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It’s not going to be a peaceful election STORY ON PAGE 04



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The nation is paying the price of Musharraf’s adventurism. — PML-N Senator Zafar Ali Shah


N News saturday, 20 April, 2013

all citizens are equal Before the law: cJP ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said all citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal treatment and protection of law. Inaugurating a threeday international judicial conference in Islamabad on Friday, the CJP said, “Our constitution envisages a population free of exploitation and oppression in all its forms.” “The constitution of Pakistan envisages a population free of exploitation and oppression in all its forms under Article 3. This can only be achieved where the rule of law is strictly established and every citizen is treated alike by every institution and functionary of the State. To provide every citizen with the basic quality of life and opportunities of prosperity that he deserves, the constitution has listed a set of fundamental rights in chapter 2 of part 1 of the constitution. These fundamental rights are equally accessible to every citizen without discrimination or want of qualification, regardless of race, class, creed, gender, ethnicity or background. The importance of the fundamental rights is reflected in the fact that Article 8 declares every law made in derogation of fundamental rights or found to be incompatible with them to be void. Unlike many other constitutional rights regimes, our constitution does not allow for derogation from the delivery of these rights under any discretionary exercise of executive prerogative,” he said. He said the foremost function of the state was to administer justice and maintain peace and internal order, adding that it was the responsibility of the superior courts to enforce fundamental rights of citizens. He pointed out that military interventions‚ unstable economy and weak political culture were main contributors of the catastrophic state of affairs in Pakistan. The chief justice said in the democratic set up of Pakistan every institution had to recognise and respect constitutional norms. NNI

nawaz sharif’s Plane escaPes accident LAHORE: A private plane carrying Pakistan’s main opposition leader Nawaz Sharif was forced to land on Friday after its windscreen was damaged, officials said. The plane was flying from the southwestern city of Quetta to a small town in Punjab province. “Sharif was flying to Hasilpur town, 447 kilometres from Islamabad in a private jet when its windscreen (was) damaged, forcing the pilot to land the plane at the airport in Lahore,” civil aviation spokesman Hamid Qaimkhani said. He said that there were 11 people including Sharif and some of his close aides on board the plane, adding that it had landed safely with no injuries. STAFF REPORT




N an unprecedented yet historic development in the high drama surrounding former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf in the judges’ detention case, a judicial magistrate handed the former president over to police custody on transit remand for two days besides directing the police to produce the accused before an Anti-Terrorism Court on or before April 21. The Islamabad police ‘informally’ produced the accused before the court of a judicial magistrate and sought 14 days judicial remand. However, the judge rejected the police’s plea and handed the custody of the retired general to police for two days. Wearing what appeared to be a bombproof vest, the former military chief came to the court of Judicial Magistrate Muhammad Abbas Shah on Friday morning. Contrary to rules, police did not shackle the former president. Instead, he was escorted by his security team consisting of Rangers and intelligence personnel. During the course of hearing, police and investigators while pointing towards Musharraf told the court that interrogation of the ‘arrested’ accused was required in connection with a case registered in 2009, in which he was booked for detaining judges of superior courts. Police also told the court that while following the Islamabad High Court’s judgement announced on Thursday, a new section under 7-ATA has been added to the FIR [First Information Report]. After reviewing the police’s application, the judge handed the accused over to police on transit remand while directing it to produce him before the Anti-Terrorism Court

ISLAMABAD: Rangers personnel guard the Police Headquarters where former president Pervez Musharraf is being kept on a two-day transit remand. ONLINE

(ATC) before or on April 21. In its judgement, the court said: “The accused produced in custody by the local police with the request of handing him to judicial lock-up. Attesting copies of the order of worthy IHC, passed yesterday reviewed. In which it has been observed that prima facie content of FIR attracts 7-ATA. Therefore, the police is directed to comply with the order of IHC. Investigation officer of the case is strictly directed to adhere to the order of IHC in letter and spirit. However, two days’ transit custody of the accused is granted to local police with the direction of producing before the ATC on or before April 21.” After a brief hearing, the court had reserved its decision for a while. During this period, Musharraf remained seated in his car. After the announcement of

verdict, the former military chief left the area with his security squad. Police say the accused was in their custody as according to law, anyone granted a transit remand must be kept within police jurisdiction. According to police, Musharraf had been shifted to Police Line Headquarters. He will be produced any time before the ATC Islamabad, which was hurriedly established on Friday to facilitate the accused, otherwise, due to non-presence of ATC in Islamabad, he would have had to go to ATC Rawalpindi. According to a notification issued by the Law Ministry, Session Judge Kausar Abbas Zaidi had been given additional charge to hear the terrorism-related case. MUSHARRAF ESCAPE: Meanwhile, Islamabad Inspector General of Police Bani Amin appeared in the IHC on notice before

Try Musharraf like a common criminal: Nawaz QUETTA STAFF REPORT

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Friday said that former military dictator Pervez Musharraf had committed serious crimes and must be tried as per law of the country. Addressing journalists at a press conference, Nawaz Sharif said that the Islamabad inspector general police should be questioned over how Pervez Musharraf managed to escape from court. “If Musharraf is not arrested immediately, it would be a violation of court order,” he added. He said military dictators should be tried as common criminals who committed any crime. “Nobody is above the law,” Nawaz Sharif said. The PML-N chief stated that nobody should be allowed to undermine the sanctity of courts. Earlier, Nawaz Sharif visited the residence of PMLN Balochistan chief Sardar Sanaullah Zehri and offered fateha for the son and other relatives of Sanaullah Zehri. Sardar Zehri’s son, brother and nephew were killed in an explosion in Khuzdar area of Balochistan on April 16. Nawaz demanded a judicial inquiry into the attack. Furthermore, he said that the May 11 elections would determine the fate of the former rulers who had drained the national exchequer. He said the law and order situation in Balochistan was miserable and needed immediate attention.

Shaukat Siddiqui. Justice Siddiqui reprimanded the IGP, asking him why he did not come on Thursday. “Why did the police not arrest the accused, who despite the presence of police managed to flee the court?” “Usually around 10 police officials reach anywhere in the city to arrest vendors… but in this high-profile case of judges’ confinement, police did not arrest the accused,” the judge remarked. In its order, the court held the IGP responsible for Musharraf fleeing the court premises on Thursday. The court directed the interior secretary to take action against the negligence of IGP and other police officers. The court also ordered the interior secretary to submit a report of police negligence while fixing responsibility by April 23.

BJP welcomes musharraf’s arrest NEW DELHI

MUSHARRAF SUBMITS PLEA FOR FULL BENCH IN TREASON CASE ISLAMABAD: Former president Pervez Musharraf has submitted a plea in the Supreme Court requesting the formation of a full bench to hear the treason case against him. The petition, submitted on Friday, said the case involved a number of constitutional and legal complications for which a full bench of the SC was significant. It also requested the court to review the verdict of July 31, 2009, adding that only a bench of 14 judges found Musharraf guilty of treason in the judgement. ONLINE

He said that writ of the government should be ensured at all cost. Sharif said that if elections were not held the situation would further worsen.


Welcoming the arrest of former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday expressed hope that the power of democracy and law that was equal for all would continue in the future so that the people of Pakistan could get an opportunity to elect a leader of their choice. “It is a full circle for Pervez Musharraf, the great dictator, the army general, who used to epitomise the voice of Pakistan… Today he is running for cover, he almost ran away from the court. That is indeed a part of democracy. What Musharraf did against India is too well known. But as far as Pakistan was concerned, it was a case of murder, mayhem, deliberate breaking of the system, seeking to overawe the judiciary. All has come full circle,” said BJP chief spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad. “It was a very historic day in the history of Pakistan. I only wish that this power of democracy, the rule of law is equal for all, a small Pakistani or an army general, will continue in the future so that the people of Pakistan get the opportunity to elect a leader of their choice,” he added. Musharraf was arrested on Friday morning from his farmhouse in a case relating to sacking of judges following which he was granted two days transit remand by an Islamabad magistrate’s court.

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Keeping judges in illegal confinement comes under the ambit of terrorism but Musharraf should be given the right of self defence. — Aitzaz Ahsan

03 N

News saturday, 20 April, 2013



EMBER of the Upper House on Friday adopted a unanimous resolution demanding trial of former president and military chief Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 for abrogating the constitution. The fourth sitting of the 92nd Senate session opened under the chairmanship of Senator Nayyar Hussain Bukhari. The House unanimously adopted a reso-

lution calling upon authorities to try the former military ruler under Article 6. The resolution also demanded that all photographs, posters and banners of the former president be removed from all government buildings with immediate effect. PML-N Senator Ishaq Dar moved the resolution on behalf of all members, demanding the government to remove portraits of Musharraf from all public buildings. The resolution also demanded that the resolution passed by the House on January 23 last year regarding arrest of Pervez Musharraf should also be clubbed with this resolution. At the onset of the session‚ the members expressed annoyance over the absence of the interior minister because he was summoned by the chairman to appear before the House and answer questions regarding law and order. The chair suspended the proceeding for 15 minutes and asked the interior minister to come in the House, whereas on the resumption of the session‚ the House was informed that the interior minister was in a meeting with the prime minister. As a protest over the absence, all mem-

bers staged a token walk out. Speaking on the Musharraf issue later‚ caretaker federal minister for interior told the House that Musharraf had been taken into custody and shifted to judicial lock up, adding that Musharraf’s residence had been declared a sub-jail. The minister said he was cognisant of the entire issue and supervising the process. Elaborating, he said it was for the first time in the history of the country that a dictator had been arrested and “we have also got two-day remand of Musharraf”. Speaking on points of order, the members objected to declaring Musharraf’s house sub-jail and demanded he must be brought to book without any favour. They said the responsibility lay on the caretaker government. The House also resumed discussion on power outages as the issue was raised through an adjournment motion in the previous sitting. Minister for Water and Power Dr Musadik Malik said 12-hour electricity loadshedding was being conducted in urban areas and 14-hours in rural areas of the country. Giving his remarks on a motion moved

Do what you want, MQM will still contest polls: sattar KARACHI STAFF REPORT

Conspiracies are being hatched to keep the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) out of the electoral process but the party would not call for a boycott of elections, party leader Farooq Sattar said on Friday. Addressing a press conference, the MQM leader said his party was being forced to boycott elections while the mandate of MQM was being snatched under a planned conspiracy. Sattar said delimitation of constituencies in Karachi was also part of the conspir-

acy, however, he added that the MQM would not boycott the forthcoming elections. “The party’s candidates, activists and supporters are being killed under a planned script and its purpose is to compel the MQM to boycott the upcoming elections,” he claimed. He further said door-to-door checking in the name of search operations was being conducted in 30 localities of Karachi. “All political parties are working on their election campaigns, while the MQM is lifting coffins of party workers prior to the polls,” he lamented.

Intellec-chawals and election security

BY THE TUBE H E N it comes to the media, the odds are stacked against the ANP. First, the party, like the PPP, does not appeal to the socio-economic class that the journalists belong to. Second, it is a regional party, where the media does not have too much of a presence. Third, the party, a continuation of the Congress, does not bode well with the Nawa-e-Waqt indoctrinated minds of those occupying senior positions in the media. That is all well and good. Matters are made inconvenient whenever the ANP shows huge amounts of the stuff heroes are made out of. You see, it is difficult not to be inspired by activists manning the small corner offices of the party, knowing fully well that they are sitting ducks. And not a case of the leadership going into hiding while the foot soldiers bear the brunt too. Almost all the who’s who of the party leadership, and in some cases their family members, have been attacked by the militants. Yet, they continue to keep at it. So, to segue into the issue at hand: how do the pundits cover such events? One way is to remain objective. But the problem with objectivity is that the


ANP is, by strictly objective standards, displaying immense courage, regardless of what one might think of their ideology or their performance in government. A consequence of that is that objective comment turns out to be platitudes and praise. Given the visceral anti-politician instinct of the commentariat, praising politicians is viewed as a career destroyer by the pundits. So, some pundits attempt to forcibly tone it down. This can’t be done without introducing a caustic element in the conversation and that is what we saw in Muhammad Mallick’s rather ham-fisted interview of party chief Asfandyar Wali Khan (Dunya News, 15th April.) But if Mallick seemed insensitive, it was nothing compared to Javed Chaudhry’s crack (Express News, 15th April) at the subject of candidates’ security. Uncle Sargam began with the usual pissing-from-a-height account that he usually starts with, recalling an incident from Moghul history that – if one was trying really hard, and had swallowed three packets of Ispaghol – was only tangentially relevant to the matter at hand. But it was the rest of the programme where our man let it rip. Why the government should give you security, he asked the ANP’s Haji Adeel. What have you all done to deserve it? Flabbergasted as Adeel might have been at a why-are-two-and-two-

“Killings of the workers and supporters have become a routine.” Condemning the killings of party activists, Sattar said funeral prayers of “our political worker was offered today in the morning and in the meantime, four more supporters were killed when the preparations of the worker’s burial were in progress”. Armed terrorists kidnapped the party’s supporters and tortured them to death, while their bodies were thrown in Mewah Shah Graveyard, Sattar added. He said the MQM would issue its final list of candidates for polls tomorrow. four question, he still tried to reason with the man. You (Express) have occupied a significant portion of the road (outside their office in the Aabpara Market) in the name of security. But we pay for that security, replies Chaudhry. You mean to say you pay for the road, Adeel asks back incredulously. Yes, we pay the CDA, Chaudhry replies. This is, of course, a lie. But since the last word is the pundits’ and there’s no holding them accountable, false assertions are water under the bridge. In the US, the principal challenger in presidential elections is provided Secret Service security detail that stays with him till much after he or she concedes defeat. It is the responsibility of the state to provide security to rich and poor candidates alike. Romney got his security despite being a millionaire many, many times over. By saying candidates should pay for their own security, pundits like Chaudhry are implying only the rich should be in politics. Rehmat Shah Saahil is the ANP’s candidate from NA-35 Malakand. He is a poet extraordinaire whose lyrics for popular songs have made him famous. And, since there isn’t much money in poetry, he is a professional tailor. Javed Chaudhry expected Saahil to pay for his security in the constituency contiguous to the one where Malala Yousufzai was shot. It is said that the bourgeois class is the biggest impediment to social change. Scratch the populist veneer that the likes of Chaudhry and his other middle-class colleagues have carefully maintained and you’ll see a genuine distaste for the poor to begin with.

by Tahir Hussain Mashhadi regarding excessive load shedding in the country‚ the minister said no attempt had been made to address the issue of circular debts that had defaulted power generation institutions.

IT IS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY THAT A DICTATOR HAS BEEN ARRESTED MQM senators also raised the issue of law and order in Karachi, expressing their concern over rise in incidents of targeted killing in the city. “Karachi portrays that there exists no law enforcement agencies, police or security forces in the city as half a dozen people


lose their lives daily without knowing their crime or sin,” Senator Mashhadi said. The MQM senators also staged a protest walkout from the session to highlight the rising incidents of targeted killings in the city. The Senate Standing Committee on Defence and Defence Production also presented its report in the House, highlighting the details regarding visit of National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s Consultative Assembly and visits to Naval and Air Headquarters. The house was prorogued later.

rocket attack on election rally kills two in south waziristan SOUTH WAZIRISTAN: At least two persons were killed and eight other injured when an election rally of an independent candidate came under rocket attack at Wana Bazaar of South Waziristan on Friday morning. The rally was a part of the election campaign by Naseer Ahmed, who , along with 50 other candidates, will contest elections from the constituency of NA-41 Tribal area – VI South Waziristan. According to details, four rockets were fired from the nearby mountains, two of which landed in the area where the rally was held and two in the markets nearby. The officials said that eight injured have been admitted in the Agency Headquarter Hospital at Wana. One of them later succumbed to injuries. So far no one has claimed responsibility for attacking the election rally but official believe involvement of Taliban militants in this attack. Earlier, the Mullah Nazir group of Taliban had assured aspiring candidates that the insurgents would not interfere with the election process in the South Waziristan tribal region. STAFF REPORT

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04 N

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will provide financial assistance to its candidates. — Shah Mahmood Qureshi

News saturday, 20 April, 2013

Polio team targeted in Tank TANK: A team of polio workers was attacked in the area of Gomal near Tank on Friday, injuring two levies officials. The exact nature of the attack is not known as yet. Injured levies were rushed to the DHQ Hospital. STAFF REPORT

Measles outbreak hits vulnerable Britain LONDON: A measles outbreak has hit over 800 people in Britain, a country in which up to two million schoolchildren are believed to be unprotected due to a scare which linked the vaccine with autism, figures revealed on Thursday. The outbreak is centred on the south Wales town of Swansea but health experts warn there is a serious risk that the virus could spread, particularly in London. Between 1996 and 2012 an average of 550 people contracted the disease each year in Britain, according to Health Protection Agency (HPA) figures. APP

Measles kills four in Upper Dir, Nowshera PESHAWAR/LAHORE: After Punjab, measles gripped different areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KP) resulting in the death of four children while over a dozen others were affected. According to details, in Nihag area of Upper Dir, KP two brothers, six-year-old Saniyal and four-year-old Hammed died of measles while Sapna, Lubna and Saman were under treatment at a local hospital. In Khaisra area of Nowshera district, nine children of a family were hospitalised after being affected by measles and fouryear-old Aleena expired during treatment. INP

Fazlullah asked for passage to attack Punjab: Asfandyar KARACHI: Awami National Party (ANP) chief Asfandyar Wali Khan on Friday revealed that the Taliban started attacking them after he refused to provide them a passage to attack Punjab. In an interview with a private TV channel, the ANP chief said, “Taliban leader Fazlullah, in a telephone call, had asked me to provide him a passage for attacking Punjab and I had refused. That is when the TTP started attacking the ANP.” Asfandyar said no one except President Asif Ali Zardari and MQM chief Altaf Hussain had called him and condemned the attack on Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour. He said he wanted to inform those who were silent at this time that tomorrow could be their turn. INP

Five killed in mortar explosions near tribal belt PESHAWAR: At least five persons including a woman and two children were killed and several others injured as a result of explosions at Buner and Peshawar on Friday. Per reports from Buner, a woman along with two children found a mortar shell in a field near their home in Showayee village, Korea Town. The children were playing with the shell when a huge explosion occurred, killing all three on the spot. Officials said all three belonged to the same family. The children were cousins while the woman was their aunt. Meanwhile, a mortar shell struck a house in the outskirts of Peshawar, near Bara in Khyber Agency, killing at least two persons from the same family. Security forces camping at Bara have been engaged in shelling against hideouts and dins of militants from time to time. STAFF REPORT

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso during a meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Najam Sethi, KP Chief Minister Tariq Pervez Khan and Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Barozai at PM's Secretariat on Friday.




HE top leadership of the caretaker regime on Friday was informed that the upcoming general elections faced a serious security threat as major anti-state outfits such as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LJ) and Baloch rebels with aid of al Qaeda were conspiring to disrupt the election process. A government source on condition of anonymity told Pakistan Today that caretaker Interior Minister Malik Habib Khan and an official of a premier intelligence agency, during their separate briefings in a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso, had made startling revelations about the terrorists’ plans to disrupt the elections. The meeting was attended by Punjab Chief Minister Najam Sethi, Balochistan CM Nawab Ghaus Bukhsh Barozai and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa CM Justice (r) Tariq Pervaiz. The Sindh CM could not attend the meeting due to some unavoidable engagement. “TTP, LJ, BLF and other outfits have ganged up with al Qaeda to target political rallies and public meetings, especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) would be the war zone and politicians would be attacked without mercy by terrorists,” the

INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES SAY TTP, LJ, QAEDA, BALOCH REBELS CONSPIRING TO THWART ELECTION PROCESS source quoted the intelligence official as informing the meeting. The Awami National Party (ANP), Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would be the prime targets of terrorists, he added. The source said the intelligence official shared reports that sectarian attacks were also likely in Punjab where the law and order situation has been relatively better compared to the other provinces. “The meeting was also informed that Nawaz Sharif may also come under attack during his election campaign. Moreover, the threat is minor for interior Sindh and rural Punjab where the terrorists have minimal footprint as compared to Karachi where terrorists have established a strong base,” the source said. The meeting was also informed about the terrorists’ plans in Balochistan. “Balochistan CM Barozai called for a military operation against the rebel groups, particularly the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and Baloch Liberation Front (BLF),” the source said. The meeting was informed that law enforcement agencies were on high alert keeping in view threats to political leaders and to ensure that the elections are held

Ayaz Amir resolves to defeat PML-N in Chakwal ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Though eminent columnist-turnedpolitician Ayaz Amir is down and out after being rejected a PML-N ticket for NA-60 Chakwal, the former MNA has announced to support the candidates of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in his hometown to take revenge from his former party leader - Nawaz Sharif. Ayaz, who accused Nawaz of being power hungry, commands respect and support not only in the journalist and political community, but among his electorate as well. “I have withdrawn and my entire panel would now support PTI candidates in across Chakwal unconditionally,” Ayaz told Pakistan Today. Elected on a PML-N ticket from Chakwal from NA-60 in 2008 elections with a record over 100,000 votes, Ayaz toed his party line and even remained steadfast in struggle against former dictator Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf for the return of the Sharif family from exile. During the days since October 1999 to 2008, Amir took part in rallies to mobilise voters and supporters. He also remained actively involved in writing columns against the dictatorial rule of Musharraf. “When they were in exile, my columns based on principled and bold stance against Musharraf were the most favourite gifts for Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif,” said Amir, adding that both brothers often used to recognise his services in this regard. “But soon after their return to power, my bold and principled stance became unbearable for Sharifs which I used to reflect in my columns and TV

shows. Since I did not believe in the tricks of flattering, I became the most undesirable person,” he added. Referring to the spoiler’s role played by Nisar Ai Khan, Amir said he was disliked by the former leader of opposition as he did not have a habit of buttering him up like other MNAs. “I did not go to his chamber even once in past five years. This was perhaps disturbing for him,” he added. “So Nisar decided to pick Major (r) Tahir Iqbal, son-in-law of Lt Gen (r) Abdul Majid Malik, who was a kitchen cabinet member of Nawaz Sharif in 1990s but left him soon after the coup by Musharraf.” Unlike Amir, Malik joined forces with Musharraf and enjoyed a merry ride until 2008, as his son-in-law was made the state minister in Shaukat Aziz’s cabinet. The same Tahir Iqbal has now replaced Ayaz Amir. “Let me admit that I and Sharifs were never birds of the same feather. I could not go along with the PML-N anymore. Though I never agreed with their policies, but I remained with them on insistence of my electorate who wanted me to remain with the PMLN. I resigned in 1998 as well, but later rejoined when Sharifs were overthrown by Musharraf,” Ayaz said. To a question, Ayaz said Nawaz was never a democrat and he never believed in democratic norms. He said Nawaz was nurtured by a dictator and was in habit of remaining in power at all costs. “He knows that this is the last chance for him to grab power. So he is desperate for power. He feels if he loses this chance, he would never be able to win again. He is not a democrat. He should be thankful to General Musharraf whose coup made him champion of democracy,” he concluded.


on time and in a secure environment. “Since the real threat is in KP and FATA, special forces would be deployed there and the places of political gatherings would be made secure. Moreover, the Rapid Response Force (RRF) would be available round-the-clock and they would be ready to move and counter any threat,” the source quoted the interior minister as telling the meeting. ELECTIONS ON TIME: Briefing journalists about the meeting, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Arif Nizami dispelled fears about a delay in general elections, reaffirming the caretaker government’s resolve to hold timely elections in a fair and free manner. Addressing a joint press conference along with Minister for Law and Justice Ahmer Bilal Soofi and Interior Secretary Khawaja Siddique Akbar, Nizami said that Prime Minister Khoso had praised the political parties for their active participation in the ongoing electoral process and stressed upon the Ministry of Interior and provincial home departments to plug the security loopholes which might affect the process. “The Sindh chief secretary at-

tended the meeting on behalf of the Sindh CM while the KP governor, secretaries of interior and defence, chief secretaries of the four provinces and directors general of ISI and IB also attended the meeting. They discussed the overall political situation in the country with special focus on the prevailing law and order,” he said. Nizami said the PM told the participants that as the election day was nearing, law and order was becoming a challenging task for the caretaker government. “There is a need to restore and strengthen the people’s confidence by ensuring a peaceful environment during the elections and by maintaining law and order,” Nizami quoted Khoso as telling the meeting participants. POLLING STATIONS AND SECURITY: The meeting was informed that 90,000 polling stations would be set up for 272 National Assembly and 728 provincial assemblies’ seats across the country. He said the KP CM had asked the federation to provide 10,000 security personnel and his request had been granted. MUSHARRAF TRIAL: Regarding the treason trial of former president and army chief Gen Pervez Musharraf, Nizami said the interim government would implement all orders of the courts in letter and spirit. Law Minister Ahmer Bilal Soofi said that law enforcement agencies were handling the situation after the cancellation of Musharraf’s bail and the caretaker government was not interfering in their affairs.


The Supreme Court of Pakistan directed the accountant general Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) to halt disbursement of funds allocated to former premier Raja Pervez Ashraf. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry resumed hearing on a suo moto notice against issuance of development funds by Ashraf for his constituency. During proceedings, Additional Financial Secretary and Cabinet Secre-

tary Nargis Sethi submitted complete record over development funds. Sethi told the court that development funds worth Rs 47 billion were issued since June while funds of Rs 4 billion are still pending. The CJ inquired on the transparency in issuance of the funds. To this, Sethi said the government had

no system to monitor distribution of funds. The apex court said the procedure of issuance of funds should be transparent. Later, the court issued notices to prime minister’s special secretary and the attorney general for not scrutinising the allocation of funds. The hearing was adjourned for ten days.

Mild jolts in northern Us-Pakistan ties should not be areas of Pakistan seen in narrow perspective: Kerry PESHAWAR: An earthquake of magnitude 3.8 on the Richter scale was felt in upper parts of the country on Friday evening. However, no report of damage or loss of life was immediately received. Reports said the tremor was felt in several areas of Mansehra district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) said the quake measured magnitude 3.8 on the Richter scale, causing no damage or causality. On Tuesday, at least 13 people were killed and hundreds of houses destroyed in Balochistan when the region was struck by a powerful tremor that centred in neighbouring Iran. INP


US Secretary of State John Kerry has said the US-Pakistan relationship should not be seen in a narrow perspective of a few contentious issues, as he underlined the importance of the country’s counterterrorism cooperation during a hearing on the Capitol Hill. “In Pakistan, for instance, as everybody knows, certain things that have been taking place over the years have really created anger within the country. And the body politic is tense, and the politicians respond to that. But then they’ve been trying to be helpful in other ways, and they have been,” Kerry told the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The chief American diplomat

also noted the crucial significance of Pakistani intelligence cooperation and the country’s overland routes that transport supplies into and equipment out of landlocked Afghanistan. “And we have a route for transiting our aid to – our aid – all of our supplies to our troops in Afghanistan for the last years, and now bringing things out. We’ve had cooperation on intel(ligence). We’ve had cooperation on nuclear weapons. We have cooperation on efforts to ferret out, you know, bad actors in FATA, in the western part of the country.” “I think they’ve got 150,000 troops out there fighting the same fight we are now,” he emphasised in reference to Pakistan’s deployment of troops along the Afghan border.

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Prof Anwar Ahmed Zai, Chairman of the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK), has been appointed as Pakistan Boy Scouts Association deputy scout commissioner


KARACHI saturday, 20 April, 2013

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10-party opposition alliance breaks up KARACHI: Opposition alliance of the 10 parties in Sindh’s provincial capital and Dadu finally came to an end on Friday as the parties failed to agree over seat adjustment in both the cities. According to media reports, the alliance parties announced to bring their candidates in the upcoming general elections against each other. Despite an earlier deal of seat adjustment with Pakistan Muslim League-F, Pakistan Muslim League–N issued tickets to its candidate from NA 90 and NA 91. Furthermore, Liaquat Jatoi also refused to accept the seat adjustment contract in Dadu, taking the alliance to its end. ONLINE

singer mirali gets election symbol SUKKUR: The election commission has allotted election symbol ‘guitar’ to renowned Sindhi singer Shaman Ali Mirali. Mirali had submitted his nomination papers for NA199, Sukkur, and PS-4, Sukkur. Explaining his choice of the constituency, he said he had a large number of fans in the region. Shaman Mirali is contesting election against PPP’s Khursheed Ahmed Shah from NA-199, Sukkur, and against his nephew and son-in-law Awais Qadir Shah from PS-4. ONLINE



T least eight persons were killed in different areas of the city in ongoing wave of violence. According to police, unidentified gunmen shot and killed three people in Shershah area on Friday morning. They were brothers and used to

mqm showing restraint for peaceful polls

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) observed a day of mourning on Friday against the killing of its activists and office-bearers. MQM head Altaf Hussain has said his party was showing restraint for the sake of peaceful election. In a statement issued from London, Hussain took the caretaker government and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to task for their failure to protect the workers of MQM. He asked what actions were taken by the ECP and caretaker government to stop the killings of his party men. He demanded that the caretaker government must prove its seriousness in conducting elections by arresting the culprits. The MQM chief appealed to his supporters to set up vigilance teams in their respective areas and keep an eye on suspected people. NNI

supply meat to a private company. They were shot dead when they were going in a rickshaw. Police reached the scene and shifted the victims to a hospital for medico-legal formalities. Four other people were gunned down in firing incidents in Baldia, Surjani, Suparco and Bin Qasim towns. On the other hand, a dead body of a new born baby was found from a ground in Baldia No 3 area. Tension

prevailed in the areas where the incidents took place. 50 ARRESTED DURING OPERATIONS : Rangers in collaboration with police have arrested 50 suspects on Friday in targeted operations from various areas of the city. According to details, the targeted operation was carried out in Mangopir and Pakhtoon Abad areas. The operation was confined to special localities and houses as all the entry

and exit points were cordoned off during the operations. As many as 28 suspects were arrested including an activist of a banned outfit during the operations and the police also recovered arms from their possession, sources said. On the other hand, police arrested 12 suspects during the operations carried out in Defence area of Rasool and Neelam colony while three motorbikes were recovered from an accused.

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Some 98 accused have been arrested from different parts of the metropolis during the last 48 hours – Karachi police



KARACHI saturday, 20 April, 2013

terror victims’ heirs receive appointment letters KARACHI APP

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Commissioner Matanat Ali Khan handed over appointment letters to the family members of city wardens killed recently during different incidents of violence. On the occasion, widow of a warden, and siblings of two others received the appointment letters. This was besides the compensation cheques worth Rs 500,000 each that had already been given by KMC authorities to the bereaved families. Karachi Administrator, Hashim Raza Zaidi had assured the families of city wardens who lost lives while performing their duties and professional obligations that a member from each of these families would be provided job in KMC. Matanat said that in compliance to the directive of the administrator the source of livelihood has been ensured for the bereaved families. “These city wardens have set an example that can never be compensated, however, it is our responsibility to take care of their dependents,” he said. Senior Director Municipal Services, Dr Shaukat Zaman, Chief City Warden, Mairajul-Haq and office bearers of KMC labour division were also present on the occasion.



IGHLIGHTING problems and making promises to get them resolved, all political parties have announced their manifestoes and slogans for the upcoming elections that despite their respective differences, agree on one common point: Terrorism is the gravest problem being faced by the country and that peace is absolutely necessary. Roti, kapra and makaan are basic necessities of the public and if these three facilities are ensured, more than fifty percent of crime in the country could be reduced, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Waqar Mehdi said, while talking to Pakistan Today. “Terrorism is a global problem and there are several causes behind this but as far as other crimes are concerned, they could be controlled through provision of basic facilities to the masses,” he added. “PPP believes if roti, kapra and makaan are ensured to public it would help in restoration of peace and prosperity in the country,” Mehdi claimed.

“If we promote patriotism and stop discrimination on linguistic and sectarian grounds, we can fight terrorism which is the country’s most serious problem,” APML Secretary Informationl Muhammad Ali Jaffery said. “Sab say pehlay Pakistan (Pakistan comes first) is our slogan which comes from the heart of Pervez Musharraf,” Jaffery added. “He (Musharraf) is basically a special services group commando and like an army man he always put his country’s interest first,” Jaffery said, adding that if we root out the menace of discrimination from the country and bring the masses under the shadow of one flag solely for Pakistan’s interest, we can fend off terrorism and restore peace. “We believe that the country’s major problem is terrorism and peace cannot be ensured unless we do not root out terrorism,” Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) leader Haleem Adil Sheikh said. “We raised the slogan of ‘live and let live’ for the upcoming elections, Sheikh said, adding that PML-Q focused on economic prosperity, education, energy crisis and elimination of corruption in government institutions. Shiekh said if all these things are implemented in spirit,

it would help eliminate terrorism from the country which he said was the gravest problem facing Pakistan. “As far as Karachi is concerned, PML-Q believes that all parties should accept each others’ mandate and not try to occupy the whole city,” Sheikh said. “Ensuring justice would help restoration of peace and elimination of growing terrorism,” Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) candidate in Karachi Israr Abbasi said. “PTI raised the slogan of justice, humanity and self-esteem and if these virtues are engrained in our society, terrorism will find no place, he said. “The sole reason behind growing incidents of crime across the country is massive injustice. If justice is ensured to the public, many who forcibly took law into their hands and joined terrorist groups would be compelled otherwise,” Abbasi claimed. “A peaceful Pakistan is Awami National Party’s (ANP) slogan and we believe that peace is currently the fundamental need of the masses in the country,” ANP Sindh General Secretary Bashir Jan said. “Terrorism affected the performance of all institutions in the country,” Jan said, adding that dozens of peoples are killed in terrorist attacks

everyday in the country. If a peaceful working environment is not ensured, it would be difficult to keep the country on track,” he said. Muttaheda Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Khawaja Izharul Hassan said, “Mostly people use influence of land, property and family to reach the parliament which is why most problems remain unsolved.” MQM is the only party that rejected all types of influence and raised a voice for empowerment of the common man, Hassan said. “If competitive people enter the parliament, all problems of the country would get resolved ultimately,” he opined. “Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) believes that there are two types of terrorism that have engulfed the entire country which are global terrorism and local terrorism,” said PML-N’s Irfanullah Marwat, a candidate from PS-114 Karachi. “The entire country is suffering from the global war on terrorism on one hand while Karachi is becoming victim to local terrorism,” he stated. “Everyday dozens are being killed in the city in acts of terrorism,” Marwat said, adding that peace in the metropolis could not be restored unless political parties are disarmed.

asia accuses police of raiding her home KARACHI: All Pakistan Muslim League’s spokesperson, Aasia Ishaque, has claimed that a police force of over two dozen personnel raided her residence on Thursday night to arrest her that she escaped for not being present at home. The spokesperson quoted APML chief Musharraf as having strongly condemned the police raid. She accused the police of harassed her family members, including women and children. “They also took a laptop and other stuff along,” the APML spokesperson claimed. Reiterating her resolve to stand firm with the party chief, Aasia said such tactics could not shake her determination. In an indirect reference to the returning officers, the APML official wondered as to why Musharraf could not be declared illegible for contesting elections while those having embezzled billions in the rental power projects and holding fake degrees were cleared for the May 11 mega event. “This is a sheer highhandedness and an overt attempt to keep the APML out of the elections,” Aasia claimed. STAFF REPORT

BegINNINg of BeNgALI New YeAR 1420 KARACHI STAFF REPORT Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh Ruhulameen Siddiq and his wife, Sarah, hosted an exclusive function at their residence to celebrate the beginning of the Bengali New Year 1420. The Bengali calendar originated 1420 years ago under the aegis of the visionary and culturally innovative Moghul Emperor Akber in 1593. Every year it is celebrated by the Bengali people with great festivity. The venue was decorated with symbols of Bangla art and craft, and the national songs in the mellifluous voice of Sabeen Yasmeen and the aroma of ‘Hilsha’ fish, Panta Bhaat, Baigun Bhaja, Payesh and other delicacies of Bangla cuisine made the environment very festive. The deputy high commissioner attired in ‘kurta pyjama’ welcomed the guests and thanked them for their good wishes. In true spirit of diplomacy, the deputy high commissioner promoted Bangla– Pakistani friendship by arranging a fusion of Sindhi ‘Dhol’

accompaniment to Bangla songs sung live by Rina and Abdul Haleem. The event was well attended. Among the guests were Mosharrof Hossain, CEO of ASA Pakistan with some other ASA staff members. ASA has been working on a goodwill mission in Pakistan, across Sindh and Punjab. It has 17 offices in Karachi, 60 offices across poorest areas of Sindh and similarly 40 in Punjab. The aim of ASA is to provide free of servicecharge, short-term micro loans, ideas and professional guidance to the very poor to set up micro farming enterprises, and economically empowering women from the lowest rung of the society to make them selfreliant independent earners. The guests included Chairman Law Foundation, Chief Justice (r) Saeed-uzZaman Siddiqui and his gynecologist wife D. Ashraf Siddiqui, Chairman JS Investment Air Commodore (r) Munawar Alam Siddiqui, Barrister Abubakar I Chundrigar, the son of Pakistan’s past PM I I Chundrigar, Jam Farooq, and several prosperous professionals and businessmen Pakistanis of the Bangla origin.

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If they sought to intimidate us, to terrorize us, it should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do it. – Barack Obama

News saturday, 20 April, 2013



NE of the Boston bombing suspects reportedly died on Friday after a shootout with police, as explosions rang out near the tense US city and officers stayed on the hunt for a second suspect. The manhunt began after a campus police officer was killed at the elite Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Boston Globe reported, days after the city’s historic marathon came under attack. The first suspect was caught by police in the Watertown district north of MIT, and US media said he later died of his wounds. Describing the shootout, local resident Adam Brown said, “There were blasts, it could have been grenades.” MIT, one of the world’s top universities, is situated in Cambridge, Massachu-

setts, just across the Charles River from Boston where three people were killed and 180 injured in a double bomb attack on the marathon on Monday. Authorities made no comment on a link between the manhunt and the bombing at the marathon finishing line, the worst terror attack in the United States since the September 11 atrocities in 2001. There has been no claim of responsibility. But the dramatic developments came shortly after the FBI released pictures and video of the two men suspected of planting the bombs, appealing for help to identify the pair who were carrying large backpacks. Both appeared to be young men, one dressed in a white baseball cap and the other in a black cap. The FBI gave no details of their identities or origin, naming them only as Suspect One and Suspect Two. Authorities said that a second police officer was wounded in the dramatic nighttime operation which saw heavily armed police swoop on the Watertown district and cordon off a large area of the university and surrounding streets. Media reports said the events cascaded with a robbery at a gas station followed by the killing of the campus officer

and then a car chase to Watertown. The NBC-WJAR channel showed film of a man lying on the ground in a street in the town and surrounded by police. The university warned students to stay indoors as police with rifles patrolled the streets and search helicopters flew above the campus. “The shooter remains at large; police continue to search the campus. Please remain indoors until further notice,” said an emergency alert issued by the university on its website. The MIT campus police officer suffered “multiple gunshot wounds” when he responded to a disturbance, said Middlesex District Attorney Michael Pelgro in a statement. The officer “was transported to the hospital and pronounced deceased,” said the statement, which added that there were no other victims. Two bombs were placed around the marathon finish line on Monday, spraying nails, ball bearings and other metal fragments into massed spectators, many of whom suffered horrific injuries. The men are seen in the video walking calmly, one a few paces behind the other, weaving between crowds on

07 N

Boston’s Boylston Street where the race finished. President Barack Obama vowed to the people of Boston Thursday that the “evil” bombers would be brought to justice. At a special service at Boston’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Obama vowed: “Yes, we will find you, and yes, you will face justice.” We will find you, we will hold you accountable,” he told a congregation of 2,000, including relatives of the dead, survivors of the blasts, rescuers and city leaders. “If they sought to intimidate us, to terrorize us,” Obama said, then “it should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do it.” Boston has held emotional tributes to the dead — eight-year-old Martin Richard, Boston University graduate student Lu Lingzi of China and Krystle Campbell, a restaurant manager. Obama paid tribute to all three at the service. More than 100 of the wounded have left Boston hospitals and fewer than 10 of those still in hospital remain in critical condition. Some will require new operations, doctors said.

SOutH SHIELDS: Labour leader Ed Miliband takes to a pallet while campaigning in the by-election sparked by his brother David's decision to quit British politics. AgenCIeS

taliban kill 13 anti-taliban uprising forces in Ghazni kABuL: Commanders of public uprising forces against the Taliban militants in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan confirmed heavy casualties on Thursday. Anti-Taliban forces’ commander in Andar district, Lotfullah Kamrani said at least 13 people were killed after Taliban militants attacked a security check post. Kamrani further added that Taliban militants attacked the security check post in yet another surprise attack during the past two years that incurred heavy casualties to resistance forces. AgENcIES

drone strike kills five yemen qaeda suspects SANAA: A suspected US drone strike in western Yemen has killed five AlQaeda militants, including a local chief, a security official and witnesses said on Thursday. “The raid that took place late Wednesday in Dhamar province, killed Hamid Radman al-Manea, known as al-Radmi and four of his guards,” the official said in a statement carried by Saba News Agency. “They were targeted as they headed to Radmi's house,” the official said. Witnesses told AFP that two rockets hit the vehicle transporting the group. A drone attack in February killed leading Al-Qaeda cleric Adel al-Abab in the eastern Shabwa province. AgENcIES

afghanistan says taliban held over suicide bomb plot

Indian child ‘critical’ after brutal rape NEW DELHI AgENcIES

A five-year-old Indian girl was battling for her life on Friday after being kidnapped and brutally raped in the latest incident of sexual violence which has triggered nationwide protests. The girl was attacked inside a locked room over a 48-hour period, police said, after being abducted as she played outside on Monday in a lower-middle class area of the capital New Delhi. “We initially registered a case of kidnapping. We have now launched a preliminary inquiry into rape and attempted murder,” Rajan Bhagat told AFP, adding a hunt was on to catch a family neighbour who is the main accused. The child was admitted to the intensive care unit of a city hospital on Wednesday and doctors said her condition was “critical” as news channels provided wall-to-wall coverage. “The girl was traumatised when she was brought to us. There were injuries to her lips, cheeks and chest wall. There were bruises on her neck,” R.N. Bansal,

medical superintendent of a local government hospital, told NDTV news channel. “We are keeping her under constant observation. The next few hours are going to be very critical,” Bansal said. She was found by a passerby who heard her crying and alerted the police. The incident comes just months after India was shaken by the horrific gang-rape of a student in Delhi on a bus last year that triggered countrywide demonstrations and debate over the status of women and girls and their safety. The woman succumbed to her injuries 13 days after the assault in which her attackers drove an iron rod inside her, damaging her internal organs. The parents of the fiveyear-old girl, who was later moved to a better-equipped government hospital in the city, accused the police of being insensitive in their investigation. “They were reluctant to register our complaint (that she was missing) when we approached them the first time. Then the police asked us to be content with the fact she was at least found alive,” the father of the girl said.

Dozens killed in Baghdad cafe explosion BAGHDAD AgENcIES

Up to 27 people are reported to have been killed and dozens more injured in a suicide bombing in a Baghdad cafe, a ministry of Interior source has told Al Jazeera. The source said that a suicide bomber walked into the popular Dubai Cafe crowded with young people late on Thursday and detonated explosives. The attack occurred ahead of provincial elections scheduled for the weekend. Al Jazeera's Jane Arraf, reporting from Baghdad, said that the small space in which the suicide bomber detonated meant the injuries were "absolutely horrific." She said that the Amariyah neighbourhood had been known as an al-Qaeda stronghold before locals turned against the group. Police said that three children and a woman who were passing by at the time of the blast were among the dead.

The packed internet cafe is on the third floor of the Strawberry mini-mall in the predominantly Sunni neighbourhood of Amiriyah. An Islamic studies centre, affiliated with the Iraqi Islamic Party, part of the main Sunni political bloc, is located below the top-floor cafe. Arraf said witnesses reported the force of the blast sent shrapnel and glass flying into an ice cream shop and a pharmacy on the ground floor of the building, severely wounding women and children. Police said the cafe was full of young people enjoying water pipes and playing pool. Like other majority Sunni neighbourhoods in Baghdad, Amariyah has been under extremely tight security since antigovernment protests started in Sunni provinces and communities in December. Iraqi officials have said they believe there are still al-Qaeda sleeper cells in the neighbourhood.

kABuL: Afghan authorities said on Friday they have arrested five Taliban insurgents who were planning suicide attacks on civilians in the capital Kabul and another city later this month. Police arrested the four men and one woman in the eastern city of Jalalabad on Thursday and seized four suicide bomb vests and C-4 explosives along with other weapons, the interior ministry said. “They were trained outside Afghanistan’s borders and have confessed their crime,” ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi told a news conference. He said the five Afghans were linked to the Taliban and the Haqqani network and were arrested “as they were preparing to launch a coordinated attack on civilian facilities on April 27-28” in Kabul and Jalalabad. AgENcIES

us suspect denies mailing poison-laced letter WASHINGtON: A man accused of mailing letters with suspected ricin to President Barack Obama and other officials maintains he is innocent, his attorney has said. Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, is charged with threatening Obama and others, according to a Thursday news release from the US department of justice. He appeared in federal court on the two charges and if convicted could face up to 15 years in prison. Curtis was surprised by his arrest and maintains he is innocent, his attorney said after Thursday's hearing. Curtis "maintains 100 per cent that he did not do this," attorney Christi R. McCoy said. She added that she knows him and his family and that it is hard for her to believe the charges against him. Curtis is said that he believes he has uncovered a conspiracy to sell human body parts on the black market and claims "various parties within the government" were trying to ruin his reputation. AgENcIES

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08 N

UNSC membership is an acknowledgement of Pakistan’s contribution to world peace. — Masood Khan

News saturday 20 April, 2013

south Punjab: radical change likely in political map MULTAN SHEIKH HAq NAwAz


xPECTING to score big in the forthcoming general elections, the PPP-P, PMLN and the PTI are all focusing on the Southern Punjab. And they have every reason to do that, for the number of national and provincial assembly seats that any party wins from this part of the country has always been of critical import in forming the government. The PPP-P, PML-N and PTI have lined up their most formidable figures, but the PTI candidates seem to have overwhelming influence in their respective constituencies. There are quite a few groups which might turn out to be the difference: the biradaries, religious groups, social organisations, labour unions, civil society and sectarian groups are all important. Regardless of their public stance, both the PML-N and the PTI are trying to woo

each and every group to optimize their gains. A survey of this area conducted by Pakistan Today indicates that the PMLN’s local leadership has limited influence over local politics. In the last five years of N’s rule in Punjab, this part was considered as neglected, in every sense of the word. Such was the indifference of the ‘N’ hierarchy one could not really identify who the real party leader was in this area. This lack of local leadership and the prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty have badly damaged N’s political position, while the Pakistan People’s Party-Parliamentarians (PPP-P) has continuously targeted this region by raising the bogey of a new province, titled the Bahawalpur Janubi Punjab. Likewise, the PTI has also been playing an active role in the politics of this area by bringing some towering political personalities to the party’s fold, namely Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Jahangir Tareen, to name a few. These personalities

have not only contributed towards the growing popularity of the PTI but have also enabled it to spread its influence in the region. The PTI generally enjoys a preference in the Southern Punjab over the PML-N. To some local groups, the PML-N is a spent force, while the PTI is being termed as ‘the new voice of a new era’, and the common man believes that the PTI will pull them out of their hopeless existence. According to some of the better known political analysts of the area, the people of South Punjab are now wellaware of the kinds of political foul games that have been played in their midst. Analysts believe that these people will not be politically exploited or cheated easily from this point onwards and the shackles of the past seem to be giving way to a new political culture. They are themselves mature enough to check the performance of all the political parties by comparing the tall claims made by these parties, while they can closely observe the progress of those political parties that have ruled

these areas in the past, analyst added. Furthermore, in view of these analysts, no party can claim of retaining a sweeping majority in this part of the country, as many new political and social trends have emerged from this region in present times and all the old practices seems to be heading towards the dustbin of oblivion; but maybe not too soon. Both the PPP-P and the PML-N are thought to be sharing equal status here. None from among these two can lay claim to enjoying special preference in the eyes of the masses, as both parties have governed them for five long years, revealing the complete picture of their governing abilities. As has been the fad in the country’s politics, a number of prominent personalities have left the PPP-P and the PML-N and joined the PTI after sensing the people’s mood. A source confided in this scribe that South Punjab’s latest electoral political map, that was presently getting final touches, would be totally different from that of the past.

37 Pakistani pilgrims stranded at iraq airport BAGHDAD INP

A group of Pakistan pilgrims was stranded at the Baghdad airport for eight hours as Iraqi immigration officials refused to allow them to enter the country on Friday. The immigration officials said that they would not let the group comprising 37 people to leave the airport until the Interior Ministry granted permission. Iraq is preparing for Saturday’s provincial elections with country’s security forces being in-charge of security after withdrawal of US forces in 2011.

PESHAWAR: A blast victim from Adezai is being treated at Lady Reading Hospital on Friday. ONLINE

fazl, sherpao join hands to challenge anP PESHAWAR SHAmIm SHAHId

In a bid to pose a serious challenge to Awami National Party (ANP) in its strongholds in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Maulana Fazl’s Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-IslamFazl (JUI-F) and Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao’s Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) have entered into a seat adjustment in three districts. Both parties would support each other’s candidates on five national and 15 provincial seats at Charsada, Swabi and Buner. All three districts have been considered strongholds of ANP since ages. Maulana Fazl and Sherpao have been making such pre-poll arrangements since 1990. Addressing a joint press conference at Peshawar on Friday, JUI-F’s Ata-urRahman and QWP’s Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao announced the seat adjustment between their parties in three out of the 25 districts of KP. According to the seat adjustment formula, one National Assembly (NA) seat each would go to JUI-F and QWP in Charsaddathe native district of ANP chief Asfandyar Wali. Out of the three provincial assembly constituencies falling under Charsadda’s NA-7, two seats went to QWP and one to JUI-F. However, all three provincial constituencies under NA-8 were open for both parties. Asfandyar Wali is contesting elections from NA-7 Charsada whereas Aftab Sherpao will be JUI-F’s and QWP’s combined candidate from NA-8 Charsada. JUI-F’s Maulana Gohar Shah will be backed by QWP against Asfandyar Wali Khan in NA-7. It appears that Sherpao and Fazl intend to repeat the 2002 general elections when Gohar Shah defeated Wali Khan. In Swabi, both NA seats went to JUI-F and all six provincial seats will be distributed on an equal basis between the two parties. In Buner, the JUI-F got one national and one provincial constituency while the remaining two provincial seats went to QWP. Leaders from JUI-F and QWP expressed jubilation over the finalisation of seat adjustment in three districts and claim to sweep polls in their respective regions. They said negotiations for similar adjustments in other districts are underway between both parties. However, they called upon workers from both parties to extend support to each other throughout the province.

Bhutto tried to bring Kissinger to Peshawar MONITORING DESK Former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, in a bid to blunt Afghan claims on Peshawar, tried to bring the US secretary of state to the city. Henry Kissinger agreed but the move annoyed Kabul, which forced Washington to change the venue. Kissinger visited Pakistan from October 31 to November 1, 1976, but instead of Peshawar, he went to Lahore. However, to placate the Pakistanis, the Americans offered their “continuing strong support for the security, independence and territorial integrity of Pakistan”. Secret diplomatic messages, released recently by WikiLeaks, show how the Americans handled the issue. On July 13, 1976 former US ambassador to Kabul, Theodore L Eliot, sent a letter to the then US ambassador in Islamabad, Henry A. Byroade, saying, “I have fundamental misgivings about secretary’s meeting Bhutto in Peshawar. “Peshawar was ancestral home of Afghan president Daoud’s family and it is a city with a sentimental, political and historic significance for Daoud and his family. “At worst Daoud might attribute Peshawar Bhutto-Kissinger meeting to Bhutto’s machination to underscore American support

for Pakistan side in historic Pakistan-Afghan dispute. “In this event, he would be dismayed at Secretary’s having allowed himself to play in Bhutto’s scenario. This in turn would have negative effect on fragile Pakistan-Afghan rapprochement. “At very least I think Afghans would regard secretary’s visit to Peshawar as an act of insensitivity. “In the event secretary’s meeting with Bhutto must take place in Peshawar, I will be grateful to have instructions enabling us to give Afghans reasons behind this selection. “Even with optimistic assessment of my success at getting Afghans to understand why

Peshawar was chosen, present glowing atmosphere for secretary’s visit to Kabul will be damaged.” Ambassador Byroade responded: “Your instructions will be very difficult and painful to carry out. I am gravely concerned that we may deeply alienate Bhutto by appearing to be overly sensitive to possible Afghan reactions and thereby spoil the atmosphere in which you will address the important substantive issue of nuclear reprocessing which confronts us. “This hassle over venue, coupled with the language in the proposed joint statement on Pakistan’s security and independence (which Bhutto is sure to read as an attempt

to water down our earlier statements of support for Pakistan’s territorial integrity), are bound to make Bhutto think we are considerably less interested in Pakistan than we had led him to believe over the past five years. “Both Bhutto and Agha Shahi are now in Balochistan and inaccessible today. I believe I must convey the message on Peshawar directly to Bhutto and will do so as soon as I am able to get to him, but I fear this may take another day or so. “In order to convey something more positive to Bhutto while I attempt to persuade him to give up on Peshawar, I would appreciate authority to tell Bhutto we want to substitute the following sentence in the proposed joint statement for the present language on the security and independence of Pakistan: the US reaffirmed its continuing strong support for the security, independence and territorial integrity of Pakistan. “I realise that this formulation is stronger than what we propose to say in the joint statement with Afghanistan, but our relationship to Pakistan of course has a totally different history and involves commitments we have never made to any Afghan government. “If I can reassure Bhutto now that there is no change in the substance of our relationship, I may be able to soften the blow on Peshawar. Please advise on para 3 as soon as

possible.” A third message from the State Department, and signed by Kissinger, settled the matter. “Secretary fully supports the substitute formulation that you proposed for the joint statement in para 3 and you are authorised to convey this to Bhutto in the context of your discussion with him on Peshawar,” it said. “We leave to your judgment the manner in which you present to Bhutto our thoughts on Peshawar. We, of course, wish to avoid irritating Bhutto, but we continue to believe that we owe it to him to tell him candidly the judgment of our ambassador in Kabul about the problems which Peshawar would pose with respect to the overall purpose we had in mind in visiting South Asia at this time.” He added: “We will, of course, accede to any decision that Bhutto makes.” Ambassador Byroade met Bhutto and settled the matter as advised. “I chased Bhutto down in Ziarat, Balochistan. Bhutto and I agreed that Lahore would be the venue for your coming visit. “In a separate message, which can be read at your leisure, I will give you enough of the flavour of our meeting to allow you to handle this matter in the small talk category while you are here, as I don’t think it will come up in any more formal way.”

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Prime Minister Khoso should immediately convene an APC to evolve a consensus strategy on holding secure elections. — JI chief Munawar Hassan


09 N

saturday 20 April, 2013

Power crisis getting serious LAHORE muHAmmAd AzAm

QuEttA: A child lights candles on Friday in the memory of the victims of the Alamdar Road twin bombings targeting Hazara Shias. INP

india says has no military interest in afghanistan WASHINGTON



N D I A has non-military interest in Afghanistan and any Pakistani fears in this regard are imaginary, Finance Minister P Chidambaram said on Friday. “We have a non-military interest in Afghanistan. We have committed a billion dollars to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. We are building Afghanistan’s parliament. We’re building roads... But we’ve not sent a single soldier to Afghanistan,” he told the popular Charlie Rose Show. “Yes” Chidambaram said when Rose asked if it still scares the Pakistanis to death. “Pakistan’s fears are imaginary. As I said we have not sent a singled soldier,” said the Finance Minister. “Afghanistan is really not our immediate neighbour. It’s our neighbour’s neighbour. So we recognise that Pakistan has a more than usual interest in Afghanistan. But that’s for Pakistan to find a way in which it can evolve or forge a working relationship,” he said. Responding to a question, Chidambaram exuded confidence that the

Kashmir issue can be resolved. “It can be solved. In fact I’m confident it will be solved one day, once Pakistan has a truly democratically elected government,” he said. On Iran, Chidambaram said India does not favour Iran building nuclear weapons. “Iran and India have a relationship goes back many years. There have been contacts between India and Iran over centuries. There is no reason why we should regard Iran as our enemy or as a hostile country...,” he said. “Just because the US regards Iran as a hostile force there is no reason for us to share that view. But if Iran attempts to make a nuclear weapon, we are on record saying that we don’t approve of that. The way to go about it is through

the International Atomic Energy Agency to persuade Iran to give up any nuclear ambition,” he said. Chidambaram said all evidence suggest that Iran is far away from building a nuclear weapon. “The question is: are they enriching uranium which will allow them to build a nuclear weapon. All the evidence points that they are quite far away from doing that,” he said. “The IAEA has not said anything to the contrary. I may be wrong. The hard evidence is on the table. Surely the world will rally around to say Iran should not build a nuclear weapon. India’s position is we cannot afford another country in that region to build a nuclear weapon,” Chidambaram said. “This will have an effect on other

countries. Other countries will want to have nuclear weapons. The whole area will get nuclearised and that is bad for world peace,” he said. Chidambaram said, “India has clearly told Iran we do not support Iran’s efforts, if any, to build a nuclear weapon. Maybe they are trying. But at the moment, there is no evidence to say that they are building a nuclear weapon.” He reiterated India’s position that India would not sign the discriminatory nuclear non-proliferation treaty. “Not the present one which we believe is discriminatory and we have given reasons for that,” he said, adding that the present treaty is discriminatory. “A non-discriminatory treaty surely India will consent”. Chidambaram said India is building nuclear weapon and that is not a secret. “We have built a nuclear weapon. But we have also said we will never use it. We will never first use a nuclear weapon. And we would work with all the countries of the world towards nuclear disarmament. In fact it is India which proposed the most comprehensive nuclear disarmament plan to the United Nations,” Chidambaram said.

With the summer only warming up to get going with full force, the masses are set to face the heat of ever increasing power outages across the country. Power load shedding has already increased up to 18 hours in several parts of the country as PEPCO sources said on Friday that electricity generation remained at 8,970MW against a demand of 13,000MW. The situation in urban centres is much worse and some areas are reported to be without power for as much as 21 hours a day. The spiralling power shortfall is increasingly becoming a throwback of the massive energy crisis the countrymen faced last summer, when prolonged power outages brought several hundred thousand people on the country’s roads to demand uninterrupted electricity supply. Last April, protests against load shedding had become a frequent feature in the country’s routine affairs and demonstrations were recorded almost on a daily basis by people fed up with simmering heat and government inability to ensure power supply. Angry mobs then ransacked several government installations, especially those of power supplying utilities like WAPDA and various DISCOs, and clashes with law enforcement personnel trying to rein in masses foaming at the mouth were a norm. The government usually related the crisis to decreased water flow in rivers, falling volumes of water reservoirs and the infamous circular debt. Like this time around, Punjab was a special subject of power cuts. Then chief minister Shahbaz Sharif had led several power protests himself and had accused the Centre of meting out step-motherly treatment to Punjab in order to make the PML-N provincial government unpopular. He had said Punjab had played its role of being an elder brother and had sacrificed its interests in every aspect, “still Punjab is facing a conspiracy which is the brainchild of President Zardari and his cronies”. The Centre responded with labelling Shahbaz a traitor for inciting violence and riots against the federal government. However, the people were the ultimate losers, as the political war of words brought them little respite from the problem at hand.

9 killed in Bahawalpur road accident BAHAWALPUR NNI

At least nine people were killed and several others were injured in a road accident in Bahalwalpur, police and witnesses said on Friday. According to witnesses, the accident occurred when a bus turned turtle after hitting a roadside tree, killing at least nine passengers and injuring another 45. The witnesses said the driver of the bust lost control as he tried to save a motorcyclist. The injured passengers were taken to Bahawal Victoria Hospital.

malala to make un speech in July LONDON INP

Pakistan to probe IsAf claims of LeT commander’s arrest ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Pakistani authorities will investigate the claim of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) that it recently arrested a senior Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (LeT) commander in Afghanistan, but they also doubt the authenticity of ISAF assertion and believe that it is yet another move to defame Pakistan. Pakistani officials say that irrespective of what the ISAF and Afghan authorities say or claim in their statements about the arrest or presence of LeT commander in Afghanistan, they have not yet formally contacted Islamabad over the vital issue. ISAF’s statement released in Afghanistan early this week said the LeT commander was arrested with a “number

of other insurgents” during an operation by Afghan and coalition security forces in Andar district of Ghazni province. It said the LeT commander was alleged to have planned and participated in multiple attacks against Afghan and coalition forces throughout Kunar, Kandahar and Ghazni provinces of Afghanistan. ISAF said the LeT commander, a Pakistani national, who was not identified, was also “known to have links to multiple foreign fighters, and was actively planning a high-profile attack at the time of his arrest”. According to media reports from Afghanistan, Afghan officials have also said the LeT is actively participating in operations against security forces. The authorities in Islamabad, however, believe that it was all part of anti-

Pakistan defamation campaign in which some Afghan officials having their tilt towards India, were actively involved. A diplomatic source said on condition of anonymity that the recent border feud between Pakistan and Afghanistan over a renovation of a border gate in Mohmand Agency was also result of some misunderstanding created by one such security official of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. That official, he said, harboured anti-Islamabad feelings and had a soft corner for New Delhi. Nonetheless, he said Pakistani officials would probe the matter of LeT presence in Afghanistan on their own and for that intelligence work would be done in different Pakistani regions to dig out whether people affiliated with LeT could have gone across the border to attack

NATO and Afghan forces in the neighbouring state. The reported arrest of LeT commander in Afghanistan also echoed in the Foreign Office on Friday as questions were asked from the spokesman, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, about the press reports that emanated from Kabul in this connection. To one such query, Aizaz said, “We do not respond to any allegation with a counter allegation. For us, the most important thing is the peace process in Afghanistan. We are convinced that peace and stability in Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan and the region, and we will continue to facilitate the peace process in every possible way.” He also said Afghan authorities had not formally contacted Pakistani government on that issue.

Malala Yousafzai, the teenage girl shot by the Taliban for promoting girls’ education, will make her first public speech on her 16th birthday in New York, the office of Britain’s former prime minister Gordon Brown announced on Friday. She will speak at the United Nations on July 12, said Brown, speaking in his capacity as the UN Special Envoy for Global Education. Malala was shot at point-blank range by a Taliban gunman as her school bus traveled through Pakistan’s Swat Valley on October 9 last year. She was flown to Britain for surgery on her head injuries and once she had recovered sufficiently, she returned to school in Birmingham. “Malala is a true inspiration and a shining beacon for girls’ education around the world,” said Brown. “I am full of admiration for her courage and determination in the journey she is on, and am sure that she can become a real leader in the campaign for a school place for every girl and every boy.”

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I guess what happens to a lot of people as they get older is that they get more conservative, but with me, the opposite is the case. –Simon Critchley


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musharraf meets reality Former general’s gauntlet has been picked up


T took Musharraf, a man with a bloated ego, just 24 hours to reconcile with the present day ground realities in Pakistan. Defying the arrest orders issued by the Islamabad High Court, he had fled from the court premises and entrenched himself in his farm house from where he issued a veiled threat of clash between the pillars of state if anybody dared to take action against him. Within hours the gauntlet was picked up by the Senate where speaker after speaker compared the treatment meted out to popular politicians by the courts and the administration to the way Musharraf was being handled. The IHC had already summoned IG Police to explain why action should not be taken against him for allowing Musharraf to escape. A major section of the media was airing similar views. The stand taken by the court, the Senate and the media forced those who matter to persuade Musharraf to surrender to the administration. The interior ministry and police were under immense pressure to move in accordance with law. The caretaker Interior Minister was summoned by the Senate and asked why Musharraf was being kept at his farm house instead of the normal lock up. The Islamabad High Court meanwhile ordered the Secretary Interior to take action against the IG who was held responsible for letting Musharraf escape. Within hours higher police officials shifted the fugitive to Islamabad Police Headquarters which they thought would be more secure for him than the farmhouse. The former president cum army chief will be presented before an anti-terrorist court on Saturday where he will be required to prove that he had not ordered the arrest of the SC judges in 2007. It is for the ATC to bail him out or send him to lock up. This is the first time that a former army chief has been arrested under a political dispensation (Gen. Tikka Khan’s brief incarceration as a PPP leader in protest was under Gen. Zia’s Martial Law). A lesson has thus been conveyed that all citizens irrespective of their social status are equal before law and there are no holy cows. Allowing Musharraf to stay at his luxurious farm house implied that some are more equal than others. The decision to arrest Musharraf or to keep him at the police headquarters does not bring down the image of the army. It is a decision against a former serviceman whose activities had bought bad name to the institution. By distancing itself from Musharraf’s actions and supporting the rule of law the army has improved its image. The action is in accordance with Gen Kayani’s much hailed assurance to keep army out of politics. There is a need henceforth on the part of every institution and agency of the state to work strictly within the scope and limits defined for it by the constitution. Transgressions weaken the system while adherence to the basic law strengthens it. Musharraf should henceforth cooperate with the courts instead of defying them.

the tribal ballot Taliban resurgence threatens political incorporation of tribesmen


HE excitement of these being the first polls in which political parties are contesting elections in Pakistan’s tribal regions has waned by some of the growing violence. The areas of Bajaur, Wana and Orakzai – all swept by the Taliban and retrieved after extensive military operations spanning the last decade – are seeing a time of a flurry of election activity. While on the one side, the impending general elections represent a time of celebrating a return to normalcy, the other side of the election spectrum calls on the people of the tribal regions to reflect on the drastic affects of the decade-long militancy on their livelihoods and loved ones. One must remember that these are the areas that have been under siege, at times by the Taliban and its splinter groups, on others by the military, and still remain subject to the Frontier Crimes Regulations and the Actions in Aid of Civil Power 2011 Act that place it outside the law of the land. Perhaps changing these should have been the political agenda of the candidates contesting elections, but it appears not as most just appear glad for the restoration of a semblance of peace. But a semblance of peace it merely is as the rocket attack on a political gathering in the NA-41 constituency on South Waziristan’s Wana area on Thursday that left two people injured showed once again. While military officials continue to tout the emptied caves of Damadola, which the Taliban used as a base camp, the legacy of the decade-long war is an ongoing one: with fizzing drones and rocket attacks not an unexpected occurrence. The former war zone is still the site of many a battle as the ongoing operation in the Tirah Valley shows. It is encouraging to see the female candidate, Badam Zari, in the Bajuar Agency receiving media limelight coming out and stating, “The welcome accorded to me in Bajaur Agency indicates that people will make me successful.” The fact that people have come out against the Taliban for being “anti-Pakistan” has shown that the Taliban have lost the political capital it accumulated in the regions during the early days of the militancy. The tribal regions are all set for elections. The Kurram Agency is known to be amongst the few regions where around 62 per cent people turned up at polling stations in the 2008 elections. With the Taliban politically isolated, the army is the one calling the shots in the region. But these elections mean that political parties shall get their first foray into managing the politics of the tribal regions. With the PML-N, PPP, PTI and JUI-F all fielding strong candidates, it is only the force of the Taliban that appears to be the only threat to stop the tribal people from being incorporated into the political system of Pakistan.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

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flogging a dead horse Make this the last act rather than the prologue


WO likely developments are going to impact the way things may shape in the country in the future: the treatment meted out to Gen Musharraf and whether and when the names of the media persons who have been the recipients of dole-outs from the state exchequer are made public. There has been much speculation as to the timing of Gen Musharraf’s return to the country. One obvious factor that may have influenced this decision to come back is the absence of a political government in the country and that the interim government may not be too keen to pursue him. The other factor that may have weighed heavily in the decision to come back relates to him being the former COAS and the ‘support’ that it may understandably elicit from the military bureaucracy. Some say that he also suffered from the delusion of widespread public support and that there would be hordes of people lined up to greet him. Two things have happened since he came back. The bubble of his so-called popularity has burst and the legal process RAOOF HASAN has moved at a quick pace tightening the noose around his neck. On Thursday, his bail in the judges’ case was not renewed and the Islamabad High Court passed the orders for his arrest. Instead of surrendering after the hearing, the General injudiciously opted to flee the scene and take refuge in his Chak Shahzad Farm House with an impenetrable security cordon around it. As expected, he has since been arrested and produced before a judicial magistrate who granted a transit bail for two days. There are

candid corner

also reports that his residence will be declared a sub-jail. So technically, his period of incarceration has commenced. The question that arises relates to the conduct of the political government that did nothing significant over five long years to bring the General to justice. It has now fallen to the impoverished and age-ravaged lot of the interim government, with the prospect of national elections already taking a heavy toll, to administer some tough decisions. It remains to be seen whether the subsequent proceedings will follow the normal course as they would in other such cases. More than anything else, this would depend on the role that the army would play in the long run. There have been incessant reports of institutional unease regarding his coming back and efforts are also reported to have been made to dissuade him from doing so. Some friendly countries’ role also cannot be overlooked in the matter as is now being openly certified by divergent quarters including Gen Musharraf’s aides who have clearly hinted at a ‘deal’ that facilitated his return to the country and which may also determine the shape of things in the future. Silence on the part of the top leaderships of the political parties, most notably the PPP and the PML-N, is also strengthening this perception. While the popular demand emanating from the intelligentsia, the judiciary and those others who were directly impacted by his actions will favour a treatment that would be fully commensurate with his crimes, transgressions and misdemeanours, saner voices may be more inclined to allowing the ghost to be buried without creating any further ripples in an already divided society. Both opinions have their rationale: while the former may win by sheer numbers, the latter may stand out because of its sagacity and farsightedness. Reservations about some people sitting on judgement on the accused and others who may have collaborated with him may also have its relevance that may be difficult to hide in a battle that can be both bitter and prolonged. Overall, the General presents a test-case for all: whether to follow a course that may be emotionally more satisfying and may also settle some old scores or to choose a path that would be more in consonance with upholding Pakistan’s longterm stakes and may also be more enduring and meaningful. Already there are numerous voices demanding to make this the last act rather than the prologue. The converse may be like needlessly flogging a dead horse.



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OW the mighty fall. There was a time when our man Musharraf used to have a swagger to put the best to shame. You know, the sort that pubescent boys unsure of their masculinity show when they prowl about markets. Well, these boys usually push the envelope and try to get funny with lady shoppers and they are then schooled in manners by thwacks from shopkeepers and, in some glorious cases, by the ladies themselves. Well, it was quite something, seeing the generalissimo having

The other case that may impact the national scene is a major way is the likely revelation of names by the judiciary of media tycoons and practitioners who have been receiving state funds in the name of rendering national service. These dole-outs are covered under numerous heads and a detailed list has understandably been handed over to the bench that is hearing the petition. The list contains over two-hundred beneficiaries of the state largesse and may include many a sacred surprise. The ministry of information has divided the names into two broad categories and has recommended that the judiciary may go ahead with revealing the names listed under one head, but keep secret over one-hundred names which are listed under the second head who reportedly received these dole-outs from the ‘secret fund’. Simultaneously, there is mounting pressure on the judiciary from numerous partisan quarters that no names should be revealed at all as all recipients of these funds were performing a ‘national duty’. Questions relating to the nature of tasks assigned to these journalists would naturally be asked. It would be grotesque to go into further details as one clearly understands the base dimensions of all these undertakings and the manner in which state funds were distributed to win political and allied support. Every government since the inception of the country has indulged in this nefarious exercise and practically everyone who is anyone in the journalism business has been the beneficiary of this largesse at some stage or the other. But, now that the skeletons are being dragged out of the closets where they have been rotting for decades, it is essential that the names of these inveterate pontiffs who never tire of lecturing the world on moral and professional values should be brought out in the open. Already there is wild speculation as to the identity of these self-anointed ‘saints’ who have muddied many a decent character. Independent journalism being new to Pakistan, things may have been done too brashly and unprofessionally and this may be an opportunity to cleanse the stables of the muck that has accumulated over years. For the moment, the judiciary is faced with a mammoth challenge and it may not have much time to waste if it wants its credibility to remain intact which has taken a few hard hits of late.

toned down his body language to a demeanor more appropriate of the court. He even had that same unmistakable expressions on his face that the aforementioned boys have, when their beating is followed by a healthy dollop of “maa-behn nahi hayn kya?”

E had no finance minister for quite a while in the caretaker setup. Now that we have an advisor, he didn’t waste more than two days and immediately went off to an IMF meeting, accompanied by a considerable retinue. What makes things worse is that this isn’t even an exclusive meeting discussing Pakistan’s relation with the IMF either. It is just a regular IMF conference. For some, interim portfolios are an opportunity for junkets and a spruced up CV. ******** N extremely exclusive and extremely expensive restaurant on Lahore’s MM Alam Road, the sort that is filled with high-society glitterati daahlings aunties who “must do lunch one of these days”, was caught with its hands in the cookie jar some days ago. It appears this establishment was, in fact, stealing electricity. Yes, for all their hard-topronounce dishes, they also got another word right: kunda!


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The mullahs of the Islamic world and the mullahs of the Hindu world and the mullahs of the Christian world are all on the same side. And we are against them all. –Arundhati Roy




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Gender and institutional performance The importance of debunking myths about gender


silent in condemning the attack on ANP, while half-hearted statements stressing on ‘solutions to militancy’ were issued. So how nervous are Pakistan’s political leaders at this point, with elections so near? Will they get the votes they want while running silent campaigns? Interestingly, election campaigning begins at least three months before the elections. So far, a lot of candidates still have not been issued tickets or are not eligible to contest in elections – there can be no campaigning if there are no candidates. Another bad sign for the elections? The central question still remains; will the elections get delayed? Constitutionally, it is not a possibility unless a situation is created where the caretaker setup has no option but to delay the polls. The caretaker setup itself is not mandated beyond a stipulated period to remain in power and its main job is to watch over the elections. Even if it somehow manages to extend that period, it shall not be strong enough to sustain itself for long. Neither will political forces, largely led by Nawaz Sharif, stand for a delay in polls. The speed with which Nawaz Sharif handled the Qadri debacle earlier this year by unifying Punjab’s political forces in the face of an uncertain situation points to how badly Nawaz to regain his glory days. Nawaz’s biggest foe, however, is still in the President’s House and there is no knowing what tricks President Zardari may have up his sleeve to tip the political balance back in PPP’s favor. At the same time, there is always the Army factor. Seemingly, Pakistan’s armed forces are embroiled in four crucial situations: an operation in Tirah valley and Orakzai Agency, watching over the election process, its former COAS going through a public trial and the rehabilitation process of the affectees of earthquake. Would the GHQ be able to orchestrate a behind the scenes delay in the polls while it has its hands full with the other crises it has to handle? Simply put, May 11 and its political significance in Pakistan’s history still stands. It will take outright chaos for that date to be pushed back. So then, are delayed polls worth the damage?

A N Y myths and biases ope r a t e against women in our institutions in different sectors of the economy. If unchecked, these biases can become barriers in enhancing the performance of the relevant institutions. These barriers can be eradicated if we create a level playing field and provide equal zAFAR IqBAL quRESHI opportunities for career enhancements, disregarding the gender of the individual. As a first step in that direction, it is imperative to sensitize senior policy makers about the negative consequences of such barriers. As a start, recently a training program was organized under the umbrella of Assessment & Strengthening Program, a USAID funded project at Lahore University of Management Sciences with the aim to break out of the institutional myths that work against women’s career growth. The main theme of this program was ‘Development & Leadership: Gender dimension’. About 21 participants attended this program; the participants were almost equally divided between women and men (11 men and 10 women) and they came from all parts of the country such as Peshawar, Quetta, Lahore, Islamabad, FATA, representing different sectors of the economy. The program was designed to search for ways to tackle the challenges of integration of the sexes at the workplace in order to improve institutional performance. This was considered absolutely essential not only from the standpoint of increasing operational efficiency of our institutions but also to make Pakistan a prosperous country by through the effective utilization of available human resources. This program sought to demonstrate that leadership ought not be the exclusive prerogative of men. Women, it was felt, were equally equipped with the necessary qualities to lead institutions. There was no doubt in the minds of the organizers that without an abiding faith in the rule of law, meritocracy and equality of opportunity, it would be difficult to remove the operating institutional biases working against women at the workplace. Therefore, topics like democracy and governance, development policy and gender, gender in the context of constitution & law, leadership and development of effective teams were stressed in the program. In the knowledge economy, it was acknowledged that physical traits were not what made a leader effective. Instead, there was a wider recognition intellectual endowment that contributed to the effectiveness of a leader. In view of the above, the fundamental questions that the program aimed to address were whether or not there were any major differences in the psychological and leadership profiles of men and women. Secondly, it was posited that teams with a healthy mix of women and men will emerge as high performance teams as compared to single sex teams. To test this hypothesis two different types of teams were formed— the first kind had both sexes and the second kind were single sex teams. What did the results of these two experiments show? First, it was quite interesting to discover that there were not many differences in the psychological profiles of women and men. From this it could be easily inferred that if men could handle institutional leadership positions effectively then women could occupy positions of power as well. Even though the sample was small, the diversity in the sample was good enough to draw a general conclusion that the allegation that men made more effective leaders than women is clearly a myth. Secondly, another question raised by men in the program was related to the posting choices in high security risk areas. Most men were of the opinion that women were either reluctant or couldn’t handle jobs at such places. When a response was sought from women they unanimously affirmed that, if given the opportunity, they wouldn’t shy away from taking leadership responsibilities in such areas. Therefore, to deny women leadership positions using the excuse that they are reluctant to work in ‘hard’ areas, is a misinformed assumption. Thirdly, with regards to assessing the teams’ performance, it was noted that at the start of the team performance exercise, it was generally believed that the men’s team will outperform all other team combinations. At the end of the exercise, it turned out that those two teams that had a mix of women and men emerged as high performing teams when compared to teams made up of exclusively women or men. Thus, this myth was also proven to be a misplaced one in the face of empirical evidence. What kind of conclusions can be drawn from the preceding results? First, that women in institutions are denied leadership positions not because they lack competence, courage or communication skills but because of operating biases in the day-to-day running of our institutions. We need to remove such biases and create equality of opportunity based on merit, for the growth of women in our institutions— particularly public sector institutions. Lastly, and most importantly, if we can create balanced teams that comprise of both women and men, institutional performance can be considerably enhanced due to the synergy of forces. To build stronger and more effective institutions, creating teams comprising of both genders at the policy making and operational level, will be the way forward. In conclusion, it must be emphasized, that the biases against women at the workplaces must be debunked if we wished to make our country prosperous.

The writer is Web Editor at Pakistan Today and tweets @aimamk

The writer is a Visiting Professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Pakistan’s silent election How scared are our politicians?



PRIL is almost over which means that the country’s most anticipated political event is almost upon us. Yet, an ominous silence has replaced the traditional pre-election euphoria, where thousands gather to cheer on for their leaders; big promises are made in grand rallies and historic speeches are recorded in the weeks leading up to elections. The election of 2008, for example, was a grand political spectacle where Nawaz Sharif and late Benazir Bhutto raced from city to city to assert their political might. Perhaps it was Benazir’s brutal assassination that has subdued the politicians now, or perhaps it is Musharraf’s trial that has pushed the election from center stage – either way, one must admit the days leading up to the elections have been engulfed in a strange political tension between various political quarters. The roots of this tension can easily be traced to security woes of the country; in the last few weeks, almost all mainstream political parties have come under attack. The news of these attacks come in short spurts and then fades away, only to appear once more. Often these attacks are targeted towards high-profile politicians, as in the case of Bilour of ANP and Zehri of PML-N. Other times, these attacks target political workers, as in the case of various independent candidates and MQM workers. It is feared that these attacks will escalate in their nature and magnitude as the election date draws closer. The previous election was delayed by a few weeks because it was marred by a highprofile assassination. Will Pakistan’s weak caretaker government manage to restrain the public and hold the elections if there was, God forbid, another high profile targeting? And if not, if the conspiracy theories of elections getting delayed are to be believed, what kind of political violence will be

required to manage the delay of the polls Khoso’s interim government is so determined to hold? The ANP leadership has categorically stated that the elections must not be delayed even by a second. This statement was issued even as Ghulam Ahmad Bilour was reeling from the attack on an ANP meeting. This is because the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa constituency, a waning ANP stronghold, can still get the party decisive votes in the province in the next government. Bilour has said that he would hold the COAS, the CEC, the president and the chief justice responsible if anything happened to him. It is almost reminiscent of Benazir’s statements after the October attack on her rally in Karachi where she feared for her life under Musharraf’s presidency – who, interestingly, is currently on trial for her assassination case. The PML-N leadership too, has sensed victory in the upcoming polls and will not stand for a delayed election only because it could have a lot to lose if the polls are not held on May 11. At the same time, Nawaz Sharif and his entourage are aware that Big Brother is watching and Big Brother is dangerous. For his security, Nawaz Sharif has hired a helicopter for his transport and may be gifted 20 bullet proof vehicles from his Saudi friends for the transportation of his senior leadership. Yet, he remains conspicuously missing from public eye – unless you count the television campaign ads and the sporadic appearances the former premier makes. PML-N has suffered damage in Balochistan with the president of the party’s chapter in that problematic province coming under an attack that left his son, nephew and brother dead. Zehri survived and fresh questions emerged: who targeted Zehri? Was it the usual ‘Baloch tribal rivalry’ that led to such a personal attack on the PML-N leader in Balochistan? The Baloch are, after all, not very fond of PML-N and Zehri is its immediate representative in the province. Or was the attack a part of some systematic targeting that is a part of the dark threat to politicians at this critical juncture? PPP, too, has come under attack and has beefed up security and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has had to make very few public appearances as the poster boy of the PPP campaign. However, political quarters were strangely

Will Pakistan’s weak caretaker government manage to restrain the public and hold the elections if there was, God forbid, another high profile targeting?

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triButes Paid to Pink floyd alBum artist storm thorGerson

I grew up believing that I was fundamentally powerless. — Thom Yorke

aamir khan emerges as one of the 100 most influential people NEWS DESK

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason is among the artists who have praised album artwork designer Storm Thorgerson, who has died aged 69. In a statement, he recalled his “great ideas and high, sometimes infuriatingly high, standards”. Mason said the artist whose work included The Dark Side of the Moon - was a “tireless worker right up to the end”. Vocalist Dave Gilmour called him “an inseparable part of our work”. The childhood friend of the founding members of the band, he became their designer-in-chief, fashioning a string of eye-catching creations. Mason said: “Two days before he passed away, and by then completely exhausted, he was still demanding approval for artwork and haranguing his loyal assistants.” He said the artist was a “dear friend to all of us, our children, our wives (and the exes); endlessly intellectual and questioning; breathtakingly late for appointments and meetings, but once there, invaluable for his ideas, humour, and friendship”. Thorgerson credits also include albums by Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel and Muse. His family released a statement saying he died peacefully on Thursday surrounded by family and friends. NEwS dESK

Bollywood star Aamir Khan has been featured on one of the seven special covers of the Time magazine listing the world’s 100 most influential people. TIME Magazine has revealed their ‘TIME 100’ issue which includes its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. The publication marks the 10th year that the magazine has put together the special issue.

This year, there will be seven separate cover portraits of the honorees who according to Time, “reflect the breadth and depth of our list, each one profiled inside-as is our tradition-by an equally luminary voice.” The seven portraits include Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot while advocating for girls’ rights, hip-hop artist Jay Z, Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, Rand Paul, the first-term Ken-

tucky Senator, inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk, Li Na, the Chinese tennis phenom, and Bollywood star Aamir Khan. The covers will vary internationally, but US newstands will feature four different versions. Each issue will contain all seven portraits inside. Renowned photographer Mark Seliger created the covers. Aamir Khan, 48, who wins praise from composer AR Rahman, “has been

Legendary poet Munir Niazi remembered ISLAMABAD APP

Legendary Urdu and Punjabi poet Munir Niazi was remembered on his birth anniversary on Friday by fans, readers and literature lovers. He was born in Khanpur on April 19, 1928, in a village near Hoshiarpur, India. After partition he migrated to Pakistan and settled in Sahiwal. Niazi, a master of poetic imagery, was bold enough to experiment with many genres of poetry and is credited with creating a distinct style, rhythm and diction. Mythology, nostalgia and haunting romance are some of the themes that find frequent mention in his poems. He wrote numerous songs for films and made his name as one of the best movie song writer in Pakistan. He also wrote for newspapers, magazines and did shows for Radio Pakistan. In 1960, he established a publication institute, Al-Misal. He was later associated with Lahore Television and lived in Lahore till his death on December 26, 2006. “Taiz Hawa Aur Tanha Phool,” “Jungle mein Dhanak,” “Dushmanoon Kai Darmiyan,” “Sham” and “Mah-eMunir” are some of his known Urdu publications.

‘DexTeR’s’ UPCoMINg eIgHTH seAsoN wILL Be THe LAsT NEWS DESK It’s official - Showtime’s favorite serial killer will no longer be wrapping his victims in plastic and pushing a knife through their sternums. “Dexter” will end its run this summer after eight seasons on the air. Many have wondered if Dexter Morgan will meet an untimely end when the series concludes. Michael C Hall, who plays the titular character, is also an executive producer and director. He told “I’ve been an advocate for having

a dialogue with the writers and getting a sense of how to best bring this story home - not wrap everything up with a tidy bow, but find some sort of conclusion. There has to be an end game.” The final season premieres this June and will wrap up in July. Hall commented: “I don’t imagine I’ll jump right back into something... I look forward to finding out what life feels like without Dexter.” Executive producer Sara Colleton told TV Guide magazine: “We know where it’s going to end. I want us to go out on a high, and everybody on the show is determined to keep the level of it up to the

very end. It’s always wise to know when it’s time to leave the stage before you’re asked to leave the stage.” At the end of season seven, Dexter’s sister Debra shockingly shot police captain Maria LaGuerta after she proved at last that Dexter was a serial killer. “Dexter” debuted in 2006 and over the course of seven seasons garnered 25 Emmy and 10 Golden Globe award nominations. In an interesting side note, Hall and co-star Jennifer Carpenter (who plays Debra), fell in love, got married and divorced. They continued to work together despite their romantic personal struggles.

chosen for using his influence to raise social awareness in India.” “In a world of false diplomacy and evasiveness, Aamir is a straightforward man,” writes Rahman noting, “He uses his gifts as a charmer to give his audience the most bitter of medicines. Hypnotised, we take it without complaint.” “Aamir has started a movement that will help change the world in which Indians live. Jai ho!” adds the Academy Award-winning composer.

roBert Pattinson reunitinG with ‘cosmoPolis’ director for ‘maP to the stars’ NEWS DESK “Cosmopolis” director David Cronenberg may have found his new muses. The auteur has just enlisted Robert Pattinson and his “Cosmopolis” co-star Sarah Gadon for his next project, “Maps to the Stars.” The film, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will take place in Los Angeles and revolve around the celebrity-obsessed culture in Hollywood. Julianne Moore and John Cusack have also been cast in the flick, which is being described as an indie ghost story. Production is slated to kick off in July in Toronto and Los Angeles. Pattinson stepped out of his “Twilight” shadow in Cronenberg’s 2012 gritty thriller, “Cosmopolis.” When he spoke to MTV News about hooking up with the director, he explained that working with him was “one of the first times I considered myself an actor.” “I had to come to terms with that,” he added about getting the chance to hit the set. “That was one of my first questions: ‘What do you see in me? Why? Why? Why are you hiring me?’ Cronenberg is one of those people when you’re asked who you want to work with, he doesn’t even come into my head. Because that’s like saying, ‘Want to work with Orson Welles?’” In addition to working again with the director and Gadon, Pattinson has a number of other films in production, including “The Rover,” “Mission: Blacklist” and “Queen of the Desert.” This will mark the third time that Gadon has worked with Cronenberg. She also appeared in his film, “A Dangerous Method,” describing the experience as “really exciting and liberating and, at the same time, terrifying experience.”

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Not all who wander are lost. — J R R Tolkien

ARTs saturday, 20 April, 2013

13 A

‘BomBay talkies’

lands up in controversy


Lahore: Iman Ali walks the ramp presenting a creation of 'Nayna' at a fashion show held at Royal Palm. muRTAzA ALI

‘Pankh’ maker Sudipto Chattopadhyay threatens to take legal action against Zoya Akhtar Writer, director Sudipto Chattopadhyay has accused Zoya Akhtar of lifting the central idea of his 2010 film Pankh, for her upcoming Bombay Talkies. Sudipto is planning to send a legal notice to Zoya regarding this. Pankh, which starred Bipasha Basu, Lilette Dubey, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ronit Roy, Sanjeeda Sheikh and newcomers Maradona Rebello and Amit Purohit, was a story of the sexual identity crises of a boy who grew up acting as girls in films. The film had tanked at the box office. “My film revolved around the confused sexual identity of the boy and how he liked to dress up as a girl

and got constantly rebuked for doing so. Bipasha essayed the role of a fairy the boy confided to—in fact it was an extension of the boy’s own self. “If you look at the trailer of Zoya Akhtar’s film, this is exactly what is shown there. Every bit of that storyline is same. Katrina Kaif is playing the role of the fairy. My film is out there for everybody to see. How can somebody pinch my idea like that?” asked Sudipto who had taken the film to numerous film festivals worldwide including those that dealt with issues concerning the LGBT community. After watching the trailers, Sudipto made enquiries and stumbled upon what he claims uncanny similarities. “I found out from my sources that Zoya’s story is same as mine. There are scenes, which are frame-to-frame copies of my film.

The character sketches are same too. I know my film didn’t do well at the box office and not too many people saw it. But I should have been given a credit for my work. I am talking to my lawyers and planning to send a legal notice to her,” Sudipto added. When we got in touch with Zoya, she denied the allegation and said: “I have not pinched my film from anybody else’s film. The story idea is entirely mine. I have not seen Pankh but my film is not inspired by any film let alone a copy of one.” According to reports, Zoya’s story revolves around a little boy who is obsessed with Katrina Kaif. He dances to her songs all day and even tries to dress up like her. Although both the stories follow different paths, they may share a core conflict—a boy’s confusion about his identity.

‘my PunJaBi love for you’ KARACHI: Lux Style Award’s winner for best music video director, Adnan Malik, teamed up with a talented and emerging name in the music industry, Bambu Sauce, to produce a cracking, adrenaline pumping music video “My Punjabi Love for you”. The video premiere, organised by Catalyst PR & Marketing, was attended by an energetic crowd that watched the video over and over again. premiere also marked the launch of AMP, a boutique media production house”. ‘My Punjabi Love for you’ is an evocative and propulsive experimental music video/experimental film hybrid, which tells a story of a young rural wife who attempts to overcome the challenges faced by independent women in a male dominated society. Inspired by the raw and grungy sound of the track, “My Punjabi Love For You” by Bumbu Sauce, the winners of Lux Style Award’s Best Emerging Artist 2012, the video propels you into the world of its female protagonist and her troubled relationship with men and society. The video features Aamina Sheikh as Parveen Bano, Adnan Jaffar as the evil Landlord and Rizwan Ali Jaffri as the hopeless husband, with a host of martial artists who play a mixed bag of villains that stand in her way. To play the role, Aamina trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing, mixed martial arts, wirework and motorcycle stunts. Her gritty and flawless acting carries the story of the video forward into a seamless sequence of events that alternate between real world events and her characters’ innermost desires and hopes. Adnan Jaffer justified his character as the loathsome landlord and constantly made producers wonder if they had created a monster. Featuring inventive direction from Adnan Malik- who was the brain behind the conception of the video- with gorgeous cinematography by ace DOP Zain Haleem and production

by AMP, the video piece draws inspiration from classic Pakistani cinema and cult martial arts films, and hopes to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about gender equality in Pakistani society. Adnan Malik Productions is a multiplatform integrated production house that develops, coordinates, and produces television commercials, digital media, film based projects, advertising concepts, and event-based entertainment. PR

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INFOTAINMENT Saturday, 20 April, 2013

russia Puts mice, newts in sPace

MOSCOW AgENcIES A Russian rocket carrying a capsule filled with 45 mice and 15 newts along with other small animals blasted off Friday on a month-long orbital mission that should pave the way for manned flights to Mars. Live footage on the Roscosmos space agency website showed the Soyuz lifting off at 1000 GMT from the Russian-leased Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan with its treasured cargo and another experimental satellite on board. The so-called Bion-M capsule is also carrying snails and gerbils as well as some plants and microflora. "This is first and foremost to determine how our organisms adapt to weightlessness and to understand what we need to do to make sure that our organisms survive extended flights," the TsSKB-Progress space research centre's department head Valery Abrashkin told state television. The meticulously-prepared experiment will last 30 days and see the capsule touch down softly with the help of a parachute in the central Russian Orenburg region on May 18. A field research lab will be deployed on site to quickly test the animals' response to their journey and return to Earth. The missions has been widely publicised by the state media as a unique experiment that no other country has pulled off in the past. The Vesti 24 rolling news station even added a touch of drama by noting that two of the male mice got into a deadly fight during the course of preparations and "as a result, the entire crew (of mice) had to be urgently replaced." Russia has long set its sights on Mars and is now targeting 2030 as the year in which it could begin creating a base on the Moon for flights to the Red Planet. But recent problems with its oncevaunted space programme -including the embarrassing failure of a research satellite that Moscow tried sending up to one of Mars's moons last year -- have threatened Russia's future exploration efforts. President Vladimir Putin this month unveiled a new $50 billion drive for Russia to preserve its status as a top space power. Those plans include the construction of a brand new cosmodrome from where humans will fly to space by the end of the decade. Russia's trials and tribulations are watched closely by other space-faring nations because the Soyuz represents the world's only manned link to the constantly-staffed International Space Station. But Russian scientists said the experiments being conducted on the mice and other animals would have been impossible aboard the station because they pose a sanitary hazard.

Where there is no struggle, there is no strength. –Oprah Winfrey

astronomers find most earth-like planets yet WASHINGTON



SING a potent NASA space telescope to scan the skies for planets like ours where life might exist, astronomers said Thursday they have found the most Earthlike candidates yet. Two of the five planets orbiting a sun-like star called Kepler-62 are squarely in what astronomers call the habitable zone -- not too hot, not too cold and possibly bearing water, researchers said in the journal Science. "These two are our best candidates that might be habitable," said William Borucki, Kepler science principal investigator at NASA's Ames Research Center. The two planets are slightly larger than ours, and at least a couple of billion years older. The first, 62e, is about 40 percent larger than Earth. It might be warm, maybe even a waterworld, and may experience flashes of lightning, said Borucki. The second, 62f, is about 60 percent larger than our planet, and orbits its star every 267 days, close to Earth's annual trajectory of 365 days. The planet may have polar caps, significant land masses and liquid water, Borucki said. Both are orbiting a seven-billion-year-old star some 1,200 light years from Earth in the constellation Lyra. They are close enough to their star to be warm, but not so near as to boil the oceans. They are far enough to maintain the likelihood of water without freezing the seas solid, Borucki explained. Scientists do not yet know if their surfaces are rocky or watery, or if they have atmospheres that could sustain life.

But their location and size suggest they "could plausibly be composed of condensable compounds and be solid, either as a dry, rocky super-Earth or one composed of a significant amount of water," said the study. Other studies have indicated that planets with a radius under 1.6 times that of the Earth, like these two, "have been found to have densities indicative of

a rocky composition." Astronomers detected the planets by observing their star dim when the planets pass in front of it, in what is known as a "transit." "These are the most similar objects to Earth that we have found yet," said Justin Crepp, assistant professor of physics at the University of Notre Dame. Crepp first saw a dot near Kepler-62

Judge fines himself for breaking no-cellphone rule NEWS DESK Fair is fair, even if you’re the one enforcing the rules, according to a Michigan judge who fined himself $25 after his smartphone interrupted a prosecutor’s closing argument. Judge Raymond Voet has posted

his policy in Ionia County District Court, letting all who enter his courtroom know that if their phones go off during proceedings, they’ll be confiscated and returned only after a $25 fine has been paid. Voet told today that he has taken phones from prosecutors, de-

fendants and police officers, but he never expected he’d ever have to enforce the policy on himself. “I detest the distraction in the courtroom, and here it happened to me,” he said. The judge said he had his new Windows smartphone in his pocket during court on Friday but forgot to lock the touch screen, setting off the voice command function. “The phone is saying, ‘Say a command,’” Voet said. “The prosecutor was in the middle of his closing arguments. … He lost his train of thought and looked at me. I felt my face starting to burn red,” the judge said. Voet said he turned off his phone, allowed the prosecutor to finish, and at the next recess, went and paid a $25 fine. “I like my phones just like anyone else,” he said. “But it’s very distracting when a phone goes off.”

first guy to fly over North Pole actually missed NEWS DESK The coelacanth doesn't just look like a prehistoric fish, it was believed to be one, extinct for some 70 million years—until one turned up at a South African fish market in 1938. Now, scientists have decoded the endangered species' genome, and they say they've found some clues as to how today's land animals evolved from a fish ancestor, reports the New York Times. First, some fascinating backstory: The Times explains that the coelacanth and lung fish—both "lobe-finned fish"—have been duking it out for the title of the closet relative to that first ancestral fish that used its fins to walk on land. Post-decoding, the lungfish emerges as the closer relative, but in the Times' telling, the "coelacanth may have the last laugh"—that's because the lungfish genome is too long to decode using

current technology. What scientists learned from the coelacanths' DNA: Even though coelacanths don't have a placenta, they have a gene related to one that allows land animals to grow a placenta. A DNA sequence found in coelacanths, but not ordinary fish, bolsters the genes that helps an embryo grow limbs. Researchers actually injected the coelacanth's sequence into mice; "it lit up right away and made an almost normal limb," says one.

about a year ago, and has studied the movements of the system for months in order to confirm the discovery. A third potentially habitable planet, Kepler 69c, is on the "inner edge of what has been considered to be the habitable zone," said Thomas Barclay, Kepler scientist at the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute in Sonoma, California. However, that one may be small and hot and more like Venus, the second planet from our sun, said Barclay, whose research was published Thursday in the Astrophysical Journal. "We're not sure yet," he told reporters. Its host star, Kepler 69, is about 2,700 light years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. All together, the latest findings add seven new planets -- four of which are outside the habitable zone -- to the tally that Kepler has found so far, totaling more than 2,700 candidates and confirmed planets. In late 2011, NASA confirmed its firstever planet in a habitable zone outside our solar system -- Kepler 22b, spinning around its star some 600 light years away. However, the large size of that exoplanet, at 2.4 times the size of the Earth, has left some doubt over whether the planet is rocky, gaseous or liquid. Another large planet that Kepler has confirmed in the habitable zone, Kepler 47c, is also much bigger than Earth. Kepler, launched in 2009, is NASA's first mission in search of Earth-like planets orbiting suns similar to ours. It is equipped with the largest camera ever sent into space in its search for planets as small as Earth, including those orbiting stars in a warm, habitable zone where liquid water could exist on the surface of the planet.

want to age well? don't eat like an american

Doctors have long told us that the Western diet— fried foods, processed foods, red meat, white bread, dairy, and plenty of sugar—is unhealthy, and now they have numbers to back it up. Researchers studied 5,350 British adults with a mean age of 51 who were followed for an average of 16 years. The results? Only 4% enjoyed "ideal aging," defined as being free from chronic diseases and having strong physical, mental, and cognitive function, reports MedPage Today. Participants were divided into three groups based on how they ate, and the researchers found: The group who ate the most Western-style diet were 42% to 50% less likely to experience ideal aging compared to the group that ate more vegetables, fruits, and fish The Western diet was linked to a 53% increased chance of cardiovascular death and a 36% increased chance of non-cardiovascular death The Western diet was also linked to a worsened musculoskeletal status (determined by walking speed) and worse cognitive function Their conclusion: "avoidance of the 'Western-type foods' actually might improve the possibility of achieving older ages free of chronic disease and remaining highly functional." NEwS dESK

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sPoRTs saturday, 20 April, 2013

mccullum to sue over captaincy row

WELLINGtON: New Zealand cricket captain Brendon McCullum said Friday he plans to sue former player John Parker for defamation over allegations surrounding his appointment as skipper late last year. McCullum, 31, took over from Ross Taylor in controversial circumstances in December, prompting criticism of both the new captain and national coach Mike Hesson from sections of the New Zealand cricketing community. A nine-page report leaked to media this month made accusations about how McCullum came to win the top job. In a statement issued through his lawyers, McCullum said he believed Parker, a 62-year-old former Test batsman, wrote the document and he will file proceedings in court next week seeking a retraction of the claims. “Mr. Parker’s paper makes some very serious attacks on my integrity, my honesty and my ethics as a professional sportsman,” he said. “I have endeavoured to resolve these issues with Mr. Parker but have been unable to do so. “He has left me with no choice but to defend myself and my reputation this way.” McCullum, who is currently playing in the Indian Premier League, said he was paying for the legal action himself and would not pursue monetary damages, simply a retraction from Parker. AgENcIES

Ahmed has been a loyal player, captain and ambassador of KZN and Dolphins cricket over the past 15 years, having played almost 300 games – Jesse Chellan

PcB to allow Butt, asif back in domestic cricket after ban LAHORE STAFF REPORT


HE Pakistan Cricket Board has given some hope to the disgraced former captain Salmand Butt and pacer Mohammad Asif of their return to cricket once their ban is over. PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf sid that the cricketers would be allowed to play in domestic cricket after their sentence of ban is over. Pakistan will allow disgraced former captain Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif back into domestic cricket once they serve their bans for spot-fixing, the PCB chief said. Butt, Asif and teammate Mohammad Amir were banned for a minimum of five years by the International Cricket Council (ICC) after being found guilty of spotfixing at the 2010 Lords test against England. On Wednesday, the Court of Arbitration for Sports rejected appeals

from Butt and Asif. Amir, who had pleaded guilty, did not appeal. Butt was banned for 10 years, five suspended, and Asif for seven years with two suspended. Amir’s five-year ban was the minimum the ICC could impose. All three were jailed by a British court in 2011 but were released last year. PCB chairman said Butt and Asif will have to serve their spot-fixing bans. “They will have to serve it. Then we will include them in first-class domestic cricket and see how they perform,” said Ashraf. Butt on Wednesday vowed to revive his career. “I have completed half of my punishment, so in 2015 I will be eligible to play and I am motivated and fit to revive my career,” Butt told a news conference. Ashraf said no player should ever fix. “If he does, he will destroy his future and bring a bad name, not only to himself but to his country,” said Ashraf. Former captain Rashid Latif said Butt and Asif had a right to play after their bans “provided they are fit and

have the will to play”. “I would have been disappointed if they were let off,” Latif said. West Indies’ Marlon Samuels is the

former england captain Denness dies SPORTS DESK Mike Denness, the former Kent and England captain, has died at the age of 72 after a battle with cancer. Born in Scotland, he played 28 Tests and 12 one-day internationals in a career that spanned 22 years. He later became an ICC match referee. Denness is the only Scotsman to have captained England and led the team in 19 of his 28 Tests although it was a controversial tenure especially his strained relationship with Geoff Boycott. During the 1974-75 tour of Australia Denness dropped himself for the fourth Test in Sydney although later returned after injury to John Edrich to score

188 at the MCG which, at the time, was the highest score by an England captain in Australia. In his first-class career, where he played for Kent and Essex, he scored more than 25,000 runs. He was awarded an OBE in the New Years Honours list for services to cricket. George Kennedy, the Kent chairman, said: “This is an extremely sad day for the Club. We have lost one of our great players, a very successful captain and a good friend. It is particularly sad that this has happened during his year as president - a period when the club had two Scotsman at the helm. Our thoughts are with Mike’s family and friends at this time.”

only player to return to international cricket after being banned for having links to a bookmaker. He was out of the game for two years, returning in 2010.

debut woe continues for sa’s smith LONDON: Graeme Smith’s first innings as Surrey captain ended in disappointment as the South Africa star was dismissed for just two runs against Somerset at the Oval on Thursday. Smith had been forced to watch South African teammate Alviro Petersen hit 167 after losing the toss on the opening day of the English County Championship First Division clash 24 hours earlier. And the Proteas skipper’s luck was out again on day two as he was dismissed by Peter Trego off the third ball he faced when he edged a wide delivery to James Hildreth in the slips. Surrey finished the day on 98-4, in response to Somerset’s first-innings total of 384 all out. AgENcIES

Zaka finds practical improvement in board PCB COFFERS INCREASE TO ANOTHER RS 300 MILLION LAHORE STAFF REPORT

PCB Chairman Ch. Zaka Ashraf finds practical improvement in the board as an organization having motivated and hardworking officials. “The Pakistan Cricket Board is a more efficient, better motivated and hardworking organization and as a consequence, there is visible all-round improvement in performance of the Board,” said Zaka Ashraf while talking to the PCB employees at the National Cricket Academy (NCA). All PCB staff including the directors, general managers, managers, marketing, accounts, media and security personnel, curators, groundsmen, electricians and tea boys, all were present in the meeting in the meeting in which all the Directors, the Chief Operating Officer and the Chairman shared their views on the performance of the PCB. The meeting was basically meant to recognize the services of its lower grade employees who had played such a great role in the success of the recent Faysal Bank Super 8 Twenty20 2013 through a cash incentive. At receiving the cash award, the lower grade staff was overjoyed and raised slogans.

The PCB Chairman told the meeting that owing to improvement in overall discipline, hard work, commitment and motivation the Board now has Rs 300 million more in its coffers than at the time he had taken over. “In any organization, leadership is of paramount importance. Over the last one year and a half under the present Chairman had been noteworthy, He lead from the front and we supported him as a team. The Board is now efficient and better organized, NCA is in the process of technical upgradation and shall be far better equipped once our biomechanics labs become operational and Pro-batter and Pitch Vision equipment is installed, the requirements of Pakistan cricket teams (at all tiers: senior, junior, age-group, women’s, blind and deaf) were being catered to in a far better manner. For the first time in our cricketing history, PCB also held its annual awards for the year 2012. “There have been other important happenings too: the series with India was revived, Benazir Shaheed women’s national tournament was launched, the land for Islamabad Stadium acquired and the Garhi Khuda Bux Stadium inaugurated and the British Universities and Afghanistan teams visited us. Above all, due to the improved financial control and financial management, the PCB has been able to show Rs300 million more in the kitty”, the PCB COO Mr. Subhan Ahmad said. The Director, Domestic Cricket, Zakir Khan said, “under the present management

domestic cricket has been closely focused upon, and that’s why new events have been added, the existing events have been improved in terms of competitiveness and financial management, and crowd participation has enhanced.” The Director, International Cricket, former captain Intikhab Alam said, “Pakistan cricket has in the last 18 months won quite a few laudable victories. The performance across all three formats has been so good that the team was winning the matches despite playing all its series with having home advantage.” He further said, “When the Chairman visited England’s Academy, he instructed us to install state of the art new technologies like biomechanics lab, Pro-Batter and Pitch Vision for better skill management. After all these technologies installed the NCA would become one of the best facilities in the world. The Director Coordination, Brig. Sajid Hameed said, “dedication level of the staff was exemplary. The Director Security, Ehsan Sadiq said, “the PCB tried its utmost to ensure that the domestic T20 had watertight security and we tried to ensure that international level security is provided during the tournament.. The CFO Badar M. Khan said, “the financial management of the Board has been made better which is resulting into increased incomes and reduced expenditures.” The security and vigilance team was also lauded for incident-free T20 events which drew large audiences.

This was the first such formal meeting of the entire and the Chairman spoke candidly: “When I took over, I was advised to install a new team in the PCB. I discarded that advice, as because of my corporate background I know how organizations work better. I believe in making people perform to their optimum ability. And everyone can see that the same group of people have accomplished far better than before. In future too, the PCB’s orientation would remain towards performance: those who do well shall always be recognized and given incentives, and those who do not measure up will have to leave. “Here I really admire those who worked so hard in making the Faysal Bank sponsored Twenty20 event such a huge

success. The lower staff and the groundsmen who worked long hours deserve recognition. As such, as a token of our appreciation, I am giving them a special incentive”, said the PCB Chairman. The Chairman also announced one month’s salary as ex-gratia bonus – the first in four years – for the entire PCB staff. “I am happy to announce this bonus because I believe that every employee of the Board has lifted up his or her performance and the motivation level among the employees has been increased which is making the entire organization look better”. At the conclusion, cheques were distributed amongst the PCB employees by Ch. Zaka Ashraf, the COO Mr. Subhan Ahmad and PCB directors.

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When people around the world think of cricket, I want them to think of Indianapolis – Greg Ballard, the mayor of Indianapolis




saturday, 20 April, 2013

Taylor guides Zimbabwe to commanding lead HARARE




IMBABWE remained on course for their first Test win in nearly two years, ending the third day at 187 for 7 with a convincing lead of 442, as Brendan Taylor took charge on a bowler-dominated day. He was unbeaten on 80 in the second innings, to add to his 171 that shaped Zimbabwe’s 389. Taylor, however, didn’t find any help from the top or middle-order, which was dismantled single-handedly by Robiul Islam. The pace bowler took the first six Zimbabwe wickets to fall, his maiden Test five-for and the first by any Bangladeshi pace bowler since June 2010. But Robiul’s 6 for 55 didn’t take away any advantages from Zimbabwe. Graeme Cremer once again offered resistance before he was run out for 43, bettering his previous highest Test score from the first innings. He and Taylor added 79 for the seventh wicket, rounding off a very good day for the hosts. Zimbabwe began the day by triggering a massive collapse in the visitors’ batting line-up. Bangladesh went on to lose nine wickets for just 32 runs, giving away their last five wickets without scoring a run. They ended their first innings on 134 runs, trailing by 255, but Taylor didn’t enforce the follow-on. Instead, he let his young pace attack put

their feet up for some time, after their efforts in the morning put Zimbabwe ahead. Kyle Jarvis and Shingirai Masakadza picked up four wickets each, while debutant Keegan Meth took two. It was Meth’s medium-paced seam

bowling that struck first. He ended Jahurul Islam’s promising 43 although the batsman had slowed down considerably on the third morning. He had added just five runs off 35 balls before he was trapped leg-before in the 11th over of the day. Mahmudullah

zImBABwE 1st innings BRm Taylor* c †mushfiqur Rahim b Enamul Haque jnr 171 12 E chigumbura c & b Rubel Hossain 11 R mutumbami† c †mushfiqur Rahim b Robiul Islam 42 Ag cremer c mahmudullah b Sohag gazi 21 KO meth c Nasir Hossain b Enamul Haque jnr 21 Sw masakadza c Jahurul Islam b Sohag gazi Km Jarvis not out 3 EXTRAS (b 1, lb 5, w 2, nb 5) 13 TOTAL 389 FALL OF wIcKETS 1-10 (Sibanda, 8.1 ov), 2-22 (maruma, 14.4 ov), 3-65 (H masakadza, 39.2 ov), 4-192 (waller, 81.6 ov), 5-223 (chigumbura, 91.4 ov), 6-238 (mutumbami, 94.3 ov), 7-344 (cremer, 134.5 ov), 8-344 (Taylor, 135.1 ov), 9-381 (meth, 151.3 ov), 10-389 (Sw masakadza, 152.3 ov) BOwLINg Robiul Islam 38-11-84-3, Rubel Hossain 30-6-87-2, Nasir Hossain 5-2-3-0, Enamul Haque jnr 47-5-133-3, Sohag gazi 22.3-1-55-2, mahmudullah 3-0-7-0, Shakib Al Hasan 7-3-14-0, BANgLAdESH 1st innings 43 Jahurul Islam lbw b meth 29 Shahriar Nafees c maruma b Jarvis 38 mohammad Ashraful c waller b Sw masakadza 3 mahmudullah b meth 5 Shakib Al Hasan c Sibanda b Sw masakadza 3 mushfiqur Rahim*† lbw b Sw masakadza Nasir Hossain c †mutumbami b Jarvis 7 0 Sohag gazi c waller b Sw masakadza 0 Enamul Haque jnr b Jarvis 0 Rubel Hossain b Jarvis Robiul Islam not out 0 EXTRAS (b 4, lb 1, w 1) 6 TOTAL 134 FALL OF wIcKETS 1-53 (Shahriar Nafees, 12.4 ov), 2-102 (Jahurul Islam, 35.5 ov), 3-112 (mahmudullah, 41.1 ov), 4-123 (Shakib Al

Hasan, 44.2 ov), 5-124 (mohammad Ashraful, 44.4 ov), 6-134 (mushfiqur Rahim, 50.6 ov), 7-134 (Nasir Hossain, 51.4 ov), 8-134 (Enamul Haque jnr, 51.6 ov), 9-134 (Rubel Hossain, 53.4 ov), 10134 (Sohag gazi, 54.1 ov) BOwLINg Km Jarvis 16-8-40-4, KO meth 20-6-41-2, Sw masakadza 14.1-432-4, E chigumbura 3-0-16-0, Ag cremer 1-1-0-0 zImBABwE 2nd innings T maruma lbw b Robiul Islam 10 V Sibanda b Robiul Islam 4 H masakadza c & b Robiul Islam 0 81 BRm Taylor* not out 4 mN waller c Nasir Hossain b Robiul Islam 27 E chigumbura c Jahurul Islam b Robiul Islam 0 R mutumbami† lbw b Robiul Islam Ag cremer run out (mahmudullah/†mushfiqur Rahim) 43 13 KO meth not out EXTRAS (lb 2, w 2, nb 1) 5 TOTAL 187 TO BAT Sw masakadza, Km Jarvis FALL OF wIcKETS 1-7 (Sibanda, 2.3 ov), 2-9 (H masakadza, 4.1 ov), 3-16 (maruma, 6.2 ov), 4-27 (waller, 10.1 ov), 5-84 (chigumbura, 22.2 ov), 6-84 (mutumbami, 22.3 ov), 7-163 (cremer, 50.3 ov) BOwLINg Robiul Islam 17-1-55-6, Rubel Hossain 6-0-31-0, Shakib Al Hasan 9-2-22-0, Enamul Haque jnr 11-2-34-0, Sohag gazi 9-0-24-0, mahmudullah 4-2-19-0 match details Toss Bangladesh, who chose to field Test debuts T maruma, KO meth and R mutumbami (zimbabwe) Player of the match tba umpires BF Bowden (New zealand) and AL Hill (New zealand) TV umpire TJ matibiri match referee Bc Broad (England) Reserve umpire O chirombe

prodded needlessly at an away-going delivery and dragged it back onto his stumps to give Meth his second wicket. Bangladesh’s good work from the previous evening was coming undone. Bangladesh’s over-reliance on a

defensive approach, although it looked sensible at the onset, cost them dearly. The second-wicket pair between Ashraful and Jahurul added only seven runs in 10.5 overs on the third morning and soon after, the batting imploded.

Hussey, sharma obliterate Daredevils DELHI AgENcIES

Mike Hussey scored 65 not out and Mohit Sharma took 3-10 as the Chennai Super Kings obliterated the Delhi Daredevils by 86 runs in the Pepsi Indian Premier League clash at the Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi on Thursday. The Daredevils were bundled out for just 83 in the 18th over, in reply to the Super Kings’ 169 for four, after MS Dhoni had won the toss and elected to bat first. Hussey starred with the bat for Chennai, facing just 50 balls with six fours and two sixes and shared in a third-wicket partnership of 74 off just 41 balls with Dhoni, that setup the challenging total. Hussey and Murali Vijay started off the innings sedately before Vijay (18) was trapped lbw by Morne Morkel (4-0-42-1) in the fifth over. Suresh Raina (30) then joined Hussey at the crease and the pair added 60 for the

second wicket off 52 deliveries. Raina faced 32 balls in his innings, striking five boundaries, but struggled to rotate the strike. Once Raina was dismissed by Irfan Pathan (4-0-30-1), the Super Kings began increasing their run-rate with Dhoni at the crease. Dhoni struck his first ball for four, which set the tone for his innings, while Hussey quietly accumulated his runs from the other end. Hussey took 41 balls to bring up his half centry, with a quick taken single to mid-off. Dhoni eventually holed out to Jeevan Mendis on the square-leg boundary off Umesh Yadav (4-0-35-1) in the final over as he looked to clear the boundary. The Daredevils’ reply was stopped before it even began with Sharma claiming two wickets in his first over, the second of the innings. First he had David Warner (1) playing a ball onto his stumps, then three balls later he trapped Manprit Juneja (2) in front to leave the hosts on 13 for two.

Chris Morris (1-13) then got in on the act, trapping the captain, Mahela Jayawardene (6), in front off the last ball of the fifth over. The first ball of the sixth over created even more drama for the home side as the big-hitting Virenda Sehwag (17) was caught on the square-leg boundary by Hussey off Sharma. Delhi were down and out on 30 for four. The highest partnership of the Delhi innings was between Mendis (12) and Kedar Jadhav (31), as the pair added 31 off 32 balls. But as has been the case for the hosts all season, they continued to lose wickets at regular intervals. The ‘spin-twins’ of Ravindra Jadeja (1-21) and Ravichandran Ashwin (2-18) tied the Delhi batsmen up in knots, as the pair combined for figures of 8-0-39-3. Albie Morkel, after conceding nine runs in his first over, ended with 1-13 in three overs with Dwayne Bravo, who picked up three catces, claiming the final wicket to end the misery for Delhi.

karachi suspend three players for indiscipline KARACHI: The Karachi City Cricket Association (KCCA) has banned Fawad Alam, Sohail Khan and Khalid Latif for showing indiscipline during the recently concluded Faysal Bank Super Eight T20 competition that was completed on March 31. All three bans are for 12 months, with Sohail’s covering all domestic games for Karachi, while the two others will not be allowed to play T20s. During television coverage of the event, the players were shown criticising their coach Tauseef Ahmed, a former Pakistan player. The three players have represented Pakistan on the international stage, with Sohail Khan having played two Tests, five one-day internationals and three Twenty20 internationals. Fawad Alam has played three Tests, 27 ODIs, and 24 T20Is. Khalid Latif has played five onedayers and seven T20Is. AgENcIES

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You’ll have to ask him is he’s going to stay or not, I don’t speak for others, I’m not at the club – Luis Figo

17 S

sPoRTs saturday, 20 April, 2013

LoCAL News

ztBl lift national women cricket trophy LAHORE: Karachi Region down Higher Education Commission in the last match of the 8th National Women Cricket Championship but the winners of the title were the unbeaten ZTBL ladies who lifted the trophy here at the Bagh-i-Jinnah’s Lahore Gymkhana’s ground on Friday. ZTBL for their title received a purse of Rs 100,000. Nida Rashid Dar (ZTBL) with 417 runs was the best batsperson while there were joint best bowler in Ramin Shamim (KHI) and Elizabeth Barkat (LHR), Sadia Yousaf (ZTBL) with 13 wickets each. Batool Fatima (ZTBL) had eight stumps and took two catches behind stumps to be the best wicketkeeper while Bismah Maroof (ZTBL) was the best fielder in taking eight catches and all these ladies were awarded Rs 10,000 each for their achievement. Meanwhile in the final match of the championship Karachi defeated HEC by five wickets. HEC gathered 160 runs and that was achieved by Karachi in 46.2 overs. Scores: heC women: 160 in 49.2 overs (Aliya riaz 51, 4x4s, 1x6, 84 balls, Sidra Amin 33, 5x4s, 49 balls, Sumaiya Siddiqui 14, 2x4s, 24 balls, reema Aman 14, 3x4s, 31 balls, ramim Shamim 3-39, Kainat Imtiaz 1-28, Kanwal naz 1-24) Karachi region women: 161-5 in 46.2 overs (Ayesha Zafar 37, 3x4s, 1x6, 57 balls, Aiman Anwar 27*, 3x4s, 38 balls, Kainat Imtiaz 22, 2x4s, 58 balls, Iram Khalid1-15, rahma hasan 1-28) result: Karachi region women won by 5 wickets player of the match: Aliya riaz (heC women) toss: Karachi region women Umpires: Abid naqvi & humaira Farah referee: Khalid niazi Scorer: Masood Ahmed kINNAIRD COLLEGE GIRLS WIN CENtENARy BASkEtBALL tOuRNAMENt : Kinnaird College girls won their Kinnaird College Centenary Basketball Tournament beating Home Economics College in the final here. Kinnaird College achieved the win over Home Economics College with a score of 37-21 For the winners Ramsha Ali with 10 was the prominent players while the losing side fought well through Kanza Saddique who got seven scores. Umar Rana and Muhammad Naveed supervised the match. Later Ramsha Ali (Kinnaird College) was declared the Best Player of the Tournament while Kanza Saddique (Home Economics College) was the Best Offensive Player and Aimal Ijaz (Sacred Heart Convent School) Best Defensive player. In the end chief guest Dr Rukhsana David (Principal Kinnaird College) gave the prizes to the winners and other participants. In the Junior Section, Sacred Heart beat SHCS club 19-17. Amna of SHCS club was the Highest Scorer with 11 while Sacred Heart Isbah got the 8 of eight. The match were supervised by Aqib Javed and Muhammad Naveed. STAFF REPORT

sNgPL win President’s Cup LAHORE



AKISTAN captain Misbah-ul-Haq led SNGPL to the President’s Cup after his departmental team beat WAPDA in the final on Friday. It was Misbah’s second major domestic title as a captain after he led Faisalabad Wolves to Super Eight T20 Cup last month. A strong performance from the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited top order, combined with Asad Ali’s incisive bowling, helped SNGPL take the President’s Cup One-Day tournament against Water and Power Development Authority with a 32-run victory in Karachi. SNGPL were put in to bat and the openers put on a commanding 125-run stand. Once Mohammad Hafeez fell for 58, Azhar Ali came on to score 33 in a 40-run partnership with Taufeeq Umar. Umar Akmal failed again, finishing a dismal tournament where

he scored only 79 runs in 6 innings. Further contributions from the captain Misbah ulHaq (34) and Khurram Shehzad (42) helped SNGPL to an imposing 283 for 8 at the end of their fifty overs. This finished Misbah’s glorious run in the tournament, where he averaged 64 and a strike-rate touching 120. WAPDA’s Nasir Malik was the most effective of the bowlers, taking 3 for 45. WAPDA struggled initially in their reply, losing two wickets with just 8 on the board. Rafatullah Mohmand, who had starred in the tournament with three centuries on the trot and an unbeaten 91, was only able to make 7, as WAPDA were on the back foot early on. Sohaib Maqsood (57) and Ali Azmat (39) put on a 100-run stand to help steady the innings. Mohammad Ayub’s unbeaten 66 helped keep the team afloat, but wickets continued to tumble around him. Ultimately the required rate got out of hand as they faced 10-11 an over going into the final ten. Asad Ali took 4 for 37, all of which

were bowled, to keep WAPDA under check. WAPDA ended their innings on 251 for 9, giving SNGPL a 32-run victory. Asad Ali finished as the highest wickettakers list, with 14 wickets in 6 matches at 17.07. This title marks the third for Misbah ul-Haq this season, where he has also won the Faysal Bank Super Eight T20 and President’s Trophy. ScORES: SngpL 283-8 in 50 overs (Mohammad hafeez 58, 64 balls, 7 x4s, taufiq Umar 79, 78 balls, 8 x4s, Azhar Ali 33, 51 balls, 1 x4s, Misbah-ul-haq 34, 35 balls, 3 x4s,1 x6s, Khurram Shahzad 42, 42 balls, 4 x4s, Junaid Khan 2-57, nasir Malik 3-45, Saad nasim 2-34) WApdA 251-9 in 50 overs (rafatullah Mohamand 7, Sohaib Maqsood 57, 71 balls, 6 x4s, 2 x6s, Ali Azmat 39, 57 balls, 1 x4s, 4 x6s, Aamer Sajjad 29,Mohammad Ayub 66*, 60 balls, 9 x4s, Asad Ali 4-37, Mohammad hafeez 1-58, yasir Shah 2-50), result: SngpL won by 32 runs, toss: WApdA, Umpires: Ahsan raza and Shozab raza, tV Umpires: Saleem Badar, reserve Umpire: Kamal Marchant, referee: Anwar Khan, official Scorer: Salman Siddiqui, press Scorer: Wasim Abbas, prize Money

Fernandez-Castano leads Spanish Open VALENCIA AgENcIES

Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano was rewarded for his commitment to the Spanish Open with a first round of 69 to lie just one shot off the lead in Valencia. Fernandez-Castano travelled to El Saler immediately after competing in the Masters at Augusta, where he was disappointed to finish 20th after being in contention for much of the week. The 32-year-old admitted he would not be playing if any tournament other than his national Open had been on the schedule, the only European Tour event in Spain in 2013 due to the financial crisis. But his effort was rewarded with a round containing four birdies and just one bogey that was good enough for a share of fourth place behind leaders Felipe

Aguilar of Chile, France’s Gary Stal and Denmark’s Morten Orum Madsen. “I played some steady golf and had a couple of lucky breaks too,” said Fernandez-Castano, who has not finished better than 30th in his last five appearances in the event. “I holed some nice putts even though the greens were not the best this afternoon so overall I think it’s a very good start for the week.” Playing partner Miguel Angel Jimenez failed to record a single birdie in his round of 76, but was just pleased to be back playing for the first time since suffering a broken leg while skiing in December last year. “It’s very nice to be back, it’s been a long time away from competition,” the 49-year-old told Sky Sports 2. “I was looking forward to playing this tournament and I recovered as quick as I can and am very pleased to be here.

LoCAL News

inter-district hockey Peshawar white stun nowshera PESHAWAR: Peshawar White stunned Nowshera by 4-0 in a one-sided affair on the second day of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Inter-District Men Hockey Championship being played here at Lala Ayub Hockey Stadium on Friday. Vice President Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hockey Association Haji Nawaz Khan was the chief guest on this occasion and before the start of the match the players of both Peshawar White and District Nowshera were introduced to him. The match was started on fast tempo and Peshawar White took the lead in the very 4th minute through full-back Zahid Khan on the penalty corner conversion. It was right winger Irfan Khan move who travelled past three defenders and by reaching in the D area got penalty corner which was nicely taken by Zahid Khan. After taking the lead, Peshawar White team fully dominated the proceedings and did not allow Nowshera players to play with free hands. It was in the 13th minute when this time Irfan slammed in beautiful goal on the field attempt. Irfan, who also delighted the sitting spectators with his run down the flank, zoomed quickly from the center line and when he reached at the top of the D area he slammed in a superb goal to make the tally 2-0. STAFF REPORT

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There are a few bumps and bruises from West Ham on Wednesday – Alex Ferguson




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nadal powers on into monte carlo quarters

wAtCh It LIve GEO SUPER KKR v Super Kings

03:30 PM RCB v Royals

07:30 PM

STAR SPORTS Racing: F1 World - Qualifying

04:20 PM

ESPN Barclays: Queens Park Rangers vs. Stoke City

07:24 PM

STAR SPORTS Barclays: Fulham vs. Arsenal

7:25 PM

ESPN MotoGP World Qualifying

11:00 PM

wenger skips out on song repeat LONDON AgENcIES



taylor defends suarez inclusion on Pfa shortlist


AFAEL Nadal’s bid for a ninth successive Monte Carlo Masters crown remained on track with a straight-sets defeat of Philipp Kohlschreiber. Nadal was rarely troubled by the German, turning in a typically dominant clay court performance to see off the world number 21 6-2 6-4 in 81 minutes. He did not allow Kohlschreiber a break point as he extended his winning streak in the principality to 44 matches his only defeat coming in 2003 to Guillermo Coria. Nadal has looked strong since coming back from a seven-month injury lay-off in February, claiming the titles in Sao Paulo, Acapulco and Indian Wells after returning with a runner-up performance in Vina del Mar. He will next face Grigor Dimitrov, who continued his improved form of late with a 6-2 6-4 defeat of Florian Mayer. Sixth seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

breezed past Jurgen Melzer 6-3 6-0 but fourth seed Tomas Berdych was surprisingly ousted 6-4 6-2 by Italian Fabio Fognini. DjOKOvIC FINDS INNER STRENGTH IN MONTE CARLO: Novak Djokovic came from a set down to book a quarter-final place but second seed Andy Murray crashed out in less than an hour at the Monte Carlo Masters. Djokovic pulled through against Juan Monaco to join third seed Rafael Nadal, who beat Philipp Kohlschreiber in straight sets. However, that was in sharp contrast to the fortunes of US Open champion Murray, who won only three games against Stanislas Wawrinka, with Tomas Berdych and Juan Martin del Potro - the fourth and fifth seeds respectively - also exiting the tournament. Djokovic was forced to come from behind for the second day in a row and credited his “inner strength” after beating Monaco 4-6 6-2 6-2. The Serbian, who had been tested by Mikhail Youzhny in the second round, lost serve four times as he battled past Monaco in just over two hours to book a tie against

Finn Jarkko Nieminen, Del Potro’s conqueror. It is his first clay-court tournament of the year and comes less than a fortnight after he twisted his ankle during a Davis Cup tie against the United States. Djokovic said: “It’s another big test obviously, again a two-hour match. “Obviously I’m not physically out there feeling my best. “Somehow it feels that I always miss that half a step. But I’m trying, I’m fighting. “After I lost the first set today [Thursday], I tried to find that inner strength - I found it again so that’s a positive thing. “Every day brings a new challenge and we’ll see what happens tomorrow [Friday].” Second seed Murray was demolished 6-1 6-2 by 13th seed Wawrinka, who won 75 per cent of his service points and broke his higher ranked opponent five times to record his fifth win in 13 meetings with the Scot. Murray, who made 24 unforced errors, told a postmatch press conference: “When I started making a lot of errors he was able to dictate all of the points from there.

Hunter wins Mzansi Tour’s second stage MIDDLEBURG MANCHESTER: Professional Footballers’ Association chief executive Gordon Taylor has defended the presence of Luis Suarez on the shortlist for the Player of the Year award. Suarez’s main rivals for the award are Gareth Bale, who has also been nominated in the Young Player category, and Robin van Persie, who won it last season before leaving Arsenal for Manchester United. In a short-list that includes no defenders or goalkeepers, and no representation from champions Manchester City, the biggest surprise is the absence of Swansea forward Michu, who many believe to be the signing of the season. Instead, Chelsea duo Juan Mata and Eden Hazard are included, in addition to Manchester United’s unsung hero Michael Carrick, who at 31, finally gets his first nomination. There is no doubt Suarez has been one of the most effective players in the Barclays Premier League this year. However, his reputation has been damaged by the eightmatch ban he received for racially abusing Patrice Evra at Anfield last season. Given his blatant handball also denied Ghana an appearance in the 2010 World Cup semi-finals and the periodic allegations of diving, some would argue he hardly deserves to be acknowledged by his peers. But Taylor, whilst accepting Suarez will always be a controversial figure, feels the Uruguayan’s on-pitch performances, including 29 goals, for Liverpool this term, make him worthy of inclusion. “Sometimes controversy travels with players,” said Taylor. AgENcIES


South African rider Robert Hunter claimed victory in spectacular fashion on the second stage of the Mzansi Tour after a 189km ride from Lydenburg to Middelburg on Thursday. Hunter prevailed in a sprint finish in five hours, five minutes, 25 seconds (5:05:25) in what was the longest stage of the International Cycling Union (UCI) graded tour. David Maree of team Tasol GT, who was close behind Hunter, finished second, while Christian House of Ralpha Condor JLT finished third. An early six-man breakaway saw Maree, House, Willem Smit (Team Bonitas), Shaun Ward (Team Nuwater), Dan Craven (WCCA Mixed Team) and Neil McDonald (Fedgroup ITEC) open a wide gap just 10 kilometres into the stage, leaving the peloton two minutes behind.

Massa leads the way for Ferrari in Bahrain MANAMA AgENcIES

Ferrari started practice for this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix as they concluded it in China with a one-two. On this occasion, however, it was Felipe Massa who led the way ahead of Fernando Alonso around the desert-based Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, 20 miles south of capital Manama. The suggestion is, in the wake of Alonso’s victory in Shanghai last Sunday, Ferrari are steadily taking up the mantle as the team to beat this season. Qualifying and their one-lap pace remains an issue, but come race day the Maranello marque have proven so far they have the staying power for a long-haul title battle.

Massa, a former two-time winner in 2007 and 2008, posted a lap time of one minute 34.487secs as track temperatures hit 45 degrees with an air temperature of 33, by far the hottest so far this year. Ferrari had cleverly waited until an hour into the 90-minute session, with much of the dust and sand removed from the track, before finally showing what they are capable of. Alonso, a three-time winner here, finished just 0.077secs adrift, with Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg the best of the challengers to the Ferrari pair as the German was 0.134secs adrift of Massa. With Rosberg and team-mate Lewis Hamilton clearly running different strategies, the Briton - third in his last two races - was down in 13th position, 1.305secs off the pace.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed the club will not try and buy back unsettled midfielder Alex Song from Barcelona in the summer. The Cameroon midfielder was a regular at Arsenal under Wenger, playing 204 times before his £15million transfer to the Catalans in August last year. Since then, the big money move to Barca has not paid off for Song as he has failed to hold down a regular first team place even when the current La Liga leaders have been depleted by injuries. And as a result, it was reported recently that the midfielder was unhappy in Spain and was pining for a move back to north London with the Gunners happy to assist. Wenger has moved quickly to dispel the rumours and has also encouraged Song to stick it out at Camp Nou and prove his doubters wrong. “There is no buy-back [clause] in his contract,” Wenger said. “I heard that he wants to give it a go for another season, which you can understand because it’s the first season [with Barcelona]. “I think he’s a quality player and sometimes the players have to persist when it doesn’t go well and not change their mind too soon. “My personal advice for him would be to give it another go and after two seasons he can still make a decision.” Song signed a five-year deal with Barcelona.

fcc win inter-varsity Basketball LAHORE: Forman Christian College, Lahore successfully organsied thet FCC Inter-Varsity Basketball Championship 2013 with their own team winning the title. The final match was played between FCC and PAC and FCC won after tough competition by 45-34 scores as a result of which PAC got 2nd Position. The Rector, Dr. James A. Tebbe was the Chief Guest at the closing ceremony who distributed prizes among the winners. STAFF REPORT

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saturday, 20 April, 2013

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot No 79, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

e-paper pakistantoday 20th April, 2013  

e-paper pakistantoday 20th April, 2013

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