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Saturday, 13 July, 2013 Ramadan 3, 1434

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NaB all set to net three big fish in OgRa scam

Rights groups summoned to meet fugitive Snowden

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has decided to put the names of former SECP chairman Mohammad Ali, former SECP commissioner Imtiaz Haider and an important stock market broker on the Exit Control List (ECL) for their alleged involvement in the Rs 100 billion Ogra scam also involving Tauqir Sadiq, according to local media report. According to the report, the bureau has also decided to issue the arrest warrants for all three accused but the proceedings against them would be initiated after the appointment of the NAB chairman. page 03

Former intelligence agency contractor Edward Snowden asked to meet human rights groups at a Moscow airport on Friday to discuss what he called threatening and illegal behaviour by the United States to prevent him gaining asylum. Human rights activists and lawyers arrived at the airport for what would be the first meeting of its kind since Snowden flew to Moscow from Hong Kong on June 23. He has been stranded in the transit area of Sheremetyevo airport ever since, unable to take up asylum offers from third countries. page 07

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‘N’ to name Sartaj aziz as presidential candidate

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Honour thy word and get new loan, IMF tells pakistan

Iceman Mahinder Singh Dhoni breaks Sri Lankan hearts

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said the new bailout package for Pakistan will be finalised only after Pakistan fulfils its previous commitments. At a media briefing, IMF spokesperson Gerry Rice said that the next step, after the announcement of the staff-level agreement, is implementation of the agreed prior actions by the authorities to prepare for the fund’s Executive Board’s consideration of the loan request which is tentatively scheduled for early September. page 16

Leave it to me, he says. I want to take this to the last over. Me against one man. One on one. I know I am better than the last man the other team can put up against me. Once again, MS Dhoni reduced a lost match into a one-on-one contest with an opposition bowler, and knocked off the 15 required in just three hits. You could see the bowler Shaminda Eranga, 9-2-34-2 until then, wickets of Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli to his name - was intimidated the moment he saw the first one fly into the top of the top tier. page 20

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N united we can, news saturday, 13 July, 2013

PM takes notice of Lyari migration

divided we Fail! ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chairs a meeting at the Interior Ministry on Friday. INP


Taking notice of the mass migration of the people of Lyari, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday ordered the interior secretary and the Intelligence Bureau director general to immediately reach Karachi and to submit a report on the situation there. Nawaz further ordered the authorities to submit a report to him based on facts and information collected over the situation after holding meetings with the authorities of the Sindh government, and both communities of Lyari. The prime minister ordered for the provision of security to all those people who had migrated from Lyari to Badin and Thatta areas of Sindh and said all resources be utilised to rehabilitate the displaced people. Meanwhile, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah formed a fivemember committee to resolve the issue. A delegation, led by the provincial law minister, departed for Thatta and Badin to hold talks with Katchi community.

Govt doinG all to Find peaceFul solution For Balochistan: nawaz ISLAMABAD oNlINe

Calling Balochistan crisis one of the most important issues in the country, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has assured Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNPM) chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal that the federal government was trying to resolve the matter on priority basis. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met with the Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNPM) chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal in Islamabad on Friday. According to the PM House spokesperson, the leaders discussed the deteriorating law and order in Balochistan that had crippled the provincial administration. Moreover, Mengal informed the prime minister about the current status of the city and also enlightened him about the measures taken for improvement in the province. Nawaz said the government was also bringing all political parties and leaders of Balochistan to the table so that the problem could be solved in a peaceful manner. Sources said Mengal had always preferred Nawaz over the federal government for political discussions on Balochistan crisis. Last September, the Baloch leader had refused to meet a team of federal ministers, including Law and Justice Minister Farooq H Naik, in Islamabad. Mengal, who lives in self-exile in the United Arab Emirates, returned to Pakistan in March this year.

nawaz calls for beTTer InTellIgence sharIng, coordInaTIon beTween agencIes ISLAMABAD tayyab HuSSaIN


rIME Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday directed the Ministry of Interior to finalise an anti-terrorism and anti-extremism policy in consultation with all provinces on a fast-track basis, saying the government had no option of failure to counter the menace of terror. The

Pm wanTs anTI-Terror PolIcy drafTed aT The earlIesT

InTerIor mInIsTer nIsar asked To IncorPoraTe ‘workable InPuT’ from mIlITary

prime minister gave these directions while attending a briefing by the Ministry of Interior at Pakistan Secretariat on Friday. On the occasion, Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan gave a detailed briefing to the PM on the proposed draft of national security policy. A source told Pakistan Today that the prime minister had been briefed on a 33page draft compiled by the National

Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) and the same had also been shared with the military leadership, which has also gave its input to the prime minister during his visit to the ISI headquarters the other day. “The prime minister asked interior minister to ensure that workable input from the military and provincial governments should is included in the draft policy that would later be presented in the

PTI NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR APC DELAY: MAZARI PTI sPokesPerson claIms exTensIve medIa TargeTIng of Imran khan based on lIes ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson Dr Shireen Mazari on Friday said that her party was fully prepared to put forward concrete proposals for the formation of a national security policy by consensus and it was not in any way responsible for delay in the holding of an All Parties Conference (APC). Mazari also said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had left for United Kingdom (UK) for medical assistance for his back injury and his visit was no impediment to PTI's participation and putting forward its proposals in the APC. Regarding statement by opposition leader Khurshid Shah that the APC should not be postponed because of Imran Khan, Dr Mazari said that Shah should know that PTI was not the reason for the postponement. Mazari said that there had been extensive media targeting of Imran Khan based on lies and misrepresentation of facts. “The facts are that Khan had

waited two months for the holding of the APC on his request for a meaningful meeting on counter-terrorism beyond usual APC rhetoric. As a result, he had to postpone his urgently-required medical trip to the UK," Mazari said, adding that PTI leaders were informed of the meeting just a few days before the scheduled date and during this time the chairman was not contacted directly at all. "The first attempt at direct contact was on the night of Khan's departure but it proved unsuccessful," she asserted. Mazari further added that Khan's physical condition made it impossible for him to postpone his medical consultation for rehabilitation in view of the lifethreatening injuries he had suffered. "Those making a mockery of his injuries and the urgency for medical consultation are not only medically ignorant but deliberately malicious," she added. She said at no time did Khan ever state he that would postpone his UK trip as that was not an option at this time. "Rumours about this were simply rumours but their persistence raises questions about intent of the rumour mongers," she added. Mazari said that Khan had nominated PTI representatives for the APC and a complete set of suggestions and demands had been prepared.

All-Parties Conference likely to be held after July 20. The prime minister asked for preparation of a well thought-out and workable operational plan to achieve the desired targets,” the source added. He stressed that restoration of peace and elimination of terrorism should be the top most priority. “The security agencies have to come up with hard intelligence to prevent terror attacks,” the prime minister added. “We have to perform and failure is not an option at all,” the prime minister said, adding that all security agencies needed to coordinate for ensuring national interests. “We have to raise specialised antiterror, anti-crime and watch-and-ward law enforcement forces to come over the challenges faced by the country,” the premier added. Nawaz assured provision of adequate funds for the law enforcement agencies to facilitate them in their professional duties. He, however, demanded that they must deliver according to the expectations of the people and the government. He asked the Ministry of Interior to extend all out support to the provincial governments in their endeavours to fight the anti-state and terrorist elements. Dilating upon the borders situation, the prime minister stressed that efforts should be made to stop the influx of aliens into FATA and other areas of the country. The prime minister expressed the resolve that killers of Chinese and other foreign mountaineers would be traced, as it was his government’s major priority. Nawaz paid rich tribute to fellow countrymen who stood against terrorists despite their brutal acts of terror. He also paid rich tribute to the security forces and civilian law enforcement agencies for their sacrifices in the war against terror. “I salute the mothers and daughters of Hazara community who raised their voice to denounce terror killings in Quetta,” Nawaz said. The Ministry of Interior secretary apprised the prime minister about the overall security paradigm and the steps taken by the interior division to strengthen the liaison between the provinces. The meeting was attended by Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar, Minister for Interior Nisar Ali Khan, Minister for Information Pervaiz rashid, Adviser on National Security Sartaj Aziz, Minister for railways Khwaja Saad rafiq, Political Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr Asif Kirmani and other senior government officials.

Four killed in violence across Balochistan QUETTA: Four people, including the nephew of a leader of the ruling National Party, were killed and another two received bullet injuries in various areas of Balochistan on Friday. In the first incident, unidentified armed men riding a motorcycle opened indiscriminate fire on a Levies employee Chiragh Buledi and fled. Buledi died on the spot. Separately on Sakran Road in Hub town of Lasbela district, unidentified armed men opened indiscriminate fire on a roadside tea stall. As a result, Attaullah died after receiving fatal injuries while his colleague Doda got injured and was shifted to hospital. In the same district, unidentified people opened fire on a tailor Mohmmad Arif in Allahabad area. He later died at a hospital of severe bullet injuries. In similar incident in Naag area of Punjgur district, armed people sprayed bullets on two people, resulting in the death of Abdur Rahman. Another man, Abdur Razak, was injured in the incident. Staff RePoRt

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saturday, 13 July, 2013

education First! malala celebraTes 16Th bIrThday wITh un educaTIon aPPeal UnIteD nAtIonS aGeNCIeS


N her first speech since the Taliban in Pakistan tried to kill her for advocating education for girls, Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 16th birthday on Friday at the United Nations, appealing for compulsory free schooling for all children. Wearing a pink head scarf, Yousafzai told UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and nearly 1,000 students from around the world attending a Youth Assembly at UN headquarters in New York that education was the only way to improve lives. “Let us pick up our books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution,” she said. Yousafzai was shot in the head at close range by gunmen in October as she

left school in Swat Valley after campaigning against the Taliban efforts to deny women education. “I don’t know where to begin my speech. I don’t know what people would be expecting me to say. But first of all, thank you to God for whom we all are equal and thank you to every person who has prayed for my fast recovery and a new life. I cannot believe how much love people have shown me. I have received thousands of good wish cards and gifts from all over the world. Thank you to all of them. Thank you to the children whose innocent words encouraged me. Thank you to my elders whose prayers strengthened me. I would like to thank my nurses, doctors and all of the staff of the hospitals in Pakistan and the UK and the UAE government who have helped me get better and recover my strength. I fully support Mr Ban Ki-moon the Secretary-General in his Global Education First Initiative and the work of the UN Special Envoy Mr Gordon Brown. And I thank them both for the leadership they continue to give. They continue to inspire all of us to action. “Dear brothers and sisters, do remember one thing. Malala Day is not my day. Today is the day of every woman, every

naB all set to net three BiG Fish in oGra scaM

boy and every girl who have raised their voice for their rights. There are hundreds of human rights activists and social workers who are not only speaking for human rights, but who are struggling to achieve their goals of education, peace and equality. Thousands of people have been killed by the terrorists and millions have been injured. I am just one of them. So here I stand.... one girl among many. I speak – not for myself, but for all girls and boys. I raise up my voice – not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. Those who have fought for their rights: Their right to live in peace. Their right to be treated with dignity. Their right to equality of opportunity. Their right to be educated,” said Malala. “Dear friends, on the 9th of October 2012, the Taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. They shot my friends too. They thought that the bullets would silence us. But they failed. And then, out of that silence came, thousands of voices. The terrorists thought that they would change our aims and stop our ambitions but nothing changed in my life except this: Weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was

born. I am the same Malala. My ambitions are the same. My hopes are the same. My dreams are the same. “Dear sisters and brothers, I am not against anyone. Neither am I here to speak in terms of personal revenge against the Taliban or any other terrorists group. I am here to speak up for the right of education of every child. I want education for the sons and the daughters of all the extremists especially the Taliban,” she said. She presented Ban with a petition signed by nearly 4 million people in support of 57 million children who are not able to go to school and demanding that world leaders fund new teachers, schools and books and end child labour, marriage and trafficking. UN Special Envoy for Global Education, former British prime minister Gordon Brown, said Friday’s event was not just a celebration of Malala’s birthday and her recovery, but of her vision. “Her dream that nothing, no political indifference, no government inaction, no intimidation, no threats, no assassin’s bullets should ever deny the right of every single child ... to be able to go to school,” said Brown. Brown said enrolment of 57 million children in

the schools is our mission. He said it is the responsibility of all the governments to take measures for education of the children. Speaking before Malala, Ban praised her for being “courageous” and “resilient” in the face of the Taliban. “She was targeted just because of her determination to go to school,” he said. “The extremists showed what they fear most – a girl with a book.” Pakistan has 5 million children out of school, a number only surpassed by Nigeria, which has more than 10 million children out of school, according to UN cultural agency UNESCO. Most of those are girls. Islamist gunmen killed 27 students and a teacher on Saturday in a boarding school in northeast Nigeria. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the assassination attempt on Yousafzai, calling her efforts pro-Western. Two of her classmates were also wounded. Yousafzai was treated in Britain, where doctors mended parts of her skull with a titanium plate. Unable to safely return to Pakistan, she started at a school in Birmingham in March.

full TexT of malala’s un sPeech | page 18

CHAMAN: Pakistani security personnel search a man at the Pak-Afghan border checkpost on Friday. Security on both sides of the border has been beefed up following two bombings in the area. INP

MonItorIng DeSk The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has decided to put the names of former SECP chairman Mohammad Ali, former SECP commissioner Imtiaz Haider and an important stock market broker on the Exit Control List (ECL) for their alleged involvement in the rs 100 billion Ogra scam also involving Tauqir Sadiq, according to local media report. According to the report, the bureau has also decided to issue the arrest warrants for all three accused but the proceedings against them would be initiated after the appointment of the NAB chairman. The NAB also received a copy of the report by the policy board of the SECP and submitted it in the apex court which confirmed the regulatory capture of SECP by vested interests. The report also confirmed that suspicious moves were identified in the trading of SSGC and SNGPL shares during 2010 and 2011 and a renowned stockbroker was involved in arranged trading with National Bank of Pakistan (NBP). According to the report, the bureau will interrogate some officials of the NBP for their role in OGrA scam as these officials were directly involved in buying shares of gas companies from the leading stock broker on inflated price. The name of former SECP chairman Mohammad Ali whose was already on ECL while the names of Imtiaz Haider and a stock marker broker would be added to the list, according to the report. Quoting an anonymous official, the report said that the NAB officials were ready to issue arrest warrants of all the accused as the SECP policy board report had established their criminal role beyond any doubt. “Investigation into the OGrA scam is moving forward but the details of the probe cannot be shared with the media at this stage,” NAB spokesman ramzan Sajid was quoted as having said.

ecc approves rs 7B Bailout For pia ISLAMABAD oNlINe

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the cabinet on Friday approved a bailout package of rs 7 billion for the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). In a meeting held, with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in the chair, decided that the national flag carrier would be privatised at the earliest and 30 percent of its shares would be sold to the public.

Altaf defiant in face of ‘conspiracies’ mQm chIef says anTI-ParTy elemenTs wIll face dIsaPPoInTmenT kArACHI Staff RePoRt

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) will remain steadfast in the face of latest international conspiracies against the party, MQM chief Altaf Hussain said on Friday. Hussain made this statement in response to the recent probe going on in London against him. The investigations are reportedly related to allegations of money-laundering, murder of Dr Imran Farooq and in-

citement of violence through hate speech. The MQM chief said he would not disappoint his workers, adding such conspiracies were also hatched in the past but nothing was proved. Hussain said anti-MQM elements would soon face disappointment. MQM BIGGEST HURDLE: In Karachi, MQM Deputy Convener Dr Farooq Sattar said his party was the only one standing against Talibanisation in Pakistan, which was why it was being targeted. Talking to reporters after returning from London, Sattar said no allegations against the MQM had been proven in court, adding that the party was subjected to several terrorist attacks during its election campaigning. “At least 80 MQM

workers were martyred,” he said. According to Sattar, the international media was being used against the MQM and he had met officials of the BBC and informed them that they were being misled. A recently televised episode of ‘Newsnight’ on BBC Two claimed that 400,000 pound sterling were recovered by the London police during raids at the MQM office and Altaf Hussain’s residence on December 6, 2012 and June 18, 2013. The programme further alleged that the MQM chief had made threatening statements from London to trigger violence in Karachi. When Sattar was interviewed on Newsnight, he admitted that money had been recovered but did not say how much.

pMl-n Mpa Booked For ManhandlinG lady doctor SHEIKHUPURA: A case was registered against the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) MPA Arif Sandheela by Sheikhupura police on Friday for allegedly assaulting a lady doctor Dr Sana Jabeen the other day. Jabeen alleged that that the issue was regarding free medicines, even though the government does not provide them. She said that Sandheela would frequent the clinic for free medication and eyewitnesses testified that he never purchased the required hospital ticket priced at Rs 2. The female doctor told reporters that the MPA threw a mobile phone at her stomach and pushed her as well. “If this can happen to an educated female doctor, it can happen to anyone. I request the chief minister of Punjab to remove this MPA from his post because he is harassing people.” “He always asks for free medicines though it is not his right. Even when he was not an MPA this was his behavior -- now that he is an MPA, he blackmails me regarding my position,” she added. INP

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04 N

news saturday, 13 July, 2013


( LaL MaSJID caSe

no easy way out For MusharraF Ihc orders PolIce To book former dIcTaTor In Two murder charges

InTerIor mInIsTer assures comPleTe suPPorT To balochIsTan cm agaInsT TerrorIsm



OrMEr president Pervez Musharraf, who is already facing trial in three high-profile cases, may face two more murder cases, those of former Lal Masjid cleric Ghazi Abdur rasheed and his mother, as the Islamabad High Court on Friday directed the Islamabad Police to register an FIr if there was cognisable offence. Justice Noorul Haq N Qureshi resumed hearing into the case filed by Haroon rasheed, son of Ghazi Abdul rasheed. In the petition, Haroon requested the court to direct the police to register an FIr against the former president on the charges of killing his father and grandmother. The IHC ordered the police to record Haroon’s statement and register the FIr per law “if there may be a cognisable offence”. Besides other cases, Musharraf is already facing two murder cases – those of Akbar Bugti and Benazir Bhutto. Musharraf’s counsel, Ilyas Siddiqui argued that there was no evidence that

cheMical Godown catches Fire LAHore

ISLAMABAD: Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch on Friday offered dialogue to militants involved in violent activities in the province. Baloch said his government was willing to hold talks with all groups involved in religious and political violence. He also said that the provincial government was making efforts to re-settle displaced people belonging to the Marri, Bugti and other tribes in their homelands. POWER FROM IRAN: Meanwhile, Baloch has called for the power agreement with Iran to be honoured as it will help cope with the energy crisis in the province. During a meeting with Water and Power Minister Khawaja Asif, Dr Baloch said that the electricity demand in Balochistan was 1,400 megawatts (MW) while the province was only receiving 700 MW from the national grid. He added that if power was imported from Iran, 1,000 MW would be added which could solve the load shedding crisis in Balochistan. oNlINe


Musharraf had ordered the Lal Masjid operation and “if the petitioner has such evidence, he may produce it before the court”. The petitioner did not cite the then cabinet, federal ministers and prime minister as respondents. “The Lal Masjid operation was carried out with the approval of the cabinet and if Musharraf had done anything wrong, parliament of that time could have impeached him under Article 47,” Musharraf’s counsel further argued. The petitioner, Haroon through his counsel Tariq Asad, argued his father Ghazi Abdul rasheed and grandmother Sahiba had been killed in the military op-

eration having been ordered by the former president. The Aabpara station house officer refused to register the FIr despite repeated requests. The petitioner further argued that according to the report of the Lal Masjid commission, the operation was carried out at the directives of Musharraf. The petitioner contended before the court that his application under Section 22-A for registration of the FIr was dismissed by an additional session judge. The petitioner prayed to the court to order the Abpara SHO to register the FIr. After issuing the order, the case was disposed of.

At least six killed in French train crash PArIS aGeNCIeS

Fire erupted in a chemical godown in Lahore’s Delhi Gate area due to short circuit late on Friday night. However, no injures were reported. The people of the area faced breathing problems due to the poisonous fumes and many were shifted to safer places by rescue officials. According to reports, ammonia containers and other chemicals were placed in the godown which further spread the fire. The area is thickly populated and rescue officials faced problems due to the narrow streets.

An intercity train crashed into a station south of Paris during rush hour on Friday causing multiple deaths and injuries in one of the worst rail accidents in France in recent years. Officials said at least six people were killed and 12 seriously injured. Manuel Valls, the interior minister, called the accident a catastrophe and warned the death toll was likely to rise as rescue services worked to account for victims of the derailment. The train, with about 370 people aboard, was travelling from Paris to Limoges in cen-

ISLAMABAD: Renowned jurist and politician SM Zafar has exhorted the government to release the original text of the Abbottabad Commission to save the nation from the confusion and unnecessary debate. Zafar said most of the comments made by analysts, politicians and others were on and about what was reported to be a leaked report of the Abbottabad Commission which the commission on solid oath claimed was not authentic. He said it was imperative for the government which was in possession of the original text of the commission report to release the same to public. PReSS ReleaSe



Staff RePoRt

zaFar urGes release oF oBl oFFicial report


tral France when it came off the rails at the town of Brétignysur-Orge, about 25km south of the capital, shortly after five pm. It was not scheduled to stop at the station. According to media and witness accounts, the train split in two as it approached the station, with at least one carriage colliding with the platform, smashing into a part of the station roof. Officials said it was not clear what had caused the accident, which appeared to be the worst to hit the French railway system since 12 people were killed in a fire on a night train travelling from Paris to Munich in 2002.

Prime minister to accept Mehmood’s resignation MonItorIng DeSk Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has decided to accept Punjab Governor Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood’s resignation, a private TV channel reported on Friday. According to the channel’s sources, the outgoing governor had tendered his resignation some time ago but the request was pending. Consequently, he applied for a two-month leave from July 20 which resulted in a prompt action by the premier. The summary to accept the resignation had reached the prime minis-

ter, the sources claimed. The Punjab Assembly speaker will perform the duties of acting governor until a new governor is appointed.

cop Gunned down in swat SWAt oNlINe

Unidentified gunmen killed an on-duty policeman in Mingora on Friday. According to police, Constable Aminullah was on duty in the Nawa Kali area of Mingora when armed assailants opened fire on him during Sehar time and fled from the scene. The constable was rushed to Saidu Sharif Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. After the incident, police cordoned off the area and initiated a search operation to catch the culprits.

Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan assured Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik of federal government's complete support in combating terrorism. Dr Abdul Malik Baloch called on Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control Nisar on Friday. Both of them discussed the overall political and security situation in Balochistan and matters relating to preparation of national security policy. Nisar said difficult conditions in Balochistan required all political forces in the province to work together to pull the province out of its present crises. He said the government had a firm resolve to establishing a peaceful political and democratic environment in the province and all groups resorting to violence would be confronted. Dr Abdul Malik thanked the federal government for extending support in improving law and order situation in Balochistan. He welcomed the decision of building an economic corridor from Gwadar to Kashghar and expressed the confidence that it would usher in a new era of devel-

opment in the province. The chief minister said the government of Balochistan was encouraging dialogue and building consensus among all political forces to find solutions of various issues.

PML-n to name sartaj Aziz as presidential candidate ISLAMABAD INP

The Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) on Friday decided in principle to nominate Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz the presidential candidate. A lawmaker, on condition of anonymity, said after the 16th Amendment, the Election Commission of Pakistan is

bound to announce the schedule of the presidential election by August 9, as the five-year tenure of President Asif Ali Zardari ends on September 9. The prominent political personality added that the PML-N had decided to elect president from a small province and consultations with the party members and allied parties would be started soon. Aziz, who has come to the fore as a strong presidential

candidate, belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and has served as foreign minister and finance minister. His presence in the briefing given to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the ISI’s headquarters the other day carries great significance. Meanwhile, Syed Ghous Ali Shah has expedited lobbying to become presidential candidate and his name is also being taken in the political circles as the presidential candidate.

veteran actor Pran passes away in mumbai MonItorIng DeSk Legendary actor Pran, loved and feared in equal measure by moviegoers for his roles in Bollywood hits like 'Milan', 'Madhumati' and 'Zanjeer', passed away at a suburban hospital here this evening at the age of 93. "He died after a spell of prolonged illness," his daughter Pinky told Press Trust of India. The veteran actor, who played villain and character roles with elan and was conferred the country's highest cinema honour -- Dada Saheb Phalke award -- in April, was admitted to Lilavati hospital a month ago. "He was not keeping well, he was very weak. His health was deteriorating," she said. Pran acted in over 350 films and left his imprint as a villain with powerful roles in films like 'Kashmir ki Kali', 'Khandaan', 'Aurat', 'Bari Behen', 'Jis

Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai', 'Half Ticket', 'Upkar', 'Purab Aur Paschim' and 'Don'. Born on February 12 in 1920 in old Delhi, Pran was educated at places like Kapurthala, Unnao, Meerut, Dehradun and rampur as his father Lala Kewal Krishnan Sikand was in government service. Initially, Pran wanted to become a

photographer but destiny had different plans for him. A chance meeting with a film producer got him his first break in Punjabi film 'Yamla Jat' in 1940. There was no looking back for the actor after that as he went on to star in films like 'Chaudhary' (1941), 'Khandan' (1942), 'Kaise Kahun' (1945) and 'Badnami (1946). After Partition, Pran came to Mumbai with his wife Shukla and sons Arvind and Sunil but found it difficult to get work as an actor in the city of dreams. He had almost given hope when writer Saadat Hasan Manto helped him get a role in Dev Anand starrer 'Ziddi' in 1948 which revived his career. Pran will be forever remembered for bringing villains on par with the heroes, ruling the industry from 1969 to 1982. He commanded equal money and respect for his negative characters in 'Madhumati', 'Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai', 'ram Aur Shyam' and 'Devdas'.

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saad raFique not worthy oF railways?

LAhore saturday, 13 July, 2013


WeAther UpdAteS

360C high 0C 28Low SUndAy 35°C I 28°C

LIght rAIn



35°C I 27°C

34°C I 27°C


Sunrise Zuhr




5:15 7:11



Isha 8:30

A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court against the eligibility of Federal Minister for Pakistan railways Khawaja Saad rafique. According to the petition, Saad rafique was leading the group who attacked the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Nawaz Sharif’s second term as prime minister. The attack was made when a case was filed against Nawaz Sharif in the Supreme Court. The petition has been filed at a moment when the minister is taking significant steps in develop areas of Pakistan railways.

another extension For pti’s sarwar LAHore INP


IFTAR 7:20

The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday extended the interim bail of former federal minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MNA Ghulam Sarwar Khan in fake degree case for another week. The Punjab Prosecutor General Sadaqat Ali Khan said that it was confirmed after investigation that Ghulam Sarwar had a fake BA degree. However, during the hearing Sarwar was defended on the grounds that he was entangled in a fake degree case for political reasons so his bail should be confirmed. After hearing the arguments, the court extended the bail till next week.

shahbaz laud’s npt’s ideological indoctrination LAHore


Staff RePoRt

UNJAB Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that although Pakistan is facing formidable challenges, these will be countered with courage and determination. He was speaking as the chief guest at the certificates distribution ceremony of the students who attended ideological summer camp arranged by Nazaria Pakistan Trust at Aiwan-eKarkunan-e-Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Friday. The people have given a historic mandate to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in the general elections and it is the responsibility of the government to resolve problems of the country, he said. The chief minister said that though these problems are complex, they will be resolved through collective efforts and that the government is making strenuous efforts for coping with the energy crisis so that loadshedding will be completely eliminated soon. Addressing the ceremony, Shahbaz Sharif said that ideological summer school is playing an important role under the leadership of Nazaria Pakistan Trust Chairman Dr Majid Nizami for apprising the youth of the ideology of the country. The Punjab government is taking revolutionary measures for the promotion of education and a huge sum of rs 8 billion has been allocated in the new budget for the provision of missing facilities in the schools of the province, and this process is being started from south Punjab, he said. All missing facilities will be made available in schools of this region during the current year. referring to his recent visit to China, Shahbaz Sharif said that though China is a trusted friend of Pakistan and has always upheld

its larger interests, but the love and affection shown by the Chinese people this time was greater than before. The chief minister said that the PML-N government will take practical measures for cooperation with China; the national economy will be revived and energy projects will be initiated. Shahbaz lamented that former rulers created disastrous problems for the country. He said that Dong Feng Company Chairman informed him during a meeting of the delay in the implementation of the Nandipur Power roject, so he held a meeting with the President of Pakistan in July 2011 and requested him for early clearance of the machinery of the project which was lying at Karachi port. However, despite lapse of two years, no action was taken. Pakistan’s interest was compromised for a sum of only rs200 million. Had this 425- megawatt project been completed, the problem of shortage of energy could have been resolved to some extent. He also said that the cost of the project increased from rs22 billion to rs57 billion and the opportunity cost of this wasted rs35 billion was a new power project or a metro bus project for rawalpindi. LAW AND ORDER: The police is responsible for upholding justice and curbing oppression, said the Punjab chief minister At his house in Model Town he spoke to the family of a gang rape victim from Multan. The chief minister announced financial assistance of rs3 lakh for each of the affected girls. Inspector General Police and the Home Secretary were also present on the occasion. Shahbaz directed the police to ensure that no effort was spared to bring the perpetrators to justice and to submit the challan of the case in the court at the earliest for ensuring deterrent punishment to the criminals.

BOWING DOWN: Men offer Friday prayers at Masjid Wazir Khan. MuRtaza alI

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LAhore saturday, 13 July, 2013

New Ravi Bridge for Metro gets green signal LAHORE: The Punjab government is all set to build the new ravi Bridge for the Metro Bus which was delayed due to fiscal and time restraints, Pakistan Today has learnt. The Metro Bus currently has to pass through the Old ravi Bridge to reach Shahdara Station. The original plan was to build a new bridge but it was delayed due to time and financial restraints. The decision was taken in a high level meeting of the Metro Bus Authority presided over by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Chief Secretary Khawaja Ahmed Hasaan, Planning & Development chairman, LDA director general and Metro Bus Authority managing director and other officials attended the meeting. The meeting further decided to increase the scope of the BrTS introducing the service in Faisalabad, rawalpindi and Multan. Staff RePoRt

arMs, druGs seized at lahore airport LAHore Staff RePoRt

The airport customs officials recovered arms and drugs from passengers of two international flights at the city’s airport on Friday. During the baggage search of a passenger identified as Syed riaz Hussain from Taxila, customs officials recovered a 30 bore pistol and 50 rounds. The accused was of the view that the pistol is licensed and it mistakenly remained in his baggage. Airport officials recovered heroin worth rs15 million from another passenger’s luggage, Sohail Atif who was leaving for Jeddah. Both accused were handed over to police for further investigations.

inflation doesn’t deter ramadan shoppers LAHore


Staff RePoRt

N F L U x of shoppers at ramadan Bazaars on Friday was observed and people were seen buying edibles despite the high prices of fruits and vegetables. Teams from the district government managed the 20 ramadan Bazaars. Some of the vendors were fleecing people by selling edibles at high rates in remote localities like Wahga Town and Aziz Bhatti Town but on the whole the situation remained satisfactory. The quality checking of fruits and vegetables provided an ample opportunity for the buyers to get food items at reasonable prices. During the visit to ramadan Bazaars, Pakistan Today found that, bananas were being sold at rs 100 per dozen, grapes at rs 240 per kilogram, mangoes at rs 80, low quality peaches at rs 70, dates at rs 160, sweet melons at rs 70 and plums at rs 120. Similarly, low quality mutton was being sold at rs 460, beef at rs 300 and chicken at rs 160 per kilogram.

environMent protection council ForMed in punjaB LAHore INP

In accordance with Environment Protection Act 1997, an Environment Protection Council has been formed under the chairmanship of Punjab chief minister and vice chairmanship of the minister for Environment Protection. This was disclosed by Punjab Minister for Environment Protection Col (r) Shuja Khanzada while presiding over a meeting in Lahore. A council comprising of 35 members has been established to coordinate and supervise enforcement of the policies designed for protection of environment, he said. The Environment Protection Council will formulate a strategy to control pollution of every kind by keeping in view the possible role of civil society in this regard. The minister gave directions to Punjab environment secretary to design students groups of colleges and universities who will take part in environment protection awareness campaigns to make it successful. The provincial minister has requested the masses to cooperate with the government in keeping the surrounding environment clean.

Lahore District Co-ordination Officer (DCO) Naseem Sadiq paid a surprise visit to Mian Plaza Johar Town and Model Town ramadan Bazaars on Friday morning. DCO Sadiq checked the qualities and rates of different edible items. He showed his satisfaction and directed all officials concerned to remain vigilant in ramadan Bazaars. No negligence will be tolerated in this regard and if any official shows his

negligence, he will be taken to task, he said. Sadiq stated that CDGL had been running all ramadan Bazaars as per the vision of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. Essential commodities are available in all 20 ramadan Bazaars and there is no shortage of any essential items, he stated. He added that price control magistrates are alert to take action against hording and overcharging.

eMpty sloGans! Power outages continue during Sehar, Iftar and Taraweeh in various parts of the city LAHore Staff RePoRt

Claims of the government regarding reduction in load shedding during ramadan proved to be empty slogans as unannounced power outage continued in the provincial capital during Iftar and Sehar. The government announced reduction in power cut during ramadan, especially during Iftar, Taraweeh and Sehar but has failed miserably in providing relief to the masses. It has been reported that power outage continued during Iftar, Taraweeh and Sehar on the second day of ramadan in different areas of the city

including Islam Pura, Sanat Nagar, Shadman Colony, Township, Valencia Town and Gulshan ravi areas. residents faced enormous problems in the absence of electricity in preparation of Iftar and Sehri dishes, while the electricity closure during Taraweeh timings annoyed worshipers. Citizens said that the power outage was reflective of the criminal negligence and incompetence of the federal government. They said that government was doing nothing to provide relief to the masses. Hammad raza resident of Gulshan ravi said that poor suffer more because of load shedding as they cannot afford generators or UPS systems.

The government earlier announced uninterrupted power supply between 02:30 hours and 04:30 hours during Sehr, 18:30 hours and 20:00 hours during Iftar, and 21:00 hours and 22:30 hours during Taraweeh prayers. Parallel to it Lahore Electricity Supply Company (LESCO) also issued revised schedule of load shedding for ramadan. LESCO Chief Engineer Mohammed Saleem said, “According to the new schedule domestic, commercial and industrial consumers will go through 10 hours of load shedding.” He added that a quota of 2,400 MW has been added to provide relief to the citizens.

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saturday, 13 July, 2013

thousands evacuated as typhoon soulik nears taiwan tAIPeI aGeNCIeS

Thousands of people were evacuated in Taiwan and the entire island declared an “alert zone” as Typhoon Soulik edged nearer on Friday, expected to pound the country with powerful winds and heavy rain over the weekend. More than 8,000 people have been moved from their homes, many from southern areas prone to landslides, according to the Central Emergency Operation Centre. “The whole country is now considered an alert zone,” an official from the National Fire Agency told AFP. Around 5,000 of those who have been evacuated were from the landslide zones in the south - 3,000 were moved out of Kaohsiung city and 2,000 others from Pingtung county. They have been taken to local government buildings which have been turned into shelters. Offices and schools closed in Taipei and eight other cities, with residents advised to stay indoors as the typhoon churns towards the island. Packing winds of up to 209 kilometres an hour (130 miles), Soulik is expected to make landfall on the north-east coast around 3am Saturday (0030 IST Saturday), the Central Weather Bureau said.

death toll from wave of iraq violence rises to 51 BAgHDAD aGeNCIeS

The toll from a wave of attacks in Iraq mainly targeting security forces and Shiites rose on Friday to 51 killed, 26 of them police and soldiers, security officials and doctors said. Thursday’s attacks came amid a surge in violence that has killed more than 2,500 people already this year, including upwards of 250 so far this month. Analysts point to widespread discontent among Iraq’s minority Sunni community, and the Shiite authorities’ failure to address their grievances, as the main factors driving the increase in violence. In Thursday’s single deadliest incident, gunmen shot dead 11 police charged with protecting the country’s vital oil infrastructure and three soldiers on the road between Haditha and Baiji, northwest of the Iraqi capital. In another attack, a car bomb ripped through a funeral tent where family members of a Shiite man were receiving condolences in Muqdadiyah, northeast of Baghdad, and a suicide bomber detonated explosives when emergency personnel arrived.

IRAQ: An Iraqi soldier inspects the wreck of a car bomb after it exploded in the military zone of the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Friday. afP

riGhts Groups suMMoned to Meet FuGitive snowden MoSCoW



OrMEr intelligence agency contractor Edward Snowden asked to meet human rights groups at a Moscow airport on Friday to discuss what he called threatening and illegal behaviour by the United States to prevent him gaining asylum. Human rights activists and lawyers arrived at the airport for what would be the first meeting of its kind since Snowden flew to Moscow from Hong Kong on June 23. He has been stranded in the transit area of Sheremetyevo airport ever since, unable to take up asylum offers from third countries. Snowden, 30, has not been seen in public since his arrival, but russian officials say he is still in the airport’s transit zone. President Vladimir Putin has shown impatience with the extended stay, but Snowden has no clear route to a safe haven. Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua have offered Snowden asylum, but he has not re-

vealed his plans. Washington, which seeks to arrest Snowden on charges of espionage in divulging details of secret U.S. surveillance programs, has revoked Snowden’s passport and pressed nations not to take him in or help him travel. “In recent weeks we have witnessed an unlawful campaign by officials in the U.S. Government to deny my right to seek and enjoy this asylum under Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights,” the emailed letter said. “The scale of threatening behaviour is without precedent,” read the letter, a copy of which was posted on Facebook by Tanya Lokshina, deputy director of the Moscow office of New York-based Human rights Watch. Airport officials invitees had been told to gather at the Soviet-built Terminal F building and would then be taken to a meeting closed to reporters. Amnesty International and Human rights Watch confirmed they had received the invitation, sent on Thursday afternoon. STUCK AT SHEREMETYEVO: Some invitees speculated that Snowden, who re-

vealed details of secret U.S. surveillance programs after working as a contractor at a U.S. National Security Agency facility in Hawaii, might ask for asylum in russia. Putin may have revelled in the discomfort of russia’s former Cold War foe but he has kept Snowden at arms length. He says Snowden, not having passed through customs and passport control, has not formally entered russian territory and should choose a final destination and travel as soon as possible. The Kremlin said Snowden withdrew a request for asylum in russia earlier this month after Putin said russia would not take him in unless he stopped activities aimed at “harming our American partners”. russia may want him out before it hosts finance ministers from the G20, which includes the United States, next week. Putin’s spokesman said on Friday that Snowden had not asked to meet anyone from the presidential administration and that Putin was not involved in deciding Snowden’s fate. “We don’t know anything. It’s not an

issue that’s on the president’s agenda,” said Dmitry Peskov. Snowden’s options for getting to Latin America or anywhere else are limited. There are no direct commercial flights from Moscow to Venezuela, Nicaragua or Bolivia, and any flight over the United States, or those of an ally, could be fraught with risk. Bolivian President Evo Morales’s official jet had to land in Austria after departing from Moscow, amid suspicions that Snowden was on board, triggering accusations that Washington had asked European countries to bar the flight from their airspace. “Never before in history have states conspired to force to the ground a sovereign President’s plane to effect a search for a political refugee,” the invitation to the meeting with Snowden said. “This dangerous escalation represents a threat not just to the dignity of Latin America or my own personal security, but to the basic right shared by every living person to live free from persecution.”

egyPT’s overThrow of morsI creaTes uncerTaInTy for IslamIsTs everywhere MonItorIng DeSk It was a ramadan gift with a difference: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates dipped into their oil revenues this week to stump up a cool $12bn (£8bn) to bail out cash-strapped Egypt – a swift reward for the army’s removal of President Mohamed Morsi and the stunning blow to his Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi’s removal was a big moment in the unfinished story of the Egyptian revolution. But it is also posing troubling questions for Islamists elsewhere. Can they hold on to power where they have it or win it where they do not? And does the coup against the democratically elected leader of the Arab world’s largest country – albeit an unpopular and incompetent one – mean that others will shun the ballot box and turn to violence? Egypt’s Brotherhood is calling it a “naksa” (setback in Arabic). “It is like 9/11 in its magnitude,” argues the independent Saudi historian Madawi al-rasheed. “The Muslim Brothers managed to repackage themselves as moderate Islamists. Hopes were raised after the 2011 uprisings and

now they are back at square one.” Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, keen to portray his enemies as jihadi fanatics, went so far as to hail the “fall of political Islam” when Morsi was deposed. That put Assad in rare agreement with Saudi Arabia, which is backing the rebels who are fighting to overthrow him. Turkey and Tunisia, where Islamist parties rule, both condemned the Cairo coup. So did Iran. The financial largesse from the Gulf is about both strategy and politics: the Saudis want Egypt to confront Iran and to stay close to the US. But it also reflects domestic concerns about the Brotherhood’s rival brand of political Islam. Another factor is dislike of their own maverick neighbour Qatar, which bankrolled Egypt during Morsi’s year in power and cheered him on through al-Jazeera, the Doha-based satellite TV channel. “The Gulf states can live with a weak but obedient Egypt but not with a troubled Egypt with an erratic foreign policy,” said Emile Hokayem of the International Institute of Strategic Studies. “They need to know their western flank is secure at a time when the Levant is in upheaval and

when Iraq and Iran are on opposite sides of every strategic issue.” It all has echoes of the regional cold war of the 1960s when Egypt’s Gamal Abdel-Nasser spearheaded the Arab nationalist struggle against reactionary monarchies. Then, as now, the kings, sheikhs and emirs were led by the Saudis, who are no happier than Assad with the democratic or Islamist advances of the Arab spring. Experts warn that defeat for the Brotherhood may boost the standing of radical Islamists who never believed in democracy or elections anyway, and cite the examples of Algeria in 1991 and Hamas in Palestine in 2006 to prove that they will not be allowed to take power. Old videos are circulating again of the al-Qaida leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, making exactly that point. “Morsi and the Brotherhood were in a place where they bore responsibility,” says Nadim Shehadi of Chatham House. “Now they can claim victimhood and the extremists will gain credibility.” The Muslim Brotherhood, born in Egypt, is the world’s oldest Islamist move-

ment. It has spent decades in open political activity, evolving and moderating its hybrid discourse, though never fully resolving the tensions between democracy and religion. But it is not alone. Ultra-conservative Salafis – often with Saudi backing – did well in last year’s Egyptian parliamentary elections. Other groups – one led by Zawahiri’s brother – have abandoned terrorism but might yet return to jihad. Egypt now has its own branch of Ansar al-Sharia, which emerged in Libya as part of a growing regional network. Al-Qaida has recruited frustrated young Islamists who have mounted attacks in Sinai, intensifying in recent days. Egyptians who welcomed the military’s move against Morsi believe the Brotherhood’s decline is part of a wider trend. “I am convinced that we are seeing the twilight of the Islamic revival not only in Egypt but across the Arab world,” said the leftist commentator Hani Shukrullah. “For a while it was the only alternative to secular dictatorship. That was the conventional wisdom for 30 years. It no longer is.” Another, more benign, possibility is that Islamists elsewhere will learn lessons

from the Egyptian experience and act differently, eschewing a power grab and following the example of the Tunisian and Moroccan movements of working in coalition with other parties. Egypt’s Brotherhood may have been booted out of office, but it is still a large social and religious movement with an impressive and adaptable organisational structure. “It’s too early to write the group’s obituary,” suggests the analyst Elijah Zarwan. “They still have millions of adherents and sympathisers, and many variables are still in play. Its future is unclear, certainly, but much still depends on the decisions they and their opponents make now.” If reports of its death have been exaggerated, its rank and file are indeed defiant – and certain about what matters most to them, especially after the army’s crackdown and the massacre of more than 50 supporters in Cairo on Monday. “The Saudis and Emiratis have sent aid to bless the military coup and celebrate what they believe is the fall of the Islamic project,” said Brotherhood organiser Mohamed Abdel-Fatah. “But it will not fall.”

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news saturday 13 July, 2013

sieGe By taliBan strains Girls’ schools T

MonItorIng DeSk

HE classroom in Ghalanai, an area nestled amid the mountains of Pakistan’s tribal belt, has the air of a military camp: a solitary tent pitched beside a bombed-out building, ringed by a high wall and protected by an armed gunman. “We need to assure parents that it’s safe,” said Noor Haider, a local tribal leader who took on school security after Taliban militants bombed the school three years ago, told The New York Times. Extreme measures have become necessary as Taliban militants have pressed their violent campaign against girls’ education in northwestern Pakistan, bombing schools and terrifying pupils and parents. More than 800 schools in the region have been attacked since 2009, according to government education authorities. But it was a vicious attack last October on an outspoken 15-year-old schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, that moved the issue to global prominence.A Taliban hit man shot Yousafzai in the head in an attempt to silence her eloquent advocacy of education rights in Swat, a picturesque mountain valley that had been the scene of fierce fighting between the Taliban and the military. After a medical evacuation to Britain, where war surgeons repaired her shattered skull, Yousafzai has made a startling recovery. In March, she resumed her schooling in Britain. And on Friday she is marking her 16th birthday by addressing a youth assembly at the United Nations headquarters in New York. That speech will be the first unmediated public appearance by a young woman who has become an international symbol of teenage bravery and educational activism. Yousafzai has won numerous honours and been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. News of her progress is assiduously followed across the world. Back in Pakistan, however, the Taliban war on girls’ education continues unabated. Ghalanai is the headquarters of Mohmand, a hilly tribal agency along the Afghan border where schools have been the targets of more

than 100 attacks. Military check posts dot the hilltops, overlooking largely barren land. A female suicide bomber almost killed the leader of a religious party here this year. The Pakistani Taliban see schools as symbols of both Western decadence and government authority, but their attacks are also intended to deny the Pakistani military the possibility of establishing temporary bases in the buildings. Typically, they strike in the dead of night, planting explosives that topple buildings and shred desks and blackboards. The authorities have struggled to respond. At the Government Girls Primary School, Haider started the tent school with help from the United Nations. Otherwise, the government has done little, he said. And the Taliban continue to exert pressure on parents and pupils. Night letters posted in the town describe girls’ schooling as a “product of the West” and order pious Muslims to shun the schools. The siege-like situation has led some brave young women to follow Yousafzai’s example and defy the Taliban edicts. That was the case in Shabqadar, on the edge of Mohmand, where the Taliban decided to send a violent message in December. Hira Gul, a 14-year-old pupil, was awakened by an explosion at midnight. The next morning she found a pile of rubble where her school had stood. The attack came as no surprise. “This has become very common in our area,” she

they will not stop me... I will get my education, if it is in home, school or any place.


said. Her teacher, however, was profoundly affected. For days after the attack, the teacher, Fazeelat Bibi, visited the destroyed school every morning “to cry my heart out,” she said. She has restarted class in her back garden. But attendance has fallen 75 percent, and Bibi has started wearing an all-covering burqa to work to avoid attracting the Taliban’s attention. “Teaching here was never easy,” Bibi said. She noted a prevailing conservative mind-set in which education is the preserve of boys. But she added, “Now it’s fear and growing extremism that are making parents keep children at home.” The attacks on schools are mostly the work of the Pakistani Taliban, who see girls’ education as un-Islamic. The group earned global scorn and revulsion after it proudly claimed responsibility for the attack on Yousafzai — a claim that, at least briefly, helped rally Pakistani public opinion against the movement. In Swat, which lies about 50 miles east of Mohmand, deeper in the mountains, some tribesmen have lionized Yousafzai as a teenage heroine who stood up to the Taliban where many others have faltered. Despite continuing threats, the girls’ school that she attended, which was run by her father, is open and running at full strength. “We were not expecting

the pupils to come back, but they did,” said the school administrator, Iqbal Khan. Yousafzai, meanwhile, has resumed her schooling, at Edgbaston High School for Girls in Birmingham, England. Another teenage girl hurt in the October attack recently arrived in England to join her. “They will not stop me,” Yousafzai recently wrote on her Facebook page. “I will get my education, if it is in home, school or any place.” But Yousafzai’s plight has also provoked some contrary reactions in her own community, ranging from jealousy and suspicion to naked fear. An attempt to rename a government girls’ school after her failed after students loudly protested that, by associating with Yousafzai, they would make targets of themselves. In the bazaar, some residents hint at resentment toward the global attention to Yousafzai. Some complain that it has overshadowed the bravery of other young women. Others indulge in muttered conspiracies about Western intervention. Some have posted crude abuse on Yousafzai’s FaceFILE PHOTO book page alongside the praise for her campaign, calling her a “kanjri” — an Urdu word for a prostitute — or an “American agent.” “Many people think it is a fabricated drama,” said Ihsanullah Khan, 35, a university lecturer in Swat’s main town, Mingora. “And so many other people have spoken out against militants, or sacrificed their lives. Why are they forgotten?” Equally, though, the Taliban war on education has strengthened the resolve of Pakistani leaders who see no choice but to stand up against the militants’ cultural and religious dictates. Haider, the tribal leader in Ghalanai, said the Taliban had recently kidnapped one of his relatives because he allowed the security forces to draw water from wells on the family’s land. Since elections in May, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, bordering the tribal belt, has been governed by the party of Imran Khan, a charismatic politician who has a reputation for being soft on the Taliban, yet who has also increased the provincial education budget by 30 percent. Yet the decision about whether to defy Taliban edicts on girls’ schooling often falls to individual families. The greatest resistance often comes from fearful fathers, said Bibi, the teacher in Shabqadar. “They say they don’t want their daughters to become the next Malala,” she said.

Full text of Malala Yousafzai’s speech at UN UnIteD nAtIonS NNI

Following is the full text of Malala Yousafzai's speech at the United Nations on Friday. “In the name of God, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. Honourable UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon, respected President General Assembly Vuk Jeremic Honourable UN envoy for Global education Mr Gordon Brown, respected elders and my dear brothers and sisters; Today, it is an honour for me to be speaking again after a long time. Being here with such honourable people is a great moment in my life. I don’t know where to begin my speech. I don’t know what people would be expecting me to say. But first of all, thank you to God for whom we all are equal and thank you to every person who has prayed for my fast recovery and a new life. I cannot believe how much love people have shown me. I have received thousands of good wish cards and gifts from all over the world. Thank you to all of them. Thank you to the children whose innocent words encouraged me. Thank you to my elders whose prayers strengthened me. I would like to thank my nurses, doctors and all of the staff of the hospitals in Pakistan and the UK and the UAE government who have helped me get better and recover my strength. I fully support Mr Ban Ki-moon the Secretary-General in his Global Education First Initiative and the work of the UN Special Envoy Mr Gordon Brown. And I thank them both for the leadership they continue to give. They continue to inspire all of us to action. Dear brothers and sisters, do remember one thing. Malala Day is not my day. Today

is the day of every woman, every boy and every girl who have raised their voice for their rights. There are hundreds of Human rights activists and social workers who are not only speaking for human rights, but who are struggling to achieve their goals of education, peace and equality. Thousands of people have been killed by the terrorists and millions have been injured. I am just one of them. So here I stand.... one girl among many. I speak – not for myself, but for all girls and boys. I raise up my voice – not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. Those who have fought for their rights: Their right to live in peace. Their right to be treated with dignity. Their right to equality of opportunity. Their right to be educated. Dear Friends, on the 9th of October 2012, the Taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. They shot my friends too. They thought that the bullets would silence us. But they failed. And then, out of that silence came, thousands of voices. The terrorists thought that they would change our aims and stop our ambitions but nothing changed in my life except this: Weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born. I am the same Malala. My ambitions are the same. My hopes are the same. My dreams are the same. Dear sisters and brothers, I am not against anyone. Neither am I here to speak in terms of personal revenge against the Taliban or any other terrorists group. I am here to speak up for the right of education of every child. I want education for the sons and the daughters of all the extremists especially the Taliban. I do not even hate the Talib who shot me. Even if there is a gun in my hand and he stands in front of me. I would not shoot him. This is the compassion that I have learnt from Muhammad-the prophet of mercy, Jesus christ and Lord Buddha. This

is the legacy of change that I have inherited from Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This is the philosophy of non-violence that I have learnt from Gandhi Jee, Bacha Khan and Mother Teresa. And this is the forgiveness that I have learnt from my mother and father. This is what my soul is telling me, be peaceful and love everyone. Dear sisters and brothers, we realise the importance of light when we see darkness. We realise the importance of our voice when we are silenced. In the same way, when we were in Swat, the north of Pakistan, we realised the importance of pens and books when we saw the guns. The wise saying, “The pen is mightier than sword” was true. The extremists are afraid of books and pens. The power of education frightens them. They are afraid of women. The power of the voice of women frightens them. And that is why they killed 14 innocent medical students in the recent attack in Quetta. And that is why they killed many female teachers and polio workers in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa and FATA. That is why they are blasting schools every day. Because they were and they are afraid of change, afraid of the equality that we will bring into our society. I remember that there was a boy in our school who was asked by a journalist, “Why are the Taliban against education?” He answered very simply. By pointing to his book he said, “A Talib doesn’t know what is written inside this book.” They think that God is a tiny, little conservative being who would send girls to the hell just because of going to school. The terrorists are misusing the name of Islam and Pashtun society for their own personal benefits. Pakistan is peace-loving democratic country. Pashtuns want education for their daughters and sons. And Islam is a religion of peace, humanity and brotherhood. Islam says that it is not

only each child’s right to get education, rather it is their duty and responsibility. Honourable Secretary General, peace is necessary for education. In many parts of the world especially Pakistan and Afghanistan; terrorism, wars and conflicts stop children to go to their schools. We are really tired of these wars. Women and children are suffering in many parts of the world in many ways. In India, innocent and poor children are victims of child labour. Many schools have been destroyed in Nigeria. People in Afghanistan have been affected by the hurdles of extremism for decades. Young girls have to do domestic child labour and are forced to get married at early age. Poverty, ignorance, injustice, racism and the deprivation of basic rights are the main problems faced by both men and women. Dear fellows, today I am focusing on women’s rights and girls’ education because they are suffering the most. There was a time when women social activists asked men to stand up for their rights. But, this time, we will do it by ourselves. I am not telling men to step away from speaking for women’s rights rather I am focusing on women to be independent to fight for themselves. Dear sisters and brothers, now it's time to speak up. So today, we call upon the world leaders to change their strategic policies in favour of peace and prosperity. We call upon the world leaders that all the peace deals must protect women and children’s rights. A deal that goes against the dignity of women and their rights is unacceptable. We call upon all governments to ensure free compulsory education for every child all over the world. We call upon all governments to fight against terrorism and violence, to protect

children from brutality and harm. We call upon the developed nations to support the expansion of educational opportunities for girls in the developing world. We call upon all communities to be tolerant – to reject prejudice based on cast, creed, sect, religion or gender. To ensure freedom and equality for women so that they can flourish. We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back. We call upon our sisters around the world to be brave – to embrace the strength within themselves and realise their full potential. Dear brothers and sisters, we want schools and education for every child’s bright future. We will continue our journey to our destination of peace and education for everyone. No one can stop us. We will speak for our rights and we will bring change through our voice. We must believe in the power and the strength of our words. Our words can change the world. Because we are all together, united for the cause of education. And if we want to achieve our goal, then let us empower ourselves with the weapon of knowledge and let us shield ourselves with unity and togetherness. Dear brothers and sisters, we must not forget that millions of people are suffering from poverty, injustice and ignorance. We must not forget that millions of children are out of schools. We must not forget that our sisters and brothers are waiting for a bright peaceful future. So let us wage a global struggle against illiteracy, poverty and terrorism and let us pick up our books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education First"

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saturday 13 July, 2013

road accident kills 12 in chakwal

KALAR KAHAR: Rescue workers stand near the wreckage of a Faisalabad-bound bus which overturned due to speeding near the salt range on Friday. oNlINe

CHAKWAL: At least 12 passengers died and 16 sustained severe injuries on Friday when a bus plunged into a ravine. The incident occurred near Chakwal when a bus overturned and plunged into a ravine in the Salt Range on the motorway. Rescue teams reached the scene and shifted the dead and injured to nearby hospitals. oNlINe

india alleges ceasefire violation jAMMU: India on Friday alleged that Pakistani troops fired on Indian forward posts along the Line of Control in Jammu. Pakistan rangers fired on border outposts in Rawalpindi forward area along Indian border of Ranbir Singh Pura belt of Jammu at around 0935 hours, Indian Border Security Force (BSF) officer claimed. The firing went on for a brief period, he said, adding that BSF troups retaliated, resulting in further.exchanges. No one was injured or killed, he said. INP



sc questions iMMunity to spies For hr aBuses ag says PolIce fully emPowered To arresT army men

says law and consTITuTIon do noT bar PolIce from regIsTerIng an fIr agaInsT any army offIcer



USTICE Jawad S Khawaja on Friday remarked that whosoever has done anything wrong will have to bear its consequences. He gave these remarks while presiding over a two-member bench of the Supreme Court (SC) during hearing of the missing persons case, particularly that of Dr Abida Malik’s husband. Justice Khawaja remarked: “The court has no option but to follow the law and constitution in the missing persons case. May be democratic government has some other options. Dr Abida Malik’s case is that of human rights. We cannot close our eyes to it. No one can declare oneself above law and constitution after taking illegal and unconstitutional steps. Whosoever has done anything will have to be accountable for it”. The judge ob-

six pakistani govt sites defaced by afghan hackers

served that “How can it be possible that a person is kept under detention without any allegation and evidence and even his family is not allowed to meet him! He is kept deprived of all medicines and clothes! Do the armed forces and intelligence agencies stand exempted from human rights? Are they allowed to do or say whatever they want and that the superior judiciary cannot take them to task?” The court rejected a request of Ibrahim Satti, counsel for the Military Intelligence (MI) director general, for constitution of full court in Dr Abida Malik’s case. A three-member bench was conducting hearing of the missing persons case on day-to-day basis, therefore there’s no need to constitute a full court on this count, the judge remarked. In order to ascertain federation’s stance, the court directed Additional Attorney General (AAG) Tariq Khokhar to obtain directives from the federal government

and present the reply before it. Attorney General (AG) Munir A Malik said the SC wielded unrestrained powers under article 184(3) of the constitution. It could accord the status of constitutional petition to any suo motu notice, he added. If there was no petition even then it had jurisdiction to hear civil and military matters, the AG opined. Police was fully empowered to arrest armed forces personnel or civilians for committing any illegal act after registering an FIr against them. If the NAB is authorised to proceed against military personnel or civilians under the NAB ordinance for affecting the people then why could the SC not have such powers, Malik questioned. Ibrahim Satti argued that Article 8 of the constitution did not apply to the army. The decision could not be nullified on the plea of human rights violations, he said. “The court could determine its jurisdiction and if there was any bar in the law then the court had to decide in this regard,” he argued. Police was not authorised to arrest any colonel and if they seek help from the court, it could not interfere in it, Satti argued. Justice Jawad remarked that everyone had been granted individual freedom under Article 8 of the

constitution. The AG said the matter pertained to enforced disappearance and it did not stand procedural. On this, Justice Khawaja remarked the commandant admitted that the person had been picked up. The AG said the law and constitution of the country did not bar the police from registering an FIr against any army officer. Justice Jawad said no progress could have been made in this matter. It was yet to be known whether Tasaf was alive or dead, the justice remarked. “When we will know about the true fact of his (Tasaf) life, then we will see under what procedure his trial takes place,” the justice further commented. NOOR BIBI CASE: The court also heard the case of Noor Bibi. Justice Jawad remarked that Ali Asghar Mangalzai case was pending since long and no one had raised any issue in Mangalzai case. Coming hard on the Balochistan police, the judge remarked that they (police) would have to do their job. The Balochistan advocate general should get the matter resolved within 10 days and review the cases of other missing persons of the province, Justice Jawad directed. The proceedings were adjourned for July 25.

ISLAMABAD: A hacker group called Afghan Cyber Army on Friday hacked and defaced six Pakistani government websites. The targeted websites are of the Ministry of Defence (, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (, the National Training Bureau (, the Economic Affairs Division (, the Cabinet Division of the Government of Pakistan (, and the Ministry of Interior ( According to HackRead, the hackers posted a message on the defaced websites stating that they were Afghans and threatened to avenge the blood of their brothers. Currently, the defaced pages have been removed and the websites appear to be working properly. oNlINe

hina khar to contest by-polls MUzAFFARGARH: Former foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar is contesting by-election as an independent candidate from NA-177, the seat vacated by Jamshed Dasti. Ghulam Rabbani Khar, Hina’s father and expected candidate of Pakistan People's Party, may withdraw his nomination papers in favour of his daughter. Family sources revealed that the Khar family was trying to field a unanimous candidate to regain their family seat which they lost in the May 11 general elections. Meanwhile, former governor Ghulam Mustafa Khar, who is president of Pakistan Muslim LeagueFunctional Punjab, is trying to get the PML-N ticket for the same seat. aPP

Pakistan favours doha track for negotiated afghan-led reconciliation ambassador khan says Peace and securITy In afghanIsTan musT for a vIable Peace and reconcIlIaTIon Process UnIteD nAtIonS aPP

Despite last week's closure of the Taliban office in Doha, Pakistan has fervently called for pursuing the Afghan peace process aimed at bringing the over a decade-old war to an end. "The window on the Doha track should not be shut. This initiative should be pursued," Pakistan's UN Ambassador Masood Khan told a closed door meet-

ing of the UN Security Council on the situation in Afghanistan on Thursday. The peace process involving Taliban, Americans and Afghan officials was to have started last week at the recently opened Taliban office in the Qatari capital, but got stalled after the office drew the ire of the government of Afghan President Hamid Karzai over the display of the Taliban flag and nameplate at the office. The signs and flag were later removed and the Karzai government said its High Peace Council would take part in the peace process only if it is Afghan-led. PAK-AFGHAN RELATIONS: "Temporary difficulties and glitches should be resolved so that the US, the government of Afghanistan, and the Taliban can have conversations that would lead to an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation," the Pakistani envoy said. "Misgivings should be removed and tensions defused.

Compromises must be explored to move forward." He further remarked that Pakistan had taken all possible measures to facilitate the peace process. "We are doing so in good faith. This is also guided by our national interest. Peace and stability in Afghanistan will have a salutary impact on Pakistan." "Under no circumstances, will we force an agenda, impose a solution or interfere in intra-Afghan dialogue," he added. “Only Afghan parties will and should set the framework of negotiations, articulate common objectives and identify the final outcome." "Peace and security in Afghanistan are a must for a viable peace and reconciliation process," the Pakistani envoy said. "Together with Afghanistan, we have shared responsibility to manage Pak-Afghanistan international border," he said. Pakistan had sought to strengthen border controls through check-

points and border posts along its side of the border, a must for interdicting terrorist activities, counter narcotics trafficking and tackle smuggling. He said it was in the interest of the two countries to stop shelling across the international border. "We continue to suffer casualties, even as we are putting our full weight behind Afghan peace," the Pakistani envoy pointed out. "Provocative statements to the media vitiate the atmosphere," he added. "Pakistan has shown utmost restraint in responding to these statements, because we want to steer our relations towards trust and cooperation. "Pakistan will persevere in its support to the efforts of the Afghan people to bring peace and stability in their land. We will also continue to support the UN as it assists Afghanistan in making multiple political, security and economic transitions simultaneously in the next two to three years."

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coMMent saturday, 13 July, 2013

MqM’s unjustified protest The easy way: send libel notice to bbc


S far as Pakistanis are concerned there was little new in the revelations made by the BBC Two programme Newsnight. Over the years newspapers have carried innumerable reports about bhatta (extortion) collection by the MQM’s activists in Karachi and about the money finally finding its way to London. With Scotland Yard in hot pursuit, Altaf Hussain himself recognised this in May this year and prohibited his workers from ‘collecting any sort of donations from the general public’. It is however yet to be determined if the wads of bank notes discovered in the MQM office in December 2012 and at Altaf’s home last month came from Pakistan or from some other country. As far as the incitement to violence on the part of the MQM leader is concerned, this too is nothing new. Threats to the MQM opponents like “We will prepare your body bags” or the remark “tearing open abdomens” replayed in the BBC programme are however thoroughly repulsive and provocative. These must have surprised many Britons also who witnessed last month the MQM protestors outside 10 Downing Street carrying placards that read “Altaf Hussain is the ambassador of peace” and shouting slogans in support of peace. Altaf Hussain is a citizen of Great Britain, which has stringent laws against money laundering. It is now for the MQM chief to explain to the investigators the source of the money and how it reached him. There would be other questions too. If the money came from a legitimate source, why wasn’t it sent through the normal banking system? Why did Hussain keep so much currency at his home instead of depositing it in a bank as is the normal practice? If the money belonged to the party he heads, why was it hoarded in London rather than kept in Pakistan where the MQM could use it to conduct its political activity including taking part in elections? Britain also has strict laws against incitement to violence. Unlike Pakistan, one cannot resort to the language of the sort without being held accountable. To maintain that the objectionable words are being quoted out of context will not hold ground because the whole speech is now a part of the record. The BBC has also claimed that it has obtained Altaf Hussain’s letter to the British Prime Minister written soon after 9/11 volunteering to provide British government secret information about the jihadi outfits. This has led an anchorperson to ask, and for good reason, why should Dr Shakil Afridi languish in jail for a similar activity? Instead of asking everyone to put an end to “propaganda” against Altaf Hussain, the MQM should send a notice to the BBC under libel laws if it believes the British network is spreading false information. Unless it does so, Pakistani media cannot ignore what is being broadcast or published abroad.

how badly is the pti run? senior PTI leaders must stop flaunting their dirty laundry in public


HE Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) just can’t keep itself out of the news – even if for the wrong reasons. The words of many a seasoned observer are coming true that the PTI, being a hotchpotch of leaders of all categories, was one of the worst internally run political parties in the country. What else can be said of a political entity in which both Shireen Mazari and Fauzia Kasuri, both at loggerheads with each other, can leave the party and expect to return at their former postings with full honour restored. But the PTI seems to be falling apart in the absence of its chairman; first through injury, then through travel. As things stand, there is a need for a serious intervention from Khan or a formalisation of process in the ever more disparate party cadre. The first to play the exit and re-enter game was Shireen Mazari, who now appears to be an ‘insider’ again and is closely toeing Khan’s line. Then it was Fauzia Kasuri, former president of the PTI women’s wing, who bid a sobbing farewell to the party before returning a month later to address a press conference at the PTI’s central secretariat on Monday. Kasuri said, “I am the PTI. This is my party; nobody can stop me from joining the PTI. I am back with my children of the Insaf Students Federation.” Strange words coming from her when only one senior leader of the PTI women’s wing greeted her on her ‘rejoining’. Kasuri however does not appear to have rejoined in good faith as she said her disputes would still be heard ‘inside the party’ and that she still believed that a ‘mafia’ was working in the party. Her post in the party was introduced as adviser to the PTI chairman on overseas Pakistanis and gender development, again what appears like another token ‘appointment’. The most controversial figure in the PTI however is fast becoming the PTI Election Commissioner Hamid Khan. After issuing notices to the PTI Khyber Pakhtunkhwa leadership to give up their ‘dual posts’ and hold new elections after ramadan, the PTI chairman himself had to interject and restore the “status quo… since the PTI constitution was silent over the subject” and asked that the issue be taken up by the central executive committee (CEC). The clear word was that the election commission’s decision was ‘interpretive’. Hamid Khan’s two press releases on the matter were said to have gone against what was agreed in the last PTI CEC. The problem in the PTI appears to be one of conflicting egos. What the PTI leadership must realise is that no party is without disputes, but the way they are flaunting their dirty laundry in public shall make the party a laughing stock and result in confusion amongst the party cadre.

controlling the deep state an elusive goal?



lot of furore has been created about the leaked Abbottabad Commission report on the raid by US Special Forces killing Osama bin Laden more than two years ago. Ostensibly the prime minister with his brother Shahabaz Sharif and Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan in tow visited the ISI headquarters in a moraleboosting exercise. Starting from the Hamoodur rehman Commission to probe the causes of the East Pakistan debacle, the fate of such commissions has invariably ended up in the realm of an exercise in futility. Invariably their findings are never released but leaked overseas. Their recommendations are without exception ignored. No lessons have ever been learnt. The Hamoodur rehman Commission’s report was leaked in India more than a decade after the tragedy that had truncated Pakistan in 1971. The Abbottabad Commission report, until recently in wraps, was scooped by the Qatar based al-Jazeera news channel. The report bemoans the collective intelligence failure that led to the successful US Navy SEALs raid on Osama bin Laden’s lair in the early hours of 2 May, 2011. It singles out the military and the ISI for its peculiar mindset that allowed Osama a safe haven for eight years – literally a stone’s throw away from Pakistan’s Sandhurst, the Kakul Military Academy. Without specifically saying whether it was mere incompetence or complicity on the part of our securityintelligence combine, the report repeatedly laments military hegemony over our state apparatus emphasising strengthening of democracy. The Commission suggests establishment of an agency on the lines of the US Department of Homeland Security to synergise the working of eight spy agencies in the country. It also recommends some sort of civilian control over the intelligence agencies, in the form of parliamentary oversight.

Judging in the backdrop of stiff resistance by our security–intelligence combine to even most rudimentary civilian scrutiny, the Commission has done a commendable job. When feeble attempts were made by the PPP government to bring the ISI under civilian control in November 2008 in the immediate aftermath of the Mumbai carnage, there was an outrage on the part of the military establishment. And the attempt was abandoned even before it was initiated. After this the PPP government adopted the path of least resistance throughout its tenure. The hurt and outrage over the US trampling over Pakistan’s sovereignty and its embassy in Islamabad playing a meddlesome role flouting all diplomatic norms is justified. Islamabad perhaps became the biggest CIA base with express knowledge of the ubiquitous establishment. Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani claims that he had nothing to do with en masse issuing of visas to the CIA sub-contractors. Nonetheless the fact remains that they were issued by our embassy headed by Haqqani. On the flip side this also brings into sharp relief our war gamers making Pakistan a safe haven for terrorists of all hues and colours in the name of a dubious and obsolete strategic doctrine. The ISI chief at the time of the Abbottabad raid Lt Gen (retd) Ahmed Shuja Pasha’s deposition betrays this peculiar mindset. The former spymaster blames everyone except the agency he headed for the systematic failure that led to the Abbottabad raid. He laments the role of the PPP government for being incompetent and not providing leadership and former President Musharraf for kowtowing to the Americans. In the past Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has had an uneasy relationship with the military. Understandably so, he will carefully tread the tricky path of bringing the security-intelligence apparatus under civilian control. His interior minister, soon after assuming the post, in a television interview had lamented ‘Bonapartist tendencies’, still present (according to him) in the military. While pressing the army leadership to curb the adventurists he specifically named Lt Gen (retd) Pasha. Perhaps Nisar’s views were his own. That said, providing leadership and bringing ownership to a comprehensive anti-terrorism policy as interior minister is squarely now on his watch. Hence he has to be doubly careful about what he says. The much-touted moot to evolve a comprehensive policy to curb terrorism has been postponed. PTI chief

whitelIeS Arif Nizami Editor

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad Joint Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2850505 Web: Email:


HE last caretaker interior minister, a former military man who later served in the police, had been angling to get an advisory position in the present dispensation. In fact, his finely tuned political antennae already having picked up the League for government, he gave Nawaz Sharif a tacit endorsement of sorts much

The writer is Editor, Pakistan Today.



Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Imran Khan has deliberately avoided attending it on the pretext that he had to visit UK for treatment. The very next day of his arrival in London he was seen attending a royal charity ball, all smiles, feeling at home in a trendy tuxedo. Perhaps to keep his own options open, he has nominated Shah Mehmood Qureshi to attend the proposed moot. Both the PTI and the ruling PMLN while in the opposition had an ambivalent attitude towards the Taliban and its allied outfits. Perhaps they naively thought that once in power the militants would somehow give them space. Their oft-repeated mantra to talk to the Taliban has run aground in the wake of big upsurge in violence in the past month. How one can talk to those who want to dismantle the Pakistani state in the name of their own narrowminded interpretation of Sharia? Whatever has been leaked of the contents of the Abbottabad Commission report underscores the need for civilian and military leadership being on the same page to counter internal as well as external threats plaguing Pakistan. Sharif’s declared intention of fixing the economy will remain a pipedream if Karachi, the hub of economic activity, keeps burning. With the US threatening to completely withdraw from Afghanistan by 2014, the Taliban blowback from Kabul can be devastating for already terror-devastated Pakistan. The PML-N leadership is keen to mend fences with India. In the past such efforts including those made by Sharif were strongly resisted by the military leadership. Like the Afghan policy the army considers India policy its domain. Hence Sharif will have to again tread carefully on this path, even to achieve minimal results. The recent terrorist incident in a Lahore food street after an interregnum of three years is a rude awakening that the PML-N provincial government’s ‘ceasefire’ with the militants no longer holds. In this context Shahbaz Sharif must come out clean on the charge levelled by Pasha before the Commission that the Lahore police protected those who attacked Qadianis in 2010. That the Abbottabad Commission report should be officially released and its recommendations taken seriously is stating but the obvious. Launching an inquiry to determine who leaked the report is a noble aim. But if such reports are released and in real time, whistleblowers will automatically go out of business.

before the elections, which landed him in a spot of trouble in the media. All that came to naught, apparently, as the interior minister wouldn’t have any of this. In fact, the hopeful was heard complaining recently that the ministry-issued car and driver had recently been withdrawn. Just how long was the gentleman expecting to hold on to the perks?

OVErNMENTS may come and go but the lobbyists and wheelerdealers stay put. Seen at the oath-taking ceremony of the PM, sitting near the Punjab CM, was a businessman who was a contractor for the PIA’s kitchens and ticketing systems. He is also (conflict of interests, anyone?) on the PIA’s advisory committee. He was also spotted hobnobbing with Nawaz Sharif on his train ride in China. Once close to the late BB, he is now thick with the present lot. Apropos the military and big business in the country, one Las Vegas adage holds true: No matter what happens, the House always wins.

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comedy of errors spin in the time of s**t hitting the fan


ideals beyond the reckoning of ordinary mortals of intellectual corruption, moral turpitude and judicial nuances


OT too long ago, people the government disagreed with were routinely dubbed as ‘traitors’ and incarcerated for undefined periods of time. The list of those who suffered indescribable inhuman treatment as a consequence is long and painful. Faiz Ahmad Faiz, who has inspired generations to continue dreaming and aspiring for ideals beyond the reckoning of ordinary mortals, was one such individual. But it did not deter him from continuing to write his immortal poetry which is etched deep on the psyche of every individual who breathes of freedom and better times. I am also reminded of how the careers of some outstanding and brilliant army officers were prematurely destroyed over loud murmurings regarding the mishandling of the 1971 conflict. It prompted the then civilian martial-law administrator to send them packing to the Attock Fort to be tried by a brigadier who was to later topple his government and send him to the gallows. The army has never been quite the same after the unfortunate rawalpindi Raoof HaSaN Conspiracy Case. Times may have changed, but the mindset that contributed to the immense pain of that period has somehow lingered. It now takes to conveniently dubbing people as ‘agents’ of one outfit or the other, one mafia or the other. A recent controversy regarding a story carried by The Times of India titled “ISI has infiltrated US thinktanks” based on an accusation tweeted by a Pakistani author Dr Ayesha Siddiqa is aptly symptomatic of that mindset. Strangely, she does not seem to find fault with the overall strategy, but goes on to moan that “they are sending unqualified people to compete with Indians in the US”. To add bite to her accusation, she

Candid Corner

also names two individuals who fit the category: a gentleman associated with the US Institute of Peace and the other an adjunct scholar with the Middle East Institute. Unfortunate that the accusation was, it elicited a collective response from a group of concerned people who condemned it as baseless and demanded of Dr Siddiqa to “immediately retract and apologise for her statement and refrain from propagating such unsubstantiated mudslinging”. Strong language, but appropriate if we are to grapple with and overcome this self-defeating mindset that sees conspiracy in everything that does or does not include a specific individual or propagate a certain line of thinking. Subsequently, Dr Siddiqa sent a note to The Times of India protesting that the author of the story had pieced together “three different but loosely-related conversation threads to look like a scoop”. She questioned the “ethics and the sense of morality” in doing so and went on to explain that she was not suggesting that “these people were formally part of the ISI, but that I have issue with their narrative that paddles a peculiar perspective”. The matter should rest here, but we should exercise extra care, particularly the ones who have the advantage of access to media and other forums to project their points of view, in levelling accusations of a kind that cannot be substantiated and that may unfairly impact some people. That brings us to another kind of immorality. On the recent trip of the prime minister to China, Hussain Nawaz and Salman Shahbaz were quite conspicuous by their presence as members of the visiting delegation. By way of explanation, the government spokesperson would claim that they paid for their own trip. But, if I may dare, is this facility of becoming a member of an official delegation available for all people who can pay for their trip? Understandably not! So, why were these two gentlemen (among others I may not be aware of), who are running their business empires, given this special treatment which would kick-start their interaction with their Chinese counterparts with prime ministerial patronage? Doesn’t this fall under the banner of corrupt practices and shouldn’t the chief executive of the country be asked to explain? Now that we are discussing the question of moral transgressions, let me point out another example of this incessant sufferance. The appointment of the advisor on aviation to the prime minister involves a blatant conflict of interest. First, he is the head of the royal Airport Services which provides air-

port-related facilities to various airlines. The convenient argument that would be forwarded by the government apologists is that he has resigned from the company. The question is: has the company stopped operations? Has it been closed down as a consequence of its head having become the advisor to the prime minister? If the answer is in the negative, as is the case, wouldn’t the newly-appointed advisor be in an advantageous position to work for the benefit of his company to the exclusion of its competitors – a fear that has already been expressed by many such companies? According to published reports, his advisor has allegedly manoeuvred to have three members of his personal NGO appointed on the Board of Directors of PIA including one who has been made the acting chairman. One also understands that this advisor is allegedly an aspirant in bidding for the PIA whenever it is offered for privatisation. In such an event, wouldn’t he be able to use his position to his advantage or that of his patrons whenever such a situation may occur? Why is the Supreme Court silent on this grave transgression? Or will it come forth only when damage has been done to a premier national institution? There has been relative quiet since the new government assumed the mantle of power. Some say it is because of the enormity of challenges faced while others attribute it to a lack of vision and planning to grapple with the abnormally serious situation. The militancy rages on. The cities of the country continue to be coloured red in orgies perpetrated by the extortionist mafias, obscurantist occupations and sectarian biases. Defying its own manifesto proclamation of not spreading the begging bowl, the PML-N government has already secured a deal for $5.3 billion loan with the IMF and, according to reports, it is asking for another $2 to 3 billion from the agency. The budgetary proposals have led to inflation in the prices of basic commodities and there are reports that the cost of petrol, electricity and gas would go up further. No relief seems to be in the offing for the common person. Like they say, the more it changes, the more it stays the same. If only I could reproduce a Punjabi saying here which I am not as I may be hauled up for grave ‘moral transgression’, but it is definitely time to plan an obituary for those who still believe in this system and its vile proponents! The writer is a political strategist. He can be reached at:

tHe tuBe

WO years on, one thinks it would have been funny, had it not been so embarrassing as a Pakistani. No, not the actual event of Bin Laden’s capture from Abbottabad but the media management that followed. All three services chiefs gave strange statements within three weeks of each other. (1) First, the army chief, through the Corps Commanders’ meeting. As per a press release, the generals said, to paraphrase, that the incident would not be allowed again. This led the simpler amongst us to ask whether by this, the generals meant that the Americans will not be allowed to kill Osama again? (2) Then, the air chief, who said the Americans helicopters were not detected because the air-force’s radars were turned off. All this precious equipment, paid for by the military budget, which is the pound of flesh the polity feeds our protectors and for what? To gather dust? The next time an air-force officer doesn’t agree with you on any issue, even personal ones, do ask him whether his radar has been turned off. (3) Not directly related to the OBL incident, but thrown our way by fate for purposes of conceptual symmetry, the naval chief – after attackers completely destroyed two of the five of the Navy’s elite Orion aircraft and killed 18 personnel at PNS Mehran – thanked Allah that the attackers weren’t successful in their mission. Only Allah knows what the admiral calls a success. But this is not to disparage only the military leadership either. After the PNS Mehran incident, the interior minister had, quite bizarrely, described the attackers as being dressed as Star Wars characters. And the Foreign Secretary, feeling that the OBL incident was too big to be handled merely by the Foreign Office spokesperson, had decided to address the press conference himself. Woefully inarticulate, this conference was a series of mumbles, more akin to the sleepy ramblings of an elderly uncle after a heavy Sunday morning brunch. (Trivia: the FS happened to be the brother of the naval chief.) It was a bizarre comedy of errors. But it could serve to illustrate one important point. Don’t talk to the media. When the proverbial hits the fan and you’re up the creek without a pedal, don’t talk to the media and instead, think very, very carefully about what your first words are going to be. Don’t let any services’ chief say anything and don’t even let the PM’s office break radio silence. The PM secretariat, working in tandem with the FO, should prepare a statement and then let the FO Spokesperson do his/her thing. There should be a crisis plan for all eventualities ready beforehand, including this one. True, who in their wildest imaginations, in their most creative of Pr war games would have believed Bin Laden would eventually be captured from the garrison town? But still, a modified version of the Mullah-Omar’s-in-Quetta Hypothesis could have been used. To segue to the present: the Abbottabad commission’s report has been leaked to the press. There is no need to respond to it at all. Pakistanis are disappointed by the report. The western media establishments, surprisingly, are not. They call it scathing self-criticism and all that. Whereas we, correctly, wanted names to be named and for heads to roll. One issue that obviously raises its head when discussing the whole issue is that of incompetence. More important than how our forces could let US military choppers come deep into Pakistani territory while their fighter jets provided cover overhead is how our intelligence apparatus, otherwise so feared by journalists and politicians across the country, could not detect the world’s most wanted man living in peace in Abbottabad. So if incompetence indeed is the central question, how about commenting on the professional competence of Kashif Abbasi (Off the Record, ArY, 9th July ( In particular, his inability to even attempt to rein in Dr Shahid Masood, who was being extremely rude to the other panelists. First the good doctor started saying that he was caught between the views of the ISI (Gen Hamid Gul) and the CIA (Kamran Shafi and Asma Jehangir). Then there was his use of the words pitthu and tattu, first for the strawmen who let the OBL incident happen and then, strangely, for Kamran Shafi himself. The man who an alleged pitthu made Chairman PTV only simmered down when given a dose by Asma Jehangir herself. Kashif Abbasi himself seemed uninterested, much like a high-society auntie who has the maid change the kids’ diapers.

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A aRtS saturday, 13 July, 2013

‘We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone’ — Ronald Reagan

double trouble as kevin richardson father second time round!


A C K S T r E E T ’ S back all right!—with a baby boy. Kevin richardson took to Facebook today to announce the birth of his second son, Maxwell Haze richardson. “Special delivery! Another richardson boy... At 3:05am Wednesday morning (7/10/13), Maxwell Haze richardson decided to join the party,” richardson writes. “He is a stout 9 lbs. 8 oz. / 23 inches long. Love! Love! Love!” richardson and his wife Kristin Kay Willits have been married since 2000 and welcomed their first son, Mason Frey, back in 2007. It wasn’t until this past April that the former boybander tweeted the news of his wife’s second pregnancy. The new father-of two has had a lot going on. Just last year, he rejoined Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean after his separation from the group for almost six years. Not long after the reunion, the band announced on Good Morning America that they would be releasing their first studio album with richardson since his departure. The new album, titled “In A World

uk cHaRtS tHIS week

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Blurred Lines – Robert Thicke Pompeii – Bastille Get Lucky – Daft Punk Wake Me Up – Avicii True Love – Pink Treasure – Bruno Mars Wild – Jessie J Parachute – Timomatic The Other Side – Jason Derulo’

Like This,” is scheduled to be released on July 30 followed by the official world tour kickoff on Aug. 2 in Chicago. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Backstreet Boys, and it looks to be a successful year for the band. In April, the boys received the 2,485th star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame. The honor even brought tears to Carter’s eyes as he told the crowd, “I never ever imagined in a million years that we would be a part of this.” And that wasn’t the only tribute the boy band received this year. The quintet was one of the greatest boy bands included in new boy band The Wanted’s latest music video, “Walks Like rihanna”. Group members Max, Siva, Nathan, Tom, and Jay copied the famous white outfits from one of the Backstreet Boy’s all-time greatest hits “I Want It That Way.” To make matters even better, the two groups met for the first time earlier this month and performed together on the same stage at G-A-Y, a London night club. We weren’t there for the collaboration, but we definitely wish we were. CouRteSy eo

This Is What It Feels Like – Armin van Buuren

cavill’s kryptonite: super couple splits up Cue the big breakup theories. Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill have split up, a source confirms exclusively to E! News. The attractive pair had only been outed as a couple barely two weeks ago, prompting a flurry of speculation as to just how long the Man of Steel star had been romancing the actress. Meanwhile, we’re hearing that Cavill and Cuoco remain friends after a few dates together—almost all of which seem to have been captured by paparazzi! Barely 48 hours after their venture into romantic territory came to light on July 1, they were spotted hiking and then, possibly later that day, holding hands outside a Los Angelesarea supermarket. Cavill split up with Haywire star Gina Carano earlier this year, while Cuoco briefly dated Pepper bassist Bret Bollinger after ending her engagement to Josh resnik. She also revealed back in 2010 that she dated The Big Bang Theory costar and off-and-on onscreen boyfriend Johnny Galecki for two years. “It was a wonderful relationship but we never spoke a word about it and never went anywhere together,” Cuoco recalled. CouRteSy eo

sAndLer tALks About cheAting the cheetAh Click star describes how he nearly got mauled on David Letterman’s show Call it When Animals Attack—the Adam Sandler Edition. The funnyman stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday night while making the publicity rounds for his comedy follow up, Grown Ups 2, when he revealed he got a little more than he bargained for during a recent safari in Africa—a close encounter of the cheetah kind! “I did have an incident and I sent you guys the thing… I

hung out with some lions,” Sandler told David Letterman. “You see ‘em from the jeep?” asked the gap-toothed comic. “No, they let me get out,” said the 46-year-old thesp. “You go into this one place and you hang out with lions. No tigers. Tiger are in Asia by the way. I did not know that.” When quizzed by a skeptical Letterman why he was let out of a jeep to “mingle” with wild animals, Sandler then related his run-in with the cheetah. “They let me in with a cheetah,” he said. They let you in with a cheetah?!” exclaimed Dave. “And said I can feed the cheetah water from my hands,” continued Adam. “So I did it and something went wrong.” CouRteSy DM

The international man of mystery to mystify in 2015 The film is set for release in the autumn of 2015 follows on the success of Mendes-directed predecessor “Skyfall”, which earned $1.1 billion at the box office worldwide and was the highest-grossing film of all time in Britain, producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said in a statement. The screenplay for the Sony Pictures Entertainment (6758.T) and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc MGMYr.UL film will be written by John Logan, who also worked on “Skyfall”. “Following the extraordinary success of ‘Skyfall’, we’re really excited to be working once again with Daniel Craig, Sam Mendes and John Logan,” Wilson and Broccoli said. Mendes has been rumoured as the director of the latest Bond project for months, but his participation was not a certainty while he was involved in the creation of a

stage musical version of children’s writer roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, which opened last month. “I am very pleased that by giving me the time I need to honour all my theatre commitments, the producers have made it possible for me to direct Bond 24,” the 47year-old Mendes said in the statement. Mendes has a long background in theatre direction and burst on to the movie scene by winning an Academy Award for his debut feature “American Beauty” starring Kevin Spacey. His collaboration with Craig as the suave superspy and handling of key new cast including ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw in “Skyfall” was widely praised by critics and helped the film become a major commercial success. (reporting by Paul Casciato; Editing by Michael roddy). CouRteSy ReuteRS

All the rage! Orlando Bloom follows the trned by going two-wheels in the Big Apple.

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‘Life’s too short to deal with other people’s insecurities’ — Anthony Hopkins

audience and insecurities Mar Girish kuMar’s liFe

Newcomer Girish Kumar, son of producer Kumar Taurani, says rejection by the audience is his greatest fear. Girish is making his debut with Prabhu Deva’s romantic film ‘ramaiya Vastavaiya’. The film is produced by his father Kumar S Taurani, the managing director of Tips Industries. “For me, the biggest fear as an actor is audience not accepting you. As you put so much effort for a film and entertain the audience, and if the audience does not accept you, it is a sad thing. And if that does not work then I feel something is wrong,” Girish told. The newcomer reveals that he received offers for some films but nothing significant came his way. His father wanted to launch him in the industry under his banner. Even though Girish comes with a filmi background, he too had to undergo screen test like any other actor and take training before he bagged a film. “The journey till now was not easy. I had an opportunity but I had to work for it, as I had to prove it to people that I was worth being given an opportunity. I took training, did screen test etc,” he said. As a part of his learning experience, Girish went on film sets of ‘race’, ‘Prince’ and others to understand things - observe actors and see how they perform and understand the process of filmmaking. “I was asked to be behind the monitor (camera) as you learn maximum from seeing or observing people. I was sitting behind the monitor and observing actors, how they are instructed and directed and etc, he said. In the film, Girish plays an NrI who enters an Indian village. The film, shot in India and abroad, also stars Shruti Haasan, and will hit cinema houses tomorrow. recollecting his first day of shoot, Girish said they shot for a song ‘Jeene laga hoon’, which has now become very popular. “I was nervous as I was finally seeing my dreams of acting coming true. It was half a day shoot but it all went smoothly,” he said. CouRteSy toI

Arts saturday, 13 July, 2013

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chatoor rules the red carpet at lsa 2013


O L L O W I N G the successful showcase of her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection “SOIGNE” at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week,where outfits by Shehla were worn in abundance by a range of celebrities, Shehla Chatoor was the designer label of choice at the red carpet of the prestigious Lux Style Awards 2013. This year, a host of celebrities and fashion icons chose to attend the awards ceremony in a Shehla Chatoor outfit, includingLSA 2013 red carpet host Amna Kardar, LSA 2013 ‘Music Album of the Year’ winner Ayesha Omer, External Communications Manager – Unilever Pakistan Fareshteh Aslam, fashion models Amna Illyas & Sanah Sarfaraz, event managerFrieha Altaf and TV show host Huma Amir Shah. “Brand Shehla has become the most sought after label for red carpet events, be it the PSFW, Tarang Geo Awards or the Hum TV awards. When I was approached by different celebrities to provide their wardrobe, I felt really honoured. With LSA being the most prestigious awards of Pakistan, I wanted the red carpet to look sophisticated and elegant. I wanted to portray a glamorous look without being too blingy or over the top. We say LSA’s are the Oscar’s of Pakistan, then why should our red carpet be any less?” said Shehla after the event. Shehla’s clothing lines are popular with celebrities and socialites alike and have been worn by media personalities such as Faryal Makhdoom, Nadia Hussain, Fauzia Aman and Humaima Malik and many others in the past. Humaima Malik also chose to wear a custom-made gold Shehla cocktail sheath dress accessorized with a dainty metallic gold chain belt in Abbas Hasan’s music video ‘Away’, which was produced by British artist rishi rich. The Shehla Chatoor brand has a 18 year long legacy of fashion excellence and has become synonymous with elegance and finesse, creating a signature design aesthetic that transcends trends and seeks to revive the exquisite heritage of our age-old crafts. To this end stitching and embroidery techniques such as gara, marori, mukesh and zardozi, are all employed in Shehla’s Eastern collections. Shehla’s Western wear is by contrast more contemporary, bold, cutting edge and glamorous. The SHEHLA label has design presence in Karachi, Mumbai. New Delhi, Dubai, London and Houston. NeWS DeSK


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Paris Hilton ‫@‏‬ParisHilton 6h I love sleeping at my beach house. So relaxing hearing the waves from my window. I sleep so well here & have the best dreams. Expand

Reema Khan ‫@‏‬rkreemakhan 28 Mar A new gift will be presented to fans on EID Expand


the hunt

Unsettling, forthright and thoughtprovoking, The Hunt is also brilliantly titled. The film opens and closes with a group of friends on an annual hunting trip in rural Denmark. In between, this cerebral psychological thriller (* * * * out of four; rated r; opens Friday in select cities) explores a wholly different, profoundly rattling predatory activity: a witch hunt. Mads Mikkelsen is terrific as Lucas, a high school teacher who loses his job when the school closes. He endures a harsh divorce and starts over as a kindergarten assistant. He’s just the

kind of calm, fair-minded, fun-loving presence most parents would want overseeing their young children. Lucas is also the kind of man upon whom adults can depend. His best friend, Theo (Thomas Bo Larsen), lives next door with his wife and two children. The youngest is Klara (Annika Wedderkopp), a sensitive 5-year-old with a vivid imagination. When her parents are arguing, she sits gravely outside the house, her face a mask of forlorn trepidation. Sensing her discomfort, Lucas warmly offers to walk

her to school. Theo is grateful for the intervention. Lucas’ sole companion at home is his beloved dog, Fanny. For months, he’s been battling over custody of his teenage son, Marcus (Lasse Fogelstrom), and when he learns that Marcus is moving in with him, he’s clearly elated. His personal life is improving all around, as he also begins a romance with Nadja (Alexandra rapaport), a co-worker. But in one afternoon, everything changes when Lucas is falsely accused of sexual abuse by a casually fibbing child. He is

quickly labeled a predator and ostracized. Danish director/co-writer Thomas Vinterberg masterfully probes the nature of public opinion and the tendency of people to jump to the worst conclusions. Along with co-writer Tobias Lindholm, Vinterberg artfully explores how a lie can mushroom and become construed as fact amid gossip, innuendo and catastrophic thinking. Vinterberg wrote and directed 1998’s The Celebration, a haunting film that dealt with a family’s secrets and lies. The Hunt explores similar territory but within a broader context. Strangely, no one in Lucas’ tightly knit community seems to care much about getting to the truth. They easily assume the worst. Why are people so quick to believe that such heinous evil lurks in the hearts of men? Is it simply herd mentality, or is something more complicated at play? These are the sorts of questions that arise when watching Vinterberg’s engrossing, nuanced and morally complex tale. Performances are topnotch across the board. Currently the title character on NBC’s Hannibal, Mikkelsen is often cast in villainous roles. He plays against type superbly, running the gamut from easygoing warmth to bursts of rage to agonized isolation. Mikkelsen’s every note rings true, and it’s easy to see why he won best actor at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival for this performance. The movie works its way toward a resolution that seemingly reaffirms the audience’s faith in human decency. The misunderstanding appears to be cleared up, Lucas is vindicated, and his evenkeeled life is restored. Or is it? The question is left open to debate. It’s that emotional and intellectual engagement that makes The Hunt such an indelibly powerful film. CouRteSy uSatoDay

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Kajol Devgan ‫@‏‬iamkajol 2 Read this quote “ don’t take life too seriously because we won’t escape it alive anyway”..What do you guys Expand say about this quote?

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Gerard Butler ‫@‏‬GerardButler Hi from Munich!


Robert Downey Jr ‫@‏‬Awkward_Fun 40m Tattoo price: $1050 Pain: unbearable Result: PRICELESS Expand

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Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens. –J R R Tolkien


hubble discovers blue planet INFOtaINMeNt in our neighbourhood n Saturday, 13 July, 2013

today (13th july)

8 The Crusaders launch their final assault on Muslims in jerusalem. 8 Ottoman armies capture Tabriz in northwestern Persia. 8 French revolutionary jean Paul Marat is stabbed to death in his bath by royalist sympathizer Charlotte Corday. 8 Russia launches unmanned Luna 15 to Moon.

GloBal warMinG MakinG earth ‘Greener’ THE planet is getting lusher, and we are responsible. Carbon dioxide generated by human activity is stimulating photosynthesis and causing a beneficial greening of the Earth's surface. For the first time, researchers claim to have shown that the increase in plant cover is due to this "CO2 fertilisation effect" rather than other causes. However, it remains unclear whether the effect can counter any negative consequences of global warming, such as the spread of deserts. Recent satellite studies have shown that the planet is harbouring more vegetation overall, but pinning down the cause has been difficult. Factors such as higher temperatures, extra rainfall, and an increase in atmospheric CO2 – which helps plants use water more efficiently – could all be boosting vegetation. To home in on the effect of CO2, Randall Donohue of Australia's national research institute, the CSIRO in Canberra, monitored vegetation at the edges of deserts in Australia, southern Africa, the US Southwest, North Africa, the Middle East and central Asia. These are regions where there is ample warmth and sunlight, but only just enough rainfall for vegetation to grow, so any change in plant cover must be the result of a change in rainfall patterns or CO2 levels, or both. If CO2 levels were constant, then the amount of vegetation per unit of rainfall ought to be constant, too. However, the team found that this figure rose by 11 per cent in these areas between 1982 and 2010, mirroring the rise in CO2 (Geophysical Research Letters, Donohue says this lends "strong support" to the idea that CO2 fertilisation drove the greening. Climate change studies have predicted that many dry areas will get drier and that some deserts will expand. Donohue's findings make this less certain. However, the greening effect may not apply to the world's driest regions. Beth Newingham of the University of Idaho, Moscow, recently published the result of a 10-year experiment involving a greenhouse set up in the Mojave Desert of Nevada. She found "no sustained increase in biomass" when extra CO2 was pumped into the greenhouse. "You cannot assume that all these deserts respond the same," she says. "Enough water needs to be present for the plants to respond at all." The extra plant growth could have knock-on effects on climate, Donohue says, by increasing rainfall, affecting river flows and changing the likelihood of wildfires. It will also absorb more CO2 from the air, potentially damping down global warming but also limiting the CO2 fertilisation effect itself. CouRteSy NS

CoUrteSY tHB

ASA scientists have discovered a blue planet that possibly rains glass, orbiting a star 63 lightyears away, marking the first time an exoplanet’s true colour has been determined. Astronomers making visible-light observations with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope spotted the planet HD 189733b which is one of the closest exoplanets that can be seen crossing the face of its star. Scientists measured changes in the colour of light from the planet before, during and after a pass behind its star. There was a small drop in light and a slight change in the colour of the light. “We saw the light becoming less bright in the blue but not in the green or red. Light was missing in the blue but not in the red when it was hidden,” said researcher Frederic Pont of the University of Exeter in South West England. “This means that the object that disappeared was blue,” said Pont. Earlier observations have reported evidence for scattering of blue light on the planet. The latest Hubble observation confirms the evidence. If seen directly, this planet would look

like a deep blue dot, reminiscent of Earth’s colour as seen from space. On this turbulent alien world, the daytime temperature

is nearly 1093 degrees Celsius, and it possibly rains glass – sideways – in howling, 7242kph winds. The cobalt blue colour

comes not from the reflection of a tropical ocean as it does on Earth, but rather a hazy, blow-torched atmosphere containing high clouds laced with silicate particles. Silicates condensing in the heat could form very small drops of glass that scatter blue light more than red light. Hubble and other observatories have made intensive studies of HD 189733b and found its atmosphere to be changeable and exotic. HD 189733b is among a bizarre class of planets called hot Jupiters, which orbit precariously close to their parent stars. The observations yield new insights into the chemical composition and cloud structure of the entire class. Clouds often play key roles in planetary atmospheres. Detecting the presence and importance of clouds in hot Jupiters is crucial to astronomers’ understanding of the physics and climatology of other planets. HD 189733b was discovered in 2005. It is only 4.6 million kilometres from its parent star, so close that it is gravitationally locked. One side always faces the star and the other side is always dark. In 2007, NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope measured the infrared light, or heat, from the planet, leading to one of the first temperature maps for an exoplanet.

Exploring Black Holes! A journey into space’s

deepest corner

neWS DeSk A black hole is a region of spacetime from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass will deform spacetime to form a black hole. Around a black hole, there is a mathematically defined surface called an event horizon that marks the point of no return. The hole is called "black" because it absorbs all the light that hits the horizon, reflecting nothing, just like a perfect black body in thermodynamics. Quantum field theory in curved spacetime predicts that event horizons emit radiation like a black body with a finite temperature. This temperature is inversely proportional to the mass of the black hole, making it difficult to observe this radiation for black holes of stellar mass or greater. Objects whose gravity fields are too

strong for light to escape were first considered in the 18th century by John Michell and Pierre-Simon Laplace. The first modern solution of general relativity that would characterize a black hole was found by Karl Schwarzschild in 1916, although its interpretation as a region of space from which nothing can escape was first published by David Finkelstein in 1958. Long considered a mathematical curiosity, it was during the 1960s that theoretical work showed black holes were a generic prediction of general relativity. The discovery of neutron stars sparked interest in gravitationally collapsed compact objects as a possible astrophysical reality. Black holes of stellar mass are expected to form when very massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle. After a black hole has formed it can continue to grow by absorbing mass from its surroundings. By absorbing other stars

and merging with other black holes, supermassive black holes of millions of solar masses may form. There is general consensus that supermassive black holes exist in the centres of most galaxies. Despite its invisible interior, the presence of a black hole can be inferred through its interaction with other matter and with electromagnetic radiation such as light. Matter falling onto a black hole can form an accretion disk heated by friction, forming some of the brightest objects in the universe. If there are other stars orbiting a black hole, their orbit can be used to determine its mass and location. These data can be used to exclude possible alternatives (such as neutron stars). In this way, astronomers have identified numerous stellar black hole candidates in binary systems, and established that the core of our Milky Way galaxy contains a supermassive black hole of about 4.3 million solar masses.

prc plans the world’s larGest undersea tunnel China will invest 260 billion yuan, or about $42 billion, to revive a longstalled plan to build the world’s longest undersea tunnel across the Bohai Strait linking the country’s eastern and northeastern regions, state media said on Thursday. The 123-km (76.4-mile) tunnel will run from the port city of Dalian in northeastern Liaoning province to Yantai city in eastern Shandong, the China Economic Net website said. The report did not say when the project will be completed. China announced plans in 1994 to build the tunnel, at a cost of $10 billion, and set to be completed before 2010. But more than 20 years on, the project remains stuck in the planning stage, the website said, without elaborating. At the time, state media said the tunnel would shorten the travelling distance between the two regions by 620 miles. The costs could be recouped in 12 years, said Wang Mengshu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who estimated annual revenues from the tunnel at around 20 billion yuan, the website said. “Freight is very profitable,” Wang said. The report comes nearly a month after Nicaraguan lawmakers gave a Chinese company a 50-year concession to design, build and manage a shipping channel across the Central American nation that would compete with the Panama Canal. Japan has the world’s longest undersea tunnel. The 54-km Seikan tunnel links Honshu and Hokkaido islands and started operating in 1988 after more than two decades of construction. The Channel tunnel between England and France is about 51 km long. CouRteSy aN

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He’s a good-looking cat, he’s a brilliant athlete, he has a nice family, he’s studying law. He can marry one of my daughters. –Ashton Agar’s state coach, Justin Langer


iceMan dhoni

sPorts saturday, 13 July, 2013

‘he has done it over and over For us’

PORT OF SPAIN: India batsman Rohit Sharma has said his team’s victory in the tri-series final against Sri Lanka came as no surprise to the dressing room, despite the pressure of the last over, as it always had confidence in captain MS Dhoni, who has “done it over and over for us”. Dhoni said that he wasn’t panicking either, using his “good cricketing sense” to deal with the situation. “I think I am blessed with a bit of good cricketing sense. I thought 15 runs was something that I could look for [in the final over], the reason being the opposition’s bowler was not someone who is very experienced,” Dhoni said after the match. “So I thought, rather than taking on a Malinga or a Mathews, I’d take it to the end, and it really worked in our favour.” India were on course in their chase of 202 while on 139 for 3 in the 32nd over. But Sri Lanka fought back with a flurry of wickets, mainly through Rangana Herath, leaving India tottering at 167 for 8. Dhoni, returning from a hamstring injury for this match, turned down a few singles, and was content to play out Mathews and Malinga. That left India needing 15 runs off Shaminda Eranga’s final over and Dhoni, after a change of bat, won it with two balls to spare. aGeNCIeS

Breaks sl hearts Port of SPAIn




EAVE it to me, he says. I want to take this to the last over. Me against one man. One on one. I know I am better than the last man the other team can put up against me. Once again, MS Dhoni reduced a lost match into a one-on-one contest with an opposition bowler, and knocked off the 15 required in just three hits. You could see the bowler - Shaminda Eranga, 9-2-34-2 until then, wickets of Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli to his name - was intimidated the moment he saw the first one fly into the top of the top tier. Bear in mind that this was a treacherous pitch with seam, spin and uneven bounce. Dhoni was injured, and had come back only for this match. He wasn’t running as hard as he does, and wickets were falling at the other end. When Dhoni came in, the asking-rate was 3.35, but with falling wickets and turneddown singles, it hit the improbable towards the end. Dhoni, though, kept refusing singles, kept admonishing the last man Ishant Sharma for taking off for panic-stricken singles. Ishant couldn’t be blamed. The game had unravelled fast for India. They were cruising when rohit Sharma had braved for yet another fifty despite another painful blow to his body (which makes it atleast four in two innings against Sri Lanka), despite many balls that seamed past his edge, despite the slow start. When India were 139 for 3 in the 32nd over, though, rangana Herath delivered a grubber, and it squeezed under rohit’s bat. Things were about to change. The pitch was still difficult to bat on as Suresh raina soon found out. He thought he had a half-volley from Suranga Lakmal when he went for the drive, but even after pitching that full the ball seamed away appreciably and took his edge. The accurate and wily Herath saw an opening now. And burst through it. In the 38th over, his last, Herath trapped ravindra Jadeja and r Ashwin - whose combined figures had been 17.5-1-65-6 in successive deliveries. India 152 for 7. The drama had begun. Only a few minutes earlier, Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara had gone on and on -

Mathews suspended For two odis PORT OF SPAIN: Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews has been suspended for two ODIs and his team-mates have been fined 40% of their match fees for their slow over-rate in the final of the tri-series against India in Port-of-Spain. Match referee David Boon handed the suspension after Sri Lanka were found three overs short of their target at the end of the match, after time allowances were taken into consideration. Mathews accepted the suspension which avoided a formal hearing. In accordance with the ICC Code of Conduct, the captain receives two suspension points and his team-mates are fined 10% of their match fees for each of the first two overs short and 20% for every subsequent over they fail to bowl in the stipulated time. Two suspension points equate to a suspension for one Test or two ODIs. The suspension means Mathews will miss the first two of the five ODIs against South Africa on July 20 and 23 in Colombo. aGeNCIeS

for overs it seemed - about an obstructingthe-field appeal against Dhoni. He had taken two steps down the wicket, and then realised he would have hit the other batsman if he ran straight. So he ran, nay hared on a bad hamstring, at an angle, but didn’t change his direction for the remaining 20 yards. The throw hit him, and the two senior Sri Lankans would not leave the umpire’s side. They knew they needed this man out as soon as possible. For the next half hour, though, Sri Lanka would have thought they didn’t

need to get Dhoni out. Dhoni tried to intimidate Lakmal once during the Powerplay, but after that he began playing the percentage game. Sri Lanka knew Dhoni couldn’t manipulate the strike with that hamstring, and controlled the game well. Lasith Malinga - seven overs for 54 runs until then - finally got his radar right, and got Bhuvneshwar Kumar toe before wicket with his dipping slower yorker. In the tense overs that followed, r Vinay Kumar lost his cool, and slogged and got

SRI laNKa 11 Wu tharanga c †Dhoni b Kumar 22 DPMD Jayawardene c ashwin b Kumar 71 KC Sangakkara† c Vinay Kumar b ashwin HDRl thirimanne c Kumar b I Sharma 46 10 aD Mathews* c Vinay Kumar b I Sharma 2 MDKJ Perera st †Dhoni b ashwin 5 lD Chandimal c ashwin b Jadeja 5 HMRKb Herath st †Dhoni b Jadeja RMS eranga not out 5 Sl Malinga c Kumar b Jadeja 0 1 RaS lakmal st †Dhoni b Jadeja 23 eXtRaS (b 4, lb 6, w 13) total 201 fall of WICKetS 1-27 (tharanga, 6.6 ov), 2-49 (Jayawardene, 13.1 ov), 3-171 (thirimanne, 37.5 ov), 4-174 (Sangakkara, 39.1 ov), 5-176 (Perera, 39.5 ov), 6-183 (Chandimal, 42.2 ov), 7-193 (Mathews, 45.2 ov), 8-196 (Herath, 46.1 ov), 9-196 (Malinga, 46.3 ov), 10-201 (lakmal, 48.5 ov) boWlING: b Kumar 8-4-24-2, R Vinay Kumar 6-1-15-0, I Sharma 8-1-45-2, V Kohli 3-0-17-0, SK Raina 6-0-25-0, R ashwin 10-0-42-2, Ra Jadeja 7.5-1-23-4 INDIa 58 RG Sharma b Herath S Dhawan c †Sangakkara b eranga 16 2 V Kohli c †Sangakkara b eranga KD Karthik c Jayawardene b Herath 23 SK Raina c †Sangakkara b lakmal 32 45 MS Dhoni*† not out Ra Jadeja lbw b Herath 5 R ashwin lbw b Herath 0 0 b Kumar lbw b Malinga R Vinay Kumar c sub (SMSM Senanayake) b Mathews 5 2 I Sharma not out eXtRaS (b 2, lb 2, w 11) 15 total 203 fall of WICKetS 1-23 (Dhawan, 8.4 ov), 2-27 (Kohli, 10.4 ov), 3-77 (Karthik, 22.6 ov), 4-139 (RG Sharma, 31.1 ov), 5-145 (Raina, 34.1 ov), 6-152 (Jadeja, 37.1 ov), 7-152 (ashwin, 37.2 ov), 8-167 (Kumar, 41.5 ov), 9-182 (Vinay Kumar, 46.2 ov) boWlING: RMS eranga 9.4-2-50-2, RaS lakmal 10-1-33-1, aD Mathews 10-1-38-1, Sl Malinga 10-1-58-1, HMRKb Herath 102-20-4 Match details toss India, who chose to field Series India won the 2013 West Indies tri-Nation Series Player of the match MS Dhoni (India) Player of the series b Kumar (India) umpires NJ llong (england) and PJ Nero tV umpire JS Wilson Match referee DC boon (australia) Reserve umpire N Duguid

out. India 182 for 9 after 46.2 overs. With any other batsman than Dhoni, you would expect panic. Dhoni, though, wanted to corner just one man. He wanted to bring it down to that one man. He was also daring Sri Lanka to keep back Malinga, who had one over left, for the last. Sri Lanka didn’t. Malinga bowled the 48th. Dhoni faced the whole over, looking unhurried, for just a scrambled couple. The only man hurried was Ishant, who tried a suicidal single off the last ball of Malinga’s over to keep Dhoni on strike.

AJMAL triggers PAkistAn’s win georgetoWn aGeNCIeS

Saeed Ajmal ended with figures of 10-0-37-5 as the Pakistanis secured a seven-run win over Guyana in a closely fought tour match at Bourda. Ajmal took the crucial wickets of Narsingh Deonarine and Leon Johnson, and also later struck twice in the 40th over to help the Pakistanis successfully defend their total of 246. Guyana had earlier won the toss and elected to field. The Pakistanis, batting in slightly overcast conditions, reached 12 in three overs before rain briefly stopped play. The game resumed with openers Nasir Jamshed and Ahmed Shehzad dominating the Guyana bowlers, as the pair put on 62 runs for the opening wicket in 14 overs before Jamshed fell for 19 to Veerasammy Permaul.

Mohammad Hafeez departed six overs later, hitting one back to Permaul, who accepted the offer low to his right, to leave the Pakistanis at 86 for 2. Shehzad then put up a 30-run partnership with the captain Misbah-ulHaq, with Shehzad reaching his 50 from 58 balls with six fours. He eventually made a 79-ball 68 which included nine fours, before getting stumped by Anthony Bramble off Devendra Bishoo. Misbah was the

next to go, lbw to Steven Jacobs for 22, and when Umar Akmal and Asad Shafiq were both sent back by Bishoo, the Pakistanis were struggling at 160 for 6, with Shahid Afridi and Wahab riaz at the crease. But the pair delivered a counterpunch, with Afridi hitting both Jacobs and Keon Joseph for sixes. They put on 31 runs for the seventh wicket, before Afridi was caught by Paul Wintz at long-off, when he looked to clear the boundary off Permaul. A late surge from Umar Amin, who hit two fours during his unbeaten 17, took the Pakistanis to a final score of 246 for 9. Permaul was the pick of the bowlers for the hosts, finishing with

figures of 10-3-27-3. Guyana began their run chase in poor fashion, as Mohammad Irfan dismissed the openers Trevon Griffith and Bramble within the first five overs. ramnaresh Sarwan and Johnson revived the innings, putting on 54 runs for the third wicket before Sarwan edged a delivery from Abdur rehman to Akmal. The hosts began to grow in confidence as Johnson struck Afridi for two fours in one over and then pulled rehman over wide midwicket for six, taking the team to 138. But Ajmal turned the game around for the Pakistanis, dismissing Johnson for lbw and later removed Assad Fudadin for 11. Deonarine, who hit five fours and two sixes, put up a fight but was eventually bowled by Ajmal for 55. With Guyana needing 77 from their final 10 overs, Jacobs and Bishoo took the fight to the

SCoReboaRD Nasir Jamshed b Permaul 19 ahmed Shehzad st †bramble b bishoo 68 Mohammad Hafeez c & b Permaul 11 Misbah-ul-Haq* lbw b Jacobs 22 asad Shafiq c Johnson b bishoo 22 umar akmal† b bishoo 9 Shahid afridi c Wintz b Permaul 31 Wahab Riaz b Joseph 23 Mohammad Rizwan b Joseph 12 umar amin not out 17 abdur Rehman not out 1 eXtRaS (w 11) 11 total 246 DID Not bat Mohammad Irfan, Saeed ajmal, asad ali fall of WICKetS 1-62, 2-86, 3-116, 4-138, 5-157, 6160, 7-209, 8-219, 9-234 boWlING: PG Wintz 5-0-27-0, K Joseph 9-1-52-2, CD barnwell 4-0-25-0, V Permaul 10-3-27-3, D bishoo 10-1-39-3, Sa Jacobs 10-0-67-1, N Deonarine 2-0-9-0 GuyaNa ta Griffith b Mohammad Irfan 15 a bramble†lbw b Mohammad Irfan 0

RR Sarwan c †umar akmal b abdur Rehman 27 lR Johnson lbw b Saeed ajmal 31 N Deonarine b Saeed ajmal 55 ab fudadin c Shahid afridi b Saeed ajmal 11 CD barnwell c Misbah-ul-Haq b Mohammad Irfan 5 Sa Jacobs lbw b Saeed ajmal 27 V Permaul* lbw b Saeed ajmal 0 D bishoo b asad ali 28 PG Wintz not out 9 eXtRaS (b 6, lb 6, w 15, nb 4) 31 total 239 DID Not bat z Mohamed, K Joseph, R Ivan fall of WICKetS 1-1, 2-18, 3-72, 4-109, 5-150, 6-153, 7-170, 8-170, 9-211, 10-239 boWlING: Mohammad Irfan 7-0-27-3, asad ali 6.41-39-1, Wahab Riaz 6-0-32-0, abdur Rehman 7-1-35-1, Shahid afridi 9-1-43-0, Saeed ajmal 10-0-37-5 Mohammad Hafeez 4-0-12-0 Match details Players per side 14 (11 batting, 11 fielding) toss Guyana, who chose to field umpires S Crawford and I Moakhan Match referee Cel Stuart Reserve umpire C Garnath

Pakistanis, as they added 41 for the ninth wicket. Ajmal trapped Jacobs lbw for 27 and Ali completed the victory for the

Pakistanis, bowling Bishoo for 28. Pakistan will next play the first ODI against West Indies at Providence on Sunday.

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We must look for another solution. I wish him success but Levski will have a new coach. –Nasko Sirakov

only we can relax aMir’s Ban: icc LAHORE: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has on Friday made it clear that the decision of lifting the ban from Mohammad Amir rests with the ICC Board on the recommendation of the three-member committee constituted last month. There were reports that Amir has been allowed to play domestic cricket under close surveillance of the officials concerned. But an official of the ICC revealed that no such decision has yet been taken and the matter is with the three-member committee formed by the ICC Annual Board meeting held in England last month. The ICC showed some relaxation towards the tainted bowler only after the Pakistan Cricket Board interim chairman Najam Sethi requested the ICC to consider easing the ban on him (Amir). The ICC official informed that the ICC subcommittee, which was set up after the 2013 annual conference to review the case would most probably, meet in October 2013. “It’s not clear as yet whether they would be able to come to any conclusion in their first meeting or proceed with more meetings and till they give their recommendations.” The ban of Amir till 2015 will remain in tact. In that circumstances, he will not be allowed to use any cricket facility set aside allowed playing any form of cricket,” he maintained. Amir, along with Pakistan captain Salman Butt and pacer Mohammad Asif were found guilty of spotfixing and were banned from the game. They were even jailed with corrective sentence in England. The official said that there is no truth in the reports that Amir has been allowed to play conditionally in domestic cricket. “It depends on the ICC board to allow him back in the game one year prior of the conclusion of his ban or for six months. And that is only after what would be results of the subcommittees findings,” he said and added that the committee might assemble next year after its first meeting in October. Staff RePoRt

LAHore Staff RePoRt Disgraced Pakistan legspinner Danish Kaneria caused a stir when he showed up at the inaugural Ramazan Twenty20 Cup tournament, organised by the Pakistan Cricket Board, at the National Stadium here. Kaneria, however, clarified that he had only visited the stadium to meet his friends from the media and his former teammates in Habib Bank, which played here last night. The spinner’s presence clearly had the security and vigilance officer of the board present in the stadium rattled and uneasy but he showed




saturday, 13 July, 2013

Bell, Broad help enG wrest CONTROL ON CONTROVERSIAL DAY 3 trent BrIDge aGeNCIeS


ONTrOVErSY was back to hound the first Ashes Test at Trent Bridge on Day Three in the form of umpire Aleem Dar and England allrounder Stuart Broad, who appeared to have nicked the ball before it hit wicketkeeper Brad Haddin’s gloves and deflected into the hands of Michael Clarke at first slip. However, to the utter shock of 11 Australians on the field and a few more in the dressing room, Dar did not see it and turned down the appeal. The Australians had exhausted all their appeals for the innings, having wasted one on Jonny Bairstow earlier, and were understandably incensed. Broad, for all his cherubic boy-next-door looks, put on a poker face and carried on with his game. It was the second DrS-related incident in the match, after Jonathan Trott was given out to an inside edge on Day Two that Hot Spot failed to catch. You win some, you lose some, goes the saying. Both sides have benefited from umpiring and technological errors, but Australia would consider themselves to have gotten

eNGlaND 1st innings 215 auStRalIa 1st innings 280 eNGlaND 2nd innings 50 aN Cook* c Clarke b agar 5 Je Root c †Haddin b Starc IJl trott lbw b Starc 0 KP Pietersen b Pattinson 64 95 IR bell not out JM bairstow c †Haddin b agar 15 31 MJ Prior† c Cowan b Siddle 47 SCJ broad not out eXtRaS (b 2, lb 13, w 1, nb 3) 19 326 total to bat GP Swann, St finn, JM anderson fall of WICKetS 1-11 (Root, 7.3 ov), 2-11 (trott, 7.4 ov), 3-121 (Pietersen, 56.6 ov), 4-131 (Cook, 59.1 ov), 5-174 (bairstow, 79.6 ov), 6-218 (Prior, 92.6 ov) boWlING Jl Pattinson 28-7-89-1, Ma Starc 27-7-66-2, aC agar 35-982-2, PM Siddle 28-10-63-1, SR Watson 15-11-11-0 Match details toss england, who chose to bat test debut aC agar (australia) Player of the match tba umpires aleem Dar (Pakistan) and HDPK Dharmasena (Sri lanka) tV umpire M erasmus (South africa) Match referee RS Madugalle (Sri lanka) Reserve umpire Na Mallender


the rougher side of the deal as Broad went on to share a potentially match-winning unbeaten 108-run seventh-wicket partnership with Ian Bell to take England to stumps on Day Three at 326 for six.

The incident provided for an interesting final hour of the day with the Australians charged up and throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the two Englishmen.

AGAR SETS WORLD RECORD OF HIGHEST SCORE AT NO 11 S.Pervez QAISer Ashton Agar set the record of highest individual score by number 11 batsman in Test cricket by making 98 off 101 balls with 12 fours and two sixes on the second day of the first Ashes Test against England at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on Thursday (July 11). The left-hand tail-end batsman fell two runs short to become first number 11 batsman to score a hundred in Test cricket. His eyes lit up at the opportunity to pull Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann flung himself forward to hold the catch at deep midwicket. He was denied the ultimate prize, but his extraordinary innings will remain part of cricket folklore forever. West Indian Tino Best who made 95 against England at Birmingham in 2012 held the previous record while Glenn McGrath, who made 61 against New Zealand at Brisbane in 2004-05, held the previous record for Australia by number 11 batsman in Tests. Ashton Agar and Phillip Hughes

enough respect to Kaneria and avoided any direct ejection orders from the stadium. “I don’t think I am making anyone uncomfortable. I don’t think the PCB should be concerned as I have only come here as a visitor and have avoided going down into the ground. I have remained in the pavilion building,” he said. But sources in the PCB said that Kaneria’s appearance had surprised the PCB security and vigilance officer, a former ISI operative, and he had called up high officials in the board to get instructions on the line of action. “But apparently Colonel Azhar was told to not directly confront Kaneria on his coming to the stadium

highest individuAL scores by no.11 bAtsMAn in tests: score batsman opponent venue 98 Ashton Agar (Australia) England Nottingham 95 Tino Best (West Indies) England Birmingham 75 Zaheer Khan (India) Bangladesh Dhaka 68* Richard Collinge (NZ) Pakistan Auckland 62* Bert Vogler (South Africa) England Cape Town 61 Glenn McGrath (Australia) New Zealand Brisbane highest 10th wicket stAnd in tests: runs Partners opponent venue 163 Phillip Hughes/Ashton Agar (Australia) England Nottingham 51 Brian Hastings/Richard Collinge (NZ) Pakistan Auckland 151 Azhar Mahmood/Mushtaq Ahmed (Pak) South Africa Rawalpindi 143 Denesh Ramdin/Tino Best (West Indies) England Birmingham 133 Wasim Raja/Wasim Bari (Pakistan) West Indies Bridgetown 133 Sachin Tendulkar/Zaheer Khan (India) Bangladesh Dhaka highest scores by no. 11 bAtsMen on debut in tests: score batsman opponent venue 98 Ashton Agar (Australia) England Nottingham 45* Warwick Armstrong (Australia) England Melbourne 40 Chamila Lakshitha (Sri Lanka) Bangladesh Colombo 36 Norman Cowans (England) Australia Perth 34 William Moule (Australia) England set a new record of highest 10th wicket stand in Test cricket by adding 163 runs.

and he later also invited the player for a cup of tea in his camp office,” the source said. Kaneria has been banned for life by the England and Wales Cricket Board for his involvement in trying to coax and encourage his fellow players at English county Essex to do spot fixing and was branded a grave danger to the sport by the ECB disciplinary panel. The leg spinner has also been ordered to pay 200,000 pounds in cost for the ECB hearings. Following the ECB decision, the PCB also imposed life ban on Kaneria in Pakistan, which means he cannot take part in any cricket activity in the country or use the facilities of the board. Kaneria, speaking

to the media, said he was not in a position to pay anything to the ECB and his lawyers were looking into the matter. “I am innocent and my case is wrongly being mixed up with that of Salman Butt, (Mohammad) Asif and (Mohammad) Amir. They were caught red handed in spot fixing and were in jail. As far as my case is concerned the Essex police investigated me and didn’t file any charges against me for lack of evidence. Secondly, the ban is not imposed on me by any court but the ECB panel, which I felt was biased.” Kaneria, who played 61 Tests, insisted that he wanted the PCB to hold its own inquiry and review the whole case.

season 2013 2012 2004-05 1972-73 1905-06 2004-05 season 2013 1972-73 1997-98 2012 1976-77 2004-05 season 2013 1901-02 2002-03 1982-83 The Oval 1880

nzc board set for revamp under new constitution New Zealand Cricket’s board of directors is set to undergo an overhaul, following its adoption of a new constitution at a special general meeting on Friday. As per the new constitution, an ‘appointments panel’ will recommend candidates for the eight-member board of directors, and the 28 members of the NZC will then vote to endorse - or reject - the candidates. While the current directors are eligible to seek re-election to their posts, NZC chairman Chris Moller announced at the meeting that he would step down step down from the role in September, following the elections. “I have been chairman of New Zealand Cricket for three years and a director for five years, the same duration that I chose to be involved in New Zealand Rugby and being chairman is a hugely time consuming role,” Moller was quoted as saying in a NZC release. “I also think it is in the best interests of cricket in New Zealand for a new chairman to be inducted into the ICC during the tenure of Alan Isaac as president.” SPoRtS DeSK

KARACHI: Habib Bank Limited bowlers dominated the first innings and restricted State Bank of Pakistan to a below par score of 106 in their 20 overs, after they chose to bat at the Advance Telecom Ramadan T20 Cup’s pool A match played on Thursday in the National Stadium, Karachi. State Bank of Pakistan fall of early wickets did not give them the momentum to score a competitive target in their crucial tie. Only three of its batsmen manage to reach the two figure score, but none could capitalize on their start. Rammez Raja’s four boundaries at the top of the innings and Rizwan Haider’s well played 27 down the order could not help their team to defend a very low scoring total. Asad Baig and Ehsan Adil were the most successful and economical bowlers for Habib Bank, taking two wickets each. As opponents, Habib Bank lost quick wickets after Mohammad Ali dismissed their captain and one down batsmen in the second over to leave the score at 5 for 2. However, opener and player of the match, Asad Baig and rest of the following three batsmen scores in twenties, ensured Habib Bank win with 12 balls remaining. Mohammad Ali with three wickets was the leading bowler for State Bank. Staff RePoRt

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We received an offer from Napoli, it’s true, but not directly. –Vinicius Prates

17 S

sPorts saturday, 13 July, 2013

Brook to show true colours aGainst jones

Following an ankle injury that ruled him out of a world title shot, Kel Brook is back to his best, according to his trainer. Things were going well until an ankle injury forced the biggest fight of his career to be put back from January to February of this year. In April, Brook announced that his ankle injury had come back to scupper his bid for world title glory once again, handing domestic rival Lee Purdy the opportunity to face Alexander for world honours. Purdy lost the fight after his corner withdrew him at the end of the seventh round. SPoRtS DeSK

kaneria deMands evidence Be Made puBlic LAHORE: Pakistan’s disgraced test legspinner, Danish Kaneria has reiterated his innocence after the dismissal of his appeal against the life-ban imposed by the disciplinary panel of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for his involvement in the notorious spot-fixing saga of 2009. The ECB panel described Kaneria as a “grave danger for the game of cricket” and charged him as a conspirator who lured in a ‘vulnerable’ Essex county mate, Mervyn Westfield, into fixing during a county game in September 2009. “It was a one-sided hearing where neither hard nor soft evidence was presented against me. Their sole agenda seemed to bail their countryman [Westfield] out”, maintained Kaneria in a television interview. The ECB panel also directed Kaneria to pay 2, 00,000 pounds in costs, which the banned leg-spinner termed an unfair penalty. Staff RePoRt

ashFaq wins Gold in islaMaBad GaMes BadMinton

parry leads the way at scottish open


ISLAMABAD: Ashfaq Mehmood, Senior Sports Officer of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has clinched Gold Medal in the final of National Games 2013 Badminton Tournament, held here at Islamabad Sports Complex. In a thrilling doubles final, Ashfaq Mehmood and his partner performed brilliantly, receiving the Gold Medal, while in the Team Event of the tournament the pair earned Bronze Medal. Ashfaq represented Islamabad Badminton Team in the tournament. Nazar Mohammad Gondal, President Pakistan Badminton Federation & Former Federal Minister; Rana Mujahid, Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) Interim Committee secretary and Imtiaz Ahmed Gill, Secretary Pakistan Badminton Federation were the chief guests at the occasion and presented the medals & winning trophy to the top performers. Ashfaq Mehmood is Senior Sports Officer in the company’s Sports Directorate, dedicated to the growth and promotion of sports in PTCL. Staff RePoRt

SPortS DeSk

NGLISHMAN John Parry built on a recent improvement in form to card an eight-under par 64 and take a one-shot lead in the opening round of the Scottish Open in Inverness. His round featuring eight birdies put him ahead of compatriot Simon Khan with American Phil Mickelson and Thailand’s Thongchai Jaidee among a group of seven tied for third on six under. Parry, a former Tour champion at the 2010 Vivendi Cup in Paris who had to secure his return to the European Tour last November at its qualifying school, had missed the cut in seven of his first 10 events this season before finishing tied 28th at last month’s US Open. “I think from when I lost my (European Tour) card, I maybe panicked a bit coming into the last few events because you know you’re struggling,” the 26-year-old Parry the Tour website. “Just make sure you do the right things constantly and you’ll get the results. “I’ve been playing better. I think the US Open was the catalyst for me to start playing better, making cuts. It’s renowned for being the toughest event of the year... if you can compete on that, you know you can compete on any course.” Last year’s winner, India’s Jeev Milkha Singh, is on five under while


was a tarGet: Moyes

power GaMe helps perry into seven-way tie For lead Kenny Perry’s prediction that improved power and accuracy off the tee would put him in contention at the US Senior Open proved correct as he split one fairway after another to move into a seven-way tie for the lead in the opening round in Omaha, Nebraska. Seeking a second successive Major title on the over-50s Champions Tour, Perry birdied two of the three par-fives in challenging conditions on the way to a three-underpar 67 at Omaha Country Club. Perry, who won last month’s Senior Players Championship by two shots, managed to avoid the notoriously thick rough on the hilly layout to end the day as one of a record seven co-leaders after the opening round at the event. SPoRtS DeSK

South African Ernie Els, who will defend his Open crown next week, is at level par. STANFORD AND MATTHEW SHARE EARLY MANULIFE LEAD: Angela Stanford and Catriona Matthew took a share of the lead after the first round of the Manulife Financial LPGA Classic in Canada. The leading pair shot eight-under 63s to top the leaderboard, two strokes ahead of world number one Inbee Park, who is attempting to become the first player to win four straight LPGA events since Lorena Ochoa in 2008. Irene Cho, Belen Mozo, Hee Young Park and Meena Lee all joined Park on 65. Stanford finished her opening round strongly with three birdies at

the end of a sunny day at Grey Silo Golf Course. “Today I hit it really good,” Stanford said. “So it was just one of those days that as a golfer you just love.” Park said: “We were pretty much able to attack the pins this morning. The next three days might be a little bit different if we don’t get any more rain, might play a little harder.” “Golf is a sport where you could miss the cut this week and you could win next week,” she added. “There’s a lot of imbalance in this game and to keep this kind of level going for four weeks, five weeks, six in a row is a very tough thing to do. We really have to be strong mentally, you have to be physically strong.”

Manchester United manager David Moyes says he is happy with how the club’s summer transfer deals are going even though it looks like Thiago Alcantara is set for Bayern Munich. Barcelona youngster Thiago has been linked with a move to Old Trafford all summer but Bayern now appear in pole position after Pep Guardiola confirmed he had instructed the club’s board to bid for the player. When asked about if the player was a target, Moyes was deliberately vague saying: “I never said at any time that he was (a target).” United have added two players to their squad this summer: Wilfried Zaha who was actually purchased in January before returning to Crystal Palace on loan and Uruguayan defender Guillermo Varela, and Moyes admitted they are looking at other players. “We’re on with targets that we are chasing at this moment in time,” he confirmed from Banghok in Thailand where they are for a pre-season friendly. “There are people we are actively chasing and, at this moment in time, we’re happy with how things are going.” Moyes also reiterated that he plans to keep Wayne Rooney at the club despite Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho talking about his admiration for the England striker earlier on Friday. SPoRtS DeKS

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We are talking to Juve, but everyone sticks to their guns. They have one evaluation of the player, we have another. –Piero Ausilio



pirelli should have ignored teams: whitmarsh SPortS DeSk


CLArEN boss Martin Whitmarsh believes that Pirelli should have been firmer and demanded it be allowed to change its tyres earlier this season. Pirelli had hoped to revise its rears after the Spanish Grand Prix in the wake of a spate of delaminations early in the campaign. However, its moves were blocked by Force India, Lotus and Ferrari because they feared it would affect their competitiveness. But following a spate of blow outs at the British Grand Prix, those teams conceded that there were safety grounds for Pirelli to make changes. Whitmarsh believes the way events panned out shows that Pirelli should have been tougher when it came to enforcing its belief that tyres needed to be improved. “When you have made mistakes, and certainty we’ve made them over the years including this one, there is always a reluctance to admit them,” explained Whitmarsh. “There is always a fear of what the media will make it. But it was also clear to many that there were issues with the tyres. “There was a reluctance to admit it - and teams will always lobby for their own competitive self-interest.

ranGers draw ForFar in cup Rangers have been drawn against fellow Second Division outfit Forfar Athletic in the first round of the Scottish League Cup. The Light Blues were already set to face Forfar four times this term after triumphing in the Third Division last season and now have a cup clash to look forward to at Station Park. Ally McCoist’s men - who were unseeded for the draw - exited last year’s competition at the quarter-final stage to Inverness and will be hoping for a better run this time. The draw at Hampden also sees Queen of the South face Annan in a local derby, while newly-promoted top-flight side Partick Thistle take on Ayr United. Most of the ties are to be played on August 3, although Thistle’s match will need to be moved to a midweek date as they begin their league campaign against Dundee United on August 2. SPoRtS DeSK

Lionel Messi has reflected on the influence ronaldinho had on his early career at Barcelona and on the gratitude he also has for Frank rijkaard. The 26-year-old’s early years at the Camp Nou came alongside the Brazilian No.10 and the duo developed a close bond off the pitch. “I’ve always said that from the first moment I entered the changing room, ronaldinho and the rest of the Brazilians - Deco, Sylvinho and Motta- welcomed me and made things easier for me,” Messi reflected in an interview with Barca TV. “But above all, him (ronaldinho), because he was the star of the team. I learned a lot by his side. “He was a great help. It’s never easy to go into a changing room at the age of 16, especially with my character. “ronaldinho made everything much easier for me. I had the good luck to


03:00 PM


04:00 PM

all Four pak players in world snooker next round

raikkonen to drive in silverstone test Kimi Raikkonen will drive for Lotus in the young driver test at Silverstone next week, after being drafted in to help work on Pirelli’s new tyres. With race drivers being allowed to run on one of the scheduled three days, Lotus has called on Raikkonen to help provide input on the new tyre construction that will be introduced from the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Finn will drive on the Friday, with Lotus also running Nicolas Prost on the Wednesday and Davide Valsecchi on the Thursday. Alan Permane, Lotus’s trackside operations director, believes that the three-day test from July 17-19 was vital for his team as it prepared for the second half of the campaign. “This will be an interesting test and we have a lot planned across the three days,” he said. “Obviously we want to give all three drivers the maximum track time possible as well as assessing the latest upgrades to the car. SPoRtS DeSK



saturday, 13 July, 2013

experience him at first hand and to share many things with him. “ I c a n s a y t h a t h e ’s a r e a l l y g r eat p er s on an d th at’s the mos t imp o r tan t thing . “ronaldinho was responsible for the change in Barca. It was a bad time and

the change that came about with his arrival was amazing. “In the first year, he didn’t win anything but people fell in love with him. “Then the trophies started coming and he made all those people happy.

Barca should always be grateful for everything he did.” Barcelona then were playing under Frank rijkaard’s direction. “Sometimes I didn’t understand why I hadn’t been picked or why I wasn’t playing. Now I look at it coldly, I think that he treated me really well, without any hurry. “I’m very grateful to rijkaard because he knew what was best for me at every moment. That’s why I’ll always be grateful to him and all the coaching staff.” The Argentine admitted that not overly celebrating the 2006 Champions League final win is one regret he still has today. “I was recovering from injury and I didn’t make the final. I was very young and I didn’t want to celebrate it. “Then ronaldinho, Deco and Motta brought me the trophy so I could celebrate and that’s a really good memory. Now I regret not enjoying myself more on the pitch, though I did afterwards.”

JUDY MURRAY FEARS FOR BRITISH TENNIS DESPITE ANDY’S TRIUMPH SPortS DeSk Judy Murray fears that an opportunity to grow tennis in Britain following son Andy’s heroic Wimbledon triumph will be lost due to a lack of courts and opportunities in the “elitist” sport. Andy ended a 77-year wait for a British men’s champion at SW19 on Sunday against Novak Djokovic and celebrated with a kiss for his mum. However Judy, who is coach of the British Fed Cup team, told the BBC’s Newsnight programme that she fears the wave of optimism will break under a lack of facilities at grassroots level. “The country will go tennis crazy. Kids and adults will want to try tennis and not all of them will get the opportunity,” she said.

“The key is to make sure there are as many public courts in as many communities we can put them in if we’re going to tap into this great imagination… “I’d like it to become way more inclusive. I think it still is [too elitist]. Some moves have been made to make things better but there’s still such a long way to go and there are huge swathes of the country where you can’t find tennis courts. “You need to build courts in areas where they currently don’t exist for it to become a much more inclusive sport… “We need to get into rural areas and disadvantaged areas and get tennis to people that haven’t had the opportunity to play.” However Tom Gibbins, head of education at the Lawn Tennis Association, refuted the notion that tennis is inaccessible.

LAHORE: Pakistan launched its campaign in IBSF World U21 snooker championship in style when all the four players notched up victories against their respective rivals at Bijing on Friday. The young Pak players , Amir Tariq and Mohsin Amin, Hamza Akbar and Muhammad Majid, out shone their respective rivals with ease and comfort to progress to the next round, said the information made available here on Friday. Amir lost second frame before overcoming Kiwis Sam Bond 4-1, (70-28, 47-64, 68-58, 73-33, 78-27). Pak team’s joy was doubled when Mohsin made short work of of Jesse Huttunen (Finland) with precision and command , posting straight frames 40 win with a score line of (52-21, 68-08, 83-14, 70-51). Following the foot steps of the fellow colleagues, Hamza routed Mongolian Bilguum Batjambal in straight frames 74-28, 71-07, 125 (125)-0, 76-1). Majid added to the joy of Pakistan team when he disposed of Mikey Stewart of New Zealand , 4-1,(38-53, 78-07, 76-34, 71-27, 144 (98c)-0). Staff RePoRt

‘livinG For Grandchildren’ MUMBAI: Hanif Mohammad, the first “Little Master” of the game initially didn’t wish to answer on why he didn’t go for the surgery in Imran Khanowned cancer hospital in Pakistan and instead, preferred to travel to UK for the surgery. “My younger son (Shahzeb) knew a few specialists here and that’s how I am here”, he said over telephone from his fourth floor hospital bed while watching Brian Lara’s recorded interview on TV. “I have not been observing Ramadhan fasting but have not had my food today”, he added. When reminded, India’s Little Master (Sunil Gavaskar) is in England too, Hanif said, “I always admire him. I have always respected him”. According to the surgeon, Dr. Rober Hutchins, Hanif has well responded to the cancer treatment. “He is extremely well and has been moved from the ICU. He will be allowed to go home next week”, Dr. Rober said. “Yes, I had heard about his cricketing abilities when he was first brought to me. I have seen Imran and Javed Miandad playing when I was young”, the surgeon added. bIPIN DaNI

ijaz wins preMier BowlinG leaGue LAHORE: Ijaz- ur- Rehman won the 4th Islamabad premier league tenpin bowling championship at Islamabad on Friday. In three round event, Ijaz finished the event in style exhibiting accurate bowling skills and technique to claim 538 points as the ultimate winner. Saqib finished at runners up spot securing 524 points while Waqas got the third place having won 488 points. The league was a part of efforts of Pakistan tenpin bowling federation to polish the skills of young talent, said a spokesman of PTBF here. Staff RePoRt

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pML-N SeekS eaRLy ScHeDuLe FOR pReSIDeNtIaL pOLLS offIcIal says no such leTTer receIved by ecP PPP ready To reacT To any ‘wIshful’ buT unconsTITuTIonal move ISLAMABAD


tayyab HuSSaIN

N an apparent move to build pressure on the already alienated Presidency, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government on Friday leaked information to media, suggesting that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had been asked to release the schedule for the presidential election months ahead of its timeframe to facilitate the government’s preparations.

The term of President Asif Ali Zardari is expiring on September 9. A source in the government said an official letter was sent by Parliament Secretariat to the ECP to release the schedule for the presidential election. “The ECP has also been asked to hold by-polls on national and provincial assemblies so as the electoral college for the presidential election could be completed,” the source said. However, the ECP official said no such letter had been received. The spokesman for the National Assembly Secretariat also denied that any letter had been sent to the ECP. Under the law, the members of Senate, National and provincial assemblies vote to elect the president. Moreover, the source added that the government wanted release of schedule so as the members of both Houses of parliament and provincial assemblies could be directed to remain in Pakistan to take part in presidential poll. The source said the ECP had been involved in the preparations for the presidential polls which could be held in the first week of September this year. Under

Article 41, it is mandatory for the ECP to release the schedule for presidential election 30 days ahead of the termination of the tenure of the president. However, the ECP officials said they had not received any such request. However, the schedule could be released within 60 days of the presidential polls. The source said that under the constitution, the presidential election could even be held a month ahead of its schedule. “Since Chief Election Commissioner Justice (r) Fakhruddin G Ebrahim is abroad these days, no decision has yet been made,” the ECP spokesman said. A source in the PML-N said the government wanted to put further pressure on the presidency so as ground could be prepared for a clear win for the PML-N candidate for presidential slot and the isolated president could not field his candidate properly. Meanwhile, the ECP said the chief election commissioner would be the returning officer for the presidential election. Article 41 of the constitution provides that the president shall be elected in accordance with the provisions of the Second Schedule by the mem-

bers of an electoral college consisting of the members of both Houses of parliament, and the members of the provincial assemblies. “Election to the office of President shall be held not earlier than sixty days and not later than thirty days before the expiration of the term of the President in office,” says the constitution. “The validity of the election of the President shall not be called in question by or before any court or other authority,” another sub-clause says. Meanwhile, the PPP parliamentary party spokesperson Shazia Marri said her party would welcome if the government kept itself within the constitutional ambits. However, she hastened to add that the PML-N leaders may opt for “wishful thinking”, stating that Nawaz League had many wishes against the PPP and President Asif Ali Zardari and terminating President Asif Zardari’s constitutional tenure was one of those wishes. “But it is yet to be determined up to what extent they may go to fulfil their desire. We will be closely watching whether they remain within the constitutional limits and we will strategise per their ac-

KaRaCHI: Children abandoned by their parents and provided refuge by edhi foundation board a bus on friday in search of their families. the buses will travel to different cities of the country in a bid to return the children to their parents. ONLINe

tions and not words. If they breached the constitution, we will take action,” she added. She said the PML-N had called for imposition of emergency during the PPP’s previous tenure. However, she added, the PML-N kept them limited to verbal onslaughts and no practical move was made. “We will see what they are up to this time around,” she added. NADEEM SYED ADDS FROM LAHORE: The letter to the Election Commission and President Zardari’s departure to Dubai have triggered speculations as to who will be the next president and most importantly, from which province would he belong. PML-N sources told Pakistan Today that the senior leadership wanted the president to be from Punjab, which is the party’s stronghold. Sources also said that National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq was likely to assume the office of acting president. Constitutionally, the Senate chairman assumes the charge of acting president but the incumbent chairman Nayyer Bokhari is expected to proceed on a foreign visit, leaving Sadiq to man the top slot.

Blast outside uk mosque, police investigating BIrMIngHAM aGeNCIeS

British police said on Friday they were investigating reports of a “loud bang” outside a mosque in a town in central England which a local politician said was a “suspected bomb blast.” West Midlands police said they were alerted to the reports of the bang in Tipton near Birmingham shortly after 1 pm (1300 BST) No injuries were reported and it was not clear if there had been an explosion, a spokesman said. “A cordon has been set up and the immediate area is being evacuated as a precautionary measure while police investigate what caused it,” police said in a statement. “Some residents have reported finding debris in the area and finding nails. This is being investigated by forensic officers at the scene.” Richard Burden, a Birmingham MP, wrote on his Twitter website: “Shocked to hear of suspected bomb blast at Tipton mosque.” Community tensions have been tense since the murder of a British soldier in south London in May. Two suspects, both British Muslims, face a murder trial in November.

Good governance impossible Pakistani Taliban set up base in Syria: report without merit: CJP MonItorIng DeSk The Pakistani Taliban have visited Syria to set up a base and to assess “the needs of the jihad”, a Taliban official told the BBC. He said the base was set up with the assistance of ex-Afghan fighters of Middle Eastern origin who had moved to Syria in recent years. At least 12 experts in warfare and information technology had gone to Syria in the last two months, he said. Their presence in the country is likely to have a sectarian motive. Taliban factions feel that Sunni Muslims, who constitute a majority in Syria, are being oppressed by Syria’s predominantly Shia rulers. Thousands of people have died in the year-long armed conflict in Syria between loyalists of the ruling Baath Party and those who want to overthrow it. The Pakistani government has not commented on the allegations. Mohammad Amin, a senior Taliban operative and “coordinator of the Syrian base”, told

the BBC that the cell to monitor “the jihad” in Syria was set up six months ago. He said the cell had the approval of militant factions both within and outside of the Tehreeke-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), an umbrella organisation of militant groups fighting the Pakistani forces. The cell sends “information and feedback” on the conflict in Syria back to Pakistan, he said. “They were facilitated by our friends in Syria who have previously been fighting in Afghanistan,” Amin said. Their job is to “assess the needs of the jihad in Syria, and to work out joint operations with our Syrian friends”. “There are dozens of Pakistani hopefuls in line to join the fighting against the Syrian army, but the advice we are getting at the moment is that there’s already enough manpower in Syria.” In the past, militant fighters from Pakistan have often gone to fight in Central Asia and the Balkans.


Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said that if promotions, deputations and transfers were not made on merit, there could not be good governance in the country and the dream of its prosperity and development could not be achieved. He passed the remarks on Friday during the hearing in case pertaining illegal promotions, deputations and transfers of grade 20 and 21 officers. The case was heard by a three-judge bench comprising the CJP, Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry and Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed. The chief justice

sc reserves verdIcT In case regardIng PosTIngs, hIrIng agaInsT code remarked that the bureaucracy could not flourish without promoting merit. He maintained that the previous government awarded officers by giving them undue promotions which resulted in harming the basic structure of the government. Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry remarked that the previous government created seats for 37 officers on March 11, while there was no such seat for them. The chief justice maintained that there should be a clear cut

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procedure for the appointment and promotions on the higher scales. The Supreme Court later reserved its judgment in the case. The three-judge bench was told by the additional attorney general that a new board would be formed to review appointments. The chief justice remarked that the selection boards were not to be formed again and again. “In fact, there should be an objective criteria for promotions of officials into higher grade,” he said. The chief justice said bureaucracy had an important role in ensuring good governance, adding that free and fair procedure should be adopted for hiring and posting of officials.

Sc directs FIa to arrest accused, recover looted money in eOBI scam ISLAMABAD aPP

The Supreme Court on Friday directed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to arrest the accused in the Employees Old Age Benefit Institute (EOBI) billion rupees scam and recover the looted money. A three-member SC bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, resumed hearing into the EOBI corruption scandal. During the course of the proceedings, FIA Director Legal Azam Khan informed the court that the FIA had submitted the report about the officials involved in the mega corruption scam. He said the FIA initially began enquiry against eight officials, including former EOBI chairman Zaffar Gondal and also issued their arrest warrants to probe into the matter. Khan said investigations were underway only in the limits of Karachi. To which, the chief justice said the actual responsibility in this regard lay with the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Rawalpindi. The chief justice also directed the FIA to apprise it about the recovered amount. Khan said investigation was underway and the looted money would be recovered after it the completed.

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