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Sunday, 20 May, 2012 Jamadi-ul-Sani 28, 1433

NATO chief urges Pakistan to help stabilise Afghanistan g

pM says can’t be removed through ‘unconstitutional’ means

Rasmussen says NaTO can’t solve problems in afghanistan without pakistan’s positive engagement CHICAGO



ATO’s chief urged Islamabad to back efforts to stabilize Afghanistan as he prepared for talks Saturday with President Asif Ali Zardari, on the eve of a NATO summit. Zardari was invited to the summit in Chicago amid expectations that Pakistan will lift a six-month blockade against NATO supply trucks that was put in place after US air strikes killed 26 Pakistani troops in November. NATO has also pressed Islamabad to do more to prevent insurgents from taking advantage of the porous Afghan-Pakistani border region to take sanctuary inside Pakistan. “We can’t solve the problems in Afghanistan without the positive engagement of Pakistan,” NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said at a policy forum in Chicago, which is hosting the summit on Sunday and Monday. “We have to solve these problems,” he said, referring to the safe havens used by insurgents in Pakistan to launch attacks on NATO troops across the border.

When he meets with Zardari later, Rasmussen said he would “convey a couple of clear messages,” but he did not elaborate. US President Barack Obama will host fellow leaders for two days of talks focused on plans to gradually hand over security control to Afghan forces and pave the way for the

withdrawal of 130,000 foreign combat troops by late 2014. NATO hopes Afghanistan’s security forces, which will grow to 352,000 later this year, can take the lead throughout the country next year, enabling foreign troops to gradually switch from combat to training mode. But France’s new Pres-

ident Francois Hollande has shaken up the carefully crafted transition plan, vowing to bring his 3,500 combat troops home this year, a year earlier than planned. “The withdrawal is not negotiable. The withdrawal of combat forces is France’s decision and this decision will be implemented,” Hollande told reporters after White House talks with Obama on Friday.Hollande, however, said he would honor a treaty signed by his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy to provide training support for Afghan police and military forces. Highlighting the challenges facing Afghan security forces, a suicide bomber struck at a lunch gathering of police and local civilians in the country’s southeast on Saturday killing at least 13 people, three of them policemen. Despite the early French withdrawal, NATO wants to show a united front in the last two years of combat in an increasingly unpopular war in Europe and America.The alliance will also use the summit to reassure Afghan President Hamid Karzai that NATO will fund his security forces and continue training beyond 2014. “Let me be clear,” Rasmussen said. “NATO will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with Afghanistan.”

WASHINGTON: US First Lady Michelle Obama gives a tour of the White House to R-L: Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s wife Hitomi, EU President Herman Van Rompuy’s his wife Geertrui Windels, French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti’s wife Elsa and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wife Laureen Harper on Saturday. Michelle Obama hosted G8 leaders’ spouses at the White House as US President Barack Obama hosted G8 leaders in Camp David, Maryland. afp


Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Saturday said that he could not be removed from his position by “unconstitutional” means as he had been elected by the people of Pakistan. While addressing the third convocation of Virtual University, Gilani said that several political parties had adopted “unconstitutional” ways to force him to step down. He said that education in general, and particularly education in science and technology, was a matter of life and death for the nation. He said the 21st century was a century of knowledge, creativity and innovation, and only those nations could bring changes on political and economic landscape that lead in the field of knowledge. On this occasion, the prime minister announced to set up 30 more campuses of Virtual University throughout the country including the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan. Gilani announced an IT Award of Rs 20 million to help talented students from the backward areas of the country. He said that Broadband Centres in all union councils of the country would provide 30,000 jobs to the students during the current year. He said that the federal government had already spent Rs 22 billion on the development of IT infrastructure and broadband connectivity. He also announced to allocate Rs 17 billion for strengthening broadband connectivity in other untouched areas of the country. He said the PAK-SAT satellite would provide one-hour free transmission facility to the Virtual University. He also directed the CDA to provide land for the construction of the central campus of the university in Islamabad, and ordered that a report in this regard be submitted within two weeks. Gilani also directed the minister for information technology to expedite work on 3G technology. He said that this technology would not only bring a revolution, but also create employment opportunities. He said that he had already directed the finance minister to create 100,000 jobs in the coming budget 2012-13.

Panetta rules out paying $5,000 per container to Pakistan NEWS DESK US Defense Secretary Leon E Panetta heads to this weekend’s NATO summit prepared to confront Pakistan over what he considers price-gouging for transport of supplies to Afghanistan and hoping for a “consensus” among allies over the war effort. In an interview before his arrival in Chicago, where the summit is scheduled to begin today (Sunday), Panetta all but ruled out paying Pakistan $5,000 for each truck

carrying supplies across its territory for NATO troops waging the Afghan war. Pakistani officials have demanded that amount as a condition for reopening supply routes that have been closed to the alliance since fall. “Considering the financial challenges that we’re facing, that’s not likely,” Panetta said of the demand. Before the supply routes were closed in November after a mistaken US attack on two remote Pakistani border posts that killed two dozen

Pakistani troops, NATO convoys were paying an average of about $250 a truck, a senior US official said. US officials say they were hopeful they could resolve the dispute, perhaps at the summit. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari accepted a last-minute invitation to attend the meetings, although he is not expected to meet one-on-one with President Obama, officials said. Thousands of trucks a day carrying supplies would go through multiple border crossings from

Pakistan to Afghanistan, making the fees a potentially massive source of revenue for the cash-strapped government in Islamabad. The US has shifted deliveries to different routes through Russia and other countries to Afghanistan’s north. But the massive withdrawals of equipment due to unfold over the next two-and-a-half years as troops leave the country will be “significantly” more difficult if routes in Pakistan aren’t used, the Pentagon acknowledged in a report last month.

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012



Dust cloud envelops Karachi, visibility reduced to 50 metres

Pakistan to resume normal arrangement of NATO trucks: Sherry

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Tortured teacher’s lawyer gets his share of beating SARGODHA: In what appears to be follow-up harassment, unidentified men on Saturday attacked the lawyer of the schoolteacher who had been tortured by a former Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) lawmaker. According to details, Shahid Nazir, the lawyer of schoolteacher Nafees Khan, was on his way to the court on Saturday morning when supporters of former PPP MPA Aslam Madhianna attacked him, and subjected ASLAM MADHIANNA him to severe torture, fracturing his left arm. The lawyers of the area have announced a strike to protest against the incident. Madhiana was booked by police in a case for breaking the legs of the aged schoolteacher, who had been raising voice against his alleged crimes. ONLINE

16 Muslim pilgrims burnt in bus fire LUCKNOW: An overloaded bus carrying pilgrims to a Muslim shrine rammed into a parked truck and burst into flames overnight, killing 16 and injuring more than two dozen in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, police said Saturday. Some of the 78 passengers aboard the 54-seater bus had kerosene and cooking gas cylinders that helped to turn the bus ”into a ball of fire,” Officer Iqbal Mallik said. Some passengers escaped through the back door of the bus and others through windows. Those injured with burns, including nine in serious condition, were being treated at a nearby state hospital. The bus operators are being investigated for illegally allowing flammable cooking items aboard instead of preparing food themselves, as is customary on Indian tours, State Labour Minister Waqar Ahmad said. ”The permit of the tour operator has been cancelled,” Ahmad said. The pilgrims from three villages in Sultanpur district were travelling to Ajmer sharif shrine when the accident took place in Bahraich, about 130 kilometres southeast of Lucknow. Bus accidents due to reckless driving, bad roads and poorly maintained vehicles are common in India. AFP

Warsi claims ‘white girls are fair game’ to some Pakistani men NEWS DESK A small number of men of Pakistani heritage believe “white girls are fair game” for sexual abuse, the Conservative co-chair Sayeeda Warsi said on Friday. In remarks which place her at odds with the Labour MP Keith Vaz and some women’s groups, Lady Warsi made clear she believed race lay at the heart of the recent sexual abuse case in Rochdale. “There is a small minority of Pakistani men who believe that white girls are fair game,” Warsi told the London Evening Standard after the jailing of nine men for their part in a child sexual exploitation gang. “We have to be prepared to say that. You can only start solving a problem if you

acknowledge it first.” Warsi, who is Britain’s first Muslim to have a full cabinet seat, spoke out after the nine men from Rochdale were jailed for a total of 77 years at Liverpool crown court last week for sexually abusing young girls. The victims, the youngest of whom was 13 when the abuse began, were passed around the group of men for sex after being plied with food, alcohol and drugs. Vaz, the former Europe minister who is now chairman of the commons home affairs select committee, said he did not believe the crimes were a “race issue”. But Warsi, who was prompted to speak out after her father condemned the abuse as “stomach-churningly sick”, took a different view in her Evening Standard

interview. “This small minority who see women as second class citizens, and white women probably as third class citizens, are to be spoken out against,” she said. The Tory co-chair also made clear that Muslim leaders needed to condemn the men’s behaviour. “These were grown men, some of them religious teachers, or running businesses, with young families of their own. They knew this was wrong. Whether or not these girls were easy prey, they knew it was wrong. “In mosque after mosque after mosque, this should be raised as an issue so that anybody who is remotely involved should start to feel that the community is turning on them. Communities have a responsibility to stand up and say: ‘This is

wrong, this will not be tolerated’.” The intervention by Warsi puts her at odds with some women’s groups in addition to Vaz. Speaking on the day the men were sentenced, Vaz said: “It’s quite wrong to stigmatise a whole community.” Vaz’s remarks were echoed by Marai Larasi, co-chair of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, who told the Guardian last week: “An excessive focus on some cases of sexual exploitation with a primary focus on ethnicity rather than the exploitation itself is misleading and fuels racist attitudes which ultimately won’t help women and girls.” Warsi said she spoke out after her father Safdar, who arrived in Britain from Pakistan in 1960 with £2 in his pocket,

told her to speak out. Over dinner shortly after the men were sentenced, Warsi’s father asked her what the government was going to do. The Tory co-chair recalled in her interview: “Dad then said: ‘Well, what are you doing about it?’ I said: ‘Oh, it’s not me, it’s a Home Office issue’.” Warsi’s father called on his daughter to do better. “He said to me: ‘Sayeeda, what is the point in being in a position of leadership if you don’t lead on issues that are so fundamental? This is so stomach churningly sick that you should have been out there condemning it as loudly as you could. Uniquely, you are in a position to show leadership on this.’ I thought to myself, he’s absolutely right’.”

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012

foreign newS

arTS & enTerTainMenT


News 03 coMMenT

Teenager killed, five seriously hurt in Italy school blast Dolly Bindra slams Veena Malik for chasing ‘cheap publicity’ Waqar eyes Australian bowling coach role

Off with the gloves

The nineties are back

Student politics Violent and, well, violent

Humayun Gauhar says: Haemorrhoids with swords: No quick fixes will work

Arif Ansar says: A passage to Afghanistan: Who’s to blame for our current predicament?

Saad Rasool says: A for army: The rest comes after

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KARACHI: Sindhi nationalists remove graffiti calling for a separate Muhajir province on Saturday. Staff Photo

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2 killed in Naseerabad, Jhal Magsi g

VBMP says Sc only hope for relatives of Baloch missing persons QUETTA



W O people were killed and another wounded in two separate incidents of firing in Naseerabad and Jhal Magsi districts the other day. In the first incident, unknown attackers opened fire on two brothers Nek Muhammad and Muhammad Hayat in Khan Jakarani village of Dera Murad Jamali in Naseerabad district over a domestic dispute. The injured were being shifted to a hospital when Hayat succumbed to his injuries. In the second incident, three armed men opened fire in Goth Aliabad area of Gandakha and wounded Fida Hussain Nichari, who later succumbed to his injuries while on way to a hospital. Police said the deceased was heading towards Usta Mohammad along with his sister on a motorcycle when he was attacked. They said the motive behind the

killing could be a case of old enmity. On the other hand, Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Chairman Nasrullah Baloch said the recovery of bullet-riddled bodies of missing persons was a slap on the face of the so-called democratic government. Addressing a press conference at a hunger strike camp set up outside the Quetta Press Club, Baloch said the relatives of missing persons had pinned all their hopes with the Supreme Court of Pakistan for the safe and early recovery of their beloved ones. He said to draw the attention of people towards human rights violation in Balochistan, VBMP would hold a seminar on May 20 at the Quetta Press Club in which members from civil society including columnists, journalists, human right activities, lawyers would be invited. He said hearings in the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding petitions of missing persons had established the fact that intelligence agencies and paramilitary forces were involved in abduction

aTc reserves judgement on plea against confiscation of Musharraf’s assets

nuclear scientists exchange verbal nukes ISLAMABAD ONLINE

While responding to criticism by the founder of Pakistan’s nuclear programme Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, nuclear scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand has said that his former colleague was angry with him due to Chagai nuclear explosions in 1998. In a recent interview, Dr AQ Khan commented on the “ineligibility” of Dr Mubarakmand in operating Thar Coal Project, saying the scientist was only “befooling the nation”. “I respect Dr Khan but he should tell how have I committed intellectual dishonesty about Thar Coal Project,” Dr Mubarakmand responded. Hitting back, he said “whatever role Dr Abdul Qadir had played in nuclear proliferation was devastating for Pakistan”. “The outcome is obvious to all of us as Pakistan is still paying the price, while on the other hand United States is making deals on peaceful nuclear technology with India.” About a query of flaming gas from the coal reservoir in Thar, he said that funds were required to install power plants to produce electricity from coal gas. “We have proved that gas can be produced from coal, but now we need a plant to generate power as we are left with no funds to do so,” he added. “Over six channels have made documentaries on flaming gas from coal wells, and tens of thousands of people would have seen them. Those who are opposing this project are actually not harming me, but damaging Pakistan,” Dr Mubarakmand said. “Had the Thar coal project been started a couple of years ago, then Pakistan today would have been self sufficient to export oil to generate power.”


An anti-terrorism court (ATC) judge on Saturday reserved judgement on the petition filed by Begum Sehba Musharraf against the confiscation of all properties and bank accounts of former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf after he was declared absconder in Benazir Bhutto murder case. ATC No 1 Judge Shahid Rafiq reserved the judgement after hearing the arguments by lawyers. During the hearing, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) prosecutors Chaudhry Azhar and Chaudhry Zulfikar submitted a circular issued to all banks by the State Bank of Pakistan, according to which accounts for welfare purposes could not be considered personal accounts. They said that the former first lady had pleaded that the said accounts were meant for welfare works, and that the amount was reserved for flood affected people. The prosecutors also maintained that there was no proof that Shahzad Town Palace had been gifted to Begum Sehba Musharraf. Furthermore they pointed out that the court had given its opinion that the accused could not be given any relief until he surrenders before the court. When contacted, Sehba’s lawyer Mohammad Ilyas Siddiqui said that there had been no arguments before the court in his presence. He said that according to his information, the court had given a date for next hearing. Meanwhile, the FIA has written a second letter to Interpol to get its “red warrants” implemented against the former president. According to FIA officials, the warrant was issued earlier after he was declared a proclaimed offender in BB’s assassination case. Earlier, Interpol had sent a questionnaire to the FIA after receiving a request to issue a red warrant against Musharraf. The FIA has also sent available evidence against Musharraf along with the letter.

and killing of Baloch youth. Baloch said the relatives of missing persons were disappointed in Governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi and Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani as they had miserably failed to fulfill their constitutional obligation to protect life and honour of the citizens in the last four years. He also criticized human rights organizations for not playing their role to ensure the protection of rights of the people, including the right to protect their lives. Meanwhile, a railway track linking Quetta with the rest of province and down country was exploded the other day. Police said unknown persons planted some explosive along the track in Pirkaniabad area of Sariab in the outskirts of Quetta. As a result of the explosion, a piece of the track measuring a foot was destroyed. Police and a repair team rushed to the area and repaired the track by evening.

army’s unmanned aircraft crashes near chakwal MIANWALI: A surveillance drone of the Pakistan Army crashed near Mianwali district, media reports said on Saturday. According to reports, the surveillance drone took off from Mianwali Airbase and crashed near Chakwal. They said that the plane crashed in open fields due to some technical fault, but there was no loss to human life and property in the area. The incident has taken place just a day after two Pakistan Air Force trainer aircraft collided with each other midair near Rashkai, killing four pilots. ONLINE

nawaz calls for a new Pakistan HAFIZABAD AGENCIES

Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said Pakistan’s future was in danger but his party would soon oust the government that has brought the country to this point. Addressing a huge public rally here, Nawaz called on the people to join forces with the PML-N “to make a new Pakistan”. “We are determined to make a new Pakistan. You help us and we will help you. Together we will make a new Pakistan,” Nawaz said. “Remember the era of Nawaz Sharif. Everything was cheaper… the poor would live a life of honour, had food to eat, children would go to schools. And look at today’s situation,” he said, adding that today corruption is at its peak and people are tired of the inflation and joblessness. The PML-N chief said that

thousands of people have become unemployed because of electricity and gas load shedding and the situation was deteriorating every day. While quoting his party’s achievements, Nawaz said that he had never surrendered to superpowers at the cost of national interests. He said that the PML-N had rendered great services for the sake of the nation and has the potential to take it out of current challenges. PML-N WON’t PROteSt DURING tURKISH PM’S NA SPeeCH: The spokesman of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) Senator Pervez Rasshid has said that his party would not protest on the occasion of speech of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to the joint session of the parliament in honour of respected guest. Talking to a private TV channel, he said that PMLN would participate in the joint session of the parliament with full dignity as the Turkish Prime Minister is a respectable personality.

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04 News

Sunday, 20 May, 2012

World leaders vow to combat financial turmoil, back Greece g8 seeking ways to soothe financial markets g Pressure on german chancellor Merkel g cameron sees “growing sense of urgency”




KOLKATA: Activists of the Social Unity Centre of India shout anti-NATO and G-8 slogans during a protest rally on Saturday. afp

Lift sanctions, Iran tells West ahead of nuclear talks TEHRAN AFP

Iran on Saturday said sanctions over its disputed nuclear programme should be lifted in talks with world powers next week in Baghdad, but maintained the punitive measures would not compel it to abandon its atomic “rights.” Foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told the government daily Iran that the lifting of sanctions would display “the first signs” that the West is changing its “wrong” approach towards Iran and its nuclear work. Mehmanparast reiterated Tehran’s assertion that the sanctions have no legal basis, but admitted “no one in Iran is happy about the sanctions” and that they “may cause problems.”

Mexican crime reporter abducted and murdered CIUDAD OBReGON: The corpse of a crime reporter was found stuffed into a garbage bag in a suspected gangland killing in the northern Mexican state of Sonora, prosecutors said Friday. Police officers located the body of Marco Antonio Avila on the side of a rural road the day after he was kidnapped by a group of gunmen at a car wash in the nearby town of Ciudad Obregon, said Jose Larrinaga, spokesman for the state prosecutor’s office. The body showed signs of torture and a threatening note typical of those used by drug gangs was left at the scene, Larrinaga said. ReuTeRs

But he insisted that “sanctions do not really have a significant effect.” Iran on May 23 is to meet representatives of the so-called P5+1 group, comprising the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany, in Iraq’s capital for the second round of talks which were revived in April in Istanbul after a 15-month impasse. Iranian leaders have been increasingly demanding that the sanctions targeting its trade and banking sectors as well its oil exports be lifted, while insisting that they were ineffective. Mehmanparast reiterated that Iran would not give up its atomic work. “If the West thinks we will give up our rights due to sanctions, they are definitely mistaken,” he said. He added that claims that

the Western sanctions are disrupting the Iranian economy from within are part of a “propaganda and psychological warfare” launched by the West against the Islamic republic. Iran denies Western allegations its nuclear programme may have a military component to develop atomic weapons. The Islamic republic is under a series of unilateral Western sanctions. Iran’s economy has taken a significant blow by the gradual tightening of the measures since 2010 despite official assertions that the sanctions have been so far ineffective, foreign experts in Tehran said. Sanctions on the banking sector have disturbed or slowed down imports, whose cost have increased on average by 20 percent, according to the testimonies of Iranian

importers. Sanctions have also led to late payments to Iran from its oil sales, sometimes forcing Tehran to accept payments in the form of gold, local currencies or sign barter contracts. And the European Union embargo on Iranian oil, poised to be fully implemented from July 1, is beginning to show its impacts as several major customers of Iranian crude, including India, Japan and Turkey, have announced a reduction in imports. Tehran has always denied that the sanctions have caused it difficulty to produce and sell its oil, claiming to have found new customers without naming them. Several specialist websites, however, have reported in recent months a significant increase in storage of unsold crude in Iran.

afghan suicide attack kills nine KHOST AFP

A suicide attack on a police checkpost in southeastern Afghanistan on Saturday killed at least nine people, three of them policemen, an official said. The attacker shot a security guard before making his way inside the checkpost in the militant-hit Alisher district of Khost province, district governor Amir Badsha Dawran told AFP. “The suicide blast killed three policemen and six civilians who were inside the checkpost at the time,”

Dawran said, adding that the locals were regularly holding “friendly” meetings with the local security forces. At least four policemen were also wounded in the attack, which was claimed by Taliban insurgents. They said all the casualties were Afghan security forces. Khost is a volatile province which borders the tribal area of Pakistan, known as a Taliban stronghold and a base for the Haqqani network. The Taliban and other militants frequently target Afghan security forces as part of their campaign to bring down the western-backed Kabul government.

Civilians however bear the brunt of the decade-long war. According to the United Nations, civilian deaths from the Afghan conflict reached a record-high last year, when 3,021 civilians died in the violence, with the Taliban blamed for the bulk of the casualties. There are currently around 130,000 international troops in Afghanistan, two-third of them from the United States. But the Afghan police and army are to take on more responsibility for security as foreign combat troops withdraw in a process due to be completed by the end of 2014.

ORLD leaders backed keeping Greece in the euro zone on Saturday and vowed to take all steps necessary to combat financial turmoil while revitalizing their economies, which are increasingly threatened by Europe’s debt crisis. In a bold statement of support for Europe, the Group of Eight leaders of the world’s major economies meeting at the wooded Camp David in the Cactoctin Mountains of Maryland said the global economic recovery shows promising signs but “significant headwinds persist.” “Against this backdrop, we commit to take all necessary steps to strengthen and reinvigorate our economies and combat financial stresses, recognizing that the right measures are not the same for each of us,” it said in a communique. The leaders said they welcomed discussions in Europe to balance debt reduction with measures to support growth and added: “We reaffirm our interest in Greece remaining in the euro zone while respecting its commitments.” It was unusual for the often-bland G8 communique to single out a small nation. But fears that a political stalemate in Greece would lead to the tiny Mediterranean country leaving Europe’s monetary union at unknown costs to the financial system have spooked global markets. US President Barack Obama and leaders from other major economic powers met to discuss the global economy and seek ways to soothe markets after worries about Spain’s banking problems also played a role in sending world stock prices to their lowest levels this year. Earlier, a shirtsleeved Obama opened the morning session, promising to seek ways to restore healthy growth and jobs and address concerns in Europe. “All of us are absolutely committed to making sure that both growth and stability, and fiscal consolidation, are part of an overall package in order to achieve the kind of prosperity for our citizens we all are looking for,”

Obama said. British Prime Minister David Cameron, after an early morning treadmill workout with Obama at the Camp David gym, said he detected a “growing sense of urgency that action needs to be taken” on the euro zone crisis. London relies heavily on international finance and banking instability would strike a fresh blow to an economy already in recession. “Contingency plans need to be put in place and the strengthening of banks, governance, firewalls - all of those things need to take place very fast,” he told reporters. European leaders seemed keen to stress on Friday that they would stand firm in protecting their banks, after news of escalating bad loans raised the specter that rescuing Spain’s banks would crash the euro zone’s fourth largest economy. “We will do whatever is needed to guarantee the financial stability of the euro zone,” European Union President Herman Van Rompuy said. Earlier French President Francois Hollande suggested using European funds to inject capital into Spain’s banks, which would mark a significant acceleration of EU rescue efforts. An Italian newspaper reported that Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has proposed at the G8 summit creating a Europe-wide system of bank deposit insurance. Officials had no immediate comment. OBAMA, MONtI, HOLLANDe: Beyond stabilizing the financial system, a key issue on the agenda is how to balance a growth with efforts to lower government debt through fiscal belt tightening. Obama has aligned himself with Monti and the new French president in putting more emphasis on growth. That places pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has pushed fiscal austerity as a the prime means of bringing down huge debt levels that are burdening European economies. Voters in euro zone countries have shown frustration with that approach, ejecting the Greek government. In France the conservative Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated by Hollande, a socialist, in the May 6 elections. A draft of the summit communiqué shown to Reuters will stress an “imperative to create growth and

jobs.” There are signs of softening in Germany’s austerity stance. Germany’s largest industrial union, IG Metall, struck its biggest pay deal in 20 years early on Saturday. The 4.3 percent pay increase, more than double Germany’s inflation rate, will boost worker buying power in the euro zone’s richest nation and lift consumption - something the United States long has urged as a means to bolster overall growth throughout the world’s second largest economic region. Obama, in the Saturday discussion on the global economy, advocated a balanced approach, saying there should be “no artificial boosts,” G8 delegation sources told Reuters. “We need a growth agenda while maintaining fiscal discipline,” he said, according to sources. In the G8 group photo outside the presidential log cabin surrounding by lush green trees, Obama also sought balance. He stood with the leaders of Europe’s two largest powers - France and Germany - to his right and his left respectively. An adviser to Hollande said France’s growth message is winning supporters. “The positions he has taken are seeing an extremely positive echo in Europe but also in the United States, Canada and Japan,” the adviser said. GLOBAL SeCURItY: Also on the summit agenda are concerns about oil and food prices as well as Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and North Korea. Speculation has grown that Obama will use an energy session at the G8 to seek support to tap emergency oil reserves before a European Union embargo of Iranian crude takes effect in July. But with oil prices already sliding, a move by Obama to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve - alone or along with other countries could expose him to criticism that the emergency supply should only be touched in a supply crisis. The Camp David summit kicked off four days of intensive diplomacy that will test leaders’ ability to quell unease over the threat of another financial meltdown as well as plans to wind down the unpopular war in Afghanistan.

India denies bail to Italian marines charged with murder THIRUVANANTHAPURAM AFP

An Indian court denied bail on Saturday to two Italian marines charged with the murder of two fishermen who were shot dead off the country’s southwestern coast. The move came a day after murder charges were laid against the marines and Rome recalled its ambassador from New Delhi for “con-

sultations” over the case. The marines deny the charges, saying they mistook the fishermen for pirates. Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone were deployed as guards on an Italian oil tanker in the Indian Ocean when they shot dead the two fishermen on February 15. The marines, who have been held in prison for three months, were denied bail at a court in Kollam,

a city in the southwest corner of the coastal state of Kerala. The judge said he accepted the prosecution’s argument that bail should be refused on the grounds the accused might seek to influence witnesses or flee the country. He called for a “speedy trial” in order to “deliver natural justice in the case”. In response to the charges, the foreign ministry in Rome said on Friday: “The

Italian ambassador to New Delhi has been recalled to Rome for consultations on the matter of the marines.” Syed Akbaruddin, spokesman for the Indian foreign ministry, told AFP: “We have consistently said that this is a legal process and the law of the land should take its course.” “We are aware that Italy has called back its ambassador for consultations but we are not going to comment on their re-

action to what remains a legal process.” India has said in the past that the two countries “have the maturity to address this challenge together” and that the case should not affect good bilateral relations. The Italian government has paid compensation of 144,000 euros ($190,000) to the families of Selestian Valentine, 45, and Ajesh Pinky, 24, but that has done little to stop the diplomatic

row escalating. Italy has called the detention of the marines illegal and challenged it before India’s Supreme Court. Rome says the marines should be prosecuted in their home country because the shootings occurred on an Italian-flagged vessel in international waters, but India says they took place in waters under its jurisdiction. Italy also accused the Indian fishing crew of

behaving aggressively and said they were repeatedly warned before shots were fired. The fishing boat’s owner said the marines fired without provocation. Armed guards are increasingly deployed on cargo ships and tankers in the Indian Ocean to tackle threats from Somali pirates, who often hold ships and crews hostage for months demanding multimillion dollar ransoms.

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012

News 05 Zardari discusses naTo supply issue with key arab leader ISLAMABAD ONLINE

Before proceeding to the US to attend the Afghan summit, President Asif Ali Zardari discussed the reopening of NATO supply issue with an important Arab personality. According to reliable sources, the president stayed in Dubai for two days before proceeding to Chicago on Saturday. The stay in Dubai was not part of schedule and was kept a secret, the source said. During his stay in Dubai, the president met a key Arab leader and briefed him on Pakistan’s decision regarding reopening of NATO supply lines, which had become a source of contention between the US and Pakistan, sources said. They said the president along with his close aides had left Pakistan for Dubai on May 17.

HAFIZABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Nawaz Sharif addresses a public meeting on Saturday. INp

‘Zardari’s role key in ending US-Pak stalemate’ ISLAMABAD



RESIDENT Asif Ali Zardari played a key behind-the-scene role in negotiations that helped end a stalemate in Pakistan-US ties over a deadly cross-border NATO attack and paved the way for Islamabad’s participation in a crucial summit on Afghanistan, officials said on Saturday. Zardari took the initiative to break the stalemate in bilateral ties after negotiations faltered when hawks and the security establishment insisted on a US apology for the NATO airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in November. Pakistan had retaliated to the attack by closing supply lines for foreign forces in Afghanistan. Following meetings and contacts away

from the glare of the media, the president indicated to the Obama administration that he would attend the NATO Summit to be held in Chicago during May 20-21 if the two sides could agree on some sort of a face-saving arrangement, the sources said. In earlier meetings with top US officials like Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides, who visited Pakistan early last month, the Pakistani side had been noncommittal about attending the NATO Summit. An understanding on Zardari’s participation in the summit was in place by the first week of May, well before NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen formally extended an invitation to the President on May 15, the sources said. The president stepped in after protracted negotiations between Pakistan and the US over the past four months failed to produce any result.

The security establishment, which found itself backed into a corner after adopting a hard line against the Americans, was left with no option but to let Zardari play a role to try and end the stalemate, the sources said. Reports in the Pakistani and Western media have contended that Pakistani officials created confusion by saying that the US should apologise for the NATO attack after Islamabad concluded a parliamentary review of relations with Washington. Pakistani has now apparently climbed down on the demand for an apology as Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar recently said the time had come to “move on” and repair ties with the US. The decision-making regarding ties with the US was also affected by frosty relations between Khar and Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Sherry Rehman, who

Pakistan to resume normal arrangement of naTo trucks: Sherry

NEWS DESK Pakistan is about to resume normal arrangement of trucks with NATO supplies passing through its territory, the country’s top diplomat in Islamabad has said. “Truck cargo was suspended. Some humanitarian supplies may have drifted through, you know, and those as you know, are humanitarian supplies. But really, no serious material that had been crossing over for six months. So, this is a new beginning, and obviously, it brings good tidings,” Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Sherry Rehman, told CNN in an interview. “Yes, I think that we are looking at a

conversation which is a very positive,” Rehman said when asked that whether Pakistan is about to resume the normal arrangement allowing trucks from Pakistan to bring supplies to US and Nato troops in Afghanistan? “We have been negotiating things and trying to operationalise an agreement, a memorandum, perhaps, that can be transparent,” she said. “I think it would be premature to say when the trucks resume, but there is no fit of peak against the United States. We’re not doing a full spectrum review because it’s some irrational moment of pause. It is because the Pakistani people are looking for some restitution,” Rehman said.

Rehman, however, refused to respond to questions on the new transit tax being imposed by Pakistan on Nato trucks. There are reports that Pakistan is demanding somewhere between $5,000 to $6,000 per container – a 34 fold increase in the existing rate. “I’m really not looking at the nuts and bolts of the agreement. Those are teams on the ground that are empowered to wade through the complex choreography of frameworks that we have to built, but, perhaps, if you look at the end root where your trucks move through much longer, but I believe the double of that amount is paid,” she said when asked by the new transit tax being demanded by Pakistan. Rehman, however, said that she wouldn’t be haggling on the price. “I think what’s important for us is to keep our eye on the bigger picture where strategic decisions have to be made. So, the price is not really what I’m sitting here to talk to you about,” she said. Option of US apology over Salala attack still on table: Sherry Rehman Sherry Rehman said that Pakistan has not eliminated the option of US apology over Salala attack and the government still affirms the stance that US should tender apology over the incident. The ambassador said that Pakistan would continue to raise the issue of apology over Salala attack, which killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, from US. Sherry said that Pak-US relationship is going through a critical phase as both countries wanted to implement their conditions for the betterment of the relationship.

was given the status of a federal minister by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on April 11. At the same time, American officials have been “uncomfortable” dealing with Khar, diplomatic sources said. “It is not very easy negotiating with the Pakistani foreign minister, who doesn’t show much flexibility in discussions,” a source familiar with discussions between Pakistan and the US said. During talks between an American delegation led by Special Envoy Marc Grossman and a Pakistani team headed by Khar in Islamabad on April 26, the US defence and security contingent led by Peter Lavoy, assistant secretary for Asia and Pacific Security Affairs, left a meeting due to remarks made by Khar, sources said. Following this development, officials in Ambassador Sherry Rehman’s camp

leaked stories to the Pakistani media which contended that talks with the US were being affected by a “spoiler” in the Foreign Office. A report in an English daily even said that the handling of the talks by Khar was being “censured by the participants”. Foreign Office insiders acknowledged that decision-making regarding ties with the US was being affected as both Khar and Rehman had the status of minister. It is believed that Rehman, a senior leader of the Pakistan People’s Party and a close confidante of slain PM Benazir Bhutto, had sought the status of minister to dispel the impression that she was working under Khar, who joined the PPP shortly before the last general election in 2008 after walking out of the PML-Q, which was linked to then military ruler Pervez Musharraf.

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012

Hopes fading for swift US-Pakistan deal on Afghan supply routes

chicago moot significant for Pakistan: analysts ISLAMABAD APP


US official says deal still expected in near future CHICAGO



HE Obama administration may be not be able to strike a longawaited agreement with Pakistan to help supply Western soldiers in Afghanistan as hoped in time for a major NATO summit in Chicago this weekend, a U.S. official said. “There’s a distinct possibility that we may not see an agreement before the end of this weekend,” the U.S. official said on condition of anonymity. “But talks are progressing and we do expect to reach a deal in the near future.” Earlier this week, as Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari accepted a last-minute NATO invitation to the May 20-21 summit, many U.S. officials were optimistic they could finally make a deal to reopen key NATO ground routes into Afghanistan. Pakistan shut the routes in protest when U.S. aircraft killed 24 Pakistani soldiers along the Afghan border in November. Zardari’s appearance at the summit was seen as a potential breakthrough after the border deaths plunged perennially poor U.S.-Pakistan ties into a deep freeze for months. Now, as the two countries continue to disagree about details of a possible deal, that optimism appears to have faded.

FILE PHOTO NATO nations, grappling with severe fiscal pressure at home, are anxious to reach an agreement under which Pakistan would allow NATO trucks to once again travel on Pakistani roads, in part because shipping supplies into land-locked Afghanistan from the north is much more expensive. Being able to transit across Pakistan becomes even more important as U.S. commanders prepare for the monumental logistical task of withdrawing most of the 128,000 NATO soldiers in Afghanistan and the equipment they have accumulated

since 2001 - by the end of 2014. Negotiations between U.S. and Pakistani officials in Islamabad have dragged on. From the beginning, Zardari’s government has demanded a high-level apology for the border deaths, which NATO said were accidental but which enraged Pakistanis. The Obama administration, loathe to expose itself to further Republican criticism, has refused to apologize. The U.S. official said a “wide gulf” re-

mained on the amount NATO nations would be charged for transporting equipment into Afghanistan, the central stumbling block in those talks. Pakistan says its roads require millions of dollars in repairs after years of NATO truck going back and forth. The amount that Pakistani officials believe should be charged is far higher than what U.S. officials have offered. “The fees proposed by the Pakistanis are unacceptable, not just to the United States but to our NATO allies,” the official said. Lack of an agreement could add strains to interactions between President Barack Obama and other senior U.S. officials and Pakistani leaders during the summit. U.S. officials have long complained that Pakistan has failed to act sufficiently against militants fighting U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The White House said on Thursday that Obama had no plans for a one-on-one meeting with Zardari. Still, Zardari’s government supports reopening the supply routes once a deal can be reached that satisfies both sides. For that reason the Obama administration expects to ultimately find an arrangement on the supply routes and on the precise amount of U.S. military assistance Washington owes Pakistan.

Former foreign secretary Akram Zaki has appreciated the government’s decision to attend Chicago conference, saying the conference would provide Pakistan an opportunity to safeguard its national interests in Afghanistan. Talking to Radio Pakistan, Akram Zaki said they should make new agreement with the US and NATO in the light of given principles, adding that Chicago conference would help us improve our ties with the West. He said confrontation with the West was not in Pakistan’s interests. Zaki said Pakistan should get compensation for routes, besides compensation for the families of martyrs of Salala Check post from the US and NATO. He said the West had realized that Afghan solution could not be found without Pakistan’s cooperation, adding that Pakistan got registered its anger to the West, when it said “no to Bonn conference”. To a question, Zaki said President Asif Ali Zardari would make it clear to the West in the Chicago conference that the Afghan issue could not be resolved without Pakistan. Senior journalist Arif Nizami said in his comments that the Chicago conference had great significance in view of withdrawal strategy of the US from Afghanistan that is why Pakistan’s participation in the conference was necessary to protect its interests in the changing environment of Afghanistan and the region. Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said the Chicago conference would set the road map for peace in Afghanistan. He said Pakistan can play a vital role in peace talks on Afghanistan. “Indian role in Afghanistan may be minimized through Pakistan’s active participation in all conferences and summits with regard to Afghanistan,” he said.

Poverty-hit man dumps three daughters in canal BHALWAL AGENCIES

A poverty-struck labourer threw his three daughters in a canal on Saturday, but a passer by saved the young girls. According to details, Ansar, a resident of Bhalwal, had been struggling with poverty, and his inability to feed his children led to disputes within the family. On Saturday morning, Ansar took his three daughters to a canal near Chak No 18 Northern, and threw them in the canal one after the other and came back. However, a passer by, who was observing the situation, jumped into the canal to rescue the three girls identified as the two-year-old Marriyam, three-year-old Kalsoom and five-year-old Ayesha. He took the girls to a hospital. Ansar’s wife said that her husband had been mentally upset due to poverty for the last few days. The police arrested the accused and started investigation. People of the village have appealed to Farzana Raja, federal minister for Benazir Income Support Programme, to provide assistance to the poor family.

DERA GHAZI KHAN: Locals block a main road on Saturday during a demonstration against excessive electricity load shedding. ONLINe

all must abide by the constitution, says CJp ISLAMABAD NNI

A meeting of the Law and Justice Commission was held on Saturday with Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in the chair. Speaking to the commission, the chief justice said that the country’s institutions were suffering because the constitution was not being abided. The meeting was attended by Attorney General Irfan Qadir, Federal Shariat Court Chief Justice Agha Rafiq Ahmed Khan, Lahore High Court Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, Balochistan High Court Chief Jus-

tice Qazi Faez Isa, Sindh High Court Chief Justice Mushir Alam, Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Dost Mohammad Khan and Federal Law Secretary Yasmin Abbassi. The CJP said there was a need to increase the strength of judges in order to protect fundamental human rights. He further said that democracy was a result of the constitution, and that abidance by the constitution was imperative for all. The CJP said that only a strong and independent system of justice could guarantee a sustainable democracy, hoping that all matters would be conducted in accordance with the constitution.

guantanamo tribunal weighs separate 9/11 trials WASHINGTON AFP

A special US military tribunal at Guantanamo is weighing whether to hold separate trials for five accused plotters of the September 11 attacks, a defense lawyer said Friday. The men, who are being held at Guantanamo Bay, were formally charged earlier this month with crimes that include murder and terrorism. They face the death penalty if convicted for their roles in the Al-Qaeda attacks that claimed 2,976 lives in New York, Washington and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. “The Guantanamo Bay military commission issued an unusual order for the prosecution to show cause why de-

fendants in the 9/11 case should not be severed,” James Connell, who represents Pakistani defendant Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, said in a statement. “Prosecutors generally favor a joint trial because it makes their case easier.” Connell said he requested the testimony of the man who ran the CIA’s interrogation program at black sites for the tribunal’s next session in June. Jose Rodriguez has acknowledged that his team “went to the border of legality” in interrogating Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 2001 attacks. Mohammed, a Kuwait-born Pakistani, was subjected 183 times to the simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding during the three years he was held at secret CIA prisons after

his 2003 capture in Pakistan. He was eventually transferred to Guantanamo in 2006. “Mr Rodriguez has important information on that topic and there is no good reason the government should prohibit him from testifying,” Connell said. “The government is using every available tactic to suppress evidence of torture.” Three of the lawyers for the accused plotters have requested that eight “top officials” from the administrations of President Barack Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush also take the stand, said Commander Walter Ruiz, who represents Mustapha alHawsawi of Saudi Arabia. He declined to name the individuals in question but noted they were from the “highest levels of the government.”

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012

KARACHI: Protesters scuffle with each other during a demonstration against outage of electricity in Shah Faisal Colony for the last five days on Saturday. ONLINe

Dust cloud envelops Karachi, visibility reduced to 50 metres KARACHI



dust storm on Saturday evening reduced the visibility to almost 50 metre whereas the wind speed was recorded up to 36 nautical miles. According to the met office, due to the dust storm, the air traffic schedule was badly affected and flights were delayed for few hours. On the other hand, the rescue service providers said that two persons received injures when the roof of the waiting room of the Civil Hospital Karachi collapsed due to the strong winds. Due to dust-thunderstorm, motorists switched on their vehicles’ headlights well before sunset while facing serious problems in seeing other objects on streets. The dusty weather also created problems for the passers-by, pushcart vendors, open-area restaurants, shopkeepers. The passers-by and motorcyclists used handkerchiefs to cover their faces to avoid the dusty winds. Chief Meteorologist Touseef said that the visibility would improve as soon as wind speed start decreasing and hopefully, situation would get better in next several hours. This is a normal phenomenon and dust thunderstorm do occurs in the month of May-June, he further said. “When the warm air moves upwards, it creates a vacuum and to fill that empty space, air from surrounding areas gushed in,” he told Pakistan Today. As the wind is coming from west-northwest direction, which is a plane area, it carries dust particles with it and that is why metropolis received dust-thunderstorm, he added. When the wind comes from sea-side then we do not have dust-thunderstorm, he said. According met department report, a fresh westerly disturbance is affecting northern

five killed in violence, four target killers arrested KARACHI AGENCIES

At least five persons including a minor girl were killed and several others injured in separate incidents of violence in different areas of the city on Saturday. The police and rangers during separate raids arrested eight outlaws and recovered arms from their possession. According to police, two persons identified as Imran and Sabir Ali were killed in firing incidents in Shah Faisal Colony and Shah Latif Town. A bullet riddled dead of an unknown person was recovered from Mawach Goth area of the city. The body was shifted to hospital for postmortem. Tortured and bullet dead body of a youth identified as Babar, 22, was found on Mirza Adam Khan road in Lyari and dead body of eight-year old Fatima who went missing from Rajput Colony on May 14, was recovered from Gulshan-e-Iqbal. On the other hand, at least 10 persons were injured in different firing incidents in Landhi, Shah Faisal, Sher Shah, Al-Asif Square, Baldia colony, Saeedabad and other areas. Meanwhile, the police arrested four suspected target killers during a targeted operation in Jamshed Quarter area of the city and recovered three TT pistols from their possession. The police and rangers during separate raids arrested another four suspects.It should be mentioned that more than 25 people have been killed in different incidents of firing during the last three days.

Body of raped 6-year-old found in gulshan-e-iqbal KARACHI INP

Karachi and same situation was reported in several districts of Sindh for last 48 days. The Meteorological Department has forecast hot and dry weather in Karachi for Sunday (today) with maximum temperature ranging between 34 to 36 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, hot to very hot and dry weather with gusty winds

has been forecast at few districts of Sindh. The minimum temperature was 27.5 degrees Celsius whereas maximum temperature was 34 degrees Celsius with 63 per cent humidity. The highest maximum temperature of 44.7 degree centigrade was reordered at Dadu while lowest minimum of 13 at Kalat on Saturday.

The dead body of a six-year-old girl kidnapped 12 days ago was found in Gulshan-e-Iqbal on Saturday. The girl, identified as Fatima, was abducted from Mobina Town. She was sexually assaulted and then tortured to death. Another girl, Iram, who was also kidnapped from the same locality, is yet to be found. Fatima was abducted from outside her home on May 6. All efforts made by the family to find the ill-fated girl failed. Besides, three girls were kidnapped from Gulistan-e-Johar. Two were later found dead. The kidnapping of minor girls in Karachi in on rise but law enforcers remain clueless.

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08 karachi

Sunday, 20 May, 2012

weaTher UPDaTeS

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Prayer TiMingS fajr Sunrise 04:20 05:45

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KARACHI: Activists of Pakistan People’s Party taking part in a rally in support of PM Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani on Saturday. ONLINe

Economy is in a shambles due to govt’s ineptness: Dr Qadeer

hoSPiTalS aBBaSi ShaheeD ciVil Jinnah nicVD agha khan TaBBa

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HE Farther of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that the country is passing through a very difficult period and country needs the sincere and honest leadership. Speaking as chief guest at on the auspices of Rahnuma-e-Pakistan Forum here on Saturday, Dr Qadeer said that the current state of the affairs is the consequence of ineptness and dishonesty of those sitting on the helms of the affairs. He said that all the ministries and government departments are being run by those who did not have any know how of their respective department but busy in looting and plundering the country. He said that the nation is being misguided about power generation through Thar Coal as fake claims being made that 50,000 mage watts energy could be produced. He declared it intellectual dishonesty. He made it clear that projects like Thar Coal and Reko Diq require investment of millions of dollars and state of the art equipment and technology. He said that China has the technology and skill to extract coal from Thar reserves. Dr Qadeer said that no country can survive without economic sovereignty and nation is crying for honest and able leadership. Dr Khan said that Pakistan has developed world’s most modern and cheapest nuclear technology as we spent only $250 million on achieving the goal that’s why the entire world is surprised over this marvelous achievement. He informed that people were making mockery of us over my efforts to enrich uranium through a simple centrifuge machine but the world is now evident that we have achieved our task. He said that he did not get any type of assistance from any foreigner in this task. The Guest of Honour and leader of the business community, S M Muneer said that Pakistan is facing very difficult period of its history as econ-

omy has gone down to the lowest ebb while government is not making any effort to rescue it. He said that he repeatedly advised the President Zardari to have some brain storming with stakeholders and find out solution to the ongoing crisis. He said that government should once for all get rid-off circular debts and the blackmailing of Independent Power Plants (IPPs) besides handing over the public units such Steel Mills, PIA, Pakistan Railways, etc. to the consortium of private sector to turn them around. He said that public sector units are making Rs400 billion loss annually and of that amount converted to the energy sector the country would be out of woods and economy would start recovering. He said that present government is constantly over-burdening the trade and industry and general masses by unabated increase in power and POL prices. “If the government announces even 20 per cent reduction in POL and electricity prices there would be in a positive change in economic activities and industry would be showing recovery besides boosting exports. He called upon the government to wake up from deep slumber as industry is shifting to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries due to its pathetic attitude towards industry. Former Chief Justice of Pakistan Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui while showing his concern over dwindling economy


DaTe: aPril 06 To JUne 08, 2012 VenUe: The SeconD floor (T2f) Join us at T2f on the first friday of every month for an impromptu, acoustic jam session. ff@T2f is a platform for emerging musicians to perform, improvise and experiment in an informal setting. if you love to make music, come and play. if you love listening to music, come and listen.

said that the country has been brought into massive internal and external debts and government has no money to run day to day affairs. External loans are hovering to over $70 billion while internal debt has gone to over one trillion rupees. He warned that sense of deprivation of the people of Pakistan has gone to the boiling point and government should learn a lesson and not to create the scenario of another East Pakistan tragedy. He said that political solution could only resolve Balochistan issue and government should stay away from using power in Balochistan’s people. President, All Karachi Industrial Alliance, Mian Zahid Hussain said that government should mend its ways and try to rescue the sinking economy. He said that Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is an asset to the entire Muslim Ummah and whole nation solutes him for saving Pakistan and its future generation through his marvelous achievement in nuclear technology. He said that people of Pakistan want leaders like Dr Qadeer to lead the nation. Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan said that the stalwarts like Dr Qadeer Khan are no more being born and there are midgets all over sitting on the helms of affairs. He declared Dr Qadeer as pride of the nation. Chairman, Rahnuma-e-Pakistan Forum Inam Ilahi Shaikh said that the present state of the nation and is so pathetic and every Pakistani is weeping and crying over the state of affairs in Pakistan and sinking economy. He said that nation earnestly needs the leadership of Dr Qadeer Khan.

SoLo ShoW of WahaB JaffER

DaTe: May 12Th To JUne 02, 2012 VenUe: fUll circle gallery, free full circle gallery is pleased to announce: "Solo show of wahab Jaffer" Please join us at the opening reception on May 12th 2012, 6:30 pm onwards. exhibition continues till June 2nd 2012


DaTe: May 18Th To 25Th, 2012 VenUe: Unicorn gallery, karachi, free! an exhibition of four artists, faculty of ceaD (Jamshoro) with miniaturist Manzoor ali Solangi, sculptor nusrat raza Mangi, landscapist Jam Depar and figurative action painter hussain chandio. for further information email, or visit

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012

Karachi 09

HYDERABAD: Residents of Sarfraz Colony and Dadan Shah hold a demonstration against prolonged electricity load shedding on Saturday. ONLINe

Pir Pagara backs resumption of naTo supplies KARACHI NNI

Pakistan Muslim League-Functional chief Pir Pagara Sibghatullah Shah Rashidi has said that his party might make alliance with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI). Addressing a press conference on Saturday, he said that he a relation of love and respect with Nawaz Sharif hand he wished the relations remained so in future. However, he said political deal has yet not been struck with the PML-N. Replying a query regarding Nato supplies, he said reopening of supply route was Pakistan’s compulsion as no single person could fight with 40 men. He said the supply should be restored. H said decision of supply closure should have been taken after consideration. To another question, he said Muhajir province could not be created by wall chalking. He said President Ali Zardari wanted to keep all allies with him but the PP didn’t want this. Earlier, a meeting of PML-Functional has been held with Pir Pagara Sibghatullah in the chair in Karachi.

cM directs foolproof security for minority MPas KARACHI APP

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, on the instructions of Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has directed the Additional Chief Secretary (Home) and IG Police Sindh to make adequate, effective and foolproof security measures for party’s two minority MPAs party, Saleem Khursheed Khokhar and Pitambar Sehwani. A Sindh Government official said on Saturday that the two minority MPAs had requested the PPP Chairman that they be provided with adequate security. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari took strict notice of this and directed the Chief Minister Sindh that best possible security arrangements be made for the two MPAs, the official added. Upon this, the Chief Minister directed Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Sohail Akbar Shah and Inspector General of Police Sindh Mushtaq Shah, to make foolproof security arrangements for Saleem Khursheed Khokhar and Pitambar Sehwani.

Relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh to strengthen further KARACHI



HIEF Minister Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that there are cordial relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh, and exchange of various delegations will further strengthen these ties. This he stated while welcoming the 10-member delegation of Journalists and mediamen from Bangladesh who called on him at the CM House on Friday night. Qaim Ali Shah said that people of both countries had struggled for independence and had lived together for a longtime. He said that cultural, educational and economic relations between people of both countries would further strengthen in future. Sindh Information Minister, Ms. Shazia Atta Marri, also welcomed the delegation of Bangladesh and said that interaction between pressmen and people of both countries is essential. She highlighted role of women in Pakistan with reference to facilities provided by the Government for progress and development of w o m e n folk. Leader o f

CM Sindh presides over law, order meeting KARACHI APP

Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah Saturday presided a meeting regarding law and order at the CM House here. The meeting was attended among others by Director General Rangers Sindh, Maj. Gen. Rizwan Akhtar, I.G Police Sindh, Syed Mushtaq Shah, Additional Chief Secretary (Home), Syed Sohail Akbar Shah and Principal Secretary to CM, Agha Jan Akhtar. The Chief Minister directed the Police, Rangers and Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs) to strictly maintain the law and order and proper security of life and property be ensured for people of the province. He further directed the LEAs to increase the patrolling of police in various localities, trade centres, commercial areas, markets etc while strict vigilance be observed on the activities of criminals, antisocial elements and such activities be curbed with iron hand. The Chief Minister further said that innocent people are being badly affected and it is prime duty of law enforcing agencies to have vigilance and those elements be arrested without any distinction. The meeting discussed ways and means for maintenance and law and order and took certain decisions. Bangladesh delegation, Omar Farooq, thanked for warm welcome and hospitality. Later, replying to question of Journalists from Bangladesh, the Chief Minister Sindh said that there is more need of contact between people of both countries. He said that due to democratic system, we can achieve better results in all fields and all departments should work under their orbit, while there should be no overlapping. He added that Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had done a lot for the people. On another question, the Chief Minister Sindh said that Karachi is a cosmopolitan city and one of the largest cities of the world having population of about 20 million. He highlighted development process and said that every year, progress report is being presented in the Assembly. Qaim Ali Shah said that the women in Sindh are being pro-

gressing in the province due to democracy. Qaim Ali Shah further said that federal as well as provincial governments are making their efforts through legislation for giving due rights to women folk of the country. He said that President Asif Ali Zardari also wanted to empower women and preference is being given to ladies to ensure their participation in every field of life. He counted many projects for ladies including distribution of land to landless women Haris, Benazir Income Support Programme. Chief Minister Sindh also gave four-year report to Journalists/Mediamen of Bangladesh and presented traditional gifts of Ajrak and Sindhi cap to guests. The function was also attended by Senator Aajiz Dhamra, Secretary Information Sindh, Kazi Shahid Pervaiz, Director General PID, Syed Sikandar Ali Shah, Press Secretary to C.M. Allah Bachayo Memon and others.

Islamic banks advised to distribute profit on Islamic principles KARACHI APP

Speakers at the 1st Islamic Finance Expo and Conference have asked Islamic banks to distribute the profit among shareholders and depositors alike and on the basis of Islamic principle of justice. They said that depositors hand over their savings to Islamic banks and it is their duty to also give a fair return to depositors on their saving and fo not just ensure the interest of shareholders of the bank. They advised Islamic banks to simplify housing loans to attract people

who want to buy houses on the basis of Shariah financing. They also warned the banks to avoid using “haram funds” (forbidden money) for Islamic banking transactions. Forbidden funds cannot be converted into halal (permissible) funds through Islamic banking, he observed. The conference was jointly organized by Publicity Channel, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and Ernst & Young at Karachi Expo Centre Saturday. Islamic banking expert and Shariah advisor Mufti Rafi Usmani noted that rate of return by the Islamic banks should be equal to inflation rate so that the value

of their savings should not eroded. He asked Islamic banks to simplify the procedures for housing loans as the current process is very complicated. We are receiving scores of complaints as people are facing hardship in obtaining housing loans, he added. Mufti Usmani saidthat government must take steps to eliminate interest bearing banking system in the country and also advised business community to come towards Islamic banking. He, however, lauded the role of State Bank for the growth of Islamic banking in Pakistan. Vice Chancellor Ripha International

University Islamabad, Dr Anis Ahmad suggested Islamic banks to give equal return to shareholders and depositors. It should be based on the principle of justice, he noted. He warned Islamic banks not to use illegal funds in Shariah banking as this money cannot be used in the Islamic mode of financing. Additional director Islamic Banking Departmen, SBP Zulfiqar Ali Khokhhar said that Islamic banking industry was growing an average rate of 30 percent since last 12 years. He said that the share of Islamic banking in overall banking industry in Pakistan will rise from 8 per-

cent to 12 percent in next two years. CEO of Bank Islami, Hasan A Bilgrami said that at least one Islamic bank will make its position among top five in Pakistan in next 5 to 10 years. My bank will double its branch network from 100 in next two years, he noted. Chairman NBFI and Modaraba Association of Pakistan BasheerAChowdhry said thatmodarabas have maintained their profitability, assets and equity base despite liquidity crunch after global economic meltdown. He said that 11 out of 26 modarabas, have declared cash dividends last year ranging between 2 to 73 percent.

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10 Karachi

Sunday, 20 May, 2012

Durrani criticizes action against PM’s security escort KARACHI APP

Spokesman of the Bilawal House, Aijaz Durrani, has criticized the Chief Minister of the Punjab Main Shahbaz Sharif for action against an official of the security escort of the Prime Minister in Lahore. In a statement here on Saturday he said that this tantamounts to a blow to the federation. Aijaz Durrani recalled that in the past when Mian Nawaz Sharif used to be the Chief Minister of the Punjab, he did not provide the protocol according to constitution to the then Prime Minister Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. He said that today his brother, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, has repeated the same act.

PMl-n, PPP are two sides of same coin KARACHI NNI

Faisal Vawda, Central Spokesperson Media Cell, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf while severely criticizing statement of Liaquat Jatoi of PML-N has said that both PML-N and PPP are two side of one coin. He said both parties are playing a fix game as both support each other in keeping power in their hands. Both are making fool to their voters and supporters. He said both have played enough your turn my turn game now its PTI’s as both are parties have been rejected by the public due to their corruption and poor governance. Faisal Vawda while replying a question said, Both PMLN and PPP are failed parties as they have been making money during the tenures and they made public poorer. Now people understand they are corrupt mafia and this is reason behind the increasing popularity that people consider Imran Khan honest leader who will work for the betterment of the poor masses. Vawda has also said if Mr. Jatoi’s party leadership is sincere to the country then why they are building up their empires in foreign countries why they don’t bring their assets in Pakistan. He said both are parties have done corruption of billions of dollars and due to vibrant media people of Pakistan hear their corruption stories every day and therefore people are now joining PTI.

JST, hST deadline extended up to June 20 KARACHI: Sindh Education Department extended the last date for submission of application for the jobs of primary, junior and high school teachers up to June 20. This was announced by an official of the Sindh Education Department here on Saturday. He said that a decision to this effect has been taken by the Sindh Education Minister, Pir Mazhar ul Haq. Earlier, the last date for submission of these forms was May 20 which has now been extended up to June 20, it was further stated. APP

HYDERABAD: Activists of DHA Minority Workers Union holding protest against non payment of their salaries from last 5 months outside the Press Club. INp

PPP Larkana women protest against BISP KARACHI



large number of women from different parts Larkana and PPP Ladies wing Larkana staged protest demonstration out side the Larkana Press Club against the officials of Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Larkana and HBL staff for humiliating and ignoring the poor women by non provision of seven month stipends. On the occasion, number of women of Hussaini Muhalla Larkana UC 6, Shaikh Zaid Colony Larkana, Gareeb Abad, Naka No 7 and others shouted slogans against the officials and protested women carrying the Portraits of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto along with banners placards in scorching heat and condemned the BISP and HBL officials for depriving the majority of women. Talking to media men, senior PPP worker Fahmida Pathan, Sughra Pacho, Umaidan, Afroz Pathan and others alleged that the officials were depriving the poor women from stipend and facilitating to their favorites with a bribe. They also claimed that hundreds women are roaming outside the BISP center at Wagan road but they are not properly responded by concerned offi-

cers. They informed that several women along with their little kids have fell unconscious due to heat outside BISP office while there is not cold water facility for the women. They also alleged BISP and HBL officials hired the agents at four corners who are receiving the bribe of BISP payment. Wandering women appealed to President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousif Raza Gilani, Chairperson BISP Farzana Raja to take serious notice of inhuman behavior of concerned officials of Larkana Center and provide seven month stipend from BISP and take action against the corrupt officials to provide relief to destitute women. Otherwise, women along with their children will observe hunger strike in front of Mazar of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto at Garhi Khuda Bux Bhutto they said. PAReNtS CONtINUe PROteStING fOR ReLeASe Of ABDUCteD GIRL: The parents and children continue protesting for the release of abducted young girl, who was kidnapped by armed men two months back in Kamber-Shahdadkot district. The protesting parents Sikander Ali his wife and children on Saturday shouted slogans of justice and demanded of recovery of their young daughter Shabnam was abducted by armed Abdul Jabbar Bhatti, Gaffar

Bhatti, Bashir Bhatti, Mumtaz Ali, Akber Bhatti, Suhrab Bhatti and others from village. They told that the culprits entered in his house in village Sultan Khan near Warrah taluka of Kamber-Shahdadkot district and started indiscriminate firing over the house persons, which the father of girl Sikander Ali was injured and his daughter was kidnapped for two months father and mother told. The parents demanded for the recovery of Shabnam and said the police and culprits are allies, so that no any movement by the police and others yet. Meanwhile, the protesting parents Sikander Ali and his wife and children shouted slogans of justice and demanded of recovery of their daughter Shabnam was abducted by Abdul Jabbar Bhatti, Gaffar Bhatti, Bashir Bhatti, Mumtaz Ali, Akber Bhatti, Suhrab Bhatti and others. He told that the culprits entered in his house in village Sultan Khan near Warrah taluka of Kamber-Shahdadkot district and started indiscriminate firing over the house persons, which the father of girl Sikander Ali was injured and his daughter was kidnapped for two months he told. The parents demanded for the recovery of Shabnam and said the police and culprits are allies, so that no any movement by the police and others yet.

launch of book `Between clay and Dust’ KARACHI: The launch of `Between Clay and Dust’, the new novel by author and translator Musharraf Ali Farooqi, will be held here on May 20 at The Second Floor in DHA. According to organizers, the event will include an interactive session with the author and a book reading by Sheema Kermani and poet Afzal Ahmed Syed. The copies of the publication will be available at the launch ceremony. Musharraf Ali Farooqi was born in Hyderabad in 1968. He attended the NED University of Engineering and Technology and left without completing his degree. He worked as a journalist and editor in Karachi before moving to Canada in 1994. APP

Pyo holds ‘gilani khapay’ rally KARACHI: The Peoples Youth Organization (PYO) on Saturday took out a ‘Gilani Khapay’ rally in Karachi to express solidarity with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani after he has been convicted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in a contempt case. Participants of the rally held a march from Peoples Secretariat to press club. Carrying banners and placards, participants chanted slogans in favour of PM Gilani. Addressing the participants at press club, PPP’s Senator Saeed Ghani and Shazi Marri said Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani put his prime ministership at risk to uphold the Constitution. ONLINE

Delegation of Turkish investors call on Sindh governor KARACHI APP

A delegation of investors from Turkey called on Sindh governor, Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad Khan, at the Governor House here. A statement on Saturday said that the delegation was accompanied by the Chairman of the Board of Investment, Saleem Mandviwala. The delegation exchanged views on streamlining the system of solid waste management on modern lines. In this connection, the members of the delegation apprised of their expertise and experiences. The Governor appreciated the interest of the Turkish investors in the solid waste management and said that these is a need to work in this field in Karachi. He was of the view that this would contribute towards cleanliness in the city and would also be

profitable for the investors. It was pointed out that Karachi is among the 10 biggest cities in the world and that it generates 10,000 tons of garbage daily. RUStICAtION WItHDRAWN: On the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee, the management of University of Sindh has withdrawn the rustication orders of 15 students and restored their admissions in their respective disciplines. The university spokesman informed here on Saturday, that the university management has withdrawn the rustication orders of Muzafur Hussain s/o Muhammad Mithan Rind student of BS Part-IV of Anthropology, Altaf Ahmed s/o Wasan Bhayo student of BS -IV Geology, Parvez Ahmed s/oAli Gul Khan Bhayo student of BS-IV Geology, Inayat Rind s/o Muhammad Mithan Rind student of BS-II Social Work, Tariq Ali s/o Wassan Khan

Bhayo student of Final professional Pharmacy (Evening), Muhammad Ibraheem s/o Muhammad Waris student of BS-III Anthropology, Sadam Hussain s/o Sohrab Rajar student of BS-III Computer Sciences, Sikander Ali s/o Abdul Rehman Mahar student of MPA (previous), Muhammad Iqbal s/o Haji Khan Magsi student of BS-VI Freshwater Biology and Fisheries, Muhammad Aves s/o Soda Khan Bachkani student of BS-VI Computer Science (Evening), Fayaz Ali s/o Hamzo Khan Bhalai student of B.Com Part-II, Abdul Wasui Khan s/o. Abdul Qayoom Bhutto student of BS-I Political Science, Abdul Ghaffar s/o Abdul Rehman Mugheri student of BS-III Mathematics, Parvez Ahmed s/o Muhammad Umer Pahore student of BS-IV Economics and Allahdad s/o Nazar Muhammad Khan Siyal student of BS-IV Mass Communication.

KHI 20-05-2012_Layout 1 5/20/2012 4:27 AM Page 11

Sunday, 20 May, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

i pray nobody should get ill! On Saturday, 5 May, I felt pain in right side of my head. I told my parents to take me to a doctor for checkup. It was 8:30 am and naturally at that time no senior doctor was available. My father being concerned asked me to get ready so that he could take me to the emergency department of Ali Medical Centre for the immediate medical aid. As time passed, I felt weaker and weaker and could not a take step. My mother helped me get into car. When I reached Ali Medical the duty doctor treated me with an injection and asked my parents to shift me to the Shifa International Hospital. When I opened my eyes I found a nurse standing on my left side while my

mom was standing on the right. Soon I realised that I had a drip in my right arm. I was feeling irritated and wanted to get back to home as soon as possible, because the hospital environment was not attractive. After sometime I was taken to the CT scan department, it was a strange experience for a child like me. After the test, the doctor shifted me to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) where I found another patient, an old lady, going through treatment. I wanted to get back home but the doctor insisted that the little girl had to stay in the hospital for that night. During my stay in the hospital I fell from the bed

Plight of kabal, Swat and received a minor injure on the right side on my head. The next morning when the doctor came he took me to the X-ray department. I was scared and did not want my mom to leave me there alone. From there I was taken to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for full treatment. The place was very strange and isolated. There were various machines behind the bed and all male and female nurses were in blue uniform with some of them wearing mask on their faces to avoid germs. I wanted to get up from the bed and just run away. I was told that in ICU nobody was allowed to stay with the patients, but I being a small child was given special

treatment and my mom stayed with me for almost 24 hours. Monday was a bit relaxed as I was in a room with my mom and dad with their love and care. I felt confident and strong in their presence. I was also happy that my father promised me that the next morning we would be going home and be with our family. Finally, the doctor declared that I could go back home. That was a joyous moment in my life. I pray to Allah Almighty that all those who are suffering from various diseases should get better as soon as possible. ALISHBA WAHEED Islamabad

imran’s political obsession Imran Khan and his political party seem to be obsessed with PML(N) and its leadership given the volume and quantum of their scathing criticism of Punjab government and silence over governance of other provincial governments in Sindh, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Balochistan, GB and the autonomous AJK ruled by a coalition of PPP, MQM, ANP and PML(Q) and in some cases even JUI(F). If it is not an obsession than we are to assume that it is either politics of convenience, or else even worse, an endorsement of governance in other provinces and the state of AJK to be better than in Punjab. Does Imran Khan seriously think that resignations by PML(N) would exert enough moral pressure on this coalition led by PPP to hold fresh elections, when the same party openly defies orders of SC and feels to no shame in having a convicted man hold the post of Prime Minister. Why does not Imran Khan focus on target killings, extortion, kidnapping and corruption that dominates in Karachi, KP and Balochistan. Does he realize that Pakistan’s economy has suffered because Karachi has been reduced to a battle ground for turf, where armed gangs and their crimes have forced investors to shift to other countries. Is he aware of the fact that inspite of minimal line losses and theft, industries in Faisalabad, Multan, Gujrat etc have closed down because of unprecedented load shedding depriving millions of daily wagers of employment? Silence of a political party like PTI, that claims a following in all federating units of Pakistan, on the political mistakes of parties that hold power in Pakistan is not justified if Imran Khan wants to continue to assume the moral high ground which he claims and which is the only plus point that he has. He has to be fair in his criticism and not be selective, otherwise this policy of attacking the PML(N) alone and being soft on others points to an egoistic obsession to settle old scores. SYED JAWAID HUSSAIN Multan

water, water I want to draw the attention of the requisite authorities of Karachi to the desperate position of water supply in the city. The pressure of water is very weak and sometimes it takes hours to fill a small bucket. For reasons best known to the water supply authorities, companies that supply private tankers have endless supplies of water. These companies charge Rs 1700 to 2100 per tanker. A person with a low income cannot afford to get a water tanker very often. The board usually blames KESC and laments that frequent power breakdowns have caused the water shortage in the city. How can someone possibly survive without water with temperatures rising up to 40 centigrade? The lower income groups do not have air conditioners and need water to deal with the rising mercury. But with so little of it, we hardly manage to do basic household tasks let alone refreshment. The citizens of Karachi are facing a lot of difficulties on account of scarcity of water. They have to stay awake throughout the night to wait for the supply of water and people are seen carrying their cans and buckets in search of water. It is my request to the concerned authorities to look into the matter and take remedial steps. ANUM FAROOQ Karachi

It pains my heart to have to write this letter to the editor as I don’t intend to undermine the efforts of the Pakistan Army for their relief work in Swat. It is no secret how the army took control of the area and brought back life to normalcy for the people of Swat. But today, as a resident of Kabal, I suffer tremendous hardship day in and day out. A magnificent bridge is there right in front of my town, ready and complete since three months, but remains barricaded for any use. Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, which has been built by the army with funding from UAE, has been complete since three months but the locals are denied access for God knows what reason. Every day I have to take a detour of 40 minutes to take my son to his school in Barikot which has also been rehabilitated by UAE. Sometimes the water level at the river Swat rises which makes it even more difficult to cross. Access to hospitals is also cut off and the only route is that bridge. The patients and their families have to go through horrendous ordeal in order to take the patient to a hospital and in the process, precious lives are lost. Last week, the bridge opened for light traffic for a couple of days which was great news for us all but then it was shut down again. I urge the concerned authorities to please take up my plea and let us use the bridge which has been built for us. We are grateful to the donor and the Army, but this delay in opening it is causing psychological and physical pain for all of us. AMJAD RAHIM KHAN Kabal, Swat

a sign of progress?

“Why don’t they?” Recently, during an interview with PM Gilani, the host for CNN cited a Gallup poll which stated that due to the prevailing situation in Pakistan, 33 percent of the population wanted to leave the country. To this, Prime Minster Gilani replied abruptly, “Why don’t they leave then?” While responding to such an important and critical question, he should have responded more sensibly and wisely. Educated people are upset about being in Pakistan, owing to the lack of professional opportunities and the spike in terrorism. Pakistan is facing the worst kind of brain drain. The reasons for people leaving Pakistan and those who have not but are prepared and willing to do so are myriad. Poverty, joblessness, lawlessness and the energy crisis are a few. Business, big

Democracy The Sindh High Court has ordered the provincial government to hold local governments (municipal) elections within 90 days. As expected Sindh government has indicated to move an appeal against this order. Since 2009 Sindh city governments/ councils are being run without elected representatives but by the government’ appointed administrators. In fact same situation prevails in all the other provinces as well. None of the provincial governments is ready to hold local government elections as find it difficult to share administrative and financial powers at grass root level. Most of the political parties are simply against handing over powers to local representative at village, town and city levels. These parties want to continue with the colonial legacy commissionerate system wherein bureaucrats run the municipal matters of a city or a town. By doing so provincial and federal parliamentarians, who have officially nothing to do with municipal matters such as rubbish collection, sewage, road repairs, water supply etc find it easy to collect funds and spend the same for their own promotion, obviously they get full support from municipal administrators as cuts/kickbacks see no bounds. If our provincial and federal parliamentarians see no value of the job for which they are elected – law making, then better we shall dissolve all the assemblies, handover running of government affairs to technocrats and let theses parliamentarians be elected in local governments/ councils. But that is also not acceptable as we like to be called democrats, however, this democracy is bit selective – up to a level; not for an ordinary

and small, has been badly affected. As the chief executive of the country, Mr Gilani should answer questions thrown at him, instead of shrugging off the matter as if he does not care. There is already a strong impression abroad that Pakistan is a country with a rich government and poor people. When asked this question, PM Gilani had the perfect opportunity to show his disappointment with regards to the situation in the country and tell the people what he and his government plan to do to rectify that. Instead, he chose to dismiss it in this manner. It speaks volumes about the governance record in his tenure and his sense of responsibility. AREEBA REHMAN Karachi

person who needs relief at grass root level. Let’s support Sindh and other provincial governments’ efforts to challenge the local government system as this is in conflict with ordinary peoples’ interests. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

commission on kBD Kalabagh dam has been in the news since the past 15 years but the nation has not been able to achieve a consensus on building it due to dismal political failure. The dam was provided funds for its feasibility by the World Bank and its feasibility was approved repeatedly by German as well as Chinese Consultants as one of the best sites in the World. Recently the World Bank in its annual report has endorsed its urgent construction as the failure to build it is costing the country a loss of four billion US $ in the form of closed industries alone. The KP government is blissfully opposed to it even though it can get 14 percent share of its share of water as per 1991 Water Accord only from KBD from a right bank gravity canal to irrigate 7 lac acres of land in DIK. Sindh is destined to get 37 percent share of KBD storage even though it has only 15 percent irrigated area of Pakistan at present. In the absence of KBD the provinces cannot get their shares of stored water which flows down to sea to the tune of 32MAF each year. The failure of political masters to realize the dire need of KBD hydroelectric dam to generate power of 3600 MW and irrigate millions of acres of virgin land has not been considered a merit in the moribund politics of smaller

provinces namely KP and Sindh. The Pakistan Engineering Congress has stressed the need of the dam on technical grounds but the nation is caught up in a political logjam over the dam. It is high time that the Apex Court of Pakistan constitutes a Judicial Commission to decide the fate of the dam which has resulted now in an existential threat to Pakistan in the wake of inordinate delay in building it. This issue is of great public importance and embraces water which is right of life as a fundamental right. The Supreme Court would be serving the public interest at the highest level if it can justly settle the issue of KBD that has been smouldering since the past several decades and has been publicly declared by the Prime Minister to be a victim of politics. DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI Lahore

Basic necessities I want to ask our politicians and socalled leaders how it is possible that a country which made nuclear bomb can't generate electricity. Its pity that problems of our politicians are opposite to the problems of the nation and the saddest thing is that no one thinks about common man. It's not my headache that PM is convicted or not, he should resign or not. Common man like me can't even understand these problems. Being a common man what I need is basic essentials of my life that are my rights like education, medical, job, food, shelter and security, etc. It's my humble request to all the politicians and high ups please do something for the poor. SYEDA ZEHRA Karachi

One of the major issues that is going on through discussions is the making of new provinces. Is it a good sign for the progress of the country or not? Making new provinces means an another way for the distribution of the powers among people of different regions. Although Pakistan has four large provinces and powers which are given to those provinces have not been distributed in the respective provinces. For example, when we talk about the budget allocated to the respective provinces, these are invested in capital of each province rather than distributing it equally. In Punjab most of the budget is invested in Islamabad and Lahore, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa it’s in Peshawar, in Sindh in Karachi and the same in Quetta in Balochistan. Now tell me who cares about all the other regions in each province, other than the capitals? So why not to divide the provinces and make smaller regions with an aim to divide powers equally. If such large provinces would be divided than each of it could get its share and obviously the benefits would also be given to people other than those who do not live in capital. In this way we can have more progress nationally and it is beneficial for the progress for country. So I would like to suggest to favour the division of the large provinces rather than having mass geographical area with larger population where there is no equality of rights amongst the people. NASEEMA PERVEEN Islamabad

electricity alternative I live in Karachi and the city that was once called a city of lights is now in total darkness everyday due to load shedding. Karachi is one of the most populated and active city regarding business and trade but due to illegal use of electricity of people and the shortage to coupe up with the loss of electricity the government and the people both are facing some serious issues regarding electricity. People should try to minimize the use of excess electricity and government should try to find new ways of providing electricity. A better solution is to make use of the sunlight and use solar energy because the location where Karachi is located most of the year is sunny season and sunlight is one of the best source so far that is an alternate to any other means to produce electricity. I urge the people to please stop this illegal use of electricity and make life convenient for themselves and others. SWERA IJAZ Karachi

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

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12 Comment off with the gloves The nineties are back


ven in the face of much sabre-rattling by the League, the PPP government has been maintaining a measure of restraint when dealing with the principal opposition party. In fact, it had taken to taking pride in it. There has been no political prisoner in this government’s tenure, the premier has been fond of telling reporters. Far from implicating political prisoners, the government has also not been too caustic or too scathing in its criticism of the Punjab government. That all is about to change. The first step was the verbiage used. Till about six months ago, a confrontational attitude from the PPP was limited to designated gadflies. It moved on from that to a growing list. And it all culminated in the otherwise calm and composed prime minister himself pulling no punches when it came to the opposition. Still, no state-enabled political victimisation a la the turbulent 90s. The first chip off the we’re-past-that veneer that the PPP has so carefully maintained was the reopening of the Supreme Court rowdyism case of 1997. The Islamabad police has reopened the case, obviously at the behest of the sitting government. Should the gloves be considered off? Most definitely. Because the reopening of the rowdyism case isn’t the only salvo. The interior minister is also setting NAB on the Sharifs’ cases. How are independent observers to view this? Should one urge the two parties, the PPP in this case, to avoid rocking the boat? Or would saying this mean, in effect, not pursuing genuine cases? If there indeed was rowdyism, then nothing could have been more contemptuous of court than that. If there indeed is something odd in the Sharifs’ books, then should those cases be sacrificed at the altar of “reconciliation”? No, by all accounts. But yes, ironically, by the PPP’s own mantra. Letting bygones be bygones was the whole point of the NRO, or so the party’s spin doctors said. The ideal case here would be not to interfere too much in the workings of NAB or the Islamabad police at all. Not to be unnecessarily adversarial or to undermine their work by self-styled benevolence. It is not the PPP’s place or mandate to forgive the League on the people’s behalf or the other way around.

Student politics Violent and, well, violent


olitics in educational institutes has always been a problem for us. If we do not allow it, political parties and students claim a violation of their basic rights; but if we do, they clash with other student political wings, thus start learning the ropes of politics rather ironically. But, this is not what should make up student political parties. That’s not even the question. The question is how come the environment is made so conducive for violence and other disruptions by these student politicians in academic activities. For starters, student political wings are considered to be an extension of the main political parties albeit without any check and balance as they are not answerable to the public. This in turn gives them an unchecked license to be violent and otherwise disruptive to the environment of a campus. The conservative Islamic political party Jamat-e-Islami, for example, has established itself in many public educational institutes, some with as high a stature as Punjab University’s, under the guise of a student political wing named Islami Jamiat-e-Talba (IJT). With a huge majority of students not even bothering to participate in their activities, they resort to violence every other day in order to get their way. A complete silence, and in some cases backing, of the faculty has also made it easier for IJT to establish itself. Same is the case with Karachi University where another student political party has taken over the campus for decades. Last week’s clashes of IJT with another student political party Imamia Student Federation on sectarian basis, and separately with the police in Lahore after one of their activists was murdered, allegedly by another activist due to an internal feud, has pointed it out how important it is to handle this powder keg of a situation. Unfettered and unchecked IJT’s activities have been on the campus. To be fair, it is only rational to allow other political parties to have their student wings as well. Allowing only one political party on the campus is nothing short of a dictatorship. Student politics could become a positive activity only if it is regulated by students, and to some extent the faculty, but not at all by political parties. Their vested interests make all the difference.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012

Haemorrhoids with swords No quick fixes will work

By Humayun Gauhar


h, my eyes, my damned eyes. They are driving me nuts. I am typing on a 28-point font now. The good news is my eyes haven’t got worse – or perhaps I’m fooling myself. I’m off to Karachi for treatment, so let’s see. ‘Mistreatment’ more like, for they will give me three injections in each eyeball, one month apart. Thus I’m stuck in this hassle for two months. The saving grace is that I love Karachi and don’t mind going there. The problem is that as I told you last week I’m in the process of setting up a Pakistani restaurant in Islamabad and my presence is required here. My theory is that some jealous old men have unwittingly cast an evil eye on me so that I cannot see all the pretty girls that I’m always surrounded with. The bad news for the oldies is that I can still see them. How? Because the heart is clean. Anyway… I have before me a ‘Peanuts’ cartoon where Charlie Brown is sitting up in bed thinking, “Sometimes I lie awake at night and I ask, ‘Where have I gone wrong?’ Then a voice says to me, ‘This is going to take more than one night’.” It will take many a night to determine where we went wrong, why and how, starting from before our inception. It will take a book, which if my eyes hold I hope to write one day. The poet, however, can say it in verse, a line. “If you bend to the outsider you lose your heart and soul”. Reminds me of Dr. Faustus who racked up so much debt from the devil that in the end he had to sell his soul to him. This actually happens in Pakistan to this day where poor villagers, unable to return loans at impossible interest rates, have to eventually sell their bodies and souls, their wives and daughters to loan sharks, primitive tribal chieftains and rapacious landlords. Or, “If you cannot be true to me [God], at least be true to yourself.” Then: “Don’t sell your sovereignty; make your station in selfreliance.” China has. Or, “A true believer fights even without the sword” – meaning with intellect and faith. Make yourself mentally, politically and economically so strong, develop your human capital and the world will become your oyster. A true believer is a ‘momin’ and in implementing God’s Will he becomes God’s Word in action – “No one knows the secret that the a momin looks like a reciter but is in fact the Recitation.” To rulers of poverty-stricken countries: “Your abode is not the citadels of the great. You

soar like the falcon; your dwelling is on the sheer cliffs of mountains.” Sadly, our falcons live in palaces, wear Armani suits and carry Birkin bags. If cliffs they have to live on, they would rather live on the high cliffs of Dover. That was Iqbal, whom we sing and repeat endlessly but never take seriously. What chance does poor Iqbal have when we have not even implemented the spirit of God’s Word? All some of us do is go out of our way to learn the Quran by heart, but without understanding. Most do neither but repeat its verses whenever it suits them, sometimes even swearing that things that are not in the Quran are there. When there is no understanding of the intent of God what is the chance of His Will being implemented? The only way to truly translate the Divine Word is into action. Words are but sounds that soon lose their meaning. This is where we have gone wrong. Having read this, do you still wonder about the NATO supply routes? The answer is before you. Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s great founding fathers, said: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” We have neither, not temporary safety nor liberty that we in fact never gained for we never managed to decolonise ourselves mentally. So now that we have neither liberty nor safety, what have we sold ourselves for? A trip to Chicago by a theoretically powerless, constitutionally ceremonial president? We have painted ourselves into a corner, in a chicken and egg situation. “I won’t pay tax because government will waste my money,” say the people. That’s not a totally incorrect notion. “If you don’t pay taxes we cannot do anything for you anyway,” retorts the government. That’s not a totally incorrect notion either. And so it goes in a vicious downward spiral. Down, down, down… A temporarily famous lady and parliamentarian to boot said in response to question 4 on her tax return form that asks, ‘Do you have any dependents?’ Her answer: “2.1 million Afghan immigrants, 1.1 million Benazir Income Support recipients, 4.4 million unemployable people, 901 thousand people in over 85 prisons, three rotten sons of Gilani, one mummy-daddy boy of Zardari, 90 free loaders of Gilani’s foreign trips and 650 idiots in Parliament’. She wrote to me: “Apparently, this was NOT an acceptable answer. My Tax Return application has been rejected! Can you believe it? So who the hell did I miss?” You missed the world pass you by, dear lady. So did we all. So did the world. It went wrong following exploitative economic policies and now outdated political systems. The European economic crisis is but a symptom of exploitative economic systems being hoist on their own petard. Today Greece is in focus. Tomorrow its ramifications will be felt worldwide, which I why I call it ‘The Global Greek Tragedy’. I would never have believed that the day would come when a ‘civilised’ country, an ‘advanced’ one at that, the ‘cradle of democracy’ no less, would emulate Pakistan. But Greece has. Others might follow suit. Pakistan had elected governments. So did

Greece. Our elected governments, led mostly by dynasts, were regularly overthrown unconstitutionally and undemocratically by the military-judiciary-cleric combine. Greece’s democratically elected government headed by its own dynast the third Papandreou was unconstitutionally and undemocratically removed by the German-French combine called ‘Merkozy’ egged on by the bond markets. Now wait for ‘Merllande’ to be born. Every time we formed caretaker governments that held elections. So did Greece, but not before the unconstitutional Greek government was forced to accept an inhuman austerity package imposed by the GermanFrench-banking combine. Pakistani caretaker governments held elections that regularly threw up more dynastic, inept, unwieldy and eminently removable governments. Greece’s caretaker government also held elections but they went one ahead of us: the result was such a mess that they were not even able to form a government. We could give them lessons in donkey trading. So they have formed yet another caretaker government to hold elections again that will inevitably throw up another mish-mash. Here is where I am afraid that, having gone ahead of us, we will emulate Greece’s example. Exactly what I fear you-know-who wants to happen in Pakistan has already happened in Greece. They have followed the failed Bangladesh model, made a caretaker government and – wait for it – appointed a Supreme Court judge to head it. What is that sound I hear behind me? Lips smacking in expectation? I don’t think our Supreme Court judges are so stupid as to fall for this stupid gambit. They know that they will only make a mess of it and lose all credibility and their place in history. They are not armed with the knowhow. Much the same happened in Italy by the way: Berlusconi’s elected government was removed by the German-French combine playing to the tune of the financial markets. They also have an unelected caretaker government. Does this not underline the utter failure of the western political system that they would foist on us? Problem is, no one has been able to come up with a system less bad. “Colonels’ Coup” is a phrase that also comes from Greece. But colonels’ coups did nothing for the countries where they happened – not Greece, not Egypt, not Iraq, not Libya, not anywhere. Like judges, military men are just not equipped to run a country. They are limited people, experts only in one thing, justice or warfare, nothing else. Sure our junior military officers must be looking askance at what is going on, as we all are, but they would also be stupid if they think that they have the panacea to our ills. Haemorrhoids cannot be cured with a sword. They need balm. Most certainly we all want Pakistan to become a great country. But, as Ghalib said, “Yeh arzoo bhi barri cheez hai magar humdum; wisal-e-yaar faqat arzoo ki baat nahin” – “Desire is a great thing my friend, but consummation with the Beloved cannot be achieved with desire alone”. The writer is a political analyst. He can be contacted at

Foreign Press

Turkey’s eU dream The Khaleej Times


urkey is one again in the loop. Taking a leaf out of rapprochement, the European Union’s Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fuele, is visiting Ankara in an attempt to ensure that the Muslim country’s desire to be part of 27-member bloc will be honoured earnestly. Turkey has made no qualms in making a point that it believes itself to be an integral part of Europe, irrespective of the fact that it has a tilt towards Asia and is psychologically a bastion of Middle East politics. It, however, remains to be seen what timeline the EU envoy has in his mind as he inspects the progress that Turkey has made in meeting the criterion wish list of the Union. Ankara stands at a critical phase of its history and this has to be kept in mind as the NATO and the EU move ahead for consensual talks. Turkey’s recent brawl with Israel and the lowering of ties had already strained its ties with the West, resulting in distancing from many of the prescriptions that the United States and Europe coined for the Muslim world. Similarly, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s spontaneous-ness in terms of West’s poli-

cies on Libya, Egypt and Syria has granted it with a unique bargaining position. Turkey by ensuring that it isn’t carried away when it comes to survival of the regime in Damascus and the impact it will have on militant organisations, Hamas and the Hezbollah, has played a masterstroke in real-politicks. The talks in Ankara have truly bred an element of euphoria, and opening the EU doors for Turkey could well seize the moment. Cyprus, which is about to take up the rotating presidency, could pose as an irritant, and that shouldn’t come to hamper congeniality in ties. The West, and especially the European Union, has an opportunity in accommodating Turkey in its folds in order to dispel the impression that it is purely a Christian amalgamation — and racial and religious profiling are still at work. Turkey is no fundamentalist state nor has it harbingered extremist elements ever, and that is in need of being squarely recognised. Brussels should also take into account that Turkey’s current political dispensation is highly regarded in the Middle East and the Arab Muslim world, and its European endorsement in terms of geopolitics and strategy would be an epoch. It’s time to stop treating Turkey as a suspected client state. Neither is it yesteryears sick man nor a liability for Europe.

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012

a passage to afghanistan Who’s to blame for our current predicament?

PoliTact By Arif Ansar


ost of the debate on evaluating the resolution of NATO Afghan supply lines in Pakistan has been confined to matters related to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the status of reconciliation with Taliban. While some debaters have extended the parameters of their assessment by including the improving Pakistan-India relations, majority have the skipped the fast changing situation of Middle East and the imploding European Union, and how that impacts the global affairs. Whether one is an optimist or a pessimist, clearly, the world stands at the precipice of a major political and economic upheaval. The media has not helped either; it has framed the argument in to a simplistic framework that by opening the supply routes, and thus securing an invitation to the Chicago summit, somehow Pakistan will be in a position to influence the outcome in Afghanistan. While if the country fails to open the critical passage it faces castration from the world, and speaking metaphorically, the state will be secluded as a modern day ‘Kala Pani’. The argument is not merely to open or close the supply lines, but to debate a right set of questions that provide the appropriate context first. The critical strategic question to answer is how did the country arrive at the present predicament. Engagement is by far is the key principle for the conduct of diplomacy, especially in these times. It is easier to make enemies, but it takes persistent efforts to develop and maintain friends. Pakistan’s policy since 9/11 was premised on this pragmatism. Any rational player would have arrived at the same turnaround in the aftermath of the attacks on US. Nonetheless, Pakistan sought to retain its leverage in Afghanistan,

knowing that NATO will ultimately burn itself out, as every power has in history. On the other hand, the US was applying every lesson in the book, and the best minds the world has to offer, to prevent such an outcome. The disclosed American goal in Afghanistan was to get rid of the Al-Qaeda sanctuaries there. However, over the years a number of other objectives have also been mentioned in the media and think tank communities. These include containing Pakistan and Iran and their nuclear programs while encircling China. The Americans realised soon after arriving in Afghanistan that progress there was dependent on disturbing the safe havens in Pakistan. US continued to pressure the country to act aggressively against these sanctuaries, especially in North Waziristan. While the slow pace of nation's campaign against extremism was criticised, nonetheless, Pakistan paid dearly in blood and economically for its involvement in the war against terror. Facing Pakistan’s passivity, US took matters in its own hands to go after the safe havens, exploiting technology and every other venue available. While the hypothesis and suspicions US had about the country were proving true one by one, the conspiracy theories hatched in Pakistan regarding NATO’s role in Afghanistan, were equally being validated. For example, after a decade of warfare, the goal of eradicating extremism is nowhere in sight. On the other hand, extremist sanctuaries have now expanded to many fronts in the Middle East and North Africa. There is a growing threat that extremist militants are exploiting the vacuum created by the Arab revolts. The more one attempts to eradicate radicals using purely kinetics tactics, the more it appears to spread, creating civil war situations in many countries. The Salala incident and subsequent closing of the NATO supply lines point to the continued mistrust between the two players regarding their strategic intent. There is a reason the strategic dialogue between the two countries collapsed while the US-India tract has made considerable progress. One of those reasons is that US does not want to the balance of

power in Afghanistan to revert to its pre 9/11 position. Pakistan has repeatedly proven that it has a dual personality, one is liberally oriented, but the other has a pan Islamic tilt. Soon after trouble started to brew in Yemen and Bahrain in April 2011, increased level of activity was seen between officials from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. As a broad bloc of Sunni Muslim nations lined up against a growing Shiite uprising in the Middle East, nuclear-armed and Sunni-majority Pakistan appeared to be positioning itself to play a key role. According to unconfirmed media reports that appeared at the time, Pakistan had reserved two of its army divisions for deployment in Saudi Arabia in case of crisis there. Secretary General of Saudi Arabia’s National Security Council, Prince Bandar also visited Pakistan during this timeframe. Previously, Pakistani Fauji Foundation, had arranged the recruitment of more than1,000 exmilitary personnel to join the Bahrain National Guard. PoliTact had noted at the time that this activity must have alarmed the US as it had wanted Pakistan to focus on FATA and the extremists in its own backyard, than on the troubles of the Middle East. The Osama operation in May 2011, and what has followed ever since, has entirely shifted the focus of the country on its internal matters. Meanwhile, two types of alliance have emerged in the Middle East; GCC, NATO and Turkey against Syria and GCC, Israel and NATO directed towards Iran. It is this streak of Pakistan’s personality that is most worrisome and it comes out at the rarest of times. It inflicted liberals like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who involved the Arabs in to an oil embargo of 1973 and in developing the Islamic bomb. It is this tendency that often causes Pakistan to emotionally reach beyond its means. And, it is the same duality that then causes it to retreat. The US wants Pakistan to make a decisive passage from this personality disorder and it appears it will not rest until it does so. The writer is the chief analyst for PoliTact ( and and can be reached at

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a for army The rest comes after

By Saad Rasool


oday’s date – May 20th – is profuse with notable events. On this day, in 1862, President Lincoln signed the Homestead Act, a program designed to grant public land to small farmers at low cost (of $1.25 an acre); in 1956, the United States dropped a hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll; in 1990, the Oyoun Qarra Massacre took place, in which a 100 Palestinian laborers were made to kneel down, in three lines, and fired at by Israeli soldiers; in 1996 the United State Supreme Court, in Romer v. Evans, struck down a Colorado statute against gays and lesbians, deeming it violative of the equal protection of law; and a far away friend of mine celebrates birthday on this day (Happy Birthday!). But last year, on this day, another startling event was added to the list: on May 20th 2011, WikiLeaks disclosed that according to US State Department cables, Pakistan’s army chief, General Kayani, asked Admiral Fallon, the commander of U.S. Central Command, for increased surveillance and “continuous Predator coverage” over North and South Waziristan strongholds for Taliban militants. For those less familiar with the “Predator”, they are the workhorses of the United States’ unacknowledged remotely-piloted drone campaign in North-West Pakistan. The report went on to describe that Admiral Fallon “regretted that he did not have the assets to support this request”, but offered US personnel to aid Pakistan in command and control for its attack aircraft, which General Kayani said would “not be politically acceptable.” As expected, in the aftermath, the Pakistan army released a statement denying the contents of the cable, and assert-

ing that they had only been sharing “technical intelligence in some areas” and “no armed drone attack support has ever been asked for our operations which have been conducted using own resources.” A year since, and many drone-attack-deaths later, as government officials and foreign dignitaries muscle out the details of restoration of the Nato supply lines through our land, rhetoric from Pakistan has tied the issue with three broad demands: i) stoppage of drone-attacks, ii) reimbursement of funds under the coalition support program, and iii) an apology for the dreadful incident last November at Salala post, along with an assurance of it not being repeated. But it is important to backtrack for a moment and put this in perspective. When exactly was the bold step of blocking the Nato supply lines through Pakistan taken? Was it a consequence of stoppage of US funds? No. (The Pakistan army claims that it does not need US support for its operations). Was it then a consequence of the persistent drone-attacks that have massacred several hundred civilian lives? No. (Drone attacks have been carried out in Pakistan for several years now, with only token protests from our leadership and establishment. Civilian lives, it seems, are most dispensable in Pakistan). Was the blockage of the Nato supply line a result of the tragic death of soldiers at Salala, and a US infringement on the Pakistan army? Yes, bingo! And therein lies the essence (problem?) of our national security doctrine. Our national security ideology is focused around the interests of our armed forces, and views the citizenry as only incidental to such interests. The obvious first: there is no justification, nor can there be, for the Salala incident. And the tragic loss of our soldiers was a national loss – one at which the entire nation grieves. And it rightly deserves a proportional response that asserts our sovereignty and holds the culprits accountable. The problem, however, is that this principle is only applied to the loss of a sol-

dier’s life, and not across the board. In terms of violation of territorial integrity of Pakistan, or loss of Pakistani lives, is a drone-attack (allegedly without the consent our government) that kills innocent people, any different from an attack on our army check-post that claims a soldier’s life? Keeping aside the rules of military engagement, do both not involve a violation of our territorial boundary and death of our citizen? Does the constitution, or our religion, or our morality distinguish between a soldier’s life and a civilian’s life? Is one less than the other? Should our national response not be similar (if not the same) to both these events? The fact that our foreign policy and national security places a significantly higher premium on soldiers than civilians stems from a fundamental fracture in our policy construct: the khakis, and not their civilian masters, are the sole custodians of our national security doctrine. (Also evident from the issues before the Supreme Court in the Asghar Khan case, where select members of the Khaki empire took blatantly unconstitutional steps under the garb of ‘national security’). The decision to block the Nato supply lines was not deliberated at length in the parliamentary halls or the public spheres. It was a knee-jerk decision, concluded within the corridors of power at GHQ, and then projected as a populist defiance of American hegemony. And the back-paddling taking place today, with no room for saving face, bears testament to the decision’s folly. A simple truth needs to recognised: till such time that defining national security remains the exclusive domain of the uniformed personnel, there will be disparity between the khaki and the civilian ranks. And such disparity violates the very fundamental value of equality that forms the bedrock of our democratic system. The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore. He has a Masters in Constitutional Law from Harvard Law School. He can be reached at:

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Billboard Music Awards

rolls out

IN LIMELIGHT canneS: Jessica chastain poses during the photocall of ‘lawless’ at the 65th cannes film festival. afp

the red carpet for star-studded event LAS VEGAS AGENCIES


HIS year’s Billboard M u s i c Awards, set for tonight (Sunday night) will be quite the star-studded affair. The telecast, will feature performances from Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, LMFAO, Usher, Linkin Park and Chris Brown. In addition, Katy Perry will be debuting a new song, ‘Wide

Awake’ and Whitney Houston will be posthumously honoured with the Billboard Millennium Award. Jordin Sparks and John Legend will perform a tribute to Whitney. As if that weren’t enough, Stevie Wonder will also be presented with the prestigious Icon Award and will be saluted with an all-star tribute during the show. Of course, there also will be a lot of awards handed out. Adele, LMFAO, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne are the top nominees for

the awards, with Adele leading the pack as a finalist in 18 award categories, including Top Artist, Top Female Artist and Top Billboard 200 Artist. LMFAO are finalists in 17 categories, while Rihanna is nominated in 13 categories and Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne are each nominated in 10 categories. The nominees for Top Billboard 200 album are Adele’s ‘21’, Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ and Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter IV’. The nominees for Top Billboard Hot 100 song include ‘Rolling in the Deep’, ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and ‘ET’. Competing for Top Female Artist are Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. The Top Male Artist category pits Bruno Mars and Chris Brown against Drake, Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne.

canneS: Shia labeouf poses during the photocall of ‘lawless’ at the 65th cannes film festival. afp

MUMBai: Parineeti chopra poses during the 'Mother Maiden Mistress' book release. afp

Dolly Bindra slams Veena Malik

for chasing ‘cheap publicity’ NEWS DESK Bollywood actress Dolly Bindra, who is on a tour of Pakistan, called a press conference at the Lahore Press Club to vent her wrath against ‘arch-enemy’ Veena Malik. Bindra, who co-starred with Malik on Indian reality television show, ‘Big Boss’, said Malik was destroying Pakistan’s reputation and womanhood by her actions. She had earlier told reporters at the airport that she would expose the truth about Pakistani controversy queen Veena Malik. Bindra stayed true to her promise and talked to reporters on Friday as well as Saturday. The focus of both of her interviews was on how Malik was defaming Pakistan, the performing arts and wom-


Sinha to romance



anhood in general. Bindra said Malik had stripped for a magazine in order to get cheap publicity, adding that the photoshoot in question was only the beginning of things for Malik. Although the two seemed to be ‘friends’ while they were on ‘Big Boss’ together, Bindra now denied sharing any camaraderie with Malik. Instead she said if

she ever came across Malik, she would ‘beat her (Malik) with shoes, counting ten hits as one’. This is not the first time that Bindra has gotten into verbal combat with Malik. In the past Bindra had dropped hints that Malik was threatening her and that Malik was working in India without proper work permits or documentation.

MUMBAI: The whole idea to the conflict in the sequel is a woman, therefore we have two men and only one woman," says director Milan luthria, while putting to rest all rumours with respect to a parallel female lead in the much awaited and anticipated sequel to ‘once Upon a Time in Mumbai’. he says, "This franchise (oUaTiM) is a very entertaining franchise - we don't have the usual blood and gore that is associated with the underworld - our world is larger than life and we focus on the underworld that existed during 70s and 80s, and with the sequel, we want to bring back the romantic triangle set in the Mumbai underworld," adding, "The story connects to the point in the 80s where the underworld was fascinated with the women in Bollywood and the starlets in B-Town too were attracted to smugglers and dons. So we have akshay kumar and imran khan as the gangsters and Sonakshi Sinha as the starlet." But why Sonakshi? “Because Sonakshi has simplicity and grace. when i saw Sonakshi, i felt she would be well-suited the role of a demure girl, who comes to the city of dreams to make a name for herself," says the director. But more than that, it is imran khan and his role in the sequel that has Milan super excited. "you wait and watch for imran. i have a feeling that our sequel will do to imran, what ‘The Dirty Picture’ did to Vidya Balan," gushes Milan, as he goes on to explain why he thinks imran fits the bill. "we chose imran because of his mass appeal. he is extremely popular, but with the sequel, he will be seen in an entirely different form. This is exactly what we did with Vidya - we gave her a different colour that was out of her comfort zone. imran will be seen in something that's in stark contrast to his image. his character has humour, action, witty one-liners and flamboyance, but he plays a typical gangster with a heart of gold," shares Milan. AGENCIES

loS angeleS: David cook performs during the 19th annual race to erase MS gala. ReuTeRs

Robert de Niro is on Arjun Rampal's wish-list

Ash’s weight criticism

draws flak from the western media

MUMBAI: representing Bollywood in cannes is no small achievement for arjun rampal. as he gets set to walk the red carpet at cannes arjun admits, "i don't think any male actor from Bollywood has been asked to represent our film industry before. So i feel good about this. Though i had been to cannes earlier when i shared the stage with nicole kidman, this is something else. The closing ceremony is where i'll be making an appearance. it is apparently the most coveted section of the cannes festival. i expect to be meeting some of my favourite actors and filmmakers from hollywood and the rest of world cinema." arjun has given his wish-list of international actors and directors to the alcohol brand which he'd be representing. Though he isn't revealing the names of the celebrities he is likely to meet we know for sure that robert de niro is on his wish-list. arjun has met de

niro two years ago. "i doubt he'll even remember that meeting. chivas, the brand i'll represent at cannes, has something called a 'creative brotherhood'. it's a pool of talent from all over the world. There will be the best actors and filmmakers from france, germany and america at cannes. i'm hoping to meet them. it's just so exhilarating to represent hindi cinema in cannes." arjun has grown a moustache for his part in Prakash Jha's ‘chakravyuha’. "This is the first time in my entire life that i've grown a moustache. it's very difficult to maintain it. i don't think i'll do it again." contrary to rumours arjun won't use his moustache look to play Pran's role in the new version of Zanjeer. "The director apoorva lakhia and i are still to sit on the script. nothing has been decided. But the moustache is only for Prakash Jha's film." AGENCIES

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15 canneS: australian actress Mia wasikowska poses during the photocall of ‘lawless’ at the 65th cannes film festival. afp

Teen Choice Award Nominations: ‘Twilight’ leads the pack, ‘Hunger Games’ follows LOS ANGELES AGENCIES

AN we even call ‘The Hunger Games’ Katniss-Peta-Gale question a love triangle anymore if it’s not called out to compete against ‘Twilight’s famed love triangle? ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part I’ leads the movie field with five nominations heading into the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, while ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The Avengers’ are a close second with four apiece. So, where did Katniss and company go wrong? ‘Breaking Dawn’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ matched up category for category—Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie, Choice Movie Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Kristen Stewart versus Jennifer Lawrence), Choice Book-except for one. While Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are both up for Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, only Josh Hutcherson got the nod from his film. Poor, pretty Liam Hemsworth, forced to fend for himself in the Choice Male Hottie category against Pattinson, Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling and Ian Somerhalder. Speaking of which, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ leads all comers


new york: Usher performs on nBc's 'Today' show. ReuTeRs

Samina Peerzada denies appearing in Pakistani film from every medium with six nominations, including Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi for Somerhalder and Paul Wesley and Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi for Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham. Along with his hottie nod, Bieber collected nominations for Choice Male Artist, Choice Male Fashion Icon, and his ‘Boyfriend’ is up for Choice Single by a Male Artist. His high-profile Twitter status has also qualified him for the Choice Twit category, where he’ll tweet off against Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon, Demi Lovato and Ryan Seacrest. And the Biebs leads all the fellas-in-

Make your mind up J.Lo, says ‘American Idol’ producer LOS ANGELES REUTERS

raBaT: american singer redfoo of lMfao performs during the 11th edition of the Mawazine international music festival ‘world rhythms’. afp

MUMBAI: She was crowned for being the most beautiful woman in the world. as an actress she has made her country proud by putting the hindi film industry on the world map via her various international appearances including the highly regarded cannes film festival. But aishwarya rai is now being slammed for her unshapely post pregnancy figure by her own countrymen. ever since she delivered a baby girl in november last year, ash has received a lot of criticism for the oodles of weight that she has put on. while the indian media has completely criticised ash’s weight gain, the unfair lashing has not gone down well with the western media who is “shocked” at the flak aishwarya has been getting from her own homeland. interestingly, several popular websites have given a 'thumbs up’ to ash and her recent weight gain. aishwarya is scheduled to make an appearance at the cannes red carpet this year. The indian media may not be kind but we sure know that whatever she wears it will be applauded by the western media. AGENCIES

Jennifer Lopez and ‘American Idol’ producers played a catand- mouse game over the singer’s future on the TV talent show that revived her career and sent her to the top of a global celebrity power list. ‘American Idol’ producer Nigel Lythgoe said Lopez must decide whether to sign up as a judge for a third year or go off in a new direction. In what some industry watchers saw as a negotiating ploy, Lopez sparked a media frenzy this week when she said she wasn’t sure about renewing her contract, and sources close to her said she was “just too busy” to commit to the show. She made similar comments a year ago before signing a new one-year deal. Lythgoe told reporters on a conference call that all three ‘Idol’ judges - Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson - had busy careers outside the talent show, but he would be happy to have them all back. He said ‘Idol’s’ long schedule of nationwide auditions, plus four

months of live shows, was tough for everyone to juggle. Tyler’s band Aerosmith has a new album coming out and a summer tour. “It’s got to fit everybody, and it’s difficult. You have got to start making decisions. Do I want to carry on doing this? Do I want to go off and make movies? For her part, Lopez denied media reports that she had already decided to quit the show after the current season ends. “There is no truth to reports that say I am definitely leaving ‘Idol’,” the pop singer Tweeted. “All I said was I haven’t decided what I am doing next year.” Lopez was named the most powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes this week, citing record sales, multiple product endorsements and social media buzz.

cluding Pattinson, Somerhalder and Goslingwith five nominations for his multiplatform choiceness. Meanwhile, his similarly choice girlfriend, Selena Gomez, squares off against Miley, Katy Perry, Kate Upton and Rihanna in the Female Hottie category. Jennifer Lopez can apparently do no wrong at anything she puts her mind to, either. She leads all the ladies with five nominations, for Choice Female Fashion Icon, Choice Female TV Personality, Choice Female Artist, Choice Single by a Female Artist for ‘Dance Again’ and Choice Movie Actress: Comedy for ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’.

ONE of Pakistan’s most well known faces from television, Samina Peerzada has denied recent rumours that she will appear in a Pakistani film. She says she is too busy with her drama shoots to take time out for a film. eerzada, who is currently appearing in drama series ‘Jannat Se Nikali Hui Aurat’, got an offer from Pakistan’s versatile actor Humayun Saeed for his upcoming film. But citing her busy schedule as a reason, Peerzada refused to work in the film. Although watching a veteran actress like Samina Peerzada on the big screen would have been a treat and that too in Humayun Saeed’s film, it seems that we will have to be content with watching her star in various television projects instead. NEWS DESK

Adele bombs as magazine seller LONDON AGENCIES

Though she broke countless records last year with her critically acclaimed album ‘21’, turns out there’s one thing that Adele can’t sell-magazine covers. Adele’s British Vogue cover turned out to be one of the magazine’s worst sellers ever. “Adele is the most popular woman in the world, but one of the worst sellers we’ve ever had,” editor Alexandra Shulman surprisingly revealed at the ‘ToMax talk Fashion and Fantasy: What’s in Vogue and Why Does It Matter?’ event in London. “I find there has to be a relationship with the person on the cover that goes beyond how they look.” While that would certainly explain why the always unrelatable Gwyneth Paltrow’s magazine covers usually bomb, it doesn’t

Unruffled, Shah Rukh Khan moves on

make sense when it come to Adele. Didn’t ‘21’ sell so well precisely because people did care about her personal heartbreak? But perhaps it’s just musicians in general who are unappealing to glossy readers. “Music stars haven’t sold at all well,” Shulman added.

Lady Gaga to make a cameo in ‘Men in Black 3’ LOS ANGeLeS: ‘Men in Black 3’ is all set to hit the big screen in 3D this time around. Other than Will Smith, the film is also most awaited for other reasons. Singer Justin Bieber and filmmaker Tim Burton will be seen in cameo appearances. Pussycat Dolls’ lead singer Nichole Scherzinger will be seen essaying the key role of villain Borris’s paramour. Reports of Lady Gaga’s cameo has also been doing the rounds. Director Barry Sonnenfeld has not ruled out her appearance but hasn’t confirmed it either. The director has in fact hinted at her appearance as an alien in the movie. But it remains unclear if at all her fans will be able to see her in this alien avatar. AGENCIES

Madhur's ‘Heroine’

promo stalled

MUMBAI: on wednesday night, after the iPl match between kolkata and Mumbai, it was another spectacle offfield that caught the country by surprise. Shah rukh khan allegedly misbehaved with a security official at the wankhede stadium. The next day, it wasn't the kolkata team's striking display of cricket that kept the media busy, but the action involving the team owner. and while everyone debated over the fracas, the actor had already put the past behind. khan, after holding a press conference to explain his side of the story, left for an usual work day. By six in the evening, he was in a studio to shoot a television commercial. Shah rukh, who

wrapped up the ad shoot by 11 pm, even shot for a print campaign with Dabboo ratnani. an eyewitness from the shoot revealed, "Shah rukh was wearing the same black T- shirt and denim that he wore for the press conference when he came in for the adshoot. initially, he looked a little disturbed. Usually, he is always chirpy. he is extremely witty and always lightens the mood. But on Thursday, it took him a good one-hour to focus on work." Shah rukh was even heard discussing the wankhede incident with the crewmembers, the eyewitness said. Perhaps it's Shah rukh's way of telling the world move on. AGENCIES

MUMBAI: Those hoping to catch the first teaser of Madhur Bhandarkar's ‘heroine’, which was to be attached with ‘rowdy rathore’ on June 1, will have to wait a little longer. it is learnt that the delay was caused due to differences between the director Madhur Bhandakar and the producers of the film. There is a clash of ideology on where and how to unveil the promo. a source reveals, "Madhur has cut a very hard-hitting teaser that shows kareena smoking and drinking. The producers have reservations about such a dark promo and have asked Madhur to re-shoot it. The producers feel that the censors won't release it without cuts. The director has his own vision of the first trailer and has agreed to delay the promo because he wants to include some more scenes in the promo that he still has to shoot." The studio rep says: "There were some shots in the teaser that showed the protagonist smoking and drinking, which we felt we should not include in the final cut as we wanted the teaser to cut across to as many people as possible. hence it was a mutual decision to exclude the shots. Madhur is also keen to include some really powerful shots in the teaser. we are all really excited to the see the final outcome." Bhandarkar who plans to re-shoot the promo says, "we want our teaser to reach as many people as possible and i now realise this. i will be including some very powerful shots in the new teaser. These shots will come in the next schedule of the film only. But it will be worth the wait." AGENCIES

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16 Foreign News

Sunday, 20 May, 2012

20,000 anti-capitalist protesters march in frankfurt FRANKFURT AFP

Some 20,000 people joined a march through the centre of the German financial capital of Frankfurt Saturday, protesting against European austerity programmes, police said. It was the only demonstration of the anti-capitalist movement known as “Blockupy Frankfurt” that was authorised by the city and justice authorities. The other protests over the past four days had been banned by city officials. Organisers put the turnout for Saturday’s peaceful march at more than 25,000 people, some of whom were brandishing placards saying “The eurozone is in ruins” and “When unfairness becomes the rule, resistance becomes a duty,” an AFP correspondent at the scene reported. Since Wednesday, about 5,000 police have been constantly deployed in Frankfurt. Several protests on Friday took place outside the European Central Bank’s huge Eurotower building, as well as in the city centre, leading to the arrests of some 400 demonstrators. Police said most demonstrations passed calmly, while some activists claimed those who had been arrested were left for hours in police buses.

BANGKOK: ‘Red Shirt’ supporters shout slogans during a demonstration to mark the second anniversary of a deadly crackdown on street protests on Saturday. afp

Three naTo protesters face terror charges CHICAGO AFP

Three NATO summit protesters suspected of planning to throw Molotov cocktails have been charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism and possession of an explosive device, the Chicago Sun Times reported Saturday. The Sun-Times reported that the three men were arrested after being pulled over in their car by police last week and questioned about their protest plans. Fears that demonstrations could turn violent have put Chicago on edge, with some downtown businesses even telling office workers to ditch their suits and ties and dress down to avoid being hassled or targeted on the streets. The three men have each been charged with possession of an explosive or incendiary device, conspiracy to commit terrorism, and providing material support to terrorism, the paper said citing said Harrison District Police Lieutenant Kenneth Stoppa. Chicago police contacted by AFP said they were not able to provide any information about the report but said a statement may be available later in the day. Police and protest organizers have vowed that there will be no repeat of the trouble that erupted at G20 summits in London and Toronto or the riots that scarred Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Several street protests held so far this week have been peaceful, and most of the 14 people arrested were engaged in acts of civil disobedience such as refusing to leave the building housing President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters. The three men charged were identified in the report as Brian Church, 20, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Jared Chase, 24, of Keene, New Hampshire; and Brent Vincent Betterly, 24, of Oakland Park, Florida.

Teenager killed, five seriously hurt in Italy school blast BRINDISI



16-year-old girl died and five other teens were seriously injured in southern Italy Saturday in a bomb blast outside a vocational school, with local media pointing to a possible mafia link. There were scenes of chaos and carnage after a powerful blast went off at the entrance of the building as students were arriving for classes at the Francesca Morvillo Falcone school in the city of Brindisi. “I was opening the window and the blast wave hit me. I saw kids on the ground. All blackened. Their books on fire. It was terrifying,” an employee at the prosecutor’s office next to the school told the Repubblica daily. Another eyewitness told local television: “I had just gone into the bar in front of the school. I saw everything falling.” A tearful middle-aged woman, who was still visibly under shock, said: “It was an incredibly powerful explosion. I saw a girl lying on the ground and another one who got up and started shouting: ‘Melissa! Melissa!’“ The victim was identified as

Melissa Bassi, local emergency officials said. The device was composed of three gas canisters with a timer device hidden in a container next to a wall just outside the school, Italian media reported, citing investigators. The scene of the blast showed debris over a wide area. Local emergency official Fabiano Amati told the news channel Sky Tg24 one 16-year-old girl “did not survive”. Hospital official Paola Ciannamea told reporters that one of the injured girls, who is also 16 and had initially

been reported as dead by police sources cited by Italian media, was alive but in a “very serious condition”. The four other victims being treated are all suffering from extensive burns including one who risks losing her legs and another who has serious injuries to her chest, Italian media cited a statement from the hospital as saying. The blast went off around 7:45 am (0545 GMT). Most Italian schoolchildrn and students attend classes on Saturday.

Suicide blast, attacks kill at least 19 in Syria DAMASCUS AFP

A suicide bomber detonated an explosives-laden car outside security headquarters in Syria’s biggest eastern city on Saturday, killing nine people and wounding 100, state media said. The attack was the first of its kind in Deir Ezzor since an anti-regime uprising broke out in Syria in March 2011, and the deaths there came as at least another 10 people died elsewhere in the country. Among the dead were a woman and her two children gunned down in the norther city of Aleppo, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. A “terrorist suicide bomber” used

1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds) of explosives in the attack on the Deir Ezzor neighbourhood of Ghazi Ayyash, said state television. The powerful explosion left a crater 3.5 metres (yards) deep and damaged buildings within a radius of 100 metres, the channel said, adding that a four-year-old girl was among those critically wounded. It occurred on a road housing a military and air force intelligence headquarters and a military hospital, according to the Observatory. Images broadcast on state television showed a large bloodstain on the ground, a damaged building and vehicles charred by the blast, as well as smoke rising from the targeted district.

There was no claim of responsibility for the bombing but, as typically happens in such cases, the opposition blamed it on the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. “The Syrian National Council places on the Syrian regime the entire responsibility... for the criminal bombings in several Syrian cities, including the one today in Deir Ezzor,” it said in a statement. Elsewhere, a rocket slammed into the ruling Baath party’s offices in northern Aleppo province, the Observatory said, a day after unprecedented anti-regime protests in the provincial capital of the same name. “Unidentified gunmen targeted a Baath party office in Aleppo’s AlBab town with a rocket-propelled

grenade,” said the Britain-based watchdog. Immediately after the attack, clashes broke out between the gunmen and guards, but there were no reports of any casualties. The government said it had foiled a suicide bomb attack in Aleppo on May 11, a day after twin bombings in Damascus killed 55 people and wounded nearly 400. It has repeatedly blamed bomb attacks on “terrorists” and Al-Qaeda. In Homs, sniper fire killed a civilian and blasts were heard as shells rained down on the flashpoint central city, the Observatory said. Saturday’s bombing in Deir Ezzor came a day after regime forces foiled a would-be car bombing in the same city, which is about 110 kilometres (70 miles) from the Iraqi border.

Blind china activist leaves for US with family BEIJING AFP

Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng was on a plane headed for the United States with his family Saturday, US officials said, ending weeks of uncertainty for the now world-famous rights campaigner. Chen’s escape from house arrest, turning up at the US embassy before leaving again, also caused a major diplomatic rift between Washington and Beijing, with China telling the US to keep its nose out of Chinese affairs. “We can confirm that Chen Guangcheng, his wife and two children have departed China and are en route to the United States so he can pursue studies at an American university,” the US State Department’s spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a statement. The departure of Chen, 40, caps an odyssey that began a month ago when he fled his rural home for the US mission in Beijing and later said he wanted to leave China for his and his family’s safety. Chen had been told earlier in the day at short notice to pack his belongings and leave the Beijing hospital where he had been waiting for more than two weeks for permission to depart from China, taking his young family with him. Once at the Beijing airport, Chen, his wife and two young children received the passports enabling their departure, he told a friend.

20 dead in tunnel blast in china BEIJING AFP

Twenty people were killed in an explosion inside an under-construction expressway tunnel in central China’s Hunan province on Saturday, state media said. The blast happened in Zhuzhou city when a vehicle carrying explosives was unloading in the tunnel, the Xinhua news agency said, citing local authorities but providing few more details. Four workers had been pulled out of the tunnel, including one in a critical condition, the report said. China’s roads are notoriously dangerous, with traffic laws and safety widely flouted. Bus operators often seek to cram as many people as they can into their vehicles to maximise profits and drivers hurtle down highways. Last year alone, more than 62,000 people died in traffic accidents, state media said, citing police figures.

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012

Foreign News 17

G8 leaders tackle Europe’s woes CAMP DAVID



8 leaders tried to bridge divisions over how to halt Europe’s rapidly-deepening economic crisis Saturday, as host President Barack Obama backed more pro-growth policies in the face of German opposition. With the future of Europe’s currency union in serious doubt, leaders gathered at Obama’s Camp David lodge to weigh competing demands for growth-friendly spending with Germany’s long-standing focus on spending cuts. Obama on Friday set the stage for a testy meeting by forging an alliance with new French President Francois Hollande over the need to jolt Europe back to growth. The drive could upend two years of Berlin-led austerity-first policies, which critics say have fuelled rampant unemployment, brought Greece to the verge of bankruptcy and deepened crises in Italy and Spain. Fearing the outlook is deteriorating — with dangerous repercussions for the US economy and perhaps his chances of re-election — Obama signaled he was ready to wade deeper into a debate that has largely been left to Europe.

Before welcoming leaders to the storied presidential retreat, Obama stressed Europe’s “extraordinary” importance for the United States and said the G8 needs to discuss “a responsible approach to fiscal consolidation that is coupled with a strong growth agenda.” That risked the ire of his guest and Europe’s paymaster German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who faces stiff opposition at home to repeated taxpayer-funded bailouts. The tension between the pair was evident when a dressed-down Obama greeted G8 leaders at his wood cabin for an informal dinner that would last more than two hours Friday. Obama welcomed Merkel with a cordial: “How’ve you been?” When her response came: a shrug and pursed lips, Obama conceded: “Well, you have a few things on your mind.” Diplomats say G8 leaders will ultimately stress the need for both growth and jobs, and publicly European leaders have attempted to smooth over the split, insisting austerity and stimulus are not mutually exclusive. “We need to take action for growth while staying the course in terms of putting our public finances in order. Stability and growth go together, they are two sides of the same coin,” European Commission chief Jose Manuel

Canadian launches book in Malaysia despite ‘ban’ KUALA LUMPUR AFP

A Canadian Muslim gay activist launched her controversial new book on liberal Islam in Muslim-majority Malaysia Saturday despite a government minister’s attempts to shut down the event. Irshad Manji launched “Allah, Liberty and Love” at a hastily arranged event in the capital Kuala Lumpur after two other venues pulled out of hosting her, according to local publisher ZI Publications. “Fantastic event in KL! Great energy — except 4 cops who told latecomers that event is banned. Didn’t stop us. Congrats 2 all,” Manji wrote on Twitter. Jamil Khir Baharom, minister in charge of Islamic affairs, had said Islamic officials and the Home Ministry would not allow the author’s roadshow in the country following complaints. He was quoted by national news

agency Bernama as saying earlier Saturday that the book was offensive to Muslims as was Manji’s ideology and openly gay lifestyle, which was deemed to be against Islam. According to her website, the book, now available in the local Malay language, “shows all of us how to reconcile faith and freedom in a world seething with repressive dogmas... This book is the ultimate guide to becoming a gutsy global citizen”. The book has not been officially banned. Manji was due to fly to New York City late Saturday. Her previous internationally acclaimed book, “The Trouble with Islam Today”, is already banned in Malaysia, ZI Publications said. Manji also faced problems while touring Indonesia before coming to Malaysia. Police shut down several events after the Islamic Defenders Front group held violent protests condemning her liberal views on Islam and her homosexuality.

Barroso said ahead of the summit. But with Greece’s fiscal crisis apparently approaching denouement, those words may be sorely tested. The recent clobbering of Greek parties that back austerity measures under the country’s massive bailout has left the two-year-old effort to prevent a Greek default on life support. Fresh Greek polls are scheduled for June 17, but there is no certainty that supporters of the painful reforms will win. That would leave G8 members with a tough choice: Loosen demands on Greece by backing more pro-growth policies, or stop assistance. The markets are already betting that if anti-austerity parties win again, Germany will turn off the bailout faucet, a decision that would force a Greek default and would likely spell an exit from the eurozone. For now European leaders are insisting that Greece must meet its commitments. It is a stance that they hope will put Greek voters choices in sharp focus. Looking to the longer-term, Commission president Barroso said there was growing consensus around the idea of specific investments funded by common European bonds — a measure he said would satisfy the need for austerity and stimulus.

Support for British monarchy at highest for decades: poll LONDON AFP

Support for the monarchy in Britain is at its highest level for decades thanks to Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee and last year’s royal wedding, according to a new poll published Saturday. Some 80 percent of Britons want to remain subjects of the queen, while just 13 percent are in favour of a republic, according to the poll of more than 1,000 adults carried out by Ipsos MORI and published in the Daily Telegraph. Shortly before the April 2011 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, now known as the Duchess of Cambridge, 75 percent of Britons supported the monarchy. The rise in support is attributed to the fact that the queen is touring the country to mark her 60th year on the throne, and that the popular duchess has increased her public appearances.

BEIT OMAR: An Israeli soldier restrains a Palestinian demonstrator from protesting against the expropriation of Palestinian farming land by Israel due to the expansion of the Israeli settlement of Karmi Tsor, near the village of Beit Omar, north of the West Bank town of Hebron on Saturday. afp

yemen army, qaeda battles over south town control kill 26 ADEN AFP

Clashes between Al-Qaeda gunmen and the army have killed 26 people dead near the jihadists’ stronghold of Jaar, and a drone killed two in a strike on a militant vehicle, military and tribal sources said. “Eight soldiers were killed and 15 others were wounded” in fighting that included artillery and machinegun fire late on Friday on the outskirts of Jaar, in Yemen’s south, a military official said. A tribal source said “18 Al-Qaeda militants were killed” in the same clashes. “The army now controls the western outskirts of Jaar,” the official said . Residents and tribes in the area surrounding Jaar have also begun to form armed militias to back the army, the same source said. “This will help us enter Jaar and cleanse it from Al-Qaeda.” He reported sporadic fighting on Saturday as the air force raided Al-Qaeda posi-

tions in the town. On Friday, local and military sources said that troops advanced toward Jaar, a day after they took control of the city of Lder, also in Abyan province. Meanwhile, two Al-Qaeda militants were killed in a drone strike that targetted their vehicle in the province of Bayda, some 210 kilometres (130 miles) southeast of the capital Sanaa, a tribal source there said. The attack took place Saturday noon, said the source, adding that the two men were a Yemeni and a Somalian. Yemeni forces launched an offensive last week to capture Al-Qaeda controlled areas in the province of Abyan. Apart from controlling Loder and Jaar, the group controls Zinjibar, capital of the province, and also Shaqra, located on the Gulf of Aden. Since the offensive began one week ago, 195 people have been killed, according to a tally compiled by AFP, including 134 Al-Qaeda fighters, 31 military personnel and 17 civilians.

Military parade in Britain for queen’s diamond jubilee LONDON AFP

WINDSOR: Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir David Richards, Queen Elizabeth II (C) and Prince Philip (R), Duke of Edinburgh, watch the flypast during the Armed Forces Parade and Muster at Home Park on Saturday. Over 2500 troops took part in the Diamond Jubilee Muster in Home Park. afp

Thousands of troops paraded past Windsor Castle on Saturday in celebration of the diamond jubilee of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, as a poll showed support for the monarchy at its highest for decades. The queen and her husband Prince Philip watched as 2,500 troops from the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force marched through the castle’s grounds and through the town to music from six military bands. The parade culminated in a flypast of 78 aircraft, including planes dating from the World War II Battle of Britain, while the Red Arrows jet display team streaked across the sky leaving a patriotic trail of red, white and blue smoke. It is traditional for the armed forces to pay tribute to the monarch during a jubilee year, with similar events held for Queen Victoria and King George V. Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir David Richards said the queen’s support “has created a very special bond between our monarch and her forces.” “The parade and muster will truly be a day to

remember. It is an opportunity to highlight the unique relationship the queen has with the men and women of the Armed Forces and of the role she fills in our lives,” he said. The military parade in Windsor, to the west of London, was part of a programme of events to mark the 60th year of the queen’s reign. On Friday, she hosted a lunch for nearly 50 foreign royals at the castle, including the king of Bahrain, whose attendance sparked controversy because of the Gulf state’s deadly crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. The diamond jubilee celebrations reach a climax on June 2-5 when the highlight will be a river pageant featuring a 1,000-boat flotilla on the Thames in London. A combination of the jubilee and the addition of the Duchess of Cambridge — the former Kate Middleton — to the royal family has pushed support for the monarchy to its highest level for decades, a new poll showed. Some 80 percent of Britons want to remain subjects of the queen, while just 13 percent are in favour of a republic, according to the survey of more than 1,000 adults carried out by Ipsos MORI and published in the Daily Telegraph.

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012

Djokovic, federer in heavyweight semi-final clash Page 21

BCCI president hints resumption of cricket ties with Pakistan LAHORE



AKISTAN cricketing ties are "imminently possible" sometime "soon", and the cricket boards of the two countries are looking forward to restarting the bilateral series after four-and-a-half years. BCCI president N Srinivasan was quoted by an Indian website as saying that this at a recent meeting, giving a reason to cheer for millions of fans in the two countries, according to a top official who was present at the meeting. Pakistani High Commissioner in New Delhi Shahid Malik also dropped strong hints recently when he said that an announcement was likely to be made "very shortly". "You are likely to hear something very shortly," Malik said in Lahore this month, raising curiosity. Last year, when Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani visited Mohali for the India-Pakistan World Cup semi-final, he and his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh had favoured a resumption of the bilateral series, one of the most followed Test series in the

‘Sl player was paid rs 100m to fix iPl match’

world. Also, Srinivasan and Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Zaka Ashraf discussed the issue when they met during an executive board meeting of the International Cricket Council in Dubai last month. At the marketing committee meeting, Srinivasan also informed the members that although no India-Pakistan series has been taken into account in the media rights tender, a "provision" for the same has been made for it. "Mr Srinivasan told us during the meeting, which was called to discuss the allotting of the BCCI's media rights, that the resumption of the India-Pakistan bilateral series was imminently possible and that it could happen sometime very soon," the official disclosed to Mail Today. "He must surely have had some basis to say that because he doesn't fly kites. It's more than likely that someone in the govern-

Giving the context in which the Srinivasan spoke about the bilateral series, the official said that the issue under discussion was the tender for the media rights and the specific series that the bid winner would get to cover till 2018, the end of the six- year rights period. "Mr Srinivasan said that since the ICC Future Tours Programme (FTP) has no India-Pakistan series it wasn't included in the media rights tender (20122018) and till April 2020, when the FTP period ends," he said. "He explained to the house that although no series between the neighbouring countries was finalised, a provision had been made to accommodate them whenever the Indian government allows the BCCI to host Pakistan or tour the neighbouring country. He then emphasised that it was imminently possible and that too soon and that both the cricket boards were looking forward to that day." In the media rights tender, which has been split into two distinct periods - from 2012 to 2014 and from 2014 to 2018 the BCCI has based the number of home series on the ICC FTP.

Waqar eyes australian bowling coach role LAHORE




A Sri Lankan player was paid Rs 10 crore for fixing an IPL match, a bookie named Sonu Yogendra Jalan alias Malad has told Mumbai police, the Times of India reported today. In his statement, Sonu has claimed that some Indian cricketers were involved in matchfixing, TOI reported. Sonu along with Devendra Kothari alias Bhaiyyaji, were arrested by the Mumbai police on Thursday. They are believed to be a part of a bigger international betting racket, says the report. The report also said, the betting network run by Kothari and Sonu Jalan is controlled by Choota Shakeel’s Pakistanbased gang of punters. The Mumbai Police Crime Branch had on Thursday arrested Sonu Jalan and Devendra Kothari along with four others as part of a major cricket betting racket in Kandivali. Crime Branch officials said, they raided a betting den in Kandivali on Thursday and seized 22 mobile phones, two laptops, two voice recorders, eight speakers and LCD TVs. “The accused were accepting bets on Indian Premier League matches,” said a Crime Branch officer. Sonu had escaped during a raid on two flats in Lokhandwala in October 2011. Besides Jalan, Suresh Nagri, alias Junior Kolkata, allegedly one of the most notorious bookies in the country, had escaped with five others. The police had then arrested eight alleged bookies, and seized Rs 1.02 crore and 123 mobile phones. The six accused arrested in an alleged betting racket in Kandivali were placing bets on a UK-based website, officials probing into the case said on Friday. The police had asked authorities to block the website a year ago, they added. All the bookies including Jalan and Kothari are presently on police remand till May 25. Crime Branch officers said the bookies were operating an account on the popular website,, and were making use of its betting assessment software to manage their operations. “Someone in the UK had opened an account on, and given the password to the arrested men, who used it to access the website and place bets on IPL matches. “When the raid was conducted, bets were being placed on a ballto-ball basis, over-to-over basis, and on runs made by batsmen or conceded by bowlers,” a Crime Branch officer said.

ment has given him some assurance on the resumption of the series. He was very confident and specific, and used the words 'imminently possible', which makes us believe that there is something around the corner." The official also pointed out that the last week's announcement by Srinivasan that the Pakistani T20 champion team would be invited to compete in the Champions League T20 must have been prompted by the same "positive vibes" from the government. The neighbouring countries have not played a Test series since December 2007, when Pakistan toured India for a threematch series. The cricketing links were snapped after the Mumbai attacks in 2008. India and Pakistan, however, have continued to play in multi-nation ODI tournaments.

Pakistan pace legend Waqar Younis, who was one of the great reverse swing masters, said that he was keen on filling Australia's coaching void left by Craig McDermott. An Australian website stated, an emotionally exhausted McDermott recently parted ways with Cricket Australia, leaving the Test team searching for a new fast bowling coach ahead of the series against South Africa next summer and marquee battles against India and England next year. The website quoted sources as saying that CA will

most likely settle on a lowprofile interim coach before conducting a worldwide hunt for a permanent fast bowling mentor. McDermott was hailed as a major factor behind Australia's renewed success as he used a back-to-basics approach with young quicks. Waqar, who took 373 Test wickets in a glorious career and coached Pakistan in 2010/11, said he would be eager to take a call from Cricket Australia. Now living in Sydney with his wife and children, Waqar spends several months a year travelling the world as a TV commentator.

PFF’s signal achievement LAHORE



HILE most national sporting bodies – among them the leading lights in terms of public acclaim and media coverage, cricket and hockey – are finding it exceptionally difficult to get foreign teams to visit Pakistan, the Pakistan Football Federation has been eminently successful in convincing foreign teams to visit us for bilateral series as well as the FIFA and the AFC events. This is a signal achievement of the PFF, a diplomatic triumph of some magnitude, under Faisal Saleh Hayat's watch that needs to be acknowledged, howsoever grudgingly. The facts speak for themselves. Since December 2011, the last five months have seen hectic football activity in our neck of the woods involving many nations. The Bangladesh squad visited us for a FIFA qualifying round game at Lahore. So did the Malyasians. Then the Palestine team came over for a two-match rubber – for a game apiece at Lahore and Karachi. This followed by Pakistan's Under-22 squad returning the visit for the ongoing Al-Nakba championship where it ac-

Faisal Saleh Hayat: diplomatic triumphs galore. quitted itself reasonably well. In April 2012 another championship – an Under-14 Festival football festival under the banner of the continental body, the AFC – was held at Islamabad. Here too teams from Afghanistan and Tajikistan attended. And now in May the AFC President's Cup (the title itself underscores the

prestige attached with the championship) matches featuring Mangolian and Chinese-Taipei clubs along with Pakistan KRL took place at Lahore. Both the Under-14 Festival and the AFC President's Cup events were supposed to be held elsewhere in the continent, but the Pakistan Football Federation quickly put its hat in the ring and despite this country being perceived as one blighted with gruesomely horrendous acts of terror, the PFF was able to convince the Asian Football Confederation and win the hosting rights. Some of these matches were also telecast live, in particular the games with Palestine and the AFC President's Cup. It was not as if Pakistan – despite its pariah status as a destination for most international teams – was an automatic choice. Pakistan indeed had to fight for it, with many others equally desirous of hosting the AFC championships. Even for the FIFA qualifying round, Bangladesh was not indeed keen to visit Pakistan. But the PFF stood its ground, absolutely unyielding. It invited the FIFA security men to check its arrangements with regards to the well-being and comfort of the visitors. Once it got the thumbs up from

aussie cricketer granted bail in india NEW DELHI AFP

Australian cricketer Luke Pomersbach was granted bail Saturday by a New Delhi court following accusations he molested a woman and beat up her fiance, his lawyer told AFP. The 27-year-old batsman, who has one cap for Australia, is signed up in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team, which took on the Delhi Daredevils on Thursday night. He faces up to two years in jail if found guilty of molestation and assault after the incident during an after-game party at the swanky ITC Maurya Hotel in the Indian capital. The cricketer has denied the charges against him. His lawyer, Ajay Bhargava told AFP: "He has received bail, on condition that he surrenders his passport and pays a surety of 30,000 rupees ($550) on each charge." He added that the court ruled that "a trespassing charge cannot be maintained" against Pomersbach after CCTV footage filmed outside the alleged victim's room proved inconclusive on whether the cricketer had forcibly entered her suite. A visibly relieved Pomersbach told reporters outside the court: "I am happy that I have been granted bail and looking forward to getting to the bottom of it." His arrest was headline news in Indian and Australian newspapers on Saturday with reports detailing the sensational allegations in the case and the chequered history of the money-spinning IPL. The powerfully built cricketer, wearing a heavy bandage on his right arm, fainted during an earlier court appearance on Friday. Pomersbach has battled depression and drug problems and narrowly avoided a jail sentence in Australia after admitting assaulting a police officer who was trying to arrest him for drink driving. He arrived in India for the IPL saying he was now "on top of things", adding he was determined to make the most of the Indian league in order to get his career back on track. The alleged woman victim, a 27-yearold from the US, told Indian media Pomersbach had "tagged along" with her and her Mumbai-based fiance and said the cricketer grabbed her while they drank together in a hotel room. When her fiance asked Pomersbach to leave her alone, Pomersbach "turned around and started hitting him", she alleged. The man was in a stable condition in hospital. He has yet to make a statement to police. The charges against Pomersbach are the most recent in a string of scandals that have rocked the glitzy, headline-grabbing IPL tournament. Earlier this week, five Indian players signed to IPL teams were suspended after an undercover TV report alleged they were prepared to take money for spot-fixing, an illegal practice in which parts of the game are fixed.

that quarter, there was no excuse left for the Bangladeshis. Unlike cricket, nobody even went to court to get a stay order – for that would have invited FIFA's wrath. And hell hath no fury to match FIFA's in case any member digresses from the trodden path. And this international activity is not the only thing the PFF engages in. It is constantly growing in its influence on how the game takes shape in this country. And this involves a host of activities. Such as training and grooming of age-group teams, in both genders, and overseeing their development. This is a cumbersome task in itself. But this by no means is the only tough part. Add to it the organisational affairs and training and development of coaches, organisation of events at all tiers – again in both genders – and the task is indeed awesome. The PFF is doing it increasingly well, and Pakistan football is definitely progressing – though the growth given our state of backwardness can only be incremental and in relative terms – especially given the resources that as a nation we dedicate to football. This is something that needs to be understood and appreciated.

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Bcci invites PcB chief for iPl final

Windies face uphill task LONDON



In a friendly move, the India Cricket Board (BCCI) has invited PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf to watch the final of the ongoing Indian Premier League on May 27 in Chennai. "I see the invitation as another positive step forward in further normalising bilateral cricket ties between the two countries," Ashraf said from London. He confirmed that few days back he had received an invitation from the BCCI to attend the final of the Twenty20 event. "The invitation will allow me to undertake a two-day visit to India and I plan to use this visit to have informal discussions with the Indian board officials regarding enhancing chances of restoring bilateral cricket ties," Ashraf said. The PCB has already welcomed BCCI's decision to allow Pakistan's domestic T20 champion, Sialkot Stallions to take part in this year's Champions League Twenty20. Ashraf said that the announcement was a positive development. "We want to play India regularly in bilateral matches and we are willing to talk to them at every level to achieve this. I will be speaking to them on this when I go to India," he added. India has avoided playing Pakistan in a bilateral series since late 2007. The bilateral relations between the two nations were suspended by the BCCI after the Mumbai terror attacks in November, 2008.



EST Indies were 120 for four in their second innings, a deficit of 35 runs, at stumps on the third day of the first Test against England at Lord's here on Saturday. Shivnarine Chanderpaul was 34 not out and Marlon Samuels 26 not out. West Indies were left facing an uphill struggle after a dramatic top-order collapse saw the tourists lose three wickets for no runs. The West Indies were 36 for three in their second innings at tea on the third day, still 119 runs behind England's first innings 398. Their familiar flurry of early wickets again left Shivnarine Chanderpaul, officially the world's best batsman, having to contemplate another salvage operation when he came in at No 5. The tourists had survived a couple of scares in seeing openers Adrian Barath and Kieran Powell put on 36. But in sight of getting through a tricky pre-tea session wicketless, Barath was undone by first change Tim Bresnan's fifth ball, an excellent leg-cutter he could only edge through to wicketkeeper Matt Prior on 24. Powell was far more culpable in his exit for eight, languidly top-edging a pull off Stuart Broad to Ian Bell, running round from deep square leg. And worse followed when Kirk Edwards was run out for nought. Darren Bravo nudged the ball in front of square but turned down a single with Edwards already half-way down the pitch and England debutant Jonathan Bairstow threw down the stumps at the bowler's end from coverpoint. West Indies had lost three wickets for no runs in nine balls, with Bravo nought not out at tea. Earlier, an improved West Indies bowling display saw four England wickets fall in Saturday's first session after

the hosts resumed on 259 for three. But a ninth-wicket partnership of 55 in 47 balls after lunch between Bell and Graeme Swann took the match away from the West Indies, who ended up being 155 behind on first innings. Nevertheless there were encouraging signs for the West Indies in the form of debutant fast bowler Shannon Gabriel, who took three wickets for 60 runs in 21.3 overs, with fellow paceman Kemar Roach returning figures of three for 108 in 25. England captain Andrew Strauss started the day on 121 not out, having ended his 18-month wait for a Test century on Friday. Although the West Indies had endured a tough first day, they were only two deliveries into the new ball. And they had an early breakthrough when left-hander Strauss, who'd added just one to his total, inside-edged a rising delivery from Roach to wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin. South African umpire Marais Erasmus originally ruled in Strauss's favour, but West Indies captain Darren Sammy got the decision overturned on review to

Pietersen ton keeps Deccan winless DELHI CRICINFO

Deccan Chargers dropped Kevin Pietersen three times on his way to 103, the second century of IPL 2012. It was an innings that condemned Chargers to their fourth defeat this season and left them winless at the bottom of the table. After taking three early wickets in defense of a below-par 157, Chargers were on course to turn their fortunes around, but Pietersen denied them. He took Delhi Daredevils to the top of the table with his authoritative knock, his highest score in Twenty20 cricket and hit most sixes in an IPL innings this season - nine. Daredevils held the advantage from the halfway mark. Left-arm spinner Shahbaz Nadeem and Morne Morkel took three wickets apiece to keep to pull Chargers back from 101 for 2 after 11 overs. Despite another spell of fury from Dale Steyn, Chargers were unable to keep Daredevils from joining Rajasthan Royals at the top of the table, with a game in hand. Chargers began strongly in the field when Naman Ojha looked to launch IPL debutant Veer Pratap Singh over the off side but was caught by JP Duminy. It brought Pietersen to the crease earlier than expected and he could have been sent back off the second ball he faced. Steyn bowled an inswinger that cut Pietersen in half as it beat him but Pietersen responded by flicking Steyn for four through midwicket. The next over Pietersen pulled Steyn to short midwicket where Bharat Chipli should have taken the catch to send him on his way for six, but spilled it. Chipli would have felt a little better to see Virender Sehwag caught at second slip off the next ball and Mahela Jayawardene caught by Kumar Sangakkara in the next over. His relief was short-lived though, as he misfielded when Pietersen drilled a ball through the covers for four soon after. Sangakarra brought on a slew of spinners - JP Duminy, Amit Mishra and Ankit Sharma - and Pietersen feasted on all of them. His first six came off

Sports 19

Mishra, who he charged before smacking over his head, in an over in which he scored 14 runs. When Ross Taylor was run out, Chargers had Daredevils cornered on 83 for 4 after 13 overs but Pietersen turned things around by mauling Duminy. Two full-tosses were clubbed over the leg side for six and a third delivery was dispatched over the sightscreen. Duminy's over cost 21 runs and he dropped a return chance off the last ball. In that over, the required run-rate plummeted to a manageable 7.71 from a worrying 9.31 and Pietersen had all but done the job. He went on punish Mishra again, taught Veer not to bowl short and wide by smashing him for six and launch Daniel Christian over long-off. With eight to get off the last two overs and Pietersen on 95, Yogesh Nagar, who played a good supporting role, blocked the last ball to give Pietersen a chance to bring up three-figures. Ankit bowled the first ball of the 20th over and Pietersen hit him over his head to win the match and complete his century, leaving Chargers in no doubt that they were at least 15 short. Chargers' innings was built on one impressive stand, 71 runs in 6.5 overs, between Shikhar Dhawan and Parthiv Patel. But, none of the other batsmen built on their start and they stuttered after the pair was dismissed. Nadeem had Dhawan trapped lbw when he tried the reverse-sweep and Parthiv caught at deep square leg after he pulled one too many. Nadeem took three wickets in three overs and was responsible for dragging Chargers' run-rate back. He also had Duminy caught at mid-on before he had been able to get stuck in. Although Nadeem did not take a wicket in his fourth over, he completed the catch that dismissed Christian the ball after Nadeem's spell ended. By then, Chargers' run-rate had been pulled back from 9 runs to the over, to 7.8. SCOReS: Delhi Daredevils 162 for 5 (Pietersen 103*, Steyn 2-19) beat Deccan Chargers 157 for 8 (Parthiv 45*, Nadeem 3-16) by five wickets.

CLINICAL KOLKAtA tROUNCe PUNjAB: In one of the more one-sided games of the tournament, Kolkata Knight Riders breezed to an eight-wicket win and made amends for fluffing a chase against the same opponents, Kings XI Punjab, three days ago. A deflated Kings XI limped to 124 on their home surface after winning the toss but there were no twists as Knight Riders, led by Gautam Gambhir, attained the target with a risk-free approach. The pitch had a layer of grass and offered movement off the seam, but it didn't have the kind of moisture that gave the bowlers an edge in the previous Mohali game, against Pune Warriors. Nevertheless, the batsmen didn't have the freedom to hit through the line - a staple fare in the plenty of games so far in the IPL. None of the Kings XI batsmen could bat through. Adam Gilchrist kept the momentum going with a couple of boundaries through the on side, but pulled a hamstring while completing a quick single. He had to retire, and his untimely departure in the sixth over dented the run-rate. Kings XI were going along at 7.50 but post-Gilchrist, it had declined to as low as 5.93. The Knight Riders bowlers didn't allow any big partnerships to develop, nothing higher than 24. Much depended on Marsh to give the team momentum, but he departed for 33, albeit in controversial circumstances. He chased a wide delivery from Lee shaping away and got a thick outside edge which dipped to the wicketkeeper, but Manvinder Bisla immediately claimed the catch. The umpires conferred and took Bisla's word, but replays couldn't confirm if he had his gloves underneath the ball. Marsh accepted the ruling, but the team owner Preity Zinta didn't appear too pleased with the decision, querying one of the match officials before Gilchrist stepped in to restore calm. SCOReS: Kolkata Knight Riders 127 for 2 (Gambhir 66*) beat Kings XI Punjab 124 for 7 (Gilchrist 40*, Lee 2-26, Narine 2-24) by eight wickets.

weST inDieS 1ST inningS: 243 (S Chanderpaul 87 no; S Broad 7-72) England 1st Innings (overnight: 259-3) 122 A. Strauss c Ramdin b Roach A. Cook b Roach 26 J. Trott c Ramdin b Sammy 58 K. Pietersen c Ramdin b Samuels 32 61 I. Bell c Powell b Gabriel 16 J. Bairstow lbw b Roach 19 M. Prior b Gabriel 0 T. Bresnan c Ramdin b Sammy 10 S. Broad b F Edwards 30 G. Swann b Gabriel J. Anderson not out 0 Extras (b9, lb3, n12) 24 Total (all out, 113.3 overs, 542 mins) 398 Fall of wickets: 1-47 (Cook), 2-194 (Trott), 3-244 (Pietersen), 4-266 (Strauss), 5-292 (Bairstow), 6-320 (Prior), 7-323 (Bresnan), 8-342 (Broad), 9-397 (Swann), 10398 (Bell) Bowling: F Edwards 25-1-88-1 (3nb); Roach 25-3-108-3 (8nb); Gabriel 21.3-2-60-3; Sammy 28-1-92-2 (1nb); Samuels 14-3-38-1 WEST INDIES 2ND INNINGS A. Barath c Prior b Bresnan 24 K. Powell c Bell b Broad 8 0 K. Edwards run out (Bairstow) D. Bravo b Swann 21 S. Chanderpaul not out 34 26 M. Samuels not out 7 Extras (lb7) 120 Total (4 wkts, 50 overs, 216 mins) Fall of wickets: 1-36 (Barath), 2-36 (Powell), 3-36 (K Edwards), 4-65 (Bravo) To bat: D Ramdin, D Sammy, K Roach, F Edwards, S Gabriel Bowling: Anderson 14-6-21-0; Broad 13-4-31-1; Bresnan 156-40-1; Swann 8-3-21-1; Toss: England Match position: West Indies are 35 runs behind with six second innings wickets standing. Umpires: Aleem Dar (PAK) and Marais Erasmus (RSA) TV umpire: Asad Rauf (PAK) Match referee: Roshan Mahanama (SRI)

end an innings of more than six-and-ahalf hours. Bairstow then took his first ball in Test cricket, a lifting delivery from Roach, on the chest. And Roach dismissed Bairstow, son of the late England wicket-keeper David, when he missed a sharp inswinger and was lbw for 16. New batsman Prior became Gabriel's first Test wicket when the seamer bowled him for 19. Swann, however, revived England's innings, with a brisk 30 featuring six fours before he was bowled by Gabriel. Bell, five not out overnight, worked hard for his runs.

royal Palm flood lit cricket LAHORE STAFF REPORT

After five evenings of entertaining cricket at the extremely well-lit Royal Palm Cricketing arena, supported by F.R Cables and Chawla Aluminium, 12 out of 16 teams stand weeded out and the competitive matches have brought forth Indus Warriors, Punjab Stunners, Royal Vikings and Lahore Bashers as the four top teams of the tournament. These four ability-studded teams will fight it out late in the night on Saturday to decide who is the ultimate champion and worthy of the title trophy and lucrative cash prize. The quarter-finals on Friday stirred a sizable crowd that cheered and applauded every decent stroke and also clapped for every dot ball that was unplayable. At the same time the wides did not go unnoticed and were amply booed. In the quarter final match against Royal Jaguars the Royal Vikings put up an outstanding show and a half century by Fareed Bajwa was all the result of cricketing shots played to perfection, the timing so very visible. In the bowling department Ramzan Sheikh bowled a final over that totally suppressed the determined Royal Janguars batsmen from producing anything extraordinary resulting in their defeat against the Royal Vikings team.

ajmal eyes no. 1 bowler ranking LAHORe: Pakistan offspinner Saeed Ajmal will resume his pursuit of the top bowler ranking in the upcoming threetest series against Sri Lanka. Ajmal is currently second in test rankings behind South Africa fast bowler Dale Steyn. He is also second in the ODI ratings behind another South Africa fast bowler, Lonwabo Tsotsobe. "I have set a goal for myself and that is to be No. 1 in test rankings after the series against Sri Lanka," Ajmal said Saturday. STAFF REPORT

Money troubles raise corruption risk in football ZAGREB AFP

There are thousands of players like Mario Cizmek in football, professionals who never fulfilled their early promise yet whose passion for the game takes them to unfashionable clubs to earn a living from the game they love. Cizmek represented his native Croatia at under-20 and under-21 level. A diagnosis of diabetes halted his rise and he never made it to the big leagues. Instead he became a journeyman, playing for clubs as far afield as Israel and Iceland. The 36-year-old midfielder, though, has since made a name for himself for the wrong reasons after admitting involvement in fixing eight matches in 2010, raising the prospect of time in jail and a ban from playing the sport for life. Cizmek said his life started to unravel after his club, Croatia Sesvete, failed to pay his salary, which amounted to roughly 3,000 euros ($3,800) a month. "A month or two is

not a problem but I did not get my wages for a full year," he told AFP. He owed the state about 35,000 euros in taxes and social contributions and did not want to ask friends and family for loans anymore. "You lose your dignity and become an easy target," he said, revealing how the organisers of the match-fixing worked on cultivating susceptible players for months. Cizmek said he received between 2,000 and 3,000 euros a match and was one of 15 players and football officials sentenced by a Zagreb court last December for rigging eight Croatian First Division (HNL) matches. For that, he was sentenced to 10 months in jail in the country's first trial of its kind. He is now waiting for Croatia's Supreme Court to give its final ruling. If it finds against him, he will go to prison. Cizmek stressed that the difficulties he faced did not justify his behaviour and now wants his experience to serve as an example to young players tempted to follow the same path.

lonDon: west ham United's english midfielder kevin nolan (r) vies with Blackpool's english midfielder Matt Phillips (l) during the 2012 championship play-off final match. afp

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20 Sports

Sunday, 20 May, 2012

roMe: Serena williams of U.S. returns the ball to anabel Medina garrigues of Spain while (r) russia's Maria Sharapova returns a ball to german angelique kerber during their matches of the wTa rome tournament. ReuTeRs/afp

sore back forces serena to withdraw ROME AFP

Serena Williams withdrew on Saturday prior to the Rome Masters semi-final with China's Li Na, with the American admitting she just had been feeling small twinges and will be fine for the French Open. "I'm fine, I'll be 100% for the French," said 30-year-old Williams, who added she pulled out to make sure she didn't aggravate the injury. "I've been feeling a little pain this week and I have a huge schedule coming up," said the American who was on a 17-

hussain breaks another world record SAJJAD ALI PESHAWAR

A 40-years-old sportsman on Saturday brought fame for the country and set a world record by making 178 round house kicks in one minute. Renowed martial artist, Ahmad Hussain, resident of Yousaf Abad village Peshawar has broken the Indian martial artist Mr Jaynath Ready previous world record of had made 171 round house kicks per minute. The name of Ahmad Hussain is already include in Guinness book of world record as he already made nine deferent world records in various discipline of martial arts. All the certificates of all of his records has been issued to him from administration of Guiness book of World records department. Earlier to this record the Indian Marshal Artist M.Jaynath Ready had made 171 round house kicks in one minute which was the highest word record till Saturday. “It is my dream to make fifty world records for my country and make fame for the country, but unfortunately no government official or sports department has encouraging him or providing any type of financial support or facilities to me” he said with Pakistan today exclusively. He had already made nine world records for the country but no one had encouraged them so far. The ceremony was held in Peshawar press club which was also attended by provincial Sports minister Syed Aqil Shah and others. Talking to media persons Ahmad Hussain said that he had clinched several records for his country but unfortunately government did not encouraged him and he was cheated only by hollow slogans. Addressing on the occasion Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Minister for Sports Syed Aqil Shah said that provincial government would support him financial as well as morally as stars like Ahmad Hussain, earning good name for the country. He announced Prize one Lakh rupees for Ahmad Hussain and announced to send him to United Kingdom on Provincial government expense.

match win streak on clay. China's eighth seed Li could not have asked for better timing as she heads into her Roland Garros title defence beginning in eight days. Li will play for the Rome title against defending champion Maria Sharapova, who beat Germany's Angelique Kerber 6-3, 64. "When I was warming up this morning, I was really looking forward to playing against one of the best players ever," said Li, who has not won a title since her triumph in Paris a year ago. "Of course I'm happy to reach the final but I don't like winning like that. I am so sorry for Serena and hope she gets healthy."

Williams did not face much of a match in the quarter-finals, needing less than half an hour on court as opponent Flavia Pennetta quit after four games with a wrist problem. SHARAPOvA StORMS PASt veNUS AND INtO ROMe SeMIS: Defending champion Maria Sharapova shattered hopes of a Williams sisters double act at the Rome International by breezing past Venus Williams 6-4, 6-3 on Friday to reach the semi-finals. But Serena Williams, the ninth seed, advanced 4-0 when Italian opponent Flavia Pennetta withdrew with a right wrist injury. Sharapova, seeded second, and the

winner on clay in Stuttgart last month, demolished the elder Williams, who ended her afternoon with a fifth double-fault on match point to exit the event she won 13 years ago as a teenager. Sharapova will face Germany's Angelique Kerber who beat fourth seeded Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova 7-6 (7/2), 1-6, 6-1 with the Czech player treated on court and off for an abdominal injury. Serena Williams, last week's winner in Madrid, won her 17th consecutive match on clay. "No-one wants to win like that, but I'm happy to get half a day off," said the American of Pennetta's retirement.

Punjab, wapda win Bodybuilding events LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation organized the 5th Inter-departmental Wapda, 5th Inter-provincial and 6th National Junior MONC Championships at AlHamra Hall with the taste of win enjoyed by Umair Akram, Rasool Khan and Imdad Khan. 5th Inter-departmental Wapda Champion, Umair Akram from Navy won the belt and souvenir out of six weight categories. KPK’s Rasool Khan was the winner of the 5th Inter-provincial title in as many weight categories while 6th National Junior MONC Championships title went to Imdad Khan of KPK. Wapda team won the overall title of 5th Inter-departmental Contest with 82 oints while Navy was placed second with 40 points and Army was third with 24 points. In the 5th Inter-provincial Contest, Punjab was the overall performer and got the title with 67 points while KPK was second with 33 points and

lahore: The winners of different bodybuilding contest with chief guest Shakeel Durrani, chairman wapda, naveed akram cheema, president PBf and Sh farooq iqbal, secretary. Sindh and Balochsitan were placed third with 17 points each. In the 6th National MONC Contest, Punjab was the winner with 60 points while KPK was second with 26 points while Wapda was third with 24 points. Shakeel Durrani, chairman Wapda was the chief guest on the oc-

casion and distributed prizes among the winners. Commodore Akbar Naqi, Mohammad Imtiaz Tajwar, secretary Wapda, Wasim Khan, Syed Nazakat Ali and Naveed Akram Cheema, president PBF and Sh Farooq Iqbal, secretary were also present on the occasion.

Top ranked players move to chromatex Table Tennis next round LAHORE STAFF REPORT

All the top ranked players of the country have qualified for the next round of the 2nd day of Chromatex Masters Table Tennis League being played at the Chromatex Hall. asim qureshi (waPDa), asim aziz (PwD), Jehangir khan (waPDa), Bilal yasin (waPDa), Mehboob elahi (chromatex), ahmad hussain (chromatex), haris (Punjab), omer Zaka (army) qualified for second stage league of men’s event. ayesha iqbal (wapda) will meet Sidra Sattar (wapda) and Sadia falaksher (wapda) will meet Mehmooda haider (wapda) in semifinals of women’s singles event. The second stage of men’s singles event will be played later in the day while aysha fahim (Punjab) , ayesha iqbal (wapda), asma Shehzadi (Punjab), Mehmooda haider (wapda), yasmin akhtar (Punjab), Mubin hanif (wapda), Sadia falak Sher (wapda) , Sidra Sattar (wapda) qualified for second stage league of women’s event. THE RESULTS: Jehangir khan (waPDa) bt naved nazar (railway) by 3-2, Umer Zaka (army) bt farid Malik (chromatex) by 3-0, faheem raza (hec) bt Masood (Punjab) by 3-0, asim aziz (PwD) bt irtaza (Punjab) by 3-0, omer Zaka (army) bt abdul islam by 3-1. asim aziz (PwD) bt Mehboob elahi (chromatex) 3-1. ahmad hussain (chromatex) bt farid Malik (chromatex) 3-1. Bilal yasin (waPDa) bt fahim raza (hec) 3-0. haris (Punjab) bt Masood (Punjab) 3-0. omer Zaka bt ahmad hussain (chromatex) 3-1. haris (Punjab) bt fahim raza (hec) 3-2. WOMEN’S QUALIFYING LEAGUE: ayesha fahim (Punjab) bt anam Saeed (hec) 3-0, Sidra Sattar (wapda) bt yasmin akhtar (Punjab) 3-0. ayesha iqbal ( wapda) bt anam Saeed (hec) 3-0. Sadia falaksher (wapda) bt Mehmooda haider (wapda) 3-0. asma Shehzadi (Punjab) bt Mubin hanif (wapda) 3-1. Sidra Sattar (wapda) bt Tamsila yousaf (hec) 3-2. ayesha iqbal (wapda) bt ayesha fahim (Punjab) 3-0. yasmin akhtar (Punjab) bt Tamsila (hec) 3-0. WOMEN’S SECOND STAGE LEAGUE: Sadia falaksher (wapda) bt Mobin hanif (wapda) 3-0, ayesha iqbal (wapda) bt yasmin akhtar (Punjab) 3-0. Mehmooda haider (wapda) bt asma shehzadi (Punjab) 3-2. Sidra Sattar (waPDa) bt anam Saeed (hec) 3-2. Sadia falaksher (wapda) bt ayesha fahim (Punjab) 3-0. asma Shehzadi (Punjab) bt yasmin akhtar (Punjab) 3-0. Sidra Sattar bt Mobin hanif (wapda) 30, ayesha fahim(Punjab) bt anam Saeed (hec) 3-0.ayesha iqbal (wapda) bt Mehmooda haider (wapda) 3-1. Mehmooda haider ( wapda) bt yasmin akhtar (Punjab) 3-0. ayesha fahim (Punjab) bt Mubin hanif (wapda). 3-1. Sadia falaksher (wapda) bt Sidra Sattar (wapda) 3-0. Sadia flaksher (wapda) bt anam Saeed (hec) 3-0. Sidra Sattar (wapda) bt ayesha fahim (Punjab) 3-0. ayesha iqbal (wapda) bt asma Shehzadi (Punjab) 3-0.

London Olympics 2012 torch relay starts in UK LAND'S END AFP

Yachtsman Ben Ainslie was the first torchbearer as the Olympic flame began its 70day journey around Britain and Ireland on Saturday ahead of the 2012 London Games. With the Atlantic Ocean behind him at Land's End, England's most southwesterly point, the triple Olympic gold medallist waited while the flame was flown in by a Royal Navy search and rescue helicopter. Lieutenant Commander Richard Full carried the flame off the helicopter in a golden lantern, posed briefly for photographers, and took it a short distance to light the torch that Ainslie was holding in the bright morning sunshine. Ainslie then set off, barely breaking into a jog as he let some of the 3,500 spectators lining the route touch the golden torch whose design has led it to be nicknamed the "cheese grater". After travelling barely 300 metres (yards), he passed on the torch to 18-year-old Anastassia Swallow, a

surfer who is hoping that her sport will one day become an Olympic discipline. Over the next 10 weeks, the torch will travel 8,000 miles (12,875 kilometres) around England, Scotland, Wales and Northern

Ireland and will also visit the Republic of Ireland. Some 8,000 people -- one for every mile of the route -- will take part in the torch relay as it heads for the Olympic Stadium in east London for the opening cere-

MariZion: olympic Torch bearers exchange the flame on the beach near St Michael's Mount in cornwall, south-west england. The olympic Torch relay continued at land's end, the southwest tip of england, kickstarting an 8,000-mile (12,875-kilometre) journey around Britain, with a detour to also visit the irish capital Dublin. it will culminate in the flame being brought to the olympic Stadium for the opening of the games on July 27. afp

mony on July 27. Ainslie, who just a day earlier won a sixth world title in the Finn class as he steps up his efforts to win a fourth Olympic gold, said it had been a special moment for him to start the relay in his home county of Cornwall. "I'm really very proud for the whole nation," said Britain's greatest Olympic yachtsman, who wore the number 001 on his white London 2012 top. "It was pretty emotional, so much effort has gone into getting the Olympics in London and it means so much to everyone involved." On its first leg, the torch was to be carried through Cornwall to the city of Plymouth. On its 70-day odyssey, it will travel through 1,019 cities, towns and villages and visit landmarks such as Stonehenge. From June 3-7, it will go to Northern Ireland and then the Republic of Ireland -the only country outside the United Kingdom on the route. No overseas legs of the relay have been planned this year after those before the 2008 Beijing Games were hit by protests against China.

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Sunday, 20 May, 2012

Djokovic, Federer in heavyweight semis clash ROME



OVAK Djokovic and Roger Federer will clash for the 25th time in Saturday's Rome Masters semi-finals while Rafael Nadal also progressed, ensuring the big three all made the last four of this crucial French Open warm-up. Defending champion Djokovic, the top seed, fought through the first set, before racing away in the second to beat French fifth seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 7-5, 6-1. Federer, fresh from his Madrid Masters triumph last weekend, followed the script with a 6-1, 6-2 demolition of Italian Andreas Seppi in just 53 minutes, with the Swiss third seed winning 14 of the first 15 points. Second seed Nadal, meanwhile, got the better of Czech seventh seed Tomas Berdych, grinding out a 6-4, 7-5 win and will meet fellow Spaniard David Ferrer. "It was a very good match for me. From the start I played aggressive," said Federer. "The goals have to be the same against

Djokovic -- take it to him and play my game." Rome is one of the few big events Federer has not won, losing finals in 2003 and 2006. But the Swiss star, who hasn't played Djokovic since his marathon US Open semi-final defeat last year, showed his clay game is nearing perfection, just a

week before the start of the French Open. Djokovic was tested early on by Tsonga in a first set filled with five breaks of serve. But after winning the opener in nearly an hour, Tsonga's defences collapsed as the top seed came home for his 29th win of the season. "In the second set I played one of

Ireland’s Taylor retains world title

chingwanTao: katie Taylor (l) of ireland clashes with Sofya ochigava of russia during their lightweight 60kg final bout at the women's world Boxing championships. afp QINHUANGDAO AFP

Ireland's boxing queen Katie Taylor will battle for a historic Olympic gold as the world number one after she claimed her fourth consecutive lightweight title on Saturday. The 25-year-old star endured a tense 11-7 battle of nerves against Russian Sofya Ochigava at the Women's World Boxing Championships in China to maintain possession of the crown she has worn since 1996. The world title tops off a glorious week for the Irish fighter after she qualified earlier in the tournament for the 2012 London Games, the first time women's boxing is included in the Olympics. "It was a tense fight and I had no idea until the end of the bout if I had won because it was that close. It was a game of patience. Sofya is a fantastic boxer and we now have a great rivalry going," she said. The pair were drawing 4-4 after two rounds but Taylor possessed the tactical edge with her probing jabs. Meanwhile, China's serial champ Ren Cancan survived an onslaught of left hooks from Eng-

land's Nicola Adams to take the gold 14-10 in the flyweight final. "It was a tough fight. I lost before to Nicola but I am satisfied to win here and now I look forward to the Olympics," said the 24year-old home favourite. Adams, who also qualified for the Olympics, claimed she was the victim of biased judging. "I don't think that was the right story at the end. It was the wrong decision but that's boxing for you. To be honest, I believe I won the fight," she said. Another English fighter, Savannah Marshall, handed herself the perfect 21st birthday present by beating Azerbaijan's Elena Vystropova 17-15 to claim the middleweight crown and will fight as world number one in London. North Korean Pak Kyong secured gold after overpowering Poland's Magdalena Stelmach 10-5 for light welterweight gold, sending her small army of flag-waving female supporters into raptures. Light flyweight Josie Gabuco made history for the Philippines by overcoming a vocal crowd in the city of Qinhuangdao to narrowly beat China's Xu Shiqi 10-9.

lahore: chief guest Director general Sports Punjab Usman anwar meets the afghanistan and Pakistan teams members during the Touch Ball championship at the Punjab Stadium. sTaff pHOTO

Sports 21

the best sets on clay this year," said Serb star Djokovic. "This is encouraging for the challenges ahead. With Roland Garros coming, I'm playing and feeling better in every match." Nadal will face off in the final four against compatriot and sixth seed Ferrer, who beat French 15th seed Richard Gasquet 7-6 (7/4), 6-3. "I played one of my best matches on clay against a difficult opponent," said five-time Rome winner Nadal. "I'm happy to do so well after also playing well in Monte Carlo and Barcelona (where he won both titles). It was a big match because the level of the opponent was high and he plays with big confidence. I played under pressure all the time." Nadal and Ferrer went toe-to-toe less than three weeks ago, with Nadal winning the final to take his seventh trophy on home clay in Barcelona. Nadal showed he has regained his blistering form after a poor third-round loss a week ago on blue clay in Madrid as he beat Berdych for the 11th time in succession in a struggle lasting just over two hours.

Watch it Live GEO SUPER IPL-5: Kings XI Punjab v Royal Challengers 07:30PM

Powell edges rodgers for Shanghai win SHANGHAI: Former world record-holder Asafa Powell boosted his Olympic hopes as he edged controversial American Michael Rodgers to win the Shanghai Diamond League men's 100m in 10.02sec on Saturday. Powell, beaten by a resurgent Justin Gatlin in this month's opening Diamond League meeting in Doha, timed six hundredths of a second quicker than Rodgers, who was recently slapped with a nine-month, retroactive drug ban. Jamaica's Nesta Carter was third with American Darvis Patton fourth. Powell, 29, has vowed to go "all out" at London 2012 as he bids to erase his reputation of shrinking on the big stage. But he is expected to be outshone by compatriots Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake, the Olympic and world champions. AFP

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DPC announces long march against NATO supplies LAHORE



HE Defence of Pakistan Council (DPC) on Saturday announced to organise a long march on May 27 to protest against the possible restoration of NATO supply routes. Pakistan closed supply routes for coalition forces in Afghanistan following an air strike by NATO aircraft in November last year that killed 24 soldiers. Both countries have been involved in talks for new terms

and conditions for the restoration of supply routes, and high-ranking officials have hinted at restoring the suspended supplies in a couple of days. On Friday, Pakistan allowed a US diplomatic shipment to cross into Afghanistan that had also been stuck for months. It is believed that the permission to four US trucks to enter Afghanistan is also an indication for the possible NATO supply line restoration. The DPC, an alliance of dozens of religiopolitical groups, will begin long march from Karachi on May 27. The participants will march towards Islamabad to mount pressure

on the federal government against restoring supply lines. Islamist parties in Pakistan oppose transit facility to NATO forces, saying Pakistan should not be part of the war in Afghanistan. The DPC leaders met in Mansoora, the headquarters of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), in Lahore and announced a protest plan against the possible restoration of supplies. DPC chief Samiul Haq told reporters that the DPC would also stage a protest on May 25. Rallies will be organised on coming Friday in major cities to oppose transit facility to NATO forces, he said. Haq, who also heads his own faction of

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, said that the DPC’s central leaders would address the rallies in various cities and towns during the long march. A committee under JI leader Liaquat Baloch has been formed to plan the route for the long march rally, he said. Haq termed the restoration of NATO supplies “unacceptable”, saying the US had killed 24 Pakistani soldiers and even refused to tender apology over its brutal act. He said the US had also refused to stop drone strikes in the country’s tribal regions despite repeated demands from the government and the people of Pakistan. He re-

gretted that the chiefs of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had not responded positively despite being invited to join the long march. Haq said that Yousaf Raza Gilani was a convict and therefore an “unconstitutional prime minister”, and had no right to decide about the destiny of the country. Speaking on the occasion, JI chief Syed Munawar Hassan accused the government of adopting pro-American policies, saying the DPC’s long-march on Islamabad would be a clear message to the government against bowing before the US.

Govt considering improving basic pay of regular employees ISLAMABAD ONLINE

In yet another development, the federal government is considering improving the basic pay scales of regular employees, whereas the government of Punjab is a staunch opponent to this proposal due to its huge pool of employees. Sources said the government of Punjab was opposing the proposal due to the massive number of employees compared to other provinces and it was difficult for them to give equal increment to its employees. However, Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are somewhat in favor of the proposal. The federal government has also sought recommendations from the provinces in this regard. The federal government is also mulling increasing salaries from 15 to 35 per-

cent in the fiscal budget 2012-13. Sources said that federal government drafted three recommendations for increase in salaries and the cabinet would take a final decision in this regard. The sources said if the government increased salaries by 15 percent, it would bear an addition load of Rs 20 billion, in case of 25 percent an additional Rs 37 billion, while it would bear an additional Rs 57 billion in case of a 35 percent increase in salaries. Country’s economic trouble shooter and a pay committee developed three formulas for salary increase package for the next financial year starting July 1, 2012, according to which a 50 percent ad-hoc relief allowance announced in 2010-11 budget and 15 percent announced in 2011-12 had been proposed for merger in pay scales, the new pay scales to be applicable from July 1 this year.

pM’s security guard arrested, released after brawl with punjab police LAHORE: Difa-e-Pakistan Council Chairman Maulana Sami-ul-Haq addresses a press conference after a meeting at the Jamaat-eIslami office in Mansura on Saturday. sTaff RepORT

abducted journalist found dead near Turbat QUETTA

another missing person found dead as LJ guns downs Quetta jail warden QUETTA



A journalist from Turbat who had gone missing the previous evening, was found dead on Saturday morning with bullet wounds on his body. Razzak Gul Baloch was associated with Express TV and newspaper. According to details, he left his house late Friday evening without telling his family members, who started searching for him after he did not return until late night. Razzaq’s family members believe that he had been abducted near his residence on Friday evening. The journalist’s bulletriddled body was found dumped near the Singani Sar area in the outskirts of Turbat city. The Levies force sent the body to a government-run hospital for post mortem. Later, the body was identified by the victim’s brother Muhammad Alam. Doctors said that the deceased had been shot multiple times in head and chest, causing his immediate death. According to local journalists, the deceased had not told them about receiving threats from anyone, however, the manner in which he was killed is similar to the killings of missing persons whose bodies are being recovered in the deserted areas of the province. Razzaq’s murder has increased the death toll of journalists in the province from 21 to 22 during the last seven years, and most of them are believed to be killed by intelligence agencies or Baloch militant organisations.

A bullet- riddled body of a Baloch youth was discovered from Khuzdar district, 360kms southeast of Quetta, on Saturday morning. According to police, locals spotted a body lying near Arbab complex in Khuzdar and informed police. A police team rushed to the site and moved the body to Civil Hospital Khuzdar for autopsy, where the victim was identified as Abdul Khaliq Mirwani. Doctors said the victim had been shot in the head and wounds on his body suggested that he had been tortured before being killed. Sources said the victim had gone missing around nine months ago from Khuzdar and an FIR of his abduction had been registered by his family members. Police handed over the body to the heirs after completing legal formalities and started investigation Meanwhile, unidentified armed men killed a jail official on Saturday and the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for the killing. “Two armed men on a motorcycle opened fire on chief warden of Quetta Jail Imtiaz Ahmad at the gate of Quetta Central Prison and fled. Ahmad was killed ion the spot,” police officer Qazi Abdul Wahid said. IGP Prisons Noor Mohammad Pirkani said Imtiaz was heading for evening walk when he was shot dead at the prison’s main gate. He said the funeral was offered in Quetta and the body was sent to Sheikhupura, his native town, for burial. The motive behind the murder is yet to be ascertained. Spokesman for Lashker-e-Jhangvi Abu Bakar called various newspaper offices and claimed responsibility for the killing, saying “the warden was a cruel person and subjected our imprisoned LJ activities and leaders to torture”. He warned other jail staff of dire consequences if they did not “change their attitude” towards LJ activists in prison. He advised the media to accommodate all his statement as said, or else face consequences.

LAHORe: An official of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s security squad was held by local police after he quarreled with officers of the Punjab Police Force on Saturday. However he was later released on the intervention of DIG operations. Sadar Superintendent of Police Athar Waheed told reporters that the PM’s security guard had misbehaved with him and other police officers. He said the official asked him why he (the SP) was carrying a weapon. The SP said it was his duty to carry a weapon and remain close to the venue where the prime minister was present. Waheed said he would “not let the guard go” until he tendered an apology. The arrested security guard of the PM later apologized and was released. Minutes after SP Athar Waheed arrested the

Published by Arif Nizami for Nawa Media Corporation (Pvt) Ltd at Plot No 79, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

Editor: Arif Nizami

PM’s security guard, a spokesman for Punjab Governor Latif Khosa said the SP was being transferred to Balochistan. He said the governor had contacted the Punjab chief secretary and IG Police and ordered an enquiry into the incident. The spokesman said the IGP had assured Khosa that the SP was being transferred to Balochistan. However, provincial Law Minister Sanaullah negated the impression that the SP was being transferred and said the man sitting in the Governor’s House seemed more a “Pathay Khan” and less a governor. He said no official of the Punjab Police could be transferred on the wishes of someone. Sanullah said the manner in which the Punjab governor was highlighting a minor incident was inappropriate. aGeNCIes

e-paper pakistantoday 20th may, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 20th may, 2012