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Wednesday, 13 March, 2013 Rabi us Sani 30, 1434



IHC issues contempt notice to Ashraf


more killed as president seeks out of box Solution to Karachi unrest PAGE 02

Incredibly crazy Six new world records things celebs for Pakistan do to stay sexy The talented youth of Punjab took the country to Guinness World Records by creating another six record in different entertaining event s here on Tuesday at National Hockey stadium and newly built SPB gymnasium . GWR adjudicator Carlos Martinez, arrived Lahore on Monday night, to adjudicate nine attempts on day one of the attempts but due to the shortage of time the youth could attempt only six GWR to get their name registered in the GWR from the platform of Punjab Youth Festival.


Believe it or not Kim Kardashian recently got a vampire facial to stay young. The skincare treatment involved drawing blood from her arm which was later reinjected in her face. In the latest episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, the 32-yearold socialite visited a clinic specializing the so-called “vampire” facial to try out the latest beauty technique, reported Ace Showbiz.


Policemen among three killed in Bannu bombing

Taliban gaining foothold in Karachi

At least three people were killed and another 20 were injured in a suicide blast and subsequent firing near a police station in Bannu on Tuesday. According to the local police, intense firing was heard soon after an explosion near Sadar Police Station where checkposts and police stations are often attacked by militant groups. Police said the suicide bomber targeted a police van, killing two police officials and an unidentified man as well as injuring another 20.

The Taliban have occupied several areas in Karachi following a cold war between two Pakhtun tribes, Mehsud and Kakakhel, for ownership of Pakhtun strongholds in the city, Pakistan Today has learnt. The Mehsud tribe has taken control of several Pakhtun strongholds where the banned outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has established its network.



Blasphemy case registered against 83 vandals The Badami Bagh police has registered a case against at least 83 persons involved in the arson and violence at Joseph Colony, Pakistan Today has learnt. The FIR [No. 114/13] registered by the police on the complaint of former station house officer Inspector Hafiz Abdul Majid charges the accused under section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, and sections 295A, 186/324, 397/353, 148/149 and 436/427 of the Pakistan Penal Code. According to Inspector Majid’s statement he had informed the local Muslim leaders that the accused Sawan Masih was in police custody and they should not create any law and order situation.


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Zardari has repeated history of ZAB with IP gas project. — Azad Kashmir PM Chaudhry Abdul Majeed



wednesday, 13 March, 2013

PM okays PolIcy for uNhINdered fuNds release




h e Badami Bagh police has registered a case against at least 83 persons involved in the arson and violence at Joseph Colony, Pakistan Today has learnt. The FIR [No. 114/13] registered by the police on the complaint of former station house officer Inspector hafiz Abdul Majid charges the accused under section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, and sections 295-A, 186/324, 397/353, 148/149 and 436/427 of the Pakistan Penal Code. According to Inspector Majid’s statement he had informed the local Muslim leaders that the accused Sawan Masih was in police custody and they should not create any law


and order situation, but the latter remained adamant on going ahead with their announced strike on the day of the incident. Majid said that he called for additional police deployment in the area and soon teams from various police stations of the city reached the spot. “The number of the protesters gradually grew from a few hundred into thousands with several people carrying weapons and iron rods. Within seconds the mobs attacked the Christians’ houses in Joseph Colony, setting fire to dozens of houses, two churches and several shops. The police and fire brigade personnel tried to control the spread of fires but by then a lot of damage had been done,” he stated in the FIR. Shahid Imran, the person who accused Sawan Masih of blaspheming against the holy Prophet (PBUh), has also been nominated in the FIR. All other people nominated in the FIR have been identified through video footage of the incident. Meanwhile at Joseph Colony, the displaced families are faced with diseases and severe hardships as government contractors work to rebuild their houses. Several political leaders have paid visits to the area to express solidarity with the affected families.

I had informed the local Muslim leaders that the accused Sawan Masih was in police custody and they should not create any law and order situation, but the latter remained adamant on going ahead with their announced strike on the day of the incident



The Taliban have occupied several areas in Karachi following a cold war between two Pakhtun tribes, Mehsud and Kakakhel, for ownership of Pakhtun strongholds in the city, Pakistan Today has learnt. The Mehsud tribe has taken control of several Pakhtun strongholds where the banned outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has established its network. The fire at New Sabzi Mandi on Super highway, one of the Asia’s largest fruits and vegetables market, was also a result of ownership dispute between the two tribes. Reportedly, the Taliban wanted the control of the vegetable market, which observes business of billion of rupees daily. There were reports of the Taliban uprising in the

GADAP TOWN SP SAYS THOSE WORKING FOR TTP IN AREA WERE KILLED IN POLICE ENCOUNTERS outskirts of the city, mainly the Super highway. earlier, both tribes were working under the political party – which claims to represent the Pakhtun living in Karachi. Later, the Mehsud tribe parted ways with the party and started occupying Pakhtun areas with the Taliban’s help. “A cold war has been started between two Pakhtun tribes which has damaged the party structure,” said a party leader, requesting not to be named. “From Sohrab Goth to Manghopir, Taliban have taken control of Pakhtun areas and established their system there which not only destroyed party structure, but also earned bad name for us,” he added. “The war started after a clash of interest between the two tribes and later the Mehsud tribe abandoned the party and joined hands with the Taliban to establish

a TTP network,” he claimed. “From Sohrab Goth to Toll Plaza, Taliban have set their network and removed party flags from these areas, but we are still resisting against these elements in Al-Asif Square,” he said. “We are in a fix because we have to secure the Pakhtun living in those areas which were occupied by Taliban with the help of Mehsud,” he noted. “The [Sabzi Mandi] fire started from a hotel which is 200 yards away from my shop and there is open ground but how it captured the shop it is beyond my thinking,” Salahuddin, a crate maker, told Pakistan Today. “The wind was also blowing from east to west of the market but how it engulfed the eastern part of the market it could be imagined,” Salahuddin added. “The people belonging to different tribes of KP are working in the market but the Mehsud tribe dominates the market,” All Vegetable Tajir Biradari Alliance (AVTBA) Chairman haji Syed Abdul Razzak Shah said. “People of many tribes of KP are working in the market but Mehsud and Kakakhel have made their clear representation in the market so far,” he added. “Apparently, there is no war going on between the two tribes in the mar-

Policemen among 3 killed, 20 injured in Bannu suicide blast BANNU ONlINE


Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has granted his approval to a policy of getting funds released from the national exchequer without any hindrance, a private TV channel has reported. The policy has been approved at a time when the incumbent government is only four days away from its dissolution. Under the policy, no one will be able to raise any objections to the funds’ withdrawal, not even the Auditor General. The Auditor General had objected to the additional funds being made available at the disposal of the parliamentarians and blocked release of funds amounting to Rs 5 billion to them. According to the Auditor General, no consultation was made on the proposed policy before the prime minister’s approval. MONITORING DESK




ket but one thing is sure that the market was set on fire as per plan, Shah said, adding that we do not have proves against anyone that’s why we cannot held anyone responsible for this blaze.” “We can say that fire in the market was result of ownership dispute between Mehsud and Kakakhel tribe as the market is situated next to Faqeera Goth where both groups are undergoing in a cold war,” Rehman Khan, another leader of (AVTBA) said. “I am resident of Faqeera Goth too and there were reports about some people who tried to close barber and computer shops,” Khan added. “Few years back, some people started working for TTP in the area, but they were killed in police encounters,” Gadap Town SP Javed Iqbal Bhatti claimed. “I am not much aware about matters of the town as I was posted here a few days back, but I have confirmed from the Ahsanabad post in-charge that some people who pronounce themselves Taliban were killed in encounters and after that they do not get solid evidences that prove presence of TTP in the area,” he maintained. “Fire at vegetable market on Super highway is still an accident because we have not received evidence which proves ‘blaze conspiracy’,” he maintained.

At least three people were killed and another 20 were injured in a suicide blast and subsequent firing near a police station in Bannu on Tuesday. According to the local police, intense firing was heard soon after an explosion near Sadar Police Station where checkposts and police stations are often attacked by militant groups. Police said the suicide bomber targeted a police van, killing two police officials and an unidentified man as well as injuring another 20. They said the vehicle was also completely destroyed. Rescue teams rushed to the scene and took the injured to nearby hospitals while the security forces cordoned off the area.

7 injured in blast near Mian Iftikhar’s Nowshera residence NOWSHERA INP

At least seven people, including labourers, were injured in an explosion near the residence of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar hussain on Tuesday. According to police, the explosion took place near the house of Mian Iftikhar in an under construction building. The blast left seven people injured, including labourers busy in construction work of the building. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital where according to hospital sources their condition was stable. KP Information Minister Mian Iftikhar hussain was in Peshawar at the time of the blast. Police and other law enforcement agencies (LeAs) personnel cordoned off the area after the incident and launched a search operation. Police said explosives had been planted in sewerage line.

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No government to back out from Pak-Iran gas pipeline project. — Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira




wednesday, 13 March, 2013



BANNU: Security personnel collect evidence from the site following a blast on Tuesday. ONlINE

spy agencies can’t operate beyond the law, says CJP ISLAMABAD ONlINE

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Tuesday said the country’s secret agencies should keep in mind that they had authority to function only within the ambit of law. he passed the remarks during the hearing of Adiyala Jail missing persons case. The CJP said no one should think that the courts were helpless. “If the courts are be unable to dispense justice how would be the country be run?” he said extrajudicial measures by anyone would not be tolerated at any cost. The chief justice said no institution of the country had the authority to keep people in custody for life illegally. he expressed resentment that although the attorney general represented the federation, he did not know anything about the case. “This situation is the limit of irresponsibility.” Justice Gulzar Ahmed Ahmed said the secret

agencies had realised that the trial of the under detention persons should be started now after a lapse of several years. he said after reviewing record, it seemed a new story had been fabricated. Tariq Asad, the lawyer for applicants, completed his argument, while Attorney General Irfan Qadir would commence his arguments on March 20. The lawyer for agencies, Raja Irshad, presented the record of hamza Camp with a request that it might be kept secret. he said the accused were involved in suicide attack on hamza Camp and they would be prosecuted under FRC. To this, the CJP said the trial of the accused had been completed years ago, but agencies had kept them in custody forcibly. “how can proceeding against them be started under FCR now?” The court later adjourned proceedings until March 20.


h e Supreme Court on Tuesday observed that the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) was fully authorised under the constitution to amend the nomination form and make other necessary changes in the run-up to the upcoming polls. A three-member bench of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed heard the pleas seeking electoral reforms and directed the eCP to ensure timely general election. The court noted that it had already interpreted Article 218(3) of the constitution in its June 8, 2012 judgment, making it clear that the eCP was tasked with “organising and conducting the election”. It said the language of the said article implied that the eCP was responsible for not only conducting the election itself, but also making necessary arrangements for the said purpose, prior to the election day. The deadlock ensued between the

BENCH SAYS ARTICLE 218(3) EMPOWERS ECP TO ENSURE ELECTION PROCESS DOES NOT SUFFER FROM CORRUPT OR ILLEGAL PRACTICES eCP and the Law Ministry when the former on Monday ordered immediate printing of new nomination papers with amendments proposed by it, without waiting for an approval by the president. The court said Article 218(3) also empowered the eCP to ensure that the election process did not suffer from any corrupt or illegal practices, adding that section 103(c) of the article empowered the election commission to issue instructions, exercise its powers and make orders to effectuate the said standard. The court noted that since there was no cavil with the proposition that the election commission stood as an independent and fully empowered constitutional body, the 18th and 20th Amendments had substantially enhanced the degree of independence and the scope of powers enjoyed by the commission. During the hearing, eCP’s counsel Muhammad Munir Paracha told the court that to implement the court’s June 8, 2012 judgment as well as to ensure

holding of elections strictly in accordance with Article 218(3) of the constitution, certain amendments were suggested. The court then asked him to submit the details of these amendments by placing a comparative statement along with the other steps taken to implement the judgment in view of the observations made therein. The SC bench also asked Deputy Attorney General Dil Muhammad Alizai to seek instructions from the government with reference to the implementation of the judgment wherein Article 218(3) of the constitution had also been interpreted elaborately. The court directed the parties to submit a comprehensive report over the conduct of upcoming elections in the next hearing and adjourned the proceedings to Wednesday. Moreover, an official of the eCP said the commission had decided to hold upcoming elections under new electoral reforms. According to eCP member Justice (r) Riaz Kayani, an ordinance of electoral reforms was being prepared that would be sent to caretaker prime minister for approval soon after the establishment of the interim government.– The deputy attorney general assured the bench that everyone in the government and opposition supported free and fair elections and the federation was fully committed to leave no stone unturned for the purpose.

sC issues notice to AG in overseas Pakistanis voting case ISLAMABAD APP

The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a notice to the attorney general of Pakistan for appearance in the case regarding voting rights to overseas Pakistanis. The petition has been filed by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan. A three-member SC bench, comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, resumed the hearing into case. During the course of the proceedings, hamid Khan, counsel for Imran

stated that during the last hearing, the federation had committed to coming out with solid points in this regard. When the CJP put this question to Munir Paracha, the counsel for the election Commission of Pakistan, he excused from giving any statement, saying he was not present in the last hearing. The CJP said no concrete proposal could be seen which could enable the overseas Pakistanis to use their right to vote. Later, the proceedings were adjourned until March 13 and a notice was issued to the attorney general to appear before the court in the next hearing.

10 more killed as president seeks out of box solution to Karachi unrest FOUR POLICEMEN AMONG THOSE KILLED IN TARGETED ATTACKS KARACHI AGENcIES

President Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday said an out of the box solution needed to be found to the Karachi unrest issue, as 10 more people, including policemen, were killed in separate incidents of firing and violence in the country’s financial hub. Unidentified motorcyclists opened fire on a police van near Anu Bhai Park, killing two policemen and injuring four other people. The victims were identified as ASI Abid and Gulzar. Another two policemen were reportedly killed in another incident of firing. Also, some armed men attacked a car near Fazal Mill in Federal B Area and gunned down a trader identified as Samiullah. An attacker was killed in an ensuing police encounter, but two of his accomplices fled. A man was shot dead by unknown as-

sailants near Shafique Mor and another man was gunned down in Nazimabad. A man namely Muhammad Asghar was killed in firing near Sharafi Goth. Two dead bodies were found from Malir Memon Goth canal. Unidentified armed motorcyclists opened fire at a man near Korangi Darul Uloom, killing him on the spot. In Nazimabad area of the city, another unidentified man was shot to death. Police also recovered a bullet-riddled and tortured body from Lyari. On the other hand, targeted operations against miscreants led to the arrest of more than 50 suspects and recovery of arms. Sindh Rangers spokesman Colonel Sharif said the force acted on a tip-off about the presence of accused involved in Landhi blast and launched a targeted operation in Gulshan-e-Bonir area of Landhi. During the operation, 31 suspects were arrested and arms, including 13 Kalashnikovs, pistols and bullets were seized from their possession. The operation was aided by helicopters and the nearby area was cordoned off before launching the search. Raids were also conducted in Bufferzone, Liaquatabad and Surjani town during which about two dozen suspects, including activists of banned groups, were arrested

and 20 illegal weapons were recovered. Separately, a blast was reported in a van near Askari Park area. Reports said the van was blown into pieces by the deafening explosion outside a petrol pump near Askari Park. The nature of the blast could not be ascertained, but SSP Imran Shaukat said no causalities resulted. President inaugurates Projects: earlier in the day, President Zardari laid the foundation stones of various development projects in Sindh province, saying

the alliance between the PPP‚ MQM‚ and ANP would be further strengthened as it had blocked the way of non-state actors. Zardari laid the foundation stone of 44kilolmetre Garho-Shah Bandar Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto expressway in Thatta. The 4-lane expressway will be completed at a cost of over Rs 4.25 billion in two years. An interchange will also be constructed at Dandhiari Point. Upon completion‚ it will facilitate the people as well as farmers in the area.

The president also laid the foundation stone of Benazir housing Scheme under which 50‚000 plots measuring 120 square yards will be distributed among the poor and deserving people in all 23 districts of Sindh. Zardari laid the foundation-stone of the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto health scheme under which 39 taluka hospitals will be upgraded, while 41 trauma centres will be set up in all districts of the province. he also founded a trauma center each in Badin and Shikarpur talukas.

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04 N

Credit goes to parliament, media, judiciary & civil society for making people strong. — Mushahid Hussain

news wednesday, 13 March, 2013




eADeR of the house in the Senate Jahangir Badr on Tuesday said backchannel contacts had been activated to evolve consensus for getting all four provincial assemblies and the National Assembly dissolved on a single date and to ensure simultaneous elections for national and four provincial assemblies. “Backdoor diplomacy is underway for dissolution of the national and provincial assemblies on the same date. I can assure the house that there will be no deadlock in this regard. The PPP will uphold the constitution and there would be no delay in polls,” Badr said while responding to a point of order raised by Senator Mohsin Leghari. Responding to Badr, Mir hasil Bizenjo said while assemblies were working in all other provinces but not Balochistan. he said the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) had started preparations for holding free, fair and transparent election, while Balochistan was still under governor’s rule. Bizenjo said anyone could knock the court’s door for local bodies’ elections, as the provincial governments did not make legislation in this regard. earlier, Senator Leghari said a constitutional crisis was looming as the twomonth provision of imposition of governor’s rule had been over, but the federal government neither summoned a joint session of parliament to provide legal cover

BACKDOOR DIPLOMACY CONTINUING FOR SIMULTANEOUS DISSOLUTION OF ASSEMBLIES to the governor’s rule nor had the provincial government in Balochistan been restored. however, he expressed apprehension that how would it be possible to hold the forthcoming general election on a single day, since it was constitutional obligation that the provincial government be dissolved by the chief minister, while at present, Balochistan was being ruled by a governor. “Besides, all provincial as well as federal assemblies’ tenure will expire on separate dates, so how will it be ensured that the general polls are held together?” Leghari said the government was apparently not serious in holding elections and was using various tactics to delay the much-needed polls. he added that court decisions could be presented as an example that administrators could not replace elected representatives, adding that they should not be worried for 2013 elections, rather it was the local bodies elections that were due in 2010 which were a matter of concern. The members of Upper house also criticised the observations of the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) about the authority of the head of state regarding its proposed

SENATOR MOHSIN LEGHARI LAMBASTES GOVT FOR NOT RESOLVING GOVERNOR’S RULE electoral reforms for conduct of free, fair and transparent elections. Senator Saeed Ghani of the PPP moved an adjournment motion against the statement by the eCP, which said the eCP had sole authority for framing laws for holding free, fair and transparent elections and that the approval by the president in this regard was a formality. Ghani said the eCP was violating its constitutional limits under pressure from a section of the media. he said the eCP was taking decisions for which it had no power. he said the sub-clause 3 of Article 218 stated that the eCP would take all necessary steps in accordance with the law to hold elections. however, all proposals framed by the eCP needed to be approved by the president and the eCP’s powers were not limitless. he said the parliamentary committee on electoral reforms had worked hard to facilitate the eCP and the election commission delegation in the meeting with the committee had conceded that the proposal seeking thirty days’ period for scrutiny of the candidates needed constitutional amendment and was impossible as the term of the National Assembly was about to expire. Ghani said

like judges, eCP members could not interact with the media directly and could not meet politicians. he regretted that the parliament was being maligned for trying to protect criminals, dacoits and thieves but parliamentarians had remained silent. Senator Jaffer Iqbal Gujjar of the PMLN partially agreed with Ghani, saying every institution should remain in constitutional ambit and should not violate their powers. he expressed apprehension that the government, in guise of a standoff with the eCP, wanted to postpone the general elections, adding that there was nothing wrong if the eCP blocked the entrance of corrupt and looters into the august house. Senator Kazim Khan said the role of media during the entire episode was quite strange, adding that Fakhruddin G ebrahim was an honest person, however, he could not have the power to decide whether or not he or she was a burglar and crook. he said the Phoolan Devi was once a dacoit, but she became member of parliament. Abdul haseeb Khan said it was mandatory for the eCP to hold elections on time so as the democratic process could continue. he said there was no need to discuss the steps being taken by the eCP as casting doubts over the eCP’s intentions may be counterproductive. Meanwhile, Pakistan Muslim League-Q Secretary General Senator Mushahid hussain Syed said President Asif Ali Zardari must be knighted for his courageous step of inking the historical gas pipeline project with Iran.

Speaking at a point of order, he said the president took a bold step to sign an Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline by setting aside external pressure and did not compromise on national interest. Mushahid said it was a must to have a cordial relation with neighbouring countries based on respect and equality and it was the pre-requisite for an independent foreign policy. PML-N’s Mushahiddullah Khan said the government neither took the opposition nor parliament on board while signing the IP project. he said the interim government could not sustain the pressure even for five-days and it would have to say goodbye, adding that the election commission’s steps were hurting the tax evaders, theft and tax defaulters. he said the PPP government should be ashamed of its involvement in targeted killings in Karachi. On the other hand, the Senate was informed that the country suffered a loss of $69 billion in the war against terror. Minister of State for Interior Imtiaz Safdar Warraich told the house during question hour that the economy of the country had been badly affected due to factors, including damage of buildings‚ compensation paid to victims of terrorism‚ settlement and rehabilitation of internally-displaced persons and security measures. The Senate unanimously passed two bills as well.“The Federal Ombudsmen Institutional reforms Bill‚ 2013” provides for making institutional reforms for standardising and harmonising the laws relating to Federal Ombudsmen Institution. The Securities and exchange Commission of Pakistan (Amendment) Bill‚ 2013 provides to amend the Securities and exchange Commission of Pakistan Act‚ 1997.

ZTBL working within ambit of SBP rules isLaMaBad: All affairs of Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. are run strictly according to the statutes and regulations laid down by the State Bank of Pakistan which is the regulator. Periodic inspections are made and the Bank’s management followed and adhered to the observations made by the regulatory authority, said a press release issued by the bank. The release further stated for the information of general public that the Board of Directors of ZTBL was constituted by the Federal Government vide Notification dated June 14, 2010 after going through a strict clearance procedure under Fit & Proper Test Criteria carried out by SBP. The Non executive Directors do not draw any salary from the Bank. The Board has played vital role in providing necessary support to make ZTBL a robust organization which is evident from the profitability of the Bank.

IHC restores surcharge on CNG isLaMaBad: The Islamabad high Court (IhC) on Tuesday restored imposition of surcharge on CNG. A two-member divisional bench of the IhC, comprising of Justice Riaz Ahmed Khan and Justice Anwarul haq Qadri, resumed hearing over a review petition submitted by the Petroleum Ministry against the court’s earlier order which had declared the imposition of surcharge in the price of CNG as unlawful. The bench overruled the earlier decision of its single member bench and allowed for the collection of surcharge on CNG until a detailed verdict was issued on the matter. A price hike of at least Rs 13.29 would come into effect after the court’s decision. A single member bench of the IhC, comprising of Justice Shaukat A Siddiqui, had declared the imposition of surcharge on the price of CNG as unlawful on February 1. ONlINE

QUETTA: A relative of District Election Commissioner Ziaullah Qasmi mourns his killing at a hospital on Tuesday. ONlINE

IHC issues contempt notice to Ashraf isLaMaBad: Islamabad high Court (IhC) on Tuesday issued a contempt notice to Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf over failure to implement court’s order for implementation of recommendations of the Public Service Commission (PSC). The petition, filed by PWD Superintendent engineer Zohair Khalid, said that on February 9, 2011, the Central Selection Board Chairman Baghwan Das had proposed to promote Zohair Khalid to grade 20 as chief engineer but the prime minister did not sign the summary. IhC’s former chief justice Iqbal hamidur-Rehman on June 24, 2011 had also issued an order for implementation of commission’s recommendation but the premier sought suggestion from secretary housing and the decision remained pending. Petitioner’s counsel Colonel (r) Inam Rahim told the court that the PM had only issued orders for the promotion of his son-in-law. After hearing the arguments, the chief justice issued a contempt notice to Ashraf, Principal Secretary Ayub Qazi and Deputy Secretary establishment. ONlINE

Deputy election commissioner shot dead in Quetta QUETTA

Shahbaz chooses former judge, bureaucrat for interim CM LaHore: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has chosen a retired bureaucrat and a retired judge as Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s nominees for caretaker chief minister. Shahbaz intimated his party’s choice to opposition leader Raja Riaz through a letter. According to the letter, Justice (r) Amer Raza Khan and Khawaja Zaheer have been picked for the slot. STAFF REPORT


A deputy election commissioner was shot dead on Tuesday in Quetta, officials said. According to police, unidentified armed men opened fire on Ziaullah on Mengal Link Road in Satellite Town. According to sources, the deputy election commissioner was on his way on a rickshaw when the unidentified armed men attacked him near Chandi Chowk in Satellite Town. he was shifted to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Police and FC personnel rushed to the scene and cordoned off the area. According to media reports, the miscreants succeeded to flee from the scene.

Indian plane makes emergency landing at Karachi airport KaracHi: An Indian plane on Tuesday made an emergency landing at the Quaid-e-Azam International Airport due to a technical fault. Sources said the plane, carrying around 10 passengers, had developed some fault in its hydro lick system so it had to make an emergency landing at the airport. The airport authorities assured the passengers of providing foolproof security. NNI

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The South DIG directed to ensure recovery of a fleeing cop within seven days along with his accomplices under special task. – Sindh IGP Ghulam Shabir Shaikh


KARACHI wednesday, 13 March, 2013

WEaThEr updaTEs

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33°C I 18°C HYDERABAD: Activists of Communist Party hold a demonstration against the Badami Bagh incident. ONLINE


Fajr sunrise Zuhr asr Maghrib Isha 5:35 6:50 12:44 4:06 6:37 7:53


arbab too shall return


Pakistan Muslim League-Likeminded (PML-L) leader Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim has announced to return to the country on Wednesday(today) after spending five years in self-exile in the United Arab emirates (UAe). his announcement came after the Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) leader Dr Tahirul Qadri returned to Pakistan from Canada after ending his self-imposed exile and All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) President Pervez Musharraf had also recently announced to return to the country within weeks after the announcement of interim government in the country. Talking to media persons from the UAe, the former Sindh chief minister said he was returning to Pakistan and would participate in the upcoming general elections. he further said that he would stay for a few days in Lahore before leaving for Sindh. A public gathering had also been scheduled after the arrival of Dr Arbab in Lahore where party leaders and workers from all over the country would participate in large numbers. he further said that he was neither a criminal nor had instigated anyone to commit any crime during his tenure as chief minister from 9th June, 2004 to 19th November, 2007.



he traders of new Sabzi Mandi (vegetable market) have decided to stage a sit-in at the Superhighway for an indefinite time to block the supply of goods to the upcountry from Wednesday (today) as the talks between the provincial government and traders failed on Tuesday. A delegation of traders’ body, representing affectees of New Sabzi Mandi blaze, met the secretary agriculture and sought compensation money for the effected traders but the government refused to accept their demands. Later, the traders of vegetable market in a meeting decided to stage a sit-in at the Superhighway to block supply of goods to the upcountry for indefinite period from Wednesday (today). "We went to the secretary agriculture who invited us for talks yesterday but there was no outcome," All Vegetable Tajir Biradri Alliance (AVTBA) chairman and member market committee haji Syed Abdul Razzak Shah told Pakistan Today.

"earlier, we met the additional secretary and apprised him about the situation of traders after the fire blaze that destroyed almost 60 percent of the market, but he showed inability to compensate the affected traders. Later, we went to the secretary agriculture but he also failed to convince the traders. The secretary invited us again for talks on Wednesday (today) but the

traders have decided to stage a sit-in at the Superhighway for indefinite time from Wednesday," Shah added. On Monday, the AVTBA chairman said the traders threatened to stage a sit-in at the Superhighway to block supply of goods if the government failed to announce compensation package for the victims. “We will stage a sit-in at the Superhighway to block supply of goods to the upcountry. If the government did not listen to us, we will decide to close one of Asia’s biggest fruit market for an indefinite period,” the AVTBA president announced. “Due to fire, the traders of fruit and vegetable markets suffered losses of above Rs 4.5 billion. We are not claiming compensation from the government but at least someone should visit us for knowing our problems,” he added. “We have prepared list of the affected traders and forwarded it to the Sindh governor, chief minister, agriculture secretary, chief secretary, commissioner and home department. Today, we have decided to stage a sit-in at the Superhighway as we have given deadline of five days to the government for listening to our problems which has expired today (Tuesday). Meanwhile, the agriculture secretary called me and requested to visit his office on Tuesday.” “Besides, one of the Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable market in Karachi does not have water supply and network of sewerage system which has increased miseries of the traders”, he added.

Caretaker setup likely to be announced on Friday KARACHI ONlINE

Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Qaim Ali Shah and opposition leader of the Sindh Assembly Sardar Ahmed have started consultations for the formation of the caretaker government in the province, media reports said on Tuesday. Quoting sources, the reports said that CM Qaim and Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul ebad met thrice during the last 12 hours, after which the CM called for the opposition leader to hand him the names for the caretaker CM. There were reports that the new

dispensation was expected to consist of ten ministers and two advisers, of which six ministries could go to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement

(MQM) and remaining four to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). One adviser each would be taken from the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid-eAzam (PML-Q) and the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F). The sources further said that the provincial caretaker government was likely to be announced on Friday. In the meantime, the opposition leader chaired the meeting of the opposition parties at his chamber and was attended among others by PML-F’s Jam Madad Ali and NPP’s Abid Jatoi. Later, the parties reached a consensus to give three names for the interim chief minister of the province.

shahzeb’s sister records statement KARACHI INP

Maham, the sister of slain youth Shahzeb Khan, recorded her statement before an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Karachi on Tuesday. The ATC continued the hearing of Shahzeb Khan murder case. During the hearing, Maham in her statement said that while returning from a marriage ceremony she telephoned her mother and brother (Shahzeb) to register their complain regarding Shahrukh Jatoi’s misbehaviour, the central accused in the case and his servant. She said that the accused fought with her brother when he came to save her. “I will not apologise, I am son of Sikandar Jatoi,” Maham quoted Shahrukh as saying before shooting her brother to death.

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KARACHI wednesday, 13 March, 2013

rangers arrest suspects of landhi blast KARACHI NNI

Paramilitary Rangers carried out a ‘targeted operation’ in Landhi following the Monday’s low-intensity blast in the area which killed two people. The intelligence-based operation was started early Tuesday morning in Gulshan-eBuner in Landhi on the information that suspects of a defunct outfit where hiding there, Sindh Rangers spokesman Colonel Sharif said. he said more than 20 suspects including banned group activists were arrested and 20 illegal weapons were recovered during the operation. The Rangers official said that raids were also carried out in Buffer Zone, Surjani and Nazimabad areas to track down the culprits involved in the Monday’s blast in Landhi which left a father and his son dead.

secretary education must comply with sc judges’ findings KARACHI NNI

KARACHI: Rangers arrest suspects during a targeted operation in Gulshan-e-Boneer, Landhi. ONLINE



AShING out at its political rivals, including the party’s former coalition partners, for promoting an obsolete dynastical system in the country, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Tuesday called upon the “educated, capable and meritorious” people belonging to the poor and middle classes to obtain its application form for candidature in the forthcoming general election. “The MQM would nominate educated people from Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa in the upcoming general elections,” said MQM’s Coordination Committee Deputy Convener Dr Farooq Sattar while briefing committee members at the party’s headquarter at Nine Zero on Tuesday.

“We appeal to the educated, capable and meritorious people of the poor and middle classes to obtain this form from the MQM offices and submit these for bringing in a positive change in the country,” he said. Slamming his political foes and friends alike, Dr Farooq said the obsolete political system running in the country had given rise to a culture of political dynasties. This dynastic system, he said, had permeated in all political parties to the extent that major political parties in the country had become “family properties”. “It is because of this system that the family members of a handful of families have always been ruling the country,” he lamented. Furthermore, the MQM leader claimed that political and religious parties of the country were selling party tick-

explosives smuggling continuation of ‘afghan Jihad’: IG KARACHI: Sindh Inspector General Ghulam Shabir Shaikh has said that Kalashnikovs, bombs, bullets and explosives are not manufactured in Karachi, they are smuggled from tribal areas and Afghanistan and he termed this activity as a continuation of the ‘Afghan Jihad’. Talking to media at Garden Police headquarters after offering funeral prayers of a policeman Gul Sher, the Sindh IG said that terrorism has spread in the country due to the Afghan war. Policeman Gul Sher was killed on Monday night when he was on his way to home after performing his duty at Ghulshan Ghazi area of Baldia Town. INP

ets at the time of general election in exchange of millions of rupees. “They demand a large sum of money even with the application form which effectively excludes ordinary Pakistanis from the election process,” he alleged. Dr Farooq also said that these political parties gave tickets to such candidates who did not even go to the people after winning elections, let alone serving them. In contrast to this culture, Dr Farooq said the MQM chief Altaf hussain was the only political leader who had never contested any election for the national and provincial assemblies or the senate. “he has set an example by

keeping his family members away from elections in order to uproot the current political culture that favours the scions of political dynasties,” the MQM leader added. Moreover, Dr Farooq said the MQM would give a pleasant surprise to the 98 percent people of the country besides protecting their rights. “We are announcing the release of the application form for the general election of 2013,” he said. “This form is a trust of the people and it is totally free for everyone who has a desire to represent the people,” he added. The parliamentary board of the MQM would select the potential candidates after scrutinising all the forms that would be received purely on merit. “We also pray for the well-being and long life of our leader Altaf,” said Dr Farooq.

400 dismissed education dept staffers to be regularised HYDERABAD ONlINE

In blatant violation of the election Commission of Pakistan’s (eCP) ban imposed on government hiring, the powerbrokers are set to stage a travesty in Sindh education Department by regularising 400 dismissed employees of the department. According to media reports, a certain person sitting pretty strong in the power corridors, was hijacking the education Department’s top brass to re-instate the

dismissed staffers, that too as regular employees by declaring them contractual. It is important to mention here that back in the year 2011, these 400 former employees were appointed ad hoc for a period of six months in the education Department Bureau of Curriculum and were duly released after the contract expired, however a court had awarded them an extension of five months more months. Furthermore, they were given their marching orders in October 2012 at the

end of their extension period. Since then all the 400 employees, between the grades of 1 to14, have stood dismissed. Analysts believed this sort of ban-flouting electioneering flies in the face of the election Commission of Pakistan, which was already under tremendous pressure ahead of the general elections. Sources also said that the powerbrokers were also working on a bill that would soon be moved as well as passed in the Sindh Assembly to reinstate and regularise these sacked staffers.

Senior Minister for education and Literacy Pir Mazharul haq has strictly directed the Sindh Secretary education to submit report in the meeting on 13th March on the findings of the judges assigned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding the poor condition of the schools and also to inform what actions have been taken in this regard. This he said while talking to high officials of the Sindh education Department visiting the offices of the education Department here on Tuesday. While expressing his anger over non-compliance of his repeated instructions, he said that it was a matter of concern that despite his repeated orders, proper action had not been taken to improve the poor condition of schools in Sindh and basic necessities had not been provided to the same. Pir Mazhar added, “The Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken a very positive step to improve the educational standard in Sindh, and its timely action would not only improve the education standard but it would also put the department on the right track.” he also directed all the officers of the education department to comply with the findings of the Supreme Court and said that no negligence would be tolerated in this regard.

PIMa demands eye hospital in every district of province KARACHI PPI

Showing concern over the growing eye diseases and lack of government-run eye hospitals in the province, Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has demanded opening of state-run eye hospitals in every district and town of Sindh. PIMA Sindh chapter president Dr Salman Ghouri said due to diseases like hypertension, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataract, environmental pollution and also due to poverty, the blindness was rising especially among the rural people. he said eye care facilities were mostly concentrated in big cities like Karachi, however, in many districts and towns there were simply no government-run eye care facilities. he said it was the need of the hour that every district and town of Sindh must have a proper and well-equipped staterun eye care hospital for the benefit of lowincome and poor people. he said the PIMA had been setting up freeof-cost eye camps in Karachi and the rest of the province. Recently, the Prevention Of Blindness (POB) Trust under the aegis of PIMA organised six free eye screening camps in different areas of Karachi including Bihar Colony, Agra Taj, City Railway Colony, PMMC-Balouch, Azam Busti, Mussan Chowk Keamari. In these camps, 1,189 patients were screened for cataract eye surgeries. Moreover, 180 patients were selected for the free cataract eye (PhACO) surgery by renowned eye surgeons of the city.

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Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury. — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

venezuelans gear up for fresh election

news wednesday, 13 March, 2013

RoMe: The Canadian cardinal Marc ouellet makes his way to Vatican City on his way to enter the conclave to elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI. AGENcIES

CARACAS: Venezuelans have begun preparing for a snap election to choose a new leader after the death of Hugo Chavez. Thousands of the late president's supporters thronged the National Election Council on Monday as acting president Nicolas Maduro, dressed in a jacket in the colours of the Venezuelan flag, officially registered his candidacy. "I am not Chavez, but I am his son and all of us together, the people, are Chavez," he said. Wearing red berets and T-shirts emblazoned with Chavez's image, his supporters pledged loyalty to the deeply polarising socialist revolution that the former army paratrooper championed during his 14 years in power. "We are going to elect Chavez in the body of Maduro," said Jesus Oliviertt, a 60-year-old retiree. "We are going to continue his work." Henrique Capriles, a 40-year-old state governor who lost to Chavez in presidential elections in October, kept his followers off the street but warned Maduro on Sunday: "I won't leave you an open path. "You are going to have to defeat me with votes," Capriles said in accepting the nomination of the main opposition coalition. He formally registered his candidacy later in the day. Venezuelans will vote on April 14 after a brief campaign that analysts say heavily favours Maduro, whom Chavez picked as his successor in his last public appearance before going to Cuba for cancer surgery in December. AGENcIES

cardINals Gather to elect New PoPe

vienna Philharmonic admits Nazi-era past VIeNNA: The famed Vienna Philharmonic has acknowledged that many of its musicians were members of the Nazi party and that its director may have delivered a prestigious orchestra award to a Nazi war criminal two decades after the end of World War Two. The orchestra, which has come under fire for covering up its history, on Sunday published details for the first time about its conduct during the Nazi era, including biographies of Jewish members who were driven out and sent to death camps. Austria took until 1991, more than four decades after the war's end, to formally acknowledge and voice regret for its central role in Hitler's Third Reich and Holocaust. The Alpine republic will solemnly mark the 75th anniversary on Tuesday of its annexation by Nazi Germany, an event most Austrians at the time welcomed. The Vienna Philharmonic, one of the world's premier orchestras, is most popularly known for its annual New Year's Concert, a Strauss waltz extravaganza that is broadcast to an audience of more than 50 million people in 80 countries. Less well known is the fact that the concert originated as a propaganda instrument under Nazi rule in 1939. The orchestra rarely played the music of the Strauss family, known for the "Blue Danube" and numerous other waltzes, before this period. AGENcIES

07 N


MaN sets hIMself aBlaze IN tuNIsIa TUNIS



man has set himself on fire in central Tunis, just hours before the country's legislators were to vote on a new government entrusted with pulling the country out of a deep political crisis. Tuesday's gesture recalled the selfimmolation of Mohamed Bouazizi, whose death ignited a revolt in the North African country that echoed across the Arab world. "This is a young man who sells cigarettes because of unemployment," the man shouted before immolating himself on habib Bourguiba avenue, according to a witness. Security forces and bystanders tried to extinguish the flames before the man was rushed to hospital, witnesses said. "his life is not in danger but he has third-degree burns to the head and the

back," said an emergency services spokesman. 'PsycHoLogicaLLy BroKen': Officials named the man as 27-year-old Adel Khadri and said he hails from an extremely poor family in Jendouba in northwestern Tunisia. Interior ministry spokesman Khaled Tarrouche attributed Khadri's desperate action to his economic situation. "he is unemployed and came to Tunis a few months ago. he was very fragile, psychologically broken, and that is why he set himself on fire." In December 2010, street vendor Bouazizi died of his injuries after setting himself alight on December 17, 2010 in the town of Sidi Bouzid after a policewoman confiscated his fruit cart. Bouazizi's fate sparked protests that ended with the overthrow of autocratic President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and inspired rebellions elsewhere in the Mid-

dle east. economic and social difficulties were the key factors that brought down Ben Ali's regime and two years since his ouster unemployment and poverty continue to plague the North African country. The simmering discontent has in the past few months sparked strikes and protests which often degenerate into violence. Two members of a rap group, Sabrine Klibi and Mohamed hedi Belgayed, were arrested on Monday for a music video insulting police. Their arrest provoked a strong reaction from activists. Tunisia is also struggling to emerge from a political crisis exacerbated by the daylight murder on February 6 murder of Chokri Belaid, a leftist opposition leader. Later on Tuesday, prime ministerdesignate Ali Larayedh was to seek a vote of confidence on his new cabinet line-up from legislators in the National Constituent Assembly.

French town honours Israeli minister 'killer' PARIS AGENcIES

Israel has strongly criticised a French town after it granted honourary citizenship to a Palestinian convicted in the killing of an Israeli government minister. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor on Monday called the honouring "humanly outrageous to honour a convicted murderer, no political view can justify it." The Paris suburb of Bezons last month honoured Majdi al-Rimawi, who was sentenced to life in prison in Israel for his role in the 2001 murder of tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi. Zeevi, who had founded the right-wing nationalist Moledet party, had advocated the ouster of all Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Bezons monthly newsletter cites leftist Mayor Dominique Lesparre as saying honouring Rimawi was a "strong political act" related to the "colonisation of

the Palestinian people." The monthly newsletter stated it was a unanimous decision taken by the Bezons local council to honour Rimawi, whose crime was "defending his town and its inhabitants, calling for the application of international law for the establishment of Palestine to the 1967 borders as recognised by the United Nations, and Jerusalem as its capital." It does not mention the killing. Al-Rimawi, with three other Palestinians, were convicted of Zeevi's assassination. The four are


members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which claimed the assassination was in revenge for the assassination of Abu Ali Mustafa, the PFLP secretary general, by the Israelis earlier in the same year. On Lesperre's personal blog, it stated al-Rimawi was "imprisoned for the last 10 years for having participated, with his people, in the struggles of resistance against the occupation of his country and his fight for freedom." Al-Rimawi's wife, Fathiya, was presented with the plaque honouring her husband at the ceremony which took place in February 2013. Bezons and Rimawi's hometown have been sister cities since 2008.

Cardinals have held Mass in advance of the secret papal election with no clear frontrunner after Benedict XVI's historic resignation. The 115 cardinal electors who pick the next leader of 1.2 billion Catholics attended the Mass "For the election of the Roman Pontiff" in St Peter's Basilica on Tuesday morning. The scandal over decades of sexual abuse of children by paedophile priests - and the efforts made by senior prelates to cover up the crimes - has cast a long shadow over the Catholic Church. The cardinals were due to begin their secret deliberations in the Sistine Chapel on Tuesday afternoon. They will vote four times daily until two-thirds can agree on a candidate but are expected to vote only once on Tuesday. Al Jazeera's hoda Abdel-hamid, reporting from Vatican City on Tuesday, said a Vatican spokesman had confirmed the cardinals were unlikely to elect a pope by Tuesday night. Benedict's resignation and the scandals make the choice hard to predict, she said. "I think there's an agreement across the board that there's a huge PR problem for the Vatican, whether because of the sexual scandals or the VatiLeaks scandal," our correspondent said. Vatileaks refers to confidential papal documents published last year by an Italian journalist, allegging high intrigue at the heart of the Catholic Church.

BodIes duMPed IN syrIa's 'rIver of death' daMascus: Twelve more bodies have been recovered from the Queiq River in Syria's Aleppo city a day after 22 corpses were pulled out. Corpses have been appearing on the river shores since late January when at least 80 bodies were found, many with bullet wounds to the head. The opposition says government forces are responsible for dumping the bodies in what has become known as the River of Martyrs. Most bodies found so far floated down to the oppositionheld Bustan al-Qasr neighbourhood after being dumped in an upstream district in central Aleppo under government control where several security compounds are located, opposition activists in Aleppo said. State media said the bodies found in January were those of people abducted and killed by the rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra. President Bashar al-Assad's forces and rebel brigades have been battling in Aleppo, formerly Syria's commercial and industrial hub, since last year. Both sides have been accused of carrying out summary executions. AGENcIES

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08 N

Efforts afoot to ensure repatriation of Kurram tribesmen. — KP Governor Shaukatullah

news wednesday, 13 March, 2013

say cheese!




he lawmakers’ photo session that took place last week at the Sindh Assembly may be a maiden customary parliamentary event but was never an easy task for its organisers at the Assembly Secretariat, Pakistan Today has learnt. Cronyism, conflict management, self-projection, lack of interest, ecological disorder and extravagance were the main themes of the photo session held at the entrance of the provincial assembly. tHe ‘confLict’: According to sources, Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Khuhro had visited the site of the historic photo session, most probably before commencement of the assembly session, to observe the pictorial seat

adjustments. The speaker, after a cursory glance at the seating arrangements, summoned the acting secretary in his office and handed him a list of lawmakers, apparently his favorite colleagues, whom he wanted to be seated next to in the first row. Prominent among the chosen ones were Leader of the house Qaim Ali Shah, Leader of Opposition Sardar Ahmed, Jam Madad Ali of PMF, Amir Nawab Khan of ANP, Abdul Razaq Rahimoo, Arif Jatoi of NPP, MQM’s Faisal Sabzwari, Nusrat Seher Abbasi and PPP’s stalwarts ranging from Pir Mazhar to Nadir Magsi. While the all-powerful speaker managed to make his chosen colleagues happy with the arrangements, other assembly members were not so pleased. The change in seating led to heated arguments, leaving the planners of the photo session helpless. Sassui Palijo was first allotted a seat next to the firebrand opposition lawmaker Nusrat Seher Abbasi in the first row. “What makes you people think the two ladies would love to sit side-by-side to each other?” shouted an officer when he read names of the two female legislators inscribed on small slips stapled on the chairs placed next to each other. The culture minister, sources said, was

then allocated a seat far away from Abbasi and next to Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza, as is seen in the photo. PPP’s Jam Saifullah Dharejo was another headache for the seat-allotters who had to place an MPA, not in the good books of Dharejo and whose name could not be ascertained, at a well-distanced place. The organisers also had to ensure that Arif Jatoi and Murad Ali Shah, who had had several verbal conflicts in the recent sessions were not placed closer as well. Then there were those who were fighting tooth and nail for central seating. Former industries minister Abdul Rauf Siddiqui appeared to be the one who was going “crazy” about self-projection that day, the sources claimed. Apparently, his personal secretary visited the director’s office almost a dozen times saying her boss had been demanding to be placed in the center. The repeated requests, however, fell on deaf ears in the office concerned, sources said. When his demand was not met, the MQM lawmaker “boycotted” the photo session. no interest: Lack of interest in the historic event was also evident from the fact that out of total 168-member house only 131 law-


The 13th National Assembly completed its mandatory 650 sittings on Tuesday setting a record in country’s parliamentary history by assembling on the required number of days during five years. The Lower house made its 130th sitting, just four days before the completion of five-year tenure on March 16. The National Assembly held 50 sessions during last five years. The first sitting was held on March 17, 2008 when the members took oath and signed roll of members. Besides, 13 joint sittings were also made during the course. In its 650 sittings, the Lower house

TURKISH PM RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN AND CHINESE PRIME MINISTER WEN JIABAO ADDRESSED NA passed around 126 bills, including 18th, 19th and 20th constitutional amendments, for women and children rights, reinstatement of sacked employees, election laws, besides passing the annual budget. During this course, around 81 bills have been turned into Acts of Parliament after being approved by both the houses until February 20 last. The house also adopted 80 resolutions on various issues of national as well as international importance, including drone attacks, killings of polio workers, Gojra and Badami Bagh riots, blasphemous movie, human rights and social issues and for solidarity with the victims of natural disasters. Unprecedentedly, the National Assem-

bly held its two in-camera sessions in which the top military brass briefed the lawmakers on Abbottabad Operation and national security issues respectively. It was also for the first time, President Asif Zardari addressed joint sitting of parliament for five times, accomplishing the constitutional obligation. During its five-year term, the National Assembly lost its eight members with Minorities Affairs minister Shahbaz Bhatti murdered in Islamabad. Other members who had died while being members of the house included Merhunnisa Afridi, Taj Muhammad Jamali, Fauzia Wahab, Azim Daultana, Jam Yousuf, Niaz Muhammad Khan and Abdul Mateen Khan. Moreover, the incumbent National Assembly was addressed twice by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip erdogan and once by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. The sitting National Assembly also witnessed two prime ministers, including Yousaf Raza Gilani and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf as the former was disqualified by the Supreme Court.

makers turned up to the photo session. Transport Minister Akhtar Jadoon was among those whose absence was noticed at the event. There were also some mistakes made on the part of the organisers as several lawmakers were no longer a part of the provincial assembly at the time of the photo session. The MQM’s former IT minister had resigned in the wake of the dual nationality issue raised by the election Commission. Thus, his name was swiftly removed. The chair of Mir hasan Khoso, having recently resigned after changing party loyalty from the PPP to PML-F, was also removed from one row. environMentaL concerns: To the sheer displeasure of environmentalists, two sizeable trees were cut off from the garden facing the main entrance of the assembly building, site of the photo session. “each of the trees was worth at least Rs 20,000 that were especially de-forested to allow the photographers take a wide-range photo covering all the members,” said the sources privy to the arrangements. 400,000 ruPee PHoto: Like any other official gala, the event, followed by a luncheon hosted by Speaker Khuhro, must have cost the exchequer heavily.

According to a caterer, in the post-session lunch at least 20 dishes were served to the legislators. “The food for 170 people we served today would cost around Rs 4 lakh,” the caterer told Pakistan Today. Moreover, despite the fact that the lawmakers were snapped in the broad daylight the two lamps, hanging above their heads at the assembly entrance, were lit up for reasons best known to the organisers. One can easily observe the two lamps lit up in the photos published in most newspapers the very next day. “They are leaving and are therefore using the available budget mercilessly,” claimed one critic. The assembly sources say that throughout the current government’s tenure, a number of extravagant events were organised by the PPPdominated Assembly Secretariat with Speaker Khuhro being lavish with his hospitality. Tuesday too witnessed a luncheon hosted by the generous speaker in the honor of a group of lawyers. Needless to say that the ruling People’s Party would tend to take political mileage out of these politically-motivated gatherings, being held on the taxpayers’ money, at a time when general election is weeks away.

India test fires subsonic cruise missile NEW DELHI ONlINE

For the first time, India on Tuesday test fired its indigenously-developed medium range subsonic cruise missile, Nirbhay from the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur. “The missile blasted off from a mobile launcher positioned in the launch pad-3 of the ITR at about 11:54am,” Indian defence officials said. The maiden launch developmental trial of the sophisticated missile was carried out at Chandipur, about 15km from Balasore, in the presence of top defence scientists and senior officials. The surface-to-surface missile has the capability of being launched from land, sea and air, they said, adding that Nirbhay had good loitering capability, good control and guidance, high degree of accuracy in terms of impact and very good stealth features. Nirbhay was developed by Aeronautical Development establishment (ADe), a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) laboratory based in Bangalore. India has the technology of supersonic missile like BrahMos which is jointly developed by India and Russia. BrahMos has the striking range of 290km. In the early morning, the Balasore district administration temporarily shifted 453 families, comprising 2,586 adult members

and 698 children, residing within two kilometres radius of the Launch pad-3 at the ITR to nearby shelter places during the test launch of the missile as a safety measures, said an Indian district revenue officer. he said for this temporary shift of the families they were compensated.

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Launching NADRA’s Smart card for retired federal govt employees is a big achievement of the present government. — Finance Minister Saleem Mandviwalla

news wednesday, 13 March, 2013

sharp surge in political violence in last week: fafeN ISLAMABAD



C C O R D I N G to a report published by Free and Fair election Network (FAFeN) on Tuesday, political violence claimed at least 106 lives while 156 people sustained injuries in 27 incidents from March 2 to 8, showing a sharp increase compared to preceding week’s 57 killed and 50 injured. Civilians constituted majority of the 232 victims - 81 killed and 151 injured. The civilian deaths increased from last

week’s 29. Twenty-four militants and a security man were also killed. Region-wise, Sindh was the most volatile with 69 people killed and 154 injured in sectarian violence, targeted attacks, attacks on political party workers and security forces. Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) was the second most violent region where 25 people were killed – 24 militants and a polio worker. In Balochistan, eight people including a journalist were killed in target killings and incidents of terrorism while four people were killed in sectarian violence incidents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). eight people were killed and 20 in-

09 N

jured in eight terrorism incidents. Out of these, two were government-run school buildings - one in Mardan and the other in Mohmand Agency. In another incident, Awami National Party (ANP) leader’s house was attacked in Peshawar. Counterterrorism was the second most lethal category in which 24 militants were killed in two incidents in Orakzai Agency. Five targeted attacks claimed nine lives in Karachi while another three attacks killed seven people in Balochistan. In attacks on political party workers, three workers – two representing Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and one

of ANP – were killed. Sindh again saw the most incidents of political violence, followed by four each in KP, FATA and Balochistan and one in Gilgit-Baltistan. Political violence was reported in eight districts during the reporting week, slightly down from the preceding week’s nine districts. Karachiwas the most violent district where 69 people were killed and 145 injured mainly in sectarian violence. Orakzai Agency was the second most violent district where 24 militants were killed in two separate military operations. In other districts, the casualties remained less than four.

extension in governor’s rule likely in Balochistan QUETTA ONlINE

It is likely that the government will extend governor’s rule in Balochistan as Chief Minister Aslam Raisani has refused to step down. According to news reports, the situation in the province has gotten more complicated as the chief minister has refused to dissolve the assembly before the stipulated time. Parliamentarians hailing from the province had a meeting with Minister for Religious Affairs Khurshid Shah in the federal capital but to no avail. The Balochistan Assembly members demanded Raisani resign but he refused. Sources said Raisani insisted the Balochistan Assembly complete its term, saying he would not advise the governor to dissolve the assembly before April 6. The sources added that another effort will be made to bring him around today (Wednesday), and in case he baulks, then governor’s rule will be extended in a joint session of parliament to be called on March 14.

domestic violence is serious issue in country: report ISLAMABAD ONlINE

CHAMAN: Local Christians chant slogans during a demonstration on Tuesday to condemn the torching of homes by a mob in Lahore. INP

Badami Bagh incident shows Punjab govt’s failure: Imran LAHORE NNI

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday lashed out at the Punjab government for its failure to protect Christian homes at Lahore’s Badami Bagh area. he termed the incident reflective of the government’s complete failure. Speaking to reporters after visiting Joseph Colony, Imran said that this incident was the result of PML-N’s seat adjustments with banned terror outfits. The Punjab government had failed to maintain law and order in the province, he said. To a question, he said that only transparent elections could pull the country out of crises. he accused the Punjab government of having links with the banned terrorist organisations. The PTI chief laid emphasis on holding of general elections on time.

The Aurat Foundation (AF) on Monday revealed that domestic violence is a serious issue in the country that has a long lasting impact on women and children often repeat the violence they see at home. A launching ceremony of five research reports titled Researching Aspects of Gender Based violence in Pakistan was held in connection with the study. The study showed that household violence, women and girls trafficking, and customary practices were causing gender based violence. Almost all Pakistanis considered gender based violence as a serious issue confronting the society that could further deteriorate the women’s present conditions in the country, the survey said. Domestic violence was a serious issue that had a long lasting impact on women and children who often repeated violence had witnessed it at home. The study depicted closing gender gap and strived to facilitate behavioural changes, their access to information and resources. It said that human trafficking occurred mostly in the area where the internally or externally displaced people lived, saying that illegal migrants were also found to have been engaged in human trafficking.

India to lower bar for consensual sex to 16 years NEW DELHI ONlINE

The Indian Union Cabinet is set to clear a bill seeking to replace the post-Nirbhaya case ordinance dealing with crime against women which will reduce the age for consensual sex to 16 and reinstate rape as an offence specifically committed against women. According to Indian media reports, the government has resolved differences on the two contentious aspects of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill, 2013, bowing to the demands of women’s groups who protested against the ordinance’s provisions making sexual assault a gender neutral crime. With the new changes, the perpetrator in a crime of rape

would be male while the victim female according to the law to be considered by the cabinet. Settling divergent views on the age of consent was a more difficult task as the Women and Child Development Ministry pointed out that a recent law to protect children deemed anyone below 18 as a minor. Official sources said there would be no contradiction between the two laws as the Supreme Court said that in cases of alleged elopement where the girl had acted in accordance to her free will, the age of consent to be considered was 16. While the issue is likely to be debated by the cabinet, the Ministry of home Affairs has taken the view that criminalising sex in the 16 to 18 age group is not warranted as it fails to take

into account changing sexual mores. With sexual contact between teens of this age increasingly common in both urban and rural areas and across social strata, it was felt that a tough law could be misused to settle scores or allow conservative opinion to harass youngsters. Sources said that the law to protect children against sexual abuse dealt with incidents where no consent had been obtained and the criminal law amendment bill would not allow offenders a legal loophole. The bill could also make rape by those in authority punishable by life sentence extending to the abuser’s natural life. Another likely change is making it mandatory for government and private hospitals to provide free medical assistance to victims of sexual crimes.

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CoMMenT wednesday, 13 March, 2013

surrendering turf to unelected bodies Government’s tactical move or carelessness


ITAL matters related to holding of fair elections still remain to be resolved between the government and the opposition on the one hand and between government and the eCP on the other. In the first category comes the agreement on a caretaker setup. The opposition has already sent three names to the government. The list comprises two retired judges of the SC and a veteran politician from Sindh who during the Zia era played a significant role in the Movement for the Restoration of Democracy. The only response from the government side so far is a cynical remark from the information minister who has called the list either a joke or a mischief. As time passes the possibility of a consensus between the politicians is fast receding. If a move is not made urgently in the direction, the issue may land up at the table of the eCP. The politicians would thus be surrendering their turf to the commission which despite its prestige of its chief remains an unelected body. Differences still persist between the government and the eCP on the questionnaire related to the nomination paper. The eCP had sent the proposed nomination form to the president for approval on 20 February. It was made clear that the scrutiny of the nomination papers within the prescribed limit required it to send the proposed form to the printing press by 11 March. The law ministry however failed to respond for two weeks. The objections received from the law minister on 8 March were rejected by the eCP which asked the government to seek the president’s approval before 11 March. As this was not done the eCP sent the nomination form as prepared by it to the printing press. Many had differed with some of the questions in the nomination papers and expected the government to get them removed through parleys within the election timeframe which it failed to do. The government was highly active to plead the cause of a handful of dual nationality holders. A failure on its part to move at the same speed to make arrangements for millions of overseas Pakistanis to vote in the countries where they live has led to practically disensfrachising the community. The government moved efficiently to get its proposal for a new province in South Punjab passed from the parliament despite knowing that it could not be implemented in the foreseeable future. It was however negligent on activising the National Assembly committees on Law and Justice and Parliamentary Affairs to finalise the eCP’s recommendations regarding changes in election laws. This raises the question whether the neglect on the part of the government was a calculated move or simply an outcome of carelessness.

dissolving the provincial assemblies Dispute over dissolution boils down to politics


ROVIDeD a first opportunity to dissolve assemblies on their own accord, it was always likely that the dissolution of assemblies would become a node of political manoeuvring. With the National Assembly set to dissolve on March 15 – and caretaker government due on March 16 – there are two questions outstanding. What will be the shape of the caretaker government? Will the provincial governments dissolve at the same time? Time is fast running out for political parties to reach an amicable resolution with only three more days to find an agreement. The centre of the war cry appears to be the Punjab, where the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) has trumped up the Sindh and Balochistan cards as conditions for dissolving the Punjab government on March 16. “The Punjab Assembly will not be dissolved on March 16 if the government continues to play tricks in Sindh and Balochistan,” is what Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, has declared. If no resolution is reached, the Punjab Assembly would complete its constitutional term ending next month – creating the strange situation where a caretaker government will be at the helm of affairs at the centre while an elected government will continue to run the province. Such a situation is likely to create fears over the transparency of the election campaigning process, where neutral political terrain is accepted as the fairest option of them all. The PML-N has raised a genuine fear over the caretaker set up in Sindh – where the Muttahida Quami Movement’s (MQM) to sit in the opposition after having been part of government the bulk of the term has created fears of a “settlement” between the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the MQM over the southern province’s caretaker set up. enter the wildcard, former Sindh chief minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim’s return to the country today after five years of self-exile, and the scenario in Sindh appears to smell of a possible deadlock. More controversial may be the return of the Nawab Aslam Raisani government for two days, after being dismissed two months ago, to set up the caretaker set up in Balochistan before being dissolved again. Raisani’s arrival in Islamabad is being seen with skepticism, but the fact is that President Asif Ali Zardari’s proclamation of governor’s rule in the province is set to expire on March 14. The game of political chess is being played in the three provinces of Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab. Dissolved governments are coming into power, government benches joining the opposition and ‘exiled’ former chief ministers entering the negotiating fray. The PML-N’s claim that the PTI has been consulted in Punjab is a positive step – since the party has emerged as a serious contender in the Punjab polls. It must be remembered that the sitting political parties have no experience of the task at hand – nonetheless they are all shrewd political animals. But it is important that the politicking comes to a close quickly – or else the transparency of the upcoming polls could be threatened.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2850505 Web: Email:

can elections be delayed? T Maybe, but not a viable solution

he first elected civilian government at the federal level is completing its full tenure on 16 March and the stage will be set for new general elections. It is expected that the provincial governments will also come to an end on that day so as to hold the national and provincial elections on the same date. If the provincial assemblies are dissolved a few days later, their elections can still be held along with the elections of the National Assembly. The elections and the setting up of new elected civilian governments at the federal and provincial levels are going to be the major test of the commitment of Pakistanis to democracy. The in-time completion of these processes to the satisfaction of most political parties and societal groups will improve the long term prospects of democracy in Pakistan. A reasonable number of people still express the fear that the elections may not be held and they argue that the caretaker governments to be established for holding the elections will be extended for two-three years for focusing on ending corruption and stabilising law and order. The other scenario narrated now-adays is that a number of people and groups, especially some in the media, who are curDR HASAN ASKARI RIzvI rently raising moralist issues regarding the electoral process would be joined after the elections by those losing the elections to question the legitimacy of the elections. They will attempt to launch street protest on the plea of corrupt practices in the elections. It is argued that that will provide a basis to the Supreme Court and the military to cancel the elections and extend the tenure of the caretaker government or the military will install a new caretaker administration for

an extended period. If the Supreme Court and the military join together, such a plan can be implemented. Three sections of politically active circles are expected to support this decision. The orthodox Islamists have strong reservations on western electoral process based on universal adult franchise. There are others who assign greater priority to creating a puritanically honest society over the elections. Their targets are political leaders, especially those belonging to the PPP and the PML-N. They want to disqualify most political leaders on the charge of corruption, mismanagement, moral flaws and bad reputation. There are individuals and parties that would not accept the results if they lose. These three categories of people are expected to question the legitimacy of the elections through the media campaign or launch a 1977-like street agitation against the elections. Those opposed to the elections or its results are expected to take their battle to the Supreme Court for cancellations of the elections result. The Supreme Court has become an active arena of political contestation for competing political and societal interests. For political cases, it has in many respects become the first court for initiating cases. A section of the media that is already engaged in a campaign against the electoral process, especially the political leaders, is expected to launch another campaign against the elections results. They will be more vocal if violence, especially terrorist incidents, intensify in the run-up-to the elections or on the polling day. Already, the Abbas Town (Karachi) terrorist attack, bomb explosion in a mosque in Peshawar and the violent attacks on entire neighbourhood of Christians in the wider Lahore area are being cited as the factors that make it difficult to hold the elections on time. every new violent incident will bring forward the question if the elections can be held in Pakistan. All this does not mean that the support for the election either does not exist or it has evaporated over time because of the alleged flaws in the electoral process and violent incidents. A large section of politically active people, especially the established and known political parties support the holding of the elections on time. however, what worries those favouring the elections on time is that the sustained anti-election campaign has continued unabated in the media and the political circles even when the election date is about to be announced. Pakistan faces serious threats to internal stability from violence and espe-

cially terrorism. It is not possible to rule out the possibility of some terrorist incidents in the course of the election campaign and on the polling day. This threat can be addressed with more active security arrangements by the state agencies. The political parties and societal groups should increase monitoring of their localities and neighbourhood. The big size marches and public meetings should be avoided. Instead small sized meetings may be held and the political parties should make their own security arrangements, especially for identification of their voters and supporters. There is a greater responsibility on the political parties on the polling day. They need to keep their workers under control so that they do engage in violence against their political rivals. They should also be watchful of the activities around the polling station to see no bombing device is secretly planted there. The holding of the elections on time poses challenges but its postponement does not guarantee that these challenges will be resolved. The delay in the election will multiply Pakistan’s existing problems and make political management a more problematic task. If the elections are postponed due to terrorism what is the guarantee that the postponement will remove the threat of terrorism? This will amount to surrendering to terrorists who are endeavouring to undermine the working of Pakistan’s constitutional and administrative system. If there is violence in some constituency to the extent that people cannot cast their votes, the elections in that constituency can be held later. Rest of the election can be held on schedule. Any attempt to extend the tenure of the caretaker/interim arrangements to two-three years will be unworkable. Pakistan’s political and societal affairs have become so complex that any attempt to deal with them to the exclusion of political and societal leaders is bound to fail. The extended caretaker administration cannot survive without an active and direct involvement of the military which is neither good for the country nor for the military, especially at a time when it is directly involved in countering insurgency and terrorism. An earnest attempt should be made to hold fair, free and transparent election on time and improve governance by elected civilian government rather than excluding them from the political process or subordinating them to non-elected and non-representative state institutions. The writer is an independent political and defence analyst.

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively Editor’s mail Fax: +92-42-32535230

distance education and rural development in Pakistan Pakistan is the sixth most populous country on the globe and the second largest country in South Asia with a population of 109363831.29 people living in rural areas according to the World Bank report 2012; having a literacy rate of 44 percent overall (58 percent for men and 29 percent for women). This alarming situation of literacy is a result of low financial priority to education as well as of ill-conceived policies of education, particularly in rural zones. To ensure substantial development in rural areas, during the past few decades, a range of cohesive steps have been taken at both governmental and non-governmental levels. Among them is one of the most important factors: the distance education. Distance education is referred to as an institution-based formal education where the learning group is separated and interactive telecommunication systems are used to connect learners, resources and instructors. Apart from the obvious purpose of teaching more people more effectively, distance learning systems have been used to impress donors, placate ministers, justify consultancies and even sell technologies.

Many institutes in Pakistan are steadily increasing their capacity to engage in distance learning and appropriate technological innovations are being used in this context. Since 1986, the Women’s Secondary education Programme of Allama Iqbal Open University has been providing the rural women with courses to meet secondary school equivalency and to increase income generating opportunities through building practical skills. Pakistan Institute of Modern Study is a countrywide institute to promote distance education and give competency based, skill oriented and non-academic certification and diplomas in the field of research, management, computer, information technology, technical and vocational education to assist under privileged communities in making necessary socio-economic changes. As a matter of fact, distance education has proved as a catalyst behind rural development. The distance learning and educating models and practices must be more adapted to the social, cultural, political and economic circumstances of the learners and their environment. It is also worth suggesting that there must be an integration of gender analysis into the planning and implementations of distant learning initiatives. SAMAN ZAHRA ISCS, PU, Lahore

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It’s a casino, not a market That’s what Pakistan’s stock market is


citizenship of convenience With passports, dual citizenship, citizens hop between countries for health care, education TylER GRANT


MeRICA is the greatest country in the world with one of the worst health insurance schemes in the world.” This sentiment is echoed by many Taiwanese nationals and articulated by Andrew Lin, a Taiwanese-American who currently resides in Taiwan. Conversations with Taiwanese like Lin show a growing frustration with the economic status of Taiwan, as they look to countries as diverse as the United States and Mainland China for greater opportunity. Many, as Lin’s parents did, make the journey to the United States or Canada to secure opportunity in the form of a foreign passport. A few citizens are taking advantage of eased travel regulations to procure health care – and this could lead to new citizenship and economic problems for countries like the United States and Taiwan. Families by the thousands secure travel visas and head to the United States, Canada and other nations with the hope of giving birth abroad. This phenomenon, common among Turkish, Chinese and Taiwanese nationals, has grown in recent years and become a business. Private companies transport, house and provide the necessary arrangements for so-called birth tourists to enter the country and stay until they give birth. Taiwan is of particular significance because of its affordable healthcare for citizens and positive relationship with the United States and Canada. The United States on November 1, 2012, adopted a visa-waiver program with Taiwan, which could create significant financial problems for the Taiwanese and complications for the United States and its ongoing immigration debate. Increasing birth tourism and a larger number of individuals returning to Taiwan to take advantage of affordable medical insurance and low medical costs will raise insurance premiums for all Taiwanese, increase the number of citizens who return to Taiwan to claim cheaper health insurance and put a heavier burden on US taxpayers for public schools. The number of individuals seeking reinstatement in Taiwan will continue to increase. According to the Taiwan Bureau of health, the number of citizens who return to Taiwan for medical procedures is estimated at 50,000 returnees per year and expected to increase as health care costs globally go up. Meanwhile, birth tourism may be on the rise, with the US-based Centre for Immigration Studies estimating that of the more than 300,000 children born to undocumented residents in the United States every year, 40,000 are to tourists. The National Centre for health Statistics tallied 7,670 births to mothers who used a foreign address. however, this number is likely a low estimate due to birth tourist mothers often using a hotel or current US address for the child’s birth certificate. This rise of birth tourism could increase the number of dual-citizen Taiwanese and the number of individuals returning to Taiwan for health-care reinstatement. Conversation after conversation with Taiwanese in Yilan County reveals deep frustration

with the fairness of the National health Insurance program. A payroll tax for the Taiwanese workforce pays for these low-cost health-care premiums. Under current regulations, as of January 2013, returning Taiwanese need only pay six months of insurance premiums to be reinstated. The National health Insurance has run a deficit for the past several years; premiums are in the hands of the legislature predicted to continue to rise. Lifting travel-visa requirements for Taiwanese will undoubtedly ease the challenges to birth tourism and add to the US immigration problem. While most Americans are familiar with “anchor babies” – immigration by parents using the US citizenship of their babies as a means towards their own citizenship – birth tourists generally do not seek US citizenship for themselves. Instead, their children, born in the US and raised in Taiwan, often return as high school or college students to take advantage of less expensive, even free, and better education not to mention other services available to American citizens. Neither the children or their parents have paid into the system, instead relocating back and forth to pick up quick benefits. So, both sides of the Pacific are saddled with significant and risings costs. According to reports by the Taiwan Ministry of health, in 2011, reinstatement costs were US$ 567 million while medical costs incurred were over US $700 million. The gap is increasing, in 2010, medical costs minus reinstatement costs were less than US $100 million. While the recent policy adoption of a six-month premium reinstatement aims at closing this gap somewhat, it’s not enough. Meanwhile, if the current trend continues, the United States will certainly face a larger number of Taiwanese-American citizens hoping to return to the country as students in US public high schools. There are multiple answers for these two countries that are much simpler than amending the US Constitution or further altering Taiwan’s premium payable schedule. The first response is creating a more positive economic climate in Taiwan. Stephen Chen, a Taiwanese-American who lives in the United States, points to economic disparities as a key reason behind such relocations: “It’s easier to find a job [in the United States] than in Taiwan, at least that’s the perception [in Taiwan].” While economic growth in Taiwan has remained at a constant, steady increase over the last three years, perceptions of security are not so high, as revealed by the approval rating of President Ma Ying-Jeou and his party’s economic poli-

cies, which have fallen below 20 percent, according to The Economist. Creating greater economic security rather than sending jobs to Mainland China, the United States or Canada – at least the perception of security – could reduce birth tourism somewhat and retain workers in Taiwan. Secondly, Taiwan and the United States could adjust immigration laws to account for birth and medical tourism. While arriving in the United States as a pregnant “tourist” is not illegal, misrepresentation on visa forms and during interviews with Immigration and Customs agents is a federal offense. Gary Chodorow, a Beijing immigration lawyer, points out that birth tourism companies coach immigrants on what to say to customs officials and how to fill out visa forms, albeit deceptively. The United States could deter birth tourism with harsher penalties or stricter enforcement. hong Kong recently employed similar strategies, reducing the number of Mainland China mothers immigrating to hong Kong to give birth to below 35,000 per year, according to Beijing-based Caixin. In Taiwan, a drastic but reasonable measure could be to end dual citizenship for health care benefits. This would mean that at 18 or 21 years of age, adults would have to choose which citizenship to recognize. If the individual chose the United States, the individual could not return to Taiwan for National healthcare and instead would use US or traveler’s health insurance. Thirdly, other Taiwanese pursue foreign passports for their children as necessity, out of fear of regional instability with a hostile North Korea and China. Countless Taiwanese parents remember the 1996 Taiwan Strait crisis and earlier crises, and regard an escape plan for their children as necessity. Chen voices the concern of many Taiwanese: “the most effective way for us to decrease the rate of birth tourism is to promote peace and stability in regions where birth tourists originate and to strengthen mutually each other’s economic development.” Few can fault individuals for seeking economic opportunities for their children in tough financial times. The United States and Taiwan must work together to regulate transient citizens who seek benefits and rights without taking on the responsibilities – or the consequences could be costly, ruining travel opportunities for all.

Stephen Chen, a Taiwanese-American who lives in the United States, points to economic disparities as a key reason behind such relocations: “It’s easier to find a job [in the United States] than in Taiwan, at least that’s the perception [in Taiwan].”

Tyler Grant is a graduate of Washington and Lee University. He is currently a 2012-2013 Fulbright Fellow to the Republic of China – Taiwan.


F you are predicting the 2013 elections of Pakistan, then ignore the polls and analysis of political brains, switch off your television sets, and follow the supercharged Karachi Stock exchange (KSe). I know this is absurd for any Pakistani, but just give it a shot. At least this is what any average American must have done in the case of elections,” Sam Stovall, Chief equity Strategist at Standard and Poor 500, told me in an email conversation. In US economy, stock market has been found as one of the best predictors of the outcomes of elections. For instance, a year back, the market precisely predicted that Obama should be re-elected. According to Sam Stovall of S&P 500, since 1948, the S&P 500 stock index has proved to be a sound prognosticator of whether or not an incumbent president gets to be re-elected. Since 1900, US stock market has predicted the results for elections with 90 percent accuracy. Of 28 elections in US since 1900, 15 out of 16 times the incumbent was reelected when the stock market went up before elections. And 10 out of 12 times, the candidates lost in re-election, when the market went down preceding the elections. Stock market is the reflection of investor’s sentiments, the market goes up when confidence is high and when there are prospects for economic growth. If we just observe our current index, it shows that economy is, or “will be”, doing good in the near future; resultantly people would be doing good too. And when people are satisfied with the economy, there are higher chances that they would be re-electing the same government. Applying the similar index methodology mathematics to the case of Pakistan, we can presume that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) does have 90 percent chances of getting re-elected with the present skyrocketing index touching new heights every other day. This makes sense in terms of economic and mathematical analysis. But whether an economic and mathematical analysis is applicable for our markets or not, I canvassed relevant students and professors to take their opinions. I surveyed 150 students from the Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS) who had some knowledge about our markets. I talked to students from different majors ranging from economics, accounting and finance, political science to mathematics. About 78 percent agreed to the fact that Pakistan’s stock market is more like an elite casino, where only few can play and make money. And according to 90 percent students, stock market and election correlation can hardly work in the case of Pakistan unlike US. “I don’t believe that the market is doing all good on its own and it is not the true reflection of our economy, something is wrong with it,” Dr hammad Siddiqui, professor at LUMS and fellow of the Centre of economics Research of Pakistan, told me, smilingly. “Tough to answer, but Pakistan’s stock market has always been a myth for many and a straight game for few, just look around at indicators like unemployment, prices and country’s condition, to get a fair idea. You know what you will find,” Muhammad Basharullah, another professor at LUMS and an exMerrill-Lynch employee, answered to my question. Under current stock market conditions, President Asif Ali Zardari has good chances to take credit and this can make up a good portion of his upcoming pre-election speeches. With all due respect, he is an elementary figure behind the first democratic government to complete its phase in the history of Pakistan. But I cannot make any guesses on the accuracy of current stock market stunts. Recently, the Security exchange Commission of Pakistan (SeCP) has taken several significant steps for the betterment of investors to increase transparency and to encourage inclusion. In July 2012, the SeCP even directed the stock exchanges to introduce certification programmes. It is endeavouring to make Pakistan’s stock market a welcoming floor for many. I hope these steps would gear up the growth of capital markets and would encourage more investor participation. And one day our markets would be more enhanced, ethical and responsible. But the question whether this praise is right or wrong has another relevant question that also needs to be answered. Is the stock market really touching heights on its own or it has been manipulated by someone? And who is this someone? And from where this sudden inflow of foreign investment is coming, which is giving a sharp boost to the stock market, in spite of the current political turmoil and security conditions? Though devaluation of rupee is helping to strengthen the major exports and stock market, is government intentionally doing nothing to make rupee stable? Any why Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) emerging Markets Index has refused to include Pakistan in it, when we are meeting their criteria? For now, I can’t reach on any concrete conclusions whether Pakistan’s soaring stock market can be the predictor of outcome of Pakistan’s elections like the US markets have done for the past few decades. Or will our stock markets fail economic and mathematical analysis, as we are not yet fully aware of the secrets of the floor and the dark side of money making in Pakistan’s stock markets.

President Asif Ali Zardari has good chances to take credit and this can make up a good portion of his upcoming pre-election speeches.

The writer is a student at LUMS.

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INcredIBly crazy thINGs celeBs do to stay sexy

A loving heart is the truest wisdom. — Charles Dickens


Born to Run bestseller gets film adaptation

American writer eSTSeLLING Christopher McDougall’s hit Born to Run is the kind of running adventure story that has movie written all over it. While actor Peter Sarsgaard (Garden State, An education) was penning the screenplay himself, McDougall told Relaxnews that the writing project is back in his hands, with the movie possibly filming this summer. Born to Run, now published in some 15 languages, is a heart-pumping tale of a handful of crazed American ultra-runners racing a reclusive tribe of superrunners, the Tarahumara Indians, in Mexico’s treacherous Copper Canyon. McDougall, himself a key character in the book, was supposedly to be played by US actor Jake Gyllenhaal — who has reportedly been spotted r u n n i n g around hol-

lywood hills in Vibram FiveFingers shoes, which McDougall made famous in the book. Mc-

Dougall couldn’t confirm Gyllenhaal’s commitment, but he did that say that he, Gyllenhaal, and Sarsgaard traveled to the Leadville 100 ultra trail race in Colorado to scout locations for the film and witness the runners in action. McDougall told Relaxnews that the film adaptation negotiations have recently been on the griddle, with him taking on the project after finding Sarsgaard’s screenplay to be misguided. Sarsgaard also was hoping to make this project his directorial debut, but McDougall, who was excited about working with the “Jake/Peter combo,” said the working relationship with Sarsgaard has become acrimonious. “I think people interpret [the book] in their own way, from their own experience,” McDougall said. “Some people look at Born to Run like it’s this manifesto, that anyone can run 100 miles, but I’m trying to say the exact opposite of that,” he said. “I’m saying don’t be tough.” “We have this unfortunate puritanical zeal to punish ourselves when we approach running, so when you go for a run, it’d better hurt or you’re doing it wrong,” he said. “If you run, you better start training for a marathon. But we don’t approach any other physical fitness that way — when someone is swimming, you don’t force them to tread water for hours, or have the goal to swim the english Channel as fast as you can.” McDougall adds that he is also working on a book project, another adventure story. While he won’t give away too many details, he said he is looking at how “natural movement played a pivotal role in resistance fighting in World War II.” NEWS DESK

walking the red carpet walk TINA FEY

Believe it or not Kim Kardashian recently got a vampire facial to stay young. The skincare treatment involved drawing blood from her arm which was later re-injected in her face. In the latest episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, the 32-year-old socialite visited a clinic specializing the so-called “vampire” facial to try out the latest beauty technique, reported Ace Showbiz. “Owww. Oh my God. I will never get a facelift if it feels like that,” she screamed in pain. Later, she even posted a picture on social networking site of her blood-splattered face. It’s believed that the treatment could help reduce wrinkles and improve the skin’s tone and texture. There are several other shining examples of unconventional methods in the pursuit of immortal youth. If you try any of these methods, do so at your own risk and share with us your experiences. Meanwhile, here are some things some celebs tried: Demi Moore is known to have used live leeches to detox her blood and stay young. Yikes! Victoria Beckham reportedly keeps wrinkles and age spots away by using a face cream that’s made from bird poop. Reese Witherspoon supposedly chewed on baby food in place of a meal. The Sun November last year that Reese eats only baby food “along with at least one grown up meal a day.” Christie Brinkley apparently rubs cat litter on her thighs in an attempt to prevent cellulite. Eva Longoria reportedly uses a weird cream that includes placental protein. It’s supposed to improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles. NEWS DESK

daNNy Boyle, rosarIo dawsoN Part ways? Director Danny Boyle and actress Rosario Dawson have reportedly ended their relationship. Boyle and Dawson had started dating last year. “It’s all over. It’s very sad, but they always were an unlikely couple, in many ways,” Sunday Telegraph newspaper quoted a source as saying. Dawson had earlier dated actor Jason Lewis for two years. NEWS DESK


We’re sorry, but something about this dress on Tina Fey reminds us of Veruca Salt—yes, the girl who turns into a blueberry in Willy Wonka. Despite the sexy cut, interesting neckline and smart choice of nude pumps, we can’t get past it. Hopefully this comedy icon will see the humor?





Somewhere under all that red fabric is Nicole Richie, who seems to have forgotten the cardinal rule of being petite: the fewer ruffles the better. This strapless, Valentino dress is a striking color, but all those layers make Nicole look like an eighttier red velvet cake.

Emma Stone may have gotten a little too creative with this Lanvin look. The dress is technically just a black, strapless LBD, but The Croods actress paired it with a textured white T-shirt for a little more coverage and added two Lanvin statement necklaces for a pop of metallic. We’re not in love with the look, but still very much in love with the girl.

Did Selena Gomez recently discover Fleetwood Mac? The Spring Breakers star is expertly rocking the hippie-witch style of their famous frontwoman with this floor-length skirt, blousy peephole sleeves and cutout waist. All she’s missing is blond hair...and Lindsey Buckingham.

Is Nina Dobrev’s Elie Saab look three pieces or one? We see a charcoal lace top, a brown, gray and cream striped full skirt, and that strange fold-over detail on the bodice. Dress or separates, the look doesn’t work. We were just curious.

Is it us or does Olivia Wilde look like a lady’s maid who escaped for a night out on the town? This L’Wren Scott dress with its pointy black collar and flap pockets details is a little too faux-vintage for our tastes, and that faux bob hairstyle takes it another step too far.

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steveN sPIelBerG


he world’s most famous director charmed the filmmaking fraternity and even praised the BandraWorli Sea link In a recent article in the New York Times, Steven Spielberg was hailed as hollywood’s Secret Santa. Reportedly, the world’s most influential filmmaker is a “sounding board” for directors not always working with him. however, when the publication wanted to speak to him about the invaluable creative inputs he shared with the aspirants, Spielberg declined, saying they were private conversations. Bollywood just got lucky on Monday night. In a discussion organised by Anil and Tina Ambani, and helmed by Amitabh Bachchan, over 40 filmmakers here got a glimpse of his generosity and vision. A suburban five-star was the milieu for the unique congregation - when did you last see Abbas Mastan sit next to a quiet, and evidently restless Prabhu Dheva, or a Sudhir Mishra share a table with Javed

Akhtar or for that matter a Raju hirani win a nod from Spielberg himself - he said he loved Three Idiots. It was interesting to see filmmakers with similar sensibilities share tables - so you had Kiran Rao, Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti with Anurag Kashyap at one place, while R Balki and Raju hirani sat close elsewhere. The conversation flowed from Spielberg’s earliest works, to his wife, who is “the smartest person” in his life while taking in almost all of hisseminal works and how they were put together. The director-producer was at his charming and wittiest best. When asked about Jaws, he said: “It scared me off filmmaking.” And if all movies were this tough to make, he said he’d rather not make another one. As for the scary water beast, Spielberg said apparently, the 20 feet machine did not respond well to “salt water” and that when he watched frightened people throw their popcorn in the air, he “couldn’t believe that the audience believed in that white turd!” For a filmmaker with such an immense body of work, it was interesting and heartening to hear him pick his favourites - eT and Schindler’s List. And that is because both these films are what people still talk about everywhere he goes. eT especially because his seven kids love it. eT also has a deep, personal subtext. It was Spielberg’s conversations with his father about benevolent and curious aliens that shaped the film. In fact, talking about how his films are often deeply personal, he said, “I have never visited shrinks, my films are psychiatric.” Not the kind of person who believes in compromises, Spielberg touched a chord with many of the filmmakers present when Jaya Bachchan asked him if he ever considered dropping a project because he did not get the actor he wanted. Once again, Spielberg was ready with his answer: Lincoln, because Daniel Day Lewis took a fair bit of convincing even after turning him down twice. It was Leonardo Di Caprio, “a friend of the family” who took the initiative to track down the reclusive actor in Ireland, and got him to read the new script. The rest is moviemaking history. It were the many anecdotes about the camaraderie between Spielberg and his contemporaries -Martin Scorsese and Francis Coppola to name a few - that livened up the conversation. NEWS

ARTs wednesday, 13 March, 2013

13 A

Brad Pitt creates zoo for kids Superstar Brad Pitt has reportedly built a zoo for his six children. The 49-year-old and his fiance Angelina Jolie’s children - Maddox, 11, Pax, nine, Zahara, eight, Shiloh, six, and four-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne - are all animal lovers so the actor created a private menagerie at the family’s Chateau Miraval estate in Provence, France. Creatures in the zoo include goats, llamas, geese, ducks, emus and lop-eared rabbits, although Pitt’s brood wanted him to get more exotic animals like lions, reported Sun Online. “Maddox and Pax are safari mad and they wanted Brad to buy them lions and tigers, even crocodiles. Brad decided to go with a mini farm/petting zoo theme that the twins, Knox and Vivienne, can enjoy looking after as well. “They’re in a penned-off area in a field with little huts that the animals live in. Brad thinks it is good for them to learn to look after other living creatures,” a source said. The couple, who have started planning their wedding, which is believed to be taking place at the end of May at Chateau Miraval, want animals to play a big part in their big day. The duo plan to have leaping Shetland ponies greet their guests as they arrive and will have topiary elephants cut into the grounds, with each one representing a member of the family. NEWS DESK

Iss wAqT ToH yun lAGTA HAI

Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Is waqt toh yun lagta hai ab kuch bhi nahin hai Mahtab, na suraj, na andhera na savera Aankhon ke dariche main kisi husn ki chilman Aur dil ki panaahon main kisi dard ka dera Mumkin hai koi vaham ho mumkin ai suna ho Galiyon main kisi chaap ka ek aakhiri phera Shaakhon main khayaalon ke ghane ped ki shayad Ab aake karega na koi khwaab basera Ik bair, na k mahar, na ik rabt, na rishta Tera koi apna, na paraya koi mera Maana ki ye sunsaan ghadi sakht kadi hai Lekin mere dil ye toh faqat ek hi ghadi hai himmat karo jeene ko to ek umr padi hai

in this moment there is nothing the moon nor the sun the dark of night nor the glow of dawn no veiled beauty behind the drapes of the eyes no muted pain in the folds of the heart on the boughs of fantasy’s luscious tree no dreams may now make nest was it an illusion? or perhaps, too real that fading sound of familiar footsteps no hate, no affection no bond, no relation no one yours to have and no one mine to lose this is a cruel moment, a desolate one yet, my timid heart ‘tis but a moment take courage a lifetime awaits


farhan akhtar’s anti-rape awareness initiative ‘Mard’ trends on twitter Farhan Akhtar has vowed to spread awareness about gender inequality and rape through social media via his initiative M.A.R.D, which stands for ‘Men Against Rape and Discrimination’. It seems that after Amitabh Bachchan’s support to Breakthrough’s campaign- ‘One Million Men, One Million Promises’, it’s Akhtar who is looking forward to do something good for the society. The whole of Bollywood has come up to support the 39year-old in his special initiative. Stars like Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Azmi are passionately retweeting his tweet, while others like Arjun Rampal and Riteish Deshmukh have even made it their display pictures on Twitter. NEWS DESK

No buyers for Preity Zinta’s film Acting and production are two different ball games and Preity Zinta, actress who turned producer with ‘Ishkq in Paris’, is learning this the hard way. Although the initial release date was announced as October 5, 2012, it was first postponed to November 2 and then indefinitely. Preity’s ambitious project went to floors late in 2011. Directed by Prem Soni, the film was co-written by Preity, and stars French actress Isabelle Adjani and newcomer Rhehan Malliek along with her. Nobody had any inkling of trouble brewing until the first promos of the film were pulled off after running them for 40 days—apparently the film had not found any buyer. A source close to Preity, explained: “There was no sense to continue the promos since she hadn’t locked the release date.” Preity is on a hunt for a buyer since. Things got worse when the director of the film Prem Soni was diagnosed with cancer in October last year and Preity tweeted: “Sometimes we have no control over life and destiny. I believe things happen for a reason. Ishkq In Paris gets more special now.” however, even with Soni, fast recovering and finally done with the post production of the film, indications are that Preity has not yet locked the deal with any buyer. According to reports, Preity has demanded a whopping Rs 20 crores for the film and no buyer is willing to shell out that amount of money as the initial promos had failed to

garner a favourable response. In the meantime, the gregarious Preity has become a kind of a recluse—not only has she cut off contact with the director of her film, but has almost vanished from the social circuit. What took everyone by surprise was when in February 2013 Preity visited the Kumbh Mela on Mauni Amavasya and participated in a yagna. In keeping with the tradition of keeping maun (silent) on this auspicious day, the usually garrulous Preity kept silent the entire day. Apparently, what made the actress quote such a high price for the film was a piece of advice that came from a well meaning friend, who is a leading producer and a family friend of Sridevi. According to the source: “This man drilled into Zinta’s head that if Sridevi’s comeback film english Vinglish could generate such a good response, then why not her film?” however, when the buyers were quoted the amount, none showed any interest in the film. Preity was in talks with (late) Ponty Chaddha’s Wave Group and Shabnam Kapoor, who is now a senior member of the team that runs the company, told TOI: “Preity wanted us to buy the film on all-India basis but we told her that we were interested only in buying it for UP-Delhi circuit. A few days after we met her, Ponty Sir passed away. After that, Preity did not come to us.” Preity had approached Viacom 18 and few other studios as well. An official from Viacom 18 told TOI: “We have a definite slate of hard-hitting movies and Preity’s film is a romantic film. hence we couldn’t take it up.” The actress then decided to sell the satellite rights of the film first. however, luck was not on her side this time either. An official from STAR India said: “We were okay with buying the satellite rights of the film but we needed Preity to tell us when she would be releasing the film. however, she wasn’t clear about that.” even, her close friend Salman Khan’s best efforts could not change the fate of the film. however, a friend of Soni said: “Preity has told Prem that she has almost locked the deal and she would release the film in May.” Repeated attempts to reach Preity failed. NEWS DESK

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By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent. –Mark Zuckerberg

lifelong exercise improves brain function L NEWS DESK

Giant mosquitoes may strike florida As if deadly sinkholes and Burmese pythons weren’t enough, now Florida may find itself contending with another summer of giant mosquitoes that pack a ferocious bite, LiveScience reports. Dubbed gallinippers, the quarter-sized mosquitoes hatch after a flood or rainstorm, and saw a bumper crop after Tropical Storm Debby struck Florida last summer. Now another rainy season could produce even more: “I wouldn’t be surprised, given the numbers we saw last year,” says an entomologist. A gallinipper is 20 times the size of a typical mosquito, “and it’s mean, and it goes after people, and it bites, and it hurts,” says Anthony Pelaez of Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry. A gallinipper bite “feels like you’re being stabbed.” What’s more, they may be resistant to bug repellent (the Orlando Sentinel recommends a DEET-containing repellent all the same) and like to strike fish, wild animals, and pets. Neat factoid: Entomologists don’t always recognize the term “gallinipper,” which arose in Southern folk culture. But the insect’s first mention dates back to 1897, when a writer called it “the shyest, slyest, meanest and most venomous of them all.” NEWS DESK

James holmes could be given ‘truth serum’ James Holmes’ plea in the Aurora massacre is due today—and if he pleads insanity at the time of the shooting, he could be administered medication to confirm he’s telling the truth. In a so-called “narcoanalytic interview,” the defendant could receive inhibition-lowering drugs; these may include sodium amytal and pentothal, or what is sometimes known as “truth serum,” reports the AP. The judge in Holmes’ case, William Sylvester, has approved the use of “medically appropriate” drugs in such an interview, as well as the potential use of a polygraph test. But Holmes’ lawyers say both the narcoanalytic interview and polygraph test would violate Holmes’ rights. Colorado law allows narcoanalytic interviews, an expert says. But she said it was unfamiliar to her: “It comes up so rarely.” NEWS DESK

IFeLONG exercise as a child and adult improves cognitive functioning at the age of 50 and even exercise of a lower frequency could offer benefits for cognitive well-being. People perform better in mental tests at the age of 50 if they have engaged in regular intense activity, such as playing sport, running, swimming or working out in the gym, since childhood according to a new study by researchers at Kings College London. Author Dr Alex Dregan, a lecturer in Translational epidemiology and Public health, says the findings support the need for a lifelong approach when seeking to improve cognitive well-being, which he says is “especially pertinent” given recent concerns over the growth of an ageing population in the UK. he said: “As exercise represents a key component of lifestyle interventions to prevent cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, public health interventions to promote lifelong exercise have the potential to reduce the personal and social bur-

den associated with these conditions in late adult years.” The study published today in the journal Psychological Medicine, was funded by the National Institute for health Research (NIhR) Biomedical Research Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NhS Foundation Trust and King’s College London, and is one of the first longitudinal inves-

tigations to measure the effects of lifelong exercise on the brain. Using information from the UK National Child Development Study, researchers examined levels of exercise between the ages of 11 and 50 in more than 9,000 individuals. The data was collected through face-to-face interviews at the ages of 11, 16, 33, 42, 46 and 50, reducing the pos-

sibility of inaccurate retrospective accounts of exercise as a child. Participants undertook two measures of cognitive performance, including memory and executive functioning, which were then combined into a third, overall “cognitive index” score. The memory task involved learning ten unrelated words before immediate and delayed recall was tested. executive functioning was assessed by asking participants to name as many animals as possible in one minute, which examined verbal fluency, and to cross-through specified letters in a series (letter cancellation), which measured attention, mental speed and visual scanning. The study found that participants who exercised weekly as a child and as an adult performed better on tests of memory, learning, attention and reasoning at the age of 50 than those who exercised two to three times per month or less. The preservation of cognitive functioning into later adult years represents a major public health concern, and as such, the government recommends that adults aged 19-64 should exercise for at least 150 minutes per week. Previous research has focused on the

Boy who threatened suicide on Instagram gets letters of hope from strangers NEWS DESK A seventh-grade boy who threatened suicide in a post on Instagram has received thousands of letters from strangers telling him not to give up hope. Noah Brocklebank of Columbia, Md., posted a photo of his cutup arm to Instagram on Jan. 26 along with a chilling note: “Day of scheduled suicide, February 8th, 2013, my birthday.” “I just felt like everything was worthless,” Noah told CBS News. “My life was terrible. I had no one.” he was subsequently hospitalized for depression and anxiety. While there, Karen Brocklebank, Noah’s mother, launched a Facebook page soliciting letters for Noah’s 13th birthday. “I thought of it last night in the eR when I couldn’t sleep,” she wrote on Jan. 28. “Noah needs to know that he matters and that it does get better. So many people have been asking me how they can help. Well, this is how.”

She continued, “Noah has been dealing with bullying for the past year. he has been feeling alone and left out, ostracized from old friends and a misfit among new kids. Things begin to get better, and then another setback. he was once the life of the party among his friends; big man on campus

at his first elementary school. Now his self esteem has disappeared.” She opened a P.O. box, figuring she’d get a few. Instead, she got thousands. And a month later, they’re still pouring in, from places as far away as Antarctica. “It has restored my faith in humanity,” she told CBS.

Amazon rainforest may beat climatic changes NEWS DESK A recent research has shed light on how the Amazon rainforest can cope up with changes in global climate. It has been found by a team from the UK Center for ecology and hydrology that unlike earlier researches indicating that these rainforests would most probably will dry out and eventually die with temperatures rising, they have

found some contrary evidence that drying may be too far a possibility. It has been found by Chris huntingford, who is a climate modeller for the UK’s Center for ecology and hydrology in Wallingford, UK, along with his colleagues that the tropical forests are not that vulnerable to climate as hitherto believed. They believe that the forests might have more biomass by the end of the century.

For the research, the team simulated what sort of impact does “businessas-usual emissions” would have on tropical forests up to 2100. Furthermore, results were then compared with 22 global climate models, as well as land-surface process models. “Despite this we conclude that based on current knowledge of expected climate change and ecological response, there is evidence of forest resilience for the Americas (Amazonia and Central America), Africa and Asia”, said the lead author. It was then they found that rainforests in Central America, Asia, Africa and Amazonia have managed to retain their carbon stock despite the fact that carbon dioxide levels were soaring high during the presumed century.

achievement of recommended levels and has scarcely explored the benefits of lower levels of exercise. The study carried out by King’s indicates that even exercise of a frequency lower than recommended levels may also contribute to better cognitive functioning. Dr Dregan said: “It’s widely acknowledged that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. however, not everyone is willing or able to take part in the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week. For these people any level of physical activity may benefit their cognitive well-being in the long-term and this is something that needs to be explored further. “Setting lower exercise targets at the beginning and gradually increasing their frequency and intensity could be a more effective method for improving levels of exercise within the wider population.” Researchers found that the greatest benefit emerged from participating in lifelong intensive exercise, even after accounting for exercise frequency. Dr Dregan said: “It appears that intensive exercise may offer benefits for brain functioning in later life over and above those resulting from regular yet less intense exercise.”

New fountain of youth: red wine pills You’ve no doubt heard that drinking red wine is good for your health. But scientists and Big Pharma alike are getting excited about putting the healthboosting essence of red wine in pill form. GlaxoSmithKline is working on a slew of new pills that do just that, the Daily Mail reports, after a recent study in the journal Science showed the huge potential of resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine. Resveratrol activates a protein called SIRT1, which is believed to have an anti-aging effect. “Ultimately, these drugs would treat one disease, but unlike drugs of today, they would prevent 20 others,” one Harvard geneticist explains. “In effect, they would slow aging.” The most recent studies show the drug could help treat a host of illnesses, from cancer to Alzheimer’s to type 2 diabetes. GlaxoSmithKline has developed around 4,000 synthetic forms of the activator, each 100 times more potent than a glass of red wine, and is already testing three in human trials. In animal trials, they extended the lifespans of overweight mice by 15 percent. NEWS DESK

your iPhone could have been the...telepod Would you have bought a Telepod? Or a Mobi? Turns out those are two names Apple considered for its original iPhone, 9to5Mac reports. Ken Segall, former chief of Apple advertising, revealed the names to a marketing crowd at the University of Arizona last week. Apple’s reasoning: TeLePod: It sounded like a futuristic version of the word “telephone,” said Segall. Not to mention that it included the word “pod” when iPods were already hugely popular. MoBI: This one played on the word “mobile.” Segall described “Mobi” as having a personality and sounding creative. TRIPod: Back then, Apple considered its new phone a blend of phone, iPod, and Internet communicator. Apple even marketed the first iPhone in that light. NEWS DESK

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That result in Myanmar really gave me lots of confidence as that has kept up my rankings on the Asian Tour. I feel proud to be the first Sri Lankan to hold a full card on the Asian Tour. – Mithun Perera


sPoRTs wednesday, 13 March, 2013

sa give contracts to 4 new players

Pakistan to challenge third umpire’s decision

csa urges fans to go ‘pink’ for fourth odI against Pakistan



South Africa have given national contracts to four new players - Dean elgar, Rory Kleinveldt, Marchant de Lange and Aaron Phagiso - in a bid to improve the national side's performance, Cricket South Africa announced on Tuesday. Ryan McLaren was re-awarded a contract after missing out over the last 12 months. Six players, including retired wicketkeeper Mark Boucher and spinner Johan Botha - who asked to be released from his contract last October - dropped off the list.



AKISTANI cricket team has decided to convey its reservations over the doubtful decisions from the third umpire, Kumar Dharmasena from Sri Lanka, to the match referee, Andy Pycroft of Zimbabwe. South Africa defeated Pakistan by a

huge margin of 125 runs in the first one day international. The Proteas scored 315 runs in the first innings and in response, the whole Pakistani team got out at 190 runs. According to sources, the team management would raise the issue with the match referee over the decisions of Mohammad hafeez (Pakistan) and Colin Ingram (South Africa), who scored a brilliant ton in the match.

Mohammad hafeez, who was batting on 25 runs, was given out by the third umpire after Younus Khan’s shot hit the wicket of the runner’s side touching hand of the bowler. The decision was very doubtful as some of the commentators also raised questions on giving out, saying that the benefit of the doubt that whether the ball touched the bowlers hand or not should be given to the batsmen.

suspended watson wants to play again SYDNEY AGENcIES

Suspended Australia vice-captain Shane Watson is determined to play for his country again and dismissed on Tuesday suggestions that he had a poor relationship with captain Michael Clarke. Watson was one of four Australia players suspended from the third test in India for a breach of discipline because they failed carry out a task set for them by coach Mickey Arthur which was to present three ideas on how the team could improve. Mitchell Johnson, James Pattinson and Usman Khawaja were also dropped for the same reason. Asked whether this would be the end of his test career, Watson, quoted by local media, replied: "I hope not." Watson, who returned to Australia earlier in the day to be with his heavily pregnant wife, accepted responsibility for his actions but questioned the severity of the punishment. "I accept that I did the wrong thing

with what I did, but I will always find it very hard to accept being suspended from a test match for my country," he was quoted as saying by The Sydney Morning herald newspaper. "I've missed test matches and games through injury throughout my career. I feel like I've worked my absolute bum off to have an opportunity to represent my country. "When that's taken away from you, you think the actions must be very severe. That's where we differ on our opinions. I think it's extremely harsh. I expressed my extreme disappointment with the punishment. But everything happens for a reason in your life." Watson took aim at Cricket Australia high performance manager Pat howard, who had earlier said Watson was only "sometimes" a team player. "All I can really say is go around and ask every person I've ever played cricket with and that will give you the best indication of whether I'm a team man or not," he said. "Pat howard doesn't particularly know me very well. he's come from a rugby background and hasn't

been in and around cricket very long." he also challenged howard's view that he and captain Clarke needed to "sort out their issues", saying that relationships were always complicated. "I've been playing cricket with and against Michael Clarke since I was 12. We've got a lot of history as people. We're obviously quite different people in certain ways but very very similar in a lot of ways as well," he said. "In the end, like you do in every relationship, it goes up and down and things are going really well at the moment with me and Michael." The three other suspended players have remained with the team and Pattinson said although it might seem like a heavy punishment there could be longterm benefits. "People might say it's a harsh punishment for a small thing, but I think if we look outside the actual thing we did wrong, it's the other stuff as well and it builds up," he was quoted as saying on the Cricket Australia website (

Malaysia holds australia in hockey draw IOPH AGENcIES

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup: India beat Pakistan IOPH AGENcIES

A spirited India beat Pakistan in a must-win match to keep alive their hopes in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament by notching up a come-from-behind 3-1 win over their arch-rivals, here today. India were in a spot of bother ahead of the match after losing their opening two encounters, and another loss today would have virtually shut the door on Michael Nobbs' wards. But, it was not to be, as India scored through Rupinder Pal Singh (5th minute), Akashdeep Singh (9th) and Mandeep Singh (56th) to seal the issue in their favour after Mohammad Waqas gave Pakistan the lead in the fourth minute of the game. By virtue of today's win, India have moved up in the team standings to the fourth position ahead of Pakistan with three points from as many games. It was an enthralling encounter between the two Asian giants, who adopted a cautious approach in the initial stages of the match.

Going by the share of ball possession, Pakistan, by far, were the better side on display at least in the opening half. The Pakistanis put the Indian defence under tremendous pressure in the opening few minutes of the game. Their efforts produced result immediately when Waqas deflected in skipper Muhammad Imran's flick after Pakistan tried a variation from their first penalty corner. But the Indians hardly took any time to bounce back as they pumped in two goals in a span of five minutes to stun their neighbours. Rupinder restored parity for India in the fifth minute converting India's only penalty corner of the match with a fierce drag-flick which beat Pakistan goalkeeper Imran Butt all ends up. Four minutes later, an opportunist Akashdeep put India ahead, slamming in a rebound after Nithin Thimmiah's initial shot was stopped by Pakistan custodian Shah. Pakistan had an off day in office which can be gauged from the fact that they only managed to convert one out of the eight

penalty corners that came their way. The Pakistanis also found it difficult to get the better of an agile P R Sreejesh, who was brilliant under the Indian goal. Sreejesh was in ominous form as he pulled off as many as six to seven brilliant saves, one of which came just at the stroke of the half time, to deny the Pakistanis any scoring chance. Leading 2-1, the Indians looked more organised after the change of ends even as Pakistan were desperately hunting for the equaliser. Pakistan's task became even more difficult when Mandeep scored India's third goal in the 56th minute. Mandeep scored from a rebound after his initial touch was gloved away by Shah. Trailing 1-3, the stunned Pakistanis pressed hard for goals and in the process earned three penalty corners but Indian goalkeeper Sreejesh stood in between them and goal on all the three occasions. After a rest day tomorrow, India will play defending champions New Zealand, who beat Korea 0-3 in the first match of the day while Pakistan will be up against

Cricket South Africa (CSA) has urged spectators to `go pink` for South Africa`s fourth one-day international (ODI) against Pakistan at the Wanderers on Sunday, to show their support for an organisation supporting breast cancer awareness and education campaigns. CSA, which is working with PinkDrive, a Proudly South African public benefit organisation that powers one of the country`s most successful breast cancer awareness and education campaigns, has challenged fans to wear pink or display anything pink on the day to show their support to the cause. In the statement, CSA appeals to the spectators to go pink on the day of the fourth ODI, adding that if they do not have any pink outfits, then they can buy pink clothes and `Pimp themselves Pink` from Pink Zones with Shop4Cancer stands at the stadium. The statement added that the fans can help support the cause for breast cancer awareness by setting a world record if all of them wear pink on that day.

hosts Malaysia. India's chief coach Micheal Nobbs said he has every reason to be delighted with the win, which put India back on the track after consecutive defeats in the opening two matches of the Azlan Shah Cup. The coach, however, was not satisfied with the overall performance of his team, but singled out P R Sreejesh for special praise for his sterling display under the Indian goal. "It is still a development side and the inexperience showed in many aspects. Thankfully, the defence held its own and due credit to goalkeeper Sreejesh whose saves were the deciding factor," Nobbs said after the much-needed victory over Pakistan. Pakistan coach Akhtar Rasool rued his team's missed chances and said they were, by far, the better side on the turf today. "Our team dished out a better brand of hockey but inexperience of the boys let us down. The team clearly missed a good striker. Indian goalkeeper Sreejesh seemed to have all the answers today," Rasool said.

hockey World Champions Australia were held to a 1-1 draw by 13th-ranked Malaysia on Tuesday with both teams now eyeing a place in Sunday's final in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. Australia tops the standings with Malaysia second, both on seven points each after three matches. The other competitors lag behind on three points after winning only one game. Both went into Tuesday's match undefeated but it was the Australians who had the better of their exchanges. Australia took the lead from a field attempt taken by Trent Mitton after a quick counter attack. But it squandered chances from nine penalty corners and several other field attempts, while Faizal Saari scored for Malaysia with a drag flick from a penalty corner. Desperate defending and quality goalkeeping from Malaysia brought the match to the final 1-1 scoreline. earlier, India overcame their arch-rivals Pakistan 3-1 to chalk up their first win of the tournament. A dominant Pakistan took the lead when Muhammad Waqas scored from a penalty corner rebound. But India, setting up their attacks from the flanks, scored two goals through Rupinder Pal Singh and Akashdeep Singh in a four-minute spell. Pakistan slowly retook command of the match, but in the second half India increased the lead through Mandeep Singh through a penalty corner rebound. Meanwhile, New Zealand finally secured a win, defeating South Korea 3-0. The defending champions rank third in the table now, after Australia and Malaysia. They took the lead in the fourth minute with a goal from lurking hugo Inglis. Cory Bennett then converted their first penalty corner, while Andy hayward did the same later in the game.

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They (Bayern) were very good in the first leg and it will be even harder away from home as for me, they are the best team we have played this season. – Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta




wednesday, 13 March, 2013

six new world records for Pakistan



he talented youth of Punjab took the country to Guinness World Records by creating another six record in different entertaining event s here on Tuesday at National hockey stadium and newly built SPB gymnasium . GWR adjudicator Carlos Martinez, arrived Lahore on Monday night, to adjudicate nine attempts on day one of the attempts but due to the shortage of time the youth could attempt only six GWR to get their name registered in the GWR from the platform of Punjab Youth Festival. Last year in December Pakistani youth set 11 new marks for GWR. Talking to media, Martinez

expressed his delight to be in Lahore to adjudicate Guinness World Records. “It’s in our (GWR) DNA to set records in the world and I congratulate the Punjab Youth Festival organisers for setting a field for new GWRs. I wish them best of luck,” he said while talking to media on Tuesday.. In hockey passes, the 11 member team comprising Faisal Rasheed (Sheikhupura), hafif Saeedul hassan (hafizabad), hassaan Ubaid, Shah Rukh Tariq, Muhammad Waseem Sarwar, Ali Raza (all of Punjab University), Ali Butt (PTV), Sultan Ashraf (Pakistan Steel), Awaisur Rehman (PhF Academy), Muhammad Azfar Yaqoob (PIA), Atif Baig (Police) set a world mark of 43 passes in one minute. The team set the record in their third

attempt after there were fouls in their previous two attempts in which they made 46 and 45 passes respectively while GWR had set at least 30 passes in a minute to be attempted and the hockey team of SBP easily passed the mark. In the second GWR attempt, the farthest dribbling of the hockey ball was done by the same bunch of players with only one change in which Ali Butt was rested and Sarfraz was sent in to complete the record in three minutes. They all carried the ball dribbling to a distance of 979.2 metres when Guinness set 600 metres distance as the minimum space for them to cover. These players were coached by Muhammad Yaqoob and Olympian Muhammad Saqlain while FIh A grade umpires haider Rasool

and Rana Muhammad Liaqat ensured foul free attempts. Aneel Khan (Sheikhupura), Maloof Mustafa, Ali Mustafa, Abdul Razaq, Amir Basheer (all of Punjab University), Imran Athar (Police), Salman Razaq, Muhammad Adnan Ashfaq, Mazhar (all of GCU) were on the bench to give cover to the participating players. Mohammad Rashid of Karachi opened 40 bottles caps with his head in one minute. In one of the most fascinating attempt Rashid broke the previous record of 24 set by Germany’s Ahmed Tafzi. In the largest sequins mosaic record, Mohammad Salim Amin created record a picture of Chief Minister Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif measuring 6.2 square metres using 325,000 sequins surpassing the

cM xI beat veteran Blues

Diamond Paints sure to reach national Polo last round LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Diamond Paints is over the top of all the contenders of the Zong National Polo Championship for the Quaid-eAzam Gold Cup 2013 being played here at the LPC ground. On Tuesday three matches were played and Daimond with yet another win that kept it unbeaten have eight points but there are two teams Colony Sugar and Armu-Coca Cola lingering at their footsteps in the points table. In the first match ArmyCoca Cola beat Master Paints 9-8. Manuel Crespo along with

previous record of 2mx3m mosaic having 300,000 sequins set by students in hungary. In the most number of continuous badminton passes in one minute, Mohammad Wajid and Atique set 123 continious passes record when the target of 30 passes was set by GWR. And in the last attempt of kicking coconuts off the heads in one minute, Mohammad Rashid created his second and the day’s sixth record by kicking 50 coconuts down from the head of people standing in a round. On the other hand, fastest time to dress a male mannequin, most martial arts kicks in one hour and largest paint swatch will be taken into account on March 13 along with several more attempts.

Isfandiyar Pataudi, Raja Temur Nadeem and Abdul Rehman Monnoo made the win possible while Gaston Moore fought till the end with some support from Sufi Muhammad Aamir. Colony Sugar hammered hataff-Newage with a big margin 10-6 and the mastermind of the win was Matias Vial Perez In the last encounter, James harper helped Daimond Paints down Guard Group 7-4. The matches were supervised by Marcus hancock, James harper, Matias Vial Perez and other foreign players.

LAHoRe: Chief Minister XI beat Veteran XI by 19 runs in the last and third match of the Veterans Cricket of the Punjab Youth Festival played here at the Bagh-i-Jinnah’s Lahore Gymkhana Ground on Tuesday. Director General Sports and Youth Affairs Punjab Usman Anwar was the chief guest on the occasion. Batting first Chief Minister XI hammered 231 runs for eight wickets in 30 overs. Kamran Khan was the vital player in the building of a big total. He cracked 114 runs and got ample support from Zahoor Elahi 32 and Ali Amjad 20. Rauf Wani and Rehan Rauf shared two wickets each for 36 and 48 runs respectively. In reply, Veterans Blues could manage to reach 212 and in the process they lost all of their wickets. Mian Parvaiz did his best to meet the requirement of the average by scoring 56 runs while Shahid Mansoor scored 45 and Zubair Butt 23. Asim Sheikh and Romail Bashir applied breaks of the flow of their rival teams score by taking four wickets and two in order giving away 42 and 36 runs respectively. STAFF REPORT

Bangladesh earn first draw against Sri Lanka COLOMBO AGENcIES

Bangladesh drew the high-scoring first test against Sri Lanka at the Galle International Stadium on Tuesday to snap their 12-test losing streak against the islanders. Chasing an improbable 268-run victory target with just one session and 37 overs left, Bangladesh were 70 for one wicket in 22 overs when the teams agreed to a draw after five days of batting dominance on a placid track. Only 19 wickets fell in the test while eight

centuries were scored, equalling the record set in the 2005 South Africa v West Indies test at Antigua. The 1613 runs scored by both teams also made it the highest matchaggregate in a test in Sri Lanka. "The wicket was absolutely a road," said Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews. "The batsmen would have loved to bat for the next couple of days as well. It didn't spin at all. "The bowlers tried their best. It was just that the wicket didn't give any sort of assistance." Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim, who scored his country's maiden test double century, was

named man of the match. Mushfiqur said securing a draw was a 'big achievement' for Bangladesh. "We hadn't got a chance to get a lead whenever we had played Sri Lanka before and it's a great achievement for us. "That is our main target - to play test cricket consistently." Colombo hosts the second and final test from Saturday. earlier, Kumar Sangakkara (105) helped himself to his second century of the match while Tillakaratne Dilshan (126) also joined the list of centurions before Sri Lanka declared their second innings on 335 for four at tea.

ScOREbOARD SRI lANKA FIRST INNINGS 570-4 DEclARED bANGlADESH FIRST INNINGS 638 All OuT SRI lANKA SEcOND INNINGS (116-1 OvERNIGHT) D. Karunaratne c Abul b Shahadat 3 T. Dilshan c Abul b Mahmudullah 126 K. Sangakkara c Jahurul b Mahmudullah 105 K. vithanage b Mahmudullah 59 A. Mathews not out 38 l. Thirimanne not out 2 Extras (nb-2) 2 Total (For four wkts dec, in 83 overs) 335 Fall of wickets: 1-17, 2-230, 3-249, 4-320. Did not bat: D. chandimal, N. Kulasekara, S. Eranga, R. Herath, A. Mendis. bowling: Shahadat 9-1-33-1 (nb-2), Abul Hasan 10-0-45-0, Sohag

Gazi 15-1-58-0, Elias Sunny 20-0-76-0, Mominul Haque 5-0-250, Mohammad Ashraful 1-0-10-0, Mahmudullah 20-1-70-3, Nasir Hossain 3-0-18-0. bANGlADESH SEcOND INNINGS Jahurul Islam not out 41 Anamal Haque b Eranga 1 Mohammad Ashraful not out 22 Extras (b-4, lb-1, nb-1) 6 Total (For one wicket in 22 overs) 70 Fall of wickets: 1-2. bowling: Kulasekara 4-1-6-0 (nb-1), Eranga 3-1-10-1, Herath 4-015-0, Mendis 7-1-23-0, Dilshan 4-0-11-0. Man of the Match: Mushfiqur Rahim. Second test: March 16-20 at R Premadasa Stadium, colombo.

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I'm probably the most excited I've been since coming into the sport in 2000 with Williams, and I don't know why that is. – Jenson Button

17 S

sPoRTs wednesday, 13 March, 2013

award ceremony for Pak kabaddi team LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Pakistan Kabaddi Federation will hold a reception in the honour of national kabaddi team tomorrow, Tuesday here at Pakistan Muslim League house (PML Q) for securing second place in the Kabaddi World Cup held in India December last. “Our team put up an impressive show in the Circle style World Cup and we will be awarding cash prizes to acknowledge the performance of all the team members,” said a spokesman of PKF in a press release. Senator Ch. Shujaat hussain who is also the PKF will be the chief guest on the occasion to give away cash prizes to team members and the team officials.

federer, Nadal on course for clash

schalke all fired up for Galatasaray visit LONDON AGENcIES

Schalke have dismissed fears they could suffer a hangover from their derby success against Borussia Dortmund when they take on Galatasaray in the Champions League. The Royal Blues go into the second leg with the advantage after a 1-1 draw in Turkey, but on the back of a physically and emotionally draining 2-1 win over Dortmund in which they also lost striker Klaas Jan huntelaar to a knee injury. The holland frontman is out of the return leg but coach Jens Keller claimed his side would be ready for the match. he said at the press conference: "The lads are physically very fit. I think they have shown that impressively in recent weeks. "And so if anyone should feel tired, this feeling will evaporate at the latest when they walk into the stadium and hear the Champions League anthem.



OGeR Federer and Rafael Nadal secured safe passage to the fourth round of the BNP Paribas Open and are now each one win away from setting up a blockbuster match. Second seed Federer was caused few problems by Ivan Dodig as he raced into the fourth round of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. however there was a minor scare for the Swiss in the form of some back pain. Dodig started out well, but once his illustrious opponent had broken there was little fight from the Croatian, ranked 60th in the world, and Federer sprinted to a 6-3 6-1 win in 61 minutes, with a back twinge in the penultimate game doing nothing to slow him down. "I'm happy with the way im playing," Federer, who had never previously played Dodig, told Sky Sports 2. "I found my way at the end of the first. The beginning of the second I started to

play better." Dodig immediately brought up three break points in the first game of the match, but former world number one Federer won five points in a row to hold. The set went with serve until game eight, when Dodig handed Federer a set point with a double fault, then threw in a second to surrender the game. Dodig saved three set points, the first with an exquisite backhand drop shot, but it was fourth time lucky for Federer when his opponent sent a return wide. That seemed to break the resistance of the Croatian, and Federer broke to open up the second set, then again in game three for a 3-0 lead. Dodig finally held to get on the board at 4-1, but it was the tiniest flicker of resistance as, in the Croatian's next service game, Federer brought up two match points and another double fault proved decisive. The only worry for Federer was a slight twinge in his back near the end of the match. "I felt a little something in my back at the end," he said. "I'll just have to check it out and hopefully

I'll be fine for the next match." Former world number one Rafael Nadal did not have to even take to the court as he reached the fourth round. Nadal progressed courtesy of a walkover after Argentinian opponent Leonardo Mayer withdrew with a back injury. The Spanish fifth seed on Sunday won his first hard court match for a year when he beat Ryan harrison as he continues his comeback from a knee injury. Nadal will face ernests Gulbis after the Latvian qualifier beat 20th seed Andreas Seppi 5-7 6-3 6-4 in two hours eight minutes. Gulbis roared into a 4-0 and 5-2 lead but allowed Seppi to get back into the match to win the first set 7-5. Such was his frustration that Gulbis was given a warning by the umpire, breaking his racket and also flicking out at the umpire's chair with his towel. Latvian Gulbis then broke for 4-2 in the second set only for Seppi to immediately reciprocate with a pinpoint, cross-court shot.

four matches decided in district football LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Liang back on the prowl at Avantha Masters THAILAND AGENcIES

Liang Wen-chong returns to the country of his record-breaking triumph ready to put up another winning performance at the Avantha Masters. Liang, who earned the distinction of being the first mainland Chinese to win the Asian Tour Order of Merit in 2007, inked his name in the record books when he carded a 12-under-par 60 to set a new low 18-hole score in the opening round of the Indian Open in 2008. The Zhongshan-born star would then go on to win his second Asian Tour title and end the season in fourth place on the Order of Merit. "I'm really happy to be back in India. The Indian Open win as well

as setting a new Asian Tour record back then really brought back fond memories of this place. I must say India is a lucky place to be for me," said Liang. While Liang has

set his sights on achieving more personal glory this week, he is also determined to win honours for his country. With golf making its return to the Olympic Games in

Rio de Janeiro in three years' time, Liang knows the importance of chalking up valuable Official World Golf Ranking points as they will be the main pathway for players to qualify for the Olympics in 2016. "I've been working very hard for the past few years, hoping to do well in tournaments and achieve greater heights for my golf career. I hope to win as many tournaments as I can," said Liang. "My goal is to get into the Olympics in 2016. I'm trying hard and working towards achieving that goal. I hope to bring glory to the country if I can make it into the 2016 Olympics," added the Chinese. All events on the Asian Tour as well as Asian Development Tour (ADT) receive Official World Golf Ranking points.

Raiders F.C, Real Lahore F.C, Nasir Shaheed F.C and Usmania F.C earned victories against their respective rivals in the Lahore District Football Championship here on Tuesday at Model Town Football Ground and Faisal Town Football Ground. Raiders beat Fame F.C in a penalty shoot-out 9-8 after 2-2 at full time while Real Lahore F.C also defeated Nadeem F.C in a similar manner. The match was goal less draw in full time. Nasir Shaheed F.C defeated Sabzazar F.C in a penalty shoot-out 5-4 after 0-0 at full time while Usmania routed Jabbar Friends F.C 4-0 hassan struck thrice while Adnan scored one goal. Matches for tomorrow, Wednesday , Gulshan Ravi F.C Vs Iraj F.C (4.00pm) at Raiders Football Club ground,Ali Asgher F.C Vs Flying horse F.C (5:00pm) at MFTA ground, Lums F.C Vs Garhi Shahu United F.C (6:30pm) at MFTA , Shah Kamal Striker F.C Vs Real United F.C (9:00pm) at MFTA.

Woods confident of regaining top form MIAMI AGENcIES

World number two Tiger Woods believes his second win of the year points to sustained progress back to his best form. The 37-year-old made it two victories in four starts on the PGA Tour as he registered his biggest triumph since 2009 with success in the WGC-Cadillac Championship in Miami. he now heads to Bay hill to defend his Arnold Palmer Invitational later this month before setting his sights on the Masters as he seeks to add to his 14-major haul for the first time since 2008. On all but one of the seven occasions Woods has recorded multiple wins in a season, he has won a major, and the American believes his game is back on an

upward curve. "I felt towards the end of last year that I was heading that direction where things were becoming better," said Woods who, having gone more than two years without a victory, now has five in the last 12 months. "I look at the three venues that I won last year, they were all three very good golf courses and I think winning at Torrey (Pines - in the Farmers Insurance Open in January) and then winning in Miami I've been on some pretty tough tracks. "Bay hill can play easy but we didn't have it easy on Sunday (last year); it was more like a US Open in Orlando. "That gave me so much confidence heading into the off-season that I was heading in the right direction. "I just keep going, keep plugging along, keep working with the things that Sean (Foley, his coach) wants

me to do, and lo and behold, I've had two really good weeks this year. "Any time I can win prior to Augusta it always feels good. I've been able to do it a few times throughout my career, which is nice." Woods benefited from an impromptu putting lesson from Steve Stricker - who regularly leads the stats on the greens - on the eve of the WGC tournament and as a result had just 100 putts in 72 holes. "I've been putting at home and just still hadn't felt right," admitted the Ryder Cup star. "I was still a little bit off but to have Stricks help me out like that, just like he always does, he's a great friend. "We tend to help each other out with our putting. he basically got me in the same position that I was at Torrey so once he put me in there I felt comfortable.

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Right now I'd definitely take third. It would be a massive positive for the team. It would be a very good stepping stone for us. – Hamilton, a position he had to settle for last season for McLaren after starting from pole




wednesday, 13 March, 2013

wAtCh It LIve

wozniacki, Azarenka through; Ivanovic falls INdIAN WeLLS: World number two Victoria Azarenka survived a scare before reaching the fourth round of the BNP Paribas Open with a three-set win over Kirsten Flipkins. Azarenka lost the opening set 6-3 before storming back against the Belgian to take the next two 63 6-0. Meanwhile, former world number one Caroline Wozniacki eased to a 6-2 6-1 win over Elena Vesnina at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. Wozniacki, enjoying better form these days, took the first set in little more than 40 minutes after being far more effective on her serve. The seventh seed, broke at the start of the second set and moved into a 3-0 lead and her opponent could only take one game before going down in one hour 15 minutes. However, another former world number one, Ana Ivanovic, who has also shown glimpses of her best recently fell to a 1-6 6-3 6-0 loss to Germany's Mona Barthel. The Serb looked on course for a routine win when he took the first set for the loss of only a game, but after losing a close second set - her game fell away dramatically in the decider. Seventh seed Sam Stosur beat Peng Shuai 6-3 3-6 6-2 in two hours and 12 minutes. Both players struggled for consistency with their serves but it was Stosur who prevailed. There were also wins for Angelique Kerber, Nadia Petrova Garbine Muguruza and Urszula Radwanska. AGENcIES

ESPN FA Cup: Millwall V Blackburn Rovers

12:55 AM

STAR CRICKET 2012-13 Airtel Prof. D B Deodhar Trophy

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Pak women handball team off to India LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Pakistan women handball squash is leaving here tomorrow, Wednesday for India via Wagha Border to take part in the 4th South Asian Women handball Championship being held at Lucknow, from March 15. The party comprises 14 players and 4 officials.” Teams from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and host India will feature in the event “,said a spokesman of Pakistan handball Federation press release said. Pakistan will play its first match against Nepal on March 15. Following are the members of the team,Madiha Latif (Captain), Khalida Ramzan (Vice Captain),Parveen Akhter ,Naseem Akhter, Sadia Iqbal ,Ghazala Siddique ,Ayesha Dilshad ,Mafia Ghulam Muhammad, Rooma Abbas ,Asma Akram , Amina Shehzadi ,Maria Sarwar ,Sadaf Parveen and Misbah Yousaf Player, Team officials are, Saqlain Kausar, Manager,Tahira Saleem Coach, Dabeer Hussain Coach, Ahmed Riaz Referee, Muhammad Sohail Shehzad Referee.

rugby team leaves for dubai today LAHORE STAFF REPORT

alves eyes ‘historic’ comeback against Milan MILAN AGENcIES

Dani Alves believes it's still possible to overturn a two-goal deficit and defeat AC Milan in the Champions League but only if Barcelona are ready to take risks. The Spanish side were dominant in possession at the San Siro but were pegged back twice by rapid-fire AC Milan attacks with goals being scored by Sulley Muntary and Kevin Prince-Boateng. Alves knows that the onus will be on his side to score more than two goals against the Serie A giants when they come visit the Nou Camp on Tuesday night for the second leg of the last-16 tie.

wilkins would give Poyet chelsea job

Mawoyo withstands hostile bowling as Zimbabwe score 91-2 KENSINgTON AGENcIES

Opener Tino Mawoyo withstood a barrage of hostile West Indies bowling to post 45 not out and lead Zimbabwe to 912 in the opening session of the first test at the Kensington Oval on Tuesday. Mawoyo was struck on the chest with the first ball of the day and suffered through a further barrage of blows to the body as he helped deliver a solid start for the tourists in their first test in more than year. A partnership of 42 for the second wicket with hamilton Masakadza, who was hit on the head by a ferocious delivery from Tino Best, saw off the vagaries of variable bounce and a host of short pitched balls which made batting initially look difficult for the inexperienced Zimbabweans. Vusi Sibanda was bowled for 12 in the seventh over after playing around a ball from Kemar Roach that uprooted his leg stump and the West Indian quickie also

ScOREbOARD zIMbAbWE FIRST INNINGS T.Mawoyo not out 45 v. Sibanda b Roach 12 H. Masakadza c Samuels b Roach 17 12 b. Taylor not out 5 Extras (b-4, lb-1) Total (for two wickets; 27 overs) 91 Fall of wickets: 1-17 2-59 To bat: c. Ervine, M. Waller, R. chakabva, R. Price, K.Jaravis, G. cremer, T. chatara. bowling: Roach 9-2-27-2, best 5-2-14-0, Gabriel 5-0-230,Sammy 7-3-17-0, Shillingford 1-0-5-0. West Indies - Darren Sammy (captain), chris Gayle, Kieran Powell, Darren bravo, Marlon Samuels, Shivnarine chanderpaul, Denesh Ramdin, Shane Shillingford, Kemar Roach, Tino best, Shannon Gabriel. zimbabwe won the toss and elected to bat

Pakistan rugby team is leaving here tomorrow, Wednesday for Dubai to take part in the emirates International Sevens Rugby tournament being played there from March 15 and 16. The 12-member team comprises Sair Riaz, Kashif Khwaja, Saad Arif, Waqar Javed,Tahir Rafi, Muhammad Abdullah, Muhammad Ghalib Javed, Khalid Mehmood, Nasir Mahmood, Fiaz Ahmed, Tahir Yaqub,Khalid and hussain Bhatti.Team officials are : Shakeel Ahmed, Rashid hafeez, Tariq Pervize. Afghanistan, egypt, Saudi Arabia , Lebanon and Pakistan join hosts UAe will take part in the event being organized by UAe Rugby. each team will play 3 qualifying matches on March 15 and 2 qualifying matches on March 16. Following the final qualifier the Pakistan is building a good 7s programme to prepare the team for the hSBC Asian 7s circuit Later this year . Following is the programme of matches (March 15) 15:30 Afghanistan vs UAE, 15:50 Egypt vs Pakistan, 16:10 KSA vs Lebanon, 16:30 Afghanistan vs Pakistan, 16:50 Egypt vs Lebanon, 17:10 UAE vs KSA, 17:30 Afghanistan vs Lebanon, 17:50 Egypt vs KSA, 18:10 UAE vs Pakistan. (March 16) 10:00 Afghanistan vs KSA,10:20 Egypt vs UAE, 10:40 Pakistan vs Lebanon,11:00 Afghanistan vs Egypt, 11:20 KSA vs Pakistan, 11:40 Lebanon vs UAE, 12:00 Shaheen match, 12:20 6 vs 5 – Bowl, 12:40 Shaheen match,13:00 4 vs 3 – Plate, 13:20 Shaheen match,13:40 2 vs 1 – Cup.

took the second wicket of Masakadza, out for 17. Gully fielder Marlon Samuels made an extraordinary one handed grab to his left for the catch. The start for Zimbabwe contrasts starkly with their last test in New Zealand 14 months ago, where they were out for 51 in the first innings and 143 following on to lose by an innings and 301 runs.

Gerrard recognises Downing contribution MIDDLESBROUgH AGENcIES


Chelsea legend Ray Wilkins believes the club should consider Gus Poyet for the role of manager when Rafa Benitez's contract expires in the summer. Poyet scored 49 goals in 145 appearances for the Blues from 1997-2001 before moving on to Tottenham. The Uruguayan's enthusiasm and wild celebrations as well as his habit for scoring crucial goals means the 45-year-old is still considered a favourite amongst the Stamford Bridge faithful. he's also remembered for scoring the goal which qualified Chelsea for its first UeFA Champions League campaign.

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard believes team-mate Stewart Downing is a different player from earlier in the season and is finally showing his true quality. The england winger scored for the second successive match in the 3-2 win over Tottenham, incredibly achieving the feat for the first time since back-to-back goals for Middlesbrough in October 2004. he took his tally to five for the season, and while he is unlikely to eclipse his best goalscoring campaign of 10 in 2007-08 for Boro, he is closing in on the eight he got in his final season at Aston Villa before his £20million move to Anfield. It is a remarkable turnaround for a player who, having struggled to hold down a regular

first-team place, was told in December by manager Brendan Rodgers he could leave if the right offer came in. "he's a different player now. Now we're seeing Stewart Downing the england international and why he has got all those caps," said Gerrard, who praised the 28-year-old's all-round contribution. "What is impressing me the most about Stewart at the moment is the work he's doing for the team without the ball - sliding tackles, his double-marking with Glen Johnson and his effort. "The stats that go up on the board after every game underline that. "he's a different player and if he can keep producing those type of performances then it will be money well spent "If he keeps to that level of consistency he can make that position in the team his own." Downing felt the victory, rather than his goal, was significant as

Liverpool beat a side in the top four for the first time this season. It allowed them to move into sixth and close the gap to Champions League qualification to seven points with nine matches remaining. "earlier in the season we would probably have lost the game," Downing told "But great credit to the lads, we kept going and the fans were right behind us. "I'd say it was probably one of the best wins of the season. "A lot of people have been saying we can't beat teams in the top five or six - that's out of the way now. hopefully that will kick us on. "It was nice for me to get a goal. There's no hiding from the fact that I struggled for goals last season, but this season I'm in among them and hopefully I can get plenty more. There's plenty of games to go to get the tally up.

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wednesday, 13 March, 2013




he National Assembly on Tuesday passed a private members’ bill, exempting candidates from appearing in person before the returning officer (ROs) at the time of submitting their nomination papers, while the Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill 2013 was also passed by the house prohibiting physical abuse against children. The 17th sitting of the ongoing 50th NA session was presided over by Speaker Fehmida Mirza. During the session, an opposition member belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Zahid hamid moved a hand-written bill to cancel the amendment made in the representation of People Act 1976 during former President Pervez Musharraf’s era. The bill did not face any opposition and was passed unanimously. Federal Law

LOWER HOUSE APPROVES AMENDMENT TO PEOPLE’S ACT 1976 Minister Farooq Naik alleged that former military dictator turned president Pervez Musharraf made the amendment to prevent Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif from contesting elections. “With this amendment in the ROPA 1976, the Act will be restored to previous position enabling the candidates to avoid coming to returning officer if there is any threat or other reason,” Naek said. he explained that the law was passed to counter the uncertain security situation due to which many political leaders faced death threats. “The candidates can now send their representatives to file the nomination papers instead of coming themselves.” “After this

BILL PASSED TO PROHIBIT PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT OF CHILDREN amendment becomes an act, personal appearance of a candidate will not be mandatory. If any person desires to go to file his or her nomination papers, he can but if they do not desire, they cannot be compelled to appear in person at the time of filing the nomination papers,” Naik said. PML-N member Naseer Bhutta called the amendment important, while Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) member Waseem Akhter and Waqas Akram also supported the bill. The NA unanimously passed three private members’ bills. The house also unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the corporal punishment for children. The Lower

VIOLATORS LIABLE TO ONE YEAR IMPRISONMENT, FINE OF RS 50,000 house took up a calling attention notice about lack of maternal care and child healthcare in Islamabad Capital Territory’s (ICT) and other government hospitals. Later, two other private members’ bills titled the Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill 2013, the Reproductive healthcare and Rights Bill 2013 were also passed by the house. Under Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill 2013, physical abuse or punishment of children stands prohibited in the country and one conducting any such violation could be sentenced for one year imprisonment or be fined Rs 50,000 fine and could be given both the sentences on the

same time. The victim child or one’s parents could lodge a complaint against the person accused of physical punishment, and government, semi-government and private institutions would fall under the legislation. During the sitting, five other bills were introduced and referred to the respective standing committees, including the Islamabad Capital Territory Local Government Bill 2013, the Legal Practitioners and Bar Council (Amendment) Bill 2013, the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2013, the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2013, and the Overseas Pakistanis Facilitation of Voting Bill 2013. Two standing committee reports about the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) (Amendment) Bill 2010, and the Publication of the holy Quran (elimination of Printing and Recordings errors) (Amendment) Bill 2008 were presented to the house. Later, the session was adjourned when MMA member of parliament pointed out low quorum in the house.

NATO force hit by fatal Afghanistan crash KANDAHAR AGENcIES

Five members of the NATO-led international force in Afghanistan have been killed in a helicopter crash in bad weather in the country’s south, according to coalition and provincial authorities. Police in the southern province of Kandahar said the accident occurred on Monday evening during a heavy rainstorm in Daman district. The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) does not release the nationality of casualties, but US, British and Australian soldiers operate in the country’s south. “The cause of the crash is under investigation. however, initial reporting indicates there was no enemy activity in the area at the time,” ISAF said following the incident. helicopter crashes are fairly frequent in Afghanistan, where the 100,000-strong international mission relies heavily on air transport. “There was bad weather in the area and the helicopter crashed at about 10pm,” General Abdul Razeq, the Kandahar provincial police chief, told AFP. “No insurgents were there at the time.” Separately on Monday, US troops shot and killed two Afghan civilians as their truck was approaching an American convoy on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghan officials said. Mohammad Alim, a commander for Kabul highways, said “a coalition convoy fired on a truck which was driving beside the convoy, which martyred two people and wounded another one”. Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi said the dead were employees of a company that repairs police vehicles. earlier on Monday, two US soldiers were killed and 10 wounded in a suspected insider attack in the eastern province of Wardak by a man in an Afghan army uniform who also killed several Afghan soldiers. The NATO mission in Afghanistan has been unsettled this week by comments from Afghan President hamid Karzai accusing the US of colluding with the Taliban to justify the presence of foreign troops in the country. Washington abruptly rejected the allegations, saying the US has “spent enormous blood and treasure” in supporting the Afghan people and did not support any kind of violence involving civilians. Karzai’s comments came during the first visit to Kabul by Chuck hagel, the new US defence secretary who pledged that the US was working to ensure a successful handover as Afghan security forces take on the battle against the Taliban. Combat troops from the NATO mission will leave Afghanistan by the end of next year, and many fear that Afghan soldiers will struggle to contain fighters opposed to Karzai’s government.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf during a meeting with Malik Riaz of Bahria Town and American realtor Thomas Kalmer on Tuesday.

PM hails foreign investment in private sector ISLAMABAD NNI

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Tuesday hailed the agreement between Bahria Town and a US investment group a landmark event which would encourage investors to make investment in the country. Speaking at a meeting with former chairman of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz and Thomas Kalmer of US investment group at Prime Minister house, the prime minister said that there was a general consensus in the country for pursuing a liberal economic policy. “The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government has been pursuing an investment-friendly policy so that investors are

given comfort of security of capital and a decent return,” he said. Moreover, the prime minister said that the investment was a testimony of the successful policies pursued by the government during its tenure. The prime minister said that a huge foreign investment had been made directly in the private sector which was trend-setting and would pave way a boost to the economy. he expressed the hope that the agreement would herald a new beginning and accelerate the pace of progress and development in the country. Malik Riaz thanked the prime minister and said that Bahria Town and a US investment group had signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) for a 15 to 20 billion dollar investment in Pakistan.

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.

Ashraf directs Punjab govt to ensure security for Christians isLaMaBad: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Tuesday directed the provincial governments to ensure foolproof security for the Christian community and release innocent members who had been arrested after Badami Bagh incident. Talking to a delegation of Christians from Joseph Colony at Prime Minister’s house‚ the prime minister expressed grief over the unfortunate incident and assured the Christian community that justice would prevail. he further said that entire nation had been shocked with the brutality of the mobs and the destruction of private property. Moreover, the prime minister lauded the Christian community for showing restraint and tolerance and playing its role sensibly to the keep the situation under control. The prime minister also announced a grant of one million rupees for the family of a woman who was killed in the incident. ONlINE Editor: Arif Nizami

Cardinals fail to elect new pope VATICAN AGENcIES

Cardinals of the Catholic Church failed to elect a new pope on their first day in the Vatican conclave on Tuesday. Black smoke rising from a chimney above the Sistine Chapel indicated that their ballot had been inconclusive. The 115 cardinal-electors will vote four times daily until two-thirds can agree on a single candidate. The election was prompted by the surprise abdication of Benedict XVI. There is no clear frontrunner to take over from him as head of the Church. The vote was the first held by the cardinals since they entered the conclave on Tuesday afternoon, and was not expected to produce a positive result. The electors will now return to their hotel for the night and go back to the chapel on Wednesday morning (today) to resume voting. White smoke from the chimney will indicate that a new pope has been chosen.

E-paper PakistanToday 13th March, 2013  

E-paper PakistanToday 13th March, 2013

E-paper PakistanToday 13th March, 2013  

E-paper PakistanToday 13th March, 2013