05:30pM 06:00pM

8:30pM 11:00pM 04:00pM 06:30pM 08:15pM 10:45pM 04:30pM 06:15 pM 08:45pM


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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. — Mahatma Gandhi


07 N

sunday, 19 May, 2013

Commuter trains collide in Connecticut, injuring up to 60



iRAq violenCe: eight die in fResh AttACks BAGHDAD AGENCIES

Fresh outbreaks of violence in Iraq have left at least eight people dead, police said. In one attack, gunmen broke into a house in Baghdad and killed five people including a police officer, his wife and their two children. In another incident, gunmen kidnapped eight policemen at a checkpoint near Ramadi, west of Baghdad, officials said. The attacks came despite appeals for calm after the worst day of sectarian violence in the country for months. At least 60 people died in three bombings in Sunni Muslim areas in and around Baghdad on Friday. The bombings followed deadly attacks on Shia targets across Iraq. Police said attackers stormed a house in the al-Rasheed district of Baghdad early on Saturday and shot dead anti-terrorism police Captain Adnan Ibrahim, his wife and two children, aged eight and 10. The gunmen then killed another policeman as they fled the area. In Basra, Sunni cleric Assad Nassir was shot dead as he left his house, police said. Meanwhile, in the northern city of Mosul two Iraqi soldiers were killed and two others wounded by a roadside bomb, officials said. On Friday, at least 41 people died when two bombs detonated outside a Sunni mosque in Baquba, about 50km (30 miles) north of Baghdad. Another eight people were killed at a Sunni funeral in Madain and 14 more in two blasts in western Baghdad. Security forces in Baquba said they had arrested several suspected militants during raids on Saturday. Correspondents said the recent spike in violence is reminiscent of the retaliatory attacks between Sunnis and Shias that pushed the country to the brink of civil war in 2006-2007. The surge of violence in the past month began after an army raid on a Sunni anti-government protest camp near the northern town of Hawija that left 50 people dead. The demonstrators accused the government of targeting the Sunni community.

itAly CoAlition Thousands rally in Rome against cuts


commuter train traveling eastbound from New York City derailed near the Connecticut suburb of Fairfield during the evening rush hour on Friday and collided with a westbound commuter train, injuring up to 60 people, three critically, officials said. The collision of the two Metro North trains forced Amtrak to shut down service indefinitely between New York and Boston, the national railroad said. Three people were critically injured and 60 people were transported to area hospitals, police said. "It's pretty devastating damage to a number of cars," Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy told a news conference. "These cars came into contact (and the impact) ripped open the siding of one of the cars. There is extensive damage in the front and the wheels," he said. The accident occurred shortly after 6 pm EDT (2200 GMT), authorities said.

former Argentine dictator videla dies in prison at age 87 BUeNoS AIReS ONLINE


Thousands of protesters, led by trade unionists, have rallied in the Italian capital Rome against the policies of the new coalition government. Wielding red flags and placards, they urged the centre-left Prime Minister, Enrico Letta, to scrap austerity measures and focus on job creation. Public trust in his fragile coalition with the centre-right is dropping, opinion polls suggest. The country is experiencing its longest recession in more than 40 years. National debt is now about 127% of annual economic output, second only to Greece in the eurozone.

Unemployment is at a record high of 11.5% - 38% for the under-25s. Before taking office, Letta vowed to make job creation his priority, but critics are unhappy that he has focused on property tax reform. The issues of social justice and poverty came up when German Chancellor Angela Merkel had talks with the new Pope, Francis, at the Vatican on Saturday. Organised by the metalworkers' union FIOM and the CGIL union, Saturday's peaceful march and rally drew supporters form across the country. The turnout was unclear but 50,000 people had been expected to attend. "We ask the government to change [former Prime Minister Mario] Monti's and [former Prime Minister Mario Sil-

vio] Berlusconi's politics," said Maurizio Landini, leader of the FIOM. "If they don't change, as the country asked for with its vote, we are going nowhere." One of the protesters, Enzo Bernardis, said, "We hope that this government will finally start listening to us because we are losing our patience." Soon after being appointed, Letta met other eurozone leaders to convey growing public unrest over austerity measures in Italy. But the new prime minister has to maintain a delicate balance between the policies of his own supporters and those of the centre-right, led by Berlusconi. Italy's coalition was only formed after two months of post-election deadlock.

Jorge Rafael Videla, an austere former army commander who led Argentina during the bloodiest period of a "dirty war" dictatorship and was unrepentant about kidnappings and murders ordered by the state, died at 87. Videla was the first president to head the military junta that "disappeared" thousands of suspected leftists from 1976 to 1983, and he spent his final years behind bars for human rights crimes including the systematic theft of babies born to political prisoners in secret torture centers. He died of natural causes in his jail cell in a prison outside the capital, Buenos Aires, a government spokesman said. "Videla presided over a government that engaged in one of the cruelest repressions that we have seen in Latin America in modern times," said Jose Miguel Vivanco, director of Latin America for US-based Human Rights Watch. "He was arrogant to the end and unwilling to acknowledge his responsibility for the massive atrocities committed in Argentina," Vivanco added. "Many of the secrets of the repression have died with him," he said.

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news sunday 19 May, 2013

talks on power sharing deal continue between pml-n, fazl ISLAMABAD ONLINE

shahbaz invites Jamali to join pml-n ISLAMABAD: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl chief Fazlur Rehman sees off Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Raja Zafarul Haq after a meeting on Saturday. INP

the JUI-F, but hastened to add that talks between the two parties were still in the initial stages. When asked why the

PML-N was inviting other parties when it had simple majority in the Centre‚ Raja Zafar said the country was facing

immense challenges and the ruling party required broad-based support to address them effectively.

sharifs give Dasti the cold shoulder LAHoRe INP

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif have refused to accept Jamshed Dasti’s conditions for joining their party. Dasti has won two National Assembly seats as an independent candidate from Muzaffargarh. Currently, he had camped in Lahore for ongoing talks with the PML-N leadership for joining their party.


Farhatullah Babar, spokesman to President Asif Zardari, on Saturday deplored the allegations levelled by former Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif against the president. Shahbaz had said President Zardari was involved in making postings and transfers of senior officials. The president has nothing to do with recent postings and transfers in the federal and provincial bureaucracy and all postings and transfers have been made by the caretaker governments, he said. Babar said the Presidency had dissociated itself from recent postings and transfers. If the government-in-waiting had reservations it should ask the caretakers to review their decision, he said. The Presidency would be as much detached and unmoved if these postings were cancelled or reviewed as it has been when these were first made, Babar said.


AMIAT Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Fazlur Rehman on Saturday said that negotiations with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) regarding the formation of federal and provincial governments are underway but both parties would take some time to reach a decision. He was briefing reporters after holding a meeting with a PML-N delegation led by Raja Zafarul Haq. PML-N’s MNA-elect Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry and Khawaja Muhammad Khan Hoti were also present on the occasion. Fazl said that they would neither accept the mandate of Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf nor would his party try to make contact with them. He said that power politics was not a joke and his party was tackling this issue seriously. The JUI-F chief said that drone attacks was a direct assault on national sovereignty and those who introduced drones were sitting in the PTI’s lap. On the occasion, Raja Zafarul Haq said that he extended formal invitation to Fazl for joining the federal government on behalf of PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif. He said that the demands made by the JUI-F chief would be conveyed to the top PML-N leadership. He hoped that the issue of forming government would be taken seriously by

president not involved in postings and transfers: Babar

Earlier, it was said that Dasti had joined the PML-N unconditionally but further reports have suggested that he was proving too demanding for the Sharif brothers due to which they refused to accept any demand. Other elected members of the PML-N from Muzaffargarh have advised Sharif brothers to avoid Dasti and reject his demands, as the PMLN would easily win the second seat from Dasti when he would let it go. They added that if his demands were to be accepted, the party would be at

loss. On the other hand, another independent candidate, namely Ashiq Khan Gopang, had also joined the PML-N. Gopang stood victorious from NA-180 after the general elections. Meanwhile, talks between Dasti and the PML-N leaders were still on and the Sharif brothers were mulling over the final decision in Raiwind, regarding the fate of the former Pakistan People’s Party “Jiyala” from Muzaffargarh.


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Punjab President Shahbaz Sharif phoned former prime minister of Pakistan Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali on Saturday and invited him to join the party. According to sources, Jamali congratulated the former Punjab chief minister on the success of his party in the recently concluded general elections and said that the masses have given their mandate to the PMLN. He expressed the hope that PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif would take effective steps to steer the country out of the prevailing crisis and make important decisions to control inflation and end the shortage of electricity and gas. As a result of the conversation, Shahbaz invited the former premier for a meeting in Lahore and to join PML-N. Jamali said that he would reply after consultations. PML-N leader Saad Rafiq also phoned the former premier in this regard. Meanwhile, Jamali also called on Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) President Pir Sibghatullah Shah Rashidi (Pir Pagara) in Karachi and discussed different matters of mutual interest with him, including political situation of the country and PML-N’s invitation to the PML-F to join the federal government. Former federal minister and newly elected MNA from PML-F Ghous Bux Mehr was also present on the occasion.

PAF officer-turned-jihadi talks about his change of heart ISLAMABAD MONITORING DESK

Adnan Rasheed, a former officer of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and the mastermind of an assassination attempt on General Pervez Musharraf, has claimed in a rare interview that he was indoctrinated by a covert jihadi group which recruits officers from the three military services and utilises them to wage jihad along with the Taliban. The interview has been published in the very first issue of an English-language jihadi magazine “Azan” which was launched by the Taliban, primarily to cater to well-educated Muslims. Now a key commander of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Adnan Rasheed was freed in an unprecedented jailbreak operation on April 15, 2012 when around 200 Taliban militants armed with guns, grenades and rockets attacked the high-security Bannu Central Jail and released 384 prisoners. TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan subsequently declared on April 20, 2012 that the jail break operation was chiefly meant to free Adnan Rasheed. Ehsan added that the Taliban had been working on the jailbreak plan for several months and were in touch with Adnan and other prisoners in the Bannu Central Jail. In a most recent development, Adnan Rasheed has stated in a rare interview published in the May 5 issue of “Azan” that his first jihadi inclination emerged when India was compelled to release Maulana Masood Azhar (after the hijacking of an Indian plane in 2000). Importantly, he notes that he was about to go to Germany for higher education when the 9/11 terror attacks took place and his colleagues in the PAF persuaded him to pursue the jihadi path.

Narrating in a first-hand witness account, Adnan Rasheed says he joined a clandestine jihadi group functioning in the Pakistan Air Force under the name Idara Tul Pakistan, or the institution of Pakistan. The group’s mission was, according to him, to recruit jihadis from all three wings of the Pakistani military - Army, Navy and the Air Force. Adnan Rasheed also notes how he was led by senior military officers to believe that the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) founder Maulana Masood Azhar was appointed the chief of the Pakistani Taliban by Mullah Mohammad Omar, the fugitive ameer of the Afghan Taliban. Adnan narrates how his boss granted him four months’ leave to get training at a Jaish training camp in Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and how he

finally came to know that Masood Azhar was never appointed the ameer of Pakistani Taliban by Mullah Omar. “Allah Almighty opened my eyes when the Jaishe-Muhammad split into two factions – Maulana Masood Azhar’s Khuddamul Islam and Haji Abdul Jabbar’s Jamaatul Furqan. It dawned upon me that Masood and Jabbar had been working under ISI’s command. So, I went to my chief of Idara Tul Pakistan, Dr Y and told him that there is no difference between us and the JaisheMuhammad. We are soldiers in uniform and they are soldiers without uniform. Dr Y told me that the Shura of Idara Tul Pakistan had appointed me chief for the Pakistan Air Force. We later decided to divide our Idara into three main branches - administration, intelligence and combat. The administration branch was meant to do two jobs - recruitment and fund raising; the intelligence branch was to do espionage while the combat branch was to hit and run. The Idara strongly suggested that no uniform personnel would

take part in any mission inside Pakistan; rather it would recruit civilian jehadis for this job and they would be assisted with weapons, money and intelligence”. “We were joined by seven civilian brothers and one of them was appointed their chief. In September 2003, in a bid to meet Mullah Mohammad Omar, I, along with the civilian brothers, travelled to South Waziristan to fight in Baghar area of Angoor Adda against the Americans. But when we reached there, the Pakistan Army had already conducted its first operation against the Mujahideen under the command of Major General Faisal Alvi. Brothers Abdul Rahman (a Canadian national) and Hassan Mehsoon (a Chinese national) were martyred in this operation. While returning to Peshawar, I decided to take a U-Turn against the Pakistan Army to avenge the killing of my jehadi brothers. As I met the ameer of the Idara Tul Pakistan, Dr Y, (May Allah release him), we decided to wage jehad against Pakistan”, Adnan concluded.

allah almighty opened my eyes when the jaish-e-muhammad split into two factions – maulana masood azhar’s Khuddamul islam and haji abdul jabbar’s jamaatul furqan. it dawned upon me that masood and jabbar had been working under isi’s command. so, i went to my chief of idara tul pakistan, dr y and told him that there is no difference between us and the jaishe-muhammad. we are soldiers in uniform and they are soldiers without uniform.

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09 N

sunday 19 May, 2013

Balochistan will remain an integral part of pakistan: Jangayz marri

no eAsy wAy out foR geneRAl mushARRAf Complainant in judges’ detention Case withdraws yet no bail for former diCtator ISLAMABAD


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) nominee for chief ministership of Balochistan Nawabzada Jangayz Marri has said in an interview here that Balochistan is an integral part of Pakistan and it would always remain a part of the federation. Nawabzada Jangayz Marri, being the son of top separatist leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, had been widely known for his blatant pleadings for a united Pakistan and firebrand opposition to separatist movements in the province of Balochistan, including those being led by his father Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri and two brothers. Jangayz, 53, had been elected to the Balochistan Assembly as a nominee of PML-N from his ancestral constituency of Kohlu, a place that had been the hub of fighting between Marri militants and the security forces. Balochistan had stood distinguished among all the provinces for its outright pronouncement for annexation to Pakistan during independence movement of the country. Later certain disgruntled elements started inflaming the sentiments of those who were behind the so called separation movements. When asked how he foresaw the success or failures of apprehensions finding their way to the media on the fate of Balochistan, Jangayz replied that Balochistan was an integral part of Pakistan and it would always remain a part of the federation. Another question posed to Jangayz was “Your allegiance and commitment to the country is unwavering, unfaltering and beyond any question. God forbid if the revolting sentiments go to certain unbridled extent in the province, we can perceive the extent to which they would go to overwhelm you in driving you to the side. In such a situation, would you be standing firm behind the patriotic elements or not? To this he replied, “For years I have been defending Pakistan and its interests against all those who are trying to break it. I would continue my campaign of defending this country.” In another question saying, “Do you believe that democratic dispensation is key to all the problems besetting the country and an armed struggle is the antidote to all evils eating into the social, economic and political fabric of the federation?” To this Jangayz answered, “I believe in parliamentary democracy as our political and economic issues could only be solved through a democratic process.” When asked what he thought the role of militants should be, now that the democratic process had moved ahead and the nation had elected a new leadership by exercising their right to franchise, he said, “I want all the militants to go back to their old ways and rejoin the democratic process for the betterment of Baloch people and Balochistan.” Currently, the slogans of independence are echoing in certain hilly pockets of Balochistan and misguided elements have been siding with leadership which was intoxicated with the lust for taking the reins power in the province to serve their vested interests even at the cost of Pakistan. In a concluding question, Jangayz was asked, “Do see yourself standing in support of separatist agenda or otherwise.” To this replied, “The so called agenda of Independent Balochistan is nothing but a ploy to add to the miseries of the Baloch people. I fail to understand what kind of independence these militants are talking about. The Baloch people are already living in an independent state of Pakistan.”



HOUGH, the complainant in the Judges’ detention case, Aslam Ghuman, has disassociated himself from the case, top legal and constitutional experts see no immediate relief for former military ruler Pevez Musharraf in the case saying that under law, the state cannot stop prosecution against the former president. Renowned lawyer of Supreme Court Babar Sattar talking to Pakistan Today, was of the view that in this case the role of the complainant was that of a mere informant, who reported the incident to the police station. Following that, the state is responsible to prosecute, he said. The imminent legal expert further said in personal cases, the accused and the complainant could patch-up in out of court settlements but in this case, the state holds the responsibility to carry out investigations to determine facts. “Public prosecutors are supposed to investigate the case for presenting evidence, if any, before the court, which has final authority to decide the matter,” he added.

COMPLAINANT WITHDRAWS: Advocate Aslam Ghuman, the complainant in Judges’ detention case, in which Musharraf is accused of detaining 60 judges of superior courts, on Friday night surprisingly backtracked from the case saying it was in the larger interest of the country to do so. The surprising decision by Ghuman came on Friday- a day ASLAM GHUMAN before the hearing of the case by the anti-terComplainant rorism court (ATC). Talking to Pakistan Today, Chaudhry Ashraf Gujjar, a Supreme Court lawyer, said there will be no affect on the case following the development. He said while lodging the first information report (FIR), Ghuman played the role of an informant. After registration of the FIR, his role ended, he said. He said the FIR, besides other sections, also in-

Under the current state of affairs, the trial of Musharraf is not in the national interest

cluded section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act which is a non-compoundable offence. Ashraf Gujjar, who earlier represented the complainant in this case, said only the state could withdraw the case and not the complainant. Similarly, renowned legal expert Barrister Zafarullah Khan reportedly said an individual can dissociate himself from prosecution but cannot withdraw a case. Talking to Pakistan Today on Saturday, Ghuman said, “In 2009, after a long struggle I got the FIR registered against Pervez Musharraf. At that time, I reported what I had witnessed as a citizen but now I’m withdrawing from the case.” When asked whether he took the decision after being threatened by someone, he said, “To some extent I was feeling insecure but there was no threat to me. I was provided with a gunman by the police, but I don’t want to live under security cover and I took the decision on my own.” At the same time, he said he had withdrawn the case in the larger national interest saying that under the current state of affairs, the

trial of Musharraf is not in the national interest. During the last few weeks, at least three lawyers including special prosecutor of Islamabad Police Syed Tayab have dissociated themselves from the Judges’ detention case. MUSHARRAF’S JUDICIAL REMAND ExTENDED FOR A FURTHER 14 DAyS: On Saturday, ATC Judge Kosar Zaidi resumed hearing of the Judges’ detention case and extended Musharraf’s judicial remand for a further 14 days. At the start of the hearing, Musharraf’s lawyer on behalf of his client presented an application before the court, seeking exemption for the accused from appearing in person. The lawyer said the former president could not appear before the court due to security reasons. The court exempted the former president from appearing in one hearing only. Upon expiry of Musharraf’s 14-day remand, the court extended his remand for a further 14 days and directed the police to produce the accused before the court on June 1, 2013. . MUSHARRAF’S BAIL PLEA REJECTED: Meanwhile, Musharraf’s lawyers separately filed a bail application in the same court. Musharraf’s lawyer Ilyas Siddiqui pleaded for Musharraf’s bail. He told the court that the complainant had withdrawn from the case while a report of the case was also yet to be submitted before the court. Under such circumstances, he said, the accused should be released on bail. On the other hand, the new public prosecutor Aamir Nadeem Tabish said he required some days for submitting the report (challan), and requested the court to adjourn the hearing. After hearing arguments from both sides, the court rejected Musharraf’s bail plea and adjourned the hearing till May 22.

Bahria Town puts Pakistan on the world map ISLAMABAD: Bahria Town is one of the world’s largest real estate developers and one of the key contributors to nations economy. Bahria Town is creating a world-class destination for living, business and Retail. Bahria Town is developing an iconic portfolio of innovative landmark projects in Pakistan across a range of sectors - residential, commercial, retail and leisure. Second year in a row, Bahria Town’s futuristic portfolio has once again been bestowed with the honor of 5 new accolades by the Asia Pacific International Property Awards 2013-14 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Of the five awards won 3 were in the “5-Star” category while 2 were ranked “Highly Commended”. These prestigious awards are recognized as the highest standard of excellence throughout the global industry. Hundreds of finest real estate developers and architects gathered from across 23 countries including; China, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, New Zealand, India and many others participated in this prestigious event, making it the biggest International Property Awards regional event in its 19 year history. Attaining these coveted awards is testimony to Bahria Town’s capability of outperforming some exceedingly strong contenders within the highly competitive Asia Pacific property arena. Bahria Golf City Islamabad Pakistan’s branded golf resort triumphed as last year by winning two 5-Star rankings; “ 5-Star BestProperty Single Unit” for the exquisitely designed Mediterranean styles villas billed to be Pakistan’s most prestigious address while the Sheraton Hotel was adjudged “Five Star Best

New Hotel Construction & Design” for its innovative & conceptual design along with the provision of world class services and facilities. Bahria Oasis luxurious designer farmhouses on Bedian Road Lahore with subtle Mediterranean style references was ranked “Highly Commended Interior Design

Show Home” for its high quality and exclusive construction and finishes. The Bahria Grand, a boutique hotel in Bahria Town was honored “ 5 Star Best New Small Hotel Construction & Design”. Pakistan’s first 7-star banquet project ‘Taj banquets’ is also part of Bahria Grand. The Gold Spa & Fitness

club located at the Mall of Lahore with its world class ambience and facilities was ranked “Highly Commended Best Leisure Interior”. Speaking on the achievement, former Chairman Bahria Town; Malik Riaz Hussain stated “I am thankful to God Almighty and this is a great honor for the people of Pakistan that our model communities are considered above and beyond the modern neighborhoods in the developed world. Bahria Town is fueling the velocity of economic growth in Pakistan by creating jobs, building infrastructure, attracting foreign investment and creating huge demand for the construction industry. Bahria Town will God willing continue to bring international recognition to Pakistan, through the worldclass futuristic projects we have in the pipeline. Billions of Dollars worth of foreign investments that will be brought to Pakistan is the largest investment in the history of the country’s private sector and will change not only the face of Pakistan’s real estate but also revive its economy”. Bahria Town’s iconic developments were selected by a judging panel of about 70 industry professionals, whose collective knowledge of the property industry surpasses any other. Stuart Shield, President of the International Property Awards said, "The record level of participation that we have seen this year has elevated the caliber of this competition.” Bahria Town achievements have been making headlines across international media as well, making a name for Pakistan in the international community. CNN, Newsweek, LA Times, The National and Euro Asia Industry have all applauded the success story of Bahria Town. PRESS RELEASE

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The hope of a new politics does not lie in formulating a left-wing reply to the right – it lies in rejecting conventional political categories. –Christopher Lasch


west side story


have elections strengthened our centrifugal forces?

sunday, 19 May, 2013

talks with the militants but on what terms?


HE TTP had declared the previous government non-serious about peace talks. During the elections, it had launched deadly attacks on the candidates and the meetings and rallies of the PPP, the ANP and the MQM – targeting the trio for being secular. This reign of selective, targeted terror didn’t allow the three to campaign freely and hold public meetings and rallies. Prior to this the PML-N, the JI and the JUI-F were nominated by the TTP as guarantors of a negotiated peace with the government. Subsequently, their candidates were allowed to conduct their polling campaigns undisturbed. A similar treatment was reserved for the PTI as well. It was not unnatural to expect that if the three ‘guarantors’ and the PTI, which opposes the use of force against the militants, came to power there would be a lull in the terrorist activities. What one sees happening only days before the takeover by the new administration however belies the expectations. On Friday when the PTI, the JI and the QWP agreed to jointly rule KP, there were two deadly terrorist attacks in the province killing seventeen civilians and two soldiers. Those nominated guarantors are presumably being warned that unless they yield to the unacceptable demands of the terrorists prior to the talks, attacks are likely to continue. This should make the PMLN, the JI, the JUI-F and the PTI to have a rethink over their stand. The TTP makes no secret of its demands. As late as last month, the TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud rejected in unequivocal terms the democratic system as an ideology of the ‘infidels’. He maintained that his outfit would accept nothing less than an implementation of the Shariah “which can only be enforced through waging Jihad”. And, that the TTP’s long term agenda was to “establish Caliphate on the surface of earth.” A dedicated group of terrorists can play havoc if the rest of the society is divided but it cannot carry out its deadly agenda if a determined government supported by the army decides to eradicate the menace. The Pakistani Taliban operating from remote tribal areas are trying to turn the wheel of history backward. They can destroy schools and dispensaries and live in a world of their own. But the enthusiasm displayed by the men and women in tribal areas in elections and the way they are demanding facilities like schools, hospitals and asphalt roads indicates an awakening that would soon make the Taliban look out of sync even in the FATA. Nawaz Sharif is welcome to hold talks with the militants after being sworn in. He has however to realize that the Quaid’s vision of Pakistan as a modern, pluralistic Islamic democracy cannot be bartered for peace. The militants have to put down arms, accept the constitution and respect the law of the land. Anything short of that should not be acceptable. They have also to be told that Pakistan being a responsible state cannot allow anyone to launch attacks from its soil on any other country. If they accept it, fine. If not, let them face the might of the state.

peace efforts the new government and the balochistan issue


ALOCHISTAN is an issue that has often been paid lip service only. The state has almost no writ in most of the province, lawlessness rules the roost. Successive governments have failed to bring peace to the restive province despite ordering military operations and giving special powers to FC. Tortured and mutilated dead bodies of Baloch resistance youth appear every other day. With most fingers pointing at agencies and army for their role in forced disappearances and killings, the provincial and federal governments have proven spineless over the years in handling the situation. But a golden opportunity to restore peace in Balochistan has just presented itself in the form of a new democratic government. The PML-N, which has come out to be the largest party in the country, has nominated Sanaullah Zehri as the next chief minister of the province, and his statement regarding the steps the party intends to take in the province is a welcome one. He said that he would make all possible efforts to take all political forces on board for durable peace in the violence-stricken province. While this statement of intent is a good one, what the Baloch people really need are actions, not statements. The new coalition government in Balochistan, comprised of PML-N, PkMAP and NP, has this rare chance as their collective representation can help smoothen things over. A decades old military operation, sectarian and ethnic violence, regressive approach on development and education by local feudal lords, lack of employment opportunities and an overall hostile environment has made the people of the province feel deprived and left out of mainstream Pakistani society. The problems in Balochistan are deep rooted but luckily their solutions are not that complex. Military must be called back from the areas where they have a hold and responsibility of law and order must be given to civilian law enforcement agencies. Baloch nationalist leaders can be invited to a dialogue process which should focus on peace, instead of pinpointing who did what wrong. Agencies must stop killings and recover all the people that have become a target of forced disappearances. Now that the provincial government enjoys federal government’s support, and CM nominee is a person very much unlike his predecessor, the dialogue process can result in meaningful actions to bring peace. Chief of National Party Dr Malik Baloch says that they are willing to initiate talks with the Baloch resistance fighters. The only thing he needs to add to efforts in this regard is the urgency of action. The sooner the talks initiate, the better the chances to bring peace to the province. It deserves a chance at peace.



AKISTAN Struggles For Survival – Religious Warfare and Economic Chaos Threaten the Survival of this Nation,” wrote LIFE magazine in January 1948, five months after the country’s creation. Sixty-five years on, all those problems persist with many new ones added. Pakistan is still struggling for survival. The list is long. Hope being unrequited because their leaders haven’t delivered, a sleeping giant is waking up. It is the people. All predictions about the May 11 elections came wrong. How did Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N win so big and Imran Khan’s PTI so little? The tsunami turned out to be a splash but not for the right reasons. The PML-N’s performance in Punjab, while wanting, stood out much better than the performance of the PPP-led Sindh government. People were wondering why the PPP was not campaigning in the Punjab and yet President Asif Zardari seemed so serene. Protection being Zardari’s prime concern, perhaps there was an understanding between him and Nawaz that the PPP won’t campaign in the Punjab and leave the field open for the PML-N provided that Zardari is either given another presidential term or a safe exit. Rich and poor, the incorrigibly optimistic people of Pakistan had so much hope in the May 11 elections that even the elite and their children came out to vote for once. But their hopes were dashed because of large-scale electoral fraud and rigging. Witness the beauty of democracy: 1. Elections Commission officials not turning up on time and delaying polling, often by 6-7 hours because they were threatened. 2. Voters of certain parties being deliberately stopped or delayed from voting while those of other parties were given precedence. 3. Ballot boxes arriving late. 4. Ballot papers arriving late. 5. The backs of ballot papers not stamped by the Election Commission. One wishes that our politicians were as good at governing as they are at rigging. 6. Ballot boxes being stuffed with bogus votes. Proof: in many constituencies more votes were cast than the total number of registered voters. Did the angels also vote? 7. Ballot boxes being hijacked by candidates. We have all seen the video of what happened in NA-125 where supporters of the PML-N candidate stuffed ballot boxes or stole some while helpless election officials remained inert. 8. Threats and bullying galore, with party workers entering polling stations brandishing guns, all caught on camera and threatening TV anchors and camera-

whiteLIES ApoLLo

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2850505 Web: Email:


T takes a fortune to keep Gandhi poor, quipped Sarojani Naidu. Something of the sort at the federal cabinet and secretariat as well! As per the directives of the interim prime minister, with effect from the 15th of May, there was to be no use of ACs at the apex government offices, including his. In fact, the cabinet and secretaries

men to desist filming and vamoose. 9. ‘Worser’ still, the voter turnout was 60 percent; double our traditional average. Those 30 percent new voters didn’t come out to vote for the traditional parties, else they would have also voted in earlier elections. They obviously came to vote for change. Where did those votes go? 10. Voters, old and young, men and women, stood for hours in the searing heat to exercise their right to vote but didn’t leave. They wanted change. Now some constituencies will suffer the indignity of a re-poll with some parties boycotting. Pity is, like in 1977 if Bhutto hadn’t rigged that election he would still have won. If this one hadn’t been rigged Nawaz Sharif would still have got the largest number of seats though less than he now has and there would have been a genuine coalition to give the federal government a national character and a stronger opposition. Today, re-polling is taking place in 143 stations of Karachi’s constituency NA-250. The PTI is likely to win so the MQM is boycotting. God forbid, if they start saying it with bullets and just one body falls, it would be enough to set the country on fire. Pakistan is a tinderbox of parched expectations waiting for a spark. Not even a real tsunami will douse that fire. I won’t even go into the pre-poll rigging, like many corrupt but high profile politicians made eligible to contest while honest ones were disqualified. This entire electoral process seems to have been a pantomime directed by invisible hands, and I am not talking about our army that is the perennial whipping boy. I am talking of our mindless politicians with their inordinate influence on petty officialdom, their illegal wealth and financing from overseas, their storm troopers and promises of patronage to those who would help them grab power. Did the people actually vote for change of another kind – separation – or did they vote for confederation? Neither, but that is how the script had it. It was made to seem like that because political Mafiosi masquerading as parties headed by dons who have been foisted on us again by others with their armed squads and hordes of illegal wealth hold every square inch of Pakistan hostage. If there had been no NRO, no Saudi deal and Articles 62 and 63 meticulously followed, this disaster wouldn’t have happened. But it was in the script. How can a stigmatized vote represent the will of the people? It represents the will of predators that have sliced up the country between them while the people are left to protest on the streets. I called my last article ‘Survival Moment’. If people keep waking up and remain awake, they will grasp their moment. These elections must be cleansed as soon as possible because the country cannot afford another. The economic and political tsunami that is lapping on our shores will swamp us. Governments must be formed post haste. That can only happen if suspicions of rigging are purged with alacrity else question marks will hang like swords over all five governments. Then they won’t last long and another election could be upon us before time. By then every party could be wiped out by bad performance, except for Imran Khan provided he remains in opposition and does not form a government in KP. Imran will be the last man standing. Will he listen? They never do. He is gung-ho about forming the KP coalition government to make it a ‘model province’. Chances are that despite the best will in the world its achievements will not match its rhetoric and could disappoint a

lot of people. Then the political vacuum will be complete. Hello revolution. I said last week that the post-election challenge will be bigger than the preelection, but I didn’t foresee rigging as a pre-election challenge that would trespass into the post-election period. But it has and our problems have multiplied. 1. There is no national party left. All parties have been elected on the basis of province, city, area, ethnicity and language. 2. The Nawaz League won a simple majority but only because of the tyranny of Punjab’s majority. Virtually all PMLN’s seats are from the Punjab; it has little following in the other provinces. 3. The PPP has become a rural Sindh party while the MQM represents urban Sindh. 4. The PTI has replaced the ANP as KP’s party – the only real change. 5. The Balochistan Pathans and ethnic Baloch have elected their parties. 6. Religious parties were routed, getting only 5 per cent of the vote. Shows that the people don’t consider the making of a theocratic state as the purpose of Pakistan but an Islamic welfare state as our founder spelled out on August 11, 1947. Is the Two-Nation Theory morphing into a ‘Multination Theory’ based on ethnicity and language, not religion – the Lahore Resolution of 1940 talked of Muslim majority states in the plural, implicitly recognizing ethnicity amongst Muslims. It is staring us in the face. We made it stare by our dishonesty and shenanigans, while a good performance could have buried ethnicity and multinational nationhood would have arisen. We really are our own worst enemies. An MQM-PPP coalition government in Sindh will perennially snipe at Nawaz Sharif’s heels if he doesn’t give protection to Altaf Hussain or Zardari. If Zardari doesn’t get another term he could sit in Sindh and no one dare touch him. If anyone tries to, or Altaf Hussain for that matter, what is to prevent them from unilaterally declaring independence? Though he tried to backtrack, Altaf Hussain has already threatened secession. All Zardari has to say is, “Pakistan na Kapay’ and that is it. If the people of Sindh celebrate and India recognizes them, what can army intervention do and for how long? Baloch leaders have openly being threatening secession for years. This does not bode well. Have elections strengthened our centrifugal forces? Are we headed for balkanization? Or are we moving towards confederation? Confederation is far better for if God forbid Pakistan falls apart northern India’s balkanization that started in August 1947 and continued in 1971 would gather pace – the subcontinent trifurcated in just 24 years. The chaos would beat the anarchy of 1947. But then it can be argued that the subcontinent is moving towards its natural pre-British equilibrium. Yet, I am sick at heart and full of foreboding. Hopefully I am wrong. A pretty lady messaged me from Karachi’s sit-in: “The energy here is of a full-blown confrontation. Confidence in the authorities, politicians, the army and the caretakers turned undertakers, is zero. The citizens are taking over. Finally Pakistan is waking up.” “Who will play Robespierre?” I messaged back.

were even prescribed the sort of clothes they should wear. Ditch those stuffy suits for half-sleeve shirts. Or how about shalwar kameez with waistcoats? Even prescribed the sort of colours they should wear (God, they’re thorough). As a result of this, pedestal fans are short in the market. Many of the buildings, like the PM secretariat, have been designed in a silly, energy inefficient manner, meaning there is no way for the central air-conditioning system not to be on. The place is a confounded inferno otherwise. The result: full blast AC in the

corridors but hot and oppressive in the meeting rooms. Go figure. ******** ANY mandarins want a pleasant AfterNoon. With the League’s victory at the polls, the legion of technocrats, the ones who had wanted an audience with Imran Khan, are now all making a queue at Raiwind to be adjusted in this department or that. Not taking names here but they’re pretty interesting. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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I honestly don't know what criteria makes someone right-wing or left-wing anymore. The boundaries of those definitions seem to be in a state of flux. –Gary Numan




sunday, 19 May, 2013

the conservatives’ rule the political right has trumped political left, but will it deliver?


Complexities of nawaz’s big win will he be able to stand up to the challenges?



N the weeks leading up to Pakistan’s most anticipated election, the notoriously unreliable polls in the country had gone haywire in their forecasts. Almost all polls had suggested that Nawaz Sharif, the man who had served as prime minister twice, and Imran Khan, the new figure to Pakistan’s political front, were neck and neck in the race. Nawaz and Imran had one thing in common; both were contesting on the conservative platform. Perhaps this was the mistake the Pakistan Peoples Party and its coalition partners made; they relied on the hope that the right wing would fight it out amongst themselves, leaving the vote bank of the liberal parties untouched – at least in Sindh, PPP’s traditional stronghold. Serious security threats, high-profile targeting and absence of leadership added to PPP’s campaign failure, whose five-year tenure had left a bitter taste in the average Pakistani voter’s mouth. This election, however, was not a war of ideologies – the division of Pakistan along ideological lines since the 1970s has become seriously convoluted as neo-liberalism became the order of the day when Pakistan picked up the pieces from the post-Zia era. There has been so much suppression of the Left in the previous decades that it almost does not exist along traditional lines anymore. And PPP, the once the torchbearer of Pakistan’s Left, has been an equal participant of its repression. Pakistan’s active student politics has been crushed, a right wing state rhetoric was strengthened over the last three decades and along the way, Pakistan’s politicians became comfortable with the idea that the public had no clear division between the Left and Right. It worked for the martial law administrators and it worked for the incumbent government. There were other issues on the table in this election, the most important one being the shattered economy as a result of the electricity crisis. A meeting of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) had deplored the electricity crisis earlier this year, saying that the biggest industry in Pakistan had failed to generate a single job over the last five years, even though it has the potential of creating at least five million jobs. It is no wonder, then, that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, headed by Nawaz Sharif, got a

landslide victory in Faisalabad, the hub of Pakistan’s industrial zone where joblessness has been rampant because of the factories that had been forced to shut down in the wake of the worst load shedding in the country’s history. Nawaz is an industrialist and a flashy-project man. He had taken on huge projects in all of his previous tenures; a motorway from Islamabad to Lahore, a Metro Bus service in his hometown, subsidised education in Punjab, subsidised wheat scheme and not to mention Pakistan’s national pride, its first successful nuclear test. Whether or not these projects were a good idea remains debatable, but it impresses voters, especially those who do not understand or know about the failures of the market mechanism or the importance of nuclear arsenal along geostrategic lines. Nawaz’s urban vote is not nearly as impressive as his rural vote, especially the turnout for his party in southern Punjab, where PML-N swept most seats. While it is an astounding achievement for the PML-N, the elections results also point to several things about the psyche of the voters: Pakistanis, especially in rural areas, voted for familiar candidates and known faces. It is no wonder, then, that PTI has lost in Punjab, it had fielded new candidates without fully campaigning in the smaller areas. Furthermore, local issues took precedence over prevailing national crisis in this election. An example of this would be the Christian voters of Punjab. After the horrific tragedy of the Badami Bagh fire where nearly 200 houses and 80 shops were burned down by under a PML-N provincial government, Christian voters when asked who they would vote for, they replied with conviction: the tiger (PML-N). This was not out of some blind loyalty to Nawaz, especially because of his dubious dealings with the Lashkar-e-Jhanvi and his links to extremist groups, but because his party did something for their community: they built them new homes, distributed a lot of compensation money and overall satisfied the immediate needs of the community. This looks impressive during an election campaign and it was no wonder that PML-N swept the minority vote in Punjab. However, there was a clear division of votes along class lines. This is precisely why Imran Khan’s supporters are so disgruntled. A section of urban youth went and voted for the first time, and for them, casting that vote in itself was a revolution. Imagine their disappointment when their “revolution” backfired as PTI failed to secure majority votes in the province (as many polls and expert opinions had indicated). In the aftermath of May 11 election, angry PTI loyalists, which include the upper-middle class youth, came out to protest against what they felt was unfairness of the electoral process. Traditional authoritarianism during military rule in Pakistan had served to thoroughly depoliticise these youth. This of course did not mean that these voters had been oppressed in the way student wings had suffered in Zia’s era and hence lacked the sufficient “revolutionary” fervor, and overall anger, when they went and voted. These voters are new to freer media, have a basic understanding of national issues and an

overall sense of injured Pakistani pride which they hoped to restore by making a “new” Pakistan. They did not understand, or even seek to understand, why PML-N got the majority that it did. An overwhelming majority of Pakistan is NOT upper-middle class and had voted for the party which they believed could best fulfill their needs. Clever fielding of candidates, familiarity with the faces and PML-N’s records of flashy projects all came together to tip the balance heavily in their favour. Simply put, the election of 2013 was the election of the rural voters. Now that he is back at the helm, Nawaz needs to address the immediate load shedding crisis. It is a known fact that anyone who solves that problem will secure the majority win in the next election. While Nawaz would want to secure the prime minister’s spot for himself this time around, he needs to secure his political legacy and is hence readying his progeny. Therefore, securing PML-N as a lasting dominant force via solving an electricity plague that has lasted over a decade will be a priority. But while Nawaz might devote all his force to eliminating load shedding from the country, there are shadowy links between the party’s ideological ties with banned outfits. In this election, Nawaz gave out party tickets to banned Lashar-e-Jhanvilinked Chaudhry Abid Raza from NA-107 and Sardar Ebaad Dogar from NA-178 who is an ardent disciple of the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and who had announced Rs 20 million-bounty to assassinate Salmaan Taseer for siding with Aasia Bibi, a woman on death row for blasphemy. Raza won, Dogar lost to an independent candidate. Nawaz has said that he would cooperate with the United States to end the War on Terror and extend support in the 2014 withdrawal. Nawaz will also have to figure out a way to work with Pakistan’s notorious establishment and its dubious dealings. As the United States is set to leave Afghanistan, Nawaz’s government will have to oversee the smooth passage of the trucks taking NATO equipment out of Afghanistan through Pakistan. These trucks will contain equipment and weapons and will remain exposed to the extremists which Pakistan’s murky establishment has been reluctant to get rid of. Nawaz, himself, has not displeased any extremist groups but has had a checkered past with the army. Figuring out balance is going to be a big challenge. At the same time, there is a big question about how Nawaz plans on satisfying his voters when he has campaigned on a pro-business platform. While Pakistan’s politicians were busy campaigning, the caretaker government has all but announced an IMF emergency, one that comes with conditions. Naturally, the caretaker government, as it has reiterated several times in the past, is not equipped to deal with an IMF loan crisis, which is why they would have preferred to defer to the upcoming government. Now, Nawaz takes on the prime minister’s chair with a bailout plan in his lap that has taxation as an important condition. To tax, or not to tax, that would be the question, then. The writer is web editor at Pakistan Today.

HE results from the 2013 general elections have surprised many candidates and political parties. Even the victors (notably one political party), who are dancing in streets in euphoria, have been surprised by the extent of their victory. The incumbent political government and its coalition partners have been all but wiped out of the electoral map. PML-Q, the most SAAD RASOOL significant ally of the outing PPP government, has been reduced to a two-man party in the National Assembly. The ANP has not even been afforded this small dignity; their party, and perhaps political lineage, has almost disappeared. MQM, another ally of the former government, has retained its hold on Karachi, for the most part, but has not done much more than that. PML-N has secured 124 seats in the National Assembly, and an incredible 214 seats in the Punjab Provincial Assembly. But the really surprising part of the elections has been the fact that there is no particular opposition party. PPP, the second-largest party in the NA has less than one-third the number of seats that PML-N does, and PTI (the second-largest party in the Punjab Assembly) has one-fourth the number of seats that PML-N has. There has also been tremendous hue and cry – mostly from the urban centres, but also some rural areas – about massive accounts of rigging. Specifically, in Lahore and Karachi the privileged class, that came out and voted (perhaps for the first time), is displeased at seeing that the candidate of their choice was not declared winner. Some pundits have dispelled such protests as the crybaby noises of the elite, who are so used to always getting what they want in our country that they cannot fathom why their vote did not result in a victor. Regardless, while not all such complaints have met a sympathetic ear of the Election Commission, certain select polling stations and constituencies have been ordered to either recount the votes, or re-poll (in fresh elections). Fact of the matter, however, is this: even if the rigging charges are all true, and even if the recounting or re-polling (in the constituencies where such complaints have been lodged) is done, it will, at the very maximum, change the result for 5 to 10 seats. While the flipping of even one seat of the parliament is significant, and anyone who has rigged the polls should be brought to bear the fullest extent of the law, the truth is that it will not change PML-N’s victory, or its overwhelming nature. According to the ECP, almost 60 percent of the registered votes across Pakistan were cast in this election. What conclusions can thus be drawn from these elections? At the very primitive and emotive plane, the results can be justified and explained through the resonating rhetoric of ‘dekho dekho kaun aaya, sher aaya, sher aaya!’. The PML-N jiyalas mobilised better than the rest. Their reach was farther (at least in the rural areas of Punjab) than all other parties. And their leadership responded to the call of these jiyalas much better than all other political parties. But assessing the elections as being just this would be naïve and unworthy. Next, on a political plane, the results reveal two important conclusions. First, the message of change and revolution, by Imran Khan and his party, has not penetrated through the rural masses (who constitute the majority of Pakistan’s population). Or, even in case it has been broadcasted to such masses, it has not resonated with them. And the votes, across rural Pakistan were caste on beradari lines, and in favour of anyone who could get the thana kachehri work done for his or her constituents (in this case PML-N). Second, that the people of Pakistan, once all the rosy-rhetoric of revolution faded away, have decided to cast their vote in terms of experience rather than hope. In the shadow of PPP’s abysmal performance across the board, PML-N was the one party that (comparatively) showed signs of performance and forward momentum. And this – tangible performance, in the shape of the Metro Bus, or Danish Schools, or laptops – trumped the intangible message of hope. All this sounds like a rational choice. It can be justified, even explained. And it is reasonable. The worrying part, however, reveals itself when one tries to assess the results of these elections from an intellectual and ideological plane. On the intellectual plane, the mandate of PML-N (along with its rightwing supporting parties) is worrisome. In this regard, the election can be seen as a contest between the voices of moderation and liberalism (embodied in the support of PTI and even PPP) against the forces of conservatism (in PML-N and its allies). And in this battle, the forces of conservatism have comprehensively defeated the voices of moderation. Some degree of rigging on not, in an election with a very high turnout, the nexus of Punjabi-traders, rural farmers and a brand of conservative youth has swept away the push towards moderation. It would be reasonable to expect that during the next parliamentary term, blended with overhead bridges, underpasses and a bullet-train, will be a set of conservative laws and standards (e.g., Ehtraam-e-Ramzan Ordinance). There will be no real push or desire to revisit the evidence standards for Blasphemy laws, or the state’s interference into declaring certain sub-groups as non-Muslims. And this ideological divide, as worrisome as it is in terms of the ideological rift, has the mandate of the people. And this mandate has to be accepted and respected, even if so done grudgingly. This is the design of democracy. This is the command of our constitution. Ideological differences aside, the election results may prove to be a much-needed medicine for our ailing nation. The PML-N leadership has a reputation of getting the work done. And they have the clear and unchallenged mandate of the people. There is no hung parliament. And therefore, no real hindrances in the ability of the PML-N leadership to deliver. And most importantly, in an election in which almost 60 percent of the votes were cast, there is little room for anyone to complain that the ‘silent-majority’ is not supportive of the government. For now, whether one voted for PML-N or not, it is time for all of us to lend them our support in fixing the problems of Pakistan. The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore. He has a Masters in Constitutional Law from Harvard Law School. He can be reached at:

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A ARTS sunday, 19 May, 2013

The great secret of success in life is for a man to be ready when his opportunity comes. –Benjamin Disraeli

oscar-winner Christoph waltz runs for cover amid Cannes gun drama

A RAdCliffe puts Behind ‘hARRy potteR’ imAge Actor Daniel Radcliffe says he has finally put his " Harry Potter" image behind him. He is ready to do a gay sex scene in his forthcoming film "Kill Your Darlings". "Filming the sex scene in new film 'Kill Your Darlings' was definitely a moment of, 'Yes, I'm moving on'," Radcliffe said on the "The Graham Norton Show", reports "Kill Your Darlings", directed by John Krokidas, is scheduled to release October 17. The 23-year-old achieved global fame playing a boy wizard in the "Harry Potter" franchise. NEWS DESK


LIVE show at Cannes Film Festival with Oscar-winning actor Christoph Waltz was rocked when a gunman stormed the seaside studio. Django Unchained star Waltz was left fearing for his life as the deranged man fired two shots and threatened to blow up the set with a hand grenade. Panicking spectators and crew scurried for cover as security guards rushed Waltz and fellow actor Daniel Auteuil off stage. Armed police wrestled the suspected gunman to the ground on the palm-lined waterfront and detained him. Only after the drama unfolded did officers discover the shots had been fired from a starter's pistol. They also recovered a pocket knife and dummy plastic grenade at the scene. Speaking after the dramatic incident yesterday evening, Academy Award winner Waltz said, "I was on a panel at the Studio Canal platform off the beach when a man produced a gun. I think it was a pistol and he fired but luckily for me they were blanks,” he said. "Then he shouted he had a grenade and again luckily for me there

was no grenade,” he added. The Cannes festival jury member, who

also starred in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, added: "I don't

sonAkshi sinhA tAkes pAinting lessons fRom sAlmAn khAn

Demi ‘calls off romance with harry’


Demi Moore and former boyfriend Harry Morton have called off their six-month relationship after agreeing that they are better off as friends. A source told E! News that the couple stopped dating but they have remained in regular contact as they get on so well, Contactmusic reported. The insider said that though they occasionally meet up as friends, they have stopped seeing each other romantically. The source asserted that the pair had a lot of fun together because of their mutual interests. NEWS DESK

is BeyonCé expeCting BABy numBeR two? Could Beyoncé and rapper hubby Jay-Z have another baby on the way? Most signs are pointing towards yes! While the duo is staying mum about the reports, speculation is continuing to grow! The rumor mill began churning when the "Countdown" singer hit the red carpet at the Met Gala last week wearing a strategically placed belt over her custom-made Givenchy gown. The intricate pattern and the awkward placement of the accessory raised speculation that she was concealing a blossoming baby bump. Then on Tuesday, Queen Bey fueled the fire when she canceled her concert in Antwerp, Belgium, citing dehydration and exhaustion. And it looks as though one of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's dear friends may have spilled the beans! On Friday, Russell Simmons took to Twitter to send his love to the couple with a link to an article about their suspected impending bundle of joy. NEWS DESK

‘Ishkq In Paris’ has certain scenes from my life: Preity Zinta

NeWS DeSK Bollywood actress Preity Zinta says certain scenes in 'Ishkq in Paris' are inspired by her life. The film also has bits from director Prem Raj's

know who he was or where he came from or what his problem was."

life. 'Ishkq in Paris', Preity's first production venture, is releasing May 24. Talking about the film, she said: "(It) is not inspired from my life, but yes certain instances (are inspired from my life). I won't lie

about that." Not only mine, in fact it (film) has some bits from our director's life (Prem Raj) and from my PR (public relations) officer's life. I mean we have not left anyone," Preity said here Friday while promoting the film. In the film, Preity plays a half-Indian, half-French girl who falls in love in Paris, one of the most expensive cities in the world. She said "we have added something or the other from everybody's life because I think somewhere art imitates life". "Instead of taking from south Indian movies, English movies or European movies, we have been very true to ourselves," Preity added. There was a special reason why Paris was chosen as the city in focus. "Paris is a city known for two things - fashion and romance. So, to be fashionably in love, there is no other place to be in, but Paris," said Preity.

Actor Sonakshi Sinha, considers Salman Khan to be her mentor, having made her big Bollywood debut with the star in Dabangg (2010). Now we hear that the two seem to share a common passion. Both actors love to paint and in her next film, Lootera, Sonakshi will be seen playing the role of an artist. She even teaches her co-star, Ranveer Singh how to paint in the movie. And for the launch of one of the songs in the film, she will be seen painting live at an event. A source close to the movie’s team reveals, “Sonakshi, like Salman, has the same hobby that is painting. She likes a lot of Salman’s works of art, so much so that she calls herself a fan of his paintings. And recently, Sonakshi has been taking advice from Salman about painting live for the media.” The source adds it was the makers’ idea that Sonakshi paints live with the media around in order to launch the song ‘Sawaar loon’ which is based on her and Ranveer’s characters and captures the journey of them falling in love while learning the art. The source further says, “She seems quite prepared to put up a good performance.”

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It is not the voice that commands the story: it is the ear. –Italo Calvino

ARTs sunday, 19 May, 2013

13 A

emma ‘to Die for’ in sofia coppola’s h’wood heist Movie ARRY Potter" star Emma Watson hit Cannes on Thursday night with a thunderclap. She's the star of Sofia Coppola's ensemble piece "The Bling Ring," which is about L.A. suburban teens who in real life broke into the homes of several celebrities and stole over $3 million worth of merchandise in 2009. This is not the Hermione of Hogwarts although her character Nicole could use a Quidditch stick to fly away from the police when they come to her house with search warrants. Last night after the red carpet premiere, W magazine's Stefano Tonchi and Lynn Hirshberg threw Coppola, Watson, and company a splashy soiree on the rooftop of the JW Marriott Hotel on the Croisette. And Emma was the toast of the party. When mentioned that her performance recalled Nicole Kidman's comic breakthrough in "To Die For" back in 1994, she gasped, "That's what I was going for! I love her in that movie. I'm so glad someone noticed!" Watson is 23 and not quite finished with her studies at Brown University, but she's getting closer to graduation after taking a little time off. What we learned: Watson, who is stunning, is still getting used to being called "beautiful." "You should see what she goes through to get ready for one of these red carpet things," shared one of her friends at the bash. NEWS DESK


i like Both deepikA And kAtRinA’s smile: RAnBiR

sAnJAy dutt held in

kAsAB’s Cell NeWS DeSK


OLLYWOOD superstar Sanjay Dutt, who is in jail for arms possession, is being held in a cell built for militants where he cannot see daylight and wants to be transferred, a report said on Saturday. Dutt, 53, surrendered on Thursday to serve out the remaining three-and-a-half years of a five-year term in a case linked to the deadly 1993 Mumbai bombings. Dutt's lawyer, Rizwan Merchant, has demanded the transfer of the actor whom he said was being kept in the cell once occupied by Mumbai attacks gunman Ajmal Kasab, according to the Indian Express daily newspaper. Kasab was executed last November, nearly four years after 166 people died in a three-day rampage in Mumbai. The steel bunker specially built for Kasab at Mumbai's Arthur Road Jail had no ventilation and the actor could not even

tell if it was day or night, the lawyer said. “He (Dutt) is not a terrorist,” and should not be kept in such a cell, the lawyer was quoted as saying. The actor, whose parents were two of India's biggest stars, shot to fame in the 1980s in a string of action movies in which he performed his own stunts, earning him the nickname “Deadly Dutt”. He was convicted in 2006 of possessing guns supplied by gangsters who staged the 1993 bomb attacks that killed 257 people but was freed on bail after serving 18 months in prison. In March, the Supreme Court upheld Dutt’s conviction. He was cleared in 2007 of more serious conspiracy charges in the blasts, believed staged by Muslim underworld leaders in revenge for religious riots in which largely Muslims died after the razing of an ancient mosque by Hindu extremists. Dutt, whose mother was Muslim and father Hindu, was found guilty of possession of an automatic rifle and a pistol which he insisted were only meant to protect his family in Mumbai’s charged atmosphere following the mosque’s destruction. After the Supreme Court upheld his conviction, the father-of-three wept and declared himself “a shattered man”.

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, who was recently detained and fined about Rs 60,000 at an airport for not declaring luxury goods, has said that he made a mistake and paid a price for it. The 30-year-old actor, who had landed on May 4 at the Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport on a British Airways flight from London, walked away with branded goods in his luggage that required to be declared before the Customs authorities. After the luggage was checked, branded goods such as perfumes, clothes and footwears worth about Rs one lakh were found. Ranbir was detained for nearly 40 minutes and after the enquiry and verification of goods, he was fined about Rs 60,000 and let off. "I did make a mistake but I also paid a price for it. I made a mistake of not declaring duty free goods. It was my responsibility to do so. And hence I was stopped and had to pay the fine," Ranbir told reporters. Meanwhile, he looked quite excited about the promotions of his upcoming film 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani'. For this film, Ranbir got an opportunity to shake a leg with dancing diva Madhuri Dixit for a special song 'Ghagra'. "It feels great to work with someone of her stature. I have loved working with all actresses right from Zohara Sehgal to Madhuri to Deepika and Katrina," Ranbir said. NEWS DESK

My family is traditional and more conservative: Abhay Deol He admits to having been closed to doing anything on TV, but never say no is the mantra for actor Abhay Deol, who carved a niche for himself with 'zara hatke' roles in films like "Dev D". He will now be seen on the small screen, which he says was completely unplanned. "I never thought of being a part of the small screen. If anything they said was for TV, I would say no without even thinking about it," Abhay, who will be hosting a new TV show, said. When the project came his way, he said, his manager "was like just consider it, at least take a look at it". "Then I took a look at it and I got interested," he said. The show also made him question his close-mindedness about TV. "I asked myself 'What is it about TV that you are closed to?' The interest generated through the show made me question my close-mindedness towards TV." The show is about six women, who will capture every moment of their lives through cameras. Abhay will try to link their stories together. Abhay, 37, was launched by his uncle Dharmendra in his home production "Socha Na Tha" opposite Ayesha

Takia. Asked how it feels to be born in a star family, the actor said: "One gets bored as there is nothing black and white in life." "At some places it's an advantage and at some it's a disadvantage. It depends on person to person, situation to situation and project to project." After "Socha Na Tha" in 2005, he found his own space by doing films like "Oye Lucky!Lucky Oye!, "Dev D", "Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd." and "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara". His "Manorama Six Feet Under" won the best film award at the Mahindra IndoAmerican Arts Council Film Festival. Abhay started living on his own when he was 18 after graduating from Otis Parson's School of Fine Arts and Design, California. Though his parents were apprehensive about his decision to begin with, they later accepted it. "They were just concerned: was I comfortable and safe? As soon as they knew that I was not being stupid and I was not going to do anything stupid, they were fine with it, and accepted for what I am. I have a great family that way." The "Dev D" star also opened up about his relationship with actress-su-

per model Preeti Desai. "We have a regular relationship like any two people in love, with its ups and downs, with good and bad." Asked about how his family responded to his live-in relationship, he said: "My family is very traditional and they are more conservative. But I was born in a city that accepted all kinds of people; so if I am to look at myself as someone from an urban centre, I am quite normal by being non-traditional." He added: "I don't judge my family for what they are and they don't judge them for who I am. It took some time, but they are comfortable with it now." The actor has just finished the shoot for his film "One By Two" in which he stars with Preeti, who was earlier seen in "Shor In The City". The film is also his debut as a producer. He will also be seen in a special appearance in the Sonam Kapoor-Dhanush starrer "Raanjhnaa" releasing June 21. NEWS DESK

pRiyAnkA Adopts lioness Bollywood’s top actress Priyanka Chopra once again came to the forefront to show her love for animals as she adopted a lioness in Jharkhand. The wild cat of Bollywood had last year adopted a tigress Durga and now a lioness Sundari from Birsa munda zoological park in Ormanjhi near Ranchi for one year. Zoo authorities hailed the initiative of Chopra as she gave money for the upkeep of the animals. Last year, the Ranchi zoo introduced a scheme for adoption of animals according to which one can adopt any animal for a period of one year to 11 years and the money would be used for the upkeep of the animals and also to create awareness about wildlife. NEWS DESK

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INFOTAINMENT Sunday, 19 May, 2013

fiRst gRAy whAle seen south of equAtoR

Scientists scoping out dolphins off the coast of Namibia this month saw something that by all rights shouldn’t have been there: a gray whale. The confirmed sighting marks the first time such a whale has been spotted south of the Equator, reports the Guardian. What’s more, gray whales are typically found in the north Pacific and have been extinct in the Atlantic since the heyday of 18th-century whale hunts. Marine biologists say this is not the same gray whale that turned up in the Mediterranean in 2010. But the two sightings suggest something unusual is going on. One theory is that climate change is affecting the whales’ feeding habits, perhaps by making it easier for them to travel through the Northwest Passage. Another is that gray whales have finally rebounded from the calamitous drop in population they suffered centuries ago and are striking out anew. Or maybe a little bit of both. NEWS DESK

Coming soon: CAffeine-infused ...toothBRush? Who needs a morning coffee when your toothbrush releases a dose of caffeine? Colgate has applied for a patent on a brush that could do just that. The application describes “a toothbrush that releases a chemical into the mouth during use,” but it won’t stop at caffeine, reports Yahoo. The brush could also deliver drugs like aspirin, herbal remedies, or just a certain flavour dispensed from a patch attached to the head of the brush, with each patch lasting three months, according to the Daily Mail. Possible flavours include berry, green apple, and everyone’s favourite in the morning—chilli pepper. NEWS DESK

lost ‘white City’ mAy lie hidden in RAinfoRest A little of bit of high tech may have found what 16th-century conquistadors could not: the legendary Ciudad Blanca, or White City, of Honduras. Archaeologists think they’ve spotted the ruins of some kind of metropolis hidden by the Mosquitia rainforests, reports LiveScience. They won’t know for sure until they start digging later this year, but low-flying planes sending laser pulses—a technology called lidar—have turned up features that could be ancient roads, canals, and buildings. The existence of Ciudad Blanca has never been confirmed, but those conquistadors of yore believed it held huge stashes of gold. NEWS DESK

Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense. –Gertrude Stein

deep sea ‘gold rush’ moves closer BBC NeWS



HE prospect of a deep sea “gold rush” opening a controversial new frontier for mining on the ocean floor has moved a step closer. The United Nations has published its first plan for managing the extraction of so-called “nodules” - small mineral-rich rocks - from the seabed. A technical study was carried out by the UN’s International Seabed Authority the body overseeing deep sea mining. It says companies could apply for licences from as soon as 2016. The idea of exploiting the gold, copper, manganese, cobalt and other metals of the ocean floor has been considered for decades but only recently became feasible with high commodity prices and new technology. Conservation experts have long warned that mining the seabed will be highly destructive and could have disastrous longterm consequences for marine life. The ISA study itself recognizes that mining will cause “inevitable environmental damage”. But the report comes amid what a spokesman describes as “an unprecedented surge” of interest from stateowned and private mining companies. SHARINg THE PROCEEDS The number of licences issued to prospect for minerals now stands at 17 with another seven due to be granted and more are likely to follow. They cover vast areas of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. One of the most recent to be granted was to UK Seabed Resources, a subsidiary of the British arm of Lockheed Martin, the American defence giant. Under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the ISA was set up to encourage and manage seabed mining for the wider benefit of humanity - with a share of any profits going to developing countries. Now the ISA is taking the significant step of moving from simply handling bids for mineral exploration to considering how to license the first real mining operations and how to share the proceeds. The ISA’s legal counsel, Michael Lodge, told the BBC: “We are at the threshold of a new era of deep seabed mining”. The lure is obvious: an assessment of

the eastern Pacific - a 5 million sq km area known as the Clarion-Clipperton Zone concluded that more than 27 billion tonnes of nodules could be lying on the sand. Those rocks would contain a staggering 7 billion tonnes of manganese, 340 million tonnes of nickel, 290 million tonnes of copper and 78 million tonnes of cobalt - although it’s not known how much of this is accessible. RIgHT INCENTIvES According to the planning study, the ISA faces the challenge of trying to ensure that nodule mining’s benefits will reach beyond the companies themselves while also fostering commercially viable operations. The plan relies on providing operators with the right incentives to risk what would be expensive investments without losing the chance for developing countries to get a slice of the proceeds. But the ISA identifies what it calls a “Catch-22” in this brand new industry as it tries to assess which companies are skilled enough to carry out the work. “Competence cannot be gained,” it says, “without actual mining at a commercial scale, but at the same time mining

should not be allowed without prior demonstration of competence.” A key factor in the ISA’s thinking is the need for environmental safeguards, so the document calls for monitoring of the seabed during any mining operation though critics wonder if activity in the ocean depths can be policed. The prospect of deep sea mining has already sparked a vigorous debate among marine scientists, as I found earlier this year on a visit to the British research ship, James Cook, exploring the hydrothermal vents of the Cayman Trough. The expedition’s chief scientist, Dr Jon Copley, a biologist from the University of Southampton, urged caution: “I don’t think we own the deep ocean in the sense that we can do what we like with it,” he said. “Instead we share responsibility for its stewardship. “We don’t have a good track record of achieving balance anywhere else - think of the buffalo and the rainforest - so the question is, can we get it right?” ExTINCTION RISK And Professor Paul Tyler, also a biologist, of the National Oceanography Cen-

1998 QE2: Massive asteroid to make ‘royal’ flyby NeWS DeSK A big asteroid will cruise by Earth at the end of the month, making its closest approach to our planet for at least the next two centuries. The May 31 flyby of asteroid 1998 QE2, which is about 1.7 miles (2.7 kilometres) long, poses no threat to Earth. The space rock will come within 3.6 million miles (5.8 million km) of our planet — about 15 times the distance separating Earth and the moon, researchers say. But the close approach will still be dramatic for astronomers, who plan to get a good look at 1998 QE2 using two huge radar telescopes — NASA’s 230-foot (70 meters) Goldstone dish in California and the 1,000-foot (305 m) Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. “Whenever an asteroid ap-

proaches this closely, it provides an important scientific opportunity to study it in detail to understand its size, shape, rotation, surface features and what they can tell us about its origin,” Lance Benner of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., principal investigator for Goldstone radar observations, said in a statement. “We will also use new radar measurements of the asteroid’s distance and velocity to improve our calculation of its orbit and compute its motion farther into the future than we could otherwise,” Benner added. Asteroid 1998 QE2 was discovered in August 1998 by astronomers working with MIT’s Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) program in New Mexico. The space rock’s name is not a homage to England’s Queen Eliza-

beth II, or to the famous 12-deck ocean liner that was retired from service in 2008. It’s just the moniker assigned by the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Mass., which names each newfound asteroid according to an established alphanumeric scheme that lays out when it was discovered. Astronomers plan to study 1998 QE2 intensively from May 30 through June 9, using the Goldstone and Arecibo dishes to learn as much as possible about the asteroid before it slips off once more into the depths of space. Even from about 4 million miles (6.4 million km) away, Goldstone images may be able to resolve features on 1998 QE2 as small as 12 feet (3.75 m) across, researchers said. “It is tremendously exciting to see detailed images of this asteroid for the first time,” Benner said. “With radar we can transform an object from a point of light into a small world with its own unique set of characteristics. In a real sense, radar imaging of near-Earth asteroids is a fundamental form of exploring a whole class of solar system objects.” NASA leads the global effort to identify potentially dangerous asteroids. Our planet has been pummelled by space rocks throughout its 4.5-billion-year history, and more strikes are in our future. The planet got a dramatic reminder of this reality this past Feb. 15. On that day, a 55-foot (17 m) object exploded without warning over Russia, just hours before the 130foot asteroid 2012 DA14 gave Earth a close shave, missing our planet by just 17,200 miles (27,000 km).

tre, warned that unique species would be at risk. “If you wipe out that area by mining, those animals have to do one of two things: they disperse and colonise another hydrothermal vent somewhere or they die. “And what happens when they die is that the vent will become biologically extinct.” However, Professor Rachel Mills of the University of Southampton, a marine chemist, called for a wider debate about mining generally on the grounds that we all use minerals and that mines on land are far larger than any would be on the seabed. She has carried out research for Nautilus Minerals, a Canadian firm planning to mine hydrothermal vents off Papua New Guinea. “Everything we are surrounded by, the way we live, relies on mineral resources and we don’t often ask where they come from. “We need to ask whether there is sustainable mining on land and whether there is sustainable mining in the seas. “I actually think it is the same moral questions we ask whether it’s from the Andes or down in the Bismarck Sea.” This debate is set to intensify as the reality of the first mining operations comes closer.

gps could provide fast local tsunami warning

Tsunamis can’t be stopped, but if you can warn people that one is coming you can save a lot of lives, even if it’s only an extra few minutes. Currently, tsunami alerts are generated from seismic data, but even the fastest response based on the magnitude, location, and depth of the earthquake can be up to five minutes or more — too slow for the immediate at-risk vicinity. Buoy’s developed to measure sea pressure changes from tsunami waves can communicate the speed and size of a tsunami as it travels across an ocean basin and provide advanced warnings for those in its path, but again not for those who got hit by the wave before it hit the buoy. Which is why using the global positioning system (GPS) may be the best tool for getting the information about a tsunami out the fastest. How exactly? By measuring the ground deformation to the neighbouring shoreline caused by a large underwater earthquake. Those measurements can be used to figure out how much the seafloor has moved, and once you know that, it’s possible to calculate how big the tsunami will be and where it’s going, and do so in less than three minutes. Andreas Hoechner from the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) led the research, which looked at data from the 2011 earthquake in Japan. His team showed that a close look at the GPS data would have allowed geoscientists to get the word out three minutes after the shaking on the sea floor started — maybe less. NEWS DESK

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“I was very upset and saddened to hear the news of Ken’s passing — Jack Nicklaus

BCCi could press

ChARges AgAinst

sPoRTs sunday, 19 May, 2013

tainted trio, says srinivasan SPoRtS DeSK


Sunrisers showed character: Moody HyDERABAD: Tom Moody, Sunrisers Hyderabad head coach, was delighted with his team’s performance against Rajasthan Royals Friday night, and made special mention of Biplab Samantray and Hanuma Vihari. “I am very pleased. It was [an] extremely important game for us and after [the] early setback the team showed character as a playing group,” Moody said. “And more importantly, the two inexperienced and young cricketers [Samantray and Vihari] took us to a position where we could compete in the second half of the game.” Moody was also all praise for James Faulkner, who took 5 for 16 in his four overs, his second five-for of the season. “His bowling is exceptional. The great thing is his ability to move the new ball around. He also has the ability to bowl very good slow balls, and yorkers on command. When you have [these] three ingredients, it makes you [a] pretty useful bowler at any stage of the game.” Rahul Dravid, captain of Rajasthan Royals, has faced a tough last few days in the wake of the spot-fixing allegations that have surrounded his team. However, he chose not to use the ongoing drama as an excuse for Royals’ poor showing against Sunrisers. “We bowled well to restrict them to 136 but were probably a spinner light on the day,” Dravid said. “And while we were batting, Amit Mishra was fantastic for them, but we got bogged down in the middle overs.” Dravid hoped to play on less sluggish pitches in the playoffs. “In the playoffs we will be a lot better hopefully. We also hope for better wickets in the playoffs as we have struggled on slow, low ones.” AGENCIES

Srinivasan, the BCCI president, has said that “no punishment is too little” for the cricketers involved in the spot-fixing scandal. If Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan are proven guilty, the board will press legal charges if allowed, Srinivasan told Indian news channel CNN-IBN. Asked if deterrent steps like sending culprits to jail were necessary, Srinivasan said he had “no hesitation in saying yes”. Srinivasan said it was not the IPL that had let its fans down. Instead, he said, it was “these dirty cricketers”. He stressed that the IPL was not corrupt as a whole. “See, IPL has not let down the people,” Srinivasan said. “It is these dirty cricketers that have done it. These people who have indulged in these kinds of activities. They are the ones. We feel bad. “I don’t have to personally apologise. So long as people know I condemn it. That I don’t want it. That I resent the fact that I have to sit here and answer this. We are honest people.” Srinivasan staunchly defended the IPL. “For the last two days everybody has asked me the same question,” he said. “‘IPL is damaged. IPL’s credibility is gone. IPL is untenable.’ It is the biggest tournament in the world. We should be proud of it.” In response to the suggestion that people are not going to question every bit of unexpected play on the field in the IPL, Srinivasan said it was an unfair assessment. “The point I am making is, everybody is berating the IPL, saying IPL is finished,” he said. “All I am saying is, I acknowledge



UMBAI Police has seized “what appear to be” the belongings of Sreesanth and Jiju Janardhan - both arrested by Delhi Police on spot-fixing allegations - from hotel rooms booked in their names at a five-star hotel in Mumbai. The police has received legal permission to take mirror images of the laptop and also CCTV footage from the hotel to further investigate into the whole scandal. Items seized include laptops, iPads, mobile phones, diaries written in English and “what appears to be” Malayalam, and cricket kits. Himanshu Roy, joint commissioner of police (crime) in Mumbai, said they had reason to

ANOTHER BOOKIE HELD MUMBAI: One more bookie having links with alleged international cricket betting racket busted two days ago here has been arrested from suburban Bhandup, police said. The bookie Pravin Behra was caught from his hideout in suburban Bhandup last night and ten mobile phones and a laptop were recovered from him, police said. On Wednesday, city police had busted an alleged international cricket betting racket and arrested three bookies identified as Ramesh Vyas (52), Pandurang Kadam (41) and Ashok Vyas (32). After interrogating the trio, Behra was caught, police said. Ramesh Vyas and his accomplices had allegedly accepted bets on the ongoing IPL cricket matches and used to connect the calls from Pakistan and Dubai to bookies in India. 92 mobile phones, out of which, 32 were exclusively used to get in touch with bookies in Dubai and Pakistan, 18 SIM cards, a television set and a laptop had been seized from the trio, police said. AGENCIES

the fact that three crickets have done this. “Naturally it will have some impact. What impact, how much it is, here your view is different than mine. “Not only does it worry me... The fact is, I have to sit here and listen to people saying IPL is fixed. IPL as a whole is not. Just three people have done something wrong. It doesn’t mean the whole IPL is bad. Which is what you are trying to make it out to be.” Srinivasan’s focus on just the three cricketers was in contrast with his earlier

SREESANTH’S BELONGINGS SEIZED: MUMBAI POLICE believe the items belonged to Sreesanth and Janardhan, and that they will be important clues in the ongoing investigations. Sreesanth’s room was not in the hotel where the Rajasthan Royals team stayed for their match against Mumbai Indians. Sreesanth was reportedly told in Jaipur that he was not playing the match, and only a compact group of 13 or 14 players was to travel. “Yesterday we received information that Sreesanth had independently booked himself into a five-star hotel,” Roy said. “I say independent because this is not where his team stayed. “We worked out that information. Yesterday we searched two rooms,

which were issued in the names of Sreesanth and Jiju Janardhan. The search of Sreesanth’s room shows that it was lived in, it was inhabited. We have recovered a laptop, which is here before you, an iPad, a mobile phone, cash, a data card, some diaries which appear to be in the handwriting of Sreesanth - some [in] English, some [in] what appears to be Malayalam. We have also recovered some cricket kit, clothing etc. “The search of the other room shows it was lived in. We have recovered an iPad, a mobile phone and some personal belongings.” Roy didn’t rule out asking for the custody of

Warner could be in trouble over tweets SPoRtS DeSK David Warner could face disciplinary action from Cricket Australia after apparently launching a Twitter attack on two of Australia’s most senior cricket journalists. Cricket Australia’s general manager of team performance, Pat Howard, has attempted to make contact with Warner after the tirade emerged from Warner’s Twitter account @davidwarner31 in the early hours of Saturday morning Indian time. Warner is currently in India for the IPL. The outburst appeared to

statements about natural justice taking its course. “Everybody has seen there was some evidence shown on TV,” he had said. “Police have made their statements. All I am saying is, in this country you have to be assumed innocent until guilty. That still stands. “The BCCI will issue them with showcause notices. There will be an inquiry. I can’t have a pre-judged mind on all of this. At the same time we concede this has shocked all of us. I never expected a player of the calibre of Sreeesanth, who has played Tests for india, and other Ranji Trophy players, to be accused of this.” When pointed to the ICC’s anticorruption’s reported warnings of increased fixing threats to the IPL, Srinivasan turned the focus to the ACSU. “Excuse me?” Srinivasan said. “ICC is in charge of this. ICC’s ACSU is the one that is appointed to monitor and to take steps to prevent this. Excuse me, sir?” Srinivasan was then pointedly told about certain measures the ACSU had reportedly suggested. “Whatever has been specifically requested would 100% have been dealt with by the BCCI,” Srinivasan said. “In any case we are going to have a discussion with the anti-corruption unit of the ICC on what has happened now, and what steps they took, and what is it that could have been done which could have been done. “We are not going to keep quiet. I want to make one thing very clear. If there is a fault, if something has been overlooked, we won’t cover it up. I have nothing personal to gain from this.” The BCCI’s working committee will meet on Sunday, May 19, to discuss the events and the future plan of action. The Indian anti-corruption unit is expected to be present too.

begin with Warner taking exception to a comment piece written by Robert Craddock which was printed in News Limited newspapers on Saturday in which he discussed the IPL and its problems. The following tweet appeared on Warner’s Twitter account: “Shock me @crashcraddock1 talking s*** about ipl jealous p****. Get a real job. All you do is bag people. #getalife” Craddock was then mentioned in a series of six bitter tweets and while Craddock did not respond on Twitter, his fellow News Limited journalist Malcolm Conn did. Conn wrote:

“@davidwarner31 cricket is a real job? Please. Most people pay to play. Million dollar cricketers milking the IPL are hardly the best judges.” Warner and Conn then engaged in a protracted Twitter discussion. Cricket Australia said in a statement on Saturday: “Cricket Australia is aware of comments made on David Warner’s twitter account overnight. Cricket Australia is attempting to contact Warner and will continue to investigate the matter. Cricket Australia will make further comment once it has conducted a thorough investigation.”

Sreesanth and Janardhan depending on what their investigations further reveal. Roy said the hotel rooms were booked by Tamarind Tours and Travels. “We have tried to recreate events that led to the booking of this room,” Roy said. “We have reason to believe Sreeanth and Jiju checked into the hotel late in the night on the 13th of this month. We are recreating their movements on the 14th and the 15th. “We are also in the process of obtaining CCTV feed to understand who are the visitors, if any, who visited him when he was staying there. What were his movements? We have obtained the permission to take a mirror image of the laptops and phones, so that we can begin the process of analysing these gadgets to further aid our investigation. We believe seizure is important given the direction in which the spotfixing investigations are headed.”

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This is in order to develop the right solutions for the upcoming circuits where high tyre usage could again be a limitation for us. — Ross Brawn


sPoRTs sunday, 19 May, 2013

Bari confident about pakistan’s bowling attack LAHoRe STAFF REPORT


PTIMISTIC about Pakistan’s chances in the ICC Champions Trophy 2013, Wasim Bari, the former wicketkeeper/batsman, believes that bowling remains the national team’s strength. However, he thinks that adjusting to different conditions in England will be the key for Misbah-ulHaq and company. The mega event is going to be played next month in England, with the Green Shirts placed in group B along with South Africa, India and West Indies. Bari thinks that Pakistan’s pool is tough but all the team’s have certain strengths

and weaknesses and Misbah’s men can do well in the all-important tournament by doing appropriate homework against each opposition. “All the teams in Pakistan’s group are tough and balanced, but have their weaknesses too. West Indies don’t play well against slow bowling, India are missing several key players and SA don’t have spin bowling options,” said the former wicketkeeper. “WI have some good all-rounders, SA have a brilliant batting and bowling line-up, while India has one of the best batsmen in the event.” Despite the fact that Umar Gul, Pakistan’s senior most fast bowler, is not available for the Champions Trophy due to a knee surgery, Bari believes that the

Green Shirts possess a very potent bowling attack which can even defend mediocre scores. “The key will be to adjust to the conditions. Pakistan can easily defend a score of over 240

against any opposition. I pray and wish that our players play to their potential and win the Champions Trophy,” he added. With the emergence of Mohammad Irfan and Junaid


Khan as genuine strike bowlers, Pakistan’s bowling line-up looks very strong in the shorter formats of the game. The two left-armers have been ably supporting Saeed Ajmal and Mohammad Hafeez, two of the world’s finest spinners, in recent past. However, it is Pakistan’s batting line-up which remains a major concern for the team management. In order to have any chance of lifting the Champions Trophy for the first time, Pakistan’s top-order batsmen have to take the responsibility on their shoulders and deal with the new ball. It is widely expected that Pakistan will play three openers, Mohammad Hafeez, Imran Farhat and Nasir Jamshed in the playing-11.

Court suspends pCB’s interim set-up on lCCA LAHoRe Lahore High Court has suspended the decision of Pakistan Cricket Board for putting Lahore City Cricket Association under interim arrangement. President LCCA, Khawaja Nadim Ahmed through his counsel Aftab Gul prayed that there is no provision for an interim committee in terms of the PCB constitution. He pointed out that the only interim arrangement is visualized in Article 41 of the constitution and such exercise can only be undertaken by the patron in specified circumstances. Justice Ijazul Ahsan after hearing the petition suspended the decision of the PC B taken on May 9 and fixed May 20 for the next hearing.

lCCA announces pre-scrutiny dates LAHoRe STAFF REPORT

kings xi go down with a bang

England wobble to give New Zealand advantage LoNDoN AGENCIES

DHARAMSALA: On the last day of Adam Gilchrist’s IPL career, another veteran, Azhar Mahmood, scored 80 off 44 balls to give Kings XI Punjab a consolation win over Mumbai Indians. Gilchrist, though, had the last word on the night. When Mumbai needed 51 off the last over, Gilchrist asked Praveen Kumar to keep wicket, and bowled offbreaks. Offbreak, to be more precise, because Harbhajan - the last man because Dhawal Kulkarni wasn’t batting - lofted the first ball he bowled to long-on. Cue laughter, celebration, joy, and from Gilchrist an improvised version of Harbhajan’s version of Gangnam-style The match held absolutely no bearing on the rest of the tournament. Mumbai had already qualified in the top two, and Kings XI had already been knocked out. Mumbai now go to Delhi to play Chennai Super Kings in the first qualifier, and even if they lose it they get another shot at making it to the final. Assisting the veteran Mahmood was the Kings XI Punjab veteran, Shaun Marsh, who scores a fifty every third IPL innings. Today’s 63 off 47 was his 17th in 49 efforts. Along with Mahmood he helped Kings XI recover from the early troube of 6 for 2 in the third over. Marsh took the early lead, hitting six fours in the Powerplay, reaching 28 off 20. He dominated the strike too: Mahmood was yet to get off the mark. When Mahmood did open up, he took on the best Mumbai bowler, Lasith Malinga. A top-edged pull for six was followed by three boundaries, a slice past point, a drive through cover, and a glance fine of fine leg. By now 6 for 2 had become 63 for 2 in eight overs. Mumbai weren’t helped by Dhawal Kulklarni’s walking off with a back trouble. They are already struggling with injury to Sachin Tendulkar. Even Dwayne Smith hasn’t played the last two games. The fifth bowler, a combine of Kulkarni, Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard and Glenn Maxwell, went for 53 runs. Maxwell paid the worst price, going for 18 in the 13th over with Mahmood hitting him for six, six and four in consecutive deliveries. AGENCIES

England reached 180-6 in their second innings at the close on the third day of the first test against New Zealand at Lord’s on Saturday. England was taken to the total by Root 71 and Trott 56. They made 232 earlier with Bairstow scoring 41, Root 40. Southee 4-58, Wagner 3-70. Late wobble of the England batting order gave New Zealand some respite. New Zealand had scored 207. Taylor 66 and Williamson 60 were the Kiwi scorers. Anderson 5-47 and Finn 4-63 made things difficult for New Zealand. Earlier, Jonathan Trott and Joe Root shared a patient unbroken third-wicket partnership of 55 to lift England

to 91 for two at tea on the third day of the first test against New Zealand at Lord’s on Saturday. The pair came together after openers Alastair Cook and Nick Compton both fell with the total on 36 and England’s first fifty partnership of the match left the hosts 116 runs ahead of New Zealand who were bowled out for 207 in their first innings. Cook and Compton looked untroubled during their opening partnership until Trent Boult dismissed Cook for 21. The lefthander was well caught by Dean Brownlie diving at third slip and Compton was comprehensively bowled for 15 by a fine delivery from leftarmer Neil Wagner. Trott and Root dug in, however, mixing watchful defence with determination to

SCOREBOARD ENGLAND 232 NEW ZEALAND 1st innings KS Williamson c †Prior b Anderson 60 2 BB McCullum* c †Prior b Broad 17 BJ Watling c †Prior b Finn 12 TG Southee c Root b Finn 0 BP Martin b Anderson 6 N Wagner not out 0 TA Boult c Anderson b Finn 15 EXTRAS (b 4, lb 8, nb 3) 207 TOTAL FALL OF WICKETS 1-5 (Rutherford, 0.6 ov), 27 (Fulton, 6.4 ov), 3-100 (Taylor, 31.2 ov), 4-147 (Brownlie, 44.6 ov), 5-155 (McCullum, 50.2 ov), 6-177 (Williamson, 59.5 ov), 7-194 (Southee, 62.6 ov), 8-195 (Martin, 63.4 ov), 9207 (Watling, 68.2 ov), 10-207 (Boult, 68.6 ov) BOWLING JM Anderson 24-11-47-5, SCJ Broad 21-4-641, ST Finn 15-3-63-4, GP Swann 8-0-19-0, IJL Trott 1-0-2-0 ENGLAND 2nd innings 21 AN Cook* c Brownlie b Boult 15 NRD Compton b Wagner

56 IJL Trott b Williamson 71 JE Root b Southee 5 JM Bairstow b Southee MJ Prior† c sub (MJ Guptill) b Southee 0 6 ST Finn not out 0 IR Bell not out 6 EXTRAS (b 3, w 1, nb 2) 180 TOTAL TO BAT SCJ Broad, GP Swann, JM Anderson FALL OF WICKETS 1-36 (Cook, 8.4 ov), 2-36 (Compton, 9.5 ov), 3-159 (Root, 49.6 ov), 4167 (Bairstow, 53.1 ov), 5-171 (Prior, 55.4 ov), 6-171 (Trott, 56.2 ov) BOWLING TA Boult 12-3-42-1, TG Southee 14-3-34-3, N Wagner 13-2-44-1, BP Martin 13-2-40-0, KS Williamson 7-1-17-1, Match details Toss England, who chose to bat Player of the match tba Umpires Aleem Dar and SJ Davis (Australia) Tv umpire M Erasmus (South Africa) Match referee DC Boon (Australia) Reserve umpire PJ Hartley

dispatch loose balls and the pair hit seven boundaries as the New Zealand bowlers failed to match the discipline they showed in the first innings. Trott was

unbeaten on 25 at the interval with Root on 28. England’s pace attack sliced through the New Zealand tail in the morning.

The LCCA has announced the prescrutiny briefing venue. The announcement came from LCCA President Kh Nadeem, who was restored to his position as president of the Lahore Region Cricket. The orders of Lahore Court allowed Kh Nadeem back in his saddle and he started his work in his office. He has announced the venue for pre scrutiny briefing to clubs office-bearers of East, North and West Zone Cricket Associations Lahore City by writing a letter to chairman Scrutiny Committee PCB Lahore. The program is as follows: East Zone Cricket Association Lahore City on 20th May 2013 at 3:00pm at LCCA Ground Lahore. North Zone Cricket Association Lahore City on 25th May 2013 at 3:00pm at LCCA Ground Lahore. West Zone Cricket Association Lahore City on 29th May 2013 at 3:00pm at LCCA Ground Lahore. All the office bearers of all affiliated (active/inactive) cricket clubs with East, North and West Zone Cricket Associations Lahore City have been asked to attend the pre scrutiny briefing at LCCA ground.

Pakistan want batsmen to support bowlers eDINBURGH AGENCIES

Pakistani batsmen are infamous for collapsing frequently but they cannot expect their bowlers to save the day. But against Scotland the story could be different with Pkaistan winning the opening match would be hunting for their second straight win to sweep the series here at the Grange Cricket Club, Raeburn Place, Edinburgh, Scotland. In their previous meetings, Pakistan has won three matches with Scotland having no win and Pakistan would be looking to maintain the feast. As of the conditions, it rained on Thursday and it poured on Saturday but cricket was scheduled for Friday and now on Sunday. Overcast conditions are in forecast but a full day of cricket is expected with a high of 16C. Winds have simmered down to a very mild 5 km/h. Founded in 1832, with a seating capacity of 5000, the Grange Cricket Club is one of Scotland’s leading cricket clubs. The picturesque ground is located in the Stockbridge area of central Edinburgh. Misbah became only the second captain

on this ground to win the toss and bat first; clearly Pakistan feels the need to give their batsmen more time out in the middle. Pakistan fielded their strongest team in their first game of a month-long tour in the United Kingdom. What appeared to be a comfortable win in the end was in fact a hard fought battle in the earlier half of the day. With Pakistan reeling at 115 -5, it was business as usual. Captain Misbah was the mainstay of the Pakistani batting line as he has so often been in the last couple of years. He rotated the strike with uncharacteristic ease, getting to his half century with just two boundaries while maintaining a strike rate of over 80 throughout his innings. It comes across as a definite change in mindset and a conscious effort to alter his strategy. Pakistan has a fragile batting order that is backed up by a potent bowling attack, yet, Shoaib Malik is the only reserve batsman they have on tour, while they have three extra bowlers in the squad. This gives them little room to play with their batting line. Umar Amin has been on the fringes of national selection since his accolades for the Under-19

team but he has not been able to show stomach for international cricket as yet. Mohammad Hafeez has always found it difficult to perform with the bat in alienating conditions but there has been resistance to drop him down the order. The constant shuffling of batting positions does not help the team’s cause but it needs to be further tweaked before the start of the Champions Trophy. With constant rain in Edinburgh, the outfield has considerably slowed down and hitting boundaries will be very difficult. However, the pitch looked good and Pakistan would feel they were at least 30 to 40 runs short of an acceptable first inning total. Scotland will take heart from the fight they showed in the first innings and will try to capitalize on it if they find themselves in a similar position of strength. Their inability to tackle the Pakistani spinners will remain a cause of concern while Kyle

Coetzer will look to lead his team from the front. Saeed Ajmal has needed to provide his services with the bat on numerous occasions for Pakistan and it seems their tail has to consistently perform for them to find respectability on the scoreboard. Pre-Game Talk: “If Ireland had restricted Pakistan to 231, they would have gone out there expecting to win.. we blew a golden chance.” Majid Haq ruing the missed opportunity. “The key will be to adjust to

the conditions. Pakistan can easily defend a score of over 240 against any opposition.” Wasim Bari backing the Pakistani bowlers. Last XI Fielded Scotland: Kyle Coetzer (capt), Richie Berrington, NM Carter, JH Davey, Moneeb Iqbal, MW Machan, D Murphy (wk), RM Haq, PL Mommsen, RML Taylor, I Wardlaw. Last XI Fielded Pakistanis: Imran Frahat, Mohammad Hafeez, Umar Amin, Misbah-ulHaq(capt), Asad Shafiq, Nasir Jamshed, Kamran Akmal (wk), Ehsan Adil, Junaid Khan, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Irfan. Possible Changes: Scotland: In a team that is going through a rebuilding phase, Scotland will search for consistency after a strong performance on Friday. Pakistan: The games versus Scotland and later against Ireland give Pakistan the perfect opportunity to test their bench strength and some experimentation is likely to happen. Final Words: Pakistani batsmen are infamous for collapsing frequently but they cannot expect their bowlers to save the day.

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”This is definitely one of the stops I wanted to come back to and I hope we can keep this event as long as possible out here because I really like it. I feel good.— Jessica Korda

17 S

sPoRTs sunday, 19 May, 2013

djokovic laments below-par display




OVAK Djokovic admitted he only had himself to blame after collapsing to Tomas Berdych with victory in sight to exit the Internazionali d’Italia. The Czech world number six rallied from 26 2-5 down to pull off a battling 2-6 7-5 6-4 win over the world number one and top seed in two hours and 22 minutes. It was Berdych’s first win over Djokovic since the 2010 Wimbledon semi-final, and only his second in 15 attempts. “I lost concentration and started to play more defensively,” the Serbian said on the ATP website. “(I played) a bad game at 5-3 and I made some unforced errors. At this level you have to take advantage of the opportunities and I lost this game by myself.” Things will not get any easier for Berdych, with Nadal, eyeing his third straight title after victories in Barcelona and Madrid, next up, the seven-time French Open champion seeing off fellow Spaniard David Ferrer 6-4 4-6 6-2 in their quarter-final. And Roger Federer also made it through to the last four after he beat Poland’s Jerzy Janowicz 6-4 7-6 (7/2), coming from a break down in the second set. But Berdych was just delighted to have broken his hoodoo against the world’s top player. “One day you have to break (the run) and I am happy that it was today,” he said. “It was a great game and I am happy. I was trying to stay positive from the beginning. He didn’t give me a single chance. “I was trying to stay there and there are matches when you don’t get a single chance, but then if you get one then you are ready. Then everything could turn the other way and this is what happened.” Nadal, who had to recover from a nightmare first set, losing it 6-1, to see off Latvian qualifier Ernests Gulbis last time out, was again taken the distance, getting another workout from a player he also beat in the last eight in Madrid. Ferrer, trying to stay ahead of Nadal at number four in the world rankings, was two points from victory at one point in the Spanish capital, and he again gave Nadal another scare

mssst services lauded PeSHAWAR STAFF REPORT

The Commissioner Peshawar Division Sahibzada Muhammad Anis during his visit to the Malik Saad Shaheed Sports Trust (MSSST) paid glowing tributes to the Officers and Jawans of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police for rending great sacrifices for the restoration of peace and termed guiding force for the coming generation. Speaking after a presentation made by Amjad Aziz Malik, Secretary MSSST during his visit to the MSSST Central Offices, he said that thousands of people lost their lives in the fight against terrorism but now we would have to remember their sacrifices. The Finance director, Syed Ali Nawaz Gilani, along with other Member MSSST Board of Trustees(BOT) Ziaul Haq Sarhadi, Mazharul Haq, Imtiaz Ali and Dr Zakir Shah were present. Sahibzada Anis recalled the sacrifices of assassinated Malik Muhammad Saad Shaheed and established an example while performing his duties. It, he said was the responsibility of the youth in police department to follow his golden principles. He also appreciated the role of the trust in promoting sports, education and health. He said the Trust had established 96 sports academies in 19 districts and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), where the youths would get training and facilities. He said after getting training in these centers, the youths would get opportunities to play in districts and Provincial level games. The commissioner extended cooperation to the trust. The director finance Syed Ali Nawaz Gilani presented souvenir to the commissioner and briefed the participants regarding the activists of the trust.

RADWANSKA OUT OF BRUSSELS TO AID FRENCH OPEN BID World No 4 Agnieszka Radwanska has pulled out of next week’s Brussels WTA tournament in a bid to protect her injured shoulder ahead of the French Open. The Polish star has been carrying the injury throughout the claycourt season where she lost in the second round in Madrid as well as Rome. “I have had some shoulder problems for a while & on clay it’s getting a bit worse,” Radwanska tweeted. “I’m afraid it might get even worse, with RG (Roland Garros) and grass coming up. So I felt I had to pull out. It’s upsetting, I wanted to defend my title.” The French Open gets underway in Paris on May 26. SPORTS DESK

here before the clay court master prevailed. “I played a great match against a difficult opponent,” Nadal said. “In the worst moment in the third set, I played my best tennis and I am happy. He is a fantastic player and a big example for the kids (on being) positive, fighting and correct on the court. This victory for me is very special.” Federer will play Frenchman Benoit Paire next after he wasted no time dispatching Spain’s Marcel Granollers 6-1 6-0. In the women’s draw Women’s world number one Serena Williams breezed into the last four in just 56 minutes with a 6-2 6-0 win over Carla Suarez Navarro of Spain. Next up for Williams will be Romanian qualifier Simona Halep, who continued her fine run with a gutsy 4-6 6-0 7-5 win over Serbia’s Jelena Jankovic. Maria Sharapova, though, has withdrawn from the Rome event due to illness, sparking fears over the defence of her French Open title.

MADRID: Serena Williams is one victory away from winning her fourth consecutive title this year with the French Open only one week away. The top-ranked American overcame an early break of her serve to ease past Romanian qualifier Simona Halep 6-3, 6-0 on Saturday and reach the Rome Masters final, extending her careerbest winning run to 23 matches. Williams is coming off consecutive titles in Miami; Charleston, South Carolina; and Madrid last week. AZARENKA BEATS ERRANI

Victoria Azarenka set up a final with world No 1 Serena Williams after ending local hopes of a dream final with a 6-0, 7-5 win over Sara Errani. Azarenka’s all-round more powerful and varied game carried her through a first set that was interrupted three times - twice by rain and once by Errani calling for her coach after dropping the first three games. Errani, who had beaten the Belarusian only once in their six previous encounters, emerged with bigger ambitions in the second set. AGENCIES

This is my worst season ever: Mourinho


OSE Mourinho remained mum about his future after Real Madrid lost 2-1 in the Copa del Rey final to Atletico Madrid to round off the “worst season” of his life. Diego Costa’s first-half equaliser cancelled out Cristiano Ronaldo’s early header at the Bernabeu, before Miranda’s extra-time goal delivered Atletico’s first victory over Real for 14 years. Madrid’s frustration told and, with Mourinho having been sent from the technical area during normal time, Ronaldo saw red in the 114th minute for kicking out at Atletico captain Gabi - who was himself dismissed in the frantic final minutes for a second bookable offence. The defeat rounded off a trophyless campaign for Real and Mourinho, disregarding the Spanish Supercopa, prompting the Portuguese to declare: “This is the worst season of my life.” Mourinho has been widely tipped to return to Chelsea but reiterated that he would not make any announcement about his future until he has a meeting with the club president Florentino Perez at the end of the season. He said: “I have a contract here for three more years. I still haven’t sat down with the president to talk about the future.”

On rumours touting Paris St Germain coach Carlo Ancelotti as his potential replacement, he continued: “I think it’s normal that they talk about Ancelotti. That’s normal, if I go to Chelsea, or here or there... that’s normal for people to talk abut that. We will make it official when me and the president sit down and decide what to do. “That’s the way it should be. There are still two games in the league to play. We have to play the league and respect the other teams we are playing - Real Sociedad and Osasuna - who still have objectives, like qualifying for the Champions League and avoiding relegation.” If Mourinho does leave the Spanish capital this summer, he will have won just three trophies in his three-year tenure at the club: the 2011 Copa del Rey, the 2011/12 La Liga title and the Spanish Supercopa traditional season curtain raiser - this term.

He defended his record in his first two years in charge of Los Blancos, but admitted he had “failed” this year. “I failed this season,” he said. “I think it’s normal in my first season that we won the cup - a cup the club had not won in 20 years - reached the semi-final of the Champions League, fought virtually to the end for a league that they (Barcelona) won year after year... the team everyone said was the best in the world. “My second season was not a failure because we won the league against the best team in the world and got to the Champions League semi-final and lost on penalties, and I’m sorry, because I can’t take penalties. “The third season is a failure. This is the worst season of my life. For many coaches it would be good, but for me it’s terrible. I had never finished a season without one of the important trophies. The Supercopa does

not satisfy me.” Mourinho also praised goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois - on loan at Atletico from Chelsea - who made two outstanding saves in extra time to deny Gonzalo Higuain and Mesut Ozil, but also cursed his team’s luck, as Ronaldo, Ozil and Karim Benzema all hit the woodwork, while Ozil had a shot blocked on the line by Atletico defender Juanfran. “He is a fantastic young goalkeeper with great potential and I think his club has to decide his future and that club is Chelsea,” he said. “He made fantastic saves but they were not just fantastic saves - Saint Mary must have been behind the goal. Three shots off the post is too much.” Mourinho refusd to comment on the second-half incident which saw him sent to the stands. Atletico coach Diego Simeone declared that his team should be an inspiration to less fortunate people around the world after their triumph. He said: “We are the hope for society, a reference for people suffering, who are not enjoying the best of times. If you work hard, your moment will come.” Despite having had to rely on the outstanding Courtois and the woodwork for the victory, the Argentinian insisted his team were worthy winners.

Army win national women Cycling crown LAHoRe STAFF REPORT

Army won the title of the 10th national women cycling championship here on Saturday at the cycling velodrome. Army’s riders added another gold to their previous four to emerge the winners of the three-day premier event held under the supervision of Pakistan Cycling Federation, Munawar Baseer Group. Army won the elimination race final as a total four finals were contested and Wapda, Punjab and SSGC won apiece. Sabia Zahid of Army was declared the fastest and best rider of the year while Anam Mehmood of SSGC got the honour of best cyclists in the junior category. Maj.Gen.(retd) Akram Sahi, President Pakistan Athletic Federation was the chief guest at the closing ceremony and witnessed the finals with keen interest and also distributed the prizes among the winners. Munawar Baseer Ahmad, President Pakistan Cycling Federation thanked the Army Sports Directorate for hosting the event in a befitting manner. On the last day of the championship the following events were held: One kilometre sprint (departmental) Anam Mehmood of SSGC got the first position followed by Fiza Riaz and Bakhtawar of WAPDA and Army respectively. One kilometre sprint (junior), Ishrat Fatima of Punjab got the first position in this event. Haleema and Fiza of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh respectively got the 2nd and 3rd positions. Team Sprint, WAPDA got 1stposition, Army, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh & FATA got 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th positions respectively.

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I’m almost more proud of this round than yesterday because I didn’t feel comfortable all day — Keegan Bradley



mcdowell points to poor form for mcilroy move g SPoRtS DeSK

Ferguson to leave Rooney issue with Moyes SPoRtS DeSK Sir Alex Ferguson is content to leave the problem of what to do about Wayne Rooney to new manager David Moyes. Rooney has asked to leave Manchester United this summer even though he still has two years on his contract remaining. Ferguson revealed last week the request had been turned down, and, along with Gary Neville, advised the England forward to get away during the summer, get his head sorted out and return refreshed. The matter is not quite so simple, as United will not want to

allow the 27-year-old to drift beyond the summer without some kind of clear vision of his future. However, as Ferguson acknowledged, it is not his problem any more. “I’m no longer interested in that,” said the Scot. “Quite rightly, David is going to deal with it. I am happy with that.” United look set, however, to confirm the future of defender Rio Ferdinand early next week. It is understood negotiations over a new deal are at an advanced stage and provided there are no unforeseen hitches, an official announcement will be made. Before then United travel to West Brom for Ferguson’s 1500th and final game in charge of United, bringing an end to a quite amazing career in which he has won a staggering 13 Premier League titles. Now it falls to Moyes to carry on that winning tradition,

with Ferguson certain the club’s expanding commercial operation will not get in the way. “The priority is the football team,” he said. “Without the football team they wouldn’t have all the sponsorships. “Everyone knows that here.” Ferguson will act as Moyes’ guide in that regard and there are plenty of others at the club with vast experience who can help smooth the new man’s transition. Some aspects of life in the mighty Old Trafford machine Moyes can only experience for himself. Touring the Far East this summer will be an interesting experience for a start. “David will soon realise the enormity of this club,” said Ferguson. “Although I think he does already, he has to fit into the global brand and number of sponsors we’ve got. “I don’t think that is an issue. He’s got a good squad of players and he’ll want to add to that himself. “I’ve spoken to David a few times. He will have his own ideas and I would imagine he will want to come in quite soon and speak to staff.”

Arsenal are over RVP loss: Wenger


RSENE Wenger feels that Arsenal have finally emerged from the shadow of Robin van Persie as they look to secure a Champions League spot with a win at Newcastle. The Gunners have endured more than their fair share of critics over the course of the campaign, which at one stage saw them drop as low as 10th place and then seemingly pushed out of top-four contention when losing at Tottenham on March 3. However, a superb run of form since, kickstarted by beating Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena, has hauled Wenger’s side back above Spurs and Arsenal could yet even snatch third place from Chelsea should

other results go their way. Wenger feels it is testament to the strength of character of a squad which was rebuilt around Lukas Podolski, Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud following the acrimonious departure of captain Van Persie to Manchester United for £24million. “This team suffered for a very long time from a lack of confidence because you take the talisman away - Robin van Persie - and get the new players in, then you lose the first big games and suddenly we are faced with skepticism around the team. You could see that,” the Arsenal manager said. “That was the problem and balancing the team took a while, to find a formula

RAEME McDowell believes Rory McIlroy’s poor form this season is behind his decision to leave Horizon Sports Management to create his own management group. McIlroy denied speculation at the Players Championship last week that he would create his own team with his father, close friends and associates, but McDowell confirmed the two-time major winner had decided on his second management change since October 2011. The 24-year-old left International Sports Management just four months after winning his first major by eight shots in the US Open at Congressional, joining his good friend McDowell at Horizon. “Management is a funny thing and when things are maybe not going 100 per cent on the golf course it is natural to question everything you are doing, from relationships, business and just everything you do,” McDowell said after reaching the last 16 of the Volvo World Match Play Championship. “Rory has made a decision about his management structure for whatever reason. I don’t know the reasons because I haven’t seen much of him the last few months as our schedules have been different. “But it’s just one of those things and you only have to look at the last

18 months and the job Horizon have done for Rory. He’s had a phenomenal 18 months, signing the biggest deal in golf (with Nike) at the end of last year. “Business-wise Rory’s in the best shape he’s ever been in his life and while he has struggled with his golf the early part of this season for whatever reason, I am sure the management company weren’t giving him golf lessons or caddying for him. That’s kind of his own deal. “But when we are not on our game we have a tendency to, and I am not going to say make wrong decisions, but we do question everything in our lives, what we are doing and sometimes we have to make changes.

Cavendish surprised by Giro stage win CHeRASCo AGENCIES

A series of small but challenging climbs late on Friday’s stage of the 2012 Giro d’Italia could not stop Britain’s Mark Cavendish taking his fourth stage win and second in two days. Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali remained overall leader but it was sprinter Cavendish who stole the show again after compatriot and pre-race favourite Bradley Wiggins failed to start the 254 kilometre stage, the longest in this year’s Giro. In a bunch sprint finish Cavendish outgunned Italy’s Giacomo Nizzolo and Slovenia’s Luka Mezgec. After clinching his 40th Grand Tour stage win and 101st of his career, Cavendish told reporters he had not expected to take the victory on a course with such a difficult finale.

to have a good balance in the team. Since this has been back, we have been very efficient. “The Bayern Munich away game was very important, you could feel after that we could do it, that helped. “I never felt this team lacked focus or desire to do well, but we lacked confidence for a while.” Wenger added: “The resources are there mentally and physically. “We have played for a long time under pressure now, so let’s just finish the job.” That Arsenal are now in the driving seat to secure at least fourth spot is more remarkable from the scenario facing them after the 2-0 loss at White Hart Lane, which Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas believed would push the Gunners into a “negative spiral”.


sunday, 19 May, 2013

“Its a bit of a bonus, an extra trophy, I don’t know how I’m going to recover before the mountains,” a visibly exhausted Cavendish, leaning against wire fencing for support, told reporters afterwards. Cavendish felt his 14th Giro stage victory belied what he said was a common misconception that sprinters are lazy. “...the amount of suffering I’ve had to go through in the last days, what it takes out of you on stages as hard as these, I’m on my knees,” he said. “But with 300 metres to go (to the finish) I had to go (accelerate) because of what the guys (team mates) did working for me today during the stage. “I had to go and not look back.” The Omega Pharma-Quick Step sprinter said that mid-way through the six-hour grind across the plains and hills of northern Italy he had not wanted to contest a sprint.

wAtCh It LIve ESPN Barclays League: West Bromwich Albion vs. Manchester United

8:25 PM

STAR CRICKET 1st Test, Day 4: England vs. New Zealand

3:00 PM

STARR SPORTS Barclays League: Newcastle United vs. Arsenal

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punjab team named for national Athletics LAHORE: The managing committee of the Punjab Athletics Association held trials on May 16 to select the athletics contingent to participate in the 45th National Athletics Championships scheduled to be held from May 24 to 26 at Islamabad. The Selection Committee selected the following male and female athletes to participate in the subject Championships:- Men athletes: Shabbir Hussain, Sakhawat, Muhammad Sajid, Asad ur Rehman, Muhammad Shafiq, Ansar Hayat, Waqar Younus, Imran Ali, Jaan Ali Jaffery, Akhtar Abbas, Nouhan Saqib, Adnan, Adeel Badar, Muhammad Ali, Ajmal Abbas, Zafar Iqbal, Allah Buksh, Sabir Hussain. Women athletes: Sahb-e-Asra, Amna, Javaria, Abaseta Ajmal, Zahida Parveen, Anila, Abida Sadique, Humaira, Rabia, Shama Naz, Saira. STAFF REPORT

Regional veterans final today LAHORE: The North Zone Regional Final of the Veterans 15th Senior National Cup Championship is being played between Amar Cables, Lahore and Askari Greens, Rawalpindi on Sunday at the LCCA ground. The crucial tie of this important national veterans cricket is between two important teams, Amar Cables, who are the last years champions and Askari Greens a rising team of Rawalpindi. All arrangements have been finalized under the supervision of PVCA, Chief Executive Nawab Ashiq Hussain Qureshi. Farooq Hameed, a former Test player and arguably a fearsome fast bowler of his era and a well known athlete, now settled in UAE, will be the Chief Guest, at the match, to be attended by a galaxy of former distinguished cricketers, organizers and well known sporting figures. The match will start at 11:00 A.M. and the prize distribution will take place at 5:15 P.M. STAFF REPORT

Appollo sports beat pindi gym LAHORE: Appollo Sports beat Pindi Gymkhana by 6 Wickets in the 2nd Nazir Senior Memorial Cricket Tournament here at Railway Allama Iqbal Institute Ground. Pindi Gymkhana batting first 161 all out. Tariq Nawaz 40, Nadeem 30 and Tariq Muhammad 25 runs. Muhammad Arif 3/20, Muneeb Ijaz 3/33, Raza Khan 2/18 and Sabir Shah 1/27 wickets. In replay Appollo Sports 162/4 after 35.2 overs. Rashid Butt 60, Salman Ali 28 and Muhammad Hussain 26 runs. Nadeem 2/31, Afsar 2/41 and Sajjad 1/25 wickets. Rab Nawaz, Tariq Hussain Raju Umpire and Anas Khan was the scorer. STAFF REPORT

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sunday, 19 May, 2013

Sherry urges end to drone strikes, more US-Pak trade WASHINGtoN APP

KARACHI: Army soldiers stand alert in the city’s NA-250 constituency on Saturday where re-polling will be held at 43 polling stations today (Sunday). INP

Chinese man held in AJk for ‘desecrating holy quran’ MUZAFFARABAD STAFF REPORT


Chinese man in Azad Jammu and Kashmir has been taken into protective custody after he was accused of desecrating the Quran, officials say. The man, named only as Mr Lee, works for a Chinese consortium that is building a dam in Kashmir. A police official said that Lee was held to prevent him from being lynched by an angry mob. Allegations of blasphemy are taken very seriously in Pakistan with a number of controversial recent prosecutions. The AJK police chief has assembled a committee of officials, politicians, local clerics and journalists to investigate the

matter. The police have not yet registered a case, saying they will wait for the committee’s report. This is the first time a foreigner has been accused of desecrating holy scriptures under Pakistani law. MOB OF ‘HUNDREDS’: An official in Muzaffarabad, close to where the alleged incident took place, said that the accusation was linked to a dispute which had taken place between Lee and a local doctor hired by the consortium. Last week Lee told the doctor, named as Dr Sajid, to relocate from one room to another in the workers’ quarters of the compound, according to Muzaffarabad administration chief Ansar Yaqoob. When Dr Sajid refused, Lee got some local people to take Sajjad’s luggage out

when he was not in the room, according to Yaqoob. Dr Sajid then told other employees that a copy of the Quran and some other religious books in his luggage were “thrown out” of his room. Neither Lee nor Dr Sajid could be reached for a comment. Police said the local employees became angry, and were later joined by “hundreds” of residents of nearby villages. An eyewitness said they stoned the compound, damaging some parts of the building and several vehicles. Allegations of blasphemy and desecration of holy texts have frequently led to alleged offenders being killed by lynch mobs in Pakistan. In 2011, two prominent politicians who spoke out against the blasphemy laws were assassinated in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s outgoing ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman has said that Pakistan and the United States have improved their ties considerably from a low-point in 2011 but asked Washington to end drone strikes in the tribal areas in order to help put the relationship on sustained upward trajectory. In a farewell speech to a gathering of senior American officials and PakistaniAmericans, Ms. Rehman who after May 11 election, also called for using trade as the engine for enhanced bilateral partnership. The ambassador said during her assignment she was guided by the belief that Pakistan and the US should have sustained relations on the basis of mutual respect. Commenting on the contentious issue of drone strikes the US carries out in pursuit of militant targets on the Pakistani soil, she noted that this kind of footprint roils antiAmerican discontent and fuels the “cognitive disconnect” between the two nations. “This is one thing that has to change if we are ever to be sanguine that we are on the path to an upward bilateral trajectory,” she added. She said terrorism is very much Pakistan’s problem too and the people of her

country have been bravely fighting it as proved by the May 11 election. The farewell reception was attended by top US officials including White house advisor Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, USAID Administrator Rajev Shah and former US ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter, American think tank experts and journalists. Speaking on the occasion, Deputy US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan David Pearce appreciated Ambassador Rehman’s diplomatic efforts towards improvement in bilateral relations, saying she has “played a key role in helping us rebuild the relationship between the two countries following a very difficult period in 2011-12.” “Thanks in no small part to your dedication and efforts that the two countries are in a much better place than they were 18 months ago,” he noted.

France’s Hollande signs gay marriage law PARIS AGENCIES

French President Francois Hollande has signed into law a bill allowing same-sex marriage, making France the 14th country to legalize gay weddings. France’s official journal announced on Saturday the bill had become law after the Constitutional Council gave it the go-ahead on Friday. The bill, a campaign pledge by the Socialist president, has been for months hotly contested by many conservatives in France, where allowing gay marriage is one of the biggest social reforms since abolition of the death penalty in 1981. Opponents have staged huge and often violent demonstrations against the bill and have called yet another protest on

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

May 26. The leader of opposition to gay marriage, a political activist and humorist who goes under the name of Frigide Barjot, has said the protest would draw millions into the streets. Montpellier mayor Helene Mandroux, who is due to celebrate France’s first gay marriage in the southern city on May 29, said the law marked a major social advance. “Love has won out over hate,” she said, while voicing concerns the first gay wedding could attract violent protests. France, a predominantly Catholic country, follows 13 others including Canada, Denmark, Sweden and most recently Uruguay and New Zealand in allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed. In the United States, Washington D.C. and 12 states have legalized same-sex marriage.

e-paper pakistantoday 19th May, 2013  
e-paper pakistantoday 19th May, 2013  

e-paper pakistantoday 19th May, 2013