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Tuesday, 3 December, 2013 Muharram 28, 1435 Rs 17.00 Vol IV No 156 16 Pages Karachi Edition

SToRy on pAge 02

SToRy on pAge 02

SToRy on pAge 02

Sindh, punjab LB polls schedule on Dec 7

Thai pM rejects protest calls as clashes rock Bangkok

Ukraine protesters launch general strike after clashes

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced that the schedule for local bodies (LB) polls in Sindh and Punjab will be issued on December 7. The ECP has asked the provinces to complete preparations for the LB polls otherwise they will be held responsible for any delays. LB polls in Sindh are scheduled to be held on January 18 and in Punjab on January 20. pAge 02

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra rejected protester demands to suspend the country’s democratic system and indicated she would not resign on Monday amid rolling clashes between security forces and demonstrators bent on toppling her government. Police used rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon against rock-throwing demonstrators as they intensified their defence of key government buildings... pAge 04

Ukrainian protesters launched a nationwide strike and began to blockade government buildings Monday after violent clashes in which more than 100,000 sought early elections over the authorities’ rejection of a historic EU pact. About 10,0000 supporters of the ex-Soviet state’s closer alliance with the EU and disavowal of old master Russia camped out overnight into Monday on Kiev’s iconic Independence Square. pAge 04

Relatives meet ex-Bagram inmates

Attack on office of private media group injures 3

Biden heads to Asia amid Chinese air zone tensions

In an apparent attack on the Karachi office of a private media organisation, unidentified men opened fire and hurled two hand grenades at the main gate of the building, injuring at least three people, including a private guard stationed there, private TV channels reported. Taking notice of the incident, SSP Nasir Iqbal told reporters that he was on his way to the scene. pAge 03

US Vice-President Joe Biden heads for East Asia amid high tensions in the region over China’s newlydeclared air defence identification zone (ADIZ). Biden will stop first in Tokyo, then head to Beijing and Seoul during his six-day visit. He will hold talks with leaders of all three nations and on Friday pay a visit to the demilitarised zone which divides the two Koreas. pAge 03

Relatives of six prisoners released from Bagram prison visited them on Monday at the Peshawar Central Jail. Sources told Pakistan Today that the prisoners have been sent to Peshawar jail on November 16. Two prisoners each are from Waziristan and Khyber Agency; and one each from Peshawar and Karachi. Names of the prisoners are Hamidullah Khan, Sabeel, Abdul Qadir, Muhammad Riaz, Abdul Karim and Falak Jan. pAge 02

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If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales ― Albert Einstein



Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

ReLATiveS MeeT ex-BAgRAM inMATeS

QUETTA: Pakistan Army soldiers busy in transporting ballot papers to Kohlu and Dera Bugti districts for the upcoming local government elections. online

PESHAWAR: Relatives of six prisoners released from Bagram prison visited them on Monday at the Peshawar Central Jail. Sources told Pakistan Today that the prisoners have been sent to Peshawar jail on November 16. Two prisoners each are from Waziristan and Khyber Agency; and one each from Peshawar and Karachi. Names of the prisoners are Hamidullah Khan, Sabeel, Abdul Qadir, Muhammad Riaz, Abdul Karim and Falak Jan. According to official sources, presently around 40 Pakistanis are imprisoned in Bagram Jail. Hundreds of others are languishing in Pull-e-Charkhi, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Mazar Sharif and other jails. The Afghan government has freed Pakistani prisoners after a couple of years. Soon after the collapse of Taliban regime in November 2001, more than 3000 Pakistanis were captured by Afghan warlords and later handed them over to the Afghan government. However, most of these Pakistanis were freed in 2002 and 2003 on the orders of President Hamid Karzai. The Pakistanis were part of banned outfit Tehreek-eNifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) squads, went across the border for shouldering the Taliban in war against US-led allies. A large number of Pakistanis were caught and tried on terrorism charges. A large number of Pakistanis were also arrested on the charges of lacking valid travelling documents. SHAMiM SHAHiD

SC oRDeRS offiCiALS To pRoDUCe MiSSing peRSonS ToDAy Ag tells court two missing persons died in custody g Defence secretary submits report over non-recovery of missing persons g




HE Supreme Court on Monday extended the deadline by 24 hours and ordered the authorities to produce missing persons today (Tuesday). The court ordered the defence secretary to appear himself along with the undeclared detainees before the court. It also directed to register an FIR against those responsible for the death of the two missing persons. An inquiry against the officer, who wrote a letter to remove additional attorney general from the case, should also be initiated, the court added in its ruling. A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, heard the missing persons’ case. During the course of proceedings, the

defence secretary submitted a report over the non-recovery of missing persons. According to report, two of the missing persons died in the custody while efforts were being made to recover the other 33. The chief justice remarked that the defence secretary should comply with court orders instead of providing such statements. He ordered to produce a report of undeclared detainees in all internment centres. The additional defence secretary said two of the men died in an internment centre of Lakki Marwat. On which, the CJP asked the official to register a case against those responsible for the deaths. Earlier, Attorney General of Pakistan Munir A Malik informed the court that two of the missing persons died in the custody. He informed the bench that one of them died in December 2012 and the other in July 2013. He also revealed that

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif had told him about the deaths of the missing persons on Sunday. The CJP ordered arrest of internment centre authorities and filing of a case against them. The CJP directed the authorities to produce remaining missing persons and hand over the bodies to the heirs. “Close down the detention centres if the detainees are to be killed in such a way… The government has also kept a mum in this issue and demonstrating noncooperation,” he observed. Justice Chaudhry said the deaths have made the case even more complicated. He also ordered that the names and other details of the deceased should be submitted to the court. He remarked that the death under custody of the agency was murder and said the remaining 33 persons should be presented in the court.


An accountability court on Monday extended the judicial remand of Tauqir Sadiq in Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) case until December 16. Sadiq was produced in the court. During the hearing, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) lawyer Chaudhry Riaz sought some more time for filing the preliminary reference as it was being delayed because the NAB chairman was on leave, while the issue of the deputy chairman has or hasn’t the authority to send the reference being reviewed. The court granted further time to NAB and Sadiq’s judicial remand was extended until December 16.

eCp To iSSUe SinDh, pUnjAB LB poLLS SCheDULe on DeC 7 ISLAMABAD inP

peRvAiz AShRAf’S inDiCTMenT ADjoURneD UnTiL DeC 14 Counsel says allegations against Ashraf regarding abuse of power are baseless ISLAMABAD inP

The Accountability Court in Islamabad on Monday adjourned the indictment of former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf till Dec 14 in the Rental Power Projects (RPPs) case. During the proceedings of the case, former federal law minister Farooq H Naek

submitted power of attorney on behalf of Raja Pervaiz Ashraf in the court. Ashraf’s lawyer argued that his client has been accused of misuse of power but the beneficiaries of the deal are not being tried by the court. The beneficiaries, including Iqbal Z Ahmed and MN Baig, have been granted stay orders by the Lahore High Court (LHC), he said. He also said the RPPs case was also being tried in the high court and that the accountability court’s indictment could not take place. Naek informed the court that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) did not provide on reference a copy of the contract and documents pertain-

ing to the reference. He added that the allegations against Raja Pervaiz Ashraf regarding abuse of powers were baseless. On this, the court directed the NAB to produce relevant documents to Pervaiz Ashraf’s lawyer. The court sought all relevant record until the next hearing and adjourned the hearing till December 14. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf had been under investigation for his role in granting RPPs as a water and power minister in the cabinet of ex-PM Yousuf Raza Gilani. In March 2012, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had declared all such projects unlawful and ordered investigation against the officials, including Pervaiz Ashraf.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced that the schedule for local bodies (LB) polls in Sindh and Punjab will be issued on December 7. The ECP has asked the provinces to complete preparations for the LB polls otherwise they will be held responsible for any delays. LB polls in Sindh are scheduled to be held on January 18 and in Punjab on January 20. The schedule was to be issued on November 29 and the ECP had directed the provinces to complete their preparations for the LB polls by November 28 but they failed to fulfill the legal requirements. According to ECP sources, letters were written to the provinces informing them that the LB polls schedule will be issued on December 7 and all preparations should be completed before it.

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If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you — A.A. Milne RAWALPINDI: Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif paying tribute to martyrs at Yadgar-e-Shuhada, GHQ. online

Protest against drone strikes continues Cases registered against pTi, ji workers for breaking nATo container’s seal g


The sit-in by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), the Jamaat-e-Islami, and the Awami Jamhuri Ittehad Pakistan (AJIP) blocking NATO supplies in protest against US drone strikes continued on Monday. The PTI and JI workers camped at various places in the city, Dera Ismail Khan, Kohat and AttockKhairabad bridge, were checking documents of the containers to block transportation of NATO supplies to Afghanistan. Afghan transit trade trucks after thorough checking were being allowed to proceed on their route to Afghanistan. CASES: Meanwhile, cases had been registered against the PTI and JI workers for breaking the seal of a NATO container bound for Afghanistan during the sit-in at Hayatabad toll plaza. The driver of the NATO container protested against the PTI and JI workers breaking the seal of the Afghanistan bound container carrying cooking oil. JI leader Kashif Azam and PTI camp in-charge Malik Raees are named in the FIR.

Prime minister to visit aJk today ISLAMABAD online

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will visit Azad Kashmir on a daylong official visit to Muzaffarabad today (Tuesday). Nawaz has summoned budget session of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council in Muzaffarabad on Tuesday. The prime minister‚ who is Chairman of the Council‚ will preside over the session. Meanwhile AJK has been decorated with colorful banners and posters, while strict security measures have been taken on the arrival of the PM in Muzaffarabad. PM Nawaz will be welcomed by Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, members of the cabinet and other heads when he arrives in Muzaffarabad.

BiDen heADS To ASiA AMiD ChineSe AiR zone TenSionS MoNItoRINg DESk


S Vice-President Joe Biden heads for East Asia amid high tensions in the region over China’s newly-declared air defence identification zone (ADIZ). Biden will stop first in Tokyo, then head to Beijing and Seoul during his six-day visit. He will hold talks with leaders of all three nations and on Friday pay a visit to the demilitarised zone which divides the two Koreas. But the air zone row is likely to dominate the week. Both the US and Japan have voiced strong criticism of China’s establishment of an ADIZ that includes islands claimed and controlled by Japan. It also includes a submerged rock claimed by South Korea. China says aircraft operating within its ADIZ must follow certain rules such as filing flight plans, or face “defensive emergency measures”. US, Japanese and South Korean

military aircraft have all defied these rules and Japanese commercial carriers have agreed to a government request not to comply. On Friday, China scrambled fighter jets to monitor US and Japanese planes flying in the area. Alliance ‘cornerstone’ Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Sunday that he expected to discuss the ADIZ issue with Biden. Tokyo has told its national carriers JAL and ANA not to file flight plans with the Chinese side when transiting the zone, but on Friday the US said it expected its carriers to “operate consistent with NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen) issued by foreign countries”. This did not indicate “US government acceptance of China’s requirements for operating in the newly-declared ADIZ”, the state department said. Japan’s Kyodo news agency later quoted Abe as saying that Tokyo had confirmed through diplomatic channels that the US government had not asked commercial carriers to submit flight plans.

“We will have in-depth talks about it [the zone issue], and Japan and the United States will address it in close co-ordination with each other,” Abe said on Sunday. Japan, he said, would “resolutely but calmly deal with Beijing’s attempt to change the status quo” in the region. Tensions between Japan and China have been high for months because of a territorial row over islands in the East China Sea. Japan controls the islands, which are called Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China. They are also claimed by Taiwan and lie in a strategically important area south of Japan and north of Taiwan. The US has described China’s move as destabilising. In a statement, the White House said Biden would “discuss a full range of bilateral, regional and global issues”. “The trip will reaffirm our enduring presence as a Pacific power, promote our economic and trade interests, and underscore our commitment to rebalancing US foreign policy towards the Asia-Pacific.”

Salman Bashir sees ‘light at end of tunnel’ with india outgoing pakistani envoy predicts improvement in bilateral relations will survive next year’s indian elections g


Pakistan’s outgoing envoy to New Delhi on Monday said he saw “light at the end of the tunnel” in diplomatic relations and predicted the improvement would survive next year’s Indian elections. High Commissioner Salman Bashir said calm had returned to the neighbours’ de facto border in disputed Kashmir after a deadly flare-up earlier in the year and both sides were committed to improving ties. “I do not want to

sound over-optimistic or exaggerate but what I am saying is that there is light at the end of the tunnel,” Bashir told a farewell press conference in the Indian capital. “We have constantly worked for the improvement in relations between the two countries and at this point of time I am personally optimistic that we will be on the upward trajectory in the coming months.” Some observers have predicted ties between the neighbours could be hit if hardline Hindu nationalist leader Narendra Modi emerges as prime minister after elections due in India by next May. Modi, who is ahead in the polls, has been an outspoken critic of Pakistan and has accused current Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of not being tough enough towards Islamabad. But Bashir said the outcome of the Indian elections was “not material”

to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s stated goal of improving ties. “The improvement in relations with India is very emphatically a state policy. We believe it’s in our interest and we believe it’s in the interest of the region,” said the high commissioner. “Our prime minister is on record as having very emphatically stated that improvement of relations with India is a priority. “An improvement in relations with Pakistan is also something that is of importance to India and the Indian leadership.” Bashir refused to be drawn on the impact of a Modi premiership, saying Pakistan would “respect whatever is the decision of the people of India”. Nawaz and Singh both pledged to ensure calm along their border in Kashmir when they held talks in New York in September, the highest-level talks between the two sides for three years.




Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

BARRiSTeR SAif To RepLACe KAMAL in SenATe KARACHI: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has decided to elect Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif as senator after Mustafa Kamal resigned from the seat. Sources said Kamal had not resigned from the Senate; in fact he had been forced to resign and Saif, an ally of former president Pervez Musharraf, would be made senator on the vacant seat. It is also reported that the differences of Karachi’s former nazim Mustafa Kamal and MQM’s former deputy convener Anees Qaimkhani started with the party in the month of May, when local leadership of the MQM was awarded to Maqbool Siddiqui and Amir Khan. Kamal had started ending contacts with party leaders three months ago, some leaders of the MQM had went to Dubai to convince him to come back and participate in the local bodies (LB) polls campaign but he refused. Sources also claim that Kamal faced rude behaviour from the party leaders multiple times, especially an unpleasant incident occurred on May 19 where following the complaint of party chief Altaf Hussain, workers of the MQM manhandled several party leaders, including Kamal and Qaimkhani were among the victims. Kamal, Qaimkhani and other leaders had complained that the party leadership has been handed over to those who had run from the country when an operation was launched against the MQM. They were of the view that those who sacrificed for the party were being neglected. The differences became so intense that Qaimkhani and Kamal had completely distanced themselves from the party. It has become a difficult task for party members to meet Altaf Hussain even senior leaders are unable to approach him, while some people thinks that they are intentionally being stopped to meet the party chief, sources maintained. online

ATTACK on offiCe of pRivATe MeDiA oRgAniSATion injUReS ThRee in KARAChi In an apparent attack on the Karachi office of a private media organisation, unidentified men opened fire and hurled two hand grenades at the main gate of the building, injuring at least three people, including a private guard stationed there, private TV channels reported. Taking notice of the incident, SSP Nasir Iqbal told reporters that he was on his way to the scene. The affected organisation reported that around eight to 10 armed men tried to enter the building. Upon resistance, they opened fire and hurled two hand grenades before fleeing. The grenade explosions also partially damaged nearby parked vehicles. MoniToRinG DeSK

eqUAL oppoRTUniTieS of DigniTy, SeLf eSTeeM foR ALL pRioRiTy: nA SpeAKeR ISLAMABAD: National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has said that we are determined to make Pakistan a place where everyone has the same opportunities to participate in all walks of life with dignity and self-esteem. He stated this in his message to the nation on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities being marked on Tuesday, December 3, across the globe under the auspices of United Nations. Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said that the day aims to promote a better understanding of disability issues with a focus on the rights of persons with disabilities and gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of the political, social, economic and cultural life of their communities. He said, “We are committed to build a hopeful future for all segments of our society including the ones with disability. Our challenge is to provide all people with the equality of access they need and deserve. Ultimately, this will create a better world for all.” The NA speaker said the battles against poverty, disease and discrimination will not be won without targeted laws, policies and programs that empower this group. inP

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04 N

NEWS Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

thai Pm reJects Protest calls as clashes rock Bangkok BANgkok AGenCieS


HAI Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra rejected protester demands to suspend the country’s democratic system and indicated she would not resign on Monday amid rolling clashes between security forces and demonstrators bent on toppling her government. Police used rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon against rock-throwing demonstrators as they intensified their defence of key government buildings, after weekend unrest in the capital left several dead and over a hundred wounded. The protests, aimed at unseating the elected government and replacing it with a “people’s council”, are the latest outbreak of civil strife to rock the kingdom since royalist generals ousted Thaksin Shinawatra, Yingluck’s brother, seven years ago.

Bloodshed in the capital in recent days is the worst political violence in Thailand since a deadly 2010 military crackdown on proThaksin “Red Shirts”. It has also raised fears of damage to the country’s economy and particularly the lucrative tourist sector as the peak season gets underway, more so as the major flashpoints are just a few kilometres from Bangkok’s main backpacker area. In her first televised address since the weekslong protests descended into violence late Saturday, Yingluck said she could not accede to the demands of the protest leaders because they would breach the country’s laws. “Anything I can do to make people happy, I am willing to do... but as prime minister, what I can do must be under the constitution,” she said, adding that she did not “cling to power”. The embattled premier said she would have considered resigning or calling an election if protesters had not already ruled out these moves as in-

Ukraine protesters launch general strike after clashes kIEV AGenCieS

Ukrainian protesters launched a nationwide strike and began to blockade government buildings Monday after violent clashes in which more than 100,000 sought early elections over the authorities’ rejection of a historic EU pact. About 10,0000 supporters of the ex-Soviet state’s closer alliance with the European Union and disavowal of old master Russia camped out overnight into Monday on Kiev’s iconic Independence Square. The group huddled in 20 huge military tents to keep warm against the winter chill while musicians performed on a makeshift stage and opposition lawmakers paid periodic visits to boost morale. More than 5,000 of them then moved toward the government and presidential administration buildings in a bid to force authorities to immediately step down. Streams of cars honked their horns in support while church bells rang out across the heart of the ancient capital. The energetic crowd had first defied a ban on protests on Sunday by driving lines of helmeted police off the expansive square in scenes reminiscent of the 2004 pro-democracy Orange Revolution. Some of the more militant in the group also steered a yellow bulldozer within striking distance of barricades protecting the nearby office of President Viktor Yanukovych. Security forces outside the president’s seat of power fired dozens of stun grenades and smoke bombs at masked demonstrators who were pelting police with stones and Molotov cocktails. Kiev police spokeswoman Olga Bilyk said that around 100 officers were wounded in Sunday’s clashes. A mayor’s office official said nearly 50 demonstrators had also been treated by doctors for various injuries. The economically struggling nation of 46 million was thrown into its deepest crisis in nearly a decade when Yanukovych snubbed EU leaders at a summit on Friday and refused a deal that would have paved Ukraine’s way to eventual membership in the 28-

nation bloc. EU leaders primarily blame the decision on the stinging economic punishments Russia had threatened should Ukraine take the fateful step toward the West. Yet the move now threatens to backfire on Yanukovych as his political foes try to build momentum amid existing discontent with state corruption and disappearing jobs. About 50,000 protesters also rallied on Sunday in the Ukrainian-speaking western city of Lviv. Another 250 EU supporters ignored a court ban in Yanukovych’s native region of Donetsk. What the opposition describes as the largest Kiev demonstration since the 2004 uprising also saw a few dozen members of the nationalist Svoboda party take control of an empty Kiev city hall building. “A revolution is starting in Ukraine,” Svoboda party chief Oleh Tyahnybok declared. “We are launching a national strike.” DEMonStRAtoRS DEfy CouRt BAn: Sunday’s rally came in open defiance of a court ban imposed late Saturday on all protests on Independence Square and its surrounding streets until Jan 7. US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki called on Kiev authorities to respect Ukrainians’ right to free expression and proclaimed that “violence and intimidation should have no place in today’s Ukraine”. A joint statement issued on Sunday by Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski and his Swedish counterpart Carl Bildt — two leaders spearheading the EU’s expansion east — also expressed warm support for the rallies. “We are delighted that so many Ukrainians are braving the cold to protest their president’s abrupt decision to withdraw from signing the Association Agreement with the European Union,” Sikorski and Bildt said in their statement. Yanukovych for his part said in televised comments aimed directly at the opposition that Ukraine had already chosen its “historic path” by committing itself to closer EU relations. Yet he also stressed that closer ties with Brussels would come only when Kiev was treated as “an equal partner that is respected and whose wishes are taken into account.”

sufficient, insisting the government was open to “every option” to restore peace. Protesters, led by former opposition MP Suthep Thaugsuban, on Sunday issued an ultimatum for Yingluck’s government to be ousted in two days and hand power “to the people” in a secret meeting with the prime minister in the presence of army, navy and air force commanders. The demonstrators have rejected elections and said they want to root out the “Thaksin regime”, in reference to the former premier who is widely seen as the power behind Yingluck’s government. Thaksin, a billionaire tycoon-turnedpolitician, is hated by the elites, Bangkok’s middle class and southerners, who have massed in the capital in recent days and accuse the ousted leader of corruption and threatening the monarchy. But he is adored by many outside Bangkok, particularly in his stronghold in the nation’s north, which has

helped him and his allies win every election for a decade. Yingluck, whose ruling party stormed to power on a wave of Thaksin support at elections in 2011, on Monday said any solution to the crisis would have to be “acceptable to the majority”. The Thai leader has kept a low profile during the unrest, a move some analysts read as an attempt to avoid further inflaming the protesters. But officials confirmed increased use of force on Monday as protests intensified. “There are rubber bullets used today,” Paradorn Pattanatabut, Secretary General of the National Security Council told AFP on telephone. Police appeared to be successfully defending barriers at the prime minister’s offices and Metropolitan Police headquarters against protesters who have besieged several key ministries. Television footage showed a bulldozer being driven from one of the protesters’ bases close to Government House. But an

AFP photographer near the building said there was a lull in the clashes as dusk approached, amid reports that Suthep would soon deliver a statement. While the protesters’ numbers have fallen since an estimated 180,000 people joined an opposition rally on November 24, they have besieged high-profile targets — including ministries — in what some observers believe is an attempt to provoke a military coup. Thailand has seen 18 actual or attempted coups since 1932, most recently with Thaksin’s overthrow in 2006, but the military has appeared reluctant to intervene in the current standoff. The nation is due to celebrate the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Thursday in a public holiday that is normally embraced in a spirit of calm and reverence for the ageing monarch. Violence broke out Saturday near a suburban stadium where tens of thousands of pro-government “Red Shirts” had gathered in support of Yingluck.

insurgents stage major attack in nigerian city MoNItoRINg DESk The authorities in northeastern Nigeria imposed a 24-hour curfew around the region’s main city on Monday after Islamic militants staged an audacious attack apparently aimed at a government air base, news reports said, describing the assault as among the most dramatic in the insurgents’ campaign to create an Islamic state. The attack countered reports in recent months that the group had been defeated in the city, Maiduguri, even though it remained a deadly threat elsewhere. Some analysts, moreover, said the assault could raise questions about the authorities’ claims to have pushed the insurgents into remote areas. Baba Ahmed Jidda, a spokesman

for Borno State, where the assault occurred, said in a statement that “the imposition of the curfew is necessitated by an attack in Maiduguri by people suspected to be Boko Haram members in the early hours” of Monday. While the precise target was not made clear in the announcement, news reports said hundreds of militants attacked an air force base on the outskirts of the city, where the militant Boko Haram movement was founded a decade ago. The attack was said to have started around 3 a.m. Mr. Jidda urged citizens to be “calm and law-abiding until the situation is put under control, as the security agencies will do everything possible to maintain lives and property of the citizenry.” “Only vehicles on emer-

gency call and essential services are allowed to move during the period,” the statement said. The Boko Haram movement is said to have ties to Al Qaeda’s regional affiliate in North and West Africa. Last month, the State Department labeled the movement and an affiliate, Ansaru, as foreign terrorist organizations, saying they were responsible for thousands of killings in northern and central Nigeria. In October, officials, activists and residents of Maiduguri said a network of youthful, informer-led vigilantes had pushed Boko Haram militants out of the city, permitting it to regenerate after years of strife. The militants want to impose a strict form of Islamic Shariah law in the region. On

fC man killed in Sibi landmine blast SIBI inP

A Frontier Constabulary (FC) official was killed and another was seriously injured in Sibi district of Balochistan in a landmine blast on Monday. Khan Wasey, a spokesman of the Balochistan FC, said the forces were conducting a search operation to apprehend the militants who had attacked an FC checkpost in Lehri tehsil of Sibi when they hit a landmine. Militants on motorcycles opened fire at FC

check post in the morning. There was no loss of life as the forces quickly retaliated. Wasey said that FC launched a search operation after the attack in the troubled area. The militants sped away on their motorcycles. However, the FC personnel became victim of the landmine explosion. He said the militants had planted the landmine to cause maximum damage to the forces. There has been no claim of responsibility for the attack. However, the officials have accused the Baloch insurgents for the attack.

Monday, the militants were said in news reports to have launched their attack with cries in Arabic of “God is great.” The number of casualties was unclear, but The Associated Press said scores of people may be dead. In May, President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in Borno and two other states as the military launched a major offensive against the group, forcing the insurgents to retreat to more remote areas. In its war against the Nigerian state, Boko Haram has singled out government institutions, especially schools, for attack. One of its tenets is that Western-style education, not based on the Quran, in conventional schools is sinful and un-Islamic.

pM demotes former nhMp ig on congratulatory advertisement ISLAMABAD inP

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday demoted former Motorways inspector general Zafar Abbas Lak for issuing a felicitation advertisement on state expenses. Lak, a grade21-officer, will now be downgraded to grade 20. The former IG had used one million rupees of public money on congratulatory advertisements after Nawaz was elected prime minister. The prime minister had removed IG Mo-

torways from the post on June 12 over the same issue and had directed the concerned authorities to initiate disciplinary proceedings against him for wasting public money. It was decided after the disciplinary proceedings that Lak will be demoted and the public money spent on advertisement will be deducted from his pension. PM Nawaz had barred ministries and autonomous bodies from issuing such advertisements and warned that there will be action against those who violate his directions.

DCs made delimitation officers in Kp, commissioners divisional appellate authority 2 killed in Swabi, 57 suspects

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Local Councils Delimitation Authority (LCDA) constituted under Section 10 of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act 2013 has appointed district delimitation officers and appellate authorities for the purpose of delimitation of village councils, neighbourhood councils and territorial wards for general seats to tehsil and town councils and district councils for elections to the local councils. According to an official handout, for Peshawar, Charsadda and Nowshera districts, the respective deputy commissioners have been appointed as district delimitation officers while Peshawar commissioner has been appointed as the divisional appellate authority. For Kohat, Karak and Hangu districts, the respective deputy commissioners will be district delimitation officers while Kohat commissioner will be divisional appellate authority. Similarly, for Bannu and Lakki Marwat districts, the respective deputy commissioners will be district delimitation officers while Bannu commissioner will be divisional appellate

authority. For D.I.Khan and Tank districts, the respective deputy commissioners will be district delimitation officers while D.I.Khan commissioner has been nominated as divisional appellate authority. It further states that for Mardan and Swabi districts, the respective deputy commissioners have been appointed as district delimitation officer while Mardan commissioner has been nominated as divisional appellate authority. For Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Torghar, Batagram and Kohistan districts, the respective deputy commissioners will be district delimitation officers while Hazara commissioner will be the divisional appellate authority. Likewise for Swat, Shangla, Dir (Upper), Dir (Lower), Chitral, Buner and Malakand, the respective deputy commissioners have been appointed as district delimitation officers while Malakand commissioner has been appointed as divisional appellate authority. This notification was issued by the KP Delimitation Authority chairman who is also the Local Governmentt Elections Department secretary. STAFF RePoRT

arrested, drugs seized SWABI: At least two persons were killed and several others injured in separate incidents in different localities of Swabi on Monday. The police arrested 57 suspects including drugs paddlers besides recovering drugs from their possession. Two armed men gunned down Muhammad Irfan over an old enmity in Tarakai area, Kalu police station jurisdiction. Meanwhile, an elderly man Gul Rawish hailing from Ghulaman area died when Mardan-bound passenger coach collided head-on with a pickup coming from Buner at

Shagai Morr, police said, while Ali Dad, 5 others sustained serious injuries. In a similar incident, four people identified as Salman Razi Khan, his wife, two children Hamza and Shehla were injured in a separate road mishap. The police during search operations in different areas of the district arrested 57 suspects including five drug sellers and recovered 8 kilograms hashish from their possession. Separate cases were registered against the detainees against concerned police stations and investigation was initiated. inP

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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. ― Albert Einstein




Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

SUSPECTED MILITANTS KILL POLICE OFFICER NEAR SRINAGAR SRINAGAR: Officials in Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) say suspected militants shot dead a police officer and injured two of his colleagues on Monday outside the main city of Srinagar. Unidentified gunmen opened fire on the officer who was patrolling a market in Chadoora, 25 kilometres from Srinagar, in an attack that also injured a shopkeeper, the police official said. The “officer died in the attack. We are ascertaining what exactly happened”, inspector general of police, Abdul Gani Mir, said, adding that the injured were taken to hospital. AGenCieS

ATTOCK: Women are busy in their work in a farm of peanuts in Mianwala Village. online


At least 10 people were killed on Monday when a passenger bus plunged into a ravine in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) region. The bus travelling from the garrison city of Rawalpindi to the frontier town of Forward Kahuta, fell down the 150-metre slope early in the morning. Senior local police official Riaz Abbasi said around 20 people were on board. He said 10 had been killed and four were injured. A senior government official also confirmed the incident. “The accident occurred around 5:00 am. We have moved the injured to hospitals and handed over dead bodies to the relatives,” local administration official Sardar Shahbaz Ali said. The officials said the cause of accident was not immediately known.




HYBER Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, while reiterating his pledge of uprooting corruption from the government machinery, on Monday expressed his anger and dismay that certain departments and their heads were taking his clear cut instructions so lightly that incidents of malpractices frequently occurred under their nose. He cautioned that he knew everything in the government and could not be deceived in anyway, while wrongdoings in any department meant either its head was hoodwinked by subordinates or he himself indulged in it by

and it could not be tolerated in both cases. He was chairing a meeting about progress on ADP schemes and hiring of consultants services. Khattak noted with concern that his directives were partially ignored by some heads of departments with certain excuses, but in fact it indicated ulterior self interests that always tantamount to causing mismanagement. He said the same was impossible during his tenure, because he kept a close vigil on performance of each and every department while also received first hand information about all of them through independent sources. He said a head of any department was rightly supposed to be well aware of all the matters and never to delay or put any matter in the cold storage

that he said might directly harm public interest. The chief minister also expressed apprehension over the delay in hiring of consultants for executing developmental projects. However Secretary C&W Ahamad Hanif Orkazi told that the process of hiring the services of consultants was almost over and would be engaged by the end of this month while tenders of the development projects would start floating next month under the new system. Khattak expressed the confidence that all matters relating to welfare and programme of the masses and bringing transparency in the government affairs would be expedited to enable the people get its fruits at the earliest.

AUSTRALIA SPY AGENCY OFFERED TO SHARE DATA ON CITIZENS: REPORT SYDNEY: Australia's spy agency offered to share information about its own citizens with its foreign intelligence partners, according to leaked documents published on Monday. The latest revelations by US intelligence fugitive Edward Snowden, reported by The Guardian Australia, show that the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) discussed the option of sharing “medical, legal or religious information”. The partners included the United States, Britain, Canada and New Zealand, collectively known as 5-Eyes, with the document, marked secret, based on notes from a conference hosted by Britain in 2008. It follows a Snowden release last month showing Australian spy agencies tried to listen to the phone calls of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as well as his wife and inner circle, sparking a diplomatic crisis. According to the report, the DSD, now known as the Australian Signals Directorate, told its global partners it could share “bulk, unselected, unminimised metadata as long as there is no intent to target an Australian national”. “Unintentional collection is not viewed as a significant issue,” notes from the conference said, although the agency acknowledged that more substantial interrogation of the material would require a warrant. The newspaper said the document shed new light on “the extent to which intelligence agencies at that time were considering sharing information with foreign surveillance partners”. “It provides further confirmation that, to some extent at least, there is warrantless surveillance of Australians' personal metadata.” AGenCieS

'CyBeR-hinDUS': inDiA'S new BReeD of poLiTiCAL ACTiviSTS NEW DELHI/BANgALoRE AGenCieS

Four men chatting in a Delhi bar are not, by their own admission, natural drinking buddies. The young professionals in their 20s and 30s come from vastly different regions of India and varied backgrounds. They first “met” on Twitter, spotting each other on the micro-blogging site where they voiced a common desire – to see Hindu nationalist leader Narendra Modi become the next prime minister. After online introductions, they met face-to-face on their own initiative, and, finding they had plenty in common, gather monthly in the nation’s capital to talk about life, work, and, most importantly, how to make a difference in India’s upcoming election. The men insisted they paid for their own expenses, and only one of them was associated with Modi’s party. Tiny cells of friends like this one are being created up and down the country, they say – a rare instance of India’s politically apathetic urban middle class getting drawn into activism. Many come together of their own volition, others with a nudge from Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It’s another arrow in his quiver ahead of a general election that must be held within six months, and opinion polls are already predicting he and the BJP will win more seats than the ruling Congress party. The young pro-Modi activists are being dubbed “cyber-Hindus”. When online, they

spread Modi’s message, counter newspaper criticism of him and question reporters’ integrity, or mock the Gandhi dynasty that runs the Congress party and has dominated Indian politics since independence in 1947. At party rallies, where the more traditional cadres are also at hand, the techsavvy volunteers tweet, or produce live-streaming of speeches. “I think he (Modi) has proven himself,” says Nitin Kashyap, a financial services executive who took a six-month sabbatical from work to volunteer for the campaign. “This guy has done something which should have been done in India a long, long time ago,” adds the 34-year-old from a small town in the state of Assam in India’s far northeast. The brand consultant sitting next to him, who gives only his Twitter handle @Keshar_ because he is concerned his political views could affect his business, calls Modi a “uniting force”. “That guy has worked his way up from being a tea boy to becoming an aspiring prime minister of India,” he says of Modi, who has played on his humble roots during a grueling pre-election tour of the country that has electrified Indian politics in the last 10 weeks. “That’s a big deal for the country. He’s relating to an IT guy, he’s relating to somebody in the desert, somebody up north in the hills, everybody.” While the numbers of these cyber-Hindus are a drop in the ocean of an electorate of 770 million, tech-savvy activists believe that, with the aid of social media, they can

mobilize millions of like-minded Indians to vote for Modi and the BJP in the elections. The BJP even appears to be making inroads into the poor rural vote and that of an emerging middle class living in small towns, even though both groups benefit from Congress handouts to farmers – underlining how Modi’s pro-business credentials are striking a chord. RISE of tECHnoLogy: The rise of the cyber-Hindus marks a shift for the BJP and for Indian politics as a whole. The party has long been associated with its ideological parent, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a voluntary right-wing group that preaches “Hindutva”, a hardline brand of Hindu nationalism. Clad in baggy khaki shorts, RSS members still meet in parks across India to salute, exercise, sing patriotic songs and discuss the greatness of their nation. But now, the BJP’s message comes increasingly from a swell of aspirational, right-leaning Indians angry about endemic corruption they blame on Congress and eager to protect the rights of a Hindu majority. Modi, who joined the RSS as a teenager, flits between both worlds. Since 2001, he has been chief minister of the western state of Gujarat, where he touts an economic success story he wants to apply to India to lift it from economic torpor. It was under his watch there in 2002 that Hindu mobs killed at least 1,000 people, most of them Muslims, and Modi has been accused of turning a blind eye, or even

encouraging the riots. He denies any wrongdoing, and says he has been unfairly targeted by Congress, which boasts a secular, inclusive agenda. India’s 1.2 billion people are mostly Hindu with Muslims a 14 percent minority. Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists make up the rest. In an interview with a foreign news agency, Modi called himself “technosavvy”. He has nearly three million Twitter followers, and addressed four rallies at a time using holographic technology last year. Congress, meanwhile, has been slow to develop a cyber strategy, amid disagreement among senior figures about how much impact it will have on the election outcome. Modi sees technology as a particularly good way of connecting with India’s burgeoning youth – there are expected to be more than 150 million first-time voters in 2014. The percentage of the population using the internet has jumped from around 0.5 percent in 2000 to 12.5 percent in 2012, according to the International Telecommunication Union. “Technology is our DNA,” says Arvind Gupta, the head of Modi’s Delhi-based IT cell. He sees social media as a way both to tell and to listen, or, as he calls it, “a two-way street.” At Gupta’s state-of-the-art IT operation, a team of young volunteers works at computers to spread the BJP message, knock down negative articles or comments and delve into corruption scandals that could taint opponents. At huge Modi rallies across India, local IT outfits numbering up

to 100 volunteers also stream speeches live and tweet and blog words and images. “It’s not hype – he has a proven track record,” said Anil Chalageri, 33, as he helped livestream Modi’s November rally in Bangalore, where he addressed a crowd of some 300,000 people. “They want to see Gujarat across the nation,” said the founder of QualiBrisk, a human resources firm. VotES, not tWEEtS: Back in the Delhi bar, Kashyap and his friends see social media as a means of empowerment – getting their message to hundreds, if not thousands of people. What they want, they say, is real change. “I feel a responsibility on my shoulders,” says Ankit Jain, a 26-year-old diamond dealer with some 8,600 Twitter followers. “Twitter will not change anything. Voter registration is very important. Every vote counts.” Shreshtha Sharma, the fourth member of the group and founder of a software development company, shares his friends’ excitement about Modi, whose popularity among young, right-wing Indians borders on a personality cult. But he is reluctant to predict outright victory for the BJP, which needs to make huge gains from 2009 to prevail in 2014. “That will depend on whether this generation has obtained the critical mass,” says the 28-year-old. “But the generation after us, they will be able to shift it. If Modi isn’t able to do it now, then he will definitely be able to do it later on.”

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People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. — Eleanor Roosevelt

06 N

NEWS Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

fighting kills 10 in leBanon's triPoli TRIPOLI: At least ten people, including a woman and an off-duty soldier, have been killed in two days of sectarian clashes in northern Lebanon linked to the war in neighbouring Syria, a security source said on Sunday. The fighting in the northern port city of Tripoli also wounded 49 people, including 11 soldiers, the source said. On Sunday four people were killed, two of whom were in a truck when they were shot dead by a sniper, while the third was the off-duty soldier and the last victim a woman who died of injuries sustained the previous day. Also on Sunday, an explosion caused a three-storey building in the Alawite area of Jabal Mohsen to collapse, said the security source and an official from the area. According to Abdel Latif Saleh, spokesman for the Arab Democratic Party, which supports Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, “the blast came after militiamen from (the Sunni, anti-Assad) Bab el-Tebbaneh neighbourhood planted explosives in the building.”No one was injured, as the building was uninhabited. The developments come after a day of fierce clashes that lasted into Saturday night, leaving six dead. The fighting pits residents of the city's Alawite Jabal Mohsen district against Sunni residents of the neighbouring Bab el-Tebbaneh. The security source said fires had broken out in buildings along the dividing line between the neighbourhoods as a result of the fierce clashes, during which rocket-propelled grenades were also used. Tensions between the neighbouring areas date back to Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war but have been exacerbated by the conflict across the border in Syria, where Alawite President Bashar al-Assad is battling a Sunni-led uprising. The Lebanese army remained deployed in the northern city on Sunday, responding to sporadic sniper fire. A military source said soldiers had arrested four suspects, confiscated their weapons and taken them in for questioning. Among Saturday's dead was 15-year-old Omar alHaswani, who was killed inside the Luqman school, near Bab el-Tebbaneh. Tensions have been running high in Tripoli since Thursday, when residents of Jabal Mohsen began flying Syrian flags to demonstrate their support for the Assad regime. In response, residents of neighbouring Bab el-Tebbaneh raised the flag favoured by rebels seeking the ouster of Assad. The same day, gunmen shot and wounded four Alawite workers in the city, prompting condemnation and demonstrations by Alawite residents. Meanwhile in southern Lebanon, a member of Palestinian movement Fatah was shot dead in the country's largest camp for Palestinian refugees, an official said. “Two men with their faces covered opened fire using machine guns at 25-year-old Fatah member Mohammad Saadi. He has been confirmed dead,” said Maher Shabayta, a Fatah leader in the Ain al-Helweh camp. Speaking on condition of anonymity, another official said a second man, a 50-year-old civilian named Ibrahim Abdel Ghani, was killed when armed members of Saadi's family took to the streets and started shooting randomly to protest his death. AGenCieS

QUETTA: The Civil Hospital remains deserted due to doctors’ strike despite the recovery of Dr Manaf Tareen. nni

afghan President suggests delay in aPril Polls kABUL



FGHAN President Hamid Karzai has suggested delaying April elections to avoid heavy snow, organisers said, an idea that will rattle the United States and critics who fear he may be trying to drag out his second and final term. Karzai is barred by the constitution from running for a third term and has so far refrained from backing any of the candidates, although he is widely expected to support his elder brother Qayum, seen as one of the front runners. But Karzai has also refused to sign a pact that would keep thousands of US troops in Afghanistan after next year when most international troops pull out. He has said the agreement shouldn't be signed until after the election, which some say illustrates his reluctance to step out of the limelight. “Regarding the weather, there have been concerns,” the chairman of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), Yousof Nooristani, told the upper house of parliament on Sunday.


Experts carried out DNA tests on Monday to identify the 33 people who were on a Mozambique Airlines plane that crashed in Namibia killing all on board, an official said. Thirty-one bodies had by late Sunday been pulled from the charred wreckage of the plane in the swamps of northern Namibia's Bwabwata National Park. “We are still busy,” Paul Ludik, director of the Namibia's national forensic science institute, said, adding “it will be difficult to say what time we are going to finish, considering the processes involved.” The institute is leading the probe into the crash and the processes to identify the victims. “Namibia, as the country where the accident occurred, will lead the investigation,” the airline said in a statement. Other investigators will be drawn from Angola, Brazil Mozambique and the US National Transport Safety Board.

The plane's black boxes have also been recovered along with two voice recorders, Captain Ericksson Nengola, director of aircraft accident investigations at the Namibian transport ministry, said on Sunday. Mozambique was to declare a national period of mourning for the victims, who came from Mozambique, Angola, Brazil, China, France and Portugal. The crash was one of the worst incidents in Mozambique's civil aviation history. The passenger craft came down in torrential rains on Friday in the remote Namibian region killing its six crew and 27 passengers. The victims' bodies were transferred by helicopter to the Namibian capital Windhoek from the crash site some 1,000 kilometres to the northeast. The plane, which went down en route from Mozambique to Angola, was a Brazil-manufactured Embraer 190 aircraft and the newest plane in the airline's fleet. “We have also begun making arrangements for a memorial service for the families, loved ones, friends and colleagues of everyone who was on board,” the airline said.

“Even the president has suggested we could make changes to this (the election date) because he received complaints from the people. I told him we couldn't because the date is set, based on the constitution and electoral law.” The proposal was raised after government officials said snow blocking roads in their provinces could prevent voters from reaching polling stations. While electoral law states the date cannot be changed, one member of the commission, appointed by Karzai's administration to organise the vote, said it could be delayed if the weather threatened to exclude groups of voters. “That is possible, but one thing is clear. We are trying not to say this... it is premature,” the commissioner told Reuters, asking to remain anonymous because he is not authorised to give statements to the press. Critics at home and diplomats however have long feared that Karzai could use bad weather or poor security as a tool for pushing back the vote set to mark the first democratic transfer of power since the Taliban fell in 2001. But the commission's spokesman said that neither the or-

ganisers nor the president had authority to change the date. “Some members of the upper house asked the chairman if the time could change because of the climate issue in the north of the country,” IEC spokesman Noor Mohammad Noor said. “No one can have the authority to change the date and time, because it is quite clear in the constitution.” funDIng SHoRtfALL: Karzai's suggestion will nevertheless come as a disappointment to Washington, engaged in the standoff over the signing of the security agreement. Organisers already say poor security, a shortage of monitors and funding holes are undermining their ability to safeguard the process from the widespread fraud that marred the last poll in 2009. Another deeply flawed election would undermine the attempts of Washington and its allies to foster democracy ahead of the withdrawal of foreign troops. Western nations, who have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on a conflict that has failed to end the Taliban insurgency, have pledged about a third less cash to the United Nations fund that will cover most of the elec-

tion's costs compared with 2009, official UN figures show. Corruption among election staff is rife, according to both UN and Afghan sources, and even those that want to remain independent fear their lives may be in danger if they try to stop fraud. Many key roles in the IEC remain vacant just five months before the poll. There is also a severe shortage of female staff, which threatens to exclude most women from voting and makes polling stations for women harder to monitor. Karzai's refusal to sign the pact with the United States is seen as a highrisk gamble that Washington will give in to his demands. If the pact is not signed, Western aid running to billions of dollars will be in jeopardy and confidence in the fragile economy could collapse amid fears the country will slip back into ethnic fighting or civil war. The logic for setting the election date in early April was to minimise the risk of attacks by the Taliban insurgency. Because of heavy snow, fighting in Afghanistan tends to subside during the winter months.

Drone strike killed 50 and still causes fear, UK court hears LonDon: The Court of Appeal in London Monday (December2 ) heard from the lawyer for a civilian drone strike victim who is seeking answers over the UK's role in supporting the CIA's covert programme in Pakistan. Noor Khan, from Datta Khel, North Waziristan, lost his father, Malik Daud Khan, in a March 2011 strike which hit a local meeting of elders which had gathered to resolve a chromite mining dispute. The court heard today that the strike killed 40-50 people, and that Khan continues to hear drones overhead, engendering fear in the community. Khan is being assisted by human rights charity Reprieve and lawyers Leigh Day in bringing a judicial review of the UK Government's reported policy of providing support for the CIA's drone campaign. The campaign - carried out by the US intelligence agency using unmanned aircraft known as 'drones' - has been criticised for violating both domestic and international law by legal experts and rights groups. Khan is asking the Foreign Secretary to clarify the Government's position on sharing intelligence for use in CIA strikes, and challenging the lawfulness of such activities. Last month, the Home Office refused Khan a visa to travel to the UK to give evidence to a Parliamentary meeting to discuss drone strikes. The two-day hearing is taking place today and tomorrow (2-3 December). Reprieve Legal Director, Kat Craig said: "The court today heard about the devastating impact which the drone campaign has had on civilians in Khan's community. Yet the UK Government is fighting tooth and nail to keep its own part in this illegal and immoral programme under wraps. Ministers must come clean over whether our spies are supporting the CIA's secret war, which has killed hundreds of civilians and terrorised many more." inP

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Once you start a working on something, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest — Chanakya KARACHI: People offer funeral prayers of Haider Raza and Mussadiq Raza at Numaish Chowrangi, after they were killed in a target killing incident. PHoTo by iMRAn GilAni

KARACHI Sunday, 1 December, 2013

WeAtHer UpdAteS

290C High



WedneSdAy tHUrSdAy


29°C I 16°C

29°C I 17°C

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PRAyeR TiMinGS Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 5:39 6:58 12:21 3:22 5:43 7:03

Rehman Malik foresees lesser terrorism in coming months

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senior leader and former interior minister Rehman Malik on Monday expressed hope that the law and order situation will improve gradually and a sharp reduction in acts of terrorism will be witnessed in coming months. He was talking to media persons at the Jinnah International Airport soon after his arrival in Karachi on Monday. Rehman Malik said that solo flight can’t help in resolving any issue and national consensus was needed to tackle any kind of situation. He was of the view that blocking the NATO supplies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would create an impression that the people of Pakistan were not on the same page on national issues. “Let’s see when the PML-N shoots down US drone living up to its announcements,” Malik said, and added that the PPP being an opposition party in the lower house of the parliament would stand by the government. He said that the PPP did not let dollar value rise above Rs 100 during its government. inP

SHC forms new bench to hear Musharraf’s ECL case KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has formed new judicial bench for hearing the application seeking to remove former president Musharraf’s name from the Exit Control List (ECL). SHC Chief Justice Baqar Ali has named Justices Naimatullah Phalphuto and Sajjad Ali Shah for the upcoming hearing of the case scheduled on December 9. Pervez Musharraf had sought removal of his name from ECL after being granted bails in all the cases. online

(peACefUL DAyS ARe Long gone...)

targeted killing claims seven more lives kARACHI



AW enforcement agencies failed to maintain peace in the city, as seven persons including a policeman lost their lives on Monday as a result of firing and violent incidents, while additional police force has been deployed to avoid any unpleasant incident in the city. Two people were shot dead in the Bihar Colony and Gulistan Colony of Lyari on Monday. According to SSP city Faisal Bashir Memon, both killed persons were the members of Faisal Pathan group of Lyari Gang war. To protest against the sectarian killing of two friends, demonstrators

blocked the M A Jinnah road from surrounding of Mizar-e-Quaid. According to police reports, unidentified armed men opened fire on the two persons as a result of which Mudabar Raza and Haider Raza lost their lives on the spot. Both killed persons were the residents of Soldier Bazaar No. 2, while bullet shells of 9mm pistol were also found from the scene, said Jamshaid Town Superintendent Police (SP) Rana Shoaib. Sindh Governor Ishratul-Ibad Khan and Chief Minister (CM) Qaim Ali Shah condemned the incident and ordered the law and enforcement departments to immediately arrest the culprits.

They have also directed the Sindh IG to present the report of the incident within 24 hours. On the other hand, Shia Ulema Council has also strictly condemned the killings. In other violent incidents, a close ally of renowned religious scholar Syed Noor-u-Zaman Naqshbandi succumbed to bullet injuries in local hospital. He along with two other persons was attacked by unidentified gunmen in the Liaqatabad B-1 and Essa Nagri area. PoLICEMAn KILLED: The city also swallowed the life of a policeman namely Tasawar who was assassinated in the area of Khumeeso Goth near New Karachi Industrial area, while another personal Qurban Jillani sustained injuries in incident.

Benazir was going to make faryal talPur Pm: Bakhtawar

KARACHI: Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari in a Twitter message disclosed that her mother Benazir Bhutto would have made her paternal aunt Faryal Talpur the prime minister of Pakistan had the bar on third time PMship not been lifted. The tweet read: @BakhtawarBZ “Had they not lifted bar for 3rd time PM my mother was going to make her PM.” In another tweet, Bakhtawar said that Benazir Bhutto had brought Faryal Talpur into politics. Her second twitter message goes: @BakhtawarBZ “Actually, it was my mother who brought my aunt into politics. She even made me intern with her when she was Nazim.” online


A patient who receives an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICDs) after a heart attack is more than twice as likely to die within five years from sheer anxiety over their heart condition, according to a team of German scientists. An ICD is a small battery-powered impulse generator implanted in the patient to boost heart's activity. Even patients who display no severe heart problems, after the ICD is implanted have a higher risk of death owing to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) brought on by the trauma of having suffered a heart attack, they said. Cardiologists often overlook such fears. They tell their patients that they have nothing to fear but fear itself. But the patients remain terrified that another heart

attack could strike at any time - and that fear increases the chances of another heart event. Researchers from the Technische University of Munich in Germany found that PTSD symptoms in this patient population were associated with a 2.4fold increased mortality risk. "We were struck by the finding that patients suffering from PTSD symptoms had a substantially higher risk of mortality, and it was particularly striking that this association was strengthened after adjustment for known risk factors. The study shows there is direct evidence that PTSD independently influences mortality risk," said principal investigator Karl-Heinz Ladwig. The study was published in the November 2008 issue of Archives of General Psychiatry. According to Ladwig, PTSD is often overlooked in cardiac patients. Although

it is generally recognised that ICD patients should undergo psychological screening and possible treatment as part of their follow-up care, this does not always translate into clinical practice. "In part, this may have to do with the patients themselves, many of whom are resistant to this type of care and are intent on coping by themselves, but there is no doubt that they need help," said Ladwig. The German researchers followed 211 patients with ICDs who routinely attended a cardiac outpatient clinic after a cardiac event in 1998. The study's primary outcome was mortality risk per 1,000 person-years. Participants were surveyed an average of 27 months after implantation, and at that time 38 reported severe PTSD symptoms and 109 reported low or moderate PTSD symptoms. During an average of 5.1 years, 45 (30.6 percent) of the patients died: 32 of 109

patients with low or moderate symptoms and 13 of 38 with high levels of symptoms. In their adjusted analyses, which controlled for age, sex diabetes mellitus, measures of cardiac disease, comorbid anxiety and depression, the researchers found that PTSD symptoms substantially increased mortality risk. Despite assurances from cardiologists that they were doing fine, some patients continued to have nagging doubts about their heart and those are the patients who displayed higher risk of having another heart attack. Therefore, the perceived severity rather than the objective severity of a cardiac condition, as determined by cardiac criteria, may be associated with PTSD, the authors write. According to Ladwig, more research is needed to assess the behavioural and biologic pathways by which PTSD contributes to excess mortality risk in patients with ICDs.

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Hope never abandons you, you abandon it — George Weinberg



KARACHI Sunday, 1 December, 2013

KARACHI: Students pose for a photograph at their stall during Exhibition of Industrial and Operation Models at Jinnah University for Women. inP

RELATIVES PROTEST AS GUNMEN KILL A MEMBER OF KHOSO TRIBE IN LARKANA LARKAnA: The relatives held a protest demonstration after unknown gunmen shot dead a local citizen on Monday. As per police reports, unidentified armed motorcyclist sprayed bullets at a member of Khoso tribe at Station Road in Larkana killing him on the spot and fled the scene. Hundreds of members of the Khoso tribe including heirs, relatives and dwellers of the area held protest with the dead body in Koto Moto Chowk of Larkana. The protesters chanted slogans against the police and administration for failure to provide security to public lives and properties. They demanded arrest of the culprits and awarding exemplary punishment to them. inP


MERCK PROMOTES PAKISTANI CULTURE VIA CALENDARS KARACHI: Merck Pakistan Managing Director Abdul Baqy Khan said that the art and culture of Pakistan is being fostered through the medium of calendar since 2003. The Merck Pakistan launched its calendar for the year 2014 on Saturday evening. The 2014 edition pays homage to the flora, fauna and natural wonders of Pakistan as well as tributes to the rich heritage of highly skilled craftsmen- Ajrak and embroideries of Tharparkar desert, gota work, woven masterpieces of `Khes' and `Lungi' etc. Baqy said that Merck is one of the biggest German investments in Pakistan. "We are in Pakistan for the last 50 years and we have a vision to stay in Pakistan for the next 50 or 100 years", he added. APP

KARACHI POLICE ARREST 72 ACCUSED IN LAST 24 HOURS KARACHI: The Karachi police in their ongoing drive against criminals have arrested 72 accused from different parts of the metropolis during the past 24 hours. A police statement said on Monday that those arrested included seven absconders besides those allegedly involved in murders, dacoities, robberies, and other crimes. As many as 25 pistols and a hand grenade also recovered from the possession of those arrested. APP

‘ANTI-SECTARIAN KILLING’ PROTESTS CAUSE TRAFFIC CHAOS KARACHI: Overnight killing of two young brothers triggered protest at Numaish Chowrangi in Karachi, causing severe traffic mess in the area. Mudabir Raza and Hyder Raza, residents of Guru Mandir area were shot dead, apparently in a sectarian attack on the main M.A Jinnah Road late on Sunday. On Monday, infuriated heirs of the victims gathered on the main Numaish Chowrangi and staged protest against the target killing by suspending the flow of traffic on various roads for more than an hour. inP

Pml-n laBour league leader inJures Psm official kARACHI


KARACHI: The Wheelchair Cricket Association (WCA) will hold a T-10 wheelchair cricket tournament on the eve of World Day for Disabled today (Tuesday). WCA General Secretary M Zeeshan Taqi said that the tournament is to create an opportunity for the people with special needs and also highlight the relevance of recreational activities for physically disabled people in the country. He further said that the match will be dedicated to the late orthopaedic surgeon Dr Mohammad Ali Shah for his contribution to the cause of physically disabled as well as towards promotion of cricket at grass root level. Meanwhile WCA chairman SM Nishat and President Syed Arif Khursheed have urged the government to aware people about the attention they should give to the people with disabilities. They have also sought support of philanthropists for the projects meant to facilitate people with disabilities. APP


AKISTAN Steel Mills (PSM) Industrial Relations Industrial Relations In-charge Ghulam Raza Rajpar was beaten up by the trade union leader in his office on Monday. The report indicates that during discussion Shabbir Mangi leader of Labour League PML-N group interrupted and misbehaved with IR Incharge using filthy language against leaned CEO of Pakistan Steel. The incharge stopped him but he threw a glass on in charge’s face. In the written complaint filed by Ghulam Raza Rajpar, the incident is claimed as a violation of the Industrial Relations Act 2012 in accordance with section 32(d), which undergoes compelling the employer, causing physical injury, assault etc. PASLU president Haji Khan Lashari, General Secretary Zafar Khan, Tariq Awan, Akbar Narejo, Ghaffar Memon, Shabbir Mangi, Yaseen Jamiro and 20 others names are includeded in


the filed report. The PSM management took serious action against this incident and going to lodge FIR against the employees involved and will issue show cause notices against this unlawful disciplinary act. PSM elected Peoples workers union CBA chairman Shamshad Qureshi condemned this shameful act and claimed these unlawful, unethical practices as a conspiracy to violate the peaceful environment of Pakistan Steel Mills.

He said that there is no reason to continue protest, especially when the management has announced in the morning that as per mutual understanding of CEO and CBA today (Tuesday) the salary will be disbursed to all employees for the month of Sep 2013 and half salary of October 2013. Shamshad Qureshi said that PSM is in a critical stage and this is the time to make all positive efforts with mutual understanding, brotherhood and in peaceful manner for the revival of Pakistan Steel.

KARACHI: The Mutahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Rabitta Committee admitted that its Senator Mustafa Kamal had tendered resignation from the Senate seat but the party leadership did not approve his decision. In a statement, the MQM rabitta committee further clarified that Mustafa Kamal has been living abroad for the past several months citing personal engagements. It stated that Kamal had taken leave from party activities for attending his business related engagements and had also informed the party leadership about his decision to go abroad. It is pertinent to mention that MQM had earlier denied reports of Mustafa Kamal’s resignation from the Senate. The party said that Kamal is still a member of the Senate and that there were no differences between the party leadership and the former mayor. online

foRT KoT Diji AwAiTS SinDh govT’S ATTenTion kARACHI AFTAb CHAnnA

Forts are living icons of very old and great history of Sindh but the cultural diversity of the province has internationally been understated. After the renowned mohenjo-daro and harappa civilisation ruins, the local governments have also shown apathy towards the historic forts which came to our part of the country after partition. Similar negligence has been observed towards the 200-year-old fort of Kot Diji, also known as Fort Ahmadabad which is now at the mercy of the Sindh's authorities. This engineering marvel is deteriorating and no one is coming forward to rescue its historicity.

The fort is located at Khairpur district and hometown of Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shah which is why the local people are expecting proactive steps by the government to save Kot Diji and other historical places. The fort was considered invincible and served as the residence of the Ameers of Khairpur. But after patrician, they handed over the property to General Ayub Khan’s government. Since that time, more than 45 years have passed but the government has not taken even a single serious step to safeguard this engineering chronicle. The bricks of the high defensive walls are crumbling under the harsh weather conditions rapidly. These walls had bastions and a huge iron gate served as the city’s only

entrance. This magnificent fort has four towers; there is a water tank, which was built for the purpose of storage of water in case of enemy’s attack. A Shahi Mahal (Royal Palace) was built at the top level of fort to provide comfort and security to the ruler and his family. Its walls were decorated with the beautiful mural ceramics but, sadly, those historic mural ceramic walls that were once the bearers of art and cultural heritage of the Sindh’s past are now covered with vulgar wall chalking, and ugly graffiti. The shahi mahal is in same bad position like other parts of the fort. However, the royal gate is a marvel of engineering artistry of ancient period. Shah Abdul Latif University

(SALU) Archeology Department’s former chairman Ghulam Mustafa Shar told Pakistan today that when the drought hit the areas of Thar, people used to migrate towards Khairpur, because it was the closest safe heaven to them at that time. Mir Suhrab Khan Talpur got the benefit of migrations and engaged those people in the construction of the Fort. He said that people are coming from all over the country to witness the grandeur, and majesty of the fort, but the government is not taking any serious steps to secure and develop Kot Diji. He said a staff of only five personnel is deployed at the fort who is all security guards. But, there is no official tour guide to brief the tourists about the history of fort Kot Diji.

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Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating. –Simon Sinek


change is nigh


The trial of Musharraf and his cabinet

Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

fondness for the ttP, militant outfits PML-N must come out of its thrall


ESPITE the TTP’s unending tirade against the PML-N government, there is no let up to the party’s infatuation with the militant network. The PML-N and PTI in fact create an impression of two suitors out to outbid each other in its pursuit. Ch Nisar has called on the outgoing COAS reportedly to discuss the resumption of dialogue with the militants. The same day Pervez Rashid told the media that the government is at the conclusive stage to resume the parleys. The PML-N leadership is all set for talks without taing any other parliamentary party into confidence. Only the ruling party knows which groups it wants to talk to, what is going to be the framework for talks, what incentives are to be offered to the other side and in return for what. According to Khurshid Shah, the opposition leader, the government had spurned his suggestion to hold another APC and if that was not possible to at least take on board the heads of political and religious parties. The PML-N leadership’s covert diplomacy makes little sense when the entire opposition had fully supported the government at the APC despite entertaining strong reservations about the utility of the talks. Last week TTP spokesman again rejected those parties who believed in nationalism and democracy. He had earlier rejected the constitution for the TTP’s primitive version of Sharia. There is no change in the militant network’s policy of duplicity either. After making a commitment not to attack civilians it launched the twin attack in Karachi that killed seven people and wounded 28. While it claims it does not attack places of worship, it condoned the attack on the All Saints Church in Peshawar saying, “We believe it’s according to Sharia.” How can anyone believe in TTP’s commitments? The speakers at Pakistan Defence Council’s anti-drone rally on Sunday in Lahore shared the aims of the TTP. What they wanted the TTP to do was to stop bomb attacks inside Pakistan and join hands with them to target the US and India. Hafiz Saeed railed against Prime Minister Sharif for visiting Afghanistan and seeking friendly relations with New Delhi. While Pakistan badly needs to improve its relations with its neigbours what the DPC proposes is a recipe for disaster. Like similar kindred spirits in North Waziristan, the DPC leaders want Pakistan to consume whatever energy is left in it in fighting the entire non-Muslim world. The government would do well to shed its fondness for extremist and militant outfits which are out to destroy the country.

further misery for the mQm Out of power, hurt by defections


ROMINENT members resigning parliamentary positions in a huff, going incommunicado, not doing the leadership’s bidding – these are not the antics you associated with the MQM’s leadership and legislators. Such shenanigans, and even worse like changing of loyalties, may be treated as a business hazard in other parties. But the MQM is definitely an exception. Organized more on the pattern of an authoritarian party where one man’s word is law and any deviation is known to have consequences that are dire – extremely dire. In that backdrop, topflight leaders Mustafa Kamal and Anis Qaimkhani, respectively the former mayor of Karachi and deputy convener of the highbrow coordination committee, developing differences, going out of contact with the party’s rank and hole up abroad with the intent to give a wide berth to Karachi is major news that has taken its time to filter out. It is not difficult to understand that the inspiration for this disappearing act comes from the innate instinct for survival. So few and far between have been ‘freezing out’ of the higher leadership or defections that, unless some who have been found dead in mysterious circumstances with no details ever made public for dead do not speak and the party would not enlighten us, since the emergence of Haqiqi in the mid-1990s or parting of ways and murder of Imran Farooq in London, this is the first instance of a duo ditching the MQM in this manner. Political parties are not supposed to be secretive, but with regard to the MQM it can be safely said that only the information it wants to be disseminated about its inner workings gets into public domain. Being out of power for the first time in over a decade – actually other than brief snatches of time when an action was going against it in Karachi, the only time in the last 30 years – has its own ramifications. Then, it has at the moment issues with both the PML-N and the PPP. Fed on the perks of power, the rank and file is difficult to persuade to keep on toeing the line. Mustafa Kamal’s loss is particularly going to weigh heavy; in the forthcoming local government elections, the absence of his savvy may hurt the MQM’s prospects. The MQM needs to mull at the way it has been run. And unless it reforms from within, and shuns violence against people both from outside and inside, it would increasingly find its top talent ditching it.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad Joint Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2818125 Web: Email:



N November 23, 2013, Imran Khan while addressing the historic ‘dharna’ mentioned the approach of prolonging the war in Afghanistan by a member of Musharraf’s cabinet. The purpose being the inflow of US dollars. Khan sahib is the leader of change in Pakistan and his words carry weight. Success or failure of a government depends on the performance of its cabinet members. As the country is moving in the direction of change, Musharraf’s cabinet members must be thoroughly scrutinised to break the shackles of status-quo. Following is the list of the dictator’s team. Zubaida Jalal Khan, Nilofer Bakhtiar, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, Hina Rabbani Khar, Aamir Liaqat, Raza Haraj, Omar Ayub Khan, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, Rao Sikander, Ishaq Khan Khakwani, Humayun Akhtar Khan, Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, Aftaab Ahmad Sherpao, Jehangir Khan Tareen, Awais Leghari, Ijaz-ul-Haq, Javed Ashraf Kazi, Nauraiz Shakoor, Sikander Bosan, Liaqaut Jatoi, Zahid Hamid, Ameer Muqqam. The last meeting of this cabinet was held in November 2007 presided by the then PM Shaukat Aziz followed by a photo session. The entire team was sure of coming back into power; but it was the assassination of Benazir Bhutto that turned the table. The country had to suffer another cabinet with record loot and plunder. Another list and another disaster. The indictment of Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 is in fact a trial of his entire cabinet. Once the Pandora’s box opens, everyone will run for cover. When an army faces defeat its generals are stripped off their uniforms, never to fight again and face humiliation. The December 1971 surrender of General Niazi at the Paltan Madan in Decca was the end of his career and a new term was introduced in annals of military called ‘shaheed, ya ghazi, ya Niazi’. Unfortunately, this approach is not applied to failed governments and its cabinet members. The ‘Achkans’ and ‘Lota Waist Coats’ are dry cleaned and pressed for another oath, leading to another failed administration and

Editor’s mail

My late father was a worker of the the show goes on for the preservation Pakistan Movement. He joined Musof status-quo. As laid down in the 1973 constitu- lim League in 1935 and kept his alletion, ‘the Cabinet shall aid and advise giance to the party till his death. The the Prime Minister in the exercise of only praise I ever heard from him his functions’. In the oath it says: about the Red Shirts (Ghaffar Khan “That I will not allow my personal in- and Wali Khan) was that they were terests to influence my official conduct honest to their cause. He would often or my official decision or advice so say ‘betrayal calls for death’. Honesty, tendered. That, in all circumstances, I integrity and self-esteem were the will do right to all manner of people, hallmark of the founding fathers. according to Law, without fear or There is a ‘Punjabi term ‘ulaama’ favour, affection or ill-will.” How (finger pointing or blame) that had to many cabinet members to date have be avoided at all costs. Pakistan today is being ruled by followed their oath of office? All elected representatives and ministers the PML-N which openly admits that were asked to file their assets before they cannot deliver on their manifesto 1985. The year is important as the first as the ground realities are much grimmer than their asnon-party based sumptions. It is elections opened indeed a betrayal the flood gates of of their cause. corruption, nepoThough politically tism, institution bashing, conflict A new Pakistan is on the I am opposed to Mian sahib, I still of interest and open recruitment horizon. The year 2014 will pray for his long life. The arena is in vital public usher in an era of change. lethal, there is no service departThose who will betray will room for child’s ments like educaplay. Today Mustion, irrigation, be wiped out. Victory is in lim League is police, health etc. Keeping the sight, finally a generation of nothing but an ‘ulaama’. USA model in The country is mind, the founding Pakistan is in a position to fathers of the 1973 hand over ‘Quaid’s country’ ready for change; comrades cannot constitution desired fresh recruit- to the next generation. It is wait any longer. Imran Khan and ment of our duty and solemn his PTI is in the technocrats in pledge. We are not like the forefront and the higher grades of nation is solidly bureaucracy cabinet members who behind them. (Grade 21, 22) through lateral betray their oath of office There can be no betrayal, he is entry. In the ZAB and change uniforms to known to hold his regime several renowned techserve their benefactors. ground. Unfortunately, the failed nocrats were appointed federal Both in and out of uniform, cabinets of 1985 to 2013 cannot desecretaries by the our allegiance is to the liver change. Like prime minister defeated generals (Masood Hasan, motherland. their wars are over. Dr Muhammad Pakistan needs Ajmal, Nasim ‘ghazis’ not ‘Tiger Ahmed to name a Niazis’. This infew). Till date, the deed is a historic constitution allows the PM to promote and appoint officers moment that calls for caution and planin these grades. In the USA, every in- ning but no betrayals. A new Pakistan is on the horizon. coming administration brings a new team not only in the cabinet but on all The year 2014 will usher in an era of senior positions. Except for the furni- change. Those who will betray will be ture everything else changes. Unfortu- wiped out. Victory is in sight, finally a nately, in Pakistan, the babus and their generation of Pakistan is in a position bosses (cabinet members) remain un- to hand over ‘Quaid’s country’ to the changed. Revolving doors, musical next generation. It is our duty and chairs, ‘lotacracy’, whatever the term, solemn pledge. We are not like the cabit is the same faces in all cabinets and inet members who betray their oath of parties. Zia’s slogan was Islam, Nawaz office and change uniforms to serve stood for economic revival, Benazir their benefactors. Both in and out of desired ‘musawat’ (equality), Mushar- uniform, our allegiance is to the mothraf stood for enlightenment and Imran erland. is committed to ‘insaf ’ (justice) and Dr Farid A Malik is former change. The slogans keep changing, Pakistan Science but the team to implement that remains Chairman, intact with the same ‘babus and their Foundation. He can be contacted at: bosses’. So much for the change.

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-32535230 E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively

impotent security in dha I have been a resident of DHA Lahore for more than two decades. With few acceptable exceptions here and there, it is one of the best localities Lahore can boast of. Over the period, it has become a self-sufficient city with a character of its own. Driving through DHA one gets the feeling of driving through a park. It is expanding and offering increasing facilities to the residents with the passage of time. But all said and done, it has few problems which should be taken care of without further loss of time. Amongst them I would like to throw some light on its’ security system for its residents. In my social circle a number of cases of thefts have been heard and noticed with concern. Whenever possible thieves have stolen metallic water taps, have dared to cut and run away with electric cables, air conditioners’ pipes and the like. Reportedly these are drug addicts who steal preferably metallic items or any other items which could

be readily saleable against cash. In a case which happened with me I informed the DHA security officers who were quick to reach me and sympathise with me. They told me a very pathetic story. In response to my complaint what they said is worth paying attention to as it is pathetic: DHA Lahore has a fairly large security network busy round the clock. They maintain that they do their best to nab the culprits but according to them when these culprits are brought to the police stations they are reportedly set free in no time for some consideration or other. This outcome, they say, is highly discouraging and is responsible for fast increase in such theft cases. And this is being experienced by the residents of DHA without any hope of better security in the future. It would be interesting to know what DHA proposes to do in such situations. ABS JAFRI Lahore

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The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics. –Thomas Sowell




Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

our children, our future Society and the innocent psychology FATiMA ZubAiR


Perspective on Pakistani politics (ii) Imran Khan vs the rest

oMeR ZAHeeR MeeR


E know it is the same Imran Khan who began his journey to fame by challenging the commonly held notions through hard work, faith and utmost dedication. He was told he could never be a fast bowler due to physical issues, yet the world witnessed the greatness he achieved. Pakistan were deemed not to have even an outside chance at the crown jewel of cricket mid-way into the 1992 Cricket World Cup but he led the team like cornered tigers and succeeded in fetching victory from the jaws of defeat. Another milestone was achieved for Pakistan when Khan was once again told about another impossibility: this time the leading medical experts opined that a cancer hospital with mostly free services was not feasible in even the USA let alone in Pakistan. Yet today we all know about the glorious standards and services emanating from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCHRC) which has won several excellence awards servicing about 75% of its patients for free. Imran Khan then focused his attention on the much neglected area of education. He dreamed of creating a world standard institute, ultimately transforming it into a knowledge city where education and degrees of international standards would be conferred upon students. Further, he, as usual, wanted the doors of this opportunity to be open for those less fortunate segments of our society who could not afford such a dream otherwise. That is why Namal College, the only college in Pakistan to offer a foreign degree, came into being. As Chancellor of Bradford University (UK), Khan set up links between it and Namal College. As with SKMCHRC, deserving students are provided with free education. Namal is on its way to becoming the first education city of Pakistan in one of the least-developed parts of the country. After delivering in fields ranging from sports, to health, to education, there was still a sense of un-fulfilment resulting from a caring heart disturbed at the massive miseries of

a nation in the clutches of ruthless rulers feasting on its resources. It was then that Imran Khan realised that he could not bring the kind of positive change in the lives of ordinary Pakistanis that he dreamed of. But politics was an ultimate challenge for an honest and non-corrupt person, facing the traditional linchpins; the adherents of Machiavelli who would go to any extent to save their fiefdoms built on the carnage of human misery. But Khan has never backed off in the face of adversity. And so began the journey of change via PTI. The relentless efforts of a struggle spanning 17 years is a tale of utmost commitment, dedication and perseverance in the face of stiff resistance by forces opposed to change. First time in the history of not only Pakistan but entire South Asian region, proper and large scale intra-party elections were held as per true democratic norms. This was unprecedented and a slap on the faces of traditional parties who continue to act as family limited companies. The way Imran Khan galvanised youth is unprecedented in Pakistan. It ensured that other parties realised the importance of youth and started projects to entice youth, the credit for which ultimately goes to Imran. He made the youth realise their own importance and how they needed to take matters in their own hands to change the destiny of Pakistan. Indifference was no longer a feasible option. The infamous “tsunami” hit the overseas Pakistanis much before it arrived in Pakistan. Having firsthand experienced the facilities offered by welfare states, the rights given and the liberties offered, they were the first to affirm Imran’s message of change for a better Pakistan. They worked day and night for the cause. For the first time a political party in Pakistan had a base of paid members. Donations of millions of dollars poured in from all over the world. This was all evident of the faith the brightest and the most affluent of Pakistan’s children have in Imran Khan. Some people criticise some mistakes he made and Imran Khan has shown the courage to openly accept when there is one, another sign of great leadership. With survival of status quo at stake, local, regional as well as international players have invested heavily in the media. If we follow the money trail it becomes obvious that the disproportionate and

often distorted criticism of Imran Khan is at the behest of these vested interests. Despite any drawbacks in PTI, for no human is perfect, even the worst of his critics agree that he is still the best available option for Pakistan. He is the only one politician who gave Pakistan a lot and even sacrificed his own family life for that. Above all, Imran Khan gave hope and self-respect to a disillusioned nation and politically motivated those, especially the youth, who were indifferent to the process defining their nation’s future. Imran Khan’s stance on drones and war on terror has remained unchanged. When the USA hit the peace dialogues with another drone, despite being in KP government, Khan stood up for his promises and stance. He refused to compromise, whatever be the cost. A historic public gathering marked the beginning of protests and sit-ins to block supply to NATO via KP, sending out a very strong message to the USA to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty. However, the PML-N’s response was incongruous. Instead of standing by their stance during the election campaign and the last few years, albeit developed following the lead of Imran Khan, they took a U-turn and opposed his brave move. One can be forgiven for confusing PML-N with PPP as it put forward the exact arguments the PPP used to and which the PMLN had opposed vehemently before coming into power. Let us rise above any prejudices and self-interests and ask ourselves whether any other politician, except Imran Khan, has given so much to Pakistan in terms of fame, recognition, social work, awareness, self-respect and hope. Is there any other politician who has done even a fraction of what Imran has done for this nation without being in power? Is there any other leader whose honesty, courage and positive intent are beyond doubt? Is there any current political leader who has even sacrificed his family life for Pakistan? If your answer is, as any neutral answer will be, that there is no such politician except Imran Khan, then it is high time that we unify to strengthen his hands and work together to make our Pakistan better under his leadership.

If your answer is, as any neutral answer will be, that there is no such politician except Imran Khan, then it is high time that we unify to strengthen his hands and work together to make our Pakistan better under his leadership.

Omer Zaheer Meer is an Economist who is also a qualified chartered accountant, financial analyst and anti-money laundering expert. He can be reached on Twitter @OmerZaheerMeer, or on mail at:

MIDST the obstinate continuum of socio-political woes in Pakistan, what very often gets eclipsed from notice are our children. While many a psychology is being forfeited in Pakistan, most crucial is that of our young ones. The recent episodes of child abuse, going viral across the media and social networking websites, have sparked an interest in children to especially explore the subject. An ignorance of child abuse can be dangerous, and an exposure to it might cause unreal fears in the child. It is a ‘to be or not be’ question. Hence, the only workable panacea to this end is that children must be equipped with sufficient trust, confidence and ‘attachment’ (Bowlby, 1962), above all to their family to be able to communicate their worries and problems. John Bowlby, a renowned psychologist, came up with an attachment theory of the child to his caregivers. These were primarily the anxious avoidant attachment, anxious resistant attachment and disorganised attachment. A due consideration to these attachment types –made easier by me for the layman to relate with – will guarantee not just the security of a child, but also that of others at the hands of the child when he grows up. First, the anxious avoidant attachment. It is defined with the parent being emotionally unavailable to the child. When the child demands physical closeness, it is denied to him because the caregiver, a mother, for instance, is either too busy with other chores or just does not feel enough for the child’s requirements. Anxious avoidant attachment leads to children becoming passive to the mother’s presence. He cannot any longer differentiate between a stranger’s presence or his mother’s. In our society, where ends are not always so comfortably met with one parent working, the working mothers usually have to resort to developing such an avoidant attachment with the child. Second is the anxious resistant attachment that stems from ambivalence in the caregiver’s attitude towards the child and hence it confuses the child as the caregiver would sometimes be completely apathetic towards the child’s demands, and other times, would overly exaggerate whatever the child wants. This may lead to overstimulation of unexpected outbursts of tantrums in the child. In later years this intermittent behaviour of caregiver will translate into an acute emotional and identity crisis. Low income families and the poverty stricken masses in Pakistan all exhibit this attitude where financial worries in the face of crushing inflation have all but disoriented the breadwinners. The disorganised attachment comes third and it is at its most ruthless when it comes to the child’s overall wellbeing. It is associated with the frightening or confusing behaviour on part of parents. In this, the child may be subjected to physical or mental abuse and torture, intentional or inadvertent, by the caregivers. This may lead to serious cognitive, perceptive, physical and emotional deficits in the child. As the child sees abuse happening to him, his personal experience would justify him committing similar acts on his counterparts. This will be a socially disruptive attitude. Such children usually grow up to become wanton rebels opposing authority and control. In their later professional lives and as citizens of the Pakistani state, we can expect from such children a flagrant defiance of rules and laws. Hence, adding dry tinder to a combustible law and order scenario in the country. It is important to note that the child will only react in the light of the way things have transpired before him or happened to him. Thereby, tilting the nature vs nurture discourse in the favor of nurture in this case. It is inevitably the result of that attention and interaction with the caregivers that the child becomes what he does at the day’s end. The child spends most of his time with the mother and hence, by ministering the child’s physical needs and the emotional requirements, the mother is the first institution of the child’s cognitive, physical, social and perceptual development. On the other hand, the disorders of an unbalanced and a lopsided attachment pattern may cause a disruption in the child’s emotions e.g., anxiety or depression; disorderly behaviour like aggression; poor physical function, for instance, psychogenic disorders; and an ambivalence in mental performance, like problems at school. According to Eric Erikson, personality development takes place with a progressive resolution of problems distinctive of each stage and hence without the due resolution, the personality of the child may not flourish to its fullness; leading to multiple inhibitions or a mere fixation in a child’s psychology. Fixation is the ‘stuck in a stage’ phenomenon which the child cannot outgrow throughout his life. For instance, if the first stage of life, according to Ericson – ‘trust versus mistrust’ – does not get due resolution, and the child is unable to define who he can trust and who he cannot, then this ambivalence in social interaction and mal-judgment in dealing with people will last throughout his life. Thus it might come to jeopardising the child’s physical, emotional and psychological calm and security in later years. Erikson also found that there is a constant tug of war between social requirements and the child’s personal needs. Once an imbalance occurs between the two, the child begins to suffer from many psychosocial deficits. Once any of the listed issues arise, it must ideally necessitate parents to look into the kinds of interaction and behavioural patterns which have been presented to the child in its rearing. The problems of psychosocial nature will emerge from the environment and the child’s own cognition, and will ultimately affect the society in which the child resides. Children are our investment in the future, and for the future. We must take care of these little buds if they are to develop into responsible and conscientious citizens of a nation. Disrupting their development, owing to our neglect or abuse, can hamper the future generation from growing. And for that we will never be forgiven. Fatima Zubair can be reached at

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ARTS Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

Jennifer garner keePing eye on huBBy Ben on gone girl set

Jennifer Garner has allegedly got her friend, Neil Patrick Harris to keep an eye on hubby, Ben Affleck on set of ‘Gone Girl’. The 41-year-old actress is concerned about hubby’s co-star, Emily Ratajkowski who is best known for her topless performance in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ video, Contactmusic reported. According to the National Enquirer magazine, a source said that Affleck has a legendary weakness for beautiful women and she’s terrified he won’t be able to resist her. The source added that it’s obvious Emily has no inhibitions about using her sexuality in her work and she’ll definitely share some hot scenes with Affleck. neWS DeSK

miley aPologises for misBehaviour Singer Miley Cyrus reportedly apologised for her loud behaviour to a couple and even paid for their meal at a restaurant here. The couple had gone to an upmarket restaurant, but were disturbed after Cyrus and her friends started making noise. They made a complain to the authorities. The 21-year-old singer went over to the couple’s table, who were celebrating their second anniversary, and apologised. She even left $100 to cover their bill and posed for pictures with them, reports “She went over and apologised and told the folks, ‘I’m sorry, I’ve just had too much caffeine today.’ Then she asked the couple about themselves,” said a source. neWS DeSK

Being a Victoria's Secret model, which was always my dream — Heidi Klum

(piCTURe in TReATeD)

distant cousins, conferring in different dialects

Sachal Jazz Ensemble joins Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra


AZZ and Pakistani music aren’t complete strangers to each other, as long as you relate Pakistani music to the rest of South Asian music. Think about John Coltrane playing “India” in 1961, and consider that some of the most promising or accomplished improvisers in the United States today — Vijay Iyer, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Rafiq Bhatia and the Karachi-born Rez Abbasi, for instance — come from South Asian families. But musicians living in Pakistan and playing jazz, or something like it: that’s rarer. The Sachal Jazz Ensemble was developed by Izzat Majeed, a London-based businessman who runs a studio and production company in Lahore. He’s determined to help the musicians of that city, those put out of business by the military dictator Muhammad Zia ul-Haq’s crackdown on artists in the 1980s. Jazz is only one of his Sachal Music’s projects, but it’s been a popular one, especially since the 2011 album “Sachal Jazz.” The studio issued a widely watched video of its musicians playing a version of Paul Desmond’s “Take Five” in 2011, and earlier this year, Wynton Marsalis played with Sachal musicians at the Marciac Festival in France. Finally, the Sachal Jazz Ensemble came to Rose Theater at Jazz at Lincoln Center on Friday and Saturday for a fullscale collaboration: seven Pakistani musicians with the 15-piece Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. Saturday’s show probably wouldn’t be mistaken for any aesthetic cutting edge of jazz. But it aimed for linguistic common ground — rather than idiomatic — and used a repertory partly made of the Pakistani musicians’ compositions, and partly from a canonical notion of jazz: Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, “My Favorite Things,”

Lou Donaldson’s “Blues Walk.” Mr. Marsalis is tireless, and very effective, in explaining the connections between different kinds of music around the world. In this concert he leaned hard on the idea of the habanera rhythm — common in one way or another in African, Antillean and new-world popular music — being one of those affinities. And so the two ensembles piled in on Morton’s “New Orleans Blues,” arranged by Victor Goines, of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, and they figured out a way to build the habanera rhythm together. The Pakistani musicians, on the left,

played on the beat with precision and intent; the Americans, on the right, played behind it. But there was enough flexibility and amassed sound to approximate something like the rolling feeling of swing. One of the ways to use your ears in Saturday night’s concert was to notice when and how well each side bent toward the other. The orchestra’s drummer, Ali Jackson, getting light and quiet on his instrument and listening hard, was allimportant to the process. But so was the Pakistani flutist Baqar Abbas, the Sachal Jazz Ensemble’s clearest and most house-wrecking virtuoso, who bent and

hrithik roshan will undergo test for headaches: rakesh roshan

not qualified to write autobiography, says Amitabh Bachchan Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says he is not “qualified” to pen an autobiography even though he has an illustrious career of over four decades in Indian cinema. At an open question-and-answer session at an event in the capital Friday night, Big B was asked if he has given a thought to sharing some of his life’s experiences via a book. “I am not qualified to do that,” said the 71-year-old thespian who continues to entertain the people through his films and popular TV show “Kaun Banega Crorepati”. But isn’t it what several “legends” have done penned autobiographies to share their life with the world, asked host Rajdeep Sardesai. “I have never considered myself a legend,” said the humble actor, adding that he “didn’t even know what happened in the past seven minutes” and so, recounting over 70 years of ups and downs in his life would be quite a task. neWS DeSK

BIGG BOSS: ARMAAN’S BACK WITH A BANG, CALLS AJAZ A HYPOCRITE It came as a surprise for everyone when Salman Khan asked Armaan Kohli to pack his bags and leave the Bigg Boss house. But what the housemates were unaware of was that it was a no elimination week and Armaan simply being taken into the bonus room secretly. While Armaan was provided with all the basic necessities he would require to survive there, he could also get a view into the house and watch the contestants’ reactions. While everyone seemed to have accepted Armaan’s exit from the house, the only person who found it difficult to believe the same was Tanisha. Over the time spent in the Bigg Boss house, Tanisha and Armaan had grown quite close to each other and were seen sharing every waking moment together. But when Armaan was asked to leave the house, Tanisha was taken aback by surprise and did not

want to let go of him . Tanisha’s anguish of losing Armaan continued even the next day while she kept staring at Armaan’s personal belongings that he had left back.

During the nominations procedure, Bigg Boss called Armaan in the confession room and asked him to give two names for nominations. After this, he was

warped notes as an absolute matter of course rather than for effect. In one of the concert’s best stretches, he traded solos with Ted Nash, from the orchestra, playing piccolo. They got around to “Take Five,” a song with another linking agent — its five-beat rhythm cycle, fairly common in Carnatic and Hindustani music. In a solo, the sitarist Indrajit Roy-Chowdhury stretched out in his own technique in a more jazzlike melodic improvisation. The technique was exact and contained, the tempo stately enough that every note could be heard. neWS DeSK

asked to go back inside the house. When he came out of the confession room announcing, “and look who’s back” Tanisha’s couldn’t believe her eyes and ran to hug him. She was so overwhelmed with happiness that she couldn’t stop her tears and was seen tugging at his shirt and crying. While Tanisha, Sangram and Andy were elated with Armaan’s return, Ajaz, Gauahar and Kushal were not so pleased. After coming back from the bonus room, Armaan tells Tanisha that he has realized that apart from her, only Andy and Sangram are his genuine and true friends while the others are double-faced and hypocrites especially Ajaz. While Armaan’s return has brought the smile back to Tanisha’s face, will his return give rise to new problems in the house? neWS DeSK

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan says his actor son Hrithik will get a test done for his recurring headaches but will not undergo any surgery. Hrithik was suffering from subdural hematoma, caused in the brain as a result of a head injury while performing stunts for his upcoming film ‘Bang Bang’ earlier this year. He successfully underwent a brain surgery in July this year to remove a two-month-old clot. The actor is still recovering because of which the shooting schedules of his films ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Shuddhi’ were pushed ahead. The reports, that Hrithik is going to the US for a surgery, have been denied by Rakesh Roshan. Rakesh said Hrithik is going on a vacation with his friends and he will get a test done for his recurring headaches. He clarified that there is no surgery planned in the US. The filmmaker further said that Hrithik will be going to the UK first and then to the US. “Hrithik’s health is more important and money can be managed later on. Once Hrithik joins back, things will be back on track. He will wrap up everything in six months’ time,” he said. In ‘Bang Bang’, Hrithik will be seen opposite Katrina Kaif and for ‘Shuddhi’, he is teaming up with Kareena Kapoor Khan after a long time. neWS DeSK

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Democracy is the road to socialism — Karl Marx

ARTS Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

fAST AnD fURioUS 7 noT Being SCRAppeD poST pAUL wALKeR’S DeATh


AUL Walker’s death won’t have an effect on the upcoming ‘Fast and Furious 7’ film, it has been revealed. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal brass had held a meeting Sunday morning to discuss the fate of the film and the team behind the action film is facing a delay in the production after the 40-year-old actor’s untimely death. Sources have said that the movie will not be abandoned entirely and the cast is supposed to resume shooting soon. Walker, along with the rest of the cast and crew of Fast 7 were supposed to return to Atlanta on Sunday to continue filming the big-budget film, which features extensive car racing.


Director James Wan and Universal executives have held a conference call to discuss the state of the film and how they should proceed after Walker’s death. Walker had died in a single-car accident while he was attending a charity event for his organistation ‘Reach Out Worldwide’. neWS DeSK

After the sudden death of Hollywood actor Paul Walker, his girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell is reportedly devastated. The 40-year-old actor died Saturday in a crash after a charity car show in Santa Clarita, California. The two first got together when “The Fast And The Furious” star was 33 and she was just 16-yearold. Gosnell, who lives in Santa Barbara, is being comforted by her mother, Julie, as she struggles to cope following the horrible accident. “Paul was a really good guy and Jasmine is broken up by this. I went to Thanksgiving with him, played golf with him,” Gosnell’s uncle Barton Bruner told “They had their ups and downs, but they were together and looking to spend a bright future together. This is horrible news and unexpected. Her mother is with her and she is comforting her,” he said. A huge number of Hollywood stars have expressed their sympathy to Walkers’s family via Twitter, including Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba, Liam Neeson and Rihanna. neWS DeSK


12 A

Paul Believed in living life to the fullest I live by ‘Go big or go home.’ That’s with everything. It’s like either commit and go for it or don’t do it at all. I apply that to everything... That’s what I live by. That’s how I like it.” And the actor, gone at 40, stayed true to his words. Most of the films we fondly remember him by had him play adventurous parts. Born on September 12, 1973 in Glendale, California, he debuted at age 13 in the 1986 film Monster In Your Closet and was part of several top-rated television shows of the time. His first big role came with 1999’s Varsity Blues. But it was The Fast And Furious franchise, which took off in 2001 that really gave his career a boost. He was in the middle of filming the seventh film in The Fast And The Furious franchise when his car crashed into an electric pole just a little distance away from a charity event he was attending. He leaves behind 15-year-old daughter Meadow Rain, who celebrated her birthday last month. neWS DeSK

kim, kanye to sPice uP love life with yoga Singer Nicole Scherzinger and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton have reportedly rekindled their romance after having Thanksgiving dinner together. The couple ended their seven-year-long relationship earlier this year. Scherzinger was invited for Thanksgiving dinner, Nov 28, by Hamilton’s father Anthony and was seen leaving Hamilton’s house with the singer the next day in a cheerful mood, reports “Lewis invited Nicole over because he wanted to make sure she had a happy Thanksgiving and she wasn’t lonely. So he and Anthony asked her round,” said a source. neWS DeSK


Karan Johar has often said he’d be a good father, but the filmmaker, who is a bachelor at 41, says adoption is not on his mind as of now. When asked if he will adopt a baby some day, he said: “I am 41, and marriage has not happened, so one doesn’t know. There has been a lot of talk and I have said it before, but I am not so sure right now. Right now my focus is on my company and my work.” His popular celebrity chat show Koffee With Karan is entering its fourth season which kicks off Sunday. neWS DeSK


Naseeruddin Shah has insisted that the peace efforts between India and Pakistan should continue to grow. The 63-year-old actor had arrived in Pakistan through Wagah Border for stage performances in Lahore. Shah, who is fond of Pakistani food, said that both the countries should make efforts for the improvement in their relations, as it will also be good for the film and theatre industry. neWS DeSK

LAHORE: Renowned archaeologist Ali Anjum Dara performs at an evening of sufi music and bhangra organized by Punjab Radio London for Sikh pilgrims from Britain, Canada and Thailand.

Madhuri’s latest track ‘Hamari Atariya’ from Dedh Ishqiya out Madhuri Dixit is back on screen to mesmerize her audiences with her sensuous dance moves, in her latest song from Dedh Ishqiya. The song Hamari Atariya, beautiful rendition of Begum Akhtar’s popular Thumri, features Madhuri performing in a black ghagra choli. The song, penned down by legendary lyricist Gulzar, is sung by Rekha Bharadwaj. Madhuri has once again proved that she is the only dancing goddess of Bollywood. The last time she performed was for an item number called Ghagra for Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani, and the track was a big hit. Lets’ hope this one also gets popular among her audiences and fans. Dedh Ishqiya, is a sequel to 2010 film Ishqiya that starred Arshad Warsi, Naseeruddin Shah and Vidya Balan in the lead roles. Vidya Balan played a forgotten widow who went on engaging in a lustful bout with another man. neWS DeSK

I don’t acknowledge Babita: Sadhana

Two years ago, Sadhana had lodged a police complaint with alleging that Yusuf Lakdawala, a builder, is issuing death threats to her. The issue was over a two-storey bungalow, Sangeeta, in Santacruz, where Sadhana occupies a 3000-sq feet apartment on the ground floor. Naturally our first question to the ‘60s superstar is: What’s the update on the property dispute? The matter is sub-judiced now. All I can point out is that my landlord was G V Bhonsle and not his divorced wife Asha Bhonsle who later sold the place to a builder. I have been staying in Sangeeta bungalow since 1960. Two years later, I got married to R K Nayyar and we moved to a flat in Carter Road. After a certain point, I used to shuttle between the two homes. Lakdwala came in as caretaker in 1985 and started harassing. neWS DeSK

Socialite Kim Kardashian and her rapper boyfriend Kanye West reportedly want to start practicing yoga to make their love life interesting. Kim, 33, has hired a private instructor to show her and Kanye how to do yoga in a Hatha style, reports “Kim says if their bodies are more flexible, it will make their love life even better. She has convinced him that it’s good for his state of mind and if he finds inner peace, he will be even more creative,” said a source. neWS DeSK

SAiD no To ‘RAM LeeLA’ AS iT DiDn’T exCiTe Me Actress Kareena Kapoor says she has no qualms about rejecting those film offers which later went on to become blockbusters. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s recently released “Ram-Leela” was the latest in this list, said the 33-year-old actress. “I don’t know what clicks with me as an actor. there is work for everyone. I will do what I believe in. Like ten years back if I did not want to do a film then I used to be the first one to leave it. “there is no heroine like me who has left more films than I have, and given them on a platter to everybody and said go do it. I think I am mad...I am like if I don’t want to do a film I will

not to do it. I would sit at home and enjoy, party and travel,” Kareena said. In the past, she has reportedly rejected films like “Chennai Express”, “fashion”, “Page 3” and “Kal Ho nas Ho”. “I have said no to films like ‘Ram Leela’.... I am sure it interests other actors which is fine but at that moment it did not excite me,” Kareena said. And she does not regret of not doing the films that she turned down even in hindsight, though some of them became blockbusters. “those who know me as a person know it that I am not the kind of person who have any regrets in life. I never look back in life. I thank god for

being kind to me,” she added. “the role is more important to me, when you are hearing the narration you should feel good. Many actors like to read scripts, I try to read scripts but I fall asleep. I like to hear it. So when I hear the script it should excite me. Sometimes you like it (script) and sometimes you don’t,” she said. Kareena will be seen next in “Shuddhi” opposite Hrithik Roshan, and in a special appearance in actor-husband Saif Ali Khan’s “Happy Ending” and Akshay Kumar’s “gabbar”. neWS DeSK

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SPORTS Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

mahmood, tanvir confirm lions signings

CAPE toWn: Azhar Mahmood, the former Pakistan allrounder, and fast bowler Sohail Tanvir, will represent Lions in the upcoming season of South Africa's T20 competition. While Tanvir has played for Lions before - this is his third season with the franchise - Mahmood, a well-known figure in the T20 circuit, will be embarking on his first stint with the team. He has played in the tournament before, though, turning out for Cape Cobras last year. Mahmood did not do too well with the bat then, but claimed eight wickets in seven games at 24.50. His availability is limited to only five matches this season, though Tanvir will be available for the majority for the tournament. "I'm really happy to have signed for Lions. I love playing cricket in South Africa and to be playing with such a successful and talented group is a real buzz," Mahmood said. "Hopefully I can add something to the team on and off the field and contribute to another successful campaign. I can't wait to join up with the boys and get going." Mahmood and Tanvir join Saeed Ajmal, who was picked up by Titans, and Shahid Afridi, who will be in the Knights dressing room as part of a growing friendship between South Africa and Pakistan. Pakistan had agreed to tour South Africa at short notice after a curtailed visit from India was announced, and subsequently CSA chief executive Haroon Lorgat had indicated the relationship between the two countries would expand to give Pakistan's players, who do not participate in the IPL, an opportunity to play in the 20-overs competition. AGenCieS

We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time. — Vince Lombardi

zia, hameed take ztBl to final LAHoRE



powerful batting performance, highlighted by Yasir Hameed's half-century, was complemented by Junaid Zia's maiden five-for to take Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited into the final of the Faysal Bank T-20 Cup with a 35-run victory over United Bank Limited in Lahore. ZTBL enjoyed a flying start and even when Imran Nazir, who had benefited from an outside edge sneaking between wicketkeeper and first slip, fell for 18 their momentum did not slip. Sharjeel Khan celebrated his national call-up by smacking 41 off 26 balls, with four fours and three sixes. But Haris Sohail (7 off 10), the other ZTBL recruit into the Pakistan side, did not have a good outing. His dismissal brought Hameed and Shahid Yousuf together and their unbeaten 92-run stand, off 50 balls, for the fourth wicket powered ZTBL to a formidable 178. Hameed struck three fours and three sixes on his way to 61 off 46 balls, while Yousuf, who had the same count of boundaries, racked up 44 off 25. United Bank's chase was promising as they survived the halfway-mark without any casualties. However, Abid Ali and Ahsan Ali's stand of 81 proved to be the only source of resistance. ZTBL struck back with regular wickets and Zia was vital in that regard, picking up two wickets in an over twice. The first instance was in the 13th over when he dismissed Abid for 35 and he did it again in 17th, which all but sealed the game in ZTBL's favour. Ahsan top-scored with 43, but six batsmen were dismissed for single-figures as United Bank barely managed to bat out their 20 overs.

ZARAi TARAQiATi bAnK liMiTeD imran nazir* lbw b Atif Maqbool 18 Sharjeel Khan c Adil Raza b Asif Raza 41 yasir Hameed not out 61 Haris Sohail st †bismillah Khan b Atif Maqbool 7 Shahid yousuf not out 44 eXTRAS: (lb 3, w 4) 7 ToTAl: (3 wickets; 20 overs) 178 DiD noT bAT: Shakeel Ansar†, Zohaib Khan, Junaid Zia, Mohammad Khalil, imran Khan, usman Khan FAll oF WiCKeTS: 1-34 (imran nazir, 3.4 ov), 2-68 (Sharjeel Khan, 8.2 ov), 3-86 (Haris Sohail, 11.4 ov) boWlinG: Rumman Raees 3-0-31-0,Adil Raza 2-0-24-0,Atif Maqbool 4-0-32-2,Kashif bhatti 3-0-22-0,Tariq Haroon 40-45-0,Asif Raza 4-0-21-1 uniTeD bAnK liMiTeD Abid Ali c usman Khan b Junaid Zia 35 Ahsan Ali c imran nazir b imran Khan 43 Asif Raza c yasir Hameed b Junaid Zia 2 Tariq Haroon* c Zohaib Khan b Junaid Zia 9 Wajihuddin c Mohammad Khalil b Junaid Zia 18 bismillah Khan† c Shahid yousuf b Zohaib Khan 0 Kashif bhatti b Junaid Zia 1 Atif Maqbool c yasir Hameed b Zohaib Khan 4 Saad Sukhail not out 14 Rumman Raees b usman Khan 4 Adil Raza not out 6 eXTRAS: (lb 3, w 4) 7 ToTAl: (9 wickets; 20 overs) 143 FAll oF WiCKeTS: 1-81 (Ahsan Ali, 11.4 ov), 2-85 (Abid Ali, 12.2 ov), 3-85 (Asif Raza, 12.4 ov), 4-103 (Tariq Haroon, 14.6 ov), 5-103 (bismillah Khan, 15.2 ov), 6-114 (Wajihuddin, 16.2 ov), 7-114 (Kashif bhatti, 16.3 ov), 8-127 (Atif Maqbool, 17.6 ov), 9-131 (Rumman Raees, 18.3 ov) boWlinG: usman Khan 4-0-21-1,Mohammad Khalil 3-0-300,Junaid Zia 4-0-31-5,imran Khan 4-0-23-1, Zohaib Khan 4-0-26-2,Sharjeel Khan 1-0-9-0 MATCH DeTAilS ToSS united bank limited, who chose to field SeRieS Zarai Taraqiati bank limited advanced PlAyeR oF THe MATCH Junaid Zia (Zarai Taraqiati bank limited) uMPiReS Ahsan Raza and Riazuddin TV uMPiRe Zameer Haider MATCH ReFeRee Mussadaq Rasool ReSeRVe uMPiRe Mohammad Asif


Afridi vents anger over ex-cricketers’ remarks kARACHI STAFF RePoRT

Pakistan’s flamboyant all-rounder Shahid Khan Afridi, who continues to invite criticism due to his terrible batting form, fired verbal salvo at former cricketers for their comments on media, terming three of them as Hackle, Jackle and Mr Bean. Afridi, who is considered by many as media darling, had nothing more to offer about his performance, said those who were criticizing the players for grouping in the team were part of groups and

All guns blazing for Harris SYDNEY AGenCieS

Ryan Harris has insisted he is fit and ready to deliver his typically wholehearted and skilful pace bowling in the second Ashes Test, flatly rejecting all reports that he had been lined up for rest on what is expected to be a dry and unforgiving drop-in pitch at the recast Adelaide Oval. Even with reports suggesting that James Faulkner is almost certain to start as a way to better spread the bowling load on a surface unlikely to break up easily, Harris is adamant he will not be the one to make way, as Australia hope to double the 1-0 lead they secured in Brisbane. It is likely that Faulkner will come in place of Gabba debutant George Bailey, who indicated he would not be perturbed to be dropped after one match because of ground conditions and the national selectors keeping one eye on the third match in Perth. This would leave Harris free to attack England's batsmen once more, a prospect he shows no signs of weariness about. "I'll be all guns blazing here as well. I'm not going to miss a Test unless I really have to. I'm here to play five," Harris said. "I had the turnaround in England and got through OK. The wickets are a little bit harder here, that's the only difference. I'm feeling good. I had a good break, the extra day from Brisbane helped. All the reports about me resting, Boof hasn't mentioned one word about me resting, which is good. I'm feeling good and ready to go. "I will be used as normal. I don't think going into a

game holding anyone back is what you do. You've got to go in and bowl as if it's your last Test, it doesn't matter how many days in between, you've got to go in 110%. If I was going in only bowling 30, 35 overs I wouldn't play because you can't have one bloke going half-hearted. It puts pressure on your two or three other bowlers. I'm going in as if I'm bowling 50 overs. I've got to make sure whatever I do between Tests I get right and feel good, and I'm confident I can do that." Even before the arrival of the drop-in pitch, Adelaide had been known as a place where bowlers could prosper only if they adhered rigorously to the demands of the trustworthy pitch and fast outfield. This amounts to the pursuit of a disciplined line and length, not allowing the batsmen to free their arms and feast on the ground's short square boundaries. Harris agreed the bowlers' margin for error was less in Adelaide than elsewhere, and predicted a more concerted attack on the stumps from Australia's bowlers, whether it be with a conventionally swinging new ball, or by the reverse movement offered by its older descendant later in the innings. He reckoned that England would be more likely to pitch Joe Root in to bat at No. 3 in place of Jonathan Trott, though admitting a personal preference for seeing Ian Bell come in earlier to face the new ball. "It's a great loss with Trotty not there. It's going to be interesting to see who they put in there. Hopefully it's Bell and we get an earlier chance to get him out, that's what I'm thinking," Harris said. "Whether it's Belly or even Joe Root, they're both good players so whoever it's going to be they have got a big job to do and a big position to fill. We've got to make sure we are

ready for whoever it is. It's a big loss with Jonathan not there so we have got to make sure we capitalise." On the subject of Trott, a batsman who the Australian bowlers managed "get inside the head of", Harris expressed sorrow about his sudden exit from the series following a stress illness. "Jonathan has gone now and I will be disappointed if anyone brings that up," Harris said. "It's not a nice thing that he's going through and all the boys have said it, we want Jonathan Trott back playing cricket. The whole world does. I know the Australian team does because he's one of their best players and we want to play against their best team. "He has made a big decision going home and I would love to see him back playing soon. I had some good battles with him over in England and I was looking forward to continuing that here. The England team need him and world cricket needs him, he's a world class player." Harris also accepted that Australia's angle of attack, nasty and short in Brisbane, needed to be tweaked in Adelaide, responding to the demands of the drop-in, and that the bowlers could not complaining about the toll it is expected to take on their bodies. "We know we're going to be sore at the end of it," he said. "It's the unknown here again, this new wicket, and it's a challenge of tweaking what we did in Brisbane on those bouncy wickets. We've played enough in these conditions. Melbourne was like this for a few years. It was quite flat. We know what we have to do and what changes we have to make. It's another big challenge as a group to get our head around."

many had seen their discipline too. He also requested media not to invite such cricketers for comments on team’s performance as they also talk negatively. Lauding the green-shirts for their maiden victory against South Africa, he said that Pakistan should also have won the series in UK. Afridi said that newcomers like Anwar Ali and Bilawal Bhatti played well but it would be premature to compare them with senior cricketers like Razaq and Azhar Mehmood. He said that teams needed to be supported and encouraged in difficult times.

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14 S

SPORTS Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

A team isn't just as strong as the weakest link, it's as strong as the strength it gives it's weakest player. –Bob Hope

rizwan fifty propels sngPl to final LAHoRE



OHAMMAD Rizwan's composed half-century led Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited to the final of the first National Department Twenty20 Cup, beating Pakistan International Airlines by nine wickets. Rizwan struck five fours and two sixes during his 60 off 54 balls to help overhaul a middling target of 108, with three overs to spare.

The chase began briskly as left-arm seamer Najaf Shah's opening over went for 10 runs, but he bounced back in his next to dismiss Taufeeq Umar (12 off 8), who holed out to mid-on. SNGPL survived another scare in the same over when it appeared Rizwan had been caught behind, but replays showed Shah had overstepped. Rizwan was on at two at time and took full advantage as went on to reach his first fifty of the tournament with a six over mid-wicket. Ali Waqas (28 off 41) lent good support as their unbeaten 93-run union for the second

wicket ensured a comprehensive victory. Earlier, PIA, who had been put in, began poorly as Imran Ali knocked over both openers for single-figures. The Malik brothers, Adeel and Shoaib, attempted to stabilise the innings but the spinners kept them on a tight leash and soon Yasir Shah, the legspinner, lured Adeel with an overpitched delivery which was hit straight to Samiullah Khan at mid-off. Shoaib, who was ignored for the Pakistan T20 squad due to face Sri Lanka next week, held the innings together. He laced

three consecutive sixes off Tanveer Sikandar in the 17th over, but PIA's hopes of a competitive total faded with his dismissal in the next over. Fahad Iqbal (8 off 6) and Sheharyar Ghani (14 off 12) contributed 20 in 15 last balls to push their side past 100.

SCoReboARD PAKiSTAn inTeRnATionAl AiRlineS Kamran Sajid b imran Ali 8 Sarfraz Ahmed*† b imran Ali 1 18 Adeel Malik c Samiullah Khan b yasir Shah 42 Shoaib Malik c Ali Waqas b imran Khalid Faisal iqbal c umar Akmal b imran Khalid 11 14 Sheharyar Ghani not out 8 Fahad iqbal not out eXTRAS: (lb 1, w 4) 5 ToTAl: (5 wickets; 20 overs) 107 DiD noT bAT: Tahir Khan, Aizaz Cheema, Mohammad Azhar, najaf Shah FAll oF WiCKeTS: 1-3 (Sarfraz Ahmed, 1.2 ov), 2-23 (Kamran Sajid, 5.3 ov), 3-36 (Adeel Malik, 8.6 ov), 4-63 (Faisal iqbal, 15.1 ov), 5-87 (Shoaib Malik, 17.3 ov) boWlinG: Samiullah Khan 4-0-19-0,imran Ali 4-0-142,Tanveer Sikandar 3-0-30-0,yasir Shah 4-0-12-1, imran Khalid 4-0-21-2,Khurram Shehzad 1-0-10-0 Sui noRTHeRn GAS PiPelineS liMiTeD 12 Taufeeq umar* c Aizaz Cheema b najaf Shah Mohammad Rizwan† not out 60 28 Ali Waqas not out eXTRAS: (lb 1, w 3, nb 4) 8 108 ToTAl: (1 wicket; 16.5 overs) DiD noT bAT: umar Akmal, Khurram Shehzad, Misbah-ul-Haq, imran Khalid, yasir Shah, Samiullah Khan, imran Ali, Tanveer Sikandar FAll oF WiCKeTS: 1-15 (Taufeeq umar, 2.2 ov) boWlinG: najaf Shah 4-0-36-1,Aizaz Cheema 4-0-210,Mohammad Azhar 3-0-19-0,Adeel Malik 4-0-19-0,Tahir Khan 1.5-0-12-0 MATCH DeTAilS ToSS Sui northern Gas Pipelines limited, who chose to field SeRieS Sui northern Gas Pipelines limited advanced PlAyeR oF THe MATCH Mohammad Rizwan (Sui northern Gas Pipelines limited) uMPiReS Kamal Marchant and Zameer Haider TV uMPiRe Ghaffar Kazmi MATCH ReFeRee Khatib Rizwan ReSeRVe uMPiRe Khalid Mahmood

chelsea and man city close on arsenal LONDON: Both Chelsea and Manchester City capitalised on Liverpool´s shock defeat by Hull on Sunday to leapfrog the Merseysiders and close the gap on Premier League leaders Arsenal. Chelsea recovered from conceding a goal inside the first minute at Stamford Bridge, when Jay Rodriguez pounced on a poor backpass from Michael Essien, to beat high-flyers Southampton 3-1. Second-half goals from central defenders Gary Cahill and John Terry, on his 400th league appearance, put Chelsea in front before substitute Demba Ba sealed victory with a 90th minute effort. The win took Chelsea, now in second place, to within four points of Arsenal while City, who went third, were six points adrift of the leaders after another impressive home display saw Swansea beaten 3-0. Samir Nasri scored twice after Alvaro Negredo broke the deadlock in just the eighth minute at Eastlands. AGenCieS

vettel tops autosport awards LONDON: Sebastian Vettel once again led the list of winners at the annual Autosport Awards in London on Sunday night. The World Champion beat the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, not to mention IndyCar champion Scott Dixon and NASCAR winner Jimmie Johnson, to take the International Racing Driver award for the fourth year in a row. "It is still very special for me walking down those steps; it is absolutely humbling," said Vettel, who matched Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher in winning his fourth straight world title this year. "I think there is always a threat that if you have such a run as we have had you get used to it; that you fall into the expectation and so when you start second, third or fourth or you don't win it's a disappointment. "It shouldn't be: finishing second doesn't mean you had a bad race, it depends how it unfolded. You can still be very proud of what you get out of the day. "That's why it is important to appreciate the run we have had; you never know how long it will last," added the 26-year-old, whose Red Bull RB9 was named Racing Car of the Year. Hamilton did not come away from the evening empty-handed, though, after being named best British Driver, an award he last won in 2007. "It's been a while and I'm very grateful to have another one, it's always a special award to have," said Hamilton, who finished fourth in the Drivers' Championship in his first season at Mercedes. AGenCieS

uniQue beats Pioneer in friendly cricket match

Prize winners of third CNS Golf Championship with Admiral Mohammed Asif Sandilla, Chief of Naval Staff. StAFF pHOtO

stenson given monthly award DUBAI: Henrik Stenson has been named Race to Dubai golfer of the month for November. The 37-year-old capped a superb season by secured top spot in the 2013 Race courtesy of victory in the DP World Tour Championship on 17 November. The Swede becomes only the second player, after Welshman Ian Woosnam in 1987, to win three of the monthly awards in a single season. Stenson's performance two weeks ago was hugely impressive as he stormed to a six-shot win after carding a record 25-under at the Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai He is now ranked third in the world, behind American Tiger Woods and Australia's Adam Scott. AGenCieS

LAHORE: Unique School beat Pioneer Cricket Club by three wickets in a friendly match at the PCSIR Cricket ground. A powerful batting performance, highlighted by Usama Ahmed, was complemented by Muneeb Ahmed two-for to take unique school three wickets victory over Pioneer. STAFF RePoRT

EurAsia Cup captains named SPoRtS DESk Thongchai Jaidee and Miguel Angel Jimenez have been named captains for Team Asia and Team Europe for the inaugural EurAsia Cup next year. The duo will lead golfers from both continents over three days of Ryder Cupstyled matchplay at the Glenmarie Golf and Country Club in Kuala Lumpur from March 27-29. Thai Thongchai has won the Asian Tour Order of Merit three times and has 16 professional victories to his name, including five wins on the European Tour and two Malaysian Open titles. "I am honoured and delighted to be asked to captain Team Asia," said the 44year-old. "Week in, week out, we compete as individuals, but the EurAsia Cup gives us a different way to play the sport. "I am a huge fan of The Ryder Cup, but being Asian, I will never get to play in it. The EurAsia Cup will offer the chance for the best Asian and European players to come together, and I am looking forward to leading a determined group that will do their very best for team honour and pride." Spanish star Jimenez, who has won 19 tournaments in 28 years on the European Tour, believes he can draw on his Ryder

Cup experiences to help secure the trophy for Europe. "The EurAsia Cup is a very exciting event indeed and I can't wait to get to Malaysia for the tournament," said the 49year-old, a six-time winner on the Asia Tour. "We have Europe playing the USA at The Ryder Cup, and it is great to now have a fully sanctioned, official competition for the Europeans to play against the best from Asia. With so many world-class players now emerging from the Asian Tour, it is sure to be a close contest." And Jimenez used his unveiling in Hong Kong to announce the first four automatic qualifiers for his 10-man team will be Graeme McDowell, Jamie Donald-

son, Victor Dubuisson and Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano, who secured their places on the team through their final positions in the 2013 Race to Dubai. The remaining spots in the European side will be taken from the leading four available players from the official World Golf Ranking on February 3, the playing captain and one captain's pick by Jimenez. McDowell, the 2010 US Open champion who secured the winning point at the Ryder Cup later the same year, said: "I am really looking forward to playing the EurAsia Cup. "It's a great concept to bring Asia and Europe together and I think it has a lot of potential to become a very big event."

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Born with personality is an accident but dying in a personality is an achievement. –Mitch Hedberg




Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

wigan confirm coyle sacking LoNDoN



IGAN Athletic have sacked manager Owen Coyle after less than six months in charge of the Championship club. Coyle's 23-game spell in charge of the Latics came to an end following Sunday's 3-1 defeat to Derby County, their third home loss in nine days. The Scot met with

Chairman Dave Whelan after the Derby defeat and the pair agreed to part company. Coyle said: "It is with great sadness that we have made this decision and I would like to thank all my football staff and the staff at the club, who have been very supportive of me in my time here. "I am confident that with this set of players, the team can keep moving in the right direction." First-team coach Graham Barrow and assistant manager Sandy Stewart will take charge of the team for

liverPool surPrised By hull LONDON: Hull put a dent in Liverpool´s Premier League title ambitions by beating the Merseysiders for the first time in their history courtesy of a shock 3-1 win on Sunday. Liverpool kicked-off in second place but this result dropped them to third. Hull took a 20th minute lead when Jake Livermore, on loan from Tottenham Hotspur, scored his first Premier League goal with a 25-yard shot that deflected off Martin Skrtel and went over the head of Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet. But visitors Liverpool were level seven minutes later at the KC Stadium when England captain Steven Gerrard swept in a 20-yard free-kick. However Hull -- who started the match 10 points adrift of Liverpool -- put the result beyond doubt with two goals inside the final 20 minutes. David Meyler made it 2-1 in the 72nd minute after Kolo Toure failed to clear a ball into the Liverpool box and, three minutes from time, Tom Huddlestone´s left-footed chip was turned into his own net by Skrtel. Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers said his side had suffered from being without injured leading goalscorer Daniel Sturridge. "I thought we had plenty of effort and commitment but there were too many mistakes and with the ball we didn´t create enough," said Rodgers. "There is no doubt that we miss a player of Daniel Sturridge´s quality and we do not have a squad that is big enough to cope with his absence." AGenCieS

Wednesday's trip to Leeds United. "It is with great sadness that we have made this decision and I would like to thank all my football staff and the staff at the club, who have been very supportive of me in my time here. I am confident that with this set of players, the team can keep moving in the right direction." Wigan were unbeaten in their first 10 home games under Coyle but they have suffered successive defeats to Brighton, Zulte Waregem and Derby. Everton boss Roberto Martinez, who guided Wigan to FA Cup glory over Manchester City in May, admitted he still retained an interest in his former club. "In football you get that sort of situation where if the results don't go right they are going to take a big decision," said Martinez. "All I want is the best for Wigan. I always keep a close eye on them and I hope everything can have the effect that is needed. "Owen worked really hard to try to achieve promotion and now the change has been confirmed hopefully everything

Shoe planet polo Cup 2013

SPoRtS DESk Willie Mullins believes punters will see a much-improved Hurricane Fly in the Ryanair Hurdle at Leopardstown on December 29. The nine-year-old set a new record for Grade One wins over jumps with a 17th success at the highest level in the Morgiana Hurdle on his comeback but he failed to impress many observers. Mullins said: "It was great to win his 17th Grade One in the Morgiana Hurdle at Punchestown. "It was probably his least impressive performance, but he will come on enormously for that. "He loves it around Leopardstown and he has won six times around there. "He will go back there for the Grade One Ryanair Festival Hurdle on the final day of the festival. "Everything is geared towards retaining his Champion Hurdle crown at Cheltenham." A mouthwatering clash is in store as last season's Triumph Hurdle winner Our Conor is due to have his first start of the campaign. The four-year-old gelding sustained minor injuries after he ran in a Flat handicap at Naas in October. Trainer Dessie Hughes said: "I have been very happy with him and he was only

held up for about 10 days after Naas, which was unfortunate as I would have liked to have run him in the Morgiana. "He is 100% and he'll go straight to Leopardstown at Christmas." Jezki and My Tent Or Yours also hold entries, as does Annie Power, but Mullins states the unbeaten mare is more likely to run in the Christmas Hurdle 24 hours earlier. The County Carlow handler said: "She was very good at Ascot and she seems to have come out of that race well. "She has the option of the two-mile race, but we'll see and I have her in the three-mile race as well. "I would be optimistic that she will get that trip." Also due to run in the three-mile contest is the Charles Byrnes-trained Solwhit, successful at both Cheltenham and Aintree last season. "He was in the Hatton's Grace at Fairyhouse, but that race came too soon for him, so he'll head on now to Leopardstown at Christmas," said Byrnes. "He was very good at both Cheltenham and Aintree last season and, long term, we'd like to get him back to Cheltenham again." Nineteen entries were received for the three-miler.

works for the best for the football club." Boos cascaded down from the stands on Sunday when Derby scored all three of their goals inside the opening 29 minutes and the away fans' cheeky claims Coyle would soon be axed were greeted with applause by certain sections of the Wigan faithful. That speculative chant has now turned to reality and, despite insisting Coyle was "far and away the best for the job" back in June, chairman Dave Whelan has a managerial vacancy to fill once again as Latics bid to instantly return to the top flight. Coyle, chosen ahead of Steve McClaren - the man who led Derby to victory at the DW Stadium - was originally tasked with doing just that as he rebuilt following the Roberto Martinez-led exodus which followed their relegation and May's FA Cup final win. The club's first European campaign, the arrivals of youngsters such as Nick Powell and James McClean, and a 4-0 opening-day thrashing of Barnsley brought plenty of optimism too.


The balmy winter days kicked off in style with polo, the game of kings. The Shoe Planet Polo Cup 2013 was hosted at the Lahore Polo Club from 25th November to 1st December. Exhilarating matches were played with the who’s who of Lahore in attendance. A total of nine teams played to take home the trophy. With celebrated names from the Pakistan National Team participating namely Ahmed Ali Tiwana, Saquib Khan Khakwani, Hamza Mawaz Khan, Shah Qublai Alam and Shah Shamyl Alam, the tournament has made its mark amidst much fanfare. Also playing in the tournament were the all-stars Asif Tiwana, Atif Tiwana and TaimoorMawaz Khan, senior players whose well recognized names in the sport of polo are renowned for

their distinguished skill. The highly anticipated final was held this Sunday on the 1st of December and as expected, an enthusiastic crowd showed up. The final was played between Wi-Tribe/Rijas& Polo D Sufi. After a nail-biting match the Polo D Sufi took the trophy home. The tournament was presented by Shoe Planet. Shoe Planet is a multi-gender footwear destination store. Recently four locations in Lahore have been launched for the savvy men and women who love to be seen in something with a little flair and personality. This brings Shoe Planet to M.M. Alam Road, Gulberg Galleria, Y-Block DHA, Allama Iqbal Town and Mall Road. Keen to mix in with its audiences, Shoe Planet is eager to step in wherever their audiences’ interests may take them and this includes sponsoring the Polo Cup.


2:30 AM

akram khan wants more matches for Bangladesh DHAKA: Akram Khan, the former Bangladesh captain, has kicked off his role as BCB's new cricket operations committee chairman by seeking to bring more solidarity with India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He was given the most influential cricketing position in BCB after he was elected as director unopposed last month. The cricket operations committee is in overall charge of the Bangladesh team as well as the Bangladesh A side, and Akram believes there ought to be more tours to the neighbouring countries. The senior side has never toured India, while their visits to Sri Lanka have substantially reduced over the last five years. The BCB's relationship with the PCB is at rock bottom after they failed to send over a side to Pakistan twicelast year. "I want to build more understanding with the neighbouring countries before we go to Australia and New Zealand," Akram told the Bangla daily Prothom Alo. "If we can arrange more A team, Academy and Under-19 matches with them regularly, we can hold more international matches in that way. They cooperated with us before we became a Test nation. So why not now? I will try hard to develop relations with them. We have to play regularly with them, and at the same time, reduce our differences." Akram however said that he would have to arrange for more matches outside the new Future Tours Programme which isn't favourable to Bangladesh, and added that the previous board's bargaining capabilities left a lot to be desired. "ICC sends a primary list to all countries before the FTP is formed. I know for a fact that New Zealand were initially given 60-odd Tests but they raised it to 85. But I was surprised to see that we didn't make the effort [to increase the number of Tests]," he said. Akram, who had been a chief selector for two years and a selector for four years before that, has been credited for bringing much needed stability to the side, as he hasn't forced many changes. AGenCieS


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Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

fool Proof security Planned for lB Polls, says Baloch QUEttA



ALOCHISTAN Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch on Monday said holding local bodies (LB) elections was the responsibility of the Election Commission of Pakistan, however, the government has evolved strategy to provide

fool proof security to the voters and polling staff in this connection. He expressed these views while talking to the delegations of tribal notables, political leaders and traders at his home town, Turbat. “The government is striving hard to provide an environment for free and fair elections so that active leadership from the grassrootlevel should come and assist

us in serving the masses in a better way,” he said. Terming education and health sectors the priority areas for the incumbent regime, the CM said that strict check has been made to ensure presence of doctors and teachers at their schools and hospitals. “We are neither corruption ourselves nor allow anyone to misappropriate the money of national exchequer,” Dr Malik emphasised.

ISLAMABAD: A delegation of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI) led by its President Dr Shimail Daud Arain called on President Mamnoon Hussain at the Aiwan-e-Sadr. online

security man killed, another hurt in exPlosion QUEttA APP

A security forces’ personnel died on Monday while another got injured in an explosion in the Lehri district of Balochistan. Security forces’ official said unidentified armed men attacked an FC checkpost in Gorhi Pul area of Lehri. Upon retaliation, the armed men fled. “Hawaldar Juma died instantly and constable Afsar Shah got injured as they hit an Anti-Tank Mine while chasing the gunmen,” sources said. Large contingents of law enforcement agencies’ men reached the site and started a search operation.

iran’s Parliamentarians to visit Pakistan tEHRAN inP

A delegation of Iran’s parliamentarians will visit Pakistan on December 8, the Iranian news agency SNA said on Monday. The delegation will be headed by Iranian Parliament Deputy Chairman Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi Fard. The representatives will take part in the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, to be held in Pakistan from December 8-11. Counter terrorism issue will also be discussed at the assembly.


At least six people, including three girls, were killed when country bombs exploded in a house at Tsunami Colony, near the Kudankulam nuclear plant, in Tamil Nadu state of India on Tuesday (26 Nov). The bombs were allegedly stocked by some villagers following a clash with another group. Three houses caved in due to the impact of the explosion. Fearing arrest, all villagers fled

Tsunami Colony as soon as police personnel arrived. Fire and rescue services personnel put off the fire and started working to remove the debris. “We fear some villagers could be trapped under the debris,” a police officer said. The police were unable to identify those dead as no villager was present to help them. “We are combing the village to confirm if more bombs are hidden in the houses,” said Tirunelveli SP Vijayendra Bidari. He confirmed that four bodies had been recovered. Two more people

un imPlicates Bashar al-assad in syria war crimes

died later at the Asaripallam Government Hospital. The explosion occurred in a house located 2 kilometers from Idinthakarai, the epicenter of the anti-nuclear protests. The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project is located about 5 kilometers from the spot, a fact that worried the police. After surveying the damage, the police said two or more bombs could have exploded. “We found chemical residue indicating that the villagers were making these bombs in the house,” said the officer.

The UN’s human rights chief has said an inquiry has produced evidence that war crimes were authorised in Syria at the “highest level”, including by President Bashar al-Assad. It is the first time the UN’s human rights office has so directly implicated Mr Assad. Commissioner Navi Pillay said her office held a list of others implicated by the inquiry. The UN estimates more than 100,000 people have died in the conflict. The UN’s commission of inquiry into Syria has produced “massive evidence... [of] very serious crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity,” Ms Pillay said. “The scale of viciousness of the abuses being perpetrated by elements on both sides almost defies belief,” she said. The evidence indicated responsibility “at the highest level of government, including the head of state”, she added. The inquiry has also previously reported it has evidence that rebel forces in Syria have been guilty of human rights abuses. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad was dismissive of Ms Pillay’s remarks. “She has been talking nonsense for a long time and we don’t listen to her,” he said. Human rights groups say that the regime’s use of air power often amounts to war crimes Ms Pillay said the UN commission of inquiry had compiled a list of those believed to be directly responsible for serious human rights violations. It is assumed that senior figures in the Syrian military and government are on that list. However, the names and specific evidence relating to them remain confidential pending a possible prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court (ICC). She has previously called on the UN Security Council to refer Syria to the ICC. Syria is not a state party to the ICC and therefore any investigation into the conflict would need to be mandated by the Security Council. However, Russia and China have a veto on the council and would be highly unlikely to let such a move pass. Also on Monday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UKbased activist group which monitors deaths in the conflict, said its estimate of the number of dead had now reached 125,835, more than a third of them civilians. Almost 28,000 rebel fighters had died, and more than 50,000 on the side of the government, including both regular soldiers and pro-regime militias. The latter figure also includes almost 500 dead from the Lebanese Hezbollah movement and other foreign Shia militias. However, it said it believed these figures were an underestimate as both sides were reticent about reporting deaths in their ranks. neWS DeSK

PPP DOES NOT SEEM INDEBTED TO KAYANI ppp leader says it was army that supported nawaz to launch long march against ppp govt g


While some political forces are thankful to the outgoing army chief for his role in perpetuating the democratic set up in Pakistan, the PPP leaders do not hold this view and are not indebted to him. As opposed to popular perception, PPP leaders privately say, though quite late in the day that they do not think if Ashfaq Kayani had played any positive role for

strengthening democracy in his extended tenure. A party leader, requesting not to be named, said that when Nawaz Sharif started his long march for the restoration of judges, it was the military that encouraged the PML-N leader in the first place to take on the then PPP government and launch a long march. “When the march reached Gujranwala there were ominous voices started coming from Islamabad which by the way harbours the famous 111 Brigade. It was these ominous voices that forced President Zardari to restore judges,” he claimed. General Kayani has been credited for restoring judiciary when the judicial crisis was at its peak in the

country. It was perceived then that when the long march reached Gujranwala halfway through its destination, Kayani contacted Zardari and then latter took Uturn and restored judges. The march was started from Lahore when the PPP was running the provincial government but it seemed it had no control over the things then. Another PPP leader said, “Role of Kayani again when the PPP government tried to bring ISI under civilian control and later when US government introduced Kerry-Lugar bill was against the democratic norms. I do not know if the press release issued then by ISPR was anyway helpful for the democratic dispensation.” He said that in the Memogate Scandal the main target was

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.

President Zardari. The defence secretary then bypassed all the legal authorities and filed the military’s replies directly in the SC. The secretary did not bother to consult the defence or law ministers or the attorney general, he added. However, it is quite paradoxical that it is under PPP rule that Kayani got extension twice and it is PPP that defended military the most when it was under fire from all sides, especially after US raids in Abbottabad. The independent observers say that if military’s role under Kayani was not beneficial for one political force, for others it was a service to democracy, especially the holding of general elections on time and then peaceful democratic transition.

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