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clinton says Haqqani designation not message to Pakistan

Pakistan fail to make clean sweep, crash meekly in last t20

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tuesday, 12 September, 2012 Shawwal 23, 1433

mPsraise eyebrOws at un exPerts’ missiOn g



Pml-Q leader says arrival of un team ‘first step to disintegrate Pakistan’ saad rafiq wants civilian institution to hold nlc scam-tainted generals accountable un experts meet justice javed iqbal, fO officials

Car bombing in Parachinar kills 14 Over 65 injured, Officials fear rise in number Of casualties PESHAWAR StAff REPoRt

At least 14 Shias were killed and more than 65 others injured when a high-intensity car bomb ripped through a busy road crossing in Parachinar, headquarters of Kurram Agency, on Monday. Reports from Kurram Agency said the explosion was caused when an explosives-laden vehicle parked outside Turi Market in Kashmir Chowk was detonated. The market and the crossing are famous for sale of poultry and are thronged by a large number of

people. A Turi tribesman from the area told Pakistan Today on the telephone that the attack was a suicide car bombing. However, authorities have made no claims so far, but local officials and eyewitness confirmed it was a car bombing. The massive explosion destroyed a number of shops in Turi Market. Tribesmen in Kurram Agency said the condition of many of the injured was precarious and the casualties could rise. Doctors at Agency Headquarter Hospital Parachinar have referred 30 critical patients to Peshawar. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor

Barrister Masud Kausar has directed authorities concerned for provision of helicopter services for rescue operations. The tribesmen said 10 bodies had been shifted to a local Imambargah in Parachinar and a majority of bodies were beyond recognition. Around 56 injured were admitted to the agency hospital. Soon after the explosion, all bazaars and business activities were shut down and roads blocked for traffic. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far, but tribesmen believed Taliban to be behind the attack. Kurram Agency has been

under a spell of unrest since long, but violence has worsened since 2007. Parachinar and its sub division dominated are largely Shia inhabited areas, while Sunnis occupy and dominate the economically important Sadda region. Since 2007, a large number of Shias from this part of the tribal belt have been killed by Taliban, while roads connecting Parachinar with rest of the country have frequently remained closed for traffic. As a result of the closure and threats to their lives, most of Shia people from Kurram Agency travel to other parts of the country via Afghanistan.

DERA GHAZI KHAN: People wade through water as the city was completely flooded after a breach in D Canal following heavy rains on Monday. online


As the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances held meetings with Justice (r) Javed Iqbal and officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, members of the National Assembly expressed concern over the UN experts visit, calling it “the first step to disintegrate Pakistan”. Questioning the mandate and rationale of the visiting United Nations’ working group on involuntary disappearances in Balochistan, Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) MNA Raza Hayat Hiraj, while speaking on a point of order, raised concerns about the intention of the visitors, stating that this visit may “compromise the sovereignty and solidarity” of the state of Pakistan. He also came down hard on the country’s Foreign Office, saying the visit by the UN working group was a big question mark over the performance of the Foreign Office. “Who allowed the visit ... who issued them visas (for visit) ... Who determined and approved the mandate of this team ... is Pakistan a banana republic ... this is a failure of the Foreign Office ... when the parliamentary committee on Balochistan is working and the apex court has already taken cognizance of the situation, why such a team has been sent,” remarked Hiraj . He said it was also not clear which people the working group would meet in Balochistan and other parts of the country. He said when the country was being run by a democratic government and its judiciary was independent and when parliament was in session, what was the rationale of such a visit by the UN team. “Almost 99 percent of people in Balochistan support the federation. But there might one percent population whose bank accounts may be in Switzerland and whose families are residing abroad. These people might meet the visitors and paint a false picture representing Balochistan,” Hiraj added. Disassociating himself from the performance of the intelligence agencies, he said he had never supported the malfunctioning of the agencies. However, he said whenever a Pakistani was killed or held abroad on suspicion of terrorism, nobody allowed access and Pakistan was never allowed to send such a mission. He sought permission by the chair to submit an adjournment motion in parliament to discuss the contentious issue due to sensitivity of the matter. Deputy Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi sought view of Minister for Kashmir Affairs Manzoor Wattoo, who supported the views expressed by Hiraj. He said an adjournment motion may be brought to debate the issue which was of national significance. Khawaja Saad Rafiq of the PML-Nawaz questioned the restoration of services of retired army officers and their court martial in the NLC corruption scam. “Why a civilian institution could not hold the army generals accountable? Are army officers not accountable under the law? Civilian institutions should have held the officers accountable and they should not have been restored,” he argued.He urged the political and democratic leadership of the country to take cognizance of the matter. Zafar Baig Bhittanni of FATA also supported Saad’s views and said if politicians were held accountable, the army officers should be as well by civilians. “Is there no honest civilian officer who could hold the generals accountable? If the parliament is supreme, it should do its duty whether it is about judiciary, army or any other institution,” he remarked. Continued on page 04


More than 90 people have been killed across he country in the past three days in various rain-related incidents following torrential downpours that have been lashing the country since the past one week. At least 46 people were killed in rain-induced incidents on Sunday night and Monday. Most of the casualties were caused by houses collapsing and people being caught in flood torrents. Streams and rainwater drains around Dera Ghazi Khan developed breaches due to heavy rain in the area, forcing massive flood torrents to enter the city and inundate almost all residential areas. The recent spell of rain in Kohe-Suleman mountain range caused heavy flow of water in Notak and Waror nullahs that flow towards DG Canal. The heavy flow of water caused breaches in the canal at four different points. The power supply system has also been badly affected. The DG Khan deputy commissioner has declared emergency in the district, as the city was flooded in knee-deep water that even started entering houses and shops on Monday. Four relief camps have been set up in the city and the flood-affected people

so far as rains wreak havoc at least 46 people killed in rain-induced incidents on sunday night, Monday g Thousands rendered homeless as drains overflow in Dera Ghazi khan g DG khan district, entire sindh province declared calamity-hit areas


were being moved there. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif declared DG Khan a calamity-hit area, as CM’s Adviser Zulfikar Khosa presided over a meeting on the situation, saying a survey of the affected areas would be carried out soon. Sindh Situation: The situation was getting out of control in Sindh as well. Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah announced emergency in the entire province on Monday following torrential rains in the last three days that brought life in the province to a standstill. Leaves of all commissioners, deputy commissioners, revenue officers, health and livestock officials have been cancelled and they have been directed to report

for duty immediately. The road link to Khairpur district of Sindh has been blocked by flooding in nullahs and rivers. Many districts in Sindh are also facing difficulties in obtaining food and clean drinking water. Five deaths have been reported in Khairpur, two each in Shikarpur and Jacobabad and one in Sukkur. Heavy rains across Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan have triggered a food shortage, as road links between several areas have been severed. Sources said residents of Mubarki, Barthi and Fazla Kach were facing severe shortage of edibles. Clean drinking water was already scarce in the area but the recent rains and flashfloods have also created a shortage of medicines in hospitals. The situation was

also not different in Taunsa, Rajanpur, Jampur, Rojhan and Fazilpur areas where people are short of food and potable water. BalochiStan: Several districts in Balochistan, including Naseerabad, Jafarabad, Jhal Magsi, Sibi and Bolan have also been badly affected by the relentless rains and flooding. Naseerabad received 380mm of rain, breaking the record of last 100 years. Heavy monsoon rains that began last week have destroyed more than 1,600 houses and damaging another 5,000, Irshad Bhatti, a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) said. One of the worst-hit regions has been Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where 32 deaths have been reported and 26 people have been injured, he said. In Swabi, eight Afghan refugees were killed when the roof of their mud house collapsed overnight, police official Mohammad Ali said. The dead, included two women and six children. In Kashmir, flash floods have killed at least 31 people, Bhatti said. Three persons of a family were crushed to death under the debris of a collapsed roof in Multan. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department said the intensity of current prolonged monsoon spell would decrease from Tuesday and normal rainfall was expected in the next few days.

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Aziz, 20 others acquitted in Ranger’s murder case



infoTainmenT flier caught in India with monkey in his pants

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ISTORy is defined as “the biography of great men,” by Thomas Carlyle and seldom has this proved truer than in the life of Jinnah. It is said that the life of spoken words may shorten if not preserved in the encasement of print.The Jinnah’s speeches and writings show that nothing can destroy words that are expectant with imperishable verities refined by the fire of sincerity. But only words without action are meaningless, and this was what Jinnah believed too.Jinnah fearlessly voiced what he thought and did what he said. As though to fulfill the Quranic injunction: “O you who have attained to faith!… Most loathsome is it in the sight of God that you say what you do not do!” It was the restless solicitation for justice and truth that were the motivating whims in Jinnah’s eventful life.The other lesson that Jinnah gave to us was never to forget was the value of free speech. Many times in her memoirs, preserved at the National Archives in Islamabad, Fatima Jinnah reminisced about her brother’s belief that without freedom of speech a nation would wither like a rose bush that is planted in a place where there is

neither sunshine nor air.Jinnah was convinced with the thought that the uncontrolled flow of opinion and expression like a breeze from an open window is the birthright of man.Jinnah loathed religious obscurantism, which he believed was responsible for the stifling of free articulation of thought among Indian Muslims. It was clearly evident from his address to the Aligarh University Union on Feb 5, 1938 stating that “What the Muslim League has done is to set you free from the reactionary elements of Muslims, and it has certainly freed you from that undesirable element of maulvis and maulanas.”He had declared at the Central Legislative Assembly on Feb 7, 1935 that “Religion should not be allowed to come into politics.” at the Muslim League Legislators’ Convention in Delhi in April 1946, Jinnah was even more emphatic in his concluding remarks that “What are we fighting for? What are we aiming at? It is not theocracy – not a theocratic state…”In a paper prepared in 1967 for a conference on Partition in London disclosed that Jinnah “thoroughly disapproved” his “advocacy of an Islamic state” and he asked him to refrain from expressing such views from “the League platform, lest the people might be led to believe that

Jinnah shared his views and that he was asking to convey such ideas to the public.” In the same paper he concluded, “now that I look back I realize how wrong I had been,” because Jinnah rightly wanted only a homeland for the Muslims, not an Islamic state.It was perhaps his most forceful assertion on Aug 11, 1947, Jinnah’s extempore address to Pakistan’s Constituent Assembly, which the state had nothing to do with matters of faith. That was a historic speech by Jinnah a thirteen months before his death, summarizes his vision for the country that he founded. The rest of the Pakistan story we had witnessed in last 65 years has been about the deconstruction of that vision.Critics say that the vision of Jinnah’s Pakistan as a democratic and progressive homeland for the Muslims was like a sandcastle on some dreamland shore which the turbulent waves swept away. yet it is irrefutable that had he not died so soon after the emergence of Pakistan his vision would have been fulfilled. It is intriguing that a quarter of a century to discover that Islam was the ideology by the authors of the 1973 Constitution and “the basis for the creation of Pakistan,” it was not what the Quaid-e-Azam had ever dreamed for.

Faiz’s ‘Homage’ to Quaid


S we write the Muslims of India and Pakistan are celebrating the birthday of the Quaid-i-Azam. As the man who has propelled, guided and controlled the national policies of nearly hundred million human souls, the man who has been responsible for the birth of a major State and the liberation of a major nation from economic and political bondage, the Quaid-i-Azam has already passed into history. With the establishment of Pakistan the mandate entrusted to him by his people may be considered to have been fulfilled and his historical role as the architect of our national State may be said to have reached its glorious consummation. The attainment of this objective demanded a steadiness of vision, fixity of purpose, an amount of unflagging devotion and courage that are rarely found among a people, broken and debased by enslavement and exploitation. The history of nations however is continuum like time, and the culmination of one struggle merely

Tuesday, 11 September, 2012

means the commencement of another. The mission of our national leaders, therefore, is far from complete and the national objective we have formally attained still awaits its material content. The future of Indian Muslims who have done as much and suffered far more for Pakistan than we the Muslims of Pakistan have, is still uncertain, and the State of Pakistan has still to require the constitutional flesh and bone. Both these problems are of as great an importance to us as the achievement of Pakistan itself and their satisfactory solution will require an equal amount of vision, determination and courage. There are already many among us, men of small minds and smaller vision, who think that the future of our brothers beyond the border need not enter our national calculations and now that we have got Pakistan, the future of non-Pakistanis is none of our business. The happenings in East Pakistan have utterly negated our thesis and proved that our kinsmen in the neighboring

Dominion are very much our business that we have got to take them into calculation while formulating our national policies. We have got to ensure that these policies do not in any way adversely affect the national existence of our coreligionists in the other land, through injudiciousness or lack of imagination. Similarly we have to ensure that both the constitutional structure and the governmental practice of the Pakistani State conform to the ideals that we put before ourselves when we embarked on our national struggle. We have not yet had a glimpse of the Pakistan of our dreams, for we are still besieged by all the ills that have plagued us in the past and the common man has yet to taste the contentment, physical and spiritual, of a free and prosperous existence. The helmsmen of the nation, therefore, of whom the Quaid-i-Azam is the greatest and the most indefatigable, have far from reached the end of their labours and the future of the nation depends as much on their sagacity today as it has dependent on their industry and devotion in the past. (Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s editorial of the Pakistan Times dated Dec 27, 1947. The original title was: HOMAGE)

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Quaid’s death anniversary today KARACHI StAff REPoRt

The founder of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s death death anniversary is being observed today (Tuesday).Mohammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi on 25th December 1876. After completing his primary education, he left for England, where he got admission in Lincoln’s Inn to study law and subsequently became a barrister. In 1913 Jinnah joined Muslim League and took an active part to make it an effective counterweight to the Congress, pleading the Muslim cause.Jinnah left Congress and devoted all his energies for the welfare of Muslims of Indian sub-continent. In 1934, Jinnah took over control of the Muslim League and turned it into a force to reckon with in a matter of years. In 1940, at the 27th annual session of the Muslim League, held in Lahore, the Quaid with other Muslim leaders analyzed the political dilemmas facing Muslims in great deal and a resolution was passed unanimously – which is known as the Lahore Resolution that set an independent nation for the Muslims of the subcontinent as its objective.The Quaid’s vision and tireless effort won the Muslim League recognition as true representative of the Muslims of undivided India. The results were soon to follow when in the 1945-46 elections Muslim League enjoyed a resounding landslide victory both in the central and the provincial assembly elections.Under the Quaid’s leadership, the Muslims struggle found fruition when Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947. Jinnah was the first governor general of Pakistan. He passed away on September 11, 1948.

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liz Hurley and Warne still crazy about each other

President signs Special Economic Zone bill 2012

Jayawardene keen to finish his career with an ICC trophy Playing with country’s destiny:

ediTorial Security agencies in Balochistan.

commenT Dr faisal bari says; Education and careers: Will private education really be the panacea that is being talked about?

Rabia Ahmed says; The spirit of justice: It is important to understand the spirit of justice before implementing its laws.

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Malik Riaz refuses to appear before Suddle in Arsalan graft inquiry ISLAMABAD StAff REPoRt

Real estate tycoon Malik Riaz has refused to appear before the inquiry commission in the Arsalan Iftikhar case, headed by former police official Dr Shoaib Suddle, Riaz’s lawyer, Zahid Bukhari on said Monday. Riaz is likely to file a review petition in the Supreme Court regarding the constitution of the commission. According to his counsel, Zahid, Riaz will not be appearing before the commission for its hearings. The commission, constituted on the Supreme Court’s orders, has obtained a complete record of the case from the court and the National Accountability Bureau. Evidence will be collected from those who are party in the case, and media will be allowed to monitor the commission’s proceedings. Once the court releases its directives, Dr Suddle will have to complete his investigation within 30 days. He will be granted the powers of a magistrate and will be able to call assistance from lawyers and deploy state machinery as needed. The commission will launch an inquiry against Riaz, Dr Arsalan and Riaz’s son-in-law Salman Ahmed.

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Cleric put burnt pages in Rimsha’s bag, Islamabad IG tells Senate body ISLAMABAD


StAff REPoRt

SLAMABAD Inspector General of Police Bin yamin informed the Senate Standing Committee for Human Rights on Monday that Qari Mohammad Khalid Jadoon had put burnt pages of the holy Quran in Rimsha’s bag. According to a private news channel, the IG told the Senate body that there was a great disparity between Rimsha’s physical age and mental age. The Islamabad IG added that if an FIR had not been registered, a situation similar to Gujjar Khan would have arisen. “Announcements would have been made in the neighboring mosques regarding the alleged burn-

ing of the holy Quran, leading to a serious situation in the area.” He appealed to religious scholars and political leaders to submit proposals regarding the misuse of the blasphemy law. Chairing the session of the Senate committee, Afrasiab Khattak said Interior Minister Rehman Malik must submit replies regarding the ever-increasing encroachments in the country. Malik was summoned for the next meeting of the Senate’s committee. Meanwhile, the additional IG of Punjab Police informed the committee that in the last six months, 206 police encounters had taken place in Punjab. “In these encounters, 26 personnel of the Punjab Police have been killed, as well as more than 100 criminals have been killed,” he said.

Khatm-e-Nabuwat moot calls for restrictions on Ahmadis lahoRE: The Khatm-e-Nabuwat Conference ended in Lahore on Monday with speakers calling for various measures against members of the Ahmadiya community. A resolution, proposed by Justice(r) Nazeer Ahmed – member of Islamic Ideology Council, was passed during the Tajdar-eKhatam-e-Nabuwat Conference organized by Fidayane Khatam-e-Nabuwat at Aiwan-e-Iqbal. The participants of the conference said Malik Mumtaz Qadri, the self-confessed killer of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer, had not committed any offence by killing Taseer and should be released. Demanding amendments to the country’s laws, the participants said religious activities of Ahmadis should be banned in Pakistan and their social activities should be monitored. They demanded Ahmadis be treated as non-Muslims not only in Pakistan but also in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Those who attended the conference included Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Chairman Mufti Muneebur Rehman and PML-N MNA Captain Safdar. INP

Divorced girl accuses father of rape iSlaMaBad: In a shocking incident, a 50-year-old man has been accused by his daughter of raping her in Sector F-6 of Islamabad, police said on Monday. Police said accused Saeed Akhtar on Friday allegedly raped his daughter while holding a sharp-edged knife over her throat. The accused is an retired army personnel and currently worked as a security guard in Sector F-6. Police said the victim lodged an application stating that the incident occurred on Friday morning after her mother, who works as a housemaid, left for work. She said her siblings had also left for school when her father raped her. The victim, who is a mother of a child, had moved in with her parents about two years ago after getting a divorce from her husband. Police said accused Saeed also tortured his daughter when she tried to resist him. Later, the victim shared her ordeal with her mother who encouraged her to get an FIR registered against the accused. She lodged an application with Kohsar police station on Sunday. “We are in process of getting DNA test and medical certificate of the victim. Once, we get doctors’ opinion, we would be able to say anything in this case,” said Ghulam Murtaza, the ASI who is investigating the case. KASHIf AbbASI

DERA GHAZI KHAN: floodwater inundates the main highway. inP

clinton says haqqani designation not message to Pakistan WASHINGtON SPECIAl CoRRESPoNDENt

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said blacklisting the Afghan Haqqani militant group – operating along Pak-Afghan border and blamed for several attacks on American troops in Afghanistan – is not a message aimed at Pakistan.“No, it is about squeezing” the Haqqanis, she told Bloomberg Radio, days after designating the militant group as a foreign terrorist organization. “It’s part of the continuing effort to try to send a message to them (Haqqanis) — not to anyone else, but to them — because of the really incredibly damaging attacks they have waged against us, against other targets inside Afghanistan, and it’s important that we use every tool at our disposal to go after them,” she said, according to a Bloomberg report posted on its website. Before pronouncing last week’s decision, Washington had already slapped the Haqqani group’s leaders with

individual sanctions. Over the past several months, the United States has been targeting the Haqqani affiliated militants with clandestine drone strikes against their suspected hideouts in Pakistani tribal area of North Waziristan. Soon after the designation of the group, the U.S. last week explained that the step was in no way targeted against Pakistan or any of its government institutions. Senior Administration officials also said Washington was not at all considering any process towards declaring Pakistan a state sponsor of terror in view of the Haqqanis being able to use its tribal territory. In the interview, Clinton noted that adding the Haqqanis to the group blacklist “gives us much greater reach into any financial assets or fundraising that they may engage in, it gives us better traction against assets that they might own.” The top American diplomat declined to say whether she also would tag the Afghan Taliban a foreign terrorist organization.

Questioned if the Taliban – who before 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States had given sanctuary to Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terror network - should also be blacklisted, Clinton didn’t directly answer. “you know, we do a very intensive analysis before we designate someone as a foreign terrorist organization,” she said. “We have reached that conclusion about the Haqqani Network, and we think it’s the right decision,” she stated, according to the news organization. The State Department’s Sept. 7 determination to designate as a terrorist organization the Haqqani Network – which is closely affiliated with the AfghanTaliban — came after months of inter-agency deliberations on several implications. The process involved discussions within the White House, State Department, Pentagon, Treasury Department, Justice Department and the intelligence community over the merits and the timing of the move.

Nawaz invites PML-F to join opposition alliance LAHORE StAff REPoRt

PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has invited the PML-F to join the opposition alliance after quitting the ruling coalition with the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). All allies and opposition parties of Sindh, except the MQM, are unhappy with the government over the Sindh local bodies’ system issue. Taking opportunity of the prevailing new political scenario in Sindh, the PML-N has contacted Pir Pagara and invited him to join the opposition alliance against the ruling regime. Veteran politician Ghulam Mustafa Khar delivered Nawaz’s message to PML-F chief Pagara to come and join the opposition alliance. According to sources, Pagara has asked the PML-N for some time for consultation over the decision.

Tuesday, 11 September, 2012

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04 News Afghans ‘take control’ of Bagram BAGRAM


bAGRAM: freed Afghan prisoners walk after a handing over ceremony of the bagram prison to Afghan authorities on Monday. afP

13% Indians view Pakistan favorable but most back improvement in ties: survey WASHINGtON SPECIAl CoRRESPoNDENt

Only 13 per cent of Indians have a favorable view of Pakistan while most of the people overall say it is important to improve relationship with their neighbor through ways varying in degree and including resolution of Kashmir dispute, improvement in trade and further negotiations, Pew Research found in a recent survey. The survey, released Monday, also found a large number of Indians having lost faith in their economic fortunes in the face of dwindling economic conditions. A substantial portion of Indians have also lost confidence in a

wave of attacks kills 88 in iraq BaGhdad: A wave of more than 30 attacks across Iraq killed 88 people and wounded more than 400 on Saturday and Sunday, security and medical sources said, with the security forces and markets among the targets. The latest violence brings the number of people killed already this month to 118, according to an AFP tally. While insurgents opposed to the Baghdad government are regarded as weaker than in past years, they are still capable of launching periodic mass-casualty attacks across the country. The latest assaults came as Iraq’s Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, a leading Sunni, was sentenced in absentia on Sunday to hang for murder, although the carnage began hours before the sentence was handed down. In the deadliest attack, two car bombs exploded in a market on Sunday near the Imam Ali al-Sharqi shrine in southern Iraq, a security official said. Dr Ali al-Alaa, a Maysan province health department official, said the blasts killed 14 people and wounded 60. Five car bombs exploded in predominantly Shiite areas of the Iraqi capital on Sunday night. In north Baghdad, a car bomb killed at least 13 people and wounded at least 32, while another in Shuala killed at least five and wounded 22, another in Urr killed four and wounded 13, and a fourth in Hurriyah killed three and wounded 14, an interior ministry official and a medical source said. afP

Tuesday, 11 September, 2012

better economic future for their children. On India’s relations with the rest of the world, especially its neighbors Pakistan, China and Iran, the Pew said these are increasingly important in the realm of geopolitics. But for many Indians, especially those who live in rural areas, the outside world is simply not part of their daily consciousness. Large portions of the rural population have no definite opinion about other countries, foreign leaders or international policy issues, Pew reported Monday. City dwellers are more globally aware. A 58%-majority is favorably disposed to-

ward the United States and they see America in a more favorable light than they view other major world powers, such as Russia (48%) or the EU (38%). About seven-inten city dwellers (71%) who say they are following the U.S. election closely want U.S. president Barack Obama to be re-elected. Only a third of urban Indians have a favorable view of China. And those who say that China’s growing economic influence is bad for India are more likely to describe relations between the two countries as hostile. There is little support among urban Indians for Iran (28%), and about half (52%)

oppose Tehran obtaining nuclear weapons. Among those who oppose Iran acquiring nuclear arms, a 62%-majority favors tougher economic sanctions to prevent this possibility, and 69% believe it is important to keep Iran from acquiring a nuclear arsenal even if that means taking military action. Pakistan is a neuralgic concern for Indians. Just 13% of all Indians have a positive view of their neighbor. Nevertheless, seven-in-ten overall think it is important to improve relations, including through resolution of the Kashmir dispute (77%), increased trade (64%) and further negotiations (58%).

Taliban threaten to kill Prince Harry KANDAHAR AfP

The Taliban said Monday it was determined to kill Britain’s Prince Harry, serving in Afghanistan four years after his previous deployment was cut short over security concerns. A militia spokesman said the group had a “high-value plan” to attack the third in line to the British throne in southern province Helmand, one of the toughest battlefields in the 10-year war. “We will do our best to kill Prince Harry and Britain’s other troops based in Helmand,” the spokesman, who gave his name as Zabihullah Mujahid, told AFP by telephone from an undisclosed location. “It is not important for us to kidnap him. We will target

him and we will kill him,” he added. The 27-year-old Apache helicopter pilot, who hit the headlines last month after he was photographed naked at a party in Las Vegas, will spend four months based at the heavily fortified Camp Bastion in Helmand. “Whoever fights in our country is our enemy and we will do everything possible to kill him,” said Mujahid. Britain says Harry’s squadron “will provide surveillance, deterrence and, when required, close combat

attack capabilities as well as escort duties for other aircraft”. In 2008, the royal was hastily withdrawn from Afghanistan when a news blackout surrounding his deployment, on the ground directing aircraft in attacks on Taliban positions, was broken. This time, however, the military has released photographs and video of him in Afghanistan from the start. The Ministry of Defence said any risk “has been, and will continue to be, assessed”.


FGHANISTAN said Monday it had taken control of a controversial prison set up by US troops, but is yet to iron out disagreements over the fate of hundreds of inmates. A move hailed by Kabul as a victory for sovereignty, analysts say it is largely symbolic as NATO prepares to leave Afghanistan after more than a decade fighting the Taliban, leaving Afghan security personnel in charge in late 2014. Major questions remain over the immediate and long-term fate of more than 3,100 inmates, which include Taliban fighters and terror suspects, held at Bagram, sometimes referred to as the Guantanamo Bay of Afghanistan. Around 50 foreigners are not covered by the agreement, and hundreds of other Afghans arrested since the transfer deal was signed on March 9 are also being held at the Parwan Detention Facility, outside the Bagram US airbase north of Kabul. Afghan officials on Monday presided over a small

Suicide attack kills 21 at afghan demo KunduZ: A suicide bomber tore through a crowd of Afghan demonstrators Monday, killing 21 people in the northern city of Kunduz, a hospital doctor said, amid fears that the toll could rise further. Doctor Shir Jan, who works at the Kunduz central hospital, said 21 bodies — one of them a woman — had been brought in after the attack. Both civilians and policemen were among the dead, he added. A policeman deployed to man the demonstration, Gul Agha, told AFP that 18 people had died, including six civilians and 12 law enforcement police. There were local reports that the demonstration was in support of a local warlord accused of killing civilians. afP handover ceremony, which was marked by a low attendance among US and NATO officers. “I’m happy that today we are witnessing a glorious ceremony that marks the handing over of responsibilities of Afghan prisoners to Afghans themselves,” acting defence minister Enayatullah Nazari told the ceremony. Afghan military police commander Safiullah Safi said that 3,182 prisoners had been formally handed over to Afghan military police, following a six-month transition. President Hamid Karzai de-

manded authority over the prison as conditional to addressing long-term Afghan-US relations and possible legal immunity for US troops — the key to troops remaining in the country after 2014. But the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) governing the handover is not legally binding. Karzai’s spokesman, Aimal Faizi, says there are disagreements over the interpretation of the deal and that more than 600 people detained since March 9 have not yet been transferred to Afghan custody.

Shahabuddin Taliban ‘open’ to files pre-arrest bail plea in SC in ceasefire, US presence ephedrine case to 2024: think-tank ISLAMABAD




Textile Minister Makhdoom Shahabuddin on Monday filed a plea in the Supreme Court seeking pre-arrest bail in the ephedrine quota case. In his application, Shahubuddin said he was being subjected to political vendetta. He argued that ephedrine case was registered by the AntiNarcotics Force (ANF) on October 10 but nine months later, proceedings were suddenly initiated against him just a day before his nomination as a candidate for the office of prime minister. Subsequently, an arrest warrant was also issued, he added. The minister said a conspiracy was being hatched against him. Shahabuddin and Musa Gilani, son of former premier yousaf Raza Gilani, were declared absconders last week.

The Taliban are open to a general ceasefire as well as a political agreement which could lead to a US military presence in Afghanistan up until 2024, a new report by a British thinktank said Monday. But the insurgent group, led by Mullah Omar, will not negotiate with President Hamid Karzai or his administration, which it sees as corrupt and weak, the briefing paper by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) says. The report, entitled “Taliban Perspectives on Reconciliation”, presents interviews with four senior Taliban representatives about their approach to reconciliation. The paper claims to reveal an emerging, pragmatic consensus among the Taliban leadership, who are willing to take part in peace negotiations in exchange for political leverage after 2014. NATO has about 130,000 soldiers fighting a decade-

long insurgency by the Taliban, but they are due to pull out in 2014 and now work increasingly with the Afghans they are training to take over. The report says the Quetta Shura Taliban, a council of Taliban leaders headed by Omar, will not accept the interpretation of the Afghan constitution in its current form since this would be akin to surrender. But Taliban representatives did welcome the prospect of a US military stabilization force operating in Afghanistan up to 2024 out of the five primary military bases — Kandahar, Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar-eSharif and Kabul. However, this was only as long as the US presence contributed to Afghan security and did not constrain Afghan independence and Islamic jurisprudence, the report said. The paper also warned any American attacks against neighbors — such as Iran and Pakistan — launched from Afghan bases would not be tolerated since it would impact on national security and invite “trouble”.

mPsraise eyebrOws at un exPerts’ missiOn Continued fRom page 01

Jamshed Dasti of the Pakistan People’s Party raised the issue of floods in southern Punjab and said the torrential rain had wreaked havoc in DG Khan, Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur districts, but the Punjab government had failed to address the matter. He said the Punjab government had appointed corrupt officials in the area who were paying no heed to the issues being faced by the

people of South Punjab. Dasti said even the report by a judicial commission on Taunsa Barrage breach last year was not made public. He said that he had written a letter to Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry requesting him to make public the report, but to no avail. un woRKinG GRoup: Meanwhile, the UN working group met Justice (r) Iqbal to discuss the issue of enforced disappearances and missing persons in Pakistan.

A source told Pakistan Today that during the meeting the commission exchanged information on a list of 106 missing persons. However, it was informed that eight of the 106 missing persons had been recovered, and 21 of these cases had been resolved by the Supreme Court. During a briefing, the delegates were informed that the United Nations Secretariat of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights had forwarded to the government the addresses

and telephone numbers of 28 cases which were found incorrect. The commission was told that most of these cases belonged to 80s and 90s for which no details were available, whereas 20 cases were about foreign nationals that were not relevant to Pakistan. It was also informed that investigations in 29 cases were underway and some important developments had been made. Earlier, the UN delegation visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and

held sittings with some senior FO officials, during which they were assured that the government machinery, including the Supreme Court, were engaged recovering the people considered victims of enforced disappearances. The source said the United Nations working group would visit various cities in Punjab from September 11 to September 14. Then it would go to Quetta on September 15 and finally by September 17, it would visit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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AQ Khan launches 100-day anti-graft drive ISLAMABAD



HE father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb is launching a 100-day campaign to end corruption and urges voters to elect “clean and honest” candidates in polls next year, a senior party official said Monday. Tehreek-e-Tahafuzz Pakistan or Save Pakistan Movement (SPM), announced in July, will contest general elections due in 2013, secretary general Chaudhry Khurshid Zaman told a press conference in Islamabad. Abdul Qadeer Khan, whom many Pakistanis regard as a hero for building the Islamic world’s first nuclear bomb, would not be a candidate for any public office and would guide the movement as its chairman, Zaman said. Zaman said from Tuesday Khan

would kick off his 100-day campaign during which he will address bar associations, universities students, chambers of commerce and industries across Pakistan. The starting point would be the town of Kahuta, which is home to Pakistan’s nuclear facilities near the capital Islamabad, where Khan will address the local bar association, Zaman said. Khan’s party is critical of the current government and all political parties who have remained in power for their “corruption and misrule”, he said, adding that “new people will be given an opportunity to contest elections”. “We urge the Pakistanis, particularly youth, to elect clean and honest people in coming elections, because the parties who are in power now or were in the past are responsible for the mess in which Pakistan is today,

Zaman said. He said that the SPM “most likely will make an alliance with right-wing parties because they also believe that doctor Khan can turn around things in Pakistan”. Zaman said Khan had started the movement after seeing the “deteriorating economic and political situation due to corruption and bad governance in the country with an aim to turn around it”. “We are getting tremendous response through social media and more than two million people have contacted us by email, SMS, fax, surface mail to join our movement,” Zaman said. Khan admitted in 2004 that he ran a nuclear black-market selling secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea. But he later retracted his remarks and in 2009 was freed from house arrest, although he was asked to keep a low profile.

News 05 Rs 12m allocated to secret fund: Kaira ISLAMABAD APP

Federal Minister for Information Qamar Zaman Kaira has categorically denied the news doing rounds in various section of press regarding his ministry’s secret fund. Talking to media here, he termed all the figures quoted by some sections of press as inflated exaggerations. “Ministry’s total budget is only Rs5.85 billion and the secret fund gets only Rs12 million of it,” said he. “As far as allegations of bribing the journalists are concerned, the ministry only extends monetary assistance to the deserving journalists, their widows, and families who are in need of it,” Kaira added. He added that those who have misled the court with the exaggerated figures should be brought to the book. He said the secret fund’s allocations were preset and secretary information was accountable for every penny spent. “I find raising fingers at the very existence of ministry of information highly astonishing. Such motions do not make sense”, the minister added. To a question Kaira said Transparency International report in this regard

was rubbish. “The secret fund issue was only being politicized in an organized manner,” said he. He dared the disputants to make the secret recordings public. “The ones who claim to have those secret recordings must also reveal which agency’s payroll are they on”. Condemning the whole secret fund scandal, the minister urged the courts to order action against the controversy-mongers.

aziz, 20 others acquitted in Ranger’s murder case


An anti-terrorism court (ATC) of Rawalpindi on Monday acquitted 21 people, including former Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Aziz in the murder case of a Rangers official. The verdict was announced by ATC Judge Chaudhry Habibur Rehman. Aziz along with his 21 companions and family members was booked in the case after the Lal Masjid military operation in Islamabad

in 2007. Moreover, the court also issued arrest warrants for four of the accused in Rangers murder case. One of the accused, Khalid Khawaja, a former ISI officer, has been killed by militants. Abdul Rashid Ghazi and dozens of others were killed during the operation as Aziz had refused to surrender. “Today, Allah almighty has awarded us with another success and court verdict has proved that Pervez Musharraf’s allegations were wrong,” Aziz told reporters outside the court.

free education the right of every Pakistani child: chief justice ISLAMABAD APP

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary has said that according to Article-25 of the Constitution, free elementary education is the right of every child. The court will ensure implementation of the abovementioned Article, he added. A bench headed by the chief justice (CJ) held a hearing of the suo motu case regarding a school operating near a graveyard in Gujranwala. The court showed dissatisfaction over the report presented by Sindh and Balochistan elaborating the conditions of schools. The CJ remarked that the salaries of

teachers who do not fulfill their responsibility of teaching must be withheld. Additional secretary, Education department, told the bench that 121 schools in Noshehro, Ghotki, Sukkur, and Kherpur are occupied by law-enforcing agencies. At this, the CJ asked which agencies were involved in occupation of these schools. Justice Khilji Arif said that 70 percent schools in Balochistan do not have walls, 57 percent are deprived of electricity and water, while 50 percent schools have no building. The court demanded officials to present a report about the condition of government schools in the four provinces within three weeks.

Tuesday, 11 September, 2012

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Tuesday, 11 September, 2012

529 gangs busted in last 8 months: ccPO LAHORE


StAff REPoRt

N the directions of the Additional IG/CCPO Muhammad Aslam Tareen, Lahore police busted 529 gangs while arresting 1,647 harden criminals during the first eight months of the current calendar year. According to details, an overall

amount of Rs 322.8 million was recovered from the offenders, while over 28,000 proclaimed offenders and court absconders were arrested during the period. As many as 3,028 cases were traced which included 17 murders cases, 8 murder cum dacoit cases, 2 abductions for ransom cases, 97 dacoit cases, 1,364 robbery cases, 1,195 theft and burglary cases and 345 miscellaneous cases.

The recovery of 322.8 million rupees included 210 cars, 588 motorcycles, 35 wagons and pickup rickshaws, 1,362 mobile phones, 116 tola of gold ornaments, 33.60 million in cash, prize bounds valuing Rs 45000 and other valuables. As many as 16,387 proclaimed offenders were arrested during the period and who were involved in murder, attempted murder, theft, robbery and other crimes besides arresting 12,024 court ab-

sconders during the period. Lahore police registered 3,414 cases of illegal weapons while arresting 3,415 accused and recovered 26 Kalashnikovs, one stand gun, 145 rifles, 186 guns, 2,821 pistols, 120 revolvers, 13 carbines, two mousers, 34 daggers, 349 magazines and over 20 thousand rounds of ammunition form their possession. During the action against drug sellers, 4,853 cases were registered, while

5,004 accused were arrested. Drugs recovered from them included over 134 kilograms (kg) of heroin, over 1,067 kg of hashish, over 16 kg of opium, 245 intoxicating injection, 121 intoxicating tablets and 38,767 bottles of liquor. During the first eight months of the year 1,083 gambling cases were registered and 4,509 gamblers were arrested. Stake money of Rs 7.3 million was recovered from them.

LHC bars YDA from striking lahoRE: The Lahore High Court on Monday barred young doctors from observing strike on September 13 and 17. The court directed the Punjab health secretary to submit a report on the old and proposed service structure of doctors. Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan passed the orders while hearing a petition filed by Judicial Activism Panel against the doctors’ strike. The petitioner’s counsel pointed out that yDA had again announced a strike on September 13 and 17. He added that the strike was not only a violation Pakistan Medical and Dental Council’s (PMDC) code of ethics but was also an abrogation of fundamental human rights. He pleaded to the court that directions be issued to PMDC to cancel licenses of member doctors of yDA. The court ordered said that a strike by doctors would not be tolerated and doctors should resume their duties at hospitals. The court held back orders of suspensions, transfers and terminations by Punjab government and told the official representatives to restart negotiations. APP

Two robbers shot dead lahoRE: Two alleged robbers were killed in an encounter with Factory Area Police here on Monday.According to police, two dacoits snatched a motorcycle from Muhammed Ijaz on Ferozepur Road at midnight between Sunday and Monday and fled. The police, after receiving message, cordoned off the area and launched a search operation. On Monday, early in the morning, a police party intercepted a motorbike at Academy Road when the motorcylists opened fire at police. In retaliation, both the criminals died on the spot. Police also claimed to have recovered snatched motorbike (LEA-6666) and a pistol from the dacoits. The bodies have been sent to the mortuary. StAff REPoRt

Yet another bomb scare at Pia! lahoRE: Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight PK-303 was denied clearance on reports of a bomb threat on Monday. The Lahore-Karachi flight PK-303 was grounded after a caller using an unidentified number said that a bomb has been planted in the plane. Airport security and PIA staff were put on a red alert, however the plane was cleared for take off after the authorities realised the call to be a hoax. StAff REPoRt

Regional countries have to promote economic cooperation: Shahbaz LAHORE StAff REPoRt

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that economic cooperation between Pakistan, Iran, China, Turkey, Afghanistan and India is vital for regional peace and cooperation. CM met Consul General of Iran Hussain Bani Asadi in Lahore on Monday. In the meeting various steps to promote cooperation in different sectors, along with matters of mutual interest came under discussion. CM said that Pakistanis stand shoulder to shoulder with Iranian brethren. He said the goal of progress and prosperity can be achieved by sitting together and re-

moving mutual differences. He said by promoting economic and commercial ties between Punjab government and Iran, bilateral relations can be further strengthened Punjab government was working in collaboration with Iran for the establishment of modern slaughter houses in the province, he said, adding that along with setting up of modern slaughter houses, cooperation in solar energy, irrigation and liver transplants was also on Punjab government’s agenda. He said that a delegation of Punjabi investors and businessmen would participate in an exhibition to be held in the Iranian city of Mashad in November. Commenting on the regional situation, CM

PakisTan Tehreek-e-insaf blaMes Punjab GovT for DeaThs causeD in flooDs LAHORE StAff REPoRt

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) condemned the Punjab government of mismanagement and not adopting precautionary measures for citizens against floods PTI stated that even though flood warnings were given by the MET, the provincial government did not set its machinery in motion until flood water had already inundated many towns and villages. Water entered into houses of Southern Punjab districts like Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajinpur and Tonsa Shareef during night when people were sleeping. So far 78

Imran Khan has lost his senses: Rana lahoRE: Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah has said that Imran Khan has lost his senses after the unsuccessful public meeting in Rawalpindi and is levelling allegations against the provincial government to displace his anger over his mistakes. Rana Sanaullah said that there was authentic information that the leadership of PPP was fed its rhetoric by Federal Information Department which. He said that Khan’s has made the PTI as a defence line for PPP. He said that Khan has criticized the project of public transport in Punjab. He said that those travelling in chartered planes have no indeaths have been reported and army has been called in to assist in rescue services.

terest in the transport problems of the people. He said that metro bus system comprised of nine packages, out of which, eight packages were awarded through open tenders while one package has been given to NLC keeping in view the demands of complete transparency. He said that if Imran does not prove the allegations levelled, he would have to quit politics. Rana said that Imran Khan had lied that Rs 73 billion had been spent on the project while only Rs 26 billion had been spent. He added that the government of Turkey was a witness to Punjab government’s transparency in the matter. StAff REPoRt

Thousands of people have been displaced and PTI criticized the provincial government of not

putting to use the Rs 6 billion fund allocated for precautionary and rescue efforts.

said that extremists had no religion and country and all countries of the region should collectively draft a strategy to eradicate the menace. Referring to his meeting with Indian Foreign Minister SM Karishna, he said that “I have made it clear that Pakistan and India have fought three wars, but as a result both countries and their people have achieved nothing except poverty, backwardness, unemployment and heaps of problems” Asadi extended invitation to CM Shahbaz to visit Iran. CM accepted the invitation to visit Iran. The CM congratulated Iranian leadership for holding of non-aligned conference. Planning and Development chairman and other officials concerned were also present on the occasion.

Complex to be constructed to preserve old copies of Holy Quran lahoRE: Punjab Auqaf Secretary Tariq Pasha has directed the authorities concerned to arrange seminars at the district level to promote public awareness regarding upholding of the sanctity and preservation of old and worn out pages of the Holy Quran. He presided over a meeting of Quran Board at Aiwan-e-Auqaf on Monday. He said that a complex was being constructed at Raiwind for the preservation of old copies of the Holy Quran in a systemstic way. Quran Board Chairman Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Sialvi, Information additional secretary and officers of Auqaf, police and other departments participated in the meeting. The meeting was informed that Quran Board had conducted raids in Lahore and other cities to check the printing of the Holy Quran on low quality paper and legal action had been initiated against a few publishers. The meeting also discussed various measures to ensure error free printing of the Holy Quran. StAff R EPo Rt

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Lahore 07

SAfE, So fAR: While farms in other parts of the country have drowned, preparation for winter crops is in full swing in areas around lahore. online

Pia Housing society to face music for illegally selling lda’s plots LAHORE


StAff REPoRt

AHORE Development Authority has initiated action against the sponsor and management of PIA Employees Co-operative Housing Society Phase-I for illegally selling out two plots, owned by LDA, worth millions. The Directorate of Estate Management LDA has submitted an application in the concerned police station to register an FIR against the president of the PIA Society. Per details, a school site in Block-E measuring 3 kanal was owned by LDA through registered mortgaged/transfer deed but the same had been illegally sold out by the soci-

ety where American Public School was presently functioning. Furthermore, the site reserved for hospital in BlockC measuring 7.15 Kanal has also been illegally sold out to an NGO (Unique Health Care Society) whereas this site has been transferred to LDA through registered mortgaged/transfer deed. The management of the scheme had also committed other violations of the approved scheme plan as well. It has illegally extended the D block and created 30 plots, each measuring one kanal. As many as 28 plots mortgaged with LDA as guarantee for completing development works have also been sold where houses have been constructed as well.

‘relief to canal breach affectees soon’ lahoRE: Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Director General Mujhaid Sherdil has said that people are facing problems after a canal breach in DG Khan. Talking to reporters, the DG said that water had badly damaged crops, houses and killed animals. He added that a survey would be conducted to provide quick relief to affected people after water recedes. He said that Punjab chief minister had directed senior advisers Zulfiqar Ali Khosa, Ch Abdul Ghafoor, PDMA DG and Rescue DG to visit DG Khan to ensure relief activities. APP

43 reservoirs projects underway lahoRE: Punjab government has given approval to add 43 water reservoir projects in the “small dams project”. All these water reservoirs are located in Potohar area, official sources said on Monday. Dhok Jhang dam is near completion while four others being constructed at Dhok Hum, Orgahan, Athowal, Mandi and Dharbi would be completed by the end of current fiscal year. Another three dams,including Taja Bara,Haji Shah,Sidryal, would be commissioned by June 2013. Official sources said that currently 30,000 acres of land was being irrigated with existing water network. APP

sewer safety kits imported from italy cine STar


Ph: 35157462

The darK niGhT riSeS

03:30 Pm

STeP uP reVoluTion

08:45 Pm

The eXPendableS 2


Sozo world

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Ph: 36674271 Sozo Gold

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Ph: 111-602-602 Shirin farhad

04:45Pm, 11:45Pm

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odd life of TimoThY Green


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07-45Pm, 11:50Pm

lahoRE: Punjab government has imported sewer safety kits from Italy for protecting the lives of sewer men during desilting of sewerage. Punjab Local Government Special Secretary Dr Saqib Aziz while addressing a function held under the aegis of Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company said that desilting of sewer was a difficult and technical job which involves threat to human life and purchasing of kits was a welcome step. The kits include air cylinders, compressors, masks and cylinder trolleys. Every kit will comprise of two cylinders and a cylinder carrying six kg air and can sustain a human for an hour. The secretary handed over sewer safety kits to eleven TMOs and directed them to review the allocated amount in the budget for purchasing more kits. StAff REPoRt

Pr comes to a standstill after continuous rains lahoRE: Shortage of engines and flood-damaged tracks brought the railway traffic to a halt across the country. Pakistan Express arrived six hours late, Awam Express was seven hours late and arrival of Karkoram Express was delayed for eight hours. Shalimar Express, Hazara Express, Jaffer and Millat Express reached the destinations with a delay of nine hours. Business train was 12 hours late while Super Expess and Allama Iqbal Express were 15 hours late. StAff REPoRt

Tuesday, 11 September, 2012

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08 Lahore weaTher uPdaTeS

32 °c high

Hunger, noT jusT ‘Terror’,


0c 25 low

ParTlY cloudY

wedneSdaY ThurSdaY


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PraYer TiminGS fajr Sunrise 04:21 05:43

zuhr 12:00

asr 16:30

maghrib 18:16

isha 19:39

ciTY direcTorY emerGencY helP reScue edhi conTrol moTorwaY Police Police GoVernor’S houSe chief miniSTer’S houSe fire briGade bomb diSPoSal mcl comPlainTS lahore waSTe diSPoSal

1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

hoSPiTalS mid ciTY 37573382-3 SerViceS 99203402-11 maYo 99211100-9 General 35810892-8 SheiKh zaid 35865731 Sir GanGa ram 99200572 uch 35763573-5 iTTefaq 35881981-85 cmh 366996168-72 ShouKaT Khanum 35945100 Jinnah 111-809-809 adil (defence) 36667275 children’S 99230901-3 defence naTional hoSPiTal 111-17-18-19

blood banK faTmid iSlamic alliance

35210834-8 37588649/37535435

comPlainT waPda Sui GaS

111-000-118 1199

railwaYS ciTY STaTion (enquirY) reSerVaTion railwaY Police

117 99201772 1333

airPorT fliGhT enquirY Pia reSerVaTion

114 111-786-786

9/11 anniversary or not, Pakistan’s economic growth rate is the lowest in south asia and has been in decline for 10 years. nearly one-quarter of its 177 million people live under the international poverty line, inflation rate is over 11% annually, the highest in asia. The govt is slashing subsidies for electricity and fuel, making things tougher on many Pakistanis




ANISH Arif, a seller of colorful fabrics at the Mehran Bazaar, repeated what many here say about the direction of Pakistan and its latest change in leaders. “Who cares who comes and who goes,” says Arif as sellers haggle over yards of colorful embroidered cloth. “As long as they’re good for the country.” The United States’ focus in Pakistan since 9/11 has been on combating radicalism, the latest example of which was the suicide bombing Monday of a US government vehicle. The explosion killed two Pakistanis and wounded two Americans, Hani yousuf and Salman Masood of USA Today reported. For Pakistanis, the declining standard of living — and not the war against terror here or in Afghanistan — is what many say concerns them most. The government has failed to turn around high unemployment, soaring inflation and stagnant wages. Pakistan’s latest shift in leadership placed former energy minister Raja Pervez Ashraf in the prime minister’s seat. He was appointed in June after the Supreme Court ruled that his predecessor, yousaf Raza Gilani, had to resign for refusing to investigate charges of corruption against the government. Ashraf inherits a country where killings for profit, as well as politics, honor and religious beliefs, are not uncommon, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. In Karachi, a city of 20 million that generates half of the country’s wealth, 1,450 people were murdered in the first six months of the year, the commission says. Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists roam free in the country’s northwest and have launched attacks against people it considers un-Islamic in more modern cities such as Lahore.

The US military believes the reclusive head of the Taliban, Mullah Omar, is here, and US and Pakistani news media report that US drone strikes regularly kill leaders of radical groups. The US has accused Pakistan of not doing enough to combat radicalism despite $1.3 billion in U.S. aid annually. However, under Ashraf, Pakistan resolved a matter of importance to the U.S. military when it reopened a critical border crossing of supplies to American troops in Afghanistan that was shut down after an errant US attack that killed 28 Pakistani soldiers. Many here believe Ashraf will do little to change everyday life for Pakistanis. “Raja Pervez Ashraf is a nothing candidate, picked in haste,” said Cyril Almeida, a columnist. “His influence on policy will be zero to none.” Ashraf, 61, served as the minister of water and power from 2008 to 2011 under former prime minister Gilani. In that time, Ashraf was unable to solve the country’s endless power shortages. Instead, he oversaw the creation of temporary or “rental” power plants, for which he received the nickname “Raja Rental.” In March, the Supreme Court ordered the National Accountability Bureau to investigate the power deals for possible corruption. The court also threatens to cut short Ashraf’s tenure as prime minister. It has given him until Sept. 18 to explain why he, like his predecessor, has yet to reopen a corruption investigation into Pakistan’s president, Asif Ali Zardari. Meanwhile, ordinary Pakistanis hope for improvement. Pakistan’s economic growth rate is the lowest in South Asia and has been in decline for 10 years. Nearly one-quarter of its 177 million people live under the international poverty line, according to the World Bank. Pakistan has an inflation rate of over 11 percent annually, the highest in Asia. The government is


slashing subsidies for electricity and fuel, making things tougher on many Pakistanis. Hamida Bano, who works as a maid, says most of her income goes to transportation to work and to vegetables and milk for herself, her mother and 13year-old son. And food keeps costing more. The price of rice has doubled in the past year, she says. “The prices never come down, they just keep going up. (Earlier), you could afford to buy good quality cooking oil for half the cost you can now,” she says. Meanwhile, power outages occur for five to 10 hours every day on average, the government says. Mohammed Tayyab, who embroiders women’s outfits for a living in his shop, says his electricity bill has quadrupled in four years. “I charge the same prices I did four years ago, because there’s so much competition that I would lose customers if I charged more,” said Tayyab, a tape measure hanging around his neck. “When I think of what’s going to happen with the inflation in this country, I can’t sleep.” Others fret over the worsening violence and crime. Crimes against women, such as rape and honor killings, are on the rise, according to reports from District Police Offices. “There’s so much bloodshed on the street, you can’t step out of the house,” Arif says. Pakistan analysts say Ashraf is limited in what he can do because of Pakistan’s all-powerful military. “I don’t anticipate Ashraf’s election radically impacting US-Pakistan relations,” said Arif Rafiq, an adjunct fellow at The Middle East Institute in Washington. “The only risk is that he poorly manages the day-to-day affairs as chief executive.” Tayyab the embroiderer hopes that is not the case, but he is not optimistic. “I don’t really care who comes and goes — but, from the looks of things, it won’t be someone uncorrupt,” Tayyab says.



colleGeS / uniVerSiTieS PunJab uniVerSiTY Kinnaird colleGe queen marY colleGe GoVT. colleGe uniVerSiTY umT lumS ueT lcwu SuPerior colleGe Tuesday, 11 September, 2012

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

daTe: march 31 To december 29, 2012 Venue: haST-o-neeST cenTre, lahore hast-o-neest centre for Traditional art & culture invites you to its monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 Ghazals of maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

daTe: aPril 01 To december 30, 2012 Venue: faiz Ghar, lahore a unique blend of Yoga, meditation, neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga master Shamshad haider

daTe: SePT 14 - 16Venue: Pearl conTinenTal hoTel This exhibition will showcase the best of Pakistan’s Gems & Jewellery products highlighting both traditional and contemporary class.

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Foreign News 09

China will ‘never yield an inch’ on disputed isles: pM BEIJING



H I N E S E Premier Wen Jiabao said Monday that Beijing would “never yield an inch” in its territorial dispute with Japan over a group of islands, after Tokyo said it was going to purchase the territory. “The Diaoyu Islands are an inherent part of China’s territory. On issues concerning sovereignty and territory, the Chinese government and people will never ever yield an inch,” the official Xinhua news agency quoted Wen as saying. Wen was speaking after Japan announced it will nationalise the group of islands known as Senkaku in Japanese

as Tokyo tries both to appease nationalists and keep Beijing onside. Following the announcement Beijing summoned Japan’s ambassador to China to express “strong protest” over the move, China’s foreign ministry said in a statement. In a deal reported to be worth 2.05 billion yen ($26 million) Premier yoshihiko Noda’s administration agreed to buy three islands it already administers, which China claims as its own. “During the ministerial meeting today, we agreed that we will obtain the ownership of the three Senkaku islands as quickly as possible,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura told reporters. The decision to purchase the islands, which will be formally owned by

Japan’s Coast Guard, was aimed at their “quiet and stable maintenance”, he added. Noda has been somewhat bounced into the deal by Shintaro Ishihara, the outspoken right wing governor of Tokyo, who said he wanted them developed to protect Japanese sovereignty. China has repeatedly reiterated its sovereignty over the islands since reports emerged that the Japanese government was going to buy the chain from their private landowners.

Israel talking nuclear ‘red lines’ with US: Netanyahu


RAMAllAH: A Palestinian protester blocks a street by burning tyres during a protest against the high cost of living in Palestinian territories on Monday. afP

West to grant Kosovo full sovereignty PRIStINA AfP

Kosovo was to be granted full sovereignty by the West on Monday, over four years since its hotly contested declaration of independence, in a celebration marred by new Serbian allegations of organ trafficking. Western powers in the International Steering Group — which has overseen Kosovo since its 2008 unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia — are set to announce the end of supervision over the territory. Kosovo and its two million majority ethnic-Albanian population has been under some form of international administration since a NATO bombing campaign forced then Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic’s troops out of the Serbian province in 1999. The ISG — which consists of 23 European Union countries, the United States and Turkey — will formally announce the end of its supervision after an afternoon meeting. Kosovo’s president Atifete Jahjaga said Monday that Kosovo deserved to become equal with others. “Kosovo today is a country that fulfils all the conditions to become a state with a clear Euro-Atlantic integration perspective,” she said in an address to the nation just hours before the ISG meeting. But Serbia — which has never accepted Kosovo’s declaration of independence on February 17, 2008 — dismissed the sovereignty announcement as meaningless. Kosovo’s independence has been recognised by some 90 countries, including most EU nations, but is rejected by Serbia, Russia and Kosovo’s own ethnic Serbs, who make up about six percent of the population, living mainly in the north on the border with Serbia. Serbia’s top official for Kosovo, Aleksandar Vulin, said the decision to end ISG supervision was a “historic and tragic mistake”. Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic stressed Belgrade would never recognise Kosovo’s independence “supervised or unsupervised”, and dismissed the ISG decision as meaningless. The granting of full sovereignty was further marred by a Serbian prosecutor’s revelation on the eve of the ISG’s meeting that Belgrade has a former Kosovo rebel witness who allegedly took part in removing the heart of a Serb prisoner for the international black market in organs during the 19981999 Kosovo conflict.


Israel is talking with Washington about laying down “clear red lines” for Iran over its nuclear program, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview with Canada’s CBC. “Iran will not stop unless it sees clear determination by the democratic countries of the world and a clear red line,” Netanyahu told the Canadian television channel. “The sooner we establish one, the greater the chances that there won’t be a need for other types of action,” he said. Over the past week, the Israeli leader has repeatedly driven home the need to draw a “clear red line” for Iran and make clear the consequences of crossing it, in what was widely interpreted as a criticism of Washington. “We’re discussing it right now with the United States,” Netanyahu said, without saying what would constitute a red line. “The issue is not merely the sanctions or the steps that could be enhanced to put pressure on Iran. It’s also a clear delineation of a line which Iran cannot cross in its pursuit of the development of nuclear weapons capability,” he said. “If Iran saw that, there’s a chance... they might pause before they cross that line.” Last week, Netanyahu insisted that red lines were necessary in order to avoid war. “The greater the resolve and the clearer the red line, the less likely we’ll have conflict,” he said on September 3. In recent weeks, tensions with Washington have risen sharply over reports Israel was planning to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities without White House approval. Israel, the Middle East’s sole, if undeclared, nuclear power, says a nuclear Iran would constitute an existential threat for the Jewish state and has refused to rule out a military strike to prevent it from gaining such a capability.

Un atomic watchdog brahimi begins ‘very chief ‘frustrated’ by iran difficult’ syria mission VIENNA AfP

The head of the UN atomic agency hit out Monday at Iran’s refusal to address allegations of nuclear weapons research and called on Tehran to allow access to a suspect military site “without further delay”. “Despite the intensified dialogue between the Agency and Iran since January 2012, no concrete results have been achieved so far,” yukiya Amano said at the start of an International Atomic Energy Agency board meeting. “This is frustrating because, without Iran’s full engagement, we will not be able to start the process to resolve all outstanding issues, including those involving possible military dimensions to its nuclear programme. “We consider it essential for Iran to engage with us without further delay on the substance of our concerns,” Amano said, according to the text of his speech released by the Vienna-based IAEA. The word “substance” was in italics. The IAEA has held several rounds of fruitless talks with Iran this year to press for access to sites and scientists involved in what it suspects has been a structured nuclear weapons research programme prior to 2003 and possibly since. Iran denies conducting any such research and says that the documents backing up the IAEA’s accusations, set out in a major report last November, are forgeries. Amano also said that activities at the Parchin military base near Tehran, where Iran is accused of having carried out weapons research and of removing evidence in recent months, “will have an adverse impact on our ability to undertake effective verification

there”. Activities spotted at Parchin by satellite “further strengthen our assessment that it is necessary to have access to the location at Parchin without further delay in order to obtain the required clarifications,” Amano said. This echoed comments in the IAEA’s latest report on Iran last month that also highlighted considerable progress in another area of activity of concern to the international community, uranium enrichment. This process can be used to provide fuel for nuclear reactors or for medical purposes, but also in a nuclear bomb. Since the IAEA has repeatedly said that Iran’s lack of cooperation has prevented it from verifying that all the country’s nuclear activities are indeed peaceful, multiple UN Security Council resolutions have called on Tehran to suspend enrichment. In spite of this, as well as UN and Western sanctions that have hit Iran’s oil exports — plus the threat of Israeli military action — the IAEA report said capacity at the underground enrichment site at Fordo has doubled since May. Western countries hope to use this week’s IAEA meeting to turn up the heat further still on Iran by getting the agency’s 35-nation board of governors to approve a resolution sharply criticising the Islamic republic. One Western envoy told AFP that he was “reasonably optimistic” that even Russia and China, seen as softer on Iran, would agree to some sort of resolution — the 12th in nine years. This would however stop short of referring Iran again to the Security Council, diplomats said. The IAEA board was expected to discuss Iran on Wednesday. Other topics included improvements to nuclear safety following the March 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan, as well as North Korea and Syria.


UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi on Monday began what he called a “very difficult” mission to bring peace to Syria with talks in Egypt, as he made his first official trip to the region. Brahimi, replacing former UN chief Kofi Annan who quit over divisions in the UN Security Council on the deadly violence that has gripped Syria for nearly 18 months, arrived in Cairo late on Sunday. “I realise it’s a very difficult mission, but I think it is not my right to refuse to give whatever assistance I can to the Syrian people,” Brahimi told reporters after talks with Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi. “I am at the service of the Syrian people alone,” he said, adding: “I will go to Damascus in a few days and I will meet officials and civil society members in the capital and outside.” Asked if he would meet Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, Brahimi said: “I hope to but I don’t know.” Brahimi’s spokesman Ahmad Fawzi said late Sunday that the date of the envoy’s visit to Syria would be fixed once his programme of meetings is finalised. The Algerian former foreign minister also met with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and was due to hold talks with Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr later on Monday. Expectations that he will have any more success than Annan are low, however.

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

education and careers Will private education really be the panacea that is being talked about?

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

Playing with country’s destiny

By Dr faisal Bari

Security agencies in balochistan


he last port of call of the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance was Bosnia Herzegovina where large scale disappearances of Bosnians took place under the former Serbian junta. That the group has now been assigned the task to probe similar happenings to Pakistan is indicative of the international community’s grave concern. Thanks the indifference shown to public anxiety about enforced disappearances in Balochistan, the issue is gradually getting internationalized. Blaming Pakistan’s enemies of blowing up the matter out of proportion would no longer convince anyone after the UN takes up the issue in its hands. The UN Working Group is already in Islamabad and would visit various parts of the country to meet officials, representatives of civil society organizations, UN agencies and relatives of disappeared people. In days to come Pakistan is likely to get more negative publicity in international media. The large scale enforced disappearances in Balochistan have been condemned by political parties and the civil society in general. Studies conducted by the HRCP underlined the involvement of the security agencies in the affair. This was subsequently corroborated by the Supreme Court also. Those accused of being responsible for the nefarious activity, however, maintained a state of denial. Over the last several months two Supreme Court benches have worked overtime to persuade and direct the security agencies to produce the disappeared persons before the court. The apex court has summoned top government officials, given them timeframes and tried to put the fear of God into them without much success. The issue was again highlighted at a National Conference on Balochistan convened by the Supreme Court Bar Association on Sunday. The Conference once again pointed a finger at the security agencies accusing them of gross human rights violations. Among other things the Conference demanded transparent elections without the interference of the agencies. It is a matter of satisfaction that despite threats from the extremists all nationalist parties are still keen to take part in the forthcoming elections. They have however made it known that violence might engulf the entire province if the agencies did not stop manipulating the system. A perception both at home and abroad that those entrusted with the enforcement of law were themselves wilfully and continuously violating it would impair the image of law enforcement bodies and isolate the country. What is more it would encourage lawlessness in the province. There is still time to repent and change course.

By Rabia Ahmed


ajid, in his late 40s, has two kids in school going age. He works as an administrative coordinator in an office. Over the last 15 years that I have known him he has had two overriding concerns in his life. One, he wanted to make a small house for his family so that he could move out of a rental place. Second, he wants the very best education for his kids. Borrowing against his gratuity, taking all sorts of loans at this place of work and from friends and relatives, some years ago he was finally able to get a five marla plot and build a 3-4 room structure on it. He is still paying off some of the loans. For education of his children, he wanted English medium education and from private schools as he knew government schools, even in the city, were not good enough, did not have a good reputation and certainly did not give the English medium of instruction to allow his children the head-start that he felt he never had. He had been educated in government schools and most of his education had been in Urdu: he was very aware that his English language skills, especially written English, left a lot to be desired and he felt it was one of the key reasons his chances of promotion, at his office, were severely limited and there was a ceiling up to where he would be allowed to go. He is right. His children now go to English medium private schools that cost Rs 4,000 a month per child only as tuition. He had to borrow money to pay for the admission fee, security deposit (he gives his children in the custody of the school administration and he is the one who has to pay a security deposit) and a non-voluntary donation. He also had to

buy books and uniforms from school designated shops. For all of this fixed expenditure he had to borrow money from colleagues. Now, with the tuition of Rs 4,000 per month per child and transport and other expenses, he barely makes ends meet every month. In fact, every month he has to postpone other important expenditures to ensure that the family’s basic requirements and educational expenses are covered. He, his wife or his children have not seen a dentist for many years, for the younger child probably never. Their food is the simplest one can imagine, and his children hardly get any nutritional supplements that they might need occasionally. He has had back problems for the last 10 years but apart from getting emergency treatment whenever things threaten to get out of hand he has never had the opportunity to have any sustained treatment. His wife has had some medical issues too, but they have preferred to go to a homeopath and/or a hakim, due to cost reasons, rather than regular doctors. This is in regular times. The smallest of emergencies puts the household in a bind. Even a marriage in the family, or bereavement, where Majid needs to contribute something or have other expenses like getting new clothes for the family, makes the monthly budget go awry. He has to look for short term loans from colleagues. And though reciprocity relationships are strong with colleagues as well as family members, since most people face similar circumstances, the ability to help each other in emergencies remains limited. There are some 40 percent odd school going children who now attend private schools in Pakistan. And private schooling is expanding rapidly, on the back of generally poor quality schooling being given by the public sector across the country. And many an education expert and economist have celebrated the expansion of private education as a solution to the education problem of the country. But is it? Will Majid’s children be able to move up in the world, get the opportunities that are needed for social and economic mobility and live their and their parent’s dreams? This seems hard. Majid has to finance their education for 10 years just to get up to matriculation. But returns to education do not come after matriculation now. So, this has to go on. Private colleges are even more expensive

now. And the good ones are quite expensive. Will Majid be able to afford these colleges? If not, will his children have to go to government colleges and will they still have the opportunities for social/economic mobility that Majid is seeking? Though there is no systematic work on social/economic mobility in Pakistan but trends of increasing inequality are not giving any encouraging news on possibilities for mobility. This is not just the case of Majid. Most people in the middle and lower middle income group are in the same position. Will their hopes and investments in education, acquired through private providers, pay off? Though we do have some research that shows children in private schools do better in examinations than children in public schools, the same research also shows that the quality of education being imparted by most private sector schools, except the elite schools, is quite poor. Though a lot of schools call themselves English medium schools, they hardly qualify for that. Most private schools do not have trained or experienced teachers, and a lot of them do not even have some of the basic facilities, like playgrounds, that one would expect schools to have. Will getting educated from such schools give the returns to education that Majid and a lot of other people are hoping for? Will their sacrifices of today create the better tomorrow they are investing for? There are going to be a lot of very disappointed people with a lot of shattered dreams over the next decade or two. Will private education really be the panacea that is being talked about? It definitely does not appear to be the case from examples that I have come across. One way forward would be to reform public education so that the investment in education does not have to come from households that are living in very constrained circumstances but comes from the general taxation pool instead. Though the Constitution has promised this through 25A, it still remains to be seen if this will become a priority for any political party in the upcoming election. The writer is an Associate Professor of Economics at LUMS (currently on leave) and a Senior Advisor at Open Society Foundation (OSF). He can be reached at

The spirit of justice It is important to understand the spirit of justice before implementing its laws


ichard Rochford, a burglar and a junkie in Britain, acquired his drug habit during one of his several stints in prison. Following his most recent burglary, he was brought before Judge Peter Bowers, who did not send him to prison again, saying that ‘prison very rarely does anyone any good.’ Instead he gave Rochford a drug rehabilitation sentence, ordered him to put in two hundred hours of unpaid work, and disqualified him from driving for one year, in other words punishing and offering an opportunity for Rochford to correct himself. Judge Bowers’ sentence included the remark that it takes ‘a huge amount of courage as far as I can see for somebody to burgle somebody’s house.’ It would be naïve to expect a judge to get away with these remarks, and he didn’t expect it, because he added that he’d ‘probably be pilloried’ for uttering them, and he was. Public outrage caused an investigation to be set in motion by the Office of the Judicial Commission, and Prime Minister David Cameron himself came on air on a television show to say that he was

Tuesday, 11 September, 2012

sure that burglary was a cowardly, rather than a courageous act. A few days ago, I was fumbling around with an outside door. It was dark, and I was alone and afraid. I realized then that scared as I was of being burgled it must also take a certain amount of guts to burgle a strange house equipped with an unknown number of traps and danger for an intruder. But I prefer to call it guts rather than courage, because courage implies something more positive and pure, such as the force that drives those who lay down their lives to defend their country. The judge used the wrong word. In fact he ought to have refrained from saying any such thing in his judgment. There is a responsibility placed on the shoulders of public servants whose words and actions are heard and often acted upon by the public (highlighting the importance of gagging persons such as our Interior Minister who has a penchant for making foolish and harmful statements at every opportunity). The negative aspects of prison are obvious, but if it can be considered unjust in Britain where the state looks after its underprivileged

In this country, crimes are commonly committed because of sheer callousness and malevolence, but much more often due to sheer desperation and genuine need. the imams of many mosques in their daily rants teach members of their congregation to hate, and instigate violence. citizens by means of child care and unemployment support, how much more so in this country where the state provides all of nothing at all? In this country, crimes are commonly committed because of sheer callousness and malevolence, but much more often due to sheer desperation and genuine need. The imams of many mosques in their daily rants teach members of their congregation to hate, and instigate violence. If reports are accurate, the culprit and the actual blasphemer under the anti-blasphemy law in the Rimsha case for example, is now allegedly the imam of the mosque, and maybe also another ‘religious’ leader the imam suppos-

edly took orders from, who appears to have had an interest in the piece of land that the Christian community occupied. In this particular case in fact, many persons are guilty, including the ineffectual police of the area, the unauthorized person who registered the FIR, the neighbours who threatened the Christian community, etc, etc. There can surely be no alternative to punishment (prison or more), for such people. The same goes for persons in other positions of trust who use their rank to snatch at greater wealth and benefits, for no reason beyond a love of power. For the common man on the other hand, even the basic neces-

sities of life are an unattainable luxury, nor can he better himself unless a wealthy patron supports him. Who is to blame if such a person commits a robbery? It is an act of bravery to try to feed one’s children against insurmountable odds. And then to be cast into prison, leaving the remaining family even more helpless; even more likely to resort to similar acts of desperation, where is the justice in that? If Pakistan, as an aspiring Muslim state, is to implement Islamic law and system of justice, it must first learn to understand the spirit of the justice and its laws without which the punishments prescribed by Islam cannot and must not apply. I beg to differ from those who persist in calling Europe ‘kafir’. It may once have been, but it no longer is. Sadly, justice is far more likely to be applied in countries which do not call themselves Islamic. Ironically so, because that is the last label that they would choose to apply to themselves. The writer is a freelance columnist. Read more by her at

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Comment 11

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SPlGo 2012 I happened to consult a manual of laws and regulations a decade ago issued by the government of Sindh in which I took a fairly long time to reach to a point of reference I required in order to cite a reference in a particular case as it did not have an index at the end of the manual. The index can facilitate a user to reach a particular reference, term, concept, place and phrase. For example, if a user attempts to find a particular reference about the term of either Anticipatory Pension or Extraordinary Pension, he / she has to go through the entire chapter of the manual containing the revised Pension Rules and Regulation. Similarly, the thick volume of the Sindh Local Government Ordinace-2001 neither facilities its users through its index nor it contains any glossary of terms. In this regard, I asked Syed Arif Raza, a senior government officer and well-conversant with the SLGO-2001 if it did not carry an index of terms alphabetically arranged in the end? He said that the compilers of the SLGO-2001 should have had in their mind this basic requirement of a manual of law as it would have made it userfriendly and a user of the manual could get a reference in the shortest time. I can cite an example of a book that provides an exhaustive index in its end. Dr Jamil Jalibi has recently brought out the fourth volume of his wellresearched Tarikh Adab-e-Urdu which provides the alphabetically arranged index containing hundred of names of writers, places, concepts and institutions. One can see particular event of literature by consulting the index in a short possible time. Governor Sindh Ishratul Ibad has recently signed the Sindh Peoples Local Government Ordinance 2012. The text of the ordinance will be soon published in a compendium. In this regard, I want to invite the kind attention of the authorities concerned and compilers to edit the text of the newly signed SPLGO 2012 with an alphabetically arranged index to facilitate its users so that a reference can be found and cited quickly. It can promote a culture of citing references in documents. Employees and general public can also be guided according to the updated information. JAWED AHMED KHURSHEED Karachi

loyalty certification by foreigners In 1947, the subcontinent, whose people had lived as subjects of British Empire for over 200 years under the yoke of colonial Raj, finally gained independence. The subcontinent was ruled with by a Viceroy with the help of few thousand British soldiers and administrators who created hundreds of thousands of collaborators and a bureaucracy, civil and uniformed, to serve the Raj. These collaborators were generously given lands and titles in return for their loyalty to Queen of England. In Punjab, this role was performed by Unionist Party, a coalition of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh

feudal, who believed that the sun would never set on the British Empire. For over two centuries the people of this subcontinent were forced to pledge their loyalties to the Queen of England. It was the movement for liberation headed by men like Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Gandhi, Allama Iqbal, Nehru, Maulana Fazalul-Haq etc and others which bore fruit and in August of 1947 two separate nations, India and Pakistan, emerged whose citizens dreamt of leading their lives with loyalty to none other than their motherland.

Sectarian harmony Surge in sectarian killings in Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) is seriously denting the atmosphere of sectarian harmony that traditionally prevailed within the country. Tension in Baluchistan and GB is persisting and isolated incidents of violence by the members of both the sects are continuing unabated. It appears that governmental institutions are numb and absolutely incapable of addressing the situation. If this indifferent attitude continues on the part of the government, sectarian strife can prove to be a harbinger to a bigger crisis. Muharram is about two months away and can provide the needed opportunity to those who want to further aggravate law and order situation in the country spearheaded by sectarian mayhem. At this critical juncture of history Pakistan is confronted with a number of internal and external threats. Addition of sectarian dimension will further complicate the situation. Moreover, once viewed in the backdrop of prevalent geo-political situation of the region, increase in sectarian killings is not without design. The crisis potentially can be enlarged and amplified if continued during Muharram. If unchecked, persistent sectarian rift can swirled into anarchy like situation threatening the very existence of the country. This looming threat can easily be countered by gearing-up governmental machinery to check hate mongers and through positive role-playing by the religious leaders of both the sects. I will urge both to take appropriate measures to check this nuisance. Religious leaders can play a predominant role by educated people on tolerance and by highlighting that the outside powers may be using Pakistan as a turf for fighting their ideological wars by promoting sectarian and extremist organizations and by providing them with funds and weapons to fight their proxy wars in Pakistan. Their words can unite the nation under the flag of Pakistan and prove invaluable in foiling the nefarious designs of our enemies. GULZAMAN Rawalpindi

The root cause of distrust The root cause of distrust is that Sindh treats the Indus River as Sindh’s river, which it was until three rivers were lost to India. Now the whole country has to subsist on the three remaining rivers of which only the Indus has surplus flows from many

Unfortunately, after almost 65 years, a subject of British Queen is questioning the loyalty of those who hold only a Pakistani nationality, and runs a Mafioso like party which holds to ransom the peace and tranquillity of this unfortunate country’s financial capital Karachi. In these 65 years, we abandoned vision of Quaid-e-Azam for creation of a modern democratic welfare state, whose people could live in peace, free from discrimination on basis of color, faith, creed, sex or language, each enjoying equal rights. Today we are a nation divided on basis of ethnicity, sect and faith,

tributary rivers. Tarbela dam was built to transfer water from the Indus to the canals in north and south Punjab which were previously serviced by Ravi and Sutlej rivers. The intent of the Indus Water Treaty could not have been to deprive these canals of the waters of Ravi and Sutlej without providing for replacement water from the western rivers. The CJ and TP link canals are supplying water from Tarbela dam to the canals in south Punjab. And the left bank canal at Kalabagh dam will supply replacement water to the canals in north Punjab. Without the left bank canal, north Punjab will not get any water from any dam on the Indus, be it Tarbela, Bhasha, Akhori, Dassu, Skardu or Katzara. With Mangla dam silting up progressively, two thirds of north Punjab will revert from irrigated to barani, with a 50 percent loss in national food production. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER Lahore

‘The nwa operation’ Mr F Z Khan, I want to offer you my accolades for your knowledge as I know how the US mind works. Please allow me to share the least with you regarding the operations against the terrorists, making me feel Siachen-like cold. “The US court strikes down anti-terror law,” reads a newspaper on 11-2-04. “The word terrorist has been stretched beyond her understanding,” remarked US Distt Judge Colleen Mahon, while hearing a case of a terrorist, adding, “If terrorism is a crime of ideology (which Bush accepted), then you are not a terrorist,” on 12-11-07. “The problem with the international vision is that it excessively focuses on terrorist threat which itself is only a symptom of other problems,” writes Acil Tabbara quoting Laurent Bonnefoy, a reputed western political scientist, on 9-11-1967. “The US could act against Pakistan on the same legal grounds used to justify the 2001 US-led invasion of Afghanistan”, writes Tariq Fatimi, quoting a US VVIP. “For 20 years, as we learnt recently, the US Air Force was quoting from Bible to motivate its young missile officers to prepare for a nuclear war,” writes Jawaid Naqvi, on 11-8-2011. And still Muslims are zealots? And to end up the short-listing, “Pakistan has very little to do with the terror being won or lost,” writes Tariq Amin Khan of Ryerson University of Toronto, on 19-4-08. Z A KAZMI Karachi

because for 60 years there was no rule of law and no accountability, while men with split loyalties holding foreign nationalities have been allowed by this state to decide its political and economic policies. Our national sovereignty stands compromised, our financial assets are being transferred to foreign bank accounts by the few corrupt who having pledged an oath of loyalty to another nation are hence bound to follow agendas which suit the global strategic goals of these countries. MALIK T ALI Lahore

Protecting the corruption The Chief of Army Staff not allowed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to prosecute three retired army generals who are responsible for loss of Rs 1.84 billion public money while working with National Logistic Cell investing in stock exchange against the NLC memorandum, which does not allow the NLC funds to be invested in capital market. The COAS wants to try them in a military court. With this action what massage does the COAS want to deliver to civilian Pakistani peoples? Are retired military officers not accountable to NAB and civilian courts? Is it true that a military officer is only committed to protect its institution rather than to protect the constitution of Pakistan? Why one law is not applicable to every citizen? Are some equal and some more equal here? The fact of the matter is that during the last four and half years the PPP democratic government and opposition PML-N never took serious interest in passing an across the board accountability bill in the National Assembly which should include all state institutions. There should be no holy cows. As both PPP and PML-N leaders are facing corruption charges and cases against them are pending, it is clear that these political parties will not pass a law which is in the interest of country but against their personal interest. Pakistani generals and politicians are very rich. They use their powers to make money at the cost of millions of poor Pakistanis. S T HUSSAIN Lahore

Krishna’s visit to Pakistan On 8 September, 2012, S M Krishna, Foreign Minister of India, reached Pakistan on a three-day official visit. After reaching Pakistan, he said India wanted to create a peaceful atmosphere by solving solving all issues like Siachen, Sir Creek, water issue and Kashmir issue etc through dialouge. India relaxed visa restrictions to show soft corner in its attitude with Pakistan. According to the agreement, eight categories of visas would be issued. Five hundred Pakistanis would be allowed to offer pilgrim at Ajmer Sharif, while Indian Sikh community would able to come to Pakistan for their religious festivals. Special concession would be given to old citizens. I hope ties among them will be good and strengthen with the passage of time. CHANGEZI SANDHU Islamabad

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12 liz Hurley and warne still crazy about each other

mira nair’s gooseflesh moment at venice film fest

cameron diaz to share bed with cheetah

Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne were spotted cozying up to one another while posing for photographs at the opening of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Vienna, Austria. As the couple walked down the red carpet last Friday, ‘Bedazzled’ star Hurley couldn’t stop herself from gazing at former Australian cricketer Warne to whom she has been engaged for a year. While Hurley flaunted her cleavage in the black and yellow zebra print Roberto Cavalli number, which she teamed with a silver clutch bag, Warne looked handsome in a black tuxedo complete with a bow tie. The mother of one definitely had an amazing time, which was quite evident from her tweets. “Amazing night in Vienna at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Joss Stone amazing and Uta Lemper. About to see Dita Von Teese,” the Daily Mail quoted the model-actress as tweeting. CoURTesy Toi

Recalls Mira with a tremble in her voice, “I suddenly saw this frail old woman walking towards me. When she introduced herself asTeresa Ricci, wife of Gillo Pontecorvo who has made one of my ten favourite film of all timeThe Battle Of Algiers, I froze. Before I could tell her how much her husband’s movie meant to me and how deeply it had influenced the philosophy of The Reluctant Fundamentalist, she told me in her measured voice, ‘My husband’s soul lives in your film.’ I don’t think I’d ever receive a bigger compliment. This is what I’d like to take to my grave.” At the moment, Mira has taken a break in her home in New york. “I’ve been traveling and living out of suitcases. At least for now, I’ve a place to hang my bloody saree up and relax. My husband and family are with me. In fact in Venice, there were 55 of us accompanying our film. It felt so reassuring. CoURTesy Toi

Actress Cameron Diaz will have a cheetah as her pet in the upcoming film “The Counselor” and will even share her bed with the animal in a scene. The 40-year-old even let the beast roam free around the grounds of her home and this caused some major production headaches during shooting. “When Cameron first started working with the cheetah, it was strutting about like it owned the place. But now she’s wearing the trousers,” quoted a source as saying. “It has taken a shine to her, which is good because they’ve had to shoot a number of scenes together, including a set-up where they shared a bed. The specialist animal handlers have been close by in case the cheetah gets a bit carried away,” said the source. “The Counselor”, also starring Brad Pitt, is slated to release next year. CoURTesy Toi

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13 ‘i have not been approached for jism 3’

midnight’s children film may not be released in india

‘both commercial, serious films important for me’

It was reported that model Nathalia Kaur will replace Sunny Leone in the third installment of the Jism series. However, Nathalia says that nothing of this sort has been confirmed. “I would love to work with Pooja and Mahesh Bhatt but neither of them has approached me and I haven’t been contacted for Jism 3 yet,” says Nathalia. When contacted, Mahesh Bhatt said: “I had only suggested that Nathalia should be casted; the choice is Pooja’s.” Pooja remained unavailable for comment. Nathalia is on good terms with the Bhatts and was featured in the posters for Jism 2. “The lead wasn’t finalized then. They decided on Sunny much after we finished the poster shoot at Pooja’s weekend house in Lonavala,” Nathalia says. Apart from speculations of her being a part of Jism 3 and being dropped from RGV’s next, the actor doesn’t really have any other projects in hand. CoURTesy Toi

A new film of Salman Rushdie’s 1981 novel “Midnight’s Children”, which is set in India after independence, may not be released in the country, its director has said, blaming “insecure politicians”. The adaptation, which has been showed at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, is due for worldwide release in October or November, but has yet to find an Indian distributor. “Salman has often said that the book was his love letter to India. I think the film reflects that love,” director Deepa Mehta told the Hindustan Times in Toronto. “What a pity if insecure politicians deprive the people of India (of the chance) to make up their own minds about what the film means,” she said. Rushdie’s Booker prize-winning novel includes highly critical descriptions of the late prime minister Indira Gandhi, who suspended democracy in India between 1975 and 1977 in a period known as “the Emergency”. afP

Emraan Hashmi, who has done films like “Murder”, “Jannat”, “The Dirty Picture” and “Shanghai”, says success in both commercial and off-beat cinema is important for an actor. “Both commercial and serious films are important to me and, I think, as an actor I need both. After you get commercial success, you want to do a film like ‘Shanghai’. I knew it will not be able to do so much business like ‘Murder 2’ or ‘The Dirty Picture’. But it was an important film for me,” Emraan told IANS in a group interview. “It was also a surprise element for viewers because they had never seen me in a character like that,” he added. The 33-year-old, who made his acting debut with 2003 film “Footpath”, never thought of taking up acting as a career. “After getting in the industry, I made mistakes and was learning in the first four years. Then I started enjoying it. ‘Awarapan’ and ‘Jannat’ worked for me in different ways. CoURTesy Toi

Saifeena wedding all set for october! We know how much sick and tired we got of the rounds of acceptance and denial from Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan for their impending wedding plans. However, an entertainment website has reported that Saif’s mom Sharmila Tagore has already sent out the invites to all the guests they wish to invite to the wedding which makes it clear that the October wedding is certainly on. Also, the website has been quoted saying that the wedding preparations are going in full swing in both the Khan as well as the Kapoor families. While the venue for the wedding is still unknown, it is quite sure that the wedding reception might be held at the Pataudi Palace in Haryana. No wonder, Saif-Bebo’s wedding is the most awaited wedding of the year and we are happy that finally it is happening! neWs DesK

blake lively ‘marries ryan reynolds’ She is considered to be Hollywood’s hottest property at the moment, but Blake Lively could be surrendering it all for domestic bliss. It has been reported that the Gossip Girl actress, just 25, is now a married lady after saying ‘I do’ to partner Ryan Reynolds. The couple have only been dating for a year, a rather long stretch by Tinseltown’s consideration. Blake is believed to have walked down the aisle at a private ceremony at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston, reports People. Despite high-profile romances with Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley - whom she dated for three years - and a brief flirtation with Leonardo DiCaprio, it is the first time Blake has been married. Meanwhile, 35-year-old Ryan has already tried his hand at domestic bliss with Scarlett Johansson. The couple is believed to have grown close while shooting box office bomb Green Lantern together in the spring of 2010, in which Blake starred as his love interest. Before the big day, Blake hinted on her Twitter page that her romance was ‘the dream of a lifetime’. neWs DesK

Pitt doesn’t feel safe without gun Actor Brad Pitt, who is protective about his fiancee, actress Angelina Jolie, and their six children, says that as an American owning a weapon is in his DNA. “America is a country founded on guns. It’s in our DNA. It’s very strange but I feel better having a gun. I really do. I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel the house is completely safe, if I don’t have one hidden somewhere,” quoted Pitt as saying. “That’s my thinking, right or wrong,” he said. Pitt, 48, says he was exposed to guns from an early age but still turned out to be a responsible adult.”I got my first BB gun when I was in a nursery school. I got my first shotgun by first grade at 6, I had shot a handgun by third grade at the age of 8 and I grew up in a pretty sane environment,” he said. Toi

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Infotainment 14

People flip coloured cards to form a giant North Korean flag during an Arirang mass games performance in Pyongyang.

Pet cheetah Jolie is fed by owner Magda Pienaar in the family kitchen in bloemfontein, South Africa. big cat Jolie - named after film star Angelina has made herself comfortable in Magda and Japie bienaar’s house - sleeping on their bed and eating from the kitchen table. Magda said: I was really against the idea of getting a cheetah as a pet. one day I saw an advert in our email inbox about a cheetah auction. I knew my husband would try and buy one so I deleted it immediately. but a few days later his brother phoned, he had gone to the auction and bought three of them. He ended up selling my husband Jolie. but we are glad he did now - she is part of the family.

10 things you should know about your job interviewer VER wonder what’s going through the mind of the person sitting across from you at your job interview? Here are 10 things that you might not realize about your job interviewer. 1. We want to find the best person for the job. Because interviews are stressful, it’s easy for a job candidate to start feeling like the interviewer is an adversary, but it’s really the opposite—interviewers go into every interview hoping you’ll be the right candidate. After all, we have a vacancy on our team, and we’re highly motivated to find someone who’s a great fit to fill it. We don’t want to put you in a job you won’t excel in. 2. We’re busy. Interviewers don’t always have time to respond to follow-up emails or calls to check the status of your application. Considerate interviewers will eventually get back to anyone who invested time in interviewing, but it might take longer than you’d like. And time constraints and higher priorities mean that your attempts to check in after your interview but before a decision has been made might go unanswered. you shouldn’t take it personally. 3. We might have our hands tied by human resources. If you’ve ever encountered an interviewer who doesn’t deviate from a set


list of questions, or who won’t give you any feedback, or who refuses to commit to a timeline for next steps, the problem might be HR. In some companies, HR issues unreasonable rules that restrict how candid hiring managers can be. 4. We’re afraid of making the wrong hire. The costs of hiring the wrong person are high—work not being done properly, disruption to our team, potentially months of counseling and warnings, and the awfulness of having to fire someone. We’re scrutinizing you to make sure that hiring you won’t be a mistake. 5. We want to hire someone we get along with. Hiring isn’t just about who has the best skills to do the job; it’s also about who will fit in best with the workplace. Interviewers think about the fact that we’re going to be around whoever we hire quite a bit, and no matter how skilled you are, we’re not going to want to hire you if you’re arrogant or whiny or otherwise unpleasant. 6. We’re trying to figure out what you’ll be like to manage. Smart hiring manager probe for insights into what you’ll be like to manage: Will you require detailed reasoning for every little request or just get it done? Will you be a yesman who never rev e a l s what

you really think, or a straight shooter we can count on for the truth? Will you require handholding, sulk when you get feedback, or complain about petty problems with your co-workers? We’re on the lookout for signs of all of this. 7. We want you to help us figure out why we should hire you. Interviewing people is hard work. It’s even harder if you have to drag answers and relevant information out of a candidate. you can help us see that you’re right for the job by coming prepared with real-life examples of how you’ve excelled in the areas the job requires. 8. We won’t always tell you what we really think. We might nod encouragingly while you badmouth your last boss, but we’re really noting that you’re willing to trash talk your employers. Or you might give an answer that’s an instant deal-breaker, but you probably won’t hear that on the spot—or even be able to tell. Part of interviewing is encouraging people to reveal themselves, which often means not showing any judgment during the meeting. 9. We’re wondering what you’re not telling us. We know candidates aren’t always completely candid in interviews, and we’re wondering what you are revealing. Is it something minor, like the fact that you really left your last job because your boss was a tyrant, or major, like the embezzling charge you narrowly avoided last year? 10. We hate rejecting people. In fact, some interviewers hate it so much that they don’t do it, which is rude and unfair to candidates. But the rest of us do it, knowing all the while that you might have really wanted this job, even have been counting on it, and we hate it. We do know that our decisions have big impacts on other people’s lives. NEWS DESK

neighbour posts public critique of terrible singing Being kept awake at night by noisy neighbours is a familiar annoyance among city dwellers. But instead of burying his head under his pillow, one resident decided to give his over exuberant neighbours an X Factor-style appraisal when they disturbed his sleep with a raucous karaoke session. Oli Beale pinned his written verdict on his neighbours’ unwelcome Saturday night performance to the communal notice board at the block of converted warehouse-style flats where he lives in Hackney, east London. He then posted a photo of the note on Twitter, and was amazed by the scale of response as it was retweeted several hundred times. Addressed “to the people that kept us up all night by singing/screaming on their balcony”, the tongue in cheek critique thanks them for their “epic performance.” Mr Beale, a 33-year-old advertising creative, wrote: “your terrace faces 115 windows so you really did have the perfect stage. “I’m sure you’re keen to hear our verdict.” He went on to rank each of their songs out of 10, giving his neighbours’ rendition of Pinball Wizard just three out of 10 and branding it “terrible.” According to the note, the song by The Who had been belted out at 2.23am.

At 3.14am there was apparently an attempt to sing along to Walk This Way by Aerosmith. In a response worthy of music mogul Simon Cowell, Mr Beale described it as “the lowest point of the performance” and gave the singers one out of 10 for their efforts. His praise for their version of Tiny Dancer by Elton John was more generous. “Actually very good,” he wrote. “I’ve always said it: if you’re going to be woken up after 2 hours’ sleep, it might as well be to a herd of morons screaming ‘Tiny Dancer’.” Mr Beale signed off the note “I hate you,” but said he did not know the identity of the singers. Speaking after his review went viral, he said: “I was lying in bed getting more and more wound up about it and then I just thought I would write a little critique of their songs as a way of getting through the night. “The poor guys, they were probably just having a party. It’s not like I’m striding around absolutely fuming.” It was not the first time a critique of his caused a stir. In 2009 a letter of complaint he wrote to Virgin Atlantic about the quality of his in-flight meal also went viral and was praised as the funniest ever. CouRtESy tHE tElEGRAPH

wedding stopped as congregation hunt for ring


T is the stuff of sitcoms and nightmares: the best man losing the ring in the middle of a wedding ceremony. For one couple, the scenario was all too real. Elizabeth Gray and Lewis Aubrey were in the middle of their vows when Lewis’s brother, Matt, dropped the ring. Flower displays were pulled apart, carpets lifted and floor grates removed, all to no avail. The mortified best man even let guests rummage inside his sporran, but the ring was nowhere to be found. After 10 minutes of fruitless searching, the bride’s mother offered the use of her own ring so that the couple could be married. Guests continued to scour St John’s Church in Redhill, Surrey, while the bride and groom posed for photographs. The newlyweds then headed off to their reception, believing they would never see the ring again.However, the Rev Nicholas Calver was not one to give up easily. He returned to the church armed with a spade and, after two hours, found the missing band. “I was determined to find it and went back to the church in the evening. In the end, there was a crack between the step and the raised dais. “I thought it must be down there so I levered them apart with a spade to make the gap bigger, shone a torch down and saw the ring. I was delighted to find it.” CouRtESy tHE tElEGRAPH

flier caught in india with monkey in his pants


USTOMS authorities in India have arrested a man who was attempting to board a flight at New Delhi’s international airport with an endangered monkey in his underwear. The suspect from the United Arab Emirates, who was detained along with two other travellers, had arrived from the Thai capital Bangkok and was about to take a connecting flight to Dubai on Jet Airways. “Security personnel found the monkey in his underwear while frisking the transit passengers,” a customs official told AFP.The seven-inch (17-centimetre) loris is a type of monkey native to India and southeast Asia, and is seen by some as possessing aphrodisiac qualities.Petite and round-eyed with a white stripe down its face, “the monkey is an endangered species,” said the official. Another was discovered in a dustbin at the Indira Gandhi International airport. It had been abandoned because the men could not carry him. Both monkeys have been handed over to animal welfare organisation People for Animals headed by former environment minister Maneka Gandhi, the official said. AfP

‘fake’ doctor examines 2,300 people in japan


hospital in Japan is checking the qualifications of all of its doctors after a man believed to have no medical license examined more than 2,300 of its patients.The man conducted medical interviews, examined electrocardiograms and explained check-up results to people in 2010-2011 at Takashimadaira Chuo General Hospital in Tokyo, weekend media reports said. The man was dispatched to the hospital through an employment agency and is suspected of being involved in the treatment of 2,363 people, the mass-circulation yomiuri Shimbun and other media reported. Broadcaster TBS said allegations he is not qualified came to light after a medical exam study school where he taught contacted the hospital. The hospital has apologised for the incident and asked all those seen by the man, who is reportedly in his forties and worked part time, to go back for re-testing. “We will thoroughly check the original copies of medical licences of all doctors including those working on a part-time basis,” it said in a statement posted on its website. AfP

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Serena hungers for more Slam magic Page 17

Pakistan to compensate Ajmal with own award DUBAI



AKISTAN cricket chief Zaka Ashraf on Monday announced a special award for Saeed Ajmal to compensate the wily off-spinner after he was omitted from the list of best Test player's award. Ajmal's name was missing from the shortlist of annual awards given by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in various categories despite the spinner's 72 wickets in 12 Test from August 2011 to August 2012 - the period for awards. That also provoked anger in Pakistan, with former players urging Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to boycott the award ceremoney due to take place in Colombo, Sri Lanka on September 15. PCB chairman Ashraf said his board will honour Ajmal. "Ajmal is the world's best bowler and we congratulate him and when he comes back home after the World Twenty20 we will give him an award of our own for being the number one bowler in the world," said Ashraf. Ajmal is also ranked number one in the ICC rankings for one-day cricket. The ICC said an independent 32-man jury comprising of former players from around the world, officials and mediamen

Shin beats creamer at ninth playoff hole williaMSBuRG: Jiyai Shin beat Paula Creamer with a par at the ninth hole of sudden-death on Monday, winning the Kingsmill Championship in the longest playoff involving two players in LPGA history. The two had battled it out through eight playoff holes -- all the 18th at Kingsmill's River Course -- when darkness halted play on Sunday. They took the duel to the par-four 16th on Monday morning and needed just the one more hole to decide it. Creamer hit her first putt some five feet past and her put comming back brushed the edge but didn't drop. Shin's first putt was three feet short and she made that for par and the win. South Korea's Shin, a former world number one who like Creamer is seeking a first LPGA Tour title since 2010, said she'd never experienced anything like the marathon playoff. "I know winning is always tough -- but not this tough," Shin said Sunday night. The previous longest playoff involving two players on the LPGA Tour was Cristie Kerr's victory at the seventh hole over Seol-An Jeon at the 2004 Takefuji Classic. AfP

have shortlisted the players and ruled out a review. Australian captain Michael Clarke, Sri Lankan Kumar Sangakkara and South Africa's Hashim Amla and Vernon Philander were among the candidates for best Test player of the year award. Ashraf said his board was under pressure to boycott the ceremoney. "The PCB hasn't decided as yet on a boycott of the awards ceremony. That would be an extreme step but we are under tremendous pressure to do so," said Ashraf. "The matter was even taken up in parliament in Pakistan, there's a big debate going on and I don't know what the decision's going to be on that and we had a few demonstration against that as well," said Ashraf. Ashraf also wished the best for the Pakistan squad ahead of the World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka. "I wish the team the best of luck," said Ashraf. "The whole nation has high hopes from the team and pray that they win the title." Ashraf said Pakistan were also striving to host their own Twenty20 league, on the pattern of Indian Premier League (IPL). "We are hoping to stage our own premier league, like the pattern of the IPL, the Bangladesh Premier League and the

dubai: Pcb chairman zaka ashraf sits next to captain mohammad hafeez as he speaks during a press conference.. afP Sri Lanka (Premier) League and probably next March is our target." "you will find international players

will come over and play there and so that will be one of the major breakthroughs so teams can start coming."

Jayawardene keen to finish his career with an iCC trophy COLOMBO AGENCIES

He has been a part of losing side in three World Cup finals but Mahela Jayawardene is hoping to turn the tables during the upcoming World T20 as he wants to win atleast one major ICC silverware before he calls time on his glorious international career. "yes, we need to push a bit more. We will take each round as work in progress, try and execute a good game plan to accomplish a win," Jayawardene said. Jayawardene's brilliant century went in vain as his side lost to India in Mumbai at the World Cup final 2011. He was also the skipper of Sri Lanka team that went down to Australia in the final of 2007 World Cup final in the West Indies and was also a part of the World T20 final defeat at the hands of Pakistan in England back in 2009. Jayawardene is now looking forward to contributions from the youngsters in the mega-event.

Commenting on the inclusion of Dilshan Munaweera, an uncapped opening batsman, the Sri Lankan captain said that the right-hander was on the Sri Lankan selection radars for sometime. "Very excited about Munaweera. He had a great 12 months and did particularly well at the SLPL (Sri Lanka Premier League). He brings in a bit of fresh

air to the team." Jayawardene, who has handpicked the 18-year-old right-arm off break bowler Akila Dananjaya, said the youngster had shown a lot of maturity for someone who had only played school cricket. "We need to make the right calls in selecting him against the right opponents, not putting him under too much pressure," he insisted. Sri Lanka will play the opening game of the tournament against Zimbabwe in Hambantota. Jayawardene said that the Twenty20 game had evolved a lot since the first World Cup in 2007. "Everyone was new to the concept. Then it was difficult for us to think of the right combinations. The T20 game has changed a lot over the last five years and now every player has a different role with new tactics being used," said Jayawardene. Jayawardene and India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni are the only surviving skippers from the inaugural T20 World Cup in South Africa.

PHF allows 14 players to participate in Indian Hockey League LAHORE StAff REPoRt

The Pakistan Hockey Federation has approved the participation of fourteen players in the Hockey India League to be launched next year in January. “We will sending as many as 14 players and 4 coaches to be a part of the league to be introduced by the Hockey India in which players from all the hockey playing nations will participate,” said, Secretary, Pakistan Hockey Federation, Mohammad Asif Bajwa while talking to the newsmen here on Monday. He said the league will help in promoting hockey in the world besides serving as an ideal sitter for the Pakistani players to improve the level of their game. He said the names of the four coaches to participate in the

league will be decided in due course of time and the best coaches will be sent to India based on their experience. To a question, Bajwa said in those players who were a part of an illegal league organized by Indian Hockey Federation earlier this year will not be a part of the Hockey India League as the organisers have not included them in the event. “It is a good opportunity for our players, specially the young to show case their talent and to progress ahead in the game,” he said adding “ PHF fully supports this league and will be there to extend any help to the Hockey India for achieving a collective cause of revival of hockey in the region.” He said PHF is also considering organizing such an international hockey league and all depends on security situation in the country in near future. “ We are confident that that by next year se-

curity situation will be quite better and foreign teams and players will be at ease to visit Pakistan after which we will be announcing our league,” he asserted. Bajwa said PHF is endeavouring for the resumption of international hockey in Pakistan and it is striving to organize international meets in coming months. “Next two to three months are very important for hockey in Pakistan as we will be organizing a multi nation hockey tournament which will be a part of Punjab international sports festival besides organizing Asia Cup indoor hockey tournament in November,” he said. folloWING WIll tAKE PARt, (Goalkeepers) imran Shah. imran butt (defenders) mohammad irfan, Sohail abbas, mohammad imran and Syed Kashif Shah. (mid fielders) mohammad rizwan,fareed ahmed, rashid mehmood and muhamad Tousiq. (forwards) mohammad rizwan, Shafqat rasool, waqas muhammad and ali Shan.

Pakistan have not hosted any international cricket since terrorists attacks on the Sri Lankan team bus in March 2009.

mcilroy leads world rankings, woods in second LONDON AfP

Rory McIlroy has consolidated his lead atop the world rankings with his second straight win on the USPGA Tour on Sunday, while Tiger Woods has gone back to second as his main challenger. The 23-year old Northern Irishman spent most of the first half of the year in a tit-for-tat battle with Englishman Luke Donald for the top spot, but all that has changed over the last few weeks. First McIlroy won his second major title at the USPGA at Kiawah Island in August and then in the US Tour playoffs he has played more sublime golf to win at both the Deutsche Bank Championships last week and on Sunday at the BMW Championships. In so doing he became the first player since Tiger Woods in 2009 to win in successive weeks on the US tour and he joined Woods and Jack Nicklaus as the only players to win at least six PGA Tour events before his 24th birthday. He also stormed ahead in the world rankings with 12.80 points, with Woods overtaking Donald on 9.63 points. Donald drops to third with 9.17 points with another former No.1, Lee Westwood of England, in fourth on 7.57 points. Woods, third and fourth in the last fortnight, lost his world No.1 spot to Westwood in November 2010 and with injury dogging him last year, he subsequently slumped out of the top 50 before beginning his recovery in the summer. world top 20 1. Rory Mcilroy (niR) 12.80pts 2. tiger woods (uSa) 9.63 3. luke donald (EnG) 9.17 4. lee westwood (EnG) 7.57 5. adam Scott (auS) 6.37 6. webb Simpson (EnG) 6.11 7. Jason dufner (uSa) 6.08 8. Bubba watson (uSa) 6.07 9. Justin Rose (EnG) 5.95 10. louis oosthuizen (RSa) 5.75

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Contests in progress at Union Councils level LAHORE


StAff REPoRt

HE Union Council level of the Punjab youth Sports Festival is continuing in all parts of the province with some of the districts have little activity due to natural calamity while the big cities have proper competitions on the third day of the start of this second level on Monday. In the other districts of the province, around 20,000 participated in 170 events from around 593 Union Councils. Rawalpindi division got response from 2107 participants in 52 events and 117 Union Councils. In Rawalpindi City alone 373 took part in nine events. Chakwal remained active in naat khani and qirat competitions while armwrestling was another event that was keenly contested there. More than 500 people took part in these events while 800 involved in the activity in 17 events. In Sargodha, 4493 from 105 UCs participated in 41 events and here Khushab and Mianwali were the most active districts where nearly all the events were contested and was took part by 800 and 1696 people. In Gujranwala more than 9000 took part in 45 events. Meanwhile, in the nine towns of Lahore regular competitions started in the morning and continued till evening with participation from around 10,000 in 11 sports and 19 general events.

The sports events includes athletics, badminton, billiard, cricket tape ball, tug or war, volleyball, bodybuilding, football and weightlifting while the general events have naat khani, qirat and cooking while family event includes cooking, family dressing, healthy baby competitions and kitchen gardening while the education sector, have debate, essay writing, milli naghme, naat khani, painting and qirat competitions. The education sector competitions are being conducted by Education department at elementary schools level while the family and individual events are being organized by the Population department.

In Gulberg Town, union council 31 and 32 participated in Cricket tape ball, Arm Wrestling and Tug of War. in the cricket, UC 32 of block 11 Mughalpura beat block 16 by 40 runs. Block 7’s Gunband Colony beat block 8 by 24 runs. Union Council 32’s Saleem beat Haris in Arm Wrestling competition and in Tug of War UC 32 beat it’s a team 2-0. In Badminton, UC’s 33 Syed yawar and Mujtaba Ali won in doubles 20-16 against Salman and Muneeb while Aizaz and Danial won single tournaments against Shahzad and Aqeel. In Shalimar Town, UC 16’s block 2 Shahmeer defeated Block 4 4-0. In Arm Wrestling, UC 15’s

Mubashir beat Aqif Ali 2-0. Muammil of union council 15 outplayed Hamid 2-0. Muzammil of union council 15 beat Mubashir 2-0. In Athletics, UC 16’s Hamid attained first position, Usama second and Ali Haider secured third position in the 100 matre race while in 200 M, Usmana of union council 16 block 5 bagged first, Mubashir second and Hamid acquired third positions. In the Cricket tapeball, UC 16 defeated UC 15 by 5 wickets. In Aziz Bhatti Town, Usman, Fiaz, Amjad, Haris and Adnan won their badminton matches. Union council 48’s Khokar XI beat Junaid XI. In Iqbal Town, union council

Pakistan crash meekly in last T20 DUBAI



Australia beat Pakistan by 94 runs in the third and final Twenty20 international at Dubai Stadium here on Monday. Pakistan, who took the series 2-1, were all out for 74 which is the joint lowest total by a Test playing country in all Twenty20 internationals, after set a total of 169. Earlier, David Warner and Shane Watson hit eleven sixes between them to help Australia score 168-7. Warner made 34-ball 59 with six sixes and a four and Watson hammered five sixes and a boundary during his 32ball 47 to put on Australia's best opening stand of 111 in all T20s after they were put into bat at Dubai Stadium. Pakistan enjoy an unbeatable 2-0 lead in the three-match series. The Australian openers went berserk from the eighth over when Watson hit Shoaib Malik for three towering sixes and from the other end Warner hit left-armer Raza Hasan for as many sixes in the ninth. Even the successful Saeed Ajmal was hit for two sixes as Australian openers hit nine sixes in the space of 19 balls, bringing the second fifty off just 15 balls. Paceman yasir Arafat, who replaced Sohail Tanveer as the only change to the line-up, had both the openers in successive overs to put brakes on the Australian innings, finishing with 2-30. Glenn Maxwell chipped in with a 20ball 27 with three fours and six. Ajmal finished with 2-19, taking his tally to 60 wickets -- the most by any bowler in Twenty20 cricket.

dubai: australian batsman Shane watson plays a shot during the third and final Twenty20 international cricket match against Pakistan at the dubai international cricket Stadium. afP

AuStRAlIA: D. Warner c Hafeez b Arafat 59 47 S. Watson c Gul b Arafat G. Maxwell c Jamshed b Hasan 27 12 M. Hussey b Ajmal G. bailey b Ajmal 3 C. White c umar b Gul 0 D. Christian c Kamran b Gul 3 M. Wade not out 6 1 P. Cummins not out Extras: (b4, lb2, w4) 10 total: (for seven wickets) 168 fall of wickets: 1-111 (Watson), 2-114 (Warner), 3-140 (Maxwell), 4-145 (bailey), 5-152 (White), 6-159 (Hussey), 7167 (Wade). bowling: Razzaq 2-0-12-0, Gul 4-0-30-2, Arafat 3-0-30-2, Ajmal 4-0-19-2, Hasan 3-0-34-1 (w4), Malik 1-0-20-0, Hafeez 3-0-17-0 overs: 20 PAKIStAN: Mohammad Hafeez c Christian b Cummins 9 Imran Nazir lbw 1 b Starc Nasir Jamshed c bailey b Maxwell 17 0 Shoaib Malik b Cummins Kamran Akmal c Watson b Starc 0 umar Akmal c Hussey b Watson 2 Abdul Razzaq c sub (DJ Hussey) b Cummins 13 yasir Arafat c White b Hogg 15 umar Gul run out (Hogg/†Wade) 3 Saeed Ajmal b Starc 1 Raza Hasan not out 5 Extras (b 4, w 4) 8 total (10 wickets; 19.1 overs) 74 fall of wickets 1-7 (Imran Nazir, 1.2 ov), 2-15 (Mohammad Hafeez, 2.2 ov), 3-15 (Shoaib Malik, 2.5 ov), 4-16 (Kamran Akmal, 3.4 ov), 5-19 (umar Akmal, 5.1 ov), 6-36 (Nasir Jamshed, 9.2 ov), 7-56 (yasir Arafat, 14.1 ov), 8-60 (umar Gul, 15.5 ov), 9-64 (Abdul Razzaq, 16.3 ov), 10-74 (Saeed Ajmal, 19.1 ov) bowling: SR Watson 3-0-13-1, MA Starc 3.1-0-11-3, PJ Cummins 4-0-15-3, Gb Hogg 4-1-11-1, GJ Maxwell 4-0-12-1, Dt Christian 1-0-8-0 toss Pakistan, who chose to field Series Pakistan won the 3-match series 2-1 toss: Pakistan umpires: Zameer Haider (PAK) and Ahsan Raza (PAK) tV umpire: Shozab Raza (PAK) Match referee: Roshan Mahanama (SRI)

110’s Kharal 11, union council 111’s Dholanwal XI won the matches. In Arm Wrestling , union council 111’s Abdullah, Rameez and Sherjeel Butt bagged top positions while in Badminton, Faizan ,Asadullah and Hamza won the events. In Wahga Town, union council 37’s Iqbal from block 1 and Nadeem Shehzad of block 2 were declared winners of Badminton competitions. In the Cricket tapeball matches, United Tiger won the match. Faseh Afzal of block 3 won the Naat Khwani competitions,Shabir ul Hassan won Billiard whereas Waqar of same union council won the Body Building competitions.

zimbabwe, mozambique triumph at home JOHANNESBURG AfP

Zimbabwe and Mozambique established two-goal first leg advantages Sunday in pursuit of 2013 Africa Cup of Nations places. The often wasteful Warriors of Zimbabwe exhibited clinical finishing to beat Angola 3-1 in Harare while the Mambas (Snakes) of Mozambique netted twice during the second half for a shock 2-0 victory over former champions Morocco in Maputo. Algeria snatched a last-minute goal to defeat Libya 1-0 in Moroccan city Casablanca, Guinea won by the same score at home against Niger and the Democratic Republic of Congo outclassed Equatorial Guinea 4-0 in Kinshasa.

rain delays 2nd england-South africa T20 ManchEStER: Rain delayed the start of the second Twenty20 international at Old Trafford on Monday after England captain Stuart Broad won the toss and elected to field against South Africa. Just as fast bowler Steven Finn was preparing to send down the first ball of the match, rain, which had already delayed the toss by 10 minutes, returned to send the players off the field before this floodlit contest had started. World Twenty20 champions England made one change from the side that suffered a seven-wicket loss in the first Twenty20 at Chester-le-Street on Saturday to fall 1-0 behind in this three-match series. AfP

USA aim to get World Cup campaign back on track WASHINGtON AfP

Jurgen Klinsmann's United States will try to get their 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign back on track when they host Jamaica on Tuesday, days after falling to the Reggae Boyz in Kingston. Regional powerhouse Mexico, unbeaten in the semi-final round of qualifying in North and Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF) go into Tuesday's matches needing only a victory at home to Costa Rica to advance to the six-nation final

round of qualifying. But the United States, expected to cruise through in similar style, instead find themselves in an awkward spot after their 2-1 defeat to Jamaica on Friday. Jamaica's victory moved them to the top of Group A on seven points. The United States and Guatemala both have four, followed by Antigua and Barbuda on one. Antigua and Barbuda host Guatemala on Tuesday. Only the top two teams from each group advance to the final phase of qualifying next year, and US goalkeeper Tim Howard welcomed the quick chance to right the ship

with Tuesday's match at Columbus, Ohio. "It's not a lot of time to dwell on a loss," Howard said. "The game on Tuesday has more significance than ever because we need to get back into rhythm and a positive mind frame. "We have to come away with three points, that's a necessity now." Tuesday's match is the first of three remaining fixtures in the penultimate round. Klinsmann left open the possibility that changes would be made to the side for Tuesday, but said the defeat wasn't really down to personnel but to poor decision making on

the pitch. "Obviously, we're going to analyze things and see on the tape how things went," he said. "The key to that game was really that we made things far too complicated in the first half. "We allowed them to come back into the game. Instead of keeping the ball and moving it around simply, we gave them opportunities and opportunities to get free kicks and they scored off of a free kick in the first half and the second half. I think the team has the opportunity on Tuesday to fix it." While the USA have left themselves no margin for error, Mexico, unbeaten in the

round, top Group B on nine points after beating Costa Rica in San Jose on Friday and will advance with a victory in Mexico City on Tuesday. Costa Rica are second in the group on four points, ahead of El Salvador (2) and Guyana (1). El Salvador and Guyana played to a 2-2 draw on Friday, and Guyana host the Salvadorans on Tuesday at Georgetown. Canada moved top of Group C on seven points with a 1-0 victory over Panama in Toronto on Friday. Now Panama, second on six points, will try to turn the tables when they host the Canadians at Panama City.

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17 Sports military centre stage at closing ceremony LONDON AfP

Military personnel and refashioned hardware took centre stage at the London Paralympics closing ceremony Sunday, after Games in which wounded ex-servicemen and women have played a high-profile role. British army captain Luke Sinnott, who lost both legs above the knee in a homemade bomb attack in restive Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, in 2009, climbed the flag pole to hang the British Union flag at the Olympic Stadium. Another British soldier, Captain Tony Harris, who in 2009 lost a leg below the knee in a blast in Sangin province, southwest of the capital Kabul, drove Queen Elizabeth II's youngest son, Prince Edward, into the stadium. Even the body of the custom-built "royal" limousine was partly made of a military vehicle once used in Afghanistan, stripped of its armour and bulletproofing. Other specially made vehicles in the show's "Truck Parade" included the "Hellcopter", a former British Royal Navy helicopter transformed into a whale. "The Beast from the East" used panels from Soviet MiG-21 fighter planes welded onto the chassis of an East German allterrain army truck. "The Bug" meanwhile was fashioned from a wartime British army truck with wings from the moulds of submarine nose cones. Eleven days ago, the Paralympic flame was brought down a zip wire from the nearby 115-metre (377-feet) high observation tower by a former Royal Marine commando, who lost his legs in a bomb attack in Afghanistan. South African Rory Mackenzie, a lance corporal in the British army who lost a leg while on patrol in Basra, southern Iraq, and whose rehabilitation has been aided by the charity Help for Heroes, introduced the Paralympic athletes.

errani, Vinci capture open doubles crown

london: a general view shows the arena during the closing ceremony of the london 2012 Paralympic Games at the olympic Stadium. afP

Serena hungers for more Slam magic




Italy's Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci won the US Open women's doubles title on Sunday with a 6-4, 6-2 triumph over Czech third seeds Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka. It marks the second Grand Slam title of the season for the Italian duo, best friends who also claimed the French Open, and the eighth doubles title of the year for the second seeds. "We played unbelievable here," said Vinci. "We are so happy." Errani will become the World No. 1 in women's doubles on Monday with Vinci ranked second. "We will be No. 1, not only me," Errani said. "We are playing very good. We're friends. We enjoy playing. It's great." The Czech duo fell in 76 minutes. "They are No. 1 in the world. What can you do?" Hlavackova said. "Hopefully another day we're going to beat them."

new YorK: Sara errani and roberta Vinci of italy pose with the trophy following their victory against andrea hlavackova and lucie hradecka of the czech republic in their women's doubles final match. afP

Tuesday, 11 September, 2012



ERENA Williams has won back-to-back Grand Slam titles for the first time since she completed a "Serena Slam" and after major setbacks the past two years, she is talking about smashing some records.Williams outlasted World No. 1 Victoria Azarenka 6-2, 2-6, 7-5 on Sunday to win her fourth US Open crown, becoming its second-oldest Open-era winner at age 30, and a 15th Grand Slam title, seven shy of Steffi Graf's all-time record. "Even though I'm 30, I feel so young and I've never felt as fit and more excited and more hungry," Williams said. "Even with this win like I'm sitting here so excited still to play the next Grand Slam and see what I can do. I love that feeling. I feel like it's overdue." Williams took her third major title in as many months after Wimbledon in July and Olympic gold last month on the same All England Club grass courts. "It's so cool. I'm so excited," she said. "To cap off the gold medal and then to come from the gold medal to win US Open is unforgettable." Williams won her first back-to-back Slam crowns since she captured four in a row -- the "Serena Slam" -from the 2002 French Open through the 2003 Australian Open. And she said if she had not missed 10 Slams with injury, she might have won five more by now. "yeah, I think so, but there's nothing I can do about that," she said. Williams has won multiple Grand Slams in a season for the third time in four years, her 2010 and 2009 doubles coming at Wimbledon and the Australian Open. Now Graf's mark seems reachable. "I never thought I would even come close to breaking those records but if I can play consistently and play some more matches at Wimbledon, then it will be awesome," she said. "If I could win two a year it would be great. We'll see. "I will think about my legacy when I'm done. I have so much more I want to create for the history." There was a time not so

long ago when Williams wondered if she might ever play again, much less recapture her championship form. Williams battled back from a right foot injury that kept her from playing in the 2010 US Open and battled blood clots last year that jeopardised more than her career. She fought back into form earlier this year but crashed out of the French Open with a first-round loss to Virginie Razzano, her worst-ever Grand Slam performance and her only 2012 loss in 50 matches where she won the first set.

‘Greatest ever’ Serena my blueprint’

Djokovic ready for Open to scrap 'Super Saturday'

nEw YoRK: Victoria Azarenka hailed Serena Williams as the greatest player of all time on Sunday and vowed to learn from suffering a chastening 10th defeat in 11 meetings with the American veteran in the US Open final. Williams captured a fourth title in New york on Sunday to take her career majors total to 15 with a 6-2, 2-6, 7-5 victory, the first women's final to go the distance in 17 years. World number one Azarenka was outplayed in the first set before staging a rousing fightback which saw her serve for the match at 5-4 in the decider before Williams called upon all of her experience and shot-making prowess to pull through. "For me, she's the greatest player of all time. She has taken the game to the next level," said 23-year-old Azarenka, who was just 10 when Williams won her first US Open as a teenager in 1999. "But I have to be positive because I feel like these kind of matches, every time I play Serena, it really pushes me to be better, to improve, to move forward. I have to be thankful to her for that." AfP

nEw YoRK: "Super Saturday" at the US Open cannot end fast enough to suit reigning champion Novak Djokovic, who railed against the idea Sunday after booking a spot in Monday's final against Andy Murray. The idea was created by organizers in 1984 to showcase the penultimate day of the year's final Grand Slam event, with both men's semi-finals and the women's final played on Saturday and the men's final played the following day. But as tennis has evolved, the stress of playing for a championship on limited rest after an often-gruelling semi-final has become tiresome for men, as have weather delays that have pushed five Open finals in a row to Monday. "I'm not so sure about this Super Saturday," Djokovic said. "I really hope that the tournament will consider changing things for next year. "Eventually playing back-to-back five sets with the top rivals, top guys, I think that's ridiculous from the players' perspective. "I think I'm not speaking in the name of myself only. I think most of the players will agree. Every other Grand Slam has a Friday/Sunday last couple of days. AfP

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Sports 18 Coldplay, Rihanna, Jay-Z star in Games finale LONDON


Global superstars close Games


ANTASTICAL wheeled vehicles, roller-skating warriors and bursts of fire brought the London Paralympics to a close Sunday, in a quirky closing ceremony headlined by Coldplay, Rihanna and Jay-Z. British supergroup Coldplay provided the backdrop to a three-hour extravaganza interspersed with dance and performance at the Olympic Stadium in east London, belting out hits including "Clocks", "The Scientist" and "yellow". "Being asked to play at the Paralympic Closing Ceremony in our home town is a huge honour," said lead singer Chris Martin. "This will be the biggest night of our lives," added Martin, who is married to US actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The band, who have sold more than 50 million records worldwide, accepted a fee of ÂŁ1 ($1.60, 1.25 euros) to headline the show. The ceremony kicked off with a procession of fire jugglers, a parade of drummers carrying blazing beacons, and a giant burning model cyclist who wheeled around the stadium. Dressed unusually modestly in a flowing orange gown and veil, Barbados star Rihanna sailed into the show onboard a model ship and sang a steamy duet with Martin, before performing another number on a swing strung high over the stadium.Trapeze artists tumbled from the skies as sparks flew from above their heads in a festival-themed show watched by 80,000 spectators in the stadium and millions worldwide on television. Outlandish vehicles also played a

london: Coldplay, Rihanna and Jay-Z on Sunday brought the curtain down on the London Paralympics, in a celebratory mood amid claims that the Games had helped usher in a "seismic" shift in attitudes towards disability. The British band opened the planned three-hour extravaganza of song and dane, watched by 80,000 spectators at the Olympic Stadium and many of the 4,200 athletes at trackside in the shadow of the burning Paralympic flame. The show, entitled "Festival of the Flame", was a tribute to Britain's many artistic, cultural, musical and seasonal festivals and was billed as being a journey through the seasons to music and dance, artistic director Kim Gavin said. Organisers hailed the Games as the biggest and most high-profile in its 52-year history, with more media attention and a record number of athletes from more than 160 countries, including for the first time reclusive North Korea. London 2012 chief Sebastian Coe said that with 2.7 million tickets sold, packed venues and vocal crowds, the Games had created a global platform for elite disabled sport and also helped change perceptions of people with disabilities. "I really genuinely do think that we have had a seismic effect on shifting public attitudes," he told a news conference. "I don't think people will ever see sport in the same way again. I don't think they will ever see disability in the same way again. We have talked about what we can do rather than what we can't do." Earlier on Sunday, one of the stand-out performers of the Games, British wheelchair racer David Weir, was roared to victory and his fourth gold in the men's marathon around the landmarks of central London. AfP central role in the show, with trucks including a giant dinosaur made of 25 old BMWs, a whale built from an old helicopter and a giant grasshopper joining the parade. Drummer Mat Fraser, who was born with deformed arms after his mother took the drug thalidomide during her pregnancy, performed a number with Coldplay after Martin watched him perform during the Paralympic opening ceremony. A cast of 1,336 volunteers from around the world and more than 50 drummers were also among the performers in a show with themes ranging from military sacrifice to the changing

seasons. The next Paralympic hosts, Rio de Janeiro, provided a carnivalflavoured taste of 2016 with a colourful segment featuring "dance battles" between performers of different styles. Roberta Marquez and Thiago Soares, both Brazilian stars of the British Royal Ballet, performed with a group of Brazilian visually-impaired dancers. There was a huge sigh from the packed stadium as International Paralympic Committee chief Philip Craven declared the London Games officially closed, before British athletes Ellie Simmonds and Jonnie Peacock extinguished the flame.

Pak bodybuilder awaits Indian visa for contest in Delhi LAHORE StAff REPoRt

new YorK: andre agassi and andy roddick pose during a ceremony honouring his career prior to the women's singles final. afP

A world renowned Pakistan-born British bodybuilder Masoom Butt is awaiting visa to take part in world 3rd biggest professional bodybuilding contest (sheru classic) in Delhi. Masoom Butt also recently qualified for Mr Olympia contest by winning 2nd place in Toronto pro bodybuilding show in June last. Although now permanently residing in the UK, he still represents Pakistan on international stage but the Indian high commission in London is delaying his visa application due to untold reasons. The muscleman may have to miss this mega event which will be under way in New Delhi on October 5. Sheru Angrish, an Indian born American citizen who is organizing this mega event offered full sponsorship for his trip to New Delhi. Bodybuilding is most popular sports in India and Pakistan on grass root level and has great potential to bring youth of both countries closer in current bitter atmosphere between two nuclear powers.

watch it Live ESPN SPORTS CENTER 07:30PM

britain says goodbye to Games with victory parade


Britain was bidding a fond farewell Monday to a golden summer of Olympic and Paralympic sport with a victory parade by athletes through London ending up at Buckingham Palace. Tens of thousands of people were expected to line the streets through the centre of the capital, including the army of volunteers who worked on the Games, to cheer on Britain's medal-winning heroes. Sunday night's Paralympics closing ceremony extinguished the flame in the Olympic Stadium, bringing the curtain down with a spectacular celebration of the human spirit, amid claims the Games had led to a "seismic" shift in attitudes towards disability. Coldplay, Rihanna and Jay-Z headlined a three-hour "Festival of the Flame" in front of 80,000 spectators, complete with flame-throwers, fantastical vehicles and stunning aerial acrobatics. Prime Minister David Cameron, surrounded by volunteers in their purple and orange shirts, said Monday it had been a golden summer for Britain, with the Games following celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II's diamond jubilee. "For countries to succeed in this competitive and difficult world, you need to have confidence that you can do big things and get them right... that you can take on the best, be the best, beat the best," Cameron said. "We've absolutely done that as a country. "Once the celebration has ended, some of that spirit inevitably will fade as everyone knuckes down and gets back to work after this magical summer. "But I think we'll always have that knowledge of what we can be as a country. "This summer brought out the best in Britain for the world to see and that spirit we must cling to." The parade was to begin at Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London, before passing St Paul's Cathedral, the former newspaper industry headquarters Fleet Street, and Trafalgar Square.

Hamilton's future best at McLaren: Whitmarsh MONZA AfP

new YorK: Jennifer capriati waves to the crowd before the start of the women's singles final. afP

Lewis Hamilton's Formula One future was the main talking point in the Monza paddock on Sunday after the Englishman's emphatic Italian Grand Prix victory. Amid speculation that the 2008 world champion might be leaving McLaren at the end of the season to join rival team Mercedes, his victory may well have strengthened the Englishbased team's attempts to re-sign him. The 27-year-old's victory was the team's third in succession and catapulted Hamilton to second in the drivers' standings just 37 points behind championship leader Ferrari's Fernando Alonso of Spain, while McLaren edged ever closer to threatening Red Bull's

grasp on the constrictor's title. McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh played down the significance Hamilton's victory might play in future contract talks and insisted the team's focus was on securing a strong result in Singapore in a fortnight. "We have proven this weekend that there were reasonable attempts to distract and they have failed," said Whitmarsh, "so I don't think there is any distraction, and we have got to carry on trying to win races." Whitmarsh argued that Hamilton's future ambitions would be best served staying with McLaren and remained confident that it was only a matter of time before he would re-sign. "My feeling is that this is a great team for Lewis to stay in," he said. "He has got to want to stay here, and we will

figure that one out when we've had some celebrations. "I think we are working together well. We are a winning team, he is a winning driver and we are a great driver together." He added that the team were in no rush to secure Hamilton and played down suggestions that they had already begun to consider other options. "I think we are a winning team, Lewis is a winning driver and there is a lot of sense in us working together. "We have a finite amount of time and I haven't, I hope, wasted any of that on matters other than on working together, having a quick car, winning races and winning championships." McLaren group chairman Ron Dennis also believes Hamilton's future would be best served at McLaren.

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Tuesday, 11 September, 2012


171 Pakistani Hindus seek asylum in India KARACHI INP

A group of 171 Pakistani Hindus has sought asylum in India due to hardships faced by them in Pakistan. According to reports, a batch of 171 Hindus arrived in Jodhpur from Pakistan on Monday. Talking to reporters, the leader of group, Chetan Ram, who is the headman of his village, said that they were facing problems in Pakistan, therefore they didn’t want to go back and the Indian government should give them asylum. They have been accommodated temporarily in a temple campus until proper arrangements are made, the Indian media reported. President of Seemant Lok Sangthan Singh Sodha, an organization fighting for the rehabilitation of Hindu migrants, said that he had intimated the chief minister about this, and expected him to direct the administration to make some arrangements for them. This group of Hindus had reportedly left the country in disguise, not disclosing their departure even to their relatives.

Pakistan frees 48 Indian prisoners as ‘goodwill gesture’ KARACHI AfP

KARACHI: People wave to Indian fishermen on a bus after they were released from Malir jail as a goodwill gesture on Monday. afP

Judges required to protect, defend constitution: CJ ISLAMABAD StAff REPoRt

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Monday said judges were required to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of Pakistan. Addressing the opening ceremony of the New Judicial year 20122013, Justice Chaudhry said that the rule of law is the only solution to all social and economic problems and that the Supreme Court is striving to discharge its constitutional duty of securing the principles of democracy, equality, freedom and social justice as enunciated by Islam. The chief justice said that absence of justice in a society gave rise to denial and infringement of rights of men, which in turn led to chaos and anarchy. “When might becomes right, the entire fabric of the society is rendered fragile. Resultantly, people are compelled to take the law in their own hands. Therefore, using the modern terminology, upholding the supremacy of the constitution and rule of law is the only solution to all social evils and economic problems,” he added. He said that Islam aimed at establishing a society where there was no one above the law and all persons whether high or low, powerful or weak, rich or poor - all were equal before law, and equally treated. CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry emphasized that attention was needed for a better understanding of problems confronting the system of delivery of justice that were threatening the rule of law in the country. He said that the judiciary had a primary role in the justice delivery system. However, all the authorities and institutions, including executive and the legislature, had to render auxiliary support and cooperation in the administration of justice and execution of the judicial process. The principle of trichotomy of powers embedded in the provisions of the Constitution aims at creating an atmosphere of harmony and collaboration among all the state institutions in order to achieve the goal of fair dispensation of justice, he said. “The judicial activism on the part of apex court has not only improved the judicial system as a whole, but has also enhanced public trust and confidence in the institution,” he noted. He said that the obligation of protecting and defending the constitution is cast on all government/public office holders and elective office holders in the national interest.

us paces up repair of ties with Pakistan g

Washington looking to keep islamabad at bay until presidential polls ISLAMABAD



N a bid to keep Pakistan tamed at least until President Obama’s re-election bid in November, the US administration has paced up interactions at all levels, but still keeping the strategic dialogue’s resumption pending. Dr Peter R Lavoy, US Principle Deputy Assistance Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs (APSA), held a meeting with Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Khalid Shameem Wynne. “The (US) embassy normally does not make public the details of such meetings but yes he (Dr Lavoy) is here and holding a wide range of talks at the relevant quarters,” said Rian Harris, spokesperson for the US embassy.

“Obviously, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Asharaf is not in the country, Dr Lavoy cannot call on him,” she said and added, “He is also not scheduled to meet President Asif Ali Zardari.” Asked about visits of Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman and President Obama’s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon reportedly on September 14, she said, “We do not have any such announcement to make in this regard. There are a lot many tours on cards but no announcement so far,” she maintained. “No”, was the answer to whether Dr Lavoy sought a meeting with Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani. Well-placed sources were of the view that the US administration was also concerned about Chief of Army Staff General Ashafaq Kayani’s imminent visit to Russia. “Therefore, they

are scheduling one after another visit to Islamabad in order to both keep Pakistan busy and also to have sense of the country’s other interactions,” the sources added. Reports have also suggest that Lavoy came to Pakistan ahead of his schedule, primarily to address concerns, if any in the defense corridors, over US declaring of Haqqani network as a terrorist organization. Analysts fear that the US psychological move to declare Haqqanis terrorists might impede collective efforts to bring Afghan Taliban on the table of talks. Earlier, an Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) statement said Dr Lavoy called on Wynne. He remained with the CJCSC for some time and discussed matters related to mutual cooperation and emerging geo-strategic situation of the region, it concluded.

Pakistan on Monday released 48 Indian fishermen, 10 of them teenagers, as a “goodwill gesture” following a visit by the Indian foreign minister S. M. Krishna. In a sign of thawing relations, Krishna and his Pakistani counterpart Hina Rabbani Khar last week inked an historic agreement to ease visa restrictions between the two countries. The release of fishermen is part of an understanding between the nuclear-armed rivals to free citizens who mistakenly stray into each other’s waters. “We have released 48 Indian fishermen from Malir jail in Karachi as a goodwill gesture,” deputy inspector-general prisons of southern Sindh province, Nusrat Mangan, told AFP. He said 32 Indian fishermen were still in Pakistani prisons.”They will also be released after our authorities receive a clearance from the Indian government,” he said. Nazeer Husain Shah, superintendent of the jail, said the released prisoners included 10 teenage boys. The Indians were presented with flowers and gifts, then bussed to the eastern city of Lahore, from where they would cross the Wagah border. Officials said they expect India would reciprocate the Pakistani gesture by releasing more than 200 Pakistani fishermen languishing in Indian jails. “We expect our neighbours will show the similar spirit and release the Pakistani prisoners from their jails,” Ayaz Soomro, law minister of the Sindh province said. Pakistan and India frequently seize each other’s fishermen, accusing them of violating their respective maritime boundaries in the Arabian Sea.

30 fisHermen drOwn in KaracHi, 8 bOdies recOvered KaRachi: Thirty fishermen are feared drowned after a boat capsized near the Ibrahim Hyderi shore on Sunday. Rescue teams have recovered eight dead bodies so far with the search still on to find 22 others. According to incharge Fishermen Co-operative Society Nasir Buneri, the boat, named Al-Rahman, with 41 fishermen left for fishing from Ibrahim Hyderi shore and sank 15 nautical miles away due to storm. “The boats present near the scene managed to rescue 12 fishermen while others went missing,” he said. The rescued fishermen were shifted to Jinnah Hospital for treatment. According to Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) sources, rescue operation was continuing to recover the bodies of 22 missing fishermen. The PMSA spokesman said that despite repeated warnings and ban on going into sea for fishing due to bad weather, fishermen went into the sea and the violation resulted in the mishap. sTaff RePoRT

KARACHI: Women mourn their dead relatives as they wait to collect the dead bodies of the Al Rehman fishing trawler tragedy on Monday. online

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