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Karzai claims spy chief bomber came from Pakistan, Islamabad demands proof g

Afghan president says attack won’t stop him from seeking Pakistan’s help in bringing militants to negotiating table KABUL aGeNCIeS


FgHAN President Hamid Karzai’s contention that the suicide attack which injured Afghanistan’s intelligence chief Asadullah Khalid had been planned in Pakistan was quickly contested by Islamabad on Saturday, with the Foreign Office saying that Kabul should first investigate the security lapse which led to the unfortunate incident. Karzai alleged that the assassination attempt on Khalid was planned in Pakistan, but vowed it would not stop him from seeking Islamabad’s help in coaxing militants to the ne-

gotiating table. The attack, carried out by a suicide bomber posing as a peace messenger, severely wounded Khalid, dealing a setback to fragile efforts to reconcile with the Taliban and find a political resolution to the war in Afghanistan, now in its 12th year. Karzai did not provide any evidence to back up his claim that the attack on Khalid was organised in Pakistan, and he was careful not to accuse Islamabad of having any role in Thursday’s suicide blast. But he stressed that he would raise the issue with high-ranking Pakistani officials. “We will be seeking a lot of clarifications from Pakistan because we know that this man who came there in the name of a guest to meet with Asadullah Khalid came from Pakistan,” Karzai said. “We know that for a fact.” Karzai said Khalid, the head of the National Directorate of Security, was recovering from wounds to his torso and lower body after the bomber detonated explosives that he had hidden inside his body. The Afghan intelligence agency said earlier that the explosives were hidden in the bomber’s underwear. Karzai described the attack as “a very sophisticated and complicated act by a professional intelligence service.” “Where is this intelligence service? Is it in

our neighbourhood, or somewhere else? We need to find out,” he said. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack on Khalid — the fifth attempt on his life in as many years. In Islamabad, the Foreign Office was quick to react to the allegations. “Before levelling charges, the Afghan government would do well if they shared information or evidence with the government of Pakistan that they might have with regard to the cowardly attack on the head of NDS,” said FO Spokesman Moazzam Khan in a statement. “They would also do well by ordering an investigation into any lapses in the security arrangements around the NDS chief,” he said, adding that “On its part the government of Pakistan is ready to assist any investigation of this criminal act.” The blast was reminiscent of the September 2011 assassination of former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani, who at the time was the leader of a government-appointed peace council. In that attack, an insurgent posing as a Taliban peace envoy detonated a bomb hidden in his turban as he met Rabbani at his Kabul home. Afghan officials have said that the Rabbani killing was planned in the Pakistani city of Quetta. Despite his claims that the attack was planned in Pakistan, Karzai said it would not

deter him from pursuing dialogue with Pakistan on the peace process, and he reiterated his request for Islamabad to release Afghan Taliban figures who have expressed an interest in reconciliation with his government. Karzai said it was the third attack on key Afghan figures that came after his government appeared to be gaining traction on peace efforts. In July 2011, Karzai’s half-brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, was gunned down by a close associate in Kandahar, the largest Afghan city in the south. Karzai said progress also was being made around the time that Rabbani was killed, and the attack on Khalid came just a few weeks after Pakistan agreed to release at least nine Taliban prisoners at the request of the Afghan government to help jumpstart the peace process. The decision to release the Taliban prisoners was the most encouraging sign yet that Islamabad is willing to play a constructive role in peace efforts that have made little headway since they began some four years ago. Karzai said he knows that some Afghans will blame Pakistan for the latest attack, but he cautioned his countrymen, saying “it is not right to point a finger at Pakistan” and that “we need to be very careful and find the reality and facts.”

NATO shelling kills one, hurts two in NWA PESHAWAR Staff RepoRt

One person was killed and two others were injured as US-led NATO troops fired mortar shells from Afghanistan into the Datakhel area of North Waziristan in the wee hours of Saturday. A security official in Miranshah said that 15 shells fired by NATO troops landed in various villages and hamlets of the Datakhel area. He said that several shells hit houses in the residential area, killing one and injuring two others. The shelling also damaged several houses in the area. The official said that high ups in Peshawar and Islamabad had been informed about the cross-border shelling. However, the government has not shown any reaction to the shelling so far. A few days ago, similar shelling was reported from Mohmand Agency.

No immunity for anyone come what may, says CJP g

BIRMINGHaM: president asif ali Zardari pats teen education activist Malala Yousafzai on the head as he enquires after her health at Queen elizabeth Hospital on Saturday.


Sri Lankan impeachment panel finds chief justice guilty COLOMBO aGeNCIeS

Sri Lanka’s chief justice has been found guilty on three counts by an impeachment panel, a government minister said on Saturday, in a case that has raised international concerns about the independence of the judiciary. “We have found her guilty of three charges out of the first five we have investigated,” Nimal Siripala de Silva, minister of irrigation and a member of the impeachment committee, told reporters. He said the charges against Shirani Bandaranayake included financial irregularities, conflict of interest, and failure to declare her assets. “This is a one-sided political decision,” said Vijitha Herath, one of four opposition legislators who withdrew from the impeachment panel on Friday, calling it unfair. A lawyer for Bandaranayake said she had been framed, de-

Justice Chaudhry says following rule of law mandatory for everyone

scribing her as the victim of a “set-up job”. “It’s a joke. Obviously the report has been written before the evidence-giving is finished,” the lawyer told Reuters. Tension has risen between the judiciary and government since President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s party filed a motion against Bandaranayake, Sri Lanka’s first female head of the Supreme Court, in parliament last month. Bandaranayake had come under criticism from the government for ruling against a bill proposing a budget of 80 billion rupees ($614 million) for development, saying it had to be approved by nine provincial councils. The ruling angered the government and its backers, some of whom accused the judiciary of overstepping its authority. MISCONDUCT ALLEGATION: Under impeachment proceedings launched last month, parliament speaker Chamal Rajapaksa, the president’s elder brother, appointed a committee of 11

members, seven of them from the ruling party, to investigate 14 charges against Bandaranayake, ranging from not disclosing her wealth to professional misconduct. The United States, the United Nations and the Commonwealth have raised concerns about the process and called on the government to ensure the independence of the judiciary. Analysts say the case could add to international scrutiny of Sri Lanka. It is already under pressure from the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees to prosecute soldiers over the deaths of thousands of civilians during the final months of a three-decade war with Tamil rebels that ended in May 2009. Parliament is expected to vote on the impeachment when it sits after January 8. Rajapaksa, whose party has a more than two-thirds majority, needs only 113 votes in the 225-member legislature to remove the chief justice from her post.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Chaudhry said the independent judiciary had rendered landmark judgments on the sole criterion “that is all and sundry to follow rule of law and there is no immunity for anyone come what may”. While addressing the roll signing ceremony of newly enrolled advocates of the Supreme Court (SC) on Saturday, the CJP said the country had witnessed unprecedented changes in the wake of the lawyers’ movement which resulted in healthy debates about the need to change old ways when the supremacy of the constitution was challenged. “This is a new Pakistan where old structures are crumbling and past demons of extra constitutional deviations are being exterminated one by one. We have learnt from history that no country can realise the dream of progress and prosperity for its people without following the route of rule of law and supremacy

of constitution. The early we imbibe this message in the life blood of our existence, the sooner we will reach the Promised Land,” said the CJP. He formally welcomed the newly enrolled lawyers and remarked that their enrolment as lawyers of the SC was a significant acknowledgement of their lifelong commitment to the profession of law. The CJP said the profession of law was a noble one in the sense that its members were equally responsible for the administration of justice and as practitioners of law their behaviour had to reflect these values. Chaudhry, speaking to the lawyers, said appearing in the apex court of the country meant it was their added responsibility to become well versed with the challenges being faced by the bench and the bar. He encouraged them to perform their duties with dedication, ensuring high levels of efficiency.

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ptI govt won’t allow terrorism from pakistani soil: Imran


infotainment on the hunt for Genghis Khan

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Zardari visits Malala in Birmingham hospital KARACHI: President Asif Ali Zardari, accompanied by his daughter Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, on Saturday visited Malala Yousufzai at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where the teenage activist is undergoing treatment. The president said that the people of Pakistan were proud of Malala’s bravery because she did not succumb to the threats made by the terrorists. “Malala has emerged as a symbol of commitment to the elimination of terrorism, extremism and sectarianism from Pakistan,” the president said. On October 9, Malala Yousufzai, 15, was shot in the head by the Taliban for allegedly advocating “western and secular” values. After receiving treatment at hospitals in Peshawar and Rawalpindi, she was flown to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where she is currently undergoing medical treatment. INp

UK probe would hopefully clear MQM: FO ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday that it was premature and erroneous to come to any conclusion regarding the recent raids being carried out by the Scotland Yard. In a statement released on Friday, the ministry spokesperson said that the raids on MQM’s business offices were being carried out in connection with the murder of MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq. The foreign office voiced hoped that the British probe will help dispel all misgivings regarding MQM. “MQM is not only an ally of the government but also a representative of secular forces of the country,” he said. BBC Urdu reported on Saturday that the London Metropolitan Police had confirmed that they had raided offices of the MQM located on Edgware road, London. “The police searched the business address of Altaf Hussain for two days,” said the report. Although the foreign office corroborated London Metropolitan’s raids, the MQM has denied that their London offices were searched. Imran Farooq left Pakistan in 1992 and was living in London since 1999. He was murdered outside his house on Edgware Road, while he was on his way back from work on September 16, 2010. Farooq’s party, MQM said that it would not offer the police any help in order to find the killers. Staff RepoRt

Senior al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike WASHINGTON: A senior al Qaeda leader, Sheikh Khalid bin Abdul Rehman Al-Hasanain has reportedly been killed on Friday morning in a US Predator drone strike. AlHasanain, who was a potential successor to al Qaeda’s chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, was reportedly killed while having breakfast. According to reports by US officials and Jihadist forums, Al-Hussainan, also known as Abu Zaid al-Kuwaiti, was killed in Pakistan. “We are happy to break the news of the martyrdom of Shaykh Khalid al-Hussainan (Abu Zaid alKuwaiti) while he was eating his Suhoor (dawn time) meal; and we ask Allah to give him a place in paradise,” said a post on an Al Qaeda affiliated web forum. NBC News terrorism expert, Evan Kohlmann said that Al-Hasanain’s death has caused a vacuum in al Qaeda’s leadership. “Now there is no publicly recognizable candidate left to succeed Zawahiri,” he said. Al-Hasanain began fighting Jihad in 2006 and wrote many religious pamphlets. He also featured in many of Al Qaeda’s religious tapes. US drone attacks, which have been believed to kill various high-profile members of the al Qaeda, are infamous for killing hundreds of civilians and fuelling anti-US sentiment in Pakistan. INp

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

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Fazl warns against attempts to delay elections ISLAMABAD aNweR aBBaS

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Fazlur Rehman on Saturday warned against any attempt to delay the upcoming general elections, saying no excuse would be accepted to postpone the much-awaited polls. Addressing a press conference after chairing a meeting of his party’s central executive committee, the JUI-F chief said the government might use poor law and order situation as a pretext to delay polls, but added that his party would not accept any excuse. He cautioned that any delay in polls would further deteriorate the security situation. He said that no one had contacted him or any other leader of his party on the issue of caretaker setup, and denied knowing any development in this regard. He said that millions of voters in Karachi had different permanent addresses written on their national identity cards while they lived somewhere else. He said the Supreme Court’s (SC) decision on verification of voters’ list in Karachi was justified.

Responding a question on the SC’s ruling on the law and order situation in Balochistan and the provincial government’s failure to resolve the crisis, the JUI-F chief said the apex court’s decision and its remarks were “undemocratic”. He said the apex court had held the federal government, law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies responsible for the poor security situation, asking why the provincial government alone had been declared a failure. On another question, Fazl said that his party would strongly oppose any legislation to protect dual nationality holders. He said the government was trying to introduce legislation to give cover to those holding multiple nationalities, adding that his party would oppose any such move. He said Kalabagh Dam was being turned into a technical issue, as three provinces had passed resolutions against it. Speaking about the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), Fazl said the alliance contained five religious parties, and its next meeting would be summoned by the first week of January in which component parties would decide on including the Jamat-e-Islami.

People’s Buzurg Committee to replace the Amn Committee KARACHI


aftaB CHaNNa

I T H an aim to keep the densely populated area of Lyari the stronghold of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), a ruling party-backed Peoples Buzurg Committee has been formed unofficially, which is likely to be made public after the announcement of general elections, Pakistan Today has learnt. The newly formed People’s Buzurg Committee will comprise a team of 80 elders from Lyari and will substitute the former People’s Amn Committee which was banned by the Sindh government to please its coalition partner, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). The People’s Buzurg Committee will be operated and commanded by PPP leader and former Sindh home minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza while Uzair Jan Baloch will directly look into the affairs of the committee besides making final decisions on all issues, Pakistan Today learnt through sources in the ruling party. In October 2011, People’s Amn Committee was declared a banned organisation and the Sindh Home Department had also issued a notification, barring the committee from pursuing any political and social activities. Per the notification, the Lyari-based group was banned under Clause 11-B of the Anti-terrorism Act 1997. The Sindh Home Department had also an-

nounced head money of Rs 3 million each for what sources said were the 24 most-wanted criminals, all belonging to the banned committee, including Uzair Jan Baloch, Zafar Baloch and Baba Ladla. Following these steps, the dwellers and workers of the PPP in Lyari expressed extreme resentment and according to sources, the local PPP leadership had also complained to President Asif Zardari about the grievances of the

people of Lyari. Meanwhile, sister of President Zardari MNA Faryal Talpur met the elders of Lyari and it was decided that the head money on all members of the People’s Amn Committee be withdrawn and the Home Department complied. Endorsing the home department’s action, PPP Karachi division chief MNA Abdul Qadir Patel said, “The head money was not announced in accordance with the law and the government will scrutinise each case on the list and revoke any bad decisions.” “Lyari was PPP’s stronghold. We have approached our angry friends and we are trying to sort out the issues,” Patel said. In addition, sources said former home minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza had been tasked to reorganise the party in Lyari which resulted in the establishment of the People’s Buzurg Committee, primarily so that the PPP could ensure victory in elections in the area, like it had done in the past. Sources said Mirza was actively taking part in political activities in Lyari and was in direct contact with President Zardari. Pakistan Today repeatedly tried to approach Uzair Jan Baloch for his version on the matter however his cell phone remained unreachable. MQM’s Khawaja Izharul Hasan told Pakistan Today that his party’s stance on the Amn committee had not changed. “There are several other serious issues in the country that need to be resolved. The MQM will reserve its comments on the formation of the People’s Buzurg Committee,” he added.

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‘JtHJ’-’SoS’ tussle affected my relationships: Kajol

Global stocks, dollar up modestly after strong jobs data

Indian hotel questioned as pak blind cricket captain consumes acid Challenges for eC:

eDitorial Moving towards the storm centre.

comment Humayun Gauhar says; Luminosity: An ethereal experience.

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid says; #ShiaGenocide: Downright ethnic cleansing.

Mian Belal ahmad says; Discord vs unity: Of politics, suggestions and Kalabagh dam.

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Abbottabad Commission given green light to submit report to PM ISLAMABAD

QUETTA: A Frontier Corps personnel stands guard in Sandeman Hospital during a strike called by doctors in private and government hospitals in the province on Saturday. ONLINE

LPG price reduced by Rs 85 ISLAMABAD: The Oil and gas Regulatory Authority (OgRA) reduced the price of Liquefied Petroleum gas (LPg) by Rs 85 bringing the price down to Rs 125.33 per killogramme. The authority, in a notification, stated that LPg prices would be uniformly implemented in all cities of the country. The notification further revealed that charges of Rs 30, for transportation of gas to AJK, gilgit Baltistan, FATA and other areas comprising a mountainous terrain, would be added to the new notified prices. The charge would be added to the 11.8 kg cylinder. The new price of a domestic cylinder now stands at Rs 1,179. oNlINe



HE Law Ministry has finally given a green signal to the judicial commission probing the raid on al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden by US troops in Abbottabad, to submit its report to Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, Pakistan Today has learnt. A well-placed source in the government said that the commission had finalised its 700-page report on the alleged killing of bin Laden on May 2, 2011, about two months ago, but could not file it with the prime minister because one of its members was sick and under treatment in the United States. The commission, constituted on June 21, 2011, has not yet submitted its report despite a lapse of 17 months. However, the source added that after getting clearance from the Law Ministry, the commission would submit its report to the government in the next few days. The source added that the commission had compiled its report after interviewing over 300 witnesses and scrutinising more than 3,000 documents. The source added that the statements of high-ranking civil and military officials besides the eye-witness accounts of the family members of Osama bin Laden were part of the report.

Two members of the commission have already signed the report, which would be submitted to the government without the signatures of former inspector general of Police Abbas Khan who is under treatment in the US and is yet to return to Pakistan.

PPP to sweep upcoming elections: PM FAISALABAD app

Claiming that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would sweep the upcoming general election with overwhelming public support, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf said on Saturday that the days of manipulating the elections were over and that the PPP had won all elections held transparently in the past. Citing the Supreme Court’s historic verdict in the Asghar Khan case, Ashraf said the ruling was an eye-opener and showed how elections had been manipulated in the past. He said the case had unveiled many things and that the PPP workers needed to study it in order to be aware of those who try to manipulate the results. He said there were no more fake voters after election reforms, adding that 100,000 bogus votes in all the constituencies of Faisalabad were now a thing of the past. “We are helping seven million households across the country through the Benazir Income Support Programme,” he said, adding that the programme would be increased four times, if the party succeeds in the next polls. He said the government had more than doubled the salaries of government employees and the workers, adding that the support price of wheat had also been raised from around Rs 600 to Rs 1200 per 40 kg in the past four years. The rally was also attended by Punjab governor Latif Khosa, PPP Punjab President Manzoor Wattoo, Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader Raja Riaz, Tanveer Ashraf Kaira, and Minister of State for Science and Technology Raheela Baloch. He said there was a time when everyone believed that it was impossible to get rid of former president general (r) Pervez Musharraf. “However,

Justice (r) Javed Iqbal, who is heading the commission, told reporters that the Law Ministry had been officially asked to cancel the membership of Abbas Khan because he was not available to sign the report, which must be signed by all the members. Iqbal also revealed that the report had been completed two months ago, and would be submitted as soon as the Law Ministry removes the requirement of Abbas Khan’s signatures. Analysts however believed that it might be a move to pass the buck to the Law Ministry to avoid the blame of extraordinary delay in making the report public. They said that the cancellation of one member’s membership from the commission would not guarantee speedy revelation of the report’s contents. The Abbottabad Commission also had to wait a couple of months to record the statement of former prime minister Yousaf Raza gilani, but the idea was scrapped later to avoid further delay, the source said. The commission has reportedly recorded the statements of the heads of military and civil intelligence agencies, the director general of military operations (DgMO), Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington, present and former foreign ministers and secretaries, and the family members of Osama bin Laden.

KPK private schools closed in protest over proposed bill PESHAWAR INp

it was the political acumen of President Asif Ali Zardari that led to the ouster of the dictator,” he added. He said he was addressing the rally as a “worker prime minister” and was proud to be part of a party that was “real representative” of the people of Pakistan. He said he was also proud to belong to the middle class and has risen from the ranks of a common worker. He said the post of the prime minister of Pakistan was equally open for all workers of the party, without any discrimination. On the contrary, he said, many other parties spoke about democracy,

but never exercised it practically and no other party could match the PPP in this aspect. The prime minister also announced Rs 1.5 million as cash award for Mohammad Asif who recently won the world snooker championship and offered him a job of his choice. He also invited the snooker champion to the Prime Minister’s House. He approved the demands made by the local MNAs for various schemes and agreed to establish grid stations by Hassan Murtaza and Sher Naseer, a passport office by Raheela Baloch, besides a sewerage plant for the city.

Private schools, in protest against the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government’s bid to regularize private educational institutions through a regulatory authority, on Saturday went on strike and suspended all academic activities across the province. The bill which is regarding the formation of Private Schools Regulatory Authority (PSRA) is meant to streamline the educational system by ensuring the timely payment of salaries to teachers and by having checks and balances on the willful increase in students’ fees. The provincial government has decided to table the bill during the next session of the assembly. Talking to journalists, KPK Education Minister Sardar Hussain Babak said that anyone who is running an educational institute as a business will have to abide by the rules and regulations of the proposed bill. “The educational institutes would be registered and will be monitored in accordance with the proposed bill,” he added. The regulatory authority will determine the salaries of the teachers, monthly and admission fees of students and transport expenses. According to the bill, appointment and termination of teachers’ contracts will take place only after consultation with the education department. However, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa All Private Schools Association President Zakir Shah rejected the bill and in protest, announced that all 25,000 private institutes will remain closed from Saturday onwards.

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

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04 Ombudsman after 2 years, but not a regular one PM gives president’s general secretary additional charge to clear backlog of over 75,000 complaints




HYDeRaBaD: Buffaloes sit at the dry bank of River Indus on Saturday.


Muslims stage rally in New York to condemn US massacre of people in Pakistan

Blast targeting police van injures four QUEttA Staff RepoRt


Thousands of Muslims gathered outside the UN Headquarters and Pakistan Embassy in New York on Friday to protest against the massacre of over 10,000 Shiite Muslims due to US attacks on Pakistan. The demonstrators, enraged at the United States’ continuous drone attacks in Pakistan, chanted “There is no Taliban” and “Stop Massacring the Shiites of Pakistan”. They also voiced anger at the Pakistani government’s inaction against the killings. The rally was supported by some well-known American elites and academic figures such as Noam Chomsky, Reza Aslan and Juan Cole. Despite repeated protests by Islamabad, the United States has not halted its drone strikes in Pakistan which has caused strong anti-American sentiments among the local people. In the latest US drone strike on Thursday, at least four people were killed in Pakistan’s tribal area of North Waziristan. Thursday’s US drone strike was the

37th of its kind in Pakistan in 2012. In similar a protest last month, a number of human rights organizations lashed out at the US for its vast drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan which have led to the massacre of a large number of civilians in the two countries. “The US has violated the international human rights laws by using drones in military operations which have claimed the lives of a large numbers of civilians,” a report by the human rights organization said in November. “As the world has apparently turned a blind eye to the United States’ continuous crimes, innocent people in Afghanistan are suffering from horrifying consequences due to the depleted uranium munitions used by the American and British soldiers in the country,” the report added. A comprehensive report released recently unveiled the realities of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, and warned that the depleted uranium bullets and munitions used by the US forces in the country have left horrifying and disastrous impacts on the Afghan children.

Four persons were wounded in a bomb blast targeting a police van at Brewery Road on Saturday. Police officials said the explosives were planted near a house owned by Mohammad Sharif, an engineer working for the Public Health Engineering Department, which exploded soon after a police van passed through the area. The van however, remained safe. Police and personnel of Frontier Corps (FC) rushed to the site and cordoned off the area. Rescue workers shifted the injured to the nearest hospital where they were identified as Ahmed, Dil Murad and Asif. United Baloch Army spokesman, Murid Baloch, called media offices from an unknown location to claim responsibility for the blast, adding that the police van was the main target. Bomb Disposal Squad officials said around 3 to 4 kilogrammes of explosives were used in the blast. Windows of nearby buildings were smashed due to the intensity of the blast which spread fear and panic amongst people.

FTER two long years, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Saturday assigned additional responsibilities of federal ombudsman to Salman Farooqui, secretary general to the president, on “temporary basis” to clear the backlog of 75,000 complaints filed by aggrieved people against the malpractices and irregularities committed by federal institutions. The appointment of a federal ombudsman is compulsory for the president under Article 7 of the 1983 Order; however, the Ombudsman Secretariat witnessed a huge backlog of complaints piling up over the past two years because of the president’s reluctance to appoint a federal ombudsman – the only organ of the state which provides cost-free and immediate relief to the common people. The Federal Ombudsman Secretariat had initiated a number of capacity-building projects and institutional streamlining efforts with assistance from international donors. However the initiatives were abandoned and the donors, including the Asian Development Bank (ADB), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), withdrew their assistance in some cases due to absence of an ombudsman. While the rich can hire expensive lawyers to get justice, people from lower and middle classes seek the ombudsman to have their complaints redressed. The key slot has been lying vacant since the last federal ombudsman, Javed Sadiq

Malik, completed his fouryear tenure on October 27, 2010. Since then, no ombudsman has been appointed. Under the law, the post of federal ombudsman cannot be kept vacant for an indefinite period because of its importance. Donor agencies also demand an ombudsman to ensure an effective accountability system in the country. Under the law, the president appoints the federal ombudsman; however, in his absence, the prime minister took the decision to assign additional responsibilities to Farooqui with the president’s approval. The federal ombudsman enjoys maximum powers under a presidential order governing the office, and its powers cannot be delegated to its subordinates. However, the president can delegate those powers to anyone to make the office functional. “The temporary assignment will last till the appointment of Ombudsman on regular basis which is expected soon. A large number of complaints have piled up in the office of Mohtasib which could not be disposed for want of appointment of Ombudsman,” said an official statement issued by the PM’s House. According to the statement, Farooqui called on the prime minister and thanked him for reposing trust in him. Ashraf hoped that Farooqui’s extensive service with the government would enable him to clear the backlog pending before the Wafaqi Mohtasib while the government finalises the federal ombudsman on a regular basis. Farooqui made it clear that he would work in honorary capacity, the statement said.

“Out of the 75,000 complaints, over 46,000 have been looked into and recommendations have been made for appropriate action in this regard. However, due to the absence of a federal ombudsman, these were pending for approval as under the law only ombudsman could sign the finished enquiries and decisions after investigation by the his secretariat,” a source in the Federal Ombudsman’s Secretariat told Pakistan Today. The official said that after completing the investigation process, the finished enquiries had been put at the table of the federal ombudsman for approval. The source added that the poor complainants, mostly from far-flung areas, had visited the federal ombudsman’s office time and again but to no avail. “The absence of ombudsman has also been disturbing the employees of his office, as the federal ombudsman acts as a principal accounting officer besides performing all statutory functions, including administrative and financial sanctions particularly with reference to the release of funds, incurring of expenditures, re-appropriation of funds and grant of salaries to contractual employees etc,” the official added. Interestingly, no social worker, lawyer or politician from the opposition parties has approached any court of law against the vacant status of the federal ombudsman’s office to date. Opposition parties have been approaching the apex court for petty political issues for their own cause, but no one has so far bothered to challenge the vacant status of the ombudsman’s office, the only place to redress the complaints of the poor.

Hizbut Tahrir and counter terrorism crosshairs LAHORE SHaHaB JafRY

Outlawed extremist organisation Hizbut Tahrir (HT) has intensified covert antigovernment operations since the Lahore High Court’s Rawalpindi bench dismissed its petition challenging the ’03 ban in May, Pakistan Today has learnt. Events leading to the Nov26 arrest of party spokesman Saad Jigranvi in Lahore provided investigators with fresh insight into the group’s tactics as political isolation limits communication channels and the ban prohibits open recruitment.

MAIL TrAIL Intelligence officials were alerted some months back to substantial HT indoctrination material in various officers’ mail. And while the group still urges the officer corps to engineer an overthrow of the military and civilian high command to pave the way for Islamic caliphate. Recently distributed material features incrementally hostile language for the president, prime minister and COAS, and large posters accuse the leadership of compromising Pakistani security to serve US interests in an effort to spark rebellion, especially in military ranks. Lately, the group has also included the judiciary in its list of enemies. “You didn’t see them move so aggressively against the judiciary till May,” says an official close to the investigation. “Now they’ll say the courts also serve anti-Ummah

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

elements”. Attempts at infiltrating the military are part of the group’s core strategy of prompting change through institutions as opposed to seeking popular support in the masses. Their members include mostly educated middle class individuals, and they have long advocated a non-violent route to the caliphate. And their rise to prominence has come at a difficult time for the government as it battles a different kind of Islamic extremism – TTP and its al Qaeda patrons – in the tribal area. The matter of successful infiltration, especially since the Brig Ali Khan episode last year, has led to a careful investigative purge all the way to the top, and reportedly set back efforts concerning action against militants.

PAKISTANI PrIZe Active in more than 40 countries for more than 50 years, the group has developed a special fixation around Pakistan ever since the country “went nuclear” in ’98. Since then, HT has rotated UK-based Pakistanis through the home country to augment and expand the support base – an increasing bunch of educated, high-IQ individuals constantly coercing the army into open mutiny against the top brass, especially gen Kayani. Significantly, the organisation is banned in most countries it operates from, especially the Arab Middle East and across western and central Europe. Yet the Pakistani ban seems to frustrate its efforts more than other countries, and it “stays alive” by running a number of compartmentalised underground groups, each charged with

further bolstering membership and advancing subversion in the forces. But there is a clear duplicity in its outlook, investigators told Pakistan Today, and observed closely, “much of what they say is clearly a deliberate attempt to confuse people about the government and the army”. Despite boasting some considerably smart individuals, they have continuously misread the political landscape, and their warnings about the establishment caving in to US sponsors and cobbling together a Q-league like King’s Party, for example, have repeatedly turned out false. Their propaganda CD features the party hierarchy apparently reading a repetitive narrative from a teleprompter in subdued monotone, criticising almost every aspect of government without offering substantial solutions in an exercise not very different from al Qaeda indoctrination videos.

DevOID OF reALITY, LAL MASjID ScAre Their reading of the international change sweeping the wider Muslim world is also clearly rudimentary, and serves to miseducate Pakistani masses about important global developments. According to them, Syrian President Bashar al Assad is an American accomplice, the US and Russia are playing the Arab Spring together, and just about everybody is perverting a genuine people’s struggle for establishing caliphate in its ancient Ummayyad home, Damascus. Their lumping of everything into pro- and anti-caliphate camps, and a deliberate

misinterpretation of crucial historical events across the Muslim world, betrays a politically motivated mindset devoid of reality. They openly accuse governments that have long formed the only potent resistance to US expansion in Arabia as “agents of the west” in typical, irresponsible right-wing fashion. Yet of even greater concern are signs that part the organisation’s top structure has begun advocating militancy and violence, something it has long resisted, especially in Pakistan. Its breakawayfaction alMuhajiroon, also UK-based, apparently diverted from the non-violent aspect of rebellion. Its representative in London, Pakistani Briton Anjem Choudhry, has attracted British tabloids through his rash positions, like calling for western women to be flogged at Trafalgar Square because of their short dresses. Anjem caused a scare in Islamabad last month by attempting a rally at the controversial lal masjid, where he planned issuing fatwasagasint Malala Yousafzai – for her pro female education position – and other prominent Pakistanis. Authorities were able to distance the lal masjid leadership in time, and the Nov30 program was cancelled.

OMINOUS SIgNS But there are clear signs that the party is reorienting its position in Pakistan, and beyond. There seems an increasing tendency towards militancy, and published reports indicate they came under the influence of Tahir Yuldashev’s

Uzbek movement in Waziristan as their frustration with the Pakistani ban mounted. It seems some in HT approved of the strategy of employing militant strategies for short-term gains. There is also considerable evidence, at the international level, that HT has at least actively begun helping militant groups with financing and logistics. Since it has no ready militias of its own, it will have to rely on active anti-government groups to do its militant work, if it tilts that way, which puts the financing help in the right perspective, according to information available to Pakistan Today. Pakistani authorities’ efforts to have the group banned in the UK, where it draws most of its funding from, have yet to achieve results. London’s hesitation, despite PM Cameron’s failed promise to ban the group upon taking office, lend credence to accusations that the group is run and funded by British intelligence. “Their senior cadre is very tight lipped, and reveals precious little (about funding) during investigations,” an investigating officer told PT. “Their membership is from the middle class, and they cannot offer substantial donations of the kind needed to run such a clandestine setup”. For the moment, despite arrest-and-bail dramas of its leading members, the party continues to operate in the shadows. And as authorities move to block its funding and counter its operations, HT continues to complicate the most pressing issue facing the government, especially the military – the war against terrorism.

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Shootout in Ghalib Market brings police encounters in spotlight yet again Partial CCTV footage leads to incorrect conclusions about Friday’s encounter at Ghalib Market n Over 280 alleged criminals have already been shot dead by the police this year n Officials say 4,000 personnel insufficient for the city’s population of over 10 million n




HE gulberg Police late on Friday night killed a suspected robber while his accomplice managed to escape despite being seriously injured in an alleged encounter on Hali Road. However, on Saturday, a private TV channel obtained a CCTV footage of the incident, after which it claimed that the encounter was fake. CCTV’S STORY: According to the CCTV footage, a man in white clothes is seen hiding behind a tree when he was chased out by the police and shot dead. The grainy footage then shows a policeman putting a pistol near the dead body. POLICE’S STORY: Following claims that the encounter had been staged, DIg Operations Rai Tahir reached the spot and obtained information from the witnesses. Police sources told Pakistan Today that two suspected robbers riding a motorcycle ignored a police signal to stop, prompting a chase. They said that the suspects opened fire on the police, which retaliated and injured one of them. They said that the suspects rode their motorcycle towards gurumangat Road and entered a private clinic where they forced a doctor to treat them. Meanwhile, the police also reached the spot and cordoned off the area but the two suspects managed to break through the police net and sped their motorcycle towards Hussain Chowk where another shootout ensued. The injured suspect succumbed to his wounds while his accomplice, who also received bullet injuries during the encounter, managed to escape in the cover of darkness. WITNESSES’ ACCOUNT: According to witnesses, the police tried to stop two men

“All encounters are justified and necessary.” – DIG Rai Tahir at a checkpost when the men started firing. One of the alleged robbers got injured in an exchange of fire with the police and was dropped off at a local clinic by his accomplice, who escaped from the scene. A male nurse at Khalid Clinic, Muhammad Boota, told Pakistan Today that an injured robber had entered his clinic and demanded that he be treated immediately, adding that the robber was also exchanging fire with the police outside. He said that the robber, who was later identified as Moshin Abbas from Chakwal, left his clinic and then hid behind the tree. He was later chased out and shot dead by the police. Commenting on the footage, Punjab Ig Habibur Rehman said that he was opposed

to fake encounters and would conduct a thorough probe of the incident. He said that a high-level enquiry team had been formed to investigate the incident and it would submit a report in two days. ENCOUNTERS OVERVIEW: Having failed to curb the crime rate in the city, the city police have increasingly been involved in killing suspected criminals in questionable encounters. From January 2012 to the start of December, there have been more than 280 incidents of police encounters in Punjab while more than 75 such schisms have

Diphtheria could be the new dengue! Experts warn of diphtheria outbreak as cases started to appear due to govt’s ineffective immunisation campaigns n


After a long line of health crises apparently tackled “efficiently” by the Punjab government, the province is facing an outbreak of Diphtheria, a deadly contagious respiratory disease, Pakistan Today has learnt. At least 24 cases of the upper respiratory tract illness have been reported across the province so far, blowing the lid off the incompetence of the Punjab government in managing health crisis. At least three out of these 24 cases have been reported in Lahore. All three cases have been reported among minors, two of whom have already died. Communicable Disease Cell (CDC) in-charge Dr Malik Mubasher however denied the number of cases saying only 13 cases have appeared so far, with six deaths over a period of six months in the entire province. Health experts believe

that Diphtheria is a communicable disease and can turn into an epidemic putting lives of the children in Punjab at an obvious risk. “It spreads through droplet infection: sneezing and coughing,” a female doctor from Children’s Hospital told Pakistan Today. Among the three pa-

tients is 12-year-old Babar ghafoor who has been put in an isolated ward because of his condition. “The child is under distress,” said the on-duty female doctor while going through his medical record. Medical experts told Pakistan Today that corny bacterium Diphtheria is the

causative bacteria in which a pseudo membrane appears on the respiratory tract causing suffocation, laboured breathing and resulting in death. “Usually it appears in children between five and 11 years of age who have not been vaccinated,” a medical expert said. Interestingly, Diphtheria is not dengue and can be prevented through vaccination which the federal and provincial governments ensure spending billions on the Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) getting hefty amounts from international donors as well. According to the government records, the federal government alone allocated around Rs 1,195 million with Rs 100 million allocated by the Punjab government to ensure that children get the Diphtheria-Pertusis-Tetanus (DPT) dose in the province. An official on the condition of anonymity said, “The routine immunization process is very poor which causes such diseases.”

been registered in Lahore alone. The crime rate however, remains more or less unchanged irrespective of the police’s efforts. The first few days of December have seen five deaths of alleged criminals in Lahore at the hands of the police in their attempt to finish the year on a statistically better position. In the past week, CIA Nawan Kot killed two suspected criminals in Shahdra in an encounter while two others managed to escape according to police sources. Per police sources, they surrounded four suspected criminals on two motorcycles in Shahdra which initiated a shootout killing two of the four criminals. The dead criminals are said to have conducted numerous robberies and crimes. Likewise, the police tried to stop a suspicious motorcycle without a license plate in Nishtar Colony which resulted in an exchange of fire when the motorcyclists did not comply. The clash resulted in the death of one of the assailants. Further investigation revealed that the motorcycle was stolen a few days ago near the Burki area. CIA City, in another encounter, killed two suspected criminals near Tibbi city area. According to police sources, a committee has been put in place to monitor and control crime rate in the city. The sources

claim that the department is fully committed to carrying out its duties with utmost honesty and dedication. However, they claim that the Investigation Wing comprises only 4,000 officials which are insufficient for a city with a population of more than 10 million. Anarkali’s Rehmat Market President Haji Naeem while talking to Pakistan Today said the government must take special measures to control crime in the province. Criminals roam free on the roads in the dark of the night and even broad daylight, he said, adding that people fear stepping out of their homes after evening. Talking to Pakistan Today, DIg Operations Rai Tahir claimed that all encounters in 2012 so far have been justified and were necessary. “There is no doubt that Punjab Police officials have been risking their lives to counter and eliminate dangerous criminals. To date, all those who have been killed in encounters were involved in heinous crimes,” he stated. He further said that Lahore Police has registered cases against more than 1,000 dangerous criminals whose arrest resulted in recovery of heavy amounts of weapons and ammunition. These criminals, during robberies, had killed more than 25 citizens and injured more than 100, he said.

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06 Lahore PPP Senator Salahuddin Dogar passes away LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Malik Salahuddin Dogar passed away in Shaikh Zayed Hospital on Saturday. He was 70. Senator Dogar was suffering from liver and abdominal diseases for the last one year. Dogar became member of Punjab Assembly thrice and remained mayor of Multan once. Malik Salahuddin was defeated by Makhdoom Javaid Hashmi from NA 149 in 2008 general elections and then elected as senator on PPP ticket in 2009. Staff RepoRt

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International AntiCorruption Day today LAHORE



HE International Anti-Corruption Day will be observed on December 9 with the theme ‘Act Against Corruption Today’, to raise awareness regarding corruption and the United Nation’s (UN) role in preventing it. Political leaders, governments, legal bodies and lobby groups must work together against corruption by promoting the day and the issues that surround the event, said the UN general Secretary in a statement. “As the international community strives to achieve the Millennium Development goals (MDgs) by 2015 and forge an agenda for economic and social progress in the years beyond, addressing the problem of corruption becomes all the more urgent. The cost of corruption is measured not just

in billions of dollars squandered or stolen government resources, but most poignantly in the absence of hospitals, schools, clean water, roads and bridges that might have been built with that money and would have certainly changed the fortunes of families and communities,” he added. He said that anti-corruption advocates organise events on this day to engage the general public to fight against corruption and fraud in communities. Corruption is a complex social, political and economic phenomenon that affects all countries. It undermines democratic institutions, slows economic development and contributes to governmental instability, he said. Corruption attacks the foundation of democratic institutions by distorting electoral processes, perverting the rule of law and creating bureaucratic quagmires, whose only reason for existing is the soliciting of bribes.

Upgraded parking spaces coming soon, says Shahbaz LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday said that the provision of modern parking facilities to citizens is an important priority of the Punjab government and setting up Lahore Parking Company is a commendable step forward in this regard. Presiding over a high-level meeting regarding the establishment of parking systems, he said that resources were being directed to set up automated parking systems across the city. He said that a Tukish company, Ozpak, was providing expertise in this regard. He

further said that a plan should be evolved for a joint venture with Ozpak to provide an updgraded parking system to citizens. The CM said that sites for parking spaces should be identified and upgraded to accommodate the plan for Lahore Parking Company. Lahore Parking Company Chief Executive Officer Mian Shakeel informed the chief minister that 28 parking zones were being improved under a phased programme. He said that a survey of each road of Lahore was being conducted and if the need was felt, parking plazas would be established in various locations.

DEAr DEpArTED Prof Munawwar Mirza’s brother, author of many books on Qauid-eAzam, Prof Muzaffar Mirza passed away on Saturday. His Namaz-eJanaza would be held at 10:30am on Sunday at the Nazria-e-Pakistan Foundation.

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

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Lahore 07 weather uPDateS

20 °c high 11low0c


SunnY tueSDaY weDneSDaY

19c i 12°c

20°c i 11°c

19°c i 11°c

PraYer timinGS fajr 5:07

Sunrise 6:30

zuhr 11:48

asr 2:43

maghrib 5:04

isha 6:28

citY DirectorY emerGencY helP reScue eDhi control motorwaY Police Police Governor’S houSe chief miniSter’S houSe fire briGaDe bomb DiSPoSal mcl comPlaintS lahore waSte DiSPoSal

1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

hoSPitalS miD citY 37573382-3 ServiceS 99203402-11 maYo 99211100-9 General 35810892-8 Sheikh zaiD 35865731 Sir GanGa ram 99200572 uch 35763573-5 ittefaq 35881981-85 cmh 366996168-72 Shoukat khanum 35945100 Jinnah 111-809-809 aDil (Defence) 36667275 chilDren’S 99230901-3 Defence national hoSPital 111-17-18-19

blooD bank fatmiD iSlamic alliance

35210834-8 37588649/37535435

comPlaint waPDa Sui GaS

111-000-118 1199

railwaYS citY Station (enquirY) reServation railwaY Police

117 99201772 1333


First ever research strategy hailed as a milestone for country’s development



S they hail Pakistan’s first comprehensive national science, technology and innovation (ST&I) policy, the country’s science leaders are hopeful of effective implementation and funding, according to a report by Nature. The ‘National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy–2012’, launched last month (23 November) with support from the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology and the ministry of science and technology, is expected to help Pakistan emerge as a scientifically sensitive nation. Describing the policy, at the launch, as “demand-driven and people-centric “, Changez Khan Jamali, federal minister for science and technology, said it was a milestone in Pakistan’s self-reliant development strategy. Jamali said the new policy was focused on improving the quality of life for common people through the creation of a conducive industrial and economic environment. Pakistan has an ambitious plan to increase its science budget to 1 and 2 per cent of annual gross domestic product spending by 2015 and 2020 respectively, against the present 0.6 per cent. Akhlaq Ahmed Tarar, secretary in the ministry, told SciDev.Net that he looked forward to “having close to 1 per cent allocation in the 2013 budget.” “The only fuel to make this policy a success is real political and fiscal support, which government is committed to provide – so there are hopes for an innovative and

technologically advanced future for Pakistan,” Tarar said. A national policy for ST&I has been in the making since 1960 when the National Science Commission of Pakistan was constituted and tasked with finding ways to promote scientific research. However, various hurdles stood in the way, the chief among them in more recent years being funding cuts forced by the recession and natural disasters. The new policy focuses on environment science, biotechnology, energy, water, minerals, ocean-sciences and engineering as critical areas demanding priority. It recognises innovation as an integral part of the S&T system while emphasising development of human resources, training and education. Manzoor Soomro, chairman of the Pakistan Science Foundation, an autonomous body under the science ministry, told SciDev.Net that to make the new policy serve the country’s socio-economic development better, public-private partnerships and academia-industry linkages would need to be forged. “Higher Education Commission and the well-developed offices of research, innovation and commercialisation that already maintain R&D links with different publicprivate organisations, would be the beneficiaries of this policy,” Soomro said. The Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), is a Cabinet-level ministry of government of Pakistan concerned with science and technology in Pakistan and in general, Pakistan’s science policies, planning, coordination and directing of efforts to initiate

and launch scientific and technological programs as well as projects aimed at economic development. The government agency is coordinated by the “Science and Technology Minister”, and it headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan. In 1950, the office was created by former Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan who sent an invitation to Salimuzzaman Siddiqui to emigrate to Pakistan. An office was set up in Prime Minister Secretariat, and Siddiqui served as its first science advisor. In 1959, military dictator of Pakistan and thenknown as Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army, Field Marshal Ayub Khan moved the office in Presidential Residence. World renowned scientist Dr Abdus Salam was appointed as science advisor to the president, who continued as science advisor to Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s democratic regime. The post was colloquially knew as “President’s Science Advisor” till Pakistan’s political system was shifted back to Parliamentary democracy system through a constitutional amendment, passed by the Parliament in 1974. The post was renamed as “Prime minister’s Science Advisor”. In Pakistan, a Science Advisor is a prestigious and an important tier in Pakistan’s science circle. A science advisor is a chief and principal advisor to the prime minister with a full status of Federal Cabinet minister. The science advisor advises the prime minister on the effects of science and technology on domestic and international affairs, and also has the mandate to supervise the government-led science and technology, and engineering projects in the government agencies and departments.

airPort fliGht enquirY Pia reServation

114 111-786-786




colleGeS / univerSitieS PunJab univerSitY kinnairD colleGe queen marY colleGe Govt. colleGe univerSitY umt lumS uet lcwu SuPerior colleGe

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

Date: march 31 to December 29, 2012 venue: haSt-o-neeSt centre, lahore hast-o-neest centre for traditional art & culture invites you to its monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (Director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 Ghazals of maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

Date: aPril 01 to December 30, 2012 venue: faiz Ghar, lahore a unique blend of Yoga, meditation, neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga master Shamshad haider

Date: nov 22 - Dec 10, 2012 venue: lahore muSeum an exhibition honouring the college of art and Design, university of the Punjab, and covering landscapes, cityscapes and other related conceptual paintings.

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

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08 News

Fighting rages near Damascus airport DAMACUS



LASHES between Syrian government forces and opposition fighters have continued around the capital, as rebels declared Damascus International Airport a “legitimate target”. Activists told Al Jazeera in the early hours of Saturday that fierce fighting raged in the southern Damascus suburbs of Beit Sahem and Akraba near the airport. government forces were making advances in Beit Sahem, as military reinforcements were sent to nearby

towns. More clashes were reported in the eastern suburbs of Douma and Harasta. “The regime is fortifying near the airport. This is easing pressure on opposition fighters in rest of the areas around Damascus,” an activist in southern Damascus told Al Jazeera. “This shows that the regime cannot assert control throughout the suburbs and take over major checkpoints,” he said. Rebels on Friday said they were targeting the airport in an effort to cut military supplies to the government. “This would send a very strong political message to the regime. It will be a

moral victory, to say the least,” a fighter told the Associated Press, giving only his first name, Nour, for security reasons. Losing control of the airport would be a major blow to the regime, which has recently lost two air bases near the capital. Damascus province is now a key battlefield, as regime forces battle to retake control of an 8km belt around the capital. The clashes around Damascus, a city of 1.7 million, have already forced the suspension of commercial flights over the past week, although airport officials insisted the facility remained open and was functioning normally on Friday. An official said the main road leading

to the facility was closed but that people were reaching it through side roads. Meanwhile, shelling by government forces was reported in the districts of alQaboun and Hajar al-Aswad in southern Damascus and in the nearby towns of Yabroud, Zyabiyyah and Harran alAwameed. Opposition activists said at least 116 people were killed in violence across the country on Friday. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported clashes between the al-Qaeda inspired rebel group Jabhat al-Nousra and Kurdish fighters in the town of Ras al-Ain in north of the country.

Activists say that more than 40,000 people have been killed in Syria since an uprising against the regime began in March 2011. The latest reports of violence came as anti-government protesters took to the street across Syria on Friday to reject any future UN deployment of peacekeeping forces in the strife-torn country. “No to ‘peacekeeping’ forces in Syria,” was the slogan chosen for weekly protests, according to the Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook page. Last week, international peace envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi said the country “very, very urgently” needed a ceasefire and a large peacekeeping force.

Gaza marks anniversary of hamas GAzA CItY aGeNCIeS

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have massed in gaza for a rally marking the 25th anniversary of Hamas to be addressed by the ruling movement’s leader in exile. Light rain in the early morning of Saturday did not deter thousands of gazans from turning out well before the noon (10:00 gMT) start of the main event in the AlQatiba complex west of gaza City. Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal is due to join the rally to mark the 25th anniversary of the Hamas Movement and the start of the first Palestinian uprising, or Intifada, against Israel in December 1987. His speech is likely to focus on Hamas’s growing stature in the Arab world and reconciliation with its secular political rival, Fatah. “Meshaal’s speech will outline the priorities of the Hamas movement in the coming future, and especially the implementation of reconciliation (with Fatah),” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said. Meshaal, 56, who is on his first-ever visit to the gaza Strip and the first to Palestine in 37 years, was moved to tears on Friday by the ecstatic reception he received from flag-waving crowds as he toured the tiny territory, which is home to 1.7 million Palestinians. His trip comes just two weeks after Hamas fought an eightday conflict with Israel that left some 170 Palestinians and six Israelis killed and ended with an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire. The security forces were out in strength, closing off nearby roads from the early hours. Dozens of masked members of Hamas military wing the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades kept watch from surrounding rooftops.

aleppo: a Syrian rebel fighter carries his son in the al-fardos neighbourhood of aleppo. AgENCIEs

myanmar apologises VIOLENT BELFAST FLAG for attacks on monks RIOTS FLARE AGAIN BELFASt




The government of Myanmar has apologised to Buddhist monks for injuries, including serious burns, suffered last month during a police operation against evictions caused by the expansion of a copper mine. Minister of Religious Affairs Myint Maung made a formal apology to 29 senior monks and said police regretted the incident, stateowned television reported late on Friday. “The policemen who had to discharge their duties were extremely sorrowful that monks, some novices and other persons were wounded in the copper mining project incident,” Myint Maung told the monks, adding that the government would do its utmost to ensure such “undesirable incidents” did not happen again. “It was found that the monks and novices carried no guilt as they were young and had no knowledge of political tricks,” he said. Activists said at least 50 people had been injured when riot police moved in at the Monywa mine in the northwest region of Sagaing on November 29. That included more than 20 Buddhist monks, some with burns blamed on incendiary devices thrown by police.

At least eight police officers have been injured as rioting broke out in Belfast in the latest flare of violence in Northern Ireland. Tensions have risen in Northern Ireland since Belfast’s council voted on Monday not to fly the British flag all year round, angering Protestant loyalists who believe Northern Ireland should retain strong links to Britain. Police clashed with hundreds of loyalists close to the city centre on Friday night and five people were arrested, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said. “This behaviour is unacceptable. These people are wrecking their own communities and putting lives at risk,” said Assistant Chief Constable Will Kerr of the PSNI. “This mob violence cannot continue. I am urgently appealing to politicians and those with influence to do what they can to put a stop to this.” Two cars were set alight while eyewitnesses said protesters hurled stones, bricks and bottles at the

police. Loyalists have held nightly protests in several parts of Northern Ireland since councillors ruled that the British flag can only fly above Belfast’s City Hall for a maximum of 17 days a year. Police said some 1,000 people rioted on Monday leaving 15 police officers injured, and Belfast legislator Naomi Long received a death threat on Friday for her non-sectarian Alliance party’s support for the change in flag policy. Two bombs were also found in other parts of Northern Ireland in a sign of the lingering sectarian tensions despite the peace process, which largely ended three decades of sectarian violence in the 1990s. The violence took place just hours after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the troubled British province urging peace. “There can be no place in the new Northern Ireland for any violence. Any remnants of the past must be quickly condemned,” she told a press conference in Belfast. With more protests expected in the city on Saturday, Clinton urged: “People have strong feelings, but you must not use violence as a means of expressing those strong feelings.”

UN climate talks go into overtime in Qatar DOHA aGeNCIeS

UN climate talks in Doha have been extended as delegates from rich and poor nations disagree on funding. Talks scheduled to end on Friday spilled into the early hours of Saturday, as negotiators scrambled to find consensus on an interim plan to rein in climate change and smooth the way to a new deal that must enter into force in 2020.

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

With no signs of progress, a sign went up in the conference media centre around 4am (01:00 gMT) to announce that a “presentation of outcomes and next steps towards closure” would be made at 7.30am. “They are still talking,” Al Jazeera’s Nick Clark, reporting from the conference, said. “No deal has been made over 13 days. The issues are finance; the United States and the bigger states don’t want to make concessions for poorer states.”

Meanwhile on Saturday, Qatar proposed keeping an existing UN plan for fighting climate change in place until 2020 an attempt to break a deadlock at talks over a new deal to curb world greenhouse gas emissions. The OPEC nation hosting the negotiations also suggested putting off until 2013 a dispute about demands from developing nations for more cash to help them cope with global warming. The UN’s 1997 Kyoto Protocol will expire by the end of the year if it is not

extended and has already been weakened by withdrawals of Russia, Japan and Canada. Its supporters, led by the EU and Australia, account for just 15 per cent of world greenhouse gas emissions. The main goal of the Doha meeting is to extend the greenhouse gas-curbing Kyoto Protocol. Expiry of Kyoto would leave the world with no legally binding deal to confront global warming, merely a series of national laws to rein in rising carbon emissions.

un alleges rapes in Dr congo unrest UNItED NAtIONS aGeNCIeS

The UN has accused government troops and M23 rebels of raping and killing civilians and looting towns during battles in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo last month. The United Nations said on Friday that UN investigators had confirmed that M23 rebels and government troops had committed serious abuses in their battle for control of mineral-rich North Kivu province and its capital goma. The investigations indicate that Congolese army soldiers committed rapes, looting and other human rights violations after they retreated from goma following its capture by M23 rebels. The UN mission could not confirm reports that 72 rapes were committed in the Minova area, about 60 kilometres (40 miles) south of goma, but its initial investigation found that several violations, including rape and looting, were committed by Congolese army elements, UN deputy spokesman Eduardo del Buey said. “Preliminary investigations by MONUSCO indicate that several human rights violations, including rape and looting, were committed by FARDC (Congolese army) elements (in Minova),” del Buey told reporters in New York. “MONUSCO cannot confirm the reported figure of 72 rapes but is on the ground conducting further investigations,” he said. The UN also accused M23 rebels of killing civilians and looting when they took goma last month. “MONUSCO is also able to confirm several serious human rights violations, including the killing and wounding of civilians as well as looting, committed by the M23 in goma.” The UN spokesman said.

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Pak-Afghan-Turkey summit to discuss reconciliation with Taliban g

PTI govt won’t allow terrorism from Pakistani soil: Imran

two-day summit starts in ankara from 11th ISLAMABAD



AKISTAN, Afghanistan and Turkey will hold a trilateral meeting on Afghanistan’s stability on December 11 and 12 in Ankara to discuss the Afghan reconciliation process with the Taliban. However, the renewed tension between Islamabad and Kabul over a failed assassination attempt on Afghan intelligence chief Asadullah Khalid is likely to overshadow the vital talks according to sources. President Asif Ali Zardari will fly from Paris to Ankara to join the Turkish President Abdullah gul and Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the summit. President Zardari will be in Paris on December 10 to attend a PakistanUNESCO sponsored event to pay tribute to Malala Yousafzai, and set

up a global fund after her name for the promotion of women education across the globe. President Zardari is likely to announce the seed money of 10 million dollars for the Malala fund. The Pakistan-AfghanistanTurkey trilateral process was launched in April 2007 and subsequent trilateral summits were held in Turkey in December 2008, April 2009, January 2010 and December 2010. “In Ankara the presidents from Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan will discuss in detail, various aspects of peace dialogue with the Taliban insurgents and especially the role that Pakistan could play for the success of the Afghan peace process,” said a diplomatic source on Saturday seeking anonymity. Pakistan recently released 13 mid level Taliban leaders as a ‘good will gesture’ towards peace and stability in Afghanistan and to impress upon

the Taliban leadership to join the peace talks with the Karzai administration and the Afghan High Council for Peace. Source said the meet, which was also expected to be attended by the military chiefs of the three countries, was likely to be overshadowed by another row that had surfaced between Islamabad and Kabul over a failed suicide attempt to kill the Afghan intelligence chief on Thursday. President Karzai said on Saturday that a suicide bombing that wounded his intelligence chief was planned in the Pakistani city of Quetta and that he would raise the issue with Islamabad. “Karzai stopped short of blaming the Pakistani government directly. But he told a news conference he would raise the issue with Pakistan,” said a news wire report from the Afghan capital. The diplomatic source said that

President Karzai was most likely to raise the attack on his intelligence chief in Ankara with his Pakistani counterpart. Pakistan has already condemned the assassination attempt and said “it remains committed to peace and stability in Afghanistan as the two countries face the common threat of terrorism”. A Pakistani official said the Pakistani government had nothing to do with the attack on Afghan intelligence chief and if anyone in Kabul tried to link the suicide attack to Islamabad, it would be unfortunate and would hamper the ongoing efforts on part of both sides to improve bilateral ties. “Afghan officials must realise that Pakistan too is a victim of terrorist attacks including some on government and military installations and the scourge of terrorism is a common enemy,” he said.

Girl throws acid on former fiancé MULtAN oNlINe

A girl splashed acid on her former fiancé on Saturday. According to reports, Muhammad Zubair, a resident of Shah Rukne Alam, was engaged to Beenish four years ago. Their engagement ended after differences developed between the two families later. Last night, Beenish and her brother stopped Zubair at gunpoint and threw acid on his face. According to reports, Zubair’s eyes have been damaged as a result of the attack.

PESHAWAR The Awami National Party (ANP) chief Asfandyar Wali Khan said on Saturday that ‘Pakistan and Kalabagh dam cannot co-exist’ and the people have to choose one of the two. While addressing an anti-Kalabagh dam public gathering organised at the Nishtar Hall in Peshawar, Afandyar Wali said that nobody can build the Kalabagh dam. “We will oppose it even if the Supreme Court orders its construction,” he said.


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan said he would not allow Pakistani soil to be used for any kind of terror after coming into power. “I want Pakistani soil not to be used for any kind of terror. If we win with majority, we will have the moral authority for implementing this,” he said in an exclusive chat with an Indian news channel. He acknowledged that ending terror was in Pakistan’s interest since around 50,000 Pakistanis had lost their lives in acts of terror. Talking on corruption, he said it could be ended in nine days. “If you have a clean prime minister and ministers and a clear majority with one party, you can end corruption in nine days,” he stated. Bollywood star Aamir Khan, who was part of the audience, complimented Khan for his convictions. “I hope you get the support to win. If you do win, I’ll come to celebrate and bring friends too,” he said.


anP chief says Punjab is like an elder brother and should act like one Staff RepoRt


Gen Austin to be nominated next US CENTCOM chief

DASKA: While the punjab government claims that it is improving the standard of education in the province, girl students of a government school study in a classroom without a roof. INP

Pakistan and Kalabagh Dam cannot co-exist: Asfandyar Wali g

News 09

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti, ANP KPK President Senator Afrasiab Khattak and other provincial leaders and ministers were also present at the meeting. In a verdict on November 29, the Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered the federal government to build Kalabagh Dam in accordance with the decision of the Council of Common Interest. Asfandyar Wali warned that Kalabagh dam and Pakistan cannot coexist as the controversial project is ‘detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of the country and it is unacceptable to three provinces’. “This is not a matter of consensus, it is a

matter of our survival,” he said. “Punjab is like an elder brother and should act like one; not like a commander,” the ANP chief remarked. After the verdict was given by the LHC, ANP scheduled to hold antiKalabagh dam rallies and public meetings across the province in order to mobilize people and inform of them of ‘the deadly project’. Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti said that we will not participate in the meeting being called in Islamabad regarding the Kalabagh Dam project. “We are against all those forces which intend to construct the Kalabagh Dam. The issue should be buried,” the chief minister said.

US Army Vice Chief of Staff gen Lloyd Austin will be nominated to be the next commander of the Central Command, according to a Defence Department announcement. If confirmed by the Senate, Austin, who became the vice chief in February, would succeed Marine gen. James Mattis. President Barack Obama will send the nomination to Congress. Mattis took command of CENTCOM, based at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., in August 2010. “Lloyd Austin … is one of the military’s most seasoned combat leaders, with extensive experience in the CENTCOM area of responsibility,” Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in a statement. Austin, a 1975 West Point graduate, led the 3rd Infantry Division “from the front in the opening months of the Iraq war, earning a Silver Star for valor,” Panetta’s statement said. He later commanded the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan, led Multi-National CorpsIraq from February 2008 until April 2009, and then commanded U.S. Forces-Iraq from September 2010 through the completion of the mission in December 2011.

No new permanent members in UN Security Council: IPU NEW YORK NNI

The quest for permanent seats in the United Nations (UN) Security Council suffered a setback when the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) informal interactive debate at the UN Headquarters leaned clearly for an inclusive council for promotion of global stability. Parliamentarians and experts, who had gathered from across the globe for a two-day parliamentary hearing, rejected the idea that the future security council be based on power politics or national ambitions.

Instead, they called for an inclusive council, which is democratic in its composition, open in its working methods and accountable to UN member states for its actions. The council cannot be an exclusive club or function like an organisation of the elite, they added. India, seeking a permanent seat in the reformed council had made a case for adding new members who had the “weight” to reflect current global power “realities”. The interactive debate on the reform was part of the annual hearing of the IPU. Intervening in the debate, Pak-

istan’s Deputy Chairman Senate Sabir Ali Baloch, who was leading a fivemember parliamentary delegation, said by adding more permanent members, the council will become exclusive rather than inclusive. The idea of new permanent members will create new centers of power and privileges, he added. Baloch said permanent members did not have to revert to the general assembly for their election. Therefore, they had no representation character or constituency among the general membership. This, he added, was contrary to any notion of inclusiveness. In order to enhance inclusiveness, the se-

curity council should have more elected members, he said. He emphasised that new seats based on periodic elections will make the council more equitable, diverse and plural in terms of representation as well as more open and accountable to reflect the aspirations of the general membership, thereby increasing inclusiveness. Such a reform model, he said, would enhance the council’s ownership by all UN member states and further increase the credibility of its actions thus promoting global stability. Other members of Pakistan’s delegation were Senator Mohsin Khan Leghari, Senator Malik Rashid Ahmed

Khan, Senator Mukhtiar Ahmed Dhamrah and MNA Arif Aziz Sheikh. The two-day IPU conference that concluded on Saturday included four sessions to discuss the role of parliaments in conflict prevention, reconciliation and peace building. As part of IPU’s efforts to support UN action to promote peace and security, participants of the conference identified ways the parliaments could strengthen UN field missions, its peace building commission and the human rights council in addition to examining the role of legislators in conflict mediation, transnational justice and truth and reconciliation.

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Luminosity an ethereal experience

Arif Nizami Editor

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challenges for ec Moving towards the storm centre


he by-elections held in nine constituencies should give the EC a forewarning of what lies ahead. While on the whole the exercise was conducted satisfactorily, there were also loopholes that need to be removed. There were reports of aerial firing in a couple of constituencies. Despite this being of a celebratory type, any display of weapons has to be stopped with the strongest action under the law. The Fair and Free Elections Network (FAFEN) has reported violations of the code of conduct. Also of pressure exerted by police and district government officials inside the polling stations. According to the FAFEN report, the presence of police influenced at least 638 of 746 (85 percent) polling stations in by-elections in Punjab. If true, this is a serious matter which needs to be thoroughly probed and lessons drawn for the future. The CEC is widely respected for his integrity, courage and commitment to democracy. While these are among the basic requirements of an independent EC, they are by no means sufficient. Equally important is the ability to get the rules and regulations firmly implemented. Last month, the EC sought the authority to transfer or suspend the chief secretary, inspector general and other higher officers. government officials have been used in the past to influence the elections. Same goes for the administrative heads of police, revenue, irrigation, etc at the districts and their officials down the line. The polling staff drawn from a variety of departments would rather abide by the directions of their superiors who write their confidential reports than listen to a temporary boss in the form of the election officer. In rural areas, they are also open to bribery or coercion by the local elite. The government would do well to concede the EC’s demand to enable it to stop the misuse of the government machinery. Karachi, where the EC has undertaken to conduct house to house verification of voters’ lists, is likely to cause problems. In fact it already has started to. As the defective voters’ lists which left out reportedly about three million voters were prepared under the present provincial election commissioner, demands have been made by the PML-N, PTI and JI for his removal. It remains to be seen how the commission resolves the issue. Holding transparent general elections is highly vital for the health of the system. Only a government seen to be elected fairly can enjoy prestige. A genuinely elected government would not only be able to strengthen the institutions, but also keep them within their constitutional limits. To conduct elections widely seen to be fair and free poses a challenge to the EC.

By Humayun Gauhar


r Eben Alexander is one lucky man to have experienced god’s luminosity – or thinks he did according the skeptics. Skeptics have their place in the larger scheme of things, and a very important place too, for it is skepticism that is one impetus behind inquiry. As a neurosurgeon and scientist, Dr Alexander was a skeptic too and felt that since he understood the brain, “there were good scientific explanations for the heavenly out-ofbody journeys described by those who narrowly escaped death”. But all that changed when he went into coma for seven days, his brain switched off and flat-lined and he was on life support. I will tell you Dr Alexander’s story as far as possible in his own words lest I lose some of the essence in paraphrasing him. Dr Eben Alexander contracted the E-coli virus that started eating his brain. In coma, “the human part of my brain, the neo cortex, was inactivated”. That is significant because doctors believe that what clinically dead people experience are hallucinations that come from the neo cortex. But Dr Alexander’s neo cortex shut down too and his brain flat-lined. After seven days in coma his doctors thought of taking him off life support, because they thought that even if he lived he would be a vegetable. Then his eyes popped open. In coma and clinical death, Dr Alexander experienced, in his own words, “something so profound that it gave me a scientific reason to believe in consciousness after death…There is no scientific explanation for the fact that while my body lay in coma, my mind – my conscious, inner self – was alive and well. While the neurons of my cortex were stunned to complete inactivity by the bacteria that had attacked them, my brain-free consciousness journeyed to another, larger dimension of the universe: a dimension I’d never dreamed existed and which the old, pre-coma me would have been more than happy to explain was a simple impossibility… But that dimension – in rough outline, the same one described by countless subjects of near-death experiences and other mystical states – is there. It exists, and what I saw and learned there has placed me quite literally in a

new world, a world where we are much more than our brains and bodies, and where death is not the end of consciousness but rather a chapter in a vast and incalculably positive journey.” “During the course of my adventure I was in a place of clouds. Big, puffy, pinkwhite ones that showed up sharply against the deep-blue sky… Higher than the clouds – immeasurably higher – flocks of transparent, shimmering beings arced across the sky, leaving long, streamer-like lines behind them.” He says that the words ‘birds’ and ‘angels’ don’t do “justice to these beings themselves, which were quite simply different from anything I have known on this planet. They were more advanced. Higher forms.” There was pure joy, says Alexander. He heard a “huge and booming sound” from above and “wondered if the winged beings were producing it… Seeing and hearing were not separate in this place.” He could hear “the visual beauty of the silvery bodies of those scintillating beings above, and see the surging, joyful perfection of what they sang.” Hearing and seeing were transposed, as it were – he would see sounds and hear images. “You could not look at or listen to anything in this world without becoming part of it – without joining with it in some mysterious way.” Like in the Sufi way, “you couldn’t look at anything in that world at all, for the word ‘at’ itself implies a separation that did not exist there.” Remember the prime Sufi question is: ‘Why the separation between Man and god’ that we discussed in ‘Quest’ and ‘The Quest Continues’ in this newspaper. “Everything was distinct, yet everything was also a part of everything else, like the rich and intermingled designs on a Persian carpet… or a butterfly’s wing.” Remember again, like the drop falling into the river and becoming the river yet retaining its individuality, simultaneous annihilation and consummation – ‘fana’. A young and beautiful woman accompanied Dr Alexander for most of his journey. “High cheekbones and deep blue eyes. golden tresses framed her lovely face.” Muslims will say that she was a ‘hoor’. I believe for eastern people she would have had deep black eyes and black tresses. The idea is to make you comfortable in your cultural idiom. Anyway, Alexander and the woman travelled on a beautiful wing of a butterfly. “Millions of butterflies were all around us… it was a river of life and colour, moving through the air. The woman’s outfit was simple, like a peasant’s, but its colours – powder blue, indigo, and pastel orange-peach – had the same overwhelming, super-vivid aliveness that everything else had. She looked at me with a look that, if you saw it for five seconds, would make your whole life up to that point worth living, no matter what had happened in it so far. It was not a romantic look. It was not a look of friendship. It was a look that was somehow beyond all these, beyond all the different compartments of

love we have down here on earth. It was something higher, holding all those other kinds of love within itself while at the same time being much bigger than all of them.” The woman spoke to Alexander without using words. “The message went through me like a wind, and I instantly understood that it was true, he reports.” The message was in three parts: a) “You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever”; b) “You have nothing to fear”; c) “There is nothing you can do wrong.” He felt like he was being given the rules of a game he’d played all his life without ever fully understanding it. The woman continued wordlessly: “We will show you many things here but eventually you will go back.” “Back where? Where is this place? Who am I? Why am I here?” These questions were asked silently and the answer came to Alexander’s mind “instantly in an explosion of light, colour, love, and beauty that blew through me like a crashing wave. What was important about these blasts was that they didn’t simply silence my questions by overwhelming them. They answered them, but in a way that bypassed language. Thoughts entered me directly. But it wasn’t thought like we experience on earth. It wasn’t vague, immaterial, or abstract. These thoughts were solid and immediate – hotter than fire and wetter than water – and as I received them I was able to instantly and effortlessly understand concepts that would have taken me years to fully grasp in my earthly life.” As Alexander moved forward he found himself entering an “immense void, completely dark, infinite in size, yet also infinitely comforting. Pitch black as it was, it was also brimming over with light: a light that seemed to come from a brilliant orb that I now sensed near me… There is, some say, in god a deep but dazzling darkness. That was it exactly: an inky darkness that was also full to brimming with light.” Darkness with light is why I call this article ‘luminosity’. Alexander feels that the orb was an ‘interpreter’ between him and “this vast presence surrounding me… It was as if I were being born into a larger world, and the universe itself was a giant cosmic womb.” He felt the orb was somehow connected to the woman and was guiding him. Continues Dr Alexander: “I know full well how extraordinary, how frankly unbelievable, all this sounds. Had someone – even a doctor – told me a story like this in the old days, I would have been quite certain that they were under the spell of some delusion. But what happened to me was, far from being delusional, real or more real than any event in my life. That includes my wedding day and the birth of my two sons.” Dr Eben Alexander’s explanation we will see next week and also read in his book ‘Proof of Heaven’ published by Simon & Schuster. The writer is a political analyst. He can be contacted at

#shiagenocide Downright ethnic cleansing

By Kunwar Khuldune Shahid


ne-fifth of Pakistan’s population stands in the way of the ‘purification’ of Pakistan. And so, the quasi-Nazis of what is increasingly becoming the Takfiri Deobandi Republic of Pakistan are out for blood. Their Saudifunded rose-tinted glasses filter out the kafirs as they enlist targets with only a solitary criterion sufficing in issuing death warrants amidst bellows of the greatness of Allah: Shiism. Rest assured this is no “sectarian violence” – it’s not a two-way war. Shias are being targeted as a part of barefaced ethnic cleansing, while the nation slumbers

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

with firm fingers on their lips, allowing the likes of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Sipah-e-Sahaba (SSP) to wreak havoc with the country’s largest minority. Around 20,000 Shias have been killed in Pakistan since its inception while the stubborn fingers refuse to budge an inch. While our armchair jihadis and Facebook revolutionaries raucously protest against the killings and siege in gaza, their silence on the siege and massacre in Hazara runs the whole gamut from being hypocritical to downright pathetic. Remonstrating against Shia killings might not earn as many Facebook ‘likes’ or fuel their comical pseudo ‘activist’ status like a pro-gaza comment does, but if they’re really that fretful about human rights, if they’re really endeavouring to fight against the killing of innocent people and if they’re really the flag-bearers of justice, tolerance and equality they wouldn’t find a more pertinent cause to voice their opinion than the systematic massacre of Shias – the most targeted sect in the country. Over 375 Shias have been killed this year alone (some reports suggest over 500), which is the biggest tally for the past two decades. In addition to the siege

in Parachanar, you’ve had examples like the attack on a bus in gilgit when 26 Shias were dragged out and executed, which was the most high-profile of three such incidents in 2012; the case of Mehzar Zehra, a 12-year-old girl who had to bear the gruesome sight of her own father being brutally killed; and the 51 incidents of violence in November as Muharram reverberated with echoes of “Shia kafir” and “Kill Shias”, as 55 succumbed to religious animosity in the holiest month for Shias. While there has been condemnation and action against the targeted killings courtesy Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, the fingers are only being pointed towards a “foreign hand”, quite often a euphemism for India. When LeJ leaders like Malik Ishaq – a man acquitted 30 times after charges of terrorism and homicide – officially declare Shias the “greatest infidels” and extrovertly demand that Shias be declared non-Muslims, and others like Mahmoud Baber are chuffed at committing 14 murders and define LeJ’s raison d’être as, “getting rid of the Shias”, you know that the hands involved in Shia killings are quite unmistakably local. And these hands have their

grip firmly around this country’s neck as they gradually suffocate the nation into submission. If there’s anything foreign about this catastrophic scenario, it is the origin of this repugnant ideological war, as gulf ideologues have found an acquiescing nation to turn into a battlefield. Our inane love-in with the Arabs and disregard for our compatriots over ideological differences is arguably the biggest predicament that faces the country, as things stand, with Pakistan posting up pretty wretched numbers of intolerance. If PEW’s research is anything to go by 50 percent of the Sunnis in Pakistan believe Shias to be non-Muslims and this insularity and blinkeredness over the most minuscule of ideological differences is exactly what is pushing this country downhill. Every other person has their own ‘kafirometre’ that gauges the level of impurity in the ‘land of the pure’ and marks down those that have to be purged out. And no other community has had to bear this repulsive litmus test more than the Pakistani Shias. An online protest was launched by a few activists last Sunday, with another online demonstration planned for today.

The previous protest garnered thousands of tweets and Facebook posts, with the #Shiagenocide hash tag generating over three million impressions in a single day. The activists from various sects and ideologies are coming together and making their presence felt on the Web to fight against religious bigotry and strive against Shia genocide. This struggle needs to continue, and people need to become more vocal in their condemnation of bigots and their violent manifestos, if we are to drag this nation out of the religious quagmire. When 40 million people of a country are unyieldingly under the cosh of religious fanaticism, turbulence is bound to brim over. We need to incorporate acceptance and tolerance into our social setup and condemn everyone who gives holier than thou verdicts over religious differences. And if one were to quote gerry Duggan, if anyone believes their ideology is worth killing for, maybe they should start with themselves. The writer is Editor, Business and City (Karachi), Pakistan Today. Email:, Twitter: @khuldune

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Comment 11

Discord vs unity of politics, suggestions and Kalabagh dam By Mian Belal Ahmad


oday she is poisoned. The venom of politics continues to affect her badly. It is already widespread. Rightly administered and it will accelerate her death. She needs life and a saint. But they cannot afford either. There is malice in the wonderland. Of its own kind, it has always lurked. Only the tongue had gone missing. In Pakistan, politics, like liberal fascism, is an indispensible phenomenon. Whereas it can be beneficial, it may prove to be curiously detrimental. If allowed to live a life of its own, it can be pernicious. The underlying method politics subscribes to, though seemingly democratic, can often be barbarian. To be barbarian is not a crime. Crimes require passion and ambition. Barbarians have none. Thus, if the occasion permits, and there is occasion always, she will witness how ugly the face of politics can be. It is an unpardonable solecism to call politics dirty. Politics is immune to any semblance of purity or impurity, if you like. It is seldom altruistic, though disguised otherwise. That is its beauty, therein its perfidious charm. The ultimate goal of all politics is to defeat the popular will. To Pakistan, the creation of Kalabagh dam is rather imperative. This is a suggestion, the power of which must not be underrated. For suggestions are dangerous devices. They are an atypical breed turned genius. A symphony or cacophony – suggestions permeate the mental corridors relentlessly. They operate covertly to ripen only when the time comes. In the most subtle form, they deftly tinker with the innermost revolution of human psyche. The innermost revolution is for the pursuit of truth. What is more impregnable than all forces combined is a suggestion un-rebutted which has run its course and matured. The opposition to Kalabagh dam is a product of suggestions of distrust and misconception which offer frequent homage to our brethren in KP and Sindh. The opposition is not to Kalabagh dam alone. It is to the credibility of Punjab. There is a serious inter-provincial trust deficit, which begs to be purged. Coupled with other technical misgivings and the vested interests of certain political actors, the issue has become more of a fallacy amid the wrecks. The Awami National Party (ANP) in KP retains its hostile attitude towards the creation of Kalabagh dam. Amongst other grievances, in the construction of the dam it foresees the flooding of Nowshera as highly likely. Technical consultants from world over have dispelled such an outcome

yet the hostility persists. It is reason against the emotional alibi. Political rhetoric will not permit the latter’s defeat. For once the sibyl has spoken; a subject cannot gambol away from that which has been uttered. An objection once taken howsoever unwarranted cannot after all be allowed to vaporise so readily in politics. If it is, it is at the cost of political repute. The naïve people of KP are thereafter left with little if any choice. They must follow suit without knowing that when the field survey staff placed the marker slabs to indicate the ground levels for cross-section of the Kabul River, the survey markers were removed (by those who were against the construction of Kalabagh dam) and placed on the roof tops of houses, thereby creating the impression that the houses would be submerged. It was this petty but sufficient to breed skepticism. Skepticism once bred consumes all rationality before it begs leave. Despite the reservoir conservation level being subsequently reduced by 10 feet, politics continued to exploit the issue. The ANP threatened to bomb the dam if built. She was afraid then and still fears their proclivity. Dams world over are construed as epitomes of progression. Those who do not progress must virtually always perish. The transitory inconvenience, in terms of displacement (which is compensated for) and ecosystem relegation, which their construction causes, is significantly outweighed by the benefits they offer. The construction of dams, in the face of the politics of water, is not, however, novel. The 1930’s, despite political opposition and the great Depression, saw the construction of the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River at the behest of US President Roosevelt. His predecessor, US President Hoover, found himself engulfed in the politics of water, hence unable to order construction of the dam. In the 1950’s, the Egyptian President, gemal Abdul Nasser, after having nationalised the Suez Canal was visited by enormous political opposition when it came to the construction of the Aswan High Dam. When the west declined to afford subvention, Nasser turned to the Russians for assistance. Aswan High Dam was built. In similar vein, the Sardar Sarover Dam on the sacrosanct Narmada River in India, despite political and religious opposition, was built. Had consensus been sought, would these dams have been constructed? Where is our Roosevelt? Where is our Nasser? Will you really watch her die? The writer is a practising Barrister at Lahore. He can be contacted at:

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

Progress in corruption The Transparency International has issued a report over corruption during 2012 in Pakistan raising Pakistan’s rank from 42 to 33 in corruption from amongst 176 countries. During the last five years, the corruption of 12,600 billion rupees has been reported in different sectors of Pakistan i.e., 2,520 billion rupees yearly equivalent to $28 billion approximately. This is a horrendous figure, almost four times the IMF loan spread over five years. This has happened during the watch of Pakistan Peoples Party at the federal level with both the president and prime minister belonging to the PPP. As such the scourge of Pakistan is the main political party of whose henchmen have looted Pakistan to their heart’s content with impunity. The only dam to check this flood of corruption has been the Apex Court for the last three years or so. It appears that the PPP has downgraded itself to qualify for the name of Pakistan Plunder Party with its minions and ministers behaving as if their five fingers were as many pies as possible. The PPP has thus forfeited their right to rule as it comprises a coterie of robber barons who have bank balances, palaces and property abroad at the expense of poor toiling masses of Pakistan. DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI Lahore

corruption incubated According to the Transparency International, Pakistan is advancing rapidly on the scale of corruption. The present bureaucracy is continuation of the administrative system devised by the British whose only aim was to extract maximum material benefit for their own country from their occupation of the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent stopping only just short of provoking its population to the extent of rising in an uncontrollable rebellion. Thus the most corrupt bureaucrat from public point of view was the most pliable instrument of suppression. Even the judiciary was also a part of the same exploitative system. Not long ago, judiciary was separated from the executive in our country but it appears that the old habits do die hard. We are lucky to have an independent and sincere Supreme Court now but the lower courts still remain blighted. For example, a few days ago a court clerk in Muzaffargarh, as reported in an Urdu national daily on 4 December, was caught redhanded accepting Rs 20,000 as bribe which raises the question whether a lower official can take such a bold step without the prior knowledge of someone higher up. Almost all the powerful high officers here are the beneficiaries of WAPDA and pay little in bills. Therefore, whenever a case is brought by a private citizen against WAPDA, such as for removal of dangerous high tension overhead wires, it is always thrown out by the judicial officers. On the other hand, the WAPDA officials themselves are never convicted for abetting in theft of electricity which now stands at 40 percent. It is common knowledge here that a stay order can be obtained by anyone including corrupt government functionaries by

talking suitably to a court official. The common citizen can only hope that the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan will take notice of the deplorable conditions prevailing at the lower courts and establish a morality commission to inculcate a strong sense of integrity in the judicial arbitration authorities. MUHAMMAD AZAM Muzaffargarh

targeting sportsmen India and BCCI must apologise over chemical attack on the captain of visiting Pakistani blind cricket team in India. India has a history of terrorism with visiting Pakistani cricketers. In the ’60s, the finger of Pakistani legendary batsmen Hanif Muhammad was cut during the team’s tour of India and no one got punished. Now India has resorted to chemical terrorism against the captain of blind Pakistani cricket team’s captain, Zeeshan Abbasi, with a conspiracy to murder, by killing him with acid in disguise of drinking water in a bottle served at breakfast in a five star hotel. However, more shameful is the reaction of Indian media, which is calling it as an accident. And more abhorrent is the silence of Indian government, BCCI and the ICC. Under the circumstances, the England cricket team members, touring India, are advised to exercise extra caution during their stay in India, as they are touring a country that can go to any length to punish the visiting players, if they are getting a resounding drubbing in the matches. The government of Pakistan and PCB must demand an immediate apology from the Indian government and the BCCI, failing which the impending tour of our cricket team must be cancelled (else our team must take along all its food and drink requirements from Pakistan) on the grounds of un-precedence life threatening and most probably, deliberate security breach. The FICA (Federation of International Cricketers Association) must also take cognizance of this chemical attack on a Pakistani cricketer, before other foreign players are targeted with food poisoning. SYED NAYYAR UDDIN AHMAD Lahore

victim of a mindless rhetoric The hue and cry over Kalabagh dam in the Sindh assembly was all emotions and mindless rhetoric and not even one cogent argument. Sindh will become Somalia, but how? Did Tarbela dam convert Sindh into Somalia? Sindh cultivated 27 lac additional acres because of Tarbela dam. Please check with your irrigation department. Will KBD do so because it is in Punjab? Will Punjab operate the dam and not IRSA, Sindh having three votes in IRSA to one for Punjab? India and China were quoted as examples of the damage that large dams do. India has 4,500 large and medium dams. It is presently going ahead with a mega dam on Narmada River in the face of strong opposition from regional forces. China has 6,000 large and medium dams. The Three gorges Dam recently absorbed a major part of a 27 lac cusec flood to save the downstream areas from severe damage (our flood in 2010 was 9 lac cusec). It appears that reason and logic have nothing to do with the opposition to Kalabagh dam, it has all to do with Benazir Bhutto’s clarion call that Sindh will become a desert if Kalabagh dam is built. And the foolish awam are all set to vote for her again. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER Lahore

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

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12 ‘The Hobbit’ is a safe kind of danger: Peter Jackson


Barack Obama to attend gangnam Style concert


S President barack obama will reportedly attend a charity concert where South Korean rapper PSY is scheduled to perform, who had participated in antiAmerican protests several years ago. PSY hit headlines over his much talked about ‘Gangnam Style’, which was the most viewed video last month on Youtube. A spokesman said that the obama family will attend the December 21 Christmas in Washington concert, as is custom, the telegraph reports. According to the paper, news reports cite two instances of the 34-year-old “ Gangnam Style” rapper participating in concerts protesting the US military presence in South Korea during the early stages of the war in Iraq. In a 2004 concert, PSY performs another act’s song about killing “Yankees” who have been torturing Iraqi captives and their families “slowly and painfully,” the paper said. NewS DeSK

Pattinson offered USD 100,000 to appear in adult video


obert Pattinson has been offered 100,000 dollars to appear in a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ video after he mentioned the franchise in a recent interview After the ‘twilight Saga: breaking Dawn Part 2’ star joked he would love if the movie’s cast could hang out with some of the women featured in the adult entertainment franchise, founder Joe Francis reached out to the actor in an email, Contactmusic reported. In the correspondence, obtained by e! News, Francis wrote: “I was pleased to hear your mention of ‘Girls Gone Wild’ and per your positive comments [would like to give you the] unique opportunity to make those comments a reality.” “the beaches are packed with amazing girls during Spring break and it would be a major bonus not only for us, but for the millions of ‘twilight’ fans to see you with a camera in your hands filming alongside our talented crew at some of the biggest beach parties in the country. NewS DeSK


ILM maker Peter Jackson wants to scare children with his latest movie and perhaps even a few grown ups. The first of the Hobbit movie trilogy - ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ - is about to hit theatres, and Jackson says he’s tried to hold true to its roots as a children’s fantasy story, with scary bits. “If they’re scared of the trolls great, if they’re scared of the goblins great, they know there are no goblins, they know there are no trolls, it’s a safe kind of danger,” he says. The film, produced by MgM and Time Warner Inc, is the fourth in the Oscar-winning Jackson’s blockbuster ‘Lord of the Rings’ film franchise, based on the books of author JRR Tolkien. It follows the journey of hobbit Bilbo Baggins, reluctantly pushed into travelling with 13 dwarves to steal treasure from a dragon and regain their homeland. During his travels, he comes by the ring that he later passes onto kinsman Frodo Baggins, which was at the core of the ‘Rings’ trilogy. Jackson says he’s worked to keep distance between the Hobbit, published in 1937, and the much darker Lord of the Rings, which came out nearly 20 years later. “The Lord of the Rings has an apocalyptic sort of heavy themic end-of-the world quality to it, which the Hobbit doesn’t, which is one of the delights of it,” he said. The pointy eared, hairy footed hobbit Bilbo is played by British actor Martin Freeman, who says he’s tried to make Bilbo his own creation, a character audiences can root for despite his initial pomposity and small mindedness. “You have to be able to follow him for the duration of the film, but I wanted him to be open and changeable and ready to be surprised,” Freeman said. A key scene is an encounter in a cave between Bilbo and the

creature gollum, reprised in full computer generated splendor by Andy Serkis with the distinctive throaty whisper. “It was a very rich experience,” he said, adding that playing gollum again was ‘an absolute thrill’. Such is the affection for the creature, who calls the magic ring ‘Precious’ that a 13 meter (42 feet) sculpture of gollum hangs in the airport terminal at Wellington, which regards itself as the spiritual home of the Tolkien films and terms itself the ‘Middle of Middle Earth’. Returning actors from the Rings trilogy, many of whom have only passing mention in the book, were no less enthusiastic. Ian McKellen returns for a leading role as the wispy-haired, grey bearded wizard, gandalf, while Cate Blanchett is the elven queen galadriel and Elijah Wood appears as Frodo Baggins. “You couldn’t not come back, you had to come back,” says Hugo Weaving, the leader of the elves, Elrond. The Hobbit film journey has not been without its setbacks. Metro-goldwyn-Mayer, owners of the film rights to the Tolkien books, had financial woes, prompting original director guillermo del Toro to pull out and Jackson, already script writer and executive producer, to step in. A major labor dispute prompted threats to move production out of New Zealand, and was solved by changing labor laws, while Jackson suffered a perforated ulcer and underwent surgery, delaying the film still further. Though only two films were planned originally, Jackson has

tapped Tolkien’s appendices to the Rings to make it into three. Audiences are also getting more visual bangs for their buck, with the movies filmed in 3D and at 48 frames per second (fps), double the industry standard. This delivers clearer pictures, but opinion is divided, with some critics calling it cartoonlike and jarring. Jackson says he wants to drag the iPad generation back into theatres and the romance, excitement and mystery they offer. “It’s more realistic, it’s more immersive. I almost feel a responsibility as a film maker to try to do my part at encouraging people to come to the movies, to watch the film in a cinema,” he said. The second film ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ will be released in December next year, with the third ‘The Hobbit: There and Back Again’ is due in mid-July 2014.

I’m happy that I have great friends: catherine

I don’t need MMS for C cheap publicity: Veena Malik OLLYWOOD bombshell Veena Malik hit the internet after a series of vulgar MMS clips were released on YouTube by unknown people recently. The MMS that was leaked was not personal but it is part of her upcoming movie Zindagi 50-50. It was the romantic song sequence and was shot with Rajan Verma and Veena Malik and sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Veena spoke to the director Rajiv Ruia and asked him to investigate the matter and take serious action against the culprits. Veena clarified and said, “I am very upset about the MMS that was leaked portraying me wrongly. It takes a lot of energy and a lot of hard work is put in to achieve work. I have been shooting day and night for my upcoming Telugu movie Nagna Satyam which is based on a true story and I am also preparing for the contest and promotions of my forthcoming movie The City That Never Sleeps which is being produced by Satish Reddy and directed by Haroon Rashid. I am also looking forward to the release of Mumbai 125Kms directed by Hemant Madhukar, The Dirty Picture in Kannada and Supermodel is in post production. So I don’t need such kind of cheap and false publicity using fake sounds which was originally my song. I have put a lot of efforts to reach this far. Like I say my work speaks more than words.” I don’t need MMS for cheap publicity: Veena Malik: NewS DeSK


‘The Hobbit’ leaving audiences feeling sick


he hobbit’ is making film fans feel queasy due to its dizzying and double-speed 3D technology, it has been revealed. the adventures of bilbo baggins and co have been shot at twice the speed of older movies with a dazzling 48 frames per second. Some viewers claim it is bad for their elf. Fans have likened watching the Peter Jackson blockbuster to taking a rollercoaster ride with one warning “this is not for wimps.” the film, the first of a trilogy set before the events in the hit ‘Lord of the rings’ series, is out next week but audiences at the New Zealand premiere have posted their views online. “I left loving the movie but feeling sick,” the Mirror quoted one fan as tweeting. “My eyes cannot take everything in, it’s dizzying. Now I have a migraine,” another tweeted. however, the self-confessed “avid Middle earth fan” added “Can’t wait to see it again.” Film critics who were shown early versions of the movie, starring ‘the office’ actor Martin Freeman as Jrr tolkien’s hobbit bilbo, had spoken out about how the upgraded technology left audiences feeling unwell. NewS DeSK

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

Jessica alba attends the Salvatore ferragamo opening in london.

AtherINe Zeta-Jones has said that she wants the spotlight off her bipolar diagnosis. “You know what, I’m sick of talking about it because I never wanted to be the poster child for this,” the New York Daily News quoted her as saying on AbC’s ‘Good Morning America’ on Friday. “I never wanted this to come out publicly,” she said. the oscar and tony award winner, married to actor Michael Douglas, revealed last year that she suffered from bipolar II Disorder - also known as manic depression - after watching her hubby fight throat cancer. “After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay,” her spokeswoman Cece Yorke said in an April 2011 statement. “She’s feeling great and looking forward to starting work this week on her two upcoming films,” the publicist said at the time. the surprise admission came the same day a National enquirer cover story claimed the actress spent five days at Connecticut’s Silver hill hospital, a highend facility specializing in psychiatric disorders and substance abuse. “After Michael had his cancer, and I had my issues, I had to like stop for a moment,” Zeta-Jones said. She said she felt honesty was the best approach. “It came out. And so I dealt with it in the best way I could, and that was just saying that, ‘Look, hey, I’m bipolar,’” she said. NewS DeSK

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13 ‘jTHj’-’SOS’ tussle affected my relationships: Kajol OLLYWOOD superstar Kajol, who has been one of the favourite actresses of Yash Raj Films with films like “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” and “Fanaa”, says the tussle between her husband Ajay Devgn’s production house and YRF affected her relationship with the latter. “Yes, it affected my relationship. But that was a situation which had come out of ordinary. It was not a normal situation... It doesn’t occur normally. It doesn’t happen everyday... Hopefully, it will not happen in future again,” said Kajol at an event. The controversy began when ADF filed a complaint in the Competition Commission Of India (CCI) alleging that YRF used its dominant position in the market to get maximum screens for “ Jab Tak Hai Jaan”, which resulted in Devgn’s “ Son of Sardaar” not finding enough screens. The 38-year-old actress married Devgn at the peak of her career and currently raises two children with him but that has not affected her demand in Bollywood. Kajol, who starred in hits like ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham’ and ‘My Name Is Khan’ post her marriage, said she is happy to see the industry going through a positive change. “Time has changed in the industry. It’s a good time for women because people are willing to experiment now. Even our audience are bound to think and want something different. It’s a fantastic time for women in the industry as directors are taking a risk with them,” she said. But she still feels that industry is being dominated by male actors. “I agree that it’s a perfect time for an actress to be in the industry but I still feel it’s male dominated. You can’t take away the male domination on the basis of female-oriented films doing good business in the box-office,” she added. About the vulgar content in today’s films, Kajol said, “I agree with you. Being a mother, I also face difficulty to watch some films with my kids. But I feel that cinema reflect our society and its changes.”



Thank You, Lady Gaga to Medvedev


MERICAN pop diva Lady gaga has expressed her gratitude to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev for what she perceives to be his lack of support for legislation barring “homosexual propaganda” in Russia. “Thank You Prime Minister Medvedev for not standing by your party’s anti-gay propaganda law & instead supporting my show+fans all over Russia,” she said via her Twitter feed Saturday, ahead of a scheduled per-

NEWS DESK N a year that has seen a record number of 100 crore hits being dished out by bollywood, everyone from Salman Khan and Aamir Khan to Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan and ranbir Kapoor has consolidated his place in the exclusive club. While quite a few records have been made and broken, the year was particularly special for Akshay Kumar who managed to bring on two such films in his kitty. While Sajid Nadiadwala’s housefull 2 was the first to do so, Sanjay Leela bhansali’s production rowdy rathore turned


formance in St. Petersburg. Medvedev told journalists during a live televised interview Friday that he sees no need for legislative regulation of homosexuality in Russia, a controversial issue that has attracted jeers from critics who have blasted recently passed anti-gay laws in several Russian regions. “Not all moral issues, not all behavioral patterns, not all issues of communication between people need to be regulated by law,” he said. Medvedev’s comments ar-

rive two weeks before the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, will consider a federal draft bill banning “homosexual propaganda”. Several Russian regions, including St. Petersburg, have already passed such a law, which is aimed at protecting children from what lawmakers claim is the danger of gay “propaganda”. Lady gaga, known for her extravagance and eccentric performances, is also an outspoken advocate of gay rights. NewS DeSK

out to be his biggest opener ever. Now all eyes are on whether Khiladi 786, Akshay’s coproduction with himesh reshammiya, would be able to surpass this feat. “Sajid Khan had promised Akshay that housefull 2 would take the biggest opening ever of his career and he delivered when the film netted over rs. 43 crores in just three days. Later Prabhudheva’s ‘masala’ flavour worked immensely for rowdy rathore and the film topped the rs. 48 crore mark, hence taking Akshay a notch higher. by the look of things, debutant director Ashish Mohan could well be

Mehreen Syed only Pakistani in top 20 of world famous sexiest list

NEWS DESK UPERMODEL, Spokesperson for L’Oreal and CEO of International Fashion Academy Pakistan (IFAP) Mehreen Syed is ranked #10 in the world famous sexiest list published in the Eastern Eye newspaper, one of UKs leading daily publication. The Sexiest List’s Top 20 has historically been dominated exclusively by the Bollywood divas since inception, like Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Aishwirya Rai, Bipasha Basu amongst others. Mehreen Syed has now joined the exclusive top 10s of Sexiest List 2012 while Bollywood queens Aishwirya Rai and Rani Mukherji were ranked 16th and 22nd respectively. Deepika Padoukone, who was #10 on the Sexy List 2011 is now ranked #4 on the list.


aiming at a minimum of 50 crores weekend for Khiladi 786”, says a source. one waits to see if this is indeed the magical number that Akshay manages for his ‘masala’ flick, and in the process ends up topping his own record. “50 crore is a fabulous number indeed and doesn’t seem unreachable either. After all, the film’s music is a chartbuster, Asin is a lucky mascot for her leading men and Akshay is on a roll as well. Moreover films belonging to this genre have been working immensely. Also, the film is

Asjad Nazir, UKs most celebrated personality, host and journalist is the chairman of the judging panel of the Sexiest List 2012 that was published on the 7th of December in the UK. During the time votes were being casted for this list, Asjad trended on Twitter for 5 straight days, beating Bollywood icons like Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra. “Super model turned television personality Mehreen Syed has been an amazing global ambassador for Pakistan in 2012 and won fans all over the world. Apart from being amazingly beautiful, she has an impressive list of achievements to be proud of including being in the top 10 of this year’s list. The fact that Mehreen is about to embark on an acting career means she will get an even bigger global presence and carry on representing her country internationally,” said Asjad Nazir.

being released on a record number of screens i.e. 2,786, which by the way also goes with the film’s title. Not to forget that by the time Khiladi 786 releases, it would be close to a month since the release of Son of Sardaar, last film which did well on the single screens”, the source adds. however, those associated with the film are keeping their expectations in check. An insider reveals, “Given the film’s budget and the price at which it has been sold, whether there is a record or not, Akshay can well be expected to be happy even if anything over rs. 40 crore is scored. that would be no less fantastic?”

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

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Infotainment 14 On the hunt for Genghis Khan


OR centuries historians and treasure seekers have searched for the burial site of history’s most famous conqueror. New findings offer compelling evidence that it’s been found, Oliver Steed reports. In the 800 years since his death, people have sought in vain for the grave of genghis Khan, the 13th-century conqueror and imperial ruler who, at the time of his death, occupied the largest contiguous empire, stretching from the Caspian Sea to the Pacific. In capturing most of central Asia and China, his armies killed and pillaged, but also forged new links between East and West. One of history’s most brilliant and ruthless leaders, Khan remade the world. But while the life of the conqueror is the stuff of legend, his death is shrouded in the mist of myths. Some historians believe he died from wounds sustained in battle; others that he fell off his horse or died from illness. And his final burial place has never been found. At the time great steps were taken to hide the grave to protect it from potential grave robbers. Tomb hunters have little to go on, given the dearth of primary historical sources. Legend has it that Khan’s funeral escort killed anyone who crossed their path to conceal where the conqueror was buried. Those who constructed the funeral tomb were also killed — as were the soldiers who killed them. One historical source holds that 10,000 horsemen “trampled the ground so as to make it even”; another that a forest was planted over the site, a river diverted. germans, Japanese, Americans, Russians, and the British all have led expeditions in search of his grave, spending millions of dollars. All have failed. The location of the tomb has been one of archeology’s most enduring mysteries. Until now. A multidisciplinary research project uniting scientists in America with Mongolian scholars and archeologists has the first compelling evidence of the location of Khan’s burial site and the necropolis of the Mongol imperial family on a mountain range in a remote area in northwestern Mongolia. Among the discoveries by the team are the foundations of what appears to be a large structure from the 13th or 14th century, in an area that has historically been associated with this grave. Scientists have also found a wide range of artifacts that include arrowheads, porcelain, and a variety of building material. “Everything lines up in a very compelling way,” says Albert Lin, National geographic explorer and principal investigator of the project, in an exclusive interview with Newsweek. For 800 years the Khentii mountain range, where the site is located, has been off-limits, decreed thus by genghis Khan himself before his death. If the findings bear out, this will be one

of the most significant archeological discoveries in years. Using drones and surface-penetrating radar, and enlisting the help of thousands of people to sift through satellite data and photographs, the team has searched the mountain range, systematically photographing 4,000 square miles of landscape. In a laboratory at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology at University of California, San Diego, Lin and his team combed through the massive volumes of ultrahigh-resolution satellite imagery and built 3-D reconstructions from radar scans in their search for clues to where genghis Khan may be buried. Thousands of online volunteers sifted through 85,000 high-resolution satellite images to identify any hidden structures or oddseeming formations. To reach the Khentii mountains, you drive east from the capital, Ulan Bator, passing a shimmering statue of genghis before reaching the mining town of Baganuur. The crumbling town has all the charm of a post-Soviet Dickensian nightmare: a 10-mile-long slag heap signals the presence of the largest state-run open-pit coal mine in Mongolia. Exiting north out of town, the remains of a Soviet military base bring to mind the set of a post-apocalyptic horror movie. But once free of the city, the Kerulen River Valley, homeland of the Mongols, unfolds in all its panoramic beauty. Located on one of the main east-west routes across Central Asia, the steppe continues west to the Caspian Sea, east to Japan and northern China, circumventing the gobi Desert that inspired nightmares for Marco Polo and other travelers. This geography, and the forgiving climate, has made the steppe an attractive place for the nomads to live. Unlike the rest of the country, where temperatures can plummet below -40º Fahrenheit and peak above 100º F during the summer, the climate in these valleys is unusually mild. Ritual monuments and burial sites are scattered throughout the landscape. Archaeologists have found tombs on top of tombs, where different tribes from different eras have used the same ritual space. Mongolian families still live in yurts or gers, as the traditional tents are known locally, maintaining their nomadic lifestyle. The blue sky merges with the horizon, and white yurts dot the sweeping landscape like sailboats floating on a sea of green. From afar, the pastoral herding scene appears to have evolved very little since the Khans ruled. But times are changing. A decade of devastatingly harsh winters followed by very dry summers has crippled the livelihoods of livestock-dependent herders, who make up a third of the country’s population. Tens of thousands have migrated into city

slums, while thousands of others have turned to illegal gold mining in their fight for survival. Carrying on their backs big green panning bowls for finding gold, they’re known as the ninjas because of their resemblance to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At the same time, Mongolia is rapidly developing — in large part due to its mineral riches. By some estimates, Mongolia’s economy is the fastest growing in the world, as the nation seeks to tap its wealth of coal, copper, and gold, projected to be worth $1.3 trillion. A satellite dish and a Chinese-made truck and motorbike sit outside one yurt, where we stop to ask for directions. In Mongolia, superstition still surrounds genghis Khan, and the hunt for his tomb often stirs heated debate. Even his name is a touchy subject. In Mongolia, genghis Khan is known as Chinggis Khaan and is considered by many almost a god. At the very least it might create geopolitical tensions as many Chinese believe genghis Khan was Chinese, and China claims him as their own. Indeed, a huge mausoleum has been constructed in China to hold a replica of Khan’s empty coffin, and the monument is popular with the Chinese, some of whom worship him as a semidivine ancestor. Born into tribal nobility, genghis — or Temujin, as he was then known — lived an epic life. As a child, he became an outcast after his father was murdered and his family ostracised. But genghis survived and grew up to become a brilliant warrior and tactician who managed to unite warring tribes and conquer most of the then-known world. At the same time he changed society and introduced an alphabet and a central currency, making him one of the most influential people of the last millennium. During their campaigns of conquest, soldiers raped and pillaged — and the Khans had many offspring, though only legitimate sons were counted. His son Tushi reportedly had 40 sons, while his grandson Kublai Khan had 22. When a genetic study in 2003 showed that 16 million men carry an identical Y chromosome that originates from one man who lived about 1,000 years ago, many drew the conclusion that it must have been genghis Khan’s DNA, though there is, of course, no actual evidence of that, since his body has never been found. Even so, the impact of genghis Khan was without parallel. In less than 20 years he conquered lands stretching thousands of miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea and carried the bounty of his conquests back to Mongolia. As incentive and in payment, spoils were divided among his soldiers. After their deaths, the nobility are thought to have had the objects buried with them because they believed they would need them in the afterlife. But little of these riches have ever been found. It’s as if they came into Mongolia and vanished. “People imagine that [genghis Khan’s] tomb would be filled with gold and silver, the treasure, wealth, loot from his great conquests,” says Prof. Ulambayar Erdenebat, when I meet him at his office at the National University in Ulan Bator, where he heads the archaeology department. A transparent crystal belt sits on the table between us, and Erdenebat gently arranges each piece on a bed of black felt. “This is unique. There is not another like this in the world. We discovered it in a tomb belonging to a 13th-century nobleman believed to be part of gen ghis Khan’s tribe,” Erdenebat explains. He opens another small jewellery box and delicately lays down a gold ornament, intricately carved with pieces as thin as thread and inlaid with ruby and turquoise. He slowly unpacks his cupboard, revealing more treasures: a pure silver cup, gold rings, buttons, and earrings, all dating from the time of genghis Khan. NewS DeSK

Father displays daughter’s mangled car as drunk driving warning To the bereaved father, it is a symbol of heartbreaking loss. But the man whose daughter died at the wheel of this Vauxhall Corsa has taken the courageous decision to allow police to use it as a weapon in their war on drink-driving. The twisted wreck will be displayed in town centres and outside nightclubs in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight in the hope it will persuade young people of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. Its driver was just 23 when she lost control and collided with a van near Fleet last November. She was four times the drink-drive limit. Under the campaign title Smashed, police are targeting the 20-24 age group, who are the worst offenders,

accounting for more than one in five drink-drive arrests last Christmas. The girl’s father wishes to re-

main anonymous, but said: ‘I wanted to tell my story, her story, because I wanted people to see what devasta-

tion they can cause by making that choice. ‘It’s a split second decision which can have far-reaching consequences. ‘My daughter was a kindhearted, loving and caring individual who went out of her way to put others first. ‘She made a mistake. One that she paid for with her life and one we’re still reeling from as a family.’ ‘My memory of the night I lost my daughter will haunt me and my family for the rest of our lives. ‘I remember the police officer at the door asking to come in and for me to sit down. All I could think was if it is bad news surely he should just tell me. ‘When we later found out that my daughter had been drinking it made the pain so much more agonizing’. NewS DeSK

Santa claus volunteer turns out to be a sex offender


ARENTS in Cleveland, Texas, were none too pleased to learn a man who played Santa Claus at a city Christmas event is a sex offender. Emily Collins told KTRK that she and her kids had a great time at the Saturday event, but she was shocked when “a friend of mine recognized the Santa Claus and informed me… that he is a registered sex offender.” There were two volunteer Santas at the event, according to Your Houston News — one riding in the parade and one posing for photos with children. Cleveland City Manager Dion Miller confirmed with the station that the Santa who posed for photos appears on the Texas Public Sex Offender Registry. The man, whose name has not been released by police, was charged with a sex crime when he was 12 years old and served time for the offense. Because the crime occurred when he was a juvenile, Click 2 Houston reports, his records are sealed. He currently has no restrictions that prohibit him from being around children, though he will remain on the state sex offender registry for five more years. No criminal incidents occurred while the man was working as Santa. NewS DeSK

Woman assaults boyfriend for drinking last beer


ELL hath no fury like a woman denied the last beer. Vanessa Robinson was charged with aggravated assult after she allegedly cut boyfriend James gallone multiple times after he tried leaving her apartment with the last beer — a Colt 45 to be specific, according to WPXI-TV. The alcoholoriented altercation started brewing last Thursday in Hempfield Township, Penn., when gallone — who reportedly had purchased the beer — decided to leave, according to Trooper Steve Limani, of Pennsylvania State Police. “The person who purchased the alcohol says, ‘I’m leaving;’ goes to grab the beer that he had purchased. The female was arguing with him that, ‘you’re not taking the beer,’” Limani told KDKA-TV. “It ended up becoming a physical altercation.” The fight started with kicking, pushing and beer being poured onto the floor, and then Robinson allegedly grabbed a knife. “She cut him in the arm, neck, back and stomach areas prior to him being able to disarm her. He had to receive several stitches,” Limani said, according to WTSP-TV. gallone was treated for his injuries which were not life-threatening, according to NewS DeSK

Naked man arrested for mounting statue in London


man who climbed naked onto an equestrian statue in London’s government district, ripped off its sword and bit it has been sentenced to 12 weeks in jail. Dan Motrescu brought central London traffic to a standstill when he mounted the bronze statue of the 19th-century Duke of Cambridge on Nov. 23. Police cordoned off Whitehall, a street that is home to several government departments, as Motrescu climbed up and down the statue, at one point balancing himself on the duke’s head. It took several hours for officers to talk him down. Motrescu, a Ukrainian citizen of no fixed address, was convicted Tuesday of possession of an offensive weapon, criminal damage and a public order offense. A magistrate at Westminster Magistrates’ Court sentenced him to 12 weeks in jail. NewS DeSK

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Schumacher should not have returned: bernie ecclestone Page 18

Pakistan-India to meet in the bronze medal game

indian hotel questioned as Pak blind cricket captain consumes acid

Defending champion Australia face Holland for Champions Trophy MELBOURNE SpoRtS DeSK

INDIA – AUSTRALIA 0-3 (0-2 HALfTIME): Australia will go for a record five consecutive Champions Trophy titles after winning its semi-final game against India today on home field in Melbourne, 3-0. Under sunny skies and in front of a full house, the Kookaburras dominated the Indians with a speedy, relentless attack. The World #2 Australians will meet #3 Netherlands in the gold medal game tomorrow, while #11 India and #9 Pakistan are the surprise entrants in the bronze medal game. Both teams entered today’s second semi-final game on a mission. The Aussies were looking to re-establish themselves as the unbeatable team in men’s hockey after missing out the Olympic gold medal, while the Indians were looking to re-establish their national team program on the eve of the launch of the Hockey India League. Jamie Dwyer was a difference in the game. He struck twice in a ten-minute span in the first half to lift the Aussies to the early 2-0 lead. Dwyer popped in a rebound on a Chris Ciriello penalty corner flick and then easily converted a penalty stroke mid-half to send a clear message early on. Kieran govers extended the lead as he swept in front the India net and converted

belgium picks up historic win MELBOURNE aGeNCIeS

german pulled out an incredible second half of hockey to salvage a 6-4 win against New Zealand in today’s classification game. The germans scored all six of their goals in the second half after falling behind 2-0 in the first half. There was no shortage of action in the last 35 minutes of play as the teams combined for eight goals. Trailing 2-0, the germans popped in two quick goals to even things up early in the half. At that point things started to get wacky as the two teams went toe-to-toe in a festival of offense that saw the teams add another six markers. When the dust had settled, nine different players scored with only young german sensation Jan Christopher Ruehr getting on the board twice. germany took the 3-2 lead only to have it erased moments later by a New Zealand penalty corner. The 3-3 deadlock woke the germans up as they responded by building their biggest lead of the game, going up 5-3. That lead stood for a whopping 1:30 until New Zealand closed the gap to one with yet another penalty corner goal. New Zealand took the early advantage on their second penalty corner chance. The initial strike missed the mark, but Philip Burrows was there to put in a reverse shot on the rebound for the 1-0 goal seven minutes into action. Nicholas Wilson doubled the lead for the Black Sticks on a deflection with 15 minutes left in the half as the World #1 germans struggled to find their rhythm in the classification match until the second half madness started. germany will take on Belgium in tomorrow’s fifth-place game, while New Zealand joins England in the seventh-place match. The winner of the germany v. Belgium game is guaranteed a spot in next year’s Champions Trophy. Belgium made history today after earning its first-ever Champions Trophy win and it could not have come at a better time as the victory keeps the Belgians’ hopes alive to return to next year’s edition. Belgium beat England 4-0 and will now play for fifth place against the winner of the germany v- New Zealand game.

the streaking shot to give Australia a solid 3-0 lead with 26 minutes left in the game. The Aussies continued to apply steady pressure as India never really had a chance to work its way into the game and threaten the hosts’ solid lead. It was a valiant effort on both sides, but in the end Australia was the better team. India still has the chance to earn a major moral victory for the national team program as it can go for its secondever Champions Trophy medal and its first since 1982 in the bronze medal game against Pakistan. That game is sure to be barn burner as the rivals always put on an entertaining show.

Notes: Former Australian players Nathan Burgers, Luke Doerner and grant Schubert were recognized before the game for their outstanding careers with the Kookaburras. PAKISTAN – THE NETHERLANDS 2-5 (1-3 HALfTIME): Third-ranked Netherlands earned its first spot in a Champions Trophy final game since 2006 after they topped Pakistan 5-1 in today’s first semi-final game in Melbourne. The victory guarantees the Netherlands their third consecutive medal at the Champions Trophy. The Dutch wasted no time getting onto the board when Billy Bakker went-

end-to-end just 1:30 into the game to give his team the quick advantage. The lead doubled when the swam of orange jerseys was camped in the Pakistan D as Seve van Ass took advantage of situation and made it 2-0 with 15 left in the half. Pakistan scored three minutes later on what was officially an own goal from the Netherlands, but given enough time, Shakeel Abassi might have put in the marker himself on the play. Bakker netted a second goal with three minutes left in the half on a solo effort from the top of the circle to give the Netherlands some breathing room at the break with a two-goal advantage. The second half was big on action, but short on goals. Valetnin Verga, who left early in the first half after a collision, returned in grand style to sink the 4-1 goal 10 minutes into the half. From there, the Dutch knew they had things well in hand and even replaced #1 goalie Jaap Stockmann with back-up Pirmin Blaak. Late goals on each side brought the final score to 5-2. The Dutch will go for their ninth Champions Trophy gold medal tomorrow and their 22nd overall. The last time the Netherlands won the gold medal at the Champions Trophy was 2006, which was also their last appearance in the final game. For Pakistan, the loss still has a silver lining as they can go for their first medal at a Champions Trophy since 2004.

Germany’s fuerste named fih Player of the Year MELBOURNE aGeNCIeS

german captain Moritz Fuerste accepts the Player of the Year trophy from FIH President Leandro Negre. germany’s Moritz Fuerste was named the FIH Men’s Player of Year in a postgame ceremony in Melbourne today. It was a double german delight as Fuerste’s Olympic teammate Florian Fuchs was named the FIH Young Player of the Year (U21). Fuerste beat out an impressive field of finalists that included Australian Jamie Dwyer, the Netherlands' Robert van der Horst, India's Sardar Singh and Fuerste's teammate Tobias Hauke. The Young Player of the Year finalists were Simon gougnard (BEL), Harry Martin (ENg), gonzalo Peillat (ARg) and Muhammad Rizwan Junior (PAK). It is the first time that Fuerste earned Player of the Year honors, having been a nominee in 2011 and 2010, and the first time since 2002 that a german won the award. Fuerste was the captain of the german team that won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympic games, and also a member of the german gold medal teams at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, the 2006 World Cup in Mönchengladbach, and the 2011 and 2007 Indoor World Cups. "I am really honored to be

named the Player of Year," said Fuerste after he received the award from FIH President Leandro Negre. "It's a great way to end a very memorable year for me." It was the second Olympic gold for the 28 year-old veteran, who celebrated his 200th cap for germany during the tournament here in Melbourne and has scored 67 goals in his international career. Fuerste added one penalty corner goal at the Olympics and has added goals so far at the Champions Trophy in Melbourne. In germany, Fuerste plays club hockey with UHC Hamburg, a team he has guided to three Euro Hockey League titles, including this year’s top honors, and has been crowned EHL’s Most Valuable Player twice. Florian Fuchs was also in London as part of the golden effort for the germans, and was instrumental in the team’s win as he paced the entire tournament, scoring six field goals in seven games. The six goals ranked Fuchs second in overall scoring at the men’s hockey tournament in London. Fuchs debuted with the german senior men’s team 18 days after his 18th birthday at the 2009 Champions Trophy in Melbourne, a few months after having won Junior World Cup gold, and as a mere 20 year-old, has already played in 70 international games for the germans and has scored an impressive 45 goals in the german jersey.

LAHORE Staff RepoRt

The captain of Pakistan’s blind cricket team, Zeeshan Abbasi, was rushed to a local hospital in the Indian city of Bangalore after consuming acid at the team’s breakfast table, Indian and Pakistani media reported. According to latest reports, Abbasi, who is leading the team in the Blind World Twenty20 underway in the Indian city, was now stable and had been discharged from the hospital. Pakistan Cricket Board has asked one of its officials Usman Walha to stay back and look after the blind team captain. Pakistan’s manager was left disgusted by the act and questioned the tournament’s security arrangements. He also rubbished some reports in the Indian media that had termed the incident “an accident.” “Mineral water bottles were given to us everyday; the acid was in one of those bottles. How can this be a mistake? How was it on the breakfast table?” he questioned. Chairman Blind Cricket Council Sultan Shah, too, expressed his shock at the incident which came a day after Pakistan beat India by eight wickets. “We are blind, how can we see bottle distilled/mineral water? How can a 5star hotel do this? It’s deliberate,” Shah told ZeeNews. Shah said a thorough investigation into the incident was underway and the hotel’s management were being questioned. According to Shah, there was a thorough investigation underway while Pakistan Cricket Board spokesman Nadeem Sarwar expressed his concern over the incident and said the PCB was in constant contact with Indian officials on the matter. According to the Hindu, g.K. Mahantesh general, Secretary of the Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) and founder of the Samarthanam Turst for the Disabled, who are organizing the 10-day tournament, termed the incident as “shocking and embarrassing”. He said: “All players are important to us. The Movenpick Hotel have promised an internal inquiry and we await the results.” Mr Mahantesh added the “strictest of actions” will be taken against those responsible for the incident.

Wasim, Waqar delighted at resumption of Pakistan-India cricket LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Pakistan’s former greats Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis have expressed their delight at the decision by Pakistan and India to resume their cricketing ties from December 25 with a two-match T20 series and a threematch ODI tournament. In his recent interview, Younis said, "The Indo-Pak cricket match is mother of all games. It's unfortunate that less cricket was played between the two neighbours since 2004. Hopefully, the upcoming series will herald a new era in Indo-Pak ties." "You can feel the pressure when the two sides are involved in a contest. There's nothing much entertaining than that. It's same as the Ashes series," he added. Meanwhile, Wasim, who has been to India for coaching purposes since his retirement, and is also associated with the Kolkata Knight Riders as their bowling coach, while expressing joy at the recent warmth in rela-

tions between the two countries said, “It's a new beginning and I hope that we play each other on a regular basis. The beauty of Indo-

Pak series lies in the pressure we go through.” While India and Pakistan have a bitter history since the partition of the two

countries back in 1947, cricket has always managed to bring the people from both sides of the border closer to each other. However, in 2008 when Mumbai was ravaged by terrorists, who were later killed with one captured alive, the Indian authorities concluded that they were trained and backed by Pakistan based terror groups. This was rejected flat-out by Pakistan, nonetheless, the government of India decided to suspended bilateral cricket ties with their arch neighbour. Since then, the two nations have only faced each other in the ICC tournaments, choosing to avoid a bilateral series. However, this year, the efforts of PCB Chairman, Zaka Ashraf, finally broke the ice and convinced the BCCI to resume all ties. It is now expected that the BCCI will send the PCB almost 3000 tickets, to be distributed to Pakistan fans, who will have the luxury of watching the games in India. Apart from Wasim and Waqar former greats from both sides have welcomed the revival of cricket between the two nations.

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Sports 16

England on brink of back-to-back Test wins KOLKAtA




OR a major part of Saturday, the Barmy Army's band played loud and cheerfully at Eden gardens as England all but consigned India to their first set of consecutive home Test defeats since 1999-2000. It was fitting that the "band" drowned out the despondent Indian contingent in the stands, putting in place the jingoistic advertisements put together by the host broadcasters, which ridiculed English people. The England supporters, though, were silenced a little in the morning session by a mini comeback from India. It was ruthlessly stomped over by graeme Swann, so far a great support act to Monty Panesar in the series. Just when it seemed India might be slipping away from them for the first time in the Test, Swann assumed the lead role just after lunch. India had taken England's last four wickets cheaply, then gone to lunch without damage but Swann came back to burst through Virender Sehwag's gate. Cats among pigeons cause less panic. Under relentless pressure, India batted and ran like headless chickens, and went from 86 for 0 to 239 for 9.

316 INDIa 1St INNINGS 523 eNGlaND 1St INNINGS INDIa 2ND INNINGS 40 G Gambhir c †prior b finn 49 V Sehwag b Swann 8 Ca pujara run out (Bell) 5 SR tendulkar c trott b Swann 20 V Kohli c †prior b finn Yuvraj Singh b anderson 11 0 MS Dhoni*† c Cook b anderson R ashwin not out 83 Z Khan lbw b finn 0 I Sharma b panesar 10 pp ojha not out 3 eXtRaS 10 total 239 fall of wICKetS 1-86 (Sehwag, 21.1 ov), 2-98 (pujara, 28.6 ov), 3-103 (Gambhir, 30.4 ov), 4-107 (tendulkar, 31.5 ov), 5-122 (Yuvraj Singh, 36.4 ov), 6-122 (Dhoni, 38.1 ov), 7-155 (Kohli, 52.5 ov), 8-159 (Khan, 54.3 ov), 9-197 (Sharma, 72.3 ov) BowlING JM anderson 15-4-38-2, St finn 17-6-37-3, MS panesar 22-1-75-1, Gp Swann 28-9-70-2, SR patel 1-0-9-0, toss India, who chose to bat player of the match tba umpires HDpK Dharmasena (Sri lanka) and RJ tucker (australia) tV umpire Va Kulkarni Match referee JJ Crowe (New Zealand) Reserve umpire S Das

When England went into lunch having lost four wickets in 4.3 overs and then conceded 86 runs in 21 wicketless overs, there might have been thoughts of Chennai 2008-09 at the back of their heads. Swann had himself dropped Sehwag on 7 and seen him race to 49 by

work to lay blue turf at national hockey Stadium begins

the break. India were only 121 behind. Out comes Swann and tosses one outside off, putting all his might in trying to turn the ball, creating a gap between Sehwag's pad and his open face, and then hitting the top of off. India were now like a house of cards in a bicycle stand. gautam gambhir, who was assured in Sehwag's company, and Cheteshwar Pujara looked like they would get out any ball. Steven Finn, bowling reverse swing at high pace, and Swann were relentless. The pitch that had looked docile thus far began exploding all of a sudden. It was merely the amount of action put into the ball. After just 12 runs in close to eight runs in that partnership, gambhir called Pujara through for a risky single and Ian Bell hit the stumps direct from short midwicket. You could imagine England bowlers fighting to get a bowl now; there were easy wickets on offer. gambhir was nearly gone when a replay to check the validity of a low catch off Swann revealed he hadn't edged it at all. In the next over, gambhir went driving at a wide and full ball from Finn, edging him through to Matt Prior. Just to prolong his agony, the umpires asked him to wait at the edge of the boundary as they checked for a foot fault that wasn't. With gambhir

finally gone, focus turned to Sachin Tendulkar, playing surely his last Test innings at Eden gardens. He had got four with a trademark lap sweep but, two balls later, stayed back to an offbreak pitched on a length. The ball from Swann didn't turn as much as he expected it to, and took the outside edge to Jonathan Trott at slip: 107 for 4. Before India could draw breath, Finn was replaced by an even more threatening James Anderson. Reverse swing at high pace again. Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh somehow added 15 before Anderson bowled one short of a length, and it shot low to take the bottom edge and crash into Yuvraj's stumps. MS Dhoni came in. MS Dhoni got one short outside off. MS Dhoni followed it tamely. MS Dhoni went back: 122 for 6. Kohli was next, beautifully set up by Finn. Immediately after reversing one ball in to Kohli's bat handle, Finn inverted the shine of the ball and got it to move away. Kohli didn't have the discipline, followed it, and was taken at the wicket. He followed it with a symbolic wicket of Zaheer Khan with a reversing inswinger. Here was a former master of reverse swing who has become an innocuous trundler being shown how to do it.

BD grab nerve-wrecking win to take series MIRPUR aGeNCIeS

LAHORE Staff RepoRt

The work for the laying of the Desso Blue Turf at the National Hockey Stadium has started and is expected to be completed by the first week of January. The work at the stadium was stalled due to the ill-planned approach of Swallow International, the company which was given the task to complete the work. But due to the delaying tactics and reluctance to replace the old shock pads with the new ones the Sports Board Punjab was compelled to hand over the job to the second lowest bidder, which was the TS Builders. The TS Builders after doing its complete homework brought not only the blue turf but also the shock pads from Holland to lay at the Stadium. However, during the course of time the venues were utlised for the Punjab Youth, Provincial and National Festivals 2012 and Punjab International Sports Festival activities, that also included the record breaking mass national anthem singing event, the biggest mosaic and the largest human flag and later international freestyle wrestling was also held at the same venue. Now the sports and general activity is over the venue is handed over to the contractor who has after cleaning the surface started the laying of the shock pads and once the pads are laid, the blue turf would be pasted over it. According to the contractor the work would be completed in a month’s time and the venue will be ready for use in January. “We have laid the shock pads at one-fourth part of the stadium and within a day or two it will be laid at the entire area. After that the blue turf would be laid, which is a time consuming affair but it would be completed by the end of the month or the first week of January,” he maintained. TS Builders is thge same company whcih has laid the turf at the newly-built Johar Town Hockey Stadium where international hockey activity is continuing and only recently the Indian Punjab team and the Dutch veterans played a number of matches against their Pakistan counterparts.

Bangladesh on Saturday made an excellent series win against the West India when they defeated the visitors by two wickets with 36 balls to spare. The teams were locked two-all in the series and the Bangal Tigers got the final match to win the series. Earlier, three early wickets, followed by a substantial partnership, followed by a slump. That was the pattern of West Indies' innings in the afternoon and Bangladesh's chase under lights had a similar script. In pursuit of 218 to win the final match in Mirpur, and take the series 3-2, Bangladesh were rocked early by Kemar Roach. Their captain and deputy, Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmudullah, launched a counterattack against wayward bowling and their fourth-wicket stand of 91 in 12.4 overs put the innings on course. However, both batsmen were dismissed by Sunil Narine and the match was evenly balanced once again. For a while, it appeared as though Bangladesh would slump like they did last night, when they failed to chase 211. Tamim Iqbal was bowled playing across the line, Anamul Haque fended a rising delivery to point, and Jahurul Islam nicked one that burst off a length to the wicketkeeper. Roach took all three and Bangladesh were 30 for 3 in the ninth over. The shift in momentum was sudden, for the next 11 balls after Jahurul's dismissal yielded 29 runs. West Indies' bowling was poor: the lengths were too short and the lines were scattered outside off and down leg side, resulting in an ample supply of wides. Darren Sammy, who excelled with bat and ball in the fourth ODI, leaked 16 runs in the tenth over. He conceded six runs in wides, bowled a long-hop that Mahmudullah pulled for four and a half-volley that was driven to the cover boundary. The change bowlers also struggled with their lengths. Andre Russell pitched short and wide and was cut twice by Mushfiqur to the boundary. Sunil Narine bowled five tight balls in his first over before the sixth was loose and punished. And so it continued, Mushfiqur and Mah-

mccullum denies involvement in captaincy change



weSt INDIeS Koa powell st †Mushfiqur Rahim b Sohag Gazi 11 CH Gayle c Nasir Hossain b Shafiul Islam 2 1 MN Samuels run out (Mahmudullah) 51 DM Bravo c Mominul Haque b Mahmudullah Ka pollard b Mominul Haque 85 DJG Sammy* c Jahurul Islam b Mominul Haque 2 25 DC thomas† c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Shafiul Islam 0 aD Russell lbw b Mahmudullah V permaul run out (tamim Iqbal/Sohag Gazi) 10 Sp Narine not out 7 KaJ Roach lbw b Shafiul Islam 0 23 eXtRaS (lb 5, w 18) total 217 fall of wICKetS 1-16 (powell, 2.3 ov), 2-17 (Samuels, 5.2 ov), 3-17 (Gayle, 7.2 ov), 4-149 (pollard, 31.5 ov), 5-151 (Sammy, 33.1 ov), 6-188 (Bravo, 40.1 ov), 7-188 (Russell, 40.5 ov), 8-204 (permaul, 44.6 ov), 9217 (thomas, 47.4 ov), 10-217 (Roach, 47.6 ov) BowlING Sohag Gazi 10-2-32-1, Shafiul Islam 9-4-31-3, elias Sunny 8-0-58-0, abdur Razzak 9-1-39-0, Mahmudullah 10-1-38-2, Mominul Haque 2-014-2 BaNGlaDeSH tamim Iqbal b Roach 8 anamul Haque c pollard b Roach 0 Jahurul Islam c †thomas b Roach 10 44 Mushfiqur Rahim*† b Narine Mahmudullah b Narine 48 Nasir Hossain not out 39 Mominul Haque lbw b Narine 25 Sohag Gazi c †thomas b Roach 19 0 abdur Razzak lbw b Roach 1 elias Sunny not out eXtRaS (b 3, lb 4, w 18, nb 2) 27 total 221 DID Not Bat Shafiul Islam fall of wICKetS 1-8 (tamim Iqbal, 2.2 ov), 2-9 (anamul Haque, 2.6 ov), 3-30 (Jahurul Islam, 8.1 ov), 4-121 (Mahmudullah, 20.5 ov), 5-133 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 24.1 ov), 6-186 (Mominul Haque, 38.1 ov), 7-214 (Sohag Gazi, 42.4 ov), 8-215 (abdur Razzak, 42.5 ov) BowlING KaJ Roach 9-0-56-5, DJG Sammy 5-1-23-0, aD Russell 10-0-51-0, Sp Narine 10-1-38-3, V permaul 9-0-39-0, MN Samuels 1-0-7-0 Match details toss Bangladesh, who chose to field player of the match tba umpires enamul Haque and ReJ Martinesz (Sri lanka) tV umpire anisur Rahman Match referee aJ pycroft (Zimbabwe) Reserve umpire tanvir ahmed

Brendon McCullum, who took over as New Zealand captain under controversial circumstances after Ross Taylor refused an offer to remain as the leader of the Test team in a split-captaincy scenario, has said he is concerned for his predecessor as well as the team ahead of a tough tour of South Africa. Taylor has asked for a break and will not be travelling to South Africa. "I'm more concerned now with how the team is handling the situation and where we go from here - how we try and galvanise the unit, rather than my own individual accolade of picking up the captaincy," McCullum told reporters at a press conference in Lincoln. "I'm obviously worried for Ross and how he is dealing with things at the moment, and obviously how we try and ensure that we pull together this team inside a very short space of time for what is going to be an incredibly tough tour." McCullum said he had been in touch with Taylor, who said on Friday he felt he never had the support of New Zealand coach Mike Hesson. "I've spoken to him a couple of times - two days ago and then left a message with him again this morning - but he obviously needs a little bit of space at the moment as well, and I thought he did a really good job yesterday with the media of being able to deal with some tough circumstances," McCullum said.

mudullah cutting and pulling forcefully, and running hard between the wickets. Roach returned for his second spell in the 19th over and he too conceded two boundaries.



Lions, Wolves play for National T20 Cup LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Asif Ali single-handedly lifted Faisalabad Wolves to a 5 wickets win and made his team qualify for the final of the Faysal Bank National T20 Cup here at the gaddafi Stadium on Saturday night. With the winning stride, the Wolves will now face strong Lahore Lions team in the final on Sunday. Asif Ali won the game for Wolves by remaining unbeaten at 66. At one stage Multan Tigers bowlers were all over

Wolves batsmen but Asif came in and played his natural game and won the game for Wolves. The final will start 4:00 pm between Lahore Lions and Faisalabad Wolves at the gaddafi Stadium. Multan which chose to bat gathered 120 runs, thanks to Naved Yasin’s 46 and Sohaib Maqsood’s 25 while Amer Yamin added 10 runs. It were Asad Ali who took two wickets while Kamran Shehzad and Imran Khalid who shared one wicket each halted the Tigers progress. In the chase, Asif took things in his hands after Wolves were at 31 for three. He

held the innings knitted to keep the runs coming and got 18 runs support from Jahandad Khan while Imran Khalid contributed useful 10 in the Wolves’ win. Mohammad Irfan, Rahat Ali, Zulfiqar Babar and Rizwan Haider shared one wicket each. Wolves reached with an over to spare and five wickets in hand. SHEHzAD TON TAKES LAHORE TO fINAL: Ahmed Shehzad's second T20 ton fired Lahore Lions to the final of the Faysal Bank T20 Cup with a 51-run win against first-timers Bahawalpur Stags at the gaddafi

Stadium in Lahore. Shehzad started the match at a rapid pace with a flurry of boundaries and by the time he lost his opening partner, he had scored 39 off 20 balls in a 41run opening stand. He stayed dominant in a 96-run stand with Mohammad Hafeez and brought up his hundred off 54 balls. Once Shehzad was out, Hafeez lifted up the tempo, taking 24 runs off an Imranullah Aslam's over, and took the team past 200. Kamran Hussain picked up four wickets, three of them in the last over. Chasing a big target, Bahawalpur were dented by Abdul Razzaq's

double-strike in the first over, Hamid Ali and Kashif Siddiq, both falling off their first balls. At the halfway mark, Bahawalpur had lost four wickets and the required rate had shot up to 14.20. As the wickets continued to tumble, the lower order flayed and got some runs, but it was all too late and Bahawalpur were knocked out after making a promising debut in the tournament. Scores: Lahore Lions 211 for 5 (Shehzad 107, Hafeez 65, Hussain 4-23) beat Bahawalpur Stags 160 (Aslam 43, Riaz 3-23, Rasool 3-27) by 51 runs.

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

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17 Sports

Snedeker lead Franklin shootout NAPLES



.S. Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III and Brandt Snedeker shot a 10-under 62 on Friday in modified alternateshot play to take the first-round lead in the Franklin Templeton Shootout. Love and Snedeker made 10 birdies for the lowest score in the modified alternate-shot format in the 24-yearold tournament’s 12 years in Naples. They tied the third-lowest score overall. Kenny Perry and Sean O’Hair were two strokes back on the Ritz-Carlton golf Resort’s Tiburon golf Club. The teams of Bud Cauley and Rickie Fowler, Jason Dufner and Vijay Singh, and Charles Howell III and Rory Sabbatini were third at 6 under. Defending champions Keegan Bradley and Brendan Steele and 2010 winners Dustin Johnson and Ian Poulter, and Stewart Cink and Carl Pettersson followed at 5 under. The 12 teams will play best ball Saturday, then closed the greg Norman-hosted event with a scramble Sunday.

auStRalIaN opeN SYDNEY: Australia’s Marcus Fraser took a one-stroke lead in the Australia Open, shooting his second straight 3-under 69 at The Lakes. Fraser had a 6-under 138 total. Fellow Australians Brendan Jones and John Senden were tied for second. Jones had a 71, and Senden, the firstround leader, shot a 73. Englishman Justin Rose was in a group tied for fifth at 3 under after a 73, and Australian star Adam Scott was five stroke back after a 71. Tom

Watson, playing the event for the first time since winning in 1984, followed his opening 78 with a 68 to make the cut with a stroke to spare.

tHaIlaND Golf CHaMpIoNSHIp CHON BURI: Africa’s Charl Schwartzel shot his second straight 7-under 65 to increase his lead to four strokes in the Asian Tour’s Thailand golf Championship. Sweden’s Daniel Chopra was second after a 67, and Japan’s Masanori Kobayashi was another stroke back, also after a 67 at Amata Spring. Masters champion Bubba Watson was 6 under after a 70, and defending champion Lee Westwood was 5 under after a 69.

DuBaI laDIeS MaSteRS DUBAI: China’s Shanshan Feng shot a 5under 67 to take a five-stroke lead into the final round of the Ladies European Tour’s Dubai Ladies Masters. Feng, the LPgA Championship winner in June, birdied the final three holes at Emirates golf Club for a tournament-record 18-under 198 total. The Netherlands’ Dewi Claire Schreefel was second after a course-record 63. Lexi Thompson, the American who won the tournament last year at age 16, was 7 under after a 72. Michelle Wie was 3 under after a 70.

NelSoN MaNDela CHaMpIoNSHIp The start of the European Tour’s season-opening Nelson Mandela Championship was washed out for the second straight day after heavy rain left most of the course under water.

SYDNEY: Kyle Stanley of the United States plays a fairway shot during round three of the 2012 Australian Open at The Lakes Golf Club.

Malik's lawyers seek Indian court-order on Azharuddin’s verdict on his life-ban MUMBAI aGeNCIeS

SYDneY: adam Scott of australia hits a fairway shot during round three of the 2012 australian open at the lakes Golf club.

Dubai: lori kane of canada plays her second shot at the par 4, 14th hole during the third round of the 2012 omega Dubai ladies masters on the majilis course at the emirates Golf club.

"Can we have the copy of Indian Court's order, which has directed the BCCI to lift life-ban on Mohammad Azharuddin ? We tried to trace it, but in vain", Shan gul, and his father, Aftab gul, the advocates of former Pakistani skipper, Salim Malik have requested to this scribe. Their request has been forwarded to Ramakanth Reddy, the lawyer hired by India's former captain. "Our client (Salim Malik) applied for the batting coach of the national team on October 24, but has not been acknowledged. We filed the petition in Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday and in next 24hour, the court has directed the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to take a final call on his application within 30-days", the advocates, in exclusvie chats, said. Interestingly, Aftab gul was initially hired by Salman Butt, when the spot-fixing allegations were first surfaced against former captain. The lawyer by profession now, Aftab gul played for Pakistan in 1970s. He

was the first player to appear in first-class cricket while on bail for his political activities. "I have no problem if my appication is rejected, but the PCB should come forward with the answer", Salim Malik, later said from Lahore. "No, I don't think my writ-petition against the PCB will go against my desire, but even if goes, the court order will benefit me in future", Salim Malik added further. In 2000, Salim Malik became the first player to be banned - from all cricket - for match-fixing, when Justice Qayyum, the one-man commission, appointed by the PCB, found him guilty. "I didn't ban him but had only recommended", Qayyaum said from Pakistan. "Many years have passed since then and I see no problem if he is assigned the position (by the PCB)", he said, again exclusively. However, according to the PCB insiders, Malik is unlikely to be awarded any post in near future. "We have appointed the three-member committee to find our batting coach and status-quo will be maintained as far as Malik's application is concerned", the source said. "Perhaps, our Pakistan team will have no batting coach on India tour", he further added.

Lahore 12 points ahead of Karachi Team in Legends Classic Golf LAHORE Staff RepoRt

A 34 member golf team from Karachi is involved in an intense competition with a rather accomplished Lahore golf Team at the breathtaking par 72, Royal Palm golf Course and much against expectations, the Karachi golf champions, ended up the second round looking subdued, with the Lahore team ahead by 12 points, a lead that looks imposing, as the two rivals play their final 34 singles matches on Sunday. The total points at stake in this recurring Legends Classic golf Championship between Karachi and Lahore Teams, are 68 and the winning team has to accumulate a minimum of 34.5 points to lay claim to the glittering trophy. After two rounds, Lahore Team led by Haroon Arshed has gathered 23 points as against Karachi Team led by Imran Habib, with 11 points in their bag. The Karachi Team displayed good all round golf playing abilities, yesterday at the challenging Royal Palm golf Course but somehow failed to match the consistency of the Lahori accomplished ones

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

who managed to gain ascendancy in 12 of the 17 matches that were contested yesterday on four ball, best ball basis. In most of these contests Karachi Team's able ones did have their tails up for a part of each match but as the four ball heated up, their shotmaking lost its sting and the lads from Lahore taking full advantage of their rivals loss of focus showed enough excellence to cow them down into submission. The first ones to set the pattern was the pairing of Tariq Misbah and Taimur Shabbir of Lahore who beat Zahid Ibrahim and Ahsan Siqqiqi of Karachi. Tariq Misbah played an outstanding shot of the day when on hole number 8 he was stuck up behind some thick trees and he saw a scary two feet opening and using his nine iron to good purpose, he swung smoothly enough to make perfect use of the two feet opening and found the green, ending up two feet from the hole.A shot of excellence that is difficult to duplicate. Other winners for Lahore were the pairings of Col (r) Jameel Khalid and Ramzan Sheikh, Asad Amin and Faisal Iqbal, Shahid Abbas and Sharjeel Awan,

lahore: the lahore and karachi Golf teams at royal Palm Golf course. Azfar Hassan and Faisal Ali Malik, Omer Salamat and Humayun Mian, Haroon Arshed(Captain) and Usman Cheema, Farid Malik and Ahmed gulzar, Dr Dildar Chaudry and Haq Nawaz Tiwana, Tariq Mushtaq and Imran Miraj, Col Asf Medi and M.Leghari and Hashim Butt and Faisal Sayid.Faisal and Hashim combined very well for achieving victory with Faisal Sayid using his putter to good effect. For Karachi the successful pairings were Aly Rana and Danish Feroze, Taufiq Adam and Bilal Habib, Adnan Sohail and

Mikaeel Habib, Rashid Malik and Adnan Afridi and Asad Shiraz and Ali Naqi Taqi.Some very senior Karachi players who did not sparkle in their contests yesterday were Sohail Rana, Imran Habib Asad I.A.Khan and Adil Haji.Sohail Rana a former Captain of Karachi golf Club said, "You win some and you lose some but for me the important thing is that I have played at this fantastic golf course and made many friends".Asad looked determined to really sparkle in the final round on Sunday. The final singles on Sunday (Lahore

names first) will be Omer Salamat vs Aly Rana; Col (R) Asif Mehdi vs Danish Feroze; Aamir Mehmood vs Sohail Rana; Azfar Hassan vs Mansoor Teli; Asad Amin vs Omer Faroque; Faisal Ali Malik vs Asif Ahmed; Col (r) Jameel Khalid vs Mujtaba Bilal; Aamer Bhatti vs Ayaz Peer; Shahid Abbas vs Asad I.A.Khan; Sharjeel Awan vs Navaid Ali; Mohammed Leghari vs Adil Haji; Faisal Sayid vs Muhammed Iqbal; Taimoor Shabbir vs Yasir Zaidi; Tariq Misbah vs Muneer Feroze; Hashim Butt vs Altaf Hashwani; Humayun Mian vs Sibtain Haji; Usman Cheema vs Zahid Ibrahim; Haroon Arshed (Captain) vs Nadir Leghari; Ramzan Sheikh vs Ahsan Siddiqui; Dr Dildar Chaudry vs Khalid Siddiqui; Faisal Naqvi vs Arshad I.A.Khan; Haq Nawaz Tiwana vs Mikaeel Habib; Tariq Mushtaq vs Abid Sayeed; Agha Asad vs Adnan Sohail; Faisal Iqbal vs Ejaz Khan; Farid Malik vs Asad Shiraz; Imran Miraj vs Ahmed Siddiqi; Ahmed gulzar vs Rashid Malik; Haris Naseer vs Bilal Habib; Rizwan Shafi vs Adnan Afridi; Abdul Basit vs Taufiq Adam; Ahmed Rafi vs Bilal Muneer; Ali Irfan vs Azhar Nabi; Syed Umair Ali Naqi Taqi.

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Sports 18 Federer hopes to play 2016 games in Rio NEWSDESK


WITZERLAND'S Roger Federer celebrates breaking Serbia's Janko Tipsarevic's serve during their men's singles tennis match at the ATP World Tour Finals in the O2 Arena in The 31-year-old Swiss star intends to be more mindful about the tournaments he plays to make sure he can keep playing at a high level. ''I have to make sure that I take care of my schedule, of my body, of my mind,'' he said Thursday. ''Hopefully, I can still stay on tour for many more years and hopefully play the Olympics here in three and a half years or so, so I have to look far ahead and not just the next six months.'' The winner of 17 grand Slams is in Sao Paulo for exhibition matches involving Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka, Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Tommy Robredo, Tommy Haas and Thomaz Bellucci. The Bryan brothers, Bob and Mike, are also participating. Federer plays Bellucci, Brazil's top-ranked player, on Thursday. Federer has competed in four Olympics, winning a doubles gold in 2008 and a singles silver this year. He would love to make it to the Rio games. ''There is a lot of passion for sports here,'' he

Schumacher should not have returned: bernie

Lleyton Hewitt plays mentor after Bernard Tomic fallout NEWSDESK

NEWSDESK F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says Michael Schumacher should never have returned to Formula 1 after retiring in 2006. Schumacher won seven world titles in his first career, but returned in 2010 with Mercedes and managed just one podium finish in three years. “We will miss Michael, because even though he wasn't winning races in those three years, he is still very popular.” "People new to the sport - people who have joined the F1 fan fraternity just recently - will remember Michael now, not as he was," said Ecclestone. "They don't see the hero that he was but the human that can fail." Ecclestone added: "I would rather he had stopped as a seven-time world champion, rather than stopping now." Schumacher first retired from the sport in 2006 after losing an intense, season-long battle with Fernando Alonso for the title. The german returned in 2010, aged 41, linking up with Ross Brawn - who he worked with at Benetton and Ferrari - at the new Mercedes team.

SCHuMaCHeR'S CaReeR 1969: born 3 January 1991: f1 debut in belgium for Jordan 1992: third in championship for benetton 1994: first title for benetton 1995: Second title for benetton 1996: Joins ferrari 2000: first title for ferrari 2001-04: wins four more titles in a row 2006: last race win in china. retires at end of season 2010: returns to f1 with mercedes 2012: retires for the second time at the end of season However, he finished behind team-mate Nico Rosberg in the drivers' championship in each of the three seasons with the german team. Despite Schumacher's disappointing comeback, Ecclestone said his departure will be a loss to the sport. "He enjoyed racing and was there helping to do good things for Formula 1," said Ecclestone when speaking to the sport's official website

said. ''It's a hot place to play tennis right now.'' Federer, who ended the season ranked No. 2, said this year was difficult because of additional commitments that kept him from practice and his family. ''I've played a lot of tennis. It's been a big challenge, especially with the Olympics and the Davis Cup this year,'' he said. ''I found my way back to world No. 1 and it took a lot of sacrifices. I'd like to be home a little bit more often and in a relaxed fashion.'' Still, he said it was a rewarding season. ''I'm very happy that I'm still playing at a very high level,'' said Federer, who won six titles this year, including Wimbledon. ''I had one of my best years on tour this year, and one of the most emotional ones, of course. Next year tournament victories will probably be more important than the rankings, that's why I need to make sure I practice a lot next year.'' Federer played 19 tournaments in 2012, two more than topranked Novak Djokovic. No. 3 Andy Murray also played 19 and Rafael Nadal, nursing a knee injury, played only 11. ''I'm not going to play 25 tournaments, but every tournament that I will be playing I'll be emotionally attached to it because I either won there before or because I've been there many times or because I love the city or the country and the fans,'' he said. ''Today I've reached a point in my life that I can pick and choose where I want to play and how much I want to play.''

Lleyton Hewitt has revealed he is helping Bernard Tomic after the wayward prodigy was dumped from Australia's Davis Cup team. Hewitt claims Tomic has the potential to cement a top-10 ranking despite the 20-year-old's surprise Davis Cup axing last week. Disappointed with Tomic's attitude, Davis Cup captain Pat Rafter dumped him for the February tie against Chinese Taipei in Taiwan. Hewitt said he agreed with Rafter's decision, believing Tomic needs to learn the hard way. He then revealed he has become part of the troubled star's support network.

watch it Live PTV SPORTS Pakistan vs India 7:30AM Australia vs Holland 10:00AM

murray swears off cursing LONDON aGeNCIeS

US Open champion Andy Murray is cleaning up his act after promising to stop swearing while on court. The Scot has been warned about his language during matches in the past, but he believes non-Anglophone players get away with worse outbursts because umpires cannot understand what they are saying. "Obviously, me saying ... or whatever is bad and wrong, and it's something I want to try to stop doing," Murray said, according to Scottish newspaper the Daily Record. "But it isn't as bad as some of the stuff the foreign players come out with. I wouldn't want to name any names, but some of what they say is ghastly.

winter bridge at lahore Gymkhana LAHORE Staff RepoRt

The December Monthly Lahore Bridge Tournament will be conducted at the gymkhana Card Room and the event will commence at 11pm on Sunday, 9th December. All leading teams of Lahore like Sherdills, New Challengers, Silver Star, Yummy, Brighter alongwith a few others will participate in the event to give the occasion a star value. Prominent bridge players like Shauq Hussain, Ihsan Qadir, Izzat Khalil, Fayyaz Malik, Zia, Ijaz and Raza Kamal will be seen in action.

Newcomers of the year Comment SABA AzIz As the professional tennis players take a breather from competitive play and gear up for a new season, let us reflect on some of the major highlights of the year that has passed. This week and the weeks that follow, I will be taking a look at the top 5 nominees for different categories, as a way to recall the best and the worst of 2012. Let’s start with those players, who broke out to make a lasting impact on the tour this year, either through a phenomenal one-off performance, a drastic jump in the ranks or an overall consistent season. Either way, they were able to announce their arrival on tour and raised plenty eyebrows in the process.

Open. These results propelled him into the elite top 100 for the first time in his career. Klizan finally made it to the big league with an impressive run at the US Open. Upsetting fifth seed Tsonga in the second round, he made it all the way to the round of 16, before losing to Cilic. Continuing his good form, Klizan captured his first ATP title on the indoor hard courts of St.Petersburg in September. He ended the year in the top 30.



The 23 year old Slovak, having previously spent most of his time on the Challenger circuit, started the year at 117 in the world. In the space of just 2 months between March and May, Klizan made it to four Challenger Tour finals, winning three. It was a year of many firsts for the lanky lefty, as he made it to the second round of a grand Slam for the first time in his career at the French


One tournament does not a season make, unless you are Jerzy Janowicz, of course. The towering Pole enjoyed the week of his life at the Paris Masters in November. On his way to the final, Janowicz had some notable scalps like Cilic, Tipsarevic and Simon, with the big one being world number 3 Andy Murray. In one of the biggest upsets of the year, the Lodz native played tennis that defied his ranking of 69. He was the first qualifier to reach an ATP World Tour Masters 1000 final since guillermo Canas in 2007. His dream run, however, was halted by Ferrer in the final. Janowicz also reached the third round at Wimbledon this year, but his remarkable performance in the French capital, is really what got people talking. The powerful Pole, who began the year at 221, will now be seeded for the Australian Open.

This diminutive Belgian is considered one of tennis’ brightest prospects. With only two ATP match victories, prior to 2012, goffin broke through with a run to the fourth round at Roland garros. In an entertaining encounter, the 21 year old gave Federer a run for his money in front of a raucous Parisian crowd. He took the first set before succumbing to the 17-time grand Slam champion in four sets. What goffin lacks in size and power, he makes up for in shot-making and tennis smarts. He had a number of consistent results at the ATP level and wins over higher ranked players this year. The baby-faced, blueeyed Belgian saw his ranking go up from 174 to 46 in the world. He is definitely one to look out for in the future.

lauRa RoBSoN

Robson first showed her promise when she won the girls’ junior title at Wimbledon at the age of 14. She, along with Andy Murray, gave the British fans plenty to cheer about this summer when they won the silver medal in mixed doubles at the London Olympics. The British teenager then went on to reach the fourth round at the US Open, her best result at a grand Slam. On her way, she had wins over Li Na and Kim Clijsters, both very accomplished players. In guangzhou, Robson became the first British woman since Jo Durie, in 1990, to reach a WTA main-tour final. Her results this year have earned her a career high ranking of 52.

HeatHeR watSoN

It has been a breakthrough year for British tennis players. The British number one, who resides at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida, enjoyed a successful 12 months. She cracked the top 50 for the first time in her career after winning her maiden tour title in Japan, becoming the first British female to win a WTA singles title since Sara gomer in 1988. With a playing style often compared to that of Martina Hingis’s, Watson is known for her amazing footwork and great on-court intelligence.

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

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Sunday, 9 December, 2012

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