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Monday, 9 april, 2012 Jamadi-ul-awal 16, 1433

Zardari’s Dargah diplomacy ‘fruitful’ g

Indian PM accepts invitation to visit Pakistan g Raises issue of Hafiz Saeed during pre-lunch talks NEW DELHI



reSidenT Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday became the first Pakistani head of state since 2005 to visit india, on a one-day trip that he described as “very fruitful” in improving ties between the rivals.

during a visit billed as private but of great diplomatic significance, Zardari lunched with indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and invited him to visit Pakistan. The meeting has received a cautious welcome from analysts who see it as another sign of improving relations between the bitter neighbours, but the allegations of Pakistani militant activity against india re-

main deeply problematic. india continues to press Pakistan to prosecute the perpetrators of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, blamed on the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which was founded by Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. Pakistan says it lacks sufficient evidence against Saeed. “We have had some very fruitful bilateral talks together,” Zardari said at a joint news conference during the

first presidential trip to india since Pervez Musharraf visited seven years ago. “We would like to have better relations with india. We spoke on all topics that we could,” added Zardari, who was accompanied by a large delegation including his son and interior Minister rehman Malik. Continued on page 04

US team arrives in Siachen to assist in rescue operation ISLAMABAD SHAIQ HUSSAIN

The United States on Sunday sent experts to assist Pakistan in its search and rescue efforts in the world highest battlefield of Siachen glacier where hundreds of army troops and civilians are desperately working to search for 135 people buried in an avalanche. Continued on page 04

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02 News

Monday, 9 April, 2012





Criticise all you want, there is no stopping me: Shahbaz Pakistanis facing worst hardships today, says Imran Khan

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ZArdAri viSitS indiA

Visit to pave way for regional peace: China BEIJING: China has praised President Asif Ali Zardari’s day-long visit to india, saying that it will pave the way for improved Pakistan-india ties to help boost regional peace. in an article published by state-run Xinhua news agency on Sunday‚ it said that improved ties between Pakistan and india‚ the two nuclear-armed neighbours on the South Asian subcontinent, will benefit both countries and regional stability. it termed the visit a latest sign of improvement of the two archrivals’ relations. The two countries’ efforts in warming up their ties certainly are welcomed and applauded by the international community including China, which neighbours both nations and maintains significant ties with them, the Xinhua news agency said. China and Pakistan have been “all-weather friends” over the past decades, while both China and india have been members of BriCS, a bloc of five major emerging economies that also includes Brazil, russia and South Africa. China wants to further boost ties with both countries, and is happy to witness continuous improvement of the Pakistan-india ties, it said. NNI

Rahul accepts Bilawal’s invite to Pakistan NEW DELHI: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who was accompanying his father President Asif Ali Zardari on his trip to india on Sunday, reportedly invited Congress leader rahul Gandhi to visit Pakistan which he accepted, indian media reported. The two were seated next to each other at a lunch hosted at the indian prime minister’s residence in new delhi. Gandhi is said to have accepted the invite. Bilawal, the 23-year-old chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), was accompanying his father on a visit to Ajmer shrine near Jaipur. His visit to india had been discussed widely on Facebook before he landed in delhi. The Zardaris arrived in india around noon. Soon after landing, Bilawal, who was seen wearing a black shalwar kamees suit, tweeted his peace greetings for india, “AOA india Peace be with you. i have just landed in delhi. 1st ever visit.” And it was on Twitter again that he shared the experience a short while after he had lunch at the prime minister’s residence. “Prez n i enjoyed Lunch with #rahul #Gandhi and #PMSingh. lovely meal. much to learn from each other,” he posted. rahul’s mother, Sonia Gandhi, who heads the Congress, did not attend the lunch. instead, she sent a letter of regret. gNI

Indian spy keen to meet former prison mate Zardari KOLKATA: Having once stayed with Asif Ali Zardari at the Karachi Central Jail, Mehboob elahi, a former india spy, was keen to meet the Pakistani president during his visit to new delhi on Sunday to raise the issue of indian prisoners of war languishing in jails across the border. elahi says he wrote to Shahid Malik, Pakistani high commissioner in india, and President Pratibha Patil seeking appointment with Zardari to draw his attention to the indian prisoners’ plight but did not get any reply, PTi reported. The 52-year-old, who had spent two decades in several Pakistani prisons from 1977 after being caught spying for india, had stayed together in the jail with Zardari for a couple of months in the late 1980s. “On Sundays, i used to meet him and other leaders of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in their cells. He was not only familiar with the issues of POWs, but was also sympathetic to us,” elahi, who now stays in Kolkata, told PTi. He recalls that Zardari and other leaders were generous to him and used to offer him coffee, fruits and biscuits besides arranging for soaps and oil. ONlINe

Subcontinet’s delicacies on Zardari’s lunch menu NEW DELHI: At the lunch hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and his delegation was served generous portions of the subcontinent’s varied cuisines. Avial (mixed vegetables) and dosas from the Southern hinterland with prawns, gosht barra kebabs as starters from the central heartland of the country and desserts like phirni from the north and gur sandesh from Bengal were on the eclectic spread of dishes. Praising the meal, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari described the food very delicious. “President and i enjoyed Lunch with rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Singh, lovely meal, much to learn from each other,” Bilawal tweeted. Opposition Bhartiay Janta Party (BJP) leaders, LK Advani and Sushma Suraj also attended the lunch while ruling Congress party’s Sonya Gandhi did not join the gathering. ONlINe

Babar Awan ditched! NEW DELHI/ISLAMABAD: Former law minister and Pakistan People’s Party’s sidelined leader Babar Awan, who is currently experiencing total outcast from the main scenes, during President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to india, has tried to meet him but the security staff frustrated all his moves. According to details, Babar Awan who was scheduled to attend a lawyers’ conference, had reached new delhi prior to Zardari’s visit. Sources informed that Zardari came to know about Babar’s arrival after which he passed strict orders to his security contingent neither to let him to meet his delegation nor approach him in Ajmer. However, Babar Awan could not be spotted anywhere in new delhi or Ajmer. Awan has been currently facing party’s leadership wrath for his refusal to appear before the Supreme Court as defense witness in prime minister’s contempt of Court issue. INP

AJMER: President Asif Ali Zardari carries a traditional offering on his head at the shrine of Khawaja Moninuddin Chishti on Sunday after having lunch with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. AFP

People protest killing of student in Quetta QUETTA



large number of protesters staged a demonstration in front of Quetta Civil Hospital and blocked MA Jinnah road to protest the killing of a student allegedly at the hand of police personnel on Sunday. Participants chanted slogans against the police and strongly condemned the killing. They also burnt tyres on various parts of Jinnah road and forced shopkeepers to close down their business. The relatives of deceased brought the body of the teenager on Jinnah road and demanded stern action against police personnel involved in killing. due to the closure of main Jinnah road, traffic flow had to be diverted on other road that caused great inconvenience to the public. The firing incident occurred on Sunday morning when a policeman allegedly opened fire on 18–year-old Saeed Asghar Hussain in the main city causing his instant death. Police officials say police personnel were taking Hussain to a nearby police station for investigation when he tried to

escape. The police opened fire that caused his death. A heavy contingent of police and Balochistan Constabulary tried to control the situation and dispersed the protesters. Quetta SSP Muhammad Tariq said both police officials had been arrested and were being investigated. However, the parents of deceased are yet to register a case against the accused. Meanwhile, Balochistan Trader Association and Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party have jointly given a shutter down call for today (Monday). Separately, a partial shutter-down strike was observed in Quetta and some other towns of Balochistan on Sunday against the killing of Maulana Mohammad Qasim Sasoli, a prayer leader of a local mosque and a leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (noorani group), who was shot dead on Sariab road on Friday. The strike call was given by Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan. Strike was also observed in other towns of Balochistan, including Mastung, Kalat, Khuzdar, Jaffarabad and naseerabad. Meanwhile, four people including two women were killed in two separate incidents of firing in naseerabad and Jhal Magsi districts.

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Monday, 9 April, 2012

ARtS & enteRtAInMent

foReIgn newS


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easter bomb attack near Nigeria church kills at least 20 Britney Spears’ fiancé to share legal control over her Strauss confident about future

dargah diplomacy Even if the speed is glacial

losing interest The crisis of our times

Waqqas Mir says; Scared of disagreement: Are your beliefs that hollow?

M J Akbar says; Bounty on the mutiny: Can India and Pakistan have a ‘war’ beyond boundaries?

Barrister Haider rasul Mirza says; In defence of Hafiz Saeed: ‘Wanted’ for more than the obvious reasons

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Zardari donates $1 million to Ajmer Dargah AJMER



FTer the diplomatic stopover in delhi, President Asif Ali Zardari visited the 13th century Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti dargah in Ajmer, where he spent around 20 minutes and offered flowers and a chaadar. Zardari also donated one million dollars to the dargah. “The soulful happiness that i have experienced at this holy place is beyond explanation. i pray to Allah to make life easy for the entire humanity,” Zardari wrote in a diary at the dargah. He landed in the city in a chopper soon after 4pm on Sunday after having lunch with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and several

other leaders in new delhi. Accompanying the president in his Ajmer visit was his 23-year-old son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. during Zardaris’ visit, the dargah was closed to all other visitors. About 1,500 policemen had been posted in and around the dargah; the security arrangements included rapid response teams and counter-terrorism units. Security inspections were on until late last night in Ajmer. Mr Zardari last visited Ajmer in 2005 with his wife Benazir Bhutto. Benazir had also visited the dargah in 2003 and prayed to Khawaja “Gharib nawaz” for the release of her husband, who was in prison then. After he was released, both visited the shrine two years later.

religious head of Ajmer shrine boycotts Zardari’s visit AJMER: The religious head of the shrine of Ajmer Sharif on Sunday announced boycotting the visit of President Asif Ali Zardari to protest the move of district authorities of not allowing him to go inside the shrine beyond the main gate when the visiting delegation arrives here. Terming it a violation of traditional customs, dewan Syedzainul Abedin Ali, the Sajjadanish of the dargah, said he had earlier been accompanying all VViP guests who arrived to pay obeisance and authorities have “no right” to stop him, PTi reported. “My ancestors have been receiving the nation heads... i have been accompanying VViP guest like indira Gandhi, Kr narayanan, Pervez Musharraf, Ziaul Haq among others,” he said. Ali claimed that being the religious head of the shrine, it was his “prerogative” to join the visiting delegations. The district administration, on the other hand, had said the move was taken on the basis of police reports, keeping in mind the dispute between the dewan and the Khadims. “There is a dispute between the dewan and Khadims in dargarh. To avoid any unwanted situation and ugly scene during the visit of the Pakistan president, it was suggested by the police to now allow him beyond nizam Gate,” district collector Manju rajpal said. ONlINe

Kashmir, Hafiz Saeed issues not to be compromised: JI LAHORE ONlINe

‘Chishty issue before court’ NEW DELHI: The issue of an ailing Pakistani microbiologist, Khaleel Chishty, lodged in rajasthan jail, came up Sunday at the luncheon meeting President Zardari and PM Singh, PTi reported. Quoting sources, it said interior Minister rehman Malik, who was seated opposite Home Minister P Chidambaram at the lunch table, enquired about Chishty. Chidambaram replied that Chishty’s case was before a court which was yet to take a view on the matter. Chishty was handed a life term on January 31, 2011 by a trial court for a murder in Ajmer in 1992. ONlINe

Jamaat e islami Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan has warned that if President Zardari gave any assurance to india regarding Kashmir or Hafiz Saeed, the nation would not be bound by that commitment. He said the president had no authority to alter the country’s principled stance on Kashmir nor would the Pakistani people allow india a passage for Afghanistan. Addressing the central and provincial office-bearers of Ji at Mansoora on Sunday, he said if according to the president’s spokesman it was a private visit, Zardari had no right to discuss national issues nor would the nation be

bound by his decisions. The Ji Ameer said President Zardari was undermining national dignity and honour by giving most favored nation status to the country clamouring for Akhand Bhartat. He said if the president gave any signs of flexibility or cowardice during his visit, he would get a blackbanner welcome on return to the country. Munawar said President Zardari was visiting india under US pressure and was expected to discuss most sensitive issues concerning national sovereignty and solidarity. Zardari had gone with a five point agenda that included declaring Held Kashmir an independent state and placing it under the Un control for the time being to be given a fully independent status later.

Karachi violence takes economic toll economist says foreign investment in Pakistan shrunk from $5.4 billion to $1.6 billion in the last four years g


A bloody wave of violence sweeping Karachi has claimed hundreds of lives this year, and experts say it is also taking a punishing financial toll on the city that is Pakistan’s economic heartbeat. Pakistan’s biggest city has escaped the worst of the four-year bombing campaign by militants that has plagued other parts of the country, but it is wracked with crime and political and ethnic bloodshed. Last year nearly 1,800 lives were lost as drug, land, gun and extortion mafias linked to ethnically-based political parties threatened to plunge the city of 17 million people into urban anarchy. More than 300 people have been killed in violence in Karachi in the last three months, according to the Human rights Commission of Pakistan. With each political or sectarian killing, parts of the city go into lockdown as armed men take to the streets seeking reprisals, prompting residents to flee to safety and

shops, markets and schools to close. Ateeq Mir, the chairman of the Karachi Markets Alliance, said the city was closed for “six full days” last week — when at least 24 people were killed in violence and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) called a day of mourning for a slain activist. “Our traders have lost the business of more than 20 billion rupees ($220 million) while our industrialists lost at least 45 billion ($495 million),” he told AFP. Karachi is vital to Pakistan’s economy, contributing 42 percent of GdP, 70 percent of income tax revenue and 62 percent of sales tax revenue, but Mir compared the situation to the country’s insurgency-wracked northwest. “Karachi has become an urban Waziristan where the government has lost its writ,” he said. “The city is divided among several areas, each is governed by the dominant militant mafia,” he added. economist AB Shahid said Karachi’s contribution to GdP amounted to around 16 billion rupees a day, and its daily tax

revenues to two billion. “if one wants to cripple Pakistan’s economy, one should do nothing but to get Karachi paralysed,” he said. Market analysts say disturbances in Karachi are affecting foreign investment as well. “Most multinationals are based in Karachi, and it has a negative impact when their bosses watch pitched battles on their TV screens in the streets of Karachi,” said Mohammad Sohail, the head of Topline Securities brokerage. He said foreign investment in Pakistan stood at $5.4 billion four years ago, which shrank to $1.6 billion last year and is expected to further reduce to a maximum of $1 billion in the financial year ending on June 30. Officials admit growing security concerns and targeted killings tarnish Karachi’s attraction for foreign investors and risk driving business away. “Local industrialists, mainly textile businessmen, are shifting their investments to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Malaysia because of law and order and energy shortages,” said a government minister on condition of anonymity.

He said this would be totally against Pakistan’s Kashmir policy and the wishes of the Kashmiri people who had been struggling for independence. Zardari’s agenda, he said, also include giving india a role in restoring peace in Afghanistan and in other matters besides providing india a passage through Wagha and Tourkham borders and importing electricity and petrol from that country. All this could be in india’s interest but surely it was not in Pakistan’s interest, he added. Syed Munawar Hasan said indian Premier Manmohan Singh was extremely perturbed over Hafiz Saeed’s issue whereas President Zardari instead of adopting a bold and clear stance had adopted an apologetic attitude proposing bilateral talks on that.

He said under the US patronage, india was hatching conspiracies against Pakistan’s solidarity and it wanted to crush the Kashmiris’ freedom movement securing a passage for Afghanistan.

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04 News Siachen

Continued fRoM page 1 “An eight-member team of US experts have arrived in islamabad to provide technical assistance in the rescue operation,” said an iSPr statement issued late on Sunday. “discussion will be held with the US team to find out possibilities and nature of assistance required to expedite the rescue operation… technical assistance from other friendly countries also being considered,” it said. earlier, the US authorities had made an offer to assist islamabad in rescue efforts in Gayatri sector of Siachen glacier where around 240 Pakistani troops and civilians have been working to search for survivors with the help of sniffer dogs and heavy machinery, some of which was flown in on military aircraft. The troops and civilians taking part in the operation struggled to dig through some 25 metres of snow, boulders, mud and slush that buried the rear headquarters building in the Gayari sector early Saturday morning. NO SIGN: A security official seeking anonymity said there were no signs of any survivor so far and also no bodies had been recovered as of now. “it’s a very hard terrain and the rescue operation is very difficult but the army jawans and civilian rescue workers are trying their best to make headway and make their job done,” he said. GENERAL KAyANI: A separate statement issued by the iSPr said Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani visited the site on Sunday to personally supervise the rescue operations for 135 soldiers and civilians. “The COAS was accompanied by Corps Commander Lieutenant General Khalid nawaz Khan,” it said. Major General ikramul Haq, FCnA commander apprised the COAS about the details of rescue operation. General Kayani said an avalanche of such a magnitude was unprecedented in last 20 years of this Battalion Headquarters existence at Gayari. He said the army had mobilised all available resources with the assistance of the PAF to carry out full scale rescue op-

eration. He appreciated the morale and efforts of troops who are braving the harsh weather and inhospitable terrain. earlier, a US embassy’s statement had said, “The United States expresses deep concern for the brave Pakistani soldiers that are currently trapped as a result of an avalanche in Gayari Sector of the Siachen Glacier. We offer our condolences for those who have lost their lives as a result of the avalanche. Our thoughts and prayers are with the soldiers and their families and loved ones,” it said. The statement said, “The United States is ready to assist Pakistan in search, rescue, and recovery operations. We stand by to offer any assistance that Pakistan requires in the aftermath of this tragedy.” during his visit to site, General Kayani instructed the commanders to optimally utilise all available resources at their disposal and leave no stone unturned to reach out to the entrapped personnel. He said, “efforts are underway to acquire latest technical equipment for the rescue.” He emphasized that calamity in no way should affect the morale of the troops defending the motherland at the highest battlefield. He said the Pakistan Army had always risen to the occasion and would come through this challenge as well. Siachen is the world highest battlefield and thousands of soldiers from Pakistan and india stationed there have to face the severe cold temperatures, altitude sickness, high winds and isolation for months at a time. The South Asian nuclear rivals have deployed their troops at the height of around 6,700 meters (22,000 feet) and they have been engaged in intermittent skirmishes since 1984 after a dispute between the two over the snowy region broke out. However, the two sides have been following a cease-fire since 2003. The headquarters in Gayari sector, which is situated at the height of around 15,000 feet, is the main gateway through which the army sends its troops and supplies to other remote posts in the Siachen.

Monday, 9 April, 2012

SIACHeN: Chief of Army Staff general Ashfaq Parvez Kayani supervises the ongoing operation to find and rescue some 135 people, including 124 soldiers, buried 80-feet under snow after a giant avalanch struck a military camp on the world’s highest battlefield. ISPR/afP

father kills children over not being given enough property DIKHAN: A callous father, after developing bitterness for not getting a lion’s share out of his family properties, on Sunday murdered his three children in a fit of rage. Police said Ghulam Hussain, a resident of village Taikan, who worked as labourer, killed his three children identified as 7-year old Kiran, 6-year Zaman and 2 and half years old Muqadas and threw their bodies in Chashma right Bank canal. He informed his brother Ghulam Farid about the tragic incident, who approached the police station. When the police party arrived at the scene, they found the guilty father weeping bitterly, and arrested him. The children’s bodies are being searched. INP

120 foreigners caught in Gilgit curfew evacuated ISLAMABAD AFP

Around 120 foreigners, mostly Japanese tourists who had been stranded in Gilgit following sectarian clashes that killed at least 14 people, were evacuated on Sunday. Gilgit has been under an indefinite curfew since April 3 when at least 14 people were killed and over 50 wounded in two separate incidents involving majority Sunni and Shia communities.

Around 120 foreigners including Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean and Thai tourists, were evacuated from Gilgit, officials at the islamabad airport said. An AFP photographer said the tourists, both male and female included 77 Japanese. earlier senior police officer Tahira Yasubuddin told AFP in Gilgit that a C130 aircraft had arrived to transport them to islamabad. Clashes erupted in the

northern town on April 3 after gunmen opened fire during a strike called by Sunni islamists over the arrest of a leader for his alleged involvement in a sectarian attack in February that left 18 dead. After the incident, in which at least five people died, the government imposed a curfew in the town. Also on April 3 in Chilas, a Sunni-dominated town about 100 kilometres south of Gilgit, a mob blocked the main Karakoram Highway and killed nine Shias.

President briefed on rescue operation ISLAMABAD gNI

immediately after reaching islamabad from a day-long visit to india, President Zardari called Maj Gen ikramul Haq, FCnA GOC, who is head of rescue operation at Siachen. The FCnA GOC briefed the President about the situation. Zardari prayed and hoped that all the soldiers would be rescued alive. He said the entire nation stood shoulderto-shoulder with the Pakistan Army. He instructed GB and federal governments to provide all resources to assist rescue operation. in Ajmair, the President also prayed for the safety of the soldiers.

German author banned entry in Israel over writing criticism MONITORINg DESK israel has declared the German author Guenter Grass “persona non grata” and barred him from entering the country for writing against it, BBC news reported on Sunday. Grass, a nobel laureate, recently criticised israel in a poem. in it, Grass condemned German arms sales to is-

rael, and said the Jewish state must not be allowed to launch military strikes against iran. israeli interior minister eli Yishai says Grass is not welcome because he has tried “to inflame hatred against the State and people of israel.” Yishai, the leader of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish party in israel’s coalition government, suggested that

Grass should go to iran, “where he would find a sympathetic audience should he want to continue disseminating his warped and mendacious work.” ‘What Must Be Said’: in one section of the poem, published in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and called “What Must be Said”, Grass attacks israel’s nuclear programme. “Why

do i say only now... that the nuclear power israel endangers an already fragile world peace? Because that must be said which may already be too late to say tomorrow,” Grass wrote in the German-language poem, “Also because we - as Germans burdened enough - may become a subcontractor to a crime that is foreseeable.”

Zardari’s Dargah diplomacy ‘fruitful’ Continued fRoM page 1

NeW delHI: Indian PM Manmohan Singh welcomes President zardari to his residence. afP

The lunch — with kebabs and curries from all over india, including the disputed region of Kashmir — was preceded by a 40minute private conversation between the two leaders. “i am very satisfied with the outcome of this visit,” Singh told reporters. “President Zardari has invited me to visit Pakistan and i’d be very happy to visit Pakistan at a mutually convenient date.” He stressed that relations between the countries “should become normal. That is our com-

mon desire.” Analysts had predicted little progress on sensitive topics such as Kashmir, or the presence of anti-india militant groups in Pakistan. Both were discussed, along with “the activities of Hafiz Saeed” and ways to increase trade between the countries, india’s Foreign Secretary ranjan Mathai told reporters. A visa agreement that will simplify cross-border travel had been worked out and would be signed at a later date. “Both felt that we need to move forward step by step,” Mathai said of the

talks between the leaders, which will be followed by meetings between home and trade ministers in the coming months. india broke off a slowmoving peace process to settle all outstanding problems with Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks, which left 166 people dead, but the two sides have since warily returned to the table. “This is a largely symbolic occasion and contentious subjects will be avoided,” said Brahma Chellaney, an analyst at new delhi’s Centre for Policy research, of the meeting Sunday.

Pakistan’s foreign policy is seen by many observers as the preserve of the powerful military, and Chellaney suggested Zardari wielded little real power. “You can’t have substantive talks with someone who doesn’t run anything,” he said. Zardari later flew to a Sufi shrine in the town of Ajmer, 350 kilometres southwest of new delhi, where he offered prayers at the renowned complex of mosques built around the shrine of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti who died in 1236 Ad.

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Monday, 9 April, 2012

News 05

Military offensive intensified in Sui, Dera Bugti: talal QUETTA NNI

Jamhori Watan Party (JWP) leader nawabzada Talal Bugti said on Sunday that the government was forcing him to escape to the mountains. Addressing a news conference at Bugti House, he said, “Our parliamentary politics should not be assumed as a weakness,” adding that the rulers were creating a situation which nawab Akbar Bugti once had to face. He said the military operation had been intensified in Sui and dera Bugti once again. “Curfew is imposed there after 4pm,” he said. Bugti alleged that the paramilitary Frontier Corps was harassing people, claiming that around 100 men and women were still locked up inside the FC Fort. He demanded the Supreme Court to take steps to recover all missing persons.

taliban distributing pamphlets to spread message PESHAWAR

lAHOre: Pakistani Christians attend an easter Sunday service at the Sacred Heart Church on April 8, 2012. Christian believers around the world are marking the Holy Week of easter in celebration of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. afP


After the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government slapped a ban on the Taliban-run illegal FM radio, the Taliban have started distributing pamphlets in the Tribal Areas and other major cities of the province to spread their messages. The transmission of the FM radio was being heard in Peshawar, darra Adamkhel and the Tribal Areas before the provincial government imposed a ban. The Taliban are now distributing pamphlets in the crowded major commercial places. They are dropping pamphlets at shops selling music Cds and dVds in Matni area, warning them to close down the shops or get ready to face death.

Pakistanis facing worst hardships today, says Imran Khan

Security forces kill 12 militants in orakzai

AKiSTAn Tehreek-e-insaf (PTi) Chairman imran Khan has said that the people of Pakistan have never faced such difficulties as they are facing today while on the other hand the rulers are enjoying power. Addressing a large public gathering here on Sunday, he prayed for the safe recovery of soldiers buried under an avalanche in Siachen. He said the current leadership was incapable of liberating Pakistan because it had emerged as a result of the national reconciliation Ordinance (nrO) pushed by foreign powers. He pledged that the PTi would disengage from the war on terror through dialogue, and would liberate Pakistan from foreign influence. He added that Pakistan could stand on its feet only after disengaging from the terror war, and that the PTi would restore the respect of the country around the world.


At least 12 militants were killed when the security forces with help of gunship helicopters targeted certain hideouts and compounds in scattered areas of Upper Orakzai Agency on Sunday. An official said the security forces conducted aerial strikes in Akhunkoot, Adokhel and Khadezai areas. The official said three militant hideouts were destroyed. According to the official, the ground forces succeeded in advancing after successful aerial strikes. Meanwhile, four security personnel were injured when the militants attacked a convoy with an improvised explosive device (ied) in Miranshah.




Talking about the recently launched membership drive, Khan said that PTi would bring true democracy to the country after emerging as the only democratically elected party of the country. He urged the people to become members of the PTi and elect their own lead-

ership. He said that no political party in the country was capable of giving this democratic right to its members. Criticising the leaderships of the Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PMLn) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), he said they were “family-run parties”,

India mulling rejoining IP gas project ISLAMABAD ONlINe

The ever-increasing energy needs have compelled india to rejoin the transnational pipeline emanating from iran and transiting Pakistan thus reviving the iPi Gas Project, Online learnt on Sunday. A well-placed indian diplomat told Online that his government was actively contemplating looking back on the option of iPi. He claimed that india had never abandoned the project, officially. “it was just gone down on the priority list mainly due to security concerns in Pakistan,” he added. earlier, india had practically abandoned the iran-Pakistan-india Gas Pipeline project for obvious reasons of entering into a nuclear deal with the US. After india disembarked the trilateral mechanism for iPi, the pipeline was naturally left as only iran-Pakistan (iP) gas pipeline.

According to the diplomat, the announcement to give effect to the rejuvenation of iPi was expected during indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Pakistan in the near future. Singh had accepted President Asif Ali Zardari’s invitation on Sunday to visit Pakistan on mutually convenient dates. “We are an energy-deficient country and to sustain our high growth rate and ensure energy security, we need energy from every possible source,” the diplomat observed. A Pakistani official privy to the iP Gas Pipeline project pointed out that the latest indian overtures on iPi could be just bluffs again to appease iran. iranians have realised that india went out of the iPi due to the pressure from the US and was anxiously pursuing the American backed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-india (TAPi) project. iran has also gone on record saying that it was no longer holding talks

with india on iPi pipeline but has signed a bilateral accord with Pakistan on the project. Under the deal finalised in March last year, iran will supply 750 million cubic feet of gas to Pakistan daily by 2014. indian diplomats, however, tried to dispel the impression that Washington had been exerting pressure on india not to pursue the iPi pipeline project in view of iran’s controversial nuclear programme. important issues concerning the iPi project, such as gas pricing, delivery point of gas, project structure, transportation tariff payment, transit fee for the passage of natural gas through Pakistan and security of supply, had still not been sorted out, he added. “Once our concerns are addressed satisfactorily, we will have no hesitation in going ahead with the project,” he said. The proposed 1,600 km project, envisaging supply of gas from iran to india via Pakistan, has been hanging

fire for about a couple of decades now due to indian aversions to have a pipeline through Pakistan and above all the anti-iran US pressure. in the aftermath of the April 2003 peace initiative, india has agreed to consider the project if Pakistan is willing to look at it in the context of larger economic relations. The iP Gas pipeline project was conceived in 1993, which was later proposed to be extended in india. There are three different routes under consideration for the iranindia gas pipeline via deep sea, shallow water and over-land. Feasibility study for the deep sea route is being conducted by Snam Progetti of italy, while that of overland route is being conduct by BHP of Australia. BHP has completed the phase-i of the study. The feasibility study for the shallow water route is to be conducted by GAZPrOM of russia but they have not yet started the study.

and competent and capable leadership could not emerge in them due to their dynastic hierarchies. He said the present system of government was introduced by the British to subjugate the masses and the political leadership of Pakistan had perpetuated this system for their own interests. He said the PTi would liberate the rural population from this unjust system and would introduce a local government system which would ensure autonomy at the level of villages. Speaking on the issue of new administrative units, he cited examples of Turkey and Japan and said that both these countries were considerably less populated than Pakistan, but had exponentially more administrative units. He said the PTi supported the creation of new provinces, including the Hazara province, as it would expedite development. He thanked the people for attending the rally and said that the PTi would prove in the coming elections that the people of Pakistan have rejected the corrupt political leadership.

US action against Hafiz Saeed not justifiable: Shujaat ISLAMABAD NNI

Pakistan Muslim League-Quied (PML-Q) President Ch Shujaat Hussain on Sunday said there was no justification for the US action against Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. Talking to media, the senator said that this in fact was a welcome development that US administration realized so soon that they had committed a mistake in the matter of Hafiz Saeed and Hafiz Abdul rahman Makki. Shujaat also said that there was neither proof nor any justification against Hafiz Saeed. replying to a question, he said that PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain would present his formula for elimination of electricity load shedding in the energy Conference. He added further that if all the four chief ministers played their role keeping in view the national spirit and acted on his formula, there was every reason to believe the country would very soon be free of the menace of electricity shortage.

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06 News PBC appeals to lawyers to observe black day today to condemn burning alive of lawyers ISLAMABAD

Monday, 9 April, 2012

Ghanta Ghar draped in black to protest discriminatory load shedding

StAFF rePOrt

The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) on Sunday appealed to lawyers throughout the country to observed today (Monday) as black day to condemn burning alive of lawyers in Tahir Plaza, Karachi on April 9, 2008. The appeal was made by PBC Vice Chairman Akhtar Hussain, PBC executive Committee Chairman Burhan Moazzam Malik. They requested the members of the country’s bar councils and bar associations as well as members of the civil society to observe a nation-wide black day today. They appealed to all the bar associations and bar councils of the country to hold protest meetings in their respective bar rooms to reiterate their strong condemnation of the tragic incident of April 9, 2008, when at the behest of the dictatorial regime of General Pervez Musharraf, the then provincial government of Sindh and government’s agencies had brutally tortured the lawyers. The lawyers have been requested by the PBC to hoist black flags at the offices of their respective bar associations to strongly condemn the brutal killings and burning alive of lawyers on April 9, 2008 and the inaction of successive governments to hold high level inquiry for fixing responsibility.

Businessmen, traders and transporters in faisalabad observe black day, take out rallies g Pakistan textile exporters Association chairman says unprecedented load shedding has destroyed industrial and business sectors





Or the first time in its history, Ghanta Ghar, the central piece of eight bazaars of the city, was draped in black, from head to toe to protest against discriminatory gas and electricity load shedding in Faisalabad, the textile hub of the country and industry and business in Punjab on Sunday. The entire city was flooded with black flags, and black banners marking the black day. entry points from all sides, Sheikhupura road, Sargodha road, Jhang road, Samundri road, Satiana road and Jaranwala road were black flagged. Businessmen, traders and trans-

porters were seen waving black flags on their vehicles. They took out processions in the eight bazaars and surrounding areas to register their protest against the unbearable high cost of living, frequent and irregular electricity outages, gas shortage and discriminatory treatment with Punjab. Textile exporters wearing black dresses took out protest processions and burnt tyres at Amtex chowk, Abdullahpur Jaranwala road and chanted slogans against economic and industrial massacre of Punjab and textile industry. A large rally comprising of industrialists, traders, transporters and businessmen staged a protest demonstration at Ghanta Ghar Chowk to register their protest against discriminatory attitude of the government.

Addressing the procession, Pakistan Textile exporters Association Chairman rana Arif Tauseef said unprecedented load shedding had destroyed the industrial and business sectors of the country. “The energy crisis in Punjab has taken a serious turn when its entire brunt has been diverted to this province,” he said. He was also critical of some of the clauses of the 18th Amendment which he said had restricted across the board distribution of natural resources. “This discrepancy could be removed in 20th Amendment but our legislators showed little interest in this issue of prime importance.” He reiterated his demand to do away the injustices being meted out with Punjab in distribution of natural resources in 21st Amendment. He al-

leged that under a deep rooted conspiracy, the foreign exchange earning sector of textile was being pushed towards complete closure. He said the situation had come to a stage that the industrialists were unable to run their mills and were struggling for survival. it was in this context that he said that business and industrial sectors had been forced to resort to protestation. He demanded immediate cognizance of this serious matter by the government failing which the textile industry as well as businesses would collapse. Tauseef thanked the Anjuman-eTajiran for their cooperation and pulling their shutters down to register their protest.

CIA drones flew undetected over Iran’s nuclear sites: wP WASHINgTON AFP

A stealth surveillance drone operated by the CiA penetrated deep inside iran over three years ago, snapped images of iran’s secret nuclear facility at Qum and returned home, The Washington Post reported late Saturday. The newspaper said that during that flight, analysts at the Central intelligence Agency and other agencies watched carefully for any sign that the aircraft, called the rQ-170 Sentinel, had been detected by Tehran’s air defences on its maiden voyage. “There was never even a ripple,” the paper quotes an unnamed former senior US intelligence official as saying. CiA stealth drones scoured dozens of sites throughout iran, making hundreds of passes over suspicious facilities, before a version of the rQ-170 crashed inside iran’s borders in december, the report said. The surveillance has been part of an intelligence surge that is aimed at iran’s nuclear programme and that has been gaining momentum since the final years of George W Bush’s administration, The Post noted.

rAWAlPINdI: Foreign tourists walk upon their arrival at Chaklala Airbase on Sunday after being evacuated by the Pakistan Air force from gilgit. Pakistan evacuated 120 foreigners, mostly Japanese tourists who had been stranded in the north of the country following sectarian clashes that killed at least 14 people. afP

Support for peace talks growing but Pakistan’s support crucial: Afghan diplomat KABUL reUterS

Support is building among Afghanistan’s regional neighbours for a comprehensive peace process with the Taliban, but Pakistan’s backing and access to insurgent leaders are crucial to getting stalled talks on track, a top Afghan diplomat said. Javed Ludin, the deputy foreign minister and senior negotiator in talks with Washington on an Afghan-US strategic pact, also said the two allies were near agreement on a deal to curb controversial night raids by nATO troops on Afghan homes. But Ludin - the main architect of Afghan foreign policy - said both sides had failed to communicate the benefits of the pact and dampen anxiety among Afghans that foreigners were preparing to abandon the country after a 2014 withdrawal of Western combat troops. “We need to communicate better, we need to explain it better. There are various interests, there are people who play this up the wrong way, they explain it the wrong way,” Ludin told reuters late on Saturday ahead of a trip to Australia. “Some would like to see this as our inabil-

ity to succeed and then the end of commitment,” he said. The United States and Afghanistan have for months been negotiating on a strategic pact for a long-term presence in Afghanistan of US advisers and possibly some elite troops, while at the same time trying to draw the Afghan Taliban and other insurgents into twin-track peace talks. But in March the Taliban suspended exploratory negotiations with the United States, seen by backers as a way to end the country’s conflict, while refusing to meet President Hamid Karzai’s government, calling its officials US “stooges”. Ludin, a former chief of staff and spokesman for Karzai, said he was confident an agreement would soon be signed with Qatar to open a Taliban representative office in the Gulf state as a vehicle for talks, about which he was “positive”. Ludin said he also held strong hopes that both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia’s governments would weigh in to give political momentum to Afghan government efforts to engage the Taliban. “We are working under the assumption that once this process moves, and once we bring some of the other contributing ele-

ments to this, we need to make sure we create an environment with support from not just Pakistan, but other countries - notably Saudi Arabia - but above all Pakistan,” said Ludin. “i think at the regional level, we seem to be coming closer to a consensus that is basically the need of the day, and that there will have to be a political process, there will have to be something done to end violence and bring peace to Afghanistan.” The “key contribution” for talks to succeed would need to be from Pakistan, where the Afghan president travelled in February to ask for access to Taliban leaders belonging so the so-called Quetta Shura (council), Ludin said. named after the Pakistani city where they are said to be based, Shura members would be the decision makers in any substantive peace negotiations. But Pakistan denies that any top insurgents enjoy sanctuary within its borders. “SPOILER” ALERT: “There are a number of elements and we all know what those are. The question of access, the question of providing a conducive environment for contacts to be established and for talks to take place wherever they are,” Ludin said.

“We need to bring about an environment where leadership of the Taliban can viably use that office to engage with Afghanistan, with the government of Afghanistan, in constructive forward-looking talks about the peace process and about taking this step forward.” A revitalised peace process would be in the interests of the entire region, Ludin said, although some groups he would not name were acting as “spoilers” to a negotiated peace after decades of war during which millions of Afghans have fled. While he would not clarify whether he meant neighbouring nations, reports in the United States this week said American officials believed iranian agents had been active in trying to instigate violent protests in Afghanistan after the inadvertent burning of Korans by a US soldier at a nATO base. “There is no doubt that there are various diverging interests at work,” Ludin said. “What is important is that we really do not create excuses and opportunities for spoilers, for elements that wish to undermine the current transition. That should be our priority and that will be our priority.” Karzai has demanded US and other for-

eign troops withdraw from Afghan villages after an American soldier allegedly massacred 17 civilians in Kandahar, while the burning of several copies of Holy Quran in February triggered protest riots that raged for a week. Afghanistan had signed strategic agreements with several countries contributing troops to the 130,000-strong nATO coalition in the country, including Britain and italy. The government would soon finalise one more with close US ally Australia, Ludin said before leaving for Canberra. The transition to fully Afghan-provided security to be completed by 2014 was poorly understood, he said, as the country would then enter a period of transformation, with Western aid and advisers likely to remain in the country. economic aid would also continue to ensure no sudden economic collapse and flight of capital as wealthy Afghans and businesses moved their assets to safety elsewhere. “in the last 10 years, it has been about military security assistance to Afghanistan. now that we have our own institutions, we don’t need that kind of support. What we need is your political commitment ... and also not least your economic assistance in the long term,” he said.

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Lutfullah’s collected voices a history preserved: ZA nizami 07 CHaMPION Of SINDHUDESH NO MORE

Candle light vigil for Bashir Khan Qureshi KARACHI



ArrYinG candles in their hands and tears in their eyes, several mourners, including a large number of women and young men, gathered at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) Sunday evening to pay rich tributes to their beloved leader, the Sindhi nationalist/separatist and former Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) chairman Bashir Khan Qureshi. The mourners placed a large portrait of Qureshi, in front of which they spread rose petals and lit candles all around to observe a candle light vigil outside the KPC to remember their beloved leader. Qureshi died under mysterious circumstances in Sakrand, Benazirabad district Friday night. He was laid to rest in his hometown ratodero, Larkana district Saturday afternoon. Tens of thousands of people, including JSQM members and supporters and political activists rushed to his native town to attend the funeral. Several attendees were rendered unconscious due to the pain of Qureshi’s departure. Business activities were suspended, as people in several large and small cities, towns and even villages observed a complete shutter-down strike to mourn Qureshi’s death. Several poets and poetesses of the Sindhi language wrote sad poetry to pay him tribute. Qureshi spent his entire life following the teachings of JSQM founder, veteran politician and “father of modern Sindhi nationalism” GM Syed. Syed was the first person to pass the Pakistan resolution for a separate independent state from the British-era Sindh Assembly.

However, after the fall of dhaka, he announced his hatred for Pakistan, and started the struggle for Sindh’s separation from the country to establish Sindhudesh, for which he founded the Jeay Sindh Tehreek (JST), which later became JSQM. Qureshi had joined Syed’s political ideology as a student leader from the platform of JST’s student wing, the Jeay Sindh Student Federation (JSSF). Qureshi, originally from Motan Pur Mohalla in ratodero, Larkana district was born on August 10, 1959 in a lower middle class family. After completing his primary and secondary education in ratodero, Qureshi went to college in Shikarpur and was enrolled at the Sindh Agriculture University, Tando Jam in 1976. His father Ghulam Murtaza wanted him to be an agriculture expert, but a meeting in Sann with the iconic leader of the Sindhi nationalist movement Syed was the start of Qureshi’s eventful political career. Qureshi became an active member of the JSSF and later joined the JST. After Syed’s death in 1995, the JST was renamed JSQM and Qureshi was elected as its deputy convener. He went on to head the party. Qureshi remained in different jails for around a decade, and during the previous dictatorship, he was also brutally tortured. After becoming the head of the party, he ran several successful protests, including the famous sit-in at the Sindh-Punjab border town of Ubarwaro against the most controversial project of the Kalabagh dam, in which former prime minister Benazir Bhutto had also taken part. in 2007, JSQM organised a massive event – a march from Sukkur to Karachi – and it took 146 days for them to reach the

provincial capital. On March 23 this year, Qureshi-led JSQM organised a freedom march on the MA Jinnah road in Karachi, in which tens of thousands of people from across the

province participated. Addressing the freedom march rally, Qureshi demanded the US and other superpowers of the world to help the Sindhispeaking people to get their own country

– the Sindhudesh. The supporters of Sindhudesh have arranged candle light vigils in several cities of Sindh, including Karachi, Hyderabad and Jamshoro. PHOtO BY IMrAN AlI

‘Urgent steps needed to restore normalcy in Gilgit’ KARACHI Pr

The rabita Committee of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has expressed concern over the law and order situation in Gilgit and demanded the government to take urgent steps for restoring peace and order. The committee said that the situation in Gilgit had been extremely tense for the past week after the killings of innocent people in various violent incidents. People were besieged in their houses due to the imposition of curfew and normal life was paralysed. The committee said that the failing law and order situation in Gilgit is a cause of concern for the people of Pakistan. The MQM shares the grief and sorrow of the people of Gilgit on the senseless loss of lives. The committee appealed to ulema of various schools of thought to play their role for restoring peace and bringing sectarian harmony in Gilgit. The committee also appealed to President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf raza Gilani, interior Minister rehman Malik and Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah to take serious notice of the situation prevailing in Gilgit.

The committee said that the elements responsible for bloodshed, violence and lawlessness should be identified and brought to book. ZArdAri’S ViSiT: Founder and leader of the MQM Altaf Hussain has hailed the visit of President Zardari to india and welcomed his meeting with indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Hussain said that the MQM wants cordial and honourable relations with all the neighbouring countries for bringing peace and prosperity in the region. He hoped that the meeting between the two leaders would prove to be an important step in the direction of improving relations between Pakistan and india. eASTer: Hussain felicitated the Christian community on the occasion of easter. in his easter message, the MQM chief said that Christ had taught the world about the dignity of mankind, peace and brotherhood, and it is the need of the hour to preach his message of humanity and tolerance. He congratulated the Christian community and asked them to pray for world peace, welfare of mankind, and security and integrity of the country.

twenty five-year-old Muhammad Adeel (2.75 feet tall) with 17-year-old Anam (3 feet tall) during their wedding ceremony held in Korangi. family members are also pictured. IMRaN aLI

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PakistaN today

08 karachi

Monday, 9 April, 2012



ashion Pakistan proudly welcomes you to the third Fashion Pakistan Week. Pakistan’s most powerful and influential designers are all under one roof for one week only in Fashion Pakistan Week 3. This is a one in a lifetime experience for all those who appreciate and understand high fashion at its best. Fashion Pakistan Week is ready to show the entire industry and media who the real designers of the fashion industry are. it’s the official

PhotoS by IMRAn AlI

fashion event of this year. Fashion Pakistan Week is the country’s first and largest platform providing a muchneeded boost to Pakistan’s fledgling fashion industry. This council’s objective is to show the world that the Pakistan fashion industry is a force to be reckoned with and was created to promote and support Pakistani fashion in the global marketplace. as a part of the Council of international Fashion Designers, Fashion Pakistan Week members represent a major segment of the design fraternity working together to encourage, promote and facilitate the development and growth of the fashion industry

and make it competitive in international markets by building on relationships with buyers both overseas and domestic, establishing and strengthening ties with foreign designers. Fashion Pakistan Week achieved their first landmark with the huge success of Fashion Pakistan Week 1 and 2. it not only opened new vistas for the council, but also reinforced the council’s trust in the fact that nothing is impossible. it encouraged others to take the plunge and, as a result, Fashion Pakistan Week has sent a recent plethora of fashion weeks in Pakistan. Fashion Pakistan has grown over time, and more and more designers keep join-

ing the platform. This has encouraged the council to set sights higher and provide the impetus to organise another event that is even bigger in proportion to the previous two. at the time of its inception, Fashion Pakistan had some very clear objectives that we strive to fulfil to the best of our capabilities. as a company whose board is democratically elected, by the designer, for the designer, Fashion Pakistan is the fashion fraternity’s representative body. Fashion Pakistan Week’s primary objective is to educate, empower and encourage designers and promote traditional crafts.PR

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Monday, 9 April, 2012

karachi 09

Pictured here is the boundary wall of the natha Khan Bridge in a dilapidated condition, pointing an accusatory finger in the direction of the authorities concerned.

‘Govt promoting LPG to counter petrol prices, gas shortage’ KARACHI



He government has braved itself to meet the dual challenge of the increasing cost of fuel and the looming energy crisis through promotion of liquid propane gas (LPG), which is not only cheaper than petrol, but is also a viable substitute for compressed natural gas (CnG), said Federal Petroleum & natural resources Minister dr Asim Hussain. Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the country’s first autologous LPG station, the minister said that the strategy would also reduce the exceptionally high reliance of the domestic, industrial, transport and power generation sectors on the fast diminishing natural gas resources of the country. He said that a study conducted by the Sui Southern Gas Company has established that LPG would cost consumers rs 73 per litre against rs 103 for petrol and rs 70 per kg for CnG. “Average per km cost for these three fuel options would be rs 9.40 for petrol, rs 6 for LPG and rs 5 for CnG,” he added. in terms of velocity, he said that it would be 42 litres for petrol, 50 litres for LPG and 9kg for CnG with a petrolrun car covering a distance of 464km, LPG 600km and CnG 135km. “This is besides the fact that carbon content of LPG is far below as

compared to petrol or motor spirit,” said the minister. He said that the government’s energy policy has been developed after careful thinking and on the basis of which, the major focus has been on reshuffling the current energy mix of the country with 55 percent burden on gas currently. He also said that the present government’s approach is absolutely different from those adopted by the previous governments that ignored the depletion of natural gas while formulating their energy policies. “Usage of this precious commodity had risen to 8bcf, while its production was a mere 4.3bcf,” he said, regretting that the previous governments not only ignored the harsh facts, but the work on alternative sources of energy was also slow-paced. Hussain said that the present government had assumed power in a period when economic meltdown had turned into a global phenomenon and this has equally affected all the countries and their governments. despite this, the Pakistani government has substantially subsidised price of gas for domestic users, he said, mentioning that the government procured gas at a rate of $6, but provided it at $2 to the lifeline consumers. This, he said, could not be managed in context of oil and petrol (crude oil) due to international structuralisation. The minister said that the rs 14

charged under the head of general sales tax (GST) on every single litre of petrol could be slashed by the provincial governments that presently collect 70 percent of the GST share. He said that the government is keen to promote LPG on strong lines and expects that CnG stations’ owners and other stakeholders would opt for a conversion option that would be supplemented by government efforts to reduce rebate and other taxes on import of essential gadgets like pumps for LPG application. earlier, Hascol Petroleum Chairman Mumtaz Ahmed Khan said that LPG is a cheap as well as a more acceptable automobile fuel that would require import of specially designed pumps and special kits. He appealed to the government to provide relief on import duties as well as on other taxes for promotion of a public-friendly fuel that is not only cost-effective, but also environmentfriendly. “relief in duties will ultimately benefit the consumers,” he said. Khan also suggested the need for early notification of the framework chalked out for promotion of LPG with due stock towards associated safety and security nets. He said that all CnG stations and petrol pumps must be given the option to convert into LPG pumps that, he said, would be of great benefit for the people in general.

PakistaN today


Lutfullah’s collected voices a history preserved: Za Nizami KARACHI APP

Scholars highlighted the invaluable services of the great archivist and oral historian Lutfullah Khan at a literary reference organised by the Pakistan Academy of Letters. Held at the Sir Syed University of engineering & Technology (SSUeT) to pay homage to the late Lutfullah Khan, the reference was chaired by SSUeT Chancellor ZA nizami. Speaking on the occasion, nizami said that Khan was a committed and devoted person who spent most of his life in the collection of voices of people from different walks of life. nizami said that Khan had collected a wide variety of voices, like the speeches of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Gandhi and Maulana Azad, the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, noon Meem rashid, Jigar Moradabadi, and the sermons of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi. The chancellor said that Khan had some unique and extinct recordings of voices that no national institution could claim to have. He offered SSUeT’s full support in preserving the valuable record of voices by utilising the latest technologies. “The collected record of


voices by Khan is, in fact, our preserved history”, he added. in his speech, the eminent critic dr Muhammad Ali Siddiqui said, “We are a nation that tends to either distort history or give it a shape as we want to see it, but the late Khan recorded the voices in their original forms with complete honesty and sincerity.” He said that Khan was a more senior broadcaster than ZA Bukhari and Pitras Bukhari, but he has never been remembered as such. He claimed that if anyone were to listen to all the material that Khan had recorded, one would require at least three and a half years for that. Khan was able to save contemporary history to a

great extent, added the critic. Poetess Fatima Hassan informed the participants of the reference that Khan had recorded over 5,000 voices in a much organised form with well-maintained catalogues. She said that Khan was a multifaceted man who entered the world of archives through his passion for classical music. However, she added, it was being an archivist that overshadowed the rest of his talents. Poet Sarshar Siddiqui, Pakistan Academy of Letters Chairman Abdul Hameed and Pakistan Academy of Letters resident director Agha noor Muhammad Pathan also spoke on the occasion.

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Monday, 9 April, 2012

Hello! showcases the glamorous face of Pakistan

MonDAy tUeSDAy weDneSDAy 37°C I 22°C

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PRAyeR tIMIngS fajr 4:58

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Starting time in Karachi

CIty DIReCtoRy eMeRgenCy HeLP PoLICe 15 BoMB DISPoSAL 15, 99212667 fIRe BRIgADe 16, 99215007, 99215008 eDHI 115, 32310066-2310077 KHIDMAt-e-KHALq foUnDAtIon 36333811 ReD CReSCent 35833973 goVeRnoR’S HoUSe 136 CHIef MInISteR’S HoUSe 99202051 MotoRwAy PoLICe 130


99260400-09 99215749, 99215960 99201300-39 99201271-6 34930051 36811841-50


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Consulting editor wajahat Khan (left), Ceo and publisher Zahraa Saifullah (centre), and chief copywriter Rayan Khan discuss the launch of a Pakistani edition of the Hello! magazine at a press conference in Islamabad. afP KARACHI



eLLO! magazine has arrived in Pakistan, on a mission to celebrate the country’s glamorous side – one that is missing all too often in international news coverage – and to help develop a home-grown celebrity culture. A clink of jewellery, a tinkle of glass, a hushed audience and a lit-up runway – and Hello! Pakistan is launched in Karachi, with an extravagant four-day fashion show. Publishers hope the magazine, which will hit newsstands in mid-April, will – by showcasing gloss and glamour – dispel some of the gloomier images foreigners associate with Pakistan. “We will highlight the fashionable and the athletic, the intellectual and the aesthetic,” says Zahraa Saifullah. Pakistan already has a number of local publications whose glossy pages are devoted to showcasing the weekend engagements of the Pakistani elite. But the team at Hello! Pakistan – the country’s first international franchise of this kind – says that their approach will be different. “The aim is to move beyond the ‘typical 10’,” says Wajahat Khan, the consulting editor at the magazine. “We want the 11th man, the 12th girl, the 13th cross dresser.” “We have a thriving television industry, an emerging literary scene – and we have a very strong art scene,” adds editor-in-chief Mahvesh Amin. “We’re going to tap into all of these as well as others – politicians, businessmen, sports figures – and cover them as personalities.” in the US and the UK, she says, the mere sight of a celebrity walking down a street – say, Angelina Jolie – can classify as news. in Pakistan, this isn’t really the case.

“So we’ve decided that our coverage will be more achievement-oriented,” she says. “People who are doing good things have done great things. This way, we’ll create celebrities.” Saifullah, who says she grew up watching her mother and grandmother flipping through the pages of international Hello!, says it took her two years to coax the international franchise into Pakistan. initially, the management was “reluctant to enter a market that is not really perceived as a prime investment opportunity,” she says. it’s true, the market for an english-language print publication is limited in a country with low literacy rates even in Urdu. According to consulting editor Wajahat S Khan, the circulation figures of such magazines barely hit the 30,000 mark. Moreover, Hello! Pakistan, which will be published once a month, will be priced at rs 500 – no small amount by the country’s standards. Saifullah does not reveal any figures, but has full faith that her publication will do well. “We’ve done our research,” she says. “i can say with complete conviction that we will break the numbers of all english-language publications in the country.” in freelance fashion writer Moiz Kazmi’s opinion, two types of people will read the magazine. “Firstly, people will buy the magazine if they – or people that they know – have been featured in its pages,” he says. “Secondly, there are those who look at who’swearing-what in the magazine, then take it to their local tailors to get the clothes copied for themselves.” There are some critics out there though. Munawar Bawany, member of a local branch of Tanzeem-i-islami, a Lahore-based religious organisation that aims to inculcate islamic mores and values within society, says he would not read

rAPtUre | rUPtUre

the magazine – and would discourage his children from “bringing it into the house”. “Such magazines promote and perpetuate ideologies that aren’t inherently islamic, that aren’t part of our culture,” he says. “i would be concerned about the effect it may have on young people.” Saifullah, however, is quick to reassure that the magazine will take great pains to remain “socially responsible and culturally aware”. “You will never find a picture of a topless Veena Malik plastered on our cover,” she says, referring to the incident late last year when Pakistani film actress Veena Malik shocked segments of society by appearing on the cover of an indian magazine, apparently naked and with the letters i-S-i tattooed on her arm – an impertinent allusion to Pakistan’s intelligence agency. There are some further concerns. Publishing a lifestyle magazine that serves as an open advertisement of wealth could be problematic in a country like Pakistan where kidnappings – often for staggering amounts of ransom – are on the rise. A publication of this nature could also be viewed as symptomatic of a deeply-divided society – a disconnected elite, firmly ensconced in its own ivory tower, versus the impoverished masses. indeed, as models sashayed down the runway over the course of the four-day fashion showcase at Karachi’s upscale dHA Golf and Country Club, on the far side of the town, bullets were fired and buses torched as the city’s law and order situation took a turn for the worse. But there is nothing wrong, says Saifullah, in portraying a more buoyant image of the country. “it’s about time we began moving away from all this negativity that we dwell in and that we seem to thrive on,” she says. “There are so many positive things taking place in Pakistan that remain unspoken.”

tHe HerItAge COlleCtION





Art exhibition titled ‘rapture | rupture’ until April 17 at the VM Art Gallery. Call 34948088 for more information.

Ahmed Haroon Khan’s ‘The Heritage Collection’ from April 9 to 11 at the Zenaini Art Gallery. Call 35304227 for more information.

A group art exhibition from April 10 to 18 at the Grandeur art gallery. Call 35435744 for more information

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Monday, 9 April, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

with great power came great irresponsibility A little over a decade ago Pakistani Media comprised of a single channel. days were simpler, news was conveyed and both believed and doubted. There were people who believed that Media was state influenced. Then the first years of 21st century witnessed the advent of “free and independent” media in Pakistan and channel after channel popped on to our television screens. excitement got the best of journalists as well as viewers for the first few years and viewers overlooked glitches and blunders, but now after more than a decade of the so called freedom and independence it is

painful to find the maturity, that is much over due in our Media, absent. it was very upsetting to see that the tragedy that struck our soldiers in Siachin was not deemed worth a few minutes of airtime by our television channels and yet the expected menu for Mr. Zardari’s lunch in india got the status of “breaking news” and several wasted minutes of airtime on more than one private TV channel. it is absurd that stupid and irrelevant statements of indian celebrities make it to headlines of our news bulletins yet the avalanche that affected more than a hundred of our own soldiers and killed

Miserable schooling most of them is not news worthy? i do not intend to blame the entire industry but only those who, even if inadvertently, seem to be working on agendas and against the interests of Pakistan. This industry has acquired a lot of power and influence but with that power there should come some maturity. The format of talk shows should now change from instigation to identification and resolution of issues, the theatrics like thrilling music and flashing of phrases like “breaking news” and “news alert” should be reserved for news that is actually breaking or alerting. And the

childish race as to which channel got to a scene first is just sickening to the core, i fail to understand why it is believed that reaching first at a bomb explosion site would win people’s hearts and viewers actually care which channel was the first to reach a place where innocent fellow countrymen lost their lives, and even if it does benefit your ratings it is just too low a level to stoop for ratings. even though our media is very touchy and sensitive to criticism, i only hope this too is taken responsibly and maturely. ZAFAR ZULQURNAIN SAHI Lahore

Loadshedding The loadshedding has increased with the temperature of Karachi. The average temperature in Karachi is above 35 and average duration of loadshedding is above 6 hours. We are taking matriculation exams and we cannot study without electricity in this hot weather. i request the government to reduce the duration of loadshedding, at least during exams, for the sake of our better future. TAHIR KHAN Karachi

the US interference it seems that the US without wasting time attacks on the sovereignty of an independent country. it has happened for many a years. recently, levelling allegations on Hafiz Saeed is a complete violation of international law as well as the Un charter for basic human rights. The US should take lessons from past mistakes for saving the world as well as its citizens. Without any solid proof, declaring head money is incomprehensible. i advise the US to respect international law. TARIQ HUSAIN KHAN Karachi

tax nAto supplies Pakistan government should allow the transport of nATO containers but with some conditions. The conditions being, that they pay for this transport. They should use local companies for transport with the added condition that big companies should allocate 50 percent of the contract to small private transport companies. A road tax would also be payable which should be used exclusively to construct a heavy transport highway route, avoiding inner cities and villages. The nATO forces in Afghanistan will be leaving in 2014. This gives the government of Pakistan two years plus one year of moving out, for earning transport and road taxes. it will also give private companies time to grow. it will also allow the construction of a super highway for heavy trucks and some dry ports. This will help Pakistan earn tax income and will create thousands of jobs. And the reality is that after the nATO forces leave Afghanistan, the country will still require its goods to be transported via Pakistan. And the new Central Asian countries have already started their transport of goods, which would only increase with the completion of the Chinese railway Line from the Tajikistan border to Pakistan border in Afghanistan. We would require heavy goods transport infrastructure and many experienced companies to continually benefit from this established transport route to Central Asia. This will also help Pakistan jump start the Gwadar Port and generate business from there. By delaying this decision we are only losing money and prolonging the stay of nATO troops in Afghanistan. SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER Peshawar

Few months back a report was issued on a survey conducted by South Asian Forum for education development (SAFed) that indicates a large number of students in islamabad can’t read or do simple arithmetic. Although this report was denied but does the denial of our authorities really matter? report showed that around 42 percent of students cannot read sentences, 57 percent cannot perform subtraction, 49 percent cannot read simple words and about 53 percent of students cannot recognise numbers from 0-99 and such miserable schooling condition is not only limited to public schools but in private schools as well. This is not only limited to islamabad, situation in other cities like Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar is quite similar. The only thing behind the success of west is education and we are least bothered to educate our people properly. Concerned authorities should consider this issue as their topmost priority. UMER BIN AJMAL Karachi

Street crimes – a menace

the Indian peace overtures The indian government and media ensure complete black out of Pakistan cricket and its telecast in india. Furthermore, they have also ensured and used all dirty tactics to cause maximum damage to Pakistan cricket. And for touring Pakistan, none of the indian sports teams are allowed to visit Pakistan on the pretext of security. But at the same time, india gives no reason to boycott our players from iPL and not inviting Sialkot Stallions from Champions League Cricket T20 Tournament. Actually, what india and USA want is an uninterrupted land route via Pakistan, for india to Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of foreign forces from that occupied country, so that to keep the

influence of Taliban forces, to the minimum possible level. But for such a huge favour, both US and india don’t want to give any concessions, which will bring peace and stability to Pakistan. As such, it is incumbent upon the government of Pakistan, as minimum dignity levels and standards require that TV channels should be ordered forthwith to stop telecasting any indian sporting event, including iPL matches underway these days till such time india behaves and responds like a friendly and peaceful neighbour. Moreover, Pakistan must demand it’s pound of flesh from the US and india. SYED NAYYAR UDDIN AHMAD Lahore

IPL’s discriminatory stance despite remarkable presentation by the Pakistani players in the first edition of iPL, they are once again abandoned in the iPL edition of 2012. The performance by the Pakistani players outshined the performance of rest of the players which, as expected, led to the emergence of resentment among the board members of iPL. The explanation given by the commissioner of iPL for not including Pakistan was that Pakistani players were accessible via auction but it was

exclusively up to the franchise whether to pay money for them or not. This was a failed attempt to cover up their discriminatory stance against Pakistani players which may be due to their own insecurities. recently, in the fifth edition of iPL, Azhar Mehmood was purchased for US$ 200,000 by Kings Xi Punjab after receiving the British passport. it clearly points to the fact that a cricket player with a Pakistani green passport cannot enter the

door of the indian Premier League. ravindra Jadeja, who cannot match the proficiency of players like Umer Gul, Shahid Afridi and Saeed Ajmal, was sold for US$ 2million. it is evident that the indian Premier League does not want Pakistani players to be a part of this league as it would lead to a shift in focus from the indian players to our outstanding Pakistani cricket players. YUMNA RAFI Karachi

The increasing number of street crimes has now become a threat to the lives of common people. Street crimes are becoming a part of routine life of people of major cities of the country like Lahore and Karachi. The people of Lahore are very much afraid because of street crimes. The robbers snatch personal belongings of people such as their mobile phones, money and jewellery etc on the streets. There is no security for people, let alone vehicles. These criminals threaten people to give their belongings or they would lose their lives. The need of the hour is that our provincial government and city police took action on this problem. These criminals should be arrested so that common people live freely without any fear of losing their belongings. SIDRA FAZAL Lahore Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan Fax: +92-42-36298302 E-mail: Letters may be edited for length and clarity. It would be appreciated if letters were addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

Post conviction scenario By Moeen Qureshi


he Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Youasf raza Gilani, is under dark clouds in these days as he is facing contempt of court proceedings in the Supreme Court of Pakistan for not writing a letter to the Swiss government to reopen the graft cases against Mr Asif Ali Zardari, the President of Pakistan, despite its new direction dated 8 March, 2012. Conversely, Mr Yousaf raza Gilani is of the firm view that “the President of Pakistan, who is also head of the state, has been provided complete immunity against the initiation of any kind of criminal proceedings in any court by the constitution of the islamic republic of Pakistan as long he is holding the office of the president.

The immunity is also available to him under the international law as well.” He says that if he does not write a letter to the Swiss government as directed by the Supreme Court he may go behind the bars for six months but if he writes a letter, he would commit much bigger crime which may even take him to gallows for violating the constitution of the islamic republic of Pakistan. The constitutional experts are sharply divided on the interpretation of the immunity clause which provides protection to the president. Some of them are of the opinion that there is no harm in writing a letter. if the Swiss government decides to initiate criminal proceedings against him, he may claim immunity against his trial provided to him in the constitution. Other legal and constitutional experts are of the view that

it would be ridiculous to take up such a plea in the Swiss court by the president of Pakistan, especially in the circumstances when the Supreme Court of his own country has not provided him the said protection. in view of divergent views of the legal and constitutional experts, it is appropriate to have a look into the provision of the constitution itself. Article 248 clearly states that no criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the president or a governor in any court during his term of office, and no process for arrest or imprisonment of the president or a governor shall be issued from any court during his term of office. Although from the very face of it, Article 248 forbids the initiation or continuation of any kind of criminal proceedings against the

president during his tenure, yet there are number of constitutional experts who are of the view that since the Supreme Court has the unfettered powers to interpret the constitution, it may do so in any way it likes and may send the prime minister behind the bars for not obeying its order. However, there are many other legal and constitutional experts, who are of the view that when the language of the constitutional provisions or law is clothed with clear and unambiguous words, even the Supreme Court does not have the power to interpret it differently. Hence, the Supreme Court cannot interpret the word “nO” into “YeS” as it has to work while remaining within the limit of the constitution. Should such an eventuality arise when the Supreme Court decides to send the prime minister

behind the bars on the basis of its authority of interpretation, it may give rise to a very complex situation as. After the conviction of prime minister, some frustrated citizen may send a reference under Article 209 of the constitution to the president for referring it to the Supreme Judicial Council to inquire into the conduct of all those judges of the Supreme Court who remained directly or indirectly involved in the interpretation of the above constitutional provision. in such a complex situation, it is feared that there may hardly be any judge of the Supreme Court left to preside over the proceedings of the Supreme Judicial Council for determining the issue as to who violated the provision of the constitution: prime minister or judges of the Supreme Court. in order to avoid this ugly sit-

uation where almost all the judges of the Supreme Court are required to face the Supreme Judicial Council for inquiry into their conduct, which would certainly be highly undesirable and embarrassing for the judges and as well as for the nation, some well-wishers of the judiciary are of the view that it would be wiser and more appropriate if the honourable judges of the Supreme Court stop proceedings in this case and refer it to the parliament for making a decision on the issue of immunity to the president rather than deciding it themselves, just like it was done in the past on the matter of the 18th amendment in the constitution concerning the articles relating to appointment of higher judiciary for an oversight by the parliament. The writer is a lawyer.

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12 comment Dargah diplomacy even if the speed is glacial


etractors have much to say about how inappropriate it is for the president’s visit to india to be personal. And they do have a point. The presidential posse, an entourage that costs quite a packet per trip, accompanies him. So does his son, who despite being chairperson of the party that rules the country, does not enjoy any state position. But, in a way, this being a personal visit to a shrine carries a particular effectiveness as a confidence building measure that no other visit could. A sign of how deeply inextricable a relationship exists between the two neighbours, for the head of state to visit this traditional nemesis country for spiritual reasons. Till this went to press, Ajmer, deoband, nankana Saheb, Sehwan Sharif etc are not changing their nationalities and there is no chance they will anytime in the future. But the motives clearly weren’t only spiritual. The meeting has acquired all the trappings of a solid diplomatic meeting, with the president having met the indian premier. At another end of the border, an estimated 133 people, 124 of them soldiers, are missing in an avalanche in the Siachen sector. Though rescue efforts are underway, the worst fears in such a situation are more than a likely possibility. This paper would like to reach out to the families of these brave souls who risk their lives on a daily basis so that the rest of their compatriots could live in peace. But nowhere should this sympathy, and sturdy admiration, for our jawans be construed as a reluctance to question the wisdom of waging a war in this sector in the first place. dating back to the ’80s when an indian brigadier is said to have had the bright idea to occupy what is, in fact, a glacier, this conflict has claimed many lives at a great financial cost for these two poor countries. They started it, yes, but it doesn’t mean we can’t end it. Modalities for a withdrawal can be worked out here. Self-styled Clausewitzes on either will roll out their maps and, drowning in their own testosterone, wax strategic about the importance of the sector. Let the political leadership on both sides resist the impulse to believe in them. The guns stopped firing in Siachen in 2004. if that could be done, the checkpost and bases on both sides can also be discontinued. Both sides are losing this war to the elements. Let us not send any more kids to freeze to death.

Losing interest the crisis of our times


or some time now, the gaze of the mainstream media evades the status of the idPs. Such are the very mechanics and dynamics of the media. There is always a newer story to tell and older, but ongoing, news, much like stale entertainment programming, loses its audience. The floods of 2010 were perhaps on of the greatest natural calamity this country has seen. They were covered as adequately as the mainstream media allows. The floods that followed the year after that were also very serious. not as much, granted, but a major disaster nonetheless. That didn’t get nearly the same amount of coverage. The same is the case for the incidents of police brutality. They were all the rage back when they first started being aired on TV. When citizens from all over the country realised there actually is a market for this, they started sending in a flurry of videos. if the viewers noticed that such videos stopped being aired, it would do them good not to assume the cases of police brutality had ceased. They had just stopped making for good TV anymore. A similar plight faces the situation of the idPs in the northwest. Though the war in South Waziristan has been bringing its own share, flooding the cities of di Khan and Peshawar, the latter city also faces the brunt of the operation in the nearby Khyber agency, where the military has been engaged in a long, drawn out battle with the Lashkar-e-islami. it has been a strange set of operations, the ones in Khyber, with stranger beginnings. The absurdity of the whole affair would have made good humour if the human costs weren’t so great. The problem with the whole situation, however, is access of the affectees to television. With a mainstream media unmoved by their plight, feelings of alienation from the rest of the country are bound to emerge. Couple this, then, with the military’s ham-fisted approach to the operation, with artillery shelling pounding civilian settlements. Are the idPs being courted well in the battle for hearts and minds? if it weren’t for the fact that the other side, the militants, are even more abhorrent an option, these poor citizens would have defected long ago. The media needs to show some empathy and realise that a shouting match between government functionaries can be interrupted for some reports about the idPs as well.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-34330811-3 Fax: 021-34330900 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

Monday, 9 April, 2012

Scared of disagreement Are your beliefs that hollow?

By Waqqas Mir


he year is 1948. Major Mahmud, an Ahmadi, is murdered in a manner described by the 1954 Justice Munir report as “singularly brutal.” He is an army officer. His car suffers a breakdown close to a place where an angry mob has held a meeting denouncing Ahmadis — this is 1948 when Pakistan does not have its own constitution providing for a definition of a Muslim and a non-Muslim. Major Mahmud is chased by a crowd after they learn of his beliefs. He suffers multiple injuries from blunt instruments. He is helpless against the attacking mob which stabs him multiple times till his entrails fall out. But this isn’t the majority’s problem, right? The year is 2012. An Ahmadi school teacher is picked up by the police and dies in police custody, allegedly because of torture. People fail to protest. After all, he is an Ahmadi and many people die of torture in police custody so why should he get special attention? A woman commits suicide after being the victim of an acid attack. The media raises questions while shying away from others. A popular talk show host becomes an apologist for the attacker — detailing how women almost ask for these crimes to be committed against them. Mr Javed Chaudhry’s article was repulsive in many ways. As a lawyer, i have all the respect for anyone wanting to explain why people commit crimes since society often does not discuss that. But there is a difference between an explanation and a justification; the latter imparts a moral quality to heinous acts. even the most skilled advocate would think twice about running the sort of misogynistic defence that the likes of Mr. Chaudhury have furthered. i said skilled, not typical. A society’s reaction to crimes against its most vulnerable is important. equally important is its reaction to crimes committed against people who further unpopular discourse. This after all is a society where many politicians including the increasingly self-righteous and popular ones explain suicide bombings by blaming drone attacks. As if every child being brainwashed in suicide bombing schools has lost someone or every instructor there has suffered a loss and turned vengeful. That is the beauty of rhetoric, i guess. When popular opinion makers and politi-

cians say the absurd many will just accept it. When Mr Salmaan Taseer was murdered, there was no shortage of people who said, “But why did he have to speak out against blasphemy laws? He should have known better.” As if something as sacred and deep rooted as a religion is threatened by a differing point of view. every time i write about these issues i get a ton of emails saying that we have bigger problems, that corruption and power cuts affect people’s lives more than these issues. And my reaction, each time, to such reasoning is the same; i am deeply disturbed. it is easy for people to say “we have bigger problems” when they have never been the target of a systematic campaign aimed at certain viewpoints or beliefs. Adopting a deeply selfish stance to the plight of others might have reasons but again it is not justified. not by any variant of logical reasoning if you care about law or justice. Why should our imagination be so limited? Why can’t we tolerate or even defend unpopular viewpoints expressed by people? There is something deeply rotten about a society where murderers are greeted with rose-petals while victims are blamed. The discourse surrounding these issues is inherently twisted and the opinion makers engage in a great disservice by not clarifying the issues. Of course all crime should be condemned but that does not mean that we stop condemning certain crimes because they involve people who say things that make us uncomfortable. islam is not threatened if someone takes issue with the way blasphemy laws are implemented or the way they have been drafted. Man made laws can have many problems and many of our laws do. if people can make a general argument about how the justice system often fails to deliver, why shouldn’t

someone be allowed to target its specifics and speak for people who are victimised? You do not have to agree with someone’s faith or beliefs but that does not have to result in you failing to condemn the fact that people are targeted because of their beliefs. This culture of becoming apologists for criminals is hurting us deeply. Then there are also the likes of Mr Zaid Hamid who decided to approach the apex court of the land to deal with traitors. Here is the first bit of bad news for Mr Hamid: your lawyer doesn’t seem to have given you the right advice. And here is some advice: if you believe in a country and in a religion, then you insult both if you think that disagreement is a threat. i vehemently disagree with what Mr Hamid says and also with what most blatantly patriarchal television hosts say when crimes are committed against women. But the solution is not to kill their speech. The solution, i believe, is more speech. Let the fearmongers insult their own intelligence. But i am not willing to allow them to threaten our collective freedom. And if our freedom matters to us then we should use that to condemn, in the strongest terms, the crimes against the most vulnerable members of our society. There is nothing to be gained by becoming apologists for the most heinous crimes. in fact, we imperil our own freedom each time we do so. And shame on those who raise slogans of patriotism and religiosity only to go running to courts just because someone disagrees with them. Genuine love for country or religion is never this hollow. The writer is a Barrister and an Advocate of the High Courts. He is currently pursuing his LL.M in the US and can be reached at or on Twitter @wordoflaw

regional Press

US will leave; the problems will stay Daily Pashtun Post


ith the start of strikes against Afghanistan in the name of the war on terror, any chance and hope for peace in the region were dashed. The US actions, one after the other, backfired and contributed more to instability and violence in the war-torn region than contributing to peace and stability. it is because the land of Afghanistan has proved to be area of defeat for the allied forces. The US was here in Afghanistan with an aim of seeking permanent bases in the country but it seems that it will not be able to fulfil this aim as it is facing interminable losses on all fronts in Afghanistan and its ailing economy will be hardpressed to sustain any kind of prolonged military presence in the country. This is why they want to cut their losses and run now. The proof is in the fact that the Americans are seeking talks with the Taliban for peace and have duly opened an office at Qatar for the same purpose.

The question is whether the plan to have a military presence in Afghanistan by the US has yielded any result or has the US realised the mistake it committed in plunging into the region without thinking the entire thing through. Pakistan should be praised for the role it has played in the larger interest of the region. not only has Pakistan hosted millions of homeless Afghans for decades, it has also ceaselessly continued with its efforts for lasting peace in the region through cooperation with regional and global stakeholders. The talks intended for peace in the region among various stakeholders cannot shun the importance of Pakistan to the whole process. But in the ultimate analysis, it is the Afghans who must have a solution of their liking. A solution that has been manufactured to cater to the interest of other stakeholders and powers will not sit well with the Afghans and will be doomed to fail from the start, as history has proved. Thus, the process must ensure that the Afghans are freely able to decide what is best for them. – Translated from the original Pashto by Abdur Rauf Khattak

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Monday, 9 April, 2012

Bounty on the mutiny Can India and Pakistan have a ‘war’ beyond boundaries?

third eye By M J Akbar


ashington is famous for many things: fragrant cherry blossoms in springtime; a slender steeple monument in the middle of a park full of weekend kites; a cityscape planned by the secret society of Masons; and a White House that is, on closer inspection, perfectly white but not much of a house. But it is not famous for generosity in strategic policy. The United States has not offered a bounty of $10 million for “information leading to the capture of Hafiz Saeed” because Saeed is india’s enemy. it did so because Saeed is America’s enemy, and one ready to use terrorism in pursuit of his manic fantasies, as he did when orchestrating the attack on Mumbai in 2008. Washington is not in the business of borrowing headaches; it has enough of its own. This is further evidence of an emerging fact, that india and America are challenged by the same enemy on the battlefield of international terrorism. Wartime alliances are not defined by the presence of common friends, but by the existence of enemies in common. The most important development this year in indiaPakistan relations is not President Asif Zardari’s brief Sunday lunch with dr Manmohan Singh in delhi followed by a short prayer at the shrine of Gharib nawaz Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer, but this decision made in Washington, for it offers President Zardari a chance to choose his side in the war

against terrorists. The triangulation is neat, almost perfect. it cuts through the fog of political compulsions. The official, if unspoken, excuse for islamabad’s inaction against Hafiz Saeed is that it is impossible for any government in Pakistan to hand a leader of the “jihad” against india to delhi. india will be satisfied if Saeed is sent to a cell in America, because American courts will ensure justice. Zardari can join the india-US alliance against terrorism, or straddle the fence. There may not be closure, but there will be clarity. Hafiz Saeed is not some inverted robin Hood hidden in nottingham forest, or even an Osama bin Laden lost in Karachi’s urban jungle or a safehouse in Abbottabad. He lives quite publicly in Muridke, a suburb of Lahore, appears frequently on television, and delivers speeches at his own heavily secured mosque. The problem with America’s reward for information might be one of plenty. every journalist in Lahore, not to mention every policeman, could claim those ten million dollars [almost rs 100 crores in Pak currency; not bad]. The correspondent of London’s Financial Times could apply as well, for he met Saeed in January this year at rawalpindi and quoted him as saying, “Pakistan is facing very severe threats from both sides – india is one side, America and nATO forces are on the other, and the agenda of both is Pakistan.” The problem then is not information, but capture. information requires a cooperative ear; capture needs guts. does President Zardari have them? Can President Zardari touch a lesser target, Saeed’s brother in law Abdul rahman Makki, who may not make his captors as rich, but still offers a payout of two million American dollars? There is a fundamental question trailing Zardari: how much muscle does he carry in

his baggage? So far, his government’s only real response to America’s bounty offer has been studied silence. The Hafiz Saeed establishment has been more vocal. it dismissed the threat contemptuously as an “April Fool’s joke”. Why did Washington make this move now, adding sulphur to the fires raging across US-Pak bandwidth? Why was the signal sent from delhi on the eve of President Zardari’s “private” trip to india? This is an electric prod to President Zardari, to force him off the fence. Prayer is a useful metaphor for india-Pakistan relations, and rather better than cricket, which used to be General Zia ul Haq’s alibi for a sudden dash to india. The general, being ideologically closer to the puritan Jamaate-islami, had no time for shrines or 13th century saints. The president of Pakistan is not going to Ajmer to pray for victory in the next Pakistani election. in any case, even divine intervention may be inadequate. Politics, not prayer, brings him to india. He has done his cost-benefit analysis. He is not spending a Sunday in india to win brownie points abroad and lose support at home. nor is he there to make calibrated adjustments in the negative list for trade. The fly-on-the-wall during closed door conversations between Zardari and Manmohan Singh will hear talk of war, not peace. But they will discuss a war beyond their boundaries, and wonder if there is a faint chance that they just might, given enormous luck and deadly circumstance, become distant allies. That chance depends on what Zardari does about Hafiz Saeed. The columnist is editor of The Sunday Guardian, published from Delhi, india on Sunday, published from London and Editorial Director, india Today and Headlines Today.

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In defence of Hafiz Saeed ‘Wanted’ for more than the obvious reasons By Barrister Haider Rasul Mirza


he US State department claims that the $10 million reward on Hafiz Saeed is for information leading to evidence that can stand judicial scrutiny in the court of law. The US State department’s briefings on the issue are in fact an admission that there is no evidence against the man on whom they have bestowed the ‘honour’ of being one of the most dangerous men in the world. in the absence of any indictment and without confronting Hafiz Saeed or the Government of Pakistan with any allegation of his involvement in an act of terrorism, the US announced a bogus reward in blatant disregard of international laws and diplomatic norms. So then i ask myself, ‘Why did they come up with such a decision?’ For the answer to this $10 million question, let us take a back seat and revisit the events as they unfolded after the horrific and tragic 26/11 Mumbai attacks. it all started in december, 2008 when, after the unfortunate Mumbai episode, india successfully managed to designate Hafiz Saeed and Jamaat-ud-dawa (Jud) on the United nations Security Council’s Al-Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Committee’s consolidated list. This enlistment was termed by the indian foreign policy analysts as a smart and prompt move which would serve as a good pressure tactic with regards to the newly born democratic government and the decades old security establishment of Pakistan. india’s success at the Un also helped it in discrediting the Kashmir issue with the argument that it is nothing but an insurgency sponsored by the terror outfits affiliated with Al-Qaeda. Hafiz Saeed successfully challenged his detention before the Hon’ble Lahore High Court, where he argued that ‘detention’ was never a part of the measures authorised by the UnSC’s Sanctions Committee. He also pleaded that such actions were an example of over-compliance on the part of the government and that too in violation of his fundamental rights guaranteed under the constitution of Pakistan. By invoking the constitutional jurisdiction of the High Court, Hafiz Saeed made it clear that he was ready to face all allegations. By confronting the allegations being

levelled by the indian lobby, he not only exposed their innate weakness but also asserted that in fact it was his support for the Kashmiri cause that was bothering the indian pundits. The High Court, while setting aside his detention orders, observed that there was no evidence that Hafiz Saeed had any links with Al-Qaeda or any terrorist movement and there was no evidence of any linkage or his involvement in the Mumbai attacks. Committed to confronting the allegations being tabled by the Government of india, Hafiz Saeed also approached the UnSC’s Sanctions Committee through its focal point for de-listing, and urged them to confront him with any evidence that was available on record. While pleading his right to a fair trial, he also highlighted that the Sanctions Committee was bound to respect the Universal declaration of Human rights and the decisions of the superior judiciary in Pakistan. The request for de-listing filed on behalf of Hafiz Saeed not only questioned the procedure being adopted by the Sanctions Committee as violation of due process, but also confronted the political overtones that were taking toll at the Un. Through his request for de-listing, Hafiz Saeed strongly condemned the Mumbai attacks and expressed his sorrow over the tragic incident. While rejecting any suggestions of his association with Al-Qaeda or Lashkar-e-Taiba, he reaffirmed that he does not prescribe to any act of a terrorist nature that kills innocent civilians and damages civilian property. He reiterated his political and moral support for the Kashmiri people which he still believes to be in line with various Un resolutions on the subject. He not only relied upon the judicial pronouncements of the Pakistani courts but also emphasised that neither he nor his organisation, Jud, are proscribed under the antiterrorism laws of Pakistan. As expected, the de-listing request was turned down by the Sanctions Committee. The focal point for de-listing, responsible for communication between the Committee and Hafiz Saeed, has now been scrapped by the Un and an Office of the Ombudsperson has been set up instead. Hafiz Saeed is now in the process of approaching the Ombudsperson for a de novo consideration of his delisting request. We might have our own opinions about the man and might disagree

with what he believes in, but it would be fair to conclude that Hafiz Saeed does not face any charge related to terrorism, either in Pakistan or the US, nor is he a convict or a fugitive from the law that would justify a $10 million bounty for his arrest or conviction. The sanctions imposed by the UnSC are mere preventive measures; detention was never a part of the Sanctions Committee’s mandate. The decisions taken by the committee cannot be used to justify a reward that could lead to Hafiz Saeed’s arrest in relation to any alleged anti-US activity, the proof of which the US is itself looking for. Terming a difference of opinion or disagreement with US policy as analogous to an act of terrorism would be nothing but an absurdity which appears to be the driving force behind the bounty on Hafiz Saeed. Such actions of the US encourage me to believe that the US has given itself the license to bypass all legal norms and to rely upon its ‘might is right’ policy to harass the citizens of another state. The timing of announcing such a reward suggests that there is more to it than just the US wanting to arrest Hafiz Saeed. The answer to the question that i initially asked appears to be that the decision has not been taken to please the indians, but in fact is an effort to pressurise both Pakistan and india. For india, the US tactic appears to be building up the public pressure focused on discouraging any future india-Pakistan economic cooperation, such as the gas pipeline initiative, till Hafiz Saeed is arrested by Pakistan. For the Pakistanis, the announcement appears to be yet another arm-twisting effort to restore nATO supply routes. Whatever the reasons might be, one thing is crystal clear: the US Policy makers genuinely believe that they are beyond the scrutiny of international and national laws and nothing can stop them from achieving their objectives, which they bizarrely believe are justified in the name of national security. With the realisation that there is more to come, i hope the policy makers in Pakistan soon chalk out a broader and more sustainable foreign policy, which talks of something other than just reliance on US dollars. The writer is counsel for Hafiz Muhammad Saeed before the UNSC Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee

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It was fun playing villain: Julia Roberts LOS ANgELES



U L i A roberts has essayed all kinds of roles with aplomb and acclaim and now this versatile actor is set to show her villainous streak in the Hollywood movie ‘Mirror Mirror’ directed by indian origin filmmaker Tarsem Singh. She says she had fun playing a negative character."it was fun to play this villain because there aren’t any real rules of syntax or reality that apply to her. So, i could kind of do anything and just go off the rails in any direction at any time and it would make sense to me," roberts said."in that regard, it was a lot of fun. You don`t have to worry too much about the reality of, `Would a person really do this?`" she added.‘Mirror Mirror’, releasing April 20, tells the tale of an evil queen, who takes over the control of a kingdom. An exiled princess takes the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright. The film is based on the classic fairytale ‘Snow White’ by the

Brothers Grimm. roberts says she was impressed after hearing Singh`s take on ‘Snow White’."i am such a fan of Tarsem, i thought, `Okay, well, i`d love to meet him. And if i have to go and sit and hear him talk about `Snow White` for an hour and then just talk about other things, then that`s what we`ll do.`The film boasts of elaborate sets and costumes, which left the 44-year-old `Pretty Woman` mesmerised."Well, they`re stunning and i really think they are such an integral part of the film and the characters. it`s the same as having these amazing sets, being in these kinds of clothes. They were completely original and authentic to what we were trying to accomplish," said roberts.For her role of the evil queen, roberts has been made to wear massive gowns.Her make-up is not particularly over-the-top, unlike other evil characters in showbiz.She rose to fame after playing the lead in the 1990 romantic comedy ‘Pretty Woman’. She won the Academy Award for best actress in 2001 for her performance in ‘erin Brockovich’.


LoS AngeLeS: Skyler gisondo, Lance Chantiles-wertz and Robert Capron, who play the young Stooges arrive at the Hollywood premiere of ‘the three Stooges: the Movie’.

LoS AngeLeS: will Sasso who plays the character of Curly in the ‘three Stooges: the Movie’ arrives at the Hollywood premiere.

whitney’s body was found ravaged by scars, cuts and had 11 teeth missing LONDON AgeNCIeS

Whitney Houston’s autopsy report shows that the tragic singer’s body had numerous scars, cuts and burns when she died.Years of drug and alcohol abuse had also left her with a weak heart and liver, a hole in her nose, and eleven false front teeth, the Sun reported.She even had a needle mark on an arm and was high on a cocktail of nine drugs when she died in a hotel bath in LA.Grisly evidence from police and medical teams revealed for the first time shows how swathes of skin were burnt off Houston’s back as she plunged into the scalding also resulted in “skin slippage” on her legs. Sources said that the temperature could have been 66°C when she climbed into the tub. Six hours after her death, the water was still 33°C. According to medical sources, she may have been so out of her mind on drugs that she did not notice how hot her bath was.A spoon covered with cocaine was found in her hotel suite at the Beverly Hilton hotel. Traces of the drug were found in her system plus marijuana, anxiety pills Xanax, muscle relaxant Flexeril, allergy medicine Benadryl and painkiller ibuprofen.The 48-year-old was also scarred by decades of cosmetic surgery, booze-fuelled fights and falls, and possible suicide attempts. The singer had a scar on her inner left forearm that sources claim may have been self-inflicted. days before her death, she stumbled out of a Los Angeles club with her legs and arms dripping blood.The official cause of death was declared to be accidental drowning with heart disease and cocaine use as contributing factors.

Priyanka urges people to watch cousin’s

‘Ishaqzaade’ MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra is excited about her cousin Parineeti`s forthcoming movie `Ishaqzaade` and urges fans to watch the flick.when Parineeti tweeted about Priyanka`s upcoming movie "teri MeriKahaani" saying, "’teri MeriKahani’ looks super fun!! go mimididi (Priyanka)," Priyanka replied saying, "thank you tishu!!! So does `Ishaqzaade` !yay! I`m so excited! May 11th coming up! watch out world..for my sister(sic)!!yash Raj films` (yRf) ‘Ishaqzaade’, which also marks the debut of filmmaker Boney Kapoor`s son Arjun will release May 11, tells the story of two fiery characters and their fight for power and supremacy. on the other hand, ShahidKapoor and Priyanka starrer ‘teri MeriKahaani’ is is being described as "a timeless love story". the film is set between 1910 to 2012. Directed by KunalKohli, it is expected to release in June. AgeNCIeS

lOS ANgeleS: Jane lynch, producer larry david, Becki Newton, Sara rue and Jenni Farley arrive at the Hollywood premiere of ‘the three Stooges: the Movie’.

Aishwarya to turn mom again? MUMBAI: If a noted film critic who also happens to be a friend of Aishwarya Rai is to be believed, the lady is ‘extremely keen’ to have another child.yes, you heard that right. Shocking as it may sound, but even Bollywood insiders suggest that Ash has refrained to work on long-term film projects probably because she’s keen to turn mum again.the 38-year-old actor delivered a baby girl in november 2011 and recently Ash with her hubby Abhishek travelled to Dubai with their first born.A first trip for Beti B, no official picture of Ash’s baby has been released so far. the mother of the four-month-old looked chic at the event in Dubai in an ethnic red Sabyasachi tunic that she paired with golden sandals. "yes, I am travelling with my baby and it`s just wonderful to be in Dubai," Ash said. AgeNCIeS

Sajid and Jacqueline’s love blossomed on board‘Housefull 2’? MUMBAI: given the fact that ‘Housefull 2’ has created a storm at the box office, filmmaker Sajid Khan seems to be revealing a lot more now than he has ever done earlier. Sajid has bid goodbye to a lot of his inhibitions, and has finally revealed that it was this very movie that acted as the blooming grounds for his alleged relationship with Jacqueline fernandez.Both Sajid and Jacqueline have been oversecretive about their relationship in the past, and the



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15 Britney Spears’

Cox does not remember ‘friends’ episodes

fiancé to share legal control over her LOS ANgELES AgeNCIeS


riTneY Spears’ father has asked a court to add his daughter’s fiancé as a co-conservator over her, according to PeOPLe. Jason Trawick, Spears’ former agent and fiancé, will only have shared legal control over Spears’ general well-being, not her finances, PeOPLe reported.This is a very unusual situation, because generally you don’t see conservatees get married,” Jeffrey S. Cohen, an L.A. probate attorney not involved with the case, told the magazine. “This could be a sign that the couple’s wedding is around the corner.”“This is probably a compromise between Britney, her father and Trawick to get the marriage off on the right foot. Obviously, her future husband needs to have a say in her wellbeing,” Cohen added. Jamie Spears has held legal control of his pop star daughter and her fortune since she suffered a psychological breakdown in 2008 and was hospitalised in Los Angeles.The conservatorship will be lifted when a judge believes Spears is healthy enough to fend for herself.

Katy Perry almost cast in ‘The Help’

Leonardo glad he skipped ‘Titanic 3D’ premiere





The one that got away? in a new interview with Teen Vogue pop superstar Katy Perry revealed that she was almost cast in ‘The Help’."There was a time when i was going to be involved in 'The Help' -- just a small part, i wasn't going to be emma Stone or anything -- but i couldn't because the shooting schedule conflicted with the release of my record," Perry told the magazine. "i was upset about that; i knew it was going to be an important film. not that i need to do drama first, but i do want to do something that makes a strong impression."Perry has already made some impression on the big screen with her voice. The singer voiced Smurfette in last summer's reboot of ‘The Smurfs’. She also appeared on episodes of ‘How i Met Your Mother’ and ‘raising Hope’.While it's not a prestige film like ‘The Help’, Perry does have a feature hitting screens this summer: ‘Part Of Me,’ a 3d concert film-cumdocumentary that details her rise to fame. That film will arrive on July 5.

reason is not very hard to guess. given Jacqueline’s young age and incipient beginnings in Bollywood, none of them want their relationship to serve as a nail in the coffin as far as Jacqueline’s career is concerned. Hence all the secrecy, all the tightlippedness.However, after ‘Housefull 2’, Sajid seems a bit at ease, and has revealed, “‘Housefull 2’ will always be special for me as it was during the making of this movie that I met the love of my life.”well, now that ‘Housefull 2’ is creating massive waves in the hearts of people, Sajid and Jacqueline can take things easy. AgeNCIeS


Shah Rukh

Leonardo diCaprio was nowhere to be seen at the world premiere of 'Titanic 3d' in London on March 27 where Kate Winslet caught up with director James Cameron and co-star Billy Zane.According to Us Magazine, a source said that diCaprio "is glad he got out of going to the Titanic premiere in europe"."He understands what it did for his career and is grateful, but he has moved so far forward and to another level. To bring ‘Titanic’ up again just isn't in his mindset. it took him a long time to move away from that character to get where he is," the source said, adding that there "are no hard feelings" between the actor and Cameron."They are still good and have talked recently," the source said.during a recent interview with iTV's daybreak, Winslet said it was fun to see how much she and diCaprio have grown since starring in the 1997 blockbuster that made them bonafide movie stars. “We do look very different. We were 21 and 22 when we made that film. You know, he's fatter now-i'm thinner," she had said.

to share screen with John MUMBAI: In what might appear as a pleasant surprise for many, Bollywood hunk John Abraham has now been cast across none other than Shah Rukh Khan as a parallel lead in the upcoming movie ‘Happy new year’. Latest from the farah Khan camp, the shooting for the film will begin in August this year.Shah Rukh Khan has a very few two-hero films in his career, and is known to shoulder most of his movies alone. Apart from ‘Karan Arjun’ where he played with Salman Khan and ‘Kal Ho na Ho where he was seen with Saif Ali Khan, the Badshah has hardly been seen with another hero on the silver screen.However, if speculations are to be believed, farah has promised John a major part in her film. the two share a Parsi connection, and farah is known to be very fond of Abraham. And as far as John is concerned, post the success of ‘Housefull 2’, he sure is looking forward to working with Shah Rukh. AgeNCIeS

Shahid Kapoor injured! MUMBAI: ShahidKapoor was spotted with bandaged fingers at a recent event. A friend of the actor reveals, "Shaks is a cricket fan. He loves playing the game with his neighbours. And during the last game, he hurt his hand." But that hasn't stopped him from playing. An insider adds, "the matches continue as Shaks feels that any sport activity is rejuvenating. He plays cricket for hours on end and never gets tired." that's dedication. AgeNCIeS

Actress Courteney Cox says she is so absent-minded that she can hardly recall many episodes of ‘Friends’, the show that made her a household name."My memory is the worst of anyone i know. every time i see an old episode of `Friends`, i`m surprised by what happens because i just don’t remember them," quoted her as saying. She played as Monica Geller on the show.She doesn`t remember the star guests on the show either."People come up to me and say, `i loved the episode so-and-so was in`. And i`m thinking, `really? That person did `Friends`," said the 47-year-old.

Daughtry sued by 3 ex-bandmates over song proceeds


Three of Chris daughtry's former bandmates are suing him, claiming he defrauded them out of proceeds from four songs that included music and lyrics they wrote together.The lawsuit accuses daughtry of "constructive fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, unfair trade practices, and other deceptive and wrongful conduct."daughtry posted a statement on his band's website saying he was hurt by the accusations and that the songs listed in the lawsuit were written solely by him.daughtry reached stardom in 2006 when he placed fourth on ‘American idol’, and recorded hits such as ‘Home,’‘it's not Over’ and ‘no Surprise’.

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16 Foreign News

Monday, 9 April, 2012

Iran rejects West’s ‘demands’ before elusive talks TEHRAN



rAn on Sunday rejected demands the West is reportedly to submit at talks due to take place in days, saying it will neither close its Fordo nuclear bunker nor give up higher-level uranium enrichment. Those two demands, outlined by european and US diplomats to The new York Times newspaper, were “irrational,” the head of iran’s Atomic energy Organisation, Fereydoon Abbasi davani, told iSnA news agency in a lengthy interview. Fordo, an underground bunker near the holy city of Qom, “is built underground because of sanctions and the threats of attacks,” he pointed out. “if they do not threaten us and guarantee that no aggression will occur, then there would be no need for countries to build facilities underground. They should change their behaviour and language,” he said. iran’s enrichment of uranium to 20 percent purity would likewise continue, despite unease from members of the P5+1 group — the five permanent Un Security Council members plus Germany — that it produced uranium stock just a few steps

short of military-grade 90-percent purity, Abbasi davani said. “We do not see any rationale for such a request from the P5+1,” he said. But, he added, “We will not produce 20 percent enrichment fuel more than what we need, because it is not in our benefit to produce and keep it.” iran says it needs 20-percent enriched uranium to produce medical isotopes in its Tehran research reactor, and lower, 3.5-percent enriched uranium for electricity generation in its Bushehr reactor. it insists that its entire nuclear programme is for exclusively peaceful ends. The United States and its european allies, however, fear the higher enrichment is part of a drive to develop a nuclear weapons capability. The new York Times quoted unnamed US and eU diplomats as saying the West would call for Fordo to be closed immediately and dismantled, and for uranium enrichment to 20 percent to be halted and for existing stockpiles to be shipped out of iran. The demands would be the opening move in what US President Barack Obama has called iran’s “last chance” to resolve the showdown over the nuclear issue diplomatically, the report said.

“We have no idea how the iranians will react,” the paper quoted one senior administration official as saying. “We probably won’t know after the first meeting.” israel has threatened to launch an attack if iran is deemed to be about to enter a “zone of immunity” that would put its atomic activities beyond the reach of israeli missiles. The United States has said military action is a last option, and has put its energies into tightening the sanctions noose on iran while trying to engage it diplomatically. Talks between the P5+1 and iran are seen as a chance to defuse tensions and find ways to overcome mutual suspicions. But while both sides agree the planned two days of negotiations should begin on Friday, there is still no agreement on the venue. iran had initially proposed istanbul — the host of the last round of talks, which failed in January 2011 — but then dropped it after Turkey lent backing to the opposition in its chief ally Syria, and suggested Baghdad or Beijing instead. iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a statement on his official website: iran is ready for negotiations and welcomes any suggestion for cooperation.”

iran opposes nuclear weapons, Ahmadinejad tells Japan ex-PM TEHRAN AFP

iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stressed to visiting former Japanese premier Yukio Hatoyama on Sunday that Tehran opposes nuclear weapons, his official website reported. “The islamic republic of iran is fundamentally opposed to the atomic bomb and weapons of mass destruction,” Ahmadinejad told Hatoyama. “iran and Japan can exert a common effort to create a world without atomic weapons ... difficult but humanitarian efforts will win in the end.” Japan is the only country ever to have suffered a nuclear attack, its cities of Hiroshima and nagasaki being targeted by the United States at the end of World War ii. Hatoyama’s presence in iran was an issue of contention in Japan, after Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Genba reportedly requested he not make the trip. Prime Minister Yoshihiko nodahe has also expressed concerns over Hatoyama’s visit, fearing it could undermine the Japanese government’s efforts for international coordination, Japanese media reported. The visit came at a tense time, with iran facing off against much of the West over its nuclear programme.

Main yemen airport reopens as US praises president SANAA AFP

The airport in Yemen’s capital reopened on Sunday after a one-day shutdown over threats from loyalists of a sacked general close to former strongman Ali Abdullah Saleh, as Washington praised new President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi. “The airport has opened after we have received reassurances from the air force that there will be no threats to aviation,” an aviation official said. “We are now preparing for the first flight” to take off since forces loyal to Saleh’s half-brother, General Mohammed Saleh al-Ahmar, who has refused to quit after being sacked by Hadi, surrounded the airport late on Friday. The general manager of Sanaa international Airport, naji al-Murqab, told the defence ministry’s news website that “all airlines were informed that the airport will receive incoming flights after all problems and obstacles which were threatening planes were resolved.” A military source said on Saturday that Ahmar had refused to go unless the defence minister and other senior officials also step down.

Japan deploys missile defences for north Korea rocket TOKYO

JeRUSALeM: Roman Catholic clergymen hold candles as they circle the aedicule during easter Sunday mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s old city on April 8, 2012. Christians traditionally believe that the church was built on the site where Jesus Christ was crucified and buried. afP


Japan has deployed missile batteries in Tokyo and dispatched destroyers as north Korea makes final preparations for a rocket launch that could take place this week despite fierce condemnation from across the globe. Pyongyang says it will launch a satellite for peaceful scientific research between April 12 and 16 to mark the 100th anniversary on April 15 of the birth of founding leader Kim il-Sung. But the United States and its allies say it is a disguised missile test and that the launch would contravene Un sanctions aimed at curbing north Korea’s missile programme. Beijing, north Korea’s main ally, has also expressed concern and called for restraint. “China is concerned and worried about the latest development on the Korean peninsula,” Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said Saturday, according to the official Xinhua news agency. Yang was Sunday holding a meeting on regional security with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts. A successful satellite launch would burnish the image of young Kim Jong-Un as he seeks to establish his credentials as a strong leader after taking over from his father and longtime ruler, Kim Jong-il, who died last december.

Violence blights pope’s Easter peace appeal VATICAN CITY AFP

Pope Benedict XVi appealed for peace in the world’s troublespots in his easter Sunday message but one of the holiest days for Christians was marred by fresh violence in nigeria and Syria. At least 20 people were killed in northern nigeria in a car bombing outside a church, the latest in a wave of attacks against the Christian community in Africa’s most populous country that have been blamed on an islamist sect. Speaking before a crowd of 100,000 faithful in St Peter’s square in rome, the pope called for an end to the bloodshed in Syria where fighting continues to claim lives ahead of a deadline next week for all sides to cease fire. “Particularly in Syria, may there be an end to bloodshed and an immediate commitment to the path of respect, dialogue and reconciliation, as called for by the international community,” he said. The pontiff also voiced hope that the

thousands of refugees fleeing the crisis were given help relieve “their dreadful sufferings”. Turning to iraq, he encouraged the people to “spare no effort in pursuing the path of stability and development” and in the Holy Land, he urged israel and the Palestinians to “courageously take up anew the peace process,” with direct talks between the two sides frozen since September 2010 Un peace envoy Kofi Annan declared himself shocked by the “unacceptable” escalation of violence in Syria, where 130 people were killed Saturday in one of the bloodiest days since protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime erupted in March last year. At least 11 more people were killed on Sunday as Assad’s regime insisted it would not pull out from cities in Syria as called for by the Un Security Council unless there were written guarantees from rebels. Pope Benedict also called for peace and stability to return to Mali after a military coup last month which was

followed by a widescale offensive by Tuareg rebels and armed islamist extremists who overran much of the northeast. Benedict also condemned the “savage terrorist attacks” on Christian churches in nigeria, as a car bomb exploded outside a church in the city of Kaduna just as easter services were being held inside. “To nigeria, which in recent times has experienced savage terrorist attacks, may the joy of easter grant the strength needed to take up anew the building of a society which is peaceful and respectful of the religious freedom of its citizens,” the pope said. in his easter message, the pope also urged reconciliation in the Great Lakes region of Africa, and in Sudan and South Sudan, where deadly border violence has erupted, raising fears of allout war between the rival neighbours. The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fuad Twal, spoke of the fear of Christians in the Middle east faced by a rise of extremist islam. “i wish all of you a

beautiful and holy feast of the resurrection, in the knowledge that the events unfolding in the Middle east threaten our region, our people and our Christians, that add a sombreness to this easter joy,” he said. Many, he said, “live in fear: fear due to the unrest in our region; fear of an uncertain, even dark future,” Twal, the most senior roman Catholic in the Middle east, said in a homily delivered at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s Old City. easter celebrations around the world also saw Catholic fanatics in the Philippines nailing themselves to crosses in a bloody display of religious frenzy, while in Cuba, which the pope visited last month, state-run television broadcast a Good Friday ceremony for the first time in more than 50 years. in Caracas, President Hugo Chavez made an emotional plea that put his health and political future in the spotlight, begging God “don’t take me yet” at an easter mass on Maundy Thursday.

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Abbas to send netanyahu letter on 17th RAMALLAH AFP

Palestinian officials will hand a letter from president Mahmud Abbas to israeli Prime Minister Benjamin netanyahu on April 17, an official told AFP on Sunday. The Palestinian official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the letter would be handed to netanyahu by a delegation of senior Palestinians. “it was agreed that a Palestinian delegation, including Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad, secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation Yasser Abed rabbo and Palestinian negotiator Saeb erakat, will meet with netanyahu on the 17th of this month,” the official said. Abbas has said for several weeks he was in the process of penning a letter to netanyahu dealing with the state of direct peace negotiations, which have been on hold since late September 2010. The letter will reportedly lay out Palestinian conditions for resuming negotiations, including a halt to israeli settlement construction and clear parameters for discussions of future borders. Abbas has indicated that he will accuse netanyahu of rendering the Palestinian Authority government “a non-authority” but is expected to stop short of threatening to disband the PA as reports had earlier suggested he would. netanyahu’s office has indicated that he will respond with his own letter to Abbas, which is likely to call for a resumption of direct negotiations without preconditions. Last week, erakat and netanyahu’s envoy Yitzhak Molcho held talks believed to have focused on the contents of Abbas’s letter. They were the first publicly acknowledged discussions since five rounds of so-called exploratory talks between envoys from both sides were held earlier this year.

Foreign News 17

Annan ‘shocked’ by violence as Syria delays pullback DAMASCUS



eACe envoy Kofi Annan on Sunday said he was shocked by mounting violence in Syria ahead of a Un deadline for regime forces to cease fire, as damascus said its troops will not withdraw from protest hubs without written guarantees. “i am shocked by recent reports of a surge in violence and atrocities in several towns and villages in Syria, resulting in alarming levels of casualties, refugees and displaced persons, in violation of assurances given to me,” Annan said in a statement. it came as Syria’s main opposition group urged Un intervention after one of the deadliest days in a year saw nearly 130 people killed, mostly civilians. As Tuesday’s deadline loomed for regime forces to cease fire and pull back from rebel cities, the foreign ministry said it had not been given assurances that “armed terrorist groups” would also put down their guns. “To say that Syria will pull back its forces from towns on April 10 is inaccurate, Kofi Annan having not yet presented written guarantees on the acceptance by armed terrorist groups of a halt to all violence,” it said. On Thursday, the Un Security Council formally endorsed the deadline, but damascus said a day later the num-

ber of “terrorist acts” has risen since the deal was agreed with the Un and Arab League envoy. “Mr Annan has not submitted written guarantees from the governments of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey on stopping their funding to terrorist groups,” the ministry added of its northern neighbour and strongest critics in the Arab world. Annan’s peace plan foresees the withdrawal of the Syrian army from protest cities on Tuesday, with a complete end to fighting 48 hours later. “Syria is not going to repeat what happened in the presence of Arab observers when armed forces left towns,” Sunday’s ministry statement said. “Armed terrorist groups reorganised and rearmed to control entire neighbourhoods, committing every possible terrorist act, killing and kidnapping people and destroying public and private property.” The ministry said that when Annan met President Bashar al-Assad in damascus, the former Un chief “said he would work to stop the violence, disarm armed groups... initiate a comprehensive national dialogue with opposition movements.” “it is this principle on which Syria accepted Annan’s mission and his sixpoint plan.” However, the ministry also expressed the government’s willingness to cooperate “in the hope of obtaining documented guarantees.” in a statement in Geneva, Annan

said: “i remind the Syrian government of the need for full implementation of its commitments and stress that the present escalation of violence is unacceptable,” calling on the regime and the opposition to cease all forms of violence by Thursday. “This is a time when we must all urgently work towards a full cessation of hostilities, providing the space for humanitarian access and creating the conditions for a political process to address the legitimate aspirations and concerns of the Syrian people.” Annan said he was in “constant contact” with the government, and asked “all states with influence on the parties to use it now to

ensure an end to the bloodshed and the beginning of dialogue.” Coincidentally, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem is scheduled to travel to ally Moscow on Monday. The United nations says more than 9,000 people have been killed since anti-regime protests broke out in March 2011, while monitors put the number at more than 10,000. The main umbrella opposition group the Syrian national Council called for Un intervention after monitoring groups said 86 of nearly 130 people killed on Saturday were civilians. Another 11 were killed on Sunday. “We urge the Un Security Council to intervene urgently to stop the humanitarian crisis caused by the regime against the unarmed Syrian people, by adopting a resolution under Chapter 7 to ensure the protection of civilians,” the SnC said. it said that “to believe in the promises of this barbaric regime enables it to advance its criminal plan of tearing Syria apart and bathing it in blood.” “The regime has committed savage massacres that killed nearly 1,000 people since it falsely announced the acceptance of the (Annan) plan.” The SnC said it and the rebel Free Syrian Army “have announced their cooperation with the Annan plan and international efforts to halt the bloodshed and launch a political way to transfer power from the hands of Assad and his clan to the Syrian people.”

yemen air force, US drone kill 24 qaeda suspects ADEN AFP

Air strikes have killed 24 al Qaeda suspects in their strongholds in the country’s south and east, the defence ministry and a tribal chief said on Sunday. A Yemeni air raid late on Saturday killed “16 terrorists belonging to al Qaeda network in Kud near Zinjibar,” the extremists’ stronghold in the south, the defence ministry news website reported. Meanwhile, a tribal chief told AFP a US drone killed eight al Qaeda suspects when it fired a missile at their vehicle in the eastern province of Shabwa on Saturday, a tribal chief told AFP. “Al Qaeda militants were aboard a vehicle on their way from Shabwa to (nearby) Marib province when a US drone fired a missile at their vehicle, killing them all,” the source said. He said the suspected militants, killed late on Saturday, were five Yemenis and three Arab foreigners. “US spy planes were also flying over several areas in Shabwa, especially those which are Al Qaeda strongholds — rawdah, Huta, and Azzan,” said the source.

KADUnA: Security personnel inspect the mangled remains of a bomb-laden car that exploded on Sunday along Junction Road in the northern nigerian city, killing at least 20 people, most of them commercial motorcyclists near a church. the explosion was a stark reminder of Christmas Day attacks that left dozens of people dead in Africa’s most populous nation and largest oil producer. afP

Easter bomb attack near Nigeria church kills at least 20 KADUNA AFP

A car bombing near a church in northern nigeria on easter Sunday killed at least 20 people and put the country on alert over fears of further attacks, rescue officials and residents said. The explosion, a stark reminder of Christmas day attacks that left dozens of people dead in Africa’s most populous nation and largest oil producer, hit the city of Kaduna, a major cultural and economic centre in the north. Motorcycle taxi drivers and passers by appeared to have borne the brunt of the blast, and body parts littered the area.

As news of the attack spread, security forces boosted patrols in key areas, including in the capital Abuja, where soldiers were sent to reinforce police posted near churches, an AFP correspondent reported. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. details were still emerging of the attack, but at least one car said to be driven by a suicide bomber was believed involved. A rescue official speaking on condition of anonymity said two vehicles packed with explosives detonated. “now we have 20 dead from the twin explosions,” the rescue official, who was not authorised to speak publicly, told AFP. Officials were still counting the number of wounded, he added. “Bombs concealed in

two cars went off just opposite this church,” he said. A police officer at the scene said a man believed to be a suicide bomber driving a car was stopped at a checkpoint near another church, the evangelical Church of West Africa, and turned back. He then drove to a nearby area in front of a hotel, close to the Assemblies of God church, and detonated the bomb. The church did not appear to have any significant damage. Other cars in the area were damaged, but it was unclear if they were also carrying explosives, he said. “We have a bomb explosion. We are trying to sort things out,” police spokesman Aminu Lawal told AFP. A spokesman for the national emer-

gency management agency said most of the victims appeared to be motorcyle taxi drivers. residents reported seeing dead and injured being taken away. An AFP correspondent said he saw 10 bodies, while one resident said he counted at least 10 wounded. Body parts littered the area. “From my balcony, i could see policemen loading the dead and the injured into waiting vans,” another resident said. Another said the explosion was strong enough to shake his house and cause his ceiling to cave in. islamist group Boko Haram carried out a series of attacks on churches and other locations on Christmas day, the bloodiest at a church outside Abuja,

where 44 people died. The nigerian authorities as well as foreign embassies had warned of the possibility of an attack on easter Sunday. Boko Haram’s increasingly bloody insurgency has left more than 1,000 people dead since mid-2009. Police and soldiers have often been the victims of such attacks, though Christians have been targeted as well. The group also claimed responsibility for the August suicide bombing of Un headquarters in the capital Abuja which killed 25 people. its deadliest attack yet occurred in the northern city of Kano on January 20, when coordinated bombings and shootings left at least 185 people dead.

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Serena routs Stosur to reach Charleston final Page 21

Strauss confident about future

No Pak players in IPL until bilateral ties resume: Shukla LAHORE

StAFF rePOrt



Andrew Strauss heads home from Asia confident his future as captain is secure after england ended a miserable run in Tests by beating Sri Lanka to draw the series and retain their number-one ranking. The tourists eased to an eight-wicket win in the second and final Test at the P. Sara Oval in Colombo on Saturday to make amends for the 75-run loss in the first Test in Galle, which was their fourth straight Test defeat this year. england's losses, including an embarrassing 3-0 whitewash at the hands of Pakistan in the United Arab emirates, had left them teetering on the brink of losing their top ranking. The one blemish in the hard-fought series against Sri Lanka was Strauss's own batting form. He made just 114 runs in four innings at an average of 28.50. The left-hander appeared to have found his rhythm when he hit 61 in the first innings of the second Test, but he fell for a duck in the first over of the second innings as england chased a modest target of 94. Strauss has not added to his 19 Test centuries in 25 innings and has just one three-figure knock in his past 50 innings, raising questions about his future in the side. But the skipper said he had never doubted himself or his leadership role. "i never had any doubts about whether this was the time for me to go," the 35-year-old veteran of 94 Tests said, adding he was focused on his side performing well. "i am very determined and committed to seeing us improve as a side. it's been an interesting week or two, but we as a side should not get carried away with whatever the issue of the day is. "We have done that very well over the last couple of years, and obviously i needed to do it in this Test. We needed to do it as a team and i thought we did it well." Strauss admitted england had been under pressure after their four consecutive defeats but was delighted the hard work had eventually paid off. "We had to make sure we learnt the lessons from our defeats over the last four Test matches," he said. "i saw a steely determination on everyone's part to make sure we finished the winter on a high and it was fantastic to be able to do that."

CCi vice-president rajeev Shukla on Sunday made it clear that there is no possibility of Pakistani players becoming a part of the indian Premier League until there is a resumption of bilateral cricket ties between india and Pakistan. Shukla said there was no campaign or hatred against Pakistan and he himself felt sad that Pakistani players were not featuring in the iPL. "no one is against Pakistan or Pakistani players in india or else we would not have allowed Pakistani commentators or umpires in the iPL 5 season," Shukla sdi in a television interview on Sunday. "The reality is that everything is tied to the resumption of bilateral cricket ties between the two countries. Once that happens i think everything will happen automatically," he said. Shukla, who is also the iPL chairman, made it clear that the iPL was a sub-commitee of the BCCi and not an independent body. "The iPL functions under the BCCi and when bilateral relations resume between the two boards the iPL will also not be a problem for Pakistani players,"

he said. Shukla said that BCCi and Pakistan Cricket Board were in constant touch over the resumption of bilateral ties. "We are in touch with them and i must say the PCB and its new Chairman have made all the right moves to get the ball rolling. But until something definite happens it would not be proper for me to comment on when we can resume playing cricket again," he said. Shukla, however, said Pakistani people should be patient and wait for

two or three months and some development could take place. "if we talk about the Champions League then just wait and see for a few months," he said hinting that Pakistani T20 Champions Sialkot Stallions might get a chance to feature in the lucrative competition later this year. "i don't think we should be pessimistic about indo-Pak bilateral relations but remain optimistic." Shukla, however, made it clear that the main block towards the resumption of bilateral ties was the hectic international calendar of the indian team and also the fact that no foreign team is presently willing to tour Pakistan because of security concerns. "The hectic international schedule of the indian team is an issue and we have to see and find a slot for even the Pakistan team to tour india," he said. "Secondly and more importantly the PCB needs to do something and convince other cricket nations at the level of the international Cricket Council that it is safe and secure to play in Pakistan." Shukla said the security situation in Pakistan was a stumbling block towards resumption of bilateral cricket ties. "The PCB has been doing a lot of work to show everyone that it is safe to play in Pakistan but they need to do

Keep sports away from politics: Babar awan AMRITSAR AgeNCIeS

Advocating cordial relations between his country and india, Pakistan's former federal law minister Babbar Awan on Saturday called for putting an end to "politics in sports" by governments on both sides. "despite differences and problems, we should not ban cricketers or other sportspersons from participating in sporting events on either side of the border," Awan said when asked about nonparticipation of Pakistani cricketers in the ongoing indian Premier Cricket league. Talking to mediapersons at the Amritsar Bar Association (ABA) office,

Awan pointed out that cricket and other sports bring people of the two countries closer. "People on both sides are crazy about india-Pakistan cricket matches and in such a situation, the two governments should renew their sporting ties," he added. To a question regarding indians languishing in Pakistani jails, the former minister said his government had taken steps to release and send home all such prisoners, who have completed their term. Similar steps have been taken by the indian government, he added. Awan pointed out that indian undertrials, who cannot afford lawyers for arguing their cases in courts, were provided free legal aid in his country.

On strained relations between india and Pakistan, he said, "it is just a matter of attitude. We must take steps to change this mindset, remove all misgivings and learn to trust each other. A majority of european nations, who were once hostile to each other, have now come together. This can happen in the sub-continent too." earlier, Awan and justice Chaudhry ramzan (retd) crossed over through the Attari road check post, where they were received by members of the Punjab and Haryana bar council. in Amritsar, they went to the Golden Temple and also paid homage to martyrs at the Jallianwala Bagh. They were received by the ABA members at the district courts and were honoured by president Pradeep Saini.

Rajasthan Royals get second IPL win SPORTS DESK rajasthan royals got their second win of the indian Premier League when it defeated Kolkata Knight riders by 22 runs. Three wickets in three balls from rajasthan royals early on derailed Kolkata Knight riders' chase could not get on the tracks properly as royals recorded their second win in two matches. royals seized the advantage early on and held it until the end, with only Manoj Tiwary providing resistance. royals have never lost a match when they have put on a score of over 160 and that did not change as they defended mercilessly at their fortress in Jaipur. They engineered another poor batting performance from Kolkata who have lost both matches so far. Small consolation will be that they managed to score more than 100 in this innings. Having put on a comfortable score, royals' captain rahul dravid chose to open the bowling with left-arm spinner Ankeet Chavan but it was seamer Amit Singh who made the first breakthrough. He used a clever change of pace to trap Jacques Kallis into playing early and scooping an easy catch

to rahul dravid at mid-off. Singh's next delivery angled away from Gautam Gambhir, who could not resist a poke and was caught behind. royals completed a team-hattrick when Chavan trapped Brendon McCullum in front of the stumps off the next ball. With their three biggest names out and only eight runs in the bank, Knight riders were going to need something special to compete. if one person was to provide it, that person should have been Yusuf Pathan. SCOreS: Rajasthan Royals 164 for 5 (Hodge 44, Lee 2/29) beat Kolkata Knight Riders 143 (tiwary 59, Cooper 3-28) by 22 JADEJA ROuTS DEccAN cHARGERS: ravindra Jadeja led deccan Chargers with his all-round performance to get his team 74 runs win against Chennai Super Kings in the indian Premier League. Super Kings recovered in style from a patchy display in their opening game against Mumbai indians. While Jadeja's name was all over the scorecard, it was dwayne Bravo's late blast with the bat that took the game away from Chargers. SCOreS: Chennai Super Kings 193 for 6 (Jadeja 48, Bravo 43*) beat Deccan Chargers 119 (Jadeja 5-16) by 74 runs.

more and get the support of leading nations like Australia, england and South Africa," he said. He made it clear that while the PCB had made several proposals to the BCCi to play a bilateral series at neutral venues the BCCi didn't want this. "We feel that it is no use if both countries play at a neutral venue. it serves no purpose. if we play it must be in each other's countries, whenever that happens. We have no problems touring Pakistan but first the PCB needs to win the confidence of the iCC and member boards." Shukla, a seasoned politician, was well aware of the role cricket could play in bringing the two countries closer. "i know how powerful a role cricket can play. i saw that in 2004 when india played in Pakistan. That series led to a lot of friendship between the people of both countries. Unfortunately some incidents derailed this process." Shukla said while it was good to see both countries easing restrictions in the entertainment industry, no time frame could be given for resumption of bilateral cricket ties. "Let me tell you we all know that some Pakistani players have special talents and everyone likes to see them play. But we need to be patient and wait for good things to happen," he said.

Pakistan cricket team to tour Sri Lanka in June LAHORE StAFF rePOrt

The Pakistan cricket team will tour Sri Lanka from June 1 to July 12. A Pakistan Cricket Board official said that during its over a month long tour green shirts will play two Twenty20 and five Odi matches, and three tests. The tour will start with two Twenty20 matches. First Twenty20 match will be played on June first and second on June 3.The Odis will be played on June 7, 9, 13, 16 and 18.

Pakistan relegated to Davis Cup group-III MANILA AFP

VISAKHAPAtnAM: Chennai Super Kings' bowler Suresh Raina (2nd L) celebrates with his teammates the wicket of unseen Deccan Charger batsman Shikar Dhawan during the IPL twenty20 Cricket. afP

The Philippines on thrashed Pakistan to sweep the davis Cup Asia/Oceania Group ii play-off and were relegated. Philippines which had already won the tie yesterday whitewashed Pakistan 5-0 winning the remaining twi reverse singles with ease. Pakistan drop to Group iii next year while the Philippines progress to a September 14 third-round tie -- and a shot at promotion to Group i -- against the winner of the other second-round tie between indonesia and Thailand. PHILIPPINES 5 PAKISTAN 0 SuNDAy: reverse Singles: Francis Alcantara (PHi) bt Muhammad Abid (PAK) 6-2, 6-1; Johnny Arcilla (PHi) bt Yasir Khan (PAK) 6-3, 6-4 SATuRDAy DOuBLES: Treat Huey and ruben Gonzales (PHi) bt Aqeel Khan and Jalil Khan (PAK) 6-1, 6-4, 6-2 FRIDAy SINGLES: Johnny Arcilla (PHi) bt Aqeel Khan (PAK) 6-2, 6-2, 6-3; Treat Huey (PHi) bt Yasir Khan (PAK) 61, 6-0, 6-3.

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LCCA Cricket League draws announced LAHORE StAFF rePOrt

The draws of the second phase of LCCA Super Cricket League were announced on Sunday. The 48 clubs will participate in the 2nd phase. These clubs have been divided into 8 groups. every Club will play 5 matches each while LCCA Greens and Whites teams will comprise the players who have performed in the first phase. Group A: Cricket Centre,Model Town Gymkhana,Prince Club,Fayyaz Memorial,Gen Akhtar Abdul rehman,L.C.C.A Whites Group B: U-Slim Club,Young Model Town Club,Shining Cricket Club,Mughalpura Sports,Muslim Gymkhana,Young Muslim Gymkhana Group C: imtiaz Club,Al-Bilal Club,Mughalpura Whts,Mughalpura institute,nayyar Soch,Universal Club Group d: City Gymkhana,Faran Gymkhana,Garhi Shahu Gym,Amir Memorial,Ghulam Qadir,Victorious Club Group e: Model Town Greens,Wahdat eaglets,Punjab Club,rising Stars,Shalimar Gymkhana,ehsan Memorial Group F: Ludhiana Gymkhana,Anwar Sports,Muslimabad Gymkhana,Servis Club,Baqa Jillani Club,Appolo Club Group G: Model Town Club,Ali Garh Club,Lahore Gymkhana,Mughalpura Xi,ravi Gymkhana,Mehboob Park Gymkhana Group H: P & T Gymkhana,Town Ship White,Al Hamra,Tauseef Club,Chand Memorial,L.C.C.A Greens

tauseef trophy points system LAHORE StAFF rePOrt

The points system of 15th Tauseef Trophy has been announced. The league matches will be played between five teams. every team will play 4 matches. every match inning consist 40-40 over and 18 points. The points distribution is 4 points batting and 4 points bowling while winning points of the match is 10. Batting 4 points distribution are as under: 50 runs _ 1 point; 100 runs _ 2 Points; 150 runs _ 3 points; 200 runs _ 4 points; Above 200 runs 4 points will remain. Bowling 4 Points distribution are: 3 Wickets _ 1 point; 6 Wickets _ 2 points; 9 Wickets _ 3 points; All team out _ 4 points; due to rain winning 10 points equally divided. The league matches will be played between 5 teams i.e Tauseef Club, Ludhiyana Gym, Model Town Club, Punjab Club and Shining club. The opening match will be played between Tauseef Club and Shining club on April 12 at Wahdat colony ground.

sports 19

Chanderpaul takes Windies to 291 for five at lunch BRIDgETOWN




eTerAn Shivnarine Chanderpaul batted throughout the morning session to make an unbeaten 58 as West indies reached 291 for five at lunch on the second day of the first Test against Australia. When rain had ended play early on the first day on Saturday, there were only seven more overs until the new ball and Australia took it straight away but it didn't seem to provide any more movement than the old one. darren Bravo, in ryan Harris' third over, crashed two shots through the covers to the boundary. His innings was a mixture of stubborn defence and booming off-side strikes and that approach was almost his undoing in the 92nd over. Michael Clarke had a gully and a short backward point in place but the thick edge off a Peter Siddle delivery eluded both of them. next ball a finer edge went through third slip position with only two in place. But the plan finally paid off when Bravo played a similar but more tentative shot to the slower pace of Shane Watson, the ball going straight to Mike Hussey in the gully. Bravo had faced 123 balls for his 51 and his slow trudge off the Kensington Oval field showed his clear disappointment. narsingh deonarine, playing his first Test for two years in place of Marlon Samuels who is playing in the iPL, was the top scorer in the domestic four-day competition despite failing to score a century. Australia had a clear plan to serve him up with the odd short ball and, again, their preparation paid off. On 22 he was caught in two minds to a shorter delivery from Harris and as he turned away, the ball came off the edge and went high to wicketkeeper Matthew Wade who took his second catch. it proved to be the best over of the morning as Harris then had Carlton

West Indies 1st innings at lunch (179 for 3 overnight) 22 A. Barath c Siddle b Harris 57 K. Brathwaite c Wade b Siddle 61 K. edwards c and b Warner d. Bravo c Hussey b Watson 51 S. Chanderpaul not out 58 N. deonarine c Wade b Harris 21 C. Baugh not out 4 17 extras (b4, lb7, w4, nb2) 291 total (5 wickets, 105.3 overs) to bat: d Sammy (capt), d Bishoo, F edwards, K roach Fall of wickets: 1-38 (Barath), 2-142 (edwards), 3-167 (Brathwaite), 4-240 (Bravo), 5-285 (deonarine) Bowling: Harris 23.3-7-63-2, Hilfenhaus 23-8-39-0 (1nb), Siddle 23-9-63-1 (4w, 1nb), lyon 17-6-60-0, Clarke 2-0-4-0, Watson 12-5-28-1, Warner 5-0-23-1 Australia: Michael Clarke (capt), david Warner, ed Cowan, Shane Watson, ricky Ponting, Michael Hussey, Matthew Wade, Peter Siddle, ryan Harris, Ben Hilfenhaus, Nathan lyon. toss: West Indies Umpires: Ian gould (eNg), tony Hill (Nz) Match referee: Jeff Crowe (Nz) third umpire: Marais erasmus (SA)

Baugh edging the second ball he faced through a vacant third slip and next ball ricky Ponting, diving to his right, just failed to hold on to the toughest chance offered so far. earlier, a slow Kensington Oval pitch and three dropped catches helped the West indies make a solid start against Australia on the opening day of the first Test on Saturday. When rain curtailed the action, the home side were 179 for 3 with the backbone of the score being a century second-wicket partnership between Kraigg Brathwaite and Kirk edwards. Having won the toss, the West indies' openers made a steady start and the initial breakthrough for Australia didn't come until the 18th over. For his second spell, ryan Harris had replaced nathan Lyon at the Malcolm Marshall end and came around the wicket to Adrian Barath. His third ball was a bouncer outside off stump that Barath, who had made 22, hit high in the air for Peter Siddle to get under at fine-leg. edwards joined Brathwaite and he started slowly but the score was steadily

BRIDgetown: Australian cricketer David warner (C) celebrates with teammates after dismissing west Indies batsman Kirk edwards during the first day of the first-of-three test matches at the Kensington oval Stadium. afP building with Brathwaite being fortunate to survive two tough chances that he offered. in his third over, Siddle had him playing too early and, as his hand came off the bat, the ball looped back to the bowler who, despite getting his left hand down to the dropping ball, couldn't hold on. Brathwaite moved on to 44 when Shane Watson induced an edge that went wide to ricky Ponting's right at second slip. He did well to reach the ball but he couldn't grasp it as the ball died on him. it was Watson, himself, who then gave edwards a life. Siddle found the edge when the batsman had made 56 and the ball flew high above Watson's head at fourth slip and, despite getting both hands to the ball, he couldn't hang on. it came at a time when edwards had upped the tempo as he hit several boundaries and smashed Lyon over long-on for six. As Michael Clarke looked for options he turned to part-time leg-break bowler david Warner. When edwards had reached 61 he smashed a return catch

Pessi claim Members Polo Cup LAHORE

StAFF rePOrt


Manchester United moved into an eightpoint lead at the top of the english Premier League and put the pressure on title rivals Manchester City with a 2-0 win over 10-man QPr at Old Trafford on Sunday. reigning champions United's

victory left City knowing that if they lost away to Arsenal later on Sunday they would be eight points behind their cross-town foes with just six games of the season left. "Today for us is like a final, otherwise eight points is too much," City manager roberto Mancini told Sky Sports before kick-off at the emirates

Stadium. Goals from Wayne rooney and Paul Scholes saw United to victory but rooney's opener was controversial. The england striker gave United a 15th minute lead from the penalty spot after QPr captain Shaun derry was sent off for bringing down Ashley Young inside the area, with referee Lee Mason ruling he'd denied a clear goalscoring chance. Mason's decision was harsh on rangers, who are still above the relegation zone on goal difference. derry's contact appeared minimal and Young looked to be offside. "i thought it was offside," said United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. "There have been lots of decisions like that in the last few weeks. The boy (derry) did just enough to off-balance Ashley and, being the last defender, the referee felt he had no option. "i felt we were a little bit out of our comfort zone after that, i didn't enjoy it," he added. "Before the sending-off our speed was terrific, we had some good play, but

Leopards knock spots off African rivals JOHANNESBURg

Pessi on Sunday won the Members Polo Cup beating Monnoo Polo in the final here at the Lahore Polo Club’s Aibak ground. Pessi hit in six goals to beat Monnoo Polo which managed 4 ½. Chief guest ishaq Khan Khakwani later gave the winners trophy and other prizes to the Pessi quartet. it were Shah Qubilai Alam, Agha Murtaza Ali Khan and Sher Alam Khan who made the win easy for Pessi in front of the fighting Babar Monnoo, Ahmed Ali Tiwana and Abdul rehman Monnoo of the losing side. in the subsidiatu final, Lotto Carpets thrashed Wi Tribe Shahsawars 10-5 ½. despite having one and a half goal advantage Wi Tribe failed to match the abilities of winner’s Hamza Mawaz Khan, imran Abid Mir, Taimur Mawaz Khan and imran Abid Mir while all the four of the losing side nafees Barry, Omar Asjad Malhi, Ahmad nawaz Tiwana and Moin Yaqub tried their best. NAdeeM IJAz


United 8 pts clear after downing 10-man QPR LONDON

back at Warner who took it smartly. it was his first international wicket and he was clearly delighted to have broken the 104-run second wicket partnership. "Obviously we dropped three catches which can prove crucial in any parts of the game. We've got to keep taking our chances, we pride ourselves on that and i think we've got to be better tomorrow," said Warner. "i surprised myself. it got to me pretty fast and he hit it pretty hard." Siddle was probably the pick of a pace attack that had kept things tight all day and he was rewarded when Brathwaite played one loose shot too many. He played at a ball slightly wide of the off stump and was caught behind for 57, an innings that had lasted over four hours and 199 balls. it gave wicket-keeper Matthew Wade special cause for celebration as he had been presented with his baggy green before play and it was his first Test dismissal. "As you all know i take my time, i look to get in and let the batters bat around me, make it easier for them," said teenager Brathwaite.

the sending-off unsettled us and put us out of our comfort zone." even though QPr keeper Paddy Kenny correctly dived to his right, rooney's well-struck penalty gave him his 30th goal of the season and left the visitors, managed by former United striker Mark Hughes, with a mountain to climb. Kenny saved from rafael da Silva and danny Welbeck to keep QPr in the game until the 68th minute when he was beaten by a 20-yard shot from veteran midfielder Scholes, recalled from retirement this season by Ferguson. Hughes confirmed QPr would appeal derry's red card in a bid to have him available for Wednesday's match at home to Swansea. "We'll obviously try and appeal that and hopefully get that overturned by Wednesday," he said. "We can ill-afford to have any more out. "i think everybody understood that the boy (Young) was offside and that there was minimal contact. The boy has gone over too readily."

Leopards are knocking spots off fancied rivals in the 2012 CAF Confederation Cup with three teams named after the animal reaching the last-16 phase this weekend. Star-less South African side Black Leopards snatched a 2-2 draw against Saint eloi Lupopo in the democratic republic of Congo to advance 6-4 on aggregate and set a trend of first round upsets. Just one day later at the same stadium in southern Congolese mining city Lubumbashi came an even bigger shock as Swaziland police club royal Leopards beat US Tshinkunku 2-1 with the decisive goal coming four minutes from time. The Swazis advanced 3-2 on aggregate after defying the odds in the second tier CAF club championship for the second successive round having grounded Zambian air force team red Arrows in a preliminary tie. AC Leopards from Congo Brazzaville were equally unexpected survivors as they triumphed 2-0 away to Tunisian team CS SFaxien in Mediterranean city Sfax having fallen 2-1 at home two weeks ago. Warri Wolves of nigeria are the next opponents for Black Leopards, 2011 runnersup Club Africain of Tunisia will face royal Leopards and Heartland of nigeria are the probable opponents of AC Leopards. Lupopo had Black Leopards on the rack when they led 2-1 midway through the second half and a third Congolese goal would have taken them through on the away-goal rule. But despite the backing of a capacity 25,000 crowd and several 'home town' decisions from the Angolan referee, the South Africans held firm and snatched a last-minute equaliser from Kingston nkhatha. Zweli nxumalo gave royal Leopards a mid-second half lead, Lokinga Lomboto equalised and Mxolisi Mtsetfwa struck the goal that won the game and the tie four minutes from time.

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20 sports nBP open Juniors national tennis concludes

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SInGAPoRE: Scott hend of Australia posing with the winner's trophy during the ISPS handa Singapore Classic at the orchid Country Club. AFP


The nBP Open Juniors national ranking tennis Championship concluded at Karachi Club Tennis Courts. iqbal Qasim, Chairman selection Committee PCB, Head nCr department nBP was the chief guest who gave away trophies and rs 35000 cash prizes to winners and runners up. Qasim announced that the next years nBP Open will be a national event with the name nBP-Saeed Hai Open, and national bank will sponsor total cost of that championship. Ashfaq Tola, president Karachi club who also graced the occasion, announced rs 5000 cash award to most promising Mirpurkhas boy Jalaluddin Baber for his out standing performance in the championship The other present were, khwaja Saeed Hai. Jamal mirza, Gulzar Firoz, ( president KTA, east), Ghulam Muhammed, Sports consultant nBP, M. Khalid rehmani, ismail Shairif, Altaf Hussain ( president KTA South, naheed Memon( President KTA Malir). FINALS RESuLTS Juniors Under 18 Singles: Adil Kohari beat Talha Zubair 3-6, 6-0, 6-3 Ladies Singles: Maheen dada beat Hania naveed 6-0, 6-0 Under 16 Singles: Talha Zubair beat nofil kalim 6-0, 3-6, 10-5 Under 14: nofil kalim ( islamabad) beat Jalauddin Baber (Mirpurkhas) 6-0, 6-1 Under 12: Bilal imran lohya beat Shahzil Malik 8-4 Under 14 doubles: Marib Malik& Shahzil Malik beat Jaluddin Baber & Bilal imran 9-7 Seniors 45 doubles: Altaf Hussain & Asif ismail beat Zafer hasan & Jved iqbal 6-4, 6-4.

tajik footballers reach Islamabad‫‏‬ LAHORE StAFF rePOrt

Tajikistan Under-14 soccer team reached islamabad on Sunday to take part in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Under-14 Boys’ Football Festival, which would be kicked off from April 11, 2012 at Jinnah Stadium, Pakistan Sports complex. Tajik squad considted off 22 players and three officials landed at Benazir Bhutto international Airport on Sunday monrning. The top officials of the organising committee including chairman dr. Fazal ur rehman, secretary Mohammad Zaman and chairman Protocol Committee Mohammad irfan Khan niazi welcomed the contingent at the airport.

aussie Hend triumphs in Singapore Peter Hanson SINgAPORE AFP

Australia's Scott Hend closed with a six-under-par 64 to win the weathershortened iSPS Handa Singapore Classic on Sunday, but admitted it had been a nerve-wracking experience. The $400,000 full-field Asian Tour event was reduced to 54 holes

after inclement weather caused almost 10 hours of play to be lost over the first three days. Sri Lanka's Mithun Perera, Lu Wei-chih of Taiwan, Spain's Javi Colomo and david Lipsky of the United States were bunched in tied second on matching 200s at Orchid Country Club. "it's amazing, especially to have four weeks off and come back and win. it's great to see

some of the hard work and practice that i've put in paying off," Hend told the Asian Tour. But he had to wait for close to an hour before he knew he had secured his second Asian Tour title with a winning total of 11-under-par 199. As many as three players were still in contention for either a play-off or win after Hend had signed for his score.

Masters final round promises more back-nine drama AUgUSTA AFP

The final round of the 76th Masters began on Sunday at Augusta national under perfect conditions with the promise of a back-nine shootout for the champion's green jacket at the end of the day. Three-time Masters champion Phil Mickelson fired his best round at Augusta national since 1996 on Saturday, a sixunder 66, to move within a stroke of the lead and join pace-setter Peter Hanson of Sweden in the final pairing. Of the past 21 Masters champions, 19 of them played in Sunday's final twosome. Hanson, seeking his first major title after missing the cut in his only prior Masters appearance, fired a 65 on Saturday to stand on nine-under 207 with 41year-old US left-hander Mickelson one shot back. Mickelson has birdied the par5 15th and par-4 18th in all three prior rounds and has two birdies and an eagle at the par-5 13th, the last hole of the famed Amen Corner layout along rae's Creek that has doomed many title hopes. Mickelson, who won his first major title at

AUgUStA: Rory McIlroy lines up a putt on the tenth green during the third round of the 76th Masters golf tournament at Augusta national golf Club. afP the 2004 Masters and added titles at Augusta in 2006 and 2010, praised his putting stroke for being the key factor in solving the undulating greens that make

the course so formidable. "it has been so good. it has been the best i have had in my career," said Mickelson. "This week, where i know the greens so well and the

breaks, it has been really good." South African Louis Oosthuizen, the 2010 British Open champion, was poised in third on 209. Strong showings by "Oosty" over the closing holes the first two days brought back memories of his pal Charl Schwartzel's record Masters finish last year when he became the first major winner to birdie the last four holes to win. Schwartzel's triumph came after one of the most exciting back-nine showdowns in majors history with eight players having a taste of the lead over the last tension-packed holes. With Augusta national often offering up pin positions over the last holes that offer a chance at birdies and eagles for those willing to take risks at the proper moment, the recipe for more magic lingered amid the Georgia pines. American Bubba Watson was fourth on 210, one stroke in front of Matt Kuchar and two ahead of a foursome that included threetime major winner Padraig Harrington of ireland, england's World no. 3 Lee Westwood, Sweden's Henrik Stenson and American Hunter Mahan.

leads Masters but Mickelson primed AUgUSTA AFP

Sweden's Peter Hanson emerged as the third-round leader of the Masters at Augusta national on Saturday after a day of high drama and fluctuating fortunes. The 34-year-old World no. 25 produced golf of supreme quality to card a tournament-best seven-under 65 and stood at nine-under par, one stroke clear of fan favorite Phil Mickelson, who covered the back nine in six-under 30, one shy of the tournament record. A stroke further back at seven under came South Africa's Louis Oosthuizen after he had a 69 while Bubba Watson of the United States was on six under after a 70. Matt Kuchar (70) was on five under with four players -- Hunter Mahan of the United States (68), Henrik Stenson of Sweden (70), Lee Westwood of england (72) and Padraig Harrington of ireland (68) -- all on four under. On a day of perfect playing conditions, eight players shared the lead at different stages drawing huge roars of appreciation from the big galleries assembled for the occasion. Tiger Woods fired a par 72 and, at three over, his chances of winning a fourth green jacket are doomed, standing 12 strokes off the pace. rory Mcilroy, one back from the leaders at the start of the day, was stunned by two double-bogey sixes on the front nine as he went out in a jaw-dropping 42 that brought back dark memories of his closing 80 here last year.

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Serena routs Stosur to reach Charleston final CHARLESTON


LAHORE Pakistan tennis ace Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi broke down during a function at university while talking about how the image of Pakistan and Pakistanis has taken a beating abroad because of the security situation in the country. "it hurts now when i see how much we need to improve our image as a nation and people," said Aisam. "There is clearly a need for us to

work as Pakistanis to show the world that we are peace loving people and that our country is the best in the world," he further added while speaking about his experiences on the international tennis circuit. Aisam stressed on the need of Pakistani people to work harder to restore the credibility and pride of the nation. "i know how lucky it is to be a Pakistani and to have a country like Pakistan. But the truth is, our image has suffered a lot and that hurts me

First Test: Australia v West Indies 06:50PM

GEO SUPER IPL-5: Deccan Chargers v Mumbai Indians 07:30PM


"She's a great player. She has a Grand Slam under her belt, and she beat me in the final of that and played unbelievable. When you're playing someone like her, you have to play well or you're going to lose. So that was my mindset ... go big or go home." Stosur said she wasn't feeling any ill-effects of her long day on Friday, on which she had to complete a rain-disrupted third-round victory over Galina Voskoboeva, then battle past Venus in three sets. "To be honest, i actually felt pretty good out there," Stosur said. "My body wasn't aching or really all that tired, so unfortunately i can't use that as an excuse." Safarova, owner of four WTA Tour titles, will try to add a first victory in one of the WTA's premier level events. Her emphatic victory over Hercog, in 64 minutes, ended a dream run for the Slovenian that included a first career win over a top10 player with her upset of third-seeded Marion Bartoli in the third round, and a quarter-final triumph over former Charleston champion nadia Petrova. However, Safarova will be a heavy underdog against Serena, seeking a first win against the American after four career defeats.

aisam gets sentimental during a university function StAFF rePOrt


China beats taiwan in Davis Cup


erenA Williams, playing what she called one of the best matches of her career, steamrolled Samantha Stosur 6-1, 6-1 on Saturday to reach the WTA's Charleston final. Williams needed just 59 minutes to subdue the second-seeded Australian, who beat the American in the US Open final last September but has now lost to her twice in two events. in Sunday's final on the green clay court at Charleston, the fifthseeded American will face ninthseeded Czech Lucie Safarova, who notched her own lopsided semi-final win, 6-0, 6-0 over Slovenia's Polona Hercog. "i have to say, this is probably the best match i've played in my career, either in a long time or it's up there in the top five," said Williams, owner of 13 Grand Slam titles and 39 singles titles overall. "it was one of those days i could have done anything against anybody," added Williams, who belted 29 winners. She seized control by winning the first eight points, broke Stosur five times and saved both break points she faced. "it didn't really seem to matter what i did," said Stosur, who won the Charleston title in 2010. "She came out with the goods every time." Williams improved to 6-3 overall against Stosur, including a straight-sets victory in Miami 11 days ago in which Williams fired 20 aces. Williams had a relatively sedate seven aces on Saturday, but that was plenty to prevent Stosur from becoming just the eighth player to beat both Williams sisters in the same tournament. Stosur had beaten Venus Williams in the quarter-finals to spoil the chance of an all-Williams semi, but Serena said she went into the match expecting a tough day.

watch It LIve

when i play abroad," he insisted. Pakistan has been wrecked by terrorist attacks and activities by militants since 9/11 and a militants attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in March 2009 in Lahore has also isolated the country as an international cricket venue. Teams in other sports have also refused to play in Pakistan due to security concerns and the nation has being forced to play its home davis Cup ties abroad for the last two years.

China's Wu di edged out Taiwan's Wang Yeu-tzuoo to give China a 3-2 win in the davis Cup Oceania Group 1 relegation playoff in the southern city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan on Sunday. in the first match of the day, Taiwan's Yang Tsung-hua beat China's Zhang Ze 6-3, 6-3, 3-6, 7-5, bringing the tie level 2-2 with one match left to play. But the island's hope of staging a gutsy comeback was dashed when 495th ranked Wu caused the upset of the playoff, beating 178th ranked Wang 6-4, 7-6 (4/0), 7-6 (4/0). "Wu di was not aggressive in the match but my performance today was a disappointment," Wang told reporters. Taiwan will now face the losing team of another first round playoff between india and new Zealand. if they fail to win that tie, which takes place in October, they will be relegated to Group ii in 2013.

Marathon man nalbandian, Schwank give Argentina edge BUENOS AIRES AFP

david nalbandian played his second fivehour, five-set match in two days when he teamed with eduardo Schwank to hand Argentina a 2-1 lead over Croatia in their davis Cup quarter-final on Saturday. nalbandian and Schwank saw off Marin Cilic and ivo Karlovic 3-6, 7-6 (8/6), 6-3, 6-7 (6/8), 8-6 after Friday's opening singles had been shared. World number 10 Juan Martin del Potro had shrugged off a bout of nausea to cruise past Karlovic 6-2, 7-6 (9/7), 6-1 after Cilic had given Croatia, the 2005 champions, a winning start when he beat nalbandian 5-7, 6-4, 4-6, 7-6 (7/2), 6-3. That had been another five-hour epic and featured 241 unforced errors. Argentina, last year's runners-up to Spain, hold the unwanted record for reaching the most davis Cup finals without winning the title, having fallen in four finals. The last time Argentina lost a home tie on clay was against the Slovak republic in 1998.

France to take time to name Forget’s successor MONTE CARLO AFP

France's national technical director Patrice Hagelauer on Sunday said that the country's tennis federation would not be rushed into naming a successor to davis Cup captain Guy Forget. Forget, who was appointed in 1999 and took France to four davis Cup finals, winning one championship in 2001, is standing down after the team's quarter-final defeat against the United States. Hagelauer said it was likely that a decision would not be announced before September. "We're in no rush. The next davis Cup doesn't start for another year. We'll take our time to discuss with the players in the months to come, at roland-Garros, Wimbledon and at the Olympics," he told reporters. Hagelauer said that a number of for-

mer players had the profile to take over the job but refused to be drawn on whether Arnaud Clement -- frequently cited as favourite -- was in the frame, or others like nicolas escude and Sebastien Grosjean. "There are some outstanding candidates, and he (Clement) is one of them. But i don't want to give a particular name because that wouldn't be fair on the others," he added. "All i can say is that we need someone who has the same mentality as Guy and who's up to the task." uSA TO PLAy SPAIN IN DAVIS cuP SEMI-FINALS: The United States will face holders Spain in the last four of the davis Cup later this year, after they both took unassailable 3-1 leads over France and Austria in their quarter-final matches on Sunday. in Monte Carlo, John isner beat JoWilfried Tsonga in four sets 6-3, 7-6 (7/4), 5-7, 6-3 while in Oropesa del Mar, david

Ferrer won in straight sets against Jurgen Melzer 7-5, 6-3, 6-3. The semi-final tie -- a repeat of last year's quarter-final -- will take place in Spain in September. France's defeat robbed Guy Forget of taking his team to the finals for the fifth and final time since he was appointed in 1999. He now steps down after contesting 14 davis Cups. Speaking to the crowd at the Monte Carlo Country Club afterwards, an emotional Forget said of his time in the job: "it's been long but it's been fantastic. Thanks to you and because of my friends, it's been the best time of my life. "Thanks to you i've dreamed and i'm still dreaming," Forget said, with tears in his eyes, vowing to keep backing the team in the future. Under his watch, France have made it to four davis Cup finals and won once, in 2001.

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There should be no political wing in ISI: PM g

gilani says Pakistan wants cordial relations with all its neighbours including, Iran, India and Afghanistan LAHORE



riMe Minister Yousaf raza Gilani on Sunday said there should be no political wing in the inter Services intelligence (iSi). Talking to a group of selected journalists, Gilani said the iSi should have no role in politics, and therefore there was no point of having a political wing in the agency. To a question, he said Pakistan wanted cordial relations with all its neighbours including, iran, india and Afghanistan. “We are having talks with india, as we want peace in the region. Foreign and interior ministers and secre-

taries of both countries have talked on matters of interest,” Gilani said. He said he had also met with indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Sharmul Sheikh, Maldives and Seoul and exchanged positive views. Gilani said Pakistan wanted peace in the region and therefore granted MFn status to india, adding that bilateral trade ties would now improve. “every political party including the PPP and the PML-n want to have cordial relations with india,” he added. The prime minister said though President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to india was personal but he would talk with indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on various issues, including Kashmir. “We want such a solution for Kashmir,

which is acceptable to all stakeholders.” The prime minister also made it clear that he had talked about getting 500MW of electricity from india and not 5000MW. “There was a disinformation that we have asked for 5,000MW, as india does not have that amount as surplus.” He said the Hafiz Saeed issue was an internal matter and “if any country has any solid evidence then it should give it to Pakistan.” Gilani said the government did not help former envoy to US Hussain Haqqani in going abroad. “The court has removed Haqqani’s name from the exit-control list (eCL) and he went abroad,” he said, adding that it was the government which had called Haqqani from the US, and had asked

Published by Arif Nizami for Nawa Media Corporation (Pvt) Ltd at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

him to resign and put him in front of commission. “We just followed the rules and did not take any unlawful step,” he said. The prime minister said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s likely presence in energy Conference was a good omen and he expected to have positive talks with Shahbaz. To another question of defection in the PPP, Gilani said anyone who believed in PPP’s ideology, never left the party. He said there was a long list of positive steps taken by the government and “we have a lot of feathers in our cap”. “Only load shedding has shunned our all good doings,” he said, adding that there would be relief for the people in the upcoming budget.

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e-paper pakistantoday 09th april, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 09th april, 2012

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