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Thursday, 5 December, 2013 Muharram 30, 1435 Rs 17.00 Vol IV No 158 16 Pages Lahore Edition

Separatists call strike to boycott Balochistan LG elections Baloch separatist parties have announced a wheel-jam and shutter-down strike on the eve of the local government elections in Balochistan, scheduled for December 7. In a joint statement, the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) and Baloch National Movement (BNM) announced the strike to be observed on December 6 and 7 throughout the province.

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‘LB election in Sindh impossible on Jan 18’ page 03

Shah demands fresh census in Pakistan Government asks ECP to conduct fresh census

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Tightening the noose around former PPP prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf in the rental power projects (RPPs) scam, the NAB executive board authorized investigation into another two corruption cases. Of the total 12 RPP cases, one reference has already been filed against Ashraf, while investigation into another three RPP cases was almost complete. STory oN page 03

ha LTe d

NaB TIghTeNS NooSe aroUNd perVeZ aShraF

US STopS ShIpmeNTS From aFghaNISTaN ThroUgh paKISTaN The US military has suspended shipments of equipment out of Afghanistan through Pakistan, citing protests that posed a risk to truck drivers, officials said. The move came after club-wielding activists in northwest Pakistan forcibly searched trucks for NATO supplies in protest over US drone strikes in the tribal belt. “We have voluntarily halted US shipments of retrograde cargo through the Pakistan Ground Line of Communication (GLOCC) from Torkham Gate through Karachi,” Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright in a statement. STory oN page 02

Imran Khan challenges Key Taliban commander ghauri responsible for illegal NaB chairman appointments in pQa, SC told appointment in SC killed in Karachi Security forces on Wednesday killed a key Taliban commander in Karachi. Fazlur Rehman was wanted by security forces in several acts of terrorism. According to sources, an exchange of fire took place between police and the Rangers and Taliban militants in Moachh Goth area of Karachi. “Rehman was involved in killing of more than 50 people in Karachi alone,” police said. His body was taken to civil hospital in Karachi. Terrorists had been holing up in Karachi and were planning to carry out terrorist attack. However, they were spotted by security forces during a search operation. page 03

The government has told the Supreme Court (SC) that former federal minister Babar Ghauri was responsible for making illegal appointments of grade-20 to grade21 in the Port Qasim Authority (PQA). A two-member bench of the SC comprising Justice Ejaz and Justice Azmat Saeed took up the illegal appointment in PQA case for hearing on Wednesday. In its reply filed by the government in the SC, it was said all the appointments of grade-20 officers were made without approval of the prime minister. Recruitments were made in two districts of Karachi by ignoring the reserved quota of the provinces. page 04

pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday submitted petition in the SC against appointment of National accountability Bureau (NaB) Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry. page 03

PTI hails US suspension of supply trucks page 02

SC annuls SSgC-JJVL contract, asks FIa to probe scam The Supreme Court on Wednesday termed the contract awarded to Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited (JJVL) by Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) non-transparent and illegal and declared it null and void. A threemember bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and comprising Justice Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Gulzar Ahmed gave the ruling after hearing arguments in the LPG quota case. While announcing the verdict, which was reserved on October 22, the apex court said that the SSGCJJVL contract would be considered void from the date it was awarded – May 18, 2003. page 02

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N news

Thursday, 5 December, 2013

pti hailS uS SuSpenSion oF Supply truCKS ISLAMABAD AGENCIES

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claimed a “tactical success” on Wednesday after the US military suspended shipments of equipment out of Afghanistan via Pakistan, citing protests that posed a risk to truck drivers. Activists in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP), some armed with clubs, have been forcibly searching trucks in an effort to halt NATO supplies in protest over US drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal belt. The unofficial checkpoints began on November 24 after a call to blockade NATO supplies by PTI chairman Imran Khan. Pentagon spokesperson Mark Wright said on Tuesday that the US had “voluntarily halted” shipments of cargo leaving Afghanistan through the Torkham border crossing in KP. Torkham is a key transit point used by the Americans and NATO to withdraw military hardware from Afghanistan, as part of a troop pullout set to wrap up by the end of 2014. Another border crossing point for NATO convoys in Balochistan is not subject to the PTI-led protests, and convoys there are understood to be unaffected by the suspension. PTI spokesperson Shireen Mazari hailed the Pentagon’s move as a “tactical success” and said the protests would continue. “The US decision to halt Nato supplies through Torkham doesn’t affect our protest and we will continue our protest until drone strikes are stopped,” she said. US officials said trucks have been told to wait for now in holding areas in Afghanistan, with Washington expecting the route to resume operating soon. A US defence official said Washington believed the Islamabad government fully supported the use of the route and that it would soon restore security to the area. Islamabad signed a deal with the US in July last year allowing Nato convoys to transit Pakistan until the end of 2015, but a spokesman for the interior ministry said they were unable to intervene.

SC aNNULS SSgC-JJVL CoNTraCT, aSKS FIa To proBe SCam Iqbal Z ahmed, Shujaat, Sherpao, munir hafeez, maqbool, others among top beneficiaries g apex court says royalty agreement altered to favour JJVL g



hE Supreme Court on Wednesday termed the contract awarded to Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited (JJVL) by Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) non-transparent and illegal and declared it null and void. On January 7, 2010, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly was given a detailed briefing on the 2003 LPG quota scheme and it was informed about the major beneficiaries of the quota. According to the documents presented to the PAC, former prime minister and PML-Q leader Chaudhry Shujaat hussain, former chairman of NAB Gen (r) Munir hafeez, former federal minister for investment Senator Gulzar Ahmad, former interior ministers Gen (r) Moeenuddin haider and Aftab Sherpao, former governor of Punjab Gen (r) Khalid Maqbool and former NBP president Syed Ali Raza were among the beneficiaries of the LPG quota. Other beneficiaries included Captain (r) Bisharat and Brigadier (r) Siraj, friends of Gen Pervez Musharraf; Gen (r) Tariq Majeed; humayun Farid, diplomat; Gen (r) Rehmat Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Cement; Rizwan Punjwani, head of NBP

JJVL SayS deaL WITh SSgC WaS TraNSpareNT LAHORE: Commenting on the Supreme Court’s verdict declaring the 11-yearold agreement between Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited (JJVL) and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) illegal, a press release issued by JJVL said the company has strictly and faithfully complied with the law at all times. It has previously and shall continue to comply with court orders. It shall also exercise its right to appeal the judgment, said the statement. JJVL maintains that its agreement with SSGC was awarded competitively and transparently. The agreement with SSGC has provided significant gains to both SSGC and the national exchequer. Since the commissioning of its state-of-the-art facilities in 2005 to date, JJVL has provided Rs. 34.88 billion to SSGC—which did not invest any sum whatsoever in the project—and Rs. 10.84 billion in taxes. JJVL’s LPG extraction facility at Jamshoro, Sindh, represents an investment of $105 million. It produces 17 percent of Pakistan’s daily LPG supplies and meets the energy requirements of 2.5 million people. JJVL is presently assessing the legal and operational issues arising from the judgment. PRESS RELEASE

Credit Karachi, Ishtiaq Asif of NBP Karachi; and Jamal Akbar Ansari, a friend of Iqbal Z Ahmad, the committee was informed. “These people got gas companies registered in the names of their relatives and they earned millions of rupees from the LPG quota given by JJVL,” the PAC was informed. “Business tycoon and JJVL Chairman Iqbal Z Ahmad is the major afectee, as he had shared the windfall profits he managed over the years in the LPG sector with almost everybody who remained in the corridors of power during General

Musharraf’s era,” a well-placed source told Pakistan Today. VerdicT: A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and comprising Justice Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Gulzar Ahmed gave the ruling after hearing arguments in the LPG quota case. While announcing the verdict, which was reserved on October 22, the apex court said that the SSGC-JJVL contract would be considered void from the date it was awarded – May 18, 2003.

SC orderS SpeCial mediCal board to review Kamran FaiSal’S murder report ISLAMABAD ONLINE

KARACHI: Shia Muslims chant slogans during the funeral of MWM leader Allama Dedar Jalbani and his guard at Numaish Chowrangi. INP

US halts shipments from afghanistan through pakistan g

The court order further said that the agreement relating to royalty payments was changed to benefit JJVL. The apex court ordered the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take action against those responsible in the scam. In its orders, the court declared the LPG quota deal as ‘non-transparent’ and cancelled agreement between the two groups. The SC ordered that all losses should be recovered. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Khawaja Asif had filed a petition against the auction of the LPG quota when he was in the opposition during the Pakistan People’s Party-led coalition government. The petitioner submitted that the auction of the LPG quota was not conducted in a transparent manner and had prayed for its annulment. he said that political figures and establishment’s bigwigs were involved in the deal of allotment of quota, inflicting a loss of billions of rupees to the national exchequer. Following the court verdict, Minister for Water & Power & Defence Khwaja Asif told reporters outside the Supreme Court that the apex court had announced a historic decision. he said the LPG quota scandal had caused losses of billions of rupees to the national exchequer and several prominent personalities and politicians under former president Pervez Musharraf were involved in the scam.

pentagon spokesman says US hopes to resume shipments through pakistan ‘in near future’

WASHINGTON: The US military has suspended shipments of equipment out of Afghanistan through Pakistan, citing protests that posed a risk to truck drivers, officials said. The move came after club-wielding activists in northwest Pakistan forcibly searched trucks for NATO supplies in protest over US drone strikes in the tribal belt. “We have voluntarily halted US shipments of retrograde cargo through the Pakistan Ground Line of Communication (GLOCC) from Torkham Gate through Karachi,” Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright in a statement. He was referring to the main overland route used by the Americans and NATO to withdraw military hardware from Afghanistan, as part of a troop pullout set to

wrap up by the end of 2014. Trucks have been told to wait in holding areas in Afghanistan, officials said. “We anticipate that we will be able to resume our shipments through this route in the near future,” Wright said. A defense official said Washington believed the Islamabad government fully supported the use of the route and that it would soon restore security to the area. “The companies that we contract with were getting nervous. And it's getting a little too dangerous for the truck drivers,” the defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said. The United States has alternative routes available to the north through Central Asia, though those options take longer and are more expensive. “While we favor

shipping cargo via Pakistan because of cost, we have built flexibility and redundancy into our overall system of air, sea and ground routes to transport cargo into and out of Afghanistan,” Wright said. The US and Pakistani governments recently issued a joint statement saying the road route through Pakistan was considered important to both Washington and Islamabad, as well as the Nato alliance, he added. About half of US cargo is being taken out through the Pakistan route via the Torkham crossing, with the remainder being removed by aircraft or a combination of planes and then ships at regional ports. CIA drone missile attacks in Pakistan have long been a source of tension with Islamabad, sparking public outrage. US officials say the strikes by unmanned aircraft have taken out dangerous Al Qaeda militants. AGENCIES

Expressing dissatisfaction with investigation made so far in the Kamran Faisal murder case, the Supreme Court (SC) directed the Islamabad IGP to constitute a new joint investigation team besides ordering CAD Secretary to set up a special medical board to review the forensic report. NAB investigator Kamran Faisal was mysteriously killed in the beginning of this year. The court further ordered that new joint investigation team should review fully the investigations made so far and present its report the court. A twomember bench of the SC presided over by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja took up the case for hearing on Wednesday. Additional Attorney General (AAG) Tariq Khokhar and standing counsel Tallat Abbas appeared in the court. The court remarked, “The newly-constituted board should review all matters as the court is not satisfied over the investigations made so far. Forensic report and other reports run in contradiction to each other. If mother of Kamran Faisal has any evidence, it should also be presented in the court.” The amicus curiae, Anwar Kamal, told the court that there was a lot of contradiction in previous medial report and forensic report. “It is imperative that it should be reviewed.” The counsel for Kamran Faisal said, “We have given application to Islamabad IGP requesting him to take action.” The court later adjourned the proceedings of the case for two weeks.

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nab tightenS nooSe around pervez aShraF

death the only puniShment For blaSphemer: FSC ISLAMABAD: The Federal Shariat Court (FSC) has ordered for deletion of life imprisonment term from “Tahafaz-e-Namoos-eRisalat” law, saying sentence in blasphemy case is only death sentence and awarding any other punishment in this respect is not lawful. A five-member larger bench of the FSC, headed by Justice Fida Hussain, was hearing a contempt of court petition filed by Hashmat Habib on Wednesday. While pronouncing the judgment, the bench said the FSC had given a decision in 1990 that life imprisonment, mentioned with death sentence in blasphemy law should be deleted as any blasphemous act is not acceptable and the blasphemer is liable to be punished under death penalty. Hashmat Habib had filed petition in FSC that court’s 1990 decision has not been implemented so far. He prayed the court to issue orders for implementation of this verdict besides initiating contempt of court proceedings against those who have failed to implement the decision. ONLINE

Investigation into two more rpp cases approved g probe in six more rpp cases ‘almost complete’ ISLAMABAD



IGhTENING the noose around former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf in the infamous Rental Power Projects (RPPs) case, the executive board meeting of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Wednesday authorised investigation into another two corruption cases. A source in NAB informed Pakistan Today that of the total of 12 RPP cases, one reference had already been filed against Ashraf, while investigation into another three was almost complete. “Around 70 percent of the investigation into the rest of the six cases has also been made and references will also be filed with the accountability courts once the investigation is finalised,” the source added. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of acting Chairman Rear Admiral (r) Saeed Ahmad Sargana at the NAB headquarters. Sargana has been authorised by NAB Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry who has left for leave following the Supreme Court

lb eleCtion impoSSible on january 18 in Sindh: memon KARACHI ONLINE

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon on Wednesday once again rejected holding local bodies election on the date given by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Memon said local bodies polls were impossible on January 18 in Sindh. The information minister was conducting a press conference regarding the upcoming electoral event for municipal governance across Sindh. Memon said ECP’s arbitrary would be termed as the violence of the Sindh Assembly’s laws. he said an appropriate time should be given to hold transparent election while the given date could not fulfill the needs of authorities for full preparations. The ECP has taken extra time from the SC to arrange local bodies polls.

Shah demandS FreSh CenSuS in paKiStan ISLAMABAD AGENCIES

Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Khurshid Shah on Wednesday called on the federal government to hold a fresh census to determine the country’s current population statistics. In a letter to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader said the last census was carried out in 1998 and no survey has been conducted since the past 15 years. Shah said a new census was a constitutional requirement for the development program and also for the determination of seats in the assemblies. “To make resources compatible with persisting problems, census remains a crucial step,” he added. Pakistan was due to conduct a fresh census in 2008. The previous coalition government, led by the PPP, tried to carry out the census in 2011, but eventually left it incomplete. The Pakistan Muslim League–Nawaz (PML-N) was in power the last time the census was carried out in Pakistan in 1998.

verdict in the NICL case. The NAB meeting decided to authorise four investigations. The first investigation was authorised against officials and government functionaries in the RPP installed in Samundari, Faisalabad. Allegedly corruption has been committed and a loss of Rs 2.8 billion has been caused to the national exchequer. The second investigation was authorised in Walters Power International Naudero-I, Larkana RPP case. The accused allegedly committed corruption causing a loss of $28.423 million to the national exchequer. The third investigation was authorised against Shah Jehan Khetran, former MD Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), Saeed Abbas Ansari, GM Finance PTDC and Abdul Rasool Zaidi, Manager Accounts PTDC. In this case, the accused are allegedly involved in financial mismanagement, illegal recruitments and illegal leasing out of PTDC properties. And, the fourth against Pakistan Railways Purchase Chief Controller Zahoor Khattak, Saeed Akhtar, former Pakistan Railways GM, Muhammad

Naeem Malik, former GM Pakistan Railways, Sohail Sana Qazi, Deputy Chief Engineer Pakistan Steel Mills, Jawad Ahmad, Contractor Pakistan Steel Traders Lahore and Zeeshan Ahmad, Contractor Pakistan Steel Traders, Lahore. The accused committed corruption, causing loss of Rs 48.85 million to the national exchequer. The board authorised three inquiries. The first against Shahid hussain Asad, additional secretary Economic Affairs Division, and others for misuse of authority and granting illegal favour to M/s Pak Arab Fertilizers Ltd and M/s Fatima Fertilizers Ltd. The accused allegedly reduced sales tax rates for these companies through issuing SROs and are accused for causing loss of Rs 1 billion to the national exchequer and case has been shifted to the NAB Punjab. The second was against officers and officials of OGDCL, OGRA and others. The accused exercised corruption in marketing, distribution and royalty of hydrocarbon Products in KP and are accused of causing loss of Rs 375 million to the national exchequer. The Peshawar high Court in a suo motu case directed NAB and the FIA to

probe this case. The third case was against officers and officials of KP government for illegal reinstatement of a convicted person Zahid Arif, Communication and Works Department assistant director. The accused was involved in a corruption case and he paid Rs 17 million to NAB through plea bargain in year 2000. In the board meeting, the acting chairman also authorised three complaint verifications (CVs). First complaint was against Dr Nazir hussain, vice chancellor University of Sindh Jamshoro and its registrar Muhammad Nawaz Narejo. Both are accused for misuse of authority and embezzlement of government funds amounting to Rs 9.6 million. The second complaint was against officers and officials of Labour and Workers Welfare Board Balochistan. The accused are suspected of alleged corruption and corrupt practices, causing loss of Rs 8 million to the national exchequer. Third complaint was against officers and officials of Food Department, Quetta and others. The accused are suspected of corruption and corrupt practices.

SEPARATISTS CALL STRIKE TO BOYCOTT BALOCHISTAN LG POLLS QUETTA AGENCIES Baloch separatist parties have announced a wheel-jam and shutter-down strike on the eve of the local government elections in Balochistan, scheduled for December 7. In a joint statement, the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) and Baloch National Movement (BNM) announced the strike to be observed on December 6 and 7 throughout the province. “After thorough consultation, it was decided to observe strike,” spokesmen for both parties said on Wednesday. “The state wants to deceive the world through these elections,” claimed a spokesman for the BRP.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has already announced December 7 as the date for the polls, and says the printing of electoral rolls has already been completed. Meanwhile, the Balochistan provincial government has decided to deploy 50,000 Frontier Corps, police, Levies and Balochistan Constabulary personnel across the province to maintain law and order during the polls. According to Balochistan Election Commissioner Syed Sultan Bayazid, nine districts have been declared sensitive across the province. He, however, said that additional 5,000 armed forces personnel would perform their duties as quick a response force during the elections. Traffic across Balochistan would be

imran Khan ChallengeS nab Chairman’S appointment in SC ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday submitted petition in the Supreme Court against appointment of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry. The petition was submitted by Hamid Khan and Waqar Rana advocate on the behalf of Imran in the Supreme Court, seeking to invalidate the appointment of NAB chairman. The petitioner said the records of Chaudhry remained controversial during his services. A controversial man could not be appointed as NAB chairman, the petitioner said, adding that his character in the NICL case also remained controversial. He pleaded to the court to nullify the appointment and declare the post vacant. INP

( mUSharraF TreaSoN CaSe

suspended while all shops and markets would be closed for two days during the polls. Formed in exile by Brahamdagh Bugti, the grandson of late tribal chieftain Akbar Bugti, the BRP calls for an independent Balochistan outside the federation. The BNM also states similar objectives. Spokesmen for the two separatist parties said that elections were going to further complicate the Balochistan issue and it was an effort to “further oppress the Baloch” population. Both parties called on the Baloch masses to stay away from polling stations and avoid casting votes. They said the people would boycott the local bodies’ elections the same way they boycotted the May 11 general elections.

ihC rejeCtS petition Challenging SpeCial Court Formation

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday rejected the petition challenging the formation of a special court for the treason trial of former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf. The petition had been filed by Riaz Hanif Rahi in the IHC. During the hearing, IHC Justice Noorul Haq Qureshi observed that the petitioner should have approached the proper forum, while the Registrar’s Office recorded its objection that the petitioner was not the affected person and his right to challenge did not hold. The threemember special court which will hear the treason case of Musharraf is headed by Justice Faisal Arab (Sindh High Court). Other members of the bench include Justice Yawar Ali (Lahore High Court) and Justice Tahira Safdar (Balochistan High Court). INP

Key TaLIBaN CommaNder KILLed IN KaraChI KARACHI ONLINE Security forces on Wednesday killed a key Taliban commander in Karachi. Fazlur Rehman was wanted by security forces in several acts of terrorism. According to sources, an exchange of fire took place between police and the Rangers and Taliban militants in Moachh Goth area of Karachi. “Rehman was involved in killing of more than 50 people in Karachi alone,” police said. His body was taken to civil hospital in Karachi. Terrorists had been holing up in Karachi and were planning to carry out terrorist attack. However, they were spotted by security forces during a search operation. Taliban fighters from Swat and Mohmand went underground during

the military operations that began in 2009, and moved to Karachi. Key Mehsud militants from North and South Waziristan also moved to Karachi to escape relentless US drone attacks on key Al Qaeda and Taliban targets in their area. In their new homes in the Pashtun neighborhoods of Karachi, they began to form groups based on where they had come from. The three key factions of the TTP active in Karachi are from South Waziristan, Swat and Mohmand. Their networks are especially strong in Ittehad Town, Manghopir, Kunwari Colony, Pashtunabad, Pipri, Gulshen-eBuner, SITE Town and some settlements in Sohrab Goth. Mehsud militants of the TTP’s South Waziristan faction, considered more powerful and fierce than others, are further divided into two organizational

groups – one loyal to TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud, and the other reporting to TTP South Waziristan chief Waliur Rehman, who was killed in




Thursday, 5 December, 2013

a drone strike in Miranshah town of North Waziristan on May 29. The two groups do share the same broad agenda.

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04 N

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news Thursday, 5 December, 2013

govt aSKS eCp to hold FreSh CenSuS ISLAMABAD ONLINE

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday asked the federal government to hold fresh census in the country. Media reports said the ECP in this regard has sent a memo to the government asking it to hold fresh census by placing this matter before the Council of Common Interest (CCI). The last census in the country was held in 1998 during the government of the now ruling party, Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N).

BaBar ghaUrI reSpoNSIBLe For ILLegaL appoINTmeNTS IN pQa, SC ToLd ISLAMABAD



hE government has told the Supreme Court (SC) that former federal minister Babar Ghauri was responsible for making illegal appointments of grade-20 to grade-21 in the Port Qasim Authority (PQA). A two-member bench of the SC comprising Justice Ejaz and Justice Azmat Saeed took up the illegal appointment in PQA case for hearing

on Wednesday. In its reply filed by the government in the SC, it was said all the appointments of grade-20 officers were made without approval of the prime minister. Recruitments were made in two districts of Karachi by ignoring the reserved quota of the provinces. As many as 891 illegal appointments were made and norms of merit were blatantly violated. It was further said in the reply that educational certificates of several officers were

fake and Noman Khan, who is still working as planning and industries director general, had a fake degree. It said 85 recruitments were made in the posts of grade 17 to 21. All the recruitments have been made from Karachi in the name of merit. Fake degrees of several officers have also been attached with the reply. The former departments of these officers told that officers bearing these names have never worked with or for them. Dysfunctional secretary of

PQA, Abdul Jabbar Memon told the court the PQA had persistently been ignoring the court’s orders since the last three years and no salary had been paid to him during that time. Justice Azmat Saeed directed deputy attorney general (DAG) to ensure payment of salaries to him besides incurring expenses and providing medical facilities to his wife who is a cancer patient and is under treatment in Agha Khan hospital. The petitioner told the court that he was illegally removed from the post of sec-

retary at gunpoint as he was opposed to illegal appointments and was not complying with the orders of the former minister. On the other hand, former prime minister Yusuf Raza Gilani had issued clear orders about him to continue working as secretary. however, he could not assume his charge due to interference of the former minister. he further prayed that he has been transferred to Sindh government at present, therefore, orders be issued for sending him back to Port Qasim.

Armed forces prepared to counter internal, external threats: Gen Sharif ISLAMABAD INP

QUETTA: Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry unveiling the plaque marking foundation laying ceremony of Supreme Court Quetta Registry. ONLINE


The State Department on Wednesday said the US favoured using Pakistani overland routes for retrograde movement of equipment out of Afghanistan and voiced hope that the current situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with regard to Torkham route, would not have a long-term impact. “We favour shipping cargo via Pakistan because of the cost. And hopefully I don’t anticipate that there will be

any long-term impact to our retrograde movement because of the current situation,” Deputy Spokesperson Marie harf said at the daily briefing. The Pentagon on Tuesday said it had voluntarily halted the movement of cargo through Torkham gate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf activists have been protesting against US drone strikes and threatening to halt return movement of equipment that moves through the province to

Karachi port. Right now, she said, the US was not able to make shipments via Torkham, one of the GLOCs, because it does not think that it is safe for drivers to perform their work. She said in reply to a question that the US had been working to bring flexibility and redundancy into its overall system for use of air, sea and ground transports because sometime there are things happening and it could not use a certain transport route.

remand of ex-Kp police chief extended in weapons scam PeSHAWAr: The remand of former inspector general of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police, Malik Naveed, who is accused of corruption in a weapons scam, was extended for 10 days on Wednesday by an accountability court in order to give investigators more time to complete their probe into the incident. The former provincial police chief was presented before the Accountability Court No 1 of Walayat Khan after a 14-day of physical custody by NAB. NAB prosecutor Lajbar Khan sought a 14-day additional remand of the accused from the court, pleading NAB had not completed its probe yet and would need more time to investigate the mega scam. ONLINE

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif on Wednesday said the armed forces of Pakistan were prepared to counter any internal and external threats and challenges. Speaking at a briefing during his first visit to the headquarters of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the army chief said the role of the intelligence agencies was very crucial in the current circumstances. he asked the intelligence agencies to improve cooperation and intelligence sharing with other organisations to ensure elimination of terrorism. he said the role of the ISI for national security was commendable. ISI Director General Lt Gen Zaheerul Islam and other officers welcomed the army

Tribesman killed, 3 FC men injured in Khyber Agency BArA: A man was killed and several others, including three FC men, injured in a firing incident and roadside blast in Bara tehsil on Wednesday. Khasadar Force sources said armed men of rival groups hailing from Loi Shalman and Landi Kotal tehsils of Khyber Agency traded fire over a property dispute. As a result, a tribesman was killed while several others belonging to both groups sustained injuries. Meanwhile, unknown miscreants targeted FC men with an IED in Ghundi area of Jamrud tehsil. INP

MoNIToRINg DESK Twenty NATO containers and trailers carrying military equipment entered Pakistan from the Chaman border across the Vesh Mandi border of Afghanistan on Wednesday. The containers left for Karachi for further shipment. The containers carrying military hardware, goods and tanks that were parked on the Afghan side of the border got clearance on Wednesday to enter Pakistan. Stringent security measures have been adopted in the bordering town. The containers moved towards Karachi in a huge convoy. NATO has started its exit from Afghanistan a few months ago. Custom officials are giving clearance to NATO containers after checking all required documents at the Chaman border. The NATO supply to Afghanistan from Karachi is also continuing without interruption. however, comparatively

fewer containers were seen at the Chaman border headed into Afghanistan. Pentagon spokesperson Mark Wright on Tuesday said the US had “voluntarily halted” shipments of cargo leaving Afghanistan through the Torkham border crossing in KP. Torkham was meant to be a key transit point used by the Americans and Nato to withdraw military hardware from Afghanistan, as part of a troop pullout set to wrap up by the end of 2014. The decision came after PTIled activists setting up unofficial checkpoints to block NATO supply routes in KP since November 24, after a call by PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Imran demanded the government block NATO supplies after a US drone strike that killed Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) leader hakimullah Mehsud, but Islamabad has shown no appetite for such a move. Imran Khan on Tuesday said his party was considering blocking NATO supply routes in other provinces as well.


The government cancelling all the previous policies included in Exit Control List (ECL) has formulated a much tougher draft according to which investigating institutions will have to provide solid evidences against the accused before adding their name to the ECL. The government has named this draft ‘ECL Rules 2013’. Through this draft the government wants to make the process to enter a person’s name in the list tougher by providing complete proofs against him. The draft after approval of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan will be forwarded to the ministry of law for implementation. Sources said that according to a previous draft anyone could request entry of a person’s name in the ECL; even on telephone. The new policy draft has been prepared keeping human rights in view and its approval is expected during the ongoing week.

pm’s office rejects nawaz said Kashmir can trigger war ISLAMABAD INP

The Prime Minister’s Office has rebutted a news report published in various newspapers on December 4, 2013, which quoted PM as saying that “Kashmir issue can trigger war”. The PM office said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif never uttered the words and the news item was baseless, incorrect and based on malafide intentions. The said news reports were strongly rejected. The prime minister is of the opinion that any issue of conflict between Pakistan and India has to be resolved through peaceful means, the office said. The media reported on Tuesday that the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif while presiding over the 49 session of the AJK Council in Muzaffarabad had stated that Kashmir is a flashpoint and can trigger a fourth war between the two nuclear powers at any time. Meanwhile, reacting to the statement attributed to Nawaz, Indian PM Dr Manmohan Singh said, "There is no scope of Pakistan winning any such war in my lifetime."

india'S FirSt n-Sub to head For Sea trialS in Feb-marCh NEW DELHI ONLINE

20 NATO containers, trailers head to Karachi through Chaman

chief. The COAS was given a detailed briefing over the security issues, especially the foreign interference in Balochistan, ongoing targeted operation in Karachi and activities of the Taliban in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and other parts of the country. According to sources, the army chief was also briefed about some sensitive issues. he was also briefed about the performance of the ISI and its method of operations. General Sharif said no one would be allowed to damage the interests of Pakistan. he said through better intelligence sharing the menace of terrorism could be eliminated. he said the sacrifices offered by the ISI officials for elimination of terrorism would be remembered for ever. The army chief assured that all the requirements of the ISI will be fulfilled.

govt prepares tough policies draft for eCl

India's first indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant will finally head for the open seas for extensive trials which will include firing of its nucleartipped K-15 ballistic missiles, around February-March next year, Indian media reported on Wednesday. Though long in the making, considering that India's first thought of building a nuclear submarine started way back in 1970, the sea trials of INS Arihant will mark a critical milestone towards giving some much-needed credible teeth to the country's strategic deterrence posture. Indian Admiral

D K Joshi said INS Arihant's nuclear reactor, which went "critical" on August 10, was currently undergoing a series of graduated "activities" towards attaining 100% power at Visakhapatnam. "This will be completed over the next few weeks. Thereafter, the submarine will go for sea trials. It has already completed harbour-acceptance trials," he said. Indian Navy as well as other agencies like the Department of Atomic Energy (DEA), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and DRDO have not been in any tearing hurry to "fully load" the 83 MW pressurised lightwater reactor on board the 6,000-tonne submarine.

"This is the first time the country has built a nuclearpowered vessel. With the reactor power being raised by 5-10% at a time, the tests are being conducted in a deliberate, meticulous manner," said another top officer. Though India has the land-based Agni missiles and fighters like Mirage-2000s to deliver nuclear weapons, its nuclear weapons triad will be completed only when INS Arihant successfully completes its sea trials spread over at least 12 months. Nuclear-powered submarines, armed with longrange nuclear missiles, are considered to be the most effective and difficult-to-detect leg of the nuclear triad.

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survey conducted by a civil society organisation in Punjab says that the six-month performance of the Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) government had caused widespread despondency among the people. Pattan Development Organisation, working on governance monitoring and human rights issues, made the survey public on Tuesday saying

that 93 per cent out of the total 4,339 males and females interviewed were disappointed by the PML-N’s way of governance in the country. The opinion poll also shows that majority of the people appear to be comfortable with traditional institutions like Punchayat, biradri system in case of a trouble. Of the total respondents 58 percent were male and 42 per cent female. As far as rural-urban coverage is concerned, roughly about 50 per cent respondents belonged to rural/semi rural and 50 per cent urban/peri-urban localities. The survey shows that majority of the respondents were dissatisfied with performance of health, education, WAPDA and police departments. A significant number of PML-N voters were not able to mention a single policy of the government that could benefit public at large. “Perhaps because of this, about 60 percent respondents were found dissatis-

fied with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s performance, while 52 per cent from the Punjab Chief Minister’s governance,” National Coordinator Pattan Sarwar Bari said. The survey said that 93 per cent of votes cast for PML-N were in Punjab adding that even workers of the ruling party were worried about the future of the country. “This is a very serious matter. The government must wake up to the widespread despondency,” he added. The survey suggested that the government and political leadership must act with profound political will to build hope in the country. “In our view, this is only possible when state institutions start performing according to the law and rules of the country,” it observed. With a slight difference between male and female respondents almost half of them appear to be worried about Pakistan’s future. While about one-fourth of the respondents said they were not hopeful at all of their own and family future. Based on the survey, the civil society organisation said economy would take time to grow, but provision of social justice, effective delivery of services and implementation of labour laws did not need extra funds that will improve confidence and trust of the public in the government.




Thursday, 5 December, 2013

anti-Corruption Court orderS non-bailable arreSt oF Sindh Cm’S daughter KARACHI AGENCIES

An anti-corruption court on Wednesday issued a non-bailable warrant for the arrest of Sindh chief minister’s daughter, Naheed Durrani. Reports said the arrest warrant was issued because Durrani failed to appear in court on multiple occasions during a case related to import-export, in which the Federal Investigation Agency had nominated her as witness. The court ordered the FIA to arrest Durrani and present her in court on December 11. Durrani, a CSS qualified officer, is said to be one of the most powerful bureaucrats in the present set-up, and has previously served as Sindh education secretary, finance secretary and planning and development secretary.

militantS Kidnap 13 power plant worKerS in naSeerababad QUETTA AGENCIES

Militants abducted 13 workers of Uch Power Plant from Balochistan's Naseerabad district on Wednesday. The official, who requested anonymity, told reporters that armed militants picked up the workers from Mangoli area of Naseerabad district. he said the workers were travelling in their company vehicles from Sukkur to Naseerabad when they were intercepted by the militants. "The militants managed to abduct the workers without any resistance", he said adding that: "We are clueless about the whereabouts of workers." Following the incident, the district administration of Naseerabad and the Balochistan government launched a search operation in the troubled district. Frontier Corps and police personnel were called into the Mangoli area to search for the kidnapped of workers. Naseerabad is one of the most sensitive districts of Balochistan. Militants have targeted passenger trains, gas pipelines and security forces in the area for more than a decade. There has so far been no claim of responsibility for the kidnapping. however, the security official suspected that defunct Baloch armed separatist groups were behind the kidnapping. Incidents of kidnapping have increased in restive parts of Balochistan. Recently, kidnappers freed well-known cardiologist Dr. Manaf Tareen after receiving a heavy ransom amount.

one dead, 19,000 evaCuated in malaySia FloodS

QUETTA: Employees of University of Balochistan (UOB) hold begging bowls during a sit-in outside the Balochistan Assembly. INP

SUpporT For aFghaNISTaN aT rISK IF SeCUrITy paCT deLayed FUrTher: US WASHINgToN AGENCIES Global support for Afghanistan will fade the longer President Hamid Karzai delays signing a security pact with the United States, a senior US official warned, as special envoy James Dobbins arrived in Kabul on Wednesday for talks with the government. Frustration is mounting in Washington, and among NATO allies, over Karzai's

refusal to sign a bilateral security agreement (BSA), intended to shape the US military presence in the country beyond 2014. After an assembly of Afghan elders, called a Loya Jirga, endorsed the pact last month, Karzai surprised the international community when he said he might not sign the deal until after elections in April. That would hold up vital military planning for a post-2014 mission. A series of discussions between US

and Afghan officials have been held since, to seek an end to the impasse. Dobbins arrived in Kabul as part of that effort, although the US embassy there declined to say if he would meet Karzai. "The longer this goes on the more that international support will erode," the US official told Reuters in Washington. "It is quite clear to us that the delay in signing this agreement is adding tremendous uncertainty to an already uncertain environment in

Afghanistan." The official said Dobbins' visit to Kabul was part of regular consultations in the region, but the security pact would be raised. The United States was now at pains to explain to Afghan officials, both publicly and privately, the political and related economic cost of prolonged uncertainty if the deal was not quickly signed, the official added. Also at stake are billions of dollars in foreign assistance if donors worry about the future of development projects. US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday suggested that Afghanistan's defense minister or other senior government officials could also sign the pact. The State Department official denied this was a way of bypassing Karzai. "The agreement could either be signed by President Karzai or someone he designates, just as on our side an executive agreement could be signed by the president or a cabinet officer, or an ambassador."


Floods in Malaysia caused by heavy rains have left a teenager dead and forced authorities to evacuate thousands of people, officials said Wednesday. Some 19,000 people have been relocated to evacuation centres set up in schools in the east coast states of Pahang and Terengganu and Johor in the south, an official and news reports said. A 17-year-old boy who was fishing with his father in Terengganu drowned after being swept away in a swollen river, a state police official said. A Meteorological Department official said river levels continued to rise due to the high tide and water being released from dams, but the body expected rain to ease in the flood-hit areas. “It's still raining today, but we expect the rain to stop by tomorrow,” he said. “Then the situation will improve.” The department issued an “orange” alert for Pahang and Terengganu on Monday, warning residents to be prepared for a possible evacuation. Floods caused by annual monsoon rains that begin around November are common in the Southeast Asian country.

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06 N

news Thursday, 5 December, 2013

no deCiSion yet on giving Farewell reCeption to Cjp: SCba ISLAMABAD ONLINE

Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Kamran Murtaza has announced that he would not attend any function until the matter of lawyers was resolved, adding that so far no decision had been made to give farewell reception to Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry. The SCBA president said he always strived for strengthening relations between the bench and bar and he would continue his efforts. he said that he deeply regrets what happened to lawyers inside the Supreme Court. he said so far no decision had yet been made on giving farewell party to the CJP, however, he would not stop lawyers from attending any ceremony related to the farewell of CJP. he said SCBA lawyers were divided over the issue and several believe that CJP was head of an institution and he should be given a farewell, while others said worst form of violence was unleashed against lawyers. The SCBA president said SC Registrar Dr Faqir hussain and Islamabad administration was involved in violence against the lawyers.

newSweeK to reSurreCt print edition NEW YoRK AGENCIES

International current affairs magazine Newsweek plans to relaunch its print edition in early 2014, just over one year after ceasing publication to focus on its website, the New York Times reported Tuesday. Newsweek editor in chief Jim Impoco was quoted as saying that the magazine, which was last printed in December 2012, would aim to become a subscription-based outlet akin to The Economist rather than its traditional rival Time Magazine. "We see it as a premium product, a boutique product," Impoco was quoted as saying of the magazine's relaunch, which is expected in either January or February. The return of Newsweek's print edition marks a turbulent few years for the title, which was first published in 1933.

SARGODHA: A large number of sacks loaded with oranges are seen displayed in Fruit Mandi. ONLINE

return the treasures Britain looted, Chinese tell Cameron BEIJINg AGENCIES


RITISh Prime Minister David Cameron faced demands for the return of priceless artefacts looted from Beijing in the 19th century on Wednesday, the last day of his visit to China. Cameron travelled to the southwestern city of Chengdu on the third day of what embassy officials said was the largest ever British trade mission to the country. British officials say £5.6 billion-worth of deals have been signed so far on the trip, but Cameron has been derided by both Chinese state-run media and the country’s sharp-tongued Internet users. The prime minister last Friday set up his own microblogging page on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, attracting more than 230,000 followers by Wednesday. he invited netizens to ask questions, saying that he would aim to reply during the visit. One

of the most popular questions was posted by a prominent Chinese think-tank, the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, which is headed by former vice-premier Zeng Peiyan and includes as its members many top government officials and leading economists. “When will Britain return the illegally plundered artefacts?” the organisation asked, referring to 23,000 items in the British Museum which it says were looted by the British Army, part of the Eight-Nation Alliance that put down the Boxer Rebellion at the end of the 19th century, a popular uprising against the incursion of European imperial powers in China. To the Chinese, the ransacking of the Forbidden City, and the earlier destruction of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860 – about which one British officer wrote: “You can scarcely imagine the beauty and magnificence of the places we burnt. It made one’s heart sore to burn them” – remain key symbols of how the country was

once dominated by foreign powers. Even now the ruling Communist party appeals to nationalism to bolster its popularity. Beijing was outraged by Cameron’s meeting with the Dalai Lama – who it condemns as a dangerous separatist – last year, which led to a diplomatic deepfreeze between the two nations. Despite the trip being billed as a trade mission, it has widely been seen as an attempt to repair some of the damage caused to ChinaBritish relations. But a leading state newspaper launched an attack on Cameron Tuesday, saying Britain should recognise it is not a major power but “just an old European country apt for travel and study” in an editorial under the headline “China won’t fall for Cameron’s ‘sincerity’”. The prime minister has taken more than 100 businesspeople with him to China, including the heads of Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls Royce and Royal Dutch Shell and the chief executive of the London Stock Exchange.

ji announCeS Sit-inS againSt nato SupplieS in baloChiStan QUETTA INP

The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has announced holding sit-ins against NATO supplies across Balochistan. Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, JI provincial chief Abdul Mateen Akhunzada said sit-ins would be held in Chaman on December 13, in Quetta on December 20, in hub on December 22 at a sitin in Naseerabad would be held on December 29. he also said all political parties, including the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), were invited to take part in the blockade and an allparties conference would also be held, he added. To a question, Akhunzada said the party did not consider the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) a political party and its chief Altaf hussain a political leader. “Even the enemy cannot accuse our party and workers for dishonesty,” he claimed.



ITH Brazil hosting the World Cup next year, officials fear an explosion in child prostitution as sex workers migrate to big cities and traffickers recruit more underage prostitutes to meet the demand from local and foreign soccer fans. “We're worried sexual exploitation will increase in the host cities and around them,” said Joseleno Vieira dos Santos, who coordinates a national programme to fight the sexual exploitation of children at Brazil's Human Rights Secretariat. Child prostitution is driven mostly by local demand in Brazil, with more than 75 per cent of clients coming from the same or nearby states as their victims, according to estimates from the secretariat. Sex tourism targeting children is active in larger cities along the coast and increases at times of big events such as Carnival or New Year's Eve festivities. It won't be different with the World Cup, and authorities face a big challenge as sex workers of all ages, and the people who control them, look to cash in. The Minas Gerais State Association of Prostitutes, an organisation that represents sex workers in one of Brazil's largest states, is even offering free English lessons to prostitutes in Belo Horizonte, another World Cup host

city. “There'll be a lot more people circulating in this area during the games for sure and the city will be full of tourists,” said Giovana, a 19-yearold transvestite working a corner near Fortaleza's Castelo stadium. “I know there'll be more work for everybody women, girls, everybody.” Big Bucks The World Cup is expected to attract 600,000 foreign visitors to Brazil and they will spend an estimated 25 billion reais ($11 billion) while travelling in the country, said the Brazilian tourism board, Embratur. The championship as a whole could inject 113 billion reais into the Brazilian economy by 2014 FIFA said citing an Ernst & Young report. For its part, Brazil's government will have spent 33 billion reais on stadiums, transport and other infrastructure by the time the tournament kicks off, plus $10 million on advertising. In contrast, very little is being spent on fighting the sexual exploitation of minors, campaigners say. Despite more than a decade of government vows to eradicate child prostitution, the number of child sex workers in Brazil stood at around half a million in 2012, according to the National Forum for the Prevention of Child Labor, a network of non-profit groups. That's a big increase since 2001, when 100,000 children worked in the sex

trade, according to Unicef estimates. The Human Rights Secretariat earmarked eight million reais for World Cup host cities to set up projects to fight child prostitution, but not all cities had programmes in place to absorb the funds, Santos explained. Santos' department is finishing a review of child prostitution in key locations and will then decide what action to take. But any programmes they undertake will only scratch the surface. “We realise we're only touching the tip of the iceberg with these actions for the World Cup, but we hope to build capacity and implement longer-lasting programmes in the future,” he said. Beyond the Human Rights Secretariat, the government could not provide data on total spending to fight child prostitution. But campaigners say some programmes have been shut down and they argue the government isn't doing enough to address the problem. “This subject isn't really part of the government's agenda and we don't see a willingness to combine efforts or increase resources to address the sexual exploitation of children,” said Denise Cesario, executive manager of Fundao Abrinq, a local partner of Save the Children International. The Lure of Fortazela Sex tourism happens across Brazil but Fortaleza, a top tourist destination with

sandy white beaches and 300 days a year of guaranteed sunshine, is the industry's main hub. According to social workers like Ceclia dos Santos Gis, who works at children's rights charity Cedeca, a culture of machismo combined with extreme poverty and drug use has created the perfect environment for sexual exploitation. In the poor and arid outskirts of Fortaleza, it's culturally acceptable for fathers to sell their daughters into the sex trade as a source of income, Gis said. More phone calls are made from Fortaleza to a nationwide toll-free number to report child sexual exploitation than from any other Brazilian city on a per capita basis, experts say. While international sex tourism is prominent in Fortaleza, it represents only a third of all reported child prostitution cases. Prostitutes with Brazilian clients, from Ceará or surrounding states, are far more common, prosecutors said. Many of Fortaleza's young sex workers see prostitution as a way of escaping their circumstances. Jessica, 16, a tall brunette with thin plucked eyebrows and baby blue nail polish, began sex work with local clients, earning about $18 a night, before graduating to bigger nightclubs and groups of foreign tourists for about $90 a night. Police arrested her in a September raid

on a club on Iracema beach, the epicentre of Fortaleza's sex trade. They took her to one of four shelters for underage prostitutes, a discreet twostorey house, accessible only through a narrow iron gate watched around the clock by security guards. Waiting for a Prince Sitting in the small room she shares with three younger girls, Jessica said one of her regular clients, a Spaniard, had promised to take her to Europe. "I told him I was 18 and I was getting my passport," she said, tucking a rainbow-coloured tank top into green and yellow tropical-print stretch pants. Sex traffickers and clients are rarely punished and when prosecutors do manage to build a case, victims often change their testimony and the cases are thrown out, said Francisco Carlos Pereira de Andrade, a prosecutor specialising in child exploitation. Of the 2,000 cases before his department, which only handles sexual violence against children, only about 20 involve child prostitution. The face of sex tourism in Fortaleza is also changing, making it more difficult to catch criminals, Andrade said. Instead of working the streets, organised rings of sex traffickers, hotel managers and taxi drivers recruit young girls. Foreign clients order the underage prostitutes and they are delivered directly to their hotels, Andrade added.

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WeAtHer UpdAteS






KaraChi tenSe aFter SeCtarian KillingS S





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mQm ChallengeS KaraChi delimitation in ShC KArAcHi: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Wednesday challenged the delimitation of constituencies in Karachi in the Sindh high Court. MQM leaders Farooq Sattar and Senator Farogh Naseem filed the party’s suit in the court. Speaking to the media outside the court, Sattar said that his party objected to the delimitation because legal procedures were not followed. he claimed that the delimitation was unconstitutional. While explaining MQM’s reservations, Naseem informed the media that the case against the delimitation was very strong and it will be easy to strike it down. he stressed that the delimitation was done on the basis of estimated population while law dictates that the census of 1998 should have been followed. The rift between the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and MQM over this issue has caused delay in the local bodies elections. The official date for elections in Sindh was decided to be January 18 but the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) failed to notify the polling schedule because the provincial government had not completed the prerequisites in time. StAff REPORt

poliCe burSt gang oF banK robberS KArAcHi: The city police claimed to have arrested four member of a bank robbers’ gang along with their leader on Wednesday. SP Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Farooq Awan told a private TV channel that the accused were arrested during a police action in SITE Industrial area. “We conducted raid on a tip off about their presence in SITE Industrial area,” the officer said. he claimed the alleged robbers were involved in seven bank heists in Defence, New Town, Temuria, Gizri and other areas of the city and looted over 10 million rupees. Awan said footage of a bank robbery at Tipu Sultan Road helped police track down the four dacoits, including their chief, from whom the lawenforcers recovered Rs 1.5 million cash and arms during a raid. ONLINE

EVERAL parts of Karachi were tense on Wednesday In the wake of yesterday’s sectarian violence which claimed at least 15 lives. Moreover, funeral prayers for late Shia leader Allama Deedar Ali Jalbani and his guard were held at Numaish Chowrangi in Karachi on Wednesday. Jalbani’s body has been shifted to Khairpur via helicopter for burial. Private schools in the city remained shut and public transport was thin due to security fears following a protest call given by Shias’ representative organisation, Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM), of which Jalbani was the deputy secretary general. Three main universities Karachi University, Federal Urdu University and NED university postponed examinations scheduled for Wednesday in view of the prevailing situation. Meanwhile, around 1,200 Shias rallied in the city to protest against the killing of Jalbani in a sectarian attack. They also shouted slogans against the killing and demanded the government to arrest Jalbani’s killers. The city’s main artery, MA Jinnah Road, which links different busy districts and shopping areas, was shut for hours due to the Shias’ protest. “We closed the road and stopped movement of traffic in the surrounding areas also to avoid any untoward incident,” senior police official Pir

Muhammad Shah said. Earlier on Dec 3, two foreigners were among 15 people killed in Karachi as violence reared its ugly head after a lull. Officials believed the spiral was a calculated move against the ongoing Rangers-led operation in the metropolis. Jalbani and his guard were killed while in the evening three members of the Tableeghi Jamaat, including two

Moroccans, were shot dead. Among others who died during the day were four men who were travelling in a vehicle and came under attack by armed pillion riders and car-riders in North Nazimabad. One of the dead men, Mushtaq Mohmand, had contested the last general election on a provincial assembly seat in Manghopir and was involved in the water hydrant business,

Modern enclave for elephant built in safari Park KARACHI APP

KMC Administrator Rauf Akhtar Farooqui has said that construction of a modern elephant enclave on 65,000 square feet has been completed in Safari Park. he said a bath pool for elephants along with rest area and shades on 2800 square feet was also constructed. he was speaking during a visit of Safari Park to inspect development work, said a statement on Wednesday. The administrator said that Safari

Park was a huge recreation point and easily accessible for visitors, therefore, it must be equipped with all necessary facilities. he said the construction of peacock enclosure in Safari Park was also in its final stage. With the addition of peacock enclosure new birds and animals would be kept here which would give more attraction and beauty to this park, he added. he said about two and a half kilometer long roads were constructed inside Safari Park and a new irrigation system was installed to supply water to all the parts of Safari. The administrator

instructed CSR senior director to take all necessary measures to make this park a world class safari for citizens. he said special attention should be given to maintenance of cleanliness in the park and increase in the new facilities for visitors. The senior director gave a detailed briefing to administrator about the ongoing development works being carried out in the park. CSR Senior Director Rehan Khan, Director Safari Park Salman Shamsi, KMC Director Bilal Manzar and other officers also accompanied him on this occasion.

ebad for prompt expansion of CCTV network KARACHI APP

Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan has called for intensifying the laying of CCTV network. he stated this during a briefing regarding CCTV project at the Governor house’s on Tuesday. Ishrat pointed out that the CCTV cameras help in arresting the accused involved in criminal activities. he said for the installation of CCTV cameras focus should be on the areas where the crime ration was higher and that such cameras be also installed in areas around the metropolis. The meeting was informed that 95

percent work had been completed for the installation of cameras in industrial and commercial areas and that by December 20 all the cameras would be activated which would be monitored through the command and control system. These cameras were also helping towards tackling the crimes, it further stated. The governor directed that all the

stakeholders be consulted for the installation of cameras in the areas where there was a need. In corridors IV and V the cameras be installed in consultation with the law enforcement agencies (LEAs), he further said. It was also informed that Ojha Campus of a medical university was being connected with the Super highway so that people of other areas be also provided health facilities. he directed that CCTV cameras should also be installed around the Ojha Campus.

said SSP Central Amir Farooqi. An employee of the Port Qasim Authority, who was also supervisor of ‘Payam Scouts’, was gunned down in a suspected sectarian attack. Late on Tuesday night, four suspected gangsters were shot dead in two alleged encounters with police and Rangers in Lyari, said SSP City Faisal Bashir Memon.

bilawal taKeS exCeption to abidi’S anti-demoCraCy Statement KArAcHi: Pakistan People’s Party Patronin-Chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has taken a strong exception to the comments of Senator Faisal Raza Abidi against democracy and his demands of martial law. The PPP chairman has ordered that a show-cause notice be issued to Abidi forthwith to seek the latter’s explanation. It may be recalled that Abidi had stated at a press conference Tuesday that democracy had failed in the country and martial law should be implemented. Senator Abidi was also summoned to Karachi by the PPP chief. Bilawal said his statement was a violation of founding principles of the party as the PPP had always struggled for the restoration and strengthening of democracy and sacrificed lives of its leaders Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and thousands of Jiyalas and workers. “Such irresponsible and anti-democracy comments from anyone elected on PPP ticket will never be tolerated under any circumstances,” he added. StAff REPORt

38 piCKed up in targeted aCtionS KArAcHi: Rangers and police continued their targeted raids across different parts of the city and arrested some 38 suspects on Wednesday. According to information gathered, Rangers conducted raids in Landhi, Gadap, North Nazimabad, Alnoor Society, Liaqatabad, Lines Area, Lyari and other parts of the city, rounding up 17 suspects and recovered arms from their possession. In Bhittai Colony, one political activist was arrested in raid conducted by Rangers. Meanwhile, East Zone Police arrested 17 suspects during a targeted operation, and recovered arms and drugs from their possession. Sukhan Police conducted a successful raid and arrested four alleged terrorists, affiliated with banned outfit, and recovered arms and grenades from their possession. ONLINE

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phe department needs revamping, says Cm Shah aSKS addITIoNaL CS deVeLopmeNT To CoNSTITUTe a CommITTee aNd SUggeST WayS aNd meaNS For The Up-gradaTIoN oF The deparTmeNT KARACHI



INDh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah Tuesday said the public health engineering (PhE) department needed revamping and rehabilitation due to its weaker position for enhancing its capacity building and enabling it to cater the basic needs of people in an

efficient manner. The chief minister said this while presiding over a meeting to review the performance of the PhE department specially in executing development schemes of water supply and drainage system at the CM house. The CM asked the additional chief secretary development to constitute a committee of senior officers and suggest ways and means for the up-gradation of this public importance department. he asked him to categorise the working and responsibilities of the PhE department in detail. Qaim stated that the Sindh government had made an annual allocation of more than Rs 4 billion in current financial year to execute 235 ongoing development schemes and naturally `we want the benefits to reach the people of Sindh from this huge investment’. he directed the officers to complete the work on these 235 schemes by March 2014. The CM said that keeping in view the defective units of water supply and drainage system in the province, a PC-I for

comprehensive development scheme of block allocation at its estimated cost of Rs 4590.9 million had been approved to rehabilitate 488 non-functional units of water supply and drainage system in the province which were in addition to above ongoing schemes to be completed by March 2014. he said the annual block allocation of Rs 1,000 million had been earmarked in current financial year to implement this scheme. Qaim said the main problems of this department were the ownership of the public facility units, operational repair and maintenance responsibility which were to be re-assigned while revamping and upgrading PhE department under the new strategy of his administration. he said the Sindh government was taking this issue seriously to ensure uninterrupted supply of drinking water and efficient drainage system to the people of Sindh. The CM asked the officers to strengthen this

Five lyari gang aCCuSed Killed

department by virtue of human resources and sound financial position and enable it to deliver visible services and restore the confidence of the public and their officials as well. The advisor to the CM, Chief Secretary Sajjad Saleem hotiyana, Secretary Finance Sohail Rajput, Secretary Local Government Javaid hanif, Secretary to CM Rai Sikandar, Special Secretary Public health Laiq Ahmed, Chief Engineer PhE Nafees Ahmed Shaikh, Director Technical Masroor Arbab, and other officers attended the meeting.

KArAcHi: As many as five gang war accused were killed in exchange of fire with security personnel in different areas of Lyari on Wednesday. Police said the accused were killed in Saifi Lane, Gabol Park and other areas and arms were recovered from their possession. A Rangers’ personnel was also injured in exchange of fire, the police said. ONLINE

KibF StartS today KArAcHi: The 9th Karachi International Book Fair (KIBF) will begin at the Expo Centre today (Thursday). The five-day event is being organised under the auspices of the Pakistan Publishers and Booksellers Association (PPBA). The Sindh Education Minister, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, will be the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony. The convener of the KIBF, Owais Mirza Jamil, and the Chairman of PPBA, Aziz Khalid, informed that a great variety of books would be put on display at some 315 stalls and that about 4,00,000 people were expected to attend the KIBF. The publishers from Iran, India, Singapore, Malaysia, England and the UAE are expected to display their books at the fair. Aziz Khalid was of the view that for the promotion of education it was important to publish quality books and encourage writers to come up with publications. he also demanded of the authorities to lower the duty on printing paper. APP

PML-F TABLES ADJOURNMENT MOTION OVER ATTACK ON TV CHANNEL OFFICE KArAcHi: The Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PMLF) on Wednesday submitted an adjournment motion against attack on an office of a private TV channel in Karachi. The adjournment motion was tabled in Sindh Assembly by PMLF MPA Nusrat Sehr Abbasi. She opined that the said TV channel office had been attacked second time during the last five months which revealed the provincial govt’s failure to provide security to public lives and properties. It should be mentioned that unknown miscreants had attacked the office of Express Media Group with hand grenades and automated weapons injuring three persons besides adversely damaging office and vehicles parked nearby the scene of attack. INP

HYDERABAD: Commuters face difficulties due to open mainholes and sewerage water on main Phuleli Road near Mirza Muhalla. OnLIne

‘Pakistan classified as water-stressed country’ KARACHI APP

A two-day conference on water issues commenced at a local hotel on Wednesday. The theme of the moot, being held under the auspices of the hisaar Foundation, was: “Water cooperation in action - from the global to the grassroots”. In his welcome address, hisaar Foundation Chairman Zohair Ashir pointed out that the water sector problems in Pakistan in some ways

were more urgent than in the energy sector. he said it was very important to address these issues on emergency basis and that the foundation had taken this initiative. Zohair pointed out that Pakistan was classified as a waterstressed country which was likely to become a water-scarce country soon. he said the water issue had affected all of us and collective and concerted efforts should be undertaken to solve it.

The hisaar Foundation chief believed that individuals’ efforts would also be helpful towards reducing the gap in the supply and demand of the water supply. A water expert, Khalid Mohtadullah, pointed out that the water availability in the country was on the decline. he said during the past one decade the use of water had increased at twice the rate of the population growth. Referring to a recent World Bank study, Khalid pointed out that the water demand could

outstrip the supply by 40 percent by 2030. By 2025, some 1.8 billion people were expected to be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity and that two third of the world population would be under water stress. Simi Kamal, head of the Academic Committee of the hisaar Foundation, explained in detail the activities to be pursued during the two-day moot. Farhan Sami, Pakistan Country Coordinator of WSP, also expressed his views during the inaugural session.

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Only the gentle are ever really strong. –James Dean


CoMMenT Thursday, 5 December, 2013

government’s credibility on line Is the PML-N falling back to its old tactics?


FTER so many professions of devotion to democracy and principled politics the PML-N ministers are never tired of making, the episode looks like a descent into bathos. If the order to remove NADRA chairman was aimed at covering up illegalities, it has simply backfired. The attempt to dismiss the head of a statutory body through an office order underlines that the PML-N government must have been in dire straits to go for a desperate measure. When Tariq Malik sent a missive to the National Crisis Management Cell about a threatening letter he had received, also providing the details of those from whose cell phones similar calls had been made to him, one hoped the government would act apace against those who were pressurising the NADRA chief. In fact this is what it should have done if its hands were clean. In case the media reports regarding certain government leaders summoning Tariq Malik a day before the orders were issued are correct, this would show that they knew that a certain PMLN candidate could be disqualified for election malpractices and wanted the NADRA chief to protect him. That he was subsequently fired indicates that he had resisted the pressure. The database authority was working on verification of thumb impressions in 11 constituencies. Malik’s sacking came only days after an election tribunal asked NADRA to verify the thumb impressions of voters from NA-118, won by PML-N candidate Muhammad Malik Riaz. Some other constituencies of top PML-N leaders were also reportedly in line, including that of National Assembly speaker’s. The incident is likely to open a can of worms. The establishment division must have known that it was issuing an illegal order. If it still went for it, it must have done so under extreme pressure from the higher echelons of government. The incident proves that attempts by the SC to make bureaucracy act in accordance with law and ignore orders that were in its violation have not been fully imbibed and followed in letter and spirit. The PPP and PTI have condemned the removal of the NADRA chairman and called upon the Election Commission to take action. In case the EC remains a silent spectator, this will give birth to more questions. There is a need for a thorough and transparent probe by NADRA into the election results of the disputed constituencies. If this is not done properly, questions raised soon after the elections by the PPP and PTI about the mandate obtained by the PML-N are likely to gain credence.

pti protests for what? It could cost Pakistan dearly


E have a one-of-a-kind system of protests. A cartoon is published in a far off European country and we burn down shops, churches and tyres on our roads and streets. And so when drone strikes happen in an area that the government is unable to bring under its control, we put NATO supplies in abeyance just to register our protest at the cost of putting relations between the US, Pakistan and other world powers at stake. That’s exactly what Imran Khan and his party, the PTI, has been doing in the past few weeks. Whereas protest is a purely legitimate and democratic right of every individual and political entity, doing the same at the cost of damaging state’s interest is of no value. What good a protest would be if it delivers the same level of damage, albeit in another manner which it intends to bring into sharp focus. While one condemns drone attacks, as they should be, blocking the NATO supplies cannot achieve the aim. It can however mar relations with the US which is not in the interest of the country, especially at this crucial time when foreign troops are soon to leave Afghanistan and Islamabad is engaged in a strategic dialogue with Washington. In this backdrop, the US did something to gain the upper hand and show up the protesters. It halted the NATO supplies on its own, thus removing the impetus that could lead parties like the PTI to stage protests. By voluntarily halting the US shipments of cargo through Pakistan, Washington has signaled it can go for the more costly way out of Afghanistan, if needed. The Central Asian route is lengthier and expensive though it is already supposed to take around 50 per cent of the equipment of the US and NATO out of Afghanistan. With these protests, the PTI and its leaders are only making sure that the US uses that route for all of its equipment and does not trust Pakistan for as simple a task as a withdrawal from this region. Imran Khan has recorded his protest. It’s time now to put an end to the blockade which could cost Pakistan a lot. Islamabad is in the process of restarting the strategic dialogue with the US to improve its bilateral relations, and explore trade and investment opportunities. These protests are nothing but a stumbling block. It is time the government took a stand, with its allies and provincial governments onboard with the decision, whatever that may be.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad Joint Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2818125 Web: Email:

govt’s credibility on the line Upset by the US-Iranian nuclear deal, Saudi Arabia has little choice but to rely on the US for regional security ANGuS MCDOwALL


AUDI Arabia seems to have few viable options for pursuing a more independent and forthright foreign policy, despite its deep unease about the West's tentative rapprochement with Iran. Upset with the United States, senior Saudis have hinted at a range of possibilities, from building strategic relations with other world powers to pushing a tougher line against Iranian allies in the Arab world and, if world powers fail to foil Tehran's nuclear ambitions, even seeking its own atomic bomb. But alternative powers are hard even to contemplate for a nation that has been a staunch U.S. ally for decades. Russia is on the opposite side to Riyadh over the Syrian war and China's military clout remains modest compared with the United States'. Robert Jordan, U.S. ambassador to Riyadh from 2001-03, said there would be limits to any Saudi alliances with other powers. "There is no country in the world more capable of providing the protection of their oil fields, and their economy, than the U.S., and the Saudis are aware of that. We're not going to see them jump out of that orbit," he told Reuters. While Jordan was a senior diplomat in the administration of President George W. Bush, some Saudi analysts also say the kingdom is well aware of what major foreign policy shifts would involve - particularly any pursuit of nuclear weapons. This could end up casting Saudi Arabia as the international villain, rather than its regional arch-rival Iran, and Riyadh has no appetite for the kind of isolation that has forced Tehran to the negotiating table. "Saudi Arabia doesn't need to become a second Iran," said a Saudi analyst close to official thinking. "It would be a total reversal of our traditional behaviour, of being a reliable member of the international community that promotes strategic stability and stabilises oil markets." Diplomatic sources and analysts in the Gulf say the kingdom, while unsettled, will not risk a breach in relations with its main non-Arab ally and will explore, however warily, a purely diplomatic response to the Iranian opening. Top Saudis are nevertheless furious with Washington. Senior U.S. officials held secret bilateral talks with Iranian counterparts for months to prepare for last month's interim nuclear agreement between six world powers and Tehran, raising Gulf Arab rulers' fears that Washington is willing to go behind their backs to do a deal with Iran. Saudi leaders were taken unawares by the content of the deal that was struck in the early hours of November 24, despite an earlier promise by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to keep them informed of developments, diplomatic sources in the Gulf said. In Washington, a senior State Department official said Kerry had been in close contact with his counterparts throughout the two rounds of negotiations in Geneva, and had talked to Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal on November 25. "The agreement was reached in the middle of the night and Secretary Kerry spoke with the Saudi Foreign Minister soon afterward," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The agreement offers Tehran relief from sanctions that are strangling its economy, in return for more oversight of its nuclear programme. Riyadh, along with its Western allies, fears this is aimed at pro-

ducing weapons, a charge Tehran denies. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif suggested on Sunday the deal should not be seen as a threat. "This agreement cannot be at the expense of any country in the region," he told reporters in Kuwait. "We look at Saudi Arabia as an important and influential regional country and we are working to strengthen cooperation with it for the benefit of the region." Diplomatic sources in the Gulf say Riyadh is nervous that the deal will ease pressure on Tehran, allowing it more room to damage Saudi interests elsewhere in the Middle East. The conservative Sunni Muslim kingdom is at odds with Iran's revolutionary Shi'ite leaders in struggles across the Arab world, including in Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen. Most of all, Riyadh sees Iran's open support for Syrian President Bashar alAssad in fighting a rebellion backed by Gulf states as a foreign occupation of Arab lands. Two Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders have been killed in Syria this year, and rebels have also said Iranian fighters are on the ground, although it is unclear whether they are there in any great numbers. The Lebanese Shi'ite movement hezbollah, which is allied to Tehran, has also sent fighters to help Assad's forces, although these are Arabs. BOLd decLArATiONS Riyadh has expressed lukewarm support for the nuclear deal, couched alongside caveats that it was a "first step" and that a more comprehensive solution required "good will". But some prominent Saudis have made bold declarations that Riyadh will develop a tough new foreign policy, defending its interests in keeping with its status as the richest Arab state and birthplace of Islam. Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf, the Saudi ambassador to London, told The Times newspaper that "all options are available" to Riyadh, including seeking its own atomic weapon, if Iran managed to build the bomb. But diplomatic sources in the Gulf and analysts close to Saudi thinking say the main problem in turning such rhetoric into action is the lack on an obvious replacement for the U.S. security umbrella in the Gulf, or for the American military's role in advising, arming and assisting the Saudi armed forces. "There'll be more contact with the Russians and Chinese than in the past. They've gone elsewhere for weapons before and we'll see some more of that, but the overall environment will be Americacentric," said Jordan. A Western adviser to Gulf countries on geopolitical issues said senior Saudis have looked at ways of reducing the kingdom's long-term reliance on the United States. France is one option, albeit one that remains firmly in the Western camp notwithstanding past differences with NATO allies. Riyadh has worked closely with Paris in recent months on both Syrian and Iranian issues, and has awarded it big naval contracts. That said, the Saudi armed forces and economy are so closely tied to the United States that any serious attempt to disengage over the longer term would be prohibitively costly and difficult, diplomatic sources in the Gulf say. Washington remains much closer to Riyadh on every Middle Eastern issue than any other world power at present except France, which has taken a hard line on Iran. In Syria - the issue over which there is the greatest disagreement between Riyadh and Washington, the kingdom is

already arming and training some rebel groups which the United States, wary about arming jihadists, views with caution. Diplomatic sources in the Gulf say these efforts will continue and may expand, but logistical challenges will hinder any rapid attempt to increase training much beyond the thousand or so rebels now working in Jordan with Saudi special forces. Riyadh's own fears of an Islamist backlash, reinforced by a bombing campaign inside the country in the last decade, prevent it from arming more militant groups with ties to al Qaeda. The sources say Saudi Arabia still relies on a lot of support from Western allies for command and control expertise, and would find it very difficult to build its own coalition of Arab allies to join forces in a military campaign. The kingdom and its five closest regional friends, the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, have been unable to agree on a shared missile defence shield after years of discussions, they note. THe SAUdi BOMB Prince Mohammed's warnings on the possibility of seeking a nuclear bomb have previously been voiced by other top Saudis, including former intelligence minister Prince Turki al-Faisal. But on closer inspection this looks less like a serious statement of intent and more like an attempt to nudge world powers into being tougher on Iran by raising the spectre of an atomic arms race in the Middle East, where Israel is already widely presumed to have nuclear weapons. The analyst close to official thinking suggested that actively seeking nuclear arms would backfire, making Riyadh the proliferator of mass destruction weapons instead of Iran. Media commentators have speculated the kingdom could obtain an atomic bomb from its nuclear-armed friend Pakistan, or on the arms market. But the analyst said it would never place itself in the position of being an international outcast like Iraq under Saddam hussein and more recently Tehran. "Iraq did it. Iran did it. Saudi Arabia would never do this type of behaviour," he said. Saudi Arabia is in the very early stages of planning an atomic power programme, and has signed up to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and a more rigorous safeguarding protocol with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Any attempt to build a bomb in secret would probably take decades due to the kingdom's current lack of any nuclear technology, expertise or materials, analysts believe. Even if it were to attempt to short cut that process by, for example, buying an off-the-peg atomic weapons system from Pakistan - a transaction itself fraught with difficulties - the obstacles would be formidable. "There's a lot of infrastructure to put in place, to make the threat credible and deliverable. It's not clear to me that Saudi Arabia would be able to do that in short order at all," said Mark hibbs, a senior associate at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and nuclear proliferation expert. Such an effort would also incur a massive price in diplomatic and economic relations with other countries, notably the United States. The Saudi economy, reliant on oil exports and the import of many goods and services from overseas, appears ill suited to withstand such pressures. Angus McDowall is a British freelance journalist.

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I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member. –Groucho Marx




Thursday, 5 December, 2013

Stop killing and start loving What does latest dead Afghan 2-Year-Old have in common with Paul Robeson, John Wayne, Ernest Hemingway, Bob Marley, and the Kennedys?


two schools of thought on China – both wrong With its “imminent collapse” or “peaceful evolution theories,” the West is wrong on China



ROM President Barack Obama’s ceding of the center stage to his Chinese counterpart at the recent APEC gathering to frenzied attempts to decipher the country’s political and economic directions from the party’s just finished Third Plenum, the rising giant of the East often dominates Western political discourse. Unfortunately, such discourses are taking place on a faulty paradigm. Ever since 1989, mainstream Western opinions about China have been dominated by two divergent theories with opposite policy prescriptions. The ultimate aim of both was to build a universalized world order, which, of course, could not be credible without China. One is the “imminent collapse” school. Espoused by cold warriors, it predicted wholesale collapse of the country. The one-party political system was inherently incapable of managing the intensifying social and economic conflicts as the country went through its wrenching transformation from a poor agrarian economy to an industrialized and urban one. The Western alliance should seek to contain China, so the theory went, and thereby hasten the fall of a threatening power ruled by an illegitimate regime. The other is the “peaceful evolution” school. These are the panda-hugging universalists who made the “they-will-become-just-like-us” prediction. As the country modernized its economy, China would inevitably accept market capitalism and democratize its political system, and proponents urged deploying an engagement policy to speed up this evolution. Nearly a quarter century has passed since the Western intellectual and policy establishment has been guided by these two schools of thought about arguably the most significant development of our time – China’s reemergence as a great power. The report card is not pretty. The assumptions made by the imminent-collapse school include the following: China was run by a dictatorial party clinging to the dead ideology of Soviet communism. Its political system inherently lacked

the ability to adapt to the rapidly modernizing Chinese society. The myriad social and economic conflicts would soon implode, and the fate of the Soviet Union awaited the party state. With that, a major ideological obstacle to a Western-designed universal order would be removed. Of course, the cold warriors have had to postpone the effective date of their prediction year after year for decades. What did they get wrong? It turned out that the party has not been holding back or reacting to China’s modernization, but leading it. Self-correction, an ability many attribute to democracies, has been a hallmark of the party’s governance. In its many decades of governing the largest and fastest changing country in the world the party has pursued the widest range of policy changes compared with any other nation in modern history. Most recently it has successfully managed a highly complex transition from a centrally planned economy to a market economy – where many developing nations have failed. In the process it has produced the most significant improvement in standard of living for the largest number of people in the shortest time in history. Because of this performance record, China’s modernization process has strengthened the party’s rule, not weakened it. The key driver of the party’s success is inherent in its political institution. Over the decades, the party has developed a process through which capable leaders are trained and tested – eventually emerging at the top to lead the country. Whereas elections have failed to deliver in many parts of the world, meritocratic selection has in China. As embarrassing as it must have been for the collapse predictors, the bitterest disappointment belongs to the universalists who foresaw with philosophical certitude the inevitable evolution of China towards liberal democracy and market capitalism. Their conviction was guided by the grand post–Cold War narrative: After the fall of the Soviet Union, the world would come together under a globalized order. Western values were universal values. Western standards were universal standards. Indeed, many have capitulated to that narrative. A large number of developing countries transformed their political and economic systems, some violently, to meet the demands of globalization. But China walked a different path. As the party embarked on dramatic reforms, the country possessed a degree of national independence unmatched by most developing nations. This ability to control its own destiny allowed China to engage globalization on its own terms. Its one-party system remained intact and the party institution matured and strengthened. Its economic integration with the developed world was carried out in ways that brought maximum benefits to the Chinese people. Market access was granted in exchange for direct investments that created industrial jobs and technology transfers. The

government exercised political authority above market forces and led the largest investment expansion in infrastructure and health and education in history. The dream of “they-will-become-just-like-us” has evaporated. After the Cold War, many were enamored by the material successes of the West and sought to emulate Western political and economic systems without regards to their own cultural roots and historical circumstances. Now, with a few exceptions, the vast majority of developing countries that have adopted electoral regimes and market capitalism remain mired in poverty and civil strife. In the developed world, political paralysis and economic stagnation reign. The hard fact is this: Democracy is failing from Washington to Cairo. Even the most naïve panda huggers could not sustain the belief that China would follow such “shining” examples. If the West wants to deal rationally with China, a paradigm shift in thinking is urgently needed. And, perhaps, such a shift could provide fresh ideas on how the West can approach the world differently and even begin to solve its own problems. To begin a reassessment, it is useful to first recognize what China is not. It is not a revolutionary power, and it is not an expansionary power. It is not a revolutionary power because, unlike the West of late, it is a non-ideological actor on the world stage and not interested in exporting its values and ways to the outside world. Even as its interests expand far beyond its borders – and make no mistake, these interests will be vigorously defended – it will not seek to actively change the internal dynamics of other countries. It is not an expansionary power because that is not part of the Chinese DNA. Compared with the many empires in human history, even at the zenith of its own power during its long civilization, China has seldom invaded other countries in large scale. The Chinese outlook is that of centrality, not universality. More practically, the Chinese see, rather wisely, that, although it could not accept wholesale the current global architecture, its rise must be peaceful. Otherwise the consequences are unimaginable. China’s sheer size makes this so. Self-interests will dictate that China is likely to err on the side of restraint as it reemerges as a great power. history is littered with precedents of failures to accommodate rising powers leading to tragic conflicts. But that does not have to be destiny. Give China time, allow it the space and independence to continue on its own path. Live and let live. The forced convergence led by the West is costing everyone, not least the West itself. Perhaps a healthy respect for divergence could pave the way toward a convergence of a more peaceful and sustainable kind. Eric X Li is a venture capitalist and political scientist in Shanghai. This essay is adapted from a lecture given at the Oxford Union.

hIS is the season of death, when we celebrate the dying of the sun with an orgiastic burst of consumption and environmental destruction. This is the season of rebirth when we spend time with loved ones and reach out to help others we don’t know. Now would be an appropriate time to come DAvID SwANSON to grips with public murder and make a public investment in peace. If I were summoning back ghosts of governments past for a press conference at the National Press Club, my first inclination — lasting only a split second — would be to bring the Filipinos, the Vietnamese, the Native Americans, the Laotians, the Mexicans, the Cambodians, the Iraqis, the Guatemalans, the Japanese, the Afghans, the Germans, the Yemenis, and all the peoples of the world dead by our indifference or malevolence and by our sacred tax dollars. Pacific Islanders killed by weapons testing would join children killed by drug testing, and prisoners both innocent and guilty killed by electric chairs and injections, standing side-by-side with the resurrected bodies of men tortured to death by the CIA, kids melted with white phosphorous, and presidents — both foreign and domestic — cut down by assassins spreading freedom and joy. My second inclination would be to line up a handful of pressworthy celebrities whose celebrity might motivate a bit of our national press corpse [sic] to hop an elevator for the long commute to the press club despite the fact that these particular celebrities were murdered by our government. First might be Paul Robeson. here’s a wikipedia summary for those unfamiliar with this great man. here’s a taste of Robeson’s voice. And here’s audio of a discussion with Robeson’s son and others of how the CIA drugged him and then electroshocked him, effectively debilitating and silencing a voice that had never before faltered, a voice that had gone so far as to denounce the house Un-American Activities Committee as un-Americans to their faces. This article sums up this crime. This more recent article looks back. Next to Robeson before the cameras might stand John Wayne. In 1955, movie star John Wayne, who avoided participating in World War II by opting instead to make movies glorifying war, decided that he had to play Genghis Khan. The Conqueror was filmed in Utah, and the conqueror was conquered. Of the 220 people who worked on the film, by the early 1980s 91 of them had contracted cancer and 46 had died of it, including John Wayne, Susan hayward, Agnes Moorehead, and director Dick Powell. Statistics suggest that 30 of the 220 might ordinarily have gotten cancer, not 91. In 1953 the military had tested 11 atomic bombs nearby in Nevada, and by the 1980s half the residents of St. George, Utah, where the film was shot, had cancer. You can run from war, but you can’t hide. Imagine that comment in John Wayne’s voice as he stands, newly restored to life, speaking at a podium surrounded by handsome hacks who play journalists on TV. Beside Robeson and Wayne at the best-attended-ever press conference we might line up Ernest hemingway. When I was first told that hemingway had killed himself, it was explained to me that he didn’t want to live as an old man incapable of hunting lions. And yet this was the author of The Old Man and the Sea. Make sense of that if you can. Now we learn from hemingway’s friend and collaborator over the last 13 years of his life that the FBI’s surveillance of hemingway “substantially contributed to his anguish and his suicide.” hemingway’s close friend didn’t take hemingway’s complaints about the FBI seriously until his FBI file was finally released, confirming the surveillance. “It’s the worst hell,” hemingway had said. “The goddamnedest hell. They’ve bugged everything. That’s why we’re using [a friend]’s car. Mine’s bugged. Everything’s bugged. Can’t use the phone. Mail intercepted.” I wonder how many high school English classes will mention this. Next to hemingway, let’s bring out Bob Marley. The CIA’s files on him are being kept secret for your protection, but the death and destruction the CIA was bringing to his country is undisputed, the CIA’s responsibility for the failed assassination attempt against him is very likely, and it appears that in the end the CIA got him by a manner that sounds insanely bizarre if you haven’t heard about giving an entire French town LSD or targeting a single intended victim (Fidel Castro) with a poisoned diving suit, an exploding cigar, a ballpoint-pen syringe, an exploding conch shell, and dozens of other crackpot schemes that sound less comical when they work. Some surprise guests at the press club might include John and Robert Kennedy. Others might include, after all, the millions of nameless forgotten dead, the victims of the industrial-scale “signature strikes” that have been our biggest public investment. Not that the reporters would all see the point of cramming so many resurrected bodies into their club, but because some of the celebrity victims might more clearly grasp and articulate the purpose of the event. Sooner or later we are going to have to stop killing people and start loving people, or the rebirth of life after winter won’t keep repeating. David Swanson is author of War is a Lie. He lives in Virginia.

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Katy perry can’t stop smiling as she is named uniCeF’s goodwill ambassador

arTS Thursday, 5 December, 2013

javed aKhtar to be diSCharged From Spinal hoSpital in a Few dayS


ANY of her songs have indirectly helped inspire people and now Katy Perry can add giving inspiration for her official skills list. The 29-year-old singer was named UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador in New York on Tuesday and she could not have been happier. While a serious role - Katy is expected to help young people, especially those experiencing severe poverty, find away to talk about their struggles and help find solutions to them - the Fireworks singer could not stop smiling. The star was obviously

very proud to be joining the ranks of other ambassadors that have come before her including David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, Jackie Chan, Danny Glover, Sir Roger Moore and Susan Sarandon. As her role is all about making children’s lives better the California Gurrls songstress took time out from the official event to spend time with her young fans who were present. Not only did those attending the event get to met the pop star, but she even posed up for photos on their phones. The star and one young female fan made sure to pull silly faces with Katy jokingly doing a ‘selfie duck pout’. While Katy was already the star of the event, she made sure to shine in a stunning cocktail length tight frock. The nude coloured dress featured green and white embroidered netting with a shorter opaque layer underneath and profiled

Kareena and Saif NEWS DESK Javed Akhtar has been suffering from acute back pain for a while. On November 28, his pain erupted, but he kept his word of being a part of the 175year celebrations of the Times of India at Purana Qila, where his favourite singer Sonu Nigam performed. While Javed sahab had initially thought he would leave after spending some time, he got so emotional with the music that he stayed on for the whole evening. Next morning he just could not get up and, in fact, got locked in his bathroom as he was unable to move. his Man Friday had to break open the window to open the door and get him out. his wife Shabana Azmi rushed to Delhi and he was admitted to a spinal hospital. After three days of suffering in pain, we are happy to let you know that he has been able to sit up and also take a few steps. The doctors have told him that he can be discharged in a few days.

‘no one in the Store really reCogniSed miley’

to move to a new home worth 48 crores! NEWS DESK Live life king size is Saif Ali Khan’s motto and who can blame him as his royal blood is used to palatial houses. To live like royalty even in a city like Mumbai, Saif and his wife Kareena Kapoor have decided to spend a small fortune of Rs. 48 crores to buy a four floor apartment and call it home. According to a news article in DNA, Saif and Kareena have bought four floors of a building in Bandra opposite their current apartment, Fortune heights. Apparently each floor has a 3BhK apartment that covers an area of 3,000 sq feet each and every apartment is worth Rs. 12 crore making Saifeena’s new home worth Rs. 48 crores. According to the report, architect

and interior designer Nozer Wadia who has designed homes for A-list celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Arjun Rampal has been roped in for the project. The Begum has taken it upon herself to oversee every little detail of the house with a long list of specifications from husband Saif. he reportedly wants a swimming pool on one floor, a library for his books on another, gym and a terrace garden as well. Saif and Kareena have been living together in their old Fortune heights home for many years now. The couple plans to give it on rent by 2014 as soon as one of the four apartments of their new home is ready.


Rapists should be are ranbir Kapoor and ‘hanged till death’: Katrina Kaif engaged?

Jaya PraDa NEWS DESK Rapists should be “hanged till death”, according to Lok Sabha MP Jaya Prada. She also said that people in Uttar Pradesh have started to believe that corruption is better than crime as they “are scared for their lives”. She was speaking to IANS Monday in Panaji on the sidelines of her visit to Goa, where a film produced by her is being shot. Asked to comment on the controversy and outrage caused by the alleged rape of a former junior employee of newsweekly Tehelka by editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal, she said that rapists should be “hanged and punished till death”. She also said that it was not just that women were unsafe in Uttar Pradesh alone, but places like Mumbai and Delhi too were unsafe.

NEWS DESK To go by the strong rumours and cousin Kareena Kapoor’s alleged declaration of Katrina Kaif as her sister-in-law on ‘Koffee With Karan’, gossip mills have been working overtime to hint at a possible exchange of rings between Ranbir Kapoor and girlfriend Katrina. Ranbir and Katrina’s relationship had caught the public eye soon after they worked together in the film ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani’. What added fuel to fire were the couple’s leaked pictures while on a holiday in Spain. having been spotted together at various parties and

Katy’s famous curves clingy tightly to her body. The star teamed the stunning dress with matching patent nude heels that featured on trend pointed toe. Clearly grateful for the opportunity on find out she was to be an ambassador Katy said: ‘I believe young people have the power to change their own lives, with our help. ‘I am honored to join UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador, and committed to doing everything I can to help children and adolescents who come from such different backgrounds but want the same thing: a brighter future.’ Katy has already been working with UNICEF having traveled with the organisation to Madagascar earlier this year. To coincide with the announcement, Katy and UNICEF released a video of the star during her trip.

events, the buzz around their romance has been strong for the longest time now. But what raised eyebrows recently was when rushes of Kareena and Ranbir’s episode of chat show ‘ Koffee With Karan’ was aired on television. Bebo, known for not shying away from making controversial remarks has allegedly spilled the beans on the latest update in her cousin Ranbir’s relationship with Katrina and reportedly called Kat her sister-in-law on national television. Was this Kapoor khandaan’s big announcement of Ranbir and Katrina’s engagement plans? If so, do we hear wedding bells in the coming year?

Miley Cyrus’ credit card was declined when she tried to purchase $170 worth of records. The 21-year-old pop star was left red-faced when her card was allegedly refused by Freakbeat Records in Sherman Oaks, California, on Sunday (01.12.13) as she tried to pay for new items to add to her musical collection. An eyewitness told ‘’No one in the store really recognised Miley, even though she was hard to miss. It’s not her demographic of fans. But she was embarrassed nonetheless when her card was denied.’’ Thankfully for the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer - who is thought to be worth over $100 million thanks to her pop career and Disney child star past in ‘hannah Montana’ - she was able to whip out another credit card and complete her purchase. The onlooker added: ‘’The cashier was really nice and told her the bank probably put a hold on it because it was a large purchase, so she dug out another card and the payment went through.’’ Miley shared a picture of one of the vinyl records she picked up on Twitter - the soundtrack to 1978 film ‘The Wiz’, which starred one of her musical inspirations, Michael Jackson. She captioned the picture: ‘’So stoked #thewiz (sic)’’

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12 A

i’ve told shahid not to meet sylvestor stallone: Prabhu Dheva CoURTESY BoMBAY TIMES

I grew up and got smart! It was said that you are a rigid boyfriend... Who told you this? has to be an ex. Sour grapes, madam (smiles). Sonakshi, what’s your take on marriage? When I was 16, I would say, when I grow up, I want to be married with two children. As I am reaching that stage, I find myself evading it. I am so involved with my work that.. aise kisisey bhi nahi karne wali shaadi, aise haar nahi dalungi.

Prabhu Dheva, Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha got candid with Bombay Times during their visit to the office. Excerpts: Prabhu, you couldn’t retain your original title rambo rajkumar because of the international rambo team. Were you upset? Just the other day, Shahid was watching Sylvestor Stallone’s Rocky V and I asked him to change the channel. I also told Shahid, ‘When you go to America, don’t meet Stallone’! Why did you decide on Shahid and Sonakshi for this film? We needed a new couple. I visualised them together and felt this would be a good pair. Shahid, were you nervous at the thought of being choreographed by Prabhu dheva? I was very nervous, especially because there is this one step we do together in the song Gandi Baat. his choreography is very different. While shooting, he saw the monitor and told me, ‘Arre, how much energy you’ve got!’ One doesn’t see you doing too many action films. How did r...rajkumar happen? Prabhu sir saw Kaminey and felt that I could do an action film. he has worked with Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan in the past, who are established action heroes. I was lucky that he thought of me in that space. I love the kind of action he does — there are no superpowers or bikes or cars, just hand-to-hand combat. Prabhu, this is the first time that you are making a Bollywood film which is

not a remake of a South film. How different was this experience? For me, it’s not difficult because I have worked in South too. I started with remakes here, now the actors and producers have accepted me. Whether it’s a remake or not, it’s the same effort, similar energy is put in. Overall, some people do feel that the whole South remake trend in Bollywood is losing it’s charm... I don’t think so. Shahid: Also, the biggest grosser this year has been Chennai Express. Sonakshi, who do you make a good screen pair with? I think I look best with Shahid, Akshay and Salman. Shahid, people loved your pairing with Kareena in Jab We Met. Who do you both think you look best with? Kareena and I looked really bad together in our first couple of films. Jab We Met was just a really good film... the characters

i love that he’S very paSSionate, Funny, Sexy: britney Britney Spears had a row with her boyfriend because he didn’t return her call for six hours. The ‘Work B*tch’ singer has been dating lawyer David Lucado for eight months but the pair recently had a ‘’tiffy’’ over his rude phone habits. During an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, Britney admitted she is ‘’in love’’ but the pair do argue, adding: ‘’We had a tiffy, it’s his fault of cause, he forgot to call me back for a really long time, like six hours. But we’re fine now.’’ The pop star revealed the pair met at a party after Britney’s friends took her by the hand and introduced her to David. The 32-year-old singer said the attraction was ‘’instant’’ between the pair of them and they spent the rest of the party together. When asked if she spent the night with him, she replied: ‘’I didn’t spend the night, no, I waited a day [before I saw him again]. ‘’I just love that he’s very passionate, he’s funny and sexy and I love him.’’ Talking about her eighth studio album, ‘Britney Jean’, the singer revealed her family would use her middle name when she was naughty as a child. She said: ‘’When I was bad I would always be called Britney Jean, it was a term of endearment and I wanted to share that with my fans.’’ Britney - who has sons Jayden James and Sean Preston with exhusband Kevin Federline - also admitted the song ‘’Till It’s Gone’ is about her split from exfiance Jason Trawick, who she split from in January this year. She said: ‘’I think it’s healthy, if you’re ready to share personal things like that with the world, it’s therapeutic.’’ NEwS DESK

worked and people remember that. Besides Sonakshi, I like my pairing with Amrita (Rao), Priyanka (Chopra) and Kareena (Kapoor Khan). in r...rajkumar, the two of you take friendly digs at each other (Shahid mocks Sona’s weight and she mocks his height). do these ‘imperfections’ subconsciously affect you’ll in real life? Shahid: Subconsciously, I feel I am perfect. No seriously, once you become an actor, it’s a constant process of improving yourself and also making people love you for who you are. The minute you start being somebody you are not, people sense that and lose that connect they have with you. Look at our biggest superstars. None of them are perfect looking or have the perfect height etc. People love them because they are themselves and they are out there entertaining the audience to the best of their abilities.Sonakshi: he has summed it up

Fame reStriCtS rihanna From Following her heart Singer Rihanna says she is unable indulge in her favourite activities because of the paparazzi. The 25-yearold wants to do normal daily things but feels that media people are watching her all the time, reports “There’s stuff like not being able to walk around as I please. I feel like I’m being watched. Always. Like, I want to tan topless somewhere, and I know I probably could never do that,” said Rihanna. “Even if I’m upstairs in my bedroom and the curtains are pulled, I feel like the paparazzo’s outside on a boat somewhere or somebody’s peeping,” she added. NEwS DESK

perfectly. I have never tried to be perfect right from my first film. Shahid, on the personal front, are you single as reported? Are you open to an arranged marriage? Yes, I am reportedly single! Also, every marriage is arranged only. When you fall in love, you have to arrange things before you get married. On a serious note, I don’t think so much about marriage. I have not reached that point where I have fallen in love with somebody and am ready to settle down. Men, unlike women, do not grow up wanting to get married. They think more about how many girlfriends they’ll have, parties they’ll attend... there’s a difference in the psyche. We don’t think about marriage until we reach that point where boss, abhi toh sochna padega hi padega. You have become quite reserved of late when it comes to talking about your love life...

Prabhu, how are you as a director? do you miss acting? If you are asking me, I’ll say I’m the best (laughs). What else can I say? Sonakshi: he is a taskmaster, but it’s fun working with him that it just doesn’t feel like he’s being strict. The space his films are in is so much fun. he makes life simple for us actors by enacting every scene for us. Shahid: he enacts each scene for us. Prabhu, Shahid says you tell him to talk less. But don’t you think you talk very little? Yes. (Shahid jumps in saying, ‘Tell the truth sir, we travelled together in the car yesterday. Sonakshi adds, ‘We were sitting behind you and sir, you spoke for an hour in Tamil on your phone.) Finally, tell us one ‘gandi baat’ about each other... Sonakshi: Shahid talks too much! Shahid: Sonakshi is a bit hypersensitive. The other gandi baat is that she is too punctual... she reaches half an hour before the scheduled time. As a result, people who come on time feel they are late. That is really annoying.

Hemsworth’s wife played body double for Natalie Portman NEWS DESK Actress Natalie Portman, who plays Thor’s mortal love interest Jane Foster in the superhero film, has revealed that actor Chris hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky filled in for her during a romantic scene. Pataky, performed end credits scene in a wig when Portman couldn’t make it back to Marvel Studios film in time for reshoots. In the scene, Foster gets a passionate kiss from the super hero at the end of the movie, reported New York Daily News. “It was for reshoots (after the film was finished) and he was working in hong Kong and I couldn’t get there because I was working on my own film,” Portman said. “And so they put his wife in my wig and costume, that’s why it was so passionate. It was such a perfect solution, wasn’t it,” she added.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to celebrate launch of ‘RFAK International’ through a concert LAHoRE Pakistan’s leading music artist, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, is commemorating the launch of his new event management company RFAK International through a festive concert to be held on 8th December 2013 at Pearl Continental hotel Lahore. ARY Network are the official media partners for the event and will be airing the exclusive concert on 31st December 2013. RFAK International is envisioned as the nation’s premier music focused event management agency, responsible for organising musical performances and concerts of an international calibre locally in Pakistan. In addition to highlighting local artistes, RFAK International will endeavour to engage internationally acclaimed musicians to perform live in Pakistan through concerts, cultural festivals and exclusive musical evenings. RFAK International will also offer a full range of

musical event services including sound engineering, acoustics management, lighting management including LED stage lighting, stage management with truss setup, hIFI audio and hD video recording services and many more. Speaking about RFAK International, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan said, “Pakistan is a country which is full of individuals who appreciate music, but unfortunately due to recent social instability, is a nation which has been long deprived of the joys of concerts and live music performances. With RFAK International we hope to revive the tradition of live musical concerts in a big way and hope to engage the best of the local and international music industry in unique one-off performances that will refresh the soul and spirit. I look forward to collaborating with local and international musicians through this new initiative and hope my fans will appreciate our efforts.”

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sPorTs Thursday, 5 December, 2013

pCb name team management For Sri lanKa SerieS

KARACHI StAff REPORt Dale J. Naylor, a renowned Physiotherapist and trainer signed with PCB to work with the Pakistan team

As long as u have fun and don't worry about the score u will be the winner! — Richard Morfaw

taylor doublecentury sets up new zealand DUNEDIN



maiden double-century by Ross Taylor ensured New Zealand cashed in on the platform laid by the top order to declare the innings on 609 for 9 soon after tea on the second day of the Dunedin Test. Their seamers then consistently troubled the West Indies batsmen, snaffling out the openers cheaply, to leave the visitors with a tough task of saving the Test against a superior bowling attack. New Zealand's position of ascendancy was, however, established by their batsmen, led by Taylor, after they were put in on a green pitch. All through his unbeaten 217, Taylor maintained a measured approach, keeping the lofted shots out while rotating the strike. After surviving a few nervous moments in the first session - he could have been run-out in the fifth over of the day, an edge fell short of second slip in the tenth over and a bat-pad chance flew past the short-leg fielder - he settled into his innings. Not many boundary opportunities were

available with a deep point in place, so he was happy to turn the strike over in the company of BJ Watling, with whom he shared an 84-run stand. Taylor hit only five boundaries in the first three hours - one of them, a powerful pull off Tino Best that took him past 150 - after 13 boundaries on the first day, but caught up immediately after drinks with four boundaries an over. The first ball of Shannon Gabriel's 28th over was pulled to the square leg boundary before three shots - one drive and two cuts - found the backward-point boundary, comfortably beating the fielder in every instance. New Zealand strode past 500 despite two quick wickets early in the second session. Watling scored a useful 41 off 84 deliveries before a rising delivery from Best caught the shoulder of the bat to fly into the hands of second slip and Tim Southee was dismissed in the next over, caught at first slip off a quicker delivery from Narsingh Deonarine. Ish Sodhi, however, ensured there was not going to be a quick end to the innings with a confident 35 that included an exquisite cover drive off Best and

SCOREBOARD NEw ZEALAND 1st INNINGS PG fulton c Edwards b Sammy 61 HD Rutherford c Deonarine b Shillingford 62 AJ Redmond c Samuels b Best 20 LRPL taylor not out 217 BB McCullum* b Sammy 113 Corey J Anderson c †Ramdin b Best 0 BJ watling† c Edwards b Best 41 tG Southee c Bravo b Deonarine 2 IS Sodhi c & b Deonarine 35 N wagner run out (Bravo/Best) 37 EXtRAS: (b 10, lb 10, nb 1) 21 tOtAL: (9 wickets dec) 609 DID NOt BAt: tA Boult fALL Of wICKEtS: 1-95 (Rutherford, 24.6 ov), 2-117 (Redmond, 35.2 ov), 3-185 (fulton, 51.3 ov), 4-380 (McCullum, 94.1 ov), 5-385 (Anderson, 97.4 ov), 6-469 (watling, 121.5 ov), 7-472 (Southee, 122.4 ov), 8-548 (Sodhi, 140.3 ov), 9-609 (wagner, 153.1 ov) BOwLING: tL Best 34.1-5-148-3,St Gabriel 27.5-4-148-0,DJG Sammy 23.1-4-79-2,S Shillingford 46-7-138-1, N Deonarine 22-

0-76-2 wESt INDIES 1st INNINGS KA Edwards c fulton b Boult 0 KOA Powell c †watling b Southee 7 DM Bravo not out 37 MN Samuels not out 14 EXtRAS: (lb 8, nb 1) 9 tOtAL: (2 wickets; 24 overs) 67 tO BAt: S Chanderpaul, N Deonarine, D Ramdin†, DJG Sammy*, S Shillingford, tL Best, St Gabriel fALL Of wICKEtS: 1-4 (Edwards, 2.1 ov), 2-24 (Powell, 9.4 ov) BOwLING: tA Boult 8-5-7-1,tG Southee 7-1-15-1,N wagner 62-27-0,IS Sodhi 3-0-10-0 MAtCH DEtAILS tOSS west Indies, who chose to field PLAyER Of tHE MAtCH tba uMPIRES NJ Llong (England) and PR Reiffel (Australia) tv uMPIRE IJ Gould (England) MAtCH REfEREE RS Mahanama (Sri Lanka) RESERvE uMPIRE CB Gaffaney

lofted shots off the spinners. he added 76 for the eighth wicket before getting a

thick leading edge back to the bowler to give Deonarine his second wicket.

initially for four months. He was

irfan suffers hairline fracture, may miss Sl tests

named in the 9-member team management with Moin Khan retained as the Manager of the team for the series against Sri Lanka starting from December 11. Naylor had previously been associated with the Pakistan team. He is a trained Sports


Physiotherapist Trainer and a Bio


Mechanist. Naylor will start working

Mohammad Irfan, the Pakistan fast bowler, has been ruled out for six weeks due to a hairline fracture on his hip and is likely to miss the forthcoming Tests against Sri Lanka, which start from December 31. Irfan suffered the injury during the second T20against South Africa in Dubai in November and was subsequently rested from the limited-overs tour to South Africa. The bowler was not a part of the T20 squad for the series against Sri Lanka, but was expected to join the squad for the Tests. Irfan, who made his ODI debut in September 2010, played his first Test in March this year and has since taken 10 wickets in the longest format, at an average of 38.90. Pakistan are scheduled to host Sri Lanka for two Twenty20s, five ODIs and three Tests in the UAE. The limited-overs leg of the tour starts with the first T20 on December 11 and ends with the fifth ODI on December 27. The first Test, to be held in Dubai, is scheduled for December 31, while the second and third Tests will begin on January 8 and January 20 respectively.

with Pakistan team from the upcoming tour and shall remain associated with PCB till the end of ICC World T20 2014 being staged in Bangladesh. Pakistan management Moin Khan (Manager), Dav Whatmore (Head Coach), Julien Fountain (Fielding Coach), Muhammad Akram (Bowling Coach), Dale Naylor (Physiotherapist Trainer), Shahid Aslam (Assistant Manager), Maj. (R) Azhar Arif Security Manager for T20s & ODIs, Col (R) Waseem Shahid (Security Manager for Test Matches only), Muhammad Talha Butt (Analyst).


Bangladesh's preparation for the upcoming World Twenty20 begins next Tuesday as the senior side gear up to face the A team in three Twenty20 matches. A two-man selection panel has picked a youthful second-string side against a Bangladesh team which includes Shakib Al hasan, the allrounder having recovered from dengue fever, which he contracted on the eve of the first ODI against New Zealand in October. The team will however be without the experience of Tamim Iqbal, as the left-hand opener is still recovering from an abdominal injury that resulted in him missing out on the third ODI of the New Zealand series, as well as the one-off T20 match. They will be led by Mushfiqur Rahim, who has been given an extension till the 2015 World Cup as captain. Nasir hossain will lead a strong A team which includes Imrul Kayes, the secondhighest scorer in the Dhaka Premier League, as well as Marshall Ayub who played two Tests in October. The side is packed with three allrounders in Farhad Reza, Muktar Ali and

Alauddin Babu - who, admittedly, recently conceded 39 runs off an over in a DPL match. All three matches will be held at the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur, with the first two - on December 10 and 12 - being played in the evening. The final game, on December 14, will be played in the afternoon. The series is the brainchild of Bangladesh coach Shane Jurgensen who, like the members of the team management, is looking to fix the team's problematic T20 setup. Bangladesh are currently No. 10 in the ICC Twenty20 rankings, 15 rating points behind Ireland. They have won only two of their last ten international matches in this format. In the World Twenty20, which they are hosting, Bangladesh will take on Afghanistan, hong Kong and Nepal in the first round of the competition, from which only one team will qualify to the following stage. SqUAdS BANGLADESH: Mushfiqur Rahim (capt & wk), Anamul Haque, Shamsur Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan, Naeem Islam, Soumya Sarkar, Mahmudullah , Abdur Razzak, Sohag Gazi, Mashrafe Mortaza, Ziaur Rahman, Rubel Hossain, Al-Amin Hossain. BANGLADESH A: Nasir Hossain (capt), Jahurul Islam, Mohammad Mithun, Imrul Kayes, Mominul Haque, Marshal Ayub, Sabbir Rahman, Nazmul Hossain, farhad Reza, Arafat Sunny, Elias Sunny, Muktar Ali, Alauddin Babu.

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Look up, get up, and never give up — Michael irvin

14 S

sPorTs Thursday, 5 December, 2013

CooK wantS no repeat oF 'ugly' briSbane SCeneS SYDNEY



LASTAIR Cook has called upon both teams to "play the game in the right way" on the eve of the second Ashes Test. Cook, the England captain, described the final moments of the first Test in Brisbane as "ugly" and admitted that Jeff Crowe, the ICC match referee, had met both captains separately to discuss the manner in which the match was played. Michael Clarke, the Australian captain, was fined 20% of his match fee after he was heard telling James Anderson to "get ready for a broken f****** arm" in the dying minutes of the game. Now Cook has accepted that both he and Clarke have a responsibility to ensure that their sides do not overstep the mark. "It's important that both sides recognise a couple of scenes in that last game weren't great for the game of cricket," Cook said. "I think both sides recognise that. It's important we play in the right way. People want to see real tough cricket, it's what they enjoy, especially between Australia and England, but there's got to be a boundary we don't cross. "Maybe last week we let emotion get ahead of ourselves a little bit on some occasions and it became a little bit ugly. Michael and I have responsibility as cap-

(haSSaN TarIQ rahIm maSTerS CUp TeNNIS)


hamza Bin Asif upset Muhammad Muzamil in the Boy’s Under-18 match of the hassan Tariq Rahim Masters Cup Tennis Tournament being held at the hard courts of Lahore Gymkhana Club on Wednesday. In the men’s doubles match, Usman Ejaz & Shahzad Khan shocked No. 2 seed Yasir Khan & Jalil Khan in straight sets 6-0, 6-3. Usman & Shahzad dominated both the sets with crisp net play and powerful groundstrokes and never let their opponents to control the match. In the other men’s doubles match, Aisam Qureshi & Aqeel Khan thrashed Faizan Khurram & Khurram Nazir 6-0, 6-1. In the boy’s Under 18 match, hamza Bin Asif defeated Muhammad Muzamil in tough three sets 62, 5-7, 7-5. Both the players playing from baseline were involved in long rallies and powerful hitting. The match lasted for nearly two hours. Pakistan No.1 Aqeel Khan also had a smooth sailing as he defeated Usman Ejaz 6-2, 6-3. Usman was no match to Aqeel’s solid groundstrokes and booming serves. All credit to Aqeel for maintaining such fitness level even in mid 30’s that the other players are far behind him. In the other men’s singles match between the brothers Yasir Khan & Jalil Khan, it was Yasir who easily prevailed over his elder brother Jalil in staright sets 62, 6-3. In the women’s singles, Alina Aftab defeated Mahnoor Ali 6-3, 6-3, while her younger sister 12 year old Mahin Aftab put up a tough fight against Rida Khalid. Rida won 6-1, 6-4. The way both these sisters are playing, the day isn’t far that both shall be dominating the women’s tennis in Pakistan, provided they are properly groomed by the tennis federation. As up till now, like all other players in Pakistan, who have achieved something in tennis in Pakistan, they are being supported by their father. RESuLtS: - AQEEL KHAN BEAt uSMAN EJAZ 6-2, 6-3. yASIR KHAN BEAt JALIL KHAN 6-2, 6-3. ALINA AftAB BEAt MAHNOOR ALI 6-3, 6-3. RIDA KHALID BEAt MAHIN AftAB 6-4, 6-1. MEHREEN IZHAR BEAt MARIAM MIRZA 6-0 REtIRED, uSMAN EJAZ & SHAHZAD KHAN BEAt yASIR KHAN & JALIL KHAN 6-0, 6-3. AISAM QuRESHI & AQEEL KHAN BEAt fAIZAN KHuRRAM & KHuRRAM NAZIR 6-0, 6-1. HAMZA BIN ASIf BEAt M. MuZAMIL 6-2, 5-7, 7-5. ABDAL HAIDER BEAt ZAID MuJHID 6-4, 7-6. ARHAM AttIQuE KHAN BEAt HASNAIN MANZOOR 6-1, 6-1.

tains to make sure that doesn't happen. "Some of those scenes were ugly at the end of that game and we do have a duty to play the game in the right way. We want to play tough cricket just like Australia do but we have to make sure we stick to those boundaries and I bear a responsibility for that." While Clarke was the man penalised by the ICC, Cook accepts that

England were no less culpable for the atmosphere in which the game was played. And while he insisted that there should be no let-up in the intensity of such matches, he felt that both sides had to be careful not to let the emotion of the moment push them over the edge. "We know the responsibility we have when we pull on the shirt," he said. "And

South aFriCa FaCed with KalliS Conundrum

no matter how much emotion there is in the game, we know how many are watching us and we know what responsibility we have to the game. Whether we got it right or wrong in that game I don't know but we have got to make sure we behave as appropriately as we can out there. There are always guidelines." Cook did accept, however, that there were times when "sledging" could prove effective and admitted his own concentration had been disrupted at times. "Anyone who says they've never been affected by sledging is lying," he said. "Something will always be said or done which will distract you for that split second. You might listen to it and get a little bit annoyed. The skill of it is how you handle the next ball. I don't think anyone will say they don't hear it or don't recognise it. "It's not a tea party and nor should it be. People pay to see tough competitive cricket. People are wanting to see hard Test cricket. That's what people love about the Ashes or love about any competitive cricket. "And it will be tough cricket here. It's going to be brilliant cricket over the next five days. We have to come back and prove we're a good side after the loss in Brisbane and obviously Australia want to keep us down, so I think it's going to be a great Test match."

rare unchanged team for Clarke SYDNEY AGENCIES

Australia's captain Michael Clarke named an unchanged team for the second Ashes Test in Adelaide, the first time he has been able to do so since the corresponding match last summer against South Africa. The selectors thought carefully about adding the extra bowling of the allrounder James Faulkner, but ultimately felt that Shane Watson's medium pace would be sufficient as a fifth option, particularly as he has gained in fitness and confidence in his recovery from a hamstring strain since bowling only two overs in the first Test at the Gabba. Mindful of the mere three days between the end of this Test match and the third at the WACA, the selectors have placed Doug Bollinger and Nathan Coulter-Nile on standby, requesting they be rested by New South Wales and Western Australia from the round of Sheffield Shield matches that precede the Perth Test. "It's tough on James ... but a nice position to be in to be honest, when the selectors hand you an unchanged team it's positive for where the team's at and how it performed in Brisbane," Clarke said. "I think they looked at the wicket and thought about the extra bowling option with James Faulkner in the team, but having Watto bowl who's back to 100% being fit and capable of bowling in both innings is a real positive for the team. "Watto's overs we've seen through his career are crucial to

this team and on good flat wickets like this looks I think his bowling's going to be very handy, not just for taking wickets but also building pressure from one end." Clarke himself trained freely on match eve after shrugging off a rolled ankle sustained on Monday, which caused him to miss training two days out from the match. "The ankle feels fine, I think not training yesterday gave me an extra day to make sure I was 100% today," he said.


The harsh truth about Johannesburg is that the city only exists because of goldmines. Everything else - the sprawling suburbs, the shopping malls, the largest man-made forest in the world (or so they say) - was built around the need to develop a town for the people who worked the mines and their families. It fits nicely then that South Africa will start their one-day series against India in this city, where they will begin figuring out how to build their team around its own goldmine - Jacques Kallis. The allrounder made his one-day comeback in the series against Pakistan, although he sat out the final match with a finger sprain, and is expected to play the full series against India in a bid to enter stage two of World Cup 2015 planning. Everyone else will have to fit in around him. Now that Kallis has recommitted to 50-overs cricket, the shape of South Africa's one-day team has to change again. So far, they've made room for Kallis by leaving out Faf du Plessis, who will have to score mountains of runs to be recalled, especially given the already tight squeeze for places, and there's a chance more will have to fall by the wayside too. "having Jacques back does pose some selection challenges because if Jacques is fit and available and in good form, any coach would love to have him," Russell Domingo, South Africa's coach, said. "The issue is figuring out whom to leave out." In that match, the first ODI against Pakistan at home, South Africa played an XI that included three seamers and a spinner but left out their other allrounder Ryan McLaren. After being named Man of the Series in the UAE, McLaren was considered unlucky to be sidelined in that game by everyone including his coach. "he could feel hard done by," Domingo said. But hudson has a way to accommodate both Kallis and McLaren by "playing maybe a second allrounder".

ForCe inDia ConFirM hulkenberg NEW DEHLI AGENCIES

Force India confirmed that Nico hulkenberg will race for them again next season. The "multi-year" deal means a return to the Silverstone-based team for the highly-rated German, who raced for them in 2012 having served as reserve driver the season before that. "In 2012, the second half, we had some amazing results and I look forward very much to repeating that - and maybe getting even better." hulkenberg, who led last year's Brazilian GP for the team, revealed that Force India's co-owner Vijay Mallya had made overtures almost as soon as the 2013 season had begun. Unlike Force India, Sauber had endured a difficult start and although their respective fortunes subsequently changed on track, the Swiss team's year was also notable for their financial struggles - something hulkenberg hinted was a factor in his decision to move back. With money also undoubtedly behind cash-strapped Lotus's hiring of Maldonado, the 26-year-old admitted he needed to seize the initiative to stay in F1. "We were in contact all year long and in Malaysia, after the race, we had a coffee together and we were talking about the season. Obviously at that time, they had the upper hand - they had a very competitive car," said hulkenberg, who finished tenth in this season's Drivers' Championship. "But then for me, really, at some point I had to take a decision

on my future - not to be left without a seat. "At Force India, I really felt they wanted me, they were able to answer the questions I wanted and give me the info I needed and was asking. That was different to other people. "Therefore I made the decision to come here. I have good trust and belief in this team that we can put something together which will allow us to have some special

results." hulkenberg rejoins as Formula 1 undergoes a technical transformation, with next year's cars powered by 1.6-litre V6 turbocharged engines which also feature powerful energy recovery systems. Might Force India become more competitive as a result? "It's really tough to know, all winter we're going to be answering these questions. We're entering a new era in Formula 1 and therefore it's impossible to tell," he replied. "What we must make sure now is that we do our homework and that we work really hard on our project, on our car, and that's all we can do to be competitive next year." What hulkenberg hopes stands him in good stead is Force India's continuing relationship with Mercedes. "I'm confident we can have a good package. We'll see next year. We have a Mercedes package which I think is a good benefit," he added. Force India have yet to reveal the identity of his teammate and hulkenberg insisted that Mallya had given him no indication. McLaren refugee Sergio Perez appears favourite to take the seat rather than either of the current drivers Paul Di Resta and Adrian Sutil. But hulkenberg said that he has no real preference. "It doesn't really matter for me, to be honest," he said. "I want to have a strong team-mate, one which is challenging me and I can challenge him - because that way we're pushing each other and the team forward. "I know there's a few names around in the press but it's not my decision; it's the shareholders' decision and the team management and I'm sure it won't be long before we know."

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Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all the time thing. — Vince Lombardi




Thursday, 5 December, 2013

no january SaleS For City LoNDoN



England boss Roy hodgson will be hoping his team avoid the poisoned chalice of being chosen for the same pot as the South American and African teams for Friday's draw for the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil. FIFA has announced a change to its usual draw procedure which will see one of the nine unseeded European teams - including England - placed in Pot Two along with Algeria, Cameroon, Chile, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Ghana and Nigeria. If England were selected for that pot, it would mean hodgson's men would be in the same group as a seeded South American side such as Brazil and Argentina, and would face another of the unseeded European sides, with holland or Italy among the possibilities. As expected, the eight seeded teams hosts Brazil, plus the top seven sides according to FIFA's October world rankings - will be kept apart for the group stage. The draw will be organised so that there will be no more than two European teams in any group of four countries, and all the South American teams will be kept apart. It means England will have to face one of the top seeds - hosts Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Spain, Ger-



4:30 PM

LONDON: Steven Gerrard is relishing being Liverpool's creative force from his new deeper role in the side. The Reds skipper has dropped back in midfield this season to help accommodate the attacking trio of Daniel Sturridge, Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho. But Gerrard does not believe playing deeper has lessened his attacking impact on the side, something that was highlighted by the fact he claimed his third goal of the season in the weekend defeat to Hull City. "If you play around good players, they make good movement and put themselves in good positions," he told the club's website. "My job, and what the manager wants me to do from my position, is to try to create and be a playmaker in there. "It's important that we keep scoring from set-pieces, but also that we tighten up." AGENCIES

maybe three months of the season, or two and a half months." Again asked about his goalkeeping situation, with hart currently playing number two to Costel Pantilimon, he added: "I think it is very important to have two good goalkeepers. "Joe hart continues to be the number one of England, and he is a very good goalkeeper. "But Pantilimon has played

seven games, five in the Premier League and two in Capital One, and the opponents have scored just one goal, at Sunderland, so that is also important for the team. "They are two important goalkeepers, and I trust in both of them. "At the moment I am playing Pantilimon but you saw the other day when Joe hart played he did very well."

(one country to be selected at random to join Pot 2).

Pot 1: Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium,



Danger draw looms for England

many, Belgium and Switzerland - who are in Pot One. Pot Three is made up of the teams from Asia and North and Central America - Costa Rica, honduras, Iran, Japan, Korea Republic, Mexico and the United States - as well as Australia. WOrLd cUP drAW POTS


2:30 PM


ANChESTER City boss Manuel Pellegrini has insisted he is not planning on letting anyone leave the club in January. The likes of Joe hart, Edin Dzeko, Joleon Lescott and Micah Richards have been linked with moves in the New Year, having struggled to hold down starting roles under the Chilean. But Pellegrini is remaining firm, and when asked about those players being linked with moves, he said: "There are a lot of rumours that are not true. "The squad we have from the beginning is the squad we need so it would be very strange that one player can go out in January." Pellegrini insists that English stars James Milner and Jack Rodwell, along with Lescott and Richards, are all part of his plans. "The squad we have from the beginning is the squad we need so it would be very strange that one player can go out in January" "Lescott has been playing in the last few games and James Milner is normally playing," he told the Manchester Evening News. "Micah Richards has had injuries for half of the season but he played against Plzen in the Champions League and he played against Sunderland. "Of the last three games he played two so the English players, Spanish players, Argentinian players are all part of our squad and we need all of them. "Jack Rodwell also has been injured

wAtCh it Live

Uruguay, Switzerland. Pot 2: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chile, Ecuador. Pot 3: Japan, Iran, Korea Republic, Australia, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras. Pot 4: Holland, Italy, England, Portugal, Greece, BosniaHerzegovina, Croatia, Russia, France

In Pot Four, there are nine unseeded European teams: Bosnia-herzegovina, Croatia, England, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Russia. In order to make the number in each pot equal, at the start of the draw one of the nine European teams will be drawn into Pot Two, and will definitely face one of the seeded South American sides. England's dream scenario would probably be to be paired with Switzerland, Iran and Algeria, while it may be considered that a group involving Spain, Chile and the United States would represent a nightmare draw. however, hodgson has already insisted he is more concerned about the venues his team will play at next summer, rather than the opposition. "Before the draw, what preoccupies me the most is where we are going to be drawn because that will have an effect on the Northern European teams. "If there is any good luck going, I hope it will be in relation to where we are due to play because whatever group we get is going to be a tough group."

joShua ready For london return


Anthony Joshua is fit and raring to go ahead of his next fight against Dorian Darch in London on December 14. The Olympic champion missed an intended outing on the Froch-Groves undercard after being troubled by an arm/shoulder injury. however, the issue was not a serious one and the promising heavyweight is looking forward to his fourth fight in 10 weeks. "I'm at the start of a fresh new chapter...the Olympics was amazing but it's in the past," said the 23year-old. "I am loving life in the pro ranks and learning every day. "Dorian is a tough test for just my fourth fight and he'll want to make a name for himself, as all my opponents do. "I am grounded, I am focused and I am taking every fight very seriously. It's vital that I keep winning and keep learning because one lapse of concentration in the ring could be disastrous." Joshua's return to the ExCeL Arena in East London is part of a huge night of boxing on Sky Sports. The stacked card features 15 fights with former world lightweight title challenger Kevin Mitchell facing Italian Brunet Zamora for the vacant IBF InterContinental title. Recent world welterweight challenger Lee Purdy aims to take the European title from Italian Leonard Bundu, while there are also outings for Jamie McDonnell and Anthony Ogogo.

buTler hanDeD FiVe-year ban SPoRTS DESK Trainer Gerard Butler has been handed a five-year disqualification following a British horseracing Authority inquiry. Newmarket-based Butler attended a disciplinary panel hearing in London last month after admitting some of his horses had been treated with the joint treatment Sungate, which contained an anabolic steroid, under the advice of his vet. however, Butler later admitted to seven charges, with the most serious related to his failure to look after the interests of four horses in his care, and he will be banned from the sport until 2018. Butler actually admitted administering to four horses a substance called Rexogin, using a method only allowed to be carried out by qualified vets, which contains the anabolic steroid stanozolol and is designed for use in humans. he also admitted to failing to keep a record of treatments and the panel summarised that his actions were "an

appalling breach of his duty to look after the interests of the horses in his care and amounted to conduct that was seriously prejudicial to the integrity, proper conduct and good reputation of horseracing in Great Britain". Much of the evidence came via a visit to Butler's yard by Dr Lynn hillyer, a veterinary advisor (Medication Control) to the BhA, on February 20, and later examination by hillyer, who was concerned about the administration of the Sungate drug whilst a horse was in his care. Sungate also contains stanozolol and Butler volunteered details of further treatments that had been administered to a number of horses in the stable. At the hearing, though, Butler revealed for the first time that he had purchased the stanozolol online from the UK Steroids Pharmacy, and did not in fact purchase Sungate but a preparation called Rexogin which contained stanozolol at a concentration 10 times that of Sungate. he admitted buying five boxes of the

drug, each containing 10 vials, and kept the purchase secret. Butler also confirmed that he injected the fetlock and knee joints of the affected horses on two occasions in December and January, taking no veterinary advice beforehand. The reasons from the BhA continued: "In the panel's view, Butler's actions in giving Rexogin were an appalling failure to act in the best interests of the horses in his care. "The panel concluded that Butler's behaviour in administering the injections was consistent with the underhand and covert manner in which he purchased the drug. Butler's evidence revealed an appalling dereliction of his duty as a licensed trainer." The panel decided that Butler's trail of actions in essence constituted a single course of conduct over a period of time, but he had disregarded racing's rules and laws. They felt the most significant breach was to the decision to carry out the intra-articular administration of the stanozolol to the four horses himself, without even

knowing the true source and nature of the drug he purchased over the internet. Butler's ban begins tomorrow and he

will be suspended until December 4, 2018 inclusive. he has a period of 48 hours to arrange the relocation of his horses.

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baCk Page

Thursday, 5 December, 2013

Three dead aS TraIN deraILS IN BaNgLadeSh UNreST DHAKA



PPOSITION activists derailed a train in Bangladesh Wednesday, killing three people, as part of a campaign against elections due to be held next month, officials said. Three coaches and the engine of the express train toppled off the tracks in the northern district of Gaibandha, trapping dozens of passengers, police and railway spokesmen said. “Among the trapped passengers, three have died, including two men and a woman,”

Gaibandha police chief Sajid hossain said. hossain said five passengers who had been rescued from one of the derailed coaches were in a serious condition and others had suffered minor injuries. The private television network Somoy put the number of injured at 40. Mahbubul Alam Bakshi, the head of Bangladesh Railway’s northern region, said protesters had deliberately removed fishplates that linked the rail tracks, denouncing the derailing as “an act of sabotage”. More than 60 people have been killed since late October when the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) began a mass

Indian forces’ presence harmful to Siachen glacier: Sartaj Aziz MoNIToRINg DESK Presence of Indian forces on Siachen Glacier is harmful to the environment, says Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz, Radio Pakistan reported on Wednesday. Pakistan is facing a water shortage and Indian forces are damaging one of the largest sources of water to Pakistan on a regular basis‚ Aziz said. Presence of Indian forces on Siachen is a big issue and should be resolved as soon as possible, Aziz stated insisting that India should pull out its troops from the glacier. he added that disposal of

campaign of action to force Prime Minister Sheikh hasina to stand down ahead of the January 5 elections in favour of a caretaker government. The BNP has refused to field candidates in the contest which electoral officials have said could be postponed. Police chief hossain said Wednesday’s derailing was believed to be the work of opposition activists protesting plans to hold next month’s election, adding that two had been arrested at the scene.Bakshi said that the pair were both followers of Jamaat-e-Islami, an Islamist movement which is banned from taking part in the election and is allied to the BNP.

mUShahId For CoordINaTed eFForTS To maKe apa a SUCCeSS

daily use items by thousands of Indian soldiers is detrimental to the glacier. India and Pakistan are working on resolving their water issues, Aziz stated. The two countries are doing this through multiple channels including Pakistan-India composite dialogue and Indus Water Commission. Aziz also said that water should be properly used in Pakistan‚ it should be conserved and new water reservoirs should be built. he also said “Senate has recently formed a committee to deliberate various dimensions of water related issues and suggest its recommendations”.

HYDERABAD: A view of Indus River at Jamshoro. NNI


Around 200 delegates are expected to attend the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) including speakers, deputy speakers and representatives of member parliaments from Asian countries, Senator Mushahid hussain Sayed said on Wednesday. Presiding over a meeting of the organising Committee of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, Mushahid was given a detailed briefing on the overall arrangements and confirmations received so far. he expressed satisfaction over the preparations. he announced that an exclusive high-level meeting had been convened by Senate Chairman Nayyer Bokhari on Wednesday, 4th December at the Parliament house. Mushahid will also address a press conference today (5th December) at the Parliament house at 11:30 am (followed by lunch). he said the media had important role in promoting and projecting the positive and soft image of the country. he hoped that the media would work as a partner of the Senate of Pakistan in making this conference a big success. he said Pakistan’s hosting of such an important international conference was a great honour for the country, a plus for Pakistan’s image and vote of confidence in Pakistan’s vibrant democracy.

eCp’S ‘8300’SmS SySTem WINS INT’L aWard MoNIToRINg DESK The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) won its first ever international award on Wednesday, as an international parliamentary organisation acknowledged its services for promoting democracy during the elections. The win was announced at the International Electoral Awards 2013 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The ECP was nominated for this award by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies on its launching of services for millions of voters to verify their votes through the ‘8300 SMS Service’ prior to the May 2013 elections. The ECP won the Accessibility Award, beating other finalists, the Republic of the Philippines Commission on Elections and the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa. Registered voters could send their computerised national identity cards (CNIC) number without hyphens via SMS to 8300 at anytime from anywhere in the country. After sending the SMS, the voter would subsequently receive a message containing their name, village, city, tehsil or district, location (electoral area) and the serial number of vote registered in the preliminary electoral rolls. The system later also provided the address of their polling station. More than 51.8 million citizens used the SMS service to verify their voting information ahead of the May 11 polls.

White House steps up bid to thwart new Iran sanctions WASHINgToN AGENCIES

The White house warned Congress Tuesday that passing new sanctions on Iran – even with a delayed launch date – would give Tehran an excuse to undermine an interim nuclear deal. White house spokesman Jay Carney also warned a bipartisan coalition of senators who are suspicious of the pact reached last month and want to pile up more punishments for Tehran, that their move would be seen as a show of “bad faith” by US partners abroad. The White house stepped up its rhetorical push to forestall new sanctions amid intense behind-thescenes lobbying by top Obama administration officials targeting key lawmakers from both Democratic and Republican parties. “Passing any new sanctions right now will undermine our efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution to this issue by giving the Iranians an excuse to push the terms of the agreement on their side,” Carney said. “Furthermore, new sanctions are unnecessary right now because our core sanctions architecture remains in place, and the Iranians continue to be under extraordinary pressure. “If we pass sanctions now, even with the

deferred trigger, which has been discussed, the Iranians and likely our international partners will see us as having negotiated in bad faith.” Carney argued that the passage of new US sanctions – even with a built-in sixmonth delay contemplated by hawks on Capitol hill – would threaten the unity of the international coalition that has leveled punishing sanctions on Tehran. he also said if the interim deal – which freezes aspects of Iran’s nuclear program in return for a slight easing of the sanctions that have crippled the country’s economy – is not translated into a final pact that Iran abides by, the White house would support new sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Barack Obama’s domestic opponents have seized on the terms of the deal to claim that it enshrines the right of Iran to enrich uranium but the White house late Tuesday issued a statement which sought to clarify the scope of any eventual final nuclear deal with Tehran. Bernadette Meehan, a National Security Council spokeswoman, said that the United States did not recognize that Iran has “a right to enrich” and that such a right was not included in the deal reached between Iran and six world powers in Geneva last month. “We are prepared to negotiate a strictly limited enrichment program in the end state, but only because the Iranians have

indicated for the first time in a public document that they are prepared to accept rigorous monitoring and limits on scope, capacity, and stockpiles,” she said. “If we can reach an understanding on all of these strict constraints then we could have an arrangement that includes a very modest amount of enrichment that is tied to Iran’s practical needs and that eliminates any nearterm breakout capacity.” Breakout capacity is the time needed for Iran to manufacture a nuclear bomb if it decided to do so. US intelligence assessments suggest that the Islamic Republic’s leaders have yet to take such a step. While some reports billed the White house statement as a major concession on enrichment, Obama has all along argued that his aim in the negotiations is to ensure that Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon and that Tehran could retain some verifiably peaceful civilian nuclear program. By implication, that means Iran could end up with some limited capacity to enrich, albeit well below the purity levels needed to produce a weapon – as long as its actions are proven to be peaceful and subject to airtight monitoring. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has vehemently criticized the Geneva deal, has however called for a complete end to uranium enrichment in all its forms by Iran.

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot No 79, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.


Unidentified persons kidnapped prominent physician Dr Amjad Taqweem on Tuesday night after he came out of a mosque at hayatabad Township. Dr Amjad is a specialist rheumatologist and is presently heading the Medical-C unit of Lady Reading hospital, one of the largest public sector hospitals of the province. An official of Tatara police station said that Dr Amjad resided in Section E-4 of Phase 7, hayatabad Township. he said that as far as information received by them, the doctor had gone to offer prayers at a mosque near his residence. When he came out of the mosque, some unidentified persons boarding a white Toyota car forcibly took him away, he added. The incidents of kidnapping for ransom are on the rise in the provincial capital. During the last couple of weeks, two doctors — Kamran Amir Khan and Mujahid Bangash — were kidnapped from hayatabad Township in Oct and Sept respectively. Similarly, kidnappers tried to abduct prominent paediatrician Dr Abdul hamid few days ago near his clinic at Dabgari area. however, despite receiving injuries Dr hamid resisted his abduction and the kidnappers fled away.

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