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tuesday, 1 January, 2013 Safar 18, 1434

KARACHI: The sun sets on the year 2012 at Sea View on Monday. Pakistan Today wishes its readers and countrymen a safe and blessed 2013. Photo by Imran GIllanI

In bid for peace, Pakistan frees 8 more Afghan Taliban n

Afghan Taliban to open offices in Saudi Arabia and UAE




akistan on Monday released a group of eight afghan taliban prisoners, including former justice minister Mullah nooruddin turabi, while the Mullah Omar-led afghan taliban are also likely to set up their ‘political offices’

in the kingdom of saudi arabia (ksa) and the United arab Emirates (UaE) as part of a process designed to kickstart peace efforts in war-ravaged afghanistan. “Eight taliban prisoners have been released,” the Foreign Office said in a statement. “they include former taliban justice minister nooruddin turabi, ex-governor of Helmand province, abdul Bari, allah Daad tabib, ex-minister Mullah Daud Jan and

former kabul governor Mir ahmed Gul.” However, two sources close to the afghan taliban in northwestern Pakistan said that four prisoners had been released but said they did not include Pakistan’s most high-profile taliban detainee, former deputy leader Mullah abdul Ghani Baradar. Baradar was captured in 2010 and Pakistani officials have said in the past that no decision has been taken for his release.

it may be recalled here that Pakistan Today was the first to report the release of the former taliban justice minister Mullah turabi. TALIBAN OFFICES: Currently, taliban representatives are operating from Doha, Qatar, where they held monthlong negotiations with the United states, Continued on page 04

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Dialogue the only way forward to resolve Kashmir issue: Khar


infotainment Brits planned ships made of ice during WWII

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Measles claims 5 more lives, toll crosses 160 KArAChI: Five more kids died on Monday due to measles outbreak in interior sindh bringing the death toll to 161 in the last 30 days. according to reports gathered from different parts of upper sindh, including sukkur, Ghotki, kandhkot, thal and tangwani, five children lost their lives due to the measles virus on Monday. sindh Health Ministry had established different centres for vaccination and more than 150 teams were conducting door-to-door vaccination in khairpur. according to statistics, 80 children died in kandhkot, seven in different areas of interior sindh including tangwani, kashmore and Pir Baksh, nine in sukkur and the rest in Larkana, Jacobabad, Larkana, shikarpur and Ghotki. Meanwhile, hundreds of children were still admitted to hospital. ONlINe

APCNGA rejects CNG closure schedule in Punjab, Sindh ISLAMABAD: all Pakistan CnG association (aPCnGa) on Monday rejected the schedule for closure of CnG stations in Punjab and sindh, terming it a conspiracy to benefit the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) “mafia”. “We reject the schedule for closure of CnG stations in Punjab for six days and in sindh for four days in lieu of low gas pressure, said aPCnGa Chairman Ghiyas abdullah Paracha. He said the Ministry of Petroleum and natural Resources and Oil and Gas Regulatory authority (OGRa) were heavily influenced by the LPG mafia and the politically connected industrial sector that represented the 22 notorious families known for manipulating most of the country’s resources. People have been facing great difficulties because a majority of public transport vehicles went out of operation due to CnG closure, said Paracha. “this proves the government is not formulating policy to benefit the masses but protecting the interests of a select few,” he stated. He said the government’s persistence to provide gas on a hefty tariff to CnG stations means it is not interested in providing relief to the masses. the CnG sector is subjected to injustice which has been accepted on all important forums including the national assembly’s standing committees but no action has been taken to empower the sector. Paracha said the situation had forced many CnG station owners to sell their assets in order to pay bills and the overall Rs 400 billion investment in the sector was under a serious threat due to such policy decisions. He said despite closure of CnG stations and the textile sector, gas pressure remained low which merits questioning where the precious resource was flowing. Requesting the supreme Court to probe into purchase of scrap terminal of Progas Ltd by sui southern Gas Company (ssGC), he said the people involved in the scam were also responsible for plunging the country into an energy crisis and forcing international exploration companies to wrap up their operations in Pakistan. ONlINe

Girls’ school blown up JAMrUD: Unknown miscreants blew up Government Girls Middle school, killing the gatekeeper of the school on Monday. according to media reports, the bomb was planted inside the school. the deceased gatekeeper’s name was akhtar Munir. around 80 schools have been targeted during the year due to which several students of this area have been deprived from getting education. Local administration reached the spot and cordoned off the area and started search operation in the area. ONlINe

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

KARACHI: President Asif Ali Zardari, Mutawalli-e-Kaaba Sheikh Abdul Qadir AlShaibi and Aseefa Bhutto Zardari administer polio drops to children at Bilawal House on Monday.

Imran says 2013 the year of change in Pakistan g

Hopes people elect competent, honest politicians and parties ISLAMABAD



akistan tehreek-e-insaf (Pti) Chairman imran khan on Monday called the year 2013 the “year of change” and urged the people to vote for a change in the new year to get rid of the corrupt, inept and untruthful rulers who were the reason for the miseries they had been facing for the past five years. khan said that it was a blessing that the general elections were also coming closer after the country saw worst rule for five long years. “With the advent of the new year, i wish and pray that my people take bold decisions and vote out those rulers who have done nothing for their cause in the past five years. Year 2012 proved to be very tragic for the country. We saw that inflation, destruction and price-hike touched new highs. During this year, the government itself accepted that Rs 5,000 billion are being looted from my countrymen every year. therefore, a change is inevitable and we have to get rid of the corrupt lot ruling the country for the past three decades,” khan said. “it is the right time for the people of Pakistan to choose honest and able leaders who can feel and share their suffering and concerns. it is unbelievable for me to note that neither motorists are able to get CnG nor they are being provided petrol at fuel stations even in the federal

capital. if this is the situation in capital, one can easily understand the plight of the people in the rural areas. Despite waiting in long queues for hours, the people are being given less than two litres of petrol, which is the costlier source of energy for their vehicles. such scenes have never been witnessed in Pakistan,” he added. “Whether it was Punjab, sindh, Balochistan or khyber Pakhtunkhwa, incompetence and corruption was a hallmark and the PPP and its allied parties in the centre and the PML-n and a coterie of turncoats from the PML-Q unleashed worst sort of rule in Punjab”.

Electoral reforms should be demanded constitutionally: Kaira LAHORE NNI

information Minister Qamar Zaman kaira has said that no unconstitutional method should be adopted for bringing electoral reforms in the country. addressing the Centenary celebrations of Pakistan Engineering Council on Monday‚ he said the constitution should be followed in letter and spirit. the PPP, he added, was the ‘role model’ for those trying to make a tehrir square in Pakistan, therefore, they must shun the urge since the country’s media, judiciary and election commission were enjoying full freedom. He said Dr tahirul Qadri should present his proposed reforms to the Election Commission which was the competent authority to introduce such reforms. to a question, kaira advised Qadri to refrain from resorting to any unconstitutional move for attaining his goals. the minister said the PPP did not fear Dr Qadri or his party, adding that the MQM was indeed an ally in the PPP-led democratic government but it was working in its domain. kaira appreciated the role of the private sector in promoting education in the country. the minister stressed on the need to focus on education and health sectors. He said the PPP had always paid attention to addressing the basic issues of the masses whenever it came into power. kaira said no mega dam had been built in the country for a long period of time, but PPP efforts in the last three years have initiated the land acquisition phase for the Diamer Bhasha Dam‚ while work was also underway on eight small and medium dam projects. He said the party was working for provision of security, education and health facilities to the public. kaira urged the media to play a positive role in the war against terrorism by not showing live footages of personalities that favoured extremists.

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I would like to participate in Aamir Khan’s show: Naomi Watts

MFN to India delayed due to reservations by industry: Fahim

Afridi loses cool over Pakistan journalist's question


looking for greater gains:

But then this is politics.

comment Waqqas Mir says; TTP is about power: The naked and absolute one.

Kuldip Nayar says; “I want to live”: The system requires overhauling.

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid says; Person of the Year 2012: Enlisting the 20 most influential individuals of the year.

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3,879 lost their lives during war on terror in 2012 ISLAMABAD



O R E than 3,879 people have lost their lives in the ongoing war on terrorism in Pakistan during 2012.

according to islamabad-based Conflict Monitoring Center’s annual report, one third of those killed in anti-state violence were civilians while the security forces lost 589 personnel during the year. the report says that the militants, including ttP, al Qaeda and Baloch rebels carried out 1,485 attacks during 2012 while the security forces conducted 570 operations against militants, which included 44 major and 285 minor military operations in Fata and khyber Pakhtunkhwa. the report says that security situation in islamabad improved but deteriorated along the Pak-afghan border where Pakistan has faced hostilities from afghan national army and natO forces. two third of the militant attacks took place in Fata and khyber Pakhtunkhwa. the report says that 1,114 civilians were killed and 2,313 injured during militant attacks while 197 civilians lost their lives and 340 wounded during actions initiated by the security forces. Pakistani security forces also apprehended 1,138 militants while the militants kidnapped 185 people. Highest number of kidnapping incidents (72) took place in Balochistan followed by Fata and kP where militants kidnapped 61 and 51 people, respectively. Pakistani military lost 350 of its personnel in Fata and kPk alone while 1,165 were also wounded. Pro-government peace

lashkars also lost 148 lives during the year. the deteriorating security situation in khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata can be determined from the fact that 67 percent of the militant attacks took place in these two areas. Conflict Monitoring Center’s data shows that in 2011, the militants carried out 246 attacks in kP while in 2012, the number of attacks crossed the 400 mark. sindh also witnessed unprecedented escalation in militant attacks as 21 incidents were recorded by CMC in 2011 while in 2012 it recorded 34 militant strikes. number of ttP attacks in Punjab remained same as in 2011 however, security forces lost more lives than in 2011. the Conflict Monitoring Centre also recorded 745 cross-border attacks from afghanistan which includes 371 attacks by afghan national army and natO while rest of them were carried out by ttP and al Qaeda militants hiding in safe havens inside afghanistan. Conflict Monitoring Centre’s data shows that during 2012, natO and Us warplanes and helicopters violated Pakistani air space and also bombed in some cases, for 53 times. the airspace violation took place six times in January, four times in February, eight times in March, four times in april, nine times in May, six times in June, one time in July, three times in august, five times in september, six times in October and one time in november. all but one of these violations took place along Fata border while one violation took place in Balochistan. the year 2012 also witnessed unprecedented increase in cross-border rocket and mortar attacks by afghan national army.

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Dense fog, cold wave to persist during the week ISLAMABAD: Dense fog and the cold wave which had gripped the country were likely to persist during the entire week, Chief Meteorologist Dr Ghulam Rasool said on Monday. Rasool said the foggy conditions would persist as no rain is being expected during the entire week. “Mainly cold and dry weather is being expected in most parts of the country during the next few days,” he said. “Zero visibility from midnight to morning, which is common in the plains of Punjab, will also continue,” he added. Very cold and dry weather was being expected in most parts of khyber Pakhtunkhwa and sindh, whereas shallow fog and misty conditions would be expected in Peshawar and sukkur. the lowest minimum temperatures recorded during the last 24 hours were, skardu 14 Celsius, astore -12 Celsius, kalam and Parachinar 11 Celsius, kalat and Quetta -10 Celsius, sibbi -05 Celsius. Very cold and misty weather were being expected in most parts of kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan during the next 24 hours. APP

2013 to bring political, economic stability; no natural disasters, claim astrologers ISLAMABAD APP

some popular astrologers have predicted a bright future for Pakistan starting from the year 2013 with political stability, economic prosperity and restoration of peace. “We have passed through our difficult times. 2013 will bring us political and economic stability besides improvement in law and order situation, both at local and international level,” predicted samiah khan, a famous astrologer. she said after June 26, 2013, the country would go on track of political stability but added that the new Year would be decisive for the political future of the country. the country, she said, may face some political tussles before elections that would follow the formation of some political alliances. “Both Uranus and sun have formed a square that brings revolutionary changes. Likewise Uranus is entering into aries bringing identical changes across the world at state as well as individual level. the spell is likely to prevail for around seven years,” she fore-

casted. Moreover, she observed the world would witness an islamic unity with islamic states forming strong alliances to compete with the western world. she said the year 2013 would bring no natural disasters in Pakistan and weather conditions would remain conducive for the people as well as for crops production. However, she said the country may experience some viral diseases like Dengue and called for preventive measures by the government in this regard. Moreover, she said during 2013, women need to be more careful as some diseases may hit them harder. abdullah shaukat Chaudhry alias Mamoo also forecasted economic and political stability for Pakistan during year 2013. He said after July, next year, the country would witness positive developments vis-à-vis the economy, politics and law and order. nasib Hassan shah, another astrologer, said the country would see stability in most spheres including politics, economy or industry. However, he said there may be some ups and down for the country in 2015.

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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SC seeks report on facilities in public schools ISLAMABAD



UPREME Court (sC) on Monday ordered provincial governments of sindh, Balochistan, khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Capital administration and Development (CaD) secretary and islamabad Chief Commissioner to submit a comprehensive report regarding facilities available in government schools. a three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice (CJ) iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard proceedings of the suo moto case regarding lack of facilities in government schools. During the hearing, the Punjab government submitted a detailed report regarding facilities available in schools of the province. the CJ asked Balochistan Education secretary about the number of schools present in the province to which he said he did not know the actual number of schools but said the total number of teachers was 48,500. khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education secretary told the court there were 27,808 schools in the province and the number of teachers was 130,000. Out of these, he said 34 percent were female teachers, while the number of employees in education department constitutes 55 percent of the total government employees in the province. the sC inquired about the number of ghost schools in all provinces and asked the authorities to provide details about measures taken to resolve the issue of ghost schools. the session was adjourned till 1st January, 2013.

US media group Tribune Co. emerges from bankruptcy NEW YORK AGeNCIeS

Media giant tribune Co, owner of the Los angeles times and the Chicago tribune, emerged from bankruptcy on Monday, ending four years of Chapter 11 reorganization. Chicago-based tribune’s said on sunday that its portfolio would include eight major daily newspapers and 23 tV stations. as part of the Chapter 11 exit, the company closed on a new $1.1 billion senior secured term loan and a new $300 million asset-based revolving credit facility. the term loan will be used to fund certain payments under the plan of reorganization and the revolving credit facility will be used to fund ongoing operations, the company said. Upon exiting bankruptcy, tribune will have issued to former creditors a mix of about 100 million shares of new class a common stock and new class B common stock and new warrants to purchase shares of new class a or class B common stock.

in bid for peace, Pakistan frees 8 more taliban Continued fRom page 01

but the talks collapsed in March 2012 due to Washington’s reluctance to free key taliban leaders from the Guantanamo Bay prison. the Us is once again trying to restart dialogue process with the taliban representatives such as tayyab agha in Doha and as many as five taliban leaders from Gitmo could be handed over to Qatari authorities to pave the way for the resumption of talks. the ksa and UaE have also been playing a vital role along with Pakistan to push forward the sluggish afghanistan reconciliation process and help start peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban. in past, turkey also tried to have a taliban office being set up on its soil so that it could play a major role in the restoration of peace and stability in the war-ravaged country but that objective of turk authorities could not be obtained owing to the taliban reluctance as ankara was part of the Us led natO alliance in afghanistan. “the taliban are likely to open their offices in saudi arabia and UaE now and that devel-

opment would go a long way in giving a thrust to the slow afghanistan reconciliation process,” said a diplomatic source, seeking anonymity. He said that like Qatar, the ksa and the UaE were also of strong desire to help facilitate the afghan peace process and the taliban offices in these two important islamic states would be a helpful step in this regard. source also said that efforts were also being made for a round of peace talks between the taliban representatives and the afghan authorities in the ksa, but there had been no progress on that front. He said that one major reason of sluggish afghan peace process was the taliban’s unwillingness to engage in negotiations with the karzai administration as they (taliban) believed the afghan government was not the real player, but it was the United states which had still the real power and authority to take important decisions. However, he said that important nations such as the ksa and UaE were trying for the start of negotiations between kabul and taliban believing that all afghan groups, including the karzai government, should be taken onboard in the peace process for durable peace in afghanistan.

RAWALPINDI: Rescue workers carry the coffin of one of the 19 victims of the Mastung bus bombing on Monday. InP

Hillary Clinton hospitalised after VCs displeased with amendments to doctors discover blood clot universities act WASHINGTON


Us secretary of state Hillary Clinton was hospitalised on sunday for treatment after doctors discovered a blood clot during a follow-up exam related to a concussion she suffered earlier this month. Clinton, 65, is expected to remain at new York Presbyterian Hospital for the next 48 hours so doctors can monitor her condition and treat her with anti-coagulants, according to a statement. a state Department Clinton aide said “in the course of a follow-up exam, secretary Clinton’s doctors discovered a blood clot had formed, stemming from the concussion she sustained several weeks ago.” “Her doctors will continue to assess her condition, including other issues associated with her concussion. they will determine if any further action is required,” Deputy assistant secretary of state Philippe Reines said in a statement. Reines, who issued the statement, did not provide further details. Clinton’ was expected to resume her office schedule this week. this summer Clinton de-

clared she would to step down from the post early in President Obama’s second term, to be inaugurated in January. the chief Us diplomat Hillary Clinton has not been seen in public since the first week in December, when she reportedly contracted a stomach virus during a trip to Europe, according to the Washington Post. in mid-December the state Department said that she had fainted at her home two days earlier, as a result of dehydration from the virus, and had sustained a concussion. the state Department said that her doctors had advised further rest. During her absence, Clinton cancelled an overseas trip and her scheduled testimony before Congress about the sept. 11 attack on a Us diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. she also did not appear at the White House on Dec. 21, when President Obama introduced Democratic senator John F kerry as his choice to succeed Clinton. according to a Cnn report, during her busy tenure as secretary of state, Clinton has logged more than 400 travel days and nearly a million miles.


an american Muslim community came under attack in Redhouse, Virginia by an islamophobic group who walked onto the Muslims of the americas’ property and fired 13 shotgun blasts into the sign which identified the peaceful village. this most recent attack has been fomented by the unprovoked, criminal and hate filled wave of anti-islam propaganda that is inciting violence against law abiding citizens of the United states who happen to be Muslims. Fortunately, there were no personal injuries or fatalities. the intention of criminals behind this fallacious onslaught of inflammatory propaganda seems to be to instigate fighting and violence between Muslims and Christians. this violence could be seen as a direct result of the publication of a book ‘twilight in america’ written by Martin Mawyer. He and his extremist cohorts, the Christian action network (Can) who have publicised their intention to

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

destroy islam and Muslims, have resorted to all manner of deception and outright lies to frame and target american Muslims in general, the Muslims of the americas inc., in particular, and their leaders as a “terrorist threat” which seeks to take over america. Mawyer repeatedly makes reference to this in his book, going so far as to give an address of a peaceful community on the web, appealing to americans to “do something” about this alleged “terrorist threat”; stooping to the ridiculous claim that the Muslim villages possess “weapons of mass destruction”! in the book, Mawyer extensively quotes ali aziz, an apparent nYPD informant planted amongst the Muslims of the americas (MOa) for eight years. the book reveals that aziz has a grey past and criminal history as a felon, having entered the United states illegally with fraudulent paperwork-issues which were used to coerce ali into spying on behalf of nYPD. Yet, although apparently known as a liar and criminal, his false accounts have been taken as fact

and fed the writing of Mawyer’s book. according to Mawyer, “though the ‘deal’ gave the nYPD complete control over ali, there were some perks to becoming the department’s undercover agent. Besides being provided a green card, ali would be paid money for becoming a spy inside the MOa organisation.” (Mawyer, Martin; Pierucci, Patti (201210-11) twilight in america (pp. 191-192) the attack in Virginia is a hateful spark ignited by the rhetoric of extremists such as Mawyer and his cohorts’ who broadcast anti-islam ranting aimed at inciting unaware patriotic americans to violent actions against Muslims of the americas. the shooting incident in Virginia should be classified by federal and local law enforcement officials as a hate crime, necessitating our demand that they preserve and protect our villages from further assaults. a recent Council on american-islamic Relations (CaiR) report documents the alarming increase in hate-incited attacks against Muslims, one of the most recent being the

outright murder of a man who was pushed in the path of a subway train in new York City by a woman who believed he was a Muslim. in addition, it was reported that: a man of afghan ethnicity was repeatedly stabbed by an attacker who is reported to have said he “doesn’t like Muslims”. two teenage males beat a 70 year-old man after asking if he was Hindu or Muslim. anti-Muslim hate speech is delivered to a right-wing tea party gathering at a public school, during which it was said that “we are at war with islam” and that “Muslims will kill your children”. an indiana man was prosecuted for setting fire to a mosque in toledo, Ohio. Muslims in Fremont, California were put on increased vigilance after a man reportedly entered a mosque claiming he had a gun and threatened to kill all inside of the house of worship. a similar incident occurred in san antonio, texas. an incident in Philadelphia identified two members of extreme white supremacist

groups who attacked two Muslims and were apprehended after bragging online of their crime. these are a sampling of the epidemic of hate crimes across america and the proliferating threat of domestic extremism. Mawyer along with other deplorable, extremist hate-mongers such as Pamela Geller, whose organisation paid the city of new York to advertise their incendiary propaganda on billboards on and around public transportation systems, are uninhibited from spouting their rabid islamophobic rhetoric - despite the fact that Us law protects its citizens against slander, libel and character defamation. their affiliation and connections to the Zionists have been documented and proven. as such, they have unabashedly insulted and maligned the sacred holy book of islam and produced blasphemous, mocking films, and burned Holy Qur’an which can never be destroyed- all actions which have been uncategorically rejected and condemned by true Christians.

ISLAMABAD: the vice-chancellors of public sector universities on Monday expressed their reservations over the Punjab government’s decision to keep intact amendments made in the Punjab Universities’ act that bring vice-chancellors under scrutiny. the views were expressed in the 11th Vice Chancellors’ Committee meeting that was held with Committee Chairperson syed imtiaz Hussain Gilani in the chair. Rectors and vice chancellors of over 70 public sector universities attended the meeting. the VCs discussed the recent amendments to the Punjab Universities act that clipped the power of VCs for creating and filling six-month posts. the Punjab government said these powers rested with syndicate and it could create and fill temporary posts for a period of six months. STAFF RePORT

PML-Q assures complete support for Tahirul Qadri’s long march LAHORE STAFF RePORT

the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PMLQ) has assured its complete support to tehreek Minhajul Quran leader tahirul Qadri for his long march towards islamabad on January 14. the views were expressed by PML-Q leader Chaudhry shujaat Hussain after meeting tahirul Qadri at his residence on Monday. shujaat was also accompanied by Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, Mushahid Hussain syed and other leaders of the party. “tahirul Qadri has raised voice against the evil forces in the country,” shujaat said, adding that PML-Q would work alongside Pat in fight against the evil forces. Earlier, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) had also announced to participate in Qadri’s long march.

Govt will not stop long march: malik ISLAMABAD: interior Minister Rehman Malik on Monday said the government would not stop long march, but would facilitate its participants. talking to reporters‚ he said he would meet those who have given the long march call. Earlier‚ speaking at a function organised by the islamabad Police, Malik said security situation in islamabad had improved due to measures taken by the government. He said political activities would be allowed in F-9 Park‚ but politicians should not indulge in activities that could endanger lives of the people. the interior minister also announced sitara-eshujaat for the islamabad inspector general. to a question, Malik said, “We are ready for talks with [the] taliban if they give up violence and terrorism.” He said if violence and terrorism continues then action would be taken. NNI

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Anything for the youth: CM LAHORE



UnJaB Chief Minister shahbaz sharif on Monday said that provision of resources to equip the youth of the province with modern education was an important investment, adding that resources invested in the youth would reap long-term benefits. Presiding over a high-level meeting at Model town to review various programmes launched for youth development, the chief minister said that Punjab government had adopted a strat-

egy for provision of modern education to the young generation and 125,000 laptops were distributed over the year for this purpose. He added that further distribution of laptops was underway. shahbaz said that teachers with postgraduate qualifications would in hired for government schools in the new year, adding that teachers played a vital role in shaping the youth of a country and their efforts to educated students in downtrodden areas of the province was commendable. speaking on various initiatives undertaken by the Punjab government for youth development, the chief minister

said that an internship programme for students had been set up and over 50,000 students across the province were earning Rs 10,000 a month under the scheme. shahbaz called for the improvement of internees in the internship programmes, saying that they should be trained for private institutions as well. the chief minister further said that special attention should be given to female students of the internship programmes so that they could be trained to meet the challenges of professional life. Moreover, shahbaz said that the

HRCP slams Mastung attack

Gone today, HeRe toMoRRow


the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Monday condemned the killing of shia pilgrims in an attack on iran-bound buses in Mastung the previous day and called the government to put an end to sectarian bloodshed. in a statement, HRCP said, “it is unfortunate that on this last day of the year, HRCP once again finds itself sympathising with families mourning the cold-blooded murder of their loved ones for the sole reason that they subscribed to the shia belief.” the statement further said that this was not the first time the shia

The sun sets on 2012 in Lahore.

LAHORE the supreme Court (sC) on tuesday was moved for barring tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran chief Dr tahirul Qadri, from taking part in political activities and placement of his name in Exit Control List (ECL). Jamhori Watan Party chief Barrister Zafar Ullah filed petition in sC Lahore registry on this count. the petitioner told the court that tahirul Qadri was plotting to block upcoming general elections in connivance

community had come under attack, adding that increasing sectarian violence in Pakistan had caused alarm even at the United nations. HRCP condemned the tragedy, saying that even the presence of security escorts had not failed to prevent the attack. HRCP said that despite security measures, sectarian violence continued unabated in the country, pointing to “serious” flaws in the security detail arranged by the authorities for the protection of minorities. the statement said that ending sectarian violence was a question priority and commitment and the government’s failure to contain such incidents pointed to a lack of interest on the part of authorities.


Punjab Chief Minister shahbaz sharif on Monday people of the country would have to decide in the upcoming general elections whether they want Pakistan to become a “beggar” country or a prosperous one. addressing a public gathering at Mandi Bahauddin, the chief minister said that nawaz sharif would have to be brought into power for the progress of the country and restoring its status in the comity of nations. He reiterated that corruption of the current regime would be eliminated. the chief minister said that the politics of corruption of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) would be buried after the general elections. He further said that those who had looted the country wanted the postponement of elections but the people of Pakistan would not allow that to happen, adding that holding timely elections was vital for the stability of Pakistan. addressing the meeting, shahbaz said that Zardari and his cronies had committed corruption of billions of rupees in the country and pushed the nation into darkness. He alleged that farmers were looted, corruption was committed in provision of fertilizers, Hujjaj were robbed and all sectors including industries and agriculture were ruined.

LHC seeks notice from health secretary over ban on Tyno



Supreme Court moved against Qadri’s participation in political activities STAFF RePORT

agriculture sector of the country should be made self-sufficient and said that the Punjab government was offering various incentives to farmers so they could modernise their farms and increase production efficiently. He said that in the Green tractors scheme more quotas for southern Punjab districts had been earmarked according to the populations. He further said that over 9,000 tractors had been distributed among farmers, while 48 tractors had been allocated for the young farmers belonging to tribal areas of Rajanpur and Dera Ghazi khan.

Beggary or progress, the people will choose: Shahbaz


with MQM. therefore, he said, his name be placed on ECL. the petitioner maintained that Qadri had alleged that Punjab government had been plotting to kill him in the 1990s. He reminded the court that a commission had been constituted under Justice akhtar Hussain to probe into his allegation, which had declared Qadri mentally disabled. the petitioner further contended that foreign forces were funding Minhaj-ul-Quran Foundation which, along with MQM, was conspiring to delay the next general elections.

Lahore High Court on Monday ordered the health secretary to give a written clarification on the petition filed for ban on sale of tyno syrup. During the hearing, the lawyer of the petitioner told the court that if sale of the medicine was not stopped, it would lead to deaths on a large scale. He further demanded that physicians refrain from prescribing the medicine to patients. several people died due to the consumption of the faulty cough syrup, the petitioner said, adding that if sale of the medicine was not stopped, it would cause more deaths.

Punjab govt approves development projects worth billions of rupees LAhOrE: Punjab government announced on Monday that it had approved funds worth over Rs 151 billion for development of various sectors of the economy over the last six months of current fiscal. according to half yearly report issued by the Punjab Planning and Development Department, the net size of the annual Development Programme (aDP) 2012-13 was Rs 210 billion of which a sum of Rs 151.526 billion was approved against a total 134 development schemes of the 21 development sectors of the economy. according to details, the provincial development forum approved

funds amounting to Rs 2,645.805 million for four schemes of the agriculture sector, Rs 10,065.694 million for six schemes of education sector, Rs 3,035.207 million for two schemes of literacy sector, Rs 19,500.612 million for eleven schemes of health sector, an amount of Rs 92.367 million for one scheme of mines and minerals sector, Rs 620.845 million for four schemes of archeology sector, Rs 1,513.544 million for one scheme of youth affairs sector, Rs 290.500 million for one scheme of information and culture sector, Rs1,693.183 million for three schemes of special infrastructure sec-

tor, Rs 42,135.244 for 49 schemes of roads sector, Rs 12,532.077 million for 11 schemes of irrigation sector, Rs 2,896.544 million for two schemes of energy sector, Rs 6,524.459 million for eight schemes of public buildings sector, Rs 1,539.099 million for six schemes of urban development sector, Rs 460.529 million for one scheme of district programme, Rs 1,594.986 million for three schemes of regional planning sector, Rs42,730.719 million for 14 schemes of transport sector, Rs 567.483 million for three schemes of P&D sector and Rs 1,084.349 million for two schemes of auqaf sector. STAFF RePORT

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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06 Lahore

A YEAR IN H Pakistan as a nation saw a tumultuous year. From the Supreme Court-Gilani stand off, to the attack on the teen education activist Malala Yousafzai, the year 2012 was a busy year for Pakistan Today. As New Year celebrations hit our nation, it is time to reflect on the year we witnessed and perhaps see where we can learn from our mistakes and where we stand strong.

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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Lahore 07


tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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Y D n E Y will kick off a wave of dazzling firework displays welcoming in 2013 from Dubai to Moscow and London, with long-isolated Yangon joining the global pyrotechnics for the first time. australia’s famous harbour city will usher in the new Year with a $6.9m display curated by pop icon kylie Minogue who designed the colour scheme and soundtrack. “sydney’s new Year’s Eve celebrations are worldfamous and reach over a billion people - not just because we have the first major display for 2013, but because it’s the best,” said the city’s lord mayor Clover Moore. City officials are expecting more than 1.5 million people to crowd the waterfront to watch the seven tonnes of fireworks go up, including crackers launched from jet-skis and a show-

stopping finale on the Harbour Bridge. auckland, new Zealand was the first major city to celebrate the arrival of 2013, with fireworks lighting the night sky. Major fireworks will also light up the thames in London, Moscow’s Red square and kremlin and Hong kong’s Victoria Harbour, as well as central kuala Lumpur, taipei, stockholm, amsterdam and cities across China. Revellers in new York will celebrate the stroke of midnight with the traditional new Year’s Eve ball drop over times square. in Rio de Janeiro, authorities have promised a bumper 16-minute, 24-tonne display opposite Copacabana Beach and fireworks will cap a mammoth party at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate featuring the Pet shop Boys, Bonnie tyler and Blue. Vying to become a permanent fixture on the planetary map of new Year celebrations, the Gulf city state of Dubai is planning a lavish gala at the Burj khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Fireworks will engulf the spike-like tower, accompanied by a soundtrack performed live by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. some 50,000 people are also expected to flock to the revered golden shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon for the Myanmar city’s first public countdown with fireworks, seen as further evidence of opening up after decades of junta rule. Organisers had to campaign for months to get permission for the event from the quasi-civilian regime, which has embarked on dramatic reforms since President thein sein took office last year. authorities in the Philippines capital Manila are bracing for the annual rush of injuries as families celebrate with do-it-yourself firework displays and shoot celebratory bullets into the air. Hospitals were put on high alert. some 171 Filipinos have already been wounded since the Christmas weekend including one poisoned after eating a firework. seoul will usher in 2013 with a ritual ringing of

the city’s 15th-century bronze bell 33 times, reflecting the ancient practice of marking a new year. Elsewhere in the south korean capital, including the glitzy Gangnam district made famous by Youtube sensation Psy, there will be fireworks, concerts and street parties. Psy himself will be performing in new York. Millions of well-wishers will visit temples and shrines in Japan for “ninen-mairi” two-year prayers and gather at family homes to feast on soba noodles and watch the new Year variety show “kohaku Uta Gassen” or the Red and White song Contest. Up to 40 percent of Japan’s tV audience watch the four-hour programme, which features established acts and J-Pop stars. Popular south korean performers were left out of this year’s line-up amid territorial frictions with seoul, though taxpayer-funded broadcaster nHk insisted politics had played no part in the selection of performers.

UN peacekeepers exit East Timor DILI AGeNCIeS

a final batch of Un troops and logistics staff left the south-east asian country, officially known as timor Leste, on Monday. “timor-Leste has now reached a stage in its development, politically and developmentally, where it can in fact stand on its own feet,” said Finn Reske-nielsen, Head of the Un integrated Mission in timor-Leste. the government plans to boost development from the country’s offshore oil and gas reserves, which experts say, may benefit urban timorese more than the regional poor. “in the end we have to say goodbye to the Un with... high appreciation for what they have been doing in timor-Leste,” said Fernando La sama de araujo., Deputy Prime Minister on sunday. He said East timor would first focus on improving schools, hospitals and human resources in the public sector and expressed his optimism on overcoming the challenges faced by the country in the next 10 years. Un forces entered the territory during a violent conflict in which an estimated 183,000 people were killed in 1999 and organised a referendum which led to the independence of East timor from indonesia in 2002. the current mission was established in 2006, when fighting broke out between military groups and police which left 37 dead and tens of thousands, displaced. 1,500 Un peacekeepers were based there since the political turmoil. the Un’s human development index ranks East timor 147th out of 187 nations, below Pakistan and Bangladesh and the regional average.

Speeding train kills five elephants in eastern India BhUBANEShWAr: a speeding passenger train killed five elephants when it ploughed into a herd crossing the track in eastern india, a railway spokesman said Monday. the train struck the animals on sunday near the khallikote forest range in Orissa state’s Ganjam district, some 120 kilometres (74 miles) south of the state capital Bhubaneshwar. “the local forest department had alerted the railway control room about the possibility of the movements of the animals but by the time we got the message the accident had already occurred,” spokesman R. n. Mohapatra told aFP. the train was badly damaged and it took railroad workers several hours to clear the tracks. the state has a poor record of protecting its wildlife with as many as 250 elephants and 504 other wild animals having died since 2009, according to official data. india is home to around 25,000 asian elephants but their numbers are falling due to poaching, chiefly for the precious ivory, and destruction of habitat by human populations. APP

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

CARACAS: Members of the National police attend a mass for the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. aGenCIeS

Venezuela’s Chavez in ‘delicate’ state CARACAS AGeNCIeS

nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s vice president, has said President Hugo Chavez is suffering from “new complications” following his cancer surgery in Cuba. Maduro did not give details on sunday about the particular issues, which he said came amid a respiratory infection. He said Chavez’s condition remains “delicate”. Maduro delivered a televised address from Cuba, where he was visiting the sick 58-year-old leader. He held up a copy of a newspaper confirming that his message was recorded on sunday. Below a picture of 19th century independence hero simon Bolivar - the inspiration of Chavez’s leftist Bolivarian Revolution movement - the vice president spoke with a solemn expression alongside Chavez’s eldest daugh-

Chinese fishing boat ‘detained in Japan’

ter, Rosa, and son-in-law Jorge arreaza, as well as attorney General Cilia Flores. Maduro had arrived in Havana on saturday in a sudden and unexpected trip to visit Chavez. He said on sunday that he would remain in Havana “for the coming hours” but did not specify how long. Officials have said that Chavez already suffered unexpected bleeding caused by the six-hour operation for an undisclosed form of cancer in his pelvic area. His resignation for health reasons, or his death, would upend the politics of the south american OPEC nation where his personalised brand of oil-financed socialism has made him a hero to the poor but a pariah to critics who call him a dictator. Medical experts say that it is common for patients who have undergone major surgeries to suffer respiratory infections and that how a patient fares can vary widely from a quick recovery in a couple of days to a fight for life on a respirator.

TOKYO: Japan’s coastguard has detained a Chinese fishing boat within Japanese waters, China’s Xinhua news agency said, citing the Chinese consulate general in Fukuoka, a city in southwestern Japan. the captain of the boat, registered in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian, and two crew members have been brought to the southern Japanese city of kagoshima for questioning, Xinhua said on sunday. it said the captain had admitted he was in Japanese waters. a spokesperson for the Japanese embassy in Beijing could not be reached for comment late on sunday evening. the Chinese fishing fleet tends to range far into the waters east of China to offset depleted stocks closer to shore. ` AGeNCIeS

10 casualties reported in attacks across Iraq BAGHDAD AGeNCIeS

at least 10 people have been killed in a series of attacks across iraq. according to police, Monday’s explosion’s also left 46 wounded, and killed seven members of an iraqi family near their home in Mussayab, south of the capital Baghdad. three consecutive road side bombs were set off early on Monday targeting a police vehicle and the house of a prominent tribal sheikh leader in Balad Rouz town, east of Baquba city, killing one policeman and injuring four. the head of the Babel provincial council’s convoy was also targeted with a car bomb parked in front of the provincial building killing one civilian and injuring five.

a string of attacks in restive Diyala province, north of Baghdad, wounded 19 people, including 10 shia pilgrims who were on the traditional walk to the holy shrine city of karbala to mark arbaeen. in the north, three policemen were killed and four critically wounded in the ethnically mixed city of kirkuk when a bomb went off nearby as they were trying to defuse explosives, a police officer and a doctor at the city’s hospital said. Four separate bombings in kirkuk city and nearby towns, three of them targeting police and soldiers, wounded four people. Meanwhile, a car bomb parked outside government offices south of Baghdad as the provincial governor was arriving killed two people. the blast in the city of Hilla also wounded 19 people, including a guard for the governor of Babil province and one of his photographers, a police-

man and a medic said. the governor himself was unharmed. the explosion also badly damaged shops and cars. the latest attacks come amid prolonged antigovernment demonstrations in mostly sunni areas over the alleged targeting of their minority community by the shia-led government in Baghdad, sparked by the arrest of at least nine bodyguards of finance minister Rafa al-Essawi on terrorism charges. Essawi, a senior member of the iraqiya bloc that is part of Maliki’s unity government but frequently criticises him in public, has called for the premier to resign, further deepening tensions between the two sides. Violence in iraq is down from its peak in 2006 and 2007, but attacks still occur almost every day across the country.

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Dialogue the only way forward to resolve Kashmir issue: Khar ISLAMABAD



oreign Minister Hina Rabbani khar said all physical battles and mind games over kashmir had yielded nothing and it was time to seek a peaceful settlement to the problem through a process of dialogue. “Pakistan and india have fought wars, played mind games and used every other tactic on kashmir, but everything has failed,” khar said in an interview at the Foreign Office in islamabad. she said the only option available with the two countries was to engage in dialogue. “During my press conference

here in the same room with indian Foreign Minister krishna, i issued a statement which was prepared by the indian bureaucrat, mentioning that the process should be uninterrupted and uninterruptible,” she said. she however advocated for the inclusion of kashmiris in the process. “there are three parties to the dispute, Pakistan, india and kashmir, and true representatives of kashmir should be included in the dialogue process,” said khar. she insisted that the kashmir settlement was the key to peace in the region, and her government was exploring every possible option to open channels of dialogue with new Delhi for a permanent settlement of

the issue. she wanted the kashmiri leadership to get united to see a breakthrough in the process. “We would like to see the separatist leadership getting united,” khar said. she said Hurriyat conference (G) Chairman syed ali Geelani was an important stakeholder in the process adding that Geelani was an “honourable” and “influential” leader in the ongoing movement and his importance cannot be overlooked. “Geelani is a very honourable leader and represents a large chunk of population and sentiment. He couldn’t come because of his ailing health, but we are inviting him again and we would love to have consultations with him,” khar added.

QUeTTA: A mechanic repairs gas heaters on Monday as a severe cold wave has blanketed the entire country reducing the temperature to sub-zero in most areas. InP

Qadri’s long march: President advised to announce polls ISLAMABAD: the coalition partners of the PPP government have advised President asif ali Zardari to announce the schedule of 2013 election to make the call of long march by tehreek-e Minhajul Quran chief Dr tahirul Qadri ineffective. Wellplaced sources have said that the coalition partners of the PPP believed that if the government announced the date for upcoming election, it could make ineffective the call for long march, which was announced by the tMQ chief on December 23. that Muttahida Qaumi Movement, PPP’s major coalition partner, has already announced to support Qadri and confirmed its participation in the long march. Moreover, anP chief asfandyar Wali khan and other leaders would soon meet PPP Co-chairman asif ali Zardari to discuss the political situation in the country, the sources added. they said if the government announced the date for the forthcoming election, it would keep busy all political forces of the country to prepare for election and would contain the call for long march. the PML-Q and anP leaders are expected to meet Zardari in the next two days to discuss the issue. ONlINe

PTA a failed regulator, says NA body ISLAMABAD ONlINe

a parliamentary panel on Monday said Pakistan telecommunication authority (Pta) had failed to deliver as a regulatory body owing to unchecked grey trafficking and 3G auction delays. national assembly standing Committee on information technology chaired by Barjees tahir expressed displeasure over the role of Pta in auctioning 3G technology and curbing grey trafficking in the country. the committee said Pta had failed to hold 3G auction in the country for the third time, resulting in massive losses. Committee chairman tahir said Pta chairman had hired consultants on his own and paid Rs 10 million in advance, but later cancelled the contract. He said the rationale behind such action was beyond the committee’s understanding. the body was of the view that the auction process was not transparent and a delay for the third time is proof of their allegation. shafqat Hayat said Pta had given Pakistan a bad name during the 3G auction process. He said in the future no one would be ready to come for assistance in the auction process. Member technical Dr khawar said Pta chairman had taken all decisions in his personal capacity and should be held responsible for everything.

the committee, holding Pta Chairman Farooq awan responsible for delay in the auction, said if any amount was paid to consultants it should be recovered from awan’s account. the committee also expressed disapproval over the role of Pta in elimination of grey trafficking from the country which is yielding a loss of $1 billion per annum. tahir said Pta was reluctant to take action against influential people. He said the legal department of Pta was not performing well and failed to defend its cases resulting in stay orders on cases of grey trafficking. secretary it amir tariq Zaman admitted that Pta initiatives to reduce grey trafficking were not sufficient and the authority could only monitor 13% of the traffic. anusha Rehman said grey traffickers were sitting in power corridors and government departments were facilitating them. she said if the information ministry carried out its work diligently, the country would not need to go to iMF and other donor agencies. the body was displeased with officials of Universal service Fund (UsF) because UsF was awarding contracts to companies who had defaulted on their liabilities. the committee recommended officials of UsF to give a list of those companies who had been awarded contracts and said the FBR should also examine the business of UsF. tahir said the it ministry and Pta had failed to run their business smoothly and therefore the prime minister should decide over the future course of action.

News 09 Pakistan ‘most dangerous’ country for journalists LAhOrE: Pakistan is the most dangerous country in south asia for journalists, according to a report by south asia Media Commission. south asia Media Monitor 2012 report indicated that at least 25 journalists lost their lives in the region. Pakistan ranked as the most volatile nation for journalists with 13 media men killed, closely followed by india where five journalists lost their lives. at least three journalists were killed in Bangladesh, two in nepal and two in afghanistan. no journalists were killed in sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Maldives. the report indicated several countries, including Pakistan, failed to uphold Un security Council Resolution 1738 regarding protection of journalists in dangerous areas. Furthermore, the report said that physical security of journalists posed a serious threat to freedom of expression in the south asian region. insurgencyhit province of Balochistan and northern parts of Pakistan were the most dangerous areas for journalists, the report said. Moreover, the report said that 13 journalists lost their lives in these conflict zones. the report further said that killings of five journalists in india pointed to growing threats to freedom of expression in the country. the report indicated that journalists faced most threats in the conflict-zone of kashmir, adding that journalists in the region were not provided any security. Furthermore, political polarisation in Bangladesh was a cause of concern to the media watchdog. the report expressed concern that acrimony between major political parties posed a serious threat to journalists working in the country. the report further said that increased political tensions had caused polarisation among media companies, causing the death of three journalists, including a couple. the report also suggested a decline in freedom of expression in nepal with increasing government intervention in the media. the report condemned the beheading of a journalist in afghanistan, stressing that journalism continued to be a hazardous profession in the country. afghan media faced tightening laws by the government and shortage of funds as most foreign outlets prepared to leave the country, the report added. Furthermore, sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Maldives faced a growing challenge of sustaining plural media as governments continued to intervene in information sharing. the report said that journalists of these countries were underpaid and overworked, adding that several corporations had laid off hundreds of journalists in the wake of a general economic crisis in the region. STAFF RePORT

9 bodies of Taliban found in NWA MIrANShAh: authorities in Pakistan’s north Waziristan agency on Monday said nine bodies of taliban had been found in the area. a taliban spokesman confirmed that the slain men were taliban militants, accusing the security forces of killing them. the security forces have not commented on the taliban claim. ihsanullah ihsan, the taliban spokesman, said the murdered taliban had earlier been arrested by the security forces. the sources said all those killed were identified and their bodies handed over to relatives. they belonged to the tehreek-e-taliban Pakistan (ttP) led by Hakimullah Mehsud and had taken shelter in north Waziristan. tribesmen said unidentified men had thrown bodies of the taliban at Pir kaley area, 10 kilometers from Miranshah, the agency headquarters. the bodies were found a day after a roadside bomb killed at least two soldiers and injured two others in Datta khel area of north Waziristan. NNI

One policeman killed, two injured in Multan MULTAN: a policeman was killed while two other constables received bullet injuries when three unidentified armed motorcyclists opened fire at them in noon Chowk area of Multan on Monday. Police claimed that the culprits were robbers who had allegedly looted Rs 300, 000 from an oil agency situated in Gulistan. “When a policeman deputed at a security check post at noon Chowk signalled the motorcyclists to stop, they opened fire at the police,” said a police officer who witnessed the attack. as a resultant, one policeman was killed and two others received injuries. the injured were rushed to nishtar Hospital for medical aid. Meanwhile, police have registered a case against unidentified criminals and have initiated an investigation. INP

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami

ttP is about power The naked and absolute one

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looking for greater gains But then this is politics

legally Speaking

s the almost five-year long PPP tenure nears its end, two of its major coalition partners have started looking for new allies. When coalitions are made not on the basis of principles or common political programmes but purely to attain or retain power, this should not come as a surprise. the MQM and PML-Q provided the PPP the support that allowed it to remain in power despite it not enjoying a majority in the national assembly. in return, the two extracted as much benefit as they could garner from sharing power. now that elections are about to be held they feel free to choose new partners. the MQM tried hard to establish a base in Punjab or kP but failed. the PML-Q lost its erstwhile clout in Punjab after 2008. Both are keen to hitch a ride on what they see as an emerging juggernaut. is it the proverbial magician’s wand that is bringing tahir-ul-Qadri, imran khan and Ji together? information Minister Qamar Zaman kaira has expressed frustration over MQM’s decision to join tahir-ul-Qadri’s march on islamabad. He fails to understand why a party which is sitting in the government should become a part of “a conspiracy to delay elections and derail democracy in the country”. Fawwad Choudhry calls the decision “illogical” at a time when the country was entering into the election phase. But this is politics, not a game of chess played according to set rules. neither the MQM nor the PML-Q is coming out of the coalition. not yet. they still want elections to be held on time. What they are presently doing is testing waters. it is not unusual to invent rationalisations for actions dictated in fact by personal or party needs. the MQM has suddenly discovered a soul mate it has been waiting for all this time in the form of tahir-ul-Qadri. it is now itching to join the long march to put an end to “this feudal and outdated system”. it would be futile to point out that the party had not only been a part of the ‘system’, if by that it means the PPP rule, but also instrumental in sustaining it all these four years plus. the PML-Q too has “cogent reasons” for abandoning the PPP, if it is forced to. Didn’t it have similar reasons when it parted company with nawaz sharif? as a PML-Q leader has explained it, the PPP is leaving the field open for the PML-n in Punjab. Meetings to agree on joint candidates have not been called in violation of the agreement. the PPP has failed to address the grievances of its ally. the MQM and PML-Q have multiple choices, including forming joint panels with their senior partner. the PPP has none other than yielding to their demands called ‘reservations’. Call it illogical, immoral, or anything else. But this is what politics is all about: the art of the possible.

By Waqqas Mir



n 1976, one Mr kaikaus, having in the past held an office no less than a Justice of the supreme Court of Pakistan, approached the Honourable Lahore High Court through a writ petition. the retired justice argued that the 1973 Constitution and the entire legal system based on it were un-islamic. His Lordship Justice sardar iqbal did not grant the petitioner’s “prayer” and refused to hold that the 1973 Constitution was un-islamic. Mr kaikaus went home and for all i know he may have continued to disagree with our system. But he made an argument, fascinating and disturbing in equal measure, and when the courts did not buy it, he walked away. the idea of settling disagreements through argumentation is precious. But some folks have other ideas. 36 years after Mr kaikaus’s petition, tehreek-e-taliban Pakistan (ttP), of the terrorists’ fame, has asked our government to (among other things) reject the existing constitution and rewrite it to make it more islamic. and if we don’t? Well, they seem in no mood to walk away. they have laid out broad demands. But the devil is in the details. You see, these people aren’t reasoning with us. that is my first problem with them and those of their ilk. Everyone who doesn’t fall in line with what the ttP wants is an infidel. the men and women of our police force and military— who take an oath to defend this country against threats foreign and domestic—are people that the ttP thinks must be killed. and they are killing, nay slaughtering, them every day. in fact they chop off heads of our defenders and make celebratory videos about it. negotiate with them? ttP claims to love Pakistan’s plains and deserts but they have coloured our seas and rivers red with the blood of our soldiers, our women, our children, our politicians. negotiate with them?

ttP hasn’t just written a letter asking for change. it has sent us a box that contains the heads, blood and severed limbs of more than thirty thousand Pakistanis. they are mocking us and saying, we can kill you by the thousands and ask you to do away with everything you have built till now. On top of that, they have the audacity to tell our constitutionally created state machinery what to do. negotiate with them? in the immortalised words of Dr Evil, of the Austin Powers fame, “How about no, you crazy bastard?” Even Mr Gandhi’s call for non-violence had limits. When Mr Gandhi told the Brits that they should not take up arms against nazi Germany and should spiritually resist Hitler, his audience (including his party) had good reason to be shocked. i believe i do too. sure, resist the madness spiritually. But keep a gun handy too. a lot depends on it. now, what does ttP mean by an “islamic” constitution? their version of islam targets minority sects since they are not islamic enough. ttP’s islam makes Zia-ul-Haq look like a progressive liberal — and that is saying something. their version of islam is clearly incompatible with what a majority of people in Pakistan are used to and can live with. in that version, the believers with little or no training in law conduct trials. Women are flogged for showing skin (including feet), boys and girls aren’t allowed to go to the same schools—in fact girls are usually not allowed to go to school at all—let alone work alongside men. Barber shops are banned, music is outlawed, reciting Ghalib’s couplets in public about love would probably be a crime too. in that system of government, questioning the ttP is a crime. Questioning their version of islam is a crime. Fighting their tactics based on terror is a crime. the “poor” souls then say they don’t have any choice except to manipulate young minds to blow themselves up. and you explain their “added extremism” by pointing to drones? they were killing people long before drones. How on earth can we allow anyone to explain killings of shias and anP workers (by ttP or their offshoots/sympathisers) by pointing to drones and saying “the drones turned me into a crazy”. anyone who buys that reasoning needs to be on a couch—with a shrink. and the next time you want to negotiate with them or explain their barbarism, ask yourselves this: if a robber comes into your house, kills your family and is taking away whatever you have earned, will you start negotiating with him when he says that he did it only because he had one loaf of bread and not the two that you had? Does it make sense for him to say that since you weren’t sharing your wealth in the way he deemed

“I want to live” The system requires overhauling

Border Crossings By Kuldip Nayar


ike an individual, the nation too has a limit of tolerance. For Delhi and some other cities, the gang rape at the national capital was the proverbial last straw. students filled the streets to demonstrate and even had one or two pitched battles with the police. One policeman has died and many students have been injured. such incidents are bound to happen when anger is sought to be fought with water canons and lathi-charge. no doubt, the demonstration at Delhi was ignited by deep anger over the rape. But it was an outburst of piled-up resentment against the system which neither delivers justice nor gives jobs. it is a sad commentary on non-governance

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

and ineptness of administrations which have been run by rulers of all shades since independence, particularly after the early 70s. Prime Minister indira Gandhi tried to suppress grievances and disappointments by authoritarian methods although she had swept the polls on the promise of eliminating poverty. nobody can accuse meek Prime Minister Manmohan singh of authoritarianism but almost nine years of his rule shows that he is too much of a bureaucrat who knows rules but not how to take drastic steps. Even his belated address to the nation was bald and lacked punch. at least he could have stopped the spectacle of ugly controversy among the Delhi chief minister, union home minister and the police commissioner. the students were angry and there was disconnect between them and the government. they expected some heads to roll. But mere statements could not allay their mistrust. the general feeling was that none would be punished and soon it would be business as usual. the government should have transferred Police Commissioner neeraj kumar straightaway. His explanation was a poor defence of his failure. if nobody in his force was to blame, then who blundered? to maintain law and order in Delhi requires imagination and novel ideas, not the outmoded ways to which the police

are used to. What was also lacking was human touch or personal contact. Delhi’s Lt Governor was on a vacation and according to state Chief Minister shiela Dikshit, he was not contactable. Why should such a person remain at his post? Even his tenure of second term has ended. His drama, after return, of suspending a few lower functionaries lacked script. the appointment of a judicial commission has not evoked response because commissions have ceased to have credibility. the one headed by sri krishna to probe the 1993 communal riots in Mumbai and the other by M s Liberhan on Babri masjid demolition remain on paper. the accused on both the reports are people who are politically powerful. What would the commission on the Delhi gang rape prove when there is no faith left in such attempts to silence articulate voices? the mother of the raped girl has complained that the police put pressure on her, says a letter of the magistrate who went to record the statement of the girl. shiela Dikshit has rightly taken up the matter with the home ministry which has ordered an inquiry to find out how far the mother was intimidated by the police, which denied the allegation. in fact, the entire judicial process has no respect in the eyes of the people. it takes too long to get the guilty punished.

at present, there are 400 rape cases pending for years to be adjudged. Even if the Delhi gang rape is listed for fast tracking, there are so many loopholes in the law and there are courts of appeal which will take their own time. Laws have to be changed. More importantly, the legal system requires overhauling. Capital punishment does not deter rapists. Chemical castration is a must. there is a public demand for it. Parliament members were up on their legs to ventilate their importance. two political parties demanded immediate and drastic measures to deal with the guilty. strange, none asked at least the resignation of MPs sitting among them with charges of rape. One explanation given is that the Election Commission should take action. Why not parliament itself? (One third of Gujarat MLas face criminal cases, including rape). all political parties should realise that the youth in the country does not find the existing institutions giving answers to their questions: Why so much poverty? Why an increasing gap between the rich and the poor? Why the stranglehold of caste and creed? Why the failure of government to appreciate their aspirations? the Congress leaders did talk to some students in batches but found no leader who could pacify or represent them. the leaderless mob is the worst that can happen in a country. some lampoon elements were able to introduce violence. this means that the youth is a combustible material which can be set on fire by some demagogues. Many years ago, alienated students at Osborne in France almost brought a

fit (or that he saw someone else’s loaf being stolen), you are a target? Why don’t we stop going after ordinary groups of dacoits too? Let’s negotiate with everyone. no bullets or guns. the logic is the same. i am sure they could argue that an oppressive system is making people turn into criminals, so let’s not go after anyone breaking the law! Why just limit the “oh poor you, victim you” forgiveness to ttP in the context of drones? ttP is not killing us over a territorial dispute. they are not even the LttE (sri Lanka). they are not taking up arms to protect a majority subjugated to oppression by minority (a justification used by anC, Mandela included, at one point). Hakeemuallah Mehsud is no Mandela. ttP’s claim is not about religion. they are not competing in elections like other islamist parties. their claim is about power— naked, absolute power. if you agree with them, you live. if you don’t, you die. they are telling you that they will tie a bomb to your seat at the negotiations table and you say negotiate? Have we completely lost our moral compass? to those favouring negotiations, i say this: Why don’t you first set up neighbourhood committees to negotiate with every band of “misunderstood” criminals looting your area? Why don’t you tell the police not to shoot at a criminal aiming a gun to your head, since “violence is bad”? i might take you seriously then. till that day, i want to stand for the rights of minorities, for the rights of the daughters of Pakistan to go to school, to work, to wear and say what they want. and people who blow up my cities, kill my country’s children, soldiers, politicians, its diverse sects? We are at war with them and their offshoots. in the rewritten constitution of the taliban Republic of Pakistan, our worst nightmares will come true. no easy choices here then. When they spill our blood, we can’t look away. no one is advocating denial of trials to those who are caught but stop pretending we are not at war. and if you don’t like blood, i suggest you look away. But those favouring negotiations have already been looking away. the rest of us are in the fight of our lives. and we are doing it for the sake of our children, so that we can look them in the eye. knowing our children can go to school and can make their own choices will be a better feeling than telling our children, “You know what, you can’t go to school, honey, but don’t worry, we got here because we didn’t want to spill blood.” The writer is a Barrister, holds a Masters degree from Harvard Law School and a partner at a law firm. Contact: or Twitter @wordoflaw. Views expressed here are strictly his own and not that of his law firm’s.

revolution. But the movement failed because of ideological differences among the students. More recently, the arab spring in some Muslim countries changed the rulers. Mobs came on to the streets and found a common cause: authoritarian rulers drenched in corruption. in China, the students gathered at the tiananmen square to protest against the dictatorial regime. But then Beijing, with no democracy, crushed hundreds of them to kill dissent. the present rulers have nearly got away with all their excesses. this is because india is an open flabby society. People can express their views freely despite the pressure and prize. But it lives under a delusion that the status quo can be maintained. What has happened at Delhi is a warning. the system requires overhauling. Even the election of members has to be looked into because money and musclemen have reduced the polling to a farce. the police in many states have become the private army of chief ministers. Overall, the country is peaceful, not because the people are contended but because they still have confidence of changing the complexion of parliament and state assemblies through votes. But this confidence is lessening election after election. More than that, the poor cannot live in the cold, hungry and without future, for another 65 years, the span since independence. they want to live. in another context, the raped girl, fighting against death, said: “i want to live”. the nation has to decide how? The writer is a senior Indian journalist.

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Comment 11

Person of the year 2012 enlisting the 20 most influential individuals of the year

By Kunwar Khuldune Shahid


ew Year’s Day is when we all take a look back at the previous year, sifting the memorable moments from the not-so-memorable ones. and while we do precisely that, we’d also be mulling over the most significant people, and try to conjure the list of the most influential individuals of the year, culminating in the Person of the Year 2012. Here’s our top 20: 20. Suicide bomber struck 36 times, killing 306, and injuring 559. Few managed to make more headlines, and fewer still managed to rubberstamp their entrance into heaven. 19. Conspiracy theorist Had a remarkable year, even by his astronomical standards. Creative highlights include the ‘Malala and bullet’ theory, the tattoo hypothesis and the ‘taliban don’t exist’ revelation. 18. Dual nationality holder sat in the parliaments and the courts, governed the country, with the possibility of an escape route to a gaudy mansion abroad still very much intact. 17. Dollar and rupee tied for 17th, their achievements wouldn’t be properly appreciated without juxtaposing one with the other. the latter reached new lows as the former skyrocketed to its apogee, nearing the 100rupee mark. the Pakistani rupee would soon be the new cent. 16. PTI critic Few have the cojones to tackle the predatory beast that a Pti fan is. the Pti critic had to deal with unoriginal abuses, hysterical threats, allegations of being sharif-funded, impolite references to his family members and unpleasant questions regarding his birth as the beast continues to prowl around for blood. 15. Ehsanullah Ehsan spokesperson of the year, Ehsanullah represented ttP with vigour and integrity. Remaining calm amidst heated arguments with journalists, he continued to make a mockery of religious apologists’ claims that accused the taliban of lacking ideological understanding. 14. The gatekeeper Had to keep an eye on Familygate, Mediagate and even remnants of Memogate, as journalists and editors continued to be unoriginal with their head-

lines. the Watergate custodian still occasionally screams out in his grave owing to media’s banality. 13. Armchair revolutionary Pointed out everything that’s wrong with the country, launched e-Jihad on social media and showcased selective conscience to maximise ‘likes’ and retweets. Might have invoked a fraction of the clamoured change, had he managed to log out of Facebook and twitter. 12. Pakistan hockey fan Didn’t carry devotion on his sleeve, whine endlessly on social media or summon tedious ‘in-law’ jokes every time we played india. He patiently watched his team take baby steps towards retracing old glory with a podium finish in the Champions trophy and gold in its asian version. it was a promising year for Pakistani hockey fans – all three-and-a-half of them. 11. Doctors Dr asim Hussain had remarkable gas troubles, Dr Hafeez shaikh flaunted amazing budgetary theatrics, Dr shakil afridi redefined “treason”, Dr aQ khan bolstered his plagiarising credentials and Dr tahir-ul-Qadri threw a very popular spanner in the political works. Meanwhile, YDa conveniently forgot what they had signed up for, to generate volumes of racket. 10. CNG Hardly anyone was more in demand throughout the year, but like a true rock star CnG kept the hordes waiting and waiting. One look was never enough of course, which is why masses planned their daily, weekly and even monthly schedule keeping the celebrity’s timings in mind. 9. Dav Whatmore Comfortably the most influential person of the year in the linguistic realm, Whatmore managed to add Punjabi to sinhala, tamil and Bengali in his impressive array of foreign languages. Pronounces swear words with a seamless Faisalabadi accent; and his instinctive Punjabi expletives every time shahid afridi attempts a cross-batted slog are a treat for the ears. He is the noam Chomsky of the indian subcontinent. 8. Blasphemy With a larger than life persona, Blasphemy shook the nation continually. Pointed fingers, brought the country out on the roads, burned people and property, generated fear in hearts and hogged editorials throughout the year. While Blasphemy lived inside every single one of us, we only managed to see her in others – that’s the magic trick she plays on all of us. 7. Iran-Pakistan pipeline a love polygon that had more sides than one could imagine, iP is arguably the most romantic story of the year. a grumpy american uncle, a halfhearted Chinese friend, a Russian businessman and a turkmen beauty all played their part with ‘i’ eventually giving ‘P’ the money to buy the bouquet that’d win i’s heart. as an international sub-plot, many a leader threw their toys out of the pram over iP – one of those that Vladimir Putin threw hit s M krishna on his head in October.

6. rehman Malik’s barber En route to completing his ‘cobbler to barber’ transition, he synthesised his masterpiece atop Pakistan’s interior minister – one that Legros de Rumigny would’ve been proud of. While his “Exploded nest Cut” made Malik the fashion icon of the year, being the mastermind behind the million dollar idea of blocking cell phones to ensure national security, the hairdresser is also our military strategist and security analyst of the year. 5. Zionist Regularly getting undue credit, Zionist managed to influence every crucial event in the country without actually doing anything. some call him overhyped, while the majority believes he has the strings of this country tied to his belt. Rarely has someone enjoyed so much acclaim in a country they have nothing to do with. 4. Bhutto He’s alive, emerges out of every house, and rules the country with a rusty iron fist. His children were regularly paid homage to, the ‘spiritual son’ – the president of the country – smiled teethfully on his way to a historic term completion, the grandson flaunted his political credentials as the quasi Bhutto for the Generation Z. Remembered by the masses on January 5 and april 4, Bhutto’s achievements were also recalled by many on December 16. 3. Veena Malik an ideological scholar who didn’t carry religion on her sleeves, when she wore clothes that have sleeves, or other crucial fragments of dresses for that matter. With ‘astaghfaar’ Veena beat competitors like Junaid ‘religious-authority-on-potatosnacks’ Jamshed, amir (insert swear word) Liaquat and Maya ‘you-shall-not-date’ khan as the most indemand tV host during Ramadan. While many a scholar ridicules religion on a daily basis, Veena’s mockery was the only one that caught the eye. 2. Swiss postman One former prime minister was always bad at letter writing, be it in his grade 5 examination or when he wrote love letters to his college sweetheart. and so he bit the dust when the supreme Court tested his letter writing skills. His successor scribbled down what was asked of him. Our second most influential person of the year culminated a 30-month saga when he rang the bell at the headquarters of the swiss authorities in Geneva. 1. YouTube Became public enemy number one in september, and then left the country. it is 105 days and counting since then, and masses don’t miss their blood relatives as much as they miss Youtube. Even those who burned down the country protesting against Youtube used proxy servers to gain access. Like a true tease, Youtube played a cameo on 29th December to give us a flashback of the beautiful – yet oh so distant – past. Youtube is without a doubt the Person of the Year 2012. The writer is Editor, Business/City (Karachi), Pakistan today. Email:, Twitter:@khuldune

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan Fax: +92-42-32535230 E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan today exclusively

the writ of the state the modern state may exist geographically on the map of the world, but it collapses if within its boundaries, militias, mafias or groups exist which collect extortion in full knowledge of state institutions and armed groups defy constitutional writ of the state to enforce rule of law, disregard judiciary and threaten lives of law abiding citizens. Pakistan has failed in performing its vital task of regulating state institutions, its education, health or taxation systems and performance of its security apparatus. it has failed to keep a check on entry and exit of criminals and foreign mercenaries. While the state absolved itself of its primary functions to collect taxes and protect lives and property of its citizens, its various institutions became involved in tasks which were never assigned to them, nor were such areas within their jurisdiction. the armed militias under the banner of ttP or militant ethnic and sectarian groups, if allowed to exercise control over defined areas within the country, pose a threat to Pakistani state, which is more dangerous than the threat of an external aggression. While paid servants of the state live in islands of prosperity surrounded by a sea of confusion and anarchy, the state has failed to enforce its writ upon them. any institution, a political or religious group which raises funds and supports armed militias has defied the writ of the state and is guilty of usurping the constitution. Once such groups are allowed to be formed, they always turn on their mentors. the world has seen how anarchy has ruined somalia and reduced it to a pariah state, which while existing geographically, has been reduced to a non-functional territory where law of jungle prevails. somalia, once a functional country, has become a dysfunctional society because pressure groups and state institutions became more powerful than the state. there is no doubt that Pakistan cannot be compared to somalia of today, nor can somalia be compared to what it was almost three decades ago. We are in what in aviation is known as a recoverable stall, which was the status of somalia 30 years ago. it is only a matter of time that somalia will either disintegrate or will be wiped out as a separate entity because it has become a cancer, threatening passage of international trade on high seas, in violation of international laws and Un Charter. almost three decades ago, the somali pirates and feudal warlords spread terror in its cities and towns, exploiting either religion or ethnicity to pursue their agendas, today they terrorise international ships. MALIK TARIQ ALI Lahore

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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— 2013’s first release

Kristen Stewart a big fan of strip clubs?


rISteN Stewart was spotted wearing a sweater advertising a strip club while arriving at LAX airport on Saturday. Kristen, who was heading to London to spend New Year’s eve with r-Patz, apparently gave some free publicity to Mary’s Strip Club in Portland, Oregon - the place where she made many happy memories filming most of the ‘twilight’ movies. the club’s logo was emblazoned on the back of the open hoodie, along with a printed outline of a topless lady. Apparently it boasts the “finest” topless girls in the country. NeWS DeSK


Skyfall becomes first film in history to take £100m at British box office


f t e r the critical disappointment of Quantum of Solace and financial troubles at studio MGM, a new Bond film may have seemed like a gamble. Yet, Skyfall has paid off spectacularly after it became the first film in box office history to take more than £100m in the UK. the news comes a day after it emerged the 23rd film in the Bond franchise had taken more than $1bn worldwide, the most successful in the 50 year series. Skyfall, which stars Daniel Craig and Judi Dench, has now taken more than previous record holder Avatar in the UK, which raked in £94m at the box office. Craig has signed up for two more films as Bond, with the latest in the series expected possibly as early as 2014. NeWS DeSK

2012 was the Year of the 100 crore film — some got there and some just crashed and burned trying. the three khans – salman, sRk and aamir – had releases in 2012 and maintained their ruling status in the business with profitable numbers, with salman outdoing everyone at the box office with his massive hits – Ek tha tiger in august and Dabangg 2 in December. 2013 seems like the Year of the script & story, the biggest casualties in 2012’s biggest films, going by the year’s first release. Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola will be the year’s first release, hitting theatres on 11 January. Directed by the multi-faceted writer-directormusician Vishal Bhardwaj, it stars imran khan and anushka sharma in leading parts along with shabana azmi and Pankaj kapur. the film is set in a village, Mandola, and has the three principal characters engaged in each other’s lives in a comical, thrilling and romantic way. 10 things about the film that you want to know: 1. imran khan and anushka sharma are paired for the first time in a film, both having made

I would like to participate in Aamir Khan’s show: Naomi Watts NEWS DESK

Stage play on Khattak life’s


h Y B e r Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar hussain said the stage drama on the life of prominent Pashtun poet and writer, Khushal Khan Khattak would be presented in the last week of January 2013. he said this while chairing a meeting called to discuss the preparation for staging the stage drama on legendary Pashto poet. the minister said that it was need of the hour to adopt the philosophy and thoughts of Khushal Khan Khattak for proper guidance of the young generation. he said that KPK government has started a plan to stage special theater plays and dramas on the life on prominent Pashtun leaders. the participants of the meeting reviewed in detail various aspects of the scripts of the proposed stage drama and took various decisions in this regard. Iftikhar congratulates newly elected cabinet of PPC: the Khyber Pakthunkhwa Minister for Information, Mian Iftikhar congratulated Nasir hussain over his election as President Peshawar Press Club. AGeNCIeS

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

their film debuts in 2008. 2. this is Vishal Bhardwaj’s seventh film as director after Makdee (2002), Maqbool (2003), the Blue Umbrella (2005), Omkara (2006), kaminey (2009, and saat khoon Maaf (2011). 3. Matru.. too, like Vishal’s earlier films, has been written and directed by him and he’s composed the music too. But this time around, Vishal has sung a song too called khamokha, a love ballad which has been written by Gulzar. 4. Harry Mandola (Pankaj kapur) is a millionaire alcoholic, living in the village of Mandola, who has an Oxford-educated daughter Bijlee (anushka sharma) with a Man Friday sort of Delhi-educated boy, Matru (imran khan), in their midst. a local politician, referred to as Mantriji (shabana azmi), is highly revered in the area and Mandola wants his daughter to marry her son. this is the general plot line of the film that looks very promising on the entertainment front, from its trailers. 5. Possibly after amar akbar anthony back in 1977, a mainstream Hindi film has its

if things go as per plans, she may just be the first Hollywood celebrity guest to visit india as we usher in the new Year. But, actor naomi Watts will have serious things on her mind this time, including the possibility of being on actor aamir khan’s issuebased reality show, satyamev Jayate, that even took him to the cover of the time magazine. “i would like to participate in aamir khan’s show, which is a fantastic platform, to create awareness about the rehabilitation of tsunami and earthquake victims. it’s been eight years since this tragedy affected so many lives and many are still suffering. there is a sense of urgency required to create awareness for these victims. and, i was told that aamir khan’s show has a huge following in india; i think that’s one way to induce people to come forward and help in their own way,” says the 44-year-old, who will be seen playing the role of a real life tsunami survivor, Maria Belon in her new flick, the impossible. the film is the true story of a spanish family who faced the natural disaster in 2004 while vacationing in thailand. the film will hit indian screens this week and Watts is planning to come to india to promote the same and meet real life tsunami victims here.



8. 9.


principal cast in the title of a film — Matru (imran khan), Bijlee (anuskha sharma), and Mandola (Pankaj kapur). Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola is imran’s ninth film after his debut in Jaane tu Ya Jaane na in 2008 and anushka’s seventh film after her debut in Rab ne Bana Di Jodi, also in 2008. imran and anushka share a wicked sense of humour off screen and are good friends in the real sense of the very abused term in Bollywood. this is the third time Pankaj kapur is working with Vishal, having worked with him in the Blue Umbrella, Maqbool and now, Matru.. Matru.. is already a highly anticipated release, not only because it is Vishal’s film, but also with it’s quirky trailers that have a rustic edge to them, including the dialogue and songs. Fox star studios and Vishal Bhardwaj Pictures have partnered with tabCab to promote the film with 200 cabs branded with saucy dialogues from the film, including the popular kachcha one. Matru… releases three days before imran’s big 30th birthday.

MJ gets 15k pounds rug refund staffs at a posh shop were left stunned when they were asked for a refund on a rug Michael Jackson bought three years ago. the star’s entourage took the 15,000-pound carpet that was still neatly rolled and unused at the West London store for refund. they said Jacko had personally picked out the lavish 12ft by 9ft silk and wool floor covering after spotting it on the shop website in 2009, the sun reported. the singer wanted to place it in his dressing room at the O2 arena for his final concert dates, but died before he ever had a chance to use it. staffs at the Rug Company in exclusive Holland Park were left stunned when aides returned with it asking if they could have their money back. Despite the long time gap staff did give back the money. a Rug Company insider said that they paid a full refund as it was unused and in immaculate condition. the firm, which also supplies Madonna with rugs for her tours, has since put the rug back on sale. NeWS DeSK

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13 MIDDleTONS ‘ Little Prince’ cash-in? NEWS DESK in time for kate’s pregnancy, the Middleton’s Party Pieces website is selling a range of baby items. the site includes ‘Little Prince’ and ‘Little Princess’ party pack offerings. Earlier in 2012 the Middletons were quick to offer Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee paraphernalia. so, do accusations of cashing in stand up? BUSINESS OPPOrTUNITY Many will think so. However the sort of things they sell proved popular some time before kate Middleton married Prince William. the Middletons run a private business. it might not be to your taste, but they’re good at it (as evidenced by a new multimillion pound home). it also provides employment for at least 30 people. Party supplies businesses promoting prince and princess - not to mention party bags, plastic straws, christening and other stuff from tot-land have been around for ever. if they weren’t pushing some kind of prince-and-princess product, a rival would.

olivia wilde & Jason Sudeikis cheering Jayhawks at the american university in Kansas.

KIM KARDASHIAN is pregnant: let the battle of the celebrity babies begin NEWS DESK Off the back of news that reality tV star kim kardashian is pregnant with her rapper boyfriend kanye West’s child, 2013 is shaping up to be great year for ‘Wombwatch’, writes Emma Barnett. not only is the Duchess of Cambridge expecting her first child in 2013, ‘Wombwatch’, (as my fellow journalist Rosamund Urwin brilliantly calls the pregnancy police) now have the joy of tracking kim kardashian’s growing bump for the next six months. Let the battle of the celebrity babies in 2013 commence. in one corner you have the royal baby – who, if born girl – will make history by being allowed to assume the throne despite her formerly disadvantageous gender. in the other? the latest baby to join the growing kardashian brood, who, like the Duchess of Cambridge’s offspring, will live its life in the full glare of the paparazzi. However, unlike the royal babe,

the kardashian-West child will be tweeted about every time it moves its designer-clad body by its famous parents and thrust into the limelight at all possible opportunities. after all, being a kardashian means you have to subscribe to a trumanshow-esque existence to earn your keep. Even the announcement of kim and kanye’s baby happened very publicly indeed – much to the apparent ‘surprise’ of kardashian. Last night West, the excited expectant father, decided to tell the world by announcing it on stage at one of his concerts in atlantic City. the rapper said “stop the music”, and then announced “make noise for my baby mama right here,” with a wide smile – gesturing to a blushing kardashian sat in the crowd – bump and all. shucks.

A decade ago, Anne Applebaum wrote a magisterial history of the Soviet prison-camp system. Now she shows how the Soviet Union imposed its totalitarian will upon eastern european nations ravaged by World War II. It was an age of forced migrations and state suspicion of every activity.

iron curTain By anne applebaum (doubleday)

two decades after his gripping memoir of what it was like to be an antiapartheid Afrikaner, “My traitor’s heart,” rian Malan is finally back with this collection of his epic investigative journalism, from his account of the first rock band to hit South Africa (in 1969) to a disturbing exploration of Africa’s AIDS industry.

The lion SleePS TonighT By rian Malan (grove)

Sincerity is an old idea—and not one always appreciated, as we often find “straight talk” too much honesty. r. Jay Magill Jr. shows how our search for plainspoken wisdom in politics and “authenticity” in food is in fact part of a desire for something deeper: the sincere.

Numbers don’t, in fact, speak for themselves. Much has been made of Nate Silver’s electoral predictions. But his impressive book explores the principles of prognostication in fields from sports and politics to Wall Street and the weather. his “breezy style makes even the most difficult statistical material accessible,” our reviewer.

The Signal and The noiSe By nate Silver (Penguin Press)

fred Astaire was our most elegant film star. But he danced in the shadow of a partner, his glamorous sister, Adele, until she retired from the stage in 1932 and he headed off to hollywood. Kathleen riley chronicles this sibling non- rivalry and gives us a broad portrait of a very American art form, the Broadway and hollywood musical.

DUMBO’S PArTY and if you’re daft enough to pay £22.80 for the Middleton’s Dumbo Ultimate Party kit or £25.37 for the Princess Castle Fun Ultimate Party kit with FREE Castle Fun Lootbags (the wording is a bit unfortunate), that’s your issue. it’s not clear whether the Little Prince or Little Princess party packs are actually new (we’ve asked the company for confirmation), though the Princess Castle Fun pack is a new product. However, if you were kate Middleton you might probably feel a bit embarrassed: Mum & Dad churning out the animal bath toys and Princess-for-a-Day Party Cups (£2.69 for a packet of eight) and bunting in Berkshire while kate mingles with the great, the good and dull.

Some 1.5 million Americans fought in Iraq between 2003 and 2011. their story is told in monumental detail in “the endgame,” which despite its title is a full narrative—from early victories to civil war, the success of the surge and the American withdrawal.

The endgaMe By Michael r. gordon and Bernard e. Trainor (Pantheon)

SinceriTy By r. Jay Magill Jr. (norton)

three immigrants put the early republic on sound economic footing: robert Morris (from Liverpool), Alexander hamilton (from St. Croix) and Albert Gallatin. their very rootlessness, in thomas McCraw’s telling, helped them see the value of strong money, credit and banks at a time when the political class was dominated by a landed aristocracy.

The FounderS and Finance By Thomas Mccraw (harvard)

The aSTaireS By Kathleen riley (oxford)

If “no man is a hero to his valet,” what must he be to his wife? Leo tolstoy, fyodor Dostoevsky, Osip Mandelstam, Mikhail Bulgakov, Vladimir Nabokov and Alexander Solzhenitsyn each had a longsuffering and immensely gifted spouse.

The Best Nonfiction of

The WiveS By alexandra Popoff (Pegasus)

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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Infotainment 14 4 most insane rulers of all time HE boring thing about modern democracy is that we almost never elect truly crazy people. Oh, sure, we’ll vote in somebody with mild eccentricities and we may refer to some extremist as “crazy,” but back when rulers took the throne based only on their bloodline, a nation could wind up under the fist of someone who was literally “howl naked at the moon” insane. Don’t get us wrong -- we’re sure it was a nightmare for everyone involved. But it does make for hilarious stories down the line.


doing. in fact, he built a whole fake city block on the imperial grounds where he would pretend to be a shopkeeper, to the puzzlement of his subjects, who were forced to go along with it. Occasionally, he pretended he was a general and went on raiding parties (almost getting captured) with an army dressed all in silk, for some reason. Weirder still, he invented for himself an alter ego he named Zhu shou, whom he would “order” on pointless raiding parties, to the exasperation of his government, who had to pretend they weren’t just talking to the emperor in a wig.

1. Justin II of Byzantine

4. Farouk of Egypt

Justin ii was a sixth century emperor of Byzantine. also, apparently they let pretty much anyone be emperor in those days, because Justin ii was nuts. History remembers Justin mainly as a kind of terrible leader who wound up losing most of italy to Persia, which, if you’re the emperor of Rome, is dropping the ball pretty badly. But the ancient historian John of Ephesus recounts some interesting facts about Justin’s personal life, like how he would hear voices in his head and scream and hide under his bed to escape them. apparently, the only way his servants could help him out was to play organ music throughout the palace to drown out the voices. that part of the story is key: the fact that nobody knew how to treat mental illness back then. so it wasn’t much fun to be around the palace when Justin ii went into full crazy mode -- it’s said that when his servants were rushing around trying to restrain him, he would fight back by biting them, often on the head. Eventually, the servants had to go to greater lengths to entertain him, and came up with a solution that would appeal to any toddler -- building a makeshift throne on wheels and pushing Justin around the palace on it, to his great delight.

2. Charles VI of France Charles “the Mad” Vi was king of France from 1380 (when he was 12) to his death 1422, all during

the Hundred Years’ War with England, and when your country is fighting something called the “Hundred Years’ War,” it’s really unfortunate if the man sitting on the throne is nicknamed “Charles the Mad.” in 1392, during a trip through a forest to look for a fugitive who had attempted to murder an adviser of his, Charles Vi randomly attacked his own knights, killing some of them, until they all managed to hold him down and carry him back to the castle. they concluded that he was probably just under a lot of stress, as it was the first time that Charles had shown signs of not really being totally right in the head. in the following years, Charles would go through episodes of forgetting people’s names, including his own, and the fact that he was king. Oh, and he would also run through his castle pretending to be a wolf, howling at people. and he freaked out when people touched him because he thought he was made of glass.

3. Zhengde Emperor of China

the Zhengde Emperor was emperor of China in the beginning of the 16th century, having taken the throne at the age of 14, and as far as anyone could tell, he remained 14 for the next decade and a half of his rule. For instance, Zhengde liked to play games of make-believe instead of, you know, running a giant empire like he was supposed to be

the last ruling king of Egypt, king Farouk, was as nutty as most of the world’s leaders seemed to be during World War ii, and was ultimately the reason Egypt decided to pack it all in with this whole monarchy thing. known early in his reign for his excessive partying and gambling, Farouk was once described as a “stomach with a head” after he grew to over 300 pounds. according to his sister, he would drink 30 bottles of soda a day and eat caviar straight from the can. But gluttony is pretty much expected, if not mandatory, for a despot. that alone certainly would not qualify him for this list. But more bizarre for someone with infinite money, Farouk was a complete kleptomaniac, once stealing a watch from Winston Churchill. He later claimed to have simply found it lying around, but neglected to mention that he’d “found” it in Churchill’s pocket. another time, after having nightmares about lions attacking him, Farouk decided to take a trip to the Cairo Zoo to see the lions. and by see them, we mean shoot them while they were in their cages, because that’s a perfectly reasonable reaction to night terrors if you are insane. Finally, when Hitler’s army was preparing to invade Egypt, it’s safe to say that Farouk was the only world leader to send Hitler a telegram thanking him for coming to occupy his country. He didn’t like the British forces occupying his country, and apparently he figured nazis were somehow a step up. NeWS DeSK

Curiosity rover shoots new self-portrait

Neil Armstrong’s ‘One small step’ phrase prepared months ahead of time


ERManY’s respected news weekly Der spiegel mistakenly published an obituary sunday for former U.s. president George H.W. Bush, hours after a family spokesman said the 88-year-old was recovering from illness, reported by Usa today news website. according to report Bush was hospitalized in Houston nov 23 for treatment of a bronchitis-related cough and moved to intensive care on December 23 after he developed a fever. On saturday, spokesman Jim McGrath said Bush was moved out of intensive care into a regular hospital room again after his condition improved. the unfinished obituary appeared on Der spiegel’s website for only a few minutes sunday before it was spotted by internet users and removed. in it, the magazine’s new York correspondent described Bush as “a colourless politician” whose image only improved when it was compared to the later presidency of his son, George W. Bush. “all newsrooms prepare obituaries for selected figures,” the magazine said on its twitter feed. “the fact that the one for Bush senior went live was a technical mistake. sorry!” APP

Brits planned ships made of ice during WWII


instOn Churchill was so afraid of nazi submarines targeting supply ships during WWii that he flirted with building aircraft carriers out of sheer ice, new scientist reports. knowing Britain could starve without Us supplies, he approved a test project aimed at delivering 2,000-footlong ice ships with 40-foot hulls that German torpedoes could never sink. Canadian scientists helped out by building a model-sized version and reported good results—but the chief scientist was mortified when Britain ordered 11 full-scale vessels. He knew that huge carriers needed hulls made of stronger stuff. Herman Mark, a refugee chemist from austria, suggested building the ships from a new material called pykrete that froze wood pulp mixed with water. He even impressed Churchill by tossing a pykrete sample into the British leader’s tub while he bathed, proving how slowly it melted. But Britain eventually scuttled the idea in favour of less zany developments, like air bases in iceland and longerrange bombers. newly unearthed archives show that new Zealand also tested unusual technology during WWii: underwater bombs designed to trigger tsunamis in the Pacific. But kiwis shelved the “tsunami Bomb” in 1945 despite success in small-scale testing, reports australia’s news network. NeWS DeSK

TSA agents ‘laugh’ at nude images


HE famous “One small step for man” phrase that neil armstrong uttered after first stepping onto the Moon was long thought to have been decided upon after the spacecraft’s landing. a new interview with armstrong’s brother, however, suggests that the astronaut scripted the line months ahead of the mission. in the BBC biopic neil armstrong – First Man on the Moon, Dean armstrong reveals that neil asked him what he thought of the quote while playing a game of Risk before leaving for Cape Canaveral. armstrong’s brother also confirms that the astronaut had originally written “for a man” despite the omission of the “a” from the line’s transmission. the interview runs counter to what armstrong says in his 2005 biography, clarifying that the quote evolved over the course of the flight mission. But as Dr Christopher Riley — the director of the BBC program — points out, armstrong had a good reason for doing so: “it was probably easier to just say that he’d thought it up after landing, thus dodging the issue of where the words came from, and who maybe suggested them, or influenced him.” NeWS DeSK

German magazine mistakenly publishes Bush obituary

nasa’s released a new, stunning self-portrait of the Curiosity Mars rover, stitched together from dozens of high-resolution images. the pictures were taken on October 31 and november 1 by the Mars Hand Lens imager (MaHLi), and show the rover at Rocknest. this is the spot in Gale Crater where the mission’s first scoop sampling took place, and four scoop scars can be seen in the sand in front of the rover. a fifth scoop was collected later. nasa doesn’t just produce these portraits to hang on the dining room wall: they help mission engineers spot changes such as dust accumulation and wheel wear. MaHLi’s location on the end of the robotic arm means that it’s the only one of the rover’s 17 cameras that can image some parts of the craft, including the port-side wheels. it’s possibly worth pointing out that the reason that the

robotic arm can’t be seen in the photo is that it’s out of shot in each of the images or parts of images used to create the composite picture. a previous self-portrait, similarly based on multiple photos, sparked suggestions online that the whole thing was faked. this latest picture shows the rover’s ultimate destination, Mount sharp, in the background, rising three miles above Gale Crater. Curiosity’s due to head off to the mountain sometime in February, in a journey that could take nine months. On the way, mission scientists plan to stop and sample several rocky outcrops. First, though, Curiosity is on another rock-hunting mission. it’s currently in an area known as Yellowknife Bay, which has a different terrain to those sampled so far. Over the next month, it will drill into another rock and extract powder for analysis. NeWS DeSK


iRPORt security is no laughing matter— except to tsa agents who clown around in back rooms and chuckle over “some of your nude images, dear passengers,” a blogger writes. Purportedly an ex-tsa officer, the blogger claims to have never seen or heard about illegal goings-on in screening rooms where officers review passengers’ X-ray images, the Daily Mail reports. But “i witnessed light sexual play among officers, a lot of ecigarette vaping, and a whole lot of officers laughing and clowning.” What’s more, the rule against officers sneaking a peek at passengers after reviewing their X-ray images is occasionally broken. Why the bad behaviour? the blogger blames the tsa for hiring people “who are often fresh out of high school or a GED program ... with minimal training and even less professionalism.” But even worse are the screening devices themselves, which “are useless, as i and many, many others have previously pointed out. ... the entire thing was, as usual, a hare-brained, tax payer money-wasting, disaster of an idea.” NeWS DeSK

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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Bangladesh shelves Pakistan tour over security reason LAHORE



anGLaDEsH said on Monday it had shelved plans to become the first cricket team to tour Pakistan since a 2009 attack on sri Lanka's bus, with the head of the board saying there were fears for players' safety. "Bangladesh will not visit Pakistan for now," Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chief nazmul Hassan told reporters in the capital Dhaka. "We've made the decision after considering the overall security situation in Pakistan and the concern that our people have expressed over the safety of

Kohli doubtful for second oDi against Pakistan

their players." Bangladesh had earlier indicated that they would play a twenty20 and a one-day on January 12 and 13 respectively, both in Lahore.

However officials did say that the decision was subject to a security review. Pakistan have had to play their 'home' matches in venues ranging from

misbah keen on a more clinical showing KALKOTA CRICINFO

While captain Misbah-ul-Haq was happy Pakistan managed to get off to a winning start in the three-match ODi series against india, he believes the team still has a lot to work on, especially in the field. Pakistan, he said, were fortunate to walk away with the six-wicket win in Chennai. "today we were lucky, india gave us a tough time in this situation. they lost five wickets early but still went on to make 227," Misbah was quoted as saying by Pti. "to win the next match, we will have to work hard and improve a fair bit. We have to really improve our fielding, and our death-over and Powerplay bowling. after these [changes to the] ODi rules especially, we have to improve the bowling. "also, we have to improve our batting performances; we couldn't chase the target down easily." While Pakistan's victory-margin was ultimately comfortable, they lost a wicket off the first ball of their innings when Mohammad Hafeez shouldered arms to a Bhuvneshwar kumar inswinger. From


indian batsman Virat kohli was on sunday rendered a doubtful starter for the second One-Day international (ODi) against Pakistan to be held in kolkata on thursday after he suffered a foot injury in the first match at Chennai. kohli suffered the injury while bowling the 41st over of Pakistan's run chase. His backfoot slipped in the delivery stride and he landed on his knees. He limped off the field and suresh Raina finished off the last ball of the over. the Board of Control for Cricket in india (BCCi) said kohli's condition will be monitored and a decision on his availability for the second ODi will be taken over the next couple of days. "Virat kohli, who sustained a foot injury while bowling in the first airtel ODi against Pakistan at Chennai earlier today, underwent an MRi scan after the game," BCCi secretary sanjay Jagdale said in a release. "all his major ligaments are fine. there is minimal injury fluid in his knee. He will recover after treatment. His condition will be monitored, and a decision on whether he will play the second airtel ODi at kolkata on 3 January 2013, will be taken over the next couple of days," the release said.

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

Dubai to London ever since gunmen shot dead eight people and wounded seven sri Lankan players in an audacious attack near the stadium in Lahore in March 2009. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Zaka ashraf said on December 22 that that their Bangladeshi counterparts had confirmed that the tour was definitely on. However Hassan said that Bangladesh had now informed the Pakistan board of its change of heart. "We've sent a letter to Pakistan three days ago explaining our position. We've decided to wait and see," said Hassan. Bangladesh had also agreed to tour Pakistan in april this year but the event was blocked by Dhaka high court.

there on, it was slow and edgy progress for Pakistan, who were 21 for 2 in the 11th over when azhar ali lobbed a catch to midwicket. Opener nasir Jamshed was firm though, batting through the innings for 101 not out, and Younis khan was relatively positive for his 58, ensuring victory. the hosts' top order too had struggled in this, one of the rare day ODis in india. Junaid khan had india reeling with a remarkable spell of swing bowling, in which he bowled Virender sehwag, Virat kohli and Yuvraj singh in the space of eight

balls. Both Misbah and india captain Ms Dhoni said that while it was outstanding bowling, the toss too was important. "it was a good toss to win, but it was an excellent spell by Junaid. there was something for the bowlers but of you don't bowl in the right areas when the ball is seaming, you don't get results," Misbah said. Dhoni agreed: "i think it was the toss to start with. after that they bowled well. When the ball is seaming or swinging, if you pitch it in the right areas it works. "if you see their bowlers, they bowled up which was good. Generally on these kind of wickets there will be temptation to bowl short because there will be bounce and carry, but they made sure they bowled up and left the batsmen in trouble." With india tottering at 29 for 5 in the 10th, suresh Raina and Dhoni began the rebuilding, adding 73 runs. Raina was out short of a half-century but Dhoni, in extremely humid conditions, paced his innings and finished unbeaten. He was 34 off 78 balls without a boundary, got to 50 off 86 and was battling dehydration when he launched, finishing with 113 off 125. the innings won him the Man of the Match award ahead of Jamshed.

mcGrath to be inducted into icc cricket Hall of fame DUBAI AGeNCIeS

the international Cricket Council today announced that former australia bowler Glenn McGrath will be inducted into the iCC Cricket Hall of Fame on 4 January 2013 during the lunch interval of the third test match between australia and sri Lanka in sydney. McGrath becomes the 68th male member of the Hall of Fame and joins fellow 2012-13 inductees West indian Brian Lara and England’s Enid Bakewell in being recognized by the iCC and the living members of the Hall of Fame. While Lara and Bakewell were inducted in september at the LG iCC awards, McGrath will be inducted at his home ground of the sCG. a fourth and final inductee of 2012-13 will be announced next summer. McGrath, who represented australia in 124 test matches between 1993 and 2007 claiming 563 test wickets at an average of 21.64, and he is still taken more test wickets than any other seam bowler currently in the game or retired. He also represented australia in 250 ODis, claiming 381 wickets at an average of 22.02 and was part of the australian side that won three successive iCC Cricket World Cups – 1999, 2003 and 2007 and he still holds the record with the most wickets in iCC Cricket World Cup competitions, with 71 scalps and his figures of 7-15 against namibia are the best in the competition’s history.

Pakistan, india teams arrive in Kolkata KOLKATA AGeNCIeS

india skipper Mahendra singh Dhoni, coach Duncan Fletcher, all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, ashok Dinda and Mohammad shami arrived today along with the Pakistani contingent for the second One-Day-international slated for January 3. the remaining team india players will arrive in batches tomorrow, CaB sources said. the players arrived by a chartered flight from Chennai and were taken to the team hotel amidst tight security. they will remain at the hotel and will be busy with private parties to usher in the new Year.the teams are slated to practice at the Eden Gardens tomorrow afternoon, the local manager said.

Afridi loses cool over Pakistan journalist's question LAHORE STAFF RePORT

Dashing Pakistan opener imran nazir has advised all-rounder shahid afridi to take a break from international cricket to recover his confidence and form. "there is no doubt that shahid bhai is going through a bad patch and his luck is also not good. i have not seen such a long bad patch for any player," nazir said. afridi was recently dropped by the national selectors for the one-day series in india. they were hopes that if he performed well in the two t20 matches he would be retained for the one-day series as well but after a sluggish performance in both games he returned home luckless on saturday. the former Pakistan captain has been going through a rough patch in batting and bowling in recent months and the biggest debate in Pakistani cricket circles is now about his future as an international player. "i have no doubt that shahid bhai can still play for a couple of years but right now i would say he needs to take a break," nazir, himself dropped from the national team after the t20 World Cup, said. "i think he is taking too much pres-

sure on himself and it is not helping his confidence. He should take a break from the game, work on his basics and come back fresh for a new stint," nazir said in a television interview. "i think Pakistan definitely needs him but not in this form. His energy and enthusiasm is important for the team and he needs to get it back," nazir said.

Pakistan's experienced all-rounder abdul Razzaq also backed afridi, insisting that he should have been retained for the one-day series. Razzaq, who was also dropped for the t20 and ODi series against india, said that afridi's experience was still invaluable to the team and he needed to be given some confidence.

Meanwhile, afridi got into a argument with a journalist at the airport on returning from india after taking part in the t20 international series. afridi lost his cool when a television reporter asked him a somewhat stinging question: "aap nay chaka lagaya aur phir thos hogaya (you hit a six and than deflated)." the former Pakistani captain reacted angrily and said that the journalist needed to be careful with his questions. "aap ko apni umar ka khyal karma chaiya aur is kisim kay sawaal nahi karnay chaiya. (You should think of your age and should not have asked this kind of questions.) aap ko kya pata t20 cricket ka ab zamana badal gaya hai ussi tara khelna parta hai. (What do you know about t20 cricket, we have to play like that only)," retorted afridi. the all-rounder, who was not retained for the ODi series against india came out of the airport terminal building in a hurry and asked the reporters to ask their questions quickly. as afridi got into the argument with the reporter, television channels showed a somewhat bemused sohail tanvir standing behind him and looking on.

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Sports 16

PCB reacts sternly to Bangladesh refusal LAHORE



nFURiatED PCB Chairman Zaka ashraf has shown his frustration by expressing displeasure at the Bangladesh Cricket Board's (BCB) decision to put on hold their proposed tour of Pakistan for the second time. He reacted aggressively, saying that Pakistan will 'reconsider' its bilateral ties with Bangladesh after the BCB, once again, backed down from going ahead with the tour. Pakistan, he said, will not sacrifice their interests for those who do not honour their words. ashraf as quoted by Cricinfo said, he had not forced Bangladesh to tour. "if they don't want to come its their own decision and we didn't force them," Zaka said. Bangladesh, he said, had confirmed the tour to the PCB and the iCC,

everton's coleman signs new long-term contract LONDON : Everton defender seamus Coleman has signed a new five-and-a-half year contract, the Premier League club said on Monday. the ireland international joined Everton in 2009 from sligo Rovers and has made 49 appearances for the club. "i'm over the moon," the right back said on the club website ( "i'm glad to get it all done and to sign for so long at a club like Everton is a great achievement - i want to be here for as long as possible."AGeNCIeS

everton boss moyes sorry over ref confrontation LONDON: Everton manager David Moyes has apologised to referee Howard Webb for confronting him to question a decision at the end of his team's 2-1 defeat to Chelsea on sunday. "it is a hard job the referees have. i was wrong to do that," Moyes told the BBC. "i thought it was a free kick on Leon Osman on the edge of the box in the 92nd minute by (Frank) Lampard and he didn't give it," he added. "i've apologised to Howard Webb afterwards because i shouldn't do that coming off the pitch." Manchester United manager alex Ferguson was criticised for his outburst at referee Mike Dean during his team's 4-3 win over newcastle United last week. the United boss was fuming after Dean awarded newcastle's second goal, over-ruling his assistant who had flagged for offside. AGeNCIeS

"three times and still they backed off. now their own reputation is at stake. if they don't want to respect their bilateral relationship then we will also respond in a same manner." the most immediate consequences of this breakdown of relations between the two boards over the controversial tour, will be felt at the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) which will begin on January 18. the BPL is clashing with the Quaid-e-azam trophy, Pakistan's leading first-class event. Reports suggested that the PCB is unlikely to release most of the top cricketers for the BPL. "We will take a principled stance on BPL," ashraf said, "but one thing is sure our players might not be free as we are making our own arrangements from next year." He said that PCB-related commitments may occupy most of the players' time and that, "they may not be

bothered for other things." the PCB has begun its preparations for an impending tour after getting a positive response from the BCB. tenders had gone out, inviting sponsorship bids for a series title sponsor, two co-sponsors and in-stadia advertising rights for two international matches (one ODi and one t20). the PCB has also moved the domestic first-class Quaid-e-azam matches, scheduled between January 7 and 22 away from the Gaddafi stadium in Lahore to accommodate the proposed matches against Bangladesh. ashraf said, it was "almost confirmed" that Bangladesh would tour Pakistan, but found it "strange" that they had pulled out from their commitment. the PCB's efforts to revive international cricket in Pakistan, according to ashraf, was on track. "soon we will manage to get a better team to tour Pakistan than Bangladesh."

new Zealand face South african mountain to climb


italian top-flight soccer team as Roma hopes to be playing in its own brand-new stadium in four years' time as the lossmaking club seeks to raise its profile and boost revenue. as Roma's plan comes after Juventus, currently top of serie a, became the first top italian club to own its own ground having built a 41,000-seat stadium instead of relying on the stadio delle alpi which it had to share with torino. such purpose-built modern facilities could help italy in any future bid to host either a World Cup or European Championship. as Roma said on its web site the stadium, which will be privately financed and located in the southwest of the city, will have a seating capacity of between 55,000 and 60,000. "it's been a long process but from the new ownership point of view we've been working on it for the last year. it shows our belief in italy and the italian economy," Roma President James Pallotta said in a comment. as Roma, currently sixth in serie a, alternates with cross-city rival ss Lazio in borrowing the publicly-owned stadio Olimpico venue for its games. Public ownership of stadiums is common in italy but leaves clubs unable to modernise their facilities and make money from mega-stores and restaurants, as do the likes of Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

redknapp confident QPr will avoid the drop


new Zealand have done absolutely nothing to suggest they can upset south africa in the first test of the twomatch series beginning at newlands on Wednesday - and that may be their greatest weapon. not for generations have expectations been lower before a test series. the hosts hold a commanding fivepoint lead at the top of the world Rankings while new Zealand languish in eighth place, ahead only of Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. the last time the Black Caps were in south africa, in november 2007, they were humiliated in both test matches, failing to reach 200 in four innings and losing by margins of 358 runs and an innings and 59 runs. south africa fast bowler Dale steyn began his ascent to the top of the world bowling rankings by taking 20 wickets at a little over 10 runs apiece. steyn is still top of the world rankings but now he has two team mates for company in the top 10, Vernon Philander in second place and Morne Morkel in sixth. new Zealand's 38year-old seamer Chris Martin is the leading kiwi in 17th place. a look at the batting rankings is even more bleak for the touring side. not only do south africa have another three men (Hashim amla, Jacques kallis and aB de Villiers) ranked in the top 10 - with Graeme smith at number 13 - but the tourists have just one, and

italy's aS roma plans new stadium for 2016 season


he is not on the tour. the saga of Ross taylor's embarrassing sacking as captain is still haunting the management team and further holes in the firstchoice Xi have been created by injuries to all-rounders Daniel Vettori and tim southee. But filled they will be, and by men who will take to the crease with bat or ball in the knowledge that even the optimism of their closest friends and family will be based more on hope than expectation. the same cannot be said of the home side. such is the weight of expectation on them that one suspects they cannot satisfy it. Certainly, victory alone will not suffice. south africa fans have not seen their test team on home soil in 2012 and they are expecting to see them now in all their glory.

Coach Gary kirsten, understandably, has tried to play down those expectations. "the success of our team in 2012 was based on the fact that we remained humble in our play, we never took any situation or any team for granted," kirsten told reporters. "We made sure that our preparation was spot on and that, when we got into test match time, we set up solid foundations to give ourselves the best chance of success. We will treat this series no differently." the Proteas need to win both matches simply to maintain their lead in the test championship. a drawn series would see them lose ground to second-placed England while an unlikely defeat would drop them to second.

Queens Park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp is confident his side will escape relegation despite a 3-0 defeat to Liverpool on sunday that left the west Londoners rooted to the foot of the Premier League. QPR have won only once this season and are now eight points from safety with a run of testing fixtures looming. Chelsea, tottenham Hotspur and champions Manchester City are three of their next four Premier League opponents. "i still think we'll get out of trouble because i will get one or two (new signings) in, and there are some good lads here as well," Redknapp said on the club's website ( QPR replaced former manager Mark Hughes with Redknapp in november but there has been no drastic improvement in results. they were woefully short of defensive nous against Liverpool, handing top scorer Luis suarez the freedom of the field in an erratic first 16 minutes when the Uruguayan scored twice. Club owner tony Fernandes said on his twitter site it had been a "woeful performance".

Man City draw on recent memory for New Year title fight LONDON AGeNCIeS

Champions Manchester City go into 2013 facing a daunting seven-point deficit on Premier League leaders Manchester United and a testing encounter against stubborn stoke City on tuesday. Roberto Mancini's side ended the year which delivered their first Premier League title with a gritty 4-3 triumph over norwich City, proving their highprofile players also have the mettle for a fight. it is early days in the long title runin but United, who travel to Wigan athletic on new Year's Day, are traditionally strong in the second half of the campaign. Mancini, however, does not need to trawl the memory banks too far for inspiration as United threw away an eightpoint advantage with only six games left to play last season. "We showed we are there for the

title," Mancini said after his team displayed their steely core to beat norwich despite samir nasri's sending-off just before halftime. "We won't leave this title easily and will fight every game. With 10 players the guys were fantastic. For us, now it is not important to look at the table. "We only need to work, to win as many games in a row as we can, and maybe in February we will look again at the table." stoke's trench-warfare approach may not win many plaudits from the aesthetically minded but they will certainly provide City with a physical challenge. they are one of the Premier League's most resilient teams and have gone 10 matches without defeat after clawing back from 3-1 down to draw 3-3 with southampton on saturday. they are far from the league's best travellers, however, having won only

once away from home all season, and will be without suspended midfielder steven n'Zonzi. United, who kept a clean sheet for the first time in seven matches in the 2-0 win over West Bromwich albion on saturday, should be able to call on defensive reinforcements in Phil Jones and Rafael for the trip to Wigan. Jones missed last week's victory over newcastle United after picking up a knock in the draw at swansea last weekend, while Rafael has not featured since the Manchester derby this month because of a hamstring strain. United's 1-0 defeat at Wigan late last season was a major factor in their failure to win the title but it was their first Premier League loss to their north-west neighbours in 16 matches. two teams enjoying a renaissance following midseason wobbles are arsenal and Chelsea who have both won their last four league games.

laHore: Shaheen butt holds the Home child, which drew sixth win of the season, upset favourite little baby at the lahore race club. bab Jee came second while little baby was third.

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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Maria Sharapova said 2012 had been the most memorable year of her career after her victory at the French Open and carrying russia's flag at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. "A lot of things came together," she said in Brisbane on Monday. "It was the grand slam that was going to take a little bit longer than the others for me. "I knew that physically I needed a few extra years to get stronger to move more efficiently on that surface," she said of her win on the French clay. "The Olympic experience was one that I'll never forget because it was my first time being an Olympian. I was the first russian female athlete to carry the flag for my country, so it was very emotional. It was such an incredible experience." Sharapova, competing in this week's Brisbane International tournament, said there was more depth in women's tennis than at any stage of her 12-year career. "It's much more physical than it has been," she said. "Maybe five years ago you go into a tournament and you would treat the first couple of rounds as, you know, not as a warm-up, but you don't have to go into the first round thinking, okay, this is where I really have to

Petkovic out of australian open

play my best tennis. "Now it's certainly much different because you can be facing an opponent that's had good results, beaten top players, hasn't been consistent enough but is a really tough, tough player. "The inconsistency obviously shows that their ranking is not high enough, therefore you're facing them in the first few rounds. "It is a much stronger sport. And also with technology and racquets and improvements of all the things we have. There are so many things in tennis that in other sports you don't consider: the balls, the racquets, the strings. That changes yearly." World No. 1 Victoria Azarenka, who will defend her Australian Open title in Melbourne, labelled this the toughest era in the history of the women's game. "I truly believe women's tennis is the highest competition right now," she said. "We have a lot of girls who any given day can win a title and beat each other. "That's very exciting for the public to see and it's exciting for us, the players. "It gives an extra motivation to know that I have to work hard because if I don't, there is somebody that's going to take my spot. For me personally, I have a lot of excitement for women's competition because I know that I always have to be there."

Wozniacki bundled out of brisbane International

early auckland exits for Zheng, Kuznetsova




Luckless andrea Petkovic has been ruled out of the australian Open after suffering a knee injury in the Hopman Cup - and created an unusual piece of tennis history. With no German players available to take her place in the team, she is expected to be replaced by Donna Vekic of Croatia, the first time in the 25 years of Hopman Cup that a player has been asked to represent a nation other than their own. the German had powered into the top 10 in the world last year when she suffered back and ankle injuries which forced her out of action for seven months, her ranking tumbling to 126 as a result. she had to retire after winning the first set of her match in Perth against australia's ashleigh Barty, and scans have revealed she has ruptured her meniscus which means a month of recuperation and no trip to Melbourne. "i had an MRi this morning and they found out it is a rupture of the medium meniscus," Petkovic said. "they don't know yet if they have to trim it. if they do it will be fine and i will only be out for a month. i could probably be playing already after two weeks, hitting balls. that would be really great. "if they have to sew it up again it will take two to three months, but nonetheless i'm quite relieved that it wasn't the anterior cruciate ligament as it was a very similar pain and symptoms to 2008 when i had my aCL torn in australia. "My team and i are able to take it as tragically funny. People are strange and actually get used to chaos in their life, and i got used to a lot of mess this year. "Every bad thing that could happen has happened to me so there's nothing there to surprise me anymore. i'm just hoping i can have a quick recovery."

tuesday, 1 January, 2013


aROLinE Wozniacki's preparations for the australian Open were in tatters on Monday after she was bundled out of the Brisbane international by kazakhstan's world no. 103 ksenia Pervak. Wozniacki's defeat completed a disastrous 12 months in which the Dane relinquished the no. 1 ranking and failed to threaten at any of the major championships. the world no. 10 started strongly but wilted as Pervak, a 21-year-old qualifier on the comeback trail from a serious pelvic injury, committed 61 unforced errors but still completed a 2-6 6-3 7-6 (71) victory for her first win against a top 10 player. "Had a lot of long rallies and a lot of even games, and it just didn't go my way," she said. "Obviously it's tough to lose 7-6 in the third. it was a tough match. Could have gone both ways. she just went for it and it went in for her. Hopefully i can get some more matches in sydney and be more prepared for Melbourne." Wozniacki said knee troubles had hampered her during the year.

"You know, i'm still 10 in the world," she said. "Just the most important thing is that you're healthy. i had some struggles with my health. Obviously that makes a difference. "But as long as i'm healthy and i can fight and be competitive, that is the most important thing. "You play the sport you love to do, and obviously it's more fun when you're winning. Right now in these situations it's not so much fun. there is always the next week - i guess that's the good part about

tennis." Wozniacki, sporting a ring on her wedding finger, downplayed speculation she was engaged to the golfer Rory Mcilroy, who was among the spectators on Monday. "it was a Christmas present and it fit on this finger," she said. "i put it on, and all of a sudden i hear that i'm engaged. i'm not. it's already twice we've had to shut down engagement rumours. "Don't worry, we will let you know if that time happens. We're just taking one day at a time."

djokovic fine despite injury scare


novak Djokovic was given a fitness scare in the build-up to his australian Open defence at the Hopman Cup.

the serbian limped away from court following his singles win over andreas seppi, with a railing falling on his leg while he signed autographs for fans. the 25-year-old recovered sufficiently to partner ana ivanovic in the dou-

bles, though, as his country beat italy 3-1 on day three of the tournament in Perth. it capped a hectic day for Djokovic, who was a late arrival on the west coast after winning an exhibition event in abu Dhabi. He still beat seppi 6-3 6-4, even if he admitted to not being entirely present on court. "i arrived quite late last night and didn't get a lot of hours of sleep and i felt like i was dream-walking," he said after the match. "i broke the ice after the first set and felt a little bit better." With ivanovic having already seen off Francesca schiavone 60 6-4, the duo then saw off their counterparts 6-0 6-4. the australian Open starts on January 14, with Rafael nadal, who Djokovic beat in this year's final, having already withdrawn citing illness.


Defending champion Zheng Jie and former world number two svetlana kuznetsova were knocked out of the auckland Classic in the first round on Monday. Zheng raced to a 3-0 lead before losing 13 of the next 16 games to go down 7-5 6-1 to american Jamie Hampton. the Chinese fourth seed followed in the footsteps of Hungarian Greta arn, who crashed out in the first round last year after winning the previous edition. kuznetsova, returning from a knee injury, lost 6-7(5) 6-2 7-5 to unseeded Dutch player kiki Bertens. the Russian, twice a grand slam winner, prevailed in a tense tie-break to win the first set, then took an extended break for a foot injury after losing the second before Bertens won the deciding set.

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Sports 18 QataR oPen tennis

Rafa is the talk of the town DOHA


Van Gerwen, taylor reach final LADBROKES AGeNCIeS

Michael van Gerwen will face 15-time champion Phil taylor in the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship final. Van Gerwen went going agonisingly close to historic back-to-back nine-dart finishes in his semi-final win over James Wade. Van Gerwen was leading three sets to one but trailing 2-0 in the fifth set when he produced a perfect leg, matching the achievement of Dean Winstanley earlier in the tournament. the Dutchman hit a maximum 180, 177 and then finished 144 on double 12 to send the alexandra Palace crowd wild. and the fans were still on their feet moments later when the speedy right-hander hit two more maximums to start the next leg and narrowly missed double 12 for a checkout on 141. Remarkably, Van Gerwen did not even win the set, with Englishman Wade holding his nerve to win the fifth leg and reduce his deficit. the left-hander won the next set as well to make it 3-3, but Van Gerwen regained his composure to open up a 5-3 lead and looked set to seal the win when he needed 52 to win the ninth set. However, he hit single five instead of 12 and ended up missing his only dart at double 20, allowing Wade in to make it 5-4. Wade was unable to take further advantage though, Van Gerwen racing through the next set 3-0 to complete a hardfought 6-4 victory and set up a final with taylor, who also beat Raymond van Barneveld 6-4 after letting slip a four-set lead. "it was unbelievable," Van Gerwen said. "it was a very difficult game for me because Wade is a very slow player and i had not beaten him on tV, but it was a nice one to win." asked about attempting to hit his second nine-dart finish, Van Gerwen added on sky sports 1: "i was very concentrated, thinking 'Just carry on' because i was 2-1 down in the set and i still lost it, but it's not about nine-dart finishes, it's about winning games. "it's nice to be in the final of the World Championships." the second semi-final between taylor and Van Barneveld appeared to be turning into a damp squib as taylor cruised to a 5-1 lead.


HE news at the Qatar Open was less about the tennis than about whether or if Rafael nadal would be back in action on the tennis court. Both top seeds, David Ferrer and Richard Gasquet were optimistic that nadal would be back soon and playing at his best. Both are his close friends. Gasquet competed against him in the juniors and Ferrer is a Davis Cup team mate. nadal even went out of his way to support Gasquet during his troubles with the dope testers. there are all sorts of rumours flying around regarding nadal, some of which bear a veiled reference to Yannick noah’s accusations of a year ago. But the fact is that nadal’s hustling counter attacking style, with his knees having to constantly stop and start on the unforgiving hard courts, might just be too much for Raffa to stand. He might just continue to play on the more forgiving red European clay with a foray at Wimbledon. He is arguably the best clay court player ever and would be the man to beat at the French, which he has won seven times. Wimbledon might be a bridge too far. Look for nadal to add

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Jimenez out for several months after breaking leg MADRID AGeNCIeS

a French Open or two before sitting back to enjoy the spoils of his career. Rafael nadal is a huge star and the value of his presence on the tour cannot be overstated, as Gasquet and Ferrer were at pains to point out. the championships open today, with Ferrer playing a qualifier. Ferrer has just finished the best season of his career but in an interview, was very modest about

his prospects for 2013, saying that he hoped to be in the top 10 at the end of the year. Gasquet was looking to win a few matches before the first major of the year, the australian Open. He said that the Qatar Open was one of the best events on the atP calendar. Judging from the organisation and the facilities at the khalifa international tennis Center, he would not be far wrong.

spanish golfer Miguel angel Jimenez will be out of action for at least three months after breaking his leg in a skiing accident on saturday, the European tour said on sunday. "i was skiing in sierra nevada, i lost control and fell," Jimenez was quoted as saying in a tour statement. "i felt a huge stab of pain and i knew straight away i had broken something," he said, adding that he had been operated on at a clinic in his native Malaga. "i broke the top of the tibia in my right leg, just where it meets the knee, and they put in two pins. "it will take three, four or five months to recover and be able to return to competition. i was playing very well but ... these things happen in life." Jimenez, who will be 49 on saturday, was named European tour golfer of the month in november after his victory at the Hong kong Open made him the oldest winner in tour history at 48 years and 318 days. a lover of fine wines and cigars and known for his trademark ponytail, he said he had become a keen skier some years ago and was well aware of the risks.

Honours controversy rumbles on LONDON AGeNCIeS

Former sports minister Gerry sutcliffe claims "a big mistake" was made in the division of the new Year Honours between Olympians and Paralympians. Paralympic cyclist sarah storey became a dame after winning four gold medals at London 2012, while cyclist Bradley Wiggins and sailor Ben ainslie were knighted. there was one CBE for a Paralympian - wheelchair athlete David Weir - and four for Olympians in katherine Grainger, Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Victoria Pendleton. Labour MP sutcliffe, who is chair of the all Party Parliamentary Group on Disability sport, told BBC Radio 4's the World this Weekend programme that opportunities were missed. Equestrian dressage rider Lee Pearson, who received a CBE in the 2009 new Year Honours list, told the independent on sunday he believed he had a strong case for a knighthood after landing his 10th Paralympic gold at the London Games Pearson said: "Obviously 10 gold, one

silver and one bronze just isn't enough. i'm disappointed because i do feel i've given a lot to Paralympic sport and equestrianism." Weir has also suggested Paralympians have to work harder to earn recognition than their non-disabled counterparts. sutcliffe said: "i can understand Lee. For the sake of a couple of knighthoods and perhaps one or two more higher awards, there's been a lost opportunity because we

want to make sure we maintain this progress for the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio in 2016. "Clearly it leaves a sour taste if people like David Weir and Lee feel they could have been better treated and i think they're probably right on this occasion. "if you remember, at the start of the year there was confusion over whether the Olympians and Paralympians would get

honours; the committee said that it was unlikely. "We managed to get them to change their mind and have a separate category for the Olympians and Paralympians. "But i do think they've made a big mistake by not recognising Paralympians like David Weir. "they haven't been forgotten, but there was also an opportunity to be consistent and if you look at David Weir's record over many Olympics the very least i think he should have got is a knighthood. "the whole purpose of the Games was to inspire a generation and what better way to inspire a generation of Paralympians than to give somebody a knighthood." sophie Christiansen, who won three London 2012 Paralympic gold medals in dressage, questioned whether Pearson who won three golds at the sydney Games and then repeated the feat in athens and Beijing - should receive a knighthood after adding just one further title in London. Christiansen, who was made an OBE, said: "i really think they're going about it the right way, because i'm only 25 and have so much more to give in order to be honoured in such a way.


Derry Mathews admits a rematch with Anthony Crolla is top of his wish list as he targets more memorable fights in 2013. Mathews halted Crolla in a thrilling battle to claim the British title in April, but he also suffered defeats to Emiliano Marsili, Gavin rees and Terry Flannigan in a rollercoaster last 12 months for the Merseysider. The busy lightweight signed off with two stoppage wins and is targeting a string of return bouts, starting with Mancunian Crolla. Crolla's recent English title win put him back on a collision course with Mathews and the Liverpudlian would also relish a

clash with Scottish world champion ricky Burns after rejecting the chance to face him at late notice this month. "The lads I really want to fight next year are Anthony Crolla, Emiliano Marsili, Terry Flannigan and ricky Burns," he told the Liverpool Echo. "I owe Crolla a rematch, I want to see what I will be like against Marsili with Danny Vaughan in my corner and I would love to test myself against Burns. "The Flannigan fight is to put the record straight for Prizefighter and to see what he's like over 10 rounds." Mathews was reunited with old trainers Danny and George Vaughan for the Crolla fight and he believes the duo have breathed

fresh life into his career. "I knew that if I was going to take this fight then I needed to make a change from the last camp," he said. "So, before accepting it I spoke to Danny and said the only way I would accept it is if he trained me. "he said 'I live in Scotland now so you'll have to pack your bags'. he said I would have to live with him for six or seven weeks. "I knew I had to do it because this really was last chance saloon for me. It was make or break because if I had lost to Anthony Crolla then I would have retired. "But it has given me a new lease of life and having Danny and George in my corner when I won that night was the highlight of my year."

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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19 ECP in a fix over same day elections g

elections for national, provincial assemblies may be held on separate dates ISLAMABAD



HE Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is in confusion over fixing the date for conducting the forthcoming general elections for national assembly and provincial assemblies simultaneously. as Punjab assembly will be dissolved 22 days after the dissolution of the national assembly, which provides no room to the ECP to complete necessary arrangement for holding elections, as a minimum 45 days are required for schedule and eight for logistic arrangements. the national assembly will complete its tenure on March 16 and as per elections laws, the ECP is bound to conduct election within 60 days after the completion of the assembly tenure. sources in the ECP told Pakistan Today that under the law, the ECP could not dissolve any provincial assembly before its prescribed time, april 8. “We will send a request to the Punjab chief minister to dissolve the assembly a couple of week before its scheduled time. in case the chief minister refuses to do so, we have to hold elections for na and provincial assemblies on separate dates,” the source added. the source said there could also be a problem for other provincial assemblies as the kP assembly would complete its five-year tenure on March 27, sindh assembly on april 4,

Balochistan assembly on april 6 and Punjab assembly on april 8. the source said in sindh and Balochistan provincial assemblies, the PPP had its own government, while the PPP enjoyed a coalition government in kP. “so the federal government could dissolve these assemblies any time, but the Punjab assembly could be a major hurdle in this regard,” he said. talking to Pakistan Today ECP secretary ishtiak ahmed said polls for general elections on national assembly and provincial assemblies’ seats would be held on the same day, however, “under the law, these election may be held on different dates”. He refuted a tV channel report that quoted him as saying that the ECP would hold elections for national assembly and provincial assembly seats on different dates. another sources said that Representation of People act provided room to the ECP to hold elections for na and provincial assemblies on separate dates. article 25 of the said act reads: “Polls for a general election for an assembly shall be held on the same day and the polls for national assembly seats and the Provincial assembly seats may be held simultaneously: Provided that, if the Commission is satisfied that polls cannot take place in a constituency on account of a natural calamity or for any other reason beyond its control, the Commission may fix another day for holding the poll in that constituency.”

while asfandyar seeks talks with taliban, Malik wants them to drop weapons first PESHAWAR AGeNCIeS

awami national Party (anP) chief asfandyar Wali khan on Monday said the government should hold talks with the taliban and other avenues should be explored if dialogue did not resolve the problem, as interior Minister Rehman Malik said the government would hold negotiations with the taliban only if they renounced violence. addressing a gathering held in the memory of Bashir Biliour, asfandyar said the centre of ter-

rorism was Fata, which was in the jurisdiction of the federal government. He said the anP could only play a role in the dialogue process with the taliban when they were given the authority. Meanwhile, interior Minister Malik told reporters in islamabad that action would be taken if the ttP continued on its path of violence. “the ttP has given no response regarding renouncing violence. When a reply is received, all stakeholders will be consulted and the nation’s emotions will be taken into consideration before implementing any policy regarding the ttP,” Malik said.

RAWALPINDI: As the world celebrates the New Year, citizens in this garrison city wait in a queue to get petrol from a filling station on Monday, the last day of year 2012. InP

sC orders ‘operation Get sadiq’ apex court gives iGPs two days to arrest and bring back former oGra chief from nepal



Expressing displeasure over the information provided by the Punjab inspector general of police that there was a strong possibility that former Oil and Gas Regulatory authority (OGRa) chairman tauqir sadiq had fled to nepal, the supreme Court on Monday directed the national accountability Bureau (naB) and three iGPs to ensure sadiq’s arrest and present him before the court by January 2 (tomorrow). the displeasure was expressed by a two-member bench of the apex court headed by Justice Jawwad s khawaja during the hearing of the case of implementation of a court order to arrest the former OGRa chief. Earlier, Punjab iGP Haji Habibur Rehman informed the bench that a special police team was making all out efforts to arrest sadiq, but according to his information, sadiq had fled to nepal on a fake passport where his two daughters were already residing, despite the fact that his name was put on the Exit Control List (ECL).

Matiullah Agha elected Balochistan Assembly speaker bnP-a lawmaker Dr fauzia marri becomes first woman deputy speaker of provincial assembly



Jamiat Ulema-e-islam-Fazl (JUi-F) lawmaker Matiullah agha was elected unanimously as the Balochistan assembly speaker on Monday. On December 31, the Balochistan High Court (BHC) allowed elections for the new speaker during the hearing of a petition filed by former speaker aslam Bhootani against his removal through a no-confidence motion. Balochistan assembly Deputy speaker Dr Fauzia Marri conducted the assembly session. agha, who has served as deputy speaker, was elected speaker unopposed. Later, Fozia Marri administered oath from agha. the slot of speaker had fallen vacant on December 26 with the oust-

QUeTTA: Dr Fauzia Marri, the first woman deputy speaker of the Balochistan Assembly, talks to reporters after her unanimous election on Monday. InP ing of aslam Bhootani through a unanimous no-trust resolution. the JUi-F and the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid – two major coalition partners of the Balochistan government – were in the race for the speakership. the PML-Q, to which Bhootani belonged, is the largest coalition

partner with 19 members in the assembly followed by the Pakistan People’s Party with 15 members. Later, speaking to media, Balochistan Chief Minister aslam Raisani said that the speaker’s election was not insult of the court. He said that the assembly would conduct re-election if the court would give

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

stay order against the speaker’s election. Raisani said they are faithful with democracy, adding that the rest of democratic institutes should learn from the Balochistan assembly. Earlier, the Balochistan High Court (BHC) had allowed the speaker’s election. a two-member bench comprising Justice Jamal khan Mandokhel and Justice noor Muhammad resumed the hearing over a petition filed by the former speaker against his removal. separately, Dr Fauzia Marri of the Balochistan national Partyawami (BnP-a) was elected deputy speaker unopposed. the assembly session for the election of the Deputy speaker was chaired by speaker Matiullah agha. speaker agha declared Dr Fauzia Marri elected unopposed, saying that no other candidate had contested for the slot. He congratulated Dr Fauzia on her success, which he said, would be a good omen for the province. speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister aslam Raisani felicitated Dr Fauzia and said that it was for the first time in the history of the province that a woman was elected deputy speaker. Editor: Arif Nizami

the iG also submitted a report in the court, stating that a joint team had been sent to nepal to arrest sadiq. the court expressed its surprise over the possibility of issuance of a fake passport to a criminal, observing that it was a very serious disclosure if it was correct. Justice khwaja questioned how sadiq could escape the security despite installation of CCtV cameras at the airport. “the Fia, not police, are deployed at airports,” the iG responded, suggesting that the escape could have been in connivance with federal agencies. the bench enquired about the progress made so far by the joint investigation team into the arrest, to which Rehman stood silent. Justice khwaja said if the anti-terrorism cells of police could not arrest sadiq, how would they apprehend the criminals bigger than him. He remarked that the case against the accused pertained to embezzlement of billions of rupees, but he was not arrested even after all efforts were made by the Federal investigation agency (Fia), national accountability Bureau, police and other law enforcement agencies. islamabad iGP Bani amin, Motorways iGP Zaffar Lak, Fia Director Legal Dr azam and senior officials of the naB and police also appeared before the court and assured the bench of making utmost efforts to arrest sadiq.

eight suspected militants killed in Khyber agency PESHAWAR STAFF RePORT

as many as eight suspected militants were killed and several others were injured in a military offensive in the Maidan area of tirah Valley in khyber agency on Monday. However, the tribesmen believe that 11 people, including two children, were killed when a mortar shell hit a home in the Maidan area of tirah Valley. the official and tribesmen’s claims could not be confirmed independently. Official sources claimed that security forces with the help of fighter jets targeted the suspected hideout of a militant commander in Maidan. the militant commander and his accomplices were involved in abducting and killing of 21 security personnel in Frontier Region Peshawar. the military action was conducted after getting information, sources added. sources also said eight militants were killed and several others were injured. Whereas reports revealed that a mortar shell fired from an unidentified location hit a house. the shell damaged the house and also killed 11 people. the deceased also included two children. the militants from banned Lashkar-e-islam (Li) and banned Lashkar-e-ansar are hiding in the valley. Both the groups are fighting against each others for the last five years. However, Li militants, led by Mangal Bagh, are involved in terrorist acts. the Li, now renamed as Lashkar-e-tauheed, entered into an alliance with local tribesmen to form a peace militia.

tuesday, 1 January, 2013

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e-paper pakistantoday 01st January, 2013  

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