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Thursday, 4 July, 2013

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afghan statements a pack of lies, says Fo Islamabad and Kabul continued a war of words as Pakistan rejected National Afghan Army Chief Gen Sher Mohammad Karimi’s comments that “Pakistan was controlling the Taliban”, and sheltering the top Taliban leadership. Gen Karimi also alleged that fighting in Afghanistan could be stopped “in weeks” if Pakistan told the Taliban to end the insurgency Pakistan’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs categorically rejected the allegations of the Afghan military chief. page 03

PM summons political leaders to devise national counter-terrorism policy story on page 02 Nawaz Sharif gets thumping welcome in China story on page 03

six soldiers killed in peshawar terrorist attack

govt ordered to register treason case against Musharraf

At least six security officials were killed and another nine injured after militants attacked FC barracks at Shamshato area in outskirts of Peshawar on Wednesday. The officials confirmed that three rooms of the barracks and two vehicles were completely destroyed. According to details, dozens of militants carrying sophisticated weapons attacked the FC Fort at Shamshato in Urmar area of Peshawar. page 03

The Supreme Court on Wednesday disposed of petitions calling for the registration of a treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf and directed the government to continue the matter in the light of its official statement presented to the court. The government had told the court that it would proceed in accordance with the law and prosecute Musharraf after taking political forces into confidence. page 02

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N IT’s A wrAP, MorsI NEWS Thursday, 4 July, 2013

Roadside bomb attack kills 7 in Baghdad MonItorIng DeSk At least seven people have been killed in a roadside bomb attack in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, officials said on Wednesday. Fourteen others were wounded by the blast on a busy street in the south-eastern suburb of Nahrawan. The bodies of three construction workers were also reportedly found in the nearby district of Zafaraniya. The deaths bring to 116 the number of people killed since Monday in a wave of bombings and attacks across Iraq, amid an upsurge in sectarian violence. No groups have said they were behind the recent violence, but much of it has occurred in predominantly Shia Muslim areas. On Tuesday, at least six car bombs exploded in markets and commercial areas of the capital. In total, at least 49 people were killed nationwide. Ramadan warning The UN has said more than 2,500 people were killed in April, May and June, which is believed to be more than twice the death toll from violence in the first three months of the year. A Kurdish MP said the situation was unlikely to improve because it would soon by the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, when militants have stepped up their attacks in recent years. "Nothing will change," Hassan Jihad, who sits on parliament's security and defence committee, said. "This month will not be better because the security forces will carry out the same routine," he warned, adding that militants would "continue to show that they are everywhere, that they can reach any place".




He head of the egyptian army appeared live on television late on Wednesday night, announcing the suspension of the country’s constitution, the BBC reported. General Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, flanked by religious and military leaders, said the chief justice of constitutional court would take the powers of the presidency. His announcement means President Mohammed Morsi is no longer in power. Anti-Morsi protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square gave out a huge cheer in response to the speech. The move follows four days of mass street protests against Morsi, and an ultimatum issued by the military which expired on Wednesday afternoon. After General Sisi's address, both Pope Tawadros II, the head of the Coptic Church, and leading opposition figure Mohammed elBaradei made short statements. elBaradei said the new roadmap aimed for national reconciliation and represented a fresh start to the January 2011 revolution. TV stations belonging to Morsi's Mus-

lim Brotherhood went off air at the end of the speech. earlier, the country's top generals summoned civilian political leaders to an emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss a new interim government while moving tanks toward the presidential palace and restricting Morsi's travel. The developments followed as street tensions intensified and a 48-hour deadline imposed by the military generals on the increasingly isolated president to meet the demands of millions of unhappy egyptians came and went. By 6:30pm military forces began moving around Cairo. Tanks and troops headed for the presidential palace - although it was unclear whether Morsi was inside - while other soldiers ringed the nearby square where tens of thousands of the president's supporters were rallying. Many of the Islamists had armed themselves with makeshift clubs, shields made of pot covers or metal scraps and plastic hard hats, and there were small scuffles with the better-armed soldiers. Some sol-

diers fired their weapons in the air. But the military forces held back. Morsi's senior foreign policy adviser, essam el-Haddad, issued an open letter on Wednesday on his official Web page lamenting what he called the imminent takeover of egypt's first freely elected government. "As I write these lines I am fully aware that these may be the last lines I get to post on this page," he wrote. "For the sake of egypt and for historical accuracy, let's call what is happening by its real name: Military coup." Security officials said the military's intelligence service had banned any travel by Morsi and senior Islamist aides, including the Muslim Brotherhood's

Govt ordered to register treason case against Musharraf JUSTICE KHAWAJA SAYS ALL EYES ON FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ISLAMABAD INP

The Supreme Court on Wednesday disposed of petitions calling for the registration of a treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf and directed the government to continue the matter in the light of its official state-

ment presented to the court. The government had told the court that it would proceed in accordance with the law and prosecute Musharraf after taking political forces into confidence. Attorney General Munir A Malik informed a three-member bench that as per the court’s earlier order to investigate Musharraf under Article 6 of the constitution, the government had formed a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) committee to probe the treason case. To Justice Jawwad S Khawaja’s question, Malik said he had no knowledge of any progress on the formation of a special court to

hear the treason case, adding that only the outcome of the investigation against the former president would determine the charges that may be levelled against him. Justice Khawaja said that all eyes were on the federal government and the steps it would undertake to bring Musharraf to justice. He added that it was to be seen whether four or 483 people would be included in the investigation. Later, the bench disposed of the petitions calling for the registration of a treason case against Musharraf and directed the government to continue its ongoing investigation.

supreme guide, Mohamed Badie, and his influential deputy, Khairat el-Shater. People close to the president said at around the same time that talks with the generals continued but looked increasingly futile. With millions of egyptians waiting to see what the military would do, Morsi reiterated in a Facebook posting what he had said in a long televised speech Tuesday night, vowing to stay in power as egypt's first democratically elected president following the 2011 revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak. "The presidency reaffirms that violating constitutional legitimacy threatens democratic practice by veering off the right track and threatens the freedom of expression that egypt has lived since the revolution," the statement said. Among those called to the meeting with the generals was Mohamed elBaradei, the former UN diplomat who has been tapped by the protesters demanding Morsi's ouster as one of their negotiators over a new interim government. elBaradei has been an outspoken critic of Morsi and his allies in the Muslim Brotherhood, the constitution they pushed to a referendum and the previous period of military rule.

PTI noT consulTed over nAB chIef’s InducTIon: dr MAzArI ISLAMABAD APP

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Information Secretary Dr Shireen Mazari on Wednesday said the PTI was not consulted over the two names for National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman suggested by opposition leader Khursheed Shah. She also contradicted the news item published in different segments of media that PTI was consulted and approved the two names for NAB Chairman. She said that although the opposition leader did ask PTI Deputy Parliamentary Leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi if PTI would like to suggest any names for NAB chairman; the names he gave to the government were never run by the PTI deputy parliamentary leader. Nor was approval or support for the same sought from PTI's leadership by Khursheed Shah, she added.

PM summons political leaders to devise national counter-terrorism policy PTI SAYS MEETING TO BE A STEP BACKWARDS ISLAMABAD TAyyAb HussAIN

Responding to the call of major political parties to devise a national strategy on counter-terrorism, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has convened a meeting of all heads of political parties represented in parliament on July 12, 2013.

CALLS FOR ACTION AS PARLIAMENT, NATION HAVE ALREADY EXPRESSED VIEWS THROUGH RESOLUTIONS An official statement said the meeting would discuss and evolve a national strategy to curb militancy and to address the overall law and order and security situation in the country. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan was the first to call for a national policy formulation on counter-terrorism, stating that army and

political leadership should be taken on board and a dialogue process be pursued to engage the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for peace. However, PTI's senior leader Asad Umar told Pakistan Today he had serious apprehensions over the holding of the meeting of the heads of all political leaders represented in parliament, stating that this would be a repetition of already completed exercise. "The parliament has already passed resolutions in this regard. This is time to move to step two. Rather, the prime minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister and CMs of other provinces

who are facing the brunt of terrorism should have been summoned to meet along with the top leadership of armed forces, who should have given final touches to the future course of action.” Asked to elaborate his viewpoint, Asad Umar said parliament and the nation wanted dialogue with militants and the successive parliamentary resolutions had already expressed their views through resolutions and it was now time to act. He said summoning heads of political parties would be a step back rather than moving forward. Umar said his party would fully

back the federal government's initiative to devise a national counter-terrorism strategy and it would fully participate in talks’ process with eh TTP or any other group if the government decided to do so. The idea was also supported by JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman who had held an All-Parties Conference (APC) like the Awami National Party (ANP). JUI-F chief had also formulated a mechanism for talks with the Taliban, but the TTP had withdrawn its call for dialogue after its deputy chief Waliur Rehman Mehsud was killed in a drone strike.

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Thursday, 4 July, 2013


Pakistan on Wednesday lodged a strong protest against US drone attack in Miranshah, while asserting that the strike violated the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. However, noted defence analyst Hassan Askari Rizvi said that since the US

ambassador was not summoned to the Foreign Office for an official protest against the drone strike, the move reflected that the protest was only symbolic and was aimed to satisfy the public sentiments at large. Tribal sources have claimed that in the early hours of Wednesday an unmanned drone attacked a residential compound and a vehicle in Danday Darpa Khel area of North Waziristan Agency that borders war-stricken Afghanistan. The sources added that the unmanned aircraft fired four missiles thus killing around 18 people. “The Government of Pakistan strongly condemns the US drone strike

sIx soldIers kIlled In PeshAwAr TerrorIsT ATTAck PeSHAWAr sTAFF RePORT

As many as six security officials were killed and another nine injured after militants attacked FC barracks at Shamshato in outskirts of Peshawar on Wednesday night. The officials confirmed that three rooms of the barracks and two vehicles were completely destroyed. According to details, dozens of militants carrying sophisticated weapons attacked the FC Fort at Shamshato in Urmar area of Peshawar. The militants fired rockets and later opened fire. They also pelted the officials with grenades. Peshawar Rural Police Superintendent Shafiullah Khan said that six FC personnel were killed in the attack and several others injured. He claimed to have inflicted heavy losses on the militants. The local people said that the encounter between the militants and security forces continued for several hours. Fresh contingents were also summoned from Peshawar. The fort is on the boundary between Peshawar and Frontier Region at Shasmshato Afghan refugee camp. The camp is a stronghold of Gulbadin Hekmatyar’s Hizb-e-Islami. The police and FC had launched joint operations in 2009 and 2010 and killed a large number of militants. However, the area has become a hotbed of violence for the last several months.

norThern PArTs of PAkIsTAn jolTed wITh ModerATe quAke ISLAMABAD ONLINe

earthquake tremors were felt in northern parts of the country, including Malakand division on Wednesday, the Met Office said. According to the Met Office, jolts started at 12:05pm and remained for just 3 to 4 seconds, and recorded 5.1 on the Richter scale with epicenter of Hindukash mountain range with Afghan border. Tremors were felt in Islamabad, Murree, Abbottabad, Mardan, Swat, Malakand and Peshawar divisions while it also felt from Rawalpindi to Sardhoga in Punjab.

that took place in Miranshah, North Waziristan on 3rd July. These strikes are a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Pakistan has repeatedly emphasised the importance of bringing an immediate end to drone strikes,” said a Foreign Office statement. “Pakistan has repeatedly stressed the importance of bringing an immediate end to drone strikes,” the statement added. “The Government of Pakistan has consistently maintained that drone strikes are counter-productive, entail loss of innocent civilian lives and have human rights and humanitarian implications as well,” the stated further added. “These drone strikes have a negative

impact on the mutual relationship of both the countries to forge a cordial and cooperative relationship and to ensure peace and stability in the region,” said the statement. STATEMENT FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION ONLY: Defence expert Hassan Askari while talking to Pakistan Today said that the Foreign Office statement was aimed to satisfy the domestic audience and to set the record straight. “Such statements are for public consumption. Had the government been serious about the issue, it would have raised the matter at a proper forum with the US,” he said, adding that there was no evidence available whether the advisor to PM on

foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz took up the matter with the US Secretary of State John Kerry during his recent meeting at Brunei Darussalam. “The government will have to engage the US administration if it is serious in its efforts to curb drone attacks. But if the matter is raised, Pakistan would have to satisfy the US administration (on the presence of militants) inside Pakistan,” he added. He said that the new Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government would get a chance to raise the issue with the US administration during the upcoming visit of John Kerry at the end of July when he arrives in Pakistan on an official visit.

PAkIsTAn, IMf fInAlIse $5.5B BAIlouT PAckAge ISLAMABAD

istan with the bailout package worth $5.5 billion was also finalised and is likely to be inked soon. A source in the Ministry for Finance said the new loan package would be repayable within the next 10 years on a minimum rate of return. “The new loan is being taken by Islamabad under the extended Finance Facility,” they added. Officials, on request of anonymity, expressed hope that after the loan agreement with the IMF, fresh funding worth around $6 billion was also expected from other multi-lateral donors, including the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. According to the sources, the IMF delegation had given positive signals to Dar and his team for

the issuance of the letter of comfort to remove hurdles in resumption of programme loans by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. These loans had been held up since 2009, right after IMF suspended its programme on failed reforms. The spokesman for the Ministry for Finance has said Pakistan-IMF talks were expected to end today (Thursday), after the deal was struck. He hoped that the outcome of the talks would reflect the objective of the government for economic revival. After the negotiations, Jeffrey Franks, the head of the IMF’s Pakistan mission and his team is likely to return by today (Thursday).

Afghan statements a pack of lies, says FO

ficials over the last few months, not to mention some totally fabricated accusations. In the past, Pakistan had consistently denied wielding influence over the Taliban, saying many militants have based themselves across the border in Afghanistan's eastern province of Kunar, from where they are known to have carried out attacks in north-western Pakistan. Securing the long, porous border between the two countries had long posed a major challenge to the authorities of both these countries. elaborating further the MOFA officials in Pakistan further noted that such comments also reflected the insincerity on the part of some elements in Afghan government, adding that on the specific request of the Afghan leadership itself, Pakistan had been fully supportive of the reconciliation process. Our concrete steps to facilitate this process, are well known, the officials said. Pakistan would not be deterred in its efforts to support the international community’s efforts to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan, the Pakistani FO further added. We would, however, hope that the Afghan officials would refrain from leveling baseless allegations against their neighbouring country and to work towards creating a conducive environment that would help advance the shared objectives of peace, stability and prosperity, the FO concluded.

ANweR AbbAs


INALLy, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and his team on Wednesday managed to convince the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in stroking a deal under which the IMF would facilitate Islamabad with a bailout package worth $5.5 billion. A source privy to the Ministry of Finance told Pakistan Today that both the sides held a day-long sitting here in the third round of tight negotiations between Pakistan and the IMF. During the talks, the deal for facilitating Pak-


Rather than getting close to sit together and to find a solution for stabilising the region, especially Afghanistan as the US drawdown from Afghanistan nears, the exchange of harsh statements against each other by top authorities of Islamabad and Kabul is picking up pace. This time the statement did not come from Afghan President Hamid Karzai, but the National Afghan Army Chief Gen Sher Mohammad Karimi,

who during a recent interview with an international media outlet accused Pakistan for controlling Taliban, as well as alleging that Islamabad was sheltering top Taliban leadership. Gen Karimi also alleged that fighting in Afghanistan could be stopped "in weeks" if Pakistan told the Taliban to end the insurgency Pakistan’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs categorically rejected the allegations of the Afghan military chief, and termed his comments as another attempt to internationally malign Pakistan. “The allegations that Pakistan ‘controls’ the Taliban and that it has ‘unleashed’ them on Afghanistan have no basis. We reject them categorically,” added Foreign Office (FO) of Pakistan. The FO also said that Pakistan had exercised extreme restraint in the face of highly provocative language used by the Afghan civil and military of-


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was accorded a warm welcome on his arrival at Beijing International Airport on Wednesday. At the airport, two children attired in traditional dress presented bouquets to Nawaz and Begum Kulsoom Nawaz. Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Zhai Jun received the PM and his entourage. Pakistan's Ambassador to China Masood

OFFICIAL SAYS NAWAZ WILL SEEK INVESTMENT IN POWER AND TRANSPORT SECTORS Khalid and senior diplomats of embassy and officials from Chinese government were also present. A smartly dressed contingent of the three services of People's Liberation Army presented salute to Nawaz. Nawaz is accompanied by Kulsoom Nawaz, Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal, Adviser to PM on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi and Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Malik. The PM is under taking a 5-day visit at the invitation of Chi-

nese Premier Li Keqiaang. China is likely to give the nod to vital assistance to Pakistan for the construction of a nuclear power plant and setting up of an oil refinery at the Gwadar Port during the five-day visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that began on Wednesday. The Chinese authorities are also likely to agree on releasing loan around $450 million for the Neelum-Jhelum hydropower project during the visit. The diplomatic sources said China was likely to extend its assistance to Pakistan for the construction of 1,100MW nuclear plant. Islamabad and Beijing have the old history of cooperation in the field of civilian nuclear energy and it was with the help of China that Pakistan built two nuclear power plants called Chashma-I and

Chashma-II each having the capacity of 300MW near Mianwali. According to media reports, two more plants called Chashma-III and Chashma-IV with the capacity of 340MW each will be set up by 2016. “China’s valuable assistance to Pakistan in civilian nuclear energy will go a long way in resolving the serious energy problems that the country is currently facing,” said a source. A Pakistani official said that in the visit Nawaz would seek investment in the vital sectors of power and transport. “Moreover, Nawaz Sharif would also talk to the Chinese leaders on trade and economic corridor between the two countries,” he said. “Both countries have already signed a

memorandum of understanding on roadand-rail link between Gwadar and western China and talks in Beijing would be focused on the implementation part of this important project,” the official said. A diplomatic source said the Chinese leadership would also discuss in detail the killing of Chinese and other foreign tourists in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) last month. “Nawaz would offer his condolences over the unfortunate GB incident and would also assure the Chinese leaders of all possible action against the perpetrators of this heinous crime,” he said. He said that the PM and Chinese leadership would also deliberate on different regional and global issues including the latest situation in Afghanistan with their focus on the Afghan reconciliation process.

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04 N

NEWS Thursday, 4 July, 2013

senate housing society govt to earn via levy project in limbo on nato shipments (

( WitHDraWal FroM aFgHanistan




The government would see a pleasant impact on its revenues as the US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has started withdrawing its military equipment from Afghanistan. Washington and Islamabad, according to sources, have consented on a new levy to be imposed on NATO-related cargo at Pakistani ports. The agreement came after the United States rejected an earlier demand of the ministries of commerce, ports and shipping and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) that the local port operators would collect a $10-20 “security surcharge” on NATO shipments. The proposed surcharge was to be collected by the Karachi Ports Trust and the Port Qasim Authority to compensate additional expenditures the two port operators would be incurring on account of extra security measures they would be taking to ensure a safe passage for the Nato war supplies while being transshipped via local seaports. However, the ISAF authorities have said yes to “customs facilitation charges” (CFC) the collection of which, the sources said, would take effect by the end of this month. Sources said the FBR would be charging each NATO declaration with Rs 24,000 on account of CFC, most probably from July 15. “The FBR would be formally issuing an SRO to notify the levy during July 15 and 31,” said the sources privy to the transshipment of ISAF’s military equipment through Pakistan. Led by the US, the international troops have started a military drawdown that would be completed by the end of December 2014. ISAF, reportedly, has to pull back from Afghanistan some 0.3 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TeUs) that includes around 0.1 million vehicles by the given deadline.

OFFICIAL SAYS DEFENCE MINISTRY NOT KEEN ON MATERIALISING PROPOSED FEE “About 60 percent of the total NATO cargo would be retrieved through Pakistan,” said an official at the ministry of ports and shipping. The balance 40 percent, he said, would be transshipped through alternative routes like the Northern Distribution Network (NDN), the Iranian port of Chabahar and by air. According to another source, the US had rejected an earlier demand from Pakistan for the imposition of security surcharge by the country’s port operators. “The proposal has not been approved by the competent authorities in Washington, namely the ministry of defence,” the official said. He added the ministry of defence in Pakistan was not so keen to get the proposed fee materialised. Asked what caused the US to disapprove the levy, the official said Washington and even Pakistan’s defence authorities, deemed it a primary responsibility of the port operators to provide adequate security to the cargo being handled at the seaports they control. As ISAF has kick-started its trial shipments, called the proof of principle (POP) shipments, via Pakistani routes, the local authorities engaged with ISAF told Pakistan Today that up to March 19 at least three shipments had been made through Karachi Port. They said two convoys, each comprising 25 TeUs, had arrived at the Karachi Port a couple of weeks before the given date. While a third convoy comprised some 33 armored vehicles had come through the Pak-Afghan border at Torkham. Local logistic firms Bilal Associates and Razik International and international shipping lines like APL and Maersk are said to be associated with the shipments. According to a shipping expert, the POP shipments are carried out primarily to try the route, security, transit permit, cost and the customs procedures of the transit country.


MPLOyeeS of Senate and former lawmakers have been waiting for the last eight years to get possessions of their plots in employees Cooperative Housing Society, but authorities do not seem in a mood to resolve this issue anytime soon. The fate of Senate (Secretariat) employees Cooperative Housing Society, which was established back in 2005 by then Senate chairman, is still hanging in balance as development work had been stopped on the project. A few months back, a special committee, which was constituted by Senate chairman to examine the affairs of Senate (Sectt) employees, had

Aitzaz wants definition of sc limits MonItorIng DeSk PPP Senator and senior lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan has said there was a need to define the limits of the Supreme Court regarding powers to take suo motu notices. Talking to a private TV channel, he said he could openly criticise the judgments of the courts because he was not their servant. He said, “The judges are also human beings they can also make mistakes. Many decisions were taken in a hurry. The suo motu notice should have the option of appeal. The SC rules should be amended in that respect.”

directed management of housing society to stop the development work until the matter was decided by the committee. On the other hand, those employees who applied for plots have been demanding for early resumption of development work and possession of plots. The employees feared that further delay in the project would be tantamount to the closure of the project. Under the agreement between society management and a private firm, it was agreed that the firm would provide 10,000 kanals of consolidated land in Zone V, for which the society would pay Rs540, 000 per kanal, for a total of Rs5.4 billion. But the firm failed to provide the agreed land per agreement. Soon after the agreement,

around 4,000 people applied for plots in the society by paying a total of Rs560 million to the management committee. As many as 500 employees paid at least three membership installments. Currently, the management committee had 825 kanals of cleared land in their possession. According to the society’s chairman Dildar Fani, after the resumption of the work all those who paid three installments of the plots would be given possessions of plots. “I agreed that a number of low grade employees dream of personal plots/houses in Islamabad and have been waiting for the last eight years to get possession of their plots. Let me assure you that once work is started on the project, all eligible people would be given plots within six months time,” Fani said.

Death toll in drone attack reaches 17 PeSHAWAr sTAFF RePORT

As many as 17 people were killed in the US drone attack in North Waziristan Agency on Wednesday. An official at Miranshah, headquarters of North Waziristan Agency, said that though the militants had shifted all bodies and injured people to unknown places, but there were reports that from 15 to 17 people were killed in the attack. Several injured people are still under treatment in various private clinics. The identity of killed persons could not be ascertained but the tribesmen said that foreigner militants were also among those killed. The non-local militants, known as

Punjabi Taliban and Central Asians, had been staying at the Sarae Darpa Khel (motel) for a long time. During daytime, they used to patrol streets. The official said the US drone had fired four missiles, killing at least seven on the spot and injuring several others. Around 10 succumbed to their injuries later. The motel was completely demolished and the Taliban completed their rescue activities by Wednesday morning. Panic gripped the urban area after the drone attack. Most of the residents have abandoned their homes fearing further attacks. The militants who used to get shelter at night at the Miranshah bazaar were also seen moving to deserted areas.

Furthermore, Fani said that after taking charge of the society, his team worked hard to get possession of the land. He said that currently the mentioned society had 825 kanals cleared land, which was enough for 460 people, who have either paid full payment or at least three installments. Since 2007, the society had gone through as many as five administrative committees, each blaming the others for embezzlement. Moreover, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) also conducted an inquiry into the matter. The special committee of senate comprised of four members, including Senator Fateh Muhammad Hassani, Senator Col (r) Tahir Mushhadi, Senator Zafar Shah and Senator Ilyas Bilour.

olson meets interior minister, discusses bilateral cooperation

ISLAMABAD: US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson called on Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in Islamabad on Wednesday. During the meeting, they discussed matters of bilateral cooperation and regional situation. They also discussed international cooperation in the war against terrorism. INP

Death toll in Hazara town attack rises to 31 QUettA APP

Death toll in the Hazara Town suicide attack has risen to 31 after another injured woman succumbed to her injuries at a hospital. Official sources confirmed on Wednesday that the doctors made hectic efforts to save her life but she could not survive. The victim identified

as Shazia was among the 58 injured who were brought to the hospital after they sustained injuries after a suicide bomber blew himself up outside Imambargah Ali Ibne Abu Talib in Aliabad area of Hazara Town on June 30. The body of the deceased was handed over to the heirs. She was laid to rest at her native graveyard.

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I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. — Alexander the Great

LAHORE Thursday, 4 July, 2013

Weather updateS

370C high 0C 30low

partly Cloudy




37°C i 29°C

35°C i 28°C

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PRAyeR TIMINgs Fajr Sunrise zuhr asr Maghrib isha 3:19 4:57 12:04 3:43 7:10 8:50

ldA crAcks down AgAInsT coMMercIAl use of resIdenTIAl PloTs LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Commercialization Directorate’s staff on Wednesday sealed 17 buildings in an operation against the unlawful commercial use of residential buildings. Of these, 12 were in Gulberg II area and five in Johar Town. The sealed properties in Gulberg II included plot No 22-A of G Block, plot No 20,23,27, 28, 31 and 51 of F Block, while in main Gulberg area, action against buildings constructed on plots No 37-D, 38-A, 38/5, 38/6 and 38/9 was taken where several offices, workshops and schools were functioning illegally. Similarly, in Johar Town area, 39 Sehgol estate, plot No 315 in N1 Block, plot No 6 in Block R1and plot no 325of Block N were sealed off. Further, LDA Town Planning Wing staff in Allama Iqbal Town demolished a commercial building constructed on 321 Huma Block for violating building bye-laws, while plot No 7 in Sutluj Block, plot No 356 in Kashmir Block and plot No 56/19 in Karim Block were sealed for violating the approved building plans and for illegal extra construction arrangements. LDA Additional Director General Maryum Kiyani transferred Town Planning Assistant Director Ali Nusrat and Assistant Director to the estate Management Directorate. sTAFF RePORT

PunjAB governMenT cuTs weekend shorT LAHORE: The Punjab government in a notification on Wednesday cancelled two weekly holidays in public institutions across the province. According to the announcement, all government departments except the Civil Secretariat and Inspector General’s Office would have six working days. The caretaker provincial government on April 9 had announced two days off in a week to combat the ongoing energy crisis by reducing power consumption. ONLINe

‘Two new Power PlAnTs To Be coMPleTed soon’ LAHORE: The Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday announced that new power projects of 1200 MW and 200 MW capacity for the province would soon be completed. The two plants would be powered by coal and solar energy respectively. Prior to his departure for China‚ he said that no delay would be tolerated in this regard. He also said that the provincial government would provide all possible facilities to the investors in the energy sector. He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to China was very important as it would yield positive results for the nation. INP

WASTED: This is not a tank, nor an extinct armored vehicle used by an ancient army. This abandoned machinery at Shahdara was once used by the Irrigation Department. Murtaza ali

A ‘red carpet’ for cjP’s son at airport LAHore



He Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar

Muhammad Chaudhary’s son, Arsalan Iftikhar was extended ‘royal protocol’ at the Allama Iqbal International Airport on Wednesday, according to media reports. The protocol is reserved for the most esteemed public personalities; not extended to parliamentarians and ministers even. Media reports said that Arsalan Iftikhar was given special protocol when he arrived at Lahore Airport by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-615. A special vehicle was detailed to pick him up as soon as he stepped on the airport

right from the stairs descending from the plane. Arsalan Iftikhar has been charged with seeking millions of rupees in profit from former Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz during his foreign trips. The Shoaib Saddal Commission is investigating the matter. Observers inquired that under what status was Arsalan Iftikhar provided protocol, terming this a bid of the PIA to seek the CJP’s favor. Commenting on the situation, leading TV anchor Mubashar Luqman said that no enquiry had been initiated against Arsalan Iftikhar so far. The CJP had headed the bench during the course of the petition’s hearing but had later rescued his son, which raised troubling questions about the integrity of one of the country’s central institutions.

Conference stresses health reforms LAHore sTAFF RePORT

Punjab Health Minister Khalil Tahir Sindhu said on Wednesday that reforms would be introduced in the healthcare system according to the people’s needs and in line with the Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif’s vision, while addressing the concluding session of a two-day long Health Sector Reforms Conference at the CM’s Office. He added that the recommendations presented by experts during the conference would play a key role in this regard, and also stressed that good strategies, efficient use of resources and dedication would be needed. Sindhu said that the conference’s

speakers had delivered thought provoking speeches and given important recommendations for health sector reforms. He said that the Health Department would strive to create a practicable healthcare system which would fulfill the needs of the people. The health minister said that the senior doctors’ experience and young doctors’ passion would jointly benefit humanity, adding that if the provincial government succeeded in providing clean drinking water to the people it could 40 percent of diseases, thus reducing the load on hospitals. Replying to a question, Sindhu said that measles was not prevalent in Pakistan alone, even developed countries like the UK faced it, referring to the measles outbreak in Wales.



The Punjab education Minister Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan on Wednesday emphasized the need for sustainable development while simultaneously caring for affectees of the development process in his key note address at the inaugural session of a two-day long National Conference on Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation in Pakistan under the World Bank’s auspices. “The present government realises its social responsibility in this regard,” he said, referring to the recently completed rehabilitation of the Lahore Metro Bus Corridor’s construction’s affectees. He also stressed upon the need to empower the research wings of various private and public sector universities because without viable research, no society could flourish. Also present on the occasion was Punjab University Vice Chancellor Dr. Mujahid Kamran, who recalled the massive displacement of people during Tarbela and Mangla Dams’ construction, when people lost their ancestral belongings although most of them were rehabilitated in Britain after government sponsored immigration. He claimed that money was not the solution to the rehabilitation problem, as every person possessed a sentimental link to his ancestral land. A scientific approach to the affected population’s resettlement was needed because there could be no sustainable development without failing to arrest poverty. Brazil was a specific example in this connection, he concluded.

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LAHORE Thursday, 4 July, 2013

Ombudsman takes ‘Proper zakat distribution is notice of robbing of the officers’ religious duty’ students, journalist LAHore sTAFF RePORT

Provincial Zakat and Ushr Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran on Wednesday said that stern disciplinary and legal action would be taken against the Zakat Committees officers’ who withdrew money without observing the official procedure while presiding over a departmental meeting in his office. He directed all district Zakat officers to check their concerned Zakat Committees’ accounts and report to him within a week. Punjab Zakat

Administrator Muhammad yousaf Butt and other concerned officers were also present. The minister said that he had received complaints from various districts that Zakat funds were not being distributed among deserving people. He said that the transparent distribution of Zakat to the needy is the official, religious and moral responsibility of all district Zakat officers and chairmen of Zakat committees.

He urged the officers to follow the code of procedure and ensure proper funds distribution through designated banks, adding that all district Zakat officers

should attach a copy of the relevant bank statement with their report regarding this matter.



Punjab Ombudsman Javed Mahmood on Wednesday took serious notice of a robbery and firing incident in which students and a journalist were victimized at Phool Nagar. The dacoits opened fire on a vehicle carrying students from Punjab University and a journalist named Qurat ul Ain at Phool Nagar. They were on their way back to Lahore after shooting a documentary film.

lAw Books dIsTrIBuTed AMong dIsTrIcT BArs LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday gifted law books to 56 district/tehsil bar libraries as directed by LHC Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial. The LHC judges distributed books to the bar representatives of various districts under their inspection. So far, Justice Sheikh Najam-ul-Hassan, Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan, Justice Shahid Hameed Dar, Justice Anwar ul Haq, Justice Mazhar Iqbal Sidhu, Justice Abdul Sattar Asghar, Justice Abdul Sami Khan, Justice Ayesha A. Malik and Justice Shoaib Saeed have successfully supervised the distribution of law books in 56 bars. APP

The decoits snatched cash, mobile phones, a laptop and a video camera, and tortured Qurat ul Aeen. Mahmood has ordered the Kasur District Police Officer (DPO) to probe the issue personally and submit a report within three days. He also inquired about the steps taken for controlling crime in the Phool Nagar area, which has registered alarmingly high levels of crimes against persons and property, and drug dealing.

InfAnT crushed As roof collAPses LAHORE: A child died on Wednesday when a house roof collapsed in Attari Village in Nishtar Colony, Ferozepur Road. According to the report, Abdul Ghafoor and his family were living in a house in Attari Village as tenants. The house’s roof collapsed on Wednesday as his children were playing in the room, trapping them underneath the rubble. The parents were not home at the time. Rescue teams reached the spot after receiving a call from the area’s people and evacuated the children, of whom eight-month-old Moshin died while three-year-old Mehak, fouryear-old Chahat, seven-year-old Amir and five-year-old Asim were bady injured and rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. Anther house roof collapsed in the Delhi Gate area. A report said that the second floor’s roof of Faisal’s house collapsed. However, nobody was injured. The rescue officials cleared both places after completing the operation. sTAFF RePORT

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It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. — Henry Ford


07 N

Thursday, 4 July, 2013

CAiRO: Protesters throng the Tahrir Square in protest against President Mohammad Morsi. AgeNcIes

rouhAnI urges end To MeddlIng In PrIvATe lIves


MonItorIng DeSk

RANIAN President-elect Hassan Rouhani called on Wednesday for the government and powerful clergy to end interference in the private lives of the Iranian people, free up Internet access and allow state media to be more open about Iran’s problems. Rouhani’s comments began to flesh out his message of moderation at home and better relations abroad that contributed to his surprise election victory last month. His election prompted a huge outpouring of support from Iranians hungry for change after eight years of domestic security crackdowns and international confrontation under hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “There shouldn’t be any rift or division between the government or the clergy especially at a time when people have pinned their hopes on seeing some sort of change in society,” Rouhani, a mid-ranking cleric, told fellow clergymen in Tehran. “A strong government does not mean a government that interferes and intervenes in all affairs. It is not a government that limits the lives of people. This is not a strong government,” said Rouhani who takes office early next month. “The power of the government lies in improving popular trust and...offering services, decreasing problems, setting the stage for further development of all citizens to help meet the needs of the people and desire for change,” he said in an address aired on state television. Rouhani is bolstered by his popular mandate and the backing of an alliance of moderates and reformers led by former presidents Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami both sidelined by hardliners under Ahmadinejad. For now the divided hardline conservative camp has given Rouhani a relatively free ride, repeatedly emphasising the high turnout in the election as a victory for the system rather than a defeat for themselves and the status quo. But with a majority in parliament, strong links to the powerful Revolutionary Guards and

a grip on the top jobs in state media and the security apparatus, the hardliners could confound Rouhani’s attempts to foster change, especially if they sense their positions are under direct threat. LOOSEN MEDIA CONTROLS: During his election campaign, Rouhani demanded a loosening of the “security atmosphere” and on Wednesday signalled what steps he wanted to see taken. Filtering of the Internet in Iran, stepped up after social media was used to encourage and coordinate large protests following the disputed 2009 presidential election, had proved ineffective, Rouhani said, fittingly, on Twitter. “Which important piece of news has filtering been able to black out in recent years?” he asked. At he same time, he criticised state broadcaster IRIB for ignoring issues inside Iran. The state has a monopoly over terrestrial television in Iran and though satellite receivers are banned and foreign news broadcasts are often blocked, many Iranians tune in to U.S. and europe-based channels beaming news and entertainment into the Islamic Republic. “When IRIB airs the birth of a panda in China but nothing about unpaid workers protesting, it is obvious that the people and youth will ignore it,” Rouhani tweeted. The key to whether Rouhani will be able to succeed in his vision of a more open society within the Islamic system will be whether he receives the backing of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who sits at the top of Iran’s complex hybrid system of clerical rule combined and elements of elected representation. A life-long insider in post-revolutionary Iran, Rouhani was for years Khamenei’s personal representative on the National Security Council, managing to maintain the trust of the leader even as other moderates fell out of favour and hardliners moved into the ascendant, especially in the early Ahmadinejad years. But the next president will also have to temper the demands of a population that may want change faster than he can deliver.

ecuAdor sAys IT found A hIdden MIcroPhone AT ITs london eMBAssy LONDON: ecuador has found a hidden microphone inside its London embassy, where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is living, and will disclose on Wednesday who controls the device, its foreign minister said. Ricardo Patino said the microphone was found inside the office of the ecuadorean ambassador to the United Kingdom, Ana Alban, at the time of a visit to the embassy by Patino to meet with Assange on June 16. Assange lives and works in a different room within the embassy. The Foreign Office in London declined to comment immediately on the allegation and Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokesman said he did not comment on security issues. Assange has been living inside the embassy for more than a year to avoid extradition to Sweden to face allegations by two women of sexual assault and rape, which he denies. He fears that if sent to Sweden he could be extradited from there to the United States to face potential charges over the release of thousands of confidential US documents on WikiLeaks. “We regret to inform you that in our embassy in London we have found a hidden microphone,” Patino told a news conference in Quito on Tuesday. AgeNcIes

Belgian king to address nation amid abdication speculation BrUSSeLS AgeNcIes

Belgium’s King Albert II will give a televised address to the nation on Wednesday, the royal palace said, amid frenzied speculation in the local media that the 79-year-old monarch will step down. “The core council of ministers has convened in the presence of the king. The king will speak to the people at 1800 (1600 GMT) via a radio and television address,” the palace said in a statement. Local newspapers, quoting government sources, reported that the monarch would announce his resignation. The government scheduled a press conference for 15 minutes after the speech. If it happens, the abdication would come only six months after Queen Beatrix of the neighboring Netherlands announced she would vacate the Dutch throne in favor of her son Willem Alexander. While the Belgian monarch has no executive powers and plays a largely ceremonial role, he is a rare uniting factor in an

otherwise divided country, which in recent years has seen more and more powers given to regional governments. Albert II, who has three children, ascended to the throne in 1993 when his childless brother Baudouin passed away. His son Philippe, 53, is next in line to the throne in the small nation where european Union headquarters are located. In 1999 Belgian media reported that Albert had fathered a fourth child, a daughter, in an extramarital affair in the 1960s. The palace never acknowledged this. Delphine Boel, who says she is the unrecognized daughter, summoned the monarch and two of his children to appear in a Brussels court in June, according to her lawyer.

22 dead after indonesia quake: disaster agency JAkArtA AgeNcIes

The death toll from a strong 6.1magnitude earthquake that struck the Indonesian province of Aceh has climbed to 22, a disaster agency official said on Wednesday. “So far 22 people died, 210 people were injured, and thousands of buildings and homes were damaged in the quake (on Tuesday),” National Disaster Management Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said in a text message.

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08 N

NEWS Thursday 4 July, 2013

uk hIgh coMMIssIoner cAlls on sIndh governor kArACHI



He recent visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron to Pakistan will have a positive impact on the country's future, Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul ebad said on Wednesday. Talking to British High Commissioner to Pakistan Adam Thomson, who called on him at the Governor’s House, ebad said the UK prime minister visited Pakistan at a time when democracy was flourishing. He said it was the endeavours of the government that the country had made a rapid headway and attained economic stability. The governor said the British prime minister's visit in such a situation suggested that the west was viewing a positive

change in Pakistan and the confidence of the investors was also growing which augured well. ebad was of the view that strengthening democracy on a solid basis also required that its fruits reached the masses in the shape of economic development. He pointed out that in the recent past, many of the British companies invested in Karachi and this investment was gradually growing. The governor was of the view that some famous British brands had also indicated the opening of LCs. Thomson appreciated the efforts of Dr Ishratul ebad Khan for persuading the British investors during his visit to UK to come up with investment in Pakistan, especially in the city of Karachi. The British deputy high commissioner in Karachi, John Tucknott, was also present on the occasion.

wasi zafar faces brief arrest for violating court decorum


sunni Ittehad council issues fatwa in favour of polio campaigns

BEiJiNG: Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is welcomed by Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Fu Ying on his arrival on Wednesday. NNI

LAHore AgeNcIes

The Sunni Ittehad Council on Wednesday issued a fatwa (decree) in favour of anti-polio campaigns and said the vaccination drops were not haraam (forbidden). The fatwa also deplored attacks on anti-polio workers, saying as far as religion and shariah were concerned there was no harm in the administration of polio drops. Muftis and clerics belonging to the sunni sect gathered on an appeal by the chief of the SIC, Sahibzada Hamid Raza and SIC General Secretary Haji Muhammad Hanif Tayyab, to issue a collective fatwa in favour of polio immunisation after conducting research and verifying facts over the issue. The edict also said not only were polio drops safe but it was the duty of every parent to administer polio drops to their children. It added that hindering anti-polio campaigns was one of the worst sins. “Attacking of polio workers was declared as an attack on humanity.” Moreover, the decree added that some people wrongly used the religion’s name while propagating false information regarding polio drops which was a deplorable act. The fatwa clarified that polio drop never caused any handicap but in-fact prevented it from occurring.

ecP issues code of conduct for August 22 by-polls ISLAMABAD INP

Armed forces exchange fire across loc neW DeHLI ONLINe

Armed forces of India and Pakistan exchanged firing across the Line of Control (LoC) on Wednesday. According to media reports, India alleged that Pakistani security forces opened heavy firing from across the border on a team of Jammu & Kashmir police that was returning from Poonch sector after collecting the remains of a cross-border infiltrator, who died due to a blast when explosive material caught fire on Tuesday. Media reports added that Indian army also obliged and fired some seven rounds near Nihala sector. However, no casualty was reported on both sides of the border after the incident.

Former law minister Wasi Zafar was arrested on Wednesday for not observing decorum of court when a single bench of Islamabad High Court was hearing a family case involving the former law minister. However, Zafar got relief after tendering an unconditional apology. A single IHC bench of Justice Shoukat Siddiqui was hearing a petition filed by Amber Abid, wife of Waqar Wasi Zafar, (son of former law minister), when former minister created a ruckus. In the petition, Amber Abid alleged Waqar Wasi Zafar of abducting her children. She pled that the son of the former law minister married her and they had three children. She said that Waqar divorced her on June 13, 2013 and took away two of her children. Amber requested the honorable court for the recovery of her children. After the hearing, the court directed Waqar Wasi to be produced along with the children before the court on July 3. The former law minister appeared before the court at his own, saying he did not receive any court order in this regard. The judge said, “Then how did you come?” Zafar replied that the children were staying far away so they were unable to attend the court. The honorable court ordered to produce the children before the court. Upon this, the former law minister said he was attending the court as a normal citizen and the court’s behaviour was not up to his mark. To this, the judge ordered Zafar’s arrest for not holding the court’s discipline. However, Zafar was let go after tendering an unconditional apology.

Govt urged to take up expats issue with Saudi Arabia PESHAWAR: Minister for Labour, Industries and Technical Education Bakht Baidar has asked the federal government to take up the matter of unjustified harassment of expatriate Pakistanis diplomatically with Saudi Arabian authorities and remove the prevailing concern among their families and relatives. He expressed these views while talking to media after hearing public grievances here at Chakdara, Dir Lower on Wednesday. The provincial minister said that expats Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia were earning crucial foreign exchange for the country, while adding the

receipts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa largely depended on the remittances of overseas Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. He demanded of the federal government to take up the issue with Saudi authorities on priority to stop the unjustified expulsion of Pakistani workers. On this occasion, the provincial minister also answered the questions of journalists and said that the provincial government was making progress in this regard and all coalition partners were united on the agenda of positive change and permanent resolution of the problems being faced by

the people. Further, he said that an industrial estate would be established at Chakdara, district Lower Dir. He also said that an amount of Rs200 million had already been allocated for the scheme while keeping in view the requirements of the modern era, besides the establishment of one vocational centre each for boys and girls. In addition, a grammar school would also be established in the area soon. Moreover, the provincial minister said that people have given them their mandate on the slogan of bringing positive change and the government would make all possible efforts for the abolition of the sense of deprivation among the citizens. He said that the people would soon witness change and Qauumi Watan Party (QWP) would play a realistic role for the rights of Pakhtuns per the above mentioned party’s manifesto. APP

The election Commission has issued the code of conduct for the elections and byelection on National and provincial assembly seats scheduled on August 22. Per the notification‚ it has directed all executive authorities in the federation and provinces to assist the chief election commissioner in the discharge of duties. The eCP further directed the governments either in the Centre or provinces would not use state resources in those constituencies where by-elections were being held for unfair advantage of any contesting candidate or party. In case of misuse of powers‚ authorities may be tried in sessions courts. The commission has also directed president and prime minister not to visit the constituencies where elections are being held. The commission has barred all governments from making transfers and postings on large scale. The election Commission has also authorised DCOs and ROs appointed for the conduct of by-elections on August 22‚ to exercise the powers of magistrate first class until the consolidation and announcement of official results.

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09 N

Thursday 4 July, 2013

LAHORE: Workers give final touches to clay pots at their workshop at Kot Lakhpat. INP

us concerned over vIolence In kAshMIr APP


He United States has said it is concerned about reports of ongoing violence in Indian-held Kashmir, which this week witnessed demonstrations against killing of two persons at the hands of Indian forces. “We are concerned about reports of ongoing violence in Kashmir. The United States urges a swift restoration of calm,” a State Department spokesperson said in response to a question.

The spokesperson was asked if the US was concerned about human rights situation in the IHK, following widespread protests against the Indian army’s use of force over the weekend. On Monday, Kashmir shut down in protest against the killing of a teenager. Citing local police, reports in the Kashmiri, Indian and international media said Indian soldiers opened fire on demonstrators, killing one person during protests over the shooting of a teenager in a military operation. According to these reports a 17-year-old person was killed during a military op-

desecration of girl’s grave shocks gujranwala residents gUJrAnWALA INP

A dead body of a teenage girl was found outside her grave in Gujranwala on Wednesday amid suspicions that her body has been sexually assaulted. According to details, an 11-year-old girl died on Tuesday due to electrocution following which she was buried in Qila Deedar Singh graveyard. The poor soul of the deceased girl must have gone through hell when heartless and brutal people disrupted the sanctity of her final resting place. In the morning, a relative of the girl found her body outside the grave upon which the police was immediately informed. Later, police shifted her body hospital for medical examination. The inhuman incident left area residents fuming in anger and disgust, while deceased child’s parents were devastated by the incident. They demanded immediate inquiry into the incident and called for immediate arrest of the culprits involved in the incident.

eration hunting suspected militants in Markondal village, 25 kilometers north of Srinagar. Media reports from the restive region also said last month eight Indian soldiers and two policemen were killed in militant attacks. A US Congressional Research Service report noted the longstanding Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan remained a threat to South Asian stability. Last week, in a researched essay, British historian William Dalrymple touched on the dispute in some perspective, when discussing imperatives for peace in Afghanistan post-2014, he

( track-ii DiploMacy

noted that rivalry between India and Pakistan dates back to 1947 independence when Britain divided the empire into two countries. “It was in that context that Kashmir became a thorn in the side of both countries. The fate of what had been, under the Raj, the princely state of Kashmir, became an anomaly of Partition. With its large Muslim majority, Kashmir was an obvious candidate to join Pakistan,” Dalrymple wrote but added that proIndia sympathies of its Maharaja, and some other political players, ensured Kashmir went under Indian rule.



3rd Indo-Pak Islamabad dialogue begins today ISLAMABAD ONLINe

As part of Track-II diplomacy between Pakistan and India, its 3rd Islamabad Dialogue is starting today (Thursday). The Islamabad dialogue is being organised in collaboration with New Delhi’s Center for Dialogue and Reconciliation (CDR) for the third consecutive year to promote peace between Pakistan and India. The dialogue aims to bring together participants from diverse backgrounds in diplomacy, lawmaking, media, academia and military to discuss the state of bilateral relations and new avenues of cooperation. The conference will focus on promoting a robust and inclusive dialogue between civil society from Pakistan and India that caters to strategic security concerns as

well as human rights, governance and policy reform. Pakistan’s landmark democratic transition in 2013 opened new opportunities for peace building for both countries, and a chance to develop greater depth in the peace process. Therefore, this year the conversation will focus on new avenues of bilateral relations in a post 26/11 South Asia. Former ambassadors and ministers, newspaper editors, think tank chairpersons and internationally renowned activists will all be making their voices heard towards envisaging peaceful and sustainable alternatives for the most pressing issues currently bedeviling Indo-Pak relations. The two-day conference will kick-off on today at Islamabad’s Marriot Hotel, with sessions on the State of Bilateral Relations, Human Rights and Governance

and Afghanistan. On the conference’s second day, there will be sessions on Kashmir and Fisherfolk, PoWs and other prisoners. Later that day, the conference’s participants will come together to draft a joint resolution based on their sessions, which would then be presented to the media by Jinnah Institute’s founding Chairperson, Sherry Rehman. The 3rd Islamabad Dialogue aims to generate new ideas and approaches that can be utilized in resolving Indo-Pak issues, as well as generating profound and lasting Track-II bonds amongst its participants. In doing so, it is hoped that the conversations and resolutions that arise from this dialogue can withstand any unforeseen circumstances or incidents which end up halting official communication between the two countries.

no plan to impose governor’s rule in any province, says Mushahidullah

iSLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Information Secretary Mushahidullah Khan on Wednesday said the government had no plan to impose governor’s rule in any province. In a statement, he said PPP's allegations about the imposition of governor’s rule were baseless. He said the law and order was a provincial subject but the federal government was extending all possible cooperation to the provinces in this regard. Khan said joint efforts of all political forces can ensure peace in the country. He said Karachi was the economical hub of the country and every citizen wanted to see peace return to it. APP

security forces make arrests in noshki, foil terror bids in quetta, Bolan iNP: Security forces on Wednesday claimed to have foiled two terror bids in Balochistan’s Quetta and Bolan districts. Sources in the Frontier Corps said they conducted a raid in Killi Nasarabad area of Quetta and picked up two suspected militants. They said security personnel recovered a large quantity of arms and explosives from the suspects’ possession. Both suspects were being questioned by senior officials. In Bolan, Levies personnel defused an explosive device weighing 14 kilogram in Dhadar and arrested two accused. Levies sources said the accused had planted explosive material to blow up a railway track and a gas pipeline. They said a major bid of terrorism was foiled upon receiving timely intelligence reports. The arrests came three days after a deadly suicide bombing in Quetta’s Hazara Town which claimed 30 lives. QueTTA

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You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it. –Malcolm X


The crucial second front


Where victory is nowhere near in sight

Thursday, 4 July, 2013

Brave words not enough It is action that is urgently required


He sectarian terrorists have launched two major attacks in Quetta since the present dispensation was installed in office in the first week of June. In the earlier incident, the killers targeted a bus carrying women students and a hospital with a combined death toll of at least 25, including the city’s deputy commissioner and four FC personnel. In the latter incident, a bomb blast outside an imam bargah killed another 30. The incidents shook the newly elected provincial government and raised the question whether the federal government had control over the security agencies. In case there is no end to bloodshed, the doubts about the ability of the state to provide security of life to the people of Balochistan would be strengthened, adding further to the alienation among the people. The responsibility for both the attacks has been claimed by LeJ. What stops the law enforcement agencies to pursue the killers? Is there any secret red line the agencies are reluctant to cross? On Tuesday, Mian Nawaz Sharif accompanied by top intelligence officials made his first visit to Quetta after assuming the office of the prime minister. He directed the IB and ISI to make an example of the Hazara town bombing perpetrators. The prime minister called it a test case for the country’s premier intelligence agencies. He declared that terrorism was unacceptable and his directives to eradicate it had to be carried out. He also reiterated that wiping out terrorism is the first priority of the government. Brave words, but what the Hazaras in particular and the Baloch in general want is action that puts an end to the genocide, forced disappearances and dumping of dead bodies. The previous government which suffered all these ignominies was by no means short on words. President Asif Ali Zardari apologised to the people of Balochistan for the injustices and solemnly promised to rectify these. Former Prime Minister yousaf Raza Gilani visited the province several times. He also announced the grandiose Aghaz-e-Tahuffuz-e-Haqooq-eBalochisan package containing several proposals that were never implemented. earlier this year when the sectarian terrorists killed over 80 Hazara Shias, the former Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf visited Quetta. Later, in a strongly worded statement, he directed the security forces to initiate targeted operations against those responsible for the bloodshed. The sound and fury was soon to end in a whimper. A number of actions against minor operators have been conducted by the police and FC. Several honest security officials have been targeted by the terrorists in retaliation. But the experience tells us that taking out the terrorist foot soldiers only brings a temporary respite to attacks. Unless the high command of the sectarian militants is taken out, major terrorist attacks taking toll of dozens of innocent lives would continue to take place. Balochistan is a test case not only for the security agencies but also for the PML-N government at the centre.

Pakistan’s exporting snags Institutional collapse is the reason


ITH the country deeply hurt by terrorism and sectarian extremism, the loss of economic opportunities is what makes the matters even worse. Whereas power shortage is creating problems for the local industries and businesses, the exports are also hit hard due to a number of reasons, including high tariffs, substandard products, low quota in certain markets and now the latest one, food products that are contaminated with flies, pests and beetles making them unfit for human consumption. Two different reports present a bleak situation. The first one says that mango shipments to the UK have been halted as fruit flies had damaged it to a dangerous level. The UK authorities have thus disposed off the shipments that had already reached there and have banned the import of mangoes from Pakistan. The second one says that Mexico has suspended rice shipments from Pakistan on allegations of pest infection. As both these products make up for a considerable chunk of Pakistan’s agricultural exports under the head of food products, suspension or an overall ban could mean a loss of millions of dollars which the country can ill afford at this time. For the UK and Mexico, or any country for that matter, implementation of strict quarantine measures is a standard procedure. However, not following the same by the exporting countries, in this instance Pakistan, puts it at odds with the importers. As to why this happened: it is not easy to blame anyone in particular except the government, which has failed to follow the standard protocols and hasn’t made any effort in upgrading the whole system of buying, storing, packing and shipping food products. This institutional collapse is not just limited to these few products, cases of the same nature have surfaced before as well, leading some to believe that the government is not interested, at least not serious enough, to take matters into its own hands and solve the problem. The ban on mango exports in the UK might prove to be a precursor to an even serious problem, that of a ban in the entire eU region. With our economy in the condition it is, we certainly can’t afford any setback of the sort. Conspiracy theories can’t make up for the failure to meet standards of the importing countries. The argument that it takes up to 70 days to ship rice to Mexico or that the US exporters and certain Mexican importers want Pakistani rice exports banned because Pakistani rice costs at least $100 less than the US rice might have a grain or two of truth but they still can’t make up for the fact that certain measures were not taken to ensure that rice and mangoes were delivered to meet the criteria they were imported under. The government needs to take action now before any other market is lost so that damage to Pakistan’s reputation and risk of being slapped with an import ban can be averted.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

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OMeTIMe back I wrote that militarily defeating the Taliban/Jihadi enemy on all battlefield fronts, rather than meekly seeking a stalemate, was a prerequisite to Pakistan’s survival, state’s existential viability, country’s progress and people’s prosperity. Unfortunately that comprehensive, crucial victory is nowhere near in sight. As recent events indicate the enemy is inflicting some heavy blows in Pakistan’s mainland, the second front of their declared war against our country. From Quetta to Gilgit-Baltistanto Peshawar to Karachi the enemy is attacking ruthlessly, almost at will, causing immense damage to life, property, morale and image of the country. Broadly speaking, the Taliban/Jihadis in their war against the state and people of Pakistan have opened up two separate fronts as part of their strategy: the first front in the northwest tribal areas and the second in the mainland, the heart of the country, with its humungous urban and rural areas. In the first front, our armed forces are confronting the enemy, sacrificing the lives of its soldiers, though fighting this enemy in a haphazard, piecemeal manner without a grand strategy for annihilation of this enemy and victory. Still the army has been partially successful in eliminating thousands of enemy combatants and defeating the enemy in quite a few operations. However, in the second battlefield front, and a battlefield it is, in our cities and villages that the army has even failed to show up, to defend and fight the blood-thirsty enemy, giving it a free rein and open field to attack, bomb, kill and destroy at will. This vast front of urban and rural areas inhabited by the majority of Pakistan’s 180 million unarmed people presents an almost illimitable number of soft targets, targets that are virtually indefensible by civilian law-enforcement agencies. How many people, how many homes, how many mosques, how many shopping centers, how many schools and hospitals, how many streets and buildings can be successfully defended with round-the-clock trained and fully armed police guards? Not many. The enemy can literally pick and choose from this endless array or smorgasbord of vulnerable targets in our city streets and village pathways. No surprise then as to how and why the Taliban/Jihadi enemy has been so hugely successful in this civilian front, inflicting the

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majority of casualties here, estimated to be about 40,000 out of the total of our 48,000 people and soldiers killed. In addition, their attacks and bloody onslaught have devastated the country’s economy, hurt business and investment, banished the game of cricket, our national pastime, and all in all created a climate of paralyzing fear and intimidation throughout the country, crushing the national spirit and shredding to pieces the writ of the state. As is obvious from the above, it is this second country-wide front, with all its infrastructure and population base which is of far more critical importance for the viability and the very continuity of the state than the first smaller, borderline front. It is a fundamental principle of war strategy that in order to prevail over your enemy you have to defeat the enemy in all fronts of the battlefield. To achieve victory on one front and to ignore and be devastated in another front will not vanquish your enemy. A selective approach, at best, will only prolong the war; at worst it will make the enemy stronger and more unyielding. If engaging with the enemy in the second front is as critical as combating the enemy in the first front then appropriate strategy must be sharply tailored to effectively fight, eliminate and subdue the Taliban/Jihadi syndicate in this battlefield front of cities and villages. Full collaboration of the police, agencies and all the citizens would be essential in this endeavour. Since the enemy has infiltrated various segments of our society and has established a vast network of agents, informants, suppliers, supporters and other enablers inside our borders, then at least a two-prong strategy should be employed all across this big front by the armed forces. Firstly, all agents, infiltrators, supporters, suppliers etc of the enemy embedded in the police, law-enforcement and intelligence agencies, in the armed forces itself, in the bureaucracy, in the media, in the academia, in the mosques, madrassas, in business, in the various militant and religious groups etc. must be identified, purged and effectively disabled. Secondly, all the hard core militants all across the cities and villages must be targeted and eliminated and their base structures, hideouts etc. attacked and destroyed completely. Agree that such a massive offensive, with the possibility of spilling more blood and entailing violence on an unprecedented scale may seem to be a tall order, easier said than done. But in the face of the horrific, blood stained alternative, what other choices we have if not to defeat this enemy by any means at any price? Taking clue from the West, it’s fashionable to attribute these lethal blows by the enemy in our mainland front to ‘terrorism’ and ‘extremism’ – as if these two elements themselves have physical ability to carry out these attacks. ‘Terrorism’ is just a tactic, among other tactics, that is

employed by the Taliban/Jihadis in their war against the state and people of Pakistan. People talk about elimination of ‘terrorism’ by Taliban/Jihadis in our mainland, which is fine, but terrorism is not an auto machine which can stop by itself by condemning it or censuring it. As stated above terrorism is simply a tactic employed by our human enemy. To stop or eliminate the use of this tactic or method of terrorism by the enemy you have to physically disable and militarily defeat the Taliban/Jihadis in both the battlefield fronts. Verbally persuading this enemy not to commit terrorism in our land has not and will not work unless the enemy is on the verge of being defeated and wiped out. As long as the enemy goes virtually unchallenged and as long as its use of terrorism especially in the second front is an unmitigated success in realization of its war objectives, it will inexorably continue to employ the tactic of terrorism. And to defeat the enemy in all the fronts, especially in the second front, a defensive strategy will fail as is becoming increasingly evident, given the formidable magnitude of the area and the seemingly limitless soft, vulnerable targets to defend and the limited resources of the country. The only viable and effective strategy for our armed forces to secure victory and vanquish the enemy on this front is to go on the offensive as outlined above. Failing to fight the enemy in the second front is not an option for our armed forces and for our people – unless we want to say goodbye to the state of Pakistan as we know it. Absent an all-out offensive, the miasma of terrorism will continue to shock us daily with the news of devastating attacks, each more audacious and horrifying. To those who say that we should not commit the bulk of the army to go full throttle against this most vicious and bloodthirsty enemy, that we should save the army, my response is: Save it for what? Save it to defend the eastern border with India? But what if there’s no country left to defend by the time India attacks? To preserve the army as it is the strongest institution of the country? But what if the Taliban/Jihadis outflank it from north to south and encircle it while it continues to sit in its bases as the country around it burns in flames? During the 67 years of our nation’s existence we have built our armed forces with the blood and sweat of some of the finest of our men and with a large portion of our precious treasure and resources. This enemy has killed or wounded hundreds of thousands of our people, inflicted immeasurable destruction of our country in all aspects. If the army cannot or will not defend it from this menace now, then when? The time to fulfill its duty is now. The writer is a US-based corporate attorney, author, independent analyst and writer.

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oaths of allegiance The importance of taking an oath and pledging allegiance should be gauged from the fact that just verbal recitation of kalima converts a non-Muslim to a Muslim, breaking all bonds with any other faith or beliefs previously held by an individual. What is after all the ritual of offering prayers other than submission to the will of Almighty! Similarly, when a Pakistani national makes a voluntary decision to pledge an oath of loyalty to another nation, its constitution, monarch, elected constitutional head etc, he renounces all pledges of loyalty to his own country, its constitution and laws. One can understand the compulsions of those who in search of livelihood are forced to seek foreign nationalities, sending their savings to feed their extended families living in Pakistan. What is unfortunate is the choice of those who having benefitted the most from this country, made fortunes

courtesy vast opportunities offered by Pakistan, chose to betray their motherland to flee from any accountability and yet be allowed to play a role in the politics of this country, or be nominated on boards of directors of important state owned corporations, financial institutions and policy making corridors. It is such people who are involved in massive flight of capital from Pakistan. Can somebody explain what forced Governor State Bank yasin Anwar or others holding prominent and sensitive assignments, including those heading political parties, to obtain nationality of another country although their oath of allegiance binds them to serve national interests of their newly adopted state, if and when called upon to do so. Will UK, USA or Canada allow its Chancellor of exchequer or Treasury Secretary to hold a foreign nationality where he can seek refuge to evade accountability? MALIK TARIQ Lahore

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A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.–Martin Luther King Jr




Thursday, 4 July, 2013

ending thana culture A problem of governance more than anything else


Travesty of justice CII’s judgment and rape laws



T is not Islam, rather the self-proclaimed custodians of Islam that are insensitive to women. The controversial recommendation by the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), declaring DNA as an insubstantial proof for conviction in rape cases, has triggered an intense debate among lawyers, politicians and civil society representatives. Rape is not addressed in Quran; it only mentions zina. Zina in Quran is generally equated with fornication and adultery and it is believed that it entails within its meaning non-consensual sex. When interpreting the status of rape in Islam, Pakistan closely aligned rape with fornication and adultery, with the result that the rape victims are frequently punished for committing zina while the rapists get away scot-free. The “Offence of Zina (enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance, VII of 1979”, also the Zina Ordinance, criminalised zina and included adultery, fornication, rape and prostitution in it. It proposed similar Islamic conditions for evidence needed to prove rape as are required in zina which further endorsed the belief that the ordinance is a dangerous play of misogyny. The juxtaposition of rape with fornication and adultery has been widely criticised as it undermines the uniqueness of “rape” as a heinous crime distinct from zina. The rape victims have been exposed to brutal injustices primarily due to the requirement of producing four male witnesses. In Islam, the wisdom behind requiring four male witnesses was to protect chaste women from false accusations of zina, and is certainly not a measure to exploit victims of sexual assaults. But its custodians have used the verses of the Book in a way to circumvent rape convictions;

therefore, further aggravating the plight of the sufferer. A woman in Pakistan, from birth till her marriage, is expected to be a symbol of pride and honour for her family. This entails maintaining her virginity till the time she is given to a man in nikah and during these years if she is raped she is left to suffer in silence. A victim who stands up for her rights or registers an FIR in a police station is disowned and censured by her family and the society. The attitude of many in Pakistan towards a rape victim is not only atrocious but in certain instances quite agonising. We must inculcate empathy and understanding for those who have been through such a traumatising event in their life as no one chooses to get raped. The circumstances for a rape victim are exacerbated with the CII’s recent statement declaring DNA evidence as only supporting evidence and not the primary proof to a rape case. The alternative offered by the CII of producing four male witnesses against the rapist has generated ruckus in the civil society. CII’s recommendation has also chal-

A victim who stands up for her rights or registers an FIR in a police station is disowned and censured by her family and the society.

lenged a recent ruling of the Supreme Court (2013 SCMR 203) in which Mr Salman Akram Raja has submitted that the administration of DNA test should be made mandatory in rape cases. Mr Raja in his judgment has placed reliance on the case of Muhammad Shahid Sahil v The State (PLD 2010 FSC 215) where the DNA test’s admissibility has been accepted to determine the paternity of the child born to a rape victim in the Federal Shariat Court. The Federal Shariat Court in that case has

reaffirmed that Quran and Sunnah nowhere prohibit the use of DNA tests, instead strongly encourage recourse to such scientific methods. Moreover, it is believed that allowing DNA test and making it mandatory does not violate Article 13 of the constitution which guarantees protection against self-incrimination. From the above case, it can be maintained that DNA is the only authentic source that can assist in deciding upon a rape case. A widely acknowledged belief is that when rape is committed, the offender’s DNA is often left on the victim’s body; it can be easily obtained from the victim’s saliva, hair, semen, sweat or blood. Hence DNA in all circumstances is critical to bringing the rapists to justice. DNA administration is only feasible and viable if the victim has not taken shower, combed her hair or cleaned up the crime scene. It is an important tool in deciding upon the rape cases as it can be stored for years and has the capacity to last long without degradation at room temperature. An immense friction exists between the laws of Pakistan and CII’s resolution on rape. even under the Women Protection Act, it has been stated that rape cases should be tried under the Pakistan Penal Code and not under the Hudood Ordinance. It is vital to note that resolutions of CII are not binding in nature; the council has more of an advisory role to play. The constitution of Pakistan while explaining the role of the CII says that it will guide the government in respect to the Islamic teachings, their implementation and propagation. Its chairman and members are appointed by the president. Although its advice is not binding, its recommendations are not easily overruled. With regards to rape laws, Pakistan is now at a crossroads. Rape is indeed a harrowing phenomenon. If we are really concerned about giving redress to the rape victims, it is imperative to resolve the rift between the CII and other segments of the society. There is a need to bridge the gap between what the CII believes in and what the civil society needs it for. A serious effort is required to remove any misunderstanding about Islam. After all, at the end of the day it is not about CII, or a lawyer, or a civil society representative, it’s about Pakistan and its people. It is about justice and the rule of law. It’s about a society where justice and equality prevail and where Islam is not distorted. The writer is a lawyer and a researcher based in Pakistan and holds a law degree from the University of London.

RIMe Minister Nawaz Sharif chaired a high level meeting in Lahore recently to discuss law and order, security situation and police reforms. While chairing the meeting he observed that thana culture could be eliminated through establishment of more courts. He also directed the IG Police, Punjab, to evolve an effective strategy for better policing. Mian Shahbaz sharif, a few days ago, also vowed to end thana culture. It is indeed gratifying to note that Mian brothers have fiMALIK MuHAMMAD AsHRAF nally realised the imperative of changing thana culture and expressed the determination to eliminate this curse on priority basis. Instead of trying to ferret out the reasons for their inability or lack of intent to accord priority to this very crucial issue of public importance during their previous tenures, I somehow tend to welcome this belated resolve on their part to address this issue, putting my faith in the maxim that it is never too late. It is an open secret that police is regarded as criminals in uniform by the masses and they dread the prospect of having any kind of interaction with it even if they are an aggrieved party. Police have been known to harbour and patronise criminals, drug pushers, gambling and prostitution dens and run private torture cells besides indulging in extra-judicial killings with impunity. People joke about police saying that if there is no crime in an area, establish a police station and it will start happening. It is a pity that nobody has ever made any serious effort to reform the oppressive system of policing and restore the honour of the masses. The police, being part of the justice system as an investigating agency, is also the biggest hindrance in dispensing justice to the people. As an investigating agency it is known for distorting the facts in exchange for bribes and getting the innocent convicted. The courts have no choice but to rely on investigations carried out by police and God knows how many innocent people have languished in the jails and gone to the gallows due to the corruption and high-handedness of police. The courts, especially the lower courts, are well aware of the police tacts and its obstructionist machinations in regards to ensuring speedy justice but they are also helpless in rectifying the situation. Thana culture owes its existence to the continuation of the archaic colonial system of governance rooted in feudalism which has promoted the politics of graft and entitlement. The police and the district administrations are the lynchpins of this oppressive colonial system and the successive regimes have used them unscrupulously for advancing their own vested interests. They are government servants in the true sense rather than the public servants. The thana culture cannot therefore be eliminated by setting up more courts or asking the police high-ups to devise a better system of policing. The solution lies in strengthening the institution of local government in accordance with article 140 A of the constitution. The constitution prescribes a three-tier system of governance i.e., the Local Government, Provincial Government and the Federal Government. Unfortunately, while we have had full-fledged federal and provincial governments operating in the country, no serious attempt has been made to fulfill the constitutional obligation in regards to the local government. Article 140 A says: “each Province shall, by law, establish a local government system and devolve political, administrative and financial responsibility and authority to the elected representatives of the local governments and elections to the local government shall be held by the election Commission of Pakistan.” The local government systems that evolved from time to time were against the spirit of the relevant constitutional provision as these bodies were kept under the thumb of the district administrations rather than the other way round. Musharraf, who is reviled for his dictatorship, did evolve a system of local government in conformity with the spirit of the constitution through his Devolution Plan which initially envisaged putting police and district administrations under the locally elected leadership besides vesting them with powers to carry out development activities at the local level. But he also succumbed to political expediencies and modified the Devolution Plan by keeping the police and district administration out of the administrative control of the local bodies. The original devolution plan was resisted by provincial governments who were not willing to part with their powers, by the MPAs who felt that the devolution of power to the local bodies will diminish their importance in their constituencies and last but not the least by the DMG (now PAS) and Police Service. The PAS lobbied more intensely to maintain their hold on the power structure of the state as the deputy commissioners and commissioners were not only the administrative heads but they were also vested with judicial powers in contravention of article 175(3) of the article which stipulated separation of judiciary from the executive within fourteen years from the commencing day. Under the Devolution Plan of Musharraf this constitutional obligation was also fulfilled by separating judiciary and executive at the district level. But regrettably after his exit and restoration of democracy, all the provinces again reverted back to the old system of district administration with Punjab taking the lead. The thana culture cannot be ended while the present system of governance is in vogue. The government of PM-N will have to implement article 140 A and article 175(3) in letter and spirit to achieve this objective and ensuring good governance in the country. That indeed will be a tough undertaking as any move to disturb the status quo will be vehemently opposed by the vested interests within his party as well as outside it besides the powerful DMG. I have no doubt about sincerity of purpose on part of the prime minister in regards to providing good governance to the people but to realise that objective there is an imperative need to go by the constitution. The establishment of more courts could help only when the authority to govern is devolved to the grass-root level where the SHO and the police chief are accountable to the locally elected leaders and are unable to resort to their traditional anti-people antics.

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A arts Thursday, 4 July, 2013

jewel back on the road as ‘The song-off’ judge

“The Sing-Off” has found its new judge: Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Jewel is coming to NBC’s cult-favorite a cappella competition series this winter. Jewel will join Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman and Ben Folds as judges on the show, and Nick Lachey will return as host. The singer replaces exiting singersongwriter Sara Bareilles on the show. “There are very few musical artists as accomplished and talented as Jewel,” said Paul Telegdy, NBC’s president of alternative programming. “Her addition to ‘The SingOff’ judges panel, along with our stellar team of Shawn Stockman and Ben Folds, raises the showmanship of the series up another notch.” NBC shelved “The Sing-Off “ last year, then revived the competition series for a fourth season in March with executive producer Mark Burnett taking charge. Jewel previously served as an adviser on Burnett’s “The Voice” last year. “Jewel is one of America’s greatest singer songwriters and is an amazing storyteller,” Burnett said. “...The Sing-Off is sure to be its best [season] yet.” “The Sing-Off” will return in December. News DesK

Aishwarya rai to be back on screen ‘very soon’


ISHWARYA Rai Bachchan who has been on a self-imposed sabbatical from films ever since she delivered a baby girl, is all set to be back on the screen. The pretty actress who has been attending film festivals and making a lot of international appearances has finally green lit a few projects. The actress in recent times has shed all her post-pregnancy flab and has been working out to get back in shape. Sources close to her say that she has been looking at scripts and has finally zeroed down on a couple o them. Until the producers make an announcement, she isn’t allowed to talk about them though there have been talks about Karan Johar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali having approached her for their next projects. Over the past few months, the actress has been making quite a few international appearances but her daughter has been constantly travelling with her. She also had her mother for company but right now, Ash seems to be getting ready to get back into the limelight. News DesK

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain — Dolly Parton

‘Matilda’ stars reunite 17 years after flick was released


eFORe Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book was made into a seventime Olivier awardwinning musical, Matilda was a celebrated film of the Nineties. Directed by and starring Danny Devito - as the conniving Mr Wormwood - the film also starred Rhea Perlman, embeth Davidtz and Mara Wilson in the title role, a child actress on a par with Macaulay Culkin as being one of the most well-known young stars in the world at the time.But 17 years after the movie was made, Mara, 26, reunited with her Matilda co-stars for a fun barbeque down memory lane.Getting together for a picture, Mara, Rhea, embeth and Danny were joined by Donna Spangler, Brian Levinson, Pam Ferris, Jimmy Karz, Leor Livneh Hackel, Jacqueline

Steiger, Kiami Davael and Sara Magdalin.Brian starred as Matilda’s mean older brother Michael and the son of Mr and Mrs Wormwood, played by Danny and Rhea.

noBoDy’s perFect,

not even 1D o

Ne Direction have always had a slightly dirty sense of humor about their clean-cut image. While they don’t have the hard-partying reputation of The Wanted, with an album dubbed Take Me Home, they can be naughty when they want to be. Occasionally photographed leaving a nightclub or with a new rumored love interest, the fab five aren’t afraid to be open about who they are, even with the flashing lights of a photographer’s lens never far away.” I don’t think we’ve ever tried to be squeaky-clean. Nobody’s perfect,” Liam Payne says in Glamour magazine’s August cover story.” The thing is, when you’re playing a part, eventually it goes wrong,” Harry Styles added. “eventually someone’s going to see that that’s not who you are. So it’s best to be yourself from the get-go. “But they admit that when they’re constantly away from home, it can be hard to stay in touch with themselves. While traveling across the country for their Take Me Home Tour, they’re learning how to balance their personal and professional lives. “yeah, it’s something that is quite hard — people being a bit rude to [ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer] on the Internet. And it’s a challenge having a relationship on the road,” Payne explained. (Payne and Peazer reportedly broke up back in May.) “Credit to anybody that does it, really. “But some of the guys are doing it. Zayn Malik (who recently got a tattoo of his

girlfriend, Little Mix’s Perrie edward) and Louis Tomlinson are two members that have found a way to find time for both long term love and work. “I think you have to keep your feet on the ground,” Tomlinson explained of his relationship philosophy. “I’m in a relationship [with college student eleanor Calder], and it’s completely fine.” And, Styles has always had gossip bloggers on both sides of the pond buzzing about his love life, especially when he was dating Taylor Swift in 2012 before their highly publicized break-up shortly after the New year’s holiday. “People who know me know what’s true and what’s not,” he shared of the constant speculation about what lady he’s spending time with in between professional obligations, which these days include finishing up work on the band’s forthcoming third album (which will feature their July 22 single “Best Song ever”) and their upcoming August 30 movie release, “This Is Us.” But, for Horan, sacrificing a personal life is worth a successful career. “For me, it’s not a massive trade-off. We’ve always wanted to do this, so we’re not complaining,” he said. News DesK

Pam can be remembered as the menacing Miss Trunchball, embeth as the delightful teacher Miss Honey, with Jacqueline, Leor, Kiami and Jimmy as school kids Amanda

Thripp, Julius Rottwinkle, Lavender Brown and Bruce Bogtrotter, the little boy who had to eat the not so tasty chocolate cake.Mara - who also starred in Miracle on 34th Street and Mrs Doubtfire - quit the acting game in 2000 after starring in Thomas And The Magic Railroad with Alec Bladwin and Peter Fonda because she said, ‘film acting is not very fun’. Writing on her blog, the former child star said: ‘Doing the same thing over and over again until, in the director’s eyes, you “get it right,” does not allow for very much creative freedom.’Film can be exciting, but more often, it’s tedious. The celebrity aspect is nothing short of ridiculous, and auditioning is brutal and dehumanizing. every time I see a pretty young girl on the subway reading sides for an

audition, my only thought is, “Man, am I glad I’m not doing that anymore.” I never feel nostalgia, just relief.’After studying art at the University of New york, Mara has focused more on being a playwright, rather than acting although she does ‘enjoy acting with or for good friends’ and works with Publicolor; a design-based program and academic support to revitalize public and civic spaces through creative art. And with the Matilda stage musical taking home Oliviers and Tony awards, the 26-year old has seen the show with Oona Laurence playing the title role. ‘It’s an excellent show and I highly recommend it. Tim Minchin stays true to Dahl’s spirit, and the actress playing Matilda when I saw it (Oona Laurence) was great.’ cOuRTesy DM



HILE there’s been a lot of speculation regarding Ayan Mukerji’s next after the success of ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’, TOI has learnt that the director’s close buddy, Ranbir Kapoor, will star in his upcoming film, much like he did in Ayan’s earlier projects. The more interesting piece of news however is that Ranbir will play a superhero in this yetuntitled project, making him the next actor after Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan to essay characters with superpowers on celluloid. Not just Ranbir, the film will present a challenge for Ayan too as he will be graduating from the likes of Wake Up Sid and Yeh Jawani... to a much less explored genre. What’s more, he will be up against big-budget, action and special effects packed money spinners such as Krrish and RA.One that have already been there and done that. Ayan, we hear, is currently on holiday in Barcelona, where he is busy mulling over a suitable script for his ambitious venture. The plan is to meet up with Ranbir as soon as he returns to Mumbai to chalk out details of the project. A source close to the development said, “Ranbir trusts Ayan’s abilities. He has enjoyed working with the filmmaker so far, and is looking forward to their next outing together. This film will be mounted on a much bigger scale than their earlier projects.” Apparently, with a movie high on stunts and daredevilry (the kind only caped crusaders are capable of), the idea is also to capitalise on the huge fan following that Ranbir enjoys among children. Now whether Ranbir will leap as long and fast as Krrish or have blue eyes like G.One or fare even better, only time will tell. Ayan and Ranbir both remained unavailable for comment. cOuRTesy TOI

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Listen to advice, but follow your heart — Conway Twitty

ARTS Thursday, 4 July, 2013

13 A


Amy Adams with her daughter at Vancouver airport.

Best alBuMs! C

ONVENTIONAL wisdom holds that, musically, 2013 has been a rather upside-down year: Daft Punk didn’t make a “dance” record, Kanye West didn’t do a “rap” album, Justin Timberlake didn’t make the sequel to “SexyBack,” and Jay-Z is releasing albums on phones. And yet, despite all that — or perhaps because of it — , the first half of 2013 has also been one of the most memorable in recent history, a six-month span that’s seen artists big and small defy conventional wisdom, take risks, and, more often than not, succeed in spades. Given the glut of truly great releases, it’s difficult to pick the very best, but I’m going to try. Here are my picks for the Best Albums of 2013 (So Far), albums that have stuck with me through a very busy six months. If there’s anything I’ve missed, let me know in the comments below ... but let’s get right to it (before someone else releases something awesome). Honorable Mentions El-P and Killer Mike, Run The Jewels: Loved both of their efforts last year (Cancer 4 Cure and Mike’s fantastic, El-P helmed R.A.P. Music) and, though it was just released — for free! — I’m already warming to Jewels, 33-minutes of aggressive wordplay and knotty, gnarly beats that will almost certainly crack my Top 10 by year’s end. Savages, Silence Yourself: Blunt and bleak, the oddly-assured

debut from English post-punk quartet Savages delights in not only creating eerie expanses, but dragging the listener down into the darkness. Its cold, claustrophobic tendencies recall the likes of Joy Division and Siouxise, but thanks to serrating guitars, pummeling bass and frontwoman Jehnny Beth’s impassioned yowls, it’s hardly a sterile thing ... there’s blood and guts and heart here, too. Phosphorescent, Muchacho: Whiskey-soaked, widescreen Redneck-tronica that shivers and shimmies (thanks to those Cantina horns) and occasionally shines with synths and strings, Muchacho is all over the place, musically, though spiritually, it’s still a country album ... very much about long nights and fistfights and love gone awry. In other words, it’s basically everything you’d expect from a guy who kicked around Georgia, once recorded an album’s worth of Willie Nelson tunes, and currently resides in Brooklyn. Tegan and Sara, Heartthrob: The Quin sisters have never hid their affinity for pop, though aside from the New Wave flag they flew on 2004’s So Jealous, they’ve never embraced the genre with the aplomb they do on Heartthrob, an album so shiny you can practically see your reflection in it. Not surprisingly, they scored the biggest hit of their career (the excellent “Closer”) as a result, proving that perhaps they were born to play popstars all along. News DesK

‘the Hoff’ arrives to attend movie shooting

sheen, the president of the united states


e don’t know how Charlie Sheen will fare playing the president of the United States in Machete Kills.But judging by the new poster for the shoot-em-up sequel to 2010’s Machete, featuring a suit-wearing Sheen— billed as “Carlos estevez as The President” here—and a massive machine gun, he does look to have the fate of the free world in his hands. And with a name like President Rathcock, attention must be paid. The Robert Rodriguez-directed flick, also starring Danny Trejo as Machete Cortez, Sofia Vergara in a bullet-spraying bra, Lady Gaga, Michelle Rodriguez, Amber Heard,

Mel Gibson and many more stars who were obviously raring to get their camp on, blasts into theaters Oct. 4. News DesK


eLeVISION star David Hasselhoff brightened up the Los Angeles set of the movie Stretch on Tuesday in garish red pants and a white coat. The 60-year-old Baywatch legend was filmed stepping off an airplane in the retro-style ensemble. Hasselhoff teamed the stopsign red pants with a bright white sport coat that he wore over a flashy multicoloured shirt with an open collar. The Hoff also was wearing a white belt and white slip-on loafers during filming. He completed the fashion statement with a pair of dark sunglasses. Hasselhoff was in Perth, Australia on Saturday attending the Supanova Pop Culture expo. He’s been busy lately as he attende the expo just one day after

posing in Bali alongside the Virgin Airlines crew. The Knight Rider star has a role in movie Stretch being directed by Joe Carnahan. The film follows Patrick Wilson as a down on his luck chauffeur nicknamed Stretch who agrees to drive around a mysterious billionaire

anotHer kHan in tHe FaMily:

srk DaD tHirD tiMe over! t He month-long wait for details of actor Shah Rukh Khan’s third baby, born with the help of a surrogate mother, is over. BMC officials have received a birth report with details that a baby boy was born on May 27 to parents listed as Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Shah Rukh Khan at Masrani Hospital for Women in Andheri. The child was born at 34 weeks of pregnancy and weighed 1.5kg at birth, said BMC executive health

officer Dr Arun Bamne. The baby was reportedly taken from Masrani to Nanavati Hospital, Juhu, and finally to Breach Candy Hospital. It is believed that the child has been discharged from Breach Candy and is home with the Khans. On Tuesday, Bamne told TOI, “We have received from Masrani Nursing Home a birth report, which has to be mandatorily filed by nursing homes and hospitals to register every birth in the city.” Masrani Hospital is located in Lalubhai Compound, S V Road, Andheri (W). On the basis of this birth report the BMC has to issue a birth certificate to the parents. There are no official details about the surrogate mother, but some reports in the media had said that Gauri’s sisterin-law Namita Chibber may have been the surrogate. Khan family

friends said the surrogate mother had already flown back to London. Civic officials said the birth report was received by K-West Ward officials in June-end and was immediately sent to the head office because there was widespread controversy over whether a pre-natal sex determination test had been conducted. Reports in a section of the press had said that the baby’s gender had been known before birth, suggesting the use of sexdetermination methods. While Indian guidelines for Assisted Reproductive Techniques allow the use of surrogate mothers, the Pre-Conception and PreNatal Diagnostic Techniques Act forbids testing to determine the gender of a foetus. The BMC had sent a team to Khan’s residence on June 18 to determine the facts of the case, but the actor denied the reports.

“Now that we have the birth certificate, we will follow the details of the child’s journey from the nursing home to Nanavati Hospital in Juhu to Breach Candy Hospital,” said a civic official. When contacted, BMC additional municipal commissioner Manisha Mhaiskar said, “Our officials will now get back to the actor and get details about whether sexdetermination tests were done in Mumbai.” cOuRTesy TOI

who makes his life miserable. tretch also stars ed Helms who portrays a fellow driver at the same company. The movie’s cast also includes former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Brooklyn Decker, Chris Pine of the recently rebooted Star Trek franchise and Ray Liotta. The actioncomedy is due out in March 2014. News DesK

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I could not tread these perilous paths in safety, if I did not keep a saving sense of humor — Horatio Nelson


Thursday, 4 July, 2013

TodAy (4th July)

8 US declares independence 8 American flag hoisted over Wake island concluding the Spanish-American war. 8 US navy shoots down iranian civilian jetliner over Gulf killing 290 8 The Mars Pathfinder lands on the red planet

unBreAkABle And ProfITABle: nokIA’s


ll animals and plants will vanish from the earth within the next billion years, a new study suggests. Ironically Armageddon is going to arrive as a result of too little, rather than too much, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Currently experts are trying to find ways to cut levels of the greenhouse gas to prevent global warming running out of control. But as the Sun ages and grows hotter, greater evaporation and chemical reactions with rainwater

$20 cell Phones

The $20 retail price for the Nokia 105 cell phone is comparable to that of a scientific calculator, but — amazingly — Nokia still profits from it. To be sure, the Nokia 105 is as basic as cell phones get. It can’t surf the web, it has no app store, and it doesn’t even have a camera. But $20 for a phone that can make calls, send text messages and features a color screen is an incredibly good deal. What’s more incredible is that the Finland-based company profits $5.80 from the sale of each phone, almost a 30% margin, according to an IHS analysis. Materials and manufacturing costs the company just $14.20 per device. What a world of difference a decade makes. Eight years ago, Nokia’s cheapest phone — the Nokia (NOK) 1110 — had very similar features to the Nokia 105 but cost more than three times as much. “By keeping features the same for nearly a decade, the Nokia 105 can integrate nearly all system functions into a single chip, dramatically reducing the cost to produce a cellphone,” said Wayne Lam, an analyst at the research group IHS, in a research note. The Nokia 105’s profit margin is much smaller than the 68% profit margin IHS reports Apple earns from its iPhone 5, but that ultra high-end smartphones retails for more than 30 times the price of Nokia’s cell phone. Related story: Nokia Lumia 928: Design is not enough The cell phone cannot measure up to all the features a smartphone offers, but its efficient battery supports 12.5 hours of talk time and up to 35 of standby. News DesK

will take away more and more carbon dioxide. In less than a billion years, its levels will be too low for photosynthesising plants to survive, say scientists. When that happens, life as we know it on earth will cease to exist. With the loss of plants, herbivorous animals will also die out, as well as the carnivores that prey on them. eventually microbes will be all that remains - and for the majority of them even their days will be numbered. After another billion years, the oceans will have dried out completely leaving only the hardiest bugs. ‘The far-future earth will be very hostile to life by this point,’ said astrobiologist Jack O’Malley-James, from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. All living things require liquid water, so any remaining life will be restricted to pockets of liquid water, perhaps at

cooler, higher altitudes or in caves underground.’ The surviving organisms would also have to cope with extreme high temperatures and intense ultraviolet radiation, he said. Mr O’MalleyJames made his bleak forecast at the National Astronomy Meeting taking place at the University of St Andrews. The predictions are based on a computer simulation of the impact longterm changes to the Sun are likely to have on earth. As the Sun ages over the next billion years or so, it is expected to remain stable but to grow steadily brighter. The increasingly intense radiation will cause the earth to heat up to such an extent that the oceans start to evaporate. The research may have implications for the search for extra-terrestrial life, according to Mr O’Malley-James. ‘When we think

about what to look for in the search for life beyond earth our thoughts are largely constrained by life as we know it today, which leaves behind tell-tale fingerprints in our atmosphere like oxygen and ozone,’ he said. ‘Life in the earth’s far-future will be very different to this, which means, to detect life like this on other planets we need to search for a whole new set of clues. ‘We have now simulated a dying biosphere composed of populations of the species that are most likely to survive to determine what types of gases they would release to the atmosphere. ‘By the point at which all life disappears from the planet, we’re left with a nitrogen/carbon-dioxide atmosphere with methane being the only sign of active life.’ News DesK

now everyone can be a superhero! the lenses that give you telescopic vision A new range of contact lenses gives wearers telescopic vision like comic book hero Superman. Researchers from San Diego and Switzerland fitted a traditional contact lens with a magnifying ring which, when worn with a pair of Samsung 3D glasses, can magnify scenes by 2.8 times. The lensglasses combination was designed to help restore the sight of people suffering from age-related macular degeneration, or blindness. The contact lenses are 8mm in diameter, 1mm thick in the middle of the lens and 1.17mm thick in a magnifying ring around the edge. Small aluminium mirrors are fitted into this magnifying ring. These mirrors bounce the light from objects in front of the wearer approximately four times within this ring before sending the image to the retina. By the time this image hits the retina it appears magnified by almost three times. When the lenses are being worn in ‘ordinary mode’ this magnified image is blocked by polarising filters fitted to a pair of modified Samsung 3D glasses. To switch to

‘telescopic mode’, the wearer can change these filters so that the only light that hits their retina is the light created by the magnified process. The lenses have tiny channels along the surface that let in oxygen and make the lenses ‘breathable’. This means they can be worn for long periods of time. The researchers behind the project were led by eric Tremblay from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (eDFL) in Switzerland and Joseph Ford from UC San Diego. They chose to modify the 3D glasses because they are already fitted with light blocking technology. The glasses create the 3D effect by blocking light to the left or right lens at different times. Tremblay and Ford wanted to design a system that could help restore sight to people suffering

from age-related blindness. According to the study in Optics express, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness for people over 55 in the western world. It causes central vision loss in more than 2 million people in the U.S. alone. ‘People with AMD and other degenerative eye disease can use magnifying visual aids to help distinguish details using the functional retina outside of the damaged central fovea. ‘Bioptic telescopes are the most common commercially available vi-

sual aids for low-vision. ‘These telescopes are mounted through spectacle lenses at an offset such that the telescope can be brought into view by tilting the head. ‘Bioptic telescopes are useful for some tasks, including driving, but many visually impaired people reject them due to their cosmetic appearance and interference in social interaction. ‘Head-worn approaches also offer only a narrow field of view (FOV) and require that the user turn their head directly towards the viewed scene.’ News DesK

HoW BelieFs in extraterrestrials anD intelligent Design are siMilar According to the popular series Ancient Aliens, on H2 (a spinoff of the History channel), extraterrestrial intelligences visited earth in the distant past, as evidenced by numerous archaeological artifacts whose scientific explanations prove unsatisfactory for alien enthusiasts. The series is the latest in a genre launched in 1968 by erich von Däniken, whose book Chariots of the Gods? became an international best seller. It spawned several sequels, including Gods from Outer Space, The Gods Were Astronauts and, just in time for the December 21, 2012, doomsday palooza, Twilight of the Gods: The Mayan Calendar and the Return of the extraterrestrials (the ones who failed to materialize). Ancient aliens theory is grounded in a logical fallacy called argumentum ad ignorantiam, or “argument from ignorance.” The illogical reasoning goes like this: if there is no satisfactory terrestrial explanation for, say, the Nazca lines of Peru, the easter Island statues or the egyptian pyramids, then the theory that they were built by aliens from outer space must be true. Whereas the talking heads of Ancient Aliens conjecture that eTs used “acoustic stone levitation” to build the pyramids, for example, archaeologists have discovered images demonstrating how tens of thousands of egyptian workers employed wood sleds to move the stones along roads from the quarry to the site and then

hauled them up gently sloping dirt ramps of an ever growing pyramid. Copper drills, chisels, saws and awls have been found in the rubble around the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the quarries are filled with half-finished blocks and broken tools that show how the egyptians worked the stone. Conspicuously absent from the archaeological record are any artifacts more advanced than those known to be used in the third millennium B.C. Another alleged aliens artifact is a symbol found in the egyptian Dendera Temple com-

plex that vaguely resembles a modern lightbulb, with a squiggly filament inside and a plug at the bottom. Instead of featuring archaeologists who would explain that the symbol depicts a creation myth of the time (the “plug” is a lotus flower that represents life arising from the primordial waters, and the “filament” signifies a snake), ancient aliens fantasists speculate that the egyptians were given the power of electricity by the gods. In this “if this were true, what else would be true?” line of inquiry, it is telling that

no electrical wires, glass bulbs, metal filaments or electric power stations have ever been excavated. On the lid of the sarcophagus of the Mayan king Pakal in Mexico is a “rocketlike” image that Ancient Aliens consulting producer Giorgio Tsoukalos claims depicts the ruler in a spaceship: “He is at an angle like modern-day astronauts upon liftoff. He is manipulating some controls. He has some type of breathing apparatus or some type of a telescope in front of his face. His feet are on some type of a pedal. And you have something that looks like an exhaust—with flames.” According to Mayan archaeologists, however, this depiction shows King Pakal sitting atop the sun monster and descending into the underworld (where the sun goes at night) within a “world tree”—a classic mythological symbol, with branches stretched into the heavens and roots dug into the underworld. Ancient aliens arguments from ignorance resemble intelligent design “God of the gaps” arguments: wherever a gap in scientific knowledge exists, there is evidence of divine design. In this way, ancient aliens serve as small “g” gods of the archaeological gaps, with the same shortcoming as the gods of the evolutionary gaps—the holes are already filled or soon will be, and then whence goes your theory? In science, for a new theory to be accepted, it is not enough to identify only the gaps in the prevailing theory (negative evidence). cOuRTesy sA

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SPORTS Thursday, 4 July, 2013

AkhTAr BlAsTs PcB’s InTerIM chAIrMAn

I’ve always had a lot of fun on this track. In 2009, I made it to the podium for the first time (at the Nuerburgring) in Formula 1 and it was a fantastic experience thanks to the German fans. –Sebastian Vettel

PCB tAkeS One SteP FORwARd,



He Pakistan Cricket Board on Wednesday took a one step forward and two steps back when it announced the national ODI and T20 teams for the upcoming West Indies tour. The PCB gave in to the pressure built by the Shahid Afridi-lobby after Pakistan’s poor performance in the Champions Trophy, included the allrounder in both the ODI and T20 teams. While one of the most suited players for the formats Abdul Razzaq was once again overlooked with a reason that he (Razzaq) does not stay in touch. Afridi who was last selected with a condition that he was being given a last chance is known for igniting controversies in the team. Although blue-eyed Afridi has been selected in the teams but unfortunately his selection in the playing eleven now depends on his fitness as the allrounder sustained severe thumb injury during training on Wednesday. An official of the PCB stated that any such injury takes five days to recover and by the time the team leaves for the West Indies, he will be fit to play. “He has been the fittest player of all who took the fitness test taken as part of the selection,” said Iqbal Qasim. Pakistan will be playing five ODIs and two T20 matches on the tour this month with the Caribbean tour starting from July 14. Another known name that has been selected in both the teams is

Umar Akmal. “He has been taken in as a wicket-keeper batsman,” he added. But the non performing senior players Imran Farhat, Shoaib Malik and Kamran Akmal were dropped for poor displays in last month’s Champions Trophy. However, the condition of performance-based selection was totally ignored in case of Afridi. Ahmed Shahzad and Umar were recalled with uncapped Haris Sohail, Zulfiqar Babar and wicketkeeper Rizwan Ahmed in the squads. The ODI squad features the uncapped 21-year-old wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan, as a backup to Akmal, who was picked as the first-choice wicketkeeper. Ahmed Shehzad, the opening batsman, has been recalled to both squads. Zulfiqar Babar, 34, who has been part of the domestic circuit for more than ten years, figures in the T20 squad. “We have started our rebuilding

process keeping the 2015 World Cup in mind,” said Qasim. experienced all rounder Afridi, who has played 354 one-day internationals, was left out of the Champions Trophy squad but Qasim said the 33-year-old would be useful in the rebuilding process. “The pitches in West Indies are also doubled paced and low bounced and Afridi can not only shore up the lower order but also be effective as a bowler on such pitches.” Pakistan lost all three group matches in the Champions Trophy in england. Qasim said the trio was dropped because of poor form but could make comebacks with strong performances in domestic cricket. “It is not the end of the road for them they have served us well in the past and they can always come back,” he said. On Afridi’s recall, the chief selector said: “We can’t just drop all PHOTOS MURTAZA ALi

LAHORE: Pakistan`s controversial fast bowler, Shoaib Akhtar has blasted the interim chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board for trying to exert pressure on the team national selectors and team management ahead of the West Indies tour. Akhtar responded strongly to statements from Najam Sethi on Wednesday after returning from London that he will get the selectors, captains and head coach to put their thumb impression on the squad for the West Indies so that they know they are responsible for their performance. “Najam Sethi is an interim chairman and he should talk like one. This is not the right way to try to exert pressure on the selectors or team management. What does he mean by responsibility if a team does not do well in one series or tournament you don`t sack the selectors or captain or coach like that this is not the way cricket is run,” Akhtar said while talking to journalists. The fiery fast bowler said even if the team didn`t do well the selectors and team management should be asked to pinpoint reasons for it so that things can be rectified for the future. He pointed out that not only were the players or selectors responsible for the team`s performance but everyone else in the cricket board as well. sTAFF RePORT




AKISTAN allrounder Shahid Afridi’s ODI career has a question mark hanging over it after he was dropped twice in the last six months following poor runs, but he remains hopeful of making a comeback for the upcoming West Indies series and is keen on playing both shorter formats. In the 21 ODIs he has played since January 2012, Afridi has picked up 15 wickets at 57.13 and scored 308 runs at 19.25. While he is an automatic selection in the Twenty20 squad, he last made an ODI comeback on the tour to South Africa earlier this year, where he remained wicketless and scored 126 in four innings with a high score of 88. He was subsequently dropped from the Champions Trophy, and has not played competitive cricket

since April. Now, though, he is pushing himself hard to be ready for the West Indies series that begins with a practice one-dayer on July 11. He has been training at the National Cricket Academy LAHORE: A ball hits the right thumb of Shahid Afridi (L picture) in Lahore while the allrounder treats his injured hand in an ice bucket. over the past couple of weeks, and he passed the how important my performance is as a senior fitness test he was subjected to. The player for the team. you can’t judge a player Pakistan selectors will meet in Lahore based only on Twenty20 performance.” Dropping “match-winners”, Afridi said, was on Wednesday afternoon to finalise the squad, and Afridi said he still had the not the way to go. Key players, he said, even desire and skills to make the team. “I when they lose form, should “stay with the am doing my best and working so hard team”. “Poor form doesn’t really reflect that a in the nets at the National Cricket player is at the wrong side of his game,” he was Academy over the past two-three weeks. quoted by Cricinfo. “Those players who are around with the team I have working on many areas of the game and I want to play both for years and are also match-winners should be kept with the team to boost their confidence. [shorter] forms of the game. “I think I am still better than lots Teams are carrying their match-winners like of players; there should be David Warner [despite him being suspended]. professional jealousy in me. I know you can’t be in form if you stay out of the team.”

seniors and put pressure on the new players or youngsters. We also feel that wickets in the West Indies are doubled paced and there is low bounce and Afridi can not only shore up the lower order but also be effective as a bowler on such pitches. SqUADS: OdI: nasir Jamshed, Ahmed Shahzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Misbah-ul-Haq (captain), Asad Shafiq, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Saeed Ajmal, wahab Riaz, Junaid khan, Mohammad Irfan, Asad Ali, Umar Amin, Mohammad Rizwan, Abdul Rehman, Haris Sohail. t20: nasir Jamshed, Ahmed Shahzad, Mohammad Hafeez (captain), Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Hammad Azam, Saeed Ajmal, wahab Riaz, Junaid khan, Mohammad Irfan, Asad Ali, Umar Amin, Sohail tanvir, Zulfiqar Babar, Haris Sohail.

Petition filed

against salman LAHORE: A petition has been filed in a Pakistani court seeking registration of a criminal case against disgraced cricketer Salman Butt. It also requested the court to take back all awards and medals from Butt after he confessed to his crime. The petitioner, a local lawyer, said since the cricketer had admitted to his crime, he should be brought to the book. An application had been pending with the Ghaziabad police station for registration of a criminal case against Butt but the police were reluctant to action against him, so the lawyer has requested the additional district and sessions court on Tuesday to order the police to lodge the case against the cricketer in accordance with law. The judge issued a notice to the station house officer Ghaziabad for July 9. Butt made a confession last week and sought an apology from the nation for his involvement in spot fixing. Earlier, he had denied his involvement and even requested Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudhry to help him as he was “innocent”. Butt has been serving a ban of 10 years along with other cricketers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir. sTAFF RePORT

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I’m very happy that this fight is finally made. The fans around the world are looking forward to this extravaganza between two Olympic champions. –Wladimir Klitschko




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ThArAngA, jAyAwArdene cAne IndIA gUAnA




AN’T seem to win a toss,” Angelo Mathews said suggesting he can’t catch a break nowadays when Sri Lanka were inserted on a track that has responded to West Indies quicks better than best of butlers. Four hours later, we had the first instance of an innings in a 50-over international ending with just one wicket down. Upul Tharanga and Mahela Jayawardene made a mockery of the teams’ suspicion of the damp surface with their 213-run opening, Sri Lanka’s second-best stand against India. Under the pressure of the mountain of runs, India huffed and puffed past… Upul Tharanga’s score of 174. This was Jayawardene’s first ODI century in two years and 50 innings, but it was Tharanga who claimed an illustrious record en route his highest ODI score. This was the seventh time he was involved in a double-century partnership, joint-highest along with Ricky Ponting. Tharanga’s was the third-highest individual score against India; four out of the best five individual efforts against India have come from Sri Lanka. Both, though, benefitted from some generous Indian fielding and bowling: Jayawardene was dropped on 25, Tharanga was missed on 2 and 91. Generally, too, India - missing the injured MS Dhoni - lacked the edge both with the ball and in the field. Apart from not being able to take wickets, India were pretty loose with the ball. At the death, they kept bowling length, went for at least one boundary in every over since the Powerplay was taken in the 35th over, and conceded 180 in the last 16 overs. Tharanga’s acceleration was stark: from 72 off 105 to the eventual 174 off 159. Captaining India for the first time, Virat Kohli brought in Shami Ahmed ahead of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, a move that will be debated. Bhuvneshwar gave India breakthroughs with the new ball in most of the matches he played, but Shami didn’t pose any threat. Another man coming in, M Vijay, dropped Jayawardene. The Sri Lanka openers gave the pitch

DHoni ruleD out oF West inDies series NEW DELHi: India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been ruled out of the remainder of the TriNations Series in the West Indies due to a hamstring injury, the BCCI has announced. The wicketkeeperbatsman sustained the injury while batting during the one-wicket loss to the West Indies on Sunday and will now take no further part in the tournament. Virat Kohli, who skippered the side when Dhoni failed to take the field for the hosts’ run chase, will continue

the respect the first two low-scoring matches have accorded it, but it was obvious that either the track was much drier or it was the West Indies fast bowlers who exploited the moisture much better. Of the three quicks, only Umesh yadav extracted some help from the pitch, but he too strayed with his length, allowing

wATson celeBrATes oPenIng recAll wITh wArM-uP Ton LONDON: Australia’s Shane Watson marked new coach Darren Lehmann’s decision to restore him to the top of the order by scoring a century in the tourists’ final Ashes warm-up match against Worcestershire. Under recently sacked coach Mickey Arthur, allrounder Watson was deployed mainly as a middle-order batsman, with Ed Cowan and David Warner opening. But one of the first decisions taken by former test batsman Lehmann, appointed just 16 days before next week’s first test against England in Nottingham, on succeeding Arthur was to restore the 32year-old Watson to his favoured batting position. Monday saw Lehmann announce that Watson and Chris Rogers, looking to revive his test career after a lone appearance five years ago, would open in the first test at Trent Bridge. Tuesday saw the duo back up his decision with a first-wicket stand of 170 that helped Australia reach 340 for four at the close of the first day of four. Watson made 109 in just 111 balls, including 14 fours and two sixes, while Rogers, vastly experienced in English county cricket, made 35. AgeNcIes

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad girls basketball team after winning the National Women Championship defeating Punjab in the finals. Among the players is Amina Saeed Khan who played a major role in Islamabad’s success.

to captain for the remainder of the series while Ambati Rayudu will take Dhoni’s place in the squad. The 27-year-old could now be in line for an international debut against either Sri Lanka or the West Indies this week. “Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been ruled out of the ongoing tri-series in the West Indies, due to a hamstring injury,” a statement from the BCCI read. “The All-India Senior Selection Committee has picked Ambati Rayudu as his replacement in the squad. Rayudu will join the team at the earliest. “Virat Kohli will lead India in the remainder of the tri-series.” AgeNcIes

Tharanga to play his favourite cut shot often. The innings’ first boundary came through that cut. Ishant Sharma, at third man, made an equal contribution by letting the ball through. By then, Rohit Sharma had missed a half chance when he failed to hit the only stump visible from point. Tharanga was only 2 then.

The first five overs brought only 16 runs, but soon the batsmen shed caution. yadav’s pace was used well when lofted over the infield. And Ishant drew no respect. Jayawardene walked down the wicket to loft him over long-on, and in the same over yadav misfielded at fine leg to return the favour to the bowler.

scORebOARD sri Lanka innings wu Tharanga not out 174 DPMD Jayawardene c yadav b Ashwin 107 44 AD Mathews not out 23 extras (b 1, lb 6, w 16) 348 Total (1 wicket; 50 overs; 228 mins) Did not bat MDKJ Perera, Kc sangakkara†, LD chandimal, HDRL Thirimanne, KMDN Kulasekara, sMsM senanayake, HMRKb Herath, sL Malinga Fall of wickets 1-213 (Jayawardene, 38.4 ov) bowling: shami Ahmed 10-0-68-0, uT yadav 8-0-64-0, I sharma 9-0-68-0, RA Jadeja 9-0-55-0, R Ashwin 10-0-67-1, V Kohli 2-0-9-0, sK Raina 2-0-10-0 India innings 5 Rg sharma c Mathews b Kulasekara 24 s Dhawan c Tharanga b Herath M Vijay b Malinga 30 V Kohli c Malinga b Mathews 2 22 KD Karthik st sangakkara b Herath 33 sK Raina run out (Malinga/Jayawardene/Mathews) 49 RA Jadeja not out R Ashwin c Malinga b senanayake 4 shami Ahmed b senanayake 0 2 I sharma c sangakkara b Herath uT yadav b Malinga 0 16 extras (lb 4, w 12) Total (all out; 44.5 overs) 187 Fall of wickets 1-12 (Rg sharma, 4.2 ov), 2-52 (Dhawan, 14.3 ov), 3-57 (Kohli, 15.5 ov), 4-65 (Vijay, 18.3 ov), 5-118 (Karthik, 28.1 ov), 6-142 (Raina, 33.5 ov), 7-153 (Ashwin, 37.4 ov), 8-153 (shami Ahmed, 37.5 ov), 9-166 (I sharma, 40.3 ov), 10-187 (yadav, 44.5 ov) bowling: KMDN Kulasekara 9-0-37-1, AD Mathews 8-2-23-1, sMsM senanayake 10-0-46-2, HMRKb Herath 10-0-37-3, sL Malinga 7.5-0-40-2 Toss India, who chose to field sri Lanka won by 161 runs Points sri Lanka 5, India 0 Player of the match wu Tharanga (sri Lanka) umpires IJ gould (england) and Js wilson TV umpire PJ Nero Match referee JJ crowe (New Zealand) Reserve umpire N Duguid

Ravindra Jadeja was the first to draw a risky approach from Sri Lanka, but Vijay dropped the reverse hit at shortish backward point. Jayawardene rubbed it in when he reversed Jadeja emphatically for a four later, but it was his chips over extra cover off both the spinners that were delightful. Tharanga, meanwhile, was happy to be inconspicuous. It was perplexing that India introduced R Ashwin in the 20th over, and by then Sri Lanka had reached 90 without much trouble. Jayawardene was 49 off 58 then, and Tharanga 36 off 56. The same trend continued as Jayawardene kept hitting the odd boundary in the middle overs and almost on auto-pilot they had strolled to 168 in 34 overs.


Former Pakistan legspinner Danish Kaneria was urged to “come clean” after his lifetime ban from cricket remained in place on Tuesday when the england and Wales Cricket Board (eCB) rejected his appeal at a hearing in London. Kaneria was given a life ban by the eCB last year after a panel found him guilty of inducing his then essex teammate Mervyn Westfield to deliberately under-perform by agreeing to concede a certain number of runs in return for money while bowling in a county one-day match in 2009. After Tuesday’s verdict, eCB chairman Giles Clarke, who was also chairman of the International Cricket Council’s Pakistan task force from 20102012, said: “It is high time that Mr Kaneria came clean about his involvement in these corrupt activities and stopped misleading the Pakistan cricket fans and wider public with his empty protestations of innocence.” Although imposed by the eCB, the now 32-year-old Kaneria’s ban was effectively a worldwide sanction as boards under ICC jurisdiction have agreed to uphold punishments imposed by individual countries in such

kAneIrA ‘dIsgusTed’ By APPeAl loss LAHORE: Former Pakistan leg-spinner Danish Kaneria said on Wednesday he was “disgusted” by England’s decision to uphold his life ban for spot-fixing, and claimed he was being victimised. An appeal panel of the England and Wales Cricket Board discipline commission upheld the ban in full on Tuesday, the second time Kaneria has lost an appeal against ECB charges. The 32-year-old was handed a life ban by the ECB last year after a panel found him guilty of inducing his then Essex team-mate Mervyn Westfield to deliberately under-perform by agreeing to concede a certain number of runs in return for money while bowling in a county one-day match in 2009. After Kaneria’s first appeal was rejected in April he had asked for the ban to be reduced. sTAFF RePORT

circumstances. It was not until 2010 that the scandal became public when essex police arrested both Kaneria and Westfield.

However, the Pakistani was released without charge and has maintained his innocence throughout. By contrast, legal proceedings against Westfield

continued and he spent two months in prison, as well as being banned for five years from first-class cricket and three from recreational cricket by the eCB. Tuesday saw an appeal panel of the eCB’s cricket discipline commission uphold Kaneria’s ban in full although it chose to ‘vary’ the sanction imposed on Westfield by saying he could return to club cricket on April 1 next year, provided he took part in a “stringent” anticorruption programme organised by england’s Professional Cricketers’ Association. Kaneria has now seen two appeals against eCB charges fail after a CDC panel dismissed his case in April. And Clarke was in no doubt about this latest decision, saying he hoped it would serve as a “stark reminder” of the “life-changing consequences of corruption”. “We note, with regret, that Mr Kaneria has neither made any admission of guilt nor expressed any remorse for his corrupt actions despite the weight of evidence against him and the fact that, after two lengthy hearings, his guilt has now been resoundingly established on two separate occasions by two separate independent panels,” Clarke said in a separate eCB statement.

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I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs throughout my career. I’ve had so many injuries. –Kirsten Flipkens

17 S

SPORTS Thursday, 4 July, 2013

rodgers ProMIses More sIgnIngs for lIverPool

ANFiELD: Brendan Rodgers says Liverpool’s spending this summer is not finished yet despite the arrival of four new players. Kolo Toure, Simon Mignolet, Iago Aspas and Luis Alberto all reported for the first day of pre-season on Tuesday after completing summer moves to Anfield. And Rodgers remains in the hunt for further new recruits, with a creative player top of his list. Shakhtar Donetsk star Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been frequently linked with a move to Anfield. Rodgers said: “Certainly another attacking player will really benefit us, and probably another defender. “We’ll see how it develops over the course of the next few months.” Rodgers has achieved his initial target of signing players early in the summer, and the club’s swift business comes on the back of January moves for Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho. He told the club website: “It’s a big thing to the club because we looked at last summer and there were lots of things that were difficult for us. That meant that the opening period of the season was difficult. “From that we’ve got all our people involved, our recruitment team in - and they got to work as soon as they came in. “We brought great signings in in January and that’s really helped us. Obviously the plan was to get our signings in as soon as we possibly could - and we still hope to make a few more. AgeNcIes

MURRAY BEATS VERDASCO IN FIVE SETS LONDON: Andy Murray fought back from two sets down to beat Fernando Verdasco and reach the Wimbledon semi-finals. Murray pulled off a remarkable salavage operation as he came from behind to see off Verdasco. The No. 2 seed had been well below par in the opening sets - the first he has lost in these championships - and succumbed 6-4 6-3 as a stunned Centre Court crowd watched in disbelief. He won with a score of 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4, 7-5. But the Scot rallied, taking the next two sets 6-1, 6-4, and broke the Spaniard in the 11th game of the final set, serving out for a place against Pole Jerzy Janowicz in Friday's semi-final. He is still on course to meet Novak Djokovic in Sunday's final. AgeNcIes

orIcA greenedge seAl TIMe TrIAl

Perez hAIls new reAl sTAr Isco LonDon


MADRiD: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has hailed new signing Isco as one of the best players in the world. The former Malaga playmaker was unveiled today in front of thousands of fans at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The midfielder, who joins Madrid for a reported 27million euros (£23m) is the club’s third signing of the summer, after the returning Dani Carvajal from Bayer Leverkusen, and Casemiro from Sao Paulo. Perez declared the 21-year-old was signed because he fits in with new coach Carlo Ancelotti’s plan to “offer the best football possible”. He said: “We always look to bring the best players in the world to this club. “We need players that respond to the very high level that this club demands and who are conscious of the large responsibility that comes with wearing this shirt. “Therefore we are glad to present Isco as our player. “We have signed a player who at just 21 years of age has already amassed a loyal following of fans due to his high quality. He’s still a young player but he has shown he is prepared to compete at this level. AgeNcIes


OVAK Djokovic came through his toughest test at Wimbledon so far, beating Tomas Berdych in straight sets to make his 13th consecutive grand slam semifinal. Djokovic wasted four break points in the first set and was broken twice in the second, but he ultimately came through to record a deserved 7-6 (7/5) 64 6-3 win against the seventh seed. The top seed, who is yet to drop a set in the tournament, will play Juan Martin Del Potro in the last four and is still on course to play Andy Murray in the final. Djokovic admitted afterwards that he thought he could have lost the match. The 2011 champion told the BBC: “It was a strong start for me today. “I had a few break points, a few chances to break in the first set, but I didn’t manage to do that and the tie break was decided by one mistake with a forehand at 6-5. “It was a very close match, it could have gone either way. He could have won the first two sets, he had a double break in the second. “I don’t know how I managed to go ahead, I don’t know how I turned it around. I am really happy with the performance. I am playing some of the best tennis on grass of my career.” Djokovic was glad to see fellow Serb and Manchester United captain Nemanja Vidic in the crowd, along with former Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko, who had also come to watch. “It really means a lot to see Nemanja with Andriy here,” Djokovic said.

“I have only met (Vidic) once before briefly, but we are glad that he accepted the invitation to come.” Vidic, who snubbed a ticket in the Royal Box on Centre Court to come and watch his compatriot, saw Djokovic fly out of the blocks. The world number one fired down two big returns to earn a pair of break points, but Berdych saw off the challenge with a couple of forehand winners. Djokovic is used to overpowering his opponents from the back of the court, but today he met his match in the bighitting Berdych in the first set. The Serb often had to station himself six feet behind the base line in order to deal with Berdych’s big returns, which

sent his opponent slipping and sliding across the court. Djokovic spurned another break point in the seventh game when he returned long and he vented his frustration by yelling and striking the net with his racquet. Berdych saved another break point with a 129mph ace. Both players broke each other twice in the tie-break, but Djokovic struck the killer blow on his only set point, forcing his opponent to go wide following a powerful return. Winning the first set had a bad effect on Djokovic’s nerves as he was surprisingly broken twice to go 3-0 down in the second set.

Injury-rIdden del PoTro BATTles PAsT ferrer LONDON: Juan Martin del Potro had “magic pills” to thank as he reached the Wimbledon semi-finals for the first time to set up a clash with world number one Novak Djokovic. The Argentinian eighth seed suffered a nasty fall in the opening game of his match with fellow wounded warrior David Ferrer, but recovered to post a 6-2 6-4 7-6 (7/5) victory on Centre Court. Del Potro admitted he was “really close” to having to pull out of the match, but his bravery paid off. “I think it’s going to be dangerous if I’m not careful in the next few days,” he said after coming off court. “I think I played my best tennis of the tournament against David and I’m so happy to be in the semis.” The 2009 US Open champion sustained the initial setback when beating Grega Zemlja in the third round, but put up with it and battled through a last-16 tussle with Andreas Seppi to set up today’s contest with the Spanish fourth seed, who has been suffering with a sore big toe. “(I was) really close (to quitting) because I felt a lot of pain. It was exactly what I did before,” Del Potro said on the BBC. “It’s really painful, I twisted my knee once again. The doctor gave me some magic pills.” When 6ft 6in Del Potro took his tumble, the outlook for him looked bleak. AgeNcIes

NiCE: By the narrowest of margins the team with the famously banged-up bus beat two teams with some badly bangedup riders as Orica GreenEdge won team time trial. The Australian team, who caused chaos when their bus crashed into the finish line gantry on stage one of the 100th Tour de France, won their second consecutive stage and put former Team Sky rider Simon Gerrans into the yellow jersey. Their time of 25 minutes 56 seconds for the 25 kilometre course around Nice was just one second faster than Mark Cavendish’s Omega PharmaQuick Step squad and three seconds better than Team Sky, who will both wonder if they might have won were it not for some key injuries resulting from that opening day carnage. For Omega Pharma-Quick Step, the world team time trial champions, individual world time trial champion Tony Martin put in a fine ride considering the catalogue of injuries he suffered in Bastia, while Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas seemed to once again defy medical logic as he kept up with his team-mates despite riding on a cracked pelvis. Even so, Orica were the ones celebrating tonight as they doubled up 24 hours after winning their first ever Tour de France stage. And there was nothing lucky about their win as they recorded an average speed of 57.8 kilometres per hour, the fastest ever team time trial in any of cycling’s Grand Tours. AgeNcIes

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Whatever happens one of us will be in the semi-finals which makes history for Polish tennis. We are happy about what’s going on right now - it’s magical. –Lukasz Kubot

PAkIsTAn crIckeT AT ITs lowesT eBB LAHore



He interim chairman of the PCB on Wednesday called the Pakistan cricket an embarrassment in the back drop of a series of several allegations of fixing and cheating. The Pakistan cricket has reached its lowest ebb due to defeats, cheating allegations, teams refusing to tour and court cases to be resolved quickly, said the interim chief said. “Our cricket has reached the lowest ground,” Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) interim chairman Najam Sethi told reporters, speaking in english upon his return from last week’s International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting in London. “We are not winning matches. We are facing allegations of cheating with our players and an umpire being banned and teams refusing to tour, so we need to address all that,” said Sethi. Pakistan’s national team suffered a humiliating exit from the elite eight-nation Champions Trophy in england last month. Four Pakistani players — Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Aamer and Danish Kaneria — are banned for spot-fixing. International umpire Nadeem Ghouri was suspended for four years for agreeing to cheating, exposed in an Indian TV sting operation last year. PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf was last month suspended by a court in Islamabad on charges of controversy over his election, forcing the new government to appoint Sethi until Ashraf’s case is decided. Pakistan has hosted no top-level cricket since militants attacked the Sri Lankan team bus in

March 2009, killing eight Pakistanis and wounding seven visiting players. Sethi said international cricket can only resume if the security situation improves. “No one is ready to tour Pakistan since attacks on the Sri Lankan team,” said Sethi, a seasoned journalist who was interim chief minister of Punjab province before historic elections in May this year. “every country needs assurances on security and until and unless we give them those they will not tour,” he added. “I have talked to england and the West Indies boards for sending unofficial teams so that we can make a beginning,” said Sethi. “I have assured the ICC and other countries that a new government has taken over and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is determined to root out terrorism and on that they agreed to review our situation, provided things really improve.”Sethi said he is hopeful that Aamer’s five-year ban will be relaxed. “I stressed that the international community needed to review his case and I am hopeful that Aamer will get 20 per cent relaxation and we will hire an english lawyer to explore whatever relaxation we can get within the laws,” said Sethi. The ICC formed a five-man committee to look into Aamer’s ban earlier this week. Aamer, Butt and Asif were banned in 2011 for contriving deliberate no-balls in return for money during the Lord’s test against england a year earlier. Aamer alone pleaded guilty in a British court which jailed all three players along with their agent Mazhar Majeed. Appeals from Butt and Asif to the international Court of Arbitration for Sports were rejected earlier this year.

AUSTRALIA SETS SIGHTS ON USMAN QADIR els aims to be king of the castle at scottish open MUiRFiELD: World number 15 Ernie Els will prepare for his British Open title defence by going for his third Scottish Open victory next week. The 43-year-old South African previously won the British Open warm-up event in 2000 and 2003. “Playing the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open is not only the perfect preparation for The Open, it’s also a tremendous tournament in its own right,” Els said in a European Tour news release on Tuesday. “I have very fond memories of my two wins in the Scottish Open and if I can win it a third time next week it would be the perfect platform for my defence of The Open.” World number six Phil Mickelson will also compete at the Castle Stuart course in Inverness from July 11-14. AgeNcIes

SPortS DeSk

aFter inDucting pakistan-origin leg-spinner FaWaD in tHe teaM, australia noW Have eyes set on anotHer youngster FroM pakistan usMan QaDir WHo is none otHer tHan tHe son oF legenDary pakistan leg-spinner aBDul QaDir

Australia recently inducted Fawad Ahmed, after a change in its visa policy to play the legspinner of Pakistani origin, into their national set-up, and now have set their sights on another youngster from Pakistan Usman Qadir who is none other than the son of legendary Pakistan legspinner Abdul Qadir. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Usman, 19, played club cricket in Adelaide and for South Australia’s future league, which has elicited a lot of praise from coaches down there. It is apparent that Australia has struggled to find quality wrist spinners since Shane Warne‘s retirement. Fearing that Pakistan may lose out on a future star, Pakistan Cricket Board has swung into action. There are reports suggesting that PCB has decided to include Usman in their Test squad for the tour of West Indies later this month. It comes as a surprise to many as Usman has yet not played a first-class game. On the other hand, South Australia’s director of cricket

Jamie Cox, said of Usman: “He has shown some interest (in representing Australia) but I also know he’s of significant interest in his home system, we’re pretty much tip-toeing our way through our options from here.” Usman represented Pakistan in under-19 ODIs in 2012. His return to Adelaide this year is highly expected as Cricket Australia is keeping an eye on him. “We’ve left the conversation very open but we’ve made it clear to him that if he’s going to come back here again we’re going to want more of a commitment,” Cox said. “He hasn’t come out and said ‘if you can do this and that, then I’m yours’. I think he’s still very much considering it from what I can gather but he’s also very much in [Pakistan’s] eyes as well. We’ve sort of left it in Ussy’s hands.” Since Shane Warne’s retirement, Australia have played musical chair with spinners like Nathan Lyon, who is currently the first-choice in Tests while Xavier Doherty is the lead spinner in ODIs.

We will own team’s performance: Misbah-Hafeez LAHore sTAFF RePORT

Pakistan one-day captain Misbah ul Haq and T20 skipper Muhammad Hafeez said on Wednesday that they will own the good or bad performance of the team in the tour of West Indies and efforts would be made to inspire the team to success in both formats of the game. “The teams for both the formats have been finalized with mutual understanding under a performance based formula focusing on the importance of the tour“, they told media men at a news conference here on Wednesday at Gadaffi Stadium. Misbah accepted the responsibility of team’s debacle in england during the Champions trophy and attributed the defeat to the failure of the batting order. “There is no doubt that we exhibited

poor show in the Champions trophy and I accept the outcome and I will be accepting the results,what so ever, the team will achieve in West Indies“, he added. He defended the selection formation and said the selectors have presented a squad which is a combination of experience and youth eying on 2015 World Cup. “Fresh blood has been injected in the side keeping in view the future of team and it is a part of its re building for 2015 Cup“, he added. Misbah said young players including Ahmed Shahzad, Umar Amin and Haris Sohail have made a come back and expressed the confidence that they would be a vital part of the team by excelling in their respective departments. “I am confident that the young players will be in keen and healthy competition with the senior players and by that way they will be able to contribute in elevating

team’s overall performance“, he asserted. “We have a good track record when ever we played in Caribbean and hopes are high and morale is up for achieving productive results this time too“, he maintained. To a question, he said the conditions in West Indies suit the Pak team whose bowling attack has ample fire and urged the batsmen to demonstrate a higher level of skilful batting to lend support to the bowlers. Answering a question he ruled out any difference over the selection of the team and termed it a choice of the selectors, captains and the team management. “We will be taking into consideration the nature of wicket before every game to decide our final playing eleven as we will be aiming victory “,he said adding “ Based on the performance of Shoaib Malik there is no place for him in the team and

Shahid Afridi has been included as an all rounder”. He pointed out that the fitness level of players is at a higher side which will help them to perform to best of their abilities. T20 captain, Muhammad Hafeez said it is not fair to conclude about the performance of players on the basis of their appearance in two to three matches. “There is dire need to give ample chance to every player regardless to his failure in few games “,he said when his attention was drawn to the poor show of few players in the Champions trophy and who were named in the tour of West Indies. “It is a sour reality that our performance touched a low standard in the Champions trophy but we are looking into the tour of West Indies with a hope as all the players are determined to improve their performance”, he added.




Thursday, 4 July, 2013

wAtCh It LIve ESPN The Wimbledon Championships 2013

5:00 PM

TEN SPORTS Hockey World League 2013 Argentina-South Africa: 11:45 AM England-Japan: 2:00 PM Pakistan-Korea: 4:15 PM Germany-Malaysia: 6:30 PM

Montgomerie fails to qualify for British open

LONDON: Former world number two Colin Montgomerie blew his chance of taking part in this month’s British Open after a second-round 76 left him three over par in qualifying on Tuesday. The 2010 European Ryder Cup captain was one shot off the lead after an opening-round 69 during Local Final Qualifying at Gullane in Scotland before a round of 76, featuring four bogeys and a double bogey, saw him miss out by four strokes. “I got to five under and threw it away never mind,” the 50-year-old Scot said in a news release. “It’s not my schedule. I just played badly this afternoon. I didn’t get going at all.” Montgomerie, who won a record eight order of merit titles on the European Tour between 1993 and 2005, has never won a major despite several close calls with five runner-up spots among a total of 10 top-10 finishes. There were three qualifying spots up for grabs at Gullane with amateurs Ben Stow and Matthew Fitzpatrick joining Sweden’s Oscar Floren in securing their places at the July 18-21 major at Muirfield. At the qualifying event at The Musselburgh, Steven Tiley dominated the field to win by three shots to book his berth along with Scot Lloyd Saltman and Tyrrell Hatton. AgeNcIes

rooney seT for Moyes TAlks over fuTure

LONDON: Sky sources understand the England striker is due to hold face-toface talks with new United manager David Moyes at Carrington. Rooney verbally requested a transfer in May, according to outgoing boss Sir Alex Ferguson, and Chelsea, Arsenal and Paris St Germain have all been linked with a summer move for the player. But Rooney is yet to comment publicly on the speculation amid reports he disputes Ferguson’s version of events. A previous transfer request in the autumn of 2010 ended with Rooney signing a new deal at Old Trafford and helping the club to the Premier League title later that season. But Ferguson’s former assistant Mike Phelan, who left United earlier this summer, has questioned whether the 27-year-old really wants to stay this time. AgeNcIes

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Thursday, 4 July, 2013

President urges continuation of fATA reform process, empowerment of people ISLAMABAD APP


ReSIDeNT Asif Zardari while stressing continuation of reform process in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) on Wednesday said the people of these areas needed to be given their due rights, as they have suffered immensely at the hands of criminals, Taliban and drone strikes. Addressing a convention of people belonging to FATA here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, the president said he fully understood the pain of the people living in the tribal areas, as he himself had witnessed deaths of his close family members in incidents of terrorism. “Our family has suffered, we have sacrificed our lives, we understand your pain and will always stand by you,” the president reiterated. He said the people of the area were facing innumerable challenges due to the activities of local and foreign elements, including those of criminals and terrorists. President Zardari termed the reform process as “far reaching” and

said it would now enable the political parties to have some presence in the area that would allow them to participate in elections and serve the masses. He said the reforms initiated in this regard were not complete, but hoped the process would continue with the assistance of subsequent governments. Vowing to stand by the people of FATA, the president said he was proud to have done away with the archaic system prevalent in the area that was replaced with one that was reformsoriented and democratic to the core. He further said that during his tenure his focus was on serving the underprivileged, deprived, minorities and the women. Moreover, President Zardari said, “The rights given to the people of FATA can neither be withdrawn nor curtailed.” He expressed the hope that the current government would carry forward the reform process initiated in one of the country’s most impoverished areas. The President was addressing participants comprising tribal elders and elites, lawyers, educationists, students, women representatives

and journalists who had prepared the 19-point FATA Declaration that was approved by a grand assembly in Peshawar last month. The declaration urged full im-

plementation of the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) 2011 at the earliest, delivering fundamental rights to the people of FATA as enshrined in the Constitution, es-

govt has no real powers to end bloodshed: ttp SPOKESMAN SAYS MILITANTS KILLING SECURITY FORCES TO AVENGE WALIUR REHMAN MEHSUD’S DEATH MonItorIng DeSk The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Wednesday claimed that the PML-N government had no power to take decisions which could end bloodshed in the country, an english daily has reported. “The political government has yet to demonstrate its power and to take bold and independent decisions,” the paper quoted TTP spokesman ehsanullah ehsan as say-

ing. “How can we talk to the government if it does not exercise powers and the security establishment is still powerful and takes decisions,” he alleged. ehsan said the Taliban will respond positively when they felt that the government had real powers and took serious steps towards the peace process. “We have not only learnt militancy but we also know politics and how to sit on the negotiation table,” he said. REvENgE: The TTP spokesman also its militants had increased attacks on security forces to avenge the killing of the group’s deputy chief, Waliur Rehman Mehsud, the daily reported. Mehsud was killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan, along with six other militants, on May 29. A day after the TTP confirmed Mehsud’s death, ehsan said the TTP would “take revenge”, claiming that the “Pakistani authorities are sharing information with the

US to facilitate drone strikes”. ehsan also withdrew TTP’s offer to hold dialogues with the new government. The TTP spokesman, claiming responsibility for the earlier attack on a checkpost that killed six security men, said the attack was part of their plan to take revenge. “The Taliban take responsibility for the attack on the checkpost of the Frontier Constabulary of Urmar Police on the border of Frontier Region Peshawar last night,” the TTP spokesman told the paper. The paper quoted him as claiming injuring another 10 more FC personnel but avoided comments on reports that several security men were missing. “We will keep targeting the security forces during the revenge attacks,” he said. He said none of the Taliban were killed in a drone attack in Dandi Darpakhel which claimed 17 lives on Wednesday.

renewal of arms licences giving headache to applicants ISLAMABAD KAsHIF AbbAsI

Owing to sheer mismanagement and an ambiguous policy adopted by the Interior Ministry regarding renewal of arms licences, the resumption of the renewal process has begun yet, creating problems for the citizens, who want to follow the law by carrying legal weapons. earlier, the Interior Ministry had announced resuming the renewal of arms licenses from July 1. Since

then people have been visiting NADRA offices but have been told to wait for an indefinite period of time as the ministry is yet to issue notification in this regard. “The Interior Ministry had announced restarting the renewal of licences from July 1… I waited for this time eagerly. And on July 1, I came from Chakwal for the renewal of my license but I was told to wait for an official notification. I am in Islamabad since the last three days, and waiting for the notification. What non-

sense is this? Why is the government forcing us to carry illegal weapons?” said Muhammad Arshad. During the visit of NADRA offices at G-8 and Jinnah Super Market a number of people, most of them from far-flung areas, could be seen questioning the NADRA officials. “I have been visiting this office for the last one month. earlier, I was told to come after June 30. Today is July 3, but still there is no chance of renewal of licence of my pis-

tol,” said Ali Mumtaz. Talking to Pakistan Today, Nadir Shah, incharge of NADRA arms licences issuing branch at Jinnah Super Market said his office was supposed to issue or renew licences from July 1, but no notification was issued yet by the ministry. He admitted that due to the ambiguous policy, people were facing problems. However, he said being a government officer, he was doing what he was asked to do.

tablishment of Local Government system and setting aside reserved seats for women. Furthermore, President Zardari said the amendments made in the FCR were

aimed at empowering the people of the area and to ensure a bright future for the same. He recalled that suggestions were made that the reform process should be initiated once peace returned to the area, however he did not agree and went ahead with the reform package, along with taking measures for the establishment of peace. He said the process of change in FATA was in line with the policy under which women, youth, senior citizens and minorities have been empowered and due to which the province got the name Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The president also said he believed in serving the masses and was not inclined towards grabbing power for the sake of power. He added he empowered the parliament as he believed in the supremacy of the people and made public his desire to leave his office with dignity and honour on the completion of his term. Meanwhile, Shaheed Bhutto Foundation Chief executive Officer Khalid M Shafi said that FATA reforms were aimed at bringing the area into the mainstream.

india supports talks with taliban, accuses pakistan of harbouring militants BAnDAr SerI BegAWAn INP

At a time when the US is seeking to directly engage the Taliban, India’s shift away from its own “no-truck-with Taliban” policy became evident on Tuesday, when foreign minister Salman Khurshid said New Delhi supported dialogue with all sections of the Afghan society and armed opposition groups “including the Taliban”. Although Khurshid, who was addressing a meeting of the Asean Regional Forum, stressed that any dialogue in Afghanistan must recognise all internationally accepted red lines, his remarks here amplified the shift in India’s stand against Taliban’s inclusion in negotiations with Afghanistan. elaborating on the approach, Khurshid said, “But this process must be a broad based, Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation process, within the framework of the Afghan Constitution and internationally accepted red lines. This dialogue must involve all sections of the Afghan society and armed opposition groups, including the Taliban”. Without naming Pakistan, Khurshid

said there was a need for joint and concerted efforts to dismantle terrorist sanctuaries and safe havens beyond Afghanistan’s borders and disrupt all financial and tactical support for terrorism. “We must assist Afghanistan in its efforts to become a stable, democratic and pluralistic state. The international community must stay committed to Afghanistan in the form of development and security assistance during this period of transition and transformation,” he said. Meanwhile, Khurshid also sought to draw attention to Pakistan’s proliferation linkages with North Korea saying another area of deep concern for India was that of clandestine proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) technologies which posed a grave threat to international security. “With a view to address the risk of nuclear weapons, materials and technology falling into the hands of terrorists, India has been piloting a UN resolution in this regard for the past several years. In this context, the situation in the Korean peninsula and the DPRK’s links to clandestine proliferation emanating from our neighbourhood deserves careful scrutiny,” he said.

pervaiz rasheed nominated government’s spokesman ISLAMABAD INP

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has nominated Pervaiz Rasheed as the government’s spokesman. Rasheed is also the federal minister for information, broadcasting and national heritage. The nomination has been made with a view to ensure prompt response, uniformity of information and to avoid unnecessary overlapping.

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

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