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attack on polio team kills cop, injures another Unidentified miscreants fired shots at polio vaccination workers, killing one policeman while injuring another as they were providing security to a team of anti-polio health in Peshawar on Saturday, officials said. Police officials said the attack took place when gunmen fired at polio vaccination team at Bahadur Kallay area of Peshawar. The injured was shifted to a nearby hospital. He is reportedly in a critical condition. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. page 02

Mustafa Kamal resigns from senate seat

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Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Mustafa Kamal, who is credited for changing the face of Karachi during his time as mayor of the city from 2005-9, and a sitting senator, resigned from his seat on Saturday. However, a MQM spokesman denied that Kamal had stepped down from his position. Kamal cited ‘personal obligations’ behind his resignation but TV sources said that he had been forced to resign by his party leadership over “differences”. page 03

Bugti to be included in Balochistan curriculum

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The Balochistan government has decided to include the names of veteran Pashtun and Baloch leaders, including that of late Nawab Akbar Bugti, in the educational curriculum in the province. Balochistan Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik said on Saturday that it was decided in principle to educate Balochistan’s schoolchildren on the history of veteran Baloch and Pashtun leaders. He said that the names and political struggles of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo, Khan Shaheed Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai... page 05

pak, Us doubtful friends for each other: Haqqani

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Former ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani has said the United States and Pakistan are doubtful friends for each other and these doubts are very well rooted. Discussing the Pakistan–US relationship with chief foreign affairs correspondent of PBS, Margaret Warner on Friday, Haqqani said the reason is that Pakistan’s expectations from the relationship with the US are very different from what the US wanted. What has gone wrong over the years is that the Americans have assumed that they can buy over Pakistan’s leaders with promises or delivery of aid. page 06

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Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers. –Aristotle



Sunday, 1 December, 2013

Ex-navy official’s hEad found hanging from bridgE KARACHI INP

The severed head of a retired employee of the Pakistan Navy, whose beheaded body was found in Buffer Zone on Thursday, was found from the Sohrab Goth flyover by the police. Saleem Raza Qaimkhani was killed inside his house in Sector 16/4 in Buffer Zone area in Karachi. The police also found a panaflex sheet along with the head. “It read, ‘This is in revenge of the Rawalpindi incident,” SHO Ejaz Lodhi told reporters.

PTi dEmands nab chairman's rEmoval

PPP is a passion, not legacy of any player or mullah! Bilawal Bhutto says PPP will Be BacK in Power in 2018 KARACHI STAFF RePORT


AKISTAN People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday said Pakistan is not the property of any ‘maulvi’ or a ‘khilari’ (player), as he promised a resurgence of his party in the general elections scheduled for 2018. Without naming Nawaz Sharif, whom former president Asif Zardari had termed maulvi and Imran Khan as khilari, Bilawal lashed out at both parties during a speech at the 47th foundation day of his party. He said status quo hanged Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who had given the constitution, nuclear programme and true democracy to the country. He said it was a wrong perception that the PPP has been changed, adding that the party could never be changed as it has roots among the people. Bilawal predicted that his party would not only remain alive until 2018 elections, but would prove to be the country’s best party. The PPP leader said his father had

worKers scuffle, hurl chairs at each other in multan and Karachi given 18th Amendment which made provinces stronger, adding that it was Zardari who gave all his legal powers to parliament. He said it was Zardari’s wisdom that national flag waved in Swat valley again while the Benazir Income Support Programme helped poor people. INFLATION: Bilawal lashed out at the government, saying that storm of inflation and high prices in the country has crossed all limits. He said the government was planning to sell out national assets in the name of privatization, but in fact it is personalization to award their near and dear ones. PPP leaders participated in the gathering and cut a cake to mark the day. Relating history of Bhutto’s dynasty and its political struggle, Bilawal tried to make a connection with people of all provinces individually calling out people of Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan. “Cannot you understand my language,” he busted into shouting with emotions to counter objections on him that the PPP chair-

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari and Faryal Talpur cut a cake on the occasion of the party’s foundation day on Saturday. ONLINE

man cannot even understand Urdu. “Our relations are interwoven by blood, not words,” he added. SCUFFLES: Separately, the party workers scuffled with each other. The situation became worse when the workers hurled chairs at each other. Later, party leaders arrived at

Attack on polio team kills cop, injures another Police officials say gunmen fired at Polio vaccination team in Bahadur Kallay area of Peshawar




The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) on Saturday demanded of the government to remove the present NAB chairman instead of creating drama over his going on leave. While chairing core committee meeting of the party, Imran Khan reminded the government that the SC had implicated the present NAB in the NICL case and the office of NAB chairman should be above suspicion if accountability was to be effective. The present appointment showed the government's malafide on the issue of comprehensive and strict accountability, he added. Imran Khan also demanded of the government to raise the drones issue in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). He said the government should implement the decision of All Parties Conference. The PTI chairman asked the party leaders and the workers to prepare themselves for public rally against inflation. The meeting decided to continue blockade of NATO supplies.

Unidentified miscreants fired shots at polio vaccination workers, killing one policeman while injuring another as they were providing security to a team of anti-polio health in Peshawar on Saturday, officials said. Police officials said the attack took place when gunmen fired at polio vaccination team at Bahadur Kallay area of Peshawar. The injured was shifted to a nearby hospital. He is reportedly in a critical condition. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but the terrorist outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has repeatedly targeted health workers who are vaccinating against polio, accusing them of being spies. The violence has seriously hampered the immunisation campaign in Pakistan, which is one of the three countries in the world where polio is endemic. The resistance to polio vaccination by

Judiciary PlayEd ExEmPlary rolE in Ensuring rulE of law: cJP LAHORE



the scene and controlled the situation. Earlier in Multan, the ceremony turned into a fiasco as workers smeared the cake all over their faces and hands. A disturbance was also witnessed in Karachi when some charged workers scuffled with each other during a gathering.

PESHAWAR: A man mourns over the body of a policeman killed during a militant attack on an anti-polio team on Saturday. INP terrorists stiffened after the May 2011 raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in northern Pakistan as revelations surfaced that the Central Intelligence Agency had used Dr Shakil Afridi to run a fake vaccination campaign to gain access into Laden’s hideout.

Since then, the TTP terrorists have increased their attacks on the vaccination work and issued religious edicts claiming that the US uses it to run a spying network. Hard-line religious extremists also claim that the vaccinations aim to sterilise Muslims.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said the judiciary has played an exemplary role in ensuring respect of the Constitution and in enforcing the rule of law. Addressing the inauguration of Supreme Court Branch Registry building after renovation on Saturday, the CJP said, "I want to re-affirm the judiciary's commitment to the supremacy of the Constitution and the rule of law." He said, "Our society is appreciative of the principled and forward looking role of the courts and it expects the judiciary to find new dimensions to realise the goals and objectives set in the Constitution in future." He said the courts always came to the rescue of the downtrodden and helpless of society. The courts heard all and gave reasoned judgments to many controversial questions which won back respect of the people for the judiciary. The CJP said that the right to justice was recognised as a fundamental right and the provision of inexpensive justice was a command of the Constitution. He said the Supreme Court operates at all provincial headquarters besides the principal seat to achieve the objective. CJP-designate Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, Punjab Chief Architect Zohra Ashraf and famous architect Nair Ali Dada also addressed the ceremony.

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I have no ambition to govern men; it is a painful and thankless office. –Thomas Jefferson



Sunday, 1 December, 2013

nawaz promises push for afghan peace talks PaKistani Pm says mullah Baradar’s release Proves country’s commitment to Peace in afghanistan ISLAMABAD

says inclusive Political settlement Key to sustainaBle Peace in afghanistan Post-2014 us withdrawal

says PaKistan desires friendly relations with afghanistan Based on mutual resPect for sovereignty and territorial integrity

KABUL: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inspects the guard of honour with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. INP



RIME Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said that the release of a senior Taliban leader proves his country is committed to fostering peace in Afghanistan despite rising tensions in the region. During his first visit to Kabul since his election for a third term in May this year, Nawaz met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and assured the leader that “Pakistan would continue to extend all possible facilitation for the Afghan peace process”. He said the release of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the former Taliban number two, freed from years of detention last September, would help to jumpstart peace negotiations with the Taliban. On the occasion, a cousin of Baradar, also met the prime minister and requested for arranging a meeting with the Afghan militant commander. The request was backed by Karzai on which Nawaz asked the authorities concerned to arrange the meeting. The prime minister also met Qutbuddin Hilali of Hizb-e-Islami, Fatima Gilani, the daughter of Burhanuddin Gilani and former Afghan interior minister Abdullah Abdullah at a luncheon where all Afghan cabinet members were also present. ISAF commanders also met with the prime minister. Earlier,

PakisTan is againsT rEfugE To TErrorisTs in afghanisTan: fo

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told a joint press conference that an agreement had been reached with the Afghan president for a mechanism to allow members of the Afghan Peace Council to continue talks with Mullah Baradar. INCLUSIVE POLITICAL SETTLEMENT: He said that an inclusive political settlement was a key to sustainable peace in Afghanistan in the post-2014 scenario and that was why Pakistan had steadfastly supported an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process. President

Karzai said he desired to see Pakistan and Afghanistan free of terrorism and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit would help strengthen the bilateral ties. He said Afghanistan wanted strong economic ties with Pakistan, adding that they had discussed the peace process and how Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States could bring peace in the region. He also mentioned the recent visit of head of the Afghan Peace Council Salahuddin Rabbani to Pakistan. Nawaz said that all the stakeholders in Afghanistan must join hands for supporting

the efforts aimed at establishing sustainable peace in the country. “It is imperative to reverse the destructive cycle of conflict. This is the time to take decisive steps for moving forward the dialogue process and bringing it to a successful conclusion,” he said. MUTUAL RESPECT FOR SOVEREIGNTY: Nawaz said Pakistan desired friendly relations with Afghanistan based on the principles of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity. “A peaceful, stable and united Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s vital interest,” he said, adding that Pakistan’s

vision of a peaceful and prosperous neighbourhood could only be realised by having peace and stability in Afghanistan and by forging cooperative ties between the two countries. “We stand at the threshold of a consequential year in Afghanistan’s history. In 2014, the Afghan people would take major steps towards becoming the masters of their own destiny. We welcome this milestone and wish our Afghan brothers well,” the prime minister said. He hoped that other countries in the region would also work to reinforce efforts for stabilization of Afghanistan. He urged the international community that it must stay engaged to help Afghanistan’s reconstruction and economic development. Emphasizing strong trade and economic partnership, he said in the meeting they also reviewed the progress being made in advancing that goal and in developing a comprehensive, multi-dimensional relationship. ASSISTANCE ENHANCED: He lauded the deepening parliamentary dialogue and people-to-people contact and said this year; another batch of 600 would join thousands of other Afghan students to pursue higher studies in Pakistan. He said Pakistan had enhanced its commitment of assistance for reconstruction and socio-economic development in Afghanistan from $385 million to $500 million. The additional $115 million would be utilized to complete ongoing projects and initiate new ones, he added. Nawaz said Pakistan had also extended the stay of registered Afghan refugees up to December 2015. He said that both the sides agreed to accelerate the realization of trans-regional projects, including CASA-1000 and TAPI gas pipeline.

KARACHI: Women workers of Pakistan People’s Party shout slogans during a ceremony to celebrate the party’s 46th Foundation Day on Saturday. ONLINE

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan does not want that extremists from its side are provided refuge on Afghan soil, said Foreign Office (FO) spokesman Aizaz Chaudhry while talking to BBC on Saturday. He went on to say that “Pakistan desires that no political vacuum is created in Afghanistan in 2014 and Afghan factions should determine the future direction of their country in unison”. Citing bilateral security accord between US and Afghanistan, he said, “Pakistan understands it well that this accord will work for Afghanistan in future. But we want too that revocation of this accord does not lead to create any problem or repercussions for Pakistan or any third country.” He expressed his ignorance about the number of detained Afghan Taliban. However, he confirmed that the Afghan Taliban leaders have been released from time to time on the request of the Afghan government. He held that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was staging protests for stopping drone strikes and during these protests NATO supplies have been blocked. Afghan Transit trade is being affected too due to this protest, he added. ONlINe

afghan officials blamE PakisTan for firing morTars KABUL: Afghan officials in Kunar province on Saturday blamed the Pakistan Army for firing 38 mortars into the province in the past 48 hours. Officials of eastern Kunar province said the missiles landed in the Dangam and Shegal districts of the province, but no casualties occurred. Abdul Habib Sayedkhili, Kunar police chief, said, “1,466 missiles have been fired into Afghanistan from Pakistan this year, killing 18 civilians, wounding 18 others.” Swat terrorists fled to Kunar and Nuristan provinces after they were defeated by Pakistan Army and they frequently try to cross the border into Pakistan resulting in exchange of firing. New Taliban chief Mullah Fazlullah alias Mullah Radio is reported to be hiding in Kunar province. INP

Mustafa Kamal resigns from Senate seat, MQM denies LONDON AGeNCIeS Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Mustafa Kamal, who is credited for changing the face of Karachi during his time as mayor of the city from 2005-9, and a sitting senator, resigned from his seat on Saturday. However, a MQM spokesman denied that Kamal had stepped down from his position. Kamal cited ‘personal obligations’ behind his resignation but TV

sources said that he had been forced to resign by his party leadership over “differences”. However, A MQM spokesman in London denied reports of Kamal’s resignation and also rejected claims that the former Karachi mayor had “differences” with the leadership. The dynamic ex-mayor, who is much loved and admired by many Karachiites for his many developmental initiatives in the metropolis, was shortlisted for the World Mayor Prize in 2010.

Besides the numerous roads and bridges he helped construct, he is also credited with establishing the first of its kind Command and Control Center in Pakistan, a video surveillance facility for Karachi of international standard. It is situated in the main building of City District Government and equipped with the latest surveillance technology. Before his election as mayor, he served as the IT Minister for the Sindh province from 2003 to 2005.

ThrEE sEcuriTy officials killEd in mohmand agEncy PESHAWAR STAFF RePORT

As many as three security officials were killed and another two injured in a terrorist attack in the Baizai area of Mohmand Agency on Saturday. Reports said that the personnel were on routine patrolling when the militants attacked them. An official at Ghalanai headquarters of Mohmand Agency confirmed that three officials were killed and two injured. However, tribal sources said that there was fierce fighting in the area and the death toll could increase.

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Life without liberty is like a body without spirit. –Khalil Gibran

NEWS Sunday, 1 December, 2013

no dismanTling of iran nuclEar faciliTiEs, says rouhani TEHRAN: Iran will not dismantle its nuclear facilities, President Hassan Rouhani said in an interview with The Financial Times published Friday after a historic deal between Tehran and world powers. Asked by the newspaper whether dismantling Iran’s atomic facilities was a “red line” for the Islamic republic, Rouhani replied: “100 percent”. Israel has bitterly opposed the deal struck in Geneva last weekend, saying that any pact with Tehran must have the sole purpose of dismantling Iran’s nuclear capability. Pending negotiations for a broader agreement, the deal struck in Geneva early November 24 calls for a sixmonth’s freeze of Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for limited sanctions relief. But it does not call for dismantling Iran’s nuclear facilities. Rouhani meanwhile held out hope for further improvements in Iran’s relations with the United States. AGeNCIeS

courT frEEs noTorious lyari kingPin amEEn bulEdi KARACHI: A notorious figure in the Lyari gang war Ameen Buledi and his partners were freed on Saturday. A local court in Karachi freed Buledi and his partners after the police took back the cases against them. Buledi was arrested by the Lahore police in September along with two of his companions, Zubair and Junaid. He was wanted for murder, attempted murder, kidnapping for ransom and several other cases, the police had said, adding that Buledi was presented before several courts in connection with different cases for remand. Buledi had been identified by a witness during the identification parade carried out in a robbery case in a district and sessions court on October 1. He was also identified by a witness in a court in Karachi during the witness parade for the hotel murder case on September 30. Ameen Buledi was handed over to the police on a 10-day physical remand by a district and sessions court on September 20. ONlINe

China to launch moon rover on Monday BEIJING AGeNCIeS


HINA will launch its first ever moon rover mission on Monday, state media said, as Beijing embarks on the latest stage in its ambitious space programme. A rocket carrying the vehicle, named “Jade Rabbit” in a nod to Chinese folklore, will blast off at 1:30 am local time. “The Chang’e 3 is set to be launched for its moon mission from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center on Dec 2,” state broadcaster CCTV said on its verified Twitter account on Saturday. Official news agency Xinhua also confirmed the launch date, citing officials at the satellite launch centre. If successful, the launch will mark a major milestone in China’s space exploration programme, which aims to create a permanent space station by 2020 and eventually send someone to the moon. But its technology currently lags

behind the expertise of the United States and Russia. Beijing sees its military-run space programme as a marker of its rising global stature and growing technological might, as well as the ruling Communist Party’s success in turning around the fortunes of the once poverty-stricken nation.

China has previously sent two probes to orbit the moon, with controllers sending the first of them crashing into the lunar surface at the end of its mission. Early in November, Beijing offered a rare glimpse into its secretive space programme when it put a model of its six-wheeled moon rover on pub-

lic display. The rover was later named ‘Yutu’, or jade rabbit, following an online poll in which more than three million people voted. The name derives from an ancient Chinese myth about a white rabbit that lives on the moon as the pet of Chang’e, a lunar goddess who swallowed an immortality pill. Ouyang Ziyuan, head of the moon rover project, told Xinhua earlier this week that the ancient beliefs had their origins in the marks left by impacts on the lunar landscape. “There are several black spots on the moon’s surface. Our ancient people imagined they were a moon palace, osmanthus trees, and a jade rabbit,” he said. The rover’s designer, Shanghai Aerospace Systems Engineering Research Institute, claims several technological breakthroughs with the vehicle. The Shanghai-based institute, a unit of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, which is linked to the military, says the advances include

If successful, the launch will mark a major milestone in China’s space exploration programme, which aims to create a permanent space station by 2020 and eventually send someone to the moon. its “autonomous” navigation system and the way the wheels are able to grip the powdery surface of the moon. It can climb inclines of up to 30 degrees and travel up to 200 metres per hour, according to the institute.

US offers to destroy Syria's chemicals at sea AMSTERDAM AGeNCIeS

The United States has offered to destroy Syrian chemicals on a US ship, the global chemical weapons watchdog said on Saturday, and is looking for a suitable Mediterranean port where processing can be carried out. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has been under pressure to find an alternative plan for the destruction of Syria's poison gas arsenal after Albania backed out of hosting the work. The OPCW said 35 firms had expressed an interest in bidding for com-

mercial contracts by Friday's deadline for the treatment of about 800 tonnes (1 tonne = 1.102 metric tons) of bulk industrial chemicals that are safe to destroy in commercial incinerators.But another 500 tonnes of chemicals, including nerve agents, are seen as too dangerous to import into a country or process commercially, and will be treated offshore on the US ship. The OPCW said the operation would be carried out on a US vessel at sea using hydrolysis, adding a naval vessel was undergoing modifications to support the operations. "The United States has offered to contribute a destruction technology,

full operational support and financing to neutralize Syria's priority chemicals," an OPCW statement said. The Hague-based organisation, which won the Nobel Peace prize last month, has been given the task of overseeing destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stocks under an agreement which averted US missile strikes. It followed a sarin gas attack on the outskirts of Damascus in August which killed hundreds of people. Sigrid Kaag, head of the joint UNOPCW Syria team, said on Saturday the mission faced a challenge to get the most lethal chemical agents out of

Syria by the end of the year target, in the midst of a civil war which has killed 100,000 people. "But we are working to make sure we can meet all the deadlines," she told reporters in Damascus at the end of a week of talks with Syrian officials. She said the chemicals, located at various sites across Syria, would be packed, sealed and transported to the Mediterranean port of Latakia. "Then it will be transported to other ships by other member states that will send it to, in principle, a US vessel. It will not be (destroyed) in Syrian territorial waters".

Eight killed in Glasgow pub helicopter crash GLASGOW AGeNCIeS Eight people have been killed in the helicopter crash at a crowded Glasgow pub, police said Saturday, with 14 others seriously injured in hospital. Police Scotland Chief Constable Stephen House said the two officers and the civilian pilot aboard the police helicopter and five people inside The Clutha bar were all killed by the accident late Friday. “We can now confirm that the number of fatalities involved in this incident has risen to eight,” House told reporters at the scene. “Three of these eight fatalities were found within the helicopter and were

our colleagues in the helicopter crew. The remaining five people were found within the building. “Fourteen people remain seriously injured in Glasgow hospitals and are being cared for by health colleagues there.” He said the rescue mission was complex and ongoing and would not be quick. “We are dealing with a very sensitive investigation and operation here. It will go on for many days yet,” he said. “I'd also like again to commend the courage of the people in Glasgow who, heedless for their own safety, took action last night at the time of the incident and the many acts of kindness we've seen since.”

chinese PaPer says islamists seeK to Ban tv, singing BEIJING AGeNCIeS Islamists in China's far western region of Xinjiang are seeking to ban television, singing and other forms of entertainment, a newspaper said on Friday, adding that “religious extremism” was a disaster facing the area. China has stepped up its rhetoric against what it says is a threat the country faces from Islamist militants since an incident last month in which a vehicle ploughed into tourists on the edge of Beijing's Tiananmen Square, killing the three peoplein the car and two bystanders. China called the crash an attack carried out by people plotting holy war, and has reacted angrily to suggestions that it was because of frustration and anger over

government repression of the region's Muslims. In a front-page piece in the official Xinjiang Daily, Yusufujiang Maimaiti, the head of the region's employment bureau, said “forces” were furthering their “evil aims” by seeking to foist extremist beliefs on the region's Muslims. “Religious extremist forces ... don't allow people to sing or dance, they incite them to disobey the government, to not use marriage certificates and ID cards. They prevent them from watching television, films, and listening to the teachings of patriotic religious leaders,” he wrote. He did not identify the extremists but said they were ”distorting and falsifying” religious doctrine with a creed of opposing anyone who was different from them culturally or religiously.

2 childrEn diE in malakand wall collaPsE MALAKAND AGENCY: At least two children died and three others injured when the wall of a house collapsed on Saturday. Police said that the incident took place in Sakhakot Ghawar Kaley area of Malakand Agency where dilapidated wall of a residential house came down at the time children were busy in playing nearby. As a result five people were buried under the rubble of which two children died. The residents rescued the injured and shifted them to a hospital. INP

coP among 3 robbErs arrEsTEd PESHAWAR: The police arrested three robbers including an ex-policeman during a raid on Saturday and recovered looted gold from their possession. ASP Dr Mustafa Tanveer said on a tip off the police launched crack down in Gul Bahar area of Peshawar. During the operation, three robbers including an ex-cop were arrested along with 1kg gold, he added. Dr Mustafa said the detainees had looted the gold from a jeweler during a robbery at GT Road about one month ago. One person was injured in a low intensity blast near a petrol pump in Bahibnan area of Peshawar. INP

haiTians ProTEsT againsT govT PORT-AU-PRINCE: Thousands of young Haitians demonstrated in several cities demanding that President Michel Martelly step down. In the capital of Port-au-Prince, demonstrators from multiple neighborhoods converged on the US embassy to denounce what they said was US interference in the country. Riot police and UN peacekeepers blocked access leading to the embassy. No incidents were reported but tear gas was fired to prevent the demonstrators from reaching the diplomatic building. AGeNCIeS

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One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. –Plato



bugti among leaders to be included in balochistan curriculum We want our kids to know about their elders who sacrificed their lives for them: Balochistan CM QUETTA



HE Balochistan government has decided to include the names of veteran Pashtun and Baloch leaders, including that of late Nawab Akbar Bugti, in the educational curriculum in the province. Balochistan Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik said on Saturday that it was decided in principle to educate Balochistan's schoolchildren on the history of veteran Baloch and Pashtun leaders. He said that the names and political struggles of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo, Khan Shaheed Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai, Mir Yousaf Aziz Magsi and other leaders would be included in the curriculum. Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, a Baloch nationalist leader, was killed in August 2006 in an explosion in a cave where he

us dronE crashEs in nangarhar ProvincE KABUL INP

A US drone crashed in Chaparahar district of Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province on Saturday afternoon. Chaparhar district chief, Haji Mohammad Sadiq Dawlatzai, confirming the report said the drone crashed due to technical issues. The United States regularly uses drones for attacks and surveillance missions in Afghanistan, as well as in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal belt near the Afghan border, among other places. In the meantime, Taliban group in Afghanistan claimed that the US drone was shot down by Taliban militants. A spokesman for the Taliban group, Zabiullah Mujahid, in a statement said the drone was shot down by Taliban fighters in Chaparhar district on Friday afternoon. Mujahid also claimed that Taliban fighters carried out coordinated attacks on US airbase in Nangarhar province, which left several Afghan and coalition security forces dead.

world bodiEs kEEPing mum ovEr dronEs: fazl

had taken refuge during a military crackdown ordered by Gen Pervez Musharraf, who was president and army chief at the time. Bugti had led an armed campaign to press for provincial autonomy and a greater share of profits from Balochistan’s natural resources. The death of the Baloch chieftain had sparked angry protests in parts of the country. “We cannot deceive our younger generations,” Dr Baloch said. “We want our kids to know about their elders who sacrificed their lives for them.”

The inclusion of the history of the leaders in school textbooks has remained an outstanding demand of Baloch and Pashtun leaders in the province, said the chief minister. Provinces in Pakistan were empowered to independently make amendments in the educational curriculum after the passage of the 18th Constitutional Amendment by the National Assembly. The Balochistan government’s education department has already been in contact with educational experts to bring reforms in the curriculum. “Nobody should be concerned about our decision,” he assured, adding that his government will ensure the names of all those leaders who played role in creation of Pakistan. Dr Baloch further explained that the founding father of the nation, Quaid-eAzam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and national poet Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal would also be taught in schools. “We have no plan to exclude verses of Jihad from Islamic studies,” Ghullam Ali Baloch, the provincial secretary education said. The government is not going to make any amendments in Islamic studies book, he said.

ONlINe Two separate but similarly bitter disagreements over drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan have complicated relations between the United States and those two countries at a delicate moment, again highlighting the political complications from America's persistent reliance on the lethal remote-controlled weapons, according to a report in The New York Times. In Pakistan's tribal belt, meanwhile, what was thought to be CIA drone strike Friday killed a Pakistani militant days after a major political party, as part of its campaign to end the drone strikes, publicly named a man it said was America's top spy in the country. The use of these weapons, which is deeply resented, highlights the political costs to the United States of the drone campaigns, even as its range of military options in the region has started to narrow with US

combat troops leaving Afghanistan. The US military already has greatly restricted raids on Afghan homes, amid demands from Karzai for a complete ban on such operations. The raids, normally carried out by Special Operations forces to apprehend insurgent leaders, are the last routine combat missions of the United States in Afghanistan. In Pakistan, where there are no US military ground operations and the CIA controls the drones, that has long been the case. There, nationalist politicians have long denounced the CIA-led campaign in the tribal belt as a flagrant breach of sovereignty, and are employing new means to frustrate it. Friday's drone strike in Pakistan occurred at a delicate moment for the army, as leadership was passing from the previous army chief, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, to his successor, Lt Gen Raheel Sharif. In Afghanistan, even an apology by the US commander appeared to do little to assuage official anger.

PTi’s siT-in againsT naTo suPPly EnTErs 8Th day PESHAWAR

Names and political struggles of Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo, Khan Shaheed Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai, Mir Yousaf Aziz Magsi and other leaders would be included in the curriculum

Regarding the government’s plan to bring back 2.3 million out-of-school children, the secretary education said the provincial cabinet has approved free and compulsory education bill to ensure implementation of Article 25-A, which calls for education of every child. He said the bill would also be presented before the Balochistan Assembly for legislation.

Drone strIKes straIn Us tIes WItH paKIstan: report NEW YORK


Sunday, 1 December, 2013

The use of these weapons, which is deeply resented, highlights the political costs to the United States of the drone campaigns, even as its range of military options in the region has started to narrow with US combat troops leaving Afghanistan


Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf and its allied parties’ sit-ins to block NATO supply in protest against US drone strikes entered eighth consecutive day on Saturday. In Peshawar‚ the PTI and Jamaat-e-Islami workers have set-up protest camps at Ring Road near Hayatabad toll plaza and Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza. They are checking the documents of the containers to block transportation of any container if it is found carrying NATO supply.

PTi sTagEs anTi-dronE ProTEsT ouTsidE un in nEw york UNITED NATIONS/PESHAWAR INP

Braving bitter cold weather dozens of Pakistanis and their fellow Americans staged a demonstration in front of the United Nations (UN) building demanding an end to US drone attacks on Pakistan's territory. Shouting 'Drones Fly Children Die' they carried placards, saying that the remotely controlled aircraft violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan and called on President Barack Obama to stop the campaign. Speakers at the gathering condemned the killings of civilians especially children by drone attacks that they said were against international law. Some of those who addressed the protesters especially asked the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to take steps to ban the weapon. Pakistan US Freedom Forum’s Comrade Shahid, PTI’s Zaman Afridi and Muzzamil Anwar as well as a representative of CODEPINK, a US organization, spoke on the occasion. The Jamaat-e-Islami activists also joined the rally. Meanwhile, PTI’s sit-in to block NATO supply routes continued for the eighth consecutive day on Saturday. Hundreds of women supporters along with their children participated in the protests. The JI women workers said that they had come along with their children to prove that the whole nation, including women and kids, was against the drone strikes. The women protesters checked documents of transport vehicles carrying containers and shouted anti-US slogans. The PTI protesters said that they would follow Imran Khan’s directives and continue protests until the missile strikes are stopped on Pakistan’s soil.


Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) chief Fazlur Rehman has said the drone strikes have proved that the US was violating international norms, lamenting that the international organisations were playing a role of silent spectators. He said the US did not care about violation of international laws by violating sovereignty of Pakistan. Talking to party leaders and delegations on Saturday, he said: “These attacks are worst and clear-cut breach of international law.” The JUI-F chief said the government was lobbying for immediate end to drone strikes and it should call international organisations to play their part as well. He said the nation had already suffered and global powers were putting fuel to the fire through unmanned surgical strikes instead of working for betterment of the situation. He said the grand tribal jirga would play a role in bringing the government and Taliban closer for dialogue.

BUsInessMen BeMoan nato sUpplIes BloCKaDe say continued BlocKade hurting money circulation chain PESHAWAR AGeNCIeS The disruption of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO) supplies via Khyber Pakhtunkhwa involves costs with repercussions for national and provincial economies greater than the jobs lost and businesses temporarily closed, say businessmen. According to these businessmen, blockade of NATO supplies has started hurting money circulation chain, while the opportunity to generate foreign exchange is also being lost at a time

when the country’s forex reserves are under pressure. “Since NATO supply business is stalled, the money circulation capacity of local businessmen has strained and foreign exchange has also stopped coming from foreign firms,” said a forwarding agent involved in the NATO supply business. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s NATO supply disruption camps at five points in four districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa continued for the eighth consecutive day on Saturday, causing increase in cost of doing business. The forwarding agent, who requested anonymity, said the country’s capacity to receive foreign exchange from foreign contractors had been compromised. According to him, the trucking companies dealing in NATO supplies have stuck in a dead end.

As a result, thousands of truck drivers and their support staff, customs clearance agents, and forwarding agents involved in NATO supply business are out of business. Firms in Karachi and their forwarding agents in Peshawar and Torkham don’t have much to do right now and they are waiting for the supplies to commence, said the businessman. “Warehouses in Karachi are filled with NATO supplies but currently, no one is even thinking to dispatch the goods via Peshawar to Jalalabad and Kabul,” he said. According to an official source, some 150 trucks loaded with NATO supplies have stopped ahead of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after leaving Karachi before November 23 when PTI chief Imran Khan addressed a rally at Peshawar’s Ring Road.

Warehouses in Karachi are filled with NATO supplies but currently, no one is even thinking to dispatch the goods via Peshawar to Jalalabad and Kabul a ForWarDIng agent

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The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. –Dante Alighieri

06 N

NEWS Sunday, 1 December, 2013

paK, Us DoUBtFUl FrIenDs For eaCH otHer: HaqqanI WASHINGTON INP


ORMER ambassador to the United States, Hussain Haqqani has said the United States and Pakistan are doubtful friends for each other and these doubts are very well rooted. Discussing the Pakistan–US relationship with chief foreign affairs correspondent of PBS, Margaret Warner on Friday, Haqqani said the reason is that Pakistan's expectations from the relationship with the United States are very different from what the United States wanted. What has gone wrong over the years is that the Americans have assumed that they can buy over Pakistan's leaders with promises or delivery of aid. He said Pakistan's leaders have always lived under the delusion that, at one point or another, the Americans will come around to Pakistan's way of thinking and that simply has not happened in 66 years. In reply to a question, the former am-

aziz rEPrEsEnTs PakisTan in TashkEnT mEETing

TASHKENT: Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz represented Pakistan in the 13th Council of Heads of Government (CHG) of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) being held on Saturday. Addressing the forum, the Adviser lauded the principles of the SCO, its impressive accomplishments and regional approach to offer a template for global peace, security and economic growth. The adviser highlighted Pakistan's continued engagement with SCO and looked forward to work closely with it. On the sidelines of the meeting, the adviser met Kamilov Abdulaziz Khafizovich, foreign minister of the Uzbekistan. Both the leaders reviewed the entire gamut of bilateral relations and agreed to expand cooperation in all spheres especially communication linkages between two countries and energy. They also discussed the regional situation, including Afghanistan and agreed to continue to consult on regional developments. The advisor also met MS Noeleen Heyzer, the Under Secretary General of UN and Executive Secretary of ESCAP. Pakistan enjoys Observer status in SCO and its full membership is currently under consideration by SCO members. Pakistan believes that an expanded SCO can play an important role in promoting regional trade and economic cooperation. APP

Pml-n, alliEs To mEET on dEc 2 LAHORE: A meeting of Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) and its allied parties will take place on December 2 to evolve a strategy seeking the Parliament’s nod for Protection of Pakistan Ordinance (PPO). Sources said the PML-N has convened the meeting of its coalition partners on December 2 in Parliament House. Leader of the House in Senate Raja Zafarul Haq will preside over the meeting. PML-N will take on board its allied parties on PPO. Overall law and order and political situation of the country and drone strikes will be discussed in the meeting. Sources said that ongoing protest movement by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will also come under discussion during the meeting. ONlINe

bassador said a shared interest or a common enemy is absolutely essential for an alliance. "In the case of Pakistan and the United States, Pakistan's primary interest, as defined by its elite, which I often question, is to become India's military equal and to wrest control of Kashmir. Those two interests are not America's interests,” he said. “And yet America has built up Pakistan's military potential over the years and continues to do so, assuming that Pakistan will eventually use those arms for agendas the Americans set for them. “That is not going to happen. That has not happened in the last 66 years,” he said. Haqqani said the American stereotype of Pakistanis is well-spoken individuals who have a Western education, coming from the British background, always eager and ready to do what they're told, or repeatedly learning that is not the case, but always assuming that. In recent years, the stereotype has changed to be - to the deceptive Pakistani, or the terrorist-harboring Pakistani. The Pakistani stereotype of America

- Americans is the arrogant American, the ignorant American, and the American who has no understanding of other people's culture or history. He said the Americans have a tendency to not take other people's history very seriously. Pakistan, on the other hand, has spent a lot of time and energy trying to create a narrative of history that justifies its existence, because its existence is often questioned by other nations. He agreed with the questioner that Pakistanis are suspicious of the rest of the world. "In fact, in recent years, I have complained that my compatriots are becoming rather xenophobic. Conspiracy theories are rampant in Pakistan. And that comes from a sense of insecurity". When Margaret Warner pointed out that US President Barrack Obama now, with US Secretary Kerry, appear to be trying to revive this relationship under the new prime minister, Nawaz Sharif what would be his advice to them, Haqqani said Presi-

dent Obama and Secretary Kerry should continue their efforts to try and engage with Pakistan, but this engagement should be based on reality and not illusions. He suggested that they shouldn't focus purely on reviving the military-to-military and intelligence-to-intelligence relationship, but actually take an interest in understanding what the discourse or debate is within Pakistan about Pakistan's own interests. He said neither Pakistan nor the United States should look upon each other as allies. That would be the first step towards a reality-based relationship. Both should understand that we do not have a shared enemy and we do not have a shared interest. Pakistan needs to educate its children who don't go to school. Pakistan needs to get away from a religion-based nationalism to a nationalism of shared interests of the population. The United States can't see the world as divided between allies and enemies. Actually, there are many countries that are neither, and Pakistan is one of them, he said.

Americans have a tendency to not take other people's history very seriously. Pakistan, on the other hand, has spent a lot of time and energy trying to create a narrative of history that justifies its existence, because its existence is often questioned by other nations

acting CeC takes oath LAHORE APP Justice Nasirul Mulk, the senior most judge after chief justice-designate Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, on Saturday took oath as acting chief election commissioner (CEC). Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry administered oath to the new acting CEC in a ceremony held at the Supreme Court Lahore Registry. The ceremony was attended by Supreme Court judges including Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed and others as well as LHC Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, LHC Judges and senior lawyers. Justice Nasirul Mulk was appointed acting CEC after the resignation of Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani.

Kayani's legacy exPoses cold truth at heart of turBulent PaK-us ties: rePort LONDON ONlINe When he left his post on Friday, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, the inscrutable Pakistan Army chief and former spymaster, will end a nearly decadelong chapter as the focus of American fears and frustrations in Pakistan, the reluctant partner in a contentious and often ill-tempered strategic dance. According to an International New York Times report, suspicious American officials frequently accused him, and the 600,000-member army he led, of double-dealing and bad faith: supporting the Afghan Taliban, allying with militant groups who bombed embassies and bases, and sheltering Osama bin Laden. Those accusations were made in private, usually, but exploded into the open in late 2011 when Admiral Mike Mullen, the American military chief who sought to befriend Gen Kayani over golf and dinners, issued an angry tirade to Congress about Pakistani duplicity. The taciturn Gen Kayani weathered those accusations with a sang-froid that left both allies and enemies guessing about what, or whom, he knew. But few doubted that he nursed grievances, too — about CIA covert operations, the humiliating raid that killed Bin Laden, and perceived American arrogance and inconstancy.

Gen Kayani, 61, steps down with those arguments still lingering. And reckoning with his legacy exposes a cold truth at the heart of the turbulent American-Pakistani relationship: that after years of diplomatic effort, and billions of dollars in aid, the countries’ aims and methods remain fundamentally opposed — particularly when it comes to the endgame next door in Afghanistan. “We have almost no strategic convergences with Pakistan, at any level,” admitted a senior American defense official. “You’ll never change that, and it’s naïve to think we can do it with an appeal to the war on terror.” Seen through Pakistani eyes, however, General Kayani was a more tangible, even positive, force. Despite his personal antipathy for the country’s civilian leadership, he restrained army meddling in politics and tolerated increased criticism in the news media. After the country’s first successful completion of a democratic election cycle, Pakistanis can dare to imagine that a long era of military coups might be over. Further, he was at least partly successful in refocusing the army’s monomaniacal attention on India, the old enemy, toward a new threat posed by the militants lurking in the country’s remote areas.

For all that, his authority was never seriously challenged. “He’s one of the most powerful generals Pakistan has ever had,” said Vali R. Nasr, the dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Now, as he hands off to his successor, at a time of diminishing American engagement in the region, the largest question about the enigmatic general is how much of that legacy will endure. In many ways, General Kay was the antithesis of the swaggering general and junta leader he succeeded, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, and his mandate after taking the top army post in 2007 was to repair the prestige that was tarnished under Gen Musharraf’s watch. He has been quiet and philosophical where Gen Musharraf was loquacious and boastful. Foreigners complained that his reserve could be unnerving, and that he mumbled. In meetings, he sat like a perched eagle, occasionally darting out for a cigarette. Those who knew him well said his public reserve was simply a tactic: In private, with small groups he trusted or needed, he could be blunt and forceful. “He was the anti-Musharraf,” said Shuja Nawaz, the author of “Crossed Swords,” a history of the Pakistani Army. But the rise of the Pakistani Taliban posed an immediate challenge. The

Taliban’s drive to destroy the security forces and central government shook the Pakistani military’s jihadist sympathies, through unprecedented violence: the beheading of soldiers, the assassination of senior generals, and even suicide bombings against the feared military spy agency, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI.

The taciturn Gen Kayani weathered those accusations with a sang-froid that left both allies and enemies guessing about what, or whom, he knew. But few doubted that he nursed grievances, too — about CIA covert operations, the humiliating raid that killed Bin Laden, and perceived American arrogance and inconstancy

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Politics have no relation to morals. — Niccolo Machiavelli

LAHORE Sunday, 1 December, 2013

WeatHer updateS

250C High

080C p

artly Cloudy

low Monday

tueSday WedneSday

24°C i 11°C

24°C i 11°C

23°C i 09°C


Fajr 5:16

SunriSe ZuHr 6:46 11:55

aSr MagHrib iSHa 3:26 5:04 6:34

dEnguE givEs a hickEy 25 neW DengUe Cases reporteD In pUnjaB LAHORE: Fall in mercury as winter set in has also failed to control dengue virus as 25 new cases surfaced across the province on Saturday. Provincial Health department sources said 25 people shifted to different hospitals in various districts of Punjab were found affected of dengue virus. Of the total affected people 17 belong to Lahore, one each to Gujranwala and Sahiwal and six to Rawalpindi district. With the detection of new cases total number of dengue patients in the province has reached 2385. Health department said that 2279 dengue atients have recovered after treatment while 81 are under treatment in different government and private hospitals. Citizens seem terrified over the rapid outspread of dengue. They also expressed their dissatisfaction over the treatment facilities for the dengue patients at governmental hospitals and steps taken to overcome the deadly disease which was posing threat to the lives of poor people. INP

chErishing ThE sacrificEs ppp CeleBrates 46tH FoUnDatIon Day LAHORE



UNJAB Pakistan Peoples Party on Saturday celebrated its 46th foundation day and organised a congregation at Aiwane Iqbal. PPP leadership of Punjab and Lahore chapters attended the ceremony. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari addressed the participants from Karachi through video link. PPP Punjab President Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo in his address

paid tribute to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (late) and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto (late) for their sacrifices for the cause of country and democracy. PPP Lahore President Samina Khalid Ghurki said the provincial capital was lucky where the foundation of the country’s largest party was laid 46 years ago, adding the ‘jialas’ of Lahore loved the party and the gathering was a proof of it. PPP Punjab General secretary Tanveer Ashraf Kaira, PPP leader Chaudhary Manzoor Ahmad, former opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz Ahmad, Peoples Lawyers

Forum leader Khurram Latif Khosa, PPP Punjab leader Navid Chaudhary, PPP Women Wing President Belum Hussnain and PPP Women Wing Lahore President Faiza Malik also addressed the ceremony. Former federal minister and former PPP Punjab President Imtiaz Safdar Warraich, PPP Punjab Information Secretary Raja Amir, PPP leaders including Nawabzada Ghazanfar Gull, Robina Shahin Wattoo, Aslam Gill, Ghulam Mohyuddin Dewan, Babar Sohail, Mian Misbahur Rehman and Ghulam Fareed Kathia also attended the gathering.

TakE Economy uP To bring down dronEs Drones Can only Be stoppeD tHroUgH strong eConoMy not By protest, says saaD raFIq


frankly my dEar, i JusT don’T lovE you! tHree FeMale FrIenDs Move CoUrt For DIvorCe, notICes IssUeD to HUsBanDs For 26tH LAHORE: Three female friends who earlier entered love marriage moved to court on Saturday for divorce to get rid of their goof-off husbands. Bushra, Razia and Kalsoom, three close friends hailing from different areas of Lahore entered love marriages with three different persons without taking consent of their respective families. However, few months after their marriages all the friends moved court for seeking divorce with owing to different complaints about their husbands. Bushra was of the view that her husband who claimed to be a businessman was salesman and failed to fulfill pledges made to her before marriage. Razia said that her husband who assured her to give status of princess after marriage, now treats her as house maid. Kalsoom was of the opinion that her husband was not able to provide two time meals to her. The court upon the petitions of three women issued notices to their husbands to appear before the court on December 26. INP



A many as 603 students graduated in various disciplines from Forman Christian College (A Chartered University). There were a total of 523 baccalaureate and 80 masters and MPhil graduates. The valedictory speech was given by Nauman Ismail Khan, BS (Hons) Economics, who had a CGPA of 3.99. In addition to conferring degrees, medals were awarded to 20 students for achievements in their respective disciplines. In his address, the FCC Rector Dr James A Tebbe announced that this Commencement marked the start of Forman Christian College’s 150th anniversary celebrations, which will conclude next year.

Tens of thousands of students have graduated before this current graduating class, and they have been transformative agents of change for families, regions, provinces and nations, he said. He told the graduating students that as part of this inheritance, they had received many benefits including a broad-based liberal arts education, one of the best faculties in Pakistan, and enhanced depth and quality of education. An honorary doctorate was awarded to Formanite Dr Akbar S Ahmed for his achievements as a distinguished administrator, scholar and teacher; his service to Pakistan; and for promoting interfaith harmony. Dr Ahmed expressed his two-fold gratitude to FCC: for the present honour bestowed upon him as well as for the education he received half a century

ago. Addressing the graduating class he urged them to take forward and practise “ilm” and to begin to revive the Quaid’s vision of Pakistan. Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, as patron of FCC and chief guest on the ocassion, congratulated graduating students, their parents and teachers. He lauded FCC’s history of producing well-rounded individuals in a range of occupations. He exhorted graduating students to work hard in their practical and professional lives. In addition to the Governor, Dr Tebbe was joined on stage by the Balochistan Governor Muhammad Khan Achakzai, who is a Formanite. Also present were the Vice Rector (Intermediate) Dr C J Dubash, Acting Vice Rector Dr Sufian Aslam, and Registrar and Director Commencement Dr Hamid Saeed.

Federal Minister for Railway Khuwaja Saad Rafiq has categorically denied the stance of all those who stage protest to block NATO supplies and said that drone attacks can only be stopped by taking strong economic measures. Talking to reporters, he said that strong economy was the key to success for any nation who wanted to live with respect and honour. Saad Rafiq advocated the government stance and said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif raised the issue of drone attack during a meeting with the US President Barack Obama. He said that the government had responsibility to work for the welfare of the people and avoid to stage protest. He said those who taunt us for self-respect should renounce foreign aid. He advised militants to lay down guns and start dialogue process, adding in case of peace prevails in the region there would have no option for the US to stay here for long time.

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Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man. — Ronald Reagan



LAHORE Sunday, 1 December, 2013

molE hunT bEgins! A polICe raIDs pU Hostels In searCH oF Mess MaKers aCtIvIsts oF Ijt aCCUseD oF BeIng InvolveD In tHrasHIng oF teaCHers WajID, Farooq aMong tHose arresteD



large number of policemen raided PU hostels on Saturday to arrest the accused of the yesterdays ariel firing and thrashing of teachers. As per details, some activists of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) on Friday thrashed two faculty members of PU Law College and later locked them up in a room. The activists fired bullets in the air creating an environment of terror at the campus. Taking notice of the incident the authorities deployed heavy police force to

carry out an extensive search operation against the alleged mess makers residing in the hostels. Police during the operation apprehended Hafiz Wajid and Farooq Khan along with 14 other activists of Jamiat. Sources from Jamiat demanded of the Punjab government to release their student activists and accused them of being biased towards a few members of the administration of the PU. Earlier, Jamiat alleged that the law college faculty members had misbehaved with the students and thrashed them. The faculty members are said to be close aides of the vice chancellor.

what was the real cause

It has been learnt that the clash took place because of a canteen at the college which was closed by the administration but the students tried to reopen it forcibly. However, no PU official was available to confirm as to

fia ‘hacks’ Two gaTEway ExchangEs

haidEr To ExhibiT his PainTing skill on 3rd



The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) seized 1,000 illegal SIMs and two mini gateway exchanges during separate raids in Township and Green Town on Saturday. According to FIA sources, on a tip off, the FIA personnel raided two mini gateways exchanges and arrested one person from an office. The sources said at least 1,000 illegal SIMs were recovered from possession of the arrested person, adding that another person managed to flee from the office. The FIA registered case against them and kicked off investigations.


A painting exhibition ‘De-void’ by Haider Ali Jan will be held at F-Gulberg II on December 3. Haider Ali Jan graduated from Beaconhouse National University. He was selected for Charles Wallace Fellowship UK, and also for KHOJ Artist Residency Dehli India. The exhibition will continue till December 23.

ThaT’s noT your land!

animal insidE unlEashEs!

lDa evICts Illegal oCCUpatIon on 7 plots

Man gUns DoWn teenager nIeCe over petty DoMestIC IssUe


Lahore Development Authority (LDA) on Saturday evicted illegal occupation on seven plots during anti-encroachment drive. The Town Planning Wing and Enforcement Directorate personnel of the LDA launched an operation against the encroachments in Sikandar Block of Allama Iqbal Town. During action the LDA staff removed illegal construction on seven plots spread over eight kanals. The land was occupied by grabbers who had established auction house on the said plots. Deputy Director Athar Ali supervised the operation. During the operation, two persons were arrested for putting up resistance against the operation.


A man gunned down his young niece over petty domestic dispute on Saturday and fled away from the scene. Police said that accused Ghulam Abbas hailing from Laddeywala area of Gujranwala gave his clothes to his 17year-old niece Maria to iron them. However, the young girl refused to iron the dress after which enraged the accused, who opened fire killing her at the spot and managed to escape. A case was registered against the accused and police started raids for his arrest.


Ghari Shahu Police smashed a criminal gang, arrested its three members and seized cash, five mobile phones and illegal weapons. A special police team, led by SPO Qilla Gujjar Singh, arrested accused Pervez and his accomplices Waqas and Farooq. During interrogation, the accused confessed committing over a dozen incidents of robbery.

behind the clash. In the evening, a number of students also staged a protest demonstration against the administration and blocked Canal Bank Road for some time.

RIDING IN STYLE: A man carrying a rickshaw on a donkey cart. MurtaZa ali

For the love of Lahore oCCo laUnCHes laHore app LAHORE STAFF RePORT

The Office of Conservation and Community Outreach, an organisation dedicated to the study and analysis of Lahore, is proud to announce the launch of an application called the Lahore app. The app was launched at the Zahoorul Akhlaque Gallery NCA featuring 3D icons of famous landmarks and street names. The event also featured a sound installation titled ‘Lahori Sounds Project’, composed

from 38 sound bytes that feature captured sounds from famous locations in the city. OCCO App is available for both Apple IOS and Google Android users and incorporates Google Maps. The app allows users to locate specific buildings that OCCO has listed as important throughout the city. This navigation can be done both by geography and chronology, so that you can make trips that let you locate architecturally or historically significant buildings close to your location or you can navigate Lahore by choosing buildings from a specific era such as Mughal, Sikh or Post-Colonial. The app also invites users to share

experiences via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and create photo albums as well as help OCCO locate and learn more about the listed buildings. Users can create a ‘Favorites’ category and generate maps that will help in getting to the listed locations. The app also features an intensively researched ‘Lahore Timeline’ that highlights significant political and cultural events in the history of the city from 1000BC onwards, giving users access to interesting facts at their fingertips. The final feature in the app is an ‘Essential Info’ tab that includes further facts such as land area and population, weather and climate visualisations, websites for Lahori architects and

historians, consular services and emergency phone numbers and essential reading on the city. Commenting on the launch, OCCO Director Mr Attiq Uddin Ahmed said that Lahore’s architecture is so much more than just its physical reality as the city itself has inspired poets, musicians and artists throughout the ages. The OCCO Lahore App is a labour of love dedicated to all Lahoris past, present and future. Designed, surveyed and developed over eighteen months by OCCO, this app is a treat for the lovers of culture and heritage, and is available for free download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. –John Ruskin


COMMENT Sunday, 1 December, 2013

a goodbye to parliamentary politics?

our new heir apparent a rough ride awaits the new army chief

imran Khan and his theatrics are anything but democratic


MRAN Khan heads a mainstream political party which has formed government in KP while it commands the third position after PML-N and PPP in the National Assembly. People therefore expect him to act like a cool headed statesman and a parliamentary leader who relies on persuasion as his chief weapon. PTI’s opposition to drone strikes is quite understandable and many people in this country share the party’s concerns. In fact there is no political party in the National Assembly which supports drone attacks. The difference lies in the choice of methods to resolve the issue. The PTI leadership could have agitated the issue in the National Assembly and the provincial legislatures. It was unwise to call for a blockade of the NATO traffic which has caused suffering to many Pakistanis without having any impact on the US drone policy. The argument that Peshawar High Court has declared drone attacks illegal does not authorise the PTI to get the court’s verdict implemented through street power. Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s disruption of NATO supply in four districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has continued for eight consecutive days. This has hit the business community as well as hundreds of people depending for their livelihood on transport of goods directly or indirectly. The PTI has stakes in the system. It has to realise that it cannot afford to upset the apple cart. Imran Khan’s tone however is getting more and more strident with every passing day. He has accused the government of playing America’s game. He has even charged that it has been installed to promote the international agenda of the US and the prime minister has come to power under a secret deal with the US. It reminds one of what PML-N leaders used to say about the PPP government. The PTI has every right to criticise the government and expose its policies but maintaining that it has assumed power through some sort of conspiracy amounts to insulting the electorate. While the government has hardly been in power for six months, Khan has declared that it has lost the moral authority to rule because it has failed to fulfill its election promises of restoring peace, stopping drone attacks and eliminating corruption. This indicates a mindset which is anything but democratic. Imran Khan has announced a massive demonstration against price-hike in Lahore on December 22. Is he about to join the company of rabble rousers like Hafiz Saeed and leaders of Difa-e-Pakistan Council who too have announced similar moves?

changing geo-political scenario india fast on the draw


HE stunning developments post Hassan Rouhani’s getting elected as the Iranian president and the thaw with United States, the geopolitics of the region is changing rapidly. Iran’s star is inexorably on the rise, and the powers opposed to it are apprehensive but can do precious little about it. Like everyone else in the region, India too was caught unaware on the crucial development, but has since been quick on the draw to make attempt to get optimum benefit out of the changing scenario owing to its already most cordial relations with Iran. In order to circumvent Pakistan, it was already developing the port of Chabahar in southeast Iran, after having built a 240-odd kilometers stretch of road in a treacherous terrain in landlocked Afghanistan to facilitate access to the landlocked nation and through it deep into Central Asia from Chabahar. Having already developed close diplomatic and economic relations with Iran and security and economic interests in Afghanistan, India is investing there and being facilitated by both nations. With Iran’s interim agreement with half a dozen world powers, India has put the construction of the long-running Chabahar port project on a fast track – knowing that the sanctions would not come in the way of its designs. Pakistan meanwhile has not been able to take advantage of its historic ties with Iran to its fullest extent because of various reasons. For one, Pakistan needs to shed its prejudices, broaden its lens to the widest angle and take the entire picture in view for improving its relations with Iran and generally with everyone around us including India to move forward at pace. Remaining immersed in the sectarian violence inspired by the Salafist Saudis for their own self-serving interests has ripped the fabric of our society asunder, and has impacted relations with Iran adversely. What is needed is to move efficiently to take relations with Iran to a higher level. To achieve that end, Pakistan needs to deny anti-Iran forces the use of its soil. And the government also needs to be proactive towards building the gas pipeline on a priority basis and resolve the bottlenecks quickly. Not only with Iran but with India too, Pakistan needs to develop decent relations. Russia has warmed up to us as well. This too needs to be reciprocated. The policymakers in Pakistan must recalibrate relations on the basis of cooperation rather than confrontation. In that context, stopping the NATO supply route too is not a great idea at this particular point in time.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

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HY did the prime minister wait till the last minute to appoint the new army chief and create such uncertainty in the army and the country? There was a method in the seeming madness, which was precisely to create the uncertainty. He waited to announce General Musharraf’s treason trial when the army would be caught between two chiefs but the outgoing chief justice would still have enough time left to get the process going. Good tactics but all the plans of mice and men. His unnecessarily self-created nervousness comes from his not getting over the ghost of October 12, 1999, when a perfectly laid plan came to naught because a storm in Colombo delayed Musharraf’s flight. If he gets over his nervousness born of his own needless uncertainty he will complete his term. If not… Man proposes and God disposes. This unnecessary nervousness has made him turn his government into a family limited company. When he runs out of family members he turns to clansmen of his own Kashmiri-stock – the new army chief is supposed to be of Kashmiri descent too, not that it matters! Any important portfolios left over he clings to himself, like foreign affairs, defence and law. When the law and defence ministers are required to appear in court he gives additional portfolios to his existing Kashmiri-stock ministers. It presents a pathetically sorry spectacle. Anyway, we are finally under a new army command and perhaps a new mindset. Huge change is upon us in the face of huge present and future challenges. Six months ago we got an old-new prime minister. Now we finally have a new chairman chiefs of joint staff committee, a new chief of the army staff and a new chief justice in a few days. The added pressure on General Raheel Shareef as army chief is that he also becomes the new putative heir apparent to Pakistan’s throne and the most powerful force behind it. General Rashad Mehmood’s post as Chairman JCSC is not entirely ceremonial because he has the nuclear programme under him, which is why the job now always goes to the army. But he doesn’t command troops. The army chief does, which makes him the de facto heir apparent in case of political failure. While the army chief is chosen on the basis of perceived merit, as it should be, the chief justice comes automatically on the basis of seniority, as it shouldn’t be. The outgoing chief justice has proved how important merit is. Hopefully, the new chief justice will be able to end judicial hyper activism and bring equilibrium back to the Supreme Court, doing away with the misuse of suo motu and contempt laws and improve the functioning of the lower judiciary where the most injustice takes place. Whoever gets to three-star level is deemed to be good. Whether Raheel Shareef grows into his four-star job remains

to be seen. Chances are high that he will, coming from good army stock with two Nishan-e-Haiders, our highest awards for gallantry, in his family, his martyred brother and maternal uncle. However, there’s a vast gulf between three- and four-star, between commanding a corps and the entire army. The top job is something else and requires a very good knowledge not only of military strategy but also an understanding of domestic politics, geo-strategy, international affairs, the economy and virtually everything that affects the country. Raheel Shareef is entering a bed of thorns: rampant terrorism, drone strikes, relations with America and Afghanistan during and post-2014, perennial Indian shenanigans, the thaw in US-Iran relations, the mood in the army given the deteriorating economy, General Musharraf’s trial and so much more. Not exactly a bed of roses. America gave the new chief a reality check with a drone strike the day he took over. Welcome to hell, general; may God go with you! A seat of power – and the army chief’s is the most powerful in reality even if it is not in law – brings changes in a man. Before becoming chief a general is under the command of at least one. Now he is solely in command, still technically under the prime minister and ceremonially under the president, but that has never mattered when things go too far. A new person emerges the day after taking office, just as a different person emerges the day after marriage. The changes General Raheel makes in the army high command will be one indicator of the man’s mind. Another will be his attitude towards launching the inevitable military operation against terrorists of all kinds all over the country. It is incumbent upon him to provide stability and security for an orderly withdrawal of NATO troops involving over 75,000 vehicles carrying over $65 billion worth of arms and equipment that cannot fall into any hands because of their sophistication. How well will he be able to get on with the government to reduce historic civil-military tensions? The onus for this will lie entirely on the civilian government and depends on how well it does. If it delivers to the people and prevents further economic deterioration and political degradation, if people don’t become even more desperate, tensions should reduce. If they fail a stage could come when the army has no option but to play its role. Remember, soldiers are under oath to save the country above anything else: loyalty to the constitution comes later. Some say they are already feeling the winds of change, that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri and Imran Khan will launch another long march in a couple of months, perhaps the MQM with them. No point unless it is change for the better. Will the terrorists take terrorism to the Punjab again, as promised, where it hurts our rulers most, or will they give

the general some breathing space? Stupid question, for they certainly will not. Are not private armies “forbidden” and “illegal” under Article 256 of the constitution? Is not calling members of private armies who use terrorism as a tool and kill scores of innocent people “stakeholders” and wishing to negotiate with them a violation and subversion of the constitution that should attract Article 6 regarding high treason? These questions will arise during the new army chief’s tenure. Winds of change are blowing in our region as well where alignments are changing with the beginnings of a thaw in US-Iran relations and NATO’s drawdown next year. If US-Iran relations improve further NATO could have an alternate exit route through Iran, reducing the pressure on Pakistan but leaving the terrorists to concentrate on taking it over, carving it up into religious fiefdoms and imposing their own versions of Islam on them. Methinks America would look at both options. In the unlikely event that Afghanistan doesn’t allow US military bases and personnel on its soil post 2014, America could wish to shift those bases to Pakistan. That will be a new issue. Will America and Iran strengthen the Northern Alliance to prevent a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan again? What will Pakistan’s attitude be then? The prevention of US missile strikes on Syria was not only a huge victory for Putin, Iran, Assad and Hezbollah but also for Obama for getting rid of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile without firing a shot. Fast on its heels comes the thaw in US-Iran relations, another major victory for Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and the Iraqi Shia. Both events are huge setbacks for Israel and Saudi Arabia. Will Israel now try a desperate military adventure against Iran to force America’s hand? Will the Middle East unrest reach Saudi Arabia? What positions will China and Russia take in all this? How will India try and manoeuvre? Next year and the following promise to be turmoil-laden preceding the feared global financial meltdown. These are things our new army chief will have to develop multiple contingency plans for. The coming months will be very interesting, not least because they will be fraught with tension. Hopefully, the applecart of the beneficiaries of our iniquitous status will not be upset before the people of Pakistan of all classes have learned lessons, the most important of which is that the horrible condition they are in today has been brought upon their heads by their own hands. Only when that realisation dawns on them will the country start improving. If their lesson gets aborted, we will be back to square one after which there may be no coming back. Humayun Gauhar is a political analyst. He can be reached at:

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Love means to love that which is unlovable; or it is no virtue at all. –Gilbert K Chesterton




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will a rising china be a responsible china? china’s communist Party plans reform and rise combined with tight security grip FRANK CHING


Time for the us and iran to act holding leverage over iran, the us can ensure verification by the iaea



INCE 2003 Britain, France and Germany, subsequently joined in 2006 by the US, Russia and China, have carried on fruitless negotiations with Iran in a bid to end its suspected nuclear weapons program. Iran seems finally ready to accede. But a successful outcome ultimately depends on assent from the United States – the only power that has inflicted pain on Iran and is capable of wielding military blows. It’s time for the US to move alone to clinch the deal. The Iranian government is negotiating seriously because of broad-based political will inside Iran for a nuclear deal and not from fear of the EU, Russia, China or even Israel. Only US pressure through economic sanctions and martial threats has made Iran face the reality that it won’t be permitted nuclear weapons. In fact, some of the other P5+1 nations – Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany – have weakened sanctions by requesting and receiving waivers from the US or simply circumventing them. All have strategic interest in Iran – ranked fourth in proven oil reserves and first in proven gas reserves. London, for instance, is in the process of normalizing diplomatic relations with Tehran. Worse,Russia and China have supplied technology to Iran’s nuclear program. The failure of P5+1 representatives to present a united front during negotiations at Geneva in early November is the latest example of the international group having outlived its usefulness. As Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted: “Mr. Secretary [John Kerry], was it Iran that gutted over half of US draft Thursday night and publicly commented against it Friday morning?” Consequently, the forum of discussions should change. he P5+1 format was valuable when the US and Iranian governments did not have overt official contact. Then this year saw a series of regular contacts: written and oral communications between the two presidents, Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani; face-to-face meetings between Secretary of State Kerry and Foreign Minister Zarif; and other in-person meetings by officials of lesser rank during the past months, often out of view, around the globe. The process of slowly normalizing USIran relations has begun. Iranian authorities have become more favorable to a deal because they know that Pres-

ident Rouhani, as a cleric, will not use popularity from such a deal to subvert the regime. Consequently within 24 hours of talks in Geneva deadlocking, Tehran’s politicians joined ayatollahs and members of the Iranian public in denouncing France rather than the US for changing the pre-negotiated language of the preliminary deal Foreign Minister Zarif had been instructed to accept. Obama’s speech at the UN General Assembly in September acknowledged the “right of the Iranian people to access peaceful nuclear energy.” Iran’s recently rephrased demand that the world "respect" rather than "recognize" its right to enrichment can be resolved within that context. So, negotiators must focus bilateral talks on curtailing Iran’s enrichment of uranium above civilian-use levels and preventing production of nuclear weapons. Regular verification by the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran is conforming fully to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty must be part of weapons preclusion, too. Iran has signaled that it understands these concerns by agreeing to grant IAEA inspectors access to the Arak heavy water plant and uranium mines. The IAEA’s November quarterly report indicates Iran has effectively ceased expansion of its nuclear program. It also has speeded up converting its 19.75 percent uranium to fuel rods, ensuring that the stockpile remains below that needed for weaponization. Iran appears to have taken these steps as confidence-building measures to ensure successful negotiations. In theory, the Iranian government saves face by retaining its “right to enrichment,” but in practice suspends enrichment indefinitely or at least brings it down to the 3.5 percent civilian-use level. Disclosure by Iran of past military dimensions to its nuclear program would be valuable to the US and IAEA in determining the progress toward weaponization. Yet Iran seems to be wiping out those tracks, by destroying traces of militarization at Parchin, for instance. Despite the P5+1 failure in Geneva, even Parchin is likely to be opened eventually for inspection as a second stage to the cooperative agreement just signed by Iran and the IAEA. Accordingly, lack of complete disclosure of past activities should not serve as a fundamental obstacle to a negotiated settlement, so long as full verification proves weapons programs have ended and can’t be restarted. Outside the P5+1, Israel is rightly concerned about national security in the face of an Iranian regime that questions its right to existence and supports its insurgent enemies. Israel, which swiftly demolished incipient nuclear programs in Iraq in 1981 and Syria in 2007, has consistently threatened Iran over the past decade without follow-up – perhaps because its aerial forces may no longer be capable of rendering inoperative all of Iran’s nuclear-related sites. Consequently, Jerusalem’s warnings of using force do not evoke fear in Tehran. On the other hand, Iranian leaders know full well that US forces, with technological ca-

pability to inflict massive damage, are stationed within striking distance. So, the US threat of ensuring the security of allies like Israel remains credible and reinforces Iranian belief that the only nuclear deal which matters is one with Washington. Yes, the US could simply abjure negotiations and pound Iran. But the long-term effectiveness of martial actions against Iranian nuclear facilities would likely be modest. As Rouhani told the UN General Assembly in September, Iran has domesticated nuclear technology and dispersed the program across the country, making it extremely difficult to eradicate through externally-staged military and cyber strikes. Possessing knowledge, technology and ability to restart is another reason behind Iran’s newfound confidence to negotiate earnestly. Despite restart capability, most Iranians do not wish their nation to be devastated and prefer a peaceful solution resulting in increased interactions with the global community. Moreover for domestic socioeconomic progress, in addition to sanctions relief, Iran seeks to unlock approximately US$50 billion in assets frozen around the world plus gain access to new technologies. Tehran’s leaders realize full well it is the United States that has been at the forefront of cutting Iran off from international networks and it will be the United States that can reintegrate Iran once it proves responsible, non-hostile and contributive in world affairs. For all these reasons, even if the next round of P5+1 talks this week produce a temporary agreement, the US should move forward with one-on-one negotiations with Iran over detailed, enforceable and reciprocally beneficial steps. The IAEA can serve as an independent verification organization, reporting on whether agreement terms are being fully implemented. Of course, the US should not abandon allies nor reduce pressure hastily. Sanctions must continue to be enforced and remain an option until Iran irreversibly steps back from breakout capability. The end result must be nuclear weapons never being developed by Iran even as that nation in return begins to benefit from nuclear-based energy, from reciprocal abatement of sanctions and gradual reintegration into the global community. Direct negotiations, combined with sanctions as the pressure mechanism and backed by overwhelming military force as the final option, can succeed in swaying Iran away from nuclear armaments. It’s fully worth the effort for if direct talks do not work within a short time span, then the United States could, justifiably, finish crippling Iran’s authoritarian regime. Jamsheed K Choksy is professor of Iranian Studies, chairman of the Department of Central Eurasian Studies, and former director of the Middle East Studies Program in the School of Global and International Studies at Indiana University. He also serves on the US National Council on the Humanities overseeing the National Endowment for the Humanities.

NDING months of speculation before the meeting of the Communist Party’s Third Plenum and days of suspense since its conclusion, Beijing has revealed its reform plan. A 20,000-character document, called the “Decision on major issues concerning comprehensively deepening reforms,” presents a sweeping 60-point plan to normalize China. The plan leaves no doubt that reforms were designed to strengthen the party’s control, with ever-so-cautious language hinting at an effort to contain internal critics on the left and wide-ranging decisions that go far beyond the economic realm. In some ways, China is moving towards easing criticism on the human-rights front by abolishing the reeducation through labor prison camp system, easing the one-child-per-family restriction, and making the judiciary more professional and less dependent on local governments. But the country is still run by the Communist Party, which shows few signs of willingness to ease its tight security grip. To safeguard control over implementation of reforms, the party established a new body called a Leading Small Group for the Comprehensive Deepening of Reform. No doubt, it will be headed by Xi Jinping, both party leader and state president. In fact, to strengthen the party’s hold on power, the plenum announced the setting up of a National Security Council which, unlike its American namesake, will be responsible for both external and internal security dealing, in the words of the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Qin Gang, with “terrorists” and “separatists.” Xi is likely to head this body, too. Displaying cautiousness in moving towards a free market, Xi explained what was perhaps the most important economic reform made at the plenum: acceptance of the “decisive function” of the market in the allocation of resources. He recalled that in 1992, when the party put forward the concept of a “socialist market economy,” its position was that the market “has a fundamental function in resource allocation under the macro-level control of the state.” With the experience of the last 21 years, he said, the time has come “for creating a new expression concerning this issue” and so the “fundamental function” of the market in resources allocation has been changed to “decisive function.” The party has decided that the state should step back and allow the market to lead – a major breakthrough. While in the past the government set prices, the plenum decided that in the future the government will allow prices to be determined “mainly by the market” for such basics as water, petroleum, natural gas, electricity and communications and telecommunications. Nonetheless, the plenum declared that the state sector is “the mainstay of the economy.” State-owned enterprises have been widely criticized both in China and abroad for enjoying an unfair competitive advantage, with access to state funding and other subsidies not available to private enterprises. Among western governments and business, there is a strong suspicion that a SOE priority is to achieve state goals, such as gaining access to natural resources, rather than make profits. The plenum called for a mixed economy and supported development of the private sector, saying that it plays a role “in supporting growth, promoting innovation, expanding employment, and increasing tax revenues.” The plenum also said the public sector should accept private investment and both domestic and foreign investors should be permitted to establish small- and medium-sized banks and other financial institutions. But clearly, the state sector will remain dominant. The lengthy, detailed document doesn’t use the term “private sector,” calling it the “non-public sector.” Similarly, the Anti-Secession Law of 2005 talked about use of “non-peaceful means” – not force – against Taiwan if necessary. Such terms as “private property” and “private sector,” it seems, remain politically sensitive, just as the party feels more comfortable in criticizing rightists but denounces the “left” in quotation marks – as though it’s correct to be genuinely left. Still, the Communist Party clearly sees the need to restructure the economy as it moves from the export-led model of the last three decades towards promoting greater consumption and tackling issues such as an aging population and environmental challenges. Meanwhile, China intends to continue opening its markets and, as the decisions document said, “speed up the building of infrastructure projects linked to countries and regions in our periphery,” such as the countries of Central Asia and Southeast Asia – building what China calls the “Silk Road economic belt” and the “maritime Silk Road economic belt.” China’s agreement to negotiate a bilateral investment treaty with both the United States and the European Union reflects its willingness to open more sectors of its economy. Chinese leaders also accept the need to allow interest-rate liberalization and the renminbi to appreciate over time. The economic reforms are likely to result in relatively high growth in China, say, of 6 to 8 percent a year, for the next five years. Chinese economic power will grow and, along with that, political, diplomatic and military power as well. Greater economic strength quite likely means that China will be more assertive internationally, possibly aggressive where it feels that its core interests, such as Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan are concerned. Other issues, such as territorial disputes in the East and South China Sea, may be elevated to “core” interests as well. The plenum document suggests that China will continue to seek increasing international influence through the official media, such as CCTV and Xinhua News Agency. It will also use Confucius Institutes, which it finances and which are usually run as part of foreign universities, to expand its soft power through teaching of Chinese language and culture. Hopefully, as China continues to rise, it will play a greater role in helping resolve global issues such as climate change and proliferation. Up to now, China has preferred to focus on its own problems and take the position that resolving its domestic problems contributed to the world. Its measly initial response to the Typhoon Haiyan’s devastation of the Philippines, $100,000, was not reassuring. Instead, China’s actions reflect a lack of generosity of spirit and unwillingness to aid a neighbor struck by a severe natural disaster, presumably because Manila is challenging Chinese claims to sovereignty over islands and reefs within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines. China did eventually increase that contribution by more than tenfold. If China wants to be accepted by the world as the next superpower, it must show willingness to accept the responsibilities along with the privileges of being a great power. Frank Ching is a Hong Kong–based journalist and writer whose book, “Ancestors: 900 Years in the Life of a Chinese Family,” was recently republished in paperback. Follow him on Twitter: @FrankChing1.

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ranbir avErTs clash wiTh srk, buT may comPETE wiTh hriThik

Plans are nothing; planning is everything — Dwight D. Eisenhower

malE sTars biTch aT ParTiEs, fEmalE sTars do iT on ThE show: kJo


head of the fourth season of Koffee With Karan, the amiable, affable and accessible Karan Johar sits with his coffee on the couch for a conversation with TOI. Excerpts: There has been so much discussion over Salman Khan opening Season 4. Why Salman?

Shah Rukh opened Season 1 and 2, Abhishek and Aishwarya opened Season 3. Salman has never been on the show ever and so was the grand choice. I don’t know why this comparison on who will open Koffee With Karan. Shah Rukh has been a part of every season and, in fact, in Season 1, he came twice. Shah Rukh is very supportive of me doing this show and and I’m sure he will come in Season 4 too. People want to create a stir when nothing exists. Guests on Koffee With Karan is hardly national news. What is Koffee With Karan for you?

With film release dates gaining utmost importance in Bollywood, the practice of grabbing the big dates well in advance continues to gain momentum. The film corporation, which has signed both Jagga Jasoos and Happy New Year, were in a spot when the respective actors — Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan — put their finger on Diwali 2014 as the release date for their home productions. In what could be described as a prudent move, RK Junior decided to advance his movie to October 2, Gandhi Jayanti, the same date on which he released Besharam this year. But now we hear that Hrithik Roshan has that date reserved for Bang Bang. And, as of now, we hear the release date of Jagga Jasoos will not be moved again. So, this time around there could be a Ranbir-Hrithik date clash as sources from the film corporation handling Bang Bang say they are definite this film will release on the allotted date too. NeWS deSK

It’s a very strong extension of my brand and I did not know it will contribute to my brand as strongly as it has. It started off as a talk show with me talking to stars, but I did not know that the level of comfort that I had with them would convert to an interesting viewing on TV and become a brand by itself. Had I known that, I would have charged the channel more than what I did. While I am a filmmaker, producer and director, the brand value the show has is way above its ratings and the show is eventually a big part of who I am today. There is not a single encounter in a coffee shop where I have not been asked ‘Can we have coffee with Karan?’ Everyone thinks it is an original joke. Every morning I am asked that when I go and get my coffee from the neighbourhood shop. If I play a word game where I say coffee, you will land up saying Karan. It has added a dimension to my personality and I will always continue doing it. If I am tired someday and I am not saying hello with enthusiasm, people tell me, ‘Why are you being so cold? You are so warm on

TV.’ So you always have to be perky. I am associated with being this amiable, affable and accessible person and I feel the show has done that. It has warmed up people to me. Have you considered doing a Hindi version of the show on a GEC?

Even though I have been offered that option, I don’t think I will be as comfortable in Hindi. Given the level of intimacy and the slant the conversation takes at times, I will sound completely artificial if I do it in Hindi. While I write my dialogues in Hindi, our spoken conversation language is English, so in a conversation, I am comfortable more in English. In Hindi, the content would be compromised. How was Salman on the show?

He was fantastic. He understood the need for him to be irreverent on the show. And yet, he was introspective at times. He struck that balance beautifully. He has come out like he never has before. A part of him on TV so far was about projecting, but on my show he said things that really came from his heart. And yet there was stuff that was fun and fabulous as Salman always is. For instance, at one point, he talked about the invasion that comes as a result of being a media figure. I also asked him why he is not married. The one thing I am excited about is that he answered everything and did not squirm over anything. I think Salman knows how to keep the respect for the movie industry and keep the irreverence in the most beautiful way. He manages it with his charm. I caught him blushing many times. If I was another journalist asking him these questions, he would have probably got up and slapped me. But I am not there to offend any guest. I may stand on the line, but will never cross it. My show is not about offending anyone, it’s about irreverence and being fun and entertaining. Your favourite guests in the past?

Every time you put two women on the couch, that episode explodes. The Kapoor family (Randhir, Rishi, Rajiv and Reema)

was the most hysterical episode in which I had the most fun. Abhishek Bachchan and Preity Zinta were the most cracked and interestingly, the highest rated episode. And, of course, Shah Rukh’s rapidfire round in the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai trio episode with Rani and Kajol was a laugh riot. Let me tell you, calling people for the show is not easy. Who comes with who has become the profile of the show. I can write an entire book on the conversations with the movie stars I have had behindthe-scenes and I will do that before I die. Who was the toughest to get on the show?

The toughest to get was Salman and Aamir. While Salman has opened the show, Aamir will be coming on the show with Kiran and I am very excited about that.

didn’t know him. It was challenging as I was so scared of crossing the line and didn’t know how he would take the irreverence. But I have to say he was fabulous. The episode that I was most blown by was with Ajay Devgn. He was candid and irreverent and I never thought he would be like that. I thought he would be shy and reserved, but he was all guns blazing. My lowest rated show was with Richard Gere and I now know that no wants to see Hollywood stars. Let’s do a quick rapidfire round with you. One word that stands for the impression the star left on your on your show?

Who was the toughest to interview?

Shah Rukh: Magnetic Salman: Honest Priyanka: Spunky Deepika: Straightforward Ranbir: Charming Hrithik: Exuberant

I was nervous about Sunny Deol as I


I Was a sperM Donor, says aBHInav KasHyap From donating sperms at a hospital to locking up the principal for his exam ticket, Abhinav Singh Kashyap’s DU days were quite eventful. Taking a walk down memory lane during his visit to his alma mater Hansraj College, the Besharam director filled us in on his ragging and romance sessions from his graduation days.

would get sponsorships for college fests. So that ways, I would earn my commission in a legal way. Main to rahisi se rehta tha, mere kamre mein cooler tha. Mere paas bike thi. In fact, I used to do part-time jobs. I was a sperm donor at Gauri Hospital. I might be having some six-seven kids in Delhi.

I WAS A HIRA My association with Hansraj College began in 1989 when Anurag (Kashyap, his elder brother) enrolled here. I used to come and stay in the hostel during summer vacations. At that time, Hansraj had a Hansraj Illegal Residents’ Association and I was a HIRA.

LOCKED UP THE PRINCIPAL FOR EXAMINATION TICKET When students asked him about the most besharam thing he has done, Abhinav said, ‘Teachers will get embarrassed hearing this. But I’d advise students not to do this. In the final year, I had only 13% attendance and I wasn’t getting the examination ticket. We locked up the principal inside his room. At that time, there was no AC and it was quite hot inside. Unke room ke bahar hartal ki thi aur shor kiya tha, uske baad permission mili thi exam mein baithne ki.

GAVE UP ST STEPHEN’S FOR HANSRAJ I gave up my Maths (Hons) in St Stephen’s to study English (Hons) at Hansraj College because Anurag had studied here and I knew the college. Us samay toh media bhi itna tha nahi, toh everyone was shocked. Many people told me ‘Tu toh Maths mein accha hai, English padhke kya professor banega’. But after I took up English (Hons), it was Dr Sanjay Kumar (his professor) because of whom I had my first exposure to philosophy and mentorship. He used to teach existentialism and I would always attend his classes. Doosri classes kam attend ki thi but Sanjay sir ki classes attend karta tha. Unki class mein chai peena, rajmachawal khaana allowed tha. Other teachers were quite strict. I WAS RAGGED FOR SIX MONTHS I knew the people in the hostel. I had

the required scores, so I got admission and also a room in the hostel. Once inside, all my brothers’ seniors, were there. So that sense of familiarity was there. However, I was ragged more than others. Hamaare yahaan woh pratha thi ki freshers’ party tak ragging hoti thi. That was the year the Mandal Commission protests started, so our freshers’ party got delayed to December. My ragging began in June, even

before I’d taken admission, and went on till December. I was ragged for six months, but I enjoyed it. LOST THE COLLEGE ELECTION BY 10 VOTES DU was politically charged at that time and I even stood for the college union’s presidential elections. I lost by 10 votes. Mera agenda tha pyaar baant te chalna. Us time budget nahi hota tha toh logon

ko pushp nahi baant paaya tha. Pushp ke bina ladkiyan vote nahi karti. Us saal hostel ke votes divide ho gaye the kyunki baaki candidates bhi hostel se hi the. I WAS A SPERM DONOR When asked whether he owed any money to the canteen owner Anthony, Abhinav said, “Maine kisi ke paise nahi khaaye. I was quite a resourceful guy. I would get the college T-shirts, sweatshirts made and

I PROPOSED TO A LOT OF GIRLS I am a very loving guy. I generously spread love. I proposed to a lot of girls, and those who accepted my proposal were lucky. Those who refused, didn’t know what they were missing out on. I would take my girlfriends to the Ridge area and Lover’s Point was a favourite hangout place. I WANT TO BE THE IDOL OF OTHER PEOPLE When are trying to operate in different segments. In fact, we are trying to run a mafia and take over entire Mumbai. Entertainment chahiye toh Kashyap brothers se aap bach nahi sakte.” NeWS deSK

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I'd like to grow up and be beautiful. I know it doesn't matter, but it doesn't hurt — Kirsten Dunst

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12 A

MaHesH BHatt to DIreCt InDIan anD paKIstanI aCtors


AHESH Bhatt, in an endeavour to find common ground between India and Pakistan, is all set to produce and present a play, Milne Do. A collaborative effort of theatre actors from the two countries, the play — an intense love story between two culturally crossed individuals during times of abject hatred — is aimed at promoting the core message of ‘Aman ki asha’. Actor Imran Zahid will be playing the lead along with an actress from Pakistan, who is yet to be finalized. Incidentally, Imran is also playing the lead in the theatre adaptation of Bhatt’s Arth. Two bands — one each from India and Pakistan — will also perform live when the play tours cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore to begin with. Later, it will also travel to other cities of the two countries. While Pakistani band Laal has been confirmed, its Indian counterpart is yet to be finalized. Sources told us that Indian Ocean has been approached for the slot. “This play is still in conceptualization stages. A part of the story will be rehearsed

Jackky seems to be in a pensive mood in this one, while Neha looks at him adoringly.

armaan kohli To lEavE ThE ‘bigg boss 7’ housE!

Decision to go bald for ‘Haider’ justified: Shahid Actor Shahid Kapoor has agreed to go bald for Vishal Bharadwaj’s “Haider”. He says the decision was driven by the fact that the look is justified for his role in the movie. “Haider” is said to be the director’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. “I thought it is justified. When I read the script, I found it very interesting and I have tried to do something shocking whenever I have worked with Vishal. With him I have always tried to do something different,” the actor said here at a promotional event of his upcoming release “R...Rajkumar” Friday. Meanwhile, Shahid also admits that one of the best performances of his career was in Vishal’s film “Kaminey”, which released in 2009. “He is a phenomenal director. He has given me ‘Kaminey’. It has been the most appreciated role of my life till now. It’s great working with him again. It has been a lot of fun,” said Shahid. “Haider” also stars Shraddha Kapoor in the lead. NeWS deSK

Just when the viewers of Bigg Boss 7 heaved a sigh of relief that there will be no eliminations this week on the controversial reality show, here comes a shocking twist from Bigg Boss. In an interesting turn of events, contestant Armaan Kohli will be seen leaving the Bigg Boss house. Yes you read it right. But hold on as there’s a surprise in store! We hear that Armaan will be out of the main house, but will be shifted to a bonus room. Sources inform that this was a nonelimination week, but the contestants of the Bigg Boss house were unaware of this and were waiting with bated breath for Salman Khan to announce the eliminated contestant. It came as a surprise to the housemates when host Salman Khan asked Armaan Kohli to pack his bags and come out of the house. As soon as he came out of the main door, he was blindfolded and taken to a bonus room. Well, with Tanishaa’s only hope, Armaan Kohli moving into a bonus room, it will be interesting to see if Tanisha will manage to survive till the end. NeWS deSK

in India and the other in Pakistan. However, we will stage the play together on stage,” said Imran Zahid. Mahesh Bhatt said, “I have always maintained that a movie or a play can be a greater vehicle of peace than all the lectures we give. Any message, if communicated

through storytelling, touches a chord. We are also trying to do the same. This play will be an emotional transaction between industries on both sides.” This will be Mahesh Bhatt’s fourth play after The Last Salute, Trial of Errors and Arth. NeWS deSK

abhishek denies rumours that he and ash are moving out! While rumours have been doing the rounds that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan along with husband Abhishek and daughter Aaradhya is keen to move out of the Bachchan household, Abhishek clears all speculations. Recently it was reported that Ash was allegedly unhappy with her mother in law Jaya Bachchan who was keeping a track of her bahu’s movements which did not go down too well with the beauty. But Abhishek stepped in to clear the air when a fan quizzed him on micro blogging site Twitter. A fan asked Abhishek about the rumours of Aishwarya being fed up of Jaya Bachchan’s constant interference to which Abhishek replied, “it’s rubbish”. NeWS deSK

biEbEr’s bodyguard kicks PhoTograPhEr? Singer Justin Bieber’s bodyguard reportedly kicked the door of a photographer’s car to get rid of him forcefully. A video has surfaced online which shows how the photographer is following Bieber’s car here. It also shows how when Bieber’s car pulled over, one of the singer’s bodyguards hopped out, demanding the photographer go away, reports One can hear the heated exchange of words as the photographer refuses to go anywhere, and what follows are several loud banging noises. The mediaperson said: “He just kicked the door.” The photographer also claimed that the bodyguard knifed his tyres. But none of this is visible in the online video. NeWS deSK

Kishore’s granddaughter to make musical debut Yet another member of the illustrous Ganguly family is all set to take baby steps into the music world. Muktika, Amit Kumar’s eight-year-old daughter and the granddaughter Kishore Kumar never saw, will make her debut as a playback singer next month. “The recording has been tentatively scheduled for December 15. Muktika has never recorded a song before, but she has been practicing this particular song for the last two years and now is wordperfect. I’d like to enrol her in Suresh Wadkar’s School early next year so she can train well,” says the proud father. The “bonus song”, Baba mere, is the special attraction of an album of the same name for which Amit has sung, composed and recorded nine songs already. Kishore Kumar’s wife, Leena Chan-

dravarkar, has written eight of the songs. “Muktika’s will be the tenth song. We have plans to film a music video too in which she will be meeting her grandfather in a dream sequence,” informs Amit, who with his younger brother Sumit, plans to launch an online music company, Kumar Bros Music (KBM), with this album. “The idea, which was mooted by Sumit, is to take my compositions to my many fans who don’t get to hear the same melody and meaningful lyrics in film songs. We are planning to invite other singers on board too ,” adds Amit. Will KBM also bring out some unreleased Kishore Kumar songs? “We have just three-four of them and they are priceless. We’ll think what we have to do with them later,” says Amit. NeWS deSK

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SPORTS Sunday, 1 December, 2013

lehmann ponders faulkner inclusion

SYDNEY: James Faulkner looms as an addition to Australia's bowling attack for Adelaide while George Bailey may be demoted to drinks duty after only one match as the coach Darren Lehmann considers the best way to use his resources in the second Ashes Test without exhausting them before the third. The hosts will assemble in Adelaide over the next 24 hours, Lehmann arriving early to take a first look at the oval's new drop-in pitch and also assess the new environs of a ground changed irrevocably by its conversion to an AFL-approved stadium. Already the selectors and the team performance manager Pat Howard have drawn up plans to have reserve pacemen rested from the Sheffield Shield and on call for the third Test in Perth on the assumption that Adelaide's surface will require hard toil, having not deteriorated significantly in its domestic dress rehearsals. But the selection of Faulkner as a bowling allrounder is another option they will weigh up, the better to allow the likes of Ryan Harris, Mitchell Johnson and Peter Siddle to operate in shorter spells so they stand a better chance of backing up successfully for the WACA ground. Faulkner's improving batting and reliable seam-up left-arm bowling offer an attractive package on a surface where batsmen have not been troubled by anything like the steepling bounce of the Gabba. "I'm really happy with the 12 we have put together and the 11 did the job in Brisbane and now it's a case of working out what the best 11 is to get a result here," Lehmann said. "James brings a real competitive streak, he showed that at The Oval. He has done well to retain his place in the 12 from The Oval and was unlucky to miss out in Brisbane. He reverses the ball, he's got good control and he has a crack, which we like. "We might have to come up with a few different plans, and that is just part and parcel of the different wickets you get around the country so that is no different for us, adapting to the different styles and we will have to play a different style this game but still be very aggressive in what we do. In Brisbane obviously it had some pace and bounce in it, Adelaide might be a bit different, but it might reverse a bit more and spin a bit more so we just have to sum that as we go. The key is first innings of both sides, making sure you make some big runs or limit the opposition." Lehmann mentioned the improving fitness of Shane Watson as another key to preserving Harris in particular. Watson delivered only two overs of medium pace at the Gabba but will be more capable of stepping in with the ball in Adelaide, while he also seeks runs after looking a little out of sorts in Brisbane. "Yes, if he's fully fit, he'll play. I have said that all along, we're not changing our stance on that. If he is fit to play, he will play," Lehmann said of Harris. AGeNCIeS

Winners never cheat and cheaters never win — Andrew Keane

Pakistan fight but south africa chase down 180 PAKISTAN 25 umar Amin c Amla b Mclaren 0 Ahmed Shehzad c Amla b Philander 1 Asad Shafiq c †de Kock b Tsotsobe Sohaib Maqsood c & b Mclaren 25 Misbah-ul-Haq* not out 79 5 umar Akmal† c †de Kock b Philander Bilawal Bhatti c Amla b Imran Tahir 1 Anwar Ali c †de Kock b Philander 1 22 Abdur Rehman c Amla b Imran Tahir Sohail Tanvir c Parnell b Tsotsobe 6 0 Saeed Ajmal c de Villiers b Parnell eXTRAS: (lb 1, w 13) 14 179 TOTAl: (all out; 46.5 overs) FAll OF WICKeTS: 1-2 (Ahmed Shehzad, 0.4 ov), 2-7 (Asad Shafiq, 3.1 ov), 3-48 (umar Amin, 10.6 ov), 4-67 (Sohaib Maqsood, 16.2 ov), 5-85 (umar Akmal, 24.2 ov), 6-96 (Bilawal Bhatti, 27.5 ov), 7-97 (Anwar Ali, 28.1 ov), 8-148 (Abdur Rehman, 41.4 ov), 9-164 (Sohail Tanvir, 44.5 ov), 10-179 (Saeed Ajmal, 46.5 ov) BOWlING: Vd Philander 10-3-26-3,ll Tsotsobe 10-2-38-2,R Mclaren 8-1-28-2,Wd Parnell 8.5-0-30-1, Imran Tahir 10-0-56-2 SOuTH AFRICA 15 Q de Kock† c Saeed Ajmal b Bilawal Bhatti HM Amla run out (umar Amin/†umar Akmal) 41 H davids st †umar Akmal b Saeed Ajmal 7 16 JP duminy c †umar Akmal b Abdur Rehman 48 AB de Villiers* not out dA Miller c †umar Akmal b Sohail Tanvir 24 R Mclaren b Saeed Ajmal 17 7 Wd Parnell not out 6 eXTRAS: (lb 4, nb 2) 181 TOTAl: (6 wickets; 38.4 overs) dId NOT BAT: Vd Philander, ll Tsotsobe, Imran Tahir FAll OF WICKeTS: 1-39 (de Kock, 5.5 ov), 2-49 (davids, 10.5 ov), 375 (Amla, 15.6 ov), 4-84 (duminy, 19.2 ov), 5-124 (Miller, 26.5 ov), 6-164 (Mclaren, 35.5 ov) BOWlING: Sohail Tanvir 7.4-0-42-1,Anwar Ali 2-0-15-0,Bilawal Bhatti 8-1-35-1,Saeed Ajmal 101-34-2, Abdur Rehman 9-0-40-1,Sohaib Maqsood 2-0-11-0 MATCH deTAIlS TOSS South Africa, who chose to field SeRIeS Pakistan won the 3-match series 2-1 OdI deBuT H davids (South Africa) PlAyeR OF THe MATCH Vd Philander (South Africa) PlAyeR OF THe SeRIeS Saeed Ajmal (Pakistan) uMPIReS CB Gaffaney (New Zealand) and S George TV uMPIRe BNJ Oxenford (Australia) MATCH ReFeRee BC Broad (england) ReSeRVe uMPIRe Jd Cloete



OUTH Africa chased successfully for the first time in eight matches but they had their bowlers to thank for setting up a moderate target. They restricted Pakistan to a score under 200 on a surface where extra bounce and turn made batting tricky. Vernon Philander, Lonwabo Tsotsobe, Ryan McLaren and Wayne Parnell all got the ball to kick up from back of a length and tested Pakistan's line-up with tight lines. Contrastingly, Pakistan's attack, sans Junaid Khan, only really troubled South Africa with their spinners, whose midinnings strangehold threatened to send the hosts into freefall. AB de Villiers batted with the patience required to steer his team and save them from being whitewashed in a three-ODI series for the first time in more than 20 years. The loss would have left Pakistan wondering what could have been had they had Shahid Afridi, who was rested, as a bowling option in this game. Pakistan made four changes in total to their XI and despite the new-look outfit, Misbah-ul-Haq promised not to take a relaxed approach to the final fixture.He was the only one who stuck to that resolution,

with a customary half-century amid the collapse. The memo was missed by the rest, starting with Ahmed Shehzad, who played lazily at the fourth delivery of the morning to give Hashim Amla a regulation catch at first slip. Asad Shafiq also failed to make use of his opportunity but Umar Amin showed better temperament. In his first appearance in this series, he was asked to open and did the right thing by giving himself time to get his eye in before attacking. With Sohaib Maqsood in good touch, the pair looked capable of setting Pakistan up. They scored 41 runs in the 47 balls they were together before a well-judged catch by Amla at slip ended their stand and indicated the problems extra bounce would cause. Ryan McLaren pitched back of a length and Amin got a thick edge as he fended at it to force Amla into a jump. McLaren continued to trouble Pakistan's batsmen with the lift he generated. His short ball also accounted for Masood, who played the pull too early and popped the ball up for McLaren to complete the a nifty catch in his follow-through. When Umar Akmal too was the victim of a stunning catch - by his opposite number who dived one-handed to take it Pakistan were teetering. They inched even

closer to unravelling when Bilawal Bhatti and Anwar Ali were dismissed in the space of three balls to leave Pakistan at 97 for 7. It was a situation Misbah-ul-Haq has been in many a time and one he knows how to navigate expertly. He found an ally in Abdur Rehman, who was willing to rotate strike and spend time at the crease. The pair negotiated the short ball barrage well but also flirted with danger. Misbah was on 43 when he almost threw it away, cutting off Wayne Parnell. JP Duminy at backward point put down a simple chance. Rehman lofted McLaren to third man but the substitute fielder spilled it. The pair posted 51 before Rehman holed out to deep square leg and Misbah was left to finish off. Back to back sixes off Imran Tahir, whom Misbah charged to smack straight down the ground, took him threequarters of the way to a century, but as been the case throughout his career, he was left stranded with Pakistan on a below-par score. South Africa's openers set about their task briskly. Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock blitzed their way 34 off the first five overs against a Pakistan opening pair that offered width and strayed on the pads. Had they tempered their enthusiasm with some

Kambli stable after chest pains NEW DELHI AGeNCIeS

Vinod Kambli, the former India batsman once considered as gifted as his school friend Sachin Tendulkar, was recovering in a Mumbai hospital Saturday after a suspected heart attack, doctors and his family said. Kambli, 41, who had undergone angioplasty on two blocked arteries last year, was admitted to the Lilavati hospital on Friday morning after complaining of chest pain while driving. "He is in the intensive care

unit and we are monitoring his medical parameters," hospital director Narendra Trivedi told reporters. "He is stable and there is nothing to worry about. "Kambli’s wife, Andrea, also issued a statement saying he was "stable and recovering well". Kambli shot to fame along with Tendulkar in 1988 when the two teenagers shared a then world record 664-run partnership in an inter-school match in Mumbai, with both batsmen making unbeaten triple centuries. While Tendulkar retired earlier this month as the worlds leading run-maker

in both Test and one-day cricket and an unprecedented 100 international centuries against his name, Kambli faded after a bright start. The flamboyant left-hander hit two double-centuries and two hundreds in his first eight Test innings after earning a debut in 1993, but another three-figure knock in Tests eluded him. Kambli played the last of his 17 Tests in 1995 before he had turned 24, finishing with 1,084 runs at an average of 54.20.He also scored 2,477 runs in 104 one-day internationals with two centuries.

caution, they could have batted through but de Kock was the first to go when he top-edged a pull off Bilawal Bhatti. As soon as debutant Henry Davids arrived, so did the spin threat and it immediately slowed South Africa down. Davids battled to read Ajmal's line and after facing seven balls from him was put out of his memory when he was stumped. Amla continued fluently and it was only when he was run-out that South Africa's nerves would have tightened. JP Duminy and AB de Villiers were tied down by Pakistan's spinners, which resulted in even Maqsood being given a bowl. Duminy was eventually tempted by Rehman's flight. He went forward to try and play on the leg-side and the ball hit bat, pad and then settled into Akmal's glove. David Miller provided the aggression to get South Africa out of what was becoming a pressure situation. By the time he flashed off Tanvir, the match was all but won and with the required run-rate under control, de Villiers and McLaren could knock it around until they reached the target. McLaren did not last until the end but de Villiers was unbeaten while Wayne Parnell smoked the winning runs with more than 11 overs to spare.

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Every runner has excuses, but a champion never uses them — William A. Ward

14 S

SPORTS Sunday, 1 December, 2013

sammy hopes to learn india lesson BARBADOS AGeNCIeS


ARREN Sammy hopes the more laid back environment provided by a tour of New Zealand will help his side recover from the two heavy Test defeats they suffered in India. West Indies could barely be facing more contrasting conditions: the heat and intensity of the subcontinent, dominated by Sachin Tendulkar's farewell, have been replaced by the calm, green, temperate New Zealand. After a 30-hour journey that took them from India via Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney and then a night in Christchurch, where they met up with the advance party of Test players who have been facing a New Zealand XI, the squad arrived on a breezy, showery Dunedin today. "One minute you are in India in the hot, sunny atmosphere and the next you are in Dunedin where the breeze can blow you off your feet," Sammy said, reflecting on the life of the international cricketer. He acknowledged that the change in conditions will be a tough test for his side - who are without the injured Chris Gayle at the top of the order -

although he will have taken solace from seeing Shivnarine Chanderpaul making runs in the warm-up fixture. "The quick turnaround from India, getting used to the conditions and adapting as quickly as possible will pose a challenge," Sammy said. "India was a lesson for us, to show us where we are compared to the top teams in the world. Now we are playing a team where we are evenly matched. They will know conditions very well and for around three-quarters of our

squad it's their first time here." Sammy was being generous with the three-quarter estimate: now that Gayle is absent, only two of the squad - Chanderpaul and Denesh Ramdin - have Test experience in New Zealand, and Ramdin averages 7.14 in his five matches. "It's a new environment," Sammy added. "India is cricket crazy and it was all about Sachin - the media was all crazy, but here the guys can relax with not so many cameras in their faces all the time

and we can focus more on the game." The squad is not yet at its full complement with Shane Shillingford and Marlon Samuels having travelled to Perth for tests on their bowling actions after being reported in India. Ottis Gibson, the coach, is with them and the trio are due to arrive in Dunedin over the weekend. Currently, Shillingford and Samuels remain available for the first Test although that could change if the outcome of the testing goes against them.

Dhawan ready for sa challenge NEW DEHLI AGeNCIeS

Shikhar Dhawan believes the experience of playing top fast bowlers in the IPL and the recent ODI series against Australia is likely to hold the Indian batsmen in good stead in South Africa. "Indian players now have the belief that if they can perform against them [fast bowlers] in the IPL, they can surely perform against them while playing for India as well," Dhawan said. "The good is thing is that when you are playing against the likes of Australia, you are facing quality fast bowlers like Mitchell Johnson and others. We know what awaits us, but we are confident of doing well. I am looking forward to playing on bouncy tracks." Dhawan announced his entry to Test cricket with a swashbuckling century against the Australian attack in Mohali and has been in prolific form all year. In hisonly

innings against the South African bowling attack - during the Champions Trophy in England - he scored 114 runs to set up an India win. One of his most significant innings this year, however, came while playing for India A when he plundered 248 in a

List-A game in South Africa in August. "I went to South Africa before and performed well," he said. "So, you have the advantage of having played on these pitches and the confidence is there because of the good performances. The pitches there will be good. It will be helpful for the bowlers and batsmen will also enjoy playing on the bouncy tracks. Our preparation will be according to the pitch." Dhawan added that although the lack of preparation ahead of an important tour is not ideal, the team will hope to adjust to conditions quickly. "We have been playing so much cricket that we don't get much time for preparation. Like now, we have got just three days off. I guess the boys need that rest and [need to] get out the cricket mode for these 2-3 days at least. Before playing the first match there we will have a few days of preparation on those pitches to get used to it. So not playing a practice match shouldn't be a problem."

Krl edge national Bank by two runs LAHORE STAFF RePORT

Khan Research Laboratories successfully defended their middling total of 127, just edging National Bank of Pakistan by two runs at Lahore City Cricket Association Ground. A thrilling contest decided in the final over that required eight more runs with the two set batsmen in Hammad Azam (20) and Fawad Alam (20*) in the middle. An economical over by Yasir Ali, conceded just five runs and claimed a wicket, as National Bank were kept to 125. National Bank's chase was nervy from the start. After ten overs, the score was 50, and despite Umar Waheed's 32 off 20 balls, runs continued to dry up with Fawad at the other end. KRL, earlier, had chosen to bat first, with Naved Yasin (29) and Saeed Anwar junior (36) helping the side get a decent total on the board to defend. Sarfaraz Ahmed and Shoaib Malik both scored half-centuries to help Pakistan International Airlines beatState Bank of Pakistan by six wickets. The duo shared a 135-run stand for the third wicket to chase down 154 with four balls remaining. Malik remained unbeaten on 61 off 44 balls, with seven boundaries and a six, while Sarfaraz smashed 74 off 54 balls before being run-out. Earlier PIA opted to bowl first, brimming with confidence from an overnight show when they routed Pakistan TV by 10 wickets. However, Najaf Shah went wicketless in his four overs and conceded 41 runs. Aizaz Cheema finished with 2 for 19, but SBP went on to compile 154. Water and Power Development Authority were comprehensively beaten by Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited by 10 wickets, after being bundled out for 64 in 17.1 overs - the lowest domestic Twenty20 total in Pakistan.

pC rawalpindi beats psl eleven in friendly cricket match


Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi beat PSL Eleven by seven wickets in a friendly match at the International Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

schwartzel takes two-shot lead at leopard Creek SPORTS DESK Defending champion Charl Schwartzel took control of the Alfred Dunhill Championship at Leopard Creek on Saturday as he opened up a two-shot lead in the third round. The man who won this event 12 months ago by an amazing 12 shots showed once again that he loves the track in his native South Africa and is again the man to beat going into Sunday's final round. Former Masters champion Schwartzel went from a share of the lead to outright leader as he carded a five-under third round of 67 to move to 13-under for the tournament and lead Richard Finch by two shots. Schwartzel started

the day in a share of the lead with Denmark's Morten Orum Madsen, a player he lost out to in a finalround battle for the South African Open last week. But while Madsen got off to a nightmare start with bogeys at the first two holes, Schwartzel birdied the par-five second and then made a potentially decisive move around the turn. A superb approach to the eighth left the South African with a tap-in birdie and another followed from six feet on the ninth to be out in 32. Further birdies on the 12th and 13th took Schwartzel to 13 under par and a two-shot lead over England's Finch, who responded superbly with his 67 coming on the back of finishing the second bogey,

bogey, double-bogey on Friday. France's Victor Riu dropped a late shot but still recorded the third five-under round of 67 in the leading trio as he closed on tenunder to take sole possession of third place. "I played a lot better today than the first two days," said Schwartzel. "I felt far more comfortable and I played a lot more aggressive there were still a couple of holes I didn't feel that comfortable so just settled for pars to keep the scoreboard ticking over. "I gave myself a lot of chances but the greens very late in the afternoon have a few spikes marks and the ball is bouncing around a lot so it's hard to make a lot of putts.

Sui Gas, despite losing their openers, needed only 9.3 overs to overhaul this paltry score, with Mohammad Rizwan's 16-ball 25 paving the way for an easy win. WAPDA, put in to bat, were shaky right from the start, and lost wickets at regular intervals. They were reeling at 29 for 5 at one stage, as the seamers Imran Ali and Mohammad Farman picked up two wickets apiece to run through WAPDA's top order. Opener Muhammad Fayyaz and Ayaz Tasawwar were the only two batsmen to reach double digits, as the spinners Yasir Shah and Imran Khalid notched five scalps between them to remove the tail and set up an easy chase. The victory takes Sui Gas up to second in Group B. One more win against Habib Bank Limited on Sunday will secure their place in the semi-finals. WAPDA, however, are rooted at the bottom without a single win to their credit. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited continued to dominate their group, beating Port Qasim Authority by eight wickets at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. The win meant they finished their pool matches unbeaten, leading the points table with eight points. PQA, laden with flamboyant batsmen, began poorly, being reduced on 18 for 4. Khurrum Manzoor (20 off 26) with Mohammad Waqas (27 off 39) tried to rescue the team from the early wobble, but could not kick on from their stars and they crumbled further till Mohammad Talha knocked off 40 in 18 balls to help the side post 114. Imran Nazir and Sharjeel Khan responded swiftly - the pair piled up 50 in five overs before both were removed by left-arm spinner Azam Hussain (2-16). Then Yasir Hameed and Haris Sohail took their time to settle in, but got the team home with 10 balls to spare.

"I've got a two shot lead and today I kept the scoreboard ticking over and if I can do that tomorrow that will put the pressure on those chasing me so they'll have to earn the right to beat me." Madsen had a nightmare day following his opening two bogeys adding five more and one double against just two birdies in his seven-over round of 79 that dropped him back down to one-over for the event.

The event was part of the Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi Initiative with the slogan of “hum sab ko mil k Dengue ki vaba ko khatam karna ha”. Picture shows Aamir H Kazi, General Manager Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi along with the cricket team.

sCott Closes on 'trIple CroWn' SYDNEY: Adam Scott is four ahead of Rory McIlroy going into the final round of the Australian Open after a four-under 68 on Saturday. Scott needs victory at Royal Sydney to complete his country's 'triple crown' having won the Australian PGA and Masters in recent weeks. Starting the day two ahead of nearest challenger McIlroy, Scott moved clear with a front nine that featured four birdies, including three in a row from the seventh. He started the back nine with a bogey but picked up further shots at the 14th and 18th to get to 16-under-par overall. "It's an exciting position to be in, obviously a great chance to win my national championship tomorrow," said Scott. "And then also win the three events down here which is an unbelievable spot to be in. If you'd told me a month ago, I wouldn't have believed you. "One round to go but a lot can happen. It's a phenomenon playing behind me and I'm sure he's going to throw plenty at me... but as long as the eye stays in with the putter, I think I should hold on." AGeNCIeS

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Look up, get up, and never give up — Michael Irvin




Sunday, 1 December, 2013

zaib un nisa wins ladies trophy

sturridge out of hull clash



IVERPOOL striker Daniel Sturridge is set to miss Sunday's match at Hull City after sustaining a sprained ankle, but the Reds are still waiting to hear news of the full extent of his injury. The 24-year-old, who has scored nine goals already this season, limped out of training with the problem. Liverpool's medical team are still assessing the extent of the problem but the England international will not be fit for the trip to the KC Stadium. Sturridge's injury could not have been more unfortunately timed after


manager Brendan Rodgers praised his attitude in training over the last week after dropping the forward for last weekend's Merseyside derby. The Reds boss felt the player, who had been affected by a dead leg for a couple of weeks, was not fully fit after 90 minutes for England in the friendly against Germany. However, he was pleased with the reaction Sturridge's omission against Everton had provoked. "Players will react differently. You will find some players, if they are not in the team, they just shrivel and die and have no fight," he said. "The top players when they don't play they show you every single day what

they can do and that has been the case this week. "He has certainly trained very hard this week. He has been really determined, strong and aggressive and he looks ready for the weekend. "He has worked exceptionally well and when he does that his quality is there for all to see." The club later confirmed Sturridge's injury. "Daniel Sturridge will be assessed by the club's medical staff today after the striker rolled his ankle in training," said a statement on "Sturridge returned to training at Melwood this week; however, he sustained an ankle sprain which will require further assessment."

LONDON: Joleon Lescott is keen to remain at Manchester City but accepts that he may have to leave if he is unable to secure a regular first team spot at the Etihad Stadium. The 31-year-old defender has made just eight starts this season and, with his contract running out, is having to consider his future. Lescott said: "I want to stay, that is the main thing. "But the club have not approached me yet, so I don't know what the situation is with them. "If I am playing for my future here, then great. If I am playing for it elsewhere, then so be it. "I just know that every time I am out there, I have to perform at a level where top clubs would be interested in signing me." Lescott joined City from Everton for £22m in 2009 and was a member of the side that clinched the Premier League title in 2012 but fell out of favour under Roberto Mancini last season. New manager Manuel Pellegrini has also given Lescott only limited opportunities and Lescott added: "It does not look like I am going at the minute. "I have not been in the last few squads, so it is going to be hard. "But if I am playing for City and we are progressing in the Champions League and the title race, then there might be a place for me. "I can't look that far ahead. No disrespect to England but my main priority is Man City." "I have not given up. But I know that comes from playing for Man City, so the faster I can get myself back in at City the better. "I need to be given a fair opportunity. No-one can guarantee I am going to play every week but I would like to think that if I am playing and the team is playing well, then I can stay in the team. "I just want to be treated the same as everyone else. So if I am playing and the team is winning, then I stay in the team." "Realistically, there is only one place up for grabs when Vinny (Kompany) is fit. "There are three of us for fighting for that but I am ready for the challenge." AGeNCIeS

pakistani women Bellew vows to topple adonis break new ground at Kabaddi World Cup SPORTS DESK


Sixteen young Pakistani women will make history this weekend as they compete in the Kabaddi World Cup -- the first time the conservative Muslim country has ever fielded an international women’s team in the sport. The traditional tagwrestling sport involves players trying to tag an opponent before making it back to their half of the field. Kabaddi is hugely popular in the Punjab provinces of India and Pakistan, where it originates, and is played in countries around the world with South Asian populations. It has traditionally been seen as a macho sport but now Pakistan is sending a women’s team to the November 30-December 14 World Cup in India. India and Pakistan, neighbours and ferocious sporting rivals, have met in two of the three mens world cup finals held so far, with India prevailing both times. The women are determined to succeed where their male counterparts have failed. Having decided to build the womens team, the authorities wrote to top sports organisations and educational institutions, collecting a group of girls coming from diverse

sporting backgrounds. Half already represent various other sports like athletics, weightlifting and racket games, while a few new players with the right attitude and ambitions have also earned a place in the team. Training for the women in green, yellow and blue tracksuits begins with prayers and a recitation from the Koran. After chants of "Long live Pakistan" and "God is great", they begin physical training before moving on to wrestling techniques. It has not been an easy task for the support staff to get the team together and direct their potential. "All the girls come from different games, some are from athletics, some are weightlifters," Aisha Qazi, the teams coach, said. "These are individual players games but kabaddi is a team event, so there is a huge difference and it has taken me some time to teach them." Qazi, herself a first-class cricketer and international baseball player, said they were thrilled to be the first women’s team to represent Pakistan in international kabbadi. The Pakistan women face England, Mexico and Denmark in their pool matches while arch rivals India play the United States, Kenya and New Zealand.

Tony Bellew refused to be intimidated by Adonis Stevenson at the pre-fight press conference ahead of Saturday's world title clash. The Liverpudlian will challenge Stevenson for this WBC light-heavyweight title in Quebec City on Saturday night. Stevenson has a reputation as a destructive puncher and he took the title with a first-round knockout of

Chad Dawson in June. Tony Bellew and Adonis Stevenson almost came to blows at the weigh-in for their world lightheavyweight clash in Quebec tomorrow night. But the fighter, nicknamed 'Superman', has also been halted himself by the little known Darnell Boone and Bellew was quick to point this out to his rival. "He's been knocked out off a guy who has lost 20 fights. Not one,

twenty fights. He's been knocked out off a journeyman," he said. "It's been 12 weeks of long hard work and I've been thinking about him, morning, noon and night for 12 weeks. He's the first thing I think about when I wake up and he's the last thing I think about when I go to bed. "I've got respect for what he does, I respect his punch power, but come Saturday night there's only going to be one winner."

After the completion of the second round in this three rounds 3rd Chief of Naval Staff Golf Championship in progress at the Royal Palm Golf Course, the overnight leader,M.Rehman slipped to second slot while Ghazanfar Mehmood of Rawalpindi Golf Club by virtue of scoring excellence on the second day moves to the top slot on the leader board. In the second round,Ghazanfar was his brilliant self and every shot reflected the touch and control of a champion.He is a seasoned golfer who can demonstrate that he is a firece competitor and this was visible as he teed off in the second round yesterday morning.The first hole was birdied and this was followed by regulation pars on holes 2 to 8.First hicup came on the 9th hole which he bogied and then there was another shock as a minor misclaculation of distance on the 10th hole caused another stroke loss.Rather than feel upset about the two unnecessary stroke losses Ghazanfar gathered his wits and set off on a performance oriented journey on the remaining eight holes. A morale boosting birdie followed on the 11th hole and then two awesome shots fetched him an eagle on the 12th hole. Thereafter it was all regulation stuff in the shape of pars on the holes 13 to 18,the score for the day adding up to a fanciful gross 69 and a two days aggregate of 140,four under par."I am very pleased with my stroke making today,as every shot brought forth a heartwarming pleasure"said Ghazanfar."And I feel confident about the final round on Sunday too". Placed at second position is M.Rehman of Royal Palm with two rounds scores 70 and 75 and a total of 145, four strokes behind the leader. During the second day Rehman seemed out of sorts with his drives which caused stroke losses on holes 4,9,11,16 and 17,although the birdies on holes 8 and 12 were superb. When playing against a competitor like Ghazanfar and competing with an urge to win,you cannot afford five bogies.M.Rehman did realize this and is determined to put up a real fight on the final day. In third position is Sajid Khan of Arabian Sea Golf Club, Karachi at a two rounds score of 150 followed by four others at 151.They are Salman Jehangir (Gymkhana), Zohaib Asif (DHA), Tariq Mehmood (Navy) and Zulfiqar Ali (Multan). In the ladies section the gross winner is Zaib un Nisa of Royal Palm.She has emerged on top after beating the national champion Ghazala Yasmin and a very skilled young one Maryama Khan.For Zaib this was an eventful day as it brought her a dream victory followed by compliments from her mentor Col(r)Jameel Khalid and additionally from Commodore Akber Naqi,the Chief Organiser who promised a huge reward for the excellence.Second position went to Ghazala Yasmin and third to Maryama Khan.In the ladies net the top one was Noori Zaman Khan who earned this slot with a good display.

BHa to investigate Murphy injury LONDON AGeNCIeS

The British Horseracing Authority has decided to hold an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding a shoulder injury sustained by Timmy Murphy at Newbury on Friday. Murphy was taken to hospital for X-rays on his shoulder midway through the card, although the reason for the injury was unclear at the time as he was seen walking away from the weighing room in some apparent pain before being helped into an ambulance. Murphy had guided Upsilon Bleu to finish fourth in the bet365 Open Handicap Chase, but returned seemingly none the worse. Reports suggest the jockey suffered the injury during the course of an altercation with a fellow rider in the weighing room but Murphy's wife,Verity, pointed to a recurring shoulder problem as the cause on Friday night. She said: "He was feeling it when he came back in after the 2.40. He's hurt his shoulder, but is feeling much better now." While the Newbury stewards received

no report of an incident on the day, BHA officials have now confirmed they will look into the alleged incident, with the possibility of an inquiry after racing today if Murphy is on hand. Spokesman Robin Mounsey said: "Further information has come to light during the course of last night and this morning and we are going to hold an inquiry into the incident. "If Timmy Murphy is available we will hold it after racing today, but that obviously depends on his schedule and if he is not here, we will schedule it for a later date." Murphy's mishap means he misses the ride on leading fancy Our Father in the Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury and his agent Chris Broad is unsure how long he will be on the sidelines at this stage. "I have no idea when he will be back at the moment," said Broad. "I spoke to him this morning to confirm whether he will be riding today and he will not.

Flag raIses gaMe at neWCastle LONDON: Lucinda Russell's Green Flag stretched his unbeaten record over fences to three with victory in the Pin Point Recruitment Novices' Limited Handicap Chase at Newcastle. The apple of his trainer's eye, the 5-6 favourite may have been forced to work harder in the home straight but for the fall of Streams Of Whiskey at the second-last when the pair were locked in battle. That was unfortunate for Nicky Richards' charge, who had also come down last time. In the event, Green Flag, due to turn seven in a few weeks, came home nine lengths clear of Green Wizard in the hands of Peter Buchanan. "I absolutely love him," said Russell. "He won the French Furze over hurdles on this card last year but while I used to get nervous running him over hurdles, I don't over fences as he was born for the job. "He was prepared by Colman Sweeney in Ireland and he keeps ringing me asking if I'll run him in an amateur riders' race! "I don't know where he'll go next. I'm not afraid to get beaten with him but I'll just try and find a nice race." AGeNCIeS

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Sunday, 1 December, 2013

ukrainian police break up pro-Europe protests KIEV AGeNCIeS

Thai capital on edge as protesters seek Pm’s downfall crowd masses outside state-owned telecom comPanies, disruPt internet services Briefly BANGKOK AGeNCIeS


N anti-government mob in Thailand attacked people and vehicles near a stadium rally by supporters of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Saturday as tensions boiled over and protesters tore down barricades to prepare to occupy her offices. Demonstrators have started to up the ante and briefly occupied the headquarters of the army on Friday, urging it to join them in a complex power struggle centered on the enduring political influence of Yingluck’s billionaire brother, ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Reuters witnesses saw two people on a motorcycle badly beaten, with one left unconscious, and a angry mob using

poles and sticks to attack a taxi and a packed bus, accusing the occupants of being pro-government “red shirts”. The attack took place in the city’s densely populated Ramkamhaeng area, home to the Rajamangala stadium, where red shirts fearing a military coup is possible are rallying in support of Yingluck. The US embassy in Bangkok expressed concern about the rising political tension. The tension heightens a nearly decadelong conflict that broadly pits Thailand’s traditional establishment of top generals, royalists and the urban middle class against the mostly rural, northern supporters of Thaksin. A crowd of about 2,000 people massed outside state-owned telecoms companies TOT and CAT. Some Internet services were interrupted briefly when protesters

Mozambique airlines plane crashes in namibia, killing 34 WINDHOEK AGeNCIeS

A Mozambique Airlines plane en route to Angola crashed in a game park in northeast Namibia killing all 34 people on board, Namibian police said on Saturday. Flight TM 470 left Maputo on Friday for the Angolan capital of Luanda with 28 passengers and six crew members on board when it lost contact with air traffic controllers, the national carrier said in a statement. Namibian Police Force Deputy Commissioner Willy Bampton said rescue workers had found burned-out wreckage of the aircraft in the dense bush of Bwabwata National Park, near the borders with Angola and Botswana. “The plane has been completely burned to ashes and there are no survivors,” Bampton said. A Bwabwata game ranger at the scene said the plane’s black boxes, including the voice recorder, had been located and taken by investigators.

“The bodies are scattered all over the place. It’s a horrible sight,” said the ranger, who identified himself only by his surname, Shinonge. Namibia’s aircraft investigation unit launched a helicopter search for the plane on Friday but called it off because of heavy rain, an investigator said, adding the search had resumed on Saturday. The remote, 6,100 sq km (2,300 sq mile) park is home to wildlife including elephants, lions and wild dogs. Mozambican officials said the plane, an Embraer SA 190, went missing on Friday in bad weather and poor visibility. In a statement on its website, Mozambique Airlines listed the nationalities of the passengers on Flight TM470 as 10 Mozambicans, nine Angolans, 5 Portuguese, one French, one Brazilian and one Chinese. The flight left the Mozambican capital of Maputo at 1126 (0426 ET) on Friday and had been due to arrive in Luanda at 1400.

shut the power at CAT. Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban has told supporters to surround the headquarters of the national and city police, along with Government House and even a zoo on Sunday. “We need to break the law a little bit to achieve our goals,” said Suthep, a deputy prime minister in the previous government routed by Yingluck in a 2011 election. Thaksin remains intensely polarizing. He was removed in a 2006 military coup and convicted two years later of graft — charges he calls politically motivated. He is closely entwined with the government from selfimposed exile, sometimes meeting with Yingluck’s cabinet by webcam. In a televised news conference, Yingluck said security would be increased to protect government buildings.

MAKE IT ABOUT ME: Yingluck’s son was harassed by parents of other children at his school on Friday, according to Thai media. In an emotional plea, she also urged them to leave her son alone. “I beg, if you have children you’ll understand the heart of a mother,” she said. “If you’re angry, please make it all about me.” Suthep has urged his followers to move on the ministries of labor, foreign affairs, education and interior. But it remains unclear whether he can besiege multiple government offices. Police say protester numbers peaked at more than 100,000 on Sunday and were just 7,000 on Friday. “We will not allow protesters to seize Government House, parliament or the national police headquarters,” National Security Chief Paradorn Pattanathabutr told Reuters. “We have roadblocks and other blockades in place to stop them.” But they tried anyway and police did not stop them. Some 2,000 demonstrators near Government House pulled down barbed wire fences, then left. Some said they were preparing to occupy it on Sunday. Suthep has called for a “people’s council”, which would select “good people” to lead the country, effectively suspending Thailand’s democratic system. Yingluck has rejected that step as unconstitutional and has repeatedly ruled out a snap election.

Ukrainian riot police used batons and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of proEurope protesters early on Saturday after a night of violence in Kiev following President Viktor Yanukovich’s decision not to sign a landmark pact with Europe. Blackhelmeted police moved in on protesters camped on the capital’s Independence Square, first firing grenades to disorient them and then wading in with batons, witnesses said. Police units chased several protesters into side-streets. A total of 35 people were detained for resisting police, the interior ministry said. There were no hard figures for how many people may have been hurt though the opposition said there could be as many as a hundred. “It was absolute savagery. By my count, we are talking of tens of cruelly beaten people perhaps hundreds,” an opposition deputy, Andriy Shevchenko, was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency. Tension had been building in Kiev since Friday, when Yanukovich declined to sign the pact with European Union leaders at a summit in Lithuania, going back on a pledge to work toward integrating his ex-Soviet republic into the European mainstream. He said the cost of upgrading the economy to meet EU standards was too great and that economic dialogue with Russia, Ukraine’s former Soviet master, would be revived. After the police action, about 200 demonstrators shifted the scene of their protest to St. Michael’s cathedral - formerly a 12th century monastery which was destroyed by Soviet authorities in 1937 and rebuilt after independence in 1991. “We gathered here after riot police beat us and chased us out of the square. It’s the only safe place we could go to,” Roman Tsaldo, 25, said. “Dozens of wounded, dozens of arrested,” opposition lawmaker Andriy Shevchenko said on Twitter. “Ukraine has not seen anything like this before.” Ukraine’s political opposition has said that President Viktor Yanukovich had ‘stolen the dream’ of closer integration with Europe as his supporters hailed his decision to spurn a European Union free trade deal. In a sea of blue and gold, the colours of both the EU and Ukrainian flags, some 10,000 protesters chanted “Ukraine is Europe” in Independence Square, the theatre of the Orange Revolution of 2004-5 that thwarted Yanukovich’s first presidential bid. “Today they stole our dream, our dream of living in a normal country,” said heavyweight boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko, a contender for the 2015 presidential election. “The failure to sign the agreement of association is treason,” he told the roaring crowd. The US envoy to Ukraine condemned what he said was the use of violence against peaceful protesters after riot police brutally dispersed an opposition protest in central Kiev, reportedly wounding several dozen people.

2 shot dead in new Bangladesh clashes over january polls DHAKA AGeNCIeS

Two people were shot dead as officers opened fire during clashes with thousands of Bangladeshi opposition supporters amid escalating protests against elections slated for January, police said Saturday. One demonstrator was shot dead by officers Saturday and another died late Friday as police used live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters. Police announced the latest deaths as the 18-party opposition alliance led by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) launched a new nationwide blockade of roads, rail and waterways. Anti-poll violence has killed 20 people since Monday, bringing the death toll to 50 since late October when the government announced that the general elections would be held January 5. Clashes erupted in the western town of Kotchandpur at the start of the opposition’s new transport blockade Saturday. Four police vans came under attacks from at least 1,000 supporters of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, a key BNP ally, police said. “We first fired rubber bullets to disperse Jamaat supporters who attacked

us with homemade bombs and rocks,” deputy police chief of the region Zahidul Islam told AFP. “When it became a ‘do-or-die situation’, we fired rifles that left one Jamaat supporter dead,” Islam said, adding one police officer was injured by a small bomb. The other young man who died in the southern coastal town of Chokoria Friday was shot in clashes between 5,000 BNP supporters and police and ruling party activists, police said. “He died of bullet wounds,” district

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot No 79, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

deputy police chief Mohammad Khalequzzaman told AFP, but he denied that police had fired the shots. Sometimes demonstrators are killed by rival protesters firing weapons. Across the country, bus and truck transport along with train and ferry services virtually ground to a halt. Offices closed and prices of food and other commodities rocketed. The BNP and its Islamist allies are demanding that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina resign and make way for elections under a neutral caretaker government.

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