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Stop using drones on us, Zardari tells US

new province in Punjab to be named ‘bahawalpur South Punjab’

Your cell phones won’t be ringing today!

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Friday, 25 January, 2013 Rabiul Awal 12, 1434

SC vows to blow the lid off Faisal’s death

two in a row for aShraf


SC orderS Criminal CaSe againSt Pm in rS 82 billion ogra kiCkbaCkS SCam ISLAMABAD TayyaB HussaIn

he Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to register a second criminal case against Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, raising the pressure on the government as it nears the end of its term in office. Last week, the apex court had ordered the arrest of Prime Minister Ashraf in connection with a corruption investigation that dates back to energy projects commissioned when he was water and power minister. The second case relates to the former head of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, Tauqir Sadiq, who fled abroad after being accused of embezzling Rs 83 billion in kickbacks and commissions.


A two-member bench comprising Justice Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif hussain was informed by NAB officials that the prime minister had appointed Sadiq as OGRA chairman while Interior Minister Rehman Malik and PPP Secretary General Jahangir Badr, Leader of the house in Senate and Sadiq’s brother-in-law, allegedly helped him escape the country. The bench also directed the officials concerned that reference against those government functionaries who were included in the selection committee, including the prime minister, should be filed before January 31. It also directed for filing of another reference under Section 31 of the National Accountability Ordinance against all those persons identified in the NAB report for facilitating the absconder and asked for their trial under the said section. The bench, hear-

ing an implementation case of its decision of November 11, 2011, over Sadiq’s illegal appointment, ordered that both references should be moved before January 31. The bench noted that no justification or explanation was offered by NAB for the delay in filing the reference. however, the bench accepted a request of NAB officials for a week’s time, enabling them to file the required references for sake of justice. Justice Khilji Arif hussain remarked that “NAB only apprehends poor people, not the high ups”. Justice Jawad S Khawaja observed that not “arresting culprits is the sole motto of NAB”. The NAB director, however, told the court that Rehman Malik and Jahangir Badr were involved in allowing Sadiq to flee from the country. “A report is ready for evolving reference against them and this has yet to be signed only by the chairman.

Investigations are underway against Prime Minister Ashraf in connection with Sadiq’s illegal appointment.” Justice Khilji observed that “if these persons are involved, forget that the NAB chairman will be signing the report”. earlier during the course of proceedings, Justice Khawaja directed NAB Deputy Prosecutor General Chaudhry Mazhar Ali to give an explanation for not taking any step for filing of the references so far, as more than a year had lapsed after a decision by the court. Ali requested that a month’s time might be granted to the investigation team to complete the task. expressing his displeasure, Justice Khawaja told him that they were ready to grant them 10 months but they should first give an explanation and if their reply was in negative, they would proceed in the matter. CoNTINUEd oN PAgE 04

With not even a single National Accountability Bureau (NAB) official admitting on record that deceased official Kamran Faisal was under pressure in the RPPs scam probe, the Supreme Court on Thursday made it clear that it would unearth the circumstances that led to the officer’s death. A two-member bench headed by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja heard the Kamran Faisal case to ascertain the real facts behind his mysterious death. On the first day of the hearing, the court issued notices to NAB Chairman Admiral (r) Fasih Bukhari and other officers, who had met Kamran Faisal in the last three days of his life. Besides, the court also issued notices to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) chairman, Islamabad inspector general of police and Poly Clinic medical superintendent and sought all record of the case, including the autopsy report, video of the body and mobile phone data of the deceased. The court also sought recording of Fasih Bukhari’s video address to employees, which he delivered after Faisal’s death. During the course of proceedings, Justice Jawwad S Khawaja went through an investigation report, saying according to the report, every individual who was interviewed by investigators after Faisal’s mysterious death admitted the investigator was under immense pressure. CoNTINUEd oN PAgE 04

Dear reaDers The offices of Pakistan Today will remain closed on Friday (Jan 25) on account of Eid Miladun Nabi (PBUH), therefore there will be no publication on Saturday (Jan 26).


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Friday, 25 January, 2013




Venezuela VP says plot against him uncovered

iNFotAiNMENt Cities with too many men

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Kamran Faisal committed suicide: NAB chairman LAHORE: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari said on Thursday that investigating officer Kamran Faisal had committed suicide, adding that probe into his death was going on. Talking to reporters after meeting Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif at Raiwand, Bokhari said that investigation into the death of Kamran Faisal was ongoing and its details would be brought forward soon. he said that honest officers were present in all departments, adding “it is unfortunate that the suicide of NAB investigating officer is being made part of media trial and the public is refusing to accept the true facts.” “We need to strengthen institutions, not weaken them. If institutions are strong the country would flourish,” he added. earlier, during the meeting with Nawaz, Bokhari expressed sorrow over the death of Nawaz’s younger brother Abbas Sharif, and offered fateha for the departed soul. OnlIne

PML-N suggests six names for caretaker PM ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz on Thursday suggested six names for the caretaker premier’s slot. however, two of the names would be sent to the federal government after making consultation with opposition parties. The suggested names are: Asma Jahangir, Justice (r) Ajmal Mian, Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Ataullah Mengal, Justice (r) Nasir Aslam Zahid and Justice (r) Shakirullah Jan. The PML-N finalised these names after holding meetings with opposition parties during the all-parties conference in Lahore last week. Two of these names would be forwarded to the government in this regard. nnI

5 schoolgirls faint due to gas leakage RAHIM YAR KHAN: As many as 100 girls were affected due to a gas leakage at a school in Kot Samaba on Thursday. According to police sources, sui-gas officials were fixing a pipeline when gas leaked with high pressure, affecting at least 100 girls of which five went into critical condition. The affectees were shifted to Sheikh Zayed hospital by Rescue 1122 officials. aPP

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Government MPs criticise Electoral Reforms Bill ISLAMABAD: A group of National Assembly members and senators strongly criticised the approval of the electoral Reforms Bill by the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) on Thursday, saying the decision would hand over the country to looters. Talking to reporters outside the Parliament house on Thursday, Awami National Party (ANP) Senator haji Adeel disapproved the decision made by the eCP, saying it would be tantamount to injustice to the middle class. Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) Senator Mushahid hussain said the decision would monopolise politics for the elite class. “We have to strengthen democracy in the real sense to materialise what the constitution says with reference to the elections,” he added. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Jamshed Dasti also rejected the electoral Reforms Bill, saying the decision would not let the poor people go forward, and consequently only plunderers would advance. expressing concerns over the approval of the Bill, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Farooq Sattar observed that the common man should also participate in the elections, saying only a poor man could feel the pain of the deprived. PPP Senator Aitzaz Ahsan said the scrutiny done by the eCP had no usefulness, as electoral process was the scrutiny done by the people. OnlIne

QueTTa: an anti-polio campaigner gives polio drops to a child as armed police officers provide security cover on Thursday. online

Stop using drones on us, president tells US

13 children injured in Peshawar school fire PESHAWAR: Thirteen children were injured when a fire broke out in a private school in Nothia area of Peshawar on Thursday. According to sources, the fire started due to short circuiting that occurred in a mobile telephone tower fixed within the school boundary. As a result of the blaze, 13 children received burn injuries who were taken to Lady Reading hospital for treatment. OnlIne



ReSIDeNT Asif Ali Zardari has said drone attacks were not only violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty but were counter-productive and their legality was questionable. Talking to US Ambassador Richard Olson at the Presidency on Thursday, Zardari conveyed to the US ambassador concerns over drone attacks and said such

attacks had complicated the anti-terror drive. he said the attacks fuelled anti-US sentiments and were killing civilians. Sources said the president was of the view that new US guidelines over drone attacks in Pakistan needed to be reviewed. Stressing on enhanced intelligence sharing to combat militancy in the Tribal Areas, he said the country’s forces were well equipped and competent enough to handle terrorists, adding that the forces had already broken the back of terrorists.

According to president’s spokesman, the two leaders discussed bilateral relations. The meeting also discussed the development projects being carried out in Pakistan by USAID. Zardari said the PPP government was committed to holding free and fair elections and elections would be held on time without any delay. The president expressed the hope that Olson’s tenure as ambassador would serve to further strengthen Pak-US relations based on mutual trust‚ respect and mutual benefit.

Faisal didn’t want to probe RPPs scam: report ISLAMABAD: Latest disclosures about the deceased NAB assistant director Kamran Faisal have indicated that he had requested his superiors to relieve him from RPP investigations, the Online news agency quoted its sources as saying on Thursday. The latest documentation ‘reports’ some very ‘interesting upheaval’ of the deceased official, who while being posted in Quetta, had lodged an FIR of being followed by unidentified persons, besides expressing his apprehensions over volatile law and order in Quetta. The peak of this ‘paranoia’ occurred when his mobile phone was also snatched from him. his request to the NAB DG showcases him pleading with authorities about his inability to deal with major cases like the RPP case, requesting that such case be transferred to senior officials. The gravity of the crisis compelled assistant director (staff) to write to the operations DG, wherein he said the inability of Faisal to carry on with investigations could have a negative impact upon the directives issued by Supreme Court, while it was equally impossible to retain him as investigation officer (IO) either. Faisal is said to have made several attempts to get himself transferred to Lahore branch of NAB, despite being provided with a full portion house with a prepaid rent of Rs 169,320. Faisal preferred and ended with a shared accommodation at Federal Lodges, Online’s sources said. They said he was even asked by higher authorities about any pressure in the RPP case, which Faisal is alleged to have refuted, saying he had some family problems, and also complained of work overload. OnlIne

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Friday, 25 January, 2013





Did sylvester stallone abuse half-sister for years?

sBP says 25 guarantees worth over rs7b issued under MCGF

Inzamam questions selection for sa tour

On electoral reforms: And there are more in the pipeline.

coMMENt aziz-ud-Din ahmad says; Lack of governance all round: To the great chagrin of the people.

Kunwar Khuldune shahid says; ‘I have a drone’: Excerpts from the US president’s inaugural address.

aima Khosa says; Obama’s four more in foreign policy: Thinking inwards, acting outwards.

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Afghan Taliban, US bon homie likely taliban demand release of five leaders from Guantanamo Bay g in return, the US demands that taliban condemn al Qaeda and distance itself from the network g



sHaIQ HussaIn

he Mullah Omar led Afghan Taliban might extend firm assurance to the United States and its allies that Afghanistan’s soil would not be used for any acts of terror after the withdrawal of NATO troops in response to the key American demand of condemning al Qaeda and distancing itself from the global terrorist network, sources told Pakistan Today. however, the Taliban have come up with some key demands for starting meaningful negotiations which include release of five senior insurgent leaders from the US prison in Guantanamo Bay, removal of the movement’s leaders’ names from UN sanction lists and withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan. On the other hand, the US and its al-

imran becomes Asian Person of the Year 2012 ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan swept the online Asia’s Person of the Year 2012 reader poll conducted by Asia Society, a non-partisan, and a nonprofit institution with headquarters in New York. It is the leading educational organisation dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context. According to the final results of the online poll, Khan whizzed past everyone else by securing 87.78 percent votes, child activist Malala Yousafzai got 3.29 percent, Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi 1.98 percent and Indian film actor Aamir Khan received 1.81 percent votes. Khan’s huge lead was hard to catch up with by any other candidate. At the final tally, Khan had more than 11,000 votes, 88 percent of the total. nnI

lies also want Taliban to accede to some important demands like renouncing international terrorism, distancing itself from al Qaeda and condemning this terrorist network, accepting a ceasefire in Afghanistan, respecting human rights and abiding by the Afghan constitution among others. A diplomatic source privy to efforts by Pakistan and other facilitators working for the meaningful and result-oriented Afghan reconciliation process told Pakistan Today that feedback from the ranks and files of the Taliban suggested that the Mullah Omar led former ruling militia of Afghanistan could assure the global community that the Afghan soil would not be allowed to be used by al Qaeda and other terrorist outfits in future. “however, the Taliban would like to see the release of its leaders first from Guantanamo and removal of their names from the UN list of terrorists and in response they could make the important

announcement about ‘no use of Afghan soil by terrorists after the withdrawal of foreign troops’,” he said, seeking anonymity. Now that the American President Barack Obama has started his second term in office, his administration is very keen for the restart of peace dialogue with the Taliban that broke down in March last year owing to what Taliban leadership said was Washington’s unwillingness to release five key insurgent leaders from Guantanamo Bay prison. Along with other demands, the US wants the Taliban to accede to a ceasefire against the NATO forces in Afghanistan. The source, however, said that there were little chances of ceasefire by Taliban in the near future adding that Taliban would first like to see that their demands are accepted, which would demonstrate how serious US is for the peace negotiations. A Pakistani diplomat when contacted said that he would not like to

PM has started consultations on caretaker setup: Kaira ISLAMABAD nnI

Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira on Thursday said Prime Minister Raja Parvez Ashraf had already started consultations with political leaders on the caretaker setup. Talking to reporters‚ the information minister said though the dates of the dissolution of provincial assemblies varied, it was everybody’s utmost desire that the elections be held on the same day. however, he added that “it was the discretion of the provincial governments to decide when the assemblies would be dissolved”. he said the written agreement with Tahirul Qadri was legal, adding that the govern-

ment stood by it and would implement it. he said another meeting with Tahirul Qadri would be held on Sunday. The minister said the elec-

tion schedule had so far not been announced and the governments could go ahead with the legislation‚ development work and make appointments until the last day of their tenure. Kaira said the Commission on the Creation of New Provinces was set up after consultations with the opposition parties. earlier‚ addressing Seeratun Nabi conference at Allama Iqbal Open University in Islamabad‚ the information minister said all challenges could be dealt with if the teachings of holy Prophet hazrat Mohammad (PBUh) were followed. he called upon religious scholars to highlight the true image of Islam which was a practical religion.

comment on demands from either the US or Taliban. Nonetheless, he said that Islamabad was willing to take all possible steps for the success of the Afghan reconciliation process. “The release of several Taliban leaders and activists in recent months is proof of Pakistan’s strong support for the peace efforts in Afghanistan,” he said. The diplomat said that the reaction of Taliban to the release of their leaders was not yet clear but it had a positive impact on bilateral ties between Islamabad and Kabul. Another diplomatic source said that with the help of friendly countries and facilitators like Pakistan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, a conducive environment was being created for meaningful peace dialogue in Afghanistan. “Contacts are on between different stakeholders for which different channels such as the recently held ‘Paris talks’ between the Taliban and other Afghan groups, are being used,” he said.

Nisar demands removal of governors LAHORE: expressing distrust over all four provincial governors, the opposition leader in the National Assembly demanded their removal prior to the forthcoming general elections. Talking to reporters in Raiwind on Thursday, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that the PML-N doesn’t trust the governors of all provinces appointed on ‘political basis’, adding that all of them should resign before the elections. he said that the governors of Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa belonged to MQM, PML-Q and PPP respectively while the Punjab governor was of ‘all political parties’. he said further that the sons of Punjab Governor Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood had joined the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the governor could be of help to them in next elections. The opposition leader said that electoral process should be concluded in 60 days. To a question about caretaker prime minister, Nisar said that three to four names had been shortlisted for the slot. sTaFF rePOrT

Sharifs make desperate but futile attempt to pitch Ayla Malik against Imran g

Ayla says she joined Pti not to reach National Assembly, but for its ideology ISLAMABAD TayyaB HussaIn

In its bid to field a strong candidate against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan in his home constituency of Mianwali, NA-71, the top leadership of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has suffered another blow as its recent offer has been turned down by Ayla Malik, a PTI leader and sister of Sumaira Malik – a PMLN candidate from Khushab. According to a source in the PML-N, the party’s top leadership is going from pillar to post in its struggle to give Imran a tough time in his home constituency, but to no avail. “Top PML-N leaders, through some relatives and friends of Ayla, conveyed an offer to her, asking her to contest election from NA-71 against Imran Khan while promising huge development funds and a party ticket for a reserved seat for women. however, she has flatly refused the offer,” said the source.

The source added that the Sharifs wanted to field a strong candidate from Mianwali against Imran but failed to find anyone so far. “The PML-N leadership has been perturbed and angry over Imran’s open challenge to contest election against PMLN chief Nawaz Sharif from Lahore. Different plans have been discussed to field a strong candidate from NA-71, but all have failed,” the source added. The source further said that the PML-N had tried its best to field former Mianwali district nazim Ubaidullah Khan Shadikhel against Imran Khan. Shadikhel held two separate meetings with Sharifs in recent past at Raiwind but due to his preconditions, no headway could take place, the source added. “Shadikhel is the only candidate who can give a tough time to Imran Khan in Mianwali. his younger brother Amanatullah Khan Shadikhel had bagged 73,019 votes from the same constituency in 2008 elections as an independent candidate, whereas Inamullah Khan Niazi, the

then nominee of the PML-N, had got only 2,087 votes,” said the source. however, the source said that Ubaidullah was also seeking party ticket for his brother Amanatullah Shadikhel from PP44, Mianwali, adding that the demand was unacceptable for the PML-N, which wants

to award the party ticket to Babli Khan of Isa Khel. Babli Khan is the elder brother of sitting MPA Zakiya Shahnawaz. On the other hand, the source added that the PML-N leadership was in a fix, as awarding the ticket to Shadikhel from PP44 would result into another loss, as Zakiya Shahnawaz and Babli Khan have threatened to join the PTI in that case. “This is the reason why the PML-N leadership is not willing to award ticket to Shadikhels from both the constituencies. The PML-N leadership had also tried to field MNA Sumaira Malik in NA-71 to divide the vote bank of Kalabagh, but Ayla Malik remained successful in convincing her elder sister to contest from Khushab,” according to the source. When contacted for her comments, Ayla Malik confirmed that she had been approached by the PML-N’s senior leadership with an offer of party tickets for NA-71 and on a reserved seat for women, but that she had flatly refused. “I have told the interlocutors who con-

tacted me on behalf of the PML-N leadership that I did not join the PTI just to reach the National Assembly. I have joined the PTI due to the ideology of the party. I have also conveyed them that I have no plans to contest election and rather I am focusing on my duty as in charge of the election campaign of the party in Mianwali,” she added. Ayla said that she believed in politics of principles and that she would never compromise over her principles. She said that the incumbent federal and provincial governments had made life of the ordinary citizens a hell and she was working hard to bring about a change in the country’s system. She expressed optimism that the PTI would emerge as the leading party in the forthcoming general elections by defeating the mainstream parties which have been ruling the country for the last three decades but have done nothing for the welfare of the people, and only added more misery to the sufferings of the masses.

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Friday, 25 January, 2013

eCP allots scale to Ji

US foreign policy not about drones only: kerry


A tussle between Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaf (PTI) for the allotment of scale as election symbol resolved on Thursday after the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) allotted it to the JI. earlier, both parties had applied for the weighing scale. On Thursday, the eCP announced its decision, which it reserved on January 11, after conducting a number of hearings. “After hearing the learned counsel for both sides and carefully considering/examining the record, we are of the of considered view that Jamaat-eIslami Pakistan has preferential right for allotment of symbol ‘scale’ as before the scraping of this symbol it had been allotted and remained election symbol of JI. hence the same is restored/allotted to JI,” read the decision. The decision read further the PTI is at liberty to apply afresh for another symbol from the available list as per the preference provided under the law.



BeTHleHeM: relatives of 21-year-old Palestinian lubna Hanash mourn over her body during her funeral in this West Bank town on Thursday. online

Two in a row for Ashraf CoNTINUEd FRoM PAgE 01

The NAB official said Investigation Officer Waqar Ahmed had been in Dubai with relevant documents and requested that time might be granted until his arrival. Upon the bench’s insistence, Irfan Baig, a NAB official, requested for a week’s time for filing the references. he said certain personalities had been identified in the NAB report that had not cooperated in the issue. Replying to another question, he said ref-

Your cell phones won’t be ringing today! ISLAMABAD sTaFF rePOrT

The government has decided to block cellular services in 51 cities in Punjab and 7 cities in Sindh between 8am and 10pm today (Friday) in connection with eid Miladun Nabi (PBUh) security. Although Interior Minister Rehman Malik claimed that he had not received any intelligence reports regarding terrorism on eid Milad, he said the Punjab and Sindh provincial governments had requested blocking cellular services in 58 cities including Karachi, Lahore, hyderabad, Khairpur, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Attock, Jhelum, Chakwal, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, Gujranwala, Bhakkar, Chiniot, Lodhran, Sahiwal, Rajanpur, Muzafargarh and Narowal. The Balochistan home Department has also announced that mobile phone services will remain suspended in Quetta from 10am to 2pm. According to sources, pillion riding will also be banned in Rawalpindi, Karachi and Quetta. Police in all major cities have been put on high alert for the festive occasion to ensure safety of processions.

erence over Sadiq’s illegal appointment was completed and submitted on January 11, but it was not yet approved by the competent authority. FIA Director Legal Azam Khan apprised the bench that they would get proof of Sadiq travelling to Dubai through an airline. The bench also disposed of a plea moved by Sameera Abasi Marri, wife of Kamal Marri, an accused official in Sadiq’s appointment issue, by directing her to approach the proper forum for seeking his bail.

The bench told her that courts were independent in the country and she should not nurture certain apprehensions that due to media hype, her husband would not be released. Justice Khawaja told NAB officials that there should be no pick and choose policy against the accused. Sameera maintained that other accused were given a free hand whereas her husband had been hounded throughout the world due to media hype. Justice Jawwad reminded her that they were all in the public domain and the media

was free to say many things. “We learnt from media reports that courts were blamed for corruption; we are not sacred cows,” he added. Justice Khilji Arif hussain observed that the courts were not being influenced by such media reports. Justice Khawaja also reminded the petitioner that the apex court had not issued any arrest warrant for her husband and if any Accountability Court had done it, she should approach the proper forum. The bench adjourned further hearing until January 31.

SC vows to blow the lid CoNTINUEd FRoM PAgE 01

Justice Khilji Arif hussain remarked that Faisal was assisting the court in RPPs corruption scam, but after his mysterious death, no one had come into action. hamid Munir, brother-in-law of the deceased, appeared before the bench and contended that his relative was murdered. he said the family had informed the police that Faisal was murdered, but police had not taken any action so far. Munir told the court that Faisal’s father wanted NAB to lodge an FIR into the incident. On this, Justice Khilji Arif said the FIR of the incident should have been registered by now. The bench asked

NAB’s counsel why an FIR had not been lodged. The counsel said police was investigating the case, but a formal FIR was not registered yet. To this, Justice Jawwad S Khawaja said it was the responsibility of NAB to pursue the case under Section 31 A of the CPC. Justice Khilji said if NAB was not functioning properly, the department should be abolished. Justice Khawaja said it was an extremely important case for the Supreme Court. “We have been hearing the RPPs case and all of a sudden the investigator of the case is found dead. Whether he committed suicide or killed, we will dig out the real causes at all costs. We don’t

care what type of an FIR there is, we are not bothered if the complainant is available or not, we will find the truth at all costs.” Munir, who is also working in NAB, further submitted that during the last three days of his brother-in-law’s life, he was pressurised by the NAB chairman and other senior officials, particularly on January 17 during an informal meeting that took place in the chairman’s office. The court then directed for submission of CCTV footages of NAB building and Federal Lodges residence of Faisal where his body was found. The court also directed all respondents to submit the record on January 26 and fixed the hearing for Monday.

S the US faced mounting criticism for its unabated use of unilateral drones in Pakistan and other countries, President Barack Obama’s pick for Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday underscored constructive facets of Washington’s foreign policy, saying US engagement with the world is not just about drones and deployments. On Afghanistan, Kerry sounded confident in his confirmation hearing about the security transition from the US-led coalition to Afghan forces and reiterated President Obama’s stand that counterterrorism mission in the landlocked country

would continue. Kerry also indicated his willingness to a senator’s proposal for legislation on advancing an education plan for girls in Pakistan, following inspiring struggle of teenaged Pakistani girls’ rights activist Malala Yousafzai. Senator Kerry shared a lawmaker’s frustration with lack of progress towards curbing the crossborder flow of fertilizer components from Pakistan to Afghanistan that the Taliban militants use in targeting US soldiers with improvised explosive devices. Kerry said he would work with Pakistani civilian and military leaders on the issue. Referring to some of the immediate challenges facing the world, Kerry said, “the world is well

armed forces prepared to defend county’s sovereignty: CJCSC ISLAMABAD sTaFF rePOrT

even though Pakistan is a peace-loving nation, its armed forces and specifically the Pakistan Air Force, are well-prepared to defend the country’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Kahlid Shamim Wynne said on Thursday. During a visit to the ongoing exercise Saffron

Bandit 2012-13 held at an Operational Base of Pakistan Air Force, General Wynne said, “The prevailing complex global geopolitical environment and regional threats are not only unique but also more challenging, since we face both internal and external threats. Therefore, readiness and war preparedness have attained enhanced significance. The PAF is a potent and frontline element of the national security, and

Un launches probe into indian attack on Pakistani checkpost NEW YORK sTaFF rePOrT

The United Nations (UN) has launched investigation into the January 6 Indian attack on a Pakistani checkpost on the Line of Control (LoC), according to a UN spokesman. Andre Michel, UN spokesman for peace mission and Field Support Department, while giving written reply to questions from BBC Urdu Service, said that the investigations had been initiated from January 20. One Pakistani soldier was martyred and another was injured due to the Indian army’s offensive on Pakistani checkpost on the LoC on January 6. Pakistan had formally asked the UN Observers’ Mis-

sion to probe into the incident. The UN spokesman said the investigation process was to be started from January 14, but had been postponed due to weather conditions. A severe snowfall spell had made it impossible for the members of the UN Observers’ Mission to secure access to this area, he said. The recent escalation on the LoC started on January 6, when according to Pakistan army, Indian forces attacked the Swan Patra checkpost located near Bagh in haji Pir sector. Consequently, two Pakistani soldiers were critically injured, and later one of them succumbed to the injuries. The deceased soldier was identified as Lance Naik Aslam, and buried in Chakwal.

eCP advises govt to dissolve assemblies by february 15 CoNTINUEd FRoM PAgE 19

Sources in the eCP told Pakistan Today that the CeC also informed the government delegation that the commission had proposed 24 new clauses in the draft bill of election reforms, including an important proposal of 30-day scrutiny period for nomination papers of candidates. The eCP

officials asked the delegation to make legislation on the said proposals. On this, sources said that Law Minister Farooq h Naek told the commission that if the current assemblies were dissolved on the scheduled period, then the 30-day period could not be reserved for scrutiny purpose. Interestingly, Farooq h Naek and Khurshed Shah

were part of a 10-member committee which inked an agreement with Dr Tahirul Qadri. The agreement, besides other proposals, includes a 30-day scrutiny period for nomination papers for candidates. The delegations also discussed the decision of putting bar on diversion of funds already allocated for development funds. They

aware we face a number of immediate, dangerous challenges, particularly in the Middle east and South and Central Asia.” In defence of the US role in the world, Kerry noted that it’s foreign policy is also very much about economic cooperation and humanitarian support. “President Obama and every one of us here knows that American foreign policy is not defined by drones and deployments alone. We cannot allow the extraordinary good we do to save and change lives to be eclipsed entirely by the role we have had to play since September 11th, a role that was thrust upon us,” the senator stated in his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he has been chairing for many years.

informed the commission that freezing of funds at this point in time would hinder the ongoing development projects and raise their cost. The eCP sought written application on this issue as well. earlier on Monday, the eCP, in order to stop the government from “engineering” the forthcoming elections, imposed a ban on

all types of recruitments in the government sector with immediate effect. The eCP had also put a bar on the diversion of funds already allocated to various development projects. however, the Federal Public Service Commission and the Provincial Public Service Commission are exempted from the eCP’s ban on recruitments.

through the highest levels of professionalism, it will always measure up to the expectations of the nation. In fact, the nation and the sister services draw strength from PAF’s commitment and motivation.” earlier, the CJCSC flew in an AeW&C Aircraft to observe the complexities of aerial warfare and the professional handling and employment of integrated air and ground combat elements by the aircrew.

UN to examine CoNTINUEd FRoM PAgE 19

The inquiry is the result of a request by several nations, including Pakistan and two permanent members of the UN Security Council. Staff in Geneva have already begun to examine details of individual drone strikes. emmerson says that, when assembled, his dossier of evidence may not lead to direct “attribution of legal liability” but will enable him to put allegations to the states responsible and obtain a response. The Ministry of Defence, he said, had assured him of its willingness to cooperate. The influential US Council on Foreign Relations recently recommended that the US president should: “provide information to the public, Congress, and UN special rapporteurs – without disclosing classified information – on what procedures exist to prevent harm to civilians”. Despite many US officials justifying drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia as acceptable as part of the global war on terrorism, others in the Washington administration have more recently acknowledged a need to demonstrate legal justification for targeted killings to the international community. emmerson told the Guardian: “One of the fundamental questions is whether aerial targeting using drones is an appropriate method of conflict … where the individuals are embedded in a local community. One of the questions we will be looking at is whether, given the local demography, aerial attacks carry too high a risk of a disproportionate number of civilian casualties.”

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Friday, 25 January, 2013



sTaFF re PO rT

ITIZeNS across the country will celebrate eid Milad-unNabi today (Friday) to mark the birthday of holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him). Different religious and social organisation across the country finalised religious programmes and chalked out rallies and processions to show their devotion and commitment to the holy Prophet (PBUh). Traditionally, eid Miladun Nabi is celebrated by holding religious gatherings to offer prayers and praises for the holy Prophet and taking out processions which end at big public meetings all over the country. Mosques, public and private buildings, houses and streets are decorated with lights and such decorations are traditionally an important feature of the religious tradition. The participants in different localities also hold Naat recitation contests and illumination competitions amongst themselves. The markets of the twin cities were seen bustling with buyers of green flags and badges. Rawalpindi’s localities and streets have also been decorated with lights to celebrate the occasion. Stalls and camps set up by various organisations were also seen all over the city.

Ban imposed on pillion riding in Rawalpindi CDA decorates the city RAWALPINDI sTaFF rePOrT

District Coordination Officer (DCO) Saqib Zafar on Thursday banned pillion riding and carrying arms during eid Milad-ul-Nabi celebrations in Rawalpindi. however, elderly men, women, children and patients were exempted from the ban on pillion riding. The City District Government asked local police to make elaborate security arrangements

for the Milad processions to avoid any untoward incident. DCO Saqib Zafar further directed the traffic and city police not to allow traffic on the eid Milad-un-Nabi route. he said that three government run hospitals were put on red alert on the occasion of eid Milad-un-Nabi and doctors and paramedical staff were ready to deal with any emergency. Furthermore, hospital administrations were directed to arrange extra beds in the emergency departments.

IHC moved for blocking blasphemous and pornographic websites ISLAMABAD sTaFF rePOrT

The Islamabad high Court on Thursday sought a reply from Ministry of Information and Technology secretary and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) chairman in response to a petition seeking the blockage of all websites containing blasphemous and pornographic contents on the internet. The petitioner, Babar Awan, said that despite the ban on YouTube, the blasphemous and pornographic material was still available on the internet, which speaks of inefficiency of Ministry of Information and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui directed the respondents to submit their reply in one week after Awan informed the court that Information Ministry had issued a notification on May 31, 2012 directing PTA to take requisite measures for blocking websites containing blasphemous and pornographic contents on internet. he argued that after the passage of seven months, PTA had failed to implement on the directives. The petitioner maintained that he also filed an application before the authority, adding that he had gotten no reply from them. he told the court that PTA was a regulatory authority and could formulate rules and regulations for implementation of the policy under the PeMRA laws. he said that PTA had failed to deliver so far. The petitioner contended that PTA was bound to implement the directives of the ministry for eradication of the blasphemous and pornographic content and said that it must make a separate unit to monitor blasphemous and pornographic content on the internet. he said that pornographic content was available on the internet and it could be seen directly from the websites, search engines and host sites. he said that YouTube was banned in Pakistan, however these sites could be seen through host sites or softwares. he said that PTA had failed to purchase any software through which such content could be easily scrutinized.


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Thursday made comprehensive arrangements for celebrating the eid Milad-un-Nabi on the direction of CDA Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz. According to details, the CDA chairman directed the engineering wing of the authority to illuminate landmark buildings in the administrative control of CDA so as to celebrate the birthday of the holy Prophet (PBUh).

Furthermore, CDA made arrangements for illuminating the Parliament house, Cabinet Block, secretariat buildings, the Foreign Office, the CDA office and the Fire headquarters on the eve of the holy Prophet’s (PBUh) birthday. Furthermore, CDA chairman held a meeting in connection with the city decorations. Speaking at occasion, CDA Member engineering Sanaullah Aman said that special teams had been constituted to oversee the arrangements and monitoring the illumination of the buildings on this occasion.

all parties to be taken on board for caretaker setup: wattoo ISLAMABAD aPP

Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and PPP Punjab President Mian Manzoor Wattoo on Thursday said that all political parties should be taken into confidence for holding of elections and formation of the caretaker setup. Talking to a private news channel, he said it was the responsibility of the government to discuss the matter in a positive manner.

‘PAC should be further empowered’ ISLAMABAD aPP

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman Nadeem Afzal Gondal on Thursday said that PAC should be more empowered as over 100 billion rupees were included in national exchequer. Talking to a private TV channel, he said that many politicians could change their loyalties before upcoming elections. Furthermore, he said that high court benches should be established in Sargodha, Mianwali and Mandi Bahau Din to facilitate the public and the lawyer community. he said that democracy was flourishing in the country and every political party should play its role in further strengthening democracy.

he said, “The government would fix the date for the next polls. Similarly, government and opposition have a powerful role in the formation the of caretaker setup. Therefore, the core committee has requested the prime minister to contact the leaders of all political parties and consult with them about ensuring transparency in the next elections.” Responding to a question, Wattoo said that political parties would be ready for consultation because they were politically mature. All

political parties were united for democracy, on timely elections and the rights of the people, he added. he said the parties had consensus over the caretaker setup and a mechanism had been evolved in this regard. Furthermore, he said that a lot of work had been done during this government’s tenure, adding that the parliament had achieved a major goal in promoting and consolidating democracy in the country.

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06 Islamabad

Friday, 25 January, 2013

Police arrests 10 criminals, seizes 4 cars, motorbikes ISLAMABAD nnI


he city police on Thursday arrested at least 10 criminals and seized four stolen cars, two motorbikes, three illegal pistols, fake currency notes, 45 bottles of wine, ammunition and other stolen items from their possession. According to Islamabad Police spokesman, on the directives of Inspector General Bani Amin Khan, SSP Islamabad Yasin Farooq had assigned ShOs to arrest elements involved in criminal activities in the city.In compliance with the instructions, the city police initiated action against the unlawful activities and arrested 10 criminals. Sub Inspector Mansoor Ahmed, ASI Rafiullah arrested accused Faisal Saboor, Waqas Ahmed and recovered three pistols and 20 rounds. The police also recovered a carry van with number DTD 2212 worth Rs 0.5 million. Furthermore, CIA Police Sub Inspector Zulifqar and ASI Tasneem Ahmed arrested accused hamid Iqbal, Shafqat Shah and recovered two motorbikes used for robberies. The police also recovered a honda motorbike worth Rs110,000. Moreover, the CIA Sub Inspector Muhammad Ali arrested Azam Masih and recovered 45 bottles of wine from his possession. Furthermore, Tarnol Police Station ASI Sher Ahmed, during a search operation, recovered one kilogram of opium from Jahangir. ASI Police Station of Sabzai Mandi Muhammad Ishaq arrested accused Muhammad Qasim and recovered Rs 45,000 fake currency notes. ASIs Qamar ejaz and Muhammad Saeed arrested accused Waheed and Murad Khan and recovered two cars. Sihala Police Station ASI Aurangzeb arrested accused Atta involved in various thefts. FIRs have been launched in prisons against the arrested criminals.

Govt working to cope with measles: Bijarani ISLAMABAD aPP

Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination hazar Khan Bijarani on Thursday said that the government had provided 10.2 million doses of measles vaccines to overcome the outbreak of measles in Sindh. Responding to a Calling Attention Notice of Muzaffar hussain, he said so far 232 children had died in the province due to measles. The requirements of Sindh were 4.1 million doses of measles vaccine but due to the outbreak, the province was provided with 10.2 million doses of measles vaccine to bring some relief to citizens. The government had devised a plan to provide the doses of measles vaccine all the children of the province, he said. Public representatives, notables of the area would also been involved in providing the doses of measles vaccine to the children, he added. Furthermore, he said that fresh tenders had already been invited for purchasing more doses of measles vaccine to cope with any emergency. however, it was found that only 45 percent children of 11 affected districts of the province had been provided the doses.

Stray dogs rule PM vows to end Polio streets in twin cities during night hours ISLAMABAD InP

herds of stray dogs roaming freely during night in streets of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have made the lives of the citizens miserable as incidents dog bites have been reported. According to details, an alarming number of stray dogs in the twin cities are creating problems for the people. Affected people said that herds of stray dogs could be seen late at night and in the early morning hours in various parts of twin cities including sector G-6, G-7, G-9, I-9, I-10 and Faizabad, Raja Bazaar, Asghar Mall Road, Dosehra Ground, Banni, Bagh Sardaran, Dhoke Ratta, Dhoke Mangtal Khyaban-e-SirSyed and Ganjmandi. Residents talking said that dog bite incidents were on rise in the area of G-6 and G-7 and surrounding residential sectors due to lack of any action against the stray dogs by the civic authorities. Kamran Khan, resident of sector G-

6/1-3, said that he was going to the mosque to offer morning prayers when a group of five to six dogs attacked him. he said that he got lucky because his uncle, who was accompanying him, managed to save him from the wild dogs, “Dogs have made all the streets impassable during the night,” he added. “We feel frightened while walking in the streets of Islamabad due to sharp increase in number of stray dogs,” said Umer Sharif a resident of G-9. Muhammad Arif, a resident of Ganjmandi, said that stray dogs often became violent and attacked pedestrians, particularly at night. Ilyas Ahmed Khan, a resident of Khyaban-e-Sir Syed, said that dogs were usually seen around garbage heaps during the day, while at night they freely roamed on roads and in streets. The residents of the twin cities demanded that the concerned authorities launch an immediate operation against the stray dogs before any serious incident occurred.

german, french friendship treaty celebrated


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the French-German Friendship Treaty on Thursday, the German Ambassador to Pakistan Dr Cyrill Nunn and his French counterpart Ambassador Philippe

Thiébaud shared their thoughts on the reconciliation process of the two european nations. Speaking at the occasion, Quaid-e-Azam University Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Masoom Yasinzai said that that the elysee treaty, signed in 1963, remained the cornerstone of French-German co-

operation, which was the main engine of the european Union (eU). The two countries represent 33 percent of the eU population, 36 percent of the european budget, 37 percent of the eU GDP, 31 percent of voting rights, he said. Furthermore, Ambassador Cyrill Nunn highlighted the importance of

leadership and said that General de Gaulle and Chancellor Adenauer had a clear vision for a united europe and were able to convince the general public of the benefits close relations between France and Germany. Since then, the two countries had learned to compromise in order to achieve progress, he said. Moreover, French Ambassador to Pakistan Philippe Thiebaud focused on the historical context and significance of this treaty which was signed in the wake of the Cold War tensions. In his view, the treaty, which defined the organising principles of the relationship between former archrivals, was the result of political will and courage on both sides. The treaty, he said, was revolutionary not only because it institutionalised regular meetings between state representatives but also because it recognised the importance of youth and civil society in building sustainable bridges between two populations.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Thursday reiterated the resolve of the government to take all necessary steps to eradicate Polio from the country Talking to MNA Azra Fazal Pechehu and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Shehnaz Wazir Ali, the prime minister said that the federal government would provide all possible assistance to save children from crippling malady. Furthermore, he said that the government would provide foolproof security cover to Polio teams so that they could perform their duties in all areas of the country safely and without fear. Shehnaz Wazir Ali briefed the prime minister on the measures taken by the PM’s Polio Monitoring Cell to ensure comprehensive coverage for Polio vaccination of children to eliminate Polio. sTaFF rePOrT

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Islamabad 07

Friday, 25 January, 2013



Id Miladun Nabi marks the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUh). Muslim parents will tell stories of the Prophet's life to their children. Those Muslims who celebrate this festival do so joyfully. It may seem strange to non-Muslims, but many Muslims do not believe in celebrating birthdays or death anniversaries because there is no historical evidence that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUh) ever did this. A BLESSING FOR THE WHOLE UNIVERSE: despite this, large numbers

of Muslims do commemorate the birth anniversary of the holy Prophet (PBUh), which falls on 12 Rabi-ulAwwal of the Islamic lunar calendar. This date is important to Muslims because the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUh) is regarded as a great blessing for the whole of humanity. The Prophet Muhammad PBUh is deemed to be the chief of all the Prophets sent on earth and it is to him that the holy Quran was revealed. A QUIET FESTIVAL: There are only restricted festivities on eid Milad-UnNabi because the same day also marks

the anniversary of the death of the Prophet. FOCUSSING ON THE PROPHET (PBUH): The event is marked by public

gatherings of Muslims. At these meetings religious leaders make speeches about the life of Prophet (PBUh). Stories are told about different aspects of the life of the Prophet, his birth, childhood, youth and adult life. The most important part of eid MiladUn-Nabi is focusing upon the character of the Prophet; on his teachings, sufferings, and how he forgave even his most bitter enemies. Muslims think about the leadership of the Prophet (PBUh), his bravery, wisdom, preaching and his final triumph over the Meccan Muslims. FESTIVITIES: As well as recounting the Prophet (PBUh)’s life, salutations and songs in his praise are recited. In some countries, streets and mosques are decorated and illuminated at night. Some Muslims donate to charity. Families gather together, feasts are arranged and food is served to guests and the poor.

Importance of following the

Prophet T


he Quran is the last divine book, which was revealed from Allah as a declaration and guidance to mankind. It is an explanation of all things and means for men to be rightly guided. In many verses of the Quran, it is commanded to obey the prophet of Allah. This is quite a significant point because understanding the Quran fully can only be possible with following the Sunnah of the prophet, writes harun Yahya. The Sunnah is the explanation of the Quran. It is the creed of ahl-i Sunnah, which has been constituted with collecting true hadiths of the prophet Muhammad (PBUh), and interpretation of these hadiths by great scholars in later times. It is worth dwelling upon a point here. The Sunnah is not a concept that can be dealt with separately from the Quran. In the Quran, it has been mentioned that the prophet removes heavy burdens, makes rules and teaches the ummah (society) the open and hidden meanings of the Quran. As a matter of fact, when we look at the practices of Sunnah, we see that the prophet of Allah gave his companions a lot of information about numerous subjects. This information was then interpreted by scholars of the time, continued to be practised in daily lives and has passed on to us generations to generations. Allah has informed in the surah Al-e Imran that the Prophet had the characteristic of teaching the Quran and purifying mankind: Certainly Allah conferred a benefit upon the believers when he raised among them a Messenger from among themselves, reciting to them his communications and purifying them, and teaching them the Book and the wisdom, although before that they were surely in manifest error. (Surah Al-e Imran, 164) It would be useful to attract attention to the phrase "teaching the book and the wisdom". Because, It is not possible to understand the Quran fully and practise its commands without following the sunnah of the prophet of Allah. Our religion is a whole only with the Quran and the Sunnah. At that times when the Quran was revealed, the people around the prophet learned and practised the commands of our religion as required by looking at the examples of the prophet. Indeed, the prophet has been an important example with his life, where he practised the commands of the religion, for us to understand the Quran. We can give "salat" (ritual prayers) as a clear example to understanding the commands of the religion. As well known, in Islam, performing salat 5 times a day is an obligation and there are verses giving general information about how to perform it, how to perform ablution (wash). however, we can understand how exactly we should p erform prayers only by looking at sunnah. Because there is no detailed information in the verses about the way of praying, what to say in prayer, the way of man and woman's performing the prayer, the degree of importance of the prayers, the details of ablution, what nullifies ablution. We can learn such details only by looking at Sunnah of the prophet. Imam Malik, one of the greatest Islam scholars, compared the Sunnah of the prophet to the ark of Noah and said : The Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam) is like the Ark of Noah. Whoever embarks upon it reaches salvation and whoever refuses is drowned.". The true salvation will be realised only when the creed of ahl-i Sunnah is understood by everybody and prevails in the society.

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08 News

Friday, 25 January, 2013

North Korea ‘plans to conduct nuclear test’ PYONGYANG



ORTh KOReA has said it planned to carry out a third nuclear test and more rocket launches aimed at its “archenemy” the US, two days after the UN condemned its rocket launch. “We are not disguising the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets that we will fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at

the United States,” North Korea’s National Defence Commission said on Thursday. In a statement carried by state news agency KCNA, the National Defence Commission in Pyongyang threatened to wage a “full-fledged confrontation” against the US for what it called continued hostility. The declaration follows the UN Security Council’s condemnation of North Korea on Tuesday and expanded sanctions against the regime for launching a rocket in December. North Korea said the launch

was a peaceful satellite mission, but the US and others say it was actually a test of long-range missile technology. Pyongyang is believed by South Korea and other observers to be “technically ready” for a third nuclear test, and the decision to go ahead rests with Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader. Kim had authorised the previous rocket launch in defiance of UN sanctions last month. North Korea’s sole major ally China urged “all relevant parties” to show restraint . “All relevant parties should

refrain from action that might escalate the situation in the region,” foreign ministry spokesman hong Lei told reporters in Beijing. US RESPONSE “Whether North Korea tests or not is up to North Korea,” Glyn Davies, the top US envoy for North Korean diplomacy, said in the South Korean capital of Seoul. “We hope they don’t do it. We call on them not to do it,” Davies said. “This is not a moment to increase tensions on the Korean peninsula.” The North was banned from

developing missile and nuclear technology under sanctions dating from its 2006 and 2009 nuclear tests. There is fear that Pyongyang, whose only major diplomatic ally, China, endorsed the latest UN resolution, could undertake a third nuclear test, using highly enriched uranium for the first time, opening a second path to a bomb. Its previous tests have been viewed as limited successes and used plutonium, of which the North has limited stocks. North Korea gave no time-

frame for the coming test, and often employs harsh rhetoric in response to UN and US actions. Its long-range rockets are not seen as capable of reaching the United States mainland and it is not believed to have the technology to mount a nuclear warhead on a long-range missile. “The UNSC resolution masterminded by the US has brought its hostile policy towards the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea to its most dangerous stage,” the commission was quoted as saying.

Venezuela VP says plot against him uncovered CARACAS aGenCIes

RANGOON: A Burmese boy holds a tool used to collect material for sale and recycling as he leaves a waste dump on the outskirts of the city.

Britons urged to leave Benghazi over threat

Mali islamists split BAMAKO





British nationals should leave the Libyan city of Benghazi immediately “in response to a specific threat to Westerners”, the British Foreign Office said on Thursday. It said the British embassy in Tripoli had been in contact with British nationals whose details it had. The Foreign Office has been advising against travel to Benghazi and most parts of Libya since September. New travel advice for Libya has been published. On 11 September, US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans died during an attack on the consulate in Benghazi. The ambassador died of smoke inhalation when he was trapped in the burning building, after armed men had stormed the compound.

One of the Islamist groups fighting in northern Mali has split and wants dialogue, a statement from the faction seen by the AFP news agency says. Islamic Movement for Azawad said it was splitting from Ansar Dine, and “rejects all forms of extremism and terrorism”. According to the statement, the group is headed by Alghabass Ag Intalla, an important Ansar Dine leader and influential figure in Kidal. France sent troops to Mali earlier this month to halt a militant advance. It said al-Qaeda linked Is-

lamists - some of whom were foreigners - threatened to turn Mali into a “terrorist state”. For the last 10 months, three main Islamist groups have controlled northern Mali, where they have imposed strict Islamic law. Along with secular Tuareg rebels they took advantage of chaos after military coup to seize an area of the Sahara Desert larger than France. But the Islamists soon took control of the major towns, sidelining the Tuaregs. The Islamic Movement for Azawad (IMA) statement said its group was made up entirely of Malians, who wanted a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

Azawad is a term used by Tuareg rebels for the northern region of Mali, where they want independence. IMA said it wanted the “Malian authorities and France to cease hostilities in the zones that we are occupying in the north-eastern regions of Kidal and Menaka to create a climate of peace which will pave the way for an inclusive political”. Mr Ag Intalla was a negotiator for Ansar Dine during mediation efforts in Burkina Faso in 2012. Ansar Dine’s influence has mainly been in the north-east and the town of Kidal is an important base for the group, made up of mainly Tuareg fighters.

US military to allow women on the frontline WASHINGTON aGenCIes

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has decided to lift the military’s ban on women serving in combat, a move that could open thousands of frontline warfighting jobs to female service members, a senior US defence official said. Panetta and General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, “are expected to announce the lifting of the direct combat exclusion rule for women in the military,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told reporters on Wednesday.

The decision marks yet another sweeping change for the military under President Barack Obama’s administration, which led a drive to lift a prohibition on openly gay troops. The official announcement of the move, which would open up hundreds of thousands of combat posts to women, was expected on Thursday, officials said. The decision would give the individual military services until 2016 to seek an exemption if they believe any jobs should remain closed to women, a defence official said. The move was welcomed by US Senator Carl Levin, the head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who said it reflected the

“reality of 21st century military operations,” and by the American Civil Liberties Union, which had filed a suit in November seeking to force the Pentagon to end the ban. “This is an historic step for equality and for recognising the role women have, and will continue to play, in the defence of our nation,” said Senator Patty Murray. The decision overturns a 1994 policy that prevents women from serving in small frontline combat units. It comes nearly a year after the Pentagon unveiled a policy that opened 14,000 new jobs to women but continued to prohibit them from serving in

infantry, armour and special operations units whose main function was to engage in frontline combat. Asked last year why women who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan conducting security details and house-tohouse searches were still being formally barred from combat positions, Pentagon officials said the services wanted to see how they performed in the new positions before opening up further. About two percent of US deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan have been women. About 280,000 women have been deployed to the war zones over the past decade, about 12 percent of the US total.

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro says security forces have uncovered a plot to assassinate him and the head of the National Assembly, as President hugo Chavez recovers from cancer surgery in Cuba. Maduro made the claim at a rally on Wednesday to mark the end of dictatorship in the country 55 years ago, but he said action would be taken shortly. “For several weeks we’ve been following groups that have infiltrated the country with the aim of making attempts on the life of [Assembly head] Diosdado Cabello and my own,” Maduro told a crowd of red-shirted “Chavista” supporters. “They will not manage it against either of us... Don’t be surprised by actions that are taken in coming hours and coming days. Criminals infiltrating our country can’t ask for mercy.” Chavez named Maduro as his preferred successor before he went to Cuba in early December for surgery, his fourth operation in 18 months. Chavez has not been seen nor heard from in public since then. Venezuela’s government says his condition is improving after he suffered multiple complications caused by the surgery. The government over the years frequently has accused outside extremists with seeking to assassinate Chavez and overthrow the government. As recently as last month, Venezuela expelled a French national, Frederic Laurent Bouquet, after he finished serving four years in prison for an alleged plot to kill Chavez. Over his 14 years in power, Chavez has repeatedly accused Venezuela’s “traitorous” opposition leaders of plotting to kill him, but has offered little proof. The opposition says the allegations of plots are a smokescreen to distract from Venezuela’s daily problems such a shortages of staple goods, high inflation and one of the worst crime rates in the world. “Now Maduro comes with the little story that we want to see an attempt against his life and that of Al Capone,” opposition leader henrique Capriles said on Twitter, referring to Cabello as the Prohibition-era US gangster. “Absolute nonsense!” Both the opposition and the ruling Socialist Party had originally planned large marches for Wednesday, to mark the day in 1958 when military dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez fled the country amid widespread riots and a coup by rebel soldiers. That had raised the possibility of supporters clashing in the streets, but the opposition subsequently decided to hold a meeting instead at a large hall in eastern Caracas. In the city centre, three separate marches by Chavez supporters converged on the 23 de enero neighbourhood, which was named after the day Jimenez was toppled from power.

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News 09

Friday, 25 January, 2013

AGP blasts PAc over delay in report on RPPs ISLAMABAD OnlIne

saMBrIal: Children enjoy the pleasant weather while playing on the dry bed of Marala-ravi link Canal on Thursday. inP

Pakistan got $3b under cSF in last five years, NA told ISLAMABAD aPP

State Minister for Finance Saleem Mandviwala on Thursday apprised the National Assembly that Pakistan had received $3.605 billion under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) head so far during the last five years. In response to various questions during question hour, he said that the receipts under CSF become as part of the federal consolidate fund, therefore its head wise utilisation was not possible. However, he said that some of it was given to armed forces and remaining was used for budgetary support. Giving the breakup, the minister said that the country received Rs 20.370 billion CSF in 2007-08, Rs 17.600 billion in 2008-09, Rs 53.168 billion in 2009-10, Rs 44.595 billion in 2010-11 and Rs 28.600 billion in 2011-12. To another question, the minister said that the government collected Rs 343,867 million petroleum levy for the last four years as reported by the AGPR through the federal civil accounts. Giving the breakup, he said that Rs. 112,011 million petroleum levy was collected in 2008-09, Rs 88,742 million in 2009-10, Rs 82,745 million in 2010-11 and Rs 60,369 million in 2011-12. The revenue from petroleum levy was a part of federal consolidated fund and it was not possible to correlate specific receipts with specific expenditure, he said. To another question, Saleem Mandviwala told the House that budget deficit during the period July-December 2012 was projected at 2.8 percent of GDP as against 4.7 percent of GDP estimated for the fiscal year 2012-13. He said that federal net revenue receipt amounted to Rs 759 billion against target of Rs 1,775 billion for whole year while expenditure were Rs 1,497 billion against budgetary allocation of Rs 2,960 billion for whole year.

Balochistan deprivation resounds in NA House told obtaining of more than one passport not possible as AFiS is operational since 2006 g Minister says 5,000 Balochistan schoolteachers will get confirmation letters soon





ACK of facilities and resources in Balochistan once again resounded in the National Assembly on Thursday when Baloch lawmaker Abdul Qadir regretted long intervals of power outages and gas shortage in the province. “We produce power and it is used by Sindh. We produce gas and it is used by [the] whole country. Our people are living in darkness and in extreme cold and both the facilities are still a far cry for them,” he said on a point of order. Giving statistics to prove his stance, the member mentioned that total 2,200MW of electricity is produced from two projects in his province; hub and Uch power. “Out of this production, 1,600MW power is provided to Sindh and we are given only 600MW against our requirement of 1800MW. Why this step-motherly treatment with our people. At least our right should be acknowledged on what we produce.” he also complained of lack of infrastructure in the province to supply power and mentioned under-construction power supply lines of 225 MW each, one from Dadu to Khuzdar and other from DG Khan to Loralai. “None of the projects

could be completed during last two years despite repeated assurances. We are simply shedding crocodile tears but no practical steps are taken.” Abdul Qadir Baloch also mentioned illegal tube-well connections in the province that were ruthlessly sucking out the groundwater posing serious threat to apple and pomegranate gardens. The water table has gone down to 1,000 feet and this fruit basket of the country is ruining gradually. Another member from Balochistan, Maulvi Asmatullah reminded the government of its commitment to regularise 5,000 schoolteachers in the province. “They are awaiting confirmation since a promise was made on December 12, 2012 to issue the letters within 15 days. For us, Aghaz-e-huqooq Balochistan is still a dream to be materialized. Our teachers are crossing age limit and await regularisation,” he said. Religious Affairs Minister Khursheed Shah assured the members that confirmation letters for the Balochistan teachers would soon be issued. “The government has regularised around 209,000 employees,” Shah said and mentioned to recent decision to regularise 105,000 lady health workers. “Regularisation is our policy and we shall continue securing the future of the unemployed in the country.” he said the credit for the all achievements goes to parlia-

ment, adding that the government would complete its tenure and parliament would continue working until the last day. “We have enriched the credibility of the parliament. We have respected the mandate of the people. Let us appreciate the good done by the government and the Parliament,” he added. he said, “Only the PPP and its allies can create new provinces and we shall fulfill the dream of our forefathers to give a separate province to people of southern Punjab and end their deprivation.” Later, the house will meet again on Saturday at 11am. Separately, the National Assembly was informed that around 10,584 cases for obtaining more than one passport were blocked in automated finger identification system (AFIS). In a written reply to a question, the house was told that obtaining of more than one passport was not possible as the AFIS was operational since November 2006. The attempt for issuance of more than one passport against the multiple CNICs by a person either with same or different particulars were automatically blocked. Giving the breakup, it was told that, as many as 5,404 cases were blocked in Punjab, 1,530 in Sindh, 2,158 in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 27 in FATA, 361 in AJK, 269 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 264 in Balochistan, 114 in Islamabad and 457 in foreign mission.

Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) Akhtar Buland Rana has said that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) does not take action on mega scandals in which high government officials are involved. Speaking in a PAC meeting on Thursday in Parliament house, he said, “We took up the case of rental power projects but the PAC did not discuss it. Later the Supreme Court took action on it and the recovery, which was to be made through the auditor general’s office, was made on the orders of the apex court.” he said the PAC chairman had ensured the AGP’s office to bring the cases of mega corruption scandals under discussion in February. he said the AGP’s reports in which the government was exposed were put under cover due to which the apex court had to take suo motu action. he said the reports on mega scandal would surface after the retirement of the persons involved. In response, PAC Chairman Nadeem Afzal Gondal said the AGP should not be fond of suo motu actions because that would harm him. PAC member Yasmin Rehman said the SC should also submit its audit report so that the proceedings of the PAC could be completed. The committee also expressed resentment over the non-submission of record by former Ministry of Youth Affairs, which was devolved after the 18th Amendment. The committee also directed the Ministry of education to trace out the lost record. Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) Chairman Raghib Shah told the committee that the National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) did not make insurance payment of WAPDA machinery so the department got insurance policy from another company. In response, the PAC chairman directed the NICL to pay Rs 300 million of insurance money to WAPDA.

PML-N okara leader joins PPP ISLAMABAD OnlIne

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) suffered yet another setback as the party’s leader from Okara former MNA Rao Qaser Ali Khan joined the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). According to reports, the former MNA along with Rao Safdar Ali Khan and Rao Jalal Khan announced joining the PPP after a meeting with PPP women wing leader and MNA Faryal Talpur at Zardari house Islamabad. State Minister Sumsam Bukhari was also present in the meeting. Following the meeting, Qaiser made the announcement that he would be joining the PPP. earlier, Saifuddin Khosa, a son of PMLN leader and Adviser to Punjab Chief Minister Zulfiqar Khosa, joined the PPP.

FormAtion oF new provinCeS

Punjab governor violating constitution: PML-N ISLAMABAD OnlIne

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Thursday said the Punjab governor was violating Article 201 of the constitution by talking about formation of new provinces and he should be stopped from making such statements. Talking on a point of order in the Upper house, PML-N Senator Jaffar Iqbal raised his concerns regarding the creation of new provinces in Punjab.

he criticised the statements made by Punjab Governor Ahmed Mehmood, saying it was the PML-N that had passed the resolution in the Punjab Assembly about the restoration of Bahawalpur province. Iqbal said the commission on creation of new provinces must also look into the matter. To point of order‚ Senator Farhatullah Babar said the commission had nothing to do with statements made by government officials or party members, adding that the matter of creation of

new provinces in other parts of the country was not the mandate of the commission. Shireen Arshad Khan said the leaders of Southern Punjab, who were changing their loyalties, were in fact responsible for the backwardness of the area. “We submitted a resolution regarding the creation of new provinces in the Punjab Assembly,” she said. On a point of order relating to the incident of Baldia Town Karachi‚ Raza Rabbani said, “I have information that the prime minister has directed author-

ities to exclude Section 302 from the FIR registered against the owners of the factory.” he expressed concern over the matter and walked out of house. Members of the ANP also joined him. Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Ishaq Dar also expressed concern over such directions by the prime minister and requested the Interior Ministry to present a report on the issue in the house. The Senate chairman said the report be presented in the house on Monday.

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Friday, 25 January, 2013

lack of governance all round To the great chagrin of the people

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Web: Email:

on electoral reforms and there are more in the pipeline


ome of the perennial complaints regarding the flaws in the electoral system were resolved through the enactment of 19th and 20th amendments. Others are currently under process. There has rarely been an election in Pakistan after 1970 without widespread complaints of rigging by the arbitrarily appointed caretaker setup. The two amendments led to the creation of an independent election commission for the first time. Similarly they also paved way for the induction of a neutral caretaker set up acceptable to both the government and the opposition. Fresh electoral rolls based on CNICs were prepared. The checking of the voters’ list in Karachi which is under process is likely to be completed by next month. The CeC has meanwhile stated that the task of the delimitation of constituencies in the city can only be undertaken after the elections. This has made a number of political parties very unhappy and they are currently protesting against it. Another common complaint was the use of money and muscle power by the rural and urban elite. huge election expenditure posed difficulties for the middle class which is the backbone of the system in democracies to secure due representation in the assemblies. Disposing of a petition by a number of left and nationalist parties, the SC had directed the eC to take measures to bring down the election expenses. This had led the Commission to put a new ceiling on the election expenditure for individual candidates. The Commission has so far finished only the easier part of its task. The test would lie in implementing the new ceiling. election irregularities tend to reduce the confidence of the common man in the system leading to a low turnout. Only the percentage of the votes cast at the next polls would show whether the situation has improved. Meanwhile the eC has drafted additional election rules to make the system more representative and credible. The proposals are being sent to the law department for vetting. It is often complained that the first-past-the-post system of voting allows candidates who get elected even with a small percentage of the votes cast. A provision for clear majority has been proposed requiring at least 50 per cent votes for the winner. Anyone getting less would have to take part in the runoff elections. To stop malpractices the amount of fines too has been increased. A really independent eC is likely to irk both the government and the opposition. This has indeed started happening. The PML-Q which lost the byelections in Punjab badly has raised questions about the neutrality of the commission without approaching the Commission with solid proof. As time passes, the parties will hopefully get used to an independent eC. While the Commission pursues its recommendations, it must ensure that there is no delay in elections.

‘i have a drone’ excerpts from the us president’s inaugural address

By Kunwar Khuldune Shahid


S President Barrack O Bomber’s speech for his second public inauguration as the American president has been hailed as a milestone for the nation. It’s being called the second coming of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech 50 years ago. And in an eerie assortment of coincidences, Bomber’s address came on the same day as the national holiday that is earmarked for the man who spoke out against racial discrimination. A lot of similarities between King’s speech and Bomber’s speech have been pointed out, and while the former was titled, “I have a dream”, the latter is appropriately named, “I have a drone”. here are a few excerpts from the US president’s address: “Dear fellow Americans and Red Sox fans, every time we gather for a presidential inauguration, we bear witness to another nut-head talking himself up as he elucidates how he shall be toying with the country and indeed the world for the next four years. Fortunately, thanks to

all of you I will be that nut-head for the second term running…” Bomber was quick off the blocks. “What makes (Americans) exceptional – what makes us arrogant – is hypocritical allegiance to that idea, articulated in that declaration two centuries ago: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal (with Americans being more equal than others), that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights (unless they refuse to align themselves with American policy), that these rights include life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness (only for the allies; for others we have death, suppression and a pursuit of helplessness). We are two-faced, we are shameless, we are hypocrites – we are Americans…” And that was the US president describing the quintessential American. he then went on to showcase his credentials as an archetypal US citizen, and a worthy American president. “Being hypocritical is in the American ethos, and throughout the previous four years I have continued and built upon the US presidents’ tradition of hypocrisy at the international stage. The world became aware of the fact that I had been taking coaching lessons in sentimentality from crocodiles as I cried over the killings in the Connecticut school shooting and continued to order drone attacks that have killed 97 children under the age of 18 in Pakistan alone. And then I famously defended Israel during its conflict with Gaza in November, claiming how no country would stand missiles being thrown in its territory and contin-

By Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad


he 2008-13 era was characterized by exceptionally bad governance at the federal as well as provincial levels. While the people made immense sacrifices for the restoration of democracy they received a raw deal from the rulers. This has taken some of the sheen off democracy. The misgovernance was only partly an outcome of the type of unprincipled alliances that were made under President Asif Zardari’s opportunistic policy of reconciliation with all who could help him sustain in power. Among the grievous outcomes was the unending bloodshed in Karachi. here the coalition partners were given a free hand to play with the lives and property of the common man. This led to the killing of over 1,100 people in Sindh last year alone. In Balochistan the agencies were given a free hand to kidnap, torture and kill the Baloch under a similar policy of reconciliation – in this case with the agencies. The government cared little about the families who thus lost their near and dear ones as long as Balochistan remained under its control. The PPP leadership has a feudal-cumtribal mindset that cares little for rules and regulations. A feudal lord wants all his orders to be carried out irrespective of their legality. It does not matter to him how it might affect the common man’s life. Pakistan was run by the PPP led government at the center and by the PML-N in the Punjab as a fief rather than a democratic state ruled by elected government working in accordance with the laws. The feudal mindset does not consider the misuse of the national kitty or indulgence in corruption as a crime. The nu-

ued to orchestrate drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan. Bloody hell, I was on fire during the tail-end of last year!” hypocritically yours, B O Bomber. “For more than 200 years we have meddled in other countries’ affairs, fought pointless wars, created imaginary foes, imposed biased sanctions and defended skewed treaties all in the pretense of justice, freedom and equality. Together we determined that as long as you have the clout and the stick, you can claim your dictatorial manoeuvres to be democratic. Together we discovered that there is no better way to establish your allies than foreign aid. Together we resolved that instead of encouraging the nations to fight terrorists in their own country, we should haphazardly bomb sovereign states. Throughout it all, we have never relinquished our right to act like chickens when someone gives us a dose of our own medicine, nor have we succumbed to the fiction that every country should mind its own business. Our celebration of breaches and impositions, our insistence on spreading pointless propaganda against any nation that vies to grow into our global challenger, are constants in our lack of character...” he had tears in his eyes, as his speech soared towards its zenith. This point onwards Bomber’s words bear an uncanny resemblance to Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech of 1963. “It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment. This freezing winter of swamping debt will not pass till we locate imaginary weapons of mass destructions in China that is spanking our fiscal backside. Two thousand and thirteen is not an end, but a beginning. We need to continue to afford the luxury of scrutinising our pipeline projects like Keystone XL with regards to environmental constraints, while threatening to shut down

merous financial scams that came to light during the last five years included the haj scandal, ephedrine case, NICL and the RPP scams which involved important government and allied leaders. To continue to indulge in them it was imperative to appoint blue eyed boys as chiefs of lucrative departments even if they lacked competence. honest officers probing the cases were transferred. PM Gilani claimed he had the right to appoint Tauqir Sadiq as the OGRA chief even if he lacked the necessary qualifications. The style of governance brought the government into conflict with the SC on several occasions. There were many standoffs like the one during the investigation of the charge that Moonis elahi, scion of the Choudharys of Gujrat, had bagged Rs 220million of the NICL money. This style of governance also led to grievous acts of omission. Totally neglected was the welfare of the common man. Lax regulations regarding industrial enterprises and absence of an efficient machinery to enforce even these led to two tragedies in Karachi and Lahore in 2012. A fire erupting inside Ali Garments Factory in Karachi turned the place into an inferno and nearly 300 people were burnt alive at the spot as there were no fire exits on the premises. The owners were charged with murder but the case was subsequently withdrawn by Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. In a Lahore shoe factory where no emergency exits were provided another 22 workers were burnt alive. Both the federation and Sindh province are ruled by a party which frequently uses the Sindh card. But the common Sindhis remain among the most neglected. Vast areas of Sindh still continue to suffer from the after effects of the floods of 2011 and the rains of 2012. Thousands upon thousands have yet to be paid compensation for the damages caused. The province has suffered from the bad quality of water available for human consumption. This has caused a large number of deaths from diarrhea in the last few years. Sheer negligence on the part of the government in timely vaccination led to the eruption of measles that has taken a heavy toll of the lives of children with estimates ranging from 200-500. The eruption could have been avoided by timely inoculation. It was a manmade disaster caused by the indiffer-

projects like IP that are catering to basic energy and fiscal needs. We need to continue to afford double standards that allow us to pressurise Iran with sanctions ostensibly owing to its nuclear enrichment programme, while we gift wrap destructive arsenal as our little chum Israel’s annual Christmas present. We need to continue to afford duplicity that allows us to hobnob with dictators as long as they tow our line, and then hunt them down when they don’t, flying the flag of democracy…” The US president was pretty clear about the need of the hour. And then he went on to elaborate in detail why ‘drone’ would eventually become the US emblem. “We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of destruction and drone. We must not allow our peaceful core to protest against brutal violence. Again and again we must rise to the sky above sovereign lands and beat soul force with drone force. I am not unmindful that most of you have come here because you had nothing better to do, but let me assure you that we will strike a drone on the behalf of every single one of you; without any bias, without any discrimination…” As emotions soared, so did the drones, as Bomber was about to unleash his oral bomb. “I say to you, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a drone. It is a drone, deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a drone that one day, will rise up and demolish every differing creed. I have a drone that one day, will strike the brown hills of North Waziristan as echoes of the screams of innocent victims reverberate in the valleys. I have a drone that even the state of Pakistan, a state used to acquiescing to all sorts of injustices in exchange for money, will eventually protest against. I have a drone that my children, and yours, will continue to be oblivious of,

ence to the lot of the common man. Nothing is conceded to the people of Sindh as a right. If they ever get anything it is doled out as a favour from the overlord. The overall policy of neglect has made Sindh ungovernable. Things have gone to such an extreme that the provincial government has become non functional. According to the Karachi administrator the city has developed several ‘tribal areas’ as despite its best efforts, the KMC has failed to get the land vacated from the encroachers and when officials went over to get it done they were fired upon’. Indifference to the lot of the common man also characterizes the ANP-led administration in KP where pneumonia has already claimed at least 20 young lives in Upper Dir. In view of the past performance of the government there is likelihood of the ailment assuming epidemic proportions. The Punjab may not be a province of feudal agricultural holdings but the PMLN CM is driven by a desire to keep absolute monopoly of power. he insists on keeping several ministries with himself, regardless of its consequences for the common man. This has led to several disasters. Due to the negligence of the health Ministry, under Shahbaz’s exclusive control, dengue fever has visited Punjab twice, killing 247 people in 2011 alone. The government’s inability to introduce proper drug regulations and to enforce them through an efficient monitoring system led to deaths from spurious drugs again and again. In 2010-11 over 100 heart patients died in Lahore after taking a contaminated heart medicine. In 2012 over 40 people died after taking a cough syrup which was injurious to health. In between thousands of patients had to face the consequences of a number of strikes by the young doctors. The policy of total neglect of the common man has caused widespread dismay about the mainstream ruling parties. The resentment made people run after political quacks like Tahirul Qadri. While Qaadri’s long march fizzled out, the expanding reservoir of discontent can be used by forces opposed to democracy to dislodge the system anytime in the days to come. The writer is a former academic and a political analyst.

at the expense of the children of other nations. I have a drone today. I have a drone that one day will strike the Middle East, with a TNT looking for an excuse to ignite, with its leaders so obviously nutcases that one day there in the Middle East little Iranian boys and little Iranian girls will be killed along with little Israeli boys and little Israeli girls as I launch the drone that would result in nuclear warfare. I have a drone today. I have a drone that will ensure one day that every valley is obliterated, every hill and mountain shall be annihilated, every plain will be made rough, every straight place will be made crooked, and the wrath of Uncle Sam shall be revealed, all flesh shall be wiped out together. Let drones strike the cave complex of Tora Bora! Let drones strike the fiscal nerve of Tehran! But not only that; let drones strike the financial centre of Beijing! Let drones strike the stability of Pyongyang! Let drones strike every inch of Afghanistan and Iraq. From every potentially peaceful place, let the sound of a drone ring. And when this happens, when we allow drones to ring from every village, every city and every state, we will be able to speed up that day when all of Uncle Sam’s targets are razed. And then we can all sing in unison, ‘Droned at last! Droned at last! Oh Uncle Sam, we have droned everyone at last!’” The US president signed off amidst rapturous applause, with a local band playing Motorhead’s “Bomber” in the background… The writer is a financial journalist, and politico-social critic. Email:, Twitter:@khuldune

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Friday, 25 January, 2013

obama’s four more in foreign policy Thinking inwards, acting outwards

By Aima Khosa “Fecklessness and timidity disguised as false humility won’t do; we are expected to lead whether we are asked to or want to.” – Paul Bonicelli he thing about grand illusions is that they are the often just that – grand illusions. And Illusions of grandeur hardly make for implementable solutions and policies. A black man leading the world’s most powerful nation is no longer a distant dream for Americans, nor is it achievement that points to greatness of the country when the said leader is facing a difficult second term with regards to foreign policy. Obama’s second term seems to be shifting the focus from international politics to domestic crisis. In less than two months of being elected, Obama has had to face two serious challenges against the Republican front; the gun control laws and the fiscal cliff. At the same time, American troops are ready to begin withdrawal from Afghanistan and the two governments are in the process of wrapping up final details of the role of US in Afghanistan after 2014. In terms of foreign policy, Afghanistan is the biggest challenge for the new Obama administration because how they handle the withdrawal (with its terms and conditions) will have a direct impact on South Asian region. This is a tight rope to walk on. Who gets the biggest stake? Would it be India, Afghanistan’s biggest nonNATO donor? Or would it be Pakistan, a neighboring country with an immediate interest in security and stability in Afghanistan? how will Obama walk the line between Pakistan and India in the Afghan paradigm? In the face of faltering european economies and an increasing global shift to propped-up Asian economies, who can Obama afford to rub the wrong way? One would


assume that it would be Pakistan; a smaller country with volatile institutions, poor economic situation and an increasingly smaller role in the war on terror. It makes sense to leave the decisions of the Af-Pak border to the Afghanistan and Pakistani political forces, wash off the remaining bits of the decade-long engagement in the region and leave. So while the Pakistani forces might be harboring under the illusion that they got the front seat in Afghanistan’s future, India might secretly steal the show by continuing its construction work, investing in mineral extractions and setting up consulates in the country and overall expanding its economic influence to assert political dominance. To please some domestic forces back Washington, Obama is expected to continue the drone policy in Pakistan – and it won’t matter much to the president, because hey, at least the American troops are out of harm’s way. Iran has been in a thorn in sides of a lot of US presidents and Obama’s second term looks no different. The US-Iran relationship represents one of the biggest foreign policy failures on the part of the United States’ administration. US Ambassador Jim Jeffrey, a former Bush administration Deputy National Security Advisor, remarked, “If you want to be serious about regime change [in Iran], I give you Iraq 2003. have a nice day.” But mulling over the same options that were used for Iraq in 2003 are not as plausible for Iran as the country is heavily immersed in almost all of US insecurities: nuclear non-proliferation, energy security, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, counterterrorism, and Arab-Israeli peace. The Nobel peace prize winning president has led the US-Iran relationship to a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. A deep tradition of mistrust and resentment has forged the current US-Iran relationship. Sanctions have had a further crippling effect on the relationship and most experts would agree that sanctions on Iran have had more negative consequences than positive. Bush admitted to have “sanctioned US out of options with Iran” in 2004 and eight years later, nothing has changed. Raza Marashi wrote in the Foreign Policy Magazine, “here’s the bottom line: They’ve never actually worked. Sanctions are meant to change Iran’s strategic calculus to such a degree that the costs of maintaining its current

policy trajectory outweigh the benefits — thus pressuring Iran into “changing its behavior.” Rather than capitulate or change course, however, Iran continues to expand and advance its nuclear program.” Obama’s unwillingness to provide relief to Iranians from sanctions may just be removing the panacea from the equation and decreasing US leverage in negotiations with the Iranian government. US obsession with Iran’s nuclear programme is also peculiar. At least 16 US intelligence agencies have asserted that Iran has conducted no nuclear weapons-related experiments since 2003, that it currently has no nuclear weapons program, and that is has not made the political decision to pursue nuclear weapons. In theory, this provides ample space for Obama to pursue a sustained process of diplomacy dedicated to ensuring that Iran’s nuclear programme remains away from entering a dangerous sphere. however, Obama does not seem to be acting on the theory. Instead, Washington seems to be relying on the same policies from the 1980s where sensational journalism, coercive measures and deep-rooted mistrust takes the front seat. Obama is being conservative about Iran and that may perhaps be his mistake in failing to fix the Iranian foreign policy crisis. Iran is unwilling to enter the current security framework set up by global powers, led by the United States. And Obama is unwilling to alter the terms of this framework to take in Iran’s preferences. Perhaps it is time for Obama to talk to his Iranian counterparts directly, without the UN acting as a buffer zone. And perhaps it is time for Obama’s second term to lead to lifting of some sanctions on Iran as a gesture of readiness to resolve the long-standing conflict to both the countries. There needs to be a change in tone – perhaps President Obama might do well without ultimatums. The successes of Obama’s second term rely heavily on foreign policy successes and the legacy that leaves behind. If the United States has assumed the role of leading global powers, then perhaps it is time President Obama starts looking outwards instead of inwards. This article was also carried by Spearhead Research. The writer is a research analyst for Spearhead Research and tweets at @Aimamk

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan Fax: +92-42-32535230 E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively

driving foreign investment away Pakistan is a country where the foreign investment tap is fast drying up. In these circumstances, it is alarming to note that two honourable members of the Senate of Pakistan have acted in a manner as to send negative vibes to the world about the country’s qualification or otherwise as an attractive destination for foreign investment. At least this is the signal that was sent when Senator Zahid Khan, who chairs the Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power, and Senator Shahi Syed ordered that the KeSC Managing Director be arrested for failing to appear in person to answer questions of the committee. As the requirement of the committee was to apprise itself on certain issues concerning KeSC’s performance, the power utility had seen to it that senior executives were sent to the committee hearing to satisfy the honourable senators’ queries. It is therefore quite strange and rather unparliamentarily to observe that while the committee did not even have the time to hear out what the KeSC team had to state before it in response to the questions that were sent to KeSC management, the committee was offended that the KeSC MD had not appeared in person to answer those questions and issued orders for his arrest. The senators in their wisdom may not have realised the impact that this action on their part would have on Pakistan’s image but it would certainly negatively influence those foreign investors who may have the country on their list as an investment destination. It would serve the nation well if the honourable Chairman of the Senate as well Speaker of the National Assembly were to guide honourable members that while they make an attempt to follow house rules, they must not act in a manner that damages the country’s interests in the international arena. SYED OVAIS AKHTAR Karachi

the drone doctrine American contributions towards the growth and development of international law and jurisprudence have been great. The founding fathers of America were genius – George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison – who introduced the modern concepts of democracy, liberty and fundamental right. They were the flagbearers of human rights and fundamental freedom. Likewise, the “Monroe Doctrine” propounded by the president James Monroe in 1823 reflecting the US foreign policy of the time was based on the principle of nonintervention that helped promoting self-respect among the member of international community. This process still continues, however, in the negative direction. The so-called “Bush Doctrine” by the George W Bush is essentially based on the concept of Unilateralism in the international intercourses. The principle of “No-Fence-Sitting” based on his proclamation that “you are either with us, or with terrorists” has called for the unqualified and unquestioned support by the international community for the War on Terror. Now, the drone attacks conducted by Uncle Sam worldwide, and mainly in Pakistan, is an important development and contribution in this regard. here are the important points of its newly introduced and recently evolved “Drone Doctrine.” Firstly, a single incident like 9/11 can give a nation a sort of “license to kill” and impose upon another nation a “liability to be killed.” Under this license, one can attack any country and dismantle any regime all over the world. Secondly, in the name of some “higher cause” e.g., War on Terror, now one state can violate the national sovereignty of other state and may totally reject the protest or objection by the other state upon this. Thirdly, no formal authorisation from the UN Security Council is required for an international intervention in violation of the International Law and UN charter including Article 2(4), refraining to the member state from the use of force against the territorial integrity and political independence of other states. Fourthly, a civil and nonmilitary agency of a state, like CIA, can directly and openly involved in the acts of hostility against an alien state. Lastly and most importantly, one can act as prosecutor, adjudicator and executor simultaneously and arbitrarily by relying on the new fundamental principle of “guilty until proven dead.” MOHSIN RAZA MALIK Lahore

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Friday, 25 January, 2013

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy honoured with Crystal Award

karisma kapoor wants to try comedy once again


FTEr featuring in supernatural thriller “Dangerous ishhq”, comeback-actress Karisma Kapoor now wants to try her acting skills in comedy once again. She is eager to do a “light-hearted” comedy. “i never plan anything. As of now, i would like to do a lighthearted comedy,” the 39-year-old said at a launch. Karisma, who made her Bollywood comeback with “Dangerous ishhq” last year after a five-year hiatus has previously done comedy films like “Andaaz Apna Apna”, “coolie No.1” and “Biwi No.1”. Karisma revealed that she loves desserts. “i am a huge sweet lover. i love cupcakes and ice-creams very much. So, in that sense i am a child. i think i eat more sweets than my children and i love desserts,” she said. Karisma will soon be seen in the remake of 1982 film “ Satte Pe Satta”. neWs DesK

halle berry plans Paris wedding?


cTrESS Halle Berry is reportedly keen to marry her actor fiance Olivier Martinez in his native Paris. The 46-year-old said to have checked some wedding venues in the city over the holidays and she was stunned by their beauty. The couple spent last christmas in Europe and found time to view the historic sixth century Saint-germain-des-Pres abbey and the Saint-Sulpice cathedral, which are both being considered as possible settings for the stars’ nuptials, reports”Halle was stunned by their beauty. This wedding will be a dream come true,” said an insider and added: “Halle wants to marry Olivier in Paris. She knows how special it will be for him to celebrate at home.”Berry, who has been married twice, has been dating the actor since 2010. neWs DesK

adele to perform Skyfall at the oscars


iNgEr Adele is set to perform the Oscarnominated James Bond theme ‘Skyfall’ at the Academy Awards next month. The 24-year-old will sing the latest ‘James Bond’ theme at the 85th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre here and she says she will never experience anything like it again, reported People magazine. “it’s an honour to be nominated and terrifyingly wonderful to be singing in front of people who have captured my imagination over and over again. it’s something i’ve never experienced and probably only ever will once,” she said. The track, which Adele cowrote with Paul Epworth, has been nominated for Original Song, the first Bond theme to get the Oscar nod since ‘For Your Eyes Only’ in 1981. it has already seen success, winning the golden globe Award for Best Original Song earlier this month. aGenCIes

NEWS DESK Academy Award winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy was presented the ‘Crystal Award’ by hilde Schwab at the 2013 World economic Forum meeting for her efforts in promoting human rights and women’s issues through film. The award was given at the official Crystal Award ceremony held at the World economic Forum Congress Centre, Congress hall in Davos, Switzerland. The World economic Forum introduced the Crystal Award in 1995 to honour personalities who are highly regarded as both cultural leaders and global citizens committed to improving the state of the world in Alongside Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the session awarded Charlize Theron, actress and founder of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project and Vik Muniz, artist and member Global Agenda Council, on the Role of the Arts in Society. The ceremony was chaired by hilde Schwab, Chairperson and Co-Founder, Schwab Foundation for Social entrepreneurship. Past winners include A R Rahman, Amitabh Bachan, Muhammad Ali, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Richard Gere. Speaking at the event after receiving her award Chinoy said, “I am humbled by the opportunity to represent Pakistan on such a prestigious platform. The Crystal Award embodies the sentiments that guide my work as a filmmaker, and I firmly believe that the pursuit of art and film can change the world by promoting dialogue and acting as a catalyst for change.”

Did Sylvester Stallone abuse half-sister for years? S


yLVESTER Stallone reached a confidential multimillion-dollar settlement with his half-sister ToniAnn Filiti over allegations that the actor abused her for years, it has been claimed. Sources close to the ‘Rocky’ star insist that the settlement was the result of a “shakedown” and that Stallone was a victim of blackmail, the New york Post reported. Papers obtained show that Stallone agreed 16 years ago to give his half-sister 2 million dollars plus 16,666.66 dollars per month for her lifetime, plus a trust with 50,000 dollars per year for psychiatric and medical expenses. According to the papers, Filiti “asserted claims for personal injury, including physical injury” against Stallone, who “vigorously denied and continues to deny and dispute all claims of wrongdoing.” Sources said that Filiti threatened a lawsuit, but he settled before it was ever filed. Filiti died in August last year from lung cancer at age 48. Jacqueline Stallone, mother of Sly and Toni-Ann, said that the settlement was the result of blackmail by Filiti, whom she described as a pillpopping drug addict desperate for cash. “This was nothing more than a shakedown. Toni-Ann was on 65 Oxycontin pills a day, and she threatened Sylvester. A drug addict will do anything,” she said. When Sylvester became famous, she didn’t have to hook. He was trying to help her, he caved in, she said.

Pakistani novelist among finalists for man booker international Prize



AKISTANI novelist Intizar husain is among the 10 finalists nominated for the 5th Man Booker International Prize 2013. The list was unveiled on Thursday by the chair of judges, Sir Christopher Ricks, at the DSC Jaipur Literary Festival. The other finalists are U R Ananthamurthy (India), Aharon Appelfeld (Israel), Lydia Davis (USA), Yan Lianke (China), Marie NDiaye (France), Josip Novakovich (Canada), Marilynne Robinson (USA), Vladimir Sorokin (Rus-

sia) and Peter Stamm (Switzerland). The winner of the £60,000 prize can choose a translator of their work to receive a £15,000 award of their

own. The announcement of this year’s prize recipient will be made at a dinner at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on May 22.

Sonakshi Sinha loses movie after fee hike



T’S common of stars to increase their remuneration after a couple of hits. While some get luck with a fatter pay cheque, Sonakshi Sinha found herself ousted from the film. Interestingly, the movie in question is Kick. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, it also stars Salman Khan, with whom the actress has given two big hits, surpassing Rs 140 crore collections across India. According to our source, Sonakshi had not only been confirmed for the hindi remake of the original Telugu hit, but she had had even taken the

signing amount for the movie. As our source says, “Considering that Sonakshi had a hit in

Shia LaBeouf dropped acid for new movie

Son Of Sardaar and Dabangg 2 was releasing, Sajid Nadiadwala thought it would be great to repeat the Dabangg jodi for his movie too. And hence, he signed her on for his film, with which he’s also making his debut as a director, before the release of Dabangg 2.” however, it seems the actress decided to up her fee after the release of her second film with Salman. Says our source, “Considering the opening weekend numbers of Dabangg 2, Sonakshi thought she should get paid more for her newest assignments.” Unfortunately for her, Sajid Nadiadwala didn’t exactly share her enthusiasm.


hIA LaBeouf, who dropped acid and filmed himself to make sure his depiction was accurate in ‘Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman’, has admitted that he was scared to a play character who trips on acid because he had never done it before. The actor, who decided to try it out for real and film his trip, then asked co-star evan Rachel Wood for pointers. “I remember sending evan tapes. I remember trying to conjure this and sending tapes and evan being like, ‘Yeah, that’s good, but that’s not, but this is, but that ain’t’,” Us magazine quoted him as saying during an interview with MTV at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The 26-year-ol actor then said that you reach out to friends and you sort of gauge where you’re at. So he was sending tapes around. he would get fifty percents from people, and that starts creeping him out, and he got really nervous. aGenCIes

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Gangnam Style earns $8m from YouTube Ads


forbes india Celebrity 100 list: Shahrukh khan tops, Salman second, dhoni third


n n n n n n n n n

are: (based only on money earned from endorsements) Shah Rukh Khan - Rs 149.50 cr M S Dhoni - Rs 124.80 cr Sachin Tendulkar - Rs 84 cr Akshay Kumar - Rs 70.85 cr Amitabh Bachchan - Rs 67.50 cr Katrina Kaif - Rs 61.50 cr Kareena Kapoor - Rs 57.8 cr hrithik Roshan - Rs 49.5 cr Saif Ali Khan - Rs 35 cr. aGenCIes



SY’S “Gangnam Style,” South Korean’s global pop sensation, has generated U.S. $8 million in advertising revenue on YouTube alone, Google’s chief business officer Nikesh Arora announced during the company’s earnings call on Tuesday. These results came soon after the announcement made December 21st that the video had been viewed over 1 billion times – the first video to break this barrier – since its debut last July. As of today, this number has climbed to 1.23 billion. It’s no surprise that the song snagged the Song of the Year award at the Golden Disc Awards, Korea’s answer to the Grammys held in Kuala Lumpur last week – an impressive feat for Psy, whose first album titled PSY… From the Psycho World! got him fined for “inappropriate content”. “When I made this video I didn’t even expect 1 million views, because this is off my sixth album in Korea, so I just hoped it would be huge there,” he told MTV News in an interview last December. “I didn’t even think about any other countries; I just did my job and waited and watched.” The video’s legendary success mainly stems from its viral nature. Revolving around a jig that resembles someone riding a horse with their arms crossed, it satirizes the consumerist glitz of Seoul’s Gangnam District, where Psy, real name Park Jae-sang, grew up. he never could have imagined the response. “I’m still wondering and analyzing its success,” he told MTV News. “Because I’ve done this things many

ORBeS India magazine has come out with its inaugural India celebrity 100 list based on their income and popularity. Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan tops the list, while Salman Khan is No 2 in the list of Indian celebrities. According to the list, SRK’s earnings was Rs 202.8 crore, whereas Salman Khan’s earnings was Rs 144.2 crore. India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni comes third with an earning of Rs 135.16 crore. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is fourth with earning of Rs 179.85 crore, while megastar Amitabh Bachchan comes in the fifth place (earning: Rs 116.3 crore). Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar has been given the sixth position with an earning of Rs 97.46 crore. n Seventh is Kareena Kapoor ( Rs 73.46 cr), eighth Virender Sehwag (Rs 27.73 cr), ninth Virat Kohli (Rs 47.26 cr) and tenth is Katrina Kaif (Rs 65.25 cr) n Top Actor: Shah Rukh Khan n Top Sportsperson: M S Dhoni n Top Singer/Musician: A R Rahman n Top TV Personality: Malaika Arora Khan n Top director: Karan Johar n Top Author: Chetan Bhagat n And, the top 10 endorsers


latoYa JaCkSon times, this dance, this album, this video … this one just became something else entirely.” The video begins with an image of Psy, now 35, lounging on the beach where he is being fanned by a beautiful woman. When the camera pulls away, however, viewers see that he is actually on a playground dreaming up the beach scene. From here, it’s all parody: Psy in a sauna with gangsters, dancing in the aisle of a bus, sitting on the toilet, and never quite succeeding at being cool or actualizing the ‘Gangnam Style’ dream after all. The playful, catchy tune and easily-learned dance have made the video ideal fodder for viral parodies, which first came in the form of other YouTube videos and later manifested in dancing flash mobs worldwide. According to an estimate by Quartz,

each view of the video generates around 0.65 cents in ad revenue. Since about half of this goes to Google, Psy and YG entertainment have likely earned around U.S. $4 million from their giant YouTube presence alone. While it’s hard to imagine how much further Psy will be able to take the hit tune, South America has apparently managed to dodge the onslaught—relative to the rest of the world at least. Psy plans to remedy this with a tour of Latin America, starting in Brazil this February. With so much record breaking happening from one song, it will be very interesting to see how Psy fares in the Latin world, and for that matter, what other pop offerings he may yet give us on YouTube. Where to next, Psy?

guys do what you love! And you will never work a day in your life! it just won’t seem like work!

niC0le P0liZZi You’ve got mail is so catfish.

Is Sajid Khan calling the shots for Jacqueline Fernandez? NEWS DESK


ARTNeRS often depend on each other to take big decisions in life, and looks like Sajid Khan alone has been calling the shots, when it comes to his sweetheart Jacqueline Fernandez’s professional life. A source said that Sajid Khan, who is a judge of the dance reality show Nach Baliye, apparently ruled out Jacqueline Fernandez coming on the show to promote her movie Race 2. A source said, “Initially, Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor and Ameesha Patel were to come on the show. But their dates were not matching, so finally it was just Jacqueline and Deepika Padukone who were slotted to come.” however, Jacqueline Fernandez pulled out at the last moment and it

aZealia bankS i really wanna be in one of those successful black people trying to find love in LA movies.

was only Deepika Padukone who promoted the film on the show. The source added, “Sajid didn’t want Jacqueline to come on the show. It was mutually decided between them that they shouldn’t appear on the show together.”

Salman Khan gets relief in black buck shooting case

Joan riverS So many people are sick with the flu! i’ve said, “bless you” so many times today, i feel like the Pope.


OLLYWOOD star Salman Khan will not face trial in the 1998 blackbuck hunting case in Rajasthan on charges of rioting but under the Wildlife Protection Act, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday. An apex court bench headed by Justice P. Sathasivam declined to accept the Rajasthan government’s plea that film star Salman Khan and four others should also be tried for rioting under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code. The blackbuck shooting case dates back to 1998 during the shooting of the film hum Saath Saath hain. The state government had come to the apex court challenging the Rajasthan high Court order by which it has authorised a lower court to

withdraw charges of rioting against Salman Khan and four others. A complaint was filed against Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabu and Sonali Bendre on charges of being involved in hunting of protected blackbucks. The actors were accused of poaching two blackbucks in Kankani village near Jodhpur in October 1998. aGenCIes

kellY oXford i once put my face very close to common’s as he slept on a flight. That’s as close to being Serena Williams as i’ll ever get.

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Infotainment 14

Friday, 25 January, 2013

Cities with too Many Men


ore than a month after the fatal gang-rape of Jyoti Singh Pandey on a private bus in New Delhi, the brutal attack continues to reverberate around the cities of India. headlines note the “shame of India” and ask, “What’s wrong with our men?” enraged protestors hold signs that read “You rape, we chop,” a reference to castration. It took only a short time for Bollywood stars to step in, with a “No more fear”-themed fashion gala here a few nights ago. Meanwhile, news reports of horrific rapes continue, now covered more attentively in the press, and seemingly confirming the common belief that most violence has been going unreported. A girl was snatched from a bus stop by man on a motorcycle, taken to a shop where three accomplices waited, forced to drink a sedative, raped, and dumped by the side of the road. A 32-year-old woman who got off a jammed Delhibound train was gang raped and hung from a tree. That was just in one day’s news. What passes for national soulsearching has revealed underlying factors setting the stage for this extraordinary scourge of violence: a slow-moving and ineffectual criminal justice system, a blame-the-victim mentality, and a culturally ingrained lack of respect for women. But one basic demographic fact runs underneath it all, captured in a term we might hear much more about in the years ahead: sex ratio. Once an obscure area of scholarly investigation, alongside fertility and replacement rates, sex ratio — the number of boys versus the number of girls, and trend lines for future projections — is assuming a more prominent place in the unfolding and fascinating assessment of urban population growth in the developing world. It is now a common

dogs’ evolutionary trick: learning to eat human food


subject of international conference presentations, as it was at The Geography of Change: Contemporary Issues in Development, environment and Society at Joshi-Bedekar College of Commerce and Arts in Thane, where I made a presentation on housing and urban population trends earlier this month. The problem is simple. There are more boys than girls in the two most populous nations of the world today, India and China. There is generally concern when the ratio is 1,000 boys for every 800 girls, which is not uncommon for Indian cities. It sounds a bit crude, but that means lots of boys who will not have the opportunity to be paired up or have a normal relationship with a member of the opposite sex. As one independent consultant pointed out in a private briefing on China trends late last year, that means millions of restless and frustrated male teens, and a po-

tential source of instability in metropolitan areas. A sex ratio closer to 1,000 boys for every 900 girls is seen as a measure of progress and good municipal health, and is trumpeted in cities where that is the case, like a good graduation rate or crime rate. The imbalance appears to be built-in for now and future generations, because of societal norms that are quite unthinkable for Western standards. Couples openly yearn for having boys over girls; girls mean the family must pay a dowry, among other things. Girls are shunned and to be avoided at all costs. Abortion and infanticide are commonplace. enforcement has stepped up recently of a law forbidding learning the results of an ultrasound during pregnancy, a midwife told me. Predictably, there’s a cottage industry to get around these restrictions of knowing the sex of the baby. As girls

go through life, they must struggle against a culture of disrespect among the many men who outnumber them. As more women get educated, move to cities, and become competitors in the workplace, the resentment grows. Misogyny blooms. There are some signs of change. In the same day’s newspapers carrying the latest news on Jyoti Singh Pandey, who died after being taken to Singapore for medical care, were two notable accounts. In one, a rapist had his driver’s license permanently suspended – seemingly a small gesture, but previously unheard of. In another, a high court ruled that it was unlawful to forbid women from wearing colorful garb, or for prohibiting them from using a mobile phone. Small victories. And for the moment, too small to make much of a dent in the troubling demographic realities of our urbanizing planet. neWs DesK

Apple shares fall after flat earnings

adhd diagnoses up 24% in 10 years


N just a decade, the percentage of children diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder jumped by a big percentage itself: 24%, per a new study. It reviewed the health records of some 840,000 kids in California, and found that 2.5% received an ADhD diagnosis in 2001; by 2010, that rate was 3.1%, reports USA Today. Among white children, in whom rates are the highest, rates rose from 4.7% to 5.6%. But the highest increase was seen in minority children: Rates rose almost 70% in black children (and 90% for black girls) and 60% in hispanic kids. Overall, almost three-quarters of children diagnosed with ADhD live in families earning more than $50,000 a year, NBC News reports. “higher rates of ADhD observed in affluent, white families likely represent an effort by these highly educated parents to seek help for their children who may not be fulfilling their expectations for schoolwork,” notes the study. The lead author says the large jump could be due to parents, teachers, and doctors being more aware of ADhD, which is a positive for children who need treatment. Notably, this study relied on health records indicating ADhD, rather than parents’ reports. neWs DesK

Apple’s profit surge halted in the latest quarter, as a flood of new products such as the iPhone 5 meant high start-up costs for new production lines. Apple posted net income for the October-to-December quarter that was flat with the year before. It was the first time in years that Apple didn’t post a double-digit earnings increase. The report also made clear that Apple is no longer able to sustain the breakneck sales increases of the last three years, even with a fresh iPhone on store shelves. Apple shares fell $31.70, or 6.2%, to $482.31, in extended trading, after the release of the results. Net income in the fiscal first quarter was $13.1 billion, or $13.81 per share. That still beat expectations, as ana-

lysts polled by FactSet had forecast earnings of $13.48 per share. Revenue was $54.5 billion, up 18% from a year ago. Analysts were expecting $55 billion. “The revenue number is dismal as far as what the expectations were,” says Jeff Sica of SICA Wealth Management. But he added that while it’s an “incredible number” on its own, Apple has “fallen victim to the curse of high expectations.” Apple shipped 47.8 million iPhones in the quarter, about 1 million less than analysts were expecting, and 22.9 million iPads, also about 1 million short. Both were record numbers, however. Looking ahead, Apple said it expects sales of between $41 billion and $43 billion in the current quarter, which ends in March. neWs DesK

Two customers sue Subway over ‘foot long’ subs That didn’t take long: Two Subway customers have sued the chain because their “footlong” sandwiches came up a little short, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. The lawsuit by two New Jersey men comes after

last week’s hubbub made by customers who discovered that their sandwiches measured about a half-inch short. Subway, which explained that the baking process at individual stores led to inconsistencies, said it had not seen the lawsuit. “We freshly bake our bread throughout the day in our more than 38,000 restaurants in 100 countries worldwide, and we have redoubled our efforts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve,” said a company statement. A lawyer quoted in the Inquirer story says the chain is shorting customers about 45 cents a sandwich. neWs DesK

wedish researchers have an intriguing new theory on why dogs became the human pals they are today, as opposed to wolves: They developed the ability to digest starch, which allowed them to live off the refuse of our human ancestors at the dawn of agriculture, reports the Washington Post. Wolves remained carnivores, but the dog branch of the family could eat wheat, rice, potatoes, and the like. As it turns out, humans were undergoing a similar change about the same time. “I think it is a striking case of co-evolution,” says a geneticist at Uppsala University. “The fact that we shared a similar environment in the last 10,000 years caused a similar adaptation. And the big change in the environment was the development of agriculture.” As one theory goes, dogs eventually grew to tolerate human contact and were brought into settlements to be guards and pets. neWs DesK

indiana dumps facebook ban on sex offenders


N Indiana law that bans registered sex offenders from accessing Facebook and other social networking sites that can be accessed by children is unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled today. The 7th US Circuit of Appeals in Chicago overturned a federal judge’s decision upholding the law, saying the “blanket ban” was too broad and didn’t protect children. “It broadly prohibits substantial protected speech rather than specifically targeting the evil of improper communications to minors,” the judges said in a 20-page decision. The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed the class-action suit on behalf of a man who served three years for child exploitation and other sex offenders who are restricted by the ban even though they are no longer on probation. Federal judges have barred similar laws in Nebraska and Louisiana. neWs DesK

Smokers lose 10 years


IFeTIMe smokers can expect to lose about 10 years off their lives, according to one of the most comprehensive studies ever done on the subject. Other highlights from the research in tomorrow’s New england Journal of Medicine: Those who quit before age 35 get back those years of life expectancy, reports the Washington Post, though researchers stress that doesn’t mean people can smoke up to that point without consequence. The risks for respiratory ailments and lung cancer linger. Those who quit between 35 and 44 get back nine years; those between 45 and 54 get six years; and those between 55 and 64 get four years. Women who smoke now die at a similar rate as men, reports USA Today. That’s mostly because they’re starting earlier and smoking more, explains AP. (Its first paragraph: “Smoke like a man, die like a man.”) Someone who never smoked was twice as likely as a smoker to reach age 80. Only 38% of female smokers lived to that age, compared to 70 percent of women who never smoked; for men, the percentages were worse—26 percent and 61 percent. neWs DesK

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Friday, 25 January, 2013

inzamam questions selection for SA tour LAHORE sTaFF rePOrT

Former Pakistan captain, Inzamam ul haq has questioned the selection of Pakistan cricket team for the tour of South Africa and said in his opinion the team was not selected in consultation with both the test and one day captains. “I think the combination of the team is not balanced, especially we lack in bowling as we are short of one fast bowler in the challenging tour of South Africa,” he told reporters here on Thursday. he said in his opinion both the captains were not consultants in the team selection . Inzamam pointed out that Pak team toured India with five fast bowlers and the team selected for the tour of South Africa has four pace bowlers in Umer Gul, Ahsan Adil, Junaid Khan and Umer Gul. “South Afrcian tour is long tour in

which the team will be playing three test , five one day and two T-20 games and I believe there should have been one more bowler to add fire in our pace battery.” he said pace bowler play a leading role to lift the performance level of a team during the tour of South Africa where wickets favour fast bowlers. The former captain expressed his desire to serve the team as a batting consultant saying his services are available for bringing improvement in the batting. “ I could not accompany the team during the tour of India as a batting consultant as I was having a contract with a private TV channel,” he said. he further added: “The Chairman PCB Mohammad Zaka Asrhaf before the tour of India asked me to accompany the team to India and South Africa but after the return of the team from India no one from PCB contacted me in this regard.” To a ques-

tion, he said, he had no issue of money or on any other point with the PCB to serve the team as a batting consultant. “If they ask me to accompany the team I will do so because I want to see improvement in our batting line.” “I have no difference with any one (not any one in PCB nor with the team management).” Inzmam said victory and defeat go hand in hand and in case of defeat the team should not be feeling disappointed because such a feeling will restrict them from making a come back. The former captain termed the statement of Federation of international cricket players association regarding Pakistan Super League “surprising”. “It is the moral obligation of the all the cricketers (Pakistani) to join hands for making PSL a successful event by extending all out cooperation,” he said.

FICA warning could hurt Pakistan league: Lorgat LAHORE


sTaFF rePOrT

AROON Lorgat, former ICC chief executive who is an advisor to the Pakistan Super League (PSL), has said FICA's warning to players not to travel to Pakistan because of security concerns could have an adverse affect on the tournament. Lorgat, however, said the on ground reality was different from a common perception having in the minds of people of outer world. "It's unfortunate, there are many players who will be undecided and when a statement is negative, it doesn't help," Cricinfo quoted Lorgat on FICA's comments. "It doesn't help the confidence of some players. Fortunately there are many who have already committed and who are confident … they trust the assurance given by the PCB. "I think the statement is not against the PSL, it's about the safety situation in Pakistan. While we understand that sort of a statement from the players association, I don't think we necessarily agree with it. here I'm sitting again, in Lahore, and I understand the situation on the ground in Lahore. There's been a very

good response across the globe by broadcasters who are keen and interested, and who are currently studying the detailed document. We are confident the league will happen on March 26. There's a lot of interest from players as well. We know what the challenges are, it's reality, but we will overcome those challenges." Tim May, the FICA chief, had said most cricketers would heed the advice not to travel to Pakistan. "The security consultants came back and said that the risk of touring Pakistan in a cricketing sense is unmanageable," he said. "I haven't spoken directly to any players but the feedback we are getting

from player associations throughout the world is that players are very appreciative and understanding of the advice. We can't force the players not to go but I think you'll find the majority, if not all, of current international cricketers will heed that advice and, unfortunately for Pakistan, not participate in this event this year." The PCB said it did not recognise FICA and would not enter into discussions with them, dealing directly with the member boards instead. however, the Pakistan board did not reveal which foreign players had expressed interest in the PSL and said they would make an announcement

once the pool was ready. "Our stated position on FICA is very clear, we don't recognise them, so when we don't endorse them it makes no sense to go into discussions with them at any level," PCB chief operating officer Subhan Ahmed said. "As far as we are concerned we have no direct relationship with FICA. "ICC's defined process is very clear, whether a player is approached directly or through the board, we have approached various boards but obviously without NOC we will not allow players to come. We have written to various boards and we are confident that players will come to the league."

pCB offers $2 m cover for visiting cricketers LAHORE: Pakistan will offer visiting players insurance worth two million dollars each in a bid to overcome security fears and revive international cricket in the country, the chairman of the national cricket board (PCB) Zaka Ashraf said. "We are taking all steps to revive international cricket here and everyone should feel proud about the efforts we have made in this regard," Ashraf in a television interview. The steps would include offering insurance and providing security for visiting teams, he said. "(People) are afraid that they would be subjected to a shoot-out as soon as they come out of the airport," Ashraf said. "There is lot of effort re-

quired to change this perception because things are definitely not so bad here." International cricket has been suspended in Pakistan since 2009 when militants attacked the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore. Six Pakistani policemen and a driver were killed and five players were wounded. No test team has toured Pakistan since and the International Cricket Council (ICC) moved 2011 World Cup matches away from the country because of security concerns. When a World XI played two Twenty20 exhibitions in Pakistan last October, the country supplied 5,000 police and para-military personnel to provide security. sTaFF rePOrT

I am a great admirer of Pakistan cricket: Boycott LAHORE sTaFF rePOrT

england’s former cricketer, Geoffrey Boycott, has expressed that he admires Pakistan team because they keep throwing extremely talented players in international cricket, although the Green Shirts are often involved in controversies. The Green Shirts faced one of the biggest controversies of the history of the game in 2010, when three of their players, Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif, were found involved in spot-fixing. The situation looked extremely bleak for Pakistan cricket at that time, with some former cricketer calling for the Green Shirts’ suspension from international cricket. however, Pakistani cricketer proved their mettle and raised the level of their game afterwards, qualifying for the semi-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 and the ICC World T20 2012. Over the last two and a half years, Misbah-ul-haq and company have lost just one Test series. his team’s whitewash against england in United Arab emirates last year will be

remembered as one of the greatest victories of Pakistan cricket. Quoted by a website, Boycott ex-

pressed that Pakistan cricket has faced numerous controversies over the years but the country keeps producing ex-

tremely talented cricketers. While speaking about the upcoming series between Pakistan and South Africa, the former england cricketer said coping with the threat of the home team’s bowling attack is going to be a massive challenge for the Green Shirts, with Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Vernon Philander at the top of their game at the moment. “I like Pakistan. I like the fact that whatever trouble they have, whatever happens, if they are fighting among themselves, or politicking, or what have you, switching captains, there are always some young kids with talent who come along. Unknowns come along and play well,” said the former opening batsman. “But the fact is, when you are playing with the best seam-bowling side in the world, that’s going to be tough.” Boycott further added that the conditions in South Africa are totally different from Pakistan and Misbah’s men will find it hard to acclimatise. “especially in their own backyard. The pitches here are a little bit quicker than in Pakistan. Remember, Pakistan pitches are a bit like Indian pitches. It’s easier to play the seamers,” he added.

Hughes eyes full-time Australia role SYDNEY aGenCIes

Phil hughes hopes to establish himself in the Australia side in all formats of the game after a successful maiden one-day series against Sri Lanka. Batting at three in place of injured skipper Michael Clarke in hobart on Wednesday, hughes made an unbeaten 138 - his second century of the series - to be the lynchpin in Australia's 247 for five, a score they successfully defended to square the Commonwealth Bank Series against Sri Lanka. "I'd love to play all formats. I've always said that but I'm grateful to crack into the one-day team and obviously the Test team and hopefully one day I'd love to be in the Twenty20 format as well," he said after his man-of-the-match performance at Blundstone Arena. "I'm grateful for this opportunity. It's been a while coming but I really love one-day cricket and I suppose to play a few games and also to hopefully cement myself in this one-day team is something I'm really looking to do, and also the Test team." hughes acknowledged his latest return to the international fold in Test and ODI cricket had been successful, runs in both formats against Sri Lanka perhaps indicating the 24-year-old is now set for an extended stay at the highest level. "It has gone smoothly," he said. "I've always wanted to get back in the team and I suppose I've been around the mix for a number of years now, in and out of the side, so the big thing I want to do is cement myself in the Australian cricket team." By reaching triple figures for the second time following a ton on debut in Melbourne, hughes has been at the centre of Australia's two standout batting performances in the series and said he relishes making such substantial contributions. "I pride myself on if I do get in I want to get a big score ... I think the pleasing thing is when I did get set I made it to the three-figure mark," he said. Outgoing captain Mahela Jayawardene said Sri Lanka can take plenty of positives from the series despite missing out on overall victory. By falling to a 32-run loss on Wednesday, Sri Lanka were unable to secure a second series victory over Australia since 2010 but might argue they had the better of the drawn series - which was Jayawardene's last as captain, bringing to a close his second spell in charge. "It's tough to get over something like this but I think we played some good cricket so we can take something positive from the entire series," he said. "[I'm] disappointed we couldn't clinically finish the game off and get the series but we've done a lot of good things so the guys can be very proud." Jayawardene will now step down as ODI skipper, having already relinquished the role in the Test arena, but is not yet ready to walk away from the international game, insisting he is committed to helping Sri Lanka make the transition to a new era.

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Sports 16 PCB asks BCCI to release players for Super League Friday, 25 January, 2013

teams reach dharamsala amidst bright sunshine



N an effort to rope in as many international players as possible for Pakistan Super League (PSL), the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had approached the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to release Indian players for the T20 tournament, the Board said. Asked if Indian players would take part in the league, Subhan Ahmed, the chief operating officer of Pakistan Cricket Board, said that the PCB was not only directly in touch with players from all countries but also their Boards. "The participation of Indian

players depends on their board issuing NOCs to them," he said while addressing the media in Lahore on Wednesday. Another important information coming from the conference was that the PCB had not ruled out having the league outside the country if conditions in Pakistan in March-April did not allow the event to be held on time. The

third and most interesting information was that the board is yet to decide on the venue of the league. Reminded that the PCB had accused the Bangladesh Cricket Board of directly approaching Pakistani players for the Bangladesh Premier League, Subhan said that there was a clear process under the ICC rules. "Whatever the approach it is obligatory for players to get NOCs

from their boards to play in any league. We are using different channels to sign on players but ultimately we can only have those players who have written NOCs from their boards," he said. Asked about any other options being available to hold the league outside Pakistan, Sarwar Salman Butt, the MD of the PSL, said, "We are looking at holding the tournament in Pakistan. If there are changes we will let you know but right now that (shifting to another country) option is not on the table." "The direction are very clear, we need to have this tournament in Pakistan in the days given to us unless something untoward happens. Then we have to make a decision," he said.

pAkiStAn women teAm For iCC women’S worlD Cup 2013

Cuttack in protest against Pak matches BHuBANESWAR aGenCIes

Normal life was hit in Odisha's Cuttack as schools, colleges and shops were closed after a shutdown called by right-wing Bajrang Dal to oppose staging of a match of Pakistan's women cricket team in the city. Majority of the private business establishments and offices were closed in the district headquarters town, about 26 km from here with "people spontaneously supporting the strike", Bajrang Dal leader Satya Mohanty told IANS. Bajrang Dal activists took out processions in the city, blocked roads, staged demonstrations, he said. At least 60 Dal activists were taken into preventive custody. Police said the shutdown evoked mixed response. The government offices, banks and other financial institutions functioned as usual in the city although schools, colleges and

other educational institutions were closed, a senior district police official said. The International Cricket Council (ICC) Women's World Cup, commencing Jan 31, was earlier scheduled to be held in Mumbai. however, the Pakistani team's matches were shifted to Cuttack following opposition by the Shiv Sena. In Odisha too, the opposition BJP, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa hindu Parishad (VhP) and some smaller political parties have been protesting the proposed staging of matches of the Pakistan team. "Pakistan players would not be allowed to play anywhere in India, including in Cuttack, in view of the widespread cross-border tension," a protest leader said. he was referring to the killing of two Indian soldiers, one of whom was beheaded, along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir.

DHARAMSALA: Those doubts had little to do with the quality of the venue or the preparedness of the local association. That talk emanated from loose reports that the stadium was buried under a pile of snow, that the weather was extremely inclement, and that the harsh winter would necessitate a shift in venue. The english team, and its entourage of worried journalists, breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday (January 24) as they were greeted by bright sunshine and gentle winds when they reached Dharamsala from Mohali late afternoon. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, which was a sparkling, radiant blue, and there was no hint that the ground – looking an absolute picture- was anything but ready even as the majestic snow-capped himalayas formed a stunning backdrop. The Indian and english teams, which flew into the Kangra Airport, missed the splendid sights the six-hour drive from Mohali offered, through verdant fields and dainty towns on winding but wellmaintained roads. The hPCA Stadium has hosted a fair few IPL games as well as Pakistan’s warm-up game on their tour of India in 2005, but January 27 will mark its debut as a full-fledged international venue and will cement its standing as one of the most picturesque grounds in the cricket world. even as late as Wednesday night, there were unfounded rumours that the teams would play the final game too in Mohali. “I have no idea how talk of the game being shifted out of Dharamsala gained ground,” said a member of the himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. “As you can see, there is no reason why the game needs to be moved out of Dharamsala.” By 6.00 pm, the winter chill had set in, which is only to be expected in these regions. Over the next three days leading up to the match, it has been forecast that the temperatures will range from a high of between six and eight degrees Celsius, and a low of -2, though it has been predicted that on match day, there might be occasional cloudy spells. The final ODI of a series India have already clinched 3-1 is, thankfully, a day game starting at 9.00 am, so the teams and the fans would have retreated indoors long before the winter chill comes swooping in. aGenCIes

Pakistan’s litmus test


F there is an emotion combining whiteknuckle fear and giddy anticipation in equal parts, then that is what Pakistan supporters are feeling as the Test series in South Africa approaches. The excitement is understandable: Pakistan have increasingly looked a confident and balanced Test side over the last couple of years. With copious raw talent and a fine blend of experience and youth, they seem entirely capable of causing an upset. The apprehension, too, is justified: South Africa have home advantage, enormous ability, winning momentum, and that sharp edge that comes from being the world's top-ranked side. This is easily Pakistan's toughest challenge yet in what has been a period of resurgence for them following the 2010 spot-fixing mess. Tours to South Africa may not be embedded in the Pakistani psyche with the same depth and impact as trips to england, Australia, or India, but this one already has a different and dominant feel to it. From Pakistan's last series there, only four South Africans (Graeme Smith, hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, and AB de Villiers) and three Pakistanis (Mohammad hafeez, Younis Khan and Faisal Iqbal) survive. This time around, Dale Steyn and Vernon Philander will open the bowling for South Africa, and their batting order will include the impressive newcomer Faf du Plessis in addition to the intimidating quartet of Smith, Amla, Kallis and de Villiers. If you wanted to test your cricketing mettle, you couldn't ask for a more comprehensive, probing and public examination. Misbah-ul-haq has termed it a litmus test for Pakistan. That's an accurate metaphor, because there will be no ambiguity about the result. Man for man, South Africa are the superior side, which means even a drawn series will effectively be a win for Pakistan. On the other hand, a series defeat will mean Pakistan will still be short of being counted among the upper tier of Test nations.

The history of past tours is not encouraging. South Africa is one of three remaining territories (Australia and West Indies are the others) where Pakistan have yet to win a Test series. In nine Tests spread over four tours beginning in 1995, there have been only two Pakistan wins and six defeats. This win-loss ratio of 0.33 is Pakistan's second-worst away from home; only their record in Australia (four wins and 21 losses; win-loss ratio 0.19) is worse. The lesson of those two victories Durban 1998 and Port elizabeth 2007 - is that seam and spin working in tandem can be effective in South Africa. In Durban, Shoaib Akhtar induced a South African collapse in the first innings and Mushtaq Ahmed took a match-clinching six-for with his legspin in the second. In Port elizabeth, Mohammad Asif's seam bowling was strongly complemented by the wristspin of Danish Kaneria. None of the bowlers in the current squad have toured South Africa before for a bilateral series, but they have done enough in international cricket to show they have the teeth to bowl out any opposition twice. Umar Gul has accuracy and experience, Junaid Khan has speed with bilateral movement, and Mohammad Irfan has an imposing frame and releases the ball from what the batsman perceives to be above sightscreen height. Irfan's durability for five-day cricket is something of an unknown quantity, but a man who can lift length balls chest-high on placid Asian pitches definitely deserves a chance on the bouncier turf of South Africa. All three seamers will be under pressure for their place, because the 19-year-old rookie ehsan Adil is nipping at their heels. eventually it may all come down to Saeed Ajmal. he is the only Pakistan player who would be an automatic selection in the South African team, which makes him something of a trump card. Ajmal's record against South Africa may not be particularly menacing, but over the last two years - his best period in the

game - he has met them only once (in a T20I). his great asset, apart from mastery of the fundamentals, is increasingly skilful variation, delivered with cunning and guile. especially in the second innings, he has the potential to play havoc with the South African line-up. Whenever conditions are conducive to spin, Ajmal will have quality support from hafeez's tight offspin at the other end. Abdur Rehman is another excellent spinner in the squad, but with Pakistan expected to play six batsmen and three seamers, it is hard to see him in the final XI. The chink in Pakistan's armour is their batting, which is notorious for coming undone against bounce and sideways movement. Pakistan's six defeats in South Africa confirm this only too well, with an average innings total of 198, and only one member of the current squad having scored a century - Taufeeq Umar, who made 135 in a

losing cause in Cape Town in 2003. Bizarrely, Taufeeq wasn't picked for the subsequent tour in 2007, but he has since resurrected his career and settled into the opener's slot again. The rest of the batting also more or less selects itself, with hafeez opening alongside Taufeeq, followed by Azhar Ali, Younis, and Misbah. Beyond this there is room for only one additional recognised batsman, which means either Nasir Jamshed or Asad Shafiq will be sitting out. Faisal Iqbal and haris Sohail are two other batsmen in the squad, but unless they play the warm-up game in east London and do something spectacular, it is hard to see them being in serious contention. Conspicuous by their absence are the Akmal brothers, Umar, Kamran, and Adnan. Umar has plainly lost the plot somewhere; his international batting average continues to slip, and is currently languishing in the mid-

30s after having been about ten runs higher around two years ago. Kamran was a contender for the wicketkeeping role but was devalued by abysmal batting failures in India. Word is that Misbah was keen on including at least Adnan in the side, but Sarfraz Ahmed outperformed him in the domestic season with stark numbers that could not be ignored. The Akmals have not endeared themselves to Pakistan's fan base in recent times, and most Pakistan supporters have interpreted their collective absence as a positive development. Perhaps the most reassuring aspect of this Pakistan campaign is that it exudes a sense of stability that makes a sharp contrast with its predecessors. Misbah's captaincy has now extended to an uninterrupted two and a half years, over which he has accumulated a steady record of success. he knows how to manage and motivate, and enjoys a thinking collaboration with the vice-captain, hafeez. Around this time last year, he led his men against another top-ranked Test side, and that didn't turn out so badly. Under Misbah's watch, the team has also kept clear of the kind of damaging scandals that had hobbled them in 2010 and earlier. The resulting equilibrium - historically rare in Pakistan sides - is an ideal tonic for players to strive towards their best. Although Pakistan's win-loss ratio at South African venues is disappointing, there is some consolation in the fact that in comparison with other teams it turns out to be third-best. Only Australia and england have done better, and this hierarchy persists even if you exclude the preapartheid era. All other teams have a worse win-loss ratio in South Africa than Pakistan. This may not be a ringing endorsement, but combined with Pakistan's talent and arc of revival, it does indicate that they are as good a bet as any to record an inaugural series win in South Africa.

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17 Sports

Friday, 25 January, 2013

Djokovic dominates after Azarenka controversy MELBOuRNE aGenCIes


OVAK Djokovic installed himself as red-hot favourite for a third straight Australian Open title with a semi-final demolition of David Ferrer on Thursday after Victoria Azarenka had controversially set up a final against Li Na. Serbian world number one Djokovic was brutally dominant as he pulverised the Spanish fourth seed 6-2 6-2 6-1 in 89 minutes in Rod Laver Arena to race into Sunday's final against Roger Federer or Andy Murray. "This was definitely one of the best matches of my career," he said. "Tonight I just played incredible." China's Li could only be less convincing despite the impressive 6-2 6-2 win over Russia's 2008 champion Maria Sharapova but it was the second women's semi-final that provided the main talking point of the day. There was no doubt that defending champion Azarenka was a worthy 6-1 64 winner over American teenager Sloane Stephens but the spectre of gamesmanship was raised when the Belarussian took a lengthy medical timeout after failing to convert five match points. "I almost did the choke of the year right now," the world number one said at courtside after she had wrapped up her place in Saturday's final. "At 5-3, having so many chances, couldn't close it out but I'm glad I could close it out. Nerves got into me for sure." Stephens, playing in her first grand slam semi-final after upsetting Serena Williams on Wednesday, was not about to make an issue of it and Azarenka clarified her comments in the face of a barrage of questions at her post-match news conference. "I'm telling you what happened right now honestly, that my back was bothering me," Azarenka said, blaming a rib injury for the problem. "It took me too long of a time to call the trainer,

which was my mistake. "I took it to the point where I couldn't breathe, which was (caused by) my back problem, and I couldn't really figure out what was going on on the court. "I was really panicking, not because I couldn't convert my match point. That's not the case," she added. Former men's number four Jonas Bjorkman was among many who took to social media to call for a change to the rules over medical timeouts. "Azarenka took a medical timeout after all her missing matchpoints or because of an injury? Time to change that

rule! No sportsmanship there!," he tweeted. Djokovic looked like he barely wanted to take a break even at changeovers as he delivered a onesided masterpiece of a performance against the fifth best player in men's tennis. The 25-year-old Serbian won 91 percent of his first serve points, converted all seven of his break points and hit 30 winners as he thrashed Ferrer, who will rise to number four in the world on Monday in the absence of his injured compatriot Rafa Nadal. "I have a great feeling about myself

‘Azarenka timeout not a factor in loss’ MELBOURNE: A gracious Sloane Stephens said Victoria Azarenka's lengthy medical time-out had not been a factor in her Australian Open semi-final loss on Thursday. World number one Azarenka won 6-1 6-4 but attracted accusations of gamesmanship from former tennis players and pundits for leaving the court for nearly 10 minutes after blowing five match points. American Stephens declined to question Azarenka's motives and told reporters she thought it had been a "routine" medical timeout. "It was just something else but it didn't affect anything, I don't think. "Like if it was one of my friends, I would say, 'Oh, my God, that sounds like a PP', which is a personal problem. Other than that, it's just unfortunate." Azarenka returned to the court to seal the sixth match point and told a courtside interviewer that she had nearly suffered the "choke of the year" and that "nerves got into me". aGenCIes

on the court at this moment," Djokovic said. "Now I have two days off before the finals which gives me enough time to get ready and recover for the finals." Perhaps deciding that he had not spent enough time on the main showcourt, Djokovic later reappeared during a seniors doubles match dressed as a doctor to give henri Leconte mock medical treatment. While Djokovic's performance had the tennis purists purring, Li's victory would have had the tournament's marketing department grinning from ear to ear. The self-titled "Grand Slam of the Asia-Pacific" has never had an Asian singles champion and Li, whose first trip to the Melbourne Park final ended in defeat to Kim Clijsters in 2011, has a second chance to put that right. "At the beginning of the match I was nervous," said the 30-year-old Chinese. "I was happy to be back in the semis again. "I'm really hungry for the title," the former French Open champion added. "I think this time should be maybe a different story." Second seed Sharapova had carved her way ruthlessly through the draw at Melbourne Park, conceding only nine games on her way to the semi-finals. Li, reinvigorated by Justine henin's former coach Carlos Rodriguez, has also been in impressive form this year and will be quietly confident that she has the measure of Azarenka. Certainly, on Thursday, the Chinese showed none of the mental frailties that have dogged her in the past as she broke the Russian in her first service game and never looked back. "When your opponent is always up and ahead, it's always a little bit mentally easier for them to keep that going," said Sharapova. "If I would have taken those chances and clawed my way back and made it a bit tougher for her, I'm sure she would have thought a little bit more. But I certainly didn't make her think about anything."

Patient Snedeker banks on Torrey Pines factor SAN DIEGO aGenCIes

While Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will feed off a huge Torrey Pines comfort factor at this week's Farmers Insurance Open, defending champion Brandt Snedeker can also point to an impressive track record at the venue. In 2007, American Snedeker tied the North Course record here with a blistering 11-under-par 61 in only his third start as a PGA Tour member. he went on to finish third that year, three strokes behind winner Woods, and has since added a further three top-10 finishes at the event, including a playoff victory over compatriot Kyle Stanley 12 months ago. "This is a place that's very near and dear to my heart," Snedeker told re-

porters while preparing for Thursday's opening round. "This is kind of where my career started and I've had a lot of success here. I love coming here." however, Snedeker readily admits he was fortunate to triumph last year after Stanley had stunningly squandered a three-shot lead with a triple-bogey on the final hole in regulation. "You have those opportunities maybe once or twice in your career, and to take advantage of it was great," smiled the fast-talking Snedeker, who sealed victory by knocking in a five-foot par putt at the second extra hole, the parthree 16th. "I obviously didn't want Kyle to have to go through that, but I had a great benefit from it... and I hope I never return the favour, but you never know in this game, you might.

MELBOURNE: Victoria Azarenka celebrates her win while Sloane Stephens reacts to getting a point.

wAdA hopeful Spanish trial will reap wider reward MADRID aGenCIes

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is optimistic the high-profile trial starting on Monday of a Spanish doctor accused of masterminding a doping ring in cycling will finally lead to evidence of wrongdoing in other sports being made available. Doctor eufemiano Fuentes and his fellow defendants will appear in a Madrid court almost seven years after police seized anabolic steroids, transfusion equipment and blood bags as part of a probe code-named "Operation Puerto". The blood bags were linked to a host of professional cyclists including German Jan Ullrich and Italian Ivan Basso, who were both excluded from the 2006 Tour de France. Basso, a double Giro d'Italia champion, is due to give evidence next month along with Alberto Contador, the Spaniard stripped of one of his three Tour titles after testing positive for a banned substance.

li routs sharapova, eyes second grand slam title MELBOuRNE aGenCIes

China's Li Na sent a wayward Maria Sharapova crashing out of the Australian Open semi-finals on Thursday and says there will be no repeat of her capitulation to Kim Clijsters in the 2011 Melbourne Park final. Li crushed second seed Sharapova 6-2 6-2 at Rod Laver Arena, overpowering the in-form Russian in a breathtaking display of power hitting to set up her second title shot at Melbourne Park against defending champion Victoria Azarenka. Two years ago, Li was in the box seat to beat Clijsters after taking the first set, but crumbled

under the pressure and took her frustrations out on Chinese fans. "(In) 2011, (the) first time to the grand slam final, I was a little bit shocked because I didn't know what I should do," Li told reporters. "Also no one told me what I should do on the court. But this time I've got more experience, so I think I should be better." The stinging loss to Clijsters spurred Li to win her sole major title at Roland Garros a few months later, but the 30-year-old Chinese had endured more than 18 months in the grand slam wilderness until her stunning revival in Melbourne. Much of Li's struggles have been between the ears, struggling to deal

with the heightened expectations from her home country of 1.3 billion people, but few nerves were on display as the sixth seed demolished Sharapova in one hour and 33 minutes in 34 Celsius (93F) heat. Sharapova had charged into the semi-final like a freight train, conceding only nine games in the tournament and bullying a succession of weaker opponents. But Li quickly took the wind out of her sails, breaking Sharapova three times to wrap up the first set, then weathered a fierce challenge on her own serve in the second before coolly closing out the second match-point when the Russian found the net.

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Sports 18

Friday, 25 January, 2013

watch it Live

PTV SPORTS Australian Open Tennis 2013 05:00AM

STAR CRICKET Bangladesh League: Dhaka Gladiators V Sylhet Royals 01:00PM

Semis line-up decided in National Senior Squash LAHORE sTaFF rePOrT

The semi-final line-up of the Bank of Punjab National Senior (men &women) Squash Championship Lahore have been decided on Thursday here at the Punjab Squash Complex. In the semi-finals Amir Atlas Khan will take on Tayyab Aslam while Nasir Iqbal will meet Danish Atlas Khan. In the women category, Samar Anjum will take on Muqddas Ashraf and Rushna Mehboob face Saima Shoukat in the semi-finals. sCOres: in the quarter-finals of boys, Nasir iqbal (wAPdA) beat Hamza Bukhari (PAF) 11/2, 9/11, 11/2, 11/7, Amir Atlas Khan (wAPdA) beat Bilal Zakir (ARMY) 11/8, 11/8, 11/5, danish Atlas Khan (KPK) beat Aqib Hanif (Punjab) 11/4, 12/10, 6/11, 11/5, tayyab Aslam (ZtBL) beat waqas Mehboob (ZtBL) 11/5, 11/4, 11/9. in ladies quarter-final, Samar Anjum (Punjab) beat Nimra Shahid (Punjab) 11/6, 11/3, 11/1, Muqaddas Ashraf (wAPdA) beat Riffat Khan (ZtBL) 11/5, 13/11, 11/5, Saima Shoukat (wAPdA) beat Aliya Sarfraz (wAPdA) 11/6, 11/4, 11/5, Rushna Mehboob (ZtBL) beat Habiba Khan (ZtBL) 11/7, 11/7, 11/1. the semi-finals of both the men and ladies categories will be played on Saturday.

LdFA championship next month LAHORE

Golden Eagles beat Aftab Qarshi LAHORE sTaFF rePOrT

Golden eagles beat Aftab Qarshi by 45 runs and qualified for the semi-final of the 4th SPM Lahore Veteran Cricket League. sCOres: Playing at Stags cricket Ground, Golden Eagles batting first 253/7 after 30 overs. Ameer Ali batting well 89, Muhammad Salman Khan 15, Asif Mehmood 16, Muhammad Hafeez 68 runs not out & Romail Bashir 17 runs not out. Aftab Qarshi bowling Javeed Akhtar 2/24, Muhammad Naveed 2/30, Hafiz Bilal 1/28 & Nazeer Hussain 1/51 wickets. in reply Aftab Qarshi 208/8 after 30 overs. Mohsin Aftab 54, tahir Saeed 30, Jameel Bhatti 21, Hassan idrees 32 & Khalid Mehmood 19 runs. Golden Eagles bowling tanzeem Ali 2/34, Naveed Sufi 2/50, Asif Mehmood 1/28, Muhammad Hafeez 1/30, Romail Bashir 1/31 & Ali Rafi 1/32 wickets. Javeed Ashraf, Sagheer Ahmad Umpire & Muhammad Arif was the scorer.

Shah Faisal club win over Young Muslim Gym LAHORE sTaFF rePOrT

Shah Faisal Cricket Club beat Young Muslim Gymkhana by 27 runs at the Shah Faisal Cricket Ground. sCOres: Shah Faisal cricket club batting first 243/8 after 35 overs. Saif Ul Azeem 69, Sultan 50, Haris 32, Hamad 35 & Sheheryar Abbas 30 runs. Young Muslim Gymkhana bowling Muhammad Bilal 4/36 wickets. in reply Young Muslim Gymkhana 216 all out. tahir 58 & Zeeshan 40 runs. Shah Faisal cricket club bowling Fazal 3/34, Ali Naveed 3/30 & Asif Ali 3/1 wicket.

Real president denies report of Mourinho rift MADRID aGenCIes

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez angrily denied a report in Marca sports daily on Thursday that said there was a rift between coach Jose Mourinho and club captains Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos. In an unusual move for the construction magnate, Perez called a news conference at the Bernabeu stadium to address the report, which he said was "simply a lie" and was "designed to destabilise the club". Marca said, without naming the source of their information, that Casillas and Ramos had threatened to leave along with several team mates unless Mourinho was dismissed. The alleged ultimatum was given at

a meal with Perez and director general Jose Angel Sanchez this week, according to the paper. "As you can see I have changed my normal practice of not commenting on the club's day-to-day affairs," a grimfaced Perez told reporters. "It is completely false that at the meal with the captains we had on Tuesday any kind of ultimatum was given regarding the coach or anything of the kind," he added. "As is normal for the month of January, we had a meal including the two captains, the director general and myself with the sole aim of agreeing the bonuses for the various competitions we are contesting this season. "I believe that there are ethical limits that have to be respected, also for those who do not support our project."

sTaFF rePOrT

The Lahore District Football Championship will be held from February 13, informed Mian Rizwan Ali President, DFA Lahore. The matches will be played at Model Town Football Club, Raiders Football Club & Fame FC grounds the Championship. Only clubs registered with DFA Lahore can participate in the said championship. Those clubs who do not participate in the Championship will not be allowed to take part in the District League scheduled in March 2013. he said that the last date for the registration is January 31 while the draws will be held on February 8. “No departmental player will be allowed to take part in the championship. All participating players must be resident of Lahore. The players getting registered from more than one clubs will be penalized along with the officials,� he added.

Real lose keeper Casillas for Getafe clash MADRID aGenCIes

Real Madrid will be without captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas for Sunday's La Liga match at home to Getafe (1100 GMT) after tests showed he has fractured a bone in his left hand in Wednesday's King's Cup game at Valencia. Spain's number one was trying to collect a loose ball in the area early in the first half of the second leg match at the Mestalla when team mate Alvaro Arbeloa accidentally kicked the hand as he attempted a clearance. Casillas was replaced by reserve keeper Antonio Adan and Jose Mourinho's side went on to secure a 1-1 draw that put them into the semi-finals 3-1 on aggregate to face Barcelona or Malaga, who meet later on Thursday. "After carrying out initial x-rays ... it has been confirmed that the footballer Iker Casillas has suffered a fracture at the base of the first metacarpal on his left hand," Real said in a statement on their website ( "It will be assessed again by a special-

ist later today to decide what treatment will be followed," they added. As well as Sunday's game against Getafe, Casillas is also likely to miss next week's Cup semi-final first leg. he is also a serious doubt for Real's Champions League last 16, first leg at home to Manchester United on February 13 and Spain's friendly against Uruguay on February 6. "When I tried to close my fist it hurt. It's just the thumb. The fact that it has nothing to do with the wrist is good," Casillas, who had his left hand heavily bandaged, was quoted as saying on the club's website. The injury to a key figure comes at a delicate time for Mourinho with europe's elite club competition resuming in just over two weeks. Casillas has just been restored to the starting line up after Mourinho controversially dropped him for the league games either side of La Liga's winter break. The decision provoked angry reactions from home fans and fuelled media speculation about possible dressing room rifts even though Real's defence has started to tighten up of late. The 2011 King's Cup winners will face

a high-profile clash with great rivals Barca if the holders can beat Malaga in their quarter-final second leg at the Rosaleda. The scores are level at 2-2 after Malaga snatched a late equaliser in last week's first leg at the Nou Camp. Real have only conceded one goal in their last five outings in all competitions, while in their previous five they had conceded 12.

Adan was at fault for the goal conceded in Valencia on Wednesday, a low free kick he was slow to react to, but assistant coach Aitor Karanka defended him. "Adan knows we have confidence in him," he said. "he played recently and was unlucky to get sent off. he knows he is young and has to progress, and that he has our backing."

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Friday, 25 January, 2013

New province in Punjab to be named ‘Bahawalpur South Punjab’ ISLAMABAD nnI

The parliamentary commission on formation of new provinces has agreed to name the planned new province in southern Punjab, Bahawalpur South Punjab. After a meeting of parliamentary commission chaired by Farhatullah Babar, commission member Kamil Ali Agha told reporters that they had reached consensus to name the new province Bahawalpur South Punjab. he added that the demand of the PML-Q re-

KaraCHI: security officials inspect the site of twin bombings in landhi’s sherpao Colony. Four people, including two police officials were killed in the blasts on Thursday night. iMrAn GillAni

UN to examine UK, US drone strikes LONDON OnlIne

ECP advises govt to dissolve assemblies by February 15 ISLAMABAD sTaFF rePOrT

The election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) has suggested the government to dissolve the assemblies by February 15. A private TV channel reported that the suggestion was floated during a meeting with the federal ministers who called on Chief election Commissioner (CeC) Justice (r) Fakhruddin G ebrahim. The CeC demanded the government to establish a caretaker setup by mid-February, adding that Punjab should be taken on board so that all national and provincial assemblies are simultaneously dissolved. ebrahim said the eCP wanted to

hold the general elections for national and provincial assemblies on a single day, as it would help dispel the impression of rigging. he added that the sooner caretaker setup was established, the lesser would be the likelihood for rigging in the general elections. expressing reservation on the eCP’s recent notification regarding the ban on recruitments in the government sector, a delegation comprising of senior leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Thursday met with election Commissioner, requesting him to lift the ban on recruitments, contending that under the law it could not impose ban before the announcement of election schedule.

4 killed, 13 injured in twin Karachi blasts KARACHI aaMIr MaJeeD

At least four people, including a deputy superintendent of police (DSP) and a sub-inspector (SI), were killed and 13 others injured in twin blasts at Rehri Road in Sherpao Colony, Landhi on Thursday. Three rescue ambulances and a police mobile were also damaged in the powerful explosions, which also blew up electricity poles at the site and windowpanes of nearby houses. A large number of security officials and rescue workers reached the spot for rescue operations. Local residents came out of their houses to help rescue teams. Industrial garbage in the area caught fire after the explosions, causing layers of smoke to blanket the area. “At least four people including DSP Kamal Khan Mangan and SI Akbar Ahmed were killed and 13 others sustained injuries in the twin blasts at Sherpao Colony,” Sindh Police Inspector General (IG) Fayyaz Laghari told Pakistan Today. The first bomb was planted in the industrial garbage surrounding both sides of Rehri Road and the second was planted in cement blocks, he said, adding that no casualty was reported in the first blast but the second explosion claimed lives of four people. “Apparently, the first blast was meant to attract a large number of people at the site and in the second blast the terrorists targeted security officials and rescue workers,” said Laghari, adding that seven policemen including the station house officer (ShO) of Quaidabad Police Amanullah Marwat were among the injured. “It would be premature to declare the name of the group involved in these blasts until the investigation is completed,” the IG said.

The CeC and eCP members told the delegation that in order to conduct free, fair and transparent elections under Article 218, the eCP had the power to impose ban on recruitments. however, the government delegation led by Senior Minister Khursheed Shah and comprising Law Minister Farooq h Naek and Manzoor Wattoo, was of the view that under Article 218, the eCP could not impose ban before the announcement of the election schedule. On this, the CeC asked the delegation to submit written application, saying the eCP would then examine it.


United Nations investigation into targeted killings will examine drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, according to the British lawyer heading the enquiry. Ben emmerson QC, a UN special rapporteur, will reveal the full scope of his review which will include checks on military use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in UK operations in Afghanistan, US strikes in Pakistan, as well as in the Sahel region of Africa where the conflict in Mali has erupted. It will also take evidence on Israeli drone attacks in Palestinian territories. About 20 or 30 strikes – selected as representative of different types of attacks – will be studied to assess the extent of any civilian casualties, the identity of militants targeted and the


700 people being held without trial, SC told CJ says Adiala missing persons should be tried per law g


During hearing of the Adiala missing persons case at the Supreme Court, Attorney General Irfan Qadir revealed that security agencies were holding at least 700 people indefinitely without trial in connection with the “war on terror”. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry resumed hearing in the case on Thursday, with the CJ saying that if the court came to a decision in the case, it would not be “merely a piece of paper”. The CJ said the ISI had given a written statement that there was no evidence against these prisoners. But FATA Secretary Nasir Jamal said illegal arms and hand grenades had been recovered from the detained men. Tariq Asad, counsel for the accused, contended if prisoners were in agencies’ custody, where had the arms come from. The AG said none of the suspects could be freed until the end of operations in the Tribal Areas and declined to say how long they had been in custody. “There are about 700 people detained in the Tribal Areas and they cannot be

garding inclusion of Mianwali and Bhakkar in the new province had also been accepted. Commission Chairman Farhatullah Babar was of the view that at least seven to eight amendments had been recommended for establishment of the new province in Punjab and an amendment bill would be introduced very soon in this regard. Members of parliament from Multan, Bahawalpur and DG Khan also attended the meeting. Government member hayat Khan Tochi boycotted the meeting to protest the formation of the parliamentary commission.

released until the ongoing military operations in those regions conclude,” Qadir told the court. “The detained men can be handed over to authorities only after the operation is halted.” he also said that the detainees would be tried under the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR). The CJ asked the attorney general how would the cases be tried under the FCR, questioning the basis upon which the prisoners had been detained. “These people cannot be kept in illegal custody for an indefinite period because it is against the constitution and basic fundamental rights,” the CJ said. “We do not say that you release them… we want you to try them in accordance with the law,” he added. In his remarks, Justice Iftikhar said the prisoners should be released on their own as there would be implications in case the court issued ordered the same, prompting the AG to request for time to find a way out for the prisoners. Addressing Qadir, the CJ remarked, “There is no evidence against these prisoners.” The AG then said the court could give the decision and free them. The CJ said, “This is an issue of human rights. If the decision comes in the case of these jail inmates, the consequences would have to be faced. This will not be merely a piece of paper.”

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legality of strikes in countries where the UN has not formally recognised there is a conflict. The inquiry will report to the UN general assembly in New York this autumn. Depending on its findings, it may recommend further action. emmerson has previously suggested some drone attacks – particularly those known as “double tap” strikes where rescuers going to the aid of a first blast have become victims of a follow-up strike – could possibly constitute a “war crime”. The inquiry will be co-ordinated through emmerson’s UN office in Geneva. Among the team of experts working with him will be the former director of public prosecutions, Lord Macdonald QC, a former prosecutor at the international criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, and Dr Nat Cary, one of the UK’s most experienced pathologists who specialises in the interpretation of injuries caused by explosions. CoNTINUEd oN PAgE 04

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