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saturday, 22 september, 2012 Dhual-Qi’da 4, 1433

Love for ProPhet (PBUh) raLLies tUrn vioLent across the coUntry foUr PoLicemen among 23 dead, over 150 injUred chUrch torched, cinemas BUrnt, Banks and vehicLes vandaLized as Protests tUrn deadLy KARACHI/LAHORE/PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD Tariq Habib/SHamim SHaHid/rana Haider

wenty three people dead. More than 150 injured. A church, several police and private vehicles and cinema houses torched. Banks and shops looted and vandalized. Infrastructure worth millions of rupees damaged. All in the name of a religion that preaches peace and tolerance and shuns violence. Friday’s protests across the country against the blasphemous anti-Islam film, which has already set the Muslim world on fire, were a far cry from how followers of the religion of peace ought to react. As the nation went ahead with marking the youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (SAw), horrific incidents of violence, arson and sabotage were reported from across the country throughout the day. the calls for peaceful demonstrations from the government, political and religious leaders apparently fell on deaf ears, as the countrymen up in protests for a sacred cause resisted no evil temptation of acting like an unruly mob.


KARACHI worst reports came from Karachi, where 18 people, including four policemen, an SHO among them, were killed and a church reportedly vandalized besides other acts of violence that appeared meager in face of the tragic loss of human life and an uncalled for attack on many people’s symbol of faith – an act exactly being protested against by Pakistanis. the protesters reportedly threw stones at a church on Drigh Road but there was no serious damage. Unruly mobs also set ablaze five cinemas, 12 vehicles, including seven police mobile vans,

branches of five private banks, three restaurants and two police checkposts to vent their anger against the hate film. Several political and religious parties, including Jamaat-e-Islami, Majlis-ewahdat-e-Muslimeen, Jamaatud Dawa, Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat, Sunni tehreek and various student organizations took out rallies after Friday prayers and headed towards the US Consulate. Roads leading to the consulate and other foreign properties had already been blocked by placing containers, while all commercial centers and fuel stations remained shut for business. the city’s entry and exit points were also under high security and helicopters were also busy in aerial surveillance, besides deployment of thousands of security personnel. All major rallies converged at PIDC and tried moving forward towards the US consulate. the protesters managed to remove containers placed at PIDC to march towards the US Consulate, forcing police to fire in the air to scare the crowd away. However, the police firing provoked the mob, resulting in violence. twelve vehicles, including four police mobile vans, were set ablaze at PIDC and areas around the US Consulate, and building of three private banks on Shahrah-e-Faisal, three restaurants and two police checkposts near Metropole Hotel were also set on fire. three police vans were also torched outside the Chief Minister’s House. the protesters also targeted fire brigades and ambulances. Other clashes erupted in Sohrab Goth and on the Super Highway. Protests turned violent at Sohrab Goth, Gurumandar and Khudadad Chowrangi when police tried to stop their progress. the first tragedy was reported when three people were injured in firing incidents in Steel town during the clashes between police and protesters.

As the news of clashes spread, more riots erupted in other parts of the city. Angry protesters blocked the national Highway in Karachi, with thousands of protesters coming on to the road and pelting stones at passing vehicles. the first casualty was reported from Sohrab Goth, where a policeman succumbed to injuries. Four protesters and a policeman were injured in clashes at netty Jetty Bridge. the policeman succumbed to injuries on the way to a hospital. Media personnel and rescue workers were also tortured by the protesters, leaving four cameramen injured. eight dead bodies were brought to Jinnah Hospital, four to Civil Hospital and three to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Some of the protesters did not hesitate looting and vandalizing public and private properties as well. A group attacked the mobile phones market in Saddar and looted two shops. Another mob looted a shop at PIDC, as another tried to make away with an AtM. Later at night, a crowd attacked the Mangophir police station, killing a subinspector, and leaving several others injured.

PESHAWAR Protesters in Peshawar and rest of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were no less violent, where eight people, including a driver of a private tV station’s vehicle, were killed and St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Mardan Cantt burnt down during demonstrations. More than 50 others were left slightly or seriously injured. the deaths were caused when police opened fire to stop unruly protesters from violence. earlier, several hundred protesters in Peshawar set ablaze two cinemas and the city’s chamber of commerce and damaged several buildings, shops and vehicles.

Later in the day, tens of thousands of protesters converged at one of the city’s neighborhoods and called for the execution of the hate film’s producer.

LAHORE though no casualties were reported in Lahore, the protests were no less intense. Massive crowds of people gathered at Circular Road, the Mall and other major roads and burnt tyres, chanted anti-US slogans and demanded hanging of the film’s producer. Protesters on the Mall and Garhi Shahu pelted stones at police. Some demonstrators were arrested while trying to scale the wall of US Consulate. Major demonstrations were also held in Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Chakwal, Jhelum and many other cities across Punjab.

ISLAMABAD Protests across the federal capital also turned violent in several areas as crowds tried to march on and police attempted to thwart their progress. Police fired tear gas and warning shots to keep demonstrators away from the US embassy and the Diplomatic enclave. At least 55 people, including nine policemen, were injured in various clashes. though the protests intensified after Friday prayers, groups of people had started ransacking various establishments much earlier. A toll plaza near Railways Carriage factory in Islamabad was ransacked and set on fire. Clashes were witnessed at Faizabad, where an enraged crowd looted and then burnt down a CnG filling station. Protestors also pelted stones at the tarnol police station and set a taxi on fire.

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world must not leave behind ‘security vacuum’ in afghanistan: Khar



rains damage crops over 508,660 acres of land

Chinese official sacked for ‘smiling face’ and watches

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nawaz vows to rid nation of corrupt rulers LAHORE inP

Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n) chief nawaz Sharif on Friday vowed to rid the nation of corrupt rulers and bring back the looted national wealth from Swiss Banks. Addressing party workers at Jati Umra, Raiwind, nawaz said load shedding, inflation and unemployment would be made things of the past and Pakistan would be made the “Asian tiger” once the PML-n government came to power. nawaz said the rulers were befooling the people and they would have to implement the Supreme Court’s verdicts one day. the PML-n chief said that during his regime, there was neither load shedding nor shortage of anything and terrorism and extremism also did not exist. “today, the country is in the grip of terrorism while the tariff of electricity has been increased from Rs 4 per unit to Rs 18 per unit, unemployment and inflation are at their peak.” nawaz said despite these ills, the rulers were least bothered about the people. He said had the rulers implemented the agreement signed between him and Benazir Bhutto, the country would have been on strong footings.

Police foil greasy terror plot, find bomb in ghee tin PESHAWAR: Police foiled a terror bid by finding and defusing a bomb concealed in a ghee canister here on Friday. According to details, the Bhana Marri Police found a suspicious ghee tin by the roadside during routine patrol in its jurisdiction. the patrol team immediately called in the bomb disposal squad, which arrived and defused the bomb weighing five kilograms. Police said the terrorists wanted to target the protest rallies being held against a blasphemous film made in the US. INP

Violence and strikes sending businesses in Karachi down the drain KARACHI


iSmail dilawar

ReqUent incidents of violence and the consequent sense of paranoia in the country’s financial hub have seriously jeopardized businesses, and put a majority of the traders and businessmen under heavy debts during recent years. the traders claim to have become insolvent due to violence, such as politically-motivated targeted killings, and frequent strikes that partially or completely cease the businesses activity in the port city. “Almost 80 percent of the traders in the city are breathing hard under heavy debts which they owe to the goods’ suppliers,” said Muhammad Atiq Mir, chairman of the All Karachi tajir Ittehad (AKtI), a body representing around 400 city markets. this, he said, was because of the politically and religiously motivated violence, which is now the order of the day. Mir said most of the traders’ shops were filled with suppliers’ goods. “Due to consistently increasing inflation and violence, the traders’ income has been going down,” he said. “Irrespective of the reasons, each day of suspended businesses activity costs the city traders at least Rs 2.5 to Rs 3 billion,” he said, adding that this amount reflected the revenues only. “Daily trading activity can roughly be estimated at over a trillion rupees,” said Mir, who also chairs the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (FPCCI) standing committee on small traders

and cottage industries. A strong proponent of army’s deployment in Karachi, Mir believes that continued crime and violence in the country’s financial capital was tantamount to “economic murder” of the traders. “Given the fact that the Rangers and police have been rendered ineffective, the army should play its constitutional role to wage an operation in Karachi similar to the ones in waziristan and Swat,” he said. He recalled that during the last three years, trade and business activities in the troubled city had never been carried out at normal pace. “It’s been 60 percent below its real speed,” Mir said, adding that recent targeted killings coupled with violent riots against the anti-Islam film were playing havoc with the remaining 40 percent businesses. Blaming major political actors, including the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), for violence in the city, Mir

said it was unfortunate that the political parties in power had failed to improve security situation in the city, which had become a war zone. “More disheartening is the fact that the government, which is constitutionally required to reconcile or enforce law, has become party to the ongoing conflict,” he said. However, he backed the federal government’s decision to observe a countrywide strike on Friday in order to lodge Pakistan’s official protest against the insulting film. “this is a welcome step. Had the government not responded to the sentiments of the enraged masses, there would have been more violence,” he added. However, he wants Islamabad to do more to voice its protest internationally. Pakistan should engage the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to make the United nations legislate laws against such anti-Islam acts, he suggested.

Obama’s gOt nO time fOr Zardari ISLAMABAD SHaiq HuSSian

no meeting is on the cards between President Asif Ali Zardari and his American counterpart Barack Obama at the United nations in new york, where both leaders would be present to attend the Un General Assembly’s session early next week. efforts were made through diplomatic channels by Pakistani authorities for a meeting between President Zardari and his US counterpart, but they proved to be unsuccessful owing to the hectic

Saturday, 22 September, 2012

schedule of President Obama, who is completely focused on his election campaign. “Pakistani authorities were politely told that the US leader would have been pleased to meet President Zardari but his schedule is so tight owing to the election campaign that formal talks between the two leaders couldn’t be held,” said a diplomatic source on thursday, seeking anonymity. However, he said the two leaders could have an informal chat during the Un General Assembly’s session where the American president was likely to host the dinner for world leaders.

Zardari will reach new york on September 24 and will deliver his speech at the Un General Assembly’s session the next day. Apart from his address, President Zardari would meet other world leaders from several states. A washington-based Pakistani diplomat also said there were no chances of President Zardari’s meeting with Obama owing to the tight schedule of the American leader. All importance is now being attached to the meeting between Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar and her US Counterpart Hillary Clinton in washington today (Friday). Foreign Minister Khar is cur-

rently visiting the US capital and meeting the American congressmen and senior officials of the Obama administration and discussing with them the important bilateral and regional issues. After concluding her visit to washington, she would join the president’s delegation in new york at the United nations. the diplomat said during their informal chat at the United nations, President Zardari was likely to convey to President Obama the feelings of deep anguish prevailing in Pakistan over the anti-Islam movie recently made in the United States and released on youtube.

KfC shuts all restaurants in Pakistan amid protests NEWS DESK yum! Brands is shuttering all of its KFC franchises in Pakistan in the wake of anti-American protests here, after one of its KFC restaurants was attacked in Lebanon last week, the company said Friday. “Our KFC restaurants in Pakistan are closing as a precautionary measure,” said yum! Brands (yUM, Fortune 500) spokesman Christopher Fuller. “they will continually monitor the situation to decide when to reopen.” KFC has more than 60 restaurants in 21 Pakistani cities, and has a significant presence throughout the Muslim world. A division of the company called KFC Arabia has franchises in 11 Middle eastern cities. On Sept. 14, protesters enraged by a crudely made anti-Islam video produced in the United States attacked a KFC restaurant and two other US franchises — a Hardee’s and a Krispy Kreme (KKD) — in tripoli, Lebanon.

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Kareena Kapoor: ash would have done Heroine differently


editorial respect for human rights:

mcCullum leads Kiwi’s rout of bengal Tigers

Something we need to remind our agencies.

comment arif nizami says; The fall guy: In politics, you are someone only for as long as you serve the purpose.

raoof Hasan says; Another sordid drama unfolds: This stance or that, there will be no letter written.

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Suspension of mobile phone service thwarted terrorists’ plan


laHOre: Violent demonstrators busy breaking people’s water tanks while protesting against the blasphemous film on the mall road on Friday. oNLINe

Price of petrol and Cng to be increased again

anti-islamic advertisements to hit nYC NEWS DESK

NEWS DESK the government is likely to increase the price of petrol by another Rs1.74 per litre to bring it in line with global oil prices, Dawnnews reported. Only on September 17, the government had increased the price of petrol by Rs6.82, raising it to Rs106.72 per litre. Meanwhile CnG prices are also expected to be increased by Rs1.55 per kg. the new petrol and CnG prices are expected to be announced on September 24. the price of petrol has seen an increase globally and the government is likely to use this excuse to justify the upcoming increase. this is the first time in the country’s history that the price of petrol would see an increase of Rs8 in a span of fifteen days. Oil marketing companies have already sent a summary regarding the expected price increase to the government. Meanwhile, the prices of other petroleum products are expected to be decreased as follows: hioctane by Rs4.14 per litre, Hi-speed diesel by 19 paisa per litre, light diesel by Rs3.83 per litre and kerosene by Rs1.74 per litre.

Anti-Islamic advertisements will go up across new york City’s subway system next week after a federal judge ruled that the city’s Metropolitan transportation Authority could not legally refuse to host the signs on the basis of “demeaning” language. As early as next Monday, 10 nyC subway stations will showcase adverts declaring, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” the campaign was created by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), an organization considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center watch group. Pamela Geller, the executive director of the AFDI, stands by her signage despite rampant complaints circulating before the campaign has even begun. “I will not abridge my freedoms so as not to offend savages,” Geller tells Sky news. Geller has long advocated against so-called “Islamist propaganda” in America and has campaigned in the past to call for the shutting down of a washington, DC museum exhibit that highlighted Muslim contributions to science. the installation was declared “Best touring exhibit” by the Museum Heritage Awards in 2011, but Geller claimed “It has indoctrinated hundreds of thousands of children into a rosy and romanticized view of Islam that makes them less appreciative of their own culture’s achieve-

ments and more complacent about Islamization in the west.” For her overt actions waged against Islamic culture, the pro-Israel Anti-Defamation League has said Geller “fuels and fosters anti-Muslim bigotry in society.” those ideals will be brought to new york subway stations next week despite a legal battle that ended in July with a Manhattan federal judge agreeing that the First Amendment allowed Geller to have her ads run in the metro system. “I live in America and in America we have the first amendment,” Geller tells Sky news. Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations, responded to the outlet by condemning Geller’s actions, but agreeing with the federal judge’s decision regardless. “Our basic position is that the first amendment means that everyone is free to be a bigot or even an idiot like Pamela Geller,” Hooper tells Sky. “we wish she wasn’t provoking and inciting hatred, but in America that’s her right.”

“we encourage Muslims to exercise the same right to publicly denounce such adverts. the real danger is the spread of hatred in our society, which can lead to attacks on innocent people.” On the website for the AFDI, Geller critiques a journalist who has labeled her efforts as anti-Muslim, insisting that such a label “implies that every Muslim is a jihadi who wants to impose sharia and ‘eliminate and destroy western civilization from within and sabotage its miserable ho Previously, Geller told Huffington Post of her ads, “If I had my way, they’d be in every city in the United States of America and if I can get the funding, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.” She has successfully campaigned to have the adverts included in San Francisco and is all but certain to expand to new york in the coming days. In California, San Francisco’s transit authority promised to donate the $3,400 Geller spent on advertising fees to the Human Rights Commission.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday said the suspension of cellular network on yaum-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (Love of Prophet (PBUH) Day) had foiled the nefarious plans of terrorists, and that the idea had proved successful. “If mobile phone is the root cause of the problem, we would surely curb its misuse. Soon, we will come up with a strategy,” he told reporters while visiting a police checkpost to examine security situation amidst demonstrations against a blasphemous anti-Islam film. He said the protestors had been asked to gather in F-9 Park or at D-Chowk and not damage the public property. to a question, Malik said he had sought a report on the killing of a private television channel’s worker during a demonstration in Peshawar, and that he would talk to the prime minister for providing financial assistance to the victim’s family. Malik said the police was handling the protestors with iron hand and that no one challenging the government’s writ was being spared. He said that until thursday night there were intelligence reports of likely terror incidents in Peshawar, quetta and Islamabad. “However, the strategy of suspending cell phone service got applause even from Karachi, where unprecedented peace has been witnessed for the very reason,” he said. the interior minister said that pillion riding had also been banned in Islamabad for a day, as motorcyclists holding batons and petrol bottles were seen to torch public properties. “those who come for peaceful protest never come with baton in their hands. even some people were also seen shooting with pistols. It looked as if they were coming for a feud,” Malik said. to a question about the arrival of banned outfits’ activists, he said that “known faces” would be nabbed but at the present moment, police could not do anything against those who were unfamiliar. He said the Rangers had already been deployed to support the police, while the army has been put on alert to handle any emergency situation. “However, after yesterday’s (thursday) action, the violent elements would have realized that we mean business. And even today, I mean business,” Malik said.

Saturday, 22 September, 2012

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04 News Last Us surge troops leave afghanistan WASHINGTON aFP


He last of the 33,000 US soldiers that President Barack Obama sent to Afghanistan nearly three years ago as part of a military surge have left the country, US defense officials said thursday. the withdrawal, which began in July, follows an unprecedented number of nAtO soldiers being shot dead by their Afghan colleagues — 51 so far this year — and comes as anti-western protests sweep Muslim countries. there are still some 68,000 US military forces in Afghanistan, as well as some 40,000 from nAtO’s ISAF coalition. the US-led effort to contain the taliban insurgency involves a phased withdrawal of troops as newly trained Afghan forces take their place.

the plan is for Afghans to take charge of their own security by the end of 2014. the temporary increase in troops helped western-led forces regain ground in Afghanistan’s south and southwest against the taliban, which has now stepped up attacks in the eastern region bordering Pakistan. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the surge had met its goals of reversing the taliban’s momentum and “dramatically” increasing the size and capability of Afghan security forces. “At the same time, we have struck enormous blows against Al-qaeda’s leadership, consistent with our core goal of disrupting, dismantling and defeating Al-qaeda and denying it a safe-haven,” he said in a statement. However, he stressed that with tens of thousands of US troops still engaged in a tough fight in Afghanistan, “we are a nation

US judges doubtful of CIA drone secrecy WASHINGTON aFP

PeSHawar: demonstrators attack a cinema during a protest against an anti-islam film on Friday. afP

masses left high and dry as cell phones go offline ISLAMABAD Tayyab HuSSain

the government on Friday suspended cellular phone services across the country for fear of terrorist attacks on various nationwide rallies taken out to mark the youme-Ishq-e-Rasool (SAw), leaving the masses disconnected throughout the day. the mobile phone services went offline as early as 4am on Friday, leaving users furious, besides isolated. the Pakistan telecommunication Authority (PtA) suspended cellular services in

15 cities, including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, Murree, Khanewal and Chakwal to avert any untoward incident. those needing to get in touch were left with no other option but to use landline phones or wait until the service were resumed. “I was surprised to see my phone having no network coverage. I kept on switching the phone on and off in hope of getting it right, until the time I came to know of the decision,” said Asif Javed, a resident of federal capital. “It really felt strange as

mobile phones have become such an integral part of our lives,” said another user. those having access to Internet used social media to contact friends or leave landline numbers for any needed communication. Besides social isolation, the suspension of cellular service also impacted business services, particularly of companies whose services are based on GSM networks. “we and thousands of our clients faced inconvenience due to the suspension of cellular network. we remained unable to communi-

cate with them in case of car snatching or any other emergency,” said Jawad, a spokesman of a Lahore-based car-tracking company. He said the company was working out a solution to use alternate methods for communication in case the mobile phone network was suspended. However, Minister for Interior Rehman Malik said the suspension of cellular network was decided in national interest to secure the life and property of people, as there had been terror threats in some cities.

Federal appeals court judges expressed doubt thursday at the CIA’s efforts to block the release of information about its use of unmanned drones to kill terror suspects around the world. A lower court ruled in favor of the Central Intelligence Agency last year, tossing out a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union rights group asking the government to reveal the legal basis of its use of predator drones to conduct so-called “targeted killings” abroad. the CIA has denied the ACLU’s Freedom of Information Act request by refusing to either confirm or deny the existence of the spy agency’s drone program. During an appeals hearing, the group stressed that several top government officials, including President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, a former CIA director, have acknowledged in public the existence of the CIA’s use of drone strikes. the ACLU was making its case before a three-judge panel of the US court of appeals for

the District of Columbia circuit in the US capital. Citing the public statements, Judge Merrick Garland asked government lawyers: “Isn’t that an official acknowledgment that the CIA is involved with the drone program?” Acting Assistant Attorney General Stuart Delery demurred, repeating the government’s line that “there was no official acknowledgment that the CIA is involved” in the public statements, a claimed denied by the ACLU. Government lawyers have defended the veil of secrecy around the drone campaign — which has killed numerous Alqaeda figures and associates in Pakistan, yemen and Somalia — saying the entire subject is “classified.” they say that any release of further data about the program would harm national security. ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer, who argued the group’s case, said statements by Panetta and other public officials “made clear that the CIA was involved.” In a release on the group’s website, he dismissed as “nothing short of absurd” the notion that the CIA’s drone program is a secret.

Japan will go nuclear free, PM insists TOKYO aFP

Japan will go nuclear free, the prime minister insisted Friday, rebutting criticism that his government was floundering and unable to come up with a coherent position on the issue. yoshihiko noda’s administration last week declared it was aiming to eliminate atomic power from the country’s energy mix by 2040. But an announcement the next day by his trade minister that two partially-built reactors could be finished and put to work cast doubt on the government’s determination. And newspaper reports that the cabinet had not endorsed the plan led to criticism noda was trying to be all things to all people, hoping to appease

Saturday, 22 September, 2012

a nuclear-skeptic public while keeping energy-hungry businesses onside. “Don’t get me wrong,” noda said Friday. “we did make a cabinet decision” on the nuclear phase-out policy on September 14. “Japan will seek a no-nuclear society in the 2030s and will realize it. “with an unwavering attitude, we will implement various policies based on this principle. this is a huge policy change that we have made with a genuine determination.” Last Friday cabinet members had declared a three-pronged strategy of tougher safety standards, the shuttering of reactors 40 years old and a ban on the building of new units. Policy minister Motohisa Furukawa told a news conference that reports the government was divided on the issue were wide of the mark.

“we will mobilize all possible measures to achieve zero nuclear in the 2030s,” Furukawa said. “what the government decided was a reversal of policies on nuclear energy promotion that lasted for half a century.” the rearguard action comes after a major newspaper lambasted the government as “incoherent” because of a vague announcement of “aims”, rather than any actual policy. the government “tried to be friendly with both anti-nuclear bloc and pro-nuclear bloc, and that resulted in revealing it is incoherent,” Japan’s biggest newspaper, the yomiuri Shimbun said on thursday. the influential Mainichi Shimbun said the cabinet had done no more than given the nod to a plan to “draft an energy and environment policy

based on the strategy (of phasing out nuclear power in 2030s), while continuously verifying and reviewing that policy.” “Ad-hoc policy making and trying to appease everyone has resulted in a vague position” on nuclear policy, the paper said in an editorial. with the societal scars from the tsunami-sparked meltdowns at Fukushima refusing to heal, there has been a groundswell of public opposition to nuclear power, which once provided a third of energy-hungry Japan’s electricity. A vocal protest movement drawn from a cross-section of the country’s usually uncomplaining society regularly stages demonstrations outside the prime minister’s office calling for nuclear power to be abandoned. the issue has taken on a greater significance with a general

election likely some time this year. But set against that is Japan’s influential business community, who continue to sound dire warnings about the dangers of power shortages while all but two of the country’s 50 working nuclear reactors are offline. Manufacturers warn that the increased cost of fossil fuel-generated power will further erode their competitive edge against foreign rivals already benefiting from lower labor costs. “the biggest reason for the faulty new energy strategy is that the government and the (ruling) Democratic Party of Japan announced the popular ‘zero-nuclear’ policy too quickly without much deliberation,” the yomiuri Shimbun said. “therefore, they ended up running about in confusion in the face of strong opposition,” it said.

at war.” “But the international community is also strongly united behind our shared strategy to transition to Afghan security control,” he added. Decisions are pending on the pace of future withdrawals. On tuesday, nAtO announced that it would limit joint operations with Afghan forces, marking a setback to the US-led strategy for containing the decade-old taliban insurgency. Australian BrigadierGeneral Roger noble, deputy to ISAF’s operations chief, said the string of insider attacks had been dispiriting. noble said the decision to scale back joint operations was “just normal military business and common sense,” and insisted it would not derail the drawdown effort. “the campaign remains on track to achieve its objectives,” noble told Pentagon reporters, speaking from Kabul.

russia delays delivery of faulty warship to india MOSCOW aFP

Russia admitted on Friday it would not be able to deliver to India by the year-end a refurbished but still-faulty Sovietera aircraft carrier that has come to symbolize its recent military decline. the December handover date for the 30-year-old Admiral Gorshkov — renamed the InS Vikramaditya by India since the agreement to purchase the carrier in 2004 — is set to be pushed back by nine months, a top shipping official said. “we expect to push back the aircraft carrier’s handover by nine months,” news agencies quoted Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK) Andrei Dyachkov as saying. Reports have said that problems had developed on three of the eight boilers during testing. An explosion of one had put the ship out of commission in the 1990s before India considered the craft. Dyachkov said that other equipment had also failed during a test-run for the client — including items provided by nAtO nations for their Asian military ally. the broken pieces included “three coolers, a nitrogen gas generator, and a range of other equipment,” OSK head Dyachkov reported to Deputy Prime Minister and the government’s military hardware pointman Dmitry Rogozin. Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said separately that a delay was now “likely” and lamented about the damage done to Russia’s once-proud military reputation. “the fact that our quality is suffering — this really is a problem,” Serdyukov was quoted as saying. India and China remain Russia’s two biggest arms clients despite efforts by both countries to break ties with a partner that has proven increasingly unreliable in recent years. Russia supplies India with much of its air force but has been dragged into ugly spats over spare parts costs required to fix the rapid wear and tear of the machines.

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World must not leave behind ‘security vacuum’ in Afghanistan: Khar WASHINGTON SPeCial COrreSPOndenT


ALLInG the goal of a “peaceful and stable Afghanistan” as Islamabad’s core national interest, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar on Friday said the world must not leave behind a “security vacuum” in Afghanistan since it would spell serious repercussions for Pakistan. “what we want from the world, from the 49 nations operating in Afghanistan is that there is no security vacuum left behind,” she emphasized in a conversation hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations, while referring to the 2014 nAtO deadline for withdrawal of combat troops from neighboring Afghanistan. the foreign minister categorically stated that Pakistan seeks no strategic depth in its landlocked western neighbor but said her country fears the fallout of Afghan unrest, if the security does not improve in the country. Citing spillover of unrest from

Afghanistan into Pakistan in the last three decades, Khar said Pakistan had to contend with the aftermath of Soviet pullout, after which the US-led allies abandoned the region. “we are, of course, very very concerned about the state —- because we know the entry goals in Afghanistan were very very different than what is appearing to be now,” she said at the discussion, anchored by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.the top Pakistani diplomat also strongly defended her country’s anti-terror performance and said under the democratic government, led by President Asif Ali Zardari, Islamabad has made it clear that the fight against militancy is its own fight. Ms Khar pointed out to the gathering that many of the challenges Pakistan today faces are rooted in historical events. “As we look to challenges, we face within the region, Pakistan has grave concerns about what is going to happen in the future.” “It is not ambition but anxiety which drives our interest in Afghanistan. we have no favourites in terms of ethnic-

ity—- Pakistan is on a track to develop relations with Afghanistan as a sovereign equal,” the foreign minister said. Islamabad, she said, fears for instability in Afghanistan, because instability from Afghanistan permeates through 2000 km border directly into Pakistan’s territory as it has in the last three decades. Ms Khar underscored her point by informing the gathering that as much as 53 000 people cross Pak-Afghan border everyday. “we seek no strategic depth in Afghanistan,” she declared categorically. “what we seek relations with is a peaceful, stable Afghanistan, a sovereign and independent Afghanistan.” “we have no intentions nor any national interest to impose any type of government in Afghanistan. It is for the Afghans to do so,” the foreign minister declared. “It is important that we are able to unload the past and move into the future. Because I fear that if we are not able to that we will see ourselves inadvertently repeating the same mistake. Ms Khar drew the American intelli-

News 05

gentsia’s attention to Pakistan’s unparalleled sacrifices in the fight against terror. She also referred to the recent the incidents of green-on–blue attacks by Afghan forces in Afghanistan and the decision not to go through joint training, terming them as “huge concerns” for Pakistan. “these are huge concerns because we will not be able to change our location. we will not be able to change our geography. we must make sure that the security situation in Afghanistan is good enough for us to be able to build a peaceful and stable neighborhood.” She also noted that militants using the Afghan provinces of Kunar and nuristan have stormed into Pakistani territory in hundreds attacked the security forces inside Pakistani territory. In one incident, the militants infiltrating from Afghanistan slaughtered 17 Pakistani soldiers. “All of these are not signs that inspire a lot of confidence in the security situation in Afghanistan and we fear that through the long border we will have to face more challenges in the future. “

Pakistani student wins gold in int’l contest ISLAMABAD aPP

A Pakistani student from Balochistan province has won a gold medal in an international contest by defeating participants from Germany, Canada, Russia, england, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and several other countries. Ubaidullah, son of Haji talib Din, a rice trader, is a student of class nine at Pak-turk International Schools and Colleges, quetta. He won the gold medal in the International Computer Project Olympiad (ICPO) held in Ashgabat, turkmenistan, said a press release. the competition was held among students from 45 countries who presented 150 projects in the Olympiad. Ubaidullah’s project was about Plant Automation System, which gripped the attention of participants, organizers and judges alike. Subsequently, he was awarded the first position in the hardware category. His project P-Bot aims to save plants in coldflame or greenhouse setting, especially when someone wants to protect the plants at home in all the seasons.

Afghanistan warns Pakistan over cross-border shelling UNITED NATIONS aFP

Afghanistan has called on Pakistan to halt cross-border shelling, warning the Un Security Council that the attacks could jeopardize already tense relations between the two countries. A Un envoy meanwhile said that there were a growing number of “uprisings” against the taliban in areas of Afghanistan under the Islamist group’s control. Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul said thursday that attacks from Pakistan into his country were “a matter of deep and serious concern” and had caused “unprecedented anger and frustration among Afghans.” Afghanistan has accused Pakistan of staging repeated shelling barrages across the poorly policed border into Kunar province. “we reiterate our call for an immediate and complete end to these acts, which have taken the lives of dozen of Afghans, mainly civilians, while leaving many wounded,” Rassoul told the 15-nation council during a meeting. He said the Afghan government was in contact with Pakistan to end the attacks “holistically and resolutely.” Rassoul said that Afghanistan wants “close and fruitful relations” with its neighbor, which has frequently been accused of backing taliban militants seeking to overthrow President Hamid Karzai’s government. Pakistan in turn says groups of Pakistani taliban sheltering in Afghanistan have infiltrated the border to resume attacks on its security forces. the Un special representative in Afghanistan Jan Kubis meanwhile told the meeting that “reports of uprisings against the taliban in various parts of the country are a new development requiring greater analysis.” He added, however, that the causes of the new violence are “complex.” “Desire for local communities to have security and justice led them to taking the situation into their own hands. there is a risk of even greater fragmentation of the security environment,” Kubis said. “Many of these localized conflicts would appear to be resistance to the taliban, but not necessarily in support of a greater government presence.”

afghanistan bans Pakistani newspapers KABUL: Afghanistan banned all Pakistani newspapers from entering the country on Friday in an attempt to block the taliban from influencing public opinion via the press. the order, issued by the Ministry of Interior, adds to the mounting tension between the neighboring countries. It focuses specifically on blocking entry of the papers at torkham, a busy border crossing, and directed border police to gather up Pakistani newspapers in the three eastern provinces of nangarhar, Kunar and nuristan. In a statement, the ministry said the newspapers were a conduit for taliban propaganda. ”the news is not based in reality and it is creating concerns for our countrymen in the eastern provinces of Afghanistan,” the ministry said in a statement. ”Also, the newspapers are a propaganda resource of the taliban spokesmen.” the tensions between the two countries were highlighted thursday at a Un Security Council meeting, when Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul called on Pakistan to stop shelling in the border province of Kunar, which he said has killed dozens of civilians. He said the attacks were jeopardizing bilateral relations ”with potential negative consequences for necessary bilateral cooperation for peace, security and economic development in our two countries and the wider region.” Many Pakistani taliban fighters have fled to Kunar and surrounding areas after Pakistan’s army pushed them out of its tribal region, taking advantage of the US military’s withdrawal of most of its forces from these Afghan border provinces in recent years. aGenCieS

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Saturday, 22 September, 2012

KaraCHi: Protestors pass through nagan Chowrangi during a demonstration against the blasphemous film. oNLINe

KaraCHi: women protest on university road. oNLINe

KaraCHi: a cop poised to control any untoward situation. STaff PhoTo

KaraCHi: activists protest on university road. oNLINe

KaraCHi: an injured youth is being taken to hospital. ImraN GILLaNI

KaraCHi: Policemen brace for violent protestors. ImraN GILLaNI

KaraCHi: Security officials conduct live fires to disperse potestors. afP

KaraCHi: Protestors break into a shop. ImraN GILLaNI

KaraCHi: Police vans set on fire by an anrgy mob.

KaraCHi: rangers move towards areas under security threat. ImraN GILLaNI

KHI 22-09-2012_Layout 1 9/22/2012 4:57 AM Page 7

Karachi 07

KaraCHi: a cinema house has been set ablaze during the protest. ImraN GILLaNI

KaraCHi: Protestors leave as police fire shells of tear gas. STaff PhoTo

KaraCHi: a protestor raises full throat slogans. STaff PhoTo

KaraCHi: a man who fell unconscious is being taken to hospital. STaff PhoTo

KaraCHi: City roads wear a deserted look. STaff PhoTo

KaraCHi: a youth raises a placard during the protest. STaff PhoTo

KaraCHi: Protestors burn an effigy of Obama. STaff PhoTo

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08 karachi

Rains damage crops over 508,660 acres of land

weather uPdateS

30 °c high 0c 25 low






30°c i 25°c

30°c i 25°c

30°c i 25°c

Prayer timinGS fajr Sunrise 04:30 05:54

zuhr 12:39

asr 16:04

maghrib 19:22

isha 20:47

city directory emerGency helP reScue 1122 edhi control 115, 32310066, 2310077 motorway Police 130 Police 15 GoVernor’S houSe 136 chief miniSter’S houSe 99202051 fire briGade 16, 99215007-8 bomb diSPoSal 15, 99212667 red creScent 35833973 khidmat-e-khalq foundation 36333811

hoSPitalS abbaSi Shaheed ciVil Jinnah nicVd aGha khan tabba

99260400-09 99215749, 99215960 99201300-39 99201271-6 34930051 36811841-50

blood bank huSSaini fatimid Pwa

32238405-8 32225284, 32258656 99215740, 32735214

comPlaint keSc Sui GaS Ptcl kwSb cdGk

118 1199, 99231603 1218 1339 134

railwayS enquiry city Station cantt Station

117, 99213565-6 99213538 99201118

airPort fliGht enquiry Pia reSerVation

114 111-786-786

colleGeS / uniVerSitieS karachi uniVerSity ned uniVerSity fuuaSt duhS Smic faSt-nu SzabiSt iobm iba iVS

99261300-06 99261261-8 99244141-9 99215754-7 99217501-3 111128128, 34100541-7 111922478 35090961-7 111422422 35861039-40

Saturday, 22 September, 2012


aFTab CHanna

HRee major crops - sugarcane, cotton and rice - have been badly hit by the recent monsoon rains as the standing crops on some 508,660 acres have been badly damaged in Sindh, Pakistan today has learnt. the field staff of agriculture department and the district authorities have jointly submitted a district-wise crop damage report after conducting survey of all districts of the province to find out the agricultural loss to the standing Kharif crops in the province by monsoon. the survey was conducted on urgent basis on the instruction of Prime Minister yousuf Raza Gillani to ascertain the exact cost of the damage from the monsoon rains that later turned disastrous in the province so that remedial measures could be taken to facilitate the growers, sources added. Interestingly, the performance of the district government could be seen that they had pointed out that 201,600 acres agricultural lands with standing crops damaged only in the district Khairpur, the hometown of Sindh Chief Minister Syed qaim Ali Shah, according to a report exclusively available with the Pakistan today. Moreover, the damaged crops in the remaining districts stood all at 304,266 acres. the break-up of the damaged agriculture land in various districts include: 17,150 acres in district Shaheed Benazirabad, tando Mohammad Khan 415 acres, Mirpurkhas 550, Badin 14,494 acres, Matiari 1,938 acres, Umerkot 27,500 acres, Khairpur 27,336 acres, Dadu 214

acres, Sanghar 12,200 acres, Jacobabad 28,568 acres, Ghotki 97,408 acres, Kamber-Shahdadkot 13,965 acres, Kashmore-Kandhkot 48,500 acres and Sukkur 11,468 acres. Furthermore, according to report, at least 273,043 people have been badly affected by the rains out of which 57,084 in district Shikarpur, 80,159 in Khairpur and 135,800 in district Ja-

cobabad. the total number of villages affected by the monsoon rains stood at 2,294 and the population of at least 33,320 have been shifted in 118 the government’s relief camps. Besides, at least 76,130 houses have so far been damaged by the monsoon rains out of which 9,584 house are fully damaged and at least 31,967 houses are partially damaged.

appointment of administrators withdrawn in 24 hours KARACHI inP

the Sindh local bodies department withdrew the appointment of administrators in towns of Karachi late on thursday night. It should be mentioned that under Sindh People Local Government Ordinance (SPLGO) Karachi has been divided into 18 towns. However, despite passage of about two weeks, notification regarding restoration of town of the metropolitan has not been issued yet. the Sindh local bodies department on

Sheep dumping in urban areas protested

wednesday issued notification for appointment of administrators in Bin qasim, Gudup, Lyari and Gulshan Iqbal but the authority withdrew the notification within 24-hours. the authority was of the view that notification of SPLGO has not been issued therefore before implementation of the said ordinance administrators’ appointment was not justified. Meanwhile, the people of Interior Sindh have rejected the SPLGO and said that they neither would accept the ordinance nor would let its implementation and appointment of administrators in the towns.

altaf urges obama, oIC to take notice of anti-Islam film KARACHI nni

MqM chief Altaf Hussain on Friday urged US President Barack Obama, parliamentarians and Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to take notice of an anti-Islam film that angered Muslims across the world. In a telephonic address from London, Hussain warned said that the world could face a third world war if the process of making sacrilegious films and cartoons continued. He deplored the killing of innocent people and damage of public and private property in the guise of protest. the MqM chief further called upon to policy making bodies and international community to take notice of the protest of Muslims.

Hidden agenda

date: auG 11 - 31, 2012


Karachi citizens have taken a strong exception to the dumping of culled Australian sheep in the middle of the residential area in the metropolis. According to reports, locals resorted to protest when the livestock department was busy in disposing of around 3,000 imported sheep suffering from deadly disease in a small farm they were hidden in. earlier, it was reported that around 3,000 of the 22,000 sheep had been relocated to a secret farm away from the main herd. Authorities tracked that splinter herd to a secret farm and launched the culling and dumping process at the same place. Realizing it could lead to health hazards, the local residents raised voice against the livestock department’s carelessness demanding of the government to dump the diseased sheep elsewhere. On the other hand, Livestock Department Sindh Deputy Director Abdul Hafeez Shaikh said the sheep found suffering from anthrax were burnt before dumping, so they posed no threat to population living around the dumping site. An investigation is underway over the hustling of these 3,000 Australian Merino sheep.


date: July 31 - auG 31, 2012

Venue: koel Gallery karachi

Venue: Serena hotel

"hidden agenda" an exhibition of Paintings by lahore based artist ayesha Siddiqui opens on 11th august 2012 at 5 pm at koel Gallery ,karachi. the exhibition will continue till august 31st,20.

Satrang gallery is celebrating this spiritual month by exhibiting a wonderful calligraphy show. do join us as we present the work of ten exceptional artists. opening on tuesday , July 31, at 8:00 pm.

gHaLib made easY

date: thurSday, 7:00 Pm, weekly eVent

Venue: the Second floor (t2f) Join us at t2f every wednesday for interactive sessions on mirza Ghalib’s poetry, conducted by author and translator, musharraf ali farooqi. Ghalib made easy by @micromafthe poetry of mirza Ghalib (27 december 1797 – 15 february 1869) has been considered complex, abstract and difficult to comprehend. even for Ghalib’s contemporaries, his language and imagery presented a challenge.

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Foreign News 09 France’s Le Pen calls for ban on Muslim, Jewish headwear PARIS: French far-right leader Marine Le Pen called Friday for a ban on wearing Muslim veils and Jewish skullcaps in public, adding to religious tensions sparked by cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). In an interview with the Le Monde newspaper, Le Pen called for religious headwear to be banned “in stores, on public transport and on the streets.” Asked if the ban should apply to the Jewish skullcap, known as the kippah or yarmulke, as well as Muslim headwear, she said: “It is obvious that if the veil is banned, the kippah is banned in public as well.” Le Pen, who shocked the French elite by winning almost 18 percent in the first round of this year’s presidential vote, also repeated calls for bans on public prayers, kosher and halal foods in schools and foreign government financing of mosques in France. President Francois Hollande denounced her comments, saying: “everything that tears people apart, opposes them and divides them is inappropriate and we must apply the rules, the only rules that we know, the rules of the Republic and secularism.” aFP

three children killed in china school attack BEIJING aFP

three children were killed and more than a dozen injured in an axe attack at a primary school in southern China on Friday, state media said. A man attacked a group of children gathered in a primary school classroom, killing three and injuring 13, state-run news agency Xinhua said. Authorities arrested the man, surnamed wu, after the attack in Pingnan county in Guangxi autonomous region, the report said, adding that he was mentally ill. China has seen several violent attacks against children over the past two years, including a spate of five incidents in 2010 which killed 15 children and two adults and wounded more than 80. the attacks have forced authorities to increase security around schools and led to calls for more research into the root causes of such acts.

marawi: Philippine muslims collect money to be used to file law suits against showing the anti-islam film during a gathering in marawi City, lanao del sur, on Friday. afP

Syria army, rebels clash near Aleppo bases DAMASCUS



yRIAn troops backed by helicopter gunships clashed with rebels near a barracks in Aleppo as battles broke out around a military airport elsewhere in the northern province on Friday, monitors said. In Damascus, state news agency SAnA said the army unearthed the bodies of 25 people shot execution-style in the qadam district and blamed “armed terrorist groups,” the regime’s term for rebels. In other developments, a masked gunman on a motorbike gunned down prominent Kurdish activist Mahmoud wali on thursday in northeastern Syria, fellow activists said. And a tolerated opposition group said three of its members — Abdel Aziz Khayer, Iyas Ayash and Maher tahhan — had gone missing on their way home from Damascus airport after a trip to China for talks on an end to the violence.

the national Coordination Committee for Democratic Change groups Arab nationalists, Kurds and socialists. In the Arkoub district of Aleppo, fighting erupted overnight near the Hanano army barracks, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Several districts of the northern metropolis, including Sakhur in the northeast and Bustan al-qasr in the centre, came under overnight attack, the Britain-based monitoring group said. elsewhere in the province, fighting broke out between troops and rebels near the Meng military airport, it said. Military airfields have been a key rebel target because the regime is increasingly using air power to launch devastating strikes. northwest of the capital Damascus, the Observatory reported a massive explosion, believed to be a car bomb. Heavy gunfire was heard afterwards but there were no immediate reports of casualties. In the central province of Homs, a

civilian was killed in dawn shelling of Rastan, while the eastern city of Deir ezzor and the town of Daal in the southern province of Daraa also came under bombardment. In Damascus, SAnA said, soldiers acting on a tip-off from local residents found a mass grave containing 25 bodies with their hands tied and eyes masked. they had been kidnapped and killed by rebels, it said. Protesters took to the streets after the main weekly Muslim prayers, as on every Friday since the revolt broke out in March 2011, in Aleppo and the northwestern province of Idlib, activists said. At least 11 people were killed in violence on Friday, the Observatory said, a day after as many as 225 died, including at least 30 in a petrol station blast in Raqa, in the north, blamed on a regime air raid. According to the Observatory, at least 29,000 people have been killed in the 18-month revolt against President Bashar al-Assad.

India govt loses majority Israel army kills 3 on Egypt but wins key support border, averts ‘major attack’ NEW DELHI aFP

India’s government lost its majority Friday when a key ally finalised its divorce from the coalition, but it was saved from the immediate risk of collapse by securing the support of a regional party. Six ministers from the regional trinamool party handed in their resignations to the prime minister and president in a move triggered by a row over a series of economic reforms rolled out in the last week. “we tendered our resignations and we have given our letter of withdrawal of support from the union government,” trinamool’s Saugata Roy, who served as junior urban development minister, told reporters. All 19 trinamool lawmakers will now join the opposition ranks, bringing an end to an uneasy alliance inside the leftleaning coalition and leaving Singh’s Congress party dependent on outside support

from other parties in parliament. But while analysts said trinamool’s departure increased the prospects of early polls, Singh appeared in no immediate danger after the regional Samajwadi Party vowed to keep out the opposition BJP party and their Hindu nationalist agenda. “we will not allow communal forces to come into power. why should I withdraw support to the Congress?” Samajwadi party chief Mulayam Singh yadav told reporters in new Delhi. It was unclear if Samajwadi, whose 21 MPs generally back the government, would join the coalition formally and take up posts in the government when Singh reshuffles his cabinet. years of tension between Congress and trinamool exploded last week after Singh’s government announced a string of reforms including allowing foreign supermarkets into the retail sector and hiking the price of subsidised diesel.


Israeli troops on Friday shot dead three heavily armed gunmen who sneaked across the egyptian border and ambushed soldiers, averting “a very big terror attack,” a military spokeswoman said. One Israeli soldier was also injured in the stomach during the incident and taken to a hospital in the southern city of Beersheva, medical officials said. the incident took place on the Israeli side of the frontier at a place called Har Harif which is almost half-way down Israel’s 240-kilometre (150-mile) border with egypt’s Sinai peninsula. “three armed terrorist entered from the Sinai into Israel,” army spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich told reporters. “they opened fire toward IDF

(army) troops that were guarding the workers (building the fence) in that area. Another force that was nearby ... rushed to the area and targeted those three terrorists,” she said. “All three terrorists were killed.” She said the gunmen were “very well armed and prepared” in terms of equipment. At least one was wearing an explosives belt, the army said. “A very big terror attack was thwarted by the quick response of these soldiers,” Leibovich said, ruling out the possibility that any further gunmen had infiltrated Israeli territory. the injured soldier was airlifted to Soroka hospital in Beersheva. “One soldier is in moderate to serious condition with a stomach injury,” hospital spokeswoman Inbar Gutter told AFP. In egypt, a security source and witnesses reported hearing an explosion followed by heavy gunfire.

france turns the page on darkest days of history DRANCY aFP

France has finally come to terms with its role in the deportation of thousands of Jews to nazi death camps, President Francois Hollande said Friday as he inaugurated a new Holocaust memorial centre. “now our duty is to shape the spirit of the generations to come,” Hollande said in a speech at the opening of a major new educational centre next to the site of the infamous Drancy transit camp from where some 70,000 people were sent to their deaths. “teaching the past is the only way to prevent it from being repeated.” Hollande drew a line under decades of dispute over the extent to which the deportations were aided and abetted by the French state, police and ordinary citizens. “It is no longer about establishing the truth, it is about passing it on,” the president said in a speech delivered in the presence of representatives of France’s Jewish community who included a handful of survivors of the camp. Drancy, an internment camp improvised from a block of social housing about 15 kilometres (nine miles) from central Paris, had been the site of an “abominable crime,” Hollande said. Of the six million Jews sent to the death camps, 76,000 of them came from France and 63,000 of them were deported from Drancy, he said. “Of all ages, of all origins and nationalities and from every social class, they only had one thing in common, they were targeted for one sole reason: they were Jews. that was enough for them to be sent to their deaths.” Among those deported from Drancy were the vast majority of 13,152 Jews rounded up in Paris on the 16th and 17th of July, 1942 and detained in the Velodrome d’Hiver in the city. Ordered by nazi officers and carried out by French police and civil servants, the Rafle du Vel-d’Hiv was one of the darkest moments in the country’s history. the role of the French state and police was only finally fully acknowledged in a public apology issued in 1995 by then president Jacques Chirac. Hollande went further within a month of being elected president. “the truth is that it was a crime committed in France, by France,” he said in July.

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10 Comment The fall guy

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami

in politics, you are someone only for as long as you serve the purpose

Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

respect for human rights Something we need to remind our agencies


akistan’s civil society organizations started taking note of enforced disappearances long before anyone outside Pakistan did. the HRCP prepared half a dozen in-depth reports about the issue in Balochistan under Musharraf and after him. After the restoration of the independent judiciary the SC took up petitions filed by the relatives of those picked up allegedly for connections with the militants. early this year, the apex court turned attention to Balochistan where hundreds of activists of secular nationalist parties had been similarly deprived of their freedom. Meanwhile, a section of the media and the SCBA have also expressed strong concern over the issue. their combined efforts have neither led to the production of all the victims nor have these succeeded in putting an end to the disappearances. they have however been useful in raising public awareness, have led to the release of a few victims, while thanks to their efforts the pace of disappearances has slowed down. the SC has summoned top administration officials and heads of civil law enforcement agencies, given them deadlines and passed strictures. the two benches set up in quetta and Islamabad have however complained of lack of cooperation by the federal and provincial administrations as well as the FC. Despite the hurdles the apex court remains undeterred. there was little sense in expressing displeasure over the visit of the Un working Group on enforced and Involuntary Disappearances (UnwGeID) particularly when it had been invited by Islamabad. Pakistan which is a member of the Un Human Rights Council and is seeking elections for the next term also is keen to project its image as a responsible member of the Un. that forced disappearances have taken place in Balochistan is an established fact irrespective of whether their number is 14,000 as claimed by some or below one hundred as conceded by Balochistan government. Depriving even a single individual of freedom in violation of law constitutes a gross violation of human rights. there is a need to take note of the working Group’s observations. the suggestion to undertake legislation to make forced disappearance a punishable crime is quite sensible. Many in Pakistan would agree that there is a need for dedicated institutions like parliamentary committees for the oversight and accountability of security agencies. Recommendations like changing the law under which a military suspect could not be produced in civilian courts need to be debated. there can be no two opinions regarding the position that the state has to take effective measures to prevent and terminate acts of enforced disappearance.

Candid Corner By Raoof Hasan

By Arif Nizami


t seems that the only state institution working overtime is the apex court. Its almost daily observations and edicts set the agenda and determine the direction the country is taking. the government, on the other hand, seems like a helpless bystander running helter skelter to implement the Supreme Court’s orders. In the present age where democracy is the universal mantra, a proactive and assertive judiciary is the norm. However, in Pakistan, neither the government nor the polity is used to a judiciary which behaves like a supra body rather than the first amongst equals of the state institutions. Part of the blame lies with the PPP-led coalition, which owing to its ineptness has compounded its problems. A case in point is the apex court sending eleven legislators home for holding dual nationality. the constitution clearly states that the dual nationality holders cannot run for public office. Inspite of this, a number of legislators from all major political paries hold dual nationality. the PPP-led coalition had more than four years to correct this anomaly by amending Article 63(C) of the Constitution that specifically bars dual nationality for legislators. It must be conceded that the present parliament’s record in restoring the democratic and federal nature of the constitution is much better than its predecessors. Political parties represented in the parliament have shown remarkable vision in evolving a consensus on improving upon the original 1973 Constitution. But a lot of time has been unnecessarily wasted on polemical exercises. the PML-n, reeling under the stigma of being labeled as a” friendly opposition” by its critics, has gone out of its way to attack the government rather than doing serious business. thus in the process the parliament has relegated some of its authority to the higher judiciary.

Some of the most insidious anomalies introduced in the constitution by the late dictator General Zia-ul-Haq remain intact. A case In point is the constitutional provision that a legislator should be a pious and responsible person. this is an arbitrary clause liable to be misused. Under this very provision the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) has been directed to proceed against Interior Minister Rehman Malik, not only to disqualify him from holding office but also to institute a criminal case against him for perjury. In this backdrop a perception has been created that the courts are running the dayto-day administration of the country, rather than the government. Gone are the days when remarks made by the members of the Bench were rarely reported. now they have become a subject of the ubiquitous beepers and news scrolls run by television news channels 24/7. even decisions of the court are disclosed as “breaking news”, while the judges are still in the process of recording them. the apex court is setting new precedents by breaking new grounds and setting new precedents. A case in point is the SC showing the door to the Attorney General Irfan qadir in Malik Riaz contempt of court case. the legal fraternity has expressed surprise over the decision, stating that the court had set a new precedent by sacking the AG in a particular case. the AG who is the chief law officer of the government had, interestingly enough, given a list of prosecution witnesses on the directive of the court. It included the names of the chief justice of the Supreme Court and his son Arsalan Ifthikhar. Unfortunately, the apex court has not come out in flying colors in the Arsalan Ifthikhar case involving his alleged dealings with Malik Riaz. the biggest victory for the Supreme Court is the government agreeing to write to the Swiss authorities to withdraw the letter asking to close the alleged kickbacks cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. After a hiatus of more than two years and sacrificing one prime minister in the process, the government has finally relented. the credit also goes to the apex court for taking a more conciliatory and flexible attitude towards the incumbent prime minister. Unlike his predecessor yousaf Raza Gilani, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has been careful not to ruffle feathers of the members of the bench. He has been meticulously cautious not to attack the apex court in the parliament or in the media. His demeanor in his two appearances in front of the SC Bench has been that of utter humility.

this shift in tactics could not have been possible for the prime minister without a nod from his boss and principal affectee, the president himself. to the utter surprise of many, the government’s previous stance that writing to the Swiss authorities was tantamount to trial of the grave of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto has been abandoned. yousaf Raza Gilani, as prime minister, while expressing his loyalty to the president had many a time asked: “would Shahbaz Sharif write a letter against his elder brother nawaz Sharif?” Politically speaking, he must now be feeling like he was made the “fall guy”. Gilani, who prided himself as the man of consensus and who was elected unanimously by the parliament, must be a bitter man. Seemingly abandoned by his own party, he is hardly seen or heard. His erstwhile colleagues who used to swear by him blame him for the inertia and poor governance that has become the hallmark of the PPP-led coalition in the past four and a half years. even the Sharifs with whom he had such a cordial relationship abandoned him in the end. Once the apex court convicted him for contempt of court, they refused to acknowledge him as prime minister. the manner in which Gilani’s younger son Ali Musa was virtually manhandled by the Anti narcotics Force (AnF)s’ staff while being arrested at the gates of the Supreme Court building also demonstrates his utter isolation in the political spectrum. the younger Gilani is wanted by the AnF for pressuring the health ministry to allocate quota of ephedrine. the case suddenly cropped up on the eve of Makhdoom Shahab being nominated to succeed Gilani. the AnF being under the influence of the military, it does not need second guessing where Gilani stands today. Unfortunately, the tales of corruption associated with Gilani and his family members and general lack of transparency amongst the ruling elite coupled with poor governance have given the apex court the clout and the space so much resented by the rulers. Credit must be given, however, to the government for showing patience and perseverance to put up with proactive and meddlesome courts. nawaz Sharif as prime minister split and destroyed an assertive apex court. Other opposition parties that portray themselves as champions of an independent judiciary, when in power, are hardly expected to put up with judicial activism. The writer is Editor, Pakistan today

another sordid drama unfolds This stance or that, there will be no letter written


wo things have happened. First, the PPP leadership has gone back on its much hyped stance of not allowing the Bhutto graves’ trial and, second, the buck of accountability for writing or not writing the dreaded letter has been passed to the law minister. there is much speculation about the dynamics that brought about this cardinal shift. the growing unrest within the party and in the allied ranks, an understanding having been reached with the Swiss authorities or the assurances extended by the PPP leadership’s original patrons, ala nRO may be just some of the reasons. But the dominant perception persists that even this apparent change of stance is not going to impact the government’s intentions of not cooperating with the Supreme Court (SC) injunctions and allowing its co-chairperson to be exposed to any legal scrutiny in the Swiss courts. the battle that so far was being fought on the premise of the so-called immunity granted to the president by the constitution is now going to shift to the contents of the letter that the prime minister has agreed to write. Much will depend on behind-the-scene contacts between the government and the judiciary

Saturday, 22 September, 2012

and the flexibility that the latter may show in compromising on what the communication to the Swiss authorities would contain. the attorney-general has already fired the first salvo by controversially stating that the court had accepted the constitutional clause granting immunity to the president and this would be mentioned in the letter to be sent to the Swiss authorities. By stating in the court that “...I have authorised the law minister to withdraw the letter written by the (then) attorney-general Malik qayyum” and “I am instructing the law minister in front of the bench”, the prime minister, its legal interpretation and ramifications notwithstanding, appears to have absolved himself of any further responsibility in the matter of writing the letter. It now appears that, henceforth, it would be a case between the apex court and the law minister and those others who would be associated with the process of drafting and transmitting the dreaded letter. So, instead of another prime minister falling, are we going to begin seeing the exit of the law minister/s? In its desperate quest for winning more time for its government, there is a political price that the PPP may have to pay for altering its

avowed stance on the issue of writing the letter. Reports have already emerged regarding the displeasure of some of the allies about this sudden shift coming after the PPP having consistently and arrogantly refused to budge from its stance of not acceding to the SC directive to write the letter. Some of the political allies, most notably the AnP, had been excessively critical of the judiciary. they have nowhere to look now that the very ground has shifted from under their feet. the change of stance would also reflect on the lack of political maturity of the PPP leadership and may raise questions as to its conduct in the future. Having apparently planned to fighting the next general elections on the premise of being an aggrieved party that was assaulted by the judiciary and all its seen and unseen allies, the PPP may have lost all or some of that moral base. there are two possibilities. the PPP, being fully aware of this fallout, may have opted for this as a well thought-out strategy because it does not and will not write the letter under any circumstances. In that event, this can be perceived as a clever move to offset the judiciary and its political adversaries alike and also win some precious time to contemplate its

next card. the other prospect is that the PPP may have been forced into doing this through a combination of circumstances including the depleting allied support and the increasing pressure that a continuing confrontation with the judiciary was generating on the system itself. the one common element in both cases is the risk that the PPP leadership has either taken of its own free volition, or having been forced into it through internal and external pressures it could no longer resist. the net outcome of the move, however, is not going to be any different from what has been witnessed in the last three years: continuing confrontation between the executive and the judiciary, even an accentuation of the sordid spectacle. But, the government’s flanks are now also under attack by the judiciary which may further cripple its strength. the nAB chief has been asked to explain his lack of action on the SC adjudication of initiating cases against Justice (R) qayyum, Adnan Khawaja and Sheikh Riaz and the attorney-general has also been questioned as to his efficacy for the court in prosecuting alleged transgressors. One of the honourable judges hearing the contempt case questioned the AG’s credentials

by confronting him with the query that “how would you perform an independent role in this case when you have been a lawyer of Malik Riaz”. the honourable judge went on to say: “It seems that you are contesting Malik Riaz’s case. we’ll have to see whether you would be able to act as an independent prosecutor or not”. He has since been removed as the prosecutor in the case. the apex court will have to look through the veneer of attractive packaging being offered by the PPP leadership in its bid to win more time for the government to prepare for the next election. It will have to go beyond the magic of ‘good behaviour’ in the court by the chief executive of the country and meaningless semantics that do not signify any change of intent. It is quite clear that, this stance or that, the letter would not be written as desired by the apex court. But, through this clever move, the PPP leadership may have saved its prime minister from being prosecuted in the future. next time, it may be the law minister that the SC may have to send home. The writer is a political analyst. He can be reached at

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Comment 11

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love for our Prophet As of now, competition is on between Pakistani government and unruly rioters to prove their love for Prophet (PBUH). Government declared Friday, Sept 21, as a national holiday, a ‘day of love for Prophet’, to let people to orderly demonstrate against production of an amateurish movie about Prophet’s private life. However, violent mobs are showing off their affection and love for prophet by rioting, ransacking and putting properties on fire. On thursday, army units were called in to safeguard the Capital’s diplomatic enclosure. Pakistan’s electronic media, though lost one cameraman in Friday’s riots in Peshawar, is putting up a brave face and trying to justify, and some cases, incite the violence. Most of the protestors are demanding death sentence for anyone accused of insulting their religion. Don’t we see our own literature and in-built thinking denouncing Semitism, denying Christ’s divinity as the son of God, Hindus’ mythology, but how come the west is accommodating all faiths and letting them to propagate and prosper (in some cases Islamic schools receive government’s grants). we all know that policing of internet for any offensive material is next to impossible, otherwise, these Jihadist organizations would not be able to use internet and social media to advance their hate-agenda. However, there are legal ways to bring the hate-mongers to face the music. the Muslim community in the US is quite vibrant; it can take the lead to sue the film producers for inciting racism and hatred leading to violence. Perhaps a legal way is the only discourse to get out of destructing our own properties and killing our own people. But can anyone talk to these rioters who are not ready to listen to any sane voice. Best way to counter a hate-speech is to debate and present your counter argument; it’s a global village and whether we like or not, now on we have to live in pluralistic societies. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

nazir naji’s controversial interview the renowned columnist nazir naji in an interview with an Urdu weekly of Karachi has suggested that the solution of Karachi’s problem lies in that Karachi be declared as an autonomous administrative unit by handing over it to “Karachiwallas” whereas intervention from Sindh and federal governments should stop. As a result, all nationalities would gradually live in peace and harmony, he added. If the contents of his Urdu interview are correct as reported, one can only regret as Karachi

issue is sensitive and such irresponsible comments are bound to add fuel to the fire. Mr naji should know that Sindhis have given their blood and sweat to build this great city. non-intervention by Sindh govt means Sindh government has to shift its capital from the city and hand it over to an ethnic group of Karachi who has remained in power one way or the other for the last 24 years. they have, more or less, physically crippled the elected Sindh government and are imposing upon their highly objectionable decisions on

yaum-e-ishq rasool the Prophets over the centuries have achieved immortality through their messages and the Holy Scriptures and no individual or group can ever do any harm to those whom the Almighty in His wisdom has chosen to deliver His message. Lunatics and individuals like Salman Rushdie or nakoula Basseley alias Sam Bacile, who produced this 14 minute derogatory film on our Holy Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him) really don’t matter, nor can their comments belittle those whom God himself has given spiritual elegance. even after thousands of years Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed live in the hearts and minds of billions, while those tried to insult them are forgotten. As Muslims we must understand that the making of this film was an irresponsible individual act of an insane man filled with hatred. Let the dogs bark if they want to, instead of being provoked by their insults and damaging private and state properties in Muslim countries and bringing our countries to a standstill. who benefits if all economic activity in Pakistan is frozen and our economy, which is already fragile, be further dented by these violent protests? Let us show our love for our Prophet by following his message and enforce some ethics and morality in governance, so that we can achieve self-reliance instead of being slave to foreign assistance. Islam teaches us peace, tolerance and respect for human lives, not violence and corruption that dominates the ruling elite which has done more harm to Pakistan than all its external enemies. It is the internal divisions based on sectarian and ethnic divides that poses a threat to Pakistan and its citizens. the religious fanaticism that preaches politics of violence is the biggest threat to Islamic ideology and beliefs. Islam makes it obligatory upon Muslims to respect other religions and faiths and protect their places of worship. the image of Muslims is not tarnished by acts of lunatics like nakoula, but by those who profess to be Muslims, hold public and political offices, yet abuse their powers to benefit themselves by looting or allotment of state assets or land, pilfering tax payers money and deprive the poor and destitute of their lands and property and patronize criminals who indulge in sectarian and hate

majority people like promulgation of SPLGO-2012. If suggestions of Mr naji are implemented, the target killings of other nationalities including Pashtun, Punjabis, Sindhis etc would tremendously increase and they would wipe out other nationalities in Karachi completely as they did with Sindhis. I suggest to Mr nazir naji, in view of sensitivity of the issue, to avoid giving such objectionable suggestions that are bound to turn Karachi into carnage. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL Karachi

whitelieS t by ess aich

he inordinate delay in Punjab Chief Minister’s pet project for Lahore – the Rapid transport System – has resulted in the route being used by cricket buffs for net practice. So stated Azizi, the ad libber, in his popular tV program Hasb-e-Haal. with buses for the project yet to arrive and the groundwork still incomplete, Azizi stated that the route, and the all steel protective fence on both sides along the Rapid transport route, are being used for “net practice”. It’s just not cricket!

crimes such as target killings in Karachi, Baluchistan and Gilgit. we cannot be self-reliant if Muslim majority states fail to promote their human resources by investing in state subsidized education or health and focus on welfare of the most deprived sections of our society, instead of this culture where state resources are used for welfare of the elite or its paid civil or khaki bureaucracy. Our religion stresses upon equality, accountability and transparency, not on immunity for the select few, who have done more harm than others including our enemies. ALI MALIK Illinois, USA

army’s response needed the most interesting placard witnessed during scores of protests still going on in the country against the anti-Islam film was about the silence of Pakistani government and Pakistan Army and read, “nAtO route was blocked when Pakistan Army was attacked but why is it not blocked when the sanctity of Prophet (PBUH) is under attack?” the message brings to light the hidden stories and exposes the criminal silence over such a serious issue. the Army that ought to be at the forefront against the attack on Prophet (PBUH) remains dead silent, and seems like waiting for the orders from the civilian government. the criminal act of our Muslim army does not end here but it rises higher when we see that the Pakistan Army whose motto is “Iman, Taqwa, Jihad-fi-Sabilillah” takes no action against the culprit nor against the state who is backing the blasphemer and protecting him. what we see is that the army is in alliance with America and killing Muslim brothers. we demand that sincere officers of the army issue a statement against the anti-Islam film and force the government to demand the US authorities to hand the blasphemer to Pakistan or trial him accordingly in the US. If not so, Pakistan must close US embassy and all the consulates in Pakistan and expel the US Ambassador to Pakistan, halting all relations with America and closing nAtO supply line in the meantime. SYED HASSAM AHMED Karachi

************** he premier club of Lahore, located on the Mall, incurred the wrath of its own members for showing the Britishproduced Indian film, “Krishna”. the explicit film, unsuited for general viewing, was shown at the Club’s weekly film show to a packed audience. no one objected or walked out. But later on, there were a lot of complaints by the members. the film committee has taken refuge behind the excuse that the film was approved right at the top, by the Chairman of the Club. He reportedly vetoed a member of the film sub-committee who, despite bring aware of the film’s so called artistic value, was against its exhibition at a family club.


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ULt retro series “Mad Men” and comedy hit “Modern Family” are emmys favorites again this weekend — but a bunch of newcomers could yet produce surprises at US television’s annual awards show. “Mad Men,” which has broken records by winning Best Drama every year since its 2007 premier, is vying for the biggest prize once more, along with a brace of others from its 17 nominations at Sunday’s Primetime emmy Awards ceremony. the beautifully stylized show, about life and love in a 1960s new york advertising agency, is up against “Boardwalk empire,” British-made “Downton Abbey,” “Breaking Bad,” “Game of thrones” and “Homeland” for the top gong. with 11 nominations, HBO’s big-budget epic series “Game of thrones” will hope to follow up on its success at last weekend’s Creative Arts emmys — the technical trophies — where the fantasy drama swept the board. thriller “Homeland,” starring Claire Danes as a CIA agent probing a US Marine suspected of planning a terrorist attack, is only in its first season but has earned rave reviews and nine emmy nominations for pay channel Showtime. On the lighter side, mockumentary-style “Modern Family” is hoping to win its third straight Best Comedy series emmy with a cast of gay, step-sibling and generally nonorthodox nuclear family characters. But it faces stiff competition from “the Big Bang theory,” “Curb your enthusiasm,” “30 Rock” and newcomers “Girls” and “Veep.” HBO dramedy “Girls,” which only launched in April, follows the lives of a quartet of 20-something new yorkers - markedly different from

Saturday, 22 September, 2012

the more upmarket “Sex and the City” foursome. It has been a huge hit with viewers and critics alike, and could produce an upset Sunday night. the long list of “Mad Men” nominees included Jon Hamm for best actor, elisabeth Moss for best actress, Jared Harris for best supporting actor and Christina Hendricks for best supporting actress. Overall, “Mad Men” collected 17 nominations, one more than “Downton Abbey,” which last year won in the miniseries category. Up for best miniseries or tV movie are “American Horror Story,” “Game Change,” “Hatfields & McCoys,” “Hemingway & Gellhorn,” “Luther” and “Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia.” “American Horror Story” racked up 17 nominations in all, including best actress (Connie Britton), another for best supporting actor (Denis O’Hare), and two for best supporting actress (Frances Conroy and Jessica Lange). In the race for best competition reality show are “the Amazing Race,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Project Runway,” “So you think you Can Dance,” “top Chef” and “the Voice.” trailing with just three minor nominations was the high school musical series “Glee,” two years after it racked up 19 nominations. Missing from the nominees’ lists, unveiled in July, was “American Idol,” a pillar of the US music industry after 11 seasons, but now at a crossroads after the sudden departure of judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven tyler. Its host Ryan Seacrest is nevertheless among the nominees for best host of a reality program — as is Betty white, still going strong at 90, for “Betty white’s Off their Rockers.” Sunday’s awards show will be hosted by late-night comic Jimmy Kimmel at the nokia theatre in Los Angeles.

Kareena Kapoor: ash would have done Heroine differently There are just a few films that become an obsession with an actor. Heroine is one of those films for Kareena Kapoor. She has invested a lot in it emotionally. Today, September 21, is rather special. Bebo turns 32 and Heroine hits the marquee. Nervous and excited, Bebo tells TOI that now it’s time for her to sit back and exhale. OvER TO HER: In Heroine, you play superstar Mahi Arora. Since you are a superstar in real life, was the role a cakewalk? On the contrary, Mahi was one of the toughest characters I have played. Mahi is completely imbalanced and she’s a grey character all the way. In real life, I’m very balanced. I know exactly what I want out of my career and my personal life. In my 12 years in the industry, I have learnt how to channelise and compartmentalise my life. Actually it is very important for a heroine to get her priorities correct. I like spending time on a set, because movies are my passion. But believe me, I also equally enjoy spending time at home with Saif. Coming back to Mahi, normally characters in Indian cinema are either black or white. According to me, no one has played a mainstream grey character because grey is considered a villain. But Mahi is grey all through the duration of the film and yet, in the last 25 minutes of the film, Madhur Bhandarkar and I have been able to successfully get her to connect with the audience. Or at least I hope we have. You have adopted a really aggressive marketing strategy for this film; one has never seen you so involved.? I agree. In a career spanning a decade Heroine is one of the films I have felt very close to. I have invested so much in this film emotionally that at the end of it, it has left me drained. In fact Mahi is someone who has stayed with me...and in the coming days I need to exorcise her. the film is such an obsession with me; it almost feels like my first born.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was cast in the same role before you stepped in. Tell us who according to you is really the better choice? Ash is an icon; she is a beauty. She would have done the film differently. And I have approached the role very differently. I don’t think I can make any comparisons. After playing arm candy to the different Khans in the last couple of years, was it an ego trip to have a film titled Heroine and have all the attention focussed singularly on you? It is always a great security to have one or the other Khan with you. the three Khans-Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir are spectacular. All of them have given me 100 cr films. But I needed to do something different. I wanted to take on a challenge. I did a Chameli very early in my career and here I am trying something challenging again. I don’t know why but I just wanted to play this part.Honestly it is not an ego thing but I’m flattered that UtV felt that I was the perfect choice to play the title role. Since the Dirty Picture and Heroine are both femaleoriented films and have the Indian film industry as the backdrop, comparisons will abound. Are there any similarities between the two films? Only a daft person will compare the two. Heroine is based on the life of a superstar. CoUrTeSY ToI

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13 2 1

miLan: models display creations by veronica etro during the etro spring summer 2013 collection. afP

aniston bans mom from attending her wedding


ctress Jennifer Aniston has reportedly banned her ailing mother Nancy, 76, from attending her wedding as she has been talking about her daughter’s private life very openly. engaged to actor Justin theroux, Aniston had a rocky relationship with her mother ever since she blabbed too much about her personal matters in a 1996 television interview. “Being at Jennifer’s wedding to Justin was one of Nancy’s greatest latein-life dreams, but now that dream is shattered,” quoted a source as saying. “But when Nancy started asking a bunch of questions about the upcoming event, it set off an alarm in Jennifer’s head. she realised her mom was gossiping way too much about her wedding plans. “Now she has banned Nancy from the nuptials, just like she banned her from her wedding to Brad Pitt back in 2000,” the source added. theroux, 41, proposed to Aniston, 43, on his birthday last month and told her he wants to have children with her. “After her starstudded $1 million wedding to Pitt, Aniston now wants a much less formal and less publi-cised ceremony. And she believes Nancy’s loose lips are a threat to her privacy,” said the source. aGeNCIeS

miLan: italian designer veronica etro acknowledges the audience at the end of the etro spring-summer 2013 collection on friday during the women's fashion week. afP

miLan: models display creations as part of just cavalli spring-summer 2013 collection on friday during the women's fashion week in milan. afP

salman becomes the highest fiona apple arrested for taxpayer in Bollywood hashish in West texas After a string of Rs 100 crore plus grossing films capped by his latest blockbuster ‘ek tha tiger’, actor Salman Khan has emerged as the highest taxpayer in Bollywood forking out Rs 8 crore for the September quarter. Salman, 46, trumped all his peers and rivals in the tinsel town paying Rs 8 crore in advance tax in July-September this year as compared to Rs 5 crore in the same period a year ago, an income tax official told PtI. Salman’s romantic-action-thriller ‘ek tha tiger’ has clocked approximately Rs 198 crore at the box office. He has also starred in other Rs 100 crore films like ‘Dabangg’, ‘Ready’ and ‘Bodyguard’. the film’s female lead and Salman’s rumoured former lady love in real life, Katrina Kaif, paid Rs 2.60 crore compared to the year ago period’s Rs 1.70 crore. Salman’s bete noire Shah Rukh Khan, who has not had any big release this year as yet, had his tax outgo flat at Rs 5 crore, the official said. Akshay Kumar, another big name in Bollywood, paid Rs 7.5 crore advance tax in comparison to Rs 5 crore he had paid last year during the same period, he said. Among the other Khans, Aamir’s fortunes may have taken a hit by his mega reality show Satyamev Jayate as reflected by his payment of Rs 3.25 crore as against Rs 4.50 crore last year. Saif Ali Khan, whose films ‘Agent Vinod’ and ‘Cocktail’ had varying responses at the box office, paid a tax of Rs 3 crore compared to Rs 1.7 crore in the year ago period, the official said. aGeNCIeS

EL PASO: Singersongwriter Fiona Apple was arrested for hashish possession at a west texas Border Patrol checkpoint after a drugsniffing dog detected marijuana in her tour bus. Hudspeth County sheriff’s office spokesman Rusty Fleming told the Associated Press on thursday that Apple spent wednesday night in the county jail in Sierra Blanca. Apple was released thursday after posting bail. Country singer willie nelson, rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Armand Hammer also have been arrested in Sierra Blanca on marijuana charges. Fleming said that after the dog alerted the Border Patrol agent, the artist’s bus was searched. Police found the drugs in a backpack — about four grams of marijuana and a plastic bag with about four grams of a clay-like substance that tested positive for hashish were stored in a glass container, the sheriff’s office said in a press release. Apple admitted the drugs were hers, the release said. the Sierra Blanca checkpoint inspects thousands of vehicles daily and sends the county thousands of drug cases yearly. Apple “had a little tiny amount of pot and hash,” Fleming said. while marijuana possession in small amounts is a misdemeanor, the texas Controlled Substance Act says possession of hashish in any quantity is a felony. Hashish is a drug prepared with the resin of the marijuana plant. aGeNCIeS

french weekLy commissioned ‘toPLess’ snaPs: PhotograPher PARIS: French glossy Closer commissioned an Irish photographer to take the topless shots of Prince william’s wife Catherine and can make a fortune selling them, celebrity photographer Pascal Rostain said Friday. Rostain, who has several scoops to his credit, told AFP that when a magazine “commissions a photographer or an agency ... the price is fixed in advance, it can be 1,000 euros ($1,300) for every working day plus expenses and a few thousand euros for the snaps.” Roussin said if they had not been commissioned they could have been offered by the

photographer to different celebrity magazines and sold “for a few hundred thousand euros.” About the identity of the snapper, he said: “In our small paparazzi world, we know who it is but obviously don’t say anything. “I can just say it is an Irish national who lives in the south of France,” he said of the photographer, dubbed by one British tabloid daily ‘Le Rat’.” He also slammed the British media outrage as hypocritical, saying that British papers had published nude photographs of French former first lady Carla Bruni on the eve of a state visit she

and her husband nicolas Sarkozy made to Britain early last year. the photographs dated to the days when she was a supermodel. After their debut in the French glossy last weekend, the photos of the British Duchess have appeared in magazines in Denmark and Sweden, Ireland’s Daily Star and Italy’s Chi, which like Closer is owned by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Mondari media group. the pictures have reportedly incensed Prince william, who with his wife learned of their impending publication while on an Asia-Pacific tour to

mark his grandmother queen elizabeth’s diamond jubilee. the royal family’s lawyers have obtained a civil injunction and sought criminal charges in Paris, including against the unidentified photographer, in a bid to curb the spread of the pictures. French legal authorities on tuesday banned Closer from any further distribution of the pictures and began a criminal probe into how they were obtained. the court also ordered the magazine to hand over the files with the images to the royal couple, which the publication did on wednesday. afP

reynolds ‘ridiculously in love’ with Blake Lively


OLLyWOOd’s ryan reynolds finds his wife Blake Lively a total package, and loves the comfort the actress provides him. the star couple tied the knot in an intimate, top-secret charleston, south carolina ceremony on september 9. “ryan loves the comfort Blake provides,” the Us magazine quoted a source, as saying. “It’s like, ‘you were on the cover of Vogue and you want to cook me dinner? yes, please!’” the source said. Another source said that the couple are ridiculously in love. the 35-year-old actor first bonded with the ‘Gossip Girl’ star during quiet date nights at her Nyc apartment, where she showed off her culinary prowess. aGenCieS

Lohan arrested in new york for hitting pedestrian


ctress Lindsay Lohan has been arrested for allegedly clipping a pedestrian with her car and fleeing the scene. the 26-year-old was detained by police officers here after the low-speed accident in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, reports Lohan was pulling herPorsche cayenne into a parking space in downtown Manhattan when she collided with a man standing nearby, hitting his knee, reports As a passenger in the car checked the damage, Lohan is alleged to have walked to her nearby hotel, prompting a witness to call cops. Officers arrived at the location and arrested Lohan outside the hotel, and she was later booked for leaving the scene of an accident. she has since been released from custody. aGenCieS

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14 Infotainment For Obama, Romney fakes, election drama is real NEW YORK aFP

MeRICAnS who despair of ever seeing a civilized presidential campaign really should have witnessed Barack Obama help Mitt Romney iron his crumpled suit in a Manhattan hotel room last week. well, if only they’d been the real president and his Republican challenger. Luis Ortiz and Mike Cote probably look more like Obama and Romney than anyone in the world, other than Obama and Romney themselves of course. Ortiz has it all: the jutting ears, flashing smile, sonorous voice, even Obama’s relaxed, athletic walk. when Ortiz puts on a dark suit and does that Obama thing of gazing slightly up, as if thinking great thoughts, he literally stops traffic. “Buses, armored trucks, everything,” Ortiz says. Cote says his Romney is harder to get, especially the voice, but the grey hair at the ears, high forehead, eyebrows and beady eyes are good enough to fool many that they’re in the presence of a multi-millionaire who may be about to take the white House. “I’ve seen people come up to me shaking,” Cote says. “you break their heart.” the life of political impersonators can be as cutthroat and insecure as politics itself. But with the presidential election less than two months away, these are the good times for Ortiz and Cote. Preparing for their latest gig — an appearance on Fox television — the two met with their manager in a hotel and spent about an hour getting into character. And so here were copies of the


two biggest political rivals in the United States sitting on a bed chatting about their bizarre double lives and helping each other get dressed. “you spray the water and hold the iron right up close, but without touching,” Ortiz instructed Cote as they tried to iron out creases in the blue suit jacket. “you wouldn’t really see Obama do this for Romney,” Cote said. “nothing gets done.” Ortiz, who lives in the Bronx, was an out-of-work Verizon phone company technician in 2008 when a friend noticed that under his moustache and goatee beard lay the spitting image of the then little-known, but rapidly rising presidential hopeful Barack Obama. “I finally took (the beard) off and I could not believe myself. I looked in the mirror and saw a whole new light. I saw dollar signs,” Ortiz said, shaking his head. “It’s been a wild ride.” now signed with a talent agency, he’s been Obama in Australia, where

he met the real Dalai Lama, Japan, South Korea and at a growing number of events back home where his manager Dustin Gold says a topnotch impersonator can command between $10,000 and $15,000 for a 30 minute appearance. “People want to buy me drinks, food,” Ortiz said. “I get the weirdest requests. I got offered some heavy money to do a porno (film)... I think they were really serious.” Like the candidates they’re impersonating, everything for Ortiz and Cote rides on what happens on election day november 6th. “If he (Romney) becomes president, my life changes,” Cote said. Cote was in the drywall, or plastering, business until he turned 39 and took the radical step of becoming a stand-up comic, working his way up and down east coast venues. He still does a bit of plastering, but hopes the Romney act will end that. “I’m hoping I don’t ever have to go back,” he says. According to Gold,

an Obama impersonator will have some shelf life regardless of the election result. Ortiz has a more established rival, a lookalike called Reggie Brown, but “has the natural ability to be better than Reggie,” Gold says. But if Romney sinks, so do his impersonators and without the sweetener of the real Romney’s fortune. “If Romney loses, it’s done,” Gold said. “no one’s going to ask for Romney again.” On their way to the Fox event, the two impersonators paused to dive into the crowd at times Square. “My fellow Americans. today, we stand...” Ortiz began. Mini-pandemonium ensued. “Is it really him?” gasped Vicky Viaene, 25, visiting new york with her family from Belgium. “we were on the tour bus and we saw him. we thought it was Obama, and we got off the bus and ran here.” Locals were more savvy, immediately noting the absence of the security that would surround a real president. But nyU Medical Center administrator Monique Bailey said she did a double take upon spotting the fake Obama. “He sounds exactly like him,” she said. there’s little down time in the business of being someone else. Cote needs to work on his Romney voice, and Ortiz is fine-tuning his imitation of the way the president crosses his legs when he sits. “I think I own Mitt. the others are so far off,” Cote said. “I have a picture of him in my bathroom right now.” “Only one?” Ortiz said. “I have, like, 25 of Obama on the wall. Different smiles and so on. I have mirrors everywhere.” His teeth shone in a perfect replica of the Obama smile. “I feel like he’s been cloned. It’s weird.”

Woman travels 644 kilometres every two months to get a haircut KETTERING aGenCieS

A good haircut can be hard to find! A loyal British customer has clocked up a phenomenal 38624 kilometres, equivalent of the earth’s circumference, visiting the same hairdresser for the past 37 years. Susan Parker-Jones from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, travels 644 kilometres six times a year for a haircut, to a stylist she trusts with her locks. the guest house owner embarks upon her trip at least six times a year to get her hairstyled by Jo Sparks, who has been cutting her hair since 1975, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. Parker-Jones has been making the journey for the past two decades since Sparks moved from Shrewsbury to Kettering in northamptonshire. She has spent thousands on fuel travelling to and from Sparks’s salon, paying 12.99 pounds each time for a cut and blow-dry.

chinese official sacked for ‘smiling face’ and watches


EIJING: A Chinese safety official with a penchant for luxury watches has been sacked for “inappropriate ‘smiling face’ behavior” after he was pictured grinning at a fatal accident, authorities said Friday. widespread outrage was triggered last month by images of yang Dacai, head of the Shaanxi provincial work safety administration, smiling broadly at the scene of a collision between a bus and a methanol tanker that killed 36 people. Incensed web users soon dug up photographs of yang wearing 11 expensive-looking watches — five of which were together worth more than 300,000 yuan ($48,000), the China Daily newspaper quoted an expert as saying. the Communist party’s provincial discipline inspection commission said in a statement he was dismissed for his “inappropriate ‘smiling face’ behavior” and for “wearing many brand-name watches”. yang is the latest government official brought down by a scandal going viral online, as authorities seek to contain popular anger at perceived expensive tastes and corruption among public servants. In a comment he posted on his own microblog, yang said he had been trying to help junior staff relax and “maybe, in an unguarded moment, I got a little too relaxed myself”. yang faces further investigation for possible “other discipline violations” uncovered during the inquiry, the discipline inspection commission said. aFP

Parker-Jones reckons Sparks has teased her tresses into around 200 different styles from the eighties perm to the ‘Lady Diana’ in the nineties, via bobs, crimps and the famous Jane Fonda ‘Barberella’ cut. “I wanted someone who understood how I wanted my hair. the first time Jo cut my hair, from that moment I knew that she knew what she was doing,” said Parker-Jones. “It’s worth the trip because the standard of the cut just pays for itself. everything Jo does she puts 150 per cent into,” she said. “She always goes that extra mile and that’s why she’s so successful. She can do anything - I’ve probably had about 200 different hairstyles from her,” said Parker-Jones. Sparks, 58, who has been a hairdresser for over 40 years, said: “Susan has got to be one of the most loyal customers have ever had. She really shows a great deal of dedication and we’ve gone through a lot of hairstyles over the years.

Bosnia bans would-be mayor over porn


ARAJEvO: Bosnia’s electoral commission on Friday annulled the candidacy of an independent running for mayor in the central town of Zenica next month after he used pornography on his website to attract voters. Mirad Hadziahmetovic “violated Bosnia’s electoral law by publishing pornographic photos and video clips during the electoral campaign” ahead of the October 7, the commission said in a statement explaining the move. the pornographic clips were immediately removed Friday from the official campaign website on the orders of the commission. Contacted by AFP, Hadziahmetovic said he would appeal the decision. “I have put a link to such material so that more citizens take a look at my mayoral program,” he said. “It was a kind of promotion,” Hadziahmetovic said, adding that the strategy had indeed prompted growing interest in his program. the website included a link labelled “For Adults” allowing visitors, after confirming that they were over 18, to watch hardcore pornographic clips including a category titled “Clips Liked by the Mayor”. Before gaining access to the clips, visitors had to answer questions such as “what is most important for society? — Jobs, the town’s budget or the money in the private account of the current Zenica mayor?” aFP

arctic sea ice hits record-low summer minimum


Hairstylist Jo Sparks (l) poses with her daughter Georgina arnaoutis (r) and most loyal customer Susan Parker-Jones (C) at her salon in Kettering, northamptonshire.

ENEvA: the Arctic sea ice cover on Sept. 16 shrank to 3.41 million square kilometers, the lowest summer minimum extent since satellite records began in 1979, as a result of global warming, the world Meteorological Organization (wMO) said on Friday. Citing statistics from the United States national Snow and Ice Data Center (nSIDC), the wMO said this year’s minimum was nearly 50 percent lower than the 1979-to-2000 average. there has been a total loss of 11.83 million square kilometers of ice since this March, the largest summer ice extent loss on record. each year, the Arctic sea ice reaches its minimum extent in September. Recognized as a sensitive climate indicator, the region’s sea ice extent has shown a dramatic overall decline over the past 30 years. the wMO said the melting of the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is related to global warming. Acceleration of the melting process in the Arctic and reduction in the size of the ice pack might lead to more extreme weather, the organization said. aGenCieS

Saturday, 22 September, 2012

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Saturday, 22 September, 2012

tiger, rose share lead at PGa tour championship Page 18

McCullum leads Kiwi’s rout of Bengal Tigers SCOrebOard

Pallekele: bangladesh batsman mushfiqur rahim plays a shot during the icc twenty20 cricket world cup match against nz. afP PALLEKELE aFP


RenDOn McCullum notched the highest individual score in all twenty20 internationals to help new Zealand humble Bangladesh by 59 runs at Pallekele stadium on Friday. the 30-year-old right hander smashed seven sixes and 11 boundaries during his 58-ball 123 to give new Zealand, who reached 191-3 in their 20 allotted overs, a rampaging start to the group D match played under overcast conditions. McCullum's clean hitting made it gloomy for Bangladesh who were restricted to 132-8 in their 20 overs, with tim Southee (3-16) and Kyle Mills (3-33) shar-

taylor brands zimbabwe ‘sloppy’ HAMBANTOTA aFP

Zimbabwe captain Brendan taylor has described his team as "sloppy" and "below par" after they crashed out of the world twenty20 with a ten-wicket thumping by South Africa on thursday. Zimbabwe were no match for the formidable South Africans as they were reduced to a paltry 93-8 in their 20 overs before seeing their opponents overhaul the low target without losing any wicket with 7.2 overs to spare. Zimbabwe lost the first group C game against Sri Lanka by a big 82-run margin. "we came here to win games, and to end on the note we have is very disappointing," said taylor after the match. "the sun comes up tomorrow, and unfortunately we head home. there's a long way to go for us and there's a lot of cricket to be played next year. we just want to keep trying to improve and improve in different conditions." taylor regretted his team was below par in a major event. "we went wrong in all three departments. we dropped chances and were sloppy in the field, leaked runs with the ball and didn't score many runs with the bat," said taylor whose batting was rocked by Jacques Kallis's 4-15. "you're not going to win games than that. All in all our cricket was way below par, and against quality opposition you're not going to stand a chance," said taylor, who promised a swift comeback. "we'd love a couple more games just to prove that we are a far better side. But that's not to be. world Cups are tough cricket, but we'll go home with our heads held high and bounce back strongly next time the world Cup comes around."

Pallekele: mccullum brendom plays a shot as bangladesh wicket-keeper looks on. afP ing the spoils. nasir Hossain played a lone fighting hand with an impressive 39-ball 50, studded with six boundaries and a six while opener Mohammad Ashraful made 21. Shakib Al Hasan fell for 11. new Zealand skipper Ross taylor praised McCullum's robust innings. "when you have someone score a century in t20 you're always in the box seat," said taylor. "the wicket nipped around early on and seemed to zip on a little bit under the lights. Hopefully this win will give us momentum." Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim said McCullum had made all the difference. "we bowled well in the first few overs but McCullum, even when he doesn't hit the ball well, it's still going for six. we'll look at our strengths and come up with a new

strategy for the next game," said Rahim. It was all McCullum when new Zealand batted after being sent by Bangladesh. McCullum hit two sixes in Abdur Razzak's last over of the innings to go clear of South African Richard Levi's previous highest score of 117 made against new Zealand in Hamilton earlier this year. He fell caught off the last delivery to end Bangladesh's miseries but not before helping new Zealand to 63 runs off the last four overs. new Zealand lost Martin Guptill in the fourth over but McCullum ensured a big total with his ruthless slogging, hitting Hasan for two sixes in his successive overs. He added 94 for the second wicket with James Franklin who made 35 and 78 for the third wicket taylor (14). McCullum

new Zealand 11 m. Guptill b razzak J. Franklin c Sunny b mortaza 35 b. mcCullum c iqbal b razzak 123 r. Taylor not out 14 8 extras: (lb2, w6) 191 Total: (for three wickets, 20 overs) Fall of wicket: 1-19 (Guptill), 2-113 (Franklin), 3-191 (mcCullum). bowling: mortaza 4-0-26-1 (w5), islam 3-0-34-0, razzak 40-28-2 (w1), Hasan 4-0-40-0, mahmudullah 1-0-13-0, Sunny 3-0-36-0, rahman 1-0-12-0 banGladeSH Tamim iqbal c Guptill b mills 0 mohammad ashraful lbw b Southee 21 11 Shakib al Hasan c williamson b mills 4 mushfiqur rahim c williamson b mills mohammad mahmudullah c williamson b n. mcCullum 15 50 nasir Hossain c Guptill b Southee 14 Ziaur rahman not out mashrafe mortaza c Franklin b Oram 5 elias Sunny c Oram b Southee 5 0 abdur razzak not out 7 extras: (lb3, w4) Total: (for eight wickets, 20 overs) 132 Fall of wickets: 1-0 (iqbal), 2-19 (Hasan), 3-33 (rahim), 4-37 (ashraful), 5-87 (mahmudullah), 6-115 (Hossain), 7-123 (mortaza), 8-128 (Sunny), bowling: mills 4-0-33-3, Southee 4-1-16-3 (w3), Oram 4-0-341, Vettori 4-0-31-0, n. mcCullum 4-0-15-1 (w1) result: new Zealand won by 59 runs Toss: bangladesh umpires: marais erasmus (rSa) and nigel llong (enG) Tv umpire: bruce Oxenford (auS) match referee: Graeme la brooy (Sri)

reached his tenth half-century off just 29 balls with the first of two successive boundaries off Ziaur Rahman and continued with the same aggression. He was dropped on 92 before hitting two boundaries off elias Sunny to complete his ton off 51 balls. the knock was McCullum's second t20 century. His first came against Australia at Christchurch in 2010. new Zealand next play Pakistan here on Sunday. the top two teams will qualify for the Super eights round.

Birthday boy Gayle reveals big-hitting secret

Today’s maTch Sri Lanka V South africa auStraLia V WeSt indieS

Pietersen hopes to join england in new zealand


Axed england batsman Kevin Pietersen hopes to be playing again for england by the time the tour of new Zealand starts in February next year, he said on Friday. In a twitter conversation with new Zealand rugby union star Dan Carter, Pietersen wrote: "Hoping alls sorted & I'm on the nZ tour in Feb. If so I'll bring you a gun of a bat!" Pietersen was cast into international exile after sending text messages to South Africa players that contained criticism of then england skipper Andrew Strauss during the recent test series. with reports circulating that Pietersen had also fallen out with several of his team-mates, he was also axed for the ongoing world twenty20 in Sri Lanka and next month's tour of India. england are due to play three tests, three ODIs and two t20s in new Zealand next February and March. england's new test captain Alastair Cook said on thursday that Pietersen remained in talks with england cricket board officials as the controversial batsman fought to save his international career. Media reports said that england officials, Hugh Morris and David Collier, may speak to Pietersen in Sri Lanka, where the batsman is working as studio expert for the host broadcaster of the world twenty20. Cook conceded england's hopes of winning the four-test series in India had been hit by Pietersen's absence. "that is a given," Cook said. "Kevin has proved in all conditions around the world that he is a world-class player. His record suggests that in all forms of the game.

Sa out to tame Sri lanka’s mendis HAMBANTOTA aFP

colombo: australian cricketers matthew wade (l) and clint mckay (r) walk during an icc twenty20 cricket world cup practice session ahead of their match against west indies. afP COLOMBO aFP

Hard-hitting west Indies opener Chris Gayle celebrated his 33rd birthday on Friday by telling batsmen how to hit sixes during the ongoing world twenty20 in Sri Lanka. "It takes a bit of strength and once the ball is in your slot you go for it," Gayle said ahead of the west Indies' first match against Australia in Colombo on Saturday. "It's instinct to be honest. you have to let the mind and body flow together. you don't want to get stuck in a two-minded situation. "you just try and be natural out there and things will actually flow for you in the end," Gayle was

colombo: west indies cricketer chris Gayle looks on during an icc twenty20 cricket world cup practice session ahead of their match against australia. afP

quoted as saying by the west Indies Cricket Board in a statement. Left-handed Gayle, whose 27 sixes are a tournament record in the world twenty20, is one of the most feared batsmen in all formats of the game with a penchant for big hits against both pace and spin. His rapid-fire 117 off 57 balls with 10 sixes and seven fours against South Africa in the inaugural world twenty20 in 2007 remains the highest individual score in the competition. "the key is balance. you have to have good balance to be able to hit a lot of sixes," said the Jamaican, who also has two triple-centuries in test cricket to his credit. "I pay special emphasis to my balance. you have to realise that

bowlers are not always going to make it easy for you. you have to create the shots, so you have to make sure you do it well." Gayle said he looked forward to playing against Australia, who thrashed Ireland by seven wickets in their first game on wednesday. "the first game is vital," he said. "you don't want to play catch-up cricket in t20, so it's a very big match for us. It will also get our confidence going. "In our team we bat right down, and bowling-wise we have spinners and fast bowlers. the key for us is to get to the second round and try and take it step by step." the west Indies, one of the pre-tournament favourites, play Ireland on Monday.

South Africa skipper AB de Villiers said his batsmen will put Sri Lanka's magician spinner Ajantha Mendis under pressure when the two teams meet in a group C match in Hambantota on Saturday. Mendis, 27, sounded a warning to all batsmen by picking up 6-8 -- the best figures in all twenty20 cricket -- to crush Zimbabwe in the opening match of the world twenty20 on tuesday and promises further destruction. But de Villiers said his team will be ready for the mystery spinner. "Mendis is a world class bowler," said the South African captain on Friday. "when he's going well he will always pick up wickets. But we've seen him perform under pressure and seen him break down under pressure as well. "So, hopefully, we can get the upper hand against him and not let him bowl to us." South Africa also thumped Zimbabwe by 10 wickets in their opening match on thursday to qualify for the Super eights round with Sri Lanka but de Villiers promised no letups. "I don't think there will be any drop in intensity. we're in the beginning stages of a very, very big event, a tournament that we really want to win," said de Villiers of South Africa, who are among the title favourites in the 12-team event.

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Sports 16 Punjab YOutH festivaL 2012

Tehsil level competitions start today LAHORE STaFF rePOrT


S the Punjab youth Festival 2012 has entered into its third stage, the events in the tehsil level will formally start from today (Saturday) throughout the province. According to Chief Organiser of the event Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan, the first two phases of the festival which were the neighbourhood and Village phase and the Union Council level witnessed record participation of nearly three people throughout the province. the neighbourhood and village level marked the start of the Festival on August 26 and continued till September 6. Despite several odds there was healthy participation in the events from day one and though the entire activity is based on the development of youth people of all walks of life and

ages showed interest in different categories. In this opening level there was participation of nearly 1.5 million people which in itself broke the world record of any event of this kind. In this level nine events were conducted in two sectors and

55200 sports and youth Development councils took part in different events. the second stage which is the Union Council level began from September 8 and 30 events were lined up for competitions that included sports and general category and was held among five sectors. In this level of competitions more than 500,000 youngsters from 3464 Union Councils took part. Here the involvement of education sector and families provided a different colour and competitiveness to the events. the third phase of the Festival, the tehsil level will run till September 28. In this tehsil level nine sectors would be involved in 91 events, informed Usman Anwar, Director General Sports Board and youth Affairs Punjab. “there are two general public sectors which are individual and family with competitions slated for individual category include naat khani, qirat, cooking,

horticulture, painting, photography, poetry, milli naghme and pets competition while the family events are cooking, family dressing, healthy baby, kitchen gardening and photography,” he maintained. “the sports sector includes competitions for secondary schools (boys and girls) and general public. the boys will compete in 11 events including arm wrestling (three categories), athletics (eight categories), badminton, basketball, chess, cricket (hard ball), football, hockey, table tennis, tug of war and volleyball and the girls have seven common events with boys and their eighth event includes karate (three categories). “the general public sports have 19 events – arm wrestling (three categories), athletics (eight categories), badminton, billiard, cricket tape ball, tug or war, volleyball, bodybuilding, (three categories), football, fun race (2.5 km), weightlifting, basketball, chess, cricket hard ball, hockey,

Pakistan in World T20

Victory for matloob in Sayid Paper open Golf LAHORE

stats corner


S.PERvEz QAISER Pakistan and Sri Lanka shared the record of winnings the most number of matches in twenty-20 world Cup. Pakistan, the 2009 champion, have won 12 out of 20 matches played with a success rate of 62.50% while Sri Lanka have won 12 out of 18 matches played with a success rate of 66.66 %. PerFOrmanCe in PreViOuS ediTiOnS: year Venue POSiTiOn 2007 South africa runner-up 2009 england winner 2010 west indies losing semi-finallist PlayinG reCOrd aGainST eaCH Team: OPPOnenT P w l T SuCCeSS% australia 3 1 2 33.33 bangladesh 2 2 - 100.00 england 2 2 00.00 india 2 1 1 25.00 ireland 1 1 - 100.00 netherlands 1 1 - 100.00 new zealand 3 2 1 66.66 Scotland 1 1 - 100.00 South africa 2 2 - 100.00 Sri lanka 3 2 1 66.66 HiGHeST inninGS TOTalS: 191-6 in 20 v australia at Gros islet 14-05-2010 189-6 in 20 v Sri lanka at Johannesburg 17-09-2007 175-5 in 20 v netherlands at lord's 09-06-2009 172-3 in 20 v bangladesh at Gros islet 01-05-2010 171-9 in 20 v Scotland at durban 12-09-2007 lOweST inninGS TOTalS: 131-9 in 20 v Sri lanka at lord's 12-06-2009 132-7 in 20 v new zealand at bridgetown 08-05-2010 137-7 in 20 v england at the oval 07-06-2009 141-7 in 20 v india at durban 14-09-2007 147-9 in 20 v england at bridgetown 06-05-2010 HiGHeST indiVidual SCOreS: 73 kamran akmal v b’desh at Gros islet 01-05-2010 73 Salman butt v b’desh at Gros islet 01-05-2010 67* Salman butt v nz at bridgetown 08-05-2010 66* misbah-ul-haq v aus at Johannesburg 18-09-2007 59 imran nazir v nz at cape town 22-09-2007 beST bOwlinG in an inninGS: 5-6 umar Gul v new zealand at the oval 13-06-2009 4-11 Shahid afridi v netherlands at lord's 09-06-2009 4-18 mohammad asif v india at durban 14-09-2007 4-19 Shahid afridi v Scotland at durban 12-09-2007 4-19 Saeed ajmal v ireland at the oval 15-06-2009

kandy: Pakistan capain mohammad hafeez (3r) waits for his turn as teammaes Shahid afridi (l), umar akmal (2l), raza hasan (2r) and Shoaib malik (r) look on during a training session at the asgiriya Ground. afP

liverpool win thriller, Spurs, newcastle held PARIS aFP

Liverpool almost paid the price for fielding a near second-string side for their europa League opener with Swiss side young Boys in Bern on thursday, but held on to win a thrilling match 5-3. the Merseyside giants were the only english winners on the night with newcastle held 0-0 at Maritimo in Portugal and tottenham also left goalless at home to Lazio. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, goalkeeper Jose Reina, striker Luis Suarez, first-choice defenders Glen Johnson, Martin Skrtel, Daniel Agger and welsh international midfield playmaker Joe Allen all remained behind on Merseyside for thursday's trip to Switzerland. And Brendan Rodgers' decision seemed it might backfire against a doughty Swiss side in a match with goal-scoring opportunities galore. Liverpool, in their 100th UeFA Cup and europa League match, went 1-0 up after just four minutes thanks to a most bizzare Juhani Ojala own goal.

Guatemala city: municipal player mario rodriguez (r) vies for the ball with rolando rojas of chorrillo during their concacaf champion league match at the mateo flores stadium. afP

england knock afghanistan out of world t20 COLOMBO aFP

Defending champions england knocked Afghanistan out of the world twenty20 with a 116-run victory in the group A match in Colombo on Friday. england rode on an unbeaten 99 off 55 balls by Luke wright to pile up 196-5, before bowling Afghanistan out for 80 in 17.2 overs in the day-night game at the Premadasa stadium. Afghanistan's second successive defeat in the tournament meant both england and India qualified for the Super eights round from the group. earlier, Luke wright smashed an unbeaten 99 off 55 balls as defending champions england overcame a bad start to post 196-5 against Afghanistan in the world twenty20 in Colombo on Friday. wright plun-

kabaddi, mat wrestling (three categories), mud wrestling (three categories) and table tennis,” he informed. Giving details of the education sector, Usman Anwar said it has four sectors, elementary and secondary with girls and boys having separate competitions. “the elementary level debate, essay writing, milli naghme, naat khani, painting and qirat events to compete while the secondary sector would compete in debate, essay writing, handicraft, milli naghme, naat khani, painting, qirat and science modelling while apart from the above events, girl students of the secondary schools will also gave competition of cooking, cultural modeling and dress show.” He further informed that the rural sector has also been added in this level that have bull race, bull cart race, donkey cart race, horse race, dog race, tippling / pigeon flying, best agriculture produce and best livestock.

dered eight fours and six sixes in the highest score by an englishman in world twenty20 after Craig Kieswetter was bowled by Shapoor Zadran in the first over before a run had been scored. wright, who was on 97 with one ball remaining, was denied a century when he managed just two runs off Dawlat Zadran. england, sent in to bat, struggled to 15 runs in the first four overs, before the innings gained momentum when 23 runs were scored off the fifth over bowled by Shapoor. Alex Hales helped wright put on 69 for the second wicket before he was run out for 31 in the 10th over. eoin Morgan joined wright to add 72 for the third wicket, himself making 27 off 23 balls before he was dismissed in the 17th over attempting a big shot off Izatullah Dawlatzai.

SCOrebOard england C Kieswetter b Shapoor Zadran 0 ad Hales run out (Karim Sadiq) 31 lJ wright not out 99 eJG morgan c mangal b dawlatzai 27 JC buttler lbw b dawlatzai 15 Jm bairstow c Karim Sadiq b Zadran 12 Sr Patel not out 0 extras (b 4, lb 2, w 3, nb 3) 12 Total (5 wickets; 20 overs) 196 did not bat SCJ broad*, GP Swann, ST Finn, Jw dernbach Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Kieswetter, 0.6 ov), 2-69 (Hales, 9.1 ov), 3-141 (morgan, 16.6 ov), 4-159 (buttler, 18.2 ov), 5-194 (bairstow, 19.5 ov) bowling: Shapoor Zadran 3-1-24-1, dawlat Zadran 4-022-1, izatullah dawlatzai 3-0-56-2, Samiullah Shenwari 4-0-33-0, Karim Sadiq 2-0-9-0, mohammad nabi 4-046-0 aFGHaniSTan mohammad Shahzad c broad b Finn 1 nawroz mangal c & b broad 8 Shafiqullah c sub (rS bopara) b dernbach 0 Karim Sadiq run out (buttler/broad) 5 asghar Stanikzai c bairstow b broad 4

mohammad nabi b Patel 1 Samiullah Shenwari c Finn b Swann 2 Gulbodin naib c morgan b dernbach 4 dawlat Zadran st Kieswetter b Patel 0 Shapoor Zadran lbw b Swann 9 izatullah dawlatzai not out 0 extras (lb 1, w 5) 6 Total (all out; 17.2 overs) 80 Fall of wickets: 1-2 (mohammad Shahzad, 0.6 ov), 2-2 (Shafiqullah, 1.1 ov), 3-14 (nawroz mangal, 3.2 ov), 4-22 (Karim Sadiq, 5.3 ov), 5-22 (asghar Stanikzai, 5.4 ov), 625 (Samiullah Shenwari, 7.4 ov), 7-26 (mohammad nabi, 8.3 ov), 8-26 (dawlat Zadran, 8.6 ov), 9-70 (Shapoor Zadran, 15.3 ov), 10-80 (Gulbodin naib, 17.2 ov) bowling: ST Finn 4-0-24-1, Jw dernbach 2.2-0-16-2, SCJ broad -3-1-10-2, Sr Patel -3-0-6-2, GP Swann -4-2-22-2, lJ wright -1-0-1-0 Toss afghanistan, who chose to field result: england won by 116 runs Points england 2, afghanistan 0 Player of the match tba umpires HdPK dharmasena and SJa Taufel (australia) TV umpire asad rauf (Pakistan) match referee rS madugalle reserve umpire aleem dar (Pakistan)

In the three days 2nd Sayid Paper Open Golf Championship, contested at the Defence Raya Golf Course in Lahore, Matloob Ahmed (UFone) emerged as the top player of this open golf event with three days compact looking scores of 71, 72 and 70 and an overall winning aggregate of 3 under par 213. Shafiq Masih (Honda) turned out to be a big threat to his victory march on the final day and Matloob had to show resilience and champion like application of golfing skills, as Shafiq played real hot golf and almost had the better of Matloob through superb hitting and excellent work on the greens. His 100 yards chip on the final 18th hole was the outstanding shot of the championship and duly applauded by a large number of his golfing fans and even by his rival Matloob. Lucky for Matloob that he hit an equally brilliant chip and prevented any advantage going to Shafiq, thus retaining control and the winners dominance. Matloob who is turning out to be a golf champion of significance and seeking top positions in major golf championships, was once again placed in the front in the final round of this championship and also in the limelight with a number of strong and determined competitors craving for his downfall. the blood seeking rivals were Shafiq Masih, Mohammad Asif and Shahid Javed Khan and of course the upcoming ones Aadil Jehangir and Asher Hanif. In particular Shahid and Aadil had strategized and prepared game plans to upset Matloob's winning advance by playing adroit and accomplished golf, but somehow they had overlooked Matloob's golfing skills and the potential to translate them, when required. this became evident from the moment Matloob teed off in the final round as thereafter all the others seemed to cloud away, except the artful Shafiq. not that Shahid, Aadil and Asher in any way,were unimpressive, it was just that Matloob was too solid and steady. each tee shot by Matloob on the par fours and fives carried a touch of class and though bogies did come his way on holes 4,8 and 16,comprehensive damage control was done through five birdies and ten pars. In the heat of the competition Mohammad Asif faded away but compliments to Shafiq Masih of Honda who kept the temperature warm enough to make Matloob feel threatened till the last shot of the closing hole on the final day and in the process making the competition a delight to watch. the final closing moments of the championship were indeed awesome. Shafiq demonstrated excellence in hitting and excellence in the score of the final day playing superbly with a round of three under par 69, with birdies on holes 7,10,12,15 and 18 and two bogies on the 3rd and 9th holes. Shafiq did not win but was cheered lustily for a wonderful effort. the top ten: Matloob Ahmed (U Fone) 71+72+70 = 213; Shafiq Masih (Honda) 73+72+69 = 214; Asher Hanif (Gymkhana) 73+74+72 = 219; Amjad yousaf (Karachi) 74+73+72 = 219; Aadil Jehangir (Gymkhana) 78+70+72 = 220; Shahid Javed Khan (Royal Palm) 78+69+73 = 220; Latif Rafiq (Gymkhana) 76+72+73 = 221; Mohammad Asif (Defence Raya) 71+72+78 = 221; Mohammad Siddique (Faisalabad) 74+74+74 = 222; Sunny John (Gymkhana) 75+74+74 = 223. In the amateur section the top performers were Raza Ali Khan, winner gross, Col (r) Asif Mehdi, runner up gross, Faisal Sayid, winner net and Farid Malik, runner up net. Compliments to Sayid Paper for holding this open championship on a golf course that is simply admirable and amazing and in the process adding to the livelihood of the professional golfers. And in his concluding speech Faisal Sayid of Sayid Paper committed that he is willing to support all preparations for raising and training a golf team for the next Olympics. At the conclusion of the event, Faisal Sayid awarded prizes to the winners in a grand prize distribution ceremony attended by Brig. Shahid wahab Rao of DHA, Fakhar Imam and Khurram Sarfraz of Defence Raya and a large number of professional golfers.

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17 Sports robson becomes first british wta finalist since 1990

colombo: (from l/r) new zealand's Suzie bates, South african's mignon du Preez, indian's mithali raj, australia's Jodie fields, Sri lanka's Shashikala Siriwardene, Pakistan's Sana mir, west indies merissa aguilleira and england's charlotte edwards, pose for an official team captain's photograph with the icc world twenty20 women's trophy. afP


Rising tennis star Laura Robson become the first British woman since 1990 to reach a main tour singles final on Friday when she defeated Sorana Cirstea 6-4, 6-2 in the wtA Guangzhou Open. the 18-year-old world no.74 convincingly beat her Romanian opponent in a one-and-a-half hour semi-final in the southern Chinese city. the Londoner had beaten second seed Zheng Jie of China 6-3, 6-3 to reach the quarter finals, before defeating Zheng's compatriot, seventh seed Peng Shuai 7-5, 5-7, 6-2 in three-and-a-halfhours on thursday. Robson started brightly in the semifinal, breaking Cirstea's serve at the first attempt before racing to a 5-1 lead within 25 minutes. the world no. 30 then broke Robson's serve twice before Robson broke back at the final game to win the opening set 6-4. the no.1 ranked British player also unsettled third seed Cirstea early in the second set, breaking her first serve before being held to a lengthy tie-break at 4-1. Robson went ahead at 5-1, but Cirstea broke back, before Robson wrapped it up in style by breaking serve again and taking all the points in the final game. the wtA's youngest top 100 player, who will face Su-wei Hsieh of taiwan in the final on Saturday, will be relieved to have finished the match two hours quicker than her quarter-final epic. Reaching the final in Guangzhou is another landmark in a superb season which has seen Robson winning Olympic silver in the mixed doubles with Andy Murray and reaching the US Open last 16. the teenager is the first British woman to contest a wtA tour singles final since Jo Durie at the Virginia Slims of newport tournament in the US in 1990. Robson became British no.1 earlier this week after she defeated Kim Clijsters and Li na during her impressive US Open run. She is also the first British woman to reach a wtA tour singles semi-final since Anne Keothavong at the Luxembourg Open in October 2011.

mirza Pharma tennis concludes

Li Na to play in Japan despite tensions TOKYO aFP

China's Li na will play in Japan in the coming week, despite athletes from both countries pulling out of tournaments over tensions between Beijing and tokyo, organisers said Friday. the worldranked eight Li, who won the 2011 French Open, will be joined by fellow Chinese Zheng Jie and Peng Shuai at the $2.17-million Pan Pacific Open, which starts Sunday. "they are coming," a tournament official said of the trio. "we have not heard otherwise." the wtA tournament comes as ties between China and Japan have deteriorated markedly over Japan-administered islands in the east China Sea called Senkaku in Japan

and Diaoyu in China. After Japan nationalised them earlier this month, anti-Japan demonstrations erupted across China, destroying Japanese cars and businesses, amid reports of assaults against Japanese nationals. Japanese rugby, cycling and table tennis teams have dropped plans to compete in China over fears for their safety. Chinese players withdrew from this week's badminton Japan Open in tokyo over the island row. A worry for Li, however, might be her fitness. Only three weeks ago, the 30-year-old said she needed to take a break from the sport after a shock defeat to British teenager Laura Robson at the US Open. "I can't go back on the practice court straightaway. I have to take some days off otherwise this will kill me," Li said.


the inaugural AJ Mirza Pharma national tennis Championship concluded at Karachi Gymkhana with win for Mudassar. Jamal Mirza MD AJM Pharma Pvt Ltd was the chief guest and Ali Rahim President Karachi Gymkhana was the guest of Honour. they later gave away the trophies and Rs 27500 cash prizes to the winners and runner up. Mumtaz yousuf, secretary Pakistan tennis Federation, Ahmed Ali Rajput, Ghulam Mohd, Mushtaq Ahmed, Altaf Hussain, Jawad yousuf and Khalid Rahmani were also present at the closing ceremony. RESULTS U14 SINGLES: Hassan Farooq beat Muzamil 6-7,7-6,6-1 U18 SINGLES: Mudassir beat Kashan 6-4,7-6 (6) 45 SINGLES: Inamullah beat tahir Gul 7-5,6-3 55 SINGLES: Sabhiwali beat iltifat ahmed 6-3,2-0 rtd 45 DOUBLES: Kh Masroor +shahid Aziz beat Zafar + jawad 6-0,6-3.

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ValkenburG: britain's lucy Garner (r) on the podium after winning the women's Junior road race world championships. afP

Veteran fujita leads in Japan TOKYO aFP

Japanese veteran Hiroyuki Fujita grabbed the second-round lead at the Asia-Pacific Panasonic Open on home soil on Friday but had reigning Asian tour number one Juvic Pagunsan in hot pursuit. Fujita, a two-time winner on the Asian tour, carded a three-under-par 68 for a one-shot lead over Pagunsan, who birdied the last three holes for 66. He was tied in second with Darren Beck of Australia and Koumei Oda of Japan. India's Shiv Kapur battled fatigue and jetlag for 68 and was three shots off the pace, followed by Asian tour rookie David Lipsky (64) of the United States and Japanese prodigy Ryo Ishikawa (65), who were a further shot back. Overnight leader yuta Ikeda, who shot an opening-round 62, slipped back with a 76 for tied 24th place at the Higashi Hirono Golf Club. with him were Jeev Milkha Singh of India and thai duo Prayad Marksaeng and Chinnarat Phadungsil at the 150million-yen (about $1.9 million) event sanctioned by the Asian tour and Japan Golf tour. "My putter went cold on the back nine and I couldn't score," Fujita told the Asian tour after his birdie on the last hole saw him sitting top of the pile. "It was quite disappointing but this is just the second day and we do not know how it will turn out in the end," said Fujita, who won in Japan last week. "the course set-up might get tougher in the last two days so I hope I can continue shooting in the 60s. "Last week's win has boosted my confidence but like I said, it is still early in the tournament and there are many good players behind me." the sweet-swinging Pagunsan got off with a bogey, birdie and bogey start but steadied ship with six further birdies including a missed eagle opportunity from 25 feet on the 18th hole.

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Sports 18 Teen Thompson takes LPGA lead in title defense PRATTvILLE aFP


eFenDInG champion Lexi thompson fired a nineunder par 63 on thursday, matching the course record to grab a two-stroke lead after the first round of the navistar LPGA Classic. the 17-year-old American won the event by five strokes last year, becoming the youngest champion in LPGA history at age 16 -- a mark broken by 15-year-old new Zealand amateur Lydia Ko at last month's Canadian women's Open. But thompson showed no sign of being surpassed at the Robert trent Jones Golf trail's Senator course, firing nine birdies without a bogey to finish the round two strokes ahead of American Lizette Salas and South Korean Hee young Park. "It feels really good getting a first round of 63 under my belt, but you just have to take it one shot at a time," thompson said. "I hope to play like I did for the next three rounds." thompson opened her career-low round with a birdie, then ran off three in a row starting at the par-4 fourth. She closed the front nine and opened the back nine with birdies, added another birdie at the par-3 13th, and also had back-to-back birdies at the par-3 16th and par-5 17th. At the 18th, with a chance to claim the course record all for herself, thompson missed a birdie putt by six inches. "I wasn't thinking about the course record," she said. "I was just trying to put a good stroke on it like every other putt." thompson, ranked 25th, missed only one green in regulation in matching the course record of 63 set by Japan's Mika Miyazato and Australian Lindsey wright in the 2010 event. thompson, whose previous ca-

Singapore Grand Prix ‘unconfirmed’ for next year


next year's Singapore Grand Prix remains "subject to confirmation". reports said on Friday, as organisers head into high-stakes contract talks with Formula One supremo Bernie ecclestone this weekend. the glittering night race is set for its fifth edition on Sunday but the hosts are stalling on a five-year extension, after complaining the present deal is financially unappealing. On a provisional Formula One calendar for 2013, Singapore is one of four races marked "subject to confirmation", along with new Jersey, Germany and South Korea, according to the floodlit grand prix, which snakes through a spectacular city-scape in the southeast Asian financial hub, has rapidly established itself as a favourite on the Formula One circuit. But it is one of several venues eager to reduce costs during an enduring worldwide economic slowdown. South Korea and Australia have also called for a reduction in the race fees they pay to Formula One. ecclestone is expected to make a statement about the race on Saturday, the report said, while local media are tipping an announcement by Singaporean authorities on Sunday. Formula One also plans to launch an initial public offering in Singapore, although stock market turmoil has affected timing originally rumoured to be the middle of this year.

High costs have caused friction for several hosts of Formula One, which has expanded aggressively from its traditional european domain with seven races in the Asia-Pacific region this season. In 2008, Chinese Grand Prix organisers told AFP they were prepared to walk away from Formula One, before later extending their deal. the Australian Grand Prix has long been the subject of controversy with estimates that it costs local taxpayers Aus$50 million ($52.5 million) to stage. According to the provisional calendar, next year's South Korean race is still in question despite comments from organisers that they had negotiated a cheaper deal. In the schedule, which will be submitted for approval by motor racing chiefs, new Jersey's inaugural American Grand Prix replaces Valencia, and Bahrain keeps its slot despite its protest-hit edition this year. the 20-stop season will start in Australia on March 17 and end in Brazil on november 24, with a long break of more than a month between the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 28 and Belgium on September 1. In April, Formula One rights-holder ecclestone faced down calls to cancel the Bahrain race for a second season running over violent anti-government protests. the race passed off without incident, although protesters tried to block routes to the track with burning tyres and rubbish. tensions in Bahrain have since cooled, although sporadic demonstrations continue.


tiger, rose share lead at PGa tour championship ATLANTA aFP

PrattVille: lexi thompson lines up a putt at the 16th hole during the first round of the 2012 navistar lPGa classic at the robert trent Jones Golf trail's Senator course. afP reer-low round was a 65 fired at the navistar in 2009, had a specially prepared breakfast at her favorite grill-toorder diner near the course as she did before her rounds last year before her only LPGA title. She dined on egg whites, bacon, wheat toast and potatoes. "Valerie (Perry), she's the main cook there and she sings, so it keeps me relaxed, keeps me laughing before my round," thompson said. "It's a good atmosphere." Britain's Karen Stupples, South Korean Mi Hyang Lee and Americans Amanda Blumenhurst, wendy ward and world no. 2 Stacy Lewis, seeking her third title of the year, shared fourth on 66. "It was actually a pretty frustrating 66," Lewis said. "I had a ton of putts go right over the edge and just lip out." On 67 were Canada's Lorie Kane and Alena Sharp, and Americans Sydnee Michaels, Angela Stanford, Dori

Carter and Karlin Beck. world no. 1 yani tseng of taiwan opened with a 71. CAPTAIN OLLIE READY fOR RYDER CUP RAID: Jose Maria Olazabal says he is no Seve, but he believes he has the firepower to emulate his great friend and countryman and lead a successful european defence of the Ryder Cup at Medinah. After almost singlehandedly reviving the biennial competition in the 1980s with his flair and fierce determination, Seve Ballesteros was omni-present on home Spanish turf at Valderrama in 1997 when he captained another european victory. Olazabal was in the team on that occasion just as he had been alongside Ballesteros in many of his greatest triumphs in foursomes and fourballs. now, 16 months after Ballesteros died from a brain tumour, it is his turn to lead from the front, but this time on foreign soil.

ryder cup is labour of love for team uSa LOS ANGELES: Davis Love says a Super Bowl-like atmosphere and Medinah's home-course advantage will empower the Americans and enable them to reclaim the Ryder Cup from their european rivals. the 48year-old US skipper knows all about the pressure of a Ryder Cup, having competed in a half dozen, beginning with his first in 1993. He also knows about winning major championships, capturing the 1997 PGA Championship. "It is our Olympics or our Super Bowl," said Love. "It is the biggest thing you can play in golf. "It is not the same as the PGA tour where you play week after week after week and then there is a major. It is more pressure. It is something where we are scared to lose and we want the Cup back." the Americans have lost four of the last five Ryder Cups, including the last one in 2010 at Celtic Manor Resort in wales. aFP

tiger woods and england's Justin Rose each fired four-under par 66s on thursday to share the lead after the first round of the US PGA tour Championship. woods, who can capture the US PGA season playoff championship with a victory, and Rose -who dropped in a 50-foot birdie effort at the 18th -- each fired six birdies and took two bogeys in the 30-player showdown at east Lake. "I played well," woods said. "It was a very consistent round. I hit the ball well, made a few putts, got around well." woods sank a long birdie putt at the par-3 second and a six-footer for birdie at the par-4 third. After a bogey at the fourth, woods finished the front nine with a birdie and made another with a long putt at the 12th. woods, in the final group, took a bogey at the 14th but answered with birdies at the par-5 15th and par-4 16th to claim a share of the lead. Rose, who has not won since March at Doral, answered a bogey at the second with a birdie at the next hole and a bogey at the seventh with back-to-back birdies to conclude the front nine and again at the 14th and 15th before closing with his impressive birdie. Sharing third on 67 were Americans Steve Stricker, Matt Kuchar, Bo Van Pelt and Scott Piercy with Americans Hunter Mahan, Brandt Snedeker, Zach Johnson, Robert Garrigus and Australian Adam Scott on 68. world no. 1 Rory McIlroy of northern Ireland, who has won three of his past four starts, fired a 69. McIlroy, who played alongside woods in round one, can also claim the playoff title with a victory as can Snedeker, nick watney and Phil Mickelson. Mickelson opened on 69. watney fired a 75. All 30 players in the field have a chance at capturing the $10 million playoff crown and some can claim the prize without winning the tournament title.

tokyo: russian tennis player maria Sharapova (c) is welcomed by Japanese fans during her sponsored event. Sharapova is in tokyo to play in the Pan Pacific open tennis tournament. afP

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Saturday, 22 September, 2012


Sacrilege be declared global crime: PM raja Pervez says president to raise issue at UN g muslims’ sentiments disregarded while holocaust made sacred cow g freedom of speech being used as tool for demeaning g muslim Ummah needs to unite to seek permanent solution to sacrilege g



RIMe Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Friday demanded the world community to declare sacrilege a crime globally. “Sacrilege is intolerable for Muslims, as it is not an issue of freedom of expression, instead it is a question of violence on earth,” the prime minister said in his address at the Ishq-e-Rasool Conference in Islamabad on Friday. the PM said freedom of expression did not mean that revered personalities are made targets, adding that protest against such despicable acts “is our religious duty”. Ashraf said the world today was threatened by religious extremism and one of the reasons of extremism was disrespect for other religions. He said the miscreants had targeted the greatest personality of the universe whom no power on earth could ever

cause any damage. He said the sentiments of the Muslims were never taken into account, but a debate on holocaust had been forbidden and was liable to punishment. “Pakistan has the right to protest against the anti-Islam film and all religions, beliefs and the revered personalities must be respected,” he said. the PM said Pakistan was the only Islamic country observing an official protest day and President Asif Ali Zardari would be taking up the issue at the Un General Assembly session in the coming days. He said anti-social elements were using the concept of freedom of speech in an offensive manner, adding that Islam was a religion of peace and preached respect for all faiths. Ashraf warned that if such actions did not stop, they would create instability worldwide. “we want a resolution of the matter that has international support and protec-

tion so that such sacrilegious acts could be averted in the future.” He pointed out that defamation of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had witnessed an upsurge in recent years in the name of freedom of expression, saying this was not freedom of expression but hatred and demonstrated blatant double standards. Ashraf said the personality of Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was paramount to the principles of great Muslim faith of peace, tolerance and harmony and central to the belief of Muslims. He said an attack on the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was an attack on the core belief of 1.5 billion Muslims. “this is something that is unacceptable. Our faith remains incomplete without total devotion and reverence to the Prophet (PBUH). the anguish and hurt is deeper after the discovery that the profane act was based on biased, hatred and prejudice.”

“we appreciate those in the international community who joined Muslims in condemning this act.” He said the Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave the message of peace and harmony. the PM appealed the nation to maintain peace and avoid violence. “It is our collective responsibility to protest peacefully without causing harm or damage to properties or lives. the punishment for one’s crime cannot be given to another person; similarly, it is not right to damage foreign diplomatic missions.” He urged Ulema and Mashaikh to use their influence with the masses to help stop the violence. the PM said Islamic countries should formulate a unified policy to impress upon the world community that Muslims were enraged over the profane acts and wanted an end to them. Ashraf said it was time the Muslim Ummah stood united at this critical juncture and sought a permanent solution so

that no one dared desecrate religious personalities of any religion in the future. the PM said the Muslim world needed to work together with other countries to find a solution that ensures respect of the sentiments of people of all religions. He said irreverence and disrespect to other religions was the root cause of extremism, adding that world peace could only be ensured by giving respect to the sentiments of all faiths. Appreciating the minorities for their support against the blasphemous film, Ashraf said Muslims would also stand shoulder to shoulder with them for the protection of their rights. He said it was the right of the Pakistani people to express their strong sentiments against the blasphemous movie, however, these sentiments needed to be given a constructive direction in order to transform the Muslims into a socio-economic and political power.

Us envoy gets dressing down over hate film g

hoagland summoned to foreign office, told film an attack on all muslims ISLAMABAD STaFF rePOrT

rawalPindi: muslims protest against the anti-islam film on youm-e-ishq-e-rasool (PbuH) on Friday. oNLINe

turkey sentences 322 army officers to jail ISTANBUL aGenCieS

A turkish court sentenced more than 300 military officers to jail on Friday for plotting to overthrow Prime Minister tayyip erdogan almost a decade ago, ending a trial that underscored civilian dominance over the once all-powerful military. the court in Silivri, just west of Istanbul, handed prison terms to 322 serving and retired army officers and acquitted 34, according to court documents seen by Reuters. two retired generals and a retired admiral considered the ringleaders of the so-called “Sledgehammer” plot to

topple erdogan in 2003 were given life terms. their relatives collapsed in tears in the courtroom as the sentences were handed down. the military has long been the guardian of turkey’s secular establishment, launching three coups between 1960 and 1980 and pressuring an Islamist-led government to quit in 1997. But erdogan’s Islamist-rooted AK Party, which came to power a decade ago, has tamed military influence over policymaking and ministerial appointments as part of efforts to strengthen democracy, while prosecutors have pursued suspected coup-makers through the courts. “to comment without seeing the reasons for the verdict would be inappropriate. there

is an appeals process. what is important for us is that the right decision emerges,” erdogan told reporters in Ankara, as the sentences were being announced. the ruling has the potential to undermine morale in the military as it battles Kurdish militants in the southeast and faces a growing challenge maintaining security along its southern border with war-torn Syria. “turkish soldiers are not just being struck down in Diyarbakir, Sirnak and Bingol, it is actually here where they have been hit,” said Colonel Mustafa Onsel, one of the defendants, referring to three southeastern provinces which have seen clashes with Kurdish militants in recent months.

Pakistan on Friday lodged a strong protest with the United States over the anti-Islam movie produced in the US and released on youtube, calling the blasphemous video an attack on 1.5 billion Muslims. US Charge D’Affaires Richard Hoagland was summoned to the Foreign Office and a strong protest was lodged with him over the blasphemous video posted on the youtube attacking the personality of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). “the US diplomat was told that this was an attack on 1.5 billion Muslims and a premeditated and a malicious act to spread hatred and violence among people of different faiths,” said Foreign Office spokesman Moazzam Khan. Khan said, “He was further conveyed that the US government should immediately take measures to remove the sacrilegious video from youtube and take action against its producer,” he said. “Ambassador Hoagland was reminded that all faiths need to promote inter-religious harmony and tolerance. the intentional spread of hatred among faiths is an attack on humanity itself.” “Ambassador Hoagland reiterated his government’s position as well that of the US leadership that they strongly condemned the video. the video was disgusting and was act of one aberrant individual. He further stated that vast majority of American

people have also condemned it,” Khan said. the official protest was lodged by Islamabad with washington amid widespread violent protests in the capital city and across the country against the anti-Islam movie that has also prompted protest demonstrations in other Muslim countries. Meanwhile, a statement issued by the US embassy said Ambassador Hoagland met with Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials to discuss the controversial video circulating on the internet. “Ambassador Hoagland reiterated that the United States government has condemned this video’s content and its message and emphasized that the United States government has nothing to do with it,” it said. Ambassador Hoagland said this act was a deeply insensitive decision by a single individual to disseminate hatred. “It does not reflect the values of the United States, a nation of more than 300 million people, built upon the pillars of religious freedom and tolerance,” Hoagland was quoted as saying.

Khar, Clinton pledge commitment to vital Pakistan-US ties WASHINGTON SPeCial COrreSPOndenT

the United States Friday committed to “important” relationship with Pakistan as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar held talks on counterterrorism, economic cooperation and joint efforts for peace and stability in Afghanistan. the two countries are seeking to move past strains in the bilateral relationship and improve the wide-ranging ties by building upon convergences. Pakistani foreign minister Khar urged the bilateral relationship to be based on mu-

tual respect, trust and understanding while Ms Clinton emphasized the importance of continued counterterrorism cooperation. “Our relationship goes far beyond our security concerns. today, we will discuss the many other ways in which we work together, particularly the economic opportunity for Pakistanis, “ chief American diplomat Hillary Clinton said welcoming the Pakistani foreign for first her official visit to the State Department. Ms Clinton reaffirmed washington’s support for Pakistan in combating terrorism. “we have both pledged to support a secure, stable and prosperous Afghanistan, which is vital for security of the region,”

Clinton said. Ms Khar said the Pakistan-US relationship has gone through some of the most difficult times recently. “the last 18 months were difficult for many reasons. However the fact that the two countries braved these last 18 months together shows that we have both a deep understanding of the importance of this relationship for the bilateral relationship for the US and Pakistan and also the goals of regional peace and stability.” the foreign minister noted that in a series of meeting two sides have done rather well towards building the trust. “today we stand at a time of opportunity to be able to cease the trust-deficit

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mantra and building on the trust by walking the talk that achieves interests that are common.” She said the relationship between the two countries should based on mutual respect and understanding and one that helps advance national goals of each country. “we will be talking about building on an architecture of cooperation which will make these relations to be predictable and sustainable and most importantly to be viewed by both Pakistanis and the Americans to be pursuing their national interests, to be a relationship which is based on mutual respect and mutual understanding and which is seen to be pursuing national Editor: Arif Nizami

goals and objectives of each country.” the US Secretary of State said “we also support Pakistan’s sovereignty but we are clear that all sovereign nations carry certain obligations to protect human rights of its citizens, to control their territory, to prevent threats to their neighbors and the international community. “ In her opening remarks, Foreign Minister Khar dismissed the impression that Pakistan was serving the US interest in the fight against terror. “In pursuing our counterterrorism goals, in pursuing a better future within the region and in pursuing a more stable and peaceful Afghanistan we are indeed pursuing our own national interest.

E-paper Pakistan Today 22nd September, 2012  

E-paper Pakistan Today 22nd September, 2012

E-paper Pakistan Today 22nd September, 2012  

E-paper Pakistan Today 22nd September, 2012