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Mr PM, please avoid foreign trips, lavish lifestyle!

Pakistan falls to Sri Lanka in massive loss

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Beyonce returne to the silver screen...

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rs 15.00 Vol ii no 336 22 pages Karachi edition

Revenue (Rs in millions)

Direct Taxes Rs 932,000 (28.82%)

Indirect Taxes 1,571,575 (48.60%)

non-tax Revenue Property and Enterprise

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saturday, 2 June, 2012 rajab 11, 1433


annual Budget 2012-13

(Rs in millions)

General Public Service 1,876,839 (59%)

Defence Affairs & Services 545,386 (17%)

Public Order & Safety 70,157 (2%)

Economic Affairs 53,642 (2%)

Environment Protection

178,773 (5.53%)

736 (0.023%)

Civil Admin & Other Functions

Housing & Community Amenities 1,855 (0.058%)

354,175 (10.95%)

Health Affairs & Services

Misc Receipts

7,845 (0.245%)

197,384 (6.10%)

Recreation, Culture & Religion 6,267 (0.196%)

Gross Revenue: 3,233,907

Education Affairs & Services

Less Provincial Share: 1,458,924

47,874 (1.495%)

Social Protection

Net Revenue: 1,774,982

1,340 (0.042%)

Development Expenditure 591,000 (18.452%)

election budget aims to woo voters g

Govt tables subsidy-ridden deficit budget with total outlay of Rs 2.96 trillion ISLAMABAD


Rana QaiSaR

He Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)led coalition government on Friday achieved a rare milestone as Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh presented its fifth Rs 2.96 trillion subsidy-ridden election-year deficit federal budget for the fiscal 2012-13, having a 20 percent ad hoc relief in pay and pensions of government servants and incentives for the construction and pharmaceutical industries, while promising to bring down inflation to a single digit. The finance minister – who faced a hostile opposition as Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan-led legislators of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) created the worst rumpus witnessed in the National Assembly since 2008 – made a relatively short budget speech and did not give the

details of the government’s economic vision for the next fiscal – half of which, even if the PPP government succeeds to complete its tenure, would not be its responsibility with general elections early next year and a caretaker government to be in place three months before that. Compared to 2011-12’s 5.5 percent, the next year’s consolidated fiscal deficit has been estimated at 4.7 percent of the GDP, which does not include Rs 391 billion debt consolidation that equals 1.9 percent of the GDP. The government will provide Rs 208.5 billion as subsidies to various sectors. Vulnerable groups: The finance minister announced an increase of Rs 20 billion in the allocation for the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) from Rs 50 billion in the current year to Rs 70 billion for the next fiscal, besides allocating Rs 10 billion for export development fund. He said targeted subsidy would be given to

low income group on essential food items. BISP card holders will be entitled to a 10 percent discount at Utility Stores. Similarly, the finance minister said, the prices at the utility stores will be 17 percent less than in market. To provide immediate relief to the common man, 2,000 more utility stores would be opened across the country, he said. To create job opportunities for the educated youth, the government plans to provide 80,000 internships to the master’s and bachelor’s degree holders at a cost of Rs 9.5 billion. For the socio-economic growth of Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan, the government will pay the tuition fees of the students from these areas studying in top universities of the country. This will cost the government Rs 500 million per annum. Continued on page 04

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PML-N lawmakers turn NA into boxing ring ISLAMABAD Staff RepoRt

Opposition lawmakers hijacked the Pakistan People’s Partyled coalition government’s unveiling of the fifth budget on Friday, trading punches during angry scuffles in parliament. As Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh began his budget speech, 25 to 30 PML-N parliamentarians surrounded him as well as Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and filled the space between Shaikh’s podium and the NA speaker’s dais, heckling and shouting. To avert an attack on the prime minister and the finance minister, PPP lawmakers Imtiaz Safdar Warraich, Begum Nasim Akhtar Chaudhry, Javed Iqbal Warraich, Jamshed Dasti and Nauman Islam Sheikh formed a human shield and kept pushing the angry PML-N parliamentarians away. The repeated warnings by the NA speaker asking parliamentarians to observe rules and regulations fell on Continued on page 04

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02 News Today’s

Saturday, 2 June, 2012



nadir magsi likely to head Home ministry?

na speaker’s ruling on pm’s eligibility matter ‘decisive’: pbc

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Defence budget up by 10 percent to Rs 545 billion ISLAMABAD


SHaiQ HuSSain

AKISTAN on Friday increased its defence budget for the fiscal year 2012-13 by around 10 percent to Rs 545 billion. The budget documents presented in the National Assembly by Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh said a sum of Rs 545 billion had been allocated for defence services, as compared to Rs 495 billion provided for the sector in the outgoing fiscal year. The revised or actual expenditure on defence sector during fiscal year 2011-12 was Rs 510.179 billion, around Rs 15 billion more than the original allocation of Rs 495 billion. The proposed allocation in fiscal 201213 for defence sector is equal to 18.4 percent of the federal budget of Rs 2,960 billion. Traditionally, Pakistan has made allocations for its defence sector to maintain conventional parity with India, but for the last few years, the rise in budgetary spending for this sector is made also due to huge expenses made by the country on counterterrorism efforts, with Islamabad being

an important state in the US-led global war on terrorism. Owing to the financial crunch that is currently faced by the country, some quarters have been demanding cuts in the defence expenditure and the 10 percent increase is likely to be criticized by many in the coming days.

But military authorities say the rise in defence expenditure was nominal when compared with rising inflation. According to a diplomatic source, the Pakistan-US ongoing row over NATO supply reopening and the holding back of Coalition Support Fund (CSF) for Islamabad by Washington is likely to impact the Pakistan’s defence budget and it is a matter of worry and concern for policy makers. The United States has to pay around $1.1 billion to Pakistan against CSF and the country’s economic managers have already included the CSF reimbursements in the next budget. Nonetheless, diplomatic circles also expect a settlement of Pakistan-US row in the coming few days and they believe that both states would be able to iron out their differences on conflicting matters soon. “Talks are underway between Islamabad and Washington on the reopening of blocked NATO supplies and the release of CSF dues and they are being held on a positive note, hence some breakthrough in this regard is expected in the next few days. Hopefully any serious impact on the budget spending would be avoided,” said the source, seeking anonymity.

KARACHI: Men watch on TV the budget speech of Federal Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh and the rumpus by opposition lawmakers on Friday. INP

RS 192.612 billion eaRmaRked foR ailing eneRgy SectoR ISLAMABAD tayyab HuSSain

Keeping in view the worsening energy crisis, the PPP-led collation government has allocated a total of Rs 192.612 billion for the energy sector in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the year 2012-13. According to the budget documents issued on Friday, Rs 47,192.279 million have been earmarked for the water sector, Rs 145,152 million have been specified for power sector while Rs 268.086 million have been kept for Petroleum and Natural Resources Division. rs 47,192.279m for waTer secTor: According to the PSDP document, Rs 47,192.279 million have been earmarked for the water sector for the year 2012-13 for 78 ongoing and new projects. The government has specified Rs 6,000 million for raising of

Mangla Dam, Rs 2,400 million each for Kacchi Canal (Phase-1) and extension of Right Bank Outfall Drain, Rs 2,000 million for Rainee Canal (Phase-1), Rs 500 million for Kurrum Tangi Dam and Rs 2,000 million have been kept for Nai Gaj Dam in the PSDP for 2012-13. Another Rs 700 million have been earmarked for the construction of 100 small dams in Balochistan, Rs 300 million for Satpara Dam, Rs 1,500 million for Naulong Storage Dam, Rs 1,800 million for Gomal Zam Dam, Rs 1,590 million for construction of small storage dams in Sindh, and Rs 2,000 million for Darwat Dam. rs 145,152m for power secTor: Rs 145,152 million have been earmarked for the ongoing and new projects in the power sector. Of the total allocation, Rs 63,982 million have been specified for 24 hydel projects, Rs 81,155 million for 82 projects of the national transmission and Despatch Company

(NDTC) and Rs 15 million for eNeRCON. For hydel projects, Rs 6,030 million have been allocated for the construction of Diamer Basha Dam project Lot 1 to 5 (4500 MW), Rs 7,785 million for the construction of Diamer Basha Dam project land acquisition, Rs 26,806 million for Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower project, Rs 7,187 million for Tarbela fourth extension hydel project, Rs 3,859 million for Dubir Khawar Hydro Power project, Rs 2,173 million for Allai Khawar Hyrdro Power proj-

ect, Rs 1,032 million for Jinnah Hydro Power project and Rs 6,195 million have been allocated for Golan Gol Hydro Power project. Moreover, the government has earmarked Rs 12,460 million for 747 MW (CCPP) Guddu, Rs 2,000 million for 425 NW combined Cycle Nandipur Power plant, Rs 10,500 million for 525 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Chicho Ki Malian, Rs 1,142 million for transmission arrangements for power dispersal of Ghazi Barotha and Rs 15 million for the National Awareness Campaign on energy and environment Pro-

tection. rs 268.086 million for peTroleum and naTural resources: The government has allocated a meager Rs 268.086 million for the Petroleum and Natural Resources under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for Year 2012-13. Of the total allocation, Rs 200 million have been earmarked for completion of Petroleum House in the federal capital. The Petroleum House will be completed with an estimated cost of Rs 452.44 million whereas Rs 32.68 million and Rs 34.49 million have been earmarked for upgrading and strengthening Geo Sciences Advance Research Laboratories and Accelerated Geological Mapping and Geochemical exploration of the Out-crop area of Pakistan. Funds have also been allocated under the programme for review/upgrading of the National Mineral Policy.

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Saturday, 2 June, 2012

foreign newS

artS & entertainment


uS to expand asia role without permanent bases: panetta

beyonce returns to the silver screen in animated film

icc decides to keep duckworth lewis and dRS

News 03 comment the budget: And the fifth one at that!

arif nizami says: Incumbents and contenders: Who will come out on in the electoral game?

white lies: Nawaz Sharif had a press photo-op recently, playing cricket. He really loves the game and was really good at it too. Could have even gone pro. One wonders if the world would have been a better place if he had.

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adp enviSageS 4.3% gdp gRowtH ISLAMABAD app

The Annual Development Plan prepared by the government for the next fiscal year envisages 4.3% GDP growth rate with contributions from agriculture, manufacturing and services of 4.1%, 4.4% and 4.6%, respectively. The ADP released on Friday has forecast investment to improve from 12.5% of the GDP to 13.1% with fixed investment to increase to 11.5% from present 10.9% while national savings are expected to rise to 11.2% in next fiscal from previous 10.8%. The government will expedite ongoing restructuring work to make an impact on budget 2012-13 and un-targeted subsidies will be phased out on fast track. The size of national outlay is Rs 873 billion (3.7% of GDP) higher by 19.6% than the budget allocation of Rs 873 billion of last year. Out of national development outlay, federal program is Rs 360 billion inclusive of eRRA. The provincial program is Rs 513 billion. In the federal PSDP, highest allocation is provided to energy sector (Rs 184 billion), followed by roads (Rs 59 billion) and water (Rs 48 billion). The government will release more resources for the private sector by lowering its financial needs. The SBP Amendment Act of 2012 and a fiscal adjustment to lower fiscal deficit will help to limit financing needs of the government. The target of CPI inflation is set at 9.5% for 2012-13 against expected inflation of 11% for 2011-12. The government’s efforts for fiscal stringency, rational monetary policy and vigilance on supply constraints are some of the underlying assumptions for this inflation forecast. Under the sectoral programs, an amount of Rs 15 billion has been allocated in PSDP for the projects of higher education with focusing on new projects like Benazir Bhutto Med-

ical University Larkana, Abdul Wali Khan University Peshawar, University of Gujrat, National Textile University Faisalabad, University at Swat, National defence University Islamabad, Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Lahore and Peoples University of Medical and Health Sciences for Women Nawabshah (Shaheed Benazirabad). Moreover an amount of Rs 2.9 million has been allocated for the projects of Ministry of Science and Technology while funds worth Rs 2.9 billion have been allocated to five projects of Ministry of Professional and Technical Training. An allocation of Rs 409 million for 2012-13 has been made for various research organizations attached to Ministry of National Food Security and Research while an amount of Rs two billion has been allocated to manufacturing sector including Rs 806 million, Rs one billion and Rs 145 million for the Ministries of Industries, Production and Textile respectively. Apart from ongoing projects of geological and geophysical mapping exercise, focus would be on putting in use the vast coal reserves in the country for gasification and power production. The ADP envisages to enhancing the present 23,718 MW power production capacity to 24,822 MW by the end of June next year. An allocation of Rs 192 billion has been made for the energy sector for 2012-13 against the expected utilization of Rs 147 billion. Furthermore, Rs 38.2 billion has been earmarked for irrigation projects like small, medium and check dams with Rs three billion for lining of canals while an amount of Rs 150 million has been allocated for capacity building of environment and climate related institutions. Pro-poor budgetary expenditures are expected to increase to Rs 1615 billion; 8% of GDP; allocation of Rs 4.4 billion has been made in federal PSDP for expansion and development of basic and college education in provinces, Rs 14.3 billion have been allocated for preventive and curative programs in the health sector.

Rs 22,877m allocated for Railways ISLAMABAD app

Rs 1,087.825m for justice, Rs 112.175 for SC islamabad: The government has allocated a total of Rs 1,087.825 million under Access to Justice Programme in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), and Rs 112.175 million for projects in the Supreme Court in the annual budget for 2012-13. According to details, Rs 200 million have been allocated for the provincial programme under Access to Justice Programme Islamabad, while Rs 827.825 million have been reserved for the federal programme under Access to Justice Programme Islamabad. Rs 60 million have been allocated for technical assistance to the Access to Justice Programme. Overall, Rs 26.374 million have been allocated for

furnishing the Supreme Court building, and Rs 85.801 million for the construction of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad. rs 126m for Human rigHTs diVision: An amount of Rs 126 million has been allocated for 13 schemes of Human Rights Division Projects in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2012-13. According to the budgetary documents released on Friday, of the total allocation Rs 30 million have been allocated for the construction of Working Women Hostels in Sector G-6/2 and G-7/3 of Islamabad and Rs 8 million each for the establishment of Women Centre Lahore and Women Centre Dera Ghazi Khan. online

The government has allocated Rs 22,877 million for 37 development projects of the Pakistan Railways in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2012-13. According to budgetary documents released on Friday, Rs 2,000 million have been allocated for procurement/manufacture of 50 De locomotives, Rs 5,739 for procurement/manufacture of 202 new design passenger carriage (revised) (China), Rs 2,500 million for replacement of old and obsolete signal gear from Lodhran Khanewal-Shahdara Bagh mainline section, Rs 1,000 million for rehabilitation of 27 diesel electric locomotives, Rs 1,000 million for special repair of 150 locomotives, Rs 1,041 million for the replacement of metal sleepers and track renewal on Lodhran-Shahdara section, and Rs 8,000 million for replacement of three brake down/rescue cranes and procurement of five sets of relief train equipment. rs 325m allocaTed for porTs and sHipping:

education and health get Rs 55.6 billion g

public order and Safety gets Rs 70 billion allocation ISLAMABAD kaSHif abbaSi

The Federal Government has proposed an amount of Rs 47.8 billion in the budget for fiscal year 2012-13 for education affairs and services. For fiscal year 2012-13, an amount of Rs 4670 million has been proposed for Pre-Primary and Primary education Affairs Service and an amount of Rs 5,699 million has been earmarked for Secondary education

Affairs and Services. According to the budget document, Rs 35,675 million has been allocated for Tertiary education Affairs and Services, Rs 53 million for Social Welfare and Special education Division and an amount of Rs 135 million has been allocated for Subsidiary Services to education. In addition to this, an amount of Rs 963 million has been fixed for administration and Rs 679 million has been earmarked for education Services. HealTH affairs and serVices: An amount of Rs 7.8 billion has been proposed in

budget estimates 2012-13 for Health Affairs and Services. According to budget documents, Rs 132 million has been allocated for Medical Products Appliance and equipment, Rs 6609 million has been allocated for Hospital Services and Rs 259 million has been fixed for Health Administration. public order and safeTy affairs: Under the head of Public Order and Safety Affairs, an amount of Rs 70,1157 million has been provided in the budget 2012-13 as compared with Rs 59,609 million

The government has earmarked Rs 325 million for the Ports and Shipping Division in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2012-13. According to budgetary document released on Friday, Rs 200 million have been allocated for the construction of eastaby expressway to link Gwadar Port with the national road network and Rs 125 million allocated for stock assistant survey programme in eeZ of Pakistan through charting of fisheries research vessel and capacity building of marine fisheries department.

in the previous budget. In 2012-13 proposed budget a major chunk of Rs 64,794 million from public order and safety affairs has been earmarked for Police. Whereas, Rs 2,915 million has been allocated for Law Courts, Rs 123 million has been earmarked for Fire Protection and Rs 27 million has been allocated for Prison Administration and Operation. In addition to this, in Public Order and Safety Affairs, Rs 25 million has been fixed for R&D Public and Safety and Rs 2,273 million has been allocated for Administration of Public Order. social proTecTion: According to budget documents, Rs 1,340 million has been allocated for Social Protection. This amount is higher by Rs 176 million than the last year budget; however, it is lower than the revised estimates 2011-12 budget. For social protection Rs 982 million has been allocated for administration and Rs 358 million has been allocated for others projects.

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04 News

Saturday, 2 June, 2012

ElEction budgEt Continued from page 1 Income Tax Measures: The finance minister announced to enhance the income tax exemption limit to Rs 400,000, reduce tax on business turnover from 1 percent to 0.5 percent, enhance withholding tax ceiling for cash withdrawal from banks from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000, abolish federal excise duty on 10 items, reduce federal excise duty on cement from Rs 750 to Rs 500 per metric ton. He said 18 raw materials, nine components being used for text books and stationery would be exempted from customs duty, besides reducing customs duty from 10 percent to five percent on 88 raw materials of pharmaceutical industry. The finance minister also announced to reduce the tax slabs to five only and said a taxpayer with an income of Rs 35,000 per month previously paying Rs 10,500 would now only pay Rs 1,000 as tax. Under the present scheme of taxation, he said, if an employee obtained a loan

talk what you can walk, china tells Pakistan Continued from page 28 “China wants Pakistan to have a balanced approach in its dealings with the US,” said a top Pakistani official familiar with the high-level discussions. The official, however, did not elaborate if the “balanced approach” meant Islamabad should stop asking for an unconditional apology for the Salala strike. China has serious differences with the US on many issues, but the two countries also had many areas of convergence, the official said. “And that’s what they expect from us ... to build our relationship where we have points of convergence with Americans,” the official said. He said Beijing had encouraged Islamabad to sort out its differences with the US, including the stalled supplies to foreign forces in Afghanistan.

Shamshad akhtar gets high Un post uniTed naTions: Shamshad Akhtar, former governor of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), has been appointed as a senior advisor to the top United Nations official. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced the appointment of Shamshad Akhtar as his senior advisor on economic Development and Finance with the rank of Assistant Secretary-General in the Department of economic and Social Affairs (DeSA). Shamshad Akhtar was until recently the vice president of the World Bank for Middle east and North Africa. During her term as the SBP governor, she was nominated consecutively for two awards of Asia’s Best Central Bank, and was ranked by the Asian Wall Street Journal as one of the top ten Asia women professionals in 2008. In the multinational arena, Akhtar has served in various capacities at the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, including as the special senior advisor to the president of the Asian Development Bank. inp

from the employer at a concessional rate, it was taxed at 13 percent. “In order to facilitate such employees, it is proposed that such loans up to Rs 500,000 will be exempted from income tax and loans above this limit would be taxed at the maximum rate of 10 percent,” he said. As a relief measure to pensioners, the finance minister said amount received from approved income payment plans or annuity plans invested from any balance of voluntary pension schemes upon retirement would be exempted from tax if invested for a period of 10 years. He said the government wanted to phase out the presumptive tax regime (PTR) in three years and decided to reduce the rates of tax from five percent to three percent for commercial importers, from 1 percent to 0.5 percent for exporters and from 3.5 percent to 2.5 percent for suppliers to give them the incentive to opt out of the PTR. To encourage the capital

markets, exemption on profit and gains of a venture capital company and fund has been extended up to the year 2024. To promote investment in securities and insurance, the finance minister said the limit of investment as a proportion of taxable income was being increased from 15 percent to 20 percent and from Rs 500,000 to Rs 1 million, which ever was lower. The required retention period of shares would be reduced from three years to two years. sales Tax: The finance minister said the government had decided to bring all GST rates above 16 percent down to 16 percent to avoid multiplicity and decrease the burden on the consumers. He said the current sales tax of the steel sector, fixed in 2008, was at the rate of Rs 6 per unit of electricity consumed and it would now be increased to Rs 8 per unit to harmonize it with the current market prices. He said smuggling of goods caused injury to the local industry, and discour-

aged legal imports. “High rates of duties and taxes on these goods provide incentive for under-invoicing. It is being proposed that sales tax on black tea be reduced from 16 percent to five percent to encourage legal import of tea,” he added. federal Tax: To bring prices down and give incentives to the private sector, the finance minister said the government intended to phase out Federal excise Duty (FeD) in the next two years. To ensure this, the FeD was abolished on 15 items last year and the rates were brought down on many more. “The government intends to further eliminate FeD on additional 10 items including base lube oil, lubricating oils, filter rods, and skin care products,” Shaikh said. He said in order to boost construction activity and generate jobs, last year the FeD on cement was reduced from Rs 750 PMT to Rs 500 PMT. This year it was being further reduced from Rs 500 PMT to Rs 400 PMT, he said.

Opposition protests Continued from page 1 deaf ears as the enraged PML-N members continued chanting slogans against the president, the prime minister and the government. “end load shedding,” they cried. “This government is stealing electricity”, “the corrupt rulers should quit”, “let the poor live”, “respect the constitution” and “people want electricity, water and gas”, they shouted. The opposition was seen visibly divided as other opposition parties such as the JUI-F, and the PPP-Sherpao were not seen actively participating in the rumpus. In the absence of their party chief Fazlur Rahman, the JUI-F parliamentarians remained seated and kept watching the ugly scene unfold in front of them. Some member from both the sides tried to defuse the situa-

tion when PML-N legislators Shakeel Awan, Hanif Abbasi, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Capt (r) Safdar, Sohail Zia Butt and PPP’s legislators Javed Iqbal Wariach, and Rai Mujtaba Kharal started trading punches. The efforts, however, remained unsuccessful and yet another scuffle started between PPP’s Jamshaid Dasti and PMLNs’ Umar Sohail Zia Butt which was defused with the timely intervention of Interior Minister Rehman Malik and some member of the PML-N. Women parliamentarians, PPP’s Firdous Ashiq Awan and PML-N’s Anusha Rehman also exchanged harsh words. Their verbal brawl lasted almost 20 minutes. Later, rejecting the federal budget 2012-13, Leader of the Opposition in the NA Nisar Ali Khan, who did not attend budget

session, told reporters at the Parliament House that the government had “lost its senses like a lost gambler”. “The sloganeering of the PML-N parliamentarians in the House was the reflection of the sentiments of the people of the country… today masses are facing inflation, terrorism and outages of power but the rulers are not listening to their cries of pain,” he said. Ahsan Iqbal told reporters that the rulers had ended the masses’ desire to live. “The government’s budget score is minus zero… the economy has collapsed in the last five years,” he claimed. JUI-F leader Attaur Rehman called the budget a replica of the past four budgets, adding that nothing new had been mentioned in the budget document.

Dr Afridi’s brother files appeal against 33-year sentence PESHAWAR Staff RepoRt


He elder brother of Dr Shakil Afridi on Friday filed an appeal before Peshawar Commissioner Tariq Jamil against the 33-year imprisonment handed down to the CIArecruited medic by a Khyber Agency tribal court. Jamil Afridi said in his appeal that the allegations against his brother were “false, concocted and without foundation”. Dr Afridi was arrested after last year’s raid by US special forces on al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad. He ran a fake

polio vaccination campaign to obtain DNA samples from bin Laden’s family members to verify his presence. Initially he was handed down the sentence on charges of treason, but a detailed verdict later said the medic had links with the banned Lashkar-eIslam group headed by militant commander Mangal Bagh. The appeal against assistant political agent’s verdict was filed by a group of lawyers on behalf of Jamil Afridi. The lawyers included Samiullah Afridi, Ijaz Mohmand, Qamar Nameed Afridi, Sartaj Ahmad and Raza Khan Safi.

The appeal said that Dr Afridi had “no association” with Lashkar-e-Islam, and that the conviction should be dismissed because he had no opportunity of defence or fair trial. The appeal added that the convicted doctor was kidnapped by Lashkar-eIslam in 2008 and ordered to pay Rs 1 million. According to the verdict, Afridi paid Rs 2 million to the militant outfit and helped provide medical assistance to militant commanders in Khyber. The militants have denied any links to Afridi, saying they fined him for overcharging patients, and have threatened to kill him.

Heat wave claims 4 lives in Sahiwal as very hot, dry weather likely in next 24 hrs SAHIWAL/ ISLAMABAD agencieS

The scorching heat wave continued to wreak havoc on the already electricity-deprived people of the country on Friday as it claimed four lives in Sahiwal, with the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) forecasting very hot and dry weather for most parts of Punjab and Islamabad in the next 24 hours. According to details, Amanat Bibi, 75, Haseena Bibi, 81, Amanat Nazir, 86 and 13-year-old Asma died after suffering from heat stroke in Sahiwal where scores of others fell unconscious when the temperatures soared to 46˚C. Meanwhile, the PMD said

the weather in most parts of Punjab and Islamabad was going to remain very hot and dry in the next 24 hours, adding however, that there were chances of isolated light rain and dust-thunderstorm in Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Lahore divisions during the night time. According to the Synoptic Situation, seasonal low lies over north Balochistan and adjoining areas with its trough extending South eastwards. It said in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, mainly hot and dry weather was expected during the next 24 hours with chances of isolated light rain in Hazara division. Very hot and dry weather

is expected in most parts of Balochistan and Sindh however dust-storm/gusty winds are also likely in Upper parts of Sindh during night. Mostly partly cloudy weather conditions are expected in Kashmir and GilgitBaltistan, with chances of thunderstorm/light rain in isolated places during the night. Yesterday’s highest maximum temperature recorded in Sibbi, Noorpurthal, Dadu, Jacobabad and Bhakkar was 49˚C. Maximum temperature recorded in Islamabad was 43˚C, Lahore 46˚C, Quetta 36˚C, Karachi 35˚C, Peshawar 42˚C, Muzaffarabad 42˚C, Gilgit 37˚C, Murree 29˚C, Multan 48˚C and in Faisalabad 47˚C.

SC demands clear Attack on US base kills 14 in Afghanistan: NATO roadmap on Balochistan chaos KABUL afp

Continued from page 28 The bench was also irked by the absence of Attorney General Irfan Qadir and Defence Secretary Nargis Sethi. Raja Irshad, a counsel for secret agencies, told the bench that the FC IG could not appear before the apex court as he was on a visit to Iran. The CJ, however, did not buy the excuse and directed the counsel to ensure the IG’s presence in court today (Saturday). He said the three people had been picked up while the case was being heard and bodies of another three, who were named in the case, had been recovered. Justice Khilji said nobody could be awarded a li-

cense to kill anyone. “We sympathize with martyrs of Gayari Sector, however, it does not empower anyone to take the law into their own hands,” Justice Khilji said. Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani, who was also present in the court, told the bench that a murder case had been registered into the killing of three missing people. The chief justice said Balochistan was a part of Pakistan, lamenting that Balochistan Home Minister Zafarullah Zehri “just stays in Islamabad”. The CJ took a jab at the government again, saying peace conferences on Balochistan would not lead to any solution.

A suicide truck bomber attacked a US-run base on Friday, sparking clashes that killed up to 15 people in eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistani border, officials said. NATO’s US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said none of its personnel was killed in the attack in Khost province, a Tal-

iban flashpoint that borders Pakistan. The Taliban militia, which is leading a 10-year resistance against foreign troops and the Kabul government, claimed responsibility for the attack. But the precise details of what happened were murky. An Afghan security official told AFP that the bomber drove a truck packed with explosives into the outer secu-

rity checkpost of Forward Operating Base Salerno, which is run by the US military. “Initial information shows that seven Afghans have been killed and 13 others injured,” the official told AFP on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to the media. According to the official, the victims were Afghan

workers involved in a construction project at the base. But Khost provincial police chief Sardar Mohammad Zazai later told AFP that only three attackers were killed as they stormed the base. “Four civilians were injured when the roof of a nearby house collapsed as a result of the explosion,” Zazai said, adding that the bodies of three attackers had also been recovered.

mr Pm, please avoid foreign trips, lavish lifestyle! Continued from page 28 only Khursheed Shah and Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan who urged Gilani during the cabinet meeting to ensure a significant raise in salaries of the government employees keeping in view the skyrocketing inflation in the country. The source said the government’s finance team had put forth two proposals in the cabinet and it had proposed 10 percent raise in

salaries of the government employees. “When pressed by Khursheed Shah for further hike in the salary raise, finance minister said that inflation had hiked 11.3 percent during the last year and the government may give same raise in the budget,” said the source. He said Shah said inflation had actually risen of 3035 percent and urged the prime minister not to go by the figures mentioned by the

Finance Ministry. “It was Firdous Awan who said the prime minister should not to go by the recipe proposed by ‘babus’ of the Finance Ministry and must allow a significant raise in the salaries. Referring to the minimum wage announced by the federal government of Rs 8,000, the minister said nobody could make a household budget in Rs 8,000 and it reflected that the ‘babus’ did not understand the problems of

the common man,” the source said. The source added that it was none other than the prime minister who then announced a 20 percent raise in salaries of government employees and said an 11 percent raise would be peanuts. “The prime minister said he had given 50 percent raise in year 2010, and then gave 15 percent raise in 2011 and was now announcing 20 percent increase keeping in view the current inflation,” the source added.

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Saturday, 2 June, 2012

News 05

Pakistani diplomats abroad find it hard to explain govt’s stance on Dr Afridi ISLAMABAD


SHaiQ HuSSain

H e lack of clarity in government’s policy over Shakil Afridi, a doctor imprisoned for 33 years by a local court in Khyber agency, is costing Pakistan dearly, as its diplomatic missions in Washington, London, Bonn, Paris, Moscow and other important world capitals are in an utter state of confusion over how to explain the country’s position over the vital issue and face the diplomatic onslaught by the United States, which is now more than angry over the “harsh” sentence given to CIA operative after Islamabad’s refusal to restore NATO supplies. A few days ago, when a court of political administration in the Khyber agency awarded 33 years of imprisonment to Dr Afridi, the officials in the tribal area said that he was sentenced for working as an agent for the CIA to track down al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. A local official even cited the relevant clauses of FCR in the defence of this punishment announced for the physi-

cian, who was held for carrying out a fake polio vaccination campaign in Abbottabad, where bin Laden was hiding, to have his or his family’s blood samples. However, two days ago, some media reports suggested that Afridi was awarded sentence for supporting a militant outfit in Khyber Agency, Lashkar-eIslam, which is headed by Mangal Bagh Afridi, the top militant commander in that region. There has been no official denial of these reports so far, which leaves one believe in their authenticity. This confusion and lack of clarity in the government’s policy over Afridi’s imprisonment has been criticised within the country as well, but diplomatically it has created an imbroglio for the Pakistani diplomatic missions abroad, who are finding it more than difficult to explain to the foreign governments what was the country’s exact position on the issue and they are completely at a receiving end. The US was deeply annoyed over what it believes a “harsh” sentence awarded to Afridi, saying that he had committed no crime by helping CIA in finding the al Qaeda chief, as Bin Laden was responsible for a number of acts of sabotage in Pakistan too, but now it has

increased its pressure on Islamabad for the release of detained doctor seeing a chance in Pakistan’s vague stance on the real reason of his imprisonment. The Obama administration is in close contact with Pakistani authorities over Dr Afridi’s matter and it wants the government to come out clearly in its stance over the important matter, and in this regard US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself is said to be in close touch with the Pakistani leadership. “It’s not only in Washington that Pakistani diplomatic missions are facing serious challenge over Dr Afridi but also across the world and especially in important capitals like London, Paris, Moscow and Bonn, the country’s diplomats are in serious trouble over this vital issue. They too have asked Islamabad to send them clear instructions over what should be their stance and position,” said a diplomat requesting anonymity. He said the vague policy over Afridi was costing Pakistan dearly as it has become very difficult to plead the country’s case over the issue in different world capitals, most of whom were already siding with Washington over the

blocking of NATO supplies. Dr Afridi, who was initially ignored as a small pawn in the CIA’s large game to reach and take out bin Laden has now assumed great importance after the US started exerting all out pressure on Islamabad for his release from the prison in the aftermath of the sentence awarded to him. The CIA is said to have offered Afridi to move him out of Pakistan soon after the killing of bin Laden in May 2, 2011, secret raid by US special forces but he asked for the transfer and relocation of his whole family, which delayed in his own departure and finally he was arrested by a spy agency’s personnel on May 23 last year. To some observers, the government’s fresh stance that Afridi was tried for his links to a militant organisation and not for working for CIA is meant to leave space for some deal with the US over the fate of detained physician but the diplomatic circles here believe that irrespective of the real motive of the policy makers in Islamabad, there should be a clear position on this vital issue as its cost in diplomatic terms is proving too high to bear.

kaRacHi: a printing press worker waits for electricity as prolonged outages continued across the country on friday. INP

US sounds hopeful on nato routes revival WASHINGTON Special coRReSpondent

Indicating some degree of progress in the continued negotiations with Pakistan over the revival of the blocked NATO supply routes, the United States has expressed hope for the resolution of the issue soon. The comments by a State Department spokesman on the issue came amid media reports that a senior Pentagon official would be visiting Islamabad next week to take part in bilateral negotiations underway on the issue. “We do remain engaged with Pakistan on reopening these ground lines of communication. We want to – we think that opening them would obviously be an important demonstration of Pakistan’s commitment to the international effort to ensure a prosperous, peaceful Afghanistan. So we’re working diligently trying to make progress,” State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner said. Islamabad’s blockade of the routes six months ago has made Washington and its NATO allies to depend on a costly and much longer Northern Distribution Network that fetches supplies into landlocked Afghanistan via Russia and Central Asian countries. Pakistan’s closure of the routes was prompted by a November 26, 2011 US warplane attacks on its military posts along the Afghan border in which Afghanistan-based forces killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. Asked about a timeline on weeks-old negotiations on reopening the overland Pakistani routes, the spokesman said, “I mean, we certainly hope to reach a resolution very soon.” Toner also hinted that aside from counterterrorism cooperation, Washington was discussing a range of other issues of interest to Islamabad, including the areas where Pakistan sought American cooperation for development. “We’re continuing to meet in Islamabad to talk over these issues as we are discussing a broad range of issues with Pakistan. But you’re right. It’s slow going, but we’re making progress,” he remarked. The spokesman referred to a brief meeting between US President Barack Obama and President Asif Ali Zardari on the sidelines of a NATO summit in Chicago last week and said Washington wants Pakistan to be a “stable, prosperous democracy that’s helping its neighbors also become stable democracies”.

Democratic lawmaker demands legal justification for drone attacks WASHINGTON Special coRReSpondent

US Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat from Ohio, on Thursday called for accountability and transparency in the use of drone warfare against suspected militants in foreign countries including Pakistan. The lawmaker is seeking support of his colleagues in demanding from President Obama the legal justification for drone attacks on suspected militants, Kucinich’s office said. According to his office, the Congressman has been stressing that the drone attacks undermine the morals, values and the strategic goals of the United States. “Congressman Kucinich is currently inviting his colleagues to join him in writing to President Obama to request “the targeting criteria for ‘signature’ strikes (drone strikes where the identity of the person killed is unknown); mechanisms used by the CIA

and JSOC to ensure that such killings are legal; the nature of the follow-up that is conducted when civilians are killed or injured; and the mechanisms that ensure civilian casualty numbers are collected, tracked and analyzed.” The letter, endorsed by Amnesty International, has already been signed by nine members of Congress, a statement said. Over the years, the Obama administration officials have been defending drone strikes against al-Qaeda-linked militants as part of counterterrorism efforts but a series of articles in the American and international media have recently questioned the moral and legal basis for such strikes, which also kill innocent civilians. Kucinich took the issue to the House of Representative and argued answers to his questions on the drone issue have not been satisfactory. “Drone strikes are killing militants now identified as males of fighting age. What are the rules? Trust us.

What are the legal justifications? Trust us. Haven’t 350 innocent civilians been killed? Trust us, we’re told. “No transparency, no accountability and until now, no Congress. The Constitution requires Congress to weigh in and demand information and legal justification for drone strikes,” he said. “That is what my letter to the Administration seeks. “Drone strikes absent a Constitutional basis sanctions the wholesale slaughter of innocents. “One nation’s drones over another nation’s air space is an act of war. “With 50 nations exploring the development of drones, a $100 billion business, we cannot permit this nation to further incite ‘perpetual war for perpetual peace,” he said. According to the statement, Kucinich has opposed the use of combat drones against suspected terrorists abroad since the first known attack in 2004. In February 2006 he asked the Di-

rector of the Central Intelligence Agency to suspend the use of Predator drones citing the “high toll in innocent civilian life.” In the 111th Congress, he sponsored a bill to prohibit the extrajudicial killing of U.S. citizens abroad in response to revelations that the Administration included U.S. citizens on its targeted killing list. “When Congress passed the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, it did not authorize endless war against countries we are not at war with. These drone strikes are being conducted in the name of our national security and yet Congress and the American people have not been provided with the legal justification for such strikes. The use of drones must be subject to the same legal constrains and oversight as any other weapon. “These attacks undermine the morals, values and the strategic goals of the United States. The fact that they are conducted with complete impunity and with no accountability threatens

to set a dangerous precedent that could unravel the very laws and international standards the U.S. helped to create. even the most ardent supporter of the current President should consider the precedent created by granting the President the power to circumvent the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” said Kucinich. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates that at least 2,292 people have been killed by U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004. The Bureau estimates that of that number, over 350 are civilians. A July 2009 Brookings Institution report stated ten civilians die for every one suspected militant from U.S. drone strikes. Yet another study by the New American Foundation concluded that out of 114 drone attacks in Pakistan, at least 32% of those killed by the strikes were civilians, Kucinich’s office said.

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06 News

Saturday, 2 June, 2012

game ‘angry imran’ wins praises for developers NEWS DESK The developers of political satire game, ‘Angry Imran’, are enjoying the praises that their brainchild has garnered so far. Social media and blogs are already abuzz with the game that is based on satirical show of political personalities of Pakistan and was developed by Muneeb Ali, Ameed Ansari, Hina Zafar and Waqas Arif. The mainstream media has also jumped on to the bandwagon, showering it with both negative and positive feedback. Muneeb Ali said that their young startup, namely Brain Freeze, developed the game as a part-time project and did not expect any monetary gains. “We were four friends, based out of Islamabad, involved in different ventures which were later combined under the umbrella of Creatrixe. It’s a fresh startup, the name comes from Latin meaning ‘creative’. essentially it’s a merger of technology, innovation and usability all under one banner. Brain Freeze is one of Creatrixe’s brand which specializes in Android games and iOS application development”. Muneeb said he game was result of a request from friends, who suggested Brain Freeze develop an Angry Bird like game to have Imran Khan as Angry Birds. “We are not, in any way, associated with the Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaaf or with any other political party for that matter. This game was developed just as a part time project and that’s it”. After gaining positive reviews on “Angry Imran”, Brain Freeze is considering to enhance the functionality of game which is currently released in beta version. imran To address ‘THe wesT’ on July 1: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan will deliver his vision and the future foreign policy of Pakistan in his address to “The West” on July 1 at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, United Nations building, 47 Street & 1st Avenue, New York, titled “Giving Peace a Chance”. PTI USA will be arranging a public rally from 12 noon to 7pm on July 1 in which leaders of PTI would give the future vision of Pakistan to Pakistani Diaspora.

JUi-f leader’s son killed in Quetta QUETTA nni

Former provincial minister’s son and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl leader was shot dead in Quetta on Friday. Police claimed to have arrested two who were suspected of being involved in the killing. They said the incident took place on Spini road when the two armed men opened fire, killing the son of the former minister and injuring another. The arrested were shifted to an undisclosed location for interrogation. The motive behind the killing was yet to be ascertained.

kaRacHi: a petrol pump worker installs the new prices of petroleum products at a petrol pump on friday. ONLINE

NA speaker’s ruling on PM’s eligibility matter ‘decisive’: PBC g

Delegation calls on Pm, says speaker has constitutional obligation to protect dignity of house, members of parliament ISLAMABAD



eMBeRS of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) have said the question of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s eligibility has been settled once for all after the National Assembly speaker’s ruling in the case. A PBC delegation, led by Vice Chairman Akhtar Hussain, called on the prime minister on Friday and said those who were crying foul were wasting their time as that attitude was detrimental to the cause of democracy and the constitution of the country. They said the legal fraternity was of the view that the constitution was abundantly clear on the subject, which inter alia, states that the proceedings of parliament cannot be questioned in any court of law.

They said the speaker, being the custodian of the House, had the constitutional obligation to protect and safeguard the dignity of the House and the members of parliament. They strongly supported the trichotomy of power and underscored the need for functioning of all the constitutional institutions ie the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, within their domains as enshrined in the constitution. They were of the view that a clash of institutions would render the nascent democratic system vulnerable, for which the people of Pakistan had rendered numerous sacrifices during dictatorship. The PBC members thanked the prime minister for sending the PPP leaders to represent the party in the conference on Balochistan held under the auspices of the SCBA in Islamabad on May 26. They spoke highly of Senator Raza Rabbani who delivered a speech and pre-

sented pragmatic recommendations for the solution of the problems facing the province. They called upon the prime minister to give due consideration to the resolution of the SCBA’s conference while addressing the problems of Balochistan. They lauded prime minister’s sincere efforts backed by the political commitment to address the grievances of Balochistan when he presided over a high-powered meeting on Balochistan. The delegation expressed concerns over the delay in appointment of a chief election commissioner. They said the office of the CeC was of paramount importance for holding free, fair and impartial elections in the country. The delegation also discussed with the prime minister the problems facing the legal fraternity. They stressed the need for amendments in the Legal Practitioners Bar Council Act 1973 inter alia for harmonising elections of the bar

christians protest against ‘PmL-n land mafia’ GUJRANWALA Staff RepoRt

A large number of Christians demonstrated in front of the RPO office on Friday against the land mafia allegedly controlled by Christian politicians of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). The demonstrators alleged that Senator Kamran Micheal and MPA Khalil Sandhu of the PML-N were patronizing the land mafia across Punjab who had been illegally occupying Christian property. Talking to Pakistan Today, Nasir Masih, a demonstrator said, “The land mafia led by Kamran Michael and Khalil Sindhu has illegally occupied our property and are now involving us in fake cases in a bid to silence us.” He appealed to the Punjab chief minister to cancel their membership as they were earning a bad name for the party.

councils and regular grants-in-aid in the annual budget per Section 57 of the act. Gilani also directed the authorities concerned to include a grant-in-aid for the Pakistan Bar Council in the federal budget 2012-13 and directed the provincial governments to provide such grants to the provincial bar councils in their respective budgets. The prime minister announced a grant of Rs 100 million for establishment of a benevolent fund scheme for lawyers. He also committed Rs 0.5 million each for two ailing lawyers who were suffering from cancer. The delegation included Ahsan Bhoon, Syed Qalb-e-Hassan, Azam Nazeer Tarar and Ramzan Chaudhry. Law Minister Farooq Naik, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, Adviser to Prime Minister on Human Rights Mustafa Nawaz Khokar, and Attorney General Irfan Qadir were also present.

US, Pakistan intervention in Balochistan unacceptable: Brahamdagh GENEVA nni

Any foreign intervention in Balochistan, including from Pakistan and the US, is unacceptable, Baloch fugitive leader Brahamdagh Bugti said on Friday. Referring to the recently-held Balochistan Conference in Islamabad in an interview with BBC Urdu, Brahamdagh said time for arranging talks and conferences on the Balochistan issue had lapsed. The Baloch leader, who has applied for political asylum with the assurance that he would not support armed insurgency, said “if anybody wants to talk, recognising Balochistan, doors are open for negotiations”. To a query, he said several Baloch leaders had agreed on an independent Balochistan but

there was no consensus among them. However, he said it was not necessary that there should be unity among the Baloch on the issue, adding that goal could also be achieved without it. He said main reason behind the division between the Baloch leaders was the Pakistan Army and the ISI. Brahamdagh said an independent Balochistan would only include Baloch populated areas, adding that Pashtoon majority areas would not be part of it. He conceded that “right now, there is no solid support for our aim but lobbying goes on in the US, the UK and Russia”. Brahamdagh claimed that the resolution by US lawmaker Dana Rohrabacher was not aimed at putting pressure on Islamabad.

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Saturday, 2 June, 2012

nothing is illEgal for cops

kaRacHi: a worker fills petrol in jerry cans loaded in a police mobile in violation of a ban on filling petrol in cans due to security threat. ONLINE

Nadir Magsi likely to head Home Ministry?

Five killed, several injured in violence KARACHI agencieS


wassan to remain minister but without a portfolio KARACHI


aftab cHanna

ReSIDeNT Asif Zardari has given a go-head to the Sindh government to appoint Nawabzada Nadir Khan Magsi as the new home minister after the slot was vacated by the former home minister, Manzoor Hussain Wassan, Pakistan Today has learnt. Manzoor Wassan, famous for his dreams, went on a month-long leave amid speculations that he had been removed from his post. However, he again sought a 15-day extension in his leave that was approved and he returned a few days back. Manzoor Wassan was reportedly suffering from a spinal cord ailment and wanted to get treatment from the United Kingdom. However, in the wake of deteriorating law and order in the city, the timings of his leave had fuelled speculations that the home minister was going to be replaced. Interestingly, former home minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza had also gone on leave before his removal from the office. Informed sources told Pakistan Today that Manzoor Wassan had been told about his replacement before going to UK. Besides, the coalition partners, Awami National Party (ANP) and Muttahida Qaumi

Movement (MQM) were not happy with the performance of Wassan. Wassan formally offered his resignation to President Asif Zardari at Bilawal House on Friday. However he will enjoy the status of a minister without portfolio. Sources said that the PPP leadership asked Nadir Magsi to take charge of Home Ministry but he refused as he was

overseeing ongoing wheat procurement in the province as food minister. The arrangements have almost been finalized and a formal announcement about the appointment of Nadir Magsi as home minister will be made within a few days. Until then, the portfolio of home will remain with Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah.

At least five persons were killed and several others injured in separate incidents of violence and road accidents in different localities of the city on Friday. According to police, unidentified motorcyclists opened fire on a car near Annu Bhai Park in Nazimabad area.As a result of firing, two car riders were killed on the spot while two others sustained wounds. The attackers fled from the scene. The bodies and injured were shifted to a local hospital for treatment. The deceased were identified as Javed Abbas and Rafique while the injured included Abdul Shakoor and Umer. In yet another incident, a man was shot dead by some unidentified people near Water Pump Chorangi. In Zainab Market area of Karachi Saddar, a speeding water tanker rammed over a motorcycle carrying three persons. Two motorcyclists identified as Jaffar and Mujahid were killed on the spot while Aslam sustained critical wounds. The injured was rushed to Jinnah Hospital for treatment. The Paredi Police took the water tanker and motorcycle into custody and arrested driver responsible for the accident. The police during operation in

Awami Colony area of Landhi arrested two culprits involved in various crimes including robberies, mobiles and motorcycles snatching and recovered pistols and a snatched motorbike from their possession. Meanwhile firing continued in different areas of Karachi during which more than 10 persons were injured. sbca surVey declares 203 buildings dangerous: The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has declared 203 buildings in the metropolis as dangerous and the occupants have been asked to vacate them immediately. This was announced in a statement of the SBCA issued here on Friday. It said that the decision has been taken after a survey conducted by the SBCA. Most of such buildings, the SBCA statement pointed out, are located in Saddar Town and their number is 153. Whereas 16 of the buildings are located in Lyari Town, 11 each in Jamshed Town and Liaquatabad Town, four in Kemari Town, three in Malir Town and one each in Shah Faisal Town, Gulshan-i-Iqbal Town, Korangi Town and Gulberg Town. The survey, it was pointed out, was carried out by the SBCA technical committee for dangerous building.

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08 karachi weather UPDateS

sEtting up sindh MEdical univErsity

33 °c high 0c 28 Low

Saturday, 2 June, 2012





32°c i 27°c

32°c i 27°c

32°c i 27°c

pResident witnesses signing oF oRdinance

Prayer timingS fajr Sunrise 04:15 05:42

Zuhr 12:30

asr 15:53

maghrib 19:17

isha 20:45

city Directory emergency heLP reScUe 1122 eDhi controL 115, 32310066, 2310077 motorway PoLice 130 PoLice 15 goVernor’S hoUSe 136 chief miniSter’S hoUSe 99202051 fire BrigaDe 16, 99215007-8 BomB DiSPoSaL 15, 99212667 reD creScent 35833973 khiDmat-e-khaLQ foUnDation 36333811

hoSPitaLS aBBaSi ShaheeD ciViL Jinnah nicVD agha khan taBBa

99260400-09 99215749, 99215960 99201300-39 99201271-6 34930051 36811841-50

BLooD Bank hUSSaini fatimiD Pwa

32238405-8 32225284, 32258656 99215740, 32735214

comPLaint keSc SUi gaS PtcL kwSB cDgk

118 1199, 99231603 1218 1339 134

raiLwayS enQUiry city Station cantt Station

117, 99213565-6 99213538 99201118

airPort fLight enQUiry Pia reSerVation

114 111-786-786

coLLegeS / UniVerSitieS karachi UniVerSity neD UniVerSity fUUaSt DUhS Smic faSt-nU SZaBiSt ioBm iBa iVS

99261300-06 99261261-8 99244141-9 99215754-7 99217501-3 111128128, 34100541-7 111922478 35090961-7 111422422 35861039-40




ReSIDeNT Asif Ali Zardari on Friday witnessed the signing ceremony of an Ordinance to upgrade Sindh Medical College (SMC) to the level of Sindh Medical University (SMU) here at Bilawal House. With this Ordinance, signed by Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-ebad Khan SMC has become the third medical university in Karachi to cater to the increasing educational requirement of the metropolis and Sindh province, in particular, and the country in general. The upgradation of the SMC would help provide better opportunities to the graduates in acquiring higher qualifications. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed, provincial ministers, Secretary General to the President Salman Farooqui, President Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America (APPNA) Dr Javed Suleman and senior government officials were present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, Advisor to

Sindh Governor on education Prof Dr Naushad A Shaikh said that health and education have always remained the priorities for the PPP. He said that Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto established six medical colleges in Sindh. Dr Naushad said that President Zardari has carried forward this mission and the upgradation of SMC today was yet another manifestation of PPP’s commitment to the cause of health and education sector. Spokesperson to the President Senator Farhatullah Babar said that on Thursday, while interacting with the MPAs belonging to Sindh Assembly, the President had directed Sindh Chief Minister to set up a Medical University at the site of the proposed Benazir Hospital in Keamari. Giving details, the Spokesperson said that the upgraded medical education facility would be opened to all persons of either sex of whatever religion, race, creed, class or colour who are academically qualified for admission to the courses of study offered by the university, and no such person shall be denied the privileges on the ground only of sex, religion, race, creed, class or colour. SMU will provide and disseminate knowledge and technology and make provisions

JaM sEssions for Musicians

Date: aPriL 06 to JUne 08, 2012 VenUe: the SeconD fLoor (t2f) Join us at t2f on the first friday of every month for an impromptu, acoustic jam session. ff@t2f is a platform for emerging musicians to perform, improvise and experiment in an informal setting. if you love to make music, come and play. if you love listening to music, come and listen.

for training graduate, post-graduation, research and service in the field of health and allied sciences. The university shall also adopt latest teaching methodology, techniques and strategies in order to ensure the most effective educational training and research programmes. This institution will play a pivotal role in production of highly qualified and skilled professionals in the field of medical sciences and the services of such technical force can be utilised in the country for the betterment of the noble cause. The university will also cater to the educational requirements of the students from Far east and Middle east, besides minimising the expense in the form of foreign currency by providing quality post graduation facilities at local level. It may be recalled that Sindh Medical College (SMC), Karachi started functioning under the Government of Sindh on April 7, 1973. More than 10,000 graduates have passed-out till this date from SMC. It is also a matter of great honour for the SMC that more than 2,000 of its graduates were serving in North America, UK and Middle-east and contributing to the national economy and bringing laurels to the country.

solo shoW of Wahab JaffEr

Date: may 12th to JUne 02, 2012 VenUe: fULL circLe gaLLery, free full circle gallery is pleased to announce: "Solo show of wahab Jaffer" Please join us at the opening reception on may 12th 2012, 6:30 pm onwards. exhibition continues till June 2nd 2012

KalEidoscopE by fariya ZaEEM

Date: may 24 to JUne 08, 2012 at 5:30Pm to 8:00Pm

VenUe: karachi SchooL of art (kSa) gaLLery gallery timing: 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. (Sundays closed) fariya Zaeem is an untaught artist. her paintings fail under the genre of contemporary art and she has been exploring the evolution of her soul paintings in the medium of watercolours almost over a decade and recently has moved to bigger scale substrate as she calls “expansion of my expressions” in both thoughts and forms.

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Saturday, 2 June, 2012

Karachi 09

wind, solar, alternate energy development authority be created

former president fazal ilahi remembered





The Government of Sindh should create Wind, Solar, Alternative energy Development and Manufacturing Authority on the pattern of the Sindh Coal Development Authority. A recommendation to this effect was adopted at the first youth national energy conference. The moot was organized under the auspices of the Sindh Youth Affairs Department, organizers said here on Friday. The recommendation further pointed out that such an authority should be created with an initial fund of Rs. 500 million and that youths should be assigned special responsibilities in the set up, it was further recommended. The Youth Affairs Department should conduct energy conservation campaign in all major cities/towns with special funds reserved for such a drive. The Government of Sindh should legalize energy conservation codes in buildings and introduce eco-friendly buildings, it was further recommended. All renewable energy equipment be manufactured in Sindh and preferably in all the towns. Special funds be allocated with PublicPrivate partnership in manufacturing of LeDs. Universities be involved in decision-making process to help bridge the gap between industries and academia. The Sindh Minister for Youth Affairs, Syed Faisal Subzwari, said the very purpose of holding the conference was to foster awareness among the younger generation and enable them to play their role towards the resolution of the national issues.

Death anniversary of Pakistan’s former President Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry was marked here on Friday. Fazal Ilahi was born in a Gujjar family in village Marala, near the city of Kharian, Gujrat district in Punjab province on January 01, 1904. He joined the Muslim League in 1942. After independence, he was given the post of Parliamentary Secretary. He was later appointed Minister for education and Health. Fazal elahi contested the elections of the Punjab Legislative Assembly on the Muslim League ticket in 1951 and was elected as a member of the Punjab Assembly. In 1952, he represented Pakistan in the United Nations. In the 1956 elections, he was elected as member of the assembly and later as the Speaker of the National Assembly. He remained as Speaker till 1958. In 1962, when Ayub Khan announced the elections, Fazal elahi was selected as the Deputy Opposition Leader of the House on the basis of his experience and knowledge about parliamentary proceedings. He joined the Convention Muslim League, and after the 1956 elections, he was elected as the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly. He was elected as member of the National Assembly in 1970 on the ticket of Pakistan People’s Party and was later elected as the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Prof tariq appointed as new SmUk Vc KARACHI app

Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-ebad Khan has appointed Prof Dr Tariq Rafi as the first vice chancellor of Sindh Medical University Karachi. Announcing the name of vice chancellor after the signing of Ordinance which upgraded Sindh Medical College to the level of a university at Bilawal House in presence of President Asif Ali Zardari on Friday, the Governor expressed hope that he will take the newly created university to the new heights of excellence. Governor recalled that the Dow University of Medical Sciences had shown rapid progress after its upgradation and expanded manifolds. name of new nab dg noT finalized yeT: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has clarified a news item which appeared in a section of Sindhi print media on June 1 regarding appointment of Wajid Durrani as Director General NAB (Sindh). “NAB Headquarters Islamabad would like to clarify that Wajid Durrani’s name is one of the many names being currently considered for the position of DG NAB (Sindh). “However, he has not been selected as yet.” This was stated in a press release issued by NAB Sindh here on Friday.

kaRacHi: an official disconnects illegal gas connection after SSgc’s customer Relations department conducted a raid in abdullah goth (national Highway). STAff PHOTO

Airmen passing out parade held at PAF base KARACHI



ASSING out of Aero Tech and Aero Support entry was held here at PAF Base, Korangi Creek. A PAF press release here on Friday said that Air Marshal Waseem ud din, Acting Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force, was the chief guest of the ceremony. He said on the occasion that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is a highly professional force that is committed to provide an invincible defence shield to the aerial frontiers of Pakistan. Addressing the Aero Apprentices and all invitees, he emphasized that Pakistan is facing daunting challenges of internal and external security. In order to meet such challenges, Pakistan Air Force has taken bold decisions to induct hi-tech weapon systems. However, he added, that such developments call for a complete transformation and necessitate incorporation of a corresponding concept of maintenance in the PAF. Pakistan Air Force ensures such balance through professional excellence and quality training that is periodically reviewed to incorporate contemporary training concepts and methodologies. Pakistan Air Force while meeting the challenges of the defence also re-

kwSb chief optimistic wb would assist k-4 project KARACHI app

mains committed along with the nation in fulfilling its all national obligations. A total of 310 Aero Apprentices including personnel from Pakistan Navy and friendly countries successfully completed their technical training. Five trophies were awarded to the passing out Apprentices; Three in academics, one in General Service Training and one for the Overall Best Performance. Asghar Khan Trophy for the Best in Aeronautics Technology was awarded to AC Muhammad Usman; Noor Khan Trophy for the Best in Avionics Technology was awarded to AC Muhammad Mansha; Zafar Chaudhry Trophy for

best in Aero Support Technology from School of Aeronautics was awarded to AC Hassan ejaz; Trophy for the Best in General Service Training was awarded to AC Wg Sgt Maqsood Aalam, and Chief of the Air Staff’s Trophy for the Overall Best Performance was awarded to AC Muhammad Usman. Air Commodore Tariq Nazir, Base Commander PAF Base, Korangi Creek, presented the course report. Felicitating the Aero Apprentices for this singular honour, thechief guest wished them bright future and success in their future assignments. He also commended the instructional staff for their sincere endeavors and commitment to the cause of training.

The Managing Director of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB), Misbahuddin Farid, has expressed optimism that the World Bank would provide financial assistance for the K-4 water supply project for the metropolis. He was talking to the World Bank (USAID Pakistan) Programme Manager, Khalid Saleem, and Country Team Leader of Water and Sanitation Programme for South Asia, Masroor Ahmed. A KSWB statement on Friday said that Misbahuddin Farid briefed about the situation pertaining to the water supply and sanitation. He informed that the government of Sindh has included Rs 26 billion K-4 water supply and S-III sewerage project of Rs 16 billion in the next year’s budget. The KWSB chief hoped that like the K-2 project, the World Bank would also provide financial assistance to K-4 project. He said that at the moment the main issue is the provision of improved water supply facility to the Karachites and its industrial and commercial concerns. The KWSB chief said that Karachi is commercial and economic hub and for the continuation of industrial process water was a basic element.

cM presides over meeting on thar coal project Media role vital in society KARACHI nni

Thar Coal and energy project is an important project and with concerted efforts, better results are being achieved while the federal government has also paid full attention towards this important project which will meet the requirements of power of the country. This was stated by Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah while presiding over a high-level meeting with delegation of engro at CM House. The meeting was attended by former CeO M/s engro (Pak) Ltd.

Mr. Asad Umar, Director Khalid Mansoor, Chairman, Sindh Board of Investment Mr. Zubair Motiwala , Secretary BOI Madam Naheed S. Durrani, Syed Asad Ali Shah, new CeO M/s engro (Pak) Mr. Ali Ansari, Mr. Shams and Principal Secretary to C.M . He said that there is joint venture of Government of Sindh with engro(Pak) Ltd, and any bottlenecks being the hurdles, will be resolved on priority basis. Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that the matter regarding financial activities and sovereign guarantee will be the resolved soon and Federal Minister for Petroleum and Gas and Minister Finance will be approached for the

disposal of matters. Chief Minister Sindh maintained that President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani are fully interested in Thar Coal Project and wants early achievements. Asad Umar thanked the Chief Minister Sindh and other functionaries of Sindh Government for extending full support and cooperation. He introduced new CeO Mr. Ali Ansari and new Director Mr.Shams to the Chairman Thar Coal and energy Board. Mr. Khalid Mansoor highlighted some problems and assured that the project will be completed within scheduled time.

KARACHI Staff RepoRt

Journalism has a vital role and impact in spreading positive values in society, said Sindh Information Secretary Qazi Shahid Pervez. He was speaking at a certificate distribution ceremony of 10-day electronic media workshop entitled “ethnic & Sectarian Conflicts- Media’s Role in peace building” held organized by the Women Media Center Karachi. He appreciated the work and enthusiasm of workshop participants who had produced news packages in a very short span of time. “ He said, “Usually we have workshops promoting advocacy on topics but not the

technicalities, but this workshop seems to be both, technical as well as informative.” He further said that positive criticism is necessary to push us forward. While talking about the importance of media, he said that our media usually focus and highlight negative image of society, but the fourth pillar of the state has also the responsibility to show the positivity’s around. Media needs a code of conduct. Fauzia Shaheen, executive Director of Women Media Center, said “Most of our problems are the creation of dictator’s period, proper and continuous democracy is the only solution we have. Media plays an important role in promotion of democratic culture.

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10 Karachi

Saturday, 2 June, 2012a

BiSS 9th indo-Pak mushairah on Sunday KARACHI nni

Bab-ul-Ilm Students’ Society (BISS) will organize 9th Indo-Pak Mushairah “JASHNe MOULOD-e-KAABA” in connection of birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali Ibn-e- Abi Taalib (A.S.) on Sunday, 03 June 2012, at 09:00pm at Imam Bargaah Darbar-e-Husaini, Husainabad, Malir Town Karachi. Famous poets from India and Pakistan will be participating, which will be presided by Abbas Haider Zaidi including re-known Indian poet Gohar Sultanpuri, Rangeen Muradabadi and Shahenshah MirzaPuri. Allama Imran Mehdi Naqvi will preside the mushaira while Molana Mohammad Aun Naqvi and Syed Hasan Zafar Naqvi will address the gathering on the occasion.

Un-habitat begins training sessions for women lawyers KARACHI app

UN-Habitat is conducting training sessions on housing land and property rights in Pakistan for women lawyers in 11 different cities, said a press release issued on Friday. The main objectives of these trainings are to raise awareness among development partners, humanitarian actors and students of law about the importance of land related interventions. Fifteen master trainers will conduct the trainings by sharing practical experiences of UN-Habitat in the particular sector of land to help increase their interest and commitment towards this focal area in the future. The training sessions are based on a newly published guide by UN-Habitat on Land and Property Rights in Pakistan. Phase one of the training session concluded on April 28, during which 207 participants were trained in 10 sessions. Keeping in account that only 34 were females who attended the previous trainings, a second phase of training is being organised in which 420 female lawyers will be participating. The objective of the Phase II training is to bring more women into the pool of those having firsthand knowledge on Housing Land and Property Rights in Pakistan.

Polio awareness walk organised LARKANA app

To create awareness about polio, a mass awareness walk was organized here on Friday by the District Health Department Larkana, in connection with the three-day National Campaign for the eradication of Polio starting from Monday. The anti-polio walk was led by Deputy Commissioner Larkana Abdul Aleem Lashari, executive District Officer Health Services Larkana Dr. Abdul Fateh Bughio and District Manager PPHI Larkana Mustafa Kamal Tagar. The participants were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against polio and inviting the people to vaccinate their youngsters to avoid polio. The Deputy Commissioner appealed to the people of Larkana district to cooperate with the teams by administrating the Anti-Polio drops to their children aging 0-5 years and save the new generation from this dangerous disease. He also urged upon the officials of Health Department, representatives of NGOs, Social workers, teachers and Scouts that they should come forward play there role for administrating the Oral Polio Vaccines(OPV) among the 0-5 years children throughout the Larkana district in the three day antipolio campaign which is scheduled to start from June 4-6.

HydeRabad: lady health workers hold a demonstration in support of their demands outside Hyderabad press club. ONLINE

BM Kutty’s efforts for social, economic development lauded KARACHI


Staff RepoRt

OLITICAL leaders, historians, intellectuals, lawyers, trade union leaders, writers, journalists, social activists and workers paid rich tributes to BM Kutty for his services in national politics and for the social development sector of Pakistan. They were speaking at a function to honour veteran political activist Biyyathil Mohyuddin Kutty, famously known as BM Kutty, organised by the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) at the PMA House here on Thursday evening. BM Kutty started his political life in the 1940s as an active member of the Kerala Students Federation. He later moved on as a political activist and remained associated with the National Awami Party (NAP), the National Democratic Party and the Pakistan National Party. He served as Political Secretary of former Governor of Balochistan, Mir Ghaus Bukhsh Bizenjo. He also worked as Secretary General of the Movement for Restoration of Democracy. A committed advocate of labour rights, Kutty helped establish and led the Pakistan Institute of Labour ed-

ucation and Research (PILeR). He is an active member of regional peace movements and is currently forwarding the peace agenda through the Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC) with which he is associated as secretary general. In his welcome remarks, President Pakistan Medical Association Dr. Tipu Sultan appreciated the efforts of Kutty. He said that the Pakistani society needs to break out of the tradition to honour the society’s heroes after their deaths. “People should be honoured during their lifetime and their message needs to be communicated to a broader section of the society within their lives.” President, National Party former Senator Dr Abdul Malik appreciated the services of Kutty for the people of Balochistan and said he is well known in the political circles of the province since the 1970s. He said that Mr Kutty’s autobiography, “Sixty Years in Self exile: No Regrets” offers an informed perspective on Balochistan and the province needs more such intellectuals to communicate the true picture of the neglected province to the rest of the country. Noted historian Dr. Mubarak Ali said that in history, people who have challenged the powerful structures have faced dire consequences and every effort

has been made to suppress their voice. But it is also a fact that such struggles cannot be suppressed and the history’s process makes the message public. Visiting journalist from India, Jawed Naqvi who is the Bureau Chief of daily Dawn in New Delhi appreciated the services of Mr. Kutty for peace between India and Pakistan. He said people of both the

3 SHC additional judges sworn in KARACHI online

countries have suffered at the hands of wealthy rulers. He cautioned however, that the peace process should be approached as an independent proposition and it is important to separate it from the interest of the business and military powers that see peace as a means to promote their commercial interests.

mercury soars to 50c in Larkana KARACHI app

Three additional judges of Sindh High Court were sworn in here on Friday. According to details, Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, Justice Alam administered oath to 3 additional judges including Justice Abdur Rasool Memon, Sadiq Hussain Bhatti, and Naimatullah Phalpotto. The oath ceremony was held at the Sindh High Court building. Honorable judges and lawyers attended the function in great numbers. Meanwhile, Governor Punjab, Sardar Latif Khosa administered oath to Justice Umer Atta Bandeyal as Chief Justice Lahore

The Metreological Department of Pakistan predicted mainly hot and dry weather to prevail in most parts of the country. However, dust-thunderstorm with light rain is likely at a few places of Upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Upper Punjab , Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Maximum temperatures are recorded in Larkana and Moenjodaro at 50C, Turbat, Bhakkar, Sukkar at 49C, Dadu and Sargodha at 48C. parTial lunar eclipse on June 4: The first lunar eclipse (Partial) of year 2012 will occur on June 4, an official of Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO). This eclipse will not be visible from Pakistan. However, it will be visible from Far east countries including Thailand, Korea, China, and Japan ., New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and North/South America.

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Saturday, 2 June, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

PmL(n)’s ‘party-crashing’ It is unfortunate that the PML(N) government in Punjab decided to hold local government elections on a nonparty basis after deferring the election on one pretext or the other till the Supreme Court had to intervene and tell the provincial government that they were violating the constitution by doing so. It seems like our present lot of politicians do not want to share power at the grass root level although they never get tired of preaching the virtues of democracy and empowerment of the people. The Chief Minister of Punjab has been running the largest province of the country with 62% population singlehandedly with the civil bureaucracy at his beck and call without giving ordinary people a chance to share power with the rulers. It seems like our politicians con-

Swat thanks Uae sider themselves superior to all and that it is only they that have the real wisdom to be the real rulers. This is a major reason why democracy and new politicians in Pakistan have not been able to make a significant mark. Holding party-based elections will contribute to nourishing ideology-based politics and affect future political leadership. The majority of current politicians have no knowledge and experience of people's problems because they never started their politics from the grass root level. This is one reason why instead of making laws that benefit the people, they are doing the work that should be the job of a local body representative: making roads, schools, healthy units, gas supply projects etc. It is imperative to strengthen democ-

racy in the local body representatives with administrative power whereas financial power should be established at the district and union council level so that the councils can look after the civic development projects of the area. If there were empowered local governments in place, law and order situation would not have deteriorated as much as they have and much more development works would take place. Without people's participation, no country can make real progress. Currently, the PML(N) is afraid of PTI's popularity in Punjab and to avoid an embarrassing defeat in the local bodies election, it is adopting the non-party basis polls when it is a known fact that the 1985 non-party elections of National Assembly not only introduced horse trad-

ing in the polity but had a long term impact by training politicians to have no remorse for switching loyalties in their pursuit for power. I believe that ideology-based politics is largely non-existent. Our politicians are primarily interested in seeking political power to rule the country instead of serving the country and people's interests. The people of Pakistan are yearning for a change due to the failure of political parties to solve the issues faced by the country and the problems faced by the people. It is unfortunate that the lives of common Pakistanis are becoming increasingly miserable as people are committing suicides and selling their children due to hunger and poverty. S T HUSSAIN Lahore

Law and order When the world talks about Pakistan, the name that comes on the top of the discussion is that of Karachi city. The largest commercial and financial centre of the country, where millions of people engage in business activities every day, and which generates a major part of total national income. Karachi is no doubt a big attraction for tourists from all over the world. But the sad part of this story is the negligence on the part of the government. The situation of Karachi cannot even be compared to any part of the world where the whole city is filled with goons, dacoits, bhatta khors and every kind of crime related groups backed by all political parties and working under these parties. They are everywhere in the city and no one seems to be able to stop them. A citizen of Karachi cannot talk on mobile outside his home, can’t safely reach home with cash from bank. To continue business, they have to pay bhatta. Women in Karachi can’t go outside wearing gold. The whole wedding halls were looted by dacoits openly. They do whatever they want; they shutdown all businesses any time without any reason. If resisted, they kill you. I request the government and the authorities to take some serious steps regarding this issue. TAHIR NAEEM Karachi

an award for edhi I suggest that Abdul Sattar edhi, an internationally renowned social worker, must be given a special award for saving the lives of thousands of innocent people of Lyari recently who remained under siege completely for eight days due to an ill-planned police operation that was headed by a SSP, CID, Chaudhry Aslam, despite him having a criminal record. Strangely, the said police officer was decorated with the prestigious presidential award before the start of Lyari operation. As a result of operation, the people of Lyari were deprived of basic facilities like food, water, gas, electricity, medicines etc. They were not allowed even to come out from their homes for medical treatment and even pregnant ladies were not allowed to go to maternity homes as there was no interval in the operation. This was the worst operation of its kind where innocent people in thousands number were targeted for nothing. even some social organisations that brought food for the residents to serve the stranded people were not allowed to enter into the area. Nonetheless, it was Mr edhi who warned PPP-MQM coalition Sindh government that if the siege continued any further, thousands of innocent people would die and he had no sufficient coffins to bury dead bodies in large number. The PPP government that launched the Lyari operation on the demand of an ethnic group, had detained Mr edhi whereas his highly efficient ambulance service was also stopped from operating in Lyari as pointed out by Mr edhi to the media. If people like edhi were not present in our society, the coalition government in Sindh would have killed thousands of innocent people under the guise of the so-called policy of “reconciliation”. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL Karachi

It is with great pleasure and joy that I write today. For the first time in my life I witnessed my prayers answered. I would like to thank the editor of Pakistan Today for publishing my letter and for being a voice for those who are seldom heard. My letter that was issued in your daily on the 20th of May was a cry for hope and soon after that Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Bridge was inaugurated and the whole of Kabal rejoiced and celebrated. The first bridge to be built after the floods is a sight for sore eyes. A magnificent structure crossing over the river Swat is not just a prayer answered but also a jewel added to the beauty of Swat. The presence of high level diplomats at the inauguration showed us their commitment towards bringing back the lost glory of Swat and reassured the people of the help of our brethren nation UAe. The monument that has been built beside the bridge has become a symbol of brotherhood for the people of UAe and Swat and we treasure this gift given to us. The children going to the schools built by UAe, the commuters using the bridge, the houses drinking the water are all a testament of this growing and revered friendship. We thank His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Pakistan Army and UAe Pakistan Assistance Program (UAe PAP) for making our dreams come true. AMJAD RAHIM KHAN Kabal, Swat

exams in hot summers

capital flight The Washington Post recently published an article that contended that the energy crisis is probably a bigger threat to Pakistan than terrorism. While terrorists do pose a serious existential and ideological threat, this contention is not that far from the truth. The energy crisis is not just angering the populace but pushing our economy to the brink. It was recently reported in your paper that many industries have shifted to

Long live parochialism History will always remember PM Gilani for his services in preserving and strengthening the feudal structure in the Seraiki belt and interior Sindh, where the golden rule is to keep haris, tenants, labourers and disciples of pirs in perpetual torment, slavery, illiteracy, hunger, unemployment and pain so that they can never pose a threat to feudal traditions of this region. The biggest threat that was ever posed to the feudal system was by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto whose policies rekindled awakening and hope amongst the toiling poor of this country. PM Gilani has done the exact opposite. During his term of office which started in 2008, this government led by the gaddi nasheen from Multan ensured that no credible colleges and schools imparting quality education are set up in their areas of influence and whatever infrastructure that existed for primary health and education is used for any purpose other than education or medical services. A literate poor man becomes a threat to this system when he challenges the feudal lord and doesn’t let him exploit his family. Thus to prevent this eventuality from panning out, the Sindh Government not only stopped the construction of the Benazir Flying Academy at Nawabshah but also prevented construction of campuses such as Danish schools in interior Sindh where poor Sindhis could enroll their children. Ghost schools were deemed to be a better alternative because they allow politically well-connected contractors to make profits and can serve as deras of waderas and dakus while ensuring that no real education is imparted. After all,

Bangladesh because of power outages. The PM infamously asked, “Who is stopping them?” The answer it seems is actually nobody. If this trend continues and this flight of capital is not stopped, this energy crisis will be the death of industry and economic activity in Pakistan which is in itself an existential threat. ALI IRFAN Lahore

what purpose does education serve in this system? A system where people who barely passed high school are considered fit to head OGDC, PIA, CAA, PSO, PSM, KPT, NILC, Banks etc. The Gilani government also takes the cake for doing away with such trivial and burdensome things like honesty and conscientiousness by successfully embarking on a mission to fleece Hajis and Umrah pilgrims, ephedrine scam, RPP scandal etc. To sum it up, the local proverb best describes their feats: “Badnaam honge tau kia naam na hoga” (Loosely translated: even a bad reputation is after all a reputation) SYED JAWAID HUSSAIN Multan

environmental crimes I still vividly remember the definition of a word “environment’ which one of my professors, Professor Dr (Late) Muhammad Ibrahim Pathan, of the Chemical and environmental engineering Department in the famous Mehran engineering University, Jamshoro, taught us in his maiden lecture some 20 years ago. The definition was as follows. The environment is the combination and interaction of all the physical factors that constitute the surroundings of human beings, including land, water, the atmosphere, sound, odour, taste, climate and other life such as animals and plants. The environment also covers social and cultural factors, both in the natural and built environment. When I reflect on the prevalent environment in Pakistan today, I can say without any hemming and hawing that Pakistan is one of those countries where environmental crime is becoming in-

creasingly organized in nature and can be seen. Indeed, ours is a country where all sorts of environmental crimes are committed by all and sundry. Look at the rampant burning of forests, both organized and natural forests, in the mountains in the vicinity of Islamabad during summer season which has become predominant feature. Look at also the chopping of precious trees along banks of various canals and highways. There are many other such examples. These myopic, money-crazy enemies of the environment need to be awarded exemplary punishments for their crimes against the environment which is, in fact, a crime against life itself including mankind, plants and animals. Similarly, those who aid and abet such culprits to commit such environmental crimes may be also awarded rigorous punishment. The courts, in particular, the environmental tribunals and the civil society must come forward to save the environment and save the life on this planet. HASHIM ABRO Islamabad

no military solution? A few days ago, the Indian delegate, Mani Shankar, said that there can be no military solution to the Kashmir conflict. I would very much like to ask him a simple question: If we are to believe what he says, then what are 7 lac Indian army personnel/para military forces doing in Indian-occupied Kashmir? Not to mention, why then are draconian laws like the AFSPA implemented in the occupied region? M SARMAD ALAMGIR Lahore

The annual examinations are held in sizzling summer every year. They should instead be held during moderate season. The combination of electricity shortfall and a burning summer during exams is a grave problem that the postgraduate students are facing these days. Final examinations of Punjab University are being held in the month of June and July. Students are unable to study because of 14 to 16 hours of loadshedding even in major cities, like Lahore, where the temperature remains above 45 C these days. The government has already turned its back on the citizens who are surrounded by myriads of problems. In spite of protests made by citizens, the government has failed to solve the electricity issue and there seems no end to it. In such situation who will care about the future of the students – the future of Pakistan? educational boards and universities should rationally consider that we live in a country where summer is extremely hot and power outages are a bitter reality. NADIA EHSAN Lahore

the drones CIA drone has become a household name with us and in Yemen. In both Muslim countries, the mighty superpower is chasing so-called the terrorists. Drone is a favourite weapon of the US because it is pilotless; therefore, there is no chance of loss of life that upsets the Americans. Good Americans are happy-go-lucky people, least bothered about their military, air force and CIA killing innocent people living in their own countries thousands of miles apart, as long as no body bags arrive back home. Dead Americans and Brits reaching home cause a huge uproar unlike us where other than the VIPs, human life is cheap. every day there’s a drone attack, innocent people die, and nothing at the level of ‘popularly elected government’ stirs. The other day, when a group of friends discussed drone attacks and their ramifications, someone came up with a novel idea. He suggested calling Americans and Brits, drones. That’s how much we should care for them as they care for us. I remember our english teacher in school used to call casual and careless boys as ‘useless drones’. None of us then realised that some of our innocent compatriots someday would fall prey to drones. MAJ (retd) SURKHAB RAJA Chakwal

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

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12 Comment the budget for the first time, a fifth budget


hat does one mean by the term election-year budget? Around the world, it is meant to imply some populist measures in public spending and taxation. In our hapless republic, however, every year is an election year budget as far as the taxation bit is concerned. Populist pundits would be chiming in agreement about how the bigwig feudals just won’t let any taxation legislation get through but that is absolutely incorrect. All sectors, all demographics in the country, have an abject aversion to paying taxes. To give this government its due, they did try to spice things up on the tax front. They have been trying every year to pass through legislation reforming the GST. This year, they aren’t even going to try. Because it is election year? Not entirely true. This is another popularly held misconception which the punditry here copy-pastes from the west. The nation’s tax code exempts the poor from income tax. At present, any individual earning less than Rs. 33,000 per month doesn’t have to pay any income tax at all. They still have to pay GST, yes. But there is no GST on items that make up the bulk of the poor’s budgets. The meek have far from inherited the earth but they do have the lion’s share of the number of votes cast. In our country, therefore, direct taxes shouldn’t be as big an election issue as we are led to believe. The reformed GST would have calibrated the nation’s indirect tax schemes with the records for direct, income taxation. It would have, through a devilishly clever system of sticks and carrots, made it more difficult (it’s never impossible) for businesses and individuals to cheat on their taxes. Before moving forwards, it would be interesting to note how the legislation was scuttled. See, across the world, the left-of-centre parties propose higher taxes. The right-of-centre, big business parties propose cutting them. Both are legitimate points of view. In Pakistan, whereas the left-of-centre parties like the PPP and ANP fall in that model, the parties of the bazaar (the Muslim Leagues and the MQM) have taken a curious line. They aren’t advocating lowering the tax rate but are opposing a difficult to cheat taxation system. That is an illegitimate point of view to take. It is an affront to the concept of a supposedly vigilant media that those opposing the reform of the GST haven’t been hounded incessantly. To the government’s credit, it made an unprecedented increase in revenue collection (around 25 percent) the last fiscal all while remaining in the unreformed tax structure by swooping in on leaks. This year, they have also attempted to simplify the tax code by reducing the number of progressive slabs. That doesn’t mean it the government has done all it could have done on the taxation front. Agriculture tax is a glaring issue. But the federal government cannot tax agriculture, Dr Hafeez Shaikh will point out. True, but the party that runs two provincial governments and is a junior coalition partner in a third cannot avoid this accusation. The industrialists and traders oppose income tax reforms and the feudals abhor agriculture taxes. Both sides have to get over themselves there. Moving on to another trend that we have to change. The stark lack of debate on the budget allocation to the armed forces, which saw a fat Rs 20 billion increase this year. There is enough of an impetus in public discourse against government expenditures to force the prime minister to shift out of the PM secretariat, as the finance minister announced in his speech, but not a peep about the vast military expenditure. Ideally, military hardware expenditures should also undergo the same scrutiny by the audits and accounts service as the one the irrigation department is subjected to. But, perhaps, questioning the surfeit of military golfcourses could be a good enough start? Not taking away anything from the jawaans in our armed forces but even the most casual of analyses would testify that the real struggle in the war on terror is being borne by civil armed forces like the police. As the Americans realised in Iraq and continue to find in Afghanistan, the army’s job is relatively easy; the police’s isn’t. The government should splurge on the ministry of interior and incentivise the provinces to spend on the police. Power crisis: There isn’t enough fiscal space to undertake the vast maintenance work our grid needs to cut down on transmission losses. And throwing money at the circular debt problem would have been irresponsible, given how it would ratchet up yet again. Unless there are SROs and mini-budgets in the works for later on. Therefore, expect the loadshedding to continue this fiscal year despite whatever the government is to spend on building capacity. No quick fix for this problem, specially on this government’s inept watch. At the end of the day, one should realise that the budget is overrated when looked at as a complete picture of what the government is doing, financially. There are many other variables involved, like the monetary policy, international trade patterns, natural calamities and law and order. A vacuous media leads the public to believe the federal and provincial budgets are documents that somehow fix tightly how much haircuts and shoes cost. That is a ridiculous notion. Tailpiece: the opposition’s behaviour was deplorable. There is much to criticise in the government financial policies. By frothing at the mouth and undertaking Neanderthal behaviour, the opposition gave the impression it had nothing, really, to say. Why is the opposition so easy on the government?

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-34330811-3 Fax: 021-34330900 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

Saturday, 2 June, 2012

Incumbents and contenders the ppp’s political savvy might not be enough

By Arif Nizami


y presenting the fifth consecutive budget in the parliament, the PPP-led coalition has gotten some sort of a feather in its cap. The fact that it has lasted longer than any political government in Pakistan is an achievement in itself. Prime Minister Gilani has orchestrated quite a few deft political manoeuvres in order to keep his head above the water. The threat of imminent disqualification in the light of the Supreme Court’s convicting him for contempt was a major hurdle. Few thought that Gilani would survive this potentially fatal blow. A stage was being set for the prime minister’s imminent disqualification. No one had anticipated that the speaker of the National Assembly, Fahmida Mirza, would not be content with merely playing the role of a ‘post office’ and would decide the matter in the prime minister’s favour instead of referring it to the election Commission. The apex court was certain that the prime minister would appeal its verdict against him. efforts to constitute a larger bench were redoubled so that the matter of Gilani’s disqualification was disposed of in record time. Initially, the Chief Justice of Pakistan decided to co-opt an acting judge and two ad hoc judges in the apex court in order to constitute a larger bench to hear Gilani’s appeal. Later, in light of the stiff opposition from the lawyers’ professional bodies, the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, Justice Azmat Saeed, was moved to the Supreme Court. The hype had built up so much that it was predicted that Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry would not proceed to London to receive his “International Jurists award 2012” from the International Council of Jurists (not to be confused with ICJ, the prestigious International Commission of Jurists).The government, however, surprised everyone by deciding

whitelieS F By ess aich

o r m e r prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif had a press photo-op recently, playing cricket. He really loves the game and was really good at it too. If the bowler belonged to his political party. And the fielders. And the umpire. This is a point that has been spread out a lot but the former premier has been insisting, with a remarkable consistency, that he is really good at the game. Could have even gone pro. One wonders if the world would have been a better place if he had.

not to appeal (based on sound legal advice). The Chief Justice proceeded nonetheless to receive the award. The prime minister himself had decided to go to Britain yet again to attend the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations early June but he cancelled. Similarly, the COAS was also due to attend the ShangriLa moot in Singapore under the auspices of International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) but he also decided to stay in the country. Despite being in such a setting dripping with anticipation and apprehensions, the prime minister has survived yet again. With elections to be announced by the end of the year, the focus will inexorably shift from the question of Gilani’s removal to the appointment of an independent election commissioner and evolving a consensus on the formation of a caretaker government later this year. General elections must be held before February next year when the tenure of the present assemblies expires. The Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip erdogan’s recent visit to Islamabad has somehow taken the sting out of the PML(N)’s agitation to oust Gilani. According to informed circles in the federal capital, erdogan played a mediatory role between the Sharifs and Gilani. Whatever the amount of truth in these reports, the focus of the opposition, both the PTI and PML(N), has shifted from directly questioning Gilani’s legitimacy to challenging the National Assembly speaker’s ruling in the apex court. Despite the fact a lot of heat is being generated through their vitriolic criticism of each other, it cannot be denied that a lot is common between the PML(N) and the PPP. The PML(N) rules sixty percent of the country, the Punjab, while the PPP rules at the centre. Both parties have benefited from incumbency and the notorious spoils system. Thanks to the twentieth amendment, the provinces have a lot more cash to spend. And Punjab being the largest province is a major beneficiary. Hence, the reluctance of the PML(N) to resign their seats in the wake of the ‘Go Gilani, Go’ movement. Similarly, the PPP - despite taking credit for consensus politics and institution building - has little to show for itself in terms of governance or improving the lot of the common man any better under its rule (or, more appropriately, misrule). The PPP can draw vicarious pleasure out of the PML(N)’s obvious discomfort at Imran Khan’s phenomenal showing in the Punjab. But the PPP’s own prospects in the largest province are nothing less than dismal. Thus it would make sense to have a modicum of understanding with

the PML(N) against a common enemyImran Khan. Instead of delivering on governance, the PPP has resorted to populist gimmicks like carving out new provinces in Punjab. The president will be sending a reference to the National Assembly speaker calling for a constitution of a commission comprising of six senators and six members of the National Assembly for creation of two new provinces, Multan and Bahawalpur. This cynical move to initiate the process of amendments in the constitution in order to create new provinces is nothing more than an election ploy. The budget presented by the finance minister - amidst virtual pandemonium in the house courtesy the opposition’s puerile tactics - was more of an election statement setting out very ambitious targets. But judging by the economic Survey released on Thursday and the Governor State Bank’s recent interview to a US newspaper stating that printing notes and taking loans were running the government, the prospects for economic improvement remain dim and it is obvious that these target will not be met and that they are merely pandering to the voters. Despite missing all fiscal targets, Dr Hafeez Sheikh has claimed that economic revival is around the corner. He has taken solace from the fact that the GDP growth rate in the current financial year has been the highest in the four-year tenure of the government. It was 3.7 percent against the targeted 4.2 per cent. Admittedly, the international economic environment is not conducive to high growth rates. even across the border, the Indian economy has perceptibly slowed down, anticipating a growth rate of 5.5 percent. But this is scant solace fro the proverbial common man suffering under the yoke of perennial power outages, increasing inflation and unemployment. With a yawning gap between limited resources and ever increasing expectations, it is a monumental challenge for any incumbent to deliver. Hence most sitting governments in Pakistan lose elections. The PPP would obviously like to be the exception to the rule. Of course, if being politically savvy were the sole criteria for success, the PPP would win hands down. But with an extremely critical and free media not willing to give it any brownie points on governance and transparency coupled with a belligerent opposition smelling blood, it will an uphill task. The writer is Editor, Pakistan Today


d o u b l e whammy for a senior Gujrat politician. First, the hope that he might become the prime minister if the incumbent were disqualified seems to have been quashed. Then, his clout at the national airline was reduced against that of the MD. Though he has been given the more prestigious portfolio of water and power to compensate, the perks at the previous portfolio were far, far better. The decision about the PIA and another one regarding the chief of another public sector enterprise reportedly came at the request of the army chief.

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Comment 13

The Balochistan meeting

Increasingly vulnerable

an election gimmick or a serious move?

of some natural and plenty of self-created conflicts

By Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad


he briefing by Qamar Zaman Kaira at the end of the high level meeting on Balochistan is more remarkable for what it leaves out than what it states. We are told that the army wants a political solution to the Balochistan lawlessness How come there was no word about bringing the killers of Akbar Bugti to book, release of the people picked up by the agencies, end to forced disappearances and dumping of the dead bodies bearing signs of torture? There is nothing about ending the ethnic cleansing of the Hazara community and no measures to rein in the ISI and MI. Instead of removing the highly unpopular Frontier Corps (FC) to the borders, the meeting has done the opposite. The task of stopping the smuggling of narcotics has been withdrawn and the over 50,000 strong force has been assigned the full-time duty of controlling the civilian areas. During the last many years of FC’s presence in the province, its performance has been marked by criminal negligence and a cynical disregard for the law. The force has simply failed to protect the Hazara community and the religious minorities including Hindus. Hazaras have been butchered during terrorist attacks on their processions while their community leaders and common members have been hunted down like partridges. Several wealthy members of the Hindu community have been kidnapped for ransom. Hardly a sectarian terrorist is ever caught or killed and if this ever happens, it is by

sheer mistake. There is a widespread perception in the province that the sectarian terrorists enjoy the protection of those who matter. The FC has been accused of involvement in abductions. As CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry observed during a hearing in the second week of May, “Prima facie, there is sufficient evidence against the FC of abducting missing persons.” He also reportedly remarked that the FC was involved in more than 80 per cent of the forced disappearances in the province. To shift its control to the chief minister who has not been able to control even his own cabinet makes no sense. The force needs to be withdrawn in toto from the populated areas of Balochistan. What does Kaira mean when he says that the FC has been placed under the control of the chief minister? The FC has maintained all along that it was working under the civilian government. This is what the present IG FC Maj Gen Obaidullah Khatak told Geo on February 18 this year. Asked by host Salim Safi regarding who had mandated the peacekeeping role to the force, pat came the answer, “Balochistan government.” “We receive orders from the chief minister and carry them out.” We have been told that the COAS is convinced that Balochistan is a political issue and the military option cannot be a lasting solution. One has yet to see any indication of a change of heart in the army. Gen Kayani continues to maintain that not a single solider of the army is involved in any military operation in the province. Human memory being selective, he chooses to forget that the FC is led by high ranking army officers that include a major general and a brigadier at the top and several colonels, majors and captains leading various units of the force. The matters of policy are decided entirely by the star studded FC high command and operations led by active service officers. Thus,

the issue of whether it is the army or the FC conducting the operations in Balochistan is no more than a matter of semantics for the common man. There was no word in Kaira’s briefing about reining in the ISI and MI despite the Supreme Court having raised the issue at several occasions, the latest on May 23. The CJ told Khushnood Lashari that people were pointing fingers at law enforcement agencies like the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Military Intelligence (MI) and Frontier Corps (FC) for abduction of people and extra judicial killings. It is widely known that the ISI and MI are often involved in kidnappings not only in Balochistan but in other places of the country also, the case of the 11 Adiala jail missing inmates being one example among many. To bring peace to Balochistan, there is a need to make the ISI and MI accountable to the law of the land. That the committee to initiate talks with the nationalist parties is yet to be nominated indicates the lack of a sense of urgency in the government. The high level meeting was convened only after widespread public protests over Balochistan being treated like another east Pakistan and the Supreme Court warning of the imposition of the state of emergency in Balochistan. This shows that the government is in fact reacting to the situation instead of being really convinced of its paramount importance. Many believe that if the move had been made three years back some five hundred lives could have been saved. The federal government is moving much more seriously on the division of Punjab, with cut off dates and all that, than on resolving the issue of Balochistan. One wonders under the circumstances whether the high level meeting on Balochistan was an election gimmick or a serious move. The writer is a former academic and a political analyst.


he sentencing of Dr Shakil Afridi to 33 years in jail initially for his alleged cooperation with the CIA in undertaking a fake vaccination campaign to collect DNA samples of Osama bin Laden’s family leading to his ultimate elimination was subjected to widespread criticism on various counts. The fundamental objections were two-pronged: that he was tried far away from the scene of the alleged crime in the FATA under the notorious Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) by a council of elders headed by the Assistant Political Agent and that he was not given the right to engage a lawyer to defend himself. Four charges were framed against him: conspiracy to wage war against Pakistan or depriving it of its sovereignty (10 years under section 121 A), concealing existence of a plan to wage war against Pakistan (10 years under section 123), condemnation of the creation of the state and advocacy of abolition of its sovereignty (10 years under section 123 A) and assaulting president, governor, etc. with intention to compel or restrain the exercise of any lawful power (3 years under section 124). Appearing in a couple of television programmes, this scribe pointed out the glaring anomalies between the contents of the charge sheet and the nature of the actual crime, but my more learned colleagues didn’t find anything wrong there and also defended the severity of the punishment asserting that treason, indeed, had been committed. Much to the angst of these servile minds, the government has now clarified that the punishment was, in fact, meted out to Dr Afridi for By Raoof Hasan colluding with the banned Lashkar-eIslam (LI) and its chief Mengal Bagh (since denied by the outfit). It has also been revealed that the four-member tribal court did not entertain the evidence relating to Dr Afridi’s involvement with the CIA leading to the raid in Abbottabad citing lack of jurisdiction as the main reason and recommended that he be produced before a relevant court for further proceedings under the law. This, therefore, leaves open the prospect of him being tried again for having committed treason. externally, in addition to criticism of the severity of the punishment and the manner in which it was handed down, the US government has responded by clamping a cut-down on aid to Pakistan to the tune of $1 million for every year of the imprisonment awarded to Dr. Afridi. In other words, the aid would stand reduced by a wobbling margin of $33 million every year. While no one would have approved the disproportionate nature of the US response, this quick somersault on the reasons why Dr Afridi was sentenced so heavily is indicative of the extreme vulnerability of the gov-

candid corner

ernment that is under assault on various fronts. I fail to understand that the entire media, both electronic and print, was so grotesquely wrong in reporting the enormity and reasons for the sentencing. And if they were right the first time around, I fail to understand why the government had to retract and earn the dubiousness of adding the title of fickleness to the original ones of haste and recklessness. Pakistan was wrong in following the course that it did while the US was wrong in responding the way it did. If Pakistan believed that Dr Afridi had cooperated illegally with the CIA, adversely impacting its sovereign interests, it should have pursued the case against him in an open and transparent manner under normal law which would have carried credibility and acceptance. The hideous nature of the FCR and the swiftness with which the sentence was proclaimed without as much as giving the convict a right to defend himself is indicative of a pre-meditated resolve to inflict the punishment. It should also have been viewed in the larger ambit of the US-Pakistan relations carrying severe implications for the latter in the future both in terms of its economic impact and the mounting drive to alienate it from the international community. The fact that, while Pakistan is desperately engaged in a fence-mending exercise with the US on the quiet, its refusal to stop flaunting a bravado approach in public is extremely damaging in the context of both mitigating immediate results and counter-productive long-term dividends. Pakistan and the US have to work together closely for reducing and, ultimately, bridging the vast trust deficit that marks their relations at this critical juncture. Dr Afridi’s conviction could have waited and the US response needed a more deliberate evaluation. There is also the need to look into the FCR urgently and bring it in line with the demands and requirements of civilised international law which is practised in the rest of Pakistan. Treating a region any differently from the way the rest of the country is treated creates an anomaly that is difficult either to explain or sustain. Pakistan needs one law. The FCR must be abolished forthwith and this part of the country should be treated as any other part without any discrimination. This step is also desirable in terms of making the area more sensitive to the contemporary needs of co-existence. The world is one large expanse where everyone is literally exposed to everyone else. We are all under a huge microscope and every act of ours is being registered on some screen somewhere. There is no escape. We have to come good on both our intentions and our delivery. We have to devise a system that is conducive to generating internal harmony and for us to operate as a viable and credible regional and international player. Dependent that we are on external support, we cannot afford to be ostracised. The writer is a political analyst and a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He can be reached at

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Kicking off tour, Madonna shows


she’s no lady (Gaga) TEL AVIV ReuteRS

OP superstar Madonna kicked off a new world tour wishing peace on the Middle east even as she showcased grim dance routines depicting violence and bloody gunmen among her more colourful numbers. Madonna, 53, mixed hit songs over three decades in music with tunes from her recent album, ‘MDNA’, before a packed audience, and she took a sly dig at younger diva, Lady Gaga. ‘She’s not me!’ Madonna belted out at the end of ‘express Yourself’, which she had reworked to include a sampling of Lady Gaga’s recent ‘Born This Way’. That song from Lady Gaga, who emerged on the pop music scene about four years ago and has enjoyed a huge following, was noted by many fans and critics as being very similar to Madonna’s late 1980s dance club smash. Since Gaga, 26, released ‘Born This Way’, there has


been speculation that a generational challenge was in the works and comedians have poked fun at any imagined rivalry between the two women. Despite occasional light-hearted touches such as a baton-twirling routine in cheerleader formation and a psychedelic homage to Indian philosophy, the dominant mood at the concert seemed more grim with a stage shrouded in black and red and costumes that often appeared ominous. ‘Like a Virgin’, a dance tune that helped propel Madonna to stardom as risqué pop ingénue in the 1980s, was performed as a mournful cabaret with violin accompaniment. The exertions never sapped her confident singing, though she did become somewhat breathless during remarks to the audience. “I chose to start my world tour in Israel for a very specific and important reason. As you know, the Middle east and all the conflicts that have been occurring here for thousands of years they have to stop,” she said to cheers.

Rihanna ignores naysayers,

BeVerLy hiLLS: eduardo Verastegui, star of the film ‘for greater glory’ arrives for the film's premiere. REUTERS

PariS: actors Diane kruger (L) and Joshua Jackson attend a match during the french open tennis tournament at the roland garros stadium. REUTERS

BeVerLy hiLLS: eva Longoria attends the premiere of ‘for greater glory’. AfP

LonDon: guy Pearce arrives on the red carpet to attend the world premiere of the film 'Prometheus'. AfP

lives life on her own terms LOS ANGELES agencieS

Pop star Rihanna seems to have adopted a ‘who cares’ attitude because she has realised she can’t please everyone all the time. The 24-year-old recently created controversy by recording with exboyfriend Chris Brown and reportedly smoking marijuana. “Who wants to be bashed every day of their lives? That’s not fun. Today, I could eat an apple, and 10 people like it and one will not. The next day I could do shots and five people will like it and five won’t,” quoted Rihanna as saying. “What’s important is, you never know. You can’t do it for the reaction because it’s never going to be the same. I learned to live my life with the blinders on. At one point it was so bad, it became numb for me. It was a scary place to be,” she added.

‘2 States’ takes off with Imran mumbai: one of the most keenly awaited films, which has also been in the doldrums for the longest time – ‘2 States’, based on chetan Bhagat's novel by the same name, will finally see the light of day. Sajid nadiadwala and karan Johar will now start work on their ambitious film, with imran in the lead. a source revealed, "Sajid had bought the rights of the film a couple of years back. it was to be directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, with Shah rukh khan playing the lead. however, talks fizzled out. after that, karan stepped in as the co-producer and ranbir kapoor agreed to topline it. But kapoor's involvement didn't work out and the project was put on the backburner." it was only recently that everything fell in place with imran being roped in. "imran is the new star on the block and with a slew of hits to his credit, he is as bankable as any other top star. karan was keen to have imran on board. the actor takes his time to commit to any film. But he loved the script of ‘2 States’ and gave his nod to the film, which is expected to start early next year." ‘2 States’ is a love story of a South indian girl and a Punjabi boy and the roller coaster ride that they go on before finally tying the knot. agencieS

LonDon: michael fassbender arrives on the red carpet to attend the world premiere of the film 'Prometheus'. AfP

BeiJing: mary J Blige and forest whitaker arrive on the red carpet for the fashion show by giorgio armani. AfP

Rishi, Ranbir to perform together at IIFA?

mumbai: he is the current heartthrob of the industry while his father rocked the Bollywood scene with his effervescence in the 1980s. and if the audience in Singapore gets lucky, the father-son duo of rishi and ranbir kapoor might share the stage at the forthcoming international indian film academy (iifa) awards night. asked if they plan to perform together, ranbir chose to answer diplomatically at a press conference. "he (rishi) has been associated with the iifa award ceremony. i will be performing. may be looking at me. i don't know," ranbir said. while the duo is yet to be seen together in a film, the two have earlier featured in a tV commercial. ranbir says he will enthral his fans in Singapore by performing

on hits like ‘Sadda haq’ and ‘tai tai phish’, as well as one surprise. the flamboyant actor rarely performs at award functions, but the fact that ace dancer Prabhu Deva was choreographing his iifa act drew him. "it is not that i don't perform. i did not have the confidence to come on stage and perform. this time Prabhu Deva is choreographing and i love his choreography. So i wanted to perform. Prabhu is a dancing star not only of india, but of the world. he is better than michael Jackson," ranbir said. the iifa weekend and awards ceremony is to be held June 7-9. the awards night will also see performances by Sonakshi Sinha, Bipasha Basu, Shahid kapoor and Priyanka chopra. agencieS

mumbai: author Lauren weisberger is working on a new novel, ‘revenge wears Prada: the Devil returns’, a sequel to her blockbuster first attempt, to be published in april 2013. it's been nine years since weisberger's first effort, 'the Devil wears Prada' made its way to the top of the bestseller lists detailing the ruthless goings-on at 'runway' magazine, particularly between editor miranda Priestly and aspiring journalist andrea "andy" Sachs. weisberger, a former real-life assistant to 'Vogue' editor-in-chief anna wintour, then saw the book sashay to hollywood, where it became a 2006 film starring meryl Streep, anne hathaway and Stanley tucci. according to entertainment weekly, the story picks up eight years later in 'revenge', with andy editing a bridal magazine called 'the Plunge' along with emily, her onetime 'runway' nemesis, the Daily telegraph reported. what's more, andy is planning her own wedding to a handsome media figure. agencieS

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15 Beyonce returns to the silver screen in animated film os angeles: Beyonce will lend her voice to the animated film ‘epic’ alongside Colin Farrell, ‘Hunger Games’ heartthrob Josh Hutcherson and ‘Les Miserables’ starlet Amanda Seyfried. ‘epic’ is a 3-D CGI adventure flick from the people who brought you ‘Ice Age’ and ‘Rio’. It will tell the story of a teenage girl who finds herself magically transported into a secret world, where she must band together with a rag-tag team of characters to save their world-and the real world. Beyonce will voice the character of Queen Tara, while Johnny Knoxville, Aziz Ansari, rapper Pitbull, ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Jason Sudeikis and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler will also lend their voices to the cast. This is the first movie project for Beyonce since the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, in January. The superstar singer recently returned to the stage, when she per-


Justin Bieber suffers

concussion during Paris concert

LonDon: noomi rapace arrives on the red carpet to attend the world premiere of the film 'Prometheus'. AfP

paris: Justin Bieber is now in stable condition having suffering a concussion after he reportedly ran into a glass wall during a concert in Paris. Bieber, 18, had been performing in Paris when he walked off stage in between songs and hit the glass, according to TMZ, who spoke with the pop star. Bieber then returned to the stage and finished his set, the site reports. The ‘Baby’ singer then returned to his dressing room, where he tells TMZ that he passed out for about 15 seconds. Doctors reportedly said that Bieber suffered a concussion, but will be fine. He later posted on Twitter: “i will see u again Glass. I will have my revenge. BIeBeR vs GLASS. MGM LAS VeGAS 2013. lol. #GottaLaughAtYourself,” he tweeted. Bieber, who made headlines earlier this week for a tussle with a paparazzo, had a similar runin with a glass revolving door in 2010. Controversy surrounded his free concert in Oslo, where police reportedly threatened a state of emergency and appealed to the singer for help in controlling his followers. agencieS


Teri Meri

Wears Prada'

Kahani to


of three

coming in 2013

time eras

‘Bourne Legacy’: ‘Jason Bourne was the tip of the iceberg’

Review: ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ NEWS DESK A voice over, an evil warden, an innocent prisoner, a daring escape through a sewer. No, it’s not ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. It’s ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, the new take on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale. While this movie’s Snow White, in a sense, mirrors the Disney version-she is pure of heart-that’s where the comparison ends and the gritty, violent fun begins. We see Show White as a young girl, whose father marries an otherworldly, stunning woman named Ravenna (Charlize Theron). Bad moveshe kills him and, with the help of her brother Finn (Sam Spruell), Ravenna sacks the kingdom and locks the princess in a tower to rot. Instead, the princess grows up to be a very lovely, albeit filthy, Kristen Stewart with hair dyed black, lips ‘red as blood’ and skin as white as Cullen’s. Then comes the mirror that tells Ravenna that Snow White is the only threat to her goal to top the Maxim Hot 100-or be the fairest of them all -Ravenna doesn’t take it well, vowing to rip out Snow White’s heart, ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’-style. Plans are thwarted when Snow White escapes into the dark forest. That’s when the Huntsman comes in, played by hunky Chris Hemsworth. Here, he’s a raging alcoholic, who the Queen sends to capture Snow White. It doesn’t take long for the Huntsman to find Snow White but he soon becomes her ally, turning on the Queen with the help of the seven dwarves, brilliantly played by the likes of Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins and Nick Frost. The rest of the story is not as predictable as you might think. Snow

De Niro, Stallone in talks

for 'Grudge Match' los angeles: Actors Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone are officially in talks to star in boxing movie ‘Grudge Match’. The pair are the hot favourites of director Peter Segal and are currently in negotiation, reports "Stallone and De Niro are expected to come on board as they're both fans of the director and have both sent themselves up in comedies in recent years," said a source. The comedy, which was first announced in 2010, will see the pair go head-to-head in the ultimate boxing face-off. Doug ellin, creator of popular TV series ‘entourage’, has been chosen by Warner Bros to write the script. The movie is expected to begin filming next year. agencieS

Movie Review: ‘Rowdy Rathore’ is too rowdy!

have sets

mumbai: Production designer muneesh Sappel has said the sets he has created of different eras for kunal kohli's upcoming film ‘teri meri kahani’ are authentic and built up after a lot of research. at the same time, Sappel wants audience to relate to the story instead of focussing on the sets. "we did extensive research and travelled for six months across places where the story is based," Sappel said. kohli's ‘teri meri kahaani’, featuring Shahid kapoor and Priyanka chopra, depicts three eras of love stories set in 1910, 1960 and 2012. "we had to create all the three eras and ensure that they look authentic. the 1910 era will have Punjab, the 1960 story is set in mumbai and 2012 in england. we have been authentic. creating these eras was in a way difficult but the use

White and the Huntsman is a wake-up call to any critic who’s taken issue with Kristen Stewart’s work in the ‘Twilight’ franchise. Stewart is exceptional as Snow White, proving she really is one of Hollywood’s best young actresses. Hemsworth, in a considerably less showy role than that of Thor, is armed with an impressive range and sensitivity that seems instinctual. In other words, the guy’s a natural. As for Theron? Wow! Is it possible for an actress be so evil and yet so vulnerable at the same time? We should hate Ravenna because, well, she sucks, but in Theron’s hands, the character truly shines. ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ does drag in a few places. Nitpicking aside, though, it’s a violent yet gorgeous tale that thoroughly satisfies. Rating: Three out of five stars.

los angeles: Jason Bourne is back in ‘The Bourne Legacy’. Well, almost. The full trailer for the upcoming ‘Bourne’ series spin-off-with Jeremy Renner replacing star Matt Damon, but not playing the title agent-has arrived, and it features a photo of Jason Bourne. ‘The Bourne Legacy’ focuses on Aaron Cross (Renner), a genetically-altered agent on the run from the people who made him into a heartless killer. Along the way he picks up a scientist (Rachel Weisz), who may or may not hold the key to his salvation. Starring those aforementioned Oscar nominees (and in the case of Weisz, Oscar winner), ‘The Bourne Legacy’ features Oscar Isaac, Joan Allen, David Strathairn, Scott Glenn and Albert Finney. Tony Gilroy-who wrote the first three ‘Bourne’ films-directs. ‘The Bourne Legacy’ is out on August 3. agencieS

of VfX made it a bit easier. it really helped us," he said. in ‘teri meri kahani’, the first story is set in Lahore in 1910 where Priyanka plays a Punjabi girl - aradhana, in love with a muslim boy Javed, played by Shahid. in the 1960 story, Shahid plays a struggling music director - govind and Priyanka is a famous actress rukhsar and they once again fall in love in mumbai. in 2012, the couple falls in love again as radha and krish in england. "creating a 1910 era Punjab was in a way easy like we have had a temple, mosque, market, a small village, brick houses etc. in 1960 (mumbai), we have shown trams, chawl, guest houses, old studios and old cinema houses. creating mumbai took more time. in 2012 one would see modern times with ancient style of architecture," Sappel said. agencieS

‘rowDy rathore’ was supposed to be akshay’s comeback film as an action star. yes, the action is there and in huge dollops. But, it somehow lacks the punch of khiladi kumar. ‘rowdy rathore’ from the first frame is garishly loud. Prabhu Deva borrows heavily from the original and forgets that akshay kumar’s style is somewhat different. the local mafia of Devgarh, Bhaiji (nasser) and his men believe that they have killed the righteous cop of the area, Vikram Singh rathore, in full public view. things take a turn tricky for them when news of rathore being alive starts doing the rounds. Bhaiji sends his thugs to mumbai where rathore is said to be living with his daughter. meanwhile Shiva, a small time conman, decides to leave his ‘profession’ for his love’s (Sonakshi) sake. things seem rosy for the two till rathore’s daughter mistakes Shiva as her father and starts living with him. confusion ensues further when Devgarh goons mistake Shiva for rathore and are hell-bent on killing him. the premise of the film may be good, but most of the scenes lack logic. the violence is gory and in some places cringe-worthy. akshay tries, tries hard, to fit into a genre which is at the moment a formula for success. But the man gets lost in the slow pace of the film. Just when you start giving up on the film, kumar gives you some hope with his funny antics and witty dialogues in the later part of the second half. Sonakshi fails to make any sort of mark in her second outing after a fabulous debut in ‘Dabangg’. not her fault, considering the story gives her very little scope to do anything other than show her somewhat flabby waist and dance boisterously to the tunes of Sajid-wajid. Prabhu Deva fails to take the film anywhere. watch it for akshay if you must. But don’t expect his usual antics, they are clearly not there. ratings: two cheers for only akshay kumar. he tries. newS deSk

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16 Foreign News Deaths of 14 kazakh guards ‘act of terror’: president ASTANA afp

The mystery deaths of 14 Kazakh borderguards and a huntsman in a fire at a mountainous border post near China appears to have been an “act of terror”, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said on Friday. The fifteen bodies were found Thursday in the burned-out wreckage of the Argkankergen border control post in the Tian Shan mountain range outside Kazakhstan’s biggest city Almaty, the national security council said. It said that the bodies of two more guards were found, raising an earlier toll of 13. “I believe this to have been an act of terror. Likely it happened as a result of internal conflicts. But it is too early to talk about this,” Nazarbayev told security chiefs in the capital Astana. “When such incidents take place in peace time it requires very thorough investigation,” he added, in comments released by the presidency. He gave no further indication over who he thought was behind the act or what “internal conflicts” he was referring to. It is also not clear what the huntsman was doing at the border post.

Bangladesh passes nuclear energy regulatory bill

Saturday, 2 June, 2012

US to expand Asia role without permanent bases: Panetta ABOARD A MILITARY AIRCRAFT



He United States plans to bolster its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region through alliances instead of new permanent bases, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said. A new strategy focused on Asia will bring more troops to the region over the next decade and high-tech weapons designed to project American power, Panetta told reporters late Thursday on his way to a security summit in Singapore. But the Pentagon’s plan to expand the US military footprint in Southeast Asia and beyond will be carried out in collaboration with allies and partners without the construction of new permanent outposts, he said. “We’re implementing a very new strategy in this region. We’re moving away from the Cold War strategy where you build permanent bases and, you know, just basically impose our power on the region,” Panetta said. Instead of setting up large bases, US military forces — including naval ships, aircraft and troops

— will deploy on temporary assignments for joint exercises, training and operations, with partner countries granting access to ports, air fields and other facilities. “We’re moving towards a very innovative and creative relationship in which we develop these rotational deployments,” he said, speaking aboard a US military aircraft. With Washington grappling with budget pressures, the approach carries a lower price tag than permanent bases and generates less political opposition in partner countries. Panetta held up as an example the planned deployment of up to 2,500 Marines in northern Australia under a new agreement. The US defense chief said he discussed how to carry out the Asia strategy during a visit Thursday to Hawaii, where he met with the head of US Pacific Command, Admiral Samuel Locklear, who oversees forces across the region. “We are testing that approach in Australia. We’re working on developing the same kind of approach in the Philippines and elsewhere,” he said. The Pentagon chief spoke at the outset of a tour of Asia in which he said he will seek “to define the new

defense strategy for the region.” “We have a strong presence now in the Pacific but we’ll continue to strengthen that presence over the next five to ten years,” he said. “When you look at the proportion of forces that we have in the world, I think it’s fair to say a higher percentage, a higher proportion of those forces is going to wind up in the Pacific.” Recognizing the economic importance of the western Pacific and the Indian Ocean, President Barack Obama announced the shift towards Asia in January, a move seen as a counterweight to China’s growing economic and military might. US “power projection” in the Pacific would be enhanced by investments in “new technologies,” Panetta said. Concerned over China’s antiship missiles and cyber warfare capabilities, the Pentagon is building sophisticated fighters, bombers, warships and missile defenses designed to preserve the US military’s reach in the Pacific. But Panetta insisted that Washington’s new emphasis on Asia was not aimed at checking Beijing’s influence, saying: “This is not about containment of China.”

mubarak egypt trial verdict to be aired live CAIRO afp

egyptian state television will broadcast live the verdict and sentencing on Saturday of ex-president Hosni Mubarak, his sons and security chiefs in a murder and corruption trial, official media reported. State television will charge foreign media between $7,000 and $10,000 to buy the coverage, the official MeNA news agency quoted the head the of the state’s egyptian Radio and Television Union, Tharwat al-Mekki, as saying. The first several hearings the trial, which started in August,were broadcast live, but chief judge Ahmed Rifaat then ordered cameras out before witnesses began to take the stand. Mubarak and his security chiefs are charged with murder over the killings of protesters during the 18-day revolt that overthrew him on February 11, 2011. He shares corruption charges with his sons Alaa and Gamal. The trial is taking place in the police academy that was once named after Mubarak on Cairo’s outskirts. In the opening hearing, dramatically aired live to millions in egypt and abroad, Mubarak made his first public appearance since his ouster arriving on a stretcher. A camera zoomed in on him as he fidgeted with his nose but mostly lay prone while his two sons Alaa and Gamal tried to obscure him from view.


Bangladesh’s parliament has passed its first nuclear energy regulatory bill as the country prepares to build an atomic power plant next year using Russian technology, an official said. Last November, the powerstarved nation signed a deal with Russian state-owned nuclear agency Rosatom to build a plant which will have two 1,000 megawatt reactors at a cost of up to $2 billion each. The parliament passed the legislation late on Thursday as “it is essential for the smooth running of the nuclear power plant”, head of the Bangladesh Atomic energy Commission A.S.M Firoz told AFP. The bill will now be approved by President Zillur Rahman and become law, removing the last regulatory hurdle to allow the construction of the nuclear power plant to go ahead. The law makes the operators of the plant liable in the case of an accident and creates a new atomic watchdog, Firoz said. Bangladesh has selected the northwestern town of Rooppur for the nuclear plant.

Sudan teen sentenced to stoning death: hrw KHARTOUM afp

A young Sudanese woman convicted of adultery has been sentenced to death by stoning, an international rights group says, in a rare case under Sudan’s Islamist regime. New York-based Human Rights Watch said the case of Intisar Sharif Abdallah “presents numerous grave violations of domestic and international law”. In a statement late Thursday it said Abdallah, who is believed to be under the age of 18, was sentenced by a judge in the Khartoum area in April and is being held in prison with her baby. Another watchdog, Amnesty International, gave her age as 20 and said she was sentenced on May 13. The case has received almost no coverage in Sudanese media. Abdallah was sentenced under a penal code provision which calls for execution by stoning for married adulterers, while unmarried culprits are whipped, Human Rights Watch said. It added that Sudan is one of only seven countries that have death by stoning as a punishment. “Sudanese judges have sentenced several women to death by stoning in recent years, but courts have overturned all the sentences on appeal,” an HRW statement said. “The vast majority of adultery cases and stoning sentences have been imposed on women, pointing to the disproportionate and unequal application of this law.”

caiRo: egyptians raise their shoes in a sign of rejection of presidential runoff candidate ahmed Shafiq, an ex-prime minister under the ousted regime of Hosni mubarak, during a protest on friday. afp

Syria killings may be ‘crime against humanity’: UN DAMASCUS afp

The UN human rights chief said on Friday that the killing of 108 civilians by pro-government forces in Syria last week might constitute a “crime against humanity” as reports emerged of a new slaughter. Syrian activists threatened a “volcano of rage” over the killings near the central town of Houla, in which 49 of the victims were children, as a deadline set by rebel fighters passed for the authorities to respect a UN-backed truce. Scores of protests erupted around the country in response to the activists’ call, as hundreds of mourners took to

the streets of the central town of Qusayr for a mass funeral for the 12 workers whom activists said were summarily executed by government troops on their way home from their factory on Thursday. Activists said security forces opened fire on demonstrators in Douma in the Damascus suburbs, in the main northern city Aleppo, and in Daraa, south of the capital, birthplace of the 15month uprising against the government of President Bashar al-Assad. “These acts may amount to crimes against humanity and other international crimes,” Pillay told a special session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, referring to the alleged role of the Syrian military and pro-government

militia in the killing near Houla. The Human Rights Council was meeting to discuss the massacre that triggered global horror and outrage, and debate a call for an independent inquiry into events. Syria and the entire region are in danger if a full-fledged conflict erupts in the country, Pillay said in a statement read to diplomats. The High Commissioner for Human Rights called on the international community to throw its weight behind the six-point peace plan brokered by UNArab League envoy Kofi Annan. “Otherwise, the situation in Syria might descend into a full-fledged conflict and the future of the country, as well as the region as a whole could be in

grave danger,” she said. Annan’s peace blueprint was supposed to begin with a ceasefire from April 12 but the truce has been violated daily with another 13 people killed on Friday after 64 died on Thursday, according to a human rights watchdog. The 12 workers killed on Thursday were on their way home from a fertiliser factory outside Qusayr, a town south of Houla, also in the flashpoint central province of Homs, activists said. “The workers were on a bus when they were forced to stop at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Qusayr,” said Salim Kabbani of the Local Coordination Committees, which organises protests on the ground.

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Foreign News 17

key thai parliament debate postponed amid protest BANGKOK afp

Thai “Yellow” protesters blocked parliament on Friday, forcing a debate on disputed reconciliation plans to be shelved amid signs of rising tensions in the bitterly divided nation. Proposals aimed at healing the rifts that have seen Thailand shaken repeatedly by bloody civil unrest since a coup in 2006, have provoked fury among opposition MPs who fear they will open the door for the return of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra. Lawmakers were twice unable to enter the building, with around two thousand ultra-royalist, anti-Thaksin “Yellow Shirts” and their affiliates massing outside for a third day running. The debate was postponed until next Wednesday at the earliest, according to a spokesman for the ruling Puea Thai party. “The parliament meeting will be probably either on June 6 or 7. We will have to wait for the House speaker to inform us,” said Pormpong Nopparit. The Yellows had warned they would try to enter parliament in an effort to disrupt any vote on the bill — a threat that carries weight from a group that have helped topple three governments of Thaksin and his allies. Protest organisers called on their supporters to go home late Friday after three days of rallying.

iran fm has ‘high hopes’ for moscow nuclear talks TEHRAN afp

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi on Friday expressed “high hopes” that a new round of nuclear talks in Moscow this month will succeed if world powers come with a “positive” approach. Speaking during a visit to New Delhi, the foreign minister acknowledged that Iran and the P5+1 group will face “difficult negotiations” at the June 18-19 talks in Moscow, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported. But Salehi said the Islamic republic remains optimistic saying the “direction” of the talks so far has been good. “In any case it is difficult negotiations and both parties should act and accelerate this process in a way so this case bears fruit as soon as possible satisfying both parties,” Salehi told IRNA in New Delhi. “The direction (of the talks) is correct and given this we have high hopes on the negotiations success,” he added. Iran and the P5+1, which comprise the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, have previously met in April in Istanbul and again in May in Baghdad. “We hope that in the Moscow meeting the other party enters the talks with a positive approach,” Salehi said. At the May 23-24 talks in Baghdad the negotiations exposed a gulf between the two sides’ positions that looked almost unbridgeable, and nearly caused the talks to collapse.

kafR Qaddum: a palestinian protester hurls a stone at israeli soldiers during a demonstration against the expropriation of palestinian land by israel on friday. . afp

Putin warns of civil war in Syria, rules out intervention BERLIN



USSIAN President Vladimir Putin warned Friday that Syria could be on the brink of a civil war but underlined his opposition to military intervention to stop the bloodshed. “You cannot do anything by force,” he told reporters in Berlin, after he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed after talks that they sought a “political solution” to the crisis. As pressure on Moscow mounted to drop its resistance to tougher UN action on Syria, Putin said the deadly strife risked tearing the country in two. “Today we are seeing emerging elements of civil war,” he told reporters. “It is extremely dangerous.”But he hit back at suggestions Moscow was supplying arms for use in Syria, saying his country did not deliver weapons to be deployed in civil conflicts. “As far as arms supplies are concerned, Russia does not supply the weapons that could be used in a civil conflict,” he said.

The president, on his first trip to the West since returning to the Kremlin for a third term, insisted his country was not siding with President Bashar al-Assad’s regime against the opposition. “We are supporting neither side from which the danger of civil war is coming,” he said. And he stressed that a negotiated solution was the only answer to the crisis. “This is what we talked about with the German chancellor — to find a political solution to these problems. Can it be done or not? On the whole, I believe it is possible,” he said. “It requires certain professionalism and patience. You cannot do anything by force and expect an immediate effect. A lot of people are involved in the conflict with various interests. “There is a need to find a convergence of these interests and have them sit down at a negotiating table. That’s the direction we are going to work in.” Merkel agreed that political talks were the only way out of the turmoil. “We both made clear that we are pushing for a political solution, that the Annan plan can be a starting point but that everything must be done in the

United Nations Security Council to implement this plan,” Merkel said, referring to the peace plan put forward by UN special envoy Kofi Annan. “We were agreed that every country — I said this for Germany — must do everything to prevent a civil war and prevent more people suffering,” the chancellor added. Putin said Moscow was interested in keeping open the lines of communication to Damascus, regional players and the UN Security Council. “It goes without saying that we will be in touch with President Assad and the Syrian leadership,” he said. “We will of course hold dialogue with our partners, first and foremost at the UN Security Council, with Germany, other countries interested in settling the conflict. “We will be in touch with regional powerhouses, with Arab states which are getting involved in the conflict one way or another,” he said. Putin was to meet new French President Francois Hollande in Paris later Friday. Hollande has evoked the possibility of military intervention in Syria if given a UN Security Council mandate.

obama ‘regrets’ erroneous ‘Polish death camp’: letter WARSAW afp

US President Barack Obama has expressed “regret” at what he called his inadvertent use of the erroneous term “Polish death camp”, in a personal letter to his Polish counterpart made public Friday. “I regret the error and agree that this moment is an opportunity to ensure that this and future generations know the truth,” Obama wrote to Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski in the letter dated May 31. Obama on Tuesday labeled a World War II Nazi German facility used to process Jews for extermination a “Polish death camp.” The White House later said the president misspoke and expressed “regret”. Polish leaders termed the error “hurtful” and said it required more than a mere expression of regret.

US man murders roommate, eats heart, brain WASHINGTON

Suu Kyi urges ‘healthy scepticism’ over Myanmar reform BANGKOK afp

Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Friday urged “healthy scepticism” over Myanmar’s dramatic reforms, saying only the rule of law can cement recent political progress and foster clean investment. Speaking at a gathering of world business leaders in Bangkok, she also warned China and the United States against turning Myanmar into a “battling ground” as they vie for influence over the strategically important nation. On her first major international engagement after more than two decades of isolation, the Nobel laureate dampened

what she called “reckless optimism” over democratic measures taken under reformist president Thein Sein. Appealing to delegates to “think deeply” about the wider good of Myanmar, she said hope in her country’s future since the end of five decades of authoritarian rule last year should be tempered by caution. “A little bit of healthy scepticism is in order,” she told the packed auditorium. In practical terms, Myanmar needed the “rule of law” more than anticipated investment legislation, Suu Kyi said, as the country tries to embed democratic reforms, lift millions out of poverty and defuse the “timebomb” of

high youth unemployment. Companies are hungrily eyeing resource-rich Myanmar after political reforms were rewarded by the easing of some international sanctions. But Suu Kyi expressed fears a flood of investment — and international competition for a foothold in the nation — could deepen graft and serve the country’s elite. “We do not want investment to mean more possibilities for corruption,” the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate said. “We do not want investment to mean greater inequality. And we do not want investment to mean greater privileges for those already privileged.”

Resource-rich but poor Myanmar has a history of engagement with Beijing, but Washington has recently sought closer ties with the quasi-civilian government, easing some sanctions to reward the end of military rule. “I’m always very concerned when Burma is seen as a battling ground for the United States and China,” she told reporters in a press conference following her forum address, using Myanmar’s former name. “It should not be so, it should be an area of harmony for those two big countries,” she said, adding that Myanmar and China had been “good neighbours” for many years.


A US college student has told police he killed his roommate, cut up the body and ate part of the victim’s brain and his whole heart, US media reports said Thursday. Alexander Kinyua of Baltimore, Maryland, was arrested on Tuesday after police searched his house following the discovery by his brother of the victim’s head and hands, the Baltimore Sun reported. Kinyua, a 21-year-old student at Morgan State University, confessed on Thursday to murdering and dismembering his roommate, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, and then eating parts of his brain followed by his entire heart, the Sun said. The motive was unclear, but Kinyua was charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday.

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kuznetsova upsets formbook, Sharapova blasts away morita Page 21

international fixtures in england in 2013 LONDON afp

The england and Wales Cricket Board confirmed Friday the schedule for tours next year by New Zealand and an Ashes series at home to Australia, as well as the outline programme for the 2013 Champions Trophy in england: tHe ScHeduleS aRe aS followS: new Zealand touR itineRaRy may 04-06 v Derbyshire, Derby may 09-12 v england Lions, Leicester may 16-20 v engLanD, firSt teSt, Lord's may 24-28 v engLanD, SeconD teSt, headingley may 31 v engLanD, firSt oDi, Lord's June 02 v engLanD, SeconD oDi, Southampton June 05 v engLanD, thirD oDi, trent Bridge June 22 v kent, t20 warm-up, canterbury June 25 v engLanD, first t20 international, oval June 27 v engLanD, Second t20 international, oval nB. t20 tour match at canterbury on 22 June cancelled if nZL in final of icc champions trophy. icc cHampionS tRopHy June 06-17: icc champions trophy group Stages June 19-20: icc champions trophy Semi-finals June 23: icc champions trophy final, edgbaston auStRalia touR itineRaRy June 26-29 v Somerset, taunton July 02-05 v worcestershire, worcester July 10-14 v engLanD, firSt teSt, trent Bridge July 18-22 v engLanD, SeconD teSt, Lord's July 26-28 v Sussex, hove august 01-05 v engLanD, thirD teSt, old trafford august 09-13 v engLanD, foUrth teSt, chester-le-Street august 16-17 v northamptonshire, northampton august 21-25 v engLanD, fifth teSt, oval august 29 v engLanD, firSt t20, Southampton august 31 v engLanD, SeconD t20, chester-le-Street September 03 v Scotland, edinburgh September 06 v engLanD, firSt oDi, headingley September 08 v engLanD, SeconD oDi, old trafford September 11 v engLanD, thirD oDi, edgbaston) September 14 v engLanD, foUrth oDi, cardiff September 16 v engLanD, fifth oDi, Southampton additional england fixtuRe September 03: ireLanD v engLanD, oDi, Dublin.

Pakistan launch new jersey LAHORE Staff RepoRt

The Pakistan team will appear in new jersey from the first T20 match against Sri Lanka on Friday. The new kit, which is approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC), will be used by the Pakistan team during the current tour of Sri Lanka. The kit is believed to have designed by a Pakistani student. Pakistan will try to build on their impressive record over the past year when they take the field during the full tour of Sri Lanka starting on Friday. The Pakistanis have come a long way since the spot-fixing scandal in england in 2010 led to unprecedented jail terms for Test captain Salman Butt and premier fast bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer. The visitors to the island nation have won seven of their last nine Test matches, including a 3-0 whitewash of top-ranked england in the United Arab emirates earlier this year. Their record in limited-overs cricket has been equally impressive, winning 16 of their last 22 one-day games, topped by the Asia Cup title triumph in Bangladesh in March.

ICC decides to keep Duckworth Lewis and DRS LONDON



He ICC Cricket Committee has decided to keep the controversial Duckworth Lewis method for calculating one-day targets when weather intervenes while making minor changes in other areas of the game, the sport's governing body said on Friday. The committee considered a proposal by V.Jayadevan for a new way of working out run chases for reduced overs matches at a two-day meeting at Lord's this week. "The committee unanimously agreed that there was no evidence of any significant flaws in the D/L method nor did the committee believe that any improvements could be offered by the VJD method. Therefore the committee decided to continue with D/L," the ICC said in a statement. Duckworth Lewis has long been criticised because of its complex mathe-

matics. The technology behind the Decision Review System has also been queried in some quarters but the ICC committee fully backed the idea. "The committee noted the improvements in DRS technology and that DRS has almost totally eradicated player-dissent. This is an extremely beneficial side effect of the DRS," David Richardson, ICC general manager - cricket, said. "We have always said that DRS was there to assist the umpires in getting more decisions correct and eradicating the obvious mistakes. The statistics demonstrate that it has been effective in that objective. The committee re-affirmed this as the aim." day/nigHT TesTs: They recommended trialling day/night tests and the

proposal will go forward for consideration by representatives of the game's leading countries during meetings at the ICC's annual conference in Kuala Lumpur from June 24-28. "The committee agreed that it was important to maintain the impetus with regard to day/night test cricket and recommended that should the competing countries in a bi-lateral series agree that they wish to trial day/night test cricket then this req u e s t should be accommodated," the ICC said. The recommendation was made after receiving reports on trials that have already taken place at first-class level and spectator feedback. The commit-

Trent Bridge to stage Ashes opener LONDON afp

Trent Bridge will stage next year's first Ashes Test, the england and Wales Cricket Board (eCB) announced Friday as it released a packed schedule of international cricket in england for 2013. The home of Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge staged its first international match -- also between england and Australia -- in 1899 and is regarded as one of the most scenic Test grounds in england. Australia, looking to regain the Ashes from england, start their tour with two four-day fixtures, against Somerset and Worcestershire, before the opening Test in Nottingham on July 10. The series then continues at Lord's, which has traditionally staged the second Ashes Test of an english summer, with the second of two back-to-back Tests starting on July 18. Australia then have a tour game against Sussex at Hove before two more back-to-back Tests. These will be at Old Trafford, the venue for the third Test as it was in 2005 when england won an Ashes series for the first time in 19 years, and Chester-le-Street, the home of northeast county Durham, which will be staging its first england-Australia Test match, starting on August 9. Australia play a two-day tour match at Northampton before the series concludes at The Oval, in south London, where england have wrapped up victory in their last two home Ashes campaigns in 2005 and 2009. There is no place in the Ashes calendar for a Test at Headingley, the headquarters of Yorkshire and one of england's oldest international ven-

ues, but the Leeds ground will stage one of two Test against New Zealand in May with the other at Lord's. In between the tours by New Zealand and Australia, england will host the 2013 Champions Trophy, a 'mini' World Cup where the top eight sides in 50-over cricket will be on show. Matches in that competition are due to take place at The Oval, Cardiff and edgbaston, the Birmingham headquarters of Warwickshire, which will be without a Test next year. For Kevin Pietersen, who announced his retirement from limited overs internationals on Thursday, his england season is set to end on August 25. But the likes of Stuart Broad, involved in all three formats, could have to keep going to September 16 when england face Australia in the fifth one-day international in Southampton -- four days later than the final international fixture in england this year. September will also see england travel to Malahide, near Dublin, for a one-day international against Ireland. england hold the Ashes after a 3-1 win in a five-match series in Australia in 2010/11 and eCB chief executive David Collier said Friday: "The prospect of england defending the Ashes on home soil, the world's top eight teams competing in the ICC Champions Trophy, and a full programme of 50-Over and T20 International cricket will provide rich pickings for cricket fans next summer. "Last season's international programme attracted a record aggregate attendance of more than 850,000 spectators and we would urge all fans to purchase their international tickets early for 2013 to avoid missing out on what promises to be a memorable summer."

Ready, able, willing to play for Pak anytime: Yousuf LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Unfazed by the selectors snub for the tour of Sri Lanka, Pakistan's former captain Mohammad Yousuf said he is physically and mentally prepared for a comeback to international cricket even at the shortest notice. The 37-year-old veteran, who was overlooked when the national squad for the Sri Lanka tour was announced, insisted that his passion to play for Pakistan had not receded despite the disappointment of not being selected in the last one and a half year. "Physically,

I'm in good shape and mentally also I'm in great shape. I'm ready, able and willing to play for Pakistan any time the selectors want to call on me," Yousuf told the pakpassion website. "The desire to play for Pakistan has never receded and recently in Lahore I gave a fitness test at the National Cricket Academy which I passed with flying colours. I'm confident that if I am given another opportunity by the selectors I would not let them down," he added. Yousuf, who is in the United Kingdom on a private visit and is also playing for the Lashings World XI, said he was willing to

compete in the coming domestic season to prove his fitness and form to the selectors. "This time around I will be playing domestic cricket. My plans are to feature in all of the tournaments in Pakistan, the Qaid-e-Azam Trophy, the National OneDay Cup and any Twenty20 tournaments that are organised by the Pakistan Cricket Board," he said. "Playing in these competitions is going to be essential to my hopeful return to the Pakistan team and playing in these tournaments is in my plans," he said. Yousuf has scored a total of 17,000 international runs with a total of 39 centuries and averages 52 in Tests.

tee also heard that a prototype sensor has been developed that can be worn during matches and would indicate whether or not the bowler's elbow is being straightened during the delivery swing. Other changes which were recommended included an increase in the number of permitted short pitched deliveries from one to two per over in one-day cricket. Powerplays should also be restricted to the first 10 overs plus one five-over batting powerplay to be completed by the 40th over. In a non-powerplay over, only four fielders ought to be allowed outside the 30 yard circle. With regards to test cricket, the committee suggested that drinks should not be brought on to the field other than at the official drinks breaks as well as urging teams not to waste time at referrals. The committee also asked for more consultations on switch hitting and confirmed previous ICC plans for a 16-team World Twenty20 every two years from 2014.

indonesia avoid relegation with win over Pakistan laHore: Indonesia on Friday avoided relegation with win over Pakistan in the HSBC Asian 5 Nations (HSBC A5N) Division III. In the III 3rd/4th place match, which was a re-match of the same opponents in 2011, Indonesia held Pakistan on to win a tight match, 13-7. Indonesia winger Askar scored the only points of the first half with a try in the 12th minute leaving the score 5-0 at the half.In a stop-start match marred by a high penalty count against both teams, it was fitting that the first points of the second half came through a penalty. Indonesian scrumhalf Arundale was on target, giving Indonesia an 8-0 lead. With the game still in the balance, it was up to Indonesian flanker Daniel Nugroho, in his first tournament as team captain, to take the reigns. He did so with aplomb, crashing over for a vital try in the 65th minute to pull Indonesia further ahead 13-0. Pakistan threw everything into their attack but never really threatened the scoreline. Staff RepoRt

new sporting facilities open at rewaz gardens laHore: The Parks Horticulture Authority and Sports Board Punjab as part of Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif's government’s plan of developing 100 grounds in the city has upgraded yet another two parks into a proper sporting facility for the locals of the area in the Rewaz Gardens, near Lower Mall. Mian Nawaz Sharif, President Pakistan Muslim League, viosited both the parks and formally inaugurated the sports facilities for public use. The Punjab government developed the Hafeez Park and Tanveer Park at Rewaz Garden area into a proper sports and fitness centres having an open gymnasium, jogging track and badminton courts. Besides, the parks also have a playing zone for the children while benches for aged people to rest. Deputy Speaker PA Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan also visited the park’s gym, badminton court, jogging track and playing zoon at Rewaz Garden along with Mian Nawaz. DG Sports & Youth Usman Anwar, commissioner Lahore, DG PHA, Maher Ishtiaq MPA and several other government officials and PMLN workers were also present on the occasion. The Parks and Horticulture Authority developed the facility at both the parks on the directives of the chief minister and its supervision and maintenance will also be done by the PHA. Staff RepoRt

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Sports 19 Pakistan fall to Perera, Mathews in massive loss Saturday, 2 June, 2012

Punjab taekwondo elects new officials LAHORE Staff RepoRt

The Punjab Taekwondo Association on Friday elected its new office-bearers for the next term of four years. Mushtaq Ahmad, Muhammad Babar and ch. Adnan khawar were unanimously elected as president, secretary general and treasurer respectively. The general council meeting of the association was at PSB Coaching Centre under the chairmanship of Mushtaq Ahmed besides others items the elections were held in which representatives of 29 affiliated district took part. tHe office-beaReRS: President mushtaq ahmed, Senior Vice President malik akhtar awan (Vehari), Vice President Sheikh Saleem (Sahiwal), Saif-ur-rehman (Bakkar), madam Prof. marriym ( rawalpindi), Secretary general muhammad Babar, associate Secretary Dr. azhar-ul-haq (faisalabad), mureed hussain (D.g.khan), miss mehwish (Pakpattan), treasurer ch. adnan khawar (Lahore). executive members munir haider (gujranwala), Latif kawish (Bahawalnagar), muhammad ikram (Sarghdha), raees-ur-rehman (Lahore), rashid Butt (gujrat), Dr. arif Siddique (okara), Dr. ansar hayat Baig (khushab), raja Shahbaz (Jehlam), tariq ali (Bahawalpur), muhammad Jhangir (rajanpur), ezaat khan (attock), asif nadar (khanawal)

wahdat eaglets down golden Star LAHORE Staff RepoRt

Wahdat ealets has won the match of 2nd phase of LCCA super cricket league against Golden star by 101 runs played at Wahdat Colony ground on Friday. ScoReS: wahdat eaglets 229 in 38 overs. haris nazar 38, Zaheer Siddiq 32, rohail hassan bhati 76, Qaiser ashraf 22. kamran 2/26, asif 3/25, m hafeez 2/30, nadeem 1/48, Sohail 1/28. golden star 128 in 26 overs. Zulfiqar 15, azeem 15. Sohail 15, asif 47(no). Zaheer Siddiq 2/26, hanan Bashir 2/24, Qaiser ashraf 2/18, m aLi Shah 2/36, ali tipu sultan 2/8.

Swimming camp LAHORE Staff RepoRt

The Pakistan Sports Board is beginning Summer Swimming Training Camp during summer vacations for youth and children both girls and boys of the age group 5-12 years and 13 & above under the supervision of qualified coaches to engage the youth in healthy activities. This will also help to mark young talent which by grooming will become shinning swimmers. Swimming camp is being started during 1st week of June, 2012. Coaching will be provided to the children by qualified coaches.





RI Lanka threw their wickets away through reckless shots, conceded 17 runs through wides and about 10 through misfields, but thanks to the Josephian Mafia - a moniker Thisara Perera and Angelo Mathews have earned from the school they shared - still won by a whopping 37 runs. It was an unremarkable night of cricket with most of the wickets owing neither to the bowling nor the pitch, but many will argue it's a trait that can be attributed to Twenty cricket in general because of the devaluation of a wicket. Perera and Mathews, though, stood out. Perera first scored a two-a-ball 32 to give Sri Lanka a fighting chance from 89 for 7. Mathews then bowled a testing spell of outswing for eight runs and two wickets. The two came together when Perera flew at third man to catch Shoaib Malik off the bowling of Mathews. Perera and Mathews were the highlight of the night, which featured a lot of inexplicable cricket otherwise. earlier, Sohail Tanvir grabbed three big wickets as Pakistan restricted Sri Lanka to 132-7. The left-arm paceman jolted Sri Lanka's top order when he dismissed skipper Mahela Jayawardene, Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kumar Sangakkara in his opening three overs to re-

SUriyawewa: Sri Lankan cricketer Lasith malinga (r) celebrates with his teammates after he dismissed Umar akmal (2L) during the first twenty20 match. AfP duce the hosts to 31-3. Tanvir finished with 3-12 off four tight overs, his best performance in Twenty20 internationals. He was superbly backed by off-spinner Saeed Ajmal, who bagged two wickets for 20 runs. Thisara Perera top-scored with a 16-ball 32 not out in Sri Lanka's belowpar batting display, helping his team make 43 runs off the last 22 balls. Lahiru Thirimanne, making his T20 debut, was the other main scorer with a 25-ball 30.

Sri Lanka made a poor start after electing to bat, losing four wickets in the opening eight overs with just 39 on the board. Tanvir struck with his third delivery when he had Jayawardene caught by Shoaib Malik in the covers and then had Dilshan caught by Umar Gul at fine-leg in his next over. Sangakkara (19) hit three successive fours off paceman Mohammad Sami before he inside-edged a Tanvir delivery onto his stumps.

8th MTfA football Camp from 4th laHore: Promising footballers of Lahore will show their skill when eighth Model Town Football Academy (MTFA) Football summer camp 2012 for Boys and Girls will commence on 4th June at MTFA Ground, Model Town. “As a footballer, the best I can do for youth in Pakistan is to give them a platform where they can learn how to play and make a living out of it” said MTFA President Mian Rizwan Ali. The 45day camp will be concluded on July 19. The morning session of Boys, having age 6 to 16 years, will be held five days a week from Monday to Friday. The timing will be 6:00 to 7:15

Am. The four day a week evening session from Monday to Friday, will be from Monday to Wednesday 5:30PM to 6:45 PM and Thursday to Friday 6:30 to 7:30 PM. MTFA had launched their women wing last year and met with enormous success with female footballers are joining the Academy regularly. The Girls summer football camp U-16 female footballer will consume four days a week in evening session only. It will be arranged from 5:30 to 6:30 PM on Thursday to Sunday. “It is good opportunity for our girls to become fine footballers”, said MTFA President Mian Rizwan Ali. Staff RepoRt

SRi lanka: m. Jayawardene c malik b tanvir 2 t. dilshan c gul b tanvir 5 19 k. Sangakkara b tanvir 10 d. chandimal b Sami a. mathews b ajmal 9 30 l. thirimanne c gul b ajmal k. lokuarachchi run out 11 32 t. perera not out 6 n. kulasekera not out 8 extras (b1, lb3, w4) total (for seven wickets; 20 overs) 132 fall of wickets: 1-2 (Jayawardene), 2-11 (dilshan), 3-31 (Sangakkara), 4-39 (chandimal), 5-65 (mathews), 6-89 (lokuarachchi), 7-89 (thirimanne). bowling: tanvir 4-0-12-3 (w1), gul 4-0-43-0 (w3), Sami 2-022-1, afridi 2-0-9-0, Hafeez 4-0-22-0, ajmal 4-0-20-2. pakiStan: 0 mohammad Hafeez c dilshan b kulasekara 36 ahmed Shehzad b Senanayake Shakeel ansar c dilshan b kulasekara 0 3 khalid latif c †Sangakkara b mathews 9 Shoaib malik c perera b mathews 12 umar akmal c kulasekara b malinga 1 Shahid afridi c lokuarachchi b Senanayake Sohail tanvir run out (dilshan/†Sangakkara) 1 umar gul c thirimanne b malinga 5 4 mohammad Sami not out 5 Saeed ajmal c †Sangakkara b perera 19 extras: (lb 2, w 17) 95 total: (all out; 17.4 overs) fall of wickets: 1-0 (mohammad Hafeez, 0.1 ov), 2-0 (Shakeel ansar, 0.2 ov), 3-12 (khalid latif, 3.6 ov),4-46 (Shoaib malik, 9.2 ov), 5-68 (umar akmal, 12.2 ov), 6-70 (Shahid afridi, 13.1 ov), 7-71 (Sohail tanvir, 13.3 ov),8-85 (ahmed Shehzad, 15.2 ov), 9-87 (umar gul, 16.2 ov), 10-95 (Saeed ajmal, 17.4 ov) bowling kmdn kulasekara 3-0-13-2, Sl malinga 3-0-12-2, ad mathews 4-1-8-2, nltc perera 2.4-0-23-1, kS lokuarachchi 2-0-17-0, SmSm Senanayake 3-0-20-2. Result: Sri lanka won by 37 runs man of the match: nltc perera (Sri lanka) toss: Sri lanka umpires: asoka de Silva (SRi) and Ranmore martinesz (SRi) tv umpire: Ruchira palliyaguruge (SRi) match referee: chris broad (eng)

Pakistan to take part in 3rd Beach games LAHORE Staff RepoRt

A 28-member Pakistani contingent including four officials will participate in the 3rd Asian Beach Games, Haiyang, China from June 16-22. The players will show their muscles in the events of handball, kabaddi and sailing. Handball team comprises 10 players and two officials. The kabaddi team formation is of six players and two officials, while sailing team constitutes of three players and one official.

Tiger, McIlroy stumble while Stallings leads Memorial DUBLIN afp

One bad hole for Tiger Woods and Luke Donald and two by Rory McIlroy left the stars well off the pace of leader Scott Stallings after Thursday's opening round of the $6.2 million US PGA Memorial. Stallings birdied three of the last four holes to stand on six-under par 66 after 18 holes, one stroke ahead of fellow Americans Spencer Levin and erik Compton and three clear of the rest of the star-studded field. At the Muirfield Village layout designed by Jack Nicklaus, Woods shared 11th on 70 with a group that included Australian Adam Scott and three-time major winner ernie els. "It certainly could have been a lot lower, but I'm pleased with the way I hit the golf ball," Woods said. "I didn't do anything great and I didn't do anything poorly. It was just a solid round." World No. 1 Donald of england and McIlroy, the Northern Ireland prodigy who will defend his US Open title in two weeks at The Olympic Course in San Francisco, were another stroke adrift in a group on 71. "It wasn't the start that I wanted to get off to, being 4-over through three holes," McIlroy said. "But I hung in there well and proud of myself for the way I just fought back. To finish the round under par was a really good effort." Stallings answered a bogey at the second with birdies at the par3 fourth and par-5 fifth plus an eagle at the par-5 seventh. After a birdie at the par-5 11th

and a bogey at the par-3 12th, Stallings birdied the par-5 15th, par-3 16th and par-4 18th to surge to the top of the leaderboard. "I was happy to get a good round under par," Stallings said. "I haven't had a round under par since Saturday at Augusta. It has been a long time. Been really struggling with my game. It has been interesting to say the

least. "I'll go out tomorrow and try to do the same. We've got a long way to go." That fact eases the worries for Woods, the 14-time major champion whose victory in March at Bay Hill snapped a 17-month win drought. "I didn't do anything poorly. I was just very consistent," Woods said. "Over the next three days, hopefully I can play as

well as I did today." Woods, who began on the 10th tee, birdied the 15th and 17th before taking a double bogey at the 18th. He bounced back with birdies on the front nine's two par-5 holes but the damage was done. "I haven't played the par-5s particularly well the last few tournaments," Woods said. "I feel very pleased with the way I hit

the golf ball all day and it was nice to actually play the par-5s under par for a change." McIlroy, who also began on the back nine, went from bunker to water with an awkward stance at the par-3 12th on his way to a quadruple bogey 7 and even after pulling back strokes with birdies at 14 and 15 gave one back with a bogey at the 17th.

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20 Sports

Saturday, 2 June, 2012

ROME: Jamaica's Usain Bolt (C) competes to win the Men's 100 Metre event during the Diamond League athletics meet. afp

Bolt scorches to fastest time of the year ROMA afp


ORLD record holder Usain Bolt stormed to the fastest time of the year in winning the 100m at the Diamond League meeting here on Thursday. Olympic champion Bolt ran 9.76sec, beating the time he set earlier this month in Kingston by six hundredths of a second. Compatriot and former world record holder Asafa Powell was second in 9.91sec with French european champion Christophe Lemaitre an impressive third in a high quality field in 10.04sec. World bronze medallist Kim Collins of St Kitts & Nevis was fourth in 10.05sec. The win, and more importantly the time, made up for Bolt's sluggish performance in Ostrava last week where he ran his slowest time in three years, 10.04sec. Although he said Tuesday he wasn't bothered by that run, it clearly had got to him. Asked if he was happy to have put that run behind him, Bolt was categoric. "Yes, it's a slight relief, I knew i could do it," he told BBC3. "I've not been sleeping very well since I arrived in europe so I made sure I've been going to bed earlier. "I'm feeling good now, I'm coming back. "People expect me to do well, I expect it of myself also. I came here

tonight not to prove to the world anything but to show I've still got it." Bolt did not have the best start but Lemaitre inside him

in lane three was the slowest out of the blocks. As the race picked up into its middle part Bolt and Powell were starting to ease

clear but the fastest man of all time's long legs saw him stride out in front and there was no doubt who the winner would be.

bolt wants coach to explain where he went wrong rome: Usain Bolt may have won in the fastest time this year and set a new meeting record at the Diamond League in Rome but he is still expecting coach Glen Mills to explain what he did wrong. While he could understandably be upset with his 10.04sec run in Ostrava last week despite winning, it seemed as if everything had clicked into place in the eternal City. The world record holder ran 9.76sec, lowering his own season's best by six hundredths of a second and beating Tyson Gay's meet record by just 0.01sec. His start was reasonable and once he got into his stride he was a class apart, striding clear of a talented field. Asafa Powell, the former world record holder, was second in 9.91sec with european champion Christophe Lemaitre third in 10.04sec. But now Bolt believes he needs to go back to the drawing board. "Overall it was a good race, last time I came here it was without a lot of races, but this time the execution was good," he said. "I'm happy but I'm just going to go home and call my coach so he can explain to me what I did wrong, what I did right and I'll look forward to the next race." The Olympic champion was a little terse when asked for the umpteenth time about his poor run in Ostrava. "I've expained to you guys that everyone has a bad race every now and again, I just have to go back to the drawing board. "I couldn't sleep

in Ostrava but here I made sure I went to bed early. "I do eat fast food but I do try to get a lot of pasta in, as you get older you have to watch your diet." As for his start he wasn't entirely satisfied, despite Lemaitre next to him coming out the blocks far slower. "That's always the biggest point of my race, I think it's all about consistency. The rest comes together if you get a good start." However, there was no doubt that Bolt feels he is on the right track in terms of his Olympic preparation. "I think I'm getting there, it wasn't the perfect race, it had flaws but I just have to continue working on what's necessary." While Bolt was at best satisfied, Powell was quite upset. He said he'd had problems at the start, which explained why he briefly started running in former world champion Kim Collins's lane. "I didn't hear set and I didn't hear go, I just came out the starting blocks with Kim Collins, that's all," said Powell. "I didn't get out the starting blocks like I should, I didn't start properly, I was all over the track and the last part of the race I let everything get the best of me and slowed down. "I expect a better race (in Oslo), I'll go there to execute and I hope all goes well and I run a lot better. "My training is going very well, I'm very upset about this race, not that I lost but that I didn't get to execute as I wanted to. afp

hooker upbeat as olympics loom SYDNEY afp

Australia's Olympic champion Steve Hooker said he was encouraged by finishing sixth in his latest pole vault competition at the Rome Diamond League meet, reports said Friday. In his second international competition since returning from a bout of the runway "yips" that forced him out of the Australian domestic season, Hooker Thursday cleared 5.42 metres, 58 centimetres short of his personal outdoor best. Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie demonstrated how far Hooker needs to progress before next month's London Olympics, clearing 5.82m. "I've come here and I've done some good training. The body is feeling good and I'm working with the physio over here," Hooker told the Athletics Australia website. "I had a really good warm-up. everything went according to plan up until 5.60m where I had that stop on the first attempt, which probably cost me." Hooker said he would be working on further improvement for his next competition in Munich on June 5.

rome: kazakhstan's olga rypakova performs to win the women's triple Jump event during the Diamond League athletics meeting. AfP

hurdles hoopla, sprint stars top Pre field EUGENE afp

A star-studded men's 110-meter hurdles lineup and US sprint stars Justin Gatlin and Allyson Felix top a deep talent pool set to compete at the 38th Prefontaine Classic track meet on Saturday. The Diamond League gathering will be staged at the site where the US Olympic Track and Field Trials are set to begin on June 22, with a host of top global stars coming to test the best of the Americans at Hayward Field. Athens 2004 Olympic champion Liu Xiang of China sparks a 110 hurdles showdown with reigning world outdoor champion Jason Richardson, reigning world indoor champion Aries Merritt and American record holder David Oliver. World record-holder and reigning Olympic champion Dayron Robles of Cuba was to have competed but the Cuban track federation said that he would not compete "after a recent analysis of preparations for the Olympic Games." Gatlin, the 2004 Olympic 100m champion who served a four-year doping ban and began a comeback in 2010, captured the world indoor 60m crown last March and won the Diamond League 100m opener at Doha in 9.87 seconds. It was the 30-year-old American's fastest outdoor opener since he began pro sprinting at age 19. Gatlin will be tested in the 100 by Walter Dix, the world outdoor 100 and 200 runner-up, and Jamaicans Nesta Carter and Nick Ashmeade. Dix and fellow American Wallace Spearmon, who owns the second fastest time in the world this year, will be favored in the 200. Reigning Diamond League 100m and 200m champion Carmelita Jeter will join three-time world outdoor champion Felix in the women's 200. Reigning Olympic champion and season leader LaShawn Merritt and 2004 Olympic champion Jeremy Wariner will be joined in a 400-meter battle by reigning world champion Kirani James, an 18-year-old from Grenada. Two-time Olympic 400m hurdles champion Angelo Taylor and Oscar Pistorius, the "Blade Runner" from South Africa trying to secure a berth at the London Olympics, will also be in the 400. World 400m indoor champion Sanya RichardsRoss will face reigning world outdoor champion Amantle Montsho of Botswana and 2012 world-leader Novlene WilliamsMills of Jamaica in the women's 400. Reigning world champion Christian Taylor and reigning world indoor champion Will Claye will be tested by Britain's Phillip Idowu in the triple jump.

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Saturday, 2 June, 2012

Sports 21

Kuznetsova upsets formbook, Maria blasts away Morita PARIS afp


ORMeR champion Svetlana Kuznetsova made a mockery of the seedings by outclassing third seed Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland 61, 6-2 in the third round of the French Open on Friday. Radwanska was the highest seed to fall in the tournament so far as she had no answer to the all-court game of Kuznetsova, who won at Roland Garros in 2009, five years after she won the US Open, her only other Grand Slam title. Since then, the Russ-

ian has had a torrid time with injuries and loss of form, while Radwanska has smoothly made the transfer out of the junior ranks and up the WTA rankings, winning three tournaments this year already. But all that was cast aside as the Russian moved smoothly into a 5-0 lead under cool, overcast conditions on Philippe Chatrier centre court before Radwanska managed to open her account. After pocketing the first set on serve in the following game, Kuznetsova jumped out into a 30 lead in the second before the Pole took two games in a row.

waTch IT LIve TEN SPORTS Second T20: Pakistan v Sri Lanka 06:30PM

PariS: russia's Svetlana kuznetsova's arm is displayed as she plays against Poland's agnieszka radwanska during their singles match of the french open. AfP

teen Stephens keeps US hopes alive PARIS afp

Isner loses marathon in Paris as US hopes crushed


US hopes at the French Open were extinguished on Thursday as marathon man John Isner was once again involved in an epic duel, the fourth longest in Grand Slam history, which this time he lost. The giant Isner found himself as the last American standing out of eight starters after

qualifier Jesse Levine had earlier gone down 64, 7-5, 6-2 to Milos Raonic of Canada. But after what turned out to be, at five hours 41 minutes, the second longest match in French Open history and the fourth longest in Grand Slam history, Isner lost 6-7 (2/7), 6-4, 6-4, 3-6, 18-16 to French wildcard Paul-Henri Mathieu. Mathieu finally entered the third round by converting his seventh match point, Isner hitting a forehand wide. The American hit 41 aces, but had 98 unforced errors. Ironically it was against another Frenchman, Nicolas Mahut, that Isner played the longest match in history at Wimbledon in 2010 when he took 11 hours and five minutes, spread over three days, to win 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7/9), 7-6 (7/3), 70-68. At no point, Isner insisted did his mind travel back nearly two years ago to the match with Mahut which has gone down in the annals of sporting history as one of the greatest athletic contests of all time.

tokyoites will get behind 2020 bid, says governor TOKYO afp

Tokyo's governor said Friday he was confident that his city and country will eventually rally behind the capital's campaign to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, despite low public support at present. "It is unfortunate that the rate of support from Tokyo citizens is low although the bid is gathering momentum," Shintaro Ishihara told reporters. "But this may be characteristic of the Japanese people." The International Olympic Committee last week chose Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul as final candidates to host the 2020 Games by eliminating Doha and Baku. But an IOC technical report showed the rate of local public support for the bid was 47 percent in Tokyo against 73 for Istanbul and 78 for Madrid. Lack of public enthusiasm for hosting the Olympics was also one of Tokyo's weaknesses three years ago when it lost to Rio de Janeiro in the bid for the 2016 Summer Games. When Tokyo hosted the Olympics for the first time in 1964, Ishihara said, "everybody really worked with a sense of unity." "The Japanese people are more used to extravagance now than in 1964 and they may be so conceited that they take everything for granted," the 79-year-old novelist-turned-politician added. "But I am convinced that expectations about the Olympics will definitely rise as things move forward." He cited the example of the 2002 World Cup finals which Japan co-hosted with South Korea. "The whole nation really did cheer for the Japanese team as one." The IOC will vote to choose the 2020 host city in Buenos Aires in September next year. "If, in Buenos Aires, we win the right to host the Olympics, I am convinced the Japanese people will unite as one in a very short period of time to bring about a perfect Olympics."

PariS: russia's maria Sharapova hits a return to Japan's ayumi morita during their women's singles 2nd round tennis match of the french open. AfP

Teenager Sloane Stephens kept the Stars and Stripes flying at the French Open on Friday with a 6-3, 6-2 third round win over Mathilde Johansson of France. The Florida youngster was one of just three Americans to make it into the third round along with Christina McHale and Uzbekistan-born Varvara Lepchenko, following the early exits of Serena and Venus Williams. The situation is worse among the US men with John Isner's defeat late Thursday meaning that none of their eight starters made it into the third round. For 19-year-old Stephens it was the first time she has reached the last 16 of a Grand Slam tournament in four appearances, ensuring she will continue her rise up the world rankings. She broke early against Johansson in the third game and moved out into a 5-2 lead before a sloppy game when serving for the set allowed the home player some respite. But she broke again in the following game to take the set and, after a closely-fought start to the second set, she moved 3-1 up with a break in the fourth game. That was all the American needed as she powered away to a place in the fourth round. Next up for Stephens, the only teenager to make it into the third round, will be the winner of the match opposing 2010 runner-up Samantha Stosur of Australia and Nadia Petrova of Russia.

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Saturday, 2 June, 2012


Mr PM, please avoid foreign trips, lavish lifestyle! mQm minister criticises Pm for his exorbitant foreign trips, extravagant ceremonies g gilani determined to turn Pm house into ‘state-of-the-art institution’ g



tayyab HuSSain

URING the federal cabinet meeting held at the Parliament House on Friday, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani was left mum after facing a rare criticism from his cabinet minister when MQM’s Babar Ghauri advised the PM to shun lavish spending and rather adopt austerity measures to curtail the budget deficit. A source present in the cabinet meeting said when the PM asked how expenses could be curtailed, the MQM leader said there was a need for the government to control its spending to plug the budget deficit and the PM should set precedence in this regard. “All foreign trips, stay in five-star hotels by delegates accompanying the prime minister abroad and holding of lavish ceremonies in the name of launching projects in various ministries should be banned forthwith,” the source quoted Ghauri as telling the prime minister.

The source also quoted Ghauri as saying that the PM should also not spend further on the Prime Minister’s House and the amount should be allocated to some other useful project. “However, it was Religious Affairs Minister Syed Khursheed Shah who responded to the objections made by Ghauri, saying it was necessary for the chief executive of the country to visit friendly nations for lobbying in national interest and sell his plan to the world community,” the source added. The source said Shah, however, proposed the PM not to push for his plan to turn the PM’s House into a state-of-the-art institution. “Shah said that this might be done through a proper and well-conceived project and due to the sensitive location of the PM House, it could not be turned into an institution for the public,” the source added. The source said Shah also quoted the claim made by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif about turning the CM’s House into a women’s university. “Though the CM Punjab had claimed to turn 7-Club Road Lahore into a women university, there are around seven more

iSlamabad: prime minister yousaf Raza gilani signs the 2012-13 budget documents on friday. CM Houses, as all buildings from 1-Club Road to 8-Club Road are being used by Shahbaz Sharif,” Shah said. The source said though the prime minister did not respond to the objection made

by Ghauri, he told the meeting that he was determined to make a state-of-the-art institute of the PM’s House, as around 61 acres of land was available inside the premises near Barri Imam’s shrine.

salary raise: The source said tough the politicians made tall claims about their commitment to the salaried class, it was Continued on page 04

No let up in outages, protests rage on rs 208.5b subsidy faisalabad shuts down in protest against outages planned for fy13 g


faiSalabad: businesses were closed in the city on friday in protest against prolonged electricity load shedding. ONLINE ISLAMABAD/LAHORE agencieS

Though the government claims that the power shortfall has come down to 5,800MW after electricity generation resumed from Tarbela on Friday, there was no practical evidence of the enhanced power supply, as angry protests raged on and load shedding duration remained the same across the country. At least 15 hours of load shedding was reported in urban areas, while the rural ones spent up to 22 hours of the day without electricity.

The scorching June heat was no match for anger boiling inside enraged citizens, who staged violent protests against the government in Faisalabad, Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Thatta and several other cities. Citizens and traders of Faisalabad observed a complete shutter-down strike on Friday against prolonged power cuts. Business activities remained suspended while security forces remained on high alert to prevent any untoward occurrence. The police booked 253 people in several cases of looting, shooting and

rampaging during violent protests. In Peshawar, the vehicle of Senior Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister Bashir Bilour was attacked by an angry mob during a protest against load shedding. Clashes erupted between the demonstrators and police following the attack, however, the minister escaped unhurt. Protesters in other cities burnt effigies of government officials and blocked roads by setting tyres on fire. Citizens of Dera Ghazi Khan protested at Gadai Road, while those in Sheikhupura blocked the Lahore Road by burning tyres.

Talk what you can walk, China tells Pakistan

Sc demands clear roadmap for Balochistan peace





Though China publicly backed the Pakistani stance over its continued tension with the US, Beijing sent a private message to Islamabad to avoid taking “extreme positions” in its relationship with Washington. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi’s recent trip to the country was focused at talking sense into Pakistani civil and military leaders, according to Khaleej Times. The vital outcome of the visit was China’s remarks that the world must recognise Pakistan’s “huge sacrifices” in the war on terror and back its efforts to safeguard its “sovereignty, territorial integrity and dignity”. The carefully crafted statement was aimed straight at the US, which has begun questioning Pakistan’s stance in the fight against terrorism. But away from the public diplomacy, the Chinese foreign minister conveyed “a word of wisdom” to Pakistani leadership on how to deal with the US. Beijing wants an end to the lingering stalemate between Pakistan and the US.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday came down hard on the government vis-à-vis Balochistan unrest while issuing an interim order in the case, demanding the government present a clear version of its plans to restore order to the province. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain directed the PM’s principle secretary to meet the president and convene a meeting of the defence and interior secretaries and inform the court how the government planned to restore order in the restive province. Building on its warning of imposing emergency in the province to control the spiraling tension, the SC said it had showed restrain and been patient regarding applying Article 6 in the case. The SC also directed that cases of missing persons should be registered against the inspector general of Frontier Corps, expressing displeasure with his absence from the court.

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The federal government has earmarked Rs 208.595 billion in subsidies for the next fiscal year against last year’s allocation of Rs 166.448 billion, showing an increase of 25.32 percent. The announcement was made during the unveiling of the annual budget 2012-13. The revised subsidies for the current fiscal year stand at Rs 512.292 billion due to an increase in the power sector subsidy. The subsidy for WAPDA and PePCO is kept at Rs 134.970 billion in the next fiscal year as compared to the budgetary target of Rs 122.700 billion for the current fiscal year. The inter-DISCO differential subsidy is earmarked at Rs 120 billion for the next fiscal year as compared to the current year’s budgetary target of Rs 50 billion. The other major subsidy announced for the general public is Rs 6 billion subsidy through the Utility Stores Corporation. It will include a Ramzan Package of Rs 2 billion. The government has also allocated Rs 4 billion for sale of sugar through the USC. The government has also announced a Rs

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10 million subsidy for the Trading Corporation of Pakistan. The TCP has spent Rs 16.952 billion on the sugar operation in 2011-12, the budget documents said. The government has announced Rs 5.148 billion in subsidy for PASSCO for wheat operation and wheat reserved stock in 2012-13. Last year, the amount stood at Rs 4.074 billion. For the next fiscal year, the government has announced a Rs 1.148 billion subsidy for wheat operation which was Rs 4.171 billion last year. For the wheat reserved stock, the government has announced Rs 4 billion. The government also announced Rs 12.150 billion in subsidy for others. Last year it was Rs 9.086 billion. For Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd in this category, the government announced Rs 3.4 billion, for Oil Refineries and OMCs, the subsidy announced was Rs 7.700 billion against last year’s subsidy of Rs 7.921 billion. For the sale of wheat in FATA, the federal government announced Rs 270 million for 2012-13 while last year the allocation was Rs 255 million. The government also announced Rs 775 million for the sale of wheat in GilgitBaltistan, and Rs 5 million for the sale of Salt.

E-paper Pakistan Today 2nd June, 2012  

E-paper Pakistan Today 2nd June, 2012