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Sunday, 25 November, 2012 Muharram 10, 1434

Rs 22.00 Vol III No 149 19 Pages Islamabad — Peshawar Edition

Muharram rally bombed in DI Khan, 8 killed g

lAHORe: Shias self flagellate during a Muharram procession in the provincial capital on Saturday. Staff Photo

Egyptian protests continue; judges join outcry CAIRO AgencieS


GYPT’S highest judicial body has called President Mohamed Morsi’s recent decrees of authority “an unprecedented attack” on the independence of the judiciary, and judges in Alexandria have gone on strike in protest. President Morsi on Thursday declared that his decisions are protected from judicial review, sparking outrage and protests in the streets of major cities. Demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square continued into Saturday, spurring Egyptian security forces to fire tear gas at protesters, many of whom spent

the night in the iconic protest hub. On Friday, protesters in several Egyptian cities attacked the offices of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood, as rival pro- and anti-government groups demonstrated in Cairo about the new presidential decree. In the cities of Port Said, Ismailia and Alexandria, crowds lobbed stones and explosives at Muslim Brotherhood offices. The protests came a day after Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi put himself above oversight and declared that his decisions cannot be appealed by the courts or any other authority. In a speech to supporters Friday at the presidential palace, Mr. Morsi said he wants to move Egypt forward as a stable and

safe nation and does not want sole control of the country. Mr. Morsi’s decree also bars Egypt’s judiciary from dissolving the upper house of parliament and an assembly drafting a new constitution – two bodies dominated by Mr. Morsi’s Islamist allies. In addition, Mr. Morsi has ordered retrials of former officials who used violence in efforts to suppress last year’s popular revolution against longtime president Hosni Mubarak. President Morsi’s action follows international praise he received for mediating a cease-fire between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza.. The U.S. government has expressed concern about his decrees.

Suspension of cellular service disrupts rescue, routine activities PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD SHAMiM SHAHid/AgencieS


T least eight people, including four children, were killed and more than two dozen others injured in a high-intensity bomb blast on Bannu Road in Dera Ismail Khan on Saturday morning. The explosion occurred on the main road, a little distance away from an imam bargah, when mourners were making their way out of the facility in a procession to join the main 9th of Ashura procession. Officials said a powerful improvised explosive device (IED) was planted in a garbage dump besides the road that went off when the mourners passed by it. Most of the victims were believed to be mourners from the surrounding areas who had arrived to join the 9th Muharram procession. Officials said three people were killed on the spot while five others succumbed to their injuries at a hospital. The deceased included four children. Doctors at Divisional Headquarter Hospital confirmed receiving 30 injured, including a police constable and three children. Soon after the explosion, senior civil and police officials rushed to the site and supervised rescue activities. Contingents of military and paramilitary troops

also joined the activities later. Police later told reporters that the IED was packed in a pressure cooker and placed inside a garbage dump, adding that eight to 10 kilogrammes of explosives, nails and ball bearings were used to make the bomb. In a bid to maintain law and order on the eve of 9th and 10th of Muharram, the government had already announced a ban on pillion riding and suspended mobile and wireless telephone services. Security has been further tightened in Dera Ismail Khan following the bombing and all roads connecting the city with Punjab, FATA and the rest of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been blocked for traffic. On the other hand, the suspension of mobile phone services on Saturday across the country created grave problems for the citizens. In Punjab, the service remained suspended in 14 cities and towns, including Rawalpindi‚ Lahore‚ Multan‚ Sargodha‚ Attock‚ Jhang‚ Rahim Yar Khan‚ Faisalabad‚ Nankana Saheb‚ Bhakkar‚ Dera Ghazi Khan‚ Muzaffargarh‚ Pak Pattan and Gujranwala. In Balochistan the service was suspended in Quetta‚ Kalat‚ Kohlu‚ Dera Bugti‚ Khuzdar‚ Turbat‚ Mastung‚ Gawadar‚ Panjgur and Hub. Services of mobile phone remained suspended in Karachi‚ Hyderabad‚ Larkana‚ Khairpur and Noshera Feroze as well, while there was also no network coverage in Hangu‚ Kohat‚ Peshawar‚ Mardan‚ Charsadda‚ Nowshera‚ Dera Ismail Khan‚ Tank‚ Mansehra and Haripur and Parachinar in Kurram Agency. Various cities and towns in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, including Muzaffarabad‚ Rawalakot‚ Mirpur‚ Kotli and Neelum Valley, also stayed off air. The simultaneous ban on pillion riding also proved troublesome for the people.

President, PM vow to continue fighting terrorism ISLAMABAD Online

President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf have called for an end to trivial differences and vowed to continue fight against terrorism and extremism until their complete elimination. “We have to forget our trivial differences and adopt the teachings of Islam and promote peace, security and brotherhood,” President Zardari said in his message on the occasion of ‘Yaum-e-Ashur’ to be observed in the country today (Sunday). “The way to pay tribute to Imam Hussain (RA), the leader of martyrs, is to follow his values wholeheartedly and seek forgiveness for sins so that internal problems can be solved successfully,” he added. “Even before the advent of Islam, this month (Muharram) was seen with reverence and then Islam elevated its respect and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his

companions observed fast,” he said, adding, “For us, this day also holds importance as the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) along with his 72 companions embraced martyrdom in Karbala.” He said the event of Karbala was very significant and affected every aspect of human life, unveiled aspects of superior character, provided standards to judge a person and increased knowledge and light by piercing the dark curtains of ignorance and deceptions. The president said Yaum-e-Ashur gave a lesson of sacrifice and piety for achieving higher objectives. “Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) decided to live life as a lasting symbol of truthfulness to make the followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) realise that they should have the basic values of good character, including tolerance, endurance, sacrifice, equality, justice and fairness,” the pres-

ident said, urging countrymen to follow in the footsteps of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and adopt his values to eradicate all kinds of ignorance from the country. The prime minister in his message said his government would “continue to fight against terrorism and extremism unless these forces are thoroughly routed”. “We are fully determined and on this day of Ashura, we reiterate our

pledge that we would further strengthen unity, political and social harmony, mutual tolerance, and brotherhood in our ranks,” the prime minister said. “Come and let us vow that we would follow the principles espoused by Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) for security of our motherland and glory of Islam and would not hesitate to offer any sacrifice for the sake of Islamic principles.” The prime minister said,

“We can become an ideal society if we adopt the principles of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) in our individual and collective lives.” Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) sacrificed his life for his cherished principles, he added. Ashraf said, “Today is the day of Ashura. This day has a special significance in Islamic history. This is the day when Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), the Holy Prophet’s grandson, took on the forces of falsehood for the glory of Islam. On this very day, the battle was fought between the forces of truth and falsehood, which would continue to impart Muslims a lesson of sustained struggle against oppression and tyranny until the Day of Judgment,” he said. Ashraf added that in fact, the battle for truth was not only a beacon for the Muslims but also for the entire mankind. He said the incident of Karbala proved to the world that it was the truth which held sway in the fight against evil.

“In the plains of Karbala, the companions of Imam Hussain (RA) were very small in number with a few weapons. But they fought bravely against the forces of Yazid and thus became instrumental in the victory of truth over falsehood. The battle between forces of truth and falsehood imparts us a lesson of sacrifice and selflessness,” he added. The prime minister said that by implementing the principles of Imam Hussain (RA) in their lives, Muslims could not only succeed in this world and the hereafter, but also ensure the universality of the Islamic message.

Dear reaDers The offices of Pakistan Today will remain closed on Sunday, November 25, 2012, on account of Youme-Ashur, therefore there will be no edition on Monday, November 26.

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government cash payments promoting cnic registration

iNfotaiNmeNt thief shouts ‘pOtAtOeS, pOtAtOeS, pOtAtOeS’ before pickpocketing shoppers

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Lt Gen Abid to head Multan Corps ISLAMABAD: Chief of Logistic Staff at General Headquarters Lieutenant General Abid Pervaiz has been posted as Multan corps commander. “He will replace Lt. Gen Shafqaat Ahmed, who is retiring from service at the end of this month,” said an ISPR statement on Saturday. StAff RepORt

Balochistan govt to withhold salary of protesting doctors QUETTA: The Balochistan government on Saturday decided to refuse salary to protesting doctors and to seal their private clinics if they did not call off the ongoing strike. The strike is being observed on the call of Pakistan Medical Association Balochistan following the abduction of Dr Saeed Ahmed Khan, an eye specialist and head of LRBT Hospital, from Saryab Road, Quetta. The doctors have vowed to continue their strike until the cases against them are dismissed and their demands fulfilled. They have also decided, amid threats, to continue their strike on Ashura. While the provincial government has sealed all private hospitals, emergency services in all public hospitals also remained suspended for the sixth consecutive day. All people across Balochistan have strongly criticised the obstinacy of the doctors in the backdrop of serious terror threats due to Muharram. Meanwhile, Quetta Deputy Commissioner Hashim Khan said that in case of an emergency, medical treatment will be provided at army hospitals. StAff RepORt

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Dasti bent on contesting against Khar, come what may ISLAMABAD



AKISTAN People’s Party (PPP) legislator Jamshed Dasti, who came into limelight with his fake degree, has reportedly decided to contest the upcoming election against Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, even if he has to quit the PPP to defeat his party fellow. Sources told Online that Dasti has been keeping mum over the show cause notice issued to him by the PPP in this regard, adding that he might respond publicly through a press conference if he receives a second notice. They said that Dasti was determined to contest election against Khar on a National Assembly (NA) seat. Sources further said that Dasti was present at a meeting of key local political figures and PPP leadership, convened by President Asif Ali Zardari’s sister Faryal Talpur in Muzaffargarh. Sources said that almost all the PPP leaders at the meeting complained about Dasti and his alleged interference in the constituencies of his party colleagues. PPP’s member of the Punjab Assembly

Arshad Sial from Muzaffargarh levelled serious charges against Dasti, which led to a brawl between him and Dasti. As things heated up, Talpur gave a shut up call to Dasti and warned him against interfering in others’ constituencies, sources added. They said that President Zardari had also told Dasti during a meeting at Aiwane-Sadr that he would not like to receive such complaints and allegations against him in future, warning him of “stern disciplinary action” otherwise. Sources further said that Moazzam Khan Jatoi, who is a cousin of PPP MNA Sardar Abdul Qayyum Jatoi, had also un-

leashed a flurry of allegations against Dasti. Chaudhry Aamir Karamat, who is close to Dasti and is a candidate for the provincial assembly seat from Khan Pur, told Online that Dasti had decided to contest election against Khar “on public demand” as a deep sense of deprivation existed among the voters of the constituency. Sources said that Dasti would contest election against Khar even if the PPP does not award him a ticket, adding that he was considering to contest from two constituencies – his own and that of Khar – as an independent candidate.

Will US role at climate talkS change after Storm? WASHINGTON AgencieS

During a year with a monster storm and scorching heat waves, Americans have experienced the kind of freakish weather that many scientists say will occur more often on a warming planet. And as a re-elected president talks about global warming again, climate activists are cautiously optimistic that the US will be more than a disinterested bystander when the U.N. climate talks resume Monday with a two-week conference in Qatar. “I think there will be expectations from countries to hear a new voice from the United States,” said Jennifer Morgan, director of the climate and energy program at the World Resources Institute in Washington. The climate officials and environment ministers meeting in the Qatari capital of Doha will not come up with an answer to the global temperature rise that is already melting Arctic sea ice and permafrost, raising and acidifying the seas, and shifting rainfall patterns, which has an impact on floods and droughts. They will focus on side issues, like extending the Kyoto protocol — an expiring emissions pact with a dwindling number of members — and ramping up climate financing for poor nations. They will also try to structure the talks for a new global climate deal that is supposed to be adopted in 2015, a process in which American leadership is considered crucial. Many were disappointed that Obama didn’t put more emphasis on climate change during his first term. He took some steps to rein in emissions of heat-trapping gases, such as sharply increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks. But a climate bill that would have capped US emissions stalled in the Senate. “We need the US to engage even

sunday, 25 November, 2012

more,” European Union Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard told The Associated Press. “Because that can change the dynamic of the talks.” The world tried to move forward without the US after the Bush Administration abandoned the Kyoto Protocol, a 1997 pact limiting greenhouse emissions from industrialized nations. As that agreement expires this year, the climate curves are still pointing in the wrong direction. The concentration of heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide has jumped 20 percent since 2000, primarily from the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil, according to a U.N. report released this week. And each year, the gap between what researchers say must be done to reverse this trend, and what’s actually being done, gets wider. Bridging that gap, through clean technology and renewable energy, is not just up to the US, but to countries like India and China, whose carbon emissions are growing the fastest as their economies expand. But Obama raised hopes of a more robust US role in the talks when he called for a national “conversation” on climate change after winning re-election. The issue had been virtually absent in the presidential campaigning until Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast. The president still faces domestic political constraints, and there’s little hope of the US increasing its voluntary pledge in the U.N. talks of cutting emissions by 17 percent by 2020, compared to 2005 levels. Still, just a signal that Washington has faith in the international process would go a long way, analysts said. “The perception of many negotiators and countries is that the US is not really interested in increasing action on climate change in general,” said Bill Hare, senior scientist at Climate Analytics, a

nonprofit organization based i n Berlin.

For example, Hare said, the US could stop “talking down” the stated goal of the U.N. talks to keep the temperature rise below 2 degrees C (3.6 F) compared to pre-industrial levels. Todd Stern, the US special envoy on climate change, caused alarm among climate activists in August when he said that “insisting on a structure that would guarantee such a goal will only lead to deadlock.” He later clarified that the US still supports the 2-degree target, but favors a more flexible way to reach it than dividing up carbon rights to the atmosphere. Countries adopted the 2-degree target in 2009, reasoning that a warming world is a dangerous world, with flooding of coastal cities and island nations, disruptions to agriculture and drinking water, and the spread of diseases and the extinction of species. A recent World Bank report found the world is on track toward 4 degrees C

(6.2 F) of warming, which would entail “extreme heat-waves, declining global food stocks, loss of ecosystems and biodiversity, and life-threatening sea level rise.” The US, alone among industrialized countries, didn’t ratify the Kyoto Protocol because it found it unfair that China and other emerging economies, as developing countries, were not covered by any binding emissions targets. The US and other rich countries say that firewall must be removed as the talks enter a new phase aimed at adopting a new climate treaty by 2015 that applies to all countries. China — now the world’s top carbon emitter — wants to keep a clear dividing line between developed and developing countries, noting that historically, the former bear the brunt of the responsibility for man-made climate change. The issue is unlikely to be resolved in Doha, where talks will focus on extending Kyoto as a stopgap measure

while negotiators work on the wider deal, which would take effect in 2020. The 27-nation EU, Switzerland, Norway and Australia are on board but New Zealand, Canada and Japan don’t want to be part of a second commitment period of Kyoto. That means the extended treaty would cover only about 15 percent of global emissions. Delegates in Doha will also try to finalize the rules of the Green Climate Fund, which is supposed to raise $100 billion a year by 2020. Financed by richer nations, the fund would support poorer nations in converting to cleaner energy sources and in adapting to a shifting climate that may damage people’s health, agriculture and economies in general. In addition, countries need to agree on a work plan to guide the negotiations on a new treaty. Without a timeframe with clear mileposts, there’s a risk of a repeat in 2015 of the hyped-up but ultimately disappointing climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009.

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pamela Anderson feeds turkeys and pigs

farmers hail govt decision of increasing wheat support price

Sri lanka welcome back dilshan for second test

eDitorial An enduring presence: Not without cooperation between Pakistan and the USA.

commeNt Humayun gauhar says; Life after life: Experience of another kind.

Anam gill says; Return to Rio: An encounter with Severn Cullis Suzuki.

Rana Hussain tahir Koshal says; How unfortunate: Another gem of Rehman Malik.

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Nawaz tells Nisar to build consensus on interim setup Zardari, Nawaz riding ‘Samjhota Express’ on corruption: Imran

peSHAWAR: An injured Shia is being taken for medical treatment during the 9th Muharram procession on Saturday. INP



StAff RepORt

A K I S T A N Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Saturday ordered Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to build consensus among other opposition parties with regard to interim setup before general elections. During a meeting in Raiwind, Nisar discussed the current political situation with Nawaz and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, sources said. They added that Nisar briefed the PML-N leaders about the progress on the matters related to by-elections, interim government and the upcoming general elections. It was also decided in the meeting that the PML-N would not allow any hurdle in the way of the general elections, and would avert any attempts in this regard.

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Saturday that President Asif Ali Zardari and opposition leader Nawaz Sharif were de facto brothers, and were collectively looting the national wealth. Talking to a party delegation here, the cricket legend-turned politician alluded that Zardari and Nawaz were “travelling in Samjota Express train” and were supporting each other in corruption. Khan said the PTI was an institution meant for the people, not for family members. He said that even a common youngster could become a PTI leader through impartial intra-party polls. He said Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf was providing protection to the president to conceal his corruption. He said the PTI would bowl out antistate political parties in the upcoming general elections, He said the PTI would contest against all major political players without entering into an alliance with any other party. StAff RepORt

Non-halal food for Pakistan Muslim kids in UK schools ignites agony LONDON inp

Thousands of Pakistani Muslim students in Great Britain were being provided nonHalal food in their schools, which became a matter of concern for their parents who took steps to bring the issue to notice. According to an Urdu daily, Muslim kids in some schools are not being provided food that falls under the ‘Halal’ description. This fact, horrific for Muslims, was revealed at a Birmingham school following which parents raised the issue with teachers and the school administration.

Muslims have two categories of food; one is considered as Halal, which includes food items that could be eaten and the second one is Haram, including food items which are forbidden. A school, which was not named in the report, houses over 1500 students, a majority of which are of Pakistani origin. Parents, besides raising this issue with the school administration also approached former Lord Mayor Councillor from the area, Muhammad Afzal. It has been decided that unless the matter is not investigated, Muslims kids would not be provided any meat items to avoid further disturbance.

indian ‘Pakistanis’ celebrate kasab’s execution g

residents of indian village sharing neighbour’s name plan to throw a feast to commemorate ‘justice been served’ MONITORING DESk

While the execution of Ajmal Kasab, the only gunmen involved in the Mumbai attacks captured alive, went unnoticed in Pakistan, there is another ‘Pakistan’ where people rejoiced and celebrated, according to India Today. A village in Indian Bihar state called Pakistan – comprising 35 households and a population of about 250 – was up in celebrations over what the called the final serving of justice. Pakistan is the name of a village in Singhiya panchayat, Srinagar block, Purnea district, Bihar. It is about 30kms from Purnea town, the district headquarters. “People in Pakistan not only distributed sweets and burst crackers but also plan to organise a feast soon to celebrate the hanging of the terrorist,” said a police officer in Purnea, about 350kms from the state capital. Surya Murmu, an upbeat Pakistan villager, said: “We were in a festive mood after hearing of the hanging and we cele-

brated the event with singing, dancing and distribution of sweets.” Another villager, Banjua Hembram, said: “We have to get together and have a feast. This is an event that calls for celebration.” That terrorist strike had been one that had shaken up the village community, Hembram agreed. “We were so terribly affected by the events of November 26, 2008 that we had decided that it would be best to change the name of the village. The matter was discussed, but we later dropped the idea,” Murmu recalls. District officials said government documents recorded the name of the village as Pakistan. “So how did the village get its name? What is interesting is that there is not one Muslim family in the village, which comprises mostly Santhal tribal households. There is not one mosque in this Pakistan,” the paper said. Elders in the village recall that the village was named soon after India’s partition in 1947.

“Many Muslims who earlier lived here chose to leave for East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), when the country was partitioned. We decided then that the village could be named in their memory,” one elderly villager said. An official in the chief minister’s of-

fice told this correspondent that when Chief Minister Nitish Kumar informed a visiting 21-member Pakistani delegation in August that there was a village named after their country in the state, the delegation expressed surprise. In that visiting Pakistani delegation

there were 13 members of the Pakistan parliament, who had never heard of the village. The official said: “The chief minister showed the map of Pakistan village to the Pakistani delegates and explained that when all the Muslims of the village, then in Islampur district of Bengal, had migrated to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), the villagers left behind decided to name a village in memory of those who left.” Prior to the the States Reorganisation Act of 1956, Purnea too was part of Islampur, which now lies in the state of West Bengal. The Muslims who left the village for East Pakistan had handed over their property to Hindus in neighbouring areas. “The Santhal tribe, to which the villagers belong, is the largest tribal group in India. Pakistan village is poor and illiterate; the literacy rate in Purnea district as a whole is just 31.51 percent. There is hardly a literate person in Pakistan village, where proper roads, a school or a hospital is hard to come by,” the paper added.

sunday, 25 November, 2012

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04 Syria says Turkey’s bid for NATO missiles ‘provocative’ DAMASCUS AgencieS


gAZA: A palestinian boy plays in a demolished car in the war-torn city on Saturday.

Pakistan’s UAE missions gear up for amnesty seekers MONITORING DESk Pakistani missions in the UAE will be working in two shifts to accommodate the expected crowd of illegal Pakistani nationals during the upcoming two-month long amnesty period, the Khaleej Times has said. The UAE government last week announced an amnesty period starting from December 4 to February 3, 2013 for people staying in the country without legal documentation.

Jamil Ahmed Khan, ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE, said: “Both the Pakistan missions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have devised a full-fledged programme to take on the influx of thousands of amnesty seekers during that time.” He said the missions would be working beyond working hours in two shifts. Airline and bank counters would also be established to facilitate the amnesty seekers so that a one-window operation

could be made possible. In addition to this, three separate counters would be established based on the nature of cases. The first counter shall be for those who already possess an expired passport, the second for those who do not have a passport but possess a valid/expired Pakistan identity card and the third for those who do not have any Pakistani identity documents at all. “Cases that do not have any Pakistani document

shall be referred to Islamabad for verification of their national status,” he said. Khan encouraged all Pakistanis who had overstayed in the UAE beyond their visa validity to avail the opportunity extended by the host government so that they might not face any retribution in the future. He said that all Pakistani citizens living in the UAE should strictly adhere to local laws. “No violation is permissible in this regard,” he added.

YRIA on Friday condemned Turkey’s request for NATO to deploy Patriot defense missiles near their common border, calling it “provocative”, after a spate of clashes there that has raised fear of the Syrian civil war embroiling the wider region. The 20-month-old uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has turned increasingly bloody and heavy fighting has often erupted right along Syria’s northern border with Turkey. Ankara has repeatedly scrambled fighter jets and responded in kind to stray shells and mortars flying into its territory. In the first Syrian response to Ankara’s request earlier this week, a ministry source told Syrian state television that Damascus would hold Turkey’s prime minister responsible

Interior Ministry drafts NaCta legislation

for increasing tensions along the frontier. Turkey’s missile request may have riled Damascus and its allies notably Russia and Iran because it could be seen as a first step toward implementing a no-fly zone. Syrian rebels have been requesting a no-fly zone to help them hold territory against a government with overwhelming firepower from the air, but most foreign governments are loath to impose one for fear of getting sucked into the conflict. The Patriot system is designed to intercept aircraft or missiles. Turkey asked for it after weeks of talks with its NATO allies about how to shore up its 900-km (560 mile) border, where it fears security may crumble as the Syrian army fights harder to contain the rebels - who have enjoyed sanctuary in Turkey. “Syria stresses its condemnation of the Turkish government’s latest

provocative step,” the ministry source told Syria TV. The source said that Syria would respect Turkish sovereignty but also said that it “holds (Tayyip) Erdogan responsible for the militarization of the situation on the Syrian-Turkish border and increased tensions”. NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Thursday that the possible deployment of Patriot missiles was “purely defensive” and would “serve as a deterrent to possible enemies even thinking of attacks”. The U.S.-led Western alliance has had some talks on the Turkish request but no decision is expected before next week. TURkEy REJEcTS SyRIAn cRITIcISM: Asked about Syria’s remarks, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Damascus was at fault for heightened tensions by having attacked its own people with tanks and warplanes “without any regard for any rules of war”.

Raisani invites TV anchors to Balochistan QUETTA App

Google Pakistan restored after taking out hackers’ penguins ISLAMABAD

16 killed, 25 injured in Karak road accident


After good nine hours of staying offline at the hands of Turkish hackers, Google Pakistan has now been restored in the country. Earlier, Turkish hackers reportedly took down the main search page of Google Pakistan, leaving an image of two penguins walking across a bridge for Pakistani internet browsers. Instead of the Google logo and search bar, the hackers turned the page black with an image of two penguins. They also left a message in Turkish at the bottom of the page, reading: “Pakistan downed”.

Lowari Tunnel closure strands hundreds of vehicles CHITRAL inp

Hundreds of vehicles carrying passengers and tourists were stranded on Saturday following the closure of Lowari Tunnel due to heavy snowfall. Hundreds of passengers including women and children were stranded on both sides of the tunnel due to the closure of the only road connecting Chitral with the rest of the country. The stranded people are facing severe hardships due to the intense cold weather and lack of accommodation in surrounding areas.

sunday, 25 November, 2012

kARAk inp

At least 16 people were killed and 25 others injured on Saturday when a passenger bus collided into a tractortrailer on Indus Highway in Ispina, Karak. According to police, the passenger bus collided head-on with an over speeding tractor-trailer which killed at least 10 people on the spot and left dozens injured. The police and rescue

personnel, assisted by the local people, shifted the injured to Karak District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital where six more succumbed to their wounds, raising the death toll to 16. Meanwhile, the police took both vehicles into custody and started an investigation. EIgHT fAMILy MEMBERS kILLED AS cAR fALLS InTO RAvInE: Eight people of the same family were killed and two others injured when a speedy

car fell into a ravine in Sehwan Sharif. According to details, an over-speeding car with 10 family members onboard, including a woman and five children, fell into a deep gorge in Jahangar village, eight kilometers from Sehwan Sharif. The woman and the children died on the spot. The police and rescue personnel pulled out the bodies from the ravine and shifted them to a local hospital to fulfill medico-legal formalities.


The Ministry of Interior on Saturday drafted legislation for the formation of National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) after incorporating the recommendations of the concerned cabinet committee. The draft now awaits cabinet’s approval. Sources said the draft stated that the national coordinator of NACTA will be appointed by the federal government and that he shall be a competent and an eminent professional (BS-22) with substantial experience in civil law enforcement at federal or provincial level. The sources further said that 55 people are supposed to work in the organization, out of which 29 will be on deputation from other departments.

Tougher days lie ahead of Israel: Majlis speaker TEHRAN AgencieS

Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says hard days lie ahead of Israel following the regime’s military aggression against the blockaded Gaza Strip, Press TV reports. Addressing a massive Tasua mourning procession in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Saturday, Larijani pointed to Israel’s

“new defeat” in its recent aggression against Gaza, saying, “You should rest assured that the Zionist regime [of Israel] has harder days ahead.” He went on to say that during the recent war on Gaza Israel used different types of deadly weapons against the oppressed people of Gaza, but the West continued its arms supply to the regime instead of

condemning such brutality. The Iranian Majlis speaker praised the success of the resistance movement against Israel and reaffirmed Iran’s determination to lend all-out support to the Palestinian nation against Israel. “We pride ourselves on supporting [Lebanon’s] Hezbollah to win the 33day war [in 2006]. We pride ourselves on support-

ing the oppressed Palestinian nation in the 22-day war [in 2008] and the lastweek war,” Larijani said. “We tell the oppressed Palestinian nation that we provide every kind of assistance to them so they can defeat the savage Zionist regime [of Israel,]” he added. Larijani arrived in Turkey on Friday on the last leg of his tour to Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.

Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani on Saturday invited prominent TV anchors and critics of his government to visit Balochistan and review the development taking place therein. “We are open to constructive criticism and offer all our critics, including TV anchors, to visit Balochistan and review the development projects which are in progress,” he said at the chief minister’s secretariat. Hailing the decision of the (ECC) regarding the restoration of power subsidy on agricultural tube

wells, he said that the PPPled government was working hand in hand with the farmers of the province. “It was long standing demand of the provincial government to restore the subsidy on agricultural tube wells which has now been accepted,” he said.

Shias receiving threatening text messages NEWS DESk Shias in Pakistan, already in the line of fire of terrorists, are now receiving death threat text messages on cell phones ahead of the Ashura. “Kill, Kill, Shias,” said the text warnings to Shia Muslims. Militant groups linked to al Qaeda have stepped up attacks against Shias in recent months, believing they are non-Muslims and liable to be killed. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s carnage that killed more than 23 Shias. Over 300 Shias have been killed across the country so far this year in sectarian violence, human rights groups say. “Genocide against Shias is already tak-

ing place in Pakistan so the text messages don’t really matter that much,” said Jalal Haider, one of the many who received a text threat. Hardline Sunnis are expected to strike again this weekend, the climax of the mourning on 10th Muharram. Radical Sunni groups have staged high-profile suicide bombings against processions on that occasion before. Muharram marks the anniversary of the Battle of Karbala where the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his family members were killed. Local intelligence officials say extremist groups led by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi have stepped up the bombings and shootings of Shias to trigger violence.

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No new posts, structures along LoC, Pakistan tells India SRINAGAR



HE Pakistan Army has asked the Indian Army not to construct new bunkers and structures along the Line of Control (LoC) and warned to target the new constructions with gunfire and mortar shells. The flag meeting of Indian and Pakistan army officials was held at Aman Sethu after ceasefire violations in Churunda village in Uri sector. The Pakistan Army was led by Lt Col Ajmal, while the Indian side was represented by the commanding officer of the Maratha regiment. Reports said the Pakistan army officials told their Indian counterparts that they should not start fresh constructions along the LoC. “They warned that they would target new structures with gunfire and mortar shells”. They said Indian army was constructing new bunkers and structures along the LoC in Chrunda area of Uri sector. “To prevent the constructions, the Pakistan Army fired shells towards Uri sector,” officials told their Indian counterparts. Sources said Pakistan army officials warned that they would not tolerate any fresh constructions along the LoC. “We would retaliate whenever it happens like the way we did in Churunda, Uri,” Pakistani officials said. However, sources said the Indian officials told their Pakistan counterparts that no bunkers

file Photo

or any other structure had been constructed along the LoC. General Officer Commanding (GoC) 19-Infantry Division Major General Bipin Rawat said the Indian Army made it clear to Pakistani officials that no bunkers or structures were being constructed. “We informed them that the structures in Churunda village were old and not new. We told them that their firing and shelling was unprovoked,” he said. Rawat said the army was just renovating

file Photo AgencieS

Elderly men wait patiently, carefully combing their beards, while a guitar-playing student entertains the long queue of citizens lined-up to be photographed, fingerprinted and questioned inside a crowded office in Islamabad. This is the unlikely setting for possibly one of Pakistan’s few success stories - a massive increase in citizens signing up for computerised national identity cards (CNICs). Such things rarely top the agenda of a deeply unpopular government, crippled by daily power cuts, a Taliban insurgency and massive corruption. But bureaucrats say the successful ID registration has dramatically cut the number of ghost voters and is assisting in the distribution of cash payments for the poor and displaced. “The database has brought a lot of transparency. We signed up so many people,” said Tariq Malik, the 44-year-old chairman of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). During elections five years ago, less than half of Pakistani adults had a CNIC. Now 91 percent have the plastic green cards, said Malik, who previously worked as a county technology officer in Michigan in the United States. It is hard to verify such a high rate of registration as Pakistan’s census data is many years out of date. Malik said registration spiked after the cards were required for poor Pakistanis to qualify for cash

Partial suspension of mobile service in Pindi, Peshawar; Rehman takes notice ISLAMABAD: Interior minister Rehman Malik on Saturday took notice of a partial suspension of cellular service in several areas of Rawalpindi, Peshawar and DI Khan. According to the Interior Ministry, Rehman Malik directed the authorities to start an inquiry against the company and ordered the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to closely monitor that the cellular service company observes a complete suspension of its service. inp

Senator Sehar Kamran stabilises some of its posts and no fresh posts or bunkers were being constructed. “The renovation of posts was a routine matter,” he said, adding that both sides agreed to respect the ceasefire. On October 16, three civilians were killed during skirmishes between Pakistani and Indian forces in Churunda, Uri. Residents of Churunda village staged demonstration and urged Indian and Pakistani troops to adhere to ceasefire agreement and stop shelling and firing along the LoC.

government cash payments promoting cnic registration


News 05

payments from the government. However, some families, while grateful for the cash, say the flow of aid is sporadic. “One year ago when I received a card, I got 2,000 rupees. They come after every two to three months and give a little bit of money. Now they come only after six to seven months and only give 3,000 rupees,” said Hanifa Meer Beher, 60, who lives in Karachi’s coastal belt Kaka-pir village. “This money is not enough and it has not made my life any better. I am a poor woman. Whenever I receive this money, I buy a little bit of flour, rice...I am grateful that I am getting something.” International donors like the World Bank, who are using the ID database for cash distributions, say they are happy with the system. The bank helps fund a program where around 5.5 million poor families who have registered with NADRA get $10 a month. “More countries are using cash transfers because poor families can choose what to buy and are more likely to get the money on time than aid given in other ways,” said a World Bank spokesman. Neighbouring India helps its poor via subsidised food or fuel, but much of its aid is stolen and ends up on the black market. Recent efforts to link benefits to identity cards there have been chaotic. gHOST vOTERS, TAX cHEATS: Pakistan’s new ID registrations helped eliminate 37 million ghost voters and add around 44 million real people to electoral roles, said Malik, adding voters can now use their ID number to check their registration by text message. A

date has not yet been set for the next election, due in the first half 2013. In future, the ID database may also help in the fight against tax evasion, fraud and crime, but only if the government uses the information, say sceptics like tax expert Ikramul Haq. In a country where less than one percent of citizens pay income tax, NADRA has identified more than 2 million rich tax cheats, Malik said. The federal board of revenue estimates tax evasion means as much as $50 billion is missing from the treasury, money that could be used to upgrade crumbling schools and hospitals. But so far, Pakistan’s wealthy tax cheats remain untouched, yet authorities, mindful of pressure from the International Monetary Fund, are making noises about cracking down. “We have so many enemies. The rich, who are not accustomed to pay taxes, pension cartels, politicians who want their voters to get benefits they are not entitled to,” said Malik. Registering Pakistan’s 180 million population, spread from the Indian Ocean to the Himalayas, meant sending mobile registration vans and skiers laden with bulky equipment to far-flung villages and setting up booths at fairs. Registration drives were carried out at camps for displaced families who fled fighting along the dangerous mountain regions that border Afghanistan. But registration in the remote and troubled region has been lower than elsewhere. In conservative towns where women in black or blue burqas scurry through ramshackle bazaars, women-only ID centres were established after the Taliban objected to men taking women’s fingerprints. ID cORRUPTIOn: Pakistan’s ID database registration operation has not been immune to corruption. Local newspapers carry frequent complaints that NADRA staff ask for cash to help the poor or illiterate get their benefits. Around half of the 20 people interviewed said that cards often contain deliberate errors and corrections are costly. “My name is Ikram Khan and they mentioned in my ID card as Ikram Gul. It was their fault but they made me suffer,” grumbled Khan as he waited in line in the frontier city of Peshawar. In the walled city of Lahore, a housemaid said she had been trying for more than a year to change her place of residence but officials kept telling her to pay Rs 5,000. Several interviewees said Afghan refugees can get cards illegally by paying around Rs 70,000. The daily wage for a labourer averages around Rs 200. Malik admits corruption is a problem, but says he is working on eliminating it and has sacked corrupt employees. “We’ve already let more than 160 people go,” he said. Most citizens grudgingly say NADRA isn’t too bad. Malik said it is up to the government to use NADRA’s information to change Pakistan. “Our job is to do data analysis,” he said. “The rest of it is up to them.”

ISLAMABAD: Senator Sehar Kamran, who reportedly attempted suicide by swallowing sleeping pills on Friday, is now out of danger at a hospital. On Friday night, Pakistan People’s Party’s female lawmaker Sehar Kamran swallowed a large quantity of sleeping pills in an attempt to commit suicide. She was rushed to Poly Clinic in Islamabad, where doctors managed to save her life after washing her stomach. According to the sources, she was still in the hospital but doctors had declared her condition stable and out of danger. Iftikharullah Babar, secretary of the Senate, paid her a visit at the hospital and inquired after her wellbeing. The desperate senator complained to the secretary about the attitudes of a few personalities in the government. Police have so far not filed a case of attempted suicide against Sehar. Online

Five killed in Khyber Agency over old enmity BARA: Five people were killed over an old enmity on Saturday when armed men opened fire at a vehicle in Mala Korai, Khyber Agency. According to details, rivals opened fire at a vehicle carrying five people, killing three persons on the spot and leaving the other two seriously injured. The injured were shifted to a local hospital for treatment where they succumbed to their injuries. inp

sunday, 25 November, 2012

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sunday, 25 November, 2012

Eyes run dry for Hussain (AS)



StAf f R ep ORt

HE main 9th Muharramul-Harram procession was held on Saturday amid stringent security measures. T h e p r o c e s sion began around mid-day from the G-6 Imambargah and participants had to pass from walkthrough gates installed on the main road. The mourning procession consisted of Shabi Zuljinah, Alam, Tazia, Taboot and Ghewara Shehzada Ali Asghar. Participants mentioned the sacrifices rendered by Imam Hussain (AS), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his companions and family members at Karbala. The mourners beat their chests and flogged their backs with chains in a rendition of the treatment meted out to Syed Sajjad, Imam Hussain’s son, who had been taken prisoner by Yazid.

cDa fails to verify degrees of its employees ISLAMABAD StAff RepORt

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) failed to verify academic credentials of its employees, as most of the officials were reluctant to submit their degrees. A Human Resource Directorate (HRD) official said that degree verification aimed to trace out appointments on fake degrees in the civic body during the tenure of the former CDA chairman. Sources said that the HRD had directed employees to submit academic credentials, but only 40 percent of the employees had submitted their credentials so far. CDA Chairman Tahir Shahbaz, after taking charge, had directed HRD to initiate the verification process again, yet hardly 10 percent of the credentials had been received during two weeks after the directives had been issued. Former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, in March last year, had ordered the verification of academic credentials of all federal government employees within a period of two months. The deadline was later extended to another 90 days till August 8, 2011.

Tight security measures for Youm-e-Ashur ISLAMABAD: Strict measures have been taken to provide security for the central procession of 10th Muharram-ul-Haram. The procession will commence from the Isna Ashri area, as the participants gather at the spot. About 4,000 police personnel have been deployed in the federal capital and surrounding roads, while sniper shooters are in position on the roofs of buildings. Four ‘mobile jamming cars’ will also be part of the procession in the city. Walkthrough gates have been installed at the premises, where all participants would be thoroughly frisked and checked. S tA f f R e pO Rt Residents and various social organizations offered tea and edible items to participants of the procession. Talking to APP, leaders of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslemeen said that Islam is the religion of peace and harmony and the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions was for the glory of Islam.

Mili Yagjehti Council Leader Allama Sajid Naqvi expressed satisfaction over security steps taken by the government to protect citizens from acts of terrorism. He said that some anti-state elements wanted to destabilize the country for petty gains, but they would fail in fulfilling their nefarious designs.

Six major mourning processions today RAWALPINDI StAff RepORt

The schedule for mourning processions in Rawalpindi on Youme-Aushur have been announced and six major Zuljinnah, Alam and Taziya processions would be taken out today (Sunday). According to sources, a procession would commence from Imambargah Ashiq Husain Taili Muhallah at 10 am, which after passing through Benazir Bhutto Road, Committee Chowk and Iqbal Road, would merge with the central procession taken out from College Road. The third procession would

‘Rise in the spirit of the martyrs of Karbala’ ISLAMABAD StAff RepORt

PTI leader Imran Khan said that Imam Hussain (RA) is a symbol of justice, truth, a standard bearer against tyranny, a citadel of courage against cruelty, the epitome of self sacrifice, a reformer, a person who laid his own life down for the preservation of the true spirit of Islam. We can attribute the true values of Islam to him, as we offer our salutation to the grandson of the Prophet who was a saviour of Islam and who, through his sacrifice, ensured that never again would the values of Islam be forgotten. His refusal to accept the bayt of Yazid, at the cost of his life, saved Islam. Hussain stood against the despotic ruler of that time who, while paying lip service to Islam, was also destroying it. Yazid had lived a life of pelf and governed the Islamic empire in complete disregard of the teachings of the Quran and the holy prophet. It was Imam Husain and his family’s courageous stand which exposed the despotic ruler. It was his stand which awoke that Muslim ummah and gave them the courage to stand up for what they believed in. We as nation today are at a crossroad where the very values that our religion has taught us, honesty, integrity, tolerance and welfare of the down trodden, have been challenged. It is our belief that the teachings of Islam should be practiced and lived in our everyday lives. The tragedy of Karbala has enlightened Muslims and taught us how a handful of people with determination and commitment to the truth changed the course of history.

begin at Imambargah Hifazat Ali Shah at 1 pm, which would merge with the central procession at Bohar Bazaar Chowk. The mourning congregation would be held at Fawara Chowk where Zuhrain will be offered. The fourth main procession will begin at Imambargah Shaheedan Karbala Tyre Bazaar that would merge with the main procession at Raja Bazaar, Fawara Chowk. The fifth major procession would begin from Imambargah Darbar Badshah Chan Charagh at 3 pm, and would meet the main procession at Purana Qila Chowk.

lack of teaching staff irks female students ISLAMABAD Online

The lack of teaching and non-teaching staff in Model College for Girls has become a source of perpetual nuisance for female students. The college was founded three years ago under the control of the federal directorate of education, but the lack of teaching staff had turned it into a non-entity for students. “On our front we are facing a shortage of lecturers in key subjects and our curricular activities continue to remain disrupted throughout our academic year. This state of affairs shocks us when a teacher who is hired from another college quits our college when our examinations are ahead,” said a group of students. Sadia Hussain, a student complained, “Our woes have no end as we have to confront an inextricably odd situation when we see no responsible assistant to resolve our admission or fee related problems.” Students and parents demanded concerned quarters to ensure an early appointment of the teaching and non-teaching staff or they would be forced to shift to other colleges.

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Islamabad 07 Islamabad: a bomb disposal squad personnel checking the entrance of Imam bargah asna ashri, during the 9th muharram procession. INP

11 cDa officers transferred in third round of reshuffle ISLAMABAD StAff R epO Rt

Security threats, Uk asks its citizens in Pakistan to limit their movement

Plot auctioning alleviates CDA financial crunch





The British government in the wake of an ongoing law and order situation issued special directives to its citizens, embassy staff and employees of NGOs in Pakistan, to perimeter their movement. In a communiqué issued by the UK interior, British citizens were asked to avoid visiting public places, traveling to other cities especially Peshawar, Charsadda, Kohat, Tank, Dera Ismail Khan, Lakki Marwat and Bannu. The UK interior ministry warned citizens that they could be targeted or kidnapped and should therefore stay indoors during the three days of Muharram.

After recent the auctioning of commercial and residential plots, Capital Development Authority (CDA) is expected to overcome its financial crunch and regain a sound position to fund its pending development and public welfare projects. The auctioning of commercial and residential plots generated Rs 2.8 billion for CDA

60 vehicles impounded in operation against token tax defaulters RAWALPINDI Online

A grand scale operation was conducted against token tax defaulters and vehicles without number plates across the Rawalpindi division. During the operation, 60 vehicles were impounded and 283 vehicles were fined for defaulting on the payment of token tax and the absence of number plates. Staff members of motor registration branches, excise and property tax departments took part in the operation and checked 2,039 vehicles on various highways. The teams will continue working during Muharram holidays. The squad led by the motor registering authority checked documents of 562 vehicles and motor cycles and 202 among them were found to be defaulters on payment. Squads led by ETO Nawaz Niazi checked documents of 1,068 vehicles and motorcyclists in Jhelum and found 48 vehicle drivers defaulting on the payment of token tax and 40 vehicles without registration documents. The non registered vehicles were impounded. Punjab Excise and Taxation Secretary Capt (r) Zahid Saeed said that the operation will continue on Sunday, Muharram 10th.

which will help the civic body initiate or execute operations on various projects lingering due to a shortage of funds. CDA had reduced the period of payment for auctioned plots from six to two months. For the first time in CDA’s history, the bidding was relatively higher, at Rs 360,000 per square yard of a plot in Blue Area. According to the schedule, a 25 percent down payment on commercial plots within 72 hours

of the auction, and payment of the remaining amount within two months in installments, was a prerequisite for the auction. In case of residential plots, a 40 percent down payment of the total price of the plot was to be made in 72 hours. CDA’s new management has been relying on old methods to generate revenue, by selling plots instead of finding alternate means to beat the financial crunch.

Lawyers vow to foil conspiracies against Pakistan RAWALPINDI S tA f f R e pO Rt

Istehkam-e-Pakistan Lawyers Movement (IPLM) President Zakiullah Qureshi vowed to work for inter-institutional harmony and to expose elements that conspired to pit institutions against each other, as that amounts to endangering the country’s existence. Speaking to a meeting of the lawyers’ fraternity, he said that they must play a dedicated role for the solidarity of Pakistan and to rise against elements that were creating

a hostile atmosphere for institutions. Qureshi said that the internal situation was explosive and foreign powers threatened Pakistan’s very existence while the government was ignorant of its people’s problems. He said that the government lacked the will and capacity to resolve problems faced by the masses, adding that the political leadership was only interested in amassing fortunes at the cost of the poor masses. They had deprived the masses of everything. He observed that Pakistan was already faced with challenges in

Balochistan, Karachi, and FATA as result of weak governance. The lawyers must play a positive role for the stabilization of the country and to avoid creating trouble for people. Speaking on the occasion, senior lawyers Ahmad Rashid, Taj Khan and Raja Irshad said that those involved in conspiring against the army and its wings should be tried under the High Treason Act. They said that COAS had always held the constitution supreme and those who were defaming security forces had an anti-Pakistan agenda.

Touts at district courts adding to litigants’ miseries RAWALPINDI inp

The tout mafia in Rawalpindi district courts has added to the miseries of troubled litigants. According to sources, the touts keep wandering around the district courts’ premises and mint money from visitors by offering all kinds of help and assistance needed in the courts. They even charge Rs 500 to 700 to appear as eye-witnesses for anyone in courts. Sources revealed that the touts allegedly had links in all major law related departments and offices

of the city, including readers, registrars and commissioner offices. A tout in the district court told INP that he offered his services to litigants as a personal guarantor to obtain bails, to earn a livelihood for his family. He said that he was numberdar in his village but faced financial hardship and was forced to do this job. He received 10 percent of the bail assurance bond. A visitor at the court said that the touts took advantage of the ignorance of visitors. Many touts were there just to mint money from troubled complainants and respondents.

In the third round of reshuffling in the Capital Development Authority (CDA), 11 officers from different cadres were transferred and given new assignments. Sources said that CDA Chairman Tahir Shahbaz approved transfers, according to which Nadeem Afzal Malik BPS-19 officer was made deputy DG sanitation from director sanitation-II. Iftikhar Haider was appointed as deputy director state management, and Farooq Sultan Khattak as HRD-II, and Deputy Director Coordination Ghulam Bashir was appointed as deputy director state management-I. Muntazir Rafaqat Ali was appointed director OWO, Khizar Hayat as deputy director sanitation, while Roshan Khan was appointed as deputy director law, and assistant director Waheed Akhtar was promoted to HRD. Tahir Akram assistant director DMA was appointed as OWO and Amad Din was made a coordinator from DD law.

Supply of contaminated water to Dhok kala khan annoys residents RAWALPINDI inp

The supply of contaminated water to Mohallah Qayyumabad in Dhok Kala Khan created problems for residents in obtaining clean potable water. Residents of the mohallah said that they were being supplied sewerage mixed with water. When they lodged a complaint with the WASA complaint cell in Shamsabad, the on-duty official said that their problem would be resolved after the 10th of Muharram. Residents requested the WASA MD to take notice of the situation and take steps to provide clean drinkable water for them.

open manhole invites tragedy on Rashid Minhas Road RAWALPInDI: A gaping manhole in front of the WAPDA office on Rashid Minhas Road could cause accidents, as it had been covered by a huge stone to indicate danger to road users. Citizens talking to INP complained that damaged portions of a footpath flanking Rashid Minhas road had been repaired, but the manhole in front of WAPDA office in the middle of road was left uncapped with a huge stone placed on it. They requested the city district government to ensure prompt action in this regard instead of throwing the responsibility on other departments. inp

sunday, 25 November, 2012

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08 Islamabad weather uPDates

20 °c high 11°c low





19°c i 12°c

21°c i 10°c

19°c i 11°c

Prayer timiNgs fajr 5:17

sunrise 6:42

zuhr 11:53

asr 2:43

maghrib 5:03

isha 6:30

city Directory emergeNcy helP Police emergeNcy ambulaNce rescue hilal-e-ahmer eDhi fouNDatioN bomb DisPosal fire brigaDe ceNtre ciVil DefeNce

15 115 1122 9250488 2827844 9270698 16 9262830

hosPitals mahroof iNt Pims Poly cliNic cDa shifa iNterNatioNal ali District hqs ultrasoNic cliNic holy family

2222920 9261170 9218300 9221334 4603666 4444435 5556311-14 2824862 9290319

Atop many traditional Shia displays, one find a decorative ornament shaped like a hand, known as an alm. Each finger represents one of the five figures Shias revere most: Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), his daughter Fatima (RA), his cousin Ali (RA), who was also Fatima’s husband; and their two sons, Hasan (RA) and Hussein (RA). Shias believe Ali (RA) was the rightful successor to the prophet and that only his descendants could assume the caliphate, a belief that would culminate in the Battle of Karbala.


blooD baNK

Processions often feature a horse known as Zuljanah, symbolic of the horse Hussain (RA) rode during the Battle of Karbala. Narrative retellings of the battle often include attestations to the bravery and loyalty of Hussain’s (RA) horse, who protected him throughout the battle. In many parts of the world, observers will bring an actual horse along in processions, as captured above on the day of Ashura this year in the Old City area of Lahore.


Pims blooD baNK Poly cliNic blooD baNK

9261272 9209123

In an expression of grief over Imam Hussain’s (RA) martyrdom, some Shias self-flagellate with blades, sometimes to the point that they draw blood. Though most Shia religious authorities forbid the practice — it is outlawed in Iran, for example — it regularly occurs in Ashura processions in some parts of the world, as pictured above in Lahore. The controversial practice has generated criticism for being unsanitary — mourners will sometimes wash knives in public buckets — while some Shia theologians argue that to physically hurt the body Allah gave you itself is a sin.

comPlaiNt waPDa sui gas


111-000-118 1199

railways city statioN (eNquiry) reserVatioN railway Police

117 9273614 1333

airPort flight eNquiry Pia reserVatioN

114 111-786-786



vEry year on the tenth day of the holy month of muharram, the first on the Islamic lunar calendar, shia muslims show a distinctive face of Islam, one that sees spirituality in passion and rituals rather than in law and the familiar practices that punctuate muslim lives. Open spaces and narrow alleys in cities, towns and villages take over from the mosques and seminaries as shias individually

and collectively make a show of their piety and their identity. No observer of this day, the festival of ashura, will remain unaffected by the shias’ display of fealty to their faith. None will fail to see the uniqueness of shia Islam or the values and spirituality that define it. - Vali Nasr, The holy day of ashura marks the martyrdom of Hussain ibn ali, the grandson of Prophet mohammad (PbUH), in a historic seventh century battle. The battle of Karbala, as it’s known, cemented

the schism between sunni and shia muslims that arose from a succession dispute after the prophet’s death, according to a report by Frontline. Every year around ashura, the media is flooded with images of bloodsoaked shias self-flagellating. but shias around the world — who make up between of muslims – observe the month in a myriad of ways. This year ashura was observed on sunday. The photos illustrate how shias commemorate the event that defines what they believe is a central narrative of their faith: justice in the face of oppression.



DRumming CiRCLe

Date: oct 22 - Dec 31 VeNue: Kuch Khaas: arts & culture

Date: oct 22 - Dec 31 VeNue: Kuch Khaas: arts & culture

Date aND time: 05:00 Pm, weeKly eVeNt Venue: the ceNtre for arts & culture

this yoga course will creatively and mindfully incorporate physical poses with the rhythm of the breath. the course will teach you the fundamentals of yoga, such as good alignment, body mechanics, and breathwork.

instructor: shahid waheed timings : 4pm - 6:00pm Days : monday, tuesday & wednesday.

colleges / uNiVersities iNterNatioNal islamic uNiVersity 9260765 bahria uNiVersity 9260002 Numl 9257677 quaiD-e-azam uNiVersity 90642098 ariD agriculture uNiVersity 9290151 fJwu 9273235 riPha iNterNatioNal uNiVersity 111510510 Nca rawalPiNDi 5770423 PuNJab law college 4421347 sunday, 25 November, 2012

our drumming circle is a (free!) ongoing event and is held every friday from 5pm to 6pm. we are having a great time, and want to share the good time with you! our drumming circle has children ...

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Foreign News 09 Tensions flare at political rally in Bangkok BANGkOk App

BAngKOK: thai anti-government protesters wave flags during a protest on Saturday. thai police fired tear gas and detained dozens of people as tensions flared at an anti-government protest in Bangkok, the scene of several outbreaks of violent unrest in recent years. afP

Israel said to ease restrictions on Gaza fishing and farming GAZA



S R A E L eased restrictions on Gaza fishermen on Saturday, further implementing a threeday-old truce brokered by Egypt after a week of fierce fighting, Palestinian officials said. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children headed back to school for the first time in 10 days, in another indication normal life was returning after cross-border violence in which 166 Palestinians and six Israelis were killed. A statement from the office of Hamas Islamist Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Egypt had notified them

Sarkozy denies receiving money from L’Oreal heiress BORDEAUX App

Ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy has told judges he received no money from France’s richest woman, Liliane Bettencourt, amid allegations that his 2007 election campaign was illegally financed, a newspaper said Saturday. “I have known the Bettencourts for 28 years and I am 57... They have never given me a sou (cent) and I have never asked them,” Sarkozy said during a 12-hour hearing in front of investigating magistrates in the southern city of Bordeaux on Thursday, the Sud Ouest daily reported. Sarkozy escaped indictment but will continue to be investigated over the allegations after the panel of three examining magistrates decided Thursday to treat him as a witness under caution rather than formally charging him. The newspaper report was the first to quote him from the written transcript of the confidential enquiry session.

that “Israel has allowed Palestinian fishermen to fish in Gaza’s waters at a distance of six miles, up from three miles”. Israel had no immediate comment. A text of the truce deal agreed on Wednesday calls on Israel to ease curbs on the coastal Gaza territory, which it has largely blockaded since Hamas, which rejects the Jewish state’s right to exist, took power there in 2007. The sides had disagreed on exactly when and how the restrictions would actually be lifted. Israel had formally barred Gaza fishermen from heading more than three miles out into the Mediterranean Sea for about three years, its gunboats often enforcing the rule. It said its

blockade was a measure to prevent weapons smuggling. Murad Al-Issi, a member of a local fishermens’ group, told Reuters his colleagues had already ventured out to the six-mile limit on Saturday, undisturbed by Israel. “The Israeli army naval boat which used to fire and torch Palestinian boats that sailed beyond a three-mile distance watched without doing anything to prevent them,” Issi said. Palestinians say the Israeli restrictions had hampered the amount and variety of fish they could catch. “This is a good step,” Issi said, adding it would be best to be permitted double the distance. In another apparent Israeli step to

ease restrictions, Palestinian farmers tended land along the testy frontier with the Jewish state without incident, a day after Israeli troops killed a Palestinian man at a border fence. Palestinians denounced the shooting as a violation of the ceasefire and Egypt intervened to restore calm. On Saturday, a Reuters photographer saw farmers in the Khan Younis area working close to the Israeli frontier fence. Hamas security officials were on patrol and Israeli soldiers looked on without interfering, but for a brief verbal exchange between one soldier and a Hamas guard, witnesses said. The Israeli military had no immediate comment.

In restaurant explosion 14 killed in north China BEIJING App

The death toll from an explosion at a hot pot restaurant in north China’s Shanxi Province on Friday evening rose to 14 early Saturday with another 47 people being injured, local investigators said. The explosion, which occurred last evening, triggered a blaze at the Xiyangyang (Happy Sheep) Hot Pot Restaurant in Shouyang County of Jinzhong City. Initial investigations showed the explosion was caused by a gas leak. According to official media, Hot pot, the Chinese counterpart of fondue, is a kind of stew using a metal pot kept simmering by charcoal, electricity or gas. Investigators from the local county government said the injured, including 17 severely, were sent to hospital after the accident. They said among the dead, six were killed at the scene and eight others died in hospital despite medical treatment.

Middle East nuclear talks will not occur next month: US

Pope says christian calendar based on miscalculation WASHINGTON



Jesus was born earlier than previously believed, meaning the Christian calendar based on the year of his birth is off by several years, the Pope argues in his new book. The book, “Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives,” is on sale now around the world with an initial printing of 1 million copies. In it, the head of the Catholic Church asserts that the Christian calendar is based on a miscalculation because Jesus was born sometime between 7 B.C. and 2 B.C. “The calculation of the beginning of our calendar – based on the birth of Jesus – was made by Dionysius Exiguus, who made a mistake in his calculations by several years,” Pope Benedict XVI writes. “The actual date of Jesus’ birth was several years before.” The Christian calendar was created by an Eastern European monk named Dionysius Exiguus. He invented the now commonly used Anno Domini (A.D.) era, which counts years based on the birth of Jesus. He came up with this concept in the year 525, or, 525 years after the birth of Jesus. This claim isn’t a new one, and will

Thai police fired tear gas as tensions flared at an anti-government protest Saturday in the capital Bangkok, the scene of several outbreaks of violent unrest in recent years. Thousands of police have been deployed for the rally, organised by the royalist group Pitak Siam, which wants Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s government to step down. The authorities expect tens of thousands of people to attend the demonstration, the first major street protest against Yingluck’s 16-month-old administration. Police estimated that about 10,000 protesters were gathered by about 9:00 am at the Royal Plaza in the city’s historic district. “In the name of Pitak Siam and its allies I promise that we will topple this government,” the movement’s head, retired general Boonlert Kaewprasit, told demonstrators from the rally stage. Police fired 10 tear gas canisters at a group of protesters who removed barbed wire and barriers blocking their route in front of a UN building close to the main rally site, police said. “Tear gas was used in one area because protesters did not comply with the rules,” said national police spokesman Major General Piya Uthayo.


likely not have any consequences, but it is the first time the leader of the church has stated publicly such doubts about one of the keystones of Catholic tradition. The assertion that Jesus was born earlier than Dionysius Exiguus believed means the Christian calendar, based on his birth year, is off by several years. The Bible does not specify when Jesus was born, and it seems Dionysius based his calculations on vague references to Jesus’ age. This is one of several new arguments the

pope, 85, makes in the book. He also says that, despite what most people think of as a typical nativity scene, there were no animals present at Jesus’ birth. The book is the final installment of Benedict’s trilogy. The first book dealt with Jesus’ public ministry, and the second with his death. Both previous books topped bestseller lists in Italy. All three books are published under the pope’s real name, Joseph Ratzinger, who was born in Germany.

Talks planned for next month on banning nuclear weapons in the Middle East will not take place, the United States said on Friday, a development likely to anger Arab states but please Israel. The State Department announced that the mid-December conference on creating a zone free of weapons of mass destruction, or WMD, would not occur and did not make clear when, or whether, it would take place. Earlier this month, diplomats told Reuters that the talks were likely to be postponed, rather than canceled outright. “As a co-sponsor of the proposed conference ... the United States regrets to announce that the conference cannot be convened because of present conditions in the Middle East and the fact that states in the region have not reached agreement on acceptable conditions for a conference,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a statement. Nuland said that “a deep conceptual gap persists in the region” on how to handle regional security and arms control, adding that “outside states cannot impose a process on the region any more than they can dictate an outcome.”

sunday, 25 November, 2012

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Life after life experience of another kind

Arif Nizami Editor

ronic, isn’t it, that the day my last article ‘Life after death’ appeared, my brother-in-law Iqbal Haider passed away? Which is why I didn’t write last week, because I was in Karachi without the time or inclination to put pen to paper. In Iqbal’s death, Pakistan’s progressive forces lost perhaps the greatest and most vocal and active champion and the movement for the enforcement of human rights a gladiator. Iqbal was a good man. He touched the hearts and lives of many, patently obvious by the way people responded to his passing and the numbers that turned up to mourn him. May God smile down upon him and rest his soul in peace! Iqbal Haider stuck to his beliefs and principles, walked out of Benazir’s cabinet when she protested that as law minister he had given parole to Sheikh Rashid to attend parliament, which was his constitutional right. He had the courage of his convictions and was often dangerously outspoken in his own inimitable, emotional style. Another like him will not be easily found. Having the courage of one’s convictions and struggling for human beings and their rights is the stuff a ‘momin’ or true believer is made of, for that is Haqooq-ulIbad. I’m sure Iqbal is in prefect peace surrounded by heaven’s luminosity reported by those with Near Death Experiences – “And God said, ‘Let there be Light’ and there was Light.” My friend Aitizaz Ahsan, who was one of Iqbal Haider’s best friends, also found the coincidence of my article appearing on the same day as Iqbal’s death most intriguing and kept mentioning it repeatedly. He was very affected by Iqbal’s passing and asked me: “This life after death is all very well, but what if there is nothing?” “If there is nothing,” I replied, “then what is the problem? We will have no consciousness to know that there is nothing. So relax.” On the third day of Iqbal’s death was his ‘soyem’. The first man whose NDE I talked about in my article came to attend, you know the one who kept saying to his doctors, “Don’t revive me, don’t revive me.” His name is S M Saleem, who first introduced bottled

mineral water to Pakistan called ‘Aabe-Hayat’. I took his permission to mention his name and requested him to talk openly with Aitizaz about his experience. I left them alone so I don’t know what transpired. Saleem smiled and said to me again, “I am not scared of dying.” I am still receiving many letters in response to that article. One of them struck me for many reasons, not least for how it was misunderstood, and needs comment and clarification. I cannot give the person’s name without permission. He wrote: “I’ve just been reading your piece on NDE and noted with some interest that the only person mentioned as having ‘gone to hell’ was a Sri Lankan Christian. “Says a lot for us Christian ‘Kufaar’, doesn’t it? “I had an NDE in a New Delhi hospital in 1998 on account of a ruptured appendix, and am glad to report I didn’t get to experience hell – nor heaven, for that matter.” Good Lord! I wonder how he jumped to such a conclusion because that is not what I meant at all, that Christians and other non-Muslims go to hell. I didn’t say that the Sri Lankan gentleman had gone to hell, he said it himself. That the Sri Lankan happened to be Christian is just a coincidence – many of the NDEs I talked about that happened in America were also Christians and didn’t experience hell. The experience of hell that the Sri Lankan talked about could be shared by anyone of any faith. In any case, my religion doesn’t say that Christians, or Jews for that matter, are ‘Kufaar’ or infidels, but “People of the Book” whose Messengers, Moses, David and Jesus are the prophets of the Muslims as well, and many more, 124,000 of them in all. People of any faith can be good or bad, so why make a big deal of it? It’s akin to having a chip on one’s shoulder. Actually, the vast majority of people adhere to the faith they happen to be born in. And the vast majority is also serious about their religions-by-birth to some degree. As to the Indian gentleman having no NDE, again there are many, and I know some who also experienced nothing. The question is: were they clinically dead or not? I stress that what I wrote is not conclusive one way or the other. I simply reported the recorded experiences of thousands. Most of them were about people ‘dying’ in hospitals because it’s easy to record them there. That is all. I also know about similar experiences of many in accidents who were revived. I still wonder how they reported in exact detail not only what they heard but also what they saw and how accurate they were. I agree: this needs further investigation and study and perhaps we may never come to the answer in this life, for that would defeat the purpose of life

on earth. Just like we don’t remember where we were before we were born or even the process of our birth and our very early life, we don’t know where we will go after death on earth. That too would defeat life’s purpose. So much more has happened recently that one cannot simply ignore it. A friend said to me (an American Christian lady journalist who lives in London, in case you are interested), “God has stopped sending us his messengers, perhaps through the experiences to NDEs He gives us gentle reminders about our mortality on earth.” Look at death simply as birth into a new dimension. As far as I am concerned, there is no religion in the afterlife – no churches, mosques, mandirs, synagogues, or temples; no popes, no mullahs, no padres, no pundits, no monks – only God with whom every spirit has direct, if one way, contact without intermediaries, as it is on earth but isn’t followed. There may be higher spirits to guide us, as many think there are on earth too who influence our subconscious that in turn influences our conscious mind, which we think are our own bright ideas. In the Hereafter there are no religions, only God, only one Faith in God the One and Only, the Supreme Creator. For all I know, heaven and hell might have many levels, with those who have performed well and continue to perform well in the Hereafter going to higher levels. I don’t know. That is where I have got to so far. I don’t know to what sort of further understanding life’s experiences will take me in future. We are told that we are judged by our deeds alone. I believe that it is the intentions behind our deeds that are more important than the deeds themselves. If someone does a lot of good works with the intention of getting famous and appreciated, or to reserve a seat in heaven, then the benefit he gets for his good deeds is diminished somewhat. You cannot fool God. And, very importantly, one is judged by the knowledge one has gathered, digested, analysed and understood, the wisdom one has acquired and the conclusions one has arrived at. I have run out of space again, so I cannot talk about the experience of a once skeptical Christian neurosurgeon in America when he had an NDE and his cortex also shut down, removing any possibility of hallucination. His extraordinary experience appeared as a cover story in Newsweek recently. He is now writing a book about it. Many of you may also have read it on the iInternet because it is doing the rounds on many e-mails and blogs. I will talk about it next in ‘Luminosity’.

I am still deciding how to live my life. The challenges are great, but if we accept individual responsibility and make sustainable choices, we will rise to the challenges, and we will become part of the positive tide of change.” It was a pleasure meeting Severn, whom I greatly admire, in Rio during the UN Earth Summit in June 2012, and getting to talk to her. It was fascinating to see her hopeful albeit the failed dialogue at the summit. She expressed her disappointment in the lack of leadership in developed countries like Canada and US. “It is appalling. But we are currently in the midst of global flux and change of the economies and power dynamics of the world,” she said. She was only 12 but it is still moving to see her in her famous speech in which she said, “If you don’t know how to fix it, please, stop breaking it.” Some 20 years later, assessing the progress up till now, she had this to say:

“On the eve of the Earth Summit 2012, a report came out in the scientific journal Nature that said that we humans are pushing for a potential state shift of our global ecosystem. We are attacking the planet’s systems in so many ways, on so many levels, that we may push it towards a tipping point that could put us in a different climate state that would be irreversible. We are in a desperate situation today, 20 years after Rio ‘92.” When it comes to curtailing carbon emissions, especially by the most industrialised nations fighting tooth and nail to preserve the status quo, and capitalists who are looking for new markets, there isn’t enough progress with regards to saving the environment. In Severn’s opinion it was more about developing a new culture of sustainable markets shifting from “greed economy” to “green economy”. The UN Earth Summit inviting vari-

ous world leaders and claiming to be the biggest conference in world’s history ended with nothing but a useless document known as “The Future We Want”. Going through the details of the document I must say, it was just the same old rhetoric. The document comprised of details stressing on the future we bought, not the one we want. We have a serious problem with the intersection between governance and corporate power and greed. Our highest level leaders on the planet are not leading for the good of humanity and the life support ecosystems that support us. Listening to Severn after so many years, she still sounded positive about change. According to her there are many solutions underway. But they are dwarfed by the challenges. “It is eerie to watch the speech I gave in Rio in 1992, because everything is still relevant today,” she said to me on the sidelines of the summit.

Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

an enduring presence not without cooperation between pakistan and the uSA


he Al-Qaeda and Taliban who were waiting out the departure of the US troops would be dismayed by Panetta’s determination to maintain an enduring presence in the country. The administration, according to the Defence Secretary, remains focused on its responsibility to disrupt, degrade, dismantle and ultimately defeat those who attacked America on 9/11. The US invested billions of dollars and suffered losses of over 1,600 military personnel in the longest conflict of its history. It cannot, therefore, afford to allow the Al-Qaeda to return to what it calls the ‘historic epicentre for violent extremism’. Panetta maintains that cooperation from Pakistan is highly important to achieve the aim. Cooperation, however, cannot be one sided. It always takes two to tango. Pakistan and the US have two years to cleanse the region of the militants. Whatever the nature and shape of the post-2014 US presence in Afghanistan, the bulk of its fighting force and the state of the art military assets would no more be available after the cut-off date. A prolonged US military presence in Afghanistan, even if it is limited, would also be resented by China, Russia and Iran and pressures would start mounting to get it terminated. Once the foreign troops leave Afghanistan, the challenge of eliminating the Al-Qaeda, Taliban and TTP would have to be met entirely by the Afghan security forces. This is likely to lead to a situation where practically the wit of the Afghan government would be confined to Kabul. It suits neither the US nor Pakistan if militants, some with a global or a regional reach, were to establish control over vast areas in Afghanistan to use them as launching pads. While Panetta talks about the pockets of the AlQaeda and Taliban militants in Pakistan, he tends to forget that equally harmful for Afghanistan and the region are the militants who have taken shelter in Kunar, Nuristan and elsewhere after being defeated by the Pakistan army. So far both the US and Pakistan have concentrated on fighting militants who directly target them and have generally tolerated the presence of those who only attack the other side. It is widely understood that the ISAF leaders know the precise location from where Fazlullah’s group has conducted attacks inside Pakistan, including the attempt to kill Malala Yuosafzai. Similarly, Pakistan has avoided taking on the highly lethal terrorists in North Waziristan. The US and Pakistan lack confidence in one another. It would simply be impossible to eliminate militancy from the region unless the two sides develop mutual trust and are able to work in coordination against the common enemy.

By Humayun Gauhar


The writer is a political analyst. He can be contacted at

Return to Rio An encounter with Severn cullis Suzuki By Anam Gill


n 1992, Severn Suzuki, at the age of 12, gave a group of United Nations delegates a fervent and sincere tongue-lashing. Suzuki, on behalf of the Environmental Children’s Organisation (ECO), a group she founded, gave a nearly seven-minute speech, a child’s plea for survival – not just of humans but of all species – demanding governments and all adults to take steps to reverse the damage that was being done to the environment. She finished by telling the quiet conference room packed with delegates and various heads of states: “My father always says, ‘You are what you do, not what you say.’ Well, what you do makes me cry at night.” As she walked from the podium, a rousing ovation ensued. The numerous YouTube videos of her speech have received many

sunday, 25 November, 2012

millions of hits and been translated in several languages. Suzuki continued her eco-crusade by speaking and writing about the interconnection between culture and environment, and the need for people to act with the environment in mind. At Yale University, she co-founded the Skyfish Project, an internet-based think tank that encouraged her generation to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Today, 32-year-old Severn, an environmental activist, speaker, television host, author, and a mother of two continues to campaign for Earth. “Today I’m no longer a child, but I’m worried about what kind of environment my children will grow up in. 20 years since Rio, I have learned that addressing our leaders is not enough. As Gandhi said many years ago, “We must become the change we want to see.” I know change is possible, because I am changing, still figuring out what I think.

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Comment 11

how unfortunate Another gem of Rehman Malik By Rana Hussain Tahir koshal


ives and girlfriends have killed more than target killers in Karachi.” “A degree is a degree whether original or fake.” While I was still trying to decide which of these two statements was more nonsensical, Rehman Malik took in a deep breath and leaped into the finish line when he said last week that there is ‘no sectarian friction in Pakistan’. Our beloved chief minister stood no chance. In response to this ridiculous statement, a senior Shia leader of Punjab called Rehman Malik ‘stupid and an idiot’. I, however, disagree with these remarks. Rehman Malik has proved that he is something much more than that. Our interior minister will very easily see a ‘foreign hand’ in the blasts of Karachi and Rawalpindi that shook the country this week, but then again, if Zulfiqar Mirza is to be believed, Malik sahib does not even know the difference between an apple and a banana. Here I would like to help Rehman Malik to recall that official figures, despite all the tampering, indicate that 6,000 people have been killed whereas 8,000 injured in the 1,100 plus incidents of sectarian violence between 1990 and 2012. In reality, more than a couple of thousand of Shias have been killed in Parachinar and Gilgit-Baltisan alone during this time. Although the schism began over succession after the death our Holy Prophet (PBUH) in 625 AD, sectarianism in Pakistan dates back to Imam Khomeini’s successful revolution in Iran and the setup of a Shia state. This inspired the Pakistani Shias and they formed the Tehreek-e-NifazFiqah-Jafaria (TNFJ), the first sectarian organisation of Pakistan which demanded rights for the Shia minority. The TNFZ later gave rise to the

Tehrik-e-Jafria which now runs under the name of Tehreek-e-Islami under Allama Sajid Naqvi. The Deobandi Sunni Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), which was established to counter the TNFJ, was persuaded by the Pakistani establishment to give up militancy in 1990. The SSP agreed. However, by then Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi had been assassinated and the blame lay on the Shias. Hence, there emerged a splinter group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, named after its ‘martyr’, with the sole objective to kill Shias. A splinter group of the TNFJ, Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan (SMP), also appeared on the scene in order to counter the attacks of LeJ. These two militant groups gave rise to a vicious cycle of sectarian attacks across the country which saw the murder of Irani diplomat Sadiq Ganji at the Ambassador Hotel, Lahore, the murder of Iranian Air Force cadet in Rawalpindi, the nine-day communal war in Parachinar (1996), the Mominpura Graveyard Massacre (1998), the murder of Maulan Azam Tariq and many other clashes in the late 90’s. The number of Shias killed became nothing more than statistics for the people. However, the worst was yet to come. What the Shia’s failed to realise was that an even deadlier enemy was being bred across the border on the instructions of Zia-ul-Haq and with the money of the Reagan administration and an oil rich Sunni country of the Middle East. The Taliban in Afghanistan, after driving out the Soviets, turned against their own masters. The US, who had failed to foresee this, had to pay for their shortsightedness with the 9/11 attacks. Soon, our once beloved Muslim brethren across the border became one of our deadliest enemies. The Taliban hatred for Shias grew when they were blamed for helping the Americans and the Northern Alliance in overthrowing

the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. They were more than just ‘kafirs’ now. Around 8,000 Pakistani militants have trained and fought alongside the Taliban since 1994, and they now form a hardcore militia of Islamic activists, ever ready to carry out attacks on the Shias. It is they who are responsible for the cold-blooded killings of Hazara Shias and for attacks on imambargahs across the country. Unlike the Shia outfits, the Taliban were well-financed, well-trained, better armed and had a resource pool of recruits in thousands of madaris across Pakistan. Moreover, the recent economic sanctions imposed on an oil-rich Shia Gulf state further weakened them. The Taliban targeted imambargahs in Quetta (2003, 2004), Sialkot (2005), Fatehpur (2005), Kurram (2008), Chakwal (2009), Lahore (2010) and in many other cities across the country killing hundreds of Shias every year. Furthermore, these attacks were not confined against the Shia community only; they burnt down Christian colonies, murdered Benazir Bhutto, assassinated Shahbaz Bhatti and attacked mausoleums of Sufi saints and political gatherings (except those of MQM) across the country. Whether our interior minister is in denial, or whether he can’t even comprehend situation, the reality is that thousands of Pakistani Shias have died in sectarian violence and Pakistan has become a relocated battlefield for the ShiaSunni violence of the Gulf. Moreover, Pakistan and Iraq are the only countries in the world where 66 percent of the suicide bombings are sectarian related. It is a pity that the Shias cannot mourn in peace. It is a pity that they are being killed just for the fact that they exist. It is a pity that Rehman Malik is still our interior minister. The writer is a staff member at Pakistan Today.

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

might is not always right Apropos to an article by renowned former ambassador Mr Zafar Hilaly ‘As the Tsunami Weakens’, the writer sheds light on the dynamics of this country that forcibly involved the military in the past to salvage the country from sidelines of disasters and internal chaos. Though army’s circumstantial involvements in an otherwise some checkered civilian rules, some of which reflected dictatorial traits themselves, did prove beneficial in short terms but their overstaying in power beyond mandates, have always resulted in repulsion and dislike in common public. I couldn’t agree with the esteemed writer more when he wrote that it was not always the people of Pakistan but also the politicians and their leaders who celebrated and distributed sweets on army’s coming to fore to resurrect faltering equations in governing the country while keeping national interests supreme. The present military hierarchy has invariably shown its resolve to let the democracy cement its footprints in Pakistan remaining within the dictates of constitutional requirements and in true reflection of subservience to civilian rule. There have been some uncomfortable strictures for the institution of the armed forces during on-going transition of the country to firmer democracy but they all were taken in true stride to make the country democratically stronger. How true has been the write-up when its writer mentions the fact that military does not have the right but it certainly has the might to interfere and will exercise its weight when it comes to issues affecting security and integrity of the country. He supported his argument on two particular scenarios amongst others when he thought that military be constrained to do its duty and exercise its right by saying that, “notwithstanding tiresome soliloquies to the contrary from judges and politicians, especially if the government does not govern and if the military’s fighting abilities or morale is being adversely affected.” He has a solid argument but it is us who do not want to grasp the essence of his powerful write-up for we find ourselves under check for damaging the country. The current debate on essentially a non-issue is the statements by the army chief and the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The respective statements of COAS and CJP on the need to uphold the supremacy of law recently, were nevertheless exploited to give an imminent impression of a conflict between the two state institutions. The media anchors left no stone unturned to plague our minds on baseless, unfounded theories and self-assumed rifts between the two sensitive institutions of the country. Thank God, it did not take much time for our

normally out of breath anchors and better sense prevailed. Media must refrain from polluting our minds on issues that otherwise affect the security, integrity and national cohesion. They must work towards unity and not creating disharmony. Nonetheless, we sure do need to learn to respect the laws of the land and elected bodies. It is, however, a pity that failures of our politicians despite their repeated sojourns to the thrones of power in Pakistan have always forced the people to ponder whether civilian eras have been good for their wholesome growth of the country or the military ones. After all, it was a civilian who invited the armed forces to rule the country when the latter was in its infancy. Today, as a nation we find ourselves at cross roads of our destiny. The current dynamics that are to decide the fate of this country do not auger well so far. Elections are around the corner and the nation anxiously yearns for a positive turnaround from the election exercise that could provide them a relief from increasing corruption, bad governance and most of all strengthens internal cohesion and amity between various state organs, all working in tandem for a better tomorrow for our future generations. ENGINEER JAVED IQBAL Islamabad

life threat on Park road Lack of speed breaker on Park Road is posing a life threat for the students, faculty and other staff of Comsats Institute of Information and Technology (CIIT). There is a desperate need for the construction of speed breakers on this road because the pedestrians and drivers are facing a constant threat of accidents. An accident is an unforeseen and an unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention and necessity. It usually implies a generally negative outcome which may have been avoided, had the circumstance leading up to the accident been recognised and acted upon prior to its occurrence. In this case, the circumstance leading to the accident is the “lack of speed breaker”. If a speed breaker is built, these accidents can be avoided. The statistics of accidents on Park Road for the year 2011 and 2012 have been taken from Shehzad Town Police Station. In the year 2011 there have been two car accidents, three pedestrian hits and two hit and run cases. In the year 2012 there have been a single bike accident and three pedestrian hits. The mentioned statistics represent only the number of registered accidents. The number of unregistered accidents is unknown. With the construction of speed breaker the number of accidents, occurring due to over speeding, can be minimised. Consequently, we get to know that building a speed breaker on Park Road would help prevent the loss of precious lives. As every day the students cross this road they face a life threat. These students are the future of our nation. We need to protect and secure this future. Therefore, the demand of students and faculty of CIIT may be met forthwith to avoid any untoward incident. RIDAH ZAFAR Rawalpindi

sunday, 25 November, 2012

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Item songs boost career in industry, says Neha Dhupia Pamela Anderson feeds turkeys and pigs


EINg a tireless animal rights activist, Pamela Anderson couldn't let the turkey stuffing of Thanksgiving pass by without offering up an alternative to meat eaters. The 45year-old beauty cleverly decided to set an example to wavering meat eaters by posing with turkeys and pigs, and feeding them, the daily Mail reported. Oddly, she chose to feed the turkeys cranberries in an obvious twist on cranberry sauce. The former 'Baywatch' babe recently returned to the water for a campaign to save the whales. The actress posed for pictures on the SSS Brigitte Bardot last month in Marina del Rey, California, and took part in a news conference promoting the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's 2012 campaign to defend the whales. The group's mission called Operation Zero Tolerance will began on November 5th in the North Pacific off of Japan. neWS deSK

LiLo says wild days are over


INdSAy Lohan claims she's left her wild days behind, after learning to surround herself with good people and avoid bad influences. The 26-year-old actress, currently starring in a TV film as Elizabeth Taylor, told an American magazine blamed loneliness for her bad behavior, the daily Express reported. Lindsay said: "Why did I allow sycophants and bad influences around me? "I was lonely and I didn't realise it. That's why I came back to New york. I can see my family and I have good people in my life," she added. neWS deSK


OLLYWOOD bombshell Neha Dhupia gets vocal on her films, relationship status and more. yOU HAvE A STROng cOnnEcT WITH SOUTH AS yOU WERE BORn In kERALA? Well, my connection with South India has been amazing. I was born in Kerala, raised there and stayed there for almost 10 years. And the City of Nawabs has been very special to me as I won the coveted Miss India contest here. And the kind of love that this city showered on me then, can never be forgotten. yOU WEnT On TO DO BOLD fILMS LIkE JULIE AnD SHEESHA, BUT LATER SWITcHED OvER TO PERfORMAncE-ORIEnTED ROLES WITH fILMS LIkE DELHII HEIgHTS, MITHyA, PHAS gAyE RE OBAMA... I'm interested in the job I do and I'm interested in doing films that really take me and my career a long way. Through my choice of films, I'm sending out the message that the script is important to me. It has to be so interesting that on hearing it, I should just jump up and say — Yes! I wanna do it! More than anything else, I think Indian cinema is going through a great time and phase. And it's great to see out-of-the-box ideas in Bollywood these days, where there's work for everyone. BUT SOME Of yOUR LAST RELEASES DIDn'T DO WELL AT THE BOX-OffIcE. EvEn yOUR REcEnTLy-RELEASED fILM RUSH fAILED AT THE BOX OffIcE... Firstly, I think it's got a lot to do with the timing of the film. Maybe, people weren't ready for that kind of a film. Secondly, I don't really want to blame anybody. I just move on. You don't sit around and blame people for the failure. In fact, I'll sit and look for different scripts and stories than curse anybody. It's as simple as that. yOU HAvE ALSO DOnE QUITE A fEW ITEM SOngS. AnD THE BUzz IS THAT yOU'LL BE DOIng An ITEM nUMBER In DIL nE DIL kO PUkARA? I feel item songs are a big way to boost your career and if any actress is

associated with a 'good' item song, whether it's trendy or entertaining, what's wrong with it? And talking about the item song in Dil Ne Dil Ko Pukara, nothing is confirmed yet. Also, I've been offered an item number in Tigmanshu Dhulia's Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 2, but I don't know whether I'm going to do that as well. So, let's see how it materialises. Only time will tell how things will work out, but surely you'll soon see me doing an item number. WHAT'S In THE PIPELInE nEXT? I'm currently working on a film directed by Rensil D'Silva and produced by Karan Johar, opposite Emraan Hashmi, in a lead role. Then, I recently finished shooting for my first Punjabi film Rangeeley with Jimmy Shergill. And being from Punjab and speaking the language I know, it was great fun and the script of the film is one of the funniest and entertaining ones I have ever been part of. Apart from that, there's one more comedy flick I'm looking forward to working in next January. I have lots of projects to do, but that doesn't mean if I get a Tollywood project, I'll say no. Language is not important to me. I want to work with a great director and the script should be interesting. Having two Telugu films already to my credit, I'm really looking forward to doing much more. REcEnTLy, AT A PRESS cOnfEREncE, WHEn yOU WERE ASkED If MARRIAgE WAS On THE cARDS, yOU REPLIED, 'TyIng THE knOT! WHEn SALMAn kHAn DOES'... It was a joke. I didn't mean anything personal. See, we come from the same family, that's Bollywood. So, I was like let him marry first and then I will. Also, there are always rumours about everybody getting hitched. So, it was an absolutely harmless comment. Moreover, as soon as I find the right guy, I'll marry, but I'm not ready now. I feel very settled and I don't understand the meaning of settling, which is like I have to go and live with another man who is supposed

Jennifer was world-class kisser at 12 J Paltrow designs exercise top


ctress gwyneth Paltrow has teamed up with fitness brand BEyONd yOgA to create a special top, which can be worn for a comfortable exercise routine. The top will be sold exclusively on her lifestyle blog 'goop'. The 40-yearold says she decided to design the top because she could never find such a thing anywhere, reports "I've always wanted a one shouldered exercise top and could never find one so we've collaborated with BEyONd yOgA to make my dream top," Paltrow posted on her blog. "Made from a luxurious high-tech fabric for active wear - Supplex - this one-shoulder cami is great because it is quick drying and offers stretch without stretching out, keeping in shape even after a workout. Subtle monochromatic quilting adds stylish detail to this soft yet durable top," she added about the new product. neWS deSK

sunday, 25 November, 2012

ENNIFER Aniston's school crush has spoken out about his seventh grade romance with the actress. Musician Adonis Tsilimparis is said to be the first man to kiss Aniston, 30 years ago, the Daily Mail reported. Tsilimparis said that the romance between the 12-year-olds is still fresh in his memory, and he even has a Valentine's Day card to prove it. "Dear Adonis," Aniston had written in the card. "Love and Friendship Always. Jennifer A." Tsilimparis said that the two youngsters used to sneak behind a school staircase to "make-out." "She was very open, very, very sweet. She was very, very loving, and she had a very big heart," he said. He went on to say that, although he had tried, he hadn't got any further than kissing with the superstar. "I tried. But she didn't let me...We used to go to the back stairs at school at lunchtime and make out," he said. He said that the 'Friends' star was just goofballs and that is why he loved her. "Total clown, very lovable and that's why everybody liked her," he added. While he went on to say that he didn't remember how the young couple split, classmate Tom Friedner, who also had a brief romance with the star, said that Tsilimparis ended it. AgencieS

to be perfect. So, as soon as I'm ready, I'll let the world know, but right now, I'm looking for Mr Right. cOuRteSy tOi

fOR 'TALAASH', yOU HAvE nEITHER SHAvED yOUR HEAD nOR ARE yOU SHOWIng Off yOUR EIgHT PAckS. WHAT'S yOUR AcE THIS TIME AROUnD? Talaash doesn't need me to be bald or have eight packs. It's a suspense film and not a thriller, like people assume. It is a script I really liked, so I'm keen to see how people react to it. A thriller is a very fast-paced film where, every second, you have some twists and turns; you have a lot of action, people falling off cliffs, etc. On the other hand, a suspense film is one where there is more intrigue and the pace is faster. But Talaash is more than just a suspense. When Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar narrated the script, I was very intrigued. I couldn't guess what was going to happen next. I was hooked on to it. Also, at the core, it's an emotional story and deals with coming to terms with loss. All of us have lost someone close to us; or in the future may lose someone near and dear. That is the reality of life. That is why I was attracted to the script and, after the narration, I found myself crying. yOU SAID TALAASH IS vERy SPEcIAL. WHy? IS IT BEcAUSE IT IS yOUR nEXT RELEASE OR IS THERE SOMETHIng MORE? Like Rang De Basanti (2006), Lagaan (2001) and Taare Zameen Par (2007), Talaash too will break boundaries. So, it is a film very close to my heart. BREAkIng nEW gROUnD IS SOMETHIng THAT IS USUALLy ASSOcIATED WITH yOU, RIgHT? It is really scary what people have come to expect of me. When I do a film like Ghajini (2008) or 3 Idiots (2009), I'm more relaxed because it is more mainstream. And if the film turns out well, you get the sense that people will like it. However, when you do a TZP, RDB or Talaash, even if it comes out well, you do not know whether people will like it or not. Reema has made the film the way she has wanted to. But the stress of whether people will like it or not will not leave us until after the release. There is a lot of stress and tension because expectations are so high.

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13 Hugh Jackman reveals secret to happy marriage R-Patz and Kristen Stewart fly to NYC



‘Notorious’ TV villain Larry Hagman dies at 81


ARRy Hagman, who created one of American television’s most supreme villains in the conniving, amoral oilman J.R. Ewing of “dallas,” died on Friday, the dallas Morning News reported. He was 81. Hagman died at a dallas hospital of complications from his battle with throat cancer, the newspaper said, quoting a statement from his family. He had suffered from liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver in the 1990s after decades of drinking. Hagman’s mother was stage and movie star Mary Martin and he became a star himself in 1965 on “I dream of Jeannie,” a popular television sitcom in which he played Major Anthony Nelson, an astronaut who discovers a beautiful genie in a bottle. “dallas,” which

made its premiere on the CBS network in 1978, made Hagman a superstar. The show quickly became one of the network’s top-rated programs, built an international following and inspired a spin-off, imitators and a revival in 2012. “dallas” was the night-time soap-opera story of a Texas family, fabulously wealthy from oil and cattle, and its plot brimmed with back-stabbing, doubledealing, family feuds, violence, adultery and other bad behavior. In the middle of it all stood Hagman’s black-hearted J.R. Ewing - grinning wickedly in a broad cowboy hat and boots, plotting how to cheat his business competitors and cheat on his wife. He was the villain TV viewers loved to despise during the show’s 356episode run from 1978 to 1991. AgencieS

UGH Jackman has opened up about his 16-year-old marriage to actress-and-director Deborra-Lee Furness, saying that he never spends more than two weeks apart from his wife. The 44-year-old actor said that before his wedding, Furness told him that it was vital that they saw each other regularly, so they wouldn't drift apart and live separate lives. "Well Deb, when I met her had done 20 movies. She said, 'Hugh, we're never going to be away from each other for more than two weeks.' I said, 'Great, why?' She said, 'I've just been on too many movies, and I see people drift apart'," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying in an interview with The Grill Team on Australian radio station Triple M 104.9 FM. "People think you're going to fall in love with your leading lady and have an affair, it's not always that. "It's just you get used to living apart and you get used to living a life on your own ... then when you hit a rocky patch you're not together, you're already living your own life,

you're on location, an all of a sudden that person over there looks fantastic," he said. Jackman - who has 2 children Oscar, 12, and Ava, seven, with Lee Furness - moved back to his native Sydney six months ago to work on 'The Wolverine' and he is having a really "happy time" being among friends and family back in Australia. "We've got the kids settled into school here which is tough, somehow we came back and settled straight in, the movie was ready to go, it's been the best movie experience so somehow that takes the pressure off," he said. "I spent a lot of time with my dad who is not well, when you're with one of your parents who you know is not going to get better you make the most of every moment. "So having that, and the kids settled and Deb was really happy to be here, she always loves it here ... I'm never happier than when I'm here, I swim in the ocean every morning, and my best friends are here, and even though I have a blessed life and a lucky life I come back here and I love it," he added. AgencieS

I was distracted romancing Rani and Kareena: Aamir

EvEn AfTER 24 yEARS In SHOWBIz AnD SOME Of THE BIggEST BOLLyWOOD HITS, EXPEcTATIOnS ScARE yOU! Over the years, people have come to expect a lot from me. I am happy about that. It means my earlier work has gone down well with them. But it also scares me because you don't know whether you will be able to live up to

those expectations always. WHAT AccORDIng TO yOU IS THE DynAMIc Of An 'AAMIR kHAn fRIDAy'? I am a very unpredictable commodity. There is no particular dynamic for me. That has also been my strength. The fact that people can't predict how much business my film is going to do or what grounds it will break is exciting. Even I cannot predict what my film is going to do. Experiencing the unknown has a certain charm to it.

Of the three Khans, Salman is massy, you are the thinking Khan and Shah Rukh is the romantic one. I do not know why people call me the thinking Khan. Of the three Khans — SRK, Salman and me — I'm the one who always goes with my heart. I am not unhappy with the tag that people think that I am intelligent. And if they think that I am a thinking person, there's nothing wrong with that. But it is just not accurate. My decisions are extremely emotional in nature. If you ask for a logical reason for anything I do, I will not have any. ALSO, THE THREE Of yOU HAvE fILMS RELEASIng AT SHORT MARgInS. IS THAT A gOOD OR A BAD THIng? Our films are releasing a few weeks apart from one another. I personally feel there is enough space for all our films, especially if they are coming three weeks away from the other. I have always maintained that I want Salman and SRK's films to do well, as should mine. DOES SUcH MAgnAnIMITy cOME fROM EXTREME cOnfIDEncE? No. Why do you say that? I think all three of us have created our individual spaces. In Talaash, you get back with Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor. Surely this is exciting. Yes, I'm fortunate that I get to romance these two very beautiful girls. It was very distracting for me to work on this film because of them. Also, I have had a fantastic work equation with both of them. With Rani, I did Ghulam (1998) and Mangal Pandey (2005), and with Kareena, I did the biggest hit of my career — 3 Idiots — and now Talaash. Both girls are lucky for me. They are both fantastic actresses and lovely human beings. I feel very relaxed working with them. They are very sorted. Both love their work, but at the same time, they have a great sense of humour. And, they also keep the atmosphere on the sets charged and jovial. cOuRteSy tOi

OBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted at London's Heathrow airport boarding a plane headed towards New york, the day after Thanksgiving. According to gossip site HollywoodLife, the couple were leaving for the Big Apple after possibly spending time with the 26-year-old actor's family, the New york Post reported. "Look who's on my plane!!! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!!" a fan tweeted after she saw the celebrity couple. "We just arrived at the same time they were behind me in the line!" the fan wrote. She also posted a photograph of the pair, as they walked towards the aircraft with their carry-on luggage. According to her tweet, the couple were on first class and by coincidence, Beatles singer Paul McCartney was also aboard. It looks like things are sailing smoothly for the two, despite critics suggesting earlier that the actors only reunited to help promote their final 'Twilight' flick and would break up following the film's release. The recent photo of the pair together outside their promo duties seems to imply that Pattinson has forgiven Stewart for her dalliance with married director Rupert Sanders back in July. The couple have kept quiet about their relationship status. neWS deSK

Bloopers in 007 flick 'Skyfall' revealed


ROM daniel Craig's lace-up shoes changing to slip-ons during a train fight to shades that appear and disappear, the latest Bond film 'Skyfall' is full of gaffes. The other mistakes in the movie include, Eve - played by Naomie Harris - knocks out a car windscreen in one piece, then half of the glass is back in the frame, the Sun reported. Other blunders in the movie are, Bond's boss M's bag vanishes after she puts it on the floor, a car following Bond in London changes from white to black to white, the paper said. In another scene, Bond puts a radio transmitter in his right pocket - but later takes it out from his left. Another goof up in the movie is that Embankment Tube station is missing on a trip from Temple to Westminster when it should be there between the two stops, the publication added. Another faux pas happened when Javier Bardem's villain Silva puts a full glass of whisky on a Bond girl's head but the level varies during the scene. neWS deSK

Kareena tries pelvic thrust in 'Dabangg 2' item song


AREENA Kapoor canned an item number for "dabangg 2" and says it was great fun shooting for the song as she tried something new for it. "It was great fun. I loved the song... for the first time I have done a pelvic thrust. I have never done that before and Farah Khan has shot it amazingly. I am looking forward to it because it's a fun song. I hope people love it," Kareena, who did item number Halkat jawani in her film Heroine, told IANS. Arbaaz Khan is making his directorial debut with dabangg 2, which stars his big brother Salman in the lead role. designer Manish Malhotra has styled Kareena's costumes for the item song and Farah has choreographed her moves. There were reports that her sister Karisma was on the sets while she was giving shots for the song and Kareena said: "She came to meet Salman, Arbaaz, Malaika and all and that's it. She was not there to give any takes." neWS deSK

sunday, 25 November, 2012

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Infotainment 14 Goodnight ‘Snow White’: Longest coma patient ever passes away after 42 years


HE world’s longest coma patient, a Miami woman who had been called the ‘Sleeping Snow White’ during the 42 years she remained comatose, has died at the age of 59. Edwarda O’Bara was a cheery high school student in 1970 when she suddenly fell ill, threw up her medicine and slipped into a diabetic coma. But before she became comatose she turned to her mother and pleaded with her to ‘promise ... you won’t leave me.’ Her mother stayed true to her word, enduring a grueling schedule to constantly stay near her daughter until the mother died five years ago and the woman’s sister became her primary care giver - until Edwarda passed away on Wednesday. As a popular 16-year-old, Edwarda had a bright future ahead of her but then she became ill with a severe bout of pneumonia. In the early hours of January 3 in 1970, she ‘woke up shaking and in great pain because the oral form of insulin she had been taking wasn’t reaching her blood stream,’ according to her family. She was rushed to hospital and as she lay in her bed, she turned to her mother, Kaye O’Bara, and pleaded with her to stay near. ‘Promise me you won’t leave me,’ the teen begged her mother, according to the Miami Herald.

Terrified, O’Bara assured daughter, ‘Of course not. I would never leave you, darling,’ having no idea of the long ordeal ahead. The mother kept that promise, taking care of her daughter, until Kaye O’Bara herself died five years ago. For more than 35 years, Kaye O’Bara remained constantly by Edwarda’s bedside, enduring a grueling schedule to give her daughter around the clock care. She would only sleep for 90 minutes at a time, so she would always be accessible to her daughter. The devoted mother would not institutionalize Edwarda, even though the financial burden became a great challenge to the family. Though Kaye died at the age of 80 on March 7, 2008, she never gave up hope that her daughter would one day wake up from her coma. Edwarda’s father, Joe, had passed away in 1977. He died from a heart attack, believed to have been brought on by the strain of caring for his ailing daughter. After their mother’s passing, Edwarda’s sister Colleen stepped in and continued the tradition to offer constant care to Edwarda at her home in Miami Gardens. Colleen quit her previous job as a horse trainer to care full time for her sister. “I didn’t give it a second thought. She’s my sister,” Colleen O’Bara said, “and I love her.” As part of her care, her body was turned every

two hours to keep away bedsores, she was given insulin and fed through a tube. Colleen would also lovingly braid her sister’s grey hairs, suck the mucus from Edwarda’s throat to allow her to breath and constantly speak to her sister, assuming Edwarda was soaking up her every word. She mixes baby food, milk, eggs, orange juice, Mazola oil, brewer’s yeast and a piece of white bread into a blender and then a wire mesh strainer, pouring the concoction into Edwarda’s feeding tube every two hours, day and night. She suctions mucus from Edwarda’s throat, whispers endearments in her ear and braids her long gray hair. Family and friends would also visit her, playing music and reading to the woman. Kaye O’Bara was a devout Catholic who said she felt the presence of the Virgin Mary in her daughter’s room. That led Dr Wayne Dyer to write a book about the family and their unconditional care for Edwarda, ‘A Promise Is A Promise: An Almost Unbelievable Story of a Mother’s Unconditional Love and What It Can Teach Us.’ The book attracted widespread attention and visitors from around the world would come and visit the ailing woman and encourage her family. “I had to learn to let strangers in,” Colleen O’Bara said, “because they aren’t strangers.” cOuRteSy dAily MAil

Spy chiefs stumped by secret message found on leg of dead WWII pigeon Calling all code breakers, can you crack this secret wartime message, because spy chiefs certainly can’t… Experts admit the note attached to the leg of a dead pigeon found in a chimney has left them baffled. And they have asked any former code crackers to help. Homeowner David Martin discovered the bird’s remains when he was refurbishing his house in Surrey and spotted a little red canister containing the message on Pigeon Service paper. Spooks at GCHQ have spent weeks trying to fathom out what it means. One said: “We didn’t hold out any hopes because the sort of codes that were constructed to be used during these operations were designed only to be able to be read by the senders and recipients. “Unless you get rather more idea than we have of who actually sent this message, and who it was sent to, we are not going to find out what the code being used was. “There are still quite a lot of people alive who worked in communications centres during the war and who

might have some knowledge about this. “It would be very interesting if anyone did have information if they could put it in the pot and we could see if we could get any further with it.” About 250,000 pigeons were used during the Second World War to pass on vital messages by the military. The one found in David’s chimney has 27 handwritten blocks of letters. It may be based on a specific code book put together for a particular operation, which would probably have now been destroyed. So what

could the 70-year-old secret mean? Perhaps the pigeon was bringing back information of the Loftwaffe or movements in the Bird Reich…

can YoU help crack the code? here is the message in full…

Naked man on statue brings London traffic to standstill


OURISTS were shocked today when they tried to take pictures of Nelson’s Column – but ended up with a London Eye-ful instead. It was in fact a naked man who had straddled a statue in the city and brought traffic to a standstill for hours. Whitehall was full of red faces as police frantically tried to grab the bare man who was posing on the monument to Prince George. At one point he balanced precariously on the Duke of Cambridge’s head, as Lord Nelson looked on in the background. He was seen waving his arms around and talking to emergency service crews as crowds of curious onlookers gathered at either end of a 100-metre cordon. The man was eventually coaxed down shortly before 3pm and put into the back of a police van. He was detained under the Mental Health Act, according to Scotland Yard. cOuRteSy tHe MiRROR

Thief shouts ‘POTATOES, POTATOES, POTATOES’ before pickpocketing shoppers


sneaky thief is pretending to be sprout of his mind by screaming the names of vegetables – before he pickpockets bewildered shoppers. The crook swipes purses and wallets after distracting his victims by hopping up and down in the fruit and veg aisle of supermarkets and shouting “POTATOES”, “SWEDE”, “CABBAGE” and “TURNIPS”. He has struck several times in recent weeks including stealing credit cards and £200 in cash from a 90-year-old man and his 88-year-old wife in a Sainsbury’s store. Hilary Brown, 59, said the crook approached her dad and stepmum in the supermarket and shouted “potatoes, potatoes, potatoes” at the top of his voice as he jumped on the spot. He then nabbed the bemused couple’s valuables before running out of the store in Dorking, Surrey. Hilary said: “He distracted my father by shouting out all these vegetable names. “My father thought ‘you’re a bit strange’ but thought nothing of it and carried on shopping. Later he realised his wallet had been taken out of his back pocket and my stepmother’s purse had been taken out of her handbag, which had been in her bag hanging on the back of the trolley. “He must have unzipped her bag, taken it and zipped it back up.” It is believed the crook has targeted at least five people at various stores in the area in the past few weeks. cOuRteSy tHe MiRROR

aoaKN hVPKD fNfJw yiDDc rqXsr DJhfP goVfN miaPX Pabuz wyyNP cmPNw hJrzh NlXKg memKK oNoib aKeeq waota rbqrh DJofm tPzeh lKXgh rgght Jrzcq fNKtq KlDts fqirw aoaKN 27 1525/6 cOuRteSy tHe MiRROR

sunday, 25 November, 2012

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Sunday, 25 november, 2012

hamilton fastest before emotional farewell Page 18

sri lanka welcome back Dilshan for second test

Pacemen give SA glimmer of hope ADELAIDE





Sri Lanka will welcome back opener Tillakaratne Dilshan for the second and final test against New Zealand in Colombo starting on Sunday after he recovered from a back injury. Dilshan, whose last innings was an unbeaten 102 in the third match of the five-game ODI series, missed Sri Lanka's 10-wicket win inside three days in the first test in Galle. "Dilshan is pretty much 100 per cent fit and Dimuth Karunaratne will make way for him," captain Mahela Jayawardene told reporters on Saturday. "We want to get Dilshan back into things ready for the Australia tour, which is very important for us and we wouldn't take a risk with him. "When he left he was in pretty good form and now he feels ready and comfortable and the physio has given him clearance. He wants to play, he is happy and eager." There was also good news for New Zealand with fast bowler Tim Southee likely to play after recovering from a groin injury that prevented him for bowling on the final day in Galle. "He has been having a lot of rehab and participated in training yesterday, did the fitness work and pulled up well so he has been named in the 12 and he is looking good to play," said New Zealand captain Ross Taylor. New Zealand have named the same 11 that lost in Galle, plus uncapped legspinner Todd Astle, and will make a decision on the final make-up of the side on Sunday morning. "Todd has had a lot of success in New Zealand and is not far from being a genuine all-rounder," said Taylor. "He started off as a batsman and parttime spinner and he has worked hard on his bowling and turned himself into a decent spinner. "He has fitted into the group very well, has got a good work ethic, trains hard and has come into the reckoning." New Zealand's problems against spin have dominated the match build-up after Rangana Herath took 11 wickets in Galle, giving him 46 from eight tests in 2012. Jayawardene said the player's form gave Sri Lanka a psychological edge. "Definitely," he said. "Any bowler who take a 10-wicket haul in a Test match will create problems for the opposition and we will try and ride on that. Rangana gives us that control factor, he has been a steady competitor for us and the way he is bowling right now he will be a big factor for New Zealand, definitely. "But we can't rely just on Rangana and I was quite happy with the way the other three bowlers (Shaminda Eranga, Nuwan Kulasekara and Suraj Randiv) bowled at Galle and with the pressure and the opportunities they created." New Zealand's spin phobia has been a key factor in five consecutive test losses against the West Indies, India and now Sri Lanka, their worst run since 1955. "(Spin has) been a factor as conditions have been a lot different to what we get at home but the players need to step up and play better," said Taylor.

OUTH Africa's pacemen routed Australia's batsmen with five late wickets to leave the hosts reeling at 111-5 at the close of day three on Saturday and give the tourists faint hope of pulling off an unlikely victory in the second test. Dismissed for 388 at tea to trail Australia's massive first innings total by 162 runs, Rory Kleinveldt took three wickets in a withering pace assault, with fellow quicks Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel taking a wicket each as the Adelaide Oval pitch bared its teeth late in the day. First innings hero Michael Clarke and Mike Hussey survived a nervous few overs as shadows crept across the ground, with the hosts stuttering to a still-precarious 273-run lead. "What we did tonight in the last session was exactly what we needed to still have a sniff in the game," all-rounder Faf du Plessis told reporters, after scoring an impressive 78 on debut to help the Proteas avoid the follow-on. "Because if they just went 4 1/2 runs an over with no wickets, we would have been under massive pressure. At the moment, we're still in there." Clarke, who scored a second consecutive double-century in the first innings, was on nine, with Hussey on five after a pulsating day in hot conditions. David Warner and Ed Cowan pushed the lead to 239, before Kleinveldt ended their 77run opening stand amid a superb burst of swing bowling. Kleinveldt, a late selection following a back injury to Vernon Philander, removed Warner for 41, the pugnacious opener miscuing a swipe off his pads to produce a simple catch to Du Plessis at extra cover. The two-test paceman Kleinveldt then had Rob Quiney feathering an edge to wicketkeeper AB de Villiers in the same over, the Australian number three slumping to his second duck of the test following a nine in his sole innings in Brisbane. Kleinveldt made it a third in quick succession by bowling Cowan

AuStRAliA fiRSt inningS 550 SOutH AfRicA fiRSt inningS 122 g. Smith c Wade b Siddle 54 A. petersen run out 11 H. Amla st Wade b Warner 29 J. Rudolph c Quiney b lyon AB de Villiers lbw b Siddle 1 78 f. du plessis c clarke b Hilfenhaus 1 d. Steyn c ponting b Hilfenhaus 0 R. Kleinveldt b Hilfenhaus 58 J. Kallis c Wade b clarke 6 M. Morkel b lyon 10 i. tahir not out 18 extras (b-7, lb-2, w-3, nb-6) 388 total: (all out, 124.3 overs) fall of wickets: 1-138 2-169 3-233 4-233 5-240 6-246 7-250 8-343 9-352 10-388 Bowling: B. Hilfenhaus 19.3-6-49-3, J. pattinson 9.1-0-41-0 (nb4, w-1) n. lyon 44-7-91-2, p. Siddle 30.5-6-130-2 (nb-2), M. clarke 7-1-22-1, M. Hussey 1-0-7-0 (w-2), d. Warner 5-0-27-1, R. Quiney 8-3-12-0 AuStRAliA SecOnd inningS d. Warner c du plessis b Kleinveldt 41 29 e. cowan b Kleinveldt 0 R. Quiney c de Villiers b Kleinveldt 16 R. ponting b Steyn 9 M. clarke not out 1 p. Siddle c de Villiers b Morkel 5 M. Hussey extras (lb-7, nb-3) 10 111 total (for five wickets, 32 overs) fall of wickets: 1-77 2-77 3-91 4-98 5-103 Bowling: Steyn 10-4-28-1, Morkel 9-2-24-1, Kleinveldt 6-1-143 (nb-2), tahir 7-1-38-0 (nb-1)

through the gate, before Dale Steyn had the out-of-form Ricky Ponting out for 16 when the former Australia captain played onto his stumps. Nightwatchman Peter Siddle strode out to the crease to meet Clarke but headed back quickly, managing just one run, after nicking to De Villiers off Morkel. The powerhouse display opened the door slightly for South Africa, but they will be mindful of history at Adelaide Oval, where the greatest successful run chase was by England in 1901/02 when they mowed down 315 for victory. After conceding 180 runs in a wayward, wicketless performance during Australia's first innings, legspinner Imran Tahir's nightmare test continued on Saturday. Tahir celebrated what he thought was a breakthrough wicket when opener Cowan edged to extra cover in his third over, but umpire Billy Bowden summoned a video review which confirmed the spinner had over-stepped his mark. The no-ball granted Cowan a reprieve and Tahir went on to bleed 38

runs from his seven-over spell. The tourists were earlier buoyed by a fighting half-century from Jacques Kallis, battling through the pain of his hamstring injury in a 93-run stand with Du Plessis. Du Plessis also showed great composure with a 78 on debut and put the Australian attack to the sword with a breathless display of clean hitting in the final overs. Australia captain Clarke ended Kallis's innings on 58 as the burly all-rounder was caught behind courtesy of a miscued sweep. Kallis is expected to bat again in the second innings but would be unlikely to play the third and final test in Perth, a major blow for South Africa, the team doctor said after the close. Spinner Nathan Lyon took the first wicket of the day when he had Jacques Rudolph out for 29, slapping a catch straight to extra cover. "We're pretty happy with where we are sitting at the moment with a a 273-run lead," he told reporters after finishing with 2-91.

Du Plessis enjoys the silence after ribbing ADELAIDE AgencieS

Faf du Plessis's gallant 78 helped South Africa avoid the follow-on on day three of the second test on Saturday, but the 28year-old all-rounder admitted a nervous stumble on the stairs nearly put paid to his test debut at the crease. Du Plessis had already shown an endearing penchant for slapstick when he made a horrible mess of a catch on Friday, spilling a simple chance at backward point. "I was very nervous before I went out. Probably the more nervous I've been was making my one-day debut, for the first time playing for South Africa," Du Plessis told reporters. "Then I had an absolute shocker going down the stairs. My boot clipped one of the stairs and my whole foot came out. I had to kneel in front of the whole crowd there, while they were abusing me from both sides. "And my shoelaces were tied and my pad was in the way, so I couldn't get my foot back in. So I was thinking, 'I'm going to get timed out here.' "My foot slipped in three-quarters of the way, and I thought I'm just going to have run on like this and I'll sort it out when I get there. "When I got in, I thought, it can't go worse than that." After a superb knock including 13 fours and a six, Du Plessis was eventually dismissed by a sharp catch from Australia captain Michael Clarke, bringing South Africa's innings to a close at 388. Althought the tourists still trailed by 162 runs, the crowd was more subdued as he strode back to the changerooms. "Yeah, they were much, much better," said Du Plessis, who enjoyed a 93-run partnership with injured veteran Jacques Kallis to ensure Australia would bat again. South Africa's pacemen rattled through Australia's top order after tea to leave the hosts 111-5 at the close of the day, with a lead of 273 runs. Clarke and Mike Hussey, who torched the hosts with a 272-run partnership on day one, will resume for Australia on day four at Adelaide Oval, where the greatest successful run chase was 315 runs, by England in 1901-02. Du Plessis said the South Africans were buoyed at having a sniff at an unlikely victory and early wickets would be key on Sunday with the pitch likely to deteriorate further.

Windies back in charge after Shakib gifts wicket kHULNA



Shakib Al Hasan gifted his wicket on 97 to West Indies in a disappointing end to an otherwise remarkable Saturday for the all-rounder who became only the second bowler to take 100 test wickets for Bangladesh. The stumps on the fourth day were drawn immediately after Shakib went, with Bangladesh on 226 for six wickets in their second innings of the second test and needing 35 to make West Indies bat again following the visitors's declaration on 648-9. Shakib defied West Indies for more than three hours but just when he looked set for a well-deserved century he charged down left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul and was caught by Tino Best at mid off. Shakib shared 144 runs with Nasir Hossain for the sixth wicket after a familiar Bangladesh batting collapse cost them their first five for 82 runs. The left-armer had earlier taken four wickets to join Mohammad Rafique as the only Bangladesh test bowlers to break the 100 mark. Nasir, who remained unbeaten on 64, will resume the fifth day's play hoping to bat out a session or two and give Bangladesh a chance of avoiding the defeat. West Indies took a wicket off the third ball of Bangladesh's second innings to boost their chance of a 2-0 series sweep. Fidel Edwards trapped opener Nazimuddin leg before for a golden duck before Best took three wickets in quick

Bangladesh first innings 387 (Abul Hasan 113, Mahmudullah 76, nasir Hossain 52; fidel edwards 6-90) West indies first innings (overnight 564-4) c.gayle c Rahim b gazi 25 K.powell c Shakib b Rubel 13 d.Bravo lbw b gazi 127 M.Samuels c sub b Rubel 260 S.chanderpaul not out 150 d.Ramdin c Rahim b Shakib 31 d.Sammy c Mahmudullah b Shakib 0 V.permaul c gazi b Shakib 13 S.narine c Shahriar b Shakib 0 f.edwards c Shakib b gazi 2 extras (b-10 lb-7 w-2 nb-8) 27 total (eight wickets, 200.3 overs) 648 did not bat: t.Best fall of wickets: 1-37 2-43 3-369 4-546 5-621 6-621 7-639 8-639 9-648 Bowling: Sohag gazi 57.3-4-167-3, Abul Hasan 24-0-113-0 (1w, 4nb), Rubel Hossain 31-8-86-2 (3nb), naeem islam 14-1-43-0 (1nb), Shakib Al Hasan 52-11-151-4 (1w), Mahmudullah 10-0-420, nasir Hossain 12-1-29-0. Bangladesh second innings tamim iqbal b Best 28 nazimuddin lbw b edwards 0 Shahriar nafees c Sammy b Best 21 naeem islam b Best 2 Shakib Al Hasan c Best b permaul 97 Mushfiqur Rahim b permaul 10 nasir Hossain not out 64 extras (lb-2 w-1 nb-1) 4 total (six wickets; 56.1 overs) 226 to bat: Mahmudullah, Sohag gazi, Abul Hasan, Rubel Hossain fall of wickets: 1-1 2-49 3-51 4-62 5-82 6-226 Bowling: f. edwards 11-0-65-1 (nb-1), S. narine 9-0-48-0, V. permaul 16.1-2-51-2, t. Best 8-0-26-3(w-1), c. gayle 4-0-15-0, d. Sammy 8-3-19-0

succession to rip the heart out of Bangladesh's top order. Best bowled opener Tamim Iqbal off his first ball in the second innings for 28 and rattled the stumps of Naeem Islam (two) the same over. Shahriar Nafees was given a reprieve on eight after Edwards had him caught by Marlon Samuels at gully when

television replays confirmed the bowler bowled a front-foot no-ball. However, Shahriar was unable to take advantage of the let off and was out for 21, edging Best at slip for Darren Sammy to complete the catch. Skipper Mushfiqur Rahim threw his wicket when he charged Permaul down the track and missed the line to be

bowled for 10. Earlier, Shivnarine Chanderpaul made some quick runs before Shakib pushed West Indies towards a declaration. Shakib had Denesh Ramdin caught by Rahim for 31 three balls before he made Sammy his 100th test wicket as Mahmudullah took the West Indies captain at slip for nought.

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Sports 16

india trounce afridi to lead Karachi Dolphins in t20 meet Pakistan in super series hockey LAHORE

StAff RepORt

LANCO AgencieS

India trounced Pakistan 5-2 in their third match of the nine-a-side Lanco International Super Series hockey event here Saturday. India dominated the play from the beginning to the end in the nine-a-side format match that is played with two halves of 20 minutes each. Raghu (7th minute), Akashdeep (9th), S.P. Sunil (15th, 33rd), Manpreet (29) all got on the scoresheet for India while Shafaqat Rasool (20th) and Mohammad Rizwan Sr. (36th) were on target for Pakistan. The two teams will again clash against each other Sunday for the third and fourth places. India lost their previous two matches against Australia (3-4) and England (1-2), who will face off for the top spot.

Pm urges strict merit in cricket selection ISLAMABAD App

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf stressed the need to strictly adhere to the policy of merit while selecting cricket team so that the best represents the country.He was talking to Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chaudhry Zaka Ashraf who called on him at the Prime Minister House here.The Chairman PCB briefed the Prime Minister on the measures taken by the Board to encourage cricket in the country.The Prime Minister appreciated the efforts made by the Chairman PCB for reviving cricket with India and hoped that this would encourage greater people-to-people contacts between the two nations having passion for cricket. He appreciated Chairman PCB for enforcing discipline among players and directed that no compromise should be made in this regard.The Chairman PCB submitted a detailed report to the Prime Minister on the activities and performance of the Cricket Board.

Pioneer club win LAHORE StAff RepORt

Pioneer Cricket Club beat Shad Bagh Cricket club by 30 runs at Iqbal park ground in T20 friendly fixture. Pioneer 200-6-20 0vers. Nadeem Javed Butt 30, Hamza Islam 40, Bilal khan30. Akbar 345. Shad Bagh Cricket club 170-8. Anwar Ali 25, Akbar Khan 44. Gulzar Adrees 333, Hasan Azam 3-40.

Pakistan`s flamboyant all-rounder, Shahid Afridi, in a bid to confirm his place in the national squad that will tour India next month, has agreed to lead the Karachi Dolphins side in the upcoming national T20 championship. Afridi had earlier turned down the offer. "Afridi has agreed to lead the Karachi Dolphins squad after we spoke to him and convinced him that given his seniority he is the automatic choice to lead his home side," the President of the Karachi City

Cricket Association, Siraj-ul-Islam Bukhari said. After Afridi`s refusal, the KCCA had decided to appoint Test batsman, Asad Shafiq as the captain. Afridi, who has been struggling for form in One-day Internationals and T20 matches, this year dropped a lucrative contract with the Sydney side to play in the Australian Big Bash T20 league so that he could make himself available for the national T20 championship. Afridi said that he had decided to play in the national T20 event as it would allow him to regain his form and also convince the selectors.

The allrounder has made no bones of the fact that he is desperate to play in the coming series in India, which will be the first bilateral contest between the two countries in five years. Just how much importance the cricket board and selectors are giving to the national T20 championship can be judged by the fact that the captaincy of most regional teams has gone to senior players. Younis Khan will be leading the Abbotabad side, Misbah-ul-Haq the Faisalabad side and Mohammad Yousuf will lead the Lahore Lions outfit.

Trophy matches moved out of Punjab LAHORE StAff RepORt


WO matches of the last round of the President's Trophy have been shifted out of Punjab, to Islamabad and Mirpur, following differences between the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Punjab Government. Faisalabad's Iqbal Stadium was scheduled to host the match between State Bank of Pakistan and Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited while Pakistan International Airlines and Water and Power Development Authority were set to play at Jinnah Stadium in Sialkot. The trouble started after the government's city-district administration disrupted the matches of the ongoing PCB Under-19 inter district/department tournament in Gujranwala and Sialkot. A match between Sialkot and Karachi Blue was interrupted on November 11 when a helicopter carrying top Punjab government officials landed at the Gujranwala stadium, forcing the match to be abandoned. An attempt was made to host another match in Gujranwala, between Sialkot and Gujranwala, but the city-district administration refused to give permission. The PCB relocated it to Sialkot but the match was stopped and the city-district administration evacuated the stadium for an undisclosed reason. "There is no clash between the PCB and the Punjab Government," a PCB was quoted by ESPNcricinfo. "We are a sports body and want the games to go on and to avoid any further disruption we have decided to move our matches from the Punjab province to other parts of the country." To avoid further disruptions, the President's Trophy matches have been moved to the National Stadium in Islamabad and

Quaid-e-Azam stadium in Mirpur. "In the meantime, we are in negotiations with the Government to sort out any the issues they think need to be sorted," the spokesman said. "We want the smooth functioning of our tournament and apart from the President's Trophy matches the Under-19 match (Peshawar v Sialkot) has also been relocated to Peshawar." The PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf said the board can't afford any disruptions at the moment. "We understand that the grounds are the property of the Punjab Government and it's up to them if they will let us play but they should show good spirit and work with a big heart," Ashraf told reporters in Lahore. "But if they carry on with such a condescending attitude we are left with no other choice but to take the matches away from the province." The row had started in March this year when the PCB refused to grant permission to the Punjab government for holding a non-sports function at the Rawalpindi Stadium. Later the PCB, headquartered in Lahore (the capital of Punjab), wrote a letter to the chief secretary of the Punjab Government on April 16 this year regarding security arrangements and plans but the government said it was unaware of such a request. The PCB then blamed the Punjab Government for lack of coordination, which affected Bangladesh's proposed visit in April, over security and safety concerns. Pakistan and Bangladesh were due to play one ODI and one Twenty20 at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, on April 29 and 30 this year but the tour was pulled back over a writ petition filed in the Dhaka High Court after the tour appeared to be hit by logistic issues. The PCB, the country's richest sports body, owns no stadiums of its own. Currently, all stadiums around the country are on lease with MoUs with the city-district governments.

Pakistan chief selector has no illusions about india tour LAHORE StAff RepORt

Pakistan cricket's chief selector Iqbal Qasim has no illusions about how tough the forthcoming tour to India is going to be for the national team. Pakistan are due to tour India from December 22 to play two T20 matches and three ODIs. It will be the first bilateral series between the two countries since 2007 although they have met in ICC events. "I have no illusions about how hard this tour will be for our team. Although it is a short tour but keeping in mind the significance of the series our players will have to put in their best to do well," Qasim said. "Given the fact that we are playing a bilateral series after five years there will be a lot of media hype and interest in the series and some of our players have not had a chance to make a full tour of India as yet," the former Test spinner said. Qasim was referring to the likes of Umar Akmal, Azhar Ali, Asad Shafiq, Saeed Ajmal, Nasir Jamshed, Junaid Khan, Reza Hasan, Sarfaraz Ahmed etc. who are all in line to be considered for the upcoming India series. Some like Umar and Ajmal played in the 2011 World Cup semi-final at Mohali but are yet to make a full tour. Qasim didn't rule out the possibility of considering some new faces for the upcoming tour. Pakistan cricket's chief selector Iqbal Qasim has no illusions about how tough the forthcoming tour to India is going to be for the national team. Pakistan are due to tour India from December 22 to play two T20 matches and three ODIs. It will be the first bilateral series between the two countries since 2007 although they have met in ICC events.

Pietersen and Cook set up solid platform MUMBAI cRicinfO

In England, it has become customary to look at Kevin Pietersen and see only a problem. In India, the talk is of his star quality. That unmistakeable batting talent was to the fore once more on a sweltering second day of the Mumbai Test as he began to put his tribulations behind him and rebuild an England career that he once imagined might be lost for ever. Alastair Cook, the England captain who must manage Pietersen's maverick talents, must have looked down the pitch and concluded that this was a problem worth having. Cook, who in his worst moments must have imagined that India was becoming an insurmountable challenge, could spot an ally from 22 yards away. Between them, they stilled India's spin-bowling frenzy. Cook was 13 runs short of another Test hundred at the close, another formidable innings in pressing circumstances. Alongside him, Pietersen had made an unbeaten 62 in enterprising fashion. Instead of talk of "reintegration," as formally laid down by the ECB, they chatted informally between overs of cricketing matters, of runs and wickets and ambitions to win a Test and square the series. It is far too premature to suggest that the good times

were returning, but perhaps the deepest pain is behind them. One bemused Indian pundit, observing Pietersen in full flow, suggested that he struggled to cope with the regimented ways of England, where people "liked to stand in queues." Well, they have certainly been queuing up in recent months to take a pop at Pietersen. He will hear little such criticism in Mumbai. It is perhaps no surprise that in the country which lavishes more affection on him than any other he began to rediscover his mojo. Pietersen, lambasted for a frenzied approach in Ahmedabad, played confidently against India's spinners from the outset. He confidently despatched his first ball, from Harbhajan Singh, to the cover boundary. Another upbeat drive against Pragyan Ojha restated his well-being. His footwork was trim, his misjudgements were rare. There were times when his presence alone seemed enough to draw errors in length from the Indian spin attack. Cook continued to unravel India's mysteries, a power to be reckoned with in all climes, on all surfaces. Twice he used his feet to Ojha, hitting him over mid-on for six and four, as he combated the bowler's leg-stump line, backed up by three close leg-side catchers. As his innings progressed, he swept as productively as at any time in his Test ca-

reer. They were shots illustrative of a batsman carefully extending his range. The sweep shot injured two India short legs in the process. Chesteshwar Pujara was struck in the ribs and left the field. The substitute, Ajinkya Rahane, emerged with more padding than a luxury sofa and pulled off some nerveless, agile stops - a sofa on casters - before he, too took a battering and withdrew

from service. There was not a noticeable rush to take his place. R Ashwin bowled the best over at Cook - a top-edged sweep, two play and misses and an edge short of slip reminding England that this test could swing India's way in a flash - but Harbhajan, returning from a 15-month absence for his 99th Test, found little to sustain him. In just three innings, Alastair Cook's aggregate for the series has exceeded 300 - it's 304. The previous England batsman to score more than 300 in a series in India was Graeme Hick, who scored 315 in six innings in 1992-93. The undefeated 110-run stand between Cook and Kevin Pietersen is the fifth for the third wicket for England in Tests in India; three of those five are by this pair. Cheteshwar Pujara has a series average of 382, which is the secondhighest ever for India, behind Rahul Dravid's 432 against Zimbabwe in 2000-01. The 111-run stand between Pujara and R Ashwin is only the seventh for the seventh wicket for India in Tests against England. Graeme Swann became England's 14th bowler, but only their second spinner, to take 200-plus Test wickets. In all, he is the 16th spinner to reach the landmark. Monty Panesar's 5 for 129 is the sixth instance of an England spinner taking a five-for in the first innings of a Test since 2000.

ScOReBOARd indiA 1St inningS g gambhir lbw b Anderson 4 V Sehwag b panesar 30 cA pujara st †prior b Swann 135 SR tendulkar b panesar 8 V Kohli c compton b panesar 19 yuvraj Singh b Swann 0 MS dhoni c Swann b panesar 29 R Ashwin lbw b panesar 68 Harbhajan Singh lbw b Swann 21 Z Khan c Bairstow b Swann 11 pp Ojha not out 0 extras (lb 1, nb 1) 2 total (all out; 115.1 overs) 327 fall of wickets 1-4 (gambhir, 0.2 ov), 2-52 (Sehwag, 16.1 ov), 360 (tendulkar, 18.5 ov), 4-118 (Kohli, 38.5 ov), 5-119 (yuvraj Singh, 39.6 ov), 6-169 (dhoni, 61.2 ov), 7-280 (Ashwin, 98.4 ov), 8-315 (Harbhajan Singh, 111.4 ov), 9-316 (pujara, 113.5 ov), 10-327 (Khan, 115.1 ov) Bowling: JM Anderson 18-3-61-1, ScJ Broad 12-1-60-0, MS panesar 47-12-129-5, gp Swann 34.1-7-70-4, SR patel 4-1-6-0 englAnd 1St inningS An cook not out 87 nRd compton c Sehwag b Ojha 29 iJl trott lbw b Ojha 0 Kp pietersen not out 62 extras 0 total (2 wickets; 65 overs) 178 to bat JM Bairstow, SR patel, MJ prior†, ScJ Broad, gp Swann, MS panesar, JM Anderson fall of wickets 1-66 (compton, 31.4 ov), 2-68 (trott, 33.6 ov) Bowling: R Ashwin 225-54-0, pp Ojha 21-3-65-2, Z Khan 8-412-0, Harbhajan Singh 14-0-47-0. toss india, who chose to bat player of the match tba umpires Aleem dar (pakistan) and Al Hill (new Zealand) tV umpire S Ravi Match referee RS Mahanama (Sri lanka) Reserve umpire pg pathak

sunday, 25 November, 2012

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17 Sports mcilroy, Donald line up classic duel in desert

Dubai: mcilroy ignores sunstroke to move into three-way tie.

DUBAI AgencieS

World number one Rory McIlroy and second-ranked Luke Donald gave the organisers and fans what they wanted when the pair set up a classic duel in the desert after the DP World Tour Championship third round on Saturday. The two Britons shot matching six-under-par 66s to sprint three strokes clear of their nearest rivals on 17under 199 and will engage in a head-tohead showdown for the $1.33-million first prize on Sunday. Donald did not drop a stroke to par for the third day running while McIlroy was boosted by an inspired birdie-birdie-par-eagle burst from the 11th in the final event of the season on the European Tour. South African compatriots and close friends Louis Oosthuizen (68) and Charl Schwartzel (67) were in a tie for third place on 202. The round of the day belonged to Jeev Milkha Singh who dedicated a sparkling 64 to his ailing 76-year-old mother back home in India after equalling the course record. Singh, who became the first Indian to play in the U.S. Masters five years ago, said his mother Nirmal was in intensive care in Chandigarh after having a bad fall in the garden. "She has fractured her knee and the fibula bone and needs major surgery," the 10-times European Tour winner told reporters after charging through the field to finish on 209. "She needs some plates put in and that surgery is going to take place tomorrow morning. We are hoping and praying that everything goes fine and she comes out well - I dedicate this round to my mum for sure."

Poulter finally shrugs off jetlag to shoot 67 DUBAI AgencieS

Europe's Ryder Cup hero Ian Poulter dusted off lingering jetlag to fire a flawless five-under-par 67 in the third round of the DP World Tour Championship. The 36-year-old Briton was unable to make much impression on the leaders in the first two rounds of the final tournament of the European Tour season but he appeared reinvigorated on Saturday. "I was tired the first couple of days

and made a few silly mistakes," Poulter told Reuters in an interview on a hot but overcast day in the desert. "Sometimes, when you're flying all around the world it's difficult to keep your energy levels high. "When you fly from China to Orlando, from Orlando to Los Angeles, from Los Angeles to Melbourne and from Melbourne to Dubai, there is some stage in that trip when you are going to feel a little tired." Despite the fatigue, it has been a rewarding few weeks for the Florida-

based Englishman. Poulter, the inspiration behind Europe's Ryder Cup victory over the United States in Illinois in September, came fourth at the BMW Masters in China at the end of last month before winning the WGC-Champions Tournament in the same country a week later. The world number 13 then flew to Melbourne to defend the Australian Masters title he won in 2011 and finished second behind local favourite Adam Scott.

singh’s sparkling 64 for ailing mum DUBAI: Jeev Milkha Singh dedicated a sparkling eight-under-par 64 to his ailing 76-year-old mother back home in India after equalling the course record in the DP World Tour Championship third round on Saturday. Singh, who became the first Indian to play in the U.S. Masters five years ago, said his mother Nirmal was in intensive care in Chandigarh after taking a nasty fall in the garden. "She has fractured her knee and the fibula bone and needs major surgery," the 10-times European Tour winner told reporters after surging through the field to finish with a sevenunder aggregate of 209. AgencieS

Of Czechs Davis Cup triumph, talent of Clarke and Pujara SportS thiS Week ALI AkBAR The Czech Republic used to be a part of the erstwhile Czechoslovakia until the iron curtain melted a couple of decades ago. With a population less than that of greater Lahore, one would be forgiven for thinking that Czech tennis would not amount to a hill of beans. It would more than a little surprising therefore, for the sports fans, that this little central European country is the current holder of the two biggest team trophies in tennis, the Fed Cup for women and the Davis Cup for men. The Czechs have always had a strong tennis tradition dating back eighty years when the indomitable Karl Kozeluh gave Tilden and co all that they could handle. Then there was Drobny, the Wimbledon winner in 1953, followed by Jan Kodes, the 1973 winner. There was Ivan Lendl in the 1980s. Lendl won a number of Grand Slam titles but could never win Wimbledon. Martina Navratilova won nine Wimbledons plus a slew of others. Not bad for a country that had only one indoor court till the 1980s. Last week’s Davis Cup triumph for the

sunday, 25 November, 2012

Czechs against Spain was not as big an upset as one would imagine, mainly due to the absence of Rafael Nadal from the Spanish team. Still, Spain had number five David Ferrer and number eleven Nicolas Almagro. They also had the big serving lefthander Feliciano Lopez who was much better than his 39 ATP ranking would indicate. On the fast court that the Czechs had prepared, Lopez would have been a handful, with his serve swinging away from the opponents’ backhand. But Captain Alex Corretja went with the rankings and Almagro came up short against both Berdych and Stepanek the veteran whose fifth match win is the stuff of legend. Radek Stepanek is at the stage in his career, where most players hang up their singles game for a few years on the doubles circuit. He was primarily a doubles player, but good enough to reach a career high of number eight in singles. He won his first major at the Australian Open earlier this year partnering Leander Paes and at the age of 34 would not have been contemplating

any heroics in singles. But a superb fifth match along with a doubles upset partnering Berdych over doubles favourites Granollers and Lopez was just enough to make Stepanek’s career highlight. Radek Stepanek is an anomaly in today’s game of baseline trench warfare. He has a superb volley, a throwback to the players of the 1970s and attacks the net at every opportunity. This was something that the purpose built court was tailor made for. Although he could not get past Ferrer’s defence, he was just good enough for the doubles and the final singles. Thomas Berdych, the world number 6, also beat Almagro in five sets and the Davis Cup was back in Prague for the second time. They had won in 1980 with 20 year Ivan Lendl leading the way. It is a measure of Michael Clarke’s recent form that inevitable, and futile attempts are being made with Donald Bradman. Clarke has made four double hundreds in 2012, something even Bradman had failed to do. Certainly, Clarke would be one of a small handful of batsmen at the

apex of the game. The others would be Amla, Kohli and perhaps the two Sri Lankan maestros, Sangakkara and Jayawardene. Clarke has the batting style of a real talent. Everything is easy for him. The reflexes and the eye are razor sharp and the ball invariably hits the sweet spot on his bat. Batting for him is more an exhibition rather than a contest. But to compare with Bradman, one would first have to negotiate one of the iconic statistics of sport, 99.94. That is Bradman’s batting average, almost twice that of Clarke’s. Case closed! Australia and South Africa are locked in a titanic struggle for ascendency. It is a pity that this is a three Test series and with the first test hit by rain, it is, by Test standards, a shootout in the final two. Australia seem to be coming out of their trough. Their batting, anchored by Clarke, is looking awesome, with Hussey, Warner and Cowan looking good. The only question mark is Ricky Ponting, who is going through a lean patch and as it often happens, that is when batsmen get the unplayable deliveries. Kallis produced just the one, coming on to leg stump and moving away to hit off. Ponting ended up on all fours and would certainly be contemplating his fu-

ture. His place should be secure for this series but he would have to produce at least one authoritative innings to keep his place in the team. It is quite possible that Ponting’s eyes and reflexes have lost their sharpness as batsmen of his age tend to do. Ponting has often been called Australia’s best batsman after Bradman. Certainly Michael Clarke, should he be able to maintain his torrid form, would have something to say in this regard. India trounced England in the first Test match, with England’s batting failing to come to terms with the Indian spinners on the turning Indian tracks. England’s only solace would be a vastly improved batting performance in the second innings, which gives them hope of an improved performance in the remaining Tests. Skipper Cooke played a captain’s knock in the second innings, but needs for the rest of the batting to fire. Kevin Peterson looks vulnerable to left arm orthodox spin and Bell looked nervy in his first innings hoick first ball. The revelation on the Indian side looks to be Pujara, who seems to have cloned his temperament and technique to that of Dravid. Certainly he looked the part in his double hundred and unbeaten score in the second innings.

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Sports 18

Hamilton fastest before emotional farewell

watch it Live ESPN Australia V South Africa 05:00AM

Kobayashi sets up website to try and raise f1 funds SAO PAULO AgencieS

sao Paulo: lewis hamilton storms to pole position with the fastest time. old German set his morning time on SAO PAULO AgencieS


EWIS Hamilton prepared for an emotional farewell to McLaren with the fastest time in practice for the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix on Friday. The Briton, who took his 2008 Formula One title at Interlagos and arrived in Brazil after winning the U.S. Grand Prix in Texas last Sunday, lapped the anti-clockwise layout with a best time of one minute 14.131 seconds in sunny but hazy morning conditions. The 27-year-old, who joins Mercedes next season, then lapped in 1:14.026 in the heat of the afternoon. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, the championship leader who is favourite to clinch his third successive title on Sunday, was second fastest in both sessions. He was just 0.009 off Hamilton's pace before lunch and 0.274 slower after the break. However, the 25-year-

this year's Pirelli tyres while Hamilton's came in a test of next year's prototype rubber. Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, Vettel's only title rival but 13 points off the lead, was fifth on both timesheets - 0.261 and 0.566 slower respectively than the quickest McLaren. Hamilton, who welled up with emotion in a BBC interview earlier in the week, said he was savouring every moment of the weekend. "I just took some pictures of my engineers. I'll take some pictures of my mechanics later on today and I said we have to take a picture every day," he told reporters after practice. "This is one of the best Fridays we've had for a long, long time. It's a perfect last Friday to have. "I feel very good at the moment. we're definitely strong, just as we were in the last three or four races," said the Briton. "But here is so tough on the tyres. I hope that we can continue to

compete with them (Red Bull) tomorrow. That would be the best Saturday to have a pole, for sure." Vettel said the track had been very slippery but was happy with his day's work. "It was quite hot today and, in terms of track conditions, not that easy," he said. Australian Mark Webber was third in the morning and afternoon while McLaren's Jenson Button was fourth in the first session. Alonso's Brazilian team mate Felipe Massa was fourth after lunch. Spaniard Alonso must finish on the podium on Sunday to have any hope of taking his third title while Vettel will be champion regardless of other results if he can secure fourth place or better. "We have not yet found the ideal balance on the car, so there is still a lot of work to be done with the engineers going into the rest of the weekend," said the Spaniard, mindful also that the weather is expected to turn wet at the weekend.

Davis Cup final: Czechs cash in Comment SABA AZIZ In the December of 1980, four men from Czechoslovakia became heroes in their homeland by defeating Italy 4-1 in the Davis Cup final in Prague. Thirty-two years later on the same venue, this time as an independent nation, the Czech Republic found themselves in similar territory. Their opposition was the very formidable Spanish armada, whom they had already lost to in the 2009 final. In the 100th edition of this prestigious competition, the Czechs were looking to complete a rare Davis Cup-Fed Cup double, after their women’s team beat Serbia at the same Prague venue two weeks ago. Despite the absence of their favorite son, Nadal, the Spaniards had a strong line-up led by the in form Ferrer and the newly crowned Barclays ATP World Tour Finals doubles champions, Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez. As for the Czechs, they were relying heavily on their two big guns, Berdych and Stepanek. The indoor O2 Arena in Prague, with its fast-paced hard court, was tailor-made for the big serving Czechs, who were going all out to neutralize the Spanish force. Heading into the weekend’s fixture, Berdych gave his Spanish counterpart Almagro a mouthful, terming him as the weak link in the Spanish team. There was no love lost between the two, who had butted heads earlier in the year, at the Australian Open. On that occasion, the Czech had refused to shake Almagro’s hand following a shot blasted right at him. However, Berdych was not alone in his trash talk, as Feliciano Lopez, in expressing his disappointment in not being selected to take on the Czech, said: “Ask Berdych who he would have preferred not to have as an opponent. If anyone could beat Berdych on this court it’s me. The court is ideal for my game.” These pre-match statements added extra spice to an already mouthwatering

finale. On the opening day, Ferrer was drawn to take on Stepanek, while Berdych was to lock horns with Almagro. Ferrer got the Spaniards off to a perfect start, after a clinical performance against the aging Stepanek. The world number 5 overcame a hostile crowd and a shaky start, to stay on top of his opponent, before running away with a straight sets victory 6-3,6-4,6-4. The first point went to Spain and all the pressure was on Berdych to perform. Berdych and Almagro had already faced each other five times this year, with the Czech winning four of those encounters. In the first set, Berdych needed just one break point to take a 1 set to love lead. Finally, the home fans had something to cheer about. But the drama, so typical of Davis Cup matches, was yet to unfold. The talented Spaniard fought back in the

second to level the match and silenced the crowds. We were in for a battle and the fans inside the O2 Arena could sense it. Following a series of controversial calls by the umpire and some big serving by Berdych, the Czechs went in the ascendancy again, winning the 3rd set 6-3. And just when it looked like Berdych had steadied the boat, a patch of tentative play on his part brought Almagro right back in the match, taking us in to a decider. The Czech number 1 had to find his best tennis to fend off the Spanish challenge, taking the final set 6-3. After almost 4 hours of high drama, the hosts were able to level the tie on day one. It came down to the doubles and the Czechs were leaving nothing for chance. With the Spanish pair of Granollers and Lopez brimming with confidence after

their victory in London, the hosts were forced to bring out their A-team of Berdych and Stepanek. The Spanish duo took the first set of the pivotal doubles rubber, but the Czechs displaying their sheer ability and big match temperament, prevailed in four sets in three hours and 19 minutes. Taking full advantage of a weak Lopez serve, the Czech pair gave their team a 2-1 advantage, just one win away from the crown. Spirits were high in the Czech camp ahead of the last day’s play, but the Spaniards had the fresher legs. Ferrer outsmarted Berdych 6-2,6-3,7-5 in the first reverse singles to keep Spain alive in the Davis Cup final. Berdych denied all claims of his bad physical state after a grueling first 2 days, and admitted that his opponent was simply ‘too good’. Into the fifth live rubber and the hopes of their respective nations rested on the shoulders of Almagro and Stepanek. The wily veteran, playing in his third best of five-set match in three days, rose to the occasion and outwitted his Spanish opponent in four well-contested sets. He defied his 33 years to provide a fairytale finish to the 100th final. It was a first title for the Czech Republic as an independent nation. And fittingly, it was all done in front of a watery-eyed team of Ivan Lendl, Tomas Smid, Jan Kodes and Pavel Slozil, who were part of the winning Czechoslovakia team back in 1980. There were emotional scenes all round. “I was dreaming about this my whole life and today we’re standing here the winners," said a tearful Stepanek. "We’ve written history today in our country. I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now." In truly one of the most dramatic ends to the year, Czech Republic dethroned Spain to go down in the history books as the only nation to win the Hopman Cup, Fed Cup and Davis Cup in one calendar year. Thus the Czechs have really cashed in on their impressive mix of skill and fighting spirit!

Kamui Kobayashi, Japan's only current Formula One driver, is hoping a website campaign can help raise the funds to keep him on the starting grid next season after being dropped by the Sauber team. Speaking to reporters at the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix on Friday after Sauber announced Mexican Esteban Gutierrez would be taking his place in 2013, Kobayashi did his best to sound confident. "We see I think still some seats that are available so we try to get a seat," he said. "If we can find some sponsors I think it is easier." Kobayashi said money, or rather his lack of it, was "the main issue for sure" in why Sauber, who have several Mexican sponsors, had opted for Gutierrez alongside Germany's Nico Hulkenberg. "This is Formula One," shrugged the Japanese, the son of sushi restaurant owner, who arrived in Formula One with Toyota support but no other backing and joined Sauber when the carmaker pulled out at the end of 2009. "For Sauber it is my last race but for myself I think it is different. "Everybody looks really worried but I don't really worry at the moment, I try to work hard to get sponsors and find out what's available for next year's seat." Kobayashi, an extrovert overtaker, has huge popularity in Japan after finishing third for Sauber in his home race at Suzuka this season but he has suspected for some time that he would not be kept on at the team. He said he was trying to harness some of the goodwill at home through a '' website, with the url posted on his Twitter account to 93,000 followers, offering wristbands in exchange for a donation. "Suzuka had more than 100,000 people at the race... over the three days we had 200,000," said Kobayashi, comfortably Japan's most successful grand prix driver by career points scored. "I think we have a lot of potential to get some money from the fans as well. It has been just two days but it's going to help my career for sure." Force India, Caterham and Marussia still have seats available but all have made it clear that they are looking for sponsorship money as part of the deal.

berdych, tipsarevic heading to india CHENNAI AgencieS

World number six Tomas Berdych will headline the field for this year's Chennai Open, organisers have announced. The Czech will be joined by fellow top-10 player Janko Tipsarevic in the season-opening event which gets underway on December 31. The 15th-ranked Marin Cilic and world number 17 Stanislas Wawrinka are the other big names at the event. Canadian Milos Raonic, the defending champion, will not be featuring this time around.

french federation will ask tauziat to resign PARIS AgencieS

Nathalie Tauziat will be asked to step down from the French tennis federation's (FFT) management committee after she testified in favour of former coach Regis de Camaret who was sentenced to eight years in prison on Friday for raping young female players. "Nathalie Tauziat's statement at the trial was deeply disturbing. On Monday we will ask her to resign from the management committee," FFT director general Gilbert Ysern told reporters on Saturday.

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Malala set to make Britain her permanent home



HE teenage girl shot by the Taliban for speaking out against militants in Pakistan is expected to make Britain her permanent home, according to a report in the Daily Mail. Malala Yousufzai, 15, is being treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham after having a bullet removed from her spine. Her parents and two brothers flew to Britain last month so that they could be with her. A source at the consulate said: ‘Because of his experience as a teacher and in administrative

roles in Pakistan it was decided he would be best placed as a counsellor or administrative assistant. ‘The initial contract is for a year and the Pakistan government will provide him with a home in Birmingham and a car. The government feels it has a duty of care to the family and the situation in Pakistan for them is very dangerous.’ Everyone in the Yousufzai family is on a tourist visa and the visas will expire around March 2013. Birmingham Labour MP Khalid Mahmood welcomed the move saying the family would be surrounded by friends and family in Birmingham. Malala was attacked by Taliban

fighters in Mingora, the main town of Swat Valley, on October 9, as she travelled home from school. She was struck by a bullet just above her left eye after extremists boarded her school bus - targeting her for demanding education and standing up for childrens’ rights. The bullet travelled down the side of her jaw and damaged her skull, and she was later flown to Britain for treatment. The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has threatened to target Malala and members of her family, raising questions about whether it would be safe for her to return to Pakistan.

Pakistan denied visa to Sikh pilgrims on Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary: report AMRITSAR AgencieS

QuettA: Security personnel stand guard as Shias mourn during a Muharram procession on Saturday. INP

Renowned columnist Ardeshir Cowasjee passes away kARACHI StAff RepORt

Known for sarcastic yet insightful style of writing, senior columnist and social worker Ardeshir Cowasjee passed away on Saturday. He has been suffering from illness for a long time. Cowasjee had gained popularity for columns in Daily Dawn and his efforts for sustainable development in Karachi metropolitan, the house of around 20 million people. According to Nadeem F Piracha, another Dawn columnist called him one of Pakistan’s finest & most conscientious columnists. Ardeshir Cowasjee was born in 1926 at Karachi and hails from the well-known Cowasjee Parsi (Zoroastrian) family. His father Rustom Fakirjee Cowasjee was a businessman in merchant shipping. Ardeshir attended the Bai Virbaiji Soparivala Parsi High School (BVS) and graduated from DJ Science College, Karachi. Later, he joined his father’s business, the Cowasjee Group,

and married Nancy Dinshaw in 1953. He has two children, Ava (daughter) and Rustom (son). Cowasjee was appointed by Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as Managing Director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) in 1973 but was jailed for 72 days in 1976 by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for which no explanation has been given to date; it is said that Prime Minister Bhutto did that to rein Cowasjee because the latter was becoming in-

creasingly vocal about Bhutto’s authoritarian ways. Cowasjee subsequently started writing letters to the editor of Dawn Newspaper, which led him to become a permanent columnist. Since then, his hard-hitting and well-researched columns in Dawn have continuously exposed corruption, nepotism and incompetence in different local, provincial and national governments for the last twenty years.In 2011 Cowasjee bid farewell to Dawn by publishing his last article in the newspaper on 25 December 2011,however he has hinted that he may write rarely for the newspaper in the coming future. Ardeshir Cowasjee is also the financier of many scholarships for students wishing to pursue higher education. These include grants for both local and overseas education. Although these are given out as loans, it is not expected that most of these funds will be returned to him. However, Cowasjee does encourage the receivers to return them so that others can benefit from those funds. These philanthropic services are provided by the Cowasjee Foundation.

Pakistan has reportedly denied visas to a group of Indian Sikh pilgrims intending to attend the birth anniversary celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev at Nankana Sahib, Indian media reported on Saturday. “We had applied for the Pakistani visa and when we came here, we learnt that our visas had been cancelled. We wanted to go for pilgrimage to Nankana Sahib Gurudwara in Pakistan and now we are facing difficulty and we are disappointed after visa cancellation,” said Vijendar Kaur, a female pilgrim. Every year thousands of Sikhs pay obeisance at the shrine, where the first Sikh guru Guru Nanak Dev was born. According to the report, citing the Shiromani Akali Dal Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee, more than half the pilgrims were denied visas without assigning any reason. “This year, we had applied for 1,860 visas, out of which 971 visas were cancelled. I feel that it is wrong and disappointing for the devotees,” said Ram Singh, a member of the Shiromani Gurudwara Committee. “We demand that the policy for visas

should be flexible and the cancellation of visas at the 11th hour is not justified for a person, who has been waiting to go for the pilgrimage. This is a very important pilgrimage for the Sikhs and the visa policies should be changed so that the Sikhs are able to attend their religious places without any problems,” said Singh.

Mortar shells fired from Afghanistan land in Angoor Adda PESHAWAR inp

About 20 mortar shells fired from Afghanistan landed into Pakistani territory on Saturday, a private TV channel reported. No casualties have been reported so far, it added. According to the details, the mortar shells landed near Angoor Adda and Zhoba

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Pahar areas along the Pak-Afghan border. The shells completely destroyed a vehicle. For the last few months, several cross-border shelling and rocket attacks from across the border have been fired on Pakistani targets, especially in the Tribal Areas and Dir district. Pakistani authorities have repeatedly told the Afghan government to curb such attacks, but a complete hiatus is awaited.

e-paper pakistantoday 25th November, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 25th November, 2012