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Monday, 9 January, 2012


efforts on to thwart memo commission’s progress ISLAMABAD tAHIR nIAz

kARAcHI: All Pakistan Muslim League activists attend a public meeting near the Mazar-e-quaid on Sunday. online

PPP set to win 22 seats in Senate, tally to rise to 44

We are waiting for ‘killer’ Musharraf: Jehangir Badr


PMl-Q, JUi-F to be major losers, AnP to gain ISLAMABAD MIAn ABRAR


MONITORINg DESK Reacting to former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf’s Sunday announcement of returning to the country in the last week of January, Pakistan People’s Party General Secretary Jehangir Badr said it was good news, but did no stop short of calling Musharraf a killer. “It’s good news. We are waiting for the killer,” Badr said.

Britain’s backdoor diplomacy seeks to soothe Pak-US ties ISLAMABAD: British backdoor diplomacy is in action to resolve tensions between Pakistan and the United States that intensified with NATO attack on Pakistani border posts on November 26 last year. “We are not in a position to say anything openly but we are advising Pakistan through back channels to go for early resolution of conflicting issues,” a high-ranking British diplomat told Online on condition of anonymity. “An early resolution is not only in the interest of Pakistan and the US, but also the entire alliance (NATO),” he added. According to the diplomat, the United Kingdom supported most of the points Pakistan was seeking to revisit in its bilateral relations with the US and subsequently with NATO. “For instance,” he mentioned, “Pakistan was rightful in asking the US to stop drone strikes within its sovereign territory.” Without saying in clear terms, the diplomat sounded as if the UK was also supportive of Pakistan expelling or limiting CIA operatives and their activities. However, the diplomat added that Pakistan did not have the choice to get out of the war on terror which had already entered its final phase. “It would be a suicidal decision if Pakistan chooses so at the end of an ongoing parliamentary review of the particular segment of your foreign policy,” he said. The diplomat was of the view that it was not fair to punish the entire alliance by halting NATO supplies to troops in Afghanistan, saying Pakistan’s grievance with the US alone. He said Pakistan should continue playing its role in the war on terror so that it could reach a logical conclusion and the region could achieve peace and stability. online

ITH Senate elections being held in February instead of March, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), though short of clear simple majority, will emerge as the single largest party in the Upper House of parliament, keeping its relevance in parliamentary politics even if it does not form a government after the general elections. The PPP is likely to win 22 more seats in the Senate, which would take its tally of senators to 44. Fifty percent of the members of the Senate will be elected, as an equal number of senators will retire in March 2012. Behind-thescenes efforts by the ruling party have already been initiated to avoid the election process and settle the matter through seat adjustment with other political parties, keeping in view the purported threats to the coalition government. Moreover, the ruling party would be losing five incumbent senators following the termination of their term if new senators are elected through the sitting assemblies. Those retiring from the ruling party include stalwarts like

Mian Raza Rabbani, Babar Awan and Safdar Abbasi. In contrast, the major ally of the PPP – the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) – would be the major loser by letting go its 20 members of a total 21. However, the party may also win six more seats through a seat adjustment formula with the PPP, and one senator may be elected from Punjab. The major PML-Q men retiring include former information minister Mohammad Ali Durrani, Jan Mohammad Jamali, Wasim Sajjad, Lt Gen (r) Javed Ashraf Qazi, Jamal Leghari and SM Zafar. Apart from the PML-Q, the JUI-F would also lose seven of its sitting senators. The PML-N would emerge successful, as it would bag another six senators taking its total to 12. The Jamat-e-Islami (JI) which has three members, one each from PkMAP and Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) would disappear from the senate as they have no representation in the national and provincial assemblies, the electorate for the senate. Senators of ANP retiring include Ilyas Bilour. After a thorough calculation and interaction with officials of the Election Commission of Pakistan, it was found that of 64 general seats, seven members would be elected from Punjab on

general seats, two on women seats and one on technocrat seat. Punjab Assembly Since Punjab Assembly has strength of 371 members, any candidate would require at least 53 votes to get elected. Since the PML-N is the majority party in the Punjab Assembly with the support of 186 members, it would get at least four members elected on general seats. The remaining of two seats would be left for the PPP, who has a strength of 107 members. The PML-Q has the support of around 54 members and the remaining 30 members have either been re-elected on PML-N ticket or formed a forward bloc, so both parties can get one seat each by supporting each other. Of the two women seats, one would be easily grabbed by the PML-N while the other would be won by a PPP and PML-Q joint candidate. So the PPP would have to either adjust a PML-Q member on the technocrat or women’s seat. One technocrat seat would go to the PML-N, while the other would go to the PPP-PML-Q alliance. So, out of total 11 seats, the PML-N would win seven seats, three would go to the PPP and one might be bagged by the PML-Q. Continued on page 04

As the memo commission is moving gradually to “catch the fish” and holding its second meeting at the Islamabad High Court today (Monday), some players have jumped into the fray in apparent attempts to muddle the pool, with one approaching the court for the registration of an FIR against Mansoor Ijaz and the other challenging the constitution of the three-member commission set up by the Supreme Court. A Pakistan People’s Party activist moved a lower court on Saturday for registration of an FIR against Mansoor Ijaz, who is one of the main characters of the memo scandal, for his “anti-Pakistan lobbying”. Khalid Javed, known to be a PPP activist, moved the court at a time when the US national had already hinted at visiting Pakistan at an appropriate time to testify before the commission. Islamabad Additional Sessions Judge Wajahat Hassan has sought report from the Secretariat police SHO by Tuesday after preliminary hearing of the application. On the other hand, petitioner Shahid Orakzai challenged the establishment of the three-member commission by the Supreme Court to probe the memo case, saying the Sindh and Balochistan High Court chief justices were not authorised to work as commission members, as they were employees of the provincial governments and their salaries were paid by the respective governments. He submitted that the said chief justices could not become part of the commission without the permission of the president. He added that the commission’s formation was not in accordance with the constitution. The attempt on part of the two individuals appear to be attempts to complicate the case and create hurdles in the way of Mansoor Ijaz’s arrival to Pakistan, as the government is already shying away from the probe into the memo by the commission. As the commission is meets today, PPP Cochairman Asif Ali Zardari and former Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani are unlikely to appear before it. However, PMLN sources said party chief Nawaz Sharif was likely to appear before the commission. During the previous hearing on January 2, the commission had expressed displeasure over Haqqani’s absence from the proceedings despite him being served notice. The commission asked the AG to reissue summon to Haqqani to appear on the next date of hearing. It directed the government to provide him requisite security as well. Sources in the government said Haqqani was unlikely to appear before the commission even today. However, the foreign secretary is expected to apprise the commission about the entries in the records of Pakistan’s embassy in Washington pertaining to meetings between Hussain Haqqani and Mansoor Ijaz.

altaf wants creation of kabailistan MONITORINg DESK Demanding the formation of Kabailistan province consisting of the country’s Tribal Areas, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Sunday said a pledge should be made to protect one another’s rights, a private TV channel reported on Sunday. In a telephonic address to notables of Baloch and Sindhi communities, Altaf sympathised with the people of Baloch community, saying Balochs were denied their rights since the day Pakistan came into being. He said conspiracies were hatched to pit Balochs against Muhajirs in Karachi. “I do not speak exclusively for the rights of the Urdu-speaking people,” he claimed. He said he knew poor Balochs did not even have enough food to fill their bellies, while the children of landlords and feudals went abroad to receive education. Altaf said a revolution for bringing the rule of the poor and middle class had become indispensable for Pakistan. He

said MQM’s convention in Sukkur on January 20 will bring a good news about abolishing the age-old feudal system in the country. Altaf said the determination, courage and resolve of the workers had jolted the ramparts of palaces of oppression and injustice and declared that these palaces would be razed amid resounding slogans of truth and honesty. He said that the message of his party had spread across the land of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and hoped that the peasants and labourers, would bring an end to the outdated feudal system by joining hands with his party.

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