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Pakistan to achieve 4 percent economic growth this year, says Dr Hafeez Shaikh

Pakistan ranked seventh most corrupt nation

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Former Indian PM IK Gujral dies at 92 PAGE |04

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Saturday, 1 december, 2012 Muharram 16, 1434

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UN votes to recognise state of Palestine; US, Israel object UNITED NATIONS aGenCies

the United nations has voted overwhelmingly to recognise a Palestinian state, but the Palestinians still face enormous limitations: they don’t control their borders, airspace or trade, they have separate and competing governments in Gaza and the West Bank, and they have no unified army or police. in an extraordinary lineup of international support, more than two-thirds of the world body’s 193 member states approved the resolution upgrading the Palestinians’ status from an observer to a non-member observer state on

thursday. it passed 138-9, with 41 abstentions. the vote was a victory decades in the making for the Palestinians after years of occupation and war. it was a sharp rebuke for israel and the United states. the vote grants Palestinian President Mahmoud abbas an overwhelming international endorsement for his key position: establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza strip and east Jerusalem, the territories captured by israel in the 1967 Mideast war. a Palestinian flag was quickly unfurled on the floor of the General assembly, behind the Palestinian delegation, after an electronic

screen lit up with the final vote. Real independence, however, remains an elusive dream until the Palestinians negotiate a peace deal with the israelis, who warned that the General assembly action will only delay a lasting solution. israel still controls the West Bank, east Jerusalem and access to Gaza, and it accused the Palestinians of bypassing negotiations with the campaign to upgrade their Un status. the Un action also could help abbas restore some of his standing, which has been eroded by years of stalemate in peace efforts. His rival, the Hamas militant group, deeply entrenched in Gaza, has seen its popularity rise

after it responded with a barrage of rocket fire to an israeli offensive earlier this month on targets linked to the militants. in the West Bank city of Ramallah, jubilant Palestinians crowded into the main square, waving Palestinian flags and chanting “God is great!” Hundreds had watched the vote on outdoor screens and televisions, and they hugged, honked their horns and set off fireworks as the final vote was cast. the tally came after a speech by abbas in which he called the moment a “last chance” to save the two-state solution. “the General assembly is being asked today to issue the birth certificate of Palestine,” the Palestinian leader declared.

‘Walking the peace talk’, Pakistan to free more Taliban ISLAMABAD Tayyab Hussain

akistan on Friday agreed to a request by afghanistan to release more taliban prisoners, facilitate contacts of afghan government with the militants and urge the taliban to renounce ties with al Qaeda. the agreement was not only made in official bilateral talks but was also reflected in a joint statement issued after a detailed meeting held between the foreign ministers of both countries. afghan Foreign Minister Dr Zalmai Rassoul held a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Hina Rabbani khar on Friday. He also met Prime


Minister Raja Pervez ashraf. addressing a joint news conference after their meeting, Foreign Minister Hina khar said islamabad

supported the peace process in afghanistan and would play role of a coordinator in the entire process. khar was of the view that Pak-

istan should not be associated with baseless allegations, as the country had lost 6,000 troops in the war against terrorism. Putting light on islamabad’s efforts in development of afghanistan, she maintained that Pakistan was awarding scholarships to 7,000 afghan students at present. afghan Foreign Minister Dr Zalmai Rassoul said kabul would never permit its soil to be used against Pakistan and would take every possible measure to avoid such an occurrence. Elaborating further, he said shelling on Pakistani territory from the afghan side had reduced significantly and both countries needed to work together to sort out the issues. Continued on page 04

the United states and israel immediately criticized the vote. “today’s unfortunate and counterproductive resolution places further obstacles in the path of peace,” Un ambassador susan Rice said. “today’s grand pronouncements will soon fade and the Palestinian people will wake up tomorrow and find that little about their lives has changed save that the prospects of a durable peace have only receded.” Calling the vote “meaningless,” israeli Prime Minister Benjamin netanyahu accused abbas of spreading “mendacious propaganda” against israel in a speech he rejected as “defamatory and venomous.”

No harm in renaming Kalabagh Dam, says LHC LAHORE: a day after the Lahore High Court ordered the federal government to build the kalabagh Dam in accordance with the Council of Common interests’ directions in 1991, LHC Chief Justice Umer atta Bandiyal on Friday said there was no harm in changing the name of kalabagh Dam if bad memories were linked to it. the LHC chief justice passed the remark while hearing a petition against unannounced load shedding. the lawyer for the federal government, khawaja tariq Rahim, informed the court that the government wanted to construct kalabagh Dam and was trying to create consensus on the matter. in his remarks, Chief Justice Bandial said there was no harm in changing the name of the project as bad memories were linked to the word “kalabagh Dam”. He said the dam could be constructed after making little administrative changes. the LHC later adjourned proceedings until December 17. after the LHC’s verdict on thursday, political and nationalist voices – who have since long considered the dam contrary to the interests of the people in sindh and khyber Pakhtunkhwa and a conspiracy by Punjab to control the country’s waterways – found a renewed impetus to speak up against the “anti-Pakistan project”. nationalists in sindh said the construction of the dam could lead to territorial disintegration of Pakistan and sindh might opt to quit the federation if so happened. sTaff RepoRT

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no end to citizens’ plight as CnG stations remain closed for 5th consecutive day improvement in health sector underway: CM


infOtainment Grand Canyon 70 million years old, formed during era of dinosaurs

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18 lawmakers fail to submit affidavits ISLAMABAD: the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) deadline for parliamentarians and members of provincial assemblies, to submit affidavits affirming that they are not holding dual nationality, ended on Friday. However, 18 lawmakers are yet to submit affidavits. according to ECP sources, the legislators will now be issued notices and will be asked to give reasons for their failure to submit. the members who have not submitted affidavits include, Mnas Maulana Mohammad Qasim, syed allaudin, Chaudhry tassaduq Masood, syed tayyeb Hussain, Dr nadeem ahsan, Haider abbas Rizvi, sabeen Rizvi and Fauzia aijaz. the senators who failed to meet the deadline are Malik salahuddin Dogar, Haji Lashkari Raisani and Haji khan afridi. sTaff RepoRT

Police vehicle destroyed in Peshawar bomb blast PESHAWAR: a police mobile vehicle was destroyed in a bomb blast in Peshawar on Friday. according to details, unidentified men planted a bomb along inqalab Road in Budhber area that went off when the police vehicle reached the spot. as a result of blast, the police vehicle was destroyed but all three policemen present in the vehicle remained unhurt. the security forces cordoned off the area and started a search operation. sTaff RepoRT

Five more polio cases detected in Chaman CHAMAN: Four girls and one boy were diagnosed with polio in Chaman, Balochistan. the World Health Organisation (WHO) has decided to immediately start polio vaccination in Qilla abdullah and its adjacent areas as two children were diagnosed in afghanistan as well. WHO polio wing chief, Dr ilyas Daray, said that diagnose of polio virus in seven children in asia on a single day is very alarming. Meanwhile, a seven-member WHO delegation headed by Dr Muhammad al-Muhammadi has reached Quetta. the delegation will meet Balochistan Chief secretary and Balochistan Health secretary to discuss the arrangements made for the polio vaccination campaign in Qilla abdullah. inp

Two killed in Mohmand Agency landmine blast GHALLANAI/CHARSADDA: at least two men were killed and another two, including a security official, were injured in a landmine blast here early on Friday morning. according to details, unidentified men had planted a landmine in the agency’s saafi tehsil which went off with a loud bang triggering panic in the area. as a result, two men were killed on the spot while another two, including a child, were injured. the political administration said landmine was aimed at targeting security personnel convoy which was due to pass by the scene but civilians became victim. Meanwhile, two men were injured in an explosion in shabqadar area of Charsadda. sTaff RepoRT

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

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Nisar says it’s time to rid country of PPP government Opposition leader says people desperate to make PPP accountable in elections g


Opposition leader in the national assembly Chaudhry nisar ali khan has said that time had come to get rid of the PPP government instead of talking about forming alliances with it. talking to reporters at his parliament chamber on Friday, nisar said the statement of PML-n chief nawaz sharif was being quoted out of context for specific purposes by the PPP. nisar said nawaz had spo-

ken of maintaining good political traditions in his interview and the PPP leaders were appreciating it He said the PML-n could never think of alliance with the PPP in the coming elections, as its government had taken all important institutions to the brink of disaster in the last five years. “By setting new records of corruption and bad governance, the government has made Pakistan the seventh most corrupt country in the world.” He pointed out that people had been pushed to the wall by the PPP government and they were praying to God to rid them of the present rulers. the PML-n leader said the party would not enter into an election alliance with a party that violated courts’ decisions, destroyed national institutions and increased the problems for the people manifold. He advised the PPP leaders to give up dreaming about alliance with the PML-n and pay attention to the people, who were desperate for their accountability during elections. to a question, the opposition leader said no one could escape elections on schedule and pointed out the government could not muster the courage to delay them. He pointed out that the election would be held under a caretaker government and independent election commission. “the tenure of the PPP government will expire on March 18, 2013 and there is a clear provision in the constitution about the caretaker government before elections,” he added.

A colour-coded map of the world’s most and least emotional countries NEWS DESK since 2009, the Gallup polling firm has surveyed people in 150 countries and territories on, among other things, their daily emotional experience. their survey asks five questions, meant to gauge whether the respondent felt significant positive or negative emotions the day prior to the survey. the more times that people answer “yes” to questions such as “Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday?”, the more emotional they’re deemed to be. Gallup has tallied up the average “yes” responses from respondents in almost every country on Earth. the results, mapped out, are as fascinating as they are indecipherable. the colorcoded key in the map indicates the average percentage of people who answered “yes.” Dark purple countries are the most emotional, yellow the least. Here are a few takeaways. singapore is the least emotional country in the world. ”singaporeans recognise they have a problem,” Bloomberg Businessweek writes of the country’s “emotional deficit,” citing a culture in which schools “discourage students from thinking of themselves as individuals.” they also point to low work satisfaction, competitiveness, and the urban experience: “staying emotionally neutral could be a way of coping with the stress of urban life in a place where 82 percent of the population lives in government-built housing.” the Philippines is the world’s most emotional country. it’s not even close; the heavily Catholic, southeast asian nation, a former colony of spain and the U.s., scores well above secondranked El salvador. Post-soviet countries are consistently among the most stoic. Other than singapore (and, for some reason, Madagascar and nepal), the least emotional countries in the world are all for-

mer members of the soviet Union. they are also the greatest consumers of cigarettes and alcohol. this could be what you call and chicken-or-egg problem: if the two trends are related, which one came first? Europe appears almost like a gradient here, with emotions increasing as you move West. People in the americas are just exuberant. Every nation on the north and south american continents ranked highly on the survey. americans and Canadians are both among the 15 most emotional countries in the world, as well as 10 Latin countries. the only nonamerican countries in the top 15, other than the Philippines, are the arab nations of Oman and Bahrain, both of which rank very highly.

English- and spanish-speaking societies tend to be highly emotional and happy. though the anglophone nations of the world retain deep cultural links, it’s not clear if spain’s emotional depth has anything to do with Latin america’s. according to Gallup, “Latin america leads the world when it comes to positive emotions, with Panama, Paraguay, and Venezuela at the top of that list.” africans are generally stoic, with some significant exceptions. the continent is among the world’s least emotional, though there is wide variation, which serves as a non-definitive but interesting reminder of africa’s cultural diversity. Each could be its own captivating case study. it’s possible that south africa’s high rating has to do with its cul-

tural ties to Western Europe, for example, and nigeria’s may have to do with the recent protest movement in the south and sectarian violence in the north. the Middle East is not happy. Gallup notes, “negative emotions are highest in the Middle East and north africa, with iraq, Bahrain, and the Palestinian territories leading the world in negative daily experiences.” still, that doesn’t quite fully explain the high emotions in the Levant and on the arabian peninsula, compared to the lower emotions in Libya, algeria, and Morocco. Perhaps this hints at how people in these countries are being affected by the still-ongoing political turmoil of the arab spring.

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paris Hilton finds Goa exciting


High level of security during national T-20

Verdict on Kb dam: Yes, but not in this way.

cOmment arif nizami says; The reluctant Pakistan: Combating terrorism, too little, too late.

Raoof Hasan says; The judiciary-military divide: Why? And to whose benefit?

Muhammad omer Hayat says; Israel’s creation: Just because enough time has passed, a wrong does not become a right.

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PPP to table another resolution in Sindh Assembly against KBD KARACHI


QUETTA: A man walks in the deserted OPD of Civil Hospital on Friday. Dr Saeed Ahmed Khan’s release raised hopes that a strike by doctors across the province would end but there’s no improvement in the situation at government hospitals and people across Balochistan are suffering due to the continuous boycott of duties by government-employed doctors. INP

Parliament right forum to decide fate of Kalabagh Dam: Kaira ISLAMABAD app

Minister for information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman kaira said on Friday that parliament was the right forum to take a decision on the construction of kalabagh dam. addressing a function held in connection with the foundation day of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in the federal capital, the minister said that despite the judicial murder of shaheed Zulfikar ali Bhutto, witch-hunting of shaheed Benazir Bhutto and President asif ali Zardari through fake cases, the PPP respected the judiciary. He said that the nation remembered those who attacked the supreme Court of Pakistan. “the PPP has strived very hard to strengthen the federation and we request the respectable judges to remain in their domain and let the parliament de-

cide on issues of political nature”, said the minister. He said the PPP leadership believed that strong institutions were vital for a strong Pakistan and all institutions should remain in their domain. kaira further said the PPP would be victorious in the upcoming elections due to its people-friendly polices. He was of the opinion that PPP would also win elections in Punjab because recent by-elections have resulted in PPP candidates filling seats vacated by Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz. He said the government had effectively fought the war against terrorism in the country. in 2008, when the PPP came to power, people believed terrorists would occupy islamabad soon, he said. “it is owing to the effective policy of the government that their strength has been tackled,” he observed. He further said the PPP wanted to forget politics of the 90s and was desirous of promoting politics of reconciliation in the country.

isMaiL diLaWaR

HE ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) plans to table another resolution against the creation of the so called “anti-sindh” and “anti-Pakistan” kalabagh Dam (kBD) in the sindh legisla-

ture. the PPP statement came in reaction to the Lahore High Court’s verdict for creation of the controversial water reservoir that had already been opposed by three provincial assemblies except Punjab. the new resolution would be tabled in the PPP-dominated 168-member provincial legislature on December 6th. “We would table again, the resolution against kalabagh Dam project on December 6th in the sindh assembly session because this project is anti-Pakistani as well as anti-sindh,” said PPP Central Deputy secretary information and Provincial Minister for information sharjeel inam Memon on Friday. the provincial minister said the PML-n and shahbaz sharif’s statements regarding the construction of kBD were indicative of the fact that the party did not believe in the integrity and stability of the federation. Memon said sindh, Balochistan and khyber Pakhtunkwa had already passed separate resolutions against the building of the disputed dam. He expressed apprehension over the fact that weightage was not given to the consensus of three

Kalabagh dam rUling an attacK on federation: anp ISLAMABAD: awami national Party (anP) leader afrasiab khattak on Friday said the Lahore High Court (LHC) ruling for the construction of the kalabagh dam was similar to an attack on the federation. speaking to media personnel, the anP leader said the LHC ruling on a set of petitions seeking to build the dam had “the tone of takht-i-Lahore”. He said three units of the federation had rejected the idea of constructing the much politicised dam. On the occasion, anP spokesman Zahid khan said digging the matter would not deliver any results, adding that anP would soon announce its strategy on the issue. inp provinces in this regard. “Pakistan Peoples Party has propagated provincial autonomy to strengthen the country. Provincial strength ultimately leads to a stable and durable federation,” the minister said. the sindh assembly session, which was scheduled to be held on november 30 (Friday), was preadjourned by Deputy speaker shehla Raza until December 6 owing to the PML (F)-led call for a province-wide strike and protest in the assembly. President asif ali Zardari was also due to address the session on December 3rd which sources said has been postponed in lieu of recent developments.

Seven Pakistanis arrested for immigration offences in UK LONDON: Eight people including 7 Pakistani’s have been arrested for immigration offences in two separate raids made by the United kingdom Border agency (UkBa) in the north west of England. acting on the information given by intelligence agencies, officers of UkBa visited various superstores in Manchester and Liverpool in order to verify whether the workers had the right to work in the Uk. in Manchester, UkBa officials said they arrested two Pakistani men from Cannon street, two from Lonsight store and two more from ayres Road superstore. Whereas in Liverpool, immigration officials arrested two men, including one Pakistani from tak supermarket Cash and Carry on smithdown Road. Majid KHaTTaK

Afghanistan, Pakistan must work closely to fight terrorism: PM ISLAMABAD app

afghanistan and Pakistan have common challenges in terrorism and drug trafficking and both countries should work closely to fight the menaces, Prime Minister Raja Pervez ashraf said on Friday. the prime minister was talking to afghan Foreign Minister Dr Zalmai Rassoul, who called on ashraf at the PM’s House, where both discussed matters of mutual interest. the prime minister said Pakistan believed that a peaceful, prosperous and stable afghanistan was in Pakistan’s own national interest. He termed the recent visit of High Peace Council Chairman salahuddin Rabbani to islamabad successful. “the council made important contributions

and engaged positively with their Pakistani interlocutors. therefore, both countries need to work closely to confront these challenges,” he added. ashraf expressed hope that an agreement between the two countries to hold a clerics conference would contribute positively towards consolidating the bilateral relations. the afghan foreign minister said the visit of the High Peace Council was successful and both the governments were now talking to find solutions. “time has come that we show results,” the afghan foreign minister said. afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Jawed Ludin, afghan ambassador to Pakistan Mohammad Umer Daudzai, Minister for Foreign affairs Hina Rabbani khar, Minister for Defence naveed Qamar and other senior officials were also present.

US Senate approveS afghaniStan commander WASHINGTON: the senate armed services Committee has approved President Barack Obama’s choice for the top commander in afghanistan. By voice vote on thursday, the panel cleared the way for the full senate to vote on Gen. Joseph Dunford, the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps who had directed forces in iraq. Dunford would replace Gen. John allen’s possible nomination, which was put on hold after the later got ensnared in the sex scandal that had led to the resignation of the Cia Director General David Petraeus. app

NA body calls for ban on ads with Indian models ISLAMABAD: the national assembly’s standing Committee for information and Broadcasting on Friday called for a ban on advertisements featuring indian models. the suggestion was made by the committee during a meeting attended by information Minister Qamar Zaman kaira. Reacting to the panel’s call to ban advertisements featuring indian models, kaira said the issue was in court and it would be better to wait for the judiciary’s decision. He agreed with the panel’s members that local culture should be promoted as Pakistan has a rich heritage. indian actors such as shah Rukh khan, katrina kaif, kajol, shilpa shetty and kareena kapoor appear in advertisements for various products beamed on Pakistani channels. kaira said during the parliamentary panel’s meeting that Pakistan had conveyed to the indian government at many forums that it was allowing the screening of indian channels and films, but the move had not been reciprocated by india. “Pakistan is a responsible country and due to this strategy, relations with india have improved,” he said. kaira there was a dire need to promote a culture of tolerance in Pakistan. inp

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

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Former Indian PM Gujral dies at 92 NEW DELHI aGenCies


ORMER indian prime minister inder kumar Gujral, who engineered a thaw in the icy relationship with Pakistan during his time in government, died Friday aged 92, the government announced. “i am deeply grieved to inform the house about the demise of inder kumar Gujral, the former prime minister of india. He passed away at 3:31 pm,” Home Minister sushilkumar shinde told the lower house of parliament. Gujral, who served as prime minister in a coalition government from april 1997 to March 1998, was admitted to

Gurgaon’s Medanta Medicity hospital 11 days ago with a lung infection. the former diplomat was born on December 4, 1919 in the city of Jhelum, Punjab (now part of Pakistan) into a family of Congress party workers. He began his career in politics as a student leader and member of the underground Communist Party of india. He was arrested in 1942 and jailed for his involvement in the anti-colonial Quit india movement. Gujral joined the ruling Congress party after india won independence and rose through the ranks to become minister of information and broadcasting under prime minister indira Gandhi from 1969-71 and 1972-75. the soft-spoken Gujral ran foul of the

Congress leadership when he refused to censor radio bulletins during the state of emergency imposed by Gandhi in 1975. He then spent five years working as india’s ambassador to the soviet Union from 1976 to 1980. Gujral left the Congress party in the 1980s and joined the socialist Janata Dal, serving twice as india’s foreign minister before being appointed prime minister in a coalition government in 1997. He resigned from the post in 1998 after the Congress party withdrew its support for the government, forcing midterm elections. He effectively retired from politics the following year. the urbane politician was best known for the so-called Gujral Doctrine, an approach to foreign policy based on peaceful accommodation, arguing that india

should treat its neighbours with generosity. as premier, he attempted to improve india’s strained ties with Pakistan, saying it was time for both nations to leave the past behind and forge a new relationship. Former colleague V. narayanasamy, a minister in the prime minister’s office told nDtV news channel, “he was a very learned person. i was lucky to have worked with him…will always remember him.” Gujral is survived by two sons, naresh and Vishal. His elder son naresh is a member of the Punjab-based shiromani akali Dal party and was elected to the upper house of parliament in 2007. Gujral’s brother satish ranks among india’s most prominent artists and architects.

‘Pakistan to achieve 4% economic growth this year’ WASHINGTON speCiaL CoRRespondenT

RaMaLLaH: palestinians celebrate in this West bank city on friday after the un General assembly voted to recognise palestine as a non-member state.

Arif Azeem likely to be new petroleum secretary ISLAMABAD onLine

the government is likely to appoint Railways secretary Muhammad arif azim as the new Petroleum secretary because, according to sources, advisor to Prime Minister on Petroleum Dr asim Hussain is not comfortable with incumbent secretary, Dr Waqar Masood. Reliable sources told Online on Friday that Dr Waqar Masood might be removed from his post because of a disagreement between Dr Hussain and Dr Masood over issues relating to import of Liquefied natural Gas (LnG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and others. the source said that Dr Hussain is not satisfied with the performance of Dr Masood and has asked Prime Minister Raja Pervez ashraf to remove him from the post.

‘Walking the peace talk’ Continued fRoM page 01

“the two countries need to move away from the legacy of the past and move towards an honest, result-oriented relationship and the multifaceted relationship between the two countries are very important for both as well as vital for the stability and peace in the region,” the afghan minister said. a joint statement issued after the meeting said, “the two foreign ministers held indepth consultations on bilateral, regional and international issues of mutual interest with special focus on the situation in afghanistan, peace and reconciliation process, cooperation in political and economic fields and security related issues.” Both sides also agreed to hold a joint conference of afghan and Pakistani clerics in kabul by the end of January 2013.

the two sides also agreed to make operational a joint commission to address the prisoners’ issue as announced during the visit of President karzai to islamabad in June 2011. Pakistan reiterated that it fully supported and stood by the afghan nation as they determined their own future. in this context, both sides agreed to take action on the elements of the joint statement issued during HPC’s visit, the statement added. While expressing satisfaction at the current volume of annual bilateral trade ($2.5 billion), the two countries agreed to take facilitative steps to further enhance bilateral trade and achieve the target of $5 billion annual trade by year 2015. Recognising the need for jointly pursuing trade and transit agreements with Central asian states, the two sides agreed that as a first step, a tri-

lateral transit and trade agreement would be negotiated with tajikistan, to be extended to other countries as appropriate and mutually determined. Both sides also agreed to work together for phased, dignified and voluntary return of afghan refugees and stressed the need for creating ‘pull factors’ for the purpose. afghanistan also thanked Pakistan for hosting the largest number of refugees in the world for more than three decades. the two sides also agreed to enter into a bilateral Visa abolition agreement for holders of diplomatic passports to facilitate visa free travel for the diplomats of the two countries. Realising that a strategic Partnership agreement (sPa) would further deepen the bilateral relations between the two countries, both sides agreed to initiate negotiations for signing the agreement.

Pakistan is expected to register an economic growth of four percent in the 2012-13 financial year despite facing regional security challenges and ongoing global contraction, Finance Minister abdul Hafeez shaikh said on Friday. shaikh, who is in Washington for Economic Working Group meetings with Us officials, told a Washington think tank that an iMF assessment of the Pakistani economy, released on thursday, had nothing new in it and that the Fund and Pakistan worked together closely. the finance minister was careful in commenting on the influential finance institution’s observations on the state of Pakistani economy and said he looked forward to discussing

any gap in economic growth forecast with the Fund’s leaders in his meetings next week. He stressed that the government recognised the challenges facing the economy and was focused on remedying the problems in areas like tax revenue generation. shaikh said the democratic government inherited a bleak fiscal situation and despite facing a spate of regional security challenges, great floods and global economic downturn, Pakistan had steadfastly followed its policies of austerity and key reforms. the measures helped arrest inflation rate that was ballooning around 25 percent only a few years ago, spur growth and devolve greater share of development resources to provinces, the finance minister told the gathering at Carnegie En-

US to have ‘enduring presence’ in Afghanistan post-2014 WASHINGTON inp

after the completion of security transition in 2014, the Us wants to have an enduring presence in afghanistan to focus on three critical areas – counter-terrorism, train-and-assist the afghan army and enhance afghan government’s capabilities, Us Defense secretary Leon Panetta said on thursday. “the goal here is an enduring presence that will direct itself towards three important missions. One is counterterrorism, to ensure that the Us continues to go after whatever al Qaeda targets re-

main in afghanistan,” Panetta said. “although we clearly have had an impact on their presence in afghanistan, the fact is that they (al Qaeda) continue to show up and intelligence continues to indicate they are looking for some kind of capability to be able to go into afghanistan as well,” Panetta said at a press briefing with visiting israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. He added the Us would continually be vigilant and the fundamental thrust of the counter-terrorism was to ensure al Qaeda never carried out attacks on america or any other country.

dowment for international Peace, which was moderated by senior Carnegie associate ashley tellis. the minister informed the gathering that islamabad had also been able to double the tax revenue in the last four years and all financial institutions were working independently, free of any political pressure. “the political government took some difficult decisions to fix the problems,” he said. “the GDP growth rate is picking up and we expect that to be in the four-plus range,” he told the gathering of south asian analysts and foreign policy experts. shaikh added Pakistan had “a lot of work to do” to put the economy on a path that met development needs and raised the standard of life of its people.

Two robbers gunned down in ‘encounter’ LAHORE sTaff RepoRT

two suspected robbers were gunned down in an alleged police encounter in the tibbi police precincts late on Friday. according to initial information, the robbers allegedly opened fire at police personnel in the tibbi area. the police retaliated, killing two men on the spot while their third accomplice managed to escape. it is not clear what led to the shootout.

Egypt Islamists hurriedly approve India’s SC seeks explanation from govt Continued fRoM page 24

it is not clear what would happen to the approved draft if the court dissolves the assembly. the crisis could move out of the realm of legal questions and even more into the more volatile street, to be decided by which side can bring the most support. the draft largely reflects the conservative vision of the islamists, with articles that rights activists, liberals and others fear will lead to restrictions on the rights of women and minorities and on civil liberties in general. the draft says citizens are equal under the

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

law but an article specifically establishing women’s equality was dropped because of disputes over the phrasing. as in past constitutions, the new draft said the “principles of islamic law” will be the basis of law. Previously, the term “principles” allowed wide leeway in interpreting shariah. But in the draft, a separate new article is added that seeks to define “principles” by pointing to particular theological doctrines and their rules. that could give islamists the tool for insisting on stricter implementation of rulings of shariah. another new article states that Egypt’s most respected islamic insti-

tution, al-azhar, must be consulted on any matters related to shariah, a measure critics fear will lead to oversight of legislation by clerics. the draft also includes bans on “insulting or defaming all prophets and messengers” or even “insulting humans” - broad language that analysts warned could be used to crack down on many forms of speech. it also preserves much of military’s immunity from parliamentary scrutiny, putting its budget in the hands of the national Defense Council, which includes the president, the heads of the two houses of parliament and top generals.

on arrests over controversial IT law NEW DELHI nni

the indian supreme Court on Friday sought explanation from the central and at least two state governments on the arrest of two girls made over a controversial section of the country’s information technology (it) act. the indian apex court swung into action on a petition by a student, shreya singhal, who on thursday challenged section 66a of the information technology act, in the wake of last week’s ar-

rest of two girls in the western state of Maharashtra over a comment on social networking site Facebook about Hindu fundamentalist party shiv sena’s late chief Bal thackarey. “the Maharashtra government is directed to explain the circumstances under which the two girls – shaheen Dhada and Renu shrinivasan – were arrested for posting comments made by them on Facebook”, ordered a twojudge bench, headed by Chief Justice altamas kabir. the indian supreme

Court gave the western state four weeks to file its response. it also ordered the governments of the eastern state of West Bengal and the southern state of Pondicherry to explain similar arrests made in the states in the recent past under section 66a of it act. in West Bengal, a Professor of Jadavpur University, ambikesh Mahapatra, was arrested for sharing a cartoon of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Facebook in april this year. in October, Ravi srinivasan, a businessman in Pondicherry,

was arrested for tweeting against karti Chidambaram, son of indian Finance Minister P Chidambaram. Both were released on bail. Meanwhile, india’s attorney general, in his response to the petition, told the supreme Court that the arrest of the girls in Maharashtra was not justified. “the arrests were wrong, but section 66a of the it act need not be scrapped,” he said, adding that the central government would soon issue guidelines to ensure that the section was not misused.

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Saturday, 1 December, 2012

Litter mars airport’s ‘int’l standard’, poses security risk n Increasing snack outlets attract huge crowds risking security breach LAHORE


Rana HaideR

LLaMa iqbal international airport reflects a sorry state of affairs, giving a picture of a garbage hub similar to that of a bus-stand instead of meeting the criterion of an international airport. Owing to security threats, all dustbins have been removed from the vicinity which has resulted in littering in all corners. at the same time, airport authorities have been giving out contracts to more and more snack outlets which have become a popular hangout place for those who come to pick and drop their friends and family. these outlets are always crowded by people, which in itself is a threat from the security perspective where a terrorist strike could be carried out without much difficulty, Pakistan today observed. in addition, the prices of goods at these shops are exponentially higher than market rates. a 1.5 litre cold drink for example, which is available for Rs 70 all across the country, is being sold for Rs 150 at these shops. similarly, a cup of tea costs

Former Punjab Assembly deputy speaker joins PML-N LAHORE sTaff RepoRT

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid-eazam (PML-Q) leader and former Punjab assembly deputy speaker afzal sahi and his brother Col (r) Ghulam Rasool have decided to quit PML-Q and join Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n). sahi along with his brother met PML-n Chief Mian nawaz sharif in Raiwind on Friday, where they announced to quit PML-Q and instead join PML-n. On this occasion, nawaz sharif said his party would greatly benefit from the experience of sahi and Rasool. Both the leaders expressed confidence in the leadership of nawaz and said people were looking towards him to pull Pakistan out of the present crisis and put it on the road of economic prosperity.

Rs 40, coffee Rs 90 and a pack of cigarettes which is sold at Rs 75 elsewhere costs Rs 100 at airport outlets. all goods at these contracted outlets are being sold at 50 to 70 percent above market rates without any check or accountability. anwar Rasheed, a resident of iqbal town, while talking to Pakistan today expressed his disappointment over cleanliness at the airport. “the cleanliness here should be exemplary so that people coming from abroad get a decent impression of the country,” he said. He was of the opinion that blocking and clearing roads did not eliminate terrorism, instead there was a need for proper implementation of discipline. another resident of the city, Jabir, opined that discipline was lacking in all institutions of the country. “Why do you expect affairs to be any different here?” he said. “they get paid hundreds of thousands in salaries and come to their airconditioned offices to warm their seats. What impression would this mess give to foreigners visiting the country? if the airports here are such a mess then you can very well imagine the state of other places,” he added. a shopkeeper at the airport, on condition of anonymity, said that goods are expensive here

because officials extort money out of them. “the contracts here are so pricey that we have no option but to sell goods at an extra margin. these men in white uniforms have a civilised way of extorting money from us,” he said. an airport security Force personnel told Pakistan today on the condition of anonymity that presence of such a large number of people did pose a serious security risk. “take a look around and see for yourself the heaps of litter lying at various spots. the administration removed the dustbins as a safety precaution but what if someone places a cracker or bomb in the litter? We are vigilant but despite our best efforts there’s still a chance of someone carrying out their sinister plot in the cover of the huge crowds that build up here every hour of the day,” he said. Civil aviation authority Public Relations Officer Malik kamran told Pakistan today that a contract bid for an outlet starts around Rs 400,000. He further maintained that the prices at these shops are not much different from market rates. He was of the view that security arrangements are appropriate and working fine. Responding to a question, he said he would give complete details regarding all queries once a “written document” was faxed to him.

Improvement in health sector underway: CM LAHORE sTaff RepoRT

Punjab Chief Minister shahbaz sharif on Friday said that billions of rupees were being spent to ensure provision of best health facilities to the people. Chairing a high-level meeting to review health projects, he said that Punjab government was devoted to improving performance of the health sector and promotion of medical education.

He said new hospitals and medical colleges were being constructed throughout the province. in addition, he said, the Rawalpindi institute of Cardiology and a 410-bed hospital in Bahawalpur would be fully functional by January 2013, while District Headquarters Hospital, Bhawalnagar, would be upgraded and foundation stone of a medical college at Bhakhar would also be laid soon. addressing the meeting, shahbaz said the 410-bed hospital in Bahawalpur was in the last phase of its completion which would not only provide modern medical facilities to the people of Bahawalpur division, but also to those living in sindh and Balochistan. He said rapid work was also going on to complete Rawalpindi institute of Cardiology, which would provide medical care to cardiac patients. He said a 310-bed hospital at shahdra was being constructed, while upgradation work on DHQ hospital sargodha was also being expeditiously completed. the chief minister also warned that any delay in the completion of these public welfare projects was intolerable and ordered to further expedite the pace of construction work on new hospitals.

PML-Q making alliances with other parties to ensure PML-N’s defeat: Elahi LAHORE sTaff RepoRT

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) leader and Deputy Prime Minister Parvez Elahi on Friday said his party was making alliances with other political and religious parties to ensure defeat of Pakistan Muslim League nawaz (PML-n) in Punjab. talking to journalists outside Punjab assembly, where the assembly’s former speaker salman Mohal left PML-n and joined PML-Q, he said that Mohal would contest in provincial assembly elections from PP-280 Bahawalnagar on PML-Q’s ticket. Pervez Elahi further said that this new addition to the party had strengthened PML-Q’s ties with southern Punjab. On the occasion, Mian salman Mohal said that elders of the Mohal family from Bahawalnagar had unanimously allowed him to contest the elections. He said he was associated with PML-n which claimed to be the party of the people but shahbaz sharif was not aware about sorrows and pains of the people. He said that he felt that he was a victim of dictatorship of PML-n and had hence quit the party and joined PML-Q.

Cough syrup case adjourned LAHORE: the Lahore High Court on Friday adjourned hearing of the petition for a judicial enquiry into the deaths caused by toxic cough syrup, with a direction to the petitioner to file the amended petition. the single bench comprising Justice Manzoor ahmad Malik heard the petition filed by Judicial activism Panel. Earlier, the petitioner’s counsel azhar siddique submitted that there was a dire need of constituting a Judicial inquiry tribunal in order to conduct a detailed probe into incident. He said national and international experts should also be consulted on the issue and public at large should be invited to submit evidence. He pleaded that appropriate directions be issued for registration of criminal cases against the authorities concerned under murder charges as they had shown criminal negligence while discharging their duty. However, the court directed counsel to file an amended petition and adjourned the matter. sTaff RepoRT

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06 Lahore

Punjab govt approves chief minister’s Ujaala Scheme LAHORE


sTaff RepoRT

HE Punjab Government on Friday approved the scheme of energy sector with an estimated cost of Rs 3416.540 million for Chief Minister’s Ujaala Programme (Revised). Eight development schemes of various sectors of the economy were also approved worth Rs 3,003,169 million. the approved development

schemes included, the extension in gestation of PC-ii survey and studies to prepare a master plan to develop Murree as a pollution free tourist town at the cost of Rs 13.900 million, establishment of Wazirabad institute of Cardiology, Wazirabad, District Gujranwal at the cost of Rs 1,277,892 million, establishment of strategic planning unit and project management units at the cost of Rs 124,485 million, widening and improvement of road from sangla Hill to sukehkey via Marblochan at the cost of Rs. 236,968

Bakery torture case hearing adjourned until Dec 10 LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister shahbaz shairf’s son-in-law imran ali, along with seven others accused, was produced before the judicial magistrate in a bakery torture case on Friday. Witnesses and the plaintiff were not present at the hearing. On the occasion, ali imran’s lawyer told the court that

since the witnesses and the plaintiff had not appeared before the court despite being summoned, the meeting could not proceed. the court, re-issuing the summon notices to all the witness and applicant, adjourned the hearing till December 10. s Ta f f R e o p RT

million, widening and improvement of sheikhupura to sargodha Road in District sheikhupura at the cost of Rs 920,568 million, Lahore Ring Road Project Construction of road along khaira Distributary from Package 17 to Ferozepur Road at the cost of Rs 424,756 million, appointment of consultant for the Police College Chung, at the cost Rs 1.200 million and strengthening internal financial controls in Finance Department for better financial management at the cost of Rs 3.40 million.

ADB signs canal redesigning Crimes continue agreement with Punjab govt unabated in provincial LAHORE metropolis sTaff RepoRT

the asian Development Bank on Friday decided to provide Rs 700 million funding to Punjab government for redesigning and remodeling of Pakpattan sulemanki and other canals in the province. the approval was granted on the conditions of Punjab government after successfully ending a two-day dialogue between provincial authorities and the bank in the presence of representatives of federal government. an agreement was also signed in this regard.

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05:3-Pm 12:15Pm, 02:45, 08:30, 11:15Pm


a robbery took place in a house located in Wafaqi Colony Johar town on tuesday and the robbers escaped after stealing millions of rupees in cash and other valuables. Robbers broke into the house of khizer and successfully escaped after looting millions. in another incident, a citizen named ali was deprived of his motorbike by unidentified men in Johar town. Furthermore, a 40 years old man named allah Ditta was murdered by unidentified men in Baghbanpura. as per details, the victim was returning to his house when unidentified men opened indiscriminate fire on him and killed him on the spot. Police reports suggested that this was a case of personal enmity. Meanwhile, the anti narcotics Force (anF) arrested two passengers after recovering hashish concealed in their shoes at the allama iqbal international airport. according to official sources, the criminals named Muhammad Bilal and saba Perveen were going to Dubai via a Pakistan international airline (Pia) flight number 203. Moreover, a 20 years old girl named anum committed suicide due to family dispute in the area of tibi City. according to reports, she had eaten poisonous pills and was rushed to the Mayo Hospital where she later lost her life.

Shortage of fuel, engines causes delay in trains’ arrival, departure LAHORE: Prolonged delays in arrival and departure of trains due to shortage of fuel and engines continued to irk the passengers and relatives at various railway stations, on the cold wintry morning of Friday. according to details, Quetta-Rawalpindi bound Jaffer Express was eight hours late, karachi-Multan Zakriya Express was four hours late while Lahore-karachi shalimar Express reached the destination with a three-hour delay. Due to the prolonged delay in arrival and departure of train services, the passengers and relatives had to wait for hours at railways stations in chilly weather without basic facilities. the passengers and people waiting for arrival of their relatives and family members criticised the government and Pakistan Railways (PR) for their failure to normalise the train services for over a year, despite release of allocations for the repair and maintenance of engines. they demanded the minister for PR to step down from his position and admit his failure to run the ministry smoothly. sTaff RepoRT

President’s ineligibility case: LHC adjourns hearing until Dec 5 LAHORE: the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday adjourned the hearing of a case regarding ineligibility of President asif ali Zardari till December 5. a single member bench of LHC comprising Justice nasir saeed heard the petition filed by Jamaat-e-islami (Ji) for disqualifying President Zardari for holding two offices at a time. the Ji lawyer told the court that a full bench of high court and supreme Court (sC) in asghar khan case decision had decided that being the symbol of the federation, the president should be impartial and could hold office of any political party. sTaff RepoRT

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

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Lahore 07 weather UPDateS

20 °c high 11low0c





22c i 12°c

19°c i 11°c

20°c i 12°c

PraYer timinGS fajr 5:07

Sunrise 6:30

zuhr 11:48

asr 2:43

maghrib 5:04

isha 6:28 ppp women workers celebrate on the ppp’s 46th founding day as a hapless ppp jiyala holding a begging bowl protests outside the aiwan-e-iqbal Complex on friday. STaff PhoToS

citY DirectOrY emerGencY helP reScUe eDhi cOntrOl mOtOrwaY POlice POlice GOvernOr’S hOUSe chief miniSter’S hOUSe fire BriGaDe BOmB DiSPOSal mcl cOmPlaintS lahOre waSte DiSPOSal

1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

hOSPitalS miD citY 37573382-3 ServiceS 99203402-11 maYO 99211100-9 General 35810892-8 SheiKh zaiD 35865731 Sir GanGa ram 99200572 Uch 35763573-5 ittefaq 35881981-85 cmh 366996168-72 ShOUKat KhanUm 35945100 Jinnah 111-809-809 aDil (Defence) 36667275 chilDren’S 99230901-3 Defence natiOnal hOSPital 111-17-18-19

BlOOD BanK fatmiD iSlamic alliance

35210834-8 37588649/37535435

cOmPlaint waPDa SUi GaS

111-000-118 1199

railwaYS citY StatiOn (enqUirY) reServatiOn railwaY POlice

117 99201772 1333

9 development schemes approved by PDWP LAHORE



ROVinCiaL development working party (PDWP) has approved nine development schemes with a total cost of Rs 6419.709 million. the approval was given in the 21st meeting of PDWP for the current financial year 2012- 13 and was presided over by the Punjab Planning and Development Board (P&DB) Chairman Javaid aslam here on Friday, a spokesman of P&DB said. the Punjab Chief Minister scheme named “Ujaala Programme” (Revised) would be carried out with an estimated cost of Rs 3416.540 million, while eight development schemes of various sectors were estimated to be worth Rs. 3003.169 million. the approved development schemes included extension in gestation of PC ii “survey & studies to prepare master plan to develop Murree as pollution free tourist town” (issue) at the

cost of Rs 13.900 million, establishment of Wazirabad institute of Cardiology, Wazirabad, District Gujranwala (1st Phase 50 beds) at the cost of Rs 1277.892 million, establishment of strategic Planning Unit & Project Management Units (Revised PC ii) at the cost of Rs 124.485 million, widening / improvement of road from sangla Hill to sukehkey via Marblochan (length 22.20 km) (2nd Revised) at the cost of Rs 236.968 million, widening/improvement of sheikhupura to sargodha road in District sheikhupura (Revised) at the cost of Rs 920.568 million, Furthermore, the Lahore Ring Road Project construction along khaira Distributary from Package 17 to Ferozepur Road (Revised) at the cost of Rs 424.756 million, appointment of consultant for the Police College in Chung, Lahore (PC ii) at the cost of Rs 1.200 million and strengthening internal financial controls in finance department for better financial management (Revised PC ii) at the cost of Rs 3.40 million.

PML-N candidates for national, provincial elections yet to be selected: Pervez Rasheed LAHORE inp

Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n) senator Pervez Rasheed, while rejecting the rumours about selection of party candidates for national and provincial assemblies’ elections circulating in the media, said on Friday that the candidate’s list has not been fi-

nalised yet. according to sources, Rasheed said that district committees of the PML-n have been entrusted the task of selecting the candidates for the general elections, adding that the central and provincial boards of the party were responsible for finalizing the selection of the candidates and the boards would start the process after the announcement of election date.

Police recover looted valuables of Sikh pilgrim family LAHORE: Police have arrested the accused who robbed a sikh pilgrim family and recovered the stolen valuables from his possession here on Friday. a sikh pilgrim family which was returning back to their home from Lahore after attending the three-day celebrations of Baba Guru nanak in nankana sahib and had acquired a taxi. On the way three armed motorcyclists intercepted them in Mangtanwala area and deprived them of cash, mobile phones and other personal belongings. the police on suspicion arrested the taxi driver asghar who during interrogation admitted that the robbers were his cohorts. the police registered a case and started search operations for the other three accused identified as Zulfiqar alias Zulfi, Muneer alias Muneero and attaullah. Later, the police handed over the recovered valuables to the sikh family. inp

Robbery ring busted LAHORE: Operations division Deputy inspector General (DiG), Rai Muhammad tahir and senior superintendent of Police (ssP), sohail akther ordered Operations City Division superintendent of Police (sP) Multan khan to take action against motorbike lifters and to recover stolen motorbikes from their possession. On this sP Multan along with a special team including station house officer (sHO) syed subuktagin Hussian and other officials carried out raids in different areas of the city and arrested two members of Ramzan (Jani) robber gang named Bilal along with Ramzan, who was the master mind of the gang, and recovered dozens of mobile phones, weapons, and other illegal items from their possession. sTaff RepoRT

Travel safely in Metro Bus, says Shahbaz Sharif LAHORE sTaff RepoRT

Punjab Chief Minister shahbaz sharif on Friday chaired a high-level meeting to review the security arrangements for the Metro Bus project. addressing the meeting, the chief minister said that the temporary inconvenience being faced by people during the construction of the

Metro Bus would be forgotten once the project was completed. He said a foolproof security plan would be formulated for Metro Bus project under which a central control room would be set up to keep a check at every route. He said latest CCtV cameras would be installed at the routes and best security arrangements would be made at bus stations. He said that all possible resources

would be provided for this purpose. He constituted a committee which would present medium and long-term plans regarding security arrangements. He further directed construction of a Rescue1122 centre at the elevated section of Metro Bus route, and said that comprehensive planning should be made to adopt preventive measures in order to combat any unpleasant situation.

airPOrt fliGht enqUirY Pia reServatiOn

114 111-786-786

100 ghaZalS of maUlana rUmi

Yoga and meditation claSSeS

conceptUal paintingS

cOlleGeS / UniverSitieS PUnJaB UniverSitY KinnairD cOlleGe qUeen marY cOlleGe GOvt. cOlleGe UniverSitY Umt lUmS Uet lcwU SUPeriOr cOlleGe Saturday, 1 December, 2012

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

Date: march 31 tO DecemBer 29, 2012 venUe: haSt-O-neeSt centre, lahOre hast-o-neest centre for traditional art & culture invites you to its monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (Director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 Ghazals of maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

Date: aPril 01 tO DecemBer 30, 2012 venUe: faiz Ghar, lahOre a unique blend of Yoga, meditation, neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. Yoga master Shamshad haider

Date: nOv 22 - Dec 10, 2012 venUe: lahOre mUSeUm an exhibition honouring the college of art and Design, University of the Punjab, and covering landscapes, cityscapes and other related conceptual paintings.

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08 News

Internet blackout continues in Syria DAMASCUS



HOnE and internet networks were down across most of syria for a second straight day, amid reports of fighting near the capital’s international airport. the length of internet blackout, which continued on Friday, is unprecedented in syria’s 20-month-old uprising against President Bashar al-assad. Renesys, Us-based company that monitor online connectivity confirmed that “all 84 of syria’s iP address blocks had become unreachable [on thursday], effectively removing the country from the internet”.

Residents in some areas reported on Friday that they could access the internet but “with great difficulty”. “it is also very difficult to reach people by phone. But we have received reports that it is possible to communicate between certain regions via fixed telephone lines,” Rami abdel Rahman, the head of the syrian Observatory for Human Rights, reported. aFP news agency correspondents noted that internet and telephone communications, including mobile phones, were cut in the capital. the official news agency sana had still not resumed transmission on Friday after its feed was cut on thursday at midday. its website was also inaccessible. syrian state tV denied the blackout

was nationwide. it said the outage was caused by a technical failure, only affected some provinces, and that technicians were trying to fix the problem. syria’s minister of information said “terrorists”, not the state, were responsible for the outage, a pro-government tV station reported. internet companies said that this was unlikely. the Us on thursday accused the syrian regime of cutting off internet and telecommunications links in the war-torn country, branding the move a sign of desperation. amnesty international said on twitter that reports of an internet shutdown were “very disturbing”. the government has previously cut phone lines and internet access in areas

where regime forces are about to conduct major military operations. Meanwhile, fierce fighting was reported on the 27-kilometre road linking Damascus to the airport. “after strong clashes, rebels were able to take control of a part of the airport road between the second and fourth bridge,” activists said. state television had on thursday night quoted the information ministry as saying that the Damascus airport road, closed for much of the day due to the fighting, had been “secured” after military intervention. Both Egyptair and Emirates had on thursday announced suspension of flights due to the fighting. a syrian security source said: “[On thursday], we sent a telegram to the foreign

companies still working in syria and syrianair [the national carrier] to inform them of the status of the road to the airport so they would cancel their flights to Damascus.” “today after the road was secured, we sent a new telegram to inform them that security was restored,” she told aFP. a military source in Damascus said that the army had taken control of the western side of the road leading to the airport and a small portion on the east by dawn, allowing travellers to move through. “But the most difficult part is yet to come. the army wants to take control of the eastern side, where there are thousands of terrorists and this will take several days,” he said, using the term regime officials use to describe rebel fighters.

Strauss-Kahn ‘settles’ civil case with hotel maid PARIS: Former international Monetary Fund head Dominique strauss-kahn has settled a lawsuit by a hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault, Us media report. Details of the deal, said to have been struck at the Bronx supreme Court in recent days, are expected to be subject to a confidentiality agreement. Mr strauss-kahn was held in new York in May 2011 after nafissatou Diallo said he assaulted her in his hotel suite. Prosecutors later dropped charges amid concerns about her credibility. Unnamed sources close to Mr strauss-kahn, quoted by France’s Le Monde newspaper, say he plans to pay Ms Diallo $6m (£3.7m; 4.6m euros). the sources say half will be paid by Mr strauss-kahn and half will be loaned to him by his wife anne sinclair, from whom he formally separated last month. after charges were dropped Ms Diallo, 33, opened a civil suit for undisclosed damages against the former French politician. Mr strauss-kahn, 63, called the lawsuit defamatory and countersued. Her case opened the floodgates to a slew of others sexual allegations against Mr strauss-kahn, leading him to resign from his iMF post. it was widely seen as having ruined his chance of becoming the socialist presidential candidate in his native France. a court date between Mr strauss-kahn and Ms Diallo’s lawyers is expected next week, although a day has not been set, reports the new York times. she told police that when she arrived to clean his luxury Manhattan hotel room, he forced her to perform oral sex on him. He admitted to a “moral failing”, but said it was consensual. Earlier this year Mr strauss-kahn separated from his wife of some 21 years, anne sinclair. aGenCies

Suu Kyi decries crackdown on Myanmar rally NAyPyIDAW: Myanmar’s opposition leader aung san suu kyi has criticised the forcible crackdown on protesters at a mine in the country’s northwest that has left dozens injured, including Buddhist monks. On Friday, suu kyi met police behind the crackdown on the mine protest and was due to hear villagers’ grievances in a bid to mediate an end to the dispute. the crackdown on the rally early on thursday was the toughest since a new reformminded government took power last year, replacing decades of outright military rule. speaking to a crowd of more than 10,000 in the area on thursday, suu kyi, head of the parliamentary opposition, said she was ready to help find a peaceful end to the standoff between authorities and protesters, who allege mass evictions have taken place to make way for the mine. “after getting both points of view, i want to negotiate my best,” she said, adding: “i can’t guarantee whether i will succeed or not. But i believe i will... if the people will hold my hand in finding the solution.” activists are calling for work to be suspended at the Letpadaung copper mine - a joint venture between Chinese firm Wanbao and military-owned Myanmar Economic Holdings - to allow environmental and social impact studies. Monks, villagers and student activists occupied the mine for 11 days before police used water cannons, tear gas and smoke bombs to break up the protest. Weapons that protesters described as flare guns caused severe burns to protesters and set shelters ablaze. a nurse at a Monywa hospital said 27 monks and one other person were admitted there to be treated for burns. suu kyi visited the injured protesters on thursday, as well as meeting with mining company officials and local activists. she has taken a soft line on the conflict over the project, noting that many people asked her to help stop the project at once, but saying she did not know details of the original contract and a parliamentary investigating committee had yet to do its work.

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

MuTi, RWanda: journalists interview a wounded fdLR rebel fighter at a military base. ageNCIeS

US Senate voteS for faSter afghan withdrawal WASHINGTON aGenCies

the United states senate has voted overwhelmingly for an accelerated withdrawal of forces from afghanistan after more than a decade of fighting, reflecting the wishes of a war-weary nation. thursday’s bipartisan vote of 62-33 sends a clear message to President Barack Obama and the military as they engage in high-stakes talks about the pace of drawing down the 66,000 Us troops there. While the senators talk about the withdrawal, Defence secretary Leon Panetta said the Us needs to keep troops in afghanistan beyond 2014 because al-Qaeda is still present in the country. Panetta told a Pentagon news conference that the Us should have an enduring presence’’ in afghanistan to accomplish three missions, including targeting “terrorists” to prevent al-Qaeda from returning in large numbers. “although we clearly have had an impact on (alQaeda’s) presence in afghanistan, the fact is that they continue to show up,” Panetta said. “and intelligence continues to indicate that they are looking for some kind of capability to be able to go into afghanistan as well.” Panetta would not say how many american troops he thinks will be needed to conduct that mission, nor did he mention a time period. the other two post-2014 missions cited by Panetta are training afghan security forces and providing support for the Us military contingent there. But Jeffrey Dressler, an afghanistan expert at the Washington-based institute for the study of War, said looking only at al-aeda fighters - as opposed to those who ally with them - carried enormous risks. “i think the mistake that we’ve made all along is too narrowly defining the threat,” Dressler said. President Obama is expected to make an announcement on the withdrawal of troops within weeks. although the senate vote was on a nonbinding amendment to a defence policy bill, its significance

could not be discounted. senator Jeff Merkley, the chief sponsor, argued that al-Qaeda is stronger in other parts of the world and that nation-building in afghanistan has gone off track. Merkley’s measure endorsed Obama’s timetable to withdraw all combat troops by the end of 2014 but pressed for a quicker pace, without specifying how that would be achieved. “it is time to end this war, end the longest war in United states history,’’ Merkley said. the senate hopes to wrap up its version of the bill by week’s end. it then would have to be reconciled with the legislation the House passed in May. the House bill calls for Obama to maintain a force of at least 68,000 troops through the end of 2014. also on thursday, the senate armed services Committee approved Obama’s choice to be the top military commander in afghanistan. the panel cleared the way for the full senate to vote on General Joseph Dunford, the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps who had directed combat forces in iraq. Dunford would replace General John allen, the current commander in afghanistan who has been nominated to take charge in Europe. allen’s nomination is on hold as he’s ensnared in the sex scandal that led to the recent resignation of Cia director David P e traeus.

Palestinians celebrate status upgrade at Un WEST BANK/GAzA aGenCies

Jubilant Palestinians have rejoiced at the historic - but largely symbolic - vote at the Un General assembly in new York granting them non-member observer status. Celebrations took place overnight in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza strip. “People here know that when they wake up on Friday they’ll still be living under an israeli occupation. they won’t, for instance, be in control of their own borders,” reported nadim Baba from Ramallah, West Bank, amid deafening noise from ecstatic Palestinians. “What they do hope is that when it comes to negotiations with israel, the fact that Palestine might be able to refer israeli officials to bodies like the international Criminal Court (iCC) could put pressure on israel to halt or slow down its settlement expansion.” in Gaza, al Jazeera’s Casey kauffman spoke of a “burst of enthusiasm” as people waved green flags for Hamas, the faction which controls the coastal enclave, and yellow flags for Fatah, the Palestinian group based in Ramallah. Rashid al-kor told the aFP news agency: “i’m happy they declared the state even though it’s only a moral victory. there are a lot of sharks out there, but it feels good.” nearby, Palestinian-american Laila Jaman was waving a handful of Palestinian flags and carrying a picture of Barack Obama, the Us president, and Mahmoud abbas, the president of the Palestinian authority in the West Bank. “i feel so good, i cannot describe my feelings, it’s as if we reached the end of a dark tunnel. With a Palestinian state we are now united as a people and a leadership,” she said breathlessly.

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News 09

Dr Shakil Afridi not on hunger strike, say jail officials PESHAWAR


US to raise dr afridi’s hunger strike with pakistan


HakiL afridi, a Pakistani doctor imprisoned after the Us killing of Osama bin Laden, is not on a hunger strike, a prison official told BBC on Friday. ayub khan, assistant superintendent of the central jail in Peshawar, was quoted as saying that he had seen afridi eat in his cell, BBC reported. the report said afridi’s brother and other sources had said he went on a strike earlier this week to protest against the conditions at the jail where he was being held in solitary confinement after his 33-year sentence. afridi has said he was unaware of playing a role in the Us raid that led to the killing of the leader of al Qaeda in abbottabad last year. He was jailed for supporting a militant group, but the BBC said it was widely believed he was punished for helping the Us Central intelligence agency with the bin Laden raid. He was alleged to have used a fake vaccination effort to try to get Dna samples of the bin Laden family, the BBC said. afridi’s brother was quoted as saying the doctor had not been allowed to see relatives ever since his phone interview with Fox news from his

WASHINGTON: United states (Us) state Department spokesperson Victoria nuland said the Us is concerned about the safety of Dr shakil afridi who should not have been locked up in the first place and the issue of his hunger strike would be raised at a series of forthcoming meetings with Pakistan. Briefing newsmen on thursday, nuland said the Us believed all along that the prosecution and conviction of afridi sent an entirely wrong message, particularly with regard to the two countries’ shared interest in taking down one of the world’s most notorious terrorists. she added the Us is having a series of working group meetings with Pakistan, which will give them a chance to raise their concerns over the matter. “We want to see Dr shakil afridi released and safe,” said nuland, “Dr shakil afridi should never have been locked up to begin with.” Us has consistently called for the release of afridi, who is believed to have helped the Cia in pinpointing Osama bin Laden’s hideout in the garrison town of abbottabad for which he faces a treason charge. Recently the Us senate allowed a proposed bill to be placed on its calendar for hearing which concerns payment of millions of dollars in counterinsurgency funds to Pakistan for the release of afridi among other conditions. inp prison cell in september. However, khan told the BBC he went to afridi’s cell where he was seen eating lunch while sitting on a prayer mat. in his Fox news interview, afridi was quoted as saying he was not aware the Us intelligence agency was tar-

geting bin Laden. He also said he had been kidnapped and tortured by Pakistani intelligence, the BBC report said. Us state Department spokeswoman Victoria nuland, citing Us secretary of state Hillary Clinton, said the Us had

“believed all along that the prosecution and conviction of Dr afridi sends absolutely the wrong message, particularly with regard to our shared interest in taking down one of the world’s most notorious terrorists”.

Landi KoTaL: a Levies personnel injured in a remote-controlled bombing on friday is brought to the hospital for treatment. five Levies soldiers were seriously injured in a blast near the pak-afghan border. INP

PPP celebrates Founding Day ISLAMABAD aGenCies

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) celebrated its 46th Founding Day on Friday, pledging to build a progressive and democratic Pakistan as envisioned by the party’s founder Zulfikar ali Bhutto. PPP co-chairman President asif ali Zardari issued a message on the occasion, asking the democratic forces to gear up for the forthcoming general elections which he said would be free and fair. PPP was launched on this day in 1967, in Lahore. it has ruled the country thrice in the past and was voted into power for a fourth time in 2008. its present government is set to complete a five-year term in March and become the first elected government to run its full tenure. Zardari vowed that the party would win the forthcoming elections and form governments in the center and in all provinces, including the population-wise biggest province of Punjab where the central opposition, Pakistan Muslim League-n headed by former prime minister nawaz sharif, is currently in power. Political opponents dismiss the claim as a pipe-dream, citing what they call a dismal track record of the PPP government during the past four and a half years, marked by crippling energy shortage, alarming deterioration of law and order, insurgencies in two provinces, crushing inflation and economic decline. the PPP, however, maintains the country has achieved surplus agricultural production during its tenure, the provinces have been empowered, politics of reconciliation has helped foster the democratic process and constitutional distortions made by military dictators have been rectified by transferring key powers from the presidency to the parliament. in his message Zardari said,“Let us pledge once again today, that we will continue to work for the strengthening of democratic institutions as envisioned by shaheed Zulfikar ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto, for which they laid down their lives”. Prime Minister Raja Pervez ashraf in his message urged PPP workers to reiterate their pledge to keep working hard for making Pakistan an egalitarian democracy and a welfare state. He said the party had strengthened the federation and had been a strong bulwark against forces which tried to undermine the federation. Ceremonies were held by the PPP throughout the country to highlight the mission of its founder and his achievements and services for the cause of the people, especially the downtrodden classes.

No end to citizens’ plight as CNG stations remain closed for 5th consecutive day g

People urge government to takeover control of cnG stations LAHORE inp

the CnG stations in Lahore and other cities of the Punjab remained shut on the fifth consecutive day. the strike was called by the CnG association in protest against the reduction in gas price by the Oil and Gas Regulatory authority (OGRa). the stations in Lahore region were scheduled to reopen on thursday after the weekly three-day gas suspension, but majority kept their businesses closed Long queues were witnessed at the few filling stations that were open. the extended closure of CnG stations has caused severe difficulties for commuters and private transport owners.

While expressing their anguish, the people said that the‘CnG mafia’ is earning huge profits and still not giving any relief to the public. they said that it is surprising that OGRa and the Ministry of Petroleum and natural Resources were silent over the strike and no action was being taken against the CnG stations. they were of the view that since bureaucrats were getting free petrol from the government, they were least affected. they appealed to the Prime Minister to take immediate notice of the situation and order the police and the army to take-over the CnG stations. the CnG station owners, on the other hand, said that it was not viable for them to sell gas at such low prices as it would cause them huge financial losses.

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Saturday, 1 December, 2012

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10 Comment The reluctant Pakistan Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Combating terrorism, too little, too late

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

verdict on KB dam

By Arif Nizami

yes, but not in this way


here is a shortage of water, yes. the country badly needs power, yes. But in order to be able to make use of the required quantity of water and electricity, the country has to remain intact. this should be priority number one. the rest come later. as things stand, the federation is badly divided over the kB dam issue. this explains why two powerful military rulers who were keen to build the dam shrank back on seeing the abyss. the PML-n which was the biggest supporter of the mega reservoir failed to move one inch towards its cherished goal during its two tenures after it had tested the waters. neither the generals nor politicians were sure the country could be kept together if the decision was enforced in disregard of the opposition from three provinces. Consensus. Only a government which is equally popular in all the four provinces and is able to address their reservations can hope to create a consensus over the kB dam. the mainstream parties have now realised this. so has the media, and the public at large in Punjab who, after the traumatic separation of East Pakistan, are wiser than before. this explains why there was no spontaneous outburst of applause for the court’s verdict from any significant quarter in Punjab or from any major political party. Consensus first is the refrain of their cautious statements. there are interim measures that should have been taken to cope with water and power shortages. a big percentage of water is wasted because the water courses are not lined and cemented. another big percentage is lost because of wasteful irrigation practices. Why can’t governments encourage, support and popularise drip irrigation saving over 50 percent of water? the failure by the government to pay the remaining amount of Rs 80 billion circular debt stands in the way of activating the full generation capacity of the system. system losses at about 20 percent combined with theft have to be plugged. the courts have to realise their limitations. there are things that they simply cannot get implemented. there are issues that the courts are not qualified enough to understand. they need to tell the plaintiffs in such cases that these are beyond their jurisdiction. Constitutional fundamentalism or the belief that the constitution contains the solution of every ill in Pakistan is both unrealistic and harmful. no constitutional provision can remedy shortages, put an end to traffic jams or bring down the domestic price of a commodity if it is fetching higher price in international market. the verdict by Lahore High Court would further strengthen the prevailing apprehensions and suspicions in smaller provinces and is likely to make the task of consensus building more difficult.

Candid Corner By Raoof Hasan


he cabinet has finally approved a draft law to establish a new counter-terrorism body. the ostensible aim of the proposed law is to defeat extremism through more coordinated and concerted efforts. the formation of the so-called national Counter terrorism authority (naCta) had been lying dormant since the past three years. none other than the ruling party stalwarts was opposing it. a three-member committee, led by the Minister for Provincial Co-ordination Raza Rabbani, opposed the draft law rightly arguing that it gave draconian powers to the interior minister. the naCta’s stated aim is to combat terrorism by changing the prevalent culture. the measures envisioned include changes in curriculum and by introducing modern education in religious seminaries. Merely bringing a law giving draconian powers to the state can hardly bring a change in the present culture so firmly ingrained in our society and body politic. the government can take due credit for averting a big disaster on ashura, but at what cost? the whole country was virtually shut down, mobile telephony was suspended and motorbikes were banned. Unsurprisingly, a major disaster was averted. nonetheless, the terrorists implicitly proved their point by dictating their agenda. apart from the enormous loss to the already fragile economy, such desperate measures sap the morale of an already demoralised nation. the almost comical figure of Rehman Malik donning a Mao cap in his various appearances on television can claim victory over the terrorists. But the stark reality is that it is an admission of failure. the will to change the mindset to deal with the menace of terrorism is somehow lacking across the board. Hence empty

boasts that militants are on the run are not borne out by ground realities. the ruling elite protected by ever increasing security detail at state’s expense might feel more secure. the common citizen, however, bereft of thee luxuries, is a sitting duck for the terrorists. in fact, there is a different Pakistan for the rich and famous and a different one for the majority of Pakistanis. Long security convoys of the rulers and political grandees are a common sight in any big city of the country. Whoever with a bigger detail comes higher in the pecking order. those who can afford it also do not move without a posse of private security guards. the higher judiciary, the military elite and senior bureaucrats are no exception. the manner in which their houses are protected is a manifestation of their deep sense of insecurity. the cordon sanitaire built around ministers’ colonies, military colonies and the bureaucrats’ colonies speak for themselves. the presidency, governor houses, chief ministers’ houses and offices have always been under tight security. But now they have become impregnable fortresses. senior bureaucrats and police officials of the Punjab government as well as high court judges reside in Lahore’s GOR 1. the complex also houses the various offices of the chief minister and some private residences. the roads in the colony, converted into a strictly no-go area, previously used to be a major thoroughfare. ironically, all at the hapless taxpayers’ expense, no private citizen can permeate fortress walls of the GOR. During the stewardship of Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, a wall was built to block the GOR from the rest of the city. However, after protests in the media dubbing it as the “babus’ Berlin Wall”, it was demolished. no such luck now. similarly, the corps commander office in Lahore cantonment has been secured by simply blocking the roads around it without any consideration for the passer-byes. this is despite the fact that in any case to enter cantonment areas one has to pass though several checkpoints manned by the military police. it is obvious that the privileged lot, ensconced safely in their houses and offices and moving in secure transport, are hardly aware of the travails of the hapless citizen. numerous roadblocks resulting in endemic traffic jams to ensure secure and rapid transport for the motorcades of the elite has now become the order of the day.

in this context, whoever feels that a proposed law yet to face the scrutiny of the parliament can change the entire culture to combat terrorism, is probably suffering from an extreme form of naivety. Unless the ruling elite is willing to change, real transformation is impossible by merely attempting to bring cosmetic adjustments in curriculum and proposing new themes in film and culture. khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Masood kauser declaring religion as the biggest problem has proposed a change in Pakistan’s ideology. the governor, brother of the late liberal poet ahmed Faraz, has taken a rather radical approach to combat terrorism. it is difficult to entirely agree with the panacea suggested by him. nonetheless he has underscored the malaise afflicting our body politic. Pandering to the religious lobby has become the norm rather than the exception. in the process, mere lip service is paid to the ideology envisioned for Pakistan by its founding fathers – iqbal and Jinnah. Bigotry and intolerance has replaced the still elusive ideal of a pluralistic society with ‘live and let live’ philosophy as its hallmark. those who had opposed the creation of Pakistan in the name of religion now call the shots in our political discourse. a large swath of the media supports them. Hence, those who have the temerity to disagree with the officially certified truth are branded as anti-Pakistan apostates. the sad part is that over the years the so-called mainstream parties have also kowtowed to this narrow agenda. some even have election alliances with such outfits. as a result, terrorist acts are ambiguously condemned as a function of pro-Us policies of the government in a perfunctionary manner. Even the military – ever since general Zia-ul-Haq’s pedantic version of islam – is conditioned by the jihadist mindset.the common man is quite confused why the military that has suffered at the hands of the taliban is not willing to move against other groups operating under the same title. the myth of the so-called good and bad taliban has endured for too long. in order to formulate a cogent strategy to combat terrorism, the national security state and its elite has to change from within. if there is any change, it is hardly perceptible. it might prove to be too little and too late if we go on in the same manner. The writer is Editor, Pakistan today

The judiciary-military divide Why? and to whose benefit?


et’s face it: there is a concerted move afoot to pit the military against the judiciary. indications are that the vested interests may have made some headway in the direction. the question is if these two principal institutions continue on a conflict course, who would benefit? the military? the judiciary? not really. the real beneficiaries would be the ones who have preached and practised the culture of corruption in the country and who have woven conspiracies inimical to the interests of the state. if that be so, how come the judiciary’s focus has shifted from prosecuting the eternally errant conglomerate at the helm and their multiple cohorts to mundane and inconsequential issues like the extension granted to the army chief just a year short of his retirement? the government’s move not to accept the judicial commission’s recommendation duly approved by the parliamentary committee in the matter of the appointment of judges in the islamabad High Court (iHC) is a clear acknowledgement of its nefarious intentions. the fact that the president has now decided to move a reference against the appointments, thus keeping the iHC dysfunctional for the time being, should be sufficient indicator regarding the government’s real motive. it is noth-

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

ing but to accentuate the divide between the military and the judiciary so that it could continue with its humiliating shenanigans headed by its multi-pronged strategy to install a friendly interim government that it could then exploit to secure electoral dividends. the move has picked up in intensity and speed in view of the Election Commission of Pakistan’s request and the judiciary’s subsequent agreement to appoint judicial officers to supervise the electoral process in the country. While this would be a critical ingredient to the holding of fair and transparent elections, it would have dashed the government’s intentions to install a process instead that would have worked to its exclusive benefit. Consequently, the need for the ill-intentioned move to sabotage the prospect of an ECP-judiciary-collaboration by creating and encouraging a military-judiciary divide and put the latter under pressure to renege on its commitment to uphold the ascendency of the rule of law across all political and executive divides. the government also wants to exploit the prevalent popular perception that the Us is targeting the military in general and the isi in particular. the supreme Court judgement in the asghar khan case ordering the initiation of prosecution proceedings against a former

COas and a former DG, isi together with the hearing of other cases implicating some former army generals has provided further fuel to the fire that the government had so cleverly ignited. its new-found love for the military so close to the next general elections, therefore, makes a lot of sense. But, does the furtherance of its corrupt interests also serve the national cause and the need for remaining focussed on the existential challenges that Pakistan is faced with today? the military’s blow-hot-blowcold attitude has further confused the national mindset. From the extreme of submitting signed affidavits by the COas and the DG isi in the matter of the memo scandal to its virtual about-turn in pursuing the case, or the closure of the natO supply routes and its later capitulation thus causing an unnecessary fissure in the Us-Pakistan relations are some of the instances reflecting contagious ambivalence. such unworthy demonstration also creates doubts as to the commitment within the leaderships of various state institutions to safeguard the national security paradigm. Concurrently, the judiciary’s penchant to over-extend its limits and adjudicate in matters that should have been left alone has deflated its energy and created palpable doubts as to its effectiveness in

getting its verdicts enforced. Understandably, it should have concentrated on keeping its canvas manageable and focussing more on making its judgements relevant both in terms of their impact and implementation. On the face of it, it has experienced a fair degree of failure on both these fronts, thus exposing it to criticism from forces that were never happy with its undertakings in the first instance. the matters were rendered worse by the government’s ceaseless endeavours to defy the judiciary blatantly and involve its top judges in ill-conceived scandals. a better strategy for the judiciary would have been to take up fewer challenges, but driving all its adjudications to their natural and meaningful culmination. Both these institutions, having suffered discernible setbacks as to their credibility, made the government’s task that much easier. the PPP-led coalition’s principal intention was always to damage the legitimacy of institutions it feared the most including the military and the judiciary so that it could stamp its domineering authority in determining the fate of the country. the growing weakness of the state institutions only facilitates the attainment of that objective. For the military and the judiciary, it is time to take a step back. any further aggravation of the inter-

institution relations in the contemporary environment would be tantamount to jeopardising the advent of a genuinely democratic culture and polity strengthened and augmented by the promulgation of the rule of law across all divides and divisions. the role of these institutions in facilitating a change to the desired objectives holds an indisputable centrality. any weakening of their power or dissipation of their resolve would only boost the chances of the corrupt mafias that have already inflicted irremediable damage on the state fabric. With the weakening of one or both these institutions, the corrupt scavenging masquerades of these criminal mafias would only increase aimed at accelerating the pace of their adversaries’ demise. the need is for these mafias to be defanged and that would come about not by the military fighting the judiciary or the judiciary fighting the military. that would come about by both these institutions taking a joint stand for the ascendency of the rule of law and remaining firm in their resolve to usher in a new Pakistan that would be free of the germs of corruption and the penchant for promoting individual interests at the cost of the national priorities. The writer is a political analyst. He can be reached at:

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Comment 11

Israel’s creation

By apollo

just because enough time has passed, a wrong does not become a right

By Muhammad Omer Hayat


f all the sombre ironies of history none throws a more sinister light on human nature than the fact that the new-style nationalist Jews, on the morrow of the most appalling of the many persecutions that their race had endured, should at once proceed to demonstrate, at the expense of Palestinian Arabs whose only offence against the Jews was that Palestine was their ancestral home, that the lesson learnt by Zionists from the sufferings which Nazis had inflicted on Jews was, not to forbear from committing the crime of which they themselves had been victims, but to persecute, in their turn, a people weaker than they were. The Israeli Jews did not follow in the Nazis’ footsteps to the extent of exterminating the Palestinian Arabs in concentration camps and gas chambers; but they did dispossess the majority of them, to the number of more than half a million, of the lands which they and their fathers had occupied and cultivated for generations, and of the property that they were unable to carry with them in their flight, and thereby they reduced them to destitution as ‘displaced persons’.”- arnold J toynbee in ‘A Study of History’. killing is bad. We all agree. Okay, most of us agree on that. But let me create a hypothetical scenario and then we can talk about killing again. Muslims from all over the world adore Makkah. it is the house of their Lord, the centre of their belief, the epitome of the Prophet’s memory. But it is a city; it has a physical space along with an ideological one. People live there, a state controls it, manages it, handles everything that goes on there. now one day, a group of Muslims, in a corner of the world far, far away from Makkah, starts believing that it is their divine right to inhabit Makkah, that it is their promised land and that they should be the ones running its affairs instead of the sauds. they start propagating their belief, backed by a pretentious ideological stance and their movement gains momentum in other areas as more and more Muslims join their ranks. One day their leader decides that all members of the group should eventually go and settle in Makkah and start a life there. so slowly and steadily, people from the group start

landing there, coming from all corners of the world. they come in groups of dozens, form a community, buy land, start businesses and live peacefully with the natives. all good? But soon their numbers start increasing, the local population starts itching, the immigrants form an armed militia to protect themselves, there are a few schisms but nothing too serious. as time passes, the international community starts propagating for the immigrants’ rights while more and more come to Makah to settle down. now they claim Makkah belongs to them and not to the sauds. they don’t keep other Muslims from coming and worshipping there, for of course it is their right to do so. all they want is to run the state’s affairs, protect their rights, and strengthen their community. too much to ask for? By now their numbers are almost equal to the native population and the Un declares Makkah as a separate state, run by the immigrants who migrated and settled there over the years, who were nowhere to be seen a few decades ago but are now at the heart of the affairs. But at least they are Muslims, not kafirs or infidels who want to oust the kaabah or damage its sanctity. they welcome other Muslim brothers for Haj. they just needed a country for themselves because God said so, and because no other state recognised their religious authority. now replace Makkah with Jerusalem and the Muslim immigrants with Jews. Welcome to Violence 101, an introduction to killing in present day Palestine and israel. some 64 years have gone by since israel’s creation and with time more and more people want to accept it as a genuine state with all its rights and privileges. But why does no one ever think about the natives? What did they do wrong? Were they wrong in allowing homeless people to settle on their lands? to let them make a living, buy land, run businesses? in all the fuss, where did their right to rule their land go? Just because enough time has passed, a wrong does not become a right. You have to accept that the creation of israel was a fraud, an illegal move by all international standards. today it exists – even if on a fraudulent structure – it is there and no one can deny it. But the least anyone can do is accept that it wasn’t their land to claim even if their God had promised it to them. One must accept that the settlement of Jews and the establishment of their state was an infringement, of the highest degree, of the Palestinians’ right to live and govern their lands and if there exists a counter movement that wants to eliminate the settlers and regain what was theirs to start with, how can you blame them? is there any brand of justice that would deny them this? since many would claim that the issue predates 1948 and that Jerusalem has been the centre of religious violence for thousands of years (and i don’t disagree), let me remind you all that the Jews had nEVER, and i want to emphasise on this, never formed a state/empire in Jerusalem since 70 CE when the Romans ousted them into exile, not even once. History unfolded in its own mysterious ways

whiteLies L

since then and it was not until the seventh century that islam made its mark on the world. By then, the status of the Jews had worsened and they had, for centuries, become accustomed to living away from their ‘promised land’. the Zionist aliyah, or the return to ‘Eretz Yisrael’, did not start for another 1,812 years after 70 CE – a gap of almost two millenniums. it basically signifies a self-fulfilling prophecy. God promised abraham the land of Canaan around 4,000 years ago, which the Zionist ideology claims to be the basis of this return to the Promised Land. the first aliyah is documented to have taken place in 1882 following which scores of Jews, deeming it their religious responsibility, rather a divine order, started returning to the Promised Land which by then had been inhabited by arabs for centuries. By 1948, when the imperial powers were unable to hold on to their captured lands, God’s promise to the Jews eventually materialised into modern day israel. so yes, by all means accept israel as a nation-state, a reality that cannot be undone. But please don’t say that it was an assertion of their right and please don’t deny the undeniable encroachment of the native populations’ rights. i’m not here to point fingers. neither am i motivated by a religious responsibility to prove that Hamas’ cause is greater. i despise killing, in all forms and for whatever reasons. Hamas was formed in 1987 and till then the resistance was secular in nature. it is a written in stone fact that the arab resistance towards the Zionist settlers, in early 20th century, was not based on sentiments of anti-semitism but originated out of a rational and legitimate fear of displacement. Zionist leaders such as Ben Gurion, however, through their rhetoric, presented this resistance as a prevalence of the historic Western Gentile attitude towards Jews which was an easy card to play in the post-nazi world. the bare truth which is reflected in tom segev’s words was: “Disappearing the arabs lay at the heart of the Zionist dream, and was also a necessary condition of its existence... With a few exceptions, none of the Zionists disputed the possibility of forced transfer-or its morality.” israeli atrocities on populations in Gaza and West Bank as documented do not jump start in the ’80s. a plethora of literature is available that will present in excruciating detail, the problems faced by the indigenous population at the hands of the settlers. My solution to the problem is not another holocaust which in any case is impossible given the might of present day israel and the fragility of the Palestinians. Perhaps a two-state solution is the only realistic political settlement at this point, though not an optimal one as Chomsky suggests. But i find it a manipulation of history and ignorance of the highest order to deny that the creation of israel was a scam and an atrocity on the Palestinians. The writer is a staff member and can be contacted at

ahore’s two premier clubs are going through the ritual frenzy at around this time of the year – for this also is the election time. Contrary to its tradition, the highbrow club located in the GOR last year didn’t go through the elections, for all its eight members were elected unopposed. this time round there is more of a contest, and a field of 19 is contesting for the same eight spots which also empowers them to handpick the first among equals. in the other club on the Cantonment side of the Mall – looked down upon as ‘the club of the hoi polloi’ by the more pompous one in the GOR owing to a profusion of mercantile class amongst its members – the activity is quite frenetic. While the club in GOR has no tradition of canvassing, the one on the Mall not only allows it, but it is a rather rigorous affair – with wining and dining by the contestants the done thing to woo the voters. this time round the opposing camps share the surname, Rehman. Zia-ur the incumbent is too keen to extend his reign as chairman for another year while Misbahur is equally determined to obtain yet another stint for himself. in what is deemed as a clever ploy, Misbah has enlisted the support of some high-profile bureaucrats – a critical constituency with the potential to tilt the scales. Meanwhile, with wining and dining relentless, the members rejoice in the happy ambiance.



his definitely falls in the realm of hubris humbling the mighty. the Punjab government, or so it is perceived, tried to teach the Pakistan Cricket Board and its Chairman Ch Zaka ashraf a lesson for not allowing it the use of the Pindi stadium ground for a non-cricketing activity early this year. it not only failed, in the bargain its pride and its campaign to ‘woo the youth whatever the cost’ also took a serious pasting. Here is how. On november 13, the two Punjab administration honchos – perhaps keen to sneak in to the Guinness Book yet again with a record – smack in the middle of a national Under19 cricket match at Gujranwala thought that the best place to land a helicopter was the Jinnah stadium turf. the match was abandoned. if it wasn’t atrocious enough, the Punjab administration did the proverbial ‘moreover’ by locking out the sialkot stadium on two Under-19 teams on november 23. Ch ashraf may look like a laidback character, but perhaps he shares a characteristic or two with his more distinguished mate from the Petaro Cadet College. and that perhaps includes instinctively knowing the right moment to kick his adversary in the teeth. apart from a suave media campaign, the next two games were moved from the stadiums in the Punjab administration’s control – one to aJk and the other to islamabad. the litany of ‘sorry’ from the Punjab hierarchy has not abated since. the penance of the humbled is an olive branch: 3,000-strong security for the national t20 Cricket extravaganza that commences today (saturday). the fable of a hundred onions and a hundred slippers is said to have origins in Punjab. and it continues to regale. For feedback, comments, suggestions and, most importantly, tips, contact us at

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12 Rajesh Khanna’s family members summoned by court

rajesh Khanna with anita advani metropolitan court has asked late Rajesh khanna's family members (wife Dimple kapadia, daughters twinkle and Rinke, son-in-law akshay kumar) to appear before it "without fail" on December 4. this was done for them to reach a settlement w.r.t. the complaint filed against them by anita advani, who claimed to be the late actor's live-in partner and was asking for maintenance from the estate of the late actor. after hearing anita's complaint (which was filed under the provisions of the Domestic Violence act), Magistrate ss Deshpande suggested that both the sides should settle the issue cor-


Jimi Hendrix’s guitar fetches 250k pounds

RAjESH WAS FoRCED To SIGN HIS WILL: ANITA After filing a domestic violence case, Anita Advani, who claims to have been the live-in partner of late actor Rajesh Khanna, has now filed a criminal complaint against Khanna’s estranged wife actor Dimple Kapadia, daughters Twinkle Khanna and Rinki Khanna and son-in-law actor Akshay Kumar. The complaint was registered in Mumbai’s Bandra police station on Saturday. “The complaint alleges forgery, cheating, robbery and use of criminal force. Anita has audio and video recording to prove that Dimple forcefully took Khanna’s thumb impression on his will. They were trying to take his signature but could not as he was not in his senses, so they took the impression,” says Advani’s lawyer Manohar Shetty. Attempts to reach Dimple Kapadia for her comments failed. cOUrteSY ht

dially. He also added that, if they agreed, then, he would refer the case to a mediator the same day. He also added that that if the parties did not agree to a

settlement, he would hear the matter and dispose it off in a month. anita, in her petition allegedly stated that post the actor's death in

‘You can’t go wrong with Kate Middleton and Moss’ style,’ gushes Salma Hayek


iMi Hendrix’s favourite electric guitar, which he tricked his fans into thinking that he had set fire to it on stage at a famous concert, has been sold for almost 250,000 pounds. the legendary guitarist switched it for a lesser model seconds before dousing it in lighter fluid as a stunt to mark the end of his set at the Monterey international Pop Festival in 1967, the Daily Mail reported. Music memorabilia fans lined up to bid on the black Fender stratocaster at the Playboy Club in Park Lane, London last night when the iconic lot went under the hammer. the guitar was later given to his record company anim Limited, where it fell into the hands of James ‘tappy’ Wright, a manager at the firm. Wright, 69, from newcastle, decided to sell it to help fund his retirement in Florida. it had been given a pre-sale estimate of 120,000 pounds but the sheer amount of interest in it led to the sale price to rocket. it sold at auction for 205,000 pounds, but with all the fees added on the overall price paid for it was 237,000 pounds. neWs desK


RitisH style has been taking the world by storm this year, what with kate Middleton flying the flag for Uk women in her Reiss to alexander McQueen creations along with stella McCartney dressing the Olympians at

the London Games – with even Hollywood starlets being impressed. the latest a-lister to gush about our style is stunning Mexican actress salma Hayek, who showed her support at the British Fashion awards this week when fashion designer stella McCartney


MERiCan socialite Paris Hilton says she felt ‘blessed and magical’ as she landed in Goa after a tiring journey from her country. “so happy! i am in paradise with @riverviiperi in a beautiful villa on the water. so peaceful here. such a magical feeling. Feel so blessed,” Hilton tweeted, after she arrived here to perform at the the india Resort Fashion Week (iRFW) 2012, currently underway at Candolim beach in Goa. Hilton would be DJing tomorrow, the last day of the iRFW, which is a mix of fashion and music the 31-year-old hotel heiress arrived in Goa yesterday at Vasco airport after a long flight via Dubai and Mumbai. “after a very long journey, we have finally arrived in Goa,” she tweeted. she drove to the hotel and tweeted, “at our villa today chilling on the hammock with @rivervaiiperi. so peaceful and amp; relaxing.” the socialite is also excited about the fashion week party, where she is the biggest celebrity name this year. “Having a great time in india. so excited for my fashion week party this weekend,” she tweeted further. this is not the first time that Hilton is visiting the country. Last year, she had launched the FallWinter designs of her handbags in Mumbai. neWs

swept the heavyweight gongs at the highlyesteemed event. ‘’i love her, she’s brilliant!’’ salma gushed about the influential double-award winning designer as she graced the red carpet at the suave shindig on tuesday evening. Wearing a black fringed dress from stella’s Resort 2013 collection, which she teamed with Giuseppe Zanotti black heels and a statement diamond Boucheron necklace. “i think of British style as something very vibrant and full of energy but with an edge,’’ reports. ‘’and is there anyone’s style she particularly admires on this side of the pond? ‘kate’s! Both kates! Middleton anD Moss.’ How can you go wrong?’’ she added. stars including Rihanna and kim kardashian have previously gushed about British style, with Rihanna often reflecting East London influences and underground London skate brands in her outfits such as Palace London and sport street style. neWs desK

McConaughey and Witherspoon’s film among Sundance 2013 spotlight lineup


HE 2013 sundance Film Festival continues to reveal more of its lineups. a day after announcing the list of films for U.s. and world competition categories, the festival organizers unveil the out-of-competition lineups that include the spotlight, Park City at Midnight and new Frontier categories. among the seven movies listed in the spotlight lineup are Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon’s dramedy “Mud”, and Ben Wheatley-directed film “sightseers”. Meanwhile, horror pics “s-VHs” and “in Fear” are among those which are set to entertain audience at the Park City at Midnight showings. Of the newly-released selections, sundance Director of Programming trevor Groth says, “i couldn’t be more pleased to announce the films selected for these sections because they illustrate the tremendous

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

July; his family members expelled her and hence committing an offence under the Domestic Violence act. in addition to this, she also challenged khanna's will, by stating that he had not left behind any will and that a will was forged by his family. she even went onto allege that the actor's family had obtained his thumb impression on the will when he was critically ill and not capable of understanding anything. Clarifying her stand, anita claimed that she was entitled to maintenance to support herself, as she lived with the actor in the 'shared household' (defined under the Domestic Violence act as a place where a man and woman live as husband and wife). CouRTesy HT

Paris Hilton finds Goa exciting

creativity and vibrancy of the independent film community.” “spotlight features our favorite films that have premiered at other festivals and the Park City at Midnight and new Frontier sections are comprised of films that are bound to shock, intoxicate, derange or dazzle. Expect the unexpected when you venture down the path of these cinematic sensations.” aside from spotlight and Park City at Midnight, sundance presents the new Frontier which will showcase films, media installations, multimedia performances, transmedia experiences and panel discussions that explore the convergence of film, art, new media technology and storytelling. next year will be the seventh time the event features the new Frontier category. “the 2013 edition of new Frontier is an exhibition of works that immerse audiences within moving image environments,

including full-dome and wrap-around films, augmented reality experiences, 3D projection mapped environments, and data-moshed hip hop performances,” says shari Frilot, sundance senior Programmer. “the work by this year’s artists disorient time and space, and provoke a reconsideration of how we might cohere the fibers of our bodies with the realities of life on the digital frontier.” neWs desK


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13 Ranbir desperate to play Kishore: Basu t

Hat Ranbir kapoor will play kishore kumar in anurag Basu’s biopic on the legendary singer has been reported earlier. the latest on this front is the actor will require at least six months of preparation and a minimum of year and a half of shooting for what is being billed as the most difficult role of his career yet. it doesn’t end there. Ranbir will have to sport three looks in the film to portray three different stages in kishore kumar’s life. and the toughest aspect of this transition will be the weight gain. the older kishore will have to be at least 12-15 kg heavier than his younger avatar. Basu confirmed the news and said, “Ranbir will have to bulk up in the course of the character’s development. Ranbir will have to play kishore right from the time he was 19 till he turned 58. it is not going to be easy at all for Ranbir.” On the subject of piling on the pounds, a source close to the project said, “the kapoor khandaan is known to put on weight even when they sniff at a calorie. Ranbir is the scrawniest kapoor but avoids putting on weight. For kishore, he has

no choice.” Luckily for Basu, kishore kumar’s son amit kumar is on board and will guide them throughout. “We’re fortunate to have him with us. However, Ranbir will first complete Besharam with abhinav kashyap,” said Basu. so, Ranbir will prepare himself for Basu’s biopic while working on kashyap’s caper about a con-man from Delhi. Meanwhile, Basu will use the time to finish the script that is on the verge of completion.

He has even got on board soumik sen, who has written films like Meerabai not Out and Hum tum aur Ghost. “For the first time, i am co-writing a script with another writer. kishore is a subject that requires a lot of research,” said Basu. kishore’s songs will be sung by his son amit. and while they are still being selected, we hear Ranbir will be seen crooning his father Rishi kapoor’s popular number Oh Hanseeni on screen. CouRTesy Toi

An Aamir Khan Friday after three years

Sofia vergara on the set of fading Gigolo.

Valentino had nothing left to prove!


COniC designer Valentino Garavani decided to give up the reigns of his fashion house because he felt he had done it all. Valentino Garavani decided to retire because he felt he couldn’t achieve anything more. the iconic designer gave up the reigns of his fashion house in 2008 and while he was sad to be leaving, he knew it was the right decision. He said: ‘’at the very last show, in 2008, i was very strong. i was happy, sad, but so full of excitement and quite proud. ‘’i stopped because i thought i had done enough. i did shows everywhere in the world. i dress so many women - movie stars, royalty, everybody - and i said: ‘it’s better to do it now.’ ‘’Valentino was famed for haute couture as well as his red designs and says he always preferred working the bright shade of red because it makes women stand out in a crowd. He told the Metro newspaper: ‘’People love to see haute couture. it’s some-



inDsaY Lohan has been arrested after allegedly punching a blonde psychic at a new York nightclub in the early hours of thursday morning, in a row over Max George from the Wanted. the 26-year-old actress was at

thing that makes people dream. ‘’Ladies love black because, when they are in a little black dress, they can go everywhere and feel comfortable. But, in the middle of this group of black, if one lady arrives in red, she is a vision. ‘’Because red is very becoming. it’s full of life. and the red i chose, it’s a red with a tiny bit of orange, that is good for brunettes, for blondes, for redheads.’’ neWs desK

avenue in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking district, where she is believed to have punched tiffany Eve Mitchell, 28, a blonde psychic card reader from Florida, the Daily Mail reported. the flame-haired star is said to have a crush on George, 24, and attempted to get backstage to see the hunk after his chart-topping band supported Justin Bieber at Madison square Garden. Despite being banned, she met up with the boyband at the celebrity haunt, and the evening descended into chaos as the singer started chatting up another woman - not married Mitchell - riling Lohan, a source close to the band said.


HiLE aamir khan’s films have always been closely guarded and little is given away in terms of plots and storylines, ‘talaash’, which releases today, definitely takes the cake. What we do know is that talaash is a suspense drama, which has been mostly shot at night on the streets of Mumbai and various other locations in the city. But what piques our curiosity most, apart from the storyline, is the fact that aamir khan is coming out with a film after three years and how he is going to raise the bar as far as viewers’ expectations are concerned. “aamir has always had an impressive track record with his films Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, taare Zameen Par, Ghajini and 3 idiots. He comes up with something new each time he meets you in the theatres, and that is why an aamir khan-Friday always yields something significant,” a trade source says. neWs desK

Lohan and a friend joined the popstar and his bandmates Jay McGuiness and tom Parker at the club. apparently a fight broke out near where a riled Lohan, a very drunk George and the Mitchells were partying - and it is not yet clear how it involved the Wanted singer. Mitchell’s husband Wayne stevens said: “We didn’t know it was Lindsay Lohan and it just kind of escalated because someone else had a brawl out in there.” “the bouncer was having a fight with someone else, and i grabbed my wife right next to me and my friends had their wives. then there were girls behind us and after it was over, one of them went and pushed my wife pretty hard - i don’t know why she pushed her. “about five minutes later she comes round and tells my wife ‘i need space’ and then she just punched her. after that, the bouncer didn’t want to help,



FtER a thanksgiving fight, hospital visits and multiple restraining orders, the star agrees a truce with her fiance and her ex. Hollywood star Halle Berry, current fiance Olivier Martinez and ex-boyfriend Gabriel aubry have reached a settlement following their much-publicised thanksgiving Day brawl. Lawyers for the trio said after a closed-door court hearing on thursday that they “have reached an amicable agreement” but gave no details. “there will be no further statements regarding this matter,” the legal teams said in a brief statement. tensions between the three have increased in recent months due to a custody battle between Berry and aubry over their four-year-old

daughter nayla. the Oscar-winning actress, 46, recently lost a court battle to move with her daughter to France with new actor fiance Martinez and this is believed to be the root of the recent fight. the two men came to blows over the issue on november 22, with both accusing the other of starting the fight in Berry’s driveway in Los angeles. Both then obtained restraining orders against each other. Releasing photos of himself with a black eye and cuts to his face, aubry claimed that he was the victim in the punch-up. it was unclear whether either man will be charged over the incident, or if the ongoing custody issue was resolved. neWs desK

nobody wanted to help, and they said ‘there’s nothing we can do,’ so i went and called the police myself,” he said. He said that the bouncer were not throwing her out because she’s Lindsay Lohan - “i said ‘well my wife got punched by Lindsay Lohan’.” He added: “My wife is still very sore, she’s very distressed, her cheekbone is aching. she’s all mindboggled right now, i’m going to take her to the doctor.” When asked about the singer, stevens said: “i could see there was something else going on, but we had nothing to do with it. We were just caught up in something that was nothing to do with us.” Lohan - still clad in her tight green mini-dress and black heels from her night out - left a Manhattan police station with a jacket over her head, while Mitchell, stevens and a friend were also seen leaving another precinct.

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Infotainment 14 Climate change: polar ice sheets melting faster, raising sea levels Grand Canyon 70 million years old, formed during era of dinosaurs



UPERstORM sandy, which made landfall on the East Coast a month ago yesterday, wasn’t a particularly powerful storm. But what it did have was water—lots of it. sandy pushed record storm surges in places like lower Manhattan, and it was the flooding triggered by those surges—much more than the winds accompanying the storm—that caused the tens of billions of dollars in damages attributed to the superstorm. But our coastlines were already primed for those kinds of catastrophic floods, thanks in part to the gradual rise in sea level over the past century caused chiefly by man-made global warming. sea levels have risen by about half a foot over the past century—and are likely rising even faster along the U.s. northeastern coast—which amplified the effects of sandy’s storm surges. that’s why scientists are so worried about the impacts that climate change to come may have on sea levels. the higher the seas rise, the more devastating coastal storms will become. Unfortunately, trying to predict how rapidly the seas will rise as the climate warms is extremely difficult. We know that as ocean temperatures increase—which goes hand in hand with global warming—water expands and sea levels rise. But the big X factor is the polar ice sheets chiefly found in Greenland and antarctica. as that massive land ice melts, the water flows directly into the seas, causing the water to rise. By contrast, sea ice melting—which has been occurring at a record pace in the arctic this summer—does not raise the sea lev-

els, just as the melting of an ice cube in a glass of scotch doesn’t raise the overall level of liquid. the problem is that scientists have struggled to nail down just how quickly the polar ice sheets are melting. there have been more than 30 different estimates of sea level contributing due to polar ice sheet melting made since 1989. But in a new paper published in the november 29 science, a team of researchers have gone through all of those estimates and come to a broadly agreed conclusion that melting from the ice sheets have contributed an average of 0.023 in (0.59 mm) to sea-level rise since 1992, with an uncertainty of 0.008 in. (0.2 mm) per year. that might not sound like much— ice-sheet melting has only added about half an inch (12.7 mm) to sea levels in that time span—but the new analysis means that polar ice sheets are melting three times faster today than they did in the 1990s, with much of the ice loss happening in Greenland. “this will give the wider climate science community greater confidence in ice losses and lead to improved mode predictions of future sea-level rise,” said andrew shepherd, a professor of earth observation at the University of Leeds and a co-author of the science paper. Most of that melting appears to be happening to the Greenland ice sheet, which holds nearly 700,000 cu. miles of ice, although the even more massive antarctic ice sheet is melting as well— though not as uniformly as in the arctic. (in antarctica—which has an ice sheet the size of the U.s. and Mexico combined—parts of the continent are melting, while other parts seem to be grow-

ing.) in the 1990s, the two ice sheets combined on average to lose 110 billion tons of ice a year. that sounds like a lot—actually, that is a lot—but keep in mind that it takes about 10 trillion tons of ice melting to raise sea levels by an inch. But that rate increased to 379 billion tons a year between 2005 and 2010—and the science paper doesn’t include information from 2012, when the Greenland ice sheet experienced a record thaw. the study may not seem earth-shattering, but it does what earth science needs to do: give us a clearer picture of what’s happening to our planet. the mechanics of polar ice-sheet melting were so confusing that the 2007 intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment simply didn’t include ice loss estimates in its attempt to model future sea level rise. said co-author Benjamin smith, a research scientist at the University of Washington: it provides a simpler picture. in the 1990s, not very much was happening. sometime around 1999, the ice sheets started losing more mass, and probably have been losing mass more rapidly over time since then. Of course, what the data doesn’t tell us is what we should actually be doing about ice-sheet melting, sea-level rise and climate change. (although if the sleep-walking delegates at the U.n. climate summit in Doha this week and next week are any measure, the answer is “not much.”) But we shouldn’t kid ourselves that there won’t be major costs if we fail to slow the pace of warming—and that we’ll eventually have to pay the bill. sandy helped teach us that. neWs desK

World’s oldest father becomes PETA posterboy

New York policeman’s gift to homeless man turns into an internet hit


n act of kindness by a new York police officer has become a hit on the internet, giving a welcome boost to the reputation of the city’s police force. On a chilly winter’s night earlier this month, officer Lawrence Deprimo bought a pair of boots for a barefooted homeless man. a photograph snapped by a passing tourist of Mr Deprimo kneeling down to help the man put the shoes on was later posted to the new York Police Department’s Facebook page and has since been viewed 1.6 million times. the photograph has attracted more than 16,000 comments and 275,000 “likes”, the new York times reported. Mr Deprimo 25, said he had been shocked by the man’s bare feet. “it was freezing out and you could see the blisters,” he told the paper. “i had two pairs of socks and i was still cold.” He found out the man’s shoe size and went to a nearby shop to buy the boots. a tourist from arizona took a picture of Mr Deprimo giving the shoes to the homeless man. Later she emailed it to the nYPD, which posted it on their Facebook page. neWs desK

the world’s oldest father, a 96-year-old from india, has been appointed the latest posterboy for PEta’s newest global campaign, following in the footsteps of Pamela anderson and sir Paul McCartney. Ramajit Raghav of karkhoda village became the world’s oldest father in October, and he is now set to become the face of a project which will feature heavily around fertility clinics. Mr Raghav made headlines following the birth of his second child, karamjit, and the record-breaking father thanked a vegetarian diet of almonds, butter and milk for his virility. the People for Ethical treatment to animals organisation will be running the campaign, which connects vegetarianism and fertility, under the slogan of ‘Vegetarians still Got it at

the age of 96.’ Posters will feature a photograph of Ramajit with his youngest son, Ranjit, and they are set to circulate towards the end of the year. “i have been a vegetarian all my life, and i credit my stamina and virility to my diet of vegetables and grains. Being a vegetarian is the secret to my strength and good health,” said the father of two. the couple, Ramajit and 54 year-old wife shakuntala, first broke the record two years ago when Mr Raghav fathered his son, karamjit, aged 94. in spite of claiming that they would not have anymore children after the birth of karamjit, Mr Raghav insists that the farming family cannot afford to have a third child, and shakuntala will be undergoing a tubectomy operation this year. neWs desK

O stand on the south Rim and gaze into the Grand Canyon is to behold an awesome immensity of time. the serpentine Colorado River has relentlessly incised a 280-mile-long chasm that in some places stretches 18 miles wide and more than a mile deep. Visitors to Grand Canyon national Park will encounter an exhibit titled the trail of time, and learn that scientists believe the canyon is about 6 million years old — relatively young by geological standards. now a few contrarian scientists want to call time out. the canyon isn’t 6 million years old, they say, but more like 70 million years old. if this order-of-magnitude challenge to the orthodoxy holds up, it would mean the Grand Canyon has been around since the days of t. rex. “Our data detects a major canyon sitting there about 70 million years ago,” said Rebecca Flowers, 36, a geologist at the University of Colorado and the lead author of a paper published online thursday by the journal science. “We know it’s going to be controversial.” about that she is quite correct. Her research, which reconstructs the ancient landscape using a technique called thermochronology, is being met with a cool reception from veteran geologists who study the Colorado Plateau. “it is simply ludicrous,” said karl karlstrom, 61, a professor of geology at the University of new Mexico who has made more than 50 river trips through the canyon — one with Flowers, when she chipped her samples off the canyon walls — and helped create the trail of time exhibit for the national Park service. “We can’t put a canyon where they want to put it at the time they want to put it,” said Richard Young, a geologist at sUnY Geneseo who has been studying the Grand Canyon for four decades. Wondrous though it is, Grand Canyon doesn’t seem terribly mysterious at first glance. it’s a gash in the landscape with a river at the bottom. the causality seems obvious. But Flowers and her fellow Old Canyon theorists say that what we see today in northern arizona was originally carved, in large degree, by two rivers — neither of which was the Colorado River. the western part of the canyon, they say, was largely incised about 70 million years ago by what has been dubbed the California River, which drained a mountain range to the west and flowed to the east, in the opposite direction from today’s Colorado River. the eastern part of the canyon, they say, was created later, around 55 million years ago, by a different river. neWs desK

NASA plays down Mars speculation


URiOsitY, the nasa Mars rover, has not found the building blocks of life in that planet’s dirt, the agency said thursday. “Rumors and speculation that there are major new findings from the mission at this early stage are incorrect,” nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., said in a statement. tamping down expectations about a news conference scheduled for Monday, nasa said, “the instruments on the rover have not detected any definitive evidence of Martian organics.” speculation was fueled last week when the mission’s project scientist told a reporter that data from Curiosity would be “one for the history books.” nasa later clarified that the scientist was speaking generally. neWs desK

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saturday, 1 december, 2012

Sharp putting keeps tiger in contention at Sherwood Page 17

Sialkot still a team to beat LAHORE sTaff RepoRT


EFEnDinG champions sailkot stallions are the most effective t20 side on the Pakistan domestic circuit. they have missed out on claiming the title only twice, winning it six times, reported Cricinfo. they hold the record for the most number of consecutive wins, being unbeaten for 25 matches between 2006 and 2010. stallions represented Pakistan in the Champions League in October this year, but failed to qualify for the main event - they lost the opening game against auckland aces but won their next game against Hampshire. Opener imran nazir leads the solid top order, and the middle order is centred around captain shoaib Malik. seamer naved-ul-Hasan and promising young left-arm spinner Raza Hasan lead the bowling attack. stallions will miss spin-

high level of security during national t-20


High level of security will be in order during the entire national t-20 cricket tournament and its main venue, the Gadaffi stadium has been declared “ High alert security Zone “. this was stated by DiG Operation, Punjab Police, Rai tahir at a news conference here on Friday at Gadaffi stadium along with Col retd Mohammad Wasim, General Manager security, PCB. Rai tahir said the high level of security is being maintained to hold the cricket activity in a peaceful manner and to avoid any untoward incident. “ We have finalized all the security arrangements and one thousand policemen will be on high alert to guard the roads leading to Gadaffi stadium, the participating teams, and all the three venues of the event, Gadaffi stadium LCCa and Bagh-e-Jinnah grounds “,he said. He said three thousand policemen will be on standby to assist their on duty colleagues in case of a urgency. “ Our level of security is similar on which the foreign teams are guarded and our all efforts are aiming to send a positive message to the entire world that Pakistan is capable of organizing high level international and domestic events “,he added. He said those having the tickets will be allowed to enter the stadium and the spectators would not be allowed to carry water bottles, food items, cameras ,bags or any other electrical gadgets . “ We have set up security check points on which each and every spectator will be thoroughly searched and scanned before entering into the stadium where top security will be in order and security personnel’s will be present in every enclosure “,he said. “ Punjab Government is extending all out cooperation to PCB to make this event a big success and we believe the successful organization of the t-20 tournament will help in bringing back international to Pakistan “,said Rai tahir. “ We want to make this a showpiece event and Punjab Government is taking every regarding security and safety of the participating teams “,he said.

ner abdur Rehman, who is serving a 12week ban for using a recreational drug during his stint with somerset in England. Player to watch out for: Left-hand batsman Haris sohail, one of the in-form Pakistan batsmen on the domestic circuit since 2010. He has scored 673 runs at 134.60, with four hundreds and two halfcenturies in the President's trophy. He also has a sound temperament, and could be in the national reckoning soon. LaHoRe Lions Coach: mohsin Kamal Captain: mohammad Yousuf captained by experienced batsman mohammad Yousuf, lions possess nine active international players. nasir Jamshed, ahmed Shehzad, Kamran akmal and mohammad hafeez, who has left his native side faisalabad wolves to join wolves as a guest player, make up the top order. Umar akmal, Yousuf and abdul razzaq bolster the middle order, and the bowling attack is led by left-arm fast bowler wahab riaz, aizaz cheema and Under-19 player zia-ul-haq. lions, who claimed the 2010-11 title, are thus a potentially dominant side. Player to watch out for: thirty-eight-year-old mo-

hammad Yousuf is among the finest batsmen Pakistan has produced. though not a big fan of twenty20 cricket, he still holds a respectable batting strike rate of 110.86 in the domestic t20s. he hasn't played any domestic tournament since June 2011 and is keen to make a comeback to the national team. KaRaCHi doLpHins Coach: tauseef ahmed Captain: Shahid afridi captained by Shahid afridi, the line-up has powerful openers like Shahzaib hasan and Khalid latif, and fawad alam and asad Shafique in the middle order. their bowling is led by fast bowlers Sohail Khan, mohammad Sami and tanvir ahmed. Player to watch out for: there are few who carry the hopes of the public like Shahid afridi. But he is currently struggling to make an impact with bat and ball. he had scored 30 runs in six matches at an average of six and claimed four wickets at 42.74 at the world twenty20 in October. in his last ten international inningsacross all formats, he averages 6.30. he would be eager to find form ahead of the upcoming limited-overs series against india. RaWaLpindi RaMs Coach: Sabih azhar Captain: Sohail tanvir rawalpindi rams, the runners-up of the previous

tournament in Karachi and the winner of inaugural edition of super-eight t20 in faisalabad, are the underdogs. the side contains some specialist t20 players like awais zia, Sohail tanvir and Yasir arafat. Umar amin and Umar waheed are in the middle order and can rescue the side from any early wobbles. mohammad nawaz, a talented 18-year-old leftarm spinner, and hammad azam lead the bowling attack. Player to watch out for: awais zia had a productive season last year. he was the leading run-getter for rams and the fourth-highest overall with 177 runs from five games. baHaWaLpuR sTaGs Coach: Shahid anwar Captain: Bilal Khilji this is the new team that has been introduced into the competition. most of their local stars, like Bilal Khilji and Kamran hussain, had featured for multan in the previous tournaments and have finally landed in their own regional side. Stags made a handful of acquisitions, adding the likes of Kashif Siddique and mohammad talha to their line-up as guest players, to make up a formidable side. former Pakistan wicketkeeper zulqarnain haider from lahore is another guest player. Player to watch out for: mohammad talha has gone out of contention after been a strong prospect for

T-20 Cup a step forward to organize int’l cricket: LCCa chief LAHORE sTaff RepoRT

President, Lahore City Cricket association, khawja nadim ahmed has said that the holding of the national t-20 cricket tournament will help in getting necessary preparations and experience to organize international cricket in Lahore in due course of time. “it is going to be a very significant event in terms of getting needed preparations to organize international cricket which will return to Pakistan soon as Pakistan Cricket Board is making sincere efforts in this regard,” he said here on Friday. He said the t-20 tournament will bring back crowds to the home of cricket in Pakistan, Gadaffi stadium and other venues, LCCa and Lahore Gymkhana Bagh-e-Jinnah ground during the week long thrilling competition. “this tournament is being played in Lahore after two years and i anticipate full house at Gadaffi stadium and other venues and this event is going to create cricket festivity in the beginning of winter season and people would love to watch

the cricket stars drawn in different games,” said the LCCa Chief, himself a former first class cricket and die hard supporter of the game. nadim said LCCa full supports PCB in its endeavor for the resumption of international cricket in Pakistan and it stands besides PCB in every thick and thin. “ it is the result of devoted effort of the Chairman, PCB ,Mohammad Zaka ashraf that Pakistan is at the threshold of staging international cricket and his (Zaka) vision of organizing Pakistan Premier League will support Pakistan’s case of organizing international cricket,” he said. He said special arrangements have been made at LCCa for holding the matches in a smooth manner by meeting all the requirements . “ We are thankful to the PCB for extending help in this regard “. to a question, he said , he was fully satisfied with the working of the LCCa during the past three years and sincere efforts were made to revive club ground which died downed owing to lack of interest by the previous regime which ruled LCCa for twenty three years.

the national side. an injury-prone pacer, he would be looking for an opportunity to regain form.

Dope testing during t-20 tournament LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board is starting its first Dope testing in the Domestic competitions by introducing “incompetition testing“ during the forthcoming Faysal Bank national t-20 tournament. Pakistan Cricket Board, in order to strive for drug free sports and to protect the basic framework of protection of athletes’ basic right to participate in doping- free sport and thus promote health, fairness and equality for cricketers nationwide, has introduced this in-Competition in testing,said a spokesman of PCB here on Friday. the step is taken to bring the domestic cricket at par with other test playing countries. Under the supervision of Dr. sohail saleem, GM sports medicine Department of PCB has not only prepared “Doping Code PCB” in accordance with the rules laid down by WaDa but also a strategic plan for controlling, if any, doping in the country under their domain”,he added. accordingly, Pakistan Cricket Board during the last domestic cricket season educated approximately 500 First Class Cricketers on the subject of doping. Players were educated and made aware of rule and regulations related to Doping through lectures. they were also provided with an Urdu Guide, updated list of banned drugs and a CD for revision of doping education,he said. Cricketers from all the regional teams participating in the t20 Championship will randomly be picked for Dope testing. these tests will be conducted by WaDa accredited independent Doping Control officers throughout the competition. sTaff RepoRT

Spinners set up easy win for Bangladesh COLOMBO aGenCies

Off-spinner sohag Gazi made a memorable ony-day debut to help Bangladesh crush West indies by seven wickets with 58 balls to spare in the opening game of the fivematch series in khulna on Friday. Gazi claimed four wickets for 29 runs as he and spin colleague abdur Razzak (3-39) ran through the West indies batting order which failed to justify their decision to bat first and folded for 199 runs in 46.5 overs. Opener tamim iqbal (58) scored his fifth consecutive one-day half century, while top order batsmen anamul Haq (41) and naeem islam (50 not out) also contributed as Bangladesh lost three wickets before comfortably overwhelming the target to go 1-0 up in the series. tamim set the tone for a successful chase with a 88-run opening stand with anamul, one of the four debutants Bangladesh fielded in the game. tamim's 58 came off 51 balls with eight fours and two sixes before sunil narine had him caught by kieran Pollard at backward point. anamul survived some anxious moments before growing in confidence but fell short of his maiden half-century.

sCoReboaRd WesT indies Won THe Toss and opTed To baT fiRsT WesT indies inninGs L. simmons lbw b Mortaza 13 C. Gayle c Tamim b Gazi 35 d. bravo run out 35 M.samuels c Mahmudullah b Gazi 0 K. pollard c Mortaza b Razzak 15 d. Thomas c Razzak b Gazi 16 d. sammy c naeem b Mahmudullah 10 a. Russell b Razzak 0 s. narine lbw b Gazi 36 R. Rampaul c Rahim b Razzak 25 K. Roach not out 3 extras (lb-1 w-10) 11 Total (all out; 46.5 overs) 199 fall of wickets: 1-48 2-48 3-50 4-100 5-102 6-128 7-130 8-133 9-190 bowling: Mashrafe Mortaza 9-2-39-1, abul Hasan 8-045-0-(w-1), sohag Gazi 9.5-2 29-4 (w-2), abdur Razzak 10-1-39-3 (w-1), naeem islam 1-0-17-0, Mahmudullah 90-29-1 (w-2) banGLadesH inninGs Tamim iqbal c pollard b narine 58 anamul Haque c&b sammy 41 naeem islam not out 50 nasir Hossain c pollard b Russell 28 Mushfiqur Rahim 16 extras (lb-2 w-5 nb-1) 8 Total (three wickets; 40.2 overs) 201 did not bat: Mominul Haque, Mahmudullah, sohag Gazi, abul Hasan, Mashrafe Mortaza, abdur Razzak fall of wickets: 1-88 2-112 3-157 bowling: M. samuels 3-0-14-0 (w-2), R. Rampaul 7.20-41-0, K. Roach 7-0-48-0(w-1), s. narine 8-1-39-1 (nb-1), d. sammy 8-0-29-1, andre Russell 7-0-28-1( w-2) bangladesh won by seven wickets and lead the series 1-0, Man of the match: sohag Gazi

naeem islam added 45 runs with birthday boy nasir Hossain (28) for third wicket to slam the door on West indies.

Earlier, the visitors got off to a positive start with the openers raising 48 runs but once Mashrafe Mortaza trapped Lendl simmons (13) lbw, West indies batting order simply came unstuck. Gazi delighted the packed holiday crowd at the sheikh abu naser stadium by removing the dangerous Chris Gayle (35) with his second ball with tamim leaping high on long on boundary to take a spectacular catch. Gazi, who took nine wickets in his test debut earlier this month, struck another crucial blow when he removed Marlon samuels for a duck in his next over before left-arm spinner Razzak joined the party. to make it worse for the visitors, Darren Bravo (35) got run out as Bangladesh took control of the match. Down the order, sunil narine (36) and Ravi Rampaul (25) added 57 runs for the ninth wicket to give the West indies innings some respectability but it was not enough in the end. Gazi added two more wickets to his collection for an impressive figure which earned him the player of the match award. Both the teams return on sunday for the second one dayer at the same venue.

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Sports 16

Australia get happy returns from Mitchells in Perth PERTH




UstRaLia's gamble on a ragtag band of rookies and fringe players to overhaul their pace bowling unit paid rich dividends at the WaCa on Friday, giving the hosts the edge in the third test against south africa. although the tourists battled back from the depths of 6-75 to make 225 all out and then took a couple of quick australian wickets, the hosts were more than happy with their day's work and none was questioning the contribution of the pace attack. James Pattinson's series-ending injury in the second test had left Peter siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus to bowl themselves into the ground in their ultimately unsuccessful attempt to force a result at the adelaide Oval. a second draw after Brisbane meant the stakes would be high in Perth. the WaCa test will potentially decide not only who takes the honours in the three-match series but also which of the two countries will be ranked number one in test cricket. in a decision overshadowed by Ricky Ponting's announcement on thursday that this would be his final test, australia's selectors decided siddle and Hilfenhaus could not be risked. instead, they recalled Mitchell starc and Mitchell Johnson and awarded a first cap to John Hastings, with all rounder shane Watson offering support on his return from injury and off spinner nathan Lyon retaining his place. they were fully vindicated when all five got wickets on Friday with left-armers starc and Johnson catching the eye early on opening day at the WaCa. Johnson has had a tough couple of years since suffering something of a meltdown during the 2010-11 ashes series, but he proved once again on Friday there are few bowlers more dangerous at the WaCa. His ability to summon up swing

openinG day of THe THiRd and finaL TesT beTWeen ausTRaLia and souTH afRiCa Won THe Toss and eLeCTed To baT 16 G. smith c Clarke b Watson 30 a. petersen b starc H. amla run out 11 j. Kallis b starc 2 ab de Villiers c Clarke b Hastings 4 d. elgar c Wade b johnson 0 78 f. du plessis not out 31 R. peterson c Wade b Lyon 30 V. philander c Hussey b Lyon d. steyn b johnson 2 17 M. Morkel c Hastings b Lyon extras (lb-2, w-2) 4 Total (all out, 74 overs) 225 fall of wickets: 1-38 2-61 3-63 4-67 5-67 6-75 7-132 8-196 9-206 bowling: starc 16-3-55-2, Hastings 20-2-51-1, Watson 9-2-221 (w-1), johnson 17-3-54-2 (w-1), Lyon 12-1-41-3 ausTRaLia fiRsT inninGs 12 d. Warner not out 0 e. Cowan c Kallis b steyn 10 s. Watson lbw b philander 7 n. Lyon not out extras (lb-4) 4 33 Total (for two wickets, 11 overs) fall of wickets: 1-3 2-18 To bat: R. ponting, M. Clarke, M. Hussey, M. Wade, M. johnson, M. starc, j. Hastings. bowling: steyn 6-2-21-1, philander 4-0-8-1, Morkel 1-1-0-0 series all square after drawn tests in brisbane and adelaide.

at the ground has now netted him 32 wickets in five tests, including his career best 8-61 in the corresponding test against south africa here in 2008. at 31, the Perth test was potentially a last chance to get himself back into the side and perhaps get a chance to make his many English critics eat humble pie in

next year's ashes. His figures of 2-54 did not necessarily reflect the job he did in softening up the the top order, in particular south africa skipper Graeme smith whose wicket was ultimately claimed by Watson. "Mitch was really good today," said Hastings, who opened the bowling. "i've

played him a couple of times for Victoria in the last couple of months and he bowled a couple of quick spells for us. His action looks good and he's swinging the ball and that's fantastic for australian cricket i think." starc (2-55) has considerable grace for a tall man and the ability to pull out the occasional peach of a ball. On Friday, the 22-year-old produced two in six balls to trigger south africa's midday collapse by bowling opener alviro Petersen and the all rounder Jacques kallis through the gate. Hastings (1-51) said he had fulfilled a boyhood dream when he was handed his baggy green cap before the start of play on and was delighted to have taken his first wicket in the shape of aB de Villiers. While he is playing his first test in Perth, he and all his team mates are more than aware that it will be the 168th and last for former captain Ponting.

Khawaja gets chance to audition for Ponting’s spot PERTH aGenCies

Usman khawaja will have an opportunity to audition for Ricky Ponting's spot in the test team after the left-hander was named captain of the australia Chairman's Xi to take on sri Lanka in Canberra next week. Former captain Ponting on thursday said he would be calling time on his glittering 17-year career after this week's third test against south africa. Left-handed batsman khawaja, 25, who made his test debut for the injured Ponting in the ashes test in sydney in January 2011, will lead the side in the only warm-up game for the visitors before the three-test series kicks off in Hobart on Dec. 14. the Pakistan-born batsman averages 39 from six tests matches and is a contender for the number four batting spot in the australian team, currently held by Ponting. "it is a talented team that has an ideal mix of youth and experience," national selector John inverarity said in a statement on Friday. "Usman khawaja has been nominated as captain. He, Glenn Maxwell, alex Doolan and scott Henry have been released from their BBL (Big Bash League) franchises to take this opportunity to further their experience in the longer form of the game. "they are players who have shown some excellent form in recent months and will be looking to enhance their claims for higher honours."

Ponting: The man who epitomised Australian cricket Comment MARC HIGGINSON


iCkY Ponting, one of the most uncompromising of australian cricketers, heads into international retirement next week as one of the most decorated players and leaders in history. snarling and abrasive, he never took a backward step - especially against the old enemy, England. However, for all his spats with the opposition, which were borne out of a competitive spirit to win matches for his country, Ponting is regarded as one of the greatest batsmen the game has ever seen. Only indian maestro sachin tendulkar has scored more test runs than Ponting's haul of 13,366 at an average of 52, while he is also second to tendulkar in the one-day list with 13,704 at an average of 42. Perhaps former England captain Michael Vaughan summed him up best on twitter: "the best batsman i had the privilege to play against was Ricky Ponting. He played better against me than sachin did. Both incredible but if i had to pick one it would be Ricky. australian cricket will not be the same without him." Born in Launceston, tasmania on 19 December, 1974, cricket played a big part in Ponting's early years - his dad Graeme turning out for local club Mowbray and his uncle, Greg Campbell, playing four tests for australia. He was always destined for big things - he signed a bat sponsorship deal at the age of 12 after scoring four centuries in a week in a junior cricket competition and legendary wicketkeeper Rodney Marsh later labelled him the best teenage batsman he had ever seen. Ponting took the fight to the opposition and scored 96 on his test debut against sri Lanka in 1995, aged just 20, in Perth - the same ground he will end his international career against south africa. However, such precocious talent was in danger of being un-

fulfilled when, in early 1999, he was suspended for three matches after a nightclub brawl left him with a black eye. He addressed his off-field problems and was soon back as an ever-present in the team which won the World Cup in England later that year - he would go on to lift the trophy twice more. While players like shane Warne, Glenn McGrath and adam Gilchrist often took the headlines, Punter, as he was nicknamed, was one of the key components in an australian team which dominated world cricket for the best part of a decade. Batting at number three, he demoralised bowling attacks with his flashing blade - the hook and pull shots synonymous with the dashing strokemaker. Whether it was the fast, pacy wickets of his homeland, or the slow, spinfriendly conditions of the subcontinent, Ponting generally flourished. England batsman kevin Pietersen described the 37-year-old as "one of the greats. i always got excited playing australia so i could watch him bat up close." Ponting took over the australian test captaincy when

steve Waugh retired in 2004, inheriting a team at the peak of their powers. Legends of the game like Warne, McGrath and Gilchrist continued to keep the Baggy Greens at the top table of world cricket under their new skipper, but Ponting's bristling character was tested in 2005 when England won the ashes 2-1 on home soil. it was the first time in 16 years that England had won the famous urn and Ponting was hurting, judging by his now-famous outburst at the home dressing room at trent Bridge after being run out by substitute fielder Gary Pratt. "it was something we'd never seen before," said Pratt. "it was the australian captain being rattled and showing it. it was a massive psychological blow." that was not the only time Ponting clashed with England and he often received abuse from the stands. "it used to make me sick every time the great Ricky Ponting, one of the great people i've met, would walk on to the ground, and the England supporters would boo him," reflected his old batting partner Justin Langer. "i never quite got

that; i found it disrespectful, and hard to stomach really, but that's life, that's sport, certainly in this country."Ponting and the other stellar names in the team made it their mission to wrestle back the ashes, which they did in style by whitewashing the tourists in 2006-07 - the skipper topping the run charts with almost 600 runs at an average of 82. andrew Flintoff's side were ruthlessly hammered and it was the perfect stage for a cast of legends to bring down the curtain on their career. Warne, McGrath and Langer stepped down, with Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden in the twilight of their careers. the aussies were in transition, and Ponting bore the brunt of the frustrations when England won two more ashes series (2009 and 2010-11), ensuring the tasmanian became the first australian captain to preside over three ashes defeats. the latest loss to England proved particularly painful, given the dominance of andrew strauss's side in a 3-1 triumph down under, and it would not be long before he gave up the captaincy, after seven years in control of the test team and nine

ca hails ‘extraordinary’ ponting MELBOURNE: Cricket australia has congratulated Ricky Ponting on a stellar cricketing career, describing him as simply one of the best ever to pad up for his country. Ponting, australia’s 366th test player and 42nd test captain, announced earlier today that the Perth test against south africa, starting on Friday, will be his last. it will be his 168th test for australia, equalling steve Waugh’s record as most tests played by an australian. Ca Chairman Wally Edwards said Ponting’s retirement decision and announcement was typical of the way he had approached his cricket since becoming a first-class player in his teens and a test player at 20. “Ricky is always uncompromisingly straightforward and leads from the front – he has made a decision that he believes is best for him, his family and his team,” Mr Edwards said. “On behalf of australian cricket, i congratulate him for his outstanding achievements as a batsman, captain and, after he stood down as captain, leader by example”. Ca Chief Executive Officer James sutherland said he and Ricky had exchanges messages earlier today after Ponting had made his decision overnight. “Ricky has had an extra-ordinary career and has made an extra-ordinary contribution, in-

in charge of the ODi side, following a World Cup quarter-final exit in March of the same year. not before, however, he had become the most successful test captain of all time - under his leadership, the team won 48 out 77 tests, 16 of them in a row between December 2005 and January 2008, and 163 out of 227 one-day internationals, including the 2003 and 2007 World Cups. after stepping back into the ranks, Ponting bounced back with 643 runs at 80.38 during the australian test summer - before losing his one-day place following a poor run of scores only weeks later. a proud Ponting sensed the clamour for change was becoming deafening and announced his retirement from that form of the game, but stayed on in the test team under the captaincy of Michael Clarke. However, after a return of just 20 runs in the first two matches of the series against south africa, he decided to step aside and let australia plan for two ashes series in 2013 without their batting stalwart. "i'm sure he'll be admired in England now that he's retired, but he'll leave the game as a legend," concluded Langer.

cluding through the example he has set for other elite players and through the excitement he has given fans, young and old,” Mr sutherland said. “there is much to admire, including his pride in his roots at his local cricket club that he spoke so eloquently of at last month’s Bradman Oration, through to the fact that he takes to the field tomorrow for his 168th test as one of the best prepared players in the modern game”. “i think his record until he retired as captain was outstanding but my respect for him since then has actually increased, seeing first-hand how he stepped back to become a total team player, absolutely committed to his captain, unstinting in his work to help other players and singleminded in his view that everything, including his own ambition, must always be second place after whatever was best for the team”. sutherland said it was too early to discuss yet, but he sincerely hoped Ricky Ponting would stay connected to the game in an official capacity after his test career and after captaining the Prime Minister’s Xl in Canberra in the new Year. aGenCies

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

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17 Sports chaudhary Sports in final of veteran t20 tournament

thOUSanD OaKS: tiger woods hits the put out of bunker during the world challenge.


Chuadhary sports moved into the final of amar Cables t-20 veteran cricket tournament defeating textitle tigers in the semi final here on Friday at shah Faisal ground. Brief scores, Chaudhary sports batted first reached 160/9 in 20 overs. Chaudhary shafqat Hussain 41, naseer Bhatti 32, abid sheikh 23, Muhammad sami 19 & Muhammad saleem 13 runs. textile tigers bowling Maqsood ali 3/26, Hafiz saeed 2/18, asif Qureshi 2/26& Zulfqar ali 1/30 wickets. in reply textile tigers were all out at 155 in 20 overs. test Cricketer ashraf ali 35, Javeed Hafeez 25, asif Qureshi 23, karamat ali 22 & Muhammad nadeem 18 runs. Chaudhary sports bowling man of the match Muhammad sami bowling well 4/32 with Hatrick, naseer ahmad 2/25, shahid ali 1/24, Gulzar ahmad 1/22 & Muhammad khan 1/30 wickets. Waleed Yaqoob and adnan Rasheed were the umpires & Qasim shafiq was the scorer.

Karachi to hyderabad cycle race LAHORE sTaff RepoRT

karachi to Hyderabad cycle national cycle race will be held on December 2 under the aegis of Pakistan Cycling Federation and sui southern Gas Company. “nine teams, one each from sindh, Punjab, khyber Pakhtoonkhwa , Balochistan, islamabad Fata, Pakistan army, Pakistan Railway, sui southern Gas and WaPDa will participate in the competition”,said a spokesman of Pakistan Cycling Federation here on Friday. He said each team will consist of six riders who will kick-off form ssGC’s head office building located at sir shah suleman Road, opposite karachi Expo Centre. the 142 kms race will culminate at al-Zeb Restaurant, first toll check post, super highway, Hyderabad. ssGC’s Managing Director, Zuhair siddiqui will be the chief guest at the opening ceremony and Munawar Baseer ahmad, President PCF will give away prized at the closing ceremony. the General Council of Pakistan Cycling Federation will also hold its first general council meeting in karachi, a day earlier to this event at DHa, Golf Club,he said.

Could you improve your pension with a SIPP? SANTA MONICA aGenCies

"i played pretty well on the back nine," Watney said after coming home in four-under 32 to end an overcast day at the base of the santa Monica Mountains two ahead of compatriots keegan Bradley and Jim Furyk, and northern ireland's Graeme McDowell. "the front nine was a little sloppy. My short game is definitely where i need it to improve for next year. i've kind of been getting into that a little bit, and it helped me today." asked by reporters what particular area of his short game he had been working on, Watney replied: "For me personally, i can always get better at chipping. "i'm not at the top of the tour in chipping stats, that's for sure. so that is a huge key, especially in this month of December for me. "But putting can hide a lot

of things," said Watney, who totalled 27 putts on thursday. "if you make a lot of eight and 10-footers, you don't have to chip it as well as other guys, so that's definitely a huge key." Watney's overall form improved markedly after he worked with swing coach Butch Harmon for a week before the U.s. Open in June. Following a string of consistent performances, he went on to win the fifth PGa tour title of his career at the Barclays tournament in august, then triumphed at the PGa tour co-sanctioned CiMB Classic in Malaysia last month. "after spending some time with Butch, something kind of clicked there, and i started playing much better," the world number 16 said. "i think that was kind of the turnaround. "now i want to keep going higher (in the world rankings). tiger and (top-ranked) Rory (Mcilroy) are very impressive, and all the top players, they continue to strive to get better.

Ghazanfar in total command at Chief of Naval Staff Golf Javed tops in Seniors and Ghazala in net LAHORE sTaff RepoRT

at the end of the 2nd round in this three rounds, 54 holes 2nd Chief Of naval staff Golf Championship in progress at the par 72, Royal Palm Golf Course, Ghazanfar Mehmood of Rawalpindi Golf Club has virtually ensured the Cns title for himself, by backing his excellence of the first round with a steady and solid round over the 2nd days 18 holes. While the first round carried a lot of sparkle, the second round was used to consolidate his position on the leaderboard as is evident from his scores. the first day score was gross 69 and the second days score was gross 72 giving him an aggregate score of 141, three under par for two rounds and a lead of eight strokes over his nearest challenger, tariq Mehmood of Pakistan navy who is placed at a two days total score of 149, five over par. two other contenders in line are imran

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

ahmed(Gymkhana) and the handicapped golfer saleem Raza of Gujranwala Golf Club. Both these competitors are bracketed at a score of 154, after two rounds, with final round to be completed on saturday. as positions stand at the end of the second round, Ghazanfar makes the other contenders look like pygmies although players like tariq, imran and a number of those lurking at positions other than the top three are considered golfers of huge potential, yet they seem totally cowed down by the pressures of competition and totally distraught with the way they have handled the challenges of the Royal Palm Golf Course. some were found wanting in accuracy off the tees and some lacked the much needed crispness in their hitting from the beautiful fairways resulting in strayed shots making good scoring an impossibility. salman Jehangir was one who readily admitted his failings and so did M. Rehman of the host club. Rehman stated

that during normal practice rounds his drives always covered 290 yards distance with the greatest of ease but yesterday the magic touch just vanished and on five holes the tee shots instead of going straight chose the wayward direction causing headaches and aches. top ten scores after two rounds:Ghazanfar Mehmood (Rawalpindi) 69+72=141; tariq Mehmood (navy) 74+75=149; imran ahmed (Gymkhana) 74+80=154; saleem Raza (Gujranwala) 79+75=154; salman Jehangir (Gymkhana) 81+75=156; M. Rehman (Royal Palm) 77+79=156; Husain Hamid (Royal Palm) 81+76=157; Col Rustam Chattha (Gujranwala) 82+76=158; khalid Mehmood (Rawalpindi) 76+82=158; Col(r) shafi (Garrison) 75+83=158. Competition in the individual net favours Husain Hamid who performed wonders yesterday with a memorable net round of 67 and that added to his net 72 of

the first day gives him a total net score of 139. slaeem Raza is the other one who looks well placed at a score of net 144, followed by ahad naeem, Raza ali khan, Danish Javed, all placed at net 145, Usman Cheema and abdul Rehman at net 146. amongst the seniors the defending champion Javed khan(WaPDa)retained his title. nine holes were contested on the first day and nine on second and Javed khan was at his playing best. He won the first gross, while Qayum Rashid a former hockey Olympian but now an accomplished golfer came second. aVM(r)Zakaullah is winner of third gross. in the seniors net event, shahid kamran is winner of first net, Chaudry naeem akhter is the runner up and ashfaq khalid khan ended up third. the winning seniors have indeed done well and shown courage although they played from the championship tees. Ladies gross winner is Ghazala Yas-

min of Garrison Golf Club. she is not only the current holder of national golf title but has lately performed well in india. an extremley devoted golfer she spends a lot of time on the practice range and the golf course so as to further improve her game. in the ladies gross nushmiya sukhera, an upcoming teenager of Royal Palm who is improving her golfing skills with each passing day captured the second gross. the third position holder in this section is tehmina Rashid of islamabad. Winner net amongst Ladies is sameea Javed ali of Gymkhana. Runners up net is noreen Malik and Maryama khan won third net. the final round on sunday is tilted Ghazanfar's way and the fight appears to be for the second slot rather than the title. at the conclusion of the championship the Chief Guest of the evening will be Chief of naval staff,admiral asif sandila at 3.30 pm at Royal Palm.

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Sports 18

Sharp putting keeps Tiger in contention THOUSAND OAKS aGenCies


itH his game markedly better than this time a year ago, tournament host tiger Woods was happy enough after grinding out a two-under-par 70 in thursday's opening round of the World Challenge. though Woods did not strike the ball as well as he did in Wednesday's proam competition, he sank several par putts from around 10 feet to remain in contention and ended an overcast day at sherwood Country Club just three strokes off the lead. BRADLEy HAS REASON TO SHINE AT SHERWOOD, WATNEy LEADS: american keegan Bradley struck a timely blow for users of the beleaguered belly putter by charging into contention with a threeunder-par 69 in thursday's first round at the World Challenge. Just one day after golf's rulemakers proposed a ban on long putters being anchored to the body, Bradley proved his lofty status as a player is underpinned by his all-round game as he reached 17 of 18 greens in regulation at sherwood Country Club. While compatriot nick Watney set the pace with a five-birdie 67 in the elite 18-player event hosted by tiger Woods, Bradley mixed four birdies with a lone bogey to end a damp, overcast day level with northern ireland's Graeme McDowell and Jim Furyk. Five-times champion Woods, who ended a two-year title drought with a one-shot victory here 12 months ago, was a further stroke back on 70 with fellow americans Bo Van Pelt and Webb simpson. "today was awesome," Bradley, who became the first player to win a major using a belly putter at the 2011 PGa Championship, told reporters. "i did have a bad break on the last hole, but i played so solidly all day, that's the only green i missed. if i could have made a few more putts, i probably could have been a lot lower." Bradley marred his round with a bogey at the par-four 18th where his tee shot ended up against a tree root beside a small rock to the right of the fairway. "it was a bad break, but also if it didn't hit that root, it probably would have rolled all the way back down that hill. it was a good day, and i'll make a better swing on 18 tomorrow." EXTRA MOTIVATION: Bradley said he had gained extra motivation for the round from Wednesday's an-

Senegal stadium banned for a year following riots: caf CAIRO aGenCies

senegal will not be able to use their main stadium in Dakar for african competition for the next year following riots in October, the Confederation of african Football has said. the Leopold sedar senghor stadium was banned from use for 12 months and the senegalese federation fined $100,000 (£62,324.71) for the riots that forced the stoppage of the african nations Cup qualifier against the ivory Coast and led to senegal's disqualification from the competition. Half the fine was suspended for two years, a CaF statement said. Rioting erupted as fans threw objects onto the field and started fires in the stands when the ivorians took a 2-0 lead with a second half penalty that extended their aggregate lead in the second leg of the final round qualifier. CaF also fined the Malawi and togo federations for pitch invasions following qualifying matches earlier this year.

hamza Shahbaz resigns as chairman of Sports Board Punjab LAHORE sTaff RepoRT

Hamza shahbaz ,Chairman, sports Board Punjab on Friday resigned from the office. “ He resigned from the Chairmanship and Punjab Chief Minister, Mohammad shahbaz sharif has accepted the resignation,” said an announcement of Punjab Chief Minister House here. When asked to comment on the resignation , a top official of the sports Board Punjab refused to make any comment. no announcement was made regarding the appointment of the new chairman.

improved short game helps Watney take charge THOUSAND OAKS: nick Watney's sharper short game has helped him to two titles in the past four months and put himself in good position to clinch a third by surging two shots clear at the World Challenge on thursday. the soft-spoken american birdied four of the last six holes at sherwood Country Club to fire a five-under-par 67 in the opening round of the elite, 18-man event hosted by tiger Woods where only three other players broke 70. aGenCies nouncement by golf's ruling bodies that they wanted to outlaw the practice of anchoring by 2016 in order to preserve the "skill and challenge" of putting. "Yeah, absolutely," he added. "it would be great to go off and really play well here. i've been catching such flak on twitter and these other places, it would be good to kind of quiet them a little bit. "i had a guy yesterday telling me to send my application in to Burger king for 2016. i feel like the UsGa (United states Golf association) has really put an X on our back and really shined a light on us, and i don't know if that's exactly fair. "When we started putting with it (the belly putter), they were legal, and they still are. it's a sticky situation, and i hope people can see through that. it always feels good to play well, but this feels better almost." Woods, who is seeking his fourth victory this year after triumphing three times on the PGa tour, was delighted to move into contention despite not playing at his best. "i didn't hit the ball very good today and made a few good par putts to keep the round going," he said after mixing three birdies with a bogey. "i kept myself in the tournament. Could have easily shot myself out of the tournament but i kept myself in it." asked if he was surprised only four players had shot under 70, Woods replied: "no, it's still difficult out there. the wind is puffing around and it's all different directions. the greens are soft, and it's hard to get the ball close."

Sumo wrestling: Japan’s ancient sport threatened TOKYO aGenCies

aspiring sumo wrestler Mainoumi once convinced doctors to inject silicone into his scalp to meet height requirements for the ancient Japanese sport. such sacrifice is a rarity now in a sport beset by scandals and with popularity at an all-time low. With a history spanning centuries, sumo once graced the imperial courts of Japan and wrestlers were held in the highest regard. sponsors lavished gifts on the hulking giants and to join the ranks of

the sumo was considered a worthy occupation. those days are long gone, however. tarnished by scandals involving drug use, bout-fixing, violence and alleged links to Japanese organised crime, sumo struggles to fill stadiums and attract new fans. such is its decline that last month only one person applied to take the sport's entrance exam. this brought the total number of applicants for the year to just 56, the lowest since the current system of staging six major tournaments a year was introduced in 1958. that compares to a peak of 223 in 1992 when muscle-bound

Japanese brothers takanohana and Wakanohana fired up the sport with their dynamic fighting styles. "We should be wracking our brains to find solutions," said shoji kagamiyama, head of a sumo training gym. "at this rate there will be more wrestlers quitting sumo than coming in. if that trend continues there will be none left. new wrestlers are our most precious commodity." Last year sumo racked up debts of almost $50 million following a match-fixing sting and widespread arrests which led to a television black-out and a government ticking off.

watch it Live ESPN Sports Center 07:30PM

Perth owner in shock at loss of champions league spot SINGAPORE aGenCies

Perth Glory owner tony sage says he was blindsided by the aFC's move to cut asian Champions League entry slots for australia clubs a week before the draw, denying his a-League side a place in the region's top club competition. the asian Football Confederation (aFC) decided at their executive committee meeting in kuala Lumpur on thursday that only two australian teams would compete in the Champions League next season, down from three this year. as third-place finishers in last season's a-League, which concluded in april, Perth will miss out on a berth, and sage was unhappy after he said he had been told they would be in and had already made provisions to compete in the tournament. "We hosted a delegation of eight aFC representatives two months ago and were told we were in. and we have been told unofficially that we have been in for the last eight months," sage told aaP on Friday. "We had spent up to a$70,000 (£45,550.85) on a different kit for the aCL, that's an extra player for next season that we could have spent that money on. and we had a new sponsor on board just for the aCL. "so to be told a week before the draw australia have lost a spot is bizarre." the complex procedure to decide on team entries regularly causes friction throughout the asia zone, with the number of slots being adapted continually due to the emergence of lower ranked nations and the struggles of the established teams, who believe their standing deserves more respect. aFC executive committee member and FiFa Vice President Prince ali Bin al Hussein held a meeting of independent experts in Jordan last month to try to come up with an improved plan but thursday's announcement by the aFC offered few changes. in East asia, indonesia lost their only slot in the reallocation, with China and south korea given four direct entries rather than the three and one team starting in the qualifying round that they received this year. the decision came as a surprise to sage, who did not realise the number of australian entries was even up for discussion. "so that's what gets me, no one has flagged this. i am in a bit of shock at the moment. "Who makes these decisions and why are they made?" "the shuffling from one year to the next in determining whether you are in or out doesn't give club owners any confidence. What has the a-League or the FFa done wrong?"

Rodgers wants quick conclusion to Sterling deal LONDON aGenCies

sterling has been one of Liverpool's few bright spots in a stuttering season but Rodgers insisted the skilful winger cannot expect a huge leap in wages just yet. Liverpool's managing director, ian ayre, held further talks with sterling's advisers earlier this week and the club insisted a deal with be struck soon. the Merseyside club has offered an estimated 20,000 pounds per week for sterling, who turns 18 on December 8, but according to reports the player's representatives want double that. "it is important for the club that we sign our young talents. But i think it is even more important for Raheem," said Rodgers. "this is a club that is going to give young ¬players an opportunity. He has played more games than he could have dreamed of this season, both in the Premier League and the Europa League. "Liverpool Football Club has given him the chance to become a full international player." However, Rodgers made it clear the club were not going to break the bank for their brightest young prospect. "i would think if i am Raheem sterling and his agents i would look to tie it up very quickly. this contract won't be the biggest contract of his life," said the Liverpool boss. "it is when he actually achieves something. What he has shown just now is fantastic potential. His next contract and the one after that will be the big ones. "But this is Liverpool Football Club. if you are 17 years of age and you are playing regularly you would be very foolish not to commit yourself very quickly. i am confident it is something that will be sorted out very soon."

Saturday, 1 December, 2012

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Saturday, 1 December, 2012

As world marks AIDS Day, Pakistan sees alarming rise in HIV patients g

National aIDS Control Programme out of funds and medicine stock ISLAMABAD anWeR abbas


akistan is facing a shocking rise in the number of aiDs/HiV patients throughout the country. an estimated 97,400 people have fallen prey to the disease while no commitment has been shown by the government and the United nations Joint Programme on aiDs (UnaiDs) to control the disease, Pakistan today has learnt. Despite observance of international aiDs Day throughout the world today (saturday), employees of national aiDs Control Programme (naCP) from grade (1-17) are still awaiting their salaries that have not been paid since July 2012. Federal and provincial governments are facing serious problems in coordinating their efforts for controlling HiV in Pakistan because of which a new patient is being hospitalised on a daily basis. naCP is struggling not only because of non-payment of salaries since six months but also due to a lack of medicines, unavailability of cold storage for medicines and zero commitment levels from the federal and provincial governments and UnaiDs. a doctor, on request of anonymity, told Pakistan today that conditions are getting worse with each passing day as a new HiV patient was being registered with Pakistan institute of Medical sciences (PiMs) on a daily basis, reflecting the alarming rise of the disease. “Most of these patients registered in PiMs are from Punjab, khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Mirpur in sindh,” the doctor added.

aJK landslide kills 3 soldiers, 18 missing MUzAFFARABAD sTaff RepoRT

Landslides triggered by heavy snow killed three soldiers and left 18 other people missing on Friday in azad Jammu and kashmir, the military said. the incident took place in the kel area on the line of control with india, and the Pakistani military said a rescue operation was under way. the missing were eight soldiers and 10 civilians. a first landslide hit early Friday, killing the three soldiers, said Raja saqib Majeed, deputy commissioner of neelam district, of which kel is part. Later in the morning the 10 civilians and eight soldiers made it to the site to search for, he told aFP. “another landslide hit this rescue party and they were buried under it,” he added. Pakistan saw its worst avalanche in april when 139 soldiers and 11 civilians were buried alive in the the 13,000-feet-high Gyari sector of siachen. the site is 4,000 metres (13,000 feet) up in the mountains, just below the glacier where Pakistani and indian troops have faced off since the 1980s.

When contacted, nadeem akhtar, an official from naCP, confirmed that the government and UnaiDs had as yet made no efforts regarding the situation at hand. the naCP official disclosed that in the

past 10 years, the number of HiV patients had tripled, with a single naCP centre registering 30 new HiV patients per month, as opposed to 10 in the past. Responding to a question regarding international aiDs Day, akhtar said this year no activity had been planned primarily due to lack of resources. “How can we plan an activity on international aiDs Day when we haven’t been paid our salaries since July 2012 and are running short on medicines? Without continued medication the disease cannot be cured,” said the agitated naCP official. naCP is not even clear about its present legal status following the 18th amendment and devolution of powers to provinces. another source in the programme told Pakistan today that naCP had received 10 communications from the federal government in which they were informed that the project is

being shut down and continuation at the federal level would end. On the other hand however, they had received the same number of communications from the federal government which assured that naCP would be continued and all issues would soon be resolved. according to another source, after next month (December), naCP would run out of medicinal stock and no more medicine supply from international donors would be made to the aiDs control programme because of absence of any dialogue with donors and concerted efforts by the government. after ignoring the 30-year-old national aiDs Control Programme and its projects, the government under the Ministry for Capital administration and Development (CaD) has initiated another similar programme under the same title ‘naCP’ for islamabad. naCP official naeem akhtar said that UnaiDs was not serious in controlling the disease as it wanted to fund nongovernmental organisations (nGOs) instead of assisting the government. He was of the view that the basic role of UnaiDs is to provide advocacy to the government and to mobilise it, acting as a bridge between the government and institutions concerned so that the millennium goals may be achieved. However, he asserted that UnaiDs had failed in doing this job and mobilising international donors.

Pakistan ranked seventh most corrupt nation WASHINGTON inp

the Washington-based World Justice Project (WJP) has released its 2012 Rule of Law index, which finds Pakistan the seventh most corrupt and the top-most insecure nation out of a total of 97 countries assessed. the country also presents a dismal picture in the categories of human rights, civil and criminal justice, regulatory enforcement, check on government powers, regulatory enforcement and openness of the government. the report says the comparison of the index shows Pakistan scoring strongly on judicial independence and fairness in administrative proceedings. according to the 241-page report, Pakistan shows weaknesses in most dimensions when compared to its regional and income group peers. Low level of government accountability is compounded by the prevalence of corruption, a weak justice system, and a poor security situation, particularly related to terrorism and crime. the country scores more strongly on judicial independence and fairness in administrative proceedings. according to the report, the global ratings of 97 countries, including Pakistan, is assessed in eight factors, including limited government powers, absence of corruption, order and security, fundamental rights, open government, regularity enforcement, civil justice and criminal justice, which all contribute towards rule of law. in the case of Pakistan, all out corruption is 90th. it is 97th (the last) in the category of order and security, 93rd in the field of human rights, 92nd in areas of open government, 91st in civil justice, 88th in regulatory enforcement, 80th in criminal justice and 69th out of 97 countries in limited government powers. the report is a product of five years of intensive development, testing, and vetting - including interviewing 97,000 members of the general public and more than 2,500 experts in the 97 countries.

Egypt Islamists hurriedly approve new constitution despite protests CAIRO aGenCies

islamists approved a draft constitution for Egypt early Friday without the participation of liberal and Christian members, seeking to pre-empt a court ruling that could dissolve their panel with a rushed, marathon vote that further inflames the conflict between the opposition and President Mohammed Morsi. the vote by the constituent assembly advanced a charter with an islamist bent that rights experts say could give Muslim clerics oversight over legislation and bring restrictions on freedom of speech, women’s rights and other liberties. the draft, which the assembly plans to deliver to the president saturday, must be put to a nationwide referendum within 30 days. Morsi said thursday it will be held “soon.” the opposition has called for a major rally Friday in Cairo’s tahrir square, where some demonstrators have camped out in tents since last week to protest decrees Morsi issued to grant himself sweeping powers. Hundreds gathered in the plaza for traditional Friday prayers, then broke into chants of “the people want to bring down the regime!” - echoing the refrain of the

arab spring revolts, but this time against a democratically elected leader. Other cities around Egypt braced for similar protests. the islamist-dominated assembly that has been working on the constitution for months raced to pass the charter, voting article by article on the draft’s more than 230 articles for more than 16 hours. the lack of inclusion was on display in the nationally televised gathering: Of the 85 members in attendance, there was not a single Christian and only four women, all islamists. Many of the men wore beards, the hallmark of Muslim conservatives. “this constitution represents the diversity of the Egyptian people. all Egyptians, male and female, will find themselves in this constitution,” Essam el-Erian, a representative of the Brotherhood, declared to the assembly after the last articles were passed just after sunrise Friday. “We will implement the work of this constitution to hold in high esteem God’s law, which was only ink on paper before, and to protect freedoms that were not previously respected,” he said. the sudden rush to finish came as the latest twist in a week-long crisis pitting Brotherhood veteran Morsi and his

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

islamist supporters against a mostly secular and liberal opposition and the powerful judiciary. Voting had not been expected for another two months. But the assembly abruptly moved it up in order to pass the draft before Egypt’s supreme Constitutional Court rules on sunday on whether to dissolve the panel. “i am saddened to see this come out while Egypt is so divided,” Egypt’s top reform leader, nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei said, speaking on private al-nahar tV. But he predicted the document would not last long. “it will be part of political folklore and will go to the garbage bin of history.” a new opposition bloc led by ElBaradei and other liberals said the assembly had lost its legitimacy. “it is trying to impose a constitution monopolized by one trend and is the furthest from national consensus, produced in a farcical way,” the national salvation Front said in a statement, read by Waheed abdel-Meguid, one of the assembly members who withdrew. thursday’s vote escalates the already bruising confrontation sparked last week when Morsi gave himself near absolute powers by neutralizing the judiciary, the last branch of the state not in his hands. Morsi banned the courts from dissolving

Editor: Arif Nizami

the constitutional assembly or the upper house of parliament and from reviewing his own decisions. speaking in an interview on state tV aired late thursday, Morsi defended his edicts, saying they were a necessary “delicate surgery” needed to get Egypt through a transitional period and end instability he blamed on the lack of a constitution. “the most important thing of this period is that we finish the constitution, so that we have a parliament under the constitution, elected properly, an independent judiciary, and a president who executes the law,” Morsi said. in a sign of the divisions, protesters camped out in Cairo’s tahrir square who were watching the interview late thursday chanted against Morsi and raised their shoes in the air in contempt. the Constitutional Court’s announcement that it would rule on the legitimacy of the assembly was in direct defiance of Morsi’s edicts. it will also rule sunday on whether to dissolve the upper house of parliament, which is overwhelmingly held by islamists. Most of the nation’s judges are on indefinite strike to protest the edicts. Continued on page 04

E-paper Pakistant Today 1st December, 2012  

E-paper Pakistant Today 1st December, 2012

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