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Friday, 4 October, 2013

Zil Qa’ad 28, 1434

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Qisas being used by wealthy to avoid trial: SC

PHC declares pilot guilty in Airblue crash

The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday announced that it had decided to delay the hearing of the Qisas case by 10 days. The Islamic law Qisas (literally meaning equal retaliation) allows people to give monetary compensation instead of receiving punishment for their crime. “Qisas was an exception made to prevent disorder. Now, it is being used by the wealthy to avoid trial,” Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said. The CJP said a five-member bench would be formed to hear the case as it was an important issue. “Islam has rulings (on these issues) but they are not implemented and this leads to an increase in crime,” he added. “In the past, witnesses have been bought, Islamic laws are being used to further people’s own agendas,” remarked Justice Jawwad S Khawaja. PAg e 03

The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Thursday announced its verdict in the Airblue crash case, saying that the pilot, Parvez Iqbal, was guilty. The court declared that the tragic air crash occurred because the pilot was tired and was unable to perform his duties properly. Moreover, “The air control tower did not give appropriate directions to the pilot,” the court said. An Airblue flight crashed in the Margalla Hills in Islamabad on July 28, 2010, killing all 152 people onboard. Consequently, the PHC ordered Airblue to provide financial compensation to the families of the victims and also issued directives to investigate the incident under the supervision of foreign experts. The CAA released its report on April 24, 2012 claiming the flight’s captain, Parvez Iqbal, ignored suggestions of the air traffic controller many times. PAg e 03


N news Friday, 4 October, 2013

Mullah Baradar in Peshawar ahead of talks

One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them. –Thomas Sowell

taliban vent anger on pro-govt militant in hangu, kill 19 22 injured as ttp suicide attacKers target mullah nabi hanfi’s compound in hangu PESHAWAR SHAMIM SHAHID



A former Taliban second-in-command held in Pakistan has been taken to a safe house in the violence-plagued city of Peshawar near the Afghan border, moving a step closer to starting peace talks with the Afghan Taliban, security sources said on Thursday. Afghanistan and the United States believe Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar holds the key to stopping the war in Afghanistan because he is influential enough to persuade his former comrades to stop fighting. But his movements have been shrouded in secrecy since Pakistan announced his release on September 20. Baradar remains effectively under house arrest in Pakistan, an arrangement which could undermine his role as a peacemaker. "Baradar was moved from one safe house in Karachi to another, and has now been moved to Peshawar," one senior Pakistani defense official told Reuters. "He has been in regular touch with his colleagues and the dialogue is on course." The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss Baradar's movements with journalists, refused to give any further details. It was unclear who Baradar would meet and where, or whether he would cross into Afghanistan to meet the Taliban or stay in Peshawar. Another intelligence official confirmed separately that Baradar was in Peshawar, a volatile city hit by frequent attacks by the Pakistani Taliban, but gave no further details. Baradar was once a close friend of the reclusive, one-eyed Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, who gave him his nom de guerre, "Baradar" or "brother". He still enjoys much respect among Taliban fighters. Baradar also belongs to the same tribe as Afghan President Hamid Karzai and has once reached out to the Kabul government with a peace proposal. Some are skeptical about his role as a peacemaker, with critics saying his years in detention have eroded his sway over the insurgency. There are also doubts whether real decision-makers such as Mullah Omar would agree to talk to him. Many also believe war-hardened insurgents are likely to be suspicious of a man seen as close to Pakistani authorities. Afghanistan, which suspects its neighbor of trying to influence its internal affairs, wants Baradar to be handed over and believes he cannot be considered released as long as he is on Pakistani soil.

T least 19 people were killed and another 22 were injured as a result of a suicide attack on the compound of a progovernment militant commander in Buland Khel, a semi tribal region connecting Orakzai Agency with Hangu, on Thursday. The militant commander, Mullah Mohammand Nabi Hanfi, was said to be injured in the attack, the second against him in a period of around 14 months. He survived a similar suicide attack last year. According to an official, the attackers broke into Hanfi’s headquarters and opened fire after which a suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden vehicle into the building. The explosion was so severe that the compound was completely destroyed. The official said around one dozen people had lost their lives on the spot while the others had succumbed to their injuries later. Soon after the suicide attack, tribesmen from the surrounding villages rushed to the site and took the injured to hospitals in Thall and Hangu. TTP clAims resPonsibiliTy: Soon after the suicide attack, TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid claimed responsibility, saying it was carried out because Hanfi was fighting against the TTP. When contacted, the Orakzai polit-

ical administration and the Hangu district administration seemed reluctant to give authenticated information regarding the attack. A police officer in Thall said, “The suicide attack occurred inside Orakzai Agency.” However, the tribesmen confirmed that Buland Khel was a semi-tribal region, connecting Hangu and Orakzai. Hanfi was earlier associated with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan but later set up his own group and is counted amongst the pro-government and anti-Taliban militants.

Sunni CleriCS urge tAlibAn to renounCe violenCe Clerics belonging to the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) on Thursday appealed to the Pakistani Taliban to give up their weapons and renounce violence as such acts were vilifying Islam. In a statement, the clerics said that such acts of violence by the militants were destroying the country. They said that the Taliban should be aware that they were massacring God’s creation. MONITORING DESK

PTI to back military operation if talks fail says govt should maKe sincere efforts to give dialogue process a chance

Khan criticises govt for its anti-people economic policies, for printing 800 billion notes in under three months


The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday asked the federal government to make sincere efforts to initiate dialogue with the Taliban, adding however that the party would back military operations in case the talk failed. “The dialogue process should be given a chance. This is the only way to identify those who wish to hold dialogue… these groups are being funded by our enemies.” “In order to have viable peace talks, the PTI remains convinced that there must be a structuralised approach,” PTI Chairman Imran Khan told a press conference. He said his party was convinced that some forces were determined to sabotage the dialogue process and they should be thwarted. Flanked by senior party leaders, including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak, Khan further said “military operations are always the last option, to be decided upon when all else has failed. Such operations must be clearly defined in terms of scope and goals.” He said in case the dialogue process failed, the government should then launch an operation against the militants

and in that case the entire nation would support it. The PTI chief said the federal government had been given a clear mandate in the all party conference, adding that now the PTI demanded that the federal government implement the unanimously-adopted resolution in the greater national interest. Talking about drone strikes, Khan said unmanned air strikes were not only violating international laws but were also challenging Pakistan’s sovereignty. “One important promise that the federal government must fulfill, is its commitment to taking the drone issue to the UN Security Council without any further delay. Otherwise it will become evident that the federal government is not serious about the national consensus reflected in the APC,” Khan said. He said even if a ceasefire was agreed to by all parties to the dialogue, the drone attacks would derail the process. “Therefore stopping drone attacks is critical to furthering any dialogue and peace process in the country.” Criticising the government's economic policies, Khan said those were “anti-people and comprised of unjustified price hikes which target the poor and the middle classes; of a free fall for the rupee; of spiraling inflation along with unprecedented note printing – 800 billion in under three months”. The PTI chief said the poor people of Pakistan were being made to pay the price for the elite's tax evasion and corruption. He also criticised the government and the opposition for not taking the PTI into confidence in the process of appointing the NAB chairman.

I think it's very, very hard not to go slightly crazy if you're in the top in politics - especially if you're there for a long time. –Robert Harris



sindh to Ban skyPe, ViBer, whatsaPP oVer terrorisM KARACHI/ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT


HE Sindh government has decided to ban instant messaging and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, Tango and Viber for three months. The decision was taken in a highlevel meeting chaired by Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah called to review the law and order. Following the meeting, Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon announced that a ban would be imposed on Skype, Whatspp, Tango and Viber. “Terrorists and criminal elements are using these networks to communicate after the targeted operation was launched,” Memon said, adding that the home secretary would contact the PTA to have these networks banned in the province.

Qisas Being used By wealthy to aVoid trial: sc ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday announced that it had decided to delay the hearing of the Qisas case by 10 days. The Islamic law Qisas (literally meaning equal retaliation) allows people to give monetary compensation instead of receiving punishment for their crime. “Qisas was an exception made to prevent disorder. Now, it is being used by the wealthy to avoid trial,” Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said. The CJP said a five-member bench would be formed to hear the case as it was an important issue. “Islam has rulings (on these issues) but they are not implemented and this leads to an increase in crime,” he added. “In the past, witnesses have been bought, Islamic laws are being used to further people’s own agendas,” remarked Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, adding that the state could enforce Tazir Pakistan (Pakistan Penal Code) even if the heirs of deceased pardoned the murderers. He said there were limits for the heirs in Qisas. On Wednesday, Attorney General of Pakistan Munir A Malik had sought the Supreme Court’s advice on the issue of waiver of Qisas and compoundability of offences. In his written statement submitted in the SC, he had asked the court 18 relevant questions in the backdrop of the Shahzeb murder case. The announcement of the hearing being delayed came a day after this statement was submitted.

Islam has rulings (on these issues) but they are not implemented and this leads to an increase in crime

IftIkhar MuhaMMad Chaudhry

provincial govt proposes three-month ban on internet apps to thwart terrorists’ plans

nisar says no decision taKen on the sKype, viber ban as yet

als in possession of illegal weapons. He said targeted operation in Karachi was not against any particular party but aimed at eliminating criminals. “No one will be allowed to go house to house to collect hides of sacrificial animals during Eidul Azha,” he said, adding that people

According to the provincial information minister, the Sindh government would also contact the federal government to ensure that illegal SIMs to be blocked. Memon added that the brandishing of weapons had also been banned and an operation would be conducted against individu-

court orders airblue to provide financial compensation to families of victims

nisAr conDemns bAn: Meanwhile, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that the federal government had taken no decision on the Sindh government’s stance of banning Skype, Viber and other communication services in Sindh for three months. The interior minister while condemning the ban said that he was against the move. “I will go through the Sindh government’s application in favour of the ban to see how much weight it carries,” he added. He said that upon taking charge as interior minister he had also disallowed the suspension of mobile services.

local Bodies’ Polls not likely this year ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT


The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Thursday announced its verdict in the Airblue crash case, saying that the pilot, Parvez Iqbal, was guilty. The court declared that the tragic air crash occurred because the pilot was tired and was unable to perform his duties properly. Moreover, “The air control tower did not give appropriate directions to the pilot,” the court said. An Airblue flight crashed in the Margalla Hills in Islamabad on July 28, 2010, killing all 152 people onboard. Consequently, the PHC ordered Airblue to provide financial compensation to the families of the victims and also issued directives to investigate the incident under the supervision of foreign experts. The CAA released its report on April 24, 2012 claiming the flight’s captain, Parvez Iqbal, ignored sugges-

Terrorists and criminal elements are using these networks to communicate after the targeted operation was launched SHArjeel MeMon

were free to donate animal hides to anyone they wanted. This is not the first time communication services have been blocked in the name of security. A number of temporary cellular service blocks were implemented in 2013 by the government as an anti-terrorism measure.

PHC declares pilot guilty in Airblue crash


Friday, 4 October, 2013

tions of the air traffic controller many times. The tone of the captain was also condescending and inappropriate, added the report. The investigation report was presented before the PHC in March, with the Civil Aviation Authority admitting the pilot and air traffic controller were responsible for the incident. It revealed the air traffic controller was inexperienced in managing such situations.

The PHC in August issued instructions to the legal heirs of the Air Blue crash victims to attach indemnity bonds while producing successor certificates for claiming compensation. PHC Chief Justice Dost Muhammad Khan issued these instructions while hearing a writ petition filed by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s Marvi Memon against the Airblue administration.

Owing to absence of legislation and delimitation in the provinces, holding local body elections this year is not possible. Election Commission Secretary Ishtiak Ahmed Khan on Thursday said after completing delimitation and legislation process, eth provinces would submit a request to the ECP for holding local body elections in the first week of December, then the ECP would issue the schedule. “This mean, elections cannot be held this year.” Addressing a press conference after an ECP meeting, the secretary said the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government was yet to table the bill to pave way for conducting local bodies elections. However, he said the KP government had assured them that they would get the bill passed within a few weeks. Sources said the meeting remained indecisive as the election watchdog could not announce the final date for holding the local bodies elections. However, the ECP secretary claimed that the meeting ended on a positive note and the next meeting on the same issue would be held on October 22. Khan said a committee had been formed on the national and the provincial levels to take a final decision on whether to hold elections on a party or a non-party basis.

Punjab LG system shadow of former self political analysts say new law has been framed to give full control of local bodies to punjab govt LAHORE NADEEM SYED Instead of empowering the local bodies or making them more powerful than what used to be the case under Pervez Musharraf, the local government system adopted recently by the Punjab assembly is a shadow of its former self. No wonder the politicians from opposition say the new local bodies to be launched after the upcoming polls will be good for nothing with councillors or nazims having a very little say in managing the affairs at the grassroots. An important feature of the new law is the education and health authorities that are to be created under the recently adopted local government system. These authorities will run the

education and health facilities on the local or grass-root levels. Ironically, the new local leadership will have no role in these authorities and likewise no role managing education and health under their purview. According to these laws, no member of the local councils will be member of these authorities. All its members will be nominated by the government. A reading of the new law shows some other dramatic departures from the past that would ultimately deprive the local leadership of having a say in running their affairs. Under the previous local government system introduced in 2001, there was a provincial finance commission. The finance and Local government ministers were its members. From bureaucracy, administrative finance and local government secretaries were its integral part. Apart from these officials from the provincial governments, representative of each tier of local governments, district, town and UC were the members of the commission.

These local leaders were part of every meeting of the commission. This commission used to meet at least once in a month to examine the funds releases to various local governments and make budgetary allocations through one-line transfers reflected in the provincial budgets also. In these budgetary allocations these representatives of the local bodies had full say. In the new system now the composition of this commission has been changed dramatically. Now there will be five MPAs onboard along with two officials to be nominated by the provincial government with no representation from local bodies at all. These MPAs and officials will no doubt take their cues from the provincial government and district government formed by a party from opposition could be screwed anytime. Another important change that raised many eyebrows among the opposition parties is the new provisions for delimitations. Normally, delimitations take place before elections. But under

the new laws, delimitations of constituencies could be done anytime, even after the elections. This provision could tip the power equation in favour of the government anytime in the limits of any council or UC. Similarly, in the past practices if a nazim of a council is suspended, naib nazim used to get the acting charge. In case of his absence, the House used to nominate a member in place of nazim, but from the House. Not any more as the local government commission or the government could nominate anybody, even an outsider as a nazim. More importantly, head of council could be removed by the chief minister on the basis of a mere inquiry. Political analysts say that new law has been framed with a view to give full control of local bodies to the provincial government. More important, it is an attempt to pre-empt opposition from creating any problem for the ruling party in case it is empowered at the local level in various districts and towns after the elections.

04 N

When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don't throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer. — Corrie Ten Boom

news Friday, 4 October, 2013

white house talks fail to end goVt shutdown obama warns wall street it should be worried about political crisis that could trigger a us debt default WASHINGTON



ALKS between President Barack Obama and top Republican leaders Wednesday failed to end a government shutdown, with both sides accusing the other of refusing to move off hardened positions. Obama, meanwhile, sent Wall Street a blunt warning that it should be very worried about a political crisis that has paralyzed the federal government and could yet trigger a US debt default. The president met for more than an hour with Republican House Speaker John Boehner, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Democratic

leader Harry Reid and House Democratic boss Nancy Pelosi. But there was no sign that the talks made headway in ending a dispute that has sent hundreds of thousands of federal workers home, shuttered museums and national parks and threatens to dampen already sluggish economic growth. “The president reiterated one more time that he will not negotiate,” Boehner said, emerging into a warm Washington night after the West Wing talks. Obama said earlier in an interview with CNBC that he would not negotiate on budget matters until Republicans had passed a short term bill to fund the government and acted to raise the $16.7 trillion dollar US debt ceiling – a move that must happen within weeks or Washington could default on its obligations for the first time.

Democrats have repeatedly blocked Republican House funding bills that seek to dismantle or delay Obama’s signature health care reform bill. Reid emerged from the talks complaining at Boehner’s attitude, and vowing never to allow Republicans to overturn the health care law. “We are locked in tight

was simply gripped by just the latest in a series of political and fiscal crises which reliably get solved at the last minute. In unusually frank comments on issues that could sway markets, Obama warned that investors should be worried. “This time’s different. I think they should be concerned,” Obama said. “When you have a situation in which a faction is willing potentially to default on US government

if And wHen … tHAt vote tAkeS PlACe And tHe governMent reoPenS, And if And wHen tHey vote to MAke Sure CongreSS PAyS our billS on tiMe So AMeriCA doeS not defAult on CoStS it’S AlreAdy ACCrued, tHen i AM PrePAred to HAve A reASonAble, Civil negotiAtion Around A wHole Slew of iSSueS on Obamacare,” Reid said. Obama earlier said he was “exasperated” by the budget impasse in Congress, in an interview apparently designed to pressure Republicans by targeting the financial community. Obama was asked in the interview whether Washington

obligations, then we are in trouble.” Obama said he would not negotiate until House lawmakers pass a temporary financing bill and raise the debt ceiling. “If and when … that vote takes place and the government reopens, and if and when they vote to make sure Congress pays our bills on time so America does not default on costs it’s already accrued, then I am prepared to have a reasonable, civil negotiation around a whole slew of issues,” Obama said. The president warned it would set a terrible precedent to allow lawmakers of any party to hold a White House to ransom over raising the debt ceiling. “Absolutely I am exasperated, because this is entirely unnecessary,” Obama said. Obama wants a straightforward temporary spending bill to end the first shutdown in 17 years, while Tea Party Republicans have repeatedly tied the measure to halting so-called Obamacare.” With neither side willing to budge, hopes of an early exit to the shutdown are fading.

sC declares promotions with thousands on death row, govt rules against death penalty of 80 bureaucrats void ISLAMABAD


The Supreme Court (SC) has declared void promotions of 80 bureaucrats of grade 21 and 22 made during the tenure of former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf. Canceling the notification of promotion of these bureaucrats on Thursday, the SC ordered holding the promotion board meeting afresh for deciding the cases under the

nisar doesn’t want criminals’ political affiliation revealed islAmAbAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday asked the chiefs of the Sindh Police and Rangers not to reveal the political affiliations of criminals arrested during targeted operations in the Karachi. Nisar said the federal government believed that revelations of political affiliations created misunderstanding among the people about a non-political operation. The minister also spoke on the telephone with Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah and discussed the ongoing targeted-operation in Karachi. Nisar and Qaim agreed that intelligence agencies’ role should be made proactive and all available resources should be utilised to end anti-state activities of terrorists and criminal elements, including blocking of SIMs used in illegal activities. APP

lalu Prasad gets five years in jail rAncHi: India’s Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Lalu Prasad was on Thursday sentenced to five years in imprison in a 17year-old fodder scam case by a special CBI court after he was convicted on corruption and other charges four days ago. The sentencing disqualifies Prasad from parliament and renders him ineligible for contesting elections for 11 years. Sixty-five-year-old Prasad and other convicts are currently lodged in the Birsa Munda Central Jail. INP

norms of merit. A three-member SC bench presided over by Chief Justice (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry pronounced the judgement. The other members of bench were Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed and Justice Ejaz Chaudhry. The verdict was reserved on July 12 on a petition filed by Oria Maqbool Jan whereby the petitioner had challenged these promotions. It has been said in the decision that the erstwhile gov-

ernment had promoted all these bureaucrats on political consideration rather than principle of merit. “These illegal promotions have encroached upon the rights of the officers. The incumbent government should decide about the promotions of these officers in keeping with new promotion policy-2013. New promotions be made in consonance with norms of merit, civil servant act and promotion policy. Honest and dutiful officers be

gunfire forces brief lockdown at us capitol WASHINGTON AGENCIES

The US Capitol was locked down briefly on Thursday after gunshots were fired outside the building and a number of people including a law enforcement officer were hurt, a Senate aide and a Capitol police officer said. The US House of Representatives and Senate were in session when the gunshots were heard. The US govern-

ment was partially shut down this week when lawmakers failed to agree on a budget. CNN reported that police chased a car from near the White House to the Capitol and the shots were fired when the driver, reportedly a woman, tried to flee. She was later shot dead by the police. The shots were fired near the Hart Senate Office Building at 2nd Street and Constitution Avenue Northeast, only a few blocks from the US Supreme Court, police said.

at least 114 dead, 250 missing as migrant boat sinks off italy PALERMO AGENCIES

At least 114 people died and 250 were missing after a boat packed with African migrants sank off the southern Italian island of Lampedusa on Thursday, the coastguard said. Bodies fished from the water were laid out along the quayside as the death toll rose in what looked like one of the worst disasters to hit the perilous route for migrants seeking to reach Europe from Africa. "It's horrific, like a cemetery, they are still bringing them out," Lampedusa Mayor Giusi Nicolini told reporters. The coastguard said 151 survivors had been rescued after the 20-meter (66 ft) boat caught fire and sank about 1 km (half a mile) off the island.

The UN refugee agency UNHCR said around 500 passengers, all Eritreans, had boarded the boat in Libya. The disaster came four days ago after 13 migrants drowned off eastern Sicily, and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano said action was needed by the European Union to stem "a succession of massacres of innocent people." Last year, almost 500 people were reported dead or missing making the crossing from Tunisia to Italy, the UNHCR says. Numbers have been boosted by thousands of refugees from the civil war in Syria. Migrants frequently land on Lampedusa, just 113 km (70 miles) from the coast of Tunisia, often picked up at sea in dangerously overcrowded boats by the Italian coastguard.

promoted on the senior posts,” the order read. It was further said in the order that promotions be granted not on the basis of political affiliations and all such promotions be declared null and void. The court maintained that the decisions taken by the Central Selection Board (CSB) in connection with the promotion of 80 bureaucrats were not transparent. “Therefore, these promotions are declared null and void.”


The government has scrapped plans to reinstate the death penalty following threats by militants to step up attacks in retaliation. A 2008 moratorium on capital punishment imposed by the previous government expired on June 30 and the country had been due to execute two jailed militants in August – a plan described by the Tehreek-e-Taliban as an act of war. “The government has decided to continue with the moratorium on capital punishment since it is aware of its international commitments and is following them,” Interior Ministry spokesperson Omar Hamid said. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif-led government originally said it wanted to reinstate the death penalty in a bid to crack down on criminals and militants in a move strongly criticised by international human rights groups. Up to 8,000 people languish on death row in dozens of overcrowded and violent jails. The moratorium drew praise because of concerns its courts and police were too inept to

The government has decided to continue with the moratorium on capital punishment since it is aware of its international commitments and is following them

pia, psm among 31 entities Louboutin turns to be heel on anti-Islam ad privatised

interior MiniStry SPokeSPerSon

ensure the accused a fair trial. Pakistan did, however, break its own rules in 2012 when it executed a convicted murderer and a former army serviceman.

MONITORING DESK The Cabinet Committee for Privatisation has decided to privatise 31 state-run organisations, including Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), by floating their 26 percent shares, a private TV channel reported Thursday. According to the channel’s sources, the decision was taken at a meeting chaired by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. The organisations whose 26 percent shares will be floated by the government also include power distribution companies and United Bank Limited (UBL), sources said. The administrative control of some of the above organisations will also be handed over to the private sector. The cabinet committee also decided to sell 26 percent more shares of UBL and Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) held by the government.

BruSSELS: Luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin is asking a Belgian court to kill a far-right campaign using his iconic stilettos for a poster denouncing Islam, the Belga news agency reported Wednesday. The poster by Flemish group “Women against Islamisation” shows the bare legs of an ex-Miss Belgium wearing signature red-soled Louboutins as she lifts up a black dress. Words etched along the naked leg mark potential skirt lengths – ranging from “Sharia compatible” at the ankle to “stoning” high up a thigh. The poster is loosely inspired by a photograph by Canadian feminist

Rosea Lake which went viral in January called “Judgements”, depicting various skirt lengths ranging from “matronly” to “whore”. The poster carries the slogan “Liberty or Islam” as well as the group’s web address. According to Belga, the legs are those of Anke Van Dermeersch, Miss Belgium of 1991 but now a senator for extreme anti-immigrant rightwing party Vlaams Belang. Paris-based couture shoe stylist Louboutin says the ad tarnishes his image and wants an emergency “cease and desist” ruling from an Antwerp trade court. A decision is expected Friday. AGENCIES

indoneSiA ArreStS toP judge on CorruPtion CHArgeS Jakarta: The chief justice of Indonesia has been arrested for alleged bribery, officials said on Thursday. Akil Mochtar was arrested by anticorruption officials for allegedly accepting at least $250,000 in bribes. Officials said the arrest, the latest in a series of high-profile cases involving public officials, was linked to a regional election. Indonesia's constitutional court handles electoral disputes. Mochtar was elected for a five-year term to the constitutional court this year. He was arrested from his home in Jakarta after a businessman and a lawmaker allegedly handed him over money, a spokesman for the Corruption Eradication Commission said. Two other people have also been arrested in connection with the case. Last month, the anti-corruption court found a police general guilty of corruption and money laundering. Djoko Susilo was sentenced to 10 years in prison and handed a fine. ONLINE



I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly. — Michel de Montaigne

gerMAny eyeS PAk AS intereSting PlACe!

kArACHI Friday, 4 October, 2013

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Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 6:25 12:21 3:44 6:16 7:32


Pakistan is a very fascinating and interesting place and she has made some big achievements like Germany as far as democracy is concerned. Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany Dr Tilo Klinner said this at a glittering reception hosted by him to celebrate the Day of German Unity. The German envoy said Pakistan had a great importance in international trade which is why 700 German companies were doing business with Pakistan, adding that a trade and investment conference would be held in Karachi in 2014. He said the Pakistan German Business Forum (PGBF) was playing a major role in enhancing trade relations with Pakistan and serious thought was being given to making PGBF into a chamber of commerce. Dr Klinner added in a light vein that entertainment and culture had also been given great attention and 15 events were planned in this context. The Sindh chief minister who was the chief guest on the occasion said he would like to see German entrepreneurs and investors to coordinate with Sindh in developing the province. He added that Sindh had vast potential which needed to be tapped and invited German businessmen assuring them his government’s full support. Senior Sindh Minister Nisar Khuhro, senior government officials, diplomats and elite of the city attended the evening.

karaChI: the Consul General of the federal republic of Germany dr.tilo klinner, hosted a dinner reception to Celebrate the German unity day at his residence.Picture shows Chief Guest Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim ali Shah, Minister,rubina Qaimkhani, Jam Madad ali, and abdul kader Jaffer, with host and other prominent guests. STAFF PHOTO

this is how aPPointMents are Made in sindh goVernMent! KARACHI



HILE bypassing Senior Minister for Education Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, the services general administration department (SGA&CD) has reappointed an officer, who was expelled from the department of Auqaf, Zakat and Ushr for his alleged corrupt practices in recruitment of over-limit and family members in the department, as the additional secretary education, Pakistan Today has learnt. Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Auqaf Zia-ul-Hasan Lanjar had taken notice of the corrupt practices of additional secretary Auqaf, Zakat and Ushr, Haneef Mirchiwala, and got him transferred from the department. However, the influential official got himself posted as additional secretary in the education department, the sources told Pakistan Today. Interestingly, Senior Minister for Education Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, when asked about the posting of Haneef Mirchiwala, showed annoyance saying neither he was informed nor he was consulted in this regard. In his tenure as additional secretary, Haneef Mirchiwala, who was the chairman of the recruitment committee, got his sons and a daughter and two of his family drivers appointed in the department. Besides, he also made a number of extra appointments that resulted in non release of salaries of these appointees for the last five months. There were a total of 24 vacant positions in the department of zakat, ushr and religious affairs. A high-level committee comprising additional secretary zakat, ushr and religious affairs Haneef Mirchiwala as its chairman and Additional Secretary Services, General Administration and Coordination Department (SGA&CD) Tayyab Hussain and section officer (admin) zakat, ushr and religious affairs were the members for the whole recruitment process. These recruitments, their medical fitness and police verification were done in the mid of January 2013 that clearly shows violating the orders of Election Commission of Pakistan that imposed ban on any kind of new recruitment after December 2012. According to a confidential list of appointees exclusively available with Pakistan Today, Hamid Hanif son of Haneef Mirchiwala was appointed as auditor (BPS-14), his daughter Sobia Haneef as auditor (BPS-14) and his two drivers were appointed in the department. According to the list, Faizan Jalal son of

Mohd Jalal, Bilawal Ali son of Aijaz Ali, Jameel Ahmed Siyal son of Ghulam Qadir, Anthony son of Parvaz, Irfan son of Fazalur Rehman and Fayaz Qadir son of Abdul Qadir Abbasi were recommended by the Chief Minister House for their appointments on different posts. The then minister zakat, ushr and religious affairs Sajid Jokio recommended Mushtaq Ahmed son of Murad Mohammad, Ghulam Rasool son of Mohd Yousuf, Faqeer Mohammad son of Ali Khan, Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui son of Naseem Siddiqui, Akhtar Ali son of Dodo Khan, Asim Khan son of Karamdad, Mohammad Aslam son of Ali Mashoq Rashidi, Babo Mehtab son of Nazakat Ali, Noman son of Amanullah Pir Sarhandi, Mohammad Aslam Khoso son of Pir Mohammad, Shafique Ahmed son of Abdul Hanan, Allah Bux son of Mohammad Sajjan, Tariq Aziz son of Murad Bux, Shahzaman son of Habibullah, Adnan Ashraf son of Mohammad Ashraf, Mohammad Khalid son of Ali Mohammad, Ashfaque Ahmed Siyal, Ali Murad and Khuda Bux. The zakat and ushr secretary recommended Hameed Khan son of Anwar Shah, Nizakat Ali Soho son of Ghulam Ali Soho, Naeem Raza Jumani son of Mir Hazar Khan Jumani, Saddam Hussain son of Malik Mohammad Akram, Kamran Jumani son of Imdad Ali Jumani, Shaoib ur Rehman son of Dilshad Ali, Ahsan Nadeem son of Nadeem Nazir, Sajjad son of Mohammad Usman Solangi, Soomal Jumani d/o Ghulam Ali Jumani and Ravi Shankar son of Chettan Das. The additional secretary zakat and ushr, Hameef Mirchiwala, recommended his son Hamid Hanif, daughter Sobia Haneef, two drivers Ahsan Raza son of Safder Mehdi and Amin Khan son of Firoz Khan, and Ghulam Ahmed son of Ghulam Akbar as accountant. Interestingly, the additional secretary, SGA&CD who was supposed to ensure recruitments on merit basis also recommended Zeeshan son of Iqbal, Irfan Atiqur Rehman son of Atiqur Rehman, Ghulam Akbar son of Mehbood Ali and Shahryar son of Mohammad Qayyum for different positions. Further, the sources said that there were some 24 vacant positions however more than 53 persons recruited that has created salary problems for the others staff recommended by Chief Minister House and the Minister Zakat and Ushr. “I am a government servant, keeps on transfers and postings. Please don’t file the story as it brings bad repute to the department”, Haneef Mirchiwala, told Pakistan Today when contacted. However, he did not listen and disconnected the phone.

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kArACHI Friday, 4 October, 2013

sInDH GOVT wHeAT sTOLen! hundreds of tons of wheat stolen from the provincial govt stocKs KARACHI



HE Sindh food department is on it toes to recover the stolen commodity as hundreds of tons of procured wheat is missing from the provincial government

stocks. Provincial Food Minister Jam Mehtab Dhar told reporters on Thursday at the Karachi Press Club that at least 200,000 bags, each weighing 100 kilograms, were short from the government’s 2013 wheat stocks. This year, Dhar said, the Sindh government was able to procure 1.06 million metric tons of wheat. After extensive practical work, however, the department has been able to recover much of the stolen wheat bags (135,000), said the minister who was assigned the portfolio two and a half

through developing expanded plinth and ICC floors. “We would make sure we have 100 percent capacity for the storage of procured wheat,” he added. Further, the food department through pre-rains precautionary efforts had ensured reduced rain-related damages to the wheat stocks to zero percent. “Not a single grain was damaged by the rains this year,” the provincial minister said. To a question, Dhar said the government was subsidizing wheat flour by Rs 1.5 billion and had set Rs 39.50 as ex-mill price of the essential kitchen item.

month back. Terming his department’s performance as satisfactory, Dhar said the balance quantity of stolen wheat would be recovered by the 10th of this month. Flanked by KPC President Imtiaz Khan Faran and General Secretary Aamir Latif, the PPP minister said he had made enough arrangements to ensure that the capacity enhancement at the government’s godowns could next year rid the food department of costly private rented warehouses. By December this year, he said, the existing warehouses would be upgraded

He said there was no question of price hike for the floor mills who were buying wheat Rs 34.50 per kilogram. “Today I wrote a note to the chief minister to ensure price control on the market,” the minister said. Dhar further said that the imported wheat was not qualitative enough to reach local market. It was a must for the low quality imported wheat, especially that of Ukrain, to be mixed with the good quality Pakistani wheat to be distributed on local market. Asked if he was foreseeing wheat shortage ahead, the minister replied in negative.

97 arrested during targeted oPerations karaChI: Rangers and police personnel arrested 97 suspects from different areas of Karachi on Thursday during targeted operations. The operations were carried out in Lines, Lyari, Garden, Napa, Board Office, North Nazimabad, Frontier Colony, Orangi Town, Banaras, Model Town, Dalmia and Defence areas of the metropolis among others. During the crackdown, 29 suspects associated with political parties and men involved in gang war were arrested. According to a Rangers’ spokesperson, a huge cache of weapons and drugs were recovered from the suspects during the raids. Meanwhile, the city’s East Zone police arrested 32 suspects during targeted operations whereas the West Zone police arrested 36 suspects including 22 fugitives. INP

Police arrest four accused froM clifton, gulBerg karaChI: As many as four accused were arrested when police conducted raids in Gulberg and Clifton areas of the city on Thursday. According to police, the held accused were involved in street crimes and kidnapping for ransom cases. Police raided Gizri area of Clifton and arrested one culprit and seized weapons from his possession. The accused was involved in kidnapping for ransom crimes. On the other hand, three more accused were arrested from Gulberg area after a police encounter took place. Police told that the apprehended accused were involved in different street crimes. Stolen mobile phones, arms and other valuables were also recovered from their possession. ONLINE

Biek announces hsc results karaChI: The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi announced the annual results of HSC Part II 2013 Commerce (regular), Humanities/Arts (regular) and special candidates here on Thursday. According to the results, in Humanities Group, Komal Baig of the Mustafvi Sarih College grabbed first position by securing 995 marks and Huda Fatima of PECHS College for Women took second position by securing 897 marks. Faiqa Naseer of the Mustafvi Sarih College secured third position with 875 marks. In Commerce results, Momina Khalil of Behria College Karsaz secured first position with 933 marks and Sheikh Mustafa of College of Emerging Technology secured second position with 931 marks while Saher Aslam of Fatimia College Girls Campus took third position with 928 marks. Among special candidates results, Faraz Shadani secured first position with 1002 marks, Muhammad Abdullah bin Tariq picked second position with 999 marks while Hamad bin Tariq grabbed third position with 995 marks. The results could be checked on the board website. INP

karaChI: top police officials carry the coffin of policemen, who were killed in firing at Garden headquarters, for burial. ONLINE

MQM MPAs slams surge in criminal activities MIRPURKHAS INP

The Haq Parast members of the Sindh Assembly Dr Zafar Kamali, Dewan Chand Chawla and Ponjo Mil Bheel strongly condemned the demand of extortion through mobile SMSs and threats of dire consequences in case of refusal by the criminal elements and terrorists of the banned organisations. They demanded of taking stern notice of sending extortion slips by the terrorists to the citizens through SMSs. In their joint statement, they said

terrorists and criminal elements were demanding heavy extortion in Mirpur Khas and adjacent areas from the people belonging to the business community and threatening them of killing in case of non-compliance of their demands which had created tremendous fear and panic among the citizens and they had become quite concerned about the security of their lives. They said increasing demand of extortion by the banned terrorists’ organisations through SMSs both in Karachi and Mirpur Khas was a matter of serious concern and a big question

mark on the performance of both the police and administration. The Haq Parast MPAs demanded of President Mamnoon, Prime Minister ian Nawaz Sharif, Federal Minister Chaudry Nisar Ali, Governor Ishratul Ibad and Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah to take serious notice of the demand of extortion by the criminal elements and threats of dire consequences, indiscriminate action against the extortionist mafia and to provide immediate protection of the lives and properties to the citizens of Mirpur Khas.

navy relief goods reach quake victims KArAcHi: A convoy of Pakistan Navy's trucks containing a new consignment of relief goods for earthquake affectees reached Awaran Thursday, says a press release of Pakistan Navy issued here. Another 3,000 kg of relief goods were air ferried to the quakehit areas of Balochistan. The relief goods include household items, medicines and mineral water. Moreover, 10 tons of relief supplies were also dispatched to Awaran Wednesday night through trucks. Pakistan Navy, besides providing basic necessities and provisions to the affectees, is also arranging stitched Balochi designed clothes for distribution among the quake victims, it said. The disaster relief camps established by Pakistan Navy in Karachi and Balochistan are working round-the-clock for collection of relief goods and their onward dispatch to the affected areas. APP

Sher warns keSC against ‘stealing power from national grid’ KARACHI ONLINE

Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali has warned the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) to cut electricity supply if the company used one extra MW power from its share. Speaking to the media after receiving a briefing at the National Power Construction Company (NPCC), the state minister said the KESC could not be provided more than 650 MW. He warned that the connection of Karachi Electric Supply Company would be cut if it tried to take additional electricity from the system. The KESC

can only take 650 megawatts of electricity from the system. He directed authorities to disconnect every single MW of power supply to KESC in excess of the 650 MW limit. Abid Sher Ali added the KESC which during peak hours was using up to 720 MW had caused losses in the millions to the government of Pakistan. He claimed the KESC was guilty of several irregularities and he had directed authorities to conduct an audit of not only the KESC but also the NPCC.

He said a letter would be written to the Sindh government against irregularities of the KESC. He said about 150 to 200 megawatts of electricity would be added to the national grid by the end of this month. Abid said several initiatives had been taken to produce cheaper electricity which included the hydel and wind energy projects. Abid Sher Ali said diesel powered plants were being converted to coal which

will help bring down the cost of production of electricity. The minister said federal government is trying to generate cheap electricity by hydro, wind and coal projects. He said the government is utilizing every possible source to overcome energy crisis in the country. Abid Sher said price of one unit of electricity costs the government Rs 20 being produce by oil, adding that oil thermal units were being converted to coal for reduce the cost. He said mega hydro-power projects were also in pipeline which would help government in getting cheap electricity after 4 to 5 years.

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Friday, 4 October, 2013

PM wants loopholes in anti-terror laws removed ISLAMABAD

quired amendments must be finalised as soon as possible.” There should be no gaps or loopholes in existing and revised S his government grapples legislations that allow terrorists to take with a spurt in terrorist at- benefit of them, he said. Sharif undertacks, Prime Minister Nawaz lined the need to amend existing laws so that people involved in “brutal Sharif on Thursday and inhuman activities” are directed authorities to rebought to book. The meetmove loopholes in laws There should ing was attended by Intethat allow terrorists to be no gap and rior Minister Chaudhry escape punishment. Nisar Ali Khan Infor“Lacunae in laws loophole in the mation Minister Permust be removed to laws anti-terrorism vaiz Rashid Minister ensure that those inwhich allow the for Science and Techvolved in heinous nology Zahid Hamid terrorist activities are terrorists to and senior officials. fairly punished,” get away with Over 120 people have Nawaz told a meeting dreadful crimes been killed in recent atthat reviewed anti-terror tacks blamed on the Taliban, legislation. “There should including a bombing at a be no gap and loophole in the crowded market and a suicide attack on anti-terrorism laws which allow the terrorists to get away with dreadful a historic church in Peshawar. crimes,” the PM was quoted as saying in WArsi meeTinG: In a separate meetan official statement. “We need strong, ing with visiting British Senior Minister transparent but stringent laws to cope of State Sayeeda Warsi, he said Pakistan with the menace of terrorism. The re- considers the UK a close friend and a APP


genuine development partner. Nawaz lauded the role played by Warsi for Muslim causes and her initiatives to strengthen links with the Pakistani diaspora in the UK. Highlighting

the importance of bilateral ties, Sharif said Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit as the first head of government after Pakistan’s election in May was testimony to the special relationship.

Warsi’s visit is the latest in a series by UK dignitaries to Pakistan. The British Home Secretary was here recently and met the Interior Minister and senior officials.

Pakistan sees ‘foreign hand’ in fresh waVe of terrorisM ISLAMABAD AGENCIES

During Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's visit to New York, terrorists carried out several attacks in Pakistan in which involvement of foreign hand cannot be ruled out, the Foreign Office (FO) said on Thursday. Addressing the weekly press briefing‚ FO spokesman Aizaz Chaudhry said Pakistan was a victim of terrorism and “we have every incentive to work with everyone to get rid of this menace”. “We are facing multiple challenges and whatever we are doing we are doing not just for Pakistan but for the entire world,” Chaudhry said, adding that the matter of involvement of foreign hand in the recent wave of terrorism needed to be investigated. The FO termed the prime minister's visit to New York very successful, adding that during his visit to the US, Nawaz apprised the international community of Pakistan's priorities, and highlighted the Kashmir issue. To a question, Chaudhry said India and Pakistan would soon establish contacts to deescalate the tension on the Lion of Control. About Indian involvement in Balochistan‚ he said whenever Pakistan and India would talk on composite dialogue‚ Pakistan would raise the issue.

goVt still keen on taliBan talks desPite attacks ISLAMABAD AGENCIES

Pakistan is still keen to pursue dialogue with Taliban militants, the government's top national security adviser said Thursday, despite a spate of bloody attacks in the country's northwest. Three bombings in the space of a week in the city of Peshawar killed more than 140 people, most of them civilians. The umbrella Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) group has denied responsibility for the attacks, which included a double suicide bombing on a church, and claimed a conspiracy to thwart the talks was afoot. Sartaj Aziz, adviser on national security and foreign affairs to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, said talks should be given a chance. "Despite these incidents the dialogue option should be pursued, because the Taliban are many groups and many of them have said they do want to pursue dialogue," he told reporters.

daLBEdI: an earthquake affected man removes his belongings from the debris of his house on thursday. ONLINE


Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Pervez Rashid Thursday said the government was taking difficult decisions to steer the country out of the present crises including partial subsidy withdrawal on power consumption. Addressing as chief guest at a literary function organised here, he said the government was working to generate cheap electricity by constructing new dams, but till then “the bitter pill has to be swallowed to revive the ailing economy.” “We have to make a decision whether we should pay Rs600 billion every year or to resolve the matter by withdrawing subsidy as no government can pay subsidy for an indefinite period.” The minister said the government had to find a solution in accordance with suggestions of financial experts. He invited the business community to give alternate suggestions to overcome power shortage and improve economy. The present government has inherited the circumstances

in which costly power is being generated through furnace oil, he said. Pervez Rashid said the government has not put any burden on the consumers utilizing up to 200 units of electricity and they were 42 per cent of total consumers. He said the government will still pay Rs126 billion subsidy for them. “If we want to give a better future to our children then we will have to take decisions

based on ground realities and economic principles.” The information minister said there was a policy of confrontation in the region and terrorism, power crisis and economic melt-down were its results. He said the government wanted to promote policy of cooperation among the countries of the region so that these countries can help each other and benefit from each other's resources. Pervez

Rashid said agreements have been signed with Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan for import of electricity and Russian Federation has also offered for export of electricity to Pakistan. Replying to questions, he said the government has taken steps for controlling power theft and smart meters were being installed at all grid stations to rule out any chances of power theft.

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news Friday, 4 October, 2013

Pakistan bottom of the barrel on net freedom: report



AKISTAN is among the bottom ten countries in the Freedom on the Net 2013 report, which measures the level of internet and digital media freedom in 60 countries. The annual report is carried out by Freedom House, an independent watchdog organization. In the new report, each country received a numerical score from 0 (the most free) to 100 (the least free), which serves as the basis for internet freedom status. Pakistan received a score of 67 and status ‘not free’, whereas Iceland was at the top with a score of just 6. The Pakistan section of the report was conducted just after the elections held on May 11, 2013 and covered the developments regarding internet freedom between the time period May 2012 – April 2013. It was researched and compiled by Digital Rights Foundation, Pakistan along with research analysts of Freedom House. “Pakistan remains one of the worst countries when it comes to online freedom of speech, user rights and citizens’ privacy,” commented Digital Rights Foundation Executive Director, Nighat Dad. “In the past year, state has been rigorously trying to im-

plement the best of surveillance set-ups to leader of inciting hatred”. create a kind of watchdog upon activists, obsTAcles To Access: According journalists and a common citizen on the to the report, “Low literacy, difficult econame of war against terrorism. Pakistan’ nomic conditions, and cultural resistance civil society, despite being faced with threats and vicious consequences, is strongly fighting against the state-employed policies and technologies that can even though the hurt Pakistani citizen”. Even though the number of internet number of internet users in the country is increasing, the users in the country is Pakistan report states that there have the Pakistan increasing, been various political and social obstacles by successive governments that report states that there have came into power, in the name of fightbeen various political and ing terrorism and preserving Islam. obstacles by successive social This has caused problems for many civil rights activists, students governments that came into and other such personnel who want to power, in the name of engage in intensive multimedia training, fighting terrorism and the report concluded. preserving Islam “Legal measures also threatened digital rights, particularly over sensitive religious issues. At least two of the 23 criminal investigations launched in 2012 under Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws— which carry the death penalty—involved have limited the proliferation of ICTs in content sent by mobile phone. A Twitter Pakistan. Poor copper wire infrastructure spat escalated into a defamation suit after and inadequate monitoring of service quala political website accused a religious ity by the Pakistan Telecommunication Au-

thority (PTA) have historically stymied the expansion of broadband internet.” Only urban cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar have access to better quality broadband services, the report found. Additionally, the report cited “bureaucratic hurdles” as having caused a problem for development of 3G or 4G networks. Access to the internet has been deliberately obstructed by the Pakistani authorities in Balochistan where there has been persistent conflict between the Baloch nationalists and the security forces, the report stated. limiTs on conTenT: Some of the major developments by the government in 2012 and 2013 included creating and installing new equipment to systemise website blocking and filtering, the report found. Despite such blocking, the report concluded that Pakistanis have relatively open access to international news organizations and other independent media, as well as a range of websites representing Pakistani political parties, local civil society groups, and international human rights organizations. “Nevertheless, most online commentators exercise a degree of self-censorship when writing on topics such as religion,

blasphemy, separatist movements, and women’s and LGBT rights,” it added. surveillAnce: Ordinary internet users as well as activists, bloggers, and media representatives in Balochistan are concerned about government surveillance as they feel restricted to openly talk about their religious beliefs, particularly atheists. In February 2013, the upper house of parliament passed the Fair Trial Act 2012 allows security agencies to seek a judicial warrant to monitor private communications “to neutralize and prevent threat or any attempt to carry out scheduled offenses;” and covers information sent from or received in Pakistan or between Pakistani citizens whether they are resident in the country or not. Under the law, service providers face a one-year jail term or a fine of up to PKR 10 million for failing to cooperate with the warrant. According to the report, “Pakistan is also reported to be a long-time customer of Narus, a US-based firm known for designing technology that allows for monitoring of traffic flows and deep-packet inspection of internet communications, and some media reports say Pakistani authorities have also acquired surveillance technology from China.”

rPi delegation returns froM china

ISLaMaBad: The Regional Peace Institute (RPI) delegation led by Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, former foreign minister of Pakistan, Chairperson of RPI and Senior Advisor to the Chairman, PTI on Foreign Affairs returned from China after attending the International Peace Conference 2013. The delegation also included Raoof Hasan, Executive Director of RPI. During their stay in China, both of them interacted with numerous parliamentarians, intellectuals, academics and representatives of major think tanks. It may be recalled that the CoChairperson of the RPI General (r) Ehsan ul Haq, former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee had also recently undertaken a trip to China to establish linkages of the Regional Peace Institute with similar institutions in China. The conference was hosted by the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD) and its sessions were held at Kunming, Beijing and Nanchang. The theme of the conference was China’s cooperation with South-Asian countries including Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Maldives which were all represented by their delegations comprising parliamentarians, diplomats, academics, intellectuals and members of the think-tanks. Kasuri addressed on the subject of China-South-Asia Relationship. He stressed on the need for acceptance by major world powers of the phenomenal rise of China in a peaceful manner. Kasuri cautioned against the dangers of not doing so noting that the world had to face two world wars at the beginning of the 20th Century because of the failure of the then major world powers to accommodate the rise of Germany and Japan. He hoped that the world would learn from this experience. Raoof Hasan chaired the session on the issue of “Peace Building Process in Afghanistan: The New Starting Point for Reconciliation and Cooperation among Countries in the Region”. In his address, Kasuri stressed the need for a dialogue between the Afghan Government, the Taliban and the United States to prevent yet another civil war following drawdown of US troops in 2014. In his concluding remarks, Hasan stressed on the need for increased cooperation and collaboration among the countries of the region. PRESS RELEASE

QuEtta: Vehicles throng a CNG filling station as petrol stations remained on strike on thursday in protest against raids by Customs officials for allegedly selling smuggled petrol and evading taxes. INP

Zardari to strengthen personal security karaChI: Former president Asif Ali Zardari was Thursday granted permission to strengthen his already tight personal security due to threats to his life. A judge in Sindh High Court approved Zardari's application for 100 extra licences for his bodyguards to carry weapons, on top of the official security he is entitled to as former head of state. "The judge has approved our request and ordered the federal and provincial govts to ensure security for the former president," Abu Bakar Zardari, an aide to the president who filed a petition to the court on his behalf, said. Zardari's wife, former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated in 2007 in an attack blamed on the Pakistani Taliban. He is known to be very concerned about his personal safety and rarely moves about on the

another PPP senator fails to recite Quranic Verses ISLAMABAD INP

roads. When he does venture out, he travels in an entourage of more than a dozen vehicles, escorted by police commandos and three vanloads of paramilitary Rangers. His convoy also regularly includes an ambulance and

a vehicle carrying signal jammers to stop anyone using a mobile phone to detonate a bomb near him. In July a suicide bomber killed Zardari's top personal security officer in an attack in Karachi. AGENCIES

Following in the footsteps of his seniors, another Pakistan People’s Party Senator, Dr Saeeda Iqbal, on Thursday failed to recite verses from the holy Quran. Senate’s Standing Committee for CAD Chairwoman Senator Kulsoom Perveen asked Dr Saeeda Iqbal to recite some verses from the holy Quran to formally start the meeting. The senator started reciting Surah Fateha, but fumbled in the middle and left the recitation incomplete. Responding to this, the chairwoman said Dr Saeeda was a PhD scholar, but perhaps she was having trouble in recitation. Earlier, other PPP senators, Rehman Malik, Aitzaz Ahsan and Karim Ahmed had also failed to recite verses from the holy Quran correctly on various occasions.


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‘towards light’


not by a long shot!

Friday, 4 October, 2013

dithering on key appointments? rumour mills in overdrive


HE prerequisites for governance include foresight, to address issues before they get out of control and snowball. The PML-N government apparently has an archaic approach towards governance: in this age of delegation of powers, it is rooted to centralisation. The prime minister holds the all-important portfolios of defence and foreign affairs. Though by principle all portfolios are PM’s, he can in no way be expected to deliver on all of them by himself, for inevitably the performance is impacted, adversely. Even before the elections, it was anticipated that 2013 was going to be a year of change in terms of three most powerful offices going to have new incumbents at the helm: the president, the COAS and the CJP. Thus the ‘N’ should have been far better organised to deal with it, instead of allowing the rumour mills run overtime. As quick as the federal government was in appointing a president of its choice, it has not shown any inclination in how it intends to deal with the other two appointments. There is also talk of Gen Kayani getting another extension on top of his about-to-expire double-tenure. Another speculation is that he will in one way or another be ‘accommodated’, for there is argument that his role at the top hasn’t yet run its course, that his expertise can still be utilised. His strength, apart from his exceptional nous for the job, are said to be smooth relations with the US brass and an avowed pro-democracy stance. So, he may get to be posted CJCSC, or maybe a more creative solution will be found to retain him. Yet another piece of gossip suggests he might be appointed Pakistan’s ambassador to the US. While it is true that Gen Kayani’s immense experience is an asset, but giving him an extension can only come at the expense of other seniors down the ladder of army leadership – not an ideal situation for it as an institution. Then, there is said to be a possibility of having him in a consultative capacity. What matters is that the government remains undecided on how best to handle the issue, which reflects a lacklustre attitude towards serious appointments. The COAS is not the only position on which the PML-N government appears to be dithering. The posts of CJCSC and Chief Justice will also become vacant in the coming weeks and yet no policy statement has been issued on how the government intends to tackle it. Then there is the case of NAB chairman, who hasn’t been appointed even after four meetings between parliamentary leaders from across the aisle. The government needs to act and act soon or there would be no end to rumours – besides aspersions will be cast on its capacity to govern.

Peace process stalled us and afghanistan at loggerheads


FGHANISTAN seems to be headed to yet another tribulation. As the US is headed towards drawdown by the end of 2014, the Afghan security forces have little time, a matter of months in fact, to set their affairs in order. Meanwhile, the US withdrawal can create troubles not just for Afghanistan but could spill-over to Pakistan as well. The US and ISAF forces have clearly been unable to defeat Taliban there and had been left with no other recourse but to sue for peace with them. This may have just worked if the Afghan government were willing to work with the US in finalising a deal for the post-2014 security of the country, and had the Taliban been more accommodating of the Karzai government or vice versa. The real bone of contention between the US and the Afghan leadership is an agreement that the US wants Kabul to sign – allowing it to run special independent counter-terrorism missions in Afghanistan post-2014. President Karzai has been vocal against such an arrangement, owing to a much greater impact on the civilians and how it can create difficulties in relationships between Afghanistan and its neighbours. The US has also denied the Afghan government a surety to protect it from foreign aggression, something that the US would not commit to. While both these points have their respective merits and can be discussed at great length, what really matters is that any delay in concluding an agreement on how to technically complete this withdrawal will adversely affect the region. Besides Afghanistan, it would be Pakistan that would be hit hard, mainly from the refugees who are likely to swarm Pakistani cities and towns in search of jobs and relatively secure life – like they always have whenever there was strife west of the Durand Line. A war-ravaged Afghanistan is in no condition to handle these issues, particularly if much like the late 1980s the US leaves it in the lurch. And Pakistan in no way can afford a large influx of refugees. The situation doesn’t get better with Pakistan’s strong objections over the US drone attacks in its tribal areas. Peace in Afghanistan can and will impact peace in Pakistan. How the US and Afghan authorities chalk up a course in handling the transition matters to Islamabad as well. The US officials have hinted that they would wait for the new dispensation in Kabul due by April next year if the present government doesn’t sign the pact, but letting the issue linger on will create problems for all stakeholders. It is time the Afghan and US political leadership got serious in solving this obstacle for a peaceful transition.



OWARDS light’, the title the PMLN’s energy team gave to its policy document indeed sounds ironic. The paper is a most glaring testimony to the party leadership’s lack of vision and a thorough disregard for the lot of the common man. With one stroke of his indifferent pen the finance minister has pushed 50 per cent of the population below the poverty line. As if the phenomenal rise in power tariff was not enough, the ministry of petroleum has also raised the price of petroleum products. The double whammy would upset family budgets and cause widespread anxiety and unrest. Those consuming 300 to 450 units would suffer the most. The fairly large section of the population comprises lower middle class. This category includes white collar office workers – clerks and accountants, lower grade bank employees, small traders, mechanics, skilled workers, school teachers and small landholders. They number in millions. With a 30 per cent direct increase, this category will suffer for its bill will see a spike by a whopping 120 per cent. Add another 22 per cent of taxes, and the tab would reach the level of backbreaking. The hammering is three dimensional: a direct tariff increase of 30 per cent, a similar rise in taxes on bills and withdrawal of slabs for those using less electricity. The government’s decision will simply take electricity out of the fiscal reach of most of these people who have already seen their incomes shrinking owing to galloping inflation. Adding further economic misery will be the rise in bus fares, resulting from the steep increase in petroleum prices. Increase in petrol prices will in turn jack up the prices of all commodities of daily use. The lifeline consumers as well as those using up to 300 units would also suffer from the rising prices. Thus the majority of the population in this country will suffer from these two simultaneous measures. The reason for the increase in power tariff given by Khwaja Asif brings under focus the incompetence of the PML-N administration. The petroleum minister argued before the Supreme Court that the rise was necessitated by the increasing cost of production caused by power theft. Why did the government not concentrate on stopping the theft instead if transferring the

Editor’s mail

burden of the loss on the shoulders of gency to check power thefts and line those who are honest in paying their losses which have in fact increased. The bills. It is like punishing a whole com- federal secretary Water and Power Saif munity for the crimes committed by a Chattha told the Senate Standing Comfew individuals. What the PML-N gov- mittee on the subject last month that ernment has done is to introduce the thefts and line losses inflicted a mamkind of collective punishment which is moth loss of Rs150 billion in 2012-13. administered under the FCR in tribal While 23,770 cases of power theft were areas. The innocents are to be punished registered, punishment was only given for the transgressions of the criminals. only in three cases. “The fine was no It is bad governance to transfer the more than Rs5000 per case,” he added. For the common man the present losses caused by the administration’s administration headed by Nawaz Sharif negligence to the man in the street. The PML-N leadership knew very is as gutless as its predecessors. Could the government find no out well about the sad state of the power sector. The matter had come under discussion of the box solutions to keep the power several times in the parliament during the tariff under control? Some think it could PPP tenure. Concerned officials had have provided gas to the power sector, warned various parliamentary committees thus producing electricity at a lower price. By allocating over 700 million of the desperate situation on the ground. Theft and line losses wasted up to 45 cubic feet gas it could have generated per cent power, according to a report pre- 2,800MW at Rs5 per unit against Rs15 sented before the National Assembly’s from thermal sources. By providing Special Committee on Energy Crisis by only 152 million cubic feet gas to some additional secretary Water and Power efficient plants near Lahore the governministry early this year. He also pre- ment could start getting 840MW. Special assistant to the prime minsented a list of major defaulters. While a common defaulters’ connection is ister on water and power, Musaddiq promptly turned off, government depart- Malik has told a private TV channel that ments continued to be supplied power subsidy on power would require printing despite failure to pay bills. The meeting notes which would triple or quadruple was informed that public and private de- inflation. Of course, nobody would like partments jointly owed Rs426 billion, to have more inflation. But can Mr with federal government defaulting on Malik think of no alternate way to raise funds other than Rs7 billion, Azad printing currency Jammu & Kashmir notes? This shows government on the government has Rs19 billion, and no eyes to see, and provincial governWhy can’t government no ears to listen. ments on Rs93 bilWhy can’t govlion while leaders tighten their belt thus ernment leaders industrial units of saving millions of rupees tighten their belt some ministers had saving millions altogether not paid instead of burdening the thus of rupees instead of billion of rupees. Soon after the people? A lean and mean burdening the people? A lean and PML-N government assumed of- government could be the first mean government could be the first fice in June came right step in the direction. right step in the dithe warning from rection. It could the Planning Comsave money by mission that the downsizing a power sector bloated state strucdeficit could balloon to Rs742 billion in the current fi- ture at the federal level which badly needs nancial year. One had hoped the to be trimmed after the 18th amendment warning would lead the government to and the devolution that flowed from it. hasten recoveries and reduce line losses. What is the need for a multi-billion rupee An apparently helpless minister for ministry of information secret fund? The petroleum told the SC on Wednesday huge expenditure of the cabinet division, that in Peshawar only three to 20 per the prime minister’s secretariat and the cent consumers paid their bills while the presidency need t be brought down. Why rest were involved in power theft. Is the not privatize the state sector enterprises federal government supposed to pas- which are collectively bleeding the counsively watch all this? Is it not duty try by Rs360 billion a year? bound to take action to resolve the matWhy can’t the government bring ter? What Khwaja Asif did was to pass the section of the super rich into the tax the buck on to the province ruled by a net? The NADRA has identified 2.38 rival party. While the KP government million people who live in palatial run by an equally self-righteous and houses, own luxury cars, travel abroad shortsighted leadership deserves to be frequently, possess licensed arms, hold taken to task for the negligence, the in- multiple bank accounts and pay hefty action on the part of the federal govern- utility bills, but file no income tax rement is equally reprehensible. Why did turns? Why must the government print Nawaz Shrif fail to resolve the issue at currency instead of making these people the recent CCI meeting? Doesn’t it cough up what it is their due? show lack of competence? The PML-N has leant nothing from The writer is a political analyst and the past. This explains why it felt no ur- a former academic.

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austerity: a lunacy Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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The government cannot exercise restraint over their lavish expenditure. It has no money to pay back colossal debt owed to IMF and to buy dollars at growing rate to pay for oil imports; hence the nation should pay no matter how. The president and the pm have just 18 cars, ambulances and some six siren hooters in their cavalcade which are not enough to give them full security. Following Zardari’s experiment of 55 police cars, a truck in addition to ambulance and 14 siren hooters to show to the world our grandeur, the incumbent VVIPs needs extra buck; the nation should pay Rs20 per litre extra to save the ‘kings’. Load shedding has so far been tackled from one end, the supply end. The rate of power should be made 25 per unit to curb demand; there will be no load shedding. The

Leader of the House and the Leader of the Opposition needed four meetings to shortlist the name of chairman NAB; Thank God they have reached the figure of four in fourth meeting on 2 October. The Karachi Add IG catches MQM member for killing; the MQM should go on hunger strike. It is international conspiracy. This AIG should be stripped off his uniform or pips (he carries too many on his shoulders anyway). Since rockets are fired at helicopters and aid carrying vehicles to Auran and South Balochistan; the aid should be suspended. It will take some 15 days for them to die of hunger and thirst. Who says we have no solution to our problems. We have authors of politics-made-easy books with lots of experience in the chairs. Austerity is a proposal by some lunatic. AMJAD HABIB MIRZA Lahore

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child, don’t take this man revanchist muslim worthies and islamic law


ORDS a r e utilitarian. They mean what they say, unless they sound what they mean, if onomatopoeic. ‘Kidnap’ crept into English insidiously, through the satanic mesh of 17th century sugar colonization of the West Indies. Sugar was synonymous with the eternal god of human M J AKBAR affairs, profit. Cheap labour added hugely to the bottom line. British merchants were not racists: they brutalized their own poor as rapaciously as they caged natives of another hue in lands they conquered. Even the patrician symbol of republicanism, Oliver Cromwell, killed one out of ten prisoners he took in the British civil war and sold nine to slavery in sugar fields. But nothing was more heart-rending than kidnap: young children, kids, were literally stolen off impoverished streets in an unguarded moment [a ‘nap’ moment]; their tears were whipped off faces on the long journey to slow death. On such auspicious foundations was the edifice of modern capitalism constructed. But we in India of the 21st century are socialists, albeit mild ones. We pulsate with liberal legislation and throb with democracy. We do not pick up single children for slavery. Our democratic leaders kidnap whole communities and drive from the 21st century into the 17th. Child marriage is one of those social evils with a 19th century flavour, although it was not till after 1947 that the practice was challenged through public campaigns. Progress is not best measured in electric watts. It is either the march of the human spirit away from chains like child abuse and gender oppression, or it is nothing. But Indian democracy has generated a greed for votes that much surpasses need. Our politicians compromise as they pander to the meanest sectarian sentiment: a khap here, a biradari there, a sangathan around the corner. As the mind gets smaller, the audience gets bigger, for voters are also like a child taking a nap which will be broken only by the scream of a nightmare. Another one beckons. The Indian Union Muslim League, a partner of the present UPA government and loyal ally of Congress in both Delhi and Kerala, has banded together a group of fellow travellers in order to reverse the ban on child marriage for Muslims. Why? These revanchist worthies believe that child marriage is permissible under Islamic law, or Sharia. This is scarcely believable. Almost every Muslim nation has banned child marriage. Are Muslims living in Bangladesh or Malaysia or Senegal or Egypt or Kazakhstan any less Muslim because of the ban? One of the myths perpetrated by Muslim extremists is that Islamic law is frozen. This is nonsense. The Sunni code includes the concept of Ijtihad, a form of honest and rigorous due diligence based on independent reasoning. Anyone competent enough to so interpret the Sharia is called a Mujtahid. Slavery was legal when the Holy Quran was given to mankind. Today slavery is illegal in the Muslim world. And no one cuts off hands for theft. Surely the Indian Union Muslim League knows that it lives in India, and that this nation is no longer in the 1940s or indeed the 1980s, when the politics of hysteria managed to reverse a Supreme Court judgment providing a very basic alimony to a woman called Shah Bano. That was the last hurrah of fundamentalists. Since then Indian courts have cited the progressive principles of Sharia to advance alimony rights, and the extreme has chosen to respond with silence. Such retrograde demands cannot be about the welfare of the people. They must, therefore, be about politics. The Muslim League is clearly beginning to feel the heat from voters as general elections approach, and beyond them the Assembly polls in Kerala. It is pandering to false religiosity in the hope that this will divert the voter from real issues. Politicians are at their most dangerous when they face defeat, as we are witnessing on a much larger scale in national politics: they do not care if they set fire to social cohesion or to economic growth as long as they can ensure that they leave only dust and ashes for their successors. This is democratic process degraded. Our Election Commission prohibits a politician from provoking hatred towards another community during a campaign. Hate speech can lead to annulment of an election. But what is the price for the betrayal of one’s own community when the search for votes enters squalid and poisonous swamps? Instead of a price, there is reward. The solution is obviously not simple. There is no point in expecting this necessary change through legislation, because this trick is too supple to be pinned. But if the politician at the top cannot, or will not, find the answer, the voter can. Such politics withers if it cannot flourish. We are again being driven towards a populist hijack. The sooner we wake up from any nap, the better.

Out of Turn

Pak-india economic cooperation framework no need to reinvent the wheel, just learn from the success of other cooperating nations



N spite of the difficulties involved and amidst some uncalled for preceding negative journalistic propaganda, the meeting of Nawaz Sharif and Manmohan Singh took place on last Sunday in New York. A good omen and certainly a positive step forward in an endeavour to enhance trade and economic linkages between the two neighbours. However, the road ahead is not going to be easy. With elections just round the corner in India any political leadership there would not like to be seen as warming up too easily to Pakistan. And over here in Pakistan with nothing concrete being offered by India any significant economic initiatives would be rather difficult to sell to the Pakistani power shareholders. The respective national stances on the longstanding thorny issue of Kashmir that were once again made quite clear (hours before the meeting) by the two prime ministers, didn’t help matters either. The Pakistani prime minister reiterating that without solving the Kashmir dispute it will not be possible to normalize relations with India and his Indian counterpart saying the exact opposite by stating that India under no circumstance will let go of its occupation of Kashmir. Amidst such a politically charged environment, the real challenge that confronts these peace overtures is that our historic rhetoric aside, is there really any way by which economic cooperation can truly be enhanced in the nearterm between these two countries? And provided that there indeed such a possibility exists to independently kick-start economic cooperation before solving existing political/territorial disputes, then what should be the framework for such cooperation? As for the first question the inspiration should be taken from China on how it conducted itself in its different neighbourly disputes in the East China Sea with Japan and in the South China Sea with the the Philippines. Under Deng Xiaoping, when China truly began to emerge as a global economic power, the policy on territorial disputes was to set them aside and where required, to also work with the opposing party to exploit mutual resources and potential. Sovereignty could be dealt with later.

Back in 1978 Deng said that the Diaoyu/Senkaku (with Japan) tangle could be unravelled by “a future generation”. And this indeed is being done today – to China’s wishes – since today they have worked their way up to being the biggest boy in the neighbourhood! In fact, so confident are the Chinese today of their ability to secure their rightful boundaries that in spite of knowing fully well that it is they who are calling the shots, their current leader, Xi Jinping after assuming power has once again reaffirmed Deng’s approach. Jinping maintains that today’s transformed China gives as much weight to maintaining stability in the region as to safeguarding China’s rights. So if countries around us can cast aside territorial disputes (at least in the short term) to address poverty and lack of development at home, so why can’t Pakistan and India? On the second question, on what should be the framework of our mutual cooperation, there are again lessons to be learned from successful examples of regional trade, Free Trade Areas (FTAs) and common currency zones. We must remember that at the heart of the linkage/integration benefits are the tremendous synergies that exist among these two countries with distributed and diverse strengths in manufacturing, resource development, and trading and related services. The underlying benefits of integrating markets with large populations – especially the ones that in addition are also quickly climbing the wealth ladder – become visible over longer term in the shape of emergence of optimized and highly competitive regional supply chains. On the other hand, so are the challenges of integrating such markets and supply chains, and these challenges mainly come down to the sheer willingness and ability of nations to balance national interests with the benefits of bilateral economic linkages. The three key issues that thus emerge from this are: 1) Identification of the existing frameworks of regional, sub-regional and bilateral cooperation, 2) Reflections on the path-making. Here, China-Japan-Republic of Korea (ROK) Free Trade Talks (FTT) can be used as a model, and 3) Implications of Pakistan-India economic linkages and an invitation for new thinking on the SAARC integration. Discussing points one and two, a detailed paper written in 2012, by Steve Howard, secretary general of The Global Foundation, provides a good insight into these aspects. He argues, that unlike other countries across the globe, exports of both India and Pakistan were less affected during the time of the financial crisis. And it is with this positive in mind that the leading multinational corporations (MNCs) should be lured to invest by expanding their operations in the subcontinent – thereby treating it as a single market. For this it will be necessary to put in place the right and common systems in the areas of technology and research and development (R&D). And to do this he recommends a ‘job-spe-

cific’ study group to ensure implementation. Further, the history and role of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariats: A North-East Asian inter-governmental organization comprising China, Japan and ROK, where participating countries agreed to establish a permanent organization to systemize and institutionalize cooperation between the three countries, can also be replicated by Pakistan and India. The other similar frameworks in Asia include: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RECP). He emphasizes that there is no need for Pakistan and India to reinvent the wheel and to just learn from the success of other cooperating countries. History is full of examples, which tell us that despite diversity in market-size, openness, expectations and strategies of each country, a larger common market-size by itself boosts each member country’s international trade and investment. Further, benefits of economic linkages are not just limited to economic aspects, but also tend to promote institutional development and the global leverage of every cooperating country. In essence economic integration or enhanced economic linkages should always be viewed as a long-term solution to build mutual trust. Finally, the Pak-India framework should jointly look at and work on food security and water solutions, since given the high population growth rate in both countries this will in years to come become the biggest common issue. Howard also talks about the need for reorganization in cooperation (both between Pakistan and India and also within the SAARC) to determine how to grow, distribute and consume food in the coming years. The true challenge according to him is for the economic cooperation to create investment driven relations within the ambit of a liberalized trade environment. Such a linkage would in fact imply that bilateral cooperation would not just remain limited to regional boundaries, but if properly leveraged can also be directed to incorporate a global view that in-turn can yield positive global dividends for the entire South Asian region. All said and done, the litmus test though will be to agree and “draft” a comprehensive economic framework, which ensures that the nature of respective national regulations directly affect the ability of the two countries to cooperate and build sustainable economic linkages. Regulations are invariably national in nature, whereas, large scale activities in both real and financial economies are increasingly transnational. As a result, the nature of national regulations bears directly on the ability to work synergistically. In the end it will all boil down to our (PakIndia) willingness and courage to come up with a framework that is a) implementable and b) allows efficient flow and use of capital on both sides of the border. The writer can be



The writer is a senior Indian journalist.



ArtS Friday, 4 October, 2013

diana director ‘deVastated’ By reViews

The director of Diana says he has "no regrets", despite the film's poor reception in the UK. Oliver Hirschbiegel told the BBC that the movie's critical mauling was "devastating, but when you make a film you don't think about the reactions". The Telegraph described the film "a special class of awful", while the Mirror called it "cheap and cheerless". Hirschbiegel admitted the reviews had put off audiences, but he still hoped people would "make their own minds up". "In all the other places where it's opened - in Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Slovakia - it's been very strong," he said. "I think for the British, Diana is still a trauma they haven't come to terms with." Starring Naomi Watts, the film depicts Princess Diana in the final years of her life, with a focus on her affair with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, played by Lost's Naveen Andrews. It entered the UK chart at number five in its opening weekend, taking £623,000 at the box office. This week, it dropped to number nine. Hirschbiegel, who previously made Downfall, a German-language film about the last days of Hitler, called his experiences with Diana "deja vu, because it has the same reactions in the UK as Downfall had in Germany on release". "I hope it is a matter of stepping back and looking at it afresh in a year or so, because it is a very British story and I am a very German director." He added that Diana "was the most complex character I have ever tried to depict more complex than Hitler. The one thing they both had in common was they were born actors". COuRTESY BBC

Movies are something people see all over the world because there is a certain need for it. –Wim Wenders

angelina Jolie’s double rings ignite rumours of secret wedding a CTRESS Angelina Jolie has sparked fresh wedding rumours with Brad Pitt after she was spotted wearing two rings on her left hand in Bondi Beach, Australia. The gossip mills are abuzz about a secret Pitt-Jolie wedding after the photographs hit the net, reported Radar online. Jolie`s new ring appears to be thicker and made of a lighter precious metal than the gold one that appeared on her finger in the spring. Back in March, the 38year-old mother of six was seen wearing a simple gold band in place of her massive USD 500,000 engagement ring when she visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda on a goodwill mission. But Jolie shot down rumours of a wedding. zEENEWS.INDIA

levi’s brings its commuter line to paKistan! Bikers and biking supporters across the country now have a reason to celebrate as Levi’s® brings its most coveted Commuter Line to Pakistan. Levi’s® Commuter jeans are exactly designed to provide comfort and luxury to the biking devotee. With a wider, tapered leg for more room and just the right amount of bounce these are the perfect jeans for riding around in. The Levi’s® Commuter line’s tapering leg stops it from catching in the bike chain while the soft, elastic physical makes it the perfect jean to wear for any outdoor activity. The Levi’s® Commuter 511 jean also claims a number of other near features such as being made using Sanitized Technology which allows long lasting defense against odors. The Performance Stretch Fabric is not only tough but also water resilient, dirt repellant and reinforced in the crotch, the back pockets and the belt loops for longer durability. The higher back increase in the 511 Commuter jeans not only sports a usefulness waistband but also provides extra attention when pedaling. A great care feature on the Levi’s® Commuter 511 jeans is the 3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape current on the interior cuff of the pant leg, which makes it even more flawless for criteria across Pakistan. To those who don’t bike, this range fits in well as THE fashion item to have as a part of your clothing, owing to its sexy look. Many superstars are spotted wearing the Commuter line on many times. So head on down to your nearest Levi’s® store today and purchase the perfect fit Commuter 511 Jean available in Performance Wine Tasting and Performance Finish 1. NEWS DESK

Sonu nigAM reCeiveS tHreAt CAllS froM tHe underworld

gwyneth Paltrow goes Bare under tuxedo

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow went bare under a sleek tuxedo jacket while shooting for an advertising campaign. The 41-year-old shot for the ad campaign for Hugo Boss` Jour Pour Femme fragrance here, reports She completed the look with cropped black trousers and black heels, and in some photographs, she can also be seen in a white blouse under the jacket. Paltrow is said to be earning $2 million for being the face of Boss` newest perfume, which the design house has billed as a light and fresh daytime fragrance. zEENEWS.INDIA

after small and big screen, ahsan Khan will now sing

Sonu Nigam has lodged a complaint with the police after he received threat calls from the underworld, a news channel reported. The playback singer, who has been in the film industry for over two decades, has been reportedly threatened by Chhota Shakeel, a member of India’s most wanted man Dawood Ibrahim’s gang. Recently, producers Boney Kapoor and Karan Johar too had filed complaints with the Mumbai police after receiving threat calls from the underworld. zEENEWS.INDIA

Actors spend years lip-synching to voices of different singers. But there are some who try a hand at acting and singing simultaneously. Priyanka Chopra is doing the same in Bollywood, while at home, we have seen the likes of Ayesha Omar and Mahwish Hayat trying their hand at singing. While people thought Mahwish can sing beautifully and in-tune, they fumed when Ayesha was given the Best Album of the Year at the Lux Style Awards 2013. The newest addition to the list of actors-turned-singers is Ahsan Khan. Once caught humming on the set of his latest drama serial Khoya Khoya Chand, his director Fahim Burney gave him an opportunity to sing the title song for the TV series. The song sung by the actor is a nicely composed love duet which he sang alongside Dua Malik. The actor, who recently appeared in the Punjabi film Ishq Khuda, has surprised everyone with his playback skills. “As an artist, music and all art-related genres play an integral part in forming an actor’s persona and grooming their career. So my inclination for slipping into other genres was quite natural,” says Khan. Although the drama’s soundtrack is doing well and is being appreciated, Khan remains humble. “I had never thought that singing was

my forte, but I love music. When I was given this opportunity by my director, I thought to myself, why not give it a shot? And thankfully, it turned out pretty well,” says Khan. The actor also plans to get formal training in singing for more serious projects. With time,

Ahsan has progressed in the field of acting and has proven himself as a versatile actor, who can perform varied roles. The song’s composer Sohail Haider feels the trend of actors turning into singers has increased with the growth of the drama industry. Haider, who has worked multi-talented actors such as Fawad Khan, says that Khan’s singing aptitude and the ease with which he sung the OST surprised him. Haider plans to record more singles with him. “I feel that there is singing talent in everyone and it is good that drama and film producers in Pakistan encourage such talent in actors, because places such as India don’t encourage multitasking,” says Haider. Khan does not consider singing as something that would divert him from acting, as he sees it as an extension of his acting career. “The link between acting and singing brings me the closer to the idea of ‘entertainment’ — which is music and action on stage to communicate stories to the audience,” says Khan. “It is commendable that more multi-talented artists are coming to the forefront in Pakistan, daring to straddle the boundaries between acting and singing.” Acting has always been his strength — he started his career with PTV films. NEWS DESK

I've said that playing the blues is like having to be black twice. Stevie Ray Vaughan missed on both counts, but I never noticed. –B B King

when deePika Padukone Visited an ailing ranVeer

ArTs Friday, 4 October, 2013

kim k reveals pictures of designer outfits for baby

12 A

tiPs for whitening your face


Deepika Padukone visited Ranveer Singh, who has been undergoing treatment for dengue in a hospital since Friday last week. The lead actress of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Ram-Leela’, which is slated to release on November 15, had special permission to meet her co-star and dear friend. Reportedly, even Deepika is not in the best of her health as she injured herself while shooting for a sequence of Bhansali’s magnum opus. Ranveer was running with high fever while he was shooting in Durgapur near Kolkata for ‘Gunday’ last week. The actor apparently, continued to shoot despite fever in order to avoid any inconvenience and loss to the production, his official spokesperson said in a statement. The actor underwent tests after returning to Mumbai and was diagnosed with dengue. Here’s wishing the young and talented actor speedy recovery. zEENEWS.INDIA

hrithik starrer ‘krrish 3’ release date adVanced

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan Thursday confirmed that his much-awaited movie ‘Krrish 3’ will now release Nov 1 instead of Nov 4. "It was a decision taken by the distributors and exhibitors that the film should come on Nov 1. I agreed with them, so now the movie will release on Nov 1," Rakesh Roshan said. Diwali falls Nov 3, which is a Sunday. "Diwali is coming on a Sunday, so it is good to release the film before that," he added. ‘Krrish 3’, the third film in the franchise that began with ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ in 2003, features Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut in key roles. zEENEWS.INDIA

IM Kardashian flaunted custom-made designer outfits for her new born daughterNorth West on Instagram. The 32-year old American television personality posted a picture of three Celine sweaters and some baby bootees, and wrote "Can't wait for North to wear these! Thank you so much Phoebe! #Celine", the New York Post reported. The new mom and girlfriend of Kanye West also posted pictures of a Givenchy T-shirt bearing a picture of Bambi, and wrote "OMG Baby Bambi custom shirt for North!!! Thank you Riccardo! #Givenchy". She also posted pictures of a black Alexander Wang dress, a Maison Martin Margiela robe and an assortment of Lanvin dresses for her fourmonth old daughter. COuRTESY TOI

fourth ‘chronicles of narnia’ film in the maKing The fourth installment of 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' film series is set to be adapted into a movie. The C.S. Lewis Company executives have granted Mark Gordon's company the rights to jointly develop and produce a movie adaptation of the fourth book, 'The Silver Chair', Contactmusic reported. The 'Saving Private Ryan' producer issued a statement announcing the fourth installment of the author''s fantasy book series. He added that he is a huge fan of Lewis' "beautiful and allegorical world of Narnia" and is preparing to bring the next book to life. The first Narnia trilogy, starring Liam Neeson as the

voice of lion 'Aslan' and Tilda Swinton as the 'White Witch', grossed a total of 1.6 billion dollars at the global box

office, and 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader', earned 415 million dollars. COuRTESY TOI

The summer is around the corner and you look yourself in the mirror and see your current skin colour turning a little darker. Nowadays, lot of girls worry about the problem of skin colour; so checkout our tips for whitening your face. Nowadays every girl is seriously worried about looking good and when it comes to skin colour turning dark, it is a serious issue and we all want to know the tips for skin glow. So follow our ways for whitening your skin: Ways for whitening your face Following are the tips for whitening your face According to this tip for whitening your face, whenever you go out apply sunscreen which protects your skin from heat. It doesn’t give you a glow but protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Drink eight glass of water and remember; that water is the basic element for giving your skin a beautiful glow. If your body doesn’t get enough water, it will get hydropenia which will cause the skin to become dry. So drink water for the healthy glow and eight glasses can make a huge difference. Drink a glass of cold milk before going to bed. Lemon glow can make a change. As we all know that lemon is rich in vitamin C which increases your metabolism activity and act as an anti aging ingredient for your skin. It reduces the chances of skin cancer and provides a youthful glow for your skin. If you regularly put fresh lemon slices on your face, you will see your skin fresh and glowing forever. Also drink a glass of warm water mixed with one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of pure honey every morning for the face whitening. Have a fish always; for face whitening, researches show that eating fish three times a week can protect skin from ultraviolet’s attack. Long-term fisheating can help people with a natural protection similar to the sunscreen and whiten your skin. Wash your face regularly; remove the dirt once you come back home. Use a good cleanser that will effectively clean your skin. Also a face scrub once a week can remove the dead skin cells. NEWS DESK

‘beSHArAM’ review: rAnbir kAPoor fAilS to iMPreSS! COURTESY ZEENEWS.INDIA ‘Besharam’, Ranbir Kapoor’s latest release has a basic problem - it does not live up to its name. When you watch Ranbir you do not expect an out and out ‘Besharam’ comedy. However you do expect some smart assery if that is what is projected in all its promos. Good performances, the Kapoor clan, and some good humour could not really create the magic that you expect from the entire crew. The young Kapoor is a teen heart throb, here he tries to be more, and doesn’t really do too well. ‘Dabbang’ was a great make of classic masala film making that came from Abhinav Kashyap, and was pulled off with élan by Salman Khan. Salman stood out in his archaic 1990s hero

avatar, delivering loudmouthedapplause-inducing dialogues looking as if he spoke like this every day. Despite Ranbir’s refreshing acting skills, he falls short – probably because he looks just out of ‘Wake up Sid’ cuteness. Humour is just spattered insufficiently and inconsistently. The parts where you end up enjoying the most are Rishi and Neetu Kapoor’s sequences, and by the end you are disappointed that they did not have as much screen time as you would have liked. It looks like Abhinav wanted to work with a plot that involved all three, but his ambitions stopped short right there. He did not bother with a plot line which was fantastical enough to accommodate all three of them sharing the screen space and make a

compelling must watch blockbuster. The story revolves around a good hearted orphan, Babli (Ranbir), who has grown up to be a car thief. He falls for the ‘beauty’ Tara Sharma (Pallavi Sharda). Rishi and Neetu play a slightly corrupt, cop couple Chulbul and Bulbul Chautala. The movie has a predictable plot, atypical of masala flicks, using stereotypes of every kind. The love story between Babli and Tara is unconvincing. Not that you need a why and a how, but it doesn’t build up at all. Also, one major grouse I had with the movie was that I was waiting to understand why Babli was called Besharam in the first place. By the standards of how Indian movie heroes are generally shown wooing ladies, Babli was quite a softy, giving flowers to the leading

ladies mom, carrying her grocery. Apart from what you have seen in the promos, Ranbir never goes beyond pulling out socks from his pants. The other two Kapoors are fantastic. Every time Rishi and Neetu appear on screen they manage to entertain. From the first chase sequence to the climax, the few minutes that they have, they have pulled off the chemistry that they were known for back in the 70s. Neetu Kapoor plays gutsy, stands on equal footing as Rishi, and has a good comic timing. She jibes and jokes with Rishi, who is equally cute with her whenever they are seen together. It’s like watching an old endearing couple still in love who have managed to keep the fire alive because of their romance infused in a sense of humour.



Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing. — Warren Spahn

Zulfiqar destroys Punjab cM xi KARACHI

sPOrTs Friday, 4 October, 2013

world cuP to reMain in the suBcontinent

duBaI: With exactly 500 days to go before the first ball is bowled in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 on 14 February, batting wizard Sachin Tendulkar has predicted that the trophy will remain in the Subcontinent with India favourite to retain the title. Tendulkar, who is one of the only two players to play in six World Cups (the other is Pakistan’s Javed Miandad), said, “Along with India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are also good sides. I am partial towards India and want them to do well.” AGENCIES



EFT-ARM spinner Zulfiqar Babar grabbed six wickets to put Chairman PCB XI in a good position in their three-day practice game against Punjab Chief Minister XI on the first day at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore on Wednesday. Okara-born 34-year-old Babar got 622 in only 12.2 overs as Punjab Chief Minister XI were bowled out for just 90 in 34.2 overs in their first innings after their skipper Younis Khan opted to bat first. In reply, at close, Chairman PCB XI were 134-3, having a lead of 44 runs. As the Chief Minister XI’s wickets kept falling at regular intervals, 26-yearold talented batsman Sohaib Maqsood showed some grace in the middle and scored 29 off 34 balls, hitting four boundaries. Faisal Iqbal, who has not played for Pakistan for quite sometime despite being part of the Pakistan Test squad in recent tours, cracked a sedate 20 off 40 balls. The right-hander smashed four fours in his brief effort. Wahab Riaz (17) and Akbar-urRehman (11) were the only other batters of the Chief Minister XI who entered double figures. Younis Khan made nine while keeper Adnan Akmal and Abdur Rehman scored two each. Khurram Manzoor, Shan Masood and gloveman Mohammad Rizwan got out without scoring. Zulfiqar, who made his

T20 International debut against the West Indies at Kingston in July this year, was supported by tall left-arm pacer Mohammad Irfan, Ehsan Adil and Aizaz Cheema, who took one wicket apiece. In reply, Ahmed Shehzad (37) and Mohammad Hafeez (22) provided a 56run opening stand to Chairman PCB. Hafeez, who has been under fire for

having failed to put up solid performances in Test cricket this year, hit two fours in his 27-ball knock before being caught by stumper Adnan Akmal off left-arm spinner Abdur Rehman. Ahmed Shehzad on the other hand played against his nature as he negotiated 90 balls and cracked four fours before being caught by Usman Qadir off Rahat

Ali. Azhar Ali played a solid innings and was at the crease on 48 when the bails were drawn. The Lahore-born 28-year-old batsman slammed seven fours during his unfinished 106-ball sojourn. Asad Shafiq was with him at the other end on 15. Skipper Umar Amin was run out for eight. Abdur Rehman got 1-24 and Rahat Ali picked 1-45.

Afghanistan move closer to world Cup SHARJAH AGENCIES

Afghanistan moved to within just one victory of a place in the World Cup 2015 after beating Kenya by eight wickets in the first of two oneday internationals at Sharjah Cricket Stadium on Wednesday. Kenya chose to bat but were skittled out

for 89 runs in 37.5 overs, Hamid Hassan claiming 4-19. In reply, Nawroz Mangal hit three fours and four sixes in a 60-ball 52, and Mohammad Shahzad scored a 41-ball 33 as Afghanistan achieved victory for the loss of two wickets inside 18 overs. The two openers put on 79 runs for the first wicket in just over 16 overs. The win has moved Afghanistan to within

striking distance of the crucial second spot in the competition, only one point behind the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Netherlands. Should Afghanistan win the second ODI on Friday, also in Sharjah, they would climb to 19 points, secure second position behind Ireland and qualify for their maiden ICC Cricket World Cup.

Saeed ajmal bowls in a training session. AGENCIES

Confident rajasthan royals take on Chennai Super kings in semi-final JAIPUR AGENCIES

There is little to separate as Rajasthan Royals, who have turned the Sawai Mansingh Stadium into a fortress with a 12match winning streak, lock horns with the ever-formidable Chennai Super Kings in the first semi-final of the Champions League Twenty20 (CLT20) 2013 in Jaipur on Friday. Rajasthan breezed into the last-four stage of the tournament with an unbeaten four-match streak while the Chennai, the first team to have advanced to the semifinals, stumbled in their final group game against Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday. The 2010 champions, Chennai, are aware that their opponents have not lost a single game in this venue in the last Indian Premier League (IPL), and add the home side's performance in the ongoing tournament, the record surely wears an invincible look.

Considering that they will be playing in front of the home crowd, the scenario is ideal for Rajasthan captain Rahul Dravid, though he also knows that the tournament's toughest challenge awaits them. The hosts know the conditions like the back of their hands and the strategies that they planned had been executed well. But then again, Chennai, led by the redoubtable Indian captain MS Dhoni, could be an altogether different proposition. Rajasthan would do well to not read too much into Chennai's defeat on Wednesday. On a day when nothing went right after three successive wins, the famed Chennai outfit crashed to an eight-wicket defeat after being bowled out for 118. While the Chennai bowlers had no answer to Trinidad and Tobago’s Lendl Simmons (63), they would hope to dish out a much better display with both bat and ball on Friday. The visitors have tremendous depth in their batting and bowling. In Dhoni, they

TeAM rAjAsTHAn rOyALs (PrObAbLe): rahul dravid (c), ajinkya rahane, Sanju Samson (wk), Shane Watson, Stuart Binny, Brad hodge, ashok Menaria, James faulkner, kevon Cooper, rahul Shukla and Pravin tambe.

CHennAI suPer kInGs (PrObAbLe)

have a cool and shrewd skipper who is also in blazing from with the willow. Though he may not have done much against Trinidad and Tobago, Dhoni's 19-ball 63-run knock against Sunrisers Hyderabad is testimony to the kind of form he is in. Suresh Raina and Michael Hussey are as solid as ever and Murali Vijay has also shown good form. Ravindra Jadeja has not been up to the mark but he can be never be counted out. The likes of Subramaniam Badrinath, Dwayne Bravo and Ravichandran Ashwin give their batting

the much-needed depth down the order. Their bowling too has variety and options in Jason Holder, Bravo, Albie Morkel, Ashwin and Jadeja. On the other hand the hosts, who have not put a foot wrong do far in the tournament, can take heart from the fact that the visitors have suffered a tame defeat to Trinidad and Tobago. The conditions in Jaipur suit them and they have been able to get the better of many fancied teams, be it in the IPL or in the ongoing tournament. They do not have

Murali Vijay, Michael hussey, Suresh raina, Subramaniam Badrinath, MS dhoni (c & wk), dwayne Bravo, ravindra Jadeja, albie Morkel, ravichandran ashwin, Jason holder, Mohit Sharma.

too many big stars but certainly have players who know their role. In Dravid, Shane Watson and Brad Hodge they have the experience and class which is supported by energetic and talented youngsters like Ajinkya Rahane, Sanju Samson, Kevon Cooper and Ashok Menaria.

Twenty20 is cricket on speed. In an era of hectic lifestyles and falling attention spans, it gives spectators more drama and intensity in three hours that they would get from a whole-day match. — Vikas Swarup

14 S

sPOrTs Friday, 4 October, 2013

'no guarantee' clarke will Be fit for BrisBane SYDNEY

Pakistan Beat finland, ireland in snooker karaChI: Pakistan won both the matches on the second day of the IBSF 6-Reds Snooker Team Championship in Carlow, Ireland, as the duo of Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Sajjad continued to shine in every format. According to the information made available by the Pakistan Billiards & Snooker Association (PBSA) here on Wednesday, Asif and Sajjad extended their brilliant form to earn Pakistan victories over Finland and Ireland, after having outplayed England on the opening day. Asif and Sajjad combined superbly to edge out the dangerous Irish duo of Daniel Dempsey and Jason Devaney 3-2 with the scores of 68-12, 23-87, 84-4, 60-35, 24-82. Asif started well against Daniel Dempsey in the opening frame. With a break of 68 points, he was looking to clear the table, but fell short when he went out of position on the second last red. The cue ball landed too close to red leaving no option for Asif to pot that. The second frame was completely dominated by Jason Devaney and he pulled the frame from Sajjad 87-23. Pakistan team did well in the doubles frame to defeat team Ireland 84-06. Sajjad continued the zeal in the single (reverse) frame too to register a win for Pakistan. In the last frame Asif lost to Devaney 2482 and the match score settled on 3-2 in favour of Pakistan. They proved even more lethal in the process of whitewashing the Finland pair of Juha Lehto and Aki Suutari 5-0 with the frame scores of 79-21, 93-26, 50-3, 89-16, 75-6. Having beaten England, represented by Jeff Cundy and Nick Jennings, 4-1 with the frame scores of 63-51, 100-0, 70-22, 106-12, 36-72 in their first match, Asif and Sajjad will now take on the Indian duo of Shivam Arora and Shahbaz Adil Khan in their fourth and final league outing on Thursday (today). On the second day of the individual event on Asif, the reigning world champion, extended his winning streak by outwitting Jason Devaney of Ireland 4-2 with the frame scores of 12-58, 36-22, 44-01, 41-11, 12-37, 32-34, 43-23. It was his third straight victory in the Group D, having overwhelmed Patryk Maslowski of Poland and Maksim Shkarupa of Russia earlier. Sajjad, two times national champion, also continued to perform brilliantly in the Group R. Having trounced Mario Van Herk of Belgium in straight frames on the first day, he followed it up with another convincing victory, blanking Ahmed Benraïssi of France in straight frames with the scores of 35-23, 30-0, 37-0, 55-0. Another Irish team (Ireland7) lost to team India1. However, Ireland1 and Ireland5 registered convincing wins against Australia and the UAE, respectively. STAFF REPORT

all set to hold historic aMateur golf c’shiP LahOrE: The 52nd Amateur Golf Championship of Pakistan will be teed off at the par 72, Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course Thursday becoming a major international golfing activity in the presence of four foreign participating teams including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lank and Iran. Opening round of the enterprising golf will be played between Ghazanfar Mehmood (Pakistan), Mohammed Sajib Ali (Bangladesh) and H.M.Vijitha Bandra (Sri Lanka). Pakistan is fielding two teams namely A and B. Wasim Rana, Ghazanfar Mehmood, Mohsen Zafar and Mohammad Rehman.Wasim Rana and Ghazanfar Mehmood represent Pakistan 'A' team and Mohsen Zafar and Mohammad Rehman are members of Pakistan 'B' team. The team Manager is Lt Col (retd) Ahsen Janjua. Afghanistan team members are Ali Ahmed Fazal and Mohammed Omar Shafi with Mehmood Shah Qazidad as Manager. Bangladesh team comprises Mohammed Sagor, Sajib Ali and Lutfur Rahman (Manager). Iran team members are Hassan Karimian Noshahr, Mehdi Mansoubshanjani and Mohammed Reza Hakimimani (Manager). The Sri Lankan representation comes through M.H.Vijitha and Nambukara. Team Manager is Ana Punchihewa. During this four days championship the events at stake are Mens National Champions title, ladies national champion title, international team Match and J. R. Jeyawardene Trophy. STAFF REPORT

the Pakistan team and teams from afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Sri Lanka with Parvez Masood, former Chairman,Lahore Gymkhana at the inauguration of the 52nd amateur Golf Championship of Pakistan. PR



USTRALIA'S captain Michael Clarke has conceded he is far from guaranteed to be fit in time for the first Ashes Test in Brisbane next month, as his chronic back trouble grows increasingly stubborn. Having been ruled out of the limited overs tour to India that precedes the home series against England, Clarke showed unusual pessimism about his fitness when discussing his chances of returning to full strength and flexibility in time for the Gabba. There were grim tidings also from James Pattinson, who had originally hoped to recover from a back stress fracture he picked up in England in time to contend for a Brisbane pace berth. Instead he admitted he was now well behind that schedule, and was looking at a place in the Perth Test as one of four fast bowlers as his earliest chance to resume in Test matches. Since returning home from England, Clarke has undergone daily treatment on his back, and between now and the start of the Ashes the Australian team physio Alex Kountouris is readying himself to make frequent flights from Melbourne to Sydney to spend as much time as possible with his most pivotal patient. However the process of constant work to strengthen Clarke has been progressing slowly, and there is always the danger of a relapse such

as the one that curtailed his Champions Trophy campaign before the Ashes in England. "There's certainly no guarantee at this stage," Clarke said at the national team's pre-season camp in Sydney. "It's hard for me to say that because I'm trying my best not to look at it like that. I'm always positive and if they ask me, I'll say I'll be fit in a week's time. But you ask Alex who knows me very well, and he'd say there'd be doubt I won't be right. Making sure I'm doing everything I can to give myself the best chance ... plenty of rehab and recovery getting strength back in the areas that support my

back. It's a lot of hard work but I'm willing to do the work to make sure I'm right for that first Test. "Where I sit right now is I don't know when I'll be back playing cricket. We have no idea how long it's going to take. But in Australia I've got the physio in Sydney I've been working with since I was 17, I've got the machine, the medics machine that's helped me stay on the park for as long as I have through my career, and I'm in consistent contact with Alex Kountouris who will fly back and forth from Melbourne to Sydney to see me and make sure I'm improving." Clarke's ideal preparation for the

webber hits out at penalty Hamilton passing closely either side of Alonso's as Webber hopped on board. Webber picked up the reprimand specifically because he did not seek permission from marshals to walk out on to the track. According to the Australian, though, the video angle did not present a full view of events. "Don't get me started on reprimands," Webber said at the Korean International Circuit on Thursday. "I saw both Mercedes on the straight when I was in the escape road. This camera angle is from that way but if you look at it from the other way, I had a good view before they started turning in - I'm in the escape road, I got the so I can see down to the penalty kink. "Lewis passed for not asking the me at the grand marshal to walk on speed of 56 km/h then okay...sorry." the track but Of course, there was no Webber is not the first driver to accept a communication lift back to the pits but anyway he is the first to suffer such a penalty under a ruling introduced this season which punishes drivers who rack up three reprimands. "It's just changed a lot hasn't it?" lamented the 37-year-old, who was also reprimanded in Bahrain and Canada. "Things are changing - that's the way it is now, in life and in sport. Things change and what you probably think is not too bad at the time, SPORTS DESK other people don't see it that way. "They're in a position to take a decision and Mark Webber has hit out at the reprimand he was given in Singapore that resulted in a ten-place grid that's it. Obviously I got the penalty for not asking the marshal to walk on the track but there was no penalty for this weekend's Korean Grand Prix. Stewards handed out reprimands to both communication anyway." Forced to start Sunday's race from 11th on the Webber and Fernando Alonso after the Spaniard stopped his Ferrari to give the Australian a lift back grid at best, Webber admitted that wet weather to the pits following his retirement on the last lap could represent his best chance of earning a good result. "It's a good track for me. I've always been of the race at Marina Bay. According to one of the stewards, Derek quick here. It's not ideal: you don't want to wind up Warwick, they had initially intended to show 11th or 12th on the grid. But it could be wet on the leniency but changed their minds after weekend, who knows?" he added. "It's better than having a ten-place penalty at subsequently viewing video footage that showed the Mercedes cars of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Monaco, that's for sure."

Gabba will be to regain full mobility in time to play in the Sheffield Shield matches scheduled to lead-in to the Ashes, granting him the chance to gain confidence and batting form before facing England's pacemen once more. "My best preparation has always been to play cricket and score runs doesn't matter what form of the game," Clarke said. "If I'm playing games of cricket and performing that helps me take it into one day cricket or test cricket. I probably train harder than what you have to do in game so playing is probably easier for me mentally and physically with the work that goes into it."

gerard Butler keePs the faith in Zain eagle

SPORTS DESK Gerard Butler is keen to draw a line through Zain Eagle's run at Chester last week. The promising three-year-old had won his previous two starts in impressive fashion and looked a colt on the up. However, after being drawn wide he was never settled and Neil Callan knew his chance had gone early in the straight, letting him come home in his own time. "The one thing about Chester is you know your fate early," said Butler. "I've just drawn a line straight through it and pretended it never happened. He was unsuited by the track but thankfully he's come out of the race fine. "There's nothing for him over the next few weeks so I'm just going to sit tight for a while. The one thing he doesn't want is soft ground so we'll see, he might not run again this season." Another promising Butler inmate is Master The World, winner of an 18runner maiden by two lengths at the Cambridgeshire meeting last week. "He's a big horse who is strengthening up all the time so it's job done with him," said Butler. "I'll just give him a couple of weeks to develop and see if we need to run him again."

Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that. — Bill Shankly




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ronAldo And di MAriA to

hot for coPenhagen


7:30 PM

classy Bayern destroy Man city




EAL Madrid made it six points from two games in Group B as doubles from Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel di Maria guided them to a 4-0 win over FC Copenhagen on Wednesday. Following his hat-trick in the 6-1 thrashing of Galatasaray in matchday one, Ronaldo now has five goals in just two Champions League games this season. The Portuguese headed home the opener midway through the first-half from Marcelo's fine cross and made the game safe 25 minutes from time with another headed effort from Di Maria's cross. The Argentine winger made it 3-0 himself with a sensational curling effort from 25 yards and rounded off the scoring in stoppage time with another precise leftfooted finish. With Gareth Bale sidelined due to a thigh strain, Real boss Carlo Ancelotti had reacted to Saturday's 1-0 derby defeat to Atletico Madrid by making five changes. Iker Casillas returned in goal for the first time in nearly nine months at the Bernabeu, whilst Raphael Varane and Marcelo also made their first appearances since recovering from injury. Madrid didn't have things quite as easy as might have been expected in the early stages with Karim Benzema's header from close range that drifted wide their only clear-

cut opportunity. However, they did eventually make the breakthrough on 21 minutes as Copenhagen keeper Johan Wiland got caught under Marcelo's out-swinging cross from the left and Ronaldo was left with a simple header at the back post. Di Maria should have made it 2-0 moments later when he side-footed wide

from Benzema's intelligent cut-back and then saw a flicked header from another dangerous Marcelo cross creep just wide. However, the Danish champions were left aggrieved just before half-time when Nicolai Jorgensen's header came back off the bar and the ball brushed Luka Modric's hand as he cleared the rebound off the line.

SHAkHtAr’S lAte goAl eArnS tHeM A Point AgAinSt MAn u dONEtSk: Brazilian striker Taison's goal 14 minutes from time denied Manchester United a second successive win in the Champions League group stage on Wednesday as Shakhtar Donetsk grabbed a 1-1 draw. The draw -- which sees Shakhtar remain unbeaten at home to English teams -- leaves both sides unbeaten after two games with four points. The point -United took the lead through Danny Welbeck early in the first-half -- will ease some of the pressure on manager David Moyes, whose side have made their worst start to a league season since 1989. "That was a good point coming here and getting one isn't easy," said Moyes, who was handed the unenviable job of replacing the legendary Alex Ferguson as manager when he stepped down at the end of last season. "Shakhtar have a great record here so to get a point is no mean achievement. "I thought the team stood up well tonight and we defended very well." Shakhtar head coach Mircea Lucescu said he considered the draw to be a fair result. "We allowed Manchester to score an early goal after a series of mistakes in defence," he said. "We had to chase them down to put pressure on them so we could equalise. "In the late stages we took more risks but luckily we managed to equalise. "I consider the draw to be a fair result, which gives both sides good chances to make it into the knockout stage." Moyes, who made his reputation by keeping Everton competitive despite having little money to spend, said that the result did not have any greater significance. AGENCIES

"It was a very decisive moment at the end of the first-half when it may be given a penalty and he may also have to give a red card as it is a goalscoring opportunity," said Copenhagen boss Stale Solbakken. "It looks like a penalty for me, but I wouldn't blame the referee as it went very fast." Madrid continued to dictate play at the start of the second-half without much penetration as Modric fired just wide before a Ronaldo free-kick dropped onto the roof of the net.

It was a very decisive moment at the end of the first-half when it may be given a penalty and he may also have to give a red card as it is a goalscoring opportunity StAle SolbAkken copenhagen boss

MaNChEStEr: Defending champions Bayern Munich proved they remain the team to beat in the Champions League with a classy 3-1 win at Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday. Playing in England for the first time since their victory over Borussia Dortmund in last season's final, Pep Guardiola's side gave City a lesson in relentless attacking to take command of Group D. A goalkeeping error from Joe Hart helped Franck Ribery give the visitors a seventhminute lead and they added further goals through Thomas Mueller and Arjen Robben in the second half. Substitute Alvaro Negredo replied in the 80th minute, before former City player Jerome Boateng saw red for a last-man foul on Yaya Toure, but on the ground where they had crushed derby rivals Manchester United just 10 days ago, City were soundly beaten. "I'm very happy with the performance and with our game," said Guardiola. "We've got six points and we've taken a good step towards qualifying for the next stage. I think we dominated the game and we dominated possession." Bayern's victory sent them three points clear at the top of the group and consigned City to a first home defeat in Europe since 2008, four days on from an unexpected 3-2 loss at Aston Villa. City defender Micah Richards said "it felt like they had an extra man" and manager Manuel Pellegrini conceded that his side had been outclassed. "I think we played really bad," he said. "It's not the team we see every Sunday here in the Premier League and that was I think the worst thing. "I know Bayern Munich always has possession, but I think it was not a good day for us." AGENCIES


Former champion Jo-Wilfried Tsonga crashed out of the Japan Open in the second round on Wednesday, ambushed 64, 7-6 by Croatia’s Ivan Dodig in the tournament’s first major upset. Top seed Juan Martin del Potro thrashed fellow Argentine Carlos Berlocq 6-2, 6-2 to reach the quarter-finals of the $1.43 million event in Tokyo before Tsonga, still feeling his way back from a knee injury, was unceremoniously bundled out. “I’m not shocked by this result,” the second-seeded Frenchman told reporters. “This game is difficult enough with two legs. With one and a half it’s complicated.” The world number eight, champion in 2009, retired from the second round at Wimbledon and only returned at Metz a week ago, reaching the final. He beat fellow Frenchman Gael Monfils in the first round in Tokyo but never got out of the blocks against Dodig. “I’m still coming back so it’s never perfect,” said Tsonga, his left knee heavily iced. “It’s frustrating but it’s part of the job to accept it’s going to be difficult when you’re not 100 percent. He broke me early

and I was always chasing the match.” Dodig’s persistence forced Tsonga into a string of wild misses, the end coming when he dumped a forehand into the net to surrender the second-set tiebreak 7-5 and gift-wrap the Croat a second victory in two

meetings. “Hopefully in the next few weeks I will find my legs,” added Tsonga. “The doctors said it would take five months for the pain to go away and it’s been three months so I have to be careful.” A day after surviving a stern test

against Cyprus’s Marcos Baghdatis in his first match since a shock second-round exit at last month’s US Open, del Potro looked a different player in his first meeting with countryman Berlocq. He made 70 percent of his first serves

and won 86 percent of those points in a 66minute rout. But even the statistics fall short of outlining the gulf in class between world number seven del Potro and his 45th-ranked opponent. A kicking second serve which a deflated Berlocq could only flap into the net summed up a thoroughly one-sided affair. “I played very solid,” the 2009 US Open champion told reporters. “I served well, hit my forehand really well and tried to be aggressive. I played much better than yesterday. I felt I was in control of the whole match.” Recovered from his jet-lag following a 37-hour trip from Argentina to Japan, 2008 finalist del Potro next faces Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopolov, who knocked out eighth seed Janko Tipsarevic of Serbia 63, 7-6. Canada’s Milos Raonic, coming off his fifth career title in Bangkok at the weekend, matched del Potro’s power in a comfortable 6-4, 7-6 first-round win over local Go Soeda. The third seed belted 24 aces and whitewashed his wildcard opponent 7-0 in the second-set tiebreak. “I did a lot of things well and buckled down when I needed to,” said the world number 11, runner-up to Japan’s Kei Nishikori here last year.


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