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Tuesday, 26 November, 2013 Muharram 21, 1435 Rs 17.00 Vol IV No 149 16 Pages Karachi Edition

Army, Air force induct first fleet of indigenously developed drones STORY ON PAGE 03




SC moved for case against COAS in missing person case

Wahab Riaz booked for violating 'one dish' rule

Iran N-deal shipping insurance element may help oil sales

The Supreme Court has been moved for initiation of contempt of court proceedings against the army chief, GHQ Rawalpindi CGS, GHQ MS and the defence secretary for allegedly giving false statements in court and taking steps to save Major Haider, allegedly involved in kidnapping of missing person Tasif Malik. Col (r) Inamur Rahim filed the petition in Supreme Court on Monday making senior military officers respondents. PAGE 06

A case has been registered against Pakistan cricketer Wahab Riaz for violating "one dish" rule at a party he arranged in connection with his marriage at his residence in Lahore. A police team raided his Garden Town residence on Sunday night and registered an FIR under section 188 of Pakistan Penal Code against him for violating a ban on more than one dishes at marriage ceremonies. Riaz's nikah is scheduled for November 28. PAGE 13

Iran's nuclear deal with the West is not intended to let more of its oil into the market, the White House said, but an easing of the ban on European shipping insurance may help smooth crude exports to its big Asian customers. Iran and six world powers reached a deal early on Sunday to curb Tehran's nuclear programme in exchange for limited sanctions relief. US and EU sanctions that prevent energy companies from investing in Iran, and have slashed Tehran's oil exports from 2.5 million barrels per day (bpd) to around 1 million bpd, remain in place. PAGE 12

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You have to lead people gently toward what they already know is right — Phil Crosby


N news

Tuesday, 26 november, 2013

PTI WANTS TO NOMINATE US AND CIA IN DRONE STRIKE FIR PESHAWAR: The Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf (PTI) has requested the Inspector General Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to nominate the US and CIA in the Hangu drone strike FIR. According to a press release issued from IGP Khyber Pukhtunkhwa office, PTI’s Central legal Secretary Barrister Suleman Afridi submitted the written request to the IGP which cited the statement of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar, a news story regarding the US drone strike in the Washington Post and decisions of the Peshawar High Court. IGP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Nasir Durrani has instructed the concerned investigation officers to conduct an inquiry regarding the nomination of foreign countries and institutions in FIRs. On November 21, at least six people were killed in a US drone attack in the Hangu area of KP province. Federal Minister for information Pervez Rashid had criticised the PTI for charging an FIR against “unknown persons”, saying that if Imran Khan does not know who attacked the seminary then who is he protesting against. PTI has now sent a written request to IGP to charge the CIA and US in the FIR for the drone attack in Hangu. PTI chief Imran Khan has been a vocal critic of US drone strikes, saying they violate Pakistan’s sovereignty. Pakistani officials have consistently maintained that drone strikes are counter-productive, entail loss of innocent civilian lives and have human rights and humanitarian implications. STAFF REPORT

PPP SUBMITS ADJOURNMENT MOTION IN SENATE AGAINST HANGU ATTACK ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Monday submitted an adjournment motion in the Senate against the drone strike in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Hangu district last week. PPP Senator Raza Rabbani submitted the motion in the Senate secretariat. Drone strikes conducted in settled areas of Pakistan are a blatant violation of international laws, the motion said, adding that the issue was grave and needed immediate discussion in the Upper House. The strike in Hangu’s Tal area was the second drone attack to take place inside Pakistan’s settled areas and reportedly killed Haqqani network adviser Ahmad Jan. It led to a strong reaction from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf which leads the government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The party has demanded an end to drone strikes as well as the halting of NATO supplies from and to Afghanistan. Members of PTI and other allied parties on Saturday launched a protest against the CIA-led attacks with some of the workers of Imran Khan’s party hauling drivers and forcibly searching trucks in different areas of the province on Sunday. ONLINE


PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial ministers Sirajul Haq, Shah Farman and other political leaders submit a memorandum against US drone strikes to an official of the US Consulate on Monday. INP

provinciAl lAwmAkers hAnd over memorAndum AgAinst drone strikes to us consulAte in peshAwAr PESHAWAR



OlICe in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province prevented activists protesting US drone strikes from blocking trucks carrying NATO troop supplies to and from neighbouring Afghanistan on Monday. The intervention was the latest chapter in a saga that began Saturday, when thousands of protesters led by Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan blocked a road in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is used to ship goods to and from Afghanistan. The PTI, which also leads the ruling coalition in the province, has said they would block NATO shipments until the US ends drone attacks in Pakistan. On Sunday, members of the party stopped trucks and roughed up drivers ferrying NATO supplies at a toll booth on the

outskirts of Peshawar, the provincial capital. Police were present at the scene Sunday but did not stop the protesters, some of whom were carrying wooden batons. Police officer Behram Khan said Monday that police would permit peaceful protests on the roadside, but activists would not be allowed to stop trucks as they did before. Police also opened an investigation into the activists’ actions that could lead to legal charges, he said. The provincial police chief in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Nasir Durrani, ordered police to prevent protesters from stopping trucks and open an investigation into those activists who were halting vehicles on Sunday, said a statement from the police chief’s office. The route blocked by the activists leads to one of two crossings used by trucks to carry NATO troop supplies and equipment to and from Afghanistan. The other crossing is in southwest Balochistan province and has not been affected by the protest. The land routes through Pakistan have been key to getting supplies to NATO troops in Afghanistan. They now increasingly are being used to ship equipment out of Afghanistan as the US seeks to withdraw most of its combat troops from the country by the end of 2014.

Anyone who wAnts peAce is pro-tAlibAn for dollAr worshippers: imrAn Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Monday said it was ironic that the “dollar worshippers” declare anyone who stands for dignity, selfrespect and an independent Pakistan as anti-US and pro-Taliban. In a message on a social media website, Imran Khan said “For the enslaved minds and dollar worshippers, anyone who wants peace and an end to this suicidal war is pro-Taliban!” Khan said “We must unite to reject the agendas of hate & violence.” He said this is a defining moment when the nation must take a stand for peace after 9 years of destruction. This is what will make us a nation, he added. MONITORING DESK MEMORANDUM TO US: Also on Monday, provincial lawmakers gathered outside the US consulate in Peshawar and handed over a protest memorandum against drone strikes. Demonstrators, led by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader Sirajul Haq and belonging to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-

Insaf (PTI) and its allied parties in the provincial government, staged a sit-in and shouted anti-US and anti-drone slogans outside the consulate premises. The memorandum said that the people of Pakistan wanted peace but the US drone strikes were sabotaging the peace process.

Report holds police responsible TRANSPORTERS SUSPEND NATO SUPPLIES for Rawalpindi violence LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The fact-finding committee constituted to probe the Rawalpindi incident on Monday presented its report to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, holding the police responsible for the tragedy. Following the Ashura violence in Rawalpinidi, the chief minister

had constituted a three-member fact finding committee to probe the incident, which completed its report on the matter. According to sources, the report said the police had failed to take necessary and timely action which could have prevented the tragedy from occurring, and that coordination among institutions was almost non-existent.

Police did not demonstrate any sense of responsibility as even the city’s police chief was not present on the spot as the situation went out of hand, the report added. On Nov 15, a curfew was imposed in Rawalpindi after 11 people were killed and a market was burnt in a clash between two rival sectarian groups in the city’s Raja Bazaar area.

PESHAWAR: The Goods Transport Alliance on Monday announced the closure of NATO supplies due to security reasons. Following the large-scale sit-ins on the prominent render spots, Goods transporters have rejected to resume their supplies operations from Pakistan to Afghanistan. The announcement made after the sparkling of protests against drone strikes and NATO supplies across the country; called by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and its political allies. The spokesperson said that the supplies would be continued after provision of complete security to the transportation routes and staff. It should be mentioned that PTI activists and its allies had initiated blocking NATO supplies for the last two days in Peshawar. ONLINE

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Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal — E. Joseph Cossman

Army, Air force induct first fleet of indigenously developed drones ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT


He armed forces announced on Monday that they had inducted the very first fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the Army and the Air Force. According to a release from the InterServices Public Relations (ISPR) announced that the first fleet of strategic

drones, ‘Burraq’ and ‘Shahpar’, had been inducted into the forces. Both of the drones were produced indigenously. The military described the induction as a “landmark and historic event,” where a “very effective force multiplier has been added to the inventory of the armed forces”. “In the future these UAVs could also be gainfully employed in various socioeconomic development projects, as well,” it added, hinting at the possibility of using drones in non-combat settings and for civilian use. The induction ceremony was attended by Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief of the Air Staff Tahir Rafique Butt, Director General Strategic Plans Division lieutenant General (r) Khalid Ahmed Kidwai, and senior officers

from armed forces, scientists and engineers. General Kayani, while appreciating the work of NeSCOM scientists and engineers, highlighted that induction of indigenously developed surveillance capable UAVs in Pakistan Armed Forces is a force multiplier, and will substantially enhance their target acquisition capabilities in real time. The ISPR statement did not state whether the surveillance drones were also capable of being armed with precision missiles, like the UAVs that the US uses to target suspected Taliban and al Qaeda militants in Pakistan’s tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. According to earlier reports in the media, the Pakistani military has working to develop its own armed drones, but has



Tuesday, 26 november, 2013

been unsuccessful with a lack of precision munitions and advanced targeting technology. According to one report, Pakistan carried out weapons tests earlier last year with the Falco, an Italian drone used by the air force for surveillance that has been modified to carry rockets. According to the same report, the military was also conducting similar tests with the Shahpar. An unarmed version of the Shahpar was unveiled for the first time at the International Defence exhibition (IDeAS) in Karachi in November last year. Industry insiders say that the Chinese government has also reportedly offered to sell Pakistan an armed drone it has produced, the CH-3, which can carry two laserguided missiles or bombs.

GilAni denies embezzlement in bisp

LAHORE: Former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has rejected the allegation of embezzlement of billions of rupees in the Benazir Income Support Programme, saying that the continuity of the programme and the financial support of the international donors for it speaks volumes of the efficacy and the transparency of the programme. He said the programme was subject to internal and external audit, including audit by the donor countries. Gilani also referred to the audit of the financial assistance under the Kerry lugar programme which was more than 98 percent from the disbursement. He said the BISP was highly acclaimed at the international level, adding that scores of the countries expressed keen interest in replicating it in their countries as a social security safety net for the poorest of the poor. Gilani said under the programme about seven million families used to get Rs 1,000 per month as direct financial assistance which ensured food security for them. The former prime minister said the programme earned appreciation of the United Nations Security General and the international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank as a programme of social mobility for the poor. He said under the programme, direct financial assistance was provided to the female heads of the families with a view to empower women in the country. STAFF REPORT

ECP DENOTIFIES SUMAIRA MALIK AS MNA ISLAMABAD: The election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) on Monday denotified Sumaira Malik as Member National Assembly from Khushab constituency NA-69 owing to a fake degree. According to a notification issued by the eCP, Sumaira Malik shall be declared “never elected” MNA from constituency NA-69 during the general elections 2008 and 2013 respectively. A three-member bench of the apex court, headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on October 28, had disqualified Sumaira Malik under Article 62(1)-f of the Constitution and ruled that she will not be entitled to contest in future elections. The court ruled that Malik was not qualified to contest the elections in terms of constitutional provisions and that she was holding the office of MNA from NA69 with unlawful authority. APP

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: A Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf supporter shows documents of a container supplying NATO goods to Afghanistan on Monday. ONLINE

Taliban are not present in Kashmir: salahuddin SRINAGAR

LHC orders interior secy to provide information on Bagram detainees LAHORE STAFF REPORT


Syed Salahuddin, chairman of the United Jehad Council (UJC), on Monday said they had no links with the Taliban and ruled out their presence in Kashmir. “We don’t have any physical link with the Taliban,” a Srinagarbased news agency Kashmir News Services (KNS) quoted Salahuddin as saying. “We don’t want the Taliban to come to Kashmir and they are needed in Afghanistan the most.” Salahuddin, who is in Muzaffarabad, told the news agency in an interview that people spreading rumours about the Taliban in Kashmir were trying to “malign the Kashmiri resistance struggle”. Meanwhile, the head of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Asiya Andrabi, in a media interview also said the Taliban prior to entering Kashmir had to take Kashmir leadership into confidence. “When Afghan Taliban or al Qaeda comes to Kashmir, we should keep in mind that the

roadmap or agenda should be ours,” Andrabi told the website. “We have to think that our brothers are coming to help us to liberate us from India but we shouldn’t surrender everything to them. Before they enter here, there should be debate with them and we must clear ourselves to them that there should

be Islam in Kashmir not to propagate any ideology.” Assertions are rife that following the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014, the Taliban will enter Indiancontrolled Kashmir to fight Indian army. Separatist leaders in the restive region have been critical of Taliban and al Qaeda ideology.

The lahore High Court (lHC) on Monday ordered the interior secretary to appear in the court and provide information on the whereabouts of six prisoners released from American detention and handed over to government of Pakistan. The government’s council sought time to provide the information. earlier, the Justice Project Pakistan (JPP), representing the released detainees and their families, had presented evidence in court confirming the repatriation of the six detainees. The state counsel insisted that the directions, given by Justice Khalid Mehmood on Thursday, had left the Interior Ministry with only one working day to obtain the required information on the whereabouts and state of the repatriated detainees. The request for more time, consistent with the state’s strategy of delaying proceedings,

did not sit well with the judge, who dismissed the plea immediately. The judge admonished the Ministry of Interior for employing delaying tactics and branded their actions as “cruel”. He further went on to reproach the ministry for not informing the families, lawyers and the court about the repatriation of the detainees after they were released from Bagram. He lamented that information about the release of six Pakistani detainees came to the knowledge of the lahore High Court through a letter submitted to a US court of appeals instead of through the Pakistan government. Justice Khalid then ordered the state to quit stalling and ordered the interior secretary to present himself in court on the next hearing, set for today (Tuesday). Sarah Belal, council for petitioners, believed that the present turn of events and the judge summoning the secretary of interior to court was reason to be hopeful.

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news Tuesday, 26 november, 2013


CHAMAN: A man walks past trucks carrying NATO and US military vehicles at the NLC terminal on Pak-Afghan border on Monday. INP

netAnyAhu insists his pressure led to A better deAl with irAn Although it is ‘still A bAd deAl’ TEL AVIV AGENCIES


eNJAMIN Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, will send a team led by his national security adviser to Washington for talks with the Obama administration on a permanent agreement with Iran. A day after denouncing the deal in Geneva as a “historic mistake”, Netanyahu said he had held talks with President Barack Obama on Sunday night. Obama is said to have reaffirmed “their shared goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”He also insisted that his vocal criticisms had helped improve the terms of the original proposed agreement that came close to being signed two weeks ago. “It is true that the international pressure which we applied was partly successful and has led to a better result than what was originally planned but this is still a bad deal,” he told members of his likud party in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. “It reduces the pressure on Iran without receiving anything tangible in return and the Iranians who laughed all the way to the bank are themselves saying that this deal has saved

them.” He said a final agreement must lead to “one result: The dismantling of Iran’s military nuclear capability.” Iran agreed to curb its nuclear programme for the next six months in exchange for limited sanctions relief following marathon talks with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany in Geneva that ended on Sunday. But Israel, Iran’s arch-foe, criticised the deal, having urged for months that sanctions pressure be maintained. Netanyahu has said that in order to get sanctions relief Iran would have to halt uranium enrichment, dismantle centrifuges, have enriched uranium material sent abroad and stop work on its Arak heavy water reactor.

Thousands flee homes after volcano erupts in Indonesia JAKARTA: A powerful burst of hot ash and gravel has erupted from a rumbling volcano in western Indonesia, sending panicking villagers fleeing down the mountain. Authorities raised the alert status to the highest level after a series of eruptions from Mount Sinabung yesterday. Six more eruptions early today sent volcanic debris as high as 2,000 metres into the air. National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said about 15,000 people have been evacuated from 17 villages in the danger zone, a 5km area around the crater. Transportation Ministry spokesman Bambang ervan said airlines had been notified to avoid routes near the mountain in North Sumatra province. AGENCIES

OVER 59% MOTHERS ILLITERATE IN COUNTRY: SURVEY ISLAMABAD: Female literacy in Pakistan has been a challenge for many decades and 59.3 percent of mothers in the country are illiterate, said latest National Nutrition survey. The survey issued by Planning and Development Division of Planning Commission of Pakistan said the proportion was almost double in rural areas than its urban areas. “36 percent urban and 69.4 percent rural mothers are illiterate”, the survey said. It said 45.7 percent of the household heads were illiterate and the proportion of illiterate heads of household was lowest in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, which is only 27.3 percent, whereas the proportion was highest in Balochistan with 58.2 percent. Only 10.5 percent of mothers have completed their 10 years of schooling, the survey said adding, 9.0 percent managed to complete their studies beyond grade 10. Data from the survey further revealed that about 10.9 percent of mothers from rural areas received education till ninth grade and above while in urban areas 38.8 percent managed to achieve the same. APP

Japan PM calls China air defence zone ‘dangerous’ TOKYO AGENCIES

China and Japan raised the temperature in a territorial dispute Monday with both sides summoning the other’s ambassador over Beijing’s declaration of an air defence zone, a move Tokyo called “profoundly dangerous”. The diplomatic scuffle came after Washington said it would stand by Japan in any military clash over the Senkaku Islands, which Beijing claims as the Diaoyus, and as Seoul and Taipei voiced their disquiet at China’s weekend announcement. “I am strongly concerned as it is a profoundly dangerous act that may cause unintended consequences,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told par-

liament. “Japan will ask China to restrain itself while we continue cooperating with the international community,” he said. The comments are the first from the premier on the issue since Beijing on Saturday said it had established an Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) that requires all aircraft flying over an area of the east China Sea to obey its orders. The zone covers the Tokyo-controlled Senkaku islands, where ships and aircraft from the two countries already shadow each other in a potentially dangerous confrontation. US Secretary of State John Kerry declared Washington “deeply concerned”, saying the move raised “risks of an incident”. “This unilateral action constitutes an attempt to change the

status quo in the east China Sea,” Kerry said. Tokyo called in Beijing’s ambassador to demand a roll-back of the plan which it said would “interfere with freedom of flight over the high seas”, but reportedly received short shrift from Cheng Yonghua, who said Tokyo should retract its “unreasonable demand”. Cheng’s opposite number in Beijing also got a carpeting in which he was told Japan should not make “irresponsible remarks” about the ADIZ. Under the rules aircraft are expected to provide their flight plan, clearly mark their nationality, and maintain twoway radio communication allowing them to “respond in a timely and accurate manner” to identification inquiries from Chinese authorities, the defence ministry said.

eU will likely lift some Iran sanctions in Dec: France PARIS AGENCIES

France’s foreign minister said Monday the european Union would likely lift some sanctions on Iran in December, as part of a hard-won deal that curbs Tehran’s nuclear programme. laurent Fabius also said Israel – which blasted Sunday’s agreement as a “historic mistake” – was not likely to launch any preventative strikes on arch-foe Iran, “because no one would understand” such a move “at this stage.” World powers sealed the agreement with Iran after four days of intense negotiations in Geneva, promising to ease some crippling US and

eU sanctions on the Islamic state in return for limits on an enrichment programme the West suspects was aimed at developing an atomic bomb. Speaking on europe 1 radio, Fabius said that eU foreign ministers would gather together in “a few weeks” to put forward a proposal to partially lift some sanctions, which the 28member body will have to approve. “This lifting of sanctions is limited, targeted and reversible,” he said, adding that it would take place “in December”. The deal, which lasts for six months only while a more long-lasting solution is negotiated, also gives UN atomic inspectors more access to key

nuclear facilities in Iran. Tehran has agreed that it will not enrich uranium over five per cent for the sixmonth period and will neutralise its entire stockpile of uranium enriched to 20 per cent, which is close to weapons-grade and therefore an area of top concern. In return, the eU and United States will suspend sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical exports and gold and precious metals sector. US trade restrictions on the country’s auto industry will also be suspended. Altogether, Iran will receive some $7 billion (5.2 billion euros) in sanctions relief, Washington has said, and the powers have promised to impose no new

embargo measures for six months if Tehran sticks to the accord. But the raft of international sanctions that have hobbled the Iranian economy remain untouched. Fabius said that Iran “commits to giving up the prospect of a nuclear weapon” as part of the interim deal. “As much as Iran can move forward where civilian nuclear energy is concerned, it cannot do so for the atomic weapon,” he added. The six powers involved in the negotiations – the United States, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany – have hailed the deal as a key first step that wards off the threat of military escalation.

Parents guilty of killing daughter in case that captivated India NEW DELHI AGENCIES

An Indian court on Monday found a dentist couple guilty of murdering their 14-yearold daughter and a servant five years ago, in a dramatic finale to a case that transfixed the country and tapped unease on both sides of the rich-poor divide. Aarushi Talwar was found with her throat slit at the family home in Noida, an affluent town of new shopping malls and offices near Delhi, in 2008. A day later, the body of the family servant, Hemraj, was discovered. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were convicted in a local court in Ghaziabad, near Noida, and remanded in custody ahead of sentencing on Tuesday. Naresh Yadav, a lawyer present in court, told reporters waiting outside that the couple and members of their family broke down in tears when the verdict was read out. early in the investigation, police alleged Rajesh had murdered his daughter and servant in a rage after finding them in a compromising situ-

ation - the kind of crime more often associated with rural, conservative parts of India where “honor killings” are not uncommon. Both parents were later charged, but the Talwars always denied the murder and blamed sensational media coverage for demonizing them and damaging their defense. They also described a Kafkaesque trail of botched police operations, arrests, “truth serum” tests and contradictory rulings by different investigative bodies. Much has been made in the media of the fact that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), India’s federal detective agency, relied on circumstantial evidence to pursue the Talwars. RK Saini,

representing the CBI, defended the prosecution. “There were so many circumstances that proved that no one could have committed the murder other than the two accused,” he said. “The court has convicted them after going through the chain of circumstantial evidence.” Rebecca John, one of the lawyers representing the Talwars, said they would appeal the ruling in a higher court. “We are deeply disappointed, hurt and anguished for being convicted for a crime that we have not committed,” the Talwars said in a statement. “We refuse to feel defeated and will continue to fight for justice.” Horrific crime stories are common in India and

many involve caste or class. But the Aarushi case, in which police named Hemraj as the murder suspect before his body was found, resonated with the rapidly expanding number of well-off families who fret that their wealth makes them vulnerable to violence. Dipankar Gupta, a sociologist at Shiv Nadar University in Uttar Pradesh - the state where Noida is located - said the case highlighted how domestic staff were frequently abused by employers in India. “But at least now there is some progress and people are talking about it,” he said. Newspapers this month reported the case of a wife of a member of parliament who allegedly tortured a maid to death at her home in Delhi. Security footage last week of a machete attack on a bank employee withdrawing cash from an ATM in Bangalore to pay for her child’s birthday party was played repeatedly on news channels. She was partly paralyzed and the attacker is at large.

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Justice means minding one’s own business and not meddling with other men’s concerns — Plato




Tuesday, 26 november, 2013

INDIA-PAKISTAN TALKS BACK ON TRACK? list of Actions includes significAnt reduction of violence on the loc, determined forwArd movement on the 26/11 cAse And A decision on most fAvoured nAtion (mfn) stAtus by pAkistAn NEW DELHI

MEXICO CITY: Mexico said it will award its 2013 International Prize for equality and Non-Discrimination to Malala Yousafzai, the teenager shot by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) gunmen for championing girls’ rights to education. The award seeks to recognise Malala’s efforts for “the protection of human rights” and especially her fight to protect the right to education without discrimination on “grounds of age, gender, sex and religion,” Mexico’s official National Council to Prevent Discrimination said in a statement. The award ceremony is planned for early 2014. The 16-year-old, who survived a gunshot wound to the head in 2012, has become a global ambassador for the rights of children. She is currently living in Britain, where she underwent surgery after the attack. Malala, who since age 11 has written a blog about girls’ right to education, has written an autobiography, addressed the United Nations and set up a fund to help girls around the world go to school and promote universal access to education. last week, she was awarded the european Union’s prestigious Sakharov human rights prize at a ceremony significantly held on World Children’s Day. AGENCIES




He violence on the line of Control (loC) has perceptibly come down. And almost unnoticed, the conversations between India and Pakistan have increased. Despite elections being round the corner in India, the buzz has returned to the government that the prime minister might take a final stab at visiting the only neighbouring country he has ever wanted to go to. What would it take for Manmohan Singh to be able to go to Pakistan? High-level sources said the laundry list of actions included significant reduction of violence on the loC, determined

forward movement on the 26/11 case and a decision on most favoured nation (MFN) status by Pakistan, Times of India in a report said on Monday. Although DGMOs have not met, as the two prime ministers intended, since the decision in late September, the violence on the loC has reduced somewhat. Some of it is explained by the coming of winter, which makes the passes difficult to negotiate. But sources said the violence was deliberate, and its absence is equally deliberate. In the past, India has flirted with the talks-in spite-of-terrorism option. But this year, India linked normalisation of ties with Pakistan to peace and tranquillity on the loC. It’s too soon to ascribe the reduction to diplomatic pressure, but something

Parthasarathy, former high commissioner to Pakistan. For the Nawaz government in Islamabad, a visit by the Indian PM would be an unexpected bonus. On the other hand, Pakistani leaders have been quoted as saying they would rather decide on things like MFN when the next government in India takes office. In India, the Congress party, heading into elections, has dished out tougher rhetoric on Pakistan than ever before. It’s unclear it would be comfortable with a PM visit to Pakistan, particularly if there is a risk of a terror attack. The risks are offset by the PM’s own interest in normalizing relations with Pakistan, quite apart from a personal interest in seeing the village where he was born. The government has dangled a further carrot on trade to Pakistan. last week, Arvind Mehta, senior official in the Commerce Ministry, said, “If Pakistan grants non-discriminatory access to India, we will provide a reciprocal market access to Pakistan at a 0-5 percent duty rate, similar to what is being given to Bangladesh.”

is clearly working. According to the newspaper an official said, “We don’t want to jump the gun, because there could be violence tomorrow.” Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid, who has evolved into becoming a proactive diplomat, has quietly pushed the envelope with Pakistan. In Colombo, Khurshid met Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of CHOGM, a meeting that was not flagged by the Indian government. The Pakistani media, which was briefed, described it as “positive”. On November 12, Khurshid held a meeting with Sartaj Aziz on the sidelines of ASeM, where he emphasised the importance of respecting Indian sensitivities and keeping the border quiet. Khurshid also said India had done everything possible to move the 26/11 case forward. Pakistan would now have to prosecute top leT leaders like Zakiur Rehman lakhvi and bring closure. On Saturday, Singh met Salman Bashir, the departing Pakistani envoy, in a farewell meeting. “It is unusual for the PM to meet departing envoys,” said G

ROBBERS LOOT RS6MILLION FROM BANK, KILL SECURITY GUARD MUZAFFARGARH: Robbers shot dead a security guard and looted millions of rupees from a private bank and injured five others upon resistance. According to details, six armed robbers barged into United Bank limited (UBl) branch located in Sarwar Shaheed square in Muzaffargarh and made the staff hostage at gun point. The robbers looted over six million rupees and fled away. While escaping, the security guard showed resistance who was gunned down by the robbers and five citizens were injured as a result of firing. Despite being informed the police reached the scene after a long delay as usual, providing an opportunity to robbers to escape from the scene. INP

CHAMAN: A health worker administers polio drops to a child during an anti-polio campaign at the Pak-Afghan border. INP

Mumbai attacks: Lawyer says case against suspects ‘flawed’ AbbAsi sAys by hAnging kAsAb, indiA destroyed the only living evidence of the AttAcks


lawyers for seven Pakistanis accused of involvement in the 2008 Mumbai attacks Monday said the case against them “lacks evidence”, a day before the fifth anniver-

sary of the assault that left 166 people dead. The three-day onslaught by 10 heavilyarmed men on high-profile targets in India’s financial capital was blamed on the lashkar-e-Taiba (leT) militant group, causing relations between Pakistan and India to plunge. Pakistan charged seven men in 2009 over the attacks, but has insisted it needs to gather more evidence in India before proceeding further. Rizwan Abbasi, a lawyer for the men, on Monday said the Indians only had themselves to blame for the slow progress. “This case has many legal flaws and lacks evidence. It is being delayed in Pakistan because India has failed to provide required evidence against the accused,” he told a news conference. The only gunman to survive the siege, Pakistani-born Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, was tried in Mumbai and hanged late last year for waging war against India, murder and terrorist attacks. “By hanging Kasab, India destroyed the only living evidence of these attacks and created problems for investigations in Pakistan,” Abbasi said. New Delhi insists it has already handed over enough evidence to convict the accused. In July last year

PAKISTAN SHOULD GIVE MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT TO 26/11 ATTACKERS: ANTONY NEW DELHI: India will not be satisfied until Pakistan gives maximum punishment to the perpetrators of 26/11 Mumbai attack, Indian Defence Minister AK Antony said on Monday. Coastal security was “very weak” before the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008 but now it was “vibrant” and “strong”, Antony told reporters on the sidelines of an awards function. “Before 26/11, coastal security apparatus was very weak but now we have been able to establish a vibrant and strong coastal security,” Antony said. He said coordination with other stakeholders involved in coastal security has also improved. Asked about lack of firm action on part of Pakistan against those responsible for the attack that left 166 people dead, Antony said the perpetrators should be brought to book. “They (Pakistan) should book the culprits and unless they are given maximum punishment, I don’t think our nation will be satisfied,” Antony said. INP Pakistan told India that fresh evidence in the case was inadmissible because Pakistani lawyers were not given the chance to cross-examine Indian officials. Abbasi claimed the dossiers handed over by India contained only “information

and no solid evidence”. “There was also no proof that the attackers had any link with my clients because the phone numbers Indian authorities said were used for the contacts were not of Pakistani companies,” he said.

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Getting in touch with your true self must be your first priority — Tom Hopkins

06 N

news Tuesday, 26 november, 2013


Police on Monday registered a case against Balochistan National PartyMengal (BNP-M) chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal in Khuzdar Police Station. Abdul Qadir Sheikh, a police officer in Khuzdar, said that the FIR was registered on the application of Khuzdar Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ayaz Mandokhail.Mandokhail has alleged in the application that Sardar Akhtar Mengal had threatened him on telephone. “Sardar Mengal has issued serious life threats against me,” the police official cited the wordings of the deputy commissioner’s application. However, sources close to Sardar Akhtar Mengal have strongly contradicted the claims of the deputy commissioner and termed it an attempt to press Sardar Mengal’s voice for Baloch rights and resources. “Sardar Mengal cannot be pressurised through such tactics,” the sources said. Mengal is the chief of Balochistan National Party and he remained the chief minister of the province during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s second term in late 1990s until his provincial government was toppled by the then federal government. He was elected as an MPA during this year’s general elections held in May this year from his hometown Wadh. His hometown Wadh and Khuzdar are considered to be the most sensitive areas of Balochistan, Pakistan’s geographically largest province.


As many as three people, including a government employee and a member of Baloch National Party (BNP), were killed and several others injured in separate incidents of violence in Balochistan on Monday. According to police, unidentified motorcyclists opened fire on Revenue Department Superintendent Abdul Hakeem Shahwani, killing him on the spot. In another incident, unidentified miscreants gunned down Muhammad Gul, BNP candidate for local bodies’ polls in Khuzdar near Arbab Complex. Meanwhile, a girl was killed and six others injured in a rocket attack on a house in village Tump, District Ketch.

POL PRICES TO BE REVISED IN DECEMBER ISLAMABAD : The prices of petroleum products are expected to be revised from December 1. According to reports light Diesel prices would be increased by 90 paisa per litre, Diesel by 85 paisa per litre and high octane by Rs 3 per litre. However, the petrol prices would remain unchanged, the sources added. INP

ISLAMABAD: Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani exchanging views with the Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt during his farewell visit to the Air Headquarters on Monday. INP




He Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Monday accused the Pakistan Muslim league-Nawaz (PMl-N) of horse trading in the upcoming local bodies’ polls by supporting independent candidates in Sindh. The PPP alleged that the PMl-N was trying to strengthen its foothold in Sindh, adding that the PMl-N is supporting those who want to contest elections independently. The party claimed that the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) would have to print more ballot papers if the willing candidates decide to contest polls independently. On the other hand, the PMl-N rejected the allegations and said they had supported party-based elections in Sindh and independent candidates would be free to join any political party

after winning the polls. “PMl-N wants to strengthen its roots in Sindh and this is the only reason that it is supporting the independent candidates in coming lG polls despite the fact that the work of eCP would be increased to cover each and every independent candidate,” PPP Sindh General Secretary Taj Haider said. “As far as Sindh is concerned, PMl-N is following the policy of horse trading and intended to buy those independent candidates who would win the lG polls to make it base in the province,” he accused. “The election commission would need much resources for printing of ballot papers for independent candidates in micro-level elections in the province,” he claimed, adding that “To minimize confusion, the party has decided to field its panel in the elections instead of candidates and those who want to contest lG polls on PPP ticket have been advised to induct their names in the panel.” “PPP has decided that the symbol of


the panel would be arrow,” he maintained. “There should be a separate panel for independent candidates and they can devise their symbol after mutual understanding,” he suggested, elaborated that “It would not only reduce the burden of eCP but would also help the voters in searching their candidates.” PMl-N Karachi President Nehal Hashmi said they had supported the party-based lG polls in Sindh. “If a candidate wants to join the PMl-N after winning the election then it is his right,” he clarified. “As far as horse trading is concerned, PMl-N Sindh leadership has not received any instructions from central leadership in this regard as yet,” he added.


The Supreme Court (SC) has been moved for initiation of contempt of court proceedings against the army chief, GHQ Rawalpindi CGS, GHQ MS and the defence secretary for allegedly giving false statements in court and taking steps to save Major Haider, allegedly involved in kidnapping of missing person Tasif Malik. Col (r) Inamur Rahim filed the petition in SC on Monday making senior military officers respondents. The petitioner took the plea that the MI DG had filed a

reply through Ibrahim Satti advocate that no officer in the name of Major Haider was working in MI. The same reply was also given by the Defence Ministry later. GHQ Rawalpindi CGS lt Gen Rashid Mehmood also filed the same reply. On the other hand, army chief Gen Ashfaq Kayani transferred Maj Haider from 918 battalion to Punjab. It was said in the appointment orders of Maj Haider that this was a temporary appointment under which Maj Haider was being sent to infantry after transferring him out from intelligence department. The army chief had accorded approval to this order. The

petitioner said it had been proven from police investigation that Major Haider, whose real name was Maj Ali Ahsan, had made telephonic calls to family members of Tasif Malik, husband of Dr Abida Malik. He was sent from Mirpur to Mangla first and later from Mangla to Balochistan. The court has already ordered police to take action in this regard. The matters have become clear now. All these jobs have been done for hiding Maj Haider and misguiding the court. He prayed the court to initiate contempt of court proceedings against officers, including Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Kayani,


GHQ Rawalpindi CGS, lt Gen Rashid Mehmood, GHQ Rawalpindi MS lt Gen Mazhar Jamil and Defence Secretary lt Gen (r) Asif Yasin Malik. The real identification of an officer of military intelligence has come to light for the first time in the matter related to missing persons under SC pressure and efforts of police. The documents presented in the SC during the hearing of missing persons case revealed that the real name of military intelligence officer, who was working under code name Major Haider, was is in fact major Muhammad Ali Ahsan and he was deputed in Awaran district of Balochistan nowadays.

High Commissioner of Canada to Pakistan Greg Giokas advised leaders of industry, agriculture, and government to take a business approach to agriculture. He emphasised the need for policies that introduce business opportunities in agriculture making it attractive for investors. He was speaking to senior Punjab government officials and leaders of industry and agriculture at a roundtable hosted by the Pakistan Agricultural Council, a non-profit organisation, in lahore. Chief executive Officer (CeO) of Pakistan Agricultural Council (PAC) Arif Nadeem, highlighted the importance of constant dialogue between government officials & farmers and local investors. The PAC intends to facilitate this dialogue to achieve better outcomes in agriculture, he said. Greg Giokas pointed out that Canada exports $3.2 billion worth of food items to Japan alone. He explained the need for initiative from the private sector and recommended that Pakistan take a self-help approach in agriculture. Shahid Abdullah of Sapphire Group pointed out that investors in Pakistan are taking a selfhelp approach for introducing more productive breeds of cattle and improvements in the cotton crop in Pakistan. CeO of Farmers’ Associates of Pakistan Afaq Tiwana said that Pakistan must open up its agriculture sector to the global market with confidence as it possesses fertile land, water supply, and other factors suitable for farming. However, issues such as technology, research & capital need to be addressed. The meeting was attended by, Punjab Agriculture Secretary Dr Ijaz Munir, Chairman Nestle Pakistan and honorary consul general of Canada in lahore Syed Yawar Ali, Nauman Ahmed Khan, managing director of Almoiz Industries, Dr Mubarik Ali, chief executive Punjab Agricultural Research Board, and Punjab Veterinary Research Institute Director Rashid Ahmad.

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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. —Martin Luther King, Jr. KARACHI: A view of the garbage seen littering the China Creek, causing hazards for he sea life. ONLINE

KaraChI Tuesday, 26 november, 2013

WeAtHer UpdAteS

300C High

190LowC WedneSdAy 29°C I 18°C

SUnny tHUrSdAy FrIdAy

29°C I 17°C

30°C I 19°C

PRAyER TIMINGS Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 5:36 6:55 12:19 3:22 5:43 7:03

four shot dead as targeted killing continues KARACHI INP At least four persons were killed in different incidents of violence on Monday and as many as 44 suspects were arrested during a targeted operation in the city. According to police sources, a couple was killed when unidentified gunmen opened fire on them near Saleem Centre in North Nazimabad area of Karachi. The victims, hailing from Surjani Town’s Khuda ki Basti, were identified as Munir Hussain and Razia. The motive of the killings could not be known. In another firing incident, one person was killed near Kati Pahari in Orangi Town area, whereas a woman sustained injuries due to firing in Korangi’s 100 quarters area. Near Paracha graveyard one unidentified body was found. On the other hand, one person was shot dead near Sishmahal stop in Liaqatabad. Meanwhile, Rangers and police rounded up 44 suspects during search operation in Frontier Colony. Earlier, two accused of gang war were killed in an alleged encounter with the Rangers and the police in Chakiwara area of Lyari. According to police official, the Rangers and the police conducted a raid after receiving tip-off on Rangi Wara area, located in the limits of Chakiwara police station where a clash took place between the accused and the law enforces in which two accused of gang war were killed, the police official said. He further told that the accused were affiliated with Uzair Jan Group, identified as Ijaz and Dilshad. Meanwhile, police and Rangers personnel conducted a targeted operation in Orangi Town’s Frontier Colony and Peerabad areas and 44 suspects, including two fugitives were arrested by the SITE police.

Ancholi bombinGs

pm to Arrive in KArAchi todAy

investigAtion hAnded over to Aec KARACHI



NCHOlI bomb blasts investigations have been handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Anti extremism Cell (AeC), while CCTV footages of blasts will be sent to forensic laboratory. As per media reports, the statement of injured persons in blasts have been recorded and their particulars have also

been collected, while two more persons including a women have also been arrested. The blasts occurred in the jurisdiction of Samanabad police station in the Federal B area, Block No. 20 and 17 on Friday night, on which the number of arrested persons in this case has become eight now. Six accused, motorcycles, rickshaws and other materials have already been handed over to AeC. Sources said that from C-1 area of liaqat Abad, AeC arrested two persons

including a woman from whom investigations are underway. CCTV FAILURE:: According to latest updates, the rickshaw used in the blast was registered on the name of a woman but Naseem Ahmed, the accused had rented it from her. On the other hand, investigation teams had taken the CCTV footage recordings of the blast. But the cameras remained failed to clearly film the motorcycles on which explosive material was placed, therefore, it is decided to send the footages to forensic laboratory. Sources from police said that, it has been said in initial investigation report that two motorcycles were used in blasts and both were placed about the distance of 150 meters from each other beside the barrier of street. Mentioning that, Sindh IG Shahid Nadeem Baloch has constituted 3 teams under the supervision of DIG zone west Javed Alam Odho for the investigations of bomb blasts. These three teams include, CID AeC special investigation unit and zonal police have started their investigations.

KARACHI: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will arrive in Karachi today (Tuesday) on a short visit. According to media reports, the PM will be accompanied by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. The PM during his short visit will preside over a high level meeting to review ongoing Karachi situation in-depth. The meeting will be attended by Sindh Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, federal and provincial ministers. The PM will be briefed on Karachi operation and ongoing law and order situation besides reviewing peace and security situation in the metropolis. ONLINE

KwsB and KesC face off over dues KARACHI INP

The dispute between the Karachi electric Supply Company (KeSC) and Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) over the unpaid dues has turned worse as the former has moved Sindh High Court (SHC) against the KeSC for persistent load shedding at water pumping stations. The KWSB authorities said that KeSC should put an end to the misery as the citizens are suffering due to water shortage while the latter alleged that KWSB is neither following the court’s order nor realising the difficulties faced by the citizens. The petition against KeSC was filed by Advocate Abrar Hussain in the SHC which stated that the load shedding carried out by the KeSC at the pumping stations is the violation of basic human rights. The petition further stated

that water pressure decreases due to fourhour load shedding and it takes thirty hours to develop the pressure again, while pipelines are also being affected due to back pressure attributed to load shedding. Responding to this, the court issued notice to the KeSC MD to submit his reply today (Tuesday). Water pumping stations continue to face up-to four hours of power cuts daily owing to the persisting standoff between the KeSC and KWSB over unpaid dues. Karachi is facing a water shortage of 700 million gallons on daily basis for the past couple of days. The affected areas include landhi, Korangi and Defence while water supply will be suspended in Gulshan-e-Iqbal from today onwards. Regular water supply to different areas has been affected due to these power outages with the residents in the tail-end areas suffering the most, KWSB

Managing-Director Qutubuddin Shaikh said. Talks between the Sindh government and the power utility officials had broken down on Friday evening after KeSC officials asked for 24 hours to consult the management over the demand to end power outages at pumping stations. On November 20, the KeSC had started four-hour power outages a day at

all water pumping stations of the KWSB over payment default, warning that the water utility of disconnecting the installations, if the bills were not paid. In the past few weeks, the power utility has served several notices to the KWSB for paying its share of dues amounting to Rs 25 billion, failing to which will result in legal action by the high court orders.

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All violence consists in some people forcing others, under threat of suffering or death, to do what they do not want to do. — Leo Tolstoy



KaraChI Tuesday, 26 november, 2013

ppp mnAs deny murderinG ArshAd pAppu

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah talking to media man during a press conference at CM House. INP


The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNAs Shah Jahan Baloch and Amin Buledi have refused the charges of the murder of lyari Gang war main figure Arshad Pappu’s levied by the anti-terrorist court judge Khalida Yasmeen. The murder charges were imposed after the case hearing held on Monday but after the denial of defendants, the witnesses have been summoned on December 04. The accused Amin Buledi had been arrested from lahore while Shah Jahan Baloch was arrested from lyari. However the 22 main figures of lyari gang war, including Noor Muhammad alias Baba ladla, head of the banned People’s Aman Committee (People’s peace committee) Uzair Baloch, police officers Chand khan Niazi, Chandio, and Zafar Baloch are still absconders. Here it is important to note that Zafar Baloch had been murdered, some days back in lyari.

six Killed in roAd Accident NAWABSHAH INP

three policemen martyred, two dacoits killed in clash QAMABAR: Three police officials embraced martyrdom and two dacoits were shot dead during an armed clash in Qambar Shehdadkot late Sunday night. The police were patrolling in Qambar Shehdadkot where they faced few armed dacoits in the area. When police warned them to surrender and put down the weapons, the robbers rushed and fled into the nearby farmland and opened fire at the police party and injured three police officials including SHO Abdul Khaliq seriously. The police party opened counter fire at the robbers and shot two of them dead on the spot. The injured policemen were quickly moved to the Chandka Medical Hospital for medical assistance but they all succumbed to injuries and embraced martyrdom. ONLINE

Journalists did what indian central bank failed to years ago lAck of indiAn currency At sbp money museum hurts visiting mediA persons fourteen indiAn journAlists give AwAy rs1,668 to be showcAsed At museum in 2007, indiA did not respond to sbp’s letter to send currency notes for museum

karachi suspends anti-polio campaign KARACHI: Polio vaccination campaign was suspended in three districts of Karachi over security concerns on Monday, officials said. The sources said that the fresh campaign was scheduled to start from Monday but the administration failed to provide proper security to the polio teams following which the campaign was suspended. Due to the suspension, polio drops will not be administered to children in Gadap Town, a high-risk area from where two new polio cases were reported recently. Anti-Polio teams have been attacked in different parts of the country. On Saturday, militants abducted eleven teachers, who were taking part in the polio campaign, from a school in Bara tehsil of the Khyber Agency. ONLINE




He fourteen visiting Indian journalists on Monday created history in Pakistan by souveniring Rs 1,668 to be showcased at the State Bank of Pakistan’s (SBP) world class museum, something their central bank had ignored while approached by the SBP years ago. The media persons from India, who arrived here Saturday evening on a weeklong visit to promote people-topeople contact between the two hostile countries, seemed smelling a rat in the

intentions on Pakistani side which, perceivably, had kept the Indian rupee out of its historic museum. “We gave away this (money) because we are surprised to see that our currency is not displayed in this world class museum!” wondered Maharashtra Times chief copy editor Pragati Bankhele. assistant sports editor and a coin collector Norma Astrid Godinho told Pakistan Today, it is very sad that Indian currency is not here. Pragati complained that even the currency of far-located countries like Tanzania was displayed at the SBP’s museum, why not India’s? She exclaimed. Pragati tends to take some Pakistani coins to India to be gifted to her son. TV 9 assistant editor Preeti Sompura was also heard loudly asking why the Indian currency was not there in a number of showcases displaying the old and new currency bills of countries ranging from Afghanistan to the United States at the museum’s Main Hall. When asked, if they were sure the Pakistani currency was showcased back in the Indian museums Pragati replied: “Of course we have Pakistani currency in our museums.” The visitors, however, went suddenly on defensive when SBP’s Museum and Art Gallary Department director Dr Asma Ibrahim informed that the ball, actually, was lying in India’s court. “We back in 2007 had written to all the (world’s) central banks to send us their currencies but few of them responded,” he said

Another SBP official told Pakistan Today that Morocco was the only country which had dispatched its currency bills in response to SBP’s request. Dr Asma said the museum was showcasing the currencies of at least 37 countries. The give-away thing only hit the Indian print, electronic and web journalists when Dr Asma told Sahil Joshi of Aaj Takk TV that it was a routine for the foreign visitors to souvenir their countries’ currencies to the museum. “We asked her as to why the Indian currency is not here and she (Dr Asma) says normally the people give away their currencies. So we thought to do this,” said Sahil who was collecting different currency bills and coins available with his colleagues. The giveaway cost the initiator, Sahil, the most as he contributed Rs 1000, the largest denomination bill in India. Santosh contributed Rs 500, Norma Rs 102 (Rs 100 note and 2-rupee coin), Gurbir Singh Rs 50, Muhammed Wajihuddin Rs 10 and Pragati Rs 6 (Rs 5 note and one-rupee coin). Totalling Rs 1,668, the giveaway was formally handed over to Dr Asma by The Press Club, Mumbai (TPC-M) president and leader of the delegation Gurbir Singh. Availability being a basis for the unplanned giveaway by the Indian media persons, the SBP museum still lacks the neighbouring country’s Rs 20 bill and coins of five and 10-rupee denominations, thanks to the nonresponsive Central Bank of India.

At least six people, including women and a child were killed and several others were injured in collision between two vehicles on Monday. According to police officials, the accident took place at Nawabshah Sakrand Bypass where a private car and passenger van collided head-on. As a result of accident, six persons including three women and a child were killed on the spot while several others sustained wounds. The car was heading to Hyderabad from Moro when it met the tragic mishap. Few passengers onboard the van also sustained injuries in the deadly road accident. The dead and injured were shifted to Sakrand civil hospital. The police arrested the van driver and taking both vehicles into custody started the investigation.

mushArrAf’s ecl nAme removAl pleA move to shc cJ KARACHI ONLINE

The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday referred former president Pervez Musharraf’s writ to constitute a bench against the placement of his name on the exit control list (eCl) to the SHC chief justice. The SHC bench comprising Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and Justice Salah ud Din Babar took up the petition for hearing on Monday. Pervez Musharraf’s counsel A Q Halipota argued, on March 28, 2013, it was not the open court that ordered to put his client’s name on eCl. So, the bench which had banned Musharraf from going abroad should hear this petition. Attorney General (AG) Munir A Malik while objecting to the petition said the affidavit filed with the petition is not from Pervez Musharraf but it has been given by his brother in law. Therefore, time should be given to me so that I could file my written objection, he said. The court while giving time to AG maintained that as Pervez Musharraf seeks review of March, 29, 2013 decision, therefore, the court is sending this petition to the chief justice for constitution of a bench.


Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani on Monday announced that he would approach the federal government to get lifted the years-old ban imposed by India and Pakistan to restrict the stationing of journalists in the two countries. The journalists from Karachi and Mumbai press clubs have decided to form a joint committee to lobby

governments in the two countries on facilitating the travel of media persons to each other’s countries. “These are the momentous decisions, said The Press Club, Mumbai (TPC-M) president Gurbir Singh, who is leading a 14-member delegation of Indian journalists in a weeklong tour to Pakistan. Durrani seconded as Singh said the speaker agreed to forward a resolution to be jointly adopted by Karachi Press Club and The Press Club of Mumbai to demand the governments in the two neighboring countries to

relax their policies on journalists’ movement across the line of Control (lOC). “We would approach the federal government on facilitating the journalists,” the speaker told reporters at Sindh Assembly visited by Indian media persons who visited the historic building Monday morning. Jatin Desai, Muhammed Wajihuddin, Preeti Sompura, Pragati Bankhele, Sachin Dave, Norma Astrid Godinho, Joel Rebello, Ramesh B Mana, Jyoti Punwani Sakarikar, Ketan Tanna, Santosh Andhale,

Sahil Joshi and Vingnesh lyer arrived Pakistan last Saturday. The TPC-M president said the two press clubs had decided to constitute a joint committee to lobby support from the decision making authorities in India and Pakistan for promoting the journalists’ crossborder movement. He was appreciative of Pakistani government, particularly its high commissioner in India Salman Bashir, for issuing visas to his delegation within a short span of three days.

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Well private money can take risks in a way that government money often isn't willing to. –Bill Gates


CommenT Tuesday, 26 november, 2013

Goodbye to parliamentary politics?

hell was fashioned bottomless why did they do this at this point in time?

pti’s method of protest has its ramifications


He PTI has s veered towards an extreme right position. This was brought out graphically by two top PTI leaders sharing the stage at a Karachi anti-US rally with leaders of JI, JUP and the banned JuD. The PTI’s club wielding workers in KP meanwhile have been tasked to stop NATO supplies by force. This they are doing by illegally breaking open the truck containers to check their contents and roughing up the drivers in case they resist. Is the party abandoning the peaceful parliamentary path which brought it to power in KP and provided it a respectable place in the National Assembly? If so, the PTI would compromise its position among its constituency of urban educated youth which it had assiduously created over years. Does Imran Khan realise that choking NATO supply routes violates the UN resolution on Afghanistan, our own Constitution and all our agreements with the US and NATO? Has Imran Khan lost confidence in the rule of law? A one day protest in Peshawar would have been enough to express PTI’s resentment against the drone attacks. With the KP legislators protesting outside the US consulate in Peshawar and the US embassy in Islamabad the message would have been delivered in no uncertain terms. The protests outside the parliament house were also perfectly in order. If all this failed, the PTI could have taken up the matter in the National Assembly. But to block the NATO supplies through force over weeks and months is both unrealistic and harmful. What will the PTI do if Washington decided to get its supplies through other countries or by air despite heavy costs? Would the party then go a step further and cross over from its present extremist position to the next stage of confrontation which is militancy? The confrontation might appeal to a handful of elements in the PTI who are ideologically closer to the TTP but it will put off the vast majority of its supporters as the common man in the province would soon be facing the brunt of a choked GT road which serves as KP’s lifeline. Over five months in power and the PTI has yet to cope with the province’s s actual issues like unemployment, deteriorating law and order situation, growing price hike, dilapidated infrastructure, and failing social services delivery system. Why doesn’t the party focus on resolving these issues instead of confronting the federation which would ultimately have to intervene to open the traffic?

national Assembly’s committees the pml-n must strengthen the system


ARlIAMeNTARY democracy usually works under a protocol. The parliamentarians are elected through public elections, they in turn elect a government, a majority party, to mind the affairs of the state, which then appoints various parliamentary and cabinet officials, including the important committee system which is designed to discuss everything legislation related between the members of a particular committee before it is brought to the floor of the house for open discussion. This committee system is mandated under the constitution and a failure to implement it is a failure on the part of the government. That incidentally is something the incumbent government is guilty of. The constitution states that within a month of the new government, committees have to be formed but the present dispensation let the issue linger on for more than four months, mainly because the prime minister was not available to decide who would chair each committee, and because the PMl-N wanted to keep the chair of important committees with itself. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, delaying the decision, and letting the committees be non-functional for over six months in total, is not something that a mature democratic political party would do. It shows a lack of trust in the parliamentary democratic system, or at least in how it functions. They are not merely jobs to hand to their favourites. Here is why these committees are important. They discuss every legislation, every bill before it is tabled in the house, thus removing most of the objections and loopholes, and make sure that a thoroughly discussed bill is presented to the legislators in the house. The committees also work closely with respective ministries to make sure that they have every tool at their disposal before they mark a bill passable or not. These committees also help legislators gain valuable experience without which the supremacy of the civilian authority over armed forces and bureaucracy cannot be ensured. Out of the 28 committees of the National Assembly, the government intends to offer nine to the opposition, and keep the rest with itself. even if this figure is appropriate (which it may not be, for the opposition deserves better than a mere 33 per cent allocation), delay in activating this vital system will only create problems for the treasury as it cannot, in all likelihood, manage to handle the load of legislation on its own. The Committees are think tanks, but for the government and of course for the parliament. Despite the delay, the PMl-N leadership is expected to make the committee system stronger which would help assert democracy its hold over the country’s fate.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

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eOPle thought that the Asif Zardari government had hit rock bottom and none could ever be worse. Well, the Sharif government has found a new bottom and proved them wrong. Pakistan is fast becoming bottomless, like hell where sinful sods keep looking for bottoms but find none. I am agog. In the face of the countless crises fast spinning out of control that this already failed government doesn’t have the capacity to handle, they have decided to put Gen Pervez Musharraf on trial for high treason under Article 6 of the constitution. let it happen, I say. Musharraf has won bail in all the cases vengefully filed against him. let’s get this one out of the way as well. Twice before has Nawaz Sharif committed political suicide: seeing him beckoning yet another defies credulity. They have learned nothing and remain intent on punching above their weight, which inevitably leads to knockout. One is left wondering whether Nawaz Sharif will outlive the trial or the trial will outlive him? Why did they do this at this point in time? It is not for just one but for all the reasons being proffered, and more. 1. Considering that this government has a single digit collective IQ, stupidity and alienation are the prime suspects. Their death wish just won’t go away. 2. To divert attention from government’s inability. They have succeeded for a while, for if they hadn’t I wouldn’t be wasting time writing this article and you reading it, but for how long? Diversions fail when deprivation hurts. 3. To prevent Musharraf leaving Pakistan and getting out of their clutches. Why would he when he voluntarily entered the jackals’ den and into their clutches? I suppose pompous cowards who beg for pardons, withdrawal of cases and exiles through foreign governments cannot understand this. 4. To malign and weaken the army further so that it cannot mount another coup. By doing what they are doing they could accelerate yet another. They still don’t realise that a coup is an institutional, not an individual’s decision. This last point was proved by the countercoup mounted by the army in reaction to Nawaz Sharif’s coup against it on October 12, 1999. If coups were the decision of the army chief alone, how could they have reacted when their chief was totally cut off and out of the picture? Obviously, this is what Nawaz Sharif was banking on, not knowing that army interventions are institutional decisions. Those who say that it had been planned earlier only demonstrate their stupidity. How could the army have put the idea into Nawaz Sharif’s head to rush back to Islamabad from Bahawalpur and commit political suicide? In fact, had Musharraf’s PIA flight not been delayed by over an hour the army may not have had the time to move. When it was delayed, a hysterical Nawaz Sharif tried to prevent the flight from landing in Pakistan and even delivering our army chief into Indian custody. Is this not attempted treason? He is lucky that the pilot was a patriot

and refused to take the aircraft to India. Thus it is facetious to wonder who the next army chief will be. Whoever it is, if the institution decides that Pakistan’s decline has gone far enough it will move and even a reluctant army chief will have to go along or face mutiny, which will be very destructive for the army and the country. Mutiny has been tried thrice before and failed only by fluke, which is why it is also facetious to say that this is too big and disciplined an army for mutinies to happen. Flukes do not take place all the time. Desperate simpletons are asking, “What did we sacrifice so much for and make an army except to save us? Now save us. Will you save us only after there is nothing left to save?” This is damaging both for Pakistan and the army that we have made for other reasons. An army at war on many fronts doesn’t need the additional headache of running a country. Some say that the case against Musharraf is “open and shut”, only he will be tried and only for imposing the November 3, 2007 emergency and not the army takeover of October 12, 1999. How illogical can they get? What an affront to natural justice. What an affront to the intellect. They just cannot hide their bias. There is no way that only Musharraf can be singled out and there is no way either that October 12, 1999 will not come into the fray. look, if October 12, 1999 had not been validated by the Supreme Court and later indemnified by parliament there is no way Musharraf could even have reached November 3, 2007, much less impose emergency. To say that someone can be tried and punished in only one alleged crime and not all is wrong if an earlier crime led to a later crime. It is the original sin of the perpetrators and aiders, abettors, legitimisers and indemnifiers that matters. The Supreme Court judges that validated October 12, 1999 will have to enter the dock, as too should the parliamentarians that indemnified it. Article 6 says: “High treason. – (1) Any person who abrogates or subverts or suspends or holds in abeyance, or attempts or conspires to abrogate or subvert or suspend or hold in abeyance, the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by any other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason. “(2) Any person aiding or abetting [or collaborating] the acts mention in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason.] “(3) An act of high treason mentioned in clause (1) or clause (2) shall not be validated by any court including the Supreme Court or a High Court.] “(4) Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament shall by law provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of high treason.” Forgive the atrocious mutilation of language by the constitution’s latest constitutional mutilators. The word ‘abeyance’ was insinuated into Article 6 after Musharraf had lost power because he had neither abrogated the constitution nor ever declared martial law. ‘Abeyance’ was insinuated only to get him. But can it be applied retroac-

tively? Natural justice says that it cannot. If neither the Supreme Court nor any High Court can validate an act of high treason, the validation of the army’s takeover of October 12, 1999 by the Supreme Court is null and void and the judges that validated it become aiders and abettors and have to be included in the trial as well. If ‘abeyance’ is brought into retroactive effective there is no way either that they can avoid bringing the October 12, 1999 army reaction into the fray and put all aiders, abettors and collaborators, including and especially the Supreme Court judges in the dock. Parliamentarians have subverted the constitution more than any military ruler has. The last parliament subverted the federal structure of the state and turned Pakistan into a de facto confederation but they sit pretty because their amendments were done constitutionally. ergo: if you subvert the constitution constitutionally you are a good boy, but if you do it unconstitutionally you are a bad boy. Parliamentarians can commit any crime they wish, including defaming people, so long as they commit it within the constitution and in parliament. If you look at the oaths taken by military personnel, they are sworn to uphold the constitution and, most importantly, to save Pakistan. However, if the spirit and intent of the constitution is violated constitutionally and Pakistan is being endangered they should remain silent hoping that the Supreme Court will declare such legislative acts ultra vires of the constitution. My argument sounds rather convoluted only because it is dealing with a very convoluted constitution that has been woefully mutilated. The literal minded say that you can single out a person and forget about both the original ‘sin’ and its aiders and abettors in both sins because Pervez Musharraf used the word ‘I’ more than once in declaring the November 3, 2007 emergency. They should know that when an office holder speaks or writes in the first person in his official capacity he is representing and speaking on behalf of the institution in which he holds office and the people especially mentioned in an order are party to the order. Thus there is no way they can get away with singling out Musharraf for trial and only for the November 3, 2007 emergency. No, Sir, neither can Musharraf be singled out nor can October 12, 1999 be ducked. They are doing this to save their thick necks by ducking the first question that should be asked: “Why did you and your aiders and abettors Mr Prime Minister create such conditions on October 12, 1999 by removing the army chief illegally as determined by the Supreme Court that caused an army takeover?” That was the real original sin. My ‘sugary’ question, neither here nor there, is: what is the nexus between Sri lanka and Nawaz Sharif committing political suicide?

Twice before has Nawaz Sharif committed political suicide: seeing him beckoning yet another defies credulity. They have learned nothing and remain intent on punching above their weight, which inevitably leads to knockout.

Humayun Gauhar is a political analyst. He can be reached at:

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Leadership comes in small acts as well as bold strokes. –Carly Fiorina




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reviving nandipur power project A symbol of energy activism QuDRAT uLLAH


putting the pakistan economy right required: an array of microeconomic reforms



F one is to believe our government’s recent accounts, Pakistan’s economic fortunes are looking up. energy situation has improved, the IMF has given a good report on the measures thus far to address the fiscal imbalance, the KSe has shown a strong resilience and is stable, and the country seems to be successfully meeting its obligations on external loan repayments. The economy’s growth rate (if not higher) will perhaps be sustained at the 4 per cent level and the recent announcement by the european Union of awarding the GSP+ status to the Pakistani textile exports augurs well for the overall exports of the country going forward – as textiles accounts for nearly 60 per cent of the national exports. Yet, the mood in the country among businessmen and economists remains precariously balanced between cautious enthusiasm for a leadership that supposedly hails from the business community and worry that promised structural reforms might not be implemented. That’s a worry that cannot be taken lightly and the one that needs to be absorbed by all Pakistanis. With each passing day, the ones who are employed are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the rising inflation and to balance their monthly household domestic budget and the ones who are unemployed are getting more and more pessimistic on finding a decent job in the near future. In the endless national debate about the importance of macro-economic budgetary and monetary policies, insufficient attention is often given to the dull, often politically toxic pile of smaller, boring and rather unfashionable policy challenges that can be critical to restarting a faltering economy. In order to resurrect an economic downturn, many countries have had to take on those challenges, including calcified part of ‘old europe’ like France and Italy, emerging nations like India, and even, the United States, with its short-sighted slant towards consumption in place of saving and investment. China’s new leadership has also recently announced fresh and in many ways landmark economic reforms to rebalance a Chinese economy which was beginning to show signs of fatigue. Pakistan’s problems may vary slightly from the ones confronting the developed economies, but in its own peculiar way the Pakistani economy is also shackled by its rigidities. While some export-oriented textile industries or a few FMCG companies may

have remained competitive (mainly through their own management efforts and entrepreneurship), the domestic economy as a whole remains straight-jacketed by a low-quality, inefficient and corrupt bureaucracy, tradition and overregulation. So, what is required is an array of microeconomic reforms – structural reforms. Forget comparing Pakistan with the developed economies, even a comparison through the regional (South Asia, SAARC) prism clearly shows that the need for microeconomic reforms is glaring. All told, Pakistan’s labour productivity is 71 per cent that of India and 65 per cent that of Bangladesh and even this is based only on like-to-like output and does not take into account factors like quality and value addition. Further, the return on capital for a small or medium sized venture undertaken in Pakistan when compared to a similar investment in India, Bangladesh or Sri lanka is equally unsatisfactory. And in spite of these adverse comparisons for Pakistan on regional uncompetitiveness, no one is talking about meaningful changes in the rigid and outdated labour policies, which tend to be tools aiding bureaucratic corruption. A small business operation of blending chemicals in Faisalabad, while opting to remain anonymous, counted 52 different government departments that need to be dealt with when running a small sized manufacturing facility. even if each department pays one visit a quarter to the industrial premises, it means that on average nearly every working day the owner has to attend to the visiting government officials instead of attending to his/her business. The compliance costs (official and unofficial) of such government over-

sight coupled with the weight of the marginal cost of opportunity can be horrendous. Further, the long promised special microreforms on facilitating online drug sales to increasing the number of women in the work force by expanding child care, to properly corporatising the country’s fragmented farming industry are still to be realised due to either a lack of will cum focus or the sheer inability of the human resource in the government to frame and execute such finely detailed reforms. The present tax policy is another area that seems to be going totally wrong. Instead of expanding the tax base the emphasis tends to be on punishing the existing taxpayers – the ones already in the tax net - thereby sending the wrong signals vis-à-vis both, investment and encouraging the documented sector. What is required is to improve the prevalent tax policy: fewer loopholes, reciprocity, minimising the contact between the taxpayer and the collector, lower rates on income and, down the road as the economy recovers, more revenue will automatically flow in and close the gaping budget deficits. Given the past failures of the Pakistani political powers to take on sacred cows, to reign in the bureaucracy and to honestly clamp down on corruption, it is unlikely that even this time round any revolutionary reforms will be adopted by the present policymakers. However, one does expect and hope that they will pay some attention to the above mentioned micro level reforms in order to at least put the economy in the right direction.

Forget comparing Pakistan with the developed economies, even a comparison through the regional (South Asia, SAARC) prism clearly shows that the need for microeconomic reforms is glaring.

The writer can be contacted


ITH its requirement increasing by eight to 10 per cent every year, Pakistan is facing acute energy crisis for the last many years. Due to adoption of insufficient steps to meet this widening gap, the big gap between demand and supply has always been increasing especially during the summer season. In fact, insufficient supply of electricity has become the major stumbling block in attaining economic self-sufficiency for the successive governments. The previous regime’s lack of investment in energy sector further aggravated the dwindling situation due to its institutional ineptness, political short-sightedness, fast depletion of gas reserves and poor planning in fair distribution of energy resources among the federating units, especially the Punjab. When the PMl-N came into power in the centre this year, the already worsened energy crisis was the major concern. Punjab was facing acute energy shortage for the last five years and this energy-deficiency resulted in closing of a large number of industrial units, massive unemployment and revenue shortfalls. Investment in the power sector was almost zero and big industrialists had already moved out to Bangladesh to save their future. This was a big challenge as Pakistan’s industrial sector was looking towards PMl-N leadership optimistically for the composite overhaul of energy sector. One of the important steps taken by PMl-N government was formulation of much-needed National energy Policy 2013-18 to support current and future energy needs of the country by ensuring maximum invest through public-private partnership. The energy policy is comprised of seven main points, with a vision that, “Pakistan will build a profitable, bankable and investment-friendly power sector that would meet the needs of its population and boosts its economy in a sustainable and affordable manner while adhering to the most-efficient generation, transmission and distribution standards.” This energy policy seems ambitious and could help in reducing load-shedding by increasing power generation through private investors. But it needs proper implementation and harnessing full potential of both public and private sectors so that it may not get entangled in unnecessary bureaucratic snafus. The Punjab government seems to have taken the lead in power generation projects by being the first to set up institutional framework. For the development of energy projects on fast-track basis in the public sector, it has established the Punjab Power Development Company which is registered with Securities & exchange Commission of Pakistan (SeCP). The provincial government has also set up Punjab Power Development Board (PPDB) as “One Window Facilitator” to promote and encourage private sector’s active participation. As a result of Punjab government’s efforts, different small-scale power generation projects with a total capacity of 1393.85 megawatt have been initiated in public and private sectors. These plants are of varying capacity and would use wind, solar, hydel, coal, thermal or biogas for power generation. Another important step taken by the Punjab government towards enhancing energy-efficiency was restarting work on the much-awaited Nandipur power project. It is an under construction combined cycle thermal power plant located at Nandipur near Gujranwala which was scheduled to be completed in April 2011 but couldn’t meet this deadline due to institutional inefficiency and lack of interest of the previous government in the centre. This delay resulted in increasing the overall cost of the project – now estimated to be around Rs. 57.38 billion ($574 million). This is a classic example of how precious projects were ruined by the previous ruling coterie to satisfy its ego. In January 2008, Pakistan electric Power Company (PePCO) signed a Rs23 billion ($329 million) contract with Dongfang electric Corporation of China to construct Nandipur power project and paid it a 10 per cent down payment. By mid-2010, much of the construction work at this power project was completed and it was expected to finish on schedule in April 2011. However, the project suffered many delays as the summary, sent by the ministry of Water and Power for legal opinion of the ministry of law & justice, remained pending with the latter for two long years from March 2010 to March 2012. As a result of this inordinate delay, machinery worth $85 million remained stuck at the Karachi Port for over two years. However, it is heartening that due to the personal efforts of Punjab CM, the development work at Nandipur power project is now in full swing and construction activities are being carried out as per schedule. Similarly, remobilisation of the personnel of the Chinese company Dongfang electric Corporation, which is contractor of the project, is also underway as per remobilisation programme. The project is now said to be completed by December, 2014. Upon completion, the Nandipur power project will generate a total of 425 MW of electricity. It is a big achievement of the Punjab government that its CM after a lengthy meeting with the chairman of Dongfang Company S Zefu in Beijing during his previous visit to China persuaded him to resume work after which a new life has been infused in the project. It is good to note that all the detained Nandipur material from Karachi Port has already been shifted to the project site within the shortest period of three months which is two months earlier than the estimated five months. This early transportation of total detained material from Karachi has not only created space to accommodate more project cargos at the port which would definitely be a source of revenue for Karachi Port Trust, but also caused savings of Rs300 million to the Northern Power Generation Company limited (NPGCl). The Dongfang electric Corporation limited (DeCl), after being pressed hard by the government of Pakistan and project authorities, has agreed for the five month early commissioning of the first gas turbine unit. The early commissioning of gas turbine unit prior to the onset of next summer season will yield savings worth Rs13 billion as well as provide considerable relief to the people who have endured load-shedding for quite some time now. In the history of WAPDA, no machine had been commissioned in this record span of time. Owing to the commitment and keen interest taken by Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, a saving of up to Rs three billion has been made so far.

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Every journey starts with fear — Jake Gyllenhaal

shruti’s stalker was seeking job for his brother, says family Actor sAys he should’ve ApproAched her AppropriAtely, but ‘i tAke offence to someone trying to bArge into my home’ NEWS DESK


OLLYWOOD couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are reportedly planning to tie the knot soon. The pair, who have been dating from quite a some time, is allegedly wanting to have a family, reported OK! magazine. “They want to marry and have a family. They’re discussing it,” a source said. But the couple’s busy schedules are not allowing them to get married as soon as possible. “They’re madly in love, but no moves have been made yet because their schedules have been crazy,” the source added. Stone, 25, and Garfield, 28, are reportedly staying together after dating each other for about a year. NEWS DESK


He family of Ashok Shankar Trimukhe, 45, the spot boy who allegedly stalked Shruti Haasan, is shocked that the actress filed a police complaint and that he has been arrested. Trimukhe, they said, is the main earning member of the family of seven, and he was merely trying to approach Haasan in the hope that she would recommend his younger brother for a permanent job. Haasan, however, defended her action, telling us that had Trimukhe approached her or her staff on the sets, they would have dealt

with it appropriately, but that “as a single woman, having someone trying to barge into my home” is a different matter altogether. At their Dharavi home on Sunday, Trimukhe’s sister Shalini, 30, told us, “His arrest came as a shock. My brother learnt that Shruti’s sister Akshara is embarking on a film career, and thought she would need a spot boy. He was hoping our brother would get a permanent job if Shruti puts in a word. But, the police came knocking on our door...” Trimukhe and his brother Dhanraj, 25, have been working as spot boys for 25 and 10 years respectively. With income being rather irregular, Trimukhe wanted Dhanraj to get a permanent job with Akshara, which would enable him to earn substantially. But Trimukhe failed to convey this to Haasan on the sets, and after a few unsuccessful attempts allegedly attempted to barge into her Bandra home on November 19. “My brother did not try barging in. He even made an entry in the visitors’ dairy and asked the watchman to accompany him. He said when Haasan began shutting the door he tried to stop her by asking if she

recognised him. But she slammed the door, hurting his hand,” Shalini said. Trimukhe supports his mother, brother, sisters and nephew. “My mother and I were victims of the 7/11 train blasts. She is 80, lost her hearing and is also paralytic. Our expenses are borne by Trimukhe as Dhanraj barely gets work. Trimukhe also supports my two sons since my husband deserted me,” Shalini said. When TOI contacted Haasan on Sunday, she said, “In all the time this man was on the sets he never approached me or my staff. Had he done, we would have dealt with the matter appropriately. But as a single woman living alone in Mumbai, I take serious offence to someone com-

ing to my house and trying to bargain. I trust the police will know best how to deal with this.” Dinesh Chaturvedi, former general secretary of Federation of Western India Cine employees, will be meeting Trimukhe on Monday. Chaturvedi said, “The police have taken a serious view only because a high profile actress is involved. He’s a poor man who goes to various artistes including Dharmendra and Jackie Shroff looking for work. We will know the truth once we meet him and decide if we are to take up his case.”



EN Affleck and Matt Damon will be producing the film adaptation of the Ed Brubaker’s comic series ‘Sleeper’, it has been revealed. According to Radar Online, ‘The Killing’ writer David Wiener and ‘The Shield’s Shawn Ryan will be co-writing the script. The series began publication in 2003, and revolves around a secret agent who lands in a government organization after he receives alien technology that makes him unable to feel pain and allows him to pass it on to others through skin the script. The series began publication in 2003, and revolves around a secret agent who lands in a government organization after he receives alien technology that makes him unable to feel pain and allows him to pass it on to others through skin contact. NEWS DESK



USTIN Bieber has posted a naked photo of himself on Instagram. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 19-year-old singer said that he doesn’t give a “f**k” about what the critics have to say, the Mirror reported. The ‘Baby’ hitmaker said that he knows who he is and what he is doing in life and moreover what he has accomplished as a performer, writer, artist, performer and a human being. Bieber also posted a snap of the cover for his collaboration with R. Kelly in new track PYD (Put You Down). NEWS DESK

Should women dress like Jennifer Aniston but act like housewife Betty Draper from Mad Men?

Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Haider’ faces protests, shooting on halt NEWS DESK


IRECTOR Vishal Bhardwaj had to cut short the shooting of Shahid Kapoor starrer ‘Haider’ inside the Kashmir University at Hazratbal here following protests by students inside the campus. The film crew, which has been shooting for ‘Haider’ in Kashmir for the past nearly two weeks, had to pack up after the students living in the on-campus hostels objected to hoisting of the national tri-colour atop a make shift bunker yesterday, official sources said. They said police, deployed for security of the film crew, chased away the protesters but the shooting could not proceed further.

Two students were briefly detained by police but were released later following intervention by the university authorities. Kashmir University Students’ Union, which has been banned by the varsity authorities, in a statement condemned the use of force against the students for protesting against the film crew. “Students also objected to Irrfan Khan, one of the actors, when he was spotted smoking inside the smoke free campus,” the union said. Bhardwaj is shooting for ‘Haider’, starring Shahid, Irrfan Khan and Shraddha Kapoor, since November 8. The movie is an adaption of Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet and is set in Kashmir valley. The director, who has earlier made ‘Kaminey’ with Shahid, spent more than a week in rural Kashmir in September this year to get a feel of life in the area. Bollywood has returned to Kashmir over the past decade as the situation started improving in the valley. Yash Chopra shot large parts of his last movie - ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif.


NEWS DESK lady Gaga’s urine has been bottled up as a perfume, which has been referred to as a pop culture artifact. On the show, late Night, the 27-year-old singer was backstage and couldn’t make it to the ladies room and hence ended up going to a dressing room where she squatted in a trashcan, the Mirror reported. TV presenter Andy Cohen decanted the ‘Poker face’ hitmaker’s pee into a bottle saying that they could put it somewhere in the clubhouse. One of his personal assistants found a recipe to make it into perfume and cooked up Gaga’s fragrant sample for all to enjoy.

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Art depends on luck and talent — Francis Ford Coppola

arTs Tuesday, 26 november, 2013

12 A

miley gets 24k b’day gift from dad


Pythons Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Carol Cleveland, Terry Gilliam and John Cleese will perform together for the first time in the UK in 40 years.

Hugh Hefner’s marriage on the rocks?

sheen donates 25k to philippines aid NEWS DESK




lAYBOY mogul Hugh Hefner’s marriage with Crystal Harris is reportedly on the rocks. Hefner, 87, and his new 27-year-old wife have allegedly come to blows over their outlooks on life, reported Showbiz spy. “Hugh is boring Crystal with his hermitlike behavior. Hefner is in his PJs all day and never wants to go out,” a source said. The couple’s nightly routine consists of dinner at 6 pm, followed by watching TV in bed. “For special treats, Hefner will play Dominos or put on Crystal’s favorite movie, ‘The little Mermaid’, but he’s usually asleep before it’s over,” added the source.

HARlIe Sheen has donated $25,000 to a Philippines aid charity. The ‘Anger Management’ actor has reportedly given the money to the PReDA Foundation, an organisation working to help those affected by the typhoon in the country. According to website TMZ, Charlie’s donation will be used to provide food for shelters set up for those who lost their homes in the natural disaster, as well as to locate missing children. The generous act comes after the former ‘Two and a Half Men’ star donated $10,000 to another good cause earlier this month. After Casey

Jones, a crew member on ‘Anger Management’, put up a poster asking for donations for The Walk To end epilepsy, the actor instantly wrote

out a cheque to help the fight against the disease, which Casey’s grandson Dylan was diagnosed with when he was three years old. In January, the actor donated $12,000 to pay the funeral costs of a paparazzi photographer who died after being hit by a car while crossing a road to follow Justin Bieber’s car. And the month before that, the wealthy star gave $75,000 to a little girl who was battling an aggressive form of cancer. Charlie made the generous donation to help a 10-year-old girl called Jasmine, who is battling an aggressive form of muscle tissue cancer known as Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma, after meeting her police officer father on Hermosa Beach in los Angeles and hearing of her illness.

IleY Cyrus’ father splashed out $24,000 on her 21st birthday present. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker celebrated the milestone age on Saturday and was given a customised three-wheeled motorcycle from her singer dad Billy Ray Cyrus. The 2014 Can Am Spyder features tiny etchings of Miley’s initials on the bodywork, which made the vehicle even more expensive than the standard model, TMZ reports. However, the present may not have been a surprise to Miley as Billy Ray was pictured riding the vehicle with his 13-yearold daughter Noah on Friday. Miley’s birthday celebrations got off to a bad start as her home was burgled on Friday. The former ‘Hannah Montana’ star was said to be ‘’really shaken up’’ after an intruder got into her Studio City home some time in the afternoon and made off with ‘’personal items’’, which were later reported as being jewellery. A source said: ‘’She’s extremely upset and a lot of personal items were stolen. She’s really shaken up about the whole thing.’’ Police are currently investigating the crime and say it is unclear how the intruder was able to get into Miley’s home, which was unoccupied at the time of the break-in. NEWS DESK

selena Gomez obsessed with her 5-month-old sister


eleNA Gomez has confessed that she is obsessed with her 5-month-old sister, Gracie. According to e!News, the 21year-old singer said that she has previously had the responsibility to be a role model for girls but now that she has a little sister of your own, she kinds of think it is legit, Contactmusic reported. Gomez also revealed plans to return to acting as a career once she’s completed her Stars Dance tour. NEWS DESK

I was thrown out of the Film Institute: Sanjay Leela Bhansali



ANJAY Leela Bhansali did his editing course at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune (1985-88). While Sanjay completed his course and was sent his diploma certificate, he was kicked out of the institute and could not complete his diploma film that haunts him till date. He believes that a part of his soul is at the Film Institute and despite having directed seven acclaimed films, he still feels a lack of completeness that he believes he may be able to achieve if he were to someday edit another student’s film or teach there. He goes back to the institute every time before starting a film. This time he went with the TOI post Ram Leela. He spent a day with us taking us around the campus like a little boy reliving all his memories of the realising and breaking of his biggest dream — the dream of being in the institute that taught Ketan Mehta filmmaking. WHAT DID GETTING INTo THE FILM INSTITUTE MEAN To yoU? The first day I came to the institute was with my sister Bela di in 1982 when she wanted me to fill up the form. That time, we were not allowed in through the gate. Bela di got through in 1982. For me, coming through this gate was a big thing as there were stories of Jaya

Bachchan and Kundan Shah and Ketan Mehta and Vinod Chopra coming out of here, so there was always a dream to come out of this campus. That orange gate still haunts me. I first tried in 1984 but could not get in. I tried a second time in 1985 and got through and I can never forget that August rain in Pune when my dream came true. I kept going to the loo till Bela came and told me I had got in. There is a lane just outside where Nana Patekar lives and I kept walking there. Getting in the institute was the turning point in my life. HAvE yoU CHANGED AS A PERSoN FRoM THE TIME yoU WERE A STUDENT? I was my best and only friend and was extremely quiet. Sriram Raghavan stayed right next to my room and Raju Hirani on the same floor but I would, at best, say only a hello to them. I am better now and I can at least say hello to people. I had decided I won’t allow myself to be ragged even though I knew it was a way to break barriers with other students and overcome your inhibitions. But I found it humiliating and did not allow it as a result and did not form a part of the gang. I was very insignificant, unobtrusive, unnoticeable and made no mark at all. But people would feel that I was arrogant and rude and therefore when my moment of trouble came and I was to be chucked out of the institute,

I did not find the support coming my way which should have as I had no connect with people and no one fought for me. WHy WERE yoU CHUCKED oUT? Even though I was a very good student, it came from the director who wanted to revamp the institute and picked up the quietest student of the lot, the person who slept at 9 pm and woke up at 6 am and chucked him out. I was thrown out of the institute. I was an editing student. We did not have a direction batch so they decided to call a director from outside, one director for each student who would give his film to us to edit. This was to be our

diploma film. Dilip Ghosh was the director whose film I had to edit. But we just did not get along and I had issues working with him. So I requested my institute director KG Verma that I wanted another director whose film I could edit. But Mr Verma had decided to clamp down on student anarchy that he felt existed at that time and refused my request. He said, ‘We have given you the option, if you can’t work with him then too bad.’ There were many students who offered to direct a film for me but Mr Verma did not agree. My diploma film meant everything to me and I had no choice so I filed a court case. The court in Mumbai went against me as they felt that I had been given a chance and so there was no unfairness meted out to me by the institute. I remember going to the director’s room and crying and saying, ‘You can’t do this to me. I come from a very poor family and this is my dream.’ I had dry cleaned all my clothes and kept for the two months that I would sit and edit my diploma film. This is what I had worked for and dreamt for and then my dream was broken. I was very angry and I remember I came in a rickshaw through the gate and went straight up to my room, packed my bag and went straight out of the gate. There were some students who just showed their superficial sympathy but honestly no one was bothered. That is the

day I decided that I would make a film before any of them would and I did. There was an anger that stimulates you and I howled all the way to Mumbai in the taxi. I saw my dream shattered. I needed to be a part of this place more than or equal to any other person there. After so many years of struggling for it, I had been chucked out. I was finally given my diploma but they did not give me the diploma film. WHAT HAPPENED WHEN yoU REACHED BACK HoME? I cannot forget that day when I walked up with my saaman in my hand. I had gone to get a diploma that would have insured me of a job but I had come back empty-handed. My mother knew it from the time I had gone to court and did not say anything. Bela was heartbroken but she said, ‘You do what you have to do.’ That day was very difficult. To start all over again from scratch but to realise that I had left something incomplete here. I have made seven films now but my diploma film is not there. Every year I come here, I go to the canteen, go to the terrace, go to the boys mess and hostel and keep walking like a ghost and then I go back. I feel my soul belongs here as a filmmaker. I hope I can come and teach here someday or may be just complete the diploma film of another student.

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sPorTs sunday, 10 november, 2013

ireland, Afghanistan qualify for world twenty20

The important thing is not winning, it's making everyone else lose. — Stacy Aguilar


sl call on vithanage and seekkuge prasanna

wahab riaz booked for violating 'one dish' rule

LAHORE SHARJAH: Ireland and Afghanistan won their groups in the qualifiers on Sunday to qualify for next years World Twenty20 cricket tournament. Ireland stayed unbeaten in Group A with 13 points after beating Hong Kong by 85 runs at Abu Dhabi in its last group match on Sunday. Afghanistan finished with a 34-run win over Kenya at Sharjah to top Group B with 12 points, losing only to the Netherlands in its opening match. Group winners automatically qualify for the 2014 tournament in Bangladesh while the remaining four places will be decided after playoffs. It will be Irelands fourth successive World Twenty20 after it also qualified for the 2009, 10 and 12 tournaments. Afghanistan will make its third appearance, having played in 2010 and 12.Despite its defeat against Ireland on Sunday, Hong Kong could also qualify if it beats Nepal in the playoffs on Wednesday. In the other playoff, United Arab Emirates face the Netherlands for a ticket to Bangladesh. Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Scotland and Italy are the other teams in contention. AGENCIES





RI lANKA have included batsman Kithuruwan Vithanage and legspinner Seekkuge Prasanna in their ODI squad for the series against Pakistan in the UAe in December. Vithanage was a replacement for Mahela Jayawardene, who asked not to be considered, as his wife is expecting their first child in December. Prasanna, meanwhile, came in for Ajantha Mendis, who was dropped from the squad despite not playing an ODI in the recent series against New Zealand. Prasanna last played an ODI for Sri lanka in March 2012, against Pakistan during the Asia Cup in Dhaka. Vithanage is yet to play a limited-overs international for Sri lanka, but had played in the home Test series against Bangladesh in March. Opener Dimuth Karunaratne was

also retained in the ODI side, despite having been dropped after two failures during the New Zealand series. He will likely be the back-up opener to Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kusal Perera, who marked a return to international form with a brisk fifty in the second Twenty20 against New Zealand. The SlC release said Rangana Herath had been rested from the Twenty20 squad because of the volume of cricket he has played in recent times, and given Sri lanka's busy schedule until the 2015 World Cup. He does find a place in the ODI squad, however. Ramith Rambukwella's selection in the T20 squad is subject to him recovering from the knee injury he sustained in the second T20 against New Zealand. Fast bowler Shaminda eranga remains out of the reckoning for limited overs cricket, although he had had moderate success, particularly in ODIs, during the year. Chief selector Sanath Jayasuriya

said Suranga lakmal had been preferred to eranga because "lakmal is bowling better at the moment". He however added that eranga is likely to be part of the Test team. Jayawardene is also expected to be available for the three Tests, which begin on December 31. ODI SQuAD: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kusal Perera, Dimuth Karunaratne, Kumar Sangakkara, Angelo Mathews (capt), Dinesh Chandimal, Lahiru Thirimanne, Ashan Priyanjan, Kithuruwan Vithanage, Thisara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Lasith Malinga, Suranga Lakmal, Sachithra Senanayake, Rangana Herath, Seekkuge Prasanna Twenty20 squad: Dinesh Chandimal (capt), Lasith Malinga, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kusal Perera, Kumar Sangakkara, Angelo Mathews, Lahiru Thirimanne, Kithuruwan Vithanage, Thisara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Seekkuge Prasanna, Suranga Lakmal, Sachithra Senanayake, Ajantha Mendis, Ramith Rambukwella.

A case has been registered against Pakistan cricketer Wahab Riaz for violating "one dish" rule at a party he arranged in connection with his marriage at his residence in lahore. A police team raided his Garden Town residence on Sunday night and registered an FIR under section 188 of Pakistan Penal Code against him for violating a ban on more than one dishes at marriage ceremonies. Riaz's nikah is scheduled for November 28. In Punjab, a province of 90 million, the government has banned serving more than one dish at marriage functions that could not last 10pm. "How could police raid and register a case against my son when we were holding the marriage function inside our house," Riaz's father Sheikh Sikandar said. He said a police official heading the raiding team wanted "some money" and when his demand was not met he registered the case on the pretext of violating one dish rule. Station House Officer Adnan Maqsood said the police raided the cricketer's house on the complaint of city district government official Muhammad Amer. The Punjab government has ordered inquiry into the matter.


MS Dhoni, the India captain, has said the dew in Visakhapatnam during the second ODI created "unfair" conditions for them while bowling and fielding. Dhoni said he did not expect so much dew right from the beginning of the match, in which West Indies chased 289 in the last over with two wickets to spare to level the three-match series 1-1. "I think it was a bit unfair. It becomes a bit unfair when in this time of the year you play with so much of dew with two or three spinners," Dhoni said. "But that's part and parcel of the game. It was tough to field with the amount of dew. We saw a few of the fielders throwing the ball to the wicketkeeper and it went to the short third man areas. That's something tough." At the time of the toss, which West Indies won to put India in to bat, Dhoni had said he would have opted to chase as well because they had been doing that well and because of the dew factor. "It was a very bad toss to lose," Dhoni said. "At this time of the year, we never expected the dew to fall so early. Right from the first over itself there was plenty of dew. The outfield was completely wet. There was no real swing for the fast bowlers. I don't think [there was] much for the spinners, there was a glimpse of turn when the ball was changed." When asked about Yuvraj Singh's form, Dhoni backed the middle-order batsman to fire after his recent run of

below-par scores. "He is someone who can bat well at No. 4, someone who can really dominate the opposition," Dhoni said. "last few games, he has struggled a bit. At times it happens when you're under pressure, the first 15-20 deliveries become

crucial. If you're not able to pass that phase, you have to be considerate about it. Once he gets a few runs, you'll see a different Yuvraj Singh." Yuvraj's scores in the this series read 28 and an unbeaten 16, and in the seven-

match ODI series against Australia, in which over 3500 runs were scored in 11 innings, he managed 19 runs from four innings with a highest score of 12. "Apart from the talent he has, he's someone who does really well once he's

confident and dominates a tournament or series by series," Dhoni said. "He makes sure the team wins a tournament." Dhoni also said Yuvraj needs to be given more time to get comfortable with the No. 4 slot in the line-up. Suresh Raina had been India's No. 4 in the ODI series against Australia after Ambati Rayudu was tried at the same position against Zimbabwe, and Dinesh Karthik had batted at No. 4 in most of the games in the triseries in the West Indies and in the Champions Trophy in england. "Yuvi is under a bit of pressure," Dhoni said. "We wanted Yuvi to be comfortable at his slot. He has batted well at No. 4. Give him a series. Raina has also done well at 5. We are just looking at options. We don't really have any options. I still stand by it. But at the same time, we need to see if we can take some pressure off Yuvi." Dhoni also backed the bowlers, who were unable to defend 289, and said they did a "fantastic job" to take the match into the final overs and only the spinners, R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja, conceded less than six runs per over. "The bowlers did a fantastic job to take the game to the last over," Dhoni said. "Overall I'm very happy with the performance. It was tough for them. But I was happy with the way they bowled as a unit. If you see the whole of 2013, they have done well." The final match of the series will be played in Kanpur and since it is a day game, it's unlikely the dew will be a factor.

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The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when no one else is watching. –Anson Dorrance

14 S

sPorTs Tuesday, 26 november, 2013

trott returns home due to stress-related illness BRISBANE



ONATHAN Trott, the england batsman, has left the Ashes tour with a stress-related illness that he has been coping with for several years and will not return for the remainder of the series. Trott departed Brisbane on Sunday night after england's 381-run defeat in the first Test at the Gabba. He fell twice for low scores against the short-pitched bowling of Mitchell Johnson and his ability to combat fast bowling came under heavy scrutiny. "I don't feel it is right that I'm playing knowing I'm not 100% and I cannot currently operate at the level I have reached in the past," Trott said in a statement. "My priority now is to take a break from cricket to focus on my recovery." england have no immediate plans to call up a replacement. The england team management have been aware for the bulk of Trott's international career that he has been struggling with a stress-related condition and suggested there were no indications that he was under any additional strain as he entered the first Test in Brisbane. Flower and eCB managing director Hugh Morris spoke to him on the third evening of the Brisbane Test, within hours of his second-innings dismissal, and a mutual decision was quickly made that he needed to return home. england are not ruling Trott returning to international cricket at a later date, as he has successfully managed the condition over several years, but at 32 his england career might logically be at an end. Morris said Trott would be given as much time as he needed to recover. "Jonathan Trott is an incredibly talented cricketer who has proven himself time and again for england," he said. "Cricket is unimportant now, all that matters is that Jonathan is given time, support and space to recover." Flower said: "Trotty has been struggling with a stressrelated conditions for some time and has managed it very successfully. He's been a brilliant international batsman for england and hopefully he will continue to be a brilliant international batsman for england in the future. "But he needs time away from this environment for a while, time with his family, time to reassess and spend some quiet time with his family. This isn't the type of environment for that type of rest and recuperation that he requires.

"I have been aware that Jonathan struggled with these things from our first contact as player and coach. It is something that has always fluctuated. I have the utmost respect for Jonathan as a bloke and a cricketer - a really successful international cricketer. I am lucky that I have been coach while he has been our no 3. He has been an absolute rock for us." Under the management of Duncan Fletcher and more recently Flower, england have cultivated a highly professional, motivated and taut team environment that has reaped some outstanding on-field results, including the retention of the Ashes through three consecutive series, temporary ownership of the world No. 1 Test ranking and victory in the 2010 World T20 in the Caribbean.

o'sullivan wins 1st champions of champions final CovENTRy: Ronnie O'Sullivan battled back from 5-3 down to beat Stuart Bingham 10-8 in the first Champion of Champions final. The five-time world champion took the ÂŁ100,000 top prize after winning four of the last five frames at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. It was the ideal preparation for O'Sullivan, 37, before the UK Championship, which starts on Tuesday. This was the inaugural Champion of Champions tournament and the six-day invitational competition featured 16 players, including every ranking-event winner from last season. World number 10 Bingham took the opening frame of the final with a break of 109, before O'Sullivan won the next two, the only time he led in the first session. Bingham's 109 in the eighth gave him a 5-3 advantage, but his opponent immediately narrowed the gap with a break of 130 - the highest of the match. O'Sullivan went on to draw level at 6-6, before 37year-old Bingham retook the lead, only for O'Sullivan's late run to win the event, his first major success since winning the world title in May. AGENCIES

However, some might suggest it has taken a toll on cricketers at times across the era, despite a large backroom staff covering many areas of a cricketer's physical and mental well-being. Trott is the third england cricketer to depart a tour with a stress-related illness in recent years. The opener Marcus Trescothick left the 2005-06 India tour and the 2006-07 Ashes tour of Australia before the first Test in Brisbane, while the left-arm spinner Michael Yardy flew home from the 2011 World Cup. Neither cricketer has played for england again. england's management have insisted that Trott's departure has nothing to do with the comments delivered by Australia's opening batsman David Warner during the Test when Warner pointedly questioned his appetite for fast bowling. To draw such a distinction would be entirely simplistic. Morris was at pains to state: "I want to be really clear on this: Jonathan has managed a stress-related illness for a period of time. It is not down to any particular incident over the last few days." Flower echoed that made in his press conference although the england team director was highly critical of Warner's remarks. "We've been on tour for about a month and he's had it ups and downs through that month and it's not directly related," he said. Nevertheless, Flower did not flinch from general criticism of Warner - responding on one occasion to the suggestion that Warner was "ignorant" of the situation by suggesting it was a very good choice of word. "I would also say that I also think players commenting about fellow professionals in the media is disrespectful. On this occasion he has got that terribly wrong. I think we set different standards to that, and one of the reasons we don't like commenting on opposition players is that we don't know what's going on in their dressing room and private lives. "Competition on the field is fine and perfectly acceptable but having players comment on fellow professionals on the international circuit, I think he overstepped the line. "It is a competitive environment - two proud nations trying to win an Ashes series - and that rivalry is exciting, but we also have a responsibility to behave in a certain way. Whether we like it or not, our leaders must be role models. "The game must be played in a certain spirit, it must be competitive but like most things in life there is a balance to be had. All of us have that responsibility."

Donald retains Phoenix crown TOKYO AGENCIES

luke Donald secured his first win of the year by defending his title at the Dunlop Phoenix tournament in Japan. The 35-year-old englishman started the final round with a twoshot lead over South Korea's Kim Hyung-Sung after following his two-over-par 73 in the first round with scores of 66 and 65.And there were few scares at the Phoenix Country Club course on Sunday as a five-under 66, which featured seven birdies and two bogeys, took him to 14-under 270, six shots clear of Kim who could only manage a one-under 70. Japan's Shingo Katayama finished third on seven under, while

Spain's Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano and Shunsuke Sonoda of Japan shared fourth place three shots further back. Japan Tour money leader Hideki Matsuyama, 21, was bunched one stroke further back with Australian Brad Kennedy and South Korea's lee Kyoung-Hoon. "I'm very excited. My last win as a professional was last

year at the Dunlop," Donald said. "It's great to come here and win again. This is a great tournament with some great winners and I'm very proud to have won it back-to-back now." Donald is the first player to win the Dunlop, one of Japan's richest tournaments, for two straight years since Tiger Woods triumphed in 2004 and 2005.

clarke fined by icc over Anderson sledge BRISBANE: Michael Clarke, the Australia captain, has been fined 20% of his match fee for his sledge against James Anderson during the dying stages of Australia's win in the first Ashes Test in Brisbane. The ICC charged Clarke with a breach of its Code of Conduct over comments he made while Anderson was batting late on Sunday. The stump microphone picked up Clarke telling Anderson he should "get ready for a broken f***ing arm", which led to umpire Kumar Dharmasena and third official Marais Erasmus bringing a charge under section 2.1.4 of the code, which deals with "language or a gesture that is obscene, offensive or insulting". Clarke admitted the offence on Monday morning and accepted the fine proposed by match referee Jeff Crowe, which meant a formal hearing was not required. Clarke was charged with a level one offence, which carries the penalty of a warning/reprimand and/or a fine of up to 50% of the player's match fee. In a statement, the ICC said that Clarke had "made inappropriate gestures and directed an obscenity towards England's James Anderson, which was picked up by the stump microphone". After the Test, Clarke said he had heard plenty worse on the cricket field than anything that was said at the Gabba. "Through my career, there has always been banter on the cricket field - and I cop as much as I give, that's for sure," he said on Sunday evening. "That's part and parcel of the game ... but all the England players know we certainly respect them, and we understand we have to be at our best to beat them. I've heard a lot worse said on a cricket field than what the Australia players or the England players said throughout this Test match." AGENCIES

Zaheer reTUrns To InDIa TesT sqUaD MUMBAI AGENCIES

Zaheer Khan has been recalled to the India Test squad for the forthcoming tour of South Africa. Zaheer is one of five fast bowlers for the two-Test series, and the only newcomer to the 17-member squad is the batsman Ambati Rayudu. However, there was no place for the opener Gautam Gambhir, who scored a century for Delhi in the Ranji Trophy days before the selection meeting. Zaheer, who last played for India during the home Tests against england last December, was recently omitted from the list of centrally contracted players for the current season. The injury-prone left-arm seamer made a return to the longer format this season with 13 wickets in three Ranji games for Mumbai, including a five-wicket haul. However, he was not considered for the one-day squad. Virender Sehwag and Harbhajan Singh - two other players who were not handed central contracts - have been left out of both squads. The Test squad also has Wriddhiman Saha as the backup wicketkeeper for MS Dhoni, the captain. Saha last played for

India during the Adelaide Test of 2012. Ravindra Jadeja, the allrounder, returns after sitting out the West Indies Tests to rest his injured shoulder. He is the third spinner in the squad after R Ashwin and Pragyan Ojha. Rayudu, 28, made his international debut during the one-day tour of Zimbabwe in August, where he scored one fifty. Amit Mishra, the legspinner, remains in the oneday team but was not included for the Tests. The surprise inclusion in the one-day squad is the fast bowler Ishant Sharma, who was expensive during the seven-match ODI series against Australia recently. Ishant leaked 189 runs in three matches and was dropped after he conceded a whopping 30 runs in one over, which cost India the Mohali ODI. Ishant was part of the Test squad against West Indies but lost his place to the impressive Mohammed Shami, playing his first Test series. Ishant and fast bowler Umesh Yadav were included in the one-day squad in place of seamers Jaydev Unadkat and Vinay Kumar. Batsman Ajinkya Rahane has been included in both squads. Yadav said he was pleased with Zaheer's return to the Test squad, as the lat-

ter's experience was invaluable to the young pacers in the team. "Zaheer has had a great influence on youngsters with his ability to guide us through the bump and grind of international cricket," Yadav told PTI. "I have got a lot of valuable tips on fast bowling and there is no better exponent of reverse swing than Zak. He is like a mentor to us and it is an honour to play international cricket alongside him. Zaheer's advice in match situations is invaluable as he is a brilliant reader of opposition batsmen." The tour gets underway with the first of three ODIs starting December 5, followed by the two Tests. Test squad: MS Dhoni (capt & wk), M Vijay, Shikhar Dhawan, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, R Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, umesh yadav, Mohammed Shami, Ravindra Jadeja, Zaheer Khan, Ambati Rayudu, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Ishant Sharma, Pragyan Ojha ODI squad: MS Dhoni (capt & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, yuvraj Singh, R Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Ambati Rayudu, umesh yadav, Ishant Sharma, Mohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra.

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When you put on that jersey, the name on the front is more important then the name on the back. –Michael Jordan




Tuesday, 26 november, 2013

Arsenal, chelsea win, liverpool draw derby in epl LONDON



URPRISe package Southampton was brought back down to earth by Arsenal as the Gunners extended their Premier league lead to four points with a 2-0 win over the Saints. liverpool was held to

a 3-3 draw at everton in a pulsating Merseyside derby on Saturday. Arsene Wengers team bounced back from defeat against defending champion Manchester United with a dominant display, capped by two goals from Olivier Giroud — the first after Southampton goalkeeper Artur Boruc bizarrely lost the ball to the France striker in the box. At Goodison Park, substi-

rooney Admits to bAd tAcKle LoNDoN: Wayne Rooney has admitted he was at fault following a bad tackle on Jordon Mutch in Manchester United's 2-2 draw with Cardiff City. The striker received a yellow card from referee Neil Swarbrick after kicking out at midfielder Mutch in the early stages of Sunday's game at the Cardiff City Stadium. Rooney went on to open the scoring before United were pegged back by a spirited Cardiff side, with Kim Bo-kyung equalising in stoppage-time. "Just watched game back. I agree mine was bad tackle and ref dealt with it." –Wayne Rooney "Just watched game back. I agree mine was bad tackle and ref dealt with it," Rooney said on Twitter. United manager David Moyes defended Rooneyafter the final whistle, insisting that the striker had not lashed out at Mutch and did not deserve to be sent off. "The boy (Mutch) runs across his path and there's a bit of a tussle, but I didn't think it deserved any more than a yellow card," Moyes told Sky Sports. "I don't think it was a lashing-out, I think it was more that he felt hard done-by with the boy running across his path with the ball. AGENCIES

coyot dies in car accident French cyclist Arnaud Coyot, who retired from the professional peloton in 2012, has died in a car accident at the age of 33. Coyot was a passenger in a car, driven by current Cofidis rider Guillaume Levarlet, which was involved in a crash in northern France early on Sunday morning. Levarlet is reported to have lost control of the car in the town of Allonne but he and AG2R La Mondiale rider Sebastien Minard were uninjured. "The driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a concrete pillar that fell almost on the passenger seat," according to the prosecutor in nearby Beauvais. The prosecutor refused to comment on reports in French newspaper Le Parisien that alleged Levarlet had been drinking. Agence France Presse further reported he had been taken into custody. Coyot turned professional in 2003 and retired last year - he was with the Saur-Sojasun team in his final season. SPORTS DESK

tute Daniel Sturridge salvaged a deserved draw for the Reds before Chelsea reasserted its title credentials with a 3-0 win at West Ham. Arsenal leads both liverpool and Chelsea by four points after 12 games, with liverpool in second place on goals scored. Also, last-place Crystal Palace reacted to the hiring of Tony Pulis as manager by beating Hull 1-0 to climb off the bottom and Fulham lost 2-1 at home against Swansea, dropping into the bottom three. Newcastle beat Norwich 2-1 and Stoke won 2-0 against Sunderland, which replaced Crystal Palace at the foot of the standings. "Im very happy because we were against a good team and they showed why they made good results before," Wenger said after giv-

ing Southampton its second league loss this season. "We couldn’t take our chances but we took advantage of their mistakes. It’s a very good win against a difficult team. They stopped us well from playing." Arsenal was sluggish at the start but then dominated before Boruc lost the ball after trying to dribble past Giroud, who easily won the ball before scoring from close range. "It happens. Players are quick to close down. Maybe he was a bit too confident and Olivier Giroud did very well," Wenger said. Southampton has been praised for its free-flowing football this season but struggled against Arsenal. The Saints played as high on the pitch and pressed as usual but failed to create clear-cut chances.

Groves set for another shot Eddie Hearn says he fully expects George Groves' next fight to be for a world title whether that means a rematch with Carl Froch or not. Groves was controversially stopped in the ninth round of his super-middleweight contest with Carl Froch on Saturday by referee Howard Foster while ahead on all three of the judges' scorecards. And Hearn, who promotes both fighters, said despite Groves suffering the first defeat of his professional career, he has announced himself as a genuine contender on the world supermiddleweight scene. "Everyone knew how talented George Groves was going into the fight but he'd never been at that level before," Hearn told Sky Sports News. "There were question marks about how good he was and he showed how good he was. "He was sensational last night. He emerged from this fight as the real star and of course now there will be a lot of pressure on the rematch. "Everyone knew how talented George Groves was going into the fight but he'd never been at that level before. There were question marks about how good he was and he showed how good he was." –Eddie Hearn "I spoke to him in the changing rooms afterwards and obviously he was devastated and I said to him 'I know you're not feeling it now but this has just taken you to another level.' "Groves was sensational. He did what he said he was going to do and he backed up everything he said in the pre-fight build up. SPORTS DESK

Man City hand Tottenham 6 goal drubbing mcilroy retains MANCHESTER AGENCIES

Manchester City produced a ruthless performance to hammer Tottenham Hotspur 6-0 and maintain their 100 per cent record at the etihad Stadium in the Premier league this season. Spurs headed into the game with the best defensive record in the top flight, but conceded almost from the kick-off before seeing Sergio Aguero score a goal in each half, while Jesus Navas also notched a brace. City were in front after just 15 seconds when Navas curled a loose ball over the fit-again Hugo lloris after the Tottenham keeper's woeful clearance was seized upon by Aguero. Another poor kick from lloris led to the second goal on 34 minutes and the Tottenham keeper could again only parry an initial shot from Aguero. This time the ball bounced to Alvaro Negredo, whose acrobatic volley was blocked by Younes Kaboul, but deflected into the net off Sandro. Spurs were being opened by City nearly

every time the hosts ventured forward and the third goal arrived before half-time as Navas ran clear down the right and played in a low cross for Aguero to side-foot beyond an exposed lloris. Former City striker emmanuel Adebayor came on for his first appearance of the season at half-time, but within five minutes, Spurs conceded a fourth goal when Aguero finished first time following Yaya Toure's burst forward.

winning belief

SyDNEy: Rory McIlroy remains positive he can end his title drought in 2013 with two chances left to do so. The Northern Irishman played a brief practice round at Royal Sydney on Monday ahead of this week's Emirates Australian Open. The former world No 1 said he is eagerly looking forward to his duel with Australians Adam Scott and Jason Day. McIlroy has had eight top-10 finishes in 2013 - including in his last two starts in Dubai and Shanghai - and he is hopeful of victory in Australia and then the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge in America next month. He said: "I'm definitely not down here for a holiday. "I've got two tournaments left. I've got here and then fly straight back to LA for Tiger's tournament, so it would be great to finish the year with a win." AGENCIES

vettel tAkes ninth strAight win to finish 2013 in style SPORTS DESK Sebastian Vettel has admitted the enormity of his record achievements in 2013 will not properly sink in until a few weeks into the off-season. Despite clinching his fourth straight championship one month ago in New Delhi, Vettel showed no let-up over the year's final three races and in Brazil completed a 100% winning record since the August summer break by taking his successive victory tally to nine. In doing so the 26-year-old equalled the legendary tally of the great Alberto Ascari, a star of F1's first decade in the 1950s, while the German's 13th victory of the year also matched compatriot Michael Schumacher's 13 wins in a season from 2004. And having already become the youngest driver by six years to enter the realm of quadruple title winners, Vettel's Brazil win also saw him better his own records from 2011 for the most races led (18) and points gained (397) during a campaign. And reflecting on it all on Sunday night at Interlagos, an overwhelmed Vettel confessed: "Well, I think it is very very difficult

for me to realise probably now and in the next couple of weeks what we have achieved again, and in particular this year at the end of the season." Vettel though did attempt to play down his equalling of Ascari's 60-year-old mark for the most successive GP wins, insisting the two eras of F1 were worlds apart. "I think in terms of a certain record with Alberto Ascari you can't really compare it, it's at a completely different time," the German said. "If you consider the fact that in the fifties the races were much longer and there were a lot of things that were breaking down, much more than nowadays where it's very professional, reliability is exceptionally good for everybody. I think his record still stands out a lot. "So at the end of the day, as I see it now, it's just a number but hopefully one day, when I've got less hair and chubby then it's probably something nice to look back to." Having last tasted defeat - and even then he still finished third - at the Hungarian GP four months ago, Vettel expressed some regret that the racing season had ended given the rarity of such winning sequences.

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Tuesday, 26 november, 2013

BANGKoK: Anti-govt protesters rest under the picture of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej at the entrance of a building of the Finance Ministry after occupying it on Monday. AGENCIES



NTI-GOVeRNMeNT protesters forced their way into Thailand’s Finance Ministry on Monday, laying out sleeping mats in its rooms and hallways in an escalating bid to overthrow Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. They also broke into the compound of the Foreign Ministry, a Reuters witness said. The seizing of government buildings by protesters led by the opposition Democrat Party thrusts Thailand into a new chapter of political volatility three years after it was convulsed by its bloodiest political unrest in a generation. The protesters say Yingluck is a puppet of her brother, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in a 2006 military


The Ministry of law, Justice and Human Rights held an event at the Marriott Hotel on Monday to introduce Protection against Harassment of Women (Filing and Disposal of Complaints) Rules 2013, stated a press release. The event, held in collaboration with UNwomen and ending Violence Against Women and Girls (eVAWG) Alliance, featured Barrister Zafarullah Khan, the Secretary Ministry of law, Justice and Human Rights, as chief guest. In his speech, Zafarullah Khan emphasised there should be no discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, region or race. However, the role of men and women differ on the basis of their socioeconomic conditions and culture. Women suffer from various forms of violence and harassment at the workplace which is why many are reluctant to join the workplace, he said. The law secretary went on to state that the Protection against Harassment of Women (Filing and Disposal of Complaints) Rules 2013 provide a safe and secure working environment for women. Sangeeta Thapa, Deputy Country Director of UN women, also spoke at the event and she highlighted society’s responsibility in protecting women from violence. Some laws addressing women’s issued had been passed by the previous Parliament but have now lapsed on completion of tenure of the Assembly, said Khawar Mumtaz, chairperson National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW). She informed the audience that those Bills may be used as precedents for enacting pro-women legislation.

coup and convicted two years later of graft - charges that he denies. Thaksin lives in self-imposed exile but exerts enormous influence over his sister’s government. About 1,000 protesters swarmed into the Finance Ministry’s compound, filling up the first floor of the main building and occupying six others. Many gathered in hallways and meeting rooms, blowing whistles and spreading out large plastic mats for sleeping and eating. Staff left the building and moved to a parking lot. “I invite protesters to stay here

overnight at the Finance The seizing of Ministry,” protest government buildings by leader Suthep Thaugtold a crowd protesters led by the opposition suban in front of the minDemocrat Party thrusts Thailand istry. “Our only objective is to rid the into a new chapter of political country of the volatility three years after it was Thaksin regime,” said Suthep, a former convulsed by its bloodiest deputy prime minister political unrest in under the previous Democrat-led government. a generation “The Finance Ministry was taken over by the people to prevent the government from transferring money as a tool for Thaksin’s regime.” The protests have brought back memories of a tu-

multuous 2008 when anti-Thaksin “yellow shirt” protesters shut down Bangkok’s airports and held crippling rallies against a Thaksin-backed government, which was eventually disbanded by a court. LOW SECURITY: There were almost no police at the Finance Ministry, witnesses said. “The government cannot use force at this juncture. If they do, they will lose immediately,” said Boonyakiat Karavekphan, a political analyst at Ramkamhaeng University in Bangkok. “The government’s only option now is to let the occupations happen and to refrain from touching the protesters.” Yingluck’s broad support in Thailand’s voterich north and northeast - rural regions that are among the country’s poorest - helped her win a 2011 election by a landslide.


Iraq attacks, including a market bombing and the assassination of a former MP, killed 35 people Monday as France offered to help combat a surge in bloodshed ahead of elections. The protracted rise in violence, which has seen at least 500 people killed already this month, has fuelled fears Iraq is on the brink of plunging back into the brutal Sunni-Shiite sectarian war that plagued it years ago. Officials have also voiced concern over a resurgent Al-Qaeda emboldened by the civil war in neighbouring Syria, which has provided jihadist fighters in Iraq with rear bases to plan operations. Monday’s attacks struck the capital and predominantly Sunni Arab areas north

of Baghdad that have borne the brunt of the worsening unrest, which has killed more than 5,900 people this year. The deadliest was at a local market in the Sadriyah neighbourhood of central Baghdad, where an evening bombing killed at least 16 people and wounded 36 others as Iraqis gathered at restaurants and cafes and to shop. The market had been closed off entirely to vehicle traffic after a massive car bomb in April 2007 killed 140 people, the worst in a spate of Baghdad bombings that day that left 190 people dead in all, during the peak of Iraq’s bloody sectarian conflict. elsewhere in the capital, a car bomb targeting a police station killed four policemen, while another bombing, this one targeting Sahwa anti-Al-Qaeda militiamen, killed one fighter and wounded four. From late 2006 on-

wards, Sunni tribal militias, known as the Sahwa, turned against their co-religionists in al Qaeda and sided with the US military, helping to turn the tide of Iraq’s insurgency. Sunni militants view them as traitors and frequently target them. Also on Monday, three people, including a justice ministry employee, were killed in separate attacks in Baghdad. FRANCE WILLING TO HELP: In the northern city of Mosul, a car bomb in a residential area killed five people, while a magnetic “sticky bomb” attached to a car killed its driver. Another vehicle rigged with explosives was set off at a joint checkpoint manned by the Iraqi army and the Kurdish peshmerga security forces. Two peshmerga fighters and a soldier were killed.

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huGe explosion in swAbi but little dAmAGe SWABI AGENCIES

A number of shops and government offices were damaged in a blast on Monday evening. SHO Swabi Police Station Izhar Shah said that nine shops sustained partial damage in an explosion around 8:45pm inside liaquat Market on Hospital Road. He said that shops and nearby offices windows and doors were partially damaged. A police official who lived on the second floor of one of the buildings affected by the blast remained unharmed. The SHO said that the explosion was quite huge with as much as 10 kilogrammes of explosive material packed in a pressure cooker. DPO Sajad Khan along with a large number of policemen rushed to the spot and launched a search operation. However, police officials reported no arrests. The Haqqani library, IG Special Branch office and a judicial lockup is located near the blast site.

‘blAcK widow’ Kills femAle doc ABBOTTABAD APP

A lady doctor was killed on Monday after she was bitten by a black widow spider in a hostel of a private medical college in Abbottabad 15 days ago. Dr Nadia, a resident of Haripur, was serving at a private medical college of Abbottabad. After initial treatment, doctors observed that the poison had spread to Nadia’s arm. later, she was shifted to a hospital in Islamabad, where she died. The female black widow spider has unusually large venum glands and its bite is particularly harmful to humans, if proper treatment is not provided.

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