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aitzaz ahsan says ‘too strong’ judiciary oversteps at time

Clinical aussies dash pakistan’s dream for Olympic medal

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Can’t keep her away Veena Malik back with ramadan show

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Wednesday, 8 august, 2012 Ramadan 19, 1433

Defiant PPP reaDy to face ISLAMABAD aGenCies

HE Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leadership on Tuesday decided to fully resist all the new centers of power confronting parliament within the limits of law and constitution. The decision was made in a meeting of senior PPP leaders and federal ministers chaired by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf at the Presidency. Briefing journalists about the meeting, President’s Spokesman Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the meeting discussed the current situation in the country with focus on preparation for elections, overcoming energy crisis and the legal challenges

high-level party meeting says legislation is parliament’s sacred duty and it will not compromise on this right before the government. He said that the president called upon the party leadership to gear up preparations for the future elections which the president emphasized would be held on time in accordance with the constitutional and legal dictates and in consultation with coalition partners. He said that the Election Commission had announced completion of electoral rolls Continued on page 04

A banner displayed in Lahore’s Gawalmandi area on Tuesday. INP

Load shedding protests justified: LhC CJ LAHORE sTaff reporT

Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial on Tuesday said protests against unannounced load shedding across the province were justified, as demonstrations against power outages continued in several cities of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In his remarks during proceedings of petitions against unannounced load shedding, Justice Bandial said in a city like Lahore, residents remained without electricity and water for 18 hours a day and had no other option but to protest. The LHC CJ added that the government was discriminating when it came to load shedding and officials sitting in air-conditioned offices had

no clue about the plight of the people. The LHC also directed for a load shedding schedule and the steps taken to inform the public of the matter in the last six months. His remarks came as the electricity shortfall crossed 4,000 megawatts on Tuesday. According to a spokesperson for the Energy Management Cell, the production of electricity was 14,186MW while the demand was 18,192 MW. Officials of the Lahore Electric Supply Company said transformers in certain areas tripped due to which production of electricity was affected. Meanwhile, protests against prolonged unannounced load shedding continued in parts of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Tuesday, with residents blocking roads and burning tyres to demand uninterrupted power supply. Women and children in hun-

dreds held a rally outside the Mandi Bahauddin Press Club to protest against GEPCO for prolonged and unscheduled power load shedding. The protesters wielded cooking pans and sticks as they chanted slogans against the authorities. They condemned WAPDA and rulers for their complete failure to provide electricity during Ramadan, especially at Sehr and Iftar timings, as promised earlier. Also, hundreds of tribesmen in Miranshah, headquarters of North Waziristan Agency, protested against power breakdown for the second consecutive day, demanding the government immediately restore power supply to the region. Hundreds of enraged protesters also protested in Mirali against power breakdowns. Protests were also staged in other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

All eyes on SC as PM’s letter deadline ends ISLAMABAD MuHaMMad azaM

The deadline given by the Supreme Court to the prime minister to write a letter to Swiss authorities expires today (Wednesday) when the Supreme Court resumes hearing in the NRO implementation case. The case will be heard by a five-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa and comprising Justice Ameer Hani Muslim, Justice Ijaz Afzal Khan, Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry and Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed. The court had given an August 8 deadline to Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to write to Swiss authorities for reopening graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. The government’s defiance has already cost it a prime minister, when Yousaf Raza Gilani was sent packing by the apex court on June 19 over charges of committing contempt

by defying court orders in the NRO judgment. The judiciary-executive tussle has left the country in a rut, with both sides trying to outdo the other by claiming supremacy over the other. The

government has time again taken the stance that parliament was the supreme authority in the country and its decisions were unquestionable. The government also got a resolution passed

in favour of former PM Gilani in an attempt to safeguard him from contempt proceedings, but when the calling came, there was no stopping the judiciary from sending Gilani out of office. Once the new PM was ushered into office, the government got to work to devise ways not to let another PM bite the dust. With parliament apparently acting as a mere stooge to the ruling elite, a new contempt law was passed by the National Assembly making the president, PM, chief ministers, governors and ministers above accountability by the apex court, even if they indulged in immoral criticism of the court with “good intentions”. However, the parliament’s supremacy did not last long when the SC struck down the new contempt law on August 3, only after 24 days in enforcement. The SC action has again put the PPP in a tight spot as its PM heads to court today, leaving many to speculate his fate.

NAB says Ashraf, Gilani involved in ‘illegal appointment’ of Tauqir Sadiq as OGRA chief ISLAMABAD Tayyab Hussain

Officials of two investigation agencies on Tuesday made startling revelations in the apex court, stating that the incumbent and former prime ministers of the country were involved in what they called “illegal appointment” of an officer due to whom the exchequer allegedly suffered a loss of Rs 82 billion. Tauqir Sadiq is the brother-in-law of PPP Secretary General Jahangir Badr. He was removed from the post of OGRA chairman for holding fake degrees and involvement in misappropriation of funds. NAB informed the apex court that incumbent Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, his predecessor Yousaf Raza Gilani and cabinet division secretary Nargis Sethi were allegedly involved in the illegal appointment of former OGRA chairman Tauqeer Sadiq, due to which the exchequer allegedly suffered a loss of Rs 82 billion. A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry was conducting contempt of court proceedings in the Tauqeer Sadiq case. During the proceedings, NAB Investigation Officer Waqas submitted its report in the court regarding appointment of Sadiq. Waqas also briefed the court in detail about the probe. The chief justice praised him, saying, “You are performing well.” He added that Waqas should be protected by the authority chief as he had worked hard in national interest. The investigation officer informed the Supreme Court that Ashraf was chairman of interview board while federal secretaries Zafar Mehmood and Nargis Sethi were members of the board that approved the illegal appointment of Tauqeer Sadiq. Continued on page 04

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02 News NeWS


ppp busy in corruption, not serious about ending power crisis: nawaz


iNfOTAiNmeNT 5 futuristic technologies that will never exist

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No breakthrough as MQM meets PTI for roundtable moot LAHORE


sTaff reporT

delegation of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) comprising of Dr Farooq Sattar, Raza Haroon, Wasay Jalil and Iftikhar Randhawam, met the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) delegation comprising Vice Chairman PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi, President Javed Hashmi and Information Secretary PTI Punjab Andleeb Abbas at PTI’s office in Lahore. Both the delegations exchanged views on the current situation in the country in a frank, open and candid manner. Dr Sattar conveyed the message of their leader concerning the internal and external dangers confronting the country and the need for all parties to sit together and find solutions that can save the country from this quagmire. He expressed his special concerns on the conditions of the economy, energy and Balochistan. Javed Hashmi from PTI stated that dialogue with all political parties was an essential part of the democratic process and it must continue with parties within and outside the parliament. Shah

Mahmood Qureshi also welcomed this process of reaching out to all parties for a national agenda but expressed serious reservations on the key issues in the country and government’s sincerity in solving them. He said that he was glad to know MQM had expressed those very concerns that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had been voicing for many years. He particularly pointed out the grave situation of missing persons, Hazara killings in Balochistan and asked the MQM delegation to put pressure on the government to take it seriously. Other issues under discussion were the independence of judiciary and the highly defamatory remarks of Faisal Raza Abidi. Qureshi also pointed out the recent remarks of Raza Rabbani on the rollback of 18th amendment as an alarming disrespect of constitution by the present government. The PTI delegation requested the MQM delegation to ensure participation of all parties in the selection of the caretaker government to ensure free and fair election. The PTI delegation concluded the meeting by saying they would convey the discussions to their apex decision making body.

Doctors strike in Quetta for the seventh day QUETTA aGenCies

Doctors continued their strike for the seventh day on Tuesday, as their abducted senior colleague, Dr Ghulam Rasool, has still not been recovered yet. Doctors in Balochistan including Quetta, boycotted work in OPDs in all government and private hospitals, but attended patients in emergency and casualty wards. The call to strike came from Pakistan Medical Association (Balochistan) and other doctors’ organizations. According to the PMA, the strike will continue till Dr Rasool is recovered. Due to the closed OPDs in government hospitals and the non-availability of doctors, patients had suffered a lot.

Wednesday, 8 August, 2012

LaHore: Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader dr farooq sattar addresses the media after meeting with pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf leaders shah Mahmood Qureshi and Makhdoom Javed Hashmi at the pTi office on Tuesday. ONLINE

Aitzaz says ‘too strong’ judiciary oversteps at times

Likeminded group faces further divisions g

‘Henchmen’ appointed against key posts ISLAMABAD Tayyab Hussain

MOnITORIng DESk PPP senior leader and prominent lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan on Tuesday defended former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani against his dismissal by the Supreme Court, saying the country’s judiciary was “too powerful” and had at times overstepped its limits. Talking to BBC, he said the SC could not terminate a law that was passed by parliament with two-third majority. Aitzaz said there was no doubt that democracy was strengthened when the chief justice of Pakistan took a stand against General (r) Pervez Musharraf, but now some Supreme Court decisions were being questioned and people were pointing fingers at these decisions. He said the Pakistan People’s Party would be able to form the government after the next election as President Asif Ali Zardari had good experience of forming coalition governments. He said the SC decisions had blocked the way for Martial Law, adding that there was a tense power struggle ongoing in Pakistan.

Further split may hit the ranks of Pakistan Muslim League-Likeminded PML-LM as two of its members were handpicked and appointed on Tuesday against key offices in the party without any formal decision-making process. Following internal bickering and maneuvering by the party Chairman Chaudhry Hamid Nasir Chattha, a new controversy may trigger as the central leadership of the PML-LM has decided to appoint Iqbal Dar as secretary finance of the party while Riaz Mohammad Dogar as acting provincial president KP of the group. The group is an off-shoot of the PML-Q and as yet has neither its manifesto nor the constitution despite parting ways from PML-Q in 2009. None of the office-bearers who took the decision to make new appointments was authorized to do so as the party president has yet not delegated powers to doing so. The appointments have been made in violation of the Political Parties Act 2002. The group has made these appointments breaching the prerogative of the party president, Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim, who lives in self-exile these days. As per an official handout, the decisions were taken during a meeting of the party attended by the party’s central leaders Salim Saifullah Khan, Humayon Akhtar Khan, Kashmala Tariq and others. However, the party sources claim that no such meeting was held and both decisions were imposed by Hamid Nasir Chattha and Salim Saifullah Khan who had got their henchmen appointed against key posts. The source said that Salim Saifullah Khan had been instrumental in getting his crony ap-

pointed as KP president due to his political clout in the party. These days, Saifullah heads the party’s steering committee. “Neither there was any meeting held here at the party’s central secretariat nor the matter was discussed at any proper forum,” said a source, adding that the decision was made after Chattha threatened to leave the party if his close confidant, Iqbal Dar, was not accommodated.” The source said that the party’s central secretariat belonged to Hamid Nasir Chattha, which was bought by the funds of the PML-Junejo in late 1980s. Due to the same reason, Chattha was instrumental in getting the decision as per his wish by the party’s decisionmaking individuals. However, the source said, no one was happy about these appointments as neither Dar was active in politics nor he enjoyed any support in his area. “Who knows Dar? He cannot even win a union council election. But the real party leaders are being ignored and leaders are dividing the party offices among themselves,” asserted the source. The group, which had support of around thirty lawmakers in the recent past, has already shrunk to only five lawmakers – thanks to support from Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim whose group enjoys support of three MNAs out of the total five. Those supporting Rahim include Arbab Zakaullah, Krishan Chand Perwani and Ghulam Haider Samijo. Kashmala Tariq and Humayon Saifullah Khan are other two MNAs supporting the group. Most of the politicians previously associated with the group have either rejoined Chauhdry Shujaat-led PML-Q or have found asylum in the Imran-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI). The party’s Secretary Information Kashmala Tariq did not respond to the repeated calls made at her cell phone.

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News 03 ARTS & eNTeRTAiNmeNT


Kareena, imran to pair up for new flick

apple won’t include youTube app in new mobile software Clinical aussies dent pakistan’s pride


ediTORiAl Times, they are a-changed: Keep up or let up?

cOmmeNT dr Hasan askari rizvi says; The executive-judiciary conflict: Looking at the dynamics of the standoff.

syed Hassan belal zaidi says; A Twit petition: For those of my readers who are not ‘down’ with Twitter, this is a pointless read. Please check out Sabir Nazar’s excellent cartoon instead.

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Imran vows to P take PML-N accuser to court ISLAMABAD aGenCies

AKISTAN Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan announced on Tuesday that he would take Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Khawaja Asif to the courts over his “false accusations” against the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Imran appealed to the chief justice to hear his case as soon as possible. The PTI chairman said that he had challenged Nawaz Sharif with 11 questions on Friday, but the PML-N chief had not responded to any one of it. He said that unlike Nawaz he had not set up factories for his own benefit, but created welfare institutions such as Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and NAMAL College. He said that he had responded to Chaudhry Nisar’s allegations by publicly showing the record of last 30 years’ tax returns, but that Nawaz had not responded to any of his allegation. The PTI chief said that he had decided to take PML-N leader Khawaja Asif to court for leveling false allegations against the Shaukat Khanum Trust. He further said that he would take all those individuals to court, including Chaudhry Nisar, who had made false accusations against him. “The allegations were leveled in Ramazan as he (Khawaja Asif) knew this is the time when Shaukat Khanum Trust collects the majority of its donations. By hurling these allegations, the life of patients has been put in jeopardy,” he said.

Imran said that he was still waiting for PML-N President Nawaz Sharif to answer the eleven questions he had raised. “Nawaz Sharif hides behind Khawaja Asif and Chaudhry Nisar,” he said. Imran announced that the Shaukat Khanum Trust was about to break ground on another cancer hospital in Lahore, and would build one in Karachi if land was provided. “Since the elections are nearing, they are going to target Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Sita White in their campaigns to malign my name. If he is truthful, then the case should be dealt by the Supreme Court so that the situation is made clear to the masses.” Addressing the chief justice, he said that he was not building “factories” with the donation money, but was building institutions for the people of Pakistan. He said that the biggest responsibility of a politician was to secure public money and to spend it wisely. “Back in 1997, they ran the same campaign against me while I was abroad to collect funds. Only I know how I had saved the hospital in a state of declining fund,” Imran said. He said that if his hospital fails to provide free treatment to patients, the PML-N leader would accuse him of not providing the treatment despite asking for funds. On the other hand, PML-N leader Khawaja Asif welcomed Imran Khan’s decision to challenge his allegations in the court.

CAn’t keeP her AwAy

Veena Malik

back with Ramadan show LAHORE sTaff reporT

The controversial Pakistani model-actor Veena Malik is back to host Hero TV show “Astaghfaar” which was called off after a barrage of protests on social media. The channel had previously decided not to on-air the show featuring Veena Malik due to a public outcry. “TV is for the awaam. If the awaam does not want to see Veena Malik on this Ramadan show, then we will cancel it,” a member of the production team was quoted as saying. However, now the channel has taken the risk of airing the “Astaghfaar” show hosted by Veena Malik in order to cover up the losses which they had to bear because of dropping Malik. A fourminute short clip is available on Youtube in which the actor is seen hosting the show along with a religious scholar. People are yet to react but Ms. Malik is very excited about her comeback. She was quoted as saying, “I am very happy that my show Astaghfar is going to be on air. I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to host this show. It is people’s loves which has brought me back on the show.”

Ephedrine case: ANF moves SC to put 14 accused on ECL ISLAMABAD

Aseefa to convince reluctant families about anti-polio vaccination


The Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) has filed an application with the Supreme Court, seeking direction for the Interior Ministry to place the names of 14 high profile persons allegedly involved in the Ephedrine case on the Exit Control List (ECL). The application was submitted by Brigadier Fahim, the investigating officer in the case. Through the application, the ANF requested the court to place the names of Makhdoom Shahbuddin, Rasheed Juma, Khushnood Lashari, Ali Musa Gilani, and others on the ECL. The ANF also requested the Interior Ministry to place the accused on the ECL. During the proceedings of the case, the Supreme Court sought a written complaint from the ANF over the failure of the Interior Ministry to place known personalities under investigation in the Ephedrine quota scandal on the ECL.

Pizza Hut ditches all-you-can-eat Ramadan offer to curb ‘unrestrained gluttony’ nEWS DESk Pizza Hut has withdrawn its all-you-can eat Ramadan offer in Pakistan prompting howls of fury from thousands of hungry families used to breaking their fast with plate after plate of deep pan or thin crust, according to a report in The Telegraph. Instead the chain said it wants to reduce “gluttony” by limiting customers to a single regular pizza in its Ramadan Fiesta offer. In previous years Pizza Hut restaurants would be packed for the evening meal of Iftar, as diners starving from a day of fasting would fill their bellies with pizza after pizza for as little as £7 – a figure industry analysts said was unsustainable. Furious fast food fans have taken to social media to complain at the new, cheaper deal, which is still advertised as an “all-youcan” offer. “Pathetic and a misleading deal. It’s only one regular pizza with bottomless Pepsi, not

all you can eat,” said one post on Pizza Hut Pakistan’s Facebook page. Imran Khan, a student and regular customer at a branch in Karachi, said: “The place was always packed in the evening. For a lot of people it had become a Ramadan tradition so this change is very sad.” Marya Khan, of Pizza Hut Pakistan, said the offer was more in keeping with the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan. “The former all-you-can-eat format served as an unrestrained invitation to gluttony and waste, colliding with the very spirit of Ramadan,” she said. “For those who do not consider Iftar deal as a means of just gorging after sunset, then the new Ramadan Fiesta offered by Pizza Hut is a well-balanced and valuable deal to enjoy finest pizza at a value price.” Pizza Hut in Pakistan was one of many fast food restaurants to have benefited from a move away from the traditional Iftar meal of spiced fruit salad, chickpeas and dates.

As an alternative, many people are turning to Chinese buffets or burger joints although pakoras – vegetable or chicken

fritters - remain the most popular way to break the Ramadan fast, according to a recent survey by Gallup Pakistan.


Goodwill Ambassador for Eradication of Polio Aseefa Bhutto Zardari on Tuesday said that she was committed to eradicating polio from the country and would visit reluctant families to convince them to take the anti-polio vaccination. In her remarks during the meeting of National Polio Task Force held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat here, Aseefa said it was one of the missions of her mother Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, which she carried out with passion. Aseefa Bhutto said that the government would leave no stone unturned in realizing Bhutto’s dream. She said that Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had started the campaign to eradicate polio from the country as she considered the children of Pakistan to be her own. She said that the campaign against polio was not limited to any political party but was a common cause of civil society and all political parties in the country. With regards to the fact that Taliban were opposing this campaign, she termed them as militants and reaffirmed that “we will not allow this to happen. We will have a polio-free Pakistan”.

Wednesday, 8 August, 2012

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04 News french soldier, 10 taliban killed in afghan firefight Defiant ppp Truck bomber wounds soldiers at NATO base in logar province donkey bomb kills Afghan police chief reaDy tO faCe






French soldier and around 10 Taliban fighters were killed in an early morning ambush and subsequent firefight during a joint operation on Tuesday with the Afghan army in Kapisa province, officials said. A statement from Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault’s office said a French soldier died and another was wounded “during a clash with insurgents” and that the wounded soldier was expected to survive. The statement said the soldiers were from the elite 13th Chasseurs Alpin Battalion. The dead soldier was “part of an assistance team

advising Afghan units”, a statement from President Francois Hollande’s office said. The French military in Paris said around 130 French soldiers came under smallarms and rocket-propelled grenade attack at around 6am while securing an area near a bridge outside Tagab village. Chief-of-staff spokesman Bertrand Bonneau said around 10 Taliban were killed during the firefight that followed the ambush and that an Afghan soldier was also wounded. Two wounded French soldiers were airlifted to Kabul but one died en route, the military said. NATO bAse: Meanwhile, a powerful suicide truck bomb exploded at a NATO military base south of Kabul on Tuesday, wounding three soldiers and at least 17 civilians,

Afghan police said. Just hours earlier, a Taliban bomb killed nine people and wounded five when it struck a minibus on the western outskirts of Kabul, amid growing unrest in areas neighbouring the Afghan capital. A spokesman for NATO’s International Security Assistance Force confirmed “there has been an explosion outside an ISAF facility in Logar province” and that some troops were wounded. “We have information that ISAF members were wounded but it is our policy not to confirm the number or condition of the injured,” he said, adding that the cause of the explosion was under investigation. Provincial police chief Ghulam Sakhi Rogh Lewanai told AFP, “A truck loaded with explosives detonated at the coalition

forces’ camp in (the provincial capital) Puli Alam city. So far we have information that 17 Afghan civilians and three ISAF soldiers have been injured.” Most of the civilians worked at the base, he said. ISAF said the explosion was outside the base, near an Afghan bazaar. Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack, some 70 kilometres south of Kabul. “At around 9am one of our mujahideen carried out a suicide truck bomb attack on a big US forces’ camp resulting in many deaths and injuries,” Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a text message. President Hamid Karzai condemned the attack on the minibus near the capital, saying nine people had been killed, updating an earlier toll of eight.

DONkey bOmb: Separately, a bomb strapped to a donkey by Taliban insurgents killed an Afghan district police chief and wounded three others, an official said on Tuesday. The explosive-laden donkey was tied to a bridge near the gate of the local government headquarters in Charsada, in impoverished central Ghor province, before police chief Gul Ahmad arrived at work on Monday, the official said. “When the district police chief’s vehicle was passing, the bomb was exploded by remote control, killing the police chief on the spot,” provincial spokesman Abdulhai Khatibi told AFP. Three other policemen were injured, he said, blaming the attack on Taliban militants.

ANP district official killed in mardan

censured Afghan defence minister quits

MARDAn sTaff reporT

kABUL afp

Afghanistan’s outgoing defence minister Abdul Rahim Wardak abruptly resigned on Tuesday after parliament demanded his ouster but President Hamid Karzai kept him on in an acting capacity. The move by Wardak, who has strong support among Afghanistan’s Western allies, comes at a critical time as NATO prepares to pull its troops out in 2014 and hand responsibility for the fight against Taliban insurgents to local forces. “In accordance with the decision of parliament as the highest legislative body, and with permission of the presidency, I declare my position as defence minister finished,” Wardak told a news conference. Karzai on Sunday accepted a decision by parliament to dismiss Wardak and Interior Minister Bismillah Mohammadi — his two top security ministers — but asked them to continue temporarily until they could be replaced. He said he would offer them other posts within government, without giving details. Parliament’s vote of no confidence on Saturday came amid tensions with neighbouring Pakistan and increasing insurgent attacks. The lawmakers said the ministers had failed in their handling of cross-border shelling barrages blamed on Pakistan and other security issues in a country facing an insurgency by hardline Islamists. After similar moves against other ministers in the past, Karzai has sometimes kept them serving in an acting capacity for several months.

Wednesday, 8 August, 2012

MuLTan: punjab Chief Minister shahbaz sharif inspects new buses for the mass transit system on Tuesday. onLine

FBISe chairwoman’s PhD degree fake: heC ISLAMABAD onLine

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Tuesday said the PhD degree of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) Chairwoman Shaheen Khan was fake. According to a private TV

channel, the HEC referred Khan’s case to a standing committee of the HEC through a letter on Tuesday. Khan was appointed FBISE chairperson in September 2008 and had been an employee of the HEC before her appointment. According to the HEC, Khan’s PHD degree was sent

to the University of Karachi for verification. However, the university did not verify her degree even after the end of deadline. HEC officials said the issue would be taken up by professional and the Technical Education Committee and her degree would remain ‘fake’ until the confirmation.

Unidentified gunmen killed a member of the district council of the ruling Awami National Party (ANP) Haji Mohammad Jamal Khan in his hujra in Dheri village on Monday. Sources said the three gunmen entered Jamal’s hujra after iftar and started firing at him and killed him on the spot. Jamal was the brother of late ANP MPA Mohammad Iqbal Khan from Katlang tehsil. The deceased’s brother, Mohammad Ashiq Khan told police that he and his family had no enmity with anyone and registered a first information report (FIR) in Katlang police station against the unknown accused. Jamal was a known political figure of the area and belonged to Khuda-eKhidmatgar family. Jamal’s funeral prayers were offered in Dheri Lakpani and were attended by a large number of ANP office bearers, workers and people of the area. He was laid to rest in his ancestral graveyard. His Qul will be held on Thursday in Dheri village in tehsil Katlang.

Continued fRom page 01

which were on display and advised the party leadership to ensure that every MNA‚ MPA and ticket holder thoroughly checked voter-lists so that no one was left out, and reported any discrepancy to the Election Commission for rectification. He asked party leaders to reach out to masses and address their problems. The president said that holding of next general elections on time at the end of the tenure by the present assemblies would be another important milestone in the nation’s journey towards strengthening of democracy and further strengthening of the political process. Zardari said that the PPP believes in the power of the people and has never been shy of reverting to the people for endorsement of its policies. He said that the party believed in free, fair and transparent elections for which it was important that the electoral rolls should be free of errors and no eligible voter was left out of the list. The spokesman said that the Minister for Water and Power Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar briefed the meeting about the energy situation in the country. The minister said that in view of the critical nature of the power issue and the problems faced by the people, the repair work of the high voltage pylons in Muzaffargarh was done on war footing and the disrupted power restored to the national grid.

He said that with necessary financial resources being put in place for the fuel and expected rise in water level of the dams, the power generation would further improve. The meeting was informed about the progress with regards to implementation of the cabinet decision about zero duty on the import of solar panels. He said that solar based energy would significantly reduce the pressure on the power sector. In addition to this, work on small dams in various parts of the country was also being done on priority basis. Law Minister Farooq H Naek briefed the meeting on the legal challenges and the strategy to confront them. The meeting expressed satisfaction with the strategy and determined to resist within bounds of law and constitution. It said that the law making was a sacred responsibility of legislature which would not be abandoned at any cost. The meeting also reposed full confidence in President Zardari and Prime Minister Ashraf’s leadership. Those who were present during the meeting included among others PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, Amin Fahim, Naveed Qamar, Rehman Malik, Senator Farooq H Naek, Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Makhdoom Shahabuddin, Ahmed Mukhtar, Senator Mian Raza Rabbani, Senators Jahangir Badar and Sardar Ali Khan.

NAB says Ashraf, Gilani Continued fRom page 01

He said Yousaf Raza Gilani was the prime minister at the time, adding that they were all involved in the appointment. The chief justice remarked that the court would provide protection to the investigation officer. He further said the report reflected that the NAB chairman was not complying with court orders. The court directed the NAB chairman to submit a report under his signature by August 13 regarding the implementation of judgment passed in the case, enquiring what steps had been taken against the persons who were allegedly involved in the case and progress made in the recovery of alleged misappro-

priation of Rs 82 billion. The court had passed an order nine months ago to probe into the matter when Yousaf Raza Gilani was holding the PM’s office. The court observed that no action had been taken so far either from OGRA or NAB on the judgment. The judgment should be implemented in letter and spirit, the CJ remarked. NAB Deputy Prosecutor General Fozi Zaffar apprised the bench that a warrant for the arrest of the ex-OGRA chief had been issued as he was hiding in Lahore, but the Punjab Police IG was not cooperating for the arrest. The court also directed Sadiq to remain present in the court during the next date of hearing and adjourned the proceedings until August 13.

Assad sees Iran envoy as troops battle Aleppo rebels DAMASCUS/BAgHDAD/AnkARA afp

Syrian President Bashar alAssad held unannounced talks with a top envoy from closest ally Iran on Tuesday as his troops engaged rebels in fierce fighting in key battleground city Aleppo. Iran, which has voiced growing criticism of support by the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the rebels fighting Assad’s forces, also sent its foreign minister to Ankara and a stern letter to Washington holding them responsible for the fate of 48 of its citizens kidnapped by the rebels. Saeed Jalili, a top aide to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, went straight into his meeting with

Assad on his arrival from neighbouring Lebanon, a day after Syria’s prime minister abandoned the regime. “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes in national dialogue between all domestic groups to be the solution, and believes foreign solutions are not helpful,” Iran’s state media quoted him as saying on arrival in Damascus. “We hope to take an effective step in regards to this new direction.” In commercial capital Aleppo, fierce fighting between troops and rebels rocked several areas of the city centre early on Tuesday, while the army also shelled rebel-held areas in the east, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The fighting killed at

least seven people, the Britain-based watchdog said. Troops fought rebels in the Bab Antakya, Aziziyeh, Bab Janin and Sabaa Bahrat areas of central Aleppo and near the Palace of Justice in the west, it said. Fighting also broke out for the first time in the Ashrafiyeh district in the northwest, Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP. “Clashes broke out there after rebels attacked a military post,” he said. Aleppo has been bracing for a threatened ground offensive by the army against the rebels, who say they control around half of the city. Nationwide, violence killed at least 265 people on Monday, 182 of them civilians, making it one of the

deadliest days of the uprising, the Observatory said. Now ex-prime minister Riad Hijab was in neighbouring Jordan firming up his plans after his shock defection to the opposition, which Washington said showed Assad’s regime was crumbling. US National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said Hijab’s defection was “just the latest indication that Assad has lost control of Syria and that the momentum is with the opposition forces and the Syrian people.” Assad’s government put on a brave face. Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi said defections at whatever level would have no impact, implicitly acknowledging the premier’s flight. “Syria is a state of institu-

tions and the defection of individuals, whatever their rank, does not change the policy of the state,” Zohbi told the official SANA news agency. Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi headed to Turkey to demand Ankara’s assistance in securing the release of the Iranian hostages amid growing concern for their fate following an unconfirmed report by a rebel group on its Facebook page that three of them had been killed in shelling by Assad’s forces on Monday. “Considering that the (rebel) Free Syrian Army — which claims to have abducted the Iranian pilgrims — is backed by Turkey, the visit by the foreign minister aims to warn and remind the Ankara government of its re-

sponsibilities in this matter,” the foreign ministry said. Tehran delivered a similar message to Washington in a letter transmitted through the US interests section of the Swiss embassy. “Because of the United States’ manifest support of terrorist groups and the dispatch of weapons to Syria, the United States is responsible for the lives of the 48 Iranian pilgrims abducted in Damascus,” Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian quoted the letter as saying. Meanwhile, more than 22,000 Iraqis have fled the violence in Syria for their home country in less than three weeks, joining over 12,000 Syrian refugees, a UN refugee agency official said on Tuesday.

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05 PPP busy in corruption, not serious about ending power crisis: Nawaz

Militants attack FC post in Barkhan, arms recovered in Chagai QUETTA


sTaff reporT

Shahbaz accuses President Zardari of ‘taking revenge from Punjab’ LAHORE


sion (NFC) Award. “We can work sitting in tents instead of AC rooms, as we aim to serve the country and nation,” he asserted. To a query regarding Multan fireworks blast, he said an inquiry was being conducted and the culprits would be given due punishment.


AKISTAN Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said the electricity crisis could be resolved with the will of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), but “it is busy in corruption and clash with the judiciary”, as his brother Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that Punjab was being subjected to revenge by President Asif Ali Zardari. Talking to a group of PML-N workers from Gujrat at his Raiwind residence, Nawaz said the purpose of politics was to serve people, but the PPP and its allies had turned it into a game of personal interests. “The federal government has failed completely to solve the problems of the people, and the masses would reject those pursuing the ‘politics of corruption and personal interests’ in the next elections,” he said, asking his party workers to start preparations for general elections after Ramadan. He said the PPP had never actually kept the resolution of

people’s problems on its agenda, adding that the PML-N was the “only party” with a manifesto to serve the people and take the country on the path of progress. He said the PML-N had got two opportunities of ruling the country, and that its politicians had “worked hard” to deliver the best however “anti-democratic forces” hindered the way to glory. Manwhile talking to reporters at his Multan office, Shahbaz

Sharif said the ongoing prolonged spells of load shedding had ransacked the economy of Pakistan. On questions put up by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, Shahbaz said, “My son gave fairly satisfactory answers regarding Imran. I don’t want to add anything.” He said Punjab contributed Rs 11 billion to the National Finance Commis-

Two killed in Quetta violence

Astore jail inmates break free with police’s weapons

QUETTA sTaff reporT

Two men were killed in two separate firing incidents in Quetta on Tuesday. Police officials said in the first incident, armed men opened indiscriminate fire on Asadullah, a shopkeeper in Suranj Ganj Bazaar, killing him on the spot. Police said the victim was resident of Pishin and the motive behind his killing could be an old enmity. In another incident, unidentified armed men gunned down a medical representative. Police said Khuda-e-Nazar Rind was on his way home when armed motorcyclists opened fire on him killing him on the spot. Police said the deceased belonged to Kharan district. Cases have been registered in both incidents.

A checkpost of the Frontier Corps was attacked in Barkhan, some 300 KM southeast of Quetta on Tuesday as FC Balochistan personnel recovered weapons from Pak-Iran border. FC officials said the force personnel raided a place close to Iran border, Landi in Chagai district, some 600 kilometers west of Quetta and recovered three SMG rifles, two pistols and over 995 rounds. However, no arrest was made during the raid. Meanwhile, unidentified armed men attacked an FC checkpost in Dolwai area of Barkhan. However, no loss of life was reported in the attack. The attackers fled when FC personnel retaliated. A spokesman of the Baloch Liberation Army, Azad Baloch, accepting the responsibility for the attack on the FC post, claimed that in the attack FC personnel were killed and three were injured. He claimed that in another attack on FC camp in Kohlu, five FC men were killed and two were injured. However FC officials denied that the attack caused any damage.

gILgIT inp

All the prisoners in Astore District Jail escaped along with jail officials’ weapons following a strong protest inside the prison that injured one warden on Tuesday. Officials said that of six policemen deployed at Astore Jail, four had gone out to fetch water at the time when prisoners started protest. The protesting inmates soon overpowered the on duty two policemen, and escaped along with their weapons. Following the incident, the Astore deputy commissioner ordered increased security at all the entry and exit points of the district to arrest the fugitives. In an earlier incident, nine prisoners had fled from the prisons in Diamir and Astore after which the security of all police stations and prisons had been tightened.

PESHAWAR: Citizens burn tyres during a protest against prolonged load shedding on Tuesday. InP

Pakistani birthplace of Indian PM yearns for him to visit g

Once in line to become a ‘model village’, Singh’s birth-village now appears a ghost town with severe lack of facilities nEWS DESk

Gah, a farming community of 300 squat, mud-brick homes about 60 miles southwest of Islamabad, is the birthplace of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, but unlike its prodigal son, the fortunes of the village have awaiting an awakening. According to a report carried by The Washington Post, the publichealth center is in shambles and birds have taken refuge in the corridors of the never-used boys’ high school, while the women’s vocational center has also been always devoid of staff. It said the government-designated “model village” status for Gah and the village was supposed to serve as a thriving symbol of unity between Pakistan and India. But it feels like a ghost town and an embodiment of “fitful, frequently stalled efforts by the two nations to settle their historical disputes”. Last month, President Asif Ali Zardari invited Singh to visit Gah in the latest round of so-called “soft diplomacy” between the nuclear-armed countries. The offer came as relations improved slightly, at least on trade matters. India’s de-

cision last week to allow investments from Pakistani citizens and companies was taken as another sign of progress, but there has been no lowering of the guard militarily by either side, the paper said. Singh had planned to come several years ago at the request of then-military ruler Pervez Musharraf, who embraced a peace process with India in 2004, when Singh assumed office. “Under Musharraf, money flowed into Gah from Punjab government that was dominated by Musharraf’s party, funding roads, water projects and social service facilities. Pakistan permitted a team of Indian technicians from an energy institute to come to Gah to install solar-powered street lamps, lighting for homes and a hot-water system for the village mosque,” the report said. But Singh’s visit was botched in 2007 amid Pakistan’s political turmoil that led to Musharraf stepping down in 2008. The Mumbai attacks in November 2008 broke down all communication and strained the bilateral relationship. “Funds for Gah’s projects were cut. Already-constructed schools and other facilities were never staffed,” the paper said. Zardari’s renewed invitation, however,

revived hopes, and some lingering disappointments. “We resent that there was no followthrough,” said Ghulam Murtaza, a 38-yearold primary school teacher told the paper, standing outside the shuttered health clinic. “As a result you see nothing here, and it hurts the poor people.” His family donated land for the site of the boys’ high school, he said, when the Punjab government asked the community for help. “We kept our promises, and they have not. It’s all been a waste.” To Abdul Khaliq, 51, a village leader who has long pushed for economic development, a visit by Singh would highlight a yearning among ordinary Pakistanis: “We very much want peace,” he said. “We believe that both countries need to sit together to resolve the issues, to spend more on the development side, not the defense side,” he told the post. Zardari has proposed that Singh come to Pakistan in November, around the birthday of a revered Sikh saint. He told Singh in a letter that the occasion would “reinforce our mutual desire to promote inter-faith and inter-religious harmony”. Zardari was following up on overture he

made to Singh in April, when the Pakistani president went to India on a pilgrimage to a Sufi saint’s shrine. That visit seems to have played well in Gah, where people talk of a peaceful pre-partition coexistence among Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. “It was a better time,” said Murtaza, whose father Muhammad, now aged and ill, was a schoolmate of Singh’s. “There was no difference of religion or any other things,” Murtaza said, citing his father’s recollections. “Children played together and went to each other’s houses. There was no discrimination. There was coeducation.” Murtaza said he no longer counted on the country’s leaders to care. He looks to India — and to a native son of Gah. “If Prime Minister Singh could visit, that would make a difference,” he said. “The people here could tell him of our problems. That is our only hope.”

Wednesday, 8 August, 2012

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Wednesday, 8 August, 2012











youth FeStIvAl 2012

Over 7,000 young people to volunteer Punjab gears up for mega-event that will bring the youth together g



sTaff reporT

NOTHER 7,635 volunteers have been registered in the remaining 19 districts of Punjab, raising their number to 12,851 in 34 districts of the province for the Punjab Youth Festival. These volunteers will assist the government and other officials of the Punjab Youth Festival 2012 in the organisation of different sports and other events. The details of these people have also been sent to the district and tehsil sports officials of the province to form different committees for the holding of the Punjab Youth Festival 2012 in a befitting manner. The festival that will start in the last week of August would involve people of different segments and competitions will be held at general public, elementary and secondary schools, college and university, engineer and several other levels, said Sports Board Punjab Director General Usman Anwar.

In sports sectors there would be competitions in arm-wrestling, athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Billiard and Snooker, Chess, Cricket tape ball and hardball, Football, Tug of War, Volleyball, Bodybuilding, Hockey, Weightlifting, Kabaddi, Mat wrestling, Mud wrestling, Table Tennis, karate, Rugby, Taekwondo, Tent pegging, Gymnastic, Basketball and Swimming, he added. He further said that the general public will be given an opportunity to show their skills in competitions like Cooking, Horticulture, Mushaira, Naatkhani, Pets competition, Photography, Qirat, Songs, Debates, Dress designing/stitching, Handicraft, Painting, Calligraphy, Gardening, Street Art, Drama/Short film, Theatre, Culture Modelling, Essay Writing and Science Models. He said that in 19 remaining districts the volunteers registered in Attock are 27, Bahawalpur 253, Chakwal 18, DG Khan 374, Faisalabad 534, Gujranwala 1274, Hafizabad 140, Khanewal 585, Khushab 228, Layyah

pattan 155, Chiniot 174, Muzaffargarh 105, Toba Tek Singh 18, Jhang 81, Kasur 316, Bahawalnagar 1,546, Bhakkar 912,

LDA approves 9 projects to improve city infrastructure LAHORE app

Lahore Development Authority (LDA) on Tuesday announced that it will execute 9 development projects in various localities of the city at a cost of Rs1.104 billion This announcement came at a meeting of the LDA governing body chaired by District Coordination Officer and LDA Chairman Noor-ul-Amin Mengal. The purpose of these projects is to improve the physical infrastructure of the provincial metropolis. It was agreed in the meeting to give a green signal to the construction of a two kilometer long

ferent committees under the supervision of district and tehsil sports officials so that the festival is conducted in a proper and smooth manner,” he said. He further said that copy of the volunteers details have also been sent to the CM secretariat while Sports Board Punjab Chairman Mian Hamza Shahbaz Sharif and Deputy Speaker

246, Lodhran 297, Mandi Bahauddin 227, Multan 260, Rahim Yar Khan 264, Rajan Pur 715, Rawalpindi 1428, Sahiwal 182, Sargodha 570 and Vehari 245. He said that earlier 5,016 volunteers were registered in 15 districts with Narowal having 85 registrations, Sialkot 171, Gujrat 178, Okara 114, Sahiwal 32, Pak-

road from E Block Johar Town to Doctors Hospital at a cost of Rs 235.32 million. The governing body also approved the widening and improvement of Khayaban-e-Jamia Punjab from Bhekwal Junction to Campus Canal Bridge at a cost of Rs 93.74 million Improvement and carpeting of the road between Liaqat Chowk and Kharak Drain Sabzazar Scheme was approved with the budget of Rs 35 million. The meeting also decided to adopt the Punjab Finance Department notification regarding grant of adhoc relief allowance-2012 at 20 percent of basic pay to civil servants of the Punjab government and another notification regarding grant of increase in pension to civil pensioners.

fiTs: a shopkeeper displas a huge khusa to attract customers to his shop in Texali Gate. ONLINE

Jhelum 388, Nankana Sahib 447 and Sheikhupura 294. “These volunteers will form dif-

Punjab and Organizing Committee Chairman of the Festival Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan.

traffic signals out of order across the city LAHORE MoniTorinG desK

Most of the traffic signals in the city were out of order, including 38 signals on the most important junctions, City42 reported on Tuesday. According to the report, 38 of the most important traffic signals in the city had not been working for the past month and the traffic wardens had no other options but to direct traffic themselves in places including Mall Road, Jail Road and Ferozepur Road.

CTO Dr Usman said that in spite of several written requests to NEPA, no positive response had been received, as a consequence of which the city traffic management system remained abysmal and ineffective. The CTO said that he even wrote a letter to the DCO about the problem but nothing happened. Areas where the signals did not work included Garhi Shahu, Crown Cinema, Mayo Gardens, Sultan Chowk, Dharampura, Model Town Link Road, China Chowk, Faisal Town round about, and other 26 important signals on different roads.

PTi will prevail: Aleem Khan

Man dies because of live electric wires lying in the open




Leader of Pakistan Tehrik-eInsaf Abdul Aleem Khan said that the people of Pakistan have supported and donated to Shaukat Khanum Hospital and they would also safeguard it. He was addressing an Iftar party at Gondal Chowk. Waleed Iqbal, Abdul Karim Kehlwaar, Ameen Zaki, Chaudhry Mohammad Riaz, ex-Nazims, Naib Nazims and several others participated in the Iftar reception. Aleem said that those trying to defame PTI and Imran Khan for political gain would never succeed. He said that those who had led the country into darkness for the past 64 years were again trying to misguide the masses with new slogans. He said that PPP and its allies had failed to resolve main issues affecting the common man. He said that all the energies of the government were being utilized to battle the judiciary, which was actually trying to save the looted national exchequer.

A 40-year-old man died due to electrocution in the Shadbagh region, causing people to protest on Tuesday, City42 reported. According to the channel, 40 year-old Akram, a father of four and resident of Pamay Chugiyan in Shadbagh, was going to his house, where he received an electric shock from live electricity wires lying in an empty plot of land and died on the spot. When locals discovered the body, they took it to his house and called the police and LESCO officials, but no one reached the spot. Locals began protesting against the police and LESCO officials, after the protest the police reached the location and negotiated with the protesters and filed an FIR against SDO Ali Raza and line Superintendent Noman. The police handed over the dead body to the family members after completing the investigation.

robber killed in fire exchange LAHORE inp

A robber was killed on Tuesday while his accomplice managed to escape in an exchange of fire with the police. According to reports, the police was chasing two robbers who fleeing after snatching a motorcycle from a citizen near Home Economics College and had opened fire at the police. In retaliatory firing one robber identified as Tanwir was killed on the spot while his accomplice managed to escape. Arms were also recovered from the killed robber. It should be mentioned that it was the third police encounter in three days during which three robbers have been killed.

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Lahore 07

Govt-judiciary tussle can harm FOLLOW THE LEADER! country, says Qureshi LAHORE





AKISTAN Tehrike-Insaf (PTI) Central Senior Vice Chairman and former foreign minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Tuesday said that the government should avoid confrontation with judiciary and it can derail democracy and further could harm the country. The PTI leader while

addressing press conference at the residence of Chaudhry Noor Ahmad Sarra, strongly criticised the PPP-led coalition government and said that the government was deliberately ready to confront with the judiciary. He claimed that everything that the government was doing was meant to just provide protection to corrupt President Asif Ali Zardari but PTI would not allow such a thing. He demanded that the government should immediately hold elections while there is no need to hold local bodies polls

at this time. Commenting on the allegations made by PML-N on Imran Khan and Shaukat Khanum Hospital, said that by this N-league expressed their meanness. Qureshi said that it was an historic decision to declare null and void the contempt of court law which was enacted in hurry and on to pursue personal interests .The basic purpose of this law was to protect the present corrupt leadership. The former foreign minister said the foremost task of the par-

liament was legislation, however the parliament cannot legislate any law that would confront with the constitution, moreover the judiciary’s job was to interpret the law. PTI leader Ch Saadat Nawaz, Kanwar Imran Saeed Advocate, former Parliamentary Secretary Sardar Kamil Omer, former District nazim Chaudhary Tawaqal Allah work, Chaudhary Shafqat Ali Gujar, Chaudhary Faiz ur Rasool Gujar, Chaudhary Murtaza Virk, Sardar Asif Dogar and other leaders were also present on the occasion.

Gone are the days

when people sent eid cards

internet, SmS take over the traditional way of greeting on eid by sending eid cards g


Common use of short messaging service (SMS) and internet sources have reduced use of traditional Eid cards and have affected the industries that have been producing these cards for special occasions. “Email was a blow to Eid cards and SMS signed their death warrants,” one shopkeeper said. After a slump in the Eid card industry, hundreds of shopkeepers have changed their profession as all electronic means of communication are cheaper, save time and hence more convenient for the general public who are now unwilling to visit marketplaces to search for the right Eid cards. Shopkeepers in Anarkali, Urdu

Bazaar and Shah Alam Market said there has been a significant reduction in the Eid cards sale which is below 80 per cent as compared to sales few years ago. Shopkeepers of Anarkali said that the Eid card industry has seen a downfall in recent years. They said SMS packages and price hike of basic commodities were the main cause of the poor sales of Eid cards. One shopkeeper at Shah Alam Market said that he opened his stall daily from 10 am to 12 am but his sale of Eid cards was less than Rs 1000. He said Valentine’s Day cards are still in great demand in this age of mobile phones. “Three days of selling Valentine’s Day cards bring us more profit than we earn in 30 days for selling Eid cards,” he added.

For the love of Samosas! MOnITORIng DESk Samosas worth Rs 200 cost Rs 200,000 to the police department on Tuesday, City42 reported. According to the channel, a senior official in the government who was very fond of Samosas charged the police department Rs 200,000 in getting Samosas delivered to him. Officials gave Rs 200 to the driver to bring Samosas from a shop at Lakshmi Chowk. The driver told the official that

the road was blocked and flooded due to heavy rainfall but the official forced him to bring Samosas regardless. The driver took a Vigo doublecabin with registration number LEG 5003, which is used only for the security of high officials, and went to buy Samosas, when the car got stuck in the heavily flooded and jammed Lakshmi Chowk, causing the engine to seize. The channel’s sources said that car repairs could cost up to Rs 200,000.

LaHore: akhbar farosh union president Chaudhry nazir, Vice president Waris ali naqvi, General secretary babar yaseen, Joint secretary Malik imtiaz, information secretary Chaudhry farooq, finance secretary Malik Tanveer and news agent naziruddin photographed with pakistan Today editor arif nizami and Chief operating officer babar nizami at an iftar dinner hosted by pakistan Today at The avari on Tuesday. STAFF PHOTO

Speakers at a function said that Pakistan had not been created out of the blessings of the English emperors, but came into existence because due to the hectic efforts of Quaid-e-Azam and workers of the Pakistan Movement. A ceremony was held in connection with the Independence Day of Pakistan at the Girls Guide House, which was addressed by Zulfiqar Hussain, Consultant anti -narcotics campaign and Sana Badar, program coordinator. The speakers were of the view that English emperors did not in particular, favor the Muslims of the sub-continent which was why they had deprived them of their rights; they had created every possible hurdle in the way of Pakistan’s formation as an independent state. They mentioned that Lord Mountbatten, soon after the creation of Pakistan, admitted to BBC during an interview that he had strived hard to avoid partitioning the sub-continent, but it was Mr Jinnah whose untiring efforts and dedication had forced them to accept Pakistan. The Speaker urged people to follow Quaid-e-Azam and make Pakistan stronger and invincible.

‘Dost Khosa is angry because his ministry was changed’ LAHORE sTaff reporT

Provincial Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah on Tuesday said that Dost Muhammad Khosa had been disgruntled from the day his ministry was changed. Sanaullah said that during the tenure of Dost Muhammad Khosa as minister, an advance payment of approximately Rs 2 billion was made on a project meant for provision of drinkable water in the province. He said that due to nontransparency in the process of this advance payment, local government secretary and project director, at that time, were transferred, while the portfolio of Dost Khosa was changed.

He claimed that mediabased protest move by Dost Khosa is contrary to the facts, and is just an expression of his anger. He said that Dost Khosa should take follow the lead of his father, Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa, and register his protest by remaining within party discipline. Sanaullah explained that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is the best administrator and an asset for the party. Promotion of merit-based culture, at every level, throughout the province, and setting up of examples of transparency in the development projects by the chief minister is the hallmark of the Punjab government, he concluded.

ciNe STAR PH: 35157462

THe AmAZiNG SPideRmAN 03:00 Pm cOcKTAil 09:00 Pm cOcKTAil 11:30 Pm THe dARK KNiGHT RiSeS (fRidAY AuG 10) 12:00 Am THe dARK KNiGHT RiSeS (SATuRdAY AuG 11) 09:00Pm THe dARK KNiGHT RiSeS (SuNdAY AuG 12) 12:00Am

ciNe GOld PH: 35340000


12:30Am 06:30 Pm 9:00 Pm 1:00 Pm 3:30 Pm

SOZO WORld PH: 36674271


09:00 Pm 08:30 Pm 11:30 Pm 04:45 Pm

SOZO GOld PH: 36674271


12:00 Pm, 03:00 Pm 09:30 Pm, 11:30 Pm 12:30 Pm, 03:30 Pm

Govt’s plan for a clash with judiciary to be foiled by parliamentarians themselves, says Liaquat Baloch LAHORE aGenCies

Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami, Liaquat Baloch has said that the government’s plan to battle it out with the judiciary would be foiled by the parliamentarians themselves. Members of the parliament from the ruling parties as well as the opposition will never sign the death warrant for democracy and those trying to disgrace

the judiciary would be singled out, he said, while addressing an Iftar dinner on Tuesday. He said that the federal and the provincial governments had failed miserably and fresh elections were the only way to improve the situation and give new hope to the masses, and added that transparent and impartial elections would guarantee national security. Liaquat said that nature had blessed the country with abundant resources but corruption and bad governance by the rulers had set it on the path to destruction. He stressed upon these governments to take solid and quick measures to solve the energy crisis, as artificial steps could not boost the industry, agriculture and trade in the present situation. Concrete measures should also be taken for the security of life, property and honor of the masses, especially businessmen and industrialists, he added. The Liaquat underlined the need to strengthen faith, especially during the month of Ramadan, and said that this could help solve all problems of the Ummah and set the Muslim world on the road to progress and prosperity.

Wednesday, 8 August, 2012

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08 Lahore WeATHeR uPdATeS

37 °c High 0c 28 low




36°c i 28°c

34°c i 28°c

35°c i 28°c

PRAYeR TimiNGS fajr Sunrise 03:53 05:23

Zuhr 12:09

Asr 16:48

maghrib 18:53

isha 20:22

ciTY diRecTORY emeRGeNcY HelP ReScue edHi cONTROl mOTORWAY POlice POlice GOVeRNOR’S HOuSe cHief miNiSTeR’S HOuSe fiRe BRiGAde BOmB diSPOSAl mcl cOmPlAiNTS lAHORe WASTe diSPOSAl

1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

HOSPiTAlS mid ciTY 37573382-3 SeRViceS 99203402-11 mAYO 99211100-9 GeNeRAl 35810892-8 SHeiKH ZAid 35865731 SiR GANGA RAm 99200572 ucH 35763573-5 iTTefAq 35881981-85 cmH 366996168-72 SHOuKAT KHANum 35945100 jiNNAH 111-809-809 Adil (defeNce) 36667275 cHildReN’S 99230901-3 defeNce NATiONAl HOSPiTAl 111-17-18-19

BlOOd BANK fATmid iSlAmic AlliANce

35210834-8 37588649/37535435


111-000-118 1199


117 99201772 1333

From healing wounds to curing depression and anxiety, scientists keep discovering the wonders of this miraculous product of nature n



sTaff reporT

e all know that honey is delicious. It is perfect for sweetening tea, pouring over Greek yogurt and combining with peanut butter for an easy sandwich. For thousands of years, honey has been used all over the world and in just about every culture. A toast with honey. That is a perfect way to start your day. Apart from its great taste, honey has lots of health and nutrition benefits. Honey is a great natural source of carbohydrates which provide strength and energy to our bodies. If you are suffering from fatigue, then honey can help you a lot. Honey is known for its effectiveness in instantly boosting the performance, endurance and reduce muscle fatigue of athletes. The glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost. It is known that honey has also been found to keep levels of blood sugar fairly constant compared to other types of sugar. So, it’s time to include honey in your diet. Now, scientists have found a substance in honey that is crucial for the health of bees and that may explain the use of the sweet food throughout history as a folk medicine. Tobias Olofsson and Alejandra Vásquez, researchers at the Department of Medical Microbiology at Lund University in Sweden, have discovered the importance of a bacterial group called the lactic acid bacteria (LAB), so named because they produce lactic acid as their main end product. LAB contribute to the health of the bee itself and produce the healing effect of honey. “We made this discovery. Honey actually contains millions of beneficial lactic acid bacteria that none have ever seen before. The bacteria live in symbiosis with the honeybee in their honey stomach. They are used by the honeybee to protect the nectar that becomes honey. They are also used to protect themselves and their larvae from diseases. It’s a big part of the immune system of the honeybee,” Olofsson says. Wild fresh honey has been used by many different cultures for thousands of years for

its health benefits and as a therapeutic agent. It is used as a cure for sore throats and wounds healing, for example. Olofsson believes it could be used as a natural antibiotic alternative, not only for bees but also for humans. Since the 1970s, scientists have found that honeybee communities have declined worldwide. They call this phenomenon “colony collapse disorder.” In recent years they have observed a drastic increase around the world, and scientists offer different reasons. Olofsson believes that beekeepers are responsible for the situation. “Commercial beekeepers give the bees synthetic food all the time, and antibiotics three or four times a year. We have come to a place where we can’t treat them any worse,” he said. The mature honey that is sold in stores, with less than 20 percent water content, does not contain the viable, beneficial bacteria found inside the honey crop, a special part of the insect’s body used for honey production, Vásquez and Olofsson write in an article published in Microbiology Today. Today, the only way to obtain honey with healthy LAB is by collecting honey in the wild, which can be dangerous, or by getting fresh honey directly from beekeepers.






As a drizzle for desserts such as pudding, pancakes, icecream, oats and corn flakes. As a sweetener for your tea, coffee, or smoothie recipes. As a seasoning for barbecue spare ribs or chicken wings before cooking. As a salad dressing with olive oil and vinegar for the extra body. As a morning snack

BENEFITS OF HONEY Moisturizing skin: Honey helps absorb water and retain it in hair and skin. Combine it with milk for a facial, add it to your bath to soften skin, or mix it with olive oil as a natural hair conditioner. Add sea salt or crushed oats to honey and rub it on your skin for a fabulous exfoliator. Leveling blood sugar: Dr. Duncan says, “Instead of consuming refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup … opt for an all-natural boost of honey.” Improving sleep and relaxation: The natural sugar found in honey raises our insulin slightly and allows tryptophan to enter our brains more easily. Dr. Duncan suggests taking a spoonful of honey before bed to sleep better. Cure for throat infection: One of the better known health benefits of honey is that it is able to help treat sore throats honey not only soothes throats but can also kill certain bacteria that causes the infection.


114 111-786-786

100 GhAZAlS oF MAulAnA ruMI



cOlleGeS / uNiVeRSiTieS PuNjAB uNiVeRSiTY KiNNAiRd cOlleGe queeN mARY cOlleGe GOVT. cOlleGe uNiVeRSiTY umT lumS ueT lcWu SuPeRiOR cOlleGe Tuesday, 7 August, 2012

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

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dATe: APRil 01 TO decemBeR 30, 2012 VeNue: fAiZ GHAR, lAHORe A unique blend of Yoga, meditation, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. Achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga master Shamshad Haider

dATe: julY 20 TO AuGuST 18 VeNue: 10 cOmmeRciAl BuildiNG, Old ANARKAli Hast-o-Neest ONe mONTH cOuRSeS: ARABic, fARSi & cAlliGRAPHY:

1. Arabic Saturdays & Sundays, 2:00 to 3:00 pm, 2. farsi Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm 3. calligraphy fridays & Saturdays, 2:00 to 4:00 pm 042-37-314-316

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US probes Sikh temple shooter’s white power links OAk CREEk



O L I C E are investigating the white power ties of the former US soldier who gunned down six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, while the close-knit IndianAmerican community mourned its dead. Wade Michael Page, 40, burst into the temple with a 9mm handgun and several magazines of ammunition — all of which had been purchased legally — and opened fire on worshippers attending a Sunday service, authorities said. Special Agent Teresa Carlson, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Milwaukee office, said Monday the suspect — killed at the scene during a shootout with police — was now the subject of a “domestic terrorism” probe. “We are looking at ties to white supremacist groups,” she

told reporters, noting that the FBI did not have an active file on Page before the incident. “No law enforcement agency had any reason to believe he was plotting anything,” she said. But the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group, branded Page a “frustrated neoNazi who had been the leader of a racist white-power band,” and the SITE Intelligence Group said he was an active skinhead. A former army buddy, Christopher Robillard, told CNN that Page had spoken of “racial holy war, like he wanted it to come,” but added that he never thought the suspected gunman would act on it. Page was a member of the Hammerskins Nation, a group that describes itself on its website as a “leaderless group of men and women who have adopted the White Power Skinhead Lifestyle,” SITE said in a report. Page “engaged in extensive online activity” and maintained user accounts on “some of the

Foreign News 09

most prominent white supremacist forums,” SITE said, adding that he issued messages “urging active resistance ‘regardless of the outcome.’” The Southern Poverty Law Center said the ex-soldier had recently been the leader of the three-man hardcore punk band “End Apathy.” Photographs of the band on its Myspace webpage ( showed Page with a shaved head and Gothic tattoos all over his body. Page served as a US military “psychological operations specialist” between April 1992 and October 1998, ending his career at the base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, home to the US Army’s airborne forces and Special Operations Command. He was a qualified parachutist who received several good conduct awards and a National Defense Service Medal, but never won significant promotion.

Bahrain policeman hurt in petrol bomb attack DUBAI afp

ManiLa: residents climb above a shop wall as they try to reach their flooded homes in the village of Tumana, Marikina town, suburban Manila, on Tuesday. AFP

A Bahraini policeman was injured when his patrol was petrol-bombed in a village where Shiites frequently stage protests and clash with security forces, the BNA state news agency said on Tuesday. It said a policeman “suffered medium burns in several parts of his body when a group of terrorists attacked” his foot patrol in Bani Jamra late on Monday, adding that the assailants threw Molotov cocktails. “The injured policeman was rushed to hospital to undergo treatment,” it quoted a police official as saying. “Police have launched an investigation to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.” The authorities often accuse Shiite protesters in the Gulf kingdom of using petrol bombs against security forces during demonstrations in villages outside the capital Manama.

Cairo: relatives and friends mourn over the coffin of one of the 16 soldiers killed during an attack on a border crossing post in northern sinai, during their funeral on Tuesday. AFP

$100 million Romney outraises Obama WASHIngTOn afp

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney raked in more than $100 million in fundraising in July, widening the cash advantage he enjoys over President Barack Obama, who garnered over $75 million. The presumptive Republican nominee pulled in $101.3 million for his campaign and the Republican National Committee, the Romney camp said in a statement exactly three months before Americans go to the polls. Romney and the RNC now have around $185.9 million of cash on hand to throw into campaign advertising and grassroots get-out-the-vote efforts in the intense final months of the campaign to deny Obama re-election in November. Obama, once the champion fundraiser, was outpaced for the third straight month by Romney. His camp revealed its own July fundraising numbers on Twitter, saying the president had made more than $75 million from

4 Qaeda militants killed in Yemen raids sANAA: Yemeni forces gunned down two Al-Qaeda militants in a raid on their southern hideout early on Tuesday, hours after drone strikes killed two others in the centre of the country, officials and tribesmen said. The army backed by militiamen “raided a house where Al-Qaeda militants were hiding” in Jaar, prompting a firefight in which “two militants were killed and three others were arrested,” Mohsen bin Jamila, an official in the region, told AFP. Abdullatif al-Sayed, who leads the militiamen known as the Popular Resistance Committees, was wounded during the early morning clashes, the official said. Jaar, which the army recaptured from the jihadists in June with the help of the militiamen, was the site of a suicide attack on Saturday in which 45 people were killed. Closer to Sanaa in Bayda province, two drones targeted Al-Qaeda positions, killing two other militants among them a local leader of the network identified as Abu Osama al-Maaribi, tribal sources said. afp

Saudi accuses myanmar of ‘ethnic cleansing’ of muslims RIYADH afp

Saudi Arabia accused authorities in Buddhist-majority Myanmar on Monday of “ethnic cleansing” against the Muslim Rohingya minority in the west of the country, state media reported on Tuesday. The Saudi cabinet said it “condemns the ethnic cleansing campaign and brutal attacks against Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya citizens, as well as violation of human rights by forcing them to leave their homeland,” in a statement carried by the official SPA

news agency. The cabinet, chaired by King Abdullah, urged the “international community to take up its responsibilities by providing needed protection and quality of life to Muslims in Myanmar and preventing further loss of life.” Fighting in western Rakhine state between Buddhist Rakhine and Muslim Rohingya has killed 80 people since June, with three killed on Sunday, a government official in Yangon said. The violence initially broke out following the rape and murder of a Rakhine woman and the subsequent lynching of 10 Muslims by a crowd of

angry Buddhists. The bloodshed has cast a shadow over widely praised reforms by President Thein Sein, that have included the release of hundreds of political prisoners and the election of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to parliament. New York-based Human Rights Watch has accused Myanmar forces of opening fire on Rohingya, as well as committing rape and standing by as rival mobs attacked each other. The Saudi-based Organisation of Islamic Cooperation on Sunday proposed sending an OIC mission to probe the “massacres” of Rohingya Muslims.

obama slams romney as ‘robin hood in reverse’ sTAmFORD: US President Barack Obama joked Monday that his election foe Mitt Romney’s tax plans would rob from the middle class to help the rich — “like Robin Hood in reverse.” Obama intensified his attacks on the Republican’s tax reform plans at a fundraising event in Connecticut, on a day when it was revealed his rival outraised him by $25 million last month in campaign fundraising. “It’s like Robin Hood in reverse.... it’s Romney Hood,” Obama said, arguing that the middle class would bear the brunt of his opponent’s plans which he said would mostly benefit the wealthy. “If this sounds like an idea that’s difficult to explain or sell to the American people, you would be right,” Obama said. “They have tried to sell us this trickle down, tax cut fairy dust before.” afp 761,000 donors. The president’s campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters on Air Force One that Obama always expected to be outraised by Romney, but said the focus was on building the biggest grass roots political campaign in history. “We know we’re going to be outspent. That’s a reality,” she said. “We know they may have

more resources on the air, but we have a message and a plan that we think is going to translate better for middle-class voters and people who are deciding in November who they want to support.” The president was already getting to work on his August fundraising figures on Monday, with two campaign fundraisers in Connecticut.

British police arrest Sun Dutch diplomat named top NATO journalist, policeman civilian in LOnDOn Afghanistan afp

Police arrested a journalist from Rupert Murdoch’s topselling British tabloid The Sun and a policeman on Tuesday for alleged corruption, Scotland Yard and the journalist’s employer said. London’s Metropolitan Police said the male journalist, 37, and the policeman, 29, had been arrested in dawn raids over the suspected bribery of a police officer. It did not name either man. A spokeswoman for News International, the British newspaper wing of Murdoch’s US-based News Corporation empire, confirmed that the journalist worked for The Sun but would not name him. The pair were detained under Operation Elveden, one of three investigations sparked by the phone-hacking scandal that closed the News of the World, The Sun’s weekly sister paper, last July. There has been a string of recent arrests of Sun journalists. Police said the latest arrests came as a result of information provided to police by the Management Standards Committee of News Corporation, which was set up to investigate malpractice at the media giant. The journalist was arrested at his north London home while the policeman, a serving officer with Sussex Police in south-east England, was arrested at his home. Both are in custody at London police stations, Scotland Yard said.

bRUsseLs: NATO on Tuesday named Dutchman Maurits Jochems as its next senior civilian representative in Afghanistan, replacing British ambassador Simon Gass. A statement said the current Dutch ambassador to Estonia would succeed Gass in Kabul in October and lead the transition to “a sovereign, secure and democratic Afghanistan” following the planned end-2014 troop withdrawal. “His appointment comes at a crucial time for ISAF (the 50-member International Security Assistance Force) as we continue to hand over more areas of security control to the Afghan National Security Forces,” said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. afp

Wednesday, 8 August, 2012

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10 Comment The executive-judiciary conflict Looking at the dynamics of the standoff

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami


Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-34330811-3 Fax: 021-34330900 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

Times, they are a-changed Keep up or let up?


hanges in social mores have been rapid during the last half century and are being speeded up by globalization on one hand and the breathtaking developments in IT on the other. What was anathema a generation back is now not only normal for many but also an indispensable part of their daily life. This is sometime strongly resented by those wedded to the past. A right wing student organization enforced for years a ban on girls and boys sitting together inside a university in Lahore. A group initiated a campaign to blacken the pictures of women appearing on billboards. The official organ of LeT published regular reports about jihadis smashing the TV sets in their homes with bursts from kalashnikovs. This was celebrated as a victory against Satan. With the passage of time, the vandalization of hoardings has come to an end, the campaign against girls and boys mixing up on the campuses is wilting and TV sets are no more broken. The popular resentment against moral vigilantes has stopped them from acting violently. They continue, however, to remain deeply perturbed over the changes in society. A retired judge and a former chief of a religious party have approached the Supreme Court against what they consider obscenity on the TV channels. The acting PEMRA chief has however maintained that obscenity still needs to be strictly defined. He might as well have maintained that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Under Zia, it was considered immodest for a woman to appear on the state-run TV without covering her head with a scarf. Taking the TV back to that era is neither sensible nor possible in a period where scores of private TV channels jostle against one another. The variety of channels provides those concerned about obscenity the choice to switch over to more conservative channels. They have to realize that the advances in IT have done away with iron curtains. Thanks to the dish, channels from all over the world can be viewed in Pakistan. In case Pakistani channels are forced to observe a strict moral code, viewers would be forced to switch over to foreign channels, particularly the Indian ones whose soap operas have already gained popularity in Pakistan. This would lead to laments about the ‘insidious invasion’ of Indian culture into our lives via our television screens. The country practices free market economy. Like other industries, the media also caters to the demands of its customers. In a period of globalization, no culture can remain immune from alien influences. Instead of waiting for directions from outside, the media should devise a code of conduct defining limits that are not to be crossed. The code of conduct should however be revised and updated from time to time.

Mighty obvious By Syed Hassan Belal Zaidi

obody was surprised when, on August 3, 2012, the Supreme Court of Pakistan declared the new contempt of court law as unconstitutional. Such a judgment was expected in view of the comments the judges in the course of the court proceedings. The Chief Justice had categorically said in his speeches outside the court that he did not recognize the principle of supremacy of the parliament and the Supreme Court had all power to declare any law or action of the government as illegal if it conflicted with the provisions of the constitution as interpreted by the judges. It is understandable that the Supreme Court has turned down the new contempt of court law because this law negated the Supreme Court’s current effort to establish its commanding role in the political system. In the presence of this contempt of court law, the Supreme Court could not take any action against the new prime minister or any other official with reference to performance of official duties. Now, as the contempt of court law is knocked out, the By Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi stage is set for the Supreme Court to disqualify the second and the current prime minister for not writing a letter to the Swiss authorities for reopening of money laundering cases against the sitting President Asif Ali Zardari. If the directing principle being trumpeted by the procurrent judicial activism is that nobody can be immune from contempt of court, there may be another crisis in the offing. The Lahore High Court has already issued a notice to President Asif Ali Zardari to comply with its order of not combing the office of President with the party leadership. If President Zardari ignores this, will the Lahore High Court issue him a contempt notice, by passing the presidential immunity given in the constitution in the tradition of the Supreme Court. It would be unfortunate if the current prime minister is also disqualified and a contempt notice is issued to the president. These actions would be an extremely desta-

bilizing development, especially if the PPP-led federal coalition decides to appoint a new prime minister who also refuses to write the letter. Will the Supreme Court then disqualify him? The politically active circles and lawyers are divided on the expansion of the domain of authority of the Supreme Court under the pretext of judicial activism. One argument is what can be described as the pure and simple view of what is happening. The argument emphasizes the Supreme Court’s recognized power of interpretation of the constitution and that if the prime minister does not respect the courts nobody would do that? The ambiguous principle of equality of all is also emphasized, although absolute equality is not found in any political system. The other argument in favor of interventionist Supreme Court is based on the partisan interests of political and societal groups. All those opposed to the PPP and its allies support the Supreme Court’s pressure on the federal government. They would not mind if the Supreme Court or the military remove the federal government. The pure and simple approach would have been relevant if it was a single issue of complying with the Supreme Court order. The prime minister’s disqualification issue is a part of the overall disposition of the Supreme Court to expand its domain of authority after the Chief Justice and other judges were restored by the PPP-led coalition government with reluctance in 2009. It is known to all that had there been no pressure from the opposition and the army chief, the PPP-led federal government might not have restored the Chief Justice. Since his return to the court the Chief Justice has been consistently using judicial activism to expand the domain of authority of the Supreme Court. The major target of this stride is the PPP-led federal government and its officials. By now, what we are witnessing in Pakistan is an institutional clash between the federal executive and the superior judiciary (the Supreme Court and the provincial High Courts, especially the Punjab High Court). The Supreme Court is exercising some executive power by reprimanding, removing and transferring officials, and giving judgments on prices of some consumer goods. It removed Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani by disqualifying him as the member of the National

Assembly. The power of disqualification of a member of parliament is traditionally exercised by the Election Commission of Pakistan. There is another dimension to the current political situation in Pakistan. We are witnessing another type of power struggle between the elected institutions and non-elected state institutions. In the past, this struggle was between the non-elected military and the elected civilian institutions. Now, the non-elected Supreme Court is endeavoring to expand its domain at the expense of the elected parliament and the elected executive. Such an effort can strengthen the position of the Supreme Court in the political system but it cannot rectify the ills of the political system or remove the so-called corrupt politicians from the political scene. As the federal government is engaged in a desperate struggle for survival, it can hardly pay attention to acute internal economic and societal problems and external pressures. The Supreme Court pressure is likely to immobilize the federal government and the problems will fester while Pakistan moves towards an internal collapse. Independent judiciary is important for democracy but it is not the only condition for the success of democracy. The judiciary should also be viewed as non-partisan and nonpolitical. There is a need of institutional balance in Pakistan and the Supreme Court needs to show restraint to allow the elections to take place in due course. If the confrontation is not moderated the political initiative will shift to the military. Currently, it is influencing state power management from the side lines but it has the capacity to move in if the confrontation between the Supreme Court and the federal government becomes unmanageable or the Supreme Court provides a legal cover to the military to move in for an “assigned task,” including the removal of the present PPP-led federal government. All these moves will undermine the already under pressure democracy. The Supreme Court will also experience the loss of power if democracy decays. The military dominated or directed political order is based on the unity of command and does not allow autonomy for any institution, including the judiciary. The writer is an independent political and defence analyst.

A Twit petition for those of my readers who are not ‘down’ with Twitter, this is a pointless read. please check out sabir nazar’s excellent cartoon instead


reedom of speech has to be the most ridiculous idea since people said to Noah, “Nah, I think we’ll be fine without your boat.” It is that piece of statutory (s)crap which has caused the most wars, conflicts, professional wrestling matches and husband-wife separations than any other freedom enjoyed by man. Except maybe the freedom of conjugate. But even the beghairat liberal in me gets outraged when certain individuals take their right to say what they want, a little too far. If one has any preoccupation with the social media, one knows that one is referring exclusively and vociferously to the entity known only as @SaroorIjaz. Never before has malice, wit, venom and goosestepping neo-Grammar Nazism been so perfectly encompassed in one Twitter handle. But what started as a seemingly-harmless

Wednesday, 8 August, 2012

joke, quickly degenerated into an unbridled verbal sword fighting with soiled diapers being hurled in all directions. You had to be there. It was hilarious. And outrageous. I will hold my horses for the next two paragraphs to bring you all up to speed. @SaroorIjaz is a brand-spanking-new Twitter account which has resisted all attempts to label it ‘a parody account’ of one Saroop Ijaz, an erudite legal eagle who exercises his pen for the Express Tribune. And what a lovely pen it is. Indeed, Saroop is a master wordsmith and has the power to turn dribble into poetry, all the while writing in prosaic prose. He is also an extremely affable chap, praised by all and sundry who have allegedly met with him. While one has never had the privilege, one can safely report that said lawyer is a ‘Good Man’. That, unfortunately, is more

than one can say for the fictitious @SaroorIjaz. Saroop himself has no Twitter account, nor does he have (I am told) the inclination to own one in the near future. However, the imposter uses Saroop’s photograph and his persona as an Express Tribune columnist and has the bejeezuz fooled out of nearly everyone on Twitter. Like Engineer Majorly Profound before him, @SaroorIjaz has gone viral on Twitter. Well, sort of. You see, the best way to be popular on Twitter is to have Twitter fights. This was my first lesson in the 140-character world, courtesy a musician friend of mine. Then, it was made clear to me by an ubertroll, that trolling (which is another word for foreplay, really) was what two people did to each other when one of them wanted to take the other out on a date. Obviously, he was trolling too. But then I was set

right by another writer, who pointed out that ticking off the right people was the wrong thing to do. The right people being assorted haseenas or hawt wimmens. One young intellectual taught me the importance of having something intelligent to say all the time, while a certain former newspaper editor showed me that it was possible to be precise, funny and nice at the same time. However, @SaroorIjaz has interfered with that utopia. He has singled out many of the above individuals and has chosen to make himself a marked man by marking said individuals and making them the focus of his grammaticallyperfect and verbose attacks. This, obviously, means war. For too long has anonymity been the bane of the existence of many social media users. Too plentiful are cases of users being bullied, battered and made to wet their self-

esteem by excessively vicious cyber-bullies. Mostly of the feminist variety. It is high time that we put into practice what @SenRehmanMalik said to us at #SOCMM12 in Karachi. It is time. Ladies and gentlemen. To fry some eggs. Some very bad eggs. Out with the andas and in with the hawt wimmens with gratuitously doctored-and-photoshopped display pictures. There are simply too many excuses for being a gratuitous potty mouth. But when you turn that mouth onto others, things get complicated. And bloody. I am currently in process of enlisting the services of a good lawyer to take the right dishonorable @SaroorIjaz to court, via Twit petition. RT this if you agree. Follow @mightyobvious on Twitter for more incoherence in 140 characters or less

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Comment 11

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

dammed? If Kalabagh dam was the first dam being built one could understand the apprehensions about it, but with two dams already in operation with a proven track record, it is difficult to understand the opposition to Kalabagh dam except for purely political reasons. Mangla dam was built to compensate for the loss of the three eastern rivers and it brought about a green revolution in the country. By trapping the surplus flows in the Indus, Tarbela dam increased canal supplies by 25 percent. Sindh got an additional 7 million acre feet of water with which it was able to cultivate 27 lakh additional acres. Kalabagh dam will give another 2.2 maf to Sindh which it cannot get from anywhere else. KHURSHID ANWER Lahore

Pedestrian rights The authorities are responsible for preventing the dangers a pedestrian may face on the streets and they must ensure their safety. For one, it is the pedestrian’s right to have zebra-crossings available at various junctions so as to regulate the traffic and make allowances for pedestrians simultaneously. At the same time, it is a pedestrian’s responsibility to follow the rules at a zebra-crossing so as to help keep everyone on the road safe. Furthermore, proper pedestrian bridges at the right places and junctions should be built to provide a safer atmosphere for all pedestrians on the street. A lot of people who occupy streets throughout the day are people who live in slums. Therefore, for the safety of the public at large, awareness programs should be developed to educate people about traffic rules along with the rights and responsibilities of the common man. MEHAK ALI NAQVI Karachi

On the standoff After the passage of the short order by the Supreme Court, the coalition is reported to have sent a message of defiance. Though parliament has the right to legislate, the Supreme Court enjoys the right to review them. The two organs of the state, parliament and judiciary, are also bound to obey the constitution unequivocally. Their duties and powers are defined. According to part 1 section 5 of constitution loyalty to state, constitution and law is mandatory for both parliament and judiciary. Despite this an unnecessary tussle between the two pillars of state is going on. Both have respect and

dignity, One being representative of people and the other being judges of apex court but loyalty to the state is the basic duty of everyone (5 (1) part 1 of constitution). The two organs are supposed to perform their duties as defined in the constitution. Unfortunately, the country has been made hostage to an endless debate. The judges are expected to hear courteously, answer wisely ,consider soberly and decide impartially (Socrates) .Regarding justice, the legal experts often state that justice should not only be done but seen to have been done . Moreover, judges are to dispense fair justice and not to

Not just a green and white scrap The national flag is the identification of a country. Pakistanis celebrating their independence day on 14th August with mania shows that the Pakistani flag is integral to these celebrations and that displays of nationalism would be incomplete without it. On that day, flags are fluttering in the breeze and people celebrating independence are filled with pride looking at those. But after the celebrations, that supreme green and white flag that is a sign of peace and freedom is found on roads and it is in an insult that it is fallen here and there. Nations that do not value their national symbols like flag ultimately do not value their country. We should try to give much care and importance to our flag and also alter this bad attitude as soon as possible. FATIMA GULL Lahore (II) As 14th of August is drawing nearer, we see lots of stalls arranged at the roadsides and vendors selling Pakistani flags, small paper flags, badges, stickers, etc. at the shops. It really feels good to see kids buying flags with a great smile on their face and even more great love for the country in their heart. It is no doubt a beautiful sight for every patriotic Pakistani. But the thing that I have noticed quite often and perturbs me is the ignorance and illiteracy of the people regarding the flag and etiquettes pertaining to it. The color of our green and white flag is altered and is available in blue, pink, yellow, etc. White and green is our identity, the symbol of peace and freedom, representing green majority and white minority and changing its color is akin to changing our identity. The Pakistani flag with crescent and star is sometimes made with unwanted additions in it e.g. Quaid’s portrait, face of political leaders, etc. Worst is adding up of pictures of cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, which is disrespectful. Slogans are written on it along with greetings or other words or phrases. This distortion of our graceful flag is an irresponsible attitude and affects the dignity of our

please anyone. As a dissenting judge noted, “the courts were not to please anyone but to dispense justice” and also added “what may please the nation may turn out to be against the latter and spirit of law and constitution”. While hearing petitions against contempt act 2012 the CJ was quoted to have said that if one PM was punished, how could the other be spared, even though the other PM’s case was to be heard on 8/8/12. Such observation and remarks endanger the credibility of the court. The judges, being the custodians of the law and the constitution, need to be

beloved flag. I hope people will play their part by buying the real flag of Pakistan, and the authorities will soon take notice of this issue and will ban such flags. NADIA EHSAN Lahore

Rogues in politics What Pakistan needs is good governance by relatively honest politicians who are committed to this country and have no split loyalties. As political morality, democratic norms and ethics have failed to gain foothold in working of our political parties, role of rogues and sycophants has become more prominent. Every political party has more than their share of such vagabonds, for whom politics is all about taking over power, resorting to its abuse and plundering national exchequer to better personal assets. Can somebody justify ethics of men whose personal life revolves around debauchery, yet they because of accident of birth were born in families whose great grandfathers were noble men, now financially exploit the illiterate masses who do not have enough to eat but offer these creeps their lifelong savings expecting divine blessings in return. These gaddi-nasheens seek nazranas from criminals and white collared corrupt who think these offerings would launder their criminal earnings, reminding you of black magic fake alims. They make a mockery of faith and religion when they think that their illgotten wealth can buy divine blessings. As if this was not enough we now have rogue sons of politicians, men like Dost Mohd Khosa or Hamza Shahbaz of PML(N), who seek public office on hereditary grounds but instead of being role models serve more as vagabonds, making a mockery of the institution of marriage and family values. Then, there is that bull in china shop sonin-law, who would not qualify for any job on merit but was made head of PML(N) Youth wing. The PPP has an endless list of such cronies ranging from Feisal Raza Abidi, Qayuum Jatoi, Musa Gillani, Qadir Gillani to Sharjeel Memon, Basra or Raja Riaz, who having piled assets beyond their wildest dreams now resort to foul mouthed

more circumspect and tolerant than politicians. With regards to the executive, it may be said that it had to perform within the parameters set in the constitution, instead of working to gain favor with politicians and party leaders. The country and people have suffered much due to the standoff between the executive, judiciary and parliament. With due respect, one would like that the 3 pillars of the state do justice to themselves, their country, and the masses and give them some relief. RAJA SHAFAATULLAH Islamabad

language for judiciary and justify corruption as if it was a legitimate perk of power, reminding you of corrupt bureaucrats and generals. Even the PTI, headed by a man with some credibility is now surrounded by rogues and opportunists like Inamullah Niazi, Imran Usman, Khurshid Qasuri, Sardar Assef etc, most of whom were loyal poodles of either Musharraf, or even of AZ till they were refused lucrative posts. With such poor talent, no wonder political parties in Pakistan have fared no better than the corrupt khakis and bureaucrats who have abused this country for more than half a century without any shame or remorse. ALI MALIK Lahore

History repeats itself It is disheartening to learn that the competent authority of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and its allied department has decided not to give the benefit of 20percen adhoc relief allowance-2012 and 20 percent increase in pension to its around 10,000 pensioners and 40,000 employees drawing in the salary of July 2012 paid in August 2012 as already notified by the Finance Department, Government of Pakistan. Likewise, last year, the pensioners and employees of KMC could get their increases announced in the national budget after a period of six month as the pensioners and employees were denied with due course of time. The pensioners and government employees who deserve additional financial relief in the holy month of Ramazan as they are already financially burdened with the skyrocketing prices of fruits, vegetables, grains and other eatable. With this discouraging situation in view, I want to draw the attention of the Chief Minister, Sindh, Administrator, KMC and Metropolitan Commissioner to look into the matter and take immediate action in adding the benefits recently announced for the monthly pension and salary so that thousands of families could celebrate Eid with their children peacefully. JAWED AHMED KHURSHEED Karachi

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12 NABilA WiTH A fRieNd


kareena, imran to pair up for new flick


FTeR their sizzling chemistry in ‘ek Main Aur ekk Tu’, actors Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan will again team up for Karan Johar’s untitled home production, to be directed by Punit Malhotra. “We are making a film with Kareena and Imran in the lead. Karan is producing the film and I would be directing it. We are very happy to have Kareena and Imran on board with us,” Punit told PTI. Released in February earlier this year, Kareena and Imran’s romantic comedy ‘ek Main Aur ekk Tu’, produced by Karan and directed by Shakun Batra, was a hit. On the untitled venture, Punit said, “It is a romantic movie, as well as a little more than that. It is tough to be put in a genre. It is different from ‘I Hate Luv Storys’. It is not a rom-com, but definitely a romantic film, a little more serious.” neWs desK


anil’s son to make his debut


NIL Kapoor’s son Harshvardhan, younger brother of actress Sonam Kapoor and producer Rhea Kapoor will continue the family legacy. Yes, this 20-something boy who stands over six-feet tall, has taken courses in cinematography and screenplay writing in Los Angeles. He is currently in Orange County, LA but will shift base to Mumbai soon. Harsh will join filmmaker Anurag Kashyap in his Ranbir KapoorAnushka Sharma film Bombay Velvet. Dad Anil Kapoor says: “Anurag and Harsh have been in touch for many years. They have their own equation.” Learning filmmaking before they plunge as actors is a fad that is fast catching up in Bollywood. Ranbir Kapoor assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali before he became the nation’s heartthrob; Varun Dhawan assisted Karan Johar in My Name is Khan before he stepped in front of the camera for Student of the Year. However, Aamir Khan’s son has no plans to be an actor as of now. He is all set to assist Raj Kumar Hirani on P.K. that will go on the floors this September. neWs desK


a conversation with sonam sonam kapoor on how she had to dumb herself down but still remains her pr's worst nightmare

katrina spends the night at ranbir’s pad?


N a recent interview to HT Cafe, Katrina Kaif maintained that she’s single when asked about Salman Khan: “I am single. Our equation is very different today and I believe that exes can be great friends.” We may believe that the ek Tha Tiger co-stars are not romantically together anymore but what about Ranbir Kapoor? It was reported that Ranbir cheated on then girlfriend Deepika Padukone with Katrina Kaif. However, the two have consistently maintained the ‘just friends’ stance. The twist in the tale is Katrina Kaif’s recent late night visit to Ranbir Kapoor’s pad in Bandra. reported that the actress was spotted around 2 am on Saturday night at his Krishna Raj residence. “But what actually makes it even more interesting is that this secret rendezvous took place immediately after Ranbir spent a nice, pop corn-filled evening with his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone at Ketnav studio at a private screening of Gangs Of Wasseypur II. CourTesy HindusTan TiMes

Wednesday, 8 August, 2012

yOu say when yOu initiaLLy beGan taLkinG abOut the authOrs anD bOOks yOu reaD, they were sO hiGh-brOw that peOpLe thOuGht yOu were beinG pseuDO-inteLLeCtuaL. hOw haVe yOu resOLVeD that anD MetaMOrphOseD intO the styLe DiVa - by DuMbinG DOwn the COMMuniCatiOn? Not dumb down, but simplify it, you know what I mean? And anyways people stop asking you those questions very quickly. They're more interested in knowing 'have you signed this film? / why haven't you signed this film? / what is your relationship status? / have you had a catfight with X? / why haven't you had a catfight? / so what exactly is your relationship? / you seem too friendly with X and Y' by now I know, by rote, the questions that certain journalists are going to ask me. That is their job, because that makes for a good copy. I guess people want to read all this. If they want to read more intellectual stuff, they can always read interviews of social workers, politicians, intellectuals, authors... They don't want to - actually I don't know if they don't want to, but perhaps they don't expect to hear anything literary or intellectual from an 'actress' let's just say that! (laughs)

DOesn't yOur Current status as the unCrOwneD styLe DiVa Of inDia DisquaLify yOu frOM haVinG any seriOus OpiniOn On a pOLitiCaL issue? Yes, it does (sighs). So when I do say anything, it becomes that she's shooting her mouth off. I'm a socially concerned citizen of India. I have strong views on issues of social and political relevance. But it's very difficult to voice it in an intelligent manner without it sounding contrived. Because people think you're saying or doing all this as a PR exercise, not from your heart.

yOu're reCOnCiLeD tO MeetinG the benChMarks Of what an aCtress is suppOseD tO be? Yes, I have actually. I've learnt to be a little more diplomatic. I've learnt that sometimes my humour gets lost in translation. People don't understand that I'm just being funny, not trying to hurt anybody. People take things too personally - I don't. If someone says something about me, I let it go. But unfortunately everyone isn't like that. So I'm trying to be more diplomatic - but people always want a headline from me!

sO yOu're nOt part Of the sLaM-DhObLe CaMpaiGn in MuMbai? No. He's just implementing what the law says. It's the law that needs to be changed, na. He's not doing anything wrong, but the law itself is wrong, it's such an old thing. He says, this is the law, and I'm following the law to the T, and for that you can't turn around and say you're wrong. I don't know the man, I don't know his intentions, good or bad. My point is, rebel against the law, why rebel against the

her JOb is tO wear natty Outfits anD she ObViOusLy DOesn't unDerstanD anythinG beyOnD that, etC? Yeah, yeah, yeah... all the time. I think young people have to take the responsibility for how things are in our country. But what happens is that when I go out to vote, I'm asked why I wore my red sunglasses! Recently somebody asked me about nightclubs and rules and I said, we need to be more proactive in influencing the political process. The laws are all antiquated. Why complain about those who implement them?

person who's implementing it? yOu'Ve been rather Open in pubLiC fOruMs abOut yOur fitness anD weiGht LOss issues - sOMe wOuLD say exCeptiOnaLLy sO. What all you said from a dais in Delhi while promoting Kalli Purie's book ("I refuse to wear a bikini. I have a saggy bum, I have cellulite") was talked about for quite a while. (Laughs) I got a lot of advice after I said all that. A lot of PR people called me and said, you shouldn't have said that, there has to be a mystery to an actress, there has to be this, there has to be that... I said, I feel I have a responsibility to young girls out there. Because a lot of them are going through anorexia, or are bulimic, or have other health issues because they are trying to emulate a certain body

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13 SHeHRiSH iN deBeNHAmS

Janet Jackson to fight for brother’s estate despite negative publicity


ANET Jackson’s lawyer has said that she will “press forward” with the fight against the executors of her late brother Michael’s estate, even though she has been “relentlessly” portrayed in the negative light. In a statement on behalf of Janet and her siblings Randy and Rebbie, lawyer Blair Brown reiterated the claims that executors John Branca and John McClain have never publicly been able to explain how Michael could have signed a will with a Los Angeles dateline when evidence showed that he was in New York with Reverend Al Sharpton at the time. “Since the loss of Michael, Janet, Randy and Rebbie’s principal concern has been and continues to be for the safety and wellbeing of Michael’s children, their mother Katherine Jackson, and the entire family,” the New York Daily News quoted them as saying in a statement. “Unfortunately, those people have been harmed by the actions of the executors of Michael’s estate,” the statement read. The letter accuses the executors and “those installed and paid to do their bidding” of hiding behind the questionable documents and perpetrating a smear campaign related to treatment of matriarch Katherine Jackson and Michael’s 14-year-old daughter Paris. “The negative media campaign generated by the executors and their agents has been relentless. “In recent weeks, the media received preposterous reports - all now proven to be false - of a purported kidnapping of Katherine Jackson and of physical and verbal abuse of a child,” the letter said. NEwS DESk

natalie portman gets married in private ceremony


ATALIe Portman married her fiance of two years choreographer Benjamin Millepied, on the scenic central California coast of Big Sur, on Saturday. The couple was surrounded by family and friends, including Ivanka Trump, when they exchanged vows after dark in a Jewish ceremony at a private home, People magazine reported. The 31-year-old Oscar winner first met French dancer Millepied, 35, on the set of ‘Black Swan’ in the fall of 2009. He worked as a choreographer on the film and the two started to date during the shoot. By December 2010, the couple announced they were engaged and expecting their first child. Their son Aleph is 14months old. “Nothing is more important than my personal life,” Portman recently told France’s Madame Figaro magazine. “It’s something which comes first, always makes sense, and compared to the happiness of a successful family life, everything else is practically superficial,” she said. neWs desK

MausuMery Lawn LaunChes fLaGship stOre in DefenCe Finally the wait is over, Mausumery lawn and Origins Ready to Wear launched its flagship store in Defence. As the store opened its doors, an influx of vanity conscious customers dropped in to buy their favorite pret/printed suits. Origins Ready to Wear introduced its eagerly awaited new Eid collection at the launch while Mausumery lawn launched its detailed embroidered and print collection Chapter 2. “This collaborated effort offers a one stop solution to customers whether its pret or printed lawn, giving our clients a wide variety to choose from “ said Suleman Pervez The Red Carpet

type. Nobody's looking at it as a health issue. I didn't try to become thin, I tried to become healthy, because I had these issues, is what I was saying. I didn't think it was right of me to say, I was born this way. I'm 5'9'' and 36-24-36 and that's how I just am. No. It came with a lot of hard work. I did it because I wanted to be healthy, and because I wanted to wear certain clothes. But I did it the right way. I did a proper nutritional and exercise plan. A lot of girls come across and say, we eat everything and we're still like that, size zero, and I want to say, I know you're lying, bitch! You can't eat everything and be that way. hOw Often DO yOu haVe aDVisOrs Or yOur pr systeM teLLinG yOu, "yOu shOuLDn't haVe saiD this"? Lots of times - I think every two days I get a

kristen stewart’s sex scenes in new movie


had top models such as Mehreen syed, Nadia Ali and Natasha dazzling the cameras In ORIGINS Eid collection. All in all it was one of the biggest store launches in recent times Showcasing the

call saying that!The top 5 episodes in that list? One, you shouldn't have given that Delhi weight speech, interview, whatever. Two, you shouldn't have said this about a certain activist. Three, you shouldn't have said this about a certain journalist. I could go on and on, but let's keep it to the top 3 (laughs)! questiOns that irk yOu? I don't want to be asked what I think about other actresses, and how I rate their body parts. I don't want to talk about who I had a catfight with or who I am friends with. I don't want to generally wish Happy Rakhi and Happy Birthday and Happy Whatever Day. Those kinds of things... 'Are you just friends with so and so...' it's become so stereotyped, you know. 'How come this film of yours didn't do well?' Arrey, if I understood that, I wouldn't have done the film in the first place, would I? (laughs) And then 'don't you think you're becoming known primarily as a fashionista and not as an actress'? And I have a full rehearsed answer, I've answered that so many times! I think they ask this to provoke me. hOw easy is it tO prOVOke yOu? Very easy! I'm a hot blooded young girl, yaar, it's easy to provoke me. But I take it on the chin. hOw Often DO yOu Get parentaL repriManDs fOr beinG prOVOkeD? My dad thinks it's very funny. My mom also doesn't really say anything. Because I don't think I've really ever been irresponsible. I don't regret anything that I've done. I started working when I was 19. My parents often say, we're scared of reading the papers, ab pata nahi tumne kya bol diya, but never anything more. I'm a very good child, that way. I still stay with my parents, and I live by the rules of the house. I don't even spend my father's money; I spend my own, though I do live in his house. I've never embarrassed them. I don't have a bad reputation in the industry. I'm

brand power and mass appeal of origins and Mausummery lawn. The new store offers one of the most detailed pret collections in Lahore with over ninety different styles to choose from . NEwS DESk

always on time. I work very hard. I like to party but I'm never irresponsible about it, I've never broken any law. The only thing they tell me to keep in check is my temper. Hopefully I'll rein that in. How much has the hot-headedness dissipated in the five years you've spent in the industry? I have mellowed. I've become very patient. But basically, I'm a very passionate person. I don't like to brown nose too much, I'm not a suck-up at all. It's difficult for me to really temper my personality, but I am trying to be a little more sensible about it. If I really lose my temper, I go to my room and scream and shout, but I try not to lose it on people any more. I've never said something mean just like that. I've only said things in retaliation. If somebody says, you are like this, I can also turn around and say, if we're talking like this, well, I think you're like that, too. Maybe it's childish. But why should I let someone say things about me, put up an act and say, oh, let it be, she's such a nice person - she's not! I can't be fake about it. This whole 'fashion icon' tag - though it's often used in a disparaging tone No, no, I love it! I love being called a fashion icon! - DOes it GiVe yOu an eGO kiCk? No, it doesn't. Honestly, when I started off, I was wearing my old, vintage clothes. My father used to say, purane phate kapde kya pehenti rehti hai. People would say, why is she wearing these 1950s, 1970s style clothes, who are these designers, we can't even pronounce these French designers' names, we haven't heard of these Indian designers either. Why's she wearing trousers? Why's she wearing high-waisted pants? Why's her hair done this way? Why isn't she wearing lenses? Eventually, girls started liking it, because I wasn't dressing aspirational - I was dressing like a young girl. Then everybody started hiring stylists! I don't think it's an ego boost, it's an extension of my personality. COuRTESy TOI

RISTeN Stewart, who recently admitted to cheating on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders, is set to bring more embarrassment on the already distraught actor by indulging in sex scenes in her new movie. The controversial scenes in 'On the Road' might prove to be an awkward viewing for heartbroken Pattinson, who is holed up in the holiday pad of co-star Resee Witherspoon after splitting with Stewart. "He is keeping a low profile before On The Road is screened in London on August 16," the Daily Mail quoted a source as saying. "He's bracing himself because there's a scene where Kristen gets involved with two men," the source added. neWs desK

Miranda’s nude photos surface


UDe photographs of Miranda Kerr of unknown vintage have surfaced online. Shot by French fashion photographer, Laurent Darmon, the images were uploaded on his website and then were quickly removed but not before they were reposted elsewhere, reported. The black and white photos show Kerr in various flirty poses and are fairly tame by internet standards, artfully hiding anything more risque than her bottom and breasts. Kerr has been photographed in various states of undress since she started modelling, but very few nude shots find their way onto the internet. According to Triple M, the photos were first published in 2009 before her marriage to Orlando Bloom. neWs desK

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Infotainment 14 5 futuristic technologies that will never exist physics is on our side, metaphysics is not. The “grandfather paradox” suggests that any technology that lets you kill your own ancestor can’t possibly exist, because it would break the cosmos. But there’s an even tougher paradox to consider: If time travel is possible, then where are all the time travellers from the future?

4. Personal force fields

ART of the joy of science fiction is seeing all the awesome toys, and imagining how they could exist in the real world. And so many of science fiction’s coolest gadgets have come true, including Star Trek’s PADDs and communicators. But the sad truth is, a lot of the most fantastic technologies in science fiction are fantastic for a reason — they can’t ever exist in reality. Here are 5 amazing technologies that will never exist in real life.


1. Lightsabers Aside from the sheer impracticality of this weapon — and not to mention how hazardous it would be to wave one of these around — the Star Wars lightsaber will almost certainly never come to be. The first engineering challenge would be in figuring out a way to stop the beam of light about two feet from the source. Light simply does not work in this way, unless there’s something to obstruct or absorb it. Similarly, a highly concentrated beam of light wouldn’t be able to cut through materials, or face resistance when striking another lightsaber. Assuming, therefore, that it’s not actually a “light” saber, but rather some kind of plasma-beam saber (one that’s available in a delicious assortment of colours), the intense heat would likely melt the handle — and possibly burn the Padawan to a crisp. There’s also the power source to consider; these suckers pack quite a punch, deflecting laser beams and cutting through solid metal walls, so they would likely require something substantially more powerful than a pair of double-A’s. A power source that powerful doesn’t, and can’t, exist.

2. human teleportation A staple of the Star Trek universe is the capacity to beam, or teleport, humans from one lo-

cation to another. As legend has it, Gene Roddenberry came up with the idea as a work-around to filming expensive scenes involving ships taking off and landing. But his idea slashed both the budget and common sense. Yes, quantum teleportation has been demonstrated in the lab — but spawning a pair of entangled photons across vast distances is a far cry from teleporting an entire human body. Moreover, Star Trek’s teleportation scheme involves what’s called “destructive copying,” meaning that the source person must be obliterated (as evidenced in the TNG episode “Second Chances” when you accidentally get two Rikers). So, even if teleportation is somehow possible, it doesn’t solve the problem that you’d be stepping into a suicide machine. And finally, the physical and energy requirements of teleportation simply won’t allow for it. The system would have to be capable of the instantaneous scanning, recording and relaying of all 1045 bits of information that make up the human body, then transmit all this data to the destination, and finally compile the person without so much as putting a single molecule out of place.

3. time machine Thanks to Albert Einstein we know that time travel is possible. If you think about it, we’re all time travellers, inexorably moving forward into the future without even having to think about it. But more conceptually, Einstein’s theories have suggested that “wormholes” can connect two disparate regions of space and time, potentially allowing for the creation of time machines. Okay, great — so knowing that, now what do we do? Well, according to physicist Michio Kaku, we would need to extract the energy of an entire star or black hole — easier said than done. And then there’s the challenge of stabilizing the wormhole and ensuring that the aperture (or wormhole entry point) remains open for the return journey (one way trip into the past, anyone?). But even if

teacher takes a day off work by saying he killed a girl


HERE’S faking sick, and then there’s telling your employers that you just killed a small child. 42-year-old teacher Derek McGlone was well known at Calderhead High School in Scotland for making up stories to get out of work, the Telegraph reports. At an August 1 hearing of the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS), McGlone admitted to lying on a number of occasions between June 2008 and May 2011. In his most egregious fabrication, the music teacher told school officials that he had just run over a little girl with his car, according to UPI. “He said he felt his car wheels running over her body,” Calderhead High School head Joyce Kilmartin wrote in an official statement. On another occasion, McGlone called from his home in Glasgow, claiming he was stuck in a volcanic ash cloud in Iceland. At the Council, McGlone took heat not only for his lies, but for his reaction to being reported. After discovering that some of his colleagues at Calderhead had made statements about his conduct to the GTCS in April 2011, McGlone went on a “drunken rant” over Facebook. He admitted to the Council panel that he referred to his coworkers as “bitches” and wrote that he would “hunt them down,” according to the Scottish Sun. McGlone resigned later that year, the Mirror reports, but now says he wants to return to teaching. neWs desK

While it is certainly conceivable that a spacecraft could eventually surround itself with a protective layer of charged plasma or a powerful electromagnetic force, the idea of a personal force field poses a different problem altogether. The very essence of the force field is to either absorb or reflect massive amounts of incoming energy. Consequently, it would have to exert an equal or greater amount of force outwards to prevent the energy from passing through the shield (yes, I know — physics is ruining everything). The only cosmological force suitable for a personal force shield would be electromagnetism, because the other forces, namely gravity and the strong and weak forces, are either way too weak or are constrained across short distances. The problem with electromagnetic force, however, is that it only works on charged objects — and humans are electrically neutral. Moreover, even if we could somehow develop a device that envelopes a person with a powerful shield, there’s no guarantee that the person inside it wouldn’t be fried by the thing; it would be impossible to make the force field omni-directional.

Man sets fire to apartment by microwaving socks


OTe TO seLF: A microwave is for leftovers, not your boxers. British firefighters say they saved an apartment from destruction after its domestically challenged resident tried to dry his wet socks and underwear in a microwave oven. The Dorset Fire and Rescue Service say fire-fighters rescued the man from his home and extinguished the kitchen blaze Monday. The fire destroyed the appliance along with the two pairs of underwear and socks inside it, and caused smoke damage to the apartment in Weymouth, a town on England’s southwest coast. “The fire safety message here is to never put clothing of any kind in the microwave or an oven to attempt to dry them,” the Dorset fire-fighters said in a statement. neWs desK

5. continuity of consciousness after uploading While the prospect of uploading our minds into supercomputers remains a distinct possibility, it’s an open question as to whether or not we’ll also be capable of transferring our consciousness as well. Most uploading schemes describe the copying of neural information from biological to digital substrate — but what’s often lost in the conversation is the question of how a person can suddenly be in two places at once. Destructive copying (similar to the teleportation problem), will still result in a perfectly replicated person who will adamantly insist that they’re the genuine thing — but so would the other 50 copies. As for the original source consciousness, it would cease to exist. This is what’s referred to as the “continuity of consciousness problem,” and it’s a matter of great contention in the philosophical, neuroscientific, and AI communities. Part of the problem is that we still don’t have a developed science to explain the nature of consciousness, so we’re left guessing. As futurist John Smart told io9, it’s likely an issue that will never be satisfactorily resolved. “This is an issue that will eventually start to take on religious or spiritual connotations,” he said, “people will just have to take a leap of faith and make the jump.”

child finds missing Lego piece stuck in his nose Isaak Lasson can finally breathe easy after three years of sinus problems. The cause? A single wheel-shaped Lego piece that he got stuck up his nose back when he was 3. At least that’s what his dad, Craig Lasson, said he thinks. His son started having a hard time breathing back then. “I felt so bad,” the father told KSL-TV. Isaak “was sleeping with his mouth open, trying to breathe.” Numerous doctors looked at Isaak’s nose and prescribed antibiotics. But last week, a new doctor noticed that Isaak seemed to have something foreign stuck up his Schnozz and asked what it

Michael phelps admits: we do pee in the pool


ICHAEL PHELPS, the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, has revealed what no sports fan wants to hear – that Olympic swimmers occasionally relieve themselves in the pool. The US swimmer said: “I think everybody pees in the pool. It’s kind of a normal thing to do for swimmers. When we’re in the water for two hours, we don’t really get out to pee. “Chlorine kills it so it’s not bad.” Phelps was responding to comments made by fellow swimmer Ryan Lochte, who caused controversy recently when he reportedly said that he has on occasion relieved himself while in the pool. Lochte has revealed that he peed in the pool while warming up for the London Olympics. The 28-year-old swimming star made the revelation when radio personality Ryan Seacrest asked him, if swimmers urinate in the pool. neWs desK

Man arrested for calling 911 to do a beer run

W might be. “I put some spaghetti up there, but that was a long time ago,” Isaak told the doctor, according to KTLA-TV. But it wasn’t pasta that was up Isaak’s nose, just a ball of fungus encasing a Lego wheel. “We think he bent it in half — it’s pretty flexible — and that it opened up once it got into his sinuses,” Isaak’s father told reporters. Although Craig Lasson momentarily worried he was a bad parent for needing three years to figure out the Lego problem plaguing his son’s sinuses, he said he is happy that Isaak is eating and sleeping better than he has in years. neWs desK

HEN you’re out of beer and need a ride to get some, who you gonna’ call? Not 911. The Columbia Daily Herald reported city police arrested a 67-year-old man after he allegedly called emergency dispatchers at least nine times Saturday. Most of the calls were hang-ups, but a dispatcher said at least once, the caller asked if someone could send him a ride so he could buy beer. Police Officer Seneca Shield said he told Allen Troy Brooks that if he cooperated, he would just receive a citation. But authorities said Brooks denied making calls and claimed he didn’t have a telephone. Brooks was arrested and charged with making 911 calls in a non-emergency situation. He was released on bond. A phone number listed for Brooks was out of service on Monday and no attorney was listed in court records. neWs desK

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Wednesday, 8 august, 2012

dibaba on course for distance double Page 18

Clinical Aussies dent Pakistan’s pride devoid of spunk and fight, Greenshirts go down 0-7 LOnDOn


aGHa aKbar

N what was a most humiliating end to its campaign to garner some respect if not recognition by way of an Olympic medal, an insipid Pakistan handed a relentless Australia its biggest win here, by 0-7. As a consequence of such pride-denting defeat, the greenshirts lost everything: a probable spot in the semifinals had they won, even a slot in the 5th-6th playoffs and are now condemned to fight it out in the bottom half for the 7th-8th place. That means not a tangible improvement in their current eighth world rank, and no automatic qualification for the Champions Trophy. Finishing top of the Pool A, Australia now take on world number two and Olympic champion Germany in the semifinals on Friday while the Netherlands await either Great Britain or Spain. One has to grant that the best four outfits have arrived there in the medals hunt, and whatever our pretensions, Pakistan does not belong there. The ubiquitous lack of spunk and fight – the kind of chutzpah that Argentina and Great Britain had so effectively displayed against the rampaging Aussies with the odds similarly stacked against them – was far too evident.

legend fears for the game LAHORE sTaff reporT

Former Pakistan captain Islahuddin Siddique is concerned for the future of the game in his country after the men's side crashed out of the Olympics. Needing to win their last game to have a chance of reaching the semi-finals, Pakistan were routed 7-0 by Australia. Pakistan finished bottom of their group at the 2010 World Cup and Siddique is worried about the national game. "If you are losing, losing, losing, people don't want to come and play hockey," he he said. "It was really disappointing because Australia beat Pakistan by a tennis score. We used to win by five, six seven goals and now we are losing by the same score. "Everyone wants to see the Pakistan flag high and for Pakistan to win the title. Everyone understands hockey it is our national game and with this result, I think everyone is annoyed." Pakistan has won medals at eight Olympics including gold in 1960, 1968 and 1984 but Siddique, who won 130 caps for Pakistan scoring 117 goals, feels the team is falling further behind rival countries. Siddique, who led the side to one of their record four World Cup wins, added: "Not reaching the last four is very disappointing for Pakistan hockey. Other teams are playing very high skill hockey and Pakistan must improve. "We need some surgery and we need some good infrastructure in hockey." Pakistan manager Akhtar Chaudhry criticised his team for the manner of their defeat. "The midfield was totally abolished and the forwards totally failed to win a single penalty corner," he said. "Because of this bad play Pakistan lost 70. Today is the worst game and I have never seen Pakistan play like this before in my 47-year career."

lONdON: Australia's mark Knowles (2nd R) is congratulated by teammates, (from l) Simon Orchard, Kieran Govers, matthew Swann, after scoring a goal against Pakistan. AFP One does not even have to look at the stats to have a measure of how dismal Pakistan was, yet these are quite revealing: not a single short corner, and almost no real shots at the goal. Comparable stats for the Kookaburras: 23 shots at the goal, three goals from eight short corners and yet another from a stroke. Previously Pakistani forwards had been known for being wastrels without compare, for botching opportunities that other sides convert blindfolded. This time round it was so unlike Pakistan, for the signal failure was not creating anything that could remotely resemble a chance. Akhtar Rasool, the manager/chief coach, who had led Pakistan in periods of

plenty, in a voice choking with emotion, admitted absolue failure: “In my 43 years, I’ve never seen Pakistan play as bad as this. The Aussies dominated us everywhere on the field. Our failure was total”. With their tails up from two goals as early as by the sixth minute, the Kookaburras went after Pakistan hammer and tongs, and by the break were ahead 4-0. That outcome must have cleared the cobwebs of self-doubt after, from a position of strength succumbing to two sobering draws against Argentina and Great Britain. And Ric Charlesworth, the celebrated Aussie coach post-match admitted that

lONdON: Sohail Abbas leaves the field along with team members after Pakistan was defeated by Australia in their preliminary round match at the Riverbank Arena. AFP once Australia had gotten “amongst the goals first-up against a Pakistan side that he reckoned was growing in confidence”, the game plan changed: in place of alternating between defence and counterattack, the order of the day now was all-out aggression. That should have provided the greenshirts with some opportunities, only if our leaden footed midfielders and forwards been able to stitch together some moves. That was not to happen. Whatever little approach work was attempted it was too feeble, and only destined to fizzle out before it could become hazardous for the Aussies. With the possession of the ball so pronouncedly with the

Bolt and Blake ease through 200m rounds LOnDOn afp

Imperious Usain Bolt eased through the first round of the Olympic 200m on Tuesday as the Jamaican took the next step towards a sprint double after having already retained his 100m title in style. Reigning champion Bolt showed no signs of fatigue as he ran the bend hard before relaxing in the home straight and strode over the line to win in 20.39sec in the first heat on a chilly morning in the Olympic Stadium. "This was an easy run. I am enjoying it," said Bolt. "This is my favourite event so I am looking forward to it." His main challenger for the 200m, Yohan Blake, also negotiated his passage into the next round with ease, as the Jamaican who took the silver behind Bolt in the short sprint won his heat in 20.38sec.

Aussies, and their end under no threat, Pakistan’s defence was bound to be under unrelenting pressure; and the skill-set of the Aussies made it crumble like the proverbial pack of cards. Despite the assurance of a big win and qualifying for the knockout stage at the top of Pool A, the Aussies kept coming at Pakistan till the very end, Glenn Turner having the satisfaction of getting his first goal in the very last minute. The final whistle was the only reprieve in the match for a sorry Pakistan. ScOReS: Australia 7 (c ciriello 2, mark Knowles, jamie dwyer, Russell ford, Glenn Turner, liam de Young goals) d Pakistan 0.

champion He leads springboard field into final

Bolt tribute to liu after hurdles heartache LONDON: Jamaican sprint king Usain Bolt paid tribute to Liu Xiang on Tuesday after the Chinese star suffered an agonising exit from the Olympics for the second time in a row. Liu, who had been forced to withdraw from the 110m hurdles in Beijing four years ago just moments before his first heat, fell at the first hurdle here Tuesday as he returned to the Olympic arena. The 29-year-old's sad exit from the competition sparked a wave of sympathy amongst athletes and spectators, with 100m champion Bolt leading the way. "It is really hard for him because I think he is one of the best, hands down," said Bolt after strolling through his opening 200m heat. "He has shown the world he can do great things. For him to push himself and come back last year... for this to happen, this is really sad for any athlete." afp Blake said it was possible Bolt's three-year-old world record of 19.19sec could be under threat in the later rounds. "The track is fast and Usain is fast so anything is possible," Blake said. European challenger Christophe Lemaitre of France also went through after winning his heat in 20.34sec. The challenge for the United States

will come from Wallace Spearmon, who qualified second in his heat, while his US team-mate Maurice Mitchell also went through with a time of 20.54sec to win his heat. Spearmon is bidding to put behind him the disappointment of the Beijing 2008 final when he was disqualified from the bronze medal position for running out of his lane.

lONdON: A combination of pictures show jamaica's usain Bolt as he gestures before competing in the athletics events. AFP

LONDON: Defending champion He Chong goes into the final of the men's 3m springboard as the Olympic gold medal favourite after topping the semi-final qualifiers on Tuesday. He trailed after four of the six rounds but came home strongly to finish with 510.15 points, 4.55 clear of Russian Ilya Zakharov (505.60) and 9.80 ahead of Chinese teammate Qin Kai (500.35) to head the 12-man field into Tuesday night's final. Two-time world champion He took control with a score of 91.80 for an inward three and a half somersault with tuck in the third round and 91.20 for a forward four and a half somersault on his fourth dive. China have already won the opening five diving events as they target an unprecedented clean sweep of all eight gold medals in London after finishing with seven of the eight golds in Beijing four years ago. "I think my performance is just so-so," He said. "I still have room to improve for the final because I can do much better in training, I especially hope I can have less splash. "I just followed the routine which my coach told me to do. I never changed it. There's no real competition between the athletes so I have no strategy, I just want to do my best." Zakharov, who finished runner-up behind He at last year's Shanghai world championships, zoomed to second overall with a spectacular forward four and a half somersault which scored a competition high 100.70. afp

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Sports 16 feng succeeds li as parallel bars champion

22nd gold makes it Britain’s best Games LOnDOn afp


LONDON: China's Feng Zhe took the honours in the men's parallel bars final on Tuesday to succeed his countryman Li Xiaopeng as Olympic champion. Germany's Marcel Nguyen came second, adding another silver medal to the one he won in the individual all-around final earlier in the competition, while Hamilton Sabot of France finished third. Feng, parallel bars world champion in 2010, now has two gold medals at the London Games, having already played a part in China's victory in the men's team final. His score of 15.966 saw him finish 0.166 points above Nguyen, with Sabot posting a score of 15.566 to succeed compatriot Benoit Caranobe -- the allaround bronze-medallist in 2008 -- as an Olympic medal winner. "I think the judges were more nervous than me!" said Feng. "I have learnt so much from this experience. It has been perfect." Japan's Kazuhito Tanake finished in fourth place, with his brother, Yusuke, seventh. After his team-mate Zhang Chenglong had fallen from the apparatus in the opening routine, Feng followed Sabot onto the bars and smoothly established a score that would not be beaten. afp

Hoy wins record sixth gold

LONDON: Sir Chris Hoy crowned his Olympic career with a record sixth gold medal here Tuesday to become the most decorated British Olympian in history after powering to victory in the keirin.Germany's Maximilian Levy finished second to take the silver with New Zealand's Simon Van Velthooven and Dutchman Teun Mulder sharing the bronze after a long wait for a photo finish decision. Hoy won three Olympic gold medals in the sprint, keirin and team sprint four years ago to add to his kilometre time trial crown from Athens in 2004. And despite being unable to defend his sprint title after being ousted by Jason Kenny for Britain's sole spot in the event, Hoy struck gold twice in his two London events of the team sprint and keirin. The 36-year-old Scot's sixth gold means that on the count of gold medals alone, he overtakes Sir Steve Redgrave's tally of five gold medals, all of which were won in consecutive Games. "I'm in shock, you try and compose yourself but it's surreal. I wanted to win gold in front of my home crowd. I saw everyone stepping up to the plate and thankfully it worked out for me too," said Hoy. Asked if he would compete at the Rio Games, Hoy said his preference would be to end his career at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. "Not in an Olympic Games. afp

iran grab gold in 96, 105kg wrestling

RITAIN won a 22nd Olympic gold medal on Tuesday to make it the host nation's most successful Games in history. The gold for the dressage team at Greenwich pushed the gold medal haul for the London Games beyond the 19 that Britain won at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Britain is comfortably third in the medals table, behind China and the United States. The Beijing total had been equalled when Alistair Brownlee won the men's triathlon earlier on Tuesday. More medals could follow in the track cycling later in the day. Britain have already won five golds in the Velodrome and Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins took the cycling time trial title. Four golds have come from rowing, while a remarkable night in the Olympics Stadium on Saturday produced three golds, for heptathlete Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah in the 10,000m and Greg Rutherford in the long jump. Sailor Ben Ainslie won the fourth gold of his Olympic career, while Andy Murray beat Roger Federer to take the men's singles title. Britain's other gold medals came in canoe slalom and shooting and from the team show jumping event. British competitors have been supported by funding underpinned by the national lottery in preparation for the first Olympics held in London since 1948. GReAT bRITAIN wIN hIsTORIc DRessAGe TeAm GOL: Great Britain celebrated their first dressage medal in Olympic history with gold in the team event at Greenwich Park on Tuesday, taking the host nation's gold total to a record 20. A century of disappointment at this exalted level came to a glorious end for the London 2012 hosts courtesy of Carl Hester, Charlotte Dujardin and Laura Bechtolsheimer. The triumphant trio followed up Britain's show jumping team gold 24 hours earlier with a score of 79.979 to defeat dressage masters Germany, who took silver on 78.216. The Netherlands, on 77.124, revised down slightly after an initial total of 77.127, came in third. Britain went into this final round with a slender lead over Germany, who were seeking their ninth consecutive Olympic title. And with Princess Anne, who competed at the 1976 Montreal Games, in the crowd, the home team were set on their way by a su-

perb opening test from Hester - who posted a new Olympic Grand Prix Special record riding Uthopia. Bechtolsheimer, on Mistral Hojris, kept the momentum rolling with Olympic debutant Dujardin sealing victory on Valegro and lowering the freshly established Olympic record set a few minutes earlier in the process. Hester, appearing at his fourth Olympics, said: "I know it is an old cliche, but this is the culmination of many years of dreaming about it and it finally happening. "Both those girls (Dujardin and Bechtolsheimer) are cool customers. "Charlotte was unbelievable. The horse (Valegro) was also unbelievable, he's the best horse in the world." He added: "I told Charlotte on the way down here that some people wish it would happen, some people think it will happen, and you're going to make it happen. "She just goes in and does it like the true professional she is and like most of the athletes who have won gold for Britain. It has shot our sport into a totally different league." Dujardin could be celebrating further gold on Thursday in the individual dressage, for which the inexperienced but brilliant 27-year-old will start hot favourite. She praised Valegro, describing him as "a oncein-a-lifetime horse." And on scoring higher than her mentor, Hester, she added: "I always love beating him. We will be competing again in the freestyle and I will beat him again!" Up to this remarkable turnaround in their for-

tunes, the mysterious world of dressage based on cavalry training techniques developed in Europe in the Middle Ages had eluded Britain. Equine ballet, as it has been described, involves the top hat and tailed rider instructing the horse with barely perceptable movements to demonstrate obedience, relaxation and agility. Among the moves are piaffe, where the horse appears to be dancing on the spot, and half-pass, a trot diagonally across the arena. Each routine, set to music, lasts around six minutes and is assessed by eagle-eyed judges sitting in wooden cabins around the arena. Britain's best previous showing in dressage came four years ago in Beijing when they came in sixth to Germany. Well-beaten in sixth on Tuesday came the United States, with one of their number, Jan Ebling, riding Rafalca, part-owned by Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential hopeful Mick Romney. Rafalca's ears were covered with an equine-style baseball cap, sporting the Stars and Stripes. Asked if his horse's owners had turned up to watch Ebling replied: "Yes, the three amigos are in the audience. That is Mrs Romney, my wife and Beth Meyer. "I blew them a kiss at the end as I knew where they were sitting." The equestrian competition continues on Wednesday with Britain's Nick Skelton riding Big Star fancied to win individual show jumping gold to add to the team title he won here on Monday.

Penalty, collapse mar British triathlon win LOnDOn

MedaLs TabLe ranK CounTry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 23 25


Britain's Alistair Brownlee won gold with the fastest Olympic triathlon yet Tuesday as his brother Jonny recovered from a time penalty to take bronze -- and then dramatically collapsed minutes later. The elder Brownlee completed the 1.5km swim, 43km bike-ride and 10km run at London's scenic Hyde Park in 1hr 45min 25sec, the quickest since triathlon's Olympic debut in 2000, and 11 seconds ahead of Spain's Javier Gomez. But his jubilation at walking across the line, draped in a Union Flag to thunderous applause, turned to worry when Jonny, crossing 31 seconds behind, collapsed and started vomiting after his extreme exertions.

After an hour's delay for medical treatment, the three medallists emerged for the victory ceremony but the younger brother was too weak to stand as he gave media interviews. It underlines the intensity of triathlon -- and reprises similar scenes in 2010 when Alistair Brownlee, who was leading a

race on the same course, was taken ill 400 metres from the finish and staggered across the line in ninth. "After the finish I collapsed. I crossed the line and I felt awful, but that's part of racing. But I got into the tent afterwards and I got worse and worse and I overheated," Jonny Brownlee said.

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Kohli, Pathan star in India T20 win PALLEkELE afp

LONDON: Iranian Ghasem Gholamreza Rezaei won the Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling 96kg gold medal Tuesday, beating Russian Rustam Totrov 3-0 in the final. Bronze medals went to Armenian Artur Aleksanyan and Sweden's Jimmy Lidberg.Later in the day, Iran's Salimi wins men's over-105kg weightlifting gold. afp

Omer Associates in semi LAhORe: Omer Associates confirmed their place in the semifinal of Advance Telecom 2nd Corporate T20 Cup 2012 played at the DHA Sports Club Moin Khan Academy on Monday. Famous All-Rounder Shahid Khan Afridi graced the post match ceremony as chief guest. He paid tributes to his former captain and fellowtest-cricketer Moin Khan, Chairman Tournament Committee for his untiring efforts in organizing an excellent tournament. suMMarized sCores: Omer Associates beat candyland by 30 runs, Omer Associates 127-6 in 20 overs (Omer Siddique 35, Shaharyar Ghani 26, fahad ul Haq 24; Zahid mehmood 3-13) candyland 97/10 in 17.2 overs (fawad Khan 19, Asif Afridi 16; Sultan Ahmed 4-24, Hafiz Sajid 2-17, m. irfan 2-18) sTaff reporT

Virat Kohli cracked a half-century and Irfan Pathan bagged three key wickets to help India post an easy 39-run win over Sri Lanka in the one-off Twenty20 international in Pallekele on Tuesday. In-form Kohli hit a 48-ball 68 for his maiden half-century in T20 internationals while paceman Pathan finished with 3-27 as India bowled Sri Lanka out for 116 after scoring 155-3. Man-of-the-match Pathan jolted Sri Lanka's top order when he dismissed skipper Mahela Jayawardene (26), Tillakaratne Dilshan (0) and Upul Tharanga (5) in his opening three overs to reduce the hosts to 353. Seamer Ashok Dinda finished with 4-19, including three wickets in an over, as Sri Lanka lost their last six wickets for 20 runs. Angelo Mathews

top-scored for Sri Lanka with 31. Kohli earlier smashed one six and 11 fours before being caught by Lahiru Thirimanne at deep mid-wicket off debutant paceman Shaminda Eranga, who took 2-30 off four overs. "I think we mastered our bowling and batting better than them," said India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. "We thought we were 15 runs short, but overall we were really good." Kohli, who scored two centuries in the recent five-match one-day series in Sri Lanka, put on 74 for the second wicket with opener Ajinkya Rahane (21) and 48 for the next with Suresh Raina who made a 25-ball 34 not out. "We thought 150 was achievable," said Jayawardene. "We're making a lot of mistakes and when you come across a team like India it is tough." Sri Lanka struck early after elect-

sCoreboard india: G. Gambhir b eranga 6 a. rahane c and b Mendis 21 V. Kohli c Thirimanne b eranga 68 s. raina not out 34 Ms dhoni not out 16 extras (lb7, w3) 10 Total (for three wickets; 20 overs) 155 fall of wickets: 1-7 (Gambhir), 2-81 (rahane), 3-129 (Kohli). bowling: Mathews 3-0-23-0, eranga 4-0-30-2 (w2), Malinga 4-0-31-0 (w1), perera 4-0-34-0, Herath 3-0-17-0, Mendis 2-0-13-1. sri LanKa: M. Jayawardene lbw b pathan 26 T. dilshan b pathan 0 u. Tharanga c raina b pathan 5 L. Thirimanne b ashwin 20 a. Mathews c dhoni b dinda 31 J. Mendis c rahane b yadav 11

d. Chandimal c Kohli b dinda 7 T. perera run out 1 s. eranga c ashwin b dinda 6 L. Malinga c dhoni b dinda 0 r. Herath not out 0 extras (lb2, w7) 9 Total (for all out; 18 overs) 116 fall of wickets: 1-7 (dilshan), 2-14 (Tharanga), 3-35 (Jayawardene), 4-68 (Thirimanne), 5-96 (Mathews), 6-100 (Mendis), 7-102 (perera), 8-116 (Chandimal), 9-116 (eranga), 10-116 (Malinga). bowling: pathan 4-0-27-3 (w3), yadav 3-0-24-1 (w2), dinda 3-1-19-4, Kohli 3-0-13-0, sharma 1-0-9-0 (w1), ashwin 4-0-22-1 (w1). result: india win by 39 runs Toss: sri Lanka umpires: Kumar dharmasena (sri) and Tyron Wijewardene (sri) TV umpire: ruchira palliyaguruge (sri) Match referee: Chris broad (enG)

ing to field as Eranga bowled opener Gautam Gambhir (six) with his fourth delivery, but Kohli and Rahane propped up the innings. Kohli went for his shots from the

beginning as he hit pacemen Thisara Perera and Eranga each for three fours in an over. He reached his halfcentury with a four off left-arm spinner Rangana Herath.

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17 Sports cyprus hails silver sailor, its first Olympic hero nICOSIA afp

Cyprus basked in Olympic glory on Tuesday after its first ever medal winner Pavlos Kontides sailed his Laser to silver and can expect a hero's welcome when he returns home to the east Mediterranean island. Starved of international sporting success, the local media lapped up Monday's London 2012 medal triumph as a much-needed antidote to gloomy recession economics. Kontides has been showered with congratulations and plaudits from across the Cyprus political and sporting spectrum. Daily newspaper Politis summed up the mood with the simple headline: "Pavlos, we thank you," while the mass-circulation Phileleftheros said Kontides has written the first golden chapter in Cypriot sport. "There is nobody like you," trumpeted daily sports newspaper Goal on its front page. Sport Day went even further. It ran a front-page opinion piece calling Kontides "our modern-day Saint Paul." The saint's first missionary journey took him to Cyprus. "He has come to make us believe that nothing is impossible in this life," it said. Simerini newspaper said Kontides had single-handedly raised the profile of Cyprus sport on his mast. On Monday the 22-year-old won the silver medal in the men's Laser one-person dinghy event on 59 points behind Australia's Tom Slingsby with 43. "It's a historic day for Cypriot sport and I'm very happy that I'm the one responsible for it," he said soon after receiving his medal. Kontides is now expected back home on Thursday to a rapturous reception from grateful fans, especially in his home Limassol, the island's second city on the south coast. He can also expect to be thanked personally by President Demetris Christofias who attended the first week of the Games. Before the event nobody in Cyprus had dared to believe that Kontides could steer to a podium place. He took a two-year break from his studies at Southampton University in England to prepare for 2012 and had to overcome several injuries. The island's first ever medal hopes had been pinned on world class skeet shooter George Achilleos, tennis player Marcos Baghdatis -- who both failed -- and Kyriacos Ioannou who was competing in Tuesday's high jump final. Cyprus joined the International Olympic Committee in 1979 and sent its first team to Moscow.

Aussies confident against uS NBA stars LOnDOn afp

If Patrick Mills sounds crazy when he says the Australia Boomers are confident they can defeat the unbeaten US NBA Dream Team in their Olympic quarter-final matchup on Wednesday, just ask the Russians. Mills, a guard for the NBA San Antonio Spurs, sank a 3-pointer at the final buzzer to deliver Russia's first loss of the Olympics 82-80. That last-second stunner has sparked the Aussies' imagination about the chances of delivering the NBA superstars a setback for the ages. "We have no choice. We have to believe that we can win," Mills said. "We're going into the next game with all we've got. Going into the quarter-finals and going against the United States, it's amazing to me. "There's a different feel, a different vibe, a different belief in ourselves for our goal to be reached." That goal would be to play for an Olympic medal. Australia lost bronze-medal Olympic matches in 1988, 1996 and 2000 and has not played for gold -- yet. "Russia was unbeaten so we feel like we're really putting ourselves in the mix," Aussie captain Matt Nielsen said. "We have USA next so we feel really confident going into that."

Wednesday, 8 August, 2012

lONdON: japan's forward Kozue Ando (R) vies with france's camille Abilly during their Women's football semifinal match at the Wembley Stadium in london, during the london 2012 Olympic Games. AFP

China in shock as Liu crashes out


BEIJIng afp

HINA was in shock Tuesday as athletics hero Liu Xiang crashed out of the Olympic 110m hurdles in a nightmarish reminder of the 2008 Beijing Games when he was forced to withdraw. Even state television sports commentator Yang Jian could not hold back his tears as he reported the news to a stunned nation. His sobs were heard live during the broadcast of Liu's elimination. Liu, a former world record holder and winner of the 2004 Olympic crown, ploughed into the first hurdle and crashed to the ground to end his London dreams. The Internet was instantly flooded with comments on the national hero's performance, with Liu nicknamed "Liu Shuaishuai" (Liu fell-fell) on Sina Weibo, China's version of Twitter. "I never imagined that you would say goodbye in this way to your third Olympiad," one commentator using the

name "Maymaypmp" said in a microblog posted on Sina Weibo. Liu -- who has been troubled by back and foot problems in the past month -was helped off the track and then taken away from the arena in a wheelchair and then to the medical centre.

"A single injury to a man causes suffering to a population of 1.3 billion people," said another user posting as "AAAAA". "How cruel competitive sports are! Liu Xiang is getting old," said "Kouyamin", also on Weibo.

China reach men’s final despite Zhang defeat LOnDOn afp

Olympic champion Zhang Jike suffered a shock defeat as China survived a couple of unexpected wobbles before beating Germany 3-1 to reach the final of the men's team event on Monday. Zhang lost in four games to Timo Boll, the former world number one, but China recovered to beat Germany 3-1

and emulate their women, who reached their final by beating South Korea 3-0 in the morning. Few visualised such a setback for Zhang, who only four days earlier had added the singles gold medal to his world title. Instead he found it impossible to contain the left-handed loops and hits of Boll from positions all over the table, and the German's 8-11, 11-8, 11-9, 11-8 victory ignited the match.

It put Germany and China level at 1-1, and when Boll and Bastian Steger took the first game in the doubles which followed, there was a hint of possible defeat for China, who not only hold the Olympic team title but have captured 18 out of 26 world team titles. "For 20 or 30 minutes I was a little bit nervous," said coach Liu Guoliang. "But I actually thought the doubles was the more important match.

BmX bandits hope to put brakes on GB gold show LOnDOn afp

Australia's Sam Willoughby and Frenchwoman Magalie Pottier will be among the riders aiming to stop Britain bagging more Olympic cycling gold from the BMX events later this week. BMX -- or bicycle motorcross to give the sport its full name -- made its Olympic debut in Beijing where Latvian Maris Strombergs and Frenchwoman AnneCaroline Chausson won the men's and women's inaugural golds. And while Britain have continued their domination of track in the Olympic velodrome, the BMX field is far more competitive. Willoughby, a 21-year-old from Adelaide, is BMX's newest world champion, having won gold earlier this year ahead of Frenchman Joris Daudet. As Australia continues to reel from having won only two gold medals, Willoughby brushed off suggestions his squad had been cursed. "I'm not superstitious. There's no curses. I did the work and I have 100 percent faith in what I've done," said Willoughby. Both the men's and women's field raced the Olympic Park circuit in a test event last year. It has since undergone changes after a number of riders were injured. Pottier believes the changes make for a more exciting, and fairer race. "Now it's better, because some riders had an advantage over others from the starting point and also because there were some areas soggier than others," said Pottier, a world champion earlier this year. "Now the first right is the same for the men's and women's events. Then the girls we'll have a tunnel, which is something new." British medal hope Liam Phillips welcomed the changes too: "They have downscaled things a lot since the test event which I think is a good move in my opinion.

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Sports 18

‘Nadeshiko’ in sight of Games gold LOnDOn



APAN'S 'Nadeshiko' women's football team moved within one win of a rare World Cup and Olympic double Monday when they set up a final with fierce rivals the United States. Japan beat France 2-1 to advance to their second major final in as many years. The Americans, their opponents in last year's World Cup decider, dramatically edged Canada 4-3 in the last minute of extra time. "We were always confident we would not lose," said Japanese striker Megumi Takase, adding there were jitters when France's Elise Bussaglia stepped up to take a late penalty. "We were all praying on the bench that she would miss, and she did." Victory on Thursday at Wembley Stadium would make Japan only the second team to hold both the world and Olympic titles, after the United States when they won the 1999 World Cup. They relinquished their Olympic crown the following year. Goals in each half from Yuki Ogimi and Mizuho Sakaguchi appeared to have left the Japanese cruising into Thursday's final. However France staged a desperate late fightback to run the Japanese close, with Eugenie le Sommer pulling a goal back to make it 2-1 on 76 minutes. France then appeared poised to equalise after le Sommer was bundled

PcB gives central contract to 17 female players LAhORe : The Pakistan Cricket Board Women Wing has on Tuesday announced the Women Players Central Contract List for the 2012 Calendar Year. The seventeen women players have been awarded contracts in three categories. The names of women players by category are as follows: category – A: Sana mir, javeria Wadood, Bismah maroof, qanita jalil, Sadia Yousaf, Nain Abidi category – B: Nida dar, marina iqbal, Batool fatima, Asmavia iqbal, Rabiya Shah category – c: mariam Hassan Shah, Nahida Khan, Sidra Amin, Sania iqbal, Sana Gulzar, Namra imran. sTaff reporT


dibaba on course for distance double

LONDON: The United States advanced to the final of the Olympic women's football tournament on Monday after an Alex Morgan goal in the last minute of extra-time clinched a dramatic 4-3 victory over Canada. In one of the most extraordinary matches in the history of the tournament, the American women came from behind three times to level at 3-3 in 90 minutes before Morgan's 120th-minute clincher at Old Trafford. Canada -- who had taken the lead three times thanks to a magnificent hat-trick from captain and striker Christine Sinclair -- were left shattered by the agonising nature of the loss. The United States will now play Japan in Thursday's final at Wembley in a rematch of last year's women's World Cup final won by the Asian giants. afp over in the penalty area by Sakaguchi to earn a penalty. But the pressure was too much for France's Elise Bussaglia, who blasted her spot-kick well wide as a golden chance to level went begging. The United States advanced to the final after an Alex Morgan goal in the last minute of extra-time snatched a gripping win over Canada. In one of the most extraordinary matches in the history of the tournament, the American women came from behind three times to level at 3-3 in 90 minutes before Morgan's 120th-minute clincher at Old Trafford. After another 18 medals were settled on day 10, China remained two clear of the United States at the top of the medals table with 31 golds. Xu Lijia's women's Laser sailing victory was their only win of the day. China's men's basketball team was


LeeDs: England star Kevin Pietersen on M o n d a y dropped a bombshell by suggesting that the third and final Test against South Africa might be his last. "I can't rule out that my next Test may be my last," he said after winning the man of the match award in the drawn second Test at Headingley after a superb innings of 149, which he followed up by taking three wickets. Pietersen's future was a major issue before the series against the Proteas began. He has already announced his retirement from from one-day international cricket, amid speculation he wanted to be available for a full Indian Premier League programme while still playing for England and play in the upcoming World Twenty20 in September. afp


uSA into women’s final after extra-time thriller

shocked 90-58 by Britain -- who had never before won an Olympic match -and triple Olympic champion gymnast Chen Yibing retired after being edged by Brazil's Arthur Zanetti in the men's rings final. Olympic champion Zhang Jike suffered a surprise defeat in the team table tennis, to Germany's Timo Boll, before China advanced to a final against South Korea. India had mixed fortunes in the boxing, with Vijender Singh going out in the men's middleweight quarter-finals as he failed to match his 2008 bronze -- the country's first Olympic medal in the sport. But five-time world champion M.C. Mary Kom guaranteed at least a bronze medal in the first ever Olympic women's boxing tournament when she beat Tunisia's Maroua Rahali. She will now Britain's Nicola Adams in the flyweight semi-finals.

'Posh' British team sparks row over class divide Pietersen refuses to rule out Test retirement

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Britain may be basking in Olympic glory, but at the "People's Games" many of the host nation's team come from privileged families and compete in costly sports. A disproportionate number of British competitors at London 2012 were educated at feepaying schools, and the government faces growing calls to tackle the perceived elitism of top-level sport. Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter Zara Phillips - who won a silver medal in the three-day eventing - was following a tradition of British royals competing at the Olympics, but one of her schoolmates took home a medal too. Heather Stanning, who with Helen Glover won Britain's first gold medal of the Games in the women's double sculls, attended the elite Gordonstoun boarding school in Scotland, where Phillips also studied. Some 20 percent of Britain's team were privately educated, and in rowing,

sailing and the equestrian events -- all British specialities, and all seen as expensive pastimes -- the figure rises to a third. In contrast, just seven percent of the overall British population attend fee-paying schools, with the other 93 percent studying at state-funded institutions. British Olympic Association chief Lord Colin Moynihan last week condemned the dominance of private-school-educated athletes in the British Olympic team as "one of the worst statistics in British sport". "There is so much talent out there in the 93 percent that should be identified and developed," said Moynihan, who is himself an aristocrat. Calling for a dramatic overhaul of school sports policy, Moynihan said it was "wrong and unacceptable" that so many top British athletes came from private schools. Alan Bairner, Professor of Sport and Social Theory at Loughborough University, said a combination of factors was responsible.

LOnDOn afp

Defending champion Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia qualified fastest for the final of the 5000m on Tuesday as she chases a second consecutive Olympic long distance double. The Ethiopian, who has already won the 10000m in London, won her 5000m heat in a time of 14min 58.48sec, edging out Athens 2004 gold medallist Meseret Defar (14:58.70) Double 2011 world champion Vivian Cheruiyot of Kenya, who finished third in the last week's 10000m, also qualified for Friday's final in 15:01.54. Dibaba was the first woman to complete the 5000-10000 double in Beijing and successfully defended her 10000 title on the opening day of the track and field programme in London. Defar said her plan was to save energy and qualify for the final. "It was a good race and everything went according to plan. I am ready for the final," she said. "I have a good chance. I'm in good shape and I'm feeling fine, but there are other strong athletes in the field and I will never stop fighting for it." Other qualifiers include Viola Kibiwot, who has twice won the world cross country title, and Kenya's Sally Kipyego, who took silver in the 10000m in London. The women's 5000m became an Olympic event at the Atlanta 1996 Games, succeeding the 3000m. Ethiopia lead the table with two gold and three bronze medals.

Pakistan, New Zealand need to be wary of minnows LAHORE sTaff reporT

Complacency will be Pakistan’s and New Zealand’s biggest enemy when they lock horns in Group B of the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2012, a group that also includes a dangerous Afghanistan and Scotland, which is returning after missing the previous two events. The ninth edition of the ICC U19 CWC will be staged from 11 to 26 August in Queensland with Group B matches to be played on the Sunshine Coast. The top two sides will progress to the Super League quarter-final stage while the bottom two sides will compete in the Plate Championship. Pakistan is the only side that has won back-to-back titles when it won in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in 2004 and 2006, respectively. In addition to this, it twice reached the finals, in 1988 and 2010, while it lost in the semi-finals of the 2000 and 2008 tournaments. The current form of Pakistan has been excellent. At Kuala Lumpur in June, Pakistan shared the U19 Asia Cup trophy with

India while it beat Australia 2-1 in a series that finished last week on the Gold Coast. New Zealand has only once appeared in the final of an ICC U19 CWC when, in 1998, it lost to England in Johannesburg. New Zealand lost to India in the 2008 semi-final, finished third in 2002 and twice finished fourth, in the 2000 and 2004 events. In contrast, Afghanistan and Scotland are relatively inexperienced sides but the strong cricket culture in their respective countries, backed up by some strong performances by their senior sides, make them teams that deserve respect and cannot be taken as push-overs. Afghanistan will be appearing in its second ICC U19 CWC, after having finished last in the 16-team contest two years ago, with Afsar Khan, Hashmatullah Shaidi, Noor-ul-Haq and Yamin Ahmadzi returning for their second World Cup. Scotland is returning to the event after having missed the events in Malaysia and New Zealand in 2008 and 2010, respectively. It also didn’t figure in the tournament that Sri Lanka staged in 2000. However, for the ICC U19 CWC 2012, Scot-

england beat Pakistan in a high-scoring warm-up match LAhORe: A big hundred by Ben Foakes, a near ton by Daniel Bell-Drummond and some moments of brilliance from the Overton twins Jamie and Craig, delivered an encouraging five wickets victory for England against Pakistan in a warm-up match of the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2012 in Brisbane. England won a high-scoring game at Redlands, thanks to 133 off 119 balls from Foakes. The Essex wicket-keeper belted 14 fours and five sixes as he helped his side chase down Pakistan’s 281 for six with 36 balls to spare. Craig Overton was 30 not out after his twin Jamie had taken three wickets and pulled off a key run-out in the Pakistan innings which revolved around a classy century from Saeed Ali.Saeed hit a neat 100 from 93 balls, including eight fours and a six, before Overton’s run-out in the 45th over stymied Pakistan’s charge. A solid 79 from No.3 Imam Ul-Haq, nephew of former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq, got the Pakistan innings off to a promising start. Apart from running out Saeed, Jamie Overton picked up 3-22 from seven overs. sCores in brief: england beat Pakistan by five wickets at fred Kratzman Oval, Redlands, Pakistan 281 for six (Saeed Ali 100, inam ul-Haq 79; jamie Overton 3-22), england 283 for five (Ben foakes 133, daniel Belldrummond 91; usman qadir 2-48) sTaff reporT land qualified in style when it topped the points table of the 10-team ICC U19 Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2011 that was staged in Derby, Ireland. In that event, Scotland won eight of the nine matches.

The Pakistan side will be led by Babar Azam who, along with Usman Qadir, also played in the ICC U19 CWC 2010. Babar is the only player in the side with firstclass experience.

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uS mosque destroyed in suspected hate attack WASHIngTOn afp

OAK cReeK: A man vists the makeshift memorial near the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on Tuesday. AFP

Gunmen kill 19 in nigerian church

2 troops, 3 militants killed in Peshawar Cantt clash




Gunmen have opened fire on an evangelical church during a service in central Nigeria, killing the pastor and at least 18 worshippers while injuring several others, officials said Tuesday. Kogi state, southwest of the capital Abuja and the scene of the latest violence, has not been hit particularly hard by the Islamists, although members of the group are believed to have come from the ethnically diverse area. In mid-July, a bomb went off near another church in Okene, but caused no casualties, while in April, the JTF said it had discovered a Boko Haram bomb making factory in Kogi, in the town of Ogaminana. The radical Islamist group Boko Haram, responsible for hundreds of deaths across north and central Nigeria this year, have repeatedly targeted Christians during worship in a series of gun and suicide bomb attacks. “The attack was at 8:20 pm yesterday night. The attack was from unknown gunmen at the Deeper Life Church,” said Lt Col Gabriel Olorunyomi, head of a military task force in Kogi. “They were doing their normal Monday evening service. When we went there we discovered the church had been attacked. Instantly we saw 15 people dead, including the pastor,” he explained. The military has since learned that an additional four people had died from their injuries, Olorunyomi explained. The National Emergency Management Agency’s central region chief, Ishaya Chonoko, said several people were also injured in the raid and that rescue workers were at the site. There was no immediate claim of responsibility and Kogi state police spokesman Simon Ile told AFP there were no early indications as to the culprits. “They entered the church...they just opened fire and they went away. We don’t know their motives yet,” he said. While Muslims have often been its victims, Boko Haram, which has said it wants to create an Islamic state in northern Nigeria, has increasingly attacked Christians, often during church services. In addition to churches, Boko Haram has also targeted Muslim figures as well as a range of others, including the United Nations building in the capital Abuja.

sTaff reporT


T least two security personnel and three militants were killed in a clash in the most sensitive and well-guarded Cantonment area of Peshawar in the wee hours of Tuesday. According to officials, the clash erupted between a group of militants and security forces at RA Bazaar and State Life Building Chowk when the militants attempted to escape the custody of security forces. Per details, a number of militants attempted to escape security forces’ custody at around 11:15pm on Monday night. An emergency was declared across the Cantonment as soon as the news broke out. Meanwhile, a clash erupted between militants and security forces that continued for more than two hours. The officials said on Tuesday morning that the gun-battle had resulted in the killing of three militants and two personnel of the security forces. The deceased personnel were identified as Salim and Nadir. Soon after the clash, security was tightened across the Cantonment and vehicles without authorized permits and stickers were not being allowed to enter

four policemen killed, 14 injured in turbat bombing QUeTTA: Four police personnel were killed and another 14 were injured in a bombing in Turbat, southwest of Quetta late on Tuesday night. Platoons of Balochistan Constabulary (BC) and reserved police were going for deployment in the area for the religious congregation of Zikris to be held from Ramadan 23 to 27 in Turbat town. When the trucks carrying the security personnel reached Shapuk, 25 kilometers from Turbat, a powerful blast took place, killing four BC personnel on the spot and injuring 14 others. When contacted, District Police Officer Farooq Faiz Lahri said two of the injured were declared to be seri-

ous, adding that efforts were being made to arrest the culprits. He said every year police provided protection to Zikri pilgrims who came from Karachi and other parts of Balochistan to participate in the annual congregation, adding that this year too the BC personnel were coming to Turbat for being deployed for maintenance of law and order in the area. Levies official Shamim Ahmad said the civil administration was of the view that improvised explosive device could have been used to be detonated by a remote-controlled device. However, he said investigations by the bomb disposal squad were underway. SHAHzADA zuLFIQAR

the area. Almost all secret and law enforcement agencies dealing with terrorism and militancy have offices and cells in the Peshawar Cantonment. The Peshawar-based United States and

Afghanistan Consulates are also situated in the area apart from the Governor’s House, Chief Minister’s House, Flag Staff House, Pearl Continental Hotel and other important installations.

A mosque burned to the ground in the midwestern United States on Monday, in what worshippers suspect was a hate attack, less than a day after a deadly shooting at a Sikh temple. Firefighters and police were called to the Islamic Center in Joplin, Missouri at 3:40 am (0840 GMT) — about an hour before local Muslims were about to pray during Ramadan — according to the FBI. “The building was completely destroyed,” said Sharon Rhine, a spokeswoman for the local Jasper County Sheriff’s office. No one was hurt in the incident, according to a statement by the office that referred to the mosque as an “Islamic Church.” “No-one was apprehended. They don’t want to call it a hate crime without information or knowledge of having someone to charge,” Rhine said. Monday’s blaze followed an attack on July 4, when an unidentified suspect threw a petrol bomb onto the roof of the same mosque, causing minor damage. The mosque’s surveillance cameras captured an image of the assailant’s face, and the FBI recently offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the man behind the July incident, but no one has been apprehended. FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patton said both incidents occurred in the middle of the night, but said the FBI would “wait to determine the cause of the fire.” “If it is determined that the attack was intentional, we will conduct an investigation to see if there is any correlation between this fire and that of July 4,” Patton added. But the local Muslim community, which numbers around 125, said the fire was one of a series of attacks on their mosque since it was founded in 2007. “We’ve been constantly under attack,” said former mosque board member Navid Zaidi, 47. “Our sign has been burnt ... Our mailbox was smashed multiple times. We had bullets shot at our sign.” Zaidi said it was fortunate that the attack occurred in the early morning when no one was there despite Ramadan, the busy and ongoing Muslim holy month of fasting and prayer. Zaidi also complained that no suspects have been caught in the month since the July 4 attack. “I don’t recall in my 27 years in the US, ever seeing perpetrators apprehended,” he said. At an attack at a Sikh Temple on Sunday, a gunman shot and killed six people before he was shot by a police officer. “We hope these are isolated events, but suddenly they have become more regular and bolder,” Zaidi added. The American Islamic Congress, a Muslim advocacy organization with headquarters in Washington, Boston and across the Middle East-North Africa region, condemned both the attack against the Wisconsin Sikh Temple and the Missouri mosque. “These faith communities came to this country seeking democracy and freedom and hoping to worship the way they wish,” the congress’s Washington-based director, Zainab Al-Suwaij told AFP.

ECC okays weekly revision of petroleum prices ISLAMABAD aGenCies

Despite tough opposition from Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet has allowed to determine oil prices on weekly basis on trial basis to examine impact on general public and oil marketing companies. The ECC met here on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh to discuss various agenda of national importance. The ECC approved to import 0.3 million urea and decided not to change existing pricing formula. ECC also approved in principle the removal of High Octane Blending Component (HOBC) from inland freight equalization margin

(IFEM) regime, subject to consultation and endorsement from ministry of law and justice. The ECC also approved the short and long term liquefied natural gas (LNG) import framework proposed by ministry of petroleum and natural resources. However, the ECC formed a technical group to work further on mechanism, bidding details, guarantee matters and legal issues as raised by minister of law and to present a report to ECC a next meeting. The ECC approved import of furnace oil by Pakistan State Oil (PSO) under term contract. However, the ECC asked ministry of petroleum and natural resources to work for detailed calculations on the subject with consultation of ministry of finance. The matter of terms of settlement with IPPS regarding delays in payments by power purchaser under

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

power policy 2002 was also discussed in the meeting. The ECC approved the payment schedule of the amount of Rs 24 billion which is overdue and payable for more than 45 days, as proposed by ministry of water and power. The ECC also constituted a committee comprising Secretary Petroleum and Natural Resources, Secretary Finance and Deputy Chairman Planning Commission to work further on the other matters of the said proposal. While arguing the need of energy in the country, ministry of water and power proposed a summary for issuance of GOP guarantee in the sum of Rs 10 billion to be raised in the form of loan from the banks/institutions by WAPDA for water sector projects and the repayment of loan along with interest to be made through PSDP as concurred by the Finance DiviEditor: Arif Nizami

sion. The ECC approved in principal the summary; however, the retiring of loan will be decided by a committee headed by DC Planning Commission, and comprising Secretary Finance and Chairman WAPDA. The ECC approved in principle the proposal for issuance of Government of Pakistan guarantee for 10 billion rupees to be raised in the form of loan from banks and institutions by WAPDA for water sector projects. The ECC also allowed 30,000 tons of sugar export to Tajikistan on government to government basis at price differential of $ 20 per ton from international market. The ECC also approved in principle the sale of wheat to Iran under barter trade system. The ECC asked Governor State Bank to get Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ viewpoint in context with international trade restrictions faced by Iran.

e-paper pakistantoday 08th august, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 08th august, 2012

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