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If govt wants to stay in office, it has to write the letter, says Asma

Bangladesh’s 1971 war crimes ‘mastermind’ arrested




The coalition government on Wednesday softened its stance on writing a letter to Swiss authorities in compliance with the apex court verdict on the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) to reopen the corruption cases against President Asif Ali Zardari after it was advised so. A wellplaced source told Pakistan Today that senior Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) leader Aitzaz Ahsen had advised President Zardari to review his stance over the issue while the leaders of coalition parties had also pressed the government to do so. “Aitzaz Ahsen has advised the president through some intermediaries to review his stance on writing a letter to Swiss authorities, failing which, the apex court may appoint a commission under Article 187 of the constitution to get its orders implemented,” said the source. Article 187 says: “The Supreme Court shall have power to issue such directions, orders or decrees as may be necessary for doing complete justice in any case or matter pending before it, including an order for the purpose of securing the attendance of any person or the discovery or production of any document.” The source added that Ahsen also conveyed to the president that if a commission was formed by the apex court, the commission would exercise powers on behalf of the government and it might write a letter to the Swiss authorities on behalf of the government. The source said that in view of the advice, the president had directed all party leaders to avoid using strong language against the court or military leadership and it was decided that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) would be Continued on page 04


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Govt softens stance on writing letter to Swiss authorities

Mitt Romney roars ahead with second US vote victory

thursday, 12 January, 2012 Safar 17, 1433

Not oN the same page! ISLAMABAD



he standoff deepens. The simmering relations between the civil and military establishments seemingly reached the point of no-return on Wednesday with all eyes set on Constitution Avenue to monitor any unusual movement in view of a confrontation between the government and the army, as the General headquarters (GhQ) sturdily reacted to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s statement wherein he had unambiguously charged Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha with violating the constitution while submitting their responses to the Supreme Court in the memo case. “Any expectation that the COAS will not state the facts is neither constitutional nor legal. Allegiance to the State and the Constitution is and will always re-



iSPr warns PM of serious ramifications of comments regarding army chief and iSi dG Gilani sacks defence secy, gives additional charge to Nargis Sethi

main prime consideration for the respondent (the COAS), who, in this case, has followed the book,” the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement, unmistakably conveying to the prime minister that the COAS had not violated the constitution and also suggesting that the position of the COAS on the memo issue would remain unchanged. This also removed the ambiguity, if there was any, that the question of national security, understandably in the context of the memo, would be compromised by the army. The already perilous situation turned even more tense when the prime minister, after the ISPR issued a strongly-worded statement, sacked Defence Secretary Lt General (r) Khalid Naeem

Lodhi for also not following the rules of business in the memo case. As the prime minister gave his favourite and trusted bureaucrat Nargis Sethi, instead of a retired general as was the practice since long, the additional charge of defence secretary, it appeared as if the government would remove the two top generals as well by withdrawing the notifications granting them extensions in service as the COAS and the ISI director general. Another coincidence, which added to the already volatile situation and suggested that it was a matter of hours before ‘the boots’ marched, was the appointment of Brigadier Sarfaraz Ali as commander of the 111 Brigade, which always played a pivotal role in military takeovers. Though it was a routine posting as the present commander of the 111 Brigade had been posted out on his promotion as major general, it was, however, also seen in the context of the developments that took place on Wednesday. Continued on page 04

14 FC men killed in Turbat attack QUETTA: At least 14 personnel, including two junior commissioned officers, of the Frontier Corps Balochistan were killed and nine others received bullet injuries in an armed attack by Baloch militants close to the Iranian border in Turbat district on Wednesday. The Baloch Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the attack. While confirming the incident, official sources said 14 security personnel were on their way to their post in Kallag Wakai area from Buleda after buying eatables when around two dozen armed men opened indiscriminate fire on them close to the mountainous area in Nawano. The attack was so sudden that the FC men could not retaliate immediately, resulting in heavy casualties. Following the assault, the attackers fled the scene along with weapons and walkie-talkie sets of the paramilitary forces. On November 21, Baloch militants attacked a convoy of Frontier Corps Balochistan and killed 15 personnel, including an army major. Gowaram Baloch, spokesman for the Baloch Liberation Front, claimed that 35 personnel were killed and more than 20 had been injured. Shahzada zulfiqar

government pitting state institutions against each other, says nawaz Sharif

Page 22 Legal experts rule out any adventure by army

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012


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04 News

Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Govt seeks refuge in NA ISLAMABAD



N anticipation of an ‘onslaught’ from the judiciary and the military, the government has decided to take refuge behind the parliament’s cordon as it has summoned a National Assembly session here today, but it is for sure that the move has little potential to change the ground realities and the government would have no option other than to implement the Supreme Court’s National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) verdict in its entirety. It is likely that the government and its allied parties will pass a resolution in the unusual session of the Lower house to express confidence in the president, prime minister, parliament and democracy in order to put the judiciary and military on the back foot in the continuing tug-of-war between the civilian and mili-

Police arrest ‘ransom money’ scammer LAHORE IMRAN ADNAN

A fraud scheme to collect funds using conventional media and social networks ostensibly for ‘ransom money’ came to an end on Wednesday when Rawalpindi Police, responding to news reports, investigated the matter and registered a case against Shamsul Anwar, the father of a so-called unfortunate girl named Madina Anwar, who was reportedly ‘kidnapped for ransom’ by a terrorist outfit. Nasirabad Police Chowki Supervisor and Investigation Officer Sub-Inspector Awais Akram told Pakistan Today that on media reports, police initiated an investigation into the alleged kidnapping on Wednesday. During interrogation, police found that Shamsul Anwar fabricated the story to make money off of public sympathies. he revealed that Shamsul Anwar, in connivance with some accomplices in the media, fabricated a heart-rending story which was then carried in news reports. he said Anwar’s daughter had also been found from a neighbouring house and police had arrested him after registering a case of fraud (number 22/12) under Section 420, 499, 500 and 504 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). Akram said when police contacted Anwar, he repeated the same story, which had also appeared in various newspapers. however, when the top cops of Rawalpindi Police interrogated him and asked him for the number from which he was receiving calls for ransom, he failed to give any specific numbers saying that the number never appeared on his mobile phone and it always appeared as “no number” on his screen.

tary leadership. But under all circumstances, the move has little potential to help the beleaguered government and change the ground realities as resolutions cannot stand in the way of Supreme Court decisions. The government has summoned the session of the National Assembly foreseeing an ‘attack’ from the judiciary and the military, as it has locked horns with these institutions on several issues and the tempers seem to be very high on both sides. All the options available to the 5-member bench of the Supreme Court against ‘willful disobedience’ of and non-compliance with some parts of the judgement issued by the apex court in the case of Dr Mobashir hassan (NRO implementation case) clearly suggest that the government would be on losing end. The options that the court may take against the government have narrowed the margins for the

government’s survival unless it complies with the orders. None of the options available with the SC give any breathing room to the government as President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari, Law Minister Maula Bux Chandio and Law Secretary Masood Chishti are in the line of fire because of their delinquent attitude. Apart from paying the price in political terms, these five people may also lose their right to hold public office if the apex court goes ahead with these options, as the government still seems to be sticking to its previous position on political and judicial matters. One of the options available with the SC gives a little room to President Zardari, which says: “Although in the present proceedings nobody has so far raised the issue per-

Hustle and bustle intensifies after govt-army row ISLAMABAD IRFAN BUKHARI

The federal government’s standoff with the judiciary and military on Wednesday sent shock waves in the political circles triggering increased political activity in which all major parties not only held intra-party consultations but also interacted with one another to find a solution to break the impasse. At a time when PML-N leaders were meeting in Lahore to discuss the situation after the Supreme Court’s (SC) NRO verdict and the PM’s decision to sack the defence secretary in reaction to an unusually harsh ISPR press release, PPP leaders including Khurshid Shah, Naveed Qamar and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf visited JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman to seek his support. Fazl advised the PPP leaders not to confront the judiciary and write a letter to Swiss authorities in pursuance of SC orders. The PML-Q took a position with its president Chaudhry Shujaat hussain saying that his party was not backing the government but would stand for principles. Shujaat said that the defence secretary had not violated the law but the rules of business. “The government should have shown magnanimity on this,” he said, adding that his party

would discuss this issue today (Thursday). The PML-N also summoned a joint meeting of its parliamentary party and central working committee in Islamabad today (Thursday). The PML-N also decided to contact all political parties, including the PPP’s allies to save the democratic system from collapsing. It was for the first time in the last three years that the PML-N decided to reach out to all political parties, including the PML-Q and the MQM. Perturbed over the tension between state institutions particularly after reports that the military had changed the 111 Brigade commander immediately after the PM’s decision to sack the defence secretary, PPP’s coalition partners, including the MQM and PML-Q called their consultation meetings. The ANP is also holding a meeting today (Thursday) to devise the party’s future political strategy. The government’s swift and harsh reaction to the ISPR press release by sacking the defence secretary pushed the PPP allies to give second thoughts to their commitments of backing the government. PML-Q sources said that the party would not become part of PPP’s confrontation with the judiciary and military and the Chaudhrys were consistently advising President Zardari to avoid collision with institutions.

Pagara to be laid to rest today KARACHI App

Pir Sahib of Pagara will be laid to rest in his ancestral town today (Thursday), as Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah declared a public holi-

day across the province on January 12 and announced a three-day mourning. The chief of the Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML-F) and spiritual head of hurs had passed away in London on Tuesday.

taining to the protections contemplated by Article 248 of the constitution, yet if anybody likely to be affected by exercise of these options by this Court wishes to be heard on that question then an opportunity may be afforded to him in that respect before exercise of any of these options.” Commenting on the reopening of Swiss case against President Zardari in the context of the court orders, senior lawyer Babar Sattar said Zardari enjoyed sovereign immunity as long as he was president. he said no sovereign state could try the head of another sovereign state. Coming to the application of Article 248, Sattar said President Zardari enjoyed absolute immunity under the constitution. The president could not be tried under criminal proceedings and in case some cases were registered against him earlier and were under trial now, that would also come to a halt as long as he was president.

Senate body rejects arms policy ISLAMABAD STAFF RepoRT

The Senate Standing Committee on Interior on Wednesday rejected the policy framed by the Interior Ministry to issue arms’ licences of prohibited and non-prohibited bores, calling it “as confused as the high ups of the ministry” dealing with the issue. The committee observed that the policy was full of flaws and loopholes, as one could retain more than one weapons on a single licence number issued by the authorities concerned. “how you would maintain the record of ammunition released to an individual by an arms dealer or register changes of weapons on a computerised card,” the committee questioned, and found no answer from both the Interior Ministry and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). The officials concerned admitted grey areas in the policy and told that they were working to fill the gaps.

ECP to form political finance wing to verify MPs’ assets ISLAMABAD STAFF RepoRT

In a major development, the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) on Wednesday decided to form a political finance wing for verifying details of the assets and liabilities of lawmakers. earlier, the eCP had no mechanism to verify the statement of assets and liabilities submitted by parliamentarians. The decision of forming the political finance wing was taken in a meeting held with eCP Secretary Ishtiak Ahmad Khan in the chair.

Not on the same page! Continued fRoM page 1 While the situation on the ground remained normal, the in-house consultations in Rawalpindi and Islamabad continued to evaluate the responses and counterresponses with uncertainty gripping the whole country. As the tension between the army and the government continued to increase, the international media closely watched the situation and the diplomatic missions in Islamabad also keenly observed the developments. With the civil and military leadership seemingly facing off, the political parties also got alarmed and started inter- and intraparty consultations in view of the situation that was being feared would end up in a confrontation between the state institutions, threatening the democratic process in the country at a time when the memo issue was already about to take its toll as the COAS and the ISI DG were not ready to soften their positions and the government also not showing any signs of giving in. The National Assembly will meet today and the prime minister is expected to make a speech on the situation. Similarly, General Kayani has also called a meeting of his Principle Staff Officers (PSOs) at the GhQ today. The ISPR’s statement did carry a strong message for the government and it appeared to have also been received well with the prime minister and some ministers later in the evening, explaining the government’s position to defuse the situation seeing the mood of the oppo-

sition parties and particularly that of the coalition partners, which did not robustly come forward in support of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and its leadership against the army. The ISPR statement referred to the prime minister’s interview with a Chinese newspaper wherein he had, inter alia, termed the responses given by the COAS and the ISI DG in the memo case to the Supreme Court “unconstitutional and illegal”. “There can be no allegation more serious than what the honourable Prime Minister has leveled against the COAS and the ISI DG and has unfortunately charged the officers for violation of the Constitution of the Country. This has very serious ramifications with potentially grievous consequences for the country,” the ISPR said. The ISPR rejected the prime minister’s statement as false, reminding him of a press release issued by his own office after his meeting with the COAS on December 16. The PM house’s statement had said: “The Prime Minister and the Army Chief also agreed that replies forwarded by the COAS and DG ISI were in response to the notice of the honourable Court, through proper channel and in accordance with the rules of business and should not be misconstrued as a standoff between the Army and the government.” What made the GhQ react so strongly was that if the government had not agreed to the COAS and the ISI DG filing their responses to the Supreme Court, why had it not objected to this at that time instead of the

prime minister making a statement more than three weeks after they had submitted their responses, and that too in an interview with a foreign newspaper, charging the two top generals with violation of the constitution. The ISPR also categorically stated that the COAS and the ISI DG, in their response to the Supreme Court, were obliged to state facts as known to them on the memo issue. “The issue of jurisdiction and maintainability of the petitions was between the Supreme Court and the Federation,” the ISPR said. The ISPR referred to the prime minister’s statement, which, it said, did not take into account important facts: i) the COAS and the ISI DG were cited as respondents in the petitions as such and after hearing the parties the Supreme Court served notices directly to the respondents. This was not objected to by the attorney general of Pakistan; ii) the responses by the respondents were sent to the Ministry of Defence for onward submission to the Supreme Court, through the attorney general (Law Ministry); iii) a letter was also dispatched to the attorney general and the Supreme Court informing that the replies had been submitted to the Ministry of Defence; iv) it is emphasised that copies of the statements of the two respondents were not forwarded directly to the Supreme Court; v) responsibility for moving summaries and obtaining approvals of the competent authority thereafter lay with the relevant ministries and not with the respondents.

Govt softens stance Continued fRoM page 1 targeted instead as it was none other than PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif who had moved the apex court on the memo controversy. Meanwhile, PPP leaders started a consultation process with opposition leaders and in this regard, Religious Affairs Minister Syed Khurshid Shah and Raja Parvez Ashraf held a meeting with Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Fazlur Rehman and discussed the possibility of writing a letter to Swiss authorities.

After the meeting, Fazl told reporters that there was no harm in writing a letter to Swiss authorities and the government should review its stance in this regard. The PPP leaders stressed the need to forge unity among political forces to ensure the supremacy of parliament. Shah and Ashraf said the PPP did not want confrontation among state institutions. “The prime minister does not want confrontation either with the court or any other institution. We don’t believe in confrontation,” he said.

Kayani spoke to me Continued fRoM page 24 “On receipt of a secret report on the fraudulent activities of Khurram Rasool, Nargis Sethi, the then principal secretary to the prime minister, on the instructions of the prime minister, directed the FIA to immediately initiate an enquiry into the allegation of fraud committed by Khur-

ram Rasool. During the course of enquiry conducted by the FIA, it transpired that Rasool had deceitfully extracted the said amount from Pervez hussain in connivance with his accomplices Shahid Mehmood, Zafar Jawed and Ghulam Ghouse,” he said. The spokesman said consequently, an FIR no 5/2011 was lodged by FIA

Shah said further that Yousaf Raza Gilani was a unanimously elected prime minister and according to the constitution, he did not need to seek a vote of confidence from the National Assembly. Shah also ruled out the election of a new prime minister. “The government is not going to sack the army chief and he will complete his tenure,” he said, adding that the country could not afford confrontation among state institutions. Ashraf said the dismissal of the defence secretary was a “routine matter”. Commercial Banking Circle, Islamabad, on March 11, 2011 on the complaint of Nargis Sethi. his services as media coordinator were terminated forthwith. The spokesman said these facts clearly prove that not only the FIR was lodged by the principal secretary to the prime minister but the Prime Minister’s Secretariat had been pursuing the case ever since.

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012

‘Rulers are on a looting spree’ PaGE 08


Not everything is fair about ’s forced outages g

Sources say PEPCO deliberately trying to create problems for Punjab govt by supplying only half of the required power, carrying out unscheduled outages at odd times LAHORE



OMe higher ups in Ministry of Power are deliberately creating problem for the Punjab government by deliberately cutting down supply and carrying out unscheduled outages, which is increasing public anger and disappointment, Pakistan Today has learnt. highly placed sources in the ministry said the demand had reduced in the country and there was no point of conducting unscheduled load shedding but even then Pakistan electric Power Company (PePCO) was carrying it out. They said during the

summ e r N a tional Power Control Centre’s (NPCC) excuse was the extra burden on the system but this

was not the case during winter. This attitude of PePCO and NPCC is causing disappointment in people and they were blaming the Punjab government, they said. The power shortfall also increased on Wednesday and crossed 6,000MW in the country resulting

in long hours of power closure. ODD TIMINGS: Interestingly, sources said, the NPCC opted for the oddest times for forced load shedding including carrying outages early in the morning or in the evening. For instance, the forced load shedding is carried out in Lahore at 7am to 8am or sometimes from 7:30am to 9pm, they said, adding that this was the time when everyone is getting ready for schools and offices. Similarly, outages during the evening from 6pm to 10 pm were the hallmark of PePCO and NPCC these days, they said, adding that during this time people return home and are looking forward to being comfortable. It is pertinent to mention that last year, PePCO adhered to a load shedding schedule but this year all outages are forced. The current wave of load shedding started in the last week of December 2011 and it will continue till funds are not issued to the IPPs by the Ministry of Finance. NOT STICKING TO PLAN: Lahore electric Supply Company (LeSCO) sources said a couple of weeks ago LeSCO received a shut down plan of eight hours for the city of Lahore and 10 hours for rural areas but currently there is no schedule and power could be closed at any time. “Power can be cut at any time and restored at any time,” said an official at Kot Lakhpat Grid Station. he said during summer the grid stations were closed over the pretext of extra load on system but now there is no such situation. “Unscheduled and forced load shedding during summer is carried out by NPCC to save the transmission system but in the winter there is no load and no point of carrying out forced load shedding,” he added. LAHORE THE MAIN VICTIM: LeSCO official seeking anonymity said currently Lahore was worst hit by load shedding, as it was being supplied with 1,100MW only while its demand was 2,000-2,100MW. he confirmed that there is no load management plan and power could be closed by The NPCC at any time. NPCC General Manager System Operation Muhammad Masood Akhtar did not attend his phone despite repeated contacts.

ambulances could herald death! LAHORE SHAFIQ SHARIF

In the wake of recent terror threat, the Lahore Police has restricted the entry of private ambulances during mourning procession on the Chehlum of hazrat Imam hussain (RA) and on the Urs of hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh (RA). Well placed sources in security branch of Lahore Police told Pakistan Today on Wednesday that that Lahore Police has been directed to keep private ambulances away from the venue. Sources said the decision was made by the top cops in order to avoid any terrorist attack on the procession and at Data Darbar on January 15. Sources said the top cops had received some unconfirmed reports that terrorist attacks on the Chehlum of hazrat Imam hussain (RA) and on the Urs of hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh (RA) could be carried out using private ambulances. Sources told that top cops of Lahore Police in order to stop terrorists from carrying out any terrorist activity, have directed their subordinates to keep a vigilant look out on the entry of suspicious ambulances in the city. Top cops have also directed policemen deputed at entry exit points to check every private ambulance individually so that terrorists do not sneak into the city using different vans that resemble ambulances. The officers have also been asked to ignore the problems that any patient could face if such a scenario were to emerge and to ensure that the vans were checked thoroughly. Members of Shia Sects involved in making security arrangements for holding peaceful processions on the chehlum of hazrat Imam hussain (RA) told Pakistan Today that Lahore

Lahore Police receives a tip-off that ambulances could be used for terror attacks on Ali Hajveri’s (RA) Urs, Imam Hussain’s (RA) chelum Police had also directed volunteers of haidriya Scouts and Mukhtar Force to keep an eye on ambulances. Sources said police officials have also directed members of Sunni Tehreek to remain vigilant and check every suspicious

vehicles trying to entering in the procession of Urs venue in the guise of ambulance. Sources in Lahore Police said the decision could be a result of failed efforts of Lahore Police in tracing an ambulance of Ammar hospital which was lifted by

unknown criminals from the hospital in October 2011. Sources said police officials attached with security wing were quite conscious about the missing dumper of WASA too that was also lifted by the robbers back in year 2011 and was not traced or recovered by the police investigators. earlier Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Ahmad Raza Tahir said the Lahore Police would remain on high alert in order to maintain peaceful atmosphere and harmony in the provincial metropolis while more than 5,000 police Jawans would provide security cover, while armed personnels would also be deputed to ensure peace. CCPO ordered special surveillance and checking of all hotels, inns and bus and wagon stands to ward off any possibility of subversion and to ensure law and order on the occasions of the chelum and the urs. Tahir also directed that all entry and exit points of the city will be covered and roof top deployment will be made on different routes. Tahir directed that parking be made at a safe distance, preferably 200 meter, from the venue of the processions and the urs, whereas mobile squads, motor bikes and cars of elite Force would also be deployed on these occasions. CCPO said the crises management centres had also been established in the city, which would function round the clock, while a special control room had also been set up in the office of CCPO for coordination between various agencies.

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06 Lahore

Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Bottom falls out from under PRSP’s polio initiative g

Four of six cases reported in southern Punjab, where PRSP fails to deliver despite getting huge funds in CM’s rural healthcare plan LAHORE



ISTRICT health establishments and Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP) combined have failed to control the spread of polio virus as six new cases have appeared in Punjab in 2011, Pakistan Today has learnt. As per UNICeF’s reports, Pakistan is one of the worst countries in the world regarding polio as nearly 200 positive cases have been reported across the country. Sources in the health Department revealed that the PRSP has signed an agreement with the government under the chief minister’s initiative in primary health care. They said the PRSP has agreed to run a community based system and to make all primary health systems “more efficient” in the 12 districts of Southern Punjab. however, they said the programme had failed to deliver and control the disease because four out of six reported positive cases were in districts which come under the PRSP. As per details, two cases in Vehari, one is Lodhran and one in Rahim Yar Khan appeared last year, all under the PRSP.



CiNE STaR PH: 35157462


CiNE GolD PH: 35340000 Sozo woRlD PH: 36674271 Sozo GolD PH: 36674271 PaF CiNEMa PH: 36688880

“They have hired social organisers on very high salaries, who are supposed to go in the villages to convince people to get their children vaccinated, but on the contrary, the social organisers are not being utilised and mostly sit in offices and do clerical work,” they said, adding that the entire effort is “wasted” if 30 or 40 children in every village are dropped and not vaccinated. “That is the reason of the cases all of which have been reported in rural areas of southern Punjab…the situation would have been different if the communities had been mobilised,” they added. Young Doctors Association (YDA) General Secretary Dr Salman Kazmi said the government should take notice of the situation as it spends billions of rupees to curb polio, which was spreading like it always had before. he further said India had reported only one case last year while Pakistan had 193 cases, clearly showing the country’s “inability” to handle a curable disease. he said the contract of the PRSP should be “terminated” considering the poor performance. however, Punjab health Secretary Jehanzaib Khan said global efforts were needed to curb the polio virus and it is “unfortunate” that cases have yet again been

TiME 11:30 aM 2:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:30 PM 10:30 aM 12:00 PM 3:00 PM 6:00 PM 9:00 PM 12:00 aM 12:00 PM 02:45 PM 05:30 PM 08:30 PM 11:00 PM 12:30 PM 03:00 PM 05: 45 PM 08: 15 PM 10: 45 PM 2:30 PM 5:00 PM 7:30 PM 10:00 PM

reported in Punjab “despite our utmost efforts”. To a question, he said the agreement that the government signed with the PRSP includes only “curative and not preventive” side and the prevention has been a duty of the district establishments of the health Department. “A few months back we noticed the lack of coordination as a result of the diarchy and removed it…now both sides have been given to the PRSP since then… nonetheless it is unfortunate that new cases have appeared,” he added.

lhC rules against rCSPB chairman appointment LAHORE STAFF RepoRT

The Lahore high Court on Wednesday issued notices for January 18 to the Punjab Governor who also serves as the Red Crescent Society Provincial Branch (RCSPB) President and other respondents to a petition challenging the appointment of the RCSPB Chairman. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah passed the order on a petition filed by Liaqat Ali Chishti and others members of the RCSPB managing committee challenging the chairman’s appointment. The petitioners’ counsel Waqar A Sheikh said the Punjab Governor replaced the former RCSPB chairman Mian Muhammad hanif with Zahid Bashir on January 7, on political grounds. he submitted that the governor could appoint the chairman only with the consent of the managing committee. however, the governor did not take any advice from the committee before appointing Bashir. he contended that the removal of hanif was against the Pakistan Red Crescent Act and should be declared il-

legal. After hearing the arguments the court issued notices to the respondents and adjourned the hearing till January 18. – ISSUES SHOw CAUSE NOTICE TO ExCISE DIRECTOR: The Lahore high Court issued a show cause notice on Wednesday to Faisalabad excise Director Munawar Ahmad Kharal on a contempt petition. Justice Muhammad Khalid Mehmood Khan passed the order on a petition filed by Faisalabad Division excise Inspector Muhammad hussain.The petitioner submitted through his counsel that he was transferred from Faisalabad to Sargodha after he identified financial embezzlement in the department. he said he approached the LhC which suspended the transfer order. however, the officials concerned had not complied with the court’s orders. The petitioner’s counsel asked the court to initiate contempt proceedings against the respondents, including Kharal. The court after hearing the arguments issued a show cause notice and summoned the director to explain his position on February 8.

‘You have 24 hours to catch the killer’ LAHORE: A general house meeting of the Lahore high Court bar Association (LhCBA) on Wednesday demanded of the Punjab government to arrest killers of Advocate Nassarullah Warriach within next 24 hours and punish them strictly under the law of the land. The meeting, which was convened on a requisition submitted by Advocate Shahzad Khadam Manday, condemned the murder and expressed heart felt condolences to his family. The bar members also offered prayed for the deceased. The bar assured the family of the slain advocate that all steps would be taken to get the killers punished. The meeting presided over by LhCBA President Asghar Ali Gill was attended by a large number of lawyers who assailed the deteriorating law and order situation in the country. LhCBA Secretary Malik Arsahd Awan, Advocate Mirza Naseer Ahmed and many other notable lawyers attended the meeting. STAFF RepoRT

Health Dept hiring for unsanctioned post LAHORE: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) said in a statement on Wednesday the post of the Institute of Public health (IPh) dean is neither sanctioned nor budgeted. The statement added that the Punjab health Department was either “incompetent” or “ignorant” as it was advertising that it was hiring for the post. It said the department wanted to award a “blue-eyed” candidate a post with a salary package of about Rs 0.5 million per month. PMA leaders, including Dr M Tanveer Anwar, Dr Izhar Ahmed Ch, Dr Shahid Malik, Prof M Ashraf Nizami, Dr ehsan ur Rehman, Dr Yasmin ehsan, Dr Sabahat habib Khan and Dr Salman Kazmi condemned the incompetence of the health Department and said it was against the government policy to shift to the regular mode of appointment from the contract mode. The statement alleged that the bureaucracy was destroying the institutions by providing incorrect facts and figures to the chief minister. It said the IPh has 9 sanctioned posts for professors, at which only 4 are working in closed cadre. According to the law one of the IPh professors should be assigned as the dean. however, the health department appointed a regular associate professor as the dean. The PMA office-bearers demanded that the chief minister take notice of the health department’s “irregularity” and to fill all the vacant posts. They also requested that the unjust transfer of Dr Zulfiqar Baig, an M Phil program student, be reverted immediately. STAFF RepoRT

Urs of Data Gunj Bakhsh to begin on Friday LAHORE App

The 968th annual three-day urs celebrations of hazrat Ali Bin Usman Alhajveri, popularly known as Data Gunj Bakhsh, will begin at his shrine from January 13 (Friday). Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif will inaugurate the urs celebrations, said Punjab Minister for Auqaf haji ehsanuddin Qureshi while addressing a press conference at Data Darbar Complex on Wednesday. he said the Auqaf Department had allocated Rs 7.1 million for making adequate arrangements on the occasion and providing facilities to the devotees. he said, about 500 mashaikh, sajjadgaan and religious scholars would participate in the urs besides 200 spiritual personalities including Sajada Nasheen hazrat Moeenuddin Chisti Ajmairi of Ajmair Sharif (India), Syed Muhammad Bilal Chisti, Pir Sarwar Chisti and Dewan Syed Tahir Nizami Sajada Nasheen of hazrat Khawaja Nizamuddin Aulia.

No more living on the Ravi


The Punjab government has imposed an immediate ban on Wednesday on the construction of new houses along the banks of the River Ravi. heavy fines will be imposed on violators and they might be put behind bars, official sources said. It is pertinent to mention that thousands of families had been constructing houses illegally along the river’s banks and various government agencies failed to check this illegal practice. According to a survey, hundreds of families are now residing on the dry river bed, without considering the danger of a sudden rise in the water level. An IRSA department official said there are strong chances that large scale damages may occur if India releases water into the river. he said the mushrooming of the population close to the Ravi could be dangerous, especially in summers. According to a source of the City District Government, a strong land mafia is operating with an interest to construct more ‘katchi abadis’ in the area.

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Lahore 07 Safari Park’s 25 peacocks fall victim to ‘New Castle’ LAHORE App

The ‘New Castle Disease’ is behind the deaths of 25 out of the 200 peacocks of the Lahore Safari Park. Talking to APP on Wednesday, Zoo Safari Director Yousaf Pall said no bird flu symptoms were detected. he stated that doctors from the University of Veterinary Sciences and the Lahore Zoo were also contacted to search for ways to curb the disease which is fairly common among animals. he added that their suggestions would be implemented to save the lives of other animals.

Rotary Club donates medical equipment LAHORE STAFF RepoRT

So YoU ARe A TRAFFIC WARDeN NoW, eH? A police inspector questions a beggar who was going around wearing the traffic police cap close to Data Darbar. ONliNe

PTI welcomes more PML-N, PML-Q leaders to its fold LAHORE



ORMeR Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) member national assembly (MNA) from Mianwali Inam Ullah Niazi on Wednesday joined the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) and said that under the supervision of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, he would continue his struggle for the sovereignty of the country. In a press conference at the PTI chairman’s Zaman Park residence, Inam Ullah Niazi, who is also a cousin of Imran Khan, said that his family had been affiliated with the PML-N for the last 70 years. he said that he had sacrificed greatly for the party but the party lead-

ers had disappointed him in return. Former minister Sabtain Khan and other politicians also joined PTI, along with Inam Ullah. PTI Chairman Imran Khan welcomed the new entrants to the party. Meanwhile, former provincial minister Abdul Aleem Khan would join the PTI on Thursday (today) and would host a luncheon in the honuor of PTI Chairman Imran Khan at his residence in Defense, said a press release on Wednesday. Besides Aleem Khan, former members provincial assembly (MPAs) Shoaib Siddiqui and Chaudhry Talib, former town nazims Faraz Ahmad and Mian Javaid would also join the PTI. Aleem Khan had earlier resigned from the Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid (PML-Q) on January 1.

lost SHo found LAHORE STAFF RepoRT

Wahdat Colony Police Station ShO Yasir Abbas, who went missing two days back, was recovered with multiple injuries from Moon Market Iqbal Town on Wednesday.

The ShO’s father Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool lodged a complaint with Gulshan Ravi Police Station two days back in which he suspected that his son had been kidnapped on January 8. Ghulam Rasool in his complaint claimed that on January 8, his son returned from Mangi Mandi at his home in Gulshan Colony located in Gulshan-e-Ravi Area after which Yasir Abbas left his home and never returned. On Wednesday, Yasir was found lying along the roadside in Moon Market area with multiple injuries. Yasir was also found mentally distorted too. Some locals after seeing the ShO informed rescue officials, who after reaching the scene shifted the Yasir Abbas to the Jinnah hospital for medical aid. Police registered a case against the unknown kidnappers for kidnapping Yasir Abbas under section 365 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). Investigators have started investigating the matter. Investigator believes that Yasir Abbas was not kidnapped by anyone and it looks as if he had staged a drama in order to save himself from a departmental inquiry that was initiated against him on the orders of top cops. Investigators said that it would be early to say anything as investigation in the matter will only help them in revealing the real story. It was reported that Yasir was found in embezzling booty which he had recovered from three proclaimed offenders. he was also wanted by the police in connection with an inquiry being conducted against him on the charges of embezzlement.

The Lahore Garrison Rotary Club and the Fatima Jinnah Medical College (FJMC) organised a Seminar on Mother and Child health to celebrate the Quaid-e-Azam Day at the FJMC Auditorium. The Club presented medical equipment to FJMC/Sir Ganga Ram hospital as a part of its Matching Grant. The Rotary Foundation provided the grant in partnership with the Rotary Club of Gladbeck-Kirchhellen, Germany and the Rotary Club of espanola, USA. Former Rotary Club District Governor Shehzad Ahmed and club President Asif Khawaja presented the equipment to Principal Prof Dr Rakhshanda Rehman. Papers were also presented on Reproductive health, Safe Motherhood and Child Care by Dr Rakhshanda Manzoor, Dr Mariam Richards and Dr Naveed Asghar respectively. The event was attended by District Governor elect Anthony Richards, Secretary Shaheen Ahmed as well as Rotarians, Innerwheel members, and the FJMC/Sir Ganga Ram hospital students and faculty. District Governor Anthony Richards informed the participants about the work done by the club globally.

CM condoles Pagara’s death LAHORE App

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday expressed sorrow and grief over the sad demise of veteran politician Pir Sahib Pagara. In a condolence message, he paid rich tribute to the seasoned politician for his services to the cause of democracy and said that he would be remembered forever.

Gone are the days when letters were written LAHORE App

The growing use of internet and cellular phones has cut deep into the revenues of the Pakistan Post but the department is fighting back through innovative schemes to raise its income. Punjab Post Master General Fakir Syed Shahyaruddin said, “The department has lost up to 30 percent of its revenues to the use of internet and cell phones, while the sale of eid cards and its postage had practically dropped.” Despite this situation, he said that the department had a profitable 2011. he was of the view that vacant lands under the department in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and other principal cities of the country could earn crores of rupees through commercial use. The PMG said, “The postal authority intends to launch a scheme similar to those of banks for the transmission of money electronically for the benefit of the public.”

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08 Lahore

Thursday, 12 January, 2012

‘Rulers are on a looting spree’




0C 04 low

PTi chief warns of imminent bloodshed if the rulers did not take notice of people’s plight





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BlooD BaNk FaTMiD iSlaMiC alliaNCE

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CoMPlaiNT waPDa SUi GaS



AKISTAN Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday said the rulers were accumulating assets and looting resources of the country, while people were dying due to poverty. he was addressing the media at the launching ceremony of his book ‘Main aur Mera Pakistan’ at Aiwan-e-Iqbal. PTI Information Cell chief Ishtiaq Malik, Senior Journalist and editor Daily Pakistan Mujib-ur-Rahman Shami, Columnist haroon-ur-Rashid and a large number of party workers were present on the occassion. Imran said the faith in Allah had changed his life and he would try to make Pakistan a state following the ideology of Quaid-e-Azam. he said the PPP and PML-N disappointed the people, adding that both the parties had become a family affair and there was no opportunity for a common man to become the leader. Imran said he did not see a leader like Javed hashmi during the last 40 years, but he could not get a space in his former party as new generation of the Sharifs and also of the Zardaris had come to take control of their respective parties. he said a leader should have a strong will power, as those with fears could not lead the people, adding that he believed in Allah and would not compromise on the sovereignty of the country. he said the some people had always criticised him and claimed that he could not play cricket, while they said he was incapable of running the Shaukat Khanam hospital, adding that people also clamoured that he could not do politics, but the masses saw that the Pakistanis supported his agenda and wanted a change in the country. Imran said he wrote the book for his children and the youth of the country. he said there were accidental leaders in country as one became the leader on the base of a will of his wife, while the other with the virtue of General Jillani, adding that some others were in politics by recalling the

Day 3: lUMUN takes a turn for serious

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name of Allah, but did not hesitated to get the permit of diesel. Meanwhile, speaking at a function of business community, Imran said his party would never compromise if any undemocratic force came in power. he said the PTI relied on the Supreme Court and if anyone stood against the apex court, his party and workers would come on roads to defend the judiciary. he said the government had no solutions to the people’s problems, adding that Imran was in politics on his own and there was no hidden hand to back the PTI. he said his party would introduce a transparent system of taxation and remove corruption from the system. Imran warned of imminent bloodshed in the country if the rulers did not take notice of the situation faced by the people.


The third day of the conference began with the committee sessions, as per the schedule. All the committees proceeded smoothly with their respective debates. The sessions got adjourned at 1 pm following which the delegates proceeded to the Social Responsibility events planned by the SRP department at LUMUN. The plantation drive and the collaborative event with the WWF set the social responsibility benchmark very high for all student-organised events across Asia. Preceded by this was, by far, LUMUN’s most significant international collaboration with Global Zero. The video conference with the Richard Burt went perfectly with the mood of the overall conference and was definitely the most fantastic of all in-conference events. Apart from that, the United States education Foundation panel discussion from last day also deserves a mention. Prominent personalities like hina Rabbani and Zainab Syed graced the panel and gave presentations about Fulbright scholarships and studying in America. The students from all across Pakistan found this session to be of immense help and the same can be said about the USeF stall which is always crowded with delegates. The 3rd day of the conference concluded with a bang, the surprise event serving as the perfect platform for relief and entertainment for all the delegates.



ThESIS DISpLAy, 2012


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DaTE aND TiME: JUNE 1, 2012, 4PM To 6PM vENUE: HaST-o-NEEST CENTER CalliGRaPHY ClaSSES are on-going, interested students can enroll throughout the year. The duration of one module is three months. There are four modules of learning calligraphyt: primary, secondary, advanced and higher. The course includes traditional pen and traditional paper making.

DaTE: JaN 30,2012 vENUE: lawRENCE GaRDEN Be a successful documentary maker and learn the art from the media professionals including orya Maqbool Jan.

DaTE: JaN 16 To 20 vENUE: NaTioNal CollEGE oF aRTS (NCa) all bachelors’ classes of NCa including architecture, textile, miniature paintings, sculpture, interior design and others to show their final thesis in an exhibition

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News 09

Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Khyber jirga demands end to Bara operation PESHAWAR



URING Khyber National Jirga for internally displaced persons from Bara, tribal elders on Wednesday termed the ongoing operation in Bara a drama and demanded the government immediately halt it. “hundred of children and women were maimed and over dozens innocent tribal people in the agency are being killed daily,” they said speaking at the jirga held under the auspices of Tehreek-e-Mutasereen (TM) Bara Khyber Agency at the press club. The elders said it had been 29 months since a curfew had been imposed and an operation was carried out in the agency. “Such a prolonged curfew has not been witnessed in the history of the world,” they said. They said peace prevailed in the area before operation but now Bara had be-

come a battlefield. Samiullah Advocate said houses had completely been destroyed, businesses closed, thousands of residents of the agency dislocated to Jalozai camp and others were stranded because of the operation. he said all educational institutes and health centers were closed down. Mohkim, Mir Abar and haji hanan were of the view that a war had been imposed on the tribal people just to make Punjab safe. Maulana Moharrak Shah, Javed Afridi, haris Afridi and Shah Faisal were of the opinion that on one hand they were forced to leave the agency but on the other, they were not given the IDPs status. They said the Bara effected were deprived of all kinds of facilities. Through a resolution, the tribal elders demanded the government halt the operation and lift the curfew. They also asked the government to announce compensation for the affected.

faTa alliance seeks separate entity for tribal areas PESHAWAR STAFF RepoRT

The FATA Grand Alliance has demanded the government give identity to the tribal people in the form of a separate province “Kabailistan”, wherein elected assembly members themselves make constitutions for the tribesmen. Addressing a press conference on Wednesday at the Peshawar Press Club, Malik Khan Marjan Wazir, chief patron of the alliance, said since the independence of Pakistan, no political ruler had been interested in the development of FATA and all had looted them. he said the struggle of FGA had compelled the former and present rulers to introduce reforms in FATA and it was due to the very struggle that President Asif Ali Zardari an-

nounced reforms in Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR). he said it seemed that coalition partners of the present government had determined to merge FATA into settled areas of the province without consulting tribesmen, therefore, some political parties were trying to create hindrances in the reformation announced by the president for the tribal people. Wazir said the FGA was grateful to the MQM for the favoring Kabailistan. he said the FGA, with the support of members of parliament under the supervision of hameedullah Jan Afridi, had submitted a resolution in the National assembly demanding provincial status for FATA. he appealed to government to review its policies and keep the NATO supply blocked.

TTP commander confesses to killing kP information minister’s son KARACHI INp

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)’s key commander in Karachi, Abdul Qayyum Mehsud, who had been arrested by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) confessed during interrogation on Wednesday to involvement in the assassination of the son of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar hussain. According to CID Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Fayyaz Khan, The department arrested Mehsud last week from Manghopir along with three accomplices. he said a suicide vest, two rockets and other weapons were also seized from their possession. Khan said a police team had arrived in Karachi from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to interview the militant commander. Mehsud had told police that along with his accomplices Kalimullah and Naqeebullah, he had attacked Rashid hussain, the minister’s son. Rashid was killed in the attack while his cousin Amjad was injured. The SSP said Mehsud claimed further that he had targeted Rashid on orders from Baitullah Mehsud and hakimullah Mehsud. he also claimed that both of his accomplices were killed in a US drone strike.

islam a progressive religion, says iftikhar Hussain PESHAWAR STAFF RepoRT

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information and Culture Mian Iftikhar hussain on Wednesday said Islam was a progressive religion and it had spread like a wild fire across the world due to its modernism. he was addressing the inaugural ceremony of 24 model science labs in government schools, jointly established by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Department and Iqra National University. husain said Islam adapted to modernism and those who saw Islam on a collision path with modern science did not have full knowledge of the religion. The IT Department, in collaboration with Iqra University, has established 24 model labs in 24 districts of the province at a cost of Rs 39 million, of which 13 are in girls’ and 11 in boys’ schools. On the occasion, hussain announced the establishment of another 40 such labs in the province. The information minister said modern education was a key to emulating developed nations of the world. “Certainly there are some forces inspiring to keep us away from science and technology, but they should understand that we will do whatever we can to remove confusion and lead our people to a clear and bright future,” he added.

KARACHI: Followers of pir Sahib pagara, the pML-F chief, mourn over his death at Kingri House on Wednesday. ONliNe

President, PM should resign: Chattha


President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani should resign, Pakistan Muslim League-Likeminded (PML-LM) Chairman hamid Nasir Chattha said on Wednesday. he was holding a press conference along with PML-LM President Salim Saifullah and humayun Akhtar. Chattha demanded early general elections under an impartial election Commission. “The gov-

ernment should resign and hand over power to an impartial caretaker setup so that new elections could be held,” the PMLLM chairman said. he said that it was impossible to hold fair and free general elections under President Zardari. “We demand resignation of President Zardari so that general elections could be held under an impartial acting president,” Chattha said. They said that the PML-LM would forge an electoral alliance at an appropriate time with any political party keeping the national interest in mind. The PML-LM leaders condemned Gilani’s contention that the army chief and ISI DG had submitted replies before the Supreme Court in violation of rules of business. “The government has decided to defame national institutions. If the treasury benches bring a resolution in parliament for reposing confidence on the president and PM, our party will oppose it and we can support a no-confidence motion against Gilani,” Chattha said. The PML-LM nominated former Sindh CM Arbab Ghulam Rahim as party president for the upcoming intra-party polls.

Myanmar air chief calls on CoaS ISLAMABAD STAFF RepoRT

Myanmar Air Force Commander-in-Chief Lieutenant General Myat hein called on Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani at the General headquarters on Wednesday. According to an ISPR statement, matters of professional interest were discussed in the meeting. Separately, hein also called on Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Khalid Shamim Wyne. The Myanmar air chief also called on Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshall Rao Qamar Suleman at Air headquarters.

RAWALpINDI: Myanmar Air Force Commander-in-Chief Lieutenant General Myat Hein calls on CoAS General Ashfaq Kayani at the General Headquarters on Wednesday. ONliNe

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10 News

Thursday, 12 January, 2012

SaFMa, MC-P disappointed with Saleem Shehzad probe findings PESHAWAR STAFF RepoRT

LANDI KoTAL: people collect valuables after militants blew up a government-run school on Wednesday. iNP

Cop’s son attempts suicide BAHAwALNAGAR: A police officer’s son attempted suicide on Wednesday after slaughtering his six-month-old daughter. Mustansar, whose father is the station house office (ShO) of Bahwalnagar Police Station, slit his daughter’s throat with a sharp knife and then cut his own wrist and neck. The infant died on the spot, but he was found bleeding and was shifted to Lahore hospital in critical condition. Police said that Mustansar was distressed after his wife’s death a few days ago, which could be a reason for his insane act. STAFF RepoRT

Yellow cabs distributed in Gujranwala GUJRANwALA: In the second phase of the Yellow Cab Scheme, the Punjab government on Wednesday distributed yellow cabs among unemployed youth at Gujranwala. Former Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) MNA Ghulam Dastgir Khan handed over cab keys to 20 people selected in the ceremony. Reportedly, 2,692 cabs will be distributed in Punjab and according to the quota, 822,441, 222,298 and 637,272 yellow cabs will be distributed in Gujranwala, Gujrat, hafizabad, Mandi Bahauddin, Sialkot and Narowal respectively. STAFF RepoRT

NAB launches investigation into Railways, missing containers cases ISLAMABAD



N accordance with Supreme Court of Pakistan orders, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has launched inquiries and investigation into the crucial cases of corruption in Pakistan Railways and missing ISAF containers’ scam, involving colossal loss of duties and taxes worth billions of rupees. It also initiated a probe into the corruption and misuse of authority in OGRA following the appointment of its previous chairman. An official handout said the proceedings in all these issues had been initiated under the provisions of National Accountability Ordinance 1999 and significant progress had been made on some important aspects, including recoveries in Pakistan Railways. In the scrap case, Railway officials and contractor were under custody of NAB, of which the contractor

British cabinet minister arrives in Pakistan

had agreed to voluntary return of Rs 47 million as the difference for the scrap lifted so far from Railways and another Rs 240 million as the difference in addition to the amount already agreed for the scrap to be uplifted by him. “Negotiations are going on with Royal Palm Golf Club and its management has agreed to pay a substantial amount as increase to railways authorities annually. Inquiry about the purchase of spares for Chinese locomotives is at the final stage, which in fact was the major cause for halting railways operations,” the statement said. It said NAB was also conducting important matters of Bank of Punjab per the directives of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. In this case NAB had so far recovered more than Rs 5 billion from the accused, out of the defrauded amount of Rs 9 billion and the process of further recovery was underway. “Per the judgment of the apex court about the revival of NRO

Bangladesh’s 1971 war crimes ‘mastermind’ arrested DHAKA



Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a British cabinet minister and the chairperson of the UK Conservative Party, arrived in Pakistan on Wednesday, said a press release issued by the United Kingdom high Commission. The handout said that Warsi would meet with senior ministers and other officials to take forward discussions held under the enhanced Strategic Dialogue launched during the UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Pakistan last year. Recognising the importance of boosting economic and trade ties between the UK and Pakistan as part of this dialogue, Baroness Warsi will also hold meetings with the Pakistani business community, the press release said. “The enhanced Strategic Dialogue launched by Prime Minister Gilani and Prime Minister David Cameron last year

Bangladesh on Wednesday arrested a religious leader on charges of war crimes during the country’s 1971 liberation struggle against Pakistan, lawyers said. Ghulam Azam, 89, a former head of opposition Jamaat-e-Islami party, has been accused of creating and leading pro-Pakistan militias which carried out many murders and rapes during the nine-month war. “he has been arrested after the International Crimes Tribunal rejected his (anticipatory) bail petition,” state prosecutor Syed haider Ali told AFP. “he was the mastermind of all crimes against humanity during 1971.” Azam is the sixth and the most high profile religious

allows both countries to explore these areas of mutual interest in a spirit of understanding, confidence and respect,” she said. “Over £1.9 billion worth of trade flows between our countries every year but the links between our countries are so strong we are aiming to increase this trade in goods and services to £2.5 billion by 2015,” she added.

cases, all of the terminated cases were revived and are being pursued in accordance with law. In this respect, more than 100 weekly progress reports have been submitted on revived NRO cases before the Supreme Court of Pakistan,” the statement added. Matters pertaining to grievances of the general public and referred by the court for redressal are being given due priority and compliance reports are being regularly submitted to the apex court. “This shows the commitment of the bureau towards its obligations on matters particularly entrusted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan,” said the statement. The NAB said it was conducting its proceedings on the complaints received form various sources and matters referred by superior courts. Matters related to high-level corruption and particularly referred by the Supreme Court of Pakistan were being given high priority, it added.

leader to have been arrested since the nation’s secular government set up the tribunal in 2010 to try suspects. Two senior members from the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party are also facing war crime charges. Both parties have dismissed the court as a government “show trial”, while the New York-based group human Rights Watch has said legal procedures used by the tribunal fall short of international standards. Azam’s lawyer Abdur Razzak slammed the arrest, which came after he was called to the tribunal. “We don’t know yet the charges against him, the order was not correct. he is also very old. Still, our bail petition was rejected,” said Razzak.

The South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) and Media Commission-Pakistan have shown dismay over reports that a judicial panel probing into journalist Saleem Shahzad’s murder had failed to come out with a conclusion. “The commission was supposed to submit its report within six weeks of its formation. however, six months down the line, its findings have shown little, confirming the fears expressed by the civil society and media rights organisations,” said SAFMA Secretary General Imtiaz Alam and MC-P President M Ziauddin in a joint statement. They demanded an early release of the commission’s report. The high-level judicial commission, headed by Supreme Court Justice Saqib Nisar, was formed to probe the killing in June last year. The report, presented to the prime minister, has not held anyone responsible for the abduction, torture and murder of the journalist, according to Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists President Pervez Shaukat, a member of the probe. A June 16, 2011 Law Ministry notification said the terms of reference for the commission were: “To inquire into the background and circumstance of abduction and subsequent murder of Saleem Shahzad” and to “identify the culprits involved in the abduction and subsequent murder of the said journalist”. In addition, it aimed to provide recommendations to prevent the recurrence of such incidents against journalists in the future.

kP govt readies plan for improved technical training of youth PESHAWAR STAFF RepoRT

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has started work on development of an action plan to modernise technical and vocational training system in the province. The action plan is being developed by the Technical education Department in collaboration with German Development Agency (GIZ). The plan is to be based on a framework, which has already been worked out under national skills strategy. In this connection, the Technical education Department held a two day workshop in collaboration with GIZ in Peshawar. Provincial Minister for Technical education Nawabzada Mahmood Zeb Khan, Technical education DG Prof Shakeel Ahmad, industrialists, academicians and representatives of GIZ attended the workshop.

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

Timings of markets and bazaars These days a strange trend is being followed in Karachi as far as the opening and closing of markets and shops is concerned. half the day passes and there are still no signs of any market or bazaar opening. Similarly, at night too, many of the markets and shopping malls remain open as late as 11PM. And on Fridays, these shopkeepers and traders go beyond bounds and start their business at 3PM after offering the Juma prayers. This is a very abnormal routine and is practiced only in this city. The fact which surprises me the most is that why do these shopkeepers waste half of the day and then open their shops? Why don’t they start their work early? What do they keep waiting for? Like all other institutions, the trading community should also begin its work in the morning, but surprisingly, their day starts in the afternoon. When many peo-

ple, like school children, are done with their day’s work and are returning home. At this time, these shopkeepers leave their homes and come to work. This act of our businessmen is totally incomprehensible and it causes great inconvenience to many of those customers who want to do their shopping during the morning but they have to wait all day long before going to the marketplace because even if they go to the bazaar early, all they would find there would be shuttered shops and deserted streets. The ongoing electricity crisis which our country is facing is a fact known to everyone and in such circumstances it is the moral responsibility of every citizen to play their part and do what they can to conserve electricity, but what these shopkeepers and traders are doing is just the opposite. They waste the entire morning which is the prime time for work, they

Changed tactics commence their business after half the day has gone and then they keep up working till late night. In this way, not only are they unable to save any electricity, but, in fact, they waste it because the more they work after sunset, the more electricity they require. On the other hand, if they start their business at the proper time ie, at 9AM in the morning and close it latest by 8PM, then they would not only save electricity but would also be able to get benefitted from solar energy during the day time, which is very abundant, and hence there would be no need to use excessive electrical energy. Although, such a step was taken some time back and it was decided by the Chamber of Commerce and trade unions that all traders and shopkeepers would open their shops at 10AM in the morning and close them by 8PM, due to the power

crisis, the decision was never implemented and the situation is only worsening day by day. I would request all the members of the business and commerce community to please end this daily wastage of time and do your work in the way it should be done. The government alone cannot be held responsible for all the problems and crises. We, on our part, should also show some cooperation and concern for the challenges faced by this country, because it is our country and we cannot turn our face away from its problems due to our selfishness and indifference. Our businessmen and traders must realise that 1PM in the afternoon is no time to start their work and 11PM in the night, no time to finish it. MADIHA VIQUAr Karachi

in grip of megalomania The exiled former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf said on Sunday he would return to Pakistan later this month between January 27 and January 30 to lead his recently formed All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) party in campaigning for a parliamentary election, despite the possibility of his arrest and concern over his security. Political observers see it as a part of some foreign-backed move because the timing seems to be odd. Some opine that he is coming after getting nod from the military establishment. Prosecutors say he will be arrested the moment he returns, but the army might prevent his arrest. Musharraf who managed to occupy top slots through a kick of circumstance and Machiavellian tactics, seems now to be in a grip of megalomania. he has many cases of murder registered against him apart from cases of treason for violation of the constitution repeatedly. his hope from any cover from army, his old institution that he damaged on multiple accounts, is just like living in fool's paradise. The hunch is that his claims of coming to Pakistan by the end of this month to lead his so-called party, is another version of his fake bravados through his advertisements and American lobbyist out of the kitty, built by sale of Pakistanis. he is said to be shrewd enough to have gauged the situation more cunningly and selected the timing of return more wisely, but there are some who are questioning whether or not his return is part of the same deal under which left for the self-exile four years back. his claim to give rebirth to the economy of the country cannot be believed because it is not possible now under the circumstances. Balochistan is on the brink and he cannot do anything because his life can be at risk only because of this province. Nothing suits him and army cannot offer him any kind of help because he is not in uniform. What else is in store is yet to be seen. MAryA MUFTy Lahore

The big game We are entering into a revolutionary era. The Middle east and the Arab world are facing a crisis of a great magnitude. In the name of freedom, America has devised a ‘big game’ to remove all the nationalist leaders from the world to establish its hegemony. From Tunisia to Syria, it has unleashed the anti-nationalist forces and supplying them arms, weapons and moral support to upset the present political system. It has succeeded in its design in Tunisia, egypt and Libya. It would not stop there; rather it will spread this unrest in any place where it can lay hands on disgruntled forces. As a player and would-be victim of this new game, we have to be prepared to defend our country. We have to beware of American ‘big game’. JAVAID BASHIr Lahore

has the enemy changed the tactics, war front and modus operandi after the halting of drone attacks in Pakistan? The yet another killing of 10 Pakistan security forces personnel – who had gone missing during a clash with militants on December 21 and were found dead in the Kago Qamar area of Upper Orakzai Agency on Monday – speaks of this change. The dead bodies were airlifted to Peshawar from where they were sent to the native towns and cities of the slain soldiers after funeral prayers. eleven personnel had gone missing during a clash with militants near Dabori in Orakzai Agency, two were killed and 22 others, including a Major, had sustained injuries. Last week the Pakistani Taliban abducted and brutally murdered FC soldiers and termed it “a New Year gift” avenging a military operation in the Khyber Agency, vowing further violence. The extent of their brutality reached the heights as the bodies recovered from North Waziristan were witnessed sustaining 40 bullet holes each and signs of severe torture. Is this the teaching of Islam and Shariah the Taliban vow to implement? Does Islam give permission anywhere in the Quran or Sunnah to treat the prisoners or captives like this? Isn’t there a laid down formula in even the Taliban’s brand of Shariah how to keep and treat the prisoners. After the Gazwa of Badar, the prisoners were not even kept in prisons but homes where they were not tied but assigned the duty to educate the uneducated. And if the Taliban claim that they avenged the killing of their commander at the hands of security forces, then again they have not followed the Quranic verses or teachings of the holy Prophet where only one human being can be punished to death for killing one human being. ALyA ALVI rawalpindi

we are developing

ment for Obama, should be seen in that context. William Daley will be replaced by Jacob Lew as Obama announced on Monday. The influential post is significant at the beginning of an election year for the president. The chief of staff serves as gatekeeper to the Oval Office and is charged with ensuring that the president’s aides work together smoothly to accomplish his goals and to make sure those accomplishments are skilfully communicated. In an election year, the chief of staff has to make sure the White house staff and the president’s re-election campaign team work together seamlessly. Let’s see who comes in and what role he plays for Obama. rABAIL I CHEEMA Sialkot

It’s not so hard to understand our society. One should believe that our society is the best one of the world and we are really developing. At least, we are trying our level best to compete with the world. But the problem with us seems to be the stereotyped ideologies, yellow journalism and negative propaganda by the fixed mentality mentors. It will be absolutely wrong to say that we are not progressing. Owing to the change in a mental attitude, our generation wants visible change in our societal, economical and political structures of Pakistan. Nevertheless, this generation is doing its best to change the old perspective. We should never fall prey to the myth that we are so far behind. As the whole international scenario is somewhat changing, we are also following the change. Media has played a vital role in awakening our society. Citizens are being given rights. Arab Spring protests and Occupy Wall Street are prominent examples of the reaction to rigid and unacceptable policies of these countries. Though there are many problems in our society but we should be optimistic. They will be solved by us. ASIF KUNBHEr Lahore

ternational Centre, Ambassador William B Milam of the Woodrow Wilson International Centre, Dr Aparna Pande of the hudson Institute, Dr George Perkovich of the Carnegie endowment for International Peace, Mr Bruce Riedel of the Brookings Institution, Ambassador howard B Schaffer of the Georgetown University, Ambassador Teresita C Schaffer of the Brookings Institution, Dr Ashley J Tellis of the Carnegie endowment for International Peace, and Dr Marvin G Weinbaum of the Middle east Institute. Referring to the conduct of Asma Jahanghir in Supreme Court that was in correspondence with her professional stature, the so-called bunch of scholars failed to read between the lines in the conduct of hussain haqqani and Asif

Ali Zardari, during meeting of top echelon in which he was made to resign and later at the time of departure of Zardari for Dubai. The recent attitude of the ruling party PPP, in response to the proceedings of Apex Court and its judgments, provided much food for thought. haqqani's threats to prestigious publications like Newsweek are also reflective of his manipulative tactics. In contrast, let's see whether these people raised any voice against the unfair hand dealt to Dr Aafia’s case. The bottom line is they are the one and united and we are not; we are paying the price of our differences and disunity. Isn’t it enough to open our eyes? SAMINA MULLAH Karachi

Knocked down Never a dull moment in our country’s political or economic situation. When it is not the season of political intrigues, it is the economy that is spewing fresh controversies. The latest being the new lows our currency has seen against the dollar. It is currently touching 91 rupees in exchange of one dollar. The present political situation of the country is yet another jolt that can push the currency further down as markets face an unclear

Free power for wapda My question to the Minister of Water and Power Dr Asim hussain and other government leaders is this: has Wapda and related power companies been established to generate and distribute electricity for the people of Pakistan or for its own employees? If they are established for the people of Pakistan, with the money of the people of Pakistan, then how come they are giving millions of free electricity units to Wapda, Nepra, DisCOs etc employees? If an industry distributes all its product among its own employees, how can they sell their product and make a profit of it then? If Wapda gives all (or most of) its electricity units free of cost to its em-

situation. Without taking concrete steps to hold this downward slide in its feet, we are sure to see a hyper inflation as a result of too much devaluation of rupee. That situation would not be in anyone’s favour. efforts should be made to avoid it. SArA rAMZAN Lahore

ployees, then how can the people of Pakistan, who pay Wapda employees’ salaries, get any electricity unit? how can Wapda make a profit? If the government has ended subsidiaries for the consumers, then they should also end subsidiaries for government (Wapda) employees too. ENg SHAHryAr KHAN BASEEr Peshawar

Change at white House In America, the success of elections for the US leaders has become significant to their views, actions and operations against Pakistan and what they have done or planned to do in that regard. The White house chief of staff’s recent resignation, that too at a crucial mo-

in rescue of Husain Haqqani There is much to be seen behind the letter of 16 US scholars on Pakistan and South Asia affairs signed to Secretary of State hillary Rodham Clinton expressing concern over the “safety and wellbeing” of husain haqqani, the former Pakistani ambassador to the US who has come under fire for a controversial memo. The letter itself seems to be a manipulative instrument, which attempts to influence the apex judiciary of a sovereign country, possibly triggered by some lobbying hand for some vested interests. We are writing today, the letter speaks, to express our deep concern over the safety and well-being of former Pakistani Ambassador to the US husain haqqani. It has come to our attention that Ambassador haqqani is under in-

tense pressure in Pakistan, including possibly threats to his life, over the socalled “Memogate” affair. The copy of letter is addressed to US Vice President Joseph R Biden, US Secretary of Defence Leon e Panetta, the US National Security Advisor Thomas e Donilon and CIA Director David h Petraeus. The scholars include Dr Stephen P Cohen of the Brookings Institution, Ms Lisa Curtis of the heritage Foundation, Mr Sadanand Dhume of the American enterprise Institute, Mr Toby Dalton of the Carnegie endowment for International Peace, Dr C Christine Fair of the Georgetown University, Dr Robert M hathaway of the Woodrow Wilson International Centre, Mr Michael Krepon of the Stimson Centre, Ambassador Dennis Kux of the Woodrow Wilson In-

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

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12 Comment again? once more into the breach dear friends...


re we condemned, then, to repeat history? Does the current gathering storm contain within it an all too familiar script, one that has proved, time and again in the course of our national existence, to be as inescapable as death itself? Diplomacy is the currency of all spin doctors, the ISPR being no exception. When it issues a statement accusing a figure no smaller than the prime minister of lying, an act that will have “very serious ramifications with potentially grievous consequences for the country” you know where the chips are going to fall. This is the considered opinion of the military? Perhaps the bogey of “grievous consequences” is but a scare tactic, as some are suggesting. eye-ball to eye-ball with the civil government, expecting them to blink. But decision to replace the defence secretary with a government loyalist makes it clear that the government has other ideas this time. This seems to have ratcheted the army’s ire higher, with the army chief calling a conference of principal staff officers today. What led to the current impasse? The prime minister’s statement to a Chinese daily, stating the army chief and his spymaster did something illegal by submitting a reply directly to the Supreme Court. Discretion is the better part of valour; the premier could have reserved his opinions for either the local media or perhaps conveyed it to the military directly. The ISPR’s response, however, is disproportionate by all standards. The cacophony isn’t complete without the vultures circling overhead. The role of the sensationalist mainstream media is, as always, far from ideal. What makes for good TV, what yields better ratings, does not necessarily bode well for the country itself. Rather than admonishing institutions that have crossed limits, the commentariat is moonlighting as cheerleaders. Other pundits are frothing at the mouth and saying, in textbook chutzpah, that it is the army that is being hounded, that too at a time when they are fighting a war against terror. The situation on the ground, however, especially in the troubled north-west, tells another story. Since the establishment is hedging its bets in the latest instalment of the Great Game in Afghanistan, the militants have started regrouping; just the other day, a bomb blast in the Khyber agency killed 30 people, some days before that, the Taliban tortured and then killed 25 paramilitary soldiers. Voices of reason need to prevail. The polity deserves uninteresting times.

Power and jobs The obvious relation


wo billion dollars. That is the figure the World Bank puts on our annual power sector deficit. In its recently published report titled “More and Better Jobs in South Asia”, the WB cites the power deficit as a significant cause of unemployment in the region. That is an interesting approach to study the effects of the power crisis. The bank estimates that around 400,000 jobs were lost in Pakistan owing to industrial loadshedding. But it is not Pakistan alone that is suffering from power outages. Bangladesh, for instance, has a peak time deficit of one gigawatt, which accounts for 13 per cent. India’s deficit can go to 12 gigawatts, or 10 per cent. The study says the region has a whopping 600 million people without electricity, which makes up more than 40 per cent of the global total. What exactly is wrong with South Asia? Nothing, first of all. There has been great industrial growth in the region, coupled with the spread of tube-wells and other mechanised and electric powered tools in the agricultural peripheries. The grids of these countries simply haven’t caught up with these developments. If, theoretically, a magic wand were to make just the power problem go away, the other ingredients for significant economic growth are present along with their catalysts. even mushroom clouds have a silver lining, this is but a mere structural problem. Second, the international markets for fuel are acting up. This does not bode well for thermal power plants, a significant proportion of our respective power profiles. In India, for instance, 17 per cent of the total capacity is based on diesel fuel alone. In Pakistan, the Musharraf regime failed to forecast the power demand growth accurately and its effects were felt well within its tenure in power. The demand grew unabated into the next government’s term. Though the problem can be, for the most part, put on the military regime, the incumbents don’t have much by way of a plan to show for themselves on this front. The solution is simple but tough to carry out. First, a rationalisation of the price structures; if domestic prices of petroleum products reflect changes in the international markets, so should power tariffs. Then, initiating newer projects, be they run of the river projects or smaller dams, to increase our hydel capacity. Simultaneous to this, capital should be pumped in to take care of the circular debt; the newer capacity augments will ensure the debt doesn’t ratchet up again. While the aforementioned is being attempted, perhaps the authorities could take decisions to prioritise industrial users over households. Won’t be palatable politically, yes, but stable livelihoods yield greater political mileage than well-lit houses.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Method to the madness? A swirling vortex of entropy

By Nazir Naji


s boulder hurtles down a slope towards its eventual endpoint, it picks up speed. So it is with change and this is what is happening currently in Pakistan. Things are happening so fast so furiously, that we cannot wrap our heads around it. Those who follow such events and deliberate on them carefully can detect a method to this madness clearly, but even if the layman is told to watch it real close, the lay gaze can see the picture clearly too. It is an astonishing sight that the Pakistan where the tides of anti-Americanism are rising like never before, one can see the frothy outline of things to come beneath these very tides. everything that our establishment resisted in every way is now taking form. That for which blood was spilled; that for which many movements were suppressed; that for which many far-sighted ones’ resolve was broken. The writing, as they say, is on the wall. Ours is a curious case. When the newly formed Pakistan had no army to speak of (as the army and arms that the British had left was with India), not only did we manage to wrest this state but India also did not have the gumption to send its forces to Kashmir. The Indian forces only entered Kashmir when a few of our army officers went against the directives of the government and sent some warriors (or mujahideen) to Kashmir (this was also done during the Kargil debacle). even at that time during the rule of Shaheed-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan, the US was intimated that if it would undertake the responsibility of our defence, we would maintain a bare minimum army. But then aid and

arms started to pour in and defence agreements were inked, and our army began to grow in power. But as it grew in power, neither could we get Kashmir nor could we save east Pakistan. Neither Siachen nor Kargil. Neither could we get strategic depth in Afghanistan nor could we curb terrorist to get some much-needed peace for the country. But in the failure to do all this, what we did manage to do was turn our country into a security state. Defence expenditure was the first and foremost priority while everything else took a backseat. Anti-India sentiments became the nucleus of our policy making. Any elected government that talked of normalising relations with India was showed the door ignominiously. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman came with a slogan of ending animosity with India and the result was that power wasn’t transferred to him even after he got a decisive victory at the polls. Bhutto sb got prisoners of war and annexed area back from India and he was later hanged. Zia-ul-haq who gave the highest honour to an Indian prime minister still remained a ‘patriotic’ Pakistani but Nawaz Sharif who conducted the nuclear tests and talked of a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue, he was turned into a prisoner and sent into exile. Similarly, when the incumbent government talked of normalising relations with India, it has been ridiculed at each step of the way and it had been forced into this state of crisis. When drone attacks were conducted against the terrorists active against the US and Pakistan, our centre of ‘patriotism’ were up in arms and began to politically express their antagonism. It is now such that first only being anti-India was a consideration of being ‘patriotic’ but now anti-Americanism has also become a binding condition for being so. So anyone who expresses his antiAmericanism loud and clear become a hero but anyone who tries to be pragmatic is suspicious. None of what I’ve explained above will seem out of the ordinary. But what is taking place currently, if analysed carefully, is something totally different from what it appears to be. Politicians prepared in the factories of patriotism are now being consigned to the dustbin of history on the count of irrelevance. Those who thought themselves secure because they stoke anti-Indian and anti-American sentiment will soon be in the doghouse. The PPP tried to outdo everyone in ‘patrio-

tism’ but now it is totally down and out. Nawaz Sharif spent every bit of effort to encircle the PPP but it is also being sent the same way as the PPP. And the new leadership that is being prepared to take the place of these parties has ignored those who sign the certificates of patriotism and has openly given statements that were once considered traitorous. Imran Khan clearly stated the other day that we should give up on the idea of military action as a solution to the Kashmir issue as this issue can only be solved through dialogue. The leader of another cadre of leadership that is being prepared has tried to reconcile with the ‘second biggest enemy’ of Pakistan and in an interview with Haaretz has enumerated the actions he undertook to better relations with Israel during his tenure and expressed the resolve to correct this strategic wrong. Thus, the emergent political leadership’s political views will be based on these new ideals. The more you consider it, the more you can see a policy shift in the making. This is always what the US demanded us of and we refused to accede when they were our ally. But now that our relations with the US are in a state of tension, we are ready to make these concessions. Things are indeed upside down. Could anyone have thought that an American citizen who hated the Pakistan army and ISI, would be wined and dined by the same institutions as they would a sincere friend? Not only did he write articles to discredit Pakistan’s policies but also took practical steps against them. he even went to the extent of delivering the mujahideen to India. But today, this man will be protected by the army and the ISI. On the one hand, our establishment is hellbent on teaching the US a lesson by taking it up (through such measures as blocking Nato routes) while on the other hand we are promoting a man who represents the US agenda for the region. The man with the briefcase will be hailed in Pakistan. India was a regional power and it dented our pride by using its army. But the US is a ‘super’power and Masnoor Ijaz is a US citizen and we are willingly ready to lay our pride at his feet. The US has taught us what a superpower is and it has still much to teach us… The writer is one of Pakistan’s most widely read columnists.

demeaned by diamonds Making suppression seductive

Reem Wasay


still remember the woman without a face. It was in Dubai International Airport where a painfully regular crowd of darkly shrouded Muslim women had huddled near the check-in counter waiting for their male chaperones who went about the business of taking care of the women’s business in the patriarchal world of their own myopic delusions. I am no stranger to the staggeringly high numbers of women who enclose themselves in swathes of unappealing, hot, isolationist fabric and the many arguments that tell how women choose to wear these testaments of their theology. Coming back to the woman without a face, I am left with a masectomised sensibility. Complete with the burqa and over the niqab she wore what can only be described as a muzzle. Made of steel and crisscrossed over the

face to leave just her eyes visible and mouth gagged, she reminded one of a pup, a very domesticated one. Imagine my shock then when I ran into this same abstraction here in Pakistan on M M Alam Road – a hub of shopping, eating and trend setting. A very well-to-do jewellery brand has taken glamour up a notch by shooting any sort of female emancipation down a few thousand rungs of the gender equality ladder. Displaying a large billboard outside their store, a woman with kohl crusted eyes and head hooded by a black cloth peeks at passersby from behind a diamond-gilded mask exactly like the one described above, sans the mouth piece. The shot beggars belief as to why anyone would stoop so low as to increase sales through their marketing theatrics. Pakistan is a country where women are still fighting tooth and nail for some basic recognition. Rights and feminist mumbo jumbo are still pipedreams for a vast majority for whom identity is snuffed out at birth when fathers leave newborn daughters in garbage heaps, education is splintered by bombs and provincial mentality, speaking out and taking a stand is a challenge and not a choice. Women have a long way

to go, far too many taboos to slice through and manifestos of male monomania to tear up to have to cater to the whims of those who turn to demeaning methods of marketing to cheapen the very women they serve. To glamourise turning a flesh and blood human being into a subjugated creature is contemptible. There are too many people in Pakistan who run solely on imagery. We are a country that lives and dies for a book that is not even taught to us in our own language. We associate our religion with images and visual stimulation that give us an inkling as to what is being demanded from our dogma. We are a very impressionable lot. What we see is what we believe. Those who cater to the fetishes of this country’s elites would have us believe that muzzling a woman in traditional tribal fashion is the greatest thing since the Afghan Taliban made blue shuttlecocks all the rage. Similar to sadomasochistic leather and rubber masks used for the darker side of stimulation, such tribal masks seen on women in Arab states are meant to subjugate and provide a legit means to dominate. Women are socialised to accept that they belong in a role that is sexually smothered and vocally veiled behind a smokescreen of cul-

ture, tradition and faith. What better way to compound this idea of the submissive female than to strip her of her dignity, gag her, silence her and then parade her as someone who needs to be told what to do because she cannot say it for herself? I’d like to thank those parked on the publicity platform for this particular jewel brand – you’ve just sexualised oppression for us once again. Civilised societies have moved to a greater level of gender equality and understanding. however, in countries like ours the word ‘equality’ is a terrifying one for the Muslim man for with ‘equality’ comes the word ‘competition’. Only when men and women are in the same playing field can they compete in the race for happiness, love, finances, resources and independence. Only then will honour become a ham-fisted fabrication of darker days. Masking these facts behind dazzling displays of what is essentially restraint and a sullied obedience might help sell a few rocks but it does nothing for the women who wear them. The writer is an editor by profession and a participant of the Salzburg Trilogue. She can be reached at

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Who will be president? obama’s still got the ‘keys’ to victory

Washington Watch By Dr James J Zogby


midst all the fuss about President Obama's sagging poll numbers, the struggling US economy, and "who's up and who's down" in the Republican presidential primary contest, American University Professor Allan Lichtman has issued his "sure fire" prediction for the outcome of the November, 2012 election. Lichtman is no crystal ball gazer. his predictions are based on a formula he developed in 1981 in collaboration with a Russian geophysicist, who had previously specialised in creating models used to forecast earthquakes. Their approach was based on a thorough analysis of the forces at work in shaping the political landscape in every US presidential elections from 1860 to 1980. From this examination they developed their predictive model. And since then, Lichtman has used it to correctly forecast the outcome of every election from 1984 through 2008. Instead of looking at polling numbers which show a snapshot of public opinion at a point in time, Lichtman analyses macro trends in the economy and the society, viewing them as if they were tectonic plates whose shifting below the surface have the ability to create rumblings that can alter the political landscape. he identified 13 such indicators and calls them the “13 Keys to the Presidency.” According to Lichtman, if the incumbent party (that is, the political party that is currently in the White house) can claim eight of the "13 Keys", then they can be assured of victory in the next election. If, on the other hand, they hold seven or less,

they are headed for defeat. The "13 Keys" (with some explanatory notes) are: 1. Incumbent-party mandate: in the last congressional election, the incumbent party increased its seats in the US house of Representatives. 2. Nomination-contest: there is no serious contest for the incumbent-party nomination (as Carter faced from Senator edward Kennedy in 1980). 3. Incumbency: the incumbentparty candidate is the sitting president. 4. Third party: there is no significant third-party challenge (which can be seen to garner at least 5% of the vote – as was the case in

administration achieves a major success in foreign or military affairs (such as winning World War II). 12. Incumbent charisma: the incumbent-party candidate is charismatic or a national hero (much like eisenhower in 1952 or Obama in 2008). 13. Challenger charisma: the challenging-party candidate is not charismatic or a national hero (as Reagan was in 1980). At the end of December, 2011, I hosted Lichtman on my TV show, "Viewpoint", where he issued his "one year before the election" prediction. According to Lichtman, the only three "Keys" which President Obama has definitely lost, to date, are #1, #6 and #12. Democrats

Despite obama’s sagging poll numbers, the struggling US economy and ‘who’s up and who’s down’ in the Republican primaries, it seems obama still has what it takes. 1992 when Ross Perot won 19 percent, helping Clinton defeat Bush). 5. Short-term economy: the economy is not currently in a recession. 6. Long-term economy: real annual per-capita economic growth is equal to or greater than it was during the past two terms. 7. Policy change: the incumbent administration effects major changes in national policy. 8. Social unrest: there is no sustained social unrest (of the magnitude of the civil rights and anti-Viet Nam movements). 9. Scandal: the incumbent administration is untainted by a major scandal (like "Watergate" or the Clinton impeachment). 10. Foreign or military failure: the incumbent administration suffers no major failure in foreign or military affairs (like Viet Nam or the Iran hostage crisis in 1980). 11. Foreign or military success: the incumbent

clearly suffered significant losses in the 2010 mid-term elections (Key #1); the economy will not recover sufficiently to mark an increase in per capita income (Key #6); and while Obama was a charismatic figure in 2008, his aura has diminished and will not be a major factor in his favour in 2012 (Key #12). That makes three "Keys" gone. In addition, there are a few that are questionable, namely: Key #10 and Key #11 – since it is not clear that killing bin Laden or the withdrawal from Iraq will be seen as "victories,” or, conversely, that instability in Iraq and Afghanistan or a dreaded future terrorist attack will constitute a "foreign policy failure.” Nevertheless, this still leaves a maximum of ten "Keys" and a minimum of eight "Keys" in the President's favour, enough for Lichtman, who has never been wrong, to confidently predict Obama's reelection in November. The writer is President of the Arab-American Institute.

Comment 13

The cauldron bubbles Situation heating up


ere we Pakistanis go again! This terrible habit of cooking on high fires with mega spoonfuls of oil to produce and eat food that is unhealthy to say the least. A terrible waste of resources, time and, even more importantly, diverting focus from the huge operational issues that face the country. Purported confrontations between various arms of government have dominated the last couple of years coming to boil after the May 2nd incident and continuing to rise in intensity. One believed that the major players providing leadership in various forms today, having been prematurely “terminated” from office and having bounced back, would have learnt lessons. That cooperation within norms and rules of business and importantly constitutional provisions governing individual and specific offices would define conduct. evidence to the contrary prevails. everything important is at a standstill. headlines each afternoon occupy the population late into the night. Speculation creates tremors. The reputation, economy and wellbeing of Pakistan continue to suffer. The cauldron of hate, rage and instability stands at a dangerously high boiling point. The short order announced by the apex court in respect of the NRO documents the standoff between the executive and judiciary. It also exposes the limitations in powers of implementation of courts. This fact has itself has been the subject of discussions for long. however right now the contents of the captioned short order and implications thereof are under debate in the hours preceding this article. The apex court while providing six opRandom Thoughts tions and referring the matter to a full bench thus delaying head on conBy Imran Husain frontation seeks, among other aspects, to advise the executive of its obligation under Article 190 of the Constitution. Whereas the debate covers the entire order, I believe it is necessary to concentrate on the sixth option, which can be termed without precedent. It can be construed in multiple ways. The implications of the people being better suited to deal with the “delinquent” and the “recalcitrant” go deep. Yes, we the people are owners of the country and we have elected parliament to represent us. There are constitutional provisions that govern conduct of parliament and government. These provisions provide for change in government. Can and should any other option, in any form or manner, be encouraged, advised or be empowered to act to enforce anything repugnant to these provisions? So does this option seek to advise, encourage or empower a ‘mediator’ to force early elections? This could become a very serious precedent in the future of our country.

If any one believes that future governments will not be confronted with a similar situation, then they need to think again. The past is littered with similarities. One cannot forget that defiance of rules, regulations and norms is integral to the Pakistani mindset. From the smallest to the biggest, the quantum of energy directed at this defiance is all consuming. From simple traffic rules to building laws, to corruption, to taxes; you name it, we are breaking the law. The bigger one is, the bigger the law one breaks. Nothing is able to stop it and no one wants to. The important positive aspect of the captioned order is that the apex court has attempted to advise the three arms of government, legislature, executive and judiciary, to act within the provisions allowed in the constitution and not overstep their bounds. In the long term, this is the only answer. And if it is not, the functionality of the constitution in its present form becomes questionable. It is unfortunate that the sanctity of matters sub-judice has never been protected in Pakistan. even now, random politicians, analysts, anchors, commentators,, have made these matters the focal point of their uttering. This has definitely generated the alleged belief that the judiciary has been politicised. The government’s reaction appears to be based on the fact that it is being targeted. The apex court has rightfully taken notice of statements made by lawyers representing government on court proceedings; perhaps the apex court could also enforce a complete ban on discussions on sub-judice matters at any forum in the country. This would wear well for justice and fair play. The country has been haemorrhaging for a very long time. It is a tribute to the courage and durability of the people that the country continues to exist and continue the fight for progress and prosperity envisaged by Mr. Jinnah. Najam Sethi’s observations a couple of nights ago, that the time has come for the nation to move on, hit the nail on the head. People are seeking relief from the apex court for cases that have wound their way through the painfully slow judicial process to its jurisdiction. They are being frustrated by the inability of the current workload to find time to consider their submissions. Perhaps one may also take the liberty to suggest that the current trend of random petitioners filing time-wasting cases needs to be discouraged. Notwithstanding all this, the apex court has attempted to provide a way for the trichotomy to move back from the edge of the precipice. It is incumbent upon all, it’s important here to understand the connotation of the word ‘all’, to acknowledge the supremacy of the constitution, act beyond ego and personal considerations and only in the interest of the nation. A setback today could ring the death knell for Pakistan as we see it today. The writer may be contacted via e-mail at

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14 Foreign News

Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Assad takes defiant message to Damascus streets g

arab league observer quits, slams Syria war crimes DAMASCUS



R e S I D e N T Bashar alAssad made a rare public appearance on Wednesday, vowing to defeat a “conspiracy” against Syria a day after he blamed foreign interests for stoking months of deadly violence. “Without a doubt we will defeat the conspiracy, which is nearing its end and will also be the end for (the conspirators) and their plans,” Assad told tens of thousands of cheering supporters in the capital’s central Omayyad Square. Casually dressed in a jacket and

open-necked shirt, a confident-looking Assad stood at the edge of the throng, security guards in front of him, and said: “I came here to draw from your strength. Thanks to you, I have never felt weak. “Whoever wants to talk should come down into the street,” said Assad, as he thanked his backers, many of whom were holding up his portrait or waving Syrian flags, for “supporting the institutions of the state and the army.” The United Nations estimated last month that more than 5,000 people had been killed in the crackdown on antiregime protests that erupted in March, and many of them have been gunned down during peaceful street protests.

Damascus accuses “armed terrorist gangs” of fomenting the bloodshed. In a speech on Tuesday, his first public appearance in months, Assad vowed to crush “terrorism” with an iron fist. “Regional and international parties who are trying to destabilise Syria can no longer falsify the facts and events,” the embattled leader said in the nearly twohour speech. That prompted opposition movements to accuse him of pushing the country toward civil war and world powers to accuse him of trying to shift the blame for the 10 months of bloodletting in the protests against his regime. Amid the finger-pointing, activists

said four civilians were killed on Wednesday near the central city of hama and that loyalist troops were clashing with deserters. The Syrian Observatory for human Rights also said regime forces used live ammunition and tear gas to disperse students demonstrating in Daraya, in Damascus province. An Arab League observer said he has quit the mission, accusing the regime of committing a series of war crimes against its people and of duping his colleagues. “I withdrew from the Arab observers mission because I found myself serving the regime, and not part of an independent observer group,” Anwar Malek told the Doha-based news channel Al-Jazeera.

The Syrian regime is playing “dirty,” charged the Algerian observer. “It even began killing its supporters to convince the Arab observers that it is carrying out its duties and to gain their sympathy.” “The mission was a farce and the observers have been fooled. The regime orchestrated it and fabricated most of what we saw to stop the Arab League from taking action against the regime,” Malek said. “What I saw was a humanitarian disaster. The regime isn’t committing one war crime but a series of crimes against its people,” he said. “Children are killed and they are starved and terrorised.”

afghanistan police chief survives suicide attack KANDAHAR AFp

The police chief of Afghanistan’s troubled Kandahar province Wednesday survived a suicide bombing outside his fortified office, officials said. A militant wearing an explosives-packed vest and posing as a civilian visitor had made it to the waiting room of General Abdul Raziq’s office before detonating the bomb. “We think it was a premature explosion. The explosion took place at the waiting room of the police chief,” Ghorzang, Raziq’s secretary, told AFP. The police chief, who was in his office at the time, was separated from the waiting room by another room and survived the attack unhurt, he added. Ghorzang, who like many Afghans uses only one name, said the bomber had disguised himself as an ordinary resident and told security guards that he wanted to file a complaint. Raziq later told a news conference that the bomber had falsely complained that his sister had been “taken away by some strongmen”. “I signed and referred his complaint to be taken care of. he detonated after his letter was handed back to him,” he said. The police chief said he had launched an investigation into how the attacker had entered the heavily-guarded facility.

N korea says US offered food for nuke shutdown SEOUL AFp

DaMaSCUS: Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-assad wave national flags and portraits of him with the arabic slogan ‘we are with you’ during a rare public appearance he made on wednesday. afP

iran blames israel, uS for killing of nuclear scientist TEHRAN AFp

An Iranian nuclear scientist was killed in a Tehran car bombing on Wednesday that the Islamic republic immediately blamed on Israel and the United States, worsening a tense international standoff over its atomic programme. Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi told state television the attack would not stop Iran making “progress” in its nuclear activities. Iranian officials noted that the as-

sassination method — two men on a motorbike attaching a magnetic bomb to the target’s vehicle — was similar to that used in the killings of three other of its scientists over the past two years. Iran’s parliament erupted with yells of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” after Wednesday’s attack. Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, 32, died immediately in the blast, which occurred in front of a university campus in east Tehran. his driver/bodyguard later died of his wounds, the Fars and ILNA news

agencies reported. A third occupant of the Peugeot 405 was wounded and in hospital. Ahmadi Roshan was a deputy director at Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment facility, according to the website of the university he graduated from a decade ago, Sharif University. he was specialised in making polymeric membranes to separate gas. Iran uses a gas separation method to enrich its uranium. Iran’s atomic energy organisation issued a statement, quoted by the coun-

try’s Arabic broadcaster Al-Alam, confirming Ahmadi Rosham “was working in the nuclear industry.” It said “the futile actions by the criminal Israeli regime and America will not disrupt the path the Iranian people have chosen” and nuclear activities will continue. “This terrorist act was carried out by agents of the Zionist regime (Israel) and by those who claim to be combatting terrorism (the United States) with the aim of stopping our scientists from serving” Iran, Rahimi told state television.

North Korea said Wednesday that the United States had offered food aid and a suspension of sanctions if it halted its uranium enrichment programme. The comments by a foreign ministry spokesman to Pyongyang’s official news agency were the first by the North on the issue. Before the sudden death of the North’s leader Kim Jong-Il on December 17, there were several media reports that such an agreement was imminent. At talks in July last year, Washington “proposed to take confidencebuilding steps such as suspension of sanctions, as well as food aid” in return for a “temporary suspension” of uranium enrichment, the North’s spokesman said. experts say the uranium programme disclosed in November 2010 could give the communist state a second way to make nuclear weapons. The disclosure spurred efforts to revive stalled six-party nuclear disarmament negotiations. The US and North Korea last year held two rounds of bilateral talks aimed at restarting the negotiations last held in December 2008. A third round was reportedly scheduled in Beijing before the announcement of Kim’s death put the process on hold. The spokesman’s statement suggested that a deal was still on the cards if the US raised the amount of food it is willing to offer.

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Foreign News 15

Romney roars ahead with second US vote victory MANCHESTER AFp

Mitt Romney heads to the US South Wednesday as the clear Republican frontrunner to take on President Barack Obama after a commanding win in the second nomination contest. The former Massachusetts governor and millionaire venture capitalist immediately looked to South Carolina’s January 21 primary, hoping a victory there and in Florida on January 31 could effectively anoint him the nominee. “I have a good start. I have an uphill climb in South Carolina ahead of me, but it could not have worked better last night,” Romney told the NBC “Today” show Wednesday, following his victory in the New hampshire primary. Public opinion polls showed Romney leading his more conservative rivals in both of the next battlegrounds — large states where his well-oiled, well-funded campaign machine could roll up the opposition. With more than 95 percent of votes counted, Romney was set to win New hampshire with about 39 percent, the first time since 1976 that a Republican non-incumbent wins this contest and the Iowa caucuses that precede it. After surviving a furious 11th-hour onslaught from his Republican rivals, who tarred him as a callous corporate raider who put people out of work, Romney defiantly trumpeted his business experience as his number-one asset.

Scotland clashes with london over independence vote LONDON AFp

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond fuelled a tense constitutional clash with London on Wednesday, insisting that his government can organise its own independence referendum in 2014. London announced on Tuesday it would give edinburgh legal powers to hold a vote on a break-up of the 300-year-old union, but said it would be unlawful unless done with London’s approval of the timescale and conditions. But Salmond — a nationalist who is widely regarded as one of the sharpest political operators in the British Isles — has announced plans for Scotland to hold its own referendum in the autumn of 2014, on its own terms. The issue could eventually end up at the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court. Salmond, whose Scottish National Party last year won the first majority in the edinburgh assembly since it opened in 1999, said there was a “mandate for the Scottish parliament to organise and hold the referendum” on its own. “It must be a referendum built in Scotland and decided by the Scottish people,” Salmond told BBC radio. he indicated however that he was ready to strike a deal if Prime Minister David Cameron’s government recognised it was lawful for the Scottish parliament to hold the referendum.

laGoS: leadership of labour and civil society speaks to thousands of people protesting against the scrapping of oil subsidy at Gani Fawehinmi Park on wednesday. Thousands of protesters gathered at the Gani Fawehinmi Park on the third day of on-going mass strike by labour and civil society to protest the scrapping of oil subsidy by the government. afP

Nigerians defy order to end strike, religious attacks flare g

Sixteen people killed in three separate sectarian incidents LAGOS



eNS of thousands protesting Nigerians defied an order to end a three-day-old strike Wednesday as a union threatened oil production and deadly religious violence sparked talk of a looming civil war. The double crisis of protests and spiraling violence in Africa’s largest crude producer has left the global oil market watching anxiously and President Goodluck Jonathan facing his toughest challenge since he was elected last year. Despite a government order late Tuesday that labelled the strike over soaring petrol prices illegal and threatened to withhold pay, protesters took to the streets as gangs of youths burnt tyres and harassed drivers for cash.

Pockets of Lagos, the largest city in Africa’s most populous nation, descended into chaos, including one upscale neighbourhood, with gangs attacking a police car with sticks and ripping down signposts. The main groups of protesters in Lagos however remained peaceful, with some 10,000 people at one of the largest demonstrations dancing and singing anti-government songs. Some vowed they would begin camping out there. “I am here with my water and toothbrush because we are not leaving this arena until our demand for fuel at 65 naira ($0.40, 0.30 euros) is met,” said Akinola Oyebode, a 23-year-old at the main protest in Lagos, referring to the price of a litre of petrol before government subsidies were scrapped from January 1.

“We shall not be intimidated by the police because our protest is legitimate and constitutional.” Smaller protests took place in other parts of the city, including one calling itself “Occupy Nigeria” after the Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States. In Kano, the largest city in the north, a massive crowd thought to be in the tens of thousands marched through the streets. Protesters and police clashed in Kano on Monday, leaving at least two people shot dead, but Wednesday’s march started off peacefully. Oil production has so far not been affected by the strike, but workers threatened action if the government does not respond to their demands. “We are contemplating shutting down oil production,” said Tokunbo Ko-

rodo, Lagos head for oil workers union NUPeNG. “We are just waiting for the outcome of discussions between labour and government today. The outcome of that meeting, if not favourable, will lead us to shutting down oil production.” Meanwhile, spiralling ethnic and religious violence in various parts of the country has fueled further chaos amid warnings of a wider conflict in a country roughly divided between a mainly Muslim north and predominantly Christian south. Sixteen people were killed in three separate incidents in the latest such violence. An Islamic school was torched in the south on Tuesday and Islamist group Boko haram was blamed for gunning down eight people, including five police officers, in a pub in Potiskum in the northeast.

outrage over indian islands ‘human zoo’ video Gunmen attack NEW DELHI AFp

Rights campaigners and politicians Wednesday condemned a video showing women from a protected and primitive tribe dancing for tourists reportedly in exchange for food on India’s Andaman Islands. British newspaper The Observer released the undated video showing Jarawa tribal women — some of them naked — being lured to dance and sing after a bribe was allegedly paid to a policeman to produce them. Under Indian laws designed to protect ancient tribal groups susceptible to outside influence and disease, photographing or coming into contact with the Jarawa and some of

the Andaman aborigines is banned. The tribe, thought to have been among the first people to migrate successfully from Africa to Asia, lives a nomadic existence in the lush, tropical forests of the Andamans in the Indian Ocean. India’s Tribal Affairs Minister V. Kishore Chandra Deo on Wednesday promised to take action over the footage, terming it “disgusting”, and the home ministry has sought a report. Survival International, which lobbies on behalf of tribal groups worldwide, said the video showed tourists apparently enjoying “human zoos.” “Quite clearly, some people’s attitudes towards tribal peoples haven’t moved on a jot. The Jarawa

are not circus ponies bound to dance at anyone’s bidding,” said Stephen Corry, the group’s director, in a press release. But state anthropologist A. Justin, who works on the Andaman islands, questioned whether the scenes were out of date. “Before the 2004 tsunami, people might have forced them to dance and there may have been some much smaller violations since then,” Justin said by telephone from the capital Port Blair. “Since the tsunami, a policy of maximum autonomy with minimum intervention has been put in place. Things are being taken care of these days. There is a lot of (security) coverage there now.” Justin said the video appeared to

be several years old, while police in Port Blair also suggested it was taken some time ago. “The video appears to be six to seven years old when Jarawas remained unclothed but now they wear dresses in public,” Director-General of Police Samsher Deol said. “Nonetheless we have launched a probe because we want to know who is the videographer who has committed an offence and we also want to know who bribed and who has been bribed,” Deol said. The Observer report said its journalist had recently seen tourists throw bananas and biscuits to tribespeople on the roadside, and had been told by local traders how much to bribe the police to spend a day out with the Jarawa.

Yemen intelligence officials, kill 1

ADEN: Unidentified gunmen killed a Yemeni intelligence official and wounded seven others in an attack on their mini-bus in the southern port city of Aden, security and medical officials said Wednesday. The gunmen first stopped the vehicle travelling in Aden’s Khor Maksar neighbourhood in the city centre before opening fire on the passengers, a police official told AFP on condition of anonymity. he said the gunmen fled the scene and remained at large. A medical official at a nearby hospital meanwhile confirmed one of the shooting victims died from his injuries. The other seven all sustained gunshot wounds, and two are in critical condition, the official added. AFp

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Pakistani novelist

IN LIMELIGHT MUMBai: kailash kher poses with amitabh Bachchan during the release of his new album ‘kailasha Rangeele’.

shortlisted for Man asian book prize HONG KONG



debut Pakistani novelist will be among those vying for Asia’s top english-language literary prize. Indian authors dominate the shortlist of authors competing for the $30,000 award. An unprecedented seven authors, including three from India and writers from Pakistan, South Korea, Japan and China, will compete for the 2011 Man Asian Literary Prize after judges expanded the shortlist from its usual five. BBC correspondent Razia Iqbal, who heads the judging panel, said the shortlist had been expanded to accommodate the current strength of Asian contemporary fiction and “the imaginative power of the stories now being written about rapidly changing life” in the region. The prize, limited to Asian authors whose books are either written in english or translated into english, was founded in 2007 and shares the same sponsor as the Man Booker Prize, among the world’s top literary awards. The seven shortlisted books include ‘The Wandering Falcon’, the debut by Islamabadbased author Jamil Ahmad set in the border areas of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan in the decades before the rise of the Taliban. As a member of the Civil Service of Pakistan, Ahmad was posted in Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul before and during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. The three Indian authors competing against Ahmed include Rahul Bhattacharya for ‘The Sly Company of People Who Care’

which chronicles a man’s decision to give up his job and travel to escape his humdrum life. Also nominated is ‘Rebirth’ by Indian doctor and author Jahnavi Barua, about a young woman faced with an uncertain marriage and portraying the bond between a mother and her unborn child. Amitav Ghosh’s historical epic ‘River of Smoke’ charts the storm-tossed journey of a convict ship from Calcutta into China’s crowded harbours. The shortlist also includes ‘Dream of Ding Village’ by Chinese novelist Yan Lianke, an account of an hIV blood-selling scandal in China that was officially censored upon its Chinese publication. The two other judges for the competition are Pulitzer-prize finalist and author of ‘The Surrendered’, Chang-rae Lee, and Vikas Swarup, author of ‘Q & A’, which was filmed as the Oscar-winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. A total of 90 books were submitted for entry in 2011 and a longlist of 12 was announced in October last year. The winning author is awarded $30,000 and the translator, if any, receives $5,000. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in hong Kong on March 15.

MUMBai: abhishek Bachchan attends the ‘57th idea Filmfare awards 2011’ press conference.

NEw YoRk: Martin Scorsese, Sir Ben kingsley, alec Baldwin, Dame Helen Mirren, Emma Stone, keira knightley, George Clooney and Stacy keibler, attend the 2011 National Board of Review awards gala.

Ricky Gervais ready to insult everyone all over again NEW YORK ABC

The new promo for the Golden Globes shattered any notions that Ricky Gervais might tone down his Golden Globe repertoire this time around. ‘The Office’ mastermind who upset some hollywood stars and others with his biting wit as host of last year’s Golden Globe Awards, has promised his emcee gig this year would not be toned down. he said his third time hosting the hollywood awards, which take place on January 15, would not be dull or censored. Ahead of Sunday’s ceremony, refresh your memory of Gervais’ most outrageous jokes from last year’s Golden Globes: On Charlie Sheen: “It’s going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking — or, as Charlie Sheen calls it, breakfast. Wow, so let’s get this straight, so what he did was, he picked up a porn star, paid her to have dinner with him, introduced her to his ex-wife — as you do — went to a hotel, got drunk, got naked, trashed the place while she was locked in a cupboard, and that was a Monday. What did he do New Year’s eve?” On ‘Sex and the City 2’: “I was sure the Golden Globe for special effects would go to the team that airbrushed that poster. Great job. Girls, we know how old you are. I saw one of you in an episode of ‘Bonanza’.”

Katie Holmes Goes Topless for New Ad Campaign LoS ANGeLeS: Hot damn, Joey Potter. katie Holmes may often be overshadowed by her high heels-wearing, temper tantrum-throwing 5-year-old daughter, but in a new ad campaign for jewellery brand H. Stern, the 33year-old actress turns up the sex about 11 notches, posing oiled up, sand dusted, and topless. The point is to sell jewellery, but you could be forgiven for failing to notice that. while the advertisement, 33year-old’s third campaign for H. Stern, are currently only running in israel, they are set to hit america this autumn. AGeNCIeS

Oprah Winfrey to shoot at the

Taj Mahal MUMBAI: That oprah winfrey is coming to india is old news. But what’s new is the purpose of her visit. The celebrity talk show host will be shooting her new show, ‘oprah’s Next Chapter’, at the Taj Mahal and agra Fort. Shooting for the show will happen on January 19 and the show’s representatives have already been granted the permission for the same by the archaeological Survey of india. oprah is expected to be in india from January 15 to January 22. oprah will describe five major cities of india - Delhi, Mumbai, agra, Hrishikesh and Jaipur - on her show. The last celebrity visitor to the Taj was Tom Cruise who had come down with anil kapoor to agra during the promotional tour of ‘Mi: 4’ in india. For those not clued in to oprah’s new show, it was first aired on January 1. Unlike the earlier seasons, this format has oprah roaming around the world with celebrity guests to interview them. AGeNCIeS

Shahrukh Khan

ignored by his best friends

MUMBAI: ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani had a merry party for the launch of his new calendar. But one man who returned home from the party bitter and glum was none other than SRk. at the party, which was one of the hottest events of the year, SRk surprised everyone by arriving early at 10.05 pm because he usually shows up after midnight at most events. But this event was not half as shocking as what happened next. apparently, arjun Rampal, who co-starred with him in last year’s debacle ‘,’ abruptly stopped talking to his circle of friends and walked out of the door. Hrithik Roshan who always makes it a point to put in a word of praise for his close friend, surprisingly followed behind arjun and left the scene. The actors didn’t even greet SRk and were in a hurry to leave the venue. This news comes after the incident when arjun, Hrithik and SRk vacationed with their families in Dubai to usher in the New Year they didn’t even bother to meet each other. SRk was seen letting go off his ego and chatting with Junior B with whom he previously had a strained relationship. later



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Mehdi Hassan

hospitalised, condition critical: son


during Partition. hassan, who has a huge following in the subcontinent, cut back on his performances in the late 80s due to illness. he wanted to visit India in 2010 for treatment and wished to meet Lata Mangeshkar, Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. The visit could not take place and his earlier planned visit in 2008 was also cancelled in wake of Mumbai terror attack.

Justin Bieber wants Jackson-like fame, and no drugs LOS ANGELES ReUTeRS

he also paid a visit to the Bachchan residence to meet aishwarya-abhishek’s newborn daughter. Now we really do sympathise with SRk but we are also curious to know what may have caused his good friends to give him the cold treatment. AGeNCIeS

Bourne begins filming amid terror alert


h A Z A L legend Mehdi hassan has been admitted to the intensive care unit of a private hospital in Karachi after he had trouble in breathing, his son Arif hassan said. The 84-year-old singer, the voice behind evergreen ghazals like ‘Ab ke bichade’ and ‘Patta patta boota boota’, has also stopped speaking. hassan, who has been suffering from lung problems for the past twelve years, was last night rushed to Karachi’s Agha Khan hospital’s ICU section. Doctors said hassan is suffering from chest and urine infection. “he had trouble in breathing last night. We immediately rushed him to the hospital. he is in ICU but there is no positive response from the doctors about his condition,” Arif told reporters. “We have been feeding him through tube for the past two years and for the past one month, he has even lost his voice, which mesmerised millions of his fans,” he added. Arif said hassan wanted to visit India for treatment. “he wanted to visit India, his birth country, and we were supposed to be there last year but his condition never improved. Now the doctors have strictly said no to any journey,” he said. Facing a cash crunch for his treatment, the family of the legendary singer has appealed to the Pakistan government for some help. “We have to pay Rs 45 lakh to the hospital. Government has publicly promised to bear all the expenses of his treatment and we are relying on them. I am hopeful that people will come forward to help,” Arif said. hassan was born into a family of traditional musicians at Luna village in India`s Rajasthan state in 1927. his family migrated to Pakistan

Pictures by aFP


Teen idol Justin Bieber turns 18 in March with a long and ambitious to-do list — to still be around at 30, to be as famous as Michael Jackson, and to avoid singing about sex and drugs. “hopefully by the time I’m 30 people will remember me,” the Canadian singer told V Magazine in an lengthy interview. “I don’t want people to just think of me as a teen sensation.” But the ‘Baby’ singer said he was determined to maintain the squeaky clean persona that has brought him millions of mostly young female fans, and their mothers. “I’m never going to make myself so the kids and the parents don’t respect me,” he said. “I want to be able to do what Michael (Jackson) did-he always sang clean lyrics.

MANILA: The latest instalment of the Jason Bourne hollywood spy franchise began filming in the chaotic Philippine capital amid heavy security with the city on alert over a feared terrorist attack on a Catholic procession not far from where the Bourne film is set. Police officers with bomb sniffing dogs scoured a warren of Manila alleyways where British actress Rachel Weisz and her co-star, Jeremy Renner, shot scenes for the much anticipated ‘Bourne Legacy’ movie. A 200-man crowd and traffic control team deployed by Manila authorities also blocked off a market road where the filming took place, while private security guards were in strategic places to thwart overzealous fans or strangers. But the mood among locals on Wednesday was one of excitement with fans jostling each other to catch a glimpse of Weisz and Renner as they shot scenes in dark, crowded alleyways near a sprawling slum. Weisz plays opposite Renner, who takes the lead role from Matt Damon in the movie about the workings of a shadowy Central Intelligence Agency unit that trains super spies. AFp

Chinese tycoon builds eco-friendly skyscraper in a fortnight BEIJING: The Chinese tycoon behind a 30-storey energy-saving building that went up in just 15 days said Wednesday he intends to duplicate the model across the vast and heavily polluted nation. The prefabricated building, the five-star T30 hotel at Dongting Lake, hunan province, that opens on January 18, became an Internet sensation after time-lapse video posted online showed it being constructed by 200 builders in just 360 hours. Zhang Yue, the billionaire chief executive of the Broad Group air conditioning company, said the speed with which his buildings go up reduces waste of materials and energy. he said the buildings, which feature quadruple-glazed windows and only use energy-saving lighting, would become his biggest business in 2013. “China is 20-40 times more polluted than europe and that’s hurting our health and will offset the economic benefits of our growth,” added Zhang, who won a UN environment Programme “Champions of the earth” award last year. China’s cities are among the world’s most polluted, after three decades of rapid urbanisation. AFp

I don’t want to start singing about things like sex, drugs, and swearing.” Bieber, who has been dating Disney Channel star Selena Gomez for several months, added that he still had some growing up to do. “I’m into love, and maybe I’ll get more into making love when I’m older. But I want to be someone who is respected by everybody,” he told the U.S. fashion magazine. Bieber released his first album at the age of 15, launching an international career and becoming the most searched person of 2011 on Internet search engine Bing. But Bieber said he planned on staying around in the music industry for many more years to come. “It’s not a fluke that I am here. I am here for a reason, and I am here for a lifetime,” he said. “I also want people to know that I write my stuff. No one writes my stuff for me.”

‘Rowdy Rathore’ Jay-Z’s song latest in newborn tributes list NEw YoRk: New York was abuzz over the birth of baby girl Blue ivy to one of the Big apple’s most glamorous couples, rapper Jay-z and R&B singer Beyonce. Curious onlookers and Tv satellite vans staked out lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan’s posh Upper East Side, waiting for a glimpse of Blue ivy Carter, born Saturday, and her proud parents. Jay-z welcomed his daughter, Blue ivy Carter, into the world by penning a new song and taking to the mic to express his joy. He released ‘Glory feat. B.i.C.’ on his website Monday, using lyrics to reveal intimate details about his relationship with wife Beyonce and the birth. Jay-z’s song is the most recent musical tribute to a newborn, but it is by no means the first. inspired by his daughter aisha wonder, Stevie wonder wrote ‘isn’t She lovely’ and like Jay-z, included her crying on the track. Former Beatle John lennon wrote the song ‘Beautiful Boy’ for his son, Sean. ABC

bigger money-spinner than‘Agneepath’?

MUMBAI: akshay kumar’s ‘Rowdy Rathore’ might just overtake the business of Hrithik Roshan’s ‘agneepath’, though both films are yet to release. apparently karan Johar broke all earlier records by selling the satellite rights of his production ‘agneepath’ at a whopping 41 crores. The film stars big names from Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra to Sanjay Dutt so one was expecting good numbers. But what kJo managed is indeed a feat. However, the buzz is that akshay kumar’s ‘Rowdy Rathore’ produced by UTv and Sanjay leela Bhansali and directed by Prabhu Dheva is being pitched much higher to television channels. and in all probability its satellite rights might be sold at Rs 45 crores. interestingly like ‘agneepath’, even ‘Rowdy Rathore’ is a remake. The Telugu original vikramarkudu was a blockbuster hit. we just hope that the industry isn’t carried away by the success of the original though. after all ‘Players’ was nothing like ‘The italian Job’ in both content and business. AGeNCIeS

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012

kvitova closes on top ranking as wozniacki loses Page 19

waCa carries all the venom to corner india PERTH AFp

India's underperforming top order will need to produce something special when they face Australia in the third Test at the WACA Ground starting Friday if the tourists are to save the series. Down 2-0 in the four-Test series and without a century so far with the bat, India could scarcely have picked a tougher venue to try to rediscover their form and resolve after an ugly streak of six away Test losses on the bounce. Perth's WACA strip is a world away from the low and slow subcontinent pitches India's batsmen thrive on, especially after groundsman Cam Sutherland boldly declared the venue finally back to its venomous best. Sutherland predicted it would be considerably faster and bouncier than when Australia thrashed england by 267 runs there last summer and just two of the 40 wickets fell to spin. Australian batsman Mike hussey said a spicy deck would clearly favour the home side, who have been dominant so far against a disappointing India. "I hope it's a nice, fast bouncy pitch," he said. "We play those conditions very well. "It is very different to what the Indian players are used to from their home country." With the track ideal for seamers, Australia are considering playing four pacemen, something which has had mixed success in Perth down the years. Indian fast bowler Zaheer Khan, who at the age of 33 finally plays his first Test at the WACA, denied his side -- heavy losers in the first two Tests -- were concerned about the conditions. "There has been a lot of talk about how the wicket is going to play in such-andsuch manner," he said. "We are confident as a bowling unit of taking 20 wickets." One positive for India is that a similar pitch prediction in Perth on their last tour, in 2008, saw the home side play four fast bowlers. But it backfired and the tourists won by 72 runs in a match where no batsman scored a century.

army, SSGC, HEC get big wins in U-21 National Hockey

Cook comes to England’s rescue with timely century DUBAI



PeNeR Alastair Cook struck a fighting hundred to prop up a struggling england batting display against a Pakistan Cricket Board XI in their second three-day tour match here on Wednesday. The 27-yearold left-hander hit an attractive 133 to lift england, sent into bat, to 269-9 declared on the opening day of the match played at the Global Cricket Academy. In reply the PCB XI were 22-0 at close, with openers Nasir Jamshed on 12 and Afaq Raheem on 10. Apart from Cook, Matt Prior (46) and Kevin Pietersen (38) were the only top-order batsmen to get some runs as Andrew Strauss (3), Jonathan Trott (0), Ian Bell (0) and eoin Morgan (11) flopped again. That left england much to think about ahead of the first Test against Pakistan, starting here from Tuesday. Cook, who made 76 and 24 in england's three-wicket win in the first tour match, held the innings together by adding 83 for the third wicket with Pietersen and had a fighting stand of 90 with Prior for the sixth. he was finally dismissed, caught behind by Sarfraz Ahmed off Talha before england declared the innings. Cook hit 10 boundaries during his 260-ball knock and looked untroubled throughout. Talha finished with 4-43. It was legspinner Yasir Shah who rattled the middleorder with figures of 5-75. Talha, part of Pakistan's 16-man Test squad, dismissed Strauss and Trott in his first spell before Pietersen and Cook repaired the early damage. Shah broke the partnership when he dismissed Pietersen soon after lunch and

SCoReBoARD eNGLAND 1st innings 3 A. Strauss c Sarfraz b Talha 133 A. Cook c Sarfraz b Talha 0 J. Trott lbw b Talha K. pietersen b Shah 38 I. Bell lbw b Shah 0 e. Morgan c Hasan b Shah 11 46 M. prior c Sarfraz b Talha 24 G. Swann c Sarfraz b Shah 1 G. onions c Talha b Shah 0 M. panesar not out eXTRAS: (lb6, nb6, w1) 13 ToTAL: (for nine wkts decl) 269 Did not bat: C. Tremlett Fall of wickets 1-13 (Strauss), 2-14 (Trott), 3-97 (pietersen), 4101 (Bell), 5-121 (Morgan), 6-211 (prior), 7-257 (Swann), 8-267 (onions) BoWLING: Talha 15.1-2-43-4 (nb6), Khalil 14-3-46-0 (w1), Hasan 26-3-99-0, Shah 26-1-75-5 overs: 81.1 pCB XI 1st innings Nasir Jamshed not out 12 Afaq Raheem not out 10 22 ToTAL: (for no loss) BoWLING: onions 3-0-12-0, Tremlett 2-2-0-0, Swann 2-0-60, panesar 1-0-4-0 overs: 8, Toss: pCB XI.

followed that with wickets of Bell in his next over and then got Morgan to leave england struggling at 5-121. Prior, who hit seven boundaries during his fiery 57-ball knock, helped Cook take england past 200-mark. england batting coach Graham Gooch said he was not overly worried about batsmen not coming good. "I don't have concerns. But everyone would like to spend time in the middle, and if they miss out they might feel they're a little bit short on confidence but you've got to believe in yourself, think back to when you've done well," said Gooch, praising Cook. "he's come up with some runs in a part of the world where it's a bit slow and you've got to get into the tempo of the play and work a bit harder for your runs."

Pacer aizaz writes off england batting worries


It was another day of big wins in the 31st U-21 National hockey Championship being played here at the National hockey Stadium. Army, SSGC and heC thrashed their rival teams in the three matches that were played on the day. Army beat Islamabad 7-0. the real action of the match although it was onesided was seen in the second half after Army got just one goal in the first half. Army scored through Shahid Ali Khan 11th minute (FG), habib-ur-Rehman 36th minute (FG), M. Sahroaz Ghori 3 Goals 44th, 49th & 58th minutes (FG), Abdul Jabbar 68th minute (FG) & M. Yasir 70thminute (FG). In the second match, SSGC beat Sindh 5-0. SSGC produced tw goals in the second half after dominating the first half. SSGC got its goals from Mohammad Asif 17th minute (FG), Zahid 22ndminute (FG) & hafiz Rizwan 3 Goals 25th, 47th & 52nd minutes (FG). heC overwhelmed Balochistan 7-0. They were in complete control of the game by the breather with five goals and added another three in the following session. The players who brought wins were Mohammad Zohaib 2 Goals 9th & 67th minutes (FG), Fareed Mansoor 2 Goals 13th & 22nd minutes (FG), Ali Raza 24th minute (FG) & M. Adeel Zaman 2 Goals 27th & 68th minutes (FG).

DUBai: alastair Cook raises his bat after scoring a century while (R) Pakistan Cricket Board Xi cricketer Mohammad Talha delivers the ball on the opening day of a second three-day practice match at the iCC Global Cricket academy ground. afP


Fast-rising paceman Aizaz Cheema Wednesday said the Pakistan team was not reading much into england's recent run of poor batting displays, acknowledging that Test matches would be a different ball game. england, which rose to world number one in Test rankings last year, were restricted to 185-8 and managed 261-7 during their hard fought three-wicket win in a threeday match against an ICC Combined XI. They were also unimpressive with

269-9 declared against Pakistan Cricket Board XI on Wednesday, with only opener Alastair Cook showing good form, scoring 133. "Test match cricket will be different, it will have different conditions and teams will have a different approach come the first Test," said Cheema of the three-Test series which starts here from January 17. "At the back of their mind england players will know that they are playing a Test so we are not reading much into their failures in the side's games and are ready for them," said Cheema. The 32-year-old Cheema

made his mark with eight wickets in his debut Test against Zimbabwe in September last year and has since been an ever-stay in the team. Cheema said england won't be different from other teams. "The challenge of playing england is not much different from other challenges and we are not taking england differently. We have done well recently so we need to keep that momentum," said Cheema. Pakistan have not lost a Test series since losing to england in 2010 - a tour marred by the spot-fixing scandal which ended in jail terms and bans for then-captain Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer. Cheema said it was essential that all bowlers kept the basics right. "england may be the top team in the world but we need to do the basics right, like we always do and if you give hundred percent then any team can struggle against you," he said, admitting that Cook and fellow opener Andrew Strauss would be a challenge. "I am a swing bowler so I will do my best to get the early swing and give a good start for the team," said Cheema. "Strauss and Cook pose a real challenge because they are a very mature opening pair. "We need to get them out early because when you get openers early it puts pressure on the middle order," said Cheema. "The conditions and the pitches are similar to Pakistan, so those will help us." The Tests will be followed by four one-day and three Twenty20 internationals.

Delhi lions Rugby team reach city LAHORE STAFF RepoRT

The Delhi Lions Rugby Club reached the city to play a couple of matches against local teams and take part in a 7s tournament here. The Delhi arrived here via the Lahore Delhi Bus Service and received by the president of the Lahore Rugby Football Club haji Anwar , secretary Salman Wain, president DhA Rugby Club Tariq Niazi, Pakistan Rugby Development Officer Jamal Qureshi , secretary Punjab Rugby Khuram haroon and about 50 of Lahore rugby players and other well wishers. “We are here to spread love, peace and harmony. Big sports are competitions but small games spread love,” said the Delhi team manager hera Lala Bashin, who is also an executive member of the Indian Rugby Union. This is the second visit of the team to Lahore. Last time they were here to play in Tens Tournament held in 2004. The touring party consists of 22 members and will stay here for a week. During their stay here they will play in the Lahore-Delhi Cup Series, hosted by Lahore Rugby Football Club under the auspices of Punjab Rugby Association and Pakistan Rugby Union. The team will play two 15s matches and take part in a club 7s tournament. The team was extremely excited about being in Lahore. hera Lala Bahin said: “This is a great moment that we came back to Lahore. Cricket and hockey are the bigger sports but if we promote other sports like rugby this is very good. We are very thankful to Pakistan Rugby union.”

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Pakistan’s young tennis players excel in vietnam LAHORE

Sports 19

Kvitova closes on top ranking as Wozniacki loses

Jet-lagged Tsonga slips to kooyong loss



The Pakistan tennis players while participating in a development tournament in Vietnam performed brilliantly and finished among the top players with Malaysian boys and girls winning the ITF Asian Under-14 Tournament held at ho Chi Min City. Syed Nofil, Azhar Qadir, Talha and Mahein Dada represented Pakistan in the event. Mahein got seventh place while Nofil was ranked 13, Azhar had 14th position and Talha getting 26th out of the players from 14 nations. earlier, the Pakistan under-14 players got fifth position in a 14-nation meet held in Qatar from December 24-31.


PlTa announces plan of activities LAHORE STAFF RepoRT

The Punjab Lawn Tennis Association has on Wednesday released the list of activities it plans to hold in the next two months with Punjab Cup being the major event to be organised here. Khawaja Mohammad Bakhsh, secretary PLTA, said that the PLTA courts are very busy these days imparting training to the Pakistan’s Fed Cup team. The team which is to leave for China for the Fed Cup is training under the coaching of Mohammad Khalid, who will accompany them to China as a coach and none playing caotain while the activity at tte PLTA courts are being supervised by Mohammad Bakhsh. The PLTA secretary said that after the Fed Cup Camp is over, Punjab Cup will be held here from February 19 to 26. The PLTA will then hold Governor’s Cup at Faisalabad on February 27 to March, he said and added that the activity will then shift to Sahiwal from march 5 to 11 followed by an event at Rahimyar Khan from March 12 to 18.

Descon beat Nespak LAHORE STAFF RepoRT

Descon defteated Nespak in a friendly encounter here the other day. Naspak scored 171 all out in 26 overs. Imran Maan took three wickets, Khawaja hassan, M.Asif and caption Faheem Butt (three fine catches ) claimed two wickets each. In reply Descon chased the total in 25 overs. Wasif 58, M.Asif 29 were top scorer Asim and Khalil batted well.

SYDNEY: victoria azarenka of Belarus celebrates her victory over Marion Bartoli while Petra kvitova of the Czech Republic pumps her fist in joy after beating Caroline wozniacki during the Sydney international Tennis. afP SYDNEY



AROLINe Wozniacki was dumped from the Sydney International on Wednesday, opening the way for rival Petra Kvitova to seize the world number one ranking heading into next week's Australian Open. Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova set up a semi-final clash with defending champion Li Na after an emphatic straight sets victory over Daniela hantuchova. Wozniacki crashed out to Polish world number eight Agnieszka Radwanska, 36, 7-5, 6-2 in the quarter-finals after being broken while serving out for the match at 5-4 in the second set. Radwanska will now face Belarussian third seed Victoria Azarenka in Thursday's semis, with Kvitova lining up against Chinese defending champion Li Na in the day's other semi-final. Wimbledon champion Kvitova had an emphatic straight sets victory over Daniela hantuchova, while world number five Li downed Czech Lucie Safarova 6-2, 7-6 (7/3). Kvitova is on track to take the number one ranking by winning the tournament. "To be honest, I don't think about it (losing top ranking)," Wozniacki said. "The most important thing is to be healthy and be able play and play

lucky State life ease to win in Pakistan Polo Cup

laHoRE: The players in action duing the Pakistan Polo Cup. NadeeM iJaz LAHORE: Another two matches were played in the Sufi Group Pakistan Polo Cup 2012 here at the Lahore Polo Club on Wednesday. State Life/Olympia having scored two goals moved past fighting Park View Villas/Army on their handicap advantage. Park View Villas/Army hit in three goals while State Life/Olympia got two goals in the field but their one and half goals advantage earned them three and a half goals to three win. Isfandiyar Ali Khan Pataudi, Ahmad Nawaz Tiwana and hamza Mawaz Khan scored for the losing side while both the winner’s goals came from Ahmad Ali Tiwana. Shah Shamyl Alam led Newage Cables to a 10-5 win over hilton Pharma/United. It was the lucky seven goal for Shamyl while Omar Asjad Malhi had two and Bilal haye one while in the losing cause Santiago Mendivil scored all the five goals for hilton Pharma/United. Raja Temur Nadeem, Sameer habib Oberoi, Malik Azam hayat Noon and hassan Ali Farrukh ensured foul free play. STAFF RepoRT

well. What happens happens. It doesn't matter." Wozniacki, whose tenure at the top of the women's singles rankings comes despite not yet winning a grand slam in 19 attempts, was taken to a third set by Radwanska after appearing to be in a winning position. The Dane seemed troubled by a left wrist injury as Radwanska broke her three times in the final to claim only her second victory in seven meetings. "I hope it's not serious. I could feel it, especially in the third set," Wozniacki said. "I'm going to go get it checked out tomorrow, and hopefully it's OK. "Let's just hope for the best. I should be completely fine for Australian Open." earlier Kvitova reeled off the opening eight games before dishing out a 6-0, 6-4 victory over hantuchova, the Slovak number 21. Kvitova, who like Li has been in top form in preparation for the season's first grand slam in Melbourne, swept to victory breaking hantuchova's service five times for her fourth win over the Slovakian. "I was surprised that I played well. In these (windy) conditions it's very tough to play," Kvitova said. "Yeah, I'm still on the track. But still it's two matches, and the next one is really tough against Li Na," Kvitova said. "She is tough opponent. She's in top five, so it will be good match for tomorrow." Li

said she was playing her best tennis since before last year's Wimbledon as she battled into the semi-finals. The world number five needed one hour 50 minutes to subdue battling Czech Safarova in blustery conditions to move into the last four in the defence of the Sydney title she won last year. It was Li's third win this week, continuing her upsurge in form after a dismal follow-up to her landmark French Open success at Roland Garros, which saw her become the first Asian to win a grand slam title. Li, 29, was clearly relieved to have put her problems of the second half of 2011 behind her and is eyeing back-toback Sydney finals. "Of course I'm feeling good," she said. "Win here last year and this year reach the semis in just the beginning of the year, yeah, I am feeling much, much stronger." Li, who only won seven matches after her French Open breakthrough, said she was back in the form she had enjoyed prior to Wimbledon, where she bowed out to Germany's Sabine Lisicki in the second round. "Last year before Wimbledon," Li said, when asked the last time she was playing at this level. "I mean, even in Wimbledon I was feeling I was playing well. But after that I don't know what happened. Didn't work." Belarussian Azarenka downed France's Marion Bartoli 7-5, 6-4 in their quarter-final.

A jetlagged Jo-Wilfried Tsonga paid the price for a flight halfway round the world on Wednesday as he lost his Kooyong Classic opener in straight sets to Austria's Jurgen Melzer. The eight-man Kooyong tournament, where players face three matches in the space of four days, is a key warm-up for the Australian Open, which starts on Monday. Tsonga recorded the best grand slam performance of his career when he reached the Australian Open final in 2008 but admitted he had not adjusted to the time difference from Doha, where he won the Qatar Open on Saturday. Canadian Milos Raonic, who arrived from Chennai after winning the Indian event, lost 6-1, 6-2 to American Mardy Fish. he withdrew a few hours later, citing exhaustion and was to be replaced in the draw by Japan's Kei Nishikori. Tsong's 6-4, 6-3 defeat in cold and blustery conditions drops the French world number six into the relegation round. "I'm not feeling very well. I still have jetlag. We train a lot and we all want to be ready for the Open. Today was difficult with the conditions," said Tsonga. "It is difficult to play in the wind. I'm not used to it anymore. I play most of my matches in big stadiums where there is little wind. When we return to conditions like this, it's difficult for us." Tsonga had beaten the 30-year-old Melzer in both of their two previous meetings, both in 2008. "We had really tough conditions but when the wind wasn't blowing I hit some good shots," said Melzer. "It's always good to get a win over a top 10 guy. "I had some good form today. I hope to keep it up this week and straight through to the Open." Tsonga's countryman Gael Monfils, the losing finalist in Doha, came up a winner as he beat three-time Kooyong champion Andy Roddick 7-6 (7/2), 7-6 (7/3). he will next play Bernard Tomic. "It was a tough match, very windy," said Monfils, Kooyong runner-up last year. "I stayed focused and won it. This is good Australian Open preparation. Andy is always tough, this was a good match."

Sri Lanka crash to big defeat PAARL AFp


hashim Amla hit a century before South Africa's opening bowlers sent Sri Lanka crashing as the host nation swept to a huge 258-run win in the first one-day international at Boland Park here on Wednesday. Replying to a South African total of 301 for eight, Sri Lanka lost their first six wickets for 13 runs before being bowled out for 43, a record low total for the tourists. Opening batsman Amla anchored the South African innings and made 112 off 128 balls. he shared in partnerships of 144 for the second wicket with Jacques Kallis (72) and 91 for the third wicket with new captain AB de Villiers (52). It was always likely to be a tough target for Sri Lanka to chase but their hopes were dashed almost immediately as they made a disastrous start with new ball bowlers Morne Morkel and Lonwabo Tsotsobe both taking three wickets in their opening spells. Morkel finished with four for 10 to take the man of the match award, while the left-armed Tsotsobe claimed three for 19. Sri Lankan captain Tillekeratne Dilshan acknowledged that South Africa had produced "fantastic bowling" at the start of his team's innings. "After that it was very difficult to come back," he said.

SoUTH AFRICA G. Smith c Sangakkara b Malinga 6 H. Amla c Sangakkara b Malinga 112 J. Kallis run out (Jayawardene) 72 A. de Villiers b N. Kulasekera 52 A. Morkel c Mathews b Malinga 25 J. Duminy c and b Mendis 1 F. du plessis b Malinga 10 R. peterson not out 4 D. Steyn b Malinga 1 M. Morkel not out 1 eXTRAS (lb2, w15) 17 ToTAL (8 wkts, 50 overs) 301 Fall of wickets: 1-9, 2-153, 3-244, 4-279, 5-279, 6-283, 7-298, 8-300 BoWLING: Malinga 10-0-54-5 (1w), N. Kulasekera 10-0-50-1 (1w), Fernando 9-0-65-0 (2w), Mathews 5-0-23-0 (1w), K. Kulasekera 6-0-36-0 (1w), Dilshan 2-0-17-0, Mendis 8-0-54-1 (1w) SRI LANKA U. Tharanga c Duminy b M. Morkel 0 T. Dilshan c De Villiers b Tsotsobe 0 K. Sangakkara c De Villiers b M. Morkel 4 D. Chandimal b Tsotsobe 4 M. Jayawardene c Du plessis b Tsotsobe 2 A. Mathews c peterson b M. Morkel 0 K. Kulasekara c peterson b M. Morkel 19 N. Kulasekara c Du plessis b Steyn 6 L. Malinga b peterson 1 A. Mendis not out 3 D. Fernando lbw b peterson 0 eXTRAS (nb2, w2) 4 ToTAL (20.1 overs) 43 Fall of wickets: 1-0, 2-4, 3-8, 4-9, 5-9, 6-10, 7-24 BoWLING: M. Morkel 6-2-10-4, Tsotsobe 6-1-19-3 (1nb, 1w), Steyn 3-0-7-1 (1nb, 1w), A. Morkel 2-0-2-0, peterson 3.1-0-5-2 Result: South Africa won by 258 runs, Man of the match: Morne Morkel (RSA), Toss: South Africa, Umpires: Billy Doctrove (WIS), Marais erasmus (RSA), TV umpire: Richard Kettleborough, Match referee: Jeff Crowe.

Morne Morkel celebrates the wicket of kumar Sangakara during the first one-day international against Sri lanka at the Boland Park Stadium. afP

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20 News

Thursday, 12 January, 2011

only a democratic Pakistan can progress, says CJP ISLAMABAD: Pakistan can progress only as a democratic country, Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said on Wednesday. Talking to a delegation of the Supreme Court Bar Association, led by President Yasin Azad that called on him, the CJP said, “We have to remain united for the supremacy of law and constitution.” he said the bench and the bar had a common agenda, that of the supremacy of law and the constitution. The SCBA president said no unconstitutional step would be accepted. “A military government will not be accepted,” he added. Welcoming the delegation, the chief justice said, “It is a matter of great pleasure and privilege for me to receive this newlyelected cabinet to discuss various difficulties and hardships faced by the litigants and the lawyers”. he informed the meeting that he had established the practice of regularly interacting with the bar association to communicate freely for resolving any outstanding issues in the larger interest of the institution. The chief justice recounted the epic struggle launched by the lawyers in the wake of the events of March 9, 2007. he praised the fact that this struggle heralded the dawn of democracy, rule of law and constitutionalism in the country. he emphasised the need to have a truly democratic and rights-based polity which was a sin qua non for ensuring social stability and harmony in the country. The meeting resolved that a committee comprising of the members of the cabinet and the officers of the Supreme Court was mandated to resolve issues such as construction of parking sheds and other administrative matters. Many issues related to fixation of cases and other ancillary matters were discussed in detail and decisions taken facilitating the lawyers specially hailing from Quetta and Karachi regions. NNI

Petition seeks to restrain president, PM from removing CoaS, iSi DG ISLAMABAD: A petition was filed in the Islamabad high Court (IhC) on Wednesday to restrain President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani from removing Chief of Army Staff General (COAS) Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani and Director General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha from their posts. Petitioner Maulvi Iqbal haider also requested the court to declare the president and the prime minister disqualified for defying Supreme Court’s orders and not cooperating with the judicial commission probing the memogate scandal. Included as respondents in the petition are the president, the prime minister, the COAS, the DG ISI, the National Accountability Bureau chairman, secretaries of the Cabinet Division, the establishment Division, the ministries of Law and Defence, former ambassador to the US husain haqqani and American businessman Mansoor Ijaz. The petitioner argued that the president in his recent interview to a TV channel categorically denied to accept the findings of the apex court or the judicial commission on the memo case, whereas the prime minister’s speech in parliament on December 22 was a violation of articles 2A, 5, 9, 25, 62, 63, 189, 190 and 204 of the constitution and the oath taken by both of them. The petitioner asked the court to order the government to provide security to Mansoor Ijaz upon his arrival in Pakistan. It also asked the court to restrain the government from implicating Ijaz in any false case at his arrival. he pleaded that the COAS and the DG ISI should be given directions to not hand over Ijaz to any law enforcement agency during his stay in Pakistan. The petitioner also requested the court to direct the respondents to implement the apex court’s verdict on the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) case. STAFF RepoRT

Defence secretary’s removal is routine matter: Naveed LAHORE: The defence secretary’s removal by the prime minister is a routine matter and there is no reason to panic, President Asif Ali Zardari’s Punjab Coordinator Naveed Chaudhry said on Wednesday. Talking to Pakistan Today, Naveed said that the decision was not taken in haste but the PM took the decision on a summary moved earlier. he said that if any official took action against the chief executive on his own then it was the PM’s right to take his decision. Naveed said that the defence minister said that the defence secretary took the decision on his own. he said that show cause notice was issued to the defence secretary and now he was removed according to law. Naveed said that only the decision’s timing was creating confusion in the public. he said that some people were trying to create confusion. STAFF RepoRT

LAHORE: PML-N President Nawaz Sharif talks to media about the prevailing political situation on Wednesday. INp

Nawaz condemns govt’s defiance in implementing NrO verdict g

warns PPP-led govt of any ‘misadventure’ and ‘breaking and shaking’ LAHORE YASIR HABIB

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday unleashed a new volley of criticism on the government, saying its continued defiance on implementing court’s verdict on the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) was pitting state institutions against one and other. Addressing a press conference after an emergency party meeting to discuss the fallout of the NRO case verdict, Nawaz said the precarious situation emerging in the country was threatening democracy and required early polls to extinguish the political unrest. he warned the government against any “new adventure” and “breaking and shaking”. Nawaz said, “We will resist with full force any drama played by the government in the National Assembly session on Thursday.” Top PML-N leaders who attended the

meeting, including Chaudhry Nisar, Khawaja Asif, Punjab Chief Minster Shahbaz Sharif, and Mushahidullah Khan, summoned their party’s Central Working Committee (CWC) and parliamentary meetings in Islamabad on Thursday. PML-N sources said that during the meeting, the government contacted Nawaz and took him into confidence on Thursday’s assembly session. Nawaz did not make any assurance and decided to map out the final strategy in the party meeting to he held in Islamabad, sources said, adding that Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Fazlur Rehman also called Nawaz and discussed his recommendations. Nawaz said that better sense could prevail by showing patience, political wisdom and executing courts orders in letter and spirit. “The country cannot afford unconstitutional and undemocratic action, as only the democratic process is in Pakistan’s greater interest,” he added. he said the government had escalated the confrontation between institutions, and made

legal experts rule out any ‘adventure’ by the army ISLAMABAD STAFF RepoRT

Ruling out the chances of any ‘adventure’ by the military establishment in the current situation, legal experts said on Wednesday that now the army had become very mature and seasoned, thus it would not take any unconstitutional steps but would explore ways and means to settle the differences with the political government amicably. however, they said if any such steps were taken, they would be unconstitutional and destructive. Commenting on the ongoing tension between the government and the army, Justice (r) Wajihuddin Ahmad dispelled speculations that army might take over the country. he said the army had learnt more from past experiences and now it had become very mature and seasoned, having the potential to deal with every matter diplomatically. he said however that the current confrontation between the

government and the army was a bad omen for the country, which was not in a position to afford a coup. A coup would be unconstitutional and the courts would never give it legitimacy, he added. To a query, he said the sacking of Defence Secretary Lt Gen (r) Khalid Naeem Lodhi was unreasonable and unjustified, as he did not do anything wrong with regard to the submission of affidavits of the army chief and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief on the memo issue with the Supreme Court. Commenting on the government-army confrontation, which originated with the memo issue, Justice (r) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui said the memo would have to be probed by the Supreme Court at all costs. he said he believed that the military would not topple the elected government, however if it did, it would be unconstitutional and the judiciary would not validate it. he said the prime minister’s statements about filing of replies by the army and ISI

chiefs in the memo case without adopting proper procedure were not correct and the premier had earlier stated that they had submitted their replies through the proper channel. he said the army chief and the ISI chief, being respondents in the memo case, had submitted their replies to the Defence Ministry, which submitted them to the apex court through the attorney general, and the premier had admitted it. Former Supreme Court Bar Association vice president Ikram Chaudhry told Pakistan Today the government would never remove the army and ISI chiefs, however if it did, it would be illegitimate and would be harmful to the country. Commenting on the confrontation, Dr Khalid Ranjha said it should immediately be defused as the country could not afford it. To a question, he said he believed that the army would not attempt an ‘adventure’, however if it did it, it would be unconstitutional and would never be validated by the courts.

the Pakistani state a laughing stock in the world. he said the government was defying court’s orders on the NRO, which had been struck down by both the parliament and the apex court. he said the ministers of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) even felt free to ridicule court’s verdicts. he said the government had bred energy crisis, corruption, mismanagement and unemployment, which led to economic meltdown and global isolation. “Despite all this, the PPP government threw the country in a new string of crisis by not implementing court decisions,” he said, adding that the PML-N was willing to hold talks with all ruling and opposition parties in order to ease tensions. “We also suggest to all parties allied with the PPP coalition government to refrain from supporting the government on NRO and other important issues. It is the responsibility of the government’s coalition partners to play their due role by parting their ways with the PPP to save the system,” Nawaz added.

President and PM can be removed without impeachment: wajih KARACHI: After the Supreme Court’s (SC) verdict, the president and prime minister can be removed without impeachment, as they did not follow the judiciary’s orders, Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaaf (PTI) leader Justice (r) Wajihuddin Ahmed said on Wednesday. holding a press conference at the PTI Sindh Secretariat, he said that despite difficult conditions, the judiciary always remained cool and calm. Wajih said that according to the SC decision, a commission like the memogate commission could be constituted, which will probe into non-compliance of apex court decisions. he said that former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf had started to get bail in different cases but there were so many cases against him. STAFF RepoRT

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Thursday, 12 January, 2011

News 21

If govt wants to stay in office, it has to write the letter: Asma g

Former SCBa president says SC judges indulging in politics LAHORE



ORMeR Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Asma Jehangir has said if the government wants to stay in office, it will have to write a letter to the Swiss government for reopening of the cases, otherwise the situation would take a dangerous turn. Talking to reporters at the Lahore high Court Bar on Wednesday, Asma said everybody was busy in creating a hype on the NRO issue therefore the government would ultimately have to write the letter. Asma said although she has had a difference of opinion on many verdicts of the Supreme Court, she had always been advising the government to respect and implement the verdicts of the judiciary. “The SC cannot do everything and it is in the interest of the each institution to remain within its constitutional limit and perform its functions,” she said. Asma said it would be difficult to move on if the judiciary took the powers of

parliament, “but at the moment the government has no option except to implementation of the court orders”. She alleged that SC judges were indulging in politics by trying to take powers of parliament as the matter that needed to be dealt with by politicians sitting in parliament was being decided by judges. “The Supreme Court should be free from political judges and if judges of the apex court are interested in politics they should contest elections and come to parliament and leave the courts for the impartial judges,” she said. She said she could not understand the judgement in the NRO case, adding that the matter was to be decided finally by a larger bench which would go a long way. “No institution is a saint and above board because all have some loopholes and fingers may be pointed at any institution” she said, referring to the judiciary. Asma said it would be a blunder to consider the judiciary perfect and savior of the nation at the cost of parliament which represented the people of the people.

analysts see govt cornered

PPP leader Jamshed Dasti quits party

Believe PPP government eyeing political martyrdom after its failure before masses g Surprised over government decision to simultaneously confront army, judiciary g Say military looking towards judiciary to send government packing g

No harm in writing letter to Swiss govt, says Fazl ISLAMABAD: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Fazlur Rehman on Wednesday said there was no harm in writing a letter to the Swiss authorities to reopen corruption cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. Amidst rising political temperature, a highlevel delegation of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) met the JUI-F chief in an attempt to pacify the tensions between the government and the military leadership. Talking to reporters after the meeting, Fazl said that if the PPP was not willing to write a letter to the Swiss government, it should tell the people in clear terms about their stance on the issue. he said that he would pick democracy if he had a choice between military rule and democracy. however, he cautioned against getting on the path of provocation and confrontation. Fazl said that early elections seemed inevitable, but added that if polls could be held under General (r) Pervez Musharraf, they could also be held under a politically elected person like Zardari. he refused to believe that the PPP wanted to be a “political martyr” as a result of a military coup. The PPP delegation included Minister for Religious Affairs Khursheed Ahmed Shah, Minister for Water and Power Naveed Qamar and Raja Pervez Ashraf. he confirmed that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif contacted him via telephone and discussed the current political situation. he said that he would meet Nawaz in a couple of days. In response to a question about an expected move by the government to pass a resolution in the National Assembly in its favour, the JUI-F chief said that it would be premature to comment unless the draft of the resolution was available. earlier, speaking at a news conference at the National Press Club, Fazl said there was a way out in the six options available with the Supreme Court to overcome the current political standoff. STAFF RepoRT


The army’s statement in response to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s recent interview to a Chinese newspaper and the sacking of defense secretary Lt General (r) Khalid Naeem Lodhi by the government on Wednesday clearly demonstrated that the standoff between the government, judiciary and the army reaching had reached a point of “no return”, but despite all its anger, the military leadership seems to be in no mood of a coup or intervening to oust the civilian rulers from power corridors. The army leadership rather appears wanting the Supreme Court settling the current political crisis and the belief is also held by analysts and political thinkers who are closely monitoring the evolving situation in the federal capital. Some observers say the government has already committed so many blunders that it is almost impossible that a decision would come in its favour from the apex court in the NRO implementation case, so it will be highly unwise on the part of the army to step in and show government the exit door. “We can’t rule out those impulses of military. They are rooted in history, but right now the army has decided not to and rather they will

stay by the sidelines and watch the Supreme Court take lead,” said Rasul Bakhsh Rais, a known political and defense analyst. he said it must be kept in mind that it was a three dimensional war involving the judiciary, the political executive and the armed forces. however, despite all these expectations of democratic dispensation being allowed to continue in the country, there still are fears and concerns that any extreme step on part of the government to send home army chief General Ashfaq Kayani or ISI chief Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha could trigger usher in serious crisis, which could end in direct military intervention to pack the incumbent PPP government. Some observers fear that the present government, which has failed to deliver when it comes to addressing the problems of the people, is trying to provoke the military leadership as well as the judiciary in anticipation of a strong retaliatory move that would lead to their political martyrdom. Analyst Farukh Saleem said, “This government has done very little in terms of addressing the problems of the masses and there is absolute failure in terms of delivery. So the government wants to get martyrdom at the hands of the army or Supreme Court in order to win back their supporters and common

Pakistani people.” This is, however, a dangerous path and could not only lead to the downfall of the civilian rulers, but also end in the derailment of the democratic process in the country. “The path of confrontation adopted by the government will backfire. Replacing the army’s chief will only enlarge the ongoing crises,” said noted analyst Ikram Sehgal. The government’s resort to fight on two fronts, to opt for confrontation with not only the army but the judiciary as well is likely to create serious problems for the government and it is felt that the antagonistic behaviour of the government towards the two other institutions has resulted in the two bodies being on one side and the civilian rulers on the other side of the fence. And some thinkers wonder why the government has opted for this strategy, which is only supposed to backfire instead of bringing any dividends for the government. Shehzad Chaudhry, another analyst said, “The army is by all means set to back the judiciary and it is crystal clear now and evident by the ISPR statement today. The government is now in a close alley, a dark street, but it is itself responsible for its debacle and all problems that is presently confronting.”


Pakistan People’s Party leader and MNA Jamshed Dasti on Wednesday announced leaving the PPP in what appeared to be the latest blow to the ruling party amidst rising tensions with the judiciary and the military establishment. Dasti told reporters that he would contest the next general election as an independent candidate. Dasti was disqualified by the Supreme Court from the National Assembly for having a fake graduate degree. he was later re-elected as MNA from Muzaffargarh NA-178. Dasti said he was facing pressure in his constituency and it was impossible for him to work for people of his constituency by remaining in the PPP. he said he would resign from the PPP whether the leadership approved or not. he added that lawmakers from south Punjab had opposed the party decision of giving the portfolio of foreign minister to hina Rabbani Khar, but the party gave her priority over old party workers. Sources said Dasti had remained in constant touch with PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi. however, Dasti said he had not decided to join any other party so far.

World nations concerned over political unrest in islamabad ISLAMABAD


The United States, Britain, China, Russia and other world nations, including Muslim states, are deeply perturbed over the ongoing serious political crisis and possible confrontation between the government, army and judiciary in Pakistan, and have asked for the amicable settlement of all conflicts between these three important state organs, cautioning against any harm to the democratic system in the country. The US and Britain have said that they are in favour of democracy and rule of law in Pakistan. The diplomats from the missions of these states in Islamabad

say that their countries are in favour of the continuation of the democratic system in Pakistan and also want that all the parties involved in the current political crisis must opt for restraint and resolve their issue amicably through mutual consultations rather than taking any extreme step and action. “The US, UK, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other world nations are closely monitoring the evolving situation in Pakistan and they are especially worried over the developments that took place on Wednesday, with Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani sacking the defence secretary and the army leadership coming up with strong anti-government statements. All this has further aggra-

vated the prevailing tension in the Pakistani capital,” said a diplomatic source seeking anonymity. UK’s high Commissioner in Islamabad Adam Thomson also said on Tuesday that any unconstitutional change in Pakistan would be met with dismay in Britain. Addressing a press conference, he said his country had a stake in democracy in Pakistan. US Ambassador Cameron Munter is currently in the United States but the rest of the American diplomats are engaged in hectic consultations over the serious political crisis in Pakistan. “These diplomats are in touch with the Pakistani Foreign Office and also with some politicians, trying to get exact information on what is going to

happen next,” the source said. he said that same was the case with the diplomats from other world nations and all the ambassadors and other relevant staff of foreign missions were regularly updating their respective capitals on the evolving situation in Pakistan. “The western capitals and the Muslim states have directed their embassies in Islamabad to try to dig out what shape the current political crisis will take in Pakistan in the coming few days, and the most important question that is being asked is whether there is going to be a military coup in Islamabad,” said a foreign diplomat here, who also requested not to be named. he said one major worry for the US

and UK was the deep negative impact that the ongoing crisis in Pakistan had on the reconciliatory efforts that those world powers had launched to win back Pakistan’s support for the global anti-terrorism campaign that came to halt in the wake of the NATO air strikes in Mohmand Agency. “At one moment, a few days back, it seemed that Pakistan and the US would soon be on the path of cooperation once again owing to silent reconciliatory efforts, but all that has now gone to the background and all the focus is now on the current crisis in Islamabad, with all key Pakistani players paying full attention to it and having no time for anything else,” he said.

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Thursday, 12 January, 2012


Cabinet unanimous in taking matters to parliament ISLAMABAD



he federal cabinet decided in principal on Wednesday to use the forum of parliament to send a strong response to the judiciary and the army rather than responding to both institutions through the executive. “Almost all the ministers expressed confidence in Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and President Asif Ali Zardari on a resolution presented by Interior Minister Rehman Malik and it was unanimously decided that fiery speeches would be made in

kayani spoke to me before releasing statement: Gilani ISLAMABAD AGeNCIeS

In a bid to melt the ice, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said on Wednesday that Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani talked to him before the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) issued the military’s reaction to the sacking of the defence minister. “We have always stood by the army and we have nothing against anyone,” the prime minister told reporters in Islamabad. he said democracy would continue to function in the country and the Senate elections would be held on time, adding that he dismissed the defence secretary for “disciplinary reasons”. About his interview with a Chinese newspaper, the premier said it was scheduled before the General Kayani’s visit to China. he said he did not have anything personal against anyone, but rules of business were violated when the COAS and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief filed replies to the Supreme Court bypassing the Defence and Law ministries. he said Gen Kayani did talk to him and inform him of his desire to issue a statement. “I said it is all right if you want to give a clarification, I don’t have any problem,” said the premier. Gilani said he was surprised and hurt that the SC declared him a dishonest man without hearing him. PM HOUSE DENIES PURPORTED fRAUD: Meanwhile, a spokesman of the Prime Minister’s house denied news reports seeking to implicate the office of the prime minister in a fraud committed by Mian Khurram Rasool. The spokesman on Wednesday said the allegations were contrary to the facts on the ground and intended as aspersions on the chief executive of the country. “The spokesman stated that Mian Khurram Rasool served as Pakistan Television Corporation Limited media adviser in northern Pakistan, and had nothing to do with the office of the prime minister.” he said following facts were being presented to correct the record and misconceptions, adding that Rasool, while working as media coordinator with PTV, fraudulently extracted an amount of Rs 430 million from Pervez hussain and his son Sameer hussain with the collusion of another three accomplices.

parliament, which is scheduled to meet this evening (Thursday),” a cabinet source told Pakistan Today. The source said that the cabinet decided that like other state institutions, there was a dire need for parliamentarians to show solidarity and strong messaging should be conveyed to help the government get through the difficult phase. Later, Information Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan rubbished rumors about the resignation of the prime minister and said rumour mills were spreading disinformation, “but somebody’s personal desires cannot become news”. “No one can force the government to work according to their wishes.

The prime minister has been unanimously elected leader of the house. he cannot be sent home on someone’s wishes. It would be better for the opposition if they move the apex court to register a case under Article 6 of the constitution against the dictator (former president Pervez Musharraf),” she told reporters in a briefing on the cabinet decisions. She said the government did not want confrontation between state institutions and the collation partners had advised the government not to adopt a confrontational path, and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would not ignore the opinion of its allies in the decision making process. “how

is it possible for a party that does not have simple majority in the house to ignore the advice of its allies in making important decisions?” she said, adding that the PPP leadership did not need to become political martyrs as its leaders had sacrificed their lives for the cause of democracy. “The PPP believes in the supremacy of parliament and it has summoned the session to hold a debate on the matter and find a way forward,” the minister said. She said further that all institutions had to work within the constitutional parameters and no institution could create crisis for another. Responding to a question about the resignation of PPP MNA Jamshed Dasti,

CJ forms 7-member larger bench to hear NrO case ISLAMABAD STAFF RepoRT

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Wednesday constituted a seven-member larger bench headed by Justice Nasirul Mulk to hear on January 16 the case about the nonimplementation of the court’s December 16, 2009 verdict against the National Reconciliation Ordinance. The larger bench would consider six options pointed out by the five-member special bench on Tuesday that the court could take against the willful disobedience on part of the government in implementing some parts of the NRO verdict and consequent directions. earlier on Tuesday, a five-member special bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa had recommended the chief justice to constitute a larger bench to hear the case pertaining to the non-implementation on the NRO verdict, as the matter involved constitutional importance. The bench had also directed the attorney general, law secretary, NAB chairman and NAB prosecutor general to ensure their appearance in court in person on January 16. The court warned that

it could disqualify both the president and the prime minister for disobeying its orders. SC ADMITS HAQQANI’S REVIEw PETITION AGAINST MEMO PROBE: The Supreme Court on Wednesday admitted for regular hearing a review petition filed by former ambassador to the US husain haqqani seeking review of the court’s December 30, 2011 short order. The short order had declared the petitions for probe into the ‘memo’ controversy maintainable and constituted a three-member judicial commission headed by Balochistan high Court Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa to probe into the matter and submit its report within four weeks. It is expected that the ninemember larger bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry takes up the review petition next week. haqqani had filed the review petition on January 9 through his counsel Asma Jahangir. he prayed the court to stay the proceedings before the judicial commission until the disposal of the review petition, as he would suffer irreparable harm if the commission reached a conclusion while his review petition remained pending with the court.

Continued on page 04 Published by Arif Nizami for Nawa Media Corporation (Pvt) Ltd at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

the minister said she was hopeful that the party leadership would address his grievances and may convince him to withdraw his resignation. Responding to another question, the minister said the government would submit its reply in the Supreme Court in the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) case and the attorney general had been assigned to prepare the government’s reply. The cabinet meeting also offered fateha for Pir Sahib Pagara and parliamentary secretary Azeem Daultana, and it was decided that a parliamentary delegation headed by Religious Affairs Minister Syed Khurshid Shah would attend Pagara’s funeral on Thursday.

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