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Tuesday, 27 August, 2013 Shawwal 19, 1434

Islamabad – Peshawar Edition

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Us will make legal case for striking syria without Un approval

govt, army not on same page over taliban dialogue: Fazl

The United States is preparing legal justification for the use of force against Syria with allies Britain and France that would circumvent the United Nations Security Council, where Russia and China have vowed to block any resolution authorising military intervention in the conflict. The US will detail its case soon, with military action possible in the coming days, The Jerusalem Post claimed on Monday. On Monday, the US dismissed Syria's decision to grant UN inspectors access to the Damascus suburb of Ghouta. pag e 04

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Monday said the government and the military were not on the same page over dialogue with the Taliban. According to a statement issued by a JUI-F spokesman, Fazl said the leaders should adopt a joint stance before holding talks with the Taliban. He said the priority should be given to dialogue to solve problems, adding that all major conflicts had been resolved through talks. pag e 02

Chenab and ravi continue flowing in high flood

indian cross-border firing in Kashmir forces residents to flee

The Chenab River at Punjnad and Ravi River at Sidhnai continued flowing in high flood on Monday, but the level was gradually receding, reports said. According to the data released by Flood Forecasting Division‚ Indus River at Guddu was in medium flood level and rising. Indus at Chashma‚ Sukkur and Kotri and Sutlej River at Islam were in low flood level. In Tarbela Dam, the water level was recorded at 1,550 feet, which is the maximum conservation level of the reservoir. pag e 02

Won’t rock nawaz’s boat Zardari refused Pir’s offer to prolong stay in Presidency stories on page 04

Several hundred villagers have fled their homes in Pakistani Kashmir after deadly cross-border shelling by the Indian army, Pakistani officials said Monday. Pakistani authorities on Sunday accused the Indian army of killing two women and wounding seven other civilians in shelling across the Line of Control (LoC) which marks the de facto border in the disputed territory. So far six Pakistanis are reported to have been killed in firing across LoC. pag e 04

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Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

Sixty-two villageS Submerged by floodwaterS in dadu, JamShoro ISLAMABAD



HE Chenab River at Punjnad and Ravi River at Sidhnai continued flowing in high flood on Monday, but the level was gradually receding, reports said. According to the data released by Flood Forecasting Division‚ Indus River at Guddu was in medium flood level and rising. Indus at Chashma‚ Sukkur and Kotri and Sutlej River at Islam were in low flood level. In Tarbela Dam, the water level was recorded at 1,550 feet, which is the maximum conservation level of the reservoir.

China extends cash support for Pakistani flood affectees ISLAMABAD: The Chinese government on Monday handed Pakistan assistance worth $1.5million in cash for flood affectees. The assistance was handed over by the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong in a formal ceremony at the Economic Affairs Division, a release said. The handing over certificate was signed by Chinese Ambassador and Secretary Economic Affairs Division Nargis Sethi.The assistance has been provided to Pakistan as a token of friendship between the two countries. The Chinese Government is closing monitoring the situation in Pakistan and has indicated its readiness to provide all possible assistance to Pakistan. The EAD Secretary thanked the Chinese Ambassador on behalf of the government and said that the present government has embarked on a policy of further deepening friendly relations between the two countries. AGENCIES

Intelligence agencies warn of terror activities in Sukkur Intelligence agencies on Monday warned of possible terror activities in Sukkur, a private TV channel reported. According to the report, a group of terrorists from FATA has entered Sukkur and has plans to carry out terrorism in the city. The intelligence agencies have alerted the Sindh government, which in result has issued orders to the district government to ensure security of the people. The provincial government has asked the administration to make sure sensitive places are well protected. On July 24, at least four people were killed and 40 injured in five consecutive explosions that targeted the office of Inter-Services Intelligence in the city. Security was stepped up after this incident. MONITORING DESK

Chenab, RavI ConTInue FlowInG In hIGh FlooD The mean inflow of water in Tarbela Dam was 214,400 cusecs, while the outflow was 213,800 cusecs. In Mangla Dam, the water level was 1,233.30 feet against the maximum level of 1,242 feet. The mean inflow of water was 39,321 cusecs, while the outflow was 10,000 cusecs. According to Irrigation Department‚ upstream flow of water in Indus was 386,063 cusecs at Guddu Barrage, while downstream flow was 360,186 cusecs. Similarly at Sukkur Barrage‚ the upstream inflow was 365,650 cusecs, while the downstream outflow was recorded at 310,680 cusecs. In Sindh‚ another sixty two villages were inundated in Dadu and Jamshoro districts due to flood in Indus. Deputy commissioners of Dadu and Jamshoro districts told Radio Pakistan that 40 villages in the katcha area of Dadu and 22 in Jamshoro had been inundated due to rise in the water level in Indus. They said over 11,000 people had been affected, while over 77,000 acres of agri-

culture land had been submerged by water. The district administration has set up 141 relief camps to provide shelter to the flood affected people. The high flood in Chenab at Punjnad and in Ravi River at Sadhnai swept away scores of villages and several hundred acres of cultivated land. Irrigation Department officials said Jagir Sadiq dyke was breached by a huge tide in river Chenab at Head Punjnad in Uch Sharif, causing massive losses to public property. Thousands of people of flood affected families have been forced to spend life under the open sky in miserable condition due to a shortage of food, clean drinking water and medicines. People in Jalalpur, Multan, Muzaffargargh, Jhang, Chiniot, Bahawalnagar, Rajanpur, Larkana, Khairpur, Dadu, Nawabshah, Jafferabad, Nasirabad and other areas of the three provinces have been rendered homeless and stay prone to epidemic breakouts due to consumption of polluted water.

Capital IG holds media responsible for delayed action against Sikandar ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Islamabad Inspector General (IG) of Police Sikander Hayat on Monday held the media responsible for prolonging the standoff episode carried out in Islamabad by gunman Sikandar. Addressing a news conference, Hayat said the presence of media at the scene prolonged the standoff in the federal capital. “There should be a code of conduct for coverage during such incidents.” The IGP said gunman Sikandar was affiliated with a banned outfit and was engaged in fund raising for the group in Dubai. He said Sikandar was arrested by Dubai police during fund raising in 1998 and was sent to jail for three months. He was held again in 2001 and was deported by the UAE authorities; however, he succeeded in getting a new passport by changing his name and appearance. He returned to Pakistan in 2010. According to the IGP, Sikandar also received militant training in 1996 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He did not say which group imparted training to the gunman but sources say it was the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba. Hayat said the standoff was about to end in 10 to 15 minutes when Zamurd Khan entered the scene without permission from authorities concerned. Meanwhile, an anti-terrorism court extended the remand of Kanwal, wife of Sikander, by two-days. She was earlier sent on a seven-day phys-

HYDERABAD: A boy and his cattle wade through floodwater at Sehreshi Nager near Qasimabad Kotri Bridge on Monday. INP

Govt, army not on same page over Taliban dialogue: Fazl ISLAMABAD: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Monday said the government and the military were not on the same page over dialogue with the Taliban. According to a statement issued by a JUI-F spokesman, Fazl said the leaders should adopt a joint stance before holding talks with the Taliban. He said the priority should be given to dialogue to solve problems, adding that all major conflicts had been resolved through talks. “Whoever takes initiative, the JUI would support holding talks with Taliban,” Fazl added. The JUI-F chief said all major problems in the world had always been solved with understanding, conciliation and dialogue. NNI

Probe committee submits DI Khan jailbreak report

ISLAMABAD: Police escort Islamabad gunman Muhammad Sikandar's wife Kanwal to an anti-terrorism court on Monday. INP

ical remand and a one-day transit remand. Upon the end of the seven-day remand, she was taken to an anti-ter-

rorism court. Following the judge’s ruling, Kanwal was taken for an additional two-day physical remand.

PESHAWAR: A three-member committee, formed to probe the Dera Ismail Khan jailbreak, completed its investigation and submitted the report to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Monday. The report stated that the DS, DPO, Elite Force and jail officials failed in performing their duties. The attack was aimed at freeing 14 prisoners, while the rest of the prisoners were set free to occupy the administration. The report added that the jailbreak was planned by experienced individuals who were not locals. The committee was formed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak and comprised of Board of Revenue Senior Member Waqar Ayub, Home Department Special Secretary Alamgir Shah and Additional Inspector General Police Akhtar Ali Shah. During its probe, the committee recorded statements of over 100 people including those of the KP chief minister, chief secretary and the IG. On July 30, in one of the biggest jailbreaks in the history of Pakistan, militants helped 243 prisoners escape for the Dera Ismail Khan prison after killing 12 people including six policemen. During the jailbreak, five militants were also killed by the security forces. In April 2012, around 300 prisoners had escaped during a similar jailbreak in Bannu. INP

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NEWS Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

KaRzaI looKS To nawaz FoR PeaCe nawaZ SayS PakiStan attaCheS great imPortanCe to PeaCeful, united and Stable afghaniStan

afghan PreSident SeekS PakiStan’S helP in PeaCe talkS with taliban ISLAMABAD



RIME Minister Nawaz Sharif and Afghan President Hamid Karzai have agreed to further strengthen their relations in spheres of security, trade, economy and communication, as Karzai called upon Pakistan to help achieve peace with the Taliban. The understanding came during a meeting between Nawaz and Karzai in Islamabad on Monday. Addressing a joint stake out along with the Afghan president later, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reaffirmed Pakistan’s support for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. He said the two sides had agreed that this process should be inclusive and Afghanowned and Afghan led. He said Pakistan attached great importance to a peaceful, united and stable Afghanistan. Nawaz assured the Afghan president that Pakistan would continue extending all possible assistance and facilitation to the international community for realisation of this goal. “I assured President Karzai that Pakistan will continue to extend all possible facilitation to the international community’s

efforts for the realisation of this noble goal,” he said.“I also reaffirmed Pakistan’s strong and sincere support for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.” The prime minister said Afghanistan was not only a close neighbour and a fraternal country but the two countries were also linked by common faith and culture. “Our security and future prosperity is linked to Afghanistan in multiple ways.” Nawaz pointed out that the year 2014 was particularly crucial for Afghanistan and this region. “It is our sincere hope and desire that this milestone is achieved peacefully.” He said the Pakistani government was equally committed to deepening bilateral relations with Afghanistan. Connectivity and strong economic cooperation should be the central focus of the relationship, the PM added. Afghan President Hamid Karzai asked Pakistan to help arrange peace talks between his government and Taliban insurgents and called for a joint campaign against extremism in both countries. He said the two countries discussed the “joint fight against extremism and reconciliation and peace-building in Afghanistan with the expectation that the government of Pakistan will facilitate and provide help to

RAWALPINDI: Afghan President Hamid Karzai being presented bouquets on his arrival at the Noor Khan Base Chaklala on Monday. INP

the peace process”. “We hope that with this on top of our agenda we can move forward in bringing stability and peace to both countries,” Karzai said. He expressed confidence that Pakistan would facilitate the Afghan peace process and provide platform for reconciliation between Afghan High Peace Council and the Taliban movement. This, he said, would help bring stability in both countries. Karzai also said Pakistan was a friend and a neighbour. “Pakistan can expect good from Afghanistan just as Afghanistan expects good from Pakistan. Afghanistan is willing to engage with Pakistan in other

areas but the primary concern remains lack of security for our citizens and continued menace of terrorism attacking both our peoples, soldiers and security forces.” Karzai said both countries needed to pursue the common campaign against terrorism for the common cause of peace and stability. “With security and the fight against terrorism as the top agenda, both countries can move forward towards peace and stability,” Karzai said. He acknowledged that the “continued menace of terrorism” was a primary concern for the people in Pakistan, where thousands had been killed in the last decade, as

KaRzaI exTenDS PaKISTan vISIT by anoTheR Day

well as in Afghanistan.“It is this area that needs to have primary and focused attention by both governments,” Karzai said. “It is with hope on this that I have come to Pakistan to advance the course of action together but also by having a common campaign against extremism, (to) make sure that the two countries are safer and prosperous towards a secure future.”The Afghan government peace negotiators accompanying Karzai called for the release of the most senior Taliban figure detained in Pakistan, former deputy leader Abdul Ghani Baradar. But no mention was made about prisoner releases in the short statements made by Nawaz Sharif and Hamid Karzai. Pakistan released 26 Taliban prisoners late last year, including the militants’ former justice minister Nooruddin Turabi. Afghan officials believe the releases can encourage former detainees to talk to the Kabul government, although observers say there is little evidence those hopes have been realised. Several prisoners are also understood to have returned to the battlefield. The Afghan delegation included Foreign Minister Dr Zalmai Rassoul, National Security Advisor Dr Rangin Dadfar Spanta, Minister for Finance Hazrat Omer Zakhilwall, Minister for Commerce Dr Anwarul Haq Ahady, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Ershad Ahmadi, Transition Coordination Commission Chairman Dr Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, High Peace Council Chairman Salahuddin Rabbani and Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Muhammad Umer Daudzai.

aFGhan newSPaPeRS SKePTICal on KaRzaI’S PaKISTan vISIT



Afghan President Hamid has extended his stay in Pakistan for another day on the request of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to discuss the peace process further, the Afghan presidential spokesperson revealed on Monday. Spokesperson Ailmal Faizi told the media that the visit was extended ‘for more talks in Pakistan’. Afghan Ambassador Umer Daudzai had earlier said that the visit could be extended for another day “if there is any progress”. Karzai was scheduled to conclude his visit on Monday afternoon but he will stay till Tuesday. The chairman of Afghan High Peace Council Salahuddin Rabbani and other members of the Council will hold more talks on the peace process. “Afghan delegation will keep on holding more meetings on the peace process, security issues, talks with the armed opponents of the government,” Faizi said. To a question Faizi said the issue of Taliban prisoners was also discussed during the talks. “I cannot say about any specific decision as yet, but we are hopeful the meetings will yield useful results.” The spokesperson, describing the hour long one-on-one meeting between President Hamid Karzai and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, said both the leaders had touched important issues.


QUETTA: Relatives of missing persons wait for a hearing of the case at the Balochistan Registry of Supreme Court on Monday. INP

Release missing persons in a day, SC tells FC CJP SayS new government failed to aCt aCCording to exPeCtationS QUETTA STAFF REPORT

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has directed police, FC and agencies to present a report regarding the missing persons by today (Tuesday). During the proceedings of the missing persons case at the Supreme Court’s Quetta Registry, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said the

missing persons who had been detained by the FC be released by today (Tuesday). He said the former IG police had presented a report stating that the FC had detained several missing persons. FC IG Major General Ijaz Shahid in his statement before the apex court said he had just taken charge and would evaluate each case. He added that if the missing persons were in the custody of the FC, they would be presented in court. Justice Jawaad S Khawaja said that if their (FC) uniforms were being used [for abductions] the matter should also be taken into consideration. The chief justice asked if the FC wanted their personnel to be presented

before the court in handcuffs. Earlier during the hearing, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked that there were several expectations from the new government to resolve problems, but it could not do anything. The chief justice further said the former government was better as they at least recovered missing persons occasionally. The Balochistan chief secretary and other officials concerned also appeared before the Supreme Court on Monday. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja asked the additional attorney general what the results were after the formation of commissions, task forces and meetings on the missing persons case.

The CJP asked what happened to the task force that was formed for the case. He said the rule of law and constitution should be upheld as people were already saying that there was no writ of the government. As proceedings continued, the chief justice remarked that no one was above the law, and those who were facing cases pertaining to the missing persons should be arrested. “From an ordinary citizen to the president, everyone has to abide by the law.” The apex court sought a written reply from the additional attorney general regarding the course of action the federal and provincial governments wanted to take regarding the missing persons.

Afghan local newspapers expressed pessimism on President Hamid Karzai’s visit to Pakistan on Monday. “President Karzai, during his 20th visit to Pakistan, would talk to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and other Pakistani leaders on a variety of issues, including Kabul-Islamabad relations and peace talks with Taliban, but the outcome will be vain,” the Daily Hasht-e-Subh writes in its editorial. During his visit, the Afghan leader met with Pakistani prime minister, president and other Pakistani leaders and discussed various issues, including war on terror, the Afghan peace drive and the ways and means to enhance bilateral relations in various areas. “The Pakistani army generals would not give up their support to Taliban and nor want Taliban militants to talks with Afghan government,” the newspaper said. Another local newspaper the Daily Mandegar also focused on Karzai’s tour to Islamabad and an article headlined “twentieth visit to Pakistan the 20th mistake” wrote Karzai pays his 20th visit to Pakistan amid artillery shelling from Pakistani soil on Afghanistan’s eastern borders.” “Officials in Afghanistan’s eastern Nuristan and Kunar provinces have confirmed that Pakistani militias are responsible for targeting border areas, and the visit by president Karzai in such circumstances speaks of Pakistan’s lack of cooperation with Afghan peace process,” the article said. The English newspaper the Daily Outlook also paid attention to Karzai’s visit and termed it “difficult trip” by writing “Despite Pakistan’s willingness for helping a peaceful settlement in pro- NATO Afghanistan, experts are of the view that Pakistan will continue to consider a great deal of power for the Taliban in any peace negotiations in future.” “The fact remains that reaching a deal with Pakistan would be as difficult as the Afghan government efforts to reach out directly to the Taliban,” the newspaper said, adding that the Afghan government should be prepared for long and tortuous negotiations with Islamabad with a long-term approach.

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04 N

NEWS Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

Zardari says won’t rock nawaz’s boat oPP aSSuReS GovT oF SuPPoRT In TeRRoR FIGhT outgoing PreSident SayS he haS no regretS, PoliCy of reConCiliation haS Strengthened demoCraCy in PakiStan ISLAMABAD


leader of oPPoSition SayS national inStitutionS need to be Strengthened to ProteCt Country’S indePendenCe ISLAMABAD

manded provision of gas to Loralai and other areas of Balochistan, besides employment to Baloch youth. Abdul Rahim Mandokhel said dictatorial regimes were responsible for the difficulties being faced by the people and the country. He said democracy was the only way to resolve problems. He praised President Asif Zardari and the previous government for restoring the 1973 constitution to its original shape. Aisha Syed said the previous government gave corruption‚ unemployment and price-hike to the nation and put the country under huge internal and external debts. To a query by the deputy speaker about the walkout of journalists from the Press Gallery‚ Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Birjees Tahir said it was because the Balochistan government registered cases of terrorism against a private TV channel and its senior reporters. He told the House that the journalists had been assured that the federal government would talk to the Balochistan government over the issue.

EADER of the Opposition Syed Khurshid Shah told the National Assembly on Monday that national institutions had to be strengthened to protect the independence and sovereignty of the country. He said the previous parliament played a vital role to promote democracy in the country and restored the 1973 constitution. Shah said it was for the first time that an elected president addressed the sovereign parliament for the sixth time and the PPP government strengthened the federation by giving autonomy to the provinces. The PPP leader said his party would support the government at every level to curb terrorism in the country, adding that courageous steps were required to eradicate terrorism. He said he wished the present gov-

ernment completed its tenure, however‚ “it should work hard for the welfare of the people”. Dr Shireen Mazari of the PTI said, “We have to strengthen parliament to strengthen democracy in the country.” She demanded the government come out with a clear cut antiterrorism policy and form a dedicated institution to curb terrorism. She said economic progress was impossible until the elimination of terrorism. Taking part in the debate‚ Syed Asif Hasnain stressed the need for adopting policies that helped resolve the problems of the people. He said the quota system of jobs created differences in the society and should be ended forthwith. Maulana Ameer Zaman said the constitution demanded an Islamic system enforced in the country. He pleaded for elimination of interest-based system. The lawmaker also de-

Case against Tv channel for airing controversial content

real change can come only when people are empowered: khan



QUETTA: The Balochistan government has registered a case against a private TV channel for airing footage of vandalism of the Quaid-eAzam residency in Ziarat. The case was registered against ARY News for showing images disrespectful to the pictures of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the national flag. The move by the provincial government was condemned by various sections of societies, including media outlets. STAFF REPORT

India parliament passes flagship food-for-poor scheme NEW DELHI: India’s parliament on Monday passed a flagship 18-billion-dollar programme to provide subsidised food to the poor that is intended to “wipe out” endemic hunger and malnutrition in the aspiring superpower. The Food Security Bill, a key scheme seen as vote-winner by the ruling Congress party ahead of national elections next year, was adopted in the lower house. Last month, 23 children aged four to 12 died in poverty-stricken Bihar state after a lunch of lentils, potatoes and rice that was laced with a lethal pesticide. Educators see the midday meal scheme as a way to increase school attendance, in a country where almost half of all young children are undernourished. But children often suffer from food poisoning due to poor hygiene in kitchens and sometimes sub-standard food. AGENCIES


Real change can come only when the people are empowered and they are able take their own decisions rather than following dictations, Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Monday. Addressing a gathering of elders, Khan said his party was bringing such a local body system that would make the people free to make decisions, and they would have the power to elect their representatives. Khan said a free nation made its own decision, adding that Pakistan gained freedom, but the nation had still not be freed. The PTI chief, who was flanked by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak and other party members, said the PTI-

led government in the province was introducing laws that would bring big changes in the official setup. He said the laws would give more power to the people, adding that united and empowered people could change the fate of the country. The PTI chief said poverty could not be eradicated unless a pro-people local body system was introduced. “Our aim is to give the local people the authority and control over the resources,” Khan said, adding that decisions for an area should be taken by the elected leaders of the place rather than from “distant leadership in Peshawar”. The PTI chief – who arrived in the area on Monday – was briefed about the restoration of two dysfunctional power stations.

Vowing not to rock the government of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday said the Pakistan People’s Party had lived up to its promise of seeking reconciliation with other political parties and the completion of the party’s five-year term was a testimony of its success. Addressing a dinner hosted in reception of journalists, Zardari said “I once told a gathering at Garhi Khuda Bakhsh that PPP was out to make history, not mere headlines. Only

zardari refused Pir’s offer to prolong stay in Presidency

a few understood my remarks yet we strengthened the roots of democracy in Pakistan despite some failures.” The president also said that he had transferred his powers to parliament with full responsibility, and assured his full support to the present government in all issues of national interest. “The PPP will play its critical role as opposition in the best national interest,” he said. “I would be the first president to leave the post with full honours in the 62-year history of the nation. I have no regrets,” he said. He added that he would remain


Muhammad Ijaz, President Asif Ali Zardari’s renowned Pir, on Monday claimed that he had told the president that he could use his mystical powers to help Zardari stay in the Presidency for more time, but the president had refused his offer. “President Zardari does not want to stay in the Presidency anymore,” Pir Ijaz said at a dinner hosted in the honour of senior journalists at the Presidency. Pir Ejaz said he had been with Zardari since a long time and would stay with him wherever he would go. Asked that he had earlier claimed that President Zardari would stay in office for at least another year-anda-half but now he was about to leave, Ijaz said, “I had asked my friend that I could do something if he wanted to stay in the Presidency for more time, but he does not want to stay there anymore.” He said Zardari’s enemies had played every possible trick to remove him from office but they had remained unsuccessful as “I had promised Zardari that I will protect him”. “I had also promised my friend that I’d keep him in the Presidency for five years and I have fulfilled that promise.”

ISLAMABAD Several hundred villagers have fled their homes in Pakistani Kashmir after deadly cross-border shelling by the Indian army, Pakistani officials said Monday. Pakistani authorities on Sunday accused the Indian army of killing two women and wounding seven other civilians in shelling across the Line of Control (LoC) which marks the de facto border in the disputed territory. So far six Pakistanis are reported to have been killed in firing across the heavily militarised border since five Indian soldiers were ambushed and killed on August 5 in

Kashmir. Delhi blamed the August 5 killings on the Pakistani army, but Islamabad has denied any responsibility and has called for restraint.“Since Sunday at least 40 families or 300 people have left their homes in 10 villages in Nakyal sector to escape shelling by Indian troops,” said Javed Budhanwi, a cabinet minister for the regional government in Pakistani Kashmir. Nakyal is around 200 kilometres (125 miles) south of Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistani Kashmir. The summer holidays for schools along the LoC have also been extended until August 31 for safety reasons, officials said. Most of the displaced, from Datoot village, have

The United States is preparing legal justification for the use of force against Syria with allies Britain and France that would circumvent the United Nations Security Council, where Russia and China have vowed to block any resolution authorising military intervention in the conflict. The US will detail its case soon, with military action possible in the coming days, The Jerusalem Post claimed on Monday. On Monday, the US dismissed Syria's decision to grant UN inspectors access to the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, where Syrian rebels

claim the army of nominal president Bashar Assad used sarin gas last week to kill hundreds of civilians as they slept. UN inspectors sat in their hotel rooms for five days after the attack, just five miles from the scene. The investigation that started Monday would be "too late to be credible," the US said, as evidence of sarin lasts for a maximum of 10 days. Russia has repeatedly warned the West against action in recent days, citing international law as prohibitive to any trilateral campaign. Last week, US President Barack Obama stated that action in Syria "without a UN

mandate" might indeed violate international law. But the Obama administration has proven creative in its legal justifications in the past. Faced with a domestic law requiring the suspension of aid to any country that has faced a military coup d'etat, the president made the determination not to make a determination on whether a coup had occurred in Egypt in July, after the military forcibly removed its president, Mohammed Morsi, from power. Administration officials have been studying Western intervention in Kosovo as a model for action in Syria, The New York Times reports.

been given shelter at camps set up in colleges in the town of Nakyal, Budhanwi said. About 10 families have moved in with relatives and more people are expected to flee in the next few days if the Indian firing continues, he added. “We are requesting villagers to remain inside their houses as Indian troops are targeting the civilian population with small arms and heavy weapons,” he said. Many villagers have dug trenches outside their houses for when the shelling starts, he said. Four civilians were wounded by Indian fire on Monday, local government official Masoodur Rehman told AFP. He also confirmed that families had started to flee.

PIa chief, MD to be appointed Rs10.5 per unit tariff for in 45 days, SC informed ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court was informed on Monday that the new chairman and managing director of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) would be appointed within 45 days in accordance with law. The assurance was given by PIA's counsel to the twomember bench headed by Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, which resumed hearing in a suo motu case regarding irregularities and illegalities in the national flag carrier. During the course of proceedings, Raja Bashir, counsel for PIA,

submitted before the court that advertisements seeking applications for the posts of chairman and MD had already been published in leading newspapers. The advertisement for the slot of MD was even uploaded on the PIA's website, he said. The counsel said as many as 22 applications had been received for the post of chairman and 300 for the MD. He contended that the new chairman and the MD would take up the matter regarding political appointments in PIA. APP

Us will make legal case for striking syria without Un approval MONITORING DESK

and during his term, he had worked hard to bring Beijing and New Delhi closer. “I’m happy that Pakistan’s new government is continuing to build relations with China and it would bode well for the region,” he said. According to sources, President Zardari would move to his Lahore residence after relinquishing his position but he would attend the oath taking ceremony of the inc o m i n g president, Mamnoon Hussain.

indian cross-border firing in Kashmir forces residents to flee AGENCIES


in the country after stepping down from the Presidency and would work to strengthen the PPP. “I had neither rested before, nor would that happen since resting is akin to eroding oneself” he said. Zardari acknowledged that the media had finally learnt to criticise, while “now it’s politicians’ turn to tolerate criticism”. The outgoing president said he had introduced the Chinese prime minister to N a w a z Sharif

Speaking in Indonesia, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel refused to detail military contingencies prepared by the Pentagon for the president. "We are analyzing the intelligence," Hagel said. "And we will get the facts. And if there is any action taken, it will be in concert with the international community and within the framework of legal justification." 10 Downing Street told Britain's Parliament that Prime Minister David Cameron reserved the right to take action without parliamentary approval on Monday, as lawmakers there considered returning to London early from summer recess. Britain's

foreign minister William Hague told local news outlets that the UK did not see Security Council approval as a requirement for action. "Otherwise it might be impossible to respond to such outrages, such crimes, and I don't think that's an acceptable situation," Hague said when asked about unanimous Security Council approval by BBC Radio. Britain has readied Royal Navy forces in the Mediterranean to strike with American destroyers should their leaders choose to move forward. A strike would likely involve standoff assets that would avoid entry into foreign air space.

agricultural tubewells ISLAMABAD ONLINE

The government decided during a meeting in Islamabad on Monday to charge a uniform electricity tariff rate of Rs 10.5 per unit for tubewells used for agricultural purposes. A delegation of Kissan Ittehad held a detailed meeting with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to discuss the tariff on agricultural tubewells. During the meeting, it was decided that the outstanding bills till June 20 would be paid in ten equal instalments and the late-fee fine would be waived. The meeting was attended by Minister Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Punjab Minister for Agriculture Dr Farrukh Javed, Punjab Minister for Irrigation Yawar Zaman, Chaudhary Muhammad Anwareen, Kissan Ittehad Punjab President Khalid Khokhar, Mian Mustafa Wattoo, Chaudhary Muhammad Akram and members of the National Assembly, including Chaudhary Ashraf, Iftikhar Nazeer, Rao Muhammad Ajmal, Arif Chaudhary,Rana Zahid, Muneer Azhar, Ghaffar Dogar and Nadeem Roberta.

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ISLAMABAD Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

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QuaID-e-azaM SolaR PaRK To be SeT uP In CholISTan: Shahbaz RAWALPINDI ONLINE

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that overcoming energy crisis was essential for strengthening economy and accelerating industrialisation. Shahbaz expressed these views while presiding over a high level meeting in Rawalpindi to review pace of progress on energy projects. He said no effort will be spared to rid the people of electricity load shedding. The chief minister said that maximum incentives and facilities were being provided to foreign entrepreneurs investing in the energy sector. He said alternative sources of power generation were being explored and work was in progress on wind‚ coal‚ and hydro-power projects. Shahbaz said Punjab government will set up solar energy projects of seven hundred megawatts and land has been allocated for this purpose in Quaid-eAzam Solar Park in Cholistan.






N order to ensure foolproof security, Islamabad Police have deployed 650 police personnel including ATS commandos on 60 checkposts around the district for the next three months. According to police sources, the personnel deployed on the checkposts will be trained sniper shooters. They will be specifically trained to check vehicles and given complete access to the national database of vehicles. They will be provided with high-tech mobile phones through which they will be able to access main server of Islamabad Police. It is pertinent to mention here that the step was taken following the directives of Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan to ensure foolproof security in and around the federal capital. CAPITAL POLICE ARREST 11 LAWBREAKERS: Capital Police on Monday arrested 11 lawbreakers and recovered a car, 6 mobile phones, cash and a 30-bore illegal pistol, a police

spokesman said on Monday. According to details, Islamabad SSP Muhammad Rizwan directed all police officials for an effective crackdown against criminals, bootleggers and drug pushers in the city. Following the directions, ASI Muhammad Nawaz from Margalla Police Station arrested Muhammad Jameel and recovered cash and mobile phone from him. Sub Inspector Muhammad Ejaz from Tarnol Police Station arrested Zubair Akhtir and recovered one 30-bore illicit pistol along with five bullets from him. Sub-Inspector Shafqat Ali from ACLC police arrested accused Abu Bakar and recovered tampered car from him. Sub Inspector Hakim Khan from Shahzad Town Police Station arrested a drug pusher Toti Khan and recovered 120 grams of hashish from him. ASI Zafar Iqbal from Lohi Bher Police Station arrested Muhammad Akram and recovered 5 mobiles phone from him. Sub Inspector Shoukat Ali from Koral Police Station arrested four men namely Yousaf Khan, Khalil Ahmed, Muhammad Nasir and Mujeeb-urRehman involved in robberies and recovered stolen property from their possession. Separate cases have been registered against the accused and further investigations are underway. Islamabad SSP Muhammad Rizwan has appreciated the overall performance

of the officials and said that Islamabad Police was determined to ensure effective action criminal elements. POLICE IMPOUND 64 BIKES, 23 VEHICLES: Islamabad Capital Territory Police on Monday impounded 64 bikes and 23 vehicles during a general hold up on Monday. The police have also removed black sheets from 20 vehicles and imposed fine to them, a police spokesman said. The police also apprehended 10 suspects and 10 beggars during search operations in various areas of the city. According to details, Islamabad SSP Muhammad Rizwan has directed all police officials to ensure security and patrolling measures in their respective areas. Police officials have been directed to take strict action against the vehicles being driven without documents.


TOILING UPWARDS IN THE MAZE: A labourer carrying bricks to the roof of an under construction building in the federal capital. SAjjAD ALI

Government not joking about bringing in e-governance ISLAMABAD APP

Ministry of Information and Technology will be making another effort to introduce e-governance in federal and provincial departments. According to official sources, the government will get free of charge data hosting services from PTCL for 15 months to introduce e-governance in 28 federal and provincial departments. After 15 months, the task for data hosting will be handed over to National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) which will provide data hosting service through its own data centre. An official of the ministry said that

security of the data hosted on PTCL’s servers would not be an issue as the application was 128 bit encrypted and only less-secure files will be placed on the servers. PTCL, in which the government holds 76 percent shares, has one of the largest data centres in the country. Electronic Government Directorate (EGD), which was established in October 2002 in pursuance of a decision of the federal cabinet, will be active again for successful implementation of the project. The EGD has been lying dormant for all these years as nobody in the previous government took any step. Minister of State for Information and Technology Anusha Rahman seems

determined to implement many of the important projects including egovernment, issuance of 3G licences and installation of monitoring equipment by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to stop grey trafficking. It is about time that the EGD steps up its efforts. The directorate had already done some good work by implementing a number of projects for automation of offices in the public and private sector. Some of the completed projects include online processing of Haj applications and Status Tracking for arrangements for pilgrims, automation of Prime Minister Office, e-enablement of Senate and National Assembly of Pakistan, E-service for submission of documents at

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, automation of Estate Office, development of Urdu Lexicon, Machine Translation and Text to Speech Software for Urdu Language, Online Access to Statutory Case Laws at district bar associations, automation of Patent Office, Karachi, e-enablement of press clubs, salary disbursement through ATMs, IT Skills Training Programme for probationary government officers, process mapping for improving efficiency of Ministry of Science & Technology, installation of LAN and implementation of mail tracking and Internal E-mail System at seven federal government divisions, IT technical support to provinces and AJK and development of PPHI website.

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court (IHC) Registrar Meeran Jan Kakar has said that the superintendents attached with the district and sessions courts should perform their duties with honesty, integrity and devotion for an easy, speedy and effective administration of justice to the litigants. Kakar was addressing the superintendents of the sessions courts from all over Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, at the inaugural ceremony of a one- week training course on “How to be an effective Superintendent” at the Federal Judicial Academy ( FJA) on Monday. Terming the superintendents of the sessions courts as the “office managers of the courts”, he asked them to enhance and strengthen the office management capacity, sharpen the computer skills, improve the public dealing manners and etiquette, keep themselves updated with the modern subjects, tools and techniques for an effective service delivery. On the occasion, FJA director general urged the superintendents to get benefit from the training course with special focus on “noting and drafting” which was very vital for the superintendents of the sessions courts for their effective performance. Spokesman of the academy Hashim Abro said that twenty superintendents of sessions courts were undergoing this one-week training at the academy. APP

FbISe To announCe hSSC PaRT-II ReSulT ToDay ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) would announce the result of Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) Part-II Annual Examination 2013 today. The result would be announced in a ceremony at FBISE. State Minister for Education Engineer Baligh-ur-Rehman will be the chief guest on the occasion. The result will be available on federal board website at the address and on SMS unified code 5050. The candidates will be required to send SMS in the following format FB<space>[roll number]. APP

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ISLAMABAD Tuesday, 27 August, 2013


Saidpur village, nestled in the foot of the Federal Capital’s Margala Hills is fast losing its attraction for foreigners and locals alike due to its improper security arrangements and open sewerage system. The historic village has its roots in the Moghul era, but the lack of interest for its upkeep shown by the authorities concerned and the persistent security problems are keeping the visitors, particularly foreigners, away from the village. No arrangements are in place for the village’s cleanliness and open an sewerage system with garbage heaps in almost all of the village’s streets ads insult to injury. Visitors Irum and Ayesha said that Saidpur is a historic village but it now looks like a food street which is causing several problems for the visitors, adding that finding parking space for their vehicles was one of the primary problems faced by visitors. Villagers Asif Khan, Ahsan Ali, Ali Raza and Abbas Shah complained that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had totally ignored the village. “It had taken no measures to build a proper sewerage system, lifting of garbage and security of the visitors as well as the residents. Moreover, the garbage thrown by the food outlets added to the problem. It was giving an ugly look to the village,” they said.

14Th InTeRnaTIonal PuRe MaTheMaTICS ConFeRenCe helD

Delay in initiation of Gawala Colony protested RAWALPINDI ONLINE


AWA L A Colony project stands shelved due to lack of interest by the district administration. The registration of over 500 gawalas in the city and cantonment areas was completed seven months back in connection with the Gawala Colony Project. The project was put on hold due to the installation Punjab’s caretaker set up in connection with the general elections. However, no

Madrassa teachers get English language training ISLAMABAD INP


The ‘14th International Pure Mathematics Conference’ with the theme ‘Algebra, Geometry and Analysis’ was held on Monday. Science and Technology Minister Engr Khurram Dastagir Khan presided over the three-day conference as the chief guest. Preston University was the coorganiser of the conference. The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), Quaid-eAzam University and the Pakistan Mathematical Society (PMS) sponsored the event. Eminent scholars, intellectuals, mathematicians and scientists from top universities participated and presented papers at the conference. Foreign delegates from Algeria, Bangladesh, Finland, China, Canada, France, Iran, India, Nigeria, Nepal, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates participated in the conference. While addressing the conference,. Dastagir expressed his gratitude to its organisers for inviting him to preside over such a high-profile event. He congratulated the conference’s organisers and sponsors for their endeavours to organize the conference on such a subject of vital importance. Furthermore, he thanked the foreign and local delegates for their participation in the event that provided them with a unique opportunity to share and learn from each other’s experiences. Dastagir emphasised on the important of mathematics as a field of education and on the dire need to promote mathematics at all levels of education in the country. Additionally, he said that the government was making every possible endeavour to promote state-of-the-art scientific education in the country. He appreciated Preston University Chancellor Dr Abdul Basit’s sustained support towards the organisation of this conference. Prominent speakers who addressed the inaugural ceremony of the conference included Prof Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, and Prof Dr Qaiser Mushtaq.

progress was made towards the project’s initiation after the newly elected provincial government took over. Cattle pens are still functioning in the thickly populated areas of Rawalpindi and the cantonment. As much as 600 kanals of land were purchased in Rawat. TOR Potohar was appointed as the project’s focal person during the last three months of previous government. As many as 500 houses and modern pens were to be constructed in the first phase of this project and all the civic amenities including schools, colleges, a hospital and an animal husbandry hospital were to be provided to this

A two-week workshop on the “Madrasas English Teachers’ Training” under the auspices of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI)’s English Department in collaboration with the US Embassy started at the university’s male campus on Monday. Renowned US International Teaching Trainer Don Johnson and Faculty of Language and Literature Dean Dr Munawar Iqbal Gondal were the workshop’s resource personnel while Student Affairs (male) Advisor Dr Safeer Awan was the workshop’s coordinator. Around 40 Madrasah teachers from GilgitBaltistan, Kashmir, Peshawar, Mohmand

Agency, Malakand, Peshawar, Islamabad and other areas of the country are participating in the workshop. The workshop includes communication language teaching, teaching pronunciation, vocabulary, lesson planning, teaching writing skills, teaching grammar and reading skills and interactive sessions to improve English language proficiency and teaching methods of the participant teachers. In his welcome note on first day of the workshop, Munawar said that this workshop would help the participants stay updated with the latest English language teaching methodologies. “English language is the only tool through which we can disseminate message of Islam globally and we should give it special importance to excel in various

fields,” he said. He was of the view that Arabic was important for Muslims but it was also the need of the hour to equip ourselves with English language proficiency. He added that a teacher in the society possessed an important duty as he could make and break lives. In his introductory remarks, Johnson informed the participants about the aims of the workshop and said it would be one of the best experiences of life to teach Islamic scholars. He said it would also provide an opportunity to teachers to learn from those with more experience. Awan informed the participants about the schedule of the workshop and stressed upon them to avail this opportunity with devotion and sincerity. The two-week long workshop would conclude on September 6.

AN INNOCENT GAMBLE: Children playing cards at a roadside in the federal capital. INP

colony. The district administration has not accorded permission to initiate work on this project and this attitude led to an increase the construction’s cost. The gawalas decided to launch a protest movement against the apathy being shown by the government towards the colony’s construction.

FIlM aCaDeMy To be SeT uP aT ShaKaRPaRIan ISLAMABAD: The Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry has decided to establish an international standard film academy in Islamabad. The ministry has prepared a comprehensive plan to revive the national film industry. According to the plan, the National Film Academy (NFA) will be established on a 60-acre land allocated with open air theatre near Shakarpariyan. Sources from the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) said that the National Heritage Ministry approved the PC One in the previous government for the construction of academy. Source said that the Capital Development Authority did not initiate this project because of non-allotment of land in the previous government’s regime. ONLINE

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It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. — Henry Ford


07 N

Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

Un inspeCtors reaCH

SyRIa GaS vICTIMS despite Coming Under Fire




N chemical weapons inspectors in Syria met and took samples from victims of an apparent poison gas attack in a rebel-held suburb of Damascus on Monday after the UN team themselves survived a gun attack on their convoy. A Syrian doctor told Reuters from the town of Mouadamiya that investigators from the United Nations had crossed the frontline from the centre of the capital, which remains under the control of President Bashar alAssad’s forces. The UN said the shooting crippled one vehicle but mentioned no injuries. With Western powers considering military strikes, despite vocal opposition from Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies, any evidence to support rebel claims that government forces fired gas-laden rockets five days

ago that killed hundreds of civilians will be a key element in arguments for peace or war. “I am with the team now,” the doctor who uses the name Abu Karam told Reuters by telephone from rebel-held Mouadamiya. “We are in the Rawda mosque and they are meeting with the wounded. Our medics and the inspectors are talking to the patients and taking samples from the victims now.” Another opposition activist said a large crowd was growing of people eager to air their grievances to the UN team. There was a plan for the experts also to take samples from corpses. Syrian state television blamed rebel “terrorists” for the shooting, which briefly halted the convoy but failed to stop the inspectors from crossing the front line. The opposition blamed it on pro-Assad militiamen. Any delay diminishes whatever evidence the experts might recover. With speculation mounting that NATO powers might fire cruise missiles to satisfy

calls for action to protect Syrian civilians, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said any operation would be coordinated with allies. British Prime Minister David Cameron cut short a holiday to chair a top level security meeting. “The United States is looking at all options regarding the situation in Syria. We’re working with our allies and the international community,” Hagel told a news conference. “We are analysing the intelligence. And we will get the facts. And if there is any action taken, it will be in concert with the international community and within the framework of legal justification.” Hagel plans discussions with his British and French counterparts, a senior US official said. The French foreign minister said on Monday that Russian and Chinese vetoes in the UN Security Council may make it hard to get a UN agreement to satisfy international law. His British counterpart, however, said that should not prevent a response to the worst poison gas attack in 25 years. SHOOTING: The UN said in a statement that gunmen shot at the first vehicle in the team’s six-car convoy, damaging it to the point that the team had to stop to find a replacement car. “The first vehicle of the Chemical Weapons Investigation Team was deliberately shot at multiple times by unidentified snipers in the buffer zone area,” it said. “It has to be stressed again that all sides need to extend their cooperation so that the team can safely carry out their important work.” Syria agreed on Sunday to let them visit the suspect sites. The United States and its allies say the offer came too late as evidence has probably been destroyed by heavy government shelling of the area since

ISRAELI TROOPS kill three Palestinians in predawn raid RAMALLAH AGENCIES

Israeli troops shot dead three Palestinians and wounded about a dozen in an early morning raid on Monday to arrest a suspected militant in a refugee camp near Jerusalem, Palestinian medical sources told Reuters. Witnesses said Israeli armored jeeps entered the Qalandiya camp at around 3 a.m. (0000 GMT) and were met by stone-throwing local residents. The Israeli forces responded with gunfire and left the camp before daybreak. An Israeli police spokesman said a clash erupted when border police carrying out an arrest raid were confronted by Palestinians who threw firebombs and rocks at them. The incident

was being investigated, spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. It was not clear if the Israeli forces made any arrests. Israeli troops often enter Palestinian-controlled territory to detain individuals suspected of militant activity, usually conducting the raids during darkness to minimize confrontation. Israel and the Palestinians resumed US-brokered peace talks after a three-year breakdown last month, though neither side has expressed much optimism for a major breakthrough. Violence in the West Bank has worsened since the beginning of 2013. With Monday’s deaths, Israeli forces have killed 14 Palestinians there this year, most of them in clashes, compared with three killed in the same period in 2012, according to United Nations figures.

RAMALLAH: Relatives mourn the deaths of three Palestinians shot dead by Israeli troops on Monday.

DAMASCUS: United Nations vehicles transport a team of UN chemical weapons experts to the scene of a poison gas attack outside the Syrian capital last week on Monday.

last Wednesday. The team of chemical weapons experts wearing blue UN body armour left a Damascus hotel where they have been based for over a week, accompanied by a car of Syrian security personnel, as well as an ambulance. At least two mortar bombs struck the area of central Damascus on Monday. Syrian state media said the mortar bombs were locally made and fired by “terrorists”. SANA state news agency said three people were wounded. Assad, who has been fighting a 2-1/2year revolt, said accusations that his forces used chemical weapons were politically motivated and warned the United States against intervening in his country. “Would any state use chemicals or any other weapons of mass destruction in a place where its own forces are concentrated? That would go against elementary logic. So accusations of this kind are entirely political,” he told the Russian newspaper Izvestia in an interview. “Failure awaits the United States as in all previous wars it has unleashed, starting with Vietnam and up to the present day.” The United Nations said Damascus agreed to a ceasefire while the UN experts are at the site for inspections. DIPLOMATIC DISSONANCE: Syria’s conflict has so far been met with international deadlock. The growing violence has killed more than 100,000 people, stoked regional sectarian violence, and revived Cold War-era divisions between Western powers and Russia and China Washington has faced growing calls for action in response to Wednesday’s attack, which came a year after President Barack

Obama declared use of chemical weapons to be a “red line” which would require a firm response. Russia, Assad’s main arms supplier, says rebels may have been behind the chemical attack and said it would be a “tragic mistake” to jump to conclusions over who was responsible. Its Foreign Ministry said on Monday that it was concerned about a potential US military response and urged Washington to refrain from falling for “provocations”. Iran, the regional Shi’ite Muslim power that has been bankrolling Assad against a revolt led by Syria’s Sunni Muslim majority, announced its own “red line”, warning Washington of “severe consequences” if it intervened in Syria. US officials stressed that Obama has yet to make a decision on how to respond. A senior senator, Republican Bob Corker, said he believed Obama would ask Congress for authorisation to use force when lawmakers return from summer recess next month. In Beijing, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China supported an independent and objective investigation by UN experts into allegations of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and urged a cautious response and a political resolution to the crisis. Underlining diplomatic difficulties in forging international agreement, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius noted that Russia and China would probably veto a UN Security Council move to strike Assad, creating a potential problem under international law for any assault. British Foreign Secretary William Hague, however, said that it would be possible to respond to a chemical weapon attack without the Security Council’s backing.

deadly bomb blast hits yemen air force bus SANAA AGENCIES

A bomb blast has struck a bus transporting air force personnel to their base in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, killing at least one person, officials say. More than 20 are reported to have been wounded. The bus was travelling on the road leading to Sanaa international airport, near the base, an official said. The government is battling alQaeda in the Arabian Peninsula militants who often target the military. Earlier, officials and witnesses said six people were killed in the attack. Air force spokesman Col Mahdi alAidarous said about 24 officers and soldiers were on the bus, the Associated Press news agency reports.

Earlier this month, suspected alQaeda militants killed five soldiers in an attack on a gas terminal in southern Yemen. And in early August, the US

MIlITanTS abDuCT anD KIll 6 noRTh oF baGhDaD BAGHDAD: Iraqi officials say militants have killed six farmers after abducting them from their houses north of Baghdad. Two police officers say a group of gunmen disguised in military uniforms launched a pre-dawn raid Monday in an agricultural area in the Sunni town of Tarmiyah and took the six from their homes. The bodies were found hours later in a nearby orchard with shots to their heads and chests. Tarmiyah is located about 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of Baghdad. Insurgents are believed to use the belt of communities around the capital as bases to stage attacks into the city. A medical official confirmed the deaths. All officials spoke anonymously as they were not authorized to release information. Militants frequently disguise themselves in police or army uniforms to carry out attacks. AGENCIES

closed 19 diplomatic missions in the Middle East and Africa in response to what it said was a threat of a terrorist attack.

SRI lanKanS PRoTeST aGaInST un RIGhTS ChIeF’S vISIT COLOMBO: About 100 Sri Lankan demonstrators led by Buddhist monks protested on Monday against UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, saying she should get out of the country and not criticise its human rights record. The protesters gathered at the UN head office in the capital, Colombo, as Pillay began a sevenday fact finding mission on Sri Lanka’s rights record. “She should visit countries like Iraq and Afghanistan which have become slaughter-houses,” said protesting Buddhist monk Ittekande Saddatissa. Sri Lanka battled separatist guerrillas from the minority Tamil community from 1983 until finally defeating them in 2009. Tens of thousands of civilians were killed in the final months of the war, a UN panel said earlier, as government troops advanced on the last stronghold of the rebels fighting for an independent homeland. The UN panel said it had “credible allegations” that Sri Lankan troops and rebels both carried out atrocities and war crimes, and singled out the government for most of the responsibility for the deaths. Sri Lanka has come under international pressure to bring to book those accused of war crimes and boost efforts to reconcile a polarised country. But it has rejected the accusations of rights abuses. Pillay, a South African national of Indian Tamil origin, said she had come to Sri Lanka to assess the human rights situation. AGENCIES

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NEWS Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

aTC to resume hearing of benazir murder case today


DERA ALLAH YAR: District Police Officer Naseerabad Allauddin Kaasi is brought to a hospital for treatment of bullet injuries after an ambush by unidentified militants. ONLINE

loot sale of arms licences in first two years of PPP govt ISLAMABAD APP

A total of 34,116 prohibited and 98,423 non-prohibited bore arms licences have been issued by the Interior Ministry from March 2008 to Dec 2010, says a document placed in parliament. According to the document, a total of 13,954 prohibited and 43,457 non-prohibited bore arms licences have been issued in the country from March to Dec 2008. Some 11,205 prohibited and 32,088 non-prohibited arms licences were issued in 2009 while 8,957 prohibited and 22,878 non-prohibited arms licences were issued in 2010. As many as 10,210 prohibited and 14,569 non-prohibited bore arms licences were issued to Balochistan form March 2008 to December 2010. Some 4234 prohibited, 22,869 non-prohibited licences were issued to KPK, 11284 prohibited and 33,221 non-prohibited licences were issued to Punjab, and 8,458 prohibited and 27,764 non-prohibited licences were issued to Sindh province from March 2008 to December 2010. Moreover, National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) issued 33,575 prohibited and 20,896 non-prohibited arms licences from Jan 2011 to Aug 2013. According to year-wise breakup, Nadra issued 7,970 prohibited and 7,326 nonprohibited arms licences in the year 2011, 3,590 prohibited and 4,736 nonprohibited arms licences were issued in 2012 and 22,015 prohibited and 8,834 non-prohibited arms licences were issued from February to August 2013. Nadra has established 164 National Registration Centres (NRCs) across the country for renewal of old arms licences. All available record of prohibited arms licences have been computerised. The process would be completed soon and so far the record of over 200,000 prohibited, non-prohibited bore arms licence have been computerized.

literally four days of corruption left! Cm khattak to PuniSh CorruPt govt offiCialS after Pti’S 90-day deadline for Changing the SyStem endS in four dayS PESHAWAR STAFF REPORT


HYBER Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister (CM) Pervez Khattak said on Monday that his government was four days short of its ninetyday target for changing the dilapidated system inherited from the previous rulers and the heads of all provincial government departments should note that after the deadline, anyone found guilty of hindering the deliverance of services to the people or involved in corruption would be punished. The chief minister was addressing a jirga at the Basic Health Centre in Bagh Dheri, Swat. He said that despite all challenges, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government in KP was capable of taking the province towards development. Khattak said his government would change the present system and ensure the

aSkS PeoPle to rePort PubliC inStitutionS’miSmanagement in Cm SeCretariat

supremacy of justice and merit to end corruption and mismanagement in the public institutions. He urged the people to coordinate with the government to achieve ‘change’. He said the upcoming change in the system could not be blocked on the wishes of some people and called upon the opposition to change its views. Terming education as a basic right of all individuals, he said the standard of education imparted in public sector schools would be improved. The chief minister said the availability of doctors, paramedics and medicines in hospitals would be ensured at all costs. He said his government would construct buildings too but its main focus would be to serve the people. Khattak appealed to the people to identify the wrong practices they had observed in the public institutions and report them in the complaint cell established in the CM Secretariat in KP.

An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) will today (Tuesday) resume hearing of the Benazir Bhutto murder case against former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf in Rawalpindi. On August 20, Musharraf was indicted on three counts in the murder of the former prime minister. He was charged with murder, criminal conspiracy for murder and facilitation for murder. ATC Judge Chaudhry Habibur Rehman had adjourned the hearing after denial of the framed charges by Musharraf seeking evidence from the prosecutor until August 27. Saud Aziz, Khurram Shahzad, Abdul Rashid, Sher Zaman, Rafaqat Hussain and Husnain Gul were the other accused indicted in the case.

lhC reserves verdict on Mna’s degree case LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Monday reserved verdict on petitions and bail application filed by PTI MNA Ghulam Sarwar Khan in a fake degree case. The single bench, comprising Justice Mazahar Ali Akbar, was hearing five different petitions challenging proceedings initiated by Islamia University, Bahawalpur, against the petitioner MNA besides bail application in a fake degree case registered by the Anti-corruption Establishment (ACE). Earlier, Punjab Prosecutor General Sadaqat Ali submitted before the court that the petitioner received his BA degree from Islamia University on basis of a fake technical diploma (equivalent to intermediate). He contended that the BA degree was also fake as it was obtained on basis of a fake diploma. The prosecutor general raised questions on nature of diploma, its registration number and NOC obtained. However, the petitioner’s counsel submitted that the petitioner was allowed to participate in BA exam after submitting an NOC. He said that by mistake, wrong roll number was printed in it whereas the name was correct. He further mentioned that the university had already admitted the fact. To a court query, the university officials said that relevant record was missing and an inquiry had been initiated in this regard. The court after hearing the final arguments of all parties reserved the verdict which would be announced on August 30. The court also extended the interim bail already granted to the petitioner in fake degree case registered by ACE until August 30. APP

Kamran’s father asked to file statement to register new FIR Court warnS deCeaSed fia offiCial’S father that it will be hiS laSt ChanCe to file rePly ISLAMBAD APP

The Supreme Court on Monday asked Kamran Faisal’s father to furnish a written statement that he wanted to file a new first information report (FIR) in Kamran’s murder case. A two-member bench, comprising Justice Tsadduq Hussain Jilani and Justice Amir Hani Muslim, also sought written standpoint of Kamran’s father over the inquiry conducted by investigation team and DNA report.

During the course of proceedings, Aftab Bajwa, counsel for Kamran’s father, apprised the court that he did not accept the investigation team and inquiry conducted by them. He informed the bench that his client filed an application to the police to launch new FIR while citing the example of Ghinwa Bhutto case in which court allowed filing a new FIR. He also showed his displeasure over the medical board and said that of 15 nine samples were provided to the petitioner. He also said that his client did not have any intention to be the part of current investigation in his son’s case as he did not rely on them. Bajwa said that Kamran was probing the Rental Power Plants (RPPs) scandals and one day before his death he submitted his report in the NAB. On Justice Muslim’s query, KK Agha, NAB prosecutor general, apprised the

court that report was furnished by Kamran Faisal and after that Investigation Officer Asghar Khan signed it. Later, the bench while directing Kam-

ran’s father to submit his written statement warned him that it would be his last chance to file a reply and adjourned further hearing for two weeks.

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Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

KP To Soon eleCT 4,500 vIllaGe CounCIlS aS PaRT oF lG SySTeM kP miniSter SiraJul haq urgeS eStabliShment to aCCommodate, helP nato’S withdrawal from afghaniStan KARACHI



RGING the country’s oftreferred establishment to facilitate the US-led NATO withdrawal from the wartorn Afghanistan, Finance Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Sirajul Haq on Monday said the provincial government would soon elect some 4,500 village councils to empower the people on grassroots level. Addressing a “meet the press” event at Karachi Press Club, the Jamat-e-Islami leader lambasted the federal government for its unfriendly attitude towards KP, saying the centre had rarely allocated and released funds for development schemes the provincial government had proposed. The finance minister also expressed

concern over a huge increase in the terrorism-hit province’s debts that, he said, had skyrocketed from Rs 60 billion in 2006 to Rs 132 billion in 2013. Haq also differed with the centre’s view of going for big power generation projects like the $14 billion Basha Dam, the construction of which, he said, would take years in the energy-scarce country. On electing village councils, the minister said the next few days would see the KP’s coalition government moving closer to the task. “The draft format has been finalised and would be brought to the cabinet for approval within the next few days,” he said, adding that his government would ensure the proposed “village councils” enjoyed financial autonomy. Talking of the war on terror, Haq stressed upon “establishment” not to repeat the mistake it once made while Russians

were pulling out of Afghanistan. “Create an enabling environment for NATO’S withdrawal,” Haq said, who sees ISAF’s ongoing pullout as a sole remedy for the region’s peace and development. The KP minister opined that India was able to play drumbeats over Pakistani border only because the latter’s troops were engaged on the 1,400 kilometre-long Durand Line (PakAfghan border) for no good reason. The JI leader suggested that Pakistan, if its wished to have some clout over Kabul post US withdrawal, should mediate between the Taliban and Hizb-e-Islami, the Afghanistan based jihadi group that fought against the USSR in 1979. About dialogue with the Taliban, Haq said Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif had seconded the JI’s long-proposed view by of-

fering talks to militants. He also saw unanimity of views with regard to the deadly drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas, which he said must be stopped. Disagreeing with the federal government’s approach towards power generation in the energyscarce country, the minister said small dams, instead of big ones like Basha Dam, should be the priority. “Unlike big ones, small projects hardly take nine months to three years for completion,” he opined. Referring to a survey, he said such small dams could be built over Indus, Swat, Kohistan, Punjgora and other rivers in the KP that had a 25,000 megawatts power generation potential. Concerned over a mammoth increase in KP’s debts, Haq said WAPDA had transferred no money to the province during the

last two years. Calling upon the federal, provincial governments and all political forces of the country to devise a comprehensive national strategy to effectively deal with the current challenges of terrorism, energy crisis, unemployment, poverty and corruption, the JI leader said it was time to serve the masses through result-oriented measures instead of getting engaged in political point scoring. “If this government failed to deliver, the masses would lose confidence in ballots,” he warned. He said an anti-corruption commission was in the making in KP to initially make accountable the most-corrupt ones. Haq said the “protocol culture” was being abolished in the Pashtun-dominated province where austerity measures like cutting the expenditures of the CM and governor houses would save the provincial government Rs 6 billion a year. To a query, the minister said the centre had always committed excesses against KP. Illustrating, he said of the Rs 94 billion the federal government earmarked in FY13 for various development schemes in KP, only Rs 4 billion were released.

aRe you SMaRTeR Than a 9Th GRaDe TexTbooK? RAWALPINDI INP

The Punjab Textbook Board (PTB) has skipped the names of two martyrs from the list of achievers of the highest military award, Nishan-e-Haider, in the latest edition of the English textbook for grade nine students. The PTB has omitted the names of Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfooz Shaheed and Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed. Educational circles, terming it a conspiracy, demanded stern action against the elements responsible after conducting an independent enquiry into the matter. They also demanded the cancellation of the current books and the reprinting of a revised edition, adding that all the expenses should be generated from those responsible for the omission. District Education Officer Chaudhry Ilyas said the matter was not in his knowledge, neither had he received any complaint in this regard. He said the department would bring the matter to the government’s notice. Servicemen Society former office-bearer Colonel (r) Inamur Rehman said the martyrs of the Pakistan Army were a national asset and demanded an immediate action against the officials responsible for the negligence. Punjab Teachers Union Chairman Dr Chaudhry Sagheer Alam termed the omission as an injustice to the national heroes, adding that the government should take notice of the matter otherwise a protest movement would be started.


Unidentified militants on Monday fired rockets on a security checkpost in Kohlu, Balochistan. Per details, the assailants fired three rockets in the Mewand area which exploded near the checkpost. The assailants fled the scene when the security forces retaliated. The local administration has started a search operation in the area after the incident.

CHAMAN: A health worker administers polio drops to a child at Civil Hospital on the first day of anti polio campaign in this Pak-Afghan border town on Monday. INP

Indian court allows marriage with minors, stirs controversy MONITORING DESK A court in the country’s capital stirred up controversy when it said on Monday that marriage with an underage girl was permissible under Indian Law. The city court in Delhi said that provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offence (POCSO) Act suggested that where a physical relationship is undertaken with a minor girl – which is neither sexual assault nor has consent been taken by unlawful means – no offence can said to have been committed. According to a Times of India report, the court made these observations while acquitting a 22-year-old native of West Bengal of charges of kidnapping and raping a 15-year-old girl, with whom he had eloped and later married. The court said that since the girl had accompanied the youth of her own will, obstacles should not be put to destroy their happily married life. According to the prosecution’s report, the girl’s mother had filed a com-

plaint with the police on March 5 about her daughter going missing since February 26. The accused was arrested on March 6, and the girl was recovered from his custody. In a statement recorded before the magistrate, the girl said that she had willingly accompanied the youth to Kolkata, where they married in a temple and have been living together ever since. The accused backed her statement in court, stating that they had married in Kalkota but denied having any physical relations with her. Rejecting a plea from the police and Delhi Commission for Women that the POCSO Act prohibits minors from being involved in any kind of sexual activity, Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Darmesh Sharma declared that such an interpretation would mean that the body is state property until the age of 18. However, Sharma emphasised on the need to spread awareness about unsafe sex and early marriage, and urged authorities to ensure that minors learn of the risks involved.

The POCSO Act, which came into force on November 14, 2012, defines all those aged under 18 years as children. Disclosing the name of the child in the media or to any third party is punishable by up to a year. The Act moreover prohibits the use of children for pornographic purposes, with punishment for such an offence ranging from five years to seven years, with the implementation of a heavy fine. The Act also prohibits child trafficking for sexual purposes. Moreover, assistance of any kind with the offence is also considered punishable under the POCSO Act. However, such a marriage would be considered in contravention to international law. UNICEF defines child marriages as a formal marriage or reunion before the age of 18. UN Women, moreover, define child marriage as a forced marraige before 18 years of age, because they believe children under 18 are incapable of giving their consent.

only 14 of 230 parties submit asset details to eCP ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has stated that only 14 of the total 230 registered parties have submitted their party’s asset details so far. The ECP on Monday again asked political parties to submit a consolidated statement of accounts of the party‚ duly audited by a chartered accountant by August 29. According to the ECP, the political parties which have submitted their party’s assets details include the Awami Party Pakistan, Pakistan Brohi Party, Tameer-e-Pakistan Party, Pakistan Muhammadi Party, the JUI-F, the Awami Muslim League Pakistan, the Tehreeke-Tabdeeli Nizam Pakistan, the Pakistan Bachao Party, the Pakistan Social Justice Party, the Pakistan Awami Tehreek-e-Inqilab, Muhajir Kashmir Movement, Tehreek-e-Istiqlal, the PPP-Shaheed Bhutto and the Pakhtunkhwa Mili Awami Party. “A certificate signed by the party leader must accompany the statement of accounts stating that no funds from any source prohibited under the Political Parties Order‚ 2002‚ were received by the party and the statement contains an accurate financial position of the party,” the ECP stated. Electoral symbols would not be allotted to the political parties which fail to submit their asset details to the ECP. ONLINE

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To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. –Lewis B Smedes


high noon


in its battle for survival, this nation needs a man

Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

Pak-afghan relations fence mending a herculean task


FGHAN President Hamid Karzai is making his 20th trip to Islamabad since coming to power in 2002. This time he is visiting at the invitation of the newlyelected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who also holds the portfolio of foreign minister. Karzai wants Pakistan to persuade the Taliban to hold talks with the Afghan High Peace Council to revive the inter-Afghan dialogue suspended after the Doha setback. Another demand is that Pakistan set free all the Taliban against whom there are no cases pending in Pakistan. Kabul particularly wants the release of Mullah Bradar. Friendly ties between the two countries can bring major social and economic dividend to both. The Afghan finance minister who had arrived ahead of Karzai has already held talks with his counterpart Ishaq Dar. Both have discussed mutually beneficial joint ventures that include the 1,500MW hydropower project on Kunar River as a stepping stone for a possible agreement on the Kabul River Basin Management Commission. Peace in Afghanistan is vital for peace in Pakistan. What is more, it opens a window for cooperation that would bring prosperity to all the countries in the region. As things stand a deep-seated mutual mistrust divides Pakistan and Afghanistan. Karzai thinks Islamabad is manipulating the Afghan Taliban in pursuit of its strategic needs. During his two successive tenures, the Afghan president has accused Pakistan of providing safe havens to the Taliban and has at times urged the US to attack these sanctuaries instead of bombing the suspected sites in Afghanistan. Karzai maintains the unrealistic notion that Pakistan is in a position to pressurise the Taliban to call off operations inside Afghanistan if it so desires. The hawks in Pakistan’s establishment on the other hand entertain a highly negative view of Karzai and his administration. He is seen as a man with unconcealed hostility towards Pakistan. How a person who has provided India space to outflank their country via Afghanistan can be forgiven, they maintain. To them Karzai is considered duplicitous, even suffering from bipolar disorder. The situation is further complicated by the antipathy the Afghan Taliban have for Karzai who is seen by them as an ineffectual pawn in the hands of the US. They prefer to hold direct talks with the US rather than their proxy who would in any case be dead wood as he vacates the presidency in less than a year. In the presence of the daunting backlog of distrust not much is expected from the talks. It is nevertheless highly crucial for the two countries to bridge the gulf. The foreign office is upbeat about the visit, calling it a historical event. The talks pose a big challenge to Nawaz Sharif. It remains to be seen if the new PM manages to succeed where his predecessors failed.

attempts to muzzle the media not the path government should tread


HE media being as dynamic as it is, it is only getting to be the fourth pillar in Pakistan. Though occasionally it oversteps, yet it is social responsibility in action. Aside from serving its basic functions, which are of crucial importance in this information-rich age, media does what most others can’t: it keeps a check on the government’s transgressions, rightfully assuming the role of a watchdog on government’s attempts at consolidating power through draconian methods. As good as this may sound, the governments around the world find this media intrusion quite frustrating, and so they try to put restrictions on it one way or the other. The recent statements by some government functionaries hint at what is nothing but a death sentence for free media. They have suggested some curbs on live coverage of events, like that lone gunman standoff in Islamabad on August 15 that didn’t really paint the government in flying colours. The Supreme Court had also earlier reprimanded PEMRA for allowing hours-at-a-stretch blanket coverage of such events. Statements like these are likely to be considered as an attack on the freedom of the media. While the government might hide behind the concocted rationale of media ‘irresponsibility’ because perhaps the media was hitting the right chords in denuding its inefficiencies, what is indeed frustrating is that the judiciary has followed suit. It is indeed disheartening to note that the champions of struggle for independence of judiciary are strangling the same fourth pillar of the state that had come to its rescue. There are fears that PEMRA might be given the powers to pull the plug on TV networks whenever it sees it fit in its wisdom. Any such power in the hands of a regulator will make it an arbiter, an adjudicator, an appellate forum and an executive authority all at the same time, which in itself is nothing short of handing it draconian powers. The move is sure to be resisted by all the media houses in the country, as can be noted from the resolutions passed by the Karachi Union of Journalists and the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists. This is sure to cause friction between the government and the media. Any code of ethics imposed on the media from outside will not make it more efficient, or even compliant. Pliant maybe, but pliant media is no media at all. However, a code that evolves out of the particular necessities of social responsibility and mature reporting and coverage would not only be acceptable to all the media houses, but will also help the media maintain its freedom. That would really be a win-win for every pillar of the state – and particularly for the people at large and thus the country itself. That is something all stakeholders should be aiming at, and not muzzling the media through an arbitrary regulator.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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OR those young (sic) enough to remember, High Noon is an epic 1952 American Western film starring all-time greats Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly (later Princess Grace of Monaco) that won four Academy Awards and many others. In a close to real time scenario the movie is about a long-time town marshal forced to face a ruthless gang of killers alone. The movie transports one through intrigue, drama, coincidence, commitment and personal resolve, courage and determination as it evolves. A criminal, Miller, put away by Marshal Will Kane (Gary Cooper) is released on an unspecified legal technicality and prepares to return to town for revenge. Kane who has recently married a pacifist, Amy (Grace Kelly) and resigned is preparing to leave town when he hears of this. He decides to stay and do battle. Tension develops as the town is not ready for the showdown and wills him to leave, thus leaving him alone to fight. Kane guns down two members of the gang as they attack but is wounded. His wife Amy who has boarded the train to leave town gets off it on hearing gunfire. She chooses to save her husband’s life over her religious beliefs and shoots one criminal in the back. Miller grabs her and takes her hostage to force Marshal Kane into the open. Amy attacks Miller suddenly giving Kane a clear shot for a brief moment. Kane takes the shot, killing Miller. As the town folk emerge from the shadows, Kane stares at the crowd, throws his marshal’s star contemptuously in the dust, and taking Amy by the hand, leaves town. The object lesson derived is that there comes a time in man’s life when the courage of conviction and commitment drives him forward even though those he has carried, protected and nurtured do not rise to return the support in the hour of need. Left alone, there are two options, run or face Goliath. Both carry probable dire consequences. It’s a moment when man must reach out to faith and belief and stand tall. Life is secondary; victory over evil primary. Resolve brings victory but deep within contempt for those who readily share the spoils but are unwilling

Editor’s mail

to sacrifice. These situations are the defining moments in man’s life. In this battle for survival, this nation needs a Will Kane. There are countless fronts open demanding concurrent and immediate attention. With limited resources, both financial and human, available it is indeed a monumental task but a challenge that needs to be met head on. Another five years of gerrymandering must spell doom. The buck stops right at the top. If solitary will needs to provide the remedy then so be it. This is why I have always supported presidential democracy over the parliamentary dispensation. Consensus must be sought to a point, when it fails there is right to action, with accountability of course. Terror, fanaticism, extremism per se must be eliminated. Politics has to take a secondary role in this aspect. Fact, there is no such thing as a good terrorist. So those advising any political leader should consider this and the leader must know this. The fear of a political party hijacking this vote if action is taken rather than overtures is not necessarily correct. First, terrorists cannot be trusted and second they are not a vote bank. Electoral results are proof. Importantly they are no friends of Pakistan. They kill Pakistanis and attack Pakistani assets. They have tasted blood and know only terror as a form of governance. We, Pakistanis are witness to two decades of their relentless drive of subjugating and abusing human rights, first in governing Afghanistan after the Russians and then the recent past. Tragically the Pakistani terrorist takes a foreign terrorist leader as his Rehbar (leader). What we need is a tacit rejection of terrorism. No political party should even touch the leper. They should have no home to rest in. Therefore, this desire of certain political forces of being first past the post to welcome the ‘good’ ones is filled with flaws. In any case, it is common knowledge that one is an ‘umbrella’ group and there are plenty of other ‘groups’ that may or may not operate entirely under the control of the umbrella. With the quality of intelligence available, who knows! The Americans have historically been talking to the “wrong guy” despite having massive intelligence resources available. Why is the government so confident it will be talking to the ‘right’ guys? Especially when America’s myth of asking Pakistan to “do more” has blown up in everyone’s face after the Sikander saga in Islamabad. “More” of what, that? So, yes consensus to deal with terrorism is fine, to a point. But when terrorism loops out of control, as it is right now, especially with the ‘secondarys’ flaring in Karachi, where graveyards are full to the brim with more bodies arriving daily, it is time to flex muscles. This dithering is the most significant cause for the paralysis that reigns. The people are impatiently demanding denied delivery. The results of the past week’s bye-elections provide tangible proof of

their thinking. Despite the trumpeted victories, the loss of Imran Khan’s seats in Peshawar and Mianwali and Shahbaz Sharif’s seat in Lahore are no small matter. Papers moving at snail’s pace, pronouncements are irrelevant in the long run to the poor and needy. Prestigious projects are meaningless to them. Yes, some are nationally important but they must move side by side with the basics, not in exclusion. Nawaz Sharif got it right, when he told a committee in Balochistan, I heard it personally on TV, that two years means two years when completing projects. Not Pakistan’s history of endless unfinished projects. That must be finished too. The FDI has suffered due to rampant extremism and has not been helped by court decisions that are not conducive to investment bonhomie. To give investors comfort legislation ten years ago provided sanctity to foreign investment from lower courts that had plagued it for years. The superior courts have not been excessively supportive either with some decisions, killing projects and development. Cases in point: Reko-Diq and Pakistan Steel. The courts need to decide where and where not to exercise “jurisdiction”. The PM’s interest in Balochistan must inspire confidence. A Hong Konglike status to Gwadar, if well conceived and put together is workable. Balochistan government’s equity stake in a mega 6,600 MW power plant is again very positive. But they need to ensure ground broken and implementation began. Nawaz’s visit to Sukkur to see for himself flood damage is encouraging to say the least and will go some way in allowing the people of Sindh to not feel isolated. There is undoubtedly a panacea for all these ills, complex as they are. In simple words just get on with it. Don’t let Machiavellian political agendas either deter or drive the objective. God has been kind to Nawaz Sharif. The PM has had both a glorious and an inglorious innings but history will eventually judge him for what he delivers in this unprecedented third term. The resources at hand should not restrict him; he should seek the best knowledge. If it is not locally available go abroad. The lemmings can be parked gainfully but they should not hold monopoly on policy. Governments are tied down to political ideology normally. Here there is a complete absence of that on the political scene. Therefore government should cash in on it. Begin grass root delivery and earn votes. Making absolutely certain that there is equitable distribution in all four provinces. It is very important for the PML-N government to remove the stigma of being Punjab-centric that it suffers from. Taking a lesson from High Noon, it is a lonely walk yes, but a brilliant one if you are faster to the holster than the others. The writer can be contacted at:

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-32535230 E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively

what’s wrong with peace? If one has to look for the third force trying to put a spanner in an already-stalled peace process between India and Pakistan, he/she shall just drive around Karachi (and other major urban centres) to view the wall-chalkings calling for jihad being the only way out to punish India. These wall-chalkings are not from some shady groups but from well-known religious and sectarian parties and outfits (banned or not, that makes no difference in Pakistan). Unfortunately these hate-mongers are not just limited to defacing the city’s walls; their comrades are active near and across the border, ready to act when given the green signal to start derailment of peace process between these two neighbours. After May 2013 elections, a Punjab dominated political force took over Islamabad; one would have expected that the presumed thaw with India will win the nod from overwhelmingly Punjab-based army and religious parties. Both countries started to work out meeting schedules to resume negotiations on different pending issues. Both the Indian and Pakistani prime ministers are scheduled to meet in September. Obviously all these developments are not acceptable to hawks on either side of the border. Last weekend’s attack on Indian consulate in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, was blamed on terrorists holed

up in the lawless tribal areas. If that was not enough, then came the flash on the Line-of-Control (LoC) wherein it’s being blamed by India that twenty heavily armed terrorists accompanied by persons in Pakistan army uniform attacked an Indian army patrol in Poonch sector in Indian-held Kashmir. Five Indian soldiers were killed in the ambush; this daring act of violence was good enough to trigger skirmishes on LoC, killing and wounding many more soldiers. Regardless of the fact who shot the first bullet, one may safely presume that it’s not from the political leadership. But if the political leadership gets drifted, as was evident in Delhi the other day when Congress’ youth wing tried to storm the Pakistan High Commission building, then the outcome is obvious. It will be a victory for those whose sole aim is spelled out on Karachi’s walls – no to peace, no to normalisation of relations, but yes to proxy wars, yes to terrorist activities, yes to ammunition dumps – all in the name of religion and nationalism. Now it’s a test case for the Indian and Pakistani leadership, media and political vanguards for the better sense to prevail. Let’s see if Nawaz Sharif and Manmohan Singh are able to put the hostile elements in their place, or will they also be swayed away with hate-politics, a time-tested tactic to win elections in North India and Pakistani Punjab. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

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Struggle shapes our character. And character dictates what we will become. –Jeff Goins




Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

Discourse on democracy O the best choice for the job?

Satanic acronyms what do india, iSrael, uSa, dollar and imf actually stand for?



HE conspiring West and the enemies of Islam are constantly coming up with means to demean our religion and our great country. Most of their efforts are dedicated to mock and taunt us. Because, let’s face it, no matter how much worldly development they conjure, they can never reach the status that Muslims and Pakistanis have in the world, and more importantly in the afterlife. Among many of their petty tactics is the use of satanic acronyms that they propagate through their cunning media, and we end up falling in their vicious trap. Likes for instance, until recently I had no idea that LOL, commonly misperceived as “Laughing Out Loud”, actually stands for “Lucifer Our Lord”. And may Allah bless that dear brother on Facebook who corrected me at the right time, or I’d have worshipped the living daylights out of Lucifer through a laughter veneration mechanism. Similarly, it took me a little while before I realised that PEPSI stands for “Pay Each Penny to Save Israel”. Never have I had a sip of that satanic cola after that, but I’m afraid by the time I had experienced the rude awakening I had drunk enough galleons to singlehandedly finance Israel’s defence budget till the early 2000s. However, I count myself incredibly fortunate to have found the righteous path just as I was about to strike optimum ignorance. Sick and tired of these low blows and infinite conspiracies, I went on an Arrivals-esque research surge to ensure that I dug out all the major satanic acronyms that our enemies have created to degrade us. This compilation has taken three years’ worth of undercover espionage that took me from Tel Aviv to Washington to Bangalore, and the results are as shocking as they are disgraceful. Here are some of the most common satanic acronyms that we use almost every day, much to the delight of our enemies…

INDIA Who would have thought that “India” could have its raison d’être hidden in its name? Never did anyone think that with names like Bharat and Hindustan already there, why the country would need a third name, and choose to proliferate it more than the other two. The denial of the supremacy of Islam and Muslim rule over the entire region is in the country’s name. Ladies and gentlemen, INDIA actually stands for: Islam Never Developed inside Asia. ISRAEL What Israel actually stands for isn’t surprising, but the fact that over 65 years after its creation no one has been able to unearth it, definitely is. A country whose sole purpose of creation was to counter Islam in a predominantly Islamic region could only have anti-Islamic aims and ambitions, as has been reflected by Israel’s actions since its inception. And hence, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find out that ISRAEL actually stands for: Islam Should Remain an Extinct Legacy. USA What can a country of Satans hide in its name? Glorification of its satanic identity of course! The very existence of America is dedicated to fighting against God and propagating Satan worship all over the globe. And so, rather predictably, USA stands for: United Satanic Authority; or simply US for: United Satans. Dollar As we all know that the dollar is one of the tools that America uses to rubberstamp its global hegemony. But what greater good – rather greater evil – do the Americans achieve from economic monopoly? The answer lies in the name: dollar. It’s pretty obvious that America is trying to gulp our wealth and use it for their devilish purposes and hence DOLLAR rather appositely stands for: Donate Our Lucifer Lord All Rupees. IMF Anyone with an inkling of worldly know-how knows that the hub of antiIslamic manoeuvres, especially in the fiscal realm, is the IMF. All the loan deals, all the bailouts have a distinctly bitter anti-Islamic flavour. And so when on a special mission in Washington, I came across a few classified papers revealing what IMF is short for, everything fit seamlessly into picture. IMF obviously stands for: Islam Must Flop. And now that we know what the names of major anti-Islamic loci stand for, let’s take a look at a few IT terms and everyday acronyms that have a satanic core. WWW Every time you type, “www” before a site’s domain, you’re basically admit-

ting that “We Worship Wine”. Now the West knows that wine is forbidden for Muslims, and that we can’t imagine worshiping any other entity except Allah, and yet they force us into stating that we worship wine multiple times in a day. The best way to counter this is to completely avoid the “www” and type the domain followed by dot com – that will teach those infidels a lesson. HTTP When you type, or see, “HTTP”, you have “How to Trouble Pakistan” on your mind. And so it’s no big surprise that most of the global conspiracies against our country originate from the internet. The best way to counter this is, again, by ignoring everything before the domain name, and try not to think of anything when you see HTTP written somewhere on your internet explorer. MEME The fact that that Islamophobic atheist Richard Dawkins came up with this term should have told the Muslims that they shouldn’t use it. “MEME” stands for “Murder Every Muslim Entity” and Dawkins’ recent tweets alone tell you how much hate he spews against Muslims. So before you laugh at various memes that your “friends” share, please do realise that it’s the devil worshippers who are actually laughing at us. Everyday acronyms The Hindustani influence in churning out satanic acronyms has meant that a lot of their creations are now a part of the everyday usage. Acronyms like BTW (Bhagwan the Warrior), OK (Oh Krishna!) and PS (Pakistan Sucks) have unfortunately become ubiquitous now. Also avoid saying ATM, which can mean both “Against the Muslims” or “Atheists Torment Muslims” and even OMG which stands for “One More God” and is an insult to the Islamic concept of Tauheed. These are just a few examples of how the infidels force us to insult our own religious and nationalistic sentiments on a daily basis. My personal journey, started with LOL and should eventually culminate in an encyclopaedia of satanic acronyms to guide our Muslim brothers. Please spread the word and tell your fellow Muslims that when they say LOL they acknowledge Lucifer as their lord; when they LMAO they recognise Lucifer as their absolute omnipotent and when they say ROFL, they do something to Lucifer which cannot unfortunately be printed here. The writer is a financial journalist and a cultural critic. Email:, Twitter: @khuldune

NCE at Harvard Law School, Barrack Obama connived with a coup. His class of Re-inventing Democracy overthrew its professor, Roberto Unger, by popular consent. The class, playfully,‘elected’ a student to be the ‘professor’ and decided for Unger, to instead, attend as an ordinary student. It was their attempt to show their professor that while he advocated re-invention of democracy in the world, his own class was run in a hierarchical manner where he “taught by lecturing” and his students “learned by trying to digest what he said since he set the agenda, the content and the tenor of the discussion.” The professor got the point and asked his ‘radical’ democrats to develop a syllabus, an agenda and a reading list. The task was never finished, presumably, because of their lack of SHAHzEb KHAN experience. While Obama and his mates had been rhetorically sound, the task for which they were elected (democratically) was beyond them. The professor was indeed the best choice for his job. When it comes to democracy, however, choosing the best representative to do the job of governing a society is less simple. Unlike a professor, who has solid academic credentials i.e. a degree, published works etc. to earn a job, a politician, whose job is in no manner less important than that of a professor – rather more important than a professor in many ways, does not require any concretecredentials which allow him to contest for the public office. While there are mechanisms in place to test the veracity of documentary claims made by a professor applicant, in the case of a politician, no similar practice is followed. Even when a few criteria do exist, Article 62, 63 in case of Pakistan, these are either intangible or not implemented rigorously. “Democracy” as the American jurist, Oliver Holmes said, “is what the crowd wants.” While many here in Pakistan present spirited critiques of the system, hardly anyone has plausible alternatives to offer. The idea that the masses cannot correctly select the best candidates for themselves is widely believed. Clever canvassing is considered prime determinant in winning elections.The skill they put to use most frequently and unscrupulously is rhetoric to build a verbal alternative to reality, and with various machinations, ensure it is bought by the electorate. Many thinkers have craved for an informed electorate. John Stuart Mill had wanted every adult to vote “but only after compulsory secondary education had been instituted and had time to take effect.” The problem again is quite complicated. There is hardly any connection between being “educated” and choosing wisely the right representative for oneself. All those familiar with the content of our curriculum would testify without hesitation that it is not geared towards such an end. In the absence of a populace that can make reasoned judgment, electioneering is simply a contest at populism. In the words of Bernard Crick, a political theorist, “Political leaders can cry education, education, education but with their manipulation of the media, sound-bites, and emotive slogans rather than reasoned public debate.” Thanks to the almighty media corporations, this seriously flawed system of elections is never seriously debated since it is part of the capitalist outlook. Hardly any critique of this imperfect system, which, in the context of Pakistan, facilitates the rise of the moneyed class and allows them to entrench their hegemony, finds its way to the public space. Whatever critique of this practice of democracy manages to find its way to the public arena normally is archaic and presents the anachronistic model khilafat in a sentimental manner and fails to articulate or address myriad problems in its implementation in the post-9/11, post-Ottoman and post-nation state world. It would be interesting to raise the following questions in this context: Why is it that countries cannot be run like universities or organizations where a team which is considered more experienced or wise selected on the basis of transparent, solid credentials and allowed to run the affairs? Can’t states be run in a similar manner where excellence is preferred over every other virtue? Arête had been a Greek word used to mean just that. Even in India, during the chaotic denouement of the Mughal era, Shah Waliullah had expressed a similar desire in terms of the rule of the best as opposed to the divine right of the king to rule. But this hardly simplifies the matter as the question remains as to who should judge the arête of the would-be rulers. In our country, democracy is far from “reasoned public debate.” Canvassing here is not what thinkers ideally visualize for a democracy. Here, the basic understanding of those who have to elect is faulty as no attempt has ever been made to teach them about how democracy actually functions. Here, in the recent elections, everybody wanted quick fixes and the contesting candidates knew how to exploit. Every single candidate and party claimed to end its miseries and the electorate gullibly suspended its disbelief. The most glaring problem with our version of democracy has been our politicians’ sheer lack of capacity for informed debate and legislation. They are adept at winning elections, but once they reach the parliament, most of them are unable to discuss and debate in a manner that is conducive to effective legislation. There is a hangover from their electioneering and mutually hostile attitude becomes the biggest hurdle in their way to achieve something meaningful for the masses. Shifting hostilities between various houses has almost become a tradition in the country. Even a modicum of team work is absent, what to talk of synergizing for a better Pakistan. Ideally, our parliamentarians have to argue, bring their experience, knowledge and wisdom to perform tasks related to management of human societies. One cannot imagine a task grander or nobler than this. It, however, turns into a farce when our street-smart politicians make a mockery of this worthy occupation. Mostly, when they open their mouths it is either some shallow rhetorical outpouring or a tirade against someone. Regretfully, most of our media thrive on such nuggets and fail to strongly criticize this disdainful attitude. Rather, practitioners of such outpourings are tacitly supported and celebrated in the media as they, advertently, assist media houses in upping their ratings. Our opinion makers need to change dynamics of the discourse we come across in the public space. Brushing essential issues under the carpet would not make them go away. Democracy does not operate in a vacuum. Celebratory ditties of democracy sung by politicians have to be deconstructed and not gullibly bought by our intellectuals. Sincere means of transforming the populace into smart electorate have to be initiated. Civil society, opinion and policy makers must stop being at the mercy of the daily unfolding of dramatic outcomes. They must realise when foundations are shaky, gilding the façade does not help. The writer is currently pursuing a PhD degree and teaches at Government College University, Lahore. He can be contacted at

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All I wanted was just what everybody else wants, you know, to be loved — Rita Hayworth

arts Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

SoMeone’S jealouS! Selena GoMez DRoolInG oveR Clooney Sorry, Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez may have won big at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, but she’s got her eye on another prize: George Clooney! PHOTOS: Check out Selena and other celebs who attended the VMAs The 21-year-old, who scored a Moonman for Best Pop Video for latest hit single “Come & Get It” revealed to E! News her latest celebrity crush is none other than Hollywood’s hottest hunk. When asked who her celebrity crush is, the songstress admitted: “Well I once said Logan Lerman but now it’s George Clooney.” Hmm, now that’s a couple we’d love to follow. Not to mention, Selooney has a nice ring to it. Selena also told E! exclusively that her favorite performance from Sunday night’s show was Robin Thicke. “I really thought the collaboration with Miley was amazing!” she said. “Loved! I thought Robin should have won.” COuRTESy EO

Simon Cowell and his ladylove share a laugh in St Tropez.


CCLAIMED designer Nida Azwer has announced her label’s participation ina series of international fashion events featuring the launch of the brand’s new collections, fashion shows and exhibitions across India, USA, Singapore and the Middle East in the firsthalf of Autumn/Winter season 2013. From 22nd to 26th August 2013, Nida Azwerwill showcaseher ensembles across the border inDelhiwith an exhibition of the brand’s “Willam Morgan and Morris” and Eid Collections, along with other designers from Pakistan. The five daysexhibition will be held at Crescent Mall, New Delhi, India and will be open from 11:00am to 7:00pm. Further, the label will be participating in Fashion Pakistan USA 2013 scheduled to be held on 31st August 2013 in New York where the label will debuting their new formal wear collection titled “Kashani.” The collection is inspired by the floral and figurative tile work reflective of the Mughal period. The new line incorporates varied shirt lengths which include classic kurtas to Nida’s signature angharka’s and flowy coats. Nida has used fabrics such as silks, chiffons and maisuri featuring fine zardozi, resham and kamdani work. The exhibited collection will also be available at the brand’s Lahore and Karachi stores. Fashion Pakistan USA will be followed by 2 two day exhibitionsin New Jersey and Los Angeles each where the designers will be retailing the collec-

tions exhibited earlier in New Delhi and New York. Speaking about her brand’s international tour, designer Nida Azwer said, “The success of platforms such as Pakistan Fashion Week and PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week have created heightened exposure for local designers who are now being approached by international fashion councils and associations to participate in their global exhibitions.It’s good to know that Pakistani fashion is resonating well with the international fashion community and that the demand for Pakistani fashion is strong in international markets. The Nida Azwer brand has a busy two months ahead of it but I’m sure it will be a productive and eye-opening experience!” Later in September, the label will be participating in two fashion shows; one in Chicago being held on the 6th of September with the other being the Ishq-e-Fashion showin Singapore on 14th September 2013. At the Chicago show, the brand will be introducing its new Eid collection titled “Wazir Khan Collection” in time for Eid-ul-Adha. Inspired by Persian artworks, the collection will feature numerous digital and screen printed tunics, jumpsuits and angharka’s in fun and vibrant colour palettes on luxe fabrics such as cottonnet, chiffons and silks. For this particular collection, the designer has introduced laser cutting techniques with slight embellishments to inculcate a festive feeling in the outfits. This collection will also be available at the brand’s retail stores by the end of September 2013.

At Ishq-e-Fashion Singapore, the brand will be showcasing a new pret wear collection titled “The Rangeen Collection”, encompassing a fresh colour palette featuring fresh pastel pinks, vibrant tones of pinks and oranges highlighted with accents of green and blue. The collection will predominately consist of varying lengths of shirts in cottonnet, chiffons and silks and will be available in all Nida Azwer outlets f r o m 15thSeptemb e r onwards.The brand will also hold an exhibition in Dubai on 1st October 2013. NEWS DESK

meera speaKs oUt against ‘ChennaI exPReSS’ finally steams past ‘3 idiots’ jUdgmentaL attitUdes After entertaining us for years, the Lollywood queen wants to put an end to all jokes made about her English and age, miffed actress expresses her frustration, saying that those who mock her must now face her wrath. She is set to take legal action against all who make fun of her, and is starting with TV show host Hamid Mir. “Hamid Mir has given out wrong information to the general public. He said he’s been watching me on TV for the past 27 years whereas, I entered the industry as a child star in 1995,” she says in an angry tone, claiming that it’s misinformation. “He is a senior journalist and he

should not share false news. This is not the right kind of journalism that he is promoting.” Wary of his intentions, she asks, “What personal grudge does he have against me? What kind of a national agenda is this that he’s insulting me?” Meera says that she had high regard and expectations from a man of Mir’s calibre but was left stunned when she watched the Eid transmission on Geo — hosted by cricketer Shoaib Akhtar — where she feels she was mocked. Comments regarding age and looks are secondary when it comes to making heads turn for Meera. It’s the way she speaks English that has really brought her into the limelight. “No one has the right to make fun of me or my English. Either you prove it or you sit quietly,” she says. NEWS DESK

‘Chennai Express’ box office collections have yet again made it obvious that it’s the audience that can make or break a film at the ticket window. Tweeting the box office collection numbers, well-known film trade analyst Taran Adarsh said, “Rohit Shetty becomes most successful director of Hindi cinema: 3 centuries and 1 double century. Four films that feature in 100 cr+ grossers!” Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express has crossed the Rs. 200 crore mark in a very short period. In fact, it also crossed the 100 crore mark in the shortest time period. Rohit Shetty’s understanding of the perfect ingredients for a typical masala Bollywood film clubbed with the business and marketing acumen of Shah Rukh helped Chennai Express thwart the records of Amir Khan’s 3 Idiots, which has been ruling the top grossers charts till date. At the same time, with this success Rohit Shetty too has emerged as the Bollywood’s commercial movie king. Rohit Shetty’s four films including Singham, Golmaal 3, Bol Bachchan, have made it to the Rs 100 crore club. COuRTESy TOI

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I tried being reasonable, I didn’t like it — Clint Eastwood

ARTS Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

13 A

The RevIewS aRe In! SeeMS lIKe a SIxeR


OR anyone vaguely interested in rolling along with Pakistani cinema’s new-blood revival would have given a smidgen of consideration to Main Hoon Shahid Afridi (MHSA), the ‘first’ Pakistani sportsflick dunked deep in family drama starring Humayun Saeed, Noman Habib, Javed Sheikh,

Nadeem Baig, Ismail Tara, Shafqat Cheema – and about a gazillion cameos from anyone abstractedly linked to the industry. Bearing in mind the bash of a premiere yesterday, think of the cameos as family-support for Mr. Saeedand Shahzad Nasib’s sure fire blockbuster; And, in case anyone forgets about either their or ARY Films’ – who distributes the

movie along with Mandviwalla Entertainment – place in the industry, this is one extended family. The love part from the industry is infectious, but it never seeps into the feature film; at least not directly. Mr. Saeed plays Akbar Deen, a pro-cricketer who’s the pride-and-joy of his familythat includes a mom, a pop (Mr. Baig), a wife (Mahnoor Baloch) and son. Akbar gets implicated with illegal drugs after he gets drunk by an orange juice drink and a (quite revealing) dance item by Mathira (the song is Masti Main Doobi by Neeti Wagh and Shani). It is – quite literally – a flash, which dumps Akbar in a jail cell and bats his career out of the cricket grounds. Years later, Shahid (Noman Habib), an on-the-breadline prodigy youngster from Sialkot who works the cash register in a local restaurant, pushes the owner of his local cricket club (Ismail Tara, playing Malick Khalid) to try the team for a Pepsisponsored tournament. A few beats later, and rather vapidly, Akbar signs up as the team’s coach. Their rivals, silver spoons who reach the cricketing grounds by choppers, are employed by Mian Asif Qureishi (Mr. Sheikh senior), and includes Mikaal Qureishi (Shahzad Sheikh), Akbar’s son. For those of us who are still biased to put MHSA along Chak De India, I have one thing to say: please don’t. Mr. Saeed’s film written by Vasay Chaudhary, working from a

scarred-underdog/least bet-team that wins the cup formula,devises enough deviations in its revved up pace to make the distinctions obvious. A few unresolved angles (the husbandwife split-up; the rich father-in-law vs. the cricketer son-in-law) do dig ruts within MHSA’s narrative. Nevertheless these are just minor botches that are easily swept under the rug by the speed of MHSA’s execution. As performances go, I have a sincere advice for Mr. Saeed: stop acting for the small-screen. Mr. Saeed, who mostly equips his acting arsenal with scowls and growls and a tear drop or two, kicks in some class nuances in unexpected nooks and crannies. And with 70% (maybe more) screen-time to his Akbar, Mr. Saeed becomes a central point of weight for MSHA. Noman Habib, as the engaging rural Shahid Afridi, piles on the innocence, but more often than not his naiveté and unsophistication (acting wise) becomes rather apparent.Ms. Baloch is plastic, and like the most expensive kind is (unblinkingly) fixed in place. Ainy Jaffri, the big city girl with big,big eyes, who falls for Shahid is flimsy, because of the way she’s placed in the film – rather like Asym Mehmood, Ainan Arif and Gohar Rasheed, who are fairly good to average depending on the scale and cliché of their exposure. Mr. Arif plays Michael Magnet, a Chris-

tian who makes way for some minor obligatory racial biasness.Like every conflict, the resolution is nippy if not shrewd (case in point: the estranged father-son dilemma between Mr. Baig and Mr. Saeed, which piles up, only to open a separate narrative track). Sometimes – for example, the climax and the cricket matches – the hastiness works against the anticipation. Still, for a bulk of its entirety, MHSA swaps between characters one ends up rooting for: the roll-call includes Majeed Maulvi, the slightly racist, short-tempered Pathan played by Humza Ali Abbasi, Mr. Sheikh’s stereotypical villain Asif Qureishi and Mr. Cheema’s brilliantly played Bashir Bhatti, a worthless, gambling self-indulgent father to Shahid. The only other actor who stands up to Mr. Cheema’s vivid charisma and dexterity is Mr. Tara, whose presence even dominates Mr. Saeed in some scenes. MHSA isn’t unblemished as far as technicality is concerned. A few issues with color grading (sometimes apparent within cuts in a continuous location), camera/resolution/sharpness issues in cricket matches (and no, we aren’t fooled into thinking we’re seeing a televised broadcast) pop up and fade away, oft times by the sheer aesthetic diligence of putting on the show. NEWS DESK

drops tHe F-BomB at tHe Vma’s! Apparently, Taylor Swift’s fierce musings aren’t confined to just her songs’ lyrics. The singer appeared to throw some shade at her ex Harry Styles and his band, One Direction, when she seemingly unleashed a potty-mouthed zinger Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards while the boy banders took the stage. And it was all caught on camera. Sitting with pal Selena Gomez, the 23-year-old Swift was watching One Direction from the audience when she appeared to mouth the words “Shut the f—k up.” Chalk it up to yet another watercooler moment from the singer at the VMAs: Earlier in the night, while accepting the award for Best Female Video for “I Knew You Were Trouble,” Swift gave a shoutout to “who I wrote this song about cause you know who you are and now I have this award.” The camera then cut to Styles, who smirked as he kept chewing his gum. (Not quite the stellar night for the 1D boys: At one point, they were briefly booed while accepting their Moonman for Song of the Summer, for “Best Song Ever.”) Then again, Styles seems to have resigned himself to the fact that he—along with any other guy Swift has dated—will always be fodder for savory musical material. During an interview with Us Weekly, the 19-year-old Styles said, “It would be hypocritical for me to say she couldn’t do it because everybody writes songs based on personal experience.” But he did give props where they were due: “At least she’s a great songwriter!” NEWS DESK

eD SheeRan anD ellIe GoulDInG

the new lovebirds?

People were talking about the MTV Video Music Awards, all right—and not just about the night’s big winners. British rockers Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding set the Twitterverse afire when they were seen sitting together and holding hands while watching the show Sunday night at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The sweet moment quickly went viral as fans began speculating whether the two were more than just friends. The 26-year-old Goulding, however, seemed far from amused by the chatter: Immediately afterward, she took to Twitter to set the record straight. “I love that holding hands with my friends means we’re an item,” she wrote. “In that case I am in many

relationships. Lover not a hater. #whatthef*ck” Sheeran isn’t the only pal of Goulding’s who’s piqued fans’ interest. Media reports recently surfaced claiming that she was spotted kissing One Direction boy bander Niall Horan. On Aug. 18, the two reportedly watched Kings of Leon perform at the V Festival in Essex, England, and at one point, Horan supposedly leaned in for a kiss. The duo were purportedly flanked by bodyguards, who helped shield the stars from onlookers’ prying eyes. A source tells E! News, though, that there is “no truth” to the romance rumors and that Goulding is still with her boyfriend, War Horse actor Jeremy Irvine. COuRTESy EO

Courtney Kardashian takes some time off from the kids with a stroll.

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Who has suffered? The families of the dead, no doubt. But a greater loss was inflicted on Pakistan because, as I said, we lost the pillars of our society. –Pervez Musharraf


has the grave of alexander inFotainment the Great been found? Tuesday, 27 August, 2013


8 A massive volcanic eruption on the island of Krakatoa blows up most of the island and results in tsunamis that kills over 36,000 people. 8 The Kellogg-Briand Pact, outlawing war, was signed. 8 US troops began landing in Japan after Japan’s surrender in World War II. 8 The US launched the Mariner II space probe.


SPRayable CoFFee? eneRGy In a Can Many people rely on a cup of coffee or two to wake them up in the morning or pick them up during the working day, but now a chemist has come up with a speedy alternative to crafting a cuppa. US biochemist Ben Yu has created ‘Sprayable Energy,’ which claims to be the world’s first caffeine - based topical energy spray. He said flagging workers can spray a ‘shot’ of caffeine onto their skin without experiencing a strong buzz, loading up on unnecessary calories or being stuck with a nasty aftertaste like they might get from drinking energy drinks or coffee. The website says the product ‘can be taken in seconds, doesn’t make you crash, is more affordable than current products and isn’t full of mystery ingredients.’ Mr Yu, 26, and his venture capitalist business partner, Deven Soni, 33, are raising funds for their spray on crowd-sourcing site Indiegogo and have already exceeded their $15,000 target. The patent-pending caffeine spray is an odourless liquid that is absorbed through the skin and distributed through the body over a number of hours to deliver a caffeine hit that apparently lasts longer than guzzling a cup of coffee. Each small aluminium bottle of Sprayable Energy contains around 160 sprays - the equivalent amount of caffeine to 40 cups of coffee and the creators say it is a much cheaper way of getting a caffeine fix than popping to a cafe. Mr Yu told Inc. Magazine that he came up with the idea as an alternative to coffee, which is ‘like a roller coaster ride of energy,’ The Huffington Post reported. In a bid to develop an alternative, the biochemist researched nicotine patches and asked his father, who has a PhD in Chemistry to work with him to find out how caffeine can be easily absorbed. The only active ingredient in the spray is caffeine, which the pair found can naturally enter the human body through the skin by passing through cell membranes as it is very similar to nicotine in structure. NEWS DESK


RCHAEOLOGISTS have uncovered what could be the grave of Alexander the Great at a site near ancient Amphipolis. The warrior king - who ruled in the 4th century BC - was thought to be buried in Egypt. But experts have now become excited after they uncovered a marble-faced wall dating from the time. The structure measures an impressive wall measuring 500 metres long and three metres high, which archaeologists believe could contain a royal grave. The site near ancient Amphipolis lies 370 miles north of Athens. Site archaeologist Aikaterini Peristeri has voiced hopes of finding ‘a significant indi-

vidual or individuals’ within. A Culture Ministry statement has enthused that the archaeologists have partly excavated a mound that has yielded a ‘very remarkable’ marblefaced wall from the late 4th century BC. Experts believe the ancient artificial mound could contain the remains of the king, or is at least an important royal Macedonian grave. The news has captured the Greek public’s imaginations and many people are hopeful the site will solve the mystery of where Alexander the Great rests. However, Greece’s Culture Ministry has warned against ‘overbold’ speculation that archaeologists are close to uncovering the king’s remains. Alexander III of Macedon, also known as Alexander the Great, was a king of Macedon, a state in northern

ancient Greece. He was born in Pella in 356 BC and was tutored by Aristotle until the age of 16. However, by the age of 30 he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas. Undefeated in all his battles, he is considered one of history’s most successful commanders. He succeeded his father to the throne in 336BC and inherited a strong kingdom and experienced army. Having been awarded the generalship of Greece, he commenced his father’s military expansion plans and in 334 BC began a series of campaigns that lasted 10 years. He conquered the whole of the Persian Empire but being an ambitious warrior, seeking to reach the ‘ends of the world,’ he invaded India in 326 BC but later turned

back. It is believed Alexander the Great died in Babylon in 323 BC before his plans to invade Arabia. He is credited with founding some 20 cities that bore his name, including Alexandria in ancient Egypt, and spread Greece’s culture east. There are several stories about where Alexander the Great was buried after he suddenly died of a fever at the age of just 32 - although some believe he was poisoned. History tells that his body was laid to rest in a gold sarcophagus filled with honey. It is said to have been taken to Memphis before Alexandria in Egypt where it remained until late Antiquity. Famous Romans Pompey, Augustus and Julius Caesar are all said to have visited his tomb in Alexandria, with Caligula reportedly swiping the warrior’s breastplate for a souvenir.

Possession of the privates! Cops say man tried to perform exorcism with genitals NEWS DESK Who you gonna call? NOT this guy. Huang Jianjun was arrested this month in China’s Guangdong Province for allegedly convincing a

woman that his penis could get rid of evil spirits in her vagina, according to a translation of the Southern Metropolis Daily by the Global Times. The victim allegedly came to the self-described “Ghostbuster” be-

cause she needed help seducing her boss who she had a crush on. That’s when Jianjun allegedly pitched the unorthodox exorcism idea. Huang then convinced [the victim] to have intercourse after explaining that ghosts in her vagina are preventing her boss from falling in love with her - ghosts he could only catch with his penis Jianjun allegedly told authorities he couldn’t have had sex with the victim because diabetes prevents him from achieving an erection. As TNT Down Under surmises, “So it turns out he wouldn’t have been able to help with the ghost problem after all.” The story has also caused the Frisky’s Ami Angelowicz to breakup with the so-called buster of ghosts. “Huang, you have crossed the line. You are a sick f--k,” Angelowicz writes in an angry letter announcing the severing of her romantic ties with Jianjun.

you can’t catch me! man accuses of smuggling uranium in shoes COURTESY HP Federal officials in Miami say a man from Sierra Leone has been charged with brokering a uranium deal intended for Iran. Patrick Campbell was arrested Wednesday in Queens, N.Y. The 33year-old made his initial court appearance Thursday. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations office conducted the investigation. According to the criminal complaint filed in the Southern District of

Florida, Campbell brokered the supply of goods he knew were destined for supply to Iran. The complaint alleges that Campbell travelled to the US from Sierra Leone on Wednesday with a sample of uranium hidden in the soles of his shoes in his luggage. It’s not known if he has an attorney. If convicted, Campbell faces up to 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine.

900-yeaR olD aFRICan CoInS Reveal who GoT To auSTRalIa FIRST! Solving the mystery of how 900-year-old African coins ended up in remote Australia could not only recast the history of foreign contact Down Under, but shed light on Aboriginal rock art. How the ancient Kilwa coins, believed to date from about 1100, came to be discovered on the Wessels Islands off the Northern Territory in 1944 has long posed questions about foreign visits to far off Australian shores. Australian Ian McIntosh, a professor of anthropology at Indiana University-Purdue University in the United States, said rock art found on the islands -which includes one image which appears to show a type of European sailing vessel -- could hold some clues. ‘A big part of the next stage will be documenting, dating and interpreting (the art), together with indigenous peoples,’ McIntosh told AFP from his home in Indiana. The Kilwa coins were discovered lying in the sand by Royal Australian Air Force radar operator Maurie Isenberg during World War II when he was stationed on the island as the Pacific conflict raged. He found nine coins in all, five African copper pieces and four Dutch coins of European origin which are not nearly as old. Isenberg initially tried to sell the coins but was unsuccessful. He put them away for decades and it wasn’t until 1979 that he sent them to a museum for identification, along with a map showing where he had found them. McIntosh said there were several theories on the coins, including that they were washed ashore after a shipwreck. European sailors are known to have sailed the coast of Australia in the 1600s, but it wasn’t until Captain James Cook landed in Sydney’s Botany Bay in 1770 that the British laid claim to the country. The coins -- believed to have originated in the medieval sultanate of Kilwa, an area which is now in Tanzania -- have led to speculation that parts of northern Australia were visited by other mariners from as far away as the Middle East and Africa. COuRTESy DM

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SPORTS Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

Rhodes advises seizure-affected umar to be patient

Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps. –Tiger Woods

PCb FaIlS To MaKe The beST oF a baD baRGaIn the board waS robbed of rS 700 m for not holding india tour, PSl LAHORE


MUMBAI: Former South African batsman Jonty Rhodes has advised Pakistani batsman Umar Akmal to be patient and follows the doctor’s advice for his seizure illness. Umar Akmal has recently been diagnosed with seizure, which is co-related with epilepsy, the disease which affected the Test players like late Tony Greig and Jonty Rhodes. In medical terms, the frequent attacks of seizure is called epilepsy. Speaking exclusively over his mobile from South Africa, the 45-year-old Rhodes said, “Umkar Akmal has to be patient and strictly follow the medications prescribed by his doctor”. “A seizure is a sudden surge of vibration creative activity in the brain. The frequency of attack is different in different people because all people have different brains”. Earlier this month, the youngest of Adnan and Kamran Akmals, Umar had to spend a night in hospital after a seizure on the flight to Jamaica in West Indies where he went to play. “Akmal has a long cricketing career ahead and this disease is curable if proper dosage of medicine is maintained. He must look after himself”, Rhodes added. Rhodes had a very mild form of epilepsy, so he never had to go I had a very mild form of epilepsy, so never had to go on medication for long. Nowadays, with the medication available, you can continue with your life, and never have to feel that you suffer from this disease”, he signed off. Akmal has been seen by Lahore’s renowned neuro physician Dr. Atiq ur Rehman, who has advised him for some more tests. bIPIN DANI


HE Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has failed to realise earnings of approximately Rs 700 million ($6.7 million) which it expected to collect from its short limited-overs series in India last December and the proposed Super League T20 tournament. According to reports, the matter came up for discussion at Saturday’s meeting of the Governing Board which was informed about the shortfall in earnings in the annual budget. “The PCB was expecting to earn and clear a shortfall of around 700 million rupees from the one-day series in India and the PSL but in both cases it ended up earning nothing,” reports quoted sources. A source said that the Board of

Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) refused to share any revenue from the limited-overs series which was the first bilateral contest between the two nations since 2007 and was held in India. Then the PSL, announced with much fanfare, also fell through in the tenure of former Chairman of the board, Zaka Ashraf due to different reasons. Interestingly, Zaka Ashraf also didn’t press the BCCI for any share in the revenues from the series and made statements to the effect that for Pakistan improving ties with India and resuming bilateral cricket was more important than money. “Instead of earning from the PSL, the board ended up spending on the preparations for the PSL and setting up the PSL secretariat which included consultancy fees to Haroon

Disgraced Chandila denies links with Dawood, Chhota Shakeel


Suspended cricketer Ajit Chandila, arrested in connection with the Indian Premier League (IPL) spot-fixing scandal, on Monday claimed in a Delhi court that he has been “falsely implicated” in the case and there was no evidence of his alleged links with either underworld don Dawood Ibrahim or Chhota Shakeel. Arguing on the bail plea of Chandila, who is presently in judicial custody, his counsel told the court that his client was a “successful cricketer” and the police has not been able to place

any evidence that he was having any common intention to commit such crime. “There is no link with the alleged perpetrators that is Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel...I am a sportsperson. Two of the other sportsperson (S Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan) have been granted bail. I was playing for Rajasthan Royals. I am a successful cricketer.” “They are falsely implicating me. I was performing well. This is a false case just to implicate me,” advocate Rakesh Kumar, appearing for Chandila, told Additional Sessions Judge Dharmesh Sharma. The arguments were advanced

the Governing board had approved a 15 percent hike in monthly retainers of the contracted players their payments were held up due to the budget,” the source said. The budget hasn’t offered a hike for the PCB employees. Another source in the PCB said that the board was hoping to overcome the budget deficit from earning some profits from the coming “home” series against South Africa and Sri Lanka in the UAE. “The ground and title rights have already been sold for USD 1.3 million while the sale of broadcasting rights for the two series should also bring in more revenues,” the source said. Pakistan will also have a strong source of earning from participating in the Asia Cup and the ICC World T20 2014 in Bangladesh, while in early 2015 it will get share from the ICC World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. The source admitted that the PCB’s financial health was tight due to refusal of international teams to tour Pakistan since 2009. “But we are managing as the Chairman Najam Sethi has also ordered to curtail expenses and we now rely heavily on the ICC shares,” he said.

Lorgat and salaries to the Managing Director of the league (Salman Butt) and other employees in the secretariat,” the source said. The Governing Board has approved a provisional budget of around Rs 3 billion (USD 29 million approximately) with a deficit of Rs 500 million for the year 2013-14. The approval came after a delay of around two months because of the PCB matters going into the Islamabad High Court, which later declared in a judgment the election of Ashraf as null and void but also ordered restrictions on the working of Najam Sethi. The source said that the provisional budget approval, however, came as a relief for contracted players who have not been paid their monthly retainers for two months because of the budget not being approved. “Since

when the court was hearing the bail pleas of nine arrested accused, including Chandila, who are presently in custody. During the arguments, Chandila’s counsel told the court that provisions of stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) were “mischievously added” by special cell of Delhi Police against the accused so that they cannot get bail in the case. His lawyer argued that police was not able to satisfy another trial court, which had granted bail to 18 accused in the case earlier, as to how provisions of MCOCA were invoked. Besides Chandila, the court also heard the bail pleas of bookies Jitender Kumar Jain, Ashwani Agarwal, Ramesh Vyas, Deepak Kumar, Sunil Bhatia, Firoz Farid Ansari, ex-Ranji player Baburao Yadav and Chandra Prakash Jain alias Chandresh Jain, who was allegedly accepting bets by the name of Jupiter. Public prosecutor Rajiv Mohan would advance his arguments on the bail pleas on August 30, the next date of hearing.

Pakistan is happy on my marriage, says wasim

LAHORE: Former Pakistan Cricket Captain Wasim Akram said that the whole Pakistan is happy on his marriage with Shaniera Thompson, local TV reports on Monday. While talking with media, he said that he and his wife are very happy after marriage and his children are also delighted to have a ‘new mom’. This was the first time Akram came in front of media after his marriage with Australian lady Shaniera Thompson. The wedding was big news in the media on August 21. He also talked on Cricket as well, saying that Australia’s fall has started. Commenting over Pakistan Cricket he said that young players should be given chance against Zimbabwe. STAFF REPORT

PAKISTAN HOT FAVOURATES TO WIN AGAINST ZIMBABWE S.PERvEz QAISER Pakistan who won the Twenty-20 series 2-0 against Zimbabwe, are also favourates to win the limited overs international matches series against the hosts. The first match of the three-match series will be played at Harare Sports Club on Thursday (August 27). It will be the 45th one day international match between the two teams and 16th on Zimbabwean soil Pakistan have a very good record against Zimbabwe in previous one day international matches played between the two teams. They have won 40 and lost only two matches in 44 previous encounters between the two sides. The remaining two matches ended with out a result which include a tied match.. Pakistan also have a good record against Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe. They have won 12, lost one, tied one and abandoned one in 15 matches

played against the African nation. The visitors have won nine, lost one and tied one in 11 matches played against the hosts at Harare Sports Club. Pakistan defeated Zimbabwe by 28 runs when two teams met last time in one day international at Harare Sports Club on September 14, 2011. HIGHEST INNINGS TOTALS: Pakistan recorded their highest total against Zimbabwe when they scored 349 49.5 overs at Kingston on March 21,2007. Zimbabwe posted their highest total against Pakistan at Bulawayo on November 23,2002 by scoring 295 for nine in 50 overs. LOWEST INNINGS TOTALS: Zimbabwe were bowled out for just 94 runs in 31.4 overs at Sharjah on April 6,1997 which is their lowest against Pakistan. Pakistan’s lowest against Zimbabwe is 148 in 43.3 overs at Harare on February 26,1995. HIGHEST INDIVIDUAL SCORES: Imran Nazir holds the record of highest individual score

on for Pakistan. He made 160 at Kingston on March 21,2007. The record of highest individual score for Zimbabwe against Pakistan is held by Grant Flower who made an unbeaten 105 at Harare on November 30,2002. BEST BOWLING PERFORMANCES: Wasim Akram’s five for 15 at Karachi on December 24,1993 is the best bowling performance on either side. Heath Streak who took four wickets for 18 runs at Sharjah on April 9, 1997 holds the record of best bowling performance for Zimbabwe. HIGHEST MARGINS OF VICTORY: Pakistan’s 10-wicket victory at Harare Sports Club on September 11, 2011. and 148 runs at The Oval on June 11,1999 are their biggest against Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s six- wicket victory at Sheikhupura on November 22,1998 and 74 runs victory at Harare on February 26,1995 are their biggest against Pakistan. NARROWEST MARGINS OF VICTORY: Pakistan achieved their shortest victory against

Zimbabwe by beating them by five runs at Bulawayo on September 8,2011. Pakistan’s narrowest victory over Zimbabwe in terms of wickets came at Quetta on Ocotber 30,1996 and Peshawar on October 3, 2004 when they beat the African team by three wickets. Pakistan also recorded same margin win at Peshawar on October 3, 2004. PAKISTAN - ZIMBABWE?: ONE DAY ENCOUNTERS AT A GLANCE: Venue In Australia In Sharjah In Zimbabwe In Pakistan In England In West Indies In Sri Lanka Total: Day Matches At Harare

Played 1 7 15 16 1 3 1 44 36 11

Pak won 1 7 12 15 1 3 1 40 32 9

Zim won 1 1 2 2 1

Tied 1 1 1 1

N/R 1 1 1 -

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I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out. –Rodney Dangerfield




Tuesday, 27 August, 2013




AMES Anderson said he expected England to be even better in the return Ashes in Australia later this year after they wrapped up a 3-0 series win with a controversial final Test draw at The Oval on Sunday. England, bidding to win four Tests in a home Ashes for the first time, needed 21 runs off 24 balls to reach their victory target of 227 when umpires Aleem Dar and Kumar Dharmasena decided the light was too bad to continue and ended the match to the disgust of a capacity crowd in south London. “We know we can go to Australia and play even better,” spearhead seamer Anderson said after starring in England’s third straight series win over their arch-rivals. “It feels pretty good [to win the Ashes]. It would have felt even better if we could have got the last few overs in there. I am delighted to have won the Ashes. Today was fantastic for the crowd. “As it got closer and closer we really thought we could do it

but unfortunately the light didn’t hold out.” However, Anderson insisted: “We are going to cherish this moment because it doesn’t happen very often.” Meanwhile England captain Alastair Cook reserved special praise for man-of-the-series Ian Bell, who scored 562 runs at 62.44 with three hundreds during this Ashes campaign. “He was outstanding with his three hundreds at crucial times,” Cook said. “Every one of those guys in the team can be proud of what they’ve done. “I knew we had the opportunity to win the Ashes here in England and I’m very proud of what the boys have done.” Meanwhile Bell, an Asheswinner for the fourth time in his career, said: “Any time to win the Ashes is a special time. “It’s nice to contribute, going into the series I was probably light on a few runs. I was getting a lot of starts but to get hundreds helps the team win Test matches. “As the series went on I felt better and better. “We’ve had to fight for every win. We’re looking forward to a nice break from Test cricket because it’s been hard work.”

anDy FloweR DenIeS QuIT RePoRTS LONDON: Flower also paid tribute to Morris but refused to be drawn on whether he might apply for the vacant role himself. “Hugh has worked at the ECB for 16 years and he has been a reason for some of the success England have had,” added Flower. “He is an excellent man and will be sorely missed by the playing group and certainly by me, I worked very closely with him. His post will need to be filled by a man of equal calibre.” “I haven’t given that much thought to be honest,” Flower said when asked if he might be attracted to the position. “I am a cricket coach and that is what I am doing at the moment.” The final Test at The Oval ended in controversial circumstances on Saturday, with the umpires taking the players off for bad light to end an intriguing contest that saw England needing just 21 runs for victory. Flower confirmed he was unhappy with the current situation and revealed they have been in discussions with the ICC to clarify the matter. AG ENC IES

baD lIGhT Rule ‘MaKeS no SenSe’, GIleS ClaRKe, FanS


LONDON: England chairman Giles Clarke has hit out at the International Cricket Council after bad light caused a farcical end to the fifth Ashes Test. A thrilling climax looked to be in progress after a memorable day in London, but the ending left a sour taste in Clarke’s mouth. The 60-year-old said: “It’s totally unsatisfactory the way the game ended - the rules are clearly unacceptable and I expect David Richardson to change it at the next ICC chief executives’ meeting.” Clarke. The decision was greeted with boos from the crowd, but under International Cricket Council regulations the umpires were obliged to take the players off once the light had faded to the same level as when they had stopped play on Thursday evening. AGEN C IES

LONDON: A draw in the fifth and final Test of Ashes series helped England leapfrog India to move into second position in the latest ICC Test Team Ranking chart, which is still headed by South Africa. England entered the series in third position with 112 ratings points. However, after taking a 3-0 lead in the five-match Test series, it needed either a draw or a win to move ahead of India into second position. The draw resulted in England joining India on 116 ratings points. However, England is ranked above India when the ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point. Losing the Ashes 0-3, Australia moved down to fifth place, its lowest since August 2011. If Australia had recorded a consolation victory in the final Test, it would have stopped England from leapfrogging India; however, Australia would have still dropped down in the rankings. AGENCIES

OMAn REGISTERS Morris to step down as eCb chief FIRST WIn In ASIA CuP HOCKEy LONDON



Oman clinched their first win of the Asia Cup hockey when they defeated Bangladesh 4—2 in a Group B tie at the Azlan Shah Stadium in Ipoh on Monday. Oman are making their debut in the tournament and the win gives them a slim chance at making the last four. But they would have to beat South Korea by a big margin to qualify. Aiman Abdullah Ali Khathiri was named the man-of-the-match. Both teams had started the tournament with a defeat. The Bangladesh team was beaten 0-9 by South Korea while India had defeated Oman 8-0. The Omanis took the lead against the Bangladesh team through Hashim Ghani in the 28th minute. That was the only goal scored in the first half. The second half saw a much closer fight from both teams and more goals were scored. Oman struck in the 42nd minute through Mohamed Ali Shar while

Khatar Rejab added the other two in the 45th and 58th minute. Muhammad Mamunur added a consolation goal for Bangladesh in the 69th minute. The teams will complete their group fixtures Tuesday with Oman playing South Korea while Bangladesh take on India. RAGHUNATH, MANDEEP MAKE IT INDIA’S DAY A confident India defeated Korea 2-0 their second game in the Asia Cup Hockey. After their 8-0 win over Oman, India used their momentum to good effect as they won two out of two. Catch all the highlights here: The veteran goalie Sreejesh who participated in the London Olympics had an outstanding day bring off several top class saves. He is the Man of the Match. The Koreans failed to capitalise on territorial advantage. India played smart hockey and utilised the limited opportunities that came their way. This win will boost India’s young team. India on top of pool with six points from two matches.

Hugh Morris on Monday confirmed he is set to leave his position as the England and Wales Cricket Board’s managing director of cricket later this year. Morris took the role in the aftermath of England’s 5-0 Test defeat in Australia in 2006-07 and has overseen three consecutive Ashes wins, culminating in the 3-0 rout of Michael Clarke’s team that ended with a dramatic drawn fifth Test at The Oval on Sunday. He has accepted the combined position of

chief executive and director of cricket with Glamorgan, the county he captained as a player, but it is understood he will remain with the ECB until the conclusion of the Ashes rematch in Australia later this year. Former England captain Andrew Strauss, who retired last year, has been mooted as possible replacement after working for Sky television this summer. “I am very grateful to the committee of Glamorgan for providing me with this opportunity and a new and exciting challenge at this stage of my career. I am grateful to the ECB and England cricket for their support in the last 16 years,” Morris said.

Sreesanth an absolute waste of talent: Sourav Ganguly NEW DEHLI AGENCIES

Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly said that tainted Rajasthan Royals pacer S Sreesanth was a waste of a talent after the latter was one of the three cricketers arrested in the spot-fixing controversy during the sixth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). “For me, Sreesanth is an absolute waste of talent. When you are gifted with so much talent and you don’t use it, it’s pointless. What will you do for 40 lakh? It’s just one Test series for him. If you get 20 wickets in three Test matches, you get double the money. If he does well in one season of IPL, he gets 10 times the money. I don’t know whether he has

done it or not. I don’t have any proof, but whatever I have heard on TV, if he has done it, it’s absolute stupidity,” he said, as reported by the Times of India. However, despite the spot-fixing and betting controversy stretching for too long, Ganguly did not agree that Indian cricket was losing its sheen. “I don’t think so. There’s a problem everywhere. There’s one bad fish in every pond, a couple of bad fish in every river. That doesn’t make the pond or the river bad. You have these issues, but India has produced cricketers like [Sachin] Tendulkar, [Rahul] Dravid, Ganguly, [Mahendra Singh] Dhoni, [Virender] Sehwag, whom people can’t touch. I don’t think one can judge cricket based on a few people,” he said.

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If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score? – Vince Lombardi

17 S

SPORTS Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

anwaR wInS InDePenDenCe Day CyClInG LAHORE: Anwar Sunny of Shaheen Cycling Club won the 30 kilometre Independence Day Cycle Race here. The event was organized by Punjab Cycling Association with the collaboration Mughalpua Cycling Club to celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan. Anwar Sunny covered the distance in 38 Minutes and 59 seconds starting from Mughalpura Post office towards Jalo More Cannal and finishing at the same point. As many as 27 Cyclist took part in this race in which Noman Haider also of Shahen club got the second place followed by Nasir Khan, also from Shaheen club. Anwar got winners cash prize of two thousands as the notable performers till the third place received one thousand each. The Chief Judge of the Race was Qasir Sadique Bhatti & Director of the Race was Syed Nazakat Ali, Moris Raza , Talha Baber & Mohammad Shakeel performed the duties of race officials. STAFF REPORT

ShaFIQue junIoR TeSTIMonIal CRICKeT MaTCh LAHORE: A match will be played for Muhammad Shafique Junior (Ex First Class cricketer), at Model Town Greens Cricket Ground, Model Town Lahore on August 28. Asam Butt, Shahid Anwar and other first class cricketers are the members of then organizing committee. STAFF REPORT

CyClInG auSTRalIa baCKS CooKSon FoR uCI eleCTIon Brian Cookson’s bid for the presidency of the International Cycling Union (UCI) has received the support of Australia. The Briton visited Sydney to make a presentation to the Cycling Australia board and has now won its support in his challenge to assume the UCI presidency ahead of the incumbent Pat McQuaid. “I am delighted to have the backing of Cycling Australia, who have shown such a positive approach to the development of our sport,” said Cookson, the British Cycling president since 1996, who is now in South Africa for the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. “We share a real commitment to restoring the credibility of the UCI and strengthening cycling globally. I am confident of building on this expression of support in the coming weeks as I meet with federations and voting delegates across the world.” Cycling Australia president Klaus Mueller said: “Brian Cookson is the best candidate to restore both the sport’s, and the UCI’s, credibility.” SP ORTS D ESK

barca maintain perfect start with nervy win MADRID



ARCELONA survived a couple of second-half scares to secure a nervous 1-0 win at Malaga on Sunday and maintain their perfect start to their La Liga title defence. The champions were missing the injured Lionel Messi and struggled to find a way through the home defence until fullback Adriano cut in from the right and curled a powerful shot into the far corner moments before halftime. Barca defender Gerard Pique diverted the ball onto the crossbar with his back in the 58th minute before Malaga came desperately close to an equaliser. Roque Santa Cruz found space on the left and cut the ball back from the byline but teenage forward Fabrice Olinga scuffed his shot and it bounced away off a post. Barca’s new signing Neymar, again starting on the bench, looked sharp when he replaced Pedro with around half an hour left and the Brazil forward drew a fine save from goalkeeper Willy Caballero with a free kick. Caballero’s opposite number Victor Valdes then rescued his team with a superb point-blank save from substitute Seba Fernandez’s header and a deflected Neymar shot flew narrowly over

new boyS CaRDIFF hanD Man CITy ChaSTenInG leSSon LONDON: Fraizer Campbell scored twice in eight minutes to inspire Cardiff City to a shock 3-2 win over Manchester City in the Premier League on Sunday as they enjoyed a memorable first top-flight home match in 51 years. There was no such joy for fellow Welsh side Swansea City who were beaten 1-0 by Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane as the north London team kept up their perfect start to the season thanks to a second Roberto Soldado penalty in as many games. In Cardiff, Edin Dzeko had given the bigspending and ambitious visitors the lead on 52 minutes but Aron Gunnarsson levelled for the Premier League newcomers eight minutes later when following up a Joe Hart block. Despite struggling to get the ball, Cardiff went ahead in the 79th minute when Hart failed to clear a corner, allowing Campbell to nod the ball home and he repeated the feat from another corner on 87 minutes. AGENCIES

in a frantic finale. The victory leaves Barca at the top of the standings after two matches following their 7-0 drubbing of Levante in last weekend’s opening game. Atletico Madrid also have six points in second place after Turkey playmaker Arda Turan produced a masterclass to help them to a 5-0 drubbing of city rivals Rayo Vallecano in the earlier kickoff at the Calderon. Sevilla drew 0-0 at Levante, while Real Betis were beaten 2-1 at home to Celta Vigo in the late game.

Barca’s Spain international Cesc Fabregas said fatigue after Wednesday’s Spanish Super Cup first leg at Atletico, which ended 1-1, may have been the reason for Barca’s sluggish performance on the south coast. Barca host Atletico for the second leg on Wednesday and will be bidding for their first silverware under new coach Gerardo Martino, brought in to replace the ailing Tito Vilanova. “We suffered in those final five minutes but in football you have to know how to suffer,” Fabregas said in a pitchside interview with Spanish television

broadcaster Canal Plus. “It’s true that we are starting a new season, with a lot of new things and we still have room for improvement,” the former Arsenal captain added. “We played a really, really good first half but it’s true that in the second we dropped our intensity a little. “Perhaps we were tired from Wednesday’s match, which wasn’t easy, and playing these two extra games is more demanding. It was a very, very tough win tonight and a very important one.” Barca’s arch rivals Real Madrid, who won their opening game at home to Betis last weekend, play at Granada on Monday. Arda shone and Diego Costa had another excellent game as Atletico dealt out a sound drubbing to neighbours Rayo. A host of Rayo’s top performers left the cash-strapped club in the close season and Atletico were far superior on a sundrenched evening in the Spanish capital. Raul Garcia stooped to head Diego Simeone’s side in front from a Gabi corner in the 17th minute and Diego Costa made it 2-0 three minutes later when he struck from Arda’s assist. Costa turned provider in the 35th minute when he sent Arda clear with a deft flick and the Turkey international rounded Rayo goalkeeper David Cobeno and stroked the ball into the net.

EurAsia Cup added to 2014 European Tour schedule SPORTS DESK A new matchplay event between Europe and Asia will form part of the 2014 European Tour schedule. The EurAsia Cup will take place at Glenmarie Golf and Country Club in Malaysia from March 28-30 and will feature 10 of Europe’s leading players take on a team from Asia in a format similar to the Ryder Cup. The leading four players available from the final Race to Dubai rankings at the conclusion of the 2013 season will compete for Europe.

They will be joined by the leading four players available from the Official World Golf Ranking on Monday 3 February 2014 as well as two captain’s picks. The Asian team will be made up of the leading four available players from the final 2013 Asian Tour Order of Merit, the leading three players invited on the basis of their Official World Golf Ranking and three captain’s picks. The two captains will be selected by The European Tour and the Asian Tour closer to the competition. The inaugural EurAsia Cup is one

of two new events confirmed, along with the Nedbank Golf Challenge, which takes place in Sun City, South Africa, from 5-8 December 2013. The event is to be cosanctioned with the Sunshine Tour and will boast a 30-player field instead of the usual 12. It is one of seven events in South Africa on the initial stages of the 2014 Race to Dubai, which is launched with the South African Open Championship at Glendower Golf Club, Johannesburg, from 21-24 November 2013.

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Half the lies they tell about me aren’t true. –Yogi Berra




Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

SeRena wIllIaMS IS waRy oF oPPonenT SChIavone



HE 31-year-old recently claimed her eighth WTA title of the season in Toronto, to add to her French Open success. And now the American is ready for the start of her US Open defence against Italy’s 54th-ranked Francesca Schiavone at Flushing Meadows. “That’s the beauty of my career. I don’t need to do anything at all,” Williams said. “Everything I do from this day forward is a bonus. Everything for me is just extra.” Williams, seeking her 17th major singles crown and her fifth title in New York, has a 5-2 all-time winning record against Schiavone. However, Williams is wary of her opponent, who is two years her senior, as she opens up her campaign on Arthur Ashe following the opening ceremony. “It will be a good match,” admitted the four-time US Open champion. “She’s a really good player. She’s a big fighter and she’s dangerous.” Williams has also been impressed by the progress made by compatriot Sloane Stephens, who rose to a world ranking career high of 15 in July. The 20-yearold ousted Williams in the Australian Open quarter-finals and could be a possible fourth-round opponent. “Sloane has had such a good year,” said Williams. “She’s such a good player and she is so smooth. She just has this game and this confidence that’s not easy to get.


Asim Aziz beat Jehangir Khan by 4-2 and won the Men’s open title of jashan-e-Azadi Table Tennis Tournament held at Chroma TT Club, Thokar Niaz Baig here. Asim Aziz was leading 2-0 but Jehangir Khan fought back a good game shown spectators. He made it 2-2 set score. Experience Asim Aziz who has also won the gold medal at 32nd national games won the last two games and declares his victory by 4-2. Set score 11-9, 117, 8-11, 11-13, 14-12, 11-5. Earlier in semi-finals Asim Aziz bt Awais Hassan by 4-1. Set score 11-8, 11-7, 8-11, 11-6, 11-8. Jehangir Khan bt Danish Ali by 4-2. 11-6, 11-5,8-11, 116, 9-11, 11-5. Hashaam Khan has won the title of Men’s Amature single event by beating Faizan Ali by 4-1. Set score 11-8, 11-7, 11-9, 611, 11-5. Taimur Khan bt Taha Bilal by 3-1 and won the title of under 12 event. Set score under-12 and under-18 events will be played tomorrow. There were 70 participants in the tournament from Kamalia, Shekhupura, Faisalabad, Karachi and Lahore. Mr. Sabah Waris, national table Tennis Coach distributed the cash prizes and medals to winners and runner’s up. Yasir Bhatti, Abdul Qayyum Khan, Ahmed Hussain Khan and Irfanullah Khan was also present at the prize distribution ceremony.

Dan evans has chat with andy Murray about his first-round opponent TORONTO: Dan Evans has been handed some inside information about his opening round opponent Kei Nishikori from defending US Open champion Andy Murray. The 23-year-old from Birmingham reached the main draw thanks to a straight sets victory over Spain’s Adrian Menendez-Maceira. But in his first grand slam main draw match away from Wimbledon, the British No 3 faces a tough task against the 11th seed from Japan. And in his preparations for the clash, Evans has been receiving some much needed advice from Murray. “We’re sort of close to each other in the locker room so he told me a few things about him.” AGENCIES

national Boxing camp beings for World Championship LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The National boxing training camp started here on Monday at Wapda Sports complex for the build up of the team to take part in the World boxing championship being held in Almaty, Kazakhstan from October 17 to 27. “As many as 19 boxers reported on the opening day and the remaining two are likely to join the camp soon,” said Iqbal Hussain, Secretary, Pakistan Boxing Federation said. Following are the attending the camp, (49kgs), Mohib Bacha , Ahmed Ali, Essa Khan ,Mohammad Saqib. (52kgs), Muhammad Waseem, Muhammad Imam and Wasiullah (56kgs), Nadir Baloch, Muhammad Shafi (60kgs), Mir Balag, Hamza Khan (64ks), Amir Khan, Muhammad Sardar, Waqar Khan (69kgs), Hamza Butt, Abdul Malik

(75KGS), Gul Sher (91kgs), Samiullah (Above 90 kgs) Mir Waiz. “Two boxers from Balochistan namely Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Raza will be joining the camp in few days time owing to family commitments,” he added. He said nearly 125 countries will feature in the World championship and efforts will be made to impart best possible training to Pak boxers to brighten their chances for winning medals. “We have already chosen two members of the team who will be leaving for Kazakhstan soon to join a combined days training session of different countries which will be sending their best boxers to give final touches to their preparations for world premier boxing activity,” he added. PBF official said Pakistan team captain, Muhammad Wasim (52kgs) and Nadir Baloch (56kgs) have been selected to join the combined training session based

on their medal winning achievements and performance at international and national level. They will be joining the team in Almaty. “On the opening day of the camp commandant Ali Bukhsh along with coaches, Muhammad Tariq and Tariq Gujjar imparted skill and technique enhancement training besides engaging the boxers in different work out to improve their stamina and endurance,” said Iqbal Hussain. Secretary PBF said he would be regularly visiting the camp which will conclude October five and the team will leave for Almaty on October ten. “They (coaches) will be finalizing the names of the rest of boxers four to six members of the national team,” he maintained. Iqbal Hussain said the camp probables are a mixture of experience and youth as PBF will be selecting the most deserving players in the team to fill the talent in the most suitable weight categories.


12:30 PM

royaL aCademy Wins independenCe day taeKWondo LAHORE: Royal Taekwondo academy securing 86 points won the independence day taekwondo championship here on Monday. The winners awarded four gold, two silver and one bronze to win the event which was organized by Punjab Teakwondo Association in collaboration with Punjab Olympic Association. As many as eight schools participated in the event in which Al Nisar academy claimed the second place bagging 78 points followed by Goaithy institute of taekwondo. Shahzad Ahmed Bhutta, Principal Govt. Deff College Gulberg Lahore was the chief guest on the occasion and gave away the prizes. STAFF REPORT

LaHore rams Beat isLamaBad jinns in aZadi CUp seVens

LAHORE: In the Azadi Cup Rugby week end final, Lahore Rams beat Islamabad Jinn’s in an exciting encounter here at the DHA Stadium. The match was exciting and lived up to the hype created leading up the clash. Islamabad were favorites as they had recently won the All Pakistan Super league but Lahore led the day and at half time they were leading 10-7 and finally won 15-14. The man of the tournament was Doud Gill at scrum half. The week long festival included clubs from all over Punjab to celebrate the Independence of Pakistan. Two championship which took place over in the festival were the Rose Petal Azadi Cup Shield 7s which was won by Lahore RFC in a exciting final which was played in totally wet conditions they beat Multan Wolfs and the Burger Paint Azadi Cup Bowl Championship where the DHA Dragons. In Fort Abbas, South Punjab, Azadi Cup was played with 4 teams participating in the final. The Desert camels RFC won by 27-15. All Raza was given the man of the Tournament. In Sargodha, Mubeen secretary of Sargodha Rugby Association had a exhibition rugby match as part of the Azadi Rugby festival celebrations. STAFF REPORT

Eight players of victorious Pak U19 team are produce of LCCA LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Former President Lahore City Cricket Association, Khawaja Nadeem Ahmed has said that it is an encouraging sign that eight members of the Pakistan U19 cricket team which won a Tri-Nation tournament in England are the produce of the LCCA. “For us it is a matter of great satisfaction and achievement that majority of the players of the national junior team belong to Lahore as devoted efforts were made from the platform of

LCCA to revive cricket during my past three years regime “, he said. Pak juniors inflicted a crushing 192 defeat to the hosts England at Nottingham to win the title recently. He attributed team’s success to consistency shown by the players and their talent and determination to rise to the occasion . He congratulated the team on its success and said the entire side put up an outstanding show throughout the event and won the title with precision and skillful display of collective efforts. He said skipper Sami Aslam, Inamul

Haq, Imran Butt and Husain Talat dominated in the role of batsmen while Muhammad Aftab ,Farhan Azhar and Zia Ullah infused fire in the pace battery and Zafar Gohar underlined his talent in spin bowling. “The inclusion of as many as eight players of LCCA in the national junior side widely speak about our efforts made for the overall development of the game, specially at grass root level“, he said adding, “What we did during the past three years was to engage the clubs in a comprehensive cricket activity to unearth new talent and its

grooming under good planning and we are thankful to Allah Almighty that our efforts paid dividend”. The former LCCA Chief said heavy induction of LCCA players in U19 team has re-established LCCA status as a role model regional cricket body which is serving as a pipe line to produce future players. “These players are full of talent and they have the potential to serve the national cricket in coming years and that day is not far when few of them will be making their mark in the national senior side to further

contribute in bringing glory for the country“, he asserted. Kh Nadeem said never before in the history of Pak cricket such a big number of players were part of a national junior side representing one regional cricket body and the success of Pak U19 team indicates a bright future of Pak cricket in coming years. He called upon for the continuation of collective efforts in LCCA to produce more junior talented players to cater the evergrowing needs in the national team to replace senior players who have at decline after reaching their prime.

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Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

zardari reiterates Pakistan’s support for afghan peace PreSident Zardari and PreSident karZai diSCuSS matterS Pertaining to bilateral tieS, evolving regional Situation, afghan PeaCe ProCeSS ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT


AKISTAN has been consistently extending every possible support for promotion of peace and stability in Afghanistan and has been making efforts for intra-Afghanistan reconciliation to be peaceful and stable, President Asif Ali Zardari said on Monday. In a meeting at the Aiwan-e-

Sadr, President Zardari told Afghan President Hamid Karzai that a united Afghanistan was in Pakistan’s own interest and stressed the need for joint efforts and close coordination to cope with the evolving situation in the region with focus on peace process in Afghanistan and the post-withdrawal scenario. Later, the spokesman to the president, Senator Farhatullah

Babar said the two leaders discussed matters pertaining to Pak-Afghan ties, evolving regional situation, peace process in Afghanistan and other issues of mutual interest. The president reaffirmed Pakistan’s strong resolve to working with Afghanistan as well as regional and international partners for sustainable peace and development. “We firmly believe that our dreams of peace and prosperity cannot be realised as long as Afghanistan remains in turmoil,” Zardari said. Discussing bilateral relations, the president reiterated that Pakistan was committed to deepening and broadening fraternal relations

with Afghanistan, adding that relations between the two countries should be defined by a strong trade and economic partnership. He said the two countries had covered a long distance in forging closer ties in the last few years and urged for further strengthening it to the mutual benefit of both countries. President Zardari emphasised on optimum utilisation of the AfghanPakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA) and its extension to Central Asia for promoting trade and economic activities in the region. He said early implementation of the agreement besides enhancing regional connectivity would also

help promote Afghanistan’s access to foreign markets through Pakistani sea-ports and land routes. He also reiterated that Pakistan supported an inclusive Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation and peace process and it would continue to play a positive and supportive role in facilitating the reconciliation. He also wished the Afghan president and the people of Afghanistan well in the ongoing reconciliation and peace process in the country. Zardari expressed hope that President Karzai’s visit would give impetus to the ongoing efforts for an enhanced relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan and further strengthen

joint endeavours of the two countries in the pursuit of durable peace, stability and prosperity. President Karzai was accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs Zalmai Rassoul, National Security Adviser Rangin Dadfar Spanta, Minister of Finance Hazrat Omer Zakhilwal, Minister of Commerce and Industries Anwar ul Haq Ahady, High Peace Council (HPC) Chairman HE Salahuddin Rabbani, Chief of Staff to the President Abdul Karim Khurram, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Ershad Ahmadi and Ambassador of Afghanistan Mohammad Umer Daudzai.

bugti’s death anniversary observed with strike in Quetta QUETTA STAFF REPORT

A shutter-down and wheel jam strike was observed on Monday in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan, on the eve of the seventh death anniversary of Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti. The Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP), Baloch Republican Party (BRP) and other Baloch nationalist political groups had given the call to observe the anniversary of the deceased Baloch leader. Shops, markets and other shopping centers remained closed in Quetta, Khuzdar, Kalat, Mastung, Turbat, Gwadar, Kharan and other parts of Balochistan during the strike. Traffic was also thin on Double Road, Sariab road, Brewery Road and other areas of Quetta city. However, traffic on national highways linking Quetta with Karachi, Taftan and Jacobabad was also suspended as result of the strike. The Balochistan government had tightened security on the eve of Nawab Bugti’s death anniversary in Quetta and other volatile parts of the militancy-hit province. Besides police and levies, personnel of Frontier Corps patrolled streets and roads of Quetta and other sensitive towns of Balochistan to maintain order. However, unknown people torched a truck carrying goods in Kalat district of Balochistan. Muhammad Saleem, a police official, said that unknown people opened fire at the truck forcing it to stop. “When it was stopped armed men came and set it on fire,” Saleem said. The armed men managed to flee after the attack. However, angry passengers and transporters staged a sit-in near Kalat to protest over the incident. Heavy contingent of levies and police was called in the area to maintain peace. In another incident, armed men fired at a truck near Mach area of Bolan district. Levies official Muhammad Imran said the driver of the truck sped away and narrowly survived the attack. “No one was killed, nor was there a financial loss in the attack,” Imran said. Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed in an operation in Balochistan’s Kohlu district on August 26, 2006 during former president Pervez Musharraf’s regime. His son, Nawabzada Jamil Akbar Bugti has nominated Pervez Musharraf, former prime minister Shaukat Aziz and other high ups in the murder of his father. Anti-Terrorism Court Quetta has already issued an arrest warrant for Pervez Musharraf and others.

DERA ALLAH YAR: A complete strike was observed across Balochistan on the 7th death anniversary of Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Bugti on Monday. ONLINE

Ban on women voters: pHC orders nsa spied on Un, re-polling in nowshehra, Lakki marwat german report says CJ SayS diSenfranChiSing women a daCoity on their rightS PESHAWAR STAFF REPORT

The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Monday directed the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to enquire into the alleged reports of women being prevented from voting in the August 22 byelections at certain polling stations and to arrange by-polls on all such stations in Nowshehra and Lakki Marwat. Peshawar High Court (PHC) Chief Justice (CJ) Justice Dost Mohammad Khan had taken suo motu action against a local agreement preventing women from voting at various polling stations of Nowshehra and Lakki Marwat. A two-member bench comprising Justice Dost and Justice Malik Manzoor Hussain heard the court proceedings. The provincial chief election commissioner, advocate gener-

als, lawyers of contesting candidates and police officials appeared before the bench to explain their position. The bench was informed that the presiding and polling officers on almost polling stations in Nowshehra and Lakki Marwat districts facilitated the voters who came to the polling stations, adding that the law and order situation remained under control. The provincial election commissioner and high-ups from the civil and police department confirmed that in certain areas, the local elders and political leaders had agreed to prevent women from casting their votes. The low turnout of women at certain polling stations confirmed that the women were prevented from participating in the elections, they said. Advocate Sher Afzal Marwat, representing Jamiat Ulema-e-IslamFazl (JUI-F)’s Ataur Rehman who contested the by-polls from NA-27 Lakki Marwat, informed the bench that turnout on around 87 polling stations remained low. He pleaded the court to order re-polling on all those polling stations. Awami National Party (ANP) candidate from Nowshera, Daud Khattak’s lawyer

also supported Marwat’s stance. The bench directed the ECP to conduct an enquiry into the matter and take action against the people responsible. The court also called for re-arranging by-elections on all such polling stations where women were barred from voting or where their turnout remained low. Justice Dost said disenfranchising women during the by-polls was tantamount to committing a dacoity on the rights of women. The PHC also directed the ECP to amend the Representation of People Act 1976 to allow the law enforcing agencies to take action against those who deprived people of their democratic rights. He said the government should enact a law according to which the polls in the constituencies where the women were not allowed to cast their votes, be cancelled. The court’s decision for repolling could influence the by-poll results of NA-27 as the margin between the winner and runner up is thin. However, it is not likely to affect the results of Nowshehra, where the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is leading with a margin of more than 10,000 votes against the runner-up ANP.

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad

NEWS DESK The UN headquarters were being wiretapped by American intelligence agency NSA, according to German news magazine Der Spiegel. If confirmed, it would be against a long-standing agreement between the US and the UN. Germany’s Der Spiegel claims to have analyzed secret NSA documents that show that, last summer, the US intelligence agency managed to get access to the video conferencing system used at the United Nations headquarters in New York, leading to “a dramatic improvement of data on video conferencing and our ability to decode that data,” according to the document. The NSA also allegedly caught Chinese intelligence spying on the UN and started analyzing the material China was wiretapping. The alleged spying activities are illegal. The US has a long-standing agreement with the UN stipulating that the US refrain from covert operations with regards to the UN’s activities. Der Spiegel also claims that the NSA documents it has analyzed show that the NSA spied on the EU even after its move to its new UN embassy in September 2012. The article says the NSA’s nickname for the EU embassy was “apalachee,” the EU embassy in Washington was dubbed “magothy.” The NSA used traditional bugging devices to spy on UN activities, says the report. It also allegedly copied hard drives and infiltrated computer networks in Washington. Der Spiegel also says that the NSA operated a global monitoring network called “Special Collection Service” in more than 80 embassies and consulates, often without the host country’s knowledge. The NSA documents urged staff to keep the network a secret so as not to damage relations with other countries.

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