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CJP summons son in ‘millions of rupees’ scam

Karachi edition

Wednesday, 6 June, 2012 Rajab 15, 1433

Libi eLiminated

Pakistani security officials confirm death of al Qaeda’s number two in US drone strike on Monday


Elmo thought no one would notice! g

US State Department says allegations of fraud and abuse of aid money against Rafi Peer Puppet Workshop ‘credible’, full investigation underway LAHORE Staff RepoRt

NEWS DESK In what is being claimed as a conspiracy against the judiciary, the son of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has been accused of receiving millions of rupees and sponsored foreign trips for reasons yet to be disclosed. Taking notice of the media reports, Justice Chaudhry late on Tuesday night issued notices to his son Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, Attorney General Irfan Qadir and a prominent property tycoon to appear before a three-member Supreme Court bench headed by him, today (Wednesday). Senior journalist Shaheen Sehbai Continued on page 04



Shamim Shahid

ne of al Qaeda’s top most figures, Yahya al-Libi was reportedly among 16 suspected militants killed in a US drone strike in South Waziristan on June 4 (Monday). A US drone targeted a compound believed to be used by militant commanders Mullah nazir and Commander Malang in the Wocha Dana Beermal area of South Waziristan. While officials in various intelligence agencies have confirmed al-Libi’s death, offi-

cials in the United States endorsed that al-Libi was the target of Monday’s drone strike. There has not been any confirmation or rejection of the report by al Qaeda yet. According to reports, the militants had gathered in the compound to condole the death of Malang’s brother who was killed the previous day in a drone attack in the same area. Hailing from Libya, al-Libi’s real name was Muhammad Hussain. He was a scholar of Islamic Shariah and had a degree in chemistry. He was believed to be a close confidant of slain al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. Continued on page 04

The US State Department on Tuesday confirmed that funding for the Pakistan Sesame Street Program had been terminated after allegations of fraud and abuse of aid money against the Rafi Peer Puppet Workshop were found to be credible. State Department Deputy spokesperson Mark Toner said the Pakistan Sesame Street Program totaled $20 million and that $6.7 million has already been spent by the Rafi Peer Theater Workshop. The project was canceled after several calls were made to an anti-fraud hotline set up by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Pakistan alleging misappropriation of funds. The US looked into the allegations and found them credible. A full investigation is still underway as to how and where the money was spent. “no one is questioning, obviously, the value and positive impact of this kind of programming for children,” said Toner. “But this is about allegations of corruption.” The revelation is likely to cause embarrassment for the multibillion-dollar US aid programme in Pakistan, which some analysts have criticized for lacking focus and not achieving results. Meanwhile, the US-based Sesame Workshop was “dismayed” to find out that the program had been halted because of fraud allegations. The project was a co-production between Sesame Workshop and Rafi Peer Puppet Workshop, based in Lahore. Continued on page 02

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02 News Today’s

wednesday, 6 June, 2012



energy crises, not ‘war on terror’ is priority now: Kaira

Bilour accuses army for encroaching on Railways’ land

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elmo thought Continued fRom page 1 “Sesame Workshop was surprised and dismayed to learn about the serious allegations made against Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop. Beyond what we have read in the press, we do not know the specific details of these allegations,” Sesame Workshop said in a statement. “We hope that we’ll continue our work in Pakistan and anywhere else in the world. I think we have to go step by step here,” said Myung Kang-Huneke, executive vice president and general counsel of Sesame Workshop. In its defence, the Rafi Peer Puppet Workshop denied the allegations, saying the US ended its participation due to a lack of funds. “Rafi Peer is proud of its association with the project and of the quality of children’s educational television programming created within Pakistan as a result,” the group said in a statement. The program, called Sim Sim Hamara, or “Our Sim Sim,” launched to much fanfare in December, with plans to run for a full three seasons. It featured elmo and a cast of local Pakistani characters, including a young girl in a lead role. Other characters included Munna, a 5-year old boy who played the table drums, Baily, a donkey who loved to sing, and Haseen O Jameel, a crocodile living in a well. In a country where one third of all young children do not attend school, the show was supposed to raise literacy, education, and tolerance. now, its future is in jeopardy. Rafi Peer claims it is looking for alternate sources of funding, for now leaving the colorful cast of characters with nowhere to play and no songs to sing.

Pakistan conducts another nuke-capable missile test ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Tuesday tested a fifth nuclearcapable missile since India launched a new long-range weapon capable of hitting China just over six weeks ago. The Hatf VII cruise missile has a range of 700 kilometres (440 miles) and can carry conventional warheads and has stealth capabilities, the military said. It described the “low flying, terrain hugging missile with high maneuverability” as having “pinpoint accuracy” and “radar avoidance features”. Tuesday’s test was the country’s fifth of a nuclear-capable missile since April 25. On April 20, India successfully test fired the Agni V capable of delivering a onetonne nuclear warhead anywhere in rival China, marking a major advance in its military capabilities. Defence analysts say India’s strategic priorities are focusing more on China, while Pakistan is still concerned about its eastern neighbour. According to the ISPR, Babur Cruise Missile is a low flying, terrain hugging missile with high maneuverability, pin point accuracy and radar avoidance features. It can carry both nuclear and conventional warheads and has stealth capabilities. It also incorporates the most modern cruise missile technology of Terrain Contour Matching (TeRCOM) and Digital Scene Matching and Area Corelation (DSMAC), which enhances its precision and effectiveness manifolds. The missile was launched from a state of the art multi tube Missile Launch Vehicle (MLV) which significantly enhances the targeting and employment options of Babur Weapon System in both the conventional and nuclear modes. The test was witnessed by Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Khalid Shameem Wynne, Director General Strategic Plans Division, Lieutenant General (r) Khalid Ahmed Kidwai, national engineering and Scientific Commission (neSCOM) Chairman Muhammad Irfan Burney, senior officers from the armed forces and strategic organizations, scientists and engineers. The successful test has been warmly welcomed by the president and prime minister. agencieS

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13 killed, several hurt as dust storm hits country PESHAWAR/LAHORE agencieS

Thirteen people were killed and several others injured after a heavy dust storm hit various parts of the country on Tuesday evening. Heavy dust storm hit Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Chiniot, Sargodha, Muzaffargarh, Mianwali and surroundings areas. The storm also hit Dera Ismail Khan, Tank and some areas of Balochistan. Those killed by the massive dust storm included five children. In Muridke, three children died when a wall fell on them. In Peshawar, the storm, which was recorded at 90 kilometers per hour, uprooted several trees and signboards. Four people, including two children, were killed in Peshawar while 20 others sustained injuries. Sources said the dust storm created a traffic mess in the city and its suburbs. They said several vehicles met accidents on GT Road and University Road Peshawar due to low visibility, adding that electricity was also disconnected following the storm and business activities were also disturbed. The dust strom was also followed by light rain that brought the mercury down. According to Met Office, other parts of the country remained under a grip of scorching heat as temperature jumped to 50 degree Celsius in Dadu. HeAt wAve contInueS, Mercury juMpS to 50c: Most parts of the country remained under the grip of scorching heat on Tuesday, as temperature jumped to 50 degrees Celsius in various areas. Heat wave has confined people to their homes in central and south parts of the country, while roads and markets wore a deserted look. In Lahore, dust storms and scattered rains brought some relief to the residents of the provincial capital; however, the Meteorological Department said that most parts of the country would remain under the grip of heat during the next 24 hours. The maximum temperature recorded in Dadu was 50C, while mercury in other cities was recorded as: Larkana and Sibi, 48C; Sargodha, 47C; nawabshah and Sukkur, 46C; Lahore, 44C; Islamabad, 42C; Peshawar, 45C; Karachi, 34C; and Quetta 34C.

On GHQ’s pressure, Zardari holds Bengali’s appointment for NEC KARACHI aamiR majeed

President Asif Ali Zardari has withheld the summary of Dr Kaiser Bengali’s appointment as member of the national economic Council (neC) after the military establishment’s intervention, Pakistan Today has learnt. Dr Bengali, an economist and former advisor to the Sindh chief minister on planning and development, was nominated by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on May 6 as an neC member from Sindh. However, according to sources privy to the president, Zardari withheld Bengali’s appointment after pressure from the General Headquarters (GHQ). Sources said the prime minister had sent the

summary of Bengali’s appointment under Article 156 of the constitution. According to Article 156, the president should constitute the neC, consisting of the prime minister as the chairman of the council, chief ministers of all provinces and one member from each province which would be nominated by the chief ministers and four others members as the prime minister may nominate from time to time. “The presidency received a summary of Dr Qaiser Bengali’s appointment from the Prime Minister’s House on May 7, but the president withheld the summary after the GHQ’s intervention,” the source said. “The military establishment has raised serious reservations over Dr Bengali’s appointment as neC member from Sindh after his articles on corruption in the na-

tional Logistic Cell (nLC) run by the army,” he said. In his articles published in some national newspapers, Dr Bengali made corruption allegations against Pakistan Army officials in the nLC, besides holding the army responsible for the destruction of Pakistan Railways to make way for the nLC. “Dr Bengali also accused Pakistan Army of occupying Railways’ land worth billions of rupees after making the Railways dysfunctional,” he said. “After the GHQ’s intervention of GHQ, the president has withheld the summary of the appointment of Dr Kaiser Bengali as member of neC from Sindh and asked the prime minister to send an alternate name to fulfil the constitutional requirement,” he added.

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wednesday, 6 June, 2012

FOreiGn newS

artS & entertainMent


assad may go as part of Syria settlement: Russia

nj’s ‘Bermuda triangle’: Water reservoir home to mystery

gayle back in Windies one-day squad

News 03 COMMent guns vs butter

We test fire another missile.

do what is right FM Khar tells the US.

dr hasan askari Rizvi says: Of dubious distinction: Our democrats have many.

ali aftab Saeed says: Panj Taara: Five stories from the week.

Khwaja manzar amin says: In a blind, dark alley: President Zardari and his slyness.

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LAHORE: Scavengers search for recycleable items from a garbage dump on World Environment Day on Tuesday. afP

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Khar to US: Want to revive partnership? have to say sorry first! FM asks washington to rise above political expediencies of election year g



CnG stations on strike from today ISLAMABAD: All Pakistan CnG Association has announced to close down all CnG stations across the country from Wednesday (today) against the “step-motherly attitude of the government”. All Pakistan CnG Association Ghiyas Paracha told a press conference on Tuesday that the association had sent four demands to the Ministry of Petroleum and natural Resources but not a single was accepted, forcing them to call for a complete shutdown of 3,300 CnG stations across the country for an indefinite period. He said CnG stations in Punjab were close due to weekly load shedding however they would also remain closed for an indefinite period. Paracha warned that in the next phase, petrol pumps across the country would also be closed. agencieS

Special coRReSpondent

SKInG Washington to rise above political expediencies of an election year, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said the US should apologize to Pakistan over Salala attacks to revive partnership with her key South Asian country. In an interview with Foreign Policy magazine, Khar also reiterated Islamabad’s opposition to the continuing American drone attacks on Pakistani tribal areas. The foreign minister challenged the United States to live up to its democratic ideals by respecting the will of Pakistan’s elected legislature. “A representative Parliament of 180 million people has spoken on one subject,” she said in an account of the interviewed reported from Doha, where the Brookings Institution held a US-Islamic World Forum. “ Khar, who is the youngest Pakistani foreign minister and the first woman to hold the office, spoke six months after the november 26, 2011 Salala strikes, in which US warplanes destroyed two Pakistani posts along the Afghan border, killing 24 soldiers and provoking a series of retaliatory measures by Islamabad. “[This is] something which should have been forthcoming the day this incident happened, and what a partnership not only demands, but requires,” the foreign minister said, stressing the need for an apology. Khar has contended with a series of crises that would overwhelm even the most veteran diplomat., the magazine reported. The nov. 26 attacks involved two US Apache helicopters, an AC-130 gunship, and two F-15e Strike eagle fighter jets that opened fire on two Pakistani military check posts. Pakistan reacted by shuttering the vital nATO ground supply routes into Afghanistan — they remain closed to this day. Meanwhile, the US and its nATO allies have been paying a much higher price by transporting es-

sential supplies into landlocked Afghanistan from the north, which involves a far longer route than the Pakistani roads and must pass through several countries including Russia and Central Asian states. Pakistan’s parliament also responded in April by passing a 14-point set of guidelines meant to govern the US-Pakistani relationship, which called on the government to seek an apology for the “condemnable and unprovoked” attack. According to the magazine, the United States, however, isn’t in the mood to say sorry. The relationship with Pakistan has hit its nadir in the past year — and to make matters worse, it’s now hostage to the election season. With Mitt Romney attacking Barack Obama as a president who “go[es] around the world and apologize[s] for America,” the odds that the White House will give Khar what she wants, providing Republicans with political fodder in the process, appear slim.

US envoy summoned to register protest against drone strikes ISLAMABAD Staff RepoRt

To register its protest against relentless CIA drone strikes in the tribal belt, Pakistan on Tuesday summoned a senior US diplomat and told him that those attacks were “unlawful” and a violation of its sovereignty. US charge d’affaires Richard Hoagland was called to the Foreign Office to officially convey the government’s serious concern on drone strikes in the Pakistani territory, said a Foreign Office statement. It said the US diplomat was told that the drone strikes were “unlawful, against international law and a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. The statement further said that Pakistan had repeatedly criticised the drone strikes, calling them counter-productive. It said, “The parliament had emphatically stated that they were unacceptable. Drone

strikes represented a clear red-line for Pakistan,” it said. The fresh protest from Islamabad came after a surge in drone attacks over the last few days. On Monday, a drone strike was reported to have possibly killed senior al Qaeda leader Abu Yahya al-Libi, second top figure in the network. Abu Yahya, a Libyan citizen had a bounty of $1 million on his head. However, the US officials could not confirm the death of senior al Qaeda leader in the drone strike, and restricted themselves to saying that he was the intended target. A diplomatic source seeking anonymity said the surge in drone attacks was meant to pressurise Pakistan to settle the row between Islamabad and Washington over blocked nATO supplies. Pakistan stalled nATO supplies last year in november after US aircraft attacked Pakistani border posts and killed 24 soldiers. Islamabad and Washington are cur-

Drone strikes ‘classified operations’: US wASHInGton: The US State Department has declined to comment on Pakistani Foreign Office’s demand that the drone strikes should be discontinued forthwith, terming them an “intelligence matter”. “I can’t talk specifically about classified operations,” said Mark Toner, deputy spokesperson of the US State Department in a briefing. He, however, hinted between the lines without using the exact words that drones were part of the American administration’s fight against al Qaeda in Pakistan and there was still no chance that these operations would be stopped. “Speaking more broadly as we’ve said many times, we share a common interest with Pakistan when it comes to going after al Qaeda, and then seeing a stable Pakistan emerge in the region. As we’ve said many times, Pakistan faces a strong core threat from these extremist groups, and we’re committed to cooperating with them in counter-terrorism”, he stated. He also refused to confirm reports that senior al Qaeda operative Abu Yahya al-Libi was taken out in a drone strike carried out in north Waziristan. Commenting on the ongoing negotiations for reopening of nATO supply routes in Pakistan, he said there had not been not much headway on the issue. He, however, said that the US Deputy Secretary of State Thomas nides in cooperation with the Department of Defense did speak with Pakistan’s Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh over the weekend on this issue. “He once again made our case on why we believe it’s in everyone’s interest to reopen these lines of communication, and we’re going to continue to make that at various levels, that case,” the deputy spokesman said. He, however, disagreed that the discussion with the Pakistani finance minister was about the financial demands made by the country for reopening routes. agencieS rently engaged in hectic talks aimed at the reopening nATO supplies but no tangible progress could be made so far besides cov-

ering some ground in ironing out their differences. The issue of nATO supplies and drone strikes would be discussed by the

country’s top military brass in the Corps Commanders’ meeting likely to be held today (Wednesday).

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04 News

wednesday, 6 June, 2012

US thought Taliban had nuclear bomb in 2009: new book WASHINGTON afp

US President Barack Obama confronted the ultimate security nightmare early in his administration — the possibility that the Taliban had acquired a nuclear bomb, according to a new book published Tuesday. The book, “Confront and Conceal” by new York Times chief Washington correspondent David Sanger, says Obama was told in a dramatic Oval Office meeting in early summer 2009 of “ambiguous” evidence supporting such a fear. Intercepted conversations between members of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) led intelligence agencies to warn the group could have a bomb, and the CIA picked up “chatter” of possible attacks on US cities, the book said. But Sanger reports that no one in the intelligence community could be sure about the authenticity of the threat. Some seasoned analysts believed that any danger was more likely to be posed by nuclear material combined into a radiological or “dirty” bomb. Other officials in US spy agencies believed that there were serious doubts about the intelligence, but no one was willing to ignore the fears, amid concern about the security of Pakistan’s fast growing nuclear arsenal. Senior Obama administration officials have previously confided that the fear of a terrorist or insurgent group acquiring nuclear materials is the national security threat most likely to keep them awake at night. Obama has made halting proliferation a signature of his presidency and was instru-

mental in the debut of a new global nuclear security summit, which took place for the second time in Seoul in March. “There are still too many bad actors in search of these dangerous materials and these dangerous materials are still vulnerable in too many places,” he said in Seoul, warning that it would take just a small amount “to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people.” According to Sanger’s book, Obama decided that with the 2009 case, he could not take any chances and dispatched a nuclear detect and disablement team to the region, though not directly to Pakistan, in case it was needed. After several days of tension, Sanger wrote, the threat dissipated. Pakistan surveyed its arsenal and reported that no nuclear components were missing. One school of thought about the incident suggested that Taliban members had been hoaxed and bought material from a third party that was useless in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Other officials believed that the US national Security Agency (nSA) had misunderstood the dialect of Taliban members on the intercepts, and been mislead into believing their worst fears, the book said. However, Sanger quoted one official as saying that facing a possible nuclear crisis so early in Obama’s presidency “created a lasting impression on all of us.” Since the incident, US officials have held regular meetings with members of Pakistan’s nuclear establishment in neutral locations like London and Abu Dhabi to discuss nuclear safety, Sanger wrote.

Pakistan, eU Continued fRom page 28

london: (l-R) prince charles, prince of Wales, Queen elizabeth ii and prince William look up from the balcony of Buckingham palace as aircraft perform a flyover as they celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee on tuesday. afP

kill 2 Gilani says smooth transition Gunmen Punjabis in Balochistan through fair elections his dream QUETTA inp




RIMe Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Tuesday said smooth transition to the next government was his dream which would be realized for the first time in the country’s history through free and fair elections. In a meeting with european Union’s High Representative Lady Catherine Ashton at the PM House, the prime minister reiterated his invitation to the eU observers to witness general elections in Pakistan which were going to be truly representative of the people’s voice. He thanked the eU for the

support which it had extended in ATP (Autonomous Trade Preferences) and expressed the hope that the Trilogue would make worthwhile and decisive progress in its today’s meeting at Brussels. The prime minister said the democratic government of Pakistan had passed constitutional amendments, which had restored the originality of the constitution, which was bitterly disfigured by the successive dictators. He also referred to the important legislations enacted by the incumbent parliament empowering the minorities and women and the setting up of an independent Human Rights Commission in the recent past. Gilani said the legislative mechanism would make a

Continued fRom page 1

gave money to the CJP’s son has admitted to it. They have documented everything. The CJP’s son has also accepted receiving the money in his private gatherings and is even ready to go to jail,” Sehbai claimed. However, Sehbai said that the detail of the business for which this huge amount of money was given to the CJP’s son is still unknown. “A few years ago, former president Pervez Musharraf had accused Justice Iftikhar

qualitative difference in the human rights situation in the country which was already much better as compared to the vast number of other countries around the world. The prime minister said Pakistan had suffered immensely both in terms of human lives and economy in the war on terror being the frontline state. He vowed that the nation was committed and had taken the ownership and therefore, committed to defeat the forces of extremism and terrorism. He said Pakistan supported the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned solution based on political reconciliation. Pakistan wants a stable, prosperous and sovereign Afghanistan because it is in the best interest

of Pakistan, he added. Lady Ashton said the eU would continue to support Pakistan in dealing with its economic problems and would extend cooperation in the fields of education, health, and infrastructure. She said the energy sector would continue to aim at eradicating poverty, ignorance and disease which would greatly help in combating extremism and terrorism tendencies in the country. She said the world appreciated the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the war on terror. “Pakistan’s successes are our successes and Pakistan’s challenges are our challenges,” she said.

Unknown gunmen disembarked two passengers from a bus coming from Iran, and shot them dead, security officials said on Tuesday. According to sources in the Levies, armed motorcyclists stopped a Karachi-bound passenger bus coming from Iran in the Mand area of Balochistan and directed the passengers to come down. The armed assailants, after checking everyone’s identities, separated two passengers from Punjab and sprayed them with bullets on the spot and fled from the scene. The Levies reached the scene and started search for the killers, but they had managed to escape.

Un envoy hears civil

CJP summons son has claimed that Dr Arsalan received up to Rs 400 million plus sponsored trips to London during 2009, 2010 and 2011 with credit cards to be used abroad by him and his family from the property tycoon. Sehbai made the revelation in an interview to Dr Manzur ejaz, host of a programme ‘Washington Beat’. Sehbai told Dr ejaz that he had received this information from a “very credible source”. “The person who

Ashton called her talks with Hina Khar “excellent” and said such engagements would prove to be productive to further strengthen the relations. To a question, Hina said Pakistan had done record legislation for the protection of rights of women and minorities. She said the formation of independent human rights commission and the legislation for the empowerment of women were the hallmark of the present government. Asked about the impact of GSP plus status for Pakistan, Hina said it would definitely help earn valuable foreign exchange reserves, but at the same time it would open new opportunities for Pakistani businessmen. To a question, Ashton admitted the delay in granting GSP plus status to Pakistan, but said it would definitely have a direct impact on the economy of the country.

of misusing his authority to provide his son a job. So how can a job seeker become such a successful businessman in just a few years that people entrusted him with millions? Therefore, it is a planned conspiracy,” Sehbai said. Sehbai claimed that the top leadership of the Pakistan People’s Party including Aitzaz Ahsan and Qamar Zaman Kaira and some senior journalists including najam Sethi, Kamran Khan and Hamid Mir were aware

of the whole matter but just could not ‘find courage to bring it up’. It may be mentioned here that senior journalist Ansar Abbasi on Monday wrote an article in the Daily Jang unveiling some parts of the scandal, claiming that it was a conspiracy against the independent judiciary. According to Sehbai, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan was also among the few who knew about the ‘conspiracy’.

can officials familiar with the strikes confirmed that Libi, believed to be in his late 40s, was the target of the attack. But they said they did not know whether he had survived. Officials appeared to be wary because, as with some other top militants sheltering in the region, Libi has been falsely reported dead before – in December 2009 after a drone strike in South Waziristan Agency. A Pakistani official said that authorities had intercepted a telephonic conversation about Libi. “We intercepted

some conversations between militants. They were talking about the death of a ‘sheikh’,” one of the Pakistani intelligence officials said, referring to the title given to senior religious leaders. “They did not name this person but we have checked with our sources in the area and believe they are referring to al-Libi,” the official told a British news agency. A resident of the Mir Ali area, citing militant sources and speaking on the condition of anonymity, said he believed that Libi was in the

US personnel freed after being society’s concerns detained for carrying weapons LAHORE PESHAWAR

Authorities on Tuesday released three US functionaries after holding them for illegally carrying weapons, officials said. Police said the judicial magistrate at a local accountability court ordered the “diplomats” to submit security bonds of Rs 100,000 cash for their release. “The US diplomats have been released since diplomats enjoy immunity in

Pakistan,” officials said. As per law, the no Objection Certificate (nOC) from the Ministry of Interior is mandatory for any foreigner visiting any area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or the adjacent tribal belt. However, the US diplomats did not abide by the rule. Peshawar police on Monday detained three American diplomats in the city after finding several rifles, pistols and ammunition in their vehicles.

United nations High Commissioner for Human Rights navi Pillay on Tuesday held meetings with the members of religious minorities, representatives of civil society organisations, lawyers and journalists. A large group of civil society representatives later joined her for tea. All these meetings took place at the office of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

compound in Hasso Khel when the attack occurred. He said Libi had been moved there to recuperate from light injuries sustained in a drone strike on May 28. The resident said he could not be sure if Libi had been killed or injured. A senior Pakistani security source in Peshawar said it “looks like he has been killed.” A militant commander in north Waziristan closely associated with foreign fighters however said: “He has not been killed. This is not the first time claims have been made about his

death. The Americans are suffering heavy losses in Afghanistan so they have resorted to making false claims.” According to reports from north Waziristan, which American government sources did not contest, US drones launched three attacks along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan between Saturday and Monday. Reports said that nearly 30 people were killed during the sequence of strikes, including four suspected militants on Saturday, another 10 on

Sunday, and at least 15 people on Monday in the strike in which Libi was targeted. Documents seized from bin Laden’s compound and released by the United States last month suggest Libi was one of the late terror mastermind’s most trusted lieutenants. He signed a letter dated December 3, 2010 and sent to the Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud reprimanding him for making “legal and religious mistakes” including the mass killing of Muslim civilians in suicide attacks.



Libi eliminated Continued fRom page 1 He appeared in numerous videos by the militant group, along with his former leader. The United States places al-Libi as the second most important militant of al Qaeda after its current chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, however, other security experts describe him as one of the top five members of the militant network. Al-Libi, reportedly born in 1963, made repeated appearances on al Qaeda videos and wrote prolifically, becoming one of the group’s most prominent

media warriors. He was first arrested at Karachi in May 2002 and later shifted to an American detention centre at Bagram Air Base, north of Kabul. However, he along with three other Qaeda militants escaped from the prison in July 2005 after picking a lock and dodging guards. His notoriety swelled after he appeared in a 54-minute video a year later, describing his capture by Pakistani forces in 2002 and his escape from one of the world’s largest military prisons. In Washington, Ameri-

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wednesday, 6 June, 2012

News 05

SC gives June 8 deadline for asghar to resume haj corruption probe ISLAMABAD online

The Supreme Court on Tuesday gave authorities a deadline of June 8 to recall Hussain Asghar to investigate the Haj corruption case. A three-member bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, Justice Jawwad S Khwaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain heard the case. Asghar had been tasked to investigate the Haj corruption case, and is currently serving as the inspector general of police for Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). During the hearing, the court said that it would be a violation of its orders if Asghar was not brought back to the probe. Attorney General Irfan Qadir told the court that orders calling for Asghar’s transfer had been issued, but that he did not want to return. He said that GB Chief Minister Mehdi Shah also did not want to relieve Asghar. The court expressed its displeasure, saying that by not relieving Asghar, Shah was ridiculing the court, and that Asghar must follow the directives of the prime minister. The court reiterated that its rulings should be implemented; adding that, if Asghar does not return for the investigation, it would be a violation of the court’s order as well as the government’s directives. The federation has the authority to recall officials from the provinces, the court said. A man from the forces cannot violate discipline without someone’s backing, the court said, adding that Asghar should have been suspended and his salary should have been withheld as a disciplinary measure after his refusal to return. The attorney general asked how Asghar could be suspended without having been given a chance to explain himself. The chief justice said that as per rules, the opportunity to explain oneself was given only once the official concerned was suspended. The attorney general requested the court for more time to recall Asghar on which the court said that the official must return to his previous position by June 8.

QUetta: Relatives of the missing persons sit in a protest camp outside Quetta press club on tuesday. ONLiNE

‘Center, Punjab not on same page over party based local body polls’ KARACHI

2 more bodies recovered in Gayari SKARDU inp

Two more dead bodies of soldiers buried under a giant avalanche were recovered on Tuesday in the ongoing search operation in Gayari sector of Siachen. According to details, the two bodies were recognised as soldiers Muhammad Akbar and Muhammad Ali. Six dead bodies have so far been recovered, including that of Major Zaka-ul-Haq. On April 7, at least 124 soldiers and 11 civilians were trapped beneath an avalanche in the Gayari sector of Siachen.

Staff RepoRt


He ongoing political fireworks between leaders from the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim Leaguenawaz (PML-n) are likely to intensify as the two parties have conflicting views on what should be the basis for forthcoming local government elections. While the PML-n has declared holding non party-based local body polls in Punjab, the PPP, which dominates the federal government, wants the political process to be party based. Talking to reporters at the Karachi Press Club, Federal Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said his side would “constitutionally” confront the PML-n on its intention to hold non party-based local body polls in Punjab. “We won’t allow the local government elections to be non-party

based,” he maintained. non-party based elections would weaken political institutions and democracy in the dictator-stricken country, he said. Kaira said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, presently leading anti-Islamabad street protests in Lahore against load shedding, was pitting the federating unites against the Center. Terming the current political hustle and bustle a natural phenomenon of an election year, the PPP leader warned Sharif brothers against indulging in “cheap acts” and “artificial politics”. Kaira called upon the “emotional leaders” to show restraint as the local body polls were fast approaching to reveal their actual strength. About the energy crises, the minister said his government was trying hard to bridge the gap between supply and demand of electricity in the country, which has a 16,000MW installed capacity.

For the purpose, the government had signed energy pacts with Iran, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan even against the will of Pakistan’s international allies like the United States, Kaira said. He said the government had inherited lingering issues like the circular debt. The difference between the cost of production and sale was being filled by the government which this year too had earmarked Rs 183 billion for the purpose. He said subsidies were being worked out for tube wells, which would be soon converted to solar energy in rural areas. The minister said an addition of 800MW to the national grid was in progress through wind power this year. expressing concern over the killing of journalists in the country, Kaira said a special wing of PeMRA was finalizing regulatory framework for the electronic media in consultation with the stakeholders.

US-Pak relations currently fluid: report WASHINGTON online

The relationship between Pakistan and US is currently running a negative course which is marked by mutual distrust, a Congressional report has said even as the two countries have been holding a series of negotiations to improve their ties and address their differences. “US-Pakistan relations are fluid at present, but running a clearly negative course: still based on several national interests shared by both countries, yet marked by levels of mutual distrust and resentment that are likely to catalyse a new set of assumptions for future ties,”

the Congress Research Service (CRS) said in its latest report on Pakistan. “The tenor of interactions has been increasingly negative in a slide predating a series of crises in 2011. These included a CIA operative shooting dead two Pakistanis in Lahore, bin Laden’s killing, suspension of most bilateral security cooperation, a spike in Haqqani network attacks in Afghanistan, and an incident in which two dozen Pakistani soldiers were inadvertently killed by nATO aircraft,” it said. “The latter calamity led Pakistan to shut down nATO’s road access to Afghanistan and demand an apology that has not been forthcoming in intervening months. Access remains closed to date,” the CRS said. The

independent research wing of the US Congress, CRS in its report said vital US interests are seen to be at stake in its engagement with Pakistan related to regional and global terrorism; efforts to stabilise neighbouring Afghanistan; nuclear weapons proliferation; links between Pakistan and indigenous American terrorism; Pakistan-India tensions and conflict; democratisation and human rights protection; and economic development. As a haven for numerous Islamist extremist and terrorist groups, and as the world’s most rapid proliferator of nuclear weapons, Pakistan presents a combination that places it at the top of many governments’ international

security agendas, CRS said. “In many practical respects, the cooperative aspects of bilateral relations have remained frozen in 2012, even before this most mutual exasperation in May. The two governments and, at a lower level, the diplomatic and security agencies within them seem at loggerheads after a grueling series of crises. Anti-American sentiments and xenophobic conspiracy theories remain rife among ordinary Pakistanis, the CRS report said. “Opinion surveys find that the United States has of late replaced India as the nation least favored by Pakistanis (a significant development, given the visceral, decades-old PakistanIndia rivalry),” the report said.

Bilour accuses army for encroaching on Railways’ land

KARACHI online

Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmed Bilour on Tuesday accused Pakistan Army of encroaching upon thousands of acres of Railways’ land. Talking to reporters during his visit to the Railways workshop in Karachi, Bilour said that efforts were in progress to recover thousands of acres of land, which had been encroached by the Rangers and Army. He said the condition of the Railways could have been different, if the Planning and Finance Commission had approved eight projects in 2008 instead of 2012, adding that the approval of the projects in 2012 would provide benefits to the next government. He said the Railways’ condition would remain unchanged until new locomotives are included in its fleet. “The Railways had demanded of the incumbent government to provide as many as 400 new engines but unfortunately it received nothing while the government had approved Rs 6.1 billon for the maintenance of the engines. However the government is yet to pay any amount in this regard,” Bilour said, adding that it was an uphill task to run the entire machinery with 150 engines. He said the annual revenue of the railways was Rs 14 billion while Rs 27 billion were spent on salaries and pensions annually, adding that the deficits could be covered if 25 new cargo trains were run in the country. He said the railways faced the risk of closure if the Finance Division does not issue funds. He said that talks were in progress with several private companies regarding the privatisation of some trains. “no single employee would be fired, if the privatisation of the railways is carried out,” he added.

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06 News

wednesday, 6 June, 2012

US bill links aid with Dr afridi’s release


Beijing: president asif ali Zardari being received by chinese vice-foreign minister fu Ying upon his arrival at Beijing international airport on tuesday.

Early elections possible only if Opp gives up confrontation: Shah g

Zardari sets out on three-day China visit

Gilani complains about opposition’s attitude ISLAMABAD



eDeRAL Minister Khursheed Shah said on Tuesday that the current assemblies would be dissolved on March 30, 2013, and the caretaker government would be installed to hold elections in two months. Talking to reporters after chairing a parliamentary committee meeting to appoint a new chief election commissioner (CeC), Shah said that early elections could only be held if the opposition changes its current confrontational attitude. He said the federal government was determined to hold local government elections in September this year. About the dual nationality case and the suspension of the memberships of Rehman Malik and Farahnaz Ispahani, Shah said that it was a sensitive matter, and that the election commission had committed a mistake in the matter as it

had not included in the form that those holding dual nationality could not become members of the parliament. earlier the committee considered the names of Justice (r) Fakhrudin G Ibrahim, Justice (r) nasir Aslam Zahid, Justice Shakirullah Jan, Justice (r) Munir A Sheikh and Justice (r) Amir-ulMulk Mengal for the vacant post of the CeC. Shah said that consensus could not be reached over a single name. He said the committee could review the names proposed by the prime minister and the opposition leader in the national Assembly. During the meeting, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani deplored the attitude of the Pakistan Muslim Leaguenawaz for its rowdy behavior during the presentation of fiscal budget and called it a repeat of history when the treasury benches had to surround the finance minister and Benazir Bhutto in parliament for their protection. Gilani said the civil society and media did not like the extremely un-par-

US Senator Rand Paul has introduced legislation in the Senate which seeks to restrict aid to Pakistan until the conviction of Dr Shakil Afridi is overturned and he is released. Paul has submitted another bill which seeks to grant Afridi US citizenship for his efforts in leading the United States to Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad. Last week, Paul wrote a letter to US President Barack Obama, urging a delay in the release of foreign military financing to the government of Pakistan, and to hold all aid until Dr Afridi, the informant who assisted US intelligence services in identifying the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, is released. earlier US State Department Spokesman Mark Toner said that the United States was still waiting for clarification from Pakistan regarding Dr Afridi’s case. Last week it was revealed that Dr Afridi was sentenced for his ties with a banned organization and not for helping the CIA in the hunt for Osama bin Laden.


liamentary, undemocratic and unethical behavior of the opposition party on the budget day. He maintained that the PPP and PML-Q had decided not to disrupt the budget session of the Punjab Assembly where they had a support of about 175 members. “The people of Pakistan

want the opposition to behave like a democratic entity and desist from hooliganism, and instead concentrate on pointing out the deficiencies in the budget and give proposals to the government for improving the health of the economy,” he added.

President Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday left for China on a three-day official visit to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit. He will hold meetings with presidents of different countries on the sidelines of the summit. He will also negotiate with his Chinese and Afghan counterparts during his visit. His meeting with the Russian president is also expected. President Zardari will hold bilateral meetings with top Chinese leadership in which entire spectrum of Sino-Pakistan relations will be reviewed. It is important to note here that Pakistan actively seeks the complete membership of Shanghai Organization.

Cameron refers Warsi’s case to adviser LONDON m SaRWaR

Since new allegations have been levelled by certain British media against Muslim peer Baroness Sayeed Warsi in context to her trip to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and her business, Prime Minister David Cameron has referred her case to his independent adviser on ministerial interests. Commenting over the unfortunate saga, the political observers opined that the political future of Muslim peer apparently looks at stake. It is the first time the prime minister has referred a minister to Sir Alex Allan, who rules on whether politicians have broken the Ministerial Code. The move contrasts with Cameron’s refusal to ask Sir Alex to investigate Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt over his closeness to the Murdoch media empire. Baroness Warsi Monday issued an apology for failing to disclose her shared business interest with Abid Hussain, a relative. Baroness Warsi, the

under-stressed Tory Party co-chairman apologised for any ‘embarrassment to the Government’. In response, the PM said: ‘There are clearly some lessons for future handling and I have asked Alex Allan, my adviser on ministers’ interests, to consider the issues that have been raised.’ Baroness Warsi’s position is precarious because some Tory backbenchers, who reportedly want Cameron to appoint an MP to the Tory chairmanship to give the position more authority. Downing Street, however, is understood to rate the minister and is keen to keep her in the Cabinet. One rumour is that she could be given the job of International Development Secretary, in charge of Britain’s aid programme, in a reshuffle later this year but it is too early to say this. However, if Sir Alex rules against her, it could spell the end for her ministerial career. The referral relates to an undeclared relationship with Hussain, who accompanied her to Pakistan in July 2010 and assisted the British High Commission with outreach

events there. She said Hussain was her husband’s second cousin and this fact was ‘widely known’. But she added that she did not realise the need to declare they had ‘a common business interest as minority shareholders in a small food company’. Labour’s Michael Dugher, shadow Cabinet Office Minister, said: ‘Baroness Warsi clearly has very serious questions to answer. ‘But David Cameron’s actions in this case draw into sharp relief his refusal to hold a similar investigation into Jeremy Hunt, despite clear evidence that he broke the Ministerial Code by misleading the House of Commons on at least three occasions.’ LABour coMpLAIntS: Labour Party has called for a criminal enquiry into the expenses of Conservative Party co-chairman Baroness Warsi as the prime minister acknowledged she had questions to answer. The opposition sought to maintain pressure on the cabinet minister by requesting police examine whether she claimed for accommodation while

staying at a friend’s house rent free. MP Karl Turner wrote to City of London Police about the case - which Baroness Warsi has already asked Lords Commissioner for Standards Paul Kernaghan to

investigate. The move came amid a slew of fresh newspaper allegations against the under-fire politician, including an alleged failure to declare business interests and questions over foreign visits.

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wednesday, 6 June, 2012

Sharat Sabharwal concerned over delay in visa agreement PaGe 08

4 killed in road mishap HYDERABAD online

A passenger coach turned over near Hatri Bypass on Hala Road of Hyderabad, killing at least four people including a mother and her son and injuring 30 others. According to police, the passenger coach was coming from Mansehra to Karachi when it went out of control because of over-speeding, killing four people on the spot and injuring 30 others. edhi volunteers and police shifted the bodies and injured to Civil Hospital where three injured are said to be in critical state. The deceased include Shakeela, wife of Khan Muhammed and her son Sumair, a woman Saeeda and Muhammed Sharif. According to police sources, the driver, responsible for the accident fled the scene.

hYdeRaBad: Volunteers busy in rescue work after a passenger couch overturned on national highway on tuesday. four people were killed and 30 others injured in the accident. ONLiNE

740 killed in Karachi in five months: HRCP KARACHI



THnIC, sectarian and politically-linked violence in Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi has killed at least 740 people so far this year, a human rights organisation said yesterday. Parts of the port city have become battlegrounds, with authorities unable to prevent violence blamed on activists from political parties representing rival ethnic groups. “About 740 people have been the victims of violent shootings in the last five months,” Zohra Yusuf, chair of the

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), told this agency. The HRCP said last year a total of 1,715 people were killed in violent flareups in the city, which is Pakistan’s biggest with an estimated population of 17 million. The attacks often lead to punishing financial losses for Pakistan’s economy as swathes of Karachi go into lockdown, with residents fleeing the violence and shops and markets closing. “People are being killed with impunity by various ethnic groups while the government, it seems, has little control to put an end to it,” Yusuf said. The figures include the assassination of 107 political activists, while the rest of

the victims were people with no political affiliations, HRCP said. Much of the violence has been blamed on tensions between supporters of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), rooted in the Urdu-speaking majority, and the Awami national Party (AnP), which represents ethnic Pashtun migrants. nATO and the United States used Karachi to ship supplies for their war effort in landlocked Afghanistan, but Islamabad shut down the overland cross-border route after US air strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers last november. IneScApABLe tArGet kILLInG cLAIMS four LIveS: At least four people were killed and seven others injured as a recent spree firing and target

killing continued in Karachi yesterday (Tuesday), rescue sources said. The sources revealed that unidentified men shot dead a CID head constable named Ali Hassan in PIB area while another man was gunned down in Baldia Town area of city. They added that police have also found pieces of woman’s body stuffed in a gunny bag without head and legs from Surjani Town area. Another tortured body of a man bundled in gunny bag found in Kalri area of Lyari. Rangers have also conducted raids near Aziz Jan Baloch’s house in Layri and arrested over a dozen suspects and recovered arms from their possession.

Pia offers special discounts from Karachi to London KARACHI nni

PIA is offering special discounts this summer on its flights from Karachi to London and back for economy and Business Class passengers. PIA is offering economy class low fares for Karachi– London-Karachi starting from Rs. 39,000 (excluding taxes) valid till 15th August, 2012. Business Class passengers traveling from Karachi to London and back can avail discount i.e. buy two Business Class tickets and get a discount of 40 Percent on the second ticket. If four Business class tickets are purchased together, PIA will offer the fourth ticket at a discount of 80 percent (excluding taxes). This offer is valid up till 31st July 2012. The discounts offered are applicable on travel only from Karachi to London one way and return on tickets purchased within Pakistan. PIA’s Karachi-London-Karachi flights are operated thrice a week every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with convenient timings.

energy crises, not ‘war on terror’ is priority now: Kaira g

information minister says Sharifs won’t be allowed to derail democratic system g no rift among provinces over water issue KARACHI Staff RepoRt

The US-led War on Terror is no longer a priority of the Government of Pakistan, said Federal Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira on Tuesday. Instead, the minister said, his government was focused more on seeking short and long term solutions to the lingering energy crises that have paralyzed socioeconomic life in the country. “Unlike past, today our priority is energy crises,” the minister said adding “Today our biggest problem is energy,” Kaira told reporters at Karachi Press Club. To a query, he said decision to restore nato supplies through Pakistani land routes would be taken on the basis of recommendations of the Defence Committee of the Cabinet. What was encouraging, the information minister said, was the “urge” on the two sides to engage mutually. “Displeasing a super power has a heavy cost and repercussions that have to be borne by all of us,” he reminded the de-

tractors widely speculating that President Zardari would announce restoration of nato supplies at nato summit. “Against the misperceptions here the President did not announce the restoration of nato supplies at Chicago summit,” Kaira said. Asked about the reported killing of an al-Qaeda number 2 Abu Yahya al-Libi in a drone strike in Pakistan’s tribal region, Kaira said he had no confirmation of the incident yet. Recalling the past four years’ achievements of and challenges faced by the PPP-led coalition government, the information minister said centrifugal feelings were stronger when the PPP came to power in 2008. The provinces were not ready to sit with the center, deeming the latter as exploiters of their resources. Then, he claimed, Pakistani state was shrinking and the Taliban were, perceivably, 60-kilometer away from Islamabad. It was impossible to hoist national flag or play the national anthem in Balochistan. Pakistan was diplomatically isolated worldwide with even no Muslim coun-

tries standing by it. “We though not entirely have dismantled major terror groups,” the information minister said and called upon some political parties which were, mistakenly, supporting the anti-government elements. The coalition government deserved credit for taking a unanimous stand on the nato supply issue, he said. Kaira said that nobody will allow ‘Mian Brothers’ to derail the democratic government by acting undemocratically. He said the strike call and agitation of provincial government against the federal government is disappointing and advised the leadership of the PML-n not to convert assemblies into wrestling courts. The Minister said that installing tents near Minar-e-Paksitan would not bring any change to the conditions of the people. He said his party would not allow the local body elections in Punjab on non-party basis. Kaira claimed there was no dispute over sharing of water among the provinces and blamed the so-called intellectuals for creating the rift.

KaRachi: information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira along with office bearers of the Karachi press club addresses a press conference on tuesday. STaff PHOTO

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wednesday, 6 June, 2012

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KaRachi: pml-n activists protest against inflation and load shedding on tuesday. STaff PHOTO

Sharat Sabharwal concerned over delay in visa agreement KARACHI



ndian High Commissioner Sharat Sabharwal said his country was deeply disappointed over delay by Pakistan in signing of liberalized visa regime during the interior secretary level talks held last month. He was talking to media persons after attending dinner arranged by President Pakistan India Chamber of Commerce S.M Munir in Karachi. Speaker Sindh Assembly nisar Khoro, Dr. Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig, Khalid Tawab, Mian Zahid Hussain also addressed the gathering. “India has decided for direct investment and we have proposed Pakistan to open Khokharpar-Monabao border for trade. India has to be given status of Most Favoured nation (MFn) by Pakistan, while India is working to abolish non-tariff barriers”, Sharat Sabharwal stated. He said they are working for enabling environment for enhanced economic activities between the neighboring countries. “Significant steps has been taken to address concerns and apprehensions of business communities on both sides and to facilitate them under umbrella of new visa system, though Indian delegation came prepared for signing the agreement that provides relaxed visa regime, besides easier business visas, but delay from Pakistan side has disappointed us”, he stated. He expressed gladly that India is expecting that negative list of 1209 items would be eliminated till December 2012, and mutual cooperation and mutual dependence are need of the hour. He said the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh desires to strengthen relations with all Asian countries including Pakistan. “The operation agreement of customs between both the countries has been materialized, while laboratories have been accredited. We will work for the elimination of obstacles in the way of trade”, Sharat Sabharwal stated. He said volume of trade between

indian high commissioner Sharat Sabharwal the two countries would likely to reach 10 billion dollars within 3 years. nisar Khoro said, the desires of Pakistani traders have been materialized to strengthen trade ties with India. He said President Asif Ali Zardari and Dr. Manmohan Singh have worked strongly for the betterment of Indo-Pak relations that will benefit traders of both the countries. nisar Khoro sated that India is 5 times larger country than Pakistan and traders will have easy access to a larger market and they also support opening of Khokharpar-Monabao route. Dr. Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig demanded issuance of Indian visa through Indian Consulate Karachi so that citizens of Karachi get benefit from this gift. Khalid Tawab said that risks have been removed in both countries for trade and he demanded restoration of sports activities between the two countries.


Date: aPriL 06 tO JUne 08, 2012 VenUe: the SeCOnD FLOOr (t2F) Join us at t2F on the first Friday of every month for an impromptu, acoustic jam session. FF@t2F is a platform for emerging musicians to perform, improvise and experiment in an informal setting. if you love to make music, come and play. if you love listening to music, come and listen.


Date: JUne 02 tO 07, 2012 VenUe: UnSPeCiFieD KaraChi, Free! word Games for Children test your vocabulary word Quest, Crossword Puzzles and word Jungle 11am to 11pm at the following Oxford Bookshops in Karachi: *Park towers, Clifton; tel 36875355 *Khalid Bin waleed rd, PeChS; tel 34380495

hDa employees protest against non-payment of salaries HYDERABAD app

The workers of Hyderabad Development Authority (HDA) and its subsidiaries continued their protest on the second day for nonpayment of their 5-month salaries. As a token of the protest, they halted water supply and shut down the drainage pumping station for 4 hours from 10 am to 2 pm here on Tuesday. “We understand that this is an extreme step to deprive people of water. But what can we do if we can’t feed our children and pay for the health expenses because we are not paid for 5-month,” said Behram Chang, president of HDA Joint Action Committee, while addressing the protesters at Jamshoro road Filtration Plant. The workers of HDA and Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), its subsidiary, demonstrated at several places including their Head Office at Civic Centre and at a number of filtration plants and pumping stations, simultaneously. Chang said the workers including the regular ones had been asking the authorities to pay them their salaries but they were always told that the HDA did not have finances to pay them. The general secretary of the committee Shahid Pathan said they had given ample time to the authorities to solve their problem, adding that they could not wait anymore while their families were suffering. According to the association, more than 3,000 workers were not being paid for the past 5month. They include 1,200 regular employees and around 2,000 contract and daily wage earners, they said.


Date: May 24 tO JUne 08, 2012 at 5:30PM tO 8:00PM

VenUe: KaraChi SChOOL OF art (KSa) GaLLery Gallery timing: 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. (Sundays Closed) Fariya Zaeem is an untaught artist. her paintings fail under the genre of contemporary art and she has been exploring the evolution of her soul paintings in the medium of watercolours almost over a decade and recently has moved to bigger scale substrate as she calls “expansion of my expressions” in both thoughts and forms.

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wednesday, 6 June, 2012

Karachi 09

notables of Jukhio tribe join PPP KARACHI app

notables of Jokhio tribe including Jam Abdul Karim and Jam Owais, sons of Jam Bijar, Sardar (head) of Jokhio tribe on Tuesday reposed their confidence on President Asif Ali Zardari and announced to join Pakistan Peoples Party with their entire clan. Talking to media on the occasion, Jam Abdul Karim said his grand father was among the founding members of PPP, however, his father and other family members were never active in politics, at any level. “It is due to service rendered for upliftment of masses in the country, particularly Sindh by PPP that I and my brother alongwith our followers have decided to join the party,” he said. Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah present on the occasion said Jams had significant presence as well as influence in the belt stretching from Thatta to Malir and their inclusion in the party was an extremely welcome development. “Tremendous sacrifices rendered by the party leaders and the acumen of the leadership has attracted people from all sections and segments towards the party that holds its strong presence at grass root levels,” said Syed Qaim Ali Shah.

District admin to fortify banks of indus LARKANA online

The protective dam on the right side of Indus River would be strengthened before start of monsoon weather. This was decided in a meeting held here on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Commissioner Larkana Division to review the precautionary measures regarding the ensuing flood in Larkana division The Commissioner has directed all the Deputy Commissioner of the Division to hold meeting with the notables and irrigation officers regarding the precautionary measures in their respective districts for the preparation of all arrangements for ensuing flood. He also directed the Deputy Commissioners of the Division that the warning system for evacuation may be prepared as well as the communication system may be ensured, besides the transportation/ Relief Camps, Medical Cover, Food Stuff for affectees in the time of emergency may also be ensured, so that in the time of difficulty no any kind of hindrance may be occurred. During the meeting the DIG Larkana Dr. Sain Rakhio Mirani and Col Mukhtiar Malik of Shahbaz Rangers Larkana assured the meeting to provide the security to the Irrigation Officers in the time of need when ever they required the Police Constables will be deployed on the disposal of Irrigation engineers, the DIG added. The Commissioner also said that all arrangements including health care and relief camps may be ensured in the time of need. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Commissioner Larkana Mr. Abdul Aleem Lashari, Deputy Commissioner KamberShahdadkot Agha Abdul Raheem, Deputy Commissioner Jacobabad Sajid Jamal Abro, Deputy Commissioner Kashmore Kandhkot Munwar Ali Mithani, Deputy Commissioner Shikarpur, SSP of the Division, engineers of Irrigation Department, MS Dr. Ishfaq Hussain Memon and heads of different department of Larkana division.

CBC holds board meeting KARACHI pReSS ReleaSe

The monthly board meeting of Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) was held at CBC main office. Station commander/President CBC Brig. Anis Ahmed who is also the president of Cantonment Board Clifton presided over the meeting. According to details, the board approved special precautions for the upcoming monsoon season for which several life guards will be deputed at the beach on emergent basis to avoid any kind of mishaps and to provide hassle free maximum facilities to the residents. Brig. Anis Ahmed ordered that in monsoon season all sewerage lines and drain system should be clean and clear, and improve the sanitary work in all CBC area. PCB strictly directed to concerned officials that any kind of commercial sign board will not be displayed on Kh-e-Ittehad..

hYdeRaBad: a gypsy family eats food on the footpath on tuesday. ONLiNE

Qaim says killings ‘a part of gang war’ KARACHI



HIeF Minister of Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah has dispelled the impression that killings reported in Karachi are in any way targeted and that factually these were consequent to fighting among criminals keen to have their hold here. Addressing a press conference at CM House on Tuesday, he said police and rangers were equally involved in handling the situation and are quite successful in their endeavour against the gangsters involved in infighting. Citing the recent killing incidents a show of power by different mafia, including land encroachers, the chief minister said effective and long terms steps are underway to contain these too.In reply to a question, Syed Qaim Ali Shah said killings in Karachi, over the years, had been ethnic and sectarian in nature followed by a few political killings. “I must say that cases of killings are also blown out of proportion,” said the Sindh chief minister. He in this context referred to his meeting with the members of SITe Association of Traders and Industrialists, besides the residents, on Monday and said “none of them talked of killings.” “Yes!

they talked of robberies and snatching mainly due to dug- up roads that compelled drivers to slow their vehicles and turn easy prey for snatchers,” said the chief minister. Syed Qaim Ali Shah said the residents and industrialists of SITe area also had no complaints against police or the rangers, however, they did ask for increase in the number of personnel deputed in the area. The poor road network provided criminals to take advantage of the situation, said Qaim Ali Shah. “I have assured them under the budget for 2012-2013 adequate allocation is being made for infrastructure work in the area,” he said. Sindh chief said industrialists, however, also asked him to ensure that powers must be delegated to police without any political interference. In reply to another question, he said that as Chief Minister he was responsible for law and order situation in the province and has never given-up his responsibilities. “At the same time I have also not considered this the sole responsibility of federal interior minister and factually we are handling the situation as a joint responsibility,” he said. About recent instances of kidnapping of both children and adults in Karachi, he said that detailed report would be made public about the situation in next 48 hours time.

iLO, SteVta hold competency based vocational training KARACHI app

The ILO in collaboration with Sindh Technical education and Vocational Training Authority (STeVTA) has initiated the first Competency Based Training and Assessment in the province, said Frida Khan, national Project Coordinator, Gender equality for Decent employment (Ge4De). Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the workshop on Tuesday, she said latest techniques of Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) will be taught to thirty skills trainers who come from technical-vocational education and training institutions of Sindh.

The ILO and STeVTA organized workshop is being funded by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and aims to develop the capacity of technical trainers to design, deliver and asses CBTA training programmes. Following this workshop a series of pilot training programmes will be implanted to test and validate the methodology, she said. The five days training is focused on developing skills, knowledge and tools to prepare for the implementation on CBTA including learning and training methods and assessment tools. The competency based approach focuses on the learning outcome or the demonstration of skill, rather than the time

spent in training, the trainer or the mode of delivery. This training workshop is the third in a series and discusses the methods to implement the new CBTA courses and curricula which were developed last year in a training workshop organized by the ILO’s Ge4De project, said the project coordinator. These industry-based courses have been developed by inviting leading industry experts from four economic sectors including Mussarat Misbah from Beauty and personal care, Shaiyanne Malik from High end. Fashion Design, Babar Sheikh from Hospitality and Kamran Sandhu from Industrial garment manufacturing.

The ground-breaking series of training workshops, the first of their kind in Pakistan, was designed and delivered by the ILO’s Senior Training Policy Specialist from Geneva, Trevor Riordan. Speaking on the occasion he said if training is to be truly effective in assisting the women and men to get decent jobs, then the training itself has to be based on the actual work performed in the workplace. Trevor Riordan appreciated said ILO has introduced the competency based approach to training as part of an integrated strategy to help people get skills and jobs, and improve the economic and social development in Pakistan.

Devotees converge at temple for Baba Bankhandi’s death anniversary SUKKUR app

Hindu pilgrims started converging at the historical Sadhu Belo temple, situated in the middle of River Indus, to take part in activities that mark the 149th death anniversary of Baba Bankhandi Maharaj. The activities, which would stretch over three days, started off with the Havan Yag (worshipping the Agni Devta). Hindu Panchayat Sukkur president Mukhi eshwar Lal informed that the Agni Puja precedes the start of every religious festivity. A recitation from Guru Granth and Bhagwat Geeta followed. Free food (langar) was also distributed among devotees. The Sadhu Belo temple is located on an island that was previously known as Menak Parbat. According to legend, Baba Bankhandi Maharaj came to the site in 1823, when he was 15 years old, and died there at the age of 60. Sant Harnam Das, the Maharaj’s eighth successor, began constructing the temple in 1889. The Sadh Belo temple is spread over nine acres of land and contains separate places of worship for men and women, a library that houses books on religion and Hindu mythology, separate bhandars (dining rooms) for women and men, washrooms and a big garden. The living quarters of Baba Bankhandi Maharaj and his students have also been preserved. Pilgrims from all over Pakistan come to attend the three-day events every year, said Hindu Panchayat Sukkur president Mukhi eshwar Lal. He informed that Sant Bhai Washdev, a disciple of Baba Pribhudas from Ahmedabad, India, was also visiting the temple. The Sadhu Belo Parbhandak Committee is responsible for making lodging and transportation arrangements for the pilgrims. Lal said that the committee had rented boats for Rs2,000 per boat per day, and charged each person Rs5 for a ride. Rukmani Bai, who was visiting from Bahawalpur, appeared satisfied with the lodgings she had been provided in Sukkur. “I have been attending this mela for 20 years. We get whatever we ask from Baba”, she said.

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10 Karachi

wednesday, 6 June, 2012

Concerted efforts required for promotion of education, says Pir Mazhar KARACHI app

Concerted efforts are required to be made for the promotion of education. This was stated by the Sindh Minister for education and Literacy, Pir Mazhar ul Haq. He was speaking as chief guest at a ceremony held here on Tuesday to hand over the SB Fatima Girls School Garden Karachi to the Zindagi Trust. The Minister also highlighted the role of non-governmental organizations (nGOs) they have an important role in the realms of education and they should work with other organizations for the development of education. He also urged the teachers to perform their duties with commitment and devotion. Pir Mazhar said that there are 47 government sector educational institutions in the province which are ably meeting the academic requirements of Sindh. He said that the present government was according due priority to education. The chief of Zindagi Trust, Shahzad Roy, also spoke on the occasion and apprised of the role and achievements of his organization.

CS presides over review meeting of Lhws KARACHI nni

Chief Secretary Sindh Raja Muhammad Abbas has acquired the up-to-date statistics regarding LHW (Leady Health Worker’s) Programme in Sindh. He asked the Secretary Health to furnish the comprehensive information regarding the status and progress of LHW including their dates of appointment and remunerations, etc. Raja Abbas, was presiding a meeting in his office to review the issues and grievances of Lady Health Workers in Sindh. The meeting was attended by Secretary Health Aftab Ahmed Khatri, Secretary (Implementation & Coordination) Rizwan Ahmed, Special Secretary Finance Shakeel Mangnejo and Special Secretary Health Dr. Suresh Kumar. earlier, the Provincial Coordinator for national Program (Health) Dr. Saifullah Khan and Director Incharge LHW Program Dr. Saeed Ahmed Qureshi, briefed about the salient features of LHW Program, being run by the 23185 LHWs in Sindh, in addition to 967 supervisor and other relevant staff. Chief Secretary has acquired the report within 24 hours, positively.

KaRachi: apca activists hold demonstration in front of Karachi press club on Wednesday. STaff PHOTO

USAID to continue supporting HESCO HYDERABAD



team of USAID officials led by Melissa Knight, USAID energy Office Director, visited Hyderabad electric Supply Company (HeSCO) here on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing projects of USAID for HeSCO. The projects undertaken by USAID Power Distribution Program for HeSCO were also discussed and results achieved so far were presented by HeSCO. The USAID team along with HeSCO officials then planted a tree at HeSCO employee colony. They received briefing from the CeO HeSCO, Muzaffar Ali Abbasi about the performance of HeSCO. The CeO of HeSCO Muzaffar Ali Abbasi thanked and greatly appreciated the assistance provided by USAID to HeSCO under the USAID Power Distribution Program and expressed his wishes for strengthening cooperation between the USAID and HeSCO on Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), linemen safety training, capacity building and institutional development trainings for HeSCO officers and staff. He further said that the presently key requirement of HeSCO was institutional improvement through capacity building and training and re-

quested USAID to help in that through its Power Distribution Program. The USAID director of energy, Melissa Knight appreciated the performance of HeSCO. She specially appreciated HeSCO’s extension of linemen training. USAID has already trained more than 400 linemen of HeSCO. Rosario Calderon, Senior energy Advisor and staff of USAID Power Distribution Program including Saleem Arif, Deputy Chief of Party, Bob Dalton, Linemen Training Advisor and Zia Ur Rehman, Director Communications accompanied Melissa Knight. HeSCO team included CeO Muzaffar Ali Abbasi, Habibullah Shaikh, General Manager Operations, Liaq Ahmed Khan, GM Technical, Muhammad Bachal Laghari, Chief engineer Planning, Ali Anwar Jokhio, Director HR and Admin, Mahmood Ali Kaimkhani, Manager Commercial, Tufail Ahmed Shaikh, Principal Regional Training Center, Jamshoro, Syed Imran Ali Askari, Manager Admin, Mr. Din Mohammad, Deputy Director Finance and Muhammad Sadiq Kubar, Public Relations Officer HeSCO. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the three-year USAID Power Distribution Program in 2009 as one of the U.S. efforts to support Pakistan Power Sector. Through this program, the

U.S. Government provides support to Government of Pakistan to reform the power sector to mitigate the current energy crisis. The program is helping government-owned electric power distribution companies (DISCOs) improve their commercial performance in reducing losses, increasing revenues, and improving customer services by introduction of new technology and improved work practices. DIArrHeA treAtMent neeDS urGent AttentIon: excessive loss of fluid through the intestinal tract can happen when the intestine is “inflamed” or damaged and when bacteria or viruses cause the lining of the intestine to produce more fluid than can be absorbed said Chairperson Pediatric Unit Liaquat University of Medical Health Sciences LUMHS, Salma Shaikh here Tuesday while talking to APP. She said that abnormal connections that are between parts of the intestinal tract to lead fluid depletion and decrease in oral liquid intake may be due to nausea or loss of appetite that may be worsened by an inability to digest and vomiting. She said that in this summer season dehydration can be defined as “the excessive loss of water from the body and the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can lead to dehydration in various

ways but often dehydration becomes the major problem in an otherwise self-limited illness. Fluid loss may even be severe enough to become life-threatening, she added. About the symptoms of the dehydration Dr.Salma said that a reliable clue to indicate dehydration is a rapid weight loss in a few days or at times hours. She said that dehydration is caused by loss of body fluids, which are made up of water and salts and when sick children have diarrhea or are vomiting, they can lose large amounts of salts and water from their bodies and can become dehydrated very quickly, added. Dr.Salma informed that many different germs cause diarrhea but usually, it is caused by a virus (such as rotavirus), so it cannot be cured with antibiotics. Occasionally, bacteria can cause diarrhea. About the solution of the dehydration she said that an oral dehydration solution (ORS) is an exact mixture of water, salt and sugar and these solutions can be absorbed even when affected child is vomiting. She said that the key is to give small amounts of ORS often, gradually increasing the amount until the child can drink normally. Dr.Salma Sheikh further suggested that careful hand washing after going to the bathroom or changing diapers will prevent the spread of infection to others.

SBBYDP to improve socio-economic conditions: Benazir Bhutti SUKKUR app

KaRachi: World environment day is observed in order to create awareness about the state of the earth’s ecology. fishermen are collecting waste rather than fish in polluted water, at Karachi fishery. ONLiNE

District Coordinator of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Youth Development Programme (SBBYDP) Sukkur Benazir Bhutti has said SBBYDP aims to provide opportunities for short-term employment and skill development to approximately semi-literate and educated unemployed youth in Sindh. Talking to APP here on Tuesday, she said youths should also take part in such activities that could boost harmony and peace in the society. The present government has launched major projects for youth’s development in education, health and other sectors of life so as to bring socio-economic development in the province, she added. “Youths are the future builders of the country and we have to strengthen economy with their help. We have to resolve problems ourselves and live up to the expectations of the people because we are a live nation and no one could beat us,” Ms Bhutti said.

She said it was the vision of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto to encourage youths in every sector of life that is why the present government initiated the (BBSYDP) to provide training and jobs to them. “We provided over 56,960 training in education & Literacy, Health, information Technology, Women Development and other provincial departments”. To a question, she said the unemployed youth will be offered various skill development opportunities and job oriented certification courses to adapt to local and international job markets. “This will help contain poverty and improve the socio-economic conditions of common citizens. In addition, the public and private sector business efficiency will increase through a well-placed, developed and skilled workforce,” the Coordinator maintained. She asked youths to take part in positive and peaceful activities at national and international level so as to brighten the name of the country worldwide.

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wednesday, 6 June, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

On Shakil afridi Dr Shakil Afridi is “our man in Pakistan”, so says the US through The Wall Street Journal. One fails to understand that if he really was an American man as they now claim then why in the first place US had to publicly announce Dr Shakil’s complicity in the secret operation? Did CIA betray him? It sure did and dumped him once his services were no longer required. There is another CIA mole who was recently nabbed by Chinese authorities for spying for the US. This Chinese man (name withheld) was working with China’s top security establishment and used to forward sensitive information to Americans on Chinese security apparatus. What action will the US take in sav-

Diagnosing Karachi ing CIA’s Chinese mole hired to serve CIA interests in this case, only time will tell. Since the case of this mole and that of Dr Afridi are somewhat similar, we will see which country will set a higher standard in protecting its national and sovereign values despite unleashing of relentless pressures. The US has punished its nationals that worked for foreign intelligence services of Russia in the past. none of them has been spared and are languishing in US jails for life for their crimes against the US state. There are many a Hanssen who worked for foreign intelligence services. none of them were spared and consequently subjected to harsh punishments. Dr Shakil Afridi has been punished

under FCR regulations for crimes committed by him within the territorial jurisdiction of Khyber agency. Those crimes included fraternisation with banned militant outfits, using his clinic to treat militants and his relationship with the dreaded militant leader Mangal Bagh. He used to support militants financially also. For his crime for colluding with a foreign intelligence service CIA against the interests of Pakistan, he is yet to undergo a separate trial. Robert Fisk, the famous journalist has cojectured that Dr Shakil Afridi will be spared through appeals and reduced sentences and that he will appear in America one fine day. Can we disprove the prevalent impression that Pakistanis cannot withstand US pressures?

Incidentally, in one of the social functions that I attended a few days back it came to light that a US commercial attaché, a lady in Islamabad’s US embassy contacted all the PAeC suppliers and invited them to a feast in the commercial consular’s house during the summer of 2009 at Street 1 of sector F-6/3. even those companies that were not registered with DGDP but dealt in the related supplies were also invited. Besides pleasantries, visiting cards were also exchanged on the occasion between the US embassy officials and the suppliers and the function lasted for over three hours. Does it mean that more Shakil Afridis are in the offing? JAVED IQBAL Islamabad

Crisis upon crisis The circumstances in Pakistan are getting more atrocious on daily basis. It’s a fact that political instability ultimately leads to economic instability in a society. Unfortunately Pakistan is going through this phase. People seem to be more distracted and infuriated by the economic instability in Pakistan. The ever-increasing prices of goods, unemployment and load shedding are making people edgy and intolerant. When they can’t make their ends meet, they come out on the street and start protests which lead to much loss of private and public property. These protests are of no use as the government doesn’t pay any heed to them. every political leader is taking full advantage of the people’s misery. Instead of working together to sort out the problems prevailing in the country, they behave childishly and indulge in blame games. If indeed they want to help the people, they should put aside their petty partisan interests and work in unison. If they work together, as is the spirit of democracy, they can maybe bring some stability to the socio-political landscape of Pakistan. HUMNA ANWAR Lahore

Some suggestions We all talk of our problems and pitch big solutions on public forums and through public rallies. Let me give a few immediate steps with which we can overcome at least half of our problems. The other half will follow suit. 1. Let the power generation and distribution be given to provinces. Let them develop hydro electricity, solar energy, windmill energy or thermal energy to fulfil the shortage. I am sure all provinces can do it in different format of small generation projects to meet the shortfall within 1 year. 2. Let the Auditor General Office be strengthened properly. Let us recruit new blood, train them and give them constitutional immunity to perform not only financial audit but also performance audit. Performance audit is to verify justification of public expenditure. The staff of AG Office must be properly trained, evaluated and upgraded from time to time. no one should have immunity whether it be the president or a clerk. 3. Let the federal ministries be merged. There is a lot of overlap in the functions of some of the ministries which can be eliminated. each minister will have to attend nA daily and roll call is taken. each ministry will have a minister of state. These will be selected from amongst technocrats through a proper procedure of recruitment (that system must be devised) 4. All government functionaries will have an annually allocated budget. The AG office should be authorised to ensure accountability, if deviations are found. The perquisites of all functionaries must be defined, no matter the office he or she holds. The AG office should determine the declared perqs and ghost perqs and hold the functionaries responsible and accountable through transparent procedures. We can go on miles more to correct this ailing country. But these measures can be a start. They are practical and implementable, if someone is sincere to this land. AMJAD H MIRZA Lahore

The malady of ill-fated or rather illtreated city of Karachi, which can be termed as "Karachi-itis", is characterised by chronic lawlessness and disorder coupled with acute episodes of outbreak of violence accompanied by indiscriminate target killings. Looking at the aetiology of this disease, we come to know that in the 1980's, the patient was deliberately inflicted with the virus of ethnic prejudices by the vested political interests of the time. As the incubation period for the disease was short, therefore symptoms soon became apparent in the form of ethnic discontent and general unrest. This poor patient has been without adequate medical care or any attendant ever since. Having been nobody's cup of tea, all the so-called stakeholders or relatives to this patient seemed reluctant to share the responsibility for its treatment and rehabilitation. now, as the wound has become highly inflamed, therefore simple chemotherapy is not going to work at all. An extensive and effective surgery by some competent surgeon removing all the rogue elements from the city is highly recommended and advisable. Paramedics and other quacks will not help. All the high talks of across-the-board surgery by the successive governments seem to have been hollow promises. Instead of surgery, the patient has been given only mild painkillers occasionally besides being dressed by wrapping the bandages over the wound with the aim of hiding rather than healing it. now, since the haemorrhage is excessive, if the disease is not properly diagnosed and treated accordingly, there would be utter confusion and anarchy and the prognosis could be fatal. MOHSIN RAZA MALIK Lahore

no pension parity

triple whammy Lawlessness, violence and target killings reign in Sindh province. The seeds of lawlessness, violence and chaos which were sown during the past dictatorial regimes in this once peaceful and harmonious province, Sindh; now they have become incurable with the present politicised state machinery, in particular, the law enforcement agencies. even though Sindhis are protesting against lawlessness, the spread of illegal weapons, especially, in the provincial capital, Karachi, and the state’s inability to control the armed groups and mafias, nothing has been done about it. In this dismal scenario of lawlessness, now the loadshedding plagues the districts of upper and lower

the real rumpus Somehow the embarrassment caused by the rumpus and shouting that marred announcement of the annual budget presented in nA on 1st June, fades in comparison to the miseries inflicted by the bad governance of preceding four years that have dealt an economic blow to Pakistan. In spite of all our faults and failings, we did not deserve such a bad deal. I was shocked to hear that a public office holder could state on television that all these expensive suits, shoes, ties etc that he adorns are gifted to him by his well wishers. Do these gifts include villas, houses located within Pakistan and abroad also? It seems people in power lack any sense of propriety or honour to make such embarrassing claims, which in any other democratic country could have merited a disqualification. May I ask the gentleman how many such gifts were ever given to him before he assumed this high public office? After all other than magic or a lottery jack pot, what else can explain the replacement of old cars in which they roamed in 2007 with BMWs, Mercedes, Hummers and Rolls Royces in 2009 onwards. This is a government whose citizens are being killed in target killings, or kidnapped for ransom and extortion, yet it chooses to remain silent, in full know of the identity of culprits. On which authority under our constitution did the chief executive derive

Sindh. electricity is supplied to the consumers for hardly two to three hours. In this painful situation, open manholes and gutters have become the breeding grounds for deadly mosquitoes. These three thing combined – lawlessness, loadshedding and mosquitoes - have made the lives if the people miserable. Is there anyone to control the lawlessness, minimise loadshedding and eliminate mosquitoes? The people of Sindh, nay Pakistan, are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Will even one of these problems be solved on the inept watch of the current government? HASHIM ABRO Islamabad

unchecked powers of discretion to approve appointments of criminals and semi literate men and women such as Ayaz niazi, Adnan Khawaja, Aijaz Haroon etc. How can this regime justify their criminal act to ignore production of cheap hydel electric power generation and defer Thar Coal and instead go for expensive rip-offs like RPPs just because of kickbacks? The least that is expected of those who hold public office is to know and differentiate between right and wrong, or what is immoral or unethical. If fate has been kind to them and unkind to Pakistan that Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was assassinated and they were catapulted somehow to assume these high public offices, the least that was expected was some degree of decorum to uphold the dignity of high office, instead of acting like the manner that they in their wisdom, or lack of it, have chosen to do so. MALIK TARIQ ALI Lahore

Minister with many lives? This is with reference to the lead news that the Supreme Court has temporarily suspended the interior minister as a member of parliament for being a British national ("British connection lands suspension" – 05 Jun). Malik was holding dual nationality when he submitted his papers to contest the Senate elections and therefore was

ineligible to contest the Upper House polls. The election Commission of Pakistan did not bother to investigate the case. When the apex court took notice of this grave constitutional violation, he claimed before the apex court that he had renounced his British nationality in 2008 but actually he has done so May-Jun 2012. After being unseated, he has again been appointed an advisor to PM on interior affairs. Is he so indispensable that president/prime minister can find no one capable to hold the office of the interior minister? His immediate appointment as an advisor is not in good taste. It is deliberate and open defiance of the decision of the apex court apart from ridiculing the court. This is second time that government has ridiculed the decisions of the court. On 17 May, 2010, Lahore High Court dismissed the appeal filed by Rehman Malik against his conviction by accountability court and sentenced him to three years prison in corruption cases. As soon as he was awarded the punishment, there was a presidential pardon announced. How long this drama will go on? The government is setting a very wrong trend because such actions are not acceptable in any civilised society. It is not a question of saving an individual but the system. But it seems individuals in this hapless republic are more important than the collective. MUKHTAR AHMED Karachi

I would like to point out the injustice being done in the past few budgets whereby the increases in pensions are un-just and discriminative. The 15 percent increase to those who retired after 2000 and 20 percent to those officers who retired before 2000 is discriminatory. For example those who retired earlier taking out a pension of Rs 20,000 and got 20% increase amounting to Rs 4000 totalling their pension to Rs24000. Whereas those of the same grade who retired in 2011 and earning a pension of say 50000, got 15 % increase of Rs 7500 making them earn Rs 57500. Hence, for the officers of same grade, the gap in pension so received is ever increasing which is unjust for those who retired before 2000 and were granted meagre pensions. The Pay and Pension Commission should be realistic in revising the increase in pensions so that keeping in view the inflation, standards of living and purchasing powers of the equal grades of officers and men, Grades 1- 22 , are taken into account. I suggest that in view to maintain the parity within various grades, irrespective of date of retirements, (as today, cost of living for all retirees is the same) , we should not discriminate. As a matter of fact those who retired earlier have more grown up kids/grandchildren and therefore more liabilities. Hence, there is no justification in paying Rs 24,000 vs Rs 57500 to the similar grades. RASHID MAQSOOD Lahore

Creating awareness In many letters I have been requesting the print media to undertake investigative reporting on the important issue of shortage of power and water. While special correspondents write regularly on other national issues there is no effort in this direction. I request the national newspapers to allow me to write comprehensive reports on: The Indus Water Treaty, The Water Accord, the function of dams, the importance of reservoirs, the common apprehensions, conservation, sensible use of ower and water etc. A special correspondent should be assigned to raise questions on the various issues so that these issues can be fully addressed. All above is most essential to educate public opinion on the vital issue of power and water shortage. KHURSHID ANWER Lahore

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

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12 Comment Do what is right and not what is popular


hile hubris strengthened by the election fever stands in the way of the US to offer an apology for Salala attack, Pakistan’s political leadership which is also facing elections is not willing to settle down on anything less than an apology and end to drone attacks, if Foreign Minister Khar is to be believed. The US diplomatic staff meanwhile must assert that it does not care for Pakistani laws by letting its staffers to roam about with caches of arms and without required permission. The prevailing tension between Pakistan and the US provides a field day to terrorists. On Monday, they attacked Salala checkpost killing four troops. The earlier attack here by nato led to a standoff between the US and Pakistan which has continued for over six months now. How Pakistan army reacts to attack by the TTP remains to be seen. Will it simply forget it as it did the butchery in north Waziristan in early May? not willing to be a hostage to Pakistan’s demands, the US and allies have decided to pay six times more for transport routes through Central Asian states. This has led those in Pakistan who had fixed an unrealistic $ 5,000 as the minimum fee per tanker to bring it drastically down to $2,000. The Central Asian routes are however secure while those passing through Pakistan are not. Defence of Pakistan Council cobbled together by Hafiz Saeed and allowed to hold rallies in the country has threatened not to allow the nato trucks to pass. The nato might therefore go for a costlier but safer route unless Islamabad reins in the DPC and takes action against Hafiz Saeed but who will bell the cat? The establishment has created another problem for itself by sentencing Shakil Afridi and now Khar wants that the issue should not be blown out of proportion. Foreign Minister Khar has asked the US to live up to its principles of doing “what we consider to be right rather than what is more popular.” Fine, but the government and establishment at home also needs to be given similar advice. Thee has to be an end to playing to the gallery by all when issues with highly crucial implications are involved.

Guns vs butter the times, they are changing


hings are improving. Pakistan recently tested successfully the Hatf VIII missile. The media didn’t pick this event up and use it as a symbol of the large military budget. Hot on the heels of the budget, where even the mention of the CDA’s horticultural budget springs up passionate debates of how the money should be spent somewhere else, the media reported it and moved on. Keeping mum is actually an improvement. In earlier times, such missile launches were accompanied by the sort of hysterical fanfare that would let the Freudian jokes write themselves. Is the natural progression, then, moving on towards lampooning the military’s largesse towards themselves every opportunity the media gets? Maybe. What, exactly, could be the reason? With the freer airwaves, the propensity of journalists to question things increases. Yes, there is much censorship and self-censorship but the whole ambit keeps expanding. Slowly at times, faster at others, there is a ratcheting effect when it comes to criticism of the military. For instance, even when the deep state supposedly uses its leverage with the media houses to tone things down, the quantum of criticism even in those relatively muted times is much, much higher than it was in, say, the ‘80s. The other reason for this is each successive instances of public resentment. For instance, with the behaviour of the army and airforce during the Abbottabad strike far from their carefully fashioned image, and then that of the navy in the Mehran base attack, over the course of a couple of weeks, all three services got their share of flak in public discourse. Spend so much on them and they still can’t do much and what have you. That all makes it difficult not to question military spending when the opportunity presents itself. The third reason, felt all over the world, is the realisation that warfare is changing. In the US, for instance, cold war era opponents of excessive military spending were silenced with the fear of the Soviet Union. With the asymmetric warfare of today, though much surveillance equipment might be needed, there is not as much need for the intercontinental ballistic missiles, fighter jets and other heavy, conventional warfare equipment that the military-industrial complex loves to make. For the average Pakistani, who faces the scourge of terror, security spending means beefing up the police and civil armed forces. It means spending on the army as well but in ways that aids it taking out militant enclaves in the tribal areas. You can’t do that with Hatf missiles. You can’t do it with Mirage aircrafts. You can’t do it with Augusta gunships. We need to have conventional weapons. But not more than we should.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-34330811-3 Fax: 021-34330900 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

wednesday, 6 June, 2012

Of dubious distinctions our democrats need to be more ‘democratic’


akistan is a complex country. Certain developments make people optimistic about the future but some developments cause pessimism and create a strong feeling among a large number of concerned people that Pakistan is drifting towards anarchy. It is difficult to suggest which way Pakistan is likely to go in the future. Perhaps we can talk of several possible futures for Pakistan from the worst case scenario to an optimistic view of the future. Pakistan can now claim many distinctions to its credit that make it a different country. Some of these distinctions suggest much hope for democracy. However, other distinctions raise strong doubts about the future of democracy. Some of the distinctions include: 1. It is for the first time in Pakistan’s history that a purely civilian government presented its fifth and final budget that is going to be approved by mid-June. 2. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has become the longest serving civilian prime minister, staying in office longer than Liaquat Ali Khan, the first prime minister of Pakistan. However, Gilani is a more controversial prime minister than Liaquat Ali Khan. 3. There have been more By Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi allegation of corruption against President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani and some members of their families than any previous head of state or heard of government in Pakistan. The media and the opposition are focused so much on this issue that there is no talk of how the making of the economic empire of the Sharif brothers coincides with their years in power going back to the early 1980s. Some other civilians and ex-army top brass accumulated wealth in the 1980s and the 1990s. Many factors contributed to this trends which included kickback from access to corridors of power during military or civilian rule, distribution of land/plots by the government and especially the military to its officers, the Afghan war, government contracts and real-estate business and manpower trade to the Middle east. 4. Pakistan’s Supreme Court is the only highest

court in the present-day world that wants to put its sitting head of state on trial in a foreign country. When the federal government did not initiate the proceedings for that purpose, it convicted the sitting prime minister of contempt of court. now, the opposition wants the Supreme Court to disqualify the prime minister from holding his office. Many in Pakistan argue that the superior judiciary’s over-activism and frequent interference in the domain of the executive is destabilising for the federal government whose performance is already poor. 5. Pakistan is a unique country for another reason. The chief minister of a province, the Punjab, is publicly calling upon the people of his province to revolt against the federal government on account of shortage of electric power. Some such rallies have resulted in violence against private and public property. 6. When the budget was presented in the national Assembly on June 1, the PML(n) attempted to disrupt the session and some of its active members engaged in scuffles with the PPP members. They also exchanged punches. Only a small number of members joined directly in the fight and it did not degenerate to the extent what happened in the national Assembly in September 1958 when the members threw assembly furniture on each other. The Deputy Speaker was seriously injured who later died in the hospital. 7. The PPP’s governance and economic management does not show any sign of improvement. The PPP has demonstrated time and again that it prefers political convenience and partisan use of state patronage over professionalism and competence in managing state affairs. Most of these developments do not augur well for socio-political coherence and democracy. Political polarisation has intensified to the extent that not many people are willing to examine the fast growing political and economic drift in a dispassionate manner. The political discourse is confrontational and rude; the political adversaries want to humiliate each other. They often engage in shouting matches and heckling so that the rival party’s spokesperson is not able to speak. The senior leaders of political parties are very supportive of noisy leaders who are hard-hitting in their political exchanges with the political adversaries. There are well known names in all major parties whose presence in political talk show is a sure guarantee that no sensible con-

versation will be possible. The underlying consideration of the political dialogue is not the exploration of the solutions to the acute socio-economic problems but to hold each other responsible for the decay and degeneration of Pakistani economy and politics. Therefore, the rival political leaders condemn each other and point out what they consider the flaws in the policies of the rival political party. They never suggest better and credible policy strategies for any problem, i.e. electricity shortages, lack of investment and growing violence. etc. The most unfortunate situation has developed in the Punjab where the chief minister is calling upon the people to take to streets against the failure of the federal government to provide electricity. He also wants the president and prime minister to quit. On June 3, some newspaper carried a big size colour advertisement that projected the chief minister’s call for agitation against the federal government on the electricity issue. If agitation and protest is patronised and political confrontation is encouraged by a government or a political party as a policy, negative politics becomes an integral part of the political culture. Agitation, protest marches, road-blocks and attacks on public and private property become a normal political activity. If people develop the habit of agitation for anything they do not like, some groups will always find a cause to resort to protest, agitation and violence. If the culture of intolerance and violence is not checked neither the budget nor who rules Pakistan will mean anything. Internal disorder and anarchy will spread so widely that the writ of the government would mean little outside the federal and provincial capitals. The state will lose its primacy and it will have to negotiate with powerful local groups and armed bands and religious zealots entrenched in different parts of the country. It will become irrelevant which party rules Pakistan or how Supreme Courts treats the prime minister and the federal government. The state institutions and political leaders should stop attacking each other. Pakistan needs to develop positive points of distinction and democratic political culture if Pakistan is to function as a nationstate. The writer is an independent political and defence analyst.

foreign press

Our sustainable future China Daily


he theme for the 40th World environment Day Green economy: Does it include you? - is aimed at encouraging public participation in the adoption of a new growth model that is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive. However, while recognizing the importance of individual responsibility, it should be noted that it is policymakers around the world who will be held accountable for the lack of progress in achieving sustainable and equitable development. With the world economy yet to see any light at the end of tunnel after the onset of the global financial crisis, it is high time policymakers from all countries aggressively embraced green growth as the only way to deliver a cleaner, greener and more sustainable 21st century. A global transition to a green economy has been underway since the United nations Conference on environment and Development in Brazil in 1992. But there is mounting evidence that the transition to a green economy is not happening fast enough. Global sustainable development has been seriously challenged by rapid population growth, increasing

poverty, unequal north-South development, severe pollution, the reduction in biodiversity, desertification and global climate change. There is still no international consensus on global food security or on ways to nourish a population of 9 billion by 2050. Worse, the worst global financial crisis since 1930s has not only dampened global growth prospects, it has also pushed policymakers in debt-laden rich countries to either choose growth-depressing austerity or inflation-fueling monetary easing. The 2012 United nations Conference on Sustainable Development, or "Rio+20" is to be held soon, but policymakers in these countries are still shying away from the painful, but necessary, structural reforms that will make the green economy the bedrock of their future prosperity. China issued its first national report on sustainable development last Friday, which underscored the urgency of transforming its development pattern. To pursue a sustainable future for all, the international community should jointly make the World environment Day a wake-up call for policy changes to improve people's well-being and social equity while reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

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Comment 13

Panj Taara

in a dark, blind alley

on current issues and other heart-warming subjects

Who led us down there?

By Ali Aftab Saeed


would like to say that my articles are a result of weeks and weeks of reading and critical thinking, but my modesty won’t allow me to say so. Also, it won’t strictly be true if I did. Without further ado then, let’s go for the Satranga, Naulakha, etc, format that so frequently saves my ass an hour prior to the submission of the article. I give you a five story piece, and casually mention that 5 star hotels are called ‘Panj Taara’ in Urdu/Punjabi; increasing the sum total of your knowledge, as well as impressing you with my command of the local vernacular in one stroke. 1. I have realised that none of the big journalists ever fail to give moving lectures on ethics whenever they get the opportunity, in print or on TV. I honestly believe that my inability to follow suit has been responsible for my not making it big. I guess it’s never too late so I’ll start with an issue of ethics close to my heart. We all know about Bilal Ganj and the many years of its services rendered based on the principle of trickle-down economy, where stolen cars are broken up into bits which are sold with solemn assurances that the parts are genuine. I have realised that it is very depressing when you go there and find your number plate hanging among a lot of others outside one of the shops. Hence I appeal to the government to make it mandatory for the shop keepers there to paint the no plates black before hanging

them. even if they can be reused, they aren’t transferable so there is no chance of somebody coming to get the same number plate any way. 2. I would like to congratulate all of you since USAID is celebrating its 50th anniversary in Pakistan. We should all be thankful to the USA (and anything USA-related) because despite being a pain in our patella for the last 6-8 years (Blackwater, drone strikes, OBL operation, and what not!), it has overall been very good to us during the rest of the 42 odd years, and that too without breaching our invaluable sovereignty. 3. The number of news reports that get printed/broadcast these days with exactly the same contents is mind boggling. I guess the news desk people – the efficient bunch that they are – have all the usual suspects ready and just put the suitable subject – nS or PM or CJ or FM. I don’t even think they wait for somebody to say or do something, or bother to call them to confirm. This is as true of cricket, where fill-in-cricketer’s-name opines that the upcoming or ongoing series against fill-in-the-teamname will be a tough one, as it is true of reports such as ‘Mr. X condemns US drone attacks’. Life for news desk people is easy these days. 4. When it comes to the curious case of Shakeel Afridi, I will start by acknowledging it upfront that not only do I know next to nothing about law; I don’t intend to spend any time studying it either. now that I have cleared the air by this announcement, I presume that if he didn’t know about OBL’s existence in the compound and he provided information to the US agencies, it does come under treason. However if he did, it should not since we are committed to the WoT. Hence his official crime not being helping US catch OBL, but in-

stead having ties with a banned terrorist outfit and that biggest crime against humanity conceivable: acting in a way so as to shake people’s confidence in things like polio eradication campaigns. Regardless, it is a bigger test case of the superpower than was the Raymond Davis affair. I await the response of the likes of PDC once he is set free and given US immigration along with his family. 5. I am unusually anxious to get ratings and hits for this article because I wasn’t published last week because PT didn’t deem my article ‘appropriate’ (a slap for those who don’t take PT seriously). now I don’t know about the print medium but on TV, what makes you a star is how often you appear on screen instead of how good you are. Well print or TV, hits are good, and what can ensure hits (of both kinds) more than a frank talk about Bani Gala waali sarkaar! I was talking to a dear friend Yasir Peerzada about the benami (this by the way rhymes with tsunami) transaction issue and he came up with the following point: ‘Imran Khan has said on numerous occasions that he purchased the Islamabad property after obtaining loan from his ex-wife. This loan, according to him, was paid off after selling his London flat. now he has changed his stance and says that the property was in fact purchased by Jemima in Khan’s name. Did IK lie earlier or is he lying now? It would appear that he changed his stance because the so called loan from Jemima was not obtained through the banking channel so dear to Khan, and therefore liable to be taxed. What can be said about the credibility of a man who talks so much about credibility and yet flip-flops like this? Somebody should tell Khan that changing stances like this doesn’t exactly make him the agent of change that he advertises himself to be.

By Khwaja Manzar Amin


he last two years of Musharraf’s rule were a time of intense trauma for the people, for reasons too painful to recount here but mainly because they have since been dwarfed by maladies that are far more serious. Out of the frying pan into an uncontrollably raging wildfire. Though the task seemed lengthy and difficult, the PPP-led coalition has accomplished it in good time: brought about more social and political divisions, more poverty, more inflation, more suffering and more disillusionment in its four years at the helm than the impulsive commando could manage in his eleven. Four further years of aimless drift have brought the country to a near breakdown, with the ‘prime minister’ rubbing it in by giving marching orders to a third of the country’s citizens in a Cnn interview. These are the taxpayers who fund his luxurious lifestyle and official tours, all highly successful, it goes without saying. This remark reveals the unthinking and callous nature of this leadership. The PPP’s sudden frenzy for a new province in southern Punjab was another ill-conceived decision and such dangerous gaffes are now its virtual monopoly. This needless demand made at a time of deep divisions within the socio-political fabric predictably led to the ‘mysterious’ rallies for a Mohajir province in Sindh. In the end, all this provided another pretext for more killings and civil strife. First, a peaceful Awami Tehreek protest against the division of Sindh was attacked by masked men leaving eleven killed and over 30 injured. Later on, (ostensibly) the ‘Sindhu Desh Liberation Army’ also jumped into the

fray and shot seven passengers of a private bus bound from Karachi to Kohat. Who should be held responsible for these killing of the innocents, and also for the anarchy in Karachi? It has to be the person whose alleged shrewdness and supposed political acumen have been trumpeted ad nauseum, Mr. President himself and for two reasons. The first is his entrepreneurial political alliance with the MQM for the sole purpose of remaining in power at the centre. In his pursuit of the requisite numbers, he has been successfully blackmailed by the MQM (no mean feat) on more than one occasion and has allowed it to get its way, right or wrong. The second is his oft-repeated threat of the so-called Sindh card. In practice, this implies he has the capability of inciting the people to violence if the corrupt regime is unconstitutionally removed or menaced by the omniscient third force. The confrontational remarks made in this context from time to time by the head of state were most improper. They caused many needless crises within the establishment, and created much doubt about the future of democracy. So, playing the Sindh card has not exactly turned out to be a playful pastime. It has had bloody consequences. Literally. The murderous attack on the Awami Tehreek rally and the nawabshah bus killings are but opposite sides of the same coin. They are the ruling party’s chickens coming home to roost. Mr Zardari has not helped matters by his often strange actions and eccentric behaviour over the past four years, beginning with his totally frivolous remarks to the Tea Party celebrity and later US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, his Sindhi card (and cap) and his sporadic persecution mania by ‘political actors’. Mr Zardari might be a past master in manipulation, on exploiting the weaknesses of men, of putting an accurate price tag on them, and in making offers that the Aitzaz Ahsans of this world cannot refuse. But has all this street-smart slyness brought about any dividends for the country and the people? It has only

been useful for clinging on to power. Old Abe’s aphorism on the problem of fooling all of the people all of the time comes to mind. Other than the protesting-toomuch MQM, the resident political genius has also roped in another strange bedfellow: to wit, the Q League, formerly the Qatil League. By extricating the scion of the former Musharraf buddies (who blow with every wind, their area of specialization being the classic stab in the back) from a delicate, caught in the act corruption tangle, he might have momentarily secured their rather suspect support, but has conveyed the worst possible signals regarding his own commitment to mainstream democracy. Only morons can make their citizens pass through hellish suffering and still expect to be voted back to power. Consider the following proposition: electricity supply diminishes daily even as the heat intensifies, but the power rates keep going up, repeatedly, even factoring in calculations for last year, the infamous fuel adjustment charges! now they have come up with another hoax to mask corruption and incompetence, the separate charges for day and night formula. Surely there is something wrong with this equation, this no-win situation for the citizens and the country. At the end, one is left ruing Mr Zardari’s unfortunate situation, that of missing out on a rare second chance in life (or is it the third?) to redeem himself. Adhering to the Charter of Democracy was the best option for success on the political and economic (and other) fronts. Instead, misled by messianic delusions, egged on by cronies and pygmies, he embarked on a solo flight and overreached himself. The country is suffering for it. He has led it to a blind alley, and it may be added, a dark blind alley. Mr Zardari has now become his own worst enemy, an unfortunate condition for which there is no known cure. As the Chinese proverb puts it, ‘the fool guards himself from everything but himself’. And 180 million souls are paying for it. The writer is a freelance columnist.

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the quintessence of metal in Pakistan

LAHORE K faUjdaaR n a vast musical landscape dotted with frequent bursts of brilliance, especially over the last two decades, it is truly difficult to produce something that hasn’t been done to death already. Equally challenging is taking on a genre that isn’t widely listened to in Pakistan, and usually evokes a lukewarm response and subsequent dismissal as ‘noise’. It is perhaps not unwarranted that musical taste in our country has changed so drastically in so little time. Within two generations, we have gone from solid classical crooning to bouncy pop and moved on to gut-wrenching, metallic sounds that anyone from 15 years ago would be loath to endure. Perhaps those of us who grew up in the 2000s didn’t have the luxury of quiet roads with occasional cars, little construction activity and tree-lined streets full of chirping birds to boot. Our music is a product of our environment, and


hard rock/heavy metal music is perhaps the best and most melodic representation of the sounds we have absorbed growing up. A defiant answer to the vast ugliness that surrounds us, if you will. none of the musicians active in this country today has epitomised that answer as well as the Lahorebased heavy metal band Takatak. In this early stage of its existence, limited to some demo recordings and in the middle of its first professional studio recording, this band has put together quite the musical milieu. The most immediately noticeable fact about them is the obviously advanced level of skill every musician in the band possesses. When I say advanced, I mean these kids could play alongside the likes of Lamb of God and probably steal a few of its fans by the time they are done. The singer’s gruff, intense growls are nothing to sneeze at either. Growling is something that sounds extremely ugly if not done right, but becomes a very powerful

mode of expression if executed well. In this case, it combines with the instrumentalists’ skills to convey a deep, deep sense of foreboding. While that sounds fairly ominous, it is not without a distinct feeling of sorrow that I acknowledge that a band comprising young men from Pakistan could hardly express something other than foreboding at this point in time. If you have been living in Pakistan for the last six or seven years, you probably would not disagree and you most certainly do not need an explanation. But I digress. Or maybe not. Their lyrics definitely address this amply. It is plain that these are intelligent, sensitive individuals seething with anger and sorrow at the state of affairs as they currently stand, and up to their neck in a desperate desire to change things. Artists don’t shoot guns, and Takatak makes a good case for why they don’t need to. Musically, I will refrain from pegging them to one single sub-genre of heavy metal, and here’s why. Pigeonholing isn’t my thing, and in any case these guys make just as good an argument for Thrash Metal with one lick as they do for Speed Metal with the next. Every so often, traces of Black Metal and Death Metal creep in so nonchalantly that it is frankly unnerving. Unnerving in a strangely good way, like the music rudely ripped the control you have on yourself from your grasp and left you jerking uncontrollably with every beat of the snare and every hit of the guitar. Let’s just say they probably owe me some money for a visit to the orthopaedist to fix my poor neck (see: headbanging). What is most fitting about this band is their choice of name, in my opinion. For music stuffed full of exquisite chops and cuts, Takatak is probably as good a name as any, and certainly better than most for one simple reason: it hasn’t been nicked from a dusty old Urdu dictionary in an effort to seem intellectual, as many bands here are wont to do. So, I invite you to buy a seatbelt if you don’t already have one and attach it securely to whatever your choice of seating is, because if Takatak is what you plan on listening to, it is going to be one hell of a ride. Also highly advised: neck braces.

Girl gone too wild? Madonna flashes swastika image at concert in Israel MaDOnna is getting into the groove of her controversial antics yet again. the warhorse diva, who’s done everything from pillage Catholic imagery to previewing her assets for all the world to gawk and squawk at, has dipped into her Pandora’s box of publicity stunts for her latest headlinegrabber. this time, she’ll pulled out a swastika. the pop star raised eyebrows and infuriated critics when, at a concert in tel aviv, a swastika splashed across a screen as she performed her song ‘nobody Knows Me’. the symbol, which appeared briefly, was emblazoned across the forehead of French political leader Marine Le Pen, whose right-wing national Front party has been accused of anti-Semitism. the montage also included glimpses of other public figures, including Pope Benedict XVi, Sarah Palin and Chinese leader hu Jinatao. Le Pain took the reins of the national Front party last year from her controversial father, JeanMarie, who was found guilty of condoning war crimes and was fined for making nazisympathetic remarks. neWS deSK

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london: robbie williams performs during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace. afP london: Sir Paul McCartney performs during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace. afP london: elton John performs during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert. afP RotteRdam: US rockband Guns n' roses singer axl rose performs during a concert. afP london: Kylie Minogue performs on stage during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace. afP loS angeleS: Usher performs as the game Dance Central 3 is introduced during the Microsoft Xbox press conference at the electronic entertainment expo. afP

Celine Dion Responds To Kate Winslet’s criticism

Tom Cruise

becomes laughingstock at bowling alley

loS angeleS: if Kate winslet is sick of hearing ‘My heart Goes On’, then how does Celine Dion feel? if there’s one person who has the right to be tired of the epic love ballad, then it’s the ‘titanic’ songstress herself. “‘My heart will Go On’ gave me the opportunity to be associated with a classic that will live forever. if i just count how many times i’ve sung it, maybe it’ll get me sick,” said Dion, sympathising with the ‘titanic’ actress. “if she feels tired just hearing it, and, like, throwing up, i’m glad she was not the one singing it.” Don’t expect winslet to make ‘My heart will

Go On’ her go-to karaoke song anytime soon. in March, the ‘titanic’ starlet told MtV that the iconic song made her queasy. “i do feel like throwing up. i wish i could say ‘Oh listen, everybody! it’s the Celine Dion song!’ But i don’t. i just have to sit there, you know, kind of straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll.” ‘My heart will Go On’ is one of the best-selling singles of all time, winning the academy award for Best Song in 1998 and selling more than 15 million copies worldwide. at the time of its release in 1998, it was also the bestselling single in the world. agencieS

miami: tom Cruise, who took his ‘rock Of ages’ cast mates to a bowling alley in Miami, reportedly made a fool of himself as he kept on missing the pins despite throwing the ball ‘harder and faster’. the 49year-old actor, may be buff for his age but apparently, he can’t even bowl for toffee, the Daily Star reported. “they were all laughing at him as he couldn’t knock down any pins. his ball kept rolling down the gutter. he was throwing the ball harder and faster but still getting nowhere. it was hilarious,” a source told the tabloid. agencieS

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15 NJ’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’:

Water reservoir home to mystery

Laptop snaps thief's photo, leading to his arrest ANN ARBOR agencieS

Open an app. See a flash. Get arrested. Police in Michigan say a stolen laptop took a picture of the thief and sent it to a security website, leading to his arrest. The computer's owner, Logan Chadde, installed Orbicule security software before a weekend break-in at his home in Ann Arbor. Chadde told that the program captured the thief using Facebook and talking with another person about how he was going to sell the stolen laptop. Chadde sent the information to police, who arrested a 19-year-old man. Police Lt Renee Bush says officers knew the suspect from an earlier encounter. Chadde says such cases are frustrating, but "this is one of the few times the police had a lot of information to go off."

'Vampire' skeletons NEWS DESK OnSPIRACY theorists, rejoice! There is no need to travel all the way to the Florida/Bermuda/Puerto Rico area to dig into a triangular mystery as we present the new ‘Bermuda Triangle of new Jersey’: a water reservoir, whose 2,000 acres come stocked with trout and intrigue. A few dozen people have died there over the past four decades, and six remain missing. It’s those missing bodies, which officials believe are slumbering in the 180-foot depths that have fuelled the legend, helped along by the fact that a skeletal foot was fished from the reservoir in


May. The cases of the missing include two men who never returned after setting out in a canoe in 1977; a fisherman who, according to his rescued buddy, reportedly drowned in 1993. A submarine searched the lake in 2006, but turned up no remains. It’s not yet known if the foot belongs to one of the missing. But a number of local fishermen pooh-pooh the idea of supernatural wind cycles and the like. According to one, the valley’s bowl shape is what churns up winds of up to 40mph, which makes setting out in a boat smaller than 14 feet dangerous-especially considering the as-cold-as-50-degree water that greets any who capsize and slows decomposition, keeping bodies closer to the bottom.

Woman chokes lover for refusing to wed NEWS DESK The wedding cake will have to wait for this couple. He said no – so she choked him. A 24-year-old Florida woman was arrested after the police said she scratched and tried to choke her boyfriend for refusing to marry her, according to reports. nikoleta Karoly, of east naples, had been trying to get her beau of two months to tie the knot because she faced the prospect of deportation, the naples Daily news reported, citing a police report.

Karoly’s visa expired last week — her country of origin was unclear — and she had become increasingly violent in her courtship, sometimes threatening to stab her boyfriend with a kitchen knife, the boyfriend reportedly told police. He also said that during his lover’s latest violent episode she had slapped him so hard he feared that he might lose his hearing, the Daily news reported. Asked about the allegations, Karoly claimed to police that she had hit and scratched her boyfriend, the paper reported. Karoly was booked on a domestic violence charge.

unearthed in Bulgaria SOFIA afp

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have unearthed two skeletons from the Middle Ages pierced through the chest with iron rods to keep them from turning into vampires, the head of the history museum said. "These two skeletons stabbed with rods illustrate a practice which was common in some Bulgarian villages up until the first decade of the 20th century," said national history museum chief Bozhidar Dimitrov after the recent find in the Black Sea town of Sozopol. According to pagan beliefs, people who were considered bad during their lifetimes might turn into vampires after death unless stabbed in the chest with an iron or wooden rod before being buried. People believed the rod would also pin them down in their graves to prevent them from leaving at midnight and terrorising the living, the historian explained. The practice was common, Dimitrov added, saying some 100 similar burials had already been found in Bulgaria.

Katrina silent on Ranbir-Deepika’s friendship

Humaima Malik does a Shabana Azmi SUrPriSe number one. in her first Bollywood film ‘Sher’ humaima Malik plays the same role as Shabana azmi’s national award winning role in Vinay Shukla’s ‘Godmother’. Surprise number two. Contrary to the rumours floating around eyewitness on location at the film’s set say humaima hardly exchanges anything more than a hello with the deadly Dutt. the ‘Bol’ actress is currently in india to shoot the movie. She is all of 22, full of spunk, honest and raring to go. and when cornered with what she says are embarrassing rumours linking her with Sanjay Dutt, she isn’t afraid to hit back. “For God’s sake. not him, please! i respect Sanjay Dutt. the entire world knows about wasim akram and me. i am here to work. not get into controversies and scandals. i only say ‘Salaam Sir’ when i see Mr Dutt. that’s about it. i am completely

bewildered by the politics of Bollywood. i want to stay out of it,” she said. For ‘Sher’ she’s shooting in the sweltering heat of rajasthan and playing the challenging role of a female gangster forced to take over her husband’s empire after he’s killed. the film is narrated in a flashback by humaima after the Sanjay Dutt character’s death. Says humaima excitedly, “the role is a lot like the one i played in ‘Bol’. Shabana azmi also played the same role in ‘Godmother’.” humaima’s homes are in London and Dubai. her large family of 6 brothers and sisters are spread across the world. as for wasim akram, humaima says, “he and i have come a long way. But we aren’t getting married. i don’t want to be known by the men i work with. Besides, when i’ve the best guy in the world in my life, why would i need anyone else?” neWS deSK

mUmBai: while ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are painting Udaipur red, ranbir’s good friend and former girlfriend Katrina Kaif is maintaining a stoic silence about the two’s growing fondness for each other. after a major fallout with ranbir, (owing to a certain Ms Fakhri) Katrina had gone her way and concentrated on her work. She even got back on talking terms with her former beau Salman Khan and went on to sign yash raj’s next with Khan. Only last year, at an awards show, ranbir went up to Kat and it seemed that the two were again back to talking terms. Just when the rumours of Kat and ranbir giving their relationship another shot started floating, ranbir and Deepika’s camaraderie on various award shows and later on the sets of ayan Mukherjee’s ‘yeh Jawani hai Deewani’ kind of hinted at their growing fondness. So much so that it led to Deepika’s break-up with her then boyfriend, Sidharth Mallya. So is Katrina insecure about the new friendship? Sources close to the actress deny so. “this is typical of ranbir. he tends to get very attached to his co-stars while shooting. During ‘rockstar’ he was so enamoured with nargis Fakhri that he went around predicting to close friends that she would sweep all the awards. after the film’s release he lost interest in her. During ‘Bachna ae haseeno’ he came close to Deepika. But then the inevitable happened,” says Kat’s friend. while some suggest that Katrina is very secure about her relation with ranbir as of now, some say she has moved on and made peace with ranbir’s ways. “Katrina is in a very happy space now. She does not care about the mating and dating game anymore,” defends her friend. agencieS

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16 Foreign News

wednesday, 6 June, 2012

Assad may go as part of Syria settlement: Russia DAMASCUS



USSIA said Tuesday that President Bashar al-Assad could leave power as part of a settlement to end bloodshed in Syria, as Damascus agreed to allow relief workers to visit four trouble spots. “We have never said or insisted that Assad necessarily had to remain in power at the end of the political process,” Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said in Switzerland. “This issue has to be settled by the Syrians themselves,” ITAR-TASS news agency quoted him as saying. Moscow has been facing mounting pressure to back Assad’s departure as a first step in a settlement that would see his inner circle assume command in the interim, based on a US-backed transition in Yemen earlier this year. Tuesday’s statement was one of its most explicit about Assad’s position since Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov refused to clearly back his rule during a visit to Damascus in February. It came as Russia and China, which have stalled Western-led moves against Damascus, began talks on ending nearly

10 dead as army presses assault on rebel bastions BeIrut: Syrian troops kept up their offensive against rebel strongholds on Tuesday, seizing a town in the central province of Hama, as at least 10 people were killed nationwide, a human rights watchdog said. Government forces carried out a “huge military operation” before dawn in the Kfar Oweid district of Idlib province in the northwest, killing four civilians, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Troops clashed with rebel fighters in several other areas of the province, which borders Turkey and is major focus of operations for the rebel Free Syrian Army, the Britain-based watchdog said. In Hama province, troops and militia backed by tanks entered the town of Kfar Zita, after rebel fighters pulled out following a three-day bombardment, the Observatory said. Militiamen looted homes and shops after residents fled, it added. Government troops also raided the Souk al-Shajara area of Hama city, killing one rebel fighter. Further south, rebel neighbourhoods of the flashpoint city of Homs came under renewed artillery bombardment and heavy machinegun fire, the Observatory said. 15 months of violence that has killed more than 13,500 people, and cost the lives of another 26 people on Tuesday. Russian President Vladimir Putin began talks with President Hu Jintao, a day ahead of a meeting with Hu’s likely successor Vice President Xi Jinping.

In Latakia province on the Mediterranean coast, troops assaulted the town of Al-Hafa, killing three rebel fighters, one of them a defecting army officer. In the northeastern city of Deir ezzor, gunmen assassinated an army colonel in front of his home, the Observatory said, while a general was killed by a roadside bomb in the neighbourhood of Barzeh, the Observatory added. The state SAnA news agency said “terrorist groups” killed three army officers in all. Two were gunned down in Deir ezzor and another died when his car was blown up near the Barzeh district of Damascus, it said. At least 38 people were killed in violence across the country on Monday, including at least 18 civilians, the Observatory said, adding that huge night-time protests were held in several provinces. In the main northern city of Aleppo, once a regime bastion, demonstrators chanted: “Revolution of dignity and freedom!” Thousands waved independence flags and sang revolutionary chants, according to amateur video posted on YouTube. In the Damascus suburbs, protesters with covered faces chanted: “God protect the Free Syrian Army!” afp

China’s envoy to the United nations said on Monday that efforts to end the Syrian bloodshed were at a “crossroads,” and that government and opposition forces must halt violence. Both it and Russia, which have twice used their veto powers to block tougher

action against Assad’s regime at the Un Security Council, have come under mounting pressure to change their stance since last month’s Houla massacre. China’s ambassador Li Baodong said the massacre of at least 108 people, most of them women and children, had dealt a

huge blow to Un-Arab envoy Kofi Annan’s mediation mission, as Beijing took over the chair of the Security Council for June. Li told reporters, without signalling any easing in China’s opposition to sanctions against Assad: “The political process to solve the Syrian crisis is at a crossroads.” The Houla massacre “has caused collateral damage to Annan’s mediation effort. And also it presents a huge challenge to the international community,” Li said. Bloodshed has persisted in Syria despite a Un-backed peace plan brokered by Annan that put almost 300 observers on the ground. — Houla collateral damage — Access has been more restricted for aid agencies, however, and the United nations said on Tuesday that Syria’s government has now given them permission to visit four locations following a meeting on scaling up humanitarian aid. “We will have a presence in Homs, Idlib, Daraa and Deir ezzor to start with,” said John Ging, director of the coordination and response unit at the Un Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The Un estimates that at least one million people are in need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria.

Pilot embarks on first solar-powered intercontinental flight MADRID afp

A Swiss pilot donned a blue oxygen mask as he flew high above Spain and approached Morocco on Tuesday on the world’s first intercontinental flight in a solar-powered plane. Bertrand Piccard, a 54-year-old psychiatrist and balloonist, took off before dawn from Madrid in the Solar Impulse plane, a giant as big as an Airbus A340 but as light as an average family car. After a graceful takeoff at 5:22 am (0322 GMT), he guided the experimental plane southward from Madrid-Barajas airport. “For one hour I had the full moon on my right and I had the sunrise on my left and that was absolutely gorgeous. I had all the colours of the rainbow in the sky and also on the ground,” Piccard told AFP in an interview from the cockpit shortly after setting out. After more than 10 hours’ flight, Piccard had climbed to more than 5,500 metres (18,000 feet) and was about 80 kilometres (50 miles) from the southern coast. Flying at some 45 kilometres (28 miles) per hour in the freezing, high altitude, he needed an oxygen mask to breathe. An onboard video camera relayed images of the distant patchwork of fields and valleys stretched out below the aircraft, which has 12,000 solar cells in the wings turning four electrical motors. To qualify as an intercontinental flight Piccard has only to cross the Strait of Gibraltar — 14 kilometres (nine miles) at its narrowest point — from europe to Africa. But the crossing is one of the most challenging points of the voyage because of the need of oxygen and temperatures that can dip as low as minus 29 degrees C (minus 20 degrees F). He aims to enter Moroccan airspace over Tangiers and land at Rabat-Sale airport sometime after 11:00 pm (2200 GMT). All that, without using a drop of fuel. each of the motors on the carbon-fibre plane charges 400-kilogramme (880-pound) lithium polymer batteries during the day, allowing the aircraft to carry on flying after dark. In the bright Spanish sun, the batteries had been recharged to full capacity by the afternoon. “The question is not to use solar power for normal airplanes,” Piccard explained. “The question is more to demonstrate that we can achieve incredible goals, almost impossible goals, with new technologies, without fuel, just with solar energy, and raise awareness that if we can do it in the air, of course everybody can do it on the ground.” Organisers say the voyage has been timed to coincide with the launch of construction of the largest-ever solar thermal plant in Morocco’s southern Ouarzazate region. Piccard, who made the world’s first non-stop round-the-world balloon flight in 1999 together with Briton Brian Jones, took over the plane’s controls from project co-founder Andre Borschberg, a 59-year-old Swiss executive and pilot who flew a first leg from Payerne in Switzerland, landing in Madrid on May 25. The voyage, 2,500 kilometres (1,550 miles) overall, is also intended as a rehearsal for Solar Impulse’s round-the-world flight planned for 2014.

heBRon: israeli border police arrest a palestinian woman during a demonstration against the israeli occupation and to mark ‘naksa day’, the 44th anniversary of the 1967 six-day war at the entrance of the old city near the settlement of Beit Romano on tuesday. AFP

Tahrir readies for mass demo against Mubarak verdicts CAIRO afp

egyptians in their hundreds began gathering Tuesday in Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square ahead of a mass demonstration to protest against verdicts handed down in ex-president Hosni Mubarak’s murder trial. Hawkers selling tea, cakes or flags took up positions at the square in downtown Cairo, which was closed to traffic for the 1500 GMT demonstration called by egyptian activists furious at the verdicts. Mubarak, 84, and his interior minister Habib al-Adly were sentenced to life in prison on Saturday, but six security chiefs were acquitted over the killings of demonstrators during last year’s uprising that left some 850 people dead and ousted the ex-president. The ruling sparked

nationwide outrage, with thousands taking to the streets to vent their rage that no one had been found directly guilty of killing the protesters. Mubarak — the only autocrat toppled in the Arab Spring to be put in the dock — could have been sent to the gallows as demanded by the prosecution but was instead given a life term, angering many. He was also cleared of graft charges. Along with the acquitted police chiefs, Mubarak’s sons Alaa and Gamal had corruption charges against them dropped on a technicality, but they will remain in prison over another corruption case. The protest has been called by youth movements who revolted against Mubarak last year, including the Coalition of Revolution Youth and the Maspero Youth Union, and will be supported by the powerful Muslim

Brotherhood. The runners-up in the first round of the presidential election, leftist politician Hamdeen Sabbahi and moderate Islamist Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, would lead separate marches to the central square, they said in statements. They came third and fourth respectively in the May 23-24 election that has narrowed to a run-off later this month between Ahmed Shafiq — Mubarak’s prime minister during the uprising — and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi. “We believe that our revolution is not over. The military must leave power and hand it to civilians,” said Mahmud Bahira, a protester from the Revolution Youth movement. Another protester Mohammed Shabik said: “The judgement in the Mubarak case is not tough enough, there are even people who have been acquitted.”

at least 16 killed in yemen Sunni-Shia clashes SANAA afp

At least 16 gunmen have been killed in three days of fighting between Shiite Huthi rebels in north Yemen and Sunni Salafist extremists, according to claims by both sides on Tuesday. “Four of our men were killed and six others wounded in confrontations on Saturday with Salafist gunmen in AlQobaaf,” east of the Huthi stronghold of Saada, said Huthi spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam. Sorur al-Wadii, a spokesman for the Salafists said 12 Sunni militants were killed in three days of fighting, but claimed that his comrades killed 18 Huthi fighters. He blamed the Huthis for the clashes, saying the killings on “both sides were result of attacks by the Huthis who are trying to expand (their control) in the province of Hajja, Marib and Jawf.” Abdulsalam accused the Sunni gunmen of receiving support from neighbouring Saudi Arabia, a bastion of Salafism which is a puritanical approach to Islam.

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Foreign News 17

Palestinians stage demos on Six Day war anniversary RAMALLAH afp

Palestinians on Tuesday staged small demonstrations to mark the 45th anniversary of the Six Day War in which Israel seized the West Bank and Gaza Strip. near the West Bank city of Ramallah, around 200 people protested by the Ofer military prison, with clashes breaking out as demonstrators threw stones at troops who fired tear gas. Several people were injured lightly and treated at the scene, medical sources told AFP. In Hebron, around 200 protesters took part in a rally, including foreign activists. An AFP photographer said clashes also broke out there, with Israeli troops arresting at least two people. In Gaza City, between 200 and 300 people marched from the Square of the Unknown Soldier to the United nations’ Gaza headquarters in a rally organised by the ruling Hamas movement.

Breivik verdict expected on July 20 or august 24 OSLO afp

An Oslo court said Tuesday it expected to hand down its verdict in the trial of Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in norway last year, on July 20 or August 24. “It is not yet known on what date (the) judgment will be given, but it cannot be expected sooner than July 20. Another possible date for the judgment is August 24,” the court said on its website. Without excluding other dates, court spokesman Markus Iestra told AFP that the court was actively working to ensure that the verdict would fall on either July 20 or August 24. Until now, rumour in the court corridors had it that the verdict would fall on July 20, two days before the one-year anniversary of Breivik’s twin attacks. The possible delay until August 24 would be due to logistical issues, Iestra said, without providing details on what this entailed. Breivik’s trial began on April 16 and is set to last until June 22.

indian activists demand clean-up of Bhopal waste BHOPAL afp

Victims of India’s 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy met with Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Tuesday and called for toxic waste from the pesticide factory site to finally be cleared up. Hundreds of residents, including survivors of the world’s worst industrial disaster, marched through the city of Bhopal during Chidambaram’s visit, which coincided with World environment Day. The plant leaked toxic gas into neighbouring slums, killing thousands instantly and tens of thousands more over the following years. The accident was blamed on operators Union Carbide, a US chemical group later bought by Dow Chemical.

london: horses ride down the mall during the diamond jubilee carriage procession from Westminster hall to Buckingham palace on tuesday.

Queen cheered at final jubilee festivities LONDON



Ueen elizabeth II led a grand carriage procession through London to mark her diamond jubilee Tuesday but faced the crowning moment of the festivities without her ill husband Prince Philip. Cheering crowds lined the monarch’s route from the Houses of Parliament to Buckingham Palace, waving flags as she passed in a horsedrawn carriage on the last of four days of celebrations marking her 60th year on the throne. escorted by military bands and more than 100 mounted soldiers in traditional uniform, the queen waved and smiled at the crowds — but her 90-year-old husband was poignantly absent from the display of classic British pageantry. After the carriage procession the family was to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for a Royal Air Force flypast before the queen broadcasts a message of thanks at 1700 GMT

across the Commonwealth. Philip, the longest-serving royal consort in British history, was taken to hospital with a bladder infection hours before Monday’s spectacular jubilee pop concert outside Buckingham Palace. The outspoken prince will remain in hospital for several days and was “disappointed” to miss the celebrations, the palace said. In Philip’s absence, heir to the throne Prince Charles joined the 86year-old queen, who was dressed in a mint-green silk coat scattered with crystals, in the red and gold 1902 state landau along with his wife Camilla. Prince Harry joined Prince William and his wife Catherine, who wore a beige lace dress by Alexander McQueen, as they smiled and waved from their own carriage. The Mall, the wide avenue leading from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square, was a sea of red, white and blue, crammed with tens of thousands of people hoping to catch a glimpse of the royals as they passed. Jill Davies, a silver-haired executive researcher from Suffolk in eastern england, waved her Union Jack as the

queen went past her at Downing Street, where the prime minister’s official residence is located. “Prince Philip is poorly but he’s done his bit, bless him,” she told AFP. “It was fantastic. I was outside Downing Street so I saw it all. The queen was waving to the crowds.” Charles had earlier taken his father’s place by the queen’s side at a special jubilee service at St Paul’s Cathedral attended by political leaders, foreign ambassadors and royals. Leading the service beneath the imposing dome of the cathedral, Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the world’s Anglicans, paid tribute to Philip as well as the monarch. “We are marking six decades of living proof that public service is possible and that it is a place where happiness can be found,” said Williams. “In all her public engagements, the queen has shown a quality of joy in the happiness of others,” he added. “The same, of course, can manifestly be said of Prince Philip, and our prayers and thoughts are very much with him this morning.”

Rare Venus transit draws astronomers worldwide WASHINGTON afp

Astronomers around the world will train their telescopes on the skies Tuesday to watch Venus pass in front of the Sun, a once-in-a-lifetime event that will not be seen for another 105 years. The nearly seven-hour passage of the planet between the earth and the Sun will be seen as a black dot on the solar surface, but should only be viewed through approved solar filters to avoid the risk of blindness, experts warn. On the evening of June 5, north America, Central America and the northern part of South America will get to see

the start of the transit — clear skies permitting — beginning at around 6 pm eastern (2200 GMT). All of the transit will be visible in east Asia and the Western Pacific. europe, the Middle east and South Asia will get to see the end stages of the eclipse as they go into sunrise on June 6. Most of South America as well as west and southwest Africa will not get a direct view. The US space agency nASA has promised “the best possible views of the event” through high-resolution images taken from its Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), in orbit around the earth. “A transit is a wonderful and rare sight; when you consider the vastness of

the sky, for a planet to pass the disc of the Sun is pretty unusual — and you do have to wait until 2117 for the next one,” said SDO co-investigator Richard Harrison. The european space agency’s Venus express is the only spacecraft orbiting the hot planet at present and will be using light from the Sun to study Venus’s atmosphere. eSA and Japan’s space agency also have satellites in low-earth orbit to observe as Venus passes in front of the Sun. And the nASA Hubble Space Telescope, which cannot view the Sun directly, will use the Moon as a mirror to capture reflected sunlight and learn more about Venus’s atmosphere. Many universities and observatories

have also scheduled viewing events for the public. For the smartphone set, there’s an app for tracking the transit at, according to Astronomers Without Borders. Astronomers say that studying the transit will boost future efforts to identify distant planets and learn more about their atmospheres. Only six Transits of Venus have ever been recorded. There have been 53 transits of Venus across the Sun between 2000 BC and the last one in 2004. Further details: A live webcast begins at 2145 GMT (5:45 pm eastern) at


australia probes people-smuggling ring SYDNEY afp

Australia said Tuesday it may revoke the visas of an alleged peoplesmuggling kingpin and six of his associates after reports they were granted asylum and continued arranging boat trips. An investigation by ABC Television claimed an Iraqi-born people-smuggler known as Captain emad had travelled to Australia from Indonesia on a refugee boat in January 2010 under a false name and was granted asylum. emad was described as the “head of the smugglers, the head of the snake” by an informant who linked him to a powerful Indonesian ring behind two ill-fated boats which sank before reaching Australia, killing almost 150 people. He was sent as part of a plan to expand the ring’s operations in Australia, along with “at least” another six agents on board his ship who were also granted refugee status, according to the programme which aired on Monday night.

First trial of senior official in Gaddafi regime opens TRIPOLI afp

The first trial of a senior official accused of killing demonstrators in the 2011 uprising against Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi opened on Tuesday. Former foreign intelligence chief Bouzid Dorda is accused of ordering security forces to “kill demonstrators and fire live ammunition at them” during the 2011 uprising that ended Kadhafi’s rule. Dorda is the first of the slain dictator’s henchmen to appear in court since Kadhafi was captured and killed in October last year. He is charged with detaining people without evidence of any crimes and using or threatening force to prevent others from enjoying their political rights. Dorda is also accused of organising members of his tribe into an armed militia with the aim of sparking a civil war. “I deny these accusations which contradict what I did during the events,” Dorda said in reference to last year’s revolt.

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errani into first French Open semi-final Page 20

Pakistan aim to improve ranking g

Sri Lanka can move ahead of england

Pietersen ODi retirement no surprise to trott BIRMINGHAM



for ODI bowlers, Pakistan boasts three bowlers inside the top 15 – Saeed Ajmal in second, Mohammad Hafeez in fourth and Shahid Afridi in 15th – while Lasith Malinga is the home side’s highestranked bowler in 22nd position. Malinga is followed by nuwan Kulasekara (30th), Angelo Mathews (48th), Rangana Herath (50th), Thisara Perera (57th) and Dilhara Fernando (85th). The Championship table and player rankings will next be updated on 23 June, a day after the conclusion of the three-match ODI series between england and the West Indies. Sri Lanka v Pakistan series schedule June 7 - 1st ODI, Palleke (d/n) June 9 – 2nd ODI, Pallekele (d/n) June 13 – 3rd ODI, R.Premadasa, Colombo (d/n) June 16 – 4th ODI, R.Premadasa, Colombo (d/n) June 18 – 5th ODI, R.Premadasa, Colombo (d/n)

Staff RepoRt

AKISTAn and Sri Lanka will be aiming for improvements in their rankings on the Reliance ICC ODI Championship table when they go head to head in a five-match series which starts in Pallekele on Thursday. Fifth-ranked Sri Lanka leads sixthranked Pakistan by five ratings points. This reflects that there is very little separating the two Asian sides while the players’ comparison indicates that the series can potentially be a battle between Sri Lanka batsmen and Pakistan spinners. In the Reliance ICC ODI Championship table, if Sri Lanka wins all five matches of the series then it will move ahead of england into fourth position on 114 ratings points, irrespective of the outcome of the three-match ODI series between england and the West Indies which starts at The Rose Bowl on 16 June. If Sri Lanka wins 4-1 and england beats the West Indies 3-0, then both the sides will be on 113 ratings points but england will be ranked above Sri Lanka by a fraction of a point. In sharp contrast, if Pakistan wins the series 4-1 or better, then it will move ahead of Sri Lanka into fifth position. In case of Pakistan’s 4-1 series win, both sides will be on 108 ratings points but Pakistan will be ranked above Sri Lanka when the ratings are calculated beyond

the decimal point. Pakistan can even move to fourth if it wins all five matches of the series against Sri Lanka and the West Indies wins its series against england. In the Reliance ICC Player Rankings for ODI batsmen, Sri Lanka has three batsmen inside the top 20 with Kumar Sangakkara (fifth), Tillekeratne Dilshan (12th) and Mahela Jayawardena (18th) while batsmen sitting outside the top 20 and aiming for upward movements in-

clude Dinesh Chandimal (26th), Upul Tharanga (38th) and Angelo Mathews (44th). On the other side of the coin, Pakistan has only one batsman in Umar Akmal inside the top 20, in 10th position, while batsmen sitting outside the top 20 and inside the top 50 include Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq (30th), Mohammad Hafeez (40th), Shahid Afridi (41st) and Younus Khan (48th). In the Reliance ICC Player Rankings

rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

team Australia South Africa India england Sri Lanka Pakistan new Zealand West Indies Bangladesh Zimbabwe Ireland netherlands Kenya

rating 123 118 117 111 110 105 86 86 67 46 36 15 8


Jonathan Trott is saddened but far from shocked at fellow england batsman Kevin Pietersen's decision to retire from limited overs international cricket. Pietersen had indicated he wanted to help england retain the World Twenty20 title he did so much to help them win in the Caribbean two years ago when they defend their title in Sri Lanka later this year. But with england insisting players must make themselves available for both 50-over one-day internationals and Twenty20 contests -- in part to ensure there isn't a mass exodus from the longer format in an increasingly packed schedule -- Pietersen announced his retirement from all limited overs contests last week. It means england will be without one of their best batsmen in all but Test cricket from now on, despite it being just over three months ago since he scored backto-back hundreds in england's 4-0 oneday series sweep of Pakistan. But as Trott prepared to play alongside Pietersen at edgbaston, where england will try to complete a 3-0 Test series win over the West Indies, he said he had not been taken unawares by his fellow South Africa-born batsman's decision. "It wasn't a huge surprise," Trott said Tuesday. "You can understand it in a way, but it's a huge disappointment as well, " added Trott "Kev's his own guy and has to make his own decisions. The team fully support his decision. Whatever he decides to do with his cricketing career is fine."

Gayle back in Windies Bravo working hard one-day squad for strong finish BIRMINGHAM afp

Former captain Chris Gayle has been recalled by the West Indies after more than a year out of the side for the one-day international series against england later this month. The 32-year-old, a dynamic opening batsman, is back in the squad after a 14-month dispute with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) for a three-match series starting on June 16. Gayle, who has scored a West Indies record 19 hundreds in 228 ODIs, has not played international cricket since a defeat by Pakistan in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in March last year. A month later, Gayle criticised the WICB and current coach Ottis Gibson after being left out of a squad for a one-day series against Pakistan. However, several meetings between the WICB and Gayle, brokered by senior Caribbean politicians, have ended the standoff. Clyde Butts, chairman of selectors, said in a statement: "Chris is a player of proven quality and we are looking forward to him adding this dimension to the side and his contributions as a senior member of the squad." Darren Sammy, leading the West Indies in their ongoing Test series against england, captains a side featuring several players who missed the Test campaign because it clashed with

the lucrative Twenty20 Indian Premier League. One of those, Dwayne Bravo, is the vice-captain and he is included in a squad featuring fellow all-rounders Dwayne Smith, Kieron Pollard and Andre Russell. Spinner Sunil narine, a late addition to the Test squad after starring in the IPL, has also been selected. Test openers Adrian Barath, who have struggled in the first two Tests of a three-match series, were left out with opener Lendl Simmons included again following a finger injury that ruled him out of the home series against Australia in March. Meanwhile, Test wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin returns in place of Carlton Baugh, who played against Australia. West Indies are currently 2-0 down in their Test series in england. The third and final Test is due to start at edgbaston on Thursday. West Indies one-day squad Darren Sammy (capt), Dwayne Bravo, Tino Best, Darren Bravo, Johnson Charles, Fidel edwards, Chris Gayle, Sunil narine, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin (wkt), Ravi Rampaul, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith ODI fixtures v england June 16: 1st ODI, Southampton June 19: 2nd ODI, The Oval June 22: 3rd ODI, Headingley Twenty20 v england June 24: T20 international, Trent Bridge


West Indies batsman Darren Bravo says he is working hard to eliminate some of the mis-steps that have dogged him and finish the three-Test series against england strongly. After a typically flamboyant 66 from Bravo against Leicestershire on the first day of the Windies' two-day, tour match on Saturday at Grace Road, Bravo took stock and said: "It was very important for me to spend some time in the middle. I was happy with my performance, but disappointed with the way it ended. "I have been working hard in the nets, trying to get my foot closer to the ball more, and I feel I executed it really nicely (in this innings) and hopefully I can continue from here." He added: "I think I have gotten used to the conditions more. But it's now a matter of me capitalising on the starts that I get. "I got a few starts in the two Tests, but I wasn't able to carry on. We have one more Test to play, so hopefully I can make use of whatever start I get and end the series on a high." Bravo and compatriot Adrian Barath added 111 for the third wicket to rescue West Indies from early strife against Leicestershire. Barath was unbeaten on 53 when bad light stopped play, and both batsmen looked in fine touch. Bravo felt it was an encouraging sign that the Windies top-order could overcome their struggles in the Tests against england, although opener Kieran Powell and vice-captain Kirk edwards fell cheaply. "The top of the innings has been giving us some problems and I thought Barath and I played really well," said Bravo. "We were communicating really nicely with each other and helped out each other, which was very important. It was nice to see Adrian capitalise on a good start and hopefully he could carry on." He added: "Most of us are not accustomed to these conditions, but it is very important for us to believe in ourselves and our ability.

Hopefully, we can learn from our mistakes and improve as quickly as possible - and I believe we are learning each and every single day, and I am sure we will come good. "We are a bit inexperienced at the top, but thankfully we have the likes of Marlon Samuels and Shivnarine Chanderpaul to hold things up in the middle, when things don't go according to plan at the top, so it is just us sticking together as a team, helping each other out, and I am sure we will benefit from it in the long run." The tour match is a prelude to the third and final Test against england, starting this coming Thursday at edgbaston in Birmingham.

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PCB expects Pakistan, India cricket in 2012

Sports 19




AKISTAn Cricket Board chairman Zaka Ashraf expects to revive cricketing ties with India this year and is even willing to play against the arch-rivals at a neutral venue. Ashraf says he had a "fruitful" meeting with officials from the Board of Control for Cricket in India last week when he watched the Indian Premier League final at Chennai. "I think our (cricketing) relations will be revived very soon and people will hear the good news," Ashraf said. Cricketing ties between Pakistan and India were suspended in 2008 after the terror attacks in Mumbai in which 166 people were killed, straining political relations between the countries. Ashraf says he won't mind sending the Pakistan team to India or to a neutral venue. Formalities of the bilateral series will be finalized during the ICC Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur later this month. "nothing has been finalized as yet because India will come up with a proposal at Kuala Lumpur, but what I felt was that the series will be held this year," Ashraf said. BCCI President narainswamy Srinivasan also met Ashraf in new Delhi and promised him he will talk with other BCCI officials before finalizing an agree-

ment with the PCB. "He told me `just give us a little time, we will talk more on this in Kuala Lumpur after I talk with other BCCI officials,"' Ashraf said. Last week the BCCI said that it will invite Pakistan's domestic Twenty20 champions Sialkot Stallions to this year's Champions League which might also open doors for Pakistan cricketers to compete in next year's IPL. Zaka met with senior politicians in Pakistan to discuss the issue. "They all supported our positive intention to build up a relationship and revive the cricketing ties with each other," Ashraf told a press conference in Islamabad. "What I feel is that we will be able to play each other this year in any avail-

able slot." Talks of a revival of Pakistan-India cricketing ties began when Ashraf requested Zardari to take up the issue with the Indian government. A meeting between the head of the states in Delhi in April provided more impetus to the talks with indications that the Indian government had no objections to the resumption of cricket between the two countries. Ashraf, who had taken over from Ijaz Butt last October with Pakistan cricket facing a host of issues, called his India tour a successful one. "Reviving the relationship with India was the toughest task but the job is nearly done," he said. A final decision on a series between the two teams is likely to be taken

in Kuala Lumpur, where the ICC's board of directors meets later this month. He however ruled out the perception that only Pakistan was insisting on a bilateral series while India had little interest in it. "They want to play with us - that is the point we both agreed and have been discussing on the sidelines of ICC meetings in last many months. "It's not like we are begging to play and depending on them. It's about the relationship that is eventually linked up with playing each other. The relationship with India is very important at the top level. Other than that there are minor issues like exchange of junior level teams, women's cricket team and participation in the IPL which will all be sorted out."

waqar likely to join Cricket australia as bowling coach MELBOURNE agencieS

Cricket Australia (CA) has interviewed former Pakistan captain and coach Waqar Younis as Craig McDermott's successor for the position of Australian bowling coach. Waqar, who is based in Sydney since finishing his two-year term as Pakistan coach last year, according to '', has spoken to CA's team performance manager Pat Howard about taking on the role that was left vacant by McDermott at the conclusion of the Australian tour of the West Indies. Australia's highly promising battery of young pacemen will surely benefit should Waqar is appointed to the post. Known for his mastery over reverse swing, Waqar would help Australian bowlers muster the art, something the team has struggled to make best use of down the years. Under McDermott, the Aussies learnt the importance of sticking to the basics -bowling full, straight and moving the ball conventionally, and they will look to build on those gains if Waqar is appointed. Waqar, who has taken 373 wickets in 87 Tests and 416 from 262 ODIs, resigned as Pakistan coach citing personal and health reasons.

euro 2012 and twitter - 'common sense' prevails WARSAW

Pakistan to play test series in South africa LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Pakistan will play a Test series in South Africa in early 2013 after the new Zealand team finishes its tour of that country. new Zealand visit to South Africa will start in December through to January and play the Proteas in three Twenty20 internationals and a threematch One-Day series either side of Tests in Cape Town on Jan 2-6 and Port elizabeth on Jan 11-15. Pakistan will start with three tests in February followed by two T20s and five ODIs.

Kaneria cleared of Super eight t20 spot-fixing charges LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Pakistan leg-spinner Danish Kaneria has got some respite in his ongoing battle to clear his name in spot-fixing investigations after an inquiry committee of the Karachi City Cricket Association (KCCA) cleared his name in a probe. The KCCA inquiry committee cleared Kaneria of any further investigations in an ongoing probe into a match of the national Super eights Twenty20 held this year. Karachi Zebras, the Pakistan Super League team for which Kaneria played, lost the match to lowly rated Peshawar Panthers in an upset result and were

knocked out of the event with Kaneria bowling just four deliveries before going off the field with a fitness problem. The KCCA, which is one of the biggest affiliated units of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), was forced to launch an inquiry after the manager of the Karachi team, Saeed Jabbar, reported that he suspected some players had spot-fixed the match and deliberately under-performed. But after Kaneria appeared before members of the inquiry committee, the KCCA said in a statement that no more investigations were needed. “The KCCA secretary, Professor ejaz Farooqi, and a senior member, Qamar Ahmed, thoroughly interviewed Kaneria and are

convinced his withdrawal from bowling was due to a side strain,” a KCCA statement said. “Kaneria was interviewed and also submitted a medical certificate to support his claim. The inquiry committee also spoke to the manager and convinced him that Kaneria is no longer required in the investigations,” the statement added. Kaneria, 31, who has taken 261 wickets in 61 Tests, has not played for Pakistan since his last appearance in england in August 2010. The PCB has not cleared him for national selection since he was named in a spot-fixing investigation by the essex police into a county match between essex and Durham in 2009.


With football one of the most talkedabout sports, Twitter has become like an extra man to monitor when it comes to big tournaments like euro 2012. But while teams like reigning champions Spain initially banned their players from using the popular micro-blogging site during the tournament in Poland and Ukraine, for the most part football federations are following the example of Italy. "There's no ban," one official said. "It's just a question of common sense." What common sense means, though, depends on the country. In a recent interview with the weekly Die Zeit, Germany coach Joachim Loew indicated that he had given "clear rules" to his squad on how to use social networking sites. "What goes on in the dressing room, what we talk about as a team, tactics, injuries and the rest of it are taboo, as are the private lives of team-mates or the management team," he was quoted as saying.

CM to announce Youth Policy, Sports festival today LAHORE Staff RepoRt

The Punjab Government will unveil “the first-ever Youth policy” with prime emphasis on youth empowerment and their participation in different development projects and sports events helping them play their due role in nation building. “Chief Minister Punjab Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif will unfold the ambitious policy today (June 6, 2012), Wednesday, at a youth convention and it is going to be a historic moment in country’s history,” said Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly, Rana Mashhood Ahmad at a press conference at the national Hockey Stadium on Tuesday. Secretary Sports Punjab Haroon Ahmed Khan and Director General Sports Board Punjab and Youth Affairs Usman Anwar were also present on the occasion. Rana Mashhood said through its youth policy leaders of tomorrow will be identified and their talent will be utilized in various development projects. Rana Mashhood while highlighting the salient features of the policy said that the Punjab Government is taking the ini-

tiative to assemble the youth on one platform with the main focus on youth empowerment. “Since the rights to youth affairs were given to the provinces after the 18th amendment, the Punjab Government had been working on the formation of a comprehensive youth policy for which 26 provincial departments were identified to work on and around 80 officials were take onboard for extending support with technical assistance coming from an nGO, Bargad,” said the deputy speaker. He said that as part of the youth policy, the Punjab Government initiated the lap-top scheme which would continue to have its share in every budget of the province. “We would be identifying youth icons and there will be 15 youth sports councilors with having 10 male and five female councilors as the ambassadors of the province,” he added. He said in the youth policy as many as 52 youth councils will be developed. “Two extraordinary performers of every division will be brought forward while two youth ambassadors, both male and female will be identified and two youth advisors will be appointed.”

LahOre: Deputy Speaker rana Mashood addresses the press conference while Secretary Sports Punjab haroon ahmed Khan and Director General Sports Board Punjab and youth affairs Usman anwar look on. STaff PHOTO He further said that the Chief Minister Punjab is allocating two percent of the budget for the Youth Development and also for the Youth Sports Festival which will start throughout the province from in August. Rana Mashhood said the CM has also allocated endowment funds for the veteran sports personalities to look them after in the time of needs.

“In the youth festival around 40 for 40.50 million young people from all walks of life will be involved, which is going to be the biggest-ever event of the world,” he asserted. “We have already organized the biggest Sports Festival and efforts are underway for its recognition as the world largest sports event,” he said. Rana Mashhood also said that the

toppers of the Sports Festival will also participate in the Youth Festival. “They will also compete against the players of around 22 countries, which have confirmed their participation in the International Youth Sports Festival to be held later this year,” he said. To a number of questions, Rana Mashhood said that Punjab Sports Board will organise the national Games along with the Youth Festival. “The associations will provide the technical assistance while sports board will hold the event.” To another question, he said that there are bylaws for construction at the nashtar Park Arena and the Pakistan Cricket Board or any other organization is not above these laws. On the issue of laying blue turf, he said that the Sports Board Punjab and installer of the turf have signed an agreement of laying the new plastic surface, changing of the shock pads and asphalt of surface and he (installer) is being asked to fulfill the laid down conditions of the tender document and to ensure the completion of the project timely. “We cannot violate the agreement till the end of the agreement time,” he added.

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wednesday, 6 June, 2012

i will not disappoint selectors: ayub LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Pakistan batsman M Ayub Dogar, who has been selected in the national Test team for Pakistan’s tour to Sri Lanka, has said that he will try his best to perform well for his team and earn good name for the country. Talking to this scribe in a reception held in his honour, Ayub Dogar said: “I am thankful to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman and selection committee for giving me an opportunity and I will try my best to perform well and earn a good name for the country. I will also try my best not to disappoint the selectors.” Giving suggestions to youngsters, Dogar said that they must continue struggling and perform well at club and regional level and one day, they would surely be get chance in the national team. “Pakistan cricket is full of talent and there are the players which has potential to play for national team. These players must not give up hopes and keep on struggling as one day, their hard working and continuous efforts will bear fruit and they will be in the national team,” he suggested the youngsters. It is pertinent to mention here that Malik Sarwar is an ICC recognised cricket ograniser and Apollo Cricket Club patron who has great services in the field of cricket and its organisation. His club produced great players T20 captain M Hafeez, Ayub Dogar, Imran nazeer, Qaiser Abbas and many other first class cricketers. The reception in Ayub Dogar’s honour was held here at Railways Allama Iqbal Institute on Sunday night which was presided over by Sports Officer Workshops nasir Khalili and attended by Railways Allama Iqbal Institute secretary Rana Abdul Majeed, Pakistan Railways School and College Headmaster Rehmat Khan, Director Sports UeT Tanveer Ahmad, Ikram Ullah from england, ex first class cricketer Rabb nawaz, PSWA sectary Manzoor Arif and club members and players.

GC Gujranwala win in PU Super League LAHore: Government College Gujranwala and Punjab University teaching department won their matches of the PU Inter-Collegiate Super League Cricket Champi onship 2011-12 on Tuesday. Organized by Punjab University, GC Gujranwala beat Hailey College by 27 runs while PUTD beat Murray College by 60 runs. GC Gujranwala made 160 runs with Zain 29 and Malik Mutahir 29. Hassan two for 24, Mohsin two for 26. Hailey College 133 for all. Bilal 32, Hashami 20. Zain two for 32 and Muthair three for 27. PUTD made 230 for seven and Murray College 170 for all. earlier, Govt. College, Jhang beat Govt. College of Commerce, Gujranwala by 36 runs. Govt. College Jhang 120 all out. Muhammad Faisal 34, Muhammad Safdar 27. Zain Butt 3 for 13, Ahmad Hussan 2 for 15 Govt. College of Commerce, Gujranwala 84 all out in 19 overs. Qamar 17, Mutahar 16. Tariq 3 for 10, Irfan 2 for 19. Staff RepoRt

Sri Lanka dare to dream of world Cup COLOMBO afp

Sri Lanka has launched a major campaign to develop rugby on the island with the president's eldest son leading efforts to build a team that can qualify for the 2019 World Cup in Japan. Last week more than a dozen foreign players participated in a seven-a-side tournament which was seen as a successful attempt to expose domestic players to top-class international-standard rugby. Though Sri Lanka is famous for its cricket team, rugby has been on the island since 1879, during British colonial times, and is still played by nearly 50,000 school boys today at 100 clubs. "We have given our players an opportunity to play alongside international stars," namal Rajapakse, the national team's hooker and the son of President Mahinda Rajapakse, told AFP during the Carlton Super 7s tournament.

LONDONDERRY: The torch bearer is protected by Olympic security personnel as the torch is stopped and re-routed due to protestors. AFP

Errani into first French Open semis PARIS



ARA errani continued Italy's French Open love affair by reaching her first Grand Slam semi-final at Roland Garros on Tuesday with a 6-3, 7-6 (7/2) victory over Germany's Angelique Kerber. errani, the 21st seed, made sure of Italian representation in the semi-finals for the third year in succession, following the trail blazed by compatriot Francesca Schiavone, the 2010 champion and runner-up last year. The 21st seed's reward is a match-up against Australian sixth seed Samantha Stosur, defeated by Schiavone in the 2010 final, for a place in Saturday's title match. errani, a slight figure on tour at just 1.64m, had never got beyond the third round of a major before this year's Australian Open when she reached the quarter-finals. But the 25-year-old from Bologna illustrated her dangerwoman status by

winning three claycourt titles in Acapulco, Barcelona and Budapest in the run-up to Paris, putting together a 16match winning streak in the process. That confidence was translated into her Roland Garros semi-final run which saw her defeat 2008 champion Ana Ivanovic and 2009 winner Svetlana Kuznetsova. She was on top of her game straight away on Tuesday with a break in the first game, backed up by another in the ninth as the opening set was comfortably secured. errani and 10th seed Kerber, who reached a maiden Grand Slam semi-final at the US Open last year, both struggled for any fluency in the second set as eight successive breaks of serve showed that nerves were beginning to show.Kerber squandered two set points at 6-5, the first saved by an exquisite errani drop shot, and was left to regret it as the Italian raced away with the tiebreaker, securing victory when the German went wide with a second service return.

Stosur into last four

pArIS: Australia's Samantha Stosur powered her way into the French Open semifinals on Tuesday with a 6-4, 6-1 win over Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia. The US Open champion had too much firepower and experience for the lightweight 23year-old from Bratislava and she will now face either Sara errani of Italy or Angelique Kerber of Germany for a place in the final. "It's never easy to come out here, with it windy and playing an opponent who was going for it," said the 28year-old from the Gold Coast. "She runs very fast and has quick legs. "The last few years have been good for me in Paris. It doesn't get any better than this." Both players had previously gone deep into the tournament at the French Open with Stosur reaching the final in 2010, where she lost to Francesca Schiavone of Italy, and Cibulkova the semi-finals the previous year. With the sunshine back on the Philippe Chatrier centre court after the gloom of Monday, games went with serve until the fifth game when Stosur hit a series of big top-spin forehands that Cibulkova struggled to deal with. The Australian held to lead 4-2 and made it a double break in the next game with her forehand again proving to be her best weapon. Cibulkova, the smallest player in the WTA top 100 at 1.61m, hit back immediately to break serve for the first time in the match and then moved to 5-4.She had three further break points to level at 5-5, but on each occasion Stosur took the initiative in the rallies to deny her. She then hit two more big, looping forehands to pocket the first set. Cibulkova, who knocked out top seed Victoria Azarenka in the fourth round, again squandered three break points in the second game of the second set and Stosur then turned on the power again to break to 15 in the following game. Stosur moved 3-1 ahead and when she broke again to get to 4-1, there was no way back for an outgunned Cibulkova. afp

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wednesday, 6 June, 2012

Sports 21

Olympic champion Snowsill appeals omission SYDNEY



eFenDInG Olympic triathlon champion emma Snowsill said Tuesday she would appeal her omission from Australia's team for next month's London Games. Snowsill missed out on the threestrong women's team after emma Jackson and erin Densham were chosen by Triathlon Australia to join early nomination emma Moffatt in London. "I will be appealing my non-nomination to the Australian Olympic team," Snowsill said on her website. "Please understand that I have not taken this decision lightly. "I recognise that my decision affects people other than myself and I'm sorry for any hurt that my actions might cause, but I personally feel it is a matter of importance that I take all av-

British great robertson retires LonDon: Britain's nathan Robertson, a former Olympic silver medallist, announced his retirement from badminton on Tuesday. The 35-year-old, who won the mixed doubles silver medal with Gail emms in Athens eight years ago, decided to hang up his racquet after his failure to qualify for the London Olympics later this year. Robertson revealed his retirement on Twitter: "So I can now officially say. I AM ReTIReD.... Thank you to everyone who supported and helped me throughout my entire career. afp

Protest diverts Olympic torch LONDONDERRY afp

The Olympic torch made a brief detour on Monday after dissident republicans staged a protest during its passage across northern Ireland, police said. The demonstration in Londonderry, northern Ireland's second city, over policing forced the torch to take an alternative route before crossing the city's Peace Bridge. Londonderry Democratic Unionist Party lawmaker Gregory Campbell called the protesters "pathetic". "The minor inconvenience which it brought is not the major issue, it is not even the negative headlines that their actions bring to northern Ireland which is the overriding concern, but it is the potential that their activities bring to the first ever UK City of Culture events next year," he said. The bridge is a symbol of cross-community reconciliation and was opened relatively recently between a disused army barracks in a mainly Protestant part of Derry and its largely Catholic centre. earlier Monday, the flame was held aloft at the Giant's Causeway, the spectacular coastal rock formation, the highlight of its journey across northern Ireland. The torch is being taken round all parts of the United Kingdom in a 10week, 8,000-mile (12,875-kilometre) relay ahead of the 2012 London Games, which start on July 27. northern Irish triathlete Peter Jack, 54, carried the flame in broad sunshine at the Giant's Causeway, which comprises around 40,000 interlocking mostly hexagonal basalt columns formed by volcanic activity. Celtic legend has it that the giant

Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool) built the causeway as stepping stones across to Scotland in a challenge to a giant called Benandonner. The iconic world heritage site attracts more than half a million tourists each year. The flame was also carried over the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, which links the mainland to a tiny island. northern Irish sports minister Caral ni Chuilin said: "The all-Ireland torch relay is a celebration of all we have to offer. "The Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, Giant's Causeway and Dunluce Castle are just some of this island's jewels." The torch is on a five-day journey around northern Ireland and will cross the border as a token of closer ties between Britain and the Republic of Ireland following Queen elizabeth II's landmark visit there last year. The trip comes as Britain celebrates the sovereign's diamond jubilee, marking her 60 years on the throne. It will visit Dublin on Wednesday, passing some of the capital's main sights. The highly-charged visit was the first by a British monarch since her grandfather king George V in 1911, before the republic won independence in 1922. In his diamond jubilee personal tribute, Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, said he thought the visit had been his mother's "greatest achievement". Seen as the last piece in the jigsaw of peace in northern Ireland, the four-day trip required the republic's biggest-ever security operation. However, through some highly symbolic gestures -- including speaking in Irish -- she melted away enough postcolonial angst to permit an unscheduled public walkabout at the end of the visit.

enues available to me to achieve my dream of competing at a second Olympic Games. "Whatever the outcome, I will attempt to take all endeavours to see that the process is resolved as quickly as possible to hopefully serve as small a disruption to the team's preparation." Snowsill, who won Australia's only Olympic triathlon gold medal in Beijing in 2008, has been hampered by illness and injury. She has hardly raced over the past two years but had still looked likely to go to London early this year until Densham hit form. Densham, 27, made strong claims for selection by winning the Mooloolaba World Cup in Queensland and Sydney world series races and finishing second in the San Diego round of the world series. The appeal is likely to be heard by an independent three-person Olympic Appeals Tribunal later this week.

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Lahore School win annual Sports Gala

LAHore: The Lahore School of economics teams won the Annual Sports Gala, hosted by the Lahore School. Many teams came to participate in the events, including football, basketball, volleyball, cricket and rugby. Institutions from Lahore like BnU, LMDC and FC College battled along with the home teams to get the title. Students in the Sports teams from the Lahore School proudly hoisted the trophy and displayed their medals in the victory celebrations. The win went down as another milestone for the School. Staff RepoRt

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Noisy N Leaguers turn budget debate ugly g PML-N lawmakers

besiege PM, shout slogans against Gilani, PPP ISLAMABAD


taYYaB hUSSain

He budget debate in the Lower House of parliament turned into an anti-Gilani protest on Tuesday when Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n) lawmakers made life miserable for the prime minister who tried his best to

appear oblivious to the protesting members and focused on the speeches of his fellow party men on the budget. With the arrival of Prime Minister Gilani in the House, the n leaguers encircled Gilani and raised slogans against him. The back-benchers of the PML-n were at the forefront of the protest against the PM. “Qaum Phukhi MartTi, Hai People’s Party. Mukk Gaya Tera Show Gilani, Go Gilani Go Gilani” were the main slogans raised by the PML-n members. Gilani kept a defiant smile on his face during the sloganeering. However, realizing that PML-n members were heading towards the

PM’s chair, some PPP MnAs gathered around Gilani to shield him from the reach of the demonstrators. However, following the evening prayer break, things turned back to normal when a majority of the PML-n members did not turn up in the session and the few present remained glued to their seats. Due to the rumpus and noisy atmosphere, MQM leader Dr Farooq Sattar said he would not speak on the budget when the House was not in order. However, he did make a speech later, saying an out-of-thebox solution was needed to redress the economic issues of the people. He said conventional ways of making

the budget would not serve the purpose. “Rather, we have to go for unconventional ways to provide relief to the masses,” he asserted. Sattar said the economic crisis was posing grave threats to democracy because the bad economic situation was compelling the people to think what democracy had given them. Textiles Minister Makhdoom Shahabuddin came down hard on the opposition by calling their attitude “regrettable” and against parliamentary norms and traditions. He said the conduct of the opposition had lowered the dignity of the House. He hoped that the government would be able to bring inflation rate down to a single

digit and commended the performance of his party’s government. BISP Chairperson Farzana Raja called the federal budget “good” in present circumstances and said the PPP had been endeavoring to fulfill all promise it made with the masses. She said the Benazir Income Support Progromme (BISP) was such a success story that some foreign governments had approached Pakistan to introduce the programme in their countries. Farzana said the government was also going to introduce another program under which thousands of people in north and South Waziristan Agencies would be sent to perform Haj on government expenses.

Pakistan, EU launch strategic dialogue for stronger ties g

agree on 5-year engagement to promote trade, energy, investment ISLAMABAD agencieS

iSlamaBad: foreign minister hina Rabbani Khar shakes hands with eU high Representative for foreign affairs and Security policy catherine ashton before their meeting on tuesday.

Soldier, 20 militants killed as Salala checkpost comes under fire again PESHAWAR Staff RepoRt

Repulsing an attack on the Salala checkpost in Mohmand Agency, security forces on Tuesday killed 20 militants, while a soldier also lost his life in a severe gun battle with the militants. According to officials, dozens of militants attacked the security forces checkpost at Salala during the midnight between Monday and Tuesday. The militants shot dead a soldier of Frontier Corps and injured three others. However, the security forces retaliated and inflicted heavy losses on the militants. The official claimed that 20 militants were killed and several others injured during the encounter that continued for an hour. There was no confirmation of official claims from independent sources. The Salala checkpost became internationally known when it was attacked by nATO troops on november 26, 2011. Twenty-four personnel of the security forces were killed and in reaction Pakistan banned supplies to nATO troops camping across the border in Afghanistan.

US wants ‘more active’ India in Afghanistan NEW DELHI afp

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta encouraged India to play a “more active role” in Afghanistan during talks Tuesday in new Delhi, US officials said. Washington has previously worried about India antagonising its arch-foe Pakistan and preferred new Delhi retain a modest profile in the Afghan conflict, restricted to troop training and infrastructure development. But officials briefing reporters before Panetta arrived on a two-day visit to new Delhi said US policy has evolved as the nATO-led force prepares to withdraw combat troops by the end of 2014. “Over the last 10 years, for a variety of reasons, India has not played a particularly active role in Afghanistan,” a senior defence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told reporters aboard Panetta’s plane. “We welcome India playing a more active role in Afghanistan, a more active political and economic role,” the official said, adding that the US hoped India would expand its training of Afghan security forces. India has “trained army and police before but on a relatively small scale.” Panetta discussed the issue, as well as a new US

Pakistan and the european Union on Tuesday launched the strategic dialogue to further deepen relations in diverse fields. Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar led the Pakistani side in the dialogue while eU, which was represented by its head of foreign policy Catherine Ashton in Islamabad. During the dialogue, both sides agreed to a five year engagement plan to promote cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, human rights, governance, energy, education and socio-economic development. Addressing a joint news conference with the eU Foreign Policy Head, Hina Khar said the strategic dialogue between the two countries would serve as a component to implement the five-year engagement plan. The foreign minister said Pakistan considered its relations with the eU exceptionally important as it had always gone an extra mile to support and strengthen democracy in the country. She said, “We can transform this relationship into a long term partnership for the mutual benefit of the peoples of both Pakistan and the european Union. The european Union happens to be our largest trading partner. Our exports to the european Union stand at €4.6 billion while imports at €3.7 billion.” Hina said under the three-year development plan, the european Union was giving Pakistan €225 million for socio-economic uplift. The amount was being spent on develop-

strategic tilt towards Asia and expanding military ties, when he met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and national Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon on Tuesday, officials said. “In both meetings, Secretary Panetta discussed the US rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region and the importance the United States places on India,” his spokesman George Little said in a statement. In October, India and Afghanistan signed a “strategic partnership” deal aiming at deepening their security and economic links, with Afghan President Hamid Karzai also keen to elevate India’s involvement. new Delhi, fearful of the return of an Islamist regime in Kabul, has ploughed about $2.0 billion of aid into the country to gain influence, but is extremely wary of overstepping. The US official acknowledged the hostility and distrust between India and Pakistan, but said both countries had a common interest in seeing peace take root in Afghanistan. Apart from the Afghanistan war, Tuesday’s talks touched on America’s much-publicised “rebalance” towards Asia as well as expanding US defence ties between the two countries, officials said. After Panetta’s meeting, officials said India agreed to allow US teams to resume a search for the remains of missing American service members at crash sites from World War II in the country’s northeast.

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot No 79, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

Editor: Arif Nizami

ment projects, especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. She said the eU always responded to Pakistan’s needs and supported the country in difficult times. Referring to the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the war against terrorism and the havoc played by the 2010 floods, she said the eU not only came up with the cash assistance but also responded by granting the preferential trade access to Pakistani products. She said they were close to implement the preferential trade agreement and Pakistani products would get GSP Plus status for eU markets. This, she said, would open new opportunities for Pakistani businessmen and create thousands of new jobs. Hina said both sides agreed to institutionalize summit level-talks for greater engagement and promotion of relations and expressed the confidence that both sides would also engage in talks for a free trade agreement. Ashton said the Union recognized the challenges and sacrifices made by Pakistan. Considering it as an important country in the region, she said they want long-term relationship with Pakistan to help it meet challenges. She said the strategic dialogue launched today would enable both countries to build on their relations on political and security issues. She said the eU was the largest humanitarian donor in Pakistan and it would continue to assist Pakistan for consolidation of its economy and democracy, besides addressing the challenges of energy and other issues. Continued on page 04

E-paper pakitantoday 6th june, 2012  

E-paper pakitantoday 6th june, 2012

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