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Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

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Vol III No 254 Lahore — Peshawar Edition

Rabi us Sani 29, 1434

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sC holds police responsible for Badami Bagh violence

eCp to print new nomination forms sans presidential approval

The Supreme Court (SC) has rejected Punjab government’s report on the Badami Bagh arson and directed the provincial government to re-file the report by March 13. A three-member bench of the SC presided over by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry issued an interim order on Monday while conducting hearing of the suo motu notice of the Badami Bagh Lahore arson. page 02

The standoff between the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the government over nomination forms showed no sign of abating on Monday, with the body apparently deciding to go ahead with printing new forms without waiting for the president’s approval, while the Law Minister Farooq Naik insisted the president had the power to approve the changes. page 04

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10 male writers on the perfect woman story on page 13

naB begins probe into metro bus, ring road projects

sindh govt puts onus of Karachi law and order on global war on terror

Taking cognisance of various reports related to major violations of rules by the Punjab government while undertaking metro bus and ring road projects, the National Accountability Bureau has decided to investigate the cases at NAB HQs. The project contracts were allegedly approved without processing the cases in accordance with the rules. page 03

Giving a “broad overview” of its five-year performance regarding maintaining peace in Karachi, the Sindh government on Monday put the onus of the worst-ever law and order in Karachi on the US-led war against terrorism. “The geneses of this issue is complicated but what is now understood by many is that it is not an ordinary law and order,” Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah told Monday’s sitting of the provincial legislature. page 19

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Terrorists from Afghanistan create law and order situation. — Rehman Malik



Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

MiSSionary SChoolS CloSed aCroSS Country

SC holds police responsible for Badami Bagh violence REJECTS PUNJAB GOVERNMENT’S REPORT ON ARSON ISLAMABAD


LAHORE: Missionary schools across the country were closed on Monday in protest against the Joseph Colony attack in which a mob torched more than 100 Christian homes following allegations of blasphemy. “Missionary schools of Lahore will remain closed on Monday on account of the massacre in Joseph Colony,” Bishop Sebastian Shaw, chairman of the Catholic board, told reporters. Sadiq Daniel, bishop of the church of Pakistan in Sindh said all missionary schools in the province, including those in Karachi, would be closed on Monday. Missionary schools in Southern Punjab, where many Christians live in the main city Multan and adjoining areas were also closed. “All educational institutions of Christian community will remain closed on Monday to express solidarity with the affected of the Joseph Colony,” Bishop Leo Rodrick Paul said. Police in central Multan city said they had deployed officers to protect sensitive Christian areas including churches and schools. ONLINE


H E Supreme Court (SC) has rejected Punjab government’s report on the Badami Bagh arson and directed the provincial government to refile the report by March 13. A three-member bench of the SC presided over by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry issued an interim order on Monday while conducting hearing of the suo motu notice of the Badami Bagh Lahore arson. The interim order said “prima facie, the Punjab IG police, CCPO and city police officer failed in providing protection to the people. Different stories are being told to the court that election was being held in Loha market and a Christian committed blasphemy during the elections. It is beyond comprehension of the court how can the inmates of Joseph Colony be linked to Loha market”. The acting Punjab IGP, Punjab advocate general and other senior officers appeared in the court. The court was told that election was going on in Loha market when the incident took place and a member of Christian community committed blasphemy. During the Juma discourse, people were incited and they resorted to rioting. Justice Azmat Saeed remarked, “You had said with pride that people were pulled out of the blaze and no loss to life oc-

INTERIM ORDER SAYS IGP, CCPO AND CPO FAILED TO PROTECT PEOPLE curred. Where were the people kept after they were evacuated from the area? You have said in the report that some people had left the area on their own and the remaining were evacuated by police.” The CJP said, “Nothing can be said about the reasons and proceedings in your report. The court’s time has been wasted by the report. Police have not even conducted investigation to ascertain what was the real cause of the incident. Is there no honest officer left in Punjab police? The Punjab government has again talked about formation of a commission. If this commission has to meet the same end the Gojra commission did, it should better be left.” Meanwhile, the court summoned the report on Gojra incident and expressed regret when it was informed of its unavailability. The CJP remarked, “Nothing is above the sanctity of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The blasphemy law is in place. Action should be taken per law. The entire Rimsha case proved false earlier. Whenever any minorities-related incident happens, the Punjab government stays unmoved. A police officer which the court restrains the government from appointing is vehemently appointed and courts orders are blown into the air.” He said the court should be told who staged riots after 36 hours and “under whose orders was area vacated”. “The IGP should inform who he was affording benefit. Now even little things cannot remain concealed and this was a

QUESTIONS RIOTING WHEN ACCUSED HAD ALREADY BEEN ARRESTED major incident. No one will be allowed to violate the law. When the culprit had been under arrest, why did the riots occur?” The CJP said there was a mode for voicing protest. “An effective mode of protest was pursued in Quetta. Protests took place but not a single glass was

smashed.” Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed said it appeared the area that came under attack was commercial and the entire thing was engineered to get the land evacuated. “The court should be informed of the value of the land.” Justice Gulzar Ahmad said “rioting continued and police played the role of a silent spectator. Police is equally responsible for the incident”. The advocate general told the court that the decision to evacuate the area was not taken by senior officers and it was the decision of an SHO.


The minority MNAs in National Assembly (NA) on Monday demanded a separate minority province where they may live in peace, while the lower house unanimously passed a motion denouncing attacks on Christian houses and properties. The 50th session of the NA opened under the supervision of Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor. Federal minister Syed Khurshid Shah tried to avoid any suspension of rules to debate on the riots against Christians at Badami Bagh area of Lahore on March 10. A minority MNA Asia Nasir from JUI-F demanded Shah to suspend the business of the House and to launch a debate on the tragic incident of Lahore, which Shah refused. Responding to this, Asia Nasir flared up and said normally MPs suspend the business of the house for their personal agendas and in-

terests; however this time when 178 Christian houses were burnt they were not ready to suspend the rules to launch a debate. “People are dying, their houses being looted and set on fire but the National Assembly prefers to take the question hour, which is a great injustice,” she said. Following this the question hour was suspended and a debate on the aggression against Christians in Lahore was initiated. Khawaja Saad Rafique from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) accepted the responsibility of the incident on behalf of his party as well as the Punjab government. However, he pointed out various measures adopted by the Punjab government to provide relief to the victims, adding that cases against the accused would be registered in Anti-terrorism courts. Minority MNA Ramesh Lal said the incident was not the first of its kind, saying he was unable to understand riots against minorities. “Where is the Pakistan that was dreamed by Quaide Azam,” he questioned. He said PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif should pay a visit to Badami Bagh, adding that Nawaz flew to Shikarpur immediately when a similar incident occurred, for his own political gains. At this, PML-N lawmakers started chanting loudly to interrupt Lal’s speech. Federal Minister Akram Masih Gill, condemning the incident, stated that the House

Why doesn’t a moB or poliCe reaCt in the same manner When suCh Complaints are registered against muslims? Why are their Colonies not set aBlaze was engaging in point scoring, while a number of Christian females and children were without shelter and food. He said he was not against blasphemy laws, and respected the Holy Prophet (PBUH). However the misuse of these laws, he said, was rising and added that out of 2,500 cases a majority were registered against Muslims. “Why doesn’t a mob or police react in the same manner when such complaints are registered against Muslims? Why are their colonies not set ablaze,” he questioned.

He said when angry mob targeted the Christian colony, and in anger smashed two window panes of metro bus, police responded with batons and tear gas, resulting in the death of a Christian female. Gill questioned why the police did not react in the same way when Joseph Colony was attacked. He said if Pakistanis do not want minorities to live with them as their country mates, they should grant them with a separate province where they may live in peace and harmony. Awami National Party (ANP) MNA Bushra Gohar tendered an open apology towards Christians on behalf of her party and the Pakistani nation, urging the House to remove amendments that were introduced by former dictator Ziaul Haq. Malik Riaz, MNA from Badami Bagh, denied any role in the incident. However, he stated on record that the Christian youth was defiantly involved in blasphemy. Manohar Lal from Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) said even after passage of

64 years, minorities are still engaged in proving their identities as Pakistanis. He asked where the Punjab government, police and concerned MNA were when announcements were being made from mosques a night before. “Why was the local SHO visiting Christians and asking them to flee the area instead of providing them security? Why did the police force Christians to evacuate the colony? Why did the MNA lead the charged mob?” Shazia Marri from PPP held Ziaul Haq responsible for the hatred in society adding that Zia divided the society on the basis of sects and religion for personal gains and destroyed the social structure of the country. Criticising MNA Malik Riaz, she asked how he could issue a decree saying that the accused Christian youth had committed blasphemy. “Was he present there,” she questioned. “It is the saddest day in the history of the country, when non-Muslim Pakistanis are asking for a place to find peace,” Marri added. Wasim Akhtar also condemned the incident saying the Bible was disgraced by the miscreants which was sad. Earlier, MQM also staged a walkout from the NA to record their protest. Later, the House adopted a joint resolution unanimously condemning the incident at Badami Bagh, demanding constitution of a judicial commission to probe the incident as well as booking those behind it.

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Only men of character will win next elections. — ECP Addl Secy Afzal Khan




Tuesday, 12 March, 2013




EF Y I N G repeated warnings from the Unites States of America, President Asif Ali Zardari added a feather to his party’s cap by inaugurating the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline along with his Iranian counterpart Mahmood Ahmedinejad on Monday. Tight security had been deployed from Chabahar to the project site, called Zero Point, to thwart any possibility of terrorism, while the project sight and the road leading to the site reflected that all arrangements had been made recently. An official said the petroleum minister of Iran had supervised the makeshift arrangements as there was no permanent structures at Zero Point and except for a building, all arrangements were temporary in nature. Moreover, the road from Chabahar to Gabad was bumpy and in shambles and even the patchwork had been done only a few days back. Estimated at $1.5 billion, the project called “peace pipeline” aims at helping Pakistan mitigate its emerging energy needs at a time when the country is facing incessant blackouts and energy shortages. Under the plan, a 1,931 kilometre-long pipeline would be laid from Sheher, Iran to Nawabshah, of which 950 kilometres have already been laid on the Iranian side, while another 200-kilometre stretch would be laid by Iranian authorities on Iran-Pakistan bor-

SAY‘PEACE PIPELINE’NOT A THREAT TO ANY COUNTRY, NECESSARY FOR MEETING PAKISTAN’S ENERGY NEEDS der. Another 781-kilometre stretch would be laid inside Pakistan up until Nawabshah. In order to reflect the determination of the state of Pakistan towards the historic event, President Zardari was accompanied by a huge entourage. Besides serving and retired officials linked to the Ministry of Petroleum and the Foreign Office, around 96 journalists were also at Chabahar to cover the event. An official told Pakistan Today that Iran had agreed to provide another $500 million for the pipeline to be laid inside Pakistan, while the remaining $500 million would be arranged through a Chinese loan. Another $500 million would be raised through Gas Infrastructure Development Cess, already being included in the consumers’ bills. The two presidents unveiled the plaque, witnessed by a large delegation of Pakistani dignitaries including former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, cabinet ministers, senior officials and members of the Iranian cabinet and officials. The event was followed by prayers for the successful completion of the pipeline. Interestingly, the petroleum minister of Qatar and diplomats from UAE also flew in to Zero Point, reflecting the success of Pakistani and Iranian diplomacy on IP project despite US pressure. In his small but historic speech after the ground-breaking ceremony, President Zardari said the gas pipeline project was extremely important for Pakistan and was not directed against any other country.

TO USHER NEW ERA OF PROGRESS IN PAKISTAN, IN INTEREST OF REGIONAL, GLOBAL PEACE Referring to pressures from the world against IP project, Zardari said the world of Islam was facing a big challenge and the rest of the world did not understand its problems. “They want to help us but they don’t know how to do it, so we have to do it ourselves,” he asserted. “I want to say to our detractors that this problem will not go long. They did not believe that our democracy would last long, but we managed to survive and completed five years. They never believed that we would have a woman speaker in the National Assembly ... but she managed well. They also did not believe that we would have a woman foreign minister, but she did well too. Now they will have to trust us,” he maintained. He said the gas pipeline project would usher in a new era of progress in Pakistan and prosperity of Pakistan would be in the interest of regional and global peace. The president thanked Iran for extending cooperation to help address the energy crisis. Iranian President Mahmood Ahmedinejad described the IP pipeline “peace pipeline” that would bring the two countries closer. He said the project reflected determination of the two countries for mutual cooperation for the benefit of their people. Ahmedinejad said Pakistan and Iran were bestowed with immense natural resources and they could exploit their resources for the good of the two countries. “Same is true of other regional coun-

QUETTA: Lawyers hold a rally for the recovery of missing Balochistan Prosecutor General Wasay Tareen at Zarghooz Road on Monday. INP

naB BeginS proBe into Metro BuS, ring road projeCtS ISLAMABAD ONLINE

Taking cognisance of various reports related to major violations of rules by the Punjab government while undertaking metro bus and ring road projects, the National Accountability Bureau has decided to investigate the cases at NAB HQs. The project contracts were allegedly without processing the cases in accordance with the rules. In this context, all documents have been sought from the government of Punjab along with names of functionaries responsible for the award of contracts. The NAB chairman has instructed that these investigations must be expeditiously formalised and acrossthe-board accountability in all provinces be ensured without discrimination.

UN strongly condemns attacks on minorities in Pakistan UNITED NATIONS INP

The United Nations strongly condemned the ongoing violence in the country, particularly the recent tragic events in Quetta, Karachi and this past weekend in Lahore, especially targeting religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan. “All human beings have equal right to life irrespective of diversities and differences in religious or political beliefs. It is alarming that in one year hundreds of Pakistanis belonging to different minority groups have been killed which is denial of right to life and disrespect of humanity,” said Timo Pakkala, United Nations resident coordinator, in a statement today in Islamabad. It said in the face of the recent attacks on religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan, the United Nations secretary-gen-

eral had called for swift and determined action against those claiming responsibility and perpetrating such actions. “The United Nations reiterates its strong support for efforts by the government and people of Pakistan to protect religious and ethnic minorities.” “Pakistan is embarking on an important political transition that people hope will help realise their aspirations towards a stable, prosperous and democratic Pakistan. The gains that the country has made in recent years in many areas in human rights must not be put in jeopardy by the intolerance of a few. The United Nations urges the Government and all political parties to accelerate efforts to build harmony and peace among different sections of society and take concrete measures to protect the existence and identity of ethnic, cultural and religious minorities in Pakistan,” Pakkala said.

us douBts ip gas projeCt Will Complete, repeats sanCtions’ threat WASHINGTON: The United States has cast doubts about crystallization of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project and said it has serious concerns that if the project goes forward, the development would trigger US Iran Sanctions Act. The State Department said the United States is helping Pakistan in meeting its vast energy needs through a number of new and existing programs. “If this project actually goes forward, we have serious concerns that sanction will be triggered,” Victoria Nuland said. “this pipeline, if as I said, if it actually goes forward - we have seen these promise many times - will take Pakistan in the wrong direction right at a time when we are working with Pakistan on more reliable ways to meet its energy needs.” Asked to comment on the Iran-Pakistan pipeline project, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland declined to allay fears of sanctions in the case of completion of the project. She said the US has been clear to Pakistan on the matter. Dilating on US cooperation with Pakistan in the energy field, she said “We are also working very closely bilaterally to support alternative projects to provide energy that it needs,” In this context, Nuland referred to US help for Pakistan in large scale energy projects that would add 900 MW to power grid by the end of 2013, fuelling an additional two million households. These, she said, included renovating power plants at Tarbella and Mangla dams, modernizing thermal plan at Guddu and Jamshoro and Muzaffargarh. Besides, the US is also supporting Pakistan in building new dams in Satpara and Gomal Zam as well as working to advance TurkmenistanAfghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline. SPEcIAL cORRESPONdENT

tries and regional cooperation can help them overcome their problems,” he said. Referring to outside pressure on the project, he said it had nothing to do with the Iranian nuclear programme. Alluding to the United States, Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadinejad accused “foreign elements” of seeking to undermine Iran’s relations with Pakistan and to thwart the Islamic Republic’s progress by using its nuclear programme as a pretext. “I want to tell those individuals that the gas pipeline has no connection whatsoever with the nuclear case,” Ahmadinejad said. “With natural gas you cannot make atomic bombs. That’s why they should

have no excuse to oppose this pipeline.” He said the pipeline project was the beginning and could be extended to the north and east of Pakistan. Earlier upon his arrival, Zardari was received in Chabahar by President Ahmadinejad. In a short-meeting at the airport, the two presidents discussed the role of peace gas pipeline in promoting regional security and stability. They reiterated that construction of Iran-Pakistan pipeline project would further bolster economic, political and security ties between Tehran and Islamabad as well as all regional states.

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04 N

Musharraf likely to delay his return to Pakistan. — Ahmed Raza Kasuri

NEWS Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

army officer, 2 soldiers killed in orakzai blast KURRAM AGENCY: A Pakistan Army captain and two soldiers were killed while another two were injured in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack in Upper Orakzai Agency, officials said on Monday. “The attack took place late last night when a security forces convoy was targeted in Arkhanjo Mamozai village in Upper Orakzai tribal region,” Frontier Corps media spokesman Major Fazl told a private TV channel. Two other army personnel were also injured in the attack, the officials said. Security forces launched a search operation in the area after the incident. According to the officials, most of the region is now under the control of the administration and the last pockets of resistance, in Upper Orakzai along the border of Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency and the adjoining Kurram Agency, are being cleared of militants. Meanwhile, at least 15 militants have been killed in a skirmish with security forces in the agency’s Manatoo area. ONLINE



HE standoff between the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the government over nomination forms showed no sign of abating on Monday, with the body apparently deciding to go ahead with printing new forms without waiting for the president’s approval, while the Law Minister Farooq Naik insisted the president had the power to approve the changes.

Changes in the nomination forms suggested by the ECP were rejected by the Law Ministry late last week. Barring a couple of cosmetic changes, the ministry had rejected all amendments outright, including those seeking financial details and criminal history of aspiring candidates. The ECP, however, had put its foot down, defending the proposed changes as constitutional and told the ministry to refer the matter to the president, who is the final authority. On Monday, the ECP had first decided to extend its deadline on the matter by a day given the president’s international engagement. However, later in the day, it decided to proceed with printing the nomination forms without waiting for the approval, claiming the president’s role in the matter was only ceremonial, and his

approval was not mandatory. The law minister, however, differed. “Our ministry worked on it; that takes time. We formed our comments on their proposed amendments,” the law minister told reporters outside the parliament on Monday. He said the ministry furnished its comments on the amendments on Thursday, with written copies of it being provided on Friday. “On Friday evening I was in Karachi, I found out that the ECP had objections on our comments.” Naik said that the ECP’s proposed amendments and the comments of the Law Ministry were sent to the president on March 11. “Under rule 107 of the Representation of Peoples Conduct of Elections 1977, the president has the power to ap-

rpps decision concerning raja pervaiz ashraf final: Cjp

pgpl ClarifiCation In response to recent press reports, Pakistan GasPort Limited (PGPL) wishes to clarify that through the PGPL Consortium it submitted a compliant, timely, and competitive bid in the tender for the setting up of the first LNG import project in the private sector. The PGPL Consortium comprises China Harbour Engineering Company, Gunvor, and PGPL. The PGPL Consortium bid was submitted on time on Feb. 18; it was not delayed. Subsequently, the PGPL Consortium was prequalified, along with two other parties, and its price bid and those of the other two bidders were opened through a public process on March 5. PGPL and its partners are cognizant of their corporate responsibilities and unequivocally support the processing of nationally important projects through a transparent process in accordance with Public Procurement Regulatory Authority rules, international best practices, and the law.


CHAHBAHAR: President Asif Zardari and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmedinejad unveil the plaque marking the ground breaking ceremony of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline at Gabd Zero Point on Monday.

two killed, eight injured in Karachi blast KARACHI



T least two people were killed and eight others wounded in a blast that occurred in Landi area of the metropolitan on Monday. According to initial reports, the explosion termed to be of lowintensity, occurred at a cabin near the sports complex in Khurramabad area at Landhi No 2. Later, police and rangers cordoned off the blast site while rescue teams had started shifting the dead to hospitals. At least eight injured people were also taken to different city hospitals. Police said the bomb was planted in a motor bike that was parked near the cabin. One dead man was later identified as the owner of the cabin. The wounded were shifted to different hospitals to receive proper medical treatment. Hospital sources said that at least two people had died whereas eight others were injured in the incident. Nearby shops were also damaged in the explosion. TwO kiLLEd in bAnk

prove the changes.” The commission had previously set March 11 as the deadline for the president to approve the changes sent by the Law Ministry, but extended the deadline until March 12, as the president was out of the country. ECP Additional Secretary Afzal Khan told reporters that the commission would strengthen democratic institutions of the country by taking concrete steps. “The entire country will bear fruits of these steps.” He added that the ECP had all the rights and would strictly follow the given election schedule. Khan also requested the media to refrain from sensationalising news and to send “serious and senior” people to cover elections. “They should take it as a national responsibility.”

RObbERy incidEnT: Two security guards were killed and another injured in Karachi when dacoits opened indiscriminate fire on them during a bank robbery incident. According to rescue sources, the incident took place when dacoits

opened fire on the guards when they unsuccessfully tried to loot a bank cash van in Aligarh market of the city’s Orangi Town. The bodies of the security guards were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. A dacoit was injured in the exchange of fire and was handed

over to the police who later shifted him to a hospital. Later in the evening, the dacoits raided the hospital to free their colleague. During exchange of fire, one police ASI and three constables were injured while the dacoits managed to escape from the scene.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Monday said the Supreme Court’s decision in the rental power plants case to the extent of Raja Pervez Ashraf was final. He was presiding over a threemember SC bench hearing Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf’s letter seeking formation of a judicial commission to investigate the rental power case. The court issued notices to Faisal Saleh Hayat, Khawaja Muhammad Asif and the NAB chairman and sought replies from them. Waseem Sajjad advocate appeared on behalf of Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf. Sajjad told the court that the “PM wants that investigation into rental power case be assigned to a commission”. The CJP remarked the court decision to the extent of Ashraf was final. “If you raise questions over NAB, what would other people do vis-à-vis NAB?”. The CJP said why had the PM “addressed the letter to me. Constitution of commission after court’s decision is tantamount to reviewing the decision. Your review petition has been rejected for withdrawal of the same by you”. Sajjad said the law did not debar the government from constituting commissions. “We want the investigation made with reference to allegations.” The CJP then remarked, “You could file a review petition too. Now the problem is that federal minister and member of assembly has raised the matter, so how can we decide it without issuing notice to him?” Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed observed, “I have been disappointed personally after hearing the decision in the Arsalan Iftikhar case.” Waseem Sajjad said, “We have not expressed lack of trust in NAB, we just want transparent investigations.” The CJP said the lawyer already knew that “former prime minister had to quit his office too. Now the matters have gone to extreme end and nothing can be done without issuing notices to the concerned parties”. The court later issued notices to Faisal Saleh Hayat, Khawaja Asif and the NAB chairman and adjourned hearing of the case until March 18.

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The vandals who targeted Joseph Colony have betrayed Quaid-e-Azam who had promised religious freedom to all in Pakistan. –Jehangir Badar

( Badami Bagh tragedy

despite aid distribution, several victims remain unaccounted for

LAHORE Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

WeAther UpdAteS

300C high 140C




Low WedneSdAy thUrSdAy 27°C I 13°C


FrIdAy 24°CI13°C

PRAYER TIMINgS Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 5:00 6:21 12:14 3:35 6:06 7:27

Badami Bagh arson condemnable, contemptible: Badr LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Secretary General and Leader of House in Senate Jahangir Badar said terrorism perpetrated by miscreants against Christians in Badami Bagh was both condemnable and contemptible because it was an un-Islamic, illegal and immoral. He said these miscreants were a source of shame and a blot on the face of humanity. They have manifested their mental sterility by indulging in an abhorrent activity like this, he added. He said they had also betrayed the founder of the nation Quaide Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who had clearly said there would be religious freedom in Pakistan. He said the president had taken serious notice of the gruesome incident and directed the Punjab governor to submit a report immediately.He said the announcement of Rs 500,000 to each affected family would greatly help in rehabilitation of the victims. He said PPP had always stood by the minorities. He recalled that PPP had played a leading role in the legislative process on awarding representation to minorities in the parliament on the basis of their population. STAFF REPORT

Photo by Murtaza Ali




EvERAL victims of the Badami Bagh incident are still waiting for the promised food and shelter, as the government started distribution of aid to the affected on Monday. Scores of victims gathered at the City District Government of Lahore (CDGL) town hall to collect the financial aid pledged by the government; however they complained that they were still facing poor living conditions. Despite Punjab government’s efforts, victims of Joseph Colony are facing difficulties. The food supply by the government is poor, the management of distribution is unorganised and many people remained without food which caused displays of frustration and anger. Meanwhile 14 suspected rioters were sent to jail on judicial remand to an Antiterrorism court (ATC) on Monday.

Police presented 35 suspects of the Badami Bagh incident before an ATC amid high security. The suspects were presented before ATC No.3 judge Iran Saeed. Officials said out of the 35 accused, 14 were nominated while 21 were unknown. A large number of relatives of the accused also gathered outside the court, alleging that the suspects were arrested by police during overnight raids. A resident of Joseph Colony who had come for aid said, “My name is not listed even though I have lodged several complaints. Everyone sends me to someone else and now the distribution process will be finished and I will be left without any aid”. Another resident said proper distribution of food and shelter was nowhere to be seen. “We have to pass our nights on the roads or footpaths. There are many who are not residents of Joseph Colony and are trying to steal our right. The government should check thoroughly before distribution,” he said. Lahore DCO Noorul Amin Mengal

Basra seeKs shahBaz’s resignation LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Deputy Parliamentary leader in Punjab Assembly Shaukat Mehmud Basra demanded that Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif resign over his failure in preventing the Badami Bagh episode. He said it was not the first time Christians were targeted, adding that similar incidents had occurred in Faisalabad, Sialkot and other parts of the province. In a statement on Monday, he said Sharif was hoodwinking people by forming committees. In fact, he said, the Punjab government sought time to hush up the tragedy in Badami Bagh. “Had the chief minister taken serious notice of the incidents, the Badami Bagh episode would not have occurred,” he said. He said the PPP always took practical steps for protection of minorities and the president had already announced financial assistance for the victims. Basra said torching of houses had earned a bad name for the country. He said, “We should all give due respect to all sects and minorities of Pakistan.” APP

during the distribution of aid said, “We will provide each and every possible facility to the victims and the process of distribution will be safe and sound. We will distinguish between original and fake victims through a survey”. He further said camps for all

Worst example of barbarism: CM LAHORE AgENcIES

Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif declared the Badami Bagh incident as “the worst example of barbarism” and said those involved in the incident shall not be forgiven. A meeting headed by the CM was held at CM House during which the situation in Lahore following the incident was discussed and restoration works were reviewed. The CM said the burning of Christians’ houses was not a service to Pakistan or Islam. He further said the Christians were mistreated and burning their houses in Joseph Colony after the arrest of the suspect was unjustified. The episode had spoiled Pakistan’s image in the international community, he added. Moreover, the CM said those involved in the incident were being apprehended and would be handed exemplary punishments.Sharif also said those affected by the incident would be compensated at all costs. Meanwhile, the CM on Monday asked his party’s lawmakers in the Punjab Assembly to get in touch with

their voters and start preparing for elections to ensure a PML-N victory. He said PML-N would launch more projects like the metro bus service if voted to power after general elections. Talking to assembly members on Monday, he said the metro bus project

was a unique gift for the citizens of Lahore. “This modern means of transport has entirely changed decades-old culture of public transport,” he added. He said he had already directed import of more buses from Turkey in

view of the great number of travellers on metro buses. He said PML-N would contest the upcoming elections on the basis of performance because it had completed a record number of development projects during the last five years.

victims have been set up and construction of houses will be completed within three days. Camp offices of all concerned authorities such as LDA, WASA, and Town Administration have been asked to facilitate victims, he said.

Strategy discussed to avert tragedies in future LAHORE: A meeting was held at Cathedral Church Lahore on Monday to evolve a strategy to avoid incidents similar to the Badami Bagh tragedy in future. The meeting was chaired by Advisor to Prime Minister on National Harmony Dr Paul Bhatti and included Minister of State for National Harmony Akram Masih Gill, Badshahi Mosque Khateeb Maulana Abdul Khabeer Azad, Allama Tahir Ashrafi, Maulana Zubair Ahmad Zaheer, MPA Tahir Naveed Chaudhry, Bishop Alexander John Malik and others. The members of the meeting urged the federal and provincial governments to arrest the accused with the help of TV footage and try them under the anti-terrorism law. A committee comprising Muslim scholars, bishops and Christian scholars was formed which would extend support to the victims and also monitor the situation. The meeting also declared that a person involved in desecrating holy books and prophets does not belong to any religion. Bishop Alexander John Malik said Christians respected the prophets and holy books of other religions like they respected the Holy Bible and Hazrat Isa (AS). Abdul Khabeer Azad said strict action should be taken against the accused. Later, the members of the meeting visited Badami Bagh and offered prayers for the affected people. FRIdAY TO BE OBSERvEd AS dAY OF TOLERANCE: Clerics of various sects decided to observe a day of tolerance on Friday to express solidarity with the Christians of the country. Religious scholar Allama Tahir Ashrafi demanded that those responsible for the Badami Bagh tragedy be dealt with strictly. He demanded those involved be tried under anti-terrorism act. AgENcIES

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Why did the police act as bystanders while the mobs destroyed the homes of the poor in Joseph Colony. –Shafqat Mahmood



LAHORE Tuesday, 12 March, 2013



HE Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) is continuously replacing indigenous plants with ornamental plants of shorter heights which are in no way a replacement for the old trees. The trees along the provincial capital main roads not just for decoration but also serve as public spaces where people walk, shop, meet and participate in activities that make urban living enjoyable. Conventional guidelines for transportation safety regards trees as roadside fixed-objects that constitute driving hazards but urban foresters, designers, and planners encourage tree planting to enhance the livability of urban streets. The idea of planting palm or date trees in the metropolitan is creating unrest for the environment and as well for the citizens of Lahore. Not only do they require a dry climate, sandy soil but also flourish in the desert. Due to elimination of tall trees, the cemented infrastructure in the city

has increased the temperature. The non-humid and super dried environment is making more difficulties for the citizens. The authorities apparently cannot understand why the trees here are so leafy and so rich in shade. The straight forward thing to do of course is to cut whatever trees are left standing. Cutting off trees, improper garbage disposal, bad sewerage system, constructions of roads are the main factors, causing environmental pollution. Multiple development projects, the widening of roads and construction of underpasses are carried out at the cost of trees that results in the concentration of harmful gases in the air. There was a time when Lahore’s main boulevard was being widened, it was said that this was necessary to accommodate the tremendously high rate of vehicles that ply on the boulevard. So the road was widened. Before the boulevard was not widened it had in its middle beautiful shrubs and flowers and after Liberty Chowk, there were lush green verges. Every time along the main boulevard, there was always had a refreshing feel. But then came the urge to widen the boulevard, which was widened of course, but the beautiful flowers and the shrubs were no more there. The lush green verges beyond Liberty had also gone. Instead they started

planting those odd looking date palms surrounded by those ugly concrete structures which started sprouting like mushrooms all along the main boulevard. This same thing is also witnessed along the route of BRTS and other main roads which were constructed in the provincial capital. A medical expert has revealed that 22 per cent citizens are suffering from asthma, a disease caused by pollution. Air pollution has also become a major problem of the provincial capital. There are no controls on vehicular emissions, which account for 90 per cent of pollutants. Survey report claims that the average vehicle emits 25 times as much carbon monoxide, 20 times as many hydrocarbons. Over 20,000 rickshaws roam the streets of Lahore, worsening air pollution levels. Due to elimination of tall trees, the cemented infrastructure in the city has increased the temperature. Rafia Kamal, an environmentalist working on the landscape ecology of Lahore, said rapid and unplanned urbanisation had drastically changed the city’s landscape ecology. New developments and network of roads are a good addition and provide solution for the expanding traffic and population but the removal of so many indigenous trees and plantations can have a negative effect on the environment of the city, she said.

The local vegetation is disappearing rapidly and is being supplanted by exotic ornamental varieties. The non native exotic flora may fulfill the requirements of beauty and aesthetics but they cannot replace the damage done to the environment by the removal of native species, she said. The new ornamental plantation comprising mostly, species of tropical environments like palms cannot diminish the increased levels of air pollution and high intensity temperatures, she said. Rafia said research shows that trees with dense foliage and large surface area are most appropriate for the abatement of air pollution and temperature rise. They minimise the effect by maximum absorption of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, and other pollutants emitted by vehicular emissions like, volatile organic matter (vOCs), Soxes, Noxes (oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen) and O3 (Ozone), she said. “Our indigenous trees have more absorptive capability to reduce the effect of pollution and temperature hikes than the ornamental trees in our present landscapes and road side green areas,” she added. The use of local varieties of trees, shrubs and creepers can lead to a more sustainable environment owing to their lower consumption of water as compared to foreign tropical varieties, she said.

LAHORE Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif preasides over the last cabinet meeting of Punjab governement on Monday at the Chief Minister House. NNI

Punjab govt to restore Sadiqain’s works LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Punjab government accorded approval to the project for restoration of unique murals created by the internationally acclaimed Pakistani artist, the late Sadiqain, which have been displayed on the ceiling of Lahore Museum. The project to safeguard this national heritage from the effects of humidity and weather conditions will be accomplished with the technical assistance of an Indian NGO ‘Intach’ which has expertise in conservation work of this nature. The project will cost around four million rupees. This was disclosed by Senior Advisor to Punjab Chief Minister Senator Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa, on his visit to the Lahore Museum on Monday. He was accompanied by the Begum Zakia Shahnawaz, Punjab Secretary Information and Culture Abdullah Khan Sumbal and Additional Secretary Syed Tahir Raza Bukhari. Museum Director Sumaira Samad gave a briefing to Khosa on the historic significance of the artefacts preserved in the museum. She said 48

panels of Sadiqain’s murals, having a size of 6x8 feet, will be restored under this project. Following his visit to various galleries in the museum, Khosa expressed satisfaction over the conservation steps taken by the management to protect rare artistic work of Quranic calligraphy and those pertaining to the pre and proto historic sites of Pakistan from the stone-age to Gandhara civilization, including sculptures of a fasting Buddha, plaster cast of the lion pertaining to the capital of Asoka at Sarnath and utensils excavated from Harrapa site. Khosa also visited the painting exhibition being held at Lahore Museum in connection with the celebration of International Women’s Day. Classical paintings and miniature work depicting the social status of women in this region of the world during different eras including paintings of late Anna Molka Ahmed, Amrita Sher Gill, Zainul Abideen and Ahmed Chughtai and many other crafts related to the social life of women folk have been displayed in the exhibition, which will continue till March 30.

CIne StAr ph: 35157462

JACk the gIAnt SLAyer A good dAy to dIe hArd SAheb bIWI AUr gAngSter retUrn JACk the gIAnt SLAyer A good dAy to dIe hArd

02:00pM 04:00pM 06:00pM 08:30pM 10:30pM

SoZo WorLd ph: 36674271

JACk the gIAnt SLAyer 05:30pM SAheb bIWI AUr gAngSter retUrn 08:00pM A good dAy to dIe hArd 12:30, 3:00, 10:30pM

SoZo goLd ZILLA ghAZIAbAd 08:00 pM 11:00 pM ph: 111-999-977 MUrder 3 I Me oUr MAIn 02:20, 05:00pM SAheb bIWI AUr gAngSter retUrn 12:00pM pAF ph: 36688880

I Me oUr MAIn FLIght MUrder 3 rACe 2

AUdI-1 SUper CIneMA rACe 2 At royAL pALM MUrder 3 ph: 111-602-602, I Me oUr MAIn 36118679 AUdI-2 SAheb bIWI AUr gAngSter retUrn JACk the gIAnt SLAyer (3d) JACk the gIAnt SLAyer (3d) SAheb bIWI AUr gAngSter retUrn

09:00 AM 05:30 pM 11:30 pM 03:00pM 06:00pM 08:45pM 11:00pM

03:15pM 06:00pM 08:15pM 10:30pM

AUdI-3 I Me AUr MAIn A good dAy to dIe hArd SAheb bIWI AUr gAngSter retUrn A good dAy to dIe hArd A good dAy to dIe hArd

02:45 pM 04:45 pM 06:30pM 09:15pM 11:00pM

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All human beings have equal right to life irrespective of diversities and differences in religious or political beliefs. – UN Resident Coordinator Timo Pakkala

Qaeda claims killing of 48 Syrian soldiers in Iraq BAGHDAD APP

Al Qaeda’s Iraqi front group claimed an attack on a convoy in west Iraq that killed 48 Syrian soldiers and nine Iraqi guards, in a statement posted on jihadist forums on Monday.The soldiers had entered Iraq for medical treatment and were being transported through the western province of Anbar on their way back to Syria when the attack took place on March 4, according to the Iraqi Defence Ministry.


07 N

Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

KurdiSh iraq roCKed By SuiCide BoMBer

Myanmar govt and Kachin rebels renew talks YANGON APP

Myanmar’s government met Kachin rebels for renewed peace talks in China on Monday, an analyst said, as the rivals seek to resolve a festering ethnic conflict that has undermined reforms. Representatives of the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) — and its armed wing the KIA — met government officials led by President’s Office Minister Aung Min in the Chinese border town of Ruili. “I think this meeting may be a little more productive than the previous one (in February) although we cannot expect too much,” said Aung Kyaw Zaw, an analyst with close ties to the KIO who was monitoring the talks in Ruili. “Myanmar troops are not retreating from Kachin State yet,” he said, adding that Chinese officials and members of some of Myanmar’s other ethnic groups were also present for the talks.

KIRKUK: Two policemen and a female bystander were killed when a suicider bomber blew himself up in a car near the Iraqi Kurdish city of Kirkuk on Monday. The attack in dibis northwest of Kirkuk wounded around 100 people, many of them


venezuela’s opposition leader has vowed to fight late Hugo Chavez’s preferred successor for the presidency next month and the pair quickly locked horns in an angry war of words. Henrique Capriles, a 40-yearold state governor, will face election favorite and acting President Nicolas Maduro. The pair were to register their candidacies for the April 14 vote on Monday. The election will decide whether Chavez’s self-styled socialist and nationalist revolution will live on in the country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves. “I am going to fight,” Capriles said at a news conference. “Nicolas, I am not going to give you a free pass. You will have to beat me with votes.”

with Baghdad. The blast on Monday morning targeted the police station but also struck the adjacent girls’ secondary school. Attacks of the same nature have killed 220 people in Iraq in the last month. AGENCIES

S KOREA-US DRILL KICKS OFF AS TENSIONS WITH NORTH ESCALATE South Korean and US troops launched a joint military exercise Monday as North Korea, which has slammed the drill and threatened both countries with nuclear attack, severed its hotline with Seoul. The start of the two-week “Key Resolve” exercise follows a week of escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, with North Korea lashing out over tightened UN sanctions adopted after its third nuclear test last month. Pyongyang has condemned the joint manoeuvres as a provocative invasion rehearsal and announced that — effective Monday — it was scrapping the 1953 armistice ending the Korean War and voiding peace pacts signed with the South. The Rodong Sinmun, the newspaper of the North’s ruling communist party, confirmed in Monday’s edition the “complete end” of the ceasefire which halted the 1950-53 Korean War hostilities. “With the ceasefire agreement blown apart ... no one can predict what will happen in this land from now on,” the newspaper said. As the war concluded with a military armistice rather than a peace treaty, the two Koreas remain technically at war.

European satellite recorded Japan tsunami quake WASHINGTON


Venezuela’s Capriles joins race, tussles with Chavez heir

schoolchildren, a local official said. Iraqi Kurdistan has been hit by a number of attacks in recent months as the security situation across the country deteriorates and the regional government continues to dispute oil contracts

north Korea cuts off hotline with south Korea SEOUL: North Korea has cut off a Red Cross hotline with South Korea as it escalates its war of words against Seoul and Washington in response to a military drill in the South and U.N. sanctions imposed for its recent nuclear test. The North had threatened to cut off the hotline on March 11 if the United States and South Korea did not abandon their joint military exercise. The Red Cross hotline is used to communicate between Seoul and Pyongyang which do not have diplomatic relations. “We called at 9 a.m. and there was no response,” a government official from South Korea said. The line is tested each day. Pyongyang has also threatened to cut off a hotline with UN forces in South Korea, at the border “truce village” of Pammunjom. Tensions on the Korean peninsula have risen since the North conducted a third nuclear test on

February 12, prompting new U.N. sanctions. South Korea and US forces are conducting large-scale military drills until the end of April, while the North is also gearing up for a massive state-wide military exercise. North Korea has accused the United States of using the military drills in South Korea as a launch pad for a nuclear war and has threatened to scrap the armistice with Washington that ended hostilities in the 1950-53 Korean War. The North has threatened a nuclear strike on the United States, but such a threat has been dismissed as rhetoric by analysts, as the North does not have the military capacity to reach the United States. The North is viewed as more likely to stage some kind of attack along a disputed sea border, if it does anything at all, rather than risk a war with South Korea and the United States, which it would lose, according to most military assessments. ONLINE


A European Space Agency satellite circling Earth was able to detect the massive 2011 earthquake that ravaged Japan, killing nearly 16,000 people and causing massive destruction, a new study said Sunday. “The atmospheric infrasounds following the great Tohoku earthquake ... induced variations of air density and vertical acceleration of the GOCE platform,” said a report published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. The Gravity Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) is the European Space Agency super-sensitive satellite that acts like an orbital seismologist. Scientists argue that earthquakes not only create seismic waves that travel through Earth’s interior, but large tremors also cause the surface of the planet to vibrate like a drum. This produces sound waves that travel upwards through the atmosphere. GOCE is designed to capture and register these signals. According to the report, the magnitude 9.0 tremor on March 11, 2011 sent shock waves through the atmosphere that was picked up by the satellite. “These signals were detected at two positions along the GOCE orbit corresponding to a crossing and a doubling of the infrasonic wavefront created by seismic surface waves,” the study said.

Karzai inSiStS BagraM handover will happen thiS weeK KABUL NNI

President Hamid Karzai has said the full transfer of Bagram prison from the US to Afghan authority would be completed this week after the two countries failed again to meet the latest deadline set for March 9. Karzai’s office released a statement after the president met with the top US commander in Afghanistan Gen Joseph Dunford, saying that the handover would definitely happen this week. “President Hamid Karzai and NATO/ISAF Commander Gen Dunford agreed that the full transfer of Bagram

prison, initially set for Saturday, March 9 will now take place during this week, allowing time for some of the remaining technical details concerning the handover to be resolved,” the statement said. It is understood that the latest stumbling block to the handover was Karzai objecting to the US still controlling aspects of prisoner releases. Some political leaders have welcomed the US reluctance to give full authority to Afghan government in light of Karzai’s partiality to releasing Taliban. “One of Karzai’s goals is to have no Taliban in prisons and have them released,” Fazlurrahman Oria, National

Coalition party member said. Hamidullah Farouqi, member of the Right and Justice party, said there are fears that such prisoner release plans would be swayed by personal interests. “We should have doubts that these reactions [of releasing prisoners] are based on personal tastes and seeking political interests. Unfortunately, such reactions would be very dangerous,” he said. Gen Dunford has agreed to work with the Afghan government on the final details including the legal aspects required for the complete handover to take place this current week, Karzai’s office said. These details are believed to include the matter of prisoner release and detain-

ment of foreign prisoners captured in Afghan-coalition operations. The initial Bagram transfer agreement was signed one year ago and had a September 2012 deadline. Karzai has repeatedly decried the US reluctance as an affront to Afghanistan’s sovereignty. He stressed this point again in Sunday’s statement, saying that all efforts must be made to make sure the handover happened this week so that Afghanistan’s sovereignty could come into full exercise. Karzai had announced in a speech to parliament last Wednesday that the full handover would happen Saturday, but on Saturday it was delayed over the disagreements.

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08 N

Amendment on nomination papers prerogative of president’s approval. — Farooq Naek

NEWS Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

SC for action against officials who helped Sadiq flee



iSLAMAbAd: The Supreme Court (SC) resumed hearing into the OGRA embezzlement case on Monday. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Middle East DG Nasarullah presented a report of the case in the court. He told the court that efforts regarding bringing back former OGRA chief Tauqeer Sadiq to the country had been made, adding that the case should be taken up at the Foreign Office level. To which Justice Jawad S Khwaja asked him that the FO had not mentioned this in its report, ordering that the step should be taken at the state level and report be submitted to the court within 10 days. NAB investigation officer Waqas told the court that the co-accused and Sadiq’s front man, Salim Shahzad was acquitted in the case on a surety bond. He said of the 36 witnesses in the case, six applied for protection. The case was referred to the NAB DG but he has not taken any action on it so far. The court also demanded the name of witnesses who requested for protection and directed the NAB DG to appear before the court personally on the next date of proceedings. Justice Khawaja said the report of the Foreign Ministry indicated that Pakistan’s ambassador to the UAE was helping Sadiq. Late, the court adjourned the hearing until March 25. ONLINE


HE Supreme Court (SC) on Monday rejected the petition praying for granting exemption to Husain Huqqani, former Pakistan ambassador to US, from appearing in court. However, the court allowed him three weeks to appear, or face punitive action in the form of cancellation of his Pakistani passport. An apex court bench headed by Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the controversial case. During the hearing, the CJ remarked

that Haqqani had promised the court he would return within four weeks. “Husain Haqqani should respect his testimony before the court,” the CJ said. The bench said there was democracy in the country and steps had been taken by the government to provide security to the former ambassador, which were appreciable. The court said it had several options, including cancellation of Haqqani’s passport, if he did not return. Moreover, the bench also ordered to send a copy of the court’s order to the country’s embassy in US. Earlier, Huqqani’s lawyer Asma Jahangir submitted a petition praying for the grant of exemption to her client citing security concerns, which the court rejected. Jahangir informed the court that her client was unwilling to return to Pakistan

and did not trust the security assurances given by the government. Following the court’s probing, Attorney General Irfan Qadir informed the bench on details of safety measures to be adopted for

Haqqani’s security. Qadir said foolproof security would be provided to Haqqani during his stay in Pakistan. On February 12, during the last hearing, the SC had directed Secretary Khawaja Siddiq Akbar to provide foolproof security to Haqqani. The case was brought to light by Mansoor Ijaz, a US citizen of Pakistani origin, when he accused Haqqani of writing a memo to Admiral Mike Mullen seeking the country’s help against a possible military coup in Pakistan.

delhi rape accused driver hangs himself NEW DELHI ONLINE

LAHORE: A man displaying his skills during Sharqpur Sharif Jamaat Festival on Monday. ONLINE

The driver of the bus in which a young Indian woman was gang-raped and fatally injured three months ago hanged himself in New Delhi’s Tihar jail on Monday, police said. Ram Singh was the main accused of five men and a juvenile put on trial for the attack on the 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist in the Indian capital. The assault triggered nationwide protests and an intense debate about rampant crime against women in India. A senior police official said Singh had committed suicide in his cell early on Monday. “It is true, he’s dead,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The CNN-IBN news channel said Singh hanged himself with his own clothes. Tihar jail is India’s highest security prison and officials there are likely to face tough questions about how such an incident could have occurred.

Pakistan’s army of Jhangvi NEWS DESK The murder of Dr Syed Ali Haider, a fortysix-year-old eye surgeon in Lahore and his eleven-year-old son Mustafa Haider have left Lahore, the cultural hub of Pakistan, stunned, according to a report by the New Yorker. Dr Haider and his son were killed for being Shias, a minority Muslim sect and otherwise had no enmity. Dr Haider came from a much-regarded Lahore family; his relatives were renowned doctors and members of the judiciary. Nobody claimed responsibility for his killing, but everyone in Lahore suspected the Sunni extremist militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which has been involved in numerous attacks on Pakistan’s Shia minority. A sense of hopelessness is engulfing the Shias in Pakistan. Though Lahore has remained relatively calm, the graffiti in Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi foretells murder. While models in latest attires advertise designer apparel on billboards, letters “SSP” remain painted on walls in red — standing for Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan – the army of Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) – the mothership of sectarian militancy in Pakistan. The sectarian battles in Pakistan have

gained force with a broader radicalisation of society. The country’s Shias and Sunnis lived together peacefully until the 1970s. The worsening of relations began during the dictatorship of General Ziaul Haq, who ruled Pakistan between 1979 and 1987. After the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, Sunni-led governments like Saudi Arabia feared that

Ayatollah Khomeini would export Shia ideas and influence. Saudis gave financial support to Zia, who patronised radical Wahhabi-like Sunni clerics in Pakistan. A wave of new seminaries opened, some no more than storefronts, from which clerics issued fatwas and declared Shias heretics and apostates. As Pakistan got involved in the Soviet war in Afghanistan

(which is also mostly Sunni), the power of religious extremists grew. Many of the Taliban came from the seminaries that Zia had helped build. In 1985, in Jhang — a town in Punjab— a group of Sunni extremist clerics led by Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi formed the SSP. It positioned itself as a political party, with the aim of declaring Pakistan a Sunni state, and even won some seats in the National Assembly. In 1996, a breakaway faction that felt the organization wasn’t violent enough formed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi —the army of Jhangvi. After 9/11, General Pervez Musharraf banned both Sunni and Shia sectarian militant groups, but it did little to ebb the violence against Shias. The legal system remains notably weak when it comes to investigations and prosecutions of sectarian violence. In the early 2000s, LJ often targeted Shia professionals. During Musharraf’s first term in office, from 1999-2003, around six hundred Shias were killed in sectarian violence. In 2003, The Friday Times weekly newspaper reported that around five hundred Shia doctors had fled Pakistan in the space of a few years, after more than fifty of their colleagues were as-

sassinated in Karachi. By 2009, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, or Pakistani Taliban, a coalition of militants operating out of the Tribal Areas of Pakistan, was carrying out lethal bombings throughout Pakistan; several former Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leaders had assumed important positions within its ranks. And sectarian violence has intensified. “The attacks on the Shia community increased radically in the past year. As the national elections are a few months away, the militants sense a lack of political will within the political parties to go after them,” a Lahore-based newspaper editor said. In the summer of 2011, LJ sent an open letter to the Shia community in Quetta. The letter, written in Urdu and signed by the commander of Jhangvi, read: All Shias are worthy of killing. We will rid Pakistan of [this] unclean people. Pakistan means land of the pure, and the Shias have no right to be here…We will make Pakistan their graveyard — their houses will be destroyed by bombs and suicide bombers. “I can’t see a future for myself in such circumstances. I have a computer-sciences degree and want to work, but I am scared to even move beyond the street where the Shia neighborhoods end in Quetta,” a Shia student said.

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JI to make seat adjustments with PTI, PML-N. — Munawar Hasan


09 N

Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

punjab govt reluctant to go after lj


Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Monday said the Punjab government was not taking any action against Lashkar-e-Jhangvi despite being provided a list of terrorists. “If the Punjab government had launched a crackdown on banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LJ), the scourge of terrorism could have been eliminated,” Malik said while talking to reporters after holding a meeting with Australian Prime Minister’s Special Envoy Air Chief Marshal (r) Angus Houston. Malik said the Badami Bagh tragedy was an example of worst kind of governance and banned militant outfits did not want general elections in the country. He said federal authorities would act if the Punjab government did not crack down on the banned LJ, which was responsible for terrorism acts in various parts of the country. “I had written to them to take action. If they do not move, I would respond. The LJ has its headquarters in Punjab and the provincial government should have acted against it,” Malik said. The interior minister asked why did the Punjab government not close down offices of LJ in the province. “The passage of the 18th Amendment has passed on the responsibility to tackle terrorism to the provinces,” he said. To a question, he said the Taliban had become weak and were talking about dialogue, however, enemies were still working to destabilise the country but their nefarious designs would be foiled by forging unity. “We don’t want to see suicide vests in the hands of our future generations,” Malik said. He claimed that the backbone of proscribed Tehreek-eTaliban Pakistan (TTP) had been broken and LJ was behind terrorist acts being perpetrated in Pakistan. To another question, he said Pakistan had always supported Afghanistan and it should have realised that it was Pakistan that had been looking after hundreds of thousands of refugees for years. The interior minister said the Afghan government should cooperate with Pakistan and should not let anyone to use Afghan soil against Pakistan. Regarding his meeting with Angus Houston, he said matters relating to immigration came under discussion. Malik said Australia and Pakistan enjoyed good relations and had remarkable cooperation in various areas. Air Chief Marshal (r) Houston recalled the close relationship and the importance attached to relations with Australia.

PESHAWAR: Christians hold a protest demonstration against Saturday’s ransacking in Lahore’s Badami Bagh area. INP



IvING a “broad overview” of its five-year performance regarding maintaining peace in Karachi, the Sindh government on Monday put the onus of the worst-ever law and order in Karachi on the US-led war against terrorism. “The geneses of this issue is complicated but what is now understood by many is that it is not an ordinary law and order,” Leader of the House Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah told Monday’s sitting of the provincial legislature which met with Speaker Nisar Khuhro in the chair. Claiming credit on his government’s successful efforts for poverty reduction, job creation, economic growth and human development, Shah said the security situation in Karachi remained fragile causing pain and misery to thousands of families. “It will not be incorrect to say that it is

an off-shoot of the larger conflict that this country is fighting,” he said, adding “This even the military establishment had acknowledged in its recently–issued policy statement.” “There is a bigger war within the country that requires dedicated attention,” the chief minister quoted the establishment as saying. Shah said given these complexities, multifaceted efforts aiming at containing damages and deescalating conflict were underway. Claiming to have reacted swiftly to the “ghastly” Abbas Town incident, the chief minister said his government had been able to resolve issues through engaging multiple political stakeholders in the city. Shah said to improve the law and order during the last five years, the provincial government had increased the annual budget to Rs 32 billion in 2013 from Rs 9 billion in 2008. The PPP stalwart left many scratching their heads by comparing 4,000 killings in Karachi with 19,000 in Lahore where, he claimed, the law and order was even worse. He said in the last five years the law enforcers had arrested over 480 targeted killers and had detected 720 others. The police had registered 505 cases of extortion, arresting 365 accused, in the last two years. Shah said the Sindh Police had netted many terrorist networks, killing 37 terrorists belonging to banned outfits, arresting 410 others along with large caches of arms

and ammunition. Having inducted 10,300 under training police constables in police force, the chief minister lamented the Election Commission of Pakistan’s bar on further hiring of 8,400 additional policemen “badly needed for beefing up security in Karachi”. Underlining his government’s “towering” achievements such as the 18th Amendment, the 7th NFC Award, the Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan, creating 165,000 jobs, Thar coal project, regularisation of goths, legislation on women empowerment and other projected related to human and infrastructure development, Shah said his government, however, recognised that these were not enough. The chief minister said the companies working on wind and coal had the capacity to enhance power generation to 10,000MW by 2020. “These firms had committed to investing around $20 billion in the energy-related projects in the province,” he said. “There are many who have tried to undermine the strategic significance of the PPP’s reconciliation philosophy and strategy. Let me say this boldly that the political system in Pakistan can now only move forward through reconciliation and the policy of live and let live,” the chief minister told the lawmakers amid ear-splitting noise of desk-thumping. The 168-member House could not undertake any legislation on the day and was adjourned until Wednesday. Shah’s speech was followed by a “crit-

The PPP stalwart left many scratching their heads by comparing 4,000 killings in Karachi with 19,000 in Lahore where, he claimed, the law and order was even worse

ical analysis” by Leader of Opposition Sardar Ahmed of the MQM, who highlighted various shortcomings in the government’s policies and its implementation on ground. However, the leader of the House almost embarrassed the MQM senior lawmaker by saying that his party had just parted ways with the government and should, therefore, take equal responsibility for whatever wrong had been committed. The House adopted a resolution moved by PPP’s minority lawmaker Slaeem Khursheed Khokhar, to condemn attack on a Christian locality in Badami Bagh in Lahore.

The forgotten lives of IDPs PESHAWAR PPI

Residents escaping the latest round of fighting in Khyber Agency in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) say they did not even have time to bury their dead before leaving their homes in the Tirah valley. They are the latest of hundreds of thousands of people who have fled their homes in the tribal belt close to Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan over the last five years of Pakistani military operations. According to a report by Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN) of United Nations, conflict is not the only cause of displacement; natural disasters have also played a role, creating what humanitarians call a

“complex emergency”. However, despite the existence of camps set up for internally displaced persons (IDPs) where the government and humanitarian organisations provide assistance, most choose to flee elsewhere, creating a challenge for those wanting to help these vulnerable communities. Over 75,000 people live in three established IDP camps (such as Jalozai, a half hour drive from Peshawar) which houses families in tents or makeshift structures, and provide food aid, medical facilities and drinking water. They also serve as a central registration point for families arriving from areas hit by conflict or natural disaster. Large though these camps are, they only account for 10 percent of the three-quarters of a million IDPs, according to the UN’s Office

for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Humanitarian agencies are increasingly being pushed to take care of those who prefer to live elsewhere; often in Peshawar and elsewhere in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. NGOs and the UN working in Pakistan carry out so-called IDP vulnerability assessment and profiling (IvAP) surveys to gather information on where off-camp IDPs are, and the type of support they need, from shelter and food to healthcare and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) assistance. They also gather information about what IDPs say they will need on returning to their homes, generally in FATA - with housing, security and agriculture of particular concern to families. IvAP findings are then passed to human-

itarian partners in an effort to ensure that assistance is targeted where there is the greatest need. The European Commission-funded IvAP project recommends that aid agencies prioritize assistance for off-camp families, 82 percent of whom have to pay rent and live in difficult, cramped conditions. Providing humanitarian services outside of the camp environment can be challenging. IDPs have direct access to facilities at camps, but tribal customs, perceptions of camp life and a preference to stay with relatives and friends, mean a large number of IDPs choose to live outside the camps, making it more difficult for the authorities and humanitarian organizations to keep track of them and offer assistance. “Those providing aid, and the IDPs re-

ceiving it, would be better served if distribution was decentralised,” said Sobat Khan Afridi, chairman of the Tehreek-e-Mutasireen Khyber Agency, an NGO set up by different political parties to assist IDPs. “It is easier for larger organisations, especially international NGOs, to operate from the camp as it is easier to manage for them. The problem is that it is still difficult for all the families not living at the camp to reach Jalozai and get aid,” said Afridi. Efforts are made to keep in touch with families who choose to live among relatives or rent property. The government uses mobile phone numbers to register families living off-camp, and officials try to reach families that are not registered in this way during monthly food distributions at designated points, he added.

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COMMENT Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

national needs have priority The US needs to understand that


HETHER it pleases Washington or not, the decision to import gas from Iran is strictly in accordance with Pakistan’ national needs. The sooner the US realises the fact the better for US Pakistan relations. In case Washington persists in imposing sanctions on Pakistan as it did in the past, it would be only cutting its nose to spite its face. The sanctions didn’t work in the past, there is little possibility of them working now. Only military rulers like Ayub, Zia and Musharraf who depended on the US support can go to any extent to please their foreign masters. Cognizant of the needs of the country and knowing the public sentiment, no elected government can roll back the gas pipeline project. Washington needs to realise that dictation will not serve any purpose in a world where American clout is gradually on the decrease. It has already failed in Afghanistan and Iran. Driven by hubris President George W Bush invaded Afghanistan, without giving diplomacy a chance. He thought that the gigantic military power at his disposal would enable him to enforce his will on the country. While Bush failed, Obama learnt little from his predecessor’s experience. After agreeing to release the Taliban prisoners in exchange for talks that could have led to a peaceful solution, Obama was swayed by the hawkish element in military and intelligence agencies. He went instead for the surge which caused enough bloodshed without achieving the visualised goal. Now Obama is washing his hands off what he called the ‘war of choice’ without defeating the Taliban or reaching a negotiated settlement. Obama’s Iran policy turned out to be equally futile because this too depended on pressure rather than diplomacy. Engagement, as pointed out by vali Nasr, was no more than a cover for a coercive campaign of sabotage, economic pressure and cyberwarfare. The US is once again leaving Afghanistan more insecure than it was on its arrival. Instead of being led by a visionless Obama administration, Pakistan needs to confer with China, Iran, Russia and India to formulate a joint approach to bring peace and stability in the war torn country. What needs to be realised is that any attempt by a country to use Afghanistan against another would be disastrous for the region. A combined effort has to be made to neutralise terrorists of all hues and colours. A secure and peaceful Afghanistan holds prospects of prosperity for all. A civil war in the country will only help the forces that want to destabilise the region. The continuation of hostilities will force the affected population to take refuge in neighbouring states in millions. While Pakistan and Iran will have to bear the major brunt, no country will be safe from terrorist attacks.

who is responsible? The Muslim-minorities rift


RONIC that a country a quarter of whose flag represents minorities allows them to be persecuted one way or another. The 10 March incident in Lahore is not a bolt out of the blue but a continuation of oppression and violence against minorities in the Islamic Republic. Ahmadis were the target of choice almost four decades ago, then came the Shias’ turn, followed by Hindus and now the Christians. It seems the country that was going to be a laboratory to test Islamic way of life has failed to achieve its basic objective. As the protests continue across the country against a mob attack on the Joseph Colony in Lahore, questions are being raised, and rightly so, on the performance of the government and its law enforcement agencies. The Punjab administration, as it admitted, had information beforehand on what was going to transpire on that night, but instead of taking measures to protect the life and property, a duty it is bound to fulfil under the constitution, of the residents, it opted for an easy solution: it issued orders to evacuate the area and then looked the other way when the extremists went on a rampage and pilfered the area, taking with them what few valuables the residents had in their homes. That it happened right under the nose of the Punjab Police speaks volumes about the Punjab government’s priorities. Adding salt to the injury was the fact that the FIR of the incident was registered late. That the Punjab CM did not listen to affectees’ pleas when he visited the area does not help improve the government’s image. Chief Justice of Pakistan, in a suo motu notice of the incident, was also of the opinion that the government failed in performing its duties while pointing out that the police had submitted an incomplete report to the court, which raises questions on Punjab Police’s credibility, competence and whether it was in cahoots with the criminals, as alleged by human rights organisations. The Christian community staged protests over the issue, and shut down one of country’s highly valued school systems run by the community. Some have said that Punjab government’s close links with extremist parties have allowed such transgressions happen in the first place. Had the perpetrator of Gojra incident of 2009 against the Christians been caught and convicted, it might have given a message that the government was as serious in protecting its minorities as it was in protecting its majority. Promises that would lead to nowhere is not what they need right now; the government needs to take proactive measures to restore the confidence of all minorities, and make sure that they are given the same rights and protection that is afforded to everyone else.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

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how india gobbled Kashmir Nehru and his machinations to keep the valley



N American Professor Christine Fair in the School of Foreign Service at the Georgetown University has recently co-authored an article entitled, “A new approach for Kashmir” in the ‘National Interest’ magazine with an Indian Professor Sumit Ganguly based at Indiana University, Bloomington, arguing that US should recognise the Line of Control (LoC) dividing the disputed territory of the state of Jammu and Kashmir between India and Pakistan as an “international border” so as to transform the bilateral nature of this dispute into a domestic Indian problem. Unfortunately, they have arrived at this “new solution” by an explanation of history which distorts the origins of this conflict. Their first distortion of facts is that after partition of the subcontinent in 1947, Kashmir abutted both Pakistan and India. This statement is historically incorrect because without the award of the Muslim majority district of Gurdaspur to India, India could not have any direct link with Kashmir and hence no claim over it. So, conspiracy was hatched by Nehru, who exploited his “intimate relationship” with vicereine Edwina Mountbatten to prevail upon viceroy Mountbatten to secure Kashmir for India when the boundary lines were being drawn by Cyril Radcliffe, the Chairman of the Boundary Commissions in early August 1947. Now, we do know that every flight of Air India to London literally carried a ‘love letter’ from Nehru to Edwina but what we don’t know is that how many of them contained gratitude for the ‘gift’ of Kashmir as all of Edwina’s personal documents have not been made public for historical research as yet. All this may have remained a ‘conspiracy theory’ or mere ‘Pakistani conjecturing’, had Radcliffe’s secretary, Christopher Beaumont, not spilled the beans in a startling statement in London in 1992 revealing the fact that under Mountbatten’s pressure Radcliffe did alter the boundary lines which included the award of the Muslim-majority district of Gurdaspur to India in order to provide her a direct land access to Kashmir. If one digs deeper, one comes across historical evidence in the form of a note written for viceroy Mountbatten by his Indian Constitutional Advisor v P Menon on 17 July, 1947, about three weeks before partition, which is included in vol XII of ‘The Transfer of Power’ series of documents, maliciously stating, “It

Editor’s mail

(Kashmir) does not lie in the bosom of Pakistan and it can claim an exit to India, especially if a portion of Gurdaspur district goes to (the Indian) East Punjab”. There you go. Kashmir did not abut India. Either the learned professors are ignorant of geography or have deliberately ignored this fact. This duo of Indo-American professors then blames the tribesmen from north-western Pakistan for starting the militarisation of the Kashmir conflict stating that after the Maharaja of Kashmir had refused to accede to either Pakistan or India, the “Pakistani forces taking advantage of a tribal rebellion invaded the state”. What a fantastic fabrication of facts! To avoid a historical understanding of events as they actually unfolded, the authors have deliberately avoided the chronology of events as these happened i.e., who did what and when. The Indian propaganda blaming the tribesmen from Pakistan for ‘invading’ Kashmir and thus starting the first Indo-Pak war in 1947 fooled the world for many years but truth never retires. Nehru’s tall claim that the Indian forces were airlifted to Kashmir on 27 October, 1947, after the tribal invasion was a blatant lie. Now, we know through two historical sources namely ‘Crisis in Kashmir’ by Alastair Lamb and ‘Heir Apparent’ by Karan Singh, the son of the last Maharaja of Kashmir that Nehru’s government under ‘Operation Rescue’ had dispatched four commando platoons of Indian army’s 50th Parachute Brigade and batteries of Patiala artillery camouflaged in civvies to Kashmir on 17 October, 1947, well before the tribal invasion. Thus, it was the ‘great’ Nehru who first sent armed forces into Kashmir even before the Maharaja was coerced to sign the accession. This vindicates Jinnah’s claim that the Indian accession of Kashmir was not bonafide as it rested on ‘fraud and violence’, and hence would never be accepted by Pakistan. At least, one doesn’t expect academicians to parrot the propagandist stance of the Indian governments. Ms Fair and Mr Ganguly then make another outlandish claim by arguing that due to military incursion from Pakistan, the Kashmiri “Maharaja Hari Singh, now in a panic, sought India’s military assistance. India agreed to come to Kashmir’s defence only after he agreed to accede”. This is plain twisting of facts. The Indian version of Maharaja’s accession to India is that he wrote a letter on 26 October, 1947, to the first Indian Governor General Mountbatten seeking military help and in return agreed to sign the Instrument of Accession of Kashmir to India on the same date, thus India was justified in airlifting troops to Kashmir on the next day. Multiple historical sources prove this Indian claim to be untrue. For example, the British historian, Professor Lamb argues that the date of accession given by India is false because on 26 October, there was no contact between the Maharaja and the Indian government as he was travelling from Srinagar to Jammu for his safety. After analysing the archival material, the memoirs of the then Kashmiri Prime Minister Mehr Chand Mahajan and the correspondence of Jawaharlal Nehru, Professor Lamb has exposed the contradiction in the Indian claim by stating that on one hand v P Menon stated that he and Maha-

jan went to Jammu in the afternoon of the 26th October to obtain Maharaja’s signed Instrument of Accession whereas Mahajan has related that he and Menon flew to Jammu on 27th and not 26th October to obtain Maharaja’s signature. Even Sheikh Abdullah, who was staying at Nehru’s residence at that time, has admitted in his autobiography that the Maharaja had not signed the accession document on October 26. The more one reads, the more one finds Nehru acting as the villain in the Kashmir tragedy. Kashmir being his ancestral home, he was quite sentimental in retaining it by hook or crook in independent India. The intensity of obsession can be imagined from a confidential remark he made to a British officer: “In the same way as Calais was written on Mary’s heart. Kashmir is written on mine.” What he felt privately, he could not express it publicly. The Indian soldiers could not be told to shed blood just because their premier was romancing with Kashmir. Instead, he preferred the garb of nationalism to justify the blatant Indian aggression in 1947. Mark his words to the warring soldiers in Srinagar: “The Kashmir operation is a fight for the freedom of India.” The evidence of his desperation to capture Kashmir at all cost is actually strewn all over the pages of history provided one doesn’t shut eyes to the facts. As the first prime minister and despite being a barrister, quite well-versed in law, he was ready to dump all legalities and diplomatic niceties when the issue was Kashmir. Just imagine his fixation. About a month after partition and exactly a month before India sent her army to occupy Kashmir, he shot an anxious letter to his Home Minister Sardar Patel on September 27, 1947, stating that “Things must be done in a way so as to bring about the accession of Kashmir to the Indian Union as rapidly as possible with the cooperation of Sheikh Abdullah.” So, much before the tribal invasion, Nehru had plans to gobble Kashmir. Now we know that deep down in his heart only he knew perfectly well that he would not hold any plebiscite while he made a pledge to the contrary before the world community. It was this passion for Kashmir that didn’t allow any rational thinking on his part. This unreasonable attitude was noted by several leaders who tried to talk sense to him. For example, US President Truman termed Nehru’s stance on Kashmir “silly” and “disagreeable” whereas President J F Kennedy found his sense of superiority “offensive”. Kennedy’s ambassador to India John Kenneth Galbraith lamented that he “had no luck” in convincing Nehru to hold the promised plebiscite. How weak was India’s stance from the very beginning can be understood from the advice given by their first High Commissioner to Pakistan, Sri Prakasha to Lord Mountbatten that “for the sake of peace all around”, the “wisest thing” India could do was to hand over Kashmir to Pakistan—an advice flatly rejected by Premier Nehru and never heeded by subsequent Indian prime ministers. The writer is an academic and journalist. He can be reached at

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journey to ajmer Sharif Reference your editorial "The rebuff in India", had Raja Pervaiz served the electorate, protected their lives and provided sufficient energy to keep wheels of our industry rotating, the masses would themselves have prayed for divine help in ensuring victory of his political party in forthcoming elections. He should have ensured that houses, mosques, churches, schools and hospitals in Pakistan were lit all day long, instead of burning candles on graves of saints. When people die in operation theatres because of no electricity, those in power must fear the wrath of Almighty. There is absolutely no justification for undertaking this spiritual journey to Ajmer Sharif on poor tax-payers’ money, as has become a habit in this country for rulers to go on free junkets and pilgrimages with their families. Such spiritual journeys are to be performed on hard earned legitimate self-earnings, not on

taxes collected to better the lives of the deprived. God helps those who help themselves and in the case of rulers, divine blessings are theirs if they serve their people judiciously and honestly, take care of the poor and deprived, not allow anybody to pilfer tax-payers’ money, and honestly do all in their capacity as per oath they take on assuming a constitutional office. In any case, God bestows his mercy and blessings only on those who have served humanity, delivered on their promises and seek forgiveness from the depths of their hearts, and never to those who having robbed the poor, offer expensive chaddars on graves of holy saints. The prayers of poor are more likely to be answered, especially if they have been wronged and ignored. Khawaja Ajmer Sharif was a man who devoted all his life in the service of God and humanity, a saint known for his compassion for the poor and downtrodden and a man who detested dishonesty and injustices. MALIK TARIQ ALI Lahore

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Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

decadence of the society Is there a chance for a tolerant and prosperous Pakistan?


doomed to repeat the mistakes The choice is between BJP and Congress when we need a third option

Border crossing



am apprehending a situation where I might have no option except to vote for either Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi or Congress vice-President Rahul Gandhi. Both have thrown their hats in the ring. True, neither the BJP has announced Modi officially as its candidate for prime ministership in the 2014 parliament elections, nor has the Congress nominated Rahul for the position. Yet, it is clear who the two parties have in mind. My predicament is that I do not consider either of them the prime ministerial timber. They may be suitable for the offices they occupy, but do not deserve to be elevated. However, both have made their presentation speeches as Modi did at New Delhi this week and Rahul before the Congress conclave at Jaipur. The two are not similar in any way. Yet both left none in doubt about what they seek when they exhorted the people to prepare themselves for the new India which the two foresaw as a fresh, dynamic country that would take them over the green mountains into a sunny valley. The comparison ends here. They are so different and so distant from each other that they do not come anywhere in either character or comportment. Modi hides his anti-minority stance behind the flourish for development. He is still involved in some court cases arising out of the ethnic cleansing carried out in Gujarat in 2002 and may find him involved in the days to come. Therefore, it would be unfair to regard him as the right person for the highest executive position. Rahul is a babe in the woods, lionised by the Congress which his mother, Sonia Gandhi, heads. He is found out of depth whenever he is asked questions on serious matters. He was not interested in the budget speech and left in the middle even though he was late to arrive. His knowledge about policies is rudimentary and reactions off the mark. For example, on the liberation of Bangladesh Rahul said that whenever his dynasty decided to

do something, it had come out with flying colours. He should have realised that East Pakistan was liberated by the Bangladeshis themselves. India did help, but its role was secondary. Leave Rahul and Modi apart, the ominous part of the forthcoming elections is that they would be probably the dirtiest, divisive and most violent polls ever held in India. The nation would be arrayed on the lines of religion and caste. A country which is already ill at ease because of never-ending corrupt cases and scams might have to go through a phase where no method would be considered mean enough by the contestants to win votes. The BJP seems to have concluded that the country has already veered towards Hindutva. Otherwise, BJP President Raj Nath Singh would not have gone to attend a meeting at Haridwar during the Kumb Mela where the Sangh parivar and the extremist sadhus chalked out the strategy to revive the demand for building Ram temple, the symbol of Hindutva. Understandably, the conclave of Sangh parivar does not bother about the cases pending against the BJP leaders for demolition of the Babri masjid. The Congress-led government does not want to accelerate the pace of

of ‘India Shining’ was sure to return it to power. In fact, the adoption of Hindutva by the BJP may help the Congress since a Hindu does not feel insecure about his religion in India. Had it been so, he would have founded the Hindu Rashtra long ago because 80 percent of the country’s population is Hindu. It is clear from the current political situation that no party is in a position to get a majority— the minimum requisite figure of 273 in the Lok Sabha which has the strength of 543 members. If Modi is adopted by the BJP, he may scare away its allies without which the party cannot form the government. Janata Dal (United), one important ally of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), has already announced that it would not accept Modi as the prime ministerial candidate. Under the circumstances, it is difficult to believe that the BJP, which is keen to come back to power, will still go ahead and nominate him. Yet I wonder why it is incumbent on us to confine our choice to the BJP and the Congress. Both have been tested, tried and found to be hopelessly wanting. In the first, the saffron considerations have crept at every level. In the second,

disposal of such cases. It looks as if the party wants to ride two horses at the same time. It does not want to follow a clear-cut policy on secularism, fearing that if it were to do so, it would alienate the wavering Hindus. On the other hand, the party is certain that the liberals would have no option except to vote for it if and when Modi becomes the BJP’s candidate. The Congress, particularly the BJP, is not assessing the country’s mood correctly. An average person, or the aam admi, is secular in temperament and does not want to join issue with the fanatics when he labours under the impression that he can defeat them at the polls. It happened that way in 2004 when the BJP thought that its slogan

corruption has come to dominate every segment of government’s activity. Also, there is not much of secular foundation left on which the party’s edifice rested once. Maybe, either the non-Congress or the nonBJP combination would emerge to provide an alternative to the country. Whether there is a formal constitution of a third front or not is not yet clear. But the general perception is that the nation cannot be left at the mercy of the Congress or the BJP. The voters do not want a choice where they would have to either jump into the sea or the river. Why is the nation doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past? The writer is a senior Indian journalist.

HEREAS the world has moved in one direction, where safeguarding human rights, learning modern science and technology, and promoting peace and harmony are pivotal for a prosperous society, Pakistan has gone in a completely opposite direction, where there is no regard for human rights of minorities, no NUdRRAT KHAWAjA inclination to study and make “legitimate” scientific inventions. Take for example the Maasai tribe in Eastern Africa, which has decided to opt for modern education and abolishment of violent practices – while we run around like barbarians burning people’s houses down. Within the Massailand, on border of Kenya and Tanzania, lies a thick jungle – a man standing on high rock, holding a radar device to track a pride of lions was not a man of science, but a tribal man – illiterate and uncivilised – helping the naturalists protect the endangered wildlife. Maasai tribe – one of the oldest tribes of the Nile valley – is known for their warrior skills and ferocity with which they protect their cattle from lions. Now, they are willing to give up this meaningless hatred in order to conserve their environment. Another age old tradition that the women of Maasai tribe have raised their voice against is female genital mutilation (FGM) or female circumcision. In a documentary “Maasai at the crossroads”, filmmaker Teri Geriselen tells us about transition of the tribe from primitive cultural practices to modern development. They achieved this without compromising on their traditions. Keeping their simple life style intact, Maasai people now believe adapting to ways of the new What is the solution to world, particularly educating their chilmadness of such a dren is paramount for their survival. magnitude? Either the beast is Humans or homo sapiens are a product kept in isolation unless it of evolution spanning over thousands comes to its senses or in of years. Likewise, our world is con- extreme situations, shot down. stantly changing and the only attribute that has led to the survival and growth of human species is its ability to adapt to those changes – environmental and societal. Failing to cope with the changing trends of the world would result in gradual decline of society to the point of complete annihilation. History is witness to collapse of great empires that could not – and in most situations denied to stay abreast with changing times. Islamic world is faced with the similar dilemma. While holding on to the fundamentals of the religion, Muslims forget that over 1,400 year old teachings cannot make their society productive and fit enough to compete with the modern world. There are few lessons that the Islamic society can learn from an age old tribe of the Nile valley – will to survive and letting go of their inhuman, violent practices to become part of the developed world. We don’t have to go deep into our memory lane to look at the ugly picture of the Pakistani society. On 9th March, a mob of angry, religious zealots burnt down over a hundred houses belonging to the Christian community in Lahore. The reason: alleged blasphemy by a member of the minority community, who was arrested by the police three days prior to the devastation. The behaviour is similar in nature to a charged elephant bull, high on testosterone ravaging the forest and adjoining villages and trampling any unfortunate being that comes in its way. What is the solution to madness of such a magnitude? Either the beast is kept in isolation unless it comes to its senses or in extreme situations, shot down. The civilised and developed world has already started to isolate us for our blood thirst and primitive views and practices. Pakistan’s human rights record is far from exemplary. Its democratic governments and military regimes have done equal damage to the fabric of this society by introducing “the mad elephant” into the fold. The discrimination that began from constitutionally declaring Ahmadiyya community as non-Muslims translated into violence against Shias and Christians; while our proverbial hatred towards Hindus – cause of the Partition – resulted in dehumanisation of the society at large. Despite my desperation to believe in a tolerant and prosperous Pakistan, political environment in the country, public sympathy for the “cause” of extremist organisations like Laskar-e-Jhangvi and political protection for such organisations make me think otherwise. Therefore, the only solution to save this sinking ship is to undo past practices and teachings that inculcate hatred and intolerance in society and start afresh on a clean slate; writing with an ink of peace, love and tolerance. The writer is a journalist and social critic based in Lahore. She can be reached at, she tweets at: @twistturnlock

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A crowd is not company; and faces are but a gallery of pictures; and talk but a tinkling cymbal, where there is no love. — Francis Bacon in Complete Essays

arts Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

how Many CopieS doeS it taKe to Be an aMazon BeStSeller?

DRAMALINE performs in Stuttgart

Amazon, the biggest bookseller in America, is also famously one of the most tight-lipped. Sales rankings are available on the Web site and are updated hourly, but the company doesn’t provide information on how many unit sales it takes to make a title an Amazon bestseller. Like everyone else, PW couldn’t get sales numbers from Amazon, but by studying the print bestseller list for a twoweek period, we were able to determine that a title in Amazon’s top five averages 1,050 print copies sold across all channels, including other retailers, on a typical day. And because the general industry thinking is that Amazon accounts for about 30% of print sales, that means it likely takes around 300 copies per day to reach Amazon’s top five, depending on the day of the week and the time of year. How was PW able to get this number? We looked at Dark Horse’s The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, a 300-page collection of historical information, concept art, and chronology of the famous Nintendo video game series. NEWS dESK

Steven SpielBerg on a two-day viSit to MuMBai

Hollywood’s versatile filmmaker Steven Spielberg is on a two-day visit to Mumbai. The filmmaker, who has collaborated with Reliance Big Entertainment for his film Lincoln, will be meeting and interacting Indian filmmakers on Monday evening. We will also see Speilberg in conversation with India’s biggest star Amitabh Bachchan. “I shall attempt to elaborate later ... but for now just wish to leave you with the thought of the meeting with Steven Spielberg tomorrow (Monday) and to welcome him to the country and be in conversation with him amongst a relevant audience that connects itself with the fraternity,” the 70-year-old posted on his blog. It is spileberg’s third visit to India. His second visit in 1983 was a tourist visit and he spent few months in Kolkata, Jaipur and Udaipur. Speileberg’s wife and children are in New Delhi for a two week meditation and yoga camp. Sources say that this is Spielberg’s first visit to India and the purpose of the visit is organizational discussion and meeting with the members of Indian film industry. His wife and son have also accompanied him. While Monday’s programme is more official, it is learnt that on Tuesday Spielberg’s wife intends to go for shopping with her husband and son. NEWS dESK

Theater group DRAMALINE of the Lahore University of Management Sciences visited Stuttgart from February 24 to March 3, 2013. The “Kulturkabinett” and Pakistani Student society headed by Usman Khalid at Uni Hohenheim, organized the exchange of the Pakistani students in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim. Highlight of their visit was DRAMALINE’s performance of Neil Simon’s comedy “Rumors” on March 2, 2013 in the Katharinensaal of the EUROFORUM at the University of Hohenheim. NEWS dESK

Doctors gave up, said only Brangelina’S wedding clash with prayers could work: Koena Mitra Aniston’s nuptials? NEWS DESK

Koena Mitra’s heartbreaking account of surviving a disastrous nose job and how she is still heckled because of her sexy image Koena Mitra, who shimmied her way into public gaze with sensuous dance numbers and glamorous roles, is now best remembered for a career that fizzled out and a botched-up nose job that still strikes fear in the hearts of aspiring starlets. But for this Kolkata girl, born in a conservative and religious family, the battle is far from over. TOI caught up with Koena at her suburban residence, where she greeted us in a LBD showing off her killer curves and confidence that belied the trauma she has gone through. Not every showbiz aspirant loses her face, her fortune and lives to tell the tale. Koena is back from Los Angeles, she tells us, where she studied film editing. And she went to the Kumbh as well. Atonement? She does not flinch. But with remarkable equanimity, Koena takes us through the tumultuous years of her life on the periphery of Bollywood. Koena was always an aberration in the industry. “People assume that if you are an actress, you must not be very educated,” says the post graduate in Psychology. “I am glad I did my Masters,” she says, looking back at the time when she had to convince her parents - her mom is a school teacher and dad a CA that showbiz is what s h e

wanted. Bollywood happened with a special song in Ram Gopal’s varma Road. But it was Sanjay Gupta’s Musafir in 2004 that catapulted her into the league of the girls-to-watch-out for. With the giddying attention, came the disastrous decision - to get a nose job. “After the surgery my bones started swelling up. Even the doctors gave up and said that only medicine and prayers will work,” she recalls with an imperceptible shudder. Doctors gave her six months. “I sat at home initially. But I could not take it any more and started going out with that face of mine,” she says. It was a brave decision, especially for someone in the limelight. Koena’s face was so disfigured that it made it difficult for her to smile. And even though she was ready to accept her altered appearance, people were not. “I didn’t hide anything. But people spoke and wrote the worst kind of about me,” she says, her voice rising. “Even now, rank strangers tell me what I should have done. To them, I say, ‘You haven’t given me work, you are not feeding me, why are you trying to tell me what I should do?”‘ The incident opened Koena’s eyes to the uglier side of stardom. “Some of my best friends left me,” she says turning pensive, “Maybe I was too honest.” It took her a few more corrective surgeries to get things right. “Suddenly I was this trendsetter. Whenever a cosmetic surgery goes wrong, people say I was the first brave one to talk about it,” she says with a wry smile. The damage to her face was nothing compared to the damage to her career. Offers were trickling in again, but nothing seemed to work out, till a friend from Los Angeles called her and asked for an audition tape. Koena hired a camera team, sent the tape and was liked.

NEWS DESK Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, could see their marriage taking place on the same day as Jennifer Aniston’s, as the Hollywood hunk got a wedding licence at the end of last month - which states that the couple must have their nuptials in the next 90 days. A source told the Sun that Pitt and Jolie have left themselves short of time to sort out their wedding because of the licence deadline. The source asserted that a few months is nothing when someone is planning a wedding - especially one as major as Pitt and Jolie’s. The insider said that the couple may get married in May just after the Cannes Film Festival ends, as they’ve got their hearts set on tying the knot in France. Meanwhile, Aniston is finalising her plans to walk down the aisle with screenwriter fiance Justin Theroux, earlier there had been talk that she would be going to Pitt’s wedding, despite him leaving her for Jolie. But the source said that all the goodwill could just vanish if Pitt’s wedding date comes close to hers as it will be seen as an attempt to upstage Aniston’s wedding and there will be a battle over Hollywood guests. The source added that Aniston knows that they will be judged on who had the better wedding by pulling in the biggest stars.

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Human feeling is like the mighty rivers that bless the earth: it does not wait for beauty — it flows with resistless force and brings beauty with it. — George Eliot in Adam Bede

ARTS Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

13 A

10 male writers on the perfect woman This week, we listened to Slate’s Gentleman Scholar advise a Miss Bianca on how to attract a writerly boyfriend. Though his response was clever indeed, we’re not sure it was overly helpful, so we thought we’d lend a hand by going straight to the source, and finding out what writing men have to say about their ideal women. Now, bear in mind: some of these quotes come from the mouths of characters, and as such must be taken with a grain of salt. That said, we all know that everyone’s characters spring from some part of themselves, so their words bear repeating here. Straight from the horse’s mouth, then: ten male writers on what they look for in a female mate after the jump. Just be warned — the results may make you think twice about wanting to date a literary man. cOURTESY FLOvORWIRE

“The perfect woman, you see [is] a working-woman; not an idler; not a fine lady; but one who [uses] her hands and her head and her heart for the good of others.” — THOMAS HARdY

“A perfect woman’s but a softer man.” — ALExANdER POPE

“If there were no Frenchwomen, life wouldn’t be worth living.”

“She was everything I wanted. She was beautiful and charming, with a quick sense of humor, and she supported me in everything I did.”

“She is a woman of honour and smartness whose wild leaves out luck, always taking risks, and there is something in her brow now, that only she can recognize in a mirror. Ideal and idealistic in that shiny dark hair! People fall in love with her. She is a woman I don’t know well enough to hold in my wing, if writers have wings, to harbour for the rest of my life.”




“A being breathing thoughtful breath, A traveller between life and death; The reason firm, the temperate will, Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill; A perfect Woman, nobly plann’d, To warn, to comfort, and command; And yet a Spirit still, and bright With something of angelic light.”

“…but till all graces be in one woman, one woman shall not come in my grace. Rich she shall be, that’s certain; wise, or I’ll none; virtuous, or I’ll never cheapen her; fair, or I’ll never look on her; mild, or come not near me; noble, or not I for an angel; of good discourse, and excellent musician and her hair shall be of what colour it shall please God.”

“You boys can keep your virgins. Give me hot old women in high heels with buttocks that forget to get old.”




Two Hollywood films on Lance Armstrong NEWS DESK Film studio Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to an untitled project about the rise and fall of American former road cyclist Lance Armstrong, a subject that Paramount Pictures also is planning to bring to the big screen. The project is being developed by Atlas Entertainment’s Charles Roven and Alex Gartner and will be scripted by Scott Z. Burns and directed by Jay Roach, entertainment blog Deadline reported. Roach is known for directing comedies such as the Austin Powers series and “Meet the Parents”, although he also has won Emmy awards for the made-for-television films “Recount” and “Game Change”, both involving political themes. The deal includes the life rights of former cyclist Tyler Hamilton, who was a teammate of Armstrong’s on the US Postal Service Team. In January, press reports said Paramount and Bad Robot, the production company of J.J. Abrams, were working on a film about Armstrong’s controversial career. Those companies acquired the rights to adapt the book “Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong” by New York Times reporter Juliet Macur, who has covered the cyclist’s career since his recovery from testicular cancer and documented his dramatic fall from admired seven-time Tour de France winner to disgraced drug cheat.

Macur’s book will be published in June in the US by HarperCollins, which paid the author an advance of more than $100,000. Armstrong had denied using performance-enhancing drugs for a decade, but he told Oprah Winfrey in January that he took banned substances and received blood transfusions throughout most of his racing career and during all the Tour de France races he won. Prior to that admission, Armstrong had been stripped of his seven consecutive Tour de France titles between 1999 and 2005 after refusing last year to defend himself from doping allegations compiled by the US Anti-Doping Agency. He told Winfrey in an interview aired on her OWN network that, in his opinion, it would have been impossible to win the Tour de France over that seven-year period without the aid of banned substances. In issuing a 1,000-page report last October detailing Armstrong’s involvement in a “doping conspiracy”, USADA said the US Postal Team “ran the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen”.

the woman who taught george w Bush how to paint

“You are the only woman who has a sense of gaiety, a wise tolerance — no more, you seem to urge me to betray you. I love you for that. [...] I don’t know what to expect of you, but it is something in the way of a miracle. I am going to demand everything of you — even the impossible, because you encourage it. You are really strong. I even like your deceit, your treachery. It seems aristocratic to me.” — HENRY MILLER TO ANAïS NIN, A LITERATE PASSION: LETTERS OF ANAïS NIN & HENRY MILLER, 1932-1953

“A goodlookin horse is like a goodlookin woman, he said. They’re always more trouble than what they’re worth. What a man needs is just one that will get the job done.” ― CORMAC MCCARTHY, ALL THE PRETTY HORSES

notaBle tWeets mirza Waheed

Minister Magnanimous. “@ndtv: Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde: Can’t give back Afzal Guru’s body, his family can come to pay respects”


The intention is to waste lives, to embroil political struggle in a repetitive and deadening confrontation with brutality, fear and secrecy

jemima Khan

Ever since we discovered former President George W. Bush’s hidden painting talent, we’ve been dying to know where he learned to whip up self-portraits and dog renderings. Thankfully, the woman behind the creative transformation of Dubya has come forward to tell her tale of swapping brushes with the world’s new favorite outsider artist. Bonnie Flood is an artist and painting instructor in Cumming, Georgia who, according to Fox News in Atlanta, spent one month teaching George the ups and downs of her craft. Flood is an occasional workshop teacher in Florida, which is how Mr. Bush came to hear of his eventual mentor, and she ventured all the way to Boca Grande to teach the former POTUS and his sister-in-law, Maggie, for up to six hours a day. So what does Flood have to say about her month in paradise with GWB? “He has such a passion for painting, it’s amazing,” the art instructor explained to Fox News. “He’s going to go down in the history books as a great artist.” NEWS dESK

Definition of confidence? Imran saying goodbye to his sons last week, “Well boys, next time you come to Pakistan, I’ll be its leader.” Gulp.

mehreen zahra-maliK The white in the Pak flag represents minorities and is separate and away from the green. It was left there so we could smear it with blood

aysha raja Real treat hanging out with Cecil Chaudhry Jr. on Coffee Republic. If you missed it the show will be uploaded soon

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infotainment Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

Do you realize if it weren't for Edison we'd be watching TV by candlelight? –Al Boliska

heart disease present in ancient mummies NEWS DESK

'Magic mouse floats' above the desk and will stop your wrist hurting after hours at the computer It is the kind of trick performed by illusionists who want to make you believe something is floating mid-air. But this new gadget will soon let people perform similar stunts in the office or at home - and there is no magic involved. Prague-based design studio, Kibardindesign, have created a levitating wireless computer mouse known as Bat. The sleek design includes a mouse pad and mouse with a magnetic ring, which allows it to float in mid-air. It levitates at a height of 40mm on its own or 10mm beneath the weight of your hand. Other than looking futuristic, Bat can also stop nerve damage and dysfunction in people's hands. It is specifically designed to prevent those using a mouse from experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome - the painful hand, fingers, and wrist condition that is often associated with prolonged use of a mouse. Despite already grabbing the attention of the public, the product is still in its testing phase and not available to buy just yet. When it is released it will come in two simple colours - black and white. Vadim Kibardin was born in 1974 in Russia and graduated from Ural State Academy's of Architecture and Art Industrial. NEWS dESK


E can't change the past, but lifestyle choices can help to affect our future”. Maureen Talbot, Senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation. Fatty arteries may not just be a curse of modern unhealthy lifestyles, say researchers who used scans to look at the heart health of mummies. A study in The Lancet of 137 mummies up to 4,000 years old found a third had signs of atherosclerosis. Most people associate the disease, which leads to heart attacks and strokes, with modern lifestyle factors such as smoking and obesity. But the findings may suggest a more basic human pre-disposition. Previous studies have uncovered atherosclerosis in a significant number of Egyptian mummies but it had been speculated that they would have come from a higher social class and may have had luxurious diets high in saturated fat. To try and get a better picture of how prevalent the disease was in ancient populations, the researchers used CT scans to look at mummies from Egypt, Peru, southwest America, and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. They found that 47 or 34% showed signs of definite or probably atherosclerosis. Where the mummies' arterial structure had survived, the researchers were able to attribute a definite case of atherosclerosis by looking for the tell-tale signs of vascular calcification. In some cases, the arterial structure had not survived but the calcified deposits were still present in sites where arteries would have once been. AgE-RELATEd As with modern populations, they

found that older people seemed to be more likely to show signs of the disease. The researchers said the results were striking because they had been able to look at the disease in people living in disparate global regions, with different lifestyles and at different times. Study leader Professor Randall Thompson, of Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, said: "The fact that we found similar levels of atherosclerosis in all of the different cultures we studied, all of whom had very different lifestyles and diets, suggests that atherosclerosis may have been far more common in the ancient world than previously thought.

"Furthermore, the mummies we studied from outside Egypt were produced naturally as a result of local climate conditions, meaning that it's reasonable to assume that these mummies represent a reasonable cross-section of the population, rather than the specially selected elite group of people who were selected for mummification in ancient Egypt." He said it is commonly thought that if modern humans could emulate pre-industrial or even pre-agricultural lifestyles, that atherosclerosis would be avoided. "Our findings seem to cast doubt on that assumption, and at the very least, we think they suggest that our understanding

Time spin-off highlights risks facing magazines

Canon launches new products in pakistan KARACHI: Canon unveils new products from the IXUS, LEGRIA and PowerShot N series in Pakistan. Four new digital compact cameras were released in the IXUS range. The IXUS 255 HS, IXUS 135, IXUS 132 along with the IXUS 140 support new advanced features such as Hybrid Auto Zoom, Intelligent Image Stabalization for video and stills, Eco mode and WiFi. The Singapore based Canon launched two new LEGRIA AVCHD flash Memory Camcorders, the LEGRIA HF G25 and LEGRIA HF R46. All new “prosumer” LEGRIA HF G25 has an array of manual functions and expandability options while the LEGRIA HF R46 includes a new Baby Mode, designed for chronicling a child’s growing years. If you are looking for a compact and agile camera to aid in capturing and sharing life’s beautifully unexpected moments need to look no further then the PowerShot N. The new PowerShot N boasts a new unique pocket-sized form factor and new features that will excite and boost the creativity of avid shutterbugs, street photography enthusiasts and lomography fans. AgENcIES

NEWS DESK From Sports Illustrated to People to its namesake magazine, Time Inc., was always an innovator. But now when the troubled magazine industry is facing its greatest challenge, the company Henry Luce founded is struggling to find its way in a digital world. Time Warner Inc.’s decision to shed its Time Inc. magazine unit last week underscores the challenges facing an industry that remains wedded to glossy paper even as the use of tablet computers, e-readers and smartphones explodes. Although the new devices might seem to present an array of opportunity for Time Inc.’s 95 magazine titles, many publishers have found the digital transition troublesome. Digital editions of magazines represented just 2.4 percent of all US circulation in the last half of 2012, or about 7.9

million copies, according to the Alliance for Audited Media. Although that number more than doubled from a year earlier, it’s hardly gangbusters growth, considering that the number of tablets in the US also more than doubled last year to 64.8 million, according to research firm IHS. The fact that so few tablet owners are buying magazines on their devices is a concern because both ad and circulation revenue from print editions have fallen more than 20 percent since their peak near the middle of the last decade. And, according to forecasts, there’s no recovery in sight. “We have to get much better at capturing those (digital) readers,” said Mary Berner, president of The Association of Magazine Media. Before publishers can accomplish that, they need to address a

number of problems, experts say. First, the range of free content on the Web has given some readers the impression that it’s not necessary to pay for the digital versions of magazine stories. Also, there’s no industry standard for pricing. Publishers aren’t in agreement over whether to include free access to digital copies as part of a print subscription. There are technical challenges, too. It’s been difficult for magazine makers to create compelling digital editions that fit every screen size and resolution. Berner acknowledges that customer confusion is part of what’s preventing the magazine industry from selling more digital copies. She is working with industry players like Time Inc., Hearst Corp., Conde Nast and Meredith Corp. to standardize both the format of magazines and the way they are sold.

of the causes of atherosclerosis is incomplete, and that it might be somehow inherent to the process of human ageing." Maureen Talbot, senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, said: "This small study takes us back in time to give an insight into the heart health of people in the ancient world. "However, we simply don't know enough about the diet and lifestyle of the people studied to say whether behaviour or genetics lies at the root of the heart problems observed. "We can't change the past, but lifestyle choices can help to affect our future. "By eating well, quitting smoking and keeping active, you can help to protect your heart."

China fishes over 2,000 dead pigs from Shanghai river

Workers in China are continuing to collect dead pigs from a river near Shanghai, with more than 2,000 carcasses reportedly recovered so far. Officials say they have to act quickly to remove the pigs, as the Huangpu River is a major source of drinking water for the city. They are investigating the cause of the deaths and suspect the pigs were dumped by farms upriver. Bloggers have criticised what some see as a slow government response. Workers aboard boats are using long-handled rakes to pull out the bloated carcasses, which started appearing in the river on Thursday, according to reports. "We have to act quickly to remove them all for fear of causing water pollution," Xu Rong, an environmental official, told state-run Global Times newspaper. He added that the cause of the pigs' deaths may be determined in a few days. It is still not clear why the animals were dumped in the river in the first place or who was behind it, says the BBC's Martin Patience in Beijing. It is suspected that the pigs may have come from farms in neighbouring Zhejiang province, local reports say. Officials say water supplies have not been affected so far and they are closely testing samples from the river, but the public remain wary. "Is this water still drinkable after dead pigs were found floating in it?" 60-yearold Liu Wanqing was quoted by state-run China Daily newspaper as saying. "The government has a responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation and provide safe water to residents." NEWS dESK

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SPORTS Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

fawad takes giant strides in cricket SYdNEY: Fawad Ahmed’s cricketing journey began in a graveyard in his village in northwest Pakistan but could yet culminate in an Ashes Test for Australia at the home of cricket, Lord’s. Friends and former team-mates of the 31year-old, who fled to Australia in 2010 claiming he was targeted by extremists and now wants to play for his adopted land against England, said his talent was obvious at an early age but he never got the chance to shine in Pakistan. Syed Qamar, 35, who captained him in the northwestern town of Swabi, told AFP that even as a young man he was a matchwinner, baffling batsmen with the leg-spinner’s full repertoire of deliveries. “He was a highly talented bowler, his main advantage was his height and he could deliver leg-break, flipper, googly with ease,” he said. Ahmed played a handful of First-Class matches in Pakistan, taking a wicket in his debut match for Abbottabad in 2005, but Qamar said he became frustrated as there was little chance for him to break into the national side from Swabi. Ahmed’s relatives refused to discuss him or the threats against him, but family friend Mohammad Asghar insisted they were genuine, though there is no record of militants threatening cricketers in Pakistan or of attacks on domestic matches. Indeed, some of Pakistan’s best players have hailed from the restive northwest — former One-Day captain Shahid Afridi is from the lawless tribal district of Khyber and fast bowler Umar Gul is from Peshawar. Ahmed’s former team-mate Maqsood Ali, 38, said he always played with a steely determination. “Unlike most bowlers who shout and show excitement on taking a wicket, Fawad would behave very normally and remain quiet,” he told AFP. “Cricket was his passion. When he was not selected for the national team, he told me ‘I will play international cricket at any cost’.” Ahmed was granted a permanent Australian visa in November and quickly made a name for himself bowling for the Melbourne Renegades in the Twenty20 Big Bash League. He will be eligible to play for Australia once is granted citizenship, and the Cricinfo website reported that Cricket Australia (CA) is lobbying authorities to fast-track his application to make him available for the start of the Ashes in England in July. AgENcIES

I was very pleased with both the bowling and batting efforts in Dunedin and we plan to build on that in Wellington. –New Zealand coach Mike Hesson

Misbah ponders all-round failure BLOEMfONTEIN



batsman to see off more than half the overs, bowlers who could continually apply pressure, and committed fielding on the biggest ground in South Africa, is what Misbah-ul-Haq felt he needed in Bloemfontein. In other words, “everything went wrong,” and he admitted as much. Everything from selection - Pakistan were a seamer short - to the toss, where AB de villiers was happy Misbah sent him in, to the efforts with bat and ball. On a flat pitch, Misbah conceded that although he would have preferred a target of around 280, “even nine an over was chaseable,” to fall so far short was not a good reflection on Pakistan. The bowling was challenging - there was some swing from Lonwabo Tsotsobe and some bounce from Ryan McLaren - but it was not impossible to score. What Pakistan lacked was someone with the temperament to stay at the crease. Mohammad Hafeez was unlucky - “what can you do?” Misbah said in response to questions about the run-out but Nasir Jamshed and Younis Khan chased wide deliveries, Asad Shafiq misdirected a hook, Misbah was found wanting against the short ball and Shoaib Malik did not pick a slower one. “We needed someone to bat through,” Misbah said “It’s difficult when you are losing wickets to chase a total like that. Wickets in hand is key. You want your main batsmen to go in and keep scoring.” Having conceded a large total, it was important that Pakistan’s batsmen showed more discipline than their bowlers. The attack did not escape Misbah’s criticism. “We did not manage to take wickets, we could not manage to create pressure and the fielding was mediocre,” he said. It is not the time for crisis talks yet, though. Misbah chose to take a measured view of the defeat. “Everybody

knows what we did wrong. We need to improve the areas we are bowling, build more partnerships and every batsmen who is set needs to carry on.” Not so for South Africa. Even though the next match is five days away, AB de villiers said the boost this has given the team will serve them well for the rest of the series. “We’ve got confidence now,” he said. “We had a really good performance with a lot of pressure on us.” Expectation on South Africa was low before this series because they appeared an unsettled unit. It is only one performance but already they look ready to shelve

that notion as the former bit-part players had starring roles. Colin Ingram, Farhaan Behardien and Ryan McLaren were under the most scrutiny coming into the match and all three put in impressive performances. Ingram had to build an innings and a partnership, and faith in him appeared low when de villiers came in at No.3 instead of him. “It’s taken us a while to come up with some sort of plan for batting. When we have a solid foundation, like we did today, it’s a good time for me to come in,” de villiers explained. “I enjoy playing against the spinners and I can work it around a little.” Ingram followed soon after and helped de villiers create the “game changer,” with a 120-run stand. “We hussled between deliveries, we showed intent and we showed two good cricket brains,” de villiers said. “We played the spinners well so it was easy for me to bat with Colin.” Behardien showed his ability to finish, something that he has not managed to do so far. The end result was that the bowlers went into the second half with an advantage and McLaren exploited it fully. On his home turf, he used the short ball well and formed an important part of the seam quartet that tied Pakistan down. McLaren has not had his standout performance in ODI cricket yet, and with Dale Steyn returning and Morne Morkel close to recovery, he needed to do something to prove his worth. “It’s probably the most pleasing thing of all to watch Ryan develop,” de villiers said. “Every game I have ever played against, he has been a real fighter and even though he struggled in the past, to see him perform like this is great. He looks comfortable at this level now.” With an all-round effort from his charges, de villiers found the captaincy less of a burden and “felt more in control.” He was also able to gauge the level of commitment from the men he commands, and on the evidence of this effort, he was satisfied. “I can see guys wanting to be in this team and perform in this team,” he said. Even those who didn’t do that emphatically in previous games.

It’s not just about one incident: Clarke Michael Clarke is not happy with the standards of behaviour within his team on the India tour


Michael Clarke has stressed that the dramatic axing of four players including the vice-captain Shane Watson for the third Test in Mohali was due to a continued failure of some players to meet the standards set by the team. Watson flew home after being told he and three other players would not be considered for the match and is considering his Test future, although his departure was also largely spurred by the fact that his wife Lee Furlong is due to give birth soon. Watson, James Pattinson, Mitchell Johnson and Usman Khawaja failed to comply with an order from the coach Mickey Arthur to provide feedback on where they and the team could improve after the embarrassing loss in Hyderabad. But Clarke said the decision, made by

Arthur, Clarke and the team manager Gavin Dovey, was an example to players that no longer would they get away with cutting corners. “No doubt it’s been a tough day,” Clarke said late on Monday. “I want the public and the media to understand, don’t get me wrong, it’s not just about one incident. Firstly on this tour our performances have been unacceptable and there has been some stuff off the field [that has been unacceptable] for the standards an Australian cricket team needs to present itself to achieve what we are trying to achieve ... I know it is a tough day, a really tough day and it’s a tough decision, but at the end of the day if people are not hitting those standards there are going to be consequences. “Our head coach gave us two days off after the second Test, it was about freshening yourself up, get your rehab [done], your recovery, do what you have

to do, get everything right for the next two Test matches, because the next two Test matches are as big as you might have in your career and you have an opportunity to turn this series around. “We were asked to do one thing from the head coach. It was giving information back to the head coach about not only improving your game - what you’ve learnt from the first two Test matches - but also how can you help this team turn things around and have success. “It was a very simple task. Yes, it took a lot of thinking because you had to look at your game and where you thought you could improve, what you had learnt and what you could do to help this team level this series. In my opinion, for the four players to not do it, not only does it let the team down, it also shows a lack of respect for the head coach and in the Australian cricket team that is unacceptable.”

Watson may quit Test cricket after axing MOHALI AgENcIES

Shane Watson is contemplating his future in the game after being axed from the squad for the Mohali Test on disciplinary grounds and then leaving the tour to be with his pregnant wife. Watson was one of four players punished by the team management for ignoring team orders. Since being named Michael Clarke’s vicecaptain in 2011, Watson’s Twenty20 and ODI displays have remained strong but his Test appearances have been neither consistent nor convincing. His struggles in India despite being one of only two batsmen to have made a Test hundred on the subcontinent were a major contributor to Australia’s 0-2 deficit. There is little doubt Watson’s T20 career

will continue for he is schedule to return to India in April for the IPL, where he had also indicated he would return to bowling for his franchise rather than his country. In ODIs he has the lure of the 2015 World Cup to sustain him. But it is now plausible that at 31 he has played his final Test match. “Any time you’re suspended for a Test match unless you do something unbelievably wrong, and obviously everyone knows what those rules are ... I think it is very harsh,” Watson told reporters at the team hotel in Chandigarh. “At this point in time I’m at a stage where I’m sort of weighing up my future and what I want to do with my cricket in shane Watson general, to be honest. I do love playing, there is no doubt about that, but at this point in time I’m going to spend the next few weeks with my family and just weigh up my options of

At this point in time I’m at a stage where I’m sort of weighing up my future and what I want to do with my cricket in general

just exactly which direction I want to go. “There are lot more important things in life - I certainly do love playing cricket and that passion is still there and I feel like I’m in the prime years of my cricket career. From that perspective I still feel like I’ve got a lot to give. But from a holistic perspective I’ve got to sit down with my family and decide which directions they are.” Watson, along with James Pattinson, Usman Khawaja and Mitchell Johnson were told this morning by the coach Mickey Arthur that, in an unprecedented decision, they would not be considered for the third Test. After the loss in Hyderabad, inside three and a half days, Arthur had asked every member of the squad to let him know three points on how their individual performances and those of the team could be improved. These four players did not comply with the directive. Watson said he had been going to tell the team management that he would need to miss the fourth Test to be with his wife, who is due at the end of the month, but had been informed of his axing before he could do so. “I was about to communicate that to Mickey and the leadership group today but they obviously beat me to it by telling me I wasn’t selected for this Test match,” he said. “Also

overnight, things have changed and Lee wasn’t going to tell me things had changed because she knew how much it meant to me to be able to play this Test match. It was due in a couple of weeks but it’s looking like

things have sped up a little bit.” With four players unavailable, Australia’s squad is down to 13 players for the Mohali Test, and if wicketkeeper Matthew Wade’s ankle does not heal, they will have to pick a team from 12.

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We analysed the game and we deserved to win. The first half we made two mistakes and conceded two goals but in the second half we were on top and had a lot of chances so it was a good game. –Chelsea boss Rafael Benitez

pietersen, philander take test awards Kevin Pietersen’s 186 against India in Mumbai was a counter-attacking gem

The one-day batting award went to virat Kohli for his unbeaten 133 in India’s chase of 320 against Sri Lanka in the CB Series. The innings was an 86-ball blitzkrieg that kept India alive in the CB




EvIN Pietersen’s 186 against India in Mumbai has been voted the top Test batting performance of 2012 in the sixth annual ESPNcricinfo Awards, announced today. vernon Philander took the Test bowling award for his five-for against England at Lord’s. Pietersen’s innings was instrumental in England turning the Test series around after their loss in the first match; they went on to win the series 2-1, their first series win in India in nearly 30 years. Philander’s 5 for 30 was his fifth five-wicket haul in the first ten Test matches of an extraordinarily prolific career. Geoff Boycott, one of the judges, said: “It was the importance of the occasion that made his performance special. The No. 1 and 2 teams were playing, he picked the top batsmen first up and grabbed the initiative. It put England on the back foot right away.”

Series when they achieved a target of 321 in under 37 overs. The ODI bowling award was taken by Thisara Perera for his 6 for 44 against Pakistan in Pallekele, in which he took wickets with the first balls of three spells, leading Sri Lanka to a 76-run win. The T20 winners were Marlon Samuels for his 78 in the World Twenty20 final against Sri Lanka, a match where 13 batsmen made single-digit scores; and Lasith Malinga’s 5 for 31 against England earlier in the tournament. The awards were decided by a 14member jury that included former players Rahul Dravid, Ian Chappell, Ramiz Raja, Geoff Boycott, Sanjay Manjrekar and Russel Arnold, and ESPNcricinfo’s senior writers, who all picked their top three performances in each category from shortlists of nominees. Saeed Ajmal, who became the first player in the history of the awards to be nominated in all three bowling categories, did not win an award, though he swept the readers’ choice category. Save for Malinga, who won the ODI bowling award in the inaugural year of the ESPNcricinfo Awards, in 2008, the other winners are all first-timers. In the six-year history of the awards, virender Sehwag, Lasith Malinga, Umar Gul and Dale Steyn have each won two awards; Sachin Tendulkar tops the table with three wins.

Zimbabwe hope to make up for lost time in test arena BRIDGETOWN AgENcIES

Zimbabwe’s stuttering return to test cricket continues in Barbados on Tuesday when they start their first series in more than seven years against West Indies. Zimbabwe ended a six-year hiatus from test cricket two years ago but have played just four single tests over the last 19 months, leaving them with sparse experience ahead of the Caribbean trip. The two-test series against the Windies

is their first since India toured Zimbabwe in September 2005 after which a player dispute over political interference led to a rapid decline in their fortunes. The opening encounter in Bridgetown is followed by a second test in Dominica, starting on March 20. It is the last for Zimbabwe under coach Alan Butcher, who departs his post after the trip, leaving the team’s future direction unclear. Captain Brendan Taylor was critical last month of a decision to leave home several key support staff from the tour

party, including batting coach Grant Flower and bowling coach Heath Streak. Marlon Samuels returns for the West Indies after a two-month injury break and fast bowler Shannon Gabriel, who debuted at Lords last year, has been recalled. Offspinner Sunil Narine has been replaced by Shane Shillingford in their 13man squad. The West Indies registered a whitewash in three one day internationals and two Twenty20 matches against Zimbabwe over the last three weeks.




Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

Test records for skipper Mushfiqur and Bangladesh COLOMBO AgENcIES

Bangladesh amassed their highest total and captain Mushfiqur Rahim chalked up their first test double century on the fourth day of the opening game against Sri Lanka on Monday. Resuming on 438 for four, Bangladesh went on to make 638 all out by tea, a first-innings lead of 68. Sri Lanka then reached the close on 116 for one with Tillakaratne Dilshan unbeaten on 63 on a lifeless pitch where bat has dominated ball from the start. It was the second halfcentury of the match for Dilshan who was accompanied back to the pavilion by Kumar Sangakkara (49 not out). The only wicket to fall was that of opener Dimuth Karunaratne for three after he top-edged a hook off Shahadat Hossain to Abul Hasan at fine leg. With one day left, the game seems destined to end in a tame draw. Mushfiqur, on 198 at lunch, picked up two singles after the resumption and celebrated his double hundred by punching the air and kissing the turf. The diminutive batsman was immediately out for 200, trapped lbw by Nuwan Kulasekera off the next delivery. Mushfiqur's gritty 321-ball knock lasted 438 minutes and included 22 fours

and a six. "It was one of my dreams to score a test double hundred," the 24-yearold told reporters. "I thought that if I got the chance to bat for a long time and if I got a partner at the other end, I would like to score big. "Fortunately Ash (Mohammad Ashraful) and Nasir (Hossain) batted really well so I had partners. We were saying beforehand that if someone gets set they must carry on and get a big hundred and that's what we did." After Ashraful (190) had added one run to his overnight score, Hossain (100) joined in the run feast and became the sixth centurion in the match. Hossain's maiden test hundred came off 151 balls and contained nine fours. He and Mushfiqur added 106 runs for the sixth wicket before Dilshan had Hossain caught by Sangakkara. The total by Bangladesh, ninth and last in the test world rankings, eclipsed the 556 they compiled against West Indies in Dhaka in November. "We needed my innings badly because Sri Lanka scored huge and we needed to avoid the follow-on," said Mushfiqur. "That was our first target. Our second target was to make sure we passed their total." The second and final test in Colombo starts on Saturday.

ScOREBOARd SOUTH AFRIcA Sri Lanka first innings 570-4 declared Bangladesh first innings (overnight 438-4) jahurul Islam c chandimal b Eranga 20 13 Anamul Haque b Mendis 190 Mohammad Ashraful c Mathews b Herath Mominul Haque c Mathews b Kulasekara 55 Mahmudullah st chandimal b Herath 0 Mushfiqur Rahim lbw b Kulasekara 200 100 Nasir Hossain c Sangakkara b dilshan 21 Sohag gazi c vithanage b Mendis Abul Hasan not out 16 Elias Sunny c chandimal b dilshan 0 Shahadat Hossain b Eranga 13 10 Extras (b-2, lb-1, nb-7) Total (all out) 638 Fall of wickets: 1-23 2-65 3-170 4-177 5-444 6-550 7-581 8618 9-618 Bowling: Kulasekara 27-3-94-2 (nb-1), Eranga 34-4-122-2 (nb-6), Herath 62-11-161-2, Mendis 36-3-152-2, Mathews 9-218-0, dilshan 26-5-75-2, Thirimanne 2-0-13-0 Sri Lanka second innings 3 d. Karunaratne c Abul b Shahadat 63 T. dilshan not out K. Sangakkara not out 49 Extras (nb-1) 1 Total (for 1 wicket) 116 Fall of wickets: 1-17 Bowling: Shahadat 5-1-18-1 (nb-1), Abul 5-0-15-0, gazi 9-137-0, Sunny 5-0-14-0, Mominul 3-0-13-0, Ashraful 1-0-10-0, Mahmudullah 2-0-9-0

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There's a need to win always and to get better. There's a need to perform on every surface on every tour. A lot of people ask me questions if I can play abroad and yes I feel I can win abroad as well. –Anirban Lahiri

17 S

SPORTS Tuesday, 12 March, 2013

golden beat Cables in lahore veteran cricket LAHORE: Golden Eagles beat Amar cables by three wickets in the final of the Lahore Veteran cricket league here on Monday at Stags cricket ground Model Town. BRIEF ScORES: Amar cables batted first reached 197/5 in 30 overs. Ameer Akbar 37, zahid Umar 20, dastgir Butt 16, Shahid Mansoor 61 runs not out & Muhammad Arif 33 runs not out. golden Eagles bowling Asif Mehmood 2/24, Muhammad Hafeez 2/28 & Tanzeel Hussain 1/46 wickets. In reply golden Eagles answered with 199/7 in 28.3 overs. Ameer Ali 42, jamshaid Ali 41, Asif Mehmood 28, Muhammad Yaqoob 22 & Muhammad zubair 23 runs not out. Amar cables bowling Tariq Rasheed 2/43, Rauf Wain 1/34, Ahmad Shohab 1/29, Tariq Hussain Raju 1/33 & Ameer Akbar 1/12 wickets. Ahsan Raza and Qaisar Waheed were the umpires. Mian Muhammad Aslam was the match referee & zahoor Alam was the scorer. End of the match chief guest chief Executive PvcA Nawab Ashiq Hussain Qureshi gave away the winning trophy and 50,000) to golden Eagles captain. Muhammad Salman Khan and runners up trophy and 25000 to captain Amar cables Ameer Akbar. STAFF REPORT

ppCBl win State Bank Cricket LAHORE: PPCBL won the 9th SBP Governor Cup Inter Bank Super Series Cricket Tournament -2012-13 here at Bagh-i-Jinnah ground on Monday. PPCBL won the toss and invited SBP Lahore’s team to bat first. In T20 Final SBP Lahore’s Cricket Team could score 169 runs for loss of 6 wickets. Openor Batsman Junaidd Ali scored 59 runs, Mubeen Hamid made 33 runs. From PPCBL Muhammad Waheed took three wickets for 26 runs in 4 overs. In reply PPCBL chased the target of 170 runs in 18.5 overs for loss of 4 wkts only. Juma Khan scored 50 runs in 26 balls and the 2nd top scorer was Mr. Muhammad Waheed with 46 runs not out. Zafar Gohar and Muhammad Mohsin took 2 wickets each from SBP Lahore. Deputy Governor SBP Mr. Kazi Abdul Muktadir awarded the winner’s trophy to the captain of PPCBL and the cash prize of Rs. 100,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only). SBP Lahore stood at 2nd place with runners up trophy and cash award of Rs.50,000/- STAFF REPORT

national Beach netball in april LAHORE: National beach netball championship will be played from April 19 at Sea View Clifton Karachi with top teams of the country taking part. “It is a very important event which will help in selecting our national team to feature in the World Beach netball championship being played in South Africa,” said Mudassar Arain, President, Sindh Netball Association here on Monday. He said SNBA and Pakistan Netball federation are jointly organizing the premier activity in which ladies teams will also be taking part in their own part of the championship. The participating teams, are, (men and women), Army, Air force, Police, Wapda, Railways, Navy, High Education Commission, Sindh, Punjab, KPK, Blouchistan, Islamabad, FATA, AJK, LUMS University, LGS and TCS. “The event offers a handsome prize of Rs 200,000 and trophies will be also be given to the first three position holders “,he said. STAFF REPORT

four matches decided in lahore LAHORE: Four Matches were decided in District Football Championship here on Monday at Model Town Football Academy Ground and Raiders Football Club Grounds. Young Union F.c, Lahore United F.c, Mughalpura Football club and Saleem Khan F.c earned victories against their respective rivals. Young Union F.c beat Samanabad F.c 2-0 Shahbaz and Anjum produced one goal each in the 23rd and 60th minutes. Lahore United F.c beat Shaheen F.c (cMH) 3-0. Ahit, Muslim Butt and Abdul Rasheed shared one goal apiece. Mughalpura Football club scored a narrow 1-0 win over Model Town F.c. Farooq Aziz scored the lone goal of the match in the 40th minute. Saleem Khan F.c outplayed Afshan F.c 2-0 as Nawaz and Nazeer scored the 27th and 67th minutes goal. Matches for Tuesday, PAF F.c vs Ideal F.c at Raiders ground, Publican F.c vs Bata F.c at MFTA, chief college F.c vs Mujahid F.c at MFTA, Pency F.c vs Universal Bab cargo F.c at MFTA. STAFF REPORT

hard work still key for tiger woods MIAMI



IGER Woods believes the hard work he puts in off the course makes winning easier after securing his biggest victory since 2009. The former world number one won the WGC-Cadillac Championship in Miami after finishing on 19 under. Woods finished two shots clear of Steve Striker, while Graeme McDowell, Adam Scott and Sergio Garcia finished on 14 under. The final round saw a welcome return to form for world number one Rory McIlroy who finished eighth after a 65. Woods admitted the hard work meant he was able to be in contention after 54 holes. He said: “I enjoy being there. That’s why I work my tail off and to lift all those weights, hit all those balls and spend those countless hours out there is to be in that position.

“That’s why I prepare so hard, is to be there. I enjoy being there.” McDowell said he was happy with the way he was playing after staying in contention well into the final day. He said: “All in all, I’m ecstatic the way I’m playing. “The way I drove it this week, my iron play, just everything, really. “The putter let me down the last couple days, but that’s been a part of my game that’s been extremely strong the last couple weeks, so no complaints.” McIlroy had come in for intense scrutiny after poor recent performances and was glad to shoot a final round 65. He said: “I probably wear my heart on my sleeve a bit with my golf. If I have a bad round, it’s sort of like the end of the world, but if I play a good one, I’m happy again. “You know, that’s just the way it goes. I was pretty down about my game coming into this week, but a few days like I’ve played, you know, it does my confidence a world of good.”

Mcilroy boosted by closing 65 dORAL: Rory McIlroy cut a much happier figure after a closing, bogey-free 65 wrapped up his week in the WGC-Cadillac Championship at Doral. Following last-week’s mid-round exit in the Honda Classic, McIlroy was under tremendous scrutiny going into the season’s second World Golf Championship but rounds of 73-69-71-65 saw him post a total of 10-under-par. “I feel a lot better. Regardless of the score, I hit a lot of good shots over the last three days,” he told Sky Sports. “I am really happy compared to the start of the week although there is still a bit to go. I made a lot of birdies and eagles this week so it is a case of limiting the mistakes.” McIlroy revealed he will not alter his playing schedule in the build-up to The Masters at Augusta, with just one tournament - the Shell Houston Open at the end of this month - on the agenda. “I am excited about the next few weeks but I will keep the schedule the way it is. It will be a couple of weeks of hard work and then Houston before going on to Augusta.” AgENcIES

‘Broken’ Pistorius ‘on the verge of suicide’ PRETORIA AgENcIES

A friend of Oscar Pistorius claims the Paralympic star is “on the verge of suicide” as he is forced to sell off his belongings to fight a charge of premeditated murder. “Blade Runner” Pistorius, 26, is accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp after she was shot dead at his home last month. The Olympian claims he shot her through a bathroom door thinking she was an intruder. Close friend Mike Azzie, who Pistorius refers to as Uncle Mike, said the sportsman was a “broken man” after he was tasked with selling his racehorses to raise money to pay for spiralling legal fees. Speaking in a BBC3 documentary, ‘Oscar Pistorius: What Really Happened?’, Azzie said Pistorius regularly talks about Steenkamp as he awaits his next court appearance on June 4. He said: “He just always seems to mention Reeva and to ask us to pray for her and her family. “But most of all, you’ve got to understand that we are there for him and we will always be his friend. “He has no confidence in his tone of voice and he is just a man that is almost like someone that is

walking around in circles and doesn’t know where he is going. “I would say that, just speaking to him, that he is a broken man and that I would go as far to say that he would be on the verge of suicide. It really worries me.” According to the documentary makers, Mentorn Media, police in Johannesburg said they have requested all records of phone calls and messages exchanged between Pistorius and Steenkamp on the day she was killed. Officers added they were also sifting through a “massive” number of texts on Steenkamp’s phone, producers said. There are no plans for police to enter into a plea bargain with Pistorius’ legal team for a lesser charge, the show’s makers claimed.

Chawalit gunning for Avantha Masters title MYANMAR AgENcIES

Thailand’s Chawalit Plaphol is eager to build on his early success in Myanmar with a second Asian Tour victory at the Avantha Masters which starts on Thursday. The classy Thai won the Asian Tour’s season-opening Zaykabar Myanmar Open last month and is hoping to extend his Order of Merit lead at the €1.8 million

(approximately US$2.3 million) showpiece, which is tri-sanctioned by the Asian Tour, European Tour and Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI). “I want to maintain my Asian Tour ranking, that is why I’m playing in the Avantha Masters. It will also have strong World Ranking points. It will be my third time competing in the Avantha Masters and I am hopeful of finishing better than my best result which was tied 17th last year,”

said Chawalit. He will be among a talented pool of Asian Tour winners at the Jaypee Greens Golf Course including countryman Thongchai Jaidee, Jeev Milkha Singh of India and Liang Wen-chong of China, who have a combined total of six Asian Tour Order of Merit crowns. There will be a strong Thai representation this week with Arnond vongvanij, Kiradech Aphibarnrat, Prom Meesawat, Chapchai Nirat, Thitiphun Chuayprakong, Gunn

Charoenkul, Panuphol Pittayarat and Chinnarat Phadungsil all in the elite field. Chawalit, a four-time Asian Tour winner, hopes to etch his name among the illustrious winners at the Avantha Masters, who have all been Asian Tour members in the last three seasons. Andrew Dodt of Australia won in 2010, S.S.P. Chowrasia of India tasted success in 2011 and Jbe Kruger of South Africa secured a maiden win last year. “If I’m lucky, I’ll have a chance to win. In this game, you always need luck. In Myanmar, I drove the ball really and putted nicely. Winning in Myanmar was good as it has given me a lot of confidence for the rest of the year and I hope to win again. “My four Asian Tour titles have all been in full-field tournaments and it’ll be nice to add a co-sanctioned tournament onto my resume. I remember I have come close previously in the Malaysian Open and China Open but missed out on the win. I led for three rounds in Malaysia but lost to Thongchai,” said Chawalit. Chawalit will enter the Avantha Masters with a fine-tuned swing which has been his recipe to success so far this season. “In the pre-season, I practised a lot with Thammanoon (Sriroj) back home and I worked on my ball position at address. The ball was previously more on the left heel but I’ve moved it a bit more to the centre which seems to be working out for me as my body was moving too fast in the downswing,” said the Thai.

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I wanted a change, I'm a risk-taker. There were so many good things about the opportunity, to go to a team that is struggling and hopefully be a part of something that makes them become great. –Lewis Hamilton

woods wins in Miami for 76th tour title MIAMI


36th heC intervarsity Basketball from today KARACHI: The Aga Khan University is organizing the 36th HEC Zone-G InterUniversity Boys U-27 Basketball Championship starts from today with the support of Sindh Basketball Association (SBA). Eleven Teams representing reputable Universities across Karachi are taking part in the Tournament. The championship matches will be played on knockout basis at the AKU Sports Centre Gymnasium. Participating Teams are as follows: Greenwich University (GU), Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Karachi (KU), Iqra University (IU), PAFKIET, Aga Khan University (AKU), Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS), ZIauddin University (ZU) and NED University. Four matches will be played on the opening day and the inaugural match will be played between host team Aga Khan University and PAF-KIET. Dr. Imran Siddiqui, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology & Microbiology, AKU will inaugurate the Tournament at 2:00 PM. STAFF REPORT


ORMER world number one Tiger Woods picked up his biggest victory since 2009 after winning the WGC-Cadillac Championship in Miami. The American finished on 19 under par, after a final round 71, to claim his 76th PGA Tour victory and his 17th World Golf Championship title. He finished two shots clear of Steve Stricker, while Graeme McDowell, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott and Sergio Garcia finished on 14 under. The final round saw a welcome return to form for world number one Rory McIlroy who finished eighth after a final round 65. McIlroy was on fire and flew up the leaderboard. The Northern Irishman began perfectly after an eagle on the first followed by birdies at five, 10, 11, 16 and 17. “I’m quite happy with where my game is at compared to where it was at the start of the week,” McIlroy told Sky Sports 2. “There is quite a bit to go, but scores like today and shots like that over the last three days definitely give me confidence. “I limited the mistakes. I made a lot

of birdies and eagles but I made a lot of bogeys too. “I’m a lot happier with where my game is and a lot happier for the next few weeks.” McIlroy will make just one more start before the Masters in April, but after a solid end to the tournament he was in no mood to alter his preparation. Woods will go in the first major of the year full of confidence after he won the event for a seventh time. The 37-year-old was firmly focused on winning in Miami. An impressive 19 footer on the second seemed to kickstart his round, and although an accurate approach on the third left him with a good shot at another birdie his putt ended up just to the left of the hole. However, at the fourth he made no mistake with the putter for his 26th birdie of the week. A wayward shot on the eighth saw him in woodland before another recovery led to par. A birdie at 10 extended Woods’ lead to six, while a two-putt at 12 made little difference to the outcome. After finding the sand at 16 Woods then found the rough before holing a bogey for his first dropped shot of the round. Another poor tee shot meant little on the last as he finished with another bogey.

Second-placed Stricker lost ground after a bogey on three, before moving back to 15 under with birdies at five and six, while others around dropped their game, Stricker upped his eight under par efforts at 10 and 13. McDowell birdied the opening two, but he was in trouble after finding the bunker twice on five to drop back to 15 under. He missed a good opportunity to close the gap on Woods when a midrange putt just missed on the eighth hole. A bogey at 11 was erased by a chipin at 13, while a birdie at 17 was cancelled out by a horrible double bogey on the last. Garcia had a solid final round with three birdies on the back nine soured by a bogey on the last to add to his his birdie four on the first. Mickelson made a fantastic start with birdies at one and two, but he dropped a shot on three after missing a relatively simple par putt. The four-time major winner made up for it on five, before an accurate approach on the eighth set up a birdie. Mickelson got sloppy with dropped shots on the ninth then 11th ending his challenge, as he shot a 71. Scott’s blemish-free final round saw him finish with eight birdies and 64, in what was his best round of the week.




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wAtCh It LIve STAR SPORTS AFC Champions League 2013 Buriram United vs. FC Seoul

04:25 PM

STAR SPORTS AFC Champions League 2013 Buriram United vs. FC Seoul

03:55 PM

STAR CRICKET 2012-13 Airtel Prof. D B Deodhar Trophy

08:20 AM

punjab Karate C’ship at Sahiwal LAHORE: Punjab Karate championship will be held from March 30 at Sahwail under the auspices of Punjab Karate Association. “In all, 18 districts of the province will show case their talent in the event which is both for men and women “,said Muhammad Bashir Butt, Secretary,PKA,while talking to APP here on Monday. He said Lahore will be defending the title in the two-day meet which aims at unearthing new talent to broaden the base of the game. He said the aim of holding of women championship is to pay special attention on promoting karate among female folk of the province. Secretary,PKA said men will be taking part in eight weight categories including 50kgs,55kgs,60kgs,65kgs, 75 kgs and above 75kgs,individual kata and team kata while women will be displaying their potential in 48ks,52kgs, above 52 kgs and individual kata. Former provincial minister for food, Malik Nadim Kamran will be the chief guest the prize distribution ceremony on April 31. STAFF REPORT

Sharapova, Radwanska advance at Indian Wells INDIAN WELLS AgENcIES

Former champion Maria Sharapova survived a tough battle with Spain’s Carla Suarez Navarro on Sunday, winning 7-5 6-3 to book her place in the fourth round of the BNP Paribas Open. The Russian world number three, seeded second at the elite WTA event, broke the Spaniard twice in a closely contested first set that featured several lengthy baseline rallies and lasted almost an hour. Sharapova then broke the Spaniard’s serve twice more in the second set, sealing victory in one hour 40 minutes when her 21st ranked opponent hit a forehand long. “That was a tough match,” Sharapova told reporters after winning her third round encounter on a sunny afternoon at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. “She’s a quality player and she’s capable of playing really good tennis.

“She’s dangerous. She’s beaten top players in grand slams before. She has a really solid game, a lot of variety, but she can hit the ball, as well. I certainly had some trouble today.” Sharapova, who landed her fourth grand slam singles crown at last year’s French Open, knows she needs to raise her game a few notches if she is to win her first WTA title of the season at Indian Wells. “There are a few things I definitely want to improve for the next one (match), but I was happy I got through on not a great day,” said the former world number one, who lost in the semi-finals at the Australian Open in January and also in Doha. The statuesque Sharapova, champion here in 2006, will next face Spaniard Lara Arruabarrena-vecino, who pulled off a minor upset by beating 14th-seeded Italian Roberta vinci 2-6 6-4 6-4. Third seed Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland was also given a tough workout,

overcoming Romania’s Sorana Cirstea 67 6-3 6-4, but fifth-seeded Czech Petra Kvitova advanced smoothly with a 6-2 76 win against Lesia Tsurenko of Ukraine. Sixthseeded Italian Sara Errani had to work a little harder than the 6-3 6-1 scoreline reflected as she beat Sweden’s Johanna Larsson to improve her winloss record for the year to 20-7. Errani, who clinched the seventh WTA title of her career in Acapulco last month, broke her opponent’s serve twice in

the opening set and three times in the second to win in one hour 21 minutes. “The score was 6-3 6-1 in the end, but for sure it wasn’t that easy a match,” said the 25-year-old Italian, who is known for her doubles prowess. “Many of the points were very long and she’s a very strong player. It was a much tougher match than the score.” Errani, who reached her first grand slam singles final at last year’s French Open, was delighted to become the first WTA player this season to post 20 match wins. “For sure I’m very happy about that,” Errani said with a smile. “I like competition much better than practice, so I play a lot of tournaments and a lot of matches. For the moment I’m doing well.”

Djoko, Murray made to sweat in Indian Wells INDIAN WELLS AgENcIES

World number one Novak Djokovic was taken to three sets as Fabio Fognini battled back in a hard-fought second round clash in the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. Djokovic, champion in Indian Wells in 2008 and 2011, had looked on course for a comfortable passage when his opponent failed to win a game in the opening set. The Serb had won 10 of the first 11 games when Fognini fought back to win the second set before Djokovic wrapped up a 6-0 5-7 6-2 victory. The win meant Djokovic took his un beaten 2013 record to 14-0 as he bids to add to the Australian Open and Dubai Duty Free titles. “Mentally I was there,” said Djokovic after the match. “Confidence level is high obviously because of the run I had this year. Game wise, everything works. I had a very bad game at 4-2, couple of unforced errors, got him back in the match. Next thing you know, we’re one set all and a couple of tight games.

“But look, I’m not concerned. I know I have been in this situation before where I had minor setbacks in a match, especially in the opening matches where I’m trying to

get used to the court, the conditions, and so forth. He’s a good player on this surface. “He loves playing on slow surfaces. He made me work. He made me earn my

points. In the end, I have done what I needed to do.” Andy Murray overcame an abysmal start to see off the challenge of unheralded Russian Evgeny Donskoy. Playing for the first time since losing the Australian Open final to Djokovic, the world number three found himself 5-1 down in the opening set against a player ranked 80 places below him. Murray recovered some composure but still dropped the first set before clawing his way back to win 5-7 6-2 6-2. “I wasn’t so concerned with the whole of the first set or the start of the match,” the Brit said on Sky Sports 4. “I went 5-1 down and after that I played pretty well. I had four or five break points at 5-5, didn’t quite get them and he came out with some big shots. “And the game where I got broken at 6-5, I maybe played one bad point. But he did come up with some big shots and big forehand winners so I was happy with the way I played after that, I created a lot of chances. “I haven’t played a lot of matches so I didn’t take the points as soon as I would

have liked, but I hit the ball well at the end of the match. “I hope I play better at each match. I haven’t played well here the last few years and I just need to get matches under my belt.” Murray’s third round opponent will be Yen-Hsun Lu of Chinese Taipei, who saw off Slovakian Martin Klizan 7-6 (7/5) 7-6 (7/5). Argentina’s Juan Martin Del Potro won 6-3 6-4 against Russian Nikolay Davydenko and Nicolas Almagro won 7-5 6-1 over fellow Spaniard Daniel GimenoTraver. Marin Cilic, seeded 12th here, reached the last 32 with a battling 7-6 (9-7) 6-2 win over Spain’s Albert Ramos while another seed, Mardy Fish, was also pushed hard in a 6-3 3-6 6-4 result against American compatriot Bobby Reynolds. However, two seeds fell at the secondround stage with Juan Monaco going down 7-5 6-0 to Marinko Matosevic and Jeremy Chardy succumbing 6-2 2-6 6-4 to Bjorn Phau. There were also wins for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Tommy Haas, Kei Nishikori, Carlos Berlocq, Sam Querrey and Grigor Dimitrov.

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EITERATING the government’s resolve to hold the forthcoming elections in a transparent manner, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Monday said change in a democratic country was only possible through ballot. The prime minister said this while separately meeting parliamentarians including Syed Inayat Ali Shah, Suraya Jatoi, and Qasim Ali Shah at the Prime’s

Minister House. He said the democratic government had served the people of Pakistan with devotion and commitment as the PPP believed in serving the nation. “Development work carried out in the last five years is unparalleled in the history of the country.” The premier emphasised the role of free, fair and transparent elections for a strong and durable democracy to take roots in the country. “Parliament has strengthened the Election Commission of Pakistan to ensure that the people’s choice is transparently reflected into the formation of government.” Ashraf said parliament was completing its constitutional term, which was an important milestone for attaining political and democratic maturity in Pakistan.

Separately, talking to Australian Prime Minister’s Special Envoy Air Chief Marshal (r) Angus Houston, who called on the prime minister, Ashraf said Pakistan was committed to eliminating human trafficking. Ashraf said Pakistan was committed to the Bali Process and eliminating sufferings caused due to human trafficking. Houston briefed Ashraf on the policies and efforts being made by the Australian government to check human trafficking and reiterated that Australia would work closely with Pakistan to reduce human trafficking. The envoy suggested that Pakistan raise its representation in the Bali Process to the ministerial level, which was accepted by the prime minister.

nisar sends names of opp’s nominees for interim pm to ashraf ISLAMABAD NNI

Opposition leader in the National Assembly Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan on Monday dispatched a letter to Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf proposing three names for caretaker PM. Source said the PM Secretariat had confirmed receiving the letter forwarded by Nisar. The proposed names include Justice (r) Nasir Aslam Zahid, Justice (r) Shakirullah Jan and Rasool Baksh Palejo. Nisar said one name out of the three would be dropped following discussion on March 16. He renounced the statement of Qamar Zaman Kaira regarding names of caretaker prime minister, saying his party could not propose names of Kaira and Jahangir Badar for interim PM. He said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) gave a positive response over the three names put forth by PML-N, adding that the PML-N did not give

any name from Punjab. The opposition leader said that a spokesperson of the federal government termed their given names as a joke. He said PML-N had also completed consultation over the name of caretaker chief minister in Punjab.

uS troops killed in afghan ‘insider attack’

Bangladesh cracks down on opp after violence

WARdAK: Two US soldiers in Afghanistan have been shot dead in a so-called insider attack, US and Afghan sources say. A number of Afghan troops also died in the shooting at a remote military base in Wardak province, not far from Kabul. The US military called the attack a “betrayal”. The killer - a member of the Afghan security forces - was shot dead at the scene. Last year more than 60 Nato troops were killed by Afghan security personnel or insurgents posing as them. The gunman - a member of the Afghan army or police opened fire as US special forces and Afghan commandos held an early morning meeting. Another 10 US troops were wounded, the US military said. The number of Afghan casualties has not been made public. The attacker was also killed and the US-led special operations task force said the area had been secured. Wardak province is the scene of particular tension between the Afghan authorities and US troops fighting Taliban militants. Afghan President Hamid Karzai had ordered US special forces to leave the province by the middle of this month because of allegations of torture and disappearances carried out by Afghan troops working with them. Earlier on Monday, police in Kabul said two civilian lorry drivers were killed and one wounded when they were fired on by an Isaf convoy. The international security force Isaf said soldiers had opened fire to protect themselves when the two drivers failed to comply with a warning. AgENcIES

dHAKA: Police said they had detained the deputy head of Bangladesh’s main opposition party and a string of top party officials in a major crackdown after clashes rocked the capital Dhaka on Monday. The arrests came after police in armoured vehicles fired rubber bullets to disperse opposition demonstrators, turning the streets of central Dhaka into a battleground for nearly an hour. Police stormed the headquarters of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and took into custody Fakhrul Islam Alamgir — who as acting secretary general is second in command of the party — and dozens of senior BNP officials and activists, driving them away in prison vans. “We’ve detained him (Alamgir),” Dhaka police spokesman Masudur Rahman told AFP. Other detained BNP leaders included its chief parliamentary whip, an ex-mayor of Dhaka and two former ministers including an exair force chief. “They attacked police and created panic and anarchy,” deputy police commissioner Mehedi Hasan told reporters, adding police broke open a room at the BNP headquarters and found 10 small homemade bombs. A spokesman for the BNP was not immediately available for comment. Police staged the arrests after at least four small homemade bombs exploded at the BNP rally which was being held in front of the party headquarters. The blasts triggered clashes between about 5,000 brick- and rock-throwing BNP supporters and police who responded by firing rubber bullets. AgENcIES Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

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E-paper PakistanToday 12th March, 2013  

E-paper PakistanToday 12th March, 2013

E-paper PakistanToday 12th March, 2013  

E-paper PakistanToday 12th March, 2013