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Thursday, 17 November, 2011

In-laws gift

In lImelIght MuMBAI: bollywood celebrities attend the airtel Superstar awards 2011. afP


Arguably the most popular celebrity of the Pakistani film industry, Reema is on cloud nine these days. Revelling in her wedding celebrations, Reema says that she feels lucky on becoming part of an educated and illustrious family. She has reportedly been gifted a BMW and a bungalow by her inlaws for ‘moon dikhai’. Pre-nuptial festivities began earlier this week. Reema got officially married to Dr Tariq Shahab in Virginia according to US law yesterday, while her nikah and rukhsati will take place tomorrow on November 18.


apple finally trying to fix infuriating ‘autocorrect’ feature


… so your iPhone stops fighting your spelling



Entire websites have sprung up that celebrate the embarrassment and amusement it’s caused, but Apple is now trying to fix the ‘autocorrect’ function on iPhones. The feature is supposed to make texting easier, but all too often it automatically inserts words that give messages entirely cringeworthy or downright rude meanings. The Android auto-correct function is acknowledged as being far superior since it lets users pick out words they want to use. This, apparently, was not lost on Apple, because a developer has unearthed a hidden autocorrect keyboard bar in iOS 5 that works in a similar way. Sonny Dickson, who describes himself as a ‘tech enthusiast’, found the as yet un-released feature lurking in the operating system’s code, which he explains can be switched on using a simple hack. Its presence means that Apple is probably testing it before setting it live. However, the day when the new text function comes online is likely to be viewed as a sad one by many users, such is the entertainment value of the current autocorrect.


Deepika on weight loss regime for

‘Race 2’ MUMbaI: Her tattoos have always been a topic of discussion. but for the first time, Deepika Padukone’s weight has made headlines, thanks to directors abbas-Mustan. a source informed Mumbai Mirror that the duo has asked the actress to shed 4-5kg for her role in their sequel to the 2008 thriller ‘race’. according to the source, the directors’ demands come in light of the fact that Deepika’s costumes in the film require her to sport a leaner structure. and so, Deepika has reportedly conceded to their demand and has joined a pilates class to tone her body. The source explained, “ ‘race 2’ went on floors last week. However major portions of Deepika’s scenes have been allotted in the film’s second schedule, which will take place next year. In the film, she has to don short, ultra-glam dresses, and so, she needs to lose weight. She has since been regulating her diet.” a friend of Deepika said, “It is Deepika’s decision to lose 4-5 kg. Deepika is very excited to don the ultra glam clothes in ‘race 2’ and she knows that she needs to tone her body further to meet the requirements of the role.” MIRRoR

LoNDoN: Jennifer aniston, who is upset at being portrayed as a “homewrecker”, is said to have had an “emotional heart-to-heart with her beau Justin Theroux’s ex-girlfriend Heidi bivens. after many unsuccessful relationships, the 42-year-old actress finally found love with her ‘wanderlust’ co-star, but there has been ongoing ambiguity over when exactly their relationship started and when the actor split from his long-term love bivens. according to grazia magazine, in a bid to set the record straight, aniston met with the costume designer in a New York hotel last week and assured her that she never got together with Theroux until he was single. “Jen has always been sympathetic to Heidi because she’s heard from Justin just how devastated she is about their breakup,” the Daily Mail quoted a source as saying. “but Jen has always been adamant that their relationships did not cross over,” the source said. with the 40-year-old actor absent, the two women reportedly met at a hotel and talked over a glass of wine. AGenCIeS

ANJANA SHUKHANI MuMBAI: well, looks like the ladies might have to wait a bit longer before ricky bahl aka ranveer Singh sweeps them off their feet. release of bollywood sensation ranveer’s next ‘Ladies vs ricky bahl’ might get delayed as the top bosses of Yash raj films are not happy with the way this film has turned out eventually. buzz has it that Yash Chopra himself isn’t too pleased with certain romantic scenes featuring ranveer and anushka Sharma. Sharing bits, a source said, “Yash ji is a stickler for perfection and he has asked his team to reshoot some portions of the film shot in goa. a last minute meeting was held at the studios and aditya Chopra has been asked to look into the changes. He is a filmmaker with a vision, his suggestions can never be ignored.” The promos of ‘Ladies vs ricky bahl’ are already on air and the Yash raj project was set to release on December 8. The unit had already begun preparing for the promotional tours but all plans went haywire when some top Yrf officials saw the film. but, now that the film hasn’t been able to impress the top boss himself, there are reports ranveer has to gear up for a reshoot, which might push the release date a few weeks ahead. ZeeneWS

E-paper Pakistantoday Karachi 17th Nov, 2011  
E-paper Pakistantoday Karachi 17th Nov, 2011