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Taliban underestimate people’s resolve, says General Kayani

Taliban use Shariah to defend Malala attack

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New accountability bill is a dacoity bill, says Chaudhry Nisar PAGE |02

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thursday, 11 october, 2012 dhual-Qi’da 23, 1433

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SC settles impasse with government

ISLAMABAD: Civil society activists shout slogans outside the National Press Club on Wednesday against the cowardly Taliban attack on teenage education activist Malala Yousafzai. afp

Apex court approves Swiss letter draft g Bench says honest attempt has been made ‘for the first time’ to write the letter g Law Minister Naik says no trial can be initiated against President Zardari g




oLLoWIng months of wrangling, the sacking of a prime minister and countless delays, the Supreme Court on Wednesday approved a draft of the letter to be written to Swiss authorities for reopening graft cases against the president and asked for an update on the situation in four weeks. During the hearing of the nRo implementation case in the SC, Law Minister Farooq naik presented the revised draft of the letter to be sent to Swiss authorities before the bench of Justice nasirul Mulk, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh. The bench expressed satisfaction over the draft, even calling it “praiseworthy”. “It is the first time that an honest attempt has been made to write the letter,” Justice Asif Saeed Khosa said. He remarked that there had been improvement in the draft of the letter every time and this “is proof of your commitment”. Later, the judges went on a break for 15 minutes into the chamber for reviewing the fresh draft of the Swiss letter. Following the break, the draft of the letter was read, which said former Ag Malik Qayyum’s letter was being withdrawn and should be considered “never written”. The draft also mentioned the immunity of the heads of state, the president of the country from cases and Pakistan’s claim over the

amount in Swiss banks involved in the case. The law minister said he was answerable to the judiciary, to the government and to god Almighty, adding that he had not arrived in court to violate the country’s laws. naik stated that the judges knew best how to dispense justice, adding that the judges should allow the course of justice to come full circle. The court allowed making the approved draft of the letter public and the hearing was adjourned until november 14. Talking to reporters later, naik said it was a day of victory for the constitution, justice, law and democracy in the country. The law minister dispelled the impression that some deal had been struck over the approval of the draft letter and said the letter had actually been drafted in light of para 178 of the nRo judgement. He said everything was transparent in the matter of drafting the letter and the federation had conveyed its reservations to the apex court. Similarly, the court also had certain concerns in this regard, naik said. “now everyone’s reservations have been removed and everything is resolved,” he added. naek said the letter would be written within four weeks, adding that the president enjoyed immunity from prosecution under the country’s constitution, therefore, a trial could not be held against him. Continued on Page 04

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Malala’s surgery successful, condition is stable now g

KP govt announces Rs 10m prize for information leading to Malala’s attackers PESHAWAR ShAMIM ShAhID

After successfully removing the bullet from Malala Yousafzai’s body after a three-hour operation, a team of senior neurologists on Wednesday suggested the government let Malala Yousafzai stay at Peshawar’s Combined Military Hospital for further treatment. “A special team comprising neurologists from CMH Rawalpindi and Peshawar, Lady Reading Hospital,

Khyber Teaching Hospital and Hayatabad Medical Complex have shown satisfaction over the surgery,” said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain. He said senior neurologists and surgeons had completed the surgery on Malala on Wednesday at 5am. According to Mian Iftikhar Hussain, surgeons had successfully removed the bullet stuck in the girl’s neck as well as remains of broken bones in the head. “Doctors have termed the

surgery successful,” he said, adding that the doctors termed Malala’s condition satisfactory. He also announced a cash prize of Rs 10 million for any person who provides information on the men who targeted the 14-year-old education activist. Following the government decision of sending Malala abroad for surgery, senior neurologists Continued on Page 04

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02 News newS


Markets buzz with migratory birds facing extinction threat


infOTainmenT ‘We’ll be paying with our thumbs in 2025’

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SC forms nine-member bench on Memo case ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday formed a nine-member bench, led by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, to hear the controversial memo case. The next hearing on the case would take place on october 22. The court also issued notices to all parties in the case including PML-n President nawaz Sharif and Attorney general Irfan Qadir. A nine-judge bench, headed by Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, had earlier been hearing the case on the controversy after the Memo Commission held that Hussain Haqqani was the architect of the memo sent to former US military chief Admiral Mike Mullen seeking US intervention in a possible overthrow of the government by the military. During July 12 hearing of the memo case, the Supreme Court had given the counsel three days’ time to file Haqqani’s request for exemption, which was filed on July 17. oNLINe

Govt to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity, Mukhtar tells NA ISLAMABAD: Minister for Water and Power Ahmad Mukhtar has said the government has taken short-, medium- and long-term measures to provide uninterrupted electricity at affordable rates to the people. In a written reply to the national Assembly on Wednesday, he said the measures included installation of hydel and coal power plants and conversion of oil-based plants to coal. Rejecting the impression that the government had failed to control the power crisis, Mukhtar said, “We have successfully added about 3,000MW of electricity to the national grid. The present crisis, however, is due to circular debt, shortage of water and constraints in supply of gas.” He said the effect of circular debt had been mitigated to considerable extent by subsidy payments. He said the government was undertaking a comprehensive reform process to eliminate inefficiencies in power sector and to build its capacity. To a supplementary question, the minister said efforts were being made to recover outstanding bills amounting to Rs 420 billion from private consumers as well as the federal and provincial departments. He said the recovery of this amount would help clear the outstanding payments of about Rs 487.93 billion of IPPs. He said a series of steps had also been undertaken to check the electricity pilferage. INP

Assailants identified, claims Malik PESHAWAR: Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Wednesday that the authorities had identified the Taliban assailants who had made an attempt on the life of Malala Yousufzai, while announcing that they would “soon” be arrested. “We know how many days ago the attackers had come to Swat,” Malik said while talking to reporters in the provincial capital. Malik added that those who had been supporting the Taliban should stop doing so. He further said that the decision to send Malala abroad for treatment had been postponed, and that according to doctors, her condition was out of danger. He said the teenage education activist could only be sent abroad for treatment if recommended by a medical board. He said the military had sent all its neurosurgeons to Peshawar CMH to treat Malala, while senior civilian doctors were also cooperating in this regard. Malik said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police chief had offered security to Malala, but her father had refused to take security. He claimed that Malala’s father was not aware of her daughter’s importance and stature. NNI

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

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Shahbaz submits affidavit to pa dismissing charges of holding dual nationality

PESHAWAR: Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani enquires about Malala Yousafzai’s condition from an army doctor during a visit to Combined Military Hospital on Wednesday.


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has submitted a sworn affidavit to the Punjab Assembly, dismissing charges of holding dual nationality. He submitted the affidavit to Punjab Assembly’s Secretary Maqsood Ahmed on Wednesday. The chief minister said all allegations levelled against him were false, adding that he had been loyal to Pakistan and that he would live and die for the county. Leader of the opposition in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz had accused Shahbaz of holding dual nationality and claimed that he would prove what he said. Talking to reporters outside the Lahore airport, the Punjab chief minister said holding dual nationality was not a crime but the ban on dual nationality-holding lawmakers should be respected. Shahbaz said millions of overseas Pakistanis were the asset of the country because they contributed to the economy by sending remittances from abroad. “Parliamentarians should respect the law if there is a ban on holding dual nationality,” he added. He said his visit to Turkey, germany and London was successful, adding that his visit would increase foreign investment in the province.

Legal fraternity says approval of Swiss letter good omen ISLAMABAD oNLINe

The legal fraternity has termed the Supreme Court’s (SC) acceptance of draft of letter to be written to the Swiss authorities a good omen. Talking to reporters on Wednesday, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan said according to Farooq naik, the court had accepted the government’s stance. “Change in the court’s attitude is a good thing. The president will not be subjected to any trial in accordance with this letter and the court has accepted presidential immunity,” he added. “What I had said in Yousaf Raza gilani case in the court was also said by Farooq naik and what the court had not accepted in the gilani case it has accepted today,” Aitzaz said. Yasin Azad, president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, said the legal fraternity held the decision in high esteem. “The nRo decision has been implemented

and per the constitution the president enjoys immunity until he holds his office and he cannot be put to any trial,” he held. Azad said the plundered money must be brought back to the country. “All the money stashed in off shore accounts should be brought back instead of targeting an individual,” he said. The court had not demonstrated any flexibility, he said, adding that had the court shown flexibility, one prime minister would not have been punished. “new law minister took the stand and brought to end the crisis through compromise,” he added. Justice (r) Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui said the letter could have been written earlier but the government prolonged the issue to buy time. “Mentioning of presidential immunity in the letter was like upholding government stance and court had accepted it,” he said. “All barring President Zardari will be tried after the letter is written to the Swiss authorities,” he said.

New accountability bill a dacoity bill, says Nisar ISLAMABAD: opposition Leader in the national Assembly nisar Ali Khan on Wednesday said the new Accountability Bill was a “dacoity” bill aimed at providing protection to plunderers and robbers. Talking to reporters outside the Parliament House, nisar said the PML-n would hinder the newly-tabled bill. “We are opposed to a fragile and weak bill which is not aimed at curbing theft and irregularities. We gave 58 amendments in this regard. Zahid Hamid, Anosha Rehman, Saira Tarar and Justice Cheema worked a lot for the bill and the government agreed to 54 of our 58 amendments. We want an accountability that lets no one escape. It should be equally acceptable to both government and opposition. At least 36 meetings were held in connection with the accountability bill but it was put aside and a new bill was tabled. It will be unjust to call it accountability bill,” he said. nisar said the PML-n would not blemish its rapport by supporting the bill. “I ask the MQM to lend support to the opposition if it wants accountability bill. We expect the AnP to also not help the government in the passage of this bill. The PML-Q has compromised its faith with Zardari,” he added. The PML-n leader said neither a corrupt person would be sent to jail nor would he be arrested under the bill and only a reference would be sent which would entail disqualification only for a short period. oNLINe

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Adele’s `Rolling In The Deep` most played song on US radio

overseas Pakistani workers remit over $3.5b in 1QfY13

Nishikori back to earth after defeat

ediTOrial An act of cowardice Threatened by a 14-year-old

cOmmenT hafsa Khawaja says; System or individual?: Our political messiah fixation

Malik Muhammad Ashraf says; The Balochistan conundrum: The other side of truth

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Taliban use Shariah to defend Malala attack


Use of force will not end terrorism: Imran ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday maintained his stance of a non-military solution saying the use of force afforded no solution to any issue. Asserting that hearts and minds of the people had to be won over to end terrorism, Khan told Cnn in an interview that the missile strikes should be halted immediately. Khan claimed that his party would sweep the upcoming general elections, adding that youths in large numbers supported PTI and once the electoral process began, his party’s success would become clear to all. Commenting on the US presidential elections, the former cricketer turned politician said, “I want an anti-war president. I’ve prayed for obama because I wanted him to stop this insanity called the war on terror.” INP


HE banned militant organisation Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which claimed responsibility of shooting 14-year-old peace activist Malala Yousafzai in the head, issued a statement Wednesday, using Islamic Shariah to defend the attack. In the statement sent out by TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan from an undisclosed location, the banned outfit said that although they do not believe in attacking women, “whom so ever leads a campaign against Islam and Shariah is ordered to be killed by Shariah.” The assassination attempt on the life of the young national Peace Award winner has drawn widespread condemnation from the government, political parties and civil society groups, terming it a bid to silent voice for peace and education. The statement says that it is “not just allowed … but obligatory in Islam” to kill such a person involved “in leading a campaign against Shariah and (who) tries to involve whole community in such campaign, and that personality becomes a symbol of anti-Shariah campaign.” Malala had won international recognition for highlighting Taliban atrocities in Swat with a blog for the BBC three years ago, when the Islamist militants burned girls’ schools and terrorised the valley. Her struggle resonated with tens of thousands of girls who were being denied an education by the militants across northwest Pakistan, where the government has been fighting the local Taliban since 2007. The Taliban statement further challenges – with Quranic and religious references – condemnation of the assassination attempt on the tender-aged girl, adding that it is a clear command of Shariah that

US media notes Pakistan’s solidarity with ‘symbol of hope’ Malala Yousufzai WASHINGTON SPeCIAL CoRReSPoNDeNT

As Malala Yousufzai recuperated from Tuesday’s militant attack, the American media intently noted the Pakistani nation’s expression of solidarity with the teenaged rights activist and it’s outrage against the terrorist attack on the “symbol of hope” for the country. “Perhaps it was the prayers of an outraged nation, perhaps her own indomitable spirit,” began a Cnn report on the 14-year-old student’s recovery after surgeons removed a bullet that had lodged in her neck following the Taliban gunfire on her. Headlined “Pakistan Enraged over Attack on Teen Blogger,” the channel’s report said an “angry chorus of voices in social media, the street, in newspapers and over the airwaves has decried the attack as cowardly,” while also criticizing the government for being unable to stamp out militancy completely. At the same time, reports in the US media, cited strong condemnation of the attack by top political leadership including

President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and military chief gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, with all of them also pledging to fight terror. Both the electronic and the print media outlets closely followed the Pakistani nation’s reaction to the attack on education and girls’ rights activist, who has earned nationwide respect for her stand against the Taliban. The Washington Post, in an Islamabad-datelined dispatch, said schoolchildren throughout the nation held prayer vigils for the teenage education activist and many Pakistani political leaders and international figures expressed revulsion over the assassination attempt in the Swat Valley region. The “mainstream Pakistanis view Yousafzai, whose advocacy of girls’ education won global recognition, as a symbol of hope in a country long beset by violence and despair,” the Post noted. However, the report noted that the religious parties and mosque leaders were “largely silent.” In a report, Voice of America noted that Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari

vowed to send the 14-year-old girl abroad, if doctors in Pakistan recommended moving her. The Washington Post noted Prime Minister Ashraf’s emphasis on fighting off the mind-set that breeds militancy and terror. “We have to fight the mind-set that is involved in this. We have to condemn it,” Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf told the Pakistani Senate. “Malala is like my daughter and yours, too. If that mind-set prevails, then whose daughter would be safe?” State Department spokeswoman Victoria nuland, here has called the shooting “barbaric” and “cowardly.” The American media also reported Mian Iftikhar Hussein, the KhyberPakhtunkhwa information minister’s announcement putting a bounty of $100,000 for the capture of the culprits in the attempt on Malala Yousufzai’s life. Reporting on Army Chief gen Kayani’s visit to the hospital treating Malala, the Cnn said he delivered a simple message: “We refuse to bow before terror.”

any female playing a role in “war against mujahideen” should be killed. “If anyone argues that she was female, and then we can see the incident of killing of wife by a blind companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because she used to say demeaning words for the Prophet and the Prophet praised that act,” it argues equating the TTP act with that of a the prophet’s companion. The statement goes on to defend the attack with a reference from the time of Hazrat Khizar, a revered figure in Islamic history who was described as a righteous servant of god and endowed with the qualities of unmatched wisdom and mystic power. “If anyone argues about her young age, then the story of Hazrat Khizar in the Quran (states that) while traveling with Prophet Musa (AS), (he) killed a child. Arguing about the reason of his killing, he said that the parents of this child were pious and in the future he (the child) would cause a bad name for them,” adds the statement. Malala Yousufzai, who was also nomi-

nated for the International Children’s Peace Prize by advocacy group KidsRights Foundation in 2011, had raised her voice against the militants’ ban on and threats against education for women in Swat. The Taliban spokesman defends the education-ban in the statement, saying: “Tehrik-i-Taliban’s crime wasn’t that they banned education for girls. Instead, our crime was that we tried to bring education system for both boys and girls under Shariah. We are against co-education and secular education system, and Shariah orders us to be against it.” The statement further defends the assassination attempt, blaming the media for spreading “propaganda against Taliban mujahideen with their poisonous tongues.” “If anyone thinks that Malala was targeted because of education, that is absolutely wrong, and propaganda of media. Malala was targeted because of her pioneer role in preaching secularism and so called enlightened moderation. And whomsoever will commit so in future too will be targeted again by TTP,” it adds.

pIa resumes Swat flights a day after Malala shot


Pakistan International Airlines resumed flights to the former Taliban stronghold of Swat on Wednesday in a bid to revive tourism overshadowed by the shooting of a child rights activist. Malala Yousafzai, 14, was attacked on her school bus in Mingora, the main town of the northwestern district, on Tuesday, one of the most brutal attacks in the region since the army said in July 2009 it had crushed a Taliban insurgency. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) scheduled its first flight to Swat in more than five years before Malala was shot by the Taliban, saying it wanted to attract tourists to what was

once dubbed the “Switzerland of Pakistan”. “our main aim is to facilitate both local and foreign tourists to the region where normalcy has returned and I don’t think there will be any security problems in the future,” PIA chief Junaid Yusuf told journalists. Asked if Malala’s shooting would discourage visitors, he condemned the attack as “painful” but said it was an isolated incident. Authorities have organised a series of events in recent years designed to revive tourism to the valley, which was once much loved for its picturesque mountains, balmy summer weather and winter skiing. But although the security situation has improved significantly, few wealthy Pakistani or expatriate holidaymakers have returned.

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

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04 News Senate passes resolution denouncing attack on Malala ISLAMABAD



EMAnDIng the government decide whether to stand by or fight against the ideology that killed Malala Yousufzai, the Upper House of parliament on Wednesday passed a unanimous resolution denouncing Taliban’s bid to kill the brave teenage peace and education activist. Suspending the business of the House, Senator Zahid Khan from the Awami national Party (AnP) tabled the motion that denounced the attack on Malala as a barbaric and inhuman act that also earned disrespect for the country. The resolution that was adopted unani-

mously by the Senate also called for praying for the health of Malala, who was in critical condition. The House urged the government to decide finally whether to rely on statements only or to adopt practical measures against terrorism and extremism. Later, debating on the issue, Senator Haji Adeel from the AnP said around 35,000 civilians and 8,000 military personnel had lost their lives fighting against the forces that shot the innocent minor. He said it was shameful that the brutal incident was conducted in the name of Islam, the religion that prohibited victimising women, children and elderly people. He feared that the country would be driven to destruction if the government delayed making a decision to get rid of hypocrisy and countering terrorism in the real sense. Senator Rubina Khalid was of

the view that condemning the incident was insufficient unless something concrete was done to counter terrorists and extremists. Senator Saeed ghani was of the view that by targeting Malala, the terrorists had delivered a message to the international community they were powerful enough to do whatever they wanted to. Mir Hasil Khan Bazinjo said the attack was the birth of the legacy by the generals, dictators, clerics and extremists, might that incident open the eyes of those behind such forces. Stressing to separate the religion from the state, Bazinjo said the state was still promoting the extremism and sectarianism which would result in more violence and bloodshed in the future. The senior politician said Iran and Saudi Arabia were fighting their proxy wars in Quetta in which both sides were fi-

nanciering their blue-eyed, which was also the reason why Hazaras were being killed there. Senator Mushahidullah Khan from the PML-n said no one could kill Malala as she was not a girl but an ideology with love for freedom and education. Denouncing the tragic incident, Leader of the opposition in the Senate Ishaq Dar said PEMRA should be directed to educate people on countering terrorism. PPP Senator Aitizaz Ahsan said it was time the nation learnt its lesson. Senator Shahi Syed said agencies were responsible for the promotion of extremism as their silence in the beginning provided a chance to anti-state elements to strengthen themselves. Senator Raza Rabbani said practical measures should be adopted to restrict those behind it. AnP Senator Afrasiyab

Khatak said under the Muttahida Majlise-Amal’s (MMA) rule in KP during 2005, over 30 FM radio stations were launched by the extremists, around 10,000 militants were trained and huge cache of arms and ammunition were smuggled to Swat and FATA. Paying tribute to Malala, Khatak said it was time the policies were revised. MQM Senator Tahir Mashhadi said those who attacked Malala were cowards. Interior Minister Rehman Malik demanded the House stop using the word Taliban and replace it with Zalimans through a motion, declaring the Taliban non-Muslims. He informed the House that doctors had assured him that Malala was out of danger, would now be sent to Dubai or germany for treatment if needed and permitted by the doctors.

na body approves 10 sections of accountability bill ISLAMABAD oNLINe

ISLAMABAD: federal Minister for Law farooq Naik addresses reporters after a hearing of the NRo implementation case on Wednesday. Inp

Gilani speaks his heart out in meeting with Zardari Former prime minister Yousaf Raza gilani on Wednesday met President Asif Zardari and conveyed to him his reservations which had prompted him to leave the Presidency and move to his home in Lahore, a private TV channel reported. Per reports, gilani arrived in Islamabad on a PIA flight and went straight to the Islamabad Club from where Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf took him to the Presidency. According to the channel’s sources, Ashraf convinced gilani to go to the Presidency with him and share his reservations with the president. The prime minister was also present in the meeting. gilani had earlier expressed anger at his son being arrested by the Anti-narcotics Force from outside the Presidency. The former premier also believes that the party leadership had made him a scapegoat in the nRo implementation case as he was asked not to yield to the Supreme Court’s pressure on writing a letter to the Swiss authorities demanding reopening of the graft cases against President Zardari. The government had a few weeks ago conceded to writing the letter and the SC on Wednesday approved the draft of the letter to be sent to the Swiss government. The channel quoted gilani as saying that all issues with the party would be resolved amicably and categorically said that he was not considering leaving the Pakistan People’s Party. MONITORING DESK

Sc settles impasse Continued from Page 01

The Supreme Court had been pressuring the government to revive graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari since December 2009 when it struck down the amnesty issued by former military ruler gen (r) Pervez Musharraf that benefited Zardari and over 8,000 others. The government had refused to act upon the verdict on several occasions, especially behind former PM Yousaf Raza gilani who kept defying the courts by repeating that the president enjoyed immunity from prosecution, but he was eventually shown the door for indulging in contempt of the Supreme Court in June.

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

CJp orders authorities to produce 13 ‘vani’ girls QUETTA STAff RePoRT

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Wednesday held the first hearing of suo motu notice on the recent case of 13 girls declared “vani” by a jirga in Balochistan’s Dera Bugti area, ordering the authorities to produce the affected girls. A three-member bench of the Supreme Court, including Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, heard the case. According to reports, a jirga in Dera Bugti decided to give away 13 girls in marriage to settle a murder-

related conflict between two tribes last month. After the case was reported in the media, the CJP took a suo motu notice. He had issued orders to Balochistan MPA Mir Tariq Masuri, who allegedly chaired the jirga, and all members of the tribal jirga to appear before the jury at the Supreme Court’s Quetta registry on Wednesday. Masuri turned up and denied that the incident had taken place. He said he was in Multan and had returned after hearing the news on media about the court’s suo motu notice. “It is just propaganda to hurt my uncle’s political credibility in the area,” the MPA claimed.

Malala’s surgery successful Continued from Page 01

from Rawalpindi and Peshawar’s civil and military hospitals held hours-long meeting to discuss the girl’s condition and treatment being provided to her at CMH Peshawar. The doctors expressed satisfaction over the treatment and suggested the government let her be treated at CMH Peshawar. The board is likely to meet again on Friday. Beside others, Chief of Army Staff gen Ashfaq Keyani, Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti, Interior Minister Rehman Malik, provincial ministers and a large number of socio-politico figures visited the CMH Peshawar to enquire after Malala’s health. They prayed for her early recovery and sympathised with her father, Ziaud din Yousafzai.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Women Development and Social Welfare Sitara Ayaz said, “I was really impressed when I met Malala’s mother. She was not only courageous but said she felt people from all over the country were as aggrieved as her over the attempt on the life of Malala.” Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain made it clear that the war on terror would continue. He said people from all over the country, and the region in particular, were against terrorism. Peshawar-based Aman Tehreek on Wednesday arranged a protest rally to condemn the terrorist attack on the girl. The rally was attended by workers and stalwarts from various political parties. on the other hand, Swat Police constituted special team headed by SP Investigation Arshad Khan to probe into the attack.

The national Assembly Standing Committee on Law and Justice approved 10 sections of the national Accountability Commission Bill 2012, on Wednesday. A committee meeting was held in the Parliament House under the chairmanship of Riaz Fatiyana. During the meeting, the Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n) member objected that only four out of 20 members were present. Law Minister Farooq H naek, Religious Affairs Minister Khursheed Shah and Defence Minister naveed Qamar were present during the meeting. The committee reviewed the first ten sections out of the total 38 of the national Accountability Bill Commission 2012, and approved those 10 sections through voting. The PML-n proposed that the bill should not exclude the corruption committed in the past. However, the proposal was rejected through voting due to majority of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) members in the committee. They further decided that the Bill be implemented from october 1, 2002. According to the Bill, the chairman of the Accountability Commission would be elected by the committee after considering the proposed names – two each by the prime minister and the opposition leader –within 14 days. If the committee is not able to elect

the chairman of the commission within 14 days, the Bill says that the prime minister would send the name again, and it would be considered final. After the meeting, PML-n member Zahid Hamid told reporters that the government had bulldozed the proceedings of the committee and only approved the sections of their choice. He said that corruption in the past had been given cover through the new bill. Hamid said that the only PML-n proposal accepted by the committee was the appointment of deputy chairman and prosecutor of the commission through the committee. He said the PML-n would change the Accountability Commission totally after coming into power, so that no one was exempted from accountability. He held all coalition partners of the government equally responsible in approving the controversial bill, adding that all those parties were together in giving cover to corruption done in the past. PPP leader Khursheed Shah said the accountability of the PPP and the PML-n had been done several times in the past and the two parties should now move on by setting aside politics of rivalry. He said the chairman of the commission would be a retired judge of the apex court and the word “bureaucrat” had been taken out from the bill. The committee will meet again today to review other sections of the bill, and PML-n members are likely to participate in the meeting despite having reservations.

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News 05 NA approves 120-day extension in ordinance indemnifying Gilani’s actions ISLAMABAD oNLINe

QUeTTA: Patients wait for medical attention in the oPD of Civil hospital during doctors’ strike on Wednesday. Inp

Likemindeds likely to suffer in KP with Saifullah’s appointment as PPP chief PESHAWAR



HE PML likeminded is likely to lose its existence in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the appointment of Anwar Saifullah Khan as the provincial PPP president. Anwar is the brother of Salim Saifullah Khan, the founding chief of PML likeminded, who now seems inactive with Anwar’s appointment as PPP provincial chief. Anwar was elected to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly in independent and individual capacity in 2008 general election, and became the fourth provincial president of the PPP in a period of four-and-a-half years. Provincial senior minister Rahim Dad Khan was the occupant of the office during and after 2008 general election, but he was replaced by Health Minister Zahir Ali Shah in early 2009. However, Shah had failed to come up to the expectations of both, the party’s central high command and the workers. In 2011, Shah was replaced by Senator Sardar Ali Khan, who is considered friend and aide of President Asif Ali Zardari. Ultimately without even completing a year in office, Khan was replaced by Anwar. no one

can deny the fact that Rahim had run the affairs of the party in the most critical stage as the party had sustained a severe setback in 2002 general elections. Amongst the four provincial PPP presidents, Anwar seems to be the luckiest as besides enjoying the support of the PPP workers, he has also got solid backing of the PML likeminded. His family’s traditional rivals in Lakki Marwat have already detached themselves from the PML-n and one of the two groups has become part of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F). It seems impossible in the near future that the PML-n and the JUI-F would enter into an alliance or carry out any seat adjustment in both Lakki Marwat and Bannu districts, which might be beneficial to none other than the Saifullahs, who returned to the PPP after 35 years. Begum Kulsoom Saifullah Khan was the provincial president of PPP women wing until the imposition martial law by Ziaul Haq in July 1977 while Humayun Saifullah had also served in important political positions from 1973 to 1977 when the PPP was governing the country. The Saifullahs remained in occupation of important government positions after the imposition of martial law till August 17, 1988 air crash. From 1988 till 1990, the family re-

mained part of the Zia-created Islami Jamhoori Ittehad but it failed in getting adjustment with nawaz Sharif when he entered into an alliance with the Awami national Party in 1989. During this period, Humayun become member of the Aftab Sherpao cabinet. In 1993, Anwar become federal minister in Benazir Bhutto cabinet and during his stay in the cabinet, Anwar got into the good books of Benazir. on those grounds, he was the favourite for the top office after 2008 elections. But unfortunately Anwar’s dreams could not be materialised with the unfortunate demise of Benazir Bhutto. Soon after 2008 general elections, Anwar was amongst those MP’s who opposed PPP-AnP alliance. In this respect, he had developed an understanding with some of independent MP’s and had approached President Asif Ali Zardari. But Zardari opposed such ideas. Later Anwar was picked up as favourite for the office of governor but his nomination was opposed by the AnP leadership. The AnP leadership favoured Barrister Masud Kausar. The Saifullahs made an attempt to get the blessing of the AnP leadership but they rejected the idea saying the Saifullahs had always portrayed the AnP as an enemy in-

stead of contemporaries and political rivals. Whatever President Asif Ali Zardari’s strategies in connection with the upcoming elections are, Anwar’s appointment as party’s provincial president is likely to become the main obstacle in the PPP-AnP alliance. President Zardari and other PPP stalwarts have time and again declared of contesting elections through an alliance with the allies but it seem hard in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where in his first ever press conference, Anwar had ruled out chances of any alliance with the AnP. Instead of entering into an alliance with the AnP, Anwar is likely to go for seat adjustment with individuals and influential groups in various parts of the province. It also seems that Anwar is likely to mediate between President Zardari and Aftab Sherpao as both of them have a similar attitude towards the AnP. Appointment of Anwar could lead to a break up in the alliance between the AnP and the PPP but it could also cause severe problems for the JUI-F and the PML-n, particularly in southern districts. So far it seems that these three leading political forces are likely to go for solo flight in the upcoming elections.

The national Assembly (nA) on Wednesday approved a resolution presented by Law Minister Farooq H naik to indemnify the actions taken by former prime minister Yousaf Raza gilani after his disqualification on Supreme Court’s orders. Previously, a presidential ordinance issued on June 25, 2012, had given cover to gilani’s actions during the preceding two months following his disqualification on April 26. The ordinance prevented the steps taken by gilani’s government from being challenged in court. The resolution tabled in nA sought an extension of 120 days in the ordinance under para A, clause 2 of Article 89 of the constitution. While opposing the resolution, Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n) lawmaker Zahid Hamid said why the government was feeling the need to move the resolution while the matter was already being discussed by a standing committee. He further said that attempts were being made to indemnify the steps of a prime minister who had been declared disqualified by the Supreme Court. Despite PML-n’s opposition, nA Deputy Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi approved the resolution.

MPs flay Raisani for purchasing costly plane ISLAMABAD oNLINe

Members of Parliament condemned Balochistan Chief Minister nawab Aslam Raisani for purchasing a personal airplane costing more than one billon rupees PPP MnA Syed nasir Ali Shah on Wednesday said it was shameful that people of Baluchistan were dying off hunger while the CM was abusing people’s money on such luxuries. He said that the nation held a beggar’s bowl while the CM was leading a lavish lifestyle. “When Rome was burning, nero was playing his flute,” said Ali, making an analogy between the ‘great Fire of Rome’ and present day conditions in Balochistan. It would have been far better, said Ali, if Raisani had used this amount to construct a university. PML-n MnA Sardar Yaqoob Khan nasir said that the CM had done nothing except purchasing airplanes. Another PPP member Ayatullah Durrani said it seemed that the CM preferred planes over the people of Balochistan. Senator Abdul Hayee Baluch said that an era of plundering had prevailed in Balochistan and no one was there to question the corruption. Mir Hasil Khan Bazinjo also criticized the CM stating that he had no time to spare for the welfare of the people.

Markets buzz with migratory birds facing extinction threat g

wildlife authorities cooperating with hunters instead of impeding their efforts GUJRANWALA ATIf BUTT

Migratory birds, turning towards the forests of Pakistan are becoming prey to hunters with cooperation of officials from the wildlife department, Pakistan Today has learnt. Climatic conditions of the region at this time of the year become favourable for birds including and not limited to, Hawks, Eagles, Wild Ducks, Quails, Partridge, Doves, golden Snipes and geese. Their arrival however has initiated a hunters’ fest around Head Qadirabad Barrage which also seems to be an opportune moment for wildlife department officials to warm their pockets. Head Qadirabad Barrage, referred to as “game Sanctuary” by authorities, is presently a hub for illegal hunting, posing severe threats of extinction to the already endangered species arriving from different parts of the world. Shahid, a local resident, said that despite a ban, hunters readily captured the mentioned birds and sold them openly in markets. He said in some cases these birds are even smug-

gled abroad. Quail, which migrates from Russia at this time of the year, can be hunted by paying Rs 10,000 to wildlife officials, he said. Audio tapes with recorded animal sounds can be obtained from officials to tempt birds which are eventually trapped into hundreds of feet long pre- installed nets. Rustum, a professional hunter, said that unimpeded hunting took place in gujrat, Wazirabad, Qadirabad, Bado Malhi, Shakar garh ,Wahndu, narowal and narang Mundi where anyone could get a pardon by paying the “game watchers” an amount of Rs 10,000. The authorities, he added, offered packages whereby one is given a license to hunt Deer and Wild Rabbits in exchange for delivering rare bird species. According to his estimate, a total of 60 hunt-teams were active in and around the stretches from Head Qadirabad Barrage to Khanki Barrage and Head Maralla, on one side and from narang Mandi to Shakargarh on the other. “People are not hunting these birds down. They are capturing them by installing large nets. Everyone knows where these birds are sold. It’s common

knowledge,” he added. Bao, a dealer in birds, said that people sold him these birds on bargained rates which he re-sold at a higher price depending on the demand of particular species. He further said that often the officials from wildlife department themselves sold these birds to dealers. The approximate prices of some of these birds is reported as follows; a goose at Rs 1,500, a duck somewhere between Rs 300 to Rs 800 depending on the breed, an adult Black Partridge at Rs 2,500 while a juvenile at Rs 500, a dove at Rs 70 and a wild pigeon at Rs 300. ghrajhaki Darwaza, Kucha Darwaza, Thanawala Bazaar, Sialkoti Darwaza and nosherhra Road are big markets for Quail, Wild Pigeons and Ducks, said Bao, from where they find their way to hotels and restaurants that present these birds on their menus as special eateries. District wildlife officer gujranwala, on being questioned, denied any involvement in illegal hunting or smuggling of these birds and insisted that the department was active in saving these endangered species from extinction.

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

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Thursday, 11 October, 2012

Time To Take Taliban down! LAHORE



HE targeted attack on Malala Yousafzai, by the Taliban, two days ago, opened floodgates of condemnation and protests from all quarters of the world, and even more so within the country. As civil society organisations, schools and social media took up verbal arms against the heinous act of shooting the fourteen year old, who has become a symbol for the cause of women’s education in Swat, public sentiment flared as many declared: this means war. A vigil for Malala, organised was held outside the Lahore Press Club yesterday. A large crowd of students, faculty members, civil society organisations, lawyers and journalists lit candles and chanted anti- Taliban slogans, in protest against the attack. The vigil was attended by students from several institutions including Sharif Education Complex and LUMS, members of Awami Party, Labour party and Workers’ party, members of the Youth Parliament, several ngos including the Aghaz Foundation, and general citizens, who carried banners and placards in support of Malala and said that the government must take strict action against militants. WAvES Of EMPAtHy Female students, in particular, empathised with the fourteen year old and strongly protested the attack. Wardah Bhatti, from the Youth Parliament, said, “This is injustice against me and every girl in this country. If its Malala today, it could be me tomorrow. If we don’t raise our voices now, they will be silenced forever.” Asma, from Aghaz Foundation, said, “From what I’ve seen and read this girl’s bravery has been astounding. She battled all odds to gain education and her bravery is an inspiration to every girl who has ever wanted to pursue education.”

doing, misquoting religion for their own purpose. It is all really sickening.” Mehreen Kamran, medical student, said, “I’m actually depressed about how vile a certain section of our society is. How easy it is for these people to give out statements with blatant lies about our religion to justify their absolutely ridiculous act. How is this country ever going to progress with parties like these scaring people to fear for their lives? Burning buildings, killing our own people, and now shooting fourteen year old girls, wow we’ve really reached the epitome of humanity. I’ve always been a person who has defended her country but recently have started to lose faith, but if there are people like Malala still around, I think there is still hope.”

Citizens, left, right and centre, call for a planned, informed action against Taliban atrocities n Say Taliban cannot lay claim on Islam, and this should not be seen as an opportunity to mock religion or religious beliefs n


NOt IN OuR PAkIStAN Many senior citizens, present at the candlelight vigil, deplored over what had become of the country. “Such a horrible thing has happened to my country. That’s the reason I’m here,” said Rao Hamid, a retired citizen, “We need to educate people and make them understand the horrors of intolerance and religiosity. Pakistan was not meant to be such a restricted society.” Another senior citizen and member of the Awami Party, Allah Ditta said, “Mullahs don’t want anyone to be enlightened or develop. They have an archaic mind set. We’re here because we want to educate our country and want it to develop.”

HOW DARE tHEy quOtE RELIgION? Earlier, TTP spokesperson Ihsanullah-Ihsan released a statement trying to justify the attack on Malala. He used certain incidents from the Quran, taken out of context, to rationalize killing a minor. These misquotations enraged Islamic scholars and the general populace alike. Zahra, a student of classical Islamic learning, said, “The Taliban does not enjoy mainstream support from Muslims. Why is Islam being targeted? Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “My people will never agree on something that is wrong” and also that “Allah places His hand on the majority”. According to Islamic law

itself, TTP has no right to implement shariah like that. Shariah was never implemented like this. How many people did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) kill just because they refused to agree with him? none. The Taliban are able to misquote instances from the Quran and the life of the Prophet (PBUH) because none of us know enough to rebut the claim they have forcefully laid on the religion. Muslims today do not even know their religion well enough to defend it, that doesn’t mean that it becomes the property of any and everybody who tries to misuse it. What is more sickening than the Taliban’s explanation, is the way the pseudo liberal secular elite is using this as a reason to malign religion. They are doing exactly what the Taliban are

LUMS faculty members, staff and students, present at the occasion, strongly condemned the attack. Arslan, a senior at LUMS, said, “This madness needs to end. Pakistan needs to contain this chaotic situation that the Taliban has created right now. It was possible to engage them through dialogue initially, but that time has gone.” With slogans of ‘Taliban murdabad’ ringing through the crowd, tempers against the militant organization flared high. “The attackers need to be brought to justice,” said Aisha, a lawyer, “I say they should be beheaded the same way, they have beheaded so many people of our country.” Public sentiment regarding Taliban changed drastically after news of their barbaric methods to enforce shariah reached mainstream media. The statement released by the Taliban, where they used religion to exonerate themselves, seemed to be the final nail in the coffin. Calls for swift action against the attackers are coming in from all quarters and the public wants an end to militancy. It’s like Taimour Khan, a senior account executive, put it, “It’s sad that it had to take an attack on another innocent child for Pakistan to finally get angry enough to demand action against the Taliban. I welcome the awakening, late though it may be.”

A journalist is every day hero: Nina Fite

LAHORE: American Consulate arranged a concert of noori at the residence of nina Fite, who dedicated the evening to late Daniel Pearl and Malala Yousafzai. Pearl was kidnapped in

2002 from Pakistan. nina said that the situation of journalists in the world and especially in Pakistan, was critical. “over 6,700 concerts have been arranged by the US government for

Daniel Pearl because he was also known as a musician,” she said, adding that the basic purpose of music concert was to spread his message of peace and love. STAff RePoRT

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Lahore 07 lHC orders enquiry into ‘encounter’ that killed 9 of a family LAHORE



HE Lahore High Court on Wednesday ordered the District and Sessions Judge to hold an inquiry into killing of nine people of a family in three different encounters and submit a report within seven days. Justice Mazahar Ali Akbar passed the order on a petition by Saleema Bibi against killing of his five sons, including Malik Shahid, Malik Zahid, Malik Majid, Malik Adnan and Malik Imran and four other relatives in three different police encounters on September 18, 2012. Earlier, Home Secretary Punjab Shahid Khan, Inspector general of Police Punjab Haji Habib-ur-Rehman, SSP (operations) Lahore Rai Tahir, DPo Vehri Ali nasir Rizvi and DPo Rahim Yar Khan Sohail Khan appeared before the court on being summoned. Replying to a court query, the home secretary told the court that judicial magistrates were holding inquiry into the matter and soon the report would be submitted into the court. The petitioner’s counsel pointed out that police was not handing over dead bodies

of Rahim Yar Khan victims, including two sons of the petitioner. But, police told the court that the DnA test of dead bodies was being done and the bodies would be handed over to the family soon. The court adjourning the matter till october 22 also sought a separate report from the home secretary in this regard. The petitioner, in his petition, submitted that a son of the petitioner Imran and two other relatives including Jamshaid and Awais were killed in a police encounter within limits of Police Station Chung, Lahore on September 18. He claimed that the encounter was fake as the FIR registered indicates that no policeman received a scratch in the encounter. She pointed out that police killed two other sons of the petitioner including Zahid and Majid and their relative Ramzan in another encounter within limits of Buraywala, District Vehri. Whereas petitioner’s two other sons including Malik Shahid and Malik Adnan, were killed in an encounter within limits of Adaadpur, District Rahim Yar Khan, she added. She further expressed serious apprehensions regarding life of her four remaining sons who were being threatened by the police.

NOBODY TOLD THEM THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO STARE: School girls look at a young man trying to make his way across the road. INP

Contempt petition against president adjourned LAHORE STAff RePoRT

YDA strikes against doctors’ torture LAHORE: The Young Doctors Association (YDA) observed a strike on Wednesday at outdoor patients departments (oPDs) of public hospitals in the province against torturing doctors in nishtar Hospital Multan. Talking to the media, Dr Amir Bandashah said the YDA gave a strike call to arrest the accused of torturing doctors at Emergency Department of nishtar Hospital Multan. STAff RePoRT

Inspector Umer farooq wearing a gold crown on the occasion of his retirement at an event at CIA Cotwali.

CCP condemns attack on Malala LAHORE: The Concerned Citizens of Pakistan (CCP) on Wednesday condemn the attack on 14 year old Malala Yusufzai. In a statement, CCP said that the Tehrik e Taliban have proudly claimed responsibility for this shameful act and that this attack should serve as a wake-up call for the nation which continues to be targeted by such organizations. The CCP called for all parties and citizens to unite against extremism and violence in the name of religion. The CCP stressed that there is no excuse for such cowardly acts against humanity. STAff RePoRT

A five-member bench of the Lahore High Court on Wednesday adjourned the hearing of contempt petition against President Asif Ali Zardari till october 31, with direction to federation’s counsel to seek instructions from the president on compliance of court order in dual office case. The fivemember bench comprising LHC Chief Justice UmarAta Bandial, Justice nasir Saeed Sheikh, Justice Sheikh najam ul Hasan, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan and Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah was hearing a contempt petition filed by Muneer Ahmad Khan against President Asif Ali Zardari for not complying with the court order in dual office case. As the proceedings started, federation’s counsel Waseem Sajjad forwarded his arguments and referred to petitioner’s stance in dual office case that the president’s political activities were against Article 41 (1) of the constitution. Waseem Sajjad said that the president was elected through a political process and as such he could not remain aloof.

illegal gas connection cut off LAHORE: Sui northern gas Pipelines Limited (SngPL) special task force on Wednesday detected a bypass connection following a raid at Alia Town, Shalimar and seized the meter used for illegal gas supply. According to task force chief Ch. Sharafat Ali, gas was being supplied to 25 houses illegally through the bypass connection. Baghbanpura police was then informed for registration of the case against gas pilferer under the law. APP

cine STar Ph: 35157462

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08 Lahore weaTher uPdaTeS


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As the world celebrates its first day of ‘the girl child’, Pakistanis pray for the recovery of its 14-year-old daughter who was shot for wanting to study





HE United nations (Un) had chosen child marriage as the theme for the “International Day of the girl Child” and different activities had been planned around the world including Pakistan to highlight the urgent need to address the practice that robs 10 million girls a year of their childhood. However, in Pakistan, the focus will largely remain centred on Malala Yousafzai, who was shot at on Tuesday. Malala Yousafzai came to public attention in 2009 by writing a diary for BBC Urdu about life under Taliban militants who had taken control of the valley. The group captured the Swat Valley in late 2007 and remained in de facto control until they were driven out by Pakistani military forces during an offensive in 2009. While in power they closed girls’ schools, promulgated Islamic law and introduced measures such as banning the playing of music in cars. Malala Yousafzai’s brother, Mubashir Hussain, said that the militants were “cruel, brutal people” and urged all Pakistanis to condemn them. Apart from vigils to protest against the attack on Malala, various other protests and a rallies will be held all over the country as part of the on going activities in regard to the day. “Child marriage is an appalling violation of human rights and robs girls of their education, health and long-term prospects. Since many parents and communities also want the very best for their daughters, we must work together and end child marriages,” said the United nations Population Fund Executive Director Dr

Babatunde osotimehin. The International Day of the girl Child had been recognised by the Un as a day to promote the rights of girls and to address the unique challenges being faced by them. Child brides would usually drop out of school, and were more likely to die or suffer injury during childbirth and were more vulnerable to domestic abuse than unmarried girls of the same age. Various human rights groups and organizations in Pakistan called for urgent action to address child marriage in Pakistan where 24 percent of girls were married off before they turned 18. They had asked the government to review the Child Marriage Restraint Act and had urged the Civil Society organizations (CSos) to join hands to bring behavioural change in the community in relation to Early girl Marriages (EgM). Many have asked why we need a day that focuses just on girls - we already have an International Women’s Day, a strong feminist movement, and countless policies and programs designed to fight gender inequality? The reality is that the world is only now starting to realise that tens of millions of girls face daily discrimination, poverty and violence, simply because they were born female. girls have been explicitly mentioned in annual themes for International Women’s Day just three times in the past 100 years. The combination of their gender and age renders them almost invisible. girls are especially vulnerable due to their age and often complete lack of power or control over their lives. This means a different, and perhaps more urgent, response is required if

we are to harness their potential to create a better life for themselves and their children, a more prosperous, peaceful community and a healthier workforce. That’s why Plan International lobbied the Un to declare october 11 the International Day of the girl Child. of course, girls and boys have the same entitlements to human rights, but they face different challenges in accessing them girls are less likely to complete school, have less opportunity for meaningful work, are more likely to be living with HIV and AIDS, and are more likely to experience rape or other forms of sexual violence. Each year, more than 10 million girls are forced to marry as children, which usually means an end to their education, and a life of ill-health and poverty. Dealing with the specific needs and rights of girls is key to breaking cycles of poverty with benefits for everyone - boys and girls, men and women. For example, as a country’s primary school enrolment rate for girls increases, so does its gross domestic product per head. In fact, education is one of the best ways to help girls to move from poverty to opportunity. An educated girl will be more likely to marry later in life and have fewer, healthier children, who will be three to 10 times more likely to survive. As we approach the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development goals, the world will be debating what should be included in the new road map for global development and sustainability. There is no better place to start than making quality education for girls an urgent priority.

airPOrT fliGhT enquirY Pia reSerVaTiOn

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cOlleGeS / uniVerSiTieS PunJab uniVerSiTY Kinnaird cOlleGe queen marY cOlleGe GOVT. cOlleGe uniVerSiTY umT lumS ueT lcwu SuPeriOr cOlleGe Thursday, 11 October, 2012

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daTe: march 31 TO december 29, 2012 Venue: haST-O-neeST cenTre, lahOre hast-o-neest centre for Traditional art & culture invites you to its monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 Ghazals of maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

daTe: aPril 01 TO december 30, 2012 Venue: faiZ Ghar, lahOre a unique blend of Yoga, meditation, neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga master Shamshad haider

daTe: OcTOber 02 – 10 Venue: The drawinG rOOm arT GallerY, 63-a,blOcK e/1,GulberG iii new arrangements showcases the work of five artists who explore different forms of image making in painting and photography.

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Foreign News 09

US air passenger held after arsenal seized LOS ANGELES AfP

A 28-year-old man on a plane from Asia was arrested in Los Angeles after he was found wearing body armor and transporting a small arsenal of weapons including a smoke grenade, officials said Tuesday. Yongda Huang Harris, a naturalized US citizen of Chinese descent, faces a charge of transporting hazardous materials after he was detained by border guards Friday at Los Angeles International (LAX) airport. Harris, who has lived in Japan recently and who was heading for Boston, was “wearing a bulletproof vest and flame retardant pants underneath his trench coat,” said a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) statement. Further investigation of his checked luggage turned up a “pyrotechnic smoke grenade,” along with a hatchet, knives, a gas mask, biohazard suits and body bags, it added. Agents also found three leather-coated billy clubs, a collapsible baton, a full-face respirator, leg irons and a device to repel dogs, said an affidavit by officers with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), a division of ICE. The document accused Harris of “willfully or recklessly transporting a smoke grenade in his checked luggage on a flight from Kansai, Japan, via Incheon, Korea, to LAX.” Bomb squad officers Xrayed the smoke grenade, and found that the “device fell under the United nations’ explosives shipping classification, meaning it is prohibited on board passenger aircraft. “When ignited with sufficient airspace surrounding it, the smoke grenade would cover an approximately 40,000 cubic foot area with smoke, sufficient to fill the cabin of a commercial airplane,” said the affidavit. “When ignited without sufficient airspace, the smoke grenade was capable of causing a fire,” added the document, obtained by AFP. The affidavit noted that Harris admitted only to having a knife, when questioned about his customs declaration, and before officers went through his luggage. The CBP agent had “noticed that Harris was wearing body armor (including a bulletproof vest, flame-retardant legging covers, and knee pads), underneath a trench coat. The agent “spoke with Harris and asked for his customs declaration,” and gave him “an opportunity to amend his declaration prior to officers conducting a baggage exam. “Harris commented that he had a knife, but did not otherwise seek to amend his declaration,” shortly before the contents were uncovered. Investigators are coordinating with counterparts in Tokyo, it said, adding that Harris has a permanent home in Boston, but “has been living and working recently in Japan.” A spokesman for Kansai International Airport in the western Japanese city of osaka said Japanese aviation authorities had been contacted by their US counterparts about the man, but added that his flight had not originated in Japan. “The man flew from China to Kansai. He stopped over at Incheon and then went to LA. I believe we did not detect any suspicious items” while he was at Kansai, the official said, without specifying where in China he boarded. Harris was due to appear in court in Los Angeles later Tuesday, and could face up to five years in prison.

Turkey warns Syria, Homs hammered by army DAMASCUS



URKEY’S top military commander on Wednesday warned of a stronger response if Syrian shells continue to land on Turkish soil, as Syria’s army launched a new onslaught against rebels in besieged Homs city. President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, on the back foot with rebels controlling swathes of north Syria and defying months of army offensives to push them out of key cities, sent reinforcements to a strategic northern town captured by the insurgents on Tuesday, a watchdog said. “We have retaliated (for Syrian shelling) and if it continues, we’ll respond more strongly,” the head of Turkey’s armed forces, general necdet ozel, said in Akcakale, a border town where five civilians were killed by Syrian shelling last week. The military chief was inspecting troops on a tour of the heavily fortified border region where a number of shells fired from Syria have fallen, prompting fears of an escalation of the conflict.

Following the deadly shelling in Akcakale last Wednesday, the Turkish parliament approved the use of military force if necessary against one-time ally Syria. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also warned Damascus not to test Turkey’s patience and vowed Ankara would not tolerate such acts. nATo head Anders Fogh Rasmussen has warned against escalation along the frontier and said the alliance has “all necessary plans in place to protect and to defend Turkey if necessary.” The sabre-rattling on the frontier added to growing fears of a wider regional fallout of the conflict ravaging Syria, in which according to activists more than 32,000 people have died, mostly civilians. Residents of the old City neighbourhood of Homs, meanwhile, desperately pleaded for humanitarian assistance as the Syrian observatory for Human Rights reported heavy shelling of rebel belts across the city in central Syria and the nearby town of Qusayr, both besieged for months. The army this week vowed to overrun both Homs and Qusayr by the end of the week to free up troops for battle zones in the

north, such as Aleppo. The fresh offensive has sent a new flood of refugees across the border into Lebanon, said a Lebanese security official who noted up to 400 people had crossed the frontier in a 24-hour period. An activist in the Homs old City, reached via Skype on Wednesday, said the district was “totally surrounded.” “There is no way out. our situation is so bad it makes anyone cry,” said the activist, who identified himself as Abu Bilal. “The field hospitals are full of injured people needing operations and who need to be evacuated. There is no way out at all.” The old City neighbourhood of Homs has been under total siege by the army for more than four months. The observatory says thousands of civilians remain trapped in the old City and other besieged, rebel-held districts of the city rebels refer to as “the capital of the revolution.” “We call on the International Committee of the Red Cross, and on the Red Crescent, to come to our assistance,” said Abu Bilal. In Qusayr, the situation was “terrible” overnight, activist Hadi al-Abdallah told AFP

Iran denies threat to cut diplomatic ties with UAE TEHRAN AfP

MoSCoW: Members of the all-girl punk band ‘Pussy Riot’ (from L) Maria Alyokhina, Yekaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova sit in a glass-walled cage in a court. afp

Russia frees one Pussy Riot member, keeps two in jail MOSCOW: A Russian appeals court Wednesday ordered the release of one member of anti-Vladimir Putin punk band Pussy Riot after giving her a suspended term but ordered two others serve two years in a prison camp. Maria Alyokhina, 24, Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, and nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, were contesting their conviction for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred over performing a song opposing Putin in Moscow’s main cathedral in February. The judge at the Moscow city court ordered the release of Samutsevich, 30, after giving her a two-year suspended prison camp term. However the twoyear prison camp sentences of Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova were upheld. The release of Samutsevich was a major surprise but came after at the first appeals hearing on october 1 she announced she was changing her lawyer. Her new lawyer argued she had been apprehended before taking part in the performance. Judge Larisa Polyakova ruled “to leave Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova’s sentences without changes” while bowing to the appeal filed on behalf of Samutsevich, who was judged not to have actually been involved in the “Punk Prayer”. “This is of course unexpected,” Yekaterina’s father Stanislav Samutsevich told AFP after the ruling. “This is a great happiness.” He added: “on the one hand, I am very glad. on the other hand, I am disappointed by the decision in relation to the other girls.” AfP

Gaddafi’s son ‘would be hanged in Libya’, defence tells ICC THE HAGUE AfP

Moamer gaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam without a doubt would get a death sentence if tried in Libya, his lawyer told the Hague-based International Criminal Court on Wednesday. “Although the Libyan government has danced around the issue, let’s be very clear: if convicted (in Libya) Mr Kadhafi will be hanged,” Melinda Taylor, a court-appointed lawyer, told judges amid a dispute on where Seif should face justice. While the ICC wants Seif, the only son of the slain Libyan leader in custody, to be tried in The Hague, Libya’s

via Skype. “People are afraid of what might happen if the army enters into the rebel-held areas of Qusayr. They say they would prefer to die in the shelling than be executed by the army,” said Abdallah. Qusayr has been in rebel hands — and under siege — since September last year. The observatory says thousands of people are trapped in the town, and that the only way out is via secret tunnels. “There is no way out for anyone here,” said Abdallah. The observatory also reported heavy shelling on Wednesday against a string of rebel-held neighbourhoods in Aleppo, which has been the theatre since mid-July of an increasingly bloody battle between rebels and the army. The Britain-based watchdog, which collates information from a network of activists and medics on the ground, added that on Tuesday alone 22 civilians died in a shelling blitz against Aleppo. Army efforts to reinforce Aleppo have been dealt a blow by the capture on Tuesday by rebels of Maaret al-numan, a strategic town in the northwestern province of Idlib on the highway linking Damascus to Aleppo.

post-revolutionary authorities insist he should stand trial in his home country. Libya’s lawyers told a three-judge bench on Tuesday the country had enough evidence to charge Seif with crimes against humanity, committed when Kadhafi and his loyalists tried to put down Libya’s bloody revolution last year. But the lawyers admitted although Tripoli was committed to a fair trial for Kadhafi, it was a “complicated process and that Libya needed more time.” Taylor, a member of the ICC’s defence office, said Kadhafi’s right to a fair trial was being violated while he is held in isolation in the northwestern Libyan hilltown of Zintan, where he

has been in custody since his arrest on november 19. The ICC issued arrest warrants for Seif, 40 and Kadhafi’s former spymaster Abdullah Senussi, 63, in June 2011 on two counts of crimes against humanity committed while trying to crush the uprising that ended over four decades of Kadhafi’s iron-fisted rule. But the ICC’s jurisdiction is complementary to that of national courts, and it can only act when a member state is unwilling or unable to do so. The court’s judges are to make a ruling on the issue at an unspecified later date. Taylor on Tuesday cited a law passed by Libya’s post-revolutionary national Transitional Council which

said no child of Kadhafi will ever benefit from leniency. Putting Kadhafi on trial will “not be motivated by a desire for justice but a desire for revenge,” Taylor told Wednesday’s hearing, adding that both Seif and Senussi — extradited from Mauritania last month — were yet to appear before a judge. “Mr Kadhafi is not a guinea pig (for Libyan justice). He is a person with rights. He should not be languishing in prison while Libya tries to build a judicial system,” she said. The ICC is the world’s only permanent criminal tribunal set up to try genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Iran’s foreign ministry denied on Wednesday that it had threatened to cut diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates, as state media outlets reported the previous day. The ministry’s spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, had been quoted as saying Tehran may cut diplomatic ties with the UAE because of a festering dispute over three gulf islands claimed by both sides. In a statement reported Wednesday, the ministry said it “denies the comments attributed to the spokesman by some local media regarding the Emirates,” accusing those media of “distorting” what was said. Mehmanparast’s comments were reported by parliamentary news website and official news agency IRnA, saying diplomatic ties could be cut should the UAE continue to claim the islands currently under Iran’s control. “If making such anti-Iranian claims reaches a level that national interests lie in reducing or severing political ties... (such a move) will be implemented,” Mehmanparast was quoted as saying. He warned the UAE could “suffer the fate of Britain” — alluding to Iran’s decision last year to downgrade diplomatic relations to Britain in anger over heightened Western sanctions. Britain eventually cut direct diplomatic ties with Iran in December 2011 after pro-government demonstrators in Tehran stormed the British embassy. Mehmanparast’s alleged comments echoed Tehran’s line that the UAE stance has no “rational, logical, historical, or legal basis.” Iran and the UAE are at loggerheads over the islands of Abu Musa, greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb, which lie in the strategic Strait of Hormuz in the gulf. Iran took control of them in 1971 when colonial-era Britain withdrew from that part of the gulf. The Islamic republic says the islands are a historic part of its territory, and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in April visited them to reassert that position. However, the UAE claims ownership in line with an agreement signed with Britain, and has garnered support from other gulf Arab states and its ally the United States.

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

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an act of cowardice Threatened by a 14-year-old


n 2009, now 14-year-old Swati girl, Malala Yousfzai, emerged as a symbol of hope in the Taliban dominated heart of darkness. The diary kept by her which appeared on BBC Urdu website in January of that year not only revealed the fear that pervaded Swat but also the unstinting resolve by the seventh grade student to seek education in violation of the Taliban’s edict. once the threat was removed through a military operation and life returned to the valley, Malala emerged as an activist for the right of girls to get education and take part in all spheres of life like men. Despite their evacuation from Swat the Taliban continued to attack schools, particularly those for girls all over Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and tribal areas. A study conducted on the issue has revealed that around 600,000 children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have missed one or more years of education due to militancy while a total of 710 schools had been destroyed or damaged by militants in the province. Malala’s emergence as a role model for many Pukhtun girls was unacceptable to the militants who started to threaten her. The young girl however displayed unusual fortitude. While she never criticized the TTP openly, she continued her advocacy of girls’ education. Malala’s reputation did not remain confined to Swat. She was nominated for International Children’s Peace Prize. She received the first national Peace Award from Prime Minister gilani. She also spoke to media at a number of occasions. Malala made it known that she wanted to set up her own political party after completing her education. That a young school girl continued to challenge their primitive policies was too much for the violent Taliban. The attempt at her life indicates a lack of confidence on the part of the TTP in the strength of their own ideology. They were afraid that more and more girls would follow her example, disregarding their terror. The killing should make the apologists of the militants reconsider their position. The militants did not attack the young girl to avenge the presence of the US-led nATo forces in Afghanistan. The TTP spokesman told media that Malala was to be eliminated because she had preached secularism and so-called enlightened moderation. What constituted secularism in her case was her advocacy of the girls’ right for education. The desire expressed by her to join democratic politics was another irritant. The Taliban have made no secret of their deadly opposition to democracy which according to them is opposed to Islamic teachings. They have made it clear that they consider all political parties contesting elections, whether in power or opposition, as secular and their leaders as slaves of the West. Malala was not the first nor is she going to be the last target of the TTP.

our political messiah fixation By Hafsa Khawaja


chapter of a survey released in July 2012 by PEW, spanning six predominantly Muslim countries – Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia – shows that majorities in four of the six states believe that democracy, rather than a strong leader, can best solve their country’s problems. The country with the most prominent opinion contrary to those of other countries is Pakistan, where preference of a leader over a democratic government is mirrored in the percentages: 61 percent of Pakistanis say their country should rely on a strong leader, while just 31 percent say democracy can better solve national problems. The expression of favorability towards an individual over a system, be it judicial or governmental, isn’t a new phenomena but a political and cultural approach that has been ingrained in Pakistan. The plausible notion of a strong leader being the pivot of progress has been made to inflate in importance through over-emphasis in the country, to a magnitude that all remaining requisites for the state’s prosperity are blurred into insignificance by it. That is, potential leaders or figures are deemed the panacea; virtually messiahs. Although the roots of this precedence remain somewhat obscure, it can be assumed that they lie in the grounds of political culture and history. A quick glimpse through Pakistan’s tumultuous history would reveal a dearth of stability and continuation of a democratic system, which all the more provides validation to the idea that Pakistan is a developing democracy, not yet a complete democracy. In February this year, a survey conducted by the oxford Research International says Libyans would favor a ‘strong leader’ over a democratic government. Commenting on which oxford University's Dr Christoph Sahm said the survey suggested Libyans lacked the knowledge of how democracy works. This applies to Pakistan as well. This inadequacy of acquaintance with the system of democracy is one of the reasons for the ‘Messiah Mania’ in Pakistan: lack of understanding of how democracy works and interest in it leads to supposing one man can cure the country’s ills all by his existence at the helm. A developing democracy, as we are, Pakistanis are also terribly disenchanted with the order of democracy itself after what they have seen in this greatly disappointing dem-

ocratically-elected government’s tenure. Sifting through the historical pages of Pakistan’s formation, most Pakistanis evince towards Jinnah single-handedly creating Pakistan in support of this preference (of choosing an individual or leader over a system), forgetting the lapses of decades that have occurred since 1947 and the vortex of change that there has been on the geographical, political, social, regional and national landscapes, which cancel much, if not the entire, basis of comparisons and references of Jinnah. Pakistan’s political culture has also bred this disposition: with parties centered on dynasties, their histories and scions, politics and governance in Pakistan have been made a play of personalities beyond which they should probably be. But with the rise of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), it has been proven that the fashioning of this leaning is not exclusive to dynastic and ‘family’ parties such as Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n). The kaptaan’s (Urdu for captain, which was Imran Khan's position when Pakistan won the cricket World Cup in 1992) larger than life persona, charisma of the cricketing days and illustrious background in a sport that is similar to religion in Pakistan’s - along with philanthropy, his shrewd stance that subliminally echoes this mentality (a single honest man can channel change even through a team of ideological turncoats, opportunists and remnants of previous regimes) - has alone bolstered and intensified the idea of a messiah. A dictatorial history may also explain why nations like Pakistan and Libya would choose a ‘strong leader’ over a democratic government. A past that has been a witness to and victim of four separate authoritarian military men wheels around the concept of a single omnipotent figure. This has devised the perception of ‘one-man-government’ in peoples’ mind who believe a lone man can cause massive shifts in the country’s fortunes, systems and situations depending on his nature an d intentions (good or bad). After the death of Czech politician Vaclav Havel and north Korea’s Kim Jong-il, Joshua A Trucker, professor of politics at new York University, pertinently writes in his article on Al-Jazeera English ‘How much do individuals really matter in politics?’ "The most pressing question for policymakers now is how likely it is that the course of Czech or north Korean politics will be altered by the death of Havel or Kim. Many important differences exist between

the two, not the least of which is that Havel has been out of political power for years now, while Kim (we assume) has been running the country. However, perhaps the most important difference is the fact that the Czech Republic is an institutionalized democracy while north Korea may be the world's last totalitarian dictatorship. Therefore, one viable hypothesis would seem to be that there should be less disruption to the Czech Republic's political trajectory (or any established democracy) due to the death of an important political figure than in a case like north Korea, where power is so centrally wrapped up around one person." Professor Trucker’s analysis is the principal point in this matter: power patterns contrast between a totalitarian and democratic governments and countries. Absolute control and authority is always vested in one figure in an autocracy but an individual is weighed by and down by the system in democracy (especially in a parliamentary democracy) with no space for any such ‘messiah’. Another pressing question arises of this messiah culture that stresses a tremendous amount of reliance on a single figure: what will become of the country with the demise of the leader? Will the system, institutions and nation tumble into chaos? Who will take his place? After all, even messiahs are mortals. Pakistan will have to take political leaders as they are: humans with flaws, who will have to make compromises, reconciliations and unfavorable decisions in the face of political gridlocks. A politician may possess a fine character and even a vision, but to expect him to actualize it for the country’s good all in his own entirety, unaided of followers, party members, a framework for implementation and a civilized system of governance is outright ludicrous. Which is why critical thought must be lent to all these factors and to make a cult of leadership is wholly nugatory. Sculpting messianic idols out of political leaders, criticizing whom is to blaspheme and who are unknown to mistakes and over and above any system or principles – and the search for saviors needs to end for Pakistan, for it is an endless and futile one. To pull Pakistan from the precipice it currently staggers at will take more than a leader or a savior, and the population's sensibilities being held hostage by this mindset that seeks a messiah will certainly not help. The writer is interested in national socio-political issues.

The Balochistan conundrum The other side of truth By Malik Muhammad Ashraf


he snow-balling insurgency in Balochistan is the most debated subject in media, among political circles and the intelligentsia, more so since the appearance of Akhtar Mengal in the SC and presentation of his six-point agenda, which in his estimation is the only option to stem the rot. The SC also seems to have bought his arguments readily. The persistent admonishing posture of the CJ towards the government and the agencies---in regards to the missing persons and the alleged death squads operated by agencies---goes to strengthen the unsubstantiated charges of the Baloch nationalists. one would have welcomed the SC’s concern about the killings in Balochistan if it had also asked the Baloch insurgents to stop killing the Punjabis and settlers in the province. In view of the fact that the charges have been denied by the agencies, FC and army and the statement of the Interior Minister Rahman Malik, about foreign involvement in the insurgency in Balochistan and his promise to provide proof to Akhtar Mengal in this regard, the situation in Balochistan needs to be looked at from other perspectives also rather than an unremitting fixation about the involvement

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

of the agencies in the killing of the Baloch nationalists. The insurgency in Balochistan has all along been supported by the foreign powers. Iraq and former Soviet Union have been fuelling insurgencies through funds and arms in the sixties and seventies. Afghanistan also supported the first separatist effort by the brother of Khan of Kalat. There are also very strong indications of Indian involvement in the ongoing insurgency. When the former Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza gilani mentioned this to the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in their meeting at Sharm-ul-Shaikh, Egypt, the latter did not deny it for which he was strongly castigated by the Indian opposition and media. In the current scenario, there is a possibility that the foreign power, abetting and supporting the insurgents, is playing a double game. on the one hand, it is supporting the insurgents and on the other hand, it is also operating death squads to kill the Baloch nationalists to precipitate the ‘hate syndrome’ against the military establishment and the agencies, with a view to keep the flame of insurgency burning and pushing Pakistan on the defensive. Isn’t it strange that the international human right agencies and other forums only talk about Baloch rights and remain oblivious to the cold-blooded murders of innocent settlers being killed by the Baloch militants? May be the same

Isn’t it strange that the international human right agencies and other forums only talk about Baloch rights and remain oblivious to the cold-blooded murders of innocent settlers being killed by the Baloch militants? power is behind this propaganda campaign, a sequel to a protracted lobbying with these organizations. The SC and the political leaders, who in their enthusiasm to have a swipe at the government, for reasons of their own, are lending unqualified credence to what Mengal has said, need to consider these possibilities before arriving at any conclusion justifying grilling of the government and the agencies. The situation demands unraveling the nature and context of the insurgency, acknowledging the hard ground realities, confronting the villains and utilizing collective wisdom to find a way to winch the country out of this quicksand. The urgency shown by the CJ in the

case of missing persons is quite understandable but his complete aversion to the other side of the story is equally regrettable. What Akhtar Mengal has said is a well orchestrated and unsubstantiated position taken by the Baloch nationalist which needs corroboration from an independent source. The government’s viewpoint also needs to be looked at dispassionately. Some of the points of his six-item agenda are impracticable, such as the withdrawal of army and FC from the province as a precondition for any kind of dialogue with the government. His stance that it would be a sin to talk to the present government is also very unreasonable and a calculated attempt to scuttle the efforts that it has made to strengthen the process of reconciliation in the province and also to create the impression as if it was solely responsible for the prevailing situation. The unqualified support and solidarity expressed by the leader of PML-n Mian Muhammad nawaz Sharif to his six-point agenda, regrettably, is also rooted in his animosity with the current dispensation rather than his genuine and honest concern for the situation in Balochistan. The appearance of Akhtar Mengal in the SC, in my view was meant to use this platform for gaining mileage in the propaganda war that has been unleashed by the Baloch nationalists and their foreign mentors, rather than a sincere effort to find a solu-

tion to this burgeoning tragedy. The SC must be mindful of all these pitfalls and instead of playing to the gallery must take cognizance of all the relevant factors. Perhaps it was time for the government to abandon its refrain of exposing the machinations of the elements who are playing in the hands of foreign powers for the last six decades and at the same time trying to blackmail the federation. The groveling posture needs to be discarded for good and policy initiatives taken on the basis of the ground realities. The Un and international community must be apprised of the interference in our internal affairs and the attempts to foment insurgency in Balochistan and urged to use their influence to dissuade the involved power from doing what it is doing. The government would do well to constitute a national commission comprising politicians, judges, retired army generals, renowned economists and the Baloch nationalists, tasked to unfurl all aspects of the Baloch conundrum and make recommendations to resolve it on permanent basis and to also suggest a long term strategy for economic uplift of the province and the ways and means to keep all the Baloch nationalist forces into the political mainstream. Perhaps, the CJ can be asked to head that commission and use his sagacity and enthusiasm to untangle the Balochistan conundrum.

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drone attacks I found Dr Bhatti’s letter, ‘Duplicity on drone attacks’, on oct 10 a bit perplexing wherein he has bluntly blamed the government for drone attacks on Pakistan’s tribal areas. We all know that Americans are not using drones just for fun; they are there to target the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists. Yes, there is collateral damage during the drone attacks, but what about the aerial bombardment by Pakistan air force on Taliban hideouts; we never hear any hue and cry on our forces bombardment. What about 40,000 civilians and military personnel killed by Taliban, they don’t fall under collateral damage but are intentional killing/murder. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

who gains? Any good that could have come out of the PTI peace march has been thwarted by the attack on Malala Yousafzai. I suppose since the "X" could not make a show by attacking the peace convoy therefore they had acted quickly and ruthlessly to diffuse any goodwill generated by the peace march. However, it also provides a trail to X. X is someone who does not want peace; X wants to discredit Imran Khan; X is ruthless; X cannot reveal its true identity and thus uses Taliban's franchise; X has links with Media. Some Media did not do a show on peace march but were excited and mouth watered doing a show on Malala Yousafzai and made a point of saying that are the forces that attacked Malala are worth talking to? X has assets in Swat and not in Waziristan; X was frustrated when IK did not proceed to Kotkai; X was fast enough to fall back on plan B; X is not religious; X has huge stakes in violence for now; X wanted to justify the drone attacks and military means; X does not want investment on real projects by keeping a question mark on the law and order in Pakistan; X is instigating flight of capital and brains from Pakistan; X is moving savings to banks and stocks and away from the real sector; X wants to keep the US govt engaged in the War on Terror; So who or what is X? ADIL SALEEM KHAN Gujranwala

mengal’s demands This is apropos to news item captioned “Akhtar Mengal’s six points” (oct 04). The Ex-Chief Minister of Balochistan Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s squabbling in the Supreme Court on the case of forced disappearances has created hullabaloo in the political circle of Pakistan. In fact, Mengal’s six point agenda was essentially a call for cleansing the mess for holding a reconciliatory process through negotiations that will lead towards resolving the Baloch quagmire including enforced disappearance. nonetheless, a majority of Pakistan’s intelligentsia believe that the situation is not that culpable that warrants Akhtar Men-

gal’s charge-sheet. There is no military operation going on in Balochistan, so there is no question of halting it. There are no death squads, no covert or overt military operations, no missing persons in the custody of the military in Balochistan. It is unbecoming of ex-CM of Balochistan, not to speak of the presence of death squads operated by Baloch militant youth and supported by RAW operatives that are killing “settlers” (ethnic non-Baloch) in the province – i.e., Punjabis, Sindhis, Pakhtuns, Hazaras and Urduspeaking people. Currently, no group can argue that they are blameless. Taking Balochistan out of the

attack on malala The cowardly attack on Malala Yousafzai, just a 14-year-old child, is a very strong and a symbolic violent incident as part of the unending blow back that our society continues to bear and sustain at the hands of religious extremists who are extremely upset and frustrated because their creators and mentors are no more willing to support and finance them. But unfortunately for the state, this change of heart on part of our military and the intelligence setup only encourages and persuades the Islamic militants to indulge in the type of ‘Islamic vigilantism’ that we witnessed in the form of attack on Malala Yousafzai. Since the state is the very source that taught these Islamists the lessons of jihad, it should shed little or no tears when the religious extremists have turned their guns towards the state or anyone that chooses to disagree with the 'militants’ form of government or religion'. For all those who are filled with anger and want the perpetrators of this heinous crime to be brought to justice I ask a very simple question. Who allowed the Islamic extremism to creep in our society? Who sponsored Islamic militancy and gave state patronage to jihadists to fight our secret wars? Who partnered CIA using its dollars and weapons to conduct the biggest covert operations ever in this part of the world? Who again rehabilitated Islamic extremism by asking the jihadists to occupy the Kargil Heights and brought upon us the shame of the failed Kargil operation? And most importantly whose military coup retained and brought to power the mindset of the senior military officers who instead of being held accountable for their military failures were put in the positions of authority? How could we expect from the military leadership that relied on Islamic militancy in failed Kargil operation of 1999 to give up their beliefs and methods? It was the same leadership which despite retaining the absolute power in one state institution failed to amend blasphemy law in May 2002 when it knee jerked under pressure from protesting Islamists all over the country. It was the same leadership that polarized this society further by mishandling the issue of Lal Masjid in 2007. The hands that today hold the weapons that fire at innocent girls like Malala Yousafzai are the same hands that were employed by the state to fight our secret war in Kashmir. The generals of that time propagated the brilliance of their military strategy that employed few jihadists to engaged and hold

quandary will require a gigantic effort by all the political parties, selfless intelligentsia and social reformists. According to them, a better course might have been a call to an all-party conference to pave the way towards a just and rational resolution of Balochistan issues. In this connection, before identifying the key actors of the Balochistan conflict, the government and the armed groups should agree to a ceasefire. All the Marri, Mengal, Magsi, Bugti, Raisani, Zehri and other tribes should be engaged in the consultations and the armed struggle should be terminated. With the placement of independent judiciary, an en-

back half a million Indian troops in Kashmir thus jamming and blocking any Indian military designs to challenge us at the Eastern front. Little did the generals know that the same guns will one day be used to kill our innocent daughters. MUHAMMAD ALI EHSAN Karachi

The new accountability bill For a country where corruption is institutionalized and where seventy thousand containers loaded with weapons and other contraband goods go missing and where kidnapping for ransom or extortion has become an industry patronized by political parties in power, the tabling of a toothless Accountability Bill in nA does not bode well for future of this country. It is a bill which offers many loopholes for the corrupt to evade punishment and promotes a culture of rampant pilferage of tax payer's money and plunder of state and private property. nations like America flourish and have become super powers, because of rule of law, where men like Madoff, in spite of being billionaires rot in jail, while in Pakistan, those who fleeced the poor and widows in Co-operatives scam, or those involved in land mafia scams like DHA Valley, or responsible for crippling power shortages, are either part of ruling elite or assume role of kingmakers. Pakistan and its economy have been strangulated by the few corrupt within ruling political elite, or in paid civil and khaki bureaucracy. Yet the government and its coalition partners have the audacity to table an impotent Accountability Bill, which time bars serious crimes of conspiracy to deprive the state and tax payers of funds that should have been utilized to develop our human resources, improve infrastructure to save lives lost in floods, and an efficient law enforcement system to protect lives and properties of its citizens. Pakistan suffers because of poor governance by men in power and instruments of the state involved in weak prosecution of heinous crimes against the people, including institutionalized plunder of its scarce resources by men holding dual nationalities. We live in a country which calls itself an Islamic State, yet where all citizens are not equal before the law. In the civilized developed world those holding public office are judged on a stricter code of ethics and morality than applicable to common citizens, while those who hold public office in Pakistan consider themselves above the law. How can a state call

lightened civil society coupled with a vigorous media, redress of grievances can be amicably addressed. our wellaware politicians need to display greater responsibility by avoiding their narrow political gains over the national interests. The media also needs to act more responsibly keeping in front the axiom of “Pakistan first”. The law and order situation in Pakistan is not bigger than what was in Sri Lanka and if Sri Lankans can overcome their issues then, we can also resolve our inter and intra-provincial differences. JAN MOHAMMAD Charsada

itself Islamic which allows robber barons to get away Scott-free just because of passage of time and where innocent citizens are butchered in target killings and nobody gets prosecuted because of connivance of politicized law enforcement agencies and public prosecutors. MALIK TARIQ ALI USA

injustice to students The education policies of Pakistan have always been lamentable. The BISE Lahore is a shining example of such prejudicial policies. A friend of mine recently gave intermediate part one exams. She scored 19 marks out of 100 in English. It came as a shock to her. She asked for rechecking but on reaching the office, she came to know that once the examiner has marked the paper, whether right or wrong, nothing can be done. She completed the paper but got zero marks on two correctly solved questions. This is the board’s policy which puts the future of students at stake. I request the government to please either change such board policies or revise the method of checking, otherwise students will resort to violent protests. ALIYA BAKHT Lahore

development in rural areas More than 65 percent of the population in Pakistan lives in the rural areas. Therefore, there is a need to place greater emphasis on the development of these areas. These areas need food, a proper water supply, and adequate sanitation. The recent devastating floods in Pakistan have further increased the disease burden, especially in rural areas. People have to travel miles to get to doctors, so there is a great room for investment in medical sector. There is a lot which needs to be done to overcome grave health issues in rural areas on emergency basis. To cope with the situation of rural areas, the government must give health facilities, and should make rural areas a better place to live in. It should make rural areas a part of the country and not treat it like a deprived part as the whole Pakistan deserves the same care. SARA TANVEER Lahore

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

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12 a Robin spin-off? i’m interested: Joseph Gordon-levitt H

E’S been acting since the age of four, but 31-year-old Joseph gordon-Levitt remains uncomfortable with his fame. “I’m kind of still trying to deal with it,” he says of the growing attention that he’s been getting after a good few years at the movies. If Inception (2010) made people sit up and notice, The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR), reaffirmed his place among the best in the industry. now, the actor discusses his latest film, Looper, venturing into film direction and answers the question on everyone’s minds — will Robin get his own film? Tell us about your new film. Looper is a redemption story in a way. It’s not one of those time travel movies that are really only about that. It uses time travel as a springboard to ask a basic human question — what would you say to your future self if you could meet them? you're playing a younger version of Bruce Willis — an iconic hero for action movie fans. Was it daunting to have to live up to his image? Bruce has always been my idol. Initially, I was a little worried, but he helped me a lot in improving myself to play the younger him. There was a scene where we were yelling at each other and between takes he said, in his off-the-cuff manner, ‘Ah, you

canadian actress catherine O'hara (l) and uS film director Tim burton pose for pictures during a photocall for their film 'frankenweenie 3d' in london, at the launch of the 56th bfi london film festival. afp

sound like me’. That was a glorious moment for me. Did you have to go through intense training? I had to get his dialogue delivery and his body language right. I watched his movies a lot, but I focused on the recent ones. I was less interested in coming off like a young Bruce. I was interested in matching him. In fact, he even recorded himself doing some of my voiceover monologues and sent them to me so I could hear what it would sound like in his voice. you also had to look like Bruce, for which you had to wear a lot of makeup. How tedious was the process? I spent three hours in the make-up chair every morning getting a nose, lips, eyebrows, ears and contact lenses. We were never going to be able to make me look exactly like him, but I think we did enough that the audience doesn’t have to think about it. you’ve been making short films now and then. With Don Jon’s Addiction coming up, are we going to see you direct more feature films? not immediately. But yes, I would love to direct more feature films. With TDKR, Christopher nolan bid goodbye to Batman. COURTESY TOI.

Girls know how to love better than men: SRK Anne hathaway returns to rom-com with new project

Known for his romantic films, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan says that according to him women understand the emotion of love better than men. He says that love is a very simple emotion and needs to be kept private. "Relationship and love is between two people. When you are in love you just have to be yourself. Simple things matter like listening to each other and giving a hug. girls know how to love better than men. It needs to be very personal and quiet," he said at a promotional event of his latest love story, `Jab Tak Hai Jaan`. Directed by Yash Chopra, the film also stars Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. The actor said that he has not done such a romance for a while now. "When we choose our films, as actors, we always try to choose different roles. I have not done a romance of this calibre for a while. I feel that if you have to

do a romance, it has to be with Yash ji (Yash Chopra)," he said. But does he understand love? "I don`t think anyone understands love. We try to define it and give it names. I didn`t know I would be so much in love with my kids before they were born. Love is very subjective and can happen in different ways, forms and with different people," the actor said. nEWS DESK

‘Princess Diaries’ star Anne Hathaway is set to go back to her romantic comedy root with Mindy Kaling`s ‘The Low Self-Esteem of Lizzie gillespie’. Kaling serves as a co-writer for the project alongside Brent Forrester. ‘The Mindy Project’ creator is also expected to take a supporting role, while Hathaway is poised to tackle the lead role, said the Hollywood Reporter. The story revolves around a woman whose lack of selfworth has limited her choice in men to losers. She almost

hits the bottom of the barrel when life gives her an unexpected turn as a hottest guy ever suddenly pursues her. Hathaway has starred in a number of popular romcom flicks, such as ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, ‘Bride Wars’, ‘Valentine`s Day’ and ‘Love and other Drugs’. She`s most recently turned into action mode when starring as Catwoman in Christopher nolan`s last Batman film. She will next be seen in much-awaited musical drama ‘Les Miserables’.nEWS DESK

Tyson granted Australia Adele’s `Rolling in The Deep` Alia has a visa but warned to behave most played song on US radio crush on Ranbir Kapoor!



oRMER heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was Wednesday granted a visa to Australia but warned he must behave, a week after the convicted rapist was denied entry to new Zealand. Tyson, who was sentenced to six years in prison in 1992 for raping an 18-yearold woman, is scheduled to visit Australia in november as part of his Day of the Champions speaking tour. The Immigration Department said it weighed up the pros and cons and decided it was appropriate to allow

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

him into the country with an entertainment visa. But it cautioned him that he must abide by Australian laws. "Mr Tyson has been formally warned that coming to Australia is a privilege," an immigration department spokeswoman said. Under new Zealand law anyone sentenced to more than five years in jail is denied a visa, although this can be waived in certain circumstances. Having a criminal conviction does not necessarily stop people from getting an Australian visa as long as all offences are disclosed. afp


DELE has been honoured for her airplay success in the US after her hit ‘Rolling In The Deep’ emerged as one of the most frequently played songs on radio. The track notched up 1.35 million performances in one six month period last year, and to date has been broadcast more than two million times, the Mirror reported. It was the most played song in the US in 2011 among artists registered with royalties body Broadcast Music Inc (BMI). other artists were also recognised for

reaching new milestones for their work at the annual BMI London Awards. Mark Hollis, the frontman of Talk Talk, was honoured for his song ‘It’s My Life’ receiving three million plays since it was first recorded and released in 1984. The track went on to greater success when it was covered by US band no Doubt, who accounted for much of the airplay. Dwina gibb, the widow of Bee gees star Robin who died earlier this year, attended the event to collect awards on behalf of her late husband’s group. nEWS DESK

ACTRESS Alia Bhatt confesses she has a huge crush on actor Ranbir Kapoor. "I have always loved Ranbir and I love him even more after `Barfi!`. He is my biggest crush and he will always remain my biggest crush," the 19-year-old said here Tuesday at a promotional event of her forthcoming debut film `Student of The Year`. Asked which Khan would she like to work with from Bollywood`s popular Khans - Shah Rukh, Salman or Aamir - Alia said: "These three are such big stars, how can I choose one? I want to work with all three of them." Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt`s youngest daughter, Alia, is making her debut alongside two newcomers - David Dhawan`s son Varun and model Sidharth Malhotra. The movie hits theatres oct 19. "These three are such big stars, how can I choose one? I want to work with all three of them." nEWS DESK

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Sonar launches luxury line of high-end jewelry

Let's take a look at the Bollywood celebs who have talents other than acting

Priyanka Chopra, one of the most talented actresses in Bollywood, is now all set to launch her solo music album. The album is expected to be out in the later part of the year.

Akshay Kumar was a martial arts teacher and cook before he joined Bollywood. Apart from martial arts and cooking, Akki also has a keen interest in photography and is good enough in cooking also.

Salman Khan is a gifted actor of Bollywood who has an exceptional hand in painting. Moroever, Sallu bhai is also a brilliant swimmer and a wonderful horse rider.

LAHORE: Zarq’ by Sonar is a luxury line of high end jewelry which carries a wide range and vast assortment of trendy and chic to classy and elegant jewelry designs . This collection reveals the true beauty of a woman, her bold and edgy attitude, and demonstrates how history meets fashion! Sonar creations are one-of-a-kind, encouraging the customer to express her individuality. The designer has used bright and bold gemstones to evoke the colorful spirit of the upcoming bridal season. The dazzling sparkle of these stones is highlighted to bring the true exquisite beauty of our best quality gems. These fabulous pieces set in gold toned metal also have a subtle wave of elegance, with use of polki and zircons. These pieces will always remain in style. Shahzad Raza of Ather Shahzad will be walking the ramp for Sonar as a show stopper. STaff REpORT

rolling Stones release new song The whole film fraternity knows about Farhan Akhtar's versatility. Besides being an ace director, Farhan is also a fabulous actor, writer, a singer and lyricist.

We saw a glimpse of Vidya Balan's other talents at an award function when she mimicked veteran actor Jeevan. The 'Dirty Picture' girl can can mimic almost any famous personality.

Bond`s nod, wink not natural for me: Craig


CToR Daniel Craig says enacting the signature Bond nod and wink in the 007 movies is tough for him. Craig, 44, plays the role of secret agent James Bond in the new 007 film `Skyfall` and says the action of nodding and winking simultaneously does not come naturally to him. "The thing is, the nod and the wink in Bond didn`t come naturally to me," the quoted him as saying. "I understand it, but I never wanted to f*** up a situation by winking at the camera at the wrong moment because it takes the

drama out of the situation. However, that wink to the camera can be such a great release of pressure sometimes," he added. The actor first played James Bond role in 2006 with `Casino Royale` followed by `Quantum of Solace` in 2008. He will next be seen playing the secret agent for the third time in `Skyfall`, slated to release oct 26.However, that wink to the camera can be such a great release of pressure sometimes," he added. The actor first played James Bond role in 2006 with `Casino Royale` followed by `Quantum of Solace` in 2008. nEWS DESK

The talent of Chotte Nawab isn't hidden Besides being an actor, Saif is also an exceptional guitarist and has performed in several concerts.

A new song by the Rolling Stones, one of two included in their forthcoming "grrr!" greatest hits album, will be released on Thursday, the group's Universal record label said. "Doom and gloom", recorded in Paris over the summer, will be broadcast by radio stations and available as a digital download via iTunes from Thursday morning, the labe said on Wednesday. "grrr!" will be released on november 12 and will also include another new song, "one Last Shot". Both songs are the result of the band's first recording in seven years. Their last album "A Bigger Bang" was released in 2005. afp

Jennifer aniston shows off her diamond rock Actress Jennifer Aniston has finally showed off her engagement ring given by actor boyfriend Justin Theroux. Her huge diamond was hard to miss as she appeared in an affectionate display with her fiance Theroux in Santa Fe at the weekend, enjoying a break in the new Mexico region, reported Daily Mail. Aniston is taking a hiatus from her latest project, "We`re the Millers", which has been filming in Albuquerque. As the pair left their accommodation, the blonde bombshell, 43, flaunted her huge jewellery piece as she caressed her partner`s face, prompting him to smile. The stone glimmered as she stroked Theroux`s arm. The couple announced their engagement in August after Theroux popped the question on his 41st birthday. Aniston was spotted wearing a thin gold band shortly after, but this is the first sighting of the huge diamond. Meanwhile, the pair are reported to have chosen their holiday destination as their wedding location. nEWS DESK

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Infotainment 14

FACEBOOK TESTS new feature for retailers


ACEBooK is testing a new “Want” button for online retailers, similar to the social network’s widely used “Like”, which consumers can use to add product images to an online wishlist, in a style similar to the fast-growing photo-sharing site Pinterest. The pilot, which will make it easier for people to buy the items shared by their friends, is the latest in a series of site improvements released by Facebook in recent weeks as it attempts to find new revenue streams and recapture investors’ interest. Last month, Facebook made its first move into ecommerce when it added the ability for friends to buy each other gifts, such as cupcakes and Starbucks vouchers, through the site. Monday’s launch of what Facebook calls “Collections” will test three permutations of a Want, Collect or Like button for brands’ pages on the site. Clicking one of these buttons will add the product image to a section of the user’s Timeline profile page. Similarly, Pinterest allows its users to “pin” images from its own site, and around the web, to their own virtual pinboard. Retailers working with Facebook on Collections include high-end department store neiman Marcus, lingerie shop Victoria’s Secret, homewares group Pottery Barn and design site no date has been set for a wider rollout of the feature, which will not initially be a source of revenue for Facebook. But the company might allow brands to incorporate Wants into their advertising or tie users’ wishlists to its new gifts service, to allow purchasing in the site. Facebook said that Collections built on existing behaviour from brands and their fans. “We’ve seen that businesses often use pages to share information about their products through photo albums,” Facebook said. “Today, we are beginning a small test in which a few select businesses will be able to share information about their products

Restaurant removes urinals shaped like woman’s mouth


sumptuous new French restaurant in Sydney said Wednesday it would remove two urinals designed to resemble a woman’s lipsticked mouth, apologising for any offence they have caused. The Ananas Bar and Brasserie said the bright redlipped urinals shaped like an open mouth were “a commonly used European design piece from female Dutch artist Meike van Schijndel”. “We sincerely apologise if they have caused offence. They are being removed today,” a spokeswoman said in a statement. The stylish restaurant opened three weeks ago, with the Sydney Morning Herald’s food reviewer describing the urinals as “no real surprise here at Ananas, merely adding to the extraordinary collision of statements and intent”. But feminist, former political adviser and writer Anne Summers said the design was offensive. “Misogyny is very widespread, and this is just an example of misogyny,” said Summers. AfP through a feature called Collections. Collections can be discovered in news Feed, and people will be able to engage with these Collections and share things they are interested in with their friends. People can click through and buy these items off of Facebook.” Pinterest did not comment on the launch. Retailers have seen a rapid rise in traffic derived from Pinterest, which has around 20m regular users and counts Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten among the investors who valued the San

Francisco-based company at $1.5bn earlier this year. However, shopping activity on Facebook has consistently fallen far short of the excited predictions of those who dubbed it “F-commerce”. Social networks have accounted for 1.3 per cent of total US ecommerce traffic so far in 2012, according to RichRelevance, which develops ecommerce tools for companies. Relative to other social networks, Facebook drives more traffic to retail websites, but consumers who arrive from Pinterest tend to spend more money.-NeWS DeSK

Felix Baumgartner: first space jump attempt ‘a total disappointment’ Daredevil Felix Baumgartner cannot hide his disappointment after his first attempt at skydiving from the stratosphere was cancelled at the last moment due to high winds. The Austrian and the Red Bull Stratos project team were forced to call off the death-defying skydive due to gusty winds at the launch site in the new Mexico desert. Baumgartner, a 43-yearold helicopter pilot, hot-air balloonist and professional skydiver, had been preparing to break a longstanding altitude record. But his team announced the launch had been aborted moments

hobbit treasure to become legal tender in New Zealand

new Zealand will release commemorative “The Hobbit” coins worth thousands of dollars ahead of next month’s premier of director Peter Jackson’s latest Tolkien epic. The coins featuring characters such as Bilbo Baggins and gandalf the wizard will be legal tender in the country, new Zealand Post said, although their face value will be only a fraction of the cost collectors will be expected to pay. The most expensive, made from one ounce (28.3 grams) of pure gold, will set Tolkien enthusiasts back nZ$3,695 ($3,020) but has a face value of just nZ$10, while the cheapest is a nZ$1 coin retailing for nZ$29.90. The coins go on sale from november 1 and new Zealand Post said it expected strong international interest in the build up to the premiere of the first of the three Hobbit movies in Wellington on november 28. Jackson, who was responsible for the oscar-winning adaptation of Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, announced earlier this year that he would make three films from “The Hobbit” book, rather than two as originally planned. AfP

after Baumgartner’s balloon was set to carry him the 23 miles (37km) over Roswell, new Mexico. “That was a total disappointment, honestly. But as long as we have a spare balloon, and as long as we have more launch opportunities, I’m good,” Baumgartner said later. As he falls from 120,000 feet (36,576m) Baumgartner would also break the sound barrier. With virtually no air to resist his fall, he was expected to reach the speed of sound, which is 690mph (1,110kph) at that altitude, after about 35 seconds of freefall. CoURTeSY TT

Street language It is an excellent thing that three quarters of British people apologise when someone bumps into them Louis Armstrong saw “friends shaking hands, saying how do you do. They’re really saying, I love you.” Be that as it may, British people who say sorry when someone else bumps into them are really saying: I make a habit of walking in the street without bumping into people, and I suggest you do likewise. So it is an excellent thing that, as we report today, three quarters of British people apologise even if they are bumpees rather than the bumpers. The British are quite accomplished at missing each other in the street. Among foreigners, Icelanders have earned a name, justified or not, for collision. Italians and Spaniards simply stand in the way until physically pushed, even then taking no more notice than the more relaxed varieties of domestic livestock. Sorry is a word of power – and there is a very easy way of saying it. NeWS DeSK

Formula one: ‘Gangnam Style’ hits South Korean GP


oREAn sensation Psy, whose hit song “gangnam Style” has taken the pop world by storm, will wave the chequered flag at his home grand prix on Sunday, where he will also be performing live. The rapper has sprung to international fame and the video to “gangnam Style”, featuring Psy’s much-imitated horse-riding dance, went viral after its July release on YouTube, where it has notched up nearly 420 million views. “I look forward to bringing gangnam Style to the glamorous world of F1, and welcome everyone to Korea for this great race,” Psy, an ambassador for the race in Yeongam, told the official Formula one website. His duties include waving the chequered flag at the end of the race, local media said on Wednesday. Sports stars including novak Djokovic and West Indies cricketer Chris gayle have celebrated by copying Psy’s dance moves, and his song shot to number one in the British music charts — despite being sung almost entirely in Korean. AfP

‘We’ll be paying with our thumbs in 2025’


round four in 10 Britons believe that innovations in technology will enable them to do away with their wallets by 2025, a survey has found. The Payments Council’s findings also suggest mobile payments will become an increasingly mainstream option, with seven out of 10 expecting to use this method in 13 years. Just over half of the 4,000 adults surveyed expect to be able to pay by scanning their thumbprint by 2025. Ian Pearson, who produced a report for the council examining the possible future of payments, said security concerns could limit the possible use of this as it is relatively easy to get hold of someone else’s fingerprints. The security of this method might be improved if used alongside with printing unique electronic information onto a fingernail, he suggested. His report, Pay Your Way 2025: It has started work on a central database that links mobile phone numbers to bank account details. CoURTeSY TT

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Thursday, 11 october, 2012

federer and djokovic cruise, murray walkover Page 18

Umpires in TV corruption sting suspended COLOMBO AfP


RICKET authorities on Wednesday suspended six umpires at the centre of claims by an Indian television program that they could be bribed to make favorable decisions during games. An undercover investigation by the India TV channel allegedly found that the umpires, including one on the international circuit, were willing to give biased decisions or provide inside information in return for payment. The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the suspensions after a meeting in Colombo, where the West Indies defeated hosts Sri Lanka in the final of the World Twenty20 tournament on Sunday. "The ICC and its relevant Full Member Boards have agreed not to appoint any of the umpires named in a sting operation recently conducted by India TV to any domestic or international cricket matches," it said in a statement. "Those Boards who employ and nominate the umpires directly will conduct the investigations as a matter of urgency," it added. Three of those named were from Sri Lanka, while two were from Pakistan. The sixth was nadir Shah, one of two Bangladeshi members of the ICC's international panel which officiates in matches around the world. grainy footage appeared

to show Shah, who has stood in 40 one-day internationals and a number of Twenty20 internationals, saying he was willing to give decisions on demand. An India TV transcript of the sting said Shah allegedly offered to give incorrect LBW (leg before wicket), run-out and inside-edge verdicts. "If the umpire is shown a favor, the umpire can do anything," Shah was quoted as saying in the transcript. The video does not show any cash being exchanged nor did the privatelyowned channel broadcast any proof of the umpires delivering decisions or information. Shah and the other umpires have rejected the allegations. gamini Dissanayake, one of the Sri Lankans, told AFP on Wednesday that he wanted an inquiry to start as soon as possible so he could clear his name. "I am not involved in any fixing and this allegation is a complete lie," Dissanayake said. "I have asked the board to have an inquiry at the earliest opportunity." Dissanayake officiated at two warmup matches during the World Twenty20 and has also been a reserve umpire at international games when India, Pakistan and other nations have toured Sri Lanka. "I think the Indian channel implicated Sri Lankan umpires to discredit the image of Sri Lanka," he said. "I am confident I can clear my name." Sri Lanka Cricket said they had scheduled a formal hearing

Zimbabwe mourn all-rounder curran HARARE AfP

The cricket world was Wednesday mourning the loss of former Zimbabwe all-rounder and coach Kevin Curran, who has died aged 53. Curran, who played at county level with gloucestershire and northants in England in the 1980s and 1990s, collapsed while jogging in but the cause of death was not clear, Zimbabwe Cricket reported. "We are still in shock, Kevin was the epitome of health and we've yet to make sense of this tragic loss," managing director Wilfred Mukondiwa said. Curran played 324 first-class matches: and made 15,740 runs, taking 605 wickets. He was a veteran of two World Cups for Zimbabwe - prior to their being given Test status in 1992 - and five times cleared 1,000 runs in a season in the English league. He replaced Phil Simmons as Zimbabwe coach in 2005, retaining the post until 2007 before coaching Zimbabwean franchise Mashonaland Eagles. The club's chief executive officer Vimbai Mapukute said: "I have yet to meet a man more passionate about cricket in this country. "KC had put his heart and soul into developing our franchise and had great plans for our high performance gym and other facilities. "His passing will leave a huge void at Mash Eagles and I feel that I have not only lost a key business ally but a friend as well."

Pakistan disable cricketers off to india with uS Support ISLAMABAD STAff RePoRT

The Pakistan physically-handicapped cricket team left on Wednesday for an international competition in Faridabad, India. The 28 member team, organized by the Pakistan Cricket Association for Physically Handicapped (PCAPH) will compete against their Indian counterparts in an international competition on october 11-16. The US government provided funds for the team’s travel, equipment, and uniforms. “We are very thankful to the US Embassy for providing support for the team,” said Abass Hashmi, Chairman of PCAPH. Peter Brennan, Minister Counselor for Public Affairs at the US Embassy, attended a send-off ceremony for the team in Islamabad. “We are honored to stand with the volunteers in PCAPH and support this team. Like Pakistan, the U.S values volunteerism and recognizes the important role that people with disabilities play in our society,” remarked Mr. Brennan. “I congratulate you on your outstanding accomplishments and wish you the very best of success in India. Jeetay ga bahi, jeetay ga Pakistanjeetay ga!”

on Thursday with the three local umpires. India TV chairman Rajat Sharma has vowed that his channel would cooperate with the ICC by handing over its unedited tapes. Three Pakistani cricketers were last

year jailed in Britain after being found guilty of spot-fixing following a newspaper sting. Shah was among the umpires at the inaugural Bangladesh Premier League earlier this year, a local version of India's

IPL Twenty20 tournament. The competition was marred by corruption allegations and ended up with former Bangladeshi international Shariful Haque being indefinitely banned.

BPL media manager warned Bangladesh of certain people’s dubious intentions LAHORE: Minhaz Uddin Khan, Media Manager of the Bangladesh Premier League, said that he warned the Bangladesh Cricket Board of the dubious intentions of certain people from India who approached him recently and pointed out that an attempt was made to tarnish his image in the corruption case against some umpires. In a message he said: “A recent report broadcast on India TV alleging acts of corruption against some international umpires have caught my attention. Unfortunately the report has a portion where I have been shown to make 'objectionable' observations and remarks naming some Pakistani cricketers. “Though I have not been implicated in any degree of corruption, the report has made every effort to string together the casual remarks and project that as proof of wrongdoings of the cricketers. “I had visited India on invitation from the un-

dercover reporters who had portrayed themselves as sports agents who wanted to offer endorsement, umpiring and playing opportunities for Bangladeshi players and officials in the Sri Lankan Premier League. Being a sports journalist myself and as an official of a Bangladesh Premier League team and someone with an interest in sports management, I decided to go to India after consulting some of my family members, colleagues and friends. “I met the reporters in Delhi in August this year. In one meeting the people who came in the guise of sports agents wanted to get information out of me which had no relevance to the purpose of my visit. I became suspicious straight away but played along and responded spontaneously to their queries as I did not know whether they were criminals or not and I feared for my safety as I was all alone there. “once the meeting was over I im-

mediately warned fellow Bangladeshis who have received similar approaches. I told them that I thought those people had dubious intentions and that they should not speak to them. They can testify to that. “Let me make this clear that the 'information' about the Pakistani cricketers that the Indian private channel is claiming that I had revealed has no relevance to reality. It was all bogus and part of an act which I considered necessary at that moment for ensuring my security. “I can say this with all honesty to the cricketers and their families that I never meant a word I said in relation to their conduct. I know most of these cricketers personally and maintain a healthy relationship with them. There is no way that these cricketers, some of whom are the heart of Pakistan cricket, can ever do things that tarnish the image of their country and family,” he concluded. STAff RePoRT

Mills sets up Auckland’s crushing win JOHANNESBURG CRICINfo

Sialkot Stallions entered their maiden Champions League T20 with an awe-inspiring domestic record. They had won Pakistan's Twenty20 competition seven out of nine times and possess a world-record winning streak of 25 matches. However, on a Wanderers pitch that bounced and seamed, they were undone by Auckland Aces' pace attack and their own desire to swing with abandon. The predominant features of Sialkot's innings were batsmen playing and missing and an abundance of dot balls; their attempts at counter-attacking were short lived. Their batsmen cleared the Wanderers' boundaries ten times but managed to score only 130. It was the third-lowest total for an innings that contained ten sixes; the first two were chases in which the target was easily achieved. The target was well below par and Auckland's openers, Martin guptill and Lou Vincent, handled the bounce better than their counterparts did. The opening stand of 32 put the chase on course and the secondwicket stand of 51 between guptill and Azhar Mahmood gave them an opportunity to win with a high net run-rate. They lost a couple of wickets in quick succession but new Zealand's domestic champions managed to get home with 17 balls to spare. gareth Hopkins, the Auckland captain, got what he wanted despite losing the toss, and Kyle Mills and Michael Bates made excellent use of the conditions. on a green-tinged pitch, the right and left-arm combination harried the Sialkot openers with shortof-a-length deliveries. After Imran nazir was smacked painfully on the glove, Shakeel Ansar attempted a big hit in Bates' first over and holed out to mid-on. The no. 3 batsman Haris Sohail took 12 deliveries to get off the mark, before nazir ended two consecutive maiden overs by pulling Bates over the fine-leg boundary. There were 24 dot balls in the first five overs, after which Sialkot were 11 for 1. Mills' figures were 3-1-4-0. The sixth went for plenty. Mahmood's length was poor and Sohail hit him for two sixes in an over that cost Auckland 18. Both Sohail and nazir, however, were caught at point attempting aggressive shots in successive overs, leaving Sialkot 30 for 3. Shahid Yousuf was Sialkot's best chance at recovery and he hit Andre Adams, bowling extremely quick for a five-step run-up, for consecutive sixes in the ninth over. In the next, Yousuf took two fours off Colin Munro's only over. At the other end, however, Shoaib Malik was struggling, scoring only 3 off his first 11 deliveries. Yousuf was reprieved twice off Ronnie Hira - Hopkins failed to collect and stump the batsmen - before the spinner took a catch off his own bowling to stunt the Sialkot recovery. Malik's innings ended via a catch at longoff and Sialkot slumped to 97 for 6 before the tail got stuck into Hira's final over, the 18th. naved-ulHasan and Ali Khan took 21 runs off it.

SCoReBoARD SIALKoT STALLIoNS Imran Nazir c hira b Azhar Mahmood 17 Shakeel Ansar c Kitchen b Bates 1 haris Sohail c Vincent b Adams 12 19 Shoaib Malik c Guptill b hira 39 Shahid Yousuf c & b hira Qaiser Abbas c de Grandhomme b Adams 5 Ali Khan run out (Vincent/†hopkins) 19 Naved-ul-hasan b Mills 6 1 Bilawal Bhatti c Azhar Mahmood b Mills Sarfraz Ahmed not out 2 Raza hasan not out 5 eXTRAS (b 1, lb 1, w 2) 4 130 ToTAL: fall of wickets 1-2 (Shakeel Ansar, 1.4 ov), 2-30 (haris Sohail, 6.3 ov), 3-30 (Imran Nazir, 7.2 ov), 4-87 (Shahid Yousuf, 13.6 ov), 5-94 (Shoaib Malik, 15.2 ov), 6-97 (Qaiser Abbas, 16.1 ov), 7-118 (Naved-ul-hasan, 18.2 ov), 8120 (Bilawal Bhatti, 18.6 ov), 9-124 (Ali Khan, 19.3 ov) BoWLING: KD Mills 4-1-6-2, MD Bates 3-1-17-1, Azhar Mahmood 2-0-20-1, AR Adams 4-1-21-2, C Munro 1-0-9-0, C de Grandhomme 2-0-19-0, RM hira 4-0-36-2 AUCKLAND 40 MJ Guptill c Bilawal Bhatti b Naved-ul-hasan 20 L Vincent c Qaiser Abbas b Bilawal Bhatti Azhar Mahmood c Shoaib Malik b Sarfraz Ahmed 24 AK Kitchen not out 33 C de Grandhomme c Shakeel Ansar b Sarfraz 0 C Munro not out 13 eXTRAS (lb 4, w 2) 6 ToTAL 136 Did not bat GJ hopkins*†, RM hira, KD Mills, AR Adams, MD Bates fall of wickets 1-32 (Vincent, 3.4 ov), 2-83 (Guptill, 10.2 ov), 3-97 (Azhar Mahmood, 13.3 ov), 4-97 (de Grandhomme, 13.6 ov) BoWLING: Sarfraz Ahmed 4-0-31-2, Bilawal Bhatti 4-0-37-1, Raza hasan 4-0-20-0, Qaiser Abbas 2-0-10-0, Naved-ul-hasan 2-0-16-1. Ali Khan 1.10-18-0. Toss Sialkot Stallions, who chose to bat Points Auckland 4, Sialkot Stallions 0 Player of the match KD Mills (Auckland) Umpires hDPK Dharmasena (Sri Lanka) and M erasmus TV umpire Asad Rauf (Pakistan) Match referee DC Boon (Australia) Reserve umpire JD Cloete

Kyle mills' opening spell gave auckland an advantage they did not let go of. afp

I thought 130 was enough: Malik JOHANNESBuRg: It's a sign of the times that a total of 130 in 20 overs is a described as below par. But, Twenty20 cricket has produced attitudes that think anything less than eight runs an over, or thereabouts, is not competitive enough, and Sialkot showed why that way of thinking persists as their below-par total was chased with ease. Sialkot's score resulted from a combination of a start that was too slow for them to make up and conditions that favoured Auckland's attack. Kyle Mills and Michael Bates gave away only 11 runs in the first five overs and both got the ball to nip away off the seam against tentative Sialkot openers. "Having a good start is something we target. Kyle Mills prides himself on using that first over to set the momentum," gareth Hopkins, the Auckland captain, said. "But it was also a tricky

wicket to bat on, especially with the new ball." Mills was Man of the Match for his spell of 4-16-2, an effort he aid was due to a disciplined line. "I was conscious of not giving away any width and bowling on off stump," he said. "We built pressure from both ends and they were always on the back foot." Shoaib Malik thought the use of the heavy roller during the break between matches could have brought up moisture from the morning rain - Johannesburg's first showers in over two weeks - to the surface and added to his side's difficulty. To get 130 on that surface and after that start was something Malik was proud of. "It was very tough when we were batting and the Auckland bowlers used the conditions well, but Shahid Yousuf batted brilliantly in the end. I thought it was enough." CRICINfo

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Sports 16 implementation of Pcb code of conduct imperative in regional bodies LAHORE STAff RePoRT

Cricket circles have urged Pakistan Cricket Board to implement its code of conduct for office bearers of regional bodies in true letter and spirit to stop unnecessary criticism and creation of controversies in cricketing affairs. “It has become a common practice that office bearers of regional cricket associations are giving statements on media without knowing the seriousness of the issues related to cricket and by that way controversies are being surfaced to harm the interest of cricket at early level,” they said here on Wednesday. They said the responsibility of regional cricket bodies and the clubs affiliated to them is to promote cricket at grass root level and to find ways and means for its betterment and they have deviated from their cause by involving themselves by coming up with statements which are disrupting the functioning of respective bodies and promoting dis-unity among them. They said in recent months this trend has flourished and office bearers of regional bodies are going to media on irrelevant issues to follow their specific agenda to create rifts and dis-unity among the ranks. They said one such example is Secretary, Lahore City Cricket Association, Mian Javed Ali who has been served a show cause notice by PCB for his undue criticism recently on a tv programme which has put a question mark on the working of LCCA. “PCB is showing zero tolerance against such incidents or actions and it banned KCCA Secretary Ijaz Farooqi for one year for a similar offense and we believe that PCB will deal the case of Javed in a similar way without considering any pressure from any quarter to help maintain discipline in LCCA,” they added. “Regional bodies should confine themselves to their role which is the uplift of the at early level but they are involved in criticism for the promotion of their vested interest””,they added. They demanded the PCB to take steps to ensure that regional bodies work within their domain to help PCB for the development of grass root level.


mahmood blasts auckland through, Hampshire out SCoReBoARD hAMPShIRe MA Carberry c Vincent b Bates 65 JM Vince c Adams b Azhar 11 JhK Adams c †hopkins b Azhar 0 Shahid Afridi c Adams b Azhar 0 SM ervine c Kitchen b hira 16 11 GJ Maxwell c Bates b hira 11 LA Dawson c Munro b Azhar 0 AD Mascarenhas* c hira b Azhar 3 CP Wood not out 1 Kabir Ali not out 3 eXTRAS (w 3) 121 ToTAL Did not bat MD Bates† fall of wickets 1-23 (Vince, 3.3 ov), 2-23 (Adams, 3.6 ov), 3-28 (Shahid Afridi, 5.4 ov), 4-64 (ervine, 11.6 ov), 5-77 (Maxwell, 13.5 ov), 6-108 (Dawson, 18.2 ov), 7-108 (Mascarenhas, 18.4 ov), 8-117 (Carberry, 19.3 ov) BoWLING: KD Mills 4-0-22-0, MD Bates 4-0-27-1, Azhar Mahmood 4-0-24-5, AR Adams 4-0-23-0, RM hira4-0-25-2



ZHAR Mahmood produced a remarkable all-round performance to send Auckland through to the main draw of the Champions League. His unbeaten 55 blazed Auckland's trail to a target his 5 for 24 had ensured was paltry. Their second victory wrapped up Pool 1, with Hampshire and Sialkot now unable to qualify. Despite their schedule in the qualifying tournament lasting two days, Auckland

had spent two weeks in South Africa and their preparations proved worthwhile as they became the first new Zealand team to make the main draw of the Champions League. Mahmood benefited from bowling and batting at the right time. With the ball in the first innings, he was able to use a pitch that began a touch sticky to induce five loose shots, but the surface was more conducive to clean hitting in the second innings. Mahmood slammed four sixes in his 31-ball knock and became the fifth player to score fifty and take five wickets in a Twenty20. His performance handed Auck-

land a second victory at a canter. The target was largely conquered before Mahmood's innings in a Powerplay where Auckland scored 50 for 1. Hampshire by contrast had limped to 29 for 3 in their first six overs. The difference was that Hampshire bowled too full. Martin guptill and Lou Vincent filled their boots; Vincent disappointed to slap the final ball of the sixth over to extra cover, and guptill hung his head after swinging Shahid Afridi to long on, both following entertaining innings. But Azhar Mahmood ensured Auckland did not just meander to the target. He

AUCKLAND MJ Guptillc Ali b Shahid Afridi 38 L Vincent c Adams b Wood 19 Azhar Mahmood not out 55 AK Kitchen not out 6 eXTRAS (w 5) 5 123 ToTAL Did not bat GJ hopkins*†, C Munro, C de Grandhomme, RM hira, KD Mills, AR Adams, MD Bates fALL of WICKeTS 1-49 (Vincent, 5.4 ov), 2-90 (Guptill, 11.1 ov) BoWLING: AD Mascarenhas 3-0-22-0, Kabir Ali 2-0-21-0, CP Wood 2-0-21-1, Shahid Afridi 4-0-23-1, SM ervine 2-0-17-0, LA Dawson 1-0-14-0, GJ Maxwell0.3-0-5-0 Match details Toss Auckland, who chose to field Points Auckland 4, hampshire 0 Player of the match Azhar Mahmood (Auckland) Umpires Asad Rauf (Pakistan) and hDPK Dharmasena (Sri Lanka) TV umpire M erasmus Match referee DC Boon (Australia) Reserve umpire S George

lifted Chris Wood over the leg side for his first six in the eighth over, and added further maximums with a slog sweep off Afridi and a heave over long-on and slap over extra cover against Liam Dawson - the second of which found the swimming pool. The match was a major anti-climax for Hampshire. In 2010, they announced a grand deal with Rajasthan to form a global franchise with clubs from other countries, setting up a travelling circus of money-spinning tournaments. But all that materialized of that deal was Hampshire becoming the "Royals," in line with the Indian franchise.

indian Punjab sports recce team in city to assess festival facilities

lahOre:indian Punjab Sports officials on arrival at wagha border with dG Sports Punjab usman anwar. STaff phOTO

LAHORE: A two-member Indian Punjab sports delegation of Paran Jeet Singh and Shiv Dular Dhillon walked across the Wagha Border into Lahore on a three-day visit to assess the arrangements of the Punjab International Sports Festival 2012. Usman Anwar, Director general Sports Board and Youth Affairs, welcomed the guests from India and also presented them bouquet. Around four Indian Punjab teams will be taking part in the international edition of the Punjab Youth Festival and to evaluate the facilities, Paran Jeet Singh, secretary sports Indian Punjab and Shiv Dular Dhillon, Director Sports have on Wednesday

reached here. Speaking on the occasion Paran Jeet said that sports is a proper way to improve relations between the two countries. “The purpose of visiting Lahore is that around 47-member Indian Punjab contingent is coming to take part in the Festival and during our three-day stay here we would be assessing the facilities and other arrangements,” he said. The Indian Punjab contingent will arrive in Lahore in first week of november to take part in hockey, kabaddi, wrestling and tug of war events. “After evaluating the facilities and visiting the venues of the events we will be filing our report,” he maintained. STAff RePoRT

PUNjaB yOUTh FESTIvaL 2012

Divisions involve in tough competitions LAHORE STAff RePoRT

The Punjab Youth Festival’s fifth stage, the Divisional Level is in into its third day and the players of different divisions are having tough competitions. Lahore city was leading in the Lahore Division events when they won majority of the competitions. They were over the top in the events of powerlifting, karate, bodybuilding and chess. In powerlifting 62 kgs weight class, Karamat Ali of Kasur was winner while Liaqat niamat of Lahore was runner-up. In 75 kgs, Salman Aqeel Butt of Lahore got the medal while Malik Azam of nankana Sahib was placed second. In 94 kgs, Ali Asif Waheed of Lahore got the title while Mohammad Saad of Sheikhupura was runner-up. The cricket hardball title was achieved by Kasur when it beat Sheikhupura by eight wickets while in the semi-final Sheikhupura defeated Lahore by 21 runs and in the second semifinal Kasur defeated nankana Sahib by 10 wickets. In karate 55 kgs, Mohammad Hafeez of Lahore earned limelight while Asad Jalil of nankana Sahib was placed second. In 65 kgs Waqar Wakil was the winner while Mohammad nabeel of nankana Sahib was second and in 65 plus weight class, Zaheer Ashgar of La-

hore prevailed over Mohammad Asif of nankana Sahib. In bodybuilding 65 kgs class, Mohammad Asif of Lahore was adjudged winner while Imran of Kasur was placed second. In 75 kgs Asad Ashfaq of Lahore got the honours while Mohammad Usman of Sheikhupura was second and in 75-plus category, Yawar Ali of Lahore achieved top place while Waheed Abbas of Kasur was runner-up. In chess, Lahore’s Amer Karim beat Aqif Hussain of nankana to win the title while in the semi-final Amer beat the Kasur player and similarly, Aqif defeated nankana Sahib’s player. In girls tug of war six universities participated and there were around 51 players competing but University of Health and Veterinary Sciences defeated Punjab University 2-0 and in the boys category which was participated by five universities, Punjab University was the winners and they reversed the tide against University of Health and Veterinary Sciences 2-0. At Raiwind, pet competition and horse and cattle show was held at Sundar Estate which contested among different breeds of birds and animals. Additional secretary Mahmood Ahsan, Madam Shahzadi Shameem, chief advisor to CM Rana Zubair was the chief guests. Also present on the occasion were Dr Arshad, Dr Moham-

mad nawaz, Dr Qurban, Dr Israr, Fazal Shami and Ramzan Sardar. In Kabaddi, nankana sahib beat Kasur 47-41 the teams first beat Lahore and Sheikhupura in the semi-finals The cooking and dress making competitions were held at Sanatzar, Moon Market Iqbal Town and in family cooking Sheikhupura’s Ummah Aman was winner while Sobia of Lahore was second and Roqia Iqbal was third. In individual cooking, Khadija of Lahore was winner and Sidra also of Lahore was placed second and Akhtar Bibi of Sheikhupura was third and in dress making event, nadia of Lahore was winner, Khalida Haneef of Kasur was second and Madhis Ismail of Lahore was third. Similar activities also continued in other parts of the province in which a total of 2802 took part in around 65 events and 803 won their matches and competitions. In Rawalpindi 50 won from among 148 and six events and more than 607 took part in nearly 30 events and 205 got through. Likewise, gujranwala had 276 participants and 46 winners, Faisalabad had 102 players in five events and 44 winners, Multan got 68 players competing in five events and 17 winning title, Bahawalpur got competitions in 11 events and from among 226 players 82 had the honour and at Dera ghazi Khan 65 won from among 260 players.

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

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17 Sports Tseng hopes to go one better in malaysia

ShanGhai: roger federer of Switzerland (r) shakes hands with Yen-hsun lu of Taiwan (l) after beating him in their second round match of the Shanghai masters tennis tournament. afp


World number one Yani Tseng of Taiwan is hoping to go one better when she faces South Korea's Choi na-Yeon at the Sime Darby LPgA Malaysia, after narrowly losing to her last year. The $1.9 million tournament will start Thursday and run until Sunday at the Kuala Lumpur golf and Country Club in Malaysia's capital. Tseng, who has been world number one for the last 86 weeks and is the youngest golfer ever to win five major tournaments, suffered an agonizing loss to world number four Choi in last year's Malaysia tournament. Tseng finished one shot behind Choi despite shooting a six-under 65 in the final round, equaling the course record. But she put on a brave face ahead of this year's challenge. "I have a good memory from last year too. I was very close and I fought to the end. I didn't swing it well the first couple of days but I finished well in second place," the 23-year-old said. "na-Yeon always pushes me hard to the next level so I'm really looking forward to this tournament," she said. The LPgA Malaysia has attracted a stellar field with 60 of the top 62 players and all four Major winners this year. other than Choi, fellow South Koreans Sun Young Yoo and Shin Jiyai, as well as world number three Shanshan Feng of China, are eyeing the title. As are top players Cristie Kerr and Paula Creamer of the United States. Also taking to the greens will be world number two Stacy Lewis, who is hoping to break a jinx and finally land a tour victory away from home. The 27-year-old from ohio has three tour wins this year to go with her sole Major victory at the 2011 Kraft nabisco Championship, all in the US. "I'm playing well and am confident about my game. This has been an amazing year for me, and it would be really nice if I could add to it by getting my first win in Asia," Lewis said. "It's nice to be ranked as one of the favourites though you've also got a target on your back," she said. South Koreans dominated the first two years of the tournament, with Choi winning last year and compatriot Jimin Kang taking the inaugural event in 2010.

Olazabal calls up Tiger-tamer for royal Trophy SINGAPORE AfP

European captain Jose Maria olazabal has called up Francesco Molinari for December's Royal Trophy after the Italian's last-day heroics against Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup, organizers said Wednesday. olizabal, who masterminded one of golf's great comebacks by the European team at Medinah last week, said Molinari's achievement in halving his Sunday singles match against Woods was vital. "Francesco played superbly to earn a half against Tiger, and seeing him trading blows with America's most famous player was great for European morale," said the Spaniard in a press release. "The realization that we could get something out of that match -- when most people would probably have seen it as a definite point for the USA -- took a lot of pressure off the boys who went out earlier." Molinari, 29, will now join his Ryder Cup team-mates Paul Lawrie and nicolas Colsaerts, as well as Colin Montgomerie in Brunei from December 14-16 as Europe defends the Royal Trophy against Joe ozaki's Asian team.

McIlroy sinks amid World Golf final wash-out BELEK AfP


oRY McIlroy was knocked out of contention on a rain-lashed day at the World golf Final on Wednesday and can only hope to restore pride when he tackles Tiger Woods in Thursday's third round. The pair were due to meet on Wednesday, but the encounter was pushed back a day after a fierce electrical storm began lashing the Atalya golf Club in Belek, Turkey, forcing afternoon play to be abandoned. In any case, McIlroy cannot progress to the semi-finals of the seven-milliondollar event after losing his second match to former Masters champion Charl Schwartzel. McIlroy's level-par round of 71 left him a stroke behind the South African, the northern Irishman having already left organisers red-faced after losing his first-round encounter to American Matt Kuchar. In a near duplication of the final round of the 2011 Masters, Schwartzel birdied three of his closing four holes to come from behind to beat McIlroy before the rain came down on

Wednesday. "I played a bit better than yesterday (Tuesday) but then Charl birdied three of the last four holes and you can't really do much about that," said McIlroy, who is assured of a $300,000 prize cheque even if he loses to Woods, while a win would see him presented with $450,000. "So in my match now against Tiger, I will be out to get back a bit of pride and at least leave here winning one match. "It will be exciting to play against him as he still has the chance to go through, so he will be looking to win his match. "I now don't have much to play for so I would like to beat him so he doesn't go through to the semi-finals and also get some bragging rights. "of course, there is always an added edge when you play against a player like

STANDINGS group 1 Charl Schwartzel 2 points Tiger Woods 1 Matt Kuchar 1 Rory McIlroy 0 group 2 Justin Rose 2 points Webb Simpson 1 Lee Westwood 1 Hunter Mahan 1


Darren Clarke has emphatically denied being approached to become Europe's next Ryder Cup captain, taking to Twitter on Wednesday to scotch rumours, while at the same time admitting it would be "an honour". "To clarify. I have not been offered the Ryder Cup captaincy," said last year's British open champion, who was an assistant to Jose Maria olazabal at Medinah when the Europeans thrillingly defended the Ryder Cup trophy earlier this month. "It's not decided by the committee until January. Would be a huge honor if asked." With olazabal saying he will not lead the team in the next edition at gleneagles in 2014, Clarke, Paul Mcginley and Thomas Bjorn -- three of his vice-captains -- have come into the frame as possible successors, as well as Paul Lawrie, Lee Westwood and Padraig Harrington.

Ronaldo in line for Russian return: Pepe LISBON AfP

ObidOS: Portuguese forward cristiano ronaldo (r) touches his left shoulder as he jogs with defender Pepe (l) during a training session in Praia del rey near Obidos. afp

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

Tiger, and there were a few chances this year when we could have gone head-tohead in the bigger tournaments, but it didn't quite happen. "So I am still looking forward to next season when he can go head-to-head down the stretch. And bragging rights from this week will help a little bit." Woods, meanwhile, shot a four-under-par 67 to defeat Ryder Cup colleague and world number 15 Kuchar by five strokes. In other round two matches on Wednesday morning, Justin Rose defeated fellow Englishman Lee Westwood with a round of 66 to Westwood's 69.

clarke denies approach over ryder cup captaincy

Portugal defender Pepe says his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo is the likelier of the two to overcome injury in time for their crunch World Cup qualifier in Russia on Friday. Ronaldo has a shoulder injury and Pepe a thigh strain. on Wednesday, the pair both took part in their first training sessions since picking up the injuries while helping Real Madrid earn a 2-2 draw with Barcelona at the weekend. Both of them trained alone, however. "I think Ronaldo has a better chance of playing in the match on Friday than I do, but we both want to be there to help Por-

tugal," said Pepe after his work-out. The match is a table-topper for European zone group F, as both Portugal and Russia have two wins from their opening two games. "It's a big match for us, but not a crucial one. It's always good to beat your main rivals, but avoiding defeat would also be a positive result for us," said Pepe. Valencia right-back Joao Pereira also reported for international duty nursing a light injury, but was back in full training on Wednesday. Portugal's 23-man squad was due to fly to Moscow on Wednesday, and will return to Portugal together ahead of a second World Cup qualifier with northern Ireland in Porto next Tuesday.

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Sports 18 Federer and Djokovic cruise, Murray walkover SHANGHAI AfP


oP seeds Roger Federer and novak Djokovic cruised into the third round of the Shanghai Masters on Wednesday as defending champion Andy Murray progressed without even picking up a racquet. As the tournament kicked into life with the introduction of the big guns, America's Sam Querrey sent Kei nishikori tumbling 2-6, 6-1, 6-4 just days after his opponent became the first Japanese player to win the Japan open. Swiss world number one Federer, battling to cling on to his top ranking, beat Taiwanese qualifier Lu Yenhsun 6-3, 7-5 to set up a clash with fellow countryman Stanislas Wawrinka. Federer's build-up to the Shanghai tournament was clouded by a death threat from a blogger in China but the 17-time grand Slam champion said he quickly put it out of his mind once he was on court. "I thought it was a good match for me. obviously not having been broken is a good thing early on in a tournament. You hope it sets a trend for more to come," he said.

Speaking about the threat, Federer said: "I felt fine, you know. There was maybe one quick thought." But he added: "once the match started, got under way, I never thought about it again." Djokovic, who will regain the world number one ranking if he wins the title and Federer loses before the quarter-finals, dismissed Bulgaria's grigor Dimitrov 6-3, 6-2 in just 54 minutes. "Very pleased with my serving in Beijing and obviously the first match today," said the second seed, who lost just five of his service points. "So that's something that I've been working on, obviously." The Serbian will next play Spaniard Feliciano Lopez, who beat german 16th seed Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-3, 6-4. US open champion Andy Murray did not even have to take to the court as germany's Florian Mayer withdrew with a rib injury, giving the Scot a walkover. He has still not played yet as the top eight seeds had a first-round bye. "I'll practice again. I mean, you never know whether it's a good or a bad thing. I mean, you're obviously prepared to play the match," said third seed Murray, who next faces Alexandr Dolgopolov of the Ukraine. Japan's nishikori, suffering from

an ankle problem, was brought down to earth with a bump after his title win despite a strong start against Querrey, who won five straight games from 4-1 down in the decider to seal the match. nishikori, at a career high of number 15 in the rankings after his weekend win on home soil against Canada's Milos Raonic, had oncourt treatment on his right ankle, which he said had been bothering him since last week. "I tried to play but he had a good serve," he said. "I broke him first in the third set but couldn't finish the match. It's disappointing but I was close to win with this injury. nothing I can do," he said. There were second round wins for fourth seed Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic, fifth-seeded Frenchman JoWilfried Tsonga, sixth seed Janko Tipsarevic of Serbia and 13th seed Wawrinka. But among the seeds to fall were Raonic and the French pair of Richard gasquet and gilles Simon. As the season enters its final stages there are four places still up for grabs at next month's season-ending World Tour Finals in London. Federer, Djokovic and Murray have all qualified, along with the injured Rafael nadal.

Strike not a real option: Murray SHANGHAI

‘Time not ripe for royal honor’


Turkey Open created with eye on Olympics BELEK AfP

Turkey's bid for the 2020 olympic games has been boosted with the announcement Wednesday of a first ever Turkish golf open to be staged from 7th to 10th november, 2013. Ahmet Agaoglu, President of the Turkish golf Federation, indicated the seven million dollar prize-money event will be staged on The Montgomerie Course in Belek and will be a limited 78-player field. The new tournament will become the penultimate event on the European Tour schedule. "I am honored to announce that starting from 7th november next year the first European Tour PgA event will take place in Turkey for three years up to and including 2015," said Agaoglu. "There has never been a Turkish open and this will be an exciting start for this new tournament and it is our hope too that the players competing in this week's Turkish Airlines World golf Final will compete," he added. Andrew Chandler, head of the UK-based International Sports Management (ISM), will be tasked with running the tournament with Turkey having one eye on hosting the 2020 olympic games - the sport will feature at the Rio games in 2016.

baseball training camp LAHORE STAff RePoRT

The training camp of national Baseball Team to participate in Punjab international sports festival will be held here from october 17 at Iqbal Park sports complex. “Teams from Sri Lanka, Iran, nepal, Afghanistan and India will feature in the festival being held from november 7,” said Khawar Shah, Secretary PFBB on Wednesday. The cam will be held under the supervision of camp Commandant, Muhammad Zubair, Head Coach Hawang Dong Hoon (South Korea), Assistant Coach Mussadiq Hanif (Pakistan Police) and nisar Ahmed (Pakistan Army).

US open champion Andy Murray Wednesday praised Australian open organisers for boosting prize money, saying he never viewed a strike at the year's first grand Slam as a realistic option. The organizers of the season-opening major announced last week that the total purse would rise by Aus$4 million to a record Aus$30 million ($30.6 million). It followed reports that players were mulling a boycott of the 2013 Australian open to try to gain a higher percentage of grand Slam revenues for themselves. Speaking after being handed a walkover into the third round at the Shanghai Masters, the Scot said he hoped the threats had gone away for the time being. "I think the Australian open has stepped up really well. They've obviously listened to the players and the ATP and have made a real effort to improve things," said the 25-year-old, the defending champion in Shanghai. "You know, from my side, I never viewed striking at the Australian open as a real option. "From all the players I've spoken to so far, everyone's been very happy with the increases in the prize money and their plan over the next few years, as well. Hopefully that's something we won't need

to worry about for a while." Murray's comments follow more cautious remarks by Roger Federer, with the world number one saying Sunday he was not sure the cash boost was significant enough to quell player unrest in the long-running row over prize money. Speaking after a players' meeting on the eve of the Shanghai Masters, Federer welcomed communication between players and the grand Slams but said "nothing is clear from this end".

SHANgHAI: Andy Murray said Wednesday that receiving an honor from Queen Elizabeth II would be a huge acknowledgement of his success -but he had not yet done enough to justify such an award. Murray, who won the US open last month, ending Britain's agonizing 76-year wait for a grand Slam men's singles crown, was asked by reporters what he felt about talk that he could be in line for such recognition. "It's not something I think about when I'm training and stuff. That isn't something that necessarily drives me," said the Scot after he reached the third round of the Shanghai Masters with a walkover. "But it is obviously a massive acknowledgment of what someone's done in their given field through their career." The 25-year-old, who also won the olympic title in London, said it was too early to be thinking in those terms. "I've had a very short career so far," said the Shanghai Masters defending champion. "I still hopefully have a lot of years left on the Tour. So I'm sure something like that can wait. AfP

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university dream for djokovic


Multilingual world number two novak Djokovic said Wednesday he had missed out on a normal education and professed a hankering for the delights of university life. Speaking after cruising into the third round of the Shanghai Masters, the Serbian said: "I didn't have a childhood school education as probably most of my generation did in Serbia and around the world. "I didn't go to school every day. The high school, I had to come back and do the exams two, three times a year. That was the case." "I never went to university," he added. "Well, if I can say, that's one wish that I have in life, one regret, that I would like to go in some university, because I really like the idea of educating yourself and being a part of a group of students. It's a fun period in one person's life." The 25year-old, who speaks English, german and Italian as well as his native tongue, said he was "good enough" in school and his impressive language skills came naturally. "I don't think that you can really learn that," he said. "You just have it in you. Both of my brothers speak a few languages. It's something that I guess we have in the family. "The good thing about the Serbian school system is you need to have two languages in your primary school," said Djokovic. "English is the obligatory one, then the second one you can choose. I had german," he added. The five-time grand Slam winner, who began playing tennis at the age of four and made his professional debut at 16, said despite all the time on the road, chances to soak up new experiences were limited. "Well, tennis is a very demanding sport. It's cruel in the way that you don't really get a lot of free time to do things that you would like, to go places you would like to see, and to maybe experience something else, to learn something new."

Nishikori back to earth after defeat SHANGHAI AfP

History-making Japanese star Kei nishikori crashed back down to earth with a bump on Wednesday, struggling with an ankle injury as he was sent packing from the Shanghai Masters. nishikori, who became the first Japanese player to win the Japan open on Sunday, slipped to a 6-2, 1-6, 4-6 defeat against American Sam Querrey despite taking the first set with ease. But a missed overhead early in the second set contributed to an early break for Querrey and the Japanese 14th seed lost his rhythm, showing his frustration as his rejuvenated opponent, ranked 22nd, levelled the match. In the third set two breaks of serve proved costly for nishikori, who is at a career high of number 15 in the rankings after his weekend win over Canada's Milos Raonic, his first on the Tour since 2008. "It was bothering me from last week, the whole week," said the 22year-old of his right ankle. "Even yesterday it was hurting. But I played through. It was already hurting during

ShanGhai: Kei nishikori of Japan (l) receives treatment for an injured ankle during his second round match against Sam querrey of the uS at the Shanghai masters tennis tournament. afp the first set so I took a medical (timeout). "I tried to play but he had a good serve. I broke him first in the third set but couldn't finish the match. It's dis-

appointing but I was close to winning with this injury. nothing I can do." nishikori called for an injury timeout towards the end of the first

set of his second round clash and received treatment before closing it out. The Japanese, who last year reached the semi-finals in Shanghai, losing to eventual champion Andy Murray, said his success in front of home fans had given him confidence despite the pressure to succeed. "I have to handle pressure always, especially when you get a higher ranking and you play with the lower-ranking players," he said. "Yeah, it's going to be there, for sure, the pressure. But, you know, I have to play one match at a time, and hopefully my ranking will go up." nishikori burst onto the scene by winning the 2008 Delray Beach title, sharply raising expectations that Asia had uncovered a potential worldbeater but an elbow injury set him back. He was ranked 98th at the end of 2010 and 25th at the end of last year. This year, Asia's number one achieved his best grand Slam result by reaching the Australian open quarter-finals. He also made it to the last eight at the London olympics before losing to Argentina's Juan Martin del Potro.

Thursday, 11 October, 2012

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Thursday, 11 October, 2012


na unanimous on weeding out terrorists g

Members pass resolution condemning attack on Malala yousafzai, call for strict action against terrorist mindset ISLAMABAD



MID news of a successful surgery on Malala Yousafzai, lawmakers in parliament on Wednesday rose above petty differences and unanimously passed a resolution condemning the attack on the girl and sought “exemplary punishment” to the perpetrators of the crime. The resolution was read out by Minister for Law Farooq naik as the House saluted the services and courage of Malala. Emotional scenes were witnessed during the debate over the attack on Malala, as PML-Q legislator Bushra Rehman broke into tears while praying for the early recovery of the innocent child, while others called for formulation of a collective strategy to eliminate the scourge of militancy and terrorism from the country. Though the resolution was adopted unanimously, most of the lawmakers called for implementing it and getting united to help restore the government’s writ. “This House salutes the great services of Malala Yousafzai. The whole nation is of proud of her and condemns the incident in

which Malala was injured along with two fellow students Shazia and Kainaat.” “The House also pledged to continue fighting terrorism until it was rooted out from the country and demanded the government to bear all expenses of the treatment of the injured students … and award exemplary punishment to those involved in this heinous crime,” the resolution said. naik called the attack on Malala un-Islamic, barbaric and inhuman, adding that “the incident called upon us to sit together and ponder where we are leading”. Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar denounced the attack, terming it a wakeup call for the nation. “It demands of us to stand united against the curse of terrorism … this incident also provides us an opportunity to manifest national cohesion and unity against the conspiracies being hatched against the country.” She criticised those busy in justifying this incident and called upon the House and the nation to discourage these forces. Wasim Akhtar of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) made an emotional speech over the attack, saying no other business should be taken up other than debating the attack on the minor girl. He demanded the nA Deputy Speaker

Faisal Karim Kundi suspend rules and instead of question hour, the attack on Malala be discussed. “Until when will we keep collecting bodies of our beloved? Why law enforcement agencies are not taking action against the perpetrators despite taking hefty funds in the name of security?” he argued. Barjees Tahir of the PML-n also supported the idea and said rules should be suspended to take up the attack on Malala. PPP’s Syed Khursheed Shah backed the proposal and said a joint resolution would be passed following the debate. Later, he moved a motion to suspend the Question Hour to start debate on the attack. Bushra Rehman questioned why the 14-year-old girl was not provided security. “This is about time and we would all have to think and work jointly to purge our country of these rascals … this debate should not end here and we would have to work out a strategy to save the future of our daughters … the president and prime minister should come forth and tell the nation their plan of action,” she said. Shazia Marri of the PPP said Pakistan was a liberal country and the forces trying to tag it a terrorist country would be defeated. “This fight would continue despite

these attacks … the family of Malala has not been defeated … a unanimous resolution would help send a strong message to the terrorists,” she maintained. Shaikh Rohail Asghar of the PML-n said attacking children in the name of Islam was condemnable as brutality had nothing to do with religion. Khush Bakht Shujaat of the MQM said Malala questioned the entire nation and its government, law enforcers why she was not provided security. She said it was heartening to note that strong voices were being raised after the attack on the girl. She said that the attack on Malala was actually an attack on Islam, humanity and knowledge. Pervez Khan of the Awami national Party (AnP) said attacking a child was tantamount to an attack on humanity. He said despite being a secular political party, the AnP leadership had negotiated with the militants for enforcement of Shariah law. Khwaja Saad Rafique of the PML-n said attacking the child was a conspiracy against Islam. He said the attack was a bid to end the quest for knowledge and the country needed to evolve a joint strategy to purge the country of terrorism. Yasmin Rehman of the PPP called the

attack un-Islamic and said the girl had not only raised voice against militancy but had also been writing against Taliban rule with pen-name “gul Makai” to keep on the quest for knowledge. Lawmakers from the JUI-F, however, differed, as Asia nasir strongly condemned the attack but Attaur Rehman, younger brother of Fazlur Rehman, made a failed attempt to justify the attack. Though Rehman condemned the incident and termed it inhuman, he said when innocent people were killed by western forces, the logic of such attacks gained strength. Areesh Kumar also paid rich tribute to Malala and strongly condemned the attack on her life. He said the problems would not be resolved without devising a concrete plan. Kishwar Zehra paid rich tribute to Malala and said the mindset that wished to destroy Pakistan was involved in this heinous act. Fauzia Habib said Malala was ambassador of education and earned name for the country in the comity of the nation. Ayaz Amir urged clerics to issue a decree against those who were involved in attacking innocent people and mosques. He also requested them to lead the nation in the right direction.

Taliban underestimate people’s resolve, says General Kayani ISLAMABAD STAff RePoRT

MULTAN: Schoolgirls pray for the recovery of Malala Yousafzai on Wednesday. afp

Khuzdar situation reflects denial of constitution: SC QUETTA ShAhZADA ZULfIQAR

Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry on Wednesday said the month-long shutter down strike in Khuzdar district of Balochistan was tantamount to a complete denial of the constitution. He was hearing a petition at the SC Quetta Registry regarding the worsening law and order along with Justice Jawwad S Khwaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain. Salman Akram Raja told the court that the people responsible for the deteriorating law and order in Balochistan had been named, but no action had been taken against them. The assisting lawyer of the court, Qahir Shah, told the court that Khuzdar was closed for a complete month due to volatile law and order, but the government did not bother. He said elements involved in car snatching and robbery were openly roaming in Khuzdar, but police officers asked the

victims to enter into bargain with the criminals for taking their belongings back instead of doing anything for their protection. The chief justice asked IgP Tariq Umar Khatab about the role of police regarding the closure of Khuzdar, saying it was an open negation of constitutional rights of common citizens. Justice Jawwad S Khwaja said why should the judges not leave the courts if the town was closed for a month, there was no implementation of constitution and the Supreme Court could not do anything in this regard. He said “we are pushed against the wall and now we have to do something through our orders”. “The Supreme Court has carried 70 hearings on Balochistan situation and has issued order for the implementation of law and the constitution in Balochistan,” the judge said, adding that despite assurances from the government in this regard, nothing had been done. When Deputy Attorney general Malik Iskander Khan sought time, the chief justice expressed resentment and said Balochistan was not a

priority for the federal government, allegations were being levelled against government and the FC but the government was doing nothing. “We all are responsible for the situation Balochistan is facing today,” the CJ said. Salman Akram Raja continued his arguments regarding the law and order in Balochistan and gave several examples of social injustice that gave rise to frustration in a society, upon which the CJ said the judiciary had already highlighted these aspects. He said he was informed by the local people that a local armed group raised by intelligence agencies deteriorated the situation in Khuzdar. The lawyer said the FC personnel had cut Balochi traditional trousers of youth with the scissors across Balochistan and the move was aimed at dishonouring the people, adding that such acts would give rise to ethnic clashes as most FC personnel comprised of recruits from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He also came up with the suggestions to make the agencies follow constitution,

adding that there was no country in the world where agencies were working without any law and constitution. He also suggested for constitution of a commission, but the chief justice rejected it, saying commissions had been formed in the past in this country but yielded no result. Raja said the Supreme Court should give a specific direction for evolving a mechanism for making intelligence agencies personnel or government representatives accountable if found guilty. Balochistan Advocate general Amanullah Kanrani said although the government was not satisfied with the prevailing situation of the province, the situation had improved a lot compared to other provinces. The CJ said if his statement was true, why did the United nations working group visit Balochistan regarding the missing persons. The Ag said Balochistan government was ready to implement SC orders in letter and spirit for improving law and order in Balochistan.

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Editor: Arif Nizami

Army chief general Ashfaq Kayani on Wednesday condemned the attack on Malala Yousafzai as a “heinous act of terrorism” and said it had exposed the “extremist mindset” that was plaguing the country. During a visit to CMH Peshawar to meet the 14-year-old Malala who was shot and seriously injured by the Taliban on Tuesday, gen Kayani said incidents like the attack on Malala clearly exposed the extremist mindset the nation was facing. The ISPR said gen Kayani stated the terrorists had underestimated the resolve and resilience of the people. “It is time we further unite and stand up to fight the propagators of such barbaric mindset and their sympathizers,” he said. “We wish to bring home a simple message: We refuse to bow before terror. We will fight, regardless of the cost, we will prevail Insha Allah.” gen Kayani said, adding that the “cowards who attacked Malala and her fellow students have shown time and again how little regard they have for human life and how low they can fall in their cruel ambition to impose their twisted ideology”. He said Malala had become a symbol for the values that the army, with the nation behind it, was fighting to preserve for our future generations. “These are the intrinsic values of an Islamic society, based on the principles of liberty, justice and equality of man,” he said. general Kayani said this was not the first time the militants had targeted children and he referred to an attack on a mosque in Rawalpindi as “a painful reminder of their bloodlust”. He said the militants had no respect even for the golden words of the Prophet (PBUH) that “the one who is not kind to children, is not amongst us”.

uS drone kills 5 in nwa PESHAWAR: At least five suspected militants were killed in a US drone attack on a house in Hurmaz village, near Mirali town of north Waziristan on Wednesday morning. officials and tribesmen said that militants from the Hizbe Islami Turkistan group belonging to the Chinese Uygur community had set up a compound in the Hurmaz village. The compound was hit by four missiles and was razed to the ground. Five of its occupants were killed. After being struck by missiles, the damaged house caught fire, while drones kept hovering over the area for some time. Later, other militants rushed to the site and recovered the dead bodies from the debris. The killed men were later buried in a nearby graveyard. According to reports, the top commander of Hizbe Islami Turkistan, Abu Waleed Al Turikistani, is included among the killed persons. STaff REpORT

e-paper pakistantoday 11th october, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 11th october, 2012