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Thursday, 24 October, 2013 Zil Hajj 18, 1434 Rs 17.00 Vol IV No 116 16 Pages Karachi Edition

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Kp yet to decide date to hold LB polls

India-China sign pact to reduce LaC tension

nepra increases power rates by 32 paisas

no guarantee of peace until drones stop: Fazl

ppp readying for battle with naB chief

The SC on Wednesday showed displeasure that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had not yet decided a date to hold the local body polls. A threemember bench, headed by CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was hearing a case regarding LB elections. The administrations of Punjab and Balochistan said they had made preparations for the polls and were ready to hold the elections by December 7, while Sindh government said it was ready to hold the elections on November 27. page 05

India and China on Wednesday reached an agreement to avoid border tensions and army face-offs along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) by deciding that neither side will use military capability against the other nor tail patrols along the border. The agreement comes against the backdrop of strain in ties between the two Asian giants in April, 2013. The Border Defence Cooperation Agreement facilitates establishment of a hotline between the military headquarters of the two countries. page 04

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has served another blow to already suffering masses as it approved an increase of 32 paisa per unit in the electricity tariff. It should be mentioned that the recent increase has been made for September under monthly fuel adjustment formula. According to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Central Power Purchase Agency had sent the request to hike rates of electricity. page 02

Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that drone attacks are the biggest hurdle in establishing the peace in country. “During meeting with American President Obama, Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif should made this clear to him that drone attacks are against the security and sovereignty of Pakistan”. He said, drone attacks could not be tolerated, as they are open violation international laws as well as human rights also, while silence of international institutions on this issue is also condemnable. page 02

The PPP’s top leadership is quietly bracing for yet another legal battle with NAB Chief making his intentions loud and clear which is sure to shoot up the political temperature in the country in coming days. The first to test the waters in a changed political environment and equation will be none other than Asif Zardari. He is due to appear before an accountability Court in Rawalpindi on October 29. The court has issued him summons to appear in person in connection with various graft cases that has been hanging fire for past several years. page 04

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Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business. –Winston Churchill



Thursday, 24 October, 2013

No guaraNtee of peace uNtil droNes stop: fazl ISLAMABAD: Jamiat Ulema Islam (JUIF) chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman has said that drone attacks are the biggest hurdle in establishing peace in the country. “During meeting with American President Obama, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should make this clear that drone attacks are against the security and sovereignty of Pakistan,” Fazl said on Wednesday during meeting with central leaders of the JUI-F. He said drone attacks could not be tolerated as they were open violation of international laws as well as human rights and silence of international institutions on this issue was also condemnable. Declaring report of the Amnesty International on the issue of drone attacks as supportive of the JUI-F’s stance, Fazl also showed disappointment that report of the Amnesty International has been published too late. “Drone attacks have destroyed the peace of Pakistani people while dual standards of the international institutions and human rights organisations have spoiled the peace,” he added. The JUI-F chief said on one side the Amnesty International was declaring the drone attacks as sever violation of international law, but on the other the US government was declaring them completely as per international law. “Severe resentment exists amongst tribesmen against drone attacks and no guarantee of peace can be given until they are stopped,” he concluded. Online

naB ChIeF Imposes three-month Ban on oFFICers’ ForeIgn trIps ISLAMABAD: NAB Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry on Wednesday imposed a three-month ban on all foreign visits, trainings, seminars and symposia of NAB officers. All officers have been directed to concentrate on their work in their respective areas because of huge pendency of inquiries, investigations and references. The NAB chairman told NAB officers that there was a need to set their own house in order. Staff RepORt

nepra InCreases power rates By 32 paIsa ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has served another blow to already suffering masses as it approved an increase of 32 paisa per unit in the electricity tariff. It should be mentioned that the recent increase has been made for September under monthly fuel adjustment formula. According to the NEPRA, Central Power Purchase Agency had sent the request to hike rates of electricity. The increase would be applicable on all distribution companies except the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC). inp

Nawaz, Biden discuss situation after us withdrawal from afghanistan ndi head praiSeS pakiStaniS on hiStoric tranSfer of power from one civilian government to next WASHINGTON Online


rime minister Nawaz Sharif and US Vice President Joseph Biden, on Wednesday, discussed the issue of terrorism in the backdrop of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 and other issues of mutual interest. Nawaz met Biden prior to his meeting with US President Barack Obama, said media reports. The two leaders discussed ways to promote bilateral cooperation in economy‚ trade‚ energy‚ and defence fields. The vice president held an informal meeting with the Pakistani prime minister over breakfast in which they discussed terrorism in the backdrop of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 and other issues of mutual interest. in a nod to the fading of tensions since the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden, President Barack Obama's administration has moved to release more than $300 million in blocked security assistance to Pakistan. But tensions remain over the US campaign of drone attacks aimed at extremists deep inside the country's lawless areas. Sharif urged an end to the strikes, which a new Amnesty international report said may violate international law by killing civilians. But Nawaz, calling for a fresh partnership with the United States on the eve of his meeting with Obama, largely steered clear of Pakistan's past narrative of outside interference that has jarred relations. "it is my endeavor to approach this

US lawmakerS Urge nawaz to releaSe dr Shakil afridi

important relationship with an open and fresh mind, leaving behind the baggage of trust deficit and mutual suspicions," Nawaz said at the US institute of Peace. "The greatest challenge to Pakistan comes from terrorism and extremism," Sharif said, calling his nation "a major victim" of a decade of attacks that have killed more than 40,000 people. White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama hoped to use the meeting with Nawaz to promote "a stable, secure and prosperous Pakistan that is contributing to regional and international security and prosperity." The White House meeting is Nawaz Sharif's first since he swept to power in may elections. it comes a year before the United States plans to pull out combat troops from Afghanistan, ending its longest war launched after the attacks of September 11, 2001. in a message sure to be welcomed at the White House, Nawaz said that Pakistan supported a "peaceful, stable and unified Afghanistan" – whose leaders often accuse Pakistan's powerful spy network of covertly supporting the Taliban. Nawaz said he has assured Afghan President Hamid Karzai "that we wish neither to interfere in Afghanistan's internal affairs, nor do we have any favorites". Obama is expected to sound out Sharif for ideas on reaching an elusive peace agreement involving the Taliban, as well as practical support for pulling out most of the 50,000 US troops in Afghanistan. Keeping expectations in

check. robert Hathaway, director of the Asia program at the Woodrow Wilson international Center for Scholars, said that Nawaz had "no alternative" but to raise drones due to the sweeping opposition inside Pakistan to the attacks. "By the same token, i think it's unrealistic that Obama is going to have any real give on this subject so long as the insurgents continue to find a sanctuary in Pakistan and then slip across the border to kill Americans and NATO forces," Hathaway said. Separately, former US secretary of state madeleine Albright and chair of the National Democratic institute (NDi) called on Nawaz in Washington. Talking to her, the Pm acknowledged the contribution of National Democratic institute in improving the electoral systems in the country and also expressed the desire of Government of Pakistan to continue working closely with the organizations such as NDi to consolidate the democratic gains in Pakistan. Albright praised the Pakistanis on the historic transfer of power from one civilian government to the next following the may 11 elections. On behalf of NDi‚ she offered continued support for strengthening democracy in the country. Nawaz emphasised that democracy had taken roots in Pakistan. meanwhile, Nawaz also met the key US Congressmen at the Capitol Hill. He was welcomed by Congressman ed royce, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, ranking member Congressman eliot engel and other members of the Committee from both sides of the aisle. During the meeting, the prime minister spoke on a broad range of issues in the bilateral relationship. He said that democracy was a shared value between the peoples of the United States

and Pakistan. He noted that both countries had cooperated closely at important junctures of history and a strong Pakistan-US bilateral relationship was important for peace and stability in the region. The Pm said that Pakistan desired to build an enduring partnership with the United States in the future. He also underscored the importance of enhanced trade and expanding people to people contacts between the two nations. He also drew US Congressmen’s attention to Pakistan’s concerns on the continued use of drones. in his remarks, Chairman ed royce recognized the sacrifices made the people of Pakistan in the fight against terrorists and said that a strong relationship between Pakistan and the United States was critical to achieve shared objectives. The meeting was followed by an interactive session and the US Congressman discussed matters of interest with the Prime minister. The US lawmakers urged Nawaz to release Shakil Afridi, who allegedly helped the US to track down al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden. "i specifically pressed the prime minister to release Dr Shakil Afridi and encouraged him to ensure that his nation is in fact a responsible and effective partner in countering terrorism, proliferation and violent extremism in the region," ed royce said. royce and Congressman elliot engel, ranking member of house foreign affairs committee along with 15 members of this powerful congressional committee met Sharif at the rayburn House building at the US Capitol. "The house foreign affairs committee used this visit of the prime minister to engage in a frank and full discussion about a variety of issues critical to US national security," royce said.

PAK-US AGREEMENT ON ENDING DRONE STRIKES IN SIGHT US aUthoritieS coUld agree to halt StrikeS in tribal areaS by end of 2014 ISLAMABAD SHaiQ HUSSain Pakistan and the United States may reach an understanding on end to drone strikes in the Tribal Areas and it is likely that the Obama administration brings a halt to these strikes by the end of 2014, the deadline set by Washington for its exit from the wartorn Afghanistan. The contentious issue of drone strikes in Pakistani border regions is not only on the top of agenda set for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s ongoing visit to the United States but officials from

both countries have also been trying to settle this issue amicably for months now through behind the scene talks. A diplomatic source told Pakistan Today on condition of anonymity that a possible understanding on end to drone strikes could emerge and the US authorities could agree to bring halt to strikes in the Pakistani Tribal Areas by the end of 2014. He said a gradual reduction in drone strikes could be witnessed in months preceding 2014, adding that “we already see a decrease in the number of drone attacks in the Tribal Areas”. Nonetheless, he said Pakistan was still adhering to its principled stance that there must be an immediate end to the US drone strikes. "Pakistan’s stance is same and it is for the immediate end to drone strikes. What I am saying is that Washington could agree to stop these attacks by the spy planes by the end

of 2014,” he said. The Obama administration is already under pressure from different quarters, especially human rights groups, to stop drone strikes in Pakistan as well as Yemen. Two important human rights’ bodies on Tuesday blamed the United States for breaking international law and perhaps committing war crimes by killing civilians in the drone strikes that were intended to hit militants in Pakistan and Yemen, according to media reports. “Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch released separate reports detailing the deaths of dozens of civilians in the two countries.” They urged the Obama administration and Congress to investigate, and end a policy of secrecy on the attacks, a report said. These reports said the US officials argue that any drone strikes were carefully targeted and that civilian

casualties had been kept to a bare minimum. During his ongoing visit to the US, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said the drone strikes had deeply disturbed the Pakistanis. “This issue has become a major deterrent in our bilateral relationship as well. I would therefore stress the need for an end to drone attacks,” he was quoted as saying. Diplomatic sources said Prime Minister Nawaz had raised the issue of drone strikes at every forum in the United States and asked for immediate halt to the strikes. “The two sides would continue with their behind the scene talks on drone strikes in the aftermath of Prime Minister Nawaz’s visit to the United States and they would try to settle the vital issue soon so that this major hurdle in the improvement of bilateral ties could be removed,” a source said.

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Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers. –Aristotle




Thursday, 24 October, 2013

frieNds agaiN obama, nawaz have ‘excellent’ talkS on a wide ranging iSSUeS

US preSident pledgeS to nawaz tellS obama to end drone SUpport iSlamabad’S StrikeS, while praiSing obama’S goalS for progreSS effortS for world peace



Special cORReSpOndent

xPreSSiNG resolve to continue efforts for friendly relations, Pakistani Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and US President Barack Obama on Wednesday said they had “excellent” talks on a wide range of issues, with Obama pledging to support islamabad’s goals for progress in every field. Speaking to reporters after a two-hour meeting at the White House, Obama said the US wanted a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan that was good for the region and the world. “We want to do everything we can to support Pakistan,” the US leader added. President Obama said they discussed US support in fulfilling Pakistan’s goals for

energy and infrastructure projects. On security issues, Obama said they needed to find a constructive way that respected Pakistan’s sovereignty, while addressing concerns for both sides. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif expressed his appreciation for the US support, saying his primary objectives were education and energy, as well an end to extremism. Sharif also said he raised drone issue with the US president and underscored the need for ending such strikes. He said he also briefed President Obama about his policy for peaceful relations with Afghanistan and india. Obama on the other hand said he wanted to prevent security cooperation from being a source of tension between the US and Pakistan.

For his part, Obama made no mention of drones, which have stoked widespread resentment in Pakistan where many believe targeted strikes by the armed unmanned aircraft kill large numbers of civilians. Obama said fighting terrorism was a challenge and was not easy, adding that he and Sharif discussed security and how they could cooperate.The Pakistani Pm said they discussed building a constructive relationship with Pakistan’s archrival india, including on Kashmir. Obama agreed saying Afghanistan and india were also on the agenda. The mere fact that Obama and Sharif met was seen as a sign of progress. Tensions between the US and Pakistan peaked in 2011 following the US raid inside Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden and the

SHAKIL AFRIDI IS NO HERO, PAKISTAN TELLS US foreign Secretary SayS govt'S policieS on terroriSm, extremiSm and economy have received poSitive reSponSe WASHINGTON inp

Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani said Pakistan told the US that Shakil Afridi had been involved in criminal activities and violated law of the land. Speaking at a press briefing in Washington, he said Afridi was not a hero and was facing cases in courts. To questions after a US congress committee on foreign affairs demanded Afridi’s release, Jilani said that courts would decide his fate. Jilani said that Pakistan had banned the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and any action against Hafiz Saeed could be taken only after availability of evidence. He said that crucial issues were being discussed, including drone attacks, regional stability and trade during Nawaz

iNdiaN forces coNtiNue uNprovoked firiNg oN loc SIALKOT Staff RepORt

indian forces continued firing guns and mortars on several Pakistani border posts along the line of control (LoC) on Wednesday. According to reports‚ indian BSF started unprovoked shelling on village Dhamala in Charwah sector near Sialkot which was retaliated by the Pakistan rangers. in most cases, india and Pakistan accuse each other for initiating the fighting. Both sides, however, have acknowledged an increase in the number of cross-border attacks since the Pakistani and indian prime ministers met face-toface last month in New York and agreed on the need to reduce tensions. Pakistani military officials said that over the last week "unprovoked firing" by indian forces had killed a Pakistani soldier and a civilian. Ten other civilians were also wounded, the Pakistani officials said.

Sharif’s visit. The foreign secretary said Nawaz had given satisfactory answers to the questions asked by US delegations during the meetings. The official said the government's policies on terrorism, extremism and economy had received positive response. Pakistan will hold talks with the US for the civil nuclear technology and Prime minister Nawaz Sharif during his meeting with President Obama will raise the issue of bilateral cooperation in energy and other sectors, Jilani said. He said the objective of Prime minister Nawaz Sharif's visit to the US is to promote bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries in the fields of trade and economy. To a question about US missile strikes in Pakistani tribal areas, the high official said islamabad considers the drone campaign as violation of international laws and the issue would be on the agenda of forthcoming meeting between Obama and Nawaz Sharif. He said the two leaders would also discuss economy, trade, regional security and ways to further strengthen bilateral cooperation. He said that US trade delegations would soon visit Pakistan.

iMf teaM arrives Next week to assess perforMaNce ISLAMABAD: International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission is due to arrive next week to assess the country’s performance against agreed targets before releasing the second loan tranché of $550 million. According to reports, an IMF review mission is arriving on October 28 to hold first review meetings. The mission will review progress on targets, both quantitative and performance criteria, before sending a request to its executive board to release the second tranche of $550 million in December. Pakistan has met almost all performance criteria, qualifying for the next loan tranche, according to the report. Despite that, Pakistan has missed the target by about $800 million on the indicator of building foreign currency reserves. “Building reserves is a quantitative target, having no adverse impact on the next tranche,” the report said. However, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) will have to give a plausible explanation to the IMF and in case the IMF does not agree with the argument, it has the authority to upgrade the condition to a performance criterion for the next review meeting. Online

accidental killing of two dozen Pakistani troops in an American airstrike along the Afghan border that same year. Since then, there have been signs of progress. Pakistan, which closed off some US supply lines out of Afghanistan in retaliation for the deaths of its troops, reopened the routes last year. And ahead of Sharif’s

visit, the US quietly decided to release more than $1.6 billion in military and economic aid to Pakistan that was suspended in 2011. Obama acknowledged that there will always be some tension between the US and Pakistan. “it’s a challenge. it’s not easy,” he said. “We committed to working together…”

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04 N

NEWS Thursday, 24 October, 2013

iNdia-chiNa sigN accord to reduce teNsioN aloNg lac BEIJING



NDiA and China on Wednesday reached an agreement to avoid border tensions and army face-offs along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) by deciding that neither side will use military capability against each other or tail patrols along the border. The agreement comes against the backdrop of strain in ties between the two Asian giants in April 2013. The Border Defence Co-

operation Agreement (BDCA) facilitates establishment of a hotline between the military headquarters of the two countries besides border personnel meeting sites in all sectors. The BDCA says the two sides may consider establishing a hotline between the military headquarters to facilitate communication at the highest level of the two militaries in times of crisis. The two countries already have hotlines between the two prime ministers' offices. The BDCA, signed after

Prime minister manmohan Singh held talks with his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang, also says the two sides have agreed not to follow or tail patrols of the other side where there is no common understanding of the line of actual control (LAC). The aggressive patrolling often resulted in tension. it also says that in case a doubtful situation at the border arises either side has a right to seek a clarification from the other side. it also stipulates that the two countries agree that if

border defence forces of the two sides come to a face-toface situation in areas of no common understanding, both sides exercise maximum selfrestraint, refrain from any provocative action and not to use force or threaten to use force against either side, treat each other with courtesy and prevent exchange of fire or armed conflict. The BDCA, which outlined a series of procedures to be followed by two countries along the about 4000 km long border, pending the settlement of the dispute facili-

tate exchange of information about military exercises, aircrafts, demolition operations and unmarked mines and take consequent measures conducive to the maintenance of peace, stability and tranquility along the LAC. Also the two sides agreed to jointly combat smuggling of arms, wildlife, wildlife articles and other contrabands besides assisting each other in locating personnel, livestock, means of transport and aerial vehicles that may have crossed or possibly in the process of crossing LAC.

kp mps cry in the memory of israrullah gandapur PESHAWAR Staff RepORt

Almost all mPs of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Wednesday while paying tributes to their late colleague Sardar israrullah Khan Gandhapur were unable to control tears in their eyes and wept away for a while before commencing of the session. The special session was requisition by the opposition group in the assembly and was attended by mPs from all political parties and groups. However, Chief minister Pervez Khattak, Senior minister Siraj Ul Haq and information minister Shah Farman’s absence was seriously noticed and condemned by opposition mPAs. At the very outset of the assembly session, almost all mPs have condoled the sad demise of israrullah Gandhapur with each other. Almost all of them, particularly female mPAs went on weeping. Similar was its impact on the press, guests and officers.

Soon after recitation of verses from the Quran, Deputy Speaker imtiaz Shahid Qureshi while paying tributes to late law minister failed in controlling his tears. He was followed by almost all mPs. For a couple of minutes, the procession remained silent. Both PPP mPA Neghat Aurakzai and JUi-F mPA mufti Said Janan wept like children in the house. However, handling the situation very carefully, Deputy Speaker termed assassination of Gandhapur as a great loss for the province in particular and rest of the country in general. The militant group Ansarul mujahideen, a component of banned Tehrik-eTaliban had claimed responsibility for the attach that killed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa law minister. Senior minister Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao has urged the federal government to realise its responsibilities before of terrorism flames engulf islamabad.

LhC denies request to force govt to talk to taliban LAHORE Online WASHINGTON DC: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif having a meeting with US Vice President Joe Biden in Washington DC. Online

govt bans three extremist outfits, on orders from China MONITORING DESK The government on Wednesday decided to ban three international extremist organisations allegedly involved in insurgent activities in the Chinese province of xinjiang, BBC Urdu reported. The website quoted sources in the ministry of interior Affairs as saying that Chinese authorities and security agencies believed the three organisations were involved in extremist and insurgent activities in the muslim-majority province of xinjiang. The outfits banned include the east Turkemanistan islamic movement (eTim), islamic movement of Uzbekistan (imU) and islamic Jihad Union (iJU). The bodies have been the subject of much concern in discussions between the Chinese and Pakistani civilian and military authorities. Sources in the ministry were also quoted as saying that Pakistan had been in contact with the Turkish and Uzbek governments over eTim and imU, and had learned that over half of the people constituting these bodies were individuals highly wanted by local authorities.

no let up in loadshedding despite huge payment to ipps ISLAMABAD app

Sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power Wednesday said that despite payment of rs 480 billion to independent Power Producers (iPPs), loadshedding has not decreased. The committee met at Parliament House, chaired by its convener Senator moula Baksh Chandio. members of the sub-committee Senator Nisar muhammad and Senator Khalida

Parveen also attended the meeting. The sub-committee directed National Transmission and Distribution Company (NTDC) mD to present details of power generation, shut down, payment to iPPs, power transmission lines, line losses and upgradations before the committee. The committee also sought details of agreements with iPPs. The sub-committee expressed displeasure over the absence of Hyderabad electric Supply Company

(HeSCO) and Sukkar electric Supply Company (SeSCO) chiefs. The committee also expressed dissatisfaction over the progress of work of ongoing projects in Hyderabad and Sukkar. The committee sought detailed reports of HeSCO and SeSCO power lines losses, expenditure and generation capacity. Senator Nisar muhammad told representatives of NTDC to apprise the committee with correct information and that disinformation will not be tolerated.

two security personnel killed, 15 injured as truck overturns in Quetta QUETTA: Two security men were killed and another 15 injured when a truck carrying security personnel overturned in Quetta on Wednesday. According to details, a military-owned truck carrying security men turned turtle in Nawan Kaley area of Quetta due to over speeding. As a result of the accident, 17 security personnel sustained wounds. The injured were rushed to hospital but two succumbed to their wounds during treatment. inp

Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court Umar Ata Bandial denied Advocate Kashif mehmod Solomani’s request to direct the federal government to hold talks with the Taliban and allow them to open an office in the country. During the course of hearing, Chief Justice Bandial remarked that the courts could not interfere unless there was a violation of basic fundamental rights and law. The court further remarked that there was a resolution of the All Parties Conference (APC) in this regard and there were democratic institutions to deal with this matter and courts could do nothing in this regard. The court adjourned the

hearing until November to allow Advocate Kashif more time to prepare his argument. Solomani had filed a petition asking the LHC to direct the federal government to hold talks with the Taliban and let them open an office. He made federation of Pakistan, interior ministry, ministry of defence and ministry of finance as respondents. The petitioner further said that a Taliban office would facilitate the dialogue process. He argued that the national leadership should give dialogue a chance to deal with extreme issue of Taliban in the interest of peace. He added that according to the Charter of United Nations Organisation, no sanctions could be imposed on Pakistan for dialogues with the Taliban.

ppp readyIng For BattLe wIth naB ChIeF gilani SayS nab’S approach part of witch-hUnt againSt ppp leaderShip LAHORE nadeeM SYed

The PPP’s top leadership is quietly bracing for yet another legal battle with NAB chairman making his intentions loud and clear which is sure to raise the political temperature in the country in coming days.

The first to test the waters in a changed political environment and equation will be none other than Asif Zardari. He is due to appear before an accountability court in rawalpindi on October 29. The court has summoned him in connection with various pending cases. The cases could not be opened due to the immunity enjoyed by Zardari as the president. Zardari who has been facing security threats was recently in Pakistan, spent eidul Azha in Larkana and Karachi. He was also due to arrive in Lahore in post-eid period. But the PPP sources disclosed that Zardari had flown back to Dubai along with his son Bilawal Bhutto instead. Sources privy to the party’s

strategy for upcoming legal battle on hands, said that chances of Zardari appearing in person are quite dim at least on October 29. “He would be mostly likely represented by his counsels in the accountability court,” a party source said. But more trouble awaits two former PPP prime ministers, Yousaf raza Gilani and raja Pervez Ashraf, after the NAB chairman’s new instructions to activate all cases against them within 10 days. NAB Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry issued these instructions during his visit to NAB office in rawalpindi. He directed the NAB officials to complete the investigations into major corruption cases re-

ported during the PPP rule, including 12 cases of rental Power Projects, and appointment of OGrA chief that feature both the ex-premiers. The growing activism on the part of NAB has raised several eyebrows among the PPP leaders sure to feel the heat in coming days. in a statement, Gilani termed the NAB’s new approach as discriminatory and part of witch-hunt against the PPP leadership which he added his party and leaders have gone through many times. Gilani wondered as to why NAB was quiet on the case such as Asghar Khan, Hudaibia Papers mills and money laundering. Gilani observed that as the Pm,

in accordance with the rules of business, he used to receive summaries from ministries, divisions and cabinet and establishment divisions for the decision of the prime minister. He said whatever decisions he made were part of the standard practices and rules of business and not in his personal capacity. He said that he was waiting to see NAB chairman starting Asghar Khan case on which the SC has asked the government to proceed against those found guilty. He said that in money laundering cases, Finance minister ishaq Dar has confessed to money laundering. Gilani said that the PPP would defend whatever comes its way from NAB.

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It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. –Aristotle Onassis



Thursday, 24 October, 2013

kp yet to decide date to hold lB polls pUnjab and balochiStan govtS tell Sc they are ready to hold electionS by december 7 ISLAMABAD Staff RepORt/inp


He Supreme Court on Wednesday showed displeasure that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has not yet decided a date to hold the local body (LB) polls. A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan iftikhar Chaudhry, was hearing a case regarding LB elections. The administrations of Punjab and Balochistan said they had made preparations for the polls and were ready to hold the elections by December 7. Whereas,

Sindh govt SayS it iS ready to hold electionS on november 27

the Sindh government said it was ready to hold the elections on November 27. On the contrary, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Advocate General Abdul Lateef Yousufzai informed the court that KP was still debating over an election date. On monday, Yousufzai had told the court that an amended law had been tabled in the KP Assembly with regard to the LB polls and would be adopted this week. He had said that delimitation had been delayed in the province because KP Law minister israrullah Gandapur, who was overseeing the entire process, was recently killed in a suicide attack. He had also said the delimitation

kp govt diScUSSeS local government bill 2013 has now been completed. Additional Attorney General (AAG) Shah Khawar said a draft had been prepared by the federal government in relation to the municipal elections in islamabad. He, however, said a date had not yet been decided. Justice Chaudhry said all provinces were ready to hold the polls except KP and also emphasised that the court had expectations from the federal government over the holding of municipal elections in islamabad. meanwhile, a meeting of the Select Committee on Local Government was held in the KP Assembly on Wednesday.

The meeting was chaired by Local Government minister inayatullah Khan. The members of the committee were lawmakers Jaffar Shah, muhammad Ali Shah, Hussain Babak, Amina Sardar, Gohar Ali Shah and Akbar Hayat. While discussing the Local Government Bill 2013, they said that an effective local government system through consultation should be established. They also informed the meeting about the demarcation of union councils, village councils and remote areas. inayatullah Khan said all powers were being devolved to grassroots so that the people could get basic facilities like education, health and other civic amenities at their doorsteps. The members also paid rich tributes to slain law minister israrullah Gandapur. They expressed their sympathies with the aggrieved family and prayed for the eternal peace of the deceased.

11 Mps suBMit asset details after suspeNsioN ISLAMABAD inp

As many as 11 parliamentarians submitted statements of their assets and liabilities to the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) on Wednesday after their membership was suspended for not fulfilling the constitutional obligation. Those who filed their statements included Senator Syed Faisal raza Abdi, mNAs Abdul rehman Khan Kanju, Shah Jahan Baloch and mrs Alizeh iqbal Haider. Two members of the Sindh Assembly Bashir Ahmed Halepoto and Jameel Ahmed Bhurgari and five members of KPK Assembly muhammad Khan Bahadur, muhammad Zahid Durrani, iftikhar Ali mushwani, Ziaullah Khan Bangash and Sardar Zahoor Ahmad also submitted their statements of assets and liabilities. According to eCP sources, the members who submitted their statements on Wednesday would be restored today (Thursday), through a restoration notification by the eCP.

yeMeNi BurNs daughter for coNtactiNg fiaNcé DUBAI aGencieS

A Yemeni father has burned his 15-year-old daughter to death for keeping in touch with her fiancé, police said, sparking further outrage in Yemen, where an eight-year-old girl died from internal bleeding on her wedding night a month ago. Police said a 35-year-old man had been arrested after the teenager's death in a remote village in the central Taiz province. “The father committed this heinous crime on the pretext that his daughter had been keeping contacts with her fiancé,” the police website said on Tuesday, giving no further details. Some local news websites reported that the father had caught the girl chatting by telephone with her fiancé. Traditional tribal customs in parts of Yemen prohibit contacts between men and women before marriage. Poverty and concern about “family honour” prompts many Yemenis to marry off their daughters young, often below the age of 18, a practice that has been criticised by international rights groups. Yemeni authorities said last month they were investigating the death of the eight-year-old girl in northern Yemen, and that they would prosecute those responsible.

woMaN gives Birth to five BaBies iN peshawar

LAHORE: Soldiers pack relief goods at Fortress Stadium for transportation to calamity-hit population of Balochistan.

pMl-N Mpa’s degree declared fake By et MANSEHRA inp

The election Tribunal (eT) on Wednesday declared Pakistan muslim League Nawaz mPA from PK-54 mansehra, mian Ziaur rehman ineligible for having a fake degree. mian Ziaur rehman, son of late mPA mian Waliur rehman was declared successful in general elections of may 11. However, the opponent candidates belonging to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Jamiat Ulema-e-islam Fazl (JUi-F) had moved an application in the eT challenging the degree of the PmL-N mPA. The eT had sent his degree to the concerned seminary, which had been declared fake after which the notification of his success was cancelled. re-poll has been ordered in the constituency.



A Pacific islander is attempting to become the world's first climate change refugee in New Zealand as rising seas threaten his low-lying homeland, the man's lawyer said on Thursday. ioane Teitiota, 37, launched an appeal this week against a decision by New Zealand immigration authorities to refuse him refugee status and deport him to Kiribati in the central Pacific, lawyer michael Kitt said. Kitt acknowledged Teitiota's New Zealand visa had expired but said he should not face deportation because of the difficulties he would encounter in

Kiribati – which consists of more than 30 coral atolls, most only a few metres (feet) above sea level. He said rising seas had already swamped parts of Kiribati, destroying crops and contaminating water supplies. "Fresh water is a basic human right... the Kiribati government is unable, and perhaps unwilling, to guarantee these things because it's completely beyond their control," Kitt told radio New Zealand. He said Teitiota's case had the potential to set an international precedent, not only for Kiribati's 100,000 residents but for all populations threatened by man-made climate change. As the environmental problem worsened a new class of refugee was emerging that was not

properly covered by existing international protocols, Kitt said. "it's a fluid situation, eventually the courts and legislatures are going to have to make a decision on how we deal with this," he said. Kitt said deporting Teitiota to Kiribati was like forcing a gay person to return to a country where they faced persecution or a domestic violence victim to go somewhere which offered no protection of women's rights. in refusing Teitiota's application earlier this year, immigration authorities argued that the Kiribati man could not be considered a refugee because no one in his homeland was threatening his life if he returned.


A woman gave birth to five babies in Khyber Teaching Hospital in Peshawar on Wednesday. According to reports, the woman belonging to malakand, who was admitted for her delivery, unbelievably gave birth to five babies, three of whom were girls while two were boys. The mother and her offspring are in stable condition and will be allowed to leave the hospital soon.

five iNjured iN haNgu explosioN HANGU inp

At least five people sustained injuries in an explosion that occurred in Doaba area on Wednesday. According to police sources, unidentified miscreants planted an explosive device on the road which went off injuring five people. Police said that it was a remote-controlled bomb blast. The police and rescue teams reached the spot shifting the injured to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital (THQ) for treatment. Police and others law enforcement agencies cordoned off the entire area and started search operation.

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Each one prays to God according to his own light. –Mahatma Gandhi

06 N

NEWS Thursday, 24 October, 2013

British royal dynasty set for george’s christening LONDON aGencieS


Hree generations of future British kings will gather on Wednesday for the low-key christening of Prince George, the son of Prince William and his wife Catherine. Current monarch Queen elizabeth ii will also be present for the thirdin-line prince’s baptism, where she will be joined by heir apparent Prince Charles and second-in-line William. But the ceremony, to be held at the Chapel royal in London’s St James’s Palace, will be hidden from the world’s media. royal officials have said that only “close members of both families” will attend the baptism, reflecting William and Catherine’s belief in keeping their son out of the spotlight. The service will be conducted by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the head of the world’s Anglicans, who called it “the next hugely important moment” in the young prince’s life. “A few

months ago millions of people around the world celebrated the birth of Prince George,” he said in a YouTube message released by his Lambeth Palace office on Tuesday. “Now we’re celebrating the next hugely important moment, which is his christening.” A Church of england

christening involves a new baby having holy water poured on its head – the baby is not fully immersed. George – who is a future Supreme Governor of the Church of england and “Defender of the Faith” – was born on July 22. Celebrity photographer Jason

Bell – known for his portraits of Beatle Paul mcCartney, footballer David Beckham and Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson – has been given sole responsibility for the official pictures. The award-winning photographer will take the shots at Clarence House, the home of William’s father Prince Charles, following Wednesday’s service. The pictures are expected to gain iconic status, showing four generations of monarchs together. The last time such a photograph was taken was in 1894 at the christening of the future king edward Viii, showing the infant with his father, later king George V, grandfather, the future king edward Vii, and great-grandmother, queen Victoria. George has been deliberately shielded from the type of press attention that William blames for the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, in car crash in Paris being followed by paparazzi. The new baby’s only public appearance has been with his parents as he left the London hospital where he was born.

The only other sighting of George has been in a picture with William, Kate and the couple’s dog Lupo which michael middleton took in his family’s back garden. This desire for privacy is also highlighted in the “personal decision” to use the Chapel royal, Diana’s former private secretary said. “This is not like a royal wedding for example, this is essentially a private family occasion,” said Patrick Jephson. “All be it, William and Kate have decided to make theirs a very intimate family occasion.” “The location…is different from recent history where baptisms have taken place in Buckingham Palace.” Jephson said that Wednesday’s ceremony would send a strong message of the family’s durability. “For the royal family, a christening is important because it shows the continuing survival of the dynasty,” he explained. “it reinforces the public perception that the British royal family is going to be around for a long time to come.”

aNti-polio caMpaigN kicks off iN kp aMid security fears PESHAWAR inp

Amid fear of attack by the militants and uncertain security conditions, a three-day anti-polio campaign started in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Wednesday during which the students below the age of five years will be administered polio vaccine. The campaign started in Bannu, Di Khan, Kohat, Lakki marwat, Peshawar and Tank districts and will continue till Friday. As many as 4,343 teams including 3,678 mobile and 261 transit teams have been formed to administer door-to-door anti-polio vaccine to children. The teams would be assisted by volunteers, lady health workers and officials of national building departments. The deputy commissioners have been asked to monitor the campaigns in their respective districts.

suicide attack Bid foiled iN kurraM ageNcy QUETTA: Traffic was jammed for hours at Kozak Top Gear Nag after people blocked the railway track and road against misbehavior of FC personnel. inp


Security forces foiled bid of a suicide attack Wednesday on a check post at Zara mela in Kurram Agency. According to official sources, the suicide bomber detonated himself as he was challenged by soldiers on duty when he tried to approach the check post. No loss of life was reported.

suicide BoMBers, guNMeN kill 28 iN iraq RAMADI

miseries of earthquake affectees increase as winter approaches AWARAN inp


Gunmen and suicide bombers driving explosives-rigged vehicles launched a wave of coordinated attacks in iraq’s Anbar province overnight, killing 25 police and three civilians, officials and medics said on Wednesday. The attacks between 10pm and midnight Tuesday in the west iraq province also wounded 26 police, they said. militants, including those linked to al Qaeda, frequently target iraqi security forces and other government employees. Four of the attacks struck targets in or near the town of rutba, about 110 kilometres from the border with war-racked Syria. A suicide bomber detonated a tanker truck packed with explosives at a federal police checkpoint east of the town, while militants armed with heavy weapons struck the police station in rutba itself and another bomber detonated a vehicle at a police checkpoint to its west. Those attacks killed 18 police and wounded 25, while three civilians died when another suicide bomber blew up a tanker truck on a bridge west of rutba, the officials and a doctor said.

Miseries of earthquake affected population of Awaran have increased manifold as winter sets in as they have to live under the open sky without basic facilities. According to details, even after one month hundreds of families affected by the devastating earthquake in Awaran area of Balochistan are forced to stay outside their destroyed homes under the open sky as no alternate arrangements have been made for their residence. The affectees had to suffer a lot due to chill weather during the night and absence of basic facilities including shelter, food, clean drinking water and medicines. Some of the affectees complained that no tent village has been set up for them till

now which was a matter of grave concern. They criticised the provincial and federal governments for failure to facilitate the people of quake-hit areas.

The people demanded the provincial and federal governments provide them shelter and appropriate aid soon as the winter was drawing nearer.

MiNor girl gaNg-raped, BurNt alive iN up LUCKNOW aGencieS

According to a Times of india report, a minor girl was gang-raped on Tuesday night by three men in the Jaulan district of india’s Uttar Pradesh state, before being burnt alive. She sustained 80 percent burns and succumbed to her injuries in a district hospital on Wednesday morning, police officials said. The incident took place in the Sirsa Kalaar area of Orai in Jaulan district. According to the victim’s family, the eighth-grader had gone into the fields at night with her sister to attend to her needs. indian households, according to official statistics collected during the 2011 consensus, have more telephone connections (mostly cellphones) than toilets. As the two were returning home, they were attacked by three villagers, including a local village ruffian called ram Bahadur, the family added. They further said that the men dragged the girl into a nearby field where the rape took place and then set her on fire after she threatened to tell the villagers of their abuse, before escaping. By the time her sister had managed to raise the alarm and bring family members and neighbours to the spot, the girl’s body had already sustained 80 per cent burns. meanwhile police station in-charge rP Pandey stated that an official complaint had not been filed against the attackers. He however added that the police had begun an investigation and were raiding different locations in pursuit of the assailants on the basis of the available information.

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Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. — Mark Twain

KARACHI Thursday, 24 October, 2013

Mall erupts iN flaMes KARACHI inp

WeAtHer UpdAteS

Fire broke out at a shopping mall near Dalmia Road in Karachi’s Gulshan Iqbal town on Wednesday. Rescue services extinguished the fire after struggling for hours to fight the fire and evacuate the building. According to sources, the fire broke out inside the storage area of a shoe retailer. The fire quickly spread to the surrounding shops. Due to the intense smoke some shoppers fell unconscious and were evacuated with the help of rescue services and volunteers which included shopkeepers and area residents. Taking advantage of the commotion certain miscreants tried to use the opportunity to loot and plunder. Police resorted to aerial firing to disperse a large crowd that gathered outside the mall which the miscreants used to their advantage. Following the aerial firing by law enforcers, shopkeepers joined hands to form a human chain barring unnecessary personnel from entering the mall premises.

340C High

0C 23Low FridAy 35°C i 22°C




36°C i 23°C

36°C i 22°C

pRaYeR tiMinGS Fajr 5:18

Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib isha 6:33 12:17 3:33 5:59 7:16

cid May iNvestigate theft of aNiMals froM zoo KARACHI app

Sindh Local Government minister Owais muzaffar on Wednesday taking notice of alleged missing and theft of animals from Karachi Zoo has directed the CiD to investigate into the matter. According to a statement, the Sindh LG minister has taken strict notice of the alleged theft of animals from the Karachi Zoo. it said that a team of CiD to be headed by incharge of AntiTerrorism Cell of CiD SP Chaudhry Aslam, will probe the matter and submit a report to the Sindh LG minister within a week. The minister has directed that the culprits involved in the matter be arrested and strict action be taken against them. He said that the animals are precious asset of the Karachi Zoo and their protection is responsibility of the government. He said that the Karachi Zoo will be equipped with modern facilities and more animals will be brought to it. He has also directed the Administrator KmC to take immediate measures for cleaning of the Karachi Zoo to provide healthy amusement to the visitors.

police arrest assassiN, two others KARACHI Online

Police claimed to have arrested three suspects including an alleged target killer during raids in different parts of the city. Clifton SP Sarfaraz Nawaz said that a street criminal was arrested from Gizri area of the city. He said that mobile phone sets and a pistol were also recovered from the possession of the suspect. The police said a drug peddler was held during a raid in the jurisdiction of mubina Town police station. A motorcycle and drugs were also recovered from the possession of the accused. They said a man allegedly involved in target killing was apprehended in Garden area of the city. CoPs APPrEhEnd 97: Karachi Police in their on-going drive against criminals, arrested 97 accused from different parts of the metropolis during the past 24 hours. A police official said here on Wednesday that these included 33 absconders, proclaimed offenders and others allegedly involved in dacoities, robberies, murders, extortionism and other crimes. He said that 29 weapons of various calibres were also recovered from their possession.

KARACHI: MPA Saifuddin Khalid inspects a fumigator prior to the start of the anti-dengue drive. nni

weapoNs cache discovered iN graveyard KARACHI Online

rangers conducting raid in different areas of the city have recovered a cache of arms under the use of NATO forces from an artificial grave. On Wednesday morning, as per identification of an arrested accused, rangers cordoned of the graveyard of Shah mohammad located in the area of sector 7D-3 of North Karachi. Sources from the rangers said that accused was brought to graveyard and an artificial grave was dug up on his identification from where arms under use of NATO forces were recovered. The recovered arms include, five American m-16 rifles, two SmGs, a

night vision scope and steel tipped bullets. Sources said, arrested accused has also revealed that arms similar like this is dig in different graveyards of the city. recovered arms are used by NATO forces and possibly

it has been taken from NATO container. rangers had arrested the accused on monday night from New Karachi following an intelligence report

and he identified about arms during investigation. On the other side an intelligence department arrested an accused naming Babar from 4-K Choraha North Karachi, and later on following the information given by him conducted raid on the house of wanted accused Sultan musa in the area of Sarjani Town. in this action three bags of Kalashnikovs, two repeater guns, three TT pistols a 7 mm rifle and bullets were recovered from there. Other than that rangers also arrested an absconder target killer Jaffar from Sakkur. in an alleged police encounter near Taj mansion in the area of Garden Show market, police arrested a fugitive mohammad imran known as Japani while his associate fled from the scene. earlier, police taking action in different areas of the city arrested 54 accused from west zone, 51 from east zone and 23 from south zone. Arrested accused includes target killers, robbers, absconders and wanted persons.

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In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery? — Saint Augustine

KARACHI Thursday, 24 October, 2013

HYDERABAD: Wrestlers display their skills on the occasion of the Urs of Hazrat Saman Shah Sarkar held at Pangrio. App

politiciaNs criticise cops for guardiNg siNdh asseMBly KARACHI

karachi lies in seismic zone, says commissioner KARACHI

aftaB cHanna

As the legislative house of province – the Sindh Assembly – has been under constant threat from terrorists, a number of employees of the house fear insecurity with the attitude of the police official, deputed to guard it. An inspector rank security in-charge from the Sindh Police are giving the staff of the Sindh Assembly Secretariat a tough time. infact, the secretary, to whom the police inspector is bound to inform each and every action, remains unaware of the deployment of the police constables in and outside the Sindh Assembly, sources told Pakistan Today. There are at least 20 police personnel who are assigned to ensure foolproof security of the Sindh Assembly, that houses around 200 legislators and around 150 staff. The security team is headed by a three-star inspector with two single star assistant sub inspectors and seventeen police constables. “The police personnel headed by inspector Zulfikar does not bother to either take into the confidence the secretary Sindh assembly or inform the speaker office about the reshuffling in the duties of the policemen”, a senior official of the Sindh Assembly secretariat told. The Sindh assembly building in under constant threat of terrorists and despite repeated approaches the iGP failed to take any measure to ensure security of the elected public representatives, another senior official said. The official said 171 members of the assembly were always under threat as well as the media, adding that a committee of the assembly would summon Sindh iG for the action as the building was in the red zone. There are no security measures at present protecting the Sindh assembly building any person can enter the assembly after greasing palms of the constables, it was alleged.



ArACHi Commissioner Shoaib Siddiqui on Wednesday said all inhabitants of the metropolis as well as civic agencies are yet to adequately realise that Karachi falls in a seismic zone. Chairing a meeting in his office to review measures required for mandatory adoption of earthquake proof infrastructural development schemes, with specific reference to residential, commercial buildings and road network, he regretted that people generally appeared to be indifferent towards their city’s earthquake prone location. “We may not have undergone any major earthquake related calamity but are high in risk is a fact that can not be simply ignored,” said the commissioner. He said each and every section must be fully conscious of their respective

responsibilities and concerted efforts are required to avert possible destruction. The commissioner on the occasion urged heads of concerned departments responsible for construction and approval of building plans in the city to ensure that all development schemes strictly comply with standard seismic zone criterion. He reiterated that close coordination is necessarily and urgently required for the protection of the city that happens to be the business hub of the country, source of employment for millions and home to several millions. “We can neither make any compromise on the developmental needs of the city nor can turn it hostage to development at the cost of precious human lives and property,” said the commissioner. He said an efficient mass awareness programme is also urgently needed, without creating unnecessary scare, for a public demand among Karachiites about their protection against natural calamities.

FILe photo


Netherlands will provide modern fishing vessels to the ministry of Ports and Shipping on easy instalments and reduced rates. These boats would possess navigational systems, installed to navigate the right direction and limits of sea water, said a ministry spokesman. Netherlands Ambassador marcel de Vink on Wednesday called on Ports and Shipping minister Kamran michael and matters of common interest has been discussed in the meeting. it was decided that Dutch companies would provide the fiber boats to Baloch fishermen whose livelihood

was based on fishing. The navigational system installed in the boats would help the fishermen navigate the right direction in the seawater so that they could remain in the limits of Pakistan seawater and violation of international seawater laws would be avoided. more so these fiber boats would be equipped with life jackets to ensure the protection of fishermen while they are navigating into sea. Netherlands also offered the ports management courses to Pakistanis crew to develop the management expertise for ports administrators. The federal minister applauded the steps of Dutch government and stated that such constructive measures between two states would enhance the trade relationships and investment would be increased.

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COMMENT Thursday, 24 October, 2013

waging a covert war for the US, the times are a changing


OUr reports denouncing drone attacks and underlining their illegality have appeared in a week on international media. First came studies by two UN rapporteurs followed by two well-researched reports by the Amnesty international and the Human rights Watch. The reports maintain that drone attacks are illegal and the killing of civilians in strikes that were intended to hit militants constituted war crimes. The reports demand declassification of information about the secretive drone killings and clarification of US position on the legality of the attacks. Besides the humanitarian and legal aspects, drone attacks can have serious implications for world peace, a report maintains. Their extensive use can jeopardise international security by encouraging more states and terrorist groups to acquire unmanned weapons The reports appear at a time when Pakistan is pressing the issue at various UN forums. Pakistan has raised the matter at the Security Council calling for urgent talks to resolve the problem. The world body was told that out of some 2,200 people killed by drone strikes in the past decade, at least 400 were civilians and an additional 200 victims were deemed probable non-combatants. The issue is now to be debated in the General Assembly on Friday. On Tuesday mian Nawaz Sharif dilated on the issue while addressing the US institute of Peace. He maintained that the drone strikes constituted a major irritant in US-Pakistan relations. The attacks were not only a continued violation of Pakistan’s territorial integrity, but also detrimental to its resolve and efforts at eliminating terrorism from the country. The US has never been under such international pressure as it is now on the drones issue. An adamant White House spokesman however insists that drone strikes are legitimate, also denying they infringe international law and maintains the US did all it could to avoid civilian casualties. Further by deciding to use drone aircraft against terror suspects, rather than sending in troops or using other weapons, Washington was “choosing the course of action least likely to result in the loss of innocent life.” The four reports by independent and highly respectable organizations contradict the stand. The US in the past never paid heed to world opinion when pursuing its perceived national interests. The reverse gear applied in the case of Syria however implies, things are different this time. it remains to be seen if the US would be willing to call off drone strikes in Pakistan without a quid pro quo.

vanishing forex reserves how about practising some austerity?


HiS is the ugly face of the imF’s lending philosophy, the tough conditions invariably imbedded in their aid programmes add to the common man’s economic plight. So it was with Pakistan when it was again compelled to the Fund’s support to avoid a possible default. However, this time the imF included another proviso, in that the total $6.7 billion loan was not to be disbursed upfront but in twelve equal tranches, the release of each installment dependent on the conditions set being met. Talk of rubbing one’s face in the dust, just for the low interest rate. in practice, the hyperactive judiciary has challenged some of the steps taken by the regime in deference to the imF’s wishes, such as the steep rise in electricity rates which badly hurts the ordinary man and breeds inflation, and has set itself up as a shield between the imF and the people. Whether this and the overall performance of the economy in the immediate post-programme period would affect the release of the next tranche of $550 million will be clear only after the discussions are held regarding financial targets with the imF review team arriving in Pakistan on Oct 28. Now for the bad news! First, the country missed the foreign exchange reserves target set by the Fund by about $800 million. The SBP governor admitted that $25 million was being funneled out by the country daily, and the Bank made a feeble but futile attempt to shore up the sinking rupee by buying dollars from the open market to meet the shortfall. This put the rupee under pressure, causing it to lose seven percent of its value against the US currency, and the parity is expected to depreciate further by June 2014 to rs113 to a greenback. Only on Oct 11, Forex reserves stood at paltry $4.1 billion. Former finance minister Hafiz Pasha predicts that the situation will deteriorate further in November when US$700 is due for repayment to the imF, with no inflows. The reserves threaten to decline to $3.3 billion by the end of Nov, insufficient to finance imports even for a month. This is a harrowing scenario indeed, and it must be causing the Pm sleepless nights. His victory smiles after the elections vanished soon enough to be replaced by a perpetual frown. But there is one aspect all our rulers have studiously ignored – austerity, a Spartan austerity. india is already taking steps to balance the economic impact of the fall of the indian rupee against the dollar by reducing its oil import bill by US $20 billion through educating the public. Unfortunately for us, austerity is apparently a Greek word, but unless we practice it, we risk turning into another financial disaster like contemporary Greece.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad Joint Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2818125 Web: Email:

a test for Nawaz sharif his US visit will set the tone for pakistan-US relations

dR aHMad RaSHid Malik


rime minister Nawaz Sharif is on a visit to the United States at a time when the country is facing security challenges and needs a revival of the economy. The last time he went there was on 4 July, 1999, to seek US mediation to stop the Kargil war. exactly after 100 days he was toppled by military dictator General Pervez musharraf on 12 October, 1999. However, after the long military dictatorship (1999-2008) the process of democracy has been strengthening. For Nawaz Sharif, this visit to the United States is an important one, just like the ones he undertook to Saudi Arabia and China following his victory in may 2013 elections. even so, both President Barack Obama and Nawaz Sharif have been in contact with each other as the former congratulated him on his party’s victory in the general elections. it is against this backdrop that Nawaz Sharif is once again on a visit to Washington but this time around he is there to discuss the post-US withdrawal situation in Afghanistan, along with USoperated Predator-drone attacks on FATA, the release of Dr Afia Siddiqui, US aid to Pakistan, trade and investment issues, energy cooperation, strategic dialogue and counterterrorism. Besides his meeting with Obama, mr Sharif has had meetings with Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and interacted with Congressmen. He also attended a business event organised by the US-Pakistan Business Council, and addressed the United States institute of Peace and the PakistaniAmerican community. The United States will withdraw its forces from Afghanistan next year. it is not definite yet whether the US would maintain 10,000 troops behind in Kabul or not to assist the future Afghan government. The fact is that among Pakistani politicians, the Sharif government

Editor’s mail

is the best bet for the US to coordinate with for its drawdown strategy. He would not allow an interventionist policy toward Afghanistan as he apparently believes in an Afghan-led and Afghanowned peace and reconciliation process. This also fulfills US future strategic interests in Afghanistan. Talks are already taking place between Pakistan government and the Taliban and this should not be sabotaged by any internal or external element, for peace is most difficult to obtain in Afghanistan. Pakistan could only become a useful partner in this whole security scenario if it is economically stable. The US has been an important trading partner of Pakistan among developed countries. Pakistan’s exports to the US have been around US$ 3 billion during 2004-11 while imports have been around US$ 2 billion. They are somehow stagnant and need to be expanded. On the other hand, the US has been the third largest source of foreign direct investment (FDi) in Pakistan after Hong Kong and the United Kingdom in 20012-13, whereas it was the top investor in Pakistan during 2007-12. As a sign of improvement in bilateral ties, the US has offered US$ 1.6 billion in military and economic aid to Pakistan that was suspended after the Abbottabad episode in may 2011. relations between the two further deteriorated after the Salala killings of Pakistani soldiers in November 2011. Pakistan then boycotted the Bonn moot on Afghanistan and evicted the US troops from Shamsi air base from which it flew drones for attacks on FATA. reacting further, Pakistan cut off logistics supply of NATO containers. Some reconciliation was made when Pakistan participated at the Chicago Conference on the future of Afghanistan. Later, Pakistan restored NATO supplies which was much appreciated by the United States. relations have gradually improved after that. Coming back to investment relations, both need to make investment institutionalised to strengthen their bilateral economic ties. Stumbling blocks to the bilateral investment treaty between the two states should also be removed to further create a level-playing ground between the two. Strangely, bilateral talks have been going on around a decade without any concrete outcome yet. in fact, terms demanded by the US for the resolution of disputes are so stringent that they bypass all domestic channels for arbitration. This has become the main impediment in the negotiations. Pakistan has signed as many

as 47 bilateral investment treaties with different countries. many of these agreements were signed without careful vetting. As a rule of thumb, local courts shall be allowed to listen to litigation cases first. This principle should be implied to bilateral investment treaty to be signed with the US. regionally, skirmishes have been taking place along the Line of Control for a few months between nuclear-armed india and Pakistan. On this front, mr Sharif has been pressing hard to resolve the Kashmir dispute through bilateral negotiation with india under the composite dialogue process and through some international interlocutor. Kashmir, however, seems unchanged as US policy on Kashmir has not changed by an iota as stated by an American official. it however states that it encourages a dialogue between Pakistan and india on Kashmir to determine its future. The Americans are not in a mood to irk india at this point in time when they are forging a strategic partnership with it to counter China. The Sino-Pakistani Gwadar cooperation also displeases America. many are looking at the outcome of mr Sharif’s demand for an end to the drone attacks on FATA which now the United States operates from inside Jalalabad, Afghanistan. So far 364 drone attacks have killed 2,830 people during 2004-13 in Pakistan. Pakistan has taken up the matter to the United Nations, pressing hard that such attacks were illegal under the international law and according to all human rights conventions. They are also a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. They have proved to be counterproductive towards fight against terrorism. The collateral damage of these attacks has been fueling militancy and terrorism. This must come to an end. Sharif’s success on his Washington yatra depends on getting these drone attacks stopped. if he fails, he would face severe criticism in Pakistan. if continued the drone attacks have the potential to derail the recently announced peace process with Taliban. it remains to be seen of the US would continue with the drone attacks or give peace and reconciliation with the Taliban a chance before drawdown begins in Afghanistan. The catchy slogan ‘more trade than aid’ would not impress a common man in Pakistan. At least until industrial infrastructure gets a complete overhaul. The Sharif government has a lot to prove. Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad.

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-32535230 E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively

Ns in washington, Ms in Moscow russian President Vladimir Putin has seemingly started calling the shots, thanks to his recent win in the middle east crisis. His firm stand against the US vow to attack Syria and the threat to attack Saudi Arabia instead worked well. Saudi Prince Bandar’s reported meeting with President Putin that led to moscow moving its war ships to the mediterranean is one of the reasons of riyadh’s frustration, which was reflected in its rejection of UN Security Council’s non-permanent seat offer. But both the occasions india has managed to cleverly hijack; first at the UN during the General Assembly’s annual meet where it succeeded in keeping at bay Pakistan’s Prime minister Nawaz Sharif. manmohan Singh met President Obama in Washington right at the time of NS’ address to the GA. So much so the session was said to be hijacked by two personalities: one was Bill Gates and the other was malala. But thanks to Secretary Kerry, who timely stepped in, bestowed an audience upon NS and announced his

meeting with President Obama for the last week of this month. Whatever comes out from it is matter of days, but the indians, yet again, very cleverly coincided it with mS’s meeting with President Putin in moscow with the latter’s win over Obama keeping in mind. Putin has reportedly played smart again as the mS has failed to strike a nuclear deal with moscow’s ‘mystery’ man. mS is also visiting China in a bid to forge closer economic relations and ink a pact to ease tension along their disputed border. While the US has quietly ordered release of $1.6 billion military and civilian assistance to Pakistan, and ahead of NS’s meeting with the US president, Obama called upon the Congress to revive the assistance to Pakistan worth $300 million “so that the Pakistan-US relations could be put in full gear”. However analysts see New Delhi’s move ahead of time as compared to islamabad’s lacking vision. in the changing paradigms, ahead of US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014, Pakistan has to move clear-headedly before making any further commitments on changes at top levels and shift in the anti-terror policy much only to appease a ‘weakening’ ally. Pakistan needs to tread carefully. F Z KHAN Islamabad

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You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one. –Henry D Thoreau




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Beware pakistan’s small nuclear weapons the most significant development in recent years


opposition in pakistan in its formative phase

SYed afSaR Sajid


He author of the present book Kausar Parveen teaches history at Allama iqbal Open University, islamabad. As a research scholar the major area of her work is democratization in modern South Asia of which the instant study is a natural offshoot, and for that matter a significant one. it covers a period of some eleven years in the formative phase of Pakistan’s socio-political history and seeks to examine inter alia the general patterns of opposition in the politics of the country. Opposition political parties are usually regarded as ‘the most organized and institutionalized agents of political opposition in any society’ let alone ours. The ‘introduction’ explicates the intent of the study as ‘an attempt to understand the democratic process in Pakistan in the context of government-opposition relations, the importance of the opposition, its general functions in an emerging democracy, like the newly-independent Pakistan’. The questions raised in the book with their subsequent analyses are summarized thus: 1. The factors influencing the emergence, growth and development of opposition in a nationalpolitical framework in Pakistan, following independence of the country 2. Chief characters instrumental in forming the opposition parties with or without the support of the masses 3. Government-opposition equation during the period in view and its impact on the political system of the country 4. Role of opposition in constitution-making during the classified period and the response of the ruling class in the process 5. The stance of the opposition on the major contemporary issues and events and its success or failure in harnessing public opinion in its favour vis-a-vis the political developments in Pakistan

The book comprises six chapters captioned: 1) The role of the Opposition: A conceptual framework, 2) emergence of the Opposition in Pakistan: major determinants, 3) rise, growth, and development of the Opposition, 5) The Opposition and constitutionmaking and (6) The Opposition and political development. The author of the treatise has discussed the

aforesaid issues in the spirit of a scientific investiga- and Nizam-i-islam Party; the left wing of the oppotor committed to separating the wheat from the chaff. sition parties mainly comprised of National ConHer observations and assumptions seem to carry the gress, Pakistan Scheduled Castes Federation, Khudai weight of her conviction --- rooted in her vision, in- Khidmatgar, Pakistan Peoples’ Party, Anjuman-itellect, and approach. The concept of opposition, Watan Party, Azad Pakistan Party, Ganatantari Dal, which stipulates tolerance and patience in a situation Sindh Awami mahaz, Pakistan National Party, and of dissent and division, is universally accepted as an National Awami Party. Besides, there were three ceninalienable ingredient of democracy. Hence it won’t trist parties viz., Pakistan muslim League, Awami be platitudinous to aver that the smooth functioning League and Klrishak Saramik Party. They were of a modern democratic system depends as much on moderate parties advocating mixed socio-economic the efficacy and workability of the opposition as on programmes and supporting the West-aligned forthe efficiency and sustainability of the party or par- eign policy of the county. The PmL dominated the political scene in the ties in power for it is only a strong and well-organized opposition that is apt to marginalize dictation country until 1954. The period from 1954 to 1958 and autocracy in the face of an ever-increasing au- was the era of coalition politics in the country bearthoritarian control on the affairs of governance on ing far-reaching effects on the growth and evolution of the opposition in its political set-up. A graphic dethe part of the latter (the rulers). The dimension of the present study is binary in scription of the political manoeuvrings in both wings character – on the micro level it is centred on the es- of the country with their ominous fall out resulting timation of the role of opposition within the purview into the malfunctioning of the body politic is a subof the national political system dating back to the ject of interest in the fourth chapter. Pakistan saw one constitution in the period in first and the early second decade of the post-independence era whereas on the macro level it is de- view (1956) that embodied the 1949 Objectives ressigned to encompass the subject in the international olution and envisaged a federal parliamentary syscontext concerning a host of developed and devel- tem. Owing to its latent incongruities, it failed to contribute to political stability in the country and fioping countries around the world. The role of the opposition is conceptually de- nally broke down with the imposition of the 1958 bated in the opening chapter of the book. in demo- martial law. The last chapter of the book offers an in-depth cratic countries opposition has a lawful role to play while in non-democratic states opposition is out- analysis of ‘political development and its impact on lawed. in theory, functions of opposition are consid- the behaviour of the political opposition with focus ered congenital in regards to the viability of a on the opposition response to particular problems redemocratic system. in practice it is deemed to be ‘an lated with nation-building, political participation, inagent of democracy’ via the mechanics of the party stitutionalization, and the legitimacy of the political system. The Western view of the opposition pro- system’. Opposition’s mobilization of public opinion motes representation, channelization and diversifi- culminating into some popular movements like cation leading to conciliation or unification. Pakistan Peasant movement in east Pakistan, Language movement in east Pakistan, had a one-party dominant rule Anti-Ahmadiyya movement in during the period from 1947 to the Punjab, and Anti-One Unit 1954 where-after emerged a movement in West Pakistan is multi-party system with unstable also discussed at length. in fact coalition governments terminatthe character and calibre of the ing in the 1958 martial law. opposition tends to determine During the period i view, the the legitimacy of a political sysgrowing divide between the tem. The widening gap between rulers and the opposition in Pakthe government and opposition istan owed itself to the ethnic, linin this country served to diminguistic, and socio-cultural ish this legitimacy over the incongruities between its various years. federating units. The military-buThe protagonists in this reaucratic oligarchy, over a pegame were some elements of riod of time, served to aggravate civil-military bureaucracy and a the situation rather than defusing bunch of self-seeking politicians it. The right and left in the politiand diplomats. The book is thus cal jargon denote conservatism an apt exposition of its theme: and progressivism respectively. the role of the opposition in the Opposition parties have been catpolitics of Pakistan during the egorized as rightist or leftist in period 1947-1958. There seems the line of this demarcation. The The Politics of Pakistan: Role of to be enough substance in Prof. leading right-wing opposition the Opposition – 1947-1958 ian Talbot’s assertion that ‘This political parties at that time were Author: Kausar Parveen is a promising topic which can Jamaat-i-islami Pakistan, Tehrik- Publisher: Oxford University shed further light on the reasons i-istehkam-i-Pakistn, majlis-i- Press, Karachi for the failure of Pakistan’s first Ahrar-i-islam, Jamiat Pages: 363; Price: Rs 995/experiment with democracy.’ Al-Ulma-i-islam, islam League,

rime minister Nawaz Sharif’s meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House on Wednesday was critical for the future course of US-Pakistan relations. One issue at the top of the agenda – alongside the future of Afghanistan, Pakistan’s own much-weakened state and attacks by terrorist groups – is said to be the country’s nuclear weapons programme. Pakistan’s rapid development of aHMed RaSHid battlefield nuclear weapons raises many questions in the region and abroad. Western analysts estimate Pakistan has between 100 and 120 nuclear weapons, far more than its rival india, which is believed to have 90-100. Pakistan has multiple delivery capability, such as long and short-range rockets and aircraft. it will soon add naval capability with sea-launched missiles. Less well-known is that Pakistan has one of the fastest growing battlefield or tactical nuclear weapons programmes in the world today, according to senior western officials i have spoken with. The Americans developed the capacity to put miniaturised nuclear bombs on short-range rockets, artillery and tank shells in the 1950s – something Pakistan is apparently doing now and very successfully. “The most significant development in recent years has been the creation of a battlefield nuclear force ‘in being’ that provides Pakistan the option of a battlefield use of nuclear weapons,’’ writes Christopher Clary in an essay on Pakistani nukes published by the US National Bureau of Asian research. Western officials say the dangers of such weapons are many. They are made in large numbers and are small and thus can more easily be stolen or hijacked by extremist groups operating openly in Pakistan; smaller nuclear weapons make it easier to decide to wage a limited nuclear war if islamabad considers it is being defeated in a conflict with india’s much larger conventional armed forces; and such weapons can be specifically targeted on, say, invading indian military formations, raising the ante for an all-out nuclear war. Pakistan refuses to adopt a “no first use” of nuclear weapons in its strategic focus and therefore every crisis the two countries have been involved in since they became nuclear weapon states has forced islamabad to adopt a threatening and risky posture in order to avoid total war with india, which it would surely lose. “Small nuclear weapons make it psychologically easier for decision makers to use them, rather than having to decide about an all-out nuclear war,’’ says one western expert. Pakistani officials point out several elements in their favour. Despite attacks on airports, military bases and other sensitive places, terrorists have never stolen or been able to acquire nuclear materials – although there is always a first time. There is the equally threatening posture of indian forces who have developed a battlefield plan called ‘Cold Start’, which takes advantage of their much larger conventional forces to inflict a quick defeat on specific Pakistani forces or border regions before islamabad can fully mobilise. The Pakistan Army which has to defend a very long border with india, and does not have the forces or reserves to do so adequately, fears exactly such a strategy. india denies that it even has a ‘Cold Start’ strategy which makes discussions between the two countries even more difficult. The real concern for western powers at the moment is not that two rational governments will go to war, but that the proxy wars they wage against each other will get out of hand. Terrorist groups who have been sponsored by the Pakistani military in the past and are not under any control now could create a war syndrome on the border, just as the 2008 suicide attack in mumbai by Lashkar-e-Taiba did when 166 indians were killed. Likewise, india is needling Pakistan by allegedly backing separatists in Balochistan. in recent weeks, scares generated by terrorist attacks either on indian forces in the disputed region of Kashmir or on civilian targets in both countries have led to several acute rises in tensions. it is still difficult to convince the Pakistani army that the real threat comes not from india, but from the spread of islamic extremism and terrorist groups active on its soil. The army also faces questions from a public that by and large supports the nuclear programme, but wonders why Pakistan needs such a large nuclear arsenal when it already has a viable nuclear deterrent against india and why so much is still being spent on making new bombs when the economy is in melt down. So far there has been no adequate answer. Both india and Pakistan spend an extraordinary amount of money on their nuclear weapons programmes that are expanding and growing all the time at a huge cost to their respective populations who remain largely mired in poverty. Pakistan’s larger nuclear arsenal and development of tactical bombs and india’s huge rocket development programme for carrying nuclear weapons has only fuelled a new arms race in the region that now involves not just the size of bombs, but also delivery vehicles. Both countries may not like or trust one another but increasingly their nuclear weapons programmes are totally out of sync with economic and other realities on the ground. But who will say this to them when there is no international or regional diplomatic effort in place which could hold talks between the two sides and try and stem this hugely dangerous game? The west’s concerns about Pakistan’s miniaturised nuclear bombs should be translated into a larger deal that pushes both islamabad and New Delhi to contain what is now a runaway bomb by making by two countries who have proved three times that they can go to war against one another. Ahmed Rashid is best-selling author of several books about Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia, most recently ‘Descent into Chaos’. This article was also carried by The Financial Times.

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ceelo pleads not guilty to giving woman ecstasy

Free love sounds great — Laura Prepon

sarwat gillani and fahad Mirza get engaged NEWS DESK


CTOrS Sarwat Gilani and Fahad mirza are engaged to be married. The couple, who exchanged rings on October 11 this year, celebrated their union with an intimate gathering of around 70 on the roof-top garden of her residence. While Gilani wore an Amna Aqeel outfit on her engagement day with hair and make-up done by Natasha’s Salon, mirza sported a white boski shalwar kameez from moosajees. On the question of how and where she met mirza, she answered “We met 10 years ago, in the year 2003 to be precise. We liked each other then but i was busy acquiring a degree in Communication Design from the indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, and he was studying at Dow medical College, pursuing his plans of becoming a surgeon.” Today, however, it [our story] has unfolded to be very filmi” she said. “Some

time back, i was performing in a stage play Dhaani and Fahad came to watch it. Later, he texted me and said that he saw the play. That’s how we got in touch with each other for the first time after really long,” she exclaimed. “initially, i thought we both must be at different stages in life. People would joke about us being together but we used to laugh it off. And it just so happened that in the process of proving them wrong, we proved them right by falling in love, again!” With a wedding that is planned for summer 2014 followed by a honeymoon in istanbul, Gilani looks thrilled about tying the knot. She hopes that the couple will have “a very exciting journey” but that one must know that it’s not all fun and games. “One should know when to give in and when to give up. Family must always be the priority” is the talented actor’s mantra. Sarwat earlier was briefly married to Omer Saleem, the brother of TV personality Ali Saleem.


iNGer CeeLo Green pleaded not guilty monday to giving a woman ecstasy during a 2012 dinner in Los Angeles. The 39-year-old singer appeared in court and entered the plea through his attorney Blair Berk. He is accused of giving ecstasy to a 33-yearold woman while the two were dining at a downtown L.A. restaurant sometime between July 13 and July 14, 2012, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, reports CBS Los Angeles. “The two later went back to the woman’s hotel. Prosecutors declined to file a charge of rape of an intoxicated person, citing insufficient evidence,” spokeswoman Jane robison said, reports the station. Berk said any sexual contact between her client and the woman was consensual. “mr. Green encouraged a full and complete investigation of those claims and he was confident once conducted he would be cleared of having any wrongful intent,” she said in a statement. Berk said the singer, whose real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, was pleased prosecutors declined to pursue a rape charge against him. She declined comment on the drug-related charge. monday’s hearing occurred hours after the singer was charged with one felony count of furnishing a controlled substance. He could face up to four years in prison if convicted. Green posted $30,000 bail and is due back in court on Nov. 20. Green is the Grammywinning singer of the hit “Forget You” and performed as part of the duo Gnarls Barkley. He appears as a judge on NBC’s “The Voice” talent show. if convicted, the five-time Grammy Award winner faces up to four years in state prison, reports CBS Los Angeles. neWS deSk

steve mcQueen all praise for Kanye west


women hit by stray bullet fired by suicidal man


Florida woman was shot in the leg last week by a bullet that had just traveled through the head of a suicidal man. Jeane Sams was visiting her cousin, Yvonne Diaz, at Diaz’s Port richey home Wednesday might, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Sams went outside to take a phone call, and moments later, Diaz and her family heard a loud blast followed by banging on the door. They opened the door to find Sams with a leg wound. She was rushed to the hospital with non lifethreatening injuries. Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputies later determined that the bullet was the same one used by Diaz’s neighbor, who shot himself in the head that night during an argument with his girlfriend. He died at the scene. Also last week, a woman in Tennessee was shot in the shoulder when her upstairs neighbor was allegedly “playing around” with a gun and it discharged, sending a bullet through her ceiling. And even earlier this month, an Arizona woman was killed when her boyfriend accidentally fired a handgun he had tucked into the waistband of his pants. neWS deSk

Carrie Underwood is honored with the Artist Achievement Award for her efforts at the T.J. Martell Foundation’s 38th Annual Honors Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City.

AS Steve mcQueen found a new muse? The 12 Years a Slave director was hanging out with Kanye West last night at the 17th Hollywood Film Awards before the rapper jetted up to San Francisco to propose to Kim Kardashian—and while the filmmaker didn’t let on that he knew anything about what West would be doing just a few hours later, he did tell e! News at the event that he considers the Yeezus artist to be an “artistic genius.” revealing that they met “through circumstances” when West checked out an art show of mcQueen’s in Basel, Switzerland, he told us that West presenting him with his award—Breakout Director for 12 Years a Slave—was “pretty amazing.” “He’s great, he’s an artistic genius,” mcQueen gushed about West—the second time he used the term “artistic genius” during our chat. “He is,” mcQueen insisted. “i’m not just saying it to make him look better because he’s been on top for 10 years. He’s been hittin’ the ball out of the park for the last 10 years with his music. He’s an amazing guy to talk to and to converse with.” OK, so chances are that mcQueen didn’t know that West was about to fly to San Francisco to pop the question at an actual ballpark—but his use of metaphor was quite the coincidence! Asked if his next step would be directing one of Yeezy’s music videos or casting him in one of his films, the British director said, “it’s about friendship first and we’ll see where it goes from there.” “L.A., what’s up?” he began. “it’s my pleasure to present Breakout Director to an artist i’m proud to call my friend and someone i have great respect for. i’ve always admired Steve’s work—i’m going off teleprompter so y’all might as well stop it.” West also talked about seeing mcQueen’s video art in San Francisco, saying, “And for this guy to understand the sensibilities and to be respected in that art world and to be able to do actual high art, and also understand the sensibilitie of storytelling, and to mix those two worlds, is an incredible statement for the artists of our new generation.” Sounds like a couple of pals who really get each other. neWS deSk

ny’s roseland Ballroom faces closer after 95 years


T has hosted generations of stars, from Hollywood song-and-dance legends Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly in the early days to madonna and Beyoncé today. But according to Billboard magazine, the roseland Ballroom, one of New York City’s most enduring musical landmarks, is set to close its doors in April 2014. That will be just five years shy of the venue’s 100th birthday. Billboard’s report cited an internal email it had obtained; no official announcement has been made and no-one at the venue was available for comment on Sunday. roseland’s understated web-

site describes it as a “legendary ballroom for special occasions” and lists future artists for dates as late as 4 February 2014. A report in the New York Times on Sunday quoted John Scher, a long-time concert producer, saying he had heard weeks ago about roseland’s closing. Steve martin, a booking agent who organized shows at roseland for bands like Squeeze and Dream Theater, told the newspaper he would miss the club. “it’s a loss,” he said. “roseland always had a great feeling for the bands and for the audiences.” Owned most recently by the developer Laurence Gins-

burg, with booking agent Live Nation, the roseland was originally a skating rink and opened at its current location, at West 52nd and Broadway in midtown manhattan, in 1958. The venue dates back to 1919, however, when it was located around the corner on 51st. Before that, it existed in Philadelphia. roseland opened when ballroom dancing was popular, using its quarteracre dance floor to accommodate up to 3,200 people and hosting dance marathons, jiving and jazz. Benny Goodman, Glenn miller and Frank Sinatra all headlined. But the venue

evolved with every decade, incorporating stars of rock n’roll, disco, house, grunge, hip-hop and rap. in later years, live bands dominated its schedules, with groups such as the red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana playing multiple nights. it has also been host to a range of events, including a recent birthday party for the former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton and annual gay circuit parties. Acts scheduled for upcoming roseland shows include Fitz & the Tantrums, Danzig, the Wanted, Pretty Lights, Hoodie Allen, and Panic! At the Disco. neWS deSk

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In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act — George Orwell

ARTS Thursday, 24 October, 2013

12 A

girl finds diamond worth $30,000 in state park NEWS DESK


ememBer when that kid found a 5-carat diamond at an Arkansas State Park? And the diamond may have been worth $15,000? And it was thrilling, like it is any time a child finds a diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park? it happened again. Seriously, why are we not all at Crater of Diamonds State Park just finding diamonds? Tana Clymer, 14, of Oklahoma City was inspired by michael Detlaff, a 12-yearold who found a 5.16-carat brown diamond in August, to try her hand at diamond-digging. And after only two hours of searching, she found a 3.85carat canary diamond.

Henderson said in a statement. “What an experience for Tana to remember the rest of her life.” Tana’s story may be particularly unique because it involved divine intervention: “i think God pointed me to it,” she recalled. “i was about to sprint to join my family, and God told me to slow down and look. Then i found the diamond.” Tana named the diamond God’s Jewel. Henderson continued, “Tana told me that she was so excited she couldn’t sleep last night. She’s either going to keep the diamond for a ring, or if it’s worth a lot, she’ll want that for college.” UPi notes that a similar diamond sold for $30,000 in 2006. it pays to have God on your side. it pays well.

Crater of Diamonds State Park is an eroded ancient volcanic crater described on their site as “a gem among diamond sites,” which is both a pun (nailed it) and an understatement (it’s the only “diamond-bearing site” that is open to the public; also, it has a “finders keepers” policy). “i thought it was a piece of paper or foil from a candy wrapper,” Tana explained afterwards (via Good morning America). “Then, when i touched it, i thought it was a marble.” it was actually a “jellybean-size,” teardrop-shaped diamond, the 396th diamond found in the park this year. “No two diamonds are alike, and each diamond finder’s story is unique, too,” Assistant Superintendent Bill

the hidden biological clock in our dNa


He age on your driver’s license may not be exactly correct — well, for certain parts of your body anyway. A new study, published monday in peerreviewed journal Genome Biology, suggests that we all have an internal biological clock that tracks the aging process — and may reveal the true age of our cells and tissues. it’s hidden right in our DNA. “The epigenetic clock really allows someone to objectively measure the age of cells and tissues,” study author Dr. Steve Horvath, a professor of human genetics and biostatistics at the University of California, Los Angeles, told The Huffington Post. “Therefore, it can be used to study aging.” This internal “timepiece” may also be used to compare the various ages of elements in the body. For instance, in his research, Horvath found that female breast tissue ages several years faster than the rest of the body, which may explain why breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Cancer also greatly accelerates the age of affected tissues. Horvath came across this biological clock after spending several years searching for an internal predictor of aging. He turned to DNA methylation, which is the biochemical process by which certain molecules that make up DNA are altered. Specifically, Horvath charted the effect that age has on this process — from pre-birth to 101 years — using nearly 8,000 samples of 51 types of tissue and cells taken from throughout the body. From there, Horvath and his team were able to identify 353 markers within human DNA linked to methylation. They change with age and are present throughout the body. When evaluated together as a graded average, these markers provide a highly precise estimate of age. eureka! This allowed Horvath to develop an algorithm to determine the age of a certain sample, which he has opted to share publicly on the internet. (UCLA has also filed a provisional patent on the research.) While practical applications could include a test for cancer — since malignant cells tend to age faster — Horvath is more focused on how this biological clock relates to aging. “Hopefully it can be used to study what causes aging and age-related disorders,” he told HuffPost, adding that researchers could then focus on therapeutic intervention. Horvath likened potential procedures to resetting a clock. But first, Horvath and his team must determine whether the biological clock relates to the process that causes aging. Only then could the clock be potentially reset. neWS deSk

David Beckham’s daughter takes a drink during an L.A. Kings game at Staples Center.

how trees get the ‘midas touch’ NEWS DESK


ONeY may not grow on trees, but gold does—or at least it accumulates inside of them. Scientists have found that trees growing over deeply buried deposits of gold ore sport leaves with higher-than-normal concentrations of the glittering element. The finding provides an inexpensive, excavation-free way to narrow the search for ore deposits. Scientists have long had clues that trees and other vegetation pulled gold from the soil and transported it to their leaves, but the evidence wasn’t clear. The gold particles could have stuck to the leaves after being blown there as dust, for example. To bolster the case that the gold came from soil beneath the trees, researchers conducted a series of field studies and lab tests. At one site in Western Australia, the scientists gathered leaves, twigs, and bark from eucalyptus trees growing above a known gold deposit. The deposit is about the size of a football field and lies 30 meters or more below ground, but

at today’s gold prices it’s too small and sparse to be worth excavating. The team gathered the same parts from trees growing 200 meters away from the ore. Although background concentrations of gold in vegetation are typically less than 2 parts per billion (ppb), dried leaves from the trees growing above the ore deposit—but not those 200 meters away—had gold levels up to 80 ppb, says team member mel Lintern, a geochemist at CSirO’s earth Science and resource engineering division in Kensington, Australia. (CSirO, the Commonwealth Scientific and industrial research Organisation, is Australia’s national science agency.) Likewise, field tests by Lintern’s group at a site in southern Australia showed that eucalyptus trees growing above a deposit lying 35 meters underground had 20 times more gold in the gummy substances coating their leaves than did trees that grew 800 meters away. Previous studies had noted anomalous concentrations of gold in the leaf-coating substances, Lintern says, but researchers couldn’t discount the possibility that the tiny particles of the

metal had stuck to the leaves after being carried there by winds. That’s where the team’s new study gleams. By growing seedlings in greenhouses insulated from airborne dust and watering them with gold-laced solutions, the researchers demonstrated that trees actually pick up the metal from soil and deposit it within their leaves. The scientists report their findings today in Nature Communications. The new research provides “a conclusive set of evidence … from a very nicely constructed set of experiments,” says Clifford Stanley, a geochemist at Acadia University in Wolfville, Canada. “The tree is a conveyor belt bringing gold to the surface,” he notes. Like other such elements in the earth, gold gets sucked up by the plant as it absorbs nutrients in the soil. Then, as a dissolved mineral, it gets transported throughout the tree, although the highest concentrations are typically found in leaves. “When you see the particles of gold inside the plants,” Stanley says, “all doubt goes away.” Don’t think about mining trees, however. Average concentrations of gold in the

leaves are much higher than normal, but individual particles of the metal are still very small, few, and far between. even the largest particles—which Lintern and his team have jokingly dubbed “phytonuggets”—were no more than 8 micrometers across, about half the diameter of the finest human hair. The trees don’t have a biological need for the element, Lintern says; indeed, it may be toxic to them. “To the trees, gold may be just another heavy metal to be got rid of.” Developing and using new techniques to find gold is becoming increasingly important, Lintern says. Worldwide, new discoveries of the metal are down 45% over the past decade. “All the easy gold has been found already,” he notes. By analyzing leaves and twigs, prospectors would waste no money on digging and cause no environmental damage. All that’s required is a field trip to gather large samples of leaves and then some chemical and x-ray analyses of the material back in the lab. “it’s a relatively inexpensive first pass at prospecting,” he says. “The trees are doing the work for you.”

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Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps. — Tiger Woods

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Thursday, 24 October, 2013

eNglaNd fly out for historic quest

LONDON: England fly out to Australia on Wednesday evening to begin their attempt at securing a fourth straight Ashes series victory, something they haven't achieved since the 19th century. A squad of 17 - which won't be far off being doubled when the backroom staff are taken into account is led by Alastair Cook and will depart for Perth where they will begin preparations for the Test series that starts on November 21 at the Gabba. Tim Bresnan, who was diagnosed with a stress fracture of the back after the Durham Test where England clinched the series, will also leave with the squad but is not an official member yet and his recovery will be monitored during the early weeks of the tour. There are three uncapped players in the party - Gary Ballance, Ben Stokes and Boyd Rankin - while Michael Carberry has just a single Test to his name. Ballance, the Yorkshire left hander, and Durham allrounder Stokes are two of the players vying for the troublesome No. 6 spot, alongside Jonny Bairstowwho was in possession of the position until The Oval Test, and deciding who fills that role will be one of the key decisions to reach during the lead-in period before Brisbane. The first warm-up match, against a Western Australia XI, begins on October 31 after a period of acclimatisation. England's proficient use of the tour matches on the 2010-11 tour, where they won two and dominated a draw in the other, was highlighted as a key factor in their success on that trip even though they began slowly in Brisbane, being bowled out for 260 on the opening day. England's recent record in opening Tests away from home is poor: they have not won the first encounter since beating South Africa, at Port Elizabeth, in 2004. There are concerns this time about the strength of the opposition England will encounter in the early weeks of the tour. The matches against Western Australia, Australia A and New South Wales all clash with rounds of the Sheffield Shield. The sides fielded by WA and NSW are likely to be particularly under strength and it has been suggested that reinforcements will be called in. Ultimately for England, though, the importance will be getting miles in the bowlers' legs and hours at the crease for the batsmen. Three years ago, Andy Flower and Andrew Strauss fielded the first Test starting XI in the first two warm-up matches before resting the four frontline bowlers - James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Steven Finn and Graeme Swann - for the match against Australia A in Hobart. Anderson, Broad and Swann are, fitness permitting, certainties again but Finn will have to fight to regain the place he lost after the opening Test at Trent Bridge in July. On that occasion his berth went to Bresnan, who provided greater control and added depth to lower order. aGencieS




mrAN Tahir announced his comeback to Test cricket with a maiden five-wicket haul that embarrassed Pakistan as they were bowled out for 99 on the first day of the second Test in Dubai. Graeme Smith then steered his team into the lead towards the end of the day with an unbeaten half-century and with seven wickets in hand, South Africa have already taken charge of the Test. The day belonged to Tahir, whose last Test figures in Adelaide had read 40-1-260-0. He picked up three wickets in the last ten minutes of the first session and then added two more early in the second as Pakistan collapsed to 99 - their third-lowest score against South Africa - in just 36.4 overs. Two of those wickets, including that of misbah-ul-Haq, came in the last over before lunch after Dale Steyn had removed Younis Khan in the penultimate one, meaning Pakistan had all but frittered away the advantage of batting first on a pitch that is expected to aid the spinners later in the Test. Tahir was introduced as early as the 12th over of the innings, but bowled too full in his first few overs. Azhar Ali and Shan masood, who were making gradual progress, were both happy to push him straight down the ground for comfortable singles. But one such full delivery caught the inside edge of masood's bat and hit the stumps after hitting his back leg. The second wicket was the big one though as Tahir bowled a flighted googly to which misbah played outside the line and was hit right in front of the middle. misbah reviewed the decision, but there wasn't much of a case for him. The third one was off a quicker delivery that Adnan Akmal chose to play on the back foot, but it skidded past the inside edge on to the stumps to leave Pakistan in tatters. Pakistan were reduced from 52 for 2 to 60 for 6 in a matter of minutes as Tahir

found the right length on the pitch. Pakistan hopes for some resistance in the second session disappeared as soon as Saeed Ajmal was run out by a direct hit. Then, Tahir picked up two more wickets in an over - Asad Shafiq went for a slog and missed a straighter one while mohammad irfan missed a googly. Babar played a few shots but despite a 23-run stand for the last wicket, he didn't stand in the way for Pakistan's second sub-100 score in Dubai. Steyn, who had set the tone of the day with a perfect outswinger to dismiss Khurram manzoor in his first over after being deemed fit in the morning, cleaned up Junaid Khan to collect his third wicket of the innings with a reverse-swinging full delivery. South Africa, as Smith had said at the toss, wanted to make first use of the pitch and their bowlers made sure they were in to bat midway in the second session. Pakistan took to the field desperately seeking wickets, and they used both their reviews within five overs - once when irfan hit Graeme Smith on the pads and the next time when the slip cordon was convinced Alviro Petersen had gloved one to the keeper - but both were turned down. Pakistan eventually struck through Zulfiqar Babar, who beat Petersen with an arm-ball and trapped him in front in his first over.

ScOReBOaRd pakiStan 1st inninGS 0 khurram Manzoor c du plessis b Steyn 21 Shan Masood b imran tahir 19 azhar ali lbw b Morkel Younis khan c †de Villiers b Steyn 10 Misbah-ul-Haq* lbw b imran tahir 2 asad Shafiq b imran tahir 10 0 adnan akmal† b imran tahir 0 Saeed ajmal run out (petersen) 25 Zulfiqar Babar not out Mohammad irfan b imran tahir 0 4 junaid khan b Steyn eXtRaS: (b 5, lb 3) 8 tOtal: (all out; 36.4 overs) 99 fall Of WicketS: 1-0 (khurram Manzoor, 0.2 ov), 2-38 (azhar ali, 16.6 ov), 3-52 (Shan Masood, 21.6 ov), 4-60 (Younis khan, 24.4 ov), 5-60 (Misbah-ul-Haq, 25.1 ov), 660 (adnan akmal, 25.4 ov), 7-64 (Saeed ajmal, 26.6 ov), 8-76 (asad Shafiq, 31.1 ov), 9-76 (Mohammad irfan, 31.3 ov), 10-99 (junaid khan, 36.4 ov) BOWlinG:dW Steyn 13.4-2-38-3,Vd philander 5-2-9-0,M Morkel 5-1-12-1,imran tahir 13-3-32-5 SOUtH afRica 1st inninGS 26 an petersen lbw b Zulfiqar Babar Gc Smith* not out 67 d elgar c azhar ali b Saeed ajmal 23 jH kallis lbw b Saeed ajmal 7 dW Steyn not out 3 2 eXtRaS: (b 1, w 1) tOtal: (3 wickets; 49 overs) 128 tO Bat aB de Villiers†, jp duminy, f du plessis, Vd philander, M Morkel, imran tahir fall of wickets 1-37 (petersen, 10.5 ov), 2-91 (elgar, 32.6 ov), 3-119 (kallis, 42.2 ov) BOWlinG: Mohammad irfan 9-0-29-0,junaid khan 12-234-0,Saeed ajmal 18.4-4-42-2,Zulfiqar Babar 7.2-2-7-1,azhar ali 2-0-15-0 MatcH detailS tOSS pakistan, who chose to bat plaYeR Of tHe MatcH tba UMpiReS ij Gould (england) and Rj tucker (australia) tV UMpiRe pR Reiffel (australia) MatcH RefeRee dc Boon (australia) ReSeRVe UMpiRe Shozab Raza (pakistan)

iMraN tahir's Best BowliNg iN tests S.PERvEz QAISER Pakistan born South African imran Tahir recorded the best bowling performance in Test cricket by taking five wickets for 32 in 13 overs in Pakistan's first innings on the opening day of the second Test match at Dubai international Cricket Stadium on Wednesday. The legbreak googly bowler's previous best in Tests was three for 55 in 13.4 overs against Australia at Johannesburg in 2011-12. it was his first five-wicket haul in 22 innings of 12 Test matches and 47th in 164 first class matches. imran Tahir also became only the third South African spinner to take five or more wickets in an innings against Pakistan. Paul Adams, seven for 128 at Lahore in 2003-04 and Paul Harris, five for 73 at Karachi in 2007-08 are the other two South African spinner who did the same before imran Tahir. ** Pakistan recorded their third lowest total against South Africa by making 99 in 36.4 overs. Their lowest against South Africa is 49 in 29.1 overs at Johannesburg in 2012-13 while 92 in 37.3 overs at Faisalabad in 1997-98 is the second lowest. ** Pakistan's 99 in 36.4 overs is the joint fourthlowest total in the first innings of a Test match after winning the toss. They also scored the same number of runs in 44.1 overs to win the match against england at the same ground in February 2012. Pakistan's lowest first innings total after winning the toss is 59 in 31.5overs against Australia at Sharjah in 2002-03. BEST BOWLING BY AFRICAN SPINNERS AGAINST PAKISTAN: fiGUReS BOWleR........... VenUe ............ SeaSOn .......ReSUlt 7-128....... paul adams ....lahore ............2003-04 ........pakistan won 5-32 .......imran tahir........ dubai.............. 2013-14 .........Still in progress 5-73 ........ paul Harris ....... karachi........... 2007-08.......South africa won 4-46........ paul Harris ....... centurion ...... 2006-07.......South africa won 3-8 .........pat Symcox....... faisalabad...... 1997-98..........South africa won PAKISTAN'S LOWEST FIRST INNINGS TOTALS ScORe OVeRS OppOnent......VenUe............SeaSOn.......ReSUlt 59........ 31.5......australia ..........Sharjah .........2002-03 ....pakistan lost 72 ........ 39.3.....england ............Birmingham .2010 ...........pakistan lost 90........ 36.0 ....Sri lanka ..........colombo.......2009-10......pakistan lost 99 ........ .............2011-12 .........pakitan won 99 ........ 36.4.....South africa .............2013-14........Still in progress

washout aFter austraLIa maKe 295 RANCHI aGencieS

Unseasonal rain in ranchi washed out the fourth ODi after 4.1 overs of india's chase, ensuring the series moved 2-1 in favour of Australia to Cuttack, which was experiencing more inclement weather. There had been a brief shower soon after the match began, but it dissipated to allow Australia to complete their innings. The second instalment was heavier and prolonged, and though it relented with

ScOReBOaRd aUStRalia aj finch b Mohammed Shami 5 pj Hughes c †dhoni b Mohammed Shami 11 SR Watson b Mohammed Shami 14 Gj Bailey* c Sharma b Vinay kumar 98 ac Voges lbw b ashwin 7 Gj Maxwell lbw b Vinay kumar 92 Bj Haddin† b jadeja 3 jp faulkner not out 23 MG johnson st †dhoni b ashwin 25 cj Mckay not out 7 eXtRaS: (lb 7, w 3) 10 tOtal: (8 wickets; 50 overs) 295 did nOt Bat: Xj doherty fall Of WicketS: 1-5 (finch, 1.5 ov), 2-24 (Hughes, 5.4 ov), 3-32 (Watson, 7.6 ov), 4-71 (Voges, 14.3 ov), 5-224 (Bailey, 37.1 ov), 6-232 (Haddin, 38.3 ov), 7-238 (Maxwell, 39.6 ov), 8-281 (johnson, 48.5 ov) BOWlinG: jd Unadkat 6-0-31-0,Mohammed Shami 8-1-42-3,R Vinay kumar 8-0-52-2,R ashwin 9-0-57-2, Ra jadeja 10-056-1,Yuvraj Singh 1-0-12-0,Sk Raina 8-0-38-0 india RG Sharma not out 9 S dhawan not out 14 eXtRaS: (b 4) 4 tOtal: (0 wickets; 4.1 overs) 27 did nOt Bat: Sk Raina, V kohli, Yuvraj Singh, MS dhoni*†, Ra jadeja, R ashwin, R Vinay kumar, Mohammed Shami, jd Unadkat BOWlinG: MG johnson 2.1-0-10-0,cj Mckay 2-0-13-0 MatcH detailS tOSS india, who chose to field SeRieS australia led the 7-match series 2-1 plaYeR Of tHe MatcH tba UMpiReS Ra kettleborough (england) and Va kulkarni tV UMpiRe ak chaudhary MatcH RefeRee RS Mahanama (Sri lanka) ReSeRVe UMpiRe Vk Sharma

enough time to squeeze in a 20-over chase, the umpires ruled the outfield had been rendered too soggy to allow any play. Before the damp end, George Bailey and Glenn maxwell had revived Australia from 32 for 3 with a massive fifth-wicket stand following mohammed Shami's opening burst. However, their dismissals in the batting Powerplay robbed the visitors of a 300-plus total for the first time in the series, albeit narrowly. Bailey and maxwell added 153 in 22.4 overs but after both fell in their nineties to Vinay

Kumar, Australia's lower order was able to add only 57 in the last ten overs. Shami's sharp first spell had challenged Australia for the first time in the series with the new ball. The attack, however, lacked the same intensity afterwards. india also put down five catches, and only a couple of them were tough takes. Bailey was put down first ball off Shami by Virat Kohli at third slip, and on 35 by r Ashwin off Vinay, both takeable chances. maxwell was dropped on 44 by Yuvraj Singh off Jaydev Unadkat,

a rather difficult diving opportunity at point, before mS Dhoni reprieved him on 69 behind the stumps off Suresh raina. Bailey went on to make his third halfcentury of the series and india were fortunate to see his back two short of a century, when he top-edged a Vinay long hop. maxwell kicked on from the cameos he has been getting to inflict punishment on india with a 77-ball 92 before falling lbw. Bailey and maxwell hardly allowed the spinners to settle, and were also presented with regular long hops. india weren't able to exert pressure at all on the duo, who turned the strike over consistently. Vinay delivered an entire opening over of gentle looseners, and Bailey drove and pulled him for three boundaries. maxwell was given plenty of leg-side offerings to indulge in his quickarm powerful swing. He countered Ashwin's line from round the wicket, powering him for successive reverse-swept boundaries, the first of which went for six. After india sent the duo back, Dhoni didn't give the ball to any of his seamers, opting for spin for nine of the last ten overs before he brought back Shami for the last one. Australia 's lower order, tied down by raina and ravindra Jadeja, promptly took 12 off it, despite atleast three deliveries finding the blockhole. Bowling at a testing length at pace and generating movement under some cloud cover, Shami had delivered an opening spell of 6-1-21-3. The lowest opening stand for Australia had been 68 so far this series. Shami sent back the openers by the sixth over, and also claimed Shane Watson. india's decision to play a fresh new-ball pair in place of ishant Sharma and Bhuvneshwar Kumar had paid off.

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It's good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling. — Mark Twain

14 S

SPORTS Thursday, 24 October, 2013

aNdersoN's MaideN toN haNds Nz advaNtage MIRPUR

leMoNd: laNce should Be jailed SPORTS DESK Greg LeMond believes Lance Armstrong should be sent to jail for lying about doping and has claimed the disgraced former cyclist was capable of no more than a top-30 finish at the Tour de France without drugs. LeMond, who won the Tour in 1986, 1989 and 1990, has been embroiled in a long-running feud with his fellow American dating back to 2001, when he questioned Armstrong's relationship with the notorious doping doctor Michele Ferrari. The 52-year-old has previously stated he has no vendetta against Armstrong, but he launched a scathing attack during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper screened on Monday night. Asked if Armstrong should be imprisoned for his deceit and attempts to cover it up, LeMond said: "I do, yes. This is not a sporting infraction. This is criminal. This was an organised mafia and he literally tried to destroy people. "There are people who are criminals who just shouldn't be able to participate again in anything." Armstrong won the Tour seven years in succession from 1999 to 2005, but was stripped of his titles in January this year after admitting to doping. LeMond described Armstrong's illegally gained victories as the biggest fraud in sporting history. He added: "I know his physical capabilities. He is a top 30 at best. I mean, at best. No matter what. If he was clean and everybody else was clean, he is a top 30 at best. He is not capable of winning the Tour. He is not capable of the top five."

No MouNtaiN too high LAHORE: Renowned mountaineer Mirza Ali today delivered an impassioned talk entitled No Mountain Too High, at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), to an enrapt audience that had packed the auditorium of the Suleman Dawood School of Business. The talk was the inaugural lecture of EMPOWER – The Coca-Cola Lecture Series, an innovative programme launched by Coca-Cola to provide university level youth of the country extra-curricular learning through inspirational talks delivered by experts in various fields. “EMPOWER is our latest CSR initiative that seeks to understand the issues our youth is facing, especially those relating to their personality development and career path, and provide the youth with expert guidance through a series of thought-provoking talks, by people who have overcome tough challenges to achieve heights in their respective fields,” stated Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The opening talk in the EMPOWER series by Mirza Ali was appropriately titled No Mountain Too High, indicating that in life each one of us has his or her own mountain to climb. The ascent is sometimes quite effortless, sometimes arduous, and sometimes seemingly impossible. Mirza Ali spoke passionately about his own life experiences and how he overpowered myriad challenges and the unexpected to achieve the goals he had set for himself. He ascended his first peak at the age of just 16 and then went on to climb some of the highest and toughest mountains in the northern areas of Pakistan. Mirza Ali’s ultimate triumph came when as the mentor, friend and elder brother of Samina Baig, he succeeded in guiding her to become the first Pakistani woman to conquer Mount Everest in May this year. He accompanied her all the way on this historic journey, stopping just short of the final summit itself, to allow Samina climb on top of the world by herself, in a powerful message for women empowerment. The opening talk of the Coca-Cola EMPOWER programme at LUMS by Mirza Ali will now be followed by regular talks at several other leading universities across the country, covering topics such as marketing, HR, CSR and self-discovery. The talks will be delivered both by senior executives of Coca-Cola and by external subject specialists, engaged by Coca-Cola for the programme. Staff RepORt

sNgpl look to Make it two iN two LAHORE: SNGPL were the most successful team from last year, winning the President's Trophy final after topping the table with six victories and three drawn games. Their success was largely reliant on the captaincy of Misbah-ul-Haq, with help from the likes of Mohammad Hafeez, Umar Akmal, Adnan Akmal, Azhar Ali and veteran first-class batsman Taufeeq Umar. At full strength, they are the most formidable side going into the tournament, but this year's combination is likely to be inconsistent as their top players will be busy with the national side. Pakistan are currently in the UAE involved in a Test series against South Africa, and are scheduled to play Sri Lanka subsequently over the next two months. SNGPL also harbour some exciting young talents in wicketkeeper batsman Mohammad Rizwan and left-hand batsman Ali Waqas. Staff RepORt




OreY Anderson scored his maiden Test century with a calculated dominance of the Bangladesh attack. His 116 led the way for New Zealand as they ended the third day of the second Test on 419 for 8 with a lead of 137. Shakib Al Hasan's five-wicket haul was the only solace for Bangladesh, who also had to endure a late, 84-run ninth-wicket partnership between BJ Watling and ish Sodhi. On a pitch that is offering more turn every day, the stand further dented the confidence of the Bangladesh bowlers. Watling was unbeaten on 59 and Sodhi on 53, the legspinner's maiden Test fifty. Bangladesh had a good start to the day, picking one of the two wickets they had sought desperately on the second day. New Zealand had added 20 runs in 3.3 overs before ross Taylor edged Shakib to first slip for 53 off 79 balls. Williamson was the other wicket that the hosts wanted but they didn't get the batsman for another couple of hours. While they focused on dismissing New Zealand's No. 3, Bangladesh were blind-sided by Anderson, who had made his debut in the first Test in Chittagong. Anderson made a quiet start, scoring just one run off his first 12 deliveries, but broke free with a four through long-on off Sohag Gazi. He swiftly hit a few more fours before

BanGladeSH 282 neW Zealand 1st inninGS 14 pG fulton lbw b Shakib al Hasan Hd Rutherford c Mominul Haque b Shakib 13 kS Williamson c tamim iqbal b abdur Razzak 62 lRpl taylor c nasir Hossain b Shakib 53 11 BB Mccullum* c Rubel Hossain b Shakib cj anderson c Sohag Gazi b al-amin Hossain 116 59 Bj Watling not out 17 daj Bracewell c Mushfiqur Rahim b Shakib 8 n Wagner c Marshall ayub b nasir Hossain iS Sodh not out 55 eXtRaS: (b 4, lb 4, w 2, nb 1) 11 419 tOtal: (8 wickets; 133 overs) tO Bat: ta Boult fall Of WicketS: 1-31 (Rutherford, 12.6 ov), 2-32 (fulton, 14.2 ov), 3-101 (Mccullum, 30.1 ov), 4-127 (taylor, 36.6 ov), 5-267 (Williamson, 79.4 ov), 6-287 (anderson, 87.3 ov), 7-318 (Bracewell, 100.4 ov), 8335 (Wagner, 109.4 ov) BOWlinG: al-amin Hossain 16-3-58-1,Sohag Gazi 348-77-0,Shakib al Hasan 40-13-97-5,abdur Razzak 19-1-84-1,Rubel Hossain 18-1-81-0,nasir Hossain 3-17-1,Mominul Haque 3-0-7-0 MatcH detailS tOSS Bangladesh, who chose to bat teSt deBUt al-amin Hossain (Bangladesh) UMpiReS Rk illingworth (england) and Bnj Oxenford (australia) tV UMpiRe Sharfuddoula MatcH RefeRee j Srinath (india) ReSeRVe UMpiRe anisur Rahman

swinging a six off Shakib and brought up his fifty off 72 balls. At lunch, New Zealand were 51 runs behind, but Anderson had moved to 75 and Williamson was on 56. The pair ensured New Zealand also maintained a good run-rate of 3.72. The first session saw New Zealand score 124 runs for the loss of one wicket and, with the threat of rain and a spinning track, it marked a shift in the momentum of the game. Thirty-odd minutes after the

break, Anderson reached his hundred with a glide through midwicket off Gazi. it was an assertive innings Bangladesh couldn't get Anderson playing and missing for too long, and eventually the batsman would hit out with a four. Predictably, he played spin more than pace but dominated Shakib, Gazi and Abdur razzak. Against rubel Hossain, who tested him on a few occasions from around the wicket, Anderson struck five boundaries. At the other end,

Brook serious about Senchenko

Williamson steadily brought up his third successive fifty in the series with a four down the ground off AlAmin Hossain. Williamson had a reprieve on 58 when mushfiqur dropped a chance off Gazi, but fortunately for Bangladesh, it didn't cost them too much as the batsman was out for 62. razzak broke the 140-run stand as Williamson miscued and holed out to Tamim iqbal at deep midwicket. Seven overs later, Al-Amin had Anderson caught in the covers for his first Test wicket. Anderson scored 116 off 173 balls with 13 fours and a couple of sixes.

ferrari considered kubica


SPORTS DESK Kell Brook says he has trained 'very seriously' for his fight with Vyasheslav Senchenko in Sheffield on Saturday night. Brook returns to action at the motorpoint Arena after a frustrating year that has seen a world title fight against Devon Alexander fall by the wayside. And despite Brook still retaining the compulsory challenger spot, he was keen to take on a serious opponent as he looks to re-establish himself amongst the British public. And he will be looking to make a statement in front of his own loyal fans. "i want to do a demolition job on him, put on a great performance and really have fun in my hometown," said Brook. "He's been over to promote the fight and that shows he's confident, he's coming here to win and to get a second shot at a world title. it's always good to get a look at your opponent ahead of a fight, get a feel of what his chin might be like. "He seemed confident and his team are used to winning. He's got a good amateur background and he almost had a bit of a swagger about him when i saw him at the press conference, and like he did when he beat ricky Hatton - but it's a whole

different story going in there with me and he's going to realise that really quickly on Saturday. "The public know that this is a real fight and that's why it's going to be buzzing in the arena when i walk into the ring. "The fans remember what he did to ricky, he wanted blood then and he wants the same again. But whatever obstacles he brings, i'm going to get past them and do what i do best and that's win. "i need to make a statement; it's going to be an epic night. Anthony Joshua will be up here fighting, i've had great sparring with Brian rose who's got a big fight too, so i cannot wait to get in there and do the business. "He's a world class fighter and he only lost his title on a cut. They don't give world titles out for nothing; he's proved he deserves to be at the top. "We didn't need this fight, i'm number one for the iBF title but eddie put the fight in front of me and i wanted to take it. "i've put the miles in on the road and taken myself out of my comfort zone, i left my partner and my little girl at home and moved in over the road from the Wincobank, so i've trained very hard and we've taken this very, very seriously. "As long as we get the end result, a win and one in style, all the hard work is more than worth it."

Stefano Domenicali has confirmed that Ferrari had intended to offer robert Kubica a drive prior to the accident that appears to have ended his F1 career. in an interview on the Scuderia's website, Domenicali admitted: "Yes, we were keeping an eye on him. Unfortunately, i don't think he will be back, because with his physical problem, he would struggle in certain limited situations which require reactivity." "it's a shame," added Ferrari's Team Principal. Kubica has made a steady recovery after almost losing his right arm in a rallying accident in February 2011 and was linked to a Ferrari test drive in the summer of 2012. The 28-year-old Pole has since used mercedes' simulator and yet, as things stand, he lacks the necessary movement required to control an F1 car. Switching to rallying, Kubica currently leads the WrC2 standings and will step up to the WrC at next month's Wales rally GB. The idea of Kubica partnering his friend Fernando Alonso is one of the great 'what ifs?' of recent times, although Domenicali stressed that Ferrari had to give Felipe massa the chance to prove himself after the serious accident he suffered at the 2009 Hungarian GP. "From a medical point of view, there is no proof that the accident left any permanent damage, such as problems with his sight or reflexes. And then there's the gentility which would demand that we give a driver who hasn't had much luck, the chance to show he deserves to stay with us," Domenicali said of the Brazilian.

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You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get. — Michael Phelps



torres stars In CheLsea wIn f


11:00 AM


erNANDO Torres marked his 100th start for Chelsea with a brace in a 3-0 win away to Schalke on Tuesday as Jose mourinho's side safely negotiated a tough test in Champions League Group e. Schalke were punished for slack defending as Torres opened the scoring in the fifth minute and, as the hosts pushed forward in search of an equaliser, the Spaniard netted again at the end of a second-half breakaway. The oft-maligned forward might even have had a hat-trick, but he hit the woodwork with a header and eden Hazard ignored the chance to pass to the Spaniard when he went through alone to seal the win late on. Chelsea were deserving winners as they comfortably soaked up everything that Schalke threw at them in Gelsenkirchen, and the London club now find themselves level with Schalke on six points at the top of the group after Basel were held 1-1 away by Steaua Bucharest in the night's other game. With two home matches still to come, including the return against Schalke on November 6, the 2012 european champions look well-placed to avoid a repeat of last season's group-stage exit. "i told the players after the Basel match (which Chelsea lost 2-1) that we did garbage and we had to clean it," mourinho told British Sky Sports television after the game. "We did it in the best possible way with two wins away and now we are in good conditions to qualify and we can also


Thursday, 24 October, 2013

chaMBlee apologises to tiger

try to finish first." mourinho also had praise for Torres after selecting him ahead of Samuel eto'o, saying: "He is a hard worker. it was a surprise for me because he is not the kind of guy who hides behind the fee Chelsea paid for him. He always gives his best and he is a player i trust and respect." Back at the ground where his Porto side beat monaco in the 2004 Champions League final, mourinho made a raft of changes to the team that beat Cardiff City 4-1 at the weekend.

Torres returned to the starting line-up along with German international Andre Schuerrle, while Cesar Azpilicueta was surprisingly selected as a left-back in the absence of Ashley Cole. Schalke came into the game having lost just once in their last 10 outings - and that against Bayern munich - but they were unconvincing in Saturday's 3-2 victory at eintracht Braunschweig and they paid the price for a lack of concentration by falling behind with just five minutes on the clock.

aC mILan hoLd BarCeLona to a draw MILAN: AC Milan survived a dominant second-half display by Barcelona to deprive the Spanish giants of a third successive Champions League Group H win in a pulsating 1-1 draw at the San Siro. The draw leaves Barcelona top of the group on seven points with Milan in second on five while Celtic are third with three having beaten Ajax 2-1 also on Tuesday. Milan missed a golden chance through Robinho in the second half to take the lead for the second time on the night but, having then soaked up plenty of pressure, coach Massimiliano Allegri was pleased with a share of the spoils. "I'm happy with our overall performance. Mistakes are part of the game and conceding a goal against Barcelona is always to be expected," said Allegri. "We had to be extra focused tonight, against a team like Barcelona you have to have eyes all over the pitch to keep track." Meanwhile, Barca coach Gerardo Martino did his best to avoid questions about his side's 'Clasico' against arch rivals Real Madrid this weekend, but he was visibly frustrated with his side's failure to virtually secure early qualification for the last 16. "It's a good point for us... but if you look over the 90 minutes I think we deserved to take more from the game," said Martino, who waved off suggestions Barca's defence, to blame for Milan's opener, was below its best. "We made a mistake which led to Milan's goal but I don't think our defence was under par and I didn't see major errors on our part." Milan striker Mario Balotelli started on the bench due to a recent thigh problem while Lionel Messi, suffering from a similar problem, started for the Spanish champions. aGencieS

With the Schalke defence sleeping, Branislav ivanovic headed on a left-wing Frank Lampard corner and Torres popped up at the back post to convert. Schalke enjoyed much of the possession after that but they did not really come to life until the closing minutes of the half, when Petr Cech fisted a Kevin-Prince Boateng longranger over the bar. From the resulting corner, Cech produced a fine reaction save to keep out roman Neustaedter's header, and the visitors held their lead into the interval. it was almost 2-0 six minutes after the restart when Torres rose unmarked 14 yards out to head a Lampard free-kick off the junction of bar and post with 'keeper Timo Hildebrand rooted to the spot. The closest Schalke came to equalising came when skipper Benedikt Hoewedes headed a good chance wide in the 65th minute, but any hopes they had of obtaining a positive result were ended three minutes later when the Premier League side doubled their lead on the break. Hazard started the counter-attack with a pass to Oscar, and the Brazilian drove into the box and held off Japanese fullback Atsuto Uchida before squaring for Torres, who kept a cool head to round Hildebrand and score. With the home side having lost all shape, Hazard ran through to make it 30 in the 87th minute, ignoring Torres to finish emphatically into the far corner and seal a fine win on Chelsea's first visit to Germany since the 2012 final triumph in munich.

SPORTS DESK Television commentator Brandel Chamblee has issued an apology for implying that Tiger Woods cheated on several occasions this year. The former PGA Tour professional caused a huge stir in the United States when he accused the world No 1 of being "cavalier with the rules" regarding a number of infringements. Chamblee awarded Woods an "F" grade for a season which yielded five victories, and compared cheating in a school test with a number of rules violations committed by the 14-time major champion. "What brought me here was the realisation that my comments inflamed an audience on two sides of an issue," Chamblee wrote on his Twitter account. "Golf is a gentleman's game and I'm not proud of this debate. I want to apologise to Tiger for this incited discourse. "My intention was to note Tiger's rules infractions this year, but comparing that to cheating in grade school went too far." Chamblee's originally comments related to four rules incidents involving Woods this year, most notably at The Masters when he received a two-shot penalty for an illegal drop when many felt he should have been disqualified.


Serena Williams laid down an ominous marker with a 6-3 6-1 rout of Angelica Kerber in her opening match of the WTA Championships in istanbul. The American top-seed, who is seeking a remarkable 11th title of the season, clinically dispatched German opponent Kerber in quickfire time to make a winning start in the red Group. The defending champion barely put a foot wrong, crunching 31 winners to make the perfect start in her quest for a fourth end-of-season title. Kerber is the only player in the group ever to have beaten Williams, and one of only four different players the American has lost to since Wimbledon last year. That came in Cincinnati last summer but there was never any danger of a repeat. Victoria Azarenka had earlier overcome a slow start to defeat Sara errani 7-6 (7/4) 6-2 in her opening White Group match in istanbul. The Belarussian world No 2 battled back from 5-2 down to win the opening set via a tie-break before steamrolling through the second against italian opponent errani.

Sixth seed errani squandered three opportunities to serve for the first set the closest she had come to winning a set against Azarenka since her only victory back in 2008, but her efforts were not enough and it was no surprise that the Belarusian won the second a little easier. it was still not entirely straightforward, though, with Azarenka looking rusty and hesitant until she finally got into her stride to win the final four games and the match after two hours and 14 minutes. The 24-year-old had been on a threematch losing streak dating back to the US Open semi-finals more than a month ago. A final defeat by Serena Williams in New York was followed by opening

defeats in both Tokyo and Beijing, but a winning start to her campaign puts her in a strong position to qualify for the semifinals from the white group. Former Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova then rounded off the opening day's play with a 6-4 6-4 victory over Agnieszka radwanska in the red Group. Kvitova has finished a difficult season strongly and she survived a lengthy final game against radwanska to clinch victory on her third match point with a successful Hawkeye challenge. Although it was an upset on rankings, it was the fifth time in six meetings the Czech has beaten radwanska and puts her in a great position to qualify for the semi-finals.

stan, BerdyCh stunned In BaseL ISTANBUL: Stanislas Wawrinka saw his hopes of reaching the ATP World Tour Finals in London seriously dented following a shock 6-4 6-3 defeat to Edouard Roger-Vasselin in the first round of the Swiss Indoors. Wawrinka, who has now fallen at the first hurdle of his home event on five occasions, sits eighth in the Race to London but will have to produce a career-best run in the final qualifying event in Paris next week to have a

chance of making the end-of-season showpiece. The 28-year-old was well below-par against France's Roger-Vasselin, losing serve once in either set and rarely threatening on return to bow out in just 71 minutes. Wawrinka was not the only first round casualty on Tuesday as second seed Tomas Berdych crashed out in three sets to big-serving Croatian Ivo Karlovic. Czech star Berdych, who should still qualify for the London finale, fell 4-6 7-6 (7/4) 7-6 (7/2) to Karlovic, despite not losing serve, in an epic encounter.

Uzbek Denis Istomin booked a second-round meeting with former world number one Roger Federer after beating Argentinian Horacio Zeballos 7-5 7-6 (7/3). Japanese sixth seed Kei Nishikori, losing finalist two years ago to Federer, reached the second round courtesy of a routine 6-2 6-4 win over Marco Chiudinelli, a wildcard entry and childhood friend of Federer. Nishikori next plays Croatian Ivan Dodig, who advanced in just nine minutes as Argentine Carlos Berlocq retired trailing 2-0. aGencieS

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Thursday, 24 October, 2013

WASHINGTON DC: Dr Jim Yong Kim, the World Bank president, meets Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. inp

investigation into gandapur’s killing widened DERA ISMAIL KHAN inp


He investigation team formed on the special directives of the interior minister to probe the Dera ismail Khan suicide bombing that claimed the life of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s law minister israrullah Gandapur has widened its scope of investigation.


( mumBaI attaCKs Case

According to reports, the probe team visited the site of the incident in the minister’s hometown of Kulachi, and interviewed people besides reviewing the initial report of the incident. The team also started to analyze mobile phone calls of local residents living near Gandapur House. Seven others were killed and several more were injured in the attack

gilani flays at Nawaz for not consulting parties, not to appear before NaB

Indian court’s record expected today ISLAMABAD Online

record of cross-examination of the indian witnesses by a Pakistani judicial commission in connection with the mumbai attacks case is likely to be received by the Pakistani authorities today (Thursday), a prosecutor said. An anti-terrorism court conducting trial of seven Pakistani suspects charged with involvement in the mumbai attacks had on October 3 postponed proceedings till Thursday because of lack of the indian court’s record. “The record was supposed to reach us in a week but this has been delayed. The foreign office has told me that it might come by afternoon,” Special Public Prosecutor Chaudhury mohammed Azhar said. Asked about the delay, indian diplomatic sources said the record was sent to the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi last week. The mumbai attacks case was adjourned for three weeks after the prosecution

informed the judge that india had not submitted the court record of crossexamination of key witnesses in mumbai by the Pakistani judicial commission. Prosecution officials told the court that the report on judicial commission’s visit to india would be presented once Pakistani authorities receive the indian court’s record. Observing that summons could not be issued to witnesses till the report is submitted, the judge adjourned the case till 24 October (today). The commission cross-examined the magistrate who recorded lone surviving attacker Ajmal Kasab’s statement, the chief investigating officer and two doctors who conducted the autopsy of the terrorists who carried out the attacks. This was the commission’s second visit to india. A report submitted by the panel after its first visit in march 2012 was rejected by an anti-terrorism court as the commission’s members were not allowed to cross-examine the witnesses.

anp leader kidnapped from Quetta QUETTA Online

Awami National Party’s former provincial president Arbab Abdul Zahir Kasi has been kidnapped by gunmen from Quetta on Wednesday. Police said some armed men intercepted Zahir Kasi’s car on Patel road on the outskirts of Balochistan’s Quetta city and took him away in their vehicle at gunpoint. Offi-

targeting Gandapur that took place on October 16. A little-known group, Ansarul mujahideen, had claimed responsibility for the bombing. Gandapur was a member of the ruling party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, the Pakistan Tehrik-i-insaf (PTi), which favours peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban. He is the most senior member of the party to have been killed so far.

cials said the Kasi’s driver, who was thrashed by the kidnappers over his resistance, is in police custody and being interrogated. Confirming the abduction, family member of the ANP leader told SAmAA that he had no threats of life from anyone. Police heightened the security across the city and cordoned off the area. Several doctors, professors and political leaders have been kidnapped across the restive province for ransom.

Former prime minister Syed Yousaf raza Gilani has said that it would have been better if the prime minister had taken all parties into confidence before leaving for United States. Speaking to reporters, on Wednesday he said that Nawaz Sharif during his meeting with US leadership should express the interest of Pakistan. He added that Nawaz Sharif should talk on security of the country besides drone strikes. The former Pm said that Nawaz should also talk on civil nuclear technology. Talking about Afghan refugees, Gilani said that at present at least 2,000,000 Afghan refugees are still residing in Pakistan. Pakistan and Afghanistan are friendly countries, he added. meanwhile, spokesman of the former Pm has said that he did not make any appointment and postings in violation of the constitution and rules, says his. He said allegations of corruptions against PPP were nothing but a bundle of lies. He questioned why NAB chairman does not see the money laundering and other corrupt elements which were mentioned in the Asghar Khan case. He made it clear that Gilani would not appear before the NAB or FiA come what may. The spokesman said that if there were any proofs against Gilani, he is free to approach the courts. He said the former Pm signed the summaries according to the rules which were sent to him by the establishment Division and other ministries. There was no crime exercising the powers that were available to the Pm under the constitution. He said the conscience of the Pm is clear about his acts and he would not be pressurized by such methods.

JI says amnesty shows real face of us, flays increase in power tariff LAHORE Staff RepORt

Jamaat e islami (Ji) Secretary General and Human rights Network Chairman Liaqat Baloch on Wednesday said that the Amnesty international report on drone attacks has shown the real face of the US, the so called “champion of human rights”. He stressed upon the government to play a courageous and active role in seeking an end to the drone attacks by building global opinion against these in the light of the Amnesty report. He said that the drone attacks are an attack on the country’s sovereignty and a blatant violation of the international law. The Ji secretary general said that the drone attacks fell in the category of war crimes but unfortunately, the whole world is silent, thus giving tacit support to the killing of innocent humans in these attacks. He said that the drone attacks had given rise to extremism and strong reaction in the region. meanwhile, Ji Karachi Chief Naeem ur

rehman has said that the increase in the electricity tariff by the government is another step in order to accept the slavery of imF. He further said that the PmL-N government has once again proved that it has no concern of the public grievances. “On one hand, the unemployment, inflation and poverty have badly affected the life of the common men, while on the other hand, the PmL-N government has put an extra burden in term of increased electricity tarrif on the people of the country,” he added. He further said that the unannounced prolonged load shedding of 18 hours a day has destroyed the civic life of the people and also affected the economic activities of the country. “The National electricity and Power regulatory Authority (NePrA) has dramatically increased the power tariff, providing rs 16/unit of electricity to the people instead of rs 12/unit,” he said. Ji Karachi Chief regretted that the PmL-N government has not fulfilled the promises made by it with the people before the elections and toeing the policies of previous government and imF.

Couple jailed for abusing deaf-mute pakistani girl in uK LONDON aGencieS

A British court jailed an elderly couple on Wednesday after a deaf and mute girl was trafficked from Pakistan to work as a servant and then repeatedly raped for nearly a decade. ilyas Ashar, 84, and his wife Tallat Ashar, 68, kept the girl in the cellar of their house in Salford, northwest england, after she was illegally brought to Britain in 2000 at the age of around 10. ilyas Ashar was jailed for 13 years for raping the girl from before the age of puberty until she was rescued in 2009, while his wife was jailed for five years for trafficking a person for exploitation. The couple was also convicted of using the girl, who is profoundly deaf and cannot speak, to fraudulently claim more than £30,000 ($48,000, 35,000 euros) in welfare payments. The couple’s daughter Faaiza Ashar, 46, was sentenced to carry out community service after being convicted of giving false information to obtain

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot No 79, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

benefits. The victim cannot be named for legal reasons. Sentencing the couple at minshull Street Crown Court in manchester, Judge Peter Lakin said the couple had subjected the girl “to a life of misery and degradation”. “You, ilyas Ashar, and you, Tallat Ashar, did not treat this girl as a human being. To you she was merely an object to be used, abused and cast aside at will,” he said. The girl had no family or friends in Britain and had never been to school there or in Pakistan but was taught to sign her name to claim state benefits, the trial heard. She wanted to return to her family in Pakistan but was not allowed to. Ashar routinely raped her, despite her efforts to fight him off, and he also beat and slapped her if she did not follow orders. Her plight was discovered after police and local authorities raided the house in 2009 and found her asleep in the cold and dark cellar. The trial heard that the victim was now recovering with the help of social services.

putin seeks closer cooperation with pakistan


russian President Vladamir Putin has called for closer relations with Pakistan in combating terrorism and the illegal drug trade. According to a russian news agency, Putin praised his country’s plans of joint economic projects with Pakistan. During a ceremony to receive the credentials of 19 ambassadors on Wednesday, Putin stressed russia’s desire to not only promote political dialogue with Pakistan but also enhancing economic coordination. Putin said russia and its neighbours in Asia had plans for projects in the energy and metal industries.

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