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Thursday, 10 October, 2013

Zil Hajj 04, 1434

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Certain pakistani elements do not want peace: India

Malala says doesn’t deserve nobel yet

Magnetic ink not used in na 256, na 258: naDra

Jilani appointed envoy to United states

prime minister woos turkish investors

Notwithstanding the infiltration bid along the LoC, India has to show some patience and not play into the hands of certain elements in Pakistan wanting to stall the peace process, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said on Wednesday. “I think much as we feel upset and concerned and hurt by what is happening on the border and the LoC, I think we have to show some perseverance. page 02

Malala, the teenage activist nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, says she has not done enough to deserve the award, as her old school closed on Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of her shooting by the Taliban. The 16-year-old was shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban on October 9 last year for speaking out against them. She has gone on to become a global ambassador for the right of all children to go to school. page 04

NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik has said magnetic ink was not used in NA-256 and NA-258 polling. During a press conference with Election Commission Secretary Ishtiak Ahmad, he said as a result, “57,000 votes in the NA 256 constituency could not be verified”. Addressing the issue of rigging in elections, he said “if thumb verification was done at the polling stations then the problem of rigging in elections will no longer exist”. page 05

Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani has been named Pakistan’s new envoy to the United States. Jilani, a career diplomat, has served as ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union and also did a stint in New Delhi as deputy high commissioner. The post has been lying vacant since former envoy Sherry Rehman, a stalwart supporter of the Pakistan People’s Party, resigned in May following her party’s defeat in the general election. page 03

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistan offers a host of areas for investment with ideal economic returns for foreign investors. The PM said this during a meeting with Turkish delegation led by Orguz Carmikli, Vice Chairman of the leading Turkish company NUROL Group, at PM’s House. Nawaz said Pakistan faced power shortages and the present government was dedicated to mitigate the same by exploiting innovative and cheap energy resources. page 12

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N theGeneraLis NEWS

Thursday, 10 October, 2013

Musharraf ishereto stay:aPML ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Secretary General Dr Amjad Malik has denied media reports that former president Pervez Musharraf is leaving for abroad after the acceptance of his bail plea by the Supreme Court. Talking to reporters on Wednesday, Malik said Musharraf was not going anywhere. “He will remain in the country until the completion of all legal proceedings,” he added. “We haven’t yet received a copy of the court’s decision,” he added. Malik said the former president could live like a free citizen after his release. “Musharraf wanted to become part of democratic process and face courts,” he said. Musharraf has been granted bail in the Benazir Bhutto, Akbar Bugti and the judges’ detention cases, the APML secretary general claimed. “If we had to make a deal, we would have done that long ago,” he said.

MaMnoon, nawaz DIsCUss Coas, CJCsC appoIntMents

readytoruMbLe! sc grants baIl to former mIlItary dIctator In akbar bugtI’s murder case

musharraf has already been baIled out In other Important cases, IncludIng benazIr bhutto murder case



HE Supreme Court on Wednesday granted bail to former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf in the Nawab Akbar Bugti murder case, enabling him to move freely as he has already secured bails in other important cases. After the development, Musharraf has obtained bails in all cases except the Lal Masjid Operation case, however, he is yet to be formally arrested in this respect. Earlier, Musharraf was granted bail in former prime minister Benazir Bhutto murder case and the judges’ detention case and now bail in Bugti case has brought him closer to move free anywhere. On Wednesday, a three-member SC bench headed by Justice Nasirul Mulk heard the former military ruler’s appeal against the Balochistan High Court’s rejection of his bail plea in Baloch tribal chieftain Akbar Bugti murder case. The bench observed that there was no substantial evidence against Pervez Musharraf in the criminal conspiracy regarding Bugti’s murder. The court after

hearing arguments from both sides granted bail to the former president against two surety bonds worth Rs 1 million each. Bugti was killed in 2006 in an explosion in a cave where he had taken refuge during a military operation ordered by then president and army chief Pervez Musharraf. Legal experts say after getting bail in the Bugti murder case, Musharraf could move anywhere freely. As far as the FIR of Lal Masjid was concerned, it could not put any hurdle in his way because there was no legal provision which could bar anyone on the basis of FIR. “The case of Lal Masjid has no legal ground… though police registered the case on the direction of the Islamabad High Court…now a police investigation team has been looking into it whether Musharraf could be arrested or not. As per my opinion JIT would declare Musharraf innocent in this case and complainant of the case would have to face music under Section 181 for registering a false FIR,” said Musharraf’s lawyer Ahmed Raza Kasuri. “The jail staff present at his house will pack up and leave as soon as they get

ISLAMABAD: Supporters of former military dictator Pervez Musharraf celeberate after the Supreme Court granted bail to their leader in the Akbar Bugti murder case on Wednesday. INP

the orders from the lower court,” said Kasuri. “Musharraf can fly to Dubai tomorrow once these legal formalities are completed.” Interestingly, currently a five-member JIT constituted by the Islamabad chief commissioner to probe into the charges of murder of cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi and his mother Sabiha Khatoon and others, stands dissolved. However, it is yet to be seen if Musharraf could go abroad due to his name being on the Exit Control List (ECL). The Sindh High Court had directed the Interior Ministry to put Musharraf’s name on the ECL. Hearing the treason case later, the

Certain Pakistani elements do not want peace: Khurshid ISLAMABAD ONLINE

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met President Mamnoon Hussain on Wednesday and discussed the appointments of chief of army staff (COAS) and the chairman joints chiefs of staff committee (CJCSC). According to sources, both were of the view that appointments would be made on merit and in line with the constitution. The president will approve the summary for the appointments of COAS and CJCSC after which an announcement will be made. On Monday, the prime minister in a statement had said that the appointments of the COAS and CJCSC will be announced together. The tenure of General Khalid Shameem Wyne as CJCSC expired on Tuesday and COAS Ashfaq Kayani replaced him as the acting CJCSC. Kayani’s tenure as the army chief will expire on November 29.

IndIan external affaIrs mInIster says perseverance, patIence needed to thwart antI-peace efforts NEW DELHI ONLINE

Notwithstanding the infiltration bid along the LoC, India has to show some patience and not play into the hands of certain elements in Pakistan wanting to stall the peace process, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said on Wednesday. "I think much as we feel upset and concerned and hurt by what is happening on the border and the LoC, I think we have to show some perseverance, some patience and some fortitude to ensure that we don't play into the hands of the forces that want to create trouble," he told PTI. He was responding to a question while returning from Sri Lanka on the fate of the Indo-Pak dialogue process in the wake of infiltration attempt by 35 to 40 terrorists

backed by suspected Pakistani special forces in the Keran sector along the Line of Control in Kashmir. Asked whether Nawaz government could be trusted in view of repeated ceasefire violations and infiltration attempts, Khurshid made it clear that dialogue was the way forward to resolve issues. "Our prime minister has said there is no option in the dealing of countries with each other but to trust, but the trust must be matched with our readiness and our insistence on verification. You have to verify and trust," Khurshid said.

Khurshid said Nawaz Sharif was elected in May general election on a "clear mandate" of better relations with India and that some "perseverance" and "fortitude" should be shown in the ties. "The prime minister met Nawaz Sharif because Nawaz has given repeated indications of his desire to normalise the situation between India and Pakistan," he said. The external affairs minister said the government was aware of "elements in Pakistan" who were against normalcy of ties between the two countries. "We would be playing into their hands, if we cut off all avenues of communication with the elected government of Pakistan, that was elected on a clear mandate of better relations with India because during the campaign Nawaz Sharif had made that into a prominent issue," he said. The massive infiltration bid, the biggest after the 1999 Kargil fiasco, was foiled by the Indian army which yesterday called off its 15-day-long major operation in Keran sector "We have asked the DGMOs to meet and meet as often as possible both to eliminate the causes of friction in the past as well as for ensuring that these things don't keep getting repeated," Khurshid said.

Supreme Court had also endorsed the Sindh High Court’s Order. Kasuri claimed that Musharraf’s name had been automatically removed when the SC referred the treason case to the commission. On the other hand, Advocate Sheikh Ashanud Din, who is one of the petitioners in the treason case against Musharraf, said the former dictator could not move abroad as his name was still on the ECL. Musharraf’s supporters celebrated the news of his bail with dances on drum beats. A large number of workers of Musharraf’s All Pakistan Muslim League who had gathered in the court premises distributed sweets and shouted slogans in his favour.

enhanCeD seCUrIty for MaMnoon raIses eyebrows ISLAMABAD: Amid tight security and unprecedented protocol, President Mamnoon Hussain on Wednesday left for Saudi Arabia to perform haj. Roads leading to the Presidency across the Red Zone were blocked and the APCs, with heavy contingent of paramilitary forces had been deployed to provide security for the family of the president. The roads remained closed for quite some time, leaving long queues of vehicles and motorists waiting for around an hour for clearance. Giving details of the visit, Press Secretary to the President Saba Mohsin Raza said the President along with his family members proceeded to Saudi Arabia to perform haj. “All the expenses on his travel and that of his family members are being borne by the president himself," said an official statement. However, there was no mention of the number of family members accompanying the president. Mamnoon, in past, has kept a low profile and during his brief stint as Sindh governor, he had also remained in low key. However, his family visit and high profile security measures raised many eyebrows in the federal capital. MIAN ABRAR

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Thursday, 10 October, 2013

ClerICs, talIban talks UnDerway: kp CM spokesMan PESHAWAR: The spokesman for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister, Shiraz Paracha on Wednesday said peace talks between religious scholars and the Taliban were underway and would be supported by the provincial government. In a TV interview, Paracha said talks between the clerics and Taliban were a positive step, adding however that it was also a sensitive matter therefore he could not reveal the names of the clerics involved in the process. He added that there was no timeframe for the talks or when peace would be restored. INP

Imran asks supporters not to abuse crItIcs on socIal medIa LAHORE: With many of his supporters resorting to widespread abuse against anyone who criticises the Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf on social media, Imran Khan on Wednesday condemned "abuse and harassment" on platforms like Twitter, especially acts that target women. The cricketerturned-politician said it was unacceptable for those claiming to be supporters of the Tehreek-e-Insaf to harass or abuse anyone on social media, especially women. The party can make its case effectively on the basis of its policies, positions and ideology, Khan said in a statement. "We do not need to be, nor should we ever be abusive" against people as that only undermines the party and its cause, he said. Khan, who has a large following among the youth, said, "For insaf (justice) to be done, the process, behaviour should also be one of insaf. How we conduct ourselves reflects on our party and ideology." There is "no room for abusers and harassers" in the party, he added. Many Pakistani journalists and writers have been at the receiving end of Khan's supporters on social media, especially Twitter. STAFF REPORT

JiLani aPPointed envoytous

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani has been named Pakistan’s new envoy to the United States. Jilani, a career diplomat, has served as ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union and also did a stint in New Delhi as deputy high commissioner. The post has been lying vacant since former envoy Sherry Rehman, a stalwart supporter of the Pakistan People's Party, resigned in May following her party's defeat in the general election. Nawaz Sharif visited the US last month for the UN General Assembly and is scheduled to meet President Barack Obama on October 23. Many analysts have spoken about the urgent need for appointing an envoy to the US. Jilani has specialised in South Asian affairs and served as director India during 19921995, deputy high commissioner to New Delhi during 1999-2003 and director general for South Asia and SAARC during 2003-07. STAFF REPORT

taLibanreadyfor ‘serioustaLks’ ttp chIef hakeemullah mehsud says jIhad agaInst pakIstan wIll contInue even after wIthdrawal of nato, us forces from afghanIstan

says talIban ready to provIde securIty to govt jIrga, but won’t back down from demand of ImposIng sharIah In pakIstan



RITICISING the government for not being able to take any substantial step towards peace talks, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakeemullah Mehsud on Wednesday said they would not hold dialogue through the media. Speaking during an interview published on BBC Urdu website, he said the Pakistani government should have officially announced initiation of peace talks and should have sent a tribal jirga to them for that purpose. “We don’t wish to negotiate with the media….neither do we wish to hear the government’s preconditions through the media nor do we want to put our precondition in front of it,” said Mehsud. He said the Taliban were ready for serious talks with the government and would welcome such an effort from it. He vowed to provide the government jirga with complete security if it was sent to them. The TTP chief said scheduled withdrawal of NATO and US forces from Afghanistan would not change anything in Pakistan and vowed to carry on with their ‘activities.’ “We are engaged in a war with Pakistan for two reasons; firstly Pakistan is a friend of America and secondly Ulema (Islamic clerics) were killed and madrassas (religious seminaries) were destroyed

in the country upon America’s command.” “Another reason for waging a jihad here is the prevailing Kafirana (infidel) system in place in Pakistan,” he added. Mehsud said the Pakistani Taliban would carry on demanding implementation of Shariah laws in the country even after the 2014 withdrawal. Acknowledging Pakistani clerics’ appeal for a ceasefire prior to peace talks, he said for any ceasefire to be credible it was important that US drone strikes on Pakistani land were stopped. Distancing themselves from terrorist attacks on public places, Mehsud said spy agencies were involved in such activities. “Purpose behind those attacks is to move the masses against Taliban so that public support towards us is stopped,” he said. The TTP chief

vowed to carry on attacking “friends of America and devil believers”. Asked why previous peace initiatives had failed, he blamed the government. “The government of Pakistan bombs innocent tribal people due to the pressure of America... Drone strikes conducted by Americans were (backed) by Pakistan. Then the Americans pressed Pakistan to start ground operations in these areas, and Pakistan complied,” said Mehsud. “So the government is responsible for past failures,” he added. GOVT WELCOMES OFFER: The Pakistani government welcomed Mehsud’s offer for ‘serious talks’. “The government looks forward to sitting with the Taliban in negotiating a peaceful resolution of issues,” Information Minister Senator Pervaiz Rashid said in a statement.

afGhantaLiban saybaradar stiLLnotfree pakIstanI offIcIals deny claIm, say baradar can meet or contact anyone for reconcIlIatIon purposes ISLAMABAD: The Afghan Taliban claimed on Wednesday that Pakistan was keeping the group's former deputy leader under detention despite announcing his release last month, an allegation promptly denied by Pakistani officials. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar's release after years in detention had stirred hope among many Afghan and Pakistani officials that this would help the struggling peace process in neighbouring Afghanistan. But the current friction raises questions about whether that will happen. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a statement on the group's website that Baradar "is still spending days and nights locked up behind bars in worrisome health conditions which are deteriorating by the day". He called for Baradar's immediate release. “Pakistan has released Taliban detainees to facilitate the reconciliation process in Afghanistan. Mullah Baradar has been similarly freed,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry said. "As far as we are concerned, he (Baradar) is free to meet and contact anyone to advance the cause of reconciliation," the spokesman said in a text message to the media. Other Pakistani officials said Baradar was free but living under tight security for his own safety. The former Taliban commander is free to travel anywhere he chooses, but he is always accompanied by Pakistani security officials, said a senior government official. Pakistan has provided him a "secure place" to live that is not accessible to the general public, said a security official. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to talk to the media about the issue. Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Monday that Baradar has been released, "but he is still not completely free". "We know that his family members have contact with him and we are trying to contact him, or find a telephone number, so we can use him for the peace process," Karzai said during a press conference in Kabul. AGENCIES

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04 N

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NEWS Thursday, 10 October, 2013

sadiq stresses on keeping all channels open to avoid escalation of mistrust and bitterness Indian speaker calls for joint efforts to eradicate terrorism ISLAMABAD ONLINE


HE speakers of Indian and Pakistani parliaments on Wednesday agreed to

Pakistanandindia vowtoGivePeaceachance

jointly work for the promotion of improved relations between the two South Asian neighbours. According to a message received from Switzerland, a meeting between Ayaz Sadiq and Meira Kumar was held in Geneva on the sidelines of the ongoing 129th Inter Parliamentary Union Assembly. Sadiq stressed on keeping all available channels open to avoid escalation of mistrust and bitterness

on both sides of the divide. He said that parliamentary exchange had created a lot of goodwill and opened new vistas of cooperation between the two countries. Referring to the Indian speaker’s visit to Pakistan in February 2012, Sadiq said, “That was the first visit by any Indian Speaker. Let us not make it the last.” Kumar said she still held nostalgic memories of her visit to Pakistan, which was frequently

of terrorism as it had sacrificed the lives of more than 60,000 people in gruesome acts of terror. On LoC, he reminded his Indian counterpart that the “individual acts must not spoil the collective efforts”. He also referred to the immense pool of economic opportunities of the two countries and said there was no point in doing business with the world and ignoring markets next door.

quoted in the Indian media. She regretted that whenever moves were made for a mutually respecting neighborhood, the efforts were thwarted by isolated acts. She raised the issue of terrorism in the region, which was affecting all nations. She called for joint efforts to eradicate the menace. She also called for respecting the sanctity of the Line of Control. Sadiq said Pakistan was the worst victim

“In India, Pakistan has a huge market and in Pakistan, you have a sizeable number. Let us not let it go waist and jointly work for a mutually prosperous future for our generations,” said Sadiq. Kumar welcomed the suggestions and reiterated her invitation to Sadiq to visit India. He accepted the invitation and hoped that his presence in India would help bringing the relationship to another level.


IOs must treat public, agencies personnel alike: SC ISLAMABAD APP

The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed the police not to adopt double standards in investigations from general public and agencies personnel in missing persons’ case. The directive was issued by a three-member bench comprising Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali, Justice Ijaz Afzal Khan and Justice Iqbal Hameed-ur-Rehman during the hearing of missing persons’ case. About the case of two missing brothers Umar Hayat and Umar Bakht, Additional Attorney General (AAG) Tariq Khokhar said the two brothers were workers at Punjab Coal Mine, Choa Saidan Shah in Chakwal district, from where they went

KARACHI: Police officials participate in the funeral services of colleagues killed by unidentified assailants on Wednesday. INP

MaLaLasays doesn’t deserve nobeLyet

If there Is a proof of some agency’s Involvement, the law should come Into force as no one Is above the law

tented that there were evidences of the involvement of an agency in the case which was also authenticated by a

judicial inquiry held by District and Session Judge Chakwal. The court observed if there was a proof the agency’s involvement, the law should come into force as no one was above the law. Justice Jamali remarked that being the representative of federation, it was the duty of the AAG to ensure recovery of the missing persons. Justice Ijaz questioned that when the missing persons, as per the judicial commission, were in the custody of agency, then why they were not being produced before the court. AAG Tariq Khokhar requested the court to give him some time so that he could show progress on the case. On this, Justice Jamali said the court was ready to give him a month but he had to show progress in the case.

for love, tappi decides to take on zardari Azerbaijan’s president KARACHI


MINGORA: Malala Yousafzai, the teenage activist nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, says she has not done enough to deserve the award, as her old school closed on Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of her shooting by the Taliban. The 16-year-old was shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban on October 9 last year for speaking out against them. She has gone on to become a global ambassador for the right of all children to go to school. Feted by world leaders and celebrities for her courage, she has addressed the UN, this week published an autobiography, and on Friday will learn if she has won the Nobel Peace prize. But in an interview with radio station City89 FM, Malala spoke of her desire to do more to promote education, saying she felt she had not yet earned the Nobel accolade. “There are many people who deserve the Nobel Peace Prize and I think that I still need to work a lot. In my opinion I have not done that much to win the Nobel Peace Prize,” she said. ONLINE

missing on May 4, 2010. He alleged they were picked up by police and handed over to some unknown persons. Khokhar con-

Rumours are rife about Owais Muzaffar Tappi of having run away from the country or being called by former president Asif Ali Zardari to Dubai to allot him the portfolio of Sindh home minister, but a source close to the former president’s foster brother says that he has gone to Dubai to convince Zardari to let him marry a woman he loves. The source, who is amongst close friends of the Sindh local government minister, said Tappi had fallen in love and wanted to marry the lady, but Zardari had refused to accept that. “He went to Dubai to make Asif sahib agree to his will,” the source claimed. “Asif sahib was happy after hearing that his brother was in love with

someone and wanted to get married, but when Tappi shared the details of his beloved, Zardari refused right away,” the source maintained. Giving details of the women in question, the source said she was from the Urdu-speaking community and was residing in D H A Karachi. “Asif sahib has no problem that Tappi chose an Urdu-speaker for his life partner but he has some other issues which cannot be disclosed,” the source added. “There are rumours in the country that Tappi has run

away from the country, but I want to make it clear that he will not leave Pakistan,” the source clarified. To a question, the source said the portfolio of Sindh home minister, an important slot in the Sindh cabinet occupied by Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah after removal of Manzoor Wassan, was “not a big deal” for Tappi. “People, who are familiar with Asif sahib know that he will not refuse his foster brother if he demand any ministry in the Sindh cabinet,” the source said.

wins third term BAKU AGENCIES

Azerbaijan’s president won a third five-year term by a landslide in Wednesday’s vote, according to an exit poll, extending decades of dynastic rule in the oil-rich Caspian Sea nation allied with the West. The poll, which was conducted by the independent Prognosis polling company, showed Ilham Aliyev taking nearly 84 percent of the vote. The poll of 40,500 voters had a margin of error of less than 1 percentage point.

The main opposition candidate, historian Jamil Hasanli, is trailing behind with about 8 percent, followed by eight other contenders. Hasanli, speaking to reporters earlier in the day, said that his supporters had recorded numerous vote violations. “We have registered cases of ballot stuffing at a number of polling stations,” he said. “Regrettably, many government officials are involved in falsification, becoming accomplices of a grave crime.” International rights groups

have accused Aliyev of pressuring and harassing government critics, leaving them little breathing space to campaign. The government, however, loosened the reins ahead of the ballot, withdrawing its longtime ban on rallies in the center of the capital. Aliyev has ruled the exSoviet nation of 9 million since 2003, succeeding his father, Geidar Aliyev, who had been at the helm for most of the previous three decades, first as Azerbaijan’s Communist Party boss during the Soviet times and then as its president.


A Turkish appeals court largely upheld a ruling that had imprisoned hundreds of active and retired military officers for allegedly plotting a coup, a decision that analysts said marks the Islamist-leaning government’s victory over secularist armed forces.The Ankara-based court

Wednesday partially overturned the September 2012 decision and released 88 of the jailed defendants due to lack of evidence or because they were wrongly indicted. But the court agreed with the lower court’s ruling on 237 of the 361 defendants. It upheld convictions and prison sentences of up to 20 years for defendants led by retired army Gen. Cetin Dogan, former air

force and navy commanders, and retired Gen. Bilgin Balanli, former chief of the military academy, for participating in a plot known as Sledgehammer that prosecutors said was rehearsed in an annual army seminar in 2003. The court approved the acquittal of 36 people previously freed by the lower court. The defendants deny the charges. While the chief public prosecu-

tor’s office can object to the ruling and each defendant can appeal to Turkey’s supreme court, or try to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights, analysts say the decision largely marks a closure to the saga that has roiled Turkey for almost four years. The trial has accentuated the deepening divide among Turkey’s pious, who say the military-dominated republic persecuted

them for decades, and the republic’s secularists, who say the government has an agenda of creeping Islamism. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s supporters hailed the decision as a landmark victory for democracy, while the government’s detractors criticized it as further evidence of the judiciary’s subjugation to an increasingly authoritarian premier.

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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors — Plato WOMAN OF THE CORN: A woman assembling corn cobs at a field in city suburbs. MuRTAzA ALI


LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Syed Munawar Hassan has alleged that Swiss government’s refusal to re-open corruption cases against former President Asif Ali Zardari is the natural outcome of the PPPPML-N collusion for protecting the plunderers of public wealth. On Wednesday, he said that while the PPP regime blatantly violated Supreme Court’s orders in order to protect its co-chairman, the friendly opposition comprising the PML-N kept a ‘criminal silence’ on the issue involving secret transfer of the looted billions to foreign banks. Hassan said the Supreme Court orders were not implemented only because the PPP government did not fear a tough stand on the issue from the friendly opposition, rather there was a green signal from the so called opposition in this respect. He said that the PPP’s role on opposition benches now was exactly the same as had been of the PML-N during the PPP rule. STAFF REPORT

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DIg CornereD In lanD grabbIng Case Woman approaches CM through a newspaper ad, complaining DIG grabbed her house g CM forms three-member committee to enquire case against DIG g




UNJAB Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has ordered an enquiry against Lahore DIG Rai Tahir for allegedly patronising a group which, in connivance with the Sattukatla Police, encroached on the house of a woman Zahida Aleem. Zahida, resident of Iqbal Avenue, Cooperative Housing Society, had moved an application to the chief minister, with the request that Sattokatla Police on behalf of the DIG and his brother Rai Tariq, going against

the Lahore High Court’s orders on a petition, barged in her house and arrested her along with her sister Shahida, son Abdul Mannan and brother Mohammad Umar and locked them up unlawfully. Zahida has alleged that the DIG also registered fake cases against them. The plaintiff also published an ad in an English daily to get her voice heard. Reviewing the issue, Shahbaz has ordered to conduct an enquiry into the matter and a three-member committee comprising Additional IG Muhammad Amlaish, Additional IG Abubakar Khuda Bux and Major (r) Mubasharullah has been formed which would submit its final report within 24 hours.

CM UNMOVED OVER MEASLES OUTBREAK: LHC LHC annoyed over non-submission of enquiry report on measles LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Lahore High Court on Wednesday lashed out at the Punjab government for its continued failure in submitting an enquiry report, prepared by a three-member committee headed by Sheikh Zayed Hospital Principal Dr Zafar Iqbal, into alleged failure of the government to control recent outbreak of measles. As the hearing resumed, the court expressed its extreme displeasure over nonsubmission of the measles enquiry report. Additional advocate general (AAG) told the court that the report was lying with the chief minister on

‘ppp-pMl-n CollUsIon behInD swIss refUsal agaInst zarDarI’

which Justice Khalid Mahmood observed that the people were dying and the CM was sitting ‘unmoved’ with the report. He further said that the CM takes the salary from the national exchequer and the welfare of the nation was his prime duty. Justice Mahmood ordered for the submission of enquiry report within three days and later adjourned the hearing of the case until October 14. The petitioner had demanded action against responsible officers of health department and others in their alleged failure to control measles outbreak. The petitioner had submitted that the children in the provincial hospitals had died due to the

diseases and the government had failed to control the outbreak. He said the government authorities had not taken protective measures to control the outbreak as the vaccine of measles was also not available in the province. He said the government had launched anti-measles campaign three years back but later scrapped it. The petitioner stated that federal and provincial governments miserably failed in controlling the outbreak of measles which resulted into loss of innocent lives. The petitioner requested that a judicial enquiry should be ordered to determine the responsibility of the government’s authorities.

watchout!nohostiLe textinGtoscJudGe LHC grants bail to Salman Akram Raja accused of sending threatening messages to SC judge LAHORE: Justice Syed Muhammad Kazim Raza Shamsi of Lahore High Court on Wednesday granted protective bail to lawyer Salman Akram Raja till October 22 in a case registered against him for allegedly sending threatening text messages to Supreme Court judge Jawwad S Khawaja. Justice Shamsi granted bail to the accused lawyer to enable him to appear before the concerned trial court. Applicant counsel submitted that a

DengUe toll In pUnJab


case had been registered against the lawyer on October 8 at Secretariat Police Station, Islamabad, under Telegraph Act 25D. The case was lodged on a complaint of an assistant registrar of the Supreme Court for allegedly sending threatening messages to Justice Jawwad S Khawaja through a mobile text message. Counsel said that accused lawyer wanted to appear before the concerned court but feared arrest. STAFF REPORT

LAHORE: The five-year-old rape victim has been discharged from the hospital after 29 days of treatment while the police are still clueless about the men who raped her. The girl has been treated in the Services Hospital for 28 days where she underwent five operations. Government of the Punjab had formed a five-member committee to conduct an enquiry into the matter but in vain. During search operation, police also arrested many people but could not find out the actual criminals involved. One month back, some unidentified men had kidnapped the girl while playing outside her house, raped her and threw her in a critical condition outside Ganga Ram Hospital. Later, the girl was shifted to the Services Hospital as pediatric surgery was not available at the Ganga Ram Hospital. The victim is the youngest one among her 11 siblings. STAFF REPORT


Number of dengue patients is continuing to increase in the Punjab. According to reports, in Lahore alone 226 cases of dengue patients have

been reported while the toll of people affected by the disease has jumped to 346 across the province. Meanwhile, seven new patients of dengue were admitted to Services Hospital and Mayo Hospital in Lahore on Wednesday.

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If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law — Winston Churchill



LAHORE Wednesday, 9 October, 2013

corriGenduM It is to rectify with reference to the news published in this paper of a missing woman Umaira Asghar Awan. It was reported that she is the daughter of Mudassar Hassan, while the man is her father.

COURT NOTICE IN THE COURT OF MR RANA MUHAMMAD YOUSAF SAHIB JUDGE BANKINGCOURT NO. 1 GUJRANWALA old P.W.D Rest House Opp, Commissioner office, Gujranwala. Suit No. 264-1/2013. HBL Branc Wachoke Tehsil Pasrur Plaintiff VERSES Amman Ullah Defendants SUMMONS U/S 9(5) OF THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS (RECOVERY OF FINANCE) ORDINANCE ,2001 (ORDINANCE NO. XLVI OF 2001) Summons to; Amman Ullah S/o Muhammad Bashir R/o village and P/O charbajwa tehsil pasrur District Sialkot. Whereas the aforesaid plaintiff has instituted a suit against you and others for recovery or Rs. 345530/. along with markup/interest and cost etc claimed to be payable by you. A summons u/s 9(5) of ordinance no XLVI of 2001 referred to above is hereby Issued requiring you to make with in 30 days of this proclamatoin, an application for leave to defend the suit. taken notice that on your failure to file such application within time specified above. Banking court shall pas a decree as prayed for in the plaint. next date for further proceedings in the case has been fixed for 10-10-13. given under may hand and the seal of the court this 15-8-2013.

TENDER NOTICE UNIVERSITY OF THE PUNJAB QUAID-E-AZAM CAMPUS LAHORE TENDER NOTICE FOR AUCTION Bids are required for the Auction of Dry Woods/Broken pieces Fallen in the name of Ro-ii University of the punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, lahore.



3. 4.

5. 6. 7.


Bidder is required to deposit CDR of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) in thename of Treasurer, University of the punjab, lahore, along with tender. Tender with a photocopy of computerized National identity Card of the Bidder and CDR (which will be refundable to the Bidders except successful Bidders) must be covered in the envelope and the name of tenderer with complete business address must be written on the envelope. Tenders must be submitted in Tender Box which is available in the office of RO-ii, University of the punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, lahore. Conditional/without CDR, tender will not be entertained. The last date of submission of tender is October 30, 2013 upto 11:00 A.M and tender will be opened in the presence of bidders/their authorized representatives at 11:30. A.M on same date in the office of Committee Room of Director p&D, University of the punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, lahore. Dry Wood/Broken pieces for auction may be examined during the office hours through the office of RO-ii. Contractor will be responsible tobear all expenses including labour, carriage, wieghtage and applicable taxes, etc. Auction Committee, University of the punjab has right to cancel any one or whole of the tenders without assigning any reason, which cannot be challenged anywhere. The Auction Committee has also the right to opt for open bidding. in case of any dispute, the decision of the Auction Committee, University of the punjab, will be the final decision. ipl 10114

TENDER NOTICE Sealed tenders based on Standardized Market Rates (amended upto the date of receipt of tenders) are invited for the works mentioned below from the contractors/firms enlisted with C&W Department/W&S Department City District Government, Lahore in the field of Road Works who have got their names renewed/enlisted for the financial year 2013-14. Tenders documents can be obtained from the office of Executive District Officer, Works & Services)/ District Officer (Roads Highway City Division NO. 1, Lahore) City District Government, Lahore against written request accompanied with attested copies of enlistment/up to date renewal letter and fee receipt, production of valid original PEC license for the current calendar year, 2013, authority letter on pad form of the contractor/firm, CNIC of the contractor/Managing partner of the firm alongwith registered power of attorney and for transparency payment of prescribed fee as shown before each work, through a Bank Challan to be deposited in Head of Account “1240 PW Receipt” (District Govt. Account-IV) in favour of District Officer (Roads-1) City District Government, Lahore. Tender fee shall not be received in shape of cash. Tenders will be issued by the aforesaid offices on 26.10.2013 during office hours. Tendered rates and amounts should be filled in figures, as well as, in words and tender should be signed as per general directions given in the tender documents. Tenders will be received & opened by the District Tender Board City District Government, Lahore in the office of the undersigned on 28.10.2013 at 2.00 P.M. in the presence of Committee/intending contractors or their authorized representatives who care for same. If the tenders are not received on 28.10.2013 then the same will be received on 29.10.2013 at 2.00 p.m. Tender opening time shall be strictly observed and no extension in receiving time shall be allowed. Conditional tender and tenders not accompanied with Earnest Money in shape of deposit-at-call receipt from schedule Bank and attested copies of registered partnership deed and power of attorney in case of firm will not be entertained. Earnest money to be deposited will be 2%. In case of tendered amount quoted is 5% below or less beyond 5% below of estimated cost, the lowest bidder shall have to deposit performance security in shape of Deposit-at-call from a schedule bank equivalent to difference of the estimated cost as per standing instructions of Govt. of the Punjab. Any information/detail of work regarding the tenders mentioned below can be obtained from the Divisional Head Clerk/Head Draftsman during office time. Undersigned shall have the right for rejecting any or all of the tenders without assigning any reason thereof. Issue of tenders wil be subject to the policy of District Government Authorities regarding measures to ensure progress/quality of works shown by contractors as reviewed from time to time. Acceptance of tenders will also be subject to provisions contained in the B&R Code. Note: In case of any typographically mistake, if noticed, the original documents will be referred to.


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NEWS Thursday, 10 October, 2013

Magneticinknotusedin na256,na258:nadra malIk says thumb verIfIcatIon at pollIng statIons to elImInate poll rIggIng practIce ISLAMABAD



ATIONAL Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) Chairman Tariq Malik has said magnetic ink was not used in NA-256 and NA-258 polling. During a press conference with Election Commission Secretary Ishtiak Ahmad, he said as a result, “57,000 votes in the NA 256 constituency could not be verified”. Addressing the issue of rigging in elections, he said “if thumb verification was done at the polling stations then the problem of rigging in elections will no longer exist”. The NADRA chairman clarified that it had recommended the Election Commission use magnetic ink of special quality to be able to read thumb impressions afterwards.

ecp secy blames pcsIr for provIdIng substandard Ink to pollIng statIons He‚ however‚ said magnetic ink was not used in National Assembly constituencies NA-256 and NA-258. He said thumb impressions on about 57,000 ballot papers of NA-256 could not be read by NADRA system as they were not up to the mark. Malik said NADRA would also examine ballots of six other constituencies and it would become clear whether or not magnetic ink was used there. He said the authority verified ballot papers that contained readable thumb impressions. The EC secretary‚ however‚ said an elite institution PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) undertook to prepare magnetic ink of the desired properties and supply it for 70,000 polling stations and the same ink was provided. Ahmad said 14 Election Tribunals three each in Sindh‚ KP and Balochistan and five in Punjab - were hearing about

four hundred petitions and the commission would implement the verdict of the tribunals in these cases. He said retired district and sessions judges were appointed as members of these tribunals and these would expeditiously process all these petitions. Ahmed said for the first time, voter lists containing photographs of voters were used and thumb impressions of voters were affixed on the ballot papers for subsequent verification. He said the system had started bearing fruit and hoped that the exercise would ensure more fairness of electoral process in the future.


Ahmed said, “A new system is in place which includes a biometric system as well. As a result of this new things are expected to come out.” The two said electronic voting machines would be used for national‚ provincial and local elections after two years. These machines would also have bio-metric system making it possible to verify thumb impressions of voters at the time of casting of ballot rather than afterwards. They urged media and political parties to wait for the judgments of election petitions by Election Tribunals and do not jump to conclusions.

PESHAWAR: Relatives of a Pakistani prisoner in Afghanistan hold a demonstration for his release outside the press club on Wednesday. INP

woMansetabLazeby husband,LockeduP forthreedays PESHAWAR: A woman suffered severe burns when her husband allegedly set her ablaze by throwing petrol on her at her house in Mardan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, her family said Wednesday. Shahida, who is currently fighting for her life at a hospital in Chakwal district of Punjab province, said her husband Taseer Khan sprinkled petrol on her and set her on fire after a minor domestic dispute. The burn victim, in her mid-twenties, said she was locked up in a room and was not allowed medical treatment for three days after the incident. The girl’s family said she received medical attention only after they rescued her from her husband’s house and took her to a hospital in Chakwal, where she is now being treated. Shahida suffered severe burn injuries on her face while her entire body was badly charred. Murad, a brother of the ill-fated girl, said that about 90 per cent of her body had been burnt and her condition was “very serious”. The family also claimed the victim was also pregnant at the time of the alleged incident and that she suffered a miscarriage after she was badly beaten up by her husband. When contacted, officers at the Mardan Cantt Police station said they have taken Taseer Khan under custody after registering an attempted murder case against the accused. STAFF REPORT

PhcbansoPen saLeofacidinkP PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court on Wednesday banned the open sale of acid. Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, heard the case pertaining to an acid attack. Justice Khan remarked that acid was being used as a form of weapon, adding that women were being targeted with it. He moreover said that leaders legislate day in and out for their own interests, but do not implement court orders. Earlier in June, a young Pashto actress Bushra had suffered critical burn injuries after a local TV drama producer allegedly threw acid on her while she was asleep in her home, her family members had claimed. Acid attacks are seen to be on the rise in northwest Pakistan Bushra was only among the most recent victim of acid attacks – a crime that experts say is on the rise in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In year 2012, 150 acid attack cases were registered in Pakistan, 30 of which were reported from KP's Mardan district alone. According to the Islamabad-based NGO, Acid Survivors Foundation, the data shows an upward trend in this form of violence targeting women. Some 45 per cent of the acid attacks are the result of family feuds while 17 per cent are linked to refusals to marriage proposals. Moreover, a report by the Aurat Foundation released in January 2013 said that although the total number of reported cases of violence against women had decreased by 12 per cent, a deeper analysis showed a significant 89 per cent increase in cases of acid-throwing, followed by a 62 per cent rise in domestic violence. STAFF REPORT

ptI, MQM shelf planned no-trust move against shah both opp partIes unhappy for beIng sIdelIned by opp leader In major consultatIon ISLAMABAD MIAN ABRAR

Despite being ignored and abandoned in major decision-making by Leader of the Opposition Syed Khurshid Shah, the widening gulf between the top leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has forced both opposition parties to shelve a joint move to bring a no-confidence motion against Shah. Despite public claims by Shah to have consulted the leaders of PTI and MQM, the leadership of both opposition parties claimed they had not been approached by the former and blamed the PPP leader of being "in league" with the government to

appoint officials against top positions through underhand deal. Being ignored in major decision-making process between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Opposition Leader Syed Khurshid Shah, PTI chief Imran Khan is feeling besieged and has decided to shelve his plan to open a new front within the opposition block. Top leaders in both political parties have confided in Pakistan Today that both the parties, who were mulling to table a no-trust motion against Shah, have now backtracked on their plans soon after exchange of a new wave of war of words in wake of the report by National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) that around 77,000 votes polled in NA-256 were fake. "We have strong reservations against the way NAB chairman was appointed under an underhand deal between the PMLN and PPP. But for the time being, we have

decided to shelve any plan to open another front in opposition," said a top PTI leader. A senior MQM leader said his party was not ready to go with the PTI hand in hand against the PPP leadership, as both had been coalition partners in the Centre and Sindh for many years. However, he said his party was covertly building pressure on the PPP leaders by fuelling such rumours. "We aimed at building pressure on the PPP's top leadership which has unleashed an MQM-specific operation in across Sindh, especially in Karachi. We want them to review their strategy. But if this witchhunt continues, we may opt to bring a joint no trust move against Khurshid Shah," he asserted. Asked whether his party would go into an alliance with its bitter rival PTI, the MQM leader said when you are stuck between the devil and the deep sea, one had

to strategise. "We can make an alliance with the devil to avenge the plight of our workers," he maintained. PTI Secretary-Information Dr Shireen Mazari said no joint move was planned yet. "But we are concerned about leader of opposition 'going alone' with the government and not consulting opposition parties," she said. The PTI leader also hinted at her party's plan to challenge the numeric strength of the PPP in the National Assembly, saying, “We are also re-examining our own strength in National Assembly after the recent by-election". PTI strongman from Karachi, Asad Umar, also said there was no plan to table a joint move against Khurshid Shah. "Nothing is decided so far," he said and added that nothing could be ruled out. The PPP has 44 members in the NA, while the PTI has also increased its number from 31 to 35 - thanks to some success in the recent by-polls. The MQM has 24 lawmakers in the NA. Both the PTI and MQM can outnumber the PPP nominee from the opposition leader's slot if they moved jointly.

we have strong reservations against the way nab chairman was appointed under an underhand deal between the pml-n and ppp. but for the time being, we have decided to shelve any plan to open another front in opposition.

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. — Winston Churchill

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NEWS Thursday, 10 October, 2013

bangladesh'sformeroppositionminister sentencedtolifeforwarcrimes

dianawasPreGnant withdodi’sbaby attiMeofdeath, cLaiMsbook



NEW DELHI: Princess Diana was assassinated in 1997 because she was having her boyfriend Dodi Fayed’s baby, it has been claimed. Author Alan Power has revealed in his book, The Princess Diana Conspiracy, that radiologist Dr Elizabeth Dion and a nurse saw a “clearly visible” 6-10-week old fetus in her womb, when she was taken to the Paris hospital after her fatal accident, the Daily Star reported. According to the investigator, the 36-year old Princess of Wales was carrying the child of the 42-year old son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed who was killed alongside her. The author has claimed that her body was illegally embalmed by the hospital to cover up her pregnancy, which was the reason Diana was allegedly killed by an SAS death squad. Power also claimed that documents in PitieSalpetriere Hospital archives also back the claim that she was up to 10 weeks pregnant, and the SAS soldiers were recruited by MI6 agents to cover up her pregnancy and stop her revealing embarrassing details about the Royal Family. INP

former minister and senior member of Bangladesh’s main opposition party has been sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity during the country’s 1971 independence war. Abdul Alim, now 83 and wheelchair-bound, was found guilty of involvement in 600 murders during the civil war in which up to three million people were killed and thousands of women were raped. He was convicted of targeting minority Hindus, burning their homes and murdering them. Alim is the second senior member of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party to be convicted by a tri-

bunal set up by prime minister Sheikh Hasina to bring those accused of war crimes to justice. Eight have so far been convicted, and five, includ-

ing several leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh’s largest Islamic party, have been sentenced to death. The International Crimes Tribunal has been widely criticised for failing to meet international standards of justice. The United States has urged Bangladesh to guarantee fair trials and not deny those convicted their right to appeal. The tribunal has also been divisive in Bangladesh where its verdicts have provoked violent protests by both supporters and opponents. Prosecutors had sought the death sentence for Abdul Alim and said they may yet appeal. Tueen Afroz said the court had indicated it had taken Alim’s age and disability into account as mitigation. “We will consider appealing when we see full judgment. All of the accused are aged, so [we’re] unsure whether that should be a factor,” he said.

Jui-fcLericGunned downinLoraLai LORALAI: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUIF) cleric Fateh Muhammad was killed in a terror attack in Sanjavi of Loralai on Wednesday. Unidentified assailants carried out a deadly attack on Muhammad in Loralai District of Balochistan province. Police and rescue teams reached the crime scene and shifted the body to a nearby hospital. Investigation is underway. INP

Pafaircraftcrashes inPindibhattian ISLAMABAD/ PINDI BHATTIAN: A Pakistan Air Force ((PAF) Mashaq propeller training aircraft on Wednesday crashed in Pindi Bhattian. According to a PAF spokesman, the training aircraft developed some technical fault while on a routine training mission. The pilots of the aircraft made successful emergency landing in the fields near Pindi Bhattian. Both pilots are said to be safe. INP

LeviesreLiefteaM attackedinawaran AWARAN: Unidentified men attacked a Levies team busy in relief activities in Awaran district of Balochistan on Wednesday. However, no loss was reported. According to details, the militants opened indiscriminate fire on Levies personnel engaged in relief operation in Jhao tehsil of Awaran district which was devastated in the massive earthquake of September 24. Sources claimed that the attackers snatched official arms from the Levies personnel and fled. Security personnel cordoned off the area after the attack and launched a search operation. INP

AWARAN: Earthquake-affected people have started rebuilding their homes on self-help basis. INP

Jpp steps up efforts for hamidullah’s release from bagram prison LAHORE STAFF REPORT

In an unprecedented move on Wednesday, lawyers from the Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) testified at the Detainee Review Board hearing of Hamidullah Khan at the US detention facility in Bagram, Afghanistan. Hamidullah, a Pakistani citizen, was only 14-year-old when he was kidnapped and sent to Bagram Prison. Until the filing of this report, he has never been charged, tried or provided access to a lawyer. After nearly five years, the US government continues to detain him despite repeated indications from both the US and Pakistani governments that he will be repatriated soon. Instead of the due judicial process, detainees at Bagram Prison go through a military review before the Detainee Review Board every six months to determine whether or not they can be transferred to Pakistan. Lengthy negotiations then ensue between the US

and the Pakistani governments. On October 8, Hamidullah had another US hearing at Bagram. However, the JPP, who have been representing Hamidullah at the Lahore High Court since 2010, were not only allowed to testify at his board hearing but also to speak with their client Hamidullah. It is the first time that a Pakistani detainee at Bagram has spoken to his legal representative in Pakistan. At the hearing, the JPP staff submitted evidence before the board, in support of Hamidullah’s transfer to Pakistan. It was also allowed to briefly speak to him. Due to restrictions imposed by the US military, the JPP is barred from disclosing majority of information regarding its conversation with Hamidullah. However, Hamidullah said, “Please let my family know that I am doing well.” Hamidullah was kidnapped in the summer of 2008, having travelled from Karachi to Waziristan to collect his family’s belongings in anticipation of a

military offensive in the area. A few days before he planned to return to Karachi, he called his family and informed them of his return soon. However, he was kidnapped a little while later. He was only discovered to be held under US control in Bagram Prison in 2009, a year after he was detained. On October 16, 2012 the Pakistani government stated before the Lahore High Court that the US was willing to repatriate Hamidullah and he will return to Pakistan very soon. However, a full year later, there is no word on Hamidullah’s return. Sarah Belal, JPP director said, “Hamidullah has grown up in prison. For five years, he did not know if or when he would return to his family in Pakistan. Last October the Pakistani government seemed to give Hamidullah a glimmer of hope. Why has he not returned? There is absolutely no justification to continue to detain a young boy without any due process rights in indefinite detention?”

iLLeGaLsiMs: rasheed seeks trial of mobile phone companies’ ceos ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid on Wednesday said mobile phone companies were equally responsible for the bloodshed being carried out in the country through bomb blasts. He said CEOs of mobile phone companies, whose SIMs were used in any such blast, should be arrested and tried under anti-terrorism laws. The minister expressed these views during the meeting of Standing Committee on Interior Affairs under the chairmanship of Senator Talha Mehmood. The NADRA director general told the committee that voters’ list data was also being used for obtaining illegal SIMs. He said that fingerprints would be taken and compared with NADRA data for issuance of mobile phone SIMs. Director General National Crisis Management told the meeting that many mobile phones were being used without IMEI number in the country. The committee chairman expressed anger over the absence of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and said the minister never bothered to attend the meeting since he took oath of his office.INP

saUDI arabIa warns foreIgn workers get the rIght vIsa or get oUt RIYADH AGENCIES

Saudi Arabia has told foreign workers, about a third of its 27 million population, to make sure their visas are in order before a planned crackdown next month or face possible deportation, local media reported on Wednesday. The kingdom has turned a blind eye to minor violations of its strict labour regula-

tions for decades, allowing an influx of cheap labour used both by companies and as domestic workers. Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines all have large numbers of citizens working in Saudi Arabia and all rely heavily on their remittances. As part of a series of reforms over the last two years, Saudi Arabia has tried to free up jobs for its own citizens, 12 per cent of

whom are unemployed, according to official data. The figure does not include the much larger number of people who are jobless but not looking for work. Senior Saudis have frequently spoken of efforts to raise employment among locals as one of the biggest long-term challenges facing the world’s top oil exporter. A majority of the Saudi workforce is employed by the government, Central Bank figures show, but efforts to reduce jobless-

ness by stimulating the economy with free market reforms over the past decade have mostly created posts for expatriates. Companies face fines and hiring restrictions if they fail to meet their quotas for local hires. At the same time, the government has introduced a levy of 2,400 riyals ($640) on each foreign worker employed by a company over the number of Saudi nationals it employs. The fee is payable each year when an expatriate’s work permit is renewed.

Early this year Riyadh started an unprecedented crackdown on expatriates who were working for a different company than that listed on their residence visa or were employed in a different professional field. On Nov 4 the crackdown will resume after a seven-month grace period, and the Labour Ministry said on Tuesday it would form inspection teams to raid companies while Interior Ministry officials check papers on the street.

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COMMENT Thursday, 10 October, 2013

finally,anewconsensusnabchief with too many cases awaiting initiation

thevoiceof protest and its resonance


FTER nearly half a dozen consultations spread over four months the prime minister and the leader of the opposition have reached a consensus on who would sit behind the critical chief’s desk at the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). In view of the PML-N leadership’s attitude towards appointments to key posts, whether military or civil, the issue might have continued to hang fire if the Supreme Court was not all along been breathing down the government’s neck. Of Ch Qamar Zaman’s seven predecessors, five were either serving or retired armed forces personnel, and of the remaining two a former judge and a bureaucrat. During the consultations preceding the present consensus, no military officer was considered for the job while the names of former judges were shot down by the one side or the other. After Naveed Ahsan the NAB now has a second bureaucrat as its chief. The NAB chairman, task with uprooting corruption, is required to sort out no ordinary mortals but influential politicians, powerful tycoons and other important figures considered holy cows. Heading the NAB amounts to remaining most of the time in the eye of the storm. The accountability body was created by Musharraf as a tool to persecute the regime’s diehard opponents and reward supporters for their loyalty, though files on their misdeeds were carefully maintained to keep them in line. While the PPP refrained from using the institution to target the opposition, three NAB chiefs were made to leave one after another by the Supreme Court as they were considered to be shielding former President Zardari in the Swiss cases. Everyone expects the NAB chief to be above the political fray and immune to pressures exerted by powerful quarters. However, what is required is more than personal integrity. The chairman is expected to turn the institution into a proficient agency capable of keeping a track of financial crime and preparing foolproof cases against the perpetrators. With the prime minister and leader of the opposition having agreed on Ch Qamar Zaman the constitutional requirement for the appointment has been fulfilled. The rejection of the nomination by the PTI, the PML-Q and the JI is therefore of little value. The NAB chief’s performance would be judged on the basis of the collective performance of NAB under his leadership. The evaluation will begin from the day he takes oath as important references are overdue, awaiting his induction into the office for initiation. These include four cases against Zardari and three references against the Sharif brothers.

whyresistforeignaid? when it could provide succor to the suffering


WARAN and Kech, the godforsaken region was already a sensitive and backward one – a combustible combination at the best of times. An insurgency and sectarian violence were already queering the pitch, then the high-intensity Sept 24 tremors further wrought devastation and misery in this neck of the desert in vast expanse of Balochistan. The aid has gone there but by no means enough to alleviate the despair and deprivation of an already estranged and endlessly suffering citizenry. Since the place is in the back of beyond, not holding any lure for ‘disaster tourism’, a la Attabad Lake on the Karakoram Highway, being out of the intense media focus too has not been of any help. Curiously, the bugbear of security has made both the government, effectively the security agencies that have had the run of the entire province for the best part of the last decade, and the BLF insurgents to keep the foreign NGOs and even the UN relief agencies out of the region. The garrisons obviously want to keep things under wraps while the BLF too does is wary of its hideouts to be discovered. Both do not want foreigners to be snooping around – by default or by design. The unstated agreement between the agencies and the BLF has meant that the UN and many other foreign NGOs, including the credible Medicines Sans Frontiers that have the capacity and the willingness to help the affected people were barred from the area. Such has been the environment, that the suffering Baloch also spurn the hand that wants to help them. In several instances, the Pushtuns and Punjabis providing succor have been snubbed. This underscores fear of reprisals from the BLF, but all of it can by no means be ascribed to that. And that reflects alienation having now been rooted deep. Locking out the foreigners whose intent is to provide assistance is not good for anybody. Regardless of a tacit agreement between the agencies and the BLF, the foreign NGOs must be allowed into the ravaged region to provide relief to the people. Hiding the atrocities by the agencies, or instances where the BLF is holding the Baloch people hostage to its agenda, needs to be exposed. The governments, both at Quetta and Islamabad, must take it as an opportunity to win the hearts and minds of the Baloch, without allowing shortsighted considerations to hold their hand. And denying foreign assistance definitely falls in that realm.



HE PML-N has been in power for 120-odd days. And the disappointment and weariness across the country suggests it may have been nearing the end of its term. Action, as the saying goes, speaks louder than words. In this particular case, keeping the response of the people at large in view – manifest the other day from a certain Punjab Assembly by-election result in its central Punjab stronghold, Faisalabad – it seems inaction has echoed louder than words. After all, the voice of protest – even if it is in low decibels, even if it restricts itself to just casting a ballot in a by-election – has a resonance of its own. Watching the ‘agitated’ winners on television, the erstwhile N-walas who had switched over to the PTI with such alacrity and enthusiasm for nothing but sheer dismay at their former favourites, reflected the power of the vote and how its swing can impact those living in their cozy, comfort zones – mindless of the sweaty, weary lower middle class that make the bulk of this or most under-developed nations. (In this particular instance though, it also reflects the disenchantment of the PML-N’s favourite, the element of the bazaar, for the constituency belonged to the latter). The PPP had been embarrassed by its inefficiency (and this is being polite) at the hustings, and for long before its term ended, it had already been labeled as the most incompetent ever to have been voted to power in this country. It was punished by the electorate with a rout that was total but for Sindh. Though the PPP has its own usual ‘victim’ theories about the happenings, but the fact is: it paid for its performance or, should one say, the absolute lack of it where people were concerned. But this baggage the PPP had acquired over five long eventful years (and one must acknowledge along the way, it did produce some wonderful legislation that brought devolution, an improved national wealth sharing formula between the provinces etc.). The PML-N, it seems, is already getting there faster

Editor’s mail

than one could have imagined. The disaffection for the heavy mandate is yet again quite palpable. At the PTI’s shenanigans post-elections, especially post its forming the government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, one had a sigh of relief that it had not won the mandate to form the government at the centre – which at that point seemed to be a close-run thing. Its naiveté, its inexperience, its faltering at every turn was still understandable. It was the new party on the block. But the PML-N, the most experienced of the lot, which barring the Musharraf years has constantly been in power in the Punjab and mostly in the centre too, behaving as if it was a toddler trying to find its feet has been a shocker. That when it used to criticize Asif Ali Zardari and the PPP for its incompetence and corruption ad nauseum. The blame game still continues. Only it doesn’t wash any longer, and that is why it is not finding any sympathy with the people at large and even in the media, despite its particular suaveness at working the latter to its best advantage. The Faisalabad provincial constituency has voted in anger (and one could see it writ large on the faces of people giving their opinion on ubiquitous news channel cameras) – against the incompetence and more so the indifference of the PML-N. This should be a warning sign for the house of Sharifs, for the angry voter has gone to Imran Khan and his PTI. But would it be? History shows that those entrenched in power seldom learn from history. That is why the disregard for public opinion is so pronounced. When the public opinion is against dynastic rule, Shahbaz Sharif has found it fit to make his son the de facto chief minister of Punjab while he himself, whether indisposed or not, is breathing down the throat of various federal ministeries – water and power reportedly on top of them. The people are not better off because of it. The unprecedented hike in electricity tariff rates, reducing the middle and lower middle class to unprecedented pecuniary hardship, to the extent of sending the latter crashing close to the poverty line, on the back of unprecedented inflation wrought owing to inexorable drop in the conversion rate of the rupee and consequent rise in prices of petroleum products has devastated people. The anxiety levels are high owing to the economic mess. Yet, while government security presses have been put in overdrive to print currency notes worth hundreds of billions, no negotiations were made and no audit checks conducted prior to paying out the independent power producers nearly Rs500 billion of the circular debt.

Arif Nizami Editor

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad Joint Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2818125 Web: Email:

Sajid Khan Lodhy is a journalist. He corresponds at and tweets @sajidsadeem

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-32535230 E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively

Prayinginsecret Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Where in the world does any government indulge in such largesse? Everybody in this country is aware, nay, has suffered the 18-20 hour blackouts for years on end. The PPP was said to be the villain of the piece. But the payout has been done by the PML-N. Why did it not order an audit of the performance, the petroleum used, the electricity provided by the notoriously Shylockian independent power producers? Why was their say-so worth nearly Rs500 billion was taken at face value and the money dished out forthwith? This is just one part of it. The economic minders of the country – and this is supposed to be the strength of the PML-N – went running with the largest begging bowl in living memory in hand to the IMF, and got the country the most hopeless frontloaded deal that was possible. And while at it, they conveniently forgot that they had pledged to the people to break the begging bowl! Even before the deal was signed, sealed and delivered, the budget was prepared in a manner to please the Bank and pummel the populace. And, mind you, this is the same IMF that has been cursed all over Europe and South America for having ruined many an economy, Greece, Portugal and Spain being the latest specimens. The upshot is that the economy which was in a shambles is only worse off, really worse off. And a people already in a state of acute dismay after years of misrule are in a state of shock. Actually they have been brought to their knees in the last four months of draconian anti-people economic measures. That when the mercantile and trading classes, and the big business houses, the core constituency of the present rulers have been all the time laughing all their way to the bank. They have been spared the taxman’s unwelcome intervention because of the painstaking cudgels taken by the PML-N government – while the little inconveniences in the budget put only for appearance’s sake too were subsequently removed. Economy has not been the only bane of the people. The inaction against the TTP despite its relentless killing spree has sapped the morale of the people. The belief in a government that would protect them has withered beyond belief. With only one-fifteenth of its tenure run, this does not bode well for the PML-N. It will have to pull itself from its bootstraps if it wants to emulate its nemesis, the PPP, in completing its tenure. Or is it going to be another case of ‘heavy mandate’ going awry on account of shooting itself in the foot?

When Taliban targeted Malala Yousafzai, Oct 09 last year, they had never imagined what mistake they were going to commit. They presented the world with, in ex-PM UK Gordon Brown’ words, an icon of courage and hope. World came to know about Malala when she secretly recorded in her diary what she saw, observed and felt during the Taliban’s occupation of Swat valley in 2007/08. Those were the terrible times when Pakistanis for the very first time tasted the reign of terror in the form Taliban’s ruthless rule in Swat. Those violating Taliban’s code of conduct and other opponents were used to be lashed or publicly hanged in the Mingora’s main square, then re-named as Khoni Chowk (Bloody Square) after summary trials in socalled Sharia courts. Female education was shut down; girl students and their teachers were warned of dire consequences if ever tried to attend the schools. Though after expulsion of Taliban from Swat,

situation has improved; however, fear and uncertainty still govern the valley. Despite open threats from Taliban, Malala kept living in Swat as no one thought that they would target a child. But as said an icon was going to be born with the courtesy of Taliban when they attacked her on Oct 09 on her way home from school. Since then she didn’t look back and moved forward with courage and determination. She was at UN headquarter, July 12, addressing a youth assembly on her 16th birthday. She is now one of the top runners for this year’s Nobel peace prize. As the world love and respect the courage and dedication of this teenager for the advancement of education, especially the girls education in developing world, we regret no change in Taliban’ stance towards her. As her school mates pray in secret for her to win the Nobel prize, one would dream that one day her dreams will come true and her classmates will no longer need to pray in secret. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

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To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug. –Helen Keller




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changingnarrative the general who made the difference


happyanniversary,afghanistan! operation enduring misery shambles into its 13th year MIKE WHITNEy


CTOBER 7 marked the 12th anniversary of the Afghanistan War, but you wouldn’t know it by reading the papers. In fact, “America’s longest war” has become so unpopular that both the media and the Obama administration have done everything in their power to sweep the whole matter under the rug hoping that people just forget about it. But it’s hard to forget about it when US troops keep getting blown up like they did on Sunday. Just look at this from CBS News: “A bomb killed four U.S. soldiers in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, American and Afghan officials said. They were the latest casualties in a 12-year conflict that shows no signs of slowing down despite a drawdown in foreign forces.” (“Four U.S. troops killed in south Afghanistan”, CBS News) And it’s hard to forget about it when Obama keeps killing Afghan kids that are out playing tag or walking the dog. Take a look at this from Saturday’s Al Jazzera: “At least five civilians, including three children, were killed overnight in a NATO airstrike in eastern Afghanistan after they went hunting for birds with air guns, local officials said Saturday…. They were targeted and killed by a foreign forces airstrike,” said Hazrat Hussain Mashreqiwal, a provincial police spokesman… .”(“Afghan civilians reportedly killed in NATO airstrike”, Al Jazeera) And it’s hard to forget about it when Afghanistan’s President, Hamid Karzai, keeps blasting NATO in the media, like he did on Monday. Here’s what he said: “On the security front the entire NATO exercise was one that caused Afghanistan a lot of suffering, a lot of loss of life, and no gains,” Karzai noted, elaborating on comments from his spokesman yesterday. Karzai went on to say that NATO and the US had repeatedly launched operations in express opposition to his government’s wishes, notably night raids, and was clearly willing to violate Afghan sovereignty whenever it suits them.” (“Karzai Rejects US Security Pact, Says NATO Causing ‘Great Suffering’”, Karzai might be a puppet, but he did the right thing by criticizing the drone attacks and defending the nation’s sovereignty. Even so, the issues here go way beyond Karzai or US casualties or even the death of innocent children. The problem is the war itself and the ongoing US occupation. It was a bad idea from the very beginning, and it is a bad idea today. War is too blunt an instrument to fight terrorism, that should be obvious by now. The American people were duped into believing that invading Afghanistan was an appropriate response for the attacks on 9-11, but it never was. It was always a stupid, wasteful, bloody idea without merit.

The war in Afghanistan has never made any sense. From the bombing of Mazar-i-Sharif in November, 2001 to the droning of children chasing birds in 2013; it’s been one homicidal debacle after the other. On top of that, none of the strategic objectives have been achieved. The warlords and Taliban still control much of the countryside, the reconstruction effort has been a complete farce, women are no safer today than they were when the invasion was first launched, and the central government is a comical Potemkin regime riddled with corruption and incompetence. Oh yeah, and the dirtpoor country now produces 90 percent of the world’s opium. The only area of commerce in which post-invasion Afghanistan excels is the production of illicit narcotics. Is it any wonder why the American people are sick of the whole damn thing and want to get out now? And then there’s the people who have to pay for the conflict, like the soldiers who carry the scars for the rest of their lives, and oftentimes kill themselves to escape the relentless mental darkness that war creates. American wars have precipitated an epidemic of suicides in the military. These costs don’t appear on the Pentagon’s balance sheet, but they’re devastating just the same. Politicians in the US always talk about US combat troops with the greatest respect, but when these same soldiers return from active duty they are treated like garbage and can’t even get the help they need for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other brain-related trauma. (Like Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI) It’s a disgrace. Then there’s the Afghan people, whose suffering is even greater than the troops. More than 200,000 civilians have been killed in the war despite the fact that the US “doesn’t do body counts.” Also, according to Malalai Joya, former member of the Afghan Parliament and author of the book “A Woman Among Warlords”, the US occupation has made matters worse because there is “more bloodshed, more crimes, more human rights violations, more looting of our resources and changing of our country into Mafia state … Around two million Afghans are addicted (to opium), most of them are women and children … And according to UNIFEM, Afghanistan is the worst place in the world to be a woman.” (“Imperialism & Fundamentalism Have Joined Hands”: Malalai Joya on 12 Years of U.S.-Led Afghan War, Malalai Joya, Democracy Now!) So all the talk about liberating women was pure gibberish, just like the nonsense about establishing a “western-style democracy”. US war planners wanted to establish forward-bases in Eurasia to contain Russia and China, to be a main player in oil and natural gas extraction, and to spread US hegemony to this century’s most dynamic “growth center”. To that end, the US plans to maintain a significant presence in Afghanistan, including large numbers of combat forces, lethal high-tech weaponry, intel operatives, private contractors, and at least 4

military bases presumably on oil transit lines. The US is not leaving Afghanistan. It’s merely abandoning the pretense that its motives are altruistic. But whatever the motives might have been, it’s irrelevant now. The war is lost and the American people know it. Check this out from the Huffington Post: “Nearly 12 years after U.S. troops invaded Afghanistan, two-thirds of Americans think that the war was not worth the cost, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Friday….. The amount of those who think the war hasn’t been worth it, 67 percent, is a new high for ABC polls, and slightly exceeds those who thought the Iraq war was not worth it in April 2007.” (“Afghan War Poll Finds That TwoThirds Say That It Wasn’t Worth The Cost”, Huffington Post) So there’s less public support for Afghanistan now, then there was for Iraq in 2007? Amazing. No wonder the media has stopped reporting the news. And don’t kid yourself; this is Obama’s war now. He supported it from the very beginning and, more important, he’s got more blood on his hands than even George Bush. As analyst Nolan Finley notes, “Of the 2,144 Americans who have died in Afghanistan, 1,575, or 73 percent, were killed on Obama’s watch.” It’s his job to get us out of this mess. Fast. In that regard, he may want to follow the advice of the New York Times who summed it up like this in 2012 editorial: “After more than a decade of having American blood spilled in Afghanistan…it is time for United States forces to leave … The United States will not achieve even President Obama’s narrowing goals, and prolonging the war will only do more harm. …the idea of fully realizing broader democratic and security aims simply grows more elusive … More fighting will not consolidate the modest gains made by this war, and there seems little chance of guaranteeing that the Taliban do not “come back in… Post-American Afghanistan is likely to be more presentable than North Korea, less presentable than Iraq and perhaps about the same as Vietnam. But it fits the same pattern of damaging stalemate. We need to exit as soon as we safely can. America’s global interests suffer when it is mired in unwinnable wars in distant regions.” (“Time to Pack Up”, New York Times) It’s time to end the killing, Mr. President. Do not shrug your duty. End the war today. Mike Whitney lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. Whitney’s story on declining wages for working class Americans appears in the June issue of CounterPunch magazine. He can be reached at

HILE it is ungrudgingly conceded that a free media is a bulwark of all other liberties and plays the role of a catalyst in promoting and strengthening democracy – complimenting the contribution that democracy makes in ensuring freedom of expression – it is also readily affirmed that freedom comes with responsibility. What it implies is that the media while zealously safeguarding its freedom, needs to abide by the internationally MALIK MuHAMMAD ASHRAF recognised ethical and professional codes of conduct and the legal and constitutional parameters set by the state and the society. There is no concept of unbridled freedom of expression anywhere in the world. All the professional and ethical codes adopted by international media bodies invariably underscore the need for truthful reporting, avoiding rumour mongering, desisting from speculative stuff, shying away from propagating issues that undermine national unity and security, curbing the impulsive streak to blow issues out of proportion and creating issues out of non-issues. Even while performing its internationally accepted role of agenda setting, the media is expected not to descend into an over-drive mode in an effort to outshine its competitors in the market of ideas. The emergence of a free media in Pakistan undoubtedly is the best thing that has happened in this country. The media has made a sterling contribution in strengthening democratic values and performed its role as a watch-dog against the government in an admirable manner. However it has also exhibited unrestrained propensity to indulge in unnecessary speculative reporting and creating issues out of non-issues. The recent example is the hype created about the appointment of the new COAS and all kinds of rumours about another likely extension in his tenure or assigning of some other important responsibilities to him. The subject has been hitting the headlines of the newspapers besides being discussed in the talk shows of every electronic channel, giving the impression as if the appointment of the COAS was the number one issue facing the nation. The foreign media taking cue from the Pakistani media, also chipped in with similar stories. Such was the ferocity of the crescendo in this regard that General Kayani himself had to take the initiative to put these speculations at rest by announcing his retirement on the date his extension in tenure ends, which otherwise is the prerogative of the government. In his statement in this regard issued through ISPR, General Kayani seems to suggest that he acted in this un-ceremonial manner to curb the rumours circulating in the media. The media did act in an irresponsible manner in this regard considering the fact that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had already removed the haze on the issue. He is on record to have said publicly that he hoped that General Kayani would not seek extension and that learning from history he would go by the principle of seniority. The new thinking on the part of the prime minister is a healthy departure from the previous practice of making the appointment on the basis of expected loyalty and the notion of ‘my man’ which has invariably proved counter-productive not only for the incumbent prime ministers but has also worked against the interests of the country. In his statement, General Kayani has particularly stressed the point that institutions and traditions were stronger than individuals and must take precedence. He also unequivocally reiterated that army supported democracy, wanted to strengthen the democratic order and that it had made its contribution towards this desired end. It is hard to take an issue with what he said. It represents a sea change in the mind-set of the Khakis towards representative rule and institutions. He unlike his predecessors showed unswerving respect for the constitution and also inculcated the same spirit among his colleagues. General Ayub abrogated the constitution promulgated by a representative constituent assembly. General Zia disfigured the constitution through arbitrary amendments courtesy doctrine of necessity propounded by the judiciary. I clearly remember that answering question of the journalists during his visit to Iran, General Zia said “what is constitution? It is a piece of paper and I can throw it just like that”. General Musharraf also followed the footsteps of the other military adventurers and the nation is still suffering from the impact of his indiscretions. The credit for this transformation goes to General Kayani indeed who as army chief always acknowledged the ascendancy of the elected leadership and took a number of steps to disengage army personnel working on civilian slots. He is perceived as a man behind the reinstatement of the deposed judges. Though at times he went along the proponents of the traditional disdainful patronage of the civilian rulers among the military commanders on issues like the Kerry-Lugar Bill, Memogate and putting ISI under civilian control, causing embarrassment for the civilian government, but he resisted the temptation of destabilising democracy by direct intervention against the hopes, desires and urgings of the anti-democracy forces. He along with the PML-N and PPP shares the credit for transition of power through ballot for the first time in the history of Pakistan. In the wake of the Salala and Abbottabad incidents, it was probably General Kayani who forced the government to resist American high-handedness and set into motion the process of regaining lost sovereignty by suspending NATO supplies until the US apologised. He is also the architect of the new approach of engagement with the US military. Under his stewardship, the army is fully behind the policy initiatives of the PML-N government in regards to dialogue with TTP to end terrorism, improvement of relations with India and most importantly the new narrative evolved by the elected government in regards to relations with Afghanistan which replaces the strategic depth syndrome with friendly relations with Afghanistan on the basis of sovereign equality and friendship and supports the process of reconciliation in that war ravaged country, without playing favourites. Kayani will always be remembered as a general who really made the difference. Malik Muhammad Ashraf is an academic.

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The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday. –Paris Hilton Charlie Hunnam is in Jax Teller mode on the set of the FX hit.

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MeetthedeadLy, draGon-fiGhtinG saMurai, keanureeves

norMa Jeanto MariLyn Monroe doctors’notes reveaLcosMetic surGeryfor suPerstar


Keanu Reeves is back in action—and everything you might be expecting to go along with such a statement most certainly applies here. The sometimes so-serious-he's-funny actor is in familiar territory in the new U.K. trailer for 47 Ronin, a fantastical and action-packed telling of a real-life story about a group of samurai in 18th-century Japan who set out to avenge their master's murder. Reeves plays Kai, a half-British, halfJapanese samurai who leads his fellow warriors in seeking revenge against Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano), a bunch of dragons and other formidable beasts in honor of his slain master—and his love interest, played by Kou Shibasaki, who happens to be the slain master's daughter. "It is time. Rivers of blood and mountains of corpses will not stand in my way," promises Rinko Kikuchi's evil Mizuki, who though she looks glamorous and seductive in a regal kimono, is up to no good along with Lord Kira. But Keanu, er, Kai isn't fooled, telling her, "I know what you are...I'm not afraid of you." NEWS DESK

LovebirdsavriLand chadrecordduet

ARILyN Monroe had cosmetic surgery, her medical notes revealed. A series of documents penned by Hollywood plastic surgeon Michael Gurdin and a number of x-rays belonging to the late actress will be auctioned next month, and the file - a partial medical history dating between 1950 to 1962 - appear to confirm that the blonde beauty had her jaw transformed. Gurdin's notes make reference to a cartilage implant in Marilyn's chin, which was inserted in 1950 and later slowly begun to dissolve. Martin Nolan, executive director of Julien's Auctions, who are administering the sale in Beverly Hills, California on November 9 and 10, said: "Nobody really thought about Marilyn Monroe having plastic surgery. It was always speculation - did she or

hate paparazzi more than nazi’s, says rihanna Attention paparazzi: Rihanna doesn't like you very much. Actually, she doesn't like you at all. The singing super star seemingly took a jab at the shutterbugs on Instagram today, when she posted a very somber photo of herself wrapped up in a blanket and looking outside the window of an Auckland hotel in New Zealand with the caption, "I hate these n---az more than the Nazi." Does that line sound

familiar? It's actually a lyric from Kanye West's 2007 hit track "Flashing Lights." But it's not just the paps that have been on Rihanna's mind. E! News has learned that police have arrested Jonathan Wooper after he reportedly scaled the wall at the R&B superstar's Los Angeles estate Friday morning. Rihanna's security team spotted the alleged infiltrator and alerted the cops who took the man into custody at 11

Mummified head did not belong to French king T

Avril Lavigne stepped into a recording studio with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and stepped out completely smitten! The singer just released a duet track with her now-husband and explained to MTV how the song brought the two together in more ways than one. "Working with Chad was awesome because I found a husband and that was the best thing that came out of the experience," she said in an interview. "We had a really great time. We really just celebrated music together and we both love writing and creating; it's nonstop. Even though the record's done now and we recorded it, like, we're always around the house coming up with new ideas and concepts. It's really inspiring." NEWS DESK

didn't she? "They thought she was such a natural beauty, they didn't want to believe. "Also at that time, going back to the 1950s, people didn't go for plastic surgery procedures. This is very, very new." The X-rays are dated June 7, 1962, after Marilyn saw Gurdin following a late night fall and include images of the 'Some Like It Hot' star's frontal facial bones, a composite right and left X-ray of the sides of her nasal bones and dental X-rays of the roof of her mouth. The documents - which were given to the unnamed seller as a gift from the surgeon - are expected to fetch between $15,000 and $30,000 at auction. Two months after the X-rays were taken, the 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' star died aged 36 from an overdose of barbiturates. The death was ruled a probable suicide. NEWS DESK

HREE years ago, French researchers declared that a centuries-old mummified head was that of the beloved King Henri IV. But now a new study says, "Non!" The original conclusion was based largely on facial reconstruction techniques and signs the skull had injuries similar to those suffered by the monarch. The new study looked at DNA instead. It found a genetic mismatch between the head and three living male relatives of the 17thcentury French king. The researchers concluded the head didn't come from anybody in the royal lineage. Henri IV was one of France's best-loved kings, credited with bringing religious peace to the country and building Parisian landmarks like the Pont Neuf bridge during his reign from 1589 to 1610. He was the first of the Bourbon monarchs and grandfather of the Sun King Louis XIV. It's "impossible" that the head belongs to Henri IV, said Jean-Jacques Cassiman, an emeritus professor at the University of Leuven, one of the authors of the new study. The research was published online Wednesday in the European Journal of Human Genetics. The same study also

found a blood sample previously attributed to King Louis XVI, one of Henri's descendants, lacked any royal ties. Louis XVI died on the guillotine during the French Revolution and many spectators reportedly soaked their handkerchiefs in the king's blood. But Cassiman and colleagues found the lingering traces of powdered blood on the handkerchief they tested did not match the Bourbon family DNA. Cassiman said he wasn't sure who the head or the blood sample belonged to. The DNA from both failed to match samples from other royal families on record. Amid the frenzy of the French revolution, the royal tombs at Saint De-

nis near Paris were dug up and some accounts claim Henri IV's head got chopped off and stolen. Cassiman and his co-authors dispute that Henri was decapitated and believe the king is still buried in Saint Denis after the tombs were resealed in 1817. "That is impossible to verify," said Michael Rowe, a senior lecturer in European history at King's College London, who was not connected to either study. He said there wasn't much evidence one way or the other to suggest what happened to Henri's head. But Rowe said that Henri IV's reputation as one of France's best kings might have saved his body from decapitation. "If the

a.m. approximately a mile from the home. Unfortunately, this wasn't the only scary event at the star's home. According to the police report, there was another attempted break-in at RiRi's residence in late September, in which a would-be burglar had tried to throw a chair through a window, but he managed to get away. Authorities are now investigating whether the two men are one and the same. NEWS DESK

revolutionaries were going to spare any of the kings, it would have been Henri IV." Philippe Charlier, author of the 2010 study that identified the head as Henri IV, dismissed the new research. He said he and colleagues have found an exact match between a three-dimensional comparison of the ancient head and Henri IV's death mask. He said the work will be published soon in a forensic journal. Charlier added there were numerous doubts about the paternity of various kings in the Bourbon line, which might explain why there was no link between the DNA of modern-day descendants and the ancient head. "It is hopeless to try to match a family tree and a series of genetic links (over) such a long period," he said in an email. Frank Ruehli, of the University of Zurich and the Swiss Mummy project, agreed there could be questions about paternity in the Bourbon line and also raised concerns about the authenticity of the ancient DNA samples, as he said it was very difficult to get good data from a sample several centuries old. "The best would be to look at (Henri IV's) heart as well," he said. "If you have multiple tissues from the same body showing the same results, that would be a positive identification," he said. Ruehli said given the lack of complete data, it was impossible to know for sure whom the head belonged to. Charlier said the mummified head is currently in a Parisian bank vault awaiting reburial but that there are no exact plans yet. NEWS DESK

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Apart from these, let all others remain to guard our glorious banners. –Giuseppe Garibaldi

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shaanversus akshaythiseid!


N Eidul Fitr, Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express and Humayun Saeed’s Main Hoon Shahid Afridi (MHSA) were expected to clash at the box office.

However, at the eleventh hour, MHSA’s release was ultimately delayed as a result of which one couldn’t really gauge the audience’s response when a mainstream Pakistani film would be in

12 A

Man gets privates caught in toaster

competition with a big-budget Bollywood film. And now, with Eidul Azha around the corner, it’s time for Shaan’s Waar and Akshay Kumar’s Boss to hit the screens simultaneously! So far, Boss has been advertised for a local release with subject to censors while distributors of Waar are aiming to capture around 50 screens in Pakistan. If Boss is not forced into a delay or a possible ban by committees that often visit the culture ministry to “protect the national interest” then, the local box office this Eid would portray the true potential of a big-budget Pakistani film in presence of a genuine competitor. If both films release on Eid, then Waar is expected to do better business at the local box office, whereas Boss is just going to steal a minor share of its success refraining Waar from reaching a major milestone. Nonetheless, the audiences and multiplexes will have two big films to choose from and the footfall of one film will help the other. NEWS DESK

In his defense, that toaster gives good bread. An unidentified London man is nursing his knob after firefighters had to extract his penis from a toaster. It's unclear how the gentleman got it in there, but London's bravest were there to butter his bread, The Mirror reports. Jokes aside, London appears to have a penis problem. MSN reports that firefighters in the area have dealt with too many lodged members over the past three years. "I don't know whether it's the 'Fifty Shades' effect, but the number of incidents involving items like handcuffs seems to have gone up,"

London firefighter Dave Brown said. Firefighters didn't say when the incident occurred, but they released the story in an attempt to stop people from having sex with their appliances -- or getting into other kinds of embarrassing trouble that diverts resources from emergency services. NEWS DESK

kabhi kabhi- new drama, old problems A new drama that made its appearance last week was ‘Kabhi Kabhi’. This serial has been directed by Anjum Shehzad and has been written by Samira Fazal. ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ is a love story that revolves around Ariz and Ishal. Ariz belongs to a lower middle class background, a family of limited means and is also the sole breadwinner of the family. Ishal, on the other hand, comes from an upper class family. She is studying abroad and wishes to escape the mechanical life that her father has provided her. The introduction sounds like something from a GovindaKarisma Kapoor movie with a poor hero and his filthy rich girlfriend who is ready to leave the life of luxury and elope with the man of her dreams. Since this is a Pakistani drama and not some cheesy Bollywood movie from the nineties, I am quite sure the story will take a turn for the better. Not surprisingly, Ariz and Ishal come across each other at a party and the

accidental meet ups don’t end here. Certainly fate has other plans. Javed Shaikh plays Ishal’s filthy rich father who wants his daughter to get married to Shahraiz, a guy who will grow old to be more like Javed Shaikh’s character. Shahraiz has all the qualities that he wants in a son in law, he is rich, educated and very spoilt. Ishal also has a

dominating brother-in-law, Rehbar, played by the Indian actor Aly Khan who wants her to marry Shahraiz. The story seems filmier as it progresses. Ahsan Khan was good as always and Mehwish Hayat’s character suits her perfectly. We do know that she can be a very good actress when she wishes, hence there are high expectations from her as well. Javed Shaikh seems to be choosing similar characters to play on screen. I would love to see him play something different and not be typecast in a particular type of role. What truly disappointed me was the story line that is not imaginative at all. Rich girl meets a not-so-rich-boy is a story that we have seen on screens multiple times and I wonder how this one is going to be any different. From the promos it seems that ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ will go on to be yet another drama based on marital problems so expect nothing magical about this particular serial. NEWS DESK

Chad Kroeger & Avril Lavigne keep each other close hand upon arrival at LAX.

next tIMe Use More hanD lotIon, Cops tell bank robber Jamese Christine Queen, according to county police, not only robbed the same Glen Burnie bank twice last month -she went to the same teller. Police said that teller's description of the robber's scaly hands -- officers said Queen has eczema -- and another employee's decision to follow Queen's car after a failed third robbery attempt on Saturday helped make an arrest. At a news conference Monday morning in Millersville, county Police Chief Kevin Davis said employees' actions gave police "just the break we needed." "Hopefully, this is her last attempt to rob a bank in Anne Arundel County," he said. Police said that nearly two weeks after Queen, 47, a former school bus driver, robbed The Bank of Glen Burnie at 101 Crain Highway S., she returned on Sept. 28. Queen, wearing her hair in braids pulled back underneath a green baseball cap, walked up to the teller and

with "scaly hands" displayed a note demanding money. "No dye pack this time," Queen told the teller. "I know when you come in, I know when you leave. Don't draw attention to yourself." Police charged Queen in both robberies as well as an unsuccessful attempt Saturday at the bank's Severn branch, at 740 Stevenson Road. Queen walked into the Severn

branch at 12:07 p.m. and was recognized by a teller who told her to remove her cap, police said. When Queen displayed a note demanding money the teller refused, according to court records. Queen fled and was followed by an employee who saw her in a black Hyundai XG300/350. The employee was able to obtain the vehicle tag number and gave it to police. The vehicle matched the description of a car believed used in the Glen Burnie robberies. Police linked the vehicle to Queen, its registered owner. Police detectives and FBI agents quickly identified Queen as the suspect in all three robberies, police said. Around 4:09 p.m. Saturday, Officer John Hall found the Hyundai unoccupied in the 200 block of Woodhill Drive. Police were given permission to enter a nearby apartment, where they found Queen either going in or coming out of a closet

at the rear of the home, Hall said Monday. They searched the apartment and the Hyundai and found clothing, as well as a stack of $10 bills stained with red dye and a note which read "EMPTy THE DRAWER." Both are believed to be from the Sept. 13 robbery, according to court records. Queen's physical description matched that of the woman given by witnesses in all three crimes. The 47-year-old suffers from eczema on her hands, giving them a scaly appearance similar to what the teller described, according to court records. Queen was interviewed by police and subsequently admitted to both the Glen Burnie robberies and the attempted robbery in Severn, according to court records. Queen told police that she spent the money on bills. Queen drove county school buses for four different contractors from 2009 to June 2012, schools spokesman Bob Mosier said. She

was not a school employee. Michael Livingston, CEO of The Bank of Glen Burnie, said he told the Glen Burnie teller Queen was caught. Livingston said the threat of a robbery is always in the back of the minds of tellers and bank employees. The teller "was just extremely happy -- you could just see it in her face," Livingston said. Saturday's attempt was the fourth time a robber targeted one of the bank's eight branches in the last month. The Crownsville branch, at 1221 Generals Highway, was robbed on Sept. 17. In that robbery, police obtained a warrant for 28-year-old Pierre R. Washington. Washington is being held in Montgomery County on additional robbery charges, police spokesman Justin Mulcahy said. Livingston said the bank changed its security and plans to meet with police to discuss additional improvements. NEWS DESK

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I play in the low 80s. If it's any hotter than that, I won't play. — Joe E. Lewis


shehzaddentsProteas lead wIth ImpressIve fIfty

SPORTS Thursday, 10 October, 2013



diLshanto sayGoodbyeto testcricket

S PERvEz QAISER Tillakaratne Dilshan is retiring from Test cricket to make way for the next generation but will still be available for the shorter forms of the game. Former Sri Lankan skipper will hold a press conference on Thursday to make a formal announcement. "I have taken this decision to allow Sri Lanka Cricket to groom another youngster in my place," The 36-year old, Tillakaratne Dilshan said. "I was to announce my retirement after the Zimbabwe Test series but unfortunately the tour was postponed." Sri Lanka was to tour Zimbabwe from October and the tour itinerary included two Tests. The aggressive right hand opener made his Test debut in 1999 against Zimbabwe at Bulawayo and scored 163 in his second match. In a Test career spanning 14 years, Tilakaratne Dilshan played 87 Tests and scored 5492 runs at an average of 40.98. His 16 Test centuries included a career-best 193 against England at Lord's in 2011 as captain. Tillakaratne Dilshan's last Test appearance was against Bangladesh in March in Colombo, where he scored 0 and 57. Tillakaratne Dilshan, however, will continue to play in the shorter formats for his country. "I will discuss my future with the national selectors and if they need me I will play till the 2015 World Cup," Dilshan said who led Sri Lanka in 11 Test matches.


M I N.O 87 145 11 267 242 38 50 49 8

Runs AVG H.S S/R 100 5492 40.98 193 65.54 16 7643 37.46 160* 86.15 17 1203 29.34 104*121.14 1

‘ourplanagainst smithworked’

50 23 30 7

0 14 9 6

hotsPotaxed froMashes series SPORtS DESK Hot Spot will not be available to third umpires during the Ashes in Australia after Channel Nine chose to remove the technology. Decisions will now be subject to analysis by the Eagle Eye ball-tracker, audio from the stump microphones and slow-motion replays in case of a review. Warren Brennan, the inventor of Hot Spot confirmed the development, saying the decision had been finalised as far as the use of technology was concerned. "It's their decision and that's what has been communicated to us. As far as I'm concerned, it is final,'' Brennan told the Sydney Morning Herald. ''We're just moving on with things. Channel Nine have got a new deal with Cricket Australia, which I know has cost them a lot more money. I gather there had to be some restructuring of costs.'' The costs of installing Hot Spot are around $10,000 a day for a four-camera system installed by Nine, which uses infra-red imaging to determine contact between the ball, bat or pad - that puts the series cost of Hot Spot at approximately $250,000.



OUTH Africa's bowlers will hope the surface they toiled on in Sharjah will not resemble the pitches on which they will play the twoTest series. Although a few deliveries kept low, the conditions assisted neither spinners nor the seamers and it was nothing but a grind for the tourists. The South Africans took the field with ice jackets and cooling necklaces. Dale Steyn wore the former while the other was passed between players at intervals throughout the afternoon, to combat the 37-degree heat and high humidity. They also rotated stints in the field with all players allowed a break for a period of time. Pakistan A got some value out of the day, doing what captain Umar Amin wanted by batting it out to "give South Africa something to think about" and allowing openers Ahmed Shehzad and Shan Masood, as well as the national No.3 Azhar Ali, to bring up half-centuries. Shehzad's may be the most important because it would allowed him to announce himself as the prime candidate to partner Khurram Manzoor in the first Test next week. Pakistan have yet to pick another opener after dropping Mohammad Hafeez and will likely select someone from the A side. Shehzad, who is uncapped in the longest format and is just 21 years old, showed he may be the man for the job. He was expressive against the spinners and fluent against the South African seamers, all four of whom bowled within themselves to avoid tiring out. Shehzad was particularly strong through the off side and on the drive, and was dismissed due to a lack of temperament rather than being outfoxed. With Robin Peterson keeping things tight, Shehzad tried to loft him over a strategically placed short mid-wicket but offered the fielder a simple chance.

SOuTH AFRICANS 1ST INNINGS GC Smith lbw b Ehsan Adil 2 58 AN Petersen retired out 50 HM Amla retired out 70 JH Kallis c & b Sohaib Maqsood 58 AB de Villiers c umar Amin b usman Qadir JP Duminy retired out 49 F du Plessis c Mohammad Rizwan b Aizaz Cheema 34 RJ Peterson c Mohammad Rizwan b Imran Khan 8 4 VD Philander not out EXTRAS (b 12, lb 2, w 2, nb 5) 21 TOTAL (8 wickets dec; 98.3 overs) 354 DID NOT BAT RK Kleinveldt, DW Steyn, M Morkel, Imran Tahir FALL OF WICKETS 1-8 (Smith, 6.1 ov), 2-113 (Amla, 36.6 ov), 3-137 (Petersen, 39.6 ov), 4-234 (Kallis, 63.5 ov), 5261 (de Villiers, 68.3 ov), 6-332 (Duminy, 89.6 ov), 7-349 (Peterson, 94.2 ov), 8-354 (du Plessis, 98.3 ov) BOWLING: Ehsan Adil 19-3-56-1, Imran Khan 18-4-42-1, Aizaz Cheema 17.3-5-48-1, umar Amin 3-0-11-0, yasir Shah 20-2-86-0, usman Qadir 18-2-80-1, Sohaib Maqsood 3-0-17-1 PAKISTAN A 1ST INNINGS Shan Masood retired out 50 Ahmed Shehzad c Petersen b Peterson 66 Azhar Ali retired out 54 10 Faisal Iqbal c Smith b Morkel 32 Asad Shafiq not out 10 umar Amin not out EXTRAS (lb 1, w 2, nb 5) 8 TOTAL (4 wickets; 78 overs) 230 TO BAT Sohaib Maqsood, Mohammad Rizwan†, Ehsan Adil, Aizaz Cheema, usman Qadir, yasir Shah, Imran Khan FALL OF WICKETS 1-106 (Ahmed Shehzad, 33.5 ov), 2-138 (Shan Masood, 46.6 ov), 3-162 (Faisal Iqbal, 55.3 ov), 4204 (Azhar Ali, 68.6 ov) BOWLING: DW Steyn 13-2-49-0, VD Philander 11-2-26-0, M Morkel 9-3-13-1, RK Kleinveldt 9-0-26-0, RJ Peterson 13-3-42-1, Imran Tahir 10-1-34-0, JH Kallis 4-0-12-0, JP Duminy 9-0-27-0 Match details Players per side 13 (11 batting, 11 fielding) Toss Pakistan A, who chose to field umpires Ahsan Raza (Pakistan) and Shozab Raza (Pakistan)

That was the South Africans only wicket of the middle session with the focus being on lines and accuracy. Steyn bowled below pace, Morkel found some bounce and was the only one of the trio to take a wicket when Faisal Iqbal was caught at slip, but it was Vernon Philander who looked the most threatening. His accurate line outside the off stump proved as successful, not in wicket-taking but in problem-causing terms, as it has elsewhere in the world. The bowlers operated in short spells through the afternoon and allowed the spinners to dominate proceedings later on. Tahir was expensive, especially in his first spell. Too many variations and a bouquet of full tosses threatened to derail

the legspinner, especially with Shehzad and then Azhar using their feet well. Masood's half-century was wellpaced and he chose to retire after reaching the landmark. Azhar's fifty was more eye-catching; he was patient upfront, with just 12 runs from his first 33 balls, but grew in confidence later on. His retirement allowed captain Umar Amin a stint at the crease. With a place in the senior side at stake, Amin showed his ability to hold fort as the day drew to a close. The captains had agreed to enforce declarations after the 100-over mark and with 22 overs left in the Pakistan A innings, South African captain Graeme Smith will have a last chance to bat before the first Test.


Umar Amin, the Pakistan A captain, has something useful to share with the Pakistan senior side ahead of the Tests against South Africa: how to get Graeme Smith out. It took Pakistan A just 15 deliveries to remove the opposition captain, who has been out of the game for five months and will have only one more innings before the series begins. Smith was also the only South African batsmen not to profit from time in the middle on the opening day of the three-day tour match in Sharjah. He was dropped at first slip off Ehsan Adil in the fifth over before being trapped lbw in the seventh by the same bowler. "We planned something against him and that worked out pretty well today," Amin said. But he would not go any further. "We just wanted to set him up with a plan and I cannot really give you the plan right here." Amin was more than willing to divulge the secret to Misbah-ul-Haq and Co. "Of course, why not? I'm a part of the senior team as well so I'll definitely give it to them," Amin said.

banglaDesh hIt baCk after wIllIaMson CentUry CHIttAgONg AGENCIES

Kane Williamson and Peter Fulton were looking quite comfortable, until the Bangladesh spinners found their mojo in the final hour. New Zealand went to stumps on 280 for 5, having lost their last three wickets in 10.1 overs in the first Test in Chittagong.After controlled batting had kept all three spinners out of the game on a newly-laid pitch, the fourth and the fifth wickets came in the last two overs, when Williamson, having made 114, and captain Brendon McCullum were adjudged leg-before to Shakib Al Hasan and Abdur Razzak respectively. The visitors' progress throughout the day was a fair reflection of the conditions. There was no pace in the wicket even at its freshest, and it didn't change much throughout the day. But the two batsmen, as well as Hamish Rutherford and later Ross Taylor, made friends with the strawcoloured surface quicker than the bowlers would have hoped. Bangladesh included Abdur Razzak for his first Test match in more than two years in hopes of fielding a more rounded attack and just after the first hour, all three spinners had been brought in. But the wickets did not materialise. The swiftness with which the New Zealand top four acclimatised must have been encouraging for the next batsmen. Williamson was the most impressive, adjusting quickly as if he suddenly remembered how he had scored his first ODI hundred in Dhaka. Even then, his timing was noticeable. Today he was as tight in defence as he was forceful when the ball was off line. Coming at the back of a first wicket

which was needlessly given away by Rutherford, Williamson avoided rash strokeplay. A backfoot dab through midon off the first ball he faced, from Shakib Al Hasan, was perhaps the most elegant shot of the day, but the best one of his 12 boundaries came four balls later - another light punch off the back foot to turn the ball past mid-wicket. The two shots set him up for the rest of the innings, as the Bangladesh spinners struggled to push the

ball through, or use the slow nature of the wicket to their benefit. Williamson's next seven boundaries were all examples of how a batsman's patience is more often than not rewarded. They were all off short balls delivered by bowlers who lost their discipline, and soon he reached his half-century off 94 balls. Fulton struggled early on when he repeatedly tried to work the ball in front of the leg side. But after surviving some

close calls, he too reached his first fifty since his twin centuries against England in Auckland. His 73 came off 198 balls, with seven fours and a six as he became increasingly comfortable knocking the spinners around, finding the gaps and bringing out the sweep shot once in a while. It was a slow innings, but one that laid the foundation for New Zealand's dominance on the day. Their 126-run stand - New Zealand's highest for the second wicket in Bangladesh wasn't exactly unexpected because the hosts are used to being on the backfoot when bowling first. But given their attack, it was expected that the pair would be forced into a mistake, which eventually came off Nasir Hossain's part-time off spin.

SCOREBOARD NEW zEALAND 1ST INNINGS PG Fulton c Mominul Haque b Nasir Hossain 73 HD Rutherford c Abdur Razzak b Sohag Gazi 34 KS Williamson lbw b Shakib Al Hasan 114 LRPL Taylor c sub (Naeem Islam) b Abdur Razzak 28 BB McCullum lbw b Abdur Razzak 21 BP Martin not out 0 EXTRAS (b 4, lb 6) 10 TOTAL (5 wickets; 89.5 overs) 280 TO BAT BJ Watling†, DAJ Bracewell, Corey J Anderson, TA Boult, IS Sodhi FALL OF WICKETS 1-57 (Rutherford, 22.4 ov), 2-183 (Fulton, 62.6 ov), 3-244 (Taylor, 79.4 ov), 4-276 (Williamson, 88.2 ov), 5-280 (McCullum, 89.5 ov) BOWLING: Robiul Islam 10-2-16-0, Rubel Hossain 13-1-44-0, Abdur Razzak 31.5-4-100-2,Sohag Gazi 23-4-56-1, Shakib Al Hasan 8-2-34-1, Marshall Ayub 2-0-15-0, Nasir Hossain 2-0-5-1 BANGLADESH TEAM Tamim Iqbal, Anamul Haque, Marshall Ayub, Mominul Haque, Mushfiqur Rahim*†, Shakib Al Hasan, Nasir Hossain, Sohag Gazi, Abdur Razzak, Robiul Islam, Rubel Hossain Match details Toss New zealand, who chose to bat Test debuts Marshall Ayub (Bangladesh); Corey J Anderson and IS Sodhi (New zealand) umpires BNJ Oxenford (Australia) and S Ravi (India) TV umpire Enamul Haque Match referee J Srinath (India) Reserve umpire Sharfuddoula

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He has the finest, fundamentally sound golf swing I've ever seen. — Jack Nicklaus

14 S

SPORTS Thursday, 10 October, 2013

‘wiLLtrytotakeundue PressureoffyuvraJ’ SPORtS DESK Even a proven match-winner such as yuvraj Singh feels the stress of making a comeback, according to MS Dhoni, but the India captain has added the team will try to take "undue pressure" off the allrounder. yuvraj, whose last game for India was against England in January 2013, forced his way back into the side for the home limited-overs series against Australia following a string of big scores in List A cricket. "We will try to keep it as normal as possible because once you are back in the side and it becomes like a comeback scenario, the kind of pressure on the player [is immense]," Dhoni said on the eve of the solitary Twenty20 international in Rajkot. "It doesn't matter if you are one of the biggest match-winners or you are just making your debut, or are coming back. It is important to take the feeling away from the individual that he is coming back because what is important is for the individual to be expressive on the field, back himself, have belief in his talent, and ultimately that will show on the field. We will try to keep it as normal as possible and take undue pressure off him. Hopefully it will work." Dhoni, who in the past has said India missed yuvraj's ability as an effective limited-overs left-arm spinner, said the latter's return gave the side more bowling options. "yuvraj is a match-winner and we all know that. He has always proved himself whenever questions have risen and also he is a big-match player. In tough series he does well so we are hoping that he will come back strong. "He is looking good. In the net sessions that we had today he is batting well. It will be good to have him in the side also as a bowling option. Having one more bowler obviously helps. Apart from having five proper bowlers, having a few parttimers who can bowl, especially at this time of the year when dew might be there. We have more bowlers to play with so it is good for the team and also for yuvraj." On the other left-arm spinner in the side, Dhoni said while Ravindra Jadeja had performed creditably in ODIs, in the shortest format he tended to get a touch hassled. "It is not like he has done badly. Whatever bowling he has done in international games, especially in the ODI format, he has done well. T20 is one format in which he feels a bit of pressure, but we have to maneuver around it. Many times we have used him in the last few overs which puts a bit of pressure on spinners. We will try to use him in the best possible manner where a bit of pressure is taken off him and the other bowlers, who are in good form, handle the pressure that is there in the slog overs. We will share the responsibility and that will make it easier for him to do well consistently." Rajkot has been getting unseasonal showers and more rain is forecast on match-day, but Dhoni said India had managed to get in some decent practice. "Considering the amount of rainfall that had happened, the groundsmen have done very good work. We have practiced as much as we could have today. Some water had seeped in under the covers but we have tried to manage it well and done what we could. We have got the most out of the practice session." While keeping an eye on the weather, Dhoni said the prospect of dew would also have to be considered. "If dew becomes a factor then spinners may not get the same amount of turn that they would have got some other time of the year, so we will have to wait and watch. Dew may be a key factor because at this time of the year we have seen that at most of the venues we will have to fight dew."

batsMenexPectedto doMinateone-offt20 SPORtS DESK


HE eight-match limited-overs series, starting with the one-off T20 in Rajkot, kicks off India's home international season of 2013-14 following three weeks of Champions League action. The concept of the T20 series is still

struggling to find context, and more so in a series like this, with the one-off match dwarfed by seven ODIs. By the time the tour ends, it's likely that the result of the T20 game will be forgotten and that memory of this tour will only be restricted to the result of the one-dayers. Perhaps two ODIs could have been culled for the sake of two extra T20s, just to give the shortest format more context. It would also give a team a chance to come back in the series. However, from a commercial perspective, more ODIs generate more revenue so fans and players will have to be happy with this arrangement, whether they like it or not. This will be India's first T20 since December 2012, so it will be interesting to see how the group settles. Eight of India's T20 squad took part in the Champions League, and the rest have been busy taking part in various tournaments, including the A tours and the Challenger Trophy. There's no question of rustiness that tends to affect some teams at the start of a season. That two IPL sides made the final shows that certain key players have already warmed-up well. Five of Australia's T20 squad were part of the Champions League final (Mitchell Johnson didn't play). The

baLdeiseaGertoiMProve:McGrain SPORtS DESK Celtic first-team coach Danny McGrain revealed Hoops striker Amido Balde's desire to improve is the reason for their one-to-one coaching sessions on match days. The Guinea-Bissau-born forward, 22, signed from Vitoria Guimaraes on a four-year contract in the summer but has spent most of his time on the bench and during prematch warm-ups and at the interval he can be seen being put through his paces by McGrain. Football education was one theme prevalent at Parkhead on Wednesday at the launch of 'The Quality Street Gang', a book on the talented Celtic reserve side of the late 1960s and early 1970s who learned their trade with the help of the Lisbon Lions, the Hoops team who won the European Cup in 1967. That multi-talented group of youngsters included McGrain, Kenny Dalglish, Lou Macari, David Hay and Paul Wilson, all of whom went on to play for Celtic and others, as well as representing Scotland. The former right-back, one of the most successful of them all, is happy to now pass on his knowledge.

SPORtS DESK Former West Indies offspinner, Lance Gibbs, believes that the West Indies need to build their current team around Shivnarine Chanderpaul, the West Indies batsman, if Test success is to come into the frame once more, as November's India tour looms. Gibbs indicated that Chanderpaul's experience and talent are the right ingredients to nourish younger batsmen such as Kirk Edwards and Darren Bravo in the subcontinent. "Chanderpaul is one of our premier batsmen - the premier [one] actually," Gibbs said. "We need to bat around him and mature these inexperienced players in his presence. That maturity is not there right now but, as with many teams, we all have our ups and downs, but now we need to turn that proverbial corner which everyone always speaks of, every time we do well." He backed Darren Sammy as Test skipper but noted that for Dwayne Bravo to continue the strides of West Indies' T20 world title last year, and in hopes of improving their results in the 50-over game, Bravo needs to improve as limitedovers skipper. "Dwayne tries to do too much. He needs to focus on certain areas

and not try to do so much. We saw his death bowling exposed in the CPL, but I have faith in him as much as I know Sammy will deliver in India. The squad's a good mix. Hungry and young too." With the likes of Kirk Edwards and Narsingh Deonarine impressing during the present A team tour in India, Gibbs reiterated that there was a good blend of youth and experience in the Sammy-led

15-man squad, which also faces New Zealand in a hectic run-in to end 2013. "We haven't played Tests in a while but the state of our cricket and Test team isn't too bad. Zimbabwe and Bangladesh were good to practice against in the last year, and we did improve. Each nation goes through these motions in the sport and we as a team need to move from strength to strength. Let's play good

cricket and get the fundamentals right. You can see a team like England and say they're the best, but it's only in the past few years they've stepped up so I'm confident in the Windies." When asked if T20 cricket had hampered the progress and development of the region's youngsters, and even star players such as Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine, Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo, he said that players should play all disciplines. With the aforementioned players still to make Test waves in recent months, Gibbs added that he didn't think the lore of Tests or romance of ODI cricket had dissipated. "It's an evolution of the game. Test cricket is the ultimate, but we have to roll with the times for the sake of the crowds. T20 has given exciting cricket as seen in the IPL and CPL, but remember, Test cricket stands on its own." "We all start off in the Caribbean playing 10, 20 or 40-overs, then we develop our 50-over game, our county cricket and as first-class players. Things change and we can't look back, only forward. Players make a living from this now and back in the day, footballers, cricketers, boxers and such were barely making money but now, all kinds of sports are lucrative once you have the talent."

tournament would have helped them acclimatise to Indian conditions. Much will depend on Shane Watson to fire at the top, and given his IPL experience, it wasn't surprising to see him mentoring his team-mates at practice. They have Aaron Finch at the top who can provide strong starts and Glenn Maxwell, who can be relied on to finish an innings. James Faulkner had a very successful IPL for Rajasthan Royals as a left-arm seamer, and he will be a key member of the attack. Australia's recent T20 results haven't been impressive, having lost 6 of their last 7 T20s. A win will give them a chance of starting the tour on a high, something they will need as they face a vastly experienced India ODI squad later on. TEAM NEWS: Australia had an injury scare before the tour, when Adam Voges flew home from the Champions League. The batsman is fit and has returned to India, training with the rest of the team in Mumbai. Australia (likely) 1 Aaron Finch, 2 Shane Watson, 3 George Bailey (capt), 4 Adam Voges, 5 Glenn Maxwell, 6 Moises Henriques, 7 Brad Haddin (wk), 8 James Faulkner, 9 Mitchell Johnson, 10 and 11 Nathan Coulter-Nile/ Clint McKay/ Xavier Doherty India captain MS Dhoni said that all 15 in the squad were fit for selection, but didn't hint at what the team composition would be. A yuvraj return looks certain. India (likely) 1 Shikhar Dhawan, 2 Rohit Sharma, 3 Virat Kohli, 4 Suresh Raina, 5 yuvraj Singh, 6 MS Dhoni (capt & wk), 7 Ravindra Jadeja, 8 R Ashwin, 9 Amit Mishra, 10 Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 11 Ishant Sharma

PITCH AND CONDITIONS: The news on the weather front in Rajkot hasn't been encouraging. The city has experienced rains in the last few days and more has been forecast on match day. India managed to practice on Wednesday, and the hosts are confident the drainage facilities at the new ground will allow a full game. Rajkot has generally produced the best batting pitches in India and the curator, Dhiraj Parsana, said the surface in Khanderi shouldn't be any different.

strauss,hussain amongfouroutof englandrunning

SPORtS DESK Andrew Strauss, Angus Fraser and Nasser Hussain have all confirmed they are not in the running to replace Hugh Morris as managing director of England cricket. Speculation had linked all three former England players with the role that becomes vacant in January but Hussain has now made it clear that he has never applied or been approached for the job and Strauss has confirmed that, after a period of consideration, he has decided the time is not right for him to move into administration. "I'm flattered that some people have put my name forward but no thanks," Hussain was quoted by ESPNcricinfo. "I have not been approached for the job, I have not applied for the job, I have just signed new contracts with Sky and the Mail and am very happy doing what I am doing." Fraser took a similar stance. Having made a fine impression as director of cricket at Middlesex, he admits he met David Collier and Giles Clarkes, the chief executive and chairman of the ECB, and the job was of fleeting interest. But ultimately he has committed himself to Middlesex. "I have not applied for Hugh's position and will not be doing so," Fraser was quoted by ESPNcricinfo. "Because of the news coverage of me being a possible replacement and having thought about applying I met David Collier and Giles Clarke separately to listen to what they had to say and inform them of where I am at face to face rather than just leaving an empty unexplained void.

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Baseball life is a tough life on the family. Nolan Ryan




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OP seed Novak Djokovic launched his Shanghai Open title defence in fine style, breezing past Spain's Marcel Granollers 62 6-0 as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer also won on Wednesday. Roger Federer, playing his first singles match since a fourth-round exit at the U.S. Open over a month ago, made a brisk return to winning ways, beating Andreas Seppi 6-4 6-3. The Swiss's long-time rival Rafa Nadal was among those who were eager to see the 17-times Grand Slam champion in full flight and after observing a few games courtside, the Spaniard showed his own class in a 6-3 6-2 thumping of Alexandr Dolgopolov. "The court is fast, faster than the previous years," said Nadal, who narrowly missed out on winning his 11th title of 2013 by falling to Djokovic in the Beijing final. "The serve worked great. Something that didn't happen last week. That's a very important thing." Djokovic, who lost his world number one ranking to Nadal on Monday,

benzeMahitsoutat'unfair' criticisMoverworkethic SPORtS DESK

needed treatment on his right foot during the second set of his match but it did not stop him from breaking his opponent three times to win at a canter. "There's several tournaments left for me, this included, where I will try to go as

far as I can... eventually have an opportunity to get back to No. 1 (but) it doesn't depend only (on) me, it depends (on) Nadal," said the Serb, who beat Nadal on Sunday in the China Open for his fourth title of the year. "Now to build that

IvanovIC wIns lInz opener SPORtS DESK Number three seed Ana Ivanovic made a winning start to her Linz Open campaign with a 6-2 6-4 victory over yanina Wickmayer of Belgium. Meanwhile, Slovakia's Dominika Cibulkova and Belgium's Kirsten Flipkens both survived scares as they came through the opening round. Seventh seed Cibulkova lost the opening set against Germany's world number 57 Annika Beck, but upped the pace thereafter to force a string of break points as she ended up a 3-6 6-2 6-1 winner. Fifth seed Flipkens also lost the opening set to a lower-ranked player, with world number 81 Donna Vekic racing through the opening set against the world number 19. Flipkens turned things round thereafter, however, and having struggled on serve in the opening set she wasn't threatened again as she won 2-6 6-2 6-2. Linz Open Women's Singles Round 1 matches on Tuesday 2-Sloane Stephens (U.S.) beat Magdalena Rybarikova (Slovakia) 6-3 6-1 3-Ana Ivanovic (Serbia) beat yanina Wickmayer (Belgium) 6-2 6-4 4-Carla Suarez Navarro (Spain) beat Kristyna Pliskova (Czech Republic) 6-2 6-3 5-Kirsten Flipkens (Belgium) beat Donna Vekic (Croatia) 2-6 6-2 6-2 Patricia Mayr-Achleitner (Austria) beat 6-Sorana Cirstea (Romania) 1-6 6-3 6-4 7-Dominika Cibulkova (Slovakia) beat Annika Beck (Germany) 3-6 6-2 6-1 Andrea Petkovic (Germany) beat yvonne Meusburger (Austria) 6-3 7-5 Katarzyna Piter (Poland) beat Irina Begu (Romania) 6-2 4-6 6-3 Camila Giorgi (Italy) beat Julia Goerges (Germany) 6-2 6-3 Maryna Zanevska (Ukraine) beat Aleksandra Krunic (Serbia) 7-5 2-6 6-2

francecallup uncappedzouma

SPORtS DESK Uncapped centre back Kurt Zouma has been called up by France for Friday's international friendly against Australia after Laurent Koscielny felt pain in his right calf. The 18-year-old Zouma, who plays for Ligue 1 St Etienne and was part of the France team that won the U20 World Cup in July, has been added to the initial 23-man squad, France's press officer said at the Clairefontaine training facility near Paris. Should Koscielny, a regular starter, pull out injured, France still have Eric Abidal, Mamadou Sakho and Raphael Varane to play as centre backs. Zouma's St Etienne team mate Stephane Ruffier has also been called up after Mickael Landreau suffered a hamstring injury during training on Tuesday. France, second in World Cup qualifying Group I, take on Finland in their final match next Tuesday.

confidence, try to (be more) aggressive on the court and get my game back to where it should be, that's the primary focus." Federer, who is drawn to meet Djokovic in the quarter-finals, looked rusty at the start conceding a break in the fifth game against Seppi, who not beaten him in nine meetings. But the Swiss, who is trying to garner enough points to book his place for next month's ATP World finale in London, got the break back in the next game to level the match at 3-3 and broke the Italian's serve once more to take out the first set. The second set was far more comfortable for the 17-times grand slam winner, who teamed up with little-known Chinese Zhang Ze for doubles action on Monday, as he held on to an early break without facing any problems on his serve. Sixth seed Juan Martin del Potro overcame a slow start to beat German Philipp Kohlschreiber 3-6 6-3 7-6(4). Kohlschreiber, ranked number 23 in the world, served 22 aces and hit 50 winners against a sluggish del Potro. But the Argentine, who said he had been feeling ill, fought back to get an early break in the second set and get a grip on the match. "It was really tough for me," del Potro, who later withdrew from doubles, told reporters. "I couldn't run a lot. I think my serve helped me a lot to keep playing for the three sets because I made many aces.

CHOI EYES ASIAN TOUR RECORD SPORtS DESK South Korea's KJ Choi is aiming to become the first player to win the same Asian Tour event for three straight years when he tees off at this week's CJ Invitational. "I'm eyeing a third win in this event but obviously it won't be easy. No player has done it on the Asian Tour before and I hope to be the first," the 43-year-old, who hosts the $750,000 event in the city of Yeoju, said in an Asian Tour statement on Wednesday. "But I'll also be happy if a younger player wins this event as well." Choi fired a final round four-underpar 67 at the Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Club course last year to win the event by two shots from compatriots Jang Dongkyu and Bae Sang-moon, matching his margin of victory in the inaugural event in 2011. An eight-times winner on the U.S. PGA Tour, Choi is yet to claim a title this year but said he was in good form ahead of his own event. "I did not win this year but I made all the cuts in all the major tournaments so that's a positive sign for me," Choi said. "I finished higher on the U.S. PGA

Tour rankings compared to last year so that's another success for me." Swede Rikard Karlberg believes Choi's reign will end this week with the Asian Tour field catching up on the world number 119's home advantage. "KJ has shown us how strong and

solid his game is. He has lectured us like small boys in this tournament but I think the players now are getting better and better and they are more used to the golf course," the twice Asian Tour winner said. "I think we will see another winner this year."

France striker Karim Benzema hit out at those who questioned his work ethic as he tried to play down Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti's suggestion that he shies away from hard work. The 25year-old has been under pressure to prove his worth as a team player after he was booed off the pitch during last month's La Liga victory over Athletic Bilbao. Benzema also went on the defence when he was quizzed about his attitude when playing with France as he has not scored an international goal for 16 months. "What attitude?" he snapped on Wednesday when asked by reporters at France training facility in Clairefontaine, near Paris, about the criticism he has faced. "Carlo Ancelotti did not say (that I was not working enough). He said that me and Angel Di Maria did not have the same share of defensive work." After the Bilbao game, Ancelotti suggested Benzema could take a few pointers from the energetic and tenacious Di Maria, who was applauded by the fans. "One thing was very clear," Ancelotti said at the time. "Benzema was whistled a bit, while Di Maria was applauded by whole stadium. The fans look closely at the players. It's a very clear sign for everyone that hard work is applauded."

rooneytorecover andreturn SPORtS DESK The summer scrutiny over his future was water off a duck's back to Wayne Rooney. Now recovered from the head wound that prevented him from featuring in last month's qualifiers, Rooney is back on England duty in time to help the final push for World Cup qualification. It means Friday's Wembley showdown with Montenegro will be the first time he has featured for his country since the end of a transfer window in which most expected him to switch clubs. Barely a day went by without some comment over Chelsea's interest in him, or the possibility of Rooney moving to Arsenal or Paris St-Germain. In the end, the 27-year-old stayed where he was, triggering another bout of discussion. It has always been this way for Rooney, though, from the moment he became the second youngest player in Everton history when he made his debut against Tottenham as a 16-year-old in August 2002. "I have been used to it for years," he told BBC Radio Five Live. "I don't really take much notice of it. I don't care what anyone says. What people who don't know me say is not important to me.

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worldfearsusdefault,obamawarns boehner InsIsts there would be no ‘uncondItIonal surrender’ from republIcans WASHINgtON AGENCIES


RESIDENT Barack Obama warned Tuesday that world leaders were nervous Republicans would “blow up” the US economy, and vowed not to budge on his demand for the debt ceiling to be lifted without conditions. But House Speaker John Boehner insisted there would be no “unconditional surrender” from Republicans and said Congress would only allow more US borrowing if Obama agrees to cut spending. There was, however, one glimmer of hope for progress in the bitter showdown that has closed the US government for more than a week and sparked fears that Washington could default on its commitments if the debt ceiling is not raised by October 17. Obama said that, if necessary, he would accept a short-term deal to raise borrowing and reopen the government – a move that would effectively postpone the crisis for a number of

says congress would only allow more us borrowIng If obama agrees to cut spendIng weeks. But the president was adamant that he would not compromise on his refusal to cede ideological concessions to Republicans in return for receiving more authority to borrow money to finance US obligations. “What you haven’t seen before, I think, from the vantage point of a lot of world leaders, is the notion that one party in Congress might blow the whole thing up if they don’t get their way,” Obama said at a White House news conference designed to hike pressure on Republicans. “They’ve never seen that before. And that does make them nervous.” Obama spoke a day after China, which is sitting on a vast pile of US Treasury bonds, warned that the time was running out for the United States to prove its credit worthiness and the credibility of the world’s reserve currency. Stocks in New York dipped for another day Tuesday, with investors increasingly concerned that the government will not get its act together in time. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 159.71 points (1.07 percent) to 14,776.53 and the tech-rich Nasdaq Composite Index

plummeted 75.54 (2.00 percent) to 3,694.83. Investors also sold off short-term bonds, sending the yield on the one-month Treasury note to 0.31 percent, its highest level since the crisis year of 2008, up from 0.15 percent Monday. Obama said Congress had two basic jobs – passing a budget and “making sure that America’s paying its bills.” He warned that lawmakers did not get to demand a ransom, and reiterated his position that he would only negotiate with Republicans once the debt ceiling was raised and the government, now shuttered for a week, is opened. “I’m not budging when it comes to the full faith and credit of the United States.” Boehner appeared on television soon after Obama’s news conference to dig further into his own position. “The long and short of it is there is going to be a negotiation here,” Boehner said. “We can’t raise the debt ceiling without doing something about what’s driving us to borrow more money and to live beyond our means.” “What the president said today was if there’s unconditional surrender by Republicans, he will sit down and talk to us,” he

The president said that a default would be, in the words of economists he quoted, “insane, catastrophic, chaos.” Asked what the government would do if the debt ceiling were not increased on time and the government would have to decide which bills not to pay, Obama said the issue was still being reviewed. “No option is good in that scenario,” he said. “We are exploring all contingencies.” Obama did signal some flexibility, saying he was open to negotiating with Republicans on budget issues – even if lawmakers extended borrowing and reopened the government only on a short-term basis. “If they can’t do it for a long time, do it for the period of time in which these negotiations are taking place,” he said. Republicans proposed a bipartisan committee to discuss how to get out of the budget impasse and the debt ceiling row. The House passed a bill setting up the working group late Tuesday. But Obama dismissed the move as a ruse to discuss spending cuts that only Republicans want, and vowed to veto such a solution in the unlikely event it reaches his desk. With both sides locked in stalemate, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced legislation late Tuesday that would raise the debt ceiling through the end of 2014 “with no preconditions or strings attached.”

added. “That’s not the way our government works.” Obama, who spoke to Boehner earlier by phone, argues that raising the debt ceiling is vital to America’s most valuable asset, its creditworthiness, which should not be prey to political uncertainty. Boehner counters that presidents have always bargained with lawmakers over raising the debt ceiling, and is unwilling to give

I’M not bUDgIng when It CoMes to the fUll faIth anD CreDIt of the UnIteD states

up an area of prime political leverage. If the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling is not raised by October 17, the United States will be unable to borrow more money and will begin defaulting on its obligations, in a scenario that could tip the economy back into recession and trigger global chaos.

talibanmockus overgovtshutdown KABUL: Taliban militants fighting US troops in Afghanistan taunted Washington Wednesday over the government shutdown, accusing US politicians of “sucking the blood of their own people”. The militants issued a statement describing how US institutions were “paralysed”, the Statue of Liberty was closed and a fall in tourist numbers had hit shops, restaurants and hotels in the capital. “The American people should realise that their politicians play with their destinies as well as the destinies of other oppressed nations for the sake of their personal vested interests,” the Taliban said. The insurgents accused “selfish and emptyminded American leaders” of taking US citizens’ money “earned with great difficulty” and then “lavishly spending the same money in shedding the blood of the innocent and oppressed people”. “Instead of sucking the blood of their own people… this money should be utilised for the sake of peace,” they added. The US embassy in Kabul has said that it expects “to function normally in the short term” due to the shutdown, though it’s Twitter feed would not be regularly updated. Embassy press staff was not immediately available to comment on the rebels’ statement. AGENCIES

chinaofficialsacked overson’s extravagantwedding BEIJING: A village official has been sacked in China over a lavish wedding for his son that cost 1.6m yuan ($260,000, £160,000), state media said on Wednesday. The wedding lasted three days – luxury cars ferried guests around and well-known entertainers kept them amused. Ma Linxiang, deputy head of a village on Beijing’s outskirts who hosted the wedding, said the bride’s family had paid for most of the ceremony. China’s leaders have warned officials not to flaunt wealth amid public anger. The wedding extravaganza took place during last week’s National Day holiday, the Beijing News reported. Marquees were erected for 210 tables, and some of the celebrations were also held at a convention centre – which had been a 2008 Beijing Olympics venue, the newspaper said. The local Communist Party discipline inspection commission in Chaoyang district, where Ma’s village is located, removed him from his post on Tuesday, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported. The commission found no evidence that Ma had used public funds for the wedding, but it believed that the extravagance of the celebration ran counter to the party’s rules and damaged its image, the report said. ONLINE

LAHORE: People wait for their respective trains at the railway station on Wednesday as they head to their hometowns to celebrate Eidul Azha with their families. INP

hardline newspaper report sends Iran foreign minister to hospital tEHRAN AGENCIES

Iran’s foreign minister and chief nuclear negotiator went to hospital with pains he said were brought on by a hardline newspaper quoting him as saying President Hassan Rouhani’s phone call with President Barack Obama was a mistake. Mohammad Javad Zarif’s brief visit to hospital is a pointer to the strength and possible rancor of the debate within Iran over the speed and extent to which the Islamic Republic should attempt to patch up its many quarrels with the West and the United States in particular. Zarif is to lead his country’s negotiating team in talks with six major world powers in Geneva next week, the first round of negotiations since Rouhani’s election in June breathed new hope into decade-old talks on

Iran’s nuclear program. Iranian parliament speaker and former chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani described the talks as a “window of opportunity”, telling reporters in Geneva the two sides should focus on confidence-building. Rouhani, a relative moderate, and the U.S.-educated Zarif led a diplomatic drive to dispel distrust of Iran’s intentions at the United Nations in New York last month. The trip culminated in the first phone call between the presidents of Iran and the United States since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, often viewed as a hardliner, backed Rouhani’s diplomatic overtures, but said some were “not proper”, a possible reference to the call - giving the president’s critics a chance to snipe at his initiative. The hardline newspaper Kayhan said on Tuesday that Zarif had told a closed-door ses-

sion of parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee that Rouhani’s conversation with Obama had been a mistake, as had the length of Zarif’s own private meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. An infuriated Zarif denied saying any such thing, and said the newspaper report had affected him physically. “SEVERE PAIN”: “This morning, after seeing the headline of one newspaper, I got severe back and leg pain. I couldn’t even walk or sit,” he wrote on his Facebook page late on Tuesday. Cancelling several engagements, Zarif decided to rest at the ministry and held meetings with deputies “while resting”. “When four to five hours of rest did not solve the problem, at 5 p.m. I left my office ... and went to the hospital. Thank God, the MRI showed my problem was more due to nerves and a muscle spasm and will be solved through exercise,” he wrote after re-

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

turning from hospital some four hours later. “In any case, it was a bitter but very informative day for me. I learned that whatever I want to say, to say it publicly, because otherwise the market for abuse is very active.” Without naming Kayhan, whose editor is appointed by Khamenei and is usually considered to reflect his views, Zarif said it was unfortunate that a confidential meeting in parliament had been leaked. “Worse than this is that individuals who see themselves as the judges of my honesty, and who praise my honesty in a small headline, published with the biggest headline possible a quote attributed to me which does not conform with what I said.”

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