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Allama Muhammad Iqbal Anniversary Special

KP governor wants action against Punjabi Taliban PAGE |05

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Friday, 9 november, 2012 dhu al-Haj 23, 1433

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Taliban bomb Rangers in Karachi, three killed g

26 people injured as suicide bomber rams truck into a compound inside Rangers Headquarters

Illegal order not worthy of being obeyed: SC Apex court issues detailed verdict in Asghar Khan case g President cannot issue illegal orders to armed forces g


imrAn gillAni

KARACHI taRiq Habib


HREE Pakistan Rangers personnel were killed and 26 other people were injured when a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-packed pickup truck into a compound inside Sachal Rangers’ headquarters in Karachi’s in North Nazimabad area on Thursday. The injured included several Rangers’ personnel and civilians. The Taliban claimed responsibility of the attack. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said they had more targets on their list and whoever would raise voice against them

would be targeted. He said the Pakistani Taliban had their network across the country and would operate from wherever they wanted to. According to details, Karachi was rocked by the massive terror strike early in the morning when the suicide bomber rammed his pickup truck into a residential compound inside the Rangers headquarters in Block B of North Nazimabad. The bomber managed to enter gate number 2 of the headquarters, first ramming into a tree and then the building merely 30 metres away. The powerful explosion destroyed 28 vehicles and partially damaged the structure of two barracks. Various parts of the building also caught fire, but was put out swiftly.

After the incident, police and Rangers personnel cordoned off the area and began investigations. Rescue teams also rushed to the spot and moved the injured and the dead bodies to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Rangers’ spokesman Jawaid Iqbal Baloch said a vehicle loaded with explosives hit the residential area of the headquarters, killing three personnel and injuring 21 others. He said the deceased were identified as Lance Naik Khalid Mahmood, sepoy Abdul Razzak and sepoy Imran Wali. Sindh IG Fayyaz Laghari said initial investigation revealed that the incident was a suicide blast and more than 100kgs of explosives had been used for staging the attack. Continued on page 02

The Supreme Court on Thursday issued the detailed verdict in the Asghar Khan case, saying any illegal order was not worthy of being obeyed. Although the president being the supreme commander of the armed forces could issue directions to the armed forces or civilians to make efforts for achieving desired results, any such illegal order transmitted was not worthy of being obeyed. The 141-page verdict is written by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Registrar Supreme Court Dr Faqeer Hussain read out the detailed verdict of the case in a press conference. The verdict said the SC had stated that the elections of 1990 were rigged and then president Ghulam Ishaq Khan, former army chief Gen (r) Aslam Beg and then ISI director general Asad Durrani exercised their powers illegally. It said the president was the head of state and it did not suit him to support any group, and creating a political cell in the Presidency was illegal. “Learned attorney general stated that no state functionary, be he president who is the supreme commander of the armed forces of Pakistan, or the prime minister, who is the chief executive of the country, or the federal ministers, or anyone else is empowered to give illegal orders. Nobody can violate the constitution, nobody can rig the elections. Such a duty is not upon anybody in Pakistan, therefore, the president of Pakistan cannot be isolated in this respect, inasmuch as oath of his office is no different to the other oaths prescribed in the constitution,” it added.

The verdict stated that Younis Habib had confessed to distributing Rs 40 million. “The secret agencies have no right to make an election cell and the ISI and MI are duty bound to safeguard the borders,” it added. The verdict said the elections should be held on time without any fear. The SC also ordered in the detailed verdict that notices be served to the attorney general, IB DG IB, publishers, printers and reporters of the English daily newspaper on the story complaining that an amount of Rs 270 million were doled out of IB accounts for the purpose of toppling the government of Punjab in 2008-09. The SC ordered that the news item may be registered as CMA and after delinking the same from instant case, be fixed in court, with notice to the publishers, printers and reporters of the said newspapers as well as the IB DG and the attorney general for a date after two weeks. The affidavit submitted by Lt Gen (r) Asad Durrani is also made part of the verdict in which names of the recipient of money are given. Continued on page 02

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Zardari urges strengthening of state institutions


iNFotaiNmeNt 7 best-case scenarios for the future of humanity

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Taliban bomb Rangers in Karachi, three killed Continued FRom page 01

Rangers also arrested a suspicious man from the spot and shifted him to an unknown place. On the other hand, Karachi Police traced the details of the pickup truck used in the attack and was interrogating its owners, Jamal and Ibrahim. No arrest has been made so far, CID said. The Bomb Disposal Squad said 150kgs of locally made explosives were used in the incident, adding that two improvised explosive devices were used to stage the attack. One of the devices was in the custody of suicide bomber (driver) while second was fixed in the truck with explosives. The officials said the first blast was caused by the suicide bomber’s jacket, which then triggered the explosives in the truck. The powerful blast also damaged nearby buildings, including those of Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), PTCL and a hospital. A Rangers official, Muhammad Farooq, said he was preparing for work when he looked out the window and saw a vehicle charging through the main gate towards the building. ”Then there was a really big bang and I lost my balance and I saw a lot of smoke. I lost consciousness,” he said. Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan and Interior Minister Rehman Malik condemned the attack and sought a report from the IG at the earliest.

Love knows no boundaries! SRINAGAR nni

Daring powers that be, a 22-year-old girl from Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) fled in pursuit of her Facebook love residing across the Line of Control (LoC) in Azad Kashmir only to be arrested by the Indian troops. Overwhelmed with her cyber relationship, Iram Fatima of Golat, Mendhar, was not deterred by the two militaries guarding the sensitive LoC dividing the Himalayan state. She wanted to meet Mukhtar Ahmad, the love of her life from Azad Kashmir, whom she had met on Facebook. According to reports, the girl was arrested by the Indian soldiers near the border village of Phagwari in the Balakote sector of Poonch, close to the LoC. She had left home with Rs 11,500 and a mobile phone, and travelled to the village in a taxi, while making the rest of the journey on foot, official sources said. However, she was arrested by Indian troops who saw her walking along the LoC. “The girl was handed over to the police, and then back to her family after sustained questioning,” officials added.

peSHaWaR: an afghan refugee family load their belongings on a truck as they prepare to return to afghanistan on thursday. inP

India losing battle of hearts and minds in Kashmir: Imran NEW DELHI online


AKISTAN Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that Indian troops are losing battle of hearts and minds in Kashmir. In an interview with a Delhibased newspaper, Imran said, “India is using troops in Kashmir. They are losing the battle of hearts and minds. It’s like treating cancer with aspirin.” He said that there could be no military solution of Kashmir. “It can be resolved. I will work on a roadmap by making people from India, Pak-

istan and Kashmir look for a solution by sitting on a table,” Imran said. He called for a strong leadership in India and Pakistan to take on vested interests “who want to make money on the conflict”. He said young people were tired of the continuing hostility between the two countries.” The PTI chief also addressed a World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in New Delhi. Speaking on the occasion, he said while the improvement in bilateral trade was welcome, there should also be progress on the issue of Kashmir on a parallel lines. “Trade connections along with cricket matches will help. At the same time,

we should develop some sort of a roadmap to resolve the Kashmir issue which is vital. Because unless we operate on both plains, there is always a possibility, as it happened in the past; relationships were improving, confidence building measures, cricket matches, people-to-people contacts, and then came Mumbai,” he said. Stressing the need for a new relationship, Imran said the problems should not be solved through militancy and military, but through politics. “It should be two-pronged. One to normalise, open up relationships with trade on one side and then start a dialogue on Kashmir.”

Illegal order not worthy of being obeyed: SC Continued FRom page 01

According to the affidavit Rs 10 million were given to Mir Afzal from NWFP, Rs 3.5 million to Nawaz Sharif, Rs 5.6 million to Lt Gen (r) Rafaqat for the media, Rs 5 million to Jamaat-e-Islami, Rs 1 million to Abida Hussain, Rs 0.5 million to Altaf Hussain Qureshi, Mustafa Sadiq and Rs 3.339 million to smaller groups in Punjab province, Rs 5 million to Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, Rs 2.5 to Muhammad Khan Junejo, Rs 2 million to Pir Pagara, Rs 0.3

Friday, 9 November, 2012

million to Maulana Salahuddin and Rs 5.4 million to small groups in Sindh province, Rs 1.5 million to Humayun Marri, Rs 4 million to Jamali, Rs 1 million to Kakar, Rs 0.5 million to K Baloch, Rs 0.75 million to Jam Yousaf, Rs 0.50 to Bazinjo and Rs 1 million to Nadeem Mengal in Balochistan. The three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and comprising Justice Jawad S Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, had

announced a short order on Air Marshal (r) Asghar Khan’s petition filed in 1996 accusing the ISI of distributing Rs 60 million among politicians to manipulate the general elections of 1990. Ruling that the 1990 polls were rigged, the SC on October 19 directed the government to take action against former army chief Gen (r) Mirza Aslam Baig and former chief of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt Gen (r) Asad Durrani for violating the constitution by manipulating the 1990 general election.

The court ruled that both Durrani and Beg brought a bad name to Pakistan and its armed forces as well as secret agencies in the eyes of the nation. The court also ordered the initiation of legal proceedings against the politicians who allegedly received donations to spend on election campaigns in 1990 and directed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to conduct a transparent investigation. The court ordered that any election cell or political cell in the Presidency

or ISI or MI or within their formations be abolished immediately. It ruled that late Ghulam Ishaq Khan, then president, Gen (r) Beg and Lt Gen (r) Durrani acted in violation of the constitution by facilitating a group of politicians and political parties to ensure their success against the candidates in the general elections of 1990 for which they secured funds from Younas Habib, former chief executive of now defunct Mehran Bank.

Operation in NWA Pakistan’s internal matter: US envoy ISLAMABAD agencieS

United States Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson said on Thursday that the decision to conduct an operation in the North Waziristan Agency (NWA) was Pakistan’s internal matter. Speaking at a private TV programme, Olson said the US would act if it receives actionable evidence against Pakistani Taliban leader Fazlullah allegedly based in Afghanistan. “We share the concern of the government of Pakistan. The country has made more sacrifices in the war against extremism than any other country,” Olson said. When asked if the US was providing secret money to the Pakistani media, Olson replied: “We don’t provide money to the Pakistani media. We have on occasion paid for public service announcements in a transparent manner.”

Policeman among three shot dead KARACHI Staff RepoRt

A policeman was killed on Thursday when a police mobile was fired upon in Sohrab Goath area Officials said unknown bike riders intercepted a police vehicle and fired shots on it, killing a police constable. The attackers managed to flee from the scene. Meanwhile, violence continued in the city with two more people killed in a firing incident which took place in Karachi’s restive locality, Orangi Town.

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prince Harry to meet ex-flame chelsy Davy

Sbp eyes outward fDi, wants it to be economy’s focus

We are not scared of Sena: Zaka

editoRial the blame game Digressing from the real problem

commeNt obama’s second term

Pakistan and US must reassess their partnership

Don’t come back to india An Indian politician writes to his son

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Text of letter to Swiss authorities in synch with SC’s order ISLAMABAD online


AW Minister Farooq Naik has said the letter written to Swiss authorities has been changed but its text has been kept in consonance with the Supreme Court’s (SC) approval. “Some changes have been made in the letter but its text is in line with what the apex court has approved,” he told a private TV channel on Thursday.

He said the confirmation receipt of the letter written to the Swiss authorities would be received before the next hearing on November 14. He said the letter had reached Pakistan’s ambassador in Switzerland through the Foreign Office on November 3. “The ambassador will hand over this letter in person or through his representative to the attorney general of Geneva,” he told the channel. He said a copy of the SC’s verdict had not been attached with the letter but

a copy of paragraph No 178 had been enclosed with it. He said another letter had also been sent to Pakistan’s ambassador in Switzerland, asking him to ensure the delivery of the letter to the Swiss attorney general. Naik said he was hoping that a confirmation receipt of the letter would be received ahead of the next hearing. Regarding the caretaker government, he said no decision had been taken in that regard so far.

Pakistan to continue work with Obama admin: FO ISLAMABAD online

Foreign Office spokesman Muazzam Ahmad Khan on Thursday affirmed that Pakistan would continue working with President Barack Obama’s administration to achieve common interests in the region. In a weekly press briefing, the spokesman said Pakistan and the US shared good relations and with President Obama reelected, Pakistan would continue working with his team. “Both countries are trying their level best to achieve common interest in

the region,” he added. Khan said it was a fact that both countries had experienced nominal ups and downs in their relations. To a question, he said Pakistan and US considered that drone attacks were the major cause in smooth relations between both countries and in this connection, bilateral talks were underway to reach a logical end. Talking about attacks on Pakistan by Maulvi Fazlullah from Afghanistan, the spokesman said detailed dossiers of evidences regarding Fazlullah had been dispatched to the Afghan government and US-led allied forces.

He added that Pakistan had also received a reply in this regard and was in contact with the parties concerned. To a question, he said invitation had been sent to the Indian prime minister and whenever he wanted to come, he would be welcomed. Khan said Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi and the prime minister of Turkey had confirmed their participation to attend the under-developing countries’ conference in Islamabad, while other countries of D-8 gad also assured their participation in the upcoming D8 conference.

Fake court orders being used to free high-value prisoners

no SMoKe WitHoUt fiRe: a factory which had caught fire in the area of nazimabad, seen in smoke. OnlinE

After Sandy, new storm hits New York, New Jersey WASHINGTON online


The Balochistan government has unearthed a conspiracy to free several high-value prisoners from provincial jails on the basis of fake court orders. So far, 11 such prisoners have been released from the Central Prison in Khuzdar. Four of these prisoners belonged to North Waziristan and seven were from Balochistan. A private TV channel reported that a three-member committee, headed by the additional home secretary, is probing into

the entire matter. After initial investigations, the government has suspended the superintendent and assistant superintendent of Khuzdar Jail. The authorities have also arrested one person who was carrying fake release orders for some prisoners. Elsewhere in Kalat, an explosion killed one person and damaged three houses on Thursday. Police said the explosives were stored in a house located in the Sourab area. The building caved in after the blast. A man present in the house was killed, while two neighbouring houses were partially damaged. The police registered a case and started investigations.

Adding to the woes of thousands of people still reeling from superstorm Sandy’s blow, another significant storm hit already-ravaged New York and New Jersey states bringing in high winds, storm surge and snow in some areas. The storm, termed as the Nor’easter, brought down tree limbs and electrical wires, and utilities in New York and New Jersey reported that nearly 60,000 customers who lost power because of Sandy lost it all over again as a result of the Nor’easter. New York had taken significant precautions ahead of the new storm, including halting construction, closing city parks, encouraging drivers to stay off the road after 5pm and urging people without heat to take shelter to stay warm. As a precautionary measure, airlines had also cancelled 770 flights into and out of the New York area.

Triumphant Obama heads into Washington battle WASHINGTON app/afp

US President Barack Obama returned to the White House on Wednesday emboldened by his stunning re-election and challenging his Republican opponents to work with him to avert a looming fiscal crisis. The liberal euphoria that greeted Obama’s landmark election defeat of Mitt Romney was short-lived as he immediately set about the daunting task of ending the partisan gridlock of a bitterly divided US Congress. Before leaving Chicago, Obama was already on the phone trying to

bridge the gap with Republican leaders to avoid a catastrophic “fiscal cliff” that could plunge the fragile American economy back into recession. A combination of dramatic spending cuts and tax increases will take effect on January 1 without a deal on reducing the ballooning budget deficit, with Democrats and Republicans in Congress locked in a whoblinks-first stand-off. Obama called congressional leaders, sending out an overt message that his priority was to try to break the deadlock in the lame-duck session of Congress that precedes his January 21 inauguration ceremony. He spoke to Republican House Speaker John Boehner and also telephoned the minority Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, as well as top Democrats. “The president reiterated his commitment to finding bipartisan solutions to reduce our deficit in a balanced way, cut taxes for middle class families and small businesses and create jobs,” a White House official said. Obama believes that by returning him to the Oval Office, American voters signalled to Washington that both parties must set aside partisan interests and put the economy first, the official said.

Friday, 9 November, 2012

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News 05 RPPs case: SC criticises NAB over inaction n

Directs bureau to file statement about leaving of Karkay power plant ship ISLAMABAD Staff RepoRt

qUetta: Members of the pakistan Medical association balochistan chapter stage a protest rally on thursday against the abduction of a senior doctor. OnlinE

CJP satisfied over ECP’s response in bogus voter lists case ISLAMABAD

Zardari urges strengthening of state institutions


Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Thursday expressed satisfaction over a report submitted by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in the bogus voter lists case and directed the authorities concerned that voters should be approached for their consent over the location of their choice where their votes could be sent. He was heading a three-member bench hearing a petition moved by Jamaat-e-Islami chief Munawwar Hasan, clubbed with petitions by Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf chief Imran Khan and Pakistan Peoples’ Party’s late chairwoman Benazir Bhutto regarding the preparation of fresh electoral lists. During the hearing, Benazir’s counsel Khurram Khosa said Benazir’s petition also objected to the transfer of the votes from one address to the other. ECP Director General (legal) Sher Afghan submitted a rejoinder to the court that stated that the votes of 5700,000 voters had been delivered to constituencies with their permanent addresses. The report said the votes of those who the ECP officials could not see during house-to-house visits, were sent to their permanent addresses. However, he added that 2,584,000 more voters had been registered. The chief justice said the ECP’s report was apparently satisfactory. However, he said the voters should be solicited for their consent for the transfer of their votes. Saying the commission submitted a comprehensive rejoinder, the CJP urged the voters to contact the ECP to get their votes transferred to their current addresses. “The political parties can also approach the ECP to assist their voters,” he added.



Ali Asif RESIDENT Zardari has emphasised the need to strengthen the institutions to confront the challenges facing the country at the moment. Addressing the participants of 97th National Management Course of National School of Public Policy

KP governor wants action against Punjabi Taliban PESHAWAR online

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Barrister Masood Kausar claimed on Thursday that there were some groups in Punjab who were backing terrorists. Talking to media in the provincial capital, the governor said the Punjab government had neither denied its contacts with the extremists nor did it disclaimed the reports regarding its adjustment, adding the provincial government should take action against the terrorists wherever they are. He said that the statements by Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Chief Justice of Pakistan

(CJP) Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry were not a sign of confrontation between the judiciary and the military. He said the role of Pakistan Army was very significant for democracy in the country.

on Thursday, the president said efficient and dedicated civil servants could play a decisive role in finding solutions to the problems and steering the country towards socio-economic progress and prosperity. He said civil servants were the backbone of the administrative machinery of the country and had a unique role in policy formulation and ensuring its effective implementation. Zardari said it was the duty of

every civil servant to meet the challenges of the administration regardless of any consideration of which political party was in power. He expressed hope that input by bureaucrats would greatly help the government in formulation of appropriate policies to overcoming the prevailing challenges. The president said good governance was critical in enabling the people reap the dividends of democracy.

While hearing the rental power projects case on Thursday, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry severely criticised the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for failing to take action against the people involved in the scam, saying the national exchequer was plundered through corruption in the project. The CJ was leading a three-judge bench that is hearing the case. He said despite the court’s directives, NAB had failed to initiate proceedings against those involved in the corruption. During the hearing, petitioner Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat told the bench that NAB had failed to implement the court’s order in its entirety. He further said NAB had also allowed the Karkay plant, a 232MW Turkish ship-mounted power plant, to sail out of Pakistan. Hayat said the Karkay plant, which was anchored at Port Qasim, had been allowed to leave without repaying Rs 22 billion and requested the bench to probe into the matter. The counsel for NAB told the bench that the concerned Turkish firm would have to return $17.20 million and NAB was active in this regard. Justice Gulzar remarked that NAB was quoting one figure, while Hayat was quoting another. The judge inquired why the difference between the two figures was so stark. Moreover, the chief justice asked why the bureau was “afraid of initiating proceedings against the responsible parties” when the court had already directed it to do so. Chief Justice Chaudhry said NAB’s role pertaining to action against the involved parties was negligible, adding that if NAB could not take action, the matter could be handed over to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). He said if the concerned firms failed to make the requisite payments, the payments would have to be made by the bureau. Subsequently, the bench directed NAB to submit a statement under oath pertaining to leaving of the Karkay ship. The bench further ordered NAB to proceed against the parties involved in the “scandal” and adjourned the hearing until November 12.

Taliban don’t exist in Karachi, criminals do: Sherpao PESHAWAR inp

Former interior minister and chief of his own faction of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao said on Thursday that the Awami National Party (ANP) and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) were demanding a military operation in Karachi on the “false pretext” of Taliban’s presence in the city. Speaking at a press conference, the former interior minister rejected that there were any Taliban in Karachi, adding

that the actual problem was that of law and order. He said that “certain individuals and groups” were claiming to be Taliban in order to extort money. He added that the ANP and the MQM were using the Taliban’s name to play politics. Sherpao demanded the government to carry out a transparent census in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), while calling for immediate steps to resettle 800,000 internallydisplaced people

(IDPs) who have been suffering since the military operations in tribal areas. Talking about the

re-election of US President Barack Obama, the former minister said that Obama’s new term would not bring any significant change for peace and security in the region.

Friday, 9 November, 2012

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Friday, 9 November, 2012

MM Alam rebuilding project to take off LAHORE


WaleeD MalHi

M Alam road, named after the famous Pakistan Air Force pilot who brought down five Indian jets, is finally going to be rebuilt, Pakistan Today has learnt. According to sources, a budget of Rs 44 crore is being finalised and the construction work will start soon. Reconstruction on this road has been in the works for many months. This road is among the busiest roads in the city, and is known for its cafes, restaurants, fashion houses and major stores. Built it in 1980, the road has seen little construction work, with only a few patches touched up at various points in the past. “We have been very concerned about the state of this road,” said one man. “Whenever we come to Lahore, we are shocked by the terrible condition the road is in,” he said. One café owner said that the people have always been concerned since there are always plans announced to rebuild the road, but no progress is seen. Ahmad Naeem, a visitor to Lahore, said that if a workable plan was put into effect, MM Alam has the potential of becoming one of the most famous places in the city. He complained about the lack of proper parking and the traffic congestion. According to reports, a proper parking system and a dual-lane road with street lights is also a part of the proposal to rebuild the historic road.

WB happy with Punjab’s development LAHORE Staff RepoRt

World Bank Country Director Rachid Ben Messauod on Thursday called on Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in Islamabad and discussed ongoing economic and development activities in Punjab. The chief minister informed the country director about the steps taken by the government for development projects of education, health, energy, besides promotion of economic and investment in the province. The chief minister said that Punjab government is implementing a comprehensive programme of development, the basic objective of which is to bring improvement in the lives of the people. He said that World Bank is sponsoring Punjab government in many projects and the role of World Bank regarding rehabilitation of flood-hit people, increase in facilities in education and health was commendable. Director Rachid Ben Messauod said that even in the critical conditions, the pace of development work under the leadership of Shahbaz was encouraging. He said that World Bank will continue cooperation with Punjab government in future.

metro Bus Project cheaper than expected rs 27 billion: Shahbaz LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday said that Metro Bus Service aimed at providing better facilities of transportation to the masses of the province has a cost below Rs 27 billion, the estimated cost of the project. Talking to reporters in the Punjab Assembly Press Gallery, Shahbaz said some mafias

who, through bogus and ghost development projects, earn billions of black money were perturbed due to the transparent nature Metro Bus Service project. Shahbaz said the amount saved from the mega project would be spent on intra-city train service which would further facilitate the commuters. He further said that after the completion of Metro Bus Project, the critics would realise their faults and understand importance of the project.

He said a visit to Metro Bus Project for journalists would be organised soon where they would be briefed about the project and they would observe the mega project. The chief minister also assured the journalists to resolve problems faced by them on priority basis. He said a committee headed by Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has been constituted to resolve their problems.

Imran Khan to address main Iqbal Day event at Aiwan-e-Iqbal LAHORE Staff RepoRt

The nation will commemorate Iqbal Day on November 9 with zeal and fervour to pay tribute to the visionary poet-philosopher Dr Allama Mohammed Iqbal on his 135th birth anniversary. The day will dawn with special prayers for the solidarity and prosperity of the country and well-being of the Muslims. In Lahore, seminars and symposia will be held by different organisations as well as education institutes on the life and philosophy of Allama Iqbal who conceived the idea of separate homeland for the Muslims of Sub-continent. The main event of the day will be held at Aiwan-e-Iqbal where Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan will be chief guest. Others who will speak on the occasion include Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, Orya Maqbool Jan, Sajid Mir, Waleed Iqbal and Yasir Peerzada. The event will be held at 2:30pm and will be hosted by Mian Afzal Hayat and Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami.

Security tightened in Punjab after Karachi blast

WORLD’S LARGEST SEQUIN MOSAIC: A group of artists have claimed the record of the largest mosaic made by sequins in Lahore. The image here has been made by 350,000 disc-shaped sequins and shows the face of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. This mosaic was made in 73 days by Qamar Siddique, Amin Saleem and Waseem Anwar. murTAzA Ali

LHC disposes of YDA’s case LAHORE, Staff Re po Rt

LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Punjab Inspector (IG) General Haji Habibur Rehman on Thursday issued directives to tighten the security of the province following the suicide attack in Karachi, killing three Rangers personnel and injuring 21 others. Meanwhile, orders have also been issued to improve the security plan for sensitive areas of the province during the month of Muharram. According to PunjabIG, 19 districts have been declared sensitive. He has also asked to get surety bonds from residents of those areas through which the procession will be taken out during Muharram.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday disposed of petition against young doctors’ strike and other related cases. The court also disposed of petition seeking dismissal of eight doctors of Mayo Hospital, besides various contempt petitions for initiation of contempt proceedings against doctors for observing a strike despite orders of the court. The single bench comprising Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan heard the petitions filed by Judicial Activism Panel, a public interest litigation firm, Punjab government and others. Earlier, Additional Advocate General

Punjab Faisal Zaman appeared before the court and submitted that issue of doctors’ service structure had been resolved amicably whereas a notification had also been issued for the same. He also said that the doctors had called of their strike and a report was being prepared for cancellation of FIR registered against eight doctors of Mayo Hospital. Representatives of Young Doctors Association including Hamid Butt, Amir Bandsha and Nasir Abbas also thanked the court for resolving the long outstanding issue. After hearing the arguments, the court disposed of the plea against doctors’ strike and other connected matters.

Over 50 police officials to retire by the end of 2014 LAHORE Rana HaiDeR

More than 50 police officers, including three 22-graders, will retire by the end of the year 2014. These include Narcotics Control federal secretary, National Police Academy commandant and the Punjab Police inspector general. Whereas, Federal Investigation Bureau Additional Director, Chaudhry Tanvir Ahmed (BPS-21) will retire at the end of this month on 30 November. Narcotics Control Federal Secretary Javed Iqbal (BPS-22), who belongs to Sindh, will retire from his post on August 20, 2013. Likewise, National Police

Academy Commandant Aftab Sultan (BPS-22) will retire on April 2, 2014. Punjab Police Inspector General Haji Habib-ur-Rehman (BPS-22) will retire on January 1, 2013. Traffic Police Inspector General Zahid Mehmood (BPS21) will retire on March 13, 2013, AntiNarcotics Force Deputy Director Tariq Umar (BPS-21) on June 16, 2013, Jawad Ali Bokhari (BPS-21) on March 13, 2013, Inspector General Police Capt (r) Fazal Khursheed (BPS-21) on May 7, 2013, Interior Additional Secretary Arif Akram (BPS-21) on April 1, 2013, FIA Additional Director General Chaudhry Tanvir Ahmed (BPS-21) on November 30, 2012, Intelligence Bureau Joint Di-

rector General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Abdul Wadood Shah May 23, 2013, Former Additional IG Mirza Saud Ahmed (BPS-21) on February 1, 2014, Additional IG Capt (r) Kalb-e-Abbas on December 30, 2013, Additional IG Sarmad Khan (BPS-21) on December 12, 2013, Multan RPO Mubarik Ali Athar (BPS21) on December 3, 2013, National Police Bureau DG Hamid Zeb (BPS-21) on March 14, 2013, Additional IG Khalid Masood (BPS-21) on January 12, 2014, FIA Additional DG, and Capt (r) Muhammad Zubair (BPS-21) will retire on May 30, 2014. FIA Director Chaudhry Sajjad Ahmed (BPS-20) will retire on October

31, 2013, ANF Director Capt (r) Murad Ali Shah on December 24, 2012, Additional IG Commandant Ahmed Raza Tahir (BPS-20) on January 3, 2014, FIA Director Headquarter Shahid Nadeem Baloch on February 20, 2014, DIG Khadim Hussain Bhatti (BPS-20) on December 3, 2012, Sheikhupura RPO Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema (BPS-20) on December 31, 2014, CID Additional IG Ghulam Shabbir Sheikh on April 21, 2013, Railways IG Major (r) Syed Ibn-eHassan August 27, 2014, KP Additioal IG Amir Hamza (BPS-20) on October 31, 2014, Additional IG Masood Khan Afridi (BPS-20) on May 26, 2014, Sindh Police Additional IG Special Branch Ra-

sool Baksh (BPS-20) on February 24, 2013, Additional IG Qurban Ali Shah (BPS-20) on May 27, 2013, Sindh Police DIG Bini Amin on May 17, 2014, Additional IG Syed Asif Akhtar (BPS-20) on November 24, 2013. Akhtar Hussain Tarrar (BPS-19) will retire on November 24, 2013, Nisar Ahmed (BPS-19) on December 31, 2014, Balochistan Additional IG Ghazi Hussain Ahmed (BPS-19) on June 1, 2014, Balochistan Additional IG Ghulam Rasool (BPS-19) on December 9, 2012, Amir Khan (BPS-19) on December 11, 2012 and Additional IG Khalid Khursheed (BPS-19) will retire on July 8, 2013.

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Lahore 07 TEF and USAID complete school infrastructure project LAHORE Staff RepoRt


AREEN Education Foundation (TEF) on Thusrday successfully completed a project with USAID on school infrastructure TEF, in collaboration with USAID’s Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program (SGAFP) worked on the improvement of physical infrastructure in its adopted government schools in Lodhran and teachers’ training programmes. The project duration was of one year which 34 additional classrooms have been successfully built in 30 identified schools and boundary walls have been constructed and either schools repaired. The new classrooms have been provided with furniture, fans, lights and other necessary fixtures in order for them to become fully functional. A

total of 189 teachers (both male and female) were given training through a series of workshops conducted at Lodhran and exposure visits to one of the most renowned schools in Karachi – Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS). These teachers were trained on lines of teaching methodologies, lesson planning, phonics, extra-curricular, etc. A closing ceremony of this project was held. It was attended by the respective school heads, school management councils and local community representatives, beneficiaries including teachers and students and local media representatives. A presentation on the achievements of the project was given by Akbar Khan, Programme Manager, LSRI (Lodhran School Reform Initiative) and comments were shared by various dignitaries and representatives present.

Doongi ground case adjourned

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday adjourned hearing of a contempt petition against Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for disobeying court orders in Gulberg Doongi Ground case till November 20. The court also sought record of the Gulberg Doongi Ground case from the Registrar Office. Justice Nasir Saeed Sheikh heard the petition filed by Ahmad Imran Ghazi through his counsel Muhammad Azhar Siddique. The petitioner, in his petition, submitted that the LHC in September 2011 ordered the Punjab government to restore the Doongi Ground park after removing all construction work from there. Staff RepoRt

Prices of medicines and medical services go up LAHORE Staff RepoRt

The prices of medicines and medical services went up in October as compared with the previous month. Disprin (10-tablets), Panadol (10-tablets), urine test (routine examination) and blood sugar test each recording one percent increase, a Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) report says. FAFEN monitors who collected data from 193 retail outlets in 111 districts reported increase in prices of 22 commodities with those of 15 going down and 13 remaining unchanged. Statistics showed a decline in fruit and vegetable prices with bananas

registering the biggest drop followed by dark red apples and golden apples. Except for onions that saw a 12 percent price hike, all other vegetables including tomatoes and potatoes registered decrease for the first time in three months. However, prices of several poultry and meat products shot up – farm eggs by 14 percent, beef by two percent and mutton by one percent. Chicken meat and chicken live saw a drop in prices. Pulses had a similar trend. Washed mash and chickpeas went up 1 percent and washed masoor and red beans down by two percent each and washed moong pulse down by one percent.

Massive traffic jams clog city LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Traffic problems on Thursday across the provincial metropolis were seen at their peak. All the routes connecting to canal road were seen jammed for many hours. Major roads, including Jail road, Mall road underpass, Canal road and all the connecting roads were packed with traffic and held up for long periods of time. This increase in traffic is a representative of the problem of growing vehicles and small roads to accommodate these vehicles. Development projects across the city have added to this problem for thousands of regular commuters. “Traffic jams are a part of my daily routine now,” Ham-

mad Alam said. “I am stuck n traffic for hours everyday and the worst part is that I only see it getting worse, not better. I don’t think the government has any plans to resolve this issue for us,” he added. A grade 18 officer, also stuck in traffic, said “this is a problem of lack of proper governance. For instance, there are number of government bodies responsible for managing and planning the traffic and transport issues of the city. Some of these departments include Punjab Transport Department, Traffic Engineering and Planning Authority, City District Government, Urban Unit of Planning and Development Department, City Traffic Police. But there is no proper implementation of the plans that are announced by each of these bodies.”

ciNe StaR

killiNg tHem SoFtlY

02:00Pm, 06:15Pm

PH: 35157462


03:45, 08:00, 10:45, 1:30Pm

Sozo woRld


12:30, 03:00, 08:30, 11:00Pm

PH: 36674271

StudeNt oF tHe YeaR


Sozo gold



PH: 36674271



StudeNt oF tHe YeaR SuPeR ciNema

12:00, 02:45, 08:30Pm

StudeNt oF tHe YeaR

1 1:45am, 07:30, 10:15Pm

at RoYal Palm eNgliSH viNgliSH


PH: 111-602-602 cHakRavYuH



SkY Fall

1 1:45, 11:30am, 10:45, 02:15, 05:00Pm

killiNg tHem SoFtlY

04:30, 11:45Pm

NAB distributes cheques among victims of Double Shah scam LAHORE Staff RepoRt

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Punjab on Thursday distributed Rs 265.496 million to affectees of Syed Sibtul Hassan Gillani (Double Shah) scam and Mujahid Aziz Butt case. Punjab NAB Director General Khurshid Anwar Bhinder distributed cheques to the affectees in a ceremony held here at NAB Complex. Cheques of Rs 260 million were distributed among 300 affectees of Sibtul Hassan Gillani scam. 30 percent of the claims have been distributed.

Friday, 9 November, 2012

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08 Lahore weatHeR uPdateS

27 °c High 13low0c





29°c i 14°c

28°c i 14°c

27°c i 15°c

PRaYeR timiNgS Fajr 5:09

Sunrise 6:33

zuhr 11:52

asr 2:47

maghrib 5:09

isha 6:34

citY diRectoRY emeRgeNcY HelP ReScue edHi coNtRol motoRwaY Police Police goveRNoR’S HouSe cHieF miNiSteR’S HouSe FiRe bRigade bomb diSPoSal mcl comPlaiNtS laHoRe waSte diSPoSal

1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

HoSPitalS mid citY 37573382-3 SeRviceS 99203402-11 maYo 99211100-9 geNeRal 35810892-8 SHeikH zaid 35865731 SiR gaNga Ram 99200572 ucH 35763573-5 itteFaq 35881981-85 cmH 366996168-72 SHoukat kHaNum 35945100 JiNNaH 111-809-809 adil (deFeNce) 36667275 cHildReN’S 99230901-3 deFeNce NatioNal HoSPital 111-17-18-19

blood baNk Fatmid iSlamic alliaNce

35210834-8 37588649/37535435

comPlaiNt waPda Sui gaS

111-000-118 1199

RailwaYS citY StatioN (eNquiRY) ReSeRvatioN RailwaY Police

117 99201772 1333

n GIKI’s

Softcom comes with a package of events including Web Development, Quiz, Multimedia, Speed Programming, Poster Design and hiking and trekking trips LAHORE


S ta f f R e po Rt

HE 13th Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology All Pakistan Softcom is just around the corner and the event is generating a lot of excitement from participants all over Pakistan. Softcom will be conducted at the prestigious GIKI from November 16 to 18. GIKI provides the much needed appealing yet invigorating environment for students from all over Pakistan to participate in state-of-the-art technical competitions that are held at Softcom. The Softcom modules this year will provide the participants with various opportunities and will enable them to indulge in their technical and aesthetic interests, instilling in them the qualities of team work and leadership. The organisers of this year’s Softcom are none other than the zealous members of ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) GIKI chapter, who have the experience of holding multiple such events. ACM is also backed by the experience of conducting 12 successive Softcom events with over 300 participants from all over Pakistan from institutions like LUMS, NUST, FAST, IBA and many more. The modules of this year’s Softcom are not only innovative but also entertaining. Softcom 2012 is conducting a Social Media App Development Competition sponsored by Walnut Media which gives participants a chance to present their own app having the potential for top brands to use and advertise. “People are expecting this year’s Softcom to be bigger and better than last year. Our team has put in a lot of effort in order to provide the participants raw exposure to the technological world and a chance to showcase their skills,” Ammad Ilyas, president of the ACM-GIKI Chapter, said. Other modules include a Web Development Competition, Quiz Competition, Multimedia Competition, Speed Programming Competition, Poster Design Competition and Software Development Competitions. Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA) will also be holding an idea-storming session during the

event where all participants will be able to share their business ideas. Not only this but Softcom will also have Tech Talks where individuals from the technological world will guide students and share their experiences in order to bridge the gap between the students and the industry. A Start up competition will be hosted by Softcom where business ideas will be welcomed from participants and potential projects will be considered by P@SHA for their social innovation fund. Softcom 2012 has the privilege to be sponsored by leading technological and media companies. The National ICT R&D Fund is one of the major sponsors of the event. Walnut Media, the leading social media management company in Pakistan, is the initiator of the Social Media App Development Competition. It is also responsible for online streaming of the entire event. The event’s online media partner is, the leading jobs site of Pakistan with over more than 1 million active and engaged web users. Phone media coverage is being han-

dled by Pring, Pakistan’s fastest growing mobile social network which will also be conducting its very own event named as Hackathon, which will expose participants to creating apps in Raven API. However, all work and no play is not the mantra of Softcom 2012. The event is loaded with entertaining activities for participants. The event will feature a killer comedy show, a treasure hunt, hiking trips, theme dinner and an e-gaming competition. Interested participants can also check Softcom’s Facebook page which features its very own registration app. Zaid Rehman, the event coordinator says, “This year’s event has loads in store for you. This time around we are going way over and beyond than what have been done in the previous Softcoms. We are not only expecting a greater number of teams but also more competitive participation. This year we are also raising the bar with the belief in the more the merrier.” Complete registration and event details are provided at

aiRPoRt FligHt eNquiRY Pia ReSeRvatioN

114 111-786-786




collegeS / uNiveRSitieS PuNJab uNiveRSitY kiNNaiRd college queeN maRY college govt. college uNiveRSitY umt lumS uet lcwu SuPeRioR college Friday, 9 November, 2012

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

date: maRcH 31 to decembeR 29, 2012 veNue: HaSt-o-NeeSt ceNtRe, laHoRe Hast-o-Neest centre for traditional art & culture invites you to its monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 ghazals of maulana Rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

date: aPRil 01 to decembeR 30, 2012 veNue: Faiz gHaR, laHoRe a unique blend of Yoga, meditation, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga master Shamshad Haider

date: oct 22 - Nov 05 veNue: eJaz aRt galleRY the ejaz art gallery invites you to a colourful display of art work on the desert life in Pakistan. there is no entrance fee.

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Foreign News 09

I will live and die Syrian: Assad LONDON agencieS


am not a puppet made by the West to go to the West or to another country. I am Syrian... I must live and die in Syria,” Mr Assad said, in remarks published on the website of the Russia Today TV channel. “If there are problems in Syria - especially as we are the last bulwark of secularism, stability and coexistence in the region - then the domino effect of that would stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific,” he said. “I don’t think the West is going in this direction, but if they did, nobody can tell what would happen next.” The Red Cross has said it “can’t cope” with the worsening situation in Syria. “The humanitarian situation is getting worse despite the

scope of the operation increasing,” said Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Meanwhile, President Assad has told Russian TV that he will not leave Syria as suggested by the UK prime minister. It comes as Syria’s divided opposition groups, meeting in Doha, are to discuss uniting under a new leadership body. Mr Maurer said the conflict was causing more casualties and making it difficult for the ICRC the only international aid agency to have had a presence inside Syria since the start of the conflict - to reach victims. There are currently “a lot of blank spots” and an unknown number of people were not getting access to the aid they needed, Mr Maurer added. The ICRC has not been able to get to certain parts of the

country, he added, giving as an example the city of Aleppo, which has been badly hit by violence in recent months. Its personnel were able to access some districts of the flashpoint city of Homs last week, which Mr Maurer said was a major success. The constantly moving nature of the conflict meant the Red Cross could not plan but instead had to seize opportunities for aid delivery on a day-to-day basis, Mr Maurer said. His comments come a day before UN diplomats and aid agencies are due discuss the issue of access to Syria at a meeting in Geneva. On Wednesday, a Syrian medical group claimed that up to 95% of foreign medical aid supplies were being diverted into the hands of government forces - a claim that that the ICRC says is so far unsubstantiated. The meeting of Syrian oppo-

sition groups on Thursday is set to bring together leaders of the Syrian National Council, hitherto the main opposition group, with other Syrian opposition elements. The meeting will take place under the auspices of the Arab League, with western powers from the international Friends of Syria group also taking part. The key objective is to produce a unified, credible opposition leadership firmly rooted inside Syria itself, which would then be recognised by the Friends of Syria as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrians, the BBC’s Jim Muir reports from Doha. Few expect that to be achieved in one day of talks, so the meeting could be the beginning of a longer process. However, there is strong pressure to produce swift results, he adds. The SNC’s failure to present

a united front against President Assad has previously brought widespread criticism. The US has said it wants to set up a broader opposition leadership council in which the SNC’s influence is diluted. The Syrian National Initiative, proposed by prominent dissident Riad Seif, would supplant the SNC and bring together Syria’s exiled and internal opposition, allowing it become the conduit for foreign assistance. Also on Thursday, the Israeli military said at least one mortar landed in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. No damage or injuries were reported. In recent days, an Israeli border patrol vehicle was been hit by Syrian gunfire in the Golan Heights and three Syrian tanks entered the demilitarised buffer zone, the Israeli military say.

US anti-Islam filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula jailed

US backs new UN arms treaty talks NEw YORk Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama was reelected, the United States backed a U.N. committee’s call on Wednesday to renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $60 billion global arms trade. U.N. delegates and gun control activists have complained that negotiations collapsed in July largely because Obama feared attacks from Republican rival Mitt Romney if his administration was seen as supporting the pact, a charge the United States denies. The month-long talks at U.N. headquarters broke off after the United States - along with Russia and other major arms producers - said it had problems with the draft treaty and asked for more time. But the U.N. General Assembly’s disarmament committee moved quickly after Obama’s re-election to approve a resolution calling for a new round of talks March 18-28. It passed with 157 votes in favor, none against and 18 abstentions. U.N. diplomats said the vote had been expected before Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election but was delayed due to Superstorm Sandy, which caused a three-day closure of the United Nations last week. The U.S. mission had no immediate comment. Countries that abstained included Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Belarus, Cuba and Iran. China, another major arms producer that has traditionally abstained from votes on this issue, voted in favor. agencieS


Strong earthquake off Guatemala kills at least 48


A US man behind an anti-Muslim film that led to mass protests in the Middle East has been sentenced to a year in jail for probation violations. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was sentenced by a judge in California after admitting four violations which stem from a 2010 conviction for fraud. None of the charges was connected with the content of the controversial film, Innocence of Muslims. Dozens of people died in the Middle East in protests over the film. US District Judge Christina Snyder said Nakoula, 55, must spend 12 months in prison followed by four years of supervised release. Prosecutors had been seeking a twoyear sentence. After the 2010 conviction, Nakoula had served most of a 21-month jail sentence for using more than a dozen aliases and opening about 60 bank accounts to conduct a cheque fraud scheme, prosecutors said. The Los Angeles Times said that it was while he was in prison that he read the Koran, looking for ways to criticise Islam. On his release he was barred from using computers or the internet for five years without approval from his probation officer. Nakoula, who was arrested in September, also goes by the name of Sam Bacile, Nicola Bacily and Mark Basseley Yousseff and is believed to be an Egyptian-American Coptic Christian. US authorities have said they believe Nakoula was the person behind the controversial film, but have not said whether he was the person who posted it on the internet. Muslims around the world took to the streets in protest, outraged by the film’s portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad.

beiJing: Members of the people’s liberation army march on tiananmen Square on the eve of the communist party of china’s congress. AgEnciES

China congress: Hu Jintao opens party meeting on leadership change BEIjING neWS DeSK

Chinese President Hu Jintao has opened a Communist Party congress that begins a once-in-a-decade power transfer with a stark warning on corruption. Addressing more than 2,000 delegates, Mr Hu said that a failure to tackle the issue “could prove fatal to the party”. China faced unprecedented opportunities and challenges, he said, and the nation should “aim higher and work harder”. His speech kicks off a weeklong meeting that will see a new set of leaders unveiled. Security is very tight across Beijing, with many dissidents

detained or under house arrest, rights groups say. Mr Hu told delegates at the Great Hall of the People that China had to adapt to a changing domestic and global environment. “We must aim higher and work harder and continue to pursue development in a scientific way, promote social harmony and improve the people’s lives,” he said. China’s development should be made more balanced and sustainable, he said, and the “serious challenge” of corruption should be addressed. “If we fail to handle this issue well, it could prove fatal to the party, and even cause the collapse of the party and the fall of the state,” he said.

Anyone who broke the law would be brought to justice, “whoever they are and whatever power or official positions they have”, he said. The corruption warning echoed one delivered 10 years ago during the previous leadership transition, when the party was told it risked “heading for self-destruction” if it did not tackle the issue. The months leading up to this congress have seen China’s political leadership rocked by a scandal involving Bo Xilai, the former Chongqing party leader once seen as a candidate for top office. His wife has been jailed for murdering a British businessman and he is expected to face trial on corruption-related charges.

SAN MARCOS: A strong earthquake off the coast of Guatemala killed at least 48 people and trapped others under rubble on Wednesday, crushing homes and cars, destroying roads and forcing evacuations as far away as Mexico City. Most of the dead were buried under debris in San Marcos state, a mountainous region near the Mexican border. Landslides triggered by the 7.4 magnitude quake blocked highways and complicated rescue efforts. It was the strongest earthquake to hit the Central American nation since 1976, when a 7.5 magnitude quake killed more than 20,000 people. President Otto Perez, who confirmed the death toll after returning to the capital Guatemala City from a lightning trip to San Marcos, said that as many as 23 people were unaccounted for, while 153 people were being housed in emergency shelters. “It’s very sad to meet people here who are waiting to find their families who are still buried,” Perez said in San Marcos. “It’s really a tragedy and we will do all we can to help the families that are suffering.” Television footage showed collapsed buildings and vehicles crushed under rocks and stuck in large cracks in highways. In San Cristobal Cucho, in San Marcos state, all but one of an 11member family died, buried under rubble, volunteer fireman Ovidio Fuentes told local radio. Only the 17-year-old son survived. Local Red Cross chief Carlos Enrique Alvarado said 75 homes were destroyed in the city of San Marcos alone and authorities said damage to the prison forced them to transfer 101 inmates to another jail. agencieS

Greece lawmakers back austerity cuts amid protests ATHENS agencieS

Lawmakers in Greece have narrowly backed a fresh round of austerity measures, despite violent protests across the country. The austerity package aimed at securing the next round of bailout funds was passed with the support of 153 MPs in the 300-member parliament. The 13.5bn-euro ($17.3bn; £10.5bn) bill includes tax rises and pension cuts. Earlier, riot police fired tear gas towards protesters when they were attacked with petrol bombs in Athens.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras warned before the vote late on Wednesday that without the bailout Greece would run out of money this month and face “catastrophe”. The austerity package - Greece’s fourth in three years - is meant to close the nation’s budget deficit, lower its huge debt burden and make its economy more competitive. MPs must now pass a revised budget on Sunday before eurozone finance ministers meet next week to approve 31.5bn euros in fresh loans from the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that Greece needs to avoid imminent

bankruptcy. But the level of resistance on the streets is a reminder that implementing the latest tough measures will be extraordinarily difficult, the BBC’s Mark Lowen in Athens reports. The crucial vote was held after a lengthy debate in parliament. Immediately after the bill was adopted, co-governing New Democracy and Pasok parties expelled seven lawmakers from their ranks for failing to back the package. The adopted plan includes a two-year increase in the retirement age from the current average of 65, as well as salary cuts and labour market reforms, includ-

ing cuts to holiday benefits, notice periods and severance pay. Workers fear this will just make it easier and cheaper for them to be fired at a time when unemployment has already soared to 25% and a five-year recession means there are few job prospects. “Many of these measures are fair and should have been taken years ago, without anyone asking us to,” Mr Samaras said. “Others are unfair - cutting wages and salaries - and there is no point in dressing this up as something else,” the prime minister said, adding that Greece was, nevertheless, obliged to take the

measures. Mr Samaras has said that without this money, which will be used largely to recapitalise the country’s banks, the country will be bankrupt by 15 November. Earlier on Wednesday, tens of thousands of protesters held a rally in Syntagma Square - outside the parliament building in the heart of the capital. The protesters chanted: “People don’t bow your heads!” Some in the crowd held giant flags of Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain four of the eurozone’s most heavily-indebted states.

Friday, 9 November, 2012

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami

Obama’s second term pakistan and US must reassess their partnership

Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

the blame game Digressing from the real problem

By Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad

hen countries face a common enemy, what they need badly is mutual confidence. As Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US fight a highly resourceful and motivated enemy in the form of Al-Qaeda, Afghan Taliban and TTP, they entertain doubts and suspicions about one another. As a result all the three have suffered losses that could have been avoided through a better understanding. The US and Afghanistan have over the years accused Islamabad of allowing safe havens to terrorists in North Waziristan. They are now particularly unhappy with the presence of the Haqqani network in the tribal agency. A number of audacious attacks in Kabul and areas adjoining Pakistan-Afghan border have been ascribed to the Haqqani network. Afghan and US officials have accused Pakistan’s prime intelligence agency of using Haqqani militants as proxies in Afghanistan to counter the influence of rival India. Islamabad has contradicted the claim maintaining that Haqqanis are in fact based in Afghanistan and launch attacks from inside the country rather than from North Waziristan. This year the militants broke all previous records of attacks on foreign embassies and military personnel in Kabul. In one incident alone, a total of 51 people died, including 36 militants, and some 74 were wounded in Kabul and three neighbouring provinces. In September, the US put the Haqqani network on terror list. Subsequently, the UN also imposed sanctions on the network. On Monday, Afghanistan made it known there was no way Kabul could negotiate for peace with a group which it held responsible for large scale killing of civilians and Afghan soldiers. Pakistan now complains that the TTP is using havens in Afghanistan to launch attacks inside Pakistan. In August, the militants made a surprise entry from across the border inside Bajaur and Lower Dir. Another group under Mullah Fazlullah launched attacks inside Chitral and Upper Dir. Fazlullah has also claimed responsibility for attack on Malala Yousafzai. The Afghan government had denied that it was allowing the militants to operate from its territory. A report in Washington Post, however, quotes US officials who concede that the US army knows about the whereabouts of Fazlullah. But as the terrorist leader is neither associated with Al-Qaeda nor is attacking US or Afghan troops, no action has been taken against him. Further that Afghan army is allowing the Pakistani Taliban to operate in retribution for Pakistan’s failure to stop armed infiltrators launching attacks from tribal areas. The tit for tat policy is harmful for both Afghanistan and Pakistan. It allows the militants to regroup and launch attacks using the soil of both the countries with impunity.

nless Pakistan and US manage to remove the deep seated suspicions they entertain about one another, there is little likelihood of any significant improvement in their relations. The relations may in fact further deteriorate. This would harm the common cause of putting an end to militancy in the region. While the failure would only partially damage the US interests, it would exacerbate the existential threat being faced by Pakistan. Ties can improve only if both try to accommodate each other’s concerns by displaying sufficient flexibility. As things stand a hubris ridden Washington attempts to dictate to Pakistan without giving any weight to its concerns. On the other hand, the decision makers in Pakistan act in a way that they are seen to be running with the hares and hunting with the hounds. Both Zardari and Imran Khan have expressed what they expect from Obama during his second tenure. Zardari hopes the relations between the two countries would “continue to prosper”. Imran Khan wants Obama to put an end to drone attacks and order ceasefire in Afghanistan. The US belatedly apologised for attack on Salala that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. Islamabad in return allowed the NATO containers to carry goods for the troops fighting in Afghanistan. On Wednesday, fuel supply through Torkham was also restored. This has removed a major source of tension between the two countries. Oil tankers were the main target of militants before the supplies were suspended last year. The attacks had destroyed more than 200 tankers and left over a dozen drivers and owners killed over the past five years. Scores of local also died as a result of these attacks. Another major source of worry for the US still remains unaddressed. Washington and Kabul both have accused the Haqqani network of launching some of the deadliest attacks inside Afghanistan, killing scores of US and foreign troops as well as Afghan soldiers. While the army had initiated air attacks in South Waziristan on its own, taking major political leaders into confidence days later, a national consensus was demanded before an operation in North Waziristan. A perception has arisen that when those who matter want to delay a thing, they send it to the Parliament. The decision to reopen the NATO routes was handed over to a parliamentary committee whose report was put in cold storage for weeks after it had been submitted. The parliament, as was widely expected, has failed to develop consensus on operation against the Haqqani network. This has led to tit for tat retaliation from Kabul and Washington. TTP militants have been given safe havens inside Afghanistan from



where they continue to launch deadly attacks on civilians and Pakistan’s security personnel. Quoting officials, a Washington Post report on Tuesday tells that the ISAF knows about the presence of Mullah Fazlullah, who ordered the attack on Malala Yousafzai, in Nooristan and Kunar but has declined to take action on two grounds. First, Fazlullah is neither a member of Al-Qaeda nor involved in attacks on US-led NATO troops. Second, because ISAF advisers believe that the Afghan army is allowing the Pakistani Taliban to operate. This was reportedly being done in retribution for Pakistan not doing enough to stop cross-border rocket attacks and armed infiltrators using Pakistan as a haven. Action against TTP militants operating from Afghanistan is thus conditioned with operation inside North Waziristan. Similarly, drone attacks are tied up with Pakistan getting its tribal areas vacated from militants. There is a bipartisan consensus in the US over the use of drones to fight the terrorists as they are considered the most efficient way of killing the terrorist leaders. The American administration is least bothered about the proliferation of suicide bombers due to these attacks as they can only attack Pakistani citizens and army personnel. As far as Washington is concerned, it has secured itself against suicide attacks after 9/11. The US administration does not care if it becomes unpopular in the Muslim world. Hasn’t it supported Israel which frequently resorts to acts of state terrorism against unarmed Palestinians? What can dissuade the US from drone attacks is to ensure an end to cross-border attacks. A state of denial about militants crossing over to Afghanistan will convince few. Leaders of banned militants working under different names in Pakistan continue to exhort people to launch jihad against the US. Even Imran Khan maintains that the war in Afghanistan is a ‘jihad’. If militants can crisscross between the settled areas and South and North Waziristan, why can’t they cross into Afghanistan to fulfill what they are told is their religious duty? The only way to ensure an end to drone attacks is for Pakistan to cleanse on its own the havens used by Arab, Uzbek, Chechen, and Pakistani militants. As things stand their largest concentration is in North Waziristan.

Pakistan has done well by renouncing the ill-considered notion of seeking strategic depth in Afghanistan. This was seen by Afghanistan as desire by its neighbour to treat it as a backyard. No independent country can allow another country to use it as a shield. It has to be ensured now that Pakistani Taliban do not use Afghanistan as a safe area to launch attacks on Pakistan’s territory. It suits both the US and Pakistan that Afghanistan does not once again become a sanctuary for terrorists and a launching pad for the export of terrorism. If Pakistan wants concessionary access to Western markets, loans from the international financial organistations and aid from the US, it has to give something in return. Cooperation is always mutual. Pakistan has a choice either to fight the militants in collaboration with the US or fight them alone. The US has more options than Pakistan. Now that he has won the elections Obama is in a better position to revive the US Taliban talks. He can release some of the Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo to give a fillip to the talks. Instead of painting itself into a corner, Pakistan has to actively get engaged in tripartite talks. So far the military has ignored the importance of a most vital element of national security. As the CJ has maintained, missiles and tanks cannot guarantee stability and security of a country nor are any more to be considered manifestation of a ‘hard power’. A country can achieve stability only if its economy is vibrant, the population is educated and healthy and it has a developed social infrastructure. A foreign policy with peace with neighbours as a cornerstone is highly vital for national security. Much needs to be done by politicians, which they have so far failed to do. As has been pointed out, strong institutions form the bedrock for building lasting mechanisms and sustaining socio-economic, political and cultural growth and development. Pakistan’s relations with the US should be guided by enlightened self-interest. While cooperating with the US over shared objectives like fight against militancy, Islamabad must not be seen as a tool in the super power’s hands against any other country. The writer is a former academic and a political analyst.

Don’t come back to india an indian politician writes to his son By Anant Rangaswami My dear son,


hen you went abroad to study, it was with a clear understanding that once you finish your education you would return to India. We took a family decision when your education ended that it made sense for you to stay in the US for a few years more, enjoy your youth, money and then return and stand for elections as Member of Parliament from the constituency our family has represented for so many decades. It has been five years since you left, and last week when we spoke on Skype you told me that you believed that it was time to return. At first, I was delighted. Then, after the call was over, the importance of what

Friday, 9 November, 2012

you planned to do sank in. My impulse was to call you back immediately, but I thought I’d put my thoughts down in an email so that you have a better understanding of what I want to say and why I say it. In a nutshell, I do not want you to return to India. The India of today is not the India that you left. Much has changed, and much of the change negatively affects families like ours. There is a change in the balance of power in society. People do not understand what people like me, Members of Parliament, do and no longer acknowledge that all of us, thanks to the great sacrifices we make for our constituency, do not live like normal people. Just the other day, a fellow MP was almost shamed in the context of what media is calling a Rs 71 lakh ‘scam’. The media, who no longer seems to have respect for people like us, is harassing him the whole

day, treating him like a common cheat. Even worse is the case of Robert Vadra, Priyankaji’s husband. It seems DLF lent Robertji Rs 65 crore without any security, and the media and social activists are making that out to be a crime. What crime? Many friends in business have lent me hundreds of crores without any security over the decades and they haven’t even asked for me to return it. Why would they? After all, as a friend, I’ve helped them on so many instances that they’ve earned fortunes from our friendship. Now, media is making it sound like it’s a crime for MPs and ministers to help friends. What a terrible state of affairs! Sharad Pawar’s nephew has been forced to resign because of some allegations on a developmental work that he was involved in. Media says that he helped contractors make extra money by approv-

ing of rises in estimates after the contracts were awarded. What is wrong with that? Your grandfather used to do the same with his friends, as did I. Ministers like Raja, Kanimozhi and Kalmadi have been jailed because of trying to help their friends. This is where our country is going to. No one has any respect for our class any more, and the media and social activists are being helped by the courts – they’re ganging up against us. Things are bad in India, son. It is becoming difficult for people like us to carry on in the way we are used to. We are treated like commoners; we are called cheats and thugs. We’re reaching a stage when toll booth attendants expect us to pay. An FIR was filed against an MP who obviously got upset at the request and threatened the attendant with a gun for his cheek. It is getting very petty. The other day,

Air India staff at Guwahati charged three MPs for carrying excess baggage. MPs not being allowed excess baggage on the national airline, and lowly employees of Air India not respecting them? This is the new India, the India you want to come back to! That’s why I write this note to you. Do not come back to India, and forget about plans on a career in politics. Come to Geneva next week, I will meet you there. I will transfer money to your account so that you can invest in a house in New York. As far as business is concerned, maybe you could buy a university nearby. After all, your uncle has six universities in India and they are quite profitable. I will ask him to guide you when you begin your venture. Will discuss in detail when we meet next week. With love, Your father

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Four more years but policies still expected to remain the same


our years ago, in a historic election, President Obama was elected with a much bigger margin than the narrow one which gave him victory and the trust of the American people for another four-year term. The Republican aim of making him a one-term president failed and his rival Mitt Romney conceded victory gracefully. With a four-year education behind him President Obama should know exactly what he has to do and how he should go about doing it. In his first term, he had taken over from an unpopular predecessor with the economy in shambles and the country mired in two disastrous wars — both undertaken on faulty premises. Now he takes over from his own four years of trying to put things right in a nation deeply divided and with his rivals controlling the House of Representatives. Afghanistan is not quite behind him, the war on terror against radical Islamists goes on and Iran is as unresolved as ever. Those who have voted for him did so because they think that he will do what is best for Americans in the United States — and this will be the focus of his next term. With the European Union fragmenting, China facing possible financial and political problems and Russia still looking inwards, the US remains the primary power in the world. All the talk about the limits of power, economic meltdown and a flawed foreign policy does not change the fact that the US has an enormous technological advantage, great influence over the world’s financial institutions and the resilience to do what needs to be done to fix its domestic situation to give Americans jobs and prosperity. These basic truths need to be borne in mind by those who frame foreign and economic policies. President Obama will reshape foreign policy and while

doing so he will relook at the war on terror and the US relationship with the Islamic world with the realisation that not all Islamists are radical, nor are all radical Islamists terrorists. With elections in Iran next year, President Obama will seek to move into a pragmatic policy shift moving away from ultimatums and towards negotiations. He will reassess the Afghanistan situation realistically and again move towards settlement with or without Karzai. The Middle East policy has been taking shape after Libya and the US haves been leaving it to ongoing events to determine outcomes. In fact, this may be the dominant trend — letting people in other countries determine their own future without the US getting involved in wars and other messy situations. The economic and political interaction with Russia and China will continue and the ‘pivot’ to Asia and the new Silk Road ideas may be modulated. For Pakistan it is important to understand the likely US policy trends to determine and actively pursue its own interests — and forging a good relationship with the US should be a primary goal. Unless this is done, the US policy towards Pakistan may end up as being transactional or one of indifference or it may become hard line with clearly spelt out demands, especially if our dependence on the US for an economic bailout continues and grows. The only star in the US policy towards South Asia in the last decade should not be its strategic relationship with India — Afghanistan gives Pakistan an opportunity to be significant and an improved internal security situation and realistic bilateral relationships with regional countries can change ongoing dynamics in our favour. Bipartisan consensus on the major challenges facing the country has to be the first step regardless of elections and political transitions. Spearhead Analyses are the result of a collaborative effort and not attributable to a single individual

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

FbR’s faulty policies Dr Abdul Hafeez Shiekh, federal minister of finance and revenue, has in principle approved the new FBR scheme for tax defaulters. With this scheme all the people who have not paid any taxes since 1947 and who have been doing regular business in Pakistan for 50 years without paying a single tax, will now be able to pay only a one percent charge and have all their illegal and black money, cleared for their own use. With the approval of this scheme I would like to ask all the real tax payers of Pakistan (0.5 percent of the population), on whose monthly and yearly tax, the government of Pakistan has been able to provide facilities to the 190 million Pakistanis, to stop paying taxes from this day onward. They should stop being naive and should wait for a new FBR scheme to arrive in four years, at the close of the new government’s time. It is disgusting and also very sad to see how the FBR, the biggest organisation of Pakistan, is so lazy that they have found shortcuts for their jobs. In fact, I think the police should also take a cue from the FBR and stop doing any work. They can offer an "FIR day" every year where any citizen of Pakistan can register a case. Apart from that day no cases should be registered. I am sure this will help bring down the crime rate in this country, as zero case is equal to no crime rate. I would also like to take this opportunity to taunt the FBR and their so-called "3.5 million tax dodgers". FBR has been promoting for the past three years that they have 3.5 million (initially it was one, then two and then three million) tax dodgers in their list and they will recover all the taxes from these 3.5 million citizens. Unfortunately, we have been hearing this statement from FBR for the last three years now with no action. It seems that going after these 3.5 million tax dodgers is difficult business and a lot of work. Therefore, Dr Abdul Hafeez Shiekh thinks that it would be less work by simply offering an amnesty scheme and let these 3.5mMillion tax dodgers come to FBR themselves. He might be right as this surely will save a lot of fuel and travel charges for FBR, which they can then promote as a "saving" for the next four years or until the next amnesty scheme. SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER Peshawar

malala Yousafzai Malala Yousafzai was born in 1998. She is a school student and education activist from the town of Mingora in Swat. She is known for her education and women's rights activism in Swat valley, where the Taliban have banned girls from attending schools. The New York Times filmed a documentary on her life just as the Pakistan Army intervened in the region, culminating in the second battle of Swat. She has won Pakistan's first National Youth Peace Prize. In 2009, Malala wrote against Taliban on BBC Urdu. Her father took her to Peshawar to speak at the local press club where she asked: "How dare Taliban take away my basic right to education?" On 9 October, Malala was shot in the head by Taliban but she survived and her health is improving. In my opinion, it’s all propaganda against Pakistan. The US wants to hide its terrorist activities, like drone attacks, which are happening in Waziristan and also wants to divert our attention from the blasphemous movie "Innocence of Muslims", but Americans can never get what they want because we have the power of Holy Quran. We know what is wrong and what is right. SABA SHABBIR Islamabad

opposition to kbd Reference the statement of MQM-H Chief Afaq Ahmed on Kalabagh dam, not all those opposing the dam are doing so on the directives of some forces, they are opposing because the issue of Kalabagh dam has been badly politicised. The people have been told that the dam will deplete the flow in the Indus and turn Sindh into a desert, that Punjab will steal Sindh’s water because the dam is in Punjab, that the dam will have an adverse effect on the Indus delta etc. All this propaganda is false. The dam will only store surplus flood water without affecting the normal flow of the Indus, the federal body IRSA will operate the dam and Punjab will get only its reduced 37 percent share same as Sindh's increased 37 percent share as per the Water Accord of 1991, also under the Accord engineers from the Sindh irrigation department are monitoring the flow in Punjab’s canals and have not reported any misappropriation of water to date, the flow in the Indus will increase when Sindh’s share is released into it hence there will be no adverse effect on the Indus delta. This is what the people need to be told if opposition to Kalabagh dam is to be countered. MQM-H will do a great public service if they undertake this task. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER Lahore

PPSc’s wrong policies I want to tell you about the wrong policies of Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). PPSC advertised 122 posts of Headmasters/Deputy Headmasters on 0710-2012 in Daily Jang newspaper under advertisement No. 22/2012. According to the above mentioned advertisement, qualification for this post was MA. The last date of applying for this post was 29-102012. I applied for this post on 2410-2012 through online system of PPSC and also paid the challan of Rs 400 in account of PPSC through NBP on the same day. But the PPSC re-advertised for this post on 25-10-2012, changing the qualification of this post to MA Education instead of MA and also extended the last date up to 05-112012. I and a large number of candidates applied on the above mentioned post before re-advertisement. The PPSC has neither returned our fee of Rs 400 nor considered us eligible for the above mentioned post. We request the Chief Justice of Pakistan take suo motu action against the PPSC for its wrong policies and provide justice to us candidates according to the law. MUDASSAR HUSSAIN CHEEMA Lahore

Friday, 9 November, 2012

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TATE that Ajay Devgn is hurt due to ongoing imbroglio would be stating the obvious. However, one conversation with him and you know that the man is venting it out like never before. Always a balanced guy who stays to the point in each and every conversation of his, he is maintaining an emotional equilibrium even in current scenario though one can pretty much see that he isn't willing to take it lying down. Stating things as they are and only demanding a fair consideration of the current situation, Ajay makes himself heard and that too pretty strong. HOw dOES THE RELEASE STANd iN THE CuRRENT SCENARiO? See, matter is in the court but deep inside, everyone knows what is right and what is wrong. In a legal battle, you are not supposed to comment on anything. But, all I can say is that at least, industry and trade people know what has transpired so there is no point getting into that debate. Whatever I say is something that you would write HOw HAS THE iNduSTRY REACTiON bEEN SO fAR? (Smiles) Well, mera bhala ho yaa naa ho par kam se kam industry people are calling up to say that hamara

barack obama wins, Phas gaye Re obama makers announce sequel

Bollywood is celebrating US President Barack Obama’s re-election in its own way. After all the buzz around the campaign, the makers of Phas Gaye Re Obama (2010) are now planning a sequel to the film. It is titled Bach Gaye Re Obama. “We were thinking of our next film, and this was the most appropriate subject, given that there was a very strong feeling that Obama would be re-elected. I think it’s the perfect time for a sequel,” says producer Ashok Pandey. The first film, made with an ensemble cast, was a satire on the drastic effect of the recession that almost paralysed the global economy. Writers Rupesh Thapliyal and Vijay Manral will write the sequel. Anshul Sharma, associate director of the original, will take over from Subhash Kapoor, who directed the first film. About the story, Pandey says, “We’re talking about how to get out of recession. That will be the bottom line.” The makers also plan to up the scale of the project this time and cast some well-known actors like Paresh Rawal and Naseeruddin Shah. “However, we also do have a strong intention of retaining the old cast,” says Pandey, who plans to take the film on the floors by early 2013 and hopes to release it by spring 2014.

Friday, 9 November, 2012

bhala toh ho jaayega. They (Yash Raj Films) are talking about being fair and all, par jo baatein ho rahi hain uske hisaab se toh sabko pata hai, that it is all rubbish. If you talk about fair, then I will give you a simple example. Main to yahi bol raha hoon that I don't want any compensation or their release to be stopped. I am not asking for any damages. I am being fair. SO wHAT NExT? I am asking the law to be fair. If they (YRF) give a statement that exhibitors can release at their will, then that's what I am also saying. Main keh raha hoon ki aaj saare exhibitors ko bolo ki jo aapne Ek Tha Tiger ke saath contract sign kiye hain usko bhool jaayo. Unki marzi hai ki kaunsi picture release karni hai aur woh haath ke haath decide kar lein ki jisko jiske saath jaana hai woh jaaye. Ab fair hai toh fair hai! Main kisi ko phone nahi karoonga ki meri picture lagaao aur woh kisi ko phone naa karein ki meri picture lagao. Bas baat khatam! Jis exhibitor ko jo lagaani hai woh wahi picture lagaae! YOu SEEM CONfidENT... Today, even you know the situation, which exhibitor has to put which movie. You are from the trade, so you understand. I think you can't be fairer than that! nEwS DESK

Salman’s Kick to be bigger than Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 Salman Khan is thinking big, and how. While his Dabangg 2 is all set to create some dhamaka once its promo arrives next week, there is still some uncertainty about his next with brother Sohail Khan. However, what he is sure that his very next project after that, Kick, is the biggest of them all as far as any Indian films are concerned. "The mandate for the team of Kick is simple - if you are looking at making a world class action thriller, better make it large. The standards have been set by his own action film Ek Tha Tiger. By the time Kick goes on floor, Krrish 3 visuals would be out. By the time it is nearing completion, Dhoom 3 would have released. With audience exposed to some mind-blowing action already, there is no point in making Kick if it doesn't offer something even bigger. Salman and producer-director Sajid Nadiadwala are on the same page, and hence quite some time is being given to getting it absolutely right on paper", informs an insider. This is the reason why novelist Chetan Bhagat was brought on board to do the renewed screenplay which is adapted from the Telugu blockbuster. "Yes, I have a job in hand because we have to be bigger than the best.

Luckily, the film's budget is going to be very high which means I can run my imagination wild to make it larger than life affair. Moreover, the very core of Kick has so much potential to allow some mind-blowing action sequences", says Chetan who is working on adapting someone else's work for the first time. He continues, "I am very happy that neither Salman nor Sajid want this film to be a quickie remake affair. If they wanted,

they could have played safe. However, we are paying homage to the original while also bringing it to a level which justifies Salman's presence in the film. We are not comparing with the other biggies (Krrish 3, Dhoom 3) that are being made, but we sure are looking at the biggest film ever made. With the kind of package that we are arriving with, we have to give people something which is indeed worth it." cOurTESy HT

AMITABh BAChChAN TO wAlK hOllYwOOD RED CARPET FOR FIRST TIME Amitabh Bachchan is all set to walk the red carpet with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire next year for the premiere of his Hollywood film The Great Gastby. A daily quoted a source as saying, "Amitabh is very excited about this premiere. It is scheduled for May next year, a week before the film releases. He is planning to attend the big event. He is the kind of figure who is worshipped in the country but has a global presence." The megastar will be seen

in Bas Luhrmanm's 3-D film adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. However, he's humble about the role. "Baz Luhrmann was in India and he called my office. He had an artiste with him who wanted to gift me some paintings. We chatted in our office and at that time we did not really discuss any film project. After almost a year and half, Baz called me again and said that there was a small role which he wanted me to do. I decided to be a part of the film

just as a small gesture," said Bachchan. About his role Meyer Wolfsheim however, Big B stays guarded. "I still do not have the liberty to talk of the film in a personal capacity. Contracts bind me, but this I can say that it was a sheer delight to work with someone of such great genius as Baz Luhrmann and a host of costars that have astronomical presence in the world of cinema - Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire and the other greats." cOurTESy HT

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13 country-pop songstress taylor Swift leaves her london hotel en route to the bbc Radio 2 studios to promote her new album, Red.

Kajol may not even get invited by Yash Films Why Nicole Scherzinger felt insecure


Actor-producer Ajay Devgn’s big fight with Yash Raj Films (YRF) over their Diwali releases — Son of Sardaar (SoS) and Jab Tak Hai Jaan (JTHJ) respectively — may just spoil things for Kajol. Or so fears her hubby Devgn, since Kajol has been one of YRF’s leading ladies but that equation may change in the wake of this ugly situation. We asked him if Kajol will attend the grand premiere of JTHJ on November 12 for which all of Yash Chopra’s heroines will be present as a tribute, and he said, “I hope she does and I think she would. But I don’t know if it happens now — that is, if she is even invited! So don’t put the ball in my court, she should be invited first.” Meanwhile, the Competition Commission of India has rejected Ajay’s complaint against YRF alleging abuse of dominant position by arm-twisting distributors in

giving more single screen windows to JTHJ vis-à-vis SoS. But, Devgn hasn’t lost hope. “That is not the end. We’ve moved the Competition Appellate Tribunal. Let’s see what happens now,” he said while in the Capital since the last two days to promote the flick. Though Ajay Devgn Films filed the complaint before YRF head Yash Chopra’s demise, the matter came to the fore only after he passed away. Asked if that worked against him, Ajay said, “I don’t think so. I am not very happy about it. Forget about bad timing, he was a legend and will always be. But at that point of time, when the timing has gone wrong, you are in a situation where you cannot withdraw (the complaint) also. If you know me, you’ll know that in the past 21 years, I’ve never woken up one morning and said, ‘let’s have a controversy’.” nEwS DESK

Prince Harry to meet ex-flame Chelsy Davy Prince Harry and former girlfriend Chelsy Davy will come face to face at their best friends’ wedding next year. Tom Van Straubenzee, who delivered a joint bestman speech with Harry at the Royal Wedding, will marry Davy’s best friend Percy next summer. The wedding will be a who’s who of the young royals’ inner circle as both Straubenzee and Percy are two of the closest confidantes of William, Kate and Harry. “Everyone is absolutely delighted for Missy and Tom, they make the perfect couple. Tom absolutely adores her,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying. “They have been together for several years although did have a brief split and got back together last May. “Ever since then several people have been speculating an engagement would be on the cards,” the source said. The couple have yet to decide on the details of their big day but sources said that both Harry and Davy would be close contenders for the roles of Best Man and Maid of Honour. nEwS DESK

Jennifer lopez didn't get maid fired, says heard the story on twitter Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez denied reports that she got a hotel maid fired after she asked for the singer's autograph. 43-yearold, who portrayed a hotel help in Maid in Manhattan, has been accused of getting Pray Dodaj fired for disturbing her during her stay in a hotel for an autograph, reported Daily Star. Lopez said she first got to know about the story on Twitter. "C'mon thought you knew me better than this.. Would never get anyone fired over an autograph. 1st I heard of this was on twitter. hurtful (sic)," Lopez tweeted. Pray claims she was relieved from her post the day after the incident with Lopez. "I cleaned on her floor. And I am an incredibly big fan so I took all my courage and rang the bell to get an autograph. But I was rejected by two assistants at the door. nEwS DESK

Miley Cyrus seeks permanent restraining order against stalker Singer Miley Cyrus has filed for a permanent restraining order against her stalker Jason Luis as she is still afraid of him. Last month, the Hannah Montana: The Movie star filed the request for a restraining order and the court signed it on the same day. Based on the temporary order, Luis has to stay at least 1,000 yards away from the 19-year-old actress'

property at all times. But Cyrus wants a permanent restraining order against Luis and whether her request will be discussed in court later this month, reported Aceshowbiz. In September, Luis jumped Cyrus's house fence and said to the people in her mansion that he wanted to see the Party in the USA songstress while she wasn't home. The 40-year-old

stalker was busted by police at a makeshift shrine in the So Undercover star's backyard. When the police tried to arrest him, he took out a pair of scissors to threaten them. However, they succeeded to apprehend him. "I am a friend of Miley Cyrus. I am. She's my wife. Me and Miley have been friends for five years," Luis had said. nEwS DESK

InGer nicole scherzinger says she felt like two different people because she had to constantly appear confident and sexy even though she was unbelievably insecure underneath it all. she battled with bulimia when she was in girl group the Pussycat Dolls. "I spent 10 years, the whole time I was in the Pussycat Dolls, as two people, one on stage and then behind closed doors. I was this girl who was lost and lonely, hating myself," quoted scherzinger as saying. "Just because you wear a corset and dance doesn't mean you think you are beautiful. I was unbelievably insecure and I couldn't control it. My metabolism was all messed up. I was losing the one thing I only ever wanted to do: sing. I saw therapists, psychiatrists, life coaches and dealt with it head on," she said. the 34-year-old has now overcome many of her issues and feels more secure in herself than ever. neWS DeSK

Can't wait to be a mom, says Kristen Stewart


ctress Kristen stewart says she has natural maternal instincts and is looking forward to becoming a mother when she is older. the 22year-old, who has reconciled her romance with boyfriend of four years robert Pattinson recently, clarified she doesn't want to become a mother anytime soon, reports "I can't wait to be a mom, but like no. I can wait," said stewart when asked whether she is planning to settle down anytime soon during a Los Angeles press junket for the final instalment of the "twilight saga" franchise. the actress admitted she loved playing a mother to her character Bella's daughter renesmee, played by actress Mackenzie Foy, in the new vampire movie. "I think that it might be something that you're born with or not born with. some people have really, really strong natural instincts and desires to be a mom. that was one of my favourite things about the story. It was one aspect (of Bella) that I was really excited to play,". neWS DeSK

Justin Bieber angry after being turned into sex doll


hILe Pop star Justin Bieber is reportedly furious after a sex toy company has put his name to promote love doll for gay men. the 18-year-old's picture has been used on the front of the toy box, with various cringy slogans, reports One of slogans reads, "I wanna be your boy boy" while another says, "Beaver tells all" and makes reference to his long-term girlfriend selena Gomez. the singer's legal team is arleady trying to fix the problem. "Justin is absolutely incensed with this monstrosity. he's already set his lawyer on these sickos," said a source. the Bieber doll has been produced by seedy Yank firm Pipedream - who has already released sex dolls based on Katy Perry, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian. neWS DeSK

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Infotainment 14

7 best-case scenarios for the future of humanity Over 100 UFOs seen along China border


HE Army troops deployed along the China border from Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in northeast have reported more than 100 sightings of "Unidentified Flying Objects" (UFOs) in the last three months. Agencies including the Army, DRDO, NTRO and the ITBP have not yet been able to identify these luminous flying objects. The 14 Corps, which looks after military deployment along Kargil-Leh and looks after the frontiers with China, has sent reports to the Army Headquarters about the sightings of UFOs by an ITBP unit in Thakung near the Pangong Tso Lake, Army officials said here. Reports suggested that these yellowish spheres appear to lift off from the horizon on the Chinese side and slowly traverse the sky for three to five hours before disappearing. The officials confirmed that these UFOs were not Chinese drones or satellites. They said Army had also moved a mobile ground-based radar unit and a spectrum analyser to verify the identity. neWS DeSK

Most science fictional and futurist visions of the future tend towards the negative — and for good reason. Our environment is a mess, we have a nasty tendency to misuse technologies, and we're becoming increasingly capable of destroying ourselves. But civilizational demise is by no means guaranteed. Should we find a way to manage the risks and avoid dystopic outcomes, our far future looks astonishingly bright. here are seven best-case scenarios for the future of humanity. Before we get started it's worth noting that many of the scenarios listed here are not mutually exclusive. If things go really well, our civilization will continue to evolve and diversify, leading to many different types of futures 1. STATuS quO: While this is hardly the most exciting outcome for humanity, it is still an outcome. Given the dire warnings of Sir Martin Rees, Nick Bostrom, Stephen Hawking, and many others, we may not be around to see the next century. Our ongoing survival — even if it's under our current state of technological development — could be considered a positive outcome. Many have suggested that we've already reached our pinnacle as a species. Back in 1992, political scientist Francis Fukuyama wrote The End of History and the Last Man in which he argued that our current political, technological, and economic mode was the final stop on our journey. He was wrong, of course; Fukuyama's book will forever be remembered as a neoconservative's wet dream written in reaction to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of the so-called New World Order. More realistically, however, the call for a kind of self-imposed status quo has been articulated by Sun Microsystems cofounder Bill Joy. Writing in his seminal 2004 article, "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us," Joy warned of the catastrophic potential for 21st century technologies like robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech. Subsequently, he called for technological relinquishment — a kind of neoLuddism intended to prevent dystopic outcomes and outright human extinction. The prudent thing to do now, argued Joy, is to make due with what we have in hopes of ensuring a long and prosperous future. 2. A bRigHT gREEN EARTH: Visions of the far future tend to conjure images of a Cybertronlike Earth, covered from pole-to-pole in steel and oil. It's an environmentalist's worst nightmare — one in which nature has been completely swept aside by the onslaught of technology and the ravages of environmental exploitation. Yet it doesn't have to be this way; the future of our planet could be far more green and verdant than we ever imagined. Emerging branches of futurism, including technogaianism and bright green environmentalism, suggest that we can use technologies to clean up the Earth and create sustainable energy models, and even to transform the planet itself. An early version of this sentiment was presented via Bruce Sterling's Viridian Design Movement, an aesthetic ideal that advocated for innovative and technological solutions to environmental problems. Looking to the far future, the ultimate expression of these ideas could result in a planet far more lush and ecologically diverse than at any other point in its geological history. In such a future, humans could be re-engineered to live in harmony with the environment. All our energy needs would be completely met (a true and sustainable Kardashev I civilization). Using advanced models as our guide, we could also redesign and overhaul the Earth's ecosystem (including the

elimination of predation and animal suffering), There's also the possibility for weather control. And we might finally be able to implement defensive measures to counter the effects of natural disasters (like asteroid impacts, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions). Given an Earth like this, why would anyone want to leave? 3.wATCHEd OvER bY MACHiNES Of LOviNg gRACE: Regrettably, it's very possible that the technological Singularity will be an extinction event. The onset of radically advanced machine intelligence — perhaps as early as 30 years from now — will be so beyond our control and understanding that it will likely do us in, whether it happens deliberately, accidentally, or by our own mismanagement of the process. But the same awesome power that could destroy us could also result in the exact opposite. It's this possibility — that a machine intelligence could create a veritable utopia for humanity — that has given rise to the Singularitarian movement. 4. TO bOLdLY gO wHERE NO ONE HAS gONE bEfORE... We need to get off this rock and start colonizing other solar systems — there's no question about it. Not only does our ongoing survival depend on it (the ‘all our eggs in one basket problem'), it's also in our nature as a species to move on. Indeed, by venturing beyond our borders and blowing past our biological limitations we have continually pushed our society forward — what has resulted in ongoing technological, social, political, and economic progress. Even today, our limited ventures into space have reaped countless benefits, including satellite technologies, an improved understanding of science — and even the sheer thrill of seeing a high-definition image streamed back from the surface of Mars. Should our civilization ever be capable of embarking upon interstellar colonization — whether it be through generation ships, self-replicating Von Neumann probes, or an outwardly expanding bubble of digital intelligence, it would represent a remarkable milestone, possibly for all life in the Milky Way. As it stands, we appear to live in a Galaxy devoid of interstellar travelers — a troubling sign that has given rise to the Fermi Paradox. So assuming we can start planet hopping, it might just turn out that we are the first and only civilization to embark upon such a journey. It's something that we must try; the future of life in our Galaxy could depend on it. 5.iNNER SpACE, NOT OuTER SpACE Alternatively (or in conjunction with space travel), we could attain an ideal existential mode by uploading ourselves into massive supercomputers. It's an idea that makes a lot of sense; given the computational capacity of a megascale computer, like a Matrioshka Brain (in which the matter of entire planet is utilized for the purpose of computation)

or Dyson Sphere (which can capture the energy output of the sun), there would be more to experience in a simulated universe than in the real one itself. According to Robert Bradbury, a single multi-layer Matrioshka Brain could perform about 1042 operations per second, while Seth Lloyd has theorized about a quantum system that could conceivably calculate 5x1050 logical operations per second carried out on ~1031 bits. Given the kinds of simulated worlds, minds, and experiences this kind of power could generate, the analog world would likely appear agonizingly slow, primitive, and exceptionally boring. 6. ETERNAL bLiSS: Virtually every religion fantasizes about a utopian afterlife. This only makes sense given the imperfections and dangers of the real world; religion gives people the opportunity to express their wildest projections of an ideal state of existence. Given our modern materialist proclivities, many of us no longer believe in heaven or anything else awaiting us in some supposed afterlife. But that doesn't mean we can't create a virtual heaven on Earth using our technologies. This is what the British philosopher David Pearce refers to as the Hedonistic Imperative — the elimination of all suffering and the onset of perpetual pleasure. This could be as simple as eliminating pain and negative emotional states, or something far more dramatic and profound, like maximizing the amount of psychological, emotional, and physical pleasure that a single consciousness can experience. Given that we live in a hostile universe with no meaning other than what we ascribe to it, who's to say that entering into a permanent state of bliss is somehow wrong or immoral? While it may be offensive to our Puritan sensibilities, it most certainly appeals to our spiritual and metaphysical longings. A strong case can be made that maximizing the human capacity for pleasure is as valid a purpose as any other. 7.COSMOLOgiCAL TRANSCENSiON This is basically a placeholder for those far-off future states we can't possibly imagine — but are desirable nonetheless. While this line of speculation tends to venture into the realms of philosophy and metaphysics (not that many of the other items on this list haven't done the same), it's still interesting and worthwhile to consider some super-speculative possibilities. For example, futurist John Smart has suggested that human civilization is increasingly migrating into smaller and smaller increments of matter, energy, space, and time (MEST). Eventually, he argues, we'll take our collective intelligence into a cosmological realm with the same efficiency and density as a black hole — where we'll essentially escape the universe. Alternatively, forward-looking thinkers like Robert Lanza and James Gardner have speculated about a universe that's meant to work in tandem with the intelligence it generates. neWS DeSK

Stone-age humans began using lethal technology 71,000 years ago


ARLY humans wandered out of Africa armed with arrows and darts that made them challenging hunters and deadly competitors for any Neanderthals that stood in their way. Modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, but when modern human ways of thinking emerged still remains controversial. Some researchers have suggested that genetic changes linked with modern human behaviour occurred as recently as 40,000 years ago. But, some scientists argue with them saying modern human thought originated much earlier but that the evidence was largely lost to the rigours of time. Small blades made of stone found in a cave along a rocky stretch of South Africa’s coast give us evidence about the advanced stone-tool making skills in early modern humans. The blades were excavated from successive layers in soil deposits some 46 feet thick in a cave at Pinnacle Point, on the coast some 210 miles east of Cape Town. neWS DeSK

Super-Earth in six-planet system just right to support life


STRONOMERS have discovered a new super-Earth planet around a nearby star that may have an Earth-like climate and be just right to support life. The new planet exists in the habitable zone of a nearby star and is part of a six-planet system. The system was previously thought to contain three planets in orbits too close to the star to support liquid water. By avoiding fake signals caused by stellar activity, the Researchers have identified three new super-Earth planet candidates also in orbit, ‘’ reported. “We pioneered new data analysis techniques including the use of the wavelength as a filter to reduce the influence of activity on the signal from this star,” Mikko Tuomi from the University of Hertfordshire, said. neWS DeSK

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friday, 9 november, 2012

djokovic keeps calm and carries on Page 17

We are not scared of Sena: Zaka LAHORE Staff RepoRt

India promises tight security

HIEF of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Zaka Ashraf on Thursday said that his team is not scared by the threats of Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray. Ashraf said that they wasn’t scared of any political threat as the Indian Government had given clearance to the series and has advised Bal Thackeray to keep away from extremism and move forward with positive thinking. He said that both countries are looking to move forward with a positive mindset ensuring that both are benefited with the resumption of ties. Thackeray had earlier termed the invitation extended to Pakistan's cricket team by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) as a matter of "national shame". "The Pakistan team will be playing matches at Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru. At one point or the other, Pak (Pakistan) terrorists have attacked these cities. The feet of Pakistani players won't touch Maharashtra but their tour of these cities is a matter of national shame," Thackeray had said. The Shiv Sena chief also accused the BCCI of "betraying the country for sake

NEw dELHi: Against the backdrop of Shiv Sena’s threat to disrupt the upcoming Indo-Pak cricket series, the Centre on Thursday said it would provide the best possible security to players and spectators of the neighbouring country. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that sports and politics should not be mixed as the cricket series will pave the way for improving bilateral ties between India and Pakistan. “When cricketers from other countries come to India, not only from Pakistan, it is our duty to protect them. We will discuss and provide best possible security. We are going to be very alert,” he said when asked about Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray’s threat. Mr. Shinde said there would be no compromise on the security of Pakistani cricketers and spectators. “We should not mix sports and culture with politics. There should be different views. This series will pave the way for the revival of better ties between the two countries,” he said.The Home Minister said the limited over cricket series should not be mixed with the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, which was carried out by Pakistan-based terror outfit LeT. The Shiv Sena chief had on Monday had called upon “staunch Hindus and patriotic people of India” to disrupt cricket matches between India and Pakistan due to be played in the country next month. Mr. Thackeray also lashed out at Mr. Shinde for his statement “to forget the past” and play cricket with Pakistan. The series would comprise three ODIs and two Twenty20 Internationals between December 2012 and January 2013. The ODI matches will be played in Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi and the Twenty20 games in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. The two countries have not played a bilateral series since Pakistan’s tour of India in 2007. Cricket ties between the two countries were snapped following the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his then Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani had watched the high-profile World Cup semi-final in Mohali last year. Asked about Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s proposed visit to India for operationalisation of the new India-Pakistan visa pact, Mr. Shinde said when he met Mr. Malik in Rome on the sidelines of the Interpol General Assembly meeting, the Pakistani leader conveyed that he may come on November 22—23. “We are yet to finalise the dates. We will give our response. They will also give their response. Then the dates will be finalised,” he said. agencieS


inzamam praises efforts to resume indo-Pak cricket

LAHORE Staff RepoRt

"I am really happy that this positive development has taken place because it is important that Pakistan and India play bilateral series against each other on a regular basis," he said in an interview. Inzamam, who played 120 Tests and 378 one-dayers before retiring in 2007, said he had always given a lot of importance to matches against India. "There is always great significance playing against India and it is always special and a treat for people in both countries. "It is good we will soon resume bilateral ties and for this I think the Pakistan Cricket Board deserves a lot of credit for making this happen," Inzamam said. The former captain also felt Indo-Pak matches deserve to be given special status. "I would love to see a full Test series between the two countries soon and given iconic status. We need to dedicate a trophy in the name of two iconic cricketers of both countries so that there is more interest generated among the people," he said. "Sadly there have been frequent breaks in bilateral series between the two countries but I hope that this time this will last and I would urge India to also tour Pakistan and play a full Test series," Inzamam said. Inzamam said some of the best memories of his long career were of matches against India. "The 2005 Test tour to India was special as I captained and we won at Bangalore and it as a great tour for us and even winning against India at Lahore in 2004 was a memorable day for me. Tests with India always produce some great finishes," he noted.said the resumption of bilateral ties would help foster better relations between the two countries.

of money" and Indian cricketers of being part of that betrayal. Meanwhile, the Indian government has assured three-tier security for the Pakistani players. Pakistan had last toured India in 2007 for a full-fledged series. However, following the Mumbai terror attacks in November 2008, ties between both countries had come to a bitter halt. BCCI had initiated the resumption of cricketing ties earlier this year to which PCB willingly agreed.

Proteas cricket dossier 'nothing new' GABBA agencieS

If a leaked Australian dossier on South African players ruffled feathers in the Proteas' camp on the eve of the first Test at the Gabba, captain Graeme Smith hid it well on Thursday. Smith seemed bemused by 'Dossiergate', saying Australia's alleged game plan for the three-Test series splashed across News Ltd papers on Thursday was 'common knowledge'. The report claimed the key points in Australia's dossier were launching a 'psychological war' on batsman Hashim Amla, targeting legspinner Imran Tahir, peppering allrounder Jacques Kallis with bouncers, keeping Smith on the crease for a possible lbw and testing fast bowler Vernon Philander's endurance. '(It's) nothing really new. It's nothing that we didn't expect,' Smith said. 'All of us have played enough against Australia and we know what it's going to take to be victorious here.' Ex-Proteas' mentor Mickey Arthur is the Australian coach and has made no secret ahead of the Gabba clash that he has shared his intimate knowledge of the South African players with the world No.3 Test side. But Smith wouldn't bite when asked if the report was a result of 'silly buggers' by Arthur's Australian camp or a media

beat-up. 'I don't know. To us, it doesn't really make a difference,' he said. Smith even tried to make light of the two-page 'South Africa files' when asked if he had similar information on Australia. 'Yes we do. We try and keep it in the guys' heads as much as possible so dossiers aren't left lying around,' he smiled.Australian captain Michael Clarke initially also tried to laugh off the report. 'Good read, wasn't it?' Clarke smiled. But he quickly distanced himself from the report when asked if it was a psychological ploy by Australia ahead of a series that will decide the world No.1 Test ranking.

'No. Well, I can only talk from my behalf, not that I know of,' he said. 'We as a team don't have an official dossier. 'We look at the footage and talk about opposition players. We study opposition strengths and weaknesses. 'There was stuff in there that is quite common knowledge about the South African team and there was other stuff in there that we certainly haven't spoken about.' Asked if the report would bother the Proteas ahead of the first Test, Clarke said: 'Both teams would have read the papers. 'The most important thing for me ... is it's not about what you say - it's about what you do.'

‘indo-Pak cricket series should not be seen politically’ court overrules azharuddin’s life ban g

NEW DELHI agecnieS

A court in India on Thursday overruled the life ban imposed on former national cricket captain Mohammad Azharuddin in 2000 for match-fixing, posing a major challenge to the sport’s ruling body. The Andhra Pradesh High Court in Azharuddin’s home city of Hyderabad upheld his petition against the ban, which followed a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) report in 2000 that found the cricketer guilty of corruption. The court said the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had acted “unilaterally” in imposing the ban and threw out a lower court’s order that ruled in favour of the ban, the Press Trust of India news agency reported. The court lifted the ban after agreeing with Azharuddin’s lawyers that there was no evidence against the former cricketer that he succumbed to any pressure while playing cricket”, the news agency added. The BCCI was undecided whether to appeal the court’s ruling, spokesman Rajiv Shukla told reporters in New Delhi. “The legal team of the BCCI needs to analyse the judgement first, we can only comment on it after that,” Shukla said. Azharuddin, now 49 and an elected lawmaker, said he was delighted with the ruling. “It was a long drawn-out legal case and it was painful,” he told reporters in New Delhi. “But finally the verdict has come and I am happy that the ban has been lifted by the court. “I am not going to take any legal action against any authority and I don’t want to blame anybody for this also. It is about destiny and whatever had to happen has happened. “My conscience was clear and I was not happy by the ban. But I take things positively. I am happy now and want to move on.” The CBI inquiry was conducted after a match-fixing scandal in 2000 that led to life bans also being imposed on two other Test captains, Hansie Cronje of South Africa and Salim Malik of Pakistan. Cronje, who was accused by New Delhi police of taking money from bookie Sanjeev Chawla during South Africa’s tour of India in 2000, died in a plane crash two years later. Azharuddin was stranded on 99 Test appearances due to the ban, having made 6,215 runs at an average of 45.03 after bursting on the scene in 1984-85 with centuries in each of his first three Tests. The wristy right-hand batsman finished with 22 Test centuries. He also scored 9,378 runs in 334 one-day internationals with seven hundreds. Azharuddin joined politics in 2009 and was elected to the lower house of parliament the same year on a Congress ticket from Moradabad.

Test cricket is the real challenge for Narine: Saqlain LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Former Pakistani off spinner Saqlain Mushtaq, who revolutionised the art of off spin and made the doosra a household term, feels that Sunil Narine has been very impressive in the shorter formats and has a bright future ahead of him. The West Indies plays their first match of the tour of Bangladesh against a BCB XI on November 8 at Savar. The tour comprises two Test matches, 5 ODIs and a solitary T20. Speaking of the threat that young off spinner Narine poses to the Bangladeshi batsmen in the upcoming series, Saqlain said that Test cricket is where Narine will be thoroughly tested and the longer format is where greatness should be

measured. He said: "I've seen Narine from time to time on television. He's an exciting talent. He was given the award for the emerging player of the year at this years ICC awards and he comes to Bangladesh on the back of a very good World T20 tournament in Sri Lanka recently. So he's in good form and full of confidence. "We'll be analysing his variations ahead of the series and I'll be advising the batsmen on what to look for. I feel that Narine's main strength is his control, but the Bangladesh team are very good players of spin and will be looking to unsettle him. "The young man (Narine) has impressed me greatly in the shorter formats of cricket, but he has to remember that taking wickets in Test cricket will be

the real challenge for him and a bowler's greatness is measured by his performances in the five day format." The West Indies play their first match of the tour of Bangladesh against a BCB XI on 8th November at Savar. The tour comprises two Test matches, 5 one day internationals and a solitary T20I, reports. Saqlain since his playing days has had a number of coaching spells around the world, including the centre of excellence in Australia and as the spin bowling coach for New Zealand Cricket. More recently Saqlain signed an initial four-month deal as the spin bowling coach with the Bangladesh Cricket Board and has been working with cricketers in Bangladesh of all ages and levels of experience.

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Staff RepoRt

AHORE wrote new history in sports with the start of Punjab International Sports Festival when international competitions were held in baseball, rugby and kabaddi at different venues and Pakistan got the honour of winning the Dosti Cup wrestling Cup defeating India 4-2 here on Thursday. It is the first time that a number of international events are taking place as a part of the festival and other attractions of the day were Pak-India wrestling Cup, hockey series and Pak-India deaf Dosti cricket Cup in which a T-20 match was played. In Dosti wrestling cup home side won the four bouts as the Indian got success in two in the one day event. In the first bout Sajjad Iqabal of Pakistan beat Prince in 55 kgs, Pakistan’s Basharat Ali beat Indian Ranjeet Singh in 60kgs, Haider Ali gave Pakistan its third success beating Indian Visho Deep in 74kgs, Omair Butt beat beat Indian Satveer Singh in 84kgs, Indian Gorpaul beat Pakistan’s Ghulam Hussain in 96kgs, Indian Mundeeb beat Pakistans Saeed Ahmed in 120kgs .

bangladesh name uncapped spinner for windies test DHAKA agencieS

Bangladesh have named uncapped offspinner Shohag Gazi in their 14-member squad for the first test against West Indies beginning in Dhaka on Tuesday. Rookie paceman Abul Hasan, who has played four Twenty20 internationals, will also be hoping to make his test debut after being included in the squad on Thursday. Gazi's selection was a reward for his impressive performance in the ongoing National Cricket League where the 21-year-old claimed 11 wickets in two matches, including a hat-trick, and hit a century. "He played very well in the National Cricket League, took few wickets and scored a century, so we thought this is the perfect time to give him the break," chief selector Akram Khan told at a news conference. "Also he is an off-spinner, as you all know West Indies team have plenty of left-handed batsman, so we needed someone like him." Pace bowler Rubel Hossain returned to the side, led by stumper Mushfiqur Rahim, after a long injury lay-off but there was no such joy for former captain Mohammad Ashraful, who was replaced by Naeem Islam. Khulna hosts the second and final test from November 21. Squad: Mushfiqur Rahim (captain), Mahmudullah, Tamim Iqbal, Shakib Al Hasan, Zunaed Siddique, Shahriar Nafees, Naeem Islam, Nazimuddin, Nasir Hossain, Elias Sunny, Shahadat Hossain, Rubel Hossain, Abul Hasan, Shohag Gazi.

Baseball event marked the start of the international events and the hosts Pakistan gave baseball lesson to lowly rated Afghanistan 15-0 to take a confident start in the competition. Mohammad Ahsan Baig and Zubair scored three score each and Usman, Omair,Sameer and Asif shared two score. heavy programme was gone through in Ruby event in which ten matches were decided at DHA Rugby ground. Rugby is the only international event of the festival in which eight international teams are taking part. Cambodia All Stars staged the biggest upset of the day beating strong home team Pakistan Gold 19-17 by collecting seven points in the last minute. The opening day proved a nightmare for the home teams as a thee ,out of four ,were beaten in their respective matches. In other nine matches, New Zealand College Riders beat Pak White 47-0, Holly Wood Ireland bt Pakistan Universities 48-0, Afghan Club Kabul United bt Hong Kong Chinese University 26-0, Delhi Hurricanes India bt Pakistan White 22-5, Uzbek Club beat Pakistan Universities 26-0, Kabul United drew with Pakistan Golf 14-14, NZ college beat Delhi 15-5, Irish club bt Uzbek club 22-0. In

the only match of kabaddi , Afghanistan beat Nepal 40-30 before wrapping up the first half 27-17 In Pak-India Dosti hockey Cup the match ,India made desperate efforts in the last ten minutes to earn a 2-2 draw against Pakistan at Johar Town ground before the hose side led 1-0 at half time . Imran Malik gave lead to Pakistan as Si-

tandir Singh leveled from India in the second half. Imran become centre of attraction by hammering his second goal which helped Pakistan to restore edge. Three minutes before the close Indian side made a great effort to lock the score at 2-2 Harpareet Singh who shone with solo efforts. In Pak India deaf T-20 match, Pak-

PcB in the way of my domestic comeback: yousuf KARACHI Former Test captain Mohammad Yousuf has been barred by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) from participating in the ongoing President’s Trophy as a result of which he will not be able to prove his fitness and form to be eligible for the national team. The rules of the President’s Trophy dictate that only the players who have been included in the squad prior to the start of the tournament will be allowed to play. Yousuf, who turned down offers from several departmental teams due to personal reasons, was recently offered a slot by Port Qasim Authority to play in the President’s Trophy. However, the PCB has turned down the special request made by PQA to allow the 38-year old to play. The batsman has been sidelined by selectors since November 2010 and must make a comeback in the domestic circuit to be considered for the national team once again. Yousuf lamented the fact that the PCB wanted him to prove his fitness but was not allowing him to play in the domestic circuit. “On one hand, the PCB tells me to prove form and fitness in the domestic circuit, but on the other hand, does not allow me to do so,” said Yousuf while talking to the media. “Since 2010 I have not been representing any domestic team, this time around the Port Qasim Authority (PQA) offered me a slot which I

readily accepted.” Former captain Rashid Latif also expressed disappointment at the PCB’s attitude. “I sent a letter to (Javed) Mian-

dad on October 30, and in any event, the PCB should have at least replied. This is not the way to treat a legendry player like Muhammad Yousuf,” said Latif.

Pietersen and compton star as England dominate agencieS

Kevin Pietersen topped the bill, among England's wall-to-wall run-makers, with a comeback century against a modest Haryana attack at the Sardar Patel Stadium B Ground. Pietersen (110 retired out), Alastair Cook (97), Nick Compton (74) and Ian Bell (57 not out) all passed 50 as England took advantage of favourable circumstances to rack up 408 for three on day one of their final warm-up match. As preparation for the four-Test series to come against India, the benefit of such easy pickings was arguable. But there was no question that a confidence boost for both Pietersen and new Test opener-in-waiting Compton were espe-

western australia confirms langer as likely head coach SYDNEY agencieS



istan scored a fine 19 runs at Iqbal Park sports complex. The home side batted first scored 148 runs for the loss of six wickets in allotted 15 overs .Man of the match, Kashif was the top scorer with a fluent half century ( 58). In reply the Indian side reach could manage 129 for the loss of seven wicket as Mandeed emerged as the best scorer with 26. On the side lines of the international sports festival, the national festival also began and competitions were held in Ahltetics (men) and table teniis (women). Following are the results of the events. In Table tennis (female): Balochistan defeated Fata 3-0.Punjab beat Balochistan 3-0.Punjab beat Fata 3-0,NWFP outplayed Balochistan 3-0 and NWFP beat Fata 3-0.In Athletics(male):100 M race: Tanveer abbas of Punjab got first position,200M: Mohammed Anees of Punjab scored first ,in 400 Mohammad Raza of Balochistan achieved first position while in 800 M:Mohammed Shahid of Punjab achieved first positions.In 1500 Mohammad Abdul Samad of Punjab secured first ,Mohammed Imran of Punjab in long jump,Mohamemd Mushtaq in shotput and Altaf Hussain in Javelin throw won the events.

cially encouraging outcomes. After Compton and Cook had set the stage, Pietersen was increasingly dominant in only his second England innings since his well-chronicled summer of discontent and subsequent reintegration. His century from only 86 balls contained 14 fours and three sixes and should help to continue what has been a smooth return so far. Compton's second successive halfcentury was equally good news after the man who always appeared in pole position to replace the retired Andrew Strauss at the top of the Test order had started with two failures. Cook and Compton, batting together for the first time, breezed past a century opening stand well before lunch off all but one over of seam bowling, and that

from Jayant Yadav rather than Test legspinner Amit Mishra. Compton was assured from the outset and Cook had an air of command as he hit 20 fours in all after sitting out the tour match against Mumbai A. The latter was within one more blow of his hundred when he edged an attempted cut behind off Yadav, Sandeep Singh taking the catch from the very first delivery after replacing the injured Nitin Saini as wicketkeeper. Compton was joined by Jonathan Trott in a partnership which took England past 200. But Mishra at last decided to bring himself on - at 211 for one after 50 overs - and it took only seven deliveries before he had Compton lbw pushing well forward to a quicker ball.

The Western Australia Cricket Association (WACA) has confirmed Justin Langer is their No.1 target in the search for a new coach. Lachlan Stevens resigned as coach of the Western Australia and Perth Scorchers cricket teams on Wednesday, citing personal reasons. The board met on Wednesday night and identified Langer as its preferred candidate for both roles. Langer, Australia's batting coach, is with the national team in Brisbane for the first Test against South Africa. WACA chief executive Christina Matthews issued a statement on Thursday, saying discussions with the former WA captain will be put on hold until the first Test ends. "We respect Justin has a very important job to do over the next five days," Matthews said. "We will therefore allow him to concentrate on that task before we intend to speak with him about the position of Warriors and Scorchers head coach, and hope to make a positive announcement shortly after the completion of the Brisbane Test." Stevens' resignation capped a tumultuous month for the WACA, who have been dealing with the fallout of a boozy night out in South Africa that overshadowed the Scorchers' Champions League Twenty20 campaign. Marcus North recently stood down as captain of Western Australia and the Scorchers, citing his own form issues rather than any off-field culture concerns.

kinnaird club defeat clc LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Kinnaird Cricket Club defeated CLC by 167 runs in the 4th U-19 Regional Inter0District Women Cricket Tournament, 2012 match played at Lahore Gym Khana Club Kinnaird Cricket Club won the toss and chooses to bat first. Kinnaird Cricket Club: 201 Runs for 3 wkts in 25 overs, Ayesha Naz 108, Natalia Perveez 25, Samina Ashraf 24. Aman & Nirma Ijaz took 1 wkts each CLC: 34 all out in 24.2 overs. Namra Imran took 3 wkts Nasira took 2 wkts while Ayesha khan, Natalia & Hafza took wkts 1 each. Ayesha Naz declared Women of the Match .

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17 Sports benazir bhutto National women karate begins

lionel messi celebrates scoring for barca during the champions league.

LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto 8th National women karate championship will be played here form today, Friday at Wapda Sports complex. Teams from Army, Wapda, Railways, Police, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Islamabad and Higher Education Commission will feature in the event which will contribute in the further development of karate among women ,said President, Pakistan Karate Federation, Mohammad Jahangir on Thursday. Following events will be contested, (Individual Kumite) below 45kgs, below 50kgs, below 55kgs, 61kgs, below 68 kgs, above 68 klgs. Individual kata and team kata. “The event will serve as trials for attending a training camp to prepare Pak women team to participate in the South Asian Games India “,he said. Punjab Governor, Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa will inaugurate the competition.

‘Royal and ancient golf club should allow women’ LONDON agencieS

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club must "get real" and end its ban on women members, the outgoing chairman of the British Olympic Association has said. With golf making its Olympic return at the Rio Games in 2016, Lord Moynihan told BBC Radio 5 live: "To me, the Royal and Ancient should change." He pointed out that Augusta National home of the Masters - reversed its ban on women members in August. The Royal and Ancient, based at St Andrews, was unavailable for comment. The club, which was founded in 1754, describes itself as "the home of golf". Following British women's success in a wide range of sports at London 2012, Moynihan believes the ban is unacceptable and wants the Royal and Ancient to change its rules. He said: "It is remarkable that Augusta has changed, but the Royal and Ancient is still there having not entitled and allowed complete equality of opportunity for women in this country. "It should be an embedded characteristic of 21st century sport, especially when you see the contribution the athletes make. "Let's get real and let's get on with the job of providing equality of opportunity across sports, sports administration as well as sporting opportunity."

Djokovic keeps calm and carries on Beaten Murray faces uphill battle LONDON agencieS

lahore muhammadan win LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Lahore Muhammadan beat Golden Eagles by 12 runs in the 3rd Amar Cables T-20 Veteran Cricket Tournament on Thursday here at the Race Course Park Cricket Ground. Lahore Muhammadan batting first 149/6 after 20 overs. Rahat Abbas 56, Saleem Malik 43 and Aleem Dar 12 runs. Naveed Sufi 2/23, Sajjad Akbar 1/22, Asif Mehmood 1/38 and Romail Bashir 1/25 wickets. In reply Golden Eagles 137 all out after 19.3 overs. Zubair Butt 28, Mujahid Jamshaid 19, Muhammad Zahid 16, Muhammad Shahbaz 15 & Asif Mehmood 13 runs. Mohtasham Rasheed bowling well 4/20, Saeed Khan 2/13, Saleem Malik 1/19, Imran Bucha 1/21 & Tariq Siddiqui 1/22 wickets. Waleed Yaqoob, Irfan Dilshad Umpire & Waris Bashir was the scorer. In the end of the match Chief Guest Chief Executive PVCA Nawab Ashiq Hussain Qureshi give away man of the match award to Mohtasham Rasheed. Amer Ilyas Butt, Khawaja Nadeem Ahmad, Saleem Malik & Salman Khan is also present.

Friday, 9 November, 2012




OVAK Djokovic no longer hits the panic button when faced with a crisis, he just keeps calm and waits for his chance. The five-time grand slam champion was as cool as a cucumber on Wednesday (Thursday, PHL time) as he withstood the best that fierce rival Andy Murray could throw at him to earn his second successive victory at this year's ATP World Tour Finals. World number one Djokovic eventually prevailed 4-6 6-3 7-5 in another energy-sapping duel with the Briton he has been locking horns with since they were 11-year-olds. Murray got the better of Djokovic in an epic U.S. Open final in September to win his first grand slam but Djokovic has won four of their seven meetings this year, including the last two. In the Shanghai Masters final last month Djokovic saved five match points before downing Murray and while he was never in quite as much trouble on Wednesday (Thursday, PHL time), he still needed those survival instincts to finally subdue the Scot after being outplayed for the first hour. "A calm mind always wins," the 25year-old Djokovic, who matured into one of

the sport's most ferocious competitors since his more combustible early days, told reporters. "I've learned what I need to do. I try to take from every experience the best that I can and mature every year as a player and as a person. I've had many matches that I was coming back from a set down or match points down." Djokovic has made a habit of winning from match point down and his record in deciding sets is up there with the best. His Australian Open final victory over Rafa Nadal this year took nearly six hours, after having spent nearly five hours beating Murray in the semis. There was also last year's U.S. Open semifinal when he saved two match points against Roger Federer to leave the Swiss reeling. Even in defeat against Murray at this year's Flushing Meadows final he battled back from two sets down before succumbing in five. "Confidence plays a key role for any person on this planet," Djokovic, who will end a second successive year as world No.1 said. " "Especially for the athletes at this level. "You need to try to rely on your strength in your game and you need to believe in your shots, believe in your instincts. "When you have that positive mindset, when you believe in your game, you have better chances of winning those crucial points." Djokovic will face Tomas Berdych in his final round-robin match on Friday.

There was no shortage of drama in the most eagerly-awaited clash of the group stages at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, but it was Novak Djokovic who edged out Andy Murray to put himself in the driving seat in Group A. It was the seventh meeting between the pair this season and their rivalry is fast developing into the headline act on the ATP Tour. They were tied at three all, with Djokovic winning epic clashes at the Australian Open and in their last meeting in Shanghai a month ago but Murray coming out in top at the Olympics and, most notably, to win his first grand slam title at the US Open. The Scot could not have started better and played a near faultless first set, but he could not sustain it and in the end a third-set comeback counted for nothing as Djokovic prevailed 4-6 6-3 7-5 in two hours and 34 minutes at London’s O2 Arena. This clash will not live long in the memory for the quality, first set from Murray aside, but it was somehow inevitable it would go down to the wire. Assessing his rivalry with the man he first played as a junior more than a decade ago, the 25-year-old said: “I think both of us probably see each other’s games pretty well. Especially this year, because we’ve played so much. “You kind of know a little bit what to expect. I think that’s why all the matches, especially the last few, have been so close and decided by a few points.” Murray was blistering in the first set, pushing Djokovic back with the ferocity of his forehand and dropping only three points on serve after breaking in the opening game following the kind of ding-dong rally for which the pair have become famous.He was still in the ascendancy at the start of the second and had a chance in the third, only for Djokovic to find the corner with a drive volley. Three games later the Serb created his first opening and took it when Murray chose to serve and volley and just missed the baseline. “There are decisions you make in matches,” he said afterwards. “If they come off, you get told you’re a genius.

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Sports 18 Neil Lennon hails Celtic after famous win over Barcelona GLOSGOW


Messi blames defeat on poor finishing


LATED manager Neil Lennon highlighted the chasm in resources between Celtic and Barcelona after his team stunned the Spaniards in the Champions League. Victor Wanyama, 21, and substitute Tony Watt put Celtic two up in Glasgow before Lionel Messi made it 2-1. "[Barca boss] Tito Vilanova can bring on David Villa and Cesc Fabregas and I bring on an 18-year-old kid who cost £50,000 from Airdrie," said Lennon. "I think it is one of the greatest nights in the club's recent history." Celtic Park rocked as Kenyan Wanyama headed Charlie Mulgrew's corner past Victor Valdes after 21 minutes. And despite waves of attacks by the Catalans, they could find no way through an organised and determined Celtic defence, with home goalkeeper Fraser Forster in supreme form. With seven minutes remaining, Xavi failed to control Forster's long kick and striker Watt pounced on the ball, raced towards the goal and hammered it low into the net to stun the visitors. Messi's close-range strike in injury time could not ruin what Lennon described as a "very poignant" result on the club's 125th anniversary. "The players are the heroes," he said after the match, which leaves Celtic two points behind leaders Barcelona in Champions League Group G and three points clear of third-placed Benfica. "I can't speak highly enough of their

gLASgOw: Victor Wanyama and Tony Watt helped Celtic record the famous victory a day after their 125th anniversary at Parkhead despite being overwhelmed by Barcelona, who recorded a whopping 89% in the match. Messi's injury time strike was not enough to rescue Barcelona and the Argentine felt that an unfortunate combination of missed chances, the woodwork and another inspired performance from goalkeeper Fraser Forster cost his side the game. "We did everything well, played better than two weeks ago against them, but the ball didn't go in," he said after the match. "The same thing happened at the Camp Nou. They played defensively and they waited to make fast counterattacks. They are very comfortable on corners and set-pieces, and that's how they scored their two goals." Messi celebrated the consolation goal with a thumbsucking gesture as a tribute to his new-born son Thiago and he hopes that there will be more opportunities for that celebration. "In the end, the goal didn't mean anything, the game was already lost. There are enough games left to dedicate goals to Thiago," he added. Barcelona now lead the group with nine points but will need to win their next match against Spartak Moscow to guarantee qualification while Celtic are second with seven points. agencieS performances tonight and they will go down in the history books of the club as the team that beat probably the best team in the world." While wanting his players to "enjoy the moment and take it all in", Lennon said the win merely improved his team's chances of progressing to the last 16 in the tournament. "It's given us a greater chance than we expected before the game. We still have two very difficult games," said Lennon, whose team next go to Lisbon to face Benfica. The manager then praised Watt for showing great composure to slot home Celtic's second. He said: "It is a phenomenal thing he has done so early in his career. "I said before the game I had no hesitation in playing him but we felt his lack of experience would have been a bit too much to put him in the starting line-up. "But he came on and he did everything we

asked him to do. He scored a brilliant goal and I felt he should have had a penalty when he got the other side of Javier Mascherano. "The kid is learning and he has written himself into the history books of the club. "He's 11 games into his career. I hope he has a fruitful career but it will take some topping what he has done tonight." Describing Celtic Park as "one of the greatest arenas in European football", Lennon praised the fans for the atmosphere they generated and gave a glimpse of how he had spotted a flaw in their famous opponents' armour. "We did feel they were vulnerable from corners, at the back post," he said. "I felt Wanyama or [Mikael] Lustig could affect that. The delivery is so important. Charlie Mulgrew is one of the best dead-ball takers in British football."

Berdych win keeps London options open Samsung sponsors 5th Punjab inter School, inter college games LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Samsung Electronics Company Limited, a global leader in Technology, is bringing a range of exciting sports activities at the different schools and colleges of Lahore, on the 10th to 14th of November, 2012. This extravaganza of sports and athletics is titled as the Samsung 5th - Punjab Inter-school / Inter-college Games organized by Punjab Olympics Association. More than 25 competitive events will be held during the “Samsung - 5th Punjab Inter-schools / Inter-Colleges Games”. The events will feature male and female student competitors. Two Hundred and fifty schools and colleges hailing from different areas of the capital of Punjab will be participating in these games to win valuable prizes and popularity. The Managing Director of Samsung Pakistan, Mr. John Park commented on the benefits and enthusiasm of the 5th Punjab Inter-school / Inter College games by saying; “The youth of Pakistan have always proved their competitive talents and excellence in numerous sports and athletics. By sponsoring these games, Samsung aims to bring out the raw talent and enrich the performance of these youngsters for a higher level of sports and international athletics. It is delightful to see their passionate participation in this event. Such events play a critical role in channeling the energies of the youth towards positive and healthy activities. Over the years, Samsung has also been regularly sponsoring the global Olympic Games and extending passionate support to numerous other sporting activities. Samsung’s sponsorship for these youthful games is a continuation of this tradition. The Punjab Inter School / Inter-College Games have been held regularly for several years now.

LONDON agencieS

Tomas Berdych broke his London hoodoo with victory over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London to ensure Group A will go down to the wire. The Czech world number six had lost all three of his matches in the capital this year, going out in the first round at Wimbledon and the Olympics and losing his opener to Andy Murray at the O2 Arena on Monday. But he recovered impressively from dropping the second set on Wednesday night to race through the decider and secure a 7-5 3-6 61 victory. A Tsonga win would have sent Novak Djokovic, a three-set winner over Murray earlier, through to the semi-finals and eliminated Berdych, but Wednesday night's

result means nothing has yet been decided. This was Berdych and Tsonga's third meeting in a month after clashes in Shanghai and Stockholm, both of which were won by the Czech. He looked like he may have blown his chance in the first set when he missed a simple volley on break point in the seventh game, but made amends in the 11th game and served it out. Tsonga, who lost to Roger Federer in last year's final, was staring at the exit door as a straight-sets defeat would have seen him eliminated on Wednesday night but he hit back and broke for a 3-1 lead in the fourth game of the second set. The popular Frenchman then saved a break point on his way to serving out the set, and had two chances to break Berdych in the opening game of the decider but it was the Czech's turn to dig in. That proved to be a crucial moment as Berdych broke in the fourth game and polished off victory in an hour and 52 minutes with his fifth game in a row.

watch it Live ESPN Sports Center 07:30PM

vilanova defends barca after defeat SCOTLAND agencieS

The La Liga giants, who had won all of their games in the competition this season prior to their visit to Celtic Park, were expected to comfortably see off their Scottish opponents on Wednesday. However, Victor Wanyama handed the hosts a surprise lead in the 21st minute, before 18-year-old Tony Watt all but sealed the win seven minutes from time in his Champions League debut. Lionel Messi pulled one back for Barca in injury-time but it proved to be too little too late as they succumbed to only their second defeat of the season in all competition, but Vilanova was quick to defend his players after the final whistle. "There is nothing to blame the players for," he said on UEFA's official website. "On the contrary, we must congratulate their effort to read the game properly from the beginning. "I think we deserved to win - we tried everything until the end. We made a mistake at a set-piece and they seized their opportunity. We only conceded two corners and they scored from one of them." "We read the game well, we created a lot of chances but we weren't on target and their keeper was brilliant," Vilanova said. "We did what we needed to do in these types of games, we've seen this on other occasions. This is the type of football that the Barca fans want to see. Besides, I prefer to have an enjoyable time watching the team from the bench. "I'm pleased because they gave it their all until the end." While the 43-year-old did admit his side wasted a good chance to open the scoring shortly before Celtic did so themselves, he was effusive in his praise of their conquerors, who celebrated their 125th anniversary a day before. "Before their first goal we had a clear chance to score," Vilanova added. "I think the game would have been very different [if we had done so]. "I think we had enough chances to win the match. If there are many games like this, we will win the majority but that was not the case today [Wednesday]. "We must also congratulate Celtic for their good game, for winning and for their spectacular support. The atmosphere in the stadium was spectacular. "We must congratulate them for their 125 years and hopefully many more to follow." "We're still in first place in the group, we're not worried," he said. "I think we did a good job, we created chances but the ball didn't go in. "The same thing happened at the Camp Nou. They played defensively and they waited to make fast counter attacks. They are very comfortable on corners and set pieces, and that's how they scored their two goals."

Formula 1 drivers warned over using bad language in interviews ABU DHABI agencieS

Formula 1 drivers have been told not to swear during media interviews. Governing body the FIA issued the demand after both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen swore, live on air, while on the podium after last Sunday's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. A letter to teams says it is "very much our collective responsibility to make sure drivers are aware such language has no place during media events". A spokesman said any future instances may lead to disciplinary action. The letter was written by FIA director of communications Norman Howell at the request of president Jean Todt. It is not clear what punishment any drivers might receive in future, but the F1 regulations contain a catch-all rule about bringing the sport into disrepute that could be applied. The letter says bad language "shines

an unwelcome beam of adverse publicity on their teams and sponsors, the sport and the FIA". It adds: "I understand that in the 'heat of battle', adrenaline, elation and disappointment make for a dangerous and heady mix. "But F1 drivers are not the only ones being interviewed in such conditions: I think of boxers, rugby and football players who are routinely interviewed live on television after a gruelling sporting effort. They manage to avoid inappropriate language." Howell said the letter had been received "positively" by the teams. He said there had been "quite a few complaints, from members of the public, people within the FIA, even from the media". He added: "Since it happened twice on the same weekend, I thought I'd send a friendly note. "We need to remind the drivers they are professionals. If you're a racing driver at that level you have to realise that part of your job description is to talk to the media, and to do so in a way that is acceptable."

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Friday, 9 November, 2012

Determination of upfront tariff in national interest: PM g

cci approves recommendations for equitable distribution of electricity ISLAMABAD Staff RepoRt


RIME Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has said that the determination of upfront tariff was of national interest and would pave the way for investors to make investments in the power sector without wasting time. This was stated by the prime minister while chairing the 10th meeting of the Council of Common Interests (CCI) convened after the passage of 18th Amendment on Thursday. The meeting also decided to constitute a standing committee of the CCI, which would be headed by the inter-provincial coordination secretary as its chairman, with the CCI joint secretary, law secretary and secretaries of inter-provincial coordination ministries of provincial governments as members. The committee would examine and scrutinize the cases enumerated in Federal Legislative List (Part II) which are to be placed before the CCI. While debating the working and functioning of National Electric and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), the prime minister said NEPRA should have inhouse capability and expertise to determine up front tariff for power plants run on coal, wind, solar, bio-gas, gas, oil etc. The tariff should be such that it should provide incentives and attract investors.

The meeting was also informed that work on Draft Electricity Law needed to be expedited. The prime minister also directed the water and power secretary in her capacity as Cabinet Division secretary to coordinate with NEPRA for working out tariff. The meeting was informed that the governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had notified police officials and other staff to help distribution companies recover dues and check theft. The meeting also discussed the report of the committee constituted by the CCI for giving its recommendations for equitable distribution of electricity in the country. The meeting was informed that the committee held three meetings on August 11, August 15 and September 15 and had come up with the following recommendations:i. The existing formula of distribution of electricity between different distribution companies in practice since 2006 may not be changed. ii. KESC will use its idle capacity to reduce their 650MW import from National Grid by 300 MW. iii. For financing/investment in hydro power projects, where financing has not yet been committed by any source, the provinces may contribute as investor in financing through a SPV/Holding Company.

iv. The proposals and schemes prepared by federal government for conversion of street lights to solar mode, distribution of CFLs and UPS charging on solar mode will be looked into for further action after detailed study by the provinces. v. Open access policy and draft Electricity Act and conservation of energy law will be presented before CCI for further processing. vi. Provincial Police Departments will designate one DSP with 40 staff members at the disposal of each DISCO which can be deployed anywhere in the DISCO’s area for recovery of revenue/bills and for instituting theft cases. DISCOs will bear financial liability in this respect. vii. Energy projects including generation and conservation, should be duly budgeted as a defined share in provincial annual development programme. viii. Replacement of Incandescent Bulbs with CFLs/LEDs. ix. Phasing out of manufacture and import of Incandescent Bulbs. x. Gas fired geysers to be replaced by solar water heaters. xi. Introduction of Micro-solar grids for up to 10 households through micro financing. After development of model, it will be shared with the provinces.

Gilani illegally obliged with PAF transportation, Senate told ISLAMABAD online

State Minister for Defence Sardar Saleem Haider has disclosed that former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani was provided with Air Force transportation for PPP’s October 15 rally in Hyderabad in violation of rules. To a question during question hour in the Senate on Thursday, he admitted that the facility was accorded to the former PM on orders of serving Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, who had the prerogative to facilitate anyone. Sardar Saleem Haider was at a loss to explain the objections of opposition when asked according to what regulations was Gilani obliged with an Air Force plane in an unofficial capacity and purely for political purposes. He said that a CN-235 (CASA) aircraft was utilised from Islamabad, Hyderabad, Karachi and Islamabad. Entitlement of PAF special flights are arranged for the president, prime minister and ministers of Pakistan in accordance with relevant rules and instruction and in accordance with prevalent instructions of the government, flights authorised by president or PM are not charged by the PAF. Sardar Saleem Haider informed the House that PML-N’s former prime minister Nawaz Sharif also ‘obliged’ one of his minister with Air Force transportation earlier. To another question, the state minister said currently there were 42 airports in the country, of which 22 were functional, while

Govt seeks review of SC’s interim order in Balochistan case ISLAMABAD Staff RepoRt

peSHaWaR: a police personnel looks at the damaged vehicle of a senior official after a suicide bombing killed 8 people on Wednesday. OnlinE

Over-the-counter sale of mobile phone SIMs to be banned: Malik g

interior minister says religious channels to be blocked during muharram ISLAMABAD StaRR RepoRt

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Thursday that over-the-counter sale of mobile phone SIMs would be banned from next month, and the cellular companies would be required to dispatch the purchased SIMs at the customer’s address. Talking to reporters after a highlevel meeting at his office, Malik said a “third power” had planned to create conflict between Shias and Sunnis during the holy month of Muharram. He said that no one would be allowed to use satellite phones without

registering with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Similarly, the PTA has been given the deadline of December 31 for registering prepaid SIMs, the interior minister said, adding that after the deadline, the unregistered SIMs would be blocked. He said that SIM portability, ie switching from one network to another, was being banned immediately. He said that in future, mobile SIMs would be issued against computerised national identity cards or utility bills. He further said that all religious TV channels would be suspended during Muharram. He said the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) should take necessary meas-

ures for enforcing these instructions. Malik said video-sharing website YouTube would be opened after the blasphemous content was removed. Responding to a question, he said that security would be beefed up in sensitive areas, besides air surveillance of those cities which were under threat of sectarian violence during Muharram. He said there was popular public demand for unblocking Youtube, adding that the video sharing website would be reopened only when all anti-Islam matter would be removed from it. However, he added that a committee under the interior secretary had been formed to procure software for blocking selected content.


The federation on Thursday filed a petition in the Supreme Court requesting it to review its order in the Balochistan law and order case. On October 12, the SC had issued an interim order on a petition on the law and order and human rights violations in Balochistan, stating that the provincial government had constitutionally failed to curb human rights violations, targeted killings and kidnappings for ransom in the province. The order had stated that the provincial government had failed to establish the writ of law and had lost the authority to govern the province in accordance with the constitution. The federation’s petition stated that the order was “extremely dangerous” for the country and was based on assumptions, adding that through the ruling, an attempt had been made to revive the spirit of the 17th Amendment. The petition moreover stated that the judiciary’s involvement in the country’s politics was a violation of Article 5 of the constitution, adding that the judges could not violate their oaths, adding that the court’s order was not in accordance with the authority that the constitution had placed in the judiciary.

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

Editor: Arif Nizami

others were redundant. He also informed the Senate that all maintenance of airports was handled by CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) by its selfgenerated funds. Earlier, Senator M Hamza of the PML-N raised the issue, questioning the rules and the amount spent on the trip. Senate Chairman Nayyer Hussain Bukhari deferred the interior ministries questions due to absence of the minister. Hamza criticised the government, saying it had raised an army of ministers and it was the collective responsibility of cabinet members to response to questions in absence of any of their colleague. In a written reply, Defence Minister Naved Qamar informed the House that his ministry had not made any agreement with any foreign government for permitting drone attacks in Pakistan. He said in the absence of any agreement, the exact date of the commencement of drone strike inside Pakistan was not available in records of the ministry. The written reply added that the drone strikes were being carried out without the consent of the government of Pakistan and its armed forces, therefore, no exact time limit could be given about their termination. The government of Pakistan and the army leadership have repeatedly raised the issue and the need for their immediate cessation with the US government and its military authorities.

At least 18 killed in Afghan bomb attacks kAbuL: At least 18 people, including 10 civilians, were killed in three attacks in Afghanistan’s south and east on Thursday, provincial officials said, the highest death toll in a single day since a spate of killings over the Eid festival last month. A roadside bomb killed 10 civilians who were driving to a wedding in the Musa Qala district of Helmand province, Helmand police chief’s spokesman Farhid Ahmad Farhang said. Another roadside bomb killed five soldiers in the Badpakh area of Laghman, a province in the east, said Sarhadi Zwak, a spokesman for the provincial governor. In the third attack, a suicide bomber on a motorbike detonated his explosives at a police station in Kandahar city, killing three policemen and wounding four, local officials said. app

e-paper pakistantoday 09th November, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 09th November, 2012

e-paper pakistantoday 09th November, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 09th November, 2012