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Wednesday, 6 February, 2013 Rabiul Awal 24, 1434

Memo justifies drone kills even with patchy intelligence The US government has authorised the killing of American citizens as part of its controversial drone campaign against al Qaeda even without intelligence that such Americans are actively plotting to attack a US target, according to a Justice Department memo. page 04

Ahmadinejad kissed and scolded in Egypt story on page 03

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was both kissed and scolded on Tuesday when he began the first visit to Egypt by an Iranian president since Tehran's 1979 Islamic revolution. The trip was meant to underline a thaw in relations since Egyptians elected an Islamist head of state, President Mohamed Mursi, last June. page 04

Kapp sends Pak crashing out South Africa’s Marizanne Kapp sent Pakistan crashing out of the ICC Women’s World Cup India 2013 after the 23-year-old from Port Elizabeth struck her maiden ODI century at Barabati Stadium in Cuttack to secure her side a position in the Super Sixes section of the tournament. page 21

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N nEws wednesday, 5 February, 2013

new province to Be creAted Before elections: GilAni

Renaming Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is part of an attempt by PML-Q to appease people of Hazara. — Zahid Khan

‘certain forces’ conspiring to delay elections JEDDAH

P MULTAN: Former prime minister and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senior Vice Chairman Yusuf Raza Gilani on Tuesday said that the new province was a part of party’s manifesto which would be created before the general elections. Talking to journalists at a local airport, he said that the decision of separate province had been taken after discussing all important issues including economic and political concerns. He said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was not in favor of the new province and urged people to not fall for their trap. Moreover, Gilani said that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif should desist from instigating people for protests. To a question, he said that he went to the Supreme Court to file a review petition as he had some objections on the case. He said he believed that president had immunity and it had been mentioned in the letter. “In view of national interest, the name of Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi was nominated for caretaker setup in Punjab while Bahawalpur was also mentioned for capital of the province,” he said. He said that the demand of opposition to change governors of the provinces was illegal as they were the nominees of federal government. He expressed solidarity with the people of Kashmir and added that his moral and diplomatic support was with the people of Kashmir. He said that when he was the prime minister, he said he had urged a resolution of all issues with India, including Kashmir, Siachen and others. To a question about Most Favoured Nation status to India, he said that it pointed to a balance trade with India. APP

Another six children fAll to meAsles, toll rises to 502 KANDHKOT: The deadly measles outbreak has left at least six more children dead, mounting the death toll to 502 across the country with 463 casualties in Sindh only. According to reports from Sindh, two children died in Sukkur and three more in Kandhkot, while another died in an adjoining area. In Punjab, 19 children have died of measles since the outbreak gripped the province. Fifteen children died in Balochistan, and five died in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). INP


AKISTAN Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) President Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday that ‘certain forces’ were conspiring to delay the elections. Nawaz, who was speaking to the media, said that postponing the 2013 polls was against the interests of the nation. He said his party would not allow for such a delay to take place, and that the elections would take place as per schedule. The PML-N chief’s statements on a ‘conspiracy’ to delay the elections come in the wake of similar statements from Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and Senator Raza Rabbani of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). He further told reporters that overseas Pakistanis should be allowed to vote in the upcoming general elections and that it was necessary to pass legislation in this regard. Nawaz added that the incumbent government was reluctant to pass legislation which

( dual nationalities

ECP issues notices to 21 PA members Commission to meet today to disCuss implementation of artiCles 62, 63 in forthComing eleCtions ISLAMABAD KASHIF ABBASI

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued notices to 21 sitting and two former members of the Punjab Assembly for holding dual nationalities/ The ECP will meet today (Wednesday) to discuss various methods for implementing the muchdebated articles 62 and 63 of the constitutions for the upcoming general elections. A senior official of the ECP told Pakistan Today on Tuesday that the implementation of articles 62 and 63 in the elections and the government’s request seeking relaxation of the ban on new recruitments were on the top of the agenda. The official said the ECP, in light of articles 62 and 63 and under the supervision of Chief Election Commissioner Justice (r) Fakhruddin G Ebrahim, will try to evolve a strategy to stop tax evaders and loan defaulters from taking part in the elections. He said the government’s request regarding lifting of the ban on recruitments will also be thoroughly discussed and there was likelihood that the ECP will relax the ban to fulfil some important posts. Meanwhile, in response to a reference filed by former ambassador Asif Aizdi, the ECP sent notices to 21 sitting and two former members of the Punjab Assembly for allegedly holding dual nationalities. Those who were served notices included Arifa Khalid Pervaiz, Zaeem Qadri, Shamsheer Wattoo, Rana Babar Hussain, Farrukh Javed, Raza Ali Gilani, Muhammad Yaar Hiraj among others. According to the law, dual nationality holders cannot become members of parliament and provincial assemblies. The ECP also decided to hold a meeting with op-

the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had enrolled as voters 4.3 million Pakistanis living abroad who possessed national identity cards. But they would be able to cast their votes in the constituencies where they had been registered, for which they must come to P a k istan.

would enable overseas Pakistanis to vote. Last week, Law Minister Farooq H Naek had told the Senate that while overseas Pakistanis had the right to vote, absence of a suitable mechanism for the purpose would render it meaningless, at least for the upcoming general election. H e h a d stated that



Bangladesh politician jailed for war crimes DHAKA

eCp should mirror the indian eleCtion Commission ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain demanded that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) be given powers on the lines of the Indian Election Commission for smooth and orderly conduct of polls. Talking to a group of reporters at his residence on Tuesday, Hussain said if the PML-N really wanted to see the election commission independent, it should support his proposal. Without naming the PML-N leaders, who claim that the key to election date was with them, the PML-Q president said they (PML-N) would soon agree that all assemblies be dissolved on a single day. He said if elections to national and provincial assemblies were held on different date, these would have impacts on results of provincial assemblies. INP

position parties to discuss a charter of demands submitted by them on Monday. This meeting will be held on Thursday. The opposition parties have requested the ECP to conduct fresh delimitation of constituencies and verification of voters’ lists in Karachi and remove 27 bureaucrats from important positions before the general elections.


A Bangladeshi court has sentenced a senior opposition official to life in prison for mass murder and crimes against humanity during the 1971 liberation war against Pakistan. Abdul Kader Mullah, 64, the fourth highest ranked leader of the country’s Jamaat-e-Islami party, is the first politician to be found guilty by the controversial International Crimes Tribunal following charges of rape, genocide and murder. Six leaders of the party are on trial before the muchcriticised domestic court based in Dhaka. They too have been accused of committing atrocities during the ninemonth war against Pakistan. Mullah has been tried on six counts, including playing a role in the killing of 381 unarmed civilians, the prosecution says. He denies the charges. Meanwhile, Jamaat-e-Islami called a nationwide strike on Tuesday and warned it would resist at any cost a “government blueprint” to execute its leaders. Riots rocked Dhaka before the verdict as police clashed with protesters early on Tuesday near Old Dhaka after they smashed cars and auto rickshaws. “We fired several rounds of rubber bullets to disperse them,” police inspector Mizanur Rahman said security was tight in the capital with more than 10,000 policemen on patrol. Schools were closed and many shops and businesses shuttered. Motorways linking Dhaka with other cities were largely empty. The tribunal, a domestic body with no international oversight, was created by the country’s Awami League government in 2010. It has been tainted by allegations it is politically motivated, targeting only senior opposition officials. Both Jamaat and the main opposition BNP have labelled the cases “show trials” aimed at barring the leaders from upcoming polls. International rights groups have questioned the proceedings.

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People should support the polio vaccination campaigns for complete eradication of the crippling disease from Pakistan. — Sumsam Bukhari

nothinG personAl AGAinst AsmA JehAnGir, But she simply doesn’t quAlify for cAretAker pm: pti LAHORE: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said on Tuesday that it has nothing personal against Asma Jehangir, but the former chairperson of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) just does not fit the criteria for caretaker prime minister. The PTI has taken note of a statement by Asma Jehangir in which she attacked PTI Chairman Imran Khan and the party for raising objections on her nomination by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) for caretaker prime minister. A PTI spokesman said the problem with Asma’s nomination was not her personality, but “she does not fit the qualifications that the party thinks are necessary for a caretaker prime minister.” It may be recalled, the spokesman said, that the PTI had laid down three necessary preconditions before anyone could be considered for the most important post of caretaker prime minister. The conditions are: the person nominated should be completely neutral; the person nominated should respect national institutions, particularly the judiciary; the person nominated should have the necessary administrative experience to run the machinery of the state for the caretaker period and particularly able to ensure a free and fair election. The PTI spokesman said that Asma Jehangir “does not fit any of the above three criteria.” “She has frequently attacked the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the past and continues to do so. “As a citizen in a democracy she is free to hold any views, but for someone required to conduct a free and fair election, Ms Jehangir is clearly biased and does not fit the bill,” the spokesman added. “The same is true regarding her attitude towards the Supreme Court. Ms Asma Jehangir clearly has little respect for the superior judiciary as a number of her statements attacking the courts testify. On this criterion too, she does not fit the bill to be caretaker PM,” the spokesman said. “Thirdly, it goes without saying that anyone becoming the caretaker PM must have at least some administrative experience. Ms Jehangir has none. She would thus find it impossible to conduct the affairs of the government,” the spokesman added. ONLINE



wednesday, 5 February, 2013

rains, snow and storms kill over 20 across pakistan at least 18 people killed in various parts of khyber pakhtunkhwa ISLAMABAD/PESHAWAR/QUETTA STAFF REPORT


E AV Y rains on Tuesday lashed across the country, killing over two dozen people and injuring several others in rain-related incidents. At least 18 persons were killed and more than 50 others were injured in various areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The rains and scattered snowfall also inflicted heavy logistic losses, badly affecting routine life throughout the province. All flights of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) between Peshawar and Chitral were cancelled, while flights from Peshawar’s Bacha Khan International Airport to other cities and countries were also affected. According to details, the roof of a house collapsed in Peshawar’s Pakha Ghulam area on Dalazak Road, burying several members of a family. Eight of them were rescued while two children were killed. The eight injured were shifted to Lady Reading Hospital. Elsewhere in Nowshehra, at least three persons were killed and six others were injured when two houses collapsed due to rain. According to reports from Swabi, a mud house in the Afghan refugees’ camp at Gandaf Gadoon was razed to the ground, burying all 10 of a family. An official said that two of them had died while eight others were injured. The condition of the injured is stated

critical. One person was killed in Charsadda and two others were injured when a mud house was razed to the ground. Officials said that a landslide hit a house in Shangla district, killing at least three and injuring two others. In Haripur, more than 40 mud houses in the Afghan refugees’ camp were washed away by rainwater. An official said that two persons were killed, and efforts underway for the recovery of four others, including two women and two children. Two persons were killed in Buner and one each in Mardan and Lakki Marwat districts. Reports say that three persons were killed and four others were injured when houses at two different places collapsed in Karak district. As the rains disrupted the communication system, reports regarding casualties and property losses from Mansehra, Kohistan, Chitral, Upper Dir and several other mountainous regions have not been received so far. Officials have however confirmed heavy rains and snow throughout the northern mountainous regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. pUNJAb: Two persons have been killed and several others sustained injuries in rain-related incidents that took place in various parts of Punjab. According to TV reports, two people were killed when the roof of their house collapsed in Darmaywala area of Dipalpur. In the second incident, nine persons, including two children, were injured when the roof of their houses located in the vicinity of Jaswand Nagar of Khanewal district and Shah Kot area, suddenly caved in. QUeTTA: A man was killed when lightning struck in Jawa’ay Gandan area of Sorab tehsil, Kalat district on Monday night. In Zhob, two persons were killed when an avalanche triggered due to

Kashmir issue should be settled under Un resolutions: PM ISLAMABAD

MUZAFFARABAD: A boy stands at the doorstep of his house as the road was washed away by heavy downpour in Tariqabad on Tuesday. INP

continuous rain struck them in the mountainous area of Mandayzai. Levies said that rain continued in Zob on third consecutive day. sNOW: Heavy snowfall has led to closure of all link roads in Galliyat, Murree and upper parts of Kashmir, adding to the miseries of the commuters. The residents of these areas have been kept indoors due to inclement weather. Hilly areas have gone clad with white canopy of snow. Malam Jabba received 3.5 feet snow, Kalam, 3 feet and Murree 8 inches. Snowfall continued on the second consecutive day in Skardu. The key highways leading to Muzaffarabad, Rawala Kot and Punjab were closed due to land sliding.

VCs express reservations on proposed HEC amendment bill ISLAMABAD



Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Tuesday reiterated Pakistan’s stance that Kashmir issue should be resolved in accordance with the UN resolutions. Addressing a function to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day‚ he said plebiscite is the right way to give the Kashmiris their right to self-determination. The PM said the Kashmir issue is a human rights issue and urged the world community to play its role for its resolution. He said unfortunately India demonstrated intransigence for resolution of Kashmir issue. He said India is ruling Kashmir with brute force. He said the unresolved issue of Kashmir is dangerous for peace in the region and the world. Raja said Kashmiris are waging their struggle for their right of self-determination and this struggle is intensifying day by day. The prime minister said, “The objective to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day is to express solidarity with our Kashmiri brethren for their right to selfdetermination.” TrUe spiriT Of pAKisTAN’s freeDOM LiNKs TO KAsHMir LiberATiON: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira has said the true spirit of the completion of Pakistan’s freedom is linked with the independence of Kashmir and their right of self-determination. Addressing a workers’ convention on Tuesday‚ he said that resolution of Kash-

Rectors and vice chancellors (VCs) representing 137 public and private sector universities on Tuesday presented their arguments before the members of National Assembly Standing Committee regarding the proposed Private Members HEC Amendment Bill in 11th Vice Chancellors’ Committee meeting held here at Higher Education Commission. The VCs noted that the universities had shown tremendous progress in the last decade and the HEC reforms were being followed by the other countries as a role model. They said that the the main factors for the excellent contribution by the organisation was its autonomy and its management which was qualified educationists and professionals. However, they said that there was a need to further strengthen the organisation. Moreover, they said that the proposed bill would have a detrimental effect on the higher education sector and would reverse the achievements made during last decade. The VCs were of the view that the higher education sector had been a growth engine for socio-economic development of Pakistan and higher education institutions had started to play a pivotal role for the well-being of Pakistani people and industrial growth through strong universityindustry linkages. They said that it would be unfortunate if at this point legislative steps were taken without any consultation with the stakeholders The vice chancellors felt that any

mir issue was vital for durable peace in the region. He said every Pakistani supports and prays for an independent Kashmir, and the government would continue to support Kashmiris. He said that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has buried the politics of hatred and promoted the politics of reconciliation for the betterment of the country. Kaira said that assemblies are going to complete their tenure because there is political stability in the country. The minister while referring to the sit-

in staged by the opposition on Monday, said its aims and objectives were not clear. On the one hand they were in support of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and on the other they were criticising its performance, he added. He regretted that the PML-N was not supporting the genuine cause of the people of South Punjab, adding that they could not get any seats from South Punjab and expressed the hope that PPP would make a clean sweep in the area.

rAiN: As per Met office, 15 millimetres rain was recorded in Dipalpur during the last 12 hours, 47mm in Islamabad, 43mm in Kakul, 40mm in Garhi Dupatta and 35mm in Para Chinar and Balakot. The low lying areas of Peshawar, Charsadda, Nowshera, Bannu and Dera Ismail Khan, were submerged in the rainy water. Cherat crossed the ever-highest record of 148mm rain. Saidu Sharif received 138mm rain, Risalpur, 136mm, Lower Dir 107mm, Rawala Kot, 95mm, Islamabad, 69mm, and Mianwali 51mm. Met Office said that Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Peshawar, Kohat and Malakand are likely to receive rainfall in the next 12 hours while the hilly areas may be hit by the snowfall.

changes in the HEC act should have the recommendations of the task force established by the Prime Minister’s High Powered Committee which was awaiting notification. They demanded that the task force may be notified so that consultation process may be started without further delay. The vice chancellors also highlighted the financial problems being confronted by the higher education sector. The chairman of the standing committee, Sheikh Rohale Asghar and other committee members appreciated the role of HEC for socio-economic development and promotion of quality education in the country. They were of the view that any legislation that took away the dynamism and autonomy of HEC would be damaging to the higher education sector in the country. They were of the unanimous view that HEC was one institution which had functioned extremely well and had delivered wonderful results during the last decade. On behalf of the committee, Asghar categorically stated that the legislation should be based upon careful review of past progress and consultation with the relevant stakeholders so that the organisation may be further strengthened to continue its positive role. Moreover, Asghar remarked that the committee would not undertake any step undermining the autonomy and future of higher education in Pakistan. “We will not table any bill which is damaging to the performance and will curtail the autonomy of HEC. We need to strengthen the institutions”, he emphasised.

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04 N

nEws wednesday, 6 February, 2013

Militants could increase activities during elections — Ghulam Ahmed Bilour

Ahmadinejad kissed and scolded in egypt CAIRO AGENCIES


QUETTA: People sit around a bonfire to keep themselves warm as temperatures decreased across the country following heavy rains and snowfall. ONLINE

Memo justifies drone kills even with patchy intelligence WASHINGTON AGENCIES

The US government has authorised the killing of American citizens as part of its controversial drone campaign against al Qaeda even without intelligence that such Americans are actively plotting to attack a US target, according to a Justice Department memo. The unclassified memo, first obtained by NBC News, argues that drone strikes are justified under American law if a targeted US citizen had “recently” been involved in “activities” posing a possible threat and provided that there is no evidence suggesting the individual “renounced or abandoned” such activities. The document was disclosed as a bipartisan group of US senators called on the Obama administration to release to Congress “any and all” legal opinions laying out the government’s understanding of what legal powers the presi-

dent has to deliberately kill American citizens. The senators who signed the letter, including members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the administration’s cooperation would “help avoid an unnecessary confrontation that could affect the Senate’s consideration of nominees for national security purposes.” Obama has nominated John Brennan, his White House counterterrorism adviser, who defends drone strikes, to lead the CIA. An Intelligence Committee confirmation hearing on the nomination is scheduled for Thursday, and Brennan is likely to face questioning on drone policy. One national security official said the leak of the Justice Department memo may have been timed to blunt such congressional demands for the release of additional, possibly classified, documents relating to the US use of drones. Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Democrat who chairs the

Senate Intelligence Committee, in a statement on Tuesday said she had been calling on the administration to release legal analyses related to the use of drones for more than a year. ‘iMMiNeNT THreAT’: A top US official must determine that the targeted person “poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States,” cannot be captured, and that the strike “would be conducted in a manner consistent with applicable law of war principles,” the department said. A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment to Reuters about the report. The memo is drawing new attention to the 2011 strike that killed Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born alleged leader of Al Qaeda’s Yemen-based affiliate who US investigators linked to a botched plot to blow up a US airliner with a bomb hidden in a man’s underwear on Christmas Day, 2009.

ppp, pml-q hold talks over interim setup ISLAMABAD

AHMOUD Ahmadinejad was both kissed and scolded on Tuesday when he began the first visit to Egypt by an Iranian president since Tehran’s 1979 Islamic revolution. The trip was meant to underline a thaw in relations since Egyptians elected an Islamist head of state, President Mohamed Mursi, last June. But it also highlighted deep theological and geopolitical differences. Mursi, a member of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, kissed Ahmadinejad after he landed at Cairo airport and gave him a red carpet reception with military honours. Ahmadinejad beamed as he shook hands with waiting dignitaries. But the Shi’ite Iranian leader received a stiff rebuke when he met Egypt’s

leading Sunni Muslim scholar later at Cairo’s historic alAzhar mosque and university. Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, head of the 1,000-year-old seat of religious learning, urged Iran to refrain from interfering in Gulf Arab states, to recognise Bahrain as a “sisterly Arab nation” and rejected the extension of Shi’ite Muslim influence in Sunni countries, a statement from al-Azhar said. Visiting Cairo to attend an Islamic summit that begins on Wednesday, Ahmadinejad told a news conference he hoped his trip would be “a new starting point in relations between us”. However, a senior cleric from the Egyptian seminary, Hassan al-Shafai, who appeared alongside him, said the meeting had degenerated into an exchange of theological differences. “There ensued some misunderstandings on certain issues that could have an effect on the cultural, political and so-

cial climate of both countries,” Shafai said. “The issues were such that the grand sheikh saw that the meeting ... did not serve the desired purpose.” The visit would have been unthinkable during the rule of Hosni Mubarak, the militarybacked autocrat who preserved Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel during his 30 years in power and deepened ties between Cairo and the West. “The political geography of the region will change if Iran and Egypt take a unified position on the Palestinian question,” Ahmadinejad said in an interview with Al Mayadeen, a Beirut-based TV station, on the eve of his trip. He said he wanted to visit the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian territory which neighbours Egypt to the east and is run by the Islamist movement Hamas. “If they allow it, I would go to Gaza to visit the people,” Ahmadinejad said.


The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) discussed various issues, including the caretaker setup and seat adjustment in the upcoming general elections, in a meeting on Monday. During the fourhour-long negotiations at the Prime Minister’s House on directives from President Asif Ali Zardari, the PPP leaders led by Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf held dialogue with the Q-League’s Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Pervez Elahi, Moonis Elahi and Kamil Ali Agha. The discussions commenced at 6pm and concluded past 11pm on Monday. The two sides made important decisions regarding the caretaker setup, general election and seat adjustment. Sources said the PPP and PML-Q were expected to strike consensus over the interim setup and the talks in this regard would continue.

Girls’ rock band exposes Kashmiri gender fault lines SRINAGAR AGENCIES

Kashmir’s first-ever girls’ rock band has triggered a fresh row between the mainstream and pro-freedom camp with Valley’s Grand Mufti, Mufti Bashir-ud-Din slamming Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for “expressing unnecessary support to a shameless act”. Reacting to threats projected at the Valley’s only All Girls’ Rock Band on social media, Omar had Saturday said “the talented teenagers should not let themselves be silenced by a handful of morons.” However, Mufti Bashir-ud-Din in a statement had said that “Such trivial acts (singing and playing instruments) never develop a society but are a first step to demolish its moral fabric. I am happy that the new generation has attained a pro-development and pro-religion stance but

there are some girls treading on the path of destruction. They should stop from such activities and not to get influenced by the support of political leadership.” The Band ‘Pragaash (morning light) consists of three school girls, vocalist-guitarist Noma Nazir, drummer Farah Deeba and Guitarist Aneeka Khalid, performed their first live performance at Srinagar’s music festival, Battle of the Bands in December last year. Chairman Hurriyat (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq commented that a rock band of Kashmiri girls is against the moral values. “We belong to the land of Sufi saints, where there is no place for musical concerts. It is irony that our girls are now being diverted towards westernization. There is no place for such acts in Islam,” he said and urged the parents of the girls to persuade their children to stay far from such things and instead follow Islamic teachings.

sherry says pak-us ties defined by trust, mutual respect WASHINGTON SPECIAL CORRESPONdENT

Relations between Pakistan and the US have moved forward from a recent rocky phase as the two sides have restored multifaceted cooperation, Ambassador to the US Sherry Rehman said on Tuesday, while she also debunked the notion that Islamabad was in “quiet complicity” over American drone operations in the Tribal Areas. Questioned about Pakistan-US ties in the wake of John Kerry’s taking over as the country’s top diplomat, Sherry said she looked forward to working with the new secretary of state and other officials of the Obama administration on taking the relationship forward. The Pakistani envoy in Washington was speaking to reporters at the Christian Science Monitor Breakfast. To a question on the thorny issue of US drone strikes in Pakistani Tribal Areas, Sherry reiterated Islamabad’s position that they were counterproductive, and a direct violation of the country’s sovereignty and international laws. “Drone operations also fuel militancy,” she added. “There

has been no quiet complicity, no question of wink and nod,” she said, rejecting the suggestion that Pakistan was publicly criticising the drone operations while privately it allowed the US to carry out the unpopular strikes. “We have been working together to degrade and destroy al Qaeda ranks, while we move towards diminishing al Qaeda ranks in our region, the time for drone strikes is over.” Fielding a series of questions on the subject, she said drones, as precision anti-terror tools, might have some efficacy, but Pakistan did not see them as operationally productive the way they were used. She argued that the use of US drones on Pakistani soil gave the impression that the fight against terrorism was the United States’ fight and not Pakistan’s and that these operations also cast a negative light on the US. Regarding the overall state of bilateral relations, she said, the two countries have “come a long way” since 2011 and early 2012 strains and mistrust and looked forward to advancing bilateral ties “defined by confidence, trust and mutual respect”.

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Pakistan’s academia will never let Kashmir issue bury before it gets resolved – GC Vice Chancellor Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rehman

L lAHorE wednesday, 6 February, 2013

Weather Updates

180C high partly CloUdy

060C low




17°C I 06°C

18°C I 06°C

18°C I 06°C

LAHORE: Heavy rainfall over the last few days has forced people to revert to their winter clothes after the rise in mercury two weeks back, Pakistan Today has learnt. This spell of rainfall has brought winter back to the populace which had shifted to summer clothes. Cold winds have also increased the demand for snacks, fried and dry fruits, allowing people to enjoy the weather traditionally. A large number of people visited stalls for famous winter foods such as samosas and jalebis with a hot cup of tea. Commuters all over the city faced serious problems because of the ongoing construction. People in Mozang, Ferozepur Road and adjacent areas were also faced with difficulties

since the roads were submerged with water. People were also seen visiting parks and zoo since it was also a holiday. The maximum temperature recorded in the city was 13 degrees Celsius as compared to 13.2 degrees Celsius on Thursday. The lowest temperature was 6 degrees Celsius on Friday. Where as it was 3.8 degrees Celsius on Thursday. According to the Met Department; scattered rain with thundershower is expected in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Lahore, Sargodha, Sahiwal, Multan, Bahawalpur, D.G.Khan and Faisalabad divisions during the next 24 hours. Cloudy weather with rain would continue until

February 9. Almost the same weather conditions were prevailing in all parts of the country. Heavy Snowfall in Murree and other parts of the country is said to be the main reason behind the weather change in the country. “It’s real fun in the winters to enjoy hot pakoras and samosas, especially when it is cloudy. We usually plan outdoor activity to enjoy the weather,” said a student of Punjab University Taking to Pakistan Today, a local resident of Johar Town said he loved this weather, especially in the winters. The rain brought back loads of good memories of his childhood, he added. WALEEd MALHI


Fajr sunrise Zuhr asr Maghrib Isha 5:29 6:51 12:17 3:20 5:42 7:05

‘Govt to continue to support kashmiris’ LAHORE: Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal said on Tuesday that all parties were united on the Kashmir issue and the government would continue its support for the right of self-determination to Kashmiris. During an address at a Kashmir peace picture exhibition organised by Unified Media Club of Pakistan at Aiwan-e-Iqbal, he said that Pakistan would keep supporting Kashmiris on all fronts until they get freedom. He also paid tribute to the Kashmiri martyrs who had laid their lives for the freedom of Kashmir. Deputy Parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly for Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Shaukat Mehmud Basra said that Pakistan would continue its political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir. Former Lahore High Court chief justice Mian Allah Nawaz said that it was important to promote spirit of freedom over the lust of power for the just cause of Kashmiris. Former principal Allama Iqbal Medical College Prof Dr Javed Akram said that all energies should be utilised to support the Kashmiri freedom movement. STAFF REPORT

new provinces issue is political drama: shahbaz LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday said that President Asif Ali Zardari has started a political drama before upcoming general elections. Talking to MPs of Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) from different districts, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that the commission made for the creation of new provinces was not sincere. He said the people of Bahawalpur and South Punjab were well aware of the tactics of the Zardari government and BJP proposed by Zardari has become Bhartia Janta Party. Shahbaz added the present federal government had broken all records of former corrupt governments in the 65 year history of the country. The Punjab CM also said that the PML-N would contest the general elections in Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtukhwa along with its allies. He said the Metro Bus project was not only for a single city but it was Pakistan’s project. STAFF REPORT


one killed, five inJured in roof collApse LAHORE: At least one person was killed while five others were injured when the roof of a house collapsed on Tuesday. According to the police, the roof of a dilapidated house collapsed during the rain in the provincial capital, burying six people under the rubble. Rescue 1122 and other relief teams rushed to the site immediately and shifted the injured to Mayo and Jinnah hospitals. One person died while receiving treatment at one of the hospitals, while the other injured were said to be in critical conditions. STAFF REPORT

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Struggle of Kashmir is indeed Jihad-e-FiSabil-Allah and the people of Kashmir have the right to defend and resist – Hafiz Saeed



lAHorE wednesday, 6 February, 2013


religio-political parties join hands for kashmir LAHORE


ydA hunGer strike enters 2nd dAy LAHOre: Young doctors’ hunger strike camps outside the Services Hospital in the favour of their demands continued for second day on Tuesday. The protesting doctors spent the night inside the camp amid rainfall. Young Doctors Association (YDA) Punjab had set up hunger strike camps by blocking service road in front of Services Hospital on Monday. A large number of young doctors were present in the camp. YDA vowed to continue the hunger strike until their all demands were met. It criticised the Punjab government for using negative tactics to have their camps removed. STAFF REPORT

fiA officers rApe womAn LAHOre: Two officers and one driver of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) raped a woman fraudulently after promising her a job on Tuesday, according to a report by City42. The report said that FIA officials DSP Khalid Naeem, Sub Inspector Ahmed and the driver named Hussian offered a woman a job and took her with them. After the incident the criminals were arrested by Gulberg police. MONITORING dESK

PTI, MwM discuss alliance, joint strategy for upcoming polls pti president says party striving to unite all forCes against status quo LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said on Tuesday that there was no clash between the followers of Shia and Sunni sects, and that his party was striving to unite all forces against status quo forces to hold corrupt politicians accountable. Talking to reporters after a meeting with Ameen Shahidi, deputy secretary general of Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM), the PTI president said that the upcoming elections were very crucial for the country and all the political parties will have to be united on one point agenda to save the country. The leaders of both the parties also discussed the possibility of electoral alliance for the upcoming elections. PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Secretary General Dr Arif Alvi, Firdous Naqvi and Ejaz Chaudhry were also present on the occasion. Hashmi said that all the political parties should make joint efforts to uproot the culture of corruption from the country, adding that the foreign intervention could only be stopped by making the country economically strong and prosperous. Ameen Shahidi said that his party would support anyone committed to materialising the dreams of a

strong and prosperous Pakistan. “The views of our party and the PTI are similar on national issues,” he said. Speaking on the occasion, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that both the leaders had understood the views of each other. “Now the time has come when all the patriotic forces should stand united on a single platform,” he said. Replying to a question, he said that no positive change had been witnessed in Balochistan even after the promulgation of governor’s rule in the province.

LAHORE A robbery took place in the house of Aiwan-e-Iqbal Director Anjum Waheed in China Chowk. Report said that robbers took 200 tola gold, Rs 10,00,000 cash and other valuables at gunpoint and escaped from the scene. After the incident, police reached the spot and gathered evidence for further investigation. The owner of the house, Anjum, said that

OLITICAL parties and religious organisations became one unit on the Kashmir Day and held various rallies and functions in the city on Tuesday. MPs and workers belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz had set up camps in front of the Punjab Assembly holding banners and placards that demanded freedom of the Indian-held Kashmir. Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Iqbal, in his address at a Kashmir peace picture exhibition, said that all parties were united on the Kashmir issue and the government would continue its support for the right of self-determination of the Kashmiris. Deputy Parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly for Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Shaukat Mehmud Basra said that Pakistan would continue its political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir. Supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf also took out rallies to show solidarity with the Kashmiris. The Jamaat-i-Islami also held a rally at Nasir Bagh in this regard. However, the most notable gathering was organized by Difa-e-Pakistan council on The Mall in which leaders of various parties participated. All the leaders shared the common ground to free Kashmiris from the Indian occupation through Jihad. DPC Chairman Maulana Samiulhaq said, “Jihad has brought down big world powers in the past and the US is also on the verge of defeat and consequent exit from Afghanistan.” He said India, US, Israel along with Jews and Christians had joined hands against Pakistan which will become the “hub of conspiracies” after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. “Getting India out of Kashmir is one step; later we have to fight the invisible occupation within Pakistan and establish the Islamic system,” he said addressing a charged crowd.

CIne star ph: 35157462

raCe 2 the last stand the hobbIt: an UnexpeCted joUrney raCe 2 raCe 2

soZo World ph: 36674271

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03:00pM 06:00pM 05:30pM 08:00pM 11:00pM

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Aiwan-e-Iqbal director robbed of 200 tola gold! STAFF REPORT


the robbers came on a car and they were carrying latest weapons. Separately, four robbers opened fire at a guard who offered resistance in the Ghalib Market. Another robbery took place in a warehouse situated in the area of Band Road, Lower Mall. Report said that the robbers took goods worth Rs 600,000 and escaped from the scene. A man named Shamoon was hit by a speeding car in Defense. He died on the spot. A 20-year-old girl’s dead body was found from Manzoor Colony, Gaziabad. Police said that the girl had been raped and murdered.

raCe 2

3:00, 5:30, 8:30, 11:30pM

AudI-1 sUper CIneMa raCe 2 12-30 pM at royal palM MatrU kI bIjlI ka Mandola 03:15 pM ph: 111-602-602, raCe 2 06:00, 8:45, 11:15 pM 36118679 AudI-2 MatrU kI bIjlI ka Mandola 03:15 pM hansel & Gretel: WItCh hUnter 12:00 pM bUllet to the head 01:45, 06:15 03:30, 08:00, 10:45 pM raCe 2 optIonal shoW FrI & sat only 01:15 aM AudI-3 bUllet to the head 11:45 aM 01:30, 04:15, 07:00 pM raCe 2 hansel & Gretel: WItCh hUnter 09:45 pM raCe 2 11:30

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The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. – Winston Churchill




wednesday, 6 February, 2013

delhi rape case: defendants face first witness evidence NEW DELHI



IVE men accused of the abduction, rape and murder of a student in the Indian capital, Delhi, have been hearing the first witness evidence in their trial. The 23-year-old student’s male friend, who was also attacked, was the only witness at Tuesday’s hearing. The five accused deny the charges. If convicted, they could face the death penalty. A sixth suspect is to be tried by a juvenile court. No reporting was allowed of Tuesday’s proceedings, which have now ended. The assault has outraged India and sparked a debate about the treatment of women. The physiotherapy student’s male companion was the first of some 80 witnesses to be produced by the prosecution at Saket District Court, a specially convened fasttrack court. All reporting of proceedings inside the courtroom has been banned and the judge has ordered lawyers not to speak to reporters. The male companion will be cross-examined by the defence on Wednesday. He was with the student when she was attacked on a bus and thrown from the vehicle. She died in a Singapore hospital on 29 December from her internal injuries. The woman and her 28-year-old companion cannot be named for legal reasons. He arrived at the courthouse in a wheelchair, still unable to walk properly due to injuries suffered in the attack. His father, who accompanied him into the court complex, told Agence France-Presse news agency: “My son will go to any lengths to ensure that the guilty are punished.” The bus believed to have been used in the attack was driven into the court complex on Tuesday. The five defendants facing trial in the Saket fast-track court are Ram Singh and his brother Mukesh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Thakur. They face 13 charges, including murder, gang-rape, kidnapping and destruction of evidence. Prosecutors say they have extensive forensic evidence, supported by the suspects’ mobile-phone records and the testimony of the dying woman and her companion. Defence lawyers are expected to argue that the forensic evidence has been fabricated and that the rush to prosecute has led to an unsafe trial. The sixth suspect, who is 17, will face trial in a juvenile court. The maximum sentence he would face if convicted would be three years in a reform facility. The BBC’s Sanjoy Majumder in Delhi says the case is being closely followed in India, where it has led to massive protests about the treatment of women and how the police and legal system tackle sex crimes. On Sunday, Indian President Pranab Mukherjee signed a new anti-rape law which has increased the minimum sentence for those convicted of gang-rape and allows for the death penalty to be used in extreme cases. But women’s groups have come out against the new law, saying that marital rape and sexual assaults by Indian security forces in conflict zones should have been included.

JAnJAng: A Sudanese child goes to fetch water near where a new refugee camp is to open to support the overwhelmed Yida camp. AGENCIES

somali journalist sentenced over rape report MOGADISHU

they said. Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim, the freelance journalist, and the 27-year old unidentified woman AGENCIES who claimed to have been raped by security forces, A Mogadishu court has sentenced an alleged rape vic- faced charges including insulting a government body, tim and a Somali journalist who interviewed her to making false accusations and seeking to profit from one year in prison each, court officials say. Tuesday’s the allegations. Ibrahim, who has been under detention since Janruling was based on medical evidence that showed the uary 10, will begin serving his sentence immediately. The woman is to begin her sentence after nursing woman was not raped, her baby.“The court finds that he offended state institutions by making a false inJournalists should be terview, and entering the allowed to report freely house of a woman whose husband was not present,” on issues of publiC said Judge Ahmed Adan. The journalist’s arrest folinterest and should lowed increasing media atnever faCe reprisal for tention on reported sexual abuse by Somalia security their reporting forces. Earlier in January, Universal TV - a local television station - and Al Jazeera’s website separately published stories about allegations of rape in the city’s crowded camps for displaced people. Ibrahim had not been involved with either story, does not work for either organisation, and had not published anything of his own investigation before he was detained.

Iran’s president begins historic Egypt visit CAIRO AGENCIES

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has arrived in Cairo, marking the first visit to Egypt by an Iranian president since Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution. Ahmadinejad flew into the capital, Cairo, to attend a summit of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC), which begins on Wednesday. Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi kissed the Iranian leader as he got off the plane on Tuesday. Ahmadinejad will also meet with Egyptian officials and politicians during his three-day visit, the official IRNA news agency reported. “I will try to pave the ground for developing co-operation between Iran and Egypt,” Ahmadinejad said ahead of

adopting opthe trip. IF TEHrAn posing posiWithout elaborating, he said the tions on visit would “definitely influence And CAIro sEE the Syrthe bilateral ties” between Tehran MorE EyE ian conand Cairo. Egypt has responded cauTo EyE on rEGIonAl flict.Iran tiously to Iranian efforts to reAnd InTErnATIonAl s u p vive ties since Morsi took power ports the in 2012, with the two nations IssUEs, MAny regime [IssUEs] wIll of Syrian President CHAnGE Bashar alAssad, while Egypt has been a leading voice in urging his departure along with regional heavyweights Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. “If Tehran and Cairo see more eye to

eye on regional and international issues, many [issues] will change,” Ahmadinejad was quoted by IRNA as saying. Tehran severed ties with Cairo in 1980 in protest at a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel by then Egyptian president Anwar Sadat. Ahmadinejad also expressed interest in visiting the neighbouring Gaza Strip. Asked in an interview on the Al Mayadeen news channel whether he would visit Gaza while in Cairo next week or before his term as president expires in June, he replied: “My wish is bigger than this. I wish to pray in Jerusalem after complete liberation.” “If they allow it, I would go to Gaza to visit the people,” he said, without saying whose authority he would seek. Iran does not recognise Israel.

Al-qaeda fighters arrested in northern mali BAMAkO: Malian forces have arrested eight suspected al-Qaeda-linked fighters in northern Mali. Their capture comes as French fighter jets targeted rebel hideouts and fuel depots in the northeastern desert on Tuesday, near the Algerian border. The eight suspects captured in Gao are expected to be transferred to Bamako where they will eventually stand trial. They include six Malians, a Nigerian and an Algerian man. Meanwhile, delegations from the African Union, United Nations, European Union, West African regional body ECOWAS, banks and aid groups have been meeting in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss the country’s future. After a three-week military campaign by French-led forces drove the rebels from most of their strongholds, including the cities of Timbuktu and Gao, dozens of French warplanes on Sunday carried out major air strikes on rebel training and logistics centres in Mali’s mountainous northeast, near the Algerian border. AGENCIES

nepal counts endangered tigers’ kATHMAnDU: Hundreds of wildlife experts carrying sophisticated cameras have begun combing the forests in Nepal’s southern plains in the Himalayan nation’s biggest campaign yet to count the number of endangered tigers roaming in its national parks. The survey is crucial for planning strategy to double the number of Royal Bengal tigers in Nepal by 2022, as pledged by the Nepali government. Nepal is currently home to only 176 of the animals, which are threatened by poaching and habitat loss. “Simultaneous counting will help avoid the same tiger which crosses over from one side to the other from being counted twice as its motion will be captured by another camera on the other side,” said Maheshwar Dhakal, an ecologist with Nepal’s National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Department. “This way the findings can be very close to accuracy.” AGENCIES

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08 N

PPP has always believed in dialogue to bridge differences with opposing political parties and groups. — Makhdoom Amin Fahim

nEws wednesday, 6 February, 2013

kashmir day observed with renewed pledge president, pm express resolve to find just and peaCeful solution of kashmir dispute ISLAMABAD


kARACHI: Activists of Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) chant slogans during a rally on the occasion of kashmir Solidarity Day outside karachi Press Club on Tuesday. INP

largest shipment ever brings 9,000 MT lPG for ssGC lPG KARACHI STAFF REPORT

SSGC LPG (Pvt) Ltd. has achieved a major milestone in its short history by arranging import of the largest LPG vessel ever seen on the shores of Pakistan. The vessel delivered 9,000 metric tonnes of LPG from Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), taking

SSGC LPG (Pvt) Ltd’s total input to 40,000 metric tonnes. SSGC LPG (Pvt) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sui Southern Gas Company, was established with the objective of bringing diversity to the LPG industry and making available regular supplies of LPG-an efficient source of energy. Since its inception last year, the company has become a torch bearer on the road to reformation of the LPG industry by taking a number of ground break-

ing measures. The introduction of new downstream products like LPG Autogas for automobiles, conversion of heavy commercial diesel vehicles to LPG and Synthetic Natural Gas has completely changed the shape of the LPG industry. SSGC LPG (Pvt) Ltd. is a fully integrated LPG Company giving end to end solutions right from the import terminal at Port Qasim to the supply of consumer retail packs of LPG. The terminal has a 10.5m draught and a jetty capable of handling vessels up to 50,000 Dead Weight Tonnage (DWT).


E O P L E across the country, including Azad Kashmir, observed Kashmir Solidarity Day on Tuesday renewing the pledge for continued support to the Kashmiris against the Indian atrocities. February 5 had been declared a public holiday whereby the government and the nation reaffirmed support to stay with the Kashmiris in the hour of trial and their fight against the Indian oppression. The day is being marked in Pakistan since 1990 to pay homage to the Kashmiris who lost their lives and highlight their plight for their birth right to self-determination, promised to them by the international community under the resolutions of United Nations Security Council. The day dawned with special prayers at mosques and houses across the country after Fajr prayers for the early liberation of Jammu and Kashmir from Indian subjugation. Rallies were staged in almost all cities and towns of country and Azad Kashmir with demand for cessation of Indian hostilities in the valley and an end to illegal Indian occupation.

politiCal parties, Civil soCiety and trade organisations stage rallies to express solidarity with kashmiris As a mark of respect to the struggle of the Kashmiris in Indian-held Kashmir, one-minute silence was observed at 10am – bringing all rail and road traffic across the country to a standstill. The president and prime minister in their separate messages expressed Pakistan’s commitment to finding a just and peaceful solution of the Kashmir dispute. Several political parties, civil society and trade organisations staged rallies to express solidarity with the Kashmiris and to continue extending moral, political and diplomatic support. While, radio and television channels presented special programmes, e-media and newspapers brought out special supplements highlighting the cause of Kashmiris and the perspective of the Kashmir movement. Stringent security measures had been adopted across the country for walks and functions and to thwart any untoward incident and act of sabotage. Seminars, conferences and meetings were held in different parts of country and abroad to mark the day wherein pledge was renewed for the right to self-determination for the Kashmiris urging the international community to play a vital role in giving the Kashmiris their right.

Mirwaiz grateful for Pakistan’s support for Kashmiris ISLAMABAD APP

Hurriyat Conference Chairman Mirwaiz Umer Farooq on Tuesday thanked Pakistan for providing political, diplomatic and moral support to the Kashmiri brethren. He said that struggle for the rights of Kashmiris living in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir would continue till the completion of their genuine demands. Talking to Pakistan Television (PTV), he urged the international community to play a stronger role in the peaceful resolution of decades-old dispute of Kashmir

between India and Pakistan. Moreover, he said the international community had realised the fact that the Kashmiris should be given their due rights for maintaining peace in the region. He thanked all political parties and the governments of Pakistan for expressing solidarity with the people of Kashmir on the Kashmir Solidarity day being observed.

loC tension hits possibility of delhi-Hurriyat (M) talks SRINAGAR NNI

The Line of Control-related tension has hit the possibility of fresh round of talks between India and the Hurriyat Conference (M) in near future. Hurriyat sources said their leaders were expecting a fresh formal invitation from New Delhi after their Pakistan visit. According to them, the Pakistan visit of separatist could not have materialized without the consent of centre. In Pakistan, the Hurriyat (M) leaders had tried to take onboard almost all important political parties regarding their “leading role along with governments of India and Pakistan for finding a solution of Kashmir issue,” sources added. But the tension between India and Pakistan on the LoC proved detrimental for a possibility of talks between the separatists and New Delhi. According to available indications, the

Centre would avoid extending an invitation to Kashmir leaders for a dialogue right now since the BJP has already criticised the union government for not doing much against Pakistan after alleged beheading of two Indian soldiers. Even if such an invitation comes from New Delhi, the Hurriyat (M) would not like to join the dialogue process against the wishes of Pakistan since the ties between the two countries have dramatically strained after their visit. New Delhi had stopped talking to Kashmiri leaders after they refused to take part in the round-table conference (RTC) convened by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh here on May 24 and 25, 2006. At the end of RTC, Dr Singh while addressing a press conference had described as “unfortunate” Hurriyat (M) not participating “despite its leaders having given an indication to take part”. However, during the 2010 civilian unrest, some non-Congress and non-BJP members of an all party parliamentary delegation visited the residences of senior leaders and

held talks with them. During the talks, the Hurriyat (M) leaders made some suggestions for changing the situation at ground level and making atmosphere conducive for future talks. The suggestions included repealing all draconian laws, gradual withdrawal of troops from civilian areas, end to human rights, and release of all political prisoners. The leaders of the faction reiterated the demands while rejecting the invitation for talks with the three interlocutors appointed by the Centre for talks in Kashmir. Sources in Hurriyat (M) said the demands became a point of prestige for both the sides whenever any possibly for a dialogue emerged. The Centre was not keen to accept what it described as “pre-conditions” for talks on the grounds that it would provide an opportunity to the anti-dialogue forces in India to target the union government.

This could have been seen as a moral victory for Hurriyat (M). Even the demands are unacceptable to New Delhi right now. Reports indicate that the Centre is in no mood to revoke AFSPA, which is evident from the fact that even chief minister Omar Abdullah’s much hyped campaign for its rev-

ocation was easily punctured by army. Presently, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, chairman Hurriyat (M), is in New

Delhi. However, the insiders in the faction insist that he is there with his family and not on any political mission. According to them, the Hurriyat (M) is not in a hurry for talks with India in view of the changed Indo-Pak scenario.

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Shahbaz Sharif should desist from instigating people for protests — Yousaf Raza Gilani


09 N

wednesday, 6 February, 2013

india building deadly drone arsenal NEW DELHI



ITH an eye on both the western and eastern fronts with Pakistan and China, the Indian armed forces are steadily building a formidable arsenal of spy, target acquisition and “killer’’ drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). Even as the navy sets up spy drone bases along the coastline and IAF inducts “killer’’ drones, the army has inked yet another contract to acquire two more “troops’’ (eight drones each) of Israeli `Heron’ medium-altitude, long endurance UAVs. “Under the Rs 1,200 crore contract with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the army will begin inducting these new Heron drones from January 2014,’’ Times of India said, quoting a senior defence official. The drones, to be inducted into the new SATA (surveillance and target acquisition) regiments are being raised from a part of the overall modernisation plan for the 1.13-million force being pushed by Army chief General Bikram Singh. An officer said that the force wants speedy induction of various UAVs, from man-portable micro and mini spy ones to `killer’ ones that act like missiles to hit tar-

gets. The officer maintained that it would bolster capabilities for surveillance, weapon delivery and direction of artillery fire. In keeping with the plan to progressively induct drones right down to the battalion-level by the end of this decade, the army is already establishing new UAV bases from Nagrota and Manasbal in Jammu and Kashmir to Kumbhigram and Lilabari in the north-east. The navy, in turn, is looking to raise new UAV squadrons after establishing three at Kochi (Kerala), Porbandar (Gujarat) and Uchipuli (Tamil Nadu) to detect threats emanating from the sea. Similarly, IAF is inducting additional Harop “killer’’ drones equipped with electro-optical sensors to loiter over high-value military targets before exploding into them. The force has also experimented with “add-ons or attachments’’ to its existing fleet of Israeli Heron and Searcher-II surveillance drones to add a killer role to them. The armed forces eventually want full-fledged UCAVs (combat UAVs) - akin to the American Predators and Reapers being used in the AfghanPak region - which return to their bases like fighter jets to replenish their missiles for fresh missions. They have inducted over 100 UAVs, mainly from Israel, as “major force-multipliers’’ since the 1999 Kargil conflict. DRDO, too, has got into the act by stepping up its drone programmes, from the already inducted Nishant to the under-development Rustom-I and II drones.

8,715 Pakistanis in jails across the world: Fo ISLAMABAD ONLINE

Some 8,715 Pakistanis are languishing in jails across the world, with a majority (2,373) of them in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Foreign Ministry sources reported that the UK hosts about 1,476 prisoners, the UAE has 1,334, 403 prisoners in Indian jails, 319 in Greek jails, American jails 9, while 350 are in Afghanistan, 53 in Bahrain, 26 in Canada, 150 in Hong Kong, 38 in Germany, 75 in France and 134 in Italian prisons. The list also includes 83

in Hungary, 79 in Iran, and 202 in Malaysia, while China also holds 264 prisoners. Sources also said that there were 18 countries where there were no Pakistani prisoners, which include Argentina, Brazil, Brunei, Morocco, Mexico, Philippines, Sweden, Syria, Tunis Bosnia, Cuba and Chile. Most of Pakistanis imprisoned in Greece and Hungary are those who had tried to enter Europe illegally through sea. Sources also reported that Egypt, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia and Syria have one Pakistani prisoner each.

CHITRAL: Motorists face hardships during heavy snowfall on Tuesday. ONLINE

Us endorses Pak-Afghan-UK sri lanka govt bans maids to summit declaration WASHINGTON ONLINE

Endorsing Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom’s summit declaration, the United States on Tuesday said it was committed to supporting an Afghan-led peace process. During a daily press briefing, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said, “As you know, last month we had our own meeting. President Barack Obama had welcomed President Hamid Karzai here to Washington. And in that context, they reaffirmed that an Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process is the surest way to end the violence and ensure lasting stability in Afghanistan and in the region.” “We believe that the UKAfghanistan-Pakistan Chequers summit that occurred this weeke n d , w a s

clearly an advance in this process. We fully endorse the contents of the joint statement that those three governments came forward with, and we are committed ourselves to support an Afghan-led process,” she said. She said Washington’s goal here had been to support the creation of a process to make it possible, both in the work that it was doing with the Afghan government, the work that it was doing with the Pakistan government “and the three of us together through the core group, and our support for the opening of the office in Qatar under the right circumstance, to make it possible for willing Taliban participants to talk directly to the Afghan High Peace Council”. “That’s what we’re looking for, and we call on the Taliban to take the steps necessary to open the office in Doha and to enter into real dialogue with the High P e a c e Council,” she said. .

saudi Arabia DUBAI INP

Sri Lanka on Tuesday said that it would no longer send maids to work in Saudi Arabia following an international outcry over the beheading of a young Sri Lankan housemaid in the Kingdom. The Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies (ALFEA) Chairman Aponso said that the government had decided to suspend sending domestic maids to Saudi Arabia until the maids were provided with an insurance cover by the Saudi authorities. The chairman, quoted by The Sunday Leader, said that the association would discuss the issue with Sri Lankan Minister of Foreign Employment and Social Services Dylan Pereira. The move to suspend sending domestic maids to the Gulf nation followed the execution of Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek. Around 500,000 Sri Lankans are employed in Saudi Arabia, most of them as maids. Chairman of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau Amal Senalankadhikara also confirmed to the newspaper that Sri Lankan domestic maids were not being sent to Saudi Arabia. He said that a decision was taken to suspend sending maids over some pending issues which would be discussed with the minister concerned.

oIC chief upbeat about Cairo summit ekmeleddin ihsanoglu feels organisation has not been able to make optimal use of its potentials JEDDAH NNI

The 56-member Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) plays an important role in the Muslim world by taking up major issues facing them, says Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, who took charge as secretary general of the organisation in 2005. Ihsanoglu, who has made tremendous efforts to strengthen the OIC, feels that it has not been able to make optimal use of its potentials. “Even after OIC’s major achievements in the past few years, I think the organisation can achieve more. I tried, during the previous years, to establish a strong infrastructure for the OIC,” Ihsanoglu told PK Abdul Ghafour of Arab News.

The OIC chief called upon member countries to ratify OIC agreements and implement its resolutions in order to make it a more credible and powerful organisation. Ihsanoglu is optimistic about the OIC summit in Cairo, which is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday. “The Cairo summit is expected to be distinct from the previous ones in the sense that Muslim leaders will make major decisions to face up to the current challenges and pave the way for a better future for the Ummah,” he added. “The 12th Session of the Islamic Summit, though falling within the sequence of previous ordinary summits, carries a special and exceptional character in light of the epoch-making developments in the Muslim world and the very venue where it is held. In this sense, we need to recall that Egypt, the country that is hosting the Islamic summit for the first time ever, is going through an historical change that will positively impact its leadership of the Muslim world in the three years ahead. The summit provides the Ummah with the opportunity to take stock of the current situation in the Muslim world, to re-

call the origins of the OIC, the ideals that gave birth to it and those that inspire and drive its work, the principles enshrined in the OIC Charter, the objectives that it set out to achieve, and the hopes vested in its future. As for the agenda of the summit, it will shed light on the emerging challenges facing the Muslim nation and the expanding opportunities, particularly the Palestinian cause and the troubling issue of Israeli settlements. There will be a special session on the settlement issue. The summit will also discuss the unfolding developments in the Muslim world, notably the situation in Syria and Mali, and make important decisions on them,” Ihsanoglu said. He said the summit was expected to be distinct from previous sessions in the sense that Muslim leaders will make major decisions to face up to the current challenges and pave the way for a better future for the Ummah. The decisions will cover political, economic, socio-cultural and science and technology issues including issues concerning conflict areas in the Muslim world, the situation of Muslim minorities in non-member states, combating Islamophobia, promoting human rights, enhancing intra-OIC trade and investing in scientific research.

Khar to apprise oiC summit of plight of ihK muslims today ISLAMABAD: A two-day summit of the Organisation of Islamic Conference OIC begins in Egyptian capital, Cairo today (Wednesday). According to news reports, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar will represent Pakistan at the summit. She will apprise it about the plight of Muslims in Indianheld Kashmir and highlight Pakistan’s position on key issues of interest to the Muslim world. On the sideline of the summit, the foreign minister will also co-chair an OIC Contact Group meeting on Jammu and Kashmir with the OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. AJK President Sardar Muhammad Yaqub Khan and representatives of Kashmiri people will also attend the meeting. A memorandum containing proposals for the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute will be presented to the OIC secretary general. Khar will also meet the Egyptian leadership and high ranking officials of the OIC member states. ONLINE

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I defend both the freedom of expression and society's right to counter it. I must pay the price for differing. It is the natural way of things. –Naguib Mahfouz



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lack of mutual confidence that’s what mars pakistan-afghanistan relations


NLESS there is peace in Afghanistan, there is little hope of stability in Pakistan the lack of which is responsible to a consideration extent for a slowdown in economy. It suits the TTP which is responsible for killing thousands of civilians and security personnel to keep the pot boiling in Afghanistan as it provides it an opportunity to crisscross the Durand Line at will. A suicide attack killing nearly 30 in Hangu and another deadly attack on a military camp killing 24 in just a week indicate that the terrorists continue to be on the offensive. A report tells of different terrorist groups gravitating to Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency from where they can employ the synergy thus acquired to target the NATO supplies and spread havoc in Peshawar and beyond. Different Taliban factions have reportedly set up safe havens in Khost across the other side of the border which are supposedly safe from drone attacks. Meanwhile, Mullah Fazlullah who has taken shelter in Kunnur in Afghanistan continues to target Pakistani troops across the border and civilians in Swat. The TTP has thus acquired strategic depth in Afghanistan which it is keen to retain. It is in Pakistan’s vital interests to ensure a stable government in Kabul sharing with it the desire to cleanse the region of terrorism. Unless the goal is pursued most earnestly, both the countries stand to lose. While the British PM David Cameron was upbeat about the level of cooperation ‘agreed’ between Afghanistan and Pakistan, what remains uncertain is whether the two sides would be able to implement the agreements on time. Mutual suspicions still lurk in the minds of the establishments on both sides. Pakistan is wary of Afghanistan’s strategic agreement with New Delhi. It also sees the hand of Afghanistan behind the insurgency in Balochistan and accuses it of sheltering leaders like Fazlullah. Afghanistan on the other hand is unhappy about the way terrorists have used sanctuaries in Waziristan to launch strikes inside Afghanistan. While Pakistan has already released a number of Taliban leaders, Kabul wants others including Mullah Baradar to be both released and persuaded to hold peace talks with the Karazai government. The lack of trust between the establishments has permeated to the lower echelons of bureaucracy as blocking of each other’s transit goods amply illustrates. The peace deal worked out during the tripartite summit at Chequers needs to be pursued efficiently. Measures have to be taken to remove the causes responsible for the prevailing mistrust before the allied forces leave the neighbouring country at the end of 2014. A delay could harm both countries.

kashmir day more rational ways than observing a national holiday


HE 5th of February is a designated calendar holiday in the republic. The day-off is marked to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir in their struggle for their just right of self-determination. Oppressed consistently for over 64 years by the Indian occupation forces, the people of Kashmir want to exercise their inalienable right of how they want to be governed. They have to face the worst human rights violations on a regular basis. With what the Kashmiris are going through, they deserve more than a mere expression of solidarity. Pakistan’s stake in the dispute is genuine but expressing the concern through a day-off seems a bit off the mark. A national holiday sends a wrong message, one that hints that the government is perhaps not that serious about finding ways to resolve the issue. Yes, Pakistan should stand side by side with the Kashmiris but in no way it should be at the cost of losing billions of rupees in trade, financial and economic activities. With a declared national holiday, the Kashmir cause stands to gain nothing, but the country does lose a lot. Pakistan’s relations with India are not going to get any better if we stick on resolving all the issues in one go. A step by step approach should be undertaken to isolate the core problem of Kashmir. Once isolated it can be dealt with a number of ways, like Musharraf’s formula. No two parties that lack confidence in each other would be willing to sit down on a negotiating table and talk about finding solution to mutual problems. It’s a give and take principle that always works, and what better way for both India and Pakistan to do so other than through increasing trade, bilateral talks, people to people contact and a slow but gradual progress towards resolving all outstanding issues. One cannot ingrain solidarity, or any other emotion for that matter, in another person, holiday or not. The only real and possible way to move forward is through actions, which the government of Pakistan has been lacking in. One wonders how much of an organised effort the government has made at international, regional and bilateral levels to pressure India into talks on Kashmir. Most of the country is even unaware of the fact that Maulana Fazalur Rehman is the chairman of National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Kashmir. If the government itself does not provide exposure to the issue at appropriate forums, even a solidarity week would do nothing but hurt the country and the Kashmir cause.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

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democracy and its direction D it is flawed, but still it’s better than an authoritarian rule

EMOCRACY is a slow and noisy process that does not meet the criteria of hierarchy, discipline and strict procedures that characterise the military and the bureaucracy. Democratic politics is an entirely different world which requires the freedom to engage in political and social activities within the framework of democratic political institutions and processes. Angels and super pious people are not needed to run democratic politics. Normal human beings manage political affairs and political institutions within a constitutional framework through dialogue, bargaining and accommodation. Higher academic degrees cannot be the criterion for entry into political institutions and processes. Political leaders also do not need formal academies like those established for the bureaucracy and the military. Their training centres are the political field, political parties and voluntary societal groups and legislatures. They learn over the years while working with the people. The leaders who rise gradually from local political institutions and processes to the provincial and federal level generally have a better understanding of political and societal affairs. They have a better temperament to deal with the people and their hopes and aspirations. Those reaching to the top political slot suddenly as technocrats or through the bureaucracy and the military are generally without any experience of popular politics. They cannot relate them to the people and their problems. They may adopt a patronising attitude towards the ordinary people with the objective of pulling them up in the socio-economic ladder. But, a political leader rising from below strives for cooperation and partnership with the people. An elected leader or parliamentarian is a link between the government and the people. This is very important in a diversified society like Pakistan where regional, ethnic and linguistic identities are strong along with economic disparities among the regions and people. In such a society, representative governance helps to defuse these discontinuities and enables the people to build political partnerships provided the political and democratic dR HASAN ASKARI RIzvI institutions and processes function without any major disruption. Elected leaders help the people to obtain basic services from the state. In a society where basic human services like health care, education, civic amenities and security against the arbitrariness of state functionaries are not provided by the state to its citizens on regular basis, the people rely on their representatives to obtain these and other services that they need for their normal living. Therefore, the service role of the parliamentarians helps the common people to cope with the

day-to-day affairs of life. What matters most is how a political leader, especially a parliamentarian, is relevant to the life of the ordinary voters. However, the parliamentarians and other political leaders need to improve their performance. This can be done through four major channels. First, political institutions and processes must continue to function to consolidate them and make mid-course corrections on the basis of experience. Second, elections must he held regularly in a transparent, free and fair manner to enable the people to elect their representatives at the local, provincial and federal levels. If the voters are oriented to use their vote on the basis of the performance and reputation of the candidate, elections become an effective method of accountability of the political leaders. The fear of losing elections on the basis of bad reputation and non-service to the people keeps the political leaders under check. Third, independent and expanded electronic and print media has a restraining influence on the political leaders and it also undertakes their accountability. The media can inform the political leaders about the problems of state and society and how to deal with them. It can also educate the people into democratic norms and values and make them conscious of the role of vote for strengthening democracy. Fourth, an independent judiciary is integral to a democratic political system. It also undertakes the accountability of the political leaders, restrains the role of government within the limits of the constitution and law and protects the civil and political rights of people. The underlying assumption of a democratic political order is the primacy of elected institutions and leaders over non-elected state institutions. The state institutions must observe restraint and show respect towards each other. In Pakistan, traditionally the bureaucracy and the military dominated political institutions and processes. Now, the military has receded to the background and the superior judiciary, especially the Supreme Court, is endeavouring to dominate elected government and elected parliament. It is using judicial activism to step into the

domain of the executive. The judges make politically loaded remarks in the course of court proceedings that are likely to be popular with the ordinary people and draw the attention of the media. Too much judicial interference in the affairs of elected institutions undermines democracy. The judiciary must command respect voluntarily from people rather than creating fear in their mind by relying on its contempt of court power. Recently, the chairman National Accountability Board, one of the top functionaries of the state, wrote a letter to his appointing authority, the President of Pakistan, complaining about what he thought to be undue interference of the Supreme Court in the NAB’s domain, the Supreme Court issued him a contempt notice for writing such a letter to the president. Democratic system does not necessarily guarantee good governance. Democracy offers mechanisms for resolving societal problems. The nature of governance depends on those occupying key offices. Currently in Pakistan, the poor performance of the elected provincial and federal governments has alienated people from democracy. There is a talk of a caretaker government of professionals and technocrats that should rectify the ills of the society and take punitive action against corrupt political leader and then elections should be held. This is a flawed argument. What is the guarantee that a caretaker government would perform better? Such a government will be a major failure because it would not be able to relate itself with the diversified population of Pakistan because of it non-representative character. Democracy is a process that must move from less to more democracy. It matures over time. If it is short of the textbook ideal notion of democracy it should not be viewed as non-democracy. What matters most is its direction: whether it is moving towards better and mature democracy and stability. Pakistan’s democracy is flawed in many respects but it can improve by practicing it rather than discarding it in favour of an authoritarian system. The writer is an independent political and defence analyst.

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If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. –Toni Morrison




wednesday, 6 February, 2013

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new demand by ttp

defending from within shouldn’t we stand up and face the real enemy?



O our army brass has now come to the brilliant conclusion that the Talibans/jihadis’ internal threat constitute the biggest security risk to the country. Indeed! This belated acknowledgment comes after a period of no less than a decade when this internal enemy first launched its attacks against the state and people of Pakistan, after the killings of no less than 40, 000 of our citizens and forces, wounding of thousands more, and after the horrific destruction wrought by this enemy from within. But even this eureka moment of the army in recognising Taliban as the country’s biggest enemy does not mean that the army is ready to take action to confront and defeat the enemy. The army wants the civilian government to devise a “comprehensive strategy” to fight this enemy. And the civilian government in turn wants the army to further tweak and “redefine” its reading of this grave security threat. The army also seeks a “national consensus” to launch an offensive against this enemy, though in the previous history of Pakistan lack of any consensus or popular mandate never prevented the army from initiating any military operations be that Kargil, or the 1948 and 1965 Kashmir operations or the 1971 East Pakistan operation etc. If past is any indication, these exercises by the government and the army in redefining threats, obtaining consensus and formulating strategies might take another ten years. By that time we hope the Pakistan state would still be existing in its current political shape. We are now a country with a thousand cuts bleeding profusely to death. Though the army is primarily liable for this state of affairs in first creating this Taliban/jihadi enemy and then failing to defend the country from its onslaught, our governments, people at large including the civil society and the intelligentsia cannot be absolved in the aggravation and perpetuation of this vile threat from within. In their refusal to confront and fight this enemy face to face, they have come up with various familiar alibis and excuses, conspiracies and

theories, denials and delusions – some of which are novel, some absurd, some hilarious, but all based on capitulation, cowardice and fear. For instance, we have all heard the Westerncoined mantra that education and jobs are needed to defeat this Taliban’s terrorism. It’s a no brainer that generally educated youth gainfully employed would be less prone to destructive activities, but to educate a whole generation and create job opportunities and businesses would take more than a decade. As Ghalib said: ‘Kaun jeeta hai teri zulf ke sir honay tuk.’ In the meantime, should the terrorism be allowed to continue be destroy the country? Would it be acceptable and alright for us that another 40,000 or may be 100,000 of our brothers and sisters be slaughtered while we wait to reap the peaceful fruits of such generational steps? The first and foremost task is to tackle the immediate problem at hand that is destroying you. Same goes for the arguments that we must “strengthen our institutions” or “change the mindset” of the terrorists. Sure, these are laudable measures but they are very long-term. First, being on the bubble, on the cusp of victory or defeat, we must defeat the insurgents before we ourselves are defeated Then there are the self-deceiving denials and conspiracy theories that the Talibans/jihadists “cannot be Muslims”, that they are “American, Indian or Israeli agents” and that we are fighting “America’s war”. If this is all true, does it alter the basic fact that they are attacking our state and our people? In fact it makes them more reviled as enemies and gives us all the more reason to crush them. Whatever you might call them, terrorists or insurgents or militants or miscreants or Indian, American or Israeli agents, the fact is that they have killed about seven times more civilians and soldiers of Pakistan than India did in all the wars combined. Let’s take a step back and look at the way we are living – petrified, cowering in the shadows, hiding behind ten foot walls, and concrete bunkers while expecting any moment to be shot at, kidnapped, or blown into pieces by our internal enemy. Is this the life of the brave, independent and free that Jinnah promised? Is this the life of Iqbal’s ‘shaheen’ – unrestrained, proud and aiming high? How many more armed guards will we keep on adding to our protective cocoon of bodyguards? 10, 20, 50 or 100? Yes, we’re not a failed state yet, but from Peshawar to Karachi, we are living a petrified, humiliated and subdued existence that borders on the shameful and the surreal. We are not really living with our human potential but rather going through the motions of living. In the economic and social fields, courtesy of our declared enemy, the country has descended to near

bottom of the social, economic and welfare rankings in various world indices of the UN and other international organisations. No amount of good governance can usher in prosperity and progress without first dealing and defeating our internal enemy in our midst. Can anyone give a single example of any nation that achieved progress and prosperity while a domestic, armed organised group of its people inflicted at will murder, mayhem, bombings on its citizens, its institutions, its cities and its security forces? Among our Asian neighbours, China, S Korea, Japan, Malaysia etc performed economic miracles by providing a peaceful, violence-free, law-abiding, safe environment for its peoples to work and excel, unworried about their safety, and with the strength and resolve of their state. Shouldn’t we stand up and face the enemy rather than being content to be at the receiving end of enemy’s blows – physical, psychological and economic – ad nauseam? For how long more are we condemned to live in mortal fear of the brutalising Taliban and jihadists? This is no smack-talk but a glimpse of stark reality that we stubbornly refuse to face. If, God forbid, Pakistan does go down, then we hope it doesn’t go down in history as a unique nation that refused to fight and defend itself. The writer is a corporate attorney and an analyst based in the USA. He can be contacted at:

So the Pakistani chapter of the Taliban has put forth another demand as a precondition to hold talks with the Pakistani government. According to the Taliban spokesperson, the release of Muslim Khan and Mullah Omar along with five others would serve as a first step where the first two members would, after being released become the main negotiators for the Taliban. Further, it is being demanded that Nawaz Sharif, Maulana Fazlur Rahman and Syed Munawwar would become the guarantors in the peace process. Either the Taliban have a very deep insight into the Pakistani politics that enables them to predict the fact that the guarantors they are demanding would be the ones having more power in the future government, or it could be just another ploy to have their own way by getting key leaders released and to strengthen themselves further. Keeping in view the previous attempts, it would be a natural conclusion that it the Taliban want things to happen their own way. They have never adhered to any deal. Taking the Swat deal as one example, it becomes pretty evident that it was never the Pakistani government that backed out but the Taliban that disobeyed the terms of the deal by not giving up arms. Surely, the release of around 16 key Taliban operatives by the current Pakistani government at the behest of the Afghan peace council exemplifies clearly the stance of the Pakistani government regarding how serious they are about negotiations. This positive move however backfired as Pakistan witnessed a renewed spate of violence within its borders. So, it would not be wrong to conclude that the more prisoners Pakistan releases, the more empowered the Taliban become and thus increase their momentum. The new demands made by the TTP along with the accusations made by Ehsanullah Ehsan regarding the Pakistan government and army not being serious about the peace talks must be taken as another skewed attempt to cash in on our weakness, that is, the need to end this decade long war, and get their Key leader freed from captivity. That the JUI, JI and PML-N leaders have already expressed that such a guarantee is ill-placed and premature shows that the demand is impracticable and absolutely hopeless. PROFESSOR KABIL KHAN Peshawar

where is transparency? Mr Salman Faruqui, after assuming the additional charge of office of Wafaqi Mohtasib, took strategic decisions to activate this important statutory body to clear a backlog of 75,000 complaints and grievances regarding malpractices in government agencies. Qualified persons were invited to indicate interest for the positions of advisors, consultants and investigation officers by 29 December, 2012. Shortlisted candidates were invited to Mohtasib Secretariat for interview. According to press reports, Mr Imtiaz Kazi, a retired Mohtasib secretary has been appointed as principal advisor and given additional charge of the position of Mohtasib secretary. A retired judge of the Peshawar High Court has also been appointed as advisor. There is no other information available about appointments in the Wafaqi Mohtasib. The process of appointments on advisors, consultants and investigation officers should have been completed by now, but these appointments are not being shared with the stakeholders. This has created misgivings in the minds of qualified candidates. It is advised that all appointments in the Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat may be posted on the official website for the information of general public and to meet the criteria of transparency. ASGHAR MAHMOOD Islamabad

death penalty for rapists After a series of gang-rape incidents across India, President Pranab Mukherjee has approved the ordinance on sexual assault, which has the provision of death penalty for cases of rape that lead to the victim’s death or push her into a persistent vegetative state. The ordinance sought to treat such case as a crime belonging to the “rarest-of-rare” category for which courts can award death punishment if they so decide. For such cases, the ordinance proposes a minimum sentence of 20 years which can be extended to imprisonment until the natural life of the convict, or death. The changed law will now treat voyeurism, stalking, disrobing of women and acid attacks as specific offences under the Indian Penal Code. The change will raise ‘eve-teasing’ from being considered a minor offence to a serious crime attracting enhanced punishment. Human rights activists in almost all countries plead death for rapists and most of the countries, like India, have already included capital punishment in their criminal procedural laws. Of late there had been critical debate in the western media questioning the death penalty to a rapist in Islam, calling it cruel and against the human rights. But given the intensity of this crime, the same human rightists have now come to the similar conclusion that even one count of capital punishment is not enough. Unfortunately, for the last five years there had been no executions despite courts awarding death penalties. Hundreds of criminals have not been hanged including those involved in acts of terrorism. There had been a campaign by the world HR bodies for abolition of death penalty, in sharp contrast to a rising demand that the Pakistan Parliament and subsequently the President of Pakistan should approve a law, emulating the Indian amendment in their penal laws so that the women as well as their honour and dignity are protected. MARYA MUFTY Lahore

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A arts

wednesday, 6 February, 2013

de niro sAys he’s Been lucky with his roles

I know the importance of being glamorous and also acting well, so I will try different things till the time I have trust in them. — Aditi Rao Hydari

pfdc does it AGAin! T


HREE cheers to PFDC for yet again coming up with a ready made solution to all the tribulations ladies have to face while shopping; a one stop shop encompassing brands that we all drool over are under this new avenue. The PFDC High-Street is presumably the first multi brand store for high street retails brands in Pakistan and has just opened doors at Mall 1 which is presently the hot seat for Lahore’s fashionista. Nothing works better for a shopper than this new retail venture that gives High Street fashion retailers the opportunity to use PFDC as a show window allowing them to showcase the very best of their collections. The enthusiasm shown by designers seemed evident at the opening as most of them came to show their support for all those who

were stocking there. ‘High-Street is all about affordable fashion; it’s about prêt in true sense of the word,’ said a very enthusiastic Maria B who also plans to stock at PFDC High-Street. She believes that the trend of one stop shop will catch on with time as this brand is only about volume and affordability. Available at PFDC Lahore, CollagingColors embeds Mariyah’s trademark of exuberance in design with the richness of pure leather into affordable and statement pieces bags. Mariyah is a textile design graduate from NCA and has been working with textile giants like Nishat and ChenOne group. ‘My collection is the only fashion label in country that is offering exclusively printed bags in leather. The brand is meant only for the confident, trendy, bold, style savvy and spirited ladies who are capable of making their own style statement.’ ‘Collage has been my signature technique

Robert De Niro credits his successful film careerto nothing more than being “lucky.” “I’m lucky that I have whatever I had that makes me have a successful career, if you will,”CBS News quoted him as saying. When asked that it’s got to be a little more than luck, because of the amount of work that he puts into characters, he replied saying that he is lucky that he has the drive to get better with every role. His latest run-in with luck is his role in ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ alongside Bradley Cooper. De Niro plays Pat Solitano, Sr., an obsessive-compulsive, diehardPhiladelphia Eagles fan, who struggles to deal with his even more obsessive and mentally-unstable son. NEWS dESK

which I have used to develop designs and artwork keeping print as my forte,’ she said. Mariyah is quite aware of the fact PFDC has a proven track record of representing and promoting Pakistan at domestic and International levels and she considers herself lucky to have received an offer to stock at High-Street. ‘Since I have not been stocking anywhere in Lahore so this launch is also CollagingColors official inception at PFDC.’ High street fashion mainly refers to casual and reasonable fashion that everyone can easily adopt. Most of the labels showing here had a casualness yet trendy feel around them. The short shirts with shalwars by MK Nation (MK aka Maheen Kardar) stood out for their lively appeal. Since fashion keeps on evolving so we can all look forward to the comeback of shalwars and short shirts in the coming months. Sara Shahid’s Simply Sublime is another reason to visit Mall 1. ‘PFDC High Street fashion store is a natural transition and was necessary in

was Beyoncé’s racy super Bowl outfit too much? NEWS DESK Beyoncé’s daring leather ensemble at the Super Bowl last night has sparked anger from some parents who believe it was too racy for prime time television. Several viewers took to Facebook and other social networking websites to suggest that the performer’s costume, by fashion

designer Rubin Singer, looked a little too ‘S&M’. Beyoncé was ‘over the top trampy,’ according to one mother commenting on the Today show’s Facebook page. ‘I was embarrassed to watch it with my 9 year old son,’ she wrote. Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham tweeted sarcastically: ‘Very family-friendly dancing S&M by Beyonce. What every girl shd aspire to. #waronwomen [sic].’ And an angered Huffington Post reader wrote: ‘This is a family event - did the woman need to dress like a harlot???’ However overall reception of her costume was positive, with viewers and fans praising it as fierce and sexy, a testament to her girl power attitude. And many were shocked to discover that the brains behind the pop star’s jaw-dropping

leather getup did not belong to a big-name label, but to the relatively new and unknown New Yorkbased

designer, Rubin Singer. ‘I have to tell you, this is a moment,’ Mr Singer, 34, told The New York Times. ‘It’s the biggest moment of my career.’ The designer’s creation included a black plunging leather bodysuit fashioned with strips of engineered python, paneled iguana, silk, plastic and leather, with insets of black lace. The ensemble also featured a motorcycle jacket with padded shoulders and a leather flounce skirt which Beyoncé ripped off early in the show, revealing a ruffled Chantilly lace skirt. The Destiny’s Child singer accessorised the look with long black leather gloves, knee-high black socks, flesh-coloured tights and black Proenza Schouler boots. Though Mr Singer has worked with Beyoncé several times since they first met six years ago, his sartorial contribution to last night’s halftime show - which was watched by over 110 million people - is by far his biggest gig to date. Prior to the show, Mr Singer told the New York Times: ‘Everyone’s expecting Beyoncé to go with a major designer. She knows it’s a gamechanger. ‘My business could have legs from this.’ The fashion designer was born into a Russian family of couturiers, his father having created the costumes for the Bolshoi Ballet and his grandfather having dressed Russian royalty.

keeping with the market trends,’ Sara said while airing her views on the facilitation of the designers and customers by PFDC for this new venture. ‘As we were already catering to a higher end market so the need for affordable fashion all under the range of 10,000 Rupees makes designer wear a lot more approachable for the mass market,’ Sara explained. Most of the designers according to her are working on their diffusion line and High Street concept brings the best of all brands under a certain price point. Freeha Baqar, Hub, Kayseria Pret, Resham Ghar, Sehar Ali, So Kamal, Stoneage, Tela Vaquera by Ayesha Naveed and Threads and Motifs are other brands stocking at PFDC Mall 1 which makes it into an exciting location-A one stop shopper’s paradise is a match made in heaven.

notable tweets lady gaga

Why the hell does “haha” autocorrect to “gaga” ?! If you’re using an iPhone, you obviously don’t mean “gaga” (only exception: Lady Gaga.)

huma imtiaz Who’s the guy who has the sign “Welcome JFK” at the State Dept for Secretary Kerry’s arrival?

Kala Kawaz @pseudorebel Hahahaha. Even your anglicised name would land you on terrorist watch lists.

aKshay Kumar

Thank u RT @sonakshisinha I saw one of the most intelligently entertaining films last night. Special 26.

priyanKa Chopra Embarking on an adventure.. A lot of firsts..hmmm whr am I and whr am I going? Lets find out...

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Rape is not a crime, it is surprise sex. — Porn star Sunny Leone

ArTs wednesday, 6 February, 2013

Boys in Bollywood walk away with the credit: deepika NEWS DESK Deepika Padukone talks about her new Gujarat connect, her fashion statement and link-ups In a few months you will be in Gujarat for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela. The Gujarat shoot of Ram Leela starts in a couple of months. I have been to Gujarat for my movie promotions earlier, but this will be an interesting experience as we will shoot in the interiors. As I grew up with a lot of Gujaratis, I can speak Gujarati very well. YOU HAve MADe sHOrTs AND HOT pANTs LOOK sTYLisH MOre THAN ANYONe eLse HAs! I have worn shorts only for my films. They are not my personal favourites. In real life, I love wearing sarees. I hope that women continue to wear them more often than they do today. I see a lot of young collegians wearing shorts. I feel girls should wear what makes them look good and not to make point or follow a fashion trend.Confidence matters more than having a great body. You should not look awkward when you are wearing a gown, a saree or hot pants. As sOMeONe WHO’s DOiNg A LOT Of eNDOrseMeNTs, DO YOU feeL A sigNificANT pArT Of AN AcTOr’s pAY cHeQUe cOMes frOM brAND eNDOrseMeNT THese DAYs? That’s not true. While brand endorsements are a lucrative monetary option, you need to be committed when you sign up for one. One can’t doing senseless/insensitive ads. They have a distinct recall value. If I am associated with a brand, it is important that the campaign translates into money for the advertisers. For me the creative satisfaction that I get from doing a film or an ad is the same.

AcTresses HAve HArDLY MUcH TO DO iN A 100 crOre fiLM TODAY. WOULD YOU LiKe TO be A pArT Of 100 crOre fiLMs Or YOU WOULD be HAppY DOiNg A cOcKTAiL? Unfortunately the guys in Bollywood always walk away with the credit of a hit film. I can never do a meaningless role in a 100 crore film. Maybe other actresses can do such silly song and danceroutine numbers in such films, but I would always prefer to do a Cocktail. I think I benefitted a lot from Cocktail even if it was not a 100 crore film.

people want to speculate, I can’t help it.

They had started rumours linking me with many other actors before the release of other films. I don’t know if it is a publicity gimmick but like I said before, I don’t mind the speculation.

fOr YOU, TWiNKLe! This film is extremely close to Akshay’s heart because it marks his debut as a singer on the silverscreen. Interestingly, he has dedicated his maiden song to his wife Twinkle. Ask him if she was impressed with his singing prowess, and the Khiladi says with a twinkle in his eyes, “She loved the lyrics, but what really made her happy was the fact that I had dedicated it to her! Twinkle was very touched with that gesture!” cALLiNg A spADe, A spADe! Akshay, who’s playing a con artist in

Actor Sylvester Stallone feels that telling strangers about one’s personal life on social networking site Twitter is of no use. The 66-year-old says there is no point in using Twitter unless someone wants publicity. The actor’s last tweet was July 12 last year. “I used to tweet but it’s an act of futility. You’re not really making any impact and if you find yourself in a mood when you wanna be a bit controversial and you post something, you suddenly realise, ‘Oh my god!’ because you’ve opened yourself up to a bunch of criticism from strangers,” Nuts magazine quoted Stallone as saying. “It might be a great promotional tool, but just to make small talk, it’s crazy,” he added.


It does not affect me who I am romantically linked with because I know I am single and eventually I am living the life I know best. But a single girl is allowed to have male friends and share a good rapport with them. Unlike what people perceive of me, I’d love to be with someone who is simple, honest, interesting and makes me laugh. It took me time after my last breakup to start meeting other men. But one can easily fall in love again. Actors’ love lives are open booksnow and if

politicians T and babas are the biggest con artists: Akshay


stone and beau silence breakup rumours

YOUr LOve Life is A TOpic THAT everYONe LiKes TO specULATe AbOUT. iN fAcT YOUr persONAL Life geTs TALKeD AbOUT MOre THAN YOUr WOrK. DO YOU LiKe THAT?

HEY are starkly different from each other in looks and oeuvre, but when it comes to putting across their viewpoint, khiladi Akshay Kumarand firebrand actor Manoj Bajpayee hold their own. We witnessed this phenomenon firsthand, when the two stars came calling to Nagpur along with Anupam Kher and Kajal Aggarwal to promote their forthcoming film ‘Special 26’. It was a laugh riot from the word go, where Akshay was at his hilarious best, ragging us throughout while answering all the leading questions. And it was heartening to watch all the stars bonding over tic-tac-toe, in-between the answers...

sylVEsTEr sTAllonE

tags Twitter as futile

DO YOU feeL THAT YOUr LiNK-Up WiTH rANveer siNgH MigHT HeLp rAM LeeLA?


13 A

Sharon Stone, who was rumoured to have broken up with her toyboy beau earlier this week, has put whispers of strife to rest as the two spent another lovey-dovey day recently. For the third time in a week, the 54-year-old actress was spotted enjoying a romantic outing with her boyfriend, Martin Mica, and this time it a shopping spree at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, the Daily Mail reported. Stone - who is usually so glamorously put together - seemed to be so enthralled with the handsome 27-year-old Argentinian model that she didn’t care what she looked like, as she was seen with messy, uncombed and seemingly wet hair. Despite her somewhat disheveled appearance, the Casino star looked radiantly happy to be out with her darkly handsome beau.

the film, ponders for a while when you ask him who’s the biggest con artist in our society, and replies in grave tones, “I think some of these so-called babas, who are trying to take the people for a ride and the netas, who are fleecing the nation are the biggest con artists!” Manoj seconds this, saying, “Neta aur jhoote baba log sabse bade actors hain. Inke saamne toh hum kuch bhi nahin!” NO pOLiTicAL AMbiTiON With his strong views and ardent support for the social causes, is Manoj ready to take the political plunge? To this, he replies, “I have chosen my field and I would rather stick to that. So, I have no political ambition!” revieWs Are pOWer gAMes If he’s not very impressed with the fake gurus and unscrupulous politicos, Manoj had gone on record to say sometime back that there are no genuine critics in India. Ask him if he has changed his stance, and he replies with nary a hesitation, “It still holds true! Today, critics have no knowledge of cinema, they have become mini-stars and they indulge in power games where they are in a position to give a zero mark to a film through their reviews! It is pathetic!” WeigHT AND WATcH! With this serious talk making the aura rather heavy, it’s time to veer the

conversation towards lighter things - Akshay’s leaner looks for instance. Compliment him on looking fitter and leaner than ever, and he gets quite modest and says, “I was 81 kgs when I joined the film industry and now I’m 83. The last time I had come here for OMG, I was playing Lord Krishna, so maybe I had an overdose of butter. Hence, I might be looking fuller earlier!” DADDY cOOL His sense of humour has become wackier than ever, but has the arrival of his daughter Nitara mellowed him deep within? To this, Akshay says with a cheeky smile, “Oh, but I was always a cool guy! I only fight on screen, but never in real life! Toh aur kitna thanda houunga ab? Freeze hee ho jauunga!” Mee MArATHi When asked about his fetish for Marathi language, Akki says, “I have learnt Marathi and I can speak it rather well. In fact, I’m even producing Marathi films. After 72 Miles, my next Marathi film Adhantari is almost ready. I’m so impressed with the intelligence quotient of Marathi cinema that I’ve decided to make at least four to five Marathi films every year!”

lohan wants to sort out messy life NEWS DESK Actress Lindsay Lohan needs time to sort out the mess she has created in her personal life. The 26year-old has got into trouble for alcohol addiction and run in with the law time and again. “I needed time to figure out all the c**p in my life that I’d created for myself, essentially, and I kind of realised, ‘What am I doing? I like doing this. I like being here. This makes me happy.’” The Sunday Times magazine quoted Lohan as saying. The actress relates herself to a dialogue in “Liz & Dick”, a TV biopic on Elizabeth Taylor, in which she plays the lead role. “There was a line in the Elizabeth (Taylor) movie (‘Liz & Dick’) where she says, ‘I’m so bored, I’ve never been taught what to do when I’m not working,’ and I’m kind of figuring that out now,” she said.

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infotainment Wednesday, 6 February, 2013

I think death is the most wonderful invention of life. It purges the system of these old models that are obsolete. –Steve Jobs

curiosity rover hammers into first mars rock in crucial test nasa says that's a big step Closer to initiating its first full-bore drilling operations


sniper suspect had two stays in mental hospital Eddie Ray Routh was taken to a mental hospital twice in the five months before he was accused in the murder of American Sniper author Chris Kyle and a friend, according to police records seen by the AP. The 25-year-old Iraq veteran was first hospitalized after threatening to kill his family and himself last September, police records state. Authorities found him wandering with no shirt or shoes, smelling of alcohol. He told officers he was a veteran who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He was returned to a mental hospital in mid-January after a woman told police she was worried for his safety. Kyle and friend Chad Littlefield were trying to help Routh with his PTSD after Routh's mother reached out to him, but they barely knew each other and it's not clear how much Kyle knew about Routh's condition, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. After the shootings, Routh showed up at his sister's house in Kyle's vehicle and told her he had "traded his soul for a new truck," an arrest warrant states. Routh is being held on one count of capital murder and two counts of murder, and was Tasered and tied up after trying to attack guards Sunday night. NEWS dESK

sorry, usdA employees: no more deep-fried lunch For years, the USDA has been giving Americans dietary guidelines—and now USDA workers will have to start living by those guidelines, at least during lunchtime. The cafeterias at the Agriculture Department's DC headquarters have gotten a makeover, and the most headlineworthy change is that the deep fryers have been completely axed. That means some of the most popular items (fried chicken, french fries) will no longer be served. Other tweaks: Diners will be given 100% whole wheat bread and pasta, a dietitian is stationed on-site, and chefs have been instructed to use less oil, butter, and salt. There are other, smaller, changes, including a new station in one cafeteria whose food completely conforms to the department's lowsodium, low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-calorie dietary guidelines, the Washington Post reports. But no one will be forced to eat healthfully: USDA workers may just decide to walk to some other government cafeteria; the Energy Department, for example, is still using fryers. Or they can just go to the Valencia Cafe, located in the USDA building but not an official cafeteria, to pick up some mozzarella sticks or onion rings. NEWS dESK


ASA's Mars rover Curiosity has pounded into a Red Planet rock with its drill for the first time, bringing the 1-ton robot a big step closer to initiating its first full-bore drilling operations. The Curiosity rover hammered the rock using the armmounted drill's percussive action over the weekend, completing another test along the path toward spinning the bit and biting into rock for the first time. "We tapped this rock on Mars with our drill. Keep it classy everyone," Curiosity flight director Bobak Ferdowsi — who gained fame as "Mohawk Guy" during the rover's nail-biting landing on the night of Aug. 5, 2012 — wrote in a Twitter post Sunday, sharing a photo of the pounded rock. Curiosity's drill can bore 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) into Martian rock, deeper than any rover has been able to go before. Using the drill and its associated systems is a complex operation, so the mission team has been building up slowly to the first drilling activity on the Red Planet. Last week, Curiosity performed some "pre-load" tests, pressing down on a rock with its drill in several different places to see if the amount of force applied matches predictions. The six-wheeled robot has also been carefully evaluating its target rock, which is part of an outcrop the mission team has named "John Klein," after a former Curiosity deputy project

NASA's Curiosity rover has pounded into a Martian rock with its hammering drill for the first time, as this picture snapped by the robot on Saturday shows.

manager who died in 2011. Curiosity's main goal is to determine if its Gale Crater landing site could ever have supported microbial life. Along with the rover's 10 science instruments and 17 cameras, the

drill is viewed as key in this quest, as it allows Curiosity to dig deep into Martian rocks for potential signs of past habitability. The mission team wants to test the drill out on a target with scientific

value, and John Klein seems to qualify. The outcrop shows many signs of past exposure to liquid water, including lightcolored mineral veins that were apparently deposited by flowing water long ago.

richard III: Facial reconstruction shows king's features NEWS DESK A facial reconstruction based on the skull of Richard III has revealed how the English king may have looked. The king's skeleton was found under a car park in Leicester during an archaeological dig. The reconstructed face has a slightly arched nose and prominent chin, similar to features shown in portraits of Richard III painted after his death. Historian and author John Ashdown-Hill said seeing it was "almost like being face to face with a real per-

son". The development comes after archaeologists from the University of Leicester confirmed the skeleton found last year was the 15th Century king's, with DNA from the bones having matched that of descendants of the monarch's family. Richard was killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, at the age of 32 and after just two years on the throne, having been challenged by the forces of Henry Tudor, the future Henry VII. Dr Ashdown-Hill, who wrote The Last Days of Richard III, said: "The most obvious features in por-

traits are the shape of the nose and the chin and both of those are visible in the facial reconstruction." Richard III Society member Philippa Langley, originator of the search, said on a Channel 4 documentary earlier: "It doesn't look like the face of a tyrant. I'm sorry but it doesn't. "He's very handsome. It's like you could just talk to him, have a conversation with him right now." Layers of muscle and skin were added by computer to a scan of the skull and the result was made into a three-dimensional plastic model. Dr AshdownHill said: "I had said previously that when I stood by the grave in Leicester that I felt closer to Richard III than I had ever been, but when I saw the facial reconstruction I realised I had been close to a d e a d Richard III. The reconstruction is particularly important because there are no surviving contemporary portraits of Richard III.

sperm count affected by level of physical activity A recent study suggests that men who watch television for more than 20 hours weekly have a lesser sperm count when compared to those who exercise and remain active. According to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPS), the quality of men's sperm is affected by their levels of physical activity. The study demonstrates how healthy men who do not engage in physical activity and remain sedentary have lower sperm counts when compared to the physically active men. "We know very little about how lifestyle may impact semen quality and male fertility in general so identifying two potentially modifiable factors that appear to have such a big impact on sperm counts is truly exciting," lead author Audrey Gaskins, a doctoral student at HSPH, was quoted as saying in Medicalxpress. In order to prove the hypothesis, researchers conducted a study on 189 men who belonged to the age group of 18 to 22. These men had participated in the Rochester Young Men's Study during 2009 at the University of Rochester. The researchers enquired about their physical activity and TV-viewing habits. Apart from this, they also kept a track of other related health issues that might affect their sperm count such as smoking, diet and stress levels. Their sperm samples were taken for lab analysis, reports BBC. On analysing the samples, they noticed that those who engaged in watching TV for more than 20 hours a week had almost 44 percent lower sperm count than those who spent little time watching TV. Those men who engaged in physical activity and exercised for 15 or more hours weekly had a 73 percent higher sperm count than those who exercised less than 5 hours per week. The sperm quality didn't alter with mild exercise. Dr. Allan Pacey, senior lecturer in andrology at the University of Sheffield was quoted in BBC stating, whether it is working out in the gym or watching TV, everything needs to be done in moderation. The study was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. NEWS dESK

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sPorTs wednesday, 6 February, 2013

pakistan need answers against new ball JOHANNESBURG AGENCIES

Pakistan have 10 days to come up with an answer over how to counter South Africa's new-ball bowling attack ahead of the second test at Newlands. Captain Misbahul-Haq said their inability to find a way to deal with the new ball was the major factor in their 211-run defeat in the first test that was completed at the Wanderers on Monday. It will be of little comfort to the tourists that the next test will be played in Cape Town where South Africa bowled Australia out for 47 in November 2011 and New Zealand for 45 just last month. "We will try and get more practice in around the new ball. If you can get through the new ball then I think we can score runs in South African conditions," Misbah told reporters. The tourists will play a two-day practice game against a Western Province Invitational XI in Cape Town on February 10-11, a chance at least to test this new resolve even if against vastly inferior opposition.

I would like to think it does not do too much psychological damage. You try to look at the facts and not get too emotional about it. It was incredible — Dave Whatmore

some elements wAnt pAkistAn isolAted: ZAkA LAHORE



AKISTAN Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, Zaka Ashraf believes that there are elements who don’t want to see the revival of international cricket in Pakistan and neither do they want the Super League Twenty20 tournament to be held on time. A spokesman of Pakistan Super League also termed the reports about shifting of the venue of PSL outside Pakistan based on speculation. "The news to shift the venue of PSL outside Pakistan does not hold any merit and is totally baseless," he said Talking to a private TV c h a n n e l Ashraf said: "I am aware there is a conspiracy to keep Pakistan isolated in the cricket world. But we have not given up hope and we are confident we can organize the Super League T20 and also this will lead to revival of international cricket in Pakistan." Without elaborating upon or naming those who want to keep Pakistan cricket isolated internationally, Ashraf said arrangements for the Super League were continuing at full steam.

He said: "I know there are people who are pessimists and who don’t believe that the PSL can be held nor do they see the revival of international cricket in our country. But the PCB has not given up hope and is neither dejected". The PCB chief admitted that at present Pakistan cricket was going through difficult times, adding "obviously when you take into account that no test team has played in Pakistan since 2009 and teams are reluctant to come here it is a tough situation for us. Because we believe apart from perceptions international cricket can be held in Pakistan safely". There have been reports in the Pakistani media about the PCB having the option of holding most of the Super League matches in the UAE and only zaKa ashraf hosting the knockouts Pakistan if reputed pCb Chairman in international players are not given NOC`s by their respective boards for the PSL. The managing director of the PSL, Salman Butt last week in an official statement said that they had succeeded in signing around 50 overseas players who would now need to get NOC`s from their respective boards to play in the PSL. Sources aware of developments in the board also said that the chairman was personally disappointed at not getting support and help from Bangladesh and India to revive international cricket in Pakistan.

I know there are people who are pessimists and who don’t believe that the PSL can be held nor do they see the revival of Int’l cricket in our country

Asif, salman to appeal against suspensions uK-poliCe evidenCe against asif was unlawful?


Guilty of spot-fixing in 2009, pacer Mohammed Aamer is not appealing against his five-year ban by the International Cricket Council. It's going to be an important week in the lives of former Pakistan skipper Salman Butt and speedster Mohammad Asif as both try to overturn the ban imposed by the International Cricket Council for spot-fixing in 2009. While Asif's appeal against his conviction and five-year sentence will be heard at the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne on Thursday, Butt's hearing will come up the following day. Butt will be appealing against his 10-year suspension. Both have served almost two-and-a-half years of their bans. The third player, Mohammad Amir (or Aamer), also pulled up for spot-fixing, is not appealing against his five-year ban, according to reports. All three were found guilty by an ICC tribunal in Doha in January 2010. Their careers crashed when a News of the World sting

operation arranged for three no balls to be bowled at pre-agreed times during England's first innings of the Lord's Test in exchange for 150,000 Pounds. Butt will be accompanied by his solicitor Yasin Patel while Asif, who is already in Switzerland, will be represented by his lawyer Ravi Sukul. Their careers crashed when a News of the World sting operation arranged for three no balls to be bowled at pre-agreed times during England's first innings of the Lord's Test in exchange for 150,000 Pounds. According to The Telegraph, Asif will maintain that the no balls he bowled in the controversial Lord's Test were an accident. Asif was unaware of the spot-fixing plan hatched among News of the World, Butt and his agent, Mazhar Majeed, said Sukul. . "He is saying he never agreed with anyone to bowl that no-ball deliberately. He admits he bowled a no-ball at Lord's but he also bowled four no-balls in the previous Test match at the Oval a few days before. In cricketing terms they were not dissimilar to the one he bowled at Lord's.

MUMBAI: Mohammad Asif, the 30year-old right-arm medium fast Pakistani bowler leaves for Switzerland with his friend to-day, it is learnt here. The bowler's appeal against ICC's seven-year-ban for his alleged role in the spot-fixing will be heard at the Court of Arbitration of Sports (CAS) in Switzerland on Thursday. According to a highly-placed source, Asif and his friend are not scheduled to stay in any hotel in Geneva but at their friend's house. On Thursday, his appeal will be heard by a three-member panel comprising of Graeme Mew (chairman of arbitrators), John Reid (not to be confused with the former New Zeland player) and Romano Subiotto. Asif's case will be represented by Ravi Sukul and his wife, Savita. According to the sources, the result of his appeal is likely to be announced in 2-3 weeks time. One of the grounds of appeal is that the ICC tribunal has used the evidence produced by UK police and it is only lawful in UK court. This despite the Test was played in England where the spot-fixing is alleged to have taken place but it can not stand in any other courts and that Asif had been unlawfully prosecuted by Dubai-Head Quartered ICC. Sources close to Asif also disclosed that they were keen to produce a former renowned fast-bowler who would have said that delivery of no-balls by any fast bowlers are not uncommon in this game. However, the bowlers were frightened of the ICC and the idea was put off. BIPIN dANI

De Villiers growing into keeper’s role JOHANNESBURG AGENCIES

The question of whether AB de Villiers should keep wicket for South Africa in tests may have been answered by his record-breaking performance in his team's 211-run win over Pakistan at the Wanderers. De Villiers became the first player in test history to score a hundred and take 10 dismissals behind the stumps in the same match, with his final tally of 11 equalling Jack Russell's all-time test record for a stumper. It was an eye-catching performance by the 28-year-old, whose role with the gloves

The keeping is something I want to do well. I am getting better, though I am not yet where I want to be ab de villiers s afriCan wiCketkeeper

since the retirement through injury last year of Mark Boucher has been the subject of much debate. While his selection allows South Africa to pick specialist batsman Dean Elgar at number seven, questions were raised as to whether he had the ability to perform the role on a long-term basis. "The keeping is something I want to do well. I am getting better, though I am not yet where I want to be," de Villiers told reporters. He has been receiving inputs on and off from Boucher, which he believes have been a major contributor to his growing into the role. "The work I have done with Bouch has helped me a lot. He doesn't try to change too much technically, but if he picks something up on TV he will let me know. "I am moving my feet a lot better than when I started and I am much more confident now about standing up to the stumps to the spinners." South Africa captain Graeme Smith says he has seen the improvement in de Villiers with the gloves and that has given everybody in the team more confidence.

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Rainy and cool; Makes one want to chill in bed the whole day — Hashim Amla



wednesday, 6 February, 2013


( iCC women’s world Cup


kApp sends pAk crAshinG out maiden odi Century for south afriCan all-rounder CUTTACK AGENCIES


OUTH Africa’s Marizanne Kapp sent Pakistan crashing out of the ICC Women’s World Cup India 2013 after the 23-year-old from Port Elizabeth struck her maiden ODI century at Barabati Stadium in Cuttack to secure her side a position in the Super Sixes section of the tournament. After a disappointing start, Kapp and Dane van Niekerk stabilized South Africa’s innings, and later Kapp proceeded to cleanup the Pakistan batting line-up with her useful medium-pace bowling and thus ensuring South Africa usurped Pakistan to assume the ‘B3’ position in Group B. South Africa began its attempt for Super Six qualification with a very poor start, when South Africa captain Mignon du Preez and vice-captain Tricia Chetty departed for a duck and four respectively at the Barabati Stadium. This left South Africa stumbling with just nine runs on the board and two wickets down. Yolandi Potgieter, Cri-Zelda Brits and Susan Benade all attempted to stick with Kapp to stabalise the innings but with the side 79-5 it wasn’t looking good for the Proteas ladies, but allrounder Kapp and Dane van Niekerk came to the team’s rescue. In a day of first for the South Africa side, Kapp, scoring her maiden ODI century in a hard-fought innings, alongside van Niekerk who scored her maiden ODI half-century, helped to steer the side to a

respectable total of 207 in the side’s 50 overs after some expensive bowling from the Pakistan team. In response, Pakistan’s batting line-up, which has been weak throughout the group stages, struggled in the run-chase. Kapp snaffled three wickets for 18 runs while Shabnim Ismail, Marcia Letsoalo, Sunette Loubser and Benade shared the rest of the spoils as the team were skittled for 81 in 29.4 overs. Pakistan will now play the 7th v 8th Play-off on 7 February at Barabati Stadium – its opponent will be decided at the conclusion of the India v Sri Lanka game at CCI. Pakistan captain Sana Mir was once against disappointed with the side’s batting performance: “If I had to take any positives from this event it would be our bowling because we really tested Australia and the other teams in the group but when it came to our batting it just was not up to scratch. “As a side we need to go back now and

review how we are doing things as a team and reflect on how we move forward from here. Credit has to go to South Africa, they have played some really good cricket while they have been here and the way Kapp played her innings was great. We now have to turn our attention to whoever we will play in the seventh v eighth play-off and try to round off a disappointing event with a victory.” Unsurprisingly, South Africa captain Mignon du Preez was delighted with the win which secured her side a place in the Super Sixes: “I couldn’t have asked for more from the side today, Marizanne Kapp dug deep for us and alongside Dane van Niekerk really gave us the big total we needed to help us when it came to bowling Pakistan out.” Kapp echoed her captain’s thoughts: “I’m really happy to have contributed the way I did for the innings and it was

certainly tough out there especially in the heat. I think it would be a tough call to say which was greater for me, today’s century or scoring the half-century against Australia. However, if push came to shove, I think the half-century against the Australia side felt a little greater as Australia’s bowlers are some of the best in the world, but that’s not to say Pakistan’s aren’t tough face.” Australia tussled with old foes New Zealand in an exciting match in front of some 4,000 fans in other Group B fixture in Cuttack that saw White Ferns’ captain Suzie Bates score a century, but her efforts were in vain as Australia’s Meg Lanning made a stunning 112 and Jess Cameron’s 82 secured the side a seven-wicket victory. Lanning, Bates and Kapp’s centuries now bring the total scored in the tournament thus far, not including the current India v Sri Lanka game, to eight. In the Group A

Tourists’ last chance on contrasting pitch kieran powell has provided an example for his teammates to follow CANBERRA AGENCIES

Following an opening hiding with a more creditable display in game two, the West Indies are nonetheless only a game away from losing this series 3-0. Australia have been spearheaded brilliantly by Mitchell Starc, while George Bailey played an innings of thoughtfulness and quality to ensure a defensible total after the rest of the hosts' batting folded on Sunday. The fast, lively Perth pitch prepared for the first two matches will be in sharp contrast to the strip of turf expected for Manuka Oval's first day/night ODI match, as the oval is well known for providing one of the most amiable if nondescript surfaces in the country. How the two teams adapt to the surface will be one of the most intriguing subplots of the match. The lower bounce and slower pace will provide something of a re-

From now on every game is a final and we have to play it like that. The bowlers gave us a good start but we weren't able to close them out with that killer punch, so we are working hard to get all three disciplines spot on and look to click darren sammy west indies Captian lief for several batsmen on both sides, in particular Shane Watson as he attempts to regain form and confidence after injury. Chris Gayle is another lacking in many runs behind him this summer, both with the West Indies and the Sydney Thunder in the BBL. If the visitors are to regather some kind of chance to salvage the series in the nation's capital, then Gayle will be hopeful of figuring prominently. Xavier Doherty is a probable inclusion for the third match of the series, having sat out both fixtures in Perth. One of the left-armers, James Faulkner or Mitchell Johnson, appears the most most likely to make way. West Indies will be hopeful of a recall for Andrew Russell, who missed both the WACA fixtures due to a knee problem. "From now on every game is a final and we have to play it like that. The bowlers gave us a good start but we weren't able to close them out with that killer punch, so we are working hard to get all three disciplines spot on and look to click," said Darren Sammy knows this is his side's last chance in the series.

day-match at BKC in Mumbai, England showed its superior bowling display against West Indies when the side were dismissed for a meagre 101 in just 36.4 overs and England secured itself a six-wicket victory after Danielle Wyatt led from the front. SCORES In BRIEF group A, At BkC: West Indies 101 all out, 36.4 overs (Kyshona Knight 33, Daley 30 not out; Shrubsole 4-21, Brunt 2-10, Brindle 3-0). England 103-4, 35 overs (Wyatt 40; Dottin 320). England won by six wickets group B, At Barabati Stadium: South Africa 207-5, 50 overs (Kapp 102 not out, Van Niekerk 55 not out; Qanita 2-30, Asmavia 231), South Africa won At DRIEMS Cricket ground: New Zealand 227-6, 50 overs (Bates 102, Perkins 41, Browne 39 not out; Schutt 3-40), Australia 228-3, 38.2 overs (Lanning 112, Cameron 82), Australia won by seven wickets. Sri Lanka defeat India by 1-38 runs.

Broad’s hat-trick earns england victory in a warm-up match WHANGAREI AGENCIES

England's Twenty20 captain Stuart Broad dispelled all doubts over his fitness with a hat-trick in a warm-up match against a New Zealand XI on Tuesday. The lanky all-rounder, who returned from the tour of India in December with a bruised heel, took three wickets in the last over of his spell to lead the tourists to a comprehensive 46-run win at the Cobham Oval at Whangarei. Put in to bat first, England reached 186 for three wickets in their 20 overs riding on some lusty hitting from Jos Buttler (57 not out off 24 balls) and useful contributions from Eoin Morgan (48 not out) and Luke Wright (44). The New Zealand XI were bowled out for 140 in the last over with Broad, Chris Woakes and Jade Dernbach picking up three wickets apiece. Broad removed Andrew Ellis, Ian Buttler and Matt Henry to complete his hat-trick before Dernbach claimed the final wicket of Michael Bates. England will play three Twenty20 internationals and as many one-dayers and tests during their two-month tour of New Zealand.

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Good morning everyone. Having breakfast at the PC hotel (great stay) in Lahore then leave straight to Data Darbar to pray with the family — Amir Khan’s tweet

17 S

sPorTs wednesday, 6 February, 2013

rAfA’s AurA mAy tAke time to return: murrAy nadal might not have the same (aura) straight away and you would expeCt people in the first few months while he is not baCk to his highest level and think they Could possibly upset him LONDON AGENCIES


HE aura Rafa Nadal usually carries on court may take a while to return when the Spaniard finally begins his comeback in Chile this week, according to world number three Andy Murray. Injury-hit Nadal has not played a match since a shock defeat by outsider Lukas Rosol at Wimbledon last June but will test his suspect knee in Vina del Mar on Wednesday when he takes on Argentine Guido Pella or a qualifier in the claycourt event. World No. 92 Pella is the kind of player usually trampled into the dirt by the 11-times grand slam champion but Murray believes Nadal could be vulnerable until he gets up to speed. "He might not have the same (aura) straight away and you would expect people in the first few months while he is not back to his highest level and think they could possibly upset him," Murray told reporters at London's Queen's Club. "But over time, and if Rafa wins his first three tournaments back that changes everything and people will be worrying about him again. People fearing you comes winning and confidence." Despite just returning from a knee injury which still causes him pain, the public will be expecting Spamiard Nadal to get back in the groove quickly. Murray, however, urged caution, although he expects Nadal to be challenging strongly for an eighth French Open title in June. "The expectation will be high and people will expect him to do things straight away but it could take a number

of weeks and months before he's back to his old self again," Murray said. "But he's been practising for a month and half and was pressing for the Australian Open before he got sick. "Providing his knee doesn't have a setback he will win some matches in south America and if he's physically okay by the French Open he will be in good shape." Should Nadal, who has slipped to world number five, struggle initially for form and match-sharpness, Murray will emerge as a real title contender at Roland Garros. "I believe I have a chance of winning the French Open," said Murray, whose best result there was a semi-final in 2011 when he lost to Nadal. "But to do that I need to prepare and use every single day as best as I can. I have an opportunity there and I have a chance. Stranger things have happened in tennis than a player in the top four or five winning the French Open."

murray Calls for more blood testing LOnDOn: Olympic champion Andy Murray is demanding more blood testing in tennis to avoid the kind of damaging doping scandals that continue to plague cycling. World number three Murray, runner-up at last month's Australian Open to Novak Djokovic, feels the sport's authorities need to invest more heavily in anti-doping programmes, even if it means siphoning funds from players' prize money. "I've been asked a lot lately if tennis is clean or not but I don't know how you judge if a sport is

Volandri eases past Mayer in Chile


Filippo Volandri booked his place in the second round of the VTR Open in Vina del Mar, Chile with a resounding straight sets win over Leonardo Mayer. World number 87 Volandri is ranked 12 places below his Argentinian opponent, but the Italian cruised to a 62 6-1 victory in just 71 minutes. Santiago Giraldo fought back from losing the first set against Martin Alund

harrington, schwartzel join donald in malaysia

to triumph 4-6 7-5 6-3 in a shade over two hours. The tournament marks the return of Rafael Nadal from injury and illness. The 26-year-old 11-time major winner has not competed since a shock secondround defeat to Lukas Rosol at Wimbledon in June but will play in the doubles alongside Juan Monaco against Czech duo Frantisek Cermak and Lukas Dlouhy on Tuesday before beginning his singles campaign on Wednesday.

clean," Murray told reporters on Monday at Queen's Club in west London. "If one in 100 players is doping, in my eyes that isn't a clean sport. We need to do everything we can to ensure that everone competing at the highest level and below is clean. "That comes with biologoical passports and more blood testing. I know the training that I do and I know what goes in and out of my body and I know from my side that I'm clean and I hope that's the same for all tennis players." AGENCIES

I’ve been asked a lot lately if tennis is clean or not but I don't know how you judge if a sport is clean andy murray british tennis player

kUALA LUMPUR: Triple major champion Padraig Harrington and 2011 U.S. Masters winner Charl Schwartzel will join world number three Luke Donald in the field for next month's Malaysian Open, organisers said on Monday. Harrington, up to 47th in the rankings after finishing tied-ninth at the Phoenix Open on Sunday, last appeared in Malaysia in 2006 and ended a two-year victory drought in October at the elite four-man Grand Slam of Golf event in Bermuda. South African Schwartzel, who played two years ago following his greatest triumph at Augusta, said it was an event not to be missed. Matteo Manassero of Italy has also confirmed his participation in the March 21-24 tournament he won in 2011. AGENCIES

PHOEnIX: Phil Mickelson during the Phoenix Open final round.

POA terms Islamabad meeting illegal LAHORE STAFF REPORT

President Pakistan Olympic Association, Lt Gen (retd) Syed Arif Hasan has termed the meeting of a few sports federations to form a so called interim committee of POA as "illegal and unconstitutional" and an attempt to draw the action of International Olympic Committee for violating the Olympic Charter. "Some quarters are desperately working against the charter of the IOC and Olympic Charter in Pakistan by coming up time and again with negative moves to disrupt the smooth working of the POA and to promote parallelism in sports federations and now in a last ditch effort they have attempted to create a parallel POA by announcing its interim committee to run its affairs which is a grave illegal act,” he said. Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday at Olympics House in the presence of Secretary POA, Muhammad Khalid Mahmood and other officials of the POA, Lt Gen Arif said when clouds of uncertainty are already hovering on the national sports scene due to the ongoing tussle between POA and Pakistan Sports Board the new move by a handful of people can draw the attention of the IOC to

draw its course of action against Pakistan. The participants of the press conference also offered fateha for departed souls of former POA Secretary, Abdul Khaliq Khan and Sindh Sports Minister Dr Muhammad Ali Shah. He pointed out that most of the federation which attended the meeting were bogus or illegal and only three to four were genuine bodies duly affiliated with the POA. "Such a less number of federations cannot decide the fate of the POA and future of sports in Pakistan. This action has further damaged the case of Pakistan at the forum of IOC,” he asserted. Gen Arif said that the POA general council meeting will be held here on February 12 and those who are associated with sports will see the real picture. "The POA delegation will be flying to Lausanne, Switzerland to attend a meeting summoned by IOC on February 15 which will also be attended by representatives of PSB,” he said. "The meeting will decide the IOC's future line of action against Pak-

istan in the prevailing circumstances," he added. POA President said that POA from its platform is endeavouring to safeguard the interest of sports in Pakistan and to protect the institution (POA) by adopting all constitutional measures and to fight its case for the cause of Olympic spirit in Pakistan. "If the present situation goes on it can bring adverse results as IOC can suspend Pakistan's membership in all international event which will be very damaging for the cause of sports in Pakistan,” he added. Gen Arif said those who lost the POA elections a year ago are engaged in a negative campaign against POA by creating parallel sports bodies and by announcing time to time illegal and unconstitutional decisions to complicate the situation. "The POA is against ban or suspension of Pakistan because it will serve no purpose but they are a fewer people among the ranks who are holding illegal meetings and taking unconstitutional decisions so that IOC may impose sanctions against Pakistan,” he said.

some quarters are desperately worKing against the ioC Charter and the olympiC Charter in paKistan

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(emergency call) Maybe Umar Amin for Test and Umar Akmal for ODI & T20 — Rashid Latif’s tweet




wednesday, 6 February, 2013

wAtCh It LIve SUPER SPORTS 3rd ODI: Australia v West Indies 08:20AM

ESPN Friendly Soccer: England v Brazil 12:55AM

17th tour de pakistan international cycle race from march 16 mickelson BAck in world top 10 PHOEnIX: Phil Mickelson is back in the world's top 10 for the first time since last May after his wire-to-wire victory at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Mickelson, who just missed out on a 59 in the opening round, finished four clear of Brandt Snedeker and improves from 22nd to 10th on the rankings, while Snedeker, also runner-up to Tiger Woods at Torrey Pines a week earlier, is up to a career-high sixth. Scotland's Stephen Gallacher leaps from 111th to 60th after making the Omega Dubai Desert Classic only his second success in 404 European Tour starts. After this week's events the top 64 qualify for the Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona on February 20-24. AGENCIES LATEST LEADIng POSITIOnS In THE wORLD gOLF RAnkIngS: 1 Rory McIlroy 12.23pts, 2 Tiger Woods 9.16, 3 Luke Donald 7.76, 4 Justin Rose 6.54, 5 Louis Oosthuizen 6.52, 6 Brandt Snedeker 6.25, 7 Adam Scott 5.97, 8 Lee Westwood 5.62, 9 Bubba Watson 5.26, 10 Phil Mickelson 5.24, 11 Jason Dufner 5.05, 12 Ian Poulter 5.01, 13 Steve Stricker 4.95, 14 Keegan Bradley 4.87, 15 Sergio Garcia 4.79, 16 Dustin Johnson 4.78, 17 Webb Simpson 4.76, 18 Charl Schwartzel 4.55, 19 Graeme McDowell 4.50, 20 Peter Hanson 4.45.

national u-13 football draws announced LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has announced the draws for the National U-13 Regional Football Festival-2013 Qualification Round to commence simultaneously at four cities of Pakistan from Wednesday (today) till February 12. The venues selected for hosting the week-long event are Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and Tufail Abad. The opening match will feature Sindh and AID-27 Karachi Blue Zone at Peoples Football Stadium Karachi while Punjab will lock horns with AID-27 Faisalabad Zone at Tufail Shaheed Football Stadium Tufail Abad. The five-day event featuring eight teams will comprise nine matches. The detail of draws is as under: Feb 08 Balochistan v AID-27 Chaman Zone at Sadiq Shaheed Football Stadium Quetta, Peshawar-Nowshera Zone vs Islamabad at Qayyum Football Stadium Peshawar. Sindh vs AID-27 Karachi Blue Zone at Peoples Football Stadium Karachi, Punjab vs AID-27 Faisalabad Zone at Tufail Shaheed Football Stadium Tufail Abad. Feb 10 Balochistan v AID-27 Chaman Zone at Sadiq Shaheed Football Stadium Quetta, KPK vs PeshawarNowshera Zone at Qayyum Football Stadium Peshawar. Feb 12 KPK/ Islamabad at Qayyum Football stadium Peshawar.

PCB to build a hotel in a joint venture LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Pakistan Cricket Board in league with its joint venture company (Avant Hotel) and Pakistan International Airlines Investments Limited (PIAIL) will build a international standard hotel at within the vicinity of the national stadium karachi. This decision was taken here on Tuesday at a Board meeting of Avant Hotels (Pvt.) Ltd, a Joint Venture Company of the PCB and the Pakistan International Airlines Investments Limited (PIAIL),at NCA.From PCB,Chairman Ch. Zaka Ashraf, COO PCB Subhan Ahmad, Director General Javed Miandad along with other officials of the board attended the meeting. While PIAIL was represented by Secretary Defense Government of

Pakistan and Chairman PIAIL Lt. Gen. (R) Asif Yasin Malik., MD PIA Capt. Muhammad Junaid Younas and MD PIAIL Dr. Najeeb Sami and GM Fianance PIAIL Mr. Akbar Ali. " It was decided that the planning for the construction of the hotel should be started on urgent basis ",said a spokesman of PCB. The project, which remained dormant for years, has been revived with the efforts of Chairman PCB and Secretary Defense and will result in establishing an international standard facility within the vicinity of National Stadium Karachi,he added. Avant Hotels (Pvt.) Ltd. was incorporated in 1980s by both PCB and PIAIL with the object to construct an international standard five star hotel.In the board meeting directors were updated and Chairman PCB Ch, Zaka Ashraf, COO PCB Subhan Ahmad and Abdul Ghafoor Bhatti (GM Estates PCB) were appointed as directors.


The Pakistan Cycling Federation (Idris Haider Khawaja group) has announced the holding of the International Tour de Pakistan Cycle Race from March 16. The event that was registered last year in the calendar of UCI, the world body of cycling and are ready to send a Commissaire will be conducted from Peshawar to Karachi on March 16 to 28. The complete programme of the race will be communicated to the affiliated units of the Federation in due course while the prize money of the event is $10,000 to be given to first six position holders. Three to four foreign teams are expected to take part in the event, said Idris Khawaja.

national cycling from 20th LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Pakistan Cycling Federation (Munawar Baseer group) will be holding the National Cycling Championship at the Cycling Velodrome, Lahore between February 20-24. The Championship would be contested by teams from all member departments, four provinces and FATA, with Sui Southern Gas Company playing as the hosts. Moreover the rigorous national cycling camp in collaboration with Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) is in full swing that would screen the top cyclists who would feature in the national squad for the 33RD Asian Cycling Championship to be held in India. The Championship is being organized by the Cycling Federation of India, under the auspices of ACC and UCI and it is for the first time ever that a Pakistani contingent will participate in both road and track events. The 18 cyclists who are getting extensive training from country’s legendary coaches include: Sabiha Nisar, Anum Mehboob, Shameem, Mahum Tariq, Malika Malik, Radeea, Ghulam Abbas, Sajid Ali, Imran Ashraf, Zeeshan Ali, Noor Alam, Habibullah, Abdullah Aslam, Mohammad Asif, Abid Sultan Aftab, Waqas Mehboob, Sohail Majeed and Ahsan Abbas. PCF’s Selection Committee will finalize the national team for road cycling and track cycling based on the performance of these cyclists during the forthcoming National Cycling Championship.

McIlroy must avoid Duval-like nosedive: Lyle LONDON

decline he was never able to reverse. "That move hurt the momentum of David's career," the 1985 British Twice major champion Sandy Lyle is Open champion and 1988 U.S. Mashoping world number one Rory McIl- ters winner told Reuters in an interroy's decision to switch golf clubs does view. "He wasn't driving the ball well which put the pressure on his putnot result in the same sort of ting and that in turn put pres"kamikaze dive" in form sure on him making cuts. that David Duval suf"David then started fered when he made a It only takes on a horrible spiral of similar move. missing cuts. It could Duval appeared a little chink be that all stemmed to have the world at in the armour from his problems his feet when he with his new driver was flying high at in this game and it could be the the top of the rankfor it to worry same thing for Rory ings in 1999 and won now. "Rory's momentum the British Open two was very good last year but years later. The American, it can be very dangerous to like 23-year-old Northern Irishman McIlroy, also agreed a switch change clubs," added Lyle, referring to Nike clubs and Lyle said that was to the world number one's five worldthe moment which sparked a sudden wide wins in 2012 and his money-list AGENCIES

victories on both sides of the Atlantic. "David never got out of his spiral. He definitely took a huge kamikaze dive and never really got it back." Last month McIlroy put pen to paper on a 10-year contract, that according to media reports is worth around $250 million, to swap from Titleist to Nike clubs and suffered an instant setback by missing the cut at the Abu Dhabi Championship. Co-incidentally, the 54-year-old Lyle has just signed an agreement to use Bridgestone Golf clubs and balls on the senior circuit and his game is also a work in progress as he tries to get used to his new equipment. "It's the driver and the fairway woods that are the biggest issues," said the Scot. "Rory will adapt to the irons pretty quickly although he will have teething problems. "It only takes a little chink in the armour in this game for it to start becoming a worry."

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wednesday, 6 February, 2013

Jattak likely choice for new Balochistan cm 40 members of baloChistan assembly baCking jattak ISLAMABAD ANWER ABBAS


HE Pakistan People’s Party is likely to name Ali Madad Jattak as the successor to former Balochistan chief minister Aslam Raisani by the end of this month, as the pressure from

former baloChistan Chief minister aslam raisani formally resigns allies Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl and Balochistan National PartyAwami is forcing it to reconsider the imposition of Governor’s Rule in the province. Jattak enjoys support of 40 members of the Balochistan Assembly and is likely to get the nod from provincial lawmakers, Pakistan

Today has learnt. Jattak, the PPP deputy parliamentary leader, enjoys support of three members from the Awami National Party, 12 members from the JUI-F, seven members from the Balochistan National PartyAwami, and 14 members of the Pakistan People’s Party in the disbanded provincial assembly. Also, independent members Bakhtiyar Domki, Captain (r) Abdul Khaliq Achakzai, Shahnawaz Marri and Tariq Masori Bugti are also backing Jattak for the CM’s slot, a source confirmed. President’s sister and PPP women wing chief Faryal Talpur as well as Syed Khurshid

CeC rejects naik’s request for lifting ban on recruitments ISLAMABAD ONLINE

Law Minister Farooq H Naik on Tuesday requested Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Fakharuddin G Ebrahim to lift the ban imposed by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on new recruitments, however the CEC rejected the law minister’s request outright. Per media reports the law minister telephoned the CEC and exchanged views on important matters, including the ban

slapped by the ECP on new appointments in government departments ahead of the general election. The law minister requested the CEC to lift the ban on new recruitments in government-run institutions and departments, as the move was tantamount to encroaching upon the rights of those who deserved to be employed on merit. He also requested that the ban imposed on release of new funds in respect of ongoing uplift projects also be withdrawn so that the welfare-oriented schemes could be completed. The ECP had imposed a ban on

new recruitments in public sector institutes and had sought explanation from the information secretary for making recruitments in PTV. The CEC also convened a meeting on February 6 and 7 to discuss certain important matters, including the ban on recruitments and release of funds. However, the CEC told a private TV channel that no telephone call had come to him from the law minister and the statement attributed to him in this respect was fabricated and concocted, as nothing had been said about lifting the ban on new recruitments.

Attack outside pAf base in karachi injures two KARACHI STAFF REPORT

Two people were injured in multiple grenade attacks outside Pakistan Air Force Base on Shahrah-e-Faisal on Tuesday. According to sources, some unidentified attackers hurled at least five grenades at the Faisal Flyover gate of the PAF base and fled. Heavy contingents of law enforcement agencies arrived at the scene to evaluate the damage. The Bomb Disposal Squad also arrived at the site to search for more explosives around the facility. Meanwhile, Rangers, police, and PAF personnel cordoned off the area and started a search operation in the surrounding areas.

mnA’s son tortures piA official in karachi KARACHI ONLINE

Nouroz Baloch, son of MNA Sher Muhammad Baloch, has been arrested by police for allegedly subjecting Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) officer Allah Dino Jatoi to torture. Nouroz ruthlessly beat up the PIA officer at Quaid-e-Azam International Airport Karachi, rendering him unconscious. Police took the accused into custody and shifted him to the Airport Police Station. PIA employees later shut the reservation office to voice protest against the incident. Police barred media representatives from covering the incident. Allah Dino Jatoi has taken a plea in the FIR that “Nouroz, son of Sher Muhammad Baloch, MNA subjected me to violence while I was in official uniform during performance of duty. I will not forgive him”. Police said the report of any link of the accused person with the MNA had not been confirmed so far.

show-cause notice on Jattak for violating party discipline and was against his appointment as the new chief minister. Umrani, who himself was in the run for the slot has, however, been left out of the race, as cases filed against him during the reign of General Ziaul Haq for working against the security of the country have yet to be cleared. The JUI-F has also been demanding the slot for its members, but the PPP appears unlikely to oblige.

Shah are backing Jattak and have given the green signal to upgrade his profile to the provincial chief minister. However, PPP Balochistan President Mir Sadiq Umrani, who was also believed to be in race for the chief minister’s chair, is proving to be the major obstacle in way of Jattak, as the two do not get along. Recently, Umrani had served a

HYDERABAD: A young boy chants anti-India slogans during a rally on Kashmir Solidarity Day on Tuesday. INP

A source said Nawab Aslam Raisani had formally resigned from the post of chief minister and had sent his resignation to Maulana Mohammad Sherani and Ahsan Shah. On the other hand, the Baloch nationalist leadership, Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) and Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) have already warned the government to avoid revocation of Governor’s Rule in the province, as after its imposition a visible decrease in incidents of killings had been noticed and targeted operations were in progress against banned outfits and terrorist networks.

pti approves electoral alliance with anti-status quo parties ISLAMABAD TAyyAB HuSSAIN

The Political Strategy Committee (PSC) of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday approved a plan to end the party’s solo flight and forge a broad-based electoral alliance with likeminded parties to hold the corrupt politicians accountable. In this regard, the party’s negotiators are likely to meet with Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahiurl Qadri in Lahore on Wednesday (today), besides meeting Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai soon, Pakistan Today has reliably learnt. The meeting, held with PTI Chairman Imran Khan in the chair, also called for the reconstitution of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) while expressing concerns over the ECP’s failure on implementing the Supreme Court’s order for conducting delimitations and voters’ verification in Karachi. A PTI leader who attended the meeting told this scribe that the PTI delegation would comprise senior leaders including Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, and Shah Mahmood Qureshi, and would explore the possibilities of an election alliance or seat-to-seat adjustment with Dr Qadri’s party. “The committee approved a proposal that all those parties which are a part of federal or provincial governments, including the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PMLQ), the PML-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), would not be included in the new alliance. Only those parties would be included which have been in the opposition,” said the source. The source added that the meeting also discussed the recent intra-party polls held in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and decided that the party’s election commission would get benefit from the experiences of the KP polls. The party also discussed the intra-party polls in Punjab and Sindh, and decided in principle that the intra-

party polls should be completed by the end of February. The PTI meeting reiterated its demand for President Asif Zardari’s resignation, saying that as the co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Zardari could not do justice with his role of neutrally overseeing the elections. The meeting said that Zardari’s presidency would make the election process doubtful. PTI President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi and PTI Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi briefed the committee on political contacts made with different parties in this regard. About possible alliances with other political parties, the PSC reiterated its stance that the PTI was ready to talk with all those political parties which were not part of the federal or provincial governments. The meeting also reviewed the performance of the ECP with a specific reference to the Supreme Court’s verdict to conduct delimitations and voters’ verification drive in Karachi, and the misuse of taxpayers’ money by the federal and provincial governments. Expressing its full confidence in the chief election commissioner, the meeting voiced its concerns over the poor performance of the ECP in implementing the SC’s orders as well as checking the misuse of state resources by federal and Punjab governments. The meeting said that the four members of the ECP appointed by the provincial governments should be re-appointed and only non-partisan individuals should be appointed to overlook the polls. The committee observed that despite several letters written and evidence produced to the CEC about the misuse of taxpayers’ money for election campaigns by federal and provincial governments, the ECP was yet to take any action to bring this practice to an end. The committee also discussed the “jobsfor-votes policy” of the federal and provincial governments and stated that despite the ECP’s ban on new inductions, jobs were being doled out to people with notifications recorded in back-dates.

Saudi blood money ruling angers activists religious sCholar ‘sentenCed to pay blood money to mother after serving short jail term’ for daughter’s rape, death NEWS DESK A Saudi man who raped his fiveyear-old daughter and tortured her to death has been sentenced to pay “blood money” to the mother after having served a short jail term, according to activists. The man, said to be a religious scholar who is also a regular guest on Islamic television networks, confessed to having used

cables and a cane to inflict the injuries, activists from the group Women to Drive said in a statement on Saturday. Lamia was admitted to hospital on December 25, 2011, with multiple injuries, including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns, the activists said. They said the father had doubted his daughter Lama’s virginity and

had her checked up by a medic. She died last October. Randa alKaleeb, a social worker from the hospital where Lama was admitted, said the girl’s back was broken and that she had been raped “everywhere”, according to the group. The activists said that the judge had ruled the prosecution could only seek “blood money and the time the defendant had served in prison since Lama’s death suffices as punishment”. Three Saudi activists, including Manal al-Sharif, who in 2011 challenged Saudi laws that prevent women from driving, have raised objections to the ruling.

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

Editor: Arif Nizami

Lama, the unfortunate five-year-old child

The ruling is based on national laws that a father cannot be executed for murdering his chil-

dren, nor can husbands be executed for murdering their wives, activists said.

e-paper pakistantoday 06th February, 2013  

e-paper pakistantoday 06th February, 2013

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