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Pakistan can be world’s number one, says Mohsin



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Monday, 30 january, 2012 rabi-ul-awal 6, 1433

Reports of extension for ISI DG false: PM g

MALAM JABBA: Soldiers patrolling snow-covered hills on Sunday. online

Pakistan links restoration of nATo supply to iP pipeline ISLAMABAD SHAIQ HUSSAIN

Pakistan wants the United States to drop its opposition to the purchase of gas from Iran through a multibillion dollar gas pipeline project as a major demand for the reopening of NATO supply routes and restoration of full counter-terrorism cooperation, along with other steps that it wants the Obama administration to take such as a formal apology over air strikes on its border posts and assurance of no breach of its sovereignty in future. In order to meet its increasing energy demands, Pakistan is working on several fronts including the gas pipeline that will pump natural gas from Iran.

However, the US has time and again demonstrated its opposition to the project and also conveyed to Islamabad that this pipeline would come under the sanctions imposed by Washington against Iran. Pakistani authorities have decided, nonetheless, to move ahead with the gas pipeline and they have their eyes fixed on 2014 as the completion time of this vital project. “Pakistan is committed to the Pak-Iran gas pipeline and the sanctions do not cover this project. There is no change in our stance and we are working to complete the project by 2014. Continued on page 04

pdC opposes nato supply | page 28

US agrees to transfer important Taliban from Guantanamo NEW YORK ONLINE

The United States agreed on Sunday to transfer important Taliban figures from Guantanamo Bay to Qatar, The New York Times said in a report. Several former Taliban officials told the Times on Saturday that Taliban negotiators had begun meeting American officials in Qatar, where they were discussing preliminary trust-building measures, including a possible prisoner transfer. The former officials said four to eight Taliban representatives had traveled to Qatar from Pakistan to set up a political office for the exiled Afghan insurgent group. Continued on page 04

PM says Punjab standing in the way of forming drug regulatory authority



rIme minister Yousaf raza Gilani said on Sunday that reports of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) director general (DG) being given an extension in order to ‘improve matters’ with the army were false, Geo News reported. “All these references (to extension) are nothing but disinformation,” the prime minister told reporters at a briefing upon his return from Davos after attending the World economic Forum there. regarding early elections, the prime minister said consultations would be held with the coalition if the opposition talked logically, but added that elections would likely be held after the budget. “It is up to the prime minister to decide whether elections are to be held earlier than scheduled or on time,” he said. He said by-elections would be held on schedule, adding that the election Commission of Pakistan had presented its standpoint before the Supreme Court, which had also come up with its explanation on the matter. The premier said negotiations would be held with the opposition on the 20th Amendment to the Constitution. “I respect (Punjab Chief minister) Shahbaz Sharif and I will not be provoked by his statement about provision of security to mansoor Ijaz,” he said, adding that the matter was sub judice so he would not comment further. He said the issue of Khurram rasool was

brought to his knowledge by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and directives had been issued to the Interior ministry for its enquiry. The prime minister also said any decision of parliament on resumption of NATO supplies would be accepted. “Now there is no dictator (in the country) who would accept all the demands on a single phone call,” he said. He said apart from Punjab, all the provinces had reached a consensus on formation of a drug regulatory authority but Punjab would not let such an authority be formed. He said the Punjab government was the only obstacle in the formation of a drug regulatory authority.

punjab govt is not a hurdle for dra | page 02

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Monday, 30 January, 2012



Rs 257m to be spent on Ankara park

Nawaz Sharif returns from Uk

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Punjab govt is not a hurdle in DRA’s establishment: Ishaq The Punjab government was not a hurdle in the Drug regulatory Authority’s establishment, a private TV channel quoted PmL-N leader Ishaq Dar as saying on Sunday. reacting to Prime minister Syed Yousaf raza Gilani’s statement, Dar said that the unconstitutional occupation of the Sheikh Zayed Hospital by the federal government was the main hurdle in the DrA’s establishment. MONItORINg dESk

Zardari summons meeting of PPP Sindh ministers today Karachi: President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday summoned a meeting of all Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) ministers from Sindh today (monday). According to sources, the meeting would be held at Bilawal House in which the present political situation and other partyrelated issues would be discussed. The ministers would also brief the president about the development projects and measures taken for solution of problems of flood affectees. ONLINE

Motorway police free kidnapped trader KaLar Kahar: The motorway Police on Sunday arrested a kidnapper from the Kalar Kahar area and recovered a one hostage. Police sources said Feroz Shah, a businessman, had been abducted along with his driver from Lahore a few days ago, and that the kidnappers had demanded a heavy amount as ransom for their release. Police raided the kidnapper’s residence in the Kalar Kahar area on a tip off, and freed the hostages. Sources said the kidnapper, Nikki, was shifted to an undisclosed location for further investigation. ONLINE

BSO-M boycotts private TV channels Quetta: Baloch Students Organisation-mohaiyuddin (BSO-m) on Sunday announced to boycott all private TV channels against their attitude of ignoring Balochistan issues and appealed to cable operators to stop their transmission. The announcement was made by BSO-m Secretary General Javed Baloch and others during a press conference. He said that Baloch had been subjected to the worst kind of cruelty and incidents of recovery of decomposed bodies of Baloch missing persons, targeted killing of political workers and kidnapping for ransom had become the order of the day in the province. Javed said that the situation had badly deteriorated situation in Balochistan, adding that the print and electronic media was not showing the true picture of cruelties in Balochistan. He said that the media was showcasing every minor issue of other provinces but remained silent on recovery of bullet-ridden bodies. SHAHzAdA zULfIQAR

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US clarifies Panetta statement on OBL ISLAMABAD StAff REpORt

A US embassy spokesperson on Sunday clarified US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta’s statement stating that the US has not found any evidence of Pakistan’s support to Osama bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad. In a statement, a US embassy’s spokesperson said the Defence Secretary and other officials were trying to ameliorate relations with Pakistan. On Saturday, Panetta said, in an interview to Colombia Broadcasting Service (CBS), that he believed Pakistani officials knew where bin Laden was hiding before US Navy Seals found and killed him on may 2, last year.

3 FC men injured in Kechh QuETTA SHAHzAdA zULfIQAR

Three Frontier Corps (FC) personnel were injured in a landmine blast in Kechh on Sunday and two decomposed bodies were recovered from Dera Bugti. Levies officials said that a FC vehicle was passing from Soro area of Buleda in Kech when it hit a landmine, which exploded. resultantly, three FC personnel were injured while the vehicle was also badly damaged. After the blast, FC personnel cordoned off the area and moved the injured to hospital. In another incident, Levies recovered two unidentified decomposed bodies, including that of a woman, from Pir Koh area of Dera Bugti. Sources said that the bodies were buried in the local graveyard.

Karachi: Brides sit during a mass marriage ceremony which included around 50 couples. AFP

eoBi investing Rs 15b of pensioners’ money in failed housing scheme ISLAMABAD ONLINE

The employees Old-age Benefit Institute (eOBI) is all set to invest rs 15 billion to purchase a failed housing scheme, well-placed sources have told Online. Sources said the eOBI had struck a deal with the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Islamabad to buy the formerly known Commoners’ Town – a failed residential project acquired by the DHA earlier. even after getting the land, the DHA did not bother about its development, sources said, adding that people who initially purchased plots in the housing scheme were running from pillar to post to recover their deposits. “Two of the female claimants have also approached the Supreme Court for the recovery of their assets

in any case,” sources added. eOBI Chairman Zafar Iqbal Gondal, a politically appointed official, is reportedly pushing the deal for an early conclusion, possibly for kickbacks. “Gondal snubbed the relevant officials that pointed out loopholes in the deal,” sources added. Notwithstanding his primary belonging to the Accounts Services of Pakistan, Gondal sought political appointments throughout his career. His two of the previous lucrative stunts both in the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and later on in the National Highways Authority ended unceremoniously chiefly due to corruption charges. Sources told Online that a fake deal of a plot in the Commoners’ Town was struck on inflated rates to get a reference price for the purchase of the entire housing scheme in rs 15

billion. According to sources, almost rs 3 billion have already been paid in advance to the DHA. The eOBI maintains a fund of hundreds of billions of rupees. This fund is made up of contributions from the employees of private companies with a promise that they would be getting old-age benefits in their retirement age. Besides undermining the sanctity of the employees’ contributions, the eOBI has also violated its own mission statement. The top bullet in the real estate page of the eOBI’s website reads: “Due to the low rate of return and difficulties in management in real estate business, the investment in the real estate shall be given lower priority.” On the contrary, the above deal, which is full of difficulties and legal questions, indicates that the top priority of the Institute is to go for any real estate without considering legal or business plausibility.

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FOReIGn newS


22 killed as Syrian opposition seeks UN action

Hazanavicius wins top honor from directors guild for the Artist pakistan demand respect from world


News 03 COMMenT for pakistan, by pakistan: Team Pakistan resurgent.

targets to be missed: But a silver lining to this cloud.

Waqqas Mir says: Bleed green: Heartbreak gives way to the sweet joy of victory.

Arif Ansar says: An emerging alliance: Nationalists are teaming up with conservatives.

Reem Wasay says: The lure of the inane: Our society’s mindset continues to degenerate.

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Govt woes will increase if it fails to get good 3G licence bids ISLAMABAD



F T e r the expected onslaught of the opposition parties on the 3G licencing process, the government has intensified its effort to stop the process from being derailed which may force it to approach the International monetary Fund (ImF) sooner than it wanted. An official source said the government was pinning all its hopes on the three 3G and one 2G licence to bridge the fiscal deficit that is expected to be over 6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) because of the estimated rs 350 billion power subsidy during the current fiscal year. He said the government was hoping to get $800

million from the telecom auctions, which was termed the safest way to make some quick bucks as privatisation of loss-incurring entities were fraught with agitation from the labour unions. The government decided to opt for technology neutral licences as it was informed that after the failure of 3G services in India and financial crisis in the US and eU, Pakistan might not even attract any of the top international operators. The source said that the IT ministry and Board of Investment were directed to arrange visits of some top executives of the leading telecommunication companies to show interest in the bidding process and to silence critics. The sum generated by the telecom licences will be used to bridge the fiscal deficit, which is likely to

be over 6 percent during the current fiscal year. The government will be in a tight position after starting of repayment to ImF from march this year. If the external inflows do not improve, the government will be forced to approach the fund before the close of the current fiscal year. The government wants no ImF programme before holding election as it could increase its political difficulties. The members of the ruling party are already forcing the government to take every step to provide uninterrupted electricity to the people during the current election year by even taking loans from the banks, otherwise their party stands no chance of retaining its seats in urban areas. The incumbent government has already passed on rs 1 trillion in power subsidies to the consumers during

Afghan peace council member kidnapped by Taliban KABuL REUtERS

Pakistan’s border closures costing US millions every month ISLAMABAD ONLINE

An American website reported on Sunday that Islamabad’s decision to shut down two key Pakistan border crossings had resulted in the US and NATO using alternate routes to get critical supplies, including fuel and food, to their troops serving on the front lines. The website reported that approximately 85 percent of all fuel and more than 30 percent of all other supplies were being rerouted through a longer and much more costly northern route connecting Baltic and Caspian Sea ports with Afghanistan through russia, Central Asia and the Caucuses, using a combination of truck, rail and sea assets. It was now costing the US approximately $104 million dollars per month to send supplies through the alternate northern route, said the site. Since Islamabad has given no indication of if or when it may reopen those key crossings, US officials said the increased costs were likely to continue for some time. US–Pakistan tensions remain high and Pakistan has not offered to restore the prior transport arrangement. Officials from the two countries are currently not in any form of negotiations to resolve the issue. Thousands of trucks and other vehicles were stranded on the Pakistan side of the border, unable to move much needed food, clothing, supplies and other goods to the civilian population in Afghanistan, said the site. Afghan authorities had asked Pakistani authorities to allow their supplies through and Pakistan was considering the request, it added. Officials said they were sorting through the thousands of vehicles to determine which ones might be carrying supplies to the Afghanistan people.

The Taliban have kidnapped a member of Afghanistan’s peace council during a bid to promote talks in the volatile east, underscoring the difficulty negotiators face in winning support for nascent negotiations from the Taliban front line. mavlawi Shafihullah Shafih, a low level member of the High Peace Council set up by President Hamid Karzai to liaise with insurgents, disappeared on Friday in the Asmar district of the eastern province of Kunar, authorities said on Sunday. Shafih, a former education department head in neighboring Nuristan province, had travelled from Kabul to meet insurgents and encourage them to join the peace process after Taliban leaders proposed opening a representative office in Qatar. “As soon as he left his car the Taliban captured him,” said Shahzada Shahid, another member of the 70-member council who had travelled to the Kunar capital of Asadabad in an effort to free Shafih with support from community elders. Shafih’s abduction comes four months after the head of the High Peace Council, former president Burhanuddin rabbani, was assassinated by an in-

surgent carrying a bomb hidden in his turban. The attack wounded four people, including masoom Stanekzai, head of the council’s secretariat. It also comes after an offer by the Taliban leadership to open an office in Qatar to lay the ground for possible peace talks with the US and its main allies, including the Afghan government. Fazlullah Wahidi, the provincial governor for Kunar, said Shafih had been carrying a letter from a senior member of the peace council to give to insurgents in Kunar, which lies along the rugged and porous border with Pakistan. A Taliban spokesman could not be reached for comment. ewaz Naziri, the Kunar police chief, said Shafih had not alerted authorities of his visit. “He went to Asmar without informing us. We don’t know where and how he went missing,” he said. Two senior council members told reuters last week that they believed the Taliban were willing to soften hardline ideologies in order to end the war with NATO and Afghan forces ahead of the departure of foreign combat troops in 2014. But Ismail Qasimyar, the council’s adviser on foreign relations, said while he saw signs of moderation among the Taliban leadership, a peace deal had the potential to split frontline fighters with more hardline views.

gUJRANWALA: Leader JUI (f) Maulana fazl-ur-Rehman addressing at a public gathering on Sunday. online

the last four years. The government had estimated external inflows of $800 million on account of the Coalition Support Fund (CSF), $400 million through the Kerry Lugar Bill (KLB) and $880 million on account of PTCL privatisation proceeds, which are struck since 2005. The drop in the external inflow coupled with a widening trade account deficit could have serious repercussions for the foreign exchange reserves and on the exchange rate, the source said. The recently held monetary and Fiscal Coordination Board meeting noted with concern the current trend in oil prices in the international market and mobilization of foreign inflows as major challenges that might affect the balance of payment and deteriorate external position, he added.

Protesters want Rawalpindi’s only Ahmadi worship place closed raWaLPiNDi: Protesters from a number of religious parties on Sunday gathered outside of the worship place of the Ahmadi community located near Holy Family Hospital calling on the city administration to relocate or close the worship place. ‘ahmaDi aLarm’: The protest was taken out after drawn out negotiations failed to reach a settlement between local traders, led by Sharjeel mir, and the local Ahmadi community. After negotiations failed, the rawalpindi city administration allowed traders to hold a protest in front of Aqsa mosque, located at a stone’s throw from the Ahmadi worship place. Tensions rose in October 2011, when a local trader announced that an Ahmadi worship place was present in e-Block, Satellite Town and led a campaign for its closure. On Sunday, clerics and seminary students from different schools of thought joined the protest and alleged a number of Ahmadis were involved in unconstitutional activities. They were joined by representatives of the two major factions of rawalpindi’s trade unions and the Aalmi majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-eNubuwwat. FuLLy ProtecteD: On the occasion, comprehensive security arrangements were made with a heavy contingent of police deployed to cope with any untoward situation. Protesters said high officials had asked the DCO rawalpindi to resolve the dispute between groups within one month. earlier, the Ahmadi worship place administration bowing to the city administration’s unjust request had limited their religious activities and asked followers to not come to the worship place to offer Friday prayers. Two months after the decision, only a few dozen Ahmadis, mostly residents of Satellite Town, would come and attend Friday prayers in rawalpindi’s only Ahmadi worship place.

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04 News

Monday, 30 January, 2012

Khar to visit Kabul for talks on Taliban KABuL Afp

Pakistan and Afghanistan will open a new phase of cooperation over the Taliban insurgency with the visit of Islamabad’s foreign minister this week, an official said obn Sunday. relations between the neighbours are often tense and Kabul has accused Pakistan in the past of supporting the Taliban in their 10-year insurgency in Afghanistan. Pakistani Foreign minister

Pakistan links restoration Continued froM page 1 We believe that this project is beyond the scope of the relevant UN resolutions which we are obliged to comply with like all other member states,” Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit said in reply to a question on the pipeline. Another Foreign ministry official, who sought anonymity, told Pakistan Today that the US was not only pressurising Pakistan to give up the Iranian gas pipeline but was also offering Pakistan gas supply at lower prices. He said that US authorities had also been advising Islamabad to go for another pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan, which they believed was a better option. “However, Pakistani authorities have been adamant in their refusal to US demand for abandoning the gas pipeline project and they have rather made it a part of their list of demands from US for the restoration of NATO supplies and cooperation in counter-terrorism efforts,” the official said. “Pakistan has asked the US to drop its opposition to the gas pipeline from Iran and exclude it from sanctions imposed against Tehran,” he added.

Hina rabbani Khar will visit Kabul on Wednesday, Afghan foreign ministry spokesman Janan mosazai told a news conference. “This visit will mark a new cooperation relations phase between the two countries,” he said, adding that Khar would hold talks with Afghan Foreign minister Zulmai rasoul and President Hamid Karzai. “Both sides will discuss the fight against terrorism and Pakistan’s essential support to the peace process in Afghanistan. “Pakistan plays a key role in Afghan peace

process and Afghanistan need a sincere effort of our neighbouring country toward peace negotiations,” mosazai said. Khar’s visit comes after Pakistan made overtures to Afghanistan to resume talks over the Taliban which broke down following the assassination of Kabul’s chief peace envoy, Burhanuddin rabbani, in September, officials said. Karzai accused Pakistan of responsibility for the murder and last month accused Pakistan of sabotaging all negotiations with the Taliban.

Minister promises to include Christian education in syllabus KARAchI ONLINE

Senior minister education Pir mazharul Haq has assured Saleem Khursheed Khokhar mPA Sindh, Chairman Standing Committee on minorities Affairs Sindh Assembly and President All Pakistan minorities Alliance Sindh that Christian education will be included in syllabus similar to muslim education. On 21 January, in the Sindh Assembly, mazhar had suggested that a syllabus agreed upon unanimously by all Christian denominations should be enforced. Count Bishop of Faisalabad & President Pakistan Bishop Conference, Bishop of Islamabad and Pakistan Catholic Bishop Con-

ference Secretary General rofan Anthony, Bishop of Lahore Bishop Alexander John malik, Church of Pakistan moderator rev Arif masih Siraj, Yousaf Ghulam Salvation Army Church, Lt. Col. Salvation Army and Chief Secretary Salvation Army Pakistan approved the proposed syllabus and promised other Bishops were being contacted on the matter. The proposed syllabus has been sent to Church of Pakistan Supreme Body, Secretary Synod of Pakistan and rt. rev. Samuel Azriah moderator Church of Pakistan. Since the Church of Pakistan moderator is abroad different leaders and churches will convene a joint conference to give a unanimous approval to the proposed syllabus in the near future.

QUEttA: pML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Secretary general Mushahid Hussain Syed presiding over a meeting of party’s provincial parliamentary group. online

PM orders ‘merit-based’ appointment of OGRA chairman ISLAMABAD App

Prime minister Yousuf raza Gilani on Sunday instructed Secretary Cabinet Division Nargis Sethi that recommendations should be formulated immediately for appointment of Chairman of the Oil and Gas regulatory Authority (OGrA). The Pm said transparency and merit should be strictly maintained while making the recommendations.

SIALkOt: federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting dr firdous Ashiq Awan addresses a public meeting after inaugurating a Sui gas supply project at village kot Bawa. Gni

Parliamentary body on FIA torture of Karachi, Balochistan nADRA employees condemned has done nothing PEShAWAR

StAff REpORt

NADrA employees Union Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) on Sunday staged protest against the torture of their colleagues in Karachi by the FIA and demanded the government to probe into the matter. Led by muhammad Saleem Khan, President NADrA employees union Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Provincial General Secretary Hazrat Gul, protestors marched from Gulbahar to Peshawar Press Club against the torture of their colleagues. Holding placards and banners, employees chanted slogans against government. On the occasion muhammad Saleem Khan condemned torturing NADrA employees in Karachi and said that government should take action against the responsible. He said that on the directives of Supreme Court, NADrA is preparing voter lists for elections, however despite working in day and night shifts they are not being compensated for that.They said that Prime minister (Pm) Yousuf raza Gilani earlier announced that 6,000 NADrA employees will be made permanent, which had not been implemented.

ISLAMABAD He sincerity of the government’s claims in making parliament supreme can be assessed from the fact that a special parliamentary committee constituted in August 2011 to review the deteriorating law and order in Karachi and Balochistan, which was supposed to present its report in the National Assembly within two months, has still not come up with a single recommendation on how to curb violence in Sindh’s capital and Balochistan despite the passage of more than five months. The four members of the committee belonging to the leading opposition party - the Pakistan muslim LeagueNawaz (PmL-N) – Sardar mehtab Abbasi, Khwaja mohammad Asif, Zahid Hamid and rana Tanvir Hussain have also not raised the issue of the committee’s failure to prepare recommendations to establish peace in two restive regions of the country. On August 12, the National Assembly unanimously adopted a motion to form a special parliamentary committee comprising members of all

parliamentary parties to review law and order in Karachi and Quetta and report in two months. In pursuance of the unanimously adopted motion, National Assembly Speaker Dr Fehmida mirza constituted a 17-member all-party special parliamentary committee on Karachi and Balochistan on August 28. After electing religious Affairs minister Syed Khurshid Shah as its chairman, the committee has met only three times, with the last meeting held on October 13, 2011. PPP mNA Nasir Ali Shah from Quetta, who had also raised the issue of targeted killings of people from the Hazara community in the House, said that it was unfortunate to note that the committee had still not come up with any output on unrest in Balochistan despite the passage of five months. “The committee has not even visited Quetta yet… the committee has just proved to be a show-piece. When the government does not want to resolve issues, the committees are constituted to deal with them,” he said. The special parliamentary committee has also failed to woo angry Baloch leaders for talks. On October 13, 2011, the committee in its last meeting

had pledged to visit Quetta and meet the angry Baloch elders and other stakeholders. A member of the committee who wished to remain unnamed said the angry Baloch leaders had flatly refused to have talks with the special parliamentary committee, therefore the committee postponed its visit to Quetta. “There is huge trust deficit and the Baloch nationalist leaders do not trust Islamabad and seek strong guarantees that the recommendations of the parliamentary body would be fully implemented without any procrastination by the federal government… on the other hand, we (the committee) are not in a position to give guarantees,” he added. When asked to comment on the sluggish attitude of the committee, Sardar Yaqoob Khan Nasir, PmL-N mNA from Balochistan, said the government gave very little respect to parliament. “The PPP government in the last threeand-a-half years did not act upon any parliamentary resolution… the decisions of parliamentary standing committees are not implemented by the executives… the incumbent government of so-called democrats is worse than the rule of dictator (Pervez) musharraf,” he said.

the country maintained control over its prisons and would not allow a transferred detainee to become a future threat to the US. If any detainees were released, Western and Afghan officials said, they would likely be transferred to Qatar and held there, perhaps under house arrest. The former Taliban officials said they were most surprised by Pakistan’s decision to allow the Taliban delegates to obtain travel documents and board a plane to Qatar. The former officials had long contended that Pakistan has obstructed talks. “This is a green light from Pakistan,” rahmani told the Times. Pakistan “definitely supported this and is also helping”, Qalamuddin added. He said if Pakistan did not approve of the talks, it would have arrested the Taliban delegates to Qatar, just as it did with mullah Baradar, a senior Taliban official, after he began secret talks with the Afghan government in 2010. meanwhile, the Afghan

and Pakistani governments are seeking peace talks with the Taliban in Saudi Arabia separate from the US-brokered talks with the insurgents in Qatar, officials said on Sunday. Afghan and Taliban officials indicated in response to a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) report about plans for talks in Saudi Arabia that both Kabul and Islamabad were looking for their own talks with the insurgents. The Taliban have refused previously to recognise the government of President Hamid Karzai. Asked for his response to the BBC report, Afghan Foreign ministry spokesman Janan mosazai said: “Of course we support any steps towards the Afghan peace process.” He refused to comment further. But a senior Afghan government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP: “We will always pursue all roads towards peace in Afghanistan, including contacts with the Taliban that

are not limited to the Qatar office.” He acknowledged the accuracy of the BBC report but said he did not know of any timetable for the talks in Saudi Arabia to begin. A member of the Taliban’s leadership council, the Pakistan-based Quetta Shura, also backed the report of talks in Saudi Arabia. “The idea that the Taliban should have a point of contact in Saudi Arabia is pushed by the Pakistan and Afghan governments,” he said on condition of anonymity. “This is because they think they have been sidelined. They want some control over peace talks.” Supporting this theory, Kabul announced Sunday that Pakistani Foreign minister Hina rabbani Khar would visit Kabul on Wednesday. mosazai told a news conference the visit would mark a “new phase” in cooperation between the two countries, adding that Khar would hold talks with Afghan Foreign minister Zulmai rasoul and President Hamid Karzai.



US agrees to transfer Continued froM page 1 The comments suggested that the Taliban, who have not publicly said they would engage in peace talks to end the war in Afghanistan, were gearing up for preliminary discussions. American officials would not deny that meetings had taken place, and the discussions seemed to have at least the tacit approval of Pakistan, which has thwarted previous efforts by the Taliban to engage in talks. The Afghan government, which was initially angry that it had been left out, has accepted the talks in principle but is not directly involved, a potential snag in what could be a historic development. The former Taliban officials, interviewed on Saturday in Kabul, were careful not to call the discussions peace talks. “Currently there are no peace talks going on,” said maulavi Qalamuddin, the former minister of vice and virtue for the Taliban who is

now a member of the High Peace Council here. “The only thing is the negotiations over release of Taliban prisoners from Guantánamo, which is still under discussion between both sides in Qatar. We also want to strengthen the talks so we can create an environment of trust for further talks in the future,” he added. US State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland has said only that marc Grossman, the Obama administration’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, had “a number of meetings” related to Afghanistan when he visited Qatar last week. The Taliban’s announcement this month that they would open an office in Qatar, which could allow for direct negotiations, drew fire from some Afghan factions as well as some American policy makers, who fear the insurgents would use negotiations as a ploy to gain legitimacy and then continue their efforts to reimpose an extremist Is-

lamic state in Afghanistan. Grossman, at a news conference in Kabul last week, said that real peace talks could begin only after the Taliban renounced international terrorism and agreed to support a peace process to end the armed conflict. The Afghan government and the Qataris must also come to an agreement on the terms under which the Taliban would have an office. Grossman has been regularly briefing the Afghan government but Afghan officials have complained that they were being kept out of the loop. The Taliban officials now in Doha, Qatar, include a former secretary to the Taliban’s leader, mullah muhammad Omar, as well as several former officials of the Taliban government that ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, according to Qalamuddin and Arsala rahmani, a former Taliban minister of higher education. The former Taliban officials here described fairly advanced discussions in Qatar about the transfer of

prisoners. One former official, Syed muhammad Akbar Agha, who had been a Taliban military commander, said that five Taliban prisoners were to be transferred in two phases, two or three in one group and then the remainder. There has also been discussion in Qatar of removing some Taliban members from NATO’s “kill or capture” lists, the former Taliban officials told the Times. Grossman, in his comments last week, played down talk of detainee releases, saying the United States had not yet decided on the issue. “This is an issue of United States law first of all, that we have to meet the requirements of our law,” he said. He said the Obama administration would also consult with Congress. Under American law, the defence secretary must certify to Congress that the transfer of any Guantánamo prisoner to a foreign country would meet certain requirements, including that

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News 05

Asghar Khan’s case may have irrevocable effects on upcoming elections ISLAMABAD MASOOd REHMAN

ISLAMABAd: Italy’s first Secretary farizi talking to orphans of the pakistan Sweet Home on Sunday. online

Victim of rape by stepfather put in child protection DaSKa: An Additional District and Sessions Judge put Arifa, 12, daughter of Sher Shah (late) and victim of rape by her step father, in the custody of Child Protection Bureau (CPB) Sialkot. The court directed the CPB District Officer Irfan Sattar to produce the girl on 2 February 2012 after getting her medically examined. CPB Incharge Sialkot Sadaf Nawaz said Arifa was a resident of village Kapoorwali in the limits of muradpur Police Station and her mother Saima Bibi had contracted second marriage with Abbas Ali Shah after the death of her first husband Sher Shah some years ago. She said Saima had passed away two years ago after which Arifa was living with her step father Abbas Ali Shah. She said Abbas had raped and physically tortured Arifa after which her real grand father Asif and Kapoorwali residents informed CPB, upon which it took her in custody and produced her in court. She said the girl’s grandfather Asif was already in police custody. However, police sources were not available for their comments despite repeated efforts. STAff RePoRT

Asian cities likely to contribute massively to greenhouse gas emissions ISLAMABAD ONLINE

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has said that Asian cities are likely to contribute more than half the rise in greenhouse gas emissions over the next 20 years. According to the ADB, most Asian cities do not have effective wastewater treatment systems - only 10 percent of wastewater is treated in the Philippines, while in Indonesia it is 14 percent, Vietnam 4 percent and India 9 percent. According to ADB, 44 million people are added to urban populations every year and more than half of the world’s slum dwellers live in Asia. By 2050, 50 percent of the world’s population will live in the Asia and Pacific region,

whereas cities occupy only two percent of the world’s land, but consume 75 percent of its resources. “Nearly 2 billion people in Asia and the Pacific do not have access to adequate sanitation,” said the ADB, adding that 23 percent of the population or 850 million people in the Asia-Pacific region practice open defecation. According to ADB data, most Asian towns and cities use open dumps and only about 10 percent of solid waste ends up in properly engineered and managed landfill sites. “The People’s republic of China is the world’s largest generator of municipal solid waste, producing almost 150 million tonnes of waste every year and rising at an annual rate of 8 to 10 percent since the ‘60s,”added the ADB.

The top legal brains as well as politicians believe that the possible hearing of Air martial (r) Asghar Khan’s petition, against the alleged distribution of money by the InterServices Intelligence (ISI) among politicians, in the Supreme Court on February 29 will have irrevocable effects on the forthcoming general elections, besides shaking everyone from top to bottom in the executive and military establishments. In June 1996, a human rights petition was filed by Asghar Khan in the Supreme Court making former army chief General mirza Aslam Beg, former ISI director general Lt General Asad Durrani and Younis Habib of Habib and mehran Banks as respondents. In his petition, Asghar Khan had asked Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, the chief justice of Pakistan at the time, to take appropriate action on the statement of erstwhile interior minister maj General (r) Naseerullah Khan Babar in the National Assembly that the ISI collected some rs 140 million from Habib Bank Ltd and distributed it among a number of politicians prior to the 1990 general elections in order to manipulate the results in favour of the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI). Justice Shah was hearing the case when he was shown the door in November 1997 by his fellow judges following a mutiny, allegedly maneuvered by the Pakistan muslim LeagueNawaz (PmL-N) government. Asghar Khan’s case, which is commonly known as the mehrangate scandal, will particularly dent the political image of the PmL-N. Besides, lawyers and politicians, civil society activists and even the military also believes that the repercussions of the mehrangate scandal would reverberate and would be more pervasive, having the potential to shake everyone from top to bottom in the executive and military establishments. In his petition, filed through his counsel Habibul Wahabul Khairi, Asghar had sought punishment for all politicians who had received funds from the ISI. He had alleged that rs 140 million were distributed among politicians during the regime of President Ghulam Ishaq Khan to manipulate the 1990 elections. The funds were only given to right-wing politicians who would go on to form the IJI, an alliance pitched against the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). The IJI was the final step in ensuring the formation of the PmL-N government headed by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. The affidavits and evidence submitted by respondents before the court and firsthand accounts from

the beneficiaries so far substantiate the allegations that the ISI did give funds to elements within the IJI. However, the most important issue after ascertaining guilt is to figure out the options available to the Supreme Court to correct this historical wrong. Questions that are being asked, albeit in a hushed manner, are if the court will bar all the guilty politicians and parties from contesting future elections, especially since many are still active in politics? What punishment – if any – would be given to the former military bosses who were privy to this exercise and approved its formal operation? Lastly, what possible observation or ruling can the court come up with to deter the ISI and other intelligence agencies from this practice? most of the senior lawyers, including Fakhruddin G ebrahim, Khalid Anwar, Dr Khalid ranjha, Justice (r) Tariq mahmood, Hamid Khan, Barrister Zafarullah Khan and Ikram Chaudhry, suggest that the court should constitute a high-powered commission not only to investigate the particular incident highlighted by Asghar Khan, but also the other incidents in the history of Pakistan where the ISI provided money to politicians. They believe that it is essential for democracy and national security in future. They said the case would certainly lead to embarrassment for the politicians. They said if it was proven that a certain politician received money from the ISI, the court could only pass an observation that it was an unbecoming act on their part and could only ask institutions such as the ISI to stay out of politics in future. According to details in the petitions, payments of up to rs 140 million were allegedly made under the instructions of General mirza Aslam Beg by the ISI via the owner of mehran Bank, Younis Habib. Intelligence funds were deposited in mehran Bank in 1992, propping up what was an insolvent bank as a favour for its owners’ help in loaning money to the ISI in 1990, which was used in the creation of the right wing alliance IJI and bankrolling the campaigns of many opponents of the PPP. In his written reply submitted to the Supreme Court during the tenure of Justice Shah and reported by the media, General (r) Beg had conceded that it had been a routine for the ISI to support its favourite candidates in elections under directives of the successive chief executives. Afterwards, former Lt Gen (r) Asad Durrani had conceded in an affidavit submitted to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) that his political cell received rs 140 million from Younis Habib for distribution among antiPPP politicians at the behest of General (r) Beg. The 1990 election was subsequently won by the IJI, led by Nawaz Sharif, who had allegedly received rs 3.5 million from the ISI for his election campaign.

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Monday, 30 January, 2012

Pakistan a source country for human trafficking: report ISLAMABAD ONLINE

MULtAN: the participants of a public meeting organised by the difa-e-pakistan Council on Sunday. online

Man killed in DIK had close ties with al Qaeda PEShAWAR

Recommendations based on review of foreign policy, Pakistan’s red lines, new terms of engagement with US/ISAF forces


StAff REpORt

The gunned-down militant in a police encounter in Dera Ismail Khan has been identified as an active member of a banned organisation having close links with Al-Qaeda, Pakistan Today learnt through well placed sources on Sunday. Source said the killed militant was identified as Imran Gandapur. On Saturday, militants on two motorbikes in Sheikh Yusuf, Dera Ismail Khan, killed police constable Jehangir and fled the site when a police party intercepted them near Qurtaba College. From the fire, Imran Gandapur was killed while the other three escaped. Sources said Imran was former police constable and had left the police force and had been involved in more than 30 criminal casese Imran was linked to Al-Qaeda and an active member of a banned organisation, sources added.

nawaz Sharif returns from UK


Pakistan muslim League-Nawaz (PmL-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Sunday returned to Lahore from his visit to the United Kingdom. Before leaving for London, Nawaz had told PmL-N workers that the implementation of Supreme Court’s decisions would strengthen state institutions, and that his party would play its role to fortify democracy in Pakistan. “The present regime isn’t serious to eliminate corruption. Old workers of the party would be preferred in the upcoming elections,” he had said. A meeting of PmL-N leaders is likely to take place on Nawaz’s return to discuss the possibility of snap elections, contacts with other parties and the party’s stance on the memo scandal.



StAff REpORt

He Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) has categorised its 35 recommendations under three headings: review of foreign policy, respect to the country’s red lines by the ISAF and US forces, and new terms of engagement with the US in the war on terrorism. A source in the PCNS told Pakistan Today that the committee had called upon the government to formulate a new and independent foreign policy seeking respect of its sovereignty by its friends, and maintain relations with the international powers on the basis of equality, recommending that all its interactions, engagements and relations be based on mutual interest and mutual respect. ForeiGN PoLicy: “The committee has asked the government to adopt a policy which should make our international friends and partners recognise our commitment to pursuing an independent foreign policy. They must understand that a country like Pakistan cannot be persuaded to follow a course in its foreign policy which does not pass the litmus test of meeting its interests,” said the source, adding that if Islamabad could exercise autonomy in its decision-making, there was no reason to believe that it could be coerced into following a foreign policy dictated by another country. The source said the committee gave outlines for the country’s foreign policy on the basis of creating conditions where the country could focus on the economic development of its people by improving bilateral relations with its immediate neighbours, the countries in the region and all the major powers in the world, including the US. “Development of good relations

PCNS presents 35 recommendations under 3 headings with all major powers may add to the ability of the government to pursue an independent path as dictated by its national interests. This may provide the government the leverage and space to pursue an independent path in the comity of nations, including cooperation with the US. In return, all friendly states must respect the sovereignty of our nation,” he said. reD LiNeS: The source said the committee has also advised the government to make it clear to the friendly states through the joint parliamentary resolution that the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected at all costs. “Pakistan should make it clear that its territorial integrity is the nucleus of its policy of engagement and cooperation. The committee has also called upon the government that the US must be asked to bring an end to breach of the country’s sovereignty through its drone operations. moreover, no air space should be offered to any country for making attacks in the war against terror,” the source said. The source said further that besides denying air space to foreign powers, the government should also shun the use of its air bases and seaports by foreign troops. “The US and other states should keep in their mind that Islamabad’s cooperation in the war against terrorism should not be taken as its weakness, and rather it was a unanimous decision by the nation at war against extremist forces,” said the source, and added that the committee had recommended to the government to make it clear to the world that no misadventure like the may 2 operation

should be repeated in breach of Pakistan’s territorial integrity. NeW termS oF eNGaGemeNtS With uS: The source said that about new terms of engagements with the US and ISAF forces, the committee had called for a review of all agreements with the US including the nine agreements signed by the government of former president Pervez musharraf after 9/11 since “those agreements were signed by a regime headed by a dictator who had come through the back door and had no legal authority”. The source said the committee had recommended further that those agreements were never submitted to the country’s parliament and hence were illegal by all means. The source said the parliamentary committee suggested to the government some specific amendments, additions and deletions to some of the agreements signed between the US and Pakistan and cautioned that some agreements needed an immediate review to ensure the country’s sovereignty. “The committee has also asked the government to take the nation into confidence whether or not some verbal agreements had been agreed upon on drone operations into Pakistan’s territory by the former dictator and also slash all such agreements,” the source added. He said agreements that allowed use of air bases and supply routes to assist the US and ISAF forces needed an immediate review and all such agreements should be given a second thought. moreover, he said, the committee asked the government to put all these agreements in parliament and get its nod to make its cooperation legal.

Pakistan is a destination, transit and source country for both human trafficking and migrant smuggling, according to a joint report by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Human trafficking to and from Pakistan includes mostly the trafficking of woman and children for sex trade, child labour and bonded labour. “migrant smuggling is more prevalent than human trafficking in Pakistan, primarily involving illegal emigration to europe and middle east,” it said, adding that Pakistan is also a transit country for illegal emigration of Afghans to europe, the middle east and Australia and that the Pakistani law does not provide a clear distinction between human trafficking and migrant smuggling. Given that these terms are not interchangeable, this is a glaring flaw — migrant smuggling refers to a situation where a border is crossed, whether voluntary or otherwise, whereas trafficking can also take place internally, the report said. According to the report, nearly two-thirds of the world’s 214 million migrants live in wealthy countries, sending home more than $300 billion in remittance every year, an amount that dwarfs international aid flows.

PML-n KP youth president joins PTI KaraK: Pakistan muslim League-Nawaz (PmL-N) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Youth Wing President and former mNA from district Karak Shamsur rehman Khattak formally joined Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaf (PTI) on Sunday at a public gathering at his hometown makoori in Karak district. Addressing the gathering, Khattak said his tribe Khattak had remained backward and he wanted the oil and gas royalty to be increased from 5 percent to 20 percent and educated locals to be given jobs in oil and gas companies working on the soil of district Karak. He said he will put his demands to PTI Chairman Imran Khan during his proposed visit to the district since the motto of his politics was selfless service for the people of his district. Karrak said he had joined the PmLN in hard times, when its leadership was exiled in Saudi Arabia, but had bore no fruits from the support. He said the PmLN is a party where workers do not share the fruits of its working. On the occasion, former Intelligence Bureau Director General asood Sharif Khan Khattak said they had formally invited the former lawmaker to join PTI and thanked him for accepting the invitation. He said Shamsur rehman’s demands were genuine and were the PTI’s demands too. He said the fate of Pakhtuns was not to be condemned to being labourers in industries. BoDy Search: The search for the body of a teenager was underway in Sarki Lawagher dam and divers from Turbela reached to assist local divers to recover the body. Police sources on Sunday said the body of a teenage girl had been retrieved while the body of a teenage boy Naseebullah was still in the dam. The two had drowned two days ago in the dam when a boat capsized when 14 members of the same family was being transported to their village. STAff RePoRT

Rehman Malik meets interpol SG in Dubai ISLAMABAD StAff REpORt

International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) Secretary General (SG) ronald K Noble called on Interior minister rehman malik in Dubai on Sunday to discuss the regional security situation. The interior minister appreciated Interpol’s efforts under the leadership of Noble because of which the organisation was vibrant, having enhanced its database on criminals and terrorists, thus helping world police in tracking them worldwide.

During the meeting the interior minister briefed Noble about Pakistan’s efforts in the war against terrorism, emphasising the fact that Pakistan had lost 36,000 innocent lives in the war. The Interpol SG appreciated the sacrifices and efforts of Pakistan and invited the interior minister to give the keynote address at the ministerial Conference to be held this year in rome, Italy, which malik accepted. Noble said Interpol felt much work was to be done by the nations to break the nexus between the terrorists and drug barons and a growing tendency for such

alliances had been witnessed in statistics available with Interpol. He said Interpol also felt that financing of terrorists needed to be curbed by the nations to make the world safer and free of terrorism. The organisation also appreciated the initiatives of Pakistan in this regard, he added. malik also invited the Interpol SG to be the chief guest at the Trans-National Organised Conference. He called upon the world to come down heavy on drug lords, as they were not only detrimental to society in terms of increase in youth addicts but also contributed to increased terrorist activity

because of heavy financing by them. malik also brought to the notice of Noble the difficulties being experienced in getting data from some of the service providers, upon which the Interpol SG promised that Pakistan would be helped especially in getting data related to terrorists and threats to various citizens in the country. The interior minister also requested Interpol to help get Umar Farooq, currently living in europe, to Pakistan in compliance with the orders of the Supreme Court. The Interpol SG also accepted malik’s invitation to visit Pakistan this year.

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Small boy, big ambitions PAGe 08

ISLAMABAd: A beautiful view of faisal Masjid during the sunny day in the capital. SAjjAD Ali QUReShi

Anti-polio drive to begin today ISLAMABAD StAff REpORt

The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration and the Capital Development Authority have completed all arrangements to launch a four-day national immunisation drive against polio in the urban and rural areas of the capital from monday (today). Over 227,000 children will be administered anti-polio drops in the rural and urban areas of Islamabad during the immunisation drive for which a total of 800 mobile teams have been constituted to carry out house-to-house anti-polio drive. The rural area and urban areas have been divided into 12 and 14 zones, respectively. In addition, the health officials have also set up transit and fixed points in the city and rural areas for the convenience of parents. earlier, Chief Commissioner Tariq mahmood Pirzada reviewed and finalised the arrangements at a high-level meeting attended by the deputy commissioner, the district health officer, assistant commissioners, magistrates, medical officers of 12 union councils, medical officers of the Capital Development Authority, District Population Welfare Department, Islamabad traffic police and Capital Administration and Development Division, Islamabad. The chief commissioner directed the district health officer and zonal supervisors concerned to ensure 100 per cent target without fail. He further directed the zonal supervisors to strictly monitor the performance of mobile teams and sort out any problem on the spot by bringing it into the notice of the deputy commissioner and the assistant commissioners and magistrates.

Rs 257m to be spent on Ankara Park ISLAMABAD StAff REpORt


He Capital Development Authority (CDA) will spend rs 257 million on the improvement of Ankara Park, located on the Club road. The civic body is pursuing a comprehensive and integrated programme for the up gradation and provision of quality entertainment facilities in the other parks of the city as part of its efforts for improving the environment of the federal capital.� This was stated by CDA Chairman engineer Farkhand Iqbal, while briefing apprising Prime minister’s Task Force on Islamabad Chairman Faisal Sakhi Butt, during a visit to Ankara Park to inspect

the development work being carried out by the authority. members of the task force, CDA member environment, mian Waheeduddin and other senior officers were also present on the occasion. The CDA chairman said the ongoing developments in the parks were being completed on a priority basis, while missing facilities, especially in the small parks, were being provided. The underdevelopment facilities would soon be opened for the public to add colours to the beauty of the federal capital and provide quality entertainment infrastructure to the residents, he added. Farkhand apprised the task force that PC-I for the development and up-gradation of the Ankara Park had been completed and work would soon commence. It would be equipped with the beautiful and state-of-the-art fountain to provide

unprecedented entertainment to the residents and the people visiting Islamabad from within the country and abroad. He said the up-gradation included establishment of story gardens, soft landscaping and spacious parking facility. He also apprised the chairman of the task force that 90 percent development work in the Fatima Jinnah (F-9) Park was already completed and efforts had been geared up to complete the remaining work so that the residents could avail the facilities being developed for their entertainment. Butt asked the CDA to restore the natural beauty of the natural streams and nullahs flowing through the capital city. He said different households and slums constructed along these ravines and natural streams channelled their sewage into these nullahs, which further deteriorated

the situation. The CDA chairman immediately directed the officials concerned to appoint an independent project director and actively pursue different measures being taken in this regard. Butt said further that the prime minister had directed for development of entertainment facilities on modern line, as per international standards with the assurance of all the precautionary safety measure and environmental friendly initiatives to provide quality entertainment to the people visiting Islamabad as the Federal Capital is the face of the country. He said that all the illegal connections of the sewage being channelled into the natural streams should be plugged and the process of up-gradation of these streams and that of the imposing fines for illegal connections should be proceeded simultaneously.

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08 Islamabad

Small boy, big ambitions




07°C Low


TUeSDAy weDneSDAy 13°C I 04°C

15°C I 05°C

ThURSDAy 15°C I 08°C

PRAyeR TIMInGS Fajr Sunrise 06:00 07:02

Zuhr 13:30

Monday, 30 January, 2012

Asr 16:00

Maghrib Isha On sunset 19:00


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He disabled persons are special due to a special hidden quality and not their disability, how the special quality is used is up to their parents, said a dwarf, who received a gold medal for achieving 3.5 GPA upon graduation from COmSATS. Kamal Zafar, a 25-year-old and 3.5 feet tall student, was awarded a gold medal for his outstanding performance in BCS (Software engineering) at COmSATS on Thursday. Talking to Pakistan Today, Kamal said that it was a great day for him, when the gold medal was conferred upon him in the presence of thousands of normal persons. “Allah is great. He treats all his creation equally. If I am vertically challenged, God gifted me with a sharp brain. Let me make it clear, every special person has a special quality and how the quality is used is up to them and their parents,” Kamal said. Kamal said that after the completion of his degree in Software engineering, a multinational software house, operating in Islamabad, had offered him a job and currently he was working there. However, Kamal expressed his desire to work in the government sector. “I have applied for government jobs several times but to no avail as I have no references. However, I will continue my struggle and one day the lady luck will definitely smile on me,” he said. regarding his decision to pursue computer sciences, Kamal said, “When I was a student of FSc I realised that being a dwarf, I could not join the Pakistan Army and other fields that my friends were talking about. I thought the computer sciences could be ideal for me as in this field, you have to depend on the computer only.” Kamal received his early education from Special Children School and later he joined the Islamabad model School (ImCB), from where he completed his matriculation and intermediate. “In 2002, I was declared the best student of my school and then president of Pakistan Pervez musharraf awarded me special prize and commendation shield,” he said. Kamal said that he has four brothers and

two sisters, all of whom were of normal height. Talking about his marital status, he said that he was looking for his match, adding that, “I will prefer to have a normal wife.” Kamal is a great fan of the Pakistani cricket team and inspired from Spinner Saeed Ajmal’s ‘dosra’. He is also a fan of classical singer rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The little man said he realised that the

dwarfs, particularly those who were uneducated, were made of in the public. moreover, when they seek jobs, they were offered jobs only as salesmen or doormen at hotels. “I have a dream to start a project for the welfare of dwarfs. I also appeal to government to pay special attention towards the special people. All of them have special brains but they just need attention,” Kamal added.


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OUr LegAcy


COLLeGeS / UnIVeRSITIeS InTeRnATIOnAL ISLAMIC UnIVeRSITy 9260765 BAhRIA UnIVeRSITy 9260002 nUML 9257677 QUAID-e-AZAM UnIVeRSITy 90642098 ARID AGRICULTURe UnIVeRSITy 9290151 FJwU 9273235 RIPhA InTeRnATIOnAL UnIVeRSITy 111510510 nCA RAwALPInDI 5770423 PUnJAB LAw COLLeGe 4421347

DATe: JAn 26 — 29, 2012 VenUe: nUST, h12 OPPOSITe TO POLICe LIne

DATe: JAn 18 — 28, 2012 VenUe: JhAROKA ART GALLeRy

After two highly successful Intra-nUST episodes, nUST now invites you to its first ever All Pakistan event- nUMUn 2012. This January, we'd like to welcome you here at h-12 and change all that you know about this place for the better.

Our Legacy - The history of Mughal empire water Color Paintings by MUhAMMAD ShAFIQ Mr. TAQI SADeGhI, Cultural Council, Islamic Republic of Iran will inaugurate the exhibiti ...

DATe: JAn 23 — 29, 2012 VenUe: TehZeeB eXhIBITInG ChARCOAL, PenCIL AnD ACRyLIC ART DOne FOR The VeRy FIRST TIMe

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Islamabad 09 Minhaj youth League holds Milad-un-nabi march RAWALPINDI StAff REpORt

RAWALpINdI: people participate in a Milad march organised by Minhaj-ul-Quran Youth League on Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Road. online

Citizens demand action against quacks RAWALPINDI App


He increasing number of quacks and unqualified dentists in the city is irking the citizens as they are playing with their health and lives and most of the people have been deceived by them. The citizens complain that several areas of the city particularly congested areas are the hub of these quacks. The citizens said that quacks use different tricks to captivate citizens and mint money from them. Now, quacks also use cable networks and gave their advertisements on TV to attract masses’ attention, especially women. The citizens say that all possible efforts are made to promote illegal business of the quacks while advertisement papers are also thrown into the houses. The citizens appealed to the district authorities to take action against these quacks and direct Pakistan electronic media regulatory Authority (PemrA) to ask cable network owners to stop quacks advertisements. Altaf mahmood said that many areas of the city had been neglected in the anti-quackery campaigns, which was a great injustice to the residents of these areas, particularly the areas of low-income groups of the society.

He said it had also been observed that in many areas the ward boys, technicians and OT assistants of government hospitals were practising after putting up fake certificates of homoeopathy and were practicing with allopathic medicines, while in several areas ‘hakeems” were also using allopathic medicines, which was illegal. The citisens urged the authorities concerned to come forward and play their role to curb the practice of unqualified persons and the provincial government should also look into the matter and ensure the eradication of the quacks. The health organisations should play their role and fully support the anti-quackery campaign. According to some reports, quacks, particularly unqualified dentists, were spreading hepatitis and had put lives of innocent citizens at stake. The provincial government, giving attention towards the issue, should launch a comprehensive camapaign against these quacks. The citizens said that a large number of quacks and unqualified dentists were working in the city and causing spread of hepatitis B and C, besides playing with the lives of people. Special awareness campaigns should also be launched by the government to create awareness among the masses.

labourer tortured to death, bike rider run over ISLAMABAD StAff REpORt

A motorcyclist and a labourer were killed in two separate incidents, police said on Sunday. According to the police, a motorcyclist muhammad Sajjad was on his way when a speeding minitruck Shahzore (HT 1456) hit him in the limits of Nilor Police Station. Sajjad received multiple injuries and he was rushed to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Police has started investigation after registration of FIr against unidentified driver, who fled after the incident. moreover, a labourer was tortured to death and another injured by the security staff of Bahria Town over their alleged involvement in theft incidents on Saturday night. The labourers, mohammad Zohaib and mo-

hammad Arfaq were the employees of Safari Construction Company which has been carrying out construction work at Phase VII. According to the injured labourer mohammad Arfaq, he along with the victim mohammad Zohaib was sleeping in a tent at Ghora Shah on Saturday night where some security guards of the Bahria Town raided and took them at Phase VII where they callously tortured them with kicks and fists, resultantly Zohaib got multiple injuries. Later, both the injured were shifted to hospital where Zohib succumbed to his injuries. Sihala Police on late Saturday night registered a murder case against the guards of Bahria Town and arrested security incharge of Capt (r) mohammad Shahbaz malik and security supervisor Nazeer Ashraf. Police said raids were being conducted to arrest other security guards involved in murder.

19 outlaws arrested ISLAMABAD StAff REpORt

Police on Sunday claimed to have arrested 19 outlaws from various areas of the city for their alleged involvement in drug peddling, gambling and theft cases. They also recovered narcotics, thousands of rupees, stolen items and weapons from their possession. A police spokesman said the Aabpara Police arrested Athar Sajjad and Asad Javed for their alleged involvement in theft and recovered money worth rs 60,000 from them. The Golra Police nabbed three people accused of theft. They are identified as muhammad ramzan, Falak Sher and muhammad Akram, from whom an amount of rs 230,000 was also recovered. The Bhara Kahu Police recovered six bottles of liquor from Bashir Ahmad and raja Adeel during patrolling, while SI muhammad Awais apprehended seven outlaws namely majid Hussain, Ibrar Hussain, Wajid Hussain, Shameel, muhammad Abid, Abdul rashid and muhammad Nazir for their alleged involvement in gambling, and recovered four thousands four hundred and twenty five rupees, five mobile phone and 400 grams of hashish. moreover, the Kohsar Police nabbed an accused muhammad Naqash and recovered a 30-bore pistol, while the Secretariat Police arrested a culprit Zulfiqar Ali and recovered a 12-bore gun. The ramna Police arrested an accused Habib Ullah and recovered 60 grams of heroin from him. The Tarnol Police nabbed an accused Aurangzeb and recovered a 30-bore pistol with 25 cartridges and the Sabzi mandi Police arrested Adnan Ashraf and recovered a 30-bore pistol from him.

Vendors proving a risk to people’s health raWaLPiNDi: Substandard food is being sold openly at different markets of rawalpindi due to lack of appropriate action against the violators. The sale of substandard fried eatables during winter is on full swing on roadside stalls while there is no check and balance. The stallholders are openly selling unhygienic and substandard food items at every nook and corner of the city and playing havoc with the health of the people but the authorities concerned are unmoved, the citizens complained. App

A milad-un-Nabi march was held on Sunday under the aegis of the minhaj-ul-Quran Youth League (mYL), in connection with the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet Hazrat muhammad (PBUH). The march began from Chandni Chowk and culminated at Committee Chowk and thousands of people from all walks of life, including workers and office-bearers of minhaj-ulQuran, from the twin cities of rawalpindi and Islamabad participated in the march. The participants of the march chanted slogans and held placards inscribed with slogans such as “We are lovers of our Holy Prophet”, “We are the servants of our Holy Prophet” and “The month of happiness and blessings has arrived”. many people were also holding posters of minhaj-ul-Quran International chief patron Dr muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Dr muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri addressed the rally via telephone and greeted the participants on the arrival of rabi-ul-Awal. “The birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is an occasion to demonstrate inter-religious unity and this continues to be the purpose behind the milad march,” he said, adding that the message of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was love and peace and he preached respect for others, brotherhood and reconciliation throughout his life. He said that the country was passing through a critical time and under such circumstances, there was an urgent need to follow the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Stressing the need to avoid confrontation, violence and disharmony, he said we should strive for unity. “The remedy of all problems and ills of today lies in following the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH),” Dr Qadri said, adding that, “One’s faith remains incomplete without special love and reverence for the Holy Prophet (PBUH).” Speaking on the occasion, minhaj-ul-Quran Senior Vice Secretary General Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz said that the purpose of the march was to show love and respect for the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He said that the largest gathering of eid milad-un-Nabi in the world would be held on rabi-ul-Awal 12 in Lahore, which would be addressed by Dr Tahir-ulQadri besides others. rawalpindi Youth League President Saeed raja, General Secretary mansoor Qasim and milad march In-charge Haroon mirza were also present at the occasion.

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10 Islamabad

Monday, 30 January, 2012

greeNbeLtS eNcrOAcHeD

Lawyers stop demolition of chambers g

newly-appointed Assistant Commissioner Imran Sultan faces lawyers’ wrath after initiating action to stop illegal construction ISLAMABAD



He laxity of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) high-ups in halting the construction of lawyers’ chambers on the greenbelt near the F/8 lower courts proved a problem for the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration, when a newly-appointed assistant commissioner tried to demolish the illegal construction, but had to face strong resentment by the ‘black coats’. The District Court Association had allotted the land in Sector F/8 to some lawyers for chambers. Some weeks ago, around six lawyers started the construction work by encroaching upon the greenbelt near the entry gate of the lower courts. But some two day ago, the CDA enforcement Directorate came into action, while Assistant Commissioner (AC) Imran Sultan tried to stop illegal con-

struction. Imran along with some police officials reached the site and started demolishing the under-construction chambers. After the move, a number of lawyers gathered at the spot and stopped the ICT officials from demolishing the chambers, saying they had started the work with the permission of CDA and ICT high-ups. The lawyers also threatened to continue protests until registration of FIr and immediate transfer of the said AC. However, according to some lawyers, the AC was the guilty person, as he did not consult the deputy commissioner and chief commissioner before taking the action; therefore, both the high-ups and the CDA allowed them to establish their chambers at the greenbelt. But the whole scenario leaves a big question mark on the performance of the CDA enforcement Directorate high-ups, who have been enjoying enormous benefits, but failed to stop illegal construction on greenbelts.

It an irony that beside these illegal chambers, a complaint cell of CDA is also situated there. CDA Director enforcement muhammad ramzan Joya, when contacted, said construction on greenbelts was illegal and the authority had not allowed anyone to carry out any type of construction on the greenbelts. When asked him about the construction of chambers, he said the CDA would resolve the issue with consultation. However, an official source in the CDA enforcement Directorate, while seeking anonymity, said that a meeting on the same issue had also been held between the CDA chairman and the officials concerned on Friday. He said the CDA may also take action against the construction of chambers. Islamabad High Court Bar Association (ICBA) President Chaudhry muhammad Ashraf Gujjar told Pakistan Today that the whole construction was carried out with the permission of local adminis-

tration and CDA, but AC Imran jumped into the matter without any justification. “Imran misbehaved with lawyers and also tried to demolish their chambers, FIr must be registered against the said official for his unfair act,” said Ashraf. When asked about the construction of lawyers chambers on greenbelts which have been sprouting with each passing day, he said if the government offices could violate the bye-laws so why the lawyers should shun from doing so. “The old offices of ICT, which are now being used as courtrooms, have also covered a large piece of land by constructing boundary walls around its verandas, but why no one has raised concerns about this illegal practice by government departments,” he asked. One of the lawyers, whose chambers was also under construction on the same greenbelt, told this scribe that the government had not provided proper place to the lower courts and lawyers too, due to

which they were compelled to built chambers at such places. “We know that it is illegal practice to establish chambers on greenbelts, but can anybody tell us that where should we go,” he said, adding that it was a need of every lawyer to have his/her chamber on proper place near the courts but in the capital city the lawyers are in great number but the place allocated for them was not enough. It is pertinent to mention here that the new building constructed for the district courts is currently housing Islamabad High Court in Sector G/10 but the government has not yet allocate land for the construction of new IHC building due to which the district courts cannot be shifted from F/8 to its new building. However, sources in CDA said that the civic body was also dredging its feet to take action against the illegal chambers, thinking that after the shifting of lower courts to its new proper building, all the lawyers would involuntarily left the encroached land.

Railways to launch anti-encroachment drive from Feb 1 RAWALPINDI App

The railways rawalpindi Division will launch grand anti-encroachment operation on February 1 to vacate its occupied land. According to a Pakistan railways spokesman, a comprehensive plan has been devised in this regard by the railway authorities to get the occupied land released. The railways authorities with the help of railway and Punjab police would conduct operation and all arrangements in this regard have been finalized. He said all the land encroachers have been issued red notices and warned to vacate the land on their own before February, 1 otherwise, stern action would be taken against them without any relaxation. The report about anti-encroachment operation and its progress would be prepared on daily basis and presented to high-ups while within two weeks period all occupied land would be get vacated. Pakistan railways has also decided to commercially utilize its land located at important places in rawalpindi division and the entity will be able to earn millions of rupees monthly by leasing out land which will help easing the financial crunch, he said.

ISLAMABAd: A CdA worker busy in his work along 9th Avenue. STAff PhoTo


Fruit and vegetable prices slightly increase ISLAMABAD StAff REpORt

The price of tomatoes witnessed an increase of rs 6 per kilogramme at the Sunday bazaars of the city, compared to the last week’s price. The fruit and vegetable vendors at the Sunday bazaars said that tomatoes were being imported from India, which resulted in fluctuation in their prices for the last several months. However, the prices of other vegetables and fruits witnessed a mixed trend of slight increase or decrease. During the last year’s floods, the tomato crop had been destroyed, creating a shortage of tomatoes throughout the country. The vendors said that the local tomatoes would come in market in the coming

days and the prices of tomatoes would witness a significant decrease. According to the rate lists of this Sunday, potato, onion, ginger and garlic were sold at rs 17, 42, 88 and 80 per kilogramme, respectively. The price of tomatoes increased from rs 40 per kg to rs 46 per kg. moreover, gourd, ladyfinger, bitter gourd and egg plant were sold at rs 40, 120, 100 and 40 per kg, respectively. The prices of green chili, capsicum and cauliflower were rs 80, 80 and 36 per kg, respectively. This week, the price of chicken also witnessed a slight increase. According to the price list, this Sunday, chicken was sold at rs 155 per kg, compared to the last week’s price of rs 150 per kg.

this Week

this Week


this Week


Last Week


Last Week


Last Week

24 ginger

70 potato

this Week

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100 Last Week




this Week

Last Week

Last Week

100 onion

green chilli


this Week

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Last Week

Last Week

Last Week


150 chicken

per dozen

per dozen

50 tomato


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Monday, 30 January, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

Fair and equal justice for all Article 295 of the Constitution of Pakistan describes that “Whoever destroys, damages or defiles any place of worship, or any object held sacred by any class of persons with the intention of thereby insulting the religion of any class of persons or with the knowledge that any class of persons is likely to consider such destruction damage or defilement as an insult to their religion, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.” We want to raise the voice for minorities’ rights but we don’t know what will be our fate in this deep state. The founder of Pakistan, muhammad Ali Jinnah, wanted Pakistan to be a moderate secular state. On 11 August 1947, m A Jinnah addressed the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. He said, “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the state.” The Constitution of Pakistan

provides for fundamental rights. It is clearly written in Article 25(1) that all citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law. We belong to the Christian community of Pakistan – and we make up around 1.5 percent of the population of our beloved homeland. When she was prime minister, Benazir Bhutto tried to change the blasphemy law because it was being used to terrorise religious minorities, but she couldn’t succeed. She was able to make the existing law more moderate but those changes were reversed by the government of Nawaz Sharif later on. We have no confidence in PmL(N)’s government in Punjab. Cm Punjab has snatched our fundamental constitutional rights. He has violated Article 295, by bulldozing Church-owned site and demolishing homes for poor, elderly and homeless people, a school for poor girls and a church in Garhi Shahu district of Lahore, the capital city of the Punjab province earlier this month in January. We respect the constitution and laws of the land and we believe that the parliament is supreme of all institutions.

well done, Team Pakistan It was another heart breaking incident when the ruling party PmL-N’s speaker in Punjab Assembly turned off minority member’s mike while he wanted to speak to House to ask the sitting parliamentarians whether Cm Punjab had committed blasphemy by demolishing sacred places. Justice should be equal for all citizens. But here in Pakistan, opposite is true, there is only selective justice. Asia Bibi, a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy, received a death sentence while eyeing SC for justice. Shaheed Salmaan Taseer stood for minorities’ rights to review court’s verdict in the case of Asia Bibi, but he was martyred by a religious fanatic and it was a black day in the history of Pakistan when people in northern Punjab, especially in rawalpindi, celebrated martyrdom of great leader of Pakistan. Pakistan’s minority Affairs minister Shahbaz Bhatti, the only Christian member of Pakistan’s cabinet, was also assassinated on 2 march 2011. Both leaders never committed blasphemy but were killed brutally. If Asia Bibi can be convicted of

blasphemy, why not Shahbaz Sharif? We believe that nobody is above the law and Shahbaz Sharif has committed blasphemy by violating Article 295. We appeal secular forces in Punjab Assembly to remove him as Cm through a no-confidence motion in without any delay. Three weeks have passed but no suo motu action has been taken by the CJP against Shahbaz Sharif. This is yet another example of selective justice under the lordship of CJP. Are we not Pakistanis? Is this our fate? Asia Bibi is charged with blasphemy but the real blasphemers go scot-free with full impunity. Are courts only for political cases? Christian community had also participated in the movement for restoration of judiciary but CJP seems to be mindful of others than the Constitution of Pakistan. We want disqualification of Punjab Cm over his blasphemous act. There must be a trial against him over the breach of blasphemy laws of Pakistan. We want fair and equal justice. AMIN KHOKHAR, NOSHEE PERVEZ Pakistan Masih League

(ii) Brilliant, and all the other synonyms of this word, for the Pakistani team. What a performance. Over the last few years my passion for following the Pakistani team has toned down for two reasons. First, I don’t get a chance to watch games because of my professional commitments and secondly, whenever I do get a chance I get disheartened by watching Pakistani team on the receiving end, either because of poor performance or other controversies that surround them. But this week’s performance has been truly a treat to watch. misbah has proved that if the leadership is working in the right direction, even the weakest can overpower the giants. I am excited and cannot wait to see the reaction of the British press on the win. I hope that this time they will show the heart to leave all the politics behind and appreciate the quality performance of the Pakistani team. DANISH MAHMOOD Lahore

Pakistan and PTI PTI’s role in Pakistani political scene cannot be ruled out in the existing setup of the country’s politics. Gone are the days when people considered this party of no significant value. It has spread its presence in the country with its message of message of peace and harmony, change, honesty and integrity. The main focus of PTI is to provide justice and eliminate corruption which have crippled our country. PTI says that it will give the real meaning to democracy ie, the government of the people, for the people and by the people, which has always been tarnished by our political parties. The secret of success is the consistency to purpose. He is a man of substance. People have started taking him seriously in whatever he says or does. His political wisdom has been proven right many a time in the matters of national interest. His political acumen was the main cause of his great success. Another feather in the cap for PTI is Imran Khan’ attending the World economic Forum in Devos. It’s an achievement for PTI and mr Imran Khan that they invited a person sitting outside parliament and no other prominent leader from opposition except mr Imran Khan. What more PTI official could have asked for! The future of Pakistan can become bright and shine like a shinning star if people caste their votes to a righteous person and not sell their votes for money. The time has come to think honestly and in a patriotic way before casting a vote. People should ask themselves whether they want a prosperous and healthy Pakistan or a disastrous Pakistan. ASMA AHSAN Islamabad

A lesson for all The Indian city of Pune witnessed the worst road tragedy in its history last week when the driver of a maharashtra State Corporation bus came from wrong side of the busy Pune-Solapur road and went past smashing all types of vehicles on the way killing at least 9 persons and injuring 27 pedestrians, and ramming at least 40 vehicles. The 30-year-old driver was reportedly in a violent mood and went berserk crushing several cars while driving his vehicle aimlessly in a crowded market at high speed over pedestrians. The gruesome photos of this “Deadliest road rage” should be a wakeup call to traffic authorities everywhere. All big public utilities need to check the mental condition of their staff, especially drivers with “regular medical tests” to ascertain any medical problem. Such situations can arise due to overworking, family problems or professional hazards. Also any kind of misperception can trigger off a psychopathic reaction in an already mentally disturbed person. To put them behind wheels is to give them a license to kill. MUHAMMED JAMIL ATHER Karachi

At last Pakistani cricket team has put behind the truck loads of negativity about itself – match- and spot-fixing, ball tampering, dressing room infightings, conspiracies against fellow players, nepotism; all forgotten when the Greens proved on 28 Jan in Abu Dhabi that last week’s victory against england in Dubai was not a fluke. It was a great day for Pakistani cricket fans who were quick to dishearten and pessimistic not only due to persistent performance and corruption related issues with their team but also lack of international cricket on their soil (thanks to militants who would like to have guns and bullets not bats and balls). As expected there were some noises against the Pakistani bowlers’ style. However, they soon died down as mere noise can’t change the wind direction. england may like to consult India who also must be wondering what has happened to them this week in Australia – first complete whitewash in a Test series after 1967-68. Heartiest congratulations to Greens. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

A case of spurious drugs PIC has issued the suspected drugs that have killed more than one hundred cardiac patients in Lahore so far. The suspect drugs are Cardiovestin (simvastatin), Alfagril (clopidogrel), Concort (amlodipine), Soloprin (aspirin). The irony of fate is that the drug was distributed to the lowest segment of society, the poor people who cannot afford costly medicines, and they suffered deaths before receiving any treatment. It is feared that some substandard raw material has been used at manufacturing stage of medicines by pharmaceutical firms to make some more bucks. Chances are there that the management of PIC is hand in

glove with substandard and poisonous medicine producers for some monetary benefits, otherwise no one can compromise on the quality of medicine. resultantly, more than 100 poor patients have lost their lives due to criminal negligence of PIC. The PIC should be made accountable for this loss. moreover, the heirs of those who have lost lives should be paid compensation at the cost of PIC. If found guilty, the responsible persons should be sent behind bars for playing with the lives of poor patients. IFTIKHAR MIRZA Islamabad

justification for them to hold a public office after the Supreme Court’s verdict. It was their moral and legal duty to tender resignations. It seems

that the NrO beneficiaries have crossed all limits of ethics. TARIQ HUSSAIN KHAN Lahore

(iV) Bravo, Pakistani team. Pakistan defended such a low total in a champion’s style in UAe. Credit goes to the spinner and team captain. Pakistan cricket team, you made us proud, as always. Well done and keep it up. ZAHID RASHID Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir

out on the prescription paper from the honest and able skull of the doctor, as to will he sell out the medicine granted in aid to us by the hospital on his counter, and the answer was a big NO. The guy added that they even didn’t know the pharmaceutical companies branded on the medicines provided by government hospitals. The honourable doctors, if I am right, sitting in the committee, will certainly have more knowledge than you and me about all this drama, but they will rather try hard to conceal the truth to save the Draculas’ face. The other day, a friend of working as research and Development In-Charge in a reputed pharmaceutical company of Peshawar visited me in Islamabad and shared more alarming facts. Actually, these companies care more for their names than the lives of Pakistani commoners, who have no one to speak of

or hold someone accountable for the crimes committed against them. I could doubt the figures my friend shared that in a recent consignment worth rupees 100 million, a hefty share of rupees 60 million went to the functionaries of the government hospitals of Peshawar, but I couldn’t doubt his claim that the raw material for the said consignment was purchased from the local market while material for the same medicines sold out in local markets with brand names is imported from the West. I have requested my friend to provide me with the documents of the scams in the pharmaceutical company he works for, and he has promised to do so, so that veil could be shown to the public. In talk shows for the Khyber News and the articles I ever wrote, I always focused on requesting the people to develop their own sense about things

because the government has no time to take pain for them. Never should they take any drug provided by the government hospitals or private outlets until and unless a qualified person always available locally testifies that the medicines were not fake and spurious. And our trust in the government can restore if it thoroughly examines the whole process of the art, sorry to say an art for it is no more a science for them, of medicine making in Pakistan and check each and every plant by reputable inspectors, may be imported from abroad, and punish the wrong doers as per the books. And the committee, as they will not be able to find any person behind all this cruelty, should voluntarily stop working to save precious money of this poor nation. KHALID AZIZ Islamabad

Crossing all limits I am surprised that NrO beneficiaries still hold public offices. None of NrO beneficiaries has tendered resignation. There is no

(iii) No words are enough to praise the historic 2-0 series win at Abu Dhabi of Pakistan cricket team against england. It was a fantastic team effort of all the players who outplayed the england team in every department of the game. This sensational victory of Pakistan cricket team will always be remembered in the annals of the history as the most glorious performance of a team which is debarred for more than three years to play international games on its own soil. Pakistan Zindabad and kudos to Pakistan cricket team, its tour management and PCB management. Keep up the good work. SYED NAYYAR UDDIN AHMAD Lahore

A profit making racket The committee formed by Punjab government to ascertain how the lifesaving drugs provided free of cost by the Punjab Institute of Cardiology turned into merciless killers overnight may add another file to the piles of such reports, but the dead would not know this. I am a salaried person and could have been very much dead, thankful to the government, for even the most common pain killer medicines provided at hospitals if I had a bit of trust in our functionaries. It was perhaps a year ago that I visited Holy Family Hospital of the rawalpindi to have a friend of mine checked up by the sort of doctors sitting over there, and they very generously handed over a strip of painkillers. I doubted the drug and asked the guy at the medical store, where from we had to collect other costly medicine that came

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12 Comment For Pakistan, by Pakistan what a win!


anuary 2010. Sydney. Pakistan needing only 176 to win capitulates for 139, handing the world No 1 Australia an improbable victory by 36 runs. Fast forward. January 2012. Abu Dhabi. Defending a mere 144, Pakistan’s spin trio on a slightly difficult but by no means a jigsaw puzzle of a patch, rolls over world No 1 england, bundling it out for its lowest ever against us: 72, exactly half of what was required. The spineless crumbling from a position of strength then and nerveless demolition of the highest ranked outfit in the world now from a relatively weak spot neatly puts into sharp relief the distance Pakistan cricket team has travelled in these last two highly eventful years. This really is a time to rejoice. And not merely at the turn of events, which is something truly remarkable and splendid in itself. From absolute pariah to the conqueror of what is touted as the best and most well-rounded side in the world, misbah-ul-Haq and his charges have proved one thing: Pakistan is a team to reckon with. Not a mean feat in the circumstances. Freed from the ingress of chicanery and deceit, what is more, it is a team that never says die, that soaks pressure as if it is thriving on it, that hangs together in times of strife and that bails itself out of turmoil through sheer chutzpah, finding itself a man, or better still, men of the moment whenever it is hard pressed. Ingredients that we so yearned for through the 1990s and 2000s, the two decades of missed opportunities for Pakistan cricket, without our highly precocious and acclaimed talents ever realizing their full potential. At Abu Dhabi, when push came to shove, Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq, two young batsmen proved their credentials with grit and application. And at the crunch, Abdul rehman and Saeed Ajmal delivered the coup de grace. rallying around a skipper who shuns projecting himself as the saviour, our players are punching way above their weight – hanging in there through sheer resolve. We’ve bounced back, big time, and quite swiftly. This is a sign of remarkable resilience, an indicator that we have a reservoir of extraordinary talent. This rejuvenation also reflects not just our cricket putting its best foot forward in adversity but the character and spirit of the Pakistani nation in times of turmoil. For the Pakistani cricket fan, this indeed is the time to celebrate, but for our management also a time to guard against complacency and mismanagement of the not-so-distant past.

Targets to be missed Some optimism nonetheless


he government won’t probably meet its growth target but would meet its inflation target. That was the central bank’s forecast in its first quarterly report for the current fiscal year. Three quarters too soon to be calling this out? Not really, apparently, with the State Bank certain that the increasing prices of fuel in the international markets, coupled with the incessant floods we have seen last year, will throw our 4.2 per cent growth figure out of the realm. But shouldn’t all that affect the inflation projections as well? Yes, but the central bank credits the government’s rather impressive restraint in borrowing from it as the reason inflation would be kept in check. It still isn’t over till its over; we’ll hold out on making a judgment of our own on this front, specially when the throes of fiscal desperation has forced governments, in the past, to borrow from the devil himself in Faustian deals, what to speak of its own central bank. The government is borrowing heavily, however, from the private banking sector, crowding out private investment, further hampering GDP growth prospects. It is set to let the fiscal deficit target slip away as well; the SBP does not think receipts figures are going to match those that were predicted. True, the tax revenue receipts did pick up, with the FBr managing to raise its collections by 30 percent, but other assumptions are a little ambitious. For instance, the Coalition Support Fund, especially in these times of tense relations with the US, should be counted on the books only when we have that cash firmly in our hands. Another assumption, centring around surpluses handed over by the provincial governments, are also deemed too ambitious by the SBP. While it is true that price hikes in food items and other agricultural goods lead to general inflation, these very increases are also engines of growth, specially for our rural, peripheral areas. even diminutive growth rates are impressive when looked at in the context of the devastating floods of this year and the last. These rates were guaranteed because of this global inflation. Things can only get better on that front. The idea now is for the government to get even more serious about tax reforms, stick to monetary policy discipline, and get its act together on the power front.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-34330811-3 Fax: 021-34330900 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

Monday, 30 January, 2012

Bleed green team Misbah: from broke to go-for-broke

By Waqqas Mir


way from the all the media glare and the spotlight, like a sage sitting behind a creaking desk and working diligently, misbah-ul-Haq has been writing a script that is now being revealed to all of us. Like all things misbah, the script is nothing without its nuances and engaging details. The story of Team Pakistan’s recent successes is many ways the story of misbah-ul-Haq; a story that involves patient waiting, steely resolve and a charmingly simple approach focusing on getting the basics right. For nearly a decade, misbah was ignored for selection purposes even as he piled on the runs. And for months, hardly anyone took Pakistan seriously as a Test side — till we beat Sri Lanka and some raised their heads and glanced in our direction again. Like his batting, misbah’s leadership is serene and calculated. many were unfairly harsh on him after the World Cup semi-final loss against India. misbah did not lose us that game, the players around him did not stick around. The man faced ridicule not just after mohali but also Johannesburg when his dismissal cost us the Twenty-20 World Cup against India. Not many players would have discovered the strength of character to survive. But he did. His skill, like his captaincy, is almost invisible and taken by many for granted. Yet it continues to influence long, drawn

out tussles and brings us glory. For many Pakistan cricket fans, regardless of the score, the sight of the scorecard reading ‘misbah-ul-Haq, not out’ is so common that you could be forgiven for not noticing it. Since he became captain, he has averaged around 80 in Test matches. Some weeks ago I wrote that we Pakistanis do not just worship the game of cricket; we worship for it in our mosques and temples. I am reminded of that today because for us there is purity in cricket, just like in acts of sincere worship. It is a common love that runs through our veins and that binds us with perfect strangers in moments of celebration and heart-breaking defeats. Our cricket, in recent times, has not been without heart-break; especially off the field. Not having home games to cheer Team Pakistan is a great tragedy. All of us look forward to the times when once again stadiums in Lahore, Karachi and other places will roar with the passion of thousands as our quicks run in to bowl or our spinners deliver a doosra that strikes the pads below the knee roll. Just thinking of that gives me goose-bumps and one hopes that that day is not far. And today we celebrate a Team Pakistan that resembles nothing that most of us (at least in my generation) are used to. It is not star-studded, either in terms of openers or its pacers. It does not have a super-star as its captain and, yet, it surprises us — with its grit, consistency and ‘never-say-die’ spirit. Of the 19 Tests that Saeed Ajmal has played and influenced, to claim his 100 wickets, not a single one has been played at home grounds. Think of that. That speaks volumes about the man’s skill. Foreign political analysts often comment on how Pakistan, as a country, surprisingly manages to survive one disaster after another and trudges along. We often do not realise it but despite the incredibly difficult times we live in, resilience has seeped into our very existence. There is no shortage of problems or pressing issues around us but we have developed a greater

ability to push back and take charge of things. maya Khan would know. Of course our real test as a people will come in the future. Can we sustain our resilience and build something on it? Can we push back against forces that do not depend on television ratings and those that do not fear public embarrassment? Difficult questions. But today Team Pakistan has brought smiles to millions of faces. It may not be star-studded but, like our country, it is rediscovering itself. Its losses, screaming appeals and uplifting triumphs are ours. I have celebrated many Team Pakistan victories with roaring crowds in Lahore and Islamabad. And yet there is an equal unadulterated joy that I have recently discovered — one that is whispered but just as special. As everyone in my building sleeps I, like many other Pakistanis abroad, have been up at 4 am and other odd hours — dancing with joy, cursing the DrS, urging the fielders to stop the 2nd run and, of course, pleading ‘how was that?’. A small computer screen becomes the center of your world and the Cricinfo tab announcing the fall of another english wicket brings a broad smile behind a desk in a law school library. No one notices. No one needs to notice. Pure joy, flowing from a love as pure as cricket, has never needed validation. In times and in a country where reasons to celebrate are often hard to find, Team Pakistan has brought us joy far beyond what we expected. But that is what makes them Team Pakistan. Despite and because of all its unpredictability Team Pakistan is our own. Its story is our story; a script that they write and we rejoice in reading. Despite all the heartbreak, I would not have it any other way. For when it matters most they reintroduce us to the words, “and Pakistan has won.” The writer is a Barrister and an Advocate of the High Courts. He is currently pursuing an LLM in the US and can be reached at

Regional press

Cooperation, not confrontation Daily Khabroona


akistan and Afghanistan don’t just share a border but have close ties in the spheres of religion, culture, and trade. Such are their inter-linkages that prevailing conditions of one country of any sort are bound to affect the other. It is not just because of the geographical proximity but the lay of the land that the conditions of one inevitably bleed into the other country. This is clear in the current times as the turmoil in Afghanistan has led to a very bad law and order situation in Pakistan. Both neighbouring nations need to realise that they can only tackle the situation at hand by exhibiting unity of purpose and cooperating meaningfully. They need to tackle and thwart any alien hands having or seeking undue involvement in the affairs of both countries. During an interaction with media persons, the Pakistan foreign ministry stressed the need of furthering the close affinities between the two neighbouring countries. It said that Pakistan

will give all-out support to the peace process in Afghanistan and maintained that peace in Afghanistan is vital for peace in the whole region. But, on the other hand, if the Afghan government keeps playing the blame game against Pakistan without rhyme and reason, then any current joint efforts would not bear fruits nor will new projects of cooperation be able to take off purposefully. A failure in cooperation can then be blamed on the bad blood caused by certain unfounded allegations coming from Afghan quarters. During tough times, Pakistan has come to the help of Afghanistan and will continue to do so. The need of the hour is that instead of pointing fingers unduly at Pakistan, Afghanistan should cooperate with it to thwart foreign hands involved in sabotage activities in the region and to help achieve the target of lasting peace in the region. The state of confrontation between the two countries will further destabilise the region. – Translated from the original Pashto by Abdur Rauf Khattak

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Monday, 30 January, 2012

Comment 13

An emerging alliance

The lure of the inane

Between nationalists and conservatives

What has this society come to?

politact By Arif Ansar


ny given society is represented by different schools of thoughts, often taking the form of ideologies. These various expressions, such as liberal, socialist, nationalist, and conservative, represents pathways through which individuals, ethnicities and nations, attempt to adapt and present their response to the constantly changing environment around them. However, the important thing to consider is what is perceived as causing change, because that has an influence on the type of response that is formulated. In this context, in previous columns it was pointed out that the prevailing on-the-ground situation in Pakistan has caused the political space for liberals to shrink considerably, as nationalists and different brands of conservatives are gaining ground. This obviously has implications for the future politics of the country. It was also noted that this trend is not unique to Pakistan and the same is occurring in the middle east. The flux in the global balance of power is influencing international institutions and international relations, and this in turn is also impacting local politics. Let’s briefly look at the interplay of these political forces. Since the end of World War II, the liberals, socialists, nationalists and conservatives in the Arab world have had their ups and downs. For the most part, their political manoeuvring was the outcome of tensions between the socialist and capitalist models that were playing out globally. It resulted in the creation of the Arab Socialist Baath Party in 1947, a coming

together of nationalist and socialist forces against western imperialism that called for Arab unification. It later split in to Iraqi and Syrian factions. These same influences that were acting out in egypt, causing Gamal Abdul Nasser to play a leading role in the formation of the Non-Aligned movement and nationalisation of the Suez Canal Company. In case of Pakistan, since its creation, it has remained closely linked with the liberal forces. However, under Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who was considered a nationalist and a socialist, all major industries of Pakistan were nationalised. He was also responsible for initiating Pakistan’s nuclear programme. Generally, the nationalists in the Arab world were accepting of the socialist and liberal influences emanating from the

line from what would be acceptable globally. However, due to factors like the war on terror, local corruption, and lack of governance, the political landscape has changed. For the first time, the institution of military itself is under threat and is having to adjust itself to the change in public sentiments, as represented by the Arab Spring style uprisings. events of egypt have shown that moderate Islamists are rising and if the military attempts to micromanage the direction of the revolts, the rage of the street could very well turn against it. Furthermore, the emergence of new global power centres means that these militaries can no longer be relied upon to continue providing the kind of secular outlook the West has desired. These new ground realities

new ground realities dictate that the nationalists in the Arab world and Pakistan that have previously swirled around socialist and liberal forces would be formulating their agenda around conservatism. West and the Soviet Union. The conservatives, on the other hand, have had an uncomfortable political existence. They were looked upon with distrust, as waiting in hiding for their chance to revive the Ummah and the Khilafat. This in turn impacted the strategies of nationalists, who in order to maintain their power, exploited the fear of global powers from the conservatives. In this regard, the institution of the military has also played an instrumental role, and continues to in places like egypt, Turkey and Pakistan. In Turkey, the army was the protector of the secularism that was adopted under Ataturk. In egypt and Pakistan, it has played an essential role in choreographing and managing the local responses, so that they do not get significantly out of

dictate that the nationalists in the Arab world and Pakistan that have previously swirled around socialist and liberal forces would be formulating their agenda around the popular politics being practiced by the conservatives. In the case of Pakistan, the evolution of civil-military relations in Turkey provides an interesting parallel. In Turkey, the civilian government has taken on the conservative and Islamic outlook as the military has retreated. In case of Pakistan, it’s ironically the present civilian government that has adopted a secular outlook. The writer is the chief analyst for PoliTact ( and and can be reached at

By Reem Wasay


e have a seriously sly lot parked comfortable within the cosy confines of a house supposedly erected to do the bidding of the citizenry. Apparently, they exist as fact sheet statistics on pieces of legislative paper printed by our taxes and paid for by the national exchequer because we, the people, require individuals of exemplary leadership endowments to prevent the gutting of the masses by forces bent upon looting and corrupting. Parliament exists to debate, deliberate, and deliver on ideas that benefit progressive manoeuvres and combat symbols of social suppression. However, in Pakistan, so far, the national and provincial assemblies have done little else but profiteering. From the highest echelons of power, the trickle down effect this attitude has had on the masses is that the entire country is now spinning in a vortex of its own putrid immorality. And they’ve been very smart about it. That Pakistan is seeing the most exacting time in its short and stupendous history is an understatement. State institutions recently braced themselves for a near pile-up, one that is still rampaging through the headlines of this nation’s dailies. We have an army watching from the dark corners of the GHQ - the very sidelines of this country’s political structure - and we have an executive and Pm ready to do the bidding of whichever player is willing to extend their term, one where corruption has riddled the crescent on the green as oft as our feared security agencies are suspected of

ploughing the bodies of those who oppose and expose their policies with bullets. We have a land where natural resources and basic amenities are now few and far between, where water, gas, electricity and fuel are items of immoderation. Where religion has become dogma, spirituality is found numb and void behind a smokescreen of sullied sermons and where hate and fury disguise themselves as scapegoats for sanctimony. Journalists are made to swallow the disgrace of selfcensorship because Pakistan is now ‘the most dangerous place in the world’ for the watchdogs of accountability. Pakistan is also now debasing its Sufi core to become a Wahabi revival ground for those who have found so little honour in themselves they must enforce it upon others. Anti-Ahmadi rallies and sloganeering for the marauding of all other faiths except that of which only a minority of hardliners believe in has become a mantra by which to make even the air in Pakistan colourless, the beings within lifeless and the sanity that may have prevailed irrelevant. In the midst of all this, you’d think our assemblies would be working round the clock like the harried courts of London during last year’s riots to tackle the mauling of the nation’s heartlands. An active establishment of aware and ready civilians would be frothing at the mouth to see what our parliamentarians have delivered and, if exactitudes were anything less than crystal, there’d be all hell to pay. So, then, why did the Punjab Assembly recently decide, of all things, to declare a resolution seeking to ban concerts in educational institutions? Could it be the same mindset that leads our parliamentarians to call for banning late night phone packages, dithering on Facebook pages, encouraging bodies like the PTA to remove ‘inappropriate’ words and bumbling around looking for excuses to address all other is-

sues but the real ones? Pray, what might this mindset be? It is one that slowly yet surely conditions the masses to huff and puff over the most inane drivel one could ever forgive a nation for debating. It is the kind of mindset that is cunning enough to know that if you engross the people in the most vacant of frivolities, the real issues will become irrelevant. It is this mindset that is being represented by the media-men who deliver the punch-line amidst the white noise of screaming politicos and the maya Khans who patrol our parks looking for ‘less than honourable’ behaviour. It is this mindset that has trickled down into the homes, mosques, belief of every single individual with an impressionable heart and idle mind. It is this mindset that has made every sitting Pakistani provincial, so incensed by the irrelevant that issues of negligence and neglect by the powerful are smugly grinned over and forgotten. We have become little in our actions, conversations, entertainment and even our beliefs. Our parliamentarians and our representatives will never relinquish their power. They have us wrapped around their sweaty fingers and we’re the only ones to blame. It is time we gave our own lives the direction needed to wrench our minds out of this state-sanctioned ignorance. revolutionary fists have been bound in struggles of blood and intellect throughout history by the minds of rabid dictators. In Pakistan, revolution, whether intelligent or impulsive, has been repressed by the inane, the senseless and by duping the easily primed public. Next time you hear a nonsensical bidding for primetime space by our parliamentarians, don’t act so surprised, you made it easy for them. The writer is an editor and participant of the Salzburg Trilogue. She can be reached at

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Steven Spielberg

in limelight

to direct new Ten Commandments movie


It is regarded as one of the greatest movies in Hollywood history. But it looks like even Charlton Heston’s The Ten Commandments is not beyond the current trend of Hollywood remakes, with Steven Spielberg close to agreeing with Warner Bros to direct. According to however, the eT filmmaker is hoping to give his version of the story of Jewish prophet moses a far different spin to the 1956 version. An insider told the website he is hoping to make his sword and

sandals epic ‘like a Braveheart-ish version of the moses story.’ Interestingly, moses will be portrayed as a tough warrior in the new film, whereas Heston played him as a humble man with great inner strength. It currently has the working title Gods And Kings, and will follow the complete life of the prophet. It will start from moses’ humble beginnings as an orphan found floating down the river in a basket, all the way through to him freeing the Jews and leading them to The Promised Land. The insider added it will show him, ‘being adopted, leaving his home, forming an army, and getting the Ten Commandments.’ One small comfort for cinephiles is that while the movie will undoubtedly feature the spectacular parting of the red Sea, it is not being considered as a 3D feature. While they will share the same source material, it is understood that rather than being a straight remake of Cecile B. Demille’s classic, Warner Bros want Spielberg to direct it in the gritty reality-based style of Saving Private ryan. Signing on the dotted line: But hopefully Steven’s contract won’t weight as much as the Ten Commandments stones. The source said: ‘There have been glossy versions of the moses story but this would be a real warrior story.’ The studio has been courting the Schindler’s List director since last September, when he first read the script.

AhMeDABAD: Amitabh Bachchan (L) is assisted by Mansi Chowksi as he flies a kite on a terrace at Kameshwar, the walled city area of Ahmedabad. AFP

CAnneS: Colombian singer Shakira waves as she arrives to attend the annual nRJ Music Awards ceremony. AFP

CAnneS Indonesian-born French singer and songwriter Anggun Cipta Sasmi, aka Anggun, poses as she arrives to attend the annual nRJ Music Awards ceremony. AFP

Romney jokes about

Angelina jolie


The run-up to Florida’s republican presidential primary has already been weird, thanks in part to an extended debate over whether there should be a colony on the moon. On Saturday, it got a little weirder. Stumping at a seafood restaurant here along the Gulf coast, mitt romney picked up the endorsement of actor Jon Voight, the star of “midnight Cowboy” who is perhaps

best known these days as the father of actress Angelina Jolie. The actor has long been active in republican politics, campaigning for rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign in 2008 and traveling with mike Huckabee to meet with Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu last year. Voight told the crowd he was backing romney because he was “strong” and “honest.” He declared President Obama had “decided to follow his father’s footsteps and take us to socialism.” The actor said Newt Gingrich “fell short” of being able to take on Obama. “We cannot afford another four years of rhetoric,” Voight said. While Jolie’s name wasn’t mentioned on the stump, romney did manage to sneak in a reference to the actress’s wild-child reputation. explaining to the audience that he wasn’t sure how to “chit chat with a famous actor” when he phoned Voight to ask for his support, romney said he decided to talk about his kids.

Kate Winslet

to receive honorary Cesar award

LONdON: British actress Kate winslet is to receive an honorary Cesar award at France’s equivalent of the Oscars next month, it has been announced. Roman Polanski, who directed the 36-year-old in recent release Carnage, will present her with the prize. French drama Poliss, written, directed by and starring Maiwenn lead the shortlist with 13 nods, including best film and director. The Minister picked up 11 nods and silent film The Artist was up for 10. The French silent film, which is one of the leading contenders at this year’s Academy Awards, was re-released in France on wednesday. “Don’t forget that the Cesar awards were created in homage to the Oscars,” French Film Academy president Alain Terzian told The hollywood Reporter. he added that the Cesars symbolically take place in the same weekend as the Oscars. “It’s an homage I want to permanently pay,” said Mr Terzian. he said they are expecting The Artist stars Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo, both up for Cesar acting prizes, to attend the French ceremony, before flying to the US for the Oscars. The Artist and Poliss will compete alongside The Minister, Declaration of war, Le havre and Untouchable in the best film category. Poliss, about a police child protection unit, was presented with the jury prize at last May’s Cannes Film Festival. British film The King’s Speech received a nomination in the best foreign film category, and was joined by Black Swan, Drive, The Kid with The Bike, Melancholia and Iranian Oscar hopeful A Separation. French actor-director Guillaume Canet will preside over the annual awards in Paris on 24 February. AgENCIES

CAnneS: Miss France 2012, Delphine wespiser, poses as she arrives to attend the annual nRJ Music Awards ceremony. AFP

Preston hails

KABUL: Afghan youths play their respective instruments at Afghanistan’s national Institiute for Music. AFP

James Cameron coup

LOS ANgELES: PReSTOn is the home of Academy Awardwinning director James Cameron’s first international office, which will house his 3D production business. The director of hollywood blockbusters Avatar, The Terminator and Titanic opened the office with cinematographer Vince Pace, cofounder of the 3D technologies and production services company, last week. The office will provide CPG technology and 3D camera equipment for feature films, television and live sports broadcasting. Andrew wight, an Australian underwater explorer and producer of the 3D feature Sanctum, was appointed managing director of the Preston office of the Cameron Pace Group. “I’m proud that the first international office for CPG is in Australia,” Mr wight said. “Our new presence lets filmmakers here benefit from the same 3D technology and expertise that made James Cameron’s Avatar possible. “There is a wealth of creative talent in this country and now we can provide the 3D know-how and gear to match that talent.” Cameron, who is filming an underwater documentary in Sydney, said 3D was the future for both film and broadcasting. “we are very excited about enabling more world-class 3D productions in Australia,” he said. “Andrew is a long-time 3D collaborator with Vince Pace and myself and I’m proud to have him join the team.” AgENCIES

‘Charge me for watching porn films’


MUMBAI: Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK, former contestant of reality TV ‘Bigg Boss’ season 3 has been extremely active on Twitter for quite some time now. he makes people wonder if tries hard to be humorous or is he one by default! his remarks on celebrities have been pretty offensive but he comes out as someone who can unintentionally tickle your funny bone. The man who had produced a film titled ‘Deshdrohi’ wants to make a sequel to the film with Sunny Leone. expressing his “lustful” desire KRK tweeted, “I want to make Deshdrohi2 in 6D because people will enjoy more of Sunny Leone acting ya ya ya oh ya come on beep beep beep (sic).” he had earlier confessed that he doesn’t wish to watch Sunny Leone’s ‘Jism 2’ for he has already seen her ‘jism’ in her porn films. And now he is asking the porn star to return all his money and also give him a discount for watching her films 24 X 7. he tweeted, “@SunnyLeone can you please tell me when will you return my money? your website charged me $40 when I watched your films only for 24 hours

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15 A life of secrets

wins top honor from Directors Guild for The Artist LOS ANGELES


GARDenA: Singer Christina Aguilera performs at the etta James’ funeral. AFP


He Directors Guild of America Awards are the latest Hollywood film honors to go silent. Hollywood’s top filmmakers group presented its featurefilm honor Saturday to michel Hazanavicius for his silent film “The Artist,” giving him the inside track for the best-director prize at the Academy Awards. The Directors Guild honors are one of the most-accurate forecasts for who might go on to take home an Oscar. Only six times in the 63-year history of the guild awards has the winner failed to win the Oscar for best director. And more often than not, whichever film earns the directing Oscar also wins best picture. French filmmaker Hazanavicius, whose credits include the spy spoofs “OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies” and “OSS 117: Lost in rio,” had been a virtual unknown in Hollywood until “The Artist.” His throwback to early cinema centers on a silent-era star whose career crumbles when talking pictures take over in the late 1920s. First-time nominee Hazanavicius won over a field of guild heavyweights that included past winners martin Scorsese for “Hugo” and Woody Allen for “midnight in Paris.” Past nominees David Fincher for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and Alexander Payne for “The Descendants” also were in the running. Accepting his nomination plaque earlier in the ceremony from his stars in “The Artist,” Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo, Hazanavicius recalled his childhood education in great cinema, including Hollywood classics such as “red river” and “rio Bravo.” Hazanavicius said he felt he was being welcomed by the Directors Guild for a language they had in common: cinema.

“maybe you noticed, but I’m French. I have an accent. I have a name that is very difficult to pronounce,” Hazanavicius said. “I’m not American, and I’m not French, actually. I’m a filmmaker. ... I feel like I’m being accepted by you not as Americans but as filmmakers.” James marsh won the film documentary prize for “Project Nim,” his chronicle of the triumphs and trials of a chimpanzee that was raised like a human child. It was the latest major Hollywood prize for marsh, who earned the documentary Academy Award for 2008’s “man on Wire.” Scorsese went zero-for-two at the guild awards. He also had been nominated for the documentary award for “George Harrison: Living in the material World.” robert B. Weide won the TV comedy directing award for an episode of “Curb Your enthusiasm,” while Patty Jenkins earned the TV drama prize for the pilot of

“The Killing.” The award for TV movie or miniseries went to Jon Cassar for “The Kennedys.” Other television winners were: n reality programming: Neil P. DeGroot, “The Biggest Loser.” n musical variety: Glenn Weiss, “The 65th Annual Tony Awards.” n Daytime serials: William Ludel, “General Hospital.” n Children’s programs: Amy Schatz, “A Child’s Garden of Poetry.” n Commercials: Noam murro. At the start of the ceremony, Guild President Taylor Hackford led the crowd in a toast to one of his predecessors, Gil Cates, the veteran producer of the Oscar broadcast who died last year. The Directors Guild awards were the first of two major Hollywood honors this weekend. The Screen Actors Guild hands out its prizes Sunday.

LoS aNGeLeS: Clint eastwood’s Jedgar is an excellent film that very few people will bother to see. It is a lengthy two-and-a-quarter hours, and it is about crime, the law and politics, but it’s not a thriller. It is an art-house film, not a Hollywood blockbuster. So, if you are looking for a “good night out”, look elsewhere, but if you value great writing, interesting ideas and a slice of revisionist history, Jedgar will hold your attention and send you away pondering how dirty and brutal both politics and the law can be. At the core of the film is the career of Jedgar Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio). He had a good university education and came from a stern, old-fashioned family, with a mother (Judi Dench) who imposed a strict code of morality on her son. He was opposed to abortion and birth control. He disliked seeing immigrants in American cities, and he was a devout, narrow, right-wing thinker. He got a job in the Justice Department, where he sanctioned brutal action against immigrants and political dissidents. AgENCIES

Getting candid with Chitrangada Singh MuMBAI tIMES Of INdIA

Chitrangada Singh on her husband, catfights,controversies and the decision to go for jhatka matka Chitrangada Singh can proudly claim that she’s at a point in her career, where things are unravelling just as she would like them to. She wowed the audiences and critics alike with a noteworthy debut in Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, and just as easily made a smooth transition to commercial cinema, her latest attempt beingDesi Boyz, where she essayed the role of a glamorous professor. Sure, on paper, her films haven’t set the box office registers ringing, but in

each of her performances, Chitrangada has always left her fans craving for more. Tagged as ‘The Smita Patil of commercial cinema’, we pin the petite actress for a candid Q & A you are one of those few actresses, who debuted in films after you got married. What made you take up acting as a career choice? marriage shouldn’t be THe point in life, where everything we do is before and after. most women do that to themselves. I am glad that hasn’t happened to me. I am happy I could just do what I absolutely love doing. From a critically acclaimed film like hazaaron Khwaishein aisi to Desi Boyz. are you consciously breaking

free from the ‘serious’ actress image? Well, I did Yeh Saali Zindagi too, which was a very Guy ritchie kind of film. It wasn’t completely serious or commercial. I want to do popular cinema like Delhi Belly, Khosla Ka Ghosla etc. The idea is to do good work. There are no boundaries as such. Now that you are also doing mainstream cinema, how do you think you will fare? What sets you apart? (Thinks) Apart from my fantastic cheek bones and jaw line, I think it’s the fact that I look like the Smita Patil of commercial films! Look, it’s a great time in Bollywood. So much work is happening. What sets each of us apart is how strong our screen presence is. everyone is different.

laila celebrates

so you should charge me only $1 so pls return balance.(sic).” And the adult film actress could do little but wear question marks! zEENEWS

25th birthday

finds SRK’s wife ‘hot’

LAHORE: Lollywood diva Laila just had a great wingding fun celebrating her 25th birthday with friends. The bold and spunky Pakistani actress, fashion model and dancer Laila threw her birthday bash inviting some known Pakistani celebrities, friends and family. During cake cutting ceremony Laila claimed to be 25 years old that matches the same age, her best friend, the scandal queen Meera claimed during the show “Kaun Banega Meera Pati”. Previously, Laila was admitted to the ICU of national hospital due to heavy drinking and smoking to which she also denied on her birthday and called it a defaming game. AgENCIES

MUMBAI: Actor hrithik Roshan feels Gauri Khan, the wife of Shah Rukh Khan, one of the hottest and most beautiful women. “with the most beautiful and talented girl in the world! And hottest if I may add! Gauri khan!!! watch out world, she’s about to arrive,” the 38year-old posted on twitter. Gauri is known for her style and walked the ramp for friend Karan Johar some time back. tIMES Of INdIA

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16 Foreign News

Monday, 30 January, 2012

egypt Islamists look to build on success in polls cAIRO Afp

egyptians cast ballots Sunday for the upper house, with Islamists looking to build on their success in voting for the lower assembly as part of the first polls since a revolt ousted Hosni mubarak. Polling got under way with only a handful of voters at several stations, in sharp contrast to the long lines and enthusiasm around the elections for lower house of parliament. The election for the Shura Council, an advisory body, takes place over two stages, after which members of both houses will choose a panel to draft a new constitution. The elections are part of a roadmap for a transition to democratic rule laid out by the ruling military council that took power after the popular uprising that overthrew mubarak last year. The first phase of voting takes place over two days in 13 provinces, including the largest cities Cairo and Alexandria, and the second in the remaining 14. Under the complex system adopted after mubarak’s ouster, two thirds of the Shura’s 180 elected members will be elected via a party-list system, while one third will be elected directly. One third of the Shura Council will be nominated by the head of state. Under the framework for a transfer to civilian rule, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has said the two chambers, once elected, should choose 100 members of a constitutional commission. But voters in Cairo appeared split on the importance of the latest poll. “I voted in the referendum (on constitutional amendments in march), I voted for the (People’s) Assembly, and so I will vote for the Shura,” said a voter who only gave her name as Seham.

Israel proposed ‘impossible’ borders: Palestinians RAMALLAh Afp

Israel laid out a vision for an “impossible” border during exploratory talks with the Palestinians in Amman this month, a Palestinian official told AFP on Sunday. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Israeli officials presented principles for their policy on future borders during the final round of the discussions organised by Jordan and the peacemaking Quartet. They presented a vision that would closely follow the line of Israel’s controversial security barrier and leave all of Jerusalem inside Israel, he said. “They said to us, Jerusalem is out of the question. Large numbers of settlers will stay in the West Bank. They were talking about impossible borders,” the official said. “They didn’t specifically mention the wall, but the details can be interpreted as them using the wall for the border,” he added. The Palestinians have long complained that Israel built the barrier with the intention of eventually turning it into an international border.

KaBUL: afghan youths play their instruments at the National institute for Music on Sunday. The Taliban regime, which ruled afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, had banned music, forcing many musicians to put away their instruments or go into exile. AfP

Iran hosts UN nuclear watchdog as tensions grow TEhRAN



FFICIALS from the UN atomic watchdog began a visit to Iran on Sunday to discuss Tehran’s suspect nuclear drive, amid a backlash by furious Iranian lawmakers at a looming eU oil embargo. The three-day International Atomic energy Agency mission is to address evidence suggesting Iran’s activities include nuclear weapons research. The visit was seen as a rare opportunity to maybe alleviate a building international showdown over Iran’s nuclear programme that has seen a ratcheting up of sanctions and talk of possible Israeli military action. “In particular we hope that Iran will engage with us on the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear programme,” Herman Nackaerts, the IAeA’s chief inspector leading the delegation, told reporters in Vienna as he left. “We are looking forward to the start of a dialogue, a dialogue that is overdue since very long,” he said. Iran’s parliamentary speaker, Ali Larijani, on Sunday called the visit a “test” for the UN agency, according to the website of the official IrIB state broadcaster.

If the IAeA officials were “professional” then “the path for cooperation will open up,” Larijani said. “But if they deviate and become a tool (of the West), then the Islamic republic will be forced to reflect and consider a new framework” for cooperation, he added. Iran, which maintains its programme is exclusively for peaceful purposes, is increasingly furious at the Western measures aimed at getting it to halt uranium enrichment. It has defiantly stepped up enrichment at a new bomb-proof bunker in Fordo, near the Shiite holy city of Qom. It has also reacted fiercely to new sanctions targeting its oil and finance sectors, notably the european Union’s announcement of a ban on all Iranian oil imports within the next five months Iran’s parliament is considering a draft law that would cut off shipments to europe immediately. Debate on the bill, originally expected for Sunday, appeared to have been delayed by several days. German Foreign minister Guido Westerwelle told Welt am Sonntag newspaper the eU was resolute on preventing Iran “acquiring an atomic weapon”. “We will find ways in the eU to compensate for delivery stoppages,” he said. Iran, OPeC’s second-biggest producer, has repeatedly brandished

threats to use oil as a weapon if it is backed against the wall. Officials have warned they could even close the Strait of Hormuz, a chokepoint at the entrance to the Gulf, in a move analysts say could send oil prices soaring by 50 percent. Saudi Arabia has promised to make up for any shortfall in the market should Iranian oil be curbed, but it, too, is dependent on the strait. The United States, which has called any attempt to close the strait a “red line” not to be crossed, is reportedly planning to send a large floating base for commando teams to the middle east. It already has two aircraft carrier groups in and near the Gulf, and has broadened arms deals to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab emirates. Against that backdrop of threat and counter-threat, attention is focused on what the IAeA talks might yield. It was not known, however, whether the delegation would be go to any of the sites mentioned in a November IAeA report suggesting Iran had worked on developing nuclear weapons. The official IrNA news agency reported the mission would go to Fordo, but there was no IAeA confirmation of that. IAeA chief Yukiya Amano on Friday reiterated his agency had “information

that indicates that Iran has engaged in activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device.” He called on Tehran to show “substantial cooperation”. Iran has alleged bias in the IAeA and kept the watchdog at arm’s length, even as it has pledged cooperation. Iran has signalled willingness to resume talks with world powers but has yet to reply to a letter sent three months ago by eU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton offering a return to the talks. That reply would be forthcoming “soon”, Iranian Foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi said, IrNA reported Sunday. Observers note that, while Iran is feeling the impact of the Western sanctions, it shows no sign of halting its nuclear activities. “Sanctions have not eliminated Iran’s capacity or desire to continue developing its nuclear programme,” said Dina esfandiary, analyst with the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. “What would be required to affect Iran’s strategic thinking is not tighter unilateral sanctions from the US, eU and other allies, but the implementation of a unified sanctions regime from all Iran’s major trading partners, and that is unlikely to happen,” she said.

Unpopular Sarkozy seeks election boost with TV speech PARIS Afp

French President Nicolas Sarkozy takes to the airwaves Sunday to unveil reforms aimed at lifting France out of the economic doldrums and boosting his credibility ahead of elections he is tipped to lose to a Socialist. The hour-long television interview to be broadcast on six different stations Sunday evening comes two weeks after France humiliatingly lost its top triple-A credit rating. The downgrade by Standard and Poor’s added to already bleak economic figures for France — with recession looming and nearly three million people out of work — and dealt a severe

blow to Sarkozy’s hopes of hanging on to his job. The right-wing leader was set to announce tax rises, including a hike of 1.6 percentage points in value-added sales tax on goods and services, in Sunday’s broadcast at 1915 GmT, officials said. The German-inspired “social tax” aims to shift the burden of paying for social security from employers to consumers and thus create more jobs while also making French firms more competitive. The president was also expected to provide details of a controversial new tax on financial transactions he hopes will be adopted across the european Union after he introduces it in France. Sarkozy’s television appearance comes a week after the Socialists’ presi-

dential candidate Francois Hollande launched his campaign with a blistering attack on “the world of finance.” He later outlined his plans to reverse Sarkozy’s legacy, promising 20 billion euros ($26 billion) in new spending by 2017, the creation of 60,000 new teaching jobs and 150,000 state-subsidised new jobs for young workers. An opinion poll this week said Hollande would in the second round of the election in may take 56 percent of the votes, with Sarkozy scoring 44 percent. Sarkozy, who celebrated his 57th birthday on Saturday, had staked his reelection bid on convincing voters that he was the only candidate with the stature and experience to save France from eco-

nomic meltdown. He reportedly told allies last month: “If we lose the triple-A (credit rating), I’m dead.” Sarkozy, who is almost universally expected to stand for re-election despite not yet having officially said that he will, justified pushing through two austerity packages as necessary to defend France’s triple-A rating. He was set Sunday to explain that his planned increase in value-added tax would be matched by a decrease in employers’ payroll contributions, thus helping them compete with producers in lower income economies and boosting French exports. Other taxes affected cover revenue from investments and property. Sarkozy said in an end-of-year address that social charges “should not

weigh principally on labour, which is so easy to outsource. We should reduce pressure on jobs and seek a contribution from imports, which compete with our products through low labour costs.” But some economists warn against the reform, which they say would hit domestic consumer demand, the main motor of the flat-lining French economy. And Hollande has said he would not enact the measure, even though some of his supporters have championed it in the past. members of Sarkozy’s own UmP party also fear it could lose him votes. A previous attempt to introduce the measure at the beginning of his five-year term is blamed for the loss of dozens of UmP seats in 2007 parliamentary elections.

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Monday, 30 January, 2012

Foreign News 17

22 killed as Syrian opposition seeks UN action DAMAScuS



IerCe clashes on Sunday killed at least 22 Syrians, mostly soldiers, as opponents of President Bashar al-Assad sought to up the pressure for UN action after the Arab League withdrew its observers. League chief Nabil al-Arabi, departing Cairo for the United Nations, said he hoped for a change of stance by russia and China on a draft Security Council resolution that would back an Arab plan to end the Syrian crisis. According to an AFP tally taken from reports by the Syrian Observatory for Human rights and state media, at least 232 people — among them 147 civilians

— have been killed since Tuesday. That adds to the figure of more than 5,400 given by the United Nations last month since anti-regime protests erupted in mid-march. Arabi has said the decision to suspend the monitoring mission was taken “because of the upsurge of violence whose victims are innocent civilians” and after Damascus “chose the option of escalation.” There was no sign of a let-up in the killing on Sunday, with activists and state media reporting the deaths of 16 soldiers in two separate attacks and five civilians and a deserter killed. The Observatory reported 10 members of the military killed when their convoy was attacked in Jebel alZuwiya in the northwest, and the official SANA news agency said “an armed terrorist group” killed six others near Damascus.

The Observatory also reported four civilians and a deserter killed as soldiers and mutineers clashed in the Ghuta area near the capital. It said another civilian was killed in Homs. moscow on Sunday expressed surprise at the Arab League decision to withdraw its monitors. “We would like to know why they are treating such a useful instrument in this way,” Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said during a visit to Brunei, cited by russia’s ITAr-TASS news agency. “I would support an increased number of observers,” he said. “We are surprised that after a decision was taken on prolonging the observers’ mission for another month, some countries, particularly Persian Gulf countries, recalled their observers from the mission.” The 165 observers deployed a month

ago after Damascus agreed to the Arab League plan foreseeing a halt to the violence, prisoners freed, tanks withdrawn from built-up areas and free movement of observers and foreign media. Arabi said on Sunday he hopes moscow and Beijing will allow the UN Security Council to issue a resolution backing a League plan to end the crisis. “I hope these two countries will alter their position concerning the draft UN Security Council resolution which would adopt the Arab plan,” he said, according to egypt’s official meNA news agency. The League plan looks to a halt in the violence and Assad transferring power to his deputy ahead of negotiations — a formula flatly rejected by Damascus. moscow opposes the draft UN resolu-

tion, and has proposed its own draft assigning equal blame for the violence on both Assad and the opposition, an option dismissed by the West. The opposition Syrian National Council has called for protests outside russian diplomatic missions, and SNC chief Burhan Ghaliun is also travelling to New York on Sunday “to present the Syrian case... and demand protection.” Lavrov said on Sunday he did not back those Western countries that said the monitoring mission was pointless and that it was impossible to hold dialogue with Assad’s regime. “I think these are very irresponsible statements because trying to sabotage a chance to calm the situation is absolutely unforgivable,” Lavrov said, cited by russia’s Interfax news agency.

Four opposition activists shot dead in Bangladesh DhAKA Afp

Four opposition activists were killed and nearly 200 people injured on Sunday when police opened fire at large Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) rallies in the southeast. The shootings happened in the towns of Chandpur and Laksmipur after the party held demonstrations to demand that the government resign in a dispute over electoral reforms, police said. “They attacked policemen with stones and bricks. We fired back in self-defence. Two BNP activists were killed,” Chandpur police deputy chief Amir Zafar told AFP. Zakir Ahmed, head of Chandpur police station, said the clashes erupted after about 7,000 BNP activists tried to gather at a school ground without first obtaining permission from the authorities. “We first shot tear gas to disperse them. But they became more violent,” he said, adding 100 people — including 30 policemen — were injured. In Laksmipur, one person died when police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at more than 4,000 activists after they “became unruly and attacked police with guns”, local police chief Golam Sarwar said. “Two persons were injured seriously during the clashes. One died on the way to hospital and another was rushed to a clinic in Dhaka in critical condition,” he said, adding 30 others sustained minor injuries. Sub-inspector Yasmin Ara told AFP the critically injured person, also a BNP activist, died on the way to hospital. Police also fired rubber bullets and tear gas at thousands of opposition supporters in three other district towns in the country’s west, south and north, leaving more than 50 people hurt.

yemeni elite troops open fire as soldiers protest SANAA Afp

Troops at the headquarters of Yemen’s elite republican Guard opened fire on Sunday at a protest by soldiers demanding the ouster of their brigade chief over corruption charges, a military source said. Soldiers from the fourth brigade of the republican Guard were demanding the removal of Abdulmalik al-Arar and another top officer named Abdullah alHamiya, the source said, adding that no casualties were reported in the shooting. The protest follows similar moves by soldiers and police in other areas of the military demanding change since embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh quit the country last week after handing power to his deputy. The republican Guard is led by Saleh’s son, Ahmed, one of several relatives who control Yemen’s main security and military bodies. On Saturday, hundreds of air force personnel in Sanaa and Taez demanded the ouster of air force commander mohammed Saleh alAhmar, a half-brother of Saleh.

Daraa: a handout picture released by the Local coordination committee of Syria (Lcc Syria) shows anti-government Syrian protesters during an anti-regime demonstration in this southern city of Syria. AfP

Thousands greet Suu Kyi on Myanmar campaign trail DAWEI Afp

Huge crowds hailed myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi as she hit the campaign trail on Sunday ahead of by-elections seen as a key test of the regime’s commitment to reform. Tens of thousands flocked to get a glimpse of the Nobel Peace Prize winner in the coastal district of Dawei, as she made her first political trip outside Yangon since declaring she would stand for office in the April 1 polls. “People need to watch to make sure the coming by-elections are free and fair. There should be no vote buying and no threats to get votes,” she told throngs of jubilant supporters, who responded with loud cheers at the end of her one-day visit. Surveying the crowd packed along a main road in the southern town, Suu Kyi added that she “chose the right place” to kick off her campaign tour. The democracy icon’s decision to stand for a seat in parliament is the latest sign of dramatic change sweeping through the country formerly known as Burma after the end of nearly half a century of outright military rule. A new government dominated by former generals came to power last year following November 2010 elections that were marred by cheating and the absence of

Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party. The regime has since surprised observers with a series of reforms, including welcoming the NLD back into the political mainstream, ceasefire deals with ethnic minority rebels and the release of hundreds of political prisoners. Western nations are now considering easing sanctions, further raising hopes of an end to decades of isolation and poverty, but controversy surrounding the 2010 vote means the upcoming by-elections will be heavily scrutinised. The NLD is running for all 48 seats up for grabs in the polls and Suu Kyi is standing in a rural constituency near Yangon. Sunday’s visit was in support of Aung Soe, the party’s candidate in a local township. “If we move in the right direction our country will have many opportunities. We are eager to seize them,” she said in a speech in Dawei earlier. “For the security of the people, the rule of law is very important...We hope to give back to the people by working for more stability in people’s lives.” The 66-year-old, known here as “The Lady”, also spoke about democratic principles and job creation for educated young people. Local people brought flowers and gifts and held up their children to see the NLD leader, who spent much of the past two decades in detention, with

banners proclaiming “You are our heart”. Traffic clogged the roads as Suu Kyi’s convoy, trailed by a large number of cars and motorbikes, travelled around the district through villages and Aung Soe’s constituency. Suu Kyi’s outing took her to the area set to be transformed by a huge industrial site and strategic deep sea port, the Dawei Development Project. The Thai-led, multi-billion-dollar development has sparked fears of a potential influx of “dirty” industry and the displacement of thousands. But in another sign of burgeoning reform, the government cancelled a proposed coal-fired power plant at the site this month citing “environmental problems”. The April polls, held to fill places vacated by those elected in 2010 who have since become ministers and deputy ministers in the government, will be the first time Suu Kyi has been able to directly participate in a myanmar vote. Her involvement may boost the legislature’s credibility, but the seats available are not enough to threaten a majority held by the armybacked ruling party. Suu Kyi was released from house arrest days after the 2010 election and has seen increasingly warm relations with the new regime, with some suggesting she could even take a role in government if elected to parliament.

Bahrain detainees to begin hunger strike DuBAI Afp

Bahraini detainees and activists convicted for taking part in antigovernment demonstrations last year will begin a hunger strike Sunday protesting a new crackdown on demonstrators, a rights group said. The strike was announced as the Gulf kingdom’s interior minister called for punishment against those “attacking policemen” to be toughened to 15 years in prison. “This evening, they will have their last meal” before going on hunger strike, the head of Bahrain Youth Society for Human rights (BYSHr), mohammed almaskati told AFP. BYSHr said 14 prominent human rights activists and opposition leaders were to begin the hunger strike “in solidarity with prodemocracy protests and in protest against the brutal crackdown.” maskati said that detainees held in police stations and the Dry Docks detention centre would also join the strike as well as BYSHr activists not presently behind bars. The 14 leading figures in jail include several opposition leaders who were convicted last year of plotting to overthrow the regime of the Sunni Al-Khalifa ruling family after security forces quelled a month-long protest movement demanding democratic changes.

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Djokovic wins epic Australian Open final Page 21

Pakistan can be world’s number one, says Mohsin ABu DhABI



AKISTAN cricket coach mohsin Khan Sunday expressed confidence his team can become the world's number one ranked team after humbling england in the second Test to claim victory in the series. "I think this team has the capacity to become the world's best team. Our target should be to gradually come in the top three in both Tests and one-day, and then gradually go to world number one," Khan told AFP. Khan's comments came a day after Pakistan crushed england by 72 runs in the second Test on the back of excellent performances from spinners Abdul rehman (6-25) and Saeed Ajmal (3-22), re-

stricting the rivals to a low total of 72. Pakistan now enjoy an unassailable 2-0 lead over england, the current world number one Test team, ahead of the third and final Test in Dubai starting February 3. They won the first Test by ten wickets, also in Dubai. Khan, however, warned that Pakistan need to perform well outside the subcontinent to rise from their current place of fifth in the rankings. "God willing, it can done gradually and hopefully we will touch the top but for that we have to perform well in other parts of the world (england, Australia and South Africa), so that means we have to prove a lot," said 56-year-old Khan, a former opener. But Khan -- appointed as interim coach after Waqar Younis quit the post in September last year -- may not be there as coach as he is likely to be replaced by former Australian

batsman Dav Whatmore next month. "What mohsin Khan is today is because of Pakistan and Pakistan cricket. my services are always there for my country but I don't want anybody to take me for granted," added Khan, refusing to comment on his future. Khan said he was not surprisd by england's capitulation against spin in both the Tests. "I think our spinners bowled very well. When we go to england our batsmen struggle against swing and here they struggle against spin, but credit to our spinners as they exploited weaknesses and it needs skill to exploit rivals' weakness," said Khan. Khan praised captain misbah-ul Haq. "misbah is a very good captain and I have a good rapport with him. He gives me respect as coach and as his senior and I give him respect as captain so it's a mutual thing. "We

make gameplan and he respects my experience and as coach it is my duty to support him," said Khan of misbah who took over in October 2010. Since then Pakistan have won eight times in 14 Tests, losing only once. Pakistan have also won three series in a row under Khan. Khan believes his current team ooze talent. "When I came as coach I knew that this team had talent in abundance so my first priority was to make them mentally and physically strong and that was on display when Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq batted and carried us to that target," said Khan. Ali (68) and Shafiq (43) shared a 88-run stand for the fifth wicket in Pakistan's second knock after they were reeling at 54-4. "We won a lost match on Saturday, but the kind of belief and self confidence this team has

Pakistan celebrates England triumph

shown is great," said Khan. "I am proud of my team and the moment when we won and then players lifted me and celebrated the win, that was a joy to behold and any praise is less for that team spirit and the unity in joy. "That was the biggest gift I can have from my players. Our actions are louder than words and I hope that this good work goes o n a n d on."

Pakistan demand respect from world






AKISTAn Sunday celebrated its extraordinary cricket series triumph over world number one Test side england, with former greats hoping the team build on their astonishing turnaround from virtual pariahs. Iqbal Qasim, a great left-arm spin bowler in his playing days, said the victory would lift Pakistani cricket. "Pakistan will gain tremendous confidence after this win over the world number one team," said Qasim. "Pakistan outclassed england during the two Tests and now I think all those teams who were not ready to play us will want to compete." Fellow former spinner Abdul Qadir said Misbah's men had delighted the whole country with their performance. "The team has lifted the nation by beating the world number one team," said Qadir, who wrecked england for their previous lowest total of 130 in Lahore in 1987. Pakistan had also bowled england for 130 at the Oval in 1954. "I will give credit to Misbah for the way he is leading the team, and to all the players and the management," said Qadir, hoping Pakistan also win the third Test in Dubai for a clean sweep. Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Zaka Ashraf was full of praise for Misbah and the team. "Credit to Misbah for this fabulous win," said Ashraf. "Misbah never looked tense even under extremely (high) pressure moments and that is why his players responded with this impressive win." Pakistani media also trumpeted the team's win on the main television news and with front-page headlines. "no. It wasn't a dream. Pakistan's spin merchants ran through a hapless england batting, stealing the unlikeliest of victories from the highest-ranking Test team in the world," the news said under a banner headline "The Triumph." "Shamed and humiliated, three of its players were in prison for spot-fixing, and a combination of politics, intrigue, nepotism and sheer incompetence had taken its toll on the team," said a local paper. College student Farooq Khan said Misbah's men had made the nation proud. "we hear so many bad things about our cricket team, but in the last two years Misbah and his team have made us proud," said Khan. "we are proud of the team, Misbah and coach Mohsin Khan."

AFP AKISTAn captain Misbah-ul haq on Sunday said he hoped his team's series win over test cricket's number one side england will earn them respect from the cricketing world after a turbulent period which tarnished their image. Dogged by off-the-field problems like failed dope tests and lack of discipline, Pakistan cricket hit the lowest ebb on their 2010 tour of england when three of their top players were caught in a spot-fixing scandal. "I think the whole world should acknowledge and accept that Pakistan cricket is coming up, the way our players are performing and they should accept it. Such (negative) things can happen anywhere and we must forget them," said Misbah. Misbah, 37, stressed his team will build further on the success against england. "we have put everything behind us," said Misbah, who has led from the front hitting 12 fifties as captain. "I think whichever team is doing well it should be accepted, our team deserves that and with the self confidence we have, we can do better." Coach Mohsin Khan, who rather unluckily will be replaced by former Australian batsman Dav whamore after the series, said these are good days to relish after the bad times. "I definitely agree with Misbah, we deserve more respect for the performances we have put together," said Khan. Khan said the impressive win over england will only improve Pakistan's image. "A win over the world's top team is the best thing Pakistan could have achieved," said Khan. Former captain Ramiz Raja said Pakistan have earned respect. "I think they have earned respect," said Raja. "They deserve a lot of praise for the manner in which they have beaten the world's best side, its no mean achievement." Raja said the whole nation -- embroiled in terrorism, corruption and bad governance -- can take a lead from the cricket team. "I think the whole nation can take the lead from the sequence of the team's wins. The team has shown more wisdom, sincerity and hard work which people in Pakistan should match in all walks of lives," said Raja. "no praise is enough for this team which has lifted its image and the way they have beaten the world's best team like toddlers is a great achievement," said Raja.

Positive spin for Ajmal and co in ICC rankings ABu DhABI Afp

He Pakistani spin duo of Saeed Ajmal and Abdul rehman were rewarded for their match-winning efforts against the world's number one-ranked test outfit england by moving up in the world bowling rankings released on Sunday. Ajmal and rehman destroyed the england batting on Saturday in the second Test here taking nine wickets between them as the english were all out for 72 in their second innings, their lowest total ever in tests against the Pakistanis. It gave Pakistan an unassailable 2-0 lead in the


three test series as they won by 72 runs. Ajmal took 3-22 while rehman recorded career best figures of 6-25 which saw the former rise one place to number two in the ICC (International Cricket Council) bowlers' rankings, while rehman is in ninth place after moving up five places and is in the top ten for the first time. Ajmal - who also reached the landmark of 100 test wickets in only his 19th match - trails number-one ranked Dale Steyn of South Africa by 84 points. This is the first time in 23 years that two Pakistan spinners figure inside the top 10 of the Test player rankings. In September 1988, Abdul Qadir was ranked fifth and Iqbal Qasim 10th, the ICC said.

Technique wrong, confidence shot, judgment missing ExpERt COMMENt



NGLAND have been embarrassed on this tour with the bat and you can point the finger at this team and say they don’t play cricket in the subcontinent at all well. That is difficult to take as a team which believes it is the best but even top sides lose when they only have two batsmen

in the top six playing with authority. Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott are the only batsmen who look comfortable but they are not the kind of guys to dominate the game. They occupy the crease. The rest of the top six are struggling for technique, judgement, scoring options and, biggest of all, confidence. When you lose your confidence horrible things happen and it takes a long time to get it back. It can’t be rediscovered overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and the players will need to show guts and courage over the next few days to find a game plan against Pakistani spin bowlers who will bowl exactly the same way in Dubai next week. We have heard england talk about setting new goals. Well now they have to reevaluate and do it pretty quickly. They can start by not hiding anymore and admitting they have a problem batting in the sub-continent on low, slow wickets. Andy Flower,

the coach, was the best player of spin of his generation. He was so good because he could defend and had boundary options whether it was using the sweep or hitting down the ground. The best players of spin have the ability to score 360 degrees of the ground. At the moment england have too many players who can only hit through 90 degrees. It makes it easier for Pakistan to defend the boundary leaving england with not enough options to take the pressure off. england need to look at the way misbah-ul-Haq plays the spinners. He plants his front foot down and either plays through extra cover or hits over the top. Unless you are a brilliant sweeper, that is the way to play. misbah’s opposite number, Andrew Strauss, is in a horrible position and that is a worry. He is such a good leader and a very strong man but now the team have started losing people have begun to look at his form

and his average over the last year and a half. He needs a score for his peace of mind. I have been there as a captain when the team are winning but you are not scoring runs. You say to yourself ‘I am contributing to the team success by being captain’. But when you are still not scoring runs and the team are losing, your confidence goes. He needs runs for his own good. Forget about end of career predictions. That is rubbish. He needs runs for his own well being to give himself energy because you soon feel drained as a captain when you are not playing well and the team is losing. The job exhausts you. Strauss still has energy, he just needs runs to bring back the feelgood factor. The problem is that he needs to score runs in a part of the world where he is not comfortable playing on the pitches and unable to score off the back foot. He is trying to force it by going back and relying on the cut

shot, but that leaves him without any other scoring opportunities off the spinners. midoff and mid-on are out of the equation when Strauss is facing the spinner. He is not alone. Pietersen’s technique against left-arm spinners is shot. Last year when he was playing well he was hitting it through extra cover or mid-off. He looked solid. Now he is playing across the front pad. Dangerous. Ian Bell is totally bamboozled by Saeed Ajmal. Both Shane Warne and muttiah muralitharan had the better of Bell. Now Ajmal, another world class spinner, has him in trouble which raises questions about his ability to play top spin bowlers. eoin morgan is at a crossroads in his career. He came out and tried to play shots in the second innings but got out. He is caught in the fog. He does not know how to build a Test innings. He is now thinking ‘should I just play shots?’ (Telegraph)

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Cholistan Jeep Rally from Feb 17 LAhORE StAff REpORt

The Tourism Development Punjab is holding the 7th edition of the Cholistan Jeep rally which will be held from February 17 to 19. The TDCP organises the rally in coordination with the District Government Balochistan. According to an official of the TDCP, the main objective of the rally is to make it Pakistan’s first internationally recognised jeep rally. The rally will start and finish at Derawar Fort in the Cholistan Desert. The rally camp office will be Derawar Fort which is 45 kilometres from Ahmud Pur east. The official informed that the participants will have to cover 225 km and on their route they will have several control check points who would guide them through the finish line. The opening ceremony will be held on February 16 at the Noor Jehan mehal Bahawalpur, the following day road there will be drivers conference and security will be reviewed and on February 18 qualifying round will be held and the rally will be held on Feb 19. The entry form for are available at TDCP website and closing date is February 10 along with rs 25,000 fee. The rally also coincides with the silver jubilee celebration of the TDCP and later in the month on February 25 a ceremony will be held at Wazir Khan Shahi Hammam and then on the next day there will be a Lahore Festival marching Band with a vision to promote tourism.

Stanley stretches lead at Torrey Pines SAN DIEGO Afp

Kyle Stanley fired a four-under par 68 on Saturday to stretch his lead to five shots after three rounds of the US PGA Tour's Farmers Insurance Open. Stanley missed a four-foot birdie putt at 18 on the Torrey Pines South Course to just miss breaking the 54-hole tournament record held by Tiger Woods. Instead he matched the record set by Woods in 1998 with an 18-under total of 198, five strokes in front of John Huh and John rollins. "This is something you dream about as a kid," Stanley said. "But there's still one more round." Huh, who booked his tour card in qualifying school, also posted a 68 as did rollins to share second on 203. Huh, a 21-yearold Korean-American, was born in the United States. His family moved to South Korea not long after he was born, but several years later returned Stateside, where Huh attended high school in Los angeles. Playing in just his second PGA Tour event, Huh ranks first in fairways hit this week. Although he considers himself KoreanAmerican Huh has played on the Korean Tour and said Korean golfers such as Yang Yong-eun and K.J. Choi have been a big influence on him. "Y.e. and K.J. are big golf models over in Korea," he said. "I would love to play with them and see what they did and trying to follow what they have done." South Korean Bae Sang-moon, a veteran of the Korea Tour, Japan Golf tour and Asian Tour who is in his rookie season on the US tour, carded an even par 72 for 204. He was joined at 12-under by Bill Haas (70). Bae got off to a rocky start, with a double-bogey six at the second hole followed by three straight bogeys.

Sports 19

Polo D’Sufi clinch Pakistan Polo Cup title

LAHORE: The winning team with chief guest Jehangir Badar. STAff PhoTo LAhORE



OUrNAmeNT sponsors Polo D’Sufi came from behind to clinch Pakistan Polo Cup title here at the Lahore Polo Club ground on Sunday. The polo activity that resumed after a week’s rest day, Polo D’Sufi got past State LifeOlympia by seen goals to six after the winners lagged behind by 4-6 by the close of the third chukker. It was sheer team effort in which all the four riders of Polo D’Sufi showed a combined effort to prevail over the dominating State Life quartet.

LAHORE: Riders in action in the final of the Pakistan Polo Cup. nADeeM ijAz

Ahmed Ali Tiwana, who was the dominating force behind State Life endeavour, picked four goals in all and to start with he banged in two back to back to lead his side. But the solo effort of Saqib Khan Khakwani brought Polo D’Sufi in contention. Atif Ali Tiwana and Ahmed gave State Life another two goals in the second chukker while an under-the-neck hit from Sufi mohammad Amir reduced the lead to 2-4 and it was still State Life in authority. Their authoritative command of State Life remained intact till the start of the third chukker when Ahmed came up with his fourth and his team’s fifth goal. But the tide started to turn when former Pakistan

captain Shah Qublai Alam started to show his command over the game and came up with two goals, and both were field efforts including a solo move. His class though reduced the margin for Polo D’Sufi but they were still one goal behind State Life 4-5. Atif responded for State Life hitting the score 6-4 and his fellow riders tried their best to keep Polo D’Sufi at bay but Qublai, Saqib and Amir with the support of Sufi mohammad Haris brought all the action into the game. They first leveled the score 6-all and then Amir tapped the ball home to leave State Life stunned. In the end, chief guest Jehangir Badar, General Secretary Pakistan Peoples Party, later presented the trophies to

PCB, organisers deny racism allegations at Abu Dhabi LAhORE

StAff REpORt

The Pakistan Cricket Board and the Abu Dhabi Cricket Club have denied claims of a racial segregation between Pakistani and england fans in the ongoing Test series in the United Arab emirates. "No such segregation policy exists and that there were certain areas of the stadium that were only accessible to family groups irrespective of whether they were english or Pakistani. We al-

located the West slope for families only and that was strictly enforced for all by the ground stewards. The east slope and all other sections apart from the corporate areas were open to everyone, and if groups or individuals wanted to sit on the grass then the east slope was available to them," PakPassion quoted a PCB spokesperson, as saying. The statement comes following allegations that some Pakistani fans were being denied entry to one of the grass banks while all english fans were allowed. Abu Dhabi club's Chief execu-

tive Dilawar mani also rejected racism allegations. "I can only assure you in that trying to separate the english fans from Pakistani supporters had absolutely nothing to do with racism. I am disappointed that you would imply that to be the case," he said. "You may not be aware that very often, when you find large communities gathering at a stadium, a separation policy is adopted to mitigate confrontation and any threat to either community by an emotionally charged and passionate segment of fans," he added.

Arsenal fight back to sink Villa LONDON Afp

Arsenal staged a stunning comeback to reach the FA Cup fifth round as the Gunners recovered from two goals down to snatch a dramatic 3-2 win against Aston Villa on Sunday. Arsene Wenger's side were heading for a shock fourth round exit after first half goals from richard Dunne and Darren Bent put Villa in control at the emirates Stadium. But, facing the unpalatable prospect of a fourth successive defeat, the Gunners finally silenced the frustrated jeers of the home fans with a sensational second half display. Three goals in seven minutes -- two robin van Persie penalties sandwiching a lucky strike from Theo Walcott -- overwhelmed Villa and earned Arsenal a last 16 trip to Sunderland or middlesbrough.

LONdON: Arsenal's French Laurent Koscielny (2nd R) is awarded a penalty for this challenge from Aston Villa's Darrent Bent (R). AfP

Fans savour Pakistan’s win, India’s defeat LAhORE StAff REpORt

The media and the fans in Pakistan are not just savouring their team's terrific series-win against world number one england but they are also relishing the pounding India received at the hands of Australia Down Under. The Pakistani media has been giving lot of coverage to India's humiliation in Australia and have highlighted with obvious pleasure that the Indian media is

praising the performance of misbah-ulHaq and his players against england. "Whether we accept it openly or not but such is our cricket rivalry with India that when they lose and we win it gives us more to pleasure," psychologist Dr Ambreen explained by an Indian news agency. "The fact that the Indian media has been urging their players to learn a lesson from the Pakistan team is also very satisfying for our people," she said. Former captain moin Khan believes that Pakistanis are also happy with the

situation because of the way the Indian cricket establishment has shunned Pakistani players from the Indian Premier League. "Obviously there is anger at the way our players are being treated and ignored by the Indians where the IPL is concerned. The better our team is performing the more the value of our players is increasing," he said. India's crushing defeat in the fourth test has been given prompt coverage by the Pakistani media which has constantly highlighted that the Indians are tigers

only at home while Pakistan have been winning away despite many scandals and problems that have hit Pakistan cricket. Former captain Zaheer Abbas felt that given Pakistan's intense cricket rivalry with India the reaction of the Pakistani cricket fans was not surprising. "We lost to them in the World Cup semi-final. India is not willing to play bilateral cricket with us. In this background it is understandable that our people are enjoying our team's victory and India's capitulation in Australia," he said.

the winning team while Sufi mohammad Amin, chief executive master Paints and Sufi Groups were also present on the occasion. earlier in the day, Hilton Pharma beat Habib Bank Limited 5-3. riding on the experience of Santiago mendivil, Hilton Pharma secured the third place in the classification match. mendivil scored four of the five goals that included two off the field and two penalty hits. Their fifth goals came from Ahmed Khan. Taimur Ali malik scored two goals and Umair Shah got one in their vain struggle to win the subsidiary final. Agha murtaza Ali Khan, raul Laplacette and Santiago mendivil managed the matches as umpires.

Levante miss chance to secure Champions position MADRID Afp

Levante missed a golden opportunity to secure their fourth position in La Liga on Sunday when they lost 2-1 at home to Getafe. Dani Guiza, with a fortunate deflection, and ruben Castro scored in each half for the visitors before ruben Suarez got a consolation from the penalty spot in the last minute for Levante. The result means Levante remain fourth but they are now level on points with espanyol and two points ahead of Athletic Bilbao in sixth, after both teams won on Saturday. Also on Sunday real Sociedad beat Sporting Gijon 5-1 in a game that opened in amazing fashion for midfielder David Zurutuza, who scored two goals in three minutes for the home team before being stretchered off in the fourth minute after a clash of heads with Gijon's Gregory Arnolin, who also had to leave the field. miguel De las Cuevas got a goal back one minute into the second half for Sporting before late goals from Gorka elustondo, mikel Aranburu and Antoine Griezzman wrapped the game up for the home team. The defeat means Sporting remain in the penultimate position in the table while Sociedad move into 12th. earlier on Sunday real Betis were beaten by Granada 2-1 at home for whom Odion Ighalo and Carlos martins bagged first half goals while Jonathen Pereira hit a consolation late on for Betis. The result gives renewed optimism for Granada for who new manager Abel resino was taking charge for the first time and keeps the side out of the relegation zone. On Saturday Barcelona dropped precious points in a 0-0 draw at Villarreal to slip seven points behind real madrid at the top of La Liga. Kaka, Cristiano ronaldo and mesut Ozil had scored to help real madrid beat Zaragoza 3-1 and pile the pressure on Barca, who never convinced against a well organised Villarreal. espanyol beat ten-man mallorca with a Vladimir Weiss goal to remain fifth, level on points with fourth-placed Levante. Spain centre-forward Fernando Llorente scored a hat-trick for Athletic Bilbao in a 3-2 win at rayo Vallecano to keep the Basque side in sixth.

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20 Sports

Monday, 30 January, 2012

Rock rolls as Woods comes up short mark but I reckon I have just done that." rock and Woods shared the lead on 11 under at the start of the day and battled it out over the final 18 holes with rock edging ahead at the fourth hole and standing firm after that in the line of fire from Woods and late on from mcIlroy. It was just his second tournament win in 228 attempts, following his win in the Italian Open last year but more than that it will be the scalp of the 14-times major winner that will count most for rock. For Woods it was a bitter blow as he had looked set to win a full tournament for the first time since November 2009. It was at last year's masters that Woods sustained the leg injury that sidelined him for most of the year before he finally returned to the winners' circle at the Chevron World Challenge in California in early December. That, however, was only an 18-man invitation event that Woods himself organised for the benefit of his charitable foundation. In Abu Dhabi at the fourth tournament of the european Tour season, it was the real deal with the top four players in the world starting their seasons and six out of the current top 10 taking part. In three, improving rounds of 70, 69 and 66 for 11 under par for the tournament, Woods had so far given the surest signs yet that the swing he has painstakingly remodelled under new coach Sean Foley is finally in place. But despite failing to finish the job on Sunday, Woods will still feel he has laid down an important stepping stone on a path he hopes will lead to a 15th major title at The masters in early April. "I was right there with a chance to win, but just didn't get the job done," said the 36-year-old. "I got off to a beautiful start but misjudged the wind on the next two holes and felt I was just a touch off. "robert played great today. He was consistent and did not do anything wrong. Just kept the ball right in front of him." Woods opened well sinking a 50-foot putt for a birdie at the second and picking up another shot at the third.


Unheralded englishman robert rock won the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship here on Sunday to deny Tiger Woods the win he was seeking to end a two-year winless drought in full tournaments. The world's 117th ranked player fired a closing two-under par 70 for a total of 13-under par total of 275. That gave the 34-year-old a one stroke win over Northern Irishman rory mcIlroy who fired a final 69. Woods, with a par 72, finished tied for third a further stroke back, level with Thomas Bjorn of Denmark (68), and Graeme mcDowell of Northern Ireland (68). It was a stunning, against the odds win for the englishman, a former club pro in the east midlands, who had admitted to feeling starry-eyed after learning on Saturday that he would be playing with the American in the final grouping. "I can't believe I have done this. It's such an amazing feeling," he said. "I surprised myself early on as I was very nervous, but I hit some good shots and then thought to myself - why not? "I have been struggling to crack the 100 (world ranking)

dJOkOvIC-NAdAL fINAL StAtIStICS NOvAk dJOkOvIC (SRB X1) BeAT RAfAEL NAdAL (eSP X2) 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7 (5/7), 7-5

TIMe: 5hRS 53MInS

dJOkOvIC 9 2 57 69 7/20 193


10 4 44 71 4/6 176

Mattek-Tecau win mixed doubles MELBOuRNE Afp

American Bethanie mattekSands and Horia Tecau of romania won the Australian Open mixed doubles title on Sunday, beating Indian-russian pairing Leander Paes and elena Vesnina in a match tie-break. The eighth seeds ran away with the decider after Paes and Vesnina levelled the match, winning 6-3, 5-7, 10/3 in 1hr 42min. mattek-Sands and Tecau showed enormous composure to overcome the vastly experienced Paes and his russian partner. Of the four players on court, only doubles specialist Paes had previously won a grand slam title. The veteran Indian, who won the men’s doubles with radek Stepanek on Saturday, has won 13 grand slam doubles and mixed doubles titles. mattek-Sands was superb in the first set as the underdogs took control and only began to tighten up towards the end of the second set. But she recovered in the match tie-break as she and Tecau opened a 9-3 lead and sealed the championship when the romanian put a simple volley into the open court. "We almost didn’t play mixed this year but we pulled through and won our first final," said mattek-Sands, who wore American football-style face paint below her eyes.

MELBOURNE: novak Djokovic of Serbia hits a return to Rafael nadal of Spain during their final at the Australian Open tennis tournament. ReUTeRS

Punjab Sports Festival draw immense response Lahore: The competitions in different events of the Punjab Sports Festival 2012 are in progress at different venues in all the union councils of the province. In Lahore, Model Town Union Council 139, the cricket matches were held in which Shafiq XI beat Mehmood XI by 21 runs. In kabaddi two teams while in volleyball three teams participated in the same UC. In another cricket match between Shafiq XI beat Burhan XI by one run. In UC 130, four badminton competitions were held. In wahga Town UC 49 and 51, six teams participated in cricket. Ali Ahmed XI won the match by eight runs. In kabaddi and athletics eight competitions were held and in badminton three tournaments were held in which Aleem Ahmed beat Sultan 11-10, Sultan defeated Abbas 11-8, Tahir beat Mehmood 11-4. In UC 51, six matches of volleyball were played and in Iqbal Park UC 89, the foot-

ball match was played in which Kashif XI beat Adnan XI 1-0. In UC 89, yasir Javed beat Mehboob in badminton competition. In the second match, Umer Rabbani outplayed Rehan whereas in the third game, Umer Rabbani beat Amir. In UC 69, Amir Shuja XI beat Azeem XI while in UC 5, Arslan beat hassan in badminton tournament. In UC 4 football, Azeem Alam XI was defeated by habib XI. In cricket, UC 71, Sajid XI won the match over Salman Mehmood XI. Saqib XI beat Sajid XI. In UC 74, Abdullah XI beat Ajmeen XI. In UC 10, Sohail XI won the cricket match over Ibrahim XI. In UC 68, Azeem XI was beaten by Azam XI whereas Sheikh XI beat heera Prince XI. In UC 49, Rehman XI defeated Ameen XI. earlier a day ago in Lahore City, union council 3, 4 and 89 teams participated in the hockey matches. In UC 87 football match Suleman Footballers beat Saleem 2-1. In UC 106, Ahmed XI defeated Ameeq XI by 1-0. At UC 109, Sadaqat Ali XI won the match against Mohammad Ashraf XI 1-0. UC

84 played a volleyball match while UC 3 got engaged in kabaddi. In badminton, Syed Abdul Majeed from UC 1, Musadaq from UC 2, Mohammad Aziz from UC 3, Khuram humayun from UC 11 and Rasheed Butt from UC 85 won their matches. In Model Town, athletics teams from UC 143 and 114 competed. In Shalimar and Cantt, badminton competitions were held between UC 37 and 39. Qasim defeated nadeem 15-8, Rana Tahir beat Zaheer 15-4, Asad beat Iqbal Mustafa 15-4. In UC 39 badminton competitions, Arslan beat Azlan 15-2, Adeel beat Zaman 15-1 and Iqbal beat Abdul Aleem 15-4. In volleyball of UC 39, beat Sirajpura beat Shadipura club in a cricket match. In football of UC 40, Mustajab won the match. In Model town, UC 40’s Green Club beat white Club 2-1. In UC 130, Tiger club beat new Shaheen Club 2-1. In UC 126, Star club beat Chaudhry club 2-1. In UC 111 and 99 cricket, Rameez XI and Mohsin XI were the winners. StAff REpORt

Who’s the pick of the modern greats? ExpERt COMMENt



ICKY Ponting's remarkable resurgence in the last few months, culminating in a fighting double-century at the Adelaide Oval has caused discussion to veer away from his impending retirement to his likely legacy in the game. There's no argument that Ponting deserves to be mentioned with Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara as one of the three most dominant

batsmen of the era. But who is the best of that trio of superb strokemakers? Tendulkar gains a lot of support because he's idolised in a country of more than a billion people, he was compared to Sir Donald Bradman by the man himself, and is on the verge of scoring a hundred international centuries, a remarkable feat of skill and longevity. Ponting gains votes for his versatility as a batsman and his determination to battle hard in adversity. He has always looked to dominate opposition attacks but he also played one of the best-ever innings to save a Test match, at Old Trafford in 2005. Ponting hasn't shied away from a tough challenge and this has never been more evident than in his recent battle with age. Ponting may trail Tendulkar in discussions on the aesthetics of batting but he bows to no one in the matter of perseverance. meanwhile, in a classic case of out of sight out of mind, the now retired Lara hardly ever enters the conversation these

days. To exclude him from the discussion is a mistake. He's the current world record holder for most runs in an innings - having regained the title - and next to Bradman, he's the scorer of the most "big" centuries in Test cricket. He has the only score of 400 in Test cricket, a triple-century to go with it, and another seven double-centuries. That's a remarkable feat of hefty scoring, especially when you consider that neither Tendulkar nor Ponting has a triple-century to his name. This probably highlights an area where Lara is superior to the other two his knowledge of how to amass big scores. Lara had an innate knowledge of which bowlers to target in order to score quickly and which ones were the most likely to endanger his existence. Consequently, he'd score quickly in spurts and steadily at other times. Fully capitalising on this knowledge he was able to achieve huge scores. Because he didn't put his wicket at risk by trying to score at a rapid rate when

the best bowlers were fresh, he was able to maintain a fast run rate by feasting at the most opportune times. This method also allowed him to maintain a similar run rate from the beginning to the end of his career, which not even Bradman was able to achieve. That is why Lara was able to perform the most remarkable feat of all reclaiming the world record for the highest score in Test cricket ten years after originally setting the mark. While the world has watched and waited anxiously for Tendulkar's 100th international century, Ponting has quietly beavered away in the background, restoring his reputation with persistent practice and hardearned runs in the middle. The fact that those runs were increasingly more convincing in Adelaide and he was able to push on to score a double-century has turned the conversation from "When will he retire?" to "How long will he play on?" There's no doubt Ponting has resurrected his career

and provided himself with an opportunity to add to his glittering record. He'll never reach the statistical peak of Tendulkar, but while the Little master continues to stumble with the defining century in sight, often because of a mental aberration, Ponting impresses with the strength of his mind. Nevertheless, if you told me I could pick just one of that trio I'd take Lara. I loved the way he played spin bowling and I admired his determination to always do it "my way". (Cricinfo)

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Sports 21 Djokovic prevails in epic final Monday, 30 January, 2012




Winter Games 07:30AM


Sportscenter 08:00PM

PhF receives Rs 5m from Fouzia Gillani LAhORE

StAff REpORt




eFeNDING champion Novak Djokovic battled past rafael Nadal in an epic, five-set Australian Open final which clocked in at 5hr 53min -- the longest title match in grand slam history -- early monday. Djokovic fought back from losing the first set to take a 2-1 lead, but he was then taken to a gripping fifth set by resurgent Nadal before winning 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7 (5/7), 7-5 for his third consecutive major title. The nail-biting match of wildly swinging fortunes, played in front of an enthralled crowd, started before 8:00 pm on Sunday and did not wind up until 1:40 am on monday, and was also the longest in the tournament's history. "Good morning everybody," Nadal told the crowd afterwards. "I will never forget this match. even though I lost, it was something really special for me. Thank you very much, I will come back here a lot and I will keep fighting." Djokovic, who picks up a cheque for Aus$2.3 million (US$2.4 million), has now beaten the Spaniard in three consecutive grand slam finals and seven consecutive title matches overall. "rafa, you're one of the best players ever. You're one of the most respected guys on the tour," he said. "We made history tonight, and unfortunately there couldn't be two winners. But I wish you all the best for this season and I hope that we will have many more matches like this and many more finals." Djokovic's win, his fifth grand slam


Sports heritage a cult Down Under fROM ALI AkBAR IN MELBOURNE


T has been quoted that the second most important job after the Prime minister of Australia is that of the captain of the cricket team. This is a measure of the importance Australians give to their sporting heritage and a stroll through melbourne Park and the melbourne Cricket Ground will be proof positive of this. All around the stadia there are statues of the greats of Australian, cricket, tennis and Australian Football, "footie" as it is known. All around the mCG the greats of Australian cricket are immortalised. There is Donald Bradman, raising his bat after yet another hundred, Keith miller, Dennis Lillee, Bill Ponsford, a heavier scorer even than Bradman in domestic cricket, with two four hundred plus scores to his name. Shane Warne, of course, is there. He was also selected, along with Bradman as one of the five cricketers of the twentieth century. There is Bill "The unbowlable" Woodfull, captain of Australia during the Bodyline series of the 1930s. As we stroll along to melbourne Park, just a short walk across the Yarra river, we see statues of the greats of Australian tennis. Lew Hoad, Frank Sedgman, Ken rosewall, roy emerson, Pat Cash, it is a long and distinguished roster. But the greatest of them all is the one on whom the melbourne Park Arena is named after, rod Laver. Laver accomplished two Grand Slams, something no man has since done even once. And rocket rod has been present at the Australian Open this year, where he has had his achievements extolled by the top players of today. The Grand Slam in those days was not as

difficult as it is today. Three of the four majors were played on grass and the lack of depth in the draw meant that the top players faced each other only in the quarters or the semis. But regardless, it had to be done and Laver did it twice. Federer, with all his dominance of the last decade, has been unable to do so, although he did win the French Open to compile a career Grand Slam. Luke Saville won the Australian Open junior title, to add to his Wimbledon crown. Saville is the real thing and he showed glimpses of his potential as he edged Filip Pliwo of Canada in the finals in three sets. esther Vergeer continued her record unbeaten run in wheelchair tennis by winning without losing a game in the final. Vergeer has been the world number one wheel chair tennis player since 1999. In singles, she has not been beaten since January 2003 and is on a winning streak of 434 matches. She is often mentioned as the most dominant player in professional sports. The wheelchair matches are essentially similar to normal tennis except that the player has the option of letting the ball bounce twice. In the women's final Victoria Azarenka lost the first two games to maria Sharapova and then produced a flawless display of power hitting from both wings to overwhelm maria Sharapova to win what should be the first of many major titles. Azarenka's was an almost completely error free performance that should mark her and Petra Kvitova as the two dominant women players in the game. So total was Azarenka's dominance that Sharapova could only win one more game in the rest of the match. Azarenka also took over the world number 1 ranking from Caroline Wozniacki.

title, means he joins rarified company. Only rod Laver, Pete Sampras, roger Federer (twice) and Nadal have previously won three consecutive grand slams in the open era. The Serb, who had a gruelling fiveset semi-final win over Andy murray, came into the final with a day less rest than Nadal, and having complained about allergy-related breathing problems in melbourne. He struggled to get into the match early on against his never-say-die opponent, slamming racquet to the ground when he was broken and falling a set behind but, reenergised, he found his rhythm in the second set to level. Starting to dictate, the defending champion ran away with the third set, overpowering Nadal and breaking him to love to win it 6-2. But the 25-year-old from majorca, deposed from the top ranking by Djokovic after his losing last year's Wimbledon final, refused to be beaten and dragged himself back into the contest through sheer force of will. The Spanish left-hander saved three break points in the eighth game of the fourth set, producing a fist-pumping celebration when he levelled at 4-4. But in a surreal addition to the mounting tension, action was suspended for rain to organisers could close the stadium roof and dry the court. When play restarted the set went to a tie-break, with Nadal clinching it at his first opportunity on a Djokovic forehand error to set up the decider. And in the dramatic fifth set Nadal secured a crucial break in the sixth game, but with the Spaniard now suddenly looking the more likely winner, Djokovic battled back to secure a break of his own.

First Lady mrs Fouzia Gilani on Saturday gave a cheque of rs five million to the Pakistan Hockey Federation for the development of the women hockey. Foreign minister mrs. Hina rabbani Khar promised rs 50,00,000 for Pakistan hockey and on Saturday the first lady handed the cheque to President PHF Qasim Zia. Hina announced the money when she was chief guest on the last day of 27th National Women Hockey Championship for the improvement of Women Hockey in Pakistan. Qasim Zia thanked the First Lady and the present government for this gesture.

Army notch national Rugby 7s title PEShAWAR StAff REpORt

Army emerged winners of the 20th National rugby 7's Championship beating Punjab Greens 24-10 in the final at Qayyum Stadium Peshawar. Hosted by the Fata rugby Association, Army team took away the title showing great fitness and teamwork. They carried away the match score by score over a much experienced Punjab side which have been the Champions for the last five occasions. The most surprising thing of the day was the skilful teamwork Balochistan displayed to get the fourth place and stand qualified for participation in the National Games to be at the end of the year. At the closing ceremony chief guest Federal minister Shoketullah Khan, Senator Abdul razaq Khan, Secretary Pakistan rugby Union Arif Saeed distributed the prizes among the participants.

Generation next for women: Azarenka MELBOuRNE Afp

Newly crowned Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka believes women's tennis is in for a fascinating 12 months as a new generation challenges the supremacy of the established stars. Azarenka's 6-3, 6-0 win over three-time grand slam winner maria Sharapova was the 22-year-old's first triumph at a major championships, and will also put her the top of the next women's rankings list released on monday. The Belarusian was the fifth different women's grand slam winner in a row, and the fourth first-time champion in succession, following Li Na at roland Garros, Petra Kvitova at Wimbledon and Samantha Stosur at the US Open. "I think it's a great thing for women's tennis," Azarenka said. "We have a good rivalry, I would say. "With Petra we had amazing matches. Unfortunately I haven't beaten her, but I'm really looking forward to that. "But with maria playing really well now, you know, Serena (Williams) is back, Kim (Clijsters), I think it's great for women's tennis. "With Li Na winning a grand slam, Sam Stosur winning a grand slam, I think it's a great competition and we can really look forward for the women's game. "It's at a great level right now." The 21-year-old Kvitova went into the tournament as one of the favourites but was beaten in the semi-finals by Sharapova, who agreed there were exciting times ahead. "In terms of what the tour has to offer, I hope that we have a lot of great tennis, and personally, I hope I do, too," said the russian. While the changes are positive for the up-andcoming players, the Australian Open may have seen the beginning of the end for a number of grand slam winners.

MELBOURNE: Victoria Azarenka of Belarus poses with the Australian Open women’s singles trophy along the yarra river. AfP

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Monday, 30 January, 2012


SC resumes hearing of memo case today g

Apex court expected to grant more time to judicial commission to complete probe ISLAMABAD


and so far the commission has held four meetings but has not completed its task because of the refusal of Pakistani-American businessman mansoor Ijaz, the central character in the memo scandal, to come to Pakistan to testify before it. The commission has, however, given a final chance to Ijaz to appear before it on February 9 and testify. The commission’s secretary has filed an application in the Supreme Court seeking more time to probe the scandal. Ijaz also petitioned the Supreme Court on Saturday seeking orders for the judicial commission to record his evidence outside Pakistan. Apart from taking Ijaz’s petition,

StAff REpORt

NINe-JUDGe larger bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar muhammad Chaudhry will resume on monday (today) the hearing of the memo case, and is expected to grant more time to the judicial commission probing the controversy to complete its investigation. The four weeks the Supreme Court gave to the judicial commission to complete its probe run out today (monday),

the larger bench may also extend the fourweek duration given to the judicial commission. During the last hearing on January 24, the three-judge commission had directed its secretary to send a request to the Supreme Court for extension in the given timeframe because cross-examination of key witnesses required more time. The commission had rejected Ijaz’s plea to record his statement abroad and given him a final opportunity to appear before it on February 9. Ijaz has now filed a fresh application requesting that either the full bench of the commission or any one of its members

could visit an appointed place outside Pakistan to take into his possession the original BlackBerry handsets, text messages, emails, call logs and handwritten notes of the calls as well as recording of his testimony. “The Supreme Court has authorised the commission to collect evidence within and outside Pakistan according to prevailing laws,” his application, filed by his counsel Akram Shaikh, said. Ijaz alleged that in order to unravel the truth and expose the ‘fraudulent’ version of Pakistan’s former ambassador, he had decided to undertake the risk of travelling to Pakistan and continued to be willing to do so in what was

now clearly a hostile environment to both his personal security and the security of his electronic devices and other physical evidence to testify and undergo cross-examination. But he said it was imperative that there should be no security compromise to what was now the only physical evidence available. He said he did not want to be part of any institutional conflict and had the highest respect for all institutions of Pakistan, be it the judiciary, parliament or executive. The Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) has also summoned Ijaz on January 26 and may summon him again on February 10.

PDC opposes restoration of nATo supply warns govt not to use PCnS to do so or people will come out onto the streets g Chairman says India should not be given MFn status g hameed Gul says Pakistan is common target of US, India and Israel g JI chief says attack on GhQ handiwork of US, Indian agencies g


dUBAI: Interior Minister Rehman Malik in a meeting with Interpol Secretary general Ronald k Noble in dubai on Sunday. online | SToRy PAGe 06

Sunni Tehreek is now a political party KARAchI StAff REpORt

The Sunni Tehreek is now a political party and is set to commence its politicial activities as the “Pakistan Sunni Tehreek” at its public rally at the minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore on march 23 (Pakistan Day), the religious group’s chief Sarwat ejaz Qadri said on Sunday. Addressing the ‘Pakistan Bachao Jaan Nisaran-e-mustafa Conference’ at Nishtar Park, Qadri said his new political party would contest the next general elections. He said people talked about a “tsunami of music” and “tsunami of false beliefs”, but the Sunni Tehreek had brought the “tsunami of Holy Prophet muhammad (PBUH)’s lovers”. regarding his party’s manifesto, he said if the Sunni Tehreek came into power, it would work for the poor people’s welfare and for ridding Pakistan of extremism. “We have no foreign accounts, and the Prophet (PBUH)’s lovers are our greatest assets,” the party chief added. He warned the provincial government that the party would besiege Sindh Governor’s House if the killers of Sunni Tehreek members, who were shot dead on Sunday morning, were not arrested in the next 24 hours. He said the party would soon make important announcements in its public meeting and notable politicians would also join the new party.

JUI-F in favour of early polls fazl says West is restless because process of islamic renaissance has begun



Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUIF) chief Fazlur rehman hinted on Sunday that his party was in favour of early elections, but said transparent polls were not possible under the voter lists prepared by the National Database and registration Authority (NADrA). Addressing a party rally in Gujranwala, Fazl said the process of Islamic renaissance had started across the world, which had made the West restless. He said the Western imperialist forces had been trapped by the very clutches they had prepared for Islam. He said capitalism was going to shatter just like communism, as poor workers had started raising their voices in the United States and over 20 european countries. He said the US and its western allies were facing failure in Afghanistan, and the antiIslam forces were worried that their conspiracies were not succeeding. “Today the West is worried about its own future,” he said. He blamed the government’s “flawed policies”

for the insurgency in Balochistan, and warned against the consequences of a civil war. He said the Pakistani nation had always been kept entangled in wars, and the emphasis was always laid on the resolution of issues through gun. “Pakistan is purposely being kept as a security state,” he added. The JUI-F chief said that in Pakistan’s history assembles had been dissolved and an elected prime minister was handcuffed. He said that corruption would continue unless the country’s economic system was rectified. He also criticised the feudal system, saying the landlords treat their peasants like slaves. In an indirect reference to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), he called his party a “caravan of blessings” rather than a “tsunami”, which “brings destruction”. He said there was a difference between the secular concept of democracy and an “Islamic democracy”. He said the PTI was not an ideology, but a party of gypsies and that everyone was aware of its supporters.

religious parties in the Pakistan Defence Council warned the government on Sunday not to use the Parliamentary Committee on National Security for the restoration of NATO supply lines. The leaders of the parties told supporters at a public meeting at the Sports Ground here that they strongly opposed any compromise on the deaths of Pakistani soldiers and tribesmen in exchange for dollars. They warned that if the NATO supply lines were restored, people from Karachi to Khyber would take to the streets and stop NATO containers by force. Pakistan Defence Council Chairman Samiul Haq said the drone attacks should be stopped immediately and the policies of former president Pervez musharraf should be scrapped. He said instead of supporting the US, they would resort to the path of ‘jihad’. “We want peace and stability in the country and if the US, India, Israel or any other power dares to aggress, they will be responded to in the same manner,” said Haq. He said further that India, which was responsible for the killings of tens of thousands of muslims, could not be given the status of most-favoured nation by Pakistan. Jamaatud-Dawa chief Hafiz mohammad Saeed warned against opening of NATO supply lines and said people present in the meeting with sticks and flags would come out onto the roads

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I helped defuse govt-judiciary tension: Shujaat QuETTA ONLINE

Pakistan muslim League-Quaid (PmL-Q) President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has claimed to have played an “important role” in reducing tensions between the government and judiciary. Addressing a press conference at a local hotel on Sunday, Shujaat

hinted that the PmL-Q could enter into alliance with any political party for Senate elections in march. He said the party’s provincial leadership would decide candidates for the Senate elections. PmL-Q Secretary General mushahid Hussain, provincial ministers mir Asim Kurd and Jaffar Khan mandokhel, and several other party leaders were also present on the occasion. Answering

a question about the recent meeting between mandokhel and PmL-N chief Nawaz Sharif, he said there was no ban on his party members for holding meetings with the leadership of other parties. mushahid said the purpose of their Balochistan visit was to hold meetings with the members of the party’s parliamentary board regarding Senate elections.

Published by Arif Nizami for Nawa Media Corporation (Pvt) Ltd at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.

and stop all the containers. He said Pakistan must exit America’s war and instead try to secure the freedom of Kashmir. “We have to avenge east Pakistan and Samjhota express,” he added. Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat Pakistan President mohammad Ahmad Ludhianvi said no conspiracy would be allowed against the security of Pakistan. He said the people of Pakistan would fully back the Pakistan Defence Council in preventing the acts of the government against the interests of the country. Lt General (r) Hameed Gul said the common target of the US, India and Israel was Pakistan. He regretted that musharraf and his successors arrested their muslim brothers and handed them over to Americans. Jamaat-e-Islami chief munawar Hasan said the government was not following its oath and allowed the Americans to strengthen their hold in Pakistan. He said the attack on General Headquarters (GHQ) was the handiwork of American and Indian agencies and not of any religious party. Sheikh rashid Ahmad of the Awami muslim League said if people voted for thieves and plunderers, the result would be disastrous. He said the religious and political parties must unite and foil the conspiracies against Pakistan. He said those who were imprisoned with Prime minister Gilani were compensated unjustly with high posts.

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E-paper PakistanToday 30th January, 2012  

E-paper PakistanToday 30th January, 2012