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Wednesday, 13 February, 2013 Rabi us Sani 2, 1434

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prospects of dialogue with India have ended

sc orders security but haqqani still unwilling to return

The chairman of moderate faction of Hurriyat Conference has held responsible New Delhi of being at war with the Kashmiris, saying that Afzal Guru’s hanging has closed the prospects of dialogue process between New Delhi and Hurriyat. page 18

The Supreme Court has ordered the Interior Ministry and Islamabad IGP to take strict security measures regarding Husain Haqqani’s stay in Pakistan but the former envoy to US has expressed no confidence in the security apparatus of the country, saying Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and Awami Muslim League leader Sheikh Rashid Ahmed are inciting their ‘supporters in jihadist terrorist organisations’ against him. page 02

sBp caps money exchangers’ profit at 25 paisas The central bank Tuesday regulated the profit of money exchangers at 25 paisas to discourage “speculative tendencies” and protect the buyers in the volatile open currency market. page 16

uk threatens to cancel all pIa flIghts story on page 04

‘India wants peace but loc incident is unacceptable’

Iran does not want to exploit north korea nuclear tests

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said India wanted peaceful existence with its neighbours but the recent incident of beheading allegedly by Pakistani troops was “against the norms of civilized international behaviour” and “unacceptable”. Addressing a conference of governors in New Delhi, Singh said there is a need to recognize that India’s neighbourhood is “characterized by growing instability and uncertainty”. page 04

Reiterating Iran’s commitment to not carry out nuclear tests to take advantage of the situation arising after North Korea’s nuclear test on Tuesday, Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said Pakistan should not permit any one to use its soil against Iran. page 04

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Pakistan is passing through an evolutionary phase but the common man would ultimately reap benefits of democracy. — Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf


N news wednesday, 13 February, 2013

THree PaKiSTaNi TraderS Killed iN afgHaN blaST CHAMAN: Three Pakistanis were killed on Tuesday in an explosion in the Afghan border town of Spinboldak. According to Afghan police officials, the three Pakistanis were traders who were in the town just across Chaman border for their business engagements. INP

PM CallS Malala YouSufzai

FAISALABAD: Local residents block the railway track on Tuesday during a protest against prolonged electricity outages. INP

SC orders govt to ensure Haqqani’s security ISLAMABAD

LONDON: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Tuesday spoke on telephone with Malala Yousufzai to enquire after her welfare. The prime ministerm, while talking to Malala, said that he was pleased to learn that she was recovering fast after the surgery. He expressed the hope that she would resume normal routine life soon. Raja Pervez Ashraf also spoke to Malala’s father who expressed gratitude to the prime minister for taking personal interest in his daughter’s treatment. Malala Yousufzai thanked the prime minister for the assistance extended by the government for arranging her treatment in United Kingdom and said that she and her family were grateful to government of Pakistan. The prime minister assured Yousufzai of all possible assistance by the government till her complete and early recovery. INP


StAff rePort

H e Supreme Court has ordered the Interior Ministry and Islamabad IGP to take strict security measures regarding Hussain Haqqani’s stay in Pakistan, as it resumed hearing in the memogate scandal case on Tuesday. An eight-member larger bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry resumed hearing in the case on Tuesday, directing Asma Jahangir to meet officials of the Interior Ministry and write a letter to the ministry for provision of security to Haqqani. Attorney General Irfan Qadir told the court that he had sent the court’s order to the Interior Ministry, after which the ministry wrote a letter to Asma Jahangir.

At this, the chief justice noted that the interior secretary had no prerogative to do that. Afterwards, Asma said she had to go to Taiwan so the case might be heard after the general election. However, the court refused the request and adjourned the hearing until March 11. HAQQANI’S SECURITY CONCERNS: Meanwhile, Haqqani wrote a letter to the interior secretary regarding the arrangements made for his security in Pakistan. Haqqani had fled the country after being implicated in the memogate case and refused to return citing security threats. In his letter, Haqqani accused Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and Awami Muslim League leader Sheikh Rashid Ahmed of inciting their “supporters in jihadist terrorist organisations” against him. Haqqani stated that Imran, “who

claims to speak for Pakistan’s establishment”, has publicly declared him a traitor while Sheikh Rashid called him “ghaddar ibne ghaddar” on national television. Haqqani accused Imran and Rashid for sharing the “public stage with groups and leaders described internationally as terrorists”. “Their pronouncements are, therefore, seen as potential incitement to their supporters in jihadist terrorist organisations to eliminate me as a voice for a liberal and tolerant Pakistan and for Pakistan’s continued alliance with the United States of America,” Haqqani maintained. He questioned why the elements responsible for ‘demonising’ him had not been rebuked by a judicial authority or investigated by the executive “so that their followers may no longer pose a threat to my person based on false assumptions”.

Conspiracies being hatched to damage PTI’s popularity: Qureshi MULTAN SheIkh hAq NAwAz

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senior Vice Chairman Shah Mehmud Qureshi said on Tuesday that a terrible conspiracy was being hatched against his party and a number of anti-PTI elements were being pitched on various fronts only to defame the party and damage its popularity and credibility in the masses. Talking to Pakistan Today here, Qureshi said the PTI was being targeted to create ambiguity about its real goals, which are about changing the current corrupt system of the country. “But we would never let our corrupt opponents become successful in their nefarious designs,” he said, adding that the PTI abhorred the pol-

itics of conspiracies and intrigues. In response to a question, he said the PTI’s rivals were using a lot of money, resources and methods against their party and its leadership, but “they would never succeed in their negative designs”. Qureshi further said that the PTI would not accept any partial caretaker government, and would resist any attempt in this regard. Qureshi made it clear that the PTI had not decided to forge alliance with any party until now. “Any decision in this regard would be taken at an appropriate time. Any news being published about our alliance should be considered as totally wrong and false,” he said. “One thing must be clear that the PTI will not enter into alliance with any party which has

been part of the present ruling coalition,” he added. He said that the PTI was completely independent and did not stand under the shadow of any party. He said that his party was popular among the youth, women and the poor who had been the victims of all the excesses and cruelty at the hands of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PMLN). “Both the parties are usurpers and looters

but now they would certainly be rejected by the power of poor men’s vote in the upcoming elections,” he added. Qureshi said the PTI would not support or accept any kind of unconstitutional and undemocratic action. “We believe in the supremacy of the constitution and democracy,” he added. He said that even in South Punjab, the PTI would clinch exemplary electoral victory and surprise its rivals in the upcoming elections.

No delay in polls, says Kaira


Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira on Tuesday said there would be no delay in the coming elections and the government would consult all stakeholders for the interim set-up to ensure free, fair and transparent polls. Talking to a private television channel, Kaira said all stakeholders, including political parties, judiciary, media and civil society, wanted fair and transparent elections in the country. The minister said according to the constitution, interim setup would be established through the systematic institutional procedure. He added that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had introduced the structural reforms within the constitution parameter to initiate the new interim setup. To a question, Kaira said democratic institutions were mature enough to take political initiatives and decisions to hold free, fair and transparent election in the country. He said parliament was supreme institution that followed the voice of common masses of the country. Kaira said the interim prime minister would be nominated with the consultation of leader of the House and leader of the opposition with consensus of all stakeholders in accordance with the constitution.

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A Pakistani is one who identifies himself as Pakistani. — Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry




wednesday, 13 February, 2013

Qadri iN THe liNe of fire Qadri’s Canadian nationality overshadows Contention of petition’s maintainability ISLAMABAD


tAyyAb huSSAIN

H e grilling of Tehreek Minhajul Quran chief Dr Tahirul Qadri continued at the Supreme Court for the second consecutive day on Tuesday, with the bench time and again challenging the cleric’s locus standi and questioning his loyalty to Pakistan in face of him swearing allegiance to the British queen. In his petition, Dr Qadri had challenged the appointment of the chief election commissioner (CeC) and all four members of the eCP, arguing that their appointments were not in accordance with the provisions of Articles 213 and 218. Though there was no final word by the three-judge bench on the question of maintainability of the petition filed by the TMQ chief, the remarks passed by the judges suggested the court wanted to get its mind cleared over the objectives of Dr Qadri and, hence, Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry also remarked that the petition was not maintainable under the constitution. Throughout the proceedings, the ques-

tion before the court remained whether or not a dual national could be allowed to interfere in the politics of the country and whether or not he could challenge the composition of the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP). As the three-judge bench of the Supreme Court resumed hearing in the case, Qadri told the court that he had used a Pakistani passport for visiting Pakistan, while he used his Canadian passport to go to Canada and other countries of the world. Qadri submitted papers and a copy of his passport in the court to justify his right to file the petition for eCP’s reconstitution. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said Qadri was known as “Sheikhul Islam”, but had sworn allegiance to Queen elizabeth of england. He also said Qadri’s petition was not maintainable under Article 184, adding that the Supreme Court did not have the authority to hear a quo-warranto petition and suggested him to raise the matter at any other forum. “Being a dual national, the doors of the parliament are closed for you but your interference in domestic politics is questionable,” the CJ said. To the remarks, Qadri said he was a Pakistani citizen and he could renounce his Canadian citizenship anytime. Dr Qadri also argued that the Supreme Court had also taken up the Memogate case on a letter sent by a Canadian citizen. Justice Gulzar pointed out that a person who had taken oath of loyalty to another country would not be permitted to influence Pakistan’s politics. The CJ said a Pakistani was one who identified himself as Pakistani in the world

Nawaz’s attitude towards Zardari not suitable: Aitzaz

LAHORE StAff rePort

Terming the attitude of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif towards President Asif Ali Zardari “not suitable”, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Aitzaz Ahsan said on Tuesday that the latter wanted to meet Nawaz to offer condolence on the demise of his brother. After a meeting with Zardari at his residence, Aitzaz said there was no restriction on the president on participating in political activities. “He is authorised to visit Bilawal House in Karachi or Lahore or any other site for political motive,” he said. “According to the tradition in Punjab, people very often come to anybody’s residence on the occasion of happiness or grief without any schedule or invitation. It is not appropriate for Nawaz Sharif to stop the president, who intends to sympathise with Nawaz on the death of his brother, from having a meeting with him,” he added. He claimed that he already had an idea about the comments and remarks being passed by the Supreme Court on the petition filed by Dr Tahirul Qadri. He said that general elections would be held in time, and that if anybody tried to prolong the caretaker setup illegally, such conspiracies would be foiled with public support.

Praising the courts’ progress and performance, he said the judiciary should also take suo motu notice on Yousaf Raza Gilani’s case. He said the Swiss authorities’ decision to not reopen graft cases against President Zardari had hurt the stature of the Supreme Court, and that his stand on the issue had been vindicated. He said that he has been saying all along that President Zardari enjoys full immunity. “The Swiss authorities have made the right decision,” he said, adding that former premier Yousaf Raza Gilani had unnecessarily suffered due to his stance of not writing the letter to the Swiss government. Last week, the Swiss authorities, in response to a letter written by the government three months ago on orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to open graft cases against the president, said that the cases could not be reopened against President Zardari as he enjoys immunity. Aitzaz said that as per the Lahore High Court’s (LHC) ruling‚ the president was not allowed to do political activities at Aiwan-e-Sadr‚ however‚ he could meet political personalities at other places. He suggested that the apex court should revert the decision of ousting former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani by taking a suo mot notice after the Swiss authorities’ decision. earlier, Aitzaz hosted lunch for Zardari. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also accompanied the president.

and “Pakistaniat” should be in “our blood even if one is living on the North Pole”. He said it was not only a matter of an ordinary person living outside the country, having dual nationality. “The thing goes much beyond when you are trying to attack a constitutional institution,” the CJ observed. The CJ added that Dr Qadri was attacking a institution that remained established for the past two years and he had just come to Pakistan a couple of months ago and challenged the eCP, that too close to the general election. Justice Gulzar Ahmad remarked could a person that came to meet his family in

Pakistan and then returned abroad be allowed to take part in the country’s politics and other activities. Continuing his observations, Justice Gulzar said Dr Qadri had come to take part in Pakistani politics, which could not be allowed. The CJ said the formation of the election Commission had gone through a detailed process and it was inappropriate for anyone to raise a finger at it. He made it clear that no one would be allowed to de-track the system as the country was strong enough to stand firmly on its own. The proceedings were later adjourned until today (Wednesday). Talking to reporters outside the SC, Dr

Qadri said the Supreme Court had accepted his petition and had been hearing it for two days. “But the court wanted to determine whether they could resolve the issue,” Qadri said, adding that the court had sent notices to all respondents in the case. He reiterated that voters could be dual nationals but the elected representatives could not. “If dual nationality divides loyalty, then the constitution of Pakistan should take notice of it. The law of Pakistan should take notice of it,” he added. “Nothing has been decided as yet. I will present my arguments and the SC will decide.”

CDA seals guesthouse housing NAB official who unearthed Rs 82b OGRA scam ISLAMABAD kAShIf AbbASI

In an apparent bid to teach a lesson to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Investigation Officer Waqas Ahmed, who had dug out the Rs 82 billion scam involving Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) chief Tauqir Sadiq, the government on Tuesday sealed a guesthouse where the investigator was residing. A team of Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials backed by police raided a guesthouse in Sector F-8 of the federal capital, and sealed the guesthouse where the NAB investigator had been staying for last 15 days. The raiding party also allegedly searched Ahmed’s room, and did not let the officer drive his car out from the premises before sealing the guesthouse. The CDA denies the charge. However, the official car of the NAB investigator, bearing registration number (RIZ 206), is parked inside the sealed guesthouse, and a sufficient proof against

the CDA’s denial. Talking to Pakistan Today, the NAB investigator revealed that he had been receiving threats from various elements, fearing that the guesthouse had been sealed in a bid to harass him. “I can’t say anything. Whether the OGRA scam is the reason behind this move by the CDA, but let me make one thing clear: I’m facing threats from various quarters,” Waqas told Pakistan Today. He went on to say that he received some threats at his resident in Lahore as well. Malik Waheed, who runs the sealed guesthouse, said the CDA had sealed the property

without issuing any fresh notice. He said the CDA raided his cottage on the basis of an old notice issued in 2009, and harassed his staff and the NAB officer. The NAB investigator, who brought up the Rs 82 billion OGRA scam involving Tauqir Sadiq, is following the Supreme Court’s order to arrest the absconder, but the government is not reflecting the will to implement the apex court’s order. During the last hearing, the court directed the authorities concerned to bring back the accused from UAe to Pakistan over his alleged involvement in the Rs 82 billion scam.

But the high-ups in the government have been trying their best to save the skin of absconding accused, as there is likelihood that the accused might spill the beans in the SC by revealing the names of several big wigs behind this scam. The next hearing of the case is on February 18. Meanwhile, a CDA spokesman claimed in a statement that the authority had nothing to do with the NAB investigator. He said the guesthouse was sealed for violating CDA’s laws, as a residential house was being used for commercial purpose. “The CDA is carrying out across the board operation against the non-conforming use of residential buildings in different areas of the federal capital, and this has nothing to do with the NAB officer; rather House No 10, St 43, F8/1 owned by Mr Abdul Majeed was being used as a guesthouse. The houses which were sealed today include House No 4, St 56, F8/4, Islamabad, House No 45, St 33, F-8/1, and House No 10, St 43, F-8/1.”

Education vital for progress: CM LAHORE APP

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday said that education is the best tool to fight terrorism, extremism, poverty, unemployment and ignorance. He said this while talking to lawmakers hailing from various districts. The CM said, countries which made commendable progress in the world, spent their resources on education and training of their youth. He said Punjab government has

adopted a concrete strategy for the promotion of education and imparting knowledge to every child. He said that with establishment of IT labs in more than 4,000 schools and distribution of laptops among students, the younger generation would benefit from modern inventions and knowledge available at the international level. He said Pakistan is facing serious challenges of terrorism, corruption, load shedding and unemployment and his government during last five years, has promoted merit and transparency besides eliminating nepotism. Shahbaz said

that Pakistan is now heading towards new elections, and people would bring forth a capable, sincere and honest leadership through the power of their vote.

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04 N

The danger posed by North Korea’s threatening activities warrants further swift and credible action by the international community. — US President Barack Obama

news wednesday, 13 February, 2013

‘iran does not want to take advantage of situation post N Korea nuclear tests’ ISLAMABAD

ANwer AbbAS


eITeRATING Iran’s commitment to not carry out nuclear tests to take advantage of situation arising after North Korea’s current nuclear tests, Iranian Majlis speaker Ali Larijani on Tuesday said Pakistan should not permit any one to use its soil against Iran. Larijani also said Iran was seeking to help to establish democracy in Syria. Addressing a news conference at local hotel, Iran’s Majlis-e-Shora-e-Islami’s speaker Larijani, who is in Pakistan on a three-day visit to attend the first Parliamentary Assembly of the economic Cooperation Organisation (PAeCO) said the economic Cooperation Organisation’s Parliamentary moot remained positive explor-

ing new avenues of promoting cooperation among the eCO countries. “Many nations of this region should work together to curb a number of issues being faced by them and the post-Islamic Revolution Iran has a policy to cooperate with other countries.” He stressed on adopting the policy of mutual cooperation to end foreign interference in the region. On Pakistan’s decision to hand over the Gwadar port to China, the Iranian official was of the view that the leadership and people of both the brotherly nations were close to each other, following which Iran had no objection over the decision, adding that it was a decision which the Pakistani government and the public had to make. “Some foreign forces are trying to interfere in Pakistan-Iran ties to which the Pakistani and Iranian authorities should not give any

room,” Larijani said while responding to a question on US objections on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline. He said Iran had completed its task on the Iranian side of the project. IP gAS PIPElINE PROjECT: Declaring Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project “a strategic project”, the senior Iranian official was of the view that his country was rich in oil and gas production and this capacity could be put on disposal of others so that they could benefit from them. He said Iran had opened a credit line to help Pakistan complete the work in the IP gas pipeline project, adding that Turkey was also importing gas from Iran. To a question on Iran’s nuclear programme, Larijani said Iran had repeatedly said that it had no intention to make a nuclear bombs, adding that “the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution of Iran, Ayat-

ullah Ali Khaminei has already issued a decree against it”. elaborating, he said the nuclear bomb and its use was haram and the United States was well aware of the fact that Iran was not going to make nuclear bombs, however he said Iran wanted to use its nuclear technology for research, development and such peaceful purposes. To a question, Larijani said Iran did not need to take advantage of the situation created after North Korea’s nuclear tests. “We believe that the nuclear race will disturb the peace of the region,” he added. Asked to comment more, Larijani held the United States and Israel responsible for the nuclear race in the region, as “both these countries have kept conducting the nuclear tests”. He said the US was “awarding Israel with dollars and other facilities in return of its nukes”.

The Iranian dignitary also accused the United States of not doing any constructive and peaceful activity in Afghanistan, saying “now that the US and NATO troops have completed their 10 years in Afghanistan, we can see that they have done nothing against terrorism, rather remained engaged in spread of narcotics all over the world using Bagram, Kandahar and Kabul air bases through Garcia islands”. On any expected US or Israeli strike against Iran in the future, Larijani was of the view that both these nations were intelligent enough not to attack Iran, because any such move could endanger their own existence. SYRIA: The Iranian official also said Tehran was seeking to help establish democracy in Syria, while suggesting that “democracy cannot be achieved through weapons”, a reference to armed struggle in Syria.

UK threatens to cancel all PIA flights LONDON/ISLAMABAD oNlINe

ISLAMABAD: Relatives of the missing persons hold a protest for the recovery of their dear ones on Tuesday. INP

Tent fire kills four children in lahore LAHORE StAff rePort

A fire broke out in a tent on Tuesday in Q-Block of Sabzazar. Reportedly, a man named Yasin was living in the tent along with his family. His daughter was cooking food when suddenly the fire broke out. The girl escaped unhurt, but her siblings, 10-year-old Asif, seven-year-old Nagina, four-year-old Farzana and oneand-half-year old Qaism were burnt alive. The firefighters extinguished the fire after struggle of several hours. Separately, a man named Ashiq broke his leg while trying to get on the Metro Bus. A report said Ashiq (45) was going to Kahna from Kalma Chowk. He was shifted to Ghurki Hospital. Meanwhile, robbers broke into a house in Barkat Colony, Hurbanspura. The house belonged to Nadeem. The robbers entered the house when his wife was alone. They held her hostage at gunpoint and fled with 50 tolas of gold, Rs 250,000 in cash. Separately, an oil tanker ran over two motorcyclists on GT Raod, Shahdara Town. One of the men died on the spot and the injured one was rushed to a nearby hospital. The police have arrested the tanker’s driver.

unsc strongly condemns north korean nuclear test pakistan Calls it ‘very serious development’ UNITED NATIONS APP

The UN Security Council strongly condemned as “a clear threat to international peace and security” North Korea’s nuclear test on Tuesday and pledged further action against Pyongyang. A press statement approved by all 15 council members at an emergency meeting Tuesday said the test posed “a clear threat to international peace and security.” “We fully understand the concerns expressed by neighbouring countries, including (South Korea) and Japan,” Pakistan UN Ambassador Masood Khan said after the adopting of the press statement by the 15-member Council. In line with this commitment and the gravity of this violation, the members of the Security Council will begin work immediately on

appropriate measures in a Security Council resolution, Kim Sung-hwan, the foreign minister of South Korea, which holds the rotating presidency of the Council for February, said in the statement read out to the press. Secretary-General Ban Kimoon, in a statement issued by his spokesperson overnight, called Pyongyang’s action “deplorable, and voiced concern at its impact on regional stability.” Ban reiterated his criticism ahead of a pre-planned address to the Council. PAkISTAN fOR NUClEAR-fREE kOREAN PENINSUlA: Meanwhile in Islamabad, the Foreign Office said that Pakistan believed that all countries should comply with their respective international obligations. The statement said that Pakistan supported a nuclear free Korean Peninsula as agreed by all parties in the Framework Agreement of 1994 and reaffirmed its support for the Six-Party Talks process.

demonstrators in Peshawar protest against Valentine’s day PESHAWAR StAff rePort

Supporters of Jamaat-e-Islami staged a noisy protest against Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, denouncing it as un-Islamic and calling for a “day of modesty” instead. The student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) rallied outside the press club, chanting slogans against Valentine’s Day, saying it had “spread immodesty in the world”. Valentine’s Day is increasingly popular among younger Pakistanis, many of whom have taken up the custom of giving cards, chocolates and gifts to their sweethearts to celebrate the occasion. But Pakistan remains a deeply traditional society where many disapprove of Valentine’s Day as a Western import. The demonstrators, who carried a banner urging February 14 to be a “day of modesty”, said the tradition encouraged unmarried men and women to live together in sin. “We will not allow holding of any Valentine’s Day function,” Shahzad Ahmed, the local head of the student organisation, said.

British officials have threatened to cancel all flights of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) after dozens of Afghans possessing Pakistani passports flew into the United Kingdom illegally. Sources said that Sajjad Haider, additional director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), was directly involved in the scandal. According to British officials, more than 50 Afghans arrived at various cities in the UK from Karachi and Islamabad during the last two months. The officials said that the Afghans were possessing Pakistani passports. They expressed the fear that members of al Qaeda and Taliban could also enter the UK in the same manner. Sources said that on February 2, six Afghan citizens were flying for London by PIA flight PK-785, possessing the passports numbered NRO159751,

PH1158611, AJ0152881 and BK36877931. Some of them were taken out of the flight when an immigration officer of the British High Commission received secret information, sources said. During the investigation, it was revealed that the Afghan passengers had paid 25,000 pounds each to be sent to the UK, sources said, adding that Pakistani officials had also started probing the matter. Sources further said that Sajjad Haider was a very influential person, and a special meeting had been held on February 10, to consider his promotion for the post of director in Grade-20. Sources said that Sajjad Haider had been dismissed earlier through a notification issued by the Interior Ministry, but he was reinstated on his post through the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) on July 18, 2008, and was promoted to the seat of deputy director. Through a notification

India wants peace but loc incident is unacceptable NEW DELHI AGeNCIeS

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said India wanted peaceful existence with its neighbours but the recent incident of beheading allegedly by Pakistani troops was “against the norms of civilized international behaviour” and “unacceptable”. Addressing a conference of governors in New Delhi, Singh said there is a need to recognize that India’s neighbourhood is “characterized by growing instability and uncertainty” and that capabilities of armed forces and police are being “constantly strengthened” to meet the entire spectrum of security challenges. “We remain committed to working for good relations and peaceful existence with our neighbours. However, we are also firm in our resolve to deal

dated December 16, 2008, he was promoted but after the decision of the Supreme Court the promotion was cancelled, and a notification was issued on March 30, 2010. A reference was also filed in Rawalpindi Accountability Court against Sajjad Haider in 2004, and he was sentenced for three years. He appealed against the decision but the Lahore High Court did not change the verdict. Afterwards, the prosecutor general requested the Accountability Court for cancellation of the case, and the president of Pakistan pardoned the sentence. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) told the Supreme Court on December 30, 2011, that Sajjad Haider did not benefit from the NRO and he could be promoted. At this, he was promoted to the seat of additional director in Grade-19. Now the case has been sent to promote him to Grade-20.

142 new measles’ cases reported in Punjab LAHORE INP

effectively with any threat to our country,” he said. Referring to beheading of Indian soldier by Pakistani troops in Jammu and Kashmir, Singh said,“ Incidents like the one that took place on the Line of Control (LoC) last month are against the norms of civilized international behaviour and are simply unacceptable to us.”

The Punjab Health Department said on Tuesday that 142 more cases of measles have been reported in the province, a private news channel reported. Of the 142 cases, at least 50 patients were from Lahore. The overall toll has mounted to 3,678 in the province so far. Measles is caused by the measles virus; a single-stranded, negativesense enveloped RNA virus of the genus morbillivirus within the family paramyxoviridae. Humans are the natural hosts of the virus; no animal reservoirs are known to exist. This highly contagious virus is spread by coughing and sneezing via close personal contact or direct contact with secretions.

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The Supreme Court is doing a good thing by disposing the cases off quickly. –Legal expert SM Zafar

( tyno report

uK drug ageNCY blowS lid off dra’S iNCoMPeTeNCe

LAhore wednesday, 13 February, 2013

WeAther UpdAteS

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PrAyer tIMINGS Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 5:24 6:46 12:17 3:24 5:48 7:10

lHC asks Punjab govt to explain ban on metro bus route LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday issued notice to the Punjab government for submitting reply today (Wednesday) about imposition of ban on public transport to use Metro Bus Service’s route. A petitioner, Mushtaq Ahmed, had filed a petition in the LHC and stated that the Punjab government had imposed ban on public transport from using the route of Metro Bus which had increased unemployment and problems of the people in the city. He urged the court to issue stay order in this regard. Justice Nasir Saeed Sheikh, accepting the petition for hearing, issued notice to the Punjab government to submit its reply today (Wednesday). The court asked the government to explain which law it had used to ban public transport on the route. StAff rePort

mhra’s report CritiCises pharmaCeutiCal Companies, raw material manufaCturer and laCk of drug testing faCilities dra deputy dg says no laws bind the authority to ConduCt test on every drug that is imported LAHORE


uMAIr AzIz

He UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in its report on Tyno has criticized the local pharmaceutical companies, Indian raw material manufacturer Kenduskar and Pakistan’s drug import laws, Pakistan Today has learnt. The Punjab Health Department had sent samples of Tyno and Dextromethorphan syrups (manufactured by Reko and ethical Pharmaceutical companies) for tests over to the MHRA. This was done to establish the cause and to fix the blame for around 50 deaths in Lahore and Gujranwala after consumption of the cough syrups. The MHRA report confirms the WHO initial findings that the raw material used in the cough syrups Tyno and Dextromethorphan included 22 percent and 11 percent “lethal”

levomethorphan content. According to details, the Health Department has written to the federal government, which has already cancelled the licenses of local pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, the WHO has also issued a red alert on its website on the Indian manufacturer Kenduskar, with provincial health authorities writing to the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) on enacting more stringent laws on the import of drugs or raw material from abroad. A senior government official further said it was the responsibility of the local manufacturer and the DRA to conduct tests of the drug samples after import of raw material from a new vendor. Health Additional Secretary Dr Anwer Janjua said the department had received the reports and action has been

CDGL to tighten the noose around sheesha smoking seCtion 144 extended until marCh 7 parents laud move, say this would help Children foCus on studies


City District Government Lahore (CDGL) has decided to use an iron fist on sheesha smokers by applying Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code 1898 till March 7. Lahore District Coordination Office Noor-ul-Amin Mengal, under Section 144 CPC, has imposed ban on sheesha smoking at all public places including hotels, motels, student’s canteens and other places in the metropolitan in the larger public interest.

“Sheesha smoking is becoming common and it is not only unhealthy, it is also becoming a source of unethical and immoral activities,” Mengal said, adding that sheesha smoking crated resentment among the public and was likely to disturb public peace and tranquility. The order was issued on February 4 and has now been extended by 30 more days. Such orders are imposed in the critical law and order situation in which a person who violates the rules can be sent to jail for 72 hours and he cannot be

bailed out unless or until he complete his/ her 3 days in jail. Youngsters have expressed their resentment over the use of such stringent measures to dissuade them from smoking sheesha. However, the parents and the older generation have supported the move made by the Punjab government and have appreciated the DCO’s move to curb unruly activities in the city. “This decision will have a negative impact on the youth and there are plenty of other activities that are injurious to the public,” a student said. “The government should start fixing things from the roots instead of banning sheesha smoking in public. There is no point in destroying our business,” a café owner said. “I live in Model Town and there is a sheesha café right next to our street. My son stopped studying for his exams because he used to hang out there all the time. I am grateful to the DCO for introducing such stringent measures to curb sheesha smoking,” a parent said.

taken. To a question, he said the authority to initiate action against the Indian manufacturer on deaths fell on the the federal government, while the Health Department, on its part, had written to the DRA already. The report however blew the lid off the unchecked pharma industry and weak laws in Pakistan when it came to the import of medicines from abroad. A senior official further said, “If the raw material was coming from a new vendor, the authorities should have made sure about its quality before allowing its import but the available laws did not make it binding on authorities.” It also highlights lack of facilities to conduct drug tests in the country, as the department had to send the samples to a laboratory abroad. DRA Deputy DG Shaikh Faqeer

Muhammad however said there was no provision in the law which bound the DRA to conduct tests of every drug sample coming into the country. “The manufacturer in the exporting country is supposed to ensure that the raw material complies with the pharma standards, the batch of material is confirmed and the drug act provisions of Pakistan have been met. The local manufacturer on its part has to make sure all drug tests of raw material have been conducted,” he said, adding that the DRA had already cancelled licenses of the pharmaceuticals, besides banning import from Kenduskar and confiscating all the raw material at the port. “With only one drug testing laboratory it is not possible to conduct tests of each and every sample. But we are of course making more stringent laws to cover the existing flaws,” he added.

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‘Lota brothers’ have no future in Pakistan. – PML-N’s Abid Sher Ali on Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain and Pervaiz Elahi



LAhore wednesday, 13 February, 2013

for lahoris, metro bus is just a free ride and nothing more after the turnout on the first day, it has beCome Clear that the serviCe is not being treated as a transport faCility

IGP asks officers to remain vigilant

punjab govt deCides not to disContinue free travel

LAHORE StAff rePort



uMAIr AzIz

He insane load of passengers on the newlyinaugurated metro bus service on almost all the stations has made it evident that the citizens of the metropolitan rank entertainment a step above transportation. Scores of people were observed coming with their families on motorbikes to enjoy a free ride on the route. People park their motorbikes somewhere along the BRTS route and get onto the bus with their families and come back after taking a free ride. People could rarely get onto the bus as most of the buses were already filled with passengers, leaving no space for

new passengers to get in. Passengers were left in a fix since the nobody was willing to get off the free ride. Tayyaba, a master’s student from Lahore College who was waiting for the bus at Mozang Station, said “It has been half an hour that I’ve been sitting here waiting for a bus but no space is available and buses keep passing by. I have to go to Gajumata and will take the normal bus if I don’t get a seat for another 10 minutes.” To a question, she said even one-week free service is going to be too much for the people, because it was being used for entertainment and genuine commuters were being denied the right to travel. The Punjab government called a high-level meeting after the issue was highlighted. However, the government has decided to not take back the free ride entertainment from the people. CM’s advisor on transport Khwaja Hassan said the government was being very “cautious” and did not want to deprive people

of the free entertainment. “People have suffered so much during the construction of the BRTS and they have been looking forward to it. The large numbers show that the people have accepted the BRTS as their own. The free service may not be for a full month but it is not going to be discontinued immediately,” he said. Ahsan, another passenger waiting for the bus, said the issue should be looked at from a layman’s perspective. “There are very few entertainment opportunities for the people. It is fine if the poor are being entertained, but the passengers should not suffer. The government has only plied a few buses during the free service and the buses are overloaded,” he added. Khwaja Hassan further explained two other initiatives the government had taken which were that all local MPAs had been assigned to motivate people on stations to not travel during peak hours, to make queues and to not harm others. “Besides, we have nominated interns on stations to guide people on taking care of the buses and other equipment. The entire project is being monitored on a minute-to-minute basis,” he added. “The government has not decided to take back the free service and has not even taken a decision on for how many days it is going to be free. even the fare has not been decided yet,” he added.

CIne StAr ph: 35157462

rACe 2 hAnSeS & greteL: WIth hUnter bULLet oF the heAd rACe 2 rACe 2

SoZo WorLd ph: 36674271

rACe 2

02:00pM 05:00pM 06:30pM 08:15pM 11:15pM

12:00, 2:45 5:30, 8:30, 11:15 pM

SoZo goLd rACe 2 07:00, 10:00 pM ph: 111-999-977 hAnSeS & greteL: WIth hUnter 1:00, 3:00 5:00pM pAF ph: 36688880

rACe 2

3:00, 5:00, 8:30, 11:30pM AuDI-1

SUper CIneMA rACe 2 At royAL pALM rACe 2 ph: 111-602-602, 36118679

06:00 pM 09:00 pM

AuDI-2 SpeCIAL 26 gUILt trIp SpeCIAL 26 hAnSeL & greteL: WItCh hUnter

03:15 pM 06:15 pM 08:00 pM 10:45 pM

AuDI-3 rACe 2 hAnSeL & greteL: WItCh hUnter rACe 2 rACe 2

03:00 pM 05:45 pM 07:30 pM 10:15 pM

In order to control crimes, the officers will not only have to go in the field but also ensure proper monitoring of the incidents of crimes taking place in their respective divisions. The best investigations officers should also be sent in the field to bring the culprits to justice by ensuing timely investigations of the cases. Acting Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Khan Baig expressed these views while presiding over a high-

woMaN CriTiCallY burNT iN HouSe fire LAHORE StAff rePort

A woman named Nadia, wife of Shakeel, received burn injuries when fire suddenly started in house in Sohay Wali bazaar near Jinnah Model School. She was declared to be in a critical condition. In another report, the police raided and arrested members of Iftikhar gang that had been involved in stealing motorbikes and recovered fake numbers plates and other illegal goods from their possession. Report said that criminals stole bikes with fake token.

level meeting held to review law and order situation in Lahore at the CCPO Office today. CCPO Amjad Javed Saleemi, DIG (Operations) Muhammad Tahir Rai, DIG (Investigations) Chaudhry Shafique Ahmed. SSP (Operations) Sohail Akhtar Sukhera, SSP (Investigations) Babar Bakhat Qureshi, and PSO Muhammad Ali Nako Kara were also present on this occasion besides all the divisional SPs. The IGP also urged the officers to ensure monitoring of the buyers of stolen or snatched valuables including

mobile phone, vehicles and motorcycles because strict check on such elements would help police control crimes to a considerable extent. The IGP also directed the officers to devise an effective strategy to keep a strict check on those involved in the business of prize bonds and its illegal trade. Monitoring of the missing persons in the Fourth schedule, disputes related to the control of Masajids, and the officials awarded punishment on the charges of negligence should be ensured as well.

NIDA registered as professional engineering body LAHORE Pr

National Institute of Design and Analysis, (NIDA LHR), a subsidiary of Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDeC) has been nominated as Professional engineering Body (PeB) by Pakistan engineering Council (PeC) to carry out the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activities. NIDA has been authorised to conduct the short courses, workshops and seminars which would be organized for the Registered engineers (Re) and Professional engineers (Pe). The refresher courses for the engineers will upgrade their skills as well as will bestow them with points and counts to

augment their career path. NIDA will arrange these courses through its CAD/CAM training centre in Lahore, outfitted with high tech instruction facilities and computer labs.

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07 N

wednesday, 13 February, 2013

North Korea conducts N-test, warns of second and third measures PyONgyANg

We strongly urge the DPRK [North Korea] to honour its commitment to denuclearisation, and not to take any actions which might worsen the situation. — chIna foreIgn mInIstry



ORTH Korea has said its widely condemned nuclear test is merely its "first response" to what it called US threats, warning that it would continue with unspecified "second and third measures of greater intensity" if Washington maintains its hostility. The US and several other countries called Tuesday's underground test a violation of UN resolutions. But the North's foreign ministry said in a statement that the test was a "self-defensive measure" that does not violate any international law. The statement said any measures like forced ship inspections or a sea blockade would be considered an "act or war" and trigger "merciless retaliations". The UN Security Council was scheduled to meet in emergency session later on Tuesday to discuss the international response to the latest test. North Korea accuses Washington of inciting global condemnation of its nuclear programme and of leading the sanctions charge in the Security Council. "The US should make a choice between taking the path of easing tension ... or continuing on its current, wrong path of pursuing antiDPRK policies and further escalating tensions," the ministry said, using the North's official name of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). ‘NEvER bOW’: Jon Yong-ryong, first secretary of North Korea's mission in Geneva, told the UN disarmament forum that it would never bow to resolutions on its nuclear programme and that prospects were "gloomy" for the denuclearisation of the divided Korean peninsula because of a "hostile" US policy. "The US and their followers are sadly mistaken if they miscalculate the DPRK would respect the entirely unreasonable resolutions against it. The DPRK will never bow to any resolutions," Jon told the Conference on Disarmament. "If Seoul truly wants peace and security on the Korean peninsula, it should urge the US first to terminate its hostile policy towards DPRK on an impartial basis." The Korean Central News Agency said:"The high-level nuclear test, unlike in the past, had more explosive power and involved a miniaturised and lighter atomic bomb and was staged safely and perfectly." The test in the remote, snowy northeast could be a crucial step towards the North's goal of building a bomb small enough to be fitted on a missile capable of striking the US. The detonation appeared to be a defiant response to UN orders that North Korea shut down its atomic activities or face more sanctions and international isolation, as well as a direct message from young leader Kim Jong-un to the US, the North's arch-foe since the 195053 Korean War. Pyongyang was punished by more UN sanctions after a December launch of a rocket that the UN and Washington called a cover for a banned missile test. The North said it was a peaceful, and successful, bid to send a satellite into space.

World poWers condemn north korea nuclear test WASHINgTON: North Korea's third nuclear test has been condemned by several countries and organisations, with the US calling it a threat to regional security and Pyongyang's ally China calling for calm. State media said the country had successfully carried out the underground nuclear test, involving a new "miniaturised", device on Tuesday. UN SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon said it was "deplorable" that North Korea had defied international appeals to refrain from such provocative acts. "The secretary-general condemns the underground nuclear weapon test conducted by [North Korea] today," Ban's spokesman Martin Nesirky said in a statement. "It is a clear and grave violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions." The Korean Central News Agency said the test was conducted in a safe manner and was aimed at coping with "outrageous" US hostility that "violently" undermines the North's peaceful, sovereign rights to launch satellites. "The high-level nuclear test, unlike in the past, had more explosive power and involved a miniaturised and lighter atomic bomb and was staged safely and perfectly." The announcement that the detonated device was "miniaturised" suggests that North Korea has mastered the technically complex process of producing a warhead small enough to fit on a long-range missile. The magnitude of the "explosion-like event" was roughly twice as large as that of a 2009 nuclear test in North Korea, the Comprehensive NuclearTest Ban Treaty Organisation, a group monitoring nuclear tests, said. The UN Security Council is set to meet at 14:00 GMT on Tuesday for emergency consultations. "The danger posed by North Korea's threatening activities warrants further swift and credible action by the international community," US President Barack Obama said in a statement. "The United States will also continue to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies." NATO said the "irresponsible" nuclear test was a flagrant breach of UN resolutions and a grave threat to international security. The UN Security Council last month voted to expand sanctions against Pyongyang in response to its December rocket launch that the North insists was a peaceful scientific mission. China, whose backing of last month's Security Council decision came as a surprise to many observers, expressed "firm opposition" to the test, saying its ally had gone ahead with the blast "despite widespread opposition from the international community". AGeNCIeS

Pentagon extends benefits to same-sex couples

deadly bus blast hits Turkey's afghan prison probe finds Syria border 'widespread' abuse

WASHINgTON: US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta, who is due to retire this month, said the decision stemmed from the repeal 17 months ago of a ban on openly gay recruits serving in the military. "It is a matter of fundamental equity that we provide similar benefits to all of those men and women in uniform who serve their country," Panetta said in a statement. "Today, I am pleased to announce that after a thorough and deliberate review, the department will extend additional benefits to same-sex partners of service members." The move, which defence officials had signaled last week, will provide same-sex partners with military identity cards, hospital visitation rights, access to youth and education programmes and financial compensation in the event their military spouse dies, a Pentagon memo said. "extending these benefits is an appropriate next step under current law to ensure that all service members receive equal support for what they do to protect this nation," Panetta said. The number of same-sex couples affected by the decision is about 17,000 in the armed forces, including 5,600 active duty service members. Panetta acknowledged that federal law, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, remained an obstacle to extending the full array of military benefits. "One of the legal limitations to providing all benefits at this time is the Defence of Marriage Act, which is still the law of the land," Panetta said. AGeNCIeS

DAMASCUS: At least 14 people have been killed and 26 others wounded following a car-bomb explosion near the border between Turkey and Syria, according to the Turkish ministry of justice. Witnesses said on Monday they saw the vehicle drive up to the Cilvegozu border post, one of the main crossing points for Syrian refugees into Turkey, shortly before the explosion. The Cilvegozu border gate, several miles outside the town of Reyhanli, sits opposite the Syrian gate of Bab alHawa, which the rebels captured last July. Refugees cross back and forth and Turkish lorries also deliver goods into no-man's land between the two gates, where they are picked up by Syrians. Bulent Arinc, deputy prime minister, said the Turkish government was investigating all possible causes for the blast, including a suicide attack, but it was wrong to jump to hasty conclusions. "The information that we have for now is that a minibus with Syrian number plates coming form the other side exploded. It was a powerful explosion," Arinc, who is also the government spokesman, said after a regular cabinet meeting. "But whether this was a vehicle laden with explosives or another type of explosion, I think, at the latest, will become clear tomorrow." Turkey's interior, justice and customs ministers were due to fly to the area later on Monday to be briefed on the incident. AGeNCIeS

kAbUl: An official investigation into torture in Afghan prisons has found widespread abuse, President Hamid Karzai says, following a UN report into the problem. "According to the report of the commission of inquiry, half of the prisoners interviewed complained of mistreatment, harassment and even torture during their detention," the president's office said in a statement on Sunday. It described prisoners' access to lawyers as "problematic", but made no conclusions or recommendations. Karzai ordered the probe after the UN issued a damning report in January citing evidence of frequent abuse in the country's prison system. The report revealed that 326 of 635 prisoners interviewed across the country said they had been abused, including 80 minors. Fourteen types of torture were described in the UN report, including beatings with cables and pipes, attacks on the genitals, threats of execution or rape, electric shocks and forced stress positions. The UN also said 81 people imprisoned in southwestern Kandahar disappeared between September 2011 and October 2012. "These findings seriously concern us," Jan Kubis, the UN special representative in Afghanistan, said at the time, calling on the government to "do more to prevent torture". NATO forces in Afghanistan stopped sending prisoners to some Afghan jails after the reports of torture and asked Kabul to investigate allegations of abuse by members of a US-backed paramilitary police force. AGeNCIeS

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08 N

PPP has delivered the best of democracy and public welfare with its policy of reconciliation. — Sumsam Bokhari

news wednesday, 13 February, 2013

india frees three Pakistani prisoners LAHORE: Indian authorities freed three Pakistani prisoners at Wagah Border on Tuesday. According to news reports, the prisoners were kept in different Indian jails on various charges for several months. However, the reports said they had now been released and were handed over to authorities at Wagah Border on Tuesday. oNlINe

ailing adiala prisoners be provided medical facilities: SC

LAHORE: Pakistani prisoners return home from the Indian side of the Wagah Border. Indian authorities freed three Pakistani prisoners at Wagah Border on Tuesday. INP

indian govt may revoke Yasin Malik’s passport NEW DELHI



F T e R strong protest by Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik against the unfair trial and hanging of Afzal Guru in Islamabad, Indian government is weighing the option of revoking his passport on grounds of national security. According to Indian media reports, the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) leader would be questioned by the Indian security agencies as soon as he returned home to explain his hobnobbing with India’s most-wanted fugitive, almost giving Hafiz Saeed legitimacy as a champion of the Kashmiri cause. Participating in funeral prayers for Afzal held in absentia by

pro-Kashmir groups in Islamabad on Sunday, Yasin Malik called his hanging a “blot on Indian democracy”. Malik was in Pakistan to visit his wife, a Pakistani national. Indian government was criticised for allowing Hurriyat leaders to visit Pakistan in the light of their meetings with Hafiz Saeed and Salahuddin. The Hurriyat neither denied nor confirmed the meetings. Malik’s meeting has added to the pressure on Indian government that had so far allowed separatists to visit Pakistan keeping in mind an international audience among other factors. “Saeed has an unofficial carte blanche from the Pakistani agencies to make incendiary statements against India. Given the sentiments and circumstances of Afzal’s hanging, it was expected that he would exploit it to attack New Delhi yet again. Though

TTP releases video lauding killed american, british militants ISLAMABAD INP

The Pakistani Taliban have included a Briton and an American in a slideshow of fighters killed in battle, in a message that also eulogises al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden. According to the US monitoring service SITe, the 12-minute, 56second video was posted on jihadist websites on February 6 and was prepared by Umar Studio, the media wing of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). It identifies the American by the name of Inaam and the Briton as Abbas, whom SITe said had been identified by the TTP in a prior video as Omar al-Britani and who gave a speech in english. No date or location was listed for their deaths. It showed a photograph of Abbas wearing a black turban and sporting a thick black beard. Inaam was shown smiling slightly. The video starts with a recitation of Quranic verses, before showing photographs of the slain fighters while they were alive or in death. It also includes a photograph of Osama, who was shot dead by US Navy SeALs in Abbottabad on May 2, 2011.

Kashmiri separatists tend to echo antiIndia chants when in Pakistan....but for Yasin to be seen on the same platform as Saeed is overlooking the latter’s culpability in India’s worst-ever terror attack,” a senior Indian security official

told The Times of India. “Considering the possibility of his meeting terrorists and criticising the government during more such trips abroad, there is a good reason to seize his passport,” said the official. Sources in Indian security establishment hinted that Malik may be detained after he returned to India. Although there could be legal limitations to filing a case against him for an act committed on foreign soil, there was scope of some other charges being pressed against him. Incidentally, Indian government had recently denied moderate Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umer Farooq permission to attend the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) meet in Cairo as Kashmiri separatists earlier used the platform to attack New Delhi’s Kashmir policy.

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday said medical treatment facilities should be provided to ailing prisoners housed in Adiala prison. A three-member SC bench presided over by Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took up the case of missing prisoners of Adiala prison for hearing on Tuesday. Attorney General (AG) Irfan Qadir told the court that Tariq Asad advocate had filed an application but did not mention the ailment of the prisoners.“It will be better if he files his application with FATA secretary after making necessary amendment therein,” the AG said. Tariq Asad said he wanted the decision in the case of these prisoners pronounced during their life span. “I want early verdict on this case,” he added. The court observed, “We want this case be heard in detail. Therefore, the petitioner should make necessary amendment in the context.” The court directed Tariq Asad to hand over his application on provision of medical facilities to ailing prisoners on humanitarian grounds to the FATA Secretary Jamal Nasir. oNlINe

imran Khan says intra-party elections was a historic feat ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday congratulated the party workers on the completion of first phase of the intra-party elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Punjab, stating that the intra-party election had drawn a line between the believers of true democratic order and autocracy. “This is not a normal achievement. This is a great achievement as despite all odds, the PTI has ushered in true democracy. The PTI workers have proved the difference between people with autocratic mindsets pretending to be democrats and the true democrats who take practical steps to bring in democratic order within their own party. The credit goes to you all,” he said, while talking to delegations of the party who called on him. StAff rePort

Miwaiz says prospects of dialogue have ended hurriyat leader says he would Consult geelani to devise joint strategy to Counter ‘new delhi’s aggression on kashmiris’ NEW DELHI NNI

The chairman of moderate faction of Hurriyat Conference has held responsible New Delhi of being at war with the Kashmiris and said that Afzal Guru’s hanging has closed the prospects of dialogue process between New Delhi and Hurriyat. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that his party has been advocating for dialogue for over a decade and has been trying to take people along. “But New Delhi is at war with the people of Kashmir. By hanging Afzal Guru, New Delhi has closed any prospects of future dialogue process,” said Mirwaiz, who has been currently put under house arrest in New Delhi. He said that dialogue cannot take

place alongside aggression. “I don’t see any hope for dialogue,” he added. Mirwaiz said that he would be consulting rival Hurriyat Conference faction leader Syed Ali Geelani to chart a joint strategy to counter, what he called, New Delhi’s aggression on the Kashmiris. He said Guru’s hanging would trigger widespread hatred against India among Kashmiri youth as it did after hanging of Maqbool Bhat in 1984. “It might trigger another armed struggle,” he warned. Mirwaiz said politics of peace has received a jolt with the execution of Afzal Guru and leaders like Mirwaiz would face difficulty peddling peaceful ways among public. “We spent years telling people that their aspirations would be addressed

but by hanging Guru and the total absence of justice in Kashmir has sealed any chances of engagement with New Delhi,” said Mirwaiz, who led three rounds of talks with New Delhi in the past one decade. Mirwaiz said that new situation was likely to emerge following the execution of Afzal Guru in Jammu and Kashmir. “New forces may crop up and they will not listen to us, this will be the security challenge to India. We too would be rendered irrelevant because the new forces would speak in a different language.” Mirwaiz said, “The secret execution of Afzal Guru might radicalise the youth in Jammu and Kashmir. Once you push people to the wall they have no other way but to respond with equal aggression.” He said they have written to the United States and other

countries conveying how Indian “aggressive tactics is pushing youth of J a m m u and Kashmir tow a r d s violence”.

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Shaukat Ullah’s appointment as KP governor is politically motivated and is aimed at supporting the ruling party’s candidates in the upcoming polls. — PTI leader Shafqat Mahmood

CHAMAN: Afghani security guards look on as a NATO truck crosses into Pakistan on Tuesday. INP

Na committee seeks explanation from govt over Qadri agreement ISLAMABAD NNI

The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs on Tuesday sought an explanation from the government over its agreement with Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran (TMQ) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri. The committee added a briefing on the pact in the agenda for its upcoming session. Tuesday’s meeting was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Syed Mumtaz Alam Gilani, during which Shireen Arshad Khan, a member of the committee from the PML-N, said even members of the government were of the view that the agreement with Qadri had no constitutional importance. Khan asked why talks had been held with the TMQ chief when the accord was of no legal significance. The committee then decided to seek an explanation from the government over the agreement in its upcoming meeting. It also directed Law Minister Farooq Naik, who was absent from Tuesday’s meeting, to appear at the next meeting. Qadri had reached the agreement with the government in January after staging a sit-in in Islamabad which lasted for four days.

shahrukh Jatoi’s brother, friend charged in shahzeb murder case KARACHI oNlINe

Two more suspects have been charged in the murder case of Shahzeb Khan, who was shot and killed on December 25, 2012 near his house in Karachi. According to media reports, arrest warrants for Nawab Ali Jatoi, and Khurram have been issued under sections 224 and 225 of the Pakistan Penal Code. Nawab is a brother and Khurram is a friend of the prime suspect in the case, Shahrukh Jatoi, who the witnesses say, was the one who shot Shahzeb multiple times killing him at the spot. Both the suspects have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and rendering criminal assistance.

Police parties have been fielded to bring the suspects in. Separately, in another development, the travel agent who booked Shahrukh a flight to Dubai under a fake name is also under interrogation. He, in his early statement, had revealed that he broke the law for only Rs 3,000.


The Supreme Court (SC) has sought a reply from National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Fasih Bokhari in the contempt proceedings initiated against him over a controversial letter he wrote to the president. The SC bench led by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took up the case for hearing on Tuesday. The NAB chairman appeared in court and said he had appointed Naveed Yousuf Mirza as his counsel. He requested the court to grant him some time to prepare the reply in connection with show-cause notice served to him with reference to the contempt of court case. Bokhari also requested the court to exempt him from attendance in court due to his NAB-related preoccupations. The bench said it could not “grant exemption to you as this case is against you and it is essential for you to appear in the court. However, we are allowing you time until February 18 and you should file your reply by that date”. The proceedings were later adjourned until February 18.

wednesday, 13 February, 2013

89 people killed in first week of february: report ISLAMABAD



s many as 89 people were killed and another 70 were injured in 22 political violence incidents in a week, says the Free and Fair election Network (FAFeN). In comparison, the preceding week had fewer casualties – 73 killed, 20 injured and one kidnapped in much higher incidents (43). Sindh, again, saw the most incidents (12), followed by Balochistan (6), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (2) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) one. Civilians, again, constituted the majority of the 162 casualties – 54 killed, 57 injured with three being kidnapped. The number of the civilians killed was the same as last week and made a smaller portion of the overall deaths (60.67 percent), but the injuries increased substantially, 57 this week compared with last week’s 18 – more than threefold increase. Thirteen security personnel were killed, with as many being injured. During the week, 22 militants were also reportedly killed. Region-wise Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the most volatile, with 26 people killed and 56 others injured in a sectarian violence incident while an attack on state security forces left 36 people dead and 11 injured, including civilians. Sindh was the second most volatile region, where 13 people were killed and one injured in seven targeted attacks, three attacks on political party

workers and two sectarian violence incidents. In Balochistan, four people were killed, two injured and three kidnapped in four targeted attacks, an attack each on state security forces and teachers of a government-run school. In FATA, 10 militants were killed in aerial attacks. Incidents of sectarian violence were the most deadly this week, killing 28 people and leaving 56 injured in three incidents. Terrorism was the second-most lethal, killing 36 people, injuring 13 with three people being kidnapped in two incidents. Twelve people were gunned down and one injured in 11 targeted attacks. In attacks on political party workers, three Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) workers were killed. Separately, a counter-terrorism strike in Orakzai Agency killed 10 militants. Lakki Marwat was the most violent district where 36 people (including security personnel) were killed and 11 injured in an attack on a military camp. Hangu was the second most violent district with 26 people killed and 56 injured in a major sectarian attack. In Karachi, 13 people were killed and one injured in targeted attacks, an attack on political party workers and sectarian violence. In Quetta, three people were killed in targeted attacks. even though the media reported no incidents of political violence in Punjab, FAFeN’s district long-term observer reported a clash between the workers of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan People’s Party in Sialkot in which one PML-N worker was injured.

Opposition sponsors un-bottled al Qaeda genie in Syria DUBAI ShAhAb JAfry

SC rejects bokhari’s plea for exemption from attendance


09 N

“Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar”, repeated the jihadi commander each time he shot members of Syria’s pro-government Alawi sect in the back of the head, even as they lay face down on the ground, with hands behind their backs. This is a scene from a video recently uploaded on Youtube, shot somewhere in rebel controlled areas mainly in the north. Most of the killed appear still in their teens. The jihadis come from the jabhat al-Nusra, or alNusra front, the most potent group among insurgents fighting to unseat the government of President Bashar al-Assad, the Middle east’s last Ba’athist dynastic dictatorship. Yet despite impressive gains, its ties to al Qaeda and its Salafi-Wahabi leanings have caused concern among the insurgency’s western backers, leading the US to blacklist the organization in Dec ’12. But the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which leads the fight against Assad, has remained largely supportive of the militant outfit, as have regional financers like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. SAUDI INflUENCE Al-Nusra’s main ideological, and financial, backing comes from Saudi Arabia, whose petrodollars have long bankrolled extremeright militant uprisings from the time of the anti-Soviet Afghan campaign, and whose indoctrinated militias later mutated into al Qaeda, Taliban, etc. Both Riyadh and Doha represent the position of the GCC, a group of Wahabi monarchies fiercely opposed to the Iran-dominated Shia crescent that emerged after the Iraqi occupation in ’03, comprising Iran, Syria and

the Lebanese militia Hezbollah – the traditional anti-Israel resistance. The insurgency has assumed a distinctly sectarian outlook following the government’s iron-fist response to an initially peaceful uprising more than 22 months ago. According to UN estimates, the death toll so far has exceeded 60,000 people, mostly civilians, and the conflict has entered what seems a prolonged stalemate, with opposition forces unable to take government strongholds of Damascus and Aleppo, and the army retreating from large parts in the north. The Saudis have been careful not to let alNusra appear as intolerant of non-Muslims as their counterparts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan, for fear of losing public support in Sunni-dominated areas and upsetting important patrons like the Turkish government. “People are scared of them, but they are surprisingly tolerant of Christians,” says one refugee, refusing to be named, the fear of the Mukhabbarat secret police dogging him all the way to Dubai. “But they never spare anyone from the Alawis. If they find an Alawi, they invariably torture and kill”. Alawis are an offshoot of the minority Shia sect, and have been ruling Syria since Bashar’s father Hafez al-Assad became president in 1970. PROxY WARS Like the Lebanese civil war (1975-90), Syria has become the regional chessboard for bloody proxy wars. “It is no longer about the Syrian people,” said Hani, another refugee who would only tell his first name. “It is now principally a to-and-fro between two foreign ministers, in Moscow and Washington, with the GCC and Turkey scoring points of their

own”. But with the Assad regime refusing to budge despite the combined force of the US, eU, Israel, Turkey and the GCC lobby against it, and the opposition unable to make meaningful advances that might unseat the government, talk of negotiations has finally begun doing the rounds. Both the government and elements in the opposition have made calculated offers of talks, even though preconditions on both sides rule out any real possibility for the time being. There is also growing concern in Washington about the war’s likelihood of spilling over into countries where it has strategic and military interests. In case of a prolonged struggle, which is the most likely scenario, “the US could sustain unimaginable losses given its many assets in

the region, from energy sources to military bases,” according to a report in Lebanese AlAkhbar newspaper, a widely followed news source across the Levant. The Turks, too, have lost their initial enthusiasm, and Prime Minister erdogan’s sharp rhetoric has subsided given the large cost of hosting the FSA, more than a hundred thousand refugees, and the Kurdish problem resurfacing at an inopportune time. Yet even if a successful turn towards negotiations can be engineered, it will be near impossible to get alNusra to disengage. Theirs is never a people’s struggle, and they vehemently oppose democratic values. They fight to resurrect their own obscure version of the caliphate, and will continue the fight for Damascus regardless of whether Bashar or the opposition h o l d s power. The US/GCC/eU compact has un-bottled the al Qaeda genie in Syria, which shows they have learnt little from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the insurgency in Pakistan’s tribal area.

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Comment wednesday, 13 February, 2013

Man with questionable motives Qadri’s involvement in pakistan’s politics


HAT Tahirul Qadri is out to perform is no ordinary feat. He wants the eCP to be replaced by a new body at a time when it is busy making preparations for the elections that are due within months. The elections are important because they would lead to a timely and peaceful transfer of power to the next elected government for the first time in Pakistan. Qadri’s untimely intervention has revived the memories of past conspiracies against democracy. What has strengthened the apprehensions is his shady past and his unexpected appearance on political stage. The cleric had no compunction to contest elections in 2002 under a rubberstamp eC set up by Musharraf to produce the results of his choice. Instead of struggling against the military ruler, he resigned from the NA in 2005, made a beeline for Canada the moment he was called to take the oath of loyalty needed for citizenship for which he had applied in 1999. The 20th amendment was passed in early 2012 and the members of the election commission appointed soon after. If Qadri genuinely believed that they had been chosen in violation of the constitution, he should have returned to the country immediately after to get what he calls a breach of the 20th amendment rectified. Instead he stayed abroad till December 2012. In January, he suddenly demanded widespread changes in the political and economic system, including the replacement of the eCP. While militant extremists try to impose their ideas on society through force of weapons, Qadri sought to do the same through the pressure of the mob. The extremist stand was bound to raise widespread apprehensions. It was natural to ask on whose behalf he was acting. When the judiciary continued to oppose the postponement of elections and the army disowned Qadri’s activities, it was suggested by some that perhaps some foreign power was behind him. The eCP is a constitutional body and the first independent election commission in the history of Pakistan. The man who has questioned its legality is a foreign citizen who has shown little concern for the country of his birth. By his own account, he travelled to Pakistan no more than three times a year. By offering to make the SC an unconstitutional consultee in the appointment of the eCP and the caretaker setup, he has tried to compromise the position of the apex court. Before approaching the SC he announced a series of rallies in support of his unconstitutional demands to put pressure on the court, leading many to believe that Qadri is a man with questionable motives.

rupee above 100 who is to blame and who is to suffer?


He Pakistani rupee (PKR) has, as of Monday, crossed the psychological barrier of Rs 100 in exchange for a dollar. This high exchange rate was inevitable because of peculiar circumstances prevailing in the country due to political upheavals, constitutional cases, strikes, sit-ins, power shortage and whatnot. But most of it all, and ironically too, it was because Islamabad had to pay back something it had loaned to improve its economy. It paid back an installment of $145.791 million of a loan it took from the IMF and another of $375 million is due by the end of this month. Pakistan has hinted at not entering into a new loan programme with the IMF though it only took about a third from the previous programme of $10.7 billion. even with what Pakistan had received, it should have shown some progress in its economy, but actually the state of economy is even worse. The budget deficit stands at 2.6 percent of GDP for the first half of current fiscal year which experts believe would increase to seven percent of GDP by June 30, 2013, mainly because of FBR’s inability to achieve its revenue target. With foreign exchange reserves below $10 billion mark, $8.7 billion currently, the country’s economic outlook does not look satisfying at all. However, it is the common man who is going to suffer the most. With degradation in PKR reaching about 39 percent since this government took over, other than a few temporary and flawed relief projects for the poor, nothing substantial has been done to alleviate their plight. The rich and mighty of the country seem to be living beyond the ambit of law, particularly unscathed by laws that attempt at levying any tax on them. Whole sectors, in unison, have been able to either exploit the loopholes in tax regimen or have totally avoided being included in the tax net. Parliamentarians, whose duty it is to implement tax on all, judiciously and equitably, are the ones who don’t submit their tax returns or would outright state that they own nothing taxable, or even if they do pay tax it would be peanuts compared to an average salaried person. Tax Ombudsman’s suggestion to the eCP that each candidate for elections should submit his tax return is one that deserves a follow through. However, with elections around the corner and a new government coming into office in a few weeks, it appears that for politicians the economy would give way to political machinations and expediency. Something they will regret soon, rather than later.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

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Civilian threats to democracy T as serious as non-civilian ones

He efforts to delay the elections continue. Having failed to achieve his objective thorough the long march, the sitin and negotiations with the federal government, Dr Tahirul Qadri approached the Supreme Court for the dissolution of the election Commission of Pakistan on the plea that its formation was not done strictly according to the wording of the provisions of the constitution. He has claimed that he did not want the elections to be postponed but the adoption of the literalist approach towards the arrangements for the elections so close to the election is bound to have disruptive implications. This effort has to be viewed against the backdrop of the political strides made by Dr Tahirul Qadri since his return to Pakistan. While the country was moving towards the elections, he raised the slogan of saving the state rather than elections and embarked on a self-ascribed mission of rectifying the deficiencies in the electoral process and making sure that only “pious” and “angle-like” people contested the elections. He expanded the agenda when he and his religious followers reached Islamabad by demanding the removal of the federal government. In fact he began to call the sitting prime minister as former prime minister. Dr Qadri expected other political parties and societal groups to join Dr hASAN ASkArI rIzvI him because of his populist demands, high-flying oratory and repeated invocation of Islamic history. This would, he expected, cause the collapse of the federal government whose performance was considered poor. The other calculation was that the military or the superior judiciary or both would remove the government when his determined followers stayed in Islamabad for some days. That is why he claimed that half of his work was done when the Supreme Court issued the directive for the

Editor’s mail

arrest of the prime minister. His calculations failed to materialise. Imran Khan who shared his agenda did not join. All opposition parties held a meeting in Lahore at the initiative of the PML-N and rejected Qadri’s agenda. They demanded the elections to be held on time. The opposition resolution took the wind out of the sails of Qadri who agreed the federal government’s formula to end his sit-in. His hope for seeking electoral changes to his satisfaction through a regular interaction with the federal government did not materialise because his meeting in Lahore with the representatives of the federal government proved inconclusive. He changed his strategy and approached the Supreme Court for seeking the dissolution of the election Commission so that his unannounced agenda of postponing the elections was realised. It is ironic that when the elections are so close a number of people and groups are raising one issue after another to get the democratic process derailed. Some of them, like Qadri, are playing these games by adopting literalist and textbook approach to democracy, that is, to first create the ideal and textbook condition of democracy where the people have puritanical and moralist disposition and lifestyle and then the elections should be held. This is what can be described as undermining democracy in the name of democracy which is a flawed view of democracy. Democracy is a process, not an endproduct. You improve its quality and substance by practicing it rather than creating an ideal human being and puritanical democratic conditions before introducing democratic processes and institutions. In other words, you create democratic person and democratic processes like a “test-tube” baby. If we look at the experience of the countries with functioning democratic political system, they did not create an ideal democratic person first who was also noble and honest. The democratic system as well as those running it improved over time by practising democracy. Qadri symbolises all those who are opposed to holding elections either for religious or ideological reasons or have a misplaced notion of some saviour appearing on the scene for cleansing the society of all ills. There are those in the security and bureaucratic establishment or close to them who are averse to noisy and disorderly politics and they want an authoritarian and disciplined political system or a religious state. Those actively engaged in a campaign

against the current electoral system and democracy have very little, if any, chance of getting elected in the elections. Some of them may not contest elections but they want to rectify the electoral system. The opposition to elections is also a legacy of the periodic efforts to dislodge the two major political parties i.e., the PPP and the PML-N, from their central role in the political process. This is not possible through the electoral process. Therefore, those desiring to exclude or weaken them are now looking for some technical and legal basis to get rid of the domineering position of the PPP and the PML-N. In the post-General Zia period, the military/intelligence establishment attempted to contain the PPP by political engineering. During the period of military rule by General Pervez Musharraf, an attempt was made to knock-out these two political parties. This attempt did not succeed. Both returned as the leading parties in the 2008 general elections. Now, these objectives are being mediated through street protests and sitins, propaganda against parliamentarians and the electoral process and courts. The case for the dissolution of the election Commission can go in four possible directions: dissolution of the election Commission, rejection of Qadri’s demand, identification of procedural violations but no dissolution because the elections are so close, and a deadline for completion of procedural requirements. If Qadri’s plea is accepted the two major parties should take up the reconstitution of the election Commission immediately and reappoint the same members after completing all constitutional procedures. This will remove the confusion and rule out any delay in the holding of the elections. There are people who want to use article 62 and 63 of the constitution, inserted by the military government of General Zia-ul-Haq to control politicians, as a weapon to shoot down candidates in the general elections. As implementation of some of the proposed punitive actions may require new legislation, the champions of puritanical electoral process are seeking the superior court’s intervention to issue direct orders to the election Commission to implement their demands. These champions of high morality and textbook democracy have no time to give any attention to acute problems like the troubled economy, religious extremism and terrorism. If the current frivolous legal and political battles continue, Pakistan will face a serious deficit of democracy and its downward economic slide will continue, increasing Pakistan’s unmanageability. The writer is an independent political and defence analyst.

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fight against thalassemia Pakistan, which lags behind many other areas, also lacks in humanitarian and charitable stuff that could help fellow humans. Though many NGOs are making a colossal effort in introducing a conscientious societal setup, the agendas and plans bragged about by them are not entirely fulfilled. Marathons and races are held all over the word to raise charity and promote a sense of solidarity for the sufferers of various diseases. Such events are a sportsmanly stunt to unite a multitude of people to join them in their support, either through funds, awareness or whatever may benefit the victims. Such a marathon was witnessed on a large scale in Lahore last month by the young philanthropists of various universities, giving an undeviating message to the concerned authorities to make some necessary legislation for the eradication of thalassemia, and highlighting its significance for a layman, who doesn’t understand it properly. Despite knowing the alarming facts and figures about thalassemia, where the government has failed to come up with some rigorous legislation, civil society also lacks in running a proper awareness campaign. To continue living in our small insignificant bubbles while everything around seems to exist only to facilitate our own selfish and narcissistic existence is an utter and shameful waste of life. The only way to let everyone get fa-

miliar with this dilemma is to stand up and make our voice heard. As a nation, we should not be ashamed, for silence is admitting our guilt. It’s the right time to take responsibility. It’s the right time to declare war against thalassemia in Pakistan. YASIR SHOAIB UCP, Lahore

Corruption encore My nephew in Karachi had to get a power of attorney registered at Clifton Registry. He was asked to pay a bribe of Rs 60,000. On refusal, he was told that his documents had errors. He asked all present in that room and everyone confirmed that they had to pay amounts between Rs 20,000-100,000 to get their lawful jobs done. Alternately, the registration is refused on one pretext or another. What I state is a common practice in registrar offices at Clifton and DHA. Further, the amount is shared right to the minister’s level. So if this is how you treat a citizen, why must people not go for the suggestions made by Dr Qadri? Remove the existing leadership before creating a new one. DR SOHAIL KIRMANI Ontario, Canada

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wednesday, 13 February, 2013

Perception of impartiality the autonomy of judicial system in pakistan


in a waiting room don’t expect too much

third eye


M J AkbAr

OTHING happens in a waiting room. 2013 is the waiting room for 2014. Do not expect too much excitement. Time will disappear through the passage of the predictable, occasionally diverted by a faint dread of what might happen once the great surgeon of democracy, the voter, gets his scalpel on the body politic in a general election. A huge yawn greeted Mulayam Singh Yadav’s statement that there could be elections in September this year rather than March next year. Yadav’s support is crucial to the present government’s survival, and even a few months ago the shrill buzz provoked by this claim would have rattled window panes in every television studio. But no one took Yadav seriously. He has become the boy who cried wolf and then laughed precociously at his little joke. The only people predicting a 2013 election are a few astrologers, and they have been around the block once too often. In real terms it does not much matter whether elections are held early or on schedule. Patience is a democratic virtue. Voters take time to decide, but once they have done so they do not easily change. Politicians who see public opinion drift away always encourage the self-sustaining hope that some last-minute miracle will ensure survival. Bengal’s Marxists were palpably surprised by their defeat in the last assembly elections, when no one else was. The famous British dictum that a week is a long time in politics is oft repeated. It is equally true that a year can be a short time in politics. Voters know already that Dr Manmohan Singh is the last of the past. They are searching for the first of the future. If you cannot understand why Narendra Modi gets a rapt audience at a Delhi college, turn to the duller news items. We now learn that, despite the long sequence of illusion strung by UPA’s nominated cheerleaders, the Central Statistics Office of the Government of India pre-

dicts that GDP will grow at only 5 percent in the coming year, the lowest in a decade and down from 6.2 percent in the previous year. But, poor as this is, it is less politically harmful than the conclusions of another government body, the Institute of Applied Manpower Research, a think tank of the Planning Commission. It reported that despite becoming the world’s fourth largest economy, employment was not growing either in India’s non-agricultural sectors or overall. It described the Indian story as “jobless growth”. The young like statistics as much as anyone else, but what they really want to read in newspapers is advertisements for jobs. Delhi’s college audiences believe that Modi can engineer and encourage the industrialisation that will create jobs, and has confirmed his credentials in Gujarat. That, in their lingo, is “awesome”. The voter’s question about Rahul Gandhi is uncomplicated: what precisely has he achieved to justify a claim to become prime minister? Genetic entitlement is passe. Rahul Gandhi is 42 but has never held a job in either the private sector or public life. A fitful presence in parliament, interspersed with long holidays abroad, does not constitute a job. Rahul Gandhi could have become a minister at any time in the last eight years, and proved he was competent, as, to take one instance, Sachin Pilot has done. Rahul Gandhi has campaigned for Congress, sometimes with his sleeves rolled up, but that is not quite executive

experience. And after three decades as family borough, life for the poor in his constituency Amethi is far below voters’ expectations. These are not secrets; this is public knowledge. The voter is influenced by facts, not claims. It is a myth that the young are only searching for youth in a prime minister: they also want proof of competence. Age is less important than ability. There is nothing sentimental about this. When the young want glamour they go to the movies, not to parliament. This of course is only one factor in that complex potpourri called an Indian election; Modi’s increasing appeal, to state the obvious, still has to cross the acceptability barrier for many voters. The parliamentary system is not as personalitydriven as the presidential, so local variations will throw up their own patterns. The big danger for UPA lies in the possibility that government could lose sense of purpose in a year of drift. Politics does not offer the luxury of a gap year in governance. Schemes that were meant to kindle embers are already wandering in limbo. The budget could provide a fillip, but Finance Minister Chidambaram has a problem: there is simply no money left in the treasury for drama. even defence is probably heading for a cut. A waiting room does, however, provide both opportunity and time for prayer. UPA ministers should pray very hard that onion prices do not go berserk in February 2014.

USTICe is not justice if it is not impartial and is not based on sound principles.” “Justice must not only be done, it must also be seen to be done.” These dictums are used quite so often by the apex judiciary, politicians and media in the country. Judiciary in Pakistan is often blamed for becoming a party to the proADeel AMJAD ceedings in high level cases. Recent proceedings in Arsalan Iftikhar case and Kamran Faisal case are stated as examples of alleged bias on the part of judiciary in Pakistan. The letter written by NAB Chief speaks volumes of the suffocation felt by the officers of executive in Pakistan. However, should the judiciary tone down itself when the executive in Pakistan is incompetent, corrupt and inept in performing their duties, or should it carry on with full vigour for the protection of constitutional rights of the people of Pakistan? Whatever the case may be, the judicial system of the country must remain impartial in providing justice to the people. The real test of a judicial system lies in the notion of impartiality. The concept of fair trial occupies a prominent place in the constitution of Pakistan and the constitutional guarantee of due process of law outlines the importance of a strong judicial system. The judiciary thus has to walk on very thin rope in maintaining its perception of impartiality. The requirements of an independent and impartial judiciary include both subjective and objective elements. Can the judiciary in Pakistan be deemed successful in maintaining its perception of impartiality? Does the norm of judicial activism affect the principle of neutrality? Have we moved forward in providing justice to ordinary people? Questions like these loom in the minds of members of judiciary and people of legal fraternity in Pakistan. The principle of no bias is the cornerstone of natural justice system and the members of judicial process thus need to be very conscious in maintaining their impartiality. However, the judiciary in Pakistan is faced with tough questions related to its impartiality in giving judgments with reference to the current judicial activism in the country. The appearance of bias on part of decision makers clearly undermines public confidence in the judicial system. The countries with weak governance structures often face issues related to the working of different organs of state. Recent sacking of the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka clearly validates the hypothesis in relation to impartiality. Though the method adopted for the removal of chief justice in Sri Lanka is facing severe criticism, the judge mired in serious allegations relating to her conflicting interests in matters related to her decision making. She was allegedly found guilty of tampering with a case involving a company from which her sister bought an apartment, of failing to declare dormant bank accounts, and of staying in office while her husband faced a bribery charge. The case of Pakistan is not different than that of Sri Lanka. In 2007, the judicial crisis in Pakistan became the cause of a stronger judicial system in the country, the system which is now accused of being involved in judicial activism. The courts so far have lived up to the expectations of the people by challenging the stereotypical autocratic approach towards governance by politicians. The executive is being held accountable for its wrongdoings and the legislature is kept on toes by a constant reminder about the protection of constitutional norms. The shift in judiciary’s approach leaves much to be answered. How and for what purpose this shift is actually going to lay down, for one. The concept of judicial independence has been described in golden letters in one of the judgments of the Supreme Court of India. “To keep the stream of justice clean and pure, the judge must be endowed with sterling character, impeccable integrity and upright behaviour. erosion thereof would undermine the efficacy of the rule of law and the working of the constitution itself. The judges of higher echelons, therefore, should not be mere men of clay with all the frailties and foibles, human failings and weak character which may be found in those in other walks of life.” The judges of the superior courts of Pakistan are well aware of their responsibilities. Historically, judiciary in Pakistan is held responsible for providing safe exits to dictators. The current Supreme Court of Pakistan has publicly buried the infamous doctrine of necessity for good. It would be ironic if the same Supreme Court appeared to usurp the legislative powers of the Parliament under the pretense of interpretation of the constitution and other statutes. Has the Supreme Court of Pakistan fulfilled its constitutional obligations by following the norms of “due process” and “fair trial”? Judgments in NRO case, 18th amendment case and so on show the success of judicial activism in the country. However, the fate of democracy in Pakistan remains subject to continuation of democracy. The government may well be accused of incompetence in controlling law and order but still all the organs of the state have to work together to maintain the balance of power. The executive and legislature are being held accountable for their actions through judgments of the Supreme Court and High Courts of Pakistan. But now is also the time to move forward and set limits for the judiciary too. Otherwise, the thin line of impartiality will be crossed and it will create chaos. Because as states regulate judicial conduct less strictly, judges will seize the opportunity to act less impartially, or, at the very least, judges will be perceived as acting less impartially when they are less strictly regulated. The writer can be reached at

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A arts

wednesday, 13 February, 2013

Heidi offered 3M PouNdS To PoSe for PlaYboY Heidi Montag was offered 3million pounds to strip naked for Playboy, the Celebrity Big Brother babe has revealed. Bosses wanted her to leave nothing to the imagination in an Xrated shoot at a top Los Angeles location, the Daily Star reported. But much to the disappointment for her army of admirers, the stunning blonde has said no. The 26-year-old said she did not want her naked body all over the web. And the couple feared it would cost husband Spencer Pratt, 29, his life as her gun-toting cowboy dad would be furious he allowed her to do it. Heidi, who has posed for Playboy before but kept her clothes on, said: “It’s so hard with the digital world now. I don’t want to be virally naked everywhere.” NewS DeSk

The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. — Mel Gibson

Nine writing mistakes you’re probably making {Part-ii}


devices, spell-check has caused spelling muscles— never especially robust to begin with—to atrophy to an extent that they now have the firmness of grape jelly. even worse, it’s inspired a false sense of confidence, so that we now never even think of checking the spelling of a word in the dictionary.

eRe’ S a list of some highlights—or should I say lowlights. If you master all nine, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be writing badly. In fact, you’ll be on your way to writing well. 4.

ToM CruiSe To Sell NY CoNdo for $3 MillioN


Tom Cruise is allegedly in contract to sell his New York condominium for 3million dollars after 29 years. The 50year-old actor, who has owned the 2200 square foot East Village unit in the tenth floor of American Felt Building, had the ceilings in his property lowered to nine feet, while 41 other lofts have high ceilings, the Daily Mail reported. The ‘Mission: Impossible’ star decided not to involve any broker in the sale and also did not list the two-bedroom unit, which features a state of the art gym. NewS DeSk


USINg THE WORD “RESIDE.” There’s nothing horribly wrong with “reside.” For centuries, it’s had a comfortable place in the dictionary. everybody knows what it means. But there’s another word that means exactly the same thing and that’s shorter—by one syllable and two letters. That word is “live.” Good writers use “live”; a large subset of bad writers use “reside.” The english language is unusual in having hundreds if not thousand of such pairs of synonyms, where one word is plain and the other fancy. Usually the longer word is Laitinate in origin and the shorter one is Anglo-Saxon. No matter what kind of writing you’re doing, it’s usually the case that the simpler one word is better. The longer one makes you sound pretentious, or bureaucratic, or pleased with yourself. RElYINg ON SPEllCHECk Spell-check programs are great. Spell-check programs are a disaster. Let me explain. Back in the old days, students would often make spelling mistakes like “embarass” (instead of “embarrass”) or “influencial” (instead of “influential”). No more! Modern word-processing programs put squiggly red lines under misspelled words or, better yet, silently correct them (as mine just tried to do with “embarass”). But in the manner of many labor-saving



RElYINg ON THE ONlINE THESAURUS Let’s say I wrote the following sentence: “The online thesaurus is a great tool.” Then let’s say I wasn’t happy with the word “tool”; maybe I had used it two sentences before, or maybe I thought it wasn’t fancy enough. (See point 3.) So I click the proper click to bring up Microsoft Word’s thesaurus and am offered the following alternatives: “instrument,” “apparatus,” “implement,” “device,” “means,” “utensil,” “contrivance,” and “gizmo.”I submit that none of these would be an acceptable substitute for “tool” in that sentence, with the possible exceptions of “device” (barely) and “gizmo” (not bad). However, if I were someone who hadn’t read a lot, and especially if I thought that longer is better, I might be tempted by “instrument,” “apparatus,” or “utensil.” If I gave in to temptation, I would wreck the sentence. PUNCTUATINg bY SOUND Sometimes a comma goes where you would pause if you were reading the sentence aloud. But sometimes it doesn’t, so you can’t rely on your ear when deciding when a comma is called for. For example, it’s become very common to put a comma after “And” or “But” when one of those words starts a sentence. For example, “Bill said he was coming. But, he didn’t show

up.” Sorry! When saying the sentence aloud, you may pause after “But,” but punctuation follows rules, not sound, and the rules say, “No comma.”Not to get too geekily grammatical, but there are a limited number of cases where a comma is used, and it’s worth running through the most prominent ones: 8.

USINg THE WORD “lITERAllY” The meaning of words changes over time, as does the degree to which new meanings are widely accepted. A couple of decades ago, using “hopefully” to mean “I hope that” just wasn’t done, and neither could you say “contact” to mean “get in touch with.” Now both are pretty much considered okay by all but the stickliest sticklers.It’s usually a pretty good idea to stay away from words or phrases that have just begun or are somewhere in the middle of this process. Almost everybody will understand what you mean, and most people won’t have any problem with your wording, but the aforementioned

We don’t unnecessarily speak against Pak: Vishesh NEWS DESK

objection for the film. I started Murder 3 when everything was nice and Bhatt sahab has always taken Pakistani talent. We have worked with Pakistanis as friends, we have worked with them for the creative talent. The audiences are interested in good stories, good music and good actors and that’s how we have worked with Pakistanis.

Vishesh Bhatt, who is excited about his directorial debut Murder 3 in an exclusive conversation with TOI speaks about his directorial venture, Pakistani talent and importance of the market in Pak. HOW ExCITED ARE YOU WHEN IT COMES TO MURDER 3? Anyone, who steps forward into anything which is first, is an exciting opportunity. ever since I was young I wanted to be a director and my family always encouraged me. They would have also supported me if I wanted to choose another field. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THE THIRD PART Of MURDER fRANCHISE? I started with a subject and we decided to make this film and then the third installment of the film is what production house decided. As a creative person I didn’t go the way things work. We first started with the story and after that it was decided to take forward he Murder franchise as they thought the story is important for any film. HOW WIll MURDER 3 HElP YOUR MARkETINg STRATEgIES? With the franchise it will assist me tell people new story. Franchise comes with a certain kind of expectations. I am front footed person and I believe that I will not restrict to market

THERE ARE AlSO PEOPlE, WHO bElIEvE THAT THERE IS lOT Of TAlENT IN THE COUNTRY. WHY TO IMPORT TAlENT? WHAT’S YOUR TAkE ON IT? I don’t import talent and I never follow trends which work. It’s a competitive market, we are a company which gives chance to new people. If you are good, you have a place.

expectation. WITH PAkISTANI ACTRESS SARA lOREN, DO YOU THINk THAT THE fIlM WIll fIND A TICkET WINDOW IN PAk? I believe that it will and this is not an Indo-Pak kind of a film. I don’t think anyone will have an

HOW MUCH DO YOU THINk THE MARkET IN PAkISTAN IS IMPORTANT fOR INDIAN fIlMS? People in Pakistan watch our films. It becomes important as it builds the bond between the people of India and Pak. It has become an important territory as Bollywood is a big industry. The only reason we remain sensitive to them is that we have Pakistani friends and we don’t do things unnecessarily to speak against Pakistan. The way we value the sentiments of our country, we also value the sentiments there.

sticklers will turn up their noses and disregard the very intelligent things you have to say. 9.

QUAlIfYINg AND INTENSIfYINg I’d estimate that three-quarters of the time, you can improve a sentence by striking out the qualifiers (such as “pretty,” “somewhat,” “sort of,” and “a little”) and intensifiers (such as “very,” “extremely,” really,” and “absolutely”). Qualifiers make you come off as mealymouthed. Consider: “Roy Halladay is arguably the best pitcher in the National League.” How weak can you get! It’s tantamount to saying, “I can’t really back this up, but it’s possible that Halladay is the best pitcher in the league, maybe.” Instead, pick a strong limb and take a stroll out on it (making sure you have your facts right, of course): “Halladay has the most wins, the most strikeouts, and the lowest eRA in the National League.” Or, better yet: “Halladay is the best pitcher in the National League.” CoNCluDeD

boys should be locked at home post 9pm: Prachi desai Prachi Desai believes that education plays an important role in decreasing the crime rate of rape in the country. However, she claims that guys should be locked at home and not girls. On being asked about her opinion of the current situation in the country and the Delhi rape case which took the entire country by storm, Prachi claimed that boys should change. “education plays a very important role and upbringing is also an important thing to stop rapes in India,” she said. “I guess the more restrictions you have we tend to do such things. I am shocked that the rapists were aware that they will be punished for the crime and yet they did it. How can you be so cruel and forget humanity.” She added. While emphasizing on the education in the country, she said, “I don’t think someone well educated will do something like this.NewS DeSk

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Lack of education is an extraordinary handicap when one is being offensive. — Josephine Tey

I want Salman Khan, Shahrukh, Amir and Ajay Devgan all in one: Veena Malik


OLLYWOOD khan’s Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Bollywood Singham Ajay Devgan are ruling the hearts of crores of people’s across the world. every girl has a dream to marry someone like them. Queen of Bollywood Veena Malik wants all the khan’s and devgan to be a her partner in reel life. Veena is not planning to do a movie with any of these khans but searching a Mr Perfect with all the qualities of Khan’s and Devgan for her upcoming movie “The City That Never Sleeps” in which she will select a hero through a contest “Veena Ka Hero Kaun”. The movie is Produced by Satish Reddy and Directed by Haroon Rashid. ”. Sexy Siren Veena Malik recently launched her online reality show called “Veena Ka Hero Kaun”. So boys out there be ready to steal the heart of Bollywood Drama Queen by acting, dancing and showing some of good actions to her. The participants can register themselves on excited Veena Malik said, “I am glad that I get a chance to select my hero in the movie which is very special to me. My partner has to be strong, cute, lovable, intelligent and make me feel the queen of the world. I am searching someone like Dabbang Salman who can flex his muscle and make me feel safe under his arms, romantic like shahrukh khan who can make me feel special with his love, cute like Mr Perfectionist Aamir khan who can guild me the best and also like my one and only dream hero Ajay Devgan. I just love them and want my Mr Hero to be like that.” So boys flex your muscles, shower the rain of romance, keep your heart on veena’s feet and make me special in your life and I she will be yours so hurry up for contest. NewS DeSk

Brook flaunts hot look in lingerie shoot Kelly Brook has unveiled her hottest look yet in a new sizzling lingerie photo shoot. The 33-year-old model, who is allegedly dating her former beau Danny Cipriani, showed off her deep dark tan and luscious sleek locks in a series of the sultry snaps, as she revealed her new Valentine’s Day range of underwear for New Look, the Daily Mail reported. In one of the picture the brunette beauty can be seen relaxing on a sofa wearing a blue and white polka dot two piece set with lace embroidery, while in another image she is spotted showing off her curves in a bright red basque. NewS DeSk

notaBle tWeets JIll ZarIn

My account was HACKED yesterday. I did NOT DM anyone. If you opened it change your password asap.

Ivanka trump The resignation of #Pope Benedict took enormous courage and strenght.

BeyonCe best performer: Paltrow Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is in awe of her friend Beyonce Knowles, and says she is the best performer in the world. “When she is working onstage, she has more power than any woman I have ever seen. She would never say it and has never said it. I feel she knows with every fiber of her being that she is the best in the world at her job,” quoted Paltrow as saying. She is also impressed that way Knowles, who gave birth to her first child in January 2012, juggles motherhood and her career. “Blue was sleeping in her arms, across her body, and was listening back to what she had been working on. I thought, this is how you do it. You do what you love with who you love included,” she added. NewS DeSk

Arts wednesday, 13 February, 2013

i am used to rewards, not awards: akshay Kumar


is back to the canvas

donnIe WahlBerg

Our world is so scary. I’m so depressed listening to the late night news.

over-the-top acting and those films have a mass appeal. I want to bring in a balance in the characters I choose from now on.” The film has also brought out a different facet of the star. A video of him singing a version of Mujhme hai tu has grabbed eyeballs online. Apparently the actor put in a lot of heart into the romantic number, which he has dedicated to his wife. But he also ensured the director didn’t put his version in the film.


Good morning New York City! I’ve never seen Central Park so bare!!

hIlary duff


N amused Akshay Kumar says his latest film has made an actor out of a hero. But his heart still beats for the fan dancing in the isle After 24 years in the industry and more than 125 titles on his filmography, Akshay Kumar finds himself in a curious position. This is probably the first time his ‘acting chops’ have been recognised and it is not without reasons that the actor himself tags Special 26 as the best film of his career. Not surprisingly, Akshay says he is not used to such adulation: “I am accustomed to commercial success but not critical acclaim — I am used to rewards and not awards. I am getting recognition, and that too from critics who had never written one good word about any of my performances till this film happened. This film has given me a chance to rediscover myself as an actor.” So, why did a ‘commercial hero’ take up such a different project, after initially refusing it? “At first, I did not understand the film. If you have seen the film, you will know what I am talking about—it has so many twists and turns. It is when the director came back and explained the subject that I understood the prospects of the project and I was shocked when I thought that I had actually refused such an offer,” admits Akshay. However, the actor refuses to consider the film as a risky project. “For me, it was an opportunity to learn. Previously, whenever I had asked Anupam Kher and Paresh Rawal about their intermittent theatre stints, they would tell me that the process helps them reinvent themselves,” elaborates Akshay, likening his latest with the theatrical process. But before we jump to conclusions, Akshay points out that he doesn’t see himself doing only such intense roles. “Special 26 required a restrained performance. But, every film cannot be like this. Certain films require

eva longorIa

Be nothing more, or less, than the very best you that you can be! If your best isn’t good enough for someone else, it’s their damn problem!

13 A


few months back, Salman Khan had told this newspaper that he had taken a break from his other passion - painting - thanks to his hectic schedule. Recently however, he has picked up his brush again, and chances are, late night visitors to Galaxy Apartments may spot him in front of his canvas, completely engrossed in painting, hands soaked in colour with his signature bracelet kept aside on the table. A friend of the actor said, “It’s not as if he had completely stopped painting. While shooting, during breaks, he would start sketching on bits of paper with charcoal. He likes to doodle and experiment a lot.” Not one to make a song and dance about his paintings, people close to him think he sketches faces of those whom he loves the most. “He is all heart, and everything he does is without intention. It all depends on his mood. He generally sketches faces though it isn’t clear what exactly he is painting. He has no problems with people hanging around when he is painting, but it’s quite obvious, he doesn’t like to be disturbed,” the source said. We hear an exhibition of his paintings is on the card. NewS DeSk

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InfotaInment Wednesday, 13 February, 2013

When a man goes through six years training to be a doctor he will never be the same. He knows too much. –Enid Blyton

Cutting salt could save 20,000 lives each year R NEWS DESK

disease you’ve never heard of is draining economy A parasitic disease costs the US $900 million a year, even though many people aren’t familiar with it, a study finds. To put the figure in perspective, the much-more-publicized Lyme disease costs the US about $2.5 billion, a study reported. And worldwide, the illness known as Chagas disease costs some $7 billion—more than cervical cancer or cholera, the New York Times reports. Chagas, spread by the “kissing bug,” is widespread between Mexico and Argentina, and the bugs have appeared in the southern US. Some 10 million people across the globe may have the disease, including some Latin American emigrants to the US, Canada, and Spain, among other European countries. Costs in the study were associated with the health care involved and the number of lost healthy years. Researchers hope that emphasizing the economic impact of Chagas will encourage more work on vaccines. NewS DeSk

Two Pluto moons in need of names Want to name Pluto’s two tiniest moons? Then you’ll need to dig deep into mythology. Astronomers announced a contest today to name the two itty-bitty moons of Pluto discovered over the past two years. Three Pluto moons already have names associated with Hades and the underworld: Charon, the ferryman of Hades; the half-human, half-fish spirit Nix; and the multi-headed monster Hydra. The two unnamed moons need similarly shady references. Right now, they go by the bland titles of P4 and P5. They’re no more than 15 to 20 miles across. Online voting will last two weeks. Twelve choices are available at, and include the hero who slew Hydra, Hercules; and Styx, the river to the underworld. Write-in suggestions are welcomed. NewS DeSk

eDUCING the amount of salt in our diets could save nearly 20,000 lives in the UK every year, according to researchers. Doctors say deaths from heart disease would fall dramatically if consumers paid attention to food labels. Yet most Britons have no idea how much salt they consume or what the maximum recommended levels are. The recommended maximum daily intake for adults is 6g in the UK, although just last month the World Health Organisation revised this down to 5g. Yet according to figures from the British Heart Foundation, men consume around 9.7g a day, while women have 7.7g. Now researchers at three universities, including Harvard Medical School, have revealed the dramatic effect reducing salt could have on death rates by using computer models. They estimated that reducing salt intake to 6g (or 2,300mg of sodium) would save 500,000 to 850,000 lives in the U.S over the next decade.

‘No matter how we look at it, the story is the same – there will be huge benefits in reducing sodium,’ said study author Dr Pam Coxson, from UCSF. The British consumer group Consensus Action on Salt & Health said reducing

the UK’s daily intake to 6g could save around 17,500 deaths from heart attacks and strokes a year. British GP Ian Campbell, medical director of charity Weight Concern, told Mail Online: ‘Salt is a big problem in the

UK too. It’s a silent killer. Over time consuming too much of it increases the risk of high blood blood pressure, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. ‘About 80 per cent of our salt intake comes from processed foods, so it can be difficult to avoid. ‘Many people are unaware of where salt is hidden, such as bread, soups, ready meals, even breakfast cereals and mayonnaise. ‘The Government approach has been to encourage food manufacturers to modify the amount of salt in their products. There has been a reduction but it is taking too long. The Food Standards Agency should consider setting mandatory maximum levels for salt.’ Victoria Taylor, Senior Dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, added: ‘eating too much salt may raise your blood pressure and having high blood pressure increases your risk of developing coronary heart disease. ‘The Government has worked with the food industry to reduce the amount of salt in our food and make labels clearer. But there is still work to be done by everyone because the majority of Brits are still consuming more salt than they should be.’

12-year-old girl sends Hello Kitty to Space for science project

researchers discover further evidence linking asteroid to dinosaur extinction NEWS DESK UC Berkeley researchers have discovered new evidence linking an asteroid impact to the extinction of the dinosaurs. UC Berkeley Professor Paul Renne and a team of researchers, using isotope analysis, have found that both an asteroid impact and the extinction of the dinosaurs took place nearly synchronously 66 million years ago. Previous studies have suggested that the impact and mass extinction took place at a delay of anywhere from 32,000 to 300,000 years. “There is no question that the impact occurred, and there is no question that the impact occurred at the end of the dinosaurs and the beginning of new kinds of life,” Renne said.”I think it’s foolish to dismiss it as coincidence, but it’s not the whole story. It’s just the final blow.” Renne and his team compared earth samples from northeastern Montana – a region containing dinosaur fossils – with earth samples from the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatan Peninsula, the site of an asteroid impact. Using isotope dating analysis, the researchers calculated with immense precision that the date of both the extinction of the dinosaurs and the asteroid impact were nearly the same. But concerns have arisen over the validity of Renne’s findings due to potential problems with his

methodology. Renne’s study relies heavily on land deposits, which may inappropriately disregard the marine record. “Their interpretations go well beyond what can be supported by their data,” said Gerta Keller, a professor in the Department of Geosciences at Princeton University, in an email. “There is no age calibration with the marine record, yet all their interpretations are for the marine record.” Other factors such as climate change or volcanic activity may have also contributed to the decline of the dinosaurs. One leading theory suggests that the eruption of the Deccan volcanoes – located in India - polluted the atmosphere, leading to the dinosaurs’ end. “It’s been a really difficult challenge to date that volcanism really precisely, and it just requires a serious effort with having the right kinds of samples,” Renne said. “It’s going to take a fair amount of work, but I’m confident that we can do a lot better than what has been done.” Over the course of history, each mass extinction has been explained by volcanic eruptions, according to Renne. These new findings, however, suggest that other factors were involved with the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. “We now have a much clearer idea of what happened in the past,” said UC Berkeley graduate student Bill Mitchell, who worked on the study. “If we don’t understand the timeline, we won’t understand the effects.”

A California 12-year-old recently launched a Hello Kitty doll into space for a school science project. Lauren Rojas, from Antioch, Calif., said she came up with the idea after she watched a commercial where a balloon was launched into the sky. She thought she could do the same with a Hello Kitty doll her father recently bought her in Japan. When she told her teacher her idea, she couldn’t believe it. “I said, ‘Wow, are you serious,’” teacher Annette Cluck of Cornerstone Christian School said. “I was kind of blown away because usually students don’t do something that extravagant.” She gave Rojas permission to do the project. Rojas quickly turned to her dad Rod Rojas for help. “We spent about one month planning and executing it,” he said. “We used a company called High Altitude Science in Colorado to get the equipment, the weather balloon and flight computer.” They built the rocket-shaped gondola complete with small video cameras to record Hello Kitty’s space journey. It reached an altitude of 93,625 feet (17.73 miles). Unfortunately, the thin air forced the balloon to burst. Hello Kitty was sent back down and landed in a tree 47 miles from the launch site. To present her project, Rojas created a YouTube video of the launch and the planning behind it. The four-minute video already has more than 500,000 views. “It was all Lauren’s idea of the music and how she wanted it to flow and to end,” her dad said. “As we looked around the Internet to investigate other types of launches, Lauren said she wanted to make a video to use in her presentation.” The project will be judged in the school’s science fair on February 12, but she already has tons of fans. “Yesterday I showed all my classes and they were applauding. It’s like we have a celebrity,” Cluck said. “She’s very quiet and shy but I can tell she just beams with pride when the students praise her or talk to her about it. She just lights up.” NewS DeSk

analyst expects cheaper iPhone in 2013 Topeka Capital analyst Brian White expects a cheaper iPhone from Apple Inc. with a plastic case to be released in 2013. According to Business Insider, White said in a note to investors that the cheaper iPhone will cost around $300 without a contract (compared to the iPhone 5s starting price of $649 without a contract) and will launch in 2013. Apple Inc. is also reportedly testing new iPhones with different screen sizes, which could be released as soon as June 2013, according to the report. NewS DeSk

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S sPorts wednesday, 13 February, 2013

Pakistan team hit by injuries, Nasir, Junaid, Sarfarz on the list; hopefully the sacrifices of goat works for the team. – Sikander Bakht

iNjurY-HiT PaKiSTaN TurN To religioN for SolaCe

management had to send back experienced opener Taufiq Umar and middle-order batsman Haris Sohail because of serious injuries,” the source said. He said the team manager, Naved Cheema and other officials decided to sacrifice a goat as sadqa in Capetown. “The goat was sacrificed and the meat was distributed among the muslim community there.” CAPE TOWN Jamshed had hurt his AGeNCIeS ankle during the practice session and went for an MRI, He Pakistan team causing a major injury scare management in South in the camp. Sarfaraz got Africa has turned to hit by a ball on his religion, offering nose and Junaid ‘Sadqa’ (Alms) to the had a skin needy people in Cape problem. Town after a raft of “Nasir has been injuries to its key players hit the cleared of any major injury visitors ahead of the second problem but Junaid is Test at Newlands. still in doubt for the The team second Test,” he the team management management offered said. offered sadqa following Sadqa following Pakistan lost injuries to opener the first Test in injuries to opener nasir Nasir Jamshed, pacer Johannesburg by Jamshed, pacer Junaid Junaid Khan and a huge margin of wicketkeeper Sarfaraz 211 runs. Khan and wicketkeeper Ahmed ahead of the Meanwhile, sarfaraz Ahmed ahead of second Test beginning the Pakistan team February 14. the second test beginning also showed its Muslims usually attachment and February 14 sacrifice a goat and respect for the former distribue its meat among coach, late Bob Woolmer, needy people as Sadqa to ward off in Capetown. evil and other problems. Woolmer had died a natural “even at the start of the tour, the death in the team hotel during the 2007

pakistan lost the first test in johannesburg by a huge margin of 211 runs

World Cup in West Indies and his sixth death anniversary falls next month. “The


ashraf still hopeful of PSl despite postponement

LAHORE: Unperturbed by the abrupt postponement of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), PCB chief Zaka Ashraf has said he is still hopeful about bringing top-level action back in the country soon. One of the main reasons of the postponement of the PSL was the refusal of major boards to give NOC to its players despite their ``willingness`` to play in the proposed league in the country over security reasons. Pakistan has not hosted a major international team since the attack on the Sri Lanka team in Lahore in 2009. However, Ashraf, who took over as PCB chairman in 2011 with a goal to revive international cricket, expressed that his priority would remain the same. Ashraf says he is still hopeful about the PSL. He said it was just misperception about Pakistan that was making the foreign teams reluctant to visit the country. He said the areas plagued by terrorism are far-flung. The outside world does not realise the distance of the affected areas from our venues, he said. Ashraf said the board might have to change their strategy and work out a plan for the challenge. Another PCB official said the board was planning to give a presentation to the ICC and other boards on the current situation in the country in order to win the confidence of the ICC and member boards. StAff rePort

Pakistan team specially invited Woolmer’s wife and son for a tribute at the long room of the Centurion stadium to express their respect for the late coach,” the source said.

Bungled Games deal costs G4s £70 million


G4S is to take a bigger-than-expected £70 million hit on its bungled contract for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, the security company said. The loss, which compares with its previous estimate of £50 million, follows months of negotiations with Games organisers Locog. The group also incurred additional costs of around £18 million relating to charitable donations, fees and the cost of sponsorship and

marketing. Chief executive Nick Buckles said: “The UK Government is an important customer for the group and we felt that it was in all of our interests to bring this matter to a close in an equitable and professional manner without the need for lengthy legal proceedings.” The two sides have been in talks over a final settlement for the £240 million security contract, after G4S failed to provide all of its 10,400 contracted guards. The shortfall left the Government with no choice but to

step in with military personnel. Two G4S directors resigned in the wake of an independent review into the company’s botched London Olympics contract, when the group only fulfilled 83% of contracted shifts. Chief operating officer David Taylor-Smith and Ian Horseman Sewell, who was head of global events, carried the can for the fiasco, but Mr Buckles stayed in his post. Locog said the taxpayer’s interests have been fully protected in compensating for the difficulties experienced by G4S’s shortcomings.

Tainted Pakistan trio to be banned from TV chat shows the Committee also made it Clear that the tainted trio won’t be Considered for seleCtion even after Completion of their punishment

LAHORE: The Standing Senate Committee on inter-provincial coordination (sports) has come up with a proposal which bars the players, who have been found guilty of spot-fixing, from selection in the national team again and appearing on the cricket chat shows. A meeting of the committee, which was held in Islamabad yesterday, was briefed by PCB chief operating officer, Subhan Ahmed and Director General cricket, Javed Miandad. “During the briefing that included updates on the appeals of the banned players, Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif, the senators told the PCB official that the disgraced players should also be stopped from appearing on cricket shows,” a board official said. Butt, Asif and Mohammad Aamer were all first banned by the ICC and then jailed by a crown court in London in 2011 for their involvement in spot-fixing. “The committee members were unanimous in their stance on spot-fixing issue that the trio should never be considered for selection again even after the completion of their punishments,” he said. The committee also told the PCB officials to design a system to stop these players from appearing as experts on any television cricket shows as they did not remain role models for the younger generation of the country. StAff rePort

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The winning graph the Pakistan hockey team has gone up and we’d like to continue the winning spree at the Azlan Shah Cup. – Akhtar Rasool, chief coach of the team

PaKiSTaN a THraSH afgHaNS iN SeCoNd odi LAHORE


StAff rePort

He Pakistan A team banking on the century of Kamran Akmal thrashed visiting Afghanistan in its second match of the series here at the Gaddafi stadium on Tuesday. Playing under lights, Akmal hammered 104 runs before retiring to hand the visitors a six wicket defeat. Afghanistan with the help of Gulbudeen Naib’s 100 scored 207 runs for the loss of nine wickets and in reply

Pakistan A achieved the target by scoring 208 runs in 41.3 overs and in the process lost three wickets. Naib, 21, hit a 93-ball 100 at No 8 to lift Afghanistan from a precarious 77-6, hitting 13 boundaries and three sixes in a fighting 93-ball knock after pacemen Wahab Riaz (3-30) and Imran Khan (3-35) wrecked the visitors. Naib added 93 for the seventh wicket with Mirwais Ashraf who made 37 as the pair guided Afghanistan to 207-9 in their 50 overs. Pakistan ‘A’ knocked off the required runs in 41.3 overs with Pakistan discard Kamran Akmal hitting a brilliant 104. Akmal hit 14 boundaries and a six during his 105-

Pak athletics team named for fajr indoor international event LAHORE: The Athletic Federation of Pakistan has named a 10-member national squad to take part in the 21st Fajr International Indoor Athletics Championships being held from February 14 at Teheran, Iran. Team squad comprises eight athletes and two officials, said a press release of the AFP here on Tuesday. Ali Muhammad, Abdul Waheed, Mohsin Ali, Muhammad Sajjad, Adnan Anjum, Asad Iqbal, Imran and Naushad Khan. Col (retd) Karim Ahmed Shah is the team manager and Muhammad Hassan Balouch will act as coach. The contingent will leave for Iran on Wednesday. StAff rePort

LAHORE: Afghanistan Cricket Board delegation headed by Dr. Noor Mohammad Murad, COO called upon Chairman PCB Ch Zaka Ashraf at PCB Headquarters. Reports say, the PCB will be sponsoring the Afghan cricket team development. StAff Photo




wednesday, 13 February, 2013

under-strength ozs face world champions BRISBANE: Three years ago, Cricket Australia’s chief executive James Sutherland suggested that Twenty20 was such a specialist game that the day might come when Australia could have completely separate Test and T20 teams playing on opposite sides of the globe at the same time. Effectively, that day has arrived, although this one-off occurrence is not quite what Sutherland had in mind. Australia’s Test players have now flown to Chennai to prepare for the first Test against India, unquestionably the correct priority. But the packed schedule means they still need to put out a national team for this T20 against West Indies at the Gabba, without David Warner, Shane Watson, Matthew Wade, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Starc and Xavier Doherty, to name but a few. Apart from the captain George Bailey, it is hard to say for certain how many members of the squad for this match would be part of Australia’s first-choice T20 side. Shaun Marsh, perhaps. James Faulkner might soon get to that point, and so might Aaron Finch. And that’s about it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, although the fans buying tickets for the Brisbane match might disagree. AG e N C I e S

ball knock. He put on 94 for the first wicket with Ahmed Shahzad who made 33. Pakistan won the first one-day match by eight wickets – also played in Lahore – on Monday. The two teams play a Twenty20 here on Wednesday. Afghanistan are on a fourweek tour of

Pakistan to tune up for their two one-day internationals against Scotland in the United Arab emirates next month before facing them again in the ICC World Cricket League Championship.

mcCullum, bowlers help nZ level t20 series against england HAMILTON AGeNCIeS

Captain Brendon McCullum led the way with the bat while his bowlers produced a disciplined display to beat england by 55 runs in the second Twenty20 international at Seddon Park on Tuesday and level the three-match series. McCullum had anchored New Zealand’s innings to power them to 192 for six with 74 runs from 38 balls as he plundered england’s attack for six boundaries and five sixes. Mitchell McClenaghan, who took two wickets in successive balls in the second over, Trent Boult and Ian Butler then put the powerpacked england batting line-up under constant pressure with aggressive pace bowling. Butler finished with two for nine from four overs, while McClenaghan had two for 24. James Franklin mopped up the tail to finish with 4-15 off 3.3 overs. Jos Buttler produced a cameo of 54 but received little help as england were dismissed for 137 in 19.3 overs. england had won the first match at eden Park in Auckland on Saturday by 40 runs, which was their sixth successive victory over New Zealand in the shortest format of the game and McCullum

said he was pleased his side had put that behind them. “It was good. The other night was disappointing and england blew us off the park,” McCullum said in a televised interview. “The boys are very happy with the performance (and) ... to bounce back from the other day. We knew we were short (on Saturday) and today was a really good performance from us.” Unlike Auckland, openers Hamish Rutherford and Martin Guptill kept the run rate above nine before Rutherford feathered a catch to Buttler off Luke Wright for 40 to leave the hosts well placed at 75-1 in the ninth over. The run rate however dropped markedly after Rutherford fell as england’s bowlers varied their length and pace with Wright and Jade Dernbach adept at disguising their slower deliveries. Guptill (47), Ross Taylor (four) and Colin Munro (seven) all fell when they failed to pick slower deliveries and lofted mistimed shots into the deep, while Grant elliott (four) was bowled by a Dernbach delivery that was 30kph slower than the previous one. McCullum, however, took 22 off the 19th over from Stuart Broad, which included three sixes, before he became Dernbach’s third wicket on the penultimate delivery of the innings.

SCoreboArD New zealand M. Guptill c hales b tredwell 47 h. rutherford c buttler b wright 40 b. McCullum c lumb b Dernbach 74 4 r. taylor c bairstow b wright 7 C. Munro c bairstow b Dernbach 4 G. elliott b Dernbach 6 J. franklin not out N. McCullum not out 0 extras (b-1, lb-3, w-6) 10 total (for six wkts, 20 overs) 192 Did not bat: I. butler, t. boult, M. McClenaghan fall of wickets: 1-75 2-105 3-124 4-139 5-154 6-188 bowling: tredwell 2-0-20-1, broad 4-0-53-0, finn 4-0-33-0, Dernbach 4-0-38-3 (w-2), wright 4-0-24-2, Patel 2-0-20-0 england M. lumb b N. McCullum 17 A. hales b McClenaghan 5 l. wright c Guptill b McClenaghan 0 8 J. bairstow c McClenaghan b butler 13 e. Morgan c Munro b butler J. buttler c taylor b franklin 54 S. Patel run out 6 S. broad c Guptill b franklin 1 J. tredwell b franklin 22 S. finn not out 5 0 J. Dernbach c butler b franklin extras (lb-3 w-3) 6 total (all out, 19.3 overs) 137 fall of wickets: 1-9 2-9 3-24 4-43 5-47 6-62 7-80 8-115 9-137 bowling: boult 4-0-40-0(w-2), McClenaghan 4-0-24-2, butler 4-0-9-2, N. McCullum 3-0-26-1(w-1), franklin 3.3-015-4, elliott 1-0-20-0. result: New zealand won by 55 runs

PoA takes stern action against defeated elements LAHORE StAff rePort

President of the Pakistan Olympic Association, Lt. Gen. (Retd) Syed Arif Hasan, HI(M) has on Tuesday declared “the announcement of the interim body by the defeated elements is an absolutely illegal action which would have its repercussions. Addressing a press conference here afternoon at a local hotel following the General Body meeting of the POA he said: “While the POA wants reconciliation with the disgruntled, defeated minority, for which a Reconciliation Committee has been formed with the approval of the General Council. Yet the House was unanimous in its resolve that nobody shall be allowed to trespass or violate the POA’s or National Federations’ constitutions or muscle its way through by browbeating the majority. “The POA shall present its case to the IOC on February 15 at Lausanne and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the mala fide

intent of those who were defeated. The house reposed its full confidence in the President POA, Lt Gen Arif and authorized him to represent the case of Pakistan Olympic Association in the meeting of IOC on February 15 at Lausanne. “The interpretation of higher judiciary verdicts being done by these people was self-serving and wrong.” The General Council meeting, the third in a year including the one dedicated to elections on February 4, 2012, was yet another overwhelming vote of confidence in the current POA dispensation. In fact, the numbers clearly reflect that the approval rating of the Gen. Arif led POA has actually soared. On Feb 4, 2012, Gen. Arif had polled 48.5 votes; in the General Council meeting of October 15, 2012 was attended by 63 delegates from the affiliates. This number had a further jump in this latest General Council meeting on Feb 12, 2013 to 72 in a house of 103 – which means a clear two-thirds majority of the affiliates considers the present

dispensation as legitimate representative of the National Federations and affiliated members. Flanked by the officials of the sports federations, Gen. Arif in a

the general house bans athletics, netball, Islamabad olympics, rana mujahid, forms reconciliatory committee

counterattack on the warring officials banned some of the federation officials. It also banned Rana Mujahid for eight years

and disaffiliated Islamabad Olympics from POA. Not only that, the General Council was in a punitive mood: “The affiliation of national federations of athletics and netball with the POA stand suspended, and the international federations of these sports are being apprised about the conduct unbecoming of its office-bearers which are in violation of the IOC’s Olympic Charter and the POA’s constitution. “Similarly, through its actions the Islamabad Olympic Association has disaffiliated itself from the POA – which status the General Council approved and accepted”. The members and chairman of so called Interim Committee constituted by the decedent group of POA were banned unanimously by the house to hold any office/appointment in any sport organization or represent the country in any international competitions for a period of ten (10) years being violative of POA Constitution and the IOC Charter. Giving the background of altercation with the PSB, the POA President said:

“The IOC basically has three objections to the PSB’s powers under the National Sports Policy 2005, because these are not in line with the Olympic Charter and also contravene IOC clauses. One, the prerogative to amend, annul or repeal the constitution of any National Federation. Two, to change the office-bearers of any National Federation at will. Three, the four-year tenure being mandatory in the National Sports Policy: where the IOC holds that the primacy in this regard too shall lie with National Federations’ constitutions.” The house also granted affiliation to Archery and Gen. Arif added: “Snooker too would be considered by the POA’s Affiliation Committee as soon as it fulfills the laid down criteria, the process for which is underway.” Rida Mitha, who was declared the Best Athlete following the 32nd National Games 2012, was rewarded Rs 50,000. Gen. Arif gave the cheque to Mitha, who won eight gold medals in the National Games 2012.

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17 S

sPorts wednesday, 13 February, 2013

federer calls for biological passports to detect doping

Happy national sport day here in Doha, fun to be a part of such a holiday specially by being an athlete. – Victoria Azarenka DOHA: Caroline Wozniacki leans to return the ball to Mervana Jugic-Salkic in the Qatar Open first round match.

ROTTERDAM: World number two Roger Federer has called for the introduction of biological passports in tennis similar to those used in cycling to detect possible doping. “A blood passport will be necessary as some substances can’t be discovered right now but might in the future, and that risk of discovery can chase cheaters away,” the 31-year-old Swiss said on the opening day of the World Indoor Tournament in Rotterdam. “But there also should be more blood tests and out of competition controls in tennis,” he added. According to figures on the International Tennis Federation website (, sport’s governing body carried out only 21 out-ofcompetition blood tests in the professional game in 2011. Cycling’s governing body the UCI carried out more than 3,314 out-of-competition blood tests in the same year. The UCI introduced biological passports in 2008 to track any blood changes in riders against an original profile which could mean they had taken illegal substances. “I didn’t get tested on blood after the Australian Open and I told the responsible people over there that it was a big surprise for me,” said Federer, who lost to Briton Andy Murray in the semi-finals. “But there also will be more funding needed to make all the tests possible and the Grand Slam tournaments should help to finance that as it is in their best interest to keep the sport clean and credible.” AGeNCIeS

Malisse stops Soeda at San jose open SAN JOSE: Eighth seed Xavier Malisse needed three sets to get the better of Go Soeda in the first round of the San Jose Open. The Belgian took the first set 6-4 but lost the next 6-3, before taking the match 6-3 in the decider. In the day’s other match, Jesse Levine had an easier time of it against Bradley Klahn, seeing the American off 7-5 6-2. Andujar ends losing streak in Brazil Seventh seed Pablo Andujar won for the first time since August as he beat Santiago Giraldo 6-4 76 (7/5) in the first round of the Brasil Open. The Spaniard had lost 11 consecutive matches since seeing off Thomaz Bellucci in the first round of the US Open before overcoming Colombian Giraldo in an hour and 38 minutes for his first victory of 2013. Elsewhere, Italy’s Simone Bolelli beat another Spaniard, Tommy Robredo, 6-2 6-4, while Argentina’s Martin Alund saw off local wildcard Ricardo Mello 6-4 6-4. AGeNCIeS

janowicz falls short in rotterdam ROTHERDAM: Seventh seed Jerzy Janowicz crashed out of the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in the first round after losing to Victor Hanescu in straight sets in Rotterdam. The Romanian was a 76 (7/4) 6-3 winner, breaking his opponent twice to win the match in one hour and 32 minutes. Fifth seed Gilles Simon is through to round two after a 7-6 (7/3) 6-4 win over Germany’s Daniel Brands, with the world number 14 winning 81 per cent of points on his first serve and breaking his opponent three times. AGeNCIeS

THaworN To lauNCH New SeaSoN aT MYaNMar oPeN MAyANMAR



HAI hero Thaworn Wiratchant is keen to start the new 2013 season from where he left off and has set his sights on winning the Zaykabar Myanmar Open next week. The 46-year-old reigning Asian Tour Order of Merit champion, who brilliantly won three times to become the oldest Asian number one last year, returns to action at the US$300,000 Asian Tour at Royal Mingalardon Golf and Country Club. “everybody wants to win as soon as he can, including me. I played pretty averagely in Myanmar last year. We will be playing at the same golf course and I hope to perform well. Other players are also fresh, so I have to be ready too,” said Thaworn. He finished tied 11th in last year’s edition and hopes his fine-tuned short game will lead him to an unprecedented 16th Asian Tour victory. “The course is not so long. I didn’t chip and putt well last year so it was difficult to make a good score. The greens are quite hard but if I can put my ball on the green, I will turn it into a birdie,” he said. Ranked 72nd on the Official World Golf Rankings, he hopes to break into the

top-50 but admits that it won’t be easy because of the immensely talented cast of young guns breaking through on the Asian Tour. “I plan to be inside the top-100 of the world rankings or better. My schedule will be a bit different from last year and it will not be easy to stay as the winner of Order of Merit. Anyway I will play as many events as I can on the Asian Tour,” said Thaworn. “There are more young guys coming up and the Asian Tour is a great platform for them. I’m still learning when I play on the Asian Tour so I hope I can continue playing here,” added the Thai. Courtesy of his Merit triumph which was the second of his career, Thaworn will make a return to The Open Championship and also play in the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship in the United States. “I’ve been working with all my equipment to be ready for 2013. I will play in some events in the U.S. and need to perfect my long irons like because the golf courses there are very long and does not suit my game. I also have to work on my fitness and learn to adjust to the weather and time change,” said Thaworn. Due to his magnificent success on the Asian Tour last year, Thaworn has been invited to play in the year’s first Major, the Masters Tournament, in April.

Snedeker breaks into top four PEBBLE BEACH: American Brandt Snedeker is at a career-best fourth in the world after following up backto-back runner-up finishes with victory at the Pebble Beach Pro-am. Snedeker relegates Justin Rose and Louis Oosthuizen to fifth and sixth respectively on the new rankings, while Richard Sterne’s seven-shot win at the Joburg Open moves him up from 94th to 55th and into the field for next week’s Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona. The top 64 qualify for the first of this season’s world championships, but Phil Mickelson is expected to reject his spot for the second year running - he has reached the quarter-finals only once - and that leaves Ireland’s Shane Lowry waiting for confirmation that he is the last man in. Lowry is 0.0002 ranking points ahead of Swede Fredrik Jacobson, who needed to be seventh on his own at Pebble Beach to earn a Match Play place, but finished in a tie for seventh when American Patrick Reed holed from nearly 12 feet on the final green. AG e N C I e S

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Reason I don’t want to fill into a 147lbs fighter is because I won’t the Garcia fight at 140 once I move up I won’t be able to come back down strong. – Amir Khan


froNTruNNerS MoVe iNTo SeCoNd rouNd


wiggins and Cavendish warning OMAN: Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish may have to put their road racing careers on hold for up to two years. This is if they want to ride in the team pursuit at the 2016 Olympics, British Cycling endurance coach Chris Newton has revealed. The duo are Britain’s most successful road riders in history, having won 25 stages of the Tour de France, a yellow jersey and a world title between them, but both have hinted that they would like to return to the track in the four-man, 4km discipline in Rio de Janeiro. Wiggins is keen to add another Olympic pursuit gold medal to the three he already has from Athens and Beijing, while Cavendish was romanced by the drama in the London Velodrome last summer and openly stated his desire to join the team. Newton, the men’s team pursuit coach, admitted he would welcome the pair putting their names forward for selection, but warned that they would only be considered if the track was their sole focus. “We would like to break the world record,” he said. “That is the benchmark and what we are aiming at. But it takes a huge commitment for an athlete to do that. They can’t just walk in from the Tour de France and say, ‘Oh, by the way, I want to be a team pursuit rider now’. It doesn’t work like that any more. “The event has moved on and for an athlete to commit that much time will impinge on their road career, so that is the athlete’s choice.” Asked the period of time Wiggins and Cavendish would have to take out of their road careers, Newton responded: “I think two years. It’s a huge commitment. I don’t know whether a road career will allow that.” AGeNCIeS

wAtCh It LIve ESPN Bangladesh League: Dhaka Gladiators v Barisal Burners 08:30 PM

START SPORTS T20 Int’l: Australia v West Indies 02:00 PM

ESPN Women’s World Cup: England v New Zealand 06:00 PM

five matches decided in SbP Cricket Cup


AlI AkbAr

He controversy over performance enhancing drugs reared its head at the ATP and WTA events held in Chile and Doha respectively, when Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams were asked their views on the subject. Both smoothly sidestepped the issue, stating that they had been tested extensively. Raffa even had to deny that his absence for the past eight months was a result of some deal with the ITF and the ATP. Roger Federer, on the other hand, has suggested that a biological passport of each athlete, similar to the one used in the London Olympics, be kept. This he stated was the only way to curb the use of PeDs and Human Growth Hormones. The present system is too easy to get by. According to the World Anti-Doping Agency, the fundamental principle of the Athlete Biological Passport is based on the monitoring of selected biological parameters over time that will indirectly reveal the effects of doping rather than attempting to detect the doping substance itself. They recommend that anti-doping organizations should consider integrating the Athlete Biological Passport into the larger framework of a robust anti-doping programme in order to: Identify and target athletes for specific analytical testing by intelligent and timely interpretation of passport data; and pursue possible anti-doping rule violations based on an abnormal


wednesday, 13 February, 2013


( dopIng controversy rears Its head agaIn


passport, in accordance with Article 2.2: Use or attempted use by an athlete of a prohibited substance or a prohibited method of the World Anti-Doping Code. It is time that the powers that be in world tennis took note of these recommendations, especially in view of statements by former French player Yannick Noah and recently retired Belgian player Christophe Rochus, both of whom had pointed to excessive drug use in professional tennis. What makes this issue even more intriguing is that the blood records of all players from the 1990s onwards could be tested again using much more sophisticated technology than what was

available at the time. It might cause some sleepless nights for some of the players of the time. Meanwhile on the courts at the Khalifa Tennis Complex in Doha, all the top players moved smoothly into the second round. Winners included former world number one, Caroline Wozniacki, Mona Berthel, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Ana Ivanovic. The young German, Berthel, impressed with her all court game, coming to the net at will. It was refreshing to see this because the net game has become something of a lost art in women’s tennis and to a lesser extent, in the men’s game.

west Brom stun Liverpool 2-0 after Gerrard misses penalty LONDON AGeNCIeS

West Bromwich Albion completed a stunning Premier League double over Liverpool on Monday with a 2-0 win at Anfield after Steven Gerrard missed a chance to put the home side ahead with a second-half penalty. Gareth McAuley headed home in the 80th minute, with what was only the Baggies’ second attempt on goal in a lop-sided game, to break the deadlock and substitute Romelu Lukaku doubled the tally 10 minutes later. The victory marked a dream return to Anfield for Steve Clarke, the former Liverpool assistant coach under Kenny Dalglish, after his side had beaten the Reds 3-0 in the opening game of the season played at home. “We played well. It’s a terrific win for us,” the West Brom manager told Sky Sports television on a night that ended a run of

six games without a victory with the club’s first win of a difficult 2013. It was their first league double over Liverpool since 1966/67 and also West Brom’s first back-to-back win at Anfield - they also won their last season - since 1936/37 and 1937/38. “Since the turn of the year things haven’t gone our way. To come here and play a Liverpool team, probably playing as well as they have all season, I’m absolutely delighted for the players,” said Clarke. The visitors leapfrogged Liverpool to take eighth place on 37 points, behind Swansea City on goal difference. Liverpool have 36. Goalkeeper Ben Foster was the hero of the evening, saving Gerrard’s 76th minute spot kick after Luis Suarez went down under a challenge from Jonas Olsson. “When it was given I thought it was harsh. And having spoken to a few people I think harsh is a more than fair description,” said Clarke of the referee’s decision.

LAHORE: Another five matches have been decided in the 9th SBP Governor Cup Inter Bank Super Series Cricket Tournament-2013 being played under the theme of SBP Clean Note Policy. In the 1st match, SBP Lahore defeated by SBP Rawalpindi’s Cricket team by 33 runs. Chasing the target of 144/5 in 20 overs Lahore’s team was out at 111. Muhammad Iqbal made 58 runs from SBP RWP Team. In the 2nd match Bank Alfalah Multan won their match by 3 wickets against UBL Karachi. UBL karachi set the target of 148 runs with tremendous but ineffective knock out of 85 runs by Waqas Ali (Openor). In reply Zeeshan Amin’s 79 not out helped Alfalah’s team to reach the target in the last over. Third match was played between SBP Hyderabad and HBL Peshawar. SBP Hyderabad scored 172/7 runs/wks in 20 overs. HBL Peshawar’s cricket team batted well and reached the target in 17.5 overs with 72 not out of Kamran Ibrahim and 62 not out of Kamran Ghulam. Fourth match was played between PPCBL Lahore and Bank of Khyber Peshawar. One sided match was won by PPCBL by 10 wickets. BOK scored 73 runs in 20 overs and PPCBL reached the target of 74 in just 7.3 overs without any lost of wicket. Fifth and last match of the day was played betwwen SBP Karachi and Askari Bank, Multan. Askari Bank’s team scored 138 runs for lost of 7 wkts in 20 overs. SBP Karachi’s team across the score in 11.5 overs for lost of 2 wkts and won the match by 8 wickets. StAff rePort

Cables beat lahore in Veteran Cricket LAHORE: Amar cables scored thumping 121 runs victory over Lahore Green in a match of National senior cricket cup here on Tuesday at Shah Faisal Cricket Ground. Scores: Amar Cables batting first 251/5 in 30 overs. Man of the match and top scorer,Dastgir Butt struck quick fired unbeaten 115 runs not, Dastgir Butt has so far played 115 matches in Veteran Cricket and completed 6000 runs with 22 Centuries. Ameer Akbar 61, Amer Ilyas Butt 31 & Munir Shah 15 runs not out were the other main scorers from winners. Lahore Greens bowling Khalid Habib 1/32, Zulfqar Butt 1/37, Mansoor Hameed 1/42 & Aftab Ahmad 1/43 wickets. StAff rePort

ronaldo in showcase as United come to town MADRID AGeNCIeS

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo faces former club Manchester United for the first time in a mouth-watering Champions League last-16 first leg at the Bernabeu on Wednesday dripping in history and intrigue. The world’s most expensive player has won over the Bernabeu faithful with some breathtaking performances and will have the perfect opportunity to showcase his talents against the Premier League leaders. The managerial battle between Real’s Jose Mourinho and United’s Alex Ferguson is another fascinating aspect of the tie but Ronaldo’s bid to destroy his old team mates should take centre stage as two of the world’s biggest clubs lock horns. Seen as a more mature and less selfish player, Ronaldo has a chance to live up to

comparisons with former Real great Alfredo Di Stefano as he faces United for the first time since the club paid 94 million euros (80.4 million pounds) to lure him to Spain in 2009. Now 28, he made his name in england after joining from Sporting as an 18-year-old in 2003 and went on to win the World Player of the Year award five years later. He has been in scintillating form since the turn of the year and warmed up for the United game with a hat-trick in a 4-1 destruction of Sevilla, earning a rousing ovation from the home faithful when he was substituted late on. It is a significant turnaround from a difficult patch earlier in the season when he raised eyebrows and prompted talk of an exit from the club by telling reporters he was unhappy “for professional reasons”. Ronaldo said it was not about money and he and the club now appear to have put

it all behind them so he can focus on helping Real secure the 10th european crown that has eluded them since their last triumph in 2002. “The Champions League is very special at Madrid because we want to win a 10th european title,” Ronaldo said in an interview with British daily The Sun. “For me it is the pinnacle. “There are so many memorable matches that remain in the minds of the players and the fans. I want to make my contribution, I want to leave my mark.” Ronaldo spent six seasons with United and scored 118 goals in 292 games. At Real he has netted 182 in 179 matches, a far higher goals-per-game ratio than Di Stefano’s 308

in 396 appearances in the 1950s and 60s when he helped the club to five successive european titles. Wednesday’s match also renews the intriguing rivalry between Mourinho and Ferguson who have struck up a friendship over the years and are known to enjoy a glass of wine together. “I feel privileged to be his friend because he is one of the most important people in the football world and, much more importantly, because he is a good person,” Mourinho said after watching United beat everton 2-0 at Old Trafford on Sunday.

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wednesday, 13 February, 2013

34,000 Us troops set to pull out of Afghanistan by early 2014 WASHINgTON AGeNCIeS

President Barack Obama was on Tuesday set to announce that 34,000 American troops currently deployed in Afghanistan will return home by early 2014 in his State of the Union address. The move, which will more than halve the current deployment of 66,000 American troops, comes after Obama and the Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, agreed to speed up the transfer of responsibility for the conflict to homegrown forces. “Further reductions will continue

through the end of 2014 as Afghans take full responsibility for their security,” a senior Obama administration official told Reuters ahead of the speech. “By the end of 2014, we will responsibly bring our war in Afghanistan to a close.” On the domestic policy front, gun control was a key issue, with the President’s address coming almost two months on from the shootings at Sandy Hook elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 children and six teachers died. Both Congressional critics and supporters of the White House push for greater regu-

lation in the wake of the massacre used the State of the Union guest list to reiterate their position on the issue. Steve Stockman, the Republican Congressman from Texas who last month threatened to file articles of impeachment against the President over the issue of gun control, invited Ted Nugent, a gunloving rock star and board member of the National Rifle Association, the progun lobby group, to attend the address as his guest, while a number of legislators on the opposite end of the political spectrum invited people affected by gun violence to attend with them.

ashraf calls for more military aid in meeting with Cameron british prime minister aCknowledges pakistan’s saCrifiCes in war against terrorism LONDON AGeNCIeS

LONDON: Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf shakes hands with his British counterpart David Cameron outside the latter’s 10 Downing Street official residence on Tuesday.

Interim setup to come with consensus LAHORE oNlINe

President Asif Ali Zardari has that consensus will be developed over the interim government and date for general elections. In an interview to BBC‚ he said the interim government would have non-controversial people so that no one could question its sincerity. The president said that polls would be held on time and the interim government would have absolute authority under the constitution to hold free and transparent elections. He said that free and fair elections would strengthen the country. Commenting on his son’s political career‚ President Zardari who is also the co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), said that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was still young and it

eCP directs 103 parties to hold intraparty polls ISLAMABAD StAff rePort

would take him some time before he could assume all the responsibilities for running the party. He said that Pakistan, as a frontline state in the war against terrorism, had faced economic complications and loss of human lives. He said that war in Afghanistan for last 40 years had created a number of social and economic problems for Pakistan.

The election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) has directed 103 political parties to hold intra-party polls, while asking 61 parties to submit their asset declarations. According to an eCP official, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim LeagueQuaid (PML-Q) and Dr Tahirul Qadri’s Pakistan Awami Tehreek were among the major political parties which were yet to conduct intra-party polls, adding that 61 parties were yet to submit their asset declarations.


RIMe Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Tuesday asked his British counterpart David Cameron for more military aid to Pakistan. The prime minister called on Cameron at his 10 Downing Street residence. Both leaders discussed matters of bilateral interest, including the post-NATO withdrawal situation in Afghanistan. During the meeting, Prime Minister Ashraf appreciated Britain’s role in helping Pakistan promote education and healthcare, and for facilitating Pakistan’s access to european markets. Cameron said that Pakistan had made huge sacrifices in the war against terrorism, adding that Britain would continue to stand by Pakistan to carry on the enhanced strategic dialogue. During the talks, the British prime minister reiterated “your friends are our friends, and your enemies are our enemies”. earlier, Ashraf reached the official residence of the British prime minister along with other members of the delegation for holding parleys during his official visit. The British prime minister came out of his official residence to receive Prime Minister Ashraf. Both leaders shook hands and proceeded inside for talks. The prime minister was assisted by Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar and Pakistan High Commissioner to UK Wajid Shamsul Hassan. fREE, fAIR ElECTIONS: On Monday night, while addressing a diner reception hosted in his honour by a British-Pakistani national, Prime Minister Ashraf said that the national and provincial assemblies would be dissolved within few weeks, paving the course for holding free, fair and transparent elections in the country. eulogizing the much-needed contribution of

the overseas Pakistanis in the development and prosperity of the country, the prime minister said the present dispensation would again introduce a bill in parliament to give right to Pakistani diaspora of participation in the general elections. The government brought this piece of legislation some time back in parliament but it could not muster support of all allied parties in this regard and the opposition rather tried to politicize the issue of extending the right of contesting elections to the overseas Pakistanis. The PM was of the view that if the overseas Pakistanis were allowed to cast their votes, they should also be permitted to seek votes in the general elections. He said Pakistanis, struggling abroad, are very diligent, hard working and resilient and represented the country in a graceful manner. Overseas Pakistanis from different parts and remote areas of Pakistan, struggled abroad to create respectable space and place, which is pride for the country. The prime minister said that he was grateful to God for his ascent to the position of premiership. Thanking President Asif Zardari and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for reposing their confidence in him, Raja said he belonged to rank and file of the party and rose to this position by the grace of God. The PM said that Pakistan was no doubt faced with challenges and Pakistani nation and government were seized of it and also knew how to address and survive these difficulties. “Fight against terror has changed the scenario of the entire world and way of life and security comes first now, he stated adding, in 2008, situation was difficult when we came into power,” he said. “It was difficult to ascertain at that time whether this war was correct and our security forces were laying down their lives but there was no ownership of this entire situation. Martyrs were being laid to rest quietly and the government appeared helpless.” PPP when voted into power, all political parties within and outside the parliament were convened along with heads of armed forces to resolve the issue of terrorism.

Clashes over war crime trials hit dhaka DHAKA AGeNCIeS

The editor of Bangladesh’s leading daily was injured on Tuesday as fierce clashes broke out in Dhaka between police and supporters of the largest Islamic party which is demanding a halt to war crimes trials. The protesters hurled home-made bombs and attacked vehicles with bricks as police fought back with rubber bullets and tear gas in Dhaka’s busy Karwan Bazaar and Motijheel commercial districts, police and witnesses said. Motiur Rahman, the editor of the mass circulation daily Prothom Alo, was injured after he was caught in the clashes near his office in central Dhaka, the daily said, adding his conditions was now stable. Police inspector Firoz Ahmed told AFP that a Jamaat-e-Islami supporter was hit by bullet and was undergoing surgery. A woman was also hit by bullet at Karwan Bazaar, the online edition of Prothom Alo said. Protesters hurled more than a dozen homemade bombs in Motijheel, triggering street battles with police who fired rubber bullets and tear gas, an AFP correspondent at the scene said. Dozens of people including police were injured. The protesters were demanding a halt to the trials of Jamaat leaders for crimes including genocide and rape they allegedly committed during the country’s 1971 war of independence against Pakistan. A senior Jamaat leader was sentenced to life imprisonment last week for mass murder. eight other Jamaat officials, including its leader and deputy leader, are also being tried along with two officials of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

PmL-n will not allow anyone to derail democracy: nawaz LAHORE StAff rePort

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday that conspiracies were being hatched to fail the democratic system in the country, but his party would not allow anyone to derail democracy. Talking to reporters here, Nawaz said that Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran (TMQ) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri’s approach was not correct, adding that Pakistan could not afford any more “dramas”. He said Dr Qadri’s demands were unconstitutional.

Nawaz said the Supreme Court was asking the same questions from Dr Qadri which the PML-N had been asking from the beginning. “Dr Qadri did not reply us, but he will have to give answers to the Supreme Court,” he said. Nawaz said that Pakistan should be given an opportunity to become a civilised country. “I have advised Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to workout the issues of a caretaker setup,” he said. Nawaz also urged the government to get serious about the caretaker government without wasting any time. The entire political leadership should

evolve consensus over the issue, he said. To a question, he said that his party would attend the All Parties Conference (APC) to be hosted by the Awami National Party (ANP) on the issue of terrorism. He said that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, National Assembly Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar and Raja Zafarul Haq would represent the PML-N in the meeting. To another question, Nawaz said that Pakistan and India were spending billions of rupees on defence. He said that India should also realise its responsibilities in promoting peace in the region. He said India was regarded a big democracy be-

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

cause the democratic process had not been disturbed there, while in Pakistan there was a tradition of disturbing the democratic process. Meanwhile, addressing an informal party meeting, Nawaz said that the people of the country were passionately waiting for the general elections to get rid of the problems. He said the nation was well aware of the agenda of the elements that wanted to delay the polls. He said the PML-N would take all the democratic opposition parties along to rid the people of corrupt and ineligible rulers. He said the PML-N would never accept even a minor delay in the general elections. Editor: Arif Nizami

e-paper pakistantoday 13th February, 2013  

e-paper pakistantoday 13th February, 2013

e-paper pakistantoday 13th February, 2013  

e-paper pakistantoday 13th February, 2013