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The Islamabad High Court (IHC) and the Lahore High Court on Monday gave two contradictory judgements. On one hand, the IHC suspended the judgement of a single bench declaring the Car Amnesty Scheme lawful. On the other hand, the LHC declared the scheme legal. STORY ON PAGE 13


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Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

Liaqat Baloch says ISPR’s condemnation of Munawar Hasan’s statement unbecoming of military force





HE jamaat-e-Islami (jI), undeterred by the ire of the Pakistan army and refusing to apologise for its chief’s remarks, has said jI chief Syed Munawar Hasan’s statement regarding the Pakistan army was correct and according to Sharia. On Sunday, jI chief Syed Munawar

MIRANSHAH: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Monday praised jamaate-Islami (jI) chief Munawar Hasan for calling the killed TTP commander Hakimullah Mehsud a ‘martyr’. TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid thanked the jI chief for his ‘glorious’ words regarding the deceased chief of TTP. In his statement, he said Hassan was brave whereas jamiat ulema-e-Islam chief Fazlur Rehman’s statement was controversial. He asked if the people fighting against the uS were not martyrs, then who was? On Sunday, the Pakistan army strongly condemned what it called irresponsible and misleading remarks by the jI chief. according to a statement issued by the ISPR, it strongly condemned the irresponsible and misleading remarks by Hassan in a TV programme, declaring the dead terrorists martyrs while insulting the martyrdom of thousands of innocent Pakistanis and soldiers of Pakistan’s armed forces. “Syed Munawar Hasan has tried to invent a logic based on his political convenience. Strong condemnation of his views from an overwhelming majority leaves no doubt in any one’s mind that all of us are very clear on what the state of Pakistan is and who are its enemies,” it said. ONLINE

Hasan’s recent controversial statements of giving the certificate of martyrdom to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud and deriding military personnel who rendered sacrifices in the war against terrorists, drew a strong ire of the army, which asked the jI chief to tender an unconditional apology. jI General Secretary Liaqat baloch said the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) had issued a political press release which was unbecoming of a military force. Responding to the ISPR press release over Hassan’s remarks, baloch said the army did not have the right to interfere in political affairs

baloch spoke with reporters following the meeting of the jI Majlis-e-Shura that was also attended by the party’s chief Munawar Hasan. jI chief Munawar Hasan said he was standing by his statement. Liaqat baloch said the ISPR had issued a political press release and these issues were being raised to achieve a specific purpose. “The issue at hand is the closure of naTO supplies and end to drone attacks.” The jI leader said his party was willing to offer any kind of sacrifice for the country. baloch said his party had always sacrificed to safeguard ideological as well as geographical boundaries of the country

SA goes ballistic over Munawar’s statement KARACHI


In a rare show of unanimity with the country's armed forces, the political parties in the Sindh assembly raised their voices with that of Pakistan army in condemning the "unfortunate" statement by jamat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hassan, that the provincial legislators believed, had insulted the martyrdom of thousands of Pakistanis in the ongoing war against terrorism. also in an equally important move, the provincial legislature adopted a unanimous resolution to express its reservations over the Election Commission of Pakistan's (ECP) schedule for the forthcoming local body polls that, the house apprehended, was impracticable in terms of transparency. "This assembly vehemently condemns the unfortunate statement by jamaat-e-Islami amir Syed Munawar Hassan, wherein he has hurt the feelings of people of Pakistan by insulting the sacrifices of thousands of Pakistanis and soldiers of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies who laid their lives in the war against terrorism," reads a PPPbacked resolution adopted unanimously by the 168-member house in what a commentator said masterly a "political ses-

SUNNI ITTEHAD COUNCIL TO STAGE PROTEST AGAINST JI CHIEF LAHORE: Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) announced Monday a nationwide protest against jamat-e-Islami (jI) ameer Munawar Hassan on coming Friday. Reports said the SIC said in its statement that Munawar Hassan committed an act of treason calling Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud a martyr. Earlier, lawmakers in Sindh assembly also strongly criticised the controversial remarks of Munawar Hassan on the status of army soldiers martyred in the war against terrorism. ONLINE

sion". The draft, tabled by Sharmila Faruqui of the Pakistan People's Party, also paid homage to the martyrs and their families for rendering supreme sacrifices for the beloved Pakistan. While all others were aboard, four lawmakers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) remained neutral to the resolution that blasted the leadership of defiant jI, the PTI's coalition partner in Khyber Pakhtunkwah province. While the assembly was passing this resolution, Liaquat baloch of the jI refused outrightly to comply with the ISPR's demand for a public apology, saying that the army was not constitutionally meant to "directly" interfere in the country's democratic process through issuing political statements. another resolution adopted claimed that the ECP's election schedule was practically difficult to deliver free and fair election for the local government administration. It said conducting the local government election in a "hastily and non-transparent manner" would cast a doubt on the credibility not only on the process but also results of the most-awaited polls. "The Election Commission of Pakistan must ensure that all essential requirements like, magnetic ink, proper voters lists are provided and reasonable canvassing time be allotted for free, fair and transparent local government elec-

tions," said the resolution. The printing of ballot papers as defined by the law could only be carried out by the Printing Press of Pakistan (PPP), the draft said. The PPP, it added, had already shown its inability to print the ballots in the given election schedule. "The printing of ballot papers by any private printing press is not be acceptable as it would make the transparency of election process questionable," the house said in the resolution. Calling for the prevalence of the sovereign political will of the house, the PPP-dominated assembly stressed that the democratic process of elections must be transparent. "This resolution must be forwarded to Election Commission of Pakistan," said the resolution. The members from two divides of the house commented on the resolution and demanded of the ECP to review its election schedule. Meanwhile, the house proceedings witnessed nusrat Seher abbasi of the PML-F tabling an adjournment motion to discuss the definite matter of recent and urgent public importance namely, the Sindh government's termination of 13,000 employees of the local government department. Furthermore, MPa Rehana Leghari complained of having her privilege breached at the hand of Maqsood ahmed Memon, XEn of HESCO, Thatta.

and had always acknowledged Pakistan army’s sacrifices. He said, “We condemn upper Dir and Salala incidents, but the army has no right to question any political party directly.” according to the jI leader, there was a specific purpose behind diverting attention to personal debates. He said the country would have to get out of the drone war in order to establish sustainable peace. baloch added that Hasan did not attack the reputation of the army, therefore, no questions should be aimed at his statements. He further said martyrdom was a dignified rank which could only be conferred by “none other than allah”.


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) leader and Supreme Court advocate, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain has sent a legal notice to jamaat-e-Islami chief Munawar Hasan for declaring Hakimullah Mehsud a ‘martyr’. Fawad stated in the notice that Munawar declared Hakimullah, a terrorist and killer of many innocent people, a martyr. Munawar’s statement negates the sacrifices rendered by innocent citizens of the country and is contempt of the sacrifices made by the martyrs of Pakistan army personnel for Pakistan. Fawad expressed hope in the notice that Munawar should render an unconditional apology to the nation, especially to the families of the martyrs for his misleading statement or else he reserves the right to take legal action against him. INP



unjab Minister for Health Tahir Khalil Sindhu resigned from his portfolio as provincial minister for health after Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif severely reprimanded him for inefficiency and incompetency in handling such an important ministry, sources privy to the development told Pakistan Today. Sindhu was handed over such an important and sensitive portfolio for the first time under the CM, who put a lot of trust and confidence on him. It should be noted that there was no

one given the health portfolio in the previous tenure, while only this time a health minister was taken into the cabinet to manage the situation. a senior official who was privy to the development said the CM actually grilled the health officials along with the minister over failure in handling the ministry in general, and the dengue crisis in particular. Pertinent to mention is the worsening condition of dengue which is on the border of being an epidemic, although the devastation is nowhere near the one which hit the province and the metropolitan in 2011. However the number of dengue cases is increasing at an alarming rate with the deaths

taking place as well. The chief minister recently removed senior health officials in Rawalpindi as well over negligence to cope with the dengue fever, which took many lives a couple of years ago. as per recent reports, the number of dengue patients in Punjab has reached to a total of 1,500. a Health Ministry’s spokesperson said the chief minister confronted Sindhu over his inability to implement precautionary measures. Rather than seeking another opportunity, the health minister submitted his resignation and has since been terminated from the position. Meanwhile, Health Secretary Hassan Iqbal

has also been suspended from his job by the government over “negligence”. This negligence had been leading to increasing number of dengue patients in the province. The Punjab chief, however, decided to let Sindhu remain the minister for minorities and human rights. It remains to be seen how the former health minister will deliver in this capacity. Meanwhile the government has given the charge of the health department to Khawaja Salman Rafiq. Chaudhry Sher ali, provincial minister for energy, was also relieved of his charge due to non-performance.


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Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

AFTER TTP, HAQQANI NETWORK LOSES TOP BOSS H Jalaluddin Haqqani’s elder son Naseeruddin assassinated in Islamabad Naseeruddin was on US hit list for masterminding and executing militant attacks in Afghanistan Junior Haqqani’s body transported to Miranshah on Sunday night, buried on Monday



aRDLy 11 days after the Pakistani Taliban lost their chief Hakimullah Mehsud in a uS drone strike, the dreaded Haqqani network of afghan militants allegedly based in Pakistan’s tribal areas suffered a massive loss after naseeruddin Haqqani, the elder son of jalaluddin Haqqani and financial brain of the outfit, was gunned down by two armed assailants in the federal capital on Sunday night. Sources told Pakistan Today that naseeruddin was shot dead by two unidentified gunmen at Simli Dam Road area in the bhara Kahu police precincts. naseeruddin was on the uS hit list for masterminding and executing several militant attacks on naTO and uS forces in afghanistan. no one has yet claimed responsibility for the

killing, but it will likely spark suspicion in Pakistan that the americans were behind it. although the police officials concerned remained tightlipped about the assassination of the high-profile afghan militant leader in Islamabad, sources told Pakistan Today that the assailants waited at the Karachi Hotel on Simli Dam Road for over an hour for their target. “as soon as naseeruddin, 40, disembarked from his vehicle around 8.30pm, the gunmen opened fire on him, killing him instantly,” they said. Witnesses told Pakistan Today that soon after the killing, heavy contingents of police and intelligence personnel conducted raids in the surrounding areas in search of the assailants. an intelligence official, asking not to be named, said security personnel had found more than three dozen bullet casing and a broken gun from the crime scene. Reports said that naseeruddin’s body was quickly

transported to Miranshah in north Waziristan agency on Sunday night for burial but so far there is no official statement on how the dead body was taken to the restive tribal agency and why was naseeruddin in Islamabad. Sources said that it was likely that the Haqqani network leader was in Islamabad to discuss the peace dialogue process in afghanistan with Pakistani officials. They said that naseeruddin was considered the “brain” of the Haqqani network and was the main fundraiser for the militant group. PRISONER EXcHANgE: according to an investigation by Pakistan Today’s Shamim Shahid in Peshawar, naseeruddin was known as a doctor and a frequently visitor to Saudi arabia and other Gulf states. “He was considered the man in-charge of financial matters of his father’s network,” sources said. They said that naseeruddin reportedly remained in prison for a couple of

months, but was freed in exchange for security personnel on a demand put forth by then TTP commander Hakimullah Mehsud. Sources said that naseeruddin’s funeral was held in Miranshah on Monday but it was a low key event because of imposition of an army curfew. The Haqqani network, afghanistan’s most

feared militant group, is under frequent uS drone attacks for the past many years. a couple of weeks ago, Sangeen Zadran, the second-in-command of the Haqqani network was killed in a uS drone strike while jalaluddin Haqqani’s two sons, badar and Mohammad, have also been targeted by uS drones.

IMRAN DISAPPOINTED BY LACK OF PUBLIC OUTRAGE OVER HAKIMULLAH’S KILLING ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday expressed his disappointment over the people’s reaction against Hakimullah Mehsud’s killing. “I was hoping the entire nation, including the media and opposition, would be on the same page and that we would show a stern reaction to america,” Imran said while speaking in the national assembly. He accused the uS of derailing Pakistan’s peace process by killing TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud, hours before peace talks with political parties were to commence. “I am disappointed,” he continued, “Instead of saying that the peace process has been sabotaged, people started saying that those in support of peace talks are supporters of terrorists.” “This is perhaps the most difficult time for Pakistan,” he said, “How can we move forward if talks are not moving forward?” He emphasised the need for Pakistan to present a united front so that drone strikes were discontinued, and noted that the attacks had only served to divide Pakistanis. The PTI chairman also bemoaned the expenses of engaging in the war on terror. Pakistan was spending Rs 90 billion per month on war, he said, adding that the money could instead have been used on education and health. STAFF REPORT

SHAH ADVISES PM TO TAKE PARLIAMENT INTO CONFIDENCE OVER PEACE TALKS ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in the national assembly Khurshid Shah on Monday advised Prime Minister nawaz Sharif to take parliament into confidence over issues relating to talks with the Taliban and the state of peace and security in the country. Sources in the Prime Minister’s House said the meeting between the premier and the opposition leader took place during the lunch given to Kuwait’s prime minister. The situation emerging in the aftermath of the killing of Tehreek-eTaliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud in a recent uS drone attack was also discussed. Shah assured nawaz of full cooperation in the government’s counterterrorism efforts also advising the premier to personally take the national assembly into confidence over the matter. The meeting also discussed the overall security situation in the country. On november 9, most opposition parties walked out of the national assembly twice in protest and stayed out because of the absence of the prime minister in the sessions of the House. They also warned on Saturday they would continue to stay out unless the prime minister himself came to brief the House on Monday on important issues such as the fate of the disrupted peace process with the Taliban. STAFF REPORT

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif talks to Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah at a lunch hosted for the visiting dignitary on Monday. INP

Nisar terms debate on martyrdom ‘damaging’ g


Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud was killed, he said the TTP had demanded face-to-face dialogue, to which the government had demanded an end to terror attacks. He said there had been no attacks for


The debate over who is a martyr and who is not is extremely damaging for Pakistan, Interior Minister Chaudhry nisar ali Khan said on Monday. Speaking in the national assembly floor, nisar said any kind of controversy related to the armed forces was “worse than poison” for Pakistan at this critical juncture. Criticising former president Pervez Musharraf’s “misuse of the army”, nisar said the forces were not an individual, but an institution, and in case of Taliban talks, the military had exercised great restraint and created an environment conducive to talks despite ongoing terrorist attacks. Describing the initial process of dialogue prior to the drone attack in which Tehreek-e-Taliban

Any kind of controversy related to the armed forces is ‘worse than poison’ for Pakistan at this critical juncture three weeks following this exchange, after which the government moved to advance the talks. He added that there

was no guarantee at the time the talks would have succeeded, but a detailed plan was in place to get the provinces and more political leaders involved in the process. “now we have to pick up the pieces,” nisar lamented, adding that the government would have to analyse how the next four-six weeks played out. The dialogue process with the TTP cannot move forward if there are more drone attacks, the interior minister added. He also claimed that there were still stakeholders interested in continuing the dialogue process, despite the devastating impact of the drone attack that killed the TTP chief. BAckgROuND: nisar’s statements on martyrdom were directed at the brewing controversy over jamaat-eIslami (jI) chief Munawar Hasan calling Hakimullah Mehsud a ‘martyr.’ Many politicians criticised the jI chief’s remarks and members of the Sindh assembly even passed a resolution against him on Monday. The army had also issued a press release in which it demanded an “unconditional apology’ from Hassan. “Syed Munawar Hasan has tried to invent a logic based on his

political convenience. Strong condemnation of his views from an overwhelming majority leaves no doubt in any one’s mind that all of us are very clear on what the state of Pakistan is and who its enemies are,” a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) had said.

04 N

news Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

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ECP MOVES COURT SEEKING SECP ex-chairman requests 4-MONTH EXTENSION IN LB POLLS removal of name from ECL ECP says printing of ballot papers ‘impossible’, regulations prepared by provinces have flaws g



HE Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) submitted a request to the Supreme Court asking for an extension in the current election dates for local government (LG) elections for four months. The polls are scheduled for november 27 in Sindh and December 7 in Punjab and balochistan – the dates provided as options to the ECP by the Supreme Court. On Monday, the ECP filed a petition in the SC to grant four months duration for the preparations of local bodies elections in the country. It was requested in the petition that time be given until March 2014 for the requisite arrangements for the upcoming local bodies elections in the country. The ECP said that for Lb polls in Sindh, 110 million ballot papers were required, while 300 million ballot papers were required for Punjab. The ECP said that since the printing of ballot papers

was “impossible” within the short time and rules and regulations prepared by the provinces had flaws, therefore, the holding of local body polls was “not possible”. To seek deferment of elections, the ECP also cited reasons of allotment of election symbols in Punjab for party-based elections, besides the matter of local councils in the province. Earlier, the ECP had asked Punjab’s provincial government to provide the body with all the required resources for making arrangement for the local government elections. The ECP had made this demand in response to the provincial government’s refusal to make the arrangements itself as ordered by the commission on november 6. The Punjab government had refused to arrange the local body elections, saying it was the commission’s responsibility. Sc SINDH:: The Supreme Court also approved a petition filed by the Sindh government in the Karachi registry regarding local bodies’ elections in the province on December 7.

However, Chief justice of Pakistan (CjP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked that Lb polls had not been held for the last eight years and conducting Lb elections was a legal and constitutional responsibility of provincial government. He remarked, “no one will be allowed to violate the law. Election Commission is an independent and autonomous institution and it should ensure holding of Lb polls in just, transparent and impartial manner by exercising powers as per law.” advocate General (aG) Sindh appeared in the court on behalf of the government of Sindh and apprised the court of his government plea, saying the Shia community was engaged in their religious worshipping and government had to take care of their security. The CjP said, “Whosoever has any complaint should resort to the ECP for taking proper measures. The ECP will do whatever it deems proper.” accepting the Sindh government’s plea for holding Lb polls on December 7, the SC referred the petition to ECP to take decision on the matter.


The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday directed the national accountability bureau (nab) to furnish their comments in a petition by former Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) chairman against restriction on his international travel. The petitioner, former SECP chairman Muhammad ali, through his counsel submitted before the court that upon his arrival at jinnah International airport

from abroad on june 4, 2013, he was subjected to harassment and informed that his name had been placed on the Exit Control List (ECL) by the Interior Ministry on recommendation of the nab. He told the two-judge bench that officials belonging to Federal Investigation agency (FIa) also seized his passport at the airport. He stated that before placing his name on the ECL, no proper procedure was followed by the Ministry of Interior, adding that he was not

informed through any letter about any restrictions. The counsel representing the exchairman requested the court to allow his client to proceed abroad as he wanted to manage the admission of his daughters in Canada and settle them there. He also pleaded the court to pass orders for removal of his name from ECL. Earlier, the SHC allowed ali on august 8, 2013 to travel abroad subject to furnishing surety in sum of Rs 500,000 for five weeks. The petitioner again asked

the court through his counsel to allow more time as he was still in the process of settling his daughters abroad. at his request, the SHC had granted him four weeks more time to stay in abroad on October 4. During the hearing on Monday, the bench headed by justice Ghulam Sarwar Korai directed the counsel appearing on behalf of nab to file comments till november 22. The former SECP chairman was under investigation in a case relating to the multi-billion rupees OGRa scam.

PM approves low-cost ‘Apna Ghar’ housing scheme ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister nawaz Sharif on Monday approved the setting up of a company under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing and Works to initiate a housing scheme for the low-income strata of the society. The scheme would be called the apna Ghar Housing Scheme. The prime minister is-

The objective of the scheme is to provide housing units to low-income sections of the society at a low cost and in easy instalments

sued these directions while presiding over a high-level meeting at the Prime Minister House’s, where he said the objective of the scheme was to provide housing units to low-income sections of the society at a low cost and in easy instalments. He said a separate package should be initiated under the rubric of the

apna Ghar Housing Scheme for the needy, widows etc and that such people be separately given financial assistance to pay the instalments. The prime minister resolved that a respectable living on the models of Turkey and China would be made available to the citizens of the country. APP



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karachi Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

WeAtHer UpdAteS


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WedneSdAy tHUrSdAy 30°C I 18°C

Sindh ASSembly goeS bAlliStic over munAwAr’S StAtement

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PRAyER TIMINgS Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 5:28 6:46 12:16 3:24 5:46 7:05

trAnSPorterS refuSe to bend, Strike PArAlySeS commerce

KARACHI: Transporters have pledged to continue their strike against the undue and poor policies of the government imposed on them in the name of rules and regulations. Industrial sector also has badly affected as due to block in transportation of raw material used in assembling of different items for daily life use. According to an estimate, the national economy has been hardly hit by loss of billions of rupees. Import and exports activities have badly suffered, causing loss not only to mercantile activities but also to industrial sectors. The government of Sindh as well as police has assured transporters to resolve their issues on priority basis while federal government is reviewing issues related to transportation duties including ratio of income tax. Transporters have warned that their strike would remain peaceful till 10th of Muharram. After that, they would expand the phase of demonstrations across the country and jam the transportation system till the satisfaction of their reservations and demands. STAFF REPORT



n a rare show of unanimity with the country's armed forces, the political parties in the Sindh assembly raised their voices with that of Pakistan army in condemning the "unfortunate" statement by jamat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hassan, that the provincial legislators believed, had insulted the martyrdom of thousands of Pakistanis in the ongoing war against terrorism. also in an equally important move, the provincial legislature adopted a unanimous resolution to express its reservations over the Election Commission of Pakistan's (ECP) schedule for the forthcoming local body polls that, the house apprehended, was impracticable in terms of transparency. "This assembly vehemently condemns the unfortunate statement by jamaat-e-Islami amir Syed Munawar Hassan, wherein he has hurt the feelings of people of Pakistan by insulting the sacrifices of thousands of Pakistanis and soldiers of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies who laid their lives in the war against terrorism," reads a PPPbacked resolution adopted unanimously by the 168-member house in what a commentator said masterly a "political session". The draft, tabled by Sharmila Faruqui of the Pakistan People's Party, also paid homage to the martyrs and their families for rendering supreme sacrifices

for the beloved Pakistan. While all others were aboard, four lawmakers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) remained neutral to the resolution that blasted the leadership of defiant jI, the PTI's coalition partner in Khyber Pakhtunkwah province. While the assembly was passing this resolution, Liaquat baloch of the jI refused outrightly to comply with the ISPR's demand for a public apology, saying that the army was not constitutionally meant to "directly" interfere in the country's democratic process through issuing political statements. another resolution adopted claimed that the ECP's election schedule was practically difficult to deliver free and fair election for the local

government administration. It said conducting the local government election in a "hastily and non-transparent manner" would cast a doubt on the credibility not only on the process but also results of the most-awaited polls. "The Election Commission of Pakistan must ensure that all essential requirements like, magnetic ink, proper voters lists are provided and reasonable canvassing time be allotted for free, fair and transparent local government elections," said the resolution. The printing of ballot papers as defined by the law could only be carried out by the Printing Press of Pakistan (PPP), the draft said. The PPP, it added, had already shown its inability to print the ballots in the given election schedule. "The

printing of ballot papers by any private printing press is not be acceptable as it would make the transparency of election process questionable," the house said in the resolution. Calling for the prevalence of the sovereign political will of the house, the PPP-dominated assembly stressed that the democratic process of elections must be transparent. "This resolution must be forwarded to Election Commission of Pakistan," said the resolution. The members from two divides of the house commented on the resolution and demanded of the ECP to review its election schedule. Meanwhile, the house proceedings witnessed nusrat Seher abbasi of the PML-F tabling an adjournment motion to discuss the definite matter of recent and urgent public importance namely, the Sindh government's termination of 13,000 employees of the local government department. Furthermore, MPa Rehana Leghari complained of having her privilege breached at the hand of Maqsood ahmed Memon, XEn of HESCO, Thatta. She claimed that the bureaucrat, on november 9, had misbehaved with her by replying in a manner she termed as "rude and insulting " when she approached him for installing a new transformer in her village, Churaitani, which was without of power for four days. Law Minister Dr Sikandar Mandhro vowed to pursue the complaints of two female lawmakers and revert. Speaker agha Siraj Durrani prorogued the house for an indefinite period

KARACHI: Jinnah Hospital wears a deserted look amid the ongoing doctors’ strike. ONLINE


at least five people were killed in Lyari in short span of one hour, raising the death toll in Karachi violence to 13. Rescue sources said, that in Lyari, two people were shot dead at Tanga stand in bihar colony. Two bodies with torture marks were found from Mirza adam Khan road. Sub Inspector (SI) ameen, 40, was killed when unknown armed men opened fire on him near Haji

Zahoor Hotel in Faqeer Colony within the jurisdiction of Mominabad police station in Orangi Town. He was targeted while getting his car repaired at a mechanic shop in Faqeer Colony. He suffered one bullet in head. The motive behind the killing could not be ascertained yet. jangheer, 30, son of Muhammad Khan, was killed when unknown armed assailants opened fire on him near Fareed baba shrine within the remit of Manghorpir police station. The body was shifted

to abbasi Shaheed Hospital Karachi for an autopsy. Police said that the victim was resident of Lyari and had a close relation with gang war people. Police suspected that the reason behind the killing could be personal dispute. Taj Muhammad, 55, son Muhammad Islam, was beaten to death with a stick in ansari Mohalla near Khyber Chowk within the remit of Ittehad Town police station in baldia Town. Meanwhile, Rizwan ali, 28, son of Wilayat ali, was shot at and injured

by unknown armed men near old truck stand in Mauripur. The injured was rushed to CHK for treatment. a 30-year-old, Rahat Gul, son of Ghani Gul, was gunned down by the unidentified armed men near Chashma Pump, Qasba Colony, Orangi Town, within the remit of Peerabad police station. Separately, the body of unidentified man, aged around 25, was found from northern bypass, Surjani Town, within the jurisdiction of Surjani police station. It was shifted to aSH for an autopsy.

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karachi Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

Medical experts speak at humdard University workshop KARACHI: Hamdard University in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Monday organised a workshop on the importance of ‘research methodology’. Speakers at a workshop on emphasised on the quality and integrity in research to make it authentic. A large number of medical experts, physicians, teachers and students attended the workshop. Speaking on the occasion of inaugural session of the workshop HEC’s Learning Innovation Division Director Ateeque Rahman Khorho said that the research work on Tibb-i-Unani and clinical experiments on its medicines that were conducted at the university’s Faculty of Eastern Medicine and clinical teaching hospital, Shifaul Mulk Memorial Hospital, were satisfactory. He also asked other Tibbi institutions to emulate Hamdard University’s research. Paying tribute to Hakim Said's contribution towards promotion of education, health and science, he said that his work and services for the progress and development of health, education and Eastern medicine in the country were exemplary. He said that the present administration of the university, under the leadership of its Chancellor Sadia Rashid and Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hakim Abdul Hannan are trying its level best to materialise the vision of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said. At the concluding session of workshop Prof Dr Hakim Abdul Hannan said that speaking truth about the research was the real essence of research and standards of research should have to be followed to make research authentic and acceptable. On behalf of HEC, Prof Dr Hakim Abdul Hannan also gave away appreciation certificates to the coordinators and resource persons of the workshop including, Dr Hakim Halima Nazar, Dr Mubin, Dr Sanowar, Dr Usman Ghani Khan and Dr Asif Ashraf. APP

PREPARING THE PATH: A Ranger operates a bomb detector, searching for buried explosives in the route of the Muharram procession. ONLINE

cm Sindh reSolveS to free kArAchi from crimeS KARACHI INP

Pillion riding to be banned on Muharram 9th, 10th KARACHI: Keeping in view worsening law and order situation in the city, Sindh government has decided to impose a ban on pillion riding of motorcycle in Karachi on 9th and 10th of Muharram. Higher authorities have sent letter to the provincial home minister for formal releasing of the notification for imposing ban. According to sources, the ban notification would be effective immediately after its release while old citizens, women, children, journalists and security officials would be exempted from the ban. APP


indh Chief Minister Syed Qaim ali Shah on Monday reiterated his resolve to wipe out criminal elements from Karachi to make it peaceful and terror free city. In a statement, Syed Qaim ali Shah said that targeted operation in the metropolis will continue till the city is cleared of

criminals, target killers, extortionists, drug paddlers and land mafia. He said that anti-state elements involved in spreading hatred, mistrust, violence and dividing the people on the basis of linguistics, sects and other grounds, would not be spared at any cost. The chief minister appealed the citizens to extend full cooperation with law enforcement agencies (LEas) personnel for maintaining peace in the city especially during the holy month of Muharram. He stressed over the need for further accelerating the intelligence network and to keep a close watch on criminal elements and gangsters. Qaim ali Shah also took notice of target killing of aSI ameen and others on Saturday and sought a report from the inspector general (IG) and additional inspector general (aIG) on the incident.

N-25 Highway repair work slower than slow KARACHI APP

The upgrading and rehabilitation work of Karachi-Kalat-Quetta-Chaman highway (n-25) as an economic artery of the country and an international highway will be completed on priority basis. an official of national Highway authority (nHa) informed Monday that the construction work of Quetta-Chaman Highway had not been completed mainly due to termination

Authorities clAim lAw And order holding them bAck of asian Development bank (aDb) grant,adverse law and order situation nd cut on PSDP funds due to floods in 2010 and 2011. He said that 60 KM Quettajungle Piralizai section was completed in

2010 while 57 km Piralizai-jungle section has been completed about 65 per cent. He said that the contract of M/s MabRex(jV) had been terminated from july 12 due to persistent deteriorated law and order situation in the project area, project management issues of the contractor. The road from jungle Pir alizai to Chaman had not been constructed due to reasons as stated to same reasons. He said that the sections of the road constructed so far were built as per nHa specifications and

standards, as the project remained under supervision of international consultants. The n-25 national Highway or RCD Highway is 813 KM long, passing through Karachi, bela, Khuzdar, Kalat, Quetta and Chaman and continuing into afghanistan, It then joins n-40 (national Highway 40 Quetta-Taftan International border Circuit) which leads it via naukundi to Road 84 in Iran and through various Iranian Highways to Turkey and onwards Europe.

traffic ig inaugurates international driving licence programme


Sindh Traffic additional IG Ghulam Qadir Thebo on Monday said that the initiation of international driving licences has been inaugurated. In an inaugural ceremony at the Driving Licence branch, Clifton, he announced that a driving licence branch is being established from where the data of the local and international driving licences would be stored. He further stated that the provision of every possible facility to the people would be ensured. He informed that for facilitating the issuance of learning licences certain points would be identified in Karachi in the first phase after Muharram for the mobile driving licence facility. Later, this programme would be expanded to Hyderabad, Larkana, Sukkur and Mirpurkhas. Thebo stated that steps are also being taken for linking the Karachi's driving licence branches with Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur and Larkana.


The COMSaTS Institute of Information Technology in collaboration with World Health Organisation (WHO) organised a programme on E-Health and how it could play a crucial role in controlling epidemics such as polio and dengue fever through an effective surveillance system. Speaking on the occasion Dow university of Health Science’s (DuHS) Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Masood Hameed Khan said, everyday, across the world, countries are making improvements in their health systems as a direct benefit of e-

Health technologies. Participants of the event including medical practitioners, doctors, public health professional, HMIS managers, IT professionals said that e-health has evolved as an important innovative subject for enhancing the proficiency of health sector. Speakers highlighted that e-health refers to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in healthcare services. Prof Masood Hameed Khan said Dow university of Health Sciences is working towards adopting new teaching methodologies for undergraduate, postgraduate students and as part of continuous medical education.

For this purpose, a new e-learning cell has been established at Dow university Ojha Campus, he said mentioning that elearning serves are guidepost for applied online teaching, as well as an information hub for the latest instructional technology. COMSaTS Health Informatics Department head Dr Shafaat a Khan said that over the past many years e-health has evolved as an important innovative subject for enhancing the proficiency of health sector. now a day, there are several thematic areas where e-health initiatives are being successfully deployed including areas like telemedicine, electronic health records, m-health, e-learning, use of

technologies for health surveys and ICT based community initiatives, he elaborated. Speakers said e-health is currently evolved as one of the important areas of engagement for WHO with its member states. It was also mentioned that WHO has been mandated for playing a coordinating role for the new Global Initiative for Commission for Information and accountability (COIa). eHealth is one of the seven thematic areas where WHO is engaged with priority countries, including Pakistan, WHO-HIS/eHealth Coordinator Dr S M Mursalin said. He said WHO had recognised e-health as the way to achieve cost-effective and secure use of the information and

communication technologies (ICTs) for health and related fields and urged its member states to consider drawing up longterm strategic plans for developing and implementing e-health services and infrastructure in their health sectors. Other speakers on the occasion were Prof Sajjad Mohsin of COMSaTS, WHOHRIS Focal Person Dr Shagufta Zareen, Medical Education Director Prof Shams nadeem alam, COMSaTS Prof Dr aqeel Kidwai, DuHS Incharge e-Learning Prof Masood jawaid, Dr Shahid ansari, Healthcare Paradigm and Medical Director Pharmevo Dr Zakiuddin ahmed and aMan Foundation Dr Faheem ali.

What we actually learn, from any given set of circumstances, determines whether we become increasingly powerless or more powerful. — Blaine Lee




Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

Sc seeks reply from federation on power subsidy lAw, not someone’s whims, to govern the country ISLAMABAD AgENcIES

The Supreme Court on Monday sought a reply from the federation over withdrawal of subsidy on power tariff. a three-member bench comprising Chief

justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, justice jawwad S Khawaja and justice amir Hani Muslim issued the directives during the hearing of a suo motu case regarding prolonged power load shedding in the country. The court observed that Pakistan was a welfare state and the government should not take steps that could affect the interest of general public. It directed the government to explain the reasons for withdrawal of the subsidy. The court also sought details from the Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO)

and the national Electric Power Regulatory authority (nEPRa) about the subsidies given so far on electricity tariff to the public. The chief justice questioned whether the consumers’ point of view was heard before withdrawal of the subsidy. The CjP said only law would work in the country instead of some individual’s whims. “How much subsidy was given by the government and why is it being stopped now? People friendly policies should be formulated in a welfare state. Hike in power tariff ensues a storm of inflation. The

Government should be compassionate with the people.” justice jawwad Khawja remarked a country was governed by its own laws, and the law of “the uS, uK and France does not work in our country”. “Formulating the policy is the domain of the government. but this cannot be evolved against the fundamental rights. Time has come that everything runs in the country in tune with law and constitution.” The justice said constitution and law had vested “certain responsibilities with us and it

is imperative that these should be discharged. We will stop if the government frames energy policy in derogation to fundamental rights”. The CjP said if fertilizer had to be provided to farmers on exorbitant rates, what was the use of providing gas to fertilizer companies at subsidized rates? “The government should look into the matter in this perspective.” While seeking a new energy policy and details of the subsidy provided by the government since 2006, the court adjourned the hearing of the case until today (Tuesday).

cAndidAteS StArt filing lb nominAtion PAPerS in Sindh And PunjAb ISLAMABAD: The process of filing of nomination papers for Local bodies (Lb) Elections in Sindh and Punjab has been started from Monday‚ november 11. The process will continue till Tuesday and objections against nomination papers can be filed on Wednesday. according to the election schedule for Sindh‚ the scrutiny will take place on 16 and 17 of this month. appeals against objections to nomination papers can be filed on 18 and 19 which will be disposed off by november 21. nomination papers can be withdrawn by november 22. Final lists of candidates will be notified a day after, on november 23, where as the election will be held on the november 27, while result will be announced on november 30. according to the election schedule for Punjab‚ the scrutiny will take place on 16, 17 and 18 of this month. appeals against objections to nomination papers can be filed on november 19 and 20 which will be disposed off from 21 to 23 of this month. nominations paper can be withdrawn by november 24. Final lists of candidates will be notified the next day, on november 25. The election will be held on December 7 while the result will be announced on December 10. Meanwhile‚ the scrutiny of nomination papers for the Lb polls in balochistan began in Quetta on Sunday which continued till november 11 (Monday). More than 22,000 nomination papers have been filed for 7,189 seats in the provincefor which the election will be held on December 7. ONLINE

Puc cAmPing out At rAiwind LAHORE: The Pakistan ulema Council (PuC) organised a camp during the Raiwind gathering to offer guidance to Islamic scholars, students, mosque leaders and the general public. Different ‘fatwas’ (edicts) were issued during the camp concerning issues such as terrorism, the Islamic concept of ‘daughters being a blessing’, interfaith dialogue and polio campaigns. Thousands of Islamic scholars, students and members of the general public visited the camp during the gathering. They praised the books, fatwas and pamphlets published by the PuC to offer guidance on different issues and stressed the need for religious, political and social powers to understand the seriousness of the situation and guide the world according to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. Different delegations of Islamic scholars and students from Waziristan, Peshawar, Mardan, Khanewal, Rahim yar Khan, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Muzaffargarh, azad Kashmir, Zhob, Quetta, Dera Ismail Khan, Hyderabad, Khairpur and other cities met with the leaders of the PuC. Speaking on the occasion, PuC Central Chairman Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood ashrafi, Maulana Zahid Mahmood Qasmi, Maulana Hafiz Muhammad amjad, Maulana abdul Qayyum, Maulana ammar baloch, Maulana anwar-ul-Haq Mujahid, Maulana ashfaq Patafi, Maulana Mushtaq ahmad and others said that the PuC was striving to guide the people according to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. STAFF REPORT

FAISALABAD: Candidates for local government elections fill their nomination forms at the District Council on Monday. OnLIne

PTi condemns govt’s U-turn on drone strikes slAms tArgeting of Pti over PlAns to stoP nAto suPPlies ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Information Secretary Shireen Mazari on Monday took strong exception to Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid’s attack on Imran Khan and PTI’s decision to stop naTO supplies. She said the minister was not only confused over the issue but was trying to defend the indefensible – the u-turn of the prime minister on drones. Mazari said there was a deliberate attempt by the government at disinformation regarding the PTI call for stopping of naTO supplies. “This call is a direct response to uS sabotaging of the dialogue and peace process by the government as part of the aPC mandate. a message must be conveyed to the uS and naTO countries, as well as the rest of the world, that the uS deliberately sabotaged the initiation of a vital peace process sought by all the political parties of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan through the use of a drone attack, and that this was unacceptable.” The PTI leader said Pervaiz Rashid would serve Pakistan’s cause better if he could explain why the prime minister was zipping around the globe trying to drum up investment for Pakistan when he should first be fo-

cusing on bringing peace to the country through dialogue, so that there was an environment created for investment to come. Mazari demanded the minister to explain why the PM had taken a u-turn on drones. “before the elections, on May 9, nawaz Sharif was asked in an interview what plans he had against drones if he came to power. He replied that he would first take up the matter with the uS and convey to them strongly that this was a complete mess that killed more innocent people than anyone else, that this must stop and that it gave rise to complete anti-uS sentiment among our people.” “So what happened to that commitment to convey a strong message to the uS? The joint nawaz-Obama statement does not even mention drones,” Mazari asked. as for the argument that the PTI coalition government was receiving assistance from naTO countries while seeking to block naTO supplies, she said there was no logic in this stance because the projects being funded were ongoing projects and blocking of naTO supplies had nothing to do with it. “nor is PTI seeking to declare war on the uS or naTO. It is simply protesting the sabotage of the peace talks and demanding that the uS give a commitment not to do the same again through a drone attack. Furthermore, it is the PTI as a party that is undertaking this protest not the government of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. It is the democratic right of the PTI to do so, especially as drones are not only a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty but also a war crime as declared by the PHC april 2013 judgment.”

ihc SuSPendS tAuqir SAdiq’S Sentence in ogrA ScAm cASe ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court on Monday suspended three-year sentence handed over to former OGRa chairman Tauqir Sadiq in a multi-billion corruption case. Sadiq had challenged his conviction and the three-year sentence in the IHC. In his petition, Sadiq said the accountability court did not give him the chance to defend the allegations levelled against him. He claimed that his case was not decided on merit and that the subsequent three-year jail term was unjust. On May 7, an accountability court had sentenced Sadiq to three years in prison in-absentia “for failing to appear before the court”. It had also directed the national accountability bureau (nab) to seize all his moveable and immoveable property and bank accounts. Sadiq is accused of embezzling Rs 83 billion through issuance of the CnG licences and mismanagement. He is currently in the custody of the national accountability bureau. ONLINE

rAw to Provoke SectAriAn clASheS during muhArrAm: rePort ISLAMABAD: The intelligence agencies have issued reports indicating an increase in sectarian strife in Punjab during the month of Muharram, local media quoting sources reported on Monday. Intelligence reports claimed that sectarian dissension would be created by the Indian intelligence agency, Research and analysis Wing (RaW), via provision of secret funds amongst banned organisations like Lashkar-e-jhangvi. Intelligence sources said two banned organisations will be funded for attacking opponents during last three days of Moharram on the dates of 8, 9 and 10th respectively. The terrorists will carry out targeted attacks on Shia gatherings, majalis and mourning processions, as well as specific and prominent personalities. Pakistani authorities also fear that the Taliban could also target Shia mourning processions as a revenge of TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud’s killing. ONLINE

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. — John Quincy Adams

08 N

news Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

Pm approves youth business loan Scheme 350,000 youths Aged between 21 And 45 with entrePreneuriAl PotentiAl will be eligible for scheme with 50 Per cent quotA reserved for women ISLAMABAD



RIME Minister nawaz Sharif on Monday said the government would support talented and unemployed youth of Pakistan to make them self-re-

liant. Chairing a meeting to review the Prime Minister’s youth Programme, he approved the Prime Minister’s youth business Loan Scheme under which 350,000 youth would be given loans. The prime minister was apprised that the net beneficiaries from the business youth Loan Scheme would be about 10 million people throughout the country.

He directed to ensure complete transparency and fairness in the process of loan disbursement and further said that “no political and administrative interference will be tolerated in the loan scheme.” The prime minister said he would personally supervise and monitor the loan scheme so that the youth of the country gain maximum benefits from the scheme. The meeting was also attended by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Minister for Information Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Secretary to Prime Minister javed aslam, Secretary Finance Dr Waqar Masood Khan, Governor State bank of Pakistan yaseen anwar, President of First Women bank Ms Charmaine Hidayatullah, act-

ing President national bank of Pakistan asif Hassan, CEO SMEDa ahmad nawaz Sukhera and senior officers of the Prime Minister Office. The small business loans scheme will provide loans to the unemployed youth, especially educated, looking for establishing or extending business enterprises. all Pakistani young men and women aged between 21 and 45 with entrepreneurial potential will be eligible for the scheme with 50 per cent quota reserved for women. under the supervision of State bank of Pakistan, initially the national bank and First Women bank will execute the scheme while other banks may join in after

approval of their respective business-plans. Loans will range from Rs 0.5 to 2.0 million with average loan size of Rs1.25 million. The debtequity ratio for these schemes will be 90:10 with tenure of seven years.

india says ready to give Pakistan ‘benefit of the doubt’ externAl AffAirs minister sAlmAn khurshid sAys ‘PAkistAn hAs A lot of very, very difficult issues to deAl with At home’


India is prepared to give Pakistan “the benefit of the doubt” as the two countries strive for peace, Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid said on Monday. India regularly accuses the Pakistan army of providing covering fire for armed rebels who cross the border and then mount attacks and in an interview with The australian newspaper published Monday, Khurshid admitted the relationship was fraught.

“We talk to Pakistan periodically and in terms of personal gestures we receive great warmth,” he said. “but the on-the-ground reality and the results of our meetings are very disappointing.” However, with Prime Minister nawaz Sharif last month vowing to go the “extra mile” to make peace with India, Khurshid said Delhi would take him at his word. “Pakistan has a lot of very, very difficult issues to deal with at home,” he was quoted as saying. “Our view is that we should give them time, not at our cost, of course, but that

we should give them the benefit of the doubt.” “When nawaz Sharif says he wants peace and good relations with India, we take him at his word.” but with recent shootings at the border among the heaviest since a ceasefire agreement in 2003, Khurshid pointed out that Pakistan had not yet followed through on its promise of top-level military meetings to sort out better arrangements in Kashmir. “If they can address the dismantling of the infrastructure of terrorism, that would be a good start,” he told the newspaper.

muShArrAf’S exemPtion PleA AccePted in judgeS’ detention cASe


The anti terrorism court in Islamabad on Monday accepted former president Pervez Musharraf’s plea seeking exemption from attendance in the judges detention case. The court also issued summons to the witnesses as they were absent from the court. aTC judge atiqur Rahman resumed hearing the case in which Musharraf did not appear. Defence counsel Ilyas Siddiqi filed the plea, seeking exemption from appearance, citing security threats. The court reviewed the issue and accepted the plea. Later, further proceedings were adjourned until november 26.

ttP mohmAnd chief AccuSeS Army, PoliticAl PArtieS of deceiving tAlibAn

HYDERABAD: Shia mourners participate in the 6th Muharamul Haram procession at Qadam Gah Mola Ali on Monday. Inp

People dying of Manchar lake pollution: cJP Justice muslim sAys sc cAnnot see PeoPle dying ISLAMABAD ONLINE

Chief justice of Pakistan (CjP) Iftikhar Chaudhry on Monday said people were dying due to pollution in Manchar lake, but the Sindh government has grown in-

dAg sAys federAl govt is reAdy to Provide funds to sindh government sensitive. He said, “The matter will not run now only through the postures of sitting, speaking and disposing. Contaminated water is devouring precious lives and no one is realizing the situation even an iota. People would not have died today had rulers re-

member commandment of Hazrat umar (Ra). Lives of 50000 people are at stake and the officers are busy in gossiping and arranging parties while sitting in air conditioned rooms Government of Sindh should tell what it was doing to provide immediate relief.” justice amir Hani Muslim observed, “not only Manchar lake is becoming polluted due to inefficiency of institutions but also the canals of clean drinking water are being affected adversely... we cannot see people dying. We will not care for any one.”

a three-member bench of the Supreme Court (SC), led by the CjP, took up Manchar lake pollution case on Monday. Deputy attorney General (DaG) Sajid bhatti, the Sindh advocate general (aG) and the Sindh Irrigation Department director general appeared in the court. bhatti told the court the federal government was ready to provide funds in this regard. While adjourning the hearing until Tuesday the court has sought reply from the Sindh government.

WANA/PESHAWAR: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Mohmand agency chief umer Khalid Kharasani on Monday claimed that political parties and the Pakistan army had always deceived the Taliban and that the latest fiddle was in the form of the drone attack that killed their chief Hakimullah Mehsud. Talking to a group of reporters at an undisclosed location, Kharasani held the country’s political parties and the army responsible for the death of Hakimullah and vowed to take revenge for their leaders murder. He said the TTP spokesman’s statement regarding the peace talks issue was his informal assertion, adding that the formal standpoint of the TTP would be issued after a meeting of the Majlis-e-Shura to be presided over by new TTP chief Mullah Fazlullah. INP


Don't necessarily avoid sharp edges. Occasionally they are necessary to leadership. –Donald Rumsfeld


the regional flux


why are we sitting it out?

Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

glamourising a terrorist where does Pml-n stand: with martyrs or militants?


HE government has been led into placating the terrorists by an extremist lobby in the PMLn. unless there is an urgent correction of course, the TTP would succeed in its aim of creating divisions between political parties on the one hand and government and the army on the other. What is at stake is not only democracy and the constitution but the very integrity of the state. Things have deteriorated to a point where a terrorist who orchestrated the killing s of hundreds of Pakistanis, civilians as well as army men, is being glamourised as a role model for the youth by being declared a martyr. The idea behind the attempt is to deprive the army which is fighting militancy of public support. The joint declaration adopted by aPC under the leadership of the PML-n conferred on a group of terrorists the status of ‘stakeholders.’ This was in fact a step towards capitulation. The government has tried to ‘negotiate peace with our own people’ and seen the outcome. The ink on the peace declaration was yet to dry when the TTP targeted GOC Swat Maj Gen Sanaullah, Col Tauseef and Lance naik Irfan Sattar. The attack was duly owned by Fazlullah who was to be subsequently rewarded by being appointed the TTP chief. Soon afterward a Church was bombed in Peshawar, killing nearly 50 worshipers. While belatedly denying responsibility for the attack, the TTP condoned the act by maintaining that it was ‘in accordance with Sharia’. This was followed by other attacks. The policy of appeasement of terrorists has emboldened them and their supporters. While jI chief Munawwar Hasan extolled Hakeemullah Mehsud, what he said about the soldiers defending the country was highly denigrating and amounted to spreading disaffection among the armed forces. Equally unfortunate was the unqualified support extended to its leader by the jI Shura. There is an urgent need on the part of the PML-n to dissociate itself from the stand taken by the jI chief. Time has come for the government to revise its policy of talks with the TTP. after a virtual declaration of war by the network against the state, the government has to take foolproof measures to provide security to the people. What is more it must take an initiative to force the TTP to surrender arms and enter into talks on government’s own terms.

delay in lg polls


not ideal but necessary given the circumstances

T has become like a game of ping pong, holding of Local Government elections that is. but instead of just two players it is being played by a multitude of players. There are political parties who have demands as per their specific vested interests. There are provincial governments which are unable to proceed with the elections owing to a lack of resources and manpower. There is the ECP which seems unable to make up its mind if it would go ahead with elections or not. There is the national assembly which has shown its unwillingness to go ahead with LG polls. but then there is the Supreme Court which appears determined to have the polls before the end of this year. and now the latest move by the ECP makes it even more bizarre. a couple of days ago, the na had passed a resolution, which interestingly was supported by all parties in the parliament, stating that holding LG polls in such a short time was impossible for the government. The ECP apparently agrees with the na resolution as it is going to the SC with the intention of stating its inability to hold the polls according to the schedule (nov 27 in Sindh, Dec 7 in Punjab and baluchistan) already announced by it. Last month the SC had ordered the ECP to conduct polls by Dec 7 which then undertook preparations for the arduous task. but then the na threw a spanner in the works with its resolution but interestingly the ECP had rejected na’s stance and was adamant on moving ahead with the exercise. but, on Sunday, the Commission did have a change of heart when it found out that preparations in Punjab and Sindh lagged too far behind to make it possible. Sindh hasn’t even started laying basic preparation work while preparations in Punjab had to make an adjustment after the court’s order of holding LG polls in the province on party basis. The transfer of chief secretary Sindh and MD Printing Corporation of Pakistan, despite a ban put on by the ECP, haven’t helped matters either. Holding LG polls is ideally the next step in cementing a democratic setup in the country. However, the exercise would lose its significance if it creates more problems than it is meant to solve. The SC should let the ECP announce a new schedule after consultation with provincial governments to ensure a smooth sailing for the largest polling exercise in the country.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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HE region around Pakistan, extending from South asia to West asia and the arab world is in a state of flux. Perhaps for the first time after the end of the Cold War a couple of decades back, the changes in most part signal a fundamental shift in alignments and power correlations involving not only the regional countries but also the united States, Europe, Russia, China and to some extent japan. Take the case of the 34-year-old acrimony and virtual collapse of relations between Tehran and Washington consequent to the hostage crisis after the success of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. The snow is melting between the two sides after the celebrated telephone conversation between Presidents Rouhani and Obama. On an even more positive note, all indications are that the uS has at long last come to live with the reality that Iran has to right to acquire the ways and means for peaceful application of selfgenerated nuclear energy. That is no mean achievement for Tehran. That in itself is a game changer. For, Iran has over the course of the past 12 years demonstrated it to the world, through resolute determination, national will and dextrous diplomacy, any country in the world can actually acquire nuclear power – regardless of all kinds of sanctions imposed by the united nations, the united States and the European union.

Editor’s mail

The brave nation of Iran has of course had to pay a very high price for this defiance. Over the past year or so in particular, the common people have suffered through inflation, loss of jobs with the closure of industries and other business-related enterprises, shortages of food as also life-saving medicines. I have a friend from Iran who is currently doing his PhD at the Quaid-iazam university here in Islamabad. Madi Kazemian, a journalist by profession, told me the other day that he had lost an uncle in Iran because he could not be provided treatment for cancer. The media has also been reporting a large number of deaths for the same reason of unavailability of requisite medicines. a most heartening spill-over consequence of the thaw between Iran and the united States has been the increasing marginalization of Israel. at the same time, the uS-Saudi arabia alliance of sorts is on the verge of collapse on account of Riyadh’s dismay at improvement of relations between Iran and america. On the other hand, the Syrian situation has not gone the uS way, thanks to the tough stance taken by President Putin. It may be noted in passing that Putin has recently expressed Russia’s desire to increase bilateral ties with Pakistan and improve relations in other fields. Putin, incidentally, has come to be the world’s most influential person beating Obama in the Forbes ratings. yet another crucial change has been the comeback staged by the Egyptian army. That has also been seen as a setback for Saudi arabia. not to be overseen in this narrative is the reported offer by Iran to supply free of cost oil to India to help keep its refineries going. The wholesome promise of improvement of Pakistan’s relations with Iran, too, seems like a closed chapter. That is very unfortunate. We have buckled under Saudi pressure and threat of repatriation of a large number of Pakistani workers from the Kingdom. That need not and should not have been the case. Prime Minister nawaz

Sharif’s government is dithering on the foreign front. The time calls for abandoning of Pakistan’s traditionally reactive foreign policy, or else we stand to lose out on the opportunities being provided by the regional matrix. This writer had pointed out to the government quite some time back not to entertain high hopes of an early improvement of relations with India. That is exactly what we have witnessed. Here is a quote from Salman Khurshid’s statement in Melbourne on november 11: “but the on-the-ground reality and the results of our meetings are very disappointing. Pakistan has a lot of very, very difficult issues to deal with at home. Our view is that we should give them time – not at our cost, of course, but that we should give them the benefit of the doubt.” Is that the kind of treatment we are so keen to get at the hands of Indians? again, the PML-n needs to pause and ponder before bringing further humiliation to the people of Pakistan that have voted this party into power. as for Saudi arabia, apart from the reasons given above for capitulating to its diktat, there seems to be another factor at work here as well. That has to do with the person of Prime Minister nawaz Sharif who spent long years of exile in the Kingdom. If he feels indebted to them for the hospitality afforded him, it is a personal matter for him. We as a nation owe no such debt to the Saudis. The nation should not be made to pay such a heavy price as estrangement with Iran yet again. The price has become many times more when the sectarian influence and its doings are also taken into account. and, that is the innocent blood being shed day in and day out. That should be unacceptable. Ghani Jafar is a senior journalist and analyst. His latest book is on Iran’s nuclear programme, “Iran and the bomb: nuclear Club busted”, which has recently been published. He can be reached at:

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-32535230 E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively

listen to your body Why is it so important to speak up? Why can’t I keep my mouth shut like everyone else? Why do I discuss all this in public when I know people will raise strange questions? The answer to all these questions is simple. I want the woman of today to understand that her life is precious. I want every one of us to understand how common breast cancer is and the risks involved. I want everyone to understand the importance of self-examination and early diagnosis and treatment. I don’t want anyone to go through the agony I went through, my husband went through and my children went through and are still going through. I don’t want any other mother to hear the scared teary voice of her son asking “Is my mother going to die” or “what happens when someone dies, does that person ever come back”. Definitely you don’t want this to happen. So create awareness around you, be brave enough to speak up. Two and a half years back when I was a 31-year-old lactating mother of a six-month-old baby I felt a lump in my right breast, went to a surgeon, she examined me and told me that this was something benign. but soon I started having a backache and that a really bad one. Tried changing my bed, took vitamin D and calcium, changed my driving posture, took pain killers but nothing worked. I found a fair solution to my backache; I started taking painkillers every night which helped me get out of bed in a slightly better condition. but my big fat ego would not let me complain or rest. a week later I started to have blackouts while driving and severe headache. again I had easy solution with painkillers and some change in diet. but now I had started to dread that this was something bad. at the same time I felt a rubbery swelling in my right arm pit. I took antibiotics for a week fearing some infection. It did not go away. This was it. I came home from work the next day, took a shower, put my boys in the car and went to the hospital and asked another doctor to get my FnaC (fine needle aspiration cytology). My reports revealed it to be malignant lump and when I went to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital I was found to be having secondries (Mets) in my spine, ribs and liver. I was diagnosed with a stage IV breast cancer. Till today I have undergone three sessions of chemotherapy, spinal and hip radiation and got my ovaries removed surgically at SKMCH&RC. Despite all this, I’m working as a senior registrar at a hospital. The lesson for all

women from what happened to me should be to listen to your body. Do not ignore even the faintest symptom you find. It could save your life. DR MADEEHA SHAKEEL Faisalabad

real treachery It is we who were responsible for opening our borders to world’s treacherous mercenaries and terrorists to walk in to fight the Russians in afghanistan. Had afghanistan been under Soviet union’s influence, Pakistan would have been a beneficiary of military, political and financial support of uSa and its allies. How is Russian occupation or influence in afghanistan not justified but american control is? Of course families of few greedy generals, like Zia, akhtar abdur Rehman, Khaqan abbasi, Mansoor-ul-Haq, would not have gone overnight from rags to riches, nor could warlords of afghanistan have benefitted, nor would the world have had terrorists like Osama bin Laden or Zawahiri, nor 50,000 Pakistanis would have been slaughtered in senseless barbarity perpetrated by the likes of Hakimullah, Fazalullah and Sufi etc. We allowed ourselves to be used by america for avenging their defeat in Vietnam. It is time we set our own house in order. Ensure that corruption is eradicated and those caught given exemplary punishments. Our own people handed over thousands of our citizens to naTO forces in exchange for petty cash rewards. Why should we blame India, Israel and others for funding insurgency and terrorism within our borders when we ourselves created environment for this abuse of our sovereignty and made rule of law subservient to the greed of few. If only Pakistan state and establishment were to levy taxes on all citizens earning above a threshold, we could have eradicated or controlled illiteracy in Pakistan, provided welfare to most deprived and prevented them from being exploited by terrorists. Why don’t we understand that as long as the destiny of Pakistan and its policies are decided by those who have split loyalties (individuals with dual nationalities), this country would forever be faced with financial instability while its scarce resources continue to be sent abroad by the powerful corrupt? MALIK TARIQ ALI Lahore

After much prayerful consideration, I feel that I must say I have climbed my last political mountain. –George C Wallace




Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

the caste system of garlands why not give husband and wife the same-size welcome?


EWaRE the mistake you think you haven’t made, particularly if it seems innocuous. The unconscious slip reveals far more than vigorously polished truth, or indeed a lie carelessly exposed. Decipher the cipher and you could well discover a lump of golden illumination. This is as true of social gaffe as of political combat. you could look for deep truths on gender bias in modern India in some doctoral thesis; an easier option might be to check out the photograph of Prince Charles and his second wife, Camilla Parker M J AKBAR bowles, standing stiffly to attention at the jolly Grant airport in Dehra Dun, festooned with garlands, en route to Rishikesh. It isn’t high art. at best the destination might be of passing interest to a few rightwing british journalists who, after giggling at the jolly name, are still searching for a reason to plunge a pen into the back of their future monarch for having the temerity to talk to plants and do native things like an arti on the Ganga. Those whose cultural horizon does not extend too far beyond the curve of a sausage at breakfast and the froth of beer at teatime, can get pretty florid about foreign faiths dressed in saffron or green. Indians should examine the Charles-Camilla photograph for a more valid reason. Charles has been garlanded with strands that descend to his knees. Camilla’s merely nudges her belly button. Even in these inflationary times, the price difference between the two garlands cannot be very much. Why not give husband and wife the same-size welcome? because we Indians do not treat men and women as equals. Such a simple inference would not readily occur to Indians, let alone Indians in office. Government treats precedence as a security blanket, and its protocol has been set by past winners of the Pomposity Cup. Where else in the world would the railway ministry suspend two officials because they did not lay the required red carpet close enough to the august, blessed feet of His Luxurious Highness Minister Mallikarjun Kharge? Incredible India! Changing the rules might be easier than changing behaviour in a land with such a stern pecking order. Distinctions thrive in family, politics and bureaucracy – determined by tradition, or power or wealth. The chief guest at any function, preferably a minister, always gets a few more flowers in his bouquet than others on the dais, who are kept in their place by the deficient cluster in their lap. The flowers might be from the nearest cemetery, but the chief will get more. The higher you go, the more rigid the hierarchy. jairam Ramesh’s minor mistake was that while he paid homage that is due to the chief, he broke the law of omerta on survival issues. His claim that narendra Modi would be history if he lost the next general elections, but Rahul Gandhi would be around even if he lost, is probably true. The bjP gives its leaders their moment of glory and spins them out if they do not deliver, but Rahul Gandhi will be perched atop the Congress even if he loses the next three general elections. jairam Ramesh merely wanted to inject his regular dose of loyalty into media veins, but in politics you are not permitted to voice the unacceptable. He accepted that something was building around narendra Modi, even if it might be bubble; and that is a big admission from a second-row Congress leader. Maybe jairam Ramesh should read fewer opinion polls. just in case you were getting misled, the bjP has not always been as kind to opinion polls as it is now. It might whoop a bit with each projection this year, but discovered a distinct distaste for them when in april 2004 evidence of nDa decline started to turn euphoria into dread. all parties want messengers who only bring good news. you can’t blame them. Who wants to enter battle burdened with the omen of defeat? The greatest of warriors checked their fortunes with astrologers, chicken entrails, coffee dregs or tea leaves. Congress has begun to take its own form of preemptive protection, by rigging up alliances where its vote has collapsed. The price, however, goes up when you are down. and so Mayawati, who learnt negotiation from the business school of life, is taking payment in advance before she does a deal by january with Congress in uttar Pradesh. Cases against her have been withdrawn. Her brother anand Kumar has got back Rs400 crores in fixed deposits which were seized by the income tax department. and she is a bungalow or two richer in pricey Delhi. not bad. Even if she loses, she has won. bribery is India’s most creative art form. Mayawati doesn’t make mistakes. She lets others make them.

Out of Turn

iran nuclear talks the us-israeli paradigm of power politics NORMAN POLLAcK


am not an expert on Iran (or for that matter, anything else), but it is clear that the uS and Israel alike fear its autonomy as a factor in structuring the political-military situation in the Middle East and global power-relations in general. america is Israel’s ally, obviously; less obvious, the uS thereby has established a sphere of influence in the region, beyond considerations of oil, which allows it a viable military presence to gain influence (i.e., attempt to regulate internal affairs to its own advantage) over a far wider sweep of territory. Djibouti with its drone base is both symbol and concrete example of the uS presence and penetration, taking in north africa, Southern Europe, and, meanwhile, partially checking Russia in the region and forming a jumping-off place for directly pressuring China, from West to East (the Obama Pacific-First strategy, already backed by naval power and long-range aircraft, exerting even stronger pressure, East to West). In sum, the Middle East (a) must be left a cauldron so as to provide pretext for uS military activity, and (b), become the geopolitical center for confronting, simultaneously, Russia and China. Iran’s neutralization (if not worse) is the precondition for both. It ill-behooves Israel to obstruct a settlement, given its own nuclearization of armed power, wrapped in absolute secrecy, but that is expected, its democratic pretensions long ago abandoned, not only with respect to the Palestinians, but also, aligning with world Rightist currents against indigenous popular movements and struggles. Its capacity for stirring the pot of international conflict, the uS its compliant servant, is boundless. yet, compliant servant or not, the uS, in reciprocal fashion, uses Israel for its own grandiose ends, the aforementioned geopolitical framework a case in point. uS hegemony, a phase truly operable only for the half-century following World War Two, has come to an unceremonious end, with the rise and reality of a multipolar world capable of resisting american unilateral leadership. The massive eavesdropping is symptomatic of uS desperation in resisting dislodgement from the top of the power pyramid. and the flashes of anger in response is itself indication that the “friends and allies” theme, in order to marshal military and diplomatic support for uS interventions, is starting to wear thin. The Colossus of Washington, despite its comparative youth in world historical terms, is now becoming senescent, its industrial capacity diminishing, its infrastructure crumbling, etc., only its military power

enlarging—america, a fearful, neurotic shell, and volatile core. Other nations are already planning areas of disengagement, to which the uS in its determined quest for forcing European and Pacific Trading Partnerships (again, on its own terms, e.g., no restriction on tobacco products in the Far East), is making reply—in the long-term, to what avail? Obama’s blatant militarism, as in armed-drone assassination and fuller employment of paramilitary operations directed to hemispheric supervision and regime change in general, will not suffice to stave off political-economic-ideological decline in the world (while making ideological conformity at home a number-one priority, as a cloak to cover militarily-aggressive policies abroad and the failure of societal democratization in america). Why, then, Iran? In part, the uS declining fortunes fosters the conviction in fallingdomino theory. It becomes imperative to take stands, to enhance the nation’s “credibility,” as when Obama draws red lines in the sand verifying his and america’s credentials of toughness. Failure to stand up to Iran invites charges of weakness (yes, the Cold-War mentality is alive and well in 21st century america). but then there is China, and perhaps, collectively, Latin america, and the European union—where will it all end? a further explanation for why Iran, turns on the obverse of the falling-domino theory, the militarization of american capitalism: Strangelovian juices are needed to keep the system operating at supposedly peak-performance, although given the inevitable military outlays, the social safety net will suffer and class-differentiation will widen dramatically. Hold the line, therefore! Prevent Iran from loosening the noose around its neck, and keep Israel, and now more vocally, Saudi arabia, happy, at the same time, warning Russia and China the Exclusive Superpower is here to stay, prepared to move pieces around the chess board of power politics in order to maintain that status. My New York Times Comments on Michael R. Gordon and Mark Landler, “Roadblocks Remain as Officials Work Toward Iranian nuclear Pact” (nov. 8), and Landler and Gordon, “Talks With Iran Fail to Produce a nuclear agreement” (nov. 10), follow: I: before praising POTuS and Sec. Kerry for taking a more constructive stance on Iran, we should step back and recognize that Catherine ashton in forcing the uS hand is performing a similar role to that of Putin, in preventing a uS attack on Syria. In both cases, the uS sanctions regime, and bombing Syria, the world community (minus Israel and the Saudis, themselves strange bedfellows) would strongly disapprove anD no doubt the

Eu would no longer cooperate on sanctions. The uS/Israel hard line on Iran is destined to fail. Obama and Kerry realize this, netanyahu, in his brazen disregard for world opinion, does not. Israeli belligerence further confirms its growing pariah status in the international community. Thrown out of unESCO and continuing settlement constructions suggest a savoring of that status, the desire to be a world spoiler. It’s not working. Given Obama and Kerry’s sordid record on intervention, drone assassination, and the globalization of market fundamentalism (trade agreements, both Europe and the Pacific Partnerships), it is clear that the uS is adamant about national self-interest, so that this break in the clouds with respect to Iran is less to their credit than it is testimony to Eu disgust with uS policymaking. nSa global eavesdropping is, of course, a factor in that disgust. Like Israel, america, by its actions, is fast losing friends–perhaps soon we will see the breakup of naTO. The Saudi-Israeli stance on Iran and Syria will also prove harmful. II: It is hard for a nation to negotiate with a gun pointed to its head. Rather than a quid pro quo, I should like to see the Eu, with or without uS blessings, break ranks and lift for a set period the oil embargo and economic sanctions–say, three months of total abrogation of the sanctions regime, which lifts the gun and allows Iran to maintain its honor while moving toward compromise and/or agreement. The two obvious spoilers are Israel and the uS Congress, neither of which should be allowed to wreck a settlement, although, patently, neither wants other than extreme punitiveness with respect to Iran. The world must move on, the spoilers notwithstanding. Iran perceives itself being ganged up on, and with its new leadership it deserves the chance to resume membership in the international community. Sanctions hurt not a government, but the people–we have no data on the suffering incurred, but a whole generation feels the pain, a condition which can only result in long-term hostility and a push toward extremism. netanyahu and Obama (with Kerry the messenger boy) seek a Middle East paradigm entirely one-sided, ensuring perpetual conflict in the region. Norman Pollack is a Harvard PhD and the author of “The Populist Response to Industrial america” (Harvard) and “The just Polity” (Illinois), Guggenheim Fellow, and Professor Emeritus, History, Michigan State University.

All parties want messengers who only bring good news. You can’t blame them. Who wants to enter battle burdened with the omen of defeat?

Mobashar Jawed Akbar is a leading Indian journalist and author. He is the Editor-in-Chief of The Sunday Guardian. He has also served as Editorial Director of India Today.



Plans are nothing; planning is everything — Dwight D. Eisenhower

when deePikA kicked Srk

ARTS Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

AAmir khAn APPArently the ideAl huSbAnd

According to Indian media reports Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan celebrated his wife Kiran Rao’s birthday in Assam.The ‘Dhobi Ghat’ director wanted to visit Assam and had mentioned to her husband many times before. Mr. Perfectionist decided to surprise Rao on her 40th birthday by fulfilling her wish. Just two days before her birthday, he faked a meeting in Delhi, and asked Rao to accompany him. Once on the flight, Rao was shocked to discover her friends and relatives already present. The ‘Talaash’ actor reportedly contacted her friends and family three months back to block the dates for the seven-day trip which Kiran had no hint about. He also secretly managed to pack bags of Kiran and his son Azaad. Moreover, Directors Karan Johar and Ayan Mukerji were also present at the get-together and were reportedly the only ones from the Bollywood fraternity. NEWS DESK

Liev Shreiber and Naomi Watts take a stroll with their kids, Samuel and Sasha, who rocked bubble coats and bright pink sunglasses for the occasion.

Thieves take away 160 sheep Wool's wool is missing

Police in southwest England appealed for help Tuesday in tracking down thieves who made off with 160 sheep from a field near the village of Wool. Police say the sheep were stolen between Saturday and Monday, and that the thieves would have needed a large vehicle to move the woolly haul. Constable adam Taylor says all of the sheep were electronically tagged. He is urging anyone who has witnessed suspicious activity — or been offered sheep "in unusual circumstances or for very low prices" — to come forward. NEWS DESK


EaDInG lady has always been a bit of a misnomer in big-budget bollywood. Whenever top heroes are either greenlighting their own productions, or signing on with studios for their heavily publicised inanticipation projects, that’s where things end. a heroine is almost always an afterthought, and almost always replaceable by another. Stories are written for stars. and a mass audience comes to see a Shah Rukh film. Or a Salman film. The heroine could be Priyanka or Kareena or Katrina: same difference. What does she have to do anyway? She never gets an entry (the classic “arrival of hero” shot which introduces the leading man to roars and yells and claps from fans). She never gets to grab screen space by herself: sharing it will be the hero or the villain or the comic or the sidekick. The only time she gets everyone’s eye trained on her is when she is poured into a bikini, and climbs out sloooowly, glistening rivulets dripping tantalisingly down her body.

What I am waiting for is this bikinied lass to sashay past the hero whose gaze we have been forced to share, as it bores into her delectable soft parts, and plant herself in front of a full-length mirror. and blow herself a kiss, reserving a raspberry for the guy she’s left behind. yes, that would be a thing. but who knows when that will happen? For the moment, we’ve had to be content with one, OnE, sequence that a leading lady has solely inhabited fully in 2013. With great gusto and appetite. and made us suddenly aware of her as her, not just as someone with a set of curves to be whistled at. That’s when Deepika Padukone gets up from a bed in Chennai Express, kicking and thrashing (her hero, Shah Rukh Khan utters a few mock-panicky lines and then gamely gets out of the way), and throws herself into a paithyam punna (batty girl) act. She pulls a series of faces, without really caring how she’s looking. She flails her arms. She thrums her feet on the bed. She uses her voice. NEWS DESK

how times chAnge! PG-13 MOVIES ARE NOW MORE VIOLENT THAN R-RATED '80S FLICKS –STUDY Movies from the 1980s like “Terminator” or “Die Hard” were rated R at the time of their release – but if they were released today, they’d probably be rated PG-13, a new study suggests. That's because PG-13 movies today — such as “The Hunger Games” or “The avengers” — contain more violence than the R-rated films of the 1980s, according to a new report published today in the journal Pediatrics. In particular, gun violence in PG-13 films has tripled since 1985, the year the PG-13 rating was first introduced. and overall, violence in movies has nearly quadrupled since the 1950s. Psychologists say it’s a worrisome trend that we should take seriously, because there is evidence that watching violence on screen increases aggression in real life. “Of course it’s not the only factor, and it may not even be the most important factor, but it isn’t a trivial factor — and it’s one we can change," says brad bushman, an Ohio State university psychologist and lead author of the new report. bushman and colleagues analyzed 945 popular films released from 1950 to 2012. Each movie was among the 30 top-grossing films of that year, and they randomly chose 15 of those top 30 movies to scrutinize. undergrads watched every film and counted every violent act — they defined a violent sequence as “physical acts where the aggressor makes or attempts to make some physical contact with the intention of causing injury or death.” They found that since 2009, PG-13 movies have featured as much or more violence than the R-rated films released those same years. and in 2012, there

was more gun violence in PG-13 films than in the R-rated ones out that year. Take the “Die Hard” sequels. One of the films the undergrads analyzed was 1990’s “Die Hard 2,” which was rated R. but a later sequel in the series, 2007’s “Live Free or Die Hard,” actually had more gun violence and a comparable amount of overall violence—and yet it was rated PG-13. Same idea with the “Terminator” movies: The third one in the series, “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” was included in the study— it got an R rating in 2003. but they found that it had less gun violence than 2009’s “Terminator Salvation,” which received a PG-13 rating. One more example that really jumped out at study co-author Dan Romer was the famously violent 1987 film “The untouchables.” “It had gun violence in it that was comparable to a lot of the movies we’re calling PG-13 in the last five years,” says Romer, director of the adolescent Communication Institute at the university of Pennsylvania's annenberg Public Policy Center. “I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘The untouchables’ today would get a PG-13.” He thinks the same would apply to the Eddie Murphy comedy “beverly Hills Cop,” which was rated R in 1984, but feels more like today’s PG-13 movies in terms of violence. “There are exceptions, but in the topgrossing films, over 90 percent of them have some violence,” Romer says. “Violence is very good for Hollywood. and PG-13 is good for Hollywood, because it doesn’t restrict anyone from going into

the theater.” There are a few things that might explain the remarkable rise in violence in PG-13 films. Ratings are determined by the Motion Picture association of america — which means, bushman says, they’re “assigned by the industry. and a movie rated PG-13 will attract more theatergoers than an R, of course, because kids can go see it. Romer also thinks the rise in sci-fi and comic book movies has something to do with it —violence may be easier for us to handle if it’s got a fantasy element to it. and violence is understandable in every language, which means violence-fueled action movies are more marketable overseas than comedies. The researchers also examined graphic sexual scenes in the movies they analyzed, and found that sex was much more likely to earn a film an Rrating than violence. “Take a film like

‘Ted.’ There’s hardly any violence in that. but because he has sex—not even very graphic sex, they just show him having sex — that gets an R,” Romer says. It's worth noting that there is also a lot of crude language in that movie, which can also garner a film an R rating. “(Sex) consistently gets an R rating if it’s at all explicit, but that’s not the case with violence," Romer says. We don’t like the idea that violent movies —or TV shows or video games — influence our behavior. but many studies have suggested that they do. One often-cited 1967 study found that the mere sight of a gun made people act with more hostility, deciding to deliver a harsher electric shock to another study participant. More than 50 other studies since have found similar evidence of the “weapons effect” — the idea that just seeing a weapon can increase aggression.

“People tell me all the time, I watch violent media and I’ve never killed anyone. Well, big deal. nobody kills anyone; murder is a very rare event,” says bushman. “So you’ve never murdered anyone. What I want to know is —how do you treat other people?” Watching violent images doesn’t always make us more likely to want to punch things; it can also make us less likely to help people in need, bushman found in a 2009 study. This is true for all of us, but psychologists agree that children are particularly vulnerable. bushman would like to eventually see movie ratings in the u.S. decided by a panel that includes child psychologists, with ratings that clearly spell out which ages the movie is appropriate for. but until then, parents who are worried about their kids seeing violent images on screen can take a few pages from bushman’s book. NEWS DESK

I'd like to grow up and be beautiful. I know it doesn't matter, but it doesn't hurt — Kirsten Dunst

arTs Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

12 A

GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE, EXTINCT! Extinct Dodo’s bones go under the hammer


n auction house is providing a rare opportunity to buy a 500-year-old piece of natural history by selling bones from a dodo bird for the first time in 80 years. The leg and pelvis from the flightless bird, which died out in the mid-17th century, represent the first opportunity to purchase a complete part of the animal's skeleton since 1934. The anonymous vendor is believed to be one of only three people left in the world who privately own dodo bones, with most now on display in museums. The pair were part of a large collection of remains discovered by a british schoolmaster 220 years after the bird became extinct. In 1886 George Clarke went to Mauritius, the only place the dodo is said to have lived, and hired slaves to wade through a swamp and feel for the bones with their feet. The leg and pelvis, which are being sold by Summers Place auctions of billingshurst in West Sussex, are said to be

World’s cheapest phone dreams world domination

While apple and Google fans coo over the latest high-end smartphones, rival alcatel is focussing its attention on the opposite end of the market by launching the world’s cheapest handset. The alcatel 1010 costs just £5 and comes with a builtin MP3 player, 3Mb of memory and a wireless FM radio. Customers are also not obliged to top up a minimum amount of credit when they buy the phone, as is the case with other budget devices. However, the handset is not designed for tech-savvy customers and is classed as a 'feature' phone, as opposed to a smartphone. It doesn’t have social networking applications or games, for example, and only makes and receives calls and text messages. Customers will be able to buy the phone from asda and it is only available on the T-Mobile network as part of the deal. The phone weighs 59g - half the weight of apple’s latest iPhone 5S - and

comes in black, Deep Red or Fascinating Red, which is more like maroon. Earlier this year was selling the alactel One Touch 232 for just £1, but it had to be bought with £10 worth of credit. Claire Mcauley mobile phone buyer at asda said: ‘Purse strings are stretched ahead of the festive season. ‘a quarter of mums are budgeting more than ever and our customers are always looking for new ways to save money. ‘We've launched the lowest priced phone as a solution to keeping in touch at the lowest cost possible this Christmas and are expecting shoppers of all ages to snap them off the shelves.’ There has been a surge in companies offering ‘cheap’ and ‘cut-price’ gadgets recently in the run up to Christmas. Last month Tesco launched its 7-inch Hudl android tablet worth £119 - yet with Clubcard vouchers, customers could buy the device for as little as £40. NEWS DESK

worth more than £30,000 together and are both in excellent states of preservation. Earlier this year, a fragment of a femur was sold for £8,000 by auction house Christie's in London. Dodos were first spotted by Dutch sailors who arrived on the Indian Ocean isle in 1598, but the final sighting was only 64 years later in 1662. While it is thought they were hunted to extinction by humans, another belief is that macaque monkeys plundered dodo nests after being introduced on Mauritius. Errol Fuller, a natural history expert and curator for the auction, said: 'Most dodo bones that exist today were found in a swamp in Mauritius by George Clarke. 'The remains went to museums and private collectors but over the years they have gradually gravitated to museums. 'Only about 10 museums in the world have a complete dodo skeleton and most of them are composites. 'Physical remains of the bird in private hands today hardly exist. There are only two

or three people in the world privately who have dodo bones. 'The last complete dodo bone was sold in 1934 in London. There will be a lot of interest in these two items. There are dodo fans all over the world and there are lots of them. around 200 years after they had died out, dodo birds started to gain a mythical status due to Victorian author Lewis Carroll. He was inspired to write the creature into alice's adventures in Wonderland after seeing the head of one at a museum in Oxford. Mr Fuller added: 'The dodo was so extreme looking yet nobody really took much notice of them until the 1860s when Lewis Carroll wrote about one in alice in Wonderland. 'That generated an interest in the bird that has never ceased. If you go to Mauritius today you can by souvenir dodo Tshirts and ashtrays. 'and of course the dodo is regarded as a symbol of extinction, mainly due to the saying 'dead as a dodo.' NEWS DESK

utah loves redford!

utah’s governor and other top officials honored Robert Redford on Saturday night for his on-camera and off-camera contributions to the state as owner of the Sundance ski resort and founder of the Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Institute. Some of the 77-year-old Redford’s movies, including “butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and “jeremiah johnson,” were filmed in utah. “I think we take him for granted,” said Gov. Gary Herbert. “He’s been here for so long, and he’s been so successful. It’s really quite remarkable, and yet he calls utah home. I’m appreciative of that. I think utah is a better place because Robert Redford does call utah home.” Redford noted that he and elected officials in the audience, many of them on the opposite end of the political spectrum from him, share common ground. “Whatever differences may exist, we can all come together and agree on one thing, and that’s our love of this state and our country and the people,” the environmental activist said. Herbert said it was no easy task to get Redford to accept the recognition. “I’ve been trying to do it for about three years,” he said. “(He) likes his privacy so he’s been a little reluctant to let us honor him, but I’ve been working hard and I think I wore him down.” NEWS DESK

Khloe Kardashian and Bruce Jenner hug it out at their charity yard sale in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Man dies after drinking liquid meth worth $54,000 a british man has reportedly died after accidentally drinking liquid methamphetamine from a bottle he thought contained a fruit juice, according to british media outlets. Romano Dias, a 55-year-old from Cambridgeshire, England, fell ill after consuming what he thought was a fruitbased drink given to him by his daughter, Cambridge news reported. after drinking half a glass, the man reportedly said it tasted "awful" and began complaining of a burning in his throat. He then purportedly said: “I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead." It was later determined the liquid was not juice, but $54,400 (£34,000) worth of pure methamphetamine, according to Cambridge news. The bottle was delivered to Dias' daughter's home some three years ago under the correct address but a wrong name. She kept the package for months and eventually

gave it to her father. Detective Inspector Ian Simmons said, due to the high value of the contents, officials believe the bottle

was destined for a drug dealer who may have been planning to introduce meth to the area.

This is not the first time the drug has been disguised as an everyday beverage. Meth is typically found in solid form, but

traffickers are apparently developing new ways to transport the drug. When distributors receive the liquid substance, they convert it into crystal meth, the Denver Post noted. Rob Saccone, a supervisor with the Drug Enforcement administration, told the paper that eight pounds of the liquid yields about four pounds of the crystal form. In august, 15 people were indicted on suspicion of transporting liquid methamphetamine across the Mexican border in sealed drink bottles and in wiper fluid reservoirs, the Denver Post reported. The most common ingredients found in meth include acetone, lithium, hydrochloric acid and anhydrous ammonia, according to the Meth Project Foundation. The drug releases dopamine rapidly in the brain, producing an intense euphoria. Dangers can include addiction, heart palpitations, paranoia, insomnia, seizure and stroke. NEWS DESK



sPorTs Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them — Jeremy H

de villierS, PAcerS SeAl 4-1 victory

ScOREBOARD SOUTH AFRIcA HM Amla lbw b Mohammad Irfan 3 34 Q de Kock† lbw b Saeed Ajmal F du Plessis c Sohail Tanvir b Junaid Khan 46 2 JP Duminy c Ahmed Shehzad b Mohammad Hafeez 115 AB de Villiers* not out 15 DA Miller c & b Saeed Ajmal R McLaren c Junaid Khan b Saeed Ajmal 27 2 RJ Peterson b Junaid Khan WD Parnell not out 8 EXTRAS: (b 4, lb 5, w 7) 16 268 TOTAL: (7 wickets; 50 overs) DID NOT BAT: VD Philander, LL Tsotsobe FALL OF WIcKETS: 1-4 (Amla, 0.5 ov), 2-54 (de Kock, 12.4 ov), 3-62 (Duminy, 15.4 ov), 4-124 (du Plessis, 31.4 ov), 5-150 (Miller, 38.4 ov), 6-233 (McLaren, 47.6 ov), 7-240 (Peterson, 48.4 ov) BOWLINg: Mohammad Irfan 10-0-52-1,Sohail Tanvir 8-0-580,Saeed Ajmal 10-0-45-3,Mohammad Hafeez 3-0-10-1,Shahid Afridi 10-0-37-0,Junaid Khan 9-0-57-2 PAKISTAN 6 Mohammad Hafeez b Philander Ahmed Shehzad c Philander b Tsotsobe 2 Sohaib Maqsood c Philander b Duminy 53 5 Umar Amin lbw b Philander 18 Misbah-ul-Haq* c Miller b McLaren Umar Akmal† lbw b Duminy 30 Shahid Afridi c & b Parnell 9 15 Sohail Tanvir c †de Kock b McLaren 1 Saeed Ajmal lbw b Parnell 0 Mohammad Irfan c Amla b Parnell Junaid Khan not out 1 EXTRAS: (w 11) 11 TOTAL: (all out; 35.3 overs) 151 FALL OF WIcKETS: 1-8 (Ahmed Shehzad, 3.6 ov), 2-8 (Mohammad Hafeez, 4.5 ov), 3-17 (Umar Amin, 8.1 ov), 4-56 (Misbah-ul-Haq, 16.2 ov), 5-110 (Umar Akmal, 26.4 ov), 6-128 (Shahid Afridi, 29.4 ov), 7-130 (Sohaib Maqsood, 30.2 ov), 8131 (Saeed Ajmal, 31.2 ov), 9-131 (Mohammad Irfan, 33.2 ov), 10-151 (Sohail Tanvir, 35.3 ov) BOWLINg: VD Philander 8-2-23-2,LL Tsotsobe 7-0-28-1,R McLaren 4.3-1-21-2,RJ Peterson 5-0-29-0, WD Parnell 7-1-363,JP Duminy 4-1-14-2 MATcH DETAILS TOSS South Africa, who chose to bat SERIES South Africa won the 5-match series 4-1 UMPIRES Ahsan Raza (Pakistan) and RK Illingworth (England) TV UMPIRE SJ Davis (Australia) MATcH REFEREE RS Madugalle (Sri Lanka) RESERVE UMPIRE Zameer Haider (Pakistan)




b De Villiers became the South african to 6,000 ODI runs, in 147 innings, and in getting there, scored a century to form the backbone of South africa’s innings. His was a knock of two halves - the

EXPERTS COMMENT ON THE MATCH SHOAIB AkHtER akhtar vociferously criticised the team and board policies as Pakistan lost by 117 runs in the final match of the series. “See, this is how we throw away a match and a series,” he said. IAn BISHOp Pakistan’s batting is fragile and, in spicier conditions, will need to harden up if they are to pose a challenge. In this match, they lost 3 for 17 upfront and 5 for 23 - Wayne Parnell celebrating his recall with lower-order wickets - towards the end to turn the last match into an entirely one-sided affair.

first circumspect, and the second aggressive on a surface that was difficult for batting. It was in the latter part of the innings that he took the game away from Pakistan. In that portion of his knock, de Villiers shared an 83-run sixth-wicket stand with Ryan McLaren to transform South africa’s effort from ordinary to outstanding. They were the only batsmen to manage fluency on the slow track against a Pakistan attack that were far more comfortable here than they were in abu Dhabi. The captain started slowly, formed key partnerships with and and rotated strike to give South africa’s new-look attack something to bowl to. With Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Imran Tahir rested,


lahore secure resounding win LAHORE: Multan’s lower-order collapse on the final day, triggered by pacer Mohammad Saeed’s four-wicket haul, resulted in an eight-wicket at the hands of Lahore Shalimar, who brushed aside a 76-run target and moved to second place in Group II. Lahore Shalimar won the toss and chose to bowl, and were handed an immediate advantage when took seven wickets to dismiss Multan for 69. In spite of a shaky start, Lahore Shalimar grabbed a substantial first-innings lead, posting 282, built around’s maiden first-class hundred. The no. 9 batsman scored 113 off 114 balls with 16 fours and four sixes. Offspinner Haziq Habibullah was the pick of the Multan bowlers, returning first-innings figures of 4 for 81. Faced with a 213-run deficit, and with a risk of an innings defeat at 117 for 4, Multan staged a recovery led by. Rasheed’s 170-ball 89 had 11 fours and contributions from abdul Rehman Muzammil (47) and openers usman Liaqat and ahad Raza helped Multan clear the deficit. However, Mohammad Saeed struck with a four-wicket haul to skittle Multan out for 288 as the batting side lost its last six wickets for 38. The Lahore openers put on a 55-run stand in pursuit of the 76-run target and the side needed just 18 overs to complete an eight-wicket win. Mohammad bilawal finished with match figures of 10 for 111, his maiden first-class ten-wicket haul, while Saeed added to his first-innings tally to finish with a seven-wicket match haul. a high-scoring match between Islamabad and Hyderabad petered out in a in Islamabad. Put in to bat first, Islamabad scored 303, helped by contributions from all batsmen, including a fifty from Moed ahmed. Fast bowler Farhan ayub picked up six wickets for 106, but regular partnerships between the Islamabad batsmen ensured they reached a solid score. In reply, Hyderabad, powered by fifties from openers Zeeshan Gul and Darya Khan eked out a slender 17-run lead. The openers added 113 for the opening stand to notch up important innings where other Hyderabad batsmen failed to convert their starts. Gul fell for 50, while Darya Khan missed his maiden first-class hundred by five runs. Hyderabad’s bowlers then gave their side a solid shot at victory, reducing Islamabad to 56 for 5 in the second innings, before a lower-order rally saw Islamabad climb to 200. Set a target of 184 runs, and running out of time, Hyderabad stuttered to 41 for 5 in 21 overs by close of play. Shehzad azam, the Islamabad fast bowler, picked up 4 for 29 in 11 overs. STAFF REPORT

Pakistan may still fancy their chances of recording the first victory by a side batting second in the series. However, they will need to bat watchfully and pace their innings well. South africa do not have the spinners Pakistan possess so they cannot rely on turn and drift but, as Mohammad Irfan showed, sticking to a fuller length and taking pace off the ball is key on this pitch. Irfan accounted for Hashim amla in the first over when he hit the opener on the front pad with a full delivery that struck him in line with middle and off stump. amla considered a review but erroneously decided against it. Replays showed the ball had pitched outside leg stump. That made it the fifth time Irfan has dismissed

amla in eight ODIs - the most any bowler has accounted for his wicket. Quinton de Kock and Faf du Plessis were cautious against Sohail Tanvir but de Kock, fresh off a century in the previous match, sensed an opportunity to get runs off Irfan. He took four consecutive fours off the bowler’s third over - two of which were fortuitous inside-edges - to force a change in Pakistan’s bowling plans. Saeed ajmal came in the seventh over and tied the pair down before getting de Kock lbw. jP Duminy lasted just five balls before falling to Mohammad Hafeez, which left de Villiers and du Plessis with a rebuilding job. With Irfan bowling well in his second spell and afridi testing the batsmen with tight lines, the

pair had to search for singles to avoid stagnating. They hit just three fours in the 16 overs they were together and du Plessis in particular seemed to grow frustrated. He could not get the spinners away and eventually tried to send junaid over mid-wicket, but miscued and was caught at deep square leg. David Miller, who also struggled against spin, found the going difficult and offered ajmal a decent return catch, leaving de Villiers to steer South africa through the last ten overs. De Villiers sent the first sign of intent off ajmal, playing a short-arm pull for a six through mid-wicket to bring up his halfcentury off 70 deliveries, with only a four and that six. Ryan McLaren provided the lower-order support. He played a delicate glance and an aggressive cut off Irfan, followed by three fours off junaid in the 47th over, as the bowler could not find his death-bowling length or line. Tanvir was plagued by the same problem and gave de Villiers a line on leg stump and a full toss to feast on.

Stable Australia prepare to unveil squad POSSIBLE SQUAD



For once, it should not be necessary to scour leftfield. australia’s desire to carry stability and continuity into the forthcoming ashes battle will be reflected when the national selector, john Inverarity, unveils the squad for the first Test in brisbane on Tuesday, in a departure from the chaotic and surprising choices that characterised the start of the past two series against England. unlike Xavier Doherty’s usurping of nathan Hauritz in 2010, or the surprising selection of ashton agar ahead of nathan Lyon at Trent bridge earlier this year, there will be few hunches taken by Inverarity’s panel, especially after the cricketers in their ashes sights put in largely encouraging displays in the round of first-class matches that concluded on Saturday. and are heavily favoured to be the additions to the XI who took the field at The Oval, minus the injured Mitchell Starc. Shane Watson’s likely inability to bowl at the Gabba due to his recovery from a hamstring problem has created the only element of uncertainty around the team. as a result, the Tasmania allrounder is expected to keep his place in the squad after a debut in the final Test in England, with conditions then weighed up before it is decided whether to take four or five bowlers into the match. This decision will be linked to the inclusion of a sixth batsman, with bailey widely expected to take his place in the squad after performing creditably for Tasmania in his only Shield appearance since returning from India. bailey’s selection would be

based as much on his outstanding ODI record and leadership characteristics as his recent first-class record. The elegant no. 3 batsman alex Doolan is the other major candidate and also the most likely inclusion should Watson’s recovery stall. , and Lyon will form the core of the bowling attack, while johnson and ben Hilfenhaus are to fill the remaining places in the squad. Lyon’s retention will make a welcome change from the spin cycle of recent years, rewarding his strong displays in the latter part of the ashes in England. There remains some chance that the Queenslander ben Cutting may be included as the final pace bowler ahead of Hilfenhaus following his for australia a against England in Hobart. Otherwise the team is shaping up far more stable fashion than it did ahead of either of the previous two ashes bouts, something the captain, , acknowledged at the launch of his ashes Diary at the SCG. “There’s no doubt there’s a lot more stability in our teams … honestly I believe if they’re going to pick 12 players then 11 of them are no-brainers,” Clarke said. “We’re looking at probably one spot to know what our first 11 or first 12 are going to be for the Gabba. “The exciting thing where we sit right now is whether it be batters or bowlers, individual players have stood up, have performed … guys have really picked themselves, which is an impressive thing for our team. It’s what Darren Lehmann and I asked our team to do, to go back to state cricket and make sure you were taking wickets or scoring runs to be in the front of the selectors’ minds.” australia changed the composition of their team for every Test match in England, but the subsequent performances of those

Chris Rogers, David Warner, Shane Watson (fitness pending), Michael Clarke (capt), Steve Smith, George bailey, brad Haddin (wk), james Faulkner, Mitchell johnson, Peter Siddle, Ryan Harris, ben Hilfenhaus, nathan Lyon

who took part in the final match of that series has left few places in doubt. among the batsmen, , , Watson, Clarke and Steve Smith have all made runs in various formats, while each of Harris, Siddle and Lyon have been building their form to carefully tailored plans. Clarke, who had noted Shane Warne’s recent comments that he must keep working to improve the team environment, said that communication, trust and respect for differences had increased in recent months. “I think the communication within the team is outstanding at the moment, I think everybody knows where we’re going, what we’re trying to achieve and how we’re going to get there,” he said. “I think everybody knows their own personal role in the team as well, which is critical, and I think ‘boof’ and myself are trying to create an environment that allows each individual to be themselves. “In our team now we’ve got a great mix of some 20-year-old single boys, we’ve got brad, a 36-year-old married dad with three kids, so there’s a huge gap in between and it’s about trying to setup an environment that allows each individual to be themselves and feel comfortable. Part of Darren’s and my job is to get the best out of each of them, and you don’t do that on your own, you do that with a lot of people around you.”

Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else. 窶天ince Lombardi

14 S

sPorTs Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

new Zealand confident of chasing big targets HAMBANTOTA



washout after 54.2 overs of the series opener did not reveal the condition of new Zealand's young batting order, but both captain Kyle Mills and batsmanTom Latham have backed the team to chase down tall scores ahead of the second match in Hambantota. new Zealand were 13 for 1 in pursuit of 289 when the rain came, and though three of their top batsmen are missing from

this side, the visitors felt they were favourites to win the first game. They would have had to achieve the second-highest total for any team batting second at the venue, but new ODI rules and expanding match aggregates have made large totals gettable, Latham said. "With the new rules 300 is probably par and to keep them to 280-odd was good," Latham said. "When we were batting it was skidding on quite nicely. We did back ourselves to chase it. "I can't see the wicket changing too much, but with the new rules - with only four men out - those bigger scores are pos-

sible, and we've even seen you can chase them down as well. We'll assess conditions tomorrow and see what the par score is." Mills also said he was "content" with the position new Zealand had reached on Sunday and expected the pitch to become better for batting in the evening. a firing middle order also bodes well for Tuesday's match, he said. "under lights the wicket can sometimes get a little bit quicker with the dew and the sheen on the wicket," Mills said. "I thought that if we get a start, we'd be in with an absolute chance. Our guys (have) played a lot of cricket lately,

and we've got some batters who are in some really good form - you've seen that in the last few games." both men also singled out Lasith Malinga as a particular threat to their top order, given few of their batsmen have faced him before. Malinga dismissed anton Devcich in his first over, and had his yorkers humming in the 2.2 overs he bowled in the first match. "The top three got a little sighting of Malinga in the first match and hopefully that experience can stand them in good stead," Mills said. "He bowled pretty well in his two-and-a-half overs in the first match, and without a doubt he's a challenge. but he's always a challenge no matter where you play him in the world." Latham, who faced 10 Malinga deliveries and scored four runs suggested defence would be his priority when playing the fast bowler. "He was bowling death on demand, which is quite hard to face with it swinging at pace," Latham said. "He's obviously one of their key bowlers and if we can deny him as much as possible, and look to take down their other bowlers, that's going to give us a good chance in the next two matches." Latham also said new Zealand were upbeat about their chances in Sri Lanka, despite the recent 0-3 ODI series loss to bangladesh and the absence of key players. The tour is an opportunity for several young players, including Latham, to embed themselves in the team ahead of their home summer. "The boys are gelling well together. That T20 win in bangladesh gave us a lot of confidence. There's a good vibe in the group at the moment. It's a young and inexperienced side, but it's an exciting tour for all involved."

FergUson To Face england again in ToUr MaTch SYDNEY AgENcIES

Callum Ferguson, aaron Finch, adam Voges andSteve O'Keefe are among the players who will face England in a fourday match in Sydney this week as part of a Cricket australia Invitational XI. as they did for the australia a squad that played in Hobart last week, the selectors have picked a strong batting line-up featuring several players who could come into international contention soon, but a weakened bowling attack. Ferguson is the only member of that australia a side who will play in this week's match, as the severely rainaffected game in Hobart allowed him only 23 balls at the crease for an unbeaten 15. Phillip Hugheswas originally meant to be part of the Cricket australia Invitational XI but instead has been released to play for South australia, to make way for his state

team-mate Ferguson to have some more time in the middle against England. usman Khawaja, who the selectors had also intended to play against England in Sydney this week, has also been released to play for Queensland, due to their growing injury list. Khawaja will play for the bulls against new South Wales in brisbane, while Hughes will play for the Redbacks in adelaide against Western australia, in a round of Shield matches that begin on Wednesday, the same day as the England tour game. "In selecting the final XI, we have tried to be flexible given the needs of particular states and individual players following the latest round of firstclass matches across the country," Cricket australia's general manager of team performance, Pat Howard, said. "We recognise the injury situation in Queensland, so it is appropriate to release usman Khawaja from this tour match to support his state.

cue tAkeS Aim At betfAir chASe Colin Tizzard expects an improved performance from Cue Card on his next outing in the Betfair Chase following his seasonal debut at Exeter last week. The Dorset trainer intends to run last season's Ryanair Chase hero in the Haydock feature on November 23, as long as the ground is not too heavy. Although originally disappointed after Cue Card's third place in the Haldon Gold Cup, which he won 12 months ago, on reflection Tizzard felt it was a great effort behind Somersby, who was receiving 17lb. "The race has brought him on - there's no two ways about it," Tizzard told Sky Sports News. "I was a bit disappointed on the day, but, looking back, he ran a super race. "He's an athlete. You watch him on the gallops and he's brilliant. "As long as it's not bottomless ground at Haydock, he'll go for the Betfair." SPORTS DESK

"We have also taken the view that due to the rain-affected match in Hobart, Callum Ferguson didn't get the depth of international exposure we hoped to give him through his australia a selection. Through consultation with the SaCa, we felt it made sense to select him in the next tour match against England. In light of Callum's selection, Phil Hughes, who has played a lot of international cricket in recent months will remain with South australia for its next Shield match." The invitational side will be captained by the new South Wales wicketkeeper Peter nevill and will feature mostly new South Wales players, with only Voges, Ferguson, Finch and Ed Cowan coming from interstate sides. although none of the batsmen are expected to be in contention for the first ashes Test, they are all close enough to the fringes to hope that a big score against England might help them move closer to a call-up.

kirk wins after baird bogey Briny Baird's long wait for a PGA Tour win will go on a little longer after he bogeyed the 72nd hole of the McGladrey Classic to hand the title to Chris Kirk. Kirk rolled in a ten-foot birdie putt on the 17th hole of the Seaside Course at Sea Island to draw level with Baird on 14under par. However, Baird then bogeyed the 18th and a tap-in par was enough for Georgia native Kirk to claim the victory on home soil. He finished with a 66 to close the tournament on 14-under, while Baird and South Africa Tim Clark tied for second just a shot back on 13-under. Kirk's second win on the PGA Tour nets him almost one million dollars in prize money, with the 28-year-old also grabbing an invite to next year's masters at Augusta. "It's unbelievable to be here at Sea Island, at my home," he said. It left 41year-old Baird, who missed the entire 2013 season following surgery on both shoulders, still searching for his maiden victory on the US PGA Tour after missing out on his 365th start. It was a lowscoring day at Sea Island with Scott Brown, Brian Gay and John Senden all shooting well to finish on 12 under. Brown finished with a 66 to record his jointlowest round of the week while Gay and Australian Senden both fired 67s on Sunday. Two shots further back was former US Open champion Webb Simpson alongside Matt Kuchar and Matt Every with all three players recording four-under par 66s to finish the week. Sweden's Robert Karlsson was the highest-placed European in a group of six players two shots further back. SPORTS DESK

RAINBOW HEADS POWER ENTRIES SPORTS DESK Finian's Rainbow heads the weights for Saturday's Paddy Power Gold Cup at Cheltenham at the latest entry stage. The presence of nicky Henderson's former Champion Chase winner is good news for connections of ante-post favourite Dynaste as they weigh up whether to have a tilt at this valuable handicap or to wait for the betfair Chase at Haydock. The Pond House handler has no shortage of options for Saturday's contest with the long absent Salut Flo and ballynagour - an impressive winner at Warwick on his uK bow - other possibilities. Henderson has scratched Captain Conan but could still be represented by his impressive Festival winner Rajdhani Express and last year's third nadiya De La Vega, as well as the top-weight. Paul nicholls lifted the Gold Cup 12 months ago and Woolcombe Folly could attempt to give the Ditcheat handler a repeat success. Katenko was talked of as a possible Cheltenham Gold Cup contender last season only for his campaign to be cut short but the seven year old could make his eagerly awaited reappearance for Venetia Williams.

Leading fancies johns Spirit and Champion Court retain their places in the 28 strong field with Walkon, Tap night

and Irish raiders, Texas jack, Hidden Cyclone and Gift Of Dgab among other interesting possibles.

If practice makes perfect, and no one is perfect, why practice? –Derek p




Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

united sink Arsenal to kickstart season MANCHESTER



anCHESTER united reinvigorated their Premier League title defence by winning 1-0 at home to leaders arsenal on Sunday and

close to within five points of the early-season pace-setters. Robin van Persie claimed the game's only goal in the first half, scoring against his former club for the third match running, to condemn arsene Wenger's side to a first league loss since their defeat by aston Villa on the opening day.

krul luck for SPurS AS newcAStle win LONDON: Tottenham Hotspur missed out on the chance to go level on points with second-placed Liverpool in the Premier League as goalkeeper Tim Krul inspired Newcastle to a 1-0 win at White Hart Lane on Sunday. Loic Remy scored the only goal of the game in the 13th minute of the early kick-off match when, played in by Yoan Gouffran, he rounded Spurs keeper Brad Friedel before producing a composed finish. But that the Magpies, fresh from beating Chelsea, took all three points from this trip to north London owed much to a brilliant display by Dutch shot-stopper Krul, who produced a hatful of excellent saves. Among them were a fine effort to keep out Roberto Soldado's backwards header after he met a free-kick and an athletic effort when Krul going the wrong way after Gylfi Sigurdsson's free-kick took a huge deflection, clawed the ball away before combining with defender Mapou YangaMbiwa to clear Younes Kaboul's follow-up off the line. "The first save was the best, Soldado's header," Krul told Sky Sports afterwards. AgENcIES

Victory allowed united to climb to fifth, with defeats for Tottenham Hotspur and local rivals Manchester City earlier in the day enabling them to move above both fellow title contenders. "It's been a great weekend -- we've not had many of them," said united manager David Moyes, who had also seen Chelsea drop points on Saturday. "This was a big result for us today. arsenal have been in terrific form this season and we had to play well to get the result." Having seen his side pick up just a point from previous games against Chelsea, Liverpool and City, Moyes will hope Sunday's victory marks the end of an awkward bedding-in period at Old Trafford. He will also have drawn strong encouragement from the performance of Phil jones, who began the game in midfield but

deputised magnificently at centre-back after nemanja Vidic had to go off through injury. Moyes later revealed that the Serbian had been taken to hospital. arsenal remain top going into the international break, two points above Liverpool, but after overseeing an impressive win at borussia Dortmund in midweek, Wenger is likely to have been concerned by their toothlessness. "We conceded a goal on a set-piece and in a big game that makes a difference," said the arsenal manager. "We rushed our game too much and lost too many balls. In the second half we were composed, had a real go and played our usual game. "We had to give a lot this week -- Liverpool (who they beat 2-0), Dortmund and here today. I think a draw would have been a fair result today."


Three astronauts returned to Earth Monday, following a 166-day mission, bringing the Olympic torch back from the International Space Station after a historic space walk. The trip completes the most ambitious leg of Russia's unparalleled torch relay in the run-up to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi next February. Russian cosmonaut Fyodor yurchikhin, naSa uS astronaut Karen nyberg and Italian colleague Luca Parmitano, descended in the Soyuz capsule to touch down at 0249 GMT on the frosty steppes of Kazakhstan. The torch, kept unlit throughout its space journey due to safety precautions, was securely wrapped during the descent, and an employee of Russia's space agency Roscosmos took it out of the packaging. "Here's the torch!" he said, holding it up to the cameras before handing it to veteran space traveller and Soyuz captain yurchikhin who sat smiling wrapped up in

a blue blanket resting near the Soyuz. He took off his gloves and briefly held up the heavy 1.8 kilogramme and nearly metre-long torch posing for pictures and talking to the medical staff. after a few minutes nyberg and Parmitano, who had completed his first space

kvyAt eArnS SuPer licence Daniil Kvyat has qualified for his FIA Super Licence and will drive for Toro Rosso during first practice at the United States and Brazilian Grands Prix. The Russian will replace the Red Bull-bound Daniel Ricciardo at the Italian outfit next year and with F1 testing limited, the team were keen to get the 19-year-old who has only been racing single-seaters since 2010 more experience ahead of his debut. Having clinched the GP3 Drivers' Championship in Abu Dhabi, Kvyat took to the Misano circuit in Italy last Friday driving the 2011 STR6. He completed 102 laps around 402 km - thus satisfying the FIA's criteria. In Austin he will replace future teammate Jean-Eric Vergne in Practice One, whilst at Interlagos the Russian will take the place of Ricciardo. SPORTS DESK

voyage, were also extricated from the craft, which had landed on its side. The trio sat briefly in the sunshine surrounded by medical staff as well as flags of Russia and the Sochi Olympic Games, before they were taken to the heated medical tent for initial tests and changing out of their launch suits.

The capsule completed a "flawless descent" and touched down exactly on time in a "bullseye landing," a naSa TV commentator said. "The crew is feeling well," Roscosmos said in a statement. a team of three Russians, two americans, and a japanese astronaut remain aboard the ISS which, before Monday's return, had been crammed with nine people who hosted a rare conference from space last week. Russia sent the torch on its fourday space mission last Thursday and even covered the rocket in Olympic insignia. Cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazansky on Saturday took it for a spacewalk posing spectacularly against the backdrop of the ISS and the Earth and completing a relay torch handover that was viewed live worldwide and even shown on screens at new york's Times Square. The space-travelling torch will be the one which lights the Olympic cauldron in the black Sea resort Sochi marking the start of the Winter Games on February 7, authorities said.


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last-gasp hazard saves mourinho's home run LONDON: A fiercely disputed 96th-minute Eden Hazard penalty saw Chelsea snatch a 2-2 draw with West Bromwich Albion on Saturday to preserve Jose Mourinho's unbeaten home record in league games. The Chelsea manager was heading for his first home defeat in 66 matches when Steven Reid was contentiously adjudged to have fouled Ramires and Hazard held his nerve amid angry West Brom protests to roll home an equaliser. Samuel Eto'o had put the hosts in front, but West Brom hit back through Shane Long and Stephane Sessegnon to take Chelsea to the brink of a second consecutive league defeat following last weekend's 2-0 loss at Newcastle United. "It was a penalty," said Mourinho. "I have watched it two or three times and it was a clear penalty, in the same way it should have been a clear free-kick against West Brom when they scored the second goal. "We missed chances and at the end of the game, we had a penalty, which is always a difficult situation to accept for the team that is winning, but when they go home they will see on their screens that it was a situation where the referee did not make a mistake." Despite Hazard's equaliser, Chelsea slipped to fourth place, four points below leaders Arsenal. Mourinho had restored Hazard to his starting XI after the Belgian attacking midfielder was dropped for the mid-week win over Schalke following his late return from an unauthorised trip to France. The 22-year-old seemed eager to atone and was the catalyst for his side's opener on the stroke of half-time with a low shot that was pushed out by West Brom goalkeeper Boaz Myhill, only for Eto'o to embarrass the dawdling Liam Ridgewell by poking the rebound home. Chelsea led for only 16 minutes, however, with Long out jumping John Terry and Frank Lampard to head home an equaliser after Petr Cech had pushed Gareth McAuley's powerful header into the air. AgENcIES


Lotus confirmed on Sunday that Kimi Raikkonen will miss the final two races of the Formula 1 season in order to undergo back surgery. Finnish paper Turun Sanomat had reported that Raikkonen will miss both the united States and brazilian Grands Prix in order to try and rectify the long-standing back problem, which flared up at the Singapore GP in September. On that occasion, Raikkonen was able to race but the 34-year-old has apparently continued to suffer discomfort. "Lotus F1 Team can confirm that Kimi Räikkönen will miss the final two races of the 2013 Formula 1 season to undergo, and recover from, back surgery," a team statement read. Speaking to Turun Sanomat, Raikkonen's manager Steve Robertson said: "In an ideal world it would have been nice to finish the season with Lotus. However, due to the severe pain that Kimi is having, sadly it is not possible." Instead, Raikkonen will travel to Salzburg next week to undergo the surgery, which requires a four-week recovery period. In deciding to do so, it seems clear that the 2007 World Champion would rather concentrate on his preparations for

next season, when he returns to Ferrari. The news comes one week after Raikkonen's salary dispute with Lotus also made headlines, with the driver threatening to boycott last weekend's abu Dhabi GP after revealing he had been "paid zero euro the whole year". The stand-off had seemed resolved after it was revealed that long-awaited backing from Quantum Motorsports, who are trying to buy a 35 per cent stake in the Lotus team, finally appeared secure.

More pressing for Lotus will be the need for a replacement driver. Last year's GP2 champion Davide Valsecchi - who briefly deputised for Raikkonen during preseason testing - is their nominated reserve. "The team will make an announcement about the replacement driver for the united States and brazilian Grands Prix in due course," the statement added. Raikkonen currently stands third in the Drivers' Championship having won the opening race of the season in Melbourne.

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Tuesday, 12 november, 2013

indiAn miSSion to mArS SufferS glitch but ‘no SetbAck’ NEW DELHI AgENcIES

India’s Mars spacecraft suffered a brief engine failure Monday as scientists tried to move it into a higher orbit around Earth, but controllers denied any setback to the ambitious low-cost mission. The Mars Orbiter Mission, which blasted off on november 5 for an 11-month trip to Red Planet, is being launched on its way via an unusual “slingshot” method for interplanetary journeys. Lacking a largeenough rocket to blast directly out of Earth’s atmosphere and its gravitational pull, the Indian spacecraft is orbiting Earth until the end of the month while building up enough velocity to break free. During a fourth repositioning to take it 100,000 kilometres (62,000 miles) from Earth, the thruster engines briefly failed on Monday, leading the auto-pilot to take over.

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif witnesses the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Monday between the Government of Punjab and ALBA, multi-national company based in Germany .

five PAkiStAniS PilgrimS die in SAudi ArAbiA roAd Accident MADINA ONLINE


Polio, that has crippled at least 13 children in Syria, has been confirmed as being caused by a strain of the virus that originated in Pakistan and is now spreading across the Middle East, the World Health Organisation said on Monday. Genetic sequencing shows the strain found in Syrian children in Deir al-Zor, where an outbreak was detected last month, is linked to the strain of Pakistani origin found in sewage in Egypt, Israel and Palestinian territories in the past year. “Genetic sequencing indicates that the isolated viruses are most closely linked to virus detected in environmental samples in Egypt in December 2012 (which in turn had been linked to wild poliovirus circulating in Pakistan),” the united nations agency said in a statement on Monday. Closelyrelated strains of the wild poliovirus of Pakistani origin have also been detected in sewage samples in Israel, the West bank and Gaza Strip since February 2013, it said. Polio virus has been confirmed in 13 of 22 children who became paralysed in the northern Syrian province of Deir al-Zor. Investigations continue into the other nine cases. It is Syria’s first polio outbreak since 1999. no children in Egypt, Israel or the Palestinian territories have been hit by polio thanks to high immunisation rates and a strong response to the alert, WHO spokesperson Sona bari said. Polio virus is endemic in Pakistan, afghanistan and nigeria despite a 25year-old campaign to eradicate the disease, which can paralyse a child in hours. Militants from countries including Pakistan are believed to be among groups battling to oust President bashar al-assad, leading to speculation that they brought the virus into the country. The WHO says it is unlikely that adults, who generally have higher immunity, carried the virus into Syria and that its mode of transmission will probably never be known.

IRAN, UN N-WATCHDOG AGREE ON ‘ROADMAP FOR COOPERATION’ broAd outline of deAl includes PArtiAl or totAl freeze of tehrAn’s nucleAr ProgrAmme in return for eAsing of sAnctions TEHRAN



Ran and the un nuclear watchdog agreed Monday on a “roadmap for cooperation” over Tehran’s controversial atomic drive, as the uS accused Iran of scuttling efforts to end the deadlock. The announcement of the breakthrough came during a visit to Tehran by International atomic Energy agency (IaEa) chief yukiya amano. no further details were immediately released. “The joint statement that was signed today details a roadmap for cooperation that determines mutual steps to resolve remaining issues,” Iran’s nuclear chief ali akbar Salehi said at a news conference with amano that was closed to

Western media in Tehran. amano hailed the deal as “an important step” but added “much more must be done”, in remarks carried by ISna news agency. The IaEa chief’s visit was aimed at resolving technical issues linked to the body’s role in monitoring Iran’s nuclear activities. broader questions of how to ensure that Tehran’s nuclear programme is not being used to mask a drive for atomic weapons are being discussed in negotiations between Iran and P5+1 powers — britain, France, the united States, Russia and China plus Germany. In the latest talks, a marathon session in Geneva which ended inconclusively on Sunday, hopes for a deal had soared after top diplomats rushed to join the talks. but they faded as cracks appeared among world powers when France raised concerns over a heavy water reactor being built at arak. addressing the issue Monday in abu Dhabi, uS Secretary of State john Kerry accused Iran of being responsible for the failure of the talks. “The P5+1 was unified on Saturday when we presented our proposal to the Iranians ... but Iran couldn’t take it, at that particular moment they weren’t able to accept,” said Kerry, who was in abu Dhabi after having taken part in the talks.

Kerry assured Israel that the deal will better protect it. “What we are doing will protect Israel more effectively,” he said, after the uS and Israel were locked in an escalating war of words over the talks with Iran. The P5+1 group and Iran will reconvene again in Geneva on november 20 to try to iron out differences. The broad outline of the agreement is said to include a freeze of part or all of Tehran’s nuclear programme in return for the easing of sanctions. Close to an agreement France said Monday that the two sides were close to an agreement despite the failure of the Geneva talks. “We are not far from an agreement with the Iranians but we are not there yet,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Europe 1 radio. Responding to criticism that Paris was behind the failure because of its reservations about parts of the deal on the table, he retorted: “France is neither isolated nor a country that follows the herd. It is independent and works for peace.” His comments were echoed by a senior Western diplomat in brussels on Monday, who said the talks needed more time. “The collective assessment of the group was that some more time would still be needed; that was not just the assessment of the French,” said the source on condition of anonymity.

at least five Pakistanis died and 9 others were wounded in a road accident near Madina on Monday. according to details, Pakistani pilgrims were going to Madina after visiting Waadi-e-jin when their van crashed into a bus coming from opposite direction. The dead were shifted to the morgue where as the wounded to a nearby hospital.

gunmAn killS irAniAn dePuty miniSter TEHRAN AgENcIES

a gunman shot and killed the Iranian deputy industry minister on Monday. The report Sunday by IRna said Safdar Rahmatabadi was shot twice in head and chest that night in an eastern neighbourhood of Tehran. The report quoted police as saying they believed the deputy minister was shot by someone travelling with him in his car. Police said they had begun an investigation. no group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Rahmatabadi was not a well-known public figure in moderate President Hassan Rouhani’s government. This is the second attack in recent days on a government official in Iran. On Wednesday, a gunman killed an Iranian state prosecutor in a restive southeastern region near the country’s border with Pakistan.

Saudi police clash with migrant workers, kill two RIYADH AgENcIES

at least two people have been killed and scores wounded as Saudi police clashed with protesting foreign workers in a district of the capital, Riyadh. a police statement said hundreds of people were arrested in the Manfuhah neighbourhood. Later on Sunday, thousands of mostly african workers gathered in the capital to prepare for repatriation. Last week police rounded up thousands of migrant workers after an amnesty linked to new employment rules expired. YEMENIS REtuRN: One of the two

people killed was a Saudi while the other was unidentified, police said. about 70 others were injured and there were some 560 arrests, officials added. However, Ethiopian Foreign affairs Minister Tedros adhanom said he had information that three Ethiopian citizens had been killed, one last Tuesday and two in the latest clashes. He said addis ababa had formally complained to Riyadh. “This is unacceptable. We call on the Saudi government to investigate this issue seriously. We are also happy to take our citizens, who should be treated with dignity while they are there,” he said. Police said they intervened on Saturday after foreign workers in the Manfuhah

district rioted, attacking Saudi and other foreign residents with rocks and knives. Vigilante Saudi residents in Manfuhah reportedly joined the fighting and even detained some Ethiopians. Manfuhah is home to many migrants, mostly from east africa. On Sunday, witnesses said police surrounded the district while units from the national Guard and special forces were sent in. Hundreds of african migrants reportedly surrendered to police. a long line of buses took the migrants to temporary housing along the airport road in Riyadh. Last Monday, the authorities began rounding up thousands of illegal foreign workers following the expiry of a seven-month amnesty for them to

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot No 79, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

formalise their status. nearly a million bangladeshis, Indians, Filipinos, nepalis, Pakistanis and yemenis are estimated to have left the country in the past three months. More than 30,000 yemenis have reportedly crossed to their home country in the past 10 days alone. Four million other migrants obtained work permits before last Sunday’s deadline. Saudi arabia has the arab world’s largest economy, but authorities are trying to reduce the 12% unemployment rate among native Saudis. an estimated nine million migrant workers are in Saudi arabia - more than half the workforce - filling manual, clerical, and service jobs.

Khi 12 11 2013 layout 1  
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