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Monday, 1 october, 2012 dhual-Qi’da 13, 1433

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Govt planning to thwart PTI’s SWA march: Imran PTI chief accuses government of adopting dual policies on drone attacks g Says visas restricted for several international journalists willing to participate in PTI’s peace rally g




AKISTAN Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday accused the government of creating hurdles in the way of PTI’s proposed peace march in South Waziristan Agency. Addressing a news conference at the PTI Central Secretariat, Imran said the government was pressurizing the PTI by refusing visas to several international journalists willing to participate in the march against drone strikes. Flanked by international NGO Women for Peace, delegates of the American civil society and former US envoy Mary Ann Wright, Imran called the government’s lack of support for his peaceful march against the drone strikes “sorrowful”. He said a 60 member-delegation comprising international NGOs, media personnel and prominent anti-war American civil society members would participate in the peace march to express their solidarity with the victims of drone strikes and to raise a voice against the drone attacks. He said foreign delegates participating in the march had also brought with them a petition signed by over 6,000 US citizens for restricting the drone strikes and it would be submitted to the US embassy in Pakistan. The PTI chief said he had had meetings with three major tribes of South Waziristan Agency including the Wazirs, Mehsuds, Burkis and Bhetanis,

PTI’s march likely to be banned PESHAWAR: The Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) Secretariat has suggested the federal and provincial governments to overrule Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s (PTI) decision of holding a “peace rally” in South Waziristan Agency. The FATA Secretariat forwarded a proposal to both governments citing the dismal security situation in the agencies as the reason for the proposal. The PTI on Sunday accused the government of creating hurdles in the party’s plans of staging a peace rally in South Waziristan, adding that it would not shun its agenda because of the ill will of its detractors. STaff REpORT who not only assured security to foreigners, but also promised to arrange a warm welcome for the guests. Asked why he had not chosen North Waziristan Agency for his march, Imran said when Wazir tribes in North Waziristan were contacted for their assurance regarding safety of foreigners in the rally, they warned of some isolated groups that might threaten the participants of the rally. Imran said all major issues of Pakistan would get settled on the day the government decided to quit America’s war against terror and stand by its tribesmen, adding that it was beyond comprehension who could have objections to the peaceful march on such an important issue. “This is a symbolic peaceful march to raise the issue on an international level for which lives of our guests cannot be put under threat,” he added. The PTI chief urged the government not to restrict visas of international citizens and journalists willing to participate in the peace march, saying

Govt slashes POL, CNG prices ISLAMABAD AGeNCIeS

The government on Sunday approved a cut in POL and CNG prices, to be effective from Monday 12am. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had sent a summary to the Petroleum and Finance ministries and recommended a reduction in the prices of petroleum products by Rs 6 per litre, which was approved by the government. With the implementation of new prices, petrol would become cheaper by Rs 6 per litre, the price of high speed diesel (HSD) has come down by 40 paisas, light diesel oil (LDO) by 14 paisas and kerosene oil by 40 paisas. To maintain the 60 percent parity between the price of petrol and CNG, OGRA also asked for a reduction in the price of CNG. The price of CNG has been reduced in region one by Rs 5.49 per kilogramme and in region two by Rs 5.02 per kilogramme. The new price of petrol is now Rs 102.45 per litre, while high speed diesel will cost Rs 113.16 per litre. Light diesel oil will cost Rs 96.22 per litre, while kerosene will be sold at Rs 109.23 per litre. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Potohar, the price of CNG will now become Rs 93.79 per kilogram, while it will come down to Rs 85.68 per kilogramme in Sindh and Punjab.

such restrictions were against the will of the people. To a question regarding sacrilegious, controversial anti-Islam movie, Imran said some miscreants in the US and Europe were using the controversial movie to provoke Muslims and strong international measures should be adopted to restrict such acts. PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the peace march would start from Islamabad’s Blue Area and would proceed towards Balkasar, Talagang, Mianwali and DI Khan on October 6. Qureshi said the rally would gather at Tank on October 7 to head towards South Waziristan, where a public meeting would be held at Kot Kai. Former US envoy Mary Ann Wright also addressed the news conference, condemning the hateful movie as well as supporting the abolition of drone strikes in Tribal Areas. She held US President Obama responsible for these killings and said the people of Pakistan should stand up and launch strong protests against the drone attacks.

Drone strikes are illegal, ex-US envoy Former US deputy chief of mission in Afghanistan Mary Ann Wright demands Washington abolish use of pilotless aircraft Urges international legislation for protecting all religions, atheists ISLAMABAD StAff RePORt

Calling drones attacks ‘extrajudicial’ and a violation of human rights, international peace activist and former US deputy chief of mission in Afghanistan, Mary Ann Wright, on Sunday demanded the US administration abolish the use of these pilotless aircraft. She also declared the sacrilegious movie ‘a hate speech instigating troubles around the world’. Addressing a news conference, flanked by

KARACHI: Over 5,000 demonstrators march during a protest on Sunday against the anti-Islam film. afp | STORY ON paGE 03

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan, and members of US civil society, the international peace activist said the US civilian peace delegation was representing millions of Americans who were against the war policy of the US government and did not consider it justified. She said she and other US citizens were here as a delegation of peace despite opposition by their government and rejecting all the travel advisories and warnings by the US government asking their citizens to not to visit these areas. Declaring drone attacks in Pakistani Tribal Areas, Yemen and elsewhere illegal, Wright said that use of drones must end now. She said being US nationals, it was hard to protest against their own government but “Americans are here as this is a humanitarian issue”, which must be given due respect. The former US deputy chief of mission in Afghanistan was of the view that US citizens were on their way to South Waziristan Agency to witness the destruction caused by the drone attacks by their own eyes and to apologies with locals for their losses caused by drone aggressions. She said US peace delegates, who arrived in Pakistan challenging their own government, expected a warm welcome by their Pakistani hosts as they were here against the policy of their government, to stand with locals and to oppose the drone strikes. Continued on page 04

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epilepsy deadlier in developing world: report



Outbreak of water-borne diseases feared

Crickets causing a stink in Central texas city

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Advani learning Arabic to understand Holy Quran Veteran Indian politician and former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president LK Advani is learning to read Arabic ‘to comprehend the true spirit of Islam’. According to news reports, the BJP leader said he wanted to read the holy Quran in its original form. “I want to read the original script and understand it,” said Advani. The octogenarian leader, who has read the translated versions of the holy Quran in Hindi and English, is now devoting time to read the holy book in Arabic. MONItORING deSK

300 kgs of narcotics, 300 rounds seized CHAGAI: Law enforcement personnel recovered a huge quantity of narcotics and bullet rounds from an Afghan Refugees camp near Girdi Jangal area of Chagai district on Sunday. According to Levies force, Law enforcement personnel conducted a raid on a tip off and recovered 300kgs of heroin and 300 bullet rounds. Levies force and LEAs are looking into the matter. APP

Zardari’s UN speech represented sentiments of Ummah: Kaira LALAMUSA: President Asif Ali Zardari’s address to the United Nations General Assembly represented the sentiments of not only Pakistan, but the entire Muslim Ummah, Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Sunday. The minister said that Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) adopted the resolution presented by Pakistan pertaining to the anti-Islam film. He said the Pakistani government lodged a strong protest at the government level, although the president asserted that burning of vehicles and property and loot and plunder were not appropriate ways to protest. Kaira said in his meeting with several heads of state, the president apprised them of the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the war against terrorism. The minister said instead of point scoring, time had come to work for resolving the problems of the masses. He said the PPP believed in service to the masses, adding that nobody could deter the PPP as it had a history of unprecedented sacrifices. To a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Pakistan, he said the tour had been postponed, not cancelled. About Balochistan, he said the government was ready to discuss all issues with the Baloch brothers. Kaira said Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain had rightly said that all institutions and political forces would have to join hands to resolve the crisis in Balochistan. Regarding the latest IRI survey, the minister said elections were the real measure of the popularity of a political force and the electoral verdict had come in favour of the PPP. APP

2 killed in Balochistan violence QUEttA: Two people were killed and another wounded in two separate incidents of firing in Quetta and Turbat on Sunday, while a body was found in Hub. Police officials said a Levies official, Mujeebur Rehman, was killed after a scuffle with a jeweler in main Liaquat Bazaar in Quetta. A shopkeeper also received bullet injuries. Police rushed to the site and moved the dead and the injured to hospital. In another incident, a person was killed in Turbat. Unidentified armed men opened indiscriminate firing on Muhammad Murad and fled. The deceased was stated to be a goldsmith by professional. However, the cause of murder was yet to be ascertained. Meanwhile, police on a tip-off recovered a body packed in sack and took it to a hospital for examination. However, the identity of the deceased could not be confirmed. SHAHzAdA zuLfIqAR

Monday, 1 October, 2012

Khuzdar Press Club shuts down to mourn slain journalist QUETTA SHAHzAdA zuLfIqAR

Journalists in Khuzdar on Sunday shut down the Khuzdar Press Club in protest against the killing of club’s General Secretary Abdul Haq Baloch and threats to some journalists by a militant group. Unidentified armed men gunned down Haq on Saturday night when he was on his way home in Khuzdar. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the murder. Journalists in Khuzdar closed down the press club in protest to condemn the murder of Haq and on receiving death threats from armed groups. They said they could not continue working in such grave conditions, as five journalists had been brutally targeted in Khuzdar during the last two years. Haq was buried in his ancestral graveyard in Khuzdar and a large number of mediamen, civil society members and tribal elders attended the funeral. The Balochistan Union of Journalists (BUJ) has strongly condemned the murder and demanded the formation of a high-level committee to investigate the brutal murder and to provide security to journalists. Over 20 journalists have been target killed in various areas of Balochistan during the past three years, but no accused has been arrested so far.

QUETTA: Several non-custom paid vehicles seized by police and FC personnel eat rust at Ayub Stadium. iNp

Govt finalises policy to regulate NGOs ISLAMABAD ONLINe

The government has finalised a policy to regulate International Non-governmental Organisations (INGOs) in order to avoid Abbottabad-like incidents in the future. Upon confirmation of the involvement of an INGO official in the capture of world’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden, the government had directed the Economic Affairs Division (EAD) to formulate a policy draft on priority to regulate the INGOs working in the country. Former head of al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 by US Navy SEALs. Shakeel Afridi, a physician, helped the CIA run a fake vaccine programme under the umbrella of Save the Children in Abbottabad to confirm bin Laden’s presence in the city by obtaining DNA samples. Details of the doctor’s activities emerged during Pakistani investigation into bin Laden’s killing. He was arrested from Torkham border while trying to escape the country days after the raid.

Sources said presently there was no legal framework available for registration of workers of INGOs. Until the time the policy becomes operational, EAD is granting interim permission for a period of four months, which is extendable. In the past, EAD used to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the INGOs that wanted to work in Pakistan. Around 88 INGOs have presently signed MOUs with EAD for working in the country. The request of INGOs and a draft MoU have been circulated amongst the concerned ministries, divisions and provincial governments, including the ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs. The MOU defines the corresponding rights and obligations of its signatories. It generally obliges the government to allow the concerned INGO to undertake projects in the agreed areas and binds the INGO to remain within the scope of agreed activities and identify local limits, seek permission of the government for entry of its expatriate staff and to periodically inform the government of its activities.

Transparent elections impossible under Zardari: JI chief MARDAN INP

Free, fair and transparent elections under President Asif Ali Zardari are impossible, Jamaat-eIslami (JI) chief Munawar Hasan said on Sunday. Addressing a rally, the JI chief said an independent election commission was necessary for holding free and fair elections. Hasan also lashed out at the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) for its alleged involvement in targeted killings across Sindh. Commenting on the anti-Islam film that led to violent protests across the globe, Hasan said “no matter how much we condemn the blasphemous film, it is not enough”. “The West is actively plotting against Islam. There will be an Islamic revolution soon in Pakistan.” Criticising JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman, Hasan said Pakistan did not need his Islamic revolution.

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artS & entertainMent


why Robert Pattinson took Kristen Stewart back


watson stars again as Aussies thump Proteas

Answering Mengal: On engaging the Baloch

cOMMent Hassan Naqvi says; A road to peace: The new Silk Raod strategy

Rabia Ahmed says; Of penguins and kalmas at chowks: No planning in urban planning

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Protesters demand closure of US, French embassies g

Demonstrations aginst anti-islam film continue in karachi, Lahore KARACHI/LAHORE



ROTESTS against the USmade anti-Islam film and the publication of blasphemous cartoons in France continued across the country on Sunday, as at least 5,000 people rallied in Karachi to demand the closure of US and French embassies. Sunday’s rallies, however, remained peaceful unlike like last Friday’s violent protests across the country on the Youme-Ishq-e-Rasool (SAW) that saw at least 22 people killed and property worth millions going up in flames. Police had beefed up security for the

rally in Karachi that was organised by Ahle Sunnat wa Al-Jamaat, while paramilitary forces were also called in to secure the area. “Beheading is the only punishment for blasphemy,” read one banner. “We demand all French and US diplomatic missions shut in Pakistan,” said another, as protesters shouted: “We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the honour of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)!” Senior police official Amir Lodhi said “about 5,000 people were in the rally”, adding that organisers made assurances they would not march towards the US consulate. Per details, the rally was taken out from Lasbela Chowk to Guru Mandir.

The demonstrators demanded the Muslim nations summon an emergency OIC moot and devise a joint strategy to criminalize defamation of prophets. The crudely made “Innocence of Muslims” movie has sparked angry and at times violent demonstrations across the globe. Adding fuel to the fire, a French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published sacrilegious images of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), further inflaming Muslim sentiment. Protest were staged in Lahore also, where Majlis-e-Ahrar Islam Pakistan staged a rally against the US movie. A large number of workers participated in the protest outside the Lahore Press Club.

No military operation underway in Balochistan: Malik

PTI decides to pacify estranged Mazari


LAHORE: The Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaaf (PTI) has decided to bring Dr Sheri Mazari back into the party fold and has initiated contacts with her through various key personalities. According to PTI sources, party chief Imran Khan planned to win back the support of Mazari, who recently tendered her resignation after she was issued a show-cause notice asking for an explanation of her assertion against the party chief and other leaders. The sources said all reservations of Dr Mazari would be redressed to bring her back into party ranks. The source said Imran was hopeful of wooing Mazari back into the party. INP

Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Sunday rejected BNP chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s remarks that the government was conducting a military operation in Balochistan, saying no such offensive was underway in the province. Talking to reporters, Malik said everyone should abstain from blame games. He said the government was serious in resolving the issue of missing persons in Balochistan, as it took the initiative of inviting Akhtar Mengal back to the country as well as removing his name from the Exit Control List (ECL). Making an appeal of not defaming the army, he said the people should not malign the military, as it was “our own army”, adding that for-

eign elements were involved in unrest in the province and he had evidence that would be presented to Mengal. He questioned was there no Frontier Constabulary (FC) in Balochistan when Mengal himself was a minister. “The current government has done all that was needed of the time and the Pakistan People’s Party has done everything for democracy,” Malik said. Commenting on the six-point demand by the former Balochistan chief minister, Malik said Mengal had furnished complaints, not demands. The interior minister said he would forward his Senate speech to Akhtar Megal, saying he would ask him why he did not arrest those responsible for his brother’s abduction. He said he had requested the judicial commission on missing persons to meet Mengal with regards to the

recovery of his missing brother. Malik said no operation was under progress in Balochistan and the Frontier Constabulary had been provided to the province following a request by the provincial government. However, the interior minister said some people were talking about the military operation in Balochistan for their vested interests and it was a wrong approach. Vowing to respond to the allegations levelled by the Baloch leader against him, Malik said politicians should not use the Balochistan issue for their personal gains and all parties should sit together to resolve the country’s issue instead of politicking over issues. To a question, he said the government had withdrawn all cases against Akhtar Mengal and his friends, and would adopt more measures to appease the angry leadership of Balochistan.

The participants were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans against America and Israel. They also burnt a US flag. Addressing the protesters, Qari Muhammad Yousaf and Mian Muhammad Awais condemned the moviemakers and pledged to sacrifice their lives for the honour of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Jamatud Dawa also took out a protest rally against the film and images in Lahore Cantonment. The rally was addressed by JD chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed. The Tanzeem-e-Islami Lahore also staged a demonstration to condemn the sacrilegious actions.

Govt, army and judiciary can’t resolve Balochistan issue, says Shujaat KARACHI INP

PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain on Sunday said none of the institutions, including the government, armed forces and judiciary could resolve the issue of Balochistan. Addressing reporters at Karachi airport, Shujaat said the responsibility to maintain peace in the province lay on every individual, adding that parties should abstain from point-scoring. He said the Balochistan committee had given a unanimously reached upon one point agenda for the solution of Balochistan issue and had it been implemented, the situation would have been much different. Shujaat said concrete proposals were needed to resolve the Balochistan issue. He pointed out that they had old relations with Balochistan and understood the psyche of the people. To a question, the PML-Q president said it was the collective responsibility of all political parties to restore peace in Sindh and asked the people of Karachi to join hands and resolve the law and order problem.

Rumours of pigs and plots dog Pakistan’s fight against polio PESHAWAR AfP

It took three months and 30 visits from UN aid workers to convince Haidar Khan to let his son have the polio vaccination. The day before he relented and allowed Yahia to take the two drops of vaccine, he almost came to blows with the Unicef staff trying to inoculate the four-year-old against the disease, which can bring paralysis in a matter of hours. Like thousands of parents in Pakistan’s deeply conservative northwest, Khan had heard and believed the rumors and conspiracy theories about the vaccine, which have helped the country maintain its unenviable status as one of only three nations in the world where polio is still endemic. “I heard that the vaccine contains pig, that it’s haram (forbidden in

Islam),” the 27-year-old Khan told AFP at his stall in the northwestern city of Peshawar, surrounded by crates of fizzy drinks. “Sermons from the mosque loudspeakers said it was an American conspiracy to damage our children.” There have been 30 confirmed cases of polio in Pakistan this year according to the government, 22 of them in the Pashtun tribal areas of the northwest, bordering Afghanistan, where Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked militants have forged strongholds. Pakistan had a total of 91 polio cases last year, but the battle to convince people in the tribal areas, where education is limited and deeply conservative values hold sway, is a tough one. Doctor Syed Irfan Ali Shah, 28, spent two years raising awareness among the local population and now heads the local Unicef team in Pe-

shawar. “We are welcomed because every member of my team is a local, well known in his neighbourhood,” he said. “Trust is built up, and it is usually at the end of a number of visits that we manage to persuade the families.” People in the area were already deeply distrustful of foreign intervention, and suspicions soared even further last year after the CIA used a hepatitis inoculation program as cover to try to find Osama bin Laden. The CIA used Pakistani doctor Shakeel Afridi to set up a hepatitis drive in the garrison town of Abbottabad — where bin Laden was later found and killed by US special forces — in the hope of obtaining DNA samples to identify the Al-Qaeda leader. The episode made people all the more suspicious of vaccination, but campaign worker Zain Al Abedin said it

was not the only reason people refused to give their children the drops. “Massive illiteracy creates all sorts of fantasies. I’ve heard everything — the vaccine makes you sterile, it gives you AIDS, even that we urinated in it!” he said with a rueful smile. Fighting between government troops and tribal militias in the northwest, as well the Taliban banning inoculations in protest at US drone strikes, have also hampered efforts to fight the disease. In July officials said the problems were jeopardizing more than 350,000 children in the tribal areas. To improve matters, Unicef has tried to rally influential religious leaders to the cause. In the poor Peshawar neighbourhood of Yakatoot, as naked children play in stagnant water, a team with a fatwa or religious ruling approving vaccination try to persuade a young father,

Noor Zamin. But his brother, a member of a religious group, steps in. “I have made scientific studies on this. I cannot say what I discovered, but the vaccination is anti-Islamic,” he says, stroking his beard, before asking the aid workers to leave. In a small mosque in the neighboring area of Sadiqabad, the mufti Fidah refused to give a fatwa backing the vaccination. “On one side, the United States and the Westerners bombard us with their drones, and on the other one they want to inoculate our children,” he said. He was convinced “there is necessarily something bad” in the vaccine, but Shah the doctor says the cleric is softening his position, bit by bit. Will he agree to the next vaccination campaign, in October? “Inshallah,” he says: if God wills it.

Monday, 1 October, 2012

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04 News Turkey’s democracy example for Muslim world: Erdogan ANKARA APP

P KAbuL: french soldiers board a french Republic plane as part of the french troops’ disengagement from the Afghan war. france is the fifth largest contributor to NAtO’s International Security Assistance force (ISAf), which is due to pull out the vast majority of its 130,000 troops by the end of 2014. afp

Guantanamo’s ‘rock star’ inmate returns home to Canada MONTREAL AfP

He was a celebrity at Guantanamo, a teenaged inmate who spoke at least four languages, knew the Koran by heart and said he was hungry for knowledge. Toronto-born Omar Khadr, released Saturday from the US prison for terror suspects and transferred back to Canada, looked almostbaby faced at 15, the age at which he was fighting for AlQaeda in Afghanistan. Badly wounded and captured in a US air and ground attack in

2002, he would spend much of adolescence behind bars in the notorious American detention facility in Cuba. These days he is a tall, bushy-bearded man of 26 with a scarred face and a bright smile. Khadr was sent back to Canada under a much-delayed 2010 deal between the United States and Canada in which he pleaded guilty to five war crimes, including throwing a grenade that claimed the life of a US soldier. He had to spend one more year in Guantanamo, and last year became eligible for the transfer to complete the rest of an eight-year

sentence. At Guantanamo Bay, Khadr — who did not go past fourth grade in school — stood out not just because he was the youngest prisoner ever sent there but because at the time of his capture he spoke English, Arabic, Pashtun and Dari, and a bit of French. Fellow inmates would ask them to lead them at prayer time, as he had memorized the Muslim holy book. “He is Guantanamo’s rock star,” one prosecution witness at his trial stated. Khadr himself said at the trial that he was eager for knowledge and said he would

like to become a doctor. One of his lawyers, Dennis Edney, called him a “gentle giant.” But prosecutors described him instead as daddy’s favorite in a Muslim family turned extremist. Khadr’s father, Ahmed Said Khadr, an Egyptian-born Canadian, was considered an influential member of AlQaeda. He was killed in Pakistan in 2003. The family had first moved from Canada to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area in 1990 to help with reconstruction after the withdrawal of Soviet forces, according to an online family biography.

President, PM Navy tests SaMs during aggrieved over Seaspark 12 exercise at Makran death of KARACHI asma’s mother StAff RePORt


President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf expressed profound grief and sorrow on the demise of Begum Malik Ghulam Jilani, mother of former Supreme Court Bar Association president Asma Jahangir and Hina Jilani, a leading human rights activist. The president, in his condolence message to Asma and Hina, said death of one’s mother was a great personal loss. “My thoughts and prayers are with you and the bereaved family,” he said. The prime minister expressed heartfelt condolences and sincere sympathies with the members of bereaved family. Meanwhile, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif also expressed grief over the death of Asma’s mother. In his condolence message, Nawaz prayed to Allah Almighty to rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant courage and strength to the members of bereaved family to bear the loss.

Monday, 1 October, 2012


AKISTAN Navy on Sunday successfully fired surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) during war games Seaspark 12 at Makran Coast. “Pakistan has successfully fired a combination of surface to air missiles at Makran coastal Area and the missiles accurately hit their targets. Naval Chief Admiral M Asif Sandila and officers of the Higher Commands witnessed the firing,” according

to an official press release. Congratulating the officers, Chief Petty Officers (CPO)s and Sailors of Air Defense Battalion of Coastal Command on the occasion, Admiral Sandila said that “today the Navy fortified the defence of country’s coastal line. These weapons give Pakistan Navy the flexibility to operate offensively under many scenarios and have strengthened the ground-based air defence of the force”. The naval chief also witnessed the “Harbor Defence

Exercise” at Jinnah Naval Base (JNB), Ormara. He lauded the spirit and efforts put in by the naval officials to ensure the impregnable security of the Jinnah Base. The navy chief also witnessed “Convoy Escorting under multi-threat scenario, Defensive Counter Air Operations involving Airborne Early Warning (AEW) Aircraft, Combat Air Patrol (CAP) Operations by PAF aircraft with PN’s support, air defense exercises besides other hardcore naval maneuvers.”

RIME Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday trumpeted Turkey’s credentials as a rising democratic power, saying his Islamist-rooted ruling party had become an example to the Muslim world after a decade in charge. Addressing thousands of party members and regional leaders at a congress of his Justice and Development (AK) Party, Erdogan said the era of military coups in the nation of 75 million people was over. He vowed to forge a more diverse constitution and turn a new page in relations with

Turkey’s 15 million Kurds, in a speech lasting almost two and half hours and meant to chart the AK Party’s agenda for the next decade. “We called ourselves conservative democrats. We focused our change on basic rights and freedom,” Erdogan told thousands of cheering party members at the congress in a sports stadium in the capital Ankara. “This stance has gone beyond our country’s borders and has become an example for all Muslim countries.” Leaders including Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev and Masoud Barzani, president of

80% of Afghanistan free of violence: NATO KABUL: A senior NATO commander says that 80 percent of Afghanistan is free of violence but warned an insurgency still rages in the south and east, fuelled by fighters coming from Pakistan. “About 80 percent of Afghan territory and the Afghan population is not affected by security problems or violence,” Lieutenant General Olivier de Bavinchove told AFP in an interview. “On the other hand, there is a huge contrast when it comes to security between the different regions and districts,” said Bavinchove, Chief of Staff of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). His claims contrast sharply with United Nations numbers showing that August was the second deadliest month in five years for Afghan civilians, with a total of 374 – more than 10 a day – killed and 581 injured. Despite that the head of French forces in the country said that the north and west are peaceful, with signs of development and improved governance, and sparsely populated central Afghanistan is almost entirely safe, he said. “Then we have the frontier zones in the east and south of the country, where an insurrection is quite active,

very localised most of the time, but which is supported by fighters coming mainly from Pakistan,” he added. “ISAF’s efforts are today particularly focused on these areas.” Kabul accuses Pakistan of failing to stop fighters crossing into Afghanistan from its lawless border areas to support the Taliban, while Islamabad complains Pakistani Taliban are using havens in Afghanistan. Bavinchove meanwhile conceded that insider attacks, also known as green-on-blue attacks, had “really complicated our work. They have undermined the trust that must exist between Afghan and coalition units”. He estimated that only 25 to 35 percent of insider attacks were planned by the Taliban and said the rest were down to a lack of education and a society where violence is commonplace. “For centuries, Afghans have been used to settling conflicts with violence, including domestic conflicts,” he said in the interview on Saturday. The death of a NATO soldier in a suspected insider attack in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday took the number of ISAF troops killed in such incidents to 52 this year. afp

Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region, were among the guests. Under Erdogan’s autocratic grip, the AK party has won three consecutive landslide election victories since 2002, ending a history of fragile coalition governments punctuated by military coups and marking Turkey’s longest period of single-party government for more than half a century. Per capita income has nearly tripled in that time and Turkey has re-established itself as a regional power, with its allies seeing its mix of democratic stability and Islamic culture as a potential role model in a volatile region.

Drone strikes are illegal, ex-US envoy Continued fRoM page 01

Criticizing the US administration, Wright said the US, violated international borders and the peace of the world, and this war policy of Washington should end now. She said recently the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) refused to brief a US court over drones and the Afghanistan issue following which “we consider it our duty to be here to understand and to know in debt this issue”. To a question, Wright said the US public peace delegation had brought a petition for peace and elimination of drone strikes in Pakistan with them that had signatures of thousands of US nationals and would submit them to the US embassy here. To a question, she supported the need for bringing international legislation that might criminalise insulting any religion, and to pay respect to all prophets and also to protect atheists.

PM’s GB visit to bring peace, help generate economic activity GILGIT APP

A high level meeting, which will be held in Islamabad in October to review the law and order situation and financial matters in GilgitBaltistan, will take important decisions for bringing peace and tranquillity to the region. It will focus on further improving law enforcement to enable the local people to exploit the rich tourist potential of the area. The meeting, which is to be chaired by Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, has been convened as a followup of important decisions taken during his recent two-day visit to the area,

whose natural beauty had been marred by incidents of sectarian violence, an official source said. The meeting will review the implementation of decisions already taken and also discuss other outstanding issues, including financial matters. The prime minister, in a series of meetings held with the political and religious leaders and notables of Gilgit-Baltistan, had announced an immediate assistance of Rs 2 billion and assured full support of the federal government in providing more resources to help them meet their needs. While noting the importance of the region

and its vital role in the development and progress of Pakistan, Ashraf had said the federal government would provide all the necessary resources to bring GB at par with developed areas of the country.He also fulfilled a long standing demand of the area, of continuing subsidy on wheat that was initially promised to them by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He said it would continue as the economic activity in the region had substantially declined with the closure of the Karakoram Highway (KKH) due to the formation of Attaabad Lake. He directed the local administration to put necessary checks and

balances in place to ensure that there would be no misuse of the subsidy meant for the people of the area. He said GilgitBaltistan was known globally for its rich and natural beauty, with five peaks over 8,000 meters high, lush green valleys and roaring rivers, and was home to people who were peaceful and tolerant. He said that it was vital that the reputation of this area was restored and assured complete assistance of the government in this regard. He also urged the people of Gilgit-Baltistan to stand united and rise above their petty differences to make the region a citadel of peace so that it might progress at

a rapid pace. The PM had said with the severing of the country’s vital trade link with China, people of the region were facing economic problems. He hoped that the construction of a 17-km long new road, in place of the old Karakoram Highway now submerged in the Attaabad Lake, and a 335 km-long rehabilitated KKH would help revive economic activity in the region. He said that the rehabilitation of another stretch of road from Besham to Raikot, at the cost of $100 million, would also cut down travel time and improve mobility. He directed the national flag carrier to ensure that

the number of flights was not cut down due to nonavailability of aircraft, as the air link between GilgitBaltistan and the rest of the country was very important. The prime minister said it was the responsibility of all politico-religious leaders and their workers to stand united, remove misunderstandings, and not let enemies of the state succeed. He said that the protection of life and property of every citizen was the responsibility of the government and directed the administration to take strict action against anyone who broke the law, without any discrimination.

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News 05 PPP wants voting right for overseas Pakistanis: Bilawal NEW YORK APP

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto on Sunday said the PPP wanted to extend the right to vote to overseas Pakistanis. Addressing a PPP convention on Saturday, Bilawal said, “The PPP has always, and will always, stand by our overseas Pakistanis and we are committed to ensuring your right to vote in the elections.” He said, “We are committed to the idea that dual-nationals should be able to participate in our country’s civic matters, and that includes the right to contest elections.” Bilawal said no unelected people had the right to question the loyalty of someone elected by the people of Pakistan. “You must have your voices heard in the next election,” he told party workers. “If they don’t let you run, if they don’t let you vote, speak to your family and friends in Pakistan, come back to Pakistan yourselves, and support the party that has not given up on your voice and your vote,” Bilawal said. The PPP chairman said he was proud that his party was transforming Pakistan and building its future.

SHANGLA: A large number of vehicles waits for clear passage on Karakoram Highway (KKH) which is in a dilapidated state and undergoing repair work at several sections. ONLiNE

Flood victims suffering despite govt’s tall claims: Nawaz PML-n chief says national exchequer public property, should be used for public welfare g Voices support for Sindh nationalist parties on local bodies issue g




AKISTAN Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has said that recent flashfloods had devastated the southern parts of Punjab and Sindh, and despite tall claims by the federal government, the affected people had been forced to lead miserable lives under the open sky without even the basic amenities. Addressing flood-affected population and party activists in Dera Murad Jamali on Sunday, Nawaz said the national exchequer was a property of the public and should be utilized for the welfare of the common man, especially the people affected by natural calamities. He demanded the federal government announce Rs 100,000 per family for the flood-hit population of Punjab and Sindh provinces. The PML-N chief said the Punjab government would also provide Rs 200,000 for each flood-affected family in Balochistan. Nawaz said the Punjab government was making every possible effort to provide re-

lief to the flood-affected people, but it had to face difficulties as floods washed had away link roads creating barriers in transportation of relief goods to affected areas. He strongly criticized the political parties and their leaderships for waiting for the government to announce aid for the flood-

Karachi temple attackers charged under blasphemy ISLAMABAD: Several protesters who damaged a temple and attacked the homes of Hindus during a recent demonstration in Karachi against an anti-Islam film have been charged under blasphemy law, a media report said on Sunday. Nine men, including Maulvi Habibur Rehman and his accomplices, have been named in a police complaint regarding the ransacking of the Sri Krishna Bhagwan Mandir in the Gulshan-e-Maymar area of Karachi. The temple was vandalized during the government-sanctioned protests against anti-Islam film on September 21. The men charged by police belong to residential areas near the temple. They also ransacked some houses and looted jewellery and valuables, said the report. Police registered a case against the men under 295-A of the Pakistan Penal Code, which covers “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs”. They were also charged with looting, vandalism and theft. Police officer Jaffar Baloch said: “For me, every believer is the same. The desecration of a temple meant blasphemy to me and that’s why we inserted that section.” INP

hit populations instead of taking any steps on their own. The PML-N chief said it was not only the responsibility of the government to provide relief to its countrymen without discrimination on the basis of political affiliation, ethnic background or religion,

but the entire nation should participate in relief operations. Nawaz said trucks containing relief goods dispatched for flood-affected areas of Balochistan were stranded in Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur due to blockade of land routes. He said relief activities would be accelerated after accumulated floodwater receded and land routes connecting different areas of the province were cleared. The PML-N chief also stressed on the need for natives in flood-affected towns to join hands and constitute a strategy for preempting losses of lives and property during monsoon rains by strengthening the embankments and increasing the height of canal banks, which often developed breaches due to surges in water levels. Nawaz also criticized the new local bodies system introduced in Sindh, saying that his party opposed the dual system and stood with nationalist parties of Sindh on the issue. The PML-N chief also voiced support for the Baloch Leader Akhtar Mengal’s six-points regarding Balochistan’s betterment. He said that the only solution of the Balochistan issue lies in transparent elections.

British MP fears for BirminghamMirpur bus LONDON NNI

A British lawmaker has raised fears over the security of a 4,000-mile trip that will take passengers from Birmingham to Kashmir via the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. It was revealed that Mirpur in Azad Jammu and Kashmir would now be directly linked by road with the United Kingdom through a direct bus service, which will pass through seven countries, including Iran, before finally reaching its destination, also known as “Little Birmingham”. Birmingham’s Transport Minister Tahir Khokher, however, raised fears about the security of the bus, which visits cities that have reportedly become hotbeds of terrorism, the Daily Mail reported. Khokher said the intercontinental route would span seven countries and include stopovers in the troubled cities of Quetta, near the Afghan border, and Iranian capital Tehran. According to the paper, there are concerns that the route could transport terrorists from Birmingham to Pakistan. The long distance plans were welcomed by Birmingham Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, whose family originates from Mirpur. But he warned that the Pakistani government would need to give assurances that security would be tightly controlled and strict border checks would have to be in place for the journey to be safe and successful.

Epilepsy deadlier in developing world: report MONITORING DESK Epilepsy is twice as common in low and middle-income countries as it is in the developed world, according to a BBC report citing an international team of researchers. The report says that the researchers link the higher incidence to increased risk factors, including head injuries and infections such as pork tapeworm and river blindness. And more than 60 percent of sufferers in those countries receive no appropriate treatment, they say in the Lancet – a US-based medical journal. A Lancet editorial said that epilepsy had to be a global health priority. Epilepsy is a condition in which

disturbances to the brain’s normal electrical activity cause recurring seizures or brief episodes of altered consciousness. There are about 40 different types. Epilepsy is not a mental illness, but can develop after injury or damage to the brain. About 85 percent of the global burden of epilepsy occurs in low and middle-income countries. Writing in the Lancet, researchers led by Prof Charles Newton, of the University of Oxford, say the death rate in developing countries is much higher than in developed ones - and that the reason for this is likely to be a failure to treat people with the condition. “The burden of epilepsy in these regions is at least double that found in high-income countries, and sadly, ad-

equate facilities for diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of epilepsy are virtually non-existent in many of the world’s poorest regions,” Newton wrote “Many people with epilepsy or their families do not even know that they have a disorder that can be controlled with biomedical treatment, so it is vitally important that awareness is raised and medical care improved in these regions,” he added. ‘POSSESSED’: Medications for Epilepsy are available - but there can be problems distributing them, especially to remote areas. The researchers say there are low-cost ways of improving the situation and of reducing the stigma often faced by people with

epilepsy and their families - such as working with traditional healers and awareness campaigns to increase understanding of the condition. In some countries, traditional beliefs about the causes of the condition, including bewitchment, spiritual causes and curses, lead to stigma and increase the chance that a person with epilepsy will not get the treatment they need. “Given the prevalence of epilepsy globally, it should be included as a priority on the public health agenda, and access to treatment should be greatly improved in developing countries,” The Lancet editorial reads. “It is time for all governments to take epilepsy more seriously,” it adds.

Monday, 1 October, 2012

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Monday, 1 October, 2012

hot and dry weather in karachi today KARACHI APP

Residents of the provincial metropolis would experience hot and dry weather conditions today. The MET, forecasted a maximum temperature of 36 degree centigrade and the minimum temperature was forecasted to be 26 degree centigrade.

Javed akhai elected as chairman PPMa KARACHI APP

Jawed Akhai was elected unanimously as Chairman and Nisar Qureshi was elected as vice chairman of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Association (PPMA) The elections were held during the 47th general body meeting of PPMA. Syed Naeem Yaqoob, Khalid Munir, Zafar Iqbal Nagra, Saleem Haider, Zaka-Ur-Rehman, Dr Kaiser Waheed, Nadeem A Chandna,Syed Nadeem Ahmed, Ehsan Awan, Dr A. Shakoor Usman and M Jawed Akhai.were elected as members of PPMA for South and North zones. Jawed Akhai pledged to intensify efforts for making locally manufactured medicines competitive in the International market

Sindh Pa session summoned today KARACHI

KARACHI: An old man prepares clay pots at a factory in the area of Kumhar bara. ONLiNE

wfP provides food assistance to 10,066 people SUKKUR APP

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has provided food assistance to 10,066 beneficiaries in Jacobabad with one month food and plans to gear up operations to reach the most severely affected areas. In Jacobabad, where some areas are under 2.5 metres deep water, drawing upon limited available stocks of food. WFP reached further 10,000 families in Balochistan. Earlier, monthly food ration had been provided to 500 families in Naseerabad to reach a total 6,000 families in the immediate relief phase, said spokesperson of the WFP Amjad Jamal while talking to APP on Sunday. Moreover, with road access limited due to the flood waters, WFP has deployed 29 motorboats to reach some of the worst affected communities of the Jacobabad and Naseerabad. However, any assistance beyond this first phase will require additional funding from donors and WFP is seeking urgent donations of US$15 million.

PMa seeks support for flood victims KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA Karachi) has requested the medical community in particular and citizen on Karachi in general to actively participate in its “Rain and Floods Relief Activities,” for the affected people of Sindh and Balochistan. Prof Qaiser Sajjad in a statement on Sunday said PMA team was currently engaged in providing essential medicines, ration and other necessary goods to the affectees. He said medical team comprising doctors and technicians are also being despatched to affected areas on rotational basis. The PMA official in a passionate appeal urged the citizens to join PMA in its relief activities through their donations. APP


Two cops among nine killed in fresh violence KARACHI



OME armed men shot the assistant and deputy superintendents of Landhi Jail dead in Gulshan-eIqbal area of Karachi on Saturday-Sunday night. According to details, Landhi Children Prison’s Assistant Superintendent Pir Masood and Landhi Jail’s Deputy Superintendent Abdul Razzaq were attacked as they were traveling in their car by unidentified miscreants on a motor bike near NIPA Chowrangi. The armed attackers swiftly escaped after killing both the officers on the spot. The police rushed to the attack site but failed to save the victims. The police seized six empty shells of bullets from the scene and immediately moved both officers’ bodies to a nearby private hospital, where doctors

confirmed that both of them had already expired. Later on, both dead bodies were moved to Jinnah Hospital for postmortems and other routine proceedings. Apart from these fresh killings in the metropolitan, one person’s dead body was found from his house in Mehmoodabad and another youth’s sack-packed body was recovered from Lyari canal. Deceased youth was kidnapped and killed after torture, said the police. Three more bodies were recovered from New Karachi and Orangi Town areas. Meanwhile, Rangers apprehended 12 accused including six alleged target killers during search operation in 100quarters Baldia Town on Sunday. The paramilitary forces, in the targeted operation, also recovered 28 different kinds of weapons from the custody of accused.

Committee to probe kids’ deaths in Larkana KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Health Dr Saghir Ahmed has taken serious notice of infants’ death at Children Hospital, Larkana, and constituted an enquiry committee comprising senior official and doctors to ascertain the exact cause of the mishap. The enquiry committee comprising Director General of Health, Sindh, Dr Firoze Memon, Prof Khurshid Abbasi and Prof Salma Shaikh has been asked to submit the report within three days time. Prof Khurshid Abbasi and Prof Salma Shaikh are known child specialists of the province. APP

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has summoned Sindh Assembly session today (Monday). Sources said local bodies ordinance will be tabled during the session in the Sindh Assembly. The assembly session will begin at 10:00 am in the morning. It is expected that draft of the new local bodies ordinance will be approved in the first session of assembly meeting. At the other hand, Pakistan People’s Party called parliamentary committees meeting, while and Muttahida Qaumi Movement also called Rabita Committee meeting on Sunday evening to discuss the issue.

three die in road mishap HYDERABAD APP

Three members of a family were killed at Hyderabad-Tando Muhammad Khan road when a car ran over motorcyclists on Sunday. The accident occurred in the jurisdiction of Husri police station and police identified the deceased as Noor Ahmed, Rafia and Amanat Ali. The car driver, escaped after the accident. The dead bodies were shifted to Civil Hospital for postmortem.


At least 2.8 million people in 15 districts of Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab have been affected by the 2012 floods. According to a survey conducted by UNICEF, 1.4 million children of whom 392,000 are under the age of five have been displaced by the floods. UNICEF Pakistan Deputy Representative, Karen Allen said that “Children from very poor families are amongst the worst affected by the severe flooding and they need our immediate help”. She said that UNICEF needed $US 15.4 million for provision of drinking water, medicines and toilet fa-

cilities for 400,000 people over the next six months. Assisting the respective governments of the three provinces, UNICEF has rehabilitated 183,000 flood-affected citizens till date. Using funds from an emergency loan facility, UNICEF had been providing, food, water, health care and tents to 120,000 people daily in Jaf-

farabad and Naseerabad districts of Balochistan. 4,000 people were benefiting from UNICEF’s rehabilitation effors in Dera Ghazi Khan d in Punjab and 59,000 people were benefiting in Jacobabad and Kashmore districts of Sindh. UNICEF also installed water bladders in Jacobabad. UNICEF also undertook provision of hygiene kits comprising of

soaps, sanitary towels water purification tablets, jerry cans and water buckets to 23,200 families in the three provinces. UNICEF has also funded vaccination against water-borne diseases, such as diarrhea, malaria, measles, polio and pneumonia. A cross sectional “Initial Rapid Assessment” conducted by UNCIEF declared that most of the children in the flood affected areas are undernourished and have no educational facilities available. The Multilateral organization has requested people from allover the world to pledge funds to the organization for rehabilitation of the flood affectees.

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Karachi 07 excise, taxation officials retrieve 400kgs of charas KARACHI APP

On special directives of Sindh Minister for Excise and Taxation Mukesh Kumar Chawla, the intelligence wing of the department arrested criminals involved in trafficking of drugs. According to details divisional intelligence officer, Kaleem ullah Wasan received information about trafficking of huge quantity of charas to Karachi. He consequently formed a team under supervision of Suleman Jatoi AETO who succeeded to detect a huge quantity of charas (400 kilograms) from a gas bouser (tanker) on Super Highway, near Kathore Malir. Driver of the vehicle named Gaman s/o Pathan Khan was arrested from the spot, FIR No. 21/2012 was also lodged against accused Gaman s/o Pathan Khan, further investigation is underway. Minister for Excise and Taxation has appreciated the efficiency of the intelligent wing and has expressed his commitment that he would continue his struggle against drugs.

‘Lack of modern transport causes accidents’ KARACHI APP

HYdeRAbAd: Residents of Mitthi hold a demonstration against demolishing of their houses by MNA Mahesh Malani. iNp

chief of naval Staff visits ‘SeaSPark 12’ KARACHI APP

Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandila, on Sunday, undertook a day-long operational visit of the fleet units engaged In Pakistan Navy Exercise SEASPARK-12. Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafiq Butt, also joined the Naval Chief onboard PN Ship NASR to witness Naval Operations at sea. The Chief of the Naval Staff and Air Chief expressed their satisfaction on seamless integration and information fusion between Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force which has been demonstrated during the Exercise Seaspark and led to synergetic bi-service force application. The Chief of the Air Staff also witnessed Pakistan Navy’s Fire Power Demonstration and reviewed the fleet display during his stay onboard PNS NASR. Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandila during stay at sea onboard PN Ship, oversaw Convoy Escorting under multi threat scenario, Defensive Counter Air Operations involving Airborne Early Warning (AEW) Aircraft, Combat Air Patrol (CAP) Operations by PAF aircraft in PN support, Air Defense Exercises besides other hardcore naval maneuvers. The admiral was briefed on conduct of the exercise. Naval Chief expressed his satisfaction over conduct of the exercise and hoped it would hone the professional acumen of Pakistan Navy officers and men. While interacting with officers and men on the occasion he underlined the importance of maintaining guard in view of prevailing security environment. He urged upon them to leave no stone unturned in achieving professional excellence which has always remained the hallmark of Pakistan Navy. Exercise SEASPARK-2012 being held after three years is the biggest naval exercise aimed to gauge/evaluate war preparedness of Pakistan Navy through conduct of battle-like situation in real time and to demonstrate synergy with the sister services in conduct of Joint Operations at Sea and on Land, in order to evolve strategies or employment and development of combat potential. The Exercise will conclude around mid Oct with conduct of final de-brief, said the press release issued by public relations department of Pakistan Navy.

Skilled youth asset for Pakistan: Pir Mazhar KARACHI



INDH Minister for Education, Pir Mazharulaq said that the young, educated and skilled workforce was the key for national development. The minister was addressing a convocation ceremony organized by the Newports Institute of Communication and Economics (NICE) on Sunday. He said that the youth should step forward and play their part towards national progress and development as the youth of the country was the most valuable resource the country housed. The convocation ceremony was attended by more than 500 students who

graduated in the disciplines of Business Administration, Computer Sciences and Fashion and Textile design. Four Gold Medals were awarded to students who excelled in the stated disciplines. The Gold medals were sponsored by Hilton Pharma, Deewan Group, FOAKH Group, and Abdullah Gardens. NICE, Chairman Brig (R) Sadiq Jamal advised the graduating students to play positive roles towards development of Pakistan. NICE Rector Huma Bukhari, praised the graduates for their endless efforts and prayed for a prosperous future for them. Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries Chairman Mian Abrar Ahmed, and Hilton Pharma, Chairman Sardar Yaseen Malik, were guests of honor on the convocation.

JAvED JABBAR tO BE NFEH’S HONORARy ADvISOR : Javed Jabbar has been elected as the honorary Advisor to National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH), a non-governmental organization (NGO) engaged in environmental protection activities in the country. According to a press release issued on Sunday he will counsel NFEH on its environmental, awareness, training and social activities. He is also associated with Pakistan National Council (PNC) and United World Colleges Scholarship (UWCS) since 1982. He is the founder chairman of South Asian Media Association Colombo (SAMAC), founder convener of South Asian Editors Forum (SAEF) and Citizen Media Commission (CMC).

Absence of modern urban transport system is a major contributory factory to no less than 26,000 vehicular accidents in Karachi, said Commissioner, Roshan Ali Shaikh. Chairing a meeting in his office on Sunday, he said non-compliance of traffic rules, presence of outdated public and private vehicles has aggravated the situation all the more. “It should therefore be of no surprise to register 1,000 road accidents induced deaths and 32,000 injuries in the city every year,” he said. The meeting among others was also attended by Additional Commissioner of Karachi, Kamran Shamshad, Deputy Commissioner, District - Central, Dr, Saifur Rehman, Deputy Commissioner - West, Ganhwar Ali Laghari, Director, Media Affairs, Shabih Siddiqui and others. Roshan Ali Shaikh opined that any delay in modifying the traffic system and inability to ensure stringent implementation of traffic rules will further aggravate the situation, with steady increase in the number of citizens losing their lives or sustaining injuries that may also lead towards their disabilities.

HYdeRAbAd: Smoke rises from a motor workshop at Latifabad 7 after fire erupted at the premises. ONLiNE

Monday, 1 October, 2012

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08 karachi weather uPDateS

35 °c high 0c 25 Low


tueSDay weDneSDay thurSDay 34°c i 25°c

35°c i 24°c

34°c i 24°c

Prayer tiMinGS fajr Sunrise 04:30 05:54

zuhr 12:39

asr 16:04

Maghrib 19:22

isha 20:47

city DirectOry eMerGency heLP reScue 1122 eDhi cOntrOL 115, 32310066, 2310077 MOtOrway POLice 130 POLice 15 GOVernOr’S hOuSe 136 chief MiniSter’S hOuSe 99202051 fire BriGaDe 16, 99215007-8 BOMB DiSPOSaL 15, 99212667 reD creScent 35833973 khiDMat-e-khaLq fOunDatiOn 36333811

hOSPitaLS aBBaSi ShaheeD ciViL Jinnah nicVD aGha khan taBBa

99260400-09 99215749, 99215960 99201300-39 99201271-6 34930051 36811841-50

KARACHI: Men unloading sacrificial animals ahead of eid-ul-Adha at a cattle market near Super Highway. ONLiNE

‘REASONS TO BELIEVE’ 2nd chartered accountants students’ conference-2012 held KARACHI

BLOOD Bank huSSaini fatiMiD Pwa

32238405-8 32225284, 32258656 99215740, 32735214

cOMPLaint keSc Sui GaS PtcL kwSB cDGk

118 1199, 99231603 1218 1339 134

raiLwayS enquiry city StatiOn cantt StatiOn

117, 99213565-6 99213538 99201118

airPOrt fLiGht enquiry Pia reSerVatiOn

114 111-786-786

cOLLeGeS / uniVerSitieS karachi uniVerSity neD uniVerSity fuuaSt DuhS SMic faSt-nu SzaBiSt iOBM iBa iVS

Monday, 1 October, 2012

99261300-06 99261261-8 99244141-9 99215754-7 99217501-3 111128128, 34100541-7 111922478 35090961-7 111422422 35861039-40



HE Chartered Accountants Students’ Association - South (CASAS) organized the CA Students’ Conference 2012 in collaboration with the Southern Regional Committee of ICAP on the theme ‘reasons to believe’. The conference was attended by Renowned Nuclear Scientist, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan as the chief guest and Syed Mohammad Shabbar Zaidi as a guest speaker. Dr AQ khan described his extra ordinary experience as a Nuclear Scientist through various stories. He has been raised from an inferior back ground yet achieved a major milestone all his life. His dream and dedication to contribute towards the science and national defense of the country lead his life style to be simple yet determinative. He expressed his felicitation at the intellectual capital Pakistan possesses in every field whether be nuclear power or accountancy. He stressed the importance of politics and its positive use to improve the economy of Pakistan. He urged the audience comprised of a multiple age group and professional positions to take part in the elections to be held and choose the right and educated leader for the nation. He said he, “even one person can bring

the change. Cast your vote, don’t sit idle, don’t make it a party day.” Further he said, “Don’t make false promises. If you have the ability to do something, do that, otherwise be courageous to say that I cannot do that”. Syed Shabbar Zaidi gave a thorough insight on the topic ‘Reasons to believe in the economy of Pakistan.’ He emphasized on the attainment of education as the key to transform lives. CA Students’ Conference was a conduit of powerful ideas. Conference organizer Khalilullah Shaikh and Hassaan Hamid also addressed the audience. This was the 2nd Chartered Accountants Students’ Conference solely held to give an insight into the prosperity of CA fraternity and the Pakistan. The conference was also attended by President ICAP Rashid Rehman Mir, Past Presidents and Council Members ICAP. Chairman CASA in his concluding address thanked team CASA for organizing a conference that made an impact on their lives. WORLD RABIES DAy CELEBRAtED : World Rabies Day was celebrated in nearly 80 countries worldwide here on Sunday. In Karachi it was a notable event celebrated in collaboration with Novartis Vaccines and Rabies in Asia for middle and high school children, parents, teachers, health care givers, hospital and clinic administrators, as well as city, provincial and WHO appointed decision makers. The event was held in the premises of the

"ExErCiES iN iMAGiNNG ...

Date: SePt 25 - Oct 04, 2012

Indus Hospital, Korangi where over 700 guests gathered to hear Dr Quaid Saeed, National Programme Officer WHO Country Office and Dr Huma Qureshi, Director Pakistan Medical Research Council announce that this much neglected and fatal disease is finally being noticed by health authorities. Ten animal bite treatment centers will be opened in each province that will be provided treatment with high quality vaccine. Dr. Naeem Qureshi has been designated focal person for the ten centers in both rural and urban Sindh. Dr Naseem Salahuddin, Member WHO Expert Panel for Rabies and Head, Department of Infectious Diseases at the Indus Hospital offered to make The Indus Hospital the Training Center for all Sindh centers. Dr. Seemin Jamali, Director of Emergency Department, JPMC emphasized the tremendous importance of immediate care by washing bite wounds thoroughly and reaching the nearest treatment center for further management. The children were treated to a magic and puppet show for rabies awareness, hosted by a TV star. Lectures on Rabies will follow during the rest of the week in some medical colleges. After the session in the coming week, Novartis vaccines in collaboration with WHO and RIA will conduct free pre-exposure prophylaxis vaccination for the SOS village children.


Date: SePt 26 - Oct 26, 2012


Date: thurSDay, 7:00 PM, weekLy eVent

Venue: canVaS GaLLery

Venue: kunJ art GaLLery

Venue: the SecOnD fLOOr (t2f)

anwar SaeeD ´S new ShOw ”eXerciSeS in iMaGininG the Other”, StartS at canVaS GaLLery On SePteMBer 25th 2012 frOM 5 PM - 8 PM. anwar SaeeD iS an eStaBLiSheD artiSt whO iS a facuLty MeMBer at ...

Little, if anything, Deters the artist Meerza ali from creating the way he does. even though he had suffered a serious illness only too recently, that he didn´t think that he´d survive. whose solo exhibition opens kunj on September 26, 2012 at 5:30 pm. and the artist , who was born in calcutta, migrated to Pakistan in 1948. whose father himself, was an artist. who had never taught Meerza ali, thought. So the artist acquired the skills that he needed on his own. who has done especially well with calligraphy and his beautiful figurative work.

Join us at t2f every wednesday for interactive sessions on Mirza Ghalib’s poetry, conducted by author and translator, Musharraf ali farooqi. Ghalib Made easy by @MicroMafthe poetry of Mirza Ghalib (27 December 1797 – 15 february 1869) has been considered complex, abstract and difficult to comprehend. even for Ghalib’s contemporaries, his language and imagery presented a challenge.

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Foreign News 09

Fierce clashes as army shells Syria’s Aleppo: NGO ALEPPO



IERCE fighting broke out in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on Sunday as rebels attacked an army checkpoint near the capital, killing nine soldiers, monitors said. Hours after a fire tore through a historic souk in Aleppo, fighting erupted in and around the Old City as rebels tried to seize control the district, said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Since last week, much of the fighting has focused on the area around the Old City, and this is believed to have sparked the fire in the centuries-old souk which destroyed many shops, said an AFP correspondent and the Observatory. Meanwhile the army subjected several of the city’s districts to intense shelling, and battled rebels in the northern district of Jandul, said the Observatory. “There were many rebels and soldiers killed, but both sides are trying to conceal their casualties,” Abdel Rahman told AFP.

Among the districts shelled by the army overnight were the southwestern neighbourhood of Salaheddin, the main theatre of combat between rebels and troops in mid-summer, the Britain-based watchdog said. In Damascus province, the rebel Free Syrian Army attacked an army checkpoint on the road linking the southwestern town of Qatana to the capital, killing nine soldiers, the Observatory said. The FSA also attacked a checkpoint in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, killing four soldiers, the monitoring group said. Many areas of both Damascus province and Deir Ezzor have suffered intense army assaults, as the regime of President Bashar al-Assad tries to crush the insurgency. Also in Damascus province, soldiers backed by aerial firepower stormed the rebel stronghold of Harasta as regime forces carried out arrest raids in the town of Zabadani, said the Observatory. across Syria killed at least 118 people on Saturday — 48 civilians, 41 soldiers and 29 rebels, the Observatory said, adding to its toll of over 30,000 killed since an anti-regime uprising erupted in March 2011.

Suicide car bomb in Syria’s

Erdogan tells Syria allies to

Kurdish region kills 4: TV

stop backing ‘brutal’ regime

DAMASCUS: A suicide car bombing in Qamishli, a Kurdish city in northern Syria, killed at least four people Sunday, state television reported, but a human rights group said that eight members of the security forces died in the blast. “A suicide terrorist using a car laden with explosives attacked the western district of Qamishli,” said the state broadcaster, adding that at least four people were killed. But the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gave a higher death toll and said the attack targeted a security headquarters. “At least eight members of the security forces were killed, and 15 were injured,” said the Britain-based monitoring group, adding that the blast was followed by heavy gunfire. Amateur video uploaded on YouTube by activists showed a cloud of thick smoke rising over the city. This was the first time since the outbreak of an anti-regime revolt that Qamishli witnessed such a violent attack, Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said. “It is the only city with a Kurdish majority that still has a solid security presence,” Abdel Rahman said, adding that the target of the blast was a regional security headquarters for Kurdish districts. Abdel Rahman said that the military pulled out of Kurdish regions in the north, including Qamishli, several months ago and that the rebel Free Syrian Army has no presence whatsoever in the city. But a small number of autonomous fighters are still there. AfP

ANKARA: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged China, Iran and Russia Sunday to end their support for the Syrian regime, warning that “history will not forgive” their stance in the face of mounting bloodshed. “Please rethink your current attitude. History will not forgive those who have sided with these brutal regimes,” Erdogan said in a speech at a congress of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). Erdogan, a one-time ally of President Bashar al-Assad, has become a fervent critic of the regime since a peaceful uprising against Damascus turned into a bloody revolt. Russia, a traditional Damascus ally, and China have blocked all UN Security Council resolutions on the conflict that according to activists has now left around 30,000 people dead in 18 months. Shiite-led Iran is Syria’s closest regional ally and is accused by several Western and Sunni-led Arab nations of providing military aid to Assad’s regime. Turkey backs the Syrian rebels and Erdogan said it is also hosting about 91,000 refugees from the conflict in several border camps. AfP

Nairobi church blast kills child, triggers reprisal attacks NAIROBI: A suspected grenade attack on a Nairobi church Sunday killed one child and wounded nine others, triggering reprisal violence against the Somali community although no group claimed responsibility. The blast, during a service for youngsters at a church on the outskirts of Nairobi, came a day after Islamist Shebab fighters abandoned their last bastion in neighbouring Somalia in the face of an assault by Kenyan and other troops. Blood-stained children’s jackets and shoes lay scattered on the floor of the Anglican St. Polycarp church, surrounded by remnants of metal walls that were broken and twisted by the force of the explosion. “One child has died and three others have been seriously injured,” Nairobi police chief Moses Nyakwama told AFP. “We suspect it was a grenade.” Witnesss Janet Wanja said she was just entering the church in the Pangani district on the outskirts of the Kenyan capital when the blast shook the building. After the attack, dozens of angry people hurled rocks at Somalis and stoned buildings belonging to members of the community, but noone was reported injured in the chaos. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the church attack, the latest in a string of grenade attacks, shootings and bomb blasts that have rocked Kenya since it sent troops into southern Somalia in October 2011 to crush bases of Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab fighters. AfP

KIev: About 15,000 people take part in a mass morning gym exercise on Sunday to set a new Guinness world record of the most number of people taking part in a morning gym exercise. afp

iran jury finds Reuters guilty over ninja report TEHRAN AfP

An Iranian jury on Sunday found the international news agency Reuters guilty of the crime of “propaganda against the regime” for a report early this year mischaracterising female ninja students as assassins, media said. Reuters was also found guilty of “publishing false information in an effort to disturb public opinion” over the ninja report that was published in February, Iran’s official Islamic Republic News Agency said, quoting the Tehran prosecutor’s office. The judge of the Tehran court was now expected to confirm the verdict and deliver a sentence in coming weeks, the Iranian channel Press TV reported, though no date was given. Reuters, which can appeal the conviction, declined to comment to AFP about the jury’s decision. The news agency, part of the New York-based Thomson Reuters group since 2008, was

represented in court by its Tehran bureau chief, Parisa Hafezi, who has been prevented from leaving the country pending the court case. Iranian authorities confiscated the press credentials of all staff in the Reuters bureau in March, and suspended its operations. The case stems from a report Reuters did on a group of female ninjas training in the sport in the city of Karaj, west of Tehran. The original headline on the story erroneously read “Thousands of female Ninjas train as Iran’s assassins”. Reuters subsequently changed the headline to read “Three thousand women Ninjas train in Iran”. It later removed the report. Reuters’ global editor in chief, Stephen Adler, told The New York Times newspaper on March 29 that the headline mistake was not malicious, and added: “I don’t see factual errors in the story.” Iranian authorities routinely monitor and restrict the activities of foreign journalists.

Thousands protest against Malaysia petroleum hub KUALA LUMPUR AfP

Thousands rallied in southern Malaysia on Sunday against a government-backed $56-billion petroleum hub they say will force thousands out of their homes and damage a fishing community. Environmentalists from across the country gathered in the sleepy coastal town of Pengerang where the project, spearheaded by state oil giant Petronas and also involving private companies, is due to be completed by 2016. A coalition of local NGOS say the 170-billion-ringgit Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex — an industrial park for the oil industry — will harm the livelihoods of local residents and fishermen in an area famed for its lobsters. On Sunday protestors, mostly dressed in green, heard opposition leaders promise to cancel the project if they come to power at national elections that must be held by the middle of next year. Organisers said 8,000

demonstrators took part although reports estimated the crowd to be less than half that figure. “We want development but not when it oppresses the people. The government must give the public the right to decide on the location of such projects,” Anis Afida Mohd Azli, who is leading opposition to the project, told AFP. She added the NGOs will hand over a list of demands to the state government on October 8. The protest movement began early last year as local anger mounted against the 22,500-acre petrochemical hub. Prime Minister Najib Razak has faced numerous protests over projects allegedly harmful to the environment since taking power a year after his Barisan Nasional suffered its worst ever electoral result in 2008. A green movement, largely supported by the opposition, has gained momentum in recent years with Australian rare earths producer Lynas Corp bearing the brunt of the backlash over a planned plant near an eastern resort town.

Bomb blast, gunfire rock area near Nigerian Islamic school ZARIA: A bomb blast and gunfire shook an area around an Islamic boarding school in northern Nigeria on Sunday, leaving two of the alleged attackers dead and at least three others wounded, officials said. It was not immediately clear who was behind the blast in the city of Zaria, but Islamist extremist group Boko Haram has been blamed for hundreds of deaths as part of its insurgency in northern and central Nigeria. The boarding school is run by prominent Salafist cleric Awwal Adam Albani, known for outspoken criticism of Boko Haram. He was also arrested last year over a bombing and arms possession, but later released for lack of evidence. A number of buildings in the area were damaged in the blast and, according to a rescue worker at the scene, other unexploded homemade bombs were located. The school building sustained damage, including broken windows. The violence occurred in the hometown of Vice President Namadi Sambo and came a day ahead of commemorations marking 52 years of Nigerian independence, but there was no sign of a link. The rescue worker at the scene, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said security officers initially moved into the area on Thursday after receiving information that a Boko Haram hideout was located in the neighbourhood. There was an exchange of fire on Saturday night between gunmen and security forces in the same neighbourhood, another relief official said on condition of anonymity. The complex includes the school as well as a mosque. A relief official said the blast was caused by an improvised explosive device. Witnesses said it appeared the blast had gone off inside a house close to the school, destroying the building. “Two suspects were killed,” Shuaib said. “The innocent victims that were injured were taken to hospital.” The two suspects were shot by security forces, according to Shuaib. The rescue worker said at least three people were wounded. AfP

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10 Comment a road to peace

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

the new Silk Raod strategy

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

answering Mengal On engaging the baloch


By Hassan Naqvi

ou can’t neatly slot response to former Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Akhtar Mengal’s six points in the usual demarcations that cut across the Pakistani poli-sphere. He has met with Nawaz Sharif, who, granted, was only formerly the darling of the establishment. But he has also met with Imran Khan, who, depending on who you ask, is the current blue-eyed boy of the deep state. The MQM, which is at pains to paint itself as a party for all “smaller nations”, is trying to meet him but the Nawab has yet to oblige. The ANP, with a sense of history, has appreciated his engagement; they were the same party once, weren’t they? And the PPP finds itself in the odd position of trying to play apologist for the military. The interior minister categorically rejected the notion that there was a military operation going on in the province, around which the six points were centered. No minor disagreement, this. This is no minor difference of opinion on the choice of this word or that. No, this is a basic, fundamental difference. The interior minister even went on to remind Mengal that it was the PPP government that had released him from incarceration. To this, the former CM had an interesting quip: back in the NAP days, when the PPP outlawed his party and had jailed his father, Nawab Attaullah Mengal, Nawab Ghaus Bux Bizenjo, Wali Khan, Habib Jalib and other party leaders, it was the Zia regime that set them all free; by that logic, should he pay homage to the dead dictator’s grave every time he’s in the federal capital? The military PR machine has also gotten into action. Lies and what not. The ISPR had also had to deny a report in a British paper implying that the ISI was behind the smear campaign against the foreign minister in response to her support for an international observers group on Balochistan. Responsible for some wrongdoing in Balochistan? Plausible. But responsible even for smear campaigns against female politicians? The plausibility should spur the agency into some introspection. At the end of the day, Mengal’s attempt at reproachment seems refreshing, even to those who are not pleasantly disposed towards him, because it gives a focal point of concentration regarding The Other in Balochistan. Someone to negotiate with. What if he is not effective to begin with? Or, for that matter, what if even Brahmdagh, Hyrbyair, Balaach and the likes have also been left behind by the agents of social change and the new side to be reckoned with are the shadowy, middle-class ideologues we keep hearing about? What if they are many in number and are far more mercurial than the traditional anti-establishment sardars? The establishment has no one but itself to blame.

By Rabia Ahmed


any in Pakistan believe that the Silk Road strategy adapted by the US is to impinge on the vast natural resources in South Asia, since the whole world is now running out of their resources. Some analysts have described this strategy as the ‘Great Game’, as adopted by the British Empire and Russian Empire long ago to attain supremacy in Central Asia. The Islamists in the country think that the initiative is being taken by the American imperialistic forces to subdue Muslims and handicap them of advancement. The New Silk Road strategy was devised by the Americans. In 2008, Hillary Clinton came up with a vision of the New Silk Road, a route of connected railway links and roads which would connect the South Asian region with Central Asia with the premise that the vast natural resources from Central Asia would reach markets in the South Asian region. It was thought that trade and interdependence on gas would fuel the South Asian economic wealth, cotton from the fields of Tajikistan would reach India’s textile mills and other products of value would integrate within the markets of Central and South Asia. The strategy, opted by the US State Department, is best described by Robert D Hormats, Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs, in a discussion forum organized by the SAIS Central AsiaCaucasus Institute and CSIS Forum, in Washington DC. He said, “This vision for the region is deeply rooted in history. For millennia, a sprawling trading network crisscrossed Asia – connecting East to West, and North to South. It was a robust network — on land and on sea”. The forum was held on September 29, 2011. Even US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is saying that ‘connections in that whole neighborhood would grow stronger so that prosperity would grow for everyone’. This bold statement was given on the event of diplomatic meeting between India and Pakistan in Islamabad over discussing the visa procedures between the two. New Delhi has invested in the new 2000kilometer pipeline which would cost around

$7.6 billion and bring 70 billion cubic meters of gas from Daulatabad gas fields of Turkmenistan to India through Afghanistan and Pakistan. The agreements between Pakistan and India and other SAARC countries have confirmed the new economic integration. The Turkmenistan gas initiative was taken by Pakistan and India but now Bangladesh also wants to be a part of it. South Asia’s dire need for gas can only be filled by regional states. Pakistan seems determined to move ahead on the Iranian gas pipeline, possibly ignoring the sanctions posed by the US against Iran. Some analysts view this new Silk Road strategy as an alternate to the Iranian gas pipeline. America may want to move its troops out of Afghanistan but it would like to leave a good impression behind in the shape of Silk Road initiative. The strategy will also serve for the US as an outreach to Central Asia, something earlier China had access to for a long time almost exclusively. It can also be viewed as a foreign policy to contain Chinese outreach. China’s economic integration and cooperation with the Central Asian states had been zilch when the Central Asia was a part of former USSR. China’s trade with the Central Asian states in total amounted to about $465 million in the year 1992, but in 2005, it grew well over $7.7 billion. In the year 2002, it was about $2.4 billion, in 2003 it grew to about $4.1 billion. In 2005, the amount of total trade was $5.8 billion. These amounts increased at about 72.5 percent to a high figure of about $7.7 billion. A few oil firms have now signed their contracts with China while swiftly moving away from America; the deals will take place in the northern parts of Afghanistan around Amu Darya. Both India and China have now made roads into the Iraqi oil fields. The new outreach of South Asian states into the Central Asia will have its consequences for America, even if America has taken a strong stance in its favor. The Cen-

tral Asian region is overflowing with energy but has no route linking it directly to the sea routes, but it could do if it acquires the same from the UAE, which can afford to grant such an access. The manpower could be taken care of by the South Asian workers. The US is quite determined to contain Iran, as it is obvious in many ways. The Silk Road will have Iran as an important player as we can see South Asia’s thirst for energy to overcome its energy deficit will be met by the grace of Iranian gas. This interdependence would allow Iran a share in the process and can lead it to a bidding card for joining the SAARC countries. India has taken up an active role in aiding Iran in the pursuit of its projects. The new Chabahar port has accelerated a series of talks among countries in the region. India constructed a road in 2008 which starts from Chabahar port on the Arabian Sea and passes through the Sistan-Balochistan and Khorasan provinces and reaches the Nimruz province of Afghanistan, becoming a great link to the Afghanistan’s Ring Road. The governments of Afghanistan, India and Iran have now agreed to construct a railway line to facilitate their trade, for the vast resources of about $1 trillion, the estimated worth of Afghan resources by the US. Following Turkey, India is now introducing various ways of engaging Iran and refraining from the US stance of isolating Iran. Pakistan also seems to be planning on engaging with Iran and defy American strategy. The new Silk Road offers great connectivity, economic progress and prosperity for the two geostrategic regions that need integration with each other in the face of the new globalized world. South Asia could profit greatly from this new strategy, and Islamabad and New Delhi, being the major players, should be working together to pursue this lofty goal. The writer is a journalist based in Lahore and is working for South Asian Media Net.

Of penguins and kalmas at chowks No planning in urban planning


here’s a penguin near LUMS in Lahore. Well, it’s a statue of a penguin, a full sized one, on a patch of grass between two busy roads. So why does a penguin live between two busy roads in a country that has nothing to do with penguins? You might also ask why those two penguin roads have been designed the way they have, without any access breaks between them, and little convenient access to LUMS. Those living close behind LUMS are forced to drive the distance to Wateen Chawk before turning around again, when for LUMS they cannot take a simple right to its entrance. They must perform a complicated manoeuvre around the penguin and a couple of houses that moonlight as a roundabout, and then cut immediately across a road that leads to the main gate. Before that point they are in danger of taking an unmarked fork that would take them right back to Wateen Chawk

Monday, 1 October, 2012

once again. As a consequence, many drivers, mainly cyclists and motorcyclists, drive along the wrong side into a blind corner, all to avoid the long trek in the opposite direction. It’s shorter, but exceedingly perilous, both to themselves and to the cars turning the corner from the other, the correct side. I’m told on good authority that these roads are laid out like this, following accidents on that stretch of road, but this solution is no solution, without any consideration for convenience, safety, or the Pakistani psyche. Similarly, the ‘backside’ of LUMS has a burgeoning population, and many schools. Almost no one stops at the traffic lights there, not even in front of the Lahore Grammar School, and they drive on the wrong side again, because once more, to get to the other side is too long a detour. Obviously the new colonies were not planned for, and once they mushroomed into existence no one bothered to ac-

commodate them, or enforce any safety rules, here or anywhere else. Alas Pakistan and its lack of planning and enforcement. These examples but illustrate that point. In today’s expensive times with current prices of fuel, to expect commuters to drive so far out of their way is unrealistic, yet it happens with monotonous regularity throughout the country that anyone who can make life difficult for anyone else, does so. But we’ll come back to that later. The lack of planning extends to almost every sphere of life, but since we’re speaking of construction the other obvious example is buildings. The recent heartrending tragedies in Karachi and Lahore where so many lives were lost were apparently a direct consequence of a lack of planning and a singular lack of enforcement of safety regulations: a single access point into a congested building with dubious electrical wiring and most of electrical equipment is

that well worn cliché: a recipe for disaster, and a disaster it was. Seeing that the Pakistani public observes rules only to break them, the solution lies in the three Es: Engineering, Education, and Enforcement, properly implemented. Roads and buildings designed by civil engineers and architects are not just about walkways, flyovers, walls and windows. They are also about people, their mentality, and their interaction with civic amenities. Designs must reflect this aspect too. If the public does not understand safety, it must be educated. Until then, there’s enforcement. In the case of roads, the sharp metal spikes in Karachi’s Khadda Markets streets have forced people to use the one way system, proving that money is better spent on enforcement rather than on penguins and kalmas at chowks. So about making life more difficult for everyone, I have a theory which you may call the Obstruc-

tion Theory. It says that people have such an unfailingly miserable time getting the most mundane work done here that they’ve come to think of it as the norm. To acquire legitimacy, a thing must be hazardous and obtainable only after overcoming many obstacles. That, according to popular perception, is how life is meant to be, and therefore, they make things difficult and hazardous on purpose. Which in a sense means that all this haphazard planning; it’s really people working very hard in the only way they know best, to do what they think is right. And we thought we never planned, worked hard, or did what is right. It just goes on to show how wrong one can be. Also, you know that penguin I mentioned earlier? Well I forgot to tell you, it wears a hat. It’s only a bowler hat, but never mind. The writer is a freelance columnist. Read more by her at

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Comment 11

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

Mengal’s points Mr Akhtar Mengal was very frank, blunt and extremely honest to voice the concerns of Baloch nationalists by stating that Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) had involvement in enforced disappearances of missing persons and conduct of covert and overt military operations by ‘death squads’ operating under the supervision of secret agencies. This forced the military leadership to immediately deny the accusations and by doing so consider itself being absolved/vindicated from the accusations. Easy said than done; the accusations stand and so does the frustration and anger of people of Balochistan. Where does this take us from here? The Baloch are true nationalists no doubt but so are the majority of ethno-nationalist Pakistanis who all want to be part of one independent, democratic, pluralistic and viable country. Unfortunately, it is not the people but the leadership that seems to be working on cross purpose. Mr Mengal, despite being very disappointed and frustrated, must get out of the 'hopelessness mode' and advocate the way forward to the people of Balochistan by recommending association with the political process. Especially when elections are fast approaching and there is a growing feeling that Baloch nationalists will boycott the elections. Mr Mengal knows well that the democratic assemblies are the best platform to fight for the rights of the province and for its people. Believing and asking the people of Balochistan to believe in the independence and neutrality of the state institutions like the judiciary and election commission may just be the right step towards a hopeful and viable commitment leading to reconciliation. Prospects for reconciliation between the Baloch nationals and the state have never looked promising in the past but the recent public accusations by Mr Mengal followed by immediate denial by the state respectively has further harden and tighten the position of the two parties. Yet both parties cannot give up finding a middle ground for 'solution seeking efforts' even after the extreme positions that the two sides have taken. MUHAMMAD ALI EHSAN Karachi

commission on the rights of children Article 25 (3) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan recognizes special right of protection for children due to their vulnerability. Pakistan ratified United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) on November 12, 1990 which provides broader outlines for the promotion and protection of child rights. Every person below the age of 18 years is a child under the UNCRC. Over 47 percent of the total population of Pakistan consists of children less than 18 years of age. The UNCRC made it obligatory on the states which ratify the Convention to take all appropriate legislative, administrative and other measures for the implementation of the rights enshrined in the Convention. The 18th constitutional

amendment passed by the parliament has made child rights a provincial subject. It is important to note though children constitute almost fifty percent of the total population of the province but still there is no body with a statutory status for the promotion and protection of their rights. The Committee on the Rights of the Child, in its concluding observations to Pakistan in 2009, recommended the establishment 'of an independent monitoring structure with a mandate to regularly evaluate progress in the implementation of the Convention'. So in compliance of the committee’s recommendation now the provincial government(s) should immediate establish an independent and empowered Provincial

working against our own cause After violent protests of last few weeks against a blasphemous video, we need to recognize that by indulging in fierce protests, we are working against our own case. Such protests may be beneficial for few people who are more interested in petty politics rather than love for the Prophet (PBUH). However, it leaves a very negative impression of Muslim Ummah that we are inherently violent people. It’s true that our weaknesses and shortcomings in the backdrop of (elsewhere) global economic and technological development lead to en-mass frustration. One would expect that our leaders would use this frustration to fight the evils Muslim nations are facing --- illiteracy, corruption, intolerance, insecurity and lawlessness, but it’s the other way round, they divert it to polish and promote their politics. What Muslims achieved by protesting against ‘Stannic Verses’, ‘Turkish Art of Love’ and now ‘Innocence of Muslims’ – nothing, except by their violent reaction they in fact invited even the unconcerned people across the globe to watch/read such blasphemous works. In my opinion, most of the protestors were lured to do violent acts in their love for Prophet, but in fact by acting as pawns of few wicked politicians, they themselves are promoting blasphemy. It’s time for Muslims to come out of this cycle of violence and concentrate on education, economy, tolerance and better governance. These are the real goals to be achieved, can’t be achieved by killing, looting and ransacking. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Debate against Sheikh rashid Sheikh Rashid is known for his frank and wellworded statements. He talks lots of sense particularly when he quotes statistics to prove his point of view. Many others tried to copy his style, like Faisal Reza Abidi, Zulfiqar Mirza, Rehman Malik etc but they failed. Their performance has not only been miserable but also far below accepted decency level and culture. Sh Rashid should be allowed to speak more often on TV. He at least leaves behind lot of information for people who do not have access to media, especially electronic

Commission on the Rights of Children. The proposed commission will act as a focal point for effective supervision and coordination of children’s rights related matters in general and children at risk in particular at provincial level in respect of activities for the survival, development, protection and participation of children. Major role of the commission will be to comment on proposed new legislation at the earliest possible stage, or require the government to issue a child impact assessment to ensure that the legislation will comply with the best interests of the child while commission will also analyze existing laws, policies and practice to assess compliance with the Convention and other international

media and net. Someone from major parties like PPP and PML-N should counter his arguments on media instead of making stereotype, oft-repeated and redundant statements about ‘democracy’ and ‘people’s rights’ and ‘reconciliation policy’ and ‘tolerance’ etc. These words and expressions have lost their meaning. People are sick of this democracy which is called a panacea of all ills. People are sick of this reconciliation policy when the government in power plays ping pong with SC. About people’s rights, people ask a simple question: ‘do we have the right to live’? I don’t know why rhetoric is used to fool people. Debate against Sh Rashid, if anyone has anything to counter his so-called loose talk. AMJAD H MIRZA Lahore

fuel price-hike The steep hike in petrol prices has left people across all sections of the society completely enraged. This has obviously sent shockwaves to the common man who is trying hard to make ends meet in an inflationary environment. For the common man, every rise in petrol prices could sound the death knell for his savings. This fuel rise coupled with an increased inflation has surely impacted our pockets and due to this pricehike inflation figure is bound to go up and with it price of goods and services are also expected to go up. Major sectors to get affected is transportation, textiles, auto etc, as all of these major sectors requires petrol and other fuels to manufacture and transport them and when transportation costs rises, prices of essential commodities also get increased, which are transported on daily basis. The government will have to roll back the petrol price-hike because this hike is way too much. AMNA MELA Lahore

cashing in on Benazir's photograph While addressing the UN General Assembly in New York, President Asif Ali Zardari, before beginning his speech, once again kept a photograph of his late wife and Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. General elections in Pakistan are just round the

human rights obligations relating to children and make recommendations to the Government. The Commission will analyze existing government statistics on children in general and children at risk in particular to identify gaps or the need for disaggregated data and where there is a lack of existing information about their lives, it shall produce data of its own through Commissioned research, or urge the government to undertake any necessary research as well as collect and publish data on the situation of children in general and children at risk in particular and take appropriate steps to protect and promote the rights of such children. IFTIKHAR MUBARIK Lahore

corner. Using an international forum and displaying photograph of one’s political leader amounts to influencing the upcoming general elections and its results. Nobody is denying the sacrifice of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto for the cause of democracy in Pakistan. But President Asif Ali Zardari is trying to cash in on the death of his wife and Pakistan's twice elected prime minister. I strongly urge UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to take serious note of this and ask the world leaders participating in the UN General Assembly to stop using this august platform for personal gains in future. M RAFIQUE ZAKARIA Karachi

riP, Shaukat ali

Our friend and member of the Police Service of Pakistan, Shaukat Ali Khan, left us aghast on Monday, 24 September, when the news of his sudden death splashed on the electronic media. People who knew him even remotely were also deeply saddened. He was very young when he decided to leave for heavens. He was only 62. He was the youngest amongst us (PSP 1973). Shaukat Ali was a thorough gentleman and a graceful person. His greatest quality was his humility. He had everything to make him arrogant and proud. His family background and education. His father was the Wazir-e-Azam of Wali-e-Swat. Shaukat was Atchisonian. But he was always polite and gentle. He was a private person but not aloof. He would endear everybody with his friendly approach. He liked sports and sports page of the newspaper. He spent most of his professionally life in KP and came to Islamabad at the fag end of his career. He was liked by his colleagues and subordinates alike. When an officer junior to him was posted as Director General FIA, he proceeded on leave and opted to retire as an OSD. He was ignored for the positions of Commandant Frontier Constabulary and IGP KPK. He deserved Grade 22 but was again ignored. Shaukat Ali was a loving person, free from arrogance, conceit, intrigues, jealousy and greed. He was a man of integrity. He was a wonderful person. His departure from this world is a great loss for his family and friends. May his soul rest in peace! ASGHAR MAHMOOD Islamabad

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I never wanted to do acting: Malaika Model-turned-actress Malaika Arora Khan, who has a string of successful item numbers like “Chhaiya chhaiya”, “Munni badnaam” and “Anarkali disco chali” to her credit, says she never wanted to be an actor, and so she doesn’t miss it at all. “Except for some small roles, I have never acted so I can’t really miss it. I never wanted to do acting so it never really cropped up my mind. I love dancing and will continue to do till I can,” Malaika told IANS. The 39-year-old, who is married to actor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan, has done cameo in films like”Bichhoo”, “Indian”, “Kaante” and “Housefull”. But if given a chance to do a full-fledged role in a film, then it is the action genre that she has her eyes set on. “In future, I may turn around if something interests me. There is nothing that catches my fancy but then if ever I do something I would like to do action. I like the superhero genre... something like ‘Charlie’s Angels’ or ‘Krrish’,” said Malaika, who began her tryst with showbiz as a video jockey on MTV. She turned film producer along with her husband, Arbaaz, when their company Arbaaz Khan Productions released its first film “Dabangg” in 2010. After judging dance reality shows “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa”, “Nach Baliye” and “Zara Nachke Dikha”, Malaika is now a part of the judging panel of “ India’s Got Talent 4”, along with with filmmaker Karan Johar and actress Kirron Kher. something like ‘Charlie’s Angels’ or ‘Krrish’,” said Malaika, who began her tryst with showbiz as a video jockey on MTV. She turned film producer along with her husband, Arbaaz, when their company Arbaaz Khan Productions released its first film “Dabangg” in 2010. COURTESY TOi

SrK posts cosy snap with Katrina Kaif on Twitter


hah Rukh Khan is pairing up with Katrina Kaif for the first time in Yash Chopra’s last film as a director Jab Tak hai Jaan. King Khan tweeted an intimate image with the Ek Tha Tiger actress. The caption read: “Before mobile phones took away the romance...ha ha.” SRKKatrina are captured in a romantic moment inside a phone booth. The two share a sizzling hot chemistry in the romantic film. SRK’s Rab Ne Banadi Jodi co-star anushka Sharma also features in the film. Jab Tak hai Jaan opens in cinemas in November, eight years after Yash Chopra’s last project Veer-Zaara. “I am so happy with the film,” Chopra said, adding: “You always eat the tastiest dish at the end of your meal, that is how it is.” SRK, who starred in four of Chopra’s films, said he was both surprised and saddened by his decision to stop directing movies: “I always tell everyone that if you do one film in your life, it should be a Yash Chopra film,” Khan said. COuRteSY tOI

Why robert Pattinson took Kristen Stewart back


oBERT Pattinson, who is back with his cheating girlfriend Kristen Stewart, started taking her calls, as he started thinking “nobody else would understand his life,” a friend has revealed. The friend said that the actor’s “rational voice” told him not to toss a three-year relationship for one infidelity. “Rob weighed his options. he wouldn’t even know where to start if he and Kristen were to break up for good,” a source told Us magazine. “They have a very deep connection,” another source said. “Plus, they’re young. all relationships at that age have drama,” the source added. But Stewart still faces one tough challenge winning over Pattinson’s pals. “They don’t want to see him get hurt again,” a source said. “But Rob has hope in their romance,” another source added. COuRteSY tOI

Semi-naked pics of duchess Kate surface


hoCKINg new photos of a semi-naked Duchess Kate on holiday have emerged. The images, taken during her recent private break in France with hubby Prince William, were published in Danish gossip magazine Se og hor, the Mirror reported. The pictures show the 30-year-old sunbathing on a balcony at the couple’s chateau lovenest. Kate is topless in some and in others has a towel wrapped round her shoulders as she tries to put on a pair of bikini bottoms. Scanned images of the Danish mag’s photos have also begun to appear online. Se og hor (See and hear) published 16 pages of the controversial photos last week and returned with more this week. The magazine editor Kim henningsen said the magazine had been offered 240 pictures in total. he said he wanted to show Denmark’s entertainment fans “what these photos are all about.” henningsen declined to say who sold them to the weekly or how much money they paid. COuRteSY Ht

Monday, 1 October, 2012

‘aiyyaa’ is a family entertainer: Rani Mukherjee Actress Rani Mukherjee, who will be seen playing the role of a Maharashtrian girl in the upcoming ‘Aiyyaa’, says the film is a pure family entertainer She also expressed confidence that the film would be liked by people of all ages. Produced by Anurag Kashyap, ‘Aiyyaa’ stars Rani and Prithviraj in the lead roles. Rani plays the role of a Marathi girl, who falls in love with a South Indian boy. “Though I was born and brought up in Mumbai and studied Marathi during my school days, I was not fluent in Marathi. When Anurag Kashyap offered me the role, I decided to learn conversational Marathi and did my job without any hesitation,” Rani told reporters. Director Sachin Kundalkar, who accompanied her, was all praise for her dedication towards learning Marathi. The film is set for a release on October 12. COURTESY TOi

oCT 4-TAKeN-2

oCT 19-STUdeNT oF

oCT 5-KLPd

oCT 5

i hope i am not becoming a cat lady: kim kardashian Kim Kardashian hopes that she does not turn out to be one of those “cat ladies” who tweets too many pictures of their pet. While the socialite certainly has taken to Twitter to share photos of her Persian cat named Mercy, including one with nephew Mason Disick, her love for the cat has been a long time in the making. “I have always wanted a white Persian cat with light eyes. That was my thing,” People magazine quoted her, as saying at a Midori event in Santa Monica, California, on Tuesday. “I’ve been always looking at kittens like that online,” she said. And when boyfriend Kanye West gifted her the cat, it seemed natural to pay tribute to him in some way. “My mom actually helped me come up with that name ... It’s a song of my boyfriend’s, so I thought it was cute,” she said. “I just thought it was a cute name and it fit her,” she added. COURTESY TOi

CheATING oN ShrIver WAS STUPId: SChWArzeNeGGer Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has opened up about his marriage breakdown for the first time and admits he has hurt ex-wife Maria Shriverby cheating on her. The 65-year-old admits that cheating on wife Maria Shriver with housekeeper Mildred Baena was the “stupidest thing” he had done, reports “I think it was the stupidest thing I’ve done in the whole relationship. It was terrible. I inflicted tremendous pain on Maria and unbelievable pain on the kids,” Schwarzenegger said on a TV show while promoting his book “In Total Recall: My Unbelievably

True Life Story”. In the book, Hollywood action star writes about the affair with Baena and having a son with her named Joseph, now a teenager, and reveals another affair during his 25-year marriage. However, he says Shriver, who filed for divorce in May 2011, has not read the book. “She knows that it’s about my whole life and that I would not write a book and kind of leave out that part and make people feel like, ‘Well, wait a minute. Are we just getting a book about his success stories and not talk about his failures?. I wanted to write a book about me,” he said. COURETSY TOi

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justin Bieber loves disneyland dates


-STUdeNT oF The YeAr


oCT 11-WUTherING heIGhTS


INgER Selena gomez says singer boyfriend Justin Bieber loves to go to Disneyland with her. gomez, 20, says although Bieber likes visiting the fun-filled place with her, she prefers some place scarier, reports a website. “We go to Disneyland a lot, he likes it, but we go to Knott`s Scary Farm (event at Knott`s Berry Farm in California) because that`s my favorite,” gomez said during The Ellen Degeneres Show. “I`m the kind of person that likes to get scared - but I`m covering my eyes and ears the entire time,” she added. The couple have been dating each other since past 18 months. COuRteSY tOI

‘Good friends’ Katrina, ranbir and deepika to come together for ‘Silsila’ remake?



oCT 12- BhooT reTUrNS

oCT 24- AjAB GAzABB Love

TAMANNAAh IS The NexT SrIdevI, says director Sajid Khan, who is shooting with Ajay devgn and Tamannaah for himmatwala... How’s it shooting in Hyderabad? Honestly, the Film City is like a fortress (laughs). But we are having a great time shooting in Hyderabad. Despite the studio being far away from the city, I’ve managed to come to town a record number of times to watch The Expendables. Remakes seem to be the flavour in Bollywood these days. You have followed suit with Himmatwala. At the onset, I would like to clarify that my Himmatwala is not a remake, but a rewrite. I was 11 years old when I watched the original starring Jeetendra and Sridevi. When I began my career as a filmmaker, I always thought about the movies I watched while growing up, and imagined what it would be like if it was written differently. I then went about rewriting the story in a different scenario. And when I got the chance to make my version of Himmatwala, I jumped at the opportunity. So, I’m not remaking the original, but working on a rewritten version which is a tribute to it. Of course, my film too has been set in the 80s because the punch lines I’ve written, goes well with the era. Ajay Devgn and Tamannaah star in your film. An unusual choice, considering the original starred Jeetendra and Sridevi. At the time that Jeetuji did the movie, he was known as Jumping Jack. That was the tag he earned for the films he did. When I was reworking on the script, I realized that today Ajay Devgn is an actor who can pull off any genre with ease, without being tagged. And that’s the sort of person I needed for the movie. Look at Ajay’s repertoire of films — he’s done comedy, action, drama, suspense. He does everything

with intensity. As far as Tamannaah is concerned, I was clear from the beginning that I wanted to cast a popular actor from South India as I wanted to stay true to the original, in which Sridevi, a diva was the South was cast opposite Jeetuji. Tamannaah had done a Hindi film earlier, but nothing compares to her popularity down South. She fit the bill perfectly. And mark my words — Tamannaah is going to be the next Sridevi in Bollywood. She is immensely talented and hard working. Plus, it’s always a joy to work with South actors as they are extremely disciplined. If the shoot is at 6 am, trust my heroine to be on the sets with make-up on, right on time! That’s the kind of professionalism a filmmaker looks forward to from his actors. You have three back-to-back blockbusters in your kitty. Yet, all of them have been thrashed by the critics. Honestly, movie critics in India lack the basic knowledge in cinema.

The tragedy of it all is that they are in a position to review films because they have somehow managed to land themselves a job in that particular organization. Yes, all my films have been thrashed — mercilessly, if I may add — by critics. But the audience gave it a thumping response at the Box Office. The real critics are my audience and if they have given my films a thumbs up, I don’t care what movie reviewers have to say. Quite ironic considering that not too long ago, you were reviewing movies on a TV show. Well, yes I did review cinema before I become a filmmaker. But if you’ve seen my show, you’ll know that I spoke about the different aspects that the movie brought out. I knew what I was talking about. Tell me, how many critics today know what they are saying or writing? I openly challenge 1,000, no make it 10,000, critics from the country to sit across from me at the table and have a debate on cinema. I guarantee you,

at the end of the session, I’ll shut them all up. I’m a big fan of Hindi movies and as a filmmaker I’m staying true to the spirit of Indian cinema. So, how are you “staying true to the spirit of Indian Cinema”? Well, for one, my films have something for every age group. Also, I am the only filmmaker today who still works with animals. Who else does that? Even though it is tough to get permissions to shoot with them abroad, I insist on having animals because I know that a kid sitting in the theatre will enjoy it. I must admit that they are taken care of better than most technicians (laughs). Also, my movies borrow from the past and have a bit of nostalgia attached to it, making it special to the audience. The fact that my movies make more than Rs 100 crores at the Box Office is proof enough that the audience loves it. Right now, every filmmaker aspires to be in the “100 crore club”... Unfortunately, that’s the parameter of judging cinema these days. Earlier, people talked about how long a movie ran in theatres and accordingly, they celebrated silver and golden jubilees. In today’s scenario, a film can’t possibly have a good run for a month. The opening weekend is crucial as it brings in the audience and moolah. So now, parameters to judge cinema too have gone through a sea change and now it’s the ‘100 crore club’. So, yes, as a filmmaker, even I speak in commercial terms. Actors like Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh constantly feature in your films... Well, I share a great rapport with them. Plus, they are good actors and they totally suited the roles they did in my movies. COURTESY TOi


N the year 1981, Showbiz’s maestro film maker made one of his best works till date ‘Silsila’ when he brought together real life troubled lovers amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan and Rekha and the chemistry between the trios worked wonders on screen. Coming over to 2012, news has it that the house of Yash Raj Films is planning a remake of ‘Silsila’ with an all new star cast. and if the reports that we have got our ears on are to be trusted, then the actors who will be reprising the role of Jaya, amitabh and Rekha could be Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone respectively. Wow! Now that’s what we call a star cast!! Considering the fact that Ranbir Kapoor was in a serious relationship with Deepika Padukone and then later switched on to romance Katrina, the YRF production house feels that the trios will fit into the shoes of Rekha, amitabh and Jaya very well. Well this will be one film that will surely draw millions to the theatres!. COuRteSY Ht

Anne hathaway marries longtime beau Adam Shulman


NNE hathaway has tied the knot with longtime beau adam Shulman in scenic Big Sur on the California coast on Saturday night. More than 100 guests were invited for the wedding weekend, which started on Friday with a rehearsal dinner at the Ventana Inn and Spa. a nearby private estate was secured for the ceremony, People magazine reported. Valentino provided a custom gown, the designer confirmed last week. according to a source, the wedding decor was inspired by nature, with many branches used to create a ceremony and reception to blend in with the majestic Big Sur surroundings. The couple, who have been together for four years, got engaged last November. COuRteSY Ht

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Infotainment 14 Asteroid dust could fight climate change on Earth


O combat global warming, scientists in Scotland now suggest an out-ofthis-world solution — a giant dust cloud in space, blasted off an asteroid, which would act like a sunshade for Earth. The world is warming and the climate is changing. Although many want to prevent these shifts by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases that trap heat from the sun, some controversially suggest deliberating manipulating the planet's climate with large-scale engineering projects, commonly called geo-engineering. Instead of altering the climate by targeting either the oceans or the atmosphere, some researchers have suggested geo-engineering projects that would affect the entire planet from space. For instance, projects that reduced the amount of solar radiation Earth receives by 1.7 percent could offset the effects of a global increase in temperature of 3.6 degrees F (2 degrees C). The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has noted climate models suggest average global temperatures will likely rise by 2 to 11.5 degrees F (1.1 to 6.4 degrees C) by the end of this century. "A 1.7 percent reduction is very small and will hardly be noticeable on Earth," said researcher Russell Bewick, a space scientist at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. "People sometimes get the idea of giant screens blocking the entire sun. This is not the case ... as [the device] is constantly between the sun and the Earth, it acts merely as a very light shade or filter." SHADING EARtH One proposal to shade the Earth from the sun would place giant mirrors in space. The main problem with this concept is the immense cost and effort needed either to build and launch such reflectors or to construct them in outer space — the current cost to launch an object into low Earth orbit runs into thousands of dollars per pound. Another would use blankets of dust to blot out the sun, just as clouds do for Earth. These offer the virtue of simplicity compared with mirrors, but run the risk of getting dispersed over time by solar radiation and the gravitational pull of the sun, moon and planets. Now instead of having a dust cloud floating by itself in space, researchers suggest an asteroid could essentially gravitationally anchor a dust cloud in space to block sunlight and cool the Earth. "I would like to make it clear that I would never suggest geoengineering in place of reducing our carbon emissions," Bewick told LiveScience. Instead, he said, "We can buy time to find a lasting solution to combat Earth’s climate change. The dust cloud is not a permanent cure, but it could offset the effects of climate change for a given time

School bans parents


school has banned parents from watching their children take part in sports events unless they pass a criminal records check. The Isambard Community School in Swindon, Wilts., insists all parents must clear a Criminal Records Bureau check to weed out potential paedophiles. Neil Park, 54, was furious when he was turned away from watching his son George, 12, play rugby. The father-of-five said: "I was turned away from the school because I had not been CRB checked. "I couldn't believe it. Government guidelines state that parents are allowed to watch games. "But any strangers can be questioned and requested to show the appropriate paperwork, which is fair enough. The school introduced the new measure at the start of the term to prevent strangers from accessing other parts of the school from the playing fields. A spokesman said: "It is with regret that from now on we will be unable to accommodate parents wishing to spectate at our sports fixtures unless they are in possession of an up-to-date Swindon Council CRB check. tHe teLeGRAPH to allow slow-acting measures like carbon capture to take effect." The idea would be to place an asteroid at Lagrange point L1, a site where the gravitational pull of the sun and the Earth cancel out. This point is about four times the distance from the Earth to the moon. The researchers suggest outfitting a nearEarth asteroid with a "mass driver," a device consisting of electromagnets that would hurl asteroid-derived matter away from the giant rock. The mass driver could serve both as a rocket to push the asteroid to the L1 point and as an engine to spew out sun-shielding dust. The researchers calculate that the largest near-Earth asteroid, 1036 Ganymed, could maintain a dust cloud large enough to block out 6.58 percent of the solar radiation that would normally reach Earth, more than enough to combat any current global warming trends. Such a cloud would be about 11 million-billion pounds (5 million-billion kilograms) in mass and about 1,600 miles (2,600 kilometers) wide. Ganymed has a mass of about 286 millionbillion lbs. (130 million-billion kg). An asteroid of this size might make one think of disaster movies, such as "Armageddon"; however, "rather than destroying the Earth, it could be used to help mankind," Bewick said. AStEROID DUSt CHALLENGES The main challenge of this proposal would be pushing an asteroid the size of Ganymed to the sun-Earth L1 point. "The company Planetary Resources recently announced their intention to

mine asteroids," Bewick said. "The study that they base their plans on reckons that it will be possible to capture an asteroid with a mass of 500,000 kilograms (1.1 million lbs.) by 2025. Comparing this to the mass of Ganymed makes the task of capturing it seem unfeasible, at least in everything except the very far term. However, smaller asteroids could be moved and clustered at the first Lagrange point." Safety is another concern. "A very large asteroid is a potential threat to Earth, and therefore great care and testing would be required in the implementation of this scenario," Bewick said. "Due to this, the political challenges would probably match the scale of the engineering challenge. Even for the capture of much smaller asteroids, there will likely be reservations from all areas of society, though the risks would be much less." Also, there's no way to fully test this dust cloud on a large scale to verify its effectiveness before implementing it, "something that is common to all geoengineering schemes," Bewick said. "On the global scale, it is not possible to test because the test would essentially be the real thing, except probably in a diluted form. Climate modeling can be performed, but without some large-scale testing, the results from these models cannot be fully verified." Still, if geoengineers did use asteroids to generate clouds, they could drastically reduce how much dust the projects spew out "should any catastrophic climate response be observed," Bewick said, "with the cloud dispersing naturally over time." NewS deSK

FIVE BEST CAREERS FOR INTROVERTS ACCOUNtANt Are you a math whiz who enjoys reading over your bank statements and balancing your checkbook? Consider accounting as a good career fit. INtROvERt-FRIENDLy FEAtURES

+ Accountants spend most of their

time tracking data and understanding trends, so that attracts introverts. + If you want to spend more time with "the books" versus people, this might be the gig for you. Accountants often spend their time inspecting account books and preparing and examining financial records. COMPUtER SyStEMS ANALySt Does working closely with computers on a daily basis sound like a career match made in heaven? If you answered yes, consider looking into computer systems analyst positions. INtROvERt-FRIENDLy FEAtURE

+ While it's true that you may have

to check in with management from time to time, the daily grind involves a lot of alone time, including "sitting at a computer and crunching numbers. Medical Records and Health Information Technician Interested in one day working in health care but don't want to deal

Crickets causing a stink in Central Texas city


EVERAL businesses in the Central Texas town of Waco (WAY'-koh) are dealing with a smelly problem that won't go away: decaying cricket carcasses. A bank, a drugstore and other businesses have been inundated with the odorous onslaught of dead crickets that have been trapped inside walls and have collected on sidewalks. Jani Rodriguez, the branch manager at Synergy Bank, tells the Waco that scented products have been unable to get rid of the smell. Using air-scrubbing machines hasn't worked either. Fred Huffman, an entomologist who runs a local pest control business, says the cricket problem has been worse this year because mild winter conditions resulted in the insects appearing earlier than normal. Health officials say the crickets don't pose any direct health risks. AGeNCIeS

with patients directly? Consider pursuing a career as a medical records and health information technician. INtROvERt-FRIENDLy FEAtURES

+ Researchers depict it as "a show

up, sit at the computer, and do your work kind of job." + Instead of directly interacting with sick and elderly patients, technicians could spend most of their time coordinating patients' records to ensure their timeliness, accuracy, and completeness. GRAPHIC DESIGNER Looking for a creative outlet where you could work on your own? Consider a career as a graphic designer.

Is there a gene for motherhood?



+ As a graphic designer, you're

working out your ideas in graphics all day long. + Many graphic designers work independently, and some even telecommute. COMPUtER PROGRAMMER Do you consider yourself a computer geek who is looking for a more behind-the-scenes role? A career as a computer programmer could be right up your alley. INtROvERt-FRIENDLy FEAtURES

+ As a computer programmer, you

might be "sitting all day at a computer writing programs that require technical skills.

+ Programmers generally work

alone and often telecommute.

Ne wS d eSK

ORY Delaney is a three-year-old who has not been out of diapers that long, but she already knows something about changing them. Her sister, Saorise, is a five-year-old kindergarten student who already knows what she wants to be when she grows up, a mom. Now, researchers at Rockefeller University say the inclination that both Rory and Saorise feel at such a young age to nurture and feed their baby dolls and play with items like strollers could be something they were born with, and something that will definitely impact their futures. In a study with mice, the researchers determined that a single gene exists that could be responsible for motivating mothers to protect, feed and raise their young. Ne wS d eSK

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Monday, 1 October, 2012

relief for Li after thrashing Schiavone Page 17

Watson stars again as Aussies thump Proteas COLOMBO



HANE Watson shone with bat and ball for the fourth match in a row as Australia stepped closer to the World Twenty20 semi-finals with an eightwicket win over South Africa on Sunday. Watson claimed 2-29 and then smashed 70 off 47 balls as Australia restricted the Proteas to 146-5 and then surpassed the total in the 18th over to record their second successive win in group two of the Super Eights. South Africa, who suffered their second loss, will be knocked out of the tournament if Pakistan beat India in the second match of the double-header later on Sunday. That result would also see former champions India exit from the competition, leaving Australia and Pakistan as the two semi-finalists from the group even before Tuesday's last round of matches. Australia lost David Warner in the fourth over, bowled by Morne Morkel, before Watson and Mike Hussey added 99 in 64 balls for the second wicket. Watson, who was adjudged man of the match for the fourth consecutive game, hit eight boundaries and two sixes before being caught in the deep off Robin Peterson. Mike Hussey remained unbeaten on 45, while Cameron White made 21 not out, including the winning six off Johan Botha over the mid-wicket boundary. Watson and leftarm spinner Xavier Doherty set up the emphatic win by sharing the five wickets after South Africa were sent in to bat at the Premadasa stadium. JP Duminy's 30 was the best score by a top-order batsman as South Africa slipped to 86-5, before Farhaan Behardien and Peterson added 60 from 35 balls for the unbroken sixth wicket. Behardien made 31 not out and Peter-

SCORebOARd SOutH AfRICA: 0 R. Levi b doherty 17 Hashim Amla c wade b watson J. Kallis c wade b doherty 6 JP duminy st wade b doherty 30 21 Ab de villiers c bailey b watson f. behardien not out 31 32 R. Peterson not out 9 extras: (b1, w8) 146 total (for five wickets, 20 overs) fall of wickets: 1-0 (Levi), 2-8 (Kallis), 3-33 (Amla), 4-64 (duminy), 5-86 (de villiers). bowling: doherty 4-0-20-3 (w1), Starc 4-0-30-0 (w3), Cummins 4-0-33-0 (w2), watson 4-0-29-2 (w1), Hogg 3-0-260 (w1), Maxwell 1-0-7-0. AuStRALIA: 5 d. warner b Morkel 70 S. watson c Parnell b Peterson 45 M. Hussey not out 21 C. white not out 6 extras: (b1, w5) total (for two wicket, 17.4 overs) 147 fall of wickets: 1-10 (warner), 2-109 (watson). bowling: Steyn 3-0-15-0 (w1), Morkel 3-0-23-1 (w1), Kallis 1-08-0 (w1), botha 3.4-0-31-0 (w2), Peterson 4-0-41-1, Parnell 2-0-24-0, duminy 1-0-4-0 Australia win by eight wickets Man of the match: Shane watson (AuS) toss: Australia umpires: Ian Gould (eNG) and Kumar dharmasena (SRI) tv umpire: Richard Kettleborough (eNG) Match referee: Jeff Crowe (NzL)

son returned unbeaten on a brisk 32 off 19 balls, the pair taking 28 runs in the final two overs. Doherty, opening the bowling after replacing seamer Daniel Christian for the match, removed Richard Levi with the third delivery and sent back Jacques Kallis in his second over. It became 33-3 in the sixth over when Watson struck fifth ball as Hashim Amla edged a leg-side catch to wicket-keeper Matthew Wade after making 17. Doherty, returning for his second spell in the 11th over, had Duminy stumped and Watson dismissed skipper AB de Villiers to reduce the Proteas to 86-5 in the 15th over.

cOLOMBO: australian cricketers Michael hussey (L) and cameron white (2L) celebrate victory as South african captain aB de Villiers (r) looks on during the icc twenty20 cricket world cup's Super eight match between South africa and australia at the r. Premadasa international cricket Stadium in colombo on September 30, 2012. afp

Sri Lanka Win, then hope for the best for arrests Briton West indies and New Zealand over ticket theft COLOMBO AfP

A British man was arrested in Colombo Sunday on a charge of stealing 100 tickets for the World Twenty20 match between hosts Sri Lanka and defending champions England, police said. The 54-year-old man identified as Caesar Antonio Buller from Manchester was taken into custody at a ticket booth in the capital after sales staff alerted the police, an official said. "He had gone up in the queue for tickets and somehow pocketed the ticket books that were on a counter," police spokesman Ajith Rohana told AFP. "We found four ticket books in his possession." He said each book had 25 tickets for Monday's game. Some were priced at 250 rupees and the others were 750 rupees ($5.7) each. Rohana said the British national had also in his possession three other tickets which he may have purchased at the same ticket sales unit. "We will take him before a magistrate tomorrow and take further legal action," Rohana said. It was the first case of ticket theft for the Twenty20 tournament which opened on September 18 and goes on till October 7. Last month, police raided a factory turning out counterfeit International Cricket Council (ICC) World Twenty20 T-shirts and seized stocks of spurious merchandise. The crackdown on fake World Twenty20 merchandise followed a complaint from the ICC over trademark infringements.

NEWS DESK New Zealand players may have had a gastro problem or three, but surely they and West Indies have received the best of Sri Lankan hospitality? For, on Monday, they'll hope like hell that the hosts beat England reported Sidharth Monga. New Zealand have no points so far, and their only

entry point is if they beat West Indies and England lose too, to force a three-way tie at two points. If that happens, New Zealand will stand a good chance of making it to the semi-finals: their net run-rate of -0.268 is already better than West Indies' -0.621, and not too worse than England's -0.115. If it all goes to plan for New Zealand, their own net run-rate will improve, and England's will take a beating, bridging that gap. Theoretically West Indies can be a part of a three-way tie even if they lose, but their poor net run-rate after the thrashing from Sri Lanka means it does them no good. In theory, West Indies too will have two avenues if they beat New Zealand: an England defeat later will give them a clear passage, while it will be a three-way tie with England and Sri Lanka should England win. Again, though, West Indies' net run-rate is likely to keep them third-best should the hosts lose. So, for both the sides, the endeavour will be to win without worrying too much about the net run-rate and hope Sri Lanka keep up their good form later in the day. However, if only the second match is rained out, it will be bad news for New Zealand and good for West Indies. Neither of them can afford a whole washed-out day. If only the first game is washed out, New Zealand go out, and West Indies will again hope for a Sri Lanka win.

Doherty, watson wreck South africa COLOMBO: Left-arm spinner Xavier Doherty grabbed three wickets and allrounder Shane Watson took two as Australia kept South Africa down to 146-5 in the World Twenty20 in Colombo on Sunday. The Proteas, who need a win to stay in contention for the semi-finals after losing to Pakistan on Friday, lost quick wickets after being sent in to bat in the Super Eights match. JP Duminy's 30 was the best score by a top-order batsman as South Africa slipped to 86-5 before Farhaan Behardien and Robin Peterson added 60 from 35 balls for the unbroken sixth wicket. Behardien made 31 not out and Peterson returned unbeaten on a brisk 32 off 19 balls, the pair taking 28 runs in the final two overs. Australia, who beat India in their first group two match, will close in on a semifinal berth if they win. Doherty, opening the bowling after replacing seamer Daniel Christian for the match, removed Richard Levi with the third delivery and sent back Jacques Kallis in his second over. AfP

Monaco breaks into top 10 with Malaysian win KUALA LUMPUR AfP

Argentina's Juan Monaco won a three-hour battle with Frenchman Julien Benneteau to win the Malaysian Open and break back into the top 10 on Sunday. Monaco, who had outlasted Japan's Kei Nishikori in a tight semi-final a day earlier, took a see-sawing match 7-5, 4-6, 6-3 for his fourth title of the year and will move from 11 to 10 in the new rankings on Monday. The victory for the 28-year-old, who also spent three weeks ranked 10th over the summer, maintains his bid for a place in November's season-ending ATP World Tour Finals, featuring the top eight players.

But Monaco's first hardcourt title, after six wins on clay, was tough on Benneteau, 30, who is still waiting for his maiden tour victory after seven finals, including one earlier this year. "It was an excellent game and I will never forget the Malaysian Open as it has brought me my first hardcourt title," said Monaco. "I saw Benneteau receiving treatment... but he still fought hard and never gave up. I had to come out more aggressively in the third set and it helped me to get my first hard court title." Benneteau started the match with his right forearm heavily taped, but he got off to the perfect start as he broke the Argen-

tine's first serve. Monaco broke back in the fourth and ninth games but Benneteau refused to give up and tied the first set 5-5. The 12th game was a thriller that lasted 20 minutes and saw 12 deuces before Monaco broke Benneteau's serve to take the first set 7-5. Benneteau, who looked uncomfortable throughout the match, called the trainer for attention to his right leg. But he came out strongly in the second set, breaking Monaco twice to take it 6-4. However, it was Monaco who had the extra burst of energy in the third as he broke the Frenchman's serve in the sixth game to clinch the set 6-3, and with it the title.

Monaco took home the trophy and $153,440 first prize, while Benneteau had to be content with the loser's cheque for $80,815. "I was very focused on this game, because I wanted to win this final," said Benneteau, who was also a beaten finalist in Sydney in January. "The fans were great, there was a lot of French in the crowd. It was a nice atmosphere and the game was a good level." Monaco's fourth title of the year -after clay wins in Vina del Mar, Houston and Hamburg -- gave him enough points to edge past American John Isner in the new ATP rankings which will be published on Monday.

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Sports 16 India clobber Pakistan to stay in World T20 COLOMBO



IRAT Kohli and cancer survivor Yuvraj Singh starred as India thrashed arch-rivals Pakistan by eight wickets Sunday to stay alive in the World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka. India, who would have been knocked out of the tournament had they lost, skittled Pakistan for 128 on a slow pitch and then surpassed the modest target in 17 overs, thanks largely to Kohli's unbeaten 78 off 61 balls. A sell-out crowd of 35,000 at Colombo's Premadasa stadium, including Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse, saw India continue their stranglehold on Pakistan in major world meets. Pakistan have never beaten India in either the 50-over World Cup or the World Twenty20, in which they contested a thrilling final in 2007. Sunday's match was only the third Twenty20 international between the two countries and the result set up a thrilling shoot-out for the two semi-final berths from group two. Australia lead the group with two wins,

India and Pakistan have one each, while South Africa have lost both matches so far. The last round of group matches will be played on Tuesday with Australia taking on Pakistan and India playing South Africa. India lost Gautam Gambhir off the second ball of the innings, offering a tame return catch to 20-year-old left-arm spinner Raza Hasan, but Kohli and Virender Sehwag denied Pakistan another immedi-

ate break. The pair put on 74 for the second wicket, with Sehwag making 29 before he holed out in the deep off Shahid Afridi. Singh, who is making his comeback from cancer treatment, claimed two wickets and threw a direct-hit run-out in Pakistan's innings. He then scored 19 not out in an unbroken third wicket stand of 54 with Kohli to carry India home.

The impressive win was set up by the bowlers as seamer Lakshmipathy Balaji claimed three wickets and off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin took two to leave Pakistan in tatters after they elected to bat. Shoaib Malik top-scored with 28, but only one other batsman managed to touch 20 in the face of steady bowling by the Indians.The match began on a scintillating note as the first two overs produced 13 runs each, besides a dropped catch in the slips by Sehwag and the wicket of Imran Nazir. India hit back to grab four more wickets in the next nine overs, two of them in successive overs by Yuvraj, to reduce Pakistan to 59-5 by the 10th over. Big-hitter Afridi, who was promoted to number three, had made 14 when he lofted Balaji to deep mid-wicket where Suresh Raina was perfectly positioned to take the skier. Yuvraj, who was treated for a rare germ-cell cancer between his lungs earlier this year before returning to action at the World Twenty20, ran out Yasir Arafat with a direct throw. Bilateral cricket ties between the neighbours, suspended after the Mumbai attacks in 2008, are set to resume in December when Pakistan tour India for three one-dayers and two Twenty20 games.

SCORebOARd PAKIStAN: 15 Mohammad Hafeez b Kohli 8 Imran Nazir lbw b Pathan Shahid Afridi c Raina b balaji 14 Nasir Jamshed c dhoni b Yuvraj 4 5 Kamran Akmal c dhoni b Yuvraj 28 Shoaib Malik c Sharma b Ashwin umar Akmal c Raina b Ashwin 21 8 Yasir Arafat run out 12 umar Gul c dhoni b balaji Saeed Ajmal c dhoni b balaji 1 Raza Hasan not out 0 12 extras: lb1, w10, nb1) 128 total (all out, 19.4 overs) fall of wickets: 1-17 (Nazir), 2-35 (Afridi), 3-43 (Jamshed), 4-49 (K. Akmal), 5-59 (Hafeez), 6-106 (Malik), 7-115 (u. Akmal), 8-115 (Arafat), 9-128 (Gul), 10-128 (Ajmal). bowling: zaheer 3-0-22-0 (w8), Pathan 3-0-30-1 (w1), balaji 3.4-0-22-3, Ashwin 4-0-16-2 (w1), Yuvraj 3-0-16-2, Kohli 3-021-1 (nb1) INdIA: G. Gambhir c and b Hasan 0 29 v. Sehwag c Gul b Afridi 78 v. Kohli not out Y. Singh not out 19 extras: (w2, nb1) 3 129 total (for two wickets, 17 overs) fall of wickets: 1-1 (Gambhir), 2-75 (Sehwag). bowling: Hasan 4-0-22-1 (w1), Gul 3-0-30-0 (nb1, w1), Ajmal 40-25-0, Afridi 4-0-34-1, Arafat 1-0-11-0, Hafeez 1-0-7-0 India win by eight wickets toss: Pakistan umpires: Rod tucker (AuS) and Richard Kettleborough (eNG) tv umpire: Kumar dharmasena (SRI) Match referee: Jeff Crowe (NzL)

Punjab Youth Sports Festival fourth level begins

fancy Birds contest amuse visitors at Expo Centre


The District Level of the Punjab Youth Festival 2012 commenced all over the province on Sunday as the competitions in the next seven days would be held in 147 sports and general category events. These 147 events have been divided among 14 sectors of the society with sports sector having five sectors and the remaining nine are of general category while total prize money at stake would be Rs 1577,300. On the opening day Pet Competition of fancy Birds was held at Expo Centre Lahore where MNA Mahreen Anwar Raja was the surprise guest and was amused to see the beauty and well-trained behavior of the pet birds. Poultry Production 16 Cooper Road

and Livestock and Dairy Development Programme organized this bird show as part of the Punjab Youth Festival under the supervision of Dr Mohammad Naeem, Abdul Rehman and Dr Mohamamd Sadiq Gul who also established an information cell. Contrary to the expectations a large number of people including families and children came to watch the different type birds and the beauty of the nature. Also present on the occasion were Dr MY Rizwan, Dr Mohamamd Naeem, Hafiz Naseer of Lachman Pharmaceuticals and more than 150 species of birds were put on display. Sports Board and Youth Affairs DG while giving the details of the District Level, which stands fourth in the Events Flow Chart of the festival, said that separate competitions for boys and girls schools at secondary and college level are part of this stage. “Apart from competitions in sports the boys and girls of secondary schools and college and the general public will compete in a minimum of eight sports events while a maximum of 19 sports events will be contested in general public sector,” he informed. “The public would be competing in three categories of arm wrestling, eight athletic events, badminton, billiard, cricket (tape ball and hard ball), tug of war, volleyball, bodybuilding in three weight categories, football, fun race of 2.5 kilometres, weightlifting in three weight classes, basketball, chess, hockey, kabaddi, mat wrestling, mud wrestling, table tennis, karate in three classes, taekwondo in the same number of body weights and tent pegging,” he added.

Waqar, faisal win in Royal palm Monthly Medal Golf LAHORE StAff RePORt

In the 18 holes, stroke play golf tournament contested at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Golf Course, yesterday, the competition ended with Waqar Saigol emerging as the winner in gross section and Faisal Sayid as the competitor with the best net score. All in all the golfers found the going tough and the challenge posed by the golf course was not adequately countered and the scores merely reflected steady play with the element of quality golf missing. Players like Amir Mehmood, Shoaib Bokhari and Shahid Abbas failed to make an impression whereas Waqar Saigol who returned to competitive golf after a break of two years produced a gross score of 80

and this was the best score of the day. The runner up in gross section was Azfar Hassan, another accomplished player who is normally in the top performer’s category, whenever he competes. Faisal Sayid an eleven handicapper kept his cool and came up with enough accuracy to manage a net score of 72 and thereby pick up the best net trophy. The net section runner up was Hamid Sharif with a net score of 74. Winners in the other events were Haris Naseer winner gross in handicap category, 13 to 18, and the runner up was Waheed Aslam. In the same handicap category winner net was Waqar Butt and runner up net was Mohtishim Aftab. Mohtishim also hit the longest drive, while Tariq Mushtaq picked up the nearest to the pin prize.

Monday, 1 October, 2012

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17 Sports British teen into second round in Beijing BEIJING AfP

Britain's teenage star Laura Robson took another step forward in her quest to break into the top 50 in the world Sunday, battling past an opponent more than twice her age at the China Open in Beijing. The world number 57, who reached the final of the Guangzhou Open just over a week ago, continued her Asia adventure by defeating Japan's Kimiko DateKrumm 6-4, 6-4 to ease into the second round of the Premier Mandatory event. But it was far from plain sailing for the 18-year-old Robson, who fought back brilliantly from three games down in the first set, winning five without reply against Date-Krumm, 42, as youth ultimately overpowered experience. "I'm feeling confident when I play at the moment. Even when I'm not playing my best like I was today I still feel that I am able to win matches," Robson told AFP. Date-Krumm raced to a 4-1 lead in the first set as Robson struggled with her serve and made a number of unforced errors. But several big forehands from the young Briton saw her gain confidence and the Japanese was no match for her opponent's power. Robson, who ended last year in 131st place in the WTA standings, took the second set with relative ease, maintaining her recent momentum in the "Asia swing" of the tour. "I was a double-break down in the first set and I knew I had to get a lot better and start moving my feet a bit more," Robson said. "She's a tough opponent to play against because she hits the ball very low so you have to bend your legs a lot more than I like to." Robson said she was disappointed with her lack of rhythm but was confident she would play "a lot better" in the next round after improving her movement throughout the match and in a practice session afterwards. The mixed doubles silver medallist at the London Olympics has shot up the world rankings this year, in large part due to a fourth-round appearance at the US Open and her exploits in Guangzhou, and now has the top 50 in her sights. "After this week I should be pretty close," she said. "I've got to keep winning here for sure and do well in Osaka (next week) to have a chance." Robson will play Spain's Lourdes Dominguez Lino, who defeated Roberta Vinci of Italy 6-7 (4/7) 7-6 (7/4) 6-2, in the next round of the fourth and final compulsory event which ranks just behind the Grand Slams and WTA Championships.

Bahrain court cuts sentence of Shiite athletes: lawyers DUBAI AfP

A Bahraini court on Sunday reduced jail sentences for three Shiite athletes who took part in a Arab Spring-inspired uprising last year to one year from 15 years, their lawyers said. The handball players were part of a group of 32 people accused of setting fire to a farm belonging to a member of Bahrain's royal family in a Shiite village near Manama during the protests in February 2011. The athletes -- Mohammed Mirza, his brother Ali Mirza and Mohammed Jawad -- had been sentenced to 15 years in prison by the quasi military court set up in the aftermath of the brutal government crackdown on the Shiite-led protests. They are expected to be released shortly, their lawyers said. Bahrain has continued to witness sporadic Shiite-led demonstrations, mostly outside the capital, since it crushed the protest movement in March 2011. London-based rights watchdog Amnesty International says about 60 people have been killed in protest-related unrest since the demonstrations first erupted.

Monday, 1 October, 2012

kuaLa LuMPur: Juan Monaco of argentina celebrates after defeating Julien Benneteau of france at the men's singles final against Julien Benneteau of france at the atP Malaysia Open tennis tournament in kuala Lumpur on September 30, 2012. Monaco won 7-5, 4-6, 6-3. afp

Four-star Monaco motors to Malaysian title KUALA LUMPUR



RGENTINA'S Juan Monaco clinched his fourth title of the year Sunday as he beat Julien Benneteau 7-5, 4-6, 6-3 to win the Malaysian Open and maintain his hopes of reaching the ATP World Tour Finals. The match lasted three hours and came a day after Monaco, the second seed and current world number 11, came through a tight semi-final against Japan's Kei Nishikori. Monaco's first ever hardcourt win, after six previous victories on clay, keeps alive his campaign to reach the Tour Finals in November as one of the eight topranked players. But it meant heartbreak once again for France's Benneteau, 30, who appeared hampered by injury and has now lost seven ATP finals. "It was an excellent game and I will never forget the Malaysian Open as it has brought me my first hardcourt title," said Monaco, 28. "I saw Benneteau receiving treatment... but he still fought hard and never game up. I had to come out more aggressively in the third set and it helped me to get my first hard court title." Benneteau started the match with his right forearm heavily taped, but he got off to the perfect start as he broke the Argentine's first serve. Monaco broke back in the fourth and ninth games but Benneteau refused to give up and tied the first set 5-5. The 12th game was a thriller which lasted 20 minutes and saw 12 deuces before Monaco broke Benneteau's serve to take the first set 7-5. Benneteau, who looked uncomfortable throughout the match, called the

relief for Li after thrashing Schiavone BEIJING AfP

China's Li Na was a relieved woman Sunday after thrashing her fellow ex-French Open champion Francesca Schiavone in the China Open's first round -- a year after a humiliating defeat at the same stage. Asia's top women's player, who needs a strong showing this week to qualify for the WTA Championships in Istanbul next month, dominated the match to win 6-2, 63. A year ago Li, after beating defending champion Schiavone in Paris to become Asia's first singles Grand Slam winner, had slumped to an embarrassing straight-sets defeat to Romania's Monica Niculescu in front of her home fans. But on Sunday Li's quick, aggressive style had Schiavone on the back foot right from the start and the pressure got to the Italian, who hit nine double faults in the first set and another three in the second. "I would like to say thanks to the fans who came to the court to support me," said Li. "I was feeling much better this year than last and at least I have won one match." Li, who has never won the China Open, denied she felt the pressure of expectation that comes with playing at home. "I don't give in to too much pressure, because after all you never know how your performance is going to be," she said. "You don't know the performance of the opponent either." "What really matters is you can experience the whole match and concentrate." However the road ahead does not get any easier for Li, who will now play Pan Pacific Open winner Nadia Petrova in

the next round. Earlier, Britain's Laura Robson took another step forward in her quest to break into the top 50 when she battled past an opponent more than twice her age. The world number 57, who reached the final of the Guangzhou Open just over a week ago, continued her Asian adventure by defeating Japan's Kimiko Date-Krumm 6-4, 6-4 to ease into the second round of the Premier Mandatory event. But it was far from plain sailing for the 18-year-old Robson, who fought back brilliantly from three games down in the first set, winning five without reply against Date-Krumm, 42, as youth ultimately overpowered experience. "I'm feeling confident when I play at the moment. Even when I'm not playing my best like I was today I still

feel that I am able to win matches," Robson told AFP. Date-Krumm raced to a 4-1 lead in the first set as Robson struggled with her serve and made a number of unforced errors. But several big forehands gave the young Briton confidence and the Japanese was no match for Robson's power. Robson, who ended last year ranked 131st, took the second set with relative ease, maintaining her recent momentum. The mixed doubles silver medallist at the London Olympics has shot up the world rankings this year, in large part due to a fourth-round appearance at the US Open and her exploits in Guangzhou, and now has the top 50 in her sights. "After this week I should be pretty close," she said. "I've got to keep winning here for sure and do well in Osaka (next week) to have a chance."

trainer for attention to his right leg. But he came out strongly in the second set, breaking Monaco twice to take it 6-4. However, it was Monaco who had

the extra burst of energy in the third as he broke the Frenchman's serve in the sixth game to clinch the set 6-3, and with it the title.

Monaco took home the trophy and $153,440 first prize, while Benneteau had to be content with the runner-up award of $80,815.

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Sports 18 Marseille's winning run comes to spectacular end PARIS



ARSEILLE'S stunning start to the Ligue 1 season which saw them win six from six games came to a spectacular end on Sunday as mid-table Valenciennes whipped them 4-1. A double by much-travelled striker Anthony Le Taellec and one apiece from Foued Kadir - gifted to him by Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda - and a brilliant opener by Gael Danic gave Valenciennes the points with Jordan Ayew scoring a consolation in time added-on. Marseille - who were going down to their first defeat in all competitions this season as they had drawn three and won two of their Europa League games - still top the table leading PSG by three points, although Lyon can pull to within one if they beat Bordeaux at home later on Sunday. Marseille coach Elie Baup said that Valenciennes had controlled the game from the outset and never given them a sniff. "Nothing worked for us or went right for us," said Baup, who took over when Didier Deschamps resigned in early July. "To go in 3-0 down at half-time gave us no way back. The verdict this evening is a heavy one, brutal, and will have ramifications. We will

Heart attack victim Sno taken ill during match tHE HAGUE: NEC Nijmegen's Dutch midfielder Evander Sno, who suffered a major heart attack two years ago, was taken to hospital as a precaution after falling ill during Saturday night's game at Feyenoord, the club announced on Sunday. The 25-yearold complained of stomach pains and was replaced in the 34th minute but left the pitch and walked to the waiting ambulance unaided. Two years ago Sno suffered a heart attack while playing for Ajax's youth team, falling unconscious before being revived ten minutes later. Since that incident he has played wearing a defibrillator. AfP talk about it among ourselves and work on things during the week. However, we should not dwell on such a heavy defeat for ever. "We should look ahead and think about our next challenge and how to put things right." Marseille - who had only conceded one goal in all Ligue 1 games this season prior to the game - went behind in the 16th minute with a superb freekick by Danic although Mandanda let rip at his

wall, which he felt should have jumped higher. Le Taellec, who numbers unsuccessful spells at both Liverpool and Sunderland among his many clubs, doubled the lead in the 35th minute putting away a super cross by Danic. Any hope Marseille had of regrouping at the break disappeared when Mandanda completely fluffed a throw out from inside his area which landed at Kadir's feet just outside the box and he put it away with the Marseille goalkeeper vainly trying to regain his goal. Le Taellec added his second in the 65th minute with a header from another Danic cross to send the record attendance of just over 22,000 wild and give Marseille plenty to think about ahead of their home game with bitter rivals PSG next Sunday. For Valenciennes it maintained their hold over Marseille, who have beaten them just once since the former were promoted in 2006 and who were the club that were involved in the matchfixing scandal in the 1992/93 season that brought to an inglorious end Marseille's golden era. On Saturday, Paris Saint-Germain had geared up for a testing week with a comfortable 2-0 win at home to Sochaux with a Kevin Gameiro brace which gave PSG their fifth consecutive win in all competitions, ahead of Wednesday's visit to Porto in the Champions League and the trip to Marseille.

watch it Live TEN SPORTS

wORLd t20

New Zealand V West Indies 03:00PM Sri Lanka V England 07:00PM

Benzema says returning to top form MADRID AfP

Real Madrid and France striker Karim Benzema, who has struggled to hit the net in the opening weeks of the 2012-13 season, says he is starting to hit top form again. "I have felt very good in the last few matches. I notice that I am making progress and that my legs are responding better. I am very pleased," the 24year-old said in an interview published Sunday in sports daily AS. "It was very good for me playing for France two times for the entire 90 minutes. It is important to play several matches in a row. I am also working a lot to get in top form," he added. Benzema played a key role in France's 10 win over Finland in a 2014 World Cup qualifier as he set up Abou Diaby for the only goal of the game. He also took part in in France's 3-1 win over Belarus four days later. "I never lost confidence, I am always sure of myself and my game," Benzema said. "I am a scorer and I love to score but everyone knows that I enjoy when I can to provide assistance."\ Benzema joined Real in 2009 after helping French side Lyon win four league titles. Real, lying a yawning 14 points behind leaders Barcelona, are in action later Sunday against Deportivo la Coruna.

Spanish La Liga table MADRID AfP

uSa poised for ryder cup glory CHICAGO AfP

The stage was set for the United States to take back the Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club on Sunday as Davis Love's men carried a handsome 10-6 lead into the closing 12 singles. That meant that the Americans needed just 4 1/2 points to ensure they keep the small. golden trophy for the next two years. Jose Maria Olazabal's team need to win eight out of the 12 matches to reach 14 points which would result in the contest being tied and Europe, as holders, keeping the cup. On the face of it the task looks beyond the Europeans who have been largely outplayed, outthought and outscored over two days of foursomes and fourballs action. No European team has ever come back from four points down at the start of the final day's play to win the cup and no US team has ever lost more than a twopoint advantage on the final day since the competition began in 1927. Still, the memory of 1999 at Brookline, Massachusetts remains vivid when the Americans overturned a 6-10 deficit to win by a solitary point. But that was on home soil with home support. This time Europe need to pull it off on foreign soil. Both captains were singing from the same songsheet going into the rush of singles that brings down the curtain on the Ryder Cup week - "it's not all over yet." Olazabal has evoked the never-say-die attitude of his great friend and playing partner Seve Ballesteros and he has confirmed that the European players will be clad in the dark blue and white outfit that the Spaniard, who died from a brain tumour in May of last year, favoured.

frankfurt: frankfurt's defender Bastian Oczipka (r) and freiburg's midfielder Max kruse vie for the ball during the German first division Bundesliga football match eintracht frankfurt vs Sc freiburg the western German city of Moenchengladbach on September 30, 2012. afp

Spanish league table after Sunday's early matches (played, won, drawn, lost, goals for, goals against, points): Barcelona 6 6 0 0 17 5 18 Malaga 6 4 2 0 10 2 14 Atletico Madrid 5 4 1 0 15 7 13 Real Mallorca 5 3 2 0 7 3 11 Sevilla 6 3 2 1 8 5 11 Valladolid 6 3 0 3 10 6 9 Real Sociedad 6 3 0 3 8 9 9 Real Betis 6 3 0 3 10 13 9 Valencia 6 2 2 2 8 8 8 Real Madrid 5 2 1 2 7 4 7 Levante 5 2 1 2 7 9 7 Rayo Vallecano 6 2 1 3 7 13 7 Deportivo La Coruna 5 1 3 1 7 7 6 Celta Vigo 6 2 0 4 7 8 6 Real Zaragoza 6 2 0 4 5 8 6 Granada 6 1 2 3 4 9 5 Athletic Bilbao 6 1 2 3 8 14 5 Getafe 5 1 1 3 6 10 4 Espanyol 5 0 1 4 7 11 1 Osasuna 5 0 1 4 3 10 1

SBP-arranged big screens at Punjab Stadium attract over 100,000 people LAHORE StAff RePORt

The Sports Board Punjab to facilitate fans watch the Pakistan and India World T20 Super Eight match made special arrangements at the Punjab Stadium on Sunday night and more than 100,000 people overcrowded the venue to cheer on every ball bowled and every boundary scored. The atmosphere at the stadium was so much berserk that it seemed that the match was not being played at Colombo but at the Punjab Stadium. The initiative of showing the match on wide screen was taken by SBP, Director General and Youth Affairs, Usman Anwar who had also brought the youngsters of the province on one platform through the Punjab Youth Festival. Deputy Speaker and chief organizer of the Festival Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan also visited the venue to witness the enthusiasm of the people while DCO

Lahore Noorul Amin also reached the stadium keeping view gathering of the crowd and special and prompt security arrangements were also made to meet any untoward incident. Secretary Sports Haroon Ahmed Khan was also present on the occasion. Usman Anwar said that with the youth festival they have given the youth an opportunity to come dare and build the future of your dreams. “We have given them a path so they dare to achieve their desired destination,” he added. A large number of families with children also came to stadium to watch match on the big screens. It was not only Lahore’s Punjab Stadium but big screens were also installed at seven big cities of the province and similar reports were received from those cities. In fact the capacity of the stadium was 30,000 but there was hardly an inch to sit at the stadium and half of the crowd was sitting on the grass in front of four big screens.

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Monday, 1 October, 2012


Wave of Iraq attacks kills at least 33 BAGHDAD



ILITANTS carried out bombings and shootings in 10 cities and towns in Iraq on Sunday, killing at least 33 people and wounding 106, in the latest wave of deadly attacks to hit the country. In total, at least 253 people have been killed and 803 wounded in attacks in Iraq this month, according to an AFP tally based on security and medical sources. Most of Sunday’s attacks were centred in Baghdad and the nearby areas of Taji, Madain and Tarmiyah, where an Interior Ministry official said 25 people were killed and 59 wounded. Medical sources put the toll at 28 dead and 77 wounded. In Baghdad, a suicide bomber detonated an explosives-packed car in the central Karrada district, targeting the deputy head of police for the area, a police officer at the scene said. The explosion scattered debris dozens of metres from the seat of the blast, shattering store windows and burning several cars. A headless torso lay surrounded by pieces of flesh. Police, most of them armed with

Kalashnikov assault rifles, deployed in force on the street, and a fire truck sprayed down the blast site. “We were working and we heard a loud explosion, and the air changed and everything exploded,” said Firas Dawood, the owner of a nearby shop. “What do I say about the security measures? Shit,” he said. Another store owner, who gave his name only as Abu Ihab, said, “I was in my shop and I heard the sound of a very powerful explosion. Dust was everywhere. “We were sitting in the shop while police were collecting flesh,” he said. “Human flesh was on the sidewalk, being collected and put in plastic bags.” “When the explosion happens, it does not care about any security measures,” he said. “I sit in my shop and I am afraid for my life.” Abu Ihab soon had another reason to be afraid, as the blast was followed by a second car bomb that hit the same area. Gunmen also shot dead a policeman in the Al-Amil neighbourhood of south Baghdad, an attack followed by a car bomb that exploded after a police patrol came to investigate, the interior ministry official said. And a police colonel was wounded by gunmen in the Mansur area of west Baghdad, the ministry official and a medical


source said. North of the capital, four car bombs exploded in Taji. The first went off near a Shia place of worship, followed by three others in the same Al-Askari neighbourhood of the town, a security official said, adding that women and children were

among the dead. In Madain, south of Baghdad, a car bomb exploded near a bus carrying Iranian pilgrims, a witness said. And two roadside bombs targeted army and police patrols in the Tarmiyah area, north of Baghdad. A car bomb target-

ing a police convoy killed two policemen and wounded seven others near Baquba, north of Baghdad, while another car bomb exploded south of Baquba, killing one person and wounding seven, police and a doctor from Baquba General Hospital said. North of Baquba, a car bomb targeting police Brigadier General Mohammed alTamimi wounded five people, a police colonel and the doctor said. South of Baghdad, in Kut, a car bomb exploded near a police river patrol station, killing a civilian and three police, and wounding seven people, a police captain and a medical official said. In the main northern city of Mosul, a car bomb exploded near an army patrol, wounding 15 people, among them a soldier, while a roadside bomb wounded four policemen, doctors and police said. And an explosives-rigged vehicle exploded near an army patrol south of the northern oil city of Kirkuk, killing a soldier and wounding a civilian and another soldier, police and a doctor said. South of Baghdad, police arrested two people as they attempted to drive explosivespacked vehicles into the city of Diwaniyah, provincial police chief Brigadier General Abdul Jalil al-Assadi said.

Scaling down Global warming making fish smaller PARIS AfP

A hearty fillet of fish, already a rare treat because of over-trawled oceans, will become even more infrequent in the future when global warming starts to reduce fish size, scientists said on Sunday. Researchers looked at computer models to see how warmer, and thus less oxygenated, seas affected more than 600 species of fish. Compared to 2000, the maximum attainable body weight of these fish declined by between 14 and 24 percent by 2050. Fish inhabiting the Indian Ocean were the most affected, reducing by 24 percent, followed by counterparts in the Atlantic (20 percent) and then the Pacific (14 percent), with tropical waters worst hit. “It’s a constant challenge for fish to get enough oxygen from water to grow, and the situation gets worse as fish get bigger,” said Daniel Pauly of the University of British Columbia in western Canada, who first raised the warmingand-growth link 30 years ago. “A warmer and less-oxygenated ocean, as predicted under climate change, would make it more difficult for bigger fish to get enough oxygen, which means they will stop growing more.” The investigation appears in the journal Nature Climate Change. The model used the so-called A2 scenario, which sees an average rise in global atmospheric — not sea — temperatures of 3.4 degrees Celsius (6.12 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100 compared to 2000. Until recently, this would have been considered a pessimistic scenario, but many climatologists today say it is realistic in the light of a relentless rise in fossil-fuel emissions. Under the A2 scenario, the sea bottom temperatures of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Arctic Oceans would rise at average rates of between 0.012 (0.2 F) and 0.037 C (0.066 F) per decade up to 2050. As those oceans warm, their oxygen levels would also see slight but progressive declines, a measurement expressed in a unit called millimoles. The average fall, per decade, would range from 0.1 millimoles per cubic metre in the Arctic to 1.1 millimoles per cubic metre in the Atlantic. “Although the projected rate of change in environmental temperature and oxygen content appears to be small, the resulting changes in maximum body size are unexpectedly large,” said the paper.

GOdewAeRSveLde: A hot-air balloon flies over the city in northern france, as the sun rises on Sunday.

Over 508,660 acres of land affected by monsoon rains, floods KARACHI AftAb CHANNA

With the devastation of floods continuing in various districts of Sindh, as many as 106 people have so far lost their lives while more than 360 have been severely injured in flood-hit areas. However, there seems no prompt action on part of the authorities to avoid further human loss, Pakistan Today has learnt. The gushing flood water is playing havoc with the life and property of the people across Sindh, which has been badly hit by monsoon rains and subsequent floods, bringing losses of human life, property and agricultural land. The district authorities have jointly submitted a district-wise damage report after conducting survey of all affected districts of the province to estimate the losses. The survey was conducted on an urgent basis on the instruction of Prime


Over 106 killed, 360 injured in Sindh’s flood-hit districts Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani to ascertain the exact cost of the damage from monsoon rains that later turned disastrous in the province, so that remedial measures could be taken to facilitate those badly hit by the floods, sources added. Per the report, as many as 106 people have died while 360 injured in floodrelated incidents. The largest number of casualties was reported in Shikarpur where 22 people, including five children and nine females, were killed. Nine people died in President Asif Zardari’s hometown Benazirabad district, one in Tando Mohammad Khan, one in Mirpurkhas, two in Thatta, five in Hyderabad, two in Badin, three in Matiari, one in Umerkot, seven in Khairpur, one in Dadu, four in Sanghar, two in Jacobabad, one in Naushehro

vPublished by Arif Nizami at Plot No 79, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

Feroz, eight in Ghotki, two in KamberShahdadkot, 21 in Kashmore-Kandhkot, three in Larkana and 11 in Sukkur. Per break-up of the injured, at least 226 persons were seriously injured in rains and floods in Shikarpur, two each in districts Matiari, Badin and Thatta and one each in Tando Mohammad Khan and Shaheed Benazirabad. At least eight people were injured in district Khairpur, one in Jacobabad, 62 in Ghotki, 46 in Kashmore and nine in Sukkur. The report added that at least 273,043 people had been badly affected by the rains of which 57,084 were in district Shikarpur, 80,159 in Khairpur and 135,800 in Jacobabad. The total number of villages affected by the monsoon rains stood at 2,294 and the population of at least 33,320 has been moved to 118 government relief camps. Besides, at least 76,130 houses have Editor: Arif Nizami

so far been damaged by the rains, of which 9,584 houses were fully damaged and at least 31,967 houses were partially damaged. Moreover, the report also pointed out that three major crops standing on 508,660 acres of land had also been badly hit by monsoon rains. At least 17,150 acres were affected in district Shaheed Benazirabad, 415 acres in Tando Mohammad Khan, 550 in Mirpurkhas, 14,494 acres in Badin, 1,938 acres in Matiari, 27,500 acres in Umerkot, 27,336 acres in Khairpur, 214 acres in Dadu, 12,200 acres in Sanghar, 28,568 acres in Jacobabad, 97,408 acres in Ghotki, 13,965 acres in Kamber-Shahdadkot, 48,500 acres in Kashmore-Kandhkot, while 11,468 acres of agricultural land was affected in Sukkur by torrential rains and floods.

E-paper Pakistan Today 1st October, 2012  
E-paper Pakistan Today 1st October, 2012  

E-paper Pakistan Today 1st October, 2012