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Saturday, 16 March, 2013 Jamadi ul Awwal 3, 1434

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Justice (r) tariq appointed Kp interim CM

sC determined to give expats right to vote: CJ

Former Peshawar High Court chief justice (r) Tariq Pervez Khan has been appointed the caretaker chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Amir Haider Hoti and Opposition Leader Akram Khan Durrani made the announcement in a joint press conference on Friday. page 03

The Supreme Court (SC) once again directed the attorney general (AG) and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to evolve a procedure by March 18 to facilitate overseas Pakistanis to exercise their right to vote. A three-member bench of the SC presided by Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took up on Friday the case on the right of overseas Pakistanis to vote. page 04

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People of Pakistan are best judge in upcoming elections. — Nayyar Bokhari



Caretaker PM’s race cut to five contestants ISLAMABAD TAyyAb HuSSAIN


saturday, 16 March, 2013

Dr AsiM HussAin APPointeD ZArDAri’s PHysiCiAn ISLAMABAD: Minister for Petroleum Dr Asim Hussain has been appointed President Asif Ali Zardari’s physician. According to media reports, the Cabinet Division has issued a notification to this regard. The minister for petroleum will retain public offices even after the dissolution of the cabinet and he will enjoy prerogatives of a minister. ONLINE


ITH the National Assembly completing its stipulated term of five years today (Friday), the dialogue between the government and opposition parties has gained momentum. Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Nisar Ali Khan has contacted Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and informed him that his party had rejected all three nominations made by the government, and had also withdrawn the nomination of Justice (r) Shakirullah Jan. No immediate justification was provided to the media by the PML-N for withdrawing Justice (r) Jan’s name, and the race for the caretaker premier has now narrowed down to five nominees – three forwarded by the government and two by the opposition. The opposition’s decision of removing the name of Justice (r) Shakirullah Jan’s name from the interim PMs’ list of nominees came as a surprise for many and has left the government and political analysts with fingers crossed. The PML-N was a staunch supporter of Justice (r) Jan and his name was even proposed by the party for the post of chief elec-

tion commissioner. Meanwhile, government sources said the name of Nasir Aslam Zahid was unacceptable to the ruling PPP as it believed the retired judge was partial. They said two major coalition partners of the PPP – the PML-Q and ANP – had given a nod to the name of Dr Ishrat Hussain – making him a favourite for the slot. However, a PPP leader said since the party had not made a formal announcement of its nominees, a dark horse may emerge if consensus was not evolved by March 22. A source in the PML-N said the opposition took the decision due to rising apprehension that the government might give a final nod to Justice (r) Jan’s name for the slot. “The stand-off between the government and the opposition continues and the chances of developing a consensus over the issue seem meagre, especially after the opposition’s surprising move of withdrawing the retired judge’s name,” he added. The PML-N source said the step had been taken after some reports of covert contacts made between the retired judge and the government through a real estate tycoon. “The prime minister has been informed that the name of Justice (r) Shakirulllah Jan has been withdrawn by the leader of the opposition. The prime minister continues to make efforts to reach an agreement on the

name of a caretaker prime minister. In case an agreement is not possible, the government shall forward the names of two persons to the parliamentary committee as stipulated in the constitution,” the source said. Meanwhile, a source in the ruling PPP said the party wanted to take the appointment of the caretaker prime minister to the parliamentary committee or the Election Commission to get its nominees elected. “We have a plan to work on. We will win majority in the parliamentary committee,” the source said, adding that when the time arrived, the PPP would show its cards. Another source said the PPP was in a position to lure in support from the MQM which was now an opposition party and its nominee might support the PPP’s nominee when the time called. “The MQM is now in the opposition and its nominee will be a part of the parliamentary committee to be formed by the National Assembly speaker under the law. When the time comes, the MQM and JUI-F members may opt to vote for PPP’s nominee,” the source added. He added that even if this plan failed to deliver, the PPP had a plan-B, as the matter would be forwarded to the election commission for nomination of the caretaker PM. “The PPP may win a majority in the ECP as three of the five members of the ECP – in Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber-

Pakhtunkhwa – have been appointed by the PPP and its allied parties and they will vote for a nominee made by the PPP and its allied parties by three votes against two. However, what happens on D-Day is anybody’s guess. Let’s see if the plan is successful,” the source added. A PML-N leader, when contacted, said Nisar was not willing to nominate any member of the MQM as member of the parliamentary committee, as the sole power for nominating opposition’s members lay with the leader of the opposition. “We have not accepted the MQM members as opposition members. So no MQM member would be a part of the parliamentary committee,” the PML-N said. In a letter written to the opposition leader on Thursday, the prime minister had proposed the names of former finance minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, former State Bank director Dr Ishrat Hussain, and former chief justice of the Balochistan High Court Mir Hazar Khan Khoso for caretaker PM. The two nominees proposed by the opposition leader are Justice (r) Nasir Aslam Zahid and Sindhi politician Rasul Bakhsh Palejo. TV REPORTS ADD: According to a private TV channel, the PPP is likely to withdraw the name of Hafeez Shaikh from its list of three nominees following criticism on his performance as finance minister.

Zardari soothes disgruntled Raisani ISLAMABAD

file photo


After a meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani will return to Quetta for the last provincial cabinet meeting, scheduled for March 17. Governor’s Rule had been imposed in Balochistan after the twin Quetta blasts in January, the constitutional term for which ended on March 14. However, Raisani, who had reportedly tendered his resignation in wake of the Governor’s Rule being imposed, met President Zardari to resolve various issues which included political tensions and other issues in Balochistan. Zardari managed to convince the disgruntled chief minister to return and see out the last couple of days of the

government. Raisani later told media that his reservations had been addressed and that he would be re-joining the provincial government. It is expected that Raisani will return to Quetta late on Friday or early morning on Saturday

Dasti quits PPP to face Khar in polls

MUZAFFARGARH: Pakistan People’s Party MNA from Muzaffargarh Jamshed Dasti on Friday announced his decision to resign from the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to contest elections against Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar. Talking to reporters, he said he would take part in the next general election as an independent candidate. “I have decided to resign from the PPP. I have not applied for the party ticket,” he said. Dasti said only 1,200 people turned up at a public meeting held by Yousaf Raza Gilani and Hina Rabbani Khar here on Friday. NNI

(today). Earlier in the week, federal minister Khursheed Shah and his contingent had also held a meeting with Raisani to persuade him that dissolution of Balochistan Assembly should take place with other provinces.

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The PPP government would not have been able to complete even four months if the MQM had not extended unshakeable support to it. — Altaf Hussain



it’s time to end robot war in Pakistan: un rapporteur ISLAMABAD



FTER days of meeting with Pakistani officials, the United Nations official investigating Washington’s global campaign of drone strikes attacked the legal and strategic basis for the robotic war in its biggest battlefield. And he raised doubts over whether Americans operating the drones can actually distinguish terrorists from average Pakistanis. Ben Emmerson spent much of the week in Pakistan soliciting the views of senior government and elected officials about the drone strikes, part of his ongoing effort to investigate the relatively new method of targeted killing. He said in a statement on Friday that he also met with representatives of the tribal areas that have borne the overwhelming brunt of the drone campaign. The officials underscored to Emmerson that Pakistan doesn’t consent to the US drone effort, and denied extending the tacit consent that its military — with whom Emmerson did not consult — has

eMMerson says us Drone CaMpaIgn In paKIstan Is beIng ConDuCteD wIthout the Consent of the eleCteD representatIves of the people previously provided. “As a matter of international law the US drone campaign in Pakistan is therefore being conducted without the consent of the elected representatives of the people, or the legitimate Government of the State,” Emmerson, the UN special rapporteur on human rights and counterterrorism, said in the statement. “It involves the use of force on the territory of another State without its consent and is therefore a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty.”

“The Pashtun tribes of the FATA area have suffered enormously under the drone campaign,” Emmerson’s statement continues, referring to the tribal areas. “It is time for the international community to heed the concerns of Pakistan, and give the next democratically elected government of Pakistan the space, support and assistance it needs to deliver a lasting peace on its own territory without forcible military interference by other States.” If the drone strikes continue into the next Pakistani government, Emmerson warned, the US drone effort could further destabilise the nuclear power, undermining a key US strategic goal at the heart of the drone strikes. He urged patience with a Pakistani military effort to eradicate al Qaeda’s allies in the tribal areas — one that official Washington has long since written off as unseri-

ous. Significantly and subtly, Emmerson raised doubts over repeated US claims that the targeting efforts behind the drones kill terrorists and spare civilians. “In discussions with the delegation of tribal Maliks from North Waziristan the Special Rapporteur was informed that drone strikes routinely inflicted civilian casualties, and that groups of adult males carrying out ordinary daily tasks were frequently the victims of such strikes,” Emmerson continued. As much as Emmerson will rely on the Obama administration for access concerning the drones during his enquiry, he’s given a major international platform to the victims and the critics of its robotic campaign. FOREIGN OFFICE ADDS: A Pakistani diplomat told Pakistan Today on the condition of anonymity that Islamabad had informed the UN official that drone strikes were causing anti-Americanism among the people. “The UN special rapporteur was told that besides being counterproductive, the drone strikes also violated Pakistan’s sovereignty. Ben agreed with the stance of Islamabad,” the diplomat said.

Justice (r) Tariq appointed KP interim CM ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Former Peshawar High Court chief justice (r) Tariq Pervez Khan has been appointed the caretaker chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Amir Haider Hoti and Opposition Leader Akram Khan Durrani made the announcement in a joint press conference on Friday. Hoti said he would advise the governor to dissolve the provincial assembly at the time of dissolution of the National Assembly. He further added that Justice (r) Tariq Pervez was an impartial and honest man.

Hoti said the announcement regarding the appointment had been made in the federal capital to give the federation and the provinces the message that caretaker governments should be set up by rising above political benefits. To a question, he said deferment of the general elections would be fatal for country. To another questions on terrorism, Opposition Leader in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Akram Durrani said the ANP and JUI-F had proposed in the declaration of All-Parties Conference that the issue of terrorism must be resolved through talks. He said President Asif Ali Zardari should prepare a roadmap for talks

with the Taliban in collaboration with the caretaker government. “This is the only way in which peaceful general elections can be held,” he claimed. Justice (r) Tariq Pervez was born in Peshawar on February 15, 1948. He has been associated with the legal profession for over 40 years. He worked as a lawyer in the district and high court from 1972-1997. In 1997 he was appointed a judge of the Peshawar High Court and was elevated to Chief Justice in 2005. He was among those judges who did not take oath under the PCO after emergency was imposed by former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf on November 3, 2007.


saturday, 16 March, 2013

‘our turn isn’t over yet; we joined in late’ LAHORE umAIR AzIz

No interim government setup is in sight in Punjab where the government has decided not to dissolve the Punjab Assembly on lines with the national assembly, Pakistan Today has learnt. The federal government expedited the process of nominating the names of caretaker prime ministers while the Punjab government still lags behind in coming up with a consensus on the caretaker chief minister for the country’s largest province. The PML-N has however nominated two names for the caretaker setup while it has received no reply from the PPP. Moreover, the Punjab government has further decided not to dissolve the Punjab Assembly because the chief minister assumed charge later than other assemblies. Many stakeholders have criticised the Punjab government for this move which they termed a ‘setback’ to democracy. They also maintained that it was a clear flouting of the ECP regulations which ensured level-playing field for all political forces. PTI Information Secretary Shafqat Mehmood said, “This is shameless and shows the rulers’ desire for hanging on to power. It raises serious questions on the free and fair elections if they continue with the same regime.” To a question, he said it is still premature and the PTI will come up with a practical response after Saturday (today) and the assembly is still not dissolved. PML-N Spokesperson Pervaiz Rasheed told Pakistan Today that it was the view of the Punjab regime that since the CM Shahbaz Sharif assumed power later than other assemblies, so legally the government has to complete its tenure. “By that standard the government’s tenure ends at April 18,” he added. To a question on the interim setup he said the PML-N has already proposed two names but they have received no reply from the PPP on the caretaker CM.

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04 N

Pakistan has rendered too many sacrifices for international peace. — Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira

news saturday, 16 March, 2013

Un chief says use of drones is subject to international law UNITED NATIONS APP

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Thursday voiced concern over the use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for targeted attacks that have resulted in heavy civilian casualties, saying it was bound by international law, according to his spokesman. Deputy Spokesman Eduardo del

Buey was responding to a statement made by a UN expert investigating casualties from the US drone strikes in Pakistan declared that the attacks violate the country’s sovereignty. “The Secretary-General remains concerned by the use of UAVs for targeted attacks,” Spokesman del Buey said when asked for comments on the comments by Ben Emmerson, the UN special rapporteur on human rights and

counter-terrorism, that the Pakistani government made clear to him that it does not consent to the strikes. “The position of the government of Pakistan is quite clear,” said Emmerson after a recent trip to Pakistan. “It does not consent to the use of drones by the United States on its territory and it considers this to be a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

sC determined to give expats right to vote: CJ ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT


HE Supreme Court (SC) once again directed the attorney general (AG) and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to evolve a procedure by March 18 to facilitate overseas Pakistanis to exercise their right to vote. A three-member bench of the SC presided by Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took up on Friday the case on the right of overseas Pakistanis to vote. During the course of hearing, the court said no overseas Pakistani be kept deprived of his right to vote and hoped that the ECP would complete its registration of overseas voters. Earlier, the CJ said, “At least the votes of overseas Pakistanis should be registered”. To this, counsel for ECP, Munir Paracha said registration of as many as 4.4 million eligible

Kharral disqualified for holding dual nationality ISLAMABAD APP

The Supreme Court on Friday disqualified Rai Ghulam Mujtaba Kharral, a PPP MNA from NA 143 Okara, for holding dual nationality. The court also ordered the recovery of all monetary benefits drawn by Kharral during the period of his membership of the National Assembly. The three-member SC bench – comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Azmat Saeed – issued the directive after conducting proceedings on the issue over which the court had already given its verdict declaring such members disqualified. In its order, the bench said despite its repeated directions a certificate for renunciation of the Canadian citizenship under the Canadian Citizenship Act 1952 was not submitted by the respondent. It said under the circumstances, it was held that due to not producing the certificate at the time of filing of nomination papers during 2007-08 elections, Kharal stood disqualified.

SWAt: Students arrive for Malam Jabba Ski and Smile Festival during snowfall on Friday. ONLINE

veteran photojournalist MQM names Dr Ishrat, fe Chaudhry passes away Justice (r) nasir for caretaker pM KARACHI ONLINE

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) recommended names of Justice (r) Nasir Aslam Zahid and former State Bank of Pakistan governor Dr Ishrat Hussain for caretaker premier. MQM Parliamentary leader in the National Assembly Dr Farooq Sattar sent a letter to Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and recommended both names.


Affectionately known as Chacha in the journalist community, veteran photojournalist FE Chaudhry breathed his last on Friday. He was 104 years old. Chaudhry is credited to have introduced innovative features to photojournalism, such as cricket action photography, pictorial and artistic studies of birds and animals, photographs of natural and cultural scenes, along with a host of others which have become standard items of photo-

sindh assembly approves salary rise, lifetime perks for members KARACHI STAFF REPORT

Just hours before completion of their constitutional tenure, Sindh lawmakers on Friday approved several bills, increasing their salaries and perks by 60 percent and entitling themselves to lifetime privileges. However, Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PMLF) staged a walkout from the session against the approval while the Muttahida Qaumi

Movement (MQM) also opposed the bills. Though MQM’s Khawaja Izharul Hassan opposed the bill during the session, PPP’s Syed Bachal Shah accused MQM of adopting a dual policy, saying they had approved the increase in salaries and privileges during meetings of standing committees. The 40 to 60 percent increase in privileges, salaries and perks will be effective from July 1, 2011.

journalism today. He was Pakistan’s first serious, full-time press photographer who worked freelance until he was snapped up by

Mian Iftikharuddin soon after The Pakistan Times began publishing in 1947. Chacha, proud father of the 1965 war hero Cecil Choudhry, stayed with the newspaper almost until its closure, through good times and bad, working in his own inimitable style and taking pictures, many of which have come to form the pictorial history of Pakistan. For his long standing services, F. E. Choudhry was awarded Tamgh-i-Khidmat in 1970, Pride of Performance in 1987 and Tehreek-i-Pakistan Gold Medal in 1992.

no fuel funds suspend rescue 1122 services LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Rescue 1122 services across Punjab were suspended on Friday due to shortage of funds and lack of fuel supply. According to details, oil companies halted supply fuel to Rescue 1122 vehicles for nonpayment of dues, disrupting rescue services across the province. The oil companies announced to keep the supply suspended till all the arrears were cleared. Rescue 1122 has no stock of fuel and it is feared that rescue service across Punjab would remain suspended for a few days. Masses expressed concerns over the emerging situation and pleaded the government to resolve the issue. They said that in case of any mishap during this time, loss of many lives was feared due to unavailability of rescue teams.

voters had been carried out. Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed said, “They have not included a single person in the overseas list after July, 2012. They have filed a wrong statement. What they say verbally is different from what they say in writing”. The CJ further said, “We have been asking for implementation of orders since several days. Now the time left is too short”. Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, taunting Paracha, asked if the court’s orders will be followed fol-

lowing holding of elections. The AG said no one stands deprived of the right to vote and he can go to his constituency and cast his vote. Paracha argued no one had any objection or reservation over strengthening and empowering the ECP. The CJ directed that a separate desk be made under the ECP on the matter of overseas Pakistanis’ votes. ECP can seek assistance from Ministry for Overseas Pakistanis, OPF and NADRA on the matter, he said. This process should be completed as soon as possible, he stated, adding that no overseas Pakistani should remain deprived of exercising his right to vote. He further said now that the matter of nomination forms had been resolved there was nothing stopping the commission from implementing the court’s orders. The hearing of the case was adjourned till March 18.

Indian army chief opposes ending emergency in IhK NEW DELHI AGENCIES

India’s army chief said on Friday he opposed ending tough emergency laws in areas of Indian-administered Kashmir and the northeast that offer security forces near complete legal immunity. The statement by General Bikram Singh, India’s chief of army staff, came two days after a militant attack in Muslimmajority Kashmir killed five paramilitary policemen. Both attackers were shot dead by Indian forces. “I feel the time is not right to remove AFSPA (the Armed Forces Special Powers Act). It is an enabling act and we should not take it away at the moment,” Singh told a conference. “It is important to remain on guard,” he added. Wednesday’s raid, claimed by the militant group Hizbul Mujahideen, was the deadliest in Indian-administered

Kashmir for nearly five years. AFSPA was introduced in 1990 in the region to give hundreds of thousands of army and paramilitary forces there sweeping powers to detain people, use deadly force and destroy property. Human rights groups say it provides cover for soldiers who are regularly accused of murder and rape, but they cannot be prosecuted unless the Indian government gives its sanction. The chief minister of Indian-administered Kashmir, Omar Abdullah argued recently that the Indian government should abolish the emergency law because violence has dropped there to its lowest levels since the start of a separatist insurgency in 1989. According to an official Indian count, more than 47,000 people have died in the fighting in Indian-administered Kashmir, while rights groups estimate up to 70,000 have lost their lives.

India rejects pakistani na’s resolution on afzal guru NEW DELHI ONLINE

Indian Parliament on Friday rejected Pakistan National Assembly’s (NA) resolution on execution of Afzal Guru, terming it interference in India’s internal affairs, and asked it to abstain from such acts of support for extremists and terrorists. Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha passed a resolution asserting that the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir, including the territory under illegal occupation of Pakistan, “is and shall always be an integral part of India,” reported media.

Emphasising that any attempt to interfere in India’s internal affairs will be met “resolutely and with complete unity” of the nation, it asked Pakistan to fulfil its commitment not to allow terrorism from its soil if it wanted peaceful relations with India. “This House totally rejects the resolution passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan on March 14, 2013,” said the resolution adopted unanimously by both the Houses after concern was expressed by members and demands that there should be a befitting reply to the development. Pakistan’s NA yesterday passed

a resolution condemning the hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru and demanded that his body be returned to his family. Noting that Pakistan had committed that it would not allow its territory to be used for terrorism against India, the resolution said “only fulfilment of this commitment can be the basis for peaceful relations with Pakistan”. The resolution was read out by speaker Meira Kumar in the Lok Sabha and chairman Hamid Ansari in the Rajya Sabha. In the Lok Sabha, senior BJP leader and former external affairs

minister Yashwant Sinha raised the issue. “I urge that this House (Lok Sabha) should pass a resolution to give a befitting reply to National Assembly of Pakistan’s resolution,” Sinha had said. He said an attempt had been made to provoke the people of Jammu and Kashmir, which is an integral part of India. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath said the government was concerned about Pakistan NA’s resolution and urged the speaker to move the resolution, which was later adopted unanimously.

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In Pakistan, nearly half a million police and law enforcement personnel risk their lives to protect the safety of others. It is an honour to pay tribute to heroes who have laid their lives in pursuit of a safer society. – Ambassador Olson

Political preferences take precedence



saturday, 16 March, 2013

WeAther UpdAteS

280C high 130C


( Joseph Colony CoMpensatIon




Low SUndAy



30°C I 14°C



PRAyER TImINGS Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 5:00 6:21 12:14 3:35 6:06 7:27

yDA sets up medical camp for Joseph Colony victims LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Young Doctors Association (YDA) Punjab has set up a free medical relief camp for the victims at the Joseph Colony in Badami Baagh. According to details, the YDA president said that in compliance with their manifesto of provision of free and quality healthcare they had practically started the struggle by taking part in the social welfare projects. The residents living in make-shift houses in the area are prone to various infectious diseases due to unclean drinking water, mosquitoes and harsh weather conditions in the camps. Free Medical Camp was set up on March 13 where two teams of young doctors, one each from YDA Punjab Institute of Cardiology and YDA Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore served the victims on the first day from 9 am to 5 pm. YDA Punjab Patron-in-Chief Dr Hamid Butt has announced to start a province wide campaign for collection of the donations from young doctors to be able to provide general household commodities, grocery, eatables, water trunks etc to the victims.

OME victims of the Joseph Colony mob attack staged a protest outside the Governor’s House on Friday evening over the selected distribution of compensation cheques. The protestors claimed that Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q) MNA Akram Gill only distributed compensation cheques worth Rs 500,000 each amongst 112 of the 210 families rendered homeless by the mob attack. They demanded that the president should follow the precedent set by the chief minister and compensate all the victims without discrimination on party lines. All 210 families affected by the Joseph Colony mob attack were summoned to the Governor’s House for the cheque distribution ceremony on Friday. The unequal distribution meant that some of the victims chanted slogans against Akram Gill and the president. Akram, one of the Joseph Colony victims, said they were poor people who did not understand politics. He said they praised the Punjab government for starting work on their settlement immediately and gave them compensation cheques a day later at Town Hall. “We were asked to wait outside the Governor’s House since the morning for the cheques but were not compensated,” he said. Nazir Maseeh, another Joseph Colony victim, said that his father had set the foundation of Josephy Colony. “We are PML-N voters so we were not compensated,” he said. “Our own people are corrupt.” According to some residents, they had been told by the Punjab government that their cheques would be cashed after one month. PML-Q MNA Akram Gill told Pakistan Today that 112 of the affectees were given cheques in the first phase. “The rest of the victims will be paid the cheques next week,” he said. He said that the Punjab government’s cheques could only be cashed a month later, while the cheques they had given were redeemable within two days. He said that those chanting slogans in favour of the Punjab government were planted by PML-N Senator Kamran Michael. WE ARE GOING JUST FINE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that re-

habilitation work of the affectees of the Badami Bagh incident is continuing expeditiously and besides repair and reconstruction of the houses, churches are also being renovated. He said that after repair of the houses, the process of their handing over is being started and 40 houses will be given to the affected families today. The Chief Minister directed that repair and reconstruction work of the houses should be accelerated so that the affected persons could return to their homes as soon as possible. He was presiding over a high level meeting to review the pace of rehabilitation of Badami Bagh affectees at Model Town on Friday. ATC RELEASES ONE, SENDS 13 TO JAIL: An AntiTerrorism Court (ATC) of Lahore released one suspect and sent 13 others who were allegedly involved in a mob attack on Lahore’s Joseph Colony to jail on judicial remand. The court had handed the 14 nominated suspects to police on physical remand on Monday. The police presented all the accused before the ATC on Friday. During the hearing, the court released one accused named Mian Muhammad Saleem after the investigation officer said that he was caught by mistake. However, the court sent all the other 13 accused to jail on judicial remand.

It should be mentioned here that more than 150 houses of Christians living in the Joseph Colony were torched by an angry mob on March 9 over alleged blasphemous remarks by a local man. Punjab police arrested around 151 suspects with the help of CCTV footage and pictures. KASHF LENDS A RS 0.4M HAND TO JOSPEH COLONy VICTIMS: Kashf Foundation has provided Rs 0.4m worth of relief via an income transfer scheme for 44 families affected in the attack on Joseph Colony, Badami Bagh. Kashf Foundation Managing Director Roshaneh Zafar distributed cash grants of Rs 10,000 to women from each of the 44 households. The aim of the relief was to help the affected households with daily expenses and needs while they re-settled. Kashf Foundation Chief Operating Officer Kamran Azim, Manager Human Resources Zainab Saeed and Regional Manager Yasir Ijaz were also present at the small ceremony which took place in the branch premises of Kashf Foundation near Yakki Gate. At the ceremony, Managing Director Kashf Foundation Roshaneh Zafar shared that Kashf Foundation had been working in the area for the past 13 years and specifically Joseph Colony for past eight years and through these trying times Kashf Foundation would support the affected households. Moreover, she added that all Pakistanis had equal rights and the State must ensure the safety and security of their lives and their property.

CM inaugurates sports complex in Johar Town LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that with the completion of sports complex in Johar Town, indoor and outdoor sports facilities have been made available to citizens. The sports complex is spread over an area of 40 kanals and has been completed in a record time at a cost of Rs 1 billion, while the cost of its infrastructure is Rs 40 crore. He said this modern sports complex is an invaluable

gift of Punjab government to the citizens, where separate sports facilities have been made available for men and women. He said modern swimming pools have been constructed in the sports complex, which is the first organized sports complex of Lahore, having a captivating landscape, for which LDA director general deserves appreciation. The Chief Minister expressed these views at the inaugural ceremony of modern sports complex at Johar Town on Friday. Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan

and other members of the assembly were present on the occasion. Shahbaz said Punjab government had served the people with honesty, dedication and sincerity for the last five years, due to which Punjab government was proud to face the court of the people. TRADERS HOLD RECEPTION FOR CM: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said traders’ community was the backbone of the country’s economy. He said if people gave an opportunity of service, traders’

community will be rid of undue taxes and their rights will be protected. He said traders were witness to the fact that PML-N candidates would achieve a thumping success in the elections. He said that ‘Zar Baba Forty Thieves’ had ruined the country’s economy. He said that general elections were near and if people elected Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, load-shedding would eliminate within two years. He expressed these views while addressing a reception hosted by traders’ community in his honour at Bagh-e-Jinnah on Friday.

Day of tolerance observed LAHORE WALEED mALHI

A meeting under the banner of ‘Day of Tolerance’ was held on Friday at Badshahi Masjid where clerics from all schools of thoughts of Islam, various other religions and a large number of parliamentarians were present. All the members condemned the attack on Badami Bagh and emphasised on controlling the tolerance level for a better future of Pakistan. The meeting observed that everyone who lived in Pakistan, whether he was a part of the minority or a majority, all had same rights and only the courts had the right to decide what was wrong and what was right. The meeting stressed the need for displaying patience, courage and wisdom at this critical hour in order to make Pakistan a haven of peace and security as well as to strive for its strength and

stability. The representatives expressed a deep sense of sorrow over Badami Bagh tragedy. The participants agreed with the

stance taken by the CM and Punjab government against malicious the propaganda and the equally shared grief of

our Christian brethren. Bishop Azad Marshal said, “Just because of Shahbaz Sharif such an important meeting has taken place. Everyone is under one roof in this country and this is the most important message of brotherhood we can give to the whole world. We are all together and these acts are carries out by those who want to create differences between the minorities and majority”. The Bishop added that Maulana Abdul Azad once told him that we both have the same name and we are also brothers. “He said that the mission which we both have stared will be continued by our sons,” he said. A Hindu religious scholar, Dr Munaver Chand said, “Today is the best day in the history. This is what the founder of Pakistan taught us. We all are more Pakistanis than we are Hindu, Muslim or Christians. Everyone is equal and together. I am very thankful to Maulana Azaad that

he took such a step to promote tolerance in the country”. Mian Hafiz Nauman, an MPA of PMLN, said, “Such incidents take place when we don’t have patience and when we don’t have the proper knowledge of Islam. Our religion teaches us to tolerate and act wisely in any situation. But we are far away from the teachings of Islam. We have to act wisely to counter such events in the future.” Hamza Shahbaz said people should not have taken the law in their own hands. “There are courts and our judiciary is free and everything is being done on merit. We are here to help everyone.” Hamza Shahbaz, Hafiz Nauman, Senator Kamran Michael, Mian Margoob, Dr Maulana Abdul Khayr Azaad, Mulana Habib-ur-Rehman, Baghwan Daas, Allama Tahir Ashrafi, Dr Munawer Chand, Chiragh Singh, Bishop Azaad Marshal, Father Francis Nadeem were also present in the meeting.

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lahoRe saturday, 16 March, 2013

PTI youngsters have been given a chance to become leaders on a merit-based policy. Corrupt regimes of PPP and PML-N have come to an end. Now the youth should come forward to save the country. – Faisal Javed

ti gives clean chit to Punjab govt’s laptop scheme LAHORE ONLINE


HE Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) has given a clean chit to the laptop scheme of the Punjab government. TIP wrote a letter to Higher Education Commission secretary and mentioned that distribution process of some 100,000 laptops was done according to the rules and regulations, while all laptops were purchased in a transparent manner along with Windows 7 software. TIP pointed out that procurement process of laptops was initiated in July 2012, a special committee was formulated to review offers extended by various companies for supply

‘StAY CleAN Kite flieRS!’: A police officer puts an anti-basant banner on a police vehicle. NNI

CHeHLuM Rasm-e-Chehlum of Eye Specialist of Lahore General Hospital Prof. Syed Ali Haider and his son Murtaza Haider will be held on Sunday, March 17 at 2.00 pm at Imam Bargah Jamia Masjid Muhammadi, Hali Road, Gulberg whereas Quran Khawani for women will be held at his residence 15-Hali Road, Gublerg. Collective ‘Dua’ will be offered at 4.00 pm.

Five contenders for Punjab iG slot

of laptops in order to ensure transparency of the purchasing process. The special committee selected four companies of international repute for provision of laptops after a detailed scrutiny. Five letters of credits were opened in the Bank of Punjab for procurement of 100,000 laptops, which, according to TIP, have been received by the Punjab government.

Photo exhibition on agriculture kicks off


Five senior police officers are in the race for appointment to the coveted position of Punjab Inspector General of Police, Pakistan Today has learnt. According to police sources, the names of Javed Iqbal, Aftab Sultan, Sarmad Saeed, Kalbe Abbas and Mubarik Athar are being considered for the top position in the provincial police department. The new Punjab IG will be announced in the next 4-5 days, they added.

‘early salaries! it’s easter!’ LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has granted approval to advance payment of salaries for the month of March to all Christian government servants and pensioners on March 26 instead of April 1 on the occasion of Easter. Punjab Finance Department has issued a notification in this regard.


CIne StAr ph: 35157462

JACk the gIAnt SLAyer A good dAy to dIe hArd SAheb bIWI AUr gAngSter retUrn JACk the gIAnt SLAyer A good dAy to dIe hArd

02:00pM 04:00pM 06:00pM 08:30pM 10:30pM

SoZo WorLd ph: 36674271

JACk the gIAnt SLAyer 05:30pM SAheb bIWI AUr gAngSter retUrn 08:00pM A good dAy to dIe hArd 12:30, 3:00, 10:30pM

SoZo goLd ZILLA ghAZIAbAd 08:00 pM 11:00 pM ph: 111-999-977 MUrder 3 I Me oUr MAIn 02:20, 05:00pM SAheb bIWI AUr gAngSter retUrn 12:00pM pAF ph: 36688880

SUper CIneMA At royAL pALM ph: 111-602-602, 36118679

I Me oUr MAIn FLIght MUrder 3 rACe 2

09:00 AM 05:30 pM 11:30 pM 03:00pM

AuDI-1 I Me AUr MAIn 01:45pM JoLLy LLb 03:45pM rACe 2 06:15pM I Me AUr MAIn 09:00pM 3g 11:00pM AuDI-2 JoLLy LLb 12:30pM JACk the gAInt SLAyer (3d) 3:00pM A good dAy to dIe hArd 5:15pM JACk the gAInt SLAyer (3d) 7:00pM 3g 9:15pM A good dAy to dIe hArd 11:30pM AuDI-3 A good dAy to dIe hArd 12:15pM 3g 1:45pM SAheb bIWI AUr gAngSter retUrn 4:00pM JoLLy LLb 6:45pM SIyAAh 9:15pM JoLLy LLb 11:15pM

A three-day photo exhibition on Agriculture, organized by the Lahore Photo Journalists Association in collaboration with the National Fertilizers Corporation (NFC), started at Alhamra Art Gallery in the city on Friday. NFC Chairman Rizwan Mumtaz Ali inaugurated the exhibition and took a round

with Photo Journalists Association President Iqbal Chaudhry, Islamia Collegefor Women Cooper Road principal, large number of students and photo journalists. NFC chairman, while talking to media, appreciated the efforts of the Photo Journalists Association for organizing the exhibition on Agriculture. He said every

photo on display in the exhibition spoke its own language. He said after successfully holding the photo exhibition in Lahore, he would ask the organizers to arrange similar photo exhibitions on Agriculture in South Punjab as well as in entire Pakistan. He said he was journalist realized the difficulties the journalists were facing in performing their professional duties.

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I am Syrian, I was made in Syria, I have to live in Syria and die in Syria. — Bashar al-Assad


07 N

saturday, 16 March, 2013

syrians mark two-year anniversary of uprising DAMASCUS



YRIAN authorities strengthened security measures in Damascus as the opposition marks the second anniversary of the country's uprising. Protests were held in several towns on Friday, with some rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad calling for stepped-up attacks on the government to mark the anniversary. The developments on the ground came as the European Union said it would seek "a common position" at talks in Dublin next week on whether to lift an arms embargo to supply weapons to the Syrian opposition. The commander of the rebel Free Syrian Army vowed to continue fighting until Assad's "criminal" regime is gone. Salim Idris called on regime soldiers to join the rebels in a "fight for freedom and democracy". He said the opposition's task is "not easy" but pledged to continue despite his fighters suffering severe weapons shortages. The country's banned Muslim Brotherhood group, holding a news conference in Istanbul, urged supporters to take part in a "week of action" to mark the twoyear anniversary but did not specify what

form this should take. A Damascus-based activist who identified himself as Abu Qais said troops had increased patrols and security searches in the country's capital. The uprising against Assad started with anti-government protests on March 15, 2011. The situation escalated as residents of the southern city of Deraa took to the streets after troops arrested teenagers who scrawled anti-regime graffiti on a wall. The revolt has since morphed into a civil war with an estimated 70,000 people killed, according to the UN. A million Syrians have registered as refugees in neighbouring countries. SITUATION 'DEPLORABLE': The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Friday that it was "deplorable" that people are getting used to the fact so many civilians are being killed each day in Syria. The ICRC said that humanitarian aid efforts, though continuing, were falling short of what was required to take care of the millions of people affected. "It is deplorable that high numbers of civilian casualties are now a daily occurrence to which people are unfortunately getting accustomed," said Robert Mardini, who heads the Red Cross' regional opera-

tions. "These ongoing violations of international humanitarian law and of basic humanitarian principles by all sides must stop. "Health standards have fallen dramatically, medical facilities have been targeted and health workers killed, intimidated or detained while trying to save lives," he said in a statement. Mardini's remarks come a day after Amnesty International said the UN Security Council must refer war crimes committed by both sides in the conflict to the International Criminal Court. "How many more civilians must die before the UN Security Council refers the situation to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court so that there can be accountability for these horrendous crimes?" asked Ann Harrison, Amnesty's deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa. The rights watchdog has repeatedly accused both Assad's regime and rebel fighters of atrocities. EU president Herman Van Rompuy said at the close of a two-day summit that leaders of the 27-nation bloc had discussed calls from Britain and France to abandon the embargo and "agreed to task our foreign ministers to assess the situation as a matter of priority" at the Dublin talks.

SANAbiS: A woman takes cover during clashes with police following an anti-government demonstration in bahrain on friday. AGENCIES

HoLLAnDe wAnts eu to LiFt syriA weAPons BAn pARiS: French President Francois Hollande has called on Europe's leaders to lift an arms embargo on Syria to help groups fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The issue is expected to be discussed on Friday at the second and final day of an EU summit in Brussels. "Political solutions have now failed [in Syria], despite every pressure," Hollande said on Thursday. "We must go further because for two years there has been a clear willingness by Bashar al-Assad to use every means to hit at his own people." London and Paris had earlier announced they were seeking to lift the EU embargo to enable them to deliver weapons to Syrian rebels. "Our goal is to convince our partners at the end of May, and if possible before.... If by chance there is a blockage by one or two countries, then France will take its responsibilities," Hollande said. A British official said current European efforts were failing and a change in tactics was needed to alter the balance on the ground and influence Assad. But a number of EU countries have been sceptical about dropping the arms ban. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the EU needed to "proceed very cautiously" on lifting the embargo. Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said his country was not prepared to lift the ban. "We are against the end of the arms embargo. We think the delivery of arms does not contribute to a possible solution," he told reporters as talks began on Friday. The British-French announcement angered Damascus but drew a guarded welcome from the opposition. Opposition activists called on the two governments to provide heavy weaponry, not just small arms, to tilt the balance in the two-year uprising against Assad's rule. Assad's government, like its key foreign ally Russia, said any such arms shipments would be a "flagrant violation" of international law. AGENCIES

Iran nuclear bomb 'over a year' away, says obama TEHRAN AGENCIES

24 KiLLeD in CentrAL BAGHDAD BoMBinGs BAGHDAD: At least 24 people have been killed and 50 others injured after a series of bomb blasts hit the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. A string of apparently coordinated bombings - three car bombs and one suicide attack struck central Baghdad near several government offices on Thursday, a security official and witnesses said. In addition to those killed, the attacks wounded at least 50 people, police said. Hospital officials confirmed the casualty numbers. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak to the media. Security forces have imposed a curfew in the area and blocked the surrounding roads. The attack erupted shortly after midday in Baghdad's Allawi area, not far from the heavily fortified Green Zone that houses several foreign embassies and Iraqi government offices. The largely commercial area is home to the Iraqi National Museum and the city's main bus station. At least two blasts, including one car bomb and another believed to be from a suicide bomber, went off near a building currently housing the Justice Ministry. Violence in Iraq has subsided from its peak in 2006 and 2007, but deadly attacks remain frequent a decade after the US-led invasion.AGENCIES

Iran is "over a year or so" from getting a nuclear bomb, US President Barack Obama has told an Israeli television channel, a week before visiting Israel, warning that a military option remained on the table. In an interview with Channel 2 on Thursday, Obama laid out a clear timeline for Tehran to acquire a military nuclear capacity, while insisting that Washington would not wait until the last minute to take action to stop it. "We think that it would take over a year or so for Iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon, but obviously, we don't want to cut it too close," he told the private station. Obama is due to arrive in Israel on March 20 for a three-day visit, his first since being elected president in 2008. He will also travel to the Palestinian territories. Addressing the UN in September, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, set a "red line" of spring or summer for when Iran would be close to weapons capability, suggesting prospects for an Israeli attack around that time. But Iran's latest talks with world powers, plus adjustments in Tehran's uranium enrichment processes, are widely thought to have pushed back that deadline. Should diplomacy fail, all options remained "on the table" for stopping Iran, Obama said. "My message to [Netanyahu] will be the same as before: if we can resolve it diplomatically, that's a more lasting solution," he said. "But if not, I continue to keep all options on the table." Asked if there was a realistic option that he would order an attack on Iran's nuclear sites, he said: "When I say that all options are on the table, all options are on the table and the United States obviously has significant capabilities. "But our goal here is to make sure that Iran does not possess a nuclear weapon that could threaten Israel or could trigger an arms race in the region - that would be extraordinarily dangerous at a time when obviously there are already a lot of things going on," he said. Washington, Israel and much of the West believe that Iran's nuclear programme of uranium enrichment is a cover for a weapons drive, a charge denied by Tehran. Netanyahu has said the question of Iran would be a top priority in his talks with Obama in Jerusalem. Israel is widely believed to possess nuclear weapons but has never confirmed or denied this.

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Across the board accountability to minimise corruption. — Nadeem Afzal Chan

news saturday, 16 March, 2013

AJK AsseMBLy PAys HoMAGe to ZArDAri For iP GAs PACt MUZAFFARABAD: The joint session of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) Legislative Assembly and AJ&K Council paid rich tribute and hailed efforts of President Asif Ali Zardari for successfully achieving an agreement between Pakistan and Iran on the gas pipeline, saying it would not only strengthen the economy of Pakistan but also help overcome the current energy crisis. The joint session started on Friday chaired by AJ&K Legislative Assembly Speaker Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan. Through several resolutions passed by the joint session of the House, it was stated that the Pak-Iran gas pipeline agreement would bring prosperity in Pakistan and would consolidate bilateral ties between the two countries. Speaking on his resolution, Minister for Education Colleges Matloob Inqalabi said a prosperous and fortified Pakistan was a better custodian of the rights of Kashmiris. In another resolution presented by Minister for Environment Shazia Akbar, efforts of President Zardari where appreciated and it was observed that the agreement would add to the prosperity of the country and a strong Pakistan would advocate Kashmir’s case more forcefully. The House unanimously condemned the judicial murder of Muhammad Afzal Guru in Tehar Jail, India. The resolution by the leader of Opposition Raja Farooq Haider said the brutal act would revive the freedom movement of Kashmiris. He made clear that such cowardly acts could not quash the voice and aspirations of Kashmiri people. The House expressed hope that all such innocent killings and other human rights violations would be noticed by the international community and the United Nations (UN) which would pressurise India. Members of the legislative assembly and AJ&K council also denounced the attack on JKLF chairman Yasin Malik on an airport by Shivsina activists. Meanwhile, the House demanded UN to implement its resolutions on Kashmir and give Kashmiris their right to selfdetermination through a free, fair and transparent plebiscite. The joint session expressed gratitude to all peace loving countries for their unwavering support to Kashmiris, especially the Islamic world that provided consistent backing to their Kashmiri brethren. Through another resolution tabled by Faisal Mumtaz Rathor, the minister AKLAS, faith was reaffirmed to combat internal and external conspiracies hatched against Pakistan. Condemning terrorism and extremism in Pakistan, it was indicated that the battle would be fought with unity for the betterment and development of Pakistan to make it a real welfare state as dreamed by Quaide-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Reproving the recent terrorist attacks in Baldia Town, Abbas Town, and assault on Hazara community in Balochistan and Christians in Badami Bagh, condolences were expressed on causalities of innocent people and sympathies extended to the bereaved families. ONLINE

india, Pakistan among countries facing water shortage: report ISLAMABAD



HREE out of four countries in Asia and the Pacific are facing a serious shortage of water and some are in danger of a crisis unless steps are taken to improve water management, a report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Asia-Pacific Water Forum said on Friday. The Asian Water Development Outlook 2013, the first study of the degree of water security of every country in the region, found that 37 out of 49 nations did not have enough water, the worst being India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu. “South Asia and parts of Central and West Asia are faring the worst with rivers under immense strain, while many Pacific islands suffer from a lack of access to safe piped water and decent sanitation and are highly vulnerable to increasingly severe water disasters,” ADB said in a statement. “By contrast East Asia, which has the highest frequency of hazards in the region, is relatively better off due to higher levels of investment in disaster defences, but urban water security remains poor in many cities and towns,” the statement said. Water security has become an increasing concern across the world in recent years. Frequent floods and droughts caused by climate change, pollution of rivers and lakes, urbanisation, over-extraction of ground water and expanding popu-

lations mean that many Asia-Pacific nations face serious water shortages. In addition, the demand for more power by countries like India to fuel their economic growth has resulted in a need to harness more water for hydropower dams. The study examined water security in countries at five different levels, including access to clean drinking water and sanitation, water availability for industry and

agriculture, and water supply systems in urban areas. “Much progress has been made in terms of providing drinking water, but when we look at the number of households that have piped water, it is much less,” said Wouter Lincklaen, lead water resources specialist at the ADB. “Only 35 percent of the region’s population has a secure water supply. Even

tribal and Afghan journalists under threat PESHAWAR STAFF REPORT

QUettA: Supporters of pakhtoonkhwa Milli Awami party block the Western bypass during a protest against load shedding on friday. INP

Pakistan ranks 123 on gender inequality index: UnDP ISLAMABAD ONLINE

According to a report revealed by United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP), Pakistan ranks 123 on the gender inequality index of the 2013 Human Development Report. According to reports, Pakistan’s situation improved on the gender front than stronger economies such as India (132) and Egypt (126), even though it ranked lower in the overall Human Development Index (HDI). According to the report, the gender inequality index is a composite measure

worse, only 23 percent of South Asians and 21 percent of those living in the Pacific have piped water,” he said. ADB experts cited China as a good example of improved water management, in which the government not only promised to double annual investment in the water sector to 608 billion dollars by 2020 but also set performance targets for industry, irrigation and water quality.

reflecting inequality in achievements between women and men in three dimensions: reproductive health, empowerment and the labour market. The value index provides an indicator of the depth of participation in global markets. More than four-fifths of these developing countries increased their trade to output ratio between 1990 and 2012. In the HDI value index, Pakistan has been recognised to have shown “substantial improvement”. The report states, “Among the exceptions in the subgroup that also made substantial improvement in HDI value are Indonesia, Pakistan and Venezuela, three

large countries that are considered global players in world markets, exporting or importing from at least 80 economies”. The report revealed that in South Asia, the highest Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) value was in Bangladesh (0.292 with data for 2007), followed by Pakistan (0.264 with data for 2007) and Nepal (0.217 with data for 2011). The proportion of the population living in multidimensional poverty was 58 percent in Bangladesh, 49 percent in Pakistan and 44 percent in Nepal, and the intensity of deprivation is 50 percent in Bangladesh, 53 percent in Pakistan and

49 percent in Nepal. When compared to Pakistan a larger proportion of the population lived in multidimensional poverty in Bangladesh. However the intensity of deprivation was higher in Pakistan, according to the report. Overall, Pakistan ranked a low 146 out of the 185 countries on the HDI. Norway ranked highest on the HDI at number one, while Niger ranked lowest. “In South Asia, 65 percent of respondents indicated satisfaction with health care quality, with Pakistan at 41 percent and Sri Lanka at 83 percent,” the report said.

A number of tribal and Afghan journalists and their families are facing severe problems due to frequent threats and attacks by unidentified militants. Most of the tribal journalists have abandoned homes whereas the Afghan journalists are either giving up the profession or going underground for their lives. According to data, around 98 journalists have been killed since 9/11 throughout Pakistan. Half of them belong to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and adjoining Federally Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA). A few of Afghan journalists have also been shot dead in Peshawar and its surrounding areas. Malik Mumtaz, reporter of a private TV channel, was targeted recently in North Waziristan Agency. His assassination caused panic among journalist from all over KP and FATA. Journalists have been fleeing their hometowns since 2005 and dozens of them are living as refugees in Peshawar, Islamabad and other cities across the country. However, the displacement was intensified following assassination of Malik Mumtaz on February 27. Afghan journalist Pir Reham Dil Shah, working for a Pashtu daily, had abandoned his home in January and shifted to an unidentified place. His family confirmed threats to Shah. They recalled that Shah was first threatened when the Taliban charged his Afghan colleague for spying for the US. Several journalists from Peshawar, mostly associated with English newspapers and foreign media houses, are also under threat. These journalists do not show up at their offices and other public places and perform their duties from homes. It is worth mentioning that these journalists prefer to live in rented houses in military residential schemes as safety has become a serious problem for them in the civilian localities.

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Army owes high standing to professionalism, loyalty, discipline, patriotism. — Army chief Gen Ashfaq Kayani


09 N

saturday, 16 March, 2013

iran-Pak gas project to boost both economies: Qassemi CHABAHAR NNI

Iranian Petroleum Minister Rostam Qassemi has said that implementing IranPakistan gas pipeline would lead to blossoming of the countries’ economy, greater security and higher living standards for Iranian and Pakistani border area residents. Qassemi was speaking at the ground breaking of the Iran-Pakistan natural gas transfer pipeline at the border region zero point of Chabahar. He reiterated, “Despite the sabotage efforts made by the enemies of the Iran and Pakistan this ultra-national project is nearing its final stages by grace of God and relying also on the strong will of the two countries’ statesmen.” He noted, “It was a historical day that would not be forgotten by the Iranian and Pakistani nations,” adding, “Keeping in mind the establishment of a joint consortium among the Iranian and Pakistani companies we hope the implementation of this pipeline, too, would come sooner than scheduled.” The petroleum minister pointed out that 85 percent of the world energy comprised of oil and gas and Iran was benefitting from these blessings. He said, “I hope with the completion of this giant project in addition to Pakistan that would be the rest of the regional nations, too, would be able to take advantage of this God-given energy by connecting their pipelines to it.” The project was conceptualised in 1989 by Rajendra K Pachauri in partnership with Ali Shams Ardekani, former deputy foreign minister of Iran. Pachauri proposed the plan to both Iranian and Indian governments. The government of Iran responded positively to the proposal. At the 2012 annual conference of the International Association of Energy Economics, Ardekani backed Pachauri’s proposal. Discussions between the governments of Iran and Pakistan started in 1994 and a preliminary agreement was signed in 1995. This agreement foresaw construction of a pipeline from South Pars gas field to Karachi in Pakistan. Later Iran made a proposal to extend the pipeline from Pakistan into India. In February 1999, a preliminary agreement between Iran and India was signed. In 2004, the project was revived after the UNDP’s report Peace and Prosperity Gas Pipelines by Gulfaraz Ahmed was published in December 2003. The report highlighted benefits of the pipeline to Pakistan, India and Iran. In February 2007, India and Pakistan agreed to pay Iran $4.93 per million British thermal units ($4.67/GJ) but some details relating to price adjustment remained open to further negotiation. In April 2008, Iran expressed interest in the People’s Republic of China’s participation in the project. In August 2010, Iran invited Bangladesh to join the project. In 2009, India withdrew from the project over pricing and security issues, and after signing a civilian nuclear deal with the United States in 2008. However, in March 2010 India called on Pakistan and Iran for trilateral talks to be held in May 2010 in Tehran.

peShAWAR: A computer designer displays the tea mugs decorated with political parties monograms in connection with upcoming general elections. INP

no proof of mass killing in Lal Masjid operation as yet ISLAMABAD



A L Masjid Commission is nearing completion of its probe but so far no proof of mass killing has been found in the controversial operation, according to sources. Sources said as many as 246 witnesses, either volunteered or called by the commission, have recorded their statements. 124 individuals however, registered themselves before the commission but did not appear physically before the commission for recording their statements. The commission started functioning on December 4, 2012 and had to submit its recommendations within 45 days but so far it has not come up with any and is entering the 13th week of proceedings. Sources privy to the proceedings said nothing concrete could be produced in front of the commission to prove that even a single female student was killed in the operation in 2007. The commission is mandated to find out causes under which the operation at Lal Masjid took place and ascertain how many people died during the operation.

Most of the relatives of students and maddrassah administration who appeared before the commission blamed the government of the time for carrying out the operation. Wife of Maulana Aziz, Umme Hassan, defended the high handedness of Lal Masjid students and kidnapping of a lady, Shamim, before the operation was carried out. Government and police officials while appearing before the commission apprised it about the environment under which the operation was carried out.

Government officials produced documented evidence showing that the Ghazi brothers had created a ‘state within a state’ by taking the law into their hands, kidnapping people and damaging public property which ultimately compelled the government to take action against them. Officials told the commission that 103 people died in the operation including 11 security forces officials. Most of them were identified and buried in their native town, except for a few who could not be

recognised and were buried in the H-11 graveyard, they said. Sources said many politicians and government officials informed the commission that they had made all out efforts to convince the Lal Masjid administration to surrender but all their attempts had failed. No witness has appeared before the commission who claimed to be a relative of any missing students and there has been no evidence of mass killing as had been alleged during past five years, sources said.

In depth: na proceedings scrutinised in FaFen report ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

The National Assembly of Pakistan successfully completed its five-year term on Friday. According to a report by Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN), in the five parliamentary years the national assembly passed 134 bills and 50 regular sessions were held during its term. According to the report, the 13th national assembly achieved a legislative agenda which altered the country’s governance structure by ensuring provincial autonomy and restoring the 1973 constitution and promoted women’s empowerment. The Lower House elected a female

speaker for the first time in Pakistan’s parliamentary history and the president addressed the joint sessions of the parliament for five consecutive years. Following the established parliamentary tradition, the leader of the opposition was elected as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. The national assembly passed 116 government bills and 18 private members’ bills in its five years, of them, 81 became acts of the parliament. The 12th National Assembly had passed 51 bills during its five years. In 50 regular sessions in the five-year term, the national assembly held 521 sittings – 100 in the first year, 107 in the second year, 108 in the third year, 106 in the fourth year and 100 in the fifth parliamen-

tary year. A new leader of the House was elected in the fifth parliamentary year after the Supreme Court disqualified the prime minister in the contempt of court case. At least 11 Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) also resigned because of dual nationalities in fifth year and nine members of the National Assembly died during the five years, including Shahbaz Bhatti, minister for Minorities Affairs who was assassinated in Islamabad. Though the national assembly passed only five bills in the first parliamentary year, the legislation picked up pace in the second, third, fourth and fifth parliamentary years, with the Lower House passing 32, 31, 29, and 37 bills respectively. Out of

total passed government bills, 56 sought amendments in the existing laws and the rest were new bills. These included the 18th and 20th constitutional amendment bills, which helped restored the 1973 constitution, ensured provincial autonomy and gave Pakistan a consensus mechanism for civilian transfer of power democratically, besides the formation of the full five-member Election Commission of Pakistan. However the four bills to tackle terrorism were passed only in the fifth parliamentary year and that too in the last three sessions. Similarly the national assembly failed to enact a new law on accountability despite the government introducing the National Accountability Act in October 2012.

The 13th National Assembly stands out for pro-women legislation, passing treasury and private members’ bills against domestic violence, harassment at workplace and public places, anti-women practices, and elevating the status of the commission on women. Unlike the past assemblies, the Lower House witnessed the healthy trend of passing the private members’ bills. Overall 189 private members bills were introduced in the Lower House, with 135 seeking amendments in the existing laws. Of them 18 bills were passed. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) lawmakers introduced 33 percent of the private members’ bills, followed by 53 by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) legislators.

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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. –Plato




More importantly, have we seen the back of bad governance?

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national Assembly waves goodbye First assembly to complete term strengthens civilian power


HE National Assembly (NA) was dissolved in a low-key session on March 15, 2013. For better or for worse, the day will be marked in Pakistan’s history to celebrate the first parliament to complete its tenure. Just to set the record straight, Pakistan has had 12 separate NAs. A good-bye note from President Asif Ali Zardari was read out by the ruling Pakistan People’s Party lawmaker Yasmeen Rehman: “The session that started on February 18, 2008 has prorogued on completion of its business. I pray that Allah gives us success and that democracy should continue and the next parliament should also complete its term.” In a record 650 sittings, the NA passed 126 bills, 81 of which became Acts, and three constitutional amendments. The legislations included protecting rights for women and children, reinstating sacked employees and changing election laws. Perhaps more than the legislations, the current NA will be remembered for the three constitutional amendments it past: the most significant of which was its decision to devolve some of its own powers through the 18th Amendment. Of course, there is a series of missed opportunities, including the creation of a new province in Southern Punjab. Amongst other things, the President addressed a joint sitting of Parliament five times. Eight members of parliament died during its five-year tenure, including Minister for Minorities Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti who was murdered. The NA was addressed addressed twice by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and once by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. It saw two prime ministers: Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf. This term, it was the judiciary, not the military, that was the direct tormentor of many a parliamentarian. A prime minister was lost to the NRO case, a number of parliamentarians were questioned for fake degrees and each constitutional amendment befell the scrutiny of the higher judiciary. However, the tussle was one of two institutions looking to regain their power in what had earlier been a khaki dominated set up. The next parliament shall inherit a mixed legacy, but it is a positive one to follow. Despite disagreements amongst them, the various political parties have recovered some of their constitutional turf, and the next sitting assembly must complete the task. There is a need to strengthen the various parliamentary committees, unlike the many committees who failed to deliver. The strong work of the Public Accounts Committee merits mention and could be a good example to follow. Similar strength is needed to add weight to parliamentary resolutions. Overall, as the Raja Pervez Ashraf tenure comes to a close, another bout of democracy at work is awaited.

reduce the mistrust Doves must take precedence over hawks


INCE the unfortunate January incident on the LoC, the mistrust between India and Pakistan has continued to increase despite attempts by saner elements from both sides to bridge the gulf. When reports regarding the incident of the beheading of the soldier come to light, responsible voices in Pakistani media had demanded an enquiry into the incident. Similarly their Indian counterparts had underlined the fact that Indian army too could not be exonerated of the ignominies of the type. It is unfortunate that an agreement on enquiry could not be reached between the two sides. Meanwhile the issue was used by the extreme right to enflame public opinion in India. It is unfortunate that the political and military leadership on the other side of the border was also swayed by public sentiment. Gradually a number of agreements to promote harmony brokered after great effort were rolled back. The measure to liberalise the visa regime for senior citizens was the first casualty. Now the group visa tourist facility has also been stalled in the wake of the attack on Indian security forces in Srinagar without fully confirming the identity of the “foreigners” involved. The outgoing foreign minister Khar has called on the Indian leadership not to remain hostage to its domestic politics. This is an advice that Pakistani leaders too need to follow. The governments on both sides also need to have a better oversight of the military matters that impinge on their relations to avoid becoming victim to institutional prejudices or intelligence shortcomings. In the case of the January affair, New Delhi took the report of its MI as gospel truth while refusing to a joint or independent enquiry. While it is difficult to satisfy those committed to exacerbating the tensions on both sides of the border, there is a need to expose the bogey raised by the leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley. To put the record straight Pakistan’s National Assembly did not pass any resolution to condemn the hanging of Afzal Guru. What the resolution called for was the return of Guru’s body to his family for proper burial. The rest of the resolution reiterated Pakistan’s official policy on Kashmir which did not stop former BJP Prime Minister Vajpayee to visit Pakistan and become a signatory to Lahore Resolution. The mischief is based on the mistaken headline of a Pakistani newspaper which is not supported even by the text under the headline. Political leaders in Pakistan and India have to act like statesmen. The long term interests of the people of South Asia demand peace and mutual cooperation. Statesmanship requires pursuing the goal without falling victim to prejudices or being swayed by opinions dictated by party or institutional interests.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami


HE day this article appears in this paper will be the last day of the incumbency of decidedly the most corrupt government in the history of the country. So, should one say good-riddance and let that be it? But, more importantly, have we seen the back of bad governance in Pakistan? Looking at the track-record of the PPP-led coalition over the last five years, one cannot imagine that any ‘democratic’ government would like to leave such harrowing legacy behind – a kind of legacy that is a matter of shame even for its most ardent supporters! What were the principal factors that contributed to this belowpar performance and how can such factors be addressed if better results are to be achieved in matters of governance. The PPP leadership would, of course, cite the fact that it did not have a comfortable majority on its own. Therefore, it had to make compromises with its partners whom it needed to form the government. Since it required the support of the MQM for its government at the centre, it RAOOF HASAN also had to adjust the party in the provincial administration in Sindh where it could have easily formed a government on its own. The PPP was a coalition partner in the KPK in the ANP-led government and, initially, was also part of the PMLN-led government in Punjab whom it also unsuccessfully tried to topple by eliciting the support of the PMLQ. Balochistan was a strange case where the entire assem-

Candid Corner

bly was part of the provincial cabinet. This is just one side of the story and makes little by way of logic in defending the absolute abdication of governance on the part of the PPP-led government. The level of corruption that this concoction and its functionaries were able to rise to is absolutely unimaginable in the echelons of governance even in the most backward countries of the world. The entire 5-year span of the government was pock-marked with a spate of corruption allegations which just would not go away. What made it so much unpalatable was the patent and shameful unwillingness of the government to take steps to eradicate the menace. Even when the Supreme Court (SC) stepped in to advise the government to launch investigation into mega scams afflicting national institutions, its stance was that of obstructing the prospect of justice. The prosecution element remained non-existent throughout these five years. Quite a few of its ministers were directly involved in these corruption fiascos while its hand-picked cronies and sycophants heading various security and accountability institutions actually helped criminals escape the clutches of law. The government’s defiance of judiciary and its adjudications concerning dozens of matters of national importance touched ludicrous proportions which even resulted in one of its prime-ministers being given the marching orders by the SC. There was total absence of policy making of any shade or colour. The law and order situation kept deteriorating and there has been an upsurge of wanton and brutal killings in various parts of the country, but more specifically in Karachi, Quetta and throughout the KPK. Even when the SC pointed out the failings of the governments in Sindh and Balochistan, there were no significant steps taken to arrest the mayhem. In Karachi, the SC pointed out the existence of the armed wings of various political parties and advocated for their disbanding. Again, no steps were initiated by the government to comply and the killing-spree in the city has continued unabated. Quetta has witnessed some of the most harrowing scenes of ethnic cleansing directed against the Hazaras, but it did not awaken the provincial government from its deep slumber. In fact, the members of the government were hardly seen in the province. They were merry-making far away in the safer sojourns of the federal capital while the provincial chief minister was mostly out of the country with no one knowing where to locate him. The complicity of the Punjab govern-



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SHRAT Hussain the presumptive caretaker prime minister is taking no chances this time. He was appointed governor State Bank by Shaukat Aziz, the prime minister imported from Citibank New York. Ishrat, himself a World Bank grandee, slept through when his flight landed from Washington DC to Islamabad. He woke up in

ment with extremist elements has been a well-known thing through years. During its present incumbency, the partnership has been further cemented only to let the country suffer. The shameful incident at Gojra led to a lot of hyperbole by the chief minister of the province, but it yielded little by way of catching the culprits and handing them over to law. Understandably, this abject lack of action led to yet another humiliating catastrophe directed against the Christians in Joseph Colony, Lahore where their entire habitation was put to the torch by the marauders using the tool of ‘blasphemy’. Some say there was a PML-N legislator behind the entire drama because he wanted to grab the land where the Christians lived. Once again, the provincial government has been loud on proclamations, but, going by its track record, there is little expected by way of initiating meaningful steps to eradicate the menace. Its criminal association with the extremist elements who have filtered into the political arena and with whose support the PML-N will again try to come into power is a major obstacle in the path of moving against the perpetrators of the Joseph Colony tragedy. KPK, for most of the last five years, has remained in the grip of militancy and a majority of its cities and towns have been perpetually under attack. While the provincial government has repeatedly aired its resolve to continue fighting the militants, it has done little by way of taking cogent steps to contain the infiltration. Some of the senior members of its government have also been targeted by the extremist factions. In spite of all the bravado, the spectre of militancy has continued to expand in dimension and intensity. Crumbling in the face of this unremitting onslaught, the KPK government, too, has started trumpeting the option of dialogue with the militants. These are just some of the manifestations of bad governance that has shown through all echelons of the federal and the provincial administrations. Is it that, with the coming elections in about two months, a miracle may happen in shape of the people seeing the back of bad governance? The chances are loaded against the prospect because corruption, most notably of the intellectual variety, emanates from the very system that we bank on for relief. Unless the causes are addressed, it would be fool-hardy to find redemption by focussing only on the symptoms.

Lahore, instead of Islamabad, and had to take the next flight back to meet Shaukat Aziz (finance minister at the time). This time he is not taking any chances. He is in Islamabad, missing even a trade conference in Delhi which he had to chair – lest he misses the bus this time, if not the plane.

HE visa regime signed and sealed by India and Pakistan last year lies in shambles. Group visa facilities to be activated on Friday were unilaterally scrapped by Delhi after the recent incident in Srinagar . The visa exemption for citizens of both the countries over the age of 65 was cancelled by Manmohan Singh after the beheading incident of Indian soldiers on the LOC a few months back. But a few guests attending the recent annual conference on normalising India-Pakistan trade were shocked to learn that though they had a valid visa for Jaipur the hotel, they had booked from Pakistan declined them accommodation on the ground that being a few kilometres from Jaipur their visa did not cover the hotel. It’s another story that few hotels in Jaipur were willing to book the Pakistani passport holder. So much for the efforts of the doves. The hawks are having a field day for the time being.

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Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers. –Aristotle




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‘religious victory!’ Is ‘Allah-o-Akbar’ enough to justify a crime?


Doubts over iran-Pakistan pipeline More to gas pipeline project than point scoring



HE Pak-Iran gas pipeline is not only important for energy starved Pakistan but also for Iran in terms of diluting the impact of UN and US sanctions against it for refusing to abandon its nuclear programme but also to show the world that it was not isolated, more so in its own region. The groundbreaking ceremony of the Pakistani section of the pipeline on 11 March despite US threats of sanctions against Pakistan, provides much required props to Iran to reinforce that notion. While the decision of the Pakistan government to go ahead with the project has been widely hailed, there are certain elements who are reading too much between the lines and casting doubts about the completion of the project. Some believe that timing of laying the foundation suggests that the PPP would use this as a political ploy during the elections. Still others believe that the project might not see the light of the day as envisaged because Pakistan simply does not have the required money to funnel into it. Another debilitating factor being mentioned is the possibility of US sanctions that can have adverse affect on our already febrile economy. The foregoing views need to be evaluated in the context of the ground realities and the compulsions involved in going ahead with the project and its envisaged advantages. With regards to the contention that the move to initiate the project at the fag end of the tenure of government is designed to gain political mileage during the ensuing elections, my considered view is that it reflects a traditional impulsive propensity to look askance at every initiative of the sitting government by the elements opposed to it without conducting an objective appraisal of the undertaking. There is certainly much more to it than the political point scoring, which these critics conveniently ignore. Even if that view is given credence, the move is beyond reproach morally and politically. All over the world, political parties, especially those running the governments seek the mandate of the

people on the basis of their performance and the projects of national importance set up by them. The Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline is almost indispensable in view of the energy crisis gripping the country at the moment and its future needs. The completion of the project would be instrumental to the addition of 4,000 MW of electricity into the system. Ever since it was conceived in 1995 it has remained a non-starter due to a number of geo-political variables. The present government evinced serious commitment right from the beginning in tiding over the energy crisis, especially in completing the IP. However, the issue could not be resolved immediately due to issues pertaining to the pricing of the gas and related matters which came to fruition after long and protracted negotiations between the two sides. The pressure tactics used by the US and the lack of financial resources for the project also played their part. But these factors did not dampen the resolve of the government to have it implemented. It is therefore just a coincidence that it finally came through at the end of the tenure of the government. Coming to the financial aspect of the project, the construction of the Pakistani section of the 781 km of the pipeline and the required equipment is estimated to cost US$1.5 billion. Iran has committed to provide US$ 500 million and the construction of the pipeline by an Iranian firm. After the laying of the foundation stone for the project, China has come forth with an offer of a loan of US$500 million. So two third of the finances required have already become available and raising the rest of the money should not be a big problem given the importance of the project for the country. It can be raised internally or taken from a friendly country, possibly Russia. Our relations with Russia have witnessed a qualitative change during the last five years. Russian leader Vladmir Putin during the 11th summit of the SCO at Petersburg not only expressed Russian support for the materialization of mega projects like TAPI and CASA but also announced to provide US$500 million for the completion of the venture. During his bilateral meeting with former Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani, he offered a loan of US$500 million for the ex-

pansion of Pakistan Steel Mills and provision of technical support for Guddu and Muzaffargarh power plants. Reportedly, the Russian government also wishes to finance Bhasha Diamir Dam on government-to-government funding basis. It also supports the construction of the IP Gas Pipeline which adds another element of optimism to the availability of the required financial resources and viability of the project to be completed in the stipulated time frame. Since this money will be available without putting a drain on the internally raised revenues and other receipts, it will certainly not burden the economy as being envisaged by some quarters. As regards US sanctions, Pakistan has endured them in the past as well when the former opposed our nuclear programme and imposed them in the form of Pressler Amendment. But it could not stop or dissuade Pakistan from abandoning the venture which was so vitally needed to ward off threats to our security within the region. The Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline is a lifeline for Pakistan which will serve its economic interests for a long time to come besides other benefits that will come through economic integration with the region. The PPP-led government may not have been successful in meeting the inherited challenges owing to a myriad of internal and external constraints and the overall security environment in the region, but it is an irrefutable reality that it has done a lot in the energy sector to not only lessen the impact of the energy crisis but also to cater for the future needs of the country. It added 3,500MW electricity to the system. It negotiated an agreement with China for building Chashma III and IV which will be completed by 2017. Similarly China is working on 17 power generation projects in Gilgit-Baltistan, including the Neelum Jhelum project with a cumulative power generating capacity of more than 10,000MW. The fact is that if Nawaz Sharif says that he will resolve the power crisis within three years if he is voted into power, he is right: all the projects already in the pipeline shall become operational by then.

The fact is that if Nawaz Sharif says that he will resolve the power crisis within three years if he is voted into power, he is right: all the projects already in the pipeline shall become operational by then.

The writer is an academic.

LLAH-OAKBAR!” (God is great!) shouted Kader Mullah after he was awarded a life sentence for human rights abuses in the Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence. A special tribunal set up by the Bangladeshi government had found him guilty in five out of six charges. Being an office-bearer of the major Islamic party, Mullah considCH SOHAIb SALEEm ered it an apt time to couch his crimes in religious language. In acceding to the greatness of Allah, Mullah sought to justify the crimes he was convicted for. The tactic has become frequent. Having murdered someone for disagreeing with a fanatical cleric, or, if convicted for a serious crime by the courts, those affiliated with the religious mafia follow the act with the full-throated slogan: “Allah-o-Akbar!” Members of the religious mafia have continued to claim that their guilt is a matter that is between them and God. The court system, or special tribunals, have nothing to do with establishing their guilt. They claim that the justification for their acts comes directly from the Almighty. Whence innocence is communicated to them through the heavens themselves, a rebellion against the State and society is legitimate – and so what is the murder of X or Y individual in service of the Divine. The Divine refrain is a way of cursing the jurists who convict them, since the State law carries no power in the face of Divine orders. The position is absolute rubbish! If, on one side, Mullah’s conviction has sparked violence and protests across Bangladesh in his support, on the other side, tens of thousands have come out in support of administering the death penalty to the cleric. While people can disagree with court decisions, verdicts against members of the religious mafia have drawn a positive response by the public at large, especially in the Muslim countries. The average mind can hardly differentiate the subtle and sometimes obvious difference between what the cleric says and what the religion extorts. This was most clearly witnessed over the assassination of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer for questioning how the Blasphemy Laws were applied. Taseer’s murderer, Mumtaz Qadri, too shouted, “Allah-o-Akbar!” after committing one of the worst incidents of terrorism in Pakistan. Taseer’s bearded bodyguard had volunteered himself for duty, waited for his boss to walk to his car, made sure his weapon was fully armed, shouted “Allah-o-Akbar” and sprayed a volley of bullets into the body of the former governor. Taseer’s apparent crime was to support a Christian woman accused of blasphemy. Qadri, a murderer, got a resounding applause by some members of civil society, including the community of lawyers. With great pride in himself for committing a noble act that will take him to heaven, Qadri pleaded guilty to the court. Many others, not as bold as Qadri, backed him with all moral support and showered him with rose petals. Blessed with prayers, how could Qadri consider himself a criminal? Since he wears a beard, committed qatal-e-amad in defense of blasphemy laws, and shouted “Allah-oAkbar” before the murder, he must be considered an ‘innocent’ man. After Qadri committed Taseer’s murder, fear and insecurity entered all private and personal discussions. Parents told their children not to openly comment on this issue since any self-assumed protector of religion could teach them a lesson on-the-spot. One such incident was experienced by me. When I condemned Taseer’s killer amongst other lawyers, a munshi (lawyer’s clerk) sitting beside me closed his fists in anger. Seeing a knife lying in front of him on a table, a friend winked at me, suggesting that I stop the discussion. As I looked at the irate youth’s grim face, I was frightened and moved to another chair. If I were killed, one loud “Allah-o-Akbar’ would have been enough for the killer to become a hero in the eyes of ‘devoted Muslims’. No one would ask if it was a Muslim whom he killed. It would have been enough for the defense counsel that the deceased was a blasphemer as he spoke against Mumtaz Qadri and defended the slain Salmaan Taseer. Proving that some committed alleged blasphemy through evidence is not within the scope and jurisdiction of the people who have assumed the responsibility of protecting the religion. It is true that belief whether in God or religion must be impregnable but committing terrible crimes should never be protected nor defended in the name of religion. In a sovereign state, everything especially relating to a religion must be left to those who have taken oath to protect the law and constitution and the courts established for adjudicating upon the matters of Sharia. Disagreement is beauty of any civilized and sober society but expressing it through street protests and vandalism can do no good to the state and its people, except informing them how to hijack and blackmail state institutions. Under the garb of their vested interests, the religious mafia proudly violates state laws by telling people that the basics of the religion are under attack by secular forces and they have got a message by angels to immediately defend the ‘message of God’. This happens more severely when such mafia feels their interests are not being met. For example, the Taliban use religion and quote selected lines from Holy Scriptures to justify their cause. After the Bangladesh tribunal convicted another Islamist party leader, Delwar Hossain Sayedee, and sentenced him to death, chaos erupted in the country and the number of deaths went into the hundreds. The demonstrations showed no respect for other religions and their worship places as a Hindu temple was set ablaze by the frenzied mob at Noakhali district. We, Muslims, consider ourselves entitled to have respect by all others belonging to different sects and religions but deny them all that which we want ourselves. We have no qualms of conscience! Perhaps, we want to be victorious religiously and wish to defeat the whole world through the missiles of worships, prayers, fasts and pilgrimages only. ‘Religious victory,’ as we know it, only requires an ‘Allah-oAkbar’ to be complete.

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“Success has a great tendency to conceal and throw a veil over the evil of men. ” — Demosthenes

Hilary Mantel vs ‘plastic’ Kate Middleton




EO P LE rarely thank you when you expose the ugly mechanics of their social myths but still, the hypocrisy of British press reaction to critical analysis of the Duchess of Cambridge and her pregnancy is laughable. The tabloids exploded in outrage Tuesday because, in an honest and intelligent essay in The London Review of Books, author Hilary Mantel dares to make the rather obvious point that the royal body is public property. She describes the Duchess as “becoming a jointed doll on which certain rags are hung…, a shop-window mannequin, with no personality of her own.” The papers called this a scathing attack, manufacturing some outrage to print between dozens of the “baby bump” pictures shot during the Duchess’s first public appearance in which her pregnancy, now in its fourth month, shows. In the 6,000-word piece, delivered as a lecture earlier this month before it was posted on the LRB website, Mantel takes a piercing look at her own reactions to royals in the flesh. The Booker laureate describes attending a reception at Buckingham Palace where she stares at the Queen as “a cannibal views his dinner.” Mantel, whose much praised 2009 novel Wolf Hall is a fictionalized biography of the Tudor minister Thomas Cromwell, then gets to the meat of her subject: She reviews new research into the health of the much-married Henry VIII

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MAn AsiAn winner AnnounCeD

Malaysian author Tan Twan Eng’s novel “The Garden of Evening Mists” has won the 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize. Tan’s novel is set in the traumatic aftermath of Japan’s wartime occupation of Malaya, now known as Malaysia. It tells the story of a young law school graduate who is the sole survivor of a Japanese work camp. She encounters the secretive owner and creator of the country’s only Japanese garden. The judges called it “a novel of subtle power and redemptive grace.” The book beat four others Thursday night to win the $30,000 award, one of Asia’s most prestigious. Tan’s book is only the second winner to be written in English. Tan worked as an intellectual property lawyer before becoming an author. He has written one other novel. The other novels on the short list were “Between Clay and Dust” by Musharraf Ali Farooqi of Pakistan, “The Briefcase” by Hiromi Kawakami of Japan, “Silent House” by Orhan Pamuk of Turkey and “Narcopolis” by Jeet Thayil of India. NEWS DESk

and looks at the fertility problems that produced a reign whose notorious history is “graphically gynecological.” In this context, it is important that the Duchess of Cambridge is young, pretty and now demonstrably fertile, and that is Mantel’s introduction. She contrasts Kate’s allimportant reliability to the tragically unstable egos of Marie Antoinette and Diana, Princess of Wales, writing that the Duchess “seems to have been selected for her role of princess because she was irreproachable: as painfully thin as anyone could wish, without quirks, without oddities, without the risk of the emergence of character.” Missing the point that this is not a criticism of the Duchess her-

self, whoever she might be, but rather of the public image the press and Palace thrust on her, the tabs have gone into overdrive, denouncing anyone who would say their perfect Kate lacked personality. Prime Minister David Cameron even weighed in, calling Mantel’s remarks “completely misguided and completely wrong,” perhaps because the author is questioning the monarchy itself. (She comes to the conclusion that royals are like pandas, fun to look at but unnecessary.) What is ironic about this artificial controversy is how the press, despite its new, post-Diana, nomore-phone-hacking propriety, is casting the Duchess in exactly the role Mantel has identified.

Kunis caught without makeup CLint eAstwooD Mila Kunis took a break from the red carpet and went bare-faced while out in London. Kunis was spotted without makeup leaving a London hotel wearing a navy sweatshirt, her hair in a messy bun. The 29-year-old actress was recently in the U.K. promoting her new film “Oz: The Great and Powerful,” JustJared notes. The no-makeup, sweatpants look is a change of pace for Kunis, who has been decked out in designer duds these days while walking the red carpets for “Oz.” The actress, who was named Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive”, has had to deal with people criticizing her more laid-back attire. Last month, the New York Daily News even dubbed Kunis the “frumpiest, dumpiest celeb” for wearing sweatpants. Still, she doesn’t care about the talk. “Just because one person online says you’re fat or ugly or tall or short, that doesn’t make it true,” she told the Sun in December. “It’s one person who’s got nothing better to do. And it goes the same for the one person who says you are beautiful, stunning, tall, short, whatever. Skinny, anything positive that is said that you are wanting to read, you should accept the negative because they go hand in hand.” While Kunis was seen in London, her boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, was spotted partying across the pond in Austin, Texas, at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. NEWS DESk

Armed man in the woods turns out to be art student

backs gay marriage

Clint Eastwood lent his support to the fight for gay marriage, adding his name to a legal brief that calls on the US supreme court to legalise same-sex unions. The Oscar-winning film-maker and actor made an eccentric appearance at last year’s Republican national convention, berating an empty chair to the various amusement and bemusement of the gathered dignitaries. He now joins a breakaway group of moderate Republicans that threatens to expose a split within the party. Eastwood is a resident of the state of California, where a constitutional amendment, Proposition 8, currently limits marriage to a man and a woman. Next month the supreme court is due to hear arguments about the legality of the ban. The arguments could eventually lead to the proposition being overturned and gay marriage being legalised. The 82-year-old director of Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby was one of more than 80 Republicans who signed the “friend of the court” brief, which was then released by the American Foundation for Equal Rights. Adam Umhoefer, the foundation’s executive director, described the brief as “a microcosm of what we see happening all across the country”. He added: “Americans are united in the concept of freedom, dignity and strong families.” A recent poll found that 61% of California voters are now in favour of same-sex marriage. NEWS DESk

Today’s bizarre art news story of the day is brought to you by ARLnow, who reported that a young man was spotted aiming his shotgun alone in the woods — in the name of art. Arlington Police were called to the scene this morning at 11:50 AM, police department spokesman Dustin Sternbeck told The Huffington Post in a phone conversation. The suspicious man, who Sternbeck

On the papers’ websites, you can watch the video of her appearance Tuesday at an addiction-recovery centre that she supports. She emerges from a car in an elegant, form-fitting dress to be greeted by staff, but all you can hear is the clicking of camera shutters and the occasional “Katherine!” as photographers try to get her to look their way. She waves once; otherwise she acts – and what is it except sheer pretense to ignore the immediate proximity of a phalanx of loudly clicking cameras? – as though they aren’t there. The Daily Express described her as wearing “an unseasonally summery Max Mara dress” while the Daily Mail wrote that she “braved a chill morning in London wearing only a grey patterned wrap dress.” In other words, after the British press respected the Palace’s request not to publish paparazzi shots of her in a bikini that appeared in some U.S. publications last week, the obliging royal showed up at an official event without a coat in a clingy dress so that the photographers could get what they needed. In the papers, Nick Barton, chief executive of Action on Addiction, describes the Duchess as engaging and filled with intelligent questions, but that is beside the point. The real Kate may have loads of personality, but as Duchess of Cambridge she is the star attraction in a media pageant in which her pregnancy is the next big float. Can she ever lay claim to her private self? Perhaps if, as Mantel urges us “[We] back off and not be brutes,” but the faux furor over her essay suggests we are more eager to pounce than retreat.

estimated was in his early 20s, was dressed in camouflage hunting gear. When police arrived, the young man assured the officers he was not a criminal and was filming himself for a school project. After investigating the scene — where several tripods were present — law enforcement officers concluded that the camouflaged creative was not a threat. According to ARLnow,

officials told the student that “possessing a firearm is prohibited in county parks,” and then released him.” Sternbeck told The Huffington Post, “He kindly agreed to pack up and go.” What was this adventurous artist thinking, and more importantly, what kind of art was he making? Was he trying to pull a Chris Burden? Or perhaps he was creating a satire of Portlandia’s

sketch on bad conceptual art? When asked if he had experienced a bizarre run-in of this sort before, Sternbeck replied with an amused “no.” What do you think of this strange occurrence in the woods, dear readers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and, in the meantime, check out some of the best art bloopers from 2012. NEWS DESk

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For the mind disturbed, the still beauty of dawn is nature’s finest balm. — Edwin Way Teale

Moss thinks it’s funny to read ‘Fifty shades’ out loud

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Photographer captures incredible lightning storm


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Why these air hostess ask me to pull up window shade, don’t use my iPad and pull my seat upright.....why!!!


ARTIN Rietze, the photographer behind the website Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth, is willing to do whatever it takes to get a great photo — even if that means inching towards a volcanic explosion while scalding lava spews into the air and lightning strikes from dark clouds above. Rietze is a “volcano-chaser,” according to the Daily Mail, a particular breed of photographer who takes big risks for big shots. He was able to capture destructive and beautiful forces of nature at work on a trip to Japan in February. His photos show the Sakurajima Volcano, an active volcanic who’s record-breaking 1914 eruption sent lava flows across the island. After hours of silence, a lightning storm exploded above the volcano, Rietze notes on his website. During the 20-second storm, where bolts of lightning froze molten lava into dangerous lava bombs, Rietze snapped these fire and brimstone images and made a quick get-away. “If fitted with a proper gas mask, helmet and protective clothing, you can stand a few dozen feet away from boiling lava lakes. It is an experience you will never forget,” Rietze told the Daily Mail in an interview. The risk paid off. On Monday one of Rietze’s photos was picked as NASA’s Astronomy Photo of the Day.

Mehr tarar One (cricket) superstar who lived up to the title. The other superstar who lost it along the way. #IK #ShahidAfridi

MonI MohsIn Hai, I’m so looking forward to next year when we’ll all be parha likha and have full bijli, full employment, no terrorism...

KaMIla shaMsIe

@DalrympleWill The 80s produced far more extraordinary writing in Pak. But it wasn’t in English so the ‘rest of the world’ not interested.

NEWS DESK Kate Moss did her part to raise money for Red Nose Day today. Rather than sporting the official designer T-shirts or donating one of her many fashion items to a charity auction, the Brit decided to do something a little out of the box: She read “50 Shades Of Grey” live on the radio. To give you some context, Kate teamed up with friend and Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw to encourage his listeners to raise £200,000 for Comic Relief. Their reward? The tightlipped model would read a steamy passage from the erotic novel on air. Needless to say, the donations exceeded the requested amount. After announcing that they had raised over £200,000, the host said it was finally time for “50 Shades Of Kate.” Ms. Moss, who sounded genuinely nervous, giggled and said, “There’s a reason I don’t talk,” before launching into her reading: “I’m rendered speechless by the look of hunger in his eyes ... Suddenly, he reaches for me, backing me up against the wall... “ We’ll let you listen to the clip below to hear all of the explicit details Kate uttered in the name of charity. Red Nose Day takes place tomorrow if you can think up any more ways to get the Vogue cover girl to speak again... or maybe she could just bake some treats like Samantha Cameron did? Either way.

THE GREAT GATSBy 27 March 1925 The Great Gatsby F Scott Fitzgerald Chatto & Windus, 7s

First reviews of classic books

Justin BieBer apologises for attacking

LinDsAy LoHAn

Mr Fitzgerald’s story of New York’s Bohemian and Smart Sets has qualities that remove it from the ruck of such novels. The Great Gatsby himself is drawn with spirit and insight and humour, a man who, though many kinds of rogue, is yet an idealist and dreamer of dreams. When we first meet him, Gatsby is the centre of a flamboyant society that sponges upon, despises and slanders him. He is living in an enormous and pretentious mansion on Long Island, where he keeps open house. We soon learn that this ostentation of wealth is but a means to an end. During the war Gatsby, a young officer with nothing but his pay, had met and loved a young woman of the established rich and his love had been returned. This girl is now married to a wealthy man of her own class who is notoriously unfaithful to her. They are living on Long Island and Gatsby is there to meet her. He does, and for a time it seems that he will succeed in winning her from her husband, but in the end she cheats him, and he is killed in error by a man whom the husband has wronged. Mr Fitzgerald is a satirist with a pretty thick velvet glove. When the narrator of the story tells the unhappy Gatsby that he is the best of the bunch, we agree.

Justin Bieber is apologising for attacking troubled star Lindsay Lohan during his rant on Instagram. The 19-year-old singer made a case for himself during a lengthy post on the social networking sites where he blamed media for publicising his bad boy image. “ those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements :),” Bieber wrote. The popstar realised his mistake soon and removed the comment before posting it again and the singer has now apologised, the TMZ reported. “My post was only up for a few minutes but I realized right away that what I said at the end was wrong and distracted from what I was trying to say. I immediately deleted it and rewrote it so it would show what I was really feeling and those words are up now,” he said. With his relationship with media hitting an all time low, popstar Justin Bieber took to Instagram to address rumours of meltdown and bad behaviour in a lengthy post. The 19-year-old popstar wants his fans to believe that what he is going through is simply growing up pain. “Letting u know first hand how I feel rather than have these story linger. I’m a good person with a big heart. And don’t think I deserve all this negative press (sic),” the singer wrote. Bieber had a rough month which saw him getting booed by fans for arriving late during his show in London and then he ended up in hospital after collapsing on stage. He was also involved in a spat with a photographer. “All this isn’t easy. I get angry sometimes. I’m human. I’m gonna make mistakes. In gonna grow and get better from them. But all the love from you guys overcomes the negativity. I love u. Thanks (sic),” Bieber said in the post. “I’m 19 with 5 number one albums, 19 and I’ve seen the whole world. 19 and I’ve accomplished more than I could’ve ever dreamed of, I’m 19 and it must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning. I know my talent level and I know I got my head on straight.” “If anyone believes I need rehab that’s their own own stupidity,” he wrote. NEWS DESk

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InfotaInMent Saturday, 16 March, 2013

Intelligence agencies keep things secret because they often violate the rule of law or of good behavior. –Julian Assange

Medieval knight’s remains found in edinburgh car park


Life might have existed on Mars Curiosity has concluded that Mars could have supported living microbes. but, Sir Charles Shults said he was aware of the fact since 2004. Shults said he can back his statement with picture. he continued by saying, “When you see a picture of an elephant, you know your looking at an elephant. At some point you have to lower your guard and take the next leap”. it was through the help of freedom of information Act (foiA) requests that Shults was able to get a number from Mars rovers. After looking at those pictures, he realized that life had existed on the planet. While explaining his claim, Shults said that he came across some definite signs of aquatic fossils. it is now that Curiosity has said the same as they have found evidence. they have been able to find elements like hydrogen, oxygen, sulphur and carbon. lead scientist for NASA’s Mars mission, Michael Meyer, said that the main question for taking out the mission was to know that whether or not life existed on Mars. After carrying out an operation, it can be said that life has existed on Mars. NEWS DESk


HE remains of a medieval knight have been discovered underneath a car park that is being demolished at a city-centre building site. The skeleton was found in Edinburgh’s Old Town after archaeologists uncovered the corner of an elaborately decorated sandstone slab bearing markings of a member of the nobility – the carvings of the Calvary Cross and an ornate sword. An excavation of the immediate area uncovered the adult skeleton, which archaeologists said is likely to have once occupied the nearby grave. The discovery is being hailed as having the potential to be “one of the most significant and exciting archaeological discoveries in the city for years”. The find comes just a month after a skeleton unearthed in a car park in Leicester was confirmed as being that of the English king Richard III, who was killed in battle in 1485. Experts from the University of Leicester said DNA from the bones matched that of descendants from the monarch’s family.

It’s done so well at Twitter, the hashtag may soon have a job at Facebook, too. The social network is looking into using the symbol to organize conversations on the site, the Wall Street Journal reports. As with Twitter, Facebook users could potentially click on a hashtag to see what people are saying on a given topic. That could keep users on the site for longer, meaning more ad views, the Journal notes. (At Slate, Will Oremus says the Facebook move is “rather ingenious when you consider it from a business perspective.”) It’s not certain when Facebook would launch the feature. It’s all part of the increasing overlap between the two services, the Journal adds. Facebook has also added “subscriber” lists and in-post tags with the “@” sign, both moves reminiscent of its smaller rival. Facebook is now looking to be a “personalized newspaper” for users, echoing one of Twitter’s goals. For Twitter’s part, it has been making its service more conducive to advertising. NEWS DESk

“We used to take breaks between classes just a few feet away in the building’s doorway and at that time the grave was lying under the car park.” Mr Murray is working as part of a team for Edinburghbased Headland Archaeology, which is carrying out archaeological services for the project. The excavation also revealed several more human burials, includi n g children, with the bodies lying in an eastwest location, which is typical of Christ i a n burials. T h e burial sites will be fully excavated and remains will be removed from the site before being re-interred at an appropriate location. Richard Lewis, culture convener at Edinburgh City Council, said that the council is aiming to preserve the remains of

waking under anaesthetic may be rarer than thought NEWS DESK

Facebook looks to use the hashtag

The latest skeleton find and grave, as well as the remains of a 13th-century monastery, were unearthed at High School Yards, off South Bridge, as the former car park was being cleared to make way for the construction of the University of Edinburgh’s new Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI). An analysis of the knight’s skeleton and teeth will be carried out to determine where he was born, what he ate, where he had been living and to work out what caused his death. The knight’s remains have also revealed the exact location of Blackfriars Monastery, which was founded in 1230 by Alexander II – king of Scotland from 1214 to 1249 – before it was destroyed during the Reformation. Ross Murray, the archaeologist who found the grave, studied at the university’s former archaeology building, which until 2010 was located at High School Yards, just a few feet from where the knight’s grave was discovered. He said: “We knew the history of the High School Yards site while we were studying here, but I never imagined I would be back here to make such an incredible discovery.

‘Surgery shock’ announces the Daily Mirror, warning that, ‘150 patients woke up during operations last year and many couldn’t alert the doctor.’ It’s unsurprising that a tabloid headline plays on our nightmares – being awake but unable to move during surgery sounds like something out of a horror film. In fact, the news is based on a study looking at the number of patients who experience ‘accidental awareness’ after being given a general anaesthetic. Researchers found that the incidence of accidental awareness was actually far lower than expected. Contrary to the impression given by the Mir-

ror, only 46 incidents happened during operations in a one-year period. Previous research calculated the incidence of accidental awareness as between one and two per 1,000 general anaesthetics given. This study, based on a survey of senior UK anaesthetists, found a far lower rate of only around one in 15,000. More reassuringly still, two-thirds of patients who woke up “reported feeling no pain or distress”. The findings of this study need to be viewed with some caution, however. Survey data has limitations: as the authors note, it is possible that cases of accidental awareness may have been either under- or over-reported.

Isle of wight dinosaur bones being restored NEWS DESK Experts are restoring the bones of a 12ft (3.6m) dinosaur unearthed on the Isle of Wight. The Valdosaurus, a plant eating reptile, was found by a walker who spotted bones sticking out from mud on the island’s south west coast. Encased in sandstone, the skeleton has been excavated in seven blocks by experts from the Dinosaur Isle Museum. Restoration is expected to take several months, and the bones will then go on display at the museum in Yaverland.

the monastery and the 16th-century high school in situ due to their potential national significance as excavation would lead to their complete destruction. “We hope to find out more about the person buried in the tomb once we remove the headstone, but our archaeologists have already dated the gravestone to the 13th century. “This find has the potential to be one of the most significant and exciting archaeological discoveries in the city for many years, providing us with yet more clues to what life was like in medieval Edinburgh.” Andy Kerr, director of the ECCI, said: “This knight is an extraordinary and exciting find.” High School Yards has a l w a y s been a significant architectural site and as well as the monastery it has housed two further significant buildings – the 16th-century Royal High School and the 18thcentury Old High School.

Holocaust survivor’s search for lost twin goes viral Menachem Bodner doesn’t remember the horrors he suffered as an experiment subject of Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz. But he knows he had a twin brother, and deep down always believed he was alive somewhere. Now, thanks to help from a genealogist, the 72-year-old has proof his brother, Jolli, survived the camp, and he’s enlisting the Internet to help find him, the Daily Beast reports. The search began when Ayana KimRon spotted a post from Bodner’s partner’s cousin on a genealogical message board, and found a Nazi record showing a pair of twins who were “identified as having been liberated at Auschwitz.” After a host of leads turned out to be dead ends, KimRon created a Facebook page titled “A7734,” Bodner’s brother’s tattoo number. Within a day a photo of the young Bodner had been shared 23,000 times (it’s now up to almost 48,000), and racked up 1.13 million views. “I’m going to maximize the Internet,” KimRon promises, with a Twitter account already up and a YouTube channel in the works. So far, there have been no leads to Jolli—but KimRon has found nearly 70 of Bodner’s extended family members. “I was shocked,” says Bodner, who lives in a suburb of Tel Aviv. “I thought that nobody would look for me. I had a dream to find someone. It made my dreams come true.” NEWS DESk

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It was almost expected that if they can’t get us on a spinning track, they will prepare a green wicket. They will also have to play on this wicket, so the problems will be similar for them – Mushfiqur Rahim


sPoRTs saturday, 16 March, 2013



N intriguing second day at Basin Reserve, which billowed one way then another in the buffeting Wellington wind, finally settled in England’s favour as they took three top-order New Zealand wickets to take control of the second Test. New Zealand’s bowlers, under the cosh when the day began at 267 for 2, had made light of their onerous workload of the past week, sustained by some resilient left-arm spin from Bruce Martin, whose slower pace produced figures of 4 for 130 and a degree of turn not matched by Monty Panesar later in the day, and some determinedly enterprising captaincy in the face of adversity by Brendon McCullum. But it all came to naught as Matt Prior advanced his reputation as one of the most dangerous wicketkeeper-batsmen of the modern era with a counter-attacking 82 from 99 balls. However much Tim Southee, the senior member of New Zealand’s attack, had insisted after the first Test in Dunedin that “bodies were recharged,” under Prior’s assault they drained faster than an old Galaxy Ace. England then inflicted further wounds with the ball. Peter Fulton succumbed to some aggressive new-ball bowling, clumping footwork causing him to edge James Anderson to slip, then just as New Zealand seemed to have weathered the storm, Stuart Broad picked up two wickets in successive balls. If Hamish Rutherford left rueing a poor shot, Broad cleaned up Ross Taylor first ball in impressive fashion. An improving weather forecast, which now suggests the rain that a droughtstricken city is longing for may be delayed until Monday, will invite England optimism that there is still time to force victory. This was all hard on New Zealand,

sehwag facing biggest challenge of career: Kumble SPORTS DESK Former India captain Anil Kumble believes Virender Sehwag is facing the biggest challenge of his career, after being dropped from the Test team during the current series against Australia due to poor form. In a syndicated column that appeared on Friday, Kumble wrote that despite the 34-year-old Sehwag not getting any younger, it is vital that India continue to have an experienced hand on the other end who can guide the youth during overseas tours. India have dropped both Gautam Gambhir and Sehwag, who have been the established openers for the team over the last few years. This is India’s last Test assignment at home before they embark on overseas tours to South Africa, New Zealand and England. “He is the kind of individual who requires plenty of support rather than being put on notice, with a sword dangling over his head everytime he goes to bat,” Kumble wrote. “Having said that, I feel it is going to be tough for him to make a comeback.” Kumble stated that he is a firm believer in investing in youth, but that should not be done at the expense of experience, as the balance between the two is important if India are to move forward. The conditions in South Africa, England and New Zealand are vastly different from those that the Indian players are used to in the subcontinent. “Several of the younger batsmen have had little or no experience of batting in South Africa in Tests,” he wrote. “They need wise heads to shepherd them through arduous challenges early in their career. That’s where the experience of a Sehwag or a Gambhir will come in handy.” Kumble wants a plan to be put into place soon by the BCCI, so that India can make the appropriate selection calls ahead of these important series.

AFter MAKinG 465

whose four-strong attack had struck back gamely on the second morning. Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell and Joe Root all succumbed as England, superior overnight at 267 for 2, leant heavily on Kevin Pietersen and later Prior to complete their innings at tea content with their lot. Southee began with an impressive spell as England mustered only 17 in the first 10 overs. He had little luck as Bell’s edge fell short of the slips and Pietersen top-edged a hook through the despairing fingers of the wicketkeeper, BJ Watling. He spent a short time off the field because he was feeling sick and when he finished wicketless he must have been feeling sicker still. Pietersen responded to the arrival of the left-arm spinner Martin by driving his first ball for six, but any ambitions that Martin would provide England with an outlet were also stymied. Only with lunch approaching did Pietersen seem to get Martin’s measure. Bell had an attack of the Ahmedabads. He had fallen first ball to the left-arm spinner, Pragyan Ojha in Ahmedabad, dancing down the pitch to try to loft him over the top in what smacked off a crazily preconceived plan. It was far from the first ball this time - he had batted for more than an hour - but the outcome was just the same as he failed to deposit Martin down the ground and Fulton ran back from mid-off to hold a neat, swirling catch. Martin, tossing the ball high, found appreciable turn, and he also unpicked Root, who tried to carve him through cover off the front foot and edged a turning delivery to slip. It was an ugly, misconceived shot and Root stomped off with a farmer’s gait. His start to international cricket has been something of a fairy story and disappointments such as this are


ENGLAND 1st innings AN Cook* c Fulton b Wagner 17 100 NRD Compton c Taylor b martin 121 IJL Trott c †Watling b boult 73 kP Pietersen c Fulton b martin 11 IR bell c Fulton b martin JE Root c †Watling b martin 10 mJ Prior† c Wagner b Williamson 82 SCJ broad c †Watling b boult 6 24 ST Finn c mcCullum b Wagner Jm Anderson not out 8 0 mS Panesar c Taylor b Williamson EXTRAS (lb 3, w 7, nb 3) 13 TOTAL 465 FALL OF WICkETS 1-26 (Cook, 10.1 ov), 2-236 (Compton, 73.5 ov), 3-267 (Trott, 91.1 ov), 4-302 (bell, 106.2 ov), 5-325 (Root, 112.6 ov), 6-366 (Pietersen, 124.2 ov), 7-374 (broad, 125.3 ov), 8-457 (Finn, 145.1 ov), 9-465 (Prior, 146.2 ov), 10-465 (Panesar, 146.5 ov) bOWLING TG Southee 32-9-77-0, TA boult 30-4-117-2, N Wagner 33-5122-2, bP martin 48-11-130-4, kS Williamson 3.5-0-16-2 NEW zEALAND 1st innings 1 PG Fulton c Cook b Anderson 23 HD Rutherford c Cook b broad 32 kS Williamson not out LRPL Taylor b broad 0 DG brownlie not out 8 EXTRAS (nb 2) 2 66 TOTAL TO bAT bb mcCullum*, bJ Watling†, TG Southee, bP martin, N Wagner, TA boult FALL OF WICkETS 1-6 (Fulton, 6.2 ov), 2-48 (Rutherford, 21.3 ov), 3-48 (Taylor, 21.4 ov) bOWLING Jm Anderson 10-3-17-1, ST Finn 7-1-11-0, SCJ broad 7-0-18-2, mS Panesar 9-3-20-0 match details Toss New zealand, who chose to field Player of the match tba umpires Asad Rauf (Pakistan) and RJ Tucker (Australia) TV umpire PR Reiffel (Australia) match referee RS mahanama (Sri Lanka) Reserve umpire GAV baxter

inevitable.Pietersen has been variously ailing, the knee trouble which hampered him in Dunedin now joined by a dicky back which he stretched gingerly during his innings. He seems in the sort of state where he should not grip an autograph hunter’s

pen too tightly. But there was danger in his vulnerable body and he reached 73 before he was goaded into trying to hit Martin over

India inch ahead on hard-fought day MOHALI



Australia’s batsmen did their homework, fought hard and showed the right attitude. Yet they found themselves nursing a manifestly inadequate firstinnings total for the third Test in a row, a tally of 273 for 7 at the close looking all too anaemic on the best surface of the series in Mohali. For most of the second day, which served as the first due to a wash out on Thursday, India’s bowlers toiled without much effect. David Warner and Ed Cowan fashioned an intelligent opening stand, the recalled Steven Smith demonstrated considerable poise at No. 5, and even the flown-in Brad Haddin started his punchy innings with a straight six. But there were too many moments of familiar inattention to allow the tourists to gain a proper toehold. All this despite the suspension of four players designed to focus the minds and actions of the squad. The captain Michael Clarke skipped presumptuously down the pitch first ball after promoting himself to No. 3, Phillip Hughes maintained his unabated Indian nightmare with a pained 31-ball stay for 2, and Cowan found similarly terminal quicksand in the 80s. R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja and the recalled Pragyan Ojha all had their moments, and on a pitch offering him the merest extra ration of pace Ishant Sharma joined them with an important old-ball spell as the shadows lengthened around

AuSTRALIA EJm Cowan c kohli b Ashwin 86 DA Warner c †Dhoni b Jadeja 71 mJ Clarke* st †Dhoni b Jadeja 0 PJ Hughes c †Dhoni b Ojha 2 SPD Smith not out 58 bJ Haddin† b Sharma 21 mC Henriques b Sharma 0 Pm Siddle lbw b Jadeja 0 mA Starc not out 20 EXTRAS (b 4, lb 8, nb 3) 15 TOTAL 273 TO bAT XJ Doherty, Nm Lyon FALL OF WICkETS 1-139 (Warner, 47.5 ov), 2-139 (Clarke, 47.6 ov), 3-151 (Hughes, 59.3 ov), 4-198 (Cowan, 77.6 ov), 5-244 (Haddin, 93.1 ov), 6-244 (Henriques, 93.3 ov), 7-251 (Siddle, 98.1 ov) bOWLING b kumar 7-0-38-0, I Sharma 21-7-41-2, R Ashwin 33-8-641, PP Ojha 21-4-62-1, RA Jadeja 22-6-56-3 INDIA TEAm S Dhawan, m Vijay, CA Pujara, SR Tendulkar, V kohli, RA Jadeja, mS Dhoni*†, R Ashwin, PP Ojha, b kumar, I Sharma match details Toss Australia, who chose to bat Test debut S Dhawan (India) Player of the match tba umpires Aleem Dar (Pakistan) and RA kettleborough (England) TV umpire S Asnani match referee RS madugalle (Sri Lanka) Reserve umpire Rm Deshpande

a near-deserted PCA Stadium. Some quick wickets on the third morning and India will have the better part of two days to bat Australia out of the series. Ojha’s inclusion for Harbhajan Singh was one of two alterations to the Indian team victorious in Hyderabad, Virender Sehwag also dropped for the left-hand batsman Shikhar Dhawan to debut. The visitors’ changes had been largely forced by the suspension of four players plus an ankle injury to Matthew

Wade, leaving Haddin to come in as the wicketkeeper while Smith slotted into the top six and Mitchell Starc and Nathan Lyon were recalled. The most nervous moment of the morning arrived when Warner chopped Bhuvneshwar Kumar past leg stump and to the fine leg rope, though he also mistimed a drive at Ishant Sharma that lobbed narrowly out of the tall fast man’s reach and scooted to the straight boundary.

the infield and, even with a strong wind behind him, picked out Fulton halfway back to the boundary at mid-off.

My best performance ever: shillingford BRIDGETOWN: West Indies offspinner Shane Shillingford has a ten-wicket haul against Australia, but he rated his matchwinning effort against Zimbabwe in Barbados as the best performance of his budding career. Shillingford’s 9 for 107 helped West Indies achieve their fifth consecutive Test victory, beating Zimbabwe by nine wickets in two days and two hours at Kensington Oval. “I would rate this as my best performance ever. When I got the ten wickets against Australia last year, we didn’t win the match, so there wasn’t anything to celebrate,” Shillingford said after his team had taken a 1-0 lead in the series. “Today I got six, and ended with nine in the match. We have something to celebrate - we won the match [by a] big [margin] and I’m happy to be part of it. That makes it special.” Shillingford’s performance in the second innings - 6 for 49 - was his career best and it helped dismiss Zimbabwe for 109, giving West Indies a target of 12. He used his height to good effect, extracting considerable bounce from a pitch that offered spin as well, and his variety offbreaks, straighter ones, and changes in pace and trajectory - challenged the batsmen. “I was quite surprised to see how helpful the pitch was from the first day, so I decided to exploit it,” he said. “I was able to get spin and bounce and that was great for me. I knew after that, all I had to do was get the ball in the right areas and I would get my reward.” It was also his return to Test cricket too, having last played a solitary match on the tour of England in May 2012. He had been selected ahead of Sunil Narine and Veerasammy Permaul on the back of a strong first-class performance - 24 wickets in three matches this season. “I played a couple of games here during the first-class season and picked up wickets,” Shillingford said. “I just gave it my all. AGENCIES

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He knows all the youngsters, including the fringe players, very well by now, so it was important to keep the same bond going for a developing side – BCCI




saturday, 16 March, 2013

south Africa bowled out for 191 in rain-hit oDi CENTURION



OUTH Africa were bowled out for 191 in the reduced limit of 44 overs against Pakistan in the second ODI at Centurion. Pakistan had a great start as the tall pacer Mohammad Irfan and Junaid Khan worked well in tandem to reduce the home side to 62 for five in only the 11th over. Irfan started the proceedings by dismissing opener Hashim Amla (17) who chased a wide delivery and edged to wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal. The centurion from the first ODI, Colin Ingram walked in next but was forced to walk back immediately as he was controversially adjudged out by third umpire Kumar Dharmasena. Skipper AB de Villiers was Ifran’s third victim as the former was in two minds and ended up giving a catch to Younis Khan at second slip. At this stage the Proteas were struggling at 35 for three in the seventh

BCCi to meet about massive tax bill SPORTS DESK Friday will be a busy day at the Cricket Centre - the BCCI headquarters in Mumbai - with a host of meetings lined up. The most important will be the working committee meeting to discuss the income tax department’s recent notice, and there will also be an IPL-centric conference. The tax authorities had slapped a Rs 2300 crore notice (approx. $433m) on the Indian board following a change in the BCCI’s objectives. As a result, the income tax department has not only demanded tax from the income generated through commercial properties, primarily the IPL, but they have also demanded taxes from the affiliated units of the BCCI for the share of IPL profits distributed among them. Following the notice, the BCCI in its working meeting on February 4 in Chennai, had formed a committee headed by treasurer Ajay Shirke to suggest the plan of action. With the financial year set to end on March 31, the deadline for the income tax notice, Shirke and his committee will present their suggestions to the working committee, which will then decide the course of action. Meanwhile, Friday is also likely to see the end of suspense over the venue for Pune Warriors’ home games.

over. Graeme Smith too couldn’t hang around for too long as he gave his wicket away to Junaid while Irfan struck to remove Faf du Plessis as the home side were reeling at 62 for five. Farhaan Behardien put on two crucial partnerships with Ryan McLaren and Robin Peterson to steady the ship before rain interrupted play in the 38th over. Play resumed after a while with the match shortened to 44 overs-a-side and the Proteas lost their remaining three wickets as they were bowled out for 191. Earlier, South Africa had recovered from a poor start to reach 177 for seven in the 39th over when rain suspended play. Irfan had reduced the hosts to 62 for five as he claimed four for 33 in a fiercesome spell of fast bowling on a wicket that has variable bounce. Farhaan Behardien (58) scored his maiden limited-over halfcentury before falling victim to Mohammad Hafeez shortly before the break. Robin Petersen was 39 not out and Kyle Abbott was unbeaten on four.

SCOREbOARD The second innings of the rain-marred match will be reported today. South Africa Hm Amla c kamran b Irfan 17 GC Smith c kamran b Junaid 10 CA Ingram c kamran b Irfan 0 Ab de Villiers c younis b Irfan 4 F du Plessis c & b Irfan 17 58 F behardien c malik b Hafeez R mcLaren lbw b Hafeez 17 44 RJ Peterson c Nasir b Ajmal kJ Abbott c Afridi b Ajmal 5 0 DW Steyn b Junaid LL Tsotsobe not out 0 Extras (lb 10, w 9) 19 191 Total (all out; 43.2 overs) Fall of wickets 1-26 (Amla, 4.2 ov), 2-26 (Ingram, 4.3 ov), 3-35 (de Villiers, 6.2 ov), 4-43 (Smith, 7.5 ov), 5-62 (du Plessis, 10.6 ov), 6-106 (mcLaren, 20.3 ov), 7-173 (behardien, 38.3 ov), 8-179 (Abbott, 39.1 ov), 9-191 (Steyn, 42.6 ov), 10-191 (Peterson, 43.2 ov) bowling: mohammad Irfan 7-0-33-4, Junaid khan 6-0-29-2, Saeed Ajmal 8.2-0-23-2, umar Gul 5-0-37-0, Shahid Afridi 80-24-0, mohammad Hafeez 9-0-35-2.

Martin makes his wait worth it



No New Zealand player had waited longer for a Test debut than Bruce Martin when he was handed his cap in Dunedin last week after 115 first-class matches. The contrast with the man he’s covering for could hardly be greater. Daniel Vettori made his debut, as a bespectacled 18-year-old, after two games in 1997. Vettori is hoping to make his first tentative steps back into action next week when he plays in the domestic Ford Trophy one-day competition having not appeared for New Zealand since the World Twenty20. Martin, with nine wickets in a Test-and-a-half, is comfortably the most successful standin they have had since the tour of West Indies last year. However, it would just be Martin’s luck if Vettori proved his fitness in time for the England tour in May. There is room for both in a squad, but missing out would not be a foreign concept for him. “I wish someone had picked two left-arm spinners. He was a thorn in my side, so to speak, but he was a good fella to learn off as well,” Martin said. Watching Martin bowl, it’s as though he has done more than just learn off Vettori with an action and delivery that looks like a clone. “Everyone says it, but

Ponting first int’l player to join CPL

it’s just the way I bowl. I happen to look a bit like him, without the glasses.” Before his recall to the squad that toured South Africa earlier this year, the closest Martin had come before was being in a squad against Australia in 2000. Yes, that’s right, when Vettori was injured. Thirteen years later, in Dunedin, his opportunity came and he finished with a highly creditable five wickets in the match. Four more followed in

England’s first innings at the Basin Reserve on a surface that “turned more than I’ve had this season.” It would have been five if the DRS had not been around to save Matt Prior from an lbw decision. “I’ve had 13 years to visualise playing Test cricket,” he said. “I’ve been playing this game for a long time in my head, so it’s nice to get out there and have a crack. Today was good, I picked up some pretty big wickets.”

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting has announced his participation in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), becoming the first international player to be involved in the newly formed T20 league. The CPL is scheduled to begin July 29, and will run till August 26. It will involve six franchise countries: Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago. So far there are six confirmed West Indian players for the tournament: Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Sunil Narine, and West Indies captain Darren Sammy. As of now, no decision has been made as to which franchise Ponting will be associated with. This is now Ponting’s fourth international T20 team, as he is already a part of the Mumbai Indians in the IPL, Hobart Hurricanes in the Big Bash League, and Surrey in English county cricket. The CPL will contract a total of 90 players, with each franchise team selecting 15 players. Just like the IPL, there are quotas regarding players playing under a certain age, and how many international players a team can field at one time. Each team can field a maximum of four international players, and must have at least four players under the age of 23, with the rest of the squad comprising of local regional players.

aCC level II Coaching Course concludes LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) gave a warm send-off to the participants of the Asian Cricket Council’s Level II Coaching Course Thursday (March 14, 2013) evening, with the Chairman PCB Ch. Zaka Ashraf hosting a dinner at the National Cricket Academy (NCA), Lahore. The ACC Level II Coaching Course concluded at the NCA earlier Thursday. The facilitation and expertise for the high profile continental course were provided by the PCB; the sixday course ran from March 9 to 14. Thanking the PCB at the dinner, Mr. Iqbal Sikandar, former Pakistan international who these days is associated with the ACC as its Development Officer, thanked the PCB Chairman for providing outstanding facilities and a great environment to the participants of the course. The UAE representative of Indian origin, Viramoorty Sockalingam, expressed appreciation for the wonderful hospitality offered by the PCB. “Before coming to

Pakistan I had some reservations but after visiting here, my perception about the country has completely changed. I felt very comfortable and secure in Lahore. It is a pity that international cricket is not being played in Pakistan, but I hope that it will soon return”. The participant from Oman, Ms Vaishali Madhursinh Jesrani was all praise for the facilities at the NCA and said that the course will be a great help in her career. In his address, the Chairman PCB urged the participants to take back home the positive message of goodwill from the Pakistanis. Ch. Zaka Ashraf also reassured the participants that the PCB will continue to play its role in the development of cricket worldwide, with particular emphasis on our region. The participants were trained and educated in a diverse variety of subjects essential in grooming and training. Such as: Advanced Skills in Bowling, Batting, Fielding, Wicket Keeping; Athlete Preparation; Physical Fitness; Game Sense Training; Sports Nutrition; Biomechanics

in Cricket and Sports Psychology during this endeavour. The NCA Elite coaches and support staff conducted this course along with Mr Rumesh Ratnayake (former Sri Lankan Test cricketer, currently the ACC Course Presenter), Mr Amin ul Islam (former Bangladeshi Test cricketer, presently ACC Course Presenter), Mr. Iqbal Sikandar

(former Pakistan international, currently the ACC Course Presenter). Selected by the ACC, the following 25 coaches belonging to seven Asian nations – the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran and Afghanistan – attended this high profile coaching course: Bacha Hussain, Sohail Shah, Sameer Nayak, Vaishali Jesrani, Soraya

Soltaninejad, Diana Barakzai, Syed Jameel Zaidi, Vinod Arjunan, Bhavesh Mehta, Mohammad Naeem Jan, Abbas Saad AlNadwi, Jawed Noori, Mirza Mohsin Baig, Abdul Rehman, Raees Ahmadzai, Asghar Ali Raeisi, Mujahid Zadran, Hisham Mirza, Ayub Iqbal, Mohd Jahangir, Zahid Shah, Shahzada Saleem, Jagat Joshi, Sajit Kumar, Sockalingam Vairamoorthy.

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17 S

Everyone is fit, all sixteen players are ready for selection, unless someone pulls up tomorrow morning –

sPoRTs saturday, 16 March, 2013



HE Punjab Youth Festival 2012 came to a close in one of the most amazing and fascinating ceremony here at the footsteps of the Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque, the Hazoori Bagh late on Thursday night. Guinness adjudicator Carlos Martinez while speaking on the occasion congratulated the people of Pakistan for creating a two dozen Guinness World Records since the Festival was launched last year. He also officially declared the Punjab Youth Festival the world’s largest event of this kind and also termed a phenomenon. “The records created in the festival were not less than a miracle. Guinness was in Pakistan for the first time in the history and I hope to be here again for more records. “The formation of largest flag, singing of the national anthem and the creation of the largest mosaic were an amazing acts of unity and discipline, said Carlos. He further said that Pakistan during the Punjab Youth Festival made 24 Guinness World Records and during his stay here he was touched by the hospitality of the people of Lahore. During the ceremony all the winners of the provincial level and those who wrote

the country’s names in the Guinness Book of World Records were given prize money. Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan, Director General Sports and Youth Affairs Usman Anwar, Provincial Education Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman, Former CCPO Aslam Tarin, Dr Saqib Aziz, secretary sports Dr Saqib Aziz with several other top officials of different departments were present on the occasion. Several artists including Fariha Pervaiz and Jawad Ahmed performed to entertain the winners of the festival. One of the most amazing performances was shown by the young gymnasts who created a big wall while standing on each other shoulders and they also surprised everyone by make fascinating waves. Speaking on the occasion Rana Mashhood Ahmed congratulated the entire nation for such a feast and also counted the achievements and promises fulfilled by the Punjab government. “It’s a day to rejoice for Punjab. It was not the initiative of a day or a thought. It was planned with proper strategy in the year 2009 by the government of Mian Shahbaz Sharif. Punjab is now an enlightened province and province which has awaken for progress and prosperity,” he said and added: “we fought dengue with courage, announce the youth policy and made every policy base on education and friendly norms.” He said the Punjab youth festival that

continued over a year portrayed a soft image of the country through a number of events and its international festival attracted teams from twenty eight countries.

“We have set new bench marks in the history of sports besides giving new dimensions to our youth to engage themselves in healthy activities “,he said adding “ The Punjab youth festival has

written new sports history in the country and it will go a long way in promoting sports in all part of Pakistan,” Later cash prizes were given to the winners.

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We have to take 20 wickets to win a Test match and have to think how we are going to take those 20 wickets – Angelo Mathews



inDiAn Govt JeoPArDises PAK-inDiA HoCKey series LAHORE



HE hockey series between Pakistan and India was called off Friday after the Indian government declined to give the go-ahead owing to deteriorating relations between the two countries. The Pakistan hockey squad had been scheduled to visit India for five games from April 5-15. India was due to play five games in Pakistan from April 23-May 2. Secretary, Pakistan Hockey Federation, Muhammad Asif Bajwa said on Saturday that refusal of Indian government to send its Pakistan has ruined the bilateral hockey series which was to be played next month. “Indian Governments negative attitude has suspended this series and it is quite unfortunate for hockey in sub-continent,” he told newsmen at a press conference here on Friday at national hockey stadium. Pak-India were all set to resume a bilateral series in which Pak team was to visit India first from April 5-15 followed by a return visit of the Indian side from April 23 to May 4. Each team was to play five matches each on home and away basis. He said Hockey India has informed PHF that their Government has not granted them the permission to send its team to Pakistan due to which this series is not going to take place. PHF official termed Indian Government decision a “ negative gesture

nadal thrashes Federer at indian wells INDIAN WELLS: Rafael Nadal eased to a 6-4 6-2 win over Roger Federer in the quarter-finals of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. The fifth seed recently returned from seven months out with knee problems but showed no signs of discomfort as he dismantled his old rival in their first meeting since the semi-finals of this tournament last year, booking a last-four clash with Tomas Berdych. Indeed, if there were any injury questions they were aimed at Federer, who suffered a back twinge earlier in the tournament and did not appear to be moving entirely freely. World number two Federer saved a break point in game five with an ace, but could not repeat the feat two games later when Nadal came from 40-15 down and sealed the break when he easily passed the advancing Swiss. Federer held on when, for the third service game in a row, he was in trouble, forcing Nadal to serve the set out at 5-4. But there was little he could do to hurt the serve of the Spaniard, who took the first set in dominant fashion. There was more of the same as Nadal broke to love at the start of the second set and with Federer not looking comfortable and seemingly losing interest the Spaniard increased his advantage to 3-0. But the Swiss finally broke the Nadal serve to get on the board at 3-1, then made it two games in a row. A big inside-out forehand gave him a sniff of a chance at 15-30 in the next Nadal service game, but he twice found the net and the world number five held on. Federer saved two break points in his next service game but succumbed the third time when he could not deal with Nadal’s deep return. That left Nadal serving for the match at 5-2 and he did so to 15 to complete a comprehensive victory, improving his record against his rival to 19-10. AGENCIES

“ to harm the interest of hockey and called for keeping away politics from sports. He pointed out that PHF will not send its junior team to India for taking part in Junior World Cup later this year. “ If they don’t want to send their team to Pakistan we will not be taking part in any international hockey event taking place in India “,he asserted. Bajwa said a lot of hard work was made to resume the bilateral hockey series after a gap of six years and when the stage was set to roll this event in action, the Indian Government once again showed a negative gesture by not allowing its team for taking part in the series. “Sports give the message of peace and through sporting events people from various nations come closer and the decision of Indian Government has

damaged the cause of hockey in the subcontinent,” he said. PHF official said the matter of Indian governments refusal will be put before the Pakistan Government and the executive board of PHF to draw a line of action in the light of decision taken by the Pak government on this issue. “Now on our participation in the hockey events being held in India is conditioned with our governments stance and we will not be making any commitment as PHF always showed a positive gesture by welcoming any such move to resume hockey series or events between Pak-India,” he said. To a question, he said, they are updating the International Hockey Federation and Asian Hockey Federation on this issue.

“Indian government first granted permission to Hockey India for the series and then backed out of its earlier decision which is quite shocking and a step forward to harm the interest of the game in the region “,he said. Secretary PHF said due to security concerns foreign teams are not willing to visit Pakistan to play hockey but P[HF was in process of dialogue with some hockey nations to arrange an international hockey event in Pakistan. “It is a challenging task (to bring back international hockey to Pakistan) and it needs a long term process but we have not lost the hope and are doing our best to have international hockey events in Pakistan in due course of time. “The external affairs ministry has advised us not to go ahead with the hockey matches, so we are not going ahead with the series respecting their decision,” Hockey India secretary-general Narinder Batra said in a statement. Relations between the two countries have been on the downslide since skirmishes along the border in January, causing other sports to also be affected. India’s hanging last month of a Kashmiri convicted in a terror attack has further soured relations. India reacted strongly to a resolution adopted by Pakistan’s National Assembly condemning the execution of Afzal Guru, who was convicted in a deadly 2001 attack on the Indian parliament, calling it an interference in its internal affairs. The Pakistan cricket team visited India in December-January for a short limited-overs series before the deterioration of relations.

andy Murray wants a British successor for lTa SPORTS DESK Andy Murray has called on British tennis to stop its infighting as the Lawn Tennis Association launches its search to replace chief executive Roger Draper, whose September departure was announced on Wednesday. The world No 3 believes that the next LTA chief should be British but does not know who the right man, or woman, for the job might be. All he does know is that there are plenty of candidates – and that his mother, Judy, will not be throwing her hat in the ring. “She won’t be doing that job,” Murray said with a broad smile. “There are a lot of great people in British tennis and none of them see eye


saturday, 16 March, 2013

to eye. None of them speak to each other. “I think if everyone got in a room

and actually was mature about it and gave their opinions and put them across, I think they could come up with pretty good solutions. “I think it’s fine to go elsewhere for certain things, for certain expertise, but the people who genuinely care about the game in the UK are going to be British so I think it’s important to make sure that you get all of those people – guys who have been at the top of the game, coaches who have produced players – try and get them involved, try and get that passion back. “And from their side – because I’ve seen it and I’ve read about it – just stop the negativity and do something constructive with your ideas instead of just panning the LTA.

wAtCh It LIve ESPN Barclays League: Southampton vs. Liverpool

8:24 PM

STAR SPORTS 3rd test: India V Australia

09:00 AM

Kinnaird beat LC Club LAHORE: Kinnaird College beat Lahore College Cricket Club by by 37 runs in the 7th Regional Inter-District Women Cricket Championship (seniors) 2013 Lahore College won the toss and chose the field first. Kinnaird Club scored 127 in 20 overs. Irum Javaid 29, Aliya Riaz 37 not out. Sidra Amin 17, Sana Mir 14. Lahore College Maria Nazir took 3 wickets. Lahore College scored 90 in 20 overs. Marina Iqbal 36 not out, Zeba Manzoor 17. Irum Javaid, Kanwal Francis, Sana Mir, Anum Amin shared one wicket each. Today CL Cricket Club vs Lahore College Cricket Club at Punjab Women Cricket Academy ground. Shah Faysal Club vs Garrision Club at LCCA ground. STAFF REPORT

Dharampura Club beat Pioneer LAHORE: Dharampura Club beat Pioneer Club by 94 runs in a friendly T20 match at Dharampura Ground. Dharam pura cricket club managed to post a huge total of 314-8 wickets in 20 overs. Top scorers were Ehtesham Butt 103, Ali Ahmed 80, Hasan Azam 2-60, Mohd Rizwan 2-30, Kh Abid 2-60. Pioneer Club could only reach 220 for four wickets in 20 overs. Kh Abid 55 not out, Awab Usmanee 56 not out, Tasawar Ahmed 70 were top performers fron Pioneer Club while Jehanzeb Ahmed from Dharam pura cricket club took 330. Ehtesham Butt was declared the Man of match. STAFF REPORT

inter-varsity Judo LAHORE: The 2ndInter-University Judo Championship for women will be held from tomorrow, Saturday at Islamabad. Qauid-e-Azam University in collaboration with Pakistan Judo Federation (PJF) and Higher Education commission is organizing the meet. Bouts will be held in -40Kg, -44Kg,48Kg, -52Kg, -57Kg,-63Kg,-70Kg and Open weight categories. In all 130 players belonging to various universities will feature in the event. PJF in league with is fully committed to promote Judo among woman and the championship will help in spotting new talent. STAFF REPORT

2nd ICaP Golf at Royal Palm LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The 2nd ICAP Golf Tournament 2013, a corporate sports related initiative of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, will go into competitive gear at the challenging, yet beautiful, par 72 Royal Palm Golf Course on Saturday (March 16). Normally, Chartered Accountants and corporate leaders are considered sports shy and focused on their professional pursuits only, but here we have some eager ones out to correct this wrong impression , as industry and corporate leaders like Tariq Saigol, Shahazad Hussain and Asif Bajwa stated that they are in total agreement with experts opinion that sports add a spark to life and help to complement energies that are so essential for meeting major challenges. Hence we see a line up of 132 golfers for Saturday and many of them have urged for inclusion as competitors to test their own golfing skills and even vie for glory and

acheivement The Chairman of the Organizing Committee,Hafiz Muhammed Yousaf is a Chartered Accountant himself, loves golf and is passionate about luring golfers to the playing arena. Supported by Bank Alfalah, the event promises extremely heart warming prizes for the winners and a goodie bag for each participating golfer. Draws for the championship will be prepared by Iftikhar Taj Mian while Naeem Akhter, Vice President ICAP will be protocol man for the huge occasion. Twenty of the participants are golfers of prominence and will add color to the occasion with exhibition of quality golf and make life difficult for irregular ones who will find accuracy in hitting compromised because their swings are rusty and tiredness taking over, once they are through with the first nine holes. And mind you eighteen holes of golf can be exhausting for those golfers who choose to stay away from the golf course, yet think that golf is not too physically demanding.

A large number of the contenders are single handicappers who can carve a winning path, through steady play and in the 2nd ICAP Golf Tournament many of them look forward to some stunning scores. Sardar Murad a three handicapper is a mighty hitter of the ball and stated that “I am playing well these days and though I expect to do well,I cannot guarantee victory as there many in the line up for Saturdays competition who can emerge dominant”. And yes with names like Amir Mehmood, Omer Salamat,Azfar Hassan, Shoaib Bokhari, Shoaeb Shams and Shahid Abbas appearing as contenders, the going will definitely be tough. However from them, ample birdies and regulation pars are expected to be the order of the day and in perfect playing conditions the golf will certainly be of a high standard. Col (r) Jamil, the Director Golf stated: “The greens are true and roll perfect and golfers including the high handicappers will enjoy their putting without any fear of putting jitters”.

Royal palm golf course prepare for hosting a Golf event.

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saturday, 16 March, 2013



ORMER prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Friday submitted an Intra-Court Appeal (ICA) before the Supreme Court, pleading for removal of his disqualification stigma. The former premier moved the ICA in person under Section 19 of the Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003, challenging the judgement of a sevenmember bench of April 26, 2012.

The larger bench had convicted and sentenced Gilani till rising of the court for the offence under Article 204 (2) of the constitution read with Section 3 of the Contempt of the Court Ordinance 2003, for not writing a letter to the Swiss authorities under its directive contained in the National Reconciliation Ordinance judgement (NRO). Gilani, in his plea, said that his decision for not writing a letter to the Swiss authorities was based upon approval of the cabinet and was the requirement of his office as chief executive of the country. “The appellant has been convicted and resultantly disqualified for five years for an act, which was not personal and the stigma suffered by the appellant was personal and likely to ruin appellant’s political career,” he added.

He said that he had never received a contempt notice and could never think of committing a contempt of court. Recounting his services to the people during his long political career, he said that he was erroneously convicted in contempt of court though his stance was vindicated by subsequent order of the court regarding presidential immunity from prosecution under Article 248 of the Constitution. He contended that his act for not writing a letter was performed in the discharge of his official functions as the prime minister and the new prime minister also took a similar stand before this court but there was shift in the official policy of the government. Gilani said that his services to the rule of law and restoration of judiciary were well known as he had also participated in the restoration of

judiciary movement and even before taking oath as the prime minister, he first ordered release of all deposed judges of the superior courts. A sevenmember bench of the apex court headed by Justice Nasirul Mulk had convicted Gilani in NRO implementation case and sentenced him until rising of the court on April 26, 2012. On June 19, 2012, a three-member bench of the top court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry had disqualified Gilani from holding a seat of the

na term ends on a disappointing note for hindus ISLAMABAD FAIQ CHuGTAI

Despite being successful in completing its 5 years tenure, the parliament failed to pass an important legislation aimed at addressing the woes of Scheduled Caste Hindu community, Pakistan Today has learnt. Hindu Marriage Registration Act was presented in National Assembly on October 10, 2011 and representatives of all major political parties had pledged its earlier passage before the tenure of the current legislative assembly expired. On the contrary, it seems that the government and the political leadership forgot about the minority community. While addressing a press conference at the National Press Club, representatives of Scheduled Caste Hindu community expressed their grief and disappointment at the failure of legislatures to understand the importance of having a marriage registration law for Scheduled Caste Hindus. Shakuntala Devi said, “A draft on Hindu Marriage Registration Act was presented to Ministry of Minority Affairs in 2008 which was later taken up by the National Commission on Status of Women who referred to the Ministry of Human Rights in 2011. We started our struggle in 2009 with a hope that the current parliament would make a law for us”. She added, “It has now been over four years that we have been waging a struggle

for our rights. In 2011, a bill was presented in national assembly for legislation of a law to register Hindu marriage but so far there has been no reported progress. Hindu women are being constantly victimised as, in absence of a marriage law, they remain deprived of basic social, political and economic rights”. Scheduled Caste Hindus in Pakistan have been struggling for social justice and raising voice against discrimination being meted out to them on daily basis. They have loudly been speaking of their insecurities in terms of abduction and conversion of their girls and women. Local landlords used to abduct married Schedule Caste Hindu girls, forced them to convert to Islam and marry them against their will because they knew that their husbands would not be able to produce any legal evidence of the earlier marriage. Moreover, if Scheduled Caste Hindus wanted to travel to other cities of Pakistan, they could get a room in any of the hotels because of their inability to produce the legal marriage document. While seeking National Identity Card, they cannot claim to be husband and wife because of the lack of documented evidence. Since the draft act was taken up by the parliament, they were very happy that it would soon become a law. But now it has become clear to them that the parliamentarians were using delaying tactics and they did not actually intend to make it a law.

three British men plead guilty to terror charges

Articles 62, 63 not binding on interim premier, says eCP

loNDoN: Three British men on Friday pleaded guilty to plotting acts of terrorism, including travelling to Pakistan for terror training. According to a report by BBC, Jahangir Alam, Muslim convert Richard Dart, and Imran Mahmood admitted preparing or assisting terrorism between July 2010 and July 2012. The charges said they travelled abroad to commit terror acts and provided information about terror training. They made their pleas via video-link at the Old Bailey. Their trial is due to start in April. Dart, 29, from Ealing, west London, Mahmood, 21, from Northolt, west London, and Alam, 26, from Stratford, east London, were arrested between July 5-7 last year. ONLINE

iSlAMAbAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announced on Friday that the caretaker prime minister (PM) is not obligated to adhere to articles 62 and 63 of the constitution. According to article 62, an individual cannot be qualified to be a member of Parliament unless he is an honest and loyal citizen of Pakistan and is enrolled as a voter in any electoral roll. However, article 63 says that any member of Parliament can be disqualified if he ceases to be a citizen of Pakistan, or acquires the citizenship of a foreign state and has been convicted by a court. Articles 62 and 63 are binding only for Parliament members, ECP member Shehzad Akbar said. He further said the constitution did not constrain the caretaker PM from having a dual nationality. ONLINE Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

Editor: Arif Nizami

parliament for five years. Gilani moved the court against the disqualification but did not challenge his conviction. The court decision and a 30-second symbolic sentence deprived the former prime minister of his office. However, the Swiss government later refused to reopen the money laundering cases. Gilani, in his appeal, stated that the decision of not writing the letter was taken by him in the capacity of a prime minister whereas the court had sentenced him in personal capacity.

E-paper PakistnaToday 16 March, 2013  

E-paper PakistnaToday 16 March, 2013

E-paper PakistnaToday 16 March, 2013  

E-paper PakistnaToday 16 March, 2013