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Sunday, 24 February, 2013 Rabi us Sani 13, 1434

Shahbaz seals energy deals with German, Austrian companies STORY ON PAGE 02

Put ‘Shia killer’ Ishaq on trial, demand Hazaras STORY ON PAGE 03

No undue favours sought from Bahria Town: SC Registrar STORY ON PAGE 19 PAGE 03

Abbott’s seven has Pakistan reeling at 156 STORY ON PAGE 21 PAGE 02


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N newS

It would be better if retired judges do not join the caretaker setup. – Asma Jehangir

Shahbaz seals energy deals with German, Austrian companies LAHORE

Sunday, 24 February, 2013

MAnzoor WATToo eMBArrASSed AS JIyAlAS Go BerSerK RAWALPINDI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Punjab President Manzoor Wattoo on Monday had to face an embarrassing situation as disgruntled PPP jiyalas tried to manhandle him during a party gathering. According to details, Wattoo was about to start his address at a party meeting when angry PPP jiyalas attempted to accost him while he was on stage. They tried to grab him several times but he was saved from the angry mob of PPP activists and taken off stage. Wattoo then left the gathering to avoid further embarrassment. IN P


in Cholistan.


He Punjab government signed agreements with two companies, from Austria and Germany, on solar and hydel projects

Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif said the German company AeG is executing 400 MW and 50 MW solar energy projects in Cholistan and investing Rs 100 billion in these projects, adding that this is a fabulous gift from the PMLN government to the people of Pakistan and Punjab. He said the 50 MW project will start generating electricity in June, 2013 whereas the 400 MW project will also be completed within a year. He said a sovereign guarantee will be sought from the federal government for these projects. The CM said the Punjab government has signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with German company energiequelle and Austrian company Andritz Hydro for cooperation in the energy sector. Talking to media personnel on the occasion of signing ceremony of two MoUs with energy companies from Germany and Austria at Model Town, Sharif said vast opportunities of generating energy through coal,

hydel and solar means existed in Pakistan and the Punjab government welcomes the investment by the German and Austrian companies in this sector. He said the Punjab government is serious in executing energy projects in a short span of time. However, it is lamentable that NePRA had not yet fixed the per unit electricity rate for these energy projects, he said. Sharif said he had raised his voice a number of times in this regard but no attention was paid to it. He said an agreement had been made with AeG for producing electricity at 18 cent per unit. He disclosed that the federal government was interested in agreeing at 22 cent per unit but now it has to give a sovereign guarantee at the rate of 18 cent. Sharif said he will lay the foundation stone of this project in Cholistan this month. Under the agreement, the German company will install projects with a 300 MW solar capacity whereas the Austrian company will cooperate in hydel power projects.

Hafeez Shaikh likely to be made Sindh caretaker CM KARACHI AFTAb ChANNA

After his resignation from the post of the federal finance minister, Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh is likely to get the office of caretaker chief minister for Sindh, Pakistan Today has learnt reliably. The Muttahida Qaumi Movement, which recently became the leading opposition in the Sindh Assembly, has also given a go-ahead to its former ally – the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) – for Shaikh’s appointment as Sindh chief minister in the caretaker setup, sources privy to the development told Pakistan Today. The federal finance minister resigned from his post on February 19, 2013, amid speculations that he might lead the caretaker government as prime minister. However, it was also expected that the opposition leader might object to his appointment as prime minister in the interim government, as he was seen too close to the military and served as the privatisation and investment minister under former military dictator General (r) Pervez Musharraf. After Shaikh’s resignation, State Minister for Finance Saleem Mandiwalla was made the finance minister in his stead. The sources said that the MQM delegation, headed by Parliamentary Leader Sardar Ahmed, held a detailed discussion with Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah over Shaikh’s appointment as caretaker chief minister. However, the final decision in this regard would be taken by the MQM’s Rabita Committee, sources disclosed. Interestingly, sources claimed that Hafeez Shaikh was among those candidates which had been forwarded by the MQM. “Shaikh has very good relations with the MQM too and it will benefit the ruling PPP to induct him as caretaker prime minister,” sources said. Besides, Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah will also contact other opposition parties for Shaikh’s induction as caretaker CM, sources said, adding that PPP leaders including Pir Mazharul Haq, Sharjeel Memon, Ayaz Soomro and Aga Siraj Durrani also met President Asif Zardari and apprised him about the development of making Hafeez Shaikh as caretaker chief minister. Sources claimed that the official announcement was expected to be made in the days to come after the consultation process with opposition parties was completed. When approached, the PPP and MQM leaderships gave clear hints however they did not confirm the news, saying that they were waiting for an appropriate time.

Taliban spokesman says he will lead peace talks PESHAWAR: Tehrik-eTaliban Pakistan (TTP) have authorised spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan for peace negotiations with PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman and JI chief Munawar Hasan. Speaking to media outlets from an undisclosed location, the TTP spokesman said that the decision to appoint him was made in a meeting of commanders in the outskirts of North Waziristan. STAFF REPORT

IHC CJ appointed SC judge; Kasi new IHC CJ ISLAMABAD: On the advice of the prime minister (PM), President Asif Zardari on Saturday appointed Justice Hameedur Rehman as judge of the Supreme Court (SC) and Justice Anwar Khan Kasi as chief justice (CJ) of the Islamabad High Court (IHC). President Zardari’s spokesman Farhatullah Khan Babar said the Parliamentary Committee on Judges Appointment in the Superior Courts, after receiving the nomination of Justice Iqbal Hameedur Rehman from the Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP), had unanimously agreed with the nomination and requested the PM to advice the president for the said appointment. President Asif Zardari has also appointed Justice Anwar Khan Kasi as the IHC chief justice. Earlier, Justice Kasi was serving as the IHC judge. STAFF REPORT

Balochistan on strike against arrest of Sunni group’s leaders QUETTA: A strike was observed in most parts of Balochistan on Saturday in protest against the arrest of Ahl-eSunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) leader Mohammad Rafiq Mengal and several other workers during a targeted operation by security forces. The call for strike was given by the ASWJ. According to reports, most of the trade centres were closed and traffic remained thin. In the provincial capital, markets and business centres were closed on Jinnah Road, Shahrahe-Iqbal, Liaquat Bazaar, Bacha Khan Chowk, Saryab Road and Satellite Town. Markets were also closed in Khuzdar, Dhadhar and other main cities of the province. SHOOTING: At least seven persons were injured due to firing on a rally of the ASWJ at Liaquat Bazaar, police said. Officials said that unidentified motorcyclists opened indiscriminate firing at the rally when it was passing through Liaqat Bazaar, the central commercial area of the provincial capital. INP

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Consultation with coalition partners over caretaker govt not mandatory. – Farooq Sattar




Sunday, 24 February, 2013

Hating PPP was easy, until eCP stepped in! ISLAMABAD TAyyAb huSSAIN


ITH the election Commission of Pakistan (eCP) announcing to ensure implementation of Articles 62 and 63 of the constitution in order to filter out those politicians who have been evading taxes, getting loans waived, and holding fake degrees, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has initiated back channel negotiations with the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to shoot down any such move. A source in the ruling PPP told Pakistan Today that the PML-N had used back channels to convey to the PPP leadership its concerns over the eCP’s proactive approach on implementing Articles 62 and 63, thereby closing the parliament’s doors on top leaders of both the PPP and PML-N. “Surprisingly, the all-time hawk, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, has conveyed to us that both the parties should discuss a joint strategy to counter the eCP’s moves,” he added. Another source in the PPP confirmed that top PPP leaders were also thinking on the same lines. “We know that something is cooking up somewhere with a plan to blocking doors on our top leaders,” he added. The PPP leader said that if a joint strategy was not evolved, there was a strong possibility that several PPP leaders, including Khurshid Shah, would become a victim of Articles 62 and 63 due to the fake degree case. “There are some others in the PML-N who would also be a victim

Fear oF articles 62, 63 pushes pMl-N to recoNcile with ppp of Articles 62 and 63,” he added. He said there were strong chances that over 200 top politicians, including Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif, would become victims of the said articles due to cases of bank default and loan write-offs. He said that the eCP’s move to tighten the noose around politicians by implementing Articles 62 and 63 of the constitution in true letter and spirit had annoyed parliamentarians belonging to both the government and the opposition. According to the source, the eCP seems adamant in implementing Articles 62 and 63, which would mainly harm the two major political parties – the PPP and the PML-N – as more than 70 percent of parliamentarians have not yet submitted their income tax returns. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) have already assured the eCP of their help in identifying tax evaders, loan and utility bill defaulters and beneficiaries of loan write-offs, setting the stage for meaningful scrutiny of declarations of assets to be submitted by candidates. In this regard, Chief election Commissioner (CeC) Fakharuddin G ebrahim also held detailed meetings with SBP Governor Yaseen Anwar, FBR chief Ali Arshad Hakeem and officials of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the National Database and Registration Authority

(NADRA) to filter out the tainted politicians. According to the decision, NAB would provide the eCP with the list of convicted politicians while the SBP would give the details of the defaulters on bank loans, and the FBR and NADRA would furnish the details about tax evaders. However, the move has exposed the evil nexus between the two parties, as the two apparent rivals have resumed contacts to undermine the radical measures being taken with an attempt to cleanse the system of the corrupt. Law Minister Farooq Naek, while speaking in the Senate a few days ago, had also warned the eCP that it should remain within its parameters and not exceed its powers. Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, the one-time supporter of the eCP, said that he would never submit his degrees to the eCP even if he was disqualified, reflecting that both the parties had joined hands to counter the move, the source said. The source said that the stern reaction by the government and the opposition was the first real test whether or not the eCP had the power and the will to carry out a transparent and fair exercise to cleanse the system of rotten eggs. However, the CeC’s phone to Chaudhry Nisar regarding clarification of the eCP’s position gives the impression that the commission backtracked from its real stance and its neutrality. A parliamentary committee led by PPP leader Jehangir Badr might approach President Asif Ali Zardari in this regard, the source said. Apart from this, the PPP-led coalition and its rival PML-N are firm on their demand of allowing a 14-day scrutiny period, instead of the 30-day period sought by the eCP.

Put ‘Shia killer’ Ishaq on trial, demand Hazaras QUETTA: The Hazara community on Saturday demanded that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi chief Malik Ishaq be put on trial, a day after he was arrested following deadly sectarian attacks in the city of Quetta. Ishaq, who leads the banned sectarian militant outfit, was held on Friday after two recent bombings in Quetta targeting the Shia Hazara minority killed more than 180 people, sparking nationwide protests.The outlawed militant group, linked to both al Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for both attacks. “We have always been demanding arrest of all those involved in any act of sectarian violence, irrespective of their party affiliation,” said Abdul Khaliq Hazara, leader of the Hazara Democratic Party. “Ishaq must be brought to justice and punished for involvement in violence,” he added. Ishaq, who has been arrested before, was released by a court on bail in July 2011, even though he has been implicated in dozens of murders. He was detained briefly in 2012 for inciting sectarian hatred and has also been accused of masterminding the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, which wounded several players and killed eight Pakistanis. His latest arrest – which came a day after the Pakistan Army denied any links to LJ – should not be an “eye wash”, said Sajid Naqvi, leader of the Shia Ulema Council. “We demand his trial and the authorities should provide protection to witnesses who would like to appear in the court,” he said. The LJ leader, said on Friday that he had been arrested in connection with the Quetta bombings. Police officials said that he was arrested under the Maintenance of Public Order law. AGENCIES

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04 N

Gwadar deal to strengthen Sino-Pak relations. – Minister of State Tasneem Qureshi

newS Sunday, 24 February, 2013

nawaz vows to bring Shia doctor’s killers to justice pMl-N presideNt rules out ForeigN haNd iN terrorisM

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif condoles with the father and son of assassinated Prof Dr Syed Ali Haider on Saturday. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is also present. INP


President, PM not answerable to any court: AG Irfan Qadir LAHORE ONLINE

Attorney General (AG) Irfan Qadir said president and prime minister (PM) are not answerable to any court. Talking to media personnel on Saturday, the AG said President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf had not filed any joint report in the court in connection with the Quetta tragedy. Media reports in this regard are incorrect, he added. He went on to say that a report was presented in the court on behalf of federation

MQM seeks opposition bench seats KARACHI: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s ((MQM) coordination committee on Saturday urged the government to accept resignations of its ministers and advisers immediately. In a statement, it also called for the issuance of notification of the MQM’s leader of the opposition in the Sindh Assembly. It said further the MQM had announced the decision to sit on the opposition benches. All federal and provincial ministers and advisers of the MQM had already tendered their resignations and applications had been submitted for the allotment of opposition benches. The committee said that the party had been raising voice against undemocratic actions and it would continue to play an active role by supporting people’s issues. APP

driver fined for entering Metro Bus track LAHORE: The first fine on the track of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) was issued yesterday. Per details, a car entered the BRTS track at the Qaddafi Station. Police arrested the driver and imposed a fine of Rs 3,000. Sources said the fine of Rs 3,000 was ordered by the commissioner. STAFF REPORT

of Pakistan under article 174 of the constitution. He was of the view that the president and the prime minister are the top most figures of the country and certain responsibilities

have been rested with them under the constitution. They hold the mandate to ensure all the institutions of the country function within constitutional parameters, he said.

Railways faces fuel crisis after cheque bounces LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has suspended the supply of diesel to Pakistan Railways after a cheque issued by the latter bounced on Saturday. The sources quoted Pakistan Railways authorities as saying that the fuel crisis triggered by this latest supply halt could put branch-line trains out of service. “This suspension is a bad

news for the local trains as Railways does not have enough diesel in reserve to make up for the shortfall”, said an official. The Railways officials say the emergent situation has forced them to buy diesel from the open market with the revenue generated by selling advance bookings to the passengers. “We will do whatever we can to keep the trains running. We will not let the passengers down,” he said.

Abid Saqi elected LHCBA president LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Independent Lawyers’ Group led by Asma Jehangir secured the president slot by defeating independent candidate and Professional Group of Hamid Khan in the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) polls held on Saturday. Abid Saqi was elected president of the LHCBA for the year 2013-14 while independent candidate Shafqat

Mehmood Chohan stood as runner-up. Abid Saqi bagged 3,357 votes, Shafqat Chohan obtained 2,783 votes and Hamid Khan Group’s Muhammad Shah got 2,194. Baleeg-uz-Zaman Chaudhry secured 3,472 to win the LHCBA secretary position. Ghulam Sarawar Nihung won as vice-president by obtaining 4,988 votes. Usman Sher Gondal was elected finance secretary with 5,542 votes.

Contaminated milk claims two lives KHAIRPUR: At least two children died while another eight fell unconscious by drinking poisonous milk on Saturday. According to details, 10 children of a family fell unconscious when they consumed expired milk in Allah Dino village near Deparja. The victims were shifted to local hospitals where five-year-old Dhani Bux Saheto died. Another child Hamzo, 10, died in a Sukkur hospital while other unconscious children were identified as Waheeda, 2, Asghar Ali, 5, Latif Dino, Zulekhan, Tauheed and Bakhat Ali. According to doctors the condition of two children was critical. APP

Arab militia kills 50 in Sudan KHARTOUM AGENCIES

An Arab militia firing heavy machine guns killed more than 50 people in Sudan’s Darfur region on Saturday, residents said, continuing unrest that has caused the largest displacement of people in years. “They came on Land Cruisers, used Dushkas and they burned 30 houses killing 53 people,” said one resident of el Sireaf town, to which most of the 100,000 people displaced or severely affected by the earlier tribal fighting had fled.


AWAZ Sharif, president of his own faction of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), on Saturday said killers of renowned Shia surgeon Dr Ali Hyder would be brought to justice. Speaking to reporters outside the deceased doctor’s residence, Nawaz said the family

of Dr Ali Hyder had sacrificed for the creation of Pakistan and had severed the country, adding that murder of Dr Hyder was unfortunate for the whole nation. He said police and other law-enforcement agencies were doing their best to book the culprits. Talking on the occasion, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said he was monitoring the progress of the case daily, adding that the culprits would soon be brought to justice. To a question regarding Rehman Malik’s statement on Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s presence in Punjab, the CM said that Malik did nothing for security of the Hazaras after

Policeman, 3 militants killed in Peshawar motorway encounter PESHAWAR STAFF REPORT

At least three militants and a policeman were killed in a clash near Karnal Sher Khan Interchange on Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway on Saturday. A security official said that the clash occurred when a police team stopped three persons riding a motorcycle. The motorcyclists first threw a hand grenade at the police and then started firing, he said. As a result, one policeman identified as Abdul Nasir was killed on the spot, the official said, adding that all three bike riders were killed in retaliation. The driver of the police van also received bullet wounds. He was taken to a hospital in Akora. The official said that an

identity card issued by a local seminary had been found from the possession of one dead militant. The police also claimed to have seized two hand grenades along with sophisticated weapons. While investigations are in progress, officials believe that the militants were going for a terrorist attack. elsewhere, a constable of the community police was gunned down by unidentified persons at Mathra near Peshawar on Saturday morning. About a week ago, a suicide bomber attempted to hit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti in Mardan. On Monday, two suicide bombers attacked the Khyber House in Peshawar, killing eight including the assistant political agent.

first bombing and blaming the Punjab government was ridiculous. He said law and order situation in Punjab was far better than any part of the country. He questioned that what Malik had done to control violence in Balochistan and Karachi. To a question about a link between handing over of Gwadar Port to China and recent wave of terrorism in Balochistan, Nawaz ruled out foreign hand in terrorism, saying that the government had failed in maintaining law and order in Balochistan and Karachi. earlier, the Sharifs visited Dr Ali Hyder’s family who was shot dead with his minor son last week in Lahore.

Protest against drone strikes held in Washington WASHINGTON ONLINE

A demonstration against drone attacks was held on Saturday outside the Pakistani embassy in Washington. According to details, activists from CODePINK, a peace and justice organisation, and students of George Mason University staged the demonstration against drone attacks. Dozens of Pakistanis and US citizens participated in the protest. The demonstrators also held a meeting with Pakistan’s ambassador to US Sherry Rehman and demanded that government of Pakistan should raise the drone attacks issue with US. Speaking on the occasion, Sherry Rehman said that the drone attacks were actually growing militancy in the region.

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Late-night use of electronic gadgets damages sleep cycle. –Science

ISlaMabad Sunday, 24 February, 2013

WeAther UpdAteS

190C high p 0 10 Clow

Artly CloUdy

rapist oF the 11-year-old MiNor girl crossed iNdustrial area check post with the uNcoNscious girl oN his shoulder ISLAMABAD


tUeSdAy WedneSdAy

18C I 11°C

16°C I 11°C

12°C I 09°C

PRAyER TImINGS Fajr 5:19

extreme cruelty, extreme negligence

Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 6:41 12:21 3:33 6:00 7:23

ATC decides to re-hear Sehba Musharraf’s petition RAWALPINDI: Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Rawalpindi on Saturday withdrew its decision regarding rejection of Sehba Musharraf’s plea against freezing of former president Pervez Musharraf assets. The court resumed the hearing of the petition on Saturday but Ilyas Siddiqui, counsel for the petitioner did not appear in the court. Later, the court dismissed the petition. The assistant to Ilyas Siddiqui appeared in the court and prayed it to give a last chance to the petitioner. The court, granting the request, allowed Sehba Musharraf to provide documents until March 2 and withdrew its decision about dismissal of petition. NNI



FTeR the arrest of the culprits responsible for raping a minor girl, the efficiency of Islamabad police has been badly exposed, as the accused revealed that he had stuffed the girl in a sack and had took her to the Industrial Area, crossing a police checkpost. Sources told Pakistan Today that the alleged murderer stuffed the girl in a sack and carried her on his shoulders from Mango Town Margalla to Murree Road where he hired a taxi and took the girl to his flat in the Industrial Area. This raised serious questions on the efficiency of police officials deputed at various pickets on numerous roads which had become a permanent source of inconvenience for the motorists, who had to wait in long queues to pass through these checkposts. Quoting the confessional statement of the accused, sources told Pakistan Today that the accused, Abrar Ahmed, a native of Lala Mosa who worked as a supervisor at Ittahd Steel Mills in Industrial Area, met his girlfriend Mehak Qaisar’s at the latter’s house on February 12. According to the statement, Mehak had been refusing Abrar’s advances for quite some time, despite the fact that they had been in a relationship since 2010, when they met at a university. When Abrar saw Mehak’s 11year-old student, Shehzadi Bibi, at her house, the accused asked Mehak if she was could persuade the

student to fulfill his desires in her stead. Mehak told Abrar that it was impossible as her other family members were at home at that time. However, she asked the accused to come over the next day at noon. On the other hand, she also directed Shehzadi Bibi to come at around noon. On February 13, Mehak took a day off from her university, NUML, and stayed home. When Shehzadi Bibi reached her home at noon, Abrar forcibly attempted to rape the minor and broke her neck in the process. Due to this, Shehzadi Bibi became unconscious. At this, Abrar and Mehak got frightened and stuffed the girl in a sack and Abrar took her to his flat in the Industrial Area. Sources said Abrar carried the body

on his shoulder for almost 1 kilometer, from Mehak’s House to Abbasi Hotel, where they hired a taxi. He sat on the front seat of the taxi and placed the sack on the back seat. When he reached his flat, he forcibly raped the minor, killing her in the process. After this, the Abrar telephoned Mehak and told her that after raping the girl he had killed her. The accused revealed in his confessional statement that he got frightened and set the dead body on fire to get rid of his fingerprints on the 11year-old’s body. Later, he dumped the body in a ditch behind a school in sector I/9-1. The accused was arrested on the very next day from Industrial Area. On Saturday, Bharakau Police produced



Large scale extraction of truck loads of sand, gravel and stones from the Margalla hills have destroyed the natural breeding grounds of a famous sports fish ‘Tor Putitora’. This fish had been a great natural asset of the Potowar Plateau over the ages and the Margalla Hills areas of River Soan had been a natural breeding ground for this fish. The areas of Margalla, Murree, Kahuta and Lehtrar provide such type of a natural habitat for the breeding of this fish. “The deteriorated aquatic habitat due to

municipal and industrial effluent from Rawalpindi and Islamabad are a potential threat for upstream migration and breeding of this fish”, Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) Director Dr Muhammad Rafique said. He said fingerlings of this fish were, however, observed in the areas above the Rawal dam, which showed that the fish was still breeding in this area despite the construction of dams and pollution in River Soan below Rawalpindi. Dr Rafique said the population of this fish was however, very low and it seemed as if a small population was surviving in the area.

him before the court of the Civil Judge and sought his physical remand, which the court granted. His female accomplice, Mehak was on a pre-arrest bail until February 26. Sources said that the police had taken a statement from Mehak in which she confessed to every single detail. On February 13, Shahzadi went missing from Mehak’s house situated at Bharakau. Subsequently, Shahzadi’s father got an FIR registered against Mehak Qaiser- the tutor, her father Qasiar Ali and her brother Shah Qaiser on charges of kidnapping. On February 16, Shahzadi’s incinerated body was found in a ditch in sector I/9-1. Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) took a suo motu notice of the case after the incident was highlighted in the media.

Body reCovered froM SeCTor G-13 ISLAMABAD ONLINE

A body of a middle aged man was recovered on Saturday from the area of Golra, sector G-13. Golra police said a body of a 50-year-old man, clad in shalwar qameez, 5 feet 7 inch tall, wheatish complexion and stubble, was recovered from sector G-13. Upon receiving information, police reached on the spot and took the body to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital for autopsy.

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ISlaMabad Sunday, 24 February, 2013

Emotional immaturity makes people vulnerable to stress and ridicule from others. –Lancet


The Millennium Olympiad 2013 concluded with an awe aspiring performance by RDB – Sahara UK. The two day mega event commenced on Friday February 22 with an opening ceremony which was

presided over by Javier M Carbajosa, Ambassador of Spain and Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq, chief executive of Roots Millennium Schools. The ceremony included words of encouragement by Javier M Carbajosa, Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq and other guests of honor, who emphasised on the need of student

engagement in extracurricular activities as a means of holistic development of students into educated and intellectually developed individuals and professionals. The ceremony was followed by a myriad of competitions, out of which live art, debating, chess, ludo, table tennis, law moot court, gaming,

creative writing, fashion, dance and singing proved to be highly engaging for the participants. The competitions not only drew crowd of over 60 contestants but also attracted a large number of onlookers. The spirit of the competition among the participants gave the event a highly charged atmosphere.

remaining high-achieving students to get 1,056 solar lamps soon RAWALPINDI: As many as 1,056 solar lamps under the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Ujala Programme reached Rawalpindi which would soon be distributed among students of schools and colleges. Colleges Director Prof Humayun Iqbal said the lamps were being brought from Karachi after a number of students could not get lamps during the first award ceremony due to shortage of solar lamps. He said additional 149 lamps would be received in one or two days for the remaining students. INP

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When the President does it, that means that it's not illegal. — Richard Nixon


07 N

Sunday, 24 February, 2013

deAdly BlAST KIllS PolICeMen In eASTern IndIA NEW DELHI: At least eight people have been killed, including six policemen, in a landmine blast blamed on Maoist rebels in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, police have said. The attack in Gaya district, 155km south of Patna, the state capital, also killed a village elder and a police informer who were travelling in the same vehicle as the policemen, the district police chief said late on Friday. “The Maoists targeted a convoy heading out on patrol duty, killing six policemen in Gaya district,” NH Khan told the AFP news agency. The attack comes barely a month after Maoists shot dead seven policemen in the neighbouring state of Jharkhand. “IED might have been used in the landmine blast. We have intensified operations,” the state director general of police, was quoted as saying by the Indian Express newspaper. The Maoists, who claim inspiration from Chinese revolutionary leader Mao Zedong, have been described by the government as the country's most serious internal security threat. They are demanding land and jobs for impoverished tribal communities they say have been ignored by the successive state and federal governments. The Maoists have been fighting in several states, mainly tribal areas, for more than 40 years. The simmering conflict pits the rebels against local and national authorities in the forests and rural areas of mainly central and eastern India. AGENCIES

SPAIn GruMBleS AS KInG'S Son-In-lAW APPeArS In CourT MADRID: The Spanish king's son-in-law appeared before a judge on the island of Mallorca on Saturday to respond to charges of tax fraud in a six-million-euro embezzlement case that has eroded public support for the once-popular royal family. The scandal and other corruption cases in which politicians are accused of taking millions of euros in bribes have enraged Spaniards at a time when unemployment has soared to 26 percent in a deep recession. Inaki Urdangarin, a former Olympics handball player who is married to the king's daughter, the Infanta Cristina, is accused of using his powerful connections to win public contracts to put on events on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca and elsewhere in Spain. His Noos Foundation is suspected of overcharging for organizing conferences about the business of sports and hiding the proceeds abroad. Dozens of police officials guarded the courthouse in Palma as Urdangarin got out of a car and walked down a 30-metre access ramp into the building for the closed-door hearing where he will be questioned by Examining Magistrate Jose Castro. Near the courthouse, a few hundred protesters chanted and held up signs reading “down with the monarchy” and “they call this a democracy but it isn't”. More than a hundred journalists were also on hand. In Spain's legal system, lengthy pre-trial investigations are carried out by an examining magistrate, or judge. Urdangarin, 45, is charged with fraud, forgery, embezzlement and corruption. If convicted, he could face a prison sentence and fines. Urdangarin was first charged and called in for questioning in 2011, but a trial could still be months or years away as the judge continues his probe and adds or dismisses charges. AGENCIES

GAO: Malian soldiers battle Islamist rebels on Saturday. AGENCIES

Syria opposition to boycott upcoming talks syriaN NatioNal coalitioN pulls out oF FrieNds oF syria MeetiNg iN roMe over ‘shaMeFul’ iNterNatioNal sileNce oN aleppo DAMASCUS



He most prominent Syrian opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), has announced it is pulling out of the upcoming Friends of Syria meeting in Rome and scheduled talks in Russia and the United States. After missiles killed dozens in Aleppo on Friday, the SNC released a statement saying the move was to protest the lack of international condemnation of the “crimes committed against the Syrian people”. “Hundreds of civilians have been killed by Scud missile strikes. Aleppo, the city and the civilisation, is being destroyed systematically,” the statement said. “The Russian leadership especially bears moral and political responsibility for supplying the regime with weapons,” it added, referring to Moscow's status as a leading ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. “In protest of this shameful international stand, the coalition has decided to suspend its participation in the Rome conference for the Friends of Syria and decline the invitations to visit Russia and the United States.” The Friends of Syria is a collection of dozens of countries trying to find a solution to the Syrian crisis. Al Jazeera's Nisreen el-Shamayley, reporting from Antakya in Turkey, said that the SNC felt promises of help from international community has been very slow and that international community was not keeping the promises it made three months ago. “It is not really turning its back on the international community. It is still calling on the international community to help it with negotiations

it wants to start with the Syrian government, she said. At least 29 people were killed and dozens more wounded after rockets hit two eastern districts of the Syrian city of Aleppo on Friday, according to anti-government activists. The rocket strikes caused several buildings to collapse, and people were being rescued from the rubble, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a UK-based anti-government rights group. At least 29 people, among them children, were killed in three surface-to-surface missile strikes on eastern Aleppo, the Observatory said. In a video posted to YouTube, a massive cloud of dense smoke was seen rising from the neighbourhood at dusk after one of the missiles struck. Other video showed burning buildings, and people carrying the wounded to ambulances and cars. Meanwhile, in Cairo, the SNC said that it was pushing forward with efforts to name a transitional government in the coming days. The decision on Friday was made on the second day of a conference held by the opposition in the egyptian capital. Walid al-Bunni, a spokesperson for the SNC, said that the group's government would control rebelcontrolled areas in Syria. He said that the prime minister would be named on March 2 during a meeting in Istanbul, after consultations were held within the opposition. AlBunni stressed that the SNC was open to a negotiated end to the conflict, but that it would not negotiate with President Assad. Assad and government officials involved in the killing of rebels must step down and face charges, he said. Almost two years after the revolt against Assad broke out in southern Syria, the absence of a political leadership from swathes of land under rebel control has been a glaring weakness of the rebels, who have little control over armed brigades making advances on the ground. Opposition sources estimate that they will need several billion dollars every month to run a government in rebel-held areas, mostly rural and desert regions estimated to comprise over half of Syrian territory. Bunni urged the UN Security Council, and particularly the US and Russia, to support the SNC's initiative.

Venezuelans hold vigils for Chavez’s health CARACAS AGENCIES

Hundreds of Venezuelans have lit candles, cried and prayed for Hugo Chavez's health in a hillside park near the presidential palace, as the president continues to receive treatment in a military hospital. Since returning from his fourth operation in Cuba on Monday with minimal fanfare, Chavez’s supporters have taken to the streets to welcome him home and wish him good health. On Friday at the overnight vigil, they sang along to a recording of a healthy Chavez belting out the national anthem. “We're praying for the president, for him to get through all of this,” said Ana Perez, a seamstress. “There is no other president like this one. He's unique. He's going to come out of all of this, and

he's going to get better.” A group of indigenous people wearing colourful dresses, beads and feathers danced around a bonfire at the base of a wide stairway at the park. One man blew on a conch shell, while others shook maracas as they danced around the flames. Chavez, 58, has not been seen in public since he returned to Venezuela from Cuba, where for 10 weeks he was recovering and fighting complications following his latest operation. He announced his return on Twitter. Vice President Nicolas Maduro, Chavez's named successor, said that he and other officials had met with the president at the military hospital. Though breathing through a tracheal tube, Maduri said Chavez was smiling and in an energetic mood.

“He communicated with us through various written ways to give us his guidance,” Maduro said, speaking on television alongside other aides at the hospital. Despite calls from the opposition for specific details on Chavez’s condition, and disapproval aimed at politicians who indefinitely postponed his swearing in ceremony for a new six-year term, government officials insist Chavez remains in charge and has been communicating with them about policy decisions.

Heavy casualties in northern Mali fighting BAMAKO AGENCIES

At least 13 Chadian soldiers have been killed in fighting in northern Mali, the heaviest casualties sustained by Frenchled African troops since the launch of a military campaign against rebels last month, Chad's army has said. Sixty-five rebel fighters were also killed in the clashes that began before midday on Friday in the Adrar des Ifoghas mountains near the border with Algeria. “The provisional toll is ... on the enemy's side, five vehicles destroyed and 65 terrorists killed,” said a statement from the army general staff read on state radio. “We deplore the deaths of 13 of our valiant soldiers.” earlier this month, Chad deployed 1,800 soldiers in the northern city of Kidal to secure what had been the rebels' last urban stronghold, putting itself in the frontline in the fight against the rebels. Also on Friday, two suicide car bombers targeted ethnic Tuareg forces in the northern town of Tessalit, killing three people. “The two [suicide bombers] were killed and in our ranks there were three dead and four seriously wounded,” Mohamed Ibrahim Ag Asseleh, a spokesman for the ethnic Tuareg rebel group, the MNLA, in Burkina Faso confirmed. Tuaregs in the north, who have long sought greater autonomy, rebelled against the federal government and swept across northern Mali in April last year, taking advantage of a power vacuum left by a military coup. However, the MNLA and other Tuareg groups were sidelined by armed groups such as the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), who took over major towns of northern Mali and imposed Islamic law. France intervened in its former West African colony on January 11 to stop a southward offensive by the rebels who seized control of vast swaths of the north in April last year. Troops from neighbouring African nations - including from Chad - have since deployed to Mali and are set to take over leadership of the operation when French forces begin a planned withdrawal next month. However, continuing violence since the rebels were driven from major urban areas highlights the risk of French and African forces becoming entangled in a prolonged conflict as they try to help Mali's weak army counter bombings and armed raids. A US defence official said on Friday that Washington had deployed several Predator drones to Niger to fly surveillance missions in support of French forces in Mali.

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South Punjab province bill will be presented in Senate before March 16. — Manzoor Wattoo

newS Sunday, 24 February, 2013

Pakistan responsible for Hyderabad blasts: Advani

MUMBAI: BJP leader LK Advani on Saturday blamed Pakistan squarely for Thursday’s blasts in Hyderabad, saying Islamabad is involved in a proxy war against New Delhi. “The neighbouring country has not been successful in waging a war against India in the last few decades, so it has resorted to proxy war,” Advani was quoted as telling reporters here on Saturday. “The neighbouring country has taken recourse to terrorism to trouble India,” he said, adding, “There is no doubt that there is the hand of the neighbouring country in Hyderabad blasts.” Pakistan should abide by the commitment made during the meeting between Vajpayee and Musharraf, whereby Pakistan undertook not to allow its soil to be used for terror acts against India, Advani said. ONLINE

‘legacy & sanctions made rao decide against nuke tests’ WASHINGTON: The prospect of a crippling economic sanctions, “improving” electoral chances and his “desire” to be noted as the architect of India’s economic revolution might have prevented the then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao from going for nuclear tests in the winter of 1995-96. This was the conclusion that the Bill Clinton administration had arrived at, which for weeks in December and then in January, mounted pressure on India by itself and through its allies warning New Delhi against going ahead with nuclear tests in Pokharan, in support of which it provided satellite imageries to the Indian Government. According to the classified American cables released yesterday by the National Security Archive, which it obtained from the federal government under the freedom of information act, it was by December 10, 1995 that US intelligence agencies informed the Bill Clinton administration about impending Indian nuclear tests at Pokharan resulting in a flurry of activities by the US. ONLINE

HYDERABAD: Traffic on the Hyderabad Bypass remained stuck for hours following a sit-in by Sunni Tehreek activists on Saturday against targeted killings in Karachi. INP

nargis Sethi pays the price for upholding rules ISLAMABAD


ForMer water aNd power secretary reMoved For Not releasiNg subsidies oF rs 40b oN tube wells


eDeRAL Secretary for Cabinet Division and Water and Power Nargis Sethi – one of the most powerful bureaucrats and a firm believer in the rules of business – has been removed from the Ministry of Water and Power, reportedly on the pressure of some ministers and influential people. According to reports, she refused to release subsidies of Rs 40 billion and Rs 2 billion for projects not approved under prescribed rules and procedures with 23 days remaining in the present government’s tenure. Highly reliable sources said on Saturday that Minister for Water and Power Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar, Minister for Kashmir Affairs Manzoor Wattoo, and some other important people were annoyed with Sethi. Sources said that Sethi

had personally requested the prime minister that she be relieved of the additional charge of the Water and Power Ministry. After getting the additional charge of the Water and Power Ministry, Sethi took immediate steps to stop corrupt practices in the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) and other institutions in order to reduce load shedding and to bring parity in load shedding between rural and urban areas. She was also instrumental in recovering arrears from influential persons, and refused requests by ministers and parliamentarians for transferring

WAPDA XeNs and SDOs. According to another report, the minister of water and power had asked Sethi to appoint Mehboob Alam, acting chief exec-

Pakistan ranks 31st in black market countries

Appeal to save film industry LAHORE: The film artists, distributors and producers have shown grave concern over delay of issuance of no objection certificates (NoCs) by Pakistan Sensor Board, saying that this indifferent behavior of Chairman Sensor Board is destroying the film industry and causing producers and distributors huge financial losses. They alleged that the sensor board officials demand bribes for clearing films and nobody was taking action against them. They say that the sensor board demands unnecessarily 35MM prints which causes inconveniences and financial loss to producers. They alleged that the chairman sensor board didn’t understand that 35MM format had become absolute and no film industry in the world used that format. They demand the prime minister and president to save the film industry of Pakistan. PRESS RELEASE

utive officer of the Gujranwala Distribution Company, as the managing director of the NTDC, and in his place appoint Javed Azad, a superintendent engineer. But she refused to accept the recommendation on the plea that Mehboob Alam was a junior officer and could not be posted at such a senior position. Two weeks ago, during the meeting of a four-member committee comprising the defence minister, the minister for Kashmir affairs, the finance secretary and the Water and Power secretary, Wattoo pressed for a flat rate subsidy of Rs 40 billion for tube wells – a proposal strongly opposed by the secretaries of finance and water and power. However, the committee approved the flat rate subsidy proposal for tube wells, which would be sent to the new water and power secretary, Rai Sikandar, for approval. Sikandar is Grade-21 officer who has been given the charge of the ministry. He is junior to Water and Power Special Secretary Himayatullah Khan and Additional Secretary Arshad Mirza.

KARACHI: According to a website monitoring black marketing ac-

Fazl keen to play role for FaTa peace LAHORE ONLINE

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief Fazlur Rehman on Saturday said that law and order has become a national issue and they wanted to play a positive role for peace in FATA. Fazl has also called all parties conference in Islamabad on February 28. Talking to reporters after a meeting with Ja-

maat-e-Islami chief Munawar Hasan in Mansoora, Fazl noted that peace in FATA was inevitable for peace in the country. He added that no political forum had done anything so far for resolving the peace issue. Hasan said that the provincial governments were responsible for maintaining peace. He added the government had failed in this regard so all political parties needed to perform their due role in this regard, he observed.

tivities, Pakistan ranks 31st out of 91 countries in the world with a black market value of over six billion dollars. According to Havocscope, black market value is the estimated value of the global black market. This figure is determined by combining the total value of 52 black market products and activities with the total value of the black market activity in 91 countries. World crime statistics and values are gathered from law enforcement and security agencies, international organisations, industry lawyers and representatives and news articles. The website stated that Pakistan black market’s estimated value is 6.12 billion dollars per annum with cocaine price in the country at 118.7 dollars per gram. Heroin price is at three dollars per gram. Human smugglers are paid at least 22,000 dollars and human traffickers’ price is at 342 dollars. Similarly, book piracy in Pakistan is estimated at 55 million dollars, counterfeiting at 358 million dollars, cigarette smuggling at 116 million dollars and drug trafficking 4.8 billion dollars. Gas and oil smuggling is estimated at 66 million dollars. Havocscope further stated that heroin trafficking in Pakistan was hovering around 1.2 billion dollars, illegal logging at 782 million dollars, music piracy at 25 million dollars and software privacy at 278 million dollars. On the other hand, India stands 18th out of 91 countries in the world with the black market estimated value of 16.84 billion dollars, more than double as compared to Pakistan. Meanwhile, India’s estimated value in prostitution is 8.4 billion dollars while the website did not show any figures regarding this sector in Pakistan. INP

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Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project to help address energy crunch. —Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf


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Sunday, 24 February, 2013

Circular debt in energy sector reaches alarming levels ISLAMABAD: According to a Ministry of Finance official, the circular debt of the country has exceeded an alarming level of Rs 872 billion over the last one year. According to the official, power sector had remained the major reason behind the increase in the circular debt and volume of debt in power sector witnessed an increase of 62 percent during the previous year and volume of liabilities of power sector had also exceeded from 100 billion rupees. The official further revealed that Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is owed 1.5 billion dollars and power companies were major stakeholders. Furthermore, Pakistan International Airline (PIA) and Pakistan Railway were also debtors. Moreover, PSO owed 1.23 billion dollars to different foreign and local oil suppliers and facing immense difficulties in payment of its outstanding dues. Sources said that due to acute shortage of gas for power sector, it was largely dependent on imported oil and oil import bill had also exceeded. The official also said that inefficiencies had been pointed out on different intervals but they had been unable to control their losses. This created problems for companies to clear their liabilities with PSO and consequently, the entire cycle was suffering, he said. ONLINE

Hazaras say they have no intention to leave country

PESHAWAR: Rescue workers search for bodies a day after a bus carrying a wedding party plunged into a canal, killing at least 15 people. INP

Musharraf’s cold shoulder to lal Masjid commission ForMer presideNt reFuses to appear beFore sc coMMissioN probiNg operatioN sileNce

ISLAMABAD: Leaders of Hazara community, Sardar Saadat Ali Hazara and Qayyum Changezi, on Saturday said Australia had offered to give asylum to 2,500 Hazara families, but they have no intention to leave the country. In an interview, Sardar Saadat said according to newspaper reports the offer was for families affected by terrorism. He said they could not think of leaving Pakistan, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to pursue their educational career or job due to target killings. He said the government had made some appreciable moves during the last one month as a number of terrorists have reportedly been arrested. He‚ however‚ said there was need to bring the terrorists to justice. Hazara Qaumi Jirga Chairman Qayuum Changezi said the Hazaras were living in Quetta for over a century and their future generations would also live here. He said the Hazaras had contributed immensely in the development of Pakistan, adding that the government should take effective steps to ensure safety of their lives and property. ONLINE




ormer president General (r) Pervez Musharraf on Saturday refused to appear before the one-man commission constituted by the Supreme Court to probe into the Lal Masjid operation of 2007. The commission on January 31 had decided to summon Musharraf and former prime minister Shaukat Aziz after recording the statements of a number of witnesses who alleged that the former president was responsible for the military operation that left 103 people, including 10 military personnel, dead. An official of the commission confirmed that Musharraf had refused to appear before the commission. He said the commission had summoned the former president thrice with the last summon sent to his residence abroad through the foreign ministry. However, he did not receive it. According to him, the commission

would not take any coercive measures against Musharraf for defying the summons because it had no power to compel any witness to record their statement. Cleric Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid, his spouse Umme Hasaan and other clerics held Musharraf responsible for the operation, a private television channel reported on Saturday. Testifying before the commission, Aziz on December 31 had said “General Musharraf was against our religious ideology. In his tenure, the district management started demolishing 80 mosques in the federal capital. That was why students of Jamia Faridia started protesting against him.” Similarly, Umme Hasaan alleged that General Musharraf, General (r) Rashid Qureshi and General Waheed Arshad were responsible for the operation. General Rashid Qureshi, when contacted, said the government wanted to block Musharraf’s return by creating bogus and fake cases against him. He said some clerics, including Aziz’s spouse, had recorded irresponsi-

ble statements before the commission. “They recorded the statements even against me whereas I retired from the military in December 2005.” Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif, a spokesman for the former president, told reporters that the operation was conducted in 2007 and the probe into this over five-year-old case had been initiated just four months before the general elections. He said it was one of the politicallymotivated cases through which the government and other political parties wanted to malign Musharraf in order to stop him from contesting the elections. Tariq Asad, the counsel for Akmal Saleemi, a petitioner in the Lal Masjid case, said the retired general must be summoned and the commission should record his statement. He said the commission could issue warrant for his arrest and could also attach his property for defying its orders. The commission could also record his statement through video conferencing in the same pattern as a three-member commission had recorded the statement of American businessman Mansoor Ijaz in the memo case, he further said.

26/11 case: Pakistan judicial panel’s visit to India may be delayed ISLAMABAD INP

The Pakistani Judicial Commission’s visit to India in connection with the Mumbai attacks case is likely to be delayed as an antiterrorism court on Saturday sought an assurance that members of the panel will be allowed to cross-examine key Indian witnesses. Prosecutors informed the court conducting trial of seven suspects charged with involvement in the Mumbai attacks that they would provide an undertaking from the Indian government that the panel will have the power of cross-examination. Chief prosecutor Chaudhry Zulifqar Ali told Judge Chaudhry Habibur Rehman that Pakistani authorities were awaiting India’s formal response on the issue. The Pakistani commission is set to make a second visit to Mumbai to record statements of four witnesses because the anti-terrorism court rejected a report submitted after its first visit on the ground that the panel was not allowed to conduct any cross-examination. Zulfiqar Ali argued during Saturday’s hearing that the Indian government had stated it would allow cross-examination of witnesses. He further said a previous agreement that barred crossexamination would not have any bearing on the judicial commission’s second visit. Khwaja Haris Ahmed, counsel for Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, insisted that a “written document” from the Indian government regarding cross-examination should be presented in court. Ali said he would submit a “written assurance” from the Indian side at the next hearing.

no undue favours sought from bahria Town: SC Registrar ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Supreme Court Registrar Dr Faqir Hussain has rebutted an article reported by the Online news agency and carried in Pakistan Today’s January 29 issue in which the wire agency had made claims regarding the SC official’s property dealing with Bahria Town. A statement received from the SC Registrar said that it had been falsely alleged the at the time when the controversy between the judiciary and Bahria Town was at its peak, Dr Hussain purchased an 8marla house and got rebate in a 2 kanal plot, thereby reaping benefits. The statement said that the Online story is false, mischie-

vous and misrepresentation of facts. According to the statement, the actual position is that an advertisement was published in the newspaper (Daily News, Islamabad dated 17.09.2004) wherein applications were called for allotment of 1 kanal, 2 kanal and 4 kanal plots in the Bahria Town Club City, Rawalpindi. The advertisement stated that plots are reserved from various categories and professions like senior services officers, parliamentarians, bureaucrats, etc and offered 50% rebate to persons with credentials in various fields of life. Thus Dr Faqir Hussain applied for a plot in the same scheme in September 2004, mentioning his credentials to claim the rebate. The Bahria Town in July 2005 communi-

cated the allotment of 1 kanal plot at Rs, 15,000,00 payable in installments. The payment schedule statement carried the endorsement of 50% rebate. In April 2006 the plot size was changed from 1 to 2 kanal. The plot is not yet handed over, and is still in the development stage therefore extension in payment schedule was applied for and granted. Thereafter, full payment was made in June 2011. The Bahria Town later communicated some additional installments payable as development charges/utilities for the plot, which are being paid as per schedule. Thus the impression gathered from the fabricated record of Bahria Town that in July 2012 a 50% rebate in the 2 kanal plot was granted to Dr Faqir Hussain is absolutely wrong as

the rebate was granted in the year 2005, not in July 2012 and not as a concession but as per criteria offered in the advertisement, the statement said. Regards two 5-marla pre-fabricated house known as Awami Villas, the statement said that Dr Hussain applied for it on 05.04.2006 as ordinary applicant and holder of Home Plus Card. Purchased from the Bahria Town, the cost of each 5-marla house was stated at Rs 4,99,000 payable in installments. Full payment of Rs 508,100 and Rs 508,000 respectively was complete by October 2008. On completion of construction the possession was transferred in 2009 where after these were sold out in December 2009. It is inaccurate to say that

these Awami Villas were meant for earthquake affectees. As per record, these were offered to those persons who had purchased the Home Plus Card from the Bahria Town. Regarding the 8-marla house which is the subject of defamation case pending trial, the house was booked on payment of initial installment on 11.01.2007. The total cost mentioned was Rs 40,98,000 and not Rs 5,299,000 as alleged in the misleading document of Bahria Town fabricated record. Thus no rebate or waiver was granted as alleged. The payment of Rs 3,898,000 as balance amount was made on 15.11.2011 whereupon on completion of the construction of the house its possession was given on 28.11.2011, said the statement.

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The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. –Ernest Hemingway


The magic wand


everyone has one; how and when to use it is a different matter altogether

Sunday, 24 February, 2013

Pakistan, Iran and uS No yielding on matters of sovereignty


He US continues to remind Pakistan ad nauseam of the aid it has given the country and the consequences for Islamabad if it acted against US wishes. The timing of the new Chairman Foreign Relations Committee’s arrival in Pakistan and his reiteration of what his country was doing to help Pakistan in energy sector indicated that if Pakistan persisted in the pursuit of gas pipeline from Iran, it would have to forgo US aid and face sanctions. This is what Victoria Nuland’s statement issued the next day implied. If there were still any doubts they were removed by the WSJ story on Thursday. There are generally two types of reactions to reminders of the sort, rightly seen as implied threats. The government routinely reiterates the contribution the country has made in the war on terror. The Pakistani public, however, widely resents statements of the sort. This explains why despite millions of dollars poured into Pakistan, mostly when dictators ruled with the US’ help, anti-US sentiment has continued to rise. Any demand that requires Islamabad to follow a prescribed course in internal or foreign affairs, even if it goes against Pakistan’s national interests, is bound to be widely unpopular. Any government seen to be acting as a US client would lose the goodwill of the masses. Aid used as an instrument to impose hegemony must be rejected by Pakistan. Pakistan receives aid from a number of countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and China. None uses it so brazenly as a lever. China’s popularity in Pakistan is due to its cultured handling of relations with the government and the people. Beijing has invariably stressed that the projects it has helped to construct are mutually beneficial to the both the countries. Washington’s offensive diplomacy on the other hand could harm relations between the two countries at a crucial juncture when both need to fight terrorism together. It is in Pakistan’s national interest to urgently import gas from wherever it can. The time factor is important as power shortages have taken toll on the country’s economy. While Pakistan is keen to bring gas and electricity from Central Asia, it simply cannot wait for years for the situation in Afghanistan to improve. It cannot allow its national interests to be sacrificed at the altar of US strategic needs. There is a cross party consensus in Pakistan on putting an end to dependence on the aid. The government has to go ahead to fulfil Pakistan’s energy needs from Iran irrespective of whether this pleases the US or not. The Pak-Iran gas pipeline should be constructed at top speed. Iran-financed oil refinery must be given a go ahead. Pakistan must not yield on matters of its sovereignty.

Peace talks terrorists and the government may make it work


OW that the over a decade-long war on terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan is going to wind up by the end of next year, efforts to make peace with the terrorists have become a priority. President Asif Ali Zardari in this regard seems to have hit the mark when he said that war alone was no solution to terrorism and that hate-mongers needed to be countered with peaceful efforts. The way the world powers are going about tackling terrorism is indeed no solution. In fact, it has become a legitimate concern that war alone is only producing more terrorism. This is why the president is right in pointing out to the world that talks are as much important for peace as is having the capacity to overcome terrorists militarily. This two-point strategy has already been put into practice as the president has ordered strict action, without any discrimination, against all the banned militant outfits, while the government is considering taking TTP up on its peace talks offer. TTP has also announced that its official spokesperson ehsanullah ehsan would lead the talks from their side, a position they have taken probably after the government snubbed their earlier demand of releasing two of their captive commanders who they wanted to lead the talks. Another interesting development in this regard is the joining of hands by JUI-F and JI in order to help restore peace in the country. The PML-N, the third party that the TTP had asked to become a guarantor for peace talks, however, seems ambiguous and misleading in its actions and statements regarding the offer. It didn’t take any action against the LeJ chief till he handed himself over to the police authorities the other day, while the party is also accused of having soft corner for the terrorists on account of their holding a vast vote bank that it needs in the upcoming elections. It has also been accused of, though refuted by one of its leaders, to enter into a deal for seat adjustments with the extremist LeJ in at least 14 national assembly constituencies. Whatever the reasons for PML-N’s behaviour, or for that matter JUI-F, JI or the government’s own behaviour, one thing is for sure, unless there are some concrete steps taken to resolve the issue of terrorism through peaceful means, the country is only bound to face more bombings and killings. However, peace talks from a position of weakness won’t benefit the government; a reprisal of Swat is not what it should aim for. And militants must also keep in mind that in order to join the mainstream politics, they have to first put their faith in the system, submit to the constitution, and renounce violence.

humAyuN GAuhAR


T was most uncharacteristic of former Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh to resign at the cusp of maybe elections. Speculation became rife. He is not the type to abandon ship about to reach port. His bosses like him. Conclusion: he must be the ruling party’s nominee for caretaker prime minister. For once, speculation is not off the mark. But as the hackneyed adage goes, “There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.” The best outcome would be for Hafeez Shaikh as consensus candidate, else it would go to a multi-party parliamentary committee. If no consensus is formed there, names from the leaders of the House and the Opposition go to the election Commission for final decision. The eC is likely to select Shaikh, but you never know. Whoever the caretaker PM is, if he is there only for 90 days his task sounds simple: to hold clean elections. But herein lies the rub, for the task is not so simple, not in a country riven by turmoil. There is so much bloodletting in large swathes of Pakistan that peaceful elections seem a pipedream. Then, our demographic profile is outdated because a population census was not held in 2008. How can you hold elections when you don’t even know how many people you have, their ages and addresses, the gender balance etcetera? Without a census you cannot delimit constituencies and create new ones to accommodate a larger population. Without up-to-date representation elections would be partially invalid ab initio. Given this problem is accompanied by political and economic turmoil and the urgent need for a fresh IMF programme that won’t come without a stable and sensible government, speculation is also rife that the caretaker might get a judicial extension to first undertake fast track reforms. The task then becomes even less simple. In that case Hafeez Shaikh is the best of the names being bandied about. He is young, honest, God fearing, humble, highly educated, well regarded in the international financial and diplomatic communities, understands both types of government, a consensus builder and peacemaker who likes to take everyone along because he doesn’t have an out of control ego. Having said that, I repeat that it is best to let the system continue to evolve according to its logic: it will either self-destruct or correct itself if self-correction is in its programming and the people will learn more. It is more likely to self-destruct because development cannot take place alongside fake electoral democracy. elections are not democracy, delivery is, and the governments this system throws up cannot deliver. After self-destruction, whatever system replaces it will have automatic consensus. Isn’t that better? The problem is that Pakistan is at the

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brink. Fear abounds that the self-destruction of the system could take the state with it too. Thus the question: “What is more important: evolution of this decrepit system or the survival of the state?” My reply is that any unnatural intervention will make this system a martyr and prolong its life, as happened twice before. The only intervention that works is genuine revolution, not anarchy. The old standard operating procedure will not work and will leave us worse off. If you don’t have a good and doable agenda implemented by people who won’t cling to power for its own sake by becoming forced democrats, don’t even think about it. One wrong step and Pakistan could fall over the brink, like many states older and more powerful have done. Better to let the system die its own death or correct itself and let the devil take the hindmost. God knows best. Whoever the long-term caretaker PM, his agenda must be informed by the following, and more: Return their eroded stake in Pakistanis to all stakeholders, the people, not their urban Mafiosi, feudal lords and tribal chieftains. Hold a census and delimit constituencies. Make far-reaching structural economic reforms, especially in the modes and relationships of agricultural ownership and production that put an end to feudalism. easier said than done because such reforms are accompanied by short-term pain for all classes: we could have the ‘Revolt of the Robber Barons’ on our hands. This must be accompanied by massive and sensible infrastructure investment that provides jobs and gets the economy going. If energy, communications and water needs are accompanied by stability, security and sensible interest rates, investment will start coming in. Official usury must end to motivate investors. Close the trade gap: increase exports by strengthening value added agricultural products and reducing unnecessary and wasteful imports. Our three biggest imports are petroleum, tea and edible oil. We can’t do much about the first. But the other two can be reduced substantially by taking the people on board and educating them that edible oil and tea are bad not only for their health but the country’s health too. Document the economy, bring the growing, vibrant informal economy into the tax net and increase government revenues. It would double official GDP. either eliminate income tax altogether and replace it with more sensible indirect taxes or bring agricultural incomes into the income tax net. Consider making the Identity Card the Tax Card too and have the same number for both, with different colours for those eligible as taxpayers and those outside the tax bracket and renew them annually. This will require devolution down to the constituency level. Reform revenue collection, throw out the corrupt and make a small, honest, lean and mean team. The fewer the taxes the easier to beat corruption. Remove contradictions in the muchmutilated constitution and undertake reforms to make our political system truly democratic and people friendly. The best would be one in which parliament and executive are totally separate from one another by holding direct elections for the chief executive on the basis of one person one vote with a second ballot for the two frontrunners and then letting the winner select his own

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team from the best and the brightest. So too a second ballot for parliamentary elections. If new provinces have to be made, let them be made throughout the country and not in one province only and on the basis of economic viability, not divisive ethnicity. Then undertake delimitation. Strengthen and empower the police and remove all bad eggs. Make modern education with one system and curriculum (allowing for provincial needs) a top priority. educate people in population control. Our birthrate is our biggest time bomb: if not diffused it will put all other reforms to naught. Rationalise the judiciary and strengthen it with enough judges at all levels so that thousands of cases don’t remain pending while time is wasted on constitutional and political cases. Democratic regulation of the electronic media but with proper regulations, oversight and implementation without eroding press freedom. Right now, a ratings hungry media is often wittingly or unwittingly spreading discord and disharmony: ‘Fitna’ and ‘fasad’ are great sins in Islam for they divide the community. Some oppose making Hafeez Shaikh caretaker prime minister because the economy is in decline, without regard to the global economy being in recession, turmoil in our region and the presence of fake democracy that won’t allow for economic reforms for fear of losing votes. We remain true to our time-honoured tradition of finding scapegoats for collective mistakes as if only one man is responsible and another would have done wonders with his magic wand. We have had three finance ministers preceding Hafeez Shaikh during this ‘democratic’ government. The third bequeathed us the National Finance Commission Award in naive good faith that leaves the federal government little while humongous amounts are diverted to provincial governments that don’t have the capacity or honesty to use it correctly. All they are worried about is fancy schemes that will get them votes come the next elections. Forget development. Compare this to Sindh when Hafeez Shaikh was its finance minister. He inherited a deficit that he turned into surplus. What was his magic wand then? His boss was General Musharraf unburdened with the need to get votes and win elections. That was Shaukat Aziz’s magic wand too. Musharraf knew his limitations and let his economic team get on with it. They took a clinically dead economy out of the grave. Things started going awry after the West gave Musharraf a democracy injection and he got burdened with the need to win elections. The slide began. And therein lies a tale. Now I don’t mean that we need military dictatorship again. What I’m saying is that we need a genuinely democratic system that works. Came ‘democracy’ and federal finance minister Hafeez Shaikh was burdened with bosses ‘democratically’ elected by small electoral colleges. It is in the genes of this wretched British parliamentary system that any structural adjustment that necessarily entails pain is automatically rejected by political bosses seeking reelection. Out goes good long-term planning, in come pointless optics. Therein lies the difference. That, ladies and gentleman, is your magic wand.

I was watching the footages of a bomb blast on TV that happened in the Indian city of Hyderabad Decca. The policemen and members of bomb disposal squad collecting the evidence from the blast site were fully equipped with latest equipment and all of them were picking the pieces of evidence with gloves on. Bomb blasts in Pakistan are the order of the day. It is very disturbing and disappointing to see personnel of bomb disposal squad and police diffusing bomb and picking evidence without appropriate equipment and bare hands. Why

can’t our government provide effective tools to personnel of relevant department who risks their lives to save ours? Our government announces millions of rupees as compensation to the families of the victims but never provides funds to equip our bomb disposal squads and police. M RAFIQUE ZAKARIA Karachi

Ed NOTE: The first paragraph of the article titled “Lessons from Pukthunwali” on 21 February was mistakenly printed and attributed to the writer. The mistake is regretted and has been corrected in the online edition.

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You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. –Friedrich Nietzsche




Sunday, 24 February, 2013

of dreams unshattered even amid chaos and killing, there is hope


A terrorist gets a safe house the hazara question and the baloch question go together

Comradely Speaking



ALIK Ishaq has surrendered himself. No charges have been framed. The most dangerous man in Pakistan – the enemy number one – has chosen to be escorted to a bunker bed in his jail cell till it is safer for him to step outside. When the going gets tough, Malik Ishaq prefers to be a VIP guest at one of the lodges constructed for the country’s finest – until the threat to him is mitigated or he is needed to negotiate on ‘important security matters.’ On the other side, Hazara Town in Quetta has just finished burying 90 of its own. The organisation that Malik Ishaq fronts, the Lashkar-eJhangvi, has claimed the bombing. The half a million Shia Hazaras that inhabit Hazara Town fear stepping out of their homes. At least a few of them will risk their lives to join the growing exodus seeking asylum in far off lands. The rest will hope that the latest refusal to bury their near and dear ones for four days will secure them. As Malik Ishaq takes a breather, the task for which he was let out has been accomplished. Since he was released by the Supreme Court in 2011, 1,500 Shias have been killed across the country. Gruesome Shia massacres have been conducted in Gilgit-Baltistan and Parachinar as everyday Shia targeted assassinations continue in various parts of the country every day. But that is perhaps not the most important task he completed for the security establishment. This was completed in Quetta: to make people forget the Baloch and begin to think of the Hazara – to secure for itself control over the province. The strong criticism of the military’s role in Balochistan has been wiped out in the course of two months and calls for the military to ‘take control of Quetta’ (and thus Balochistan) have been sounded out as the ‘voice of the Hazara community.’

The same voice became the rallying call for the Shia dharnas across the country that managed to paralyse life for two days. This was as the Balochistan Governor Magsi was insisting that the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is “too scared” [to act against the LeJ] and senior journalist Hamid Mir insisted that it had “delibrately created death squads” in Balochistan. Speaking at the dharna at the Governor’s House, Lahore, human rights activist Asma Jahangir had called for firing all intelligence chiefs if they do not agree to decisively act against the LeJ. earlier, one of the Shia scholars speaking at the dharna, called ‘calling the army’ the equivalent of “jumping into the crocodiles mouth when running from the wolf.” He went further and suggested that the “Shia youth needed to take control of Quetta.” Talking to the people attending the dharnas, each shared memories of the 1980s when the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) was created under General Zia’s watchful gaze. In fact, none of those attending appeared under any delusion on who was backing the LeJ: in Balochistan and across Pakistan. Unlike the dharnas that started after the January 10 massacre, this time this criticism found itself articulated from the podium. Back when the Governor’s Rule was implemented on January 16, this was considered an “opportunity for the security establishment to show which side it was on.” This time round three demands came forward again: to hand over Quetta to the army; targeted operations against the LeJ in Balochistan, and arming and training the Hazara community to defend themselves. The question again was: if there was such critique amongst the Shia community, why was it protesting to ask the army to take Quetta? The regular response has been: “The relatives of the Quetta attack victims are desperate and we support them.” However, such questions cannot be answered with such simplicity. During the fourday sit in after the January 10 attack, the Hazara Democratic Party continued to organise protest separate from the dharna led by the Majlis-eWahdatul Muslimeen (MWM). The MWM appears to be the pro-army group in the political matrix – and also the one controlling the official version of events. When the agreement to bury those who died in the February 16 attack was announced by the MWM spokesman, the families were taking a different line and confusion prevailed until the morning. A Hazara refugee from Quetta explained that some of the Hazara clerics are also on the payroll of the agencies. He also identified some of those leading the current protest. When this writer asked him,“Why do they not forge an alliance with the Baloch nationalists if they believe the LeJ has the

establishment’s support?” The response was sharp: “One of our leaders was quoted in the press defending Baloch nationalists. This was a period when minor overtures had been made. A week later he was shot dead on Khuzdar Road. The message had been delivered and we knew the messenger. No one ventured on this path again.” By the time the Supreme Court ‘took notice’ (legal jargon has its sense of oxymoron) of the Hazara killings, the military had felt it necessary to officially deny links with sectarian outfits and an operation of sorts was orchestrated in Quetta. We were told that over 100 people, including the “mastermind of the February 16 attack” have been arrested. If finding the “mastermind” of the attack was so easy, could the raids have not been conducted earlier? especially after the intelligence agencies have admitted to the Supreme Court that “they had intelligence that a truck would be used for another attack.” Deliberate negligence, some would term this as, but this is the nature of the game in Pakistan. Does the fact that no challan has been presented in any of the 1,300 plus Shia Hazara killing in Quetta over the last 13 years not show state complicity? As it stands, Malik Ishaq knows it is a risk for him to be ‘free.’ He has an election to contest in three months and he would be best positioned to contest it from the safety of a high-security jail. Maulana Azam Tariq, one of Ishaq’s predecessor in the LeJ and another darling of you know who, followed the same route in the 2003 general elections. It was only after Tariq was released from jail that he became the third SSP/LeJ head to be assassinated. Malik Ishaq’s so-called ‘detention’ shall be presented as a success. What could be more prompt action than arrested the ‘main man’ in the LeJ, we shall be told. The truth, however, is murkier. Which other country could have its most wanted terrorist ‘surrender’ himself – and be arrested – without framing any charges? Ishaq has calculated that jail is safer than his fortified house in Rahim Yar Khan and the state apparatus is willing to play along. As it stands, Ishaq, used as a negotiator with ‘rogue LeJ militants’ in the 2009 attack on the GHQ, knows he is indispensable to the deep state and so is his organisation. There could be no better indication than his willingness to go to the state for protection. Perhaps like before he has even been promised a monthly stipend from his political patrons as he rests until he is needed again. The writer is the General Secretary (Lahore) for the Awami Workers Party. He is a journalist and researcher. Email:

He journey of life is an excursion into the unknown. The thrill of this journey is captured in the fact that each moment has the potential to unlock countless possibilities. And its beauty stems from the careless interactions this journey entails with countless individuals of varying backgrounds. These inSAAd RASOOL teractions shape our personalities, making us who we are, and how we view the world. Living in distrustful times in Pakistan, it is easy to meet people who would convince others of the futility of hope. Those who, through their speech and conduct, remind us that believing in Pakistan is synonymous to a blind man’s wish of finding a pot of gold at the end of an invisible rainbow. But every once in a while, we are fortunate enough to meet an individual who not only restores our faith in humanity, but also inspires us to be more, to be better, to never give in to the temptations of cynicism and apathy. Recently, I have met one such individual – a young and bright woman named Shaharbano. encapsulating the essence of an honest and hardworking Pakistani, Shaharbano’s father spent the better part of his life working in the development sector. Sadly for him, his wife and three daughters, had the misfortune of being born in the violence-prone city of Quetta. During casual conversations, he narrates tales from a ‘onceupon-a-time-Quetta’ that was free of ethnic strife and bloodshed. The “fruit-garden of Pakistan”. A place full of communal love and brotherhood; surrounded by the snow-covered peaks of Chiltan, Takatoo, Murdar and Zarghun. Through a gleaming smile, he speaks of working there, amidst people from all ethnicities and religious sects, and putting his daughters through school, in the fierce belief that education (especially for women) holds the key for a prosperous Pakistan. But soon, as he narrates his tale, his eyes turn moist and the smile disappears. His stare becomes distant, and in a quacking voice he recounts how his Quetta got hijacked by a band of ethnic and religious militants, whose violent vendetta went unchecked by a generation of apathetic bureaucracy and feeble governmental resolve. Left with no other option, he narrates the pain of having to leave his beloved Quetta, and moving to Lahore, where his family could be safe(er), and his daughters could have a fighting chance at a brighter future. Some days ago, Shaharbano’s father told me of a Hazara-Shia friend who lost two sons (in their mid-twenties) to target killings in Quetta. And then, lost his own life in last month’s attack on the Hazara community. Shaharbano listens to these conversations with an indescribable sadness, but then quickly snaps out of it to remind everyone around that hope is not lost. That better, brighter future awaits Pakistan, if only we could muster the courage to reach for it. She tells her father and her friends (which, luckily, includes me) that our generation holds the key to unlocking this future. And that so what if her family had to migrate due to threat of violence, she reminds us that if only we can harness our collective potential to counter the scourge of extremism, our children will not have to face pain of displacement or hopelessness. Hope is real, she says. In a time of global chaos and instability, where our faiths collide through the barrel of our weapons, hope is real. She tells us that while there may be such a thing as false promises, and false starts, there is no such thing as false hope. I frequently wonder, what kind of internal strength and faith it takes for someone like Shaharbano to not only believe in Pakistan, but also actively advocate the same to others. In the prejudiced society of Pakistan, she is a woman, hailing from a minority province, a persecuted ethnicity, and a family that has lost friends to the mindless menace of violence. There is every reason for her to lash out those around her, and be despondent about our national destiny. But still her faith is stronger than anyone else I know. She doesn’t just believe in that Pakistan’s problems will end one day, she knows they will. And her faith in this unlikely fact is unshakable. When I think of Shaharbano, I feel embarrassed at myself. And at everyone else around me. We are not doing enough, for Shaharbano. Too often, we spend our days chasing illusions of material things and grandeur. Too often, we allow ourselves to be persuaded by rhetoric of apathy. Too often, we do less than we can and settle for a fraction of who we are. Too often we forget that we all share the collective responsibility of fulfilling the dreams of countless Shaharbanos across Pakistan, who have hung their hopes, their dreams, and their faith in our imperfect abilities. And too often we cower behind our daily routines and social commitments to evade our responsibility to all the faceless Shaharbanos of Pakistan. Last week, I had the opportunity of delivering a talk at TedXKinnaird. The speech, which was a discourse of idealism, was titled ‘Aik Rupay ke chaar dollar milein gey!’ The very next morning, Shaharbano, in response to the title, wrote the following: Agar aaj har su hai pat-jhar ka manzar Kal chaaro’n taraf phool he phool khilein gey Na bijli, na paani, na aata agar aaj Kal yehi sabb hum baramad karein gey Jahalat ke phande se aaj bahaut mar rahe hain Kal sab shehri yaha’n ke parhe’n gey likhe’n gey Agar aaj hukumat hai zardario’n ki Kal muhib-e-watan qayadat karein gey Bana hai qanoon chief ka jaa’n nisaar aaj Kal adl aur insaaf pe jaa’n nisaar karein gey Suno nayi duniya mein ja basne walo Kal yaha’n ka visa hum tumhein na dein gey Aur aye mere watan ke logo… Dhoondo sambhalo sab rupay ka sikka Kal rupay ke chaar dollar milein gey! For those of who you who can read these words – for those whom these words resonate in the heart – please know: Shaharbano is counting on you!

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Sunday, 24 February, 2013

What’s inside the $45k oscar nominees’ gift bag?


scar nominees who will attend the awards ceremony on Sunday night will be waking up the next day with 45,000 dollars worth of loot, it has been revealed. Those who don’t get their magic Oscar moment will walk away with a “2013 Everyone Wins at the Oscars Nominee Gift Bag,” repoted. Included in the luxurious bag is a 12,000dollar trip to Australia, meaning the cream of this year’s Academy Awards crop could be heading their way in the very near future. Recipients can choose between two luxury Aussie destinations. Lizard Island listed as one of the top 10 resorts in the world and positioned atop the Great Barrier Reef - or El Questro Homestead, an ultra private resort right in the middle of the Outback. But not all of the loot is luxury goods and exclusive holidays. The nominees will also receive condoms, maple syrup, electronic cigarettes, “The Ultimate Fuzz Remover,” and Windex of all things in their goody bag. NEwS dESK

lohan loses legal battle against Pitbull

Raat youn dil mein teri khoyii hui yaad aayi; Jaise veeraanay mein chupke se bahaar aa jaaye – Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Mark Twain on Morality vs Intelligence


If intellect is welcome anywhere in the other world, it is in hell, not heaven.” “His voice seemed to say like the river, ‘Why hurry? Eternity is long; the ocean can wait,’” Helen Keller marveled upon meeting Mark Twain. Indeed, while Twain may be America’s most celebrated humorist, underpinning — and fueling — his remarkable wit was unparalleled insight into the human condition, a kind of profound philosophical prism through which his comedic genius was bent. That gift of Twain’s comes to life with astounding eloquence and elegance in this passage from Autobiography of Mark Twain: The Complete and Authoritative Edition, Volume 1 (UK; public library), in which he turns a cautious eye towards the relationship between human morality and the intellect, wincing at our

anthropocentric sense of entitlement — something all the more tragically palpable a century later, amidst environmental degradation, overpopulation, and economic collapse. Twain writes: We have no respectworthy evidence that the human being has morals. He is himself the only witness. Persons who do not know him value his testimony. They think he is not shallow and vain because he so despises the peacock for possessing these qualities. They are deceived into not regarding him as a beast and a brute, because he uses these terms to disapprovingly describe qualities which he possesses, yet which are not possessed by any creature but himself. On his verbal testimony they take him for every creditable thing which he particularly isn’t, and (intentionally?) refrain from examining the testimony of his acts. It is the safest way, but man did not invent it, it was the polecat. From the beginning of time the polecats have quite honestly and naively regarded themselves as representing in the animal kingdom what the rose represents in the vegetable kingdom. This is because they do not examine. […] However, moralless man, bloody and atrocious man, is high above the other animals in his one great and shining gift — intellectuality. It took him ages and ages to demonstrate the full magnitude and majesty of his gift, but he has accomplished it at last. For ages it was a mean animal indeed that was not vastly his superior in certain splendid faculties. In the beginning he had nothing but the puny strength of his


CTRESS Lindsay Lohan has lost a court battle with rapper Pitbull, who used her name in his 2011 song “Give Me Everything”. Pitbull’s song included a line “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan”, prompting the actress to take legal action against him, claiming he had no right to use her name. But a New York federal judge ruled in favour of Pitbull Thursday, saying the song is a work of art protected by the US first amendment, reports NEwS dESK

lady Gaga thanks fans for support after surgery


ADY Gaga, who underwent a surgery for a long-term hip injury that left her unable to walk, has thanked her fans for their emotional support. The 26-year-old singer expressed her gratitude to her fans by saying: “Everything happened so fast, but when it came time to face it I reflected on the many stories and experiences you’ve shared with me about your lives ... you have completely blown my mind,” the Mirror quoted her as saying. The ‘Bad Romance’ singer said that she love her fans and is proud to be a part of their lives. “I’m alive, I’m living my dream, and this is just a bump in the road,” she added. Gaga, who had a tear in the labrum of her right hip and was using crutches and a wheelchair, has cancelled the remaining 21 dates of her two-year world tour ‘Born This Way Ball’. NEwS dESK

unweaponed hands to protect his life with, and he was as helpless as a rabbit when the lion, the tiger, the elephant, the mastodon and the other mighty beasts came against him; in endurance he was far inferior to the other creatures; in fleetness on the land there was hardly an animal in the whole list that couldn’t shame him; in fleetness in the water every fish could excel him; his eyesight was a sarcasm: for seeing minute things it was blindness as compared to the eyesight of the insects, and the condor could see a sheep further than he could see a hotel. But by the ingenuities of his intellect he has equipped himself with all these gifts artificially and has made them unapproachably effective. His locomotive can outstrip all birds and beasts in speed and beat them all in endurance; there are no eyes in the animal world that can compete with his microscope and his telescope; the strength of the tiger and the elephant is weakness, compared with the force which he carries in his mile-range terrible gun. In the beginning he was given ‘dominion’ over the animal creation — a very handsome present, but it was mere words and represented a non-existent sovereignty. But he has turned it into an existent sovereignty, himself, and is master, of late. In physical talents he was a pauper when he started; by grace of his intellect he is incomparably the richest of all the animals now. But he is still a pauper in morals — incomparably the poorest of the creatures in that respect. The gods value morals alone; they have paid no compliments to intellect, nor offered it a single reward. If intellect is welcome anywhere in the other world, it is in hell, not heaven. In the century since, philosopher Thomas Nagel has spoken to the importance of intellectual humility in understanding our place in the universe, behavioral economist Dan Ariely has put Twain’s insight to the test in the lab, demonstrating the positive correlation between creative intelligence and immorality, and Albert Einstein, Anne Lamott, and Steve Jobs have all made passionate cases for intuition over the intellect. But perhaps it was philosopher Bertrand Russell who had it right in balancing the intellectual and the moral with his simple, timelessly wise words: “Love is wise, hatred is foolish.” COuRTESy bP

Cameron invites aamir to 10 downing Street NEWS DESK He British Prime Minister David Cameron who was in India on a short visit interacted with Aamir Khan at an educational institution in New Delhi. Naturally the two got acquainted. And, one hears that later the same evening, David Cameron invited Aamir to 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister, when the actor is in London, the next time. Aamir has accepted the invitation and he and his wife Kiran Rao Khan are


expected to visit the PM’s home later this year. When Cameron visited a college in Delhi on Tuesday for a discussion with students, Aamir was the surprise dropin, as the Indian ambassador for Unicef. Their arrival in the college was announced by deafening cheers, and Cameron and Aamir walked in surrounded by security, and sat directly between the students — no boring speeches — and got talking to the girls next to them. It was quite a warming sight, two biggies sitting on the benches, talking animatedly like they’d known

them for years. After a few Q&As, they’d move on ahead to another group. except that, nobody, not even the students, apart from those sitting next to them, could hear what they were discussing! There were no mics used. The discussion was mostly about the inequality between boys and girls. But why would Cameron, and Aamir, want to limit their audience, is what we’re still puzzling over. When Obama addresses students anywhere, he rolls up his sleeves and is ready for a duel - which everyone can hear.

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God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style, He just goes on trying other things. — Pablo Picasso

aRTS Sunday, 24 February, 2013

13 A

8 new and necessary Punctuation Marks

NEW YORK: Ke$ha and her and her Siamese cat Mr. Peeps check out of a New York City hotel.

Oscar best picture winners of last 20 years NEWS DESK


eRe is a list of the Best Picture Oscar winners from the last 20 years, ahead of this Sunday’s 85th Academy Awards in Hollywood. Steven Spielberg’s presidential drama “ Lincoln” and Ben Affleck’s Iran hostage drama “ Argo” are seen as frontrunners, although it is seen as one of the least predictable Oscars races in recent memory. 8 2012 - “The Artist” 8 2011 - “The King’s Speech” 8 2010 - “The Hurt Locker” 8 2009 - “Slumdog Millionaire” 8 2008 - “No Country for Old Men” 8 2007 - “The Departed” 8 2006 - “Crash” 8 2005 - “Million Dollar Baby” 8 2004 - “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” 8 2003 - “Chicago” 8 2002 - “A Beautiful Mind” 8 2001 - “Gladiator” 8 2000 - “American Beauty” 8 1999 - “Shakespeare in Love” 8 1998 - “Titanic” 8 1997 - “The english Patient” 8 1996 - “Braveheart”

8 1995 - “Forrest Gump” 8 1994 - “Schindler’s List” 8 1993 - “Unforgiven”

Penguin asks designer to make book cover worse COURTESy HUffBOOKS It may seem a little unfair to return so soon to a designer and publisher that I’ve already covered on this blog, but I was so tickled by this story when I heard it that I couldn’t wait to share it. Last week I went to talk given by one-time Penguin in-house designer, now freelancer, David Pearson, at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. entitled ‘Money for Old Rope – A Revivalist Approach to Modern Book Design’, it was really just an illustrated run through of Pearson’s career and the books he loves. His time at Penguin coincided with a concerted effort at the publisher to make sense of (and, perhaps, make money from) its own design history. Pearson was behind Penguin By Design, the book that tells that design story, did much of the research for Seven Hundred Penguins (a marvelous brick of a book containing nothing but images of book covers) and was in charge of the look of such series as Pocket Penguins and Great Ideas. What I didn’t know, though, was that he was also responsible for the 2007 redesign of the Penguin Popular Classics series, the cheapo, no-introduction, noscholarly notes edition originally brought out to counter the threat of Wordsworth Classics. The previous look had been full bleed artwork with a tan-coloured oval title box towards the top. They were, to be charitable, twee in the extreme. To be uncharitable, they were horrid. Penguin ran an internal competition to come up with a comprehensive over-

haul of the series. Five designers submitted, and Pearson won with a super-plain, type-only design featuring modern Gill Sans lettering, a doubled up logo featuring two dancing penguins (to denote, perhaps rather obliquely, the ‘popular’ aspect) and the £2 price tag, prominently, even proudly, displayed. The cover was an equally restrained maroon. The office was, Pearson says, ecstatic about the design… until someone said, almost wistfully, that they preferred it to the ‘proper’ Penguin Classics. At which point everyone froze. Why would anyone spend £6.99 on, say, Dracula, not to mention £14.99 for Coralie Bickford-Smith’s lovely clothcovered hardback – both of which feature the full scholarly treatment of preface, chronology, introduction, further reading, a note on the text, plus 50 pages of appendices and notes, when the £2 version, containing just the novel, looks so good? The Classics series is obviously where the money is to be made, and the reputation upheld, and that could not be put in jeopardy. Pearson was sent away with the brief – unique in his and probably many a designer’s career – to make the thing look worse. Not wanting to mess with the type, or the layout, he decided on the colour, and after much deliberation settled on the lurid lime green that we have seen splashed across bookshops, a colour so uncommonly disgusting that none of the printer’s standard pigments came near it, and it had to be specially mixed.


Mira Hashmi who’s moderating the Courtesan in Literature session has just arrived in a gharara. Wah! #LLF2013


Just walked out of Hameed Haroon’s session at the Lahore literature Festival. Feeling heavy but enlightened


“They just wanted their sons & husbands back. The press didn’t notice them. So I went and talked to them.” Mohd Hanif. #LLF

AAMNA TASEER 3 enjoyable sessions at Lahore Lit Fest. The rainbow in a gloomy rainy cold day


Renowned left intellectual Tariq Ali says at the Lah Lit Festival he will vote for IK/PTI. Now listening to Intezar Hussain Sb. A feast!

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We build too many walls and not enough bridges. –Isaac Newton

World’s worst tattoo is fixed NEWS DESK

INFOTAINMENT Sunday, 24 February, 2013

School teacher, nurse charged in murder plot A kindergarten teacher and a school nurse in Virginia are accused of trying to kill the teacher’s ex-husband in a murder-for-hire plot, Fox News reports. The teacher—Angela Nolen, 47—allegedly conspired with 37-yearold Cathy Bennett at the elementary school where they work in Rocky Mount, Va. But someone they contacted asking for a hit man bothered to call the cops, and state police sent in an undercover agent to play the role of professional killer. After receiving half the “fee” upfront—$4,000—police arrested the women and told 63-year-old husband Paul Strickler about it. He explained that he was trying to find a way for Angela to buy their house from him after their 2012 divorce. “If I was dead, she would not have to give me the money,” he tells the Roanoke Times. “That scares the H-E-L-L out of me.” The former school administrator says he’s still too afraid to even open his front door. A court has granted Bennett a $60,000 bond, but a bond hearing for Nolen has been postponed. NEwS dESK

Walmart hits oreo-loving worker with felony charge Walmart is slapping a former employee with felony charges after she allegedly ate the store’s Oreo cookies on the job, The Smoking Gun reports. Penny Winters, 63, admits to munching on Oreos at the Indiana store but says she noticed an open bag and considered them a gift from management. Surveillance footage, however, showed “Ms. Winters select the package of cookies, open it, and proceed to consume multiple cookies during her work shift,” according to a police report. The report added that Winters admitted to stealing and eating other junk food, and said she “simply did not have the monies to legitimately purchase the food items.” So Walmart had her arrested, charged with felony theft, and fired her from the $11.40per-hour maintenance job. She posted bond and was released from jail earlier this week. NEwS dESK


He man with the “world’s worst portrait tattoo” finally got his happy ending on Thursday when he had the opportunity to fix the botched ink job of his late wife that had plagued him for so many years. In 2007, on the oneyear anniversary of his wife Mindy’s death, Chad Stahl, 38, owner of Cutright Lawn and Landscaping, LLC, visited On the edge Tattoo Studio in Bowling Green, Ohio to honor her with a portrait tattoo. The couple had been dating for 10 years, had 3 children, and were married for less than 3 months when Mindy died in a household fire. Tattoo artist Dennis Foust inked the $450 portrait tattoo. “I had seen Faust’s portrait work on his website and he even tattooed some of my in-laws with designs in honor of Mindy so I was confident going in,” Stahl told Yahoo!

Shine in his first media interview. “But when the swelling subsided, it didn’t look like Mindy at all— her teeth looked evil.” To add insult to injury, a friend had emailed him a link to a blog post titled “Worst Tattoo ever” with a photo of Stahl’s tattoo posted by a disgruntled On the edge ex-employee. A few months later, Stahl returned to the studio and Faust tried to fix it, adding the words, “In loving memory of Mindy” but

the damage was too great. “I was embarrassed to wear sleeveless shirts and didn’t want anyone to see the tattoo but everyone in my town knew about it,” says Stahl. Foust told Shine: “This was my very first portrait tattoo done years ago. I’ve since moved forward, improved my skills, and my work has been featured in magazines.” Recently, a friend of Stahl’s recommended that he visit Scott

Versago at empire Ink in Akron, Ohio, who had heard of the infamous tattoo and on Thursday Versago fixed it—for free. Vergaso wrote on his Facebook page: “I got to tackle the official ‘#1 worst portrait tattoo in the world’ today. I’m sure you’ve all seen it a million times online, as had I. I couldn’t believe my eyes when this guy walked in and showed me this project. I think my jaw literally hit the floor. He went on to

Unique brain structures found in humans NEWS DESK New research has found that humans possess at least two unique networks in their cerebral cortex not are not seen in rhesus monkeys. The rhesus monkeys, though, do have one network that seems to be unique to them that humans do not have. The researchers theorize that these networks were probably ‘added’ sometime in the last few million years. The discoveries were made by analyzing the functional brain scans of humans and of rhesus monkeys, and comparing the two during different activities. According to currently accepted theory, the ancestors of modern humans “evolutionarily split from those of rhesus monkeys about 25 million years ago. Since then, brain areas have been added, have disappeared or have changed in function. This raises the question, ‘Has evolution given humans unique brain structures?’.” The idea has been popular amongst many scientists, but until now there there hasn’t been any evidence. (Author’s note: Focusing on the things that make humans ‘unique’ amongst other animals seems to be a very common bias amongst those in the scientific community. Previously things such as complex “language”, culture, use of tools, mathematics, empathy, etc, have been considered to be unique to humans. But now it’s known that these are present in many animals. In my opinion, this current research should be read with that in mind.) Professor Vanduffel explains: “We did functional brain scans in humans and rhesus monkeys at rest and while watching a movie to compare both the place and the function of cortical brain networks. even at rest, the brain is very active. Different brain areas that are active simultaneously during rest form so-called ‘resting state’

networks. For the most part, these resting state networks in humans and monkeys are surprisingly similar, but we found two networks unique to humans and one unique network in the monkey.” “When watching a movie, the cortex processes an enormous amount of visual and auditory information. The human-specific resting state networks react to this stimulation in a totally different way than any part of the monkey brain. This means that they also have a different function than any of the resting state networks found in the monkey. In other words, brain structures that are unique in humans are anatomically absent in the monkey and there no other brain structures in the monkey that have an analogous function. Our unique brain areas are primarily located high at the back and at the front of the cortex and are probably related to specific human cognitive abilities, such as human-specific intelligence.” The researchers utilized fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans to observe activity in the brain. “fMRI scans map functional activity in the brain by detecting changes in blood flow. The oxygen content and the amount of blood in a given brain area vary according to a particular task, thus allowing activity to be tracked.” It’s not surprising that animals in very different environmental niches and subject to very different conditions would have brains that function differently. And it’s also worth keeping in mind, that within the controlled conditions of the lab, the behavior and brain activity of most animals, especially intelligent ones (and ones that have been raised in captivity at that), is greatly modified. Brains are relatively plastic things, regions and networks can completely change in function in response to injury, learning, and other environmental conditions.

Facebook, Google create ‘new nobel prize’ worth 3 million dollars NEWS DESK FACeBOOK’S and Google’s founders set aside their rivalries to create the “Breakthrough Prize” for science that’s worth more than double the value of the Nobel prize. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, and Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojcicki have joined forces to launch the Breakthrough in Life Sciences Award, worth $3 million, The Daily Mail reports. The prize will be awarded to those with the best ideas in science, medicine, and technology and foundation, lead by the winner, is intended to fund scientists working on research aimed at curing intractable diseases and extending human life. “Our society needs more heroes who are scientists, researchers and engineers,” Zuckerberg said in a statement. “We need to celebrate and reward the people who cure diseases, expand our understanding

of humanity and work to improve people’s lives…At $3 million per prize, it’s the largest prize for this work in the world. I’m hopeful this serves as a blueprint for prizes and philanthropy in other fields as well.”

tell me the story behind the portrait; He had just married his beautiful wife and not even three months afterwards she was killed in a horrible house fire accident leaving him to raise their three children alone. Shortly after he went to a local tattoo studio to memorialize his wife and was left with this abomination. He later returned to that studio for one more session, thinking that perhaps ‘he had done something wrong in the healing of the tattoo’ and they butchered it even more the second time. Finally, he drove all the way to my studio, empire Ink, just to meet me and to see what his options were. Touched by his story, I gifted the entire project to him for free. Now he has closure and I have an amazing story to add to my portfolio!” The fix-it job took just three hours. “I’m so happy and want everyone to see it,” Stahl told Shine. “I’m going to enter the tattoo in a contest hosted by On the edge to see if they recognize me.”

Monster goldfish invade lake Tahoe Planning a vacay to Lake Tahoe? You may well encounter goldfish that are 1.5 feet long and weigh more than 4 pounds, Scientific American reports. Researchers trolling for invasive species encountered the massive goldfish and say pet owners may have dumped them. That act of good will, however, could damage the lake’s ecosystem when the goldfish eat native species and excrete a nutrient that muddies the water by causing algal blooms. So-called fish dumping is nothing new: “Globally, the aquarium trade has contributed a third of the world’s worst aquatic and invasive species,” says the lead author of a report on California’s aquarium trade. Owners often discard them because the fish are too big and aggressive, he adds. As for the monster goldfish, only 15 have been found so far, swimming “in a nice corner,” says a scientist. “It’s an indication that they were schooling and spawning.” NEwS dESK

Microsoft says it got hacked too All but inevitable? Microsoft has joined the ranks of US companies that admit to having been hacked, Reuters reports. On the heels of Twitter, Apple, Facebook, the New York Times, and others, Microsoft today announced that a few of its computers were infected with malware after connecting to a software developer website. The world’s biggest software company made it sound minor, saying no customer data has been affected. No word on whether China’s military was involved. NEwS dESK

Pope’s Twitter account leaving with him If you’d been looking forward to keeping up with ex-Pope Benedict’s exploits as a Vatican layabout/shadow pope on his @Pontifex Twitter feed, or maybe hoping he’d hand the handle off to his successor, we’ve got some bad news. The muchhyped account, which has drawn 2 million followers in just two and a half months, will be going away when Benedict hangs up his pope hat on February 28, Vatican Radio revealed today, according to CNN. “It seems unimaginable that one could continue to use a communication tool so popular and powerful during the ‘sede vacante’ period,” the station said. “From choice, the Pontifex profile was not personalized, but it clearly refers to the person of the pope.” Benedict will likely send one last Tweet on February 27, the same day he gives his final general audience, or else a day later, “before retiring into silence.” NEwS dESK

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Afridi to decide fate himself


Pakistan's under-scrutiny all-rounder Shahid Afridi Saturday vowed to play on his own terms and quit on his own terms after being given a possible last chance to improve his performance in one-day matches. Afridi, who quit Test cricket in 2010, was recalled for Pakistan's five-match one-day series against South Africa, with the country's chief selector Iqbal Qasim warning it could be the last chance for some players, including Afridi. But Afridi pledged to walk away from the game on his own terms. "I will never give anyone a chance to speak," Afridi told reporters. "I will play cricket on my own terms and leave on my own." Afridi has been under pressure to perform after being dropped from the one-day team for the India tour in December last year. He was then selected for Twenty20s only. The dashing batsman, who holds a world record for smashing a 37-ball century in a one-day match against Sri Lanka in 1996, failed to hit a 50 in his last 12 one-day matches and captured only seven wickets. Afridi, who turns 33 on Friday when Pakistan take on South Africa in the first of two Twenty20 internationals in Durban, said he plays for his fans. "If fans want to see me play, I will play, and if they don't want me to play then I will leave," said Afridi, who has a huge following in Pakistan and other countries. Pakistan will play five one-day internationals against South Africa, the first starting in Bloemfontein on March 10. Afridi has so far scored 7,075 runs in 349 one-day matches with 348 wickets -the most in the 15-man one-day squad announced for South Africa. He has 845 runs and 63 wickets in 58 Twenty20 internationals. Afridi led Pakistan to the semi-final of the 2011 World Cup where they lost to eventual champions India. But he fell out with then chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board, Ijaz Butt, resulting in his sacking as captain.

Hey my peeps. I'm back on the track running the heats and finals of the 4x400m at Gibson Relays. Feeling like junior again. – Usain Bolt

england cruise to series win in nz SCOREbOARd E AUCKLAND AGENCIES

NGLAND cashed in on a fine performance with the ball and in the field to coast to victory at eden Park and wrap up the one-day international series 2-1 against New Zealand. Steven Finn was the driving force as the tourists bowled their hosts out for 185, and Saturday's decider turned into a mis-match. even Brendon McCullum's third successive half-century was unable to rescue a defendable total for New Zealand, albeit on a pitch which had offered plenty early on to well directed seam bowling after Alastair Cook had won the toss. england's two premier exponents, Finn and James Anderson, soon reduced the hosts to a hapless 11 for three. McCullum (79) refused to let england have it all their own way with six fours and five sixes but, without significant support, could not turn the tide on his own. It seemed a foregone conclusion that england would make light work of their target. In the event they were not flattered by a five-wicket margin, and it was more instructive that they also had 12.3 overs to spare. Finn's first of three wickets for 27 was his 50th in ODI cricket, and for good measure Graeme Swann was later to take his 100th - only the eighth englishman to do so in this format. Finn began england's dominance by beating BJ Watling twice in three balls in his first over, with bounce and away movement. With a third similarly testing

delivery, he got his first reward - taking the shoulder of a defensive bat for a neat catch by Swann at second slip. Then after a Finn maiden to Hamish Rutherford, Anderson struck with a length ball which held its line and had Kane Williamson edging behind on the backfoot defence. Rutherford, in particular, was enduring an unequal struggle. He managed just two runs from 19 balls, eventually falling to Finn - who allowed him a little width for the first time but, rather than being punished, had the left-handed opener edging to the wicketkeeper as he tried to seize on a rare scoring opportunity. Ross Taylor and Grant elliott dug in to attempt a recovery. But after a hard-working stand of 53 in 15 overs, their industry was squandered via a mix-up over a second run which left

elliott sent back and stranded mid-pitch. When Taylor then became the third caught-behind departure of the innings umpire Chris Gaffaney's decision upheld after a DRS process which could not disprove it - it was hard to envisage how New Zealand might reach a competitive total. McCullum would still have his say, though, and in the 32nd over hit the the first six of the innings - up the wicket to Swann, over long-on. Another feasible partner came and went, James Franklin poking a catch back to a diving Swann off the back foot to bring up the off-spinner's ODI century; then McCullum's brother Nathan edged the returning Finn to slip at the start of the batting powerplay. Finn had figures of 83-10-3 at that stage. McCullum punctured his pride by clubbing him for two pulled

NEw ZEALANd 1 bJ watling c Swann b Finn 2 h. Rutherford c buttler b Finn K. williamson c buttler b Anderson 7 R. Taylor c buttler b broad 28 G. Elliott run out 24 79 b. mcCullum c Anderson b Swann 13 J. Franklin c & b Swann 4 N. mcCullum c Cook b Finn A. Ellis c woakes b broad 9 K. mills lbw b woakes 2 T. Southee not out 5 Extras (lb-3, w-8) 11 185 Total (all out, 43.5 overs) Fall of wickets: 1-2 2-11 3-11 4-64 5-67 6-99 7-109 8-146 9-150 bowling: Anderson 8-1-34-1 (w-3), Finn 9-3-27-3 (w-2), woakes 9-0-34-1 (w-2), broad 9-0-38-2, Swann 8.5-0-49-2 (w-1) ENGLANd 46 A. Cook c watling b Southee 24 I. bell c Rutherford b Ellis 38 J. Trott c watling b Southee J. Root not out 28 E. morgan c mills b Ellis 39 3 J. buttler c watling b Southee 3 C. woakes not out 5 Extras (lb-1, w-4) 186 Total (for five wickets, 37.3 overs) did not bat: Stuart broad, Graeme Swann, Steven Finn, James Anderson Fall of wickets: 1-42 2-109 3-112 4-168 5-171 bowling: mills 7.3-0-34-0 (w-1), Southee 10-1-48-3 (w-3), Ellis 8-0-35-2, N. mcCullum 7-0-39-0, williamson 1-0-9-0, Franklin 4-0-20-0 Result - England won by five wickets Previous results Feb. 17 - New Zealand won by three wickets Feb. 20 - England won by eight wickets England won the toss and opted to field.

fours and a six over long-off in successive balls in a ninth over which cost 17, and New Zealand's lynchpin continued his one-man counter-attack too.

Charles, bravo set up massive wI win GRENADA AGENCIES

Johnson Charles and Darren Bravo struck stylish centuries as West Indies easily beat Zimbabwe by 156 runs in the opening game of their one day series in Grenada on

Friday. The Caribbean side made 337 for four from their 50 overs and Zimbabwe limped to 181 for nine after a poor start. Charles' 130, which follows his maiden century in Melbourne earlier this month, came off 111 balls and featured 12 boundaries and four sixes as the opener made the most of a modest Zimbabwean attack.

SCOREbOARd wEST INdIES J Charles b mpofu1 30 KOA Powell c Ervine b mpofu 79 dm bravo not out 100 4 Ad Russell c Chakabva b mushangwe 9 dJ bravo c Chakabva b Jarvis RR Sarwan not out 7 Extras (b 2, lb 2, w 3, nb 1) 8 Total (4 wickets; 50 overs) 337 did not bat d Ramdin†, N deonarine, SP Narine, KAJ Roach, TL best Fall of wickets 1-168 (Powell, 28.4 ov), 2-248 (Charles, 38.6 ov), 3-266 (Russell, 41.3 ov), 4-302 (dJ bravo, 47.2 ov) bowling: Km Jarvis 10-1-65-1, P utseya 10-0-60-0, Cb mpofu 10-0-83-2, CJ Chibhabha 3-0-19-0, N mushangwe 10-2-56-1, h masakadza 5-0-35-0, mN waller 2-0-15-0 ZImbAbwE V Sibanda lbw b Roach 12

6 CJ Chibhabha c Powell b Narine 4 h masakadza c Roach b Narine 8 bRm Taylor c deonarine b best 41 CR Ervine c Charles b Russell 51 mN waller c sub (V Permaul) b dJ bravo 4 Rw Chakabva c Roach b Narine P utseya not out 18 Km Jarvis b Russell 1 N mushangwe b dJ bravo 14 Cb mpofu not out 0 Extras (b 4, lb 5, w 10, nb 3) 22 Total (9 wickets; 50 overs) 181 Fall of wickets 1-18 (Sibanda, 4.4 ov), 2-22 (Chibhabha, 5.3 ov), 3-31 (masakadza, 9.2 ov), 4-34 (Taylor, 10.5 ov), 5-92 (Ervine, 23.5 ov), 6-115 (Chakabva, 29.3 ov), 7-156 (waller, 40.6 ov), 8-161 (Jarvis, 43.4 ov), 9-181 (mushangwe, 48.5 ov) bowling: KAJ Roach 8-1-15-1, TL best 10-1-38-1, SP Narine 10-4-28-3, deonarine 7-137-0,dJ bravo 8-0-30-2, Ad Russell 7-0-24-2

Tendulkar, Kohli even up match sachiN teNdulkar's iNNiNgs was the Most assured aNd oMiNous he has played at test level iN receNt MeMory CHENNAI AGENCIES


N the space of his first two balls, Sachin Tendulkar changed the complexion of this match. Arriving at the wicket with India a forlorn 12 for 2 in reply to 380, he punched a rampant James Pattinson through the covers with so much certainty that a previously confident Australia were given pause, while a momentarily cowed India breathed anew. By the end of the day Pattinson had burst through a third batsman, Cheteshwar Pujara, but used only in a pair of micro-spells he was unable to get at Tendulkar, and the hosts reached a contented 182 for 3 with Virat Kohli offering typically wristy support. Tendulkar's innings was the most assured and ominous he has played at Test level in recent memory, though it could easily have ended in the final over before tea. Nathan Lyon pushed most of his deliveries through, but second ball he looped an off break that Tendulkar padded away dismissively though it appeared bound for the stumps. Australia's appeal was prolonged and justified, but the umpire Marais erasmus was unmoved. The reprieve had a restorative effect on Tendulkar, allowing him to go on to only a second half-century in his past 14 Test innings, and a deflating one on Lyon, depriving him of the confidence an early wicket would have provided.

He was seldom a threat from that moment. India's innings had been delayed until after lunch by the obduracy of the Australian tail. Michael Clarke went on from his overnight

103 not out to 130, going past Greg Chappell on Australia's list of run aggregates along the way, and Peter Siddle dead-batted to a stodgy but valuable 19 from 94 balls. Pattinson and Lyon then managed to extend the session, each ball a little victory for the pair. Lyon ultimately succumbed when his sweep was well held at leg slip. R Ashwin again bowled teasingly, and Lyon's wicket gave him a new innings high-mark in first-class cricket. Ravindra Jadeja and Harbhajan Singh struck earlier in the morning, the latter improving somewhat on his diffident performance on the first day of the series. Redolent of a desert, the pitch required constant vigilance by the batsmen, and does not look like improving. M Vijay and Virender Sehwag walked out for the start of the afternoon session aware that Australia's most threatening bowlers would be employed immediately. Mitchell Starc took the first over and bowled tidily without extracting his pet inswing to the right-hand batsmen, relying on the occasional short ball for the element of surprise. He was later to spend too many overs around the wicket, negating his natural angle, and the creation of footmarks for Lyon. At the other end Pattinson charged in for his first Test since a side strain removed him from Australia's attack in Adelaide last November. Clearly instructed to bowl at his fastest in short spells by his captain Clarke, Pattinson touched 150kmph during a three-over stint that exhilarated everyone but the Indian opening batsmen. entering the match with modest domestic form, Vijay was beaten for pace by a full ball that tailed back fractionally and plucked out leg stump via the inside edge. Sehwag never seemed at home, and a late defensive prod on a ball angled back into him resulted in a dismissal that looked bizarre but also felt inevitable.

SCOREbOARd AuSTRALIA 1ST INNINGS EJm Cowan st dhoni b Ashwin 29 dA warner lbw b Ashwin 59 PJ hughes b Ashwin 6 SR watson lbw b Ashwin 28 mJ Clarke c Kumar b Jadeja 130 mS wade lbw b Ashwin 12 mC henriques lbw b Ashwin 68 mA Starc b Jadeja 3 Pm Siddle c Sehwag b harbhajan 19 JL Pattinson not out 15 Nm Lyon c Kohli b Ashwin 3 Extras (b 1, lb 7) 8 Total (all out; 133 overs; 495 mins) 380 Fall of wickets 1-64 (Cowan, 14.3 ov), 2-72 (hughes, 18.3 ov), 3-126 (watson, 34.4 ov), 4-131 (warner, 36.4 ov), 5-153 (wade, 46.6 ov), 6-304 (henriques, 89.2 ov), 7-307 (Starc, 90.1 ov), 8-361 (Clarke, 119.1 ov), 9-364 (Siddle, 120.6 ov), 10-380 (Lyon, 132.6 ov) bowling: b Kumar 13-1-52-0, I Sharma 17-3-59-0, harbhajan Singh 25-2-87-1, R Ashwin 42-12-103-7, RA Jadeja 36-10-71-2 INdIA 1ST INNINGS m Vijay b Pattinson 10 V Sehwag b Pattinson 2 CA Pujara b Pattinson 44 SR Tendulkar not out 71 V Kohli not out 50 Extras (lb 3, w 2) 5 Total (3 wickets; 52 overs) 182 To bat RA Jadeja, mS dhoni*†, R Ashwin, harbhajan Singh, b Kumar, I Sharma Fall of wickets 1-11 (Vijay, 3.2 ov), 2-12 (Sehwag, 5.2 ov), 3-105 (Pujara, 28.4 ov) bowling: mA Starc 14-2-37-0, JL Pattinson 6-1-25-3, Pm Siddle 8-1-31-0, Nm Lyon 14-0-55-0, mC henriques 8-2-17-0, mJ Clarke 2-0-14-0 Toss Australia, who chose to bat Test debuts mC henriques (Australia); b Kumar (India) Player of the match tba umpires hdPK dharmasena (Sri Lanka) and m Erasmus (South Africa) TV umpire VA Kulkarni match referee bC broad (England) Reserve umpire K Srinath

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I just tried to save some energy for the end and with 10 laps to go I realised I needed just one point. When you've got a world title on the line you get that energy from somewhere. – Simon Yates after claiming World Cycling title




Sunday, 24 February, 2013

Pakistan in deep trouble CENTURION AGENCIES


LAHORE: Shoaib Akhtar, Chief Guest at FCC's Alumni Sports Events, distributes prizes among the sporting event winners. StAFF photo

YLe Abbott took seven for 29 on his Test debut to send Pakistan crashing to 156 all out on the second day of the third and final Test against South Africa at SuperSport Park on Saturday. Pakistan, forced to follow on 253 runs behind, were 14 for one at the close, with Mohammad Hafeez bowled by Dale Steyn with the first ball of the second innings. It left Pakistan facing an almost hopeless task as they tried to avoid a series whitewash. Abbott, 25, was called into the South African squad as cover for the fast bowlers when regular reserve Rory Kleinveldt was named to replace the injured Morne Morkel. The Dolphins fast bowler, the leading wicket-taker in domestic first-class cricket, found himself in the team when all-rounder Jacques Kallis suffered a calf injury the day before the match. He bowled a tight line at a lively pace to take two wickets in an initial Pakistan collapse, which saw them slip from 46 for no wicket to 75 for four, then had a

spell of five for five as the lower order and tail crumbled. Six of his wickets were to catches in the slip cordon before he finished off the innings

by trapping Younis Khan leg before wicket after the Pakistan veteran had battled for two-and-ahalf hours and 86 balls to make 33.

SCOREbOARd SOuTh AFRICA FIRST INNINGS (334 FOR SIx OVERNIGhT) G. Smith c younus Khan b Adil 5 10 A. Petersen lbw Rahat 92 h. Amla c Sarfraz b Rahat 29 F. du Plessis c Sarfraz b Adil 121 Ab de Villiers c Shafiq b Rahat 7 d. Elgar lbw b Rahat 28 R. Peterson run out V. Philander c hafeez b younus 74 13 K. Abbot b Rahat R. Kleinveldt c Ajmal b Rahat 0 d. Steyn not out 5 Extras (b-1 lb-6 w-6 nb-12) 25 Total (all out, 103.2 overs) 409 Fall of wickets: 1-13 2-38 3-107 4-186 5-186 6-248 7-377 8-394 9-402 10409 bowling: mohammad Irfan 21.5-3-80-0 (3nb), Rahat Ali 27.2-1-127-6 (6nb, 6w), Ehsan Adil 12.1-2-54-2 (3nb), Saeed Ajmal 29-6-76-0, younus Khan 6-0-28-1, mohammad hafeez 5-0-24-0, Azhar Ali 2-0-13-0. Pakistan first innings 18 mohammad hafeez c Elgar b Abbott Imran Farhat lbw Philander 30 6 Azhar Ali b Philander 33 younus Khan lbw Abbott

misbah-ul-haq c Petersen b Abbott 10 6 Asad Shafiq lbw Steyn 17 Sarfraz Ahmed c Smith b Abbott 0 Saeed Ajmal c Smith b Abbott 9 Ehsan Adil c du Plessis b Abbott mohammad Irfan c Elgar b Abbott 0 Rahat Ali not out 0 Extras (lb-17 w-8 nb-2) 27 156 Total (all out, 46.3 overs) Fall of wickets: 1-46 2-56 3-56 4-75 5-95 6-132 7-132 8-149 9-149 10-156 bowling: Steyn 12-5-25-1 (1w), Philander 10-2-30-2 (1w), Kleinveldt 121-49-0 (1nb, 1w), Abbott 11.4-4-29-7 (1nb 1w), Peterson 1-0-6-0 Pakistan second innings (follow-on) mohammad hafeez b Steyn 0 5 Imran Farhat not out 8 younus Khan not out 1 Extras (lb-1) 14 Total (for one wicket, 9 overs) Fall of wickets: 1-0 To bat: Azhar Ali, misbah-ul-haq, Asad Shafiq, Sarfraz Ahmed, Saeed Ajmal, Ehsan Adil, mohammad Irfan, Rahat Ali bowling: Steyn 4-1-9-1, Philander 3-2-2-0, Abbott 1-1-0-0, R. Kleinveldt 1-0-2-0, South Africa won the toss and elected to bat.

PHF brings four new faces for azlan Shah Cup Hockey LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Pakistan Hockey Federation has brought in four new faces for the Azlan Shah Cup to strengthen the bench strength and rested four of thr senior players. The Azlan Shah Cup has four new faces and the team management is hopeful to get decent results in the event being played from March 9-17 in Ipoh, Malaysia. The fresh legs included in the 18member squad are half line players Amir Shahzad, Tasawar Abbas and forward Irfan Junior and Mohammad Imran Jr, said Akhtar Rasool Chaduahry, manager and chief coach of the team at a press conference here on Saturday at National Hockey Stadium. Coaches Hanif Khan and Ajmal Lohdi were also present on the occasion. The team chief coach said the two senior players Shakeel Abbasi and former captain Wasim Ahmed have been given rest in order to test the abilities of new players. Rizwan Sr, and Mohammad Rashid who preferred playing league abroad rather joining the national camp were not considered and the team management have sent a compliant against them to the

Pakistan Hockey Federation. To a question Akhtar refused to predict teams chances on reaching victory podium and rather said: “We are working hard on improving teams performance and we are confident to get decent results,” “I don’t want to make tall claims regarding teams reaching the victory stand but one thing is very clear that we are going there with a high aim to show consistency keeping in mind our title victory in Asian Champions Trophy in Doha December last. Akhtar Rasool said the four new

players are the produce of the junior team and the team management has taken Azlan Shah Cup as an event to test the talent of new players for building the team for future needs. “We want to give rest to some senior players because Azlan Shah is the only tournament ahead of us to gauge the potential of new players as we will be playing a number of important tournaments afterwards and there are lesser chance to induct new faces,” he asserted. The former Pakistan captain said he has faith in new comers and he believes they

will be justifying their inclusion by putting up their best in the Azlan Shah Cup in which worlds best teams will be playing. He said team management is making changes in the side keeping in view the future assignments including next year’s World Cup and 2015 Olympics. Hanif Khan said he was not afraid of criticism and he is fully satisfied on the selection of the team. “We are going to try new players and at this stage it is difficult to say how they will perform but hopefully they will live upto the expectations,” he added.

THE TEAM: Goalkeepers: Imran Butt, Imran Shah Fullbacks: Mohammad Irfan, Mohammad Imran (captain), Muhammad Atiq Halfbacks: Rizwan Jr, Farid Ahmed, Amir Shahzad, Muhammad Tauseeq, Tasawar Abbas. Forwards: Waqas Sharif, Shafqat Rasool, Haseem Khan, Mohammad Imran Jr, Ali Shah, Muhammad Suleman, Kashif Ali and Irfan Jr. Seven stand byes are: Khalid Butt, Kashif Shah, Sabtain Raza, Muzammal Bhatti, Muhammad Suleman, Arslan and Dilbar.

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I think people are talking us up at the moment as we are going to compete for the world championship, but I really don't see that happening at the moment. – Lewis Hamilton

17 S

SPoRTS Sunday, 24 February, 2013

Berdych reaches last four in Marseille

US govt joins lawsuit against armstrong

Poulter on the Tiger trail in Arizona ARIZONA: Tiger Woods is the only player to win back-to-back World Golf Championships since the series began in 1999, but Ian Poulter has the chance to join him in Arizona. Five months after his heroics at the Ryder Cup and three months after he won the HSBC Champions in China the 37-year-old takes on South African Tim Clark at the Accenture World Match Play for a place in the quarterfinals. None of the top seven seeds still alive after Luke donald, Louis Oosthuizen and Justin Rose on Friday followed Rory McIlroy, Woods, Adam Scott and Lee Westwood out of the event. McIlroy's conqueror Shane Lowry - only playing because Phil Mickelson and Brandt Snedeker did not take up their places - is also through to the last 16 and he is now involved in another all-Irish clash against Graeme Mcdowell. Poulter, winner of the title three years ago, has shown no ill-effects of taking six weeks off coming into the tournament. AGENCIES



Tomas Berdych had to come through three tough sets against Jerzy Janowicz of Poland to reach the last four of the Marseille Open on Friday. The top-seeded Czech needed almost two hours to see off his seventh-seeded opponent, eventually emerging a 6-3 6-7 (0/7) 6-3 winner. Berdych will next face Dmitry Tursunov, who reached his first ATP Tour semi-final in 20 months by beating Gilles Muller of Luxembourg 7-6 (9/7) 1-6 75. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will take on Gilles Simon in the other all-French semi-final. Third seed Tsonga saved five match points on his way to a 4-6 6-3 7-6 (12/10) victory over Australia's Bernard Tomic. Simon had a much easier time on court in his quarter-final, dispatching second seed Juan Martin del Potro 6-4 6-3 in one hour and 22 minutes.

The United States Government has confirmed it has joined a civil lawsuit against Lance Armstrong to claim around US$100 million from the disgraced cyclist. The US Department of Justice took the opportunity to join a whistle-blowing lawsuit filed by Armstrong's former team-mate, Floyd Landis, who alleges the Texan defrauded the US Govt when it sponsored the United States Postal Service team. The lawsuit was filed under the False Claims Act and provides for the recovery of three times the damages, plus penalties, and also includes the possibility of the whistle-blower sharing in any funds recovered. The USPS sponsorship was from 1999 to 2004, with US dollars 31m paid between 2001 and 2004 alone, the Department of Justice said. A statement read: "The Depart-

ment of Justice announced today that the government has joined a civil lawsuit alleging that Lance Armstrong, Johan Bruyneel and Tailwind Sports LLC and Tailwind Sports Corporation (Tailwind) submitted or caused the submission of false claims to the US Postal Service (USPS) in connection with its sponsorship of a professional bicycle racing team by regularly employing banned substances and methods to enhance their performance, in violation of the USPS sponsorship agreements.

lisicki, erakovic reach Memphis final; Cilic out MEMPHIS AGENCIES

Sabine Lisicki and Marina erakovic will meet in the final of the US National Indoor Tennis Championships in Memphis after a pair of straight sets victories. Germany's Lisicki, seeded third and ranked number 40 in the world, will start as favourite ahead of New Zealand's erakovic, who is rated number 71 on the WTA. Lisicki defeated seventh seed Magdalena Rybarikova 7-5 7-5 to book her place in the showpiece. erakovic, who is seeking her first tour title, beat Switzerland's Stefanie Voegele 6-

Jankovic reaches last four in Bogota

Ferrer, Almagro through to semis BOGOTA



Top seed Jelena Jankovic cruised into the last four of the Copa Colsanitas with a straight sets win over Romania's Alexandra Cadantu in Bogota. Jankovic, the only seed left standing in a competition that has had more than its share of upsets, yielded just three games as she claimed a regulation 6-2 6-1 success. Her semi-final opponent will be Italy's Karin Knapp, who took a 6-3 6-3 win over Spain's Lara Arruabarrena-Vecino. World number 198 Paula Ormaechea is also through after seeing off Maria-Teresa TorroFlor 6-1 7-5. Torro-Flor is ranked exactly 100 places above the Argentinean, but was repeatedly broken on the way to defeat. Ormaechea meets Teliana Pereira of Brazil next after she coasted to a 6-1 6-2 victory over Mandy Minella.

Spanish pair David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro remain on course to reprise their 2012 Copa Claro final after both men won their quarter-finals in straight

sets. Top seed and reigning champion Ferrer made light work of sixth seed Fabio Fognini with a 6-2 6-1 success. The man he beat into the runner-up spot last year, Almagro, lined up against Argentinean wild card Federico Delbonis and recorded a 6-1 7-6(3)

Price keen to outdo Klitschkos LONDON


David Price wants to send a message to the Klitschko brothers by hammering former world title challenger Tony Thompson in style on Saturday night. The 6ft 8in Liverpool heavyweight has his long-term sights set on a clash with either WBC champion Vitali or his brother Wladimir, who holds the WBA, IBF and WBO belts. First however, the unbeaten Price faces a step up in class against American veteran Thompson, who has lost twice to Wladimir in the past. The British champion knows he can make a statement to the world by beating Thompson even more impressively than Klitschko, who needed 11 rounds to stop the Washington man in 2008 and six in July last year. "It's the biggest fight of my career," said Price. "The ideal scenario is that I do a real number on him - better than Wladimir

Klitschko did. "I'm not Wladimir Klitschko, I'm David Price, so at the end of the day I need to do what's best for me. That means keeping a professional, focused mentality during the fight and if an opportunity comes

to finish the fight early then I'm definitely going to go for it. "Beating him in style is the ideal scenario but I'll take any kind of win." Price (15-0, 13 KOs) revealed the bout at Liverpool's echo Arena will not be

victory. Ferrer's semi-final opponent is another Spaniard, Tommy Robredo, afrer he defeated Julian Reister 6-3 6-2. Third seed Stanislas Wawrinka is next for Almagro after he prevented a Spanish clean sweep in the last four, seeing off Albert Ramos 7-6(4) 6-4.

his first time in a ring with Thompson (363, 24KOs). "When we went with england to America in 2007 for the World Championships in Chicago we stayed in Philadelphia for 10 days or so and Tony Thompson was in the same gym as us," he said. "I think I sparred one round with him, which he won't remember as it wasn't really memorable. It was like a lifetime ago, when I was an amateur. That's the only time I've come across him. We had a little chat and he gave me a bit of advice. "It's gone full circle now and here we are, about to fight each other." Thompson, 41, knows this is a make-or-break fight for him too. "Price's team have picked me because they think I'm just a name to look good on his record," he said. "They think I'm past my prime and they are making a mistake. This fight will tell us something and I'll be honest, if he blasts me out then I know it's over for me. But I don't believe it's my time yet."

2 6-4. In the men's competition, top seed Marin Cilic was ousted at the quarter-final stage by Japan's Kei Nishikori. The Croatian was outplayed as he was beaten 6-4 6-2 by Nishikori, the fifth seed. Nishikori faces Australian Marinko Matosevic in the semi-finals after he defeated seventh seed Alexandr Dolgopolov in a hardfought (6)6-7 6-2 6-4 result. The other semi sees Feliciano Lopez meet Denis Istomin after both men beat American opponents. Wild card Jack Sock could not match Lopez, a 6-4 6-3 winner, while Uzbek Istomin saw off Russell 6-4 7-6.

nugent must go, says swim star

MELBOURNE: James Magnussen, centre, and Eamon Sullivan, right, at the press conference where they admitted to a Stilnox-fuelled bonding session. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images OLYMPIC Games gold medallist Melanie Schlanger has become the first member of the Australian swim team to call for the removal of Leigh Nugent as head coach, as a fourth review was announced yesterday into the behaviour of swimmers at the London Games. The confirmation yesterday by five members of the men's freestyle relay team that they had taken the banned hypnotic drug Stilnox as part of a bonding session ahead of the Games prompted the Australian Olympic Committee to announce it would engage a Queen's Counsel to investigate this incident and a number of other possible breaches of the athletes' team agreements. This new AOC investigation comes even as Swimming Australia's integrity panel, formed four days ago to investigate the scathing findings earlier this week of two full-scale reviews of the sport, is preparing to examine reports of drunkenness, bullying and possible inappropriate behaviour towards two female swimmers. AGENCIES

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It is a big game for both the teams. We need to win to get closer to them and get some advantage. Second place is more than possible for us. To win I think we are maybe a little bit too far. – Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech

donald ousted from Match Play Championship TUCSON


bowen secures PGM Sime darby win


James Bowen savoured a memorable week by closing with a one-under-par 71 to claim a maiden Asian Development Tour (ADT) breakthrough at the PGM Sime Darby Harvard Masters. Victory on Saturday, which came courtesy of his four-day total of 18under-par 270, was especially sweet for American Bowen as he had earlier suffered

the agony of missing the cut at the Asian Tour Qualifying School Final Stage last month. It was a four-way tie for second place after Thailand's Wasin Sripattranusorn, Pavit Tangkamolprasert, Jakraphan Premsirigorn and Canada's Lindsay Renolds closed their campaigns with matching 274s at the RM200,000 (approximately US$65,000) ADT event which was staged at the Harvard Golf and Country Club this week. Bowen has been in commanding form all week. Since taking over the lead after the second round, the American was a figure of consistency as he was determined to erase the heartbreak of last month where he slipped up and lost his chance to earn his Tour card on the region's premier Tour. "This is my first professional win since I turned pro in 2008. It's definitely a great confidence builder and made up for my disappointment of missing out on my Asian Tour card at Qualifying School," said Bowen. "I have a chance of playing my way into the Asian Tour again and I'm looking forward to more wins on the ADT," said the American. The top three players at the end of the ADT season will earn their Asian Tour cards for 2014.

Stars aim for The Open spots


The Asian Tour stars will challenge for four coveted spots in The Open Championship in July at the International Final Qualifying (IFQ) - Asia in Thailand next week. Some of the leading lights and rising stars from Asia will converge for the two-day qualifying at the majestic Amata Spring Golf and Country from February 28 to March 1. Anirban Lahiri of India, who finished tied 31st in his Major debut last season, countryman Gaganjeet Bhullar, Prom Meesawat of Thailand, Lam Chih Bing of Singapore and Jonathan Moore of

the United States, who both missed out on the final ticket in a play-off last year, will feature in the 78-man field. Chinese prodigy Guan Tianlang, who will be the youngest player in the field, will be bidding to earn his second Major appearance in 2013. Fellow countryman Liang Wen-chong, the 2007 Asian Tour Order of Merit winner and Masanori Kobayashi of Japan will also vie for elusive tickets to the year's third Major tournament played at Muirfield from July 14 to 21. Lahiri, a two-time Asian Tour winner, won the IFQ - Asia last year to book his place among the game's elite. He went on to enjoy a stellar debut which was highlighted by his hole-in-one in the third round.



Sunday, 24 February, 2013

wAtCh It LIve PTV SPORTS 3rd test: Pakistan South Africa 01:30 PM

STAR CRICKET 1st test: India V Australia 09:00 AM



UKe Donald suffered one of the biggest defeats of his career as the giant-killing continued at the Accenture Match Play Championship in Tucson. Made favourite for the title after the first round defeats of the world's top two, Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, third seed and 2011 winner Donald was crushed 7&6 by unheralded Scott Piercy. With Justin Rose and Louis Oosthuizen also bowing out eighth seed Bubba Watson is now the highestranked player left in - and he had to go to the fourth extra hole to get the better of Ryder Cup team-mate Jim Furyk. Also still alive, though, are 2010 champion Ian Poulter, McIlroy's conqueror Shane Lowry - only playing because Phil Mickelson and Brandt


Barclays League: Manchester City v Chelsea 06:55 PM

Pistorius out on bail

Snedeker pulled out - and Graeme McDowell. The two Irishmen play each other next, while Poulter takes on South African Tim Clark in the first of two rounds now scheduled for Saturday following the delays caused by the

freakish snowstorm earlier in the week. American Piercy, who has made it to 37th in the world with hardly anybody noticing, sank his four-iron approach to the fifth for an eagle two and turned in a marvellous six under par 30.

PRETORIA: Oscar Pistorius was granted bail as he awaits trial for killing his girlfriend. Supporters could be heard saying "yes", and members of the athlete's family wept and appeared to pray after Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair announced his decision following a 90-minute speech to the court in Pretoria. AGENCIES

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Sunday, 24 February, 2013

PM says govt ready for accountability aNNouNces rs 500M For govt college iN hyderabad

asks the NatioN to uNite agaiNst terrorisM, extreMisM HyDERABAD ONLINE


RIMe Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf said on Saturday that he was ready to give account of the government’s spending in last five years, adding that soon “we will all be present before the public court”. Speaking at the Government College, Hyderabad‚ he said that he had come to the institute after

47 years, reviving lots of old memories. He said that he would participate in the centennial celebrations of the college. Recalling his memories of studying at the college‚ he said the institution had made great contributions in the education sector. He announced Rs 500 million for renovation and expansion of the college. Ashraf said that for the first time in the country’s history, a democratic government was completing

its five-year term. “It is a big achievement for the people of Pakistan,” he said. “We executed an unprecedented number of revolutionary projects in the 65-year history of the country. We devolved powers to the provinces and gave them provincial autonomy. Similarly‚ the PPP government gave jobs to the jobless,” he said. The PM said that those criticising the government on television had never seen poverty and neither visited a village. “They do not know the problems, and I want to tell them that they should not worry, because soon we would be in front of each other in the court of the people and it would be their pre-

rogative to choose their representatives,” he said. He added that a strong democracy and parliament were imperative to find solution to multidimensional challenges faced by the country. The PM said the whole nation should stand united to confront the challenges of terrorism‚ extremism‚ law and order and the energy crisis. He asked the students to reject hatred and promote the message of peace and brotherhood for the progress and prosperity of the country. The ceremony was also attended by Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah, federal ministers Naveed Qamar and Maula Baksh Chandio, and several other parliamentarians.

Courts let Ishaq loose, we didn’t: Rasheed puNjab govt spokesMaN says balochistaN, siNdh aNd Federal govts issued 11 arMs liceNses to ishaq aNd his soNs LAHORE STAFF REPORT

JENIN: Israeli border police detain a Palestinian demonstrator following clashes at the entrance of the Jalama checkpoint on Saturday.

Top LJ leaders holed-up in Punjab: Malik ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Saturday said the top leadership of Lashkare-Jhangvi (LJ) is based in Punjab. He said taking LJ leader Malik Ishaq in custody was an appreciable step by the Punjab government but more is required including initiation of criminal cases against him. Malik also said Pakistan would soon request Interpol for the repatriation of senior Tehreek-e-Taliban comfrom Faqir Maulvi mander Afghanistan. Maulvi Faqir was arrested by Afghan forces from the PakistanAfghan border a few days ago. Speaking to reporters at the passing out ceremony at Police Lines, Malik said Faqir was behind a series of terror attacks in the country. “We want his deportation to Pakistan so that action can be initiated against him in accordance with the law,” he added. Responding to another question on the Taliban dialogue offer‚ Malik said the Taliban will have to demonstrate seriousness for talks. “They have to first surrender their weapons before the start of negotiations,” said Malik. earlier, addressing participants of the passing out parade, the minister said Pakistan is passing through a critical phase and facing challenges of extremism and terrorism. He said the PPP government had

soon, after assuming power, decided to enhance the capacity and capability of law enforcement agencies. He said the nation knows that elements plotting to destabilise Pakistan by conducting terrorism in Karachi‚ Peshawar and Quetta have failed. He said the nation will overcome terrorism with the help of law enforcing agencies. He said Pakistan lies at the crossroads of central and south Asia and due to its geo-strategic importance and nuclear status‚ has become a target of foreign interests that want to harm it. The interior minister said the government decided to give representation to Balochs in all departments and the induction of Baloch youth in Islamabad police as part of Aghaz-eHaqooq-e-Balochistan package is a reaffirmation of this commitment. He urged the Baloch youth to become part of mainstream life.

What did you do for Balochistan killings, Shahbaz asks Malik LAHORE: Claiming that the law and order situation in Punjab was comparatively better than other provinces, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday asked Interior Minister Rehman Malik as to what did he do to bring the killers of hundreds in Balochistan to justice. “Rehman Malik better first come clean on his progress in restive Balochistan before raising fingers at others,” he said. He was speaking to journalists after condoling with the family of slain eye surgeon Prof Dr Ali Haider. STAFF REPORT

Punjab government spokesman Senator Pervaiz Rasheed on Saturday rejected Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s allegations regarding Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LJ), saying the Punjab government had played its role in arresting Ishaq but the courts had set him free. Rasheed said Malik Ishaq was arrested twice by the Punjab government – first in 1997 and the second time just a day ago. “Malik is levelling false allegations only for political purposes,” he said, adding that the interior minister should check the record and be aware that Malik Ishaq was sentenced a number of times by trial courts but was released by higher courts through appeals during the Musharraf era. Rasheed said that Rehman Malik neither wrote a letter to Punjab government for arresting Ishaq nor provided any material on the basis of which Ishaq could have been arrested. He said that it was an open secret that 11 arms licenses were issued to Malik Ishaq and two of his sons, Malik Usman and Malik Muhammad Haq Nawaz, who have connections with Sindh and Balochistan governments of PPP. Similarly, licenses of prohibited bores were also issued to Malik Ishaq by the federal government, added Rasheed. “The Punjab government never issued any license to Ishaq. The federal government was reminded repeatedly to stop issuance of prohibited bore licenses but our pleas went in vain,” he said. Senator Rasheed said that instead of levelling allegations, Rehman Malik should explain

why licenses in such a large number were issued by the Sindh and Balochistan governments to Malik Ishaq. He said that following Ishaq’s arrest by the Punjab government led by Shahbaz Sharif in 1997, he had to spend 14 years in jail and was released due to weak prosecution in courts during Musharraf’s time. Involving Punjab government in this matter is an illogical and redundant activity and is far from the realities of the issue, he added. Giving details of the licenses issued to Malik Ishaq, Rasheed said that the LJ leader was issued license No. 227/8 for weapon No. 973066 of 222 bore, license No. 226/9 for weapon No. 860760 of 223 bore and license No. 225 for weapon No. 887068 of .44 bore from Jacobabad by Sindh government and license No. 358 for weapon No. SA 6393 of 12 bore from Jaffarabad, Balochistan, and license No. 3158 for weapon No. 7034 of .222 bore by Balochistan government from Quetta. Malik Muhammad Usman, son of Malik Ishaq, was issued license No. 2192 for weapon No. 276376 of 12 bore and license No. 2193 for weapon No. 6192 of 30 bore by Balochistan government from Quetta while license No. 803 for weapon No. 45358 of 30 bore was issued to him from Jaffarabad, Balochistan. Similarly, Malik Haq Nawaz, son of Malik Ishaq, was issued license No. 2191 for weapon No. 276374 of 12 bore from Quetta, license No. 804 for weapon No. 31110014 of 30 bore from Jaffarabad and license No. 2190 for weapon No. 915312 of 30 bore from Quetta.

Pentagon grounds its entire fleet of F-35 fighter jets WASHINGTON ONLINE

The US military on Saturday temporarily grounded its entire fleet of F-35 fighter jets as a precautionary measure after a routine inspection detected a crack on an engine blade. According to a statement from Pentagon, all F-35 flight operations had been suspended until the investigation was complete. “It is too early to know the fleet-wide impact of the recent finding,” it said, adding that the

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.

Editor: Arif Nizami

F-35 Joint Program Office was working closely with Pratt and Whitney and Lockheed Martin at all F-35 locations to ensure the integrity of the engine and to return the fleet safely to flight as soon as possible. The Pentagon said a routine engine inspection revealed a crack on an engine blade of the F-35 engine installed in F-35A aircraft AF-2 operating at edwards Air Force Base, California. engineering teams would be shipping the engine’s turbine module and its associated hardware to Pratt and Whitney’s

engine Facility in Middletown, Connecticut, to conduct more thorough evaluation and root cause analysis. The New York Times said the suspension of flights came at an awkward time for the military, which was facing automatic budget cuts that could slow its purchases of the planes. The F-35 II is a family of single-seat, single-engine, fifth generation multi-role fighters under development to perform ground attack, reconnaissance and air defense missions with stealth capability.

e-paper pakistantoday 24th February, 2013  

e-paper pakistantoday 24th February, 2013

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