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Sunday, 23 September, 2012 Dhual-Qi’da 5, 1433

US Senate defeats bill to cut Pakistan aid g

Mover rand paul says will continue to raise aid cut issue WASHINGTON AGENCIES


He US Senate on Friday overwhelmingly defeated a bill that would have denied American aid to Pakistan until the release of the imprisoned Pakistani doctor who helped CIA trace Osama bin Laden.

Dr Shakil Afridi was sentenced to 33 years in jail in Pakistan on May 24 for treason over alleged ties to Lashkar-e-Islam. The bill was defeated by 81 to 10 votes. Introduced by Senator Rand Paul, the bill also called for cutting all US aid to Libya and egypt, until those who were responsible for attack on American missions in these two countries were arrested and

handed over to the US. Following the defeat of his bill, which was opposed even by senators from his own Republican party, Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky vowed to keep this important issue front and center. “When nearly 80 per cent of Americans believe foreign aid should be reduced - especially to countries that are not our al-

lies - it is inconceivable why their views are ignored by so many in Congress,” he said. “I am far from defeated on this; I will continue to fight for this issue when Congress returns, and I will continue to call attention to the billions of American dollars - borrowed from China, among other places - being sent to governments that are not willing to respect and protect our interests overseas,” Paul said. earlier, Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said Dr Afridi should

not be treated as a hero by Americans. “We feel Dr Shakil Afridi should be no hero to the Americans. Dr Afridi did not know the Herculean task that he was trying to do. He did know that he was going after Osama bin Laden. He was a man who was up for hire by anybody who was willing to pay him, and that included Islamic organizations, terrorist organizations, which were using him to move and work against your and our interests. So he was no hero,” Khar said.

Dual national parliamentarians

NEW DELHI: A demonstrator, stripping to his undershirt while standing on top of a table, shouts slogans in protest before a speech by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday.

Name names, SC tells Malik g

afp | story on page 04

Interior minister claims that he has information about several Mps holding dual nationalities ISLAMABAD StAff REPoRt

The Supreme Court on Saturday asked Interior Minister Rehman Malik, journalist Umar Cheema and Parliamentary Secretary Shehnaz Sheikh to assist it by revealing names of more dual national members of parliament. Referring to media reports quoting Rehman Malik as claiming that he knew many more dual national MPs sitting in the assemblies, Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry directed the court office to write to Malik, asking him to reveal the names of dual national lawmakers. The media report had quoted the interior minister as saying that proceedings were conducted against only a few members of assemblies whereas a large number of members had concealed their dual citizenship and he would produce a list of such members if so directed by the court

or the government. The court vide its short order on September 20 had decided the cases of the dual national parliamentarians and members of the provincial assemblies in respect of whom either the petitioner or the interveners, M/S Waheed Anjum and Tariq Asad, had furnished information, whereas no one amongst the persons, namely Rehman Malik or Umar Cheema, had come forward to assist the court. “Article 5 of the constitution provides that loyalty to the State is the basic duty of every citizen and that obedience to the Constitution and law is the inviolable obligation of every citizen wherever he may be, and of every other person for the time being within Pakistan. The said Article essentially is to be read with Article 25 of the Constitution, which provides that all citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law,” said a handout issued by the court. “Thus, they (Rehman Malik and Umar Cheema) are required to assist the court to ensure that there is no discrimination amongst the parliamentarians and members of the provincial assemblies, who being the holders of dual citizenship under Article 63(1)(c) of the Constitution are disqualified from being elected or chosen as, and from being, members of the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)”. In pursuance of the news story by Cheema published on September

21 under caption “Another dual national MNA spotted hiding behind secrecy”, the letter was sent to him asking him to furnish the details to substantiate the stand and enabling the court to deal with all of them equally in terms of Article 25 read with Article 5 of the Constitution. The SC also directed for sending a letter to Begum Shehnaz Sheikh through the NA secretary to confirm the information given in the newspaper. The report had stated that more than 30 members still had dual citizenship. “Keeping in view these provisions, it is to be observed that above noted persons, namely, Umar Cheema, Senator A Rehman Malik, and all citizens of Pakistan are under a constitutional duty to be loyal to the State of Pakistan and obedient to the Constitution and the law. Letters be sent to Umar Cheema and Senator A Rehman Malik to furnish details to substantiate the stand taken by them as noted hereinabove, enabling this Court to deal with all of them equally in terms of Article 25 read with Article 5 of the Constitution. A letter be also sent to Begum Shehnaz Sheikh through secretary, National Assembly to confirm the information given in the newspapers referred to hereinabove. The information so solicited be furnished on or before 27.09.2012, so that further proceedings, if need be, may be initiated on judicial side,” the order said.

Pakistan, US plan joint effort to boost peace talks with Taliban: report g

Joint ‘action group’ likely to vet militant candidates for political rehabilitation g Group to consider who is reconcilable, who is not, what should the talks include NEWS DESK

The United States and Pakistan are planning a joint effort to draw the Taliban toward peace talks in Afghanistan, an initiative that could help reconcile some militants and give Pakistan a say in the political future of its larger neighbor, The Washington Post reported on Saturday. A joint commission, or “action group,” would help vet candidates for political rehabilitation, with a goal of helping Afghanistan frame a workable peace deal after US and foreign forces leave the country. Officials familiar with the previously undisclosed plan described

it on condition of anonymity because it is not final and because some aspects of US outreach to the Taliban are classified. The planned joint vetting was among the main focuses of a nearly five-hour meeting last week between three senior US officials and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, officials of both governments said. The session also covered plans to grant Taliban figures living in Pakistan “safe passage” to political talks. “Whatever you call it, the roadmap will have many aspects to determine who is reconcilable and who is not, how to then move once you determine they are rec-

oncilable, and what should be on the table and what should not be on the table,” a senior Pakistani official said. US officials used similar language to describe the goal of the new partnership. “It would look at who is reconcilable and who is not,” a US official said, with Pakistan using its historical intelligence ties to Taliban elements to advise the US and Afghanistan. The US-Pakistan vetting operation would be part of larger cooperation taking place among Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States despite crosscutting tensions among all three nations.

Pakistan’s participation in the Taliban effort is a recognition that some political deal to end the Taliban’s 11-year insurgency is likely, or at least possible, after the bulk of foreign forces the country in 2014, officials said. Pakistan’s leaders acknowledge they have so far been on the margins of efforts to draw the Taliban into talks. The vetting idea is still in the planning stages and it was not clear whether it would involve Pakistani outreach directly to Taliban leaders living in or near the city of Quetta, and how the Haqqani network, a Taliban affiliate recently declared a terrorist group by the United States, would fit it.

“This will have to be a joint determination,” the Pakistani official said. An internal Afghan effort to reach out to mid-level Taliban leaders appears to be more promising now, several US and other officials said. The US-Pakistani vetting operation could dovetail with the Afghan effort, they added. “Our prerequisite in this is that is to be visibly Afghan-led, Afghanowned and that everybody else shares the responsibility” of helping to frame a viable political settlement, the Pakistani official said. The US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Marc Grossman, led last Friday’s lengthy meeting with Zardari.

White House and Pentagon officials accompanied Grossman. Any deal is likely to take years, far outlasting the current plans to end formal combat against the Taliban in 2014.

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Hundreds of Baloch youths join Pakistan Army

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Rimsha Masih not guilty of blasphemy, police tell court ISLAMABAD: Police on Saturday told a court that a Christian girl who spent three weeks in jail is not guilty and a cleric who allegedly framed her should face trial instead. Investigating officer Munir Jafri said police could not find any evidence against Rimsha Masih, thought to be 14, who was accused in August of burning pages from the Holy Quran in a case which sparked an international outcry. “We have also told the court that there are witnesses and evidence against the local imam for framing a false blasphemy case against Rimsha,” Jafri told AFP. Judge Ghulam Abbas Shah adjourned the case till Monday, September 24 to decide on whether Imam Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Chishti, who was arrested for allegedly adding pages from the Holy Quran to a bag of burnt paper, should face trial. Rao Abdur Rahim, the counsel for Rimsha’s neighbour Hammad Malik who had accused her along with Chishti, said he was not satisfied with the police report. “This report is based on the bad intentions of the investigators and is made to prove Rimsha innocent. But, I will fight the case and make her face trial,” he told AFP. Rimsha and her family, who fear for life after the blasphemy charges, were moved to an undisclosed location since her release on bail on September 8. The case of Rimsha Masih, who was accused of setting fire to papers that contained verses from the Holy Quran, incited particular condemnation because she is said to be underage, illiterate and suffering from learning difficulties. An official medical report has classified her as “uneducated” and aged 14, but with a mental age younger than her years. Others have said she is as young as 11 and suffers from Down’s Syndrome. AfP

Epidemics break out in Balochistan flood-hit areas DERA MURAD JAMALI: Waterborne diseases have turned epidemic in flood-hit areas of three districts of Balochistan including Jaffarabad, Nasirabad and Jhal Magsi. Hospital sources confirmed to APP on Saturday that a large number of flood-stricken people suffering from waterborne diseases were being brought to hospitals. “Most of the patients are suffering from malaria, diarrhea and stomach diseases,” a doctor said. The departments concerned are not making serious efforts to drain out four to five-foot deep floodwater standing in Allahabad, Baba Kot, Mir Hasan, Dera Allahyar, Tambo and others areas. Tens of thousands of flood-hit people are sitting under open sky. Hospitals sources said another 13 patients bitten by snakes were given medical aid. Meanwhile, Shehryar Sultan, the commissioner of Nasirabad division advised the flood victims to be calm and expressed passion. He said although flood played havoc at a large scale in eastern Balochistan adding that however, effort afoot to provide relief to the flood-victims. He said medical camps had been set up to provide medical aid to the patients. APP

Two killed in Kurram blast PARACHINAR: Two people were killed when a bomb went off in Khwar Killay area of Kurram Agency on Saturday, tribal sources said. According to details, the explosion took place in Jannat Khan Morcha area, leaving two dead. Other sources said the deaths occurred due to explosion of a mortar shell. The political administration has arrested several people and started investigations. Meanwhile, another terrorist bid was foiled in the same area of Khwar Killay when an explosive device was defused. INP

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

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Bilour announces $0.1m head money for anti-Islam filmmaker PESHAWAR: Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour on Saturday announced a reward of $100,000 for the person who kills the producer of the anti-Islam film. Talking to reporters, the minister said there was no other way to lodge a protest and instill fear among the blasphemers other than murder of the filmmaker. Bilour said the rich should donate money for the purpose. He said he knew that he was committing a crime by instigating people for murder, but he was ready to be a criminal for this cause. “If a case is lodged against me in the international court, I will ask people to hand me over to them. I want to show these countries that we will not tolerate any such thing.” He also condemned the burning of a church in Mardan by protesters on Friday and expressed grief over the incident. “Christians and the Hindus are our brothers and are Pakistanis,” he said. oNLINE

MARDAN: People protesting against an anti-Islam film set fire to a cellular phone company’s franchise during a demonstration on Saturday. Inp

punjab sent policemen for Pakistan unlikely to attend SAARC home protests in capital: Malik ministers’ meeting ISLAMABAD AGENCIES

Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Saturday said personnel of Punjab Police had entered Islamabad from Rawalpindi to take part in protest against anti-Islam film in the federal capital on Friday. Talking to reporters during a visit to Federal Government Services Hospital in Islamabad to inquire after the health of policemen injured in incidents of violence, the interior minister said the capital police had arrested at least six Punjab police personnel posing as protesters. An assistant commissioner’s reader and capital police released them later for respect of their uniformed brothers, he added. “I have suspended the assistant subinspector for releasing the rioting policemen,” Malik added. He said investigation in this regard had been started. He also paid tribute to Islamabad Police for performing their duty dedicatedly and devotedly. The interior minister said police constables injured on duty had been promoted as assistant sub-inspectors and an ASI injured in the clashes would be awarded Sitara-e-Shujaat. He said the people who ransacked government and private property during Friday’s protests would be arrested and produced in court

Malik a certified liar: Sanaullah

LAHORE: Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Saturday said Interior Minister Rehman Malik was now a certified liar because the Supreme Court had declared him a dishonest person in the dual nationality case. In a statement, the Punjab law minister said Malik’s allegations that the Punjab Police took part in Friday’s violent protest against the anti-Islam film and entered Islamabad from Faizabad were totally baseless. He said the federal government had failed to control rampages, looting and killing by protesters in Peshawar, Karachi, Islamabad and other parts of the country and now it should avoid levelling allegations against others. StAff REPoRt after identification through video footages, adding that they would be presented before the media as well. Malik said 62 protestors were arrested during Friday’s demonstrations.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is expected to skip the forthcoming South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) home ministers’ conclave in Maldives following the Supreme Court’s strong criticism of Interior Minister Rehman Malik. On his first official visit to the country for the conference as Indian home minister from September 24-26, Sushilkumar Shinde was expected to raise terror concerns with the immediate neighbours besides meeting Malik on the sidelines of the conference to place India’s concerns over the 26/11 case handling by Pakistan. “It is unlikely that Pakistan would appoint another interior minister or send someone on Malik’s behalf to attend the SAARC conference, in which case India will miss the opportunity to bring up many issues concerning Pakistan in the meet,” the Indian media quoted a senior official as saying. In its judgment given on Thursday, the Supreme Court not only ordered initiation of contempt of court proceedings against Malik for giving false statement before the court, but also asked the chairman of the Senate to disqualify him from the Senate for not being sagacious, righteous, and honest. The court directed the election Commission to initiate legal proceedings against him for making false declarations and asked Malik to refund all monetary benefits drawn by him up during the period he occupied the office. INP

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Mallika Sherawat demands 30 bodyguards!

Apple iPhone 5 fever rages despite grumbling over maps

Hafeez not to overdo spin for New Zealand match

editorial Hijacking the Day of Love: Extremists in the garb of protesters.

coMMent Humayun Gauhar says; All you need is spark: Either to burn up your passion, or burn down buildings.

Syed farhan Ahmed Shah says; Superficially Muslim: Form over substance.

Saad Rasool says; Protesting with a purpose: We are a nation of passion. And frequently it is misdirected.

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‘Government failed to protect Mardan Church’ church official says local administration responsible for destruction of church, bishop’s house in friday’s protests g



US Senate approves Olson as new Pakistan envoy WASHINGTON: The US Senate on Saturday confirmed Richard Olson to be the new ambassador to Pakistan. The appointment of Olson, a 30-year veteran of the State Department who was envoy to the United Arab emirates between 2008 and 2011, will aim to turn a page in diplomatic relations with Islamabad. The outgoing American ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, resigned in May after a turbulent tenure in which a covert US forces raid killed Osama bin Laden near a major military academy, humiliating the country’s powerful army. AfP


Christian bishop on Saturday said the provincial government and local administration had failed to provide protection to Christians living in Mardan district for the last several years. “It is astonishing that some extremists in the name of Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) burnt, destroyed and looted the church located in a sensitive area in the chief minister’s constituency and located near the house of CM’s father-in-law, the district police officer (DPO) and other senior police officials,” Bishop Peter Majeed told reporters. He said the Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Mardan Cantt was constructed in 1937 and he was the fourth bishop of the church. He added that they collected charity to repair this church. “We have already condemned the act of the person who produced an anti-Islam film,” adding that that person was not a Christian but a terrorist. He said the man periodically released such type of things to create differences among Christians and Muslims. He said during Friday’s protests, hundreds of protesters entered the church and burnt it. He said they also looted the house of the bishop, father and school principal and also burnt the school and library in which more than 3,000 books about Bible and over 6,000 books about other religions, including Islam, were kept. The bishop said protesters also wanted to burn his child, Zeeshan, but “God protected him”. He said they contacted local police officials for help but they sent only five police con-

stables for the protection of the church and the house which was “a joke”. Majeed said the local administration was responsible for the destruction, adding that the attack was a pre-planned because the protesters had brought petrol to burn the church.

He demanded the government provide protection to Christians and also provide them funds for the reconstruction of the church, houses, school and library otherwise he warned that they would be compelled to migrate to other parts of the country.

Drones capture mountain scenery in Pakistan ISLAMABAD AGENCIES

The use of drones in Pakistan normally brings to mind images of U.S. spy planes attacking tribal areas. But drones now are being used to capture a different kind of picture in the country - showing some of the world’s highest mountains being scaled by world-class climbers through some of earth’s thinnest air. Drones, or remote-controlled aircraft, have long been the domain of the American military and are used extensively in Pakistan’s tribal areas near the Afghanistan border to spy on and target militants. Recently, however, civilians have increasingly turned to drones to shoot ground-breaking footage of adventure sports. This summer a Swiss expedition used remote-controlled helicopters to shoot rare footage of climbers on the Karakoram, one of the world’s most demanding and formidable mountain ranges. “People are going to see footage from the Karakoram that no human being has ever seen,’’ said Corey Rich, a photographer and videographer from Lake Tahoe, California, who was on the expedition. The expedition was a joint project between outdoor clothing and equipment company Mammut, and Dedicam, a firm that specializes in using remote-controlled heli-

copters to shoot video. Their goal: to document world-class mountaineer David Lama and his climbing partner Peter Ortner as they climbed Trango Tower. The sheer granite tower in the Baltoro Glacier is more than 6,000 meters (19,685 feet) above sea level and is one of the most technically difficult climbs in the world. Filmmakers long have used helicopters to capture aerial footage of climbers - as well as other extreme sport athletes like surfers and skiers -that is hard to capture from the ground. But helicopters are costly and can be dangerous if they crash or get too close to the people on the ground. Additionally, their beating rotors often kick up dust, snow and wind - and can push climbers off balance. Drones, which can weigh just a few kilograms (pounds) and cost between $1,000 and $40,000, are a fraction of the size and cost of the helicopters traditionally used in adventure photography. Newer models tend to have all of their rotors facing into the sky, making them look a bit like a mechanical flying spider or insect. The main concern for the summertime expedition was how - and if - the drone would perform in Pakistan’s rugged conditions and high altitude. “The main challenge was that the air is much thinner, and we didn’t know how the flight controls would work with this and the propellers and motors,’’ said drone operator

Remo Masina, from Lucerne, Switzerland. He brought two drones on the Pakistan expedition - one with four propellers and another with six. From the ground, he flew them with a handheld console that resembles a video game console, and wore goggles to let him see the camera’s view. Another challenge was to find the climbers on the mountain. Tracing the planned trek route, Masina directed the drone up the mountain until he spotted them - more than a mile (roughly 2,000 meters) away. The result was stunning images of the

Karakoram and the climbers making it to the top. experienced climbers say the Karakoram puts the rest of the world’s mountain ranges to shame. Neighboring Nepal has everest, the tallest mountain in the world, but Pakistan has four of the world’s 14 peaks that soar to more than 8,000 meters (26,246 feet) above sea level, including the second highest mountain on earth, K-2. Lama and Ortner said climbing the legendary Pakistan mountains was an amazing experience. “Here there are so many mountains, and so many difficult mountains, and mountains

that haven’t been climbed,’’ said Lama. “That’s probably why the Karakoram is known as paradise for us.’’ This year has been particularly successful for Pakistan’s climbing industry, which plummeted in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks in the U.S. In addition to hosting the renowned Lama for the first time, Nazir Sabir, Pakistan’s elder statesman of climbing who was the country’s first person to scale everest, said 30 climbers summited K-2 in 2012, the first summits from the Pakistani side of the mountain since 11 people died trying in 2008. And the drone footage obtained during Lama and Ortner’s climb will expose even more viewers to the legendary Karakoram mountain range. Drones also increasingly are being used in other adventure sports to push conventional photography boundaries. Cameras on drones have been used to capture video of surfers on Hawaii’s North Shore and to chase mountain bikers speeding down mountain trails.”I’ve filmed anything from kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, to track and field to just casual walking,’’ said photographer and videographer Mike Hagadorn, who has begun to build his own drones to support his Colorado-based firm, Cloud Level Media. “Anything you can dream of - and as long as you don’t crash you can make it happen.’’

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

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Friday not the best day for official protest protests fueled by clerics delivering inflammatory sermons in mosques g government blames rioters for detracting from the message of Islam g



He violent incidents that turned Karachi into a battleground on Friday were indicative of the fact that even if the incidents occurred in a reactive situation, the federal government’s decision to observe Friday as an official day of protest against the anti-Islam film was anything but pragmatic. The PPP-led coalition government, however, tends to put the onus on protesters who, a government representative claimed, had not only detracted from the message of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but had also embarrassed the country among the comity of nations. In some quarters, however, even a laywomen was wondering why the policymak-

ers had declared Friday the day of national protest given the fact that a majority, even those who are less or not practicing at all, head to mosques to offer Friday congregational prayers. This also is an open secret that clerics in mosques tend to deliver Friday sermons that in all likelihoods play the most effective part in arousing religious sentiments of their audiences, something which intensified the deadly incidents. “They (government) knows well that people usually go to mosques to offer Friday prayers where their religious feelings peak by motivational clerics and their sermons,” said Muntazir Bibi, a house wife in Keamari, where over a dozen participants of a rally got injured and four of them subsequently succumbed to fatal wounds. She said Friday was not the best choice for an official protest that was religiously mo-

tivated. Friday, the official Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (SAW) day, saw prayer leaders in most of the city’s mosques vehemently condemning the antiIslam film and lashing out at the West, Jews and Christians, for their covert maneuvering against Islam and its followers. As soon as the Friday prayers concluded, ear-splitting shouts of “Nara-e-Takbeer Allaho Akbar” started echoing on many of the city’s roads with highly charged marchers expressing their outrage by burning homemade American flags and effigies of US President Barack Obama. Still, there were some clerics who besides condemning the blasphemous video urged Muslims to glorify their Prophet (SAW) by becoming practicing Muslims. “These feelings of you for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are praiseworthy and stand un-

doubtedly as a prerequisite for being a true believer, but at the same time we also should be sensitive to the teachings of our Prophet (PBUH),” Professor Kamal Hassan Usmani, Ameer Hizbullah, told attendants at the Friday prayers at Masjid-e-Tawheed, Keamari. Usmani, a doctor and former principal of Hamdard

University, said Muslims today were claiming to be in love with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but not in practical terms. “To defeat your enemy you will have to do away with the western culture that we are following blindly in every aspect of our lives,” he said. Without going into merits and demerits of what prayer

leaders inculcated in the minds of their audiences on Friday, it can surely be said that choosing Friday for an official condemnation of the controversial movie was not a pragmatic decision taken by the rulers. And the circumstantial evidence observed on the streets of Karachi on Friday afternoon put enough weight behind this claim.

Violent protests across the metropolis left over a dozen people killed, scores injured and property of an incalculable worth ransacked. But government officials are pointing fingers at marchers, insisting that what happened was extremely unfortunate on part of the protesters. Asked if she was supportive of the impression that her government should have announced the official protest on a day other than Friday, MNA Shazia Marri avoided straight talk and blamed the protesters for causing embarrassment to Pakistan world over. “I think not only the protesters detracted from the message of Islam and our beloved Prophet (SAW), they also embarrassed our beloved country,” Marri said. Asked if she suspected the involvement of some hidden element in Friday’s rioting, most referred to by Interior Minster Abdul Rehman Malik, the MNA confined her answer to expressing her disappointment over the violent events. “It is really sad,” she concluded.

Indian PM heckled over reforms NEW DELHI AfP

Security men muscled away a protester who heckled Indian Premier Manmohan Singh on Saturday as he was about to deliver a speech defending contentious reforms aimed at reviving a flagging economy. The man, identified by state media as a Supreme Court lawyer, stripped down to his undershirt and trousers, stood on a table and shouted for the prime minister to “roll back” the liberalization measures at an international legal conference. Security men pulled the protester away and one security officer placed a hand over the man’s mouth to muzzle his shouts as they removed him from the invitation-only event

KANo: Protesters burn US and Israeli flags and a portrait of US President Barak obama at the end of a protest against the anti-Islam movie in this northern Nigerian city on Saturday. afp

Grade 17 federal govt officer held for trafficking hashish CIa seizes 8 kilograms of hashish from Cabinet Division officer saud nazeer g


A Grade 17 federal government employee was arrested on Saturday by the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) of Lahore Police for allegedly smuggling eight kilograms of hashish from Peshawar to Lahore. Kotwali CIA Inspector Riaz Shah told Pakistan Today that Saud Nazeer, a Grade 17 officer of the Cabinet Division, and his driver Shahzad were stopped by a CIA team at the Baba Chhatri Wala stop near Data Darbar for checking following information that Nazeer was involved in drug smuggling. On searching the vehicle, which was bearing a government registration plate, the CIA team found eight kilograms of hashish from the men’s possession. Inspector Shah said that Nazeer had purchased 80 kilograms of hashish from Pe-

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

file photo

shawar and had sold most of the contraband to his buyers on his way from Peshawar to Lahore. He added that during interrogation, Nazeer confessed that he had made four trips to Peshawar in the last two months from where he used to buy the drugs for onward distribution among his dealers. Shah said that they had handed over the two suspects to the Shafiqabad Police for registration of case after fulfilling the legal procedure. However, sources at the

Shafiqabad Police Station told Pakistan Today that SP Multan Khan had refused to register a case against Nazeer, saying that the CIA itself should register the case against the suspects since they had made the arrests. Commenting on the information, Inspector Shah said that the CIA team had carried out its responsibility and handed over the suspects to the police station concerned. “It is now their duty to move against the suspects…our job was to make the arrests,” he said.

and detained him for questioning. The prime minister waited for the man to be taken out of the conference before delivering his speech, in which he said India needed the reforms to restore confidence in the economy and attract much-needed foreign investment. Singh’s speech followed his televised pitch late Friday for public support for the slew of measures to further open up India’s still inward-looking economy that has cost his Congress government its majority. In Friday’s speech, the premier said he had acted in the national interest to stem “a loss of support in our economy” and asked for people’s “trust, understanding and your cooperation” to avert a financial crisis. “Money does not grow on

Man arrested for calling for head of cartoon editor SHC’s medical team says sheep PARIS AfP

French police on Saturday arrested a man for apparently calling on a jihadi website for the decapitation of the editor of a magazine that published blasphemous cartoons, a judicial source said. The man was detained in the western city of La Rochelle for calling on the radical website for the head of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which on Wednesday published the derogatory cartoons. “The essential thing is not to let him live in peace,” the man allegedly wrote. Police have opened a preliminary probe on charges of incitement to commit murder, the source said. France’s Muslim leaders on Friday urged militants not to defy a ban on protests over the cartoons, as a security alert closed the country’s embassies across the Islamic world. Interior Minister Manuel Valls has made it clear he will not sanction any demonstrations this weekend on the grounds they will inevitably represent a threat to public order.

trees and that is why we have made these decisions,” said Singh, who turns 80 next week. “At times, we need to say ‘No’ to the easy option and say ‘Yes’ to the more difficult one.” The government last week unexpectedly revived long-delayed reforms to open up the retail, aviation and broadcasting sectors to more foreign investment and cut deficit-bloating fuel subsidies, after policy paralysis and graft scandals dimmed the outlook for India’s oncebooming economy. The moves, of which the boldest is a step to allow foreign supermarkets such as US giant Walmart to set up shop in India, have prompted nationwide protests and the exit of a key coalition ally.

OGRA proposes disease free, wants culling halted Rs 1.75 a liter KARACHI hike in petrol price AGENCIES

A medical board constituted by the Sindh High Court to determine whether the 21,000 Australian sheep were infected with anthrax, filed a request late on Saturday to immediately halt the culling after finding the animals disease free. earlier, the SHC had ordered provisional testing by veterinary and microbiological experts of nearly 21,000 sheep imported from Australia. A division bench, headed by Justice Maqbool Baqir, also ordered that if no anthrax was detected in provisional tests, culling of sheep be stopped till September 24, 2012. The order came after lengthy arguments advanced by veterinary experts of Sindh government, Commissioner Animal Husbandry of Ministry of Food Security and Research as well as independent experts from the Dow University of

Health and Sciences. Petitioner Tariq Mehmood Butt had approached the SHC to seek restraining order against culling by Karachi municipal administration of his 21,000 sheep recently imported from Australia. On Saturday, Sindh Secretary Livestock and other experts vehemently opposed the petitioner’s plea for staying culling of the infected sheep, submitting that the animals are infected with deadly disease of anthrax, among other diseases, that could widely spread to livestock as well as human beings. Professor Rafiq Khanani of Dow University of Health Sciences said that anthrax was not that deadly a disease, and that it required close physical contact to transmit from animals-to-animals or human-to-human. He argued that there was no potential risk the disease spreading.


The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Saturday sent a summary to the Petroleum Ministry proposing an increase in petrol price by Rs 1.75 per liter. OGRA also recommended a cut in diesel price by 20 paisas per liter, kerosene oil by Rs 1.5, HOBC by Rs 4.40 and light diesel by Rs 1.5 per liter. The government will decide on POL prices tomorrow and the new prices will be applicable from September 24. If approved, petrol will be available at Rs 108.47 per liter, diesel at Rs 113.57, HOBC at Rs 135.56, kerosene oil at Rs 106.18 and light diesel at Rs 100.51 per liter.

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News 05 KP journalists protest colleague’s killing in Friday’s demonstrations PESHAWAR StAff REPoRt

On a call by the Khyber Union of Journalists (KUJ), journalists on Saturday staged a rally condemning the killing of a private TV channel driver in September 21 violent protest demonstrations. “We demand a judicial inquiry into this violent act,” KUJ President Malik Arshad Aziz said while addressing the protesters on main Sher Shah Suri Road. The rally also addressed by ARY TV Peshawar Bureau Chief Ziaul Haq and ARY TV executive Director Owais Tauheed. Senior provincial minister and Awami National Party leader Bashir Ahmad Bilour, Pakistan Muslim League Provincial President Qasim Shah and General Secretary Intikhab Khan Chamkani, JI’s Sirajul Haq and Shabir Ahmad Khan and Aman Tehreek’s Idrees Kamal attended the protest rally. Mohammad Aamir, driver of ARY TV in Peshawar was killed when firing started during Friday’s protest demonstration at Bacha Khan Chawk. Media crew present on the site alleges that two policemen opened fire which caused him injuries. He was rushed to hospital but succumbed to injuries before getting first aid. expressing grief over Mohammad Aamir’s death, the KUJ president urged the government to fulfill its responsibility in this respect. He said the government needed to expose the culprits and award them exemplary punishments.

JACoBABAD: A Pakistan Air force chopper drops dry ration for flood-affected people on Saturday. Inp

Flood compensation after assessment, says Ashraf ISLAMABAD



RIMe Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said on Saturday that the federal government is currently collecting the data on the damages caused by rain and floods in the country and that any compensation package would be announced once the compilation has been completed. The prime minister though assured that the government will compensate the people for their damaged crops and houses, and will rehabilitate them, restore ruined infrastructure. He also directed Minister for Climate Change Rana Farooq Saeed to facilitate the flood-hit communities at all costs. He announced a package of Rs 100 million for the provision of food, tents and other relief

Society’s collective responsibility to promote tolerance: Gilani

goods to the thousands, who have been displaced, and a compensation of Rs 400,000 for each of the 15 people, who lost their lives in the flash floods. The Baitul Maal has also been instructed to buy essential items from Utility Stores and provide them to the affected people as soon as possible. Ashraf said that the government was ensuring the speedy transportation of medicines to the affected areas, which will be provided to the people free of charge to save them from diseases. He announced raising the height of a dam in Rojhan Mazari by four feet. Rojhan Mazari has already been declared disaster hit. He informed that President Asif Ali Zardari had phoned him from London, instructing him to visit each and every flood affected area of the country and ensure that no one was without food, shelter or medicines.

Punjab govt wasted budget to halt creation of Saraiki province: Khosa


The Punjab government is a major hurdle in the way of creation of Seraiki province as it has wasted the entire budget in unneeded projects, Punjab Governor Latif Khosa said on Saturday. Talking to

reporters, Khosa blamed the Punjab government for creating hurdles in the PPP proposed projects for the well being of the province including formation of Seraiki province. He said the provincial government spent entire budget on “the beautification of Raiwind and unnecessary development projects like rapid bus service”. He said sacrilegious film had hurt the sentiments of the entire Muslim world but violent protests, killing of innocent people, ransacking public and private property was no solution. He emphasized that it would further add to financial crisis of the country which was already in the grip of financial crunch due to various reasons. Commenting over Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s issue, the governor said, “We have provided legal assistance to her but we can’t interfere in the US justice system.” About the dual nationality case, Khosa said the Senate chairman would decide whether Interior Malik Rehman Malik could continue in his office or not. He said the letter written by then attorney general Malik Qayyum was unauthorized. The Punjab governor was of the view that former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani took the right decision of not writing the letter to the Swiss officials in accordance with the constitution of the country.


Former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Saturday said it was the collective responsibility of the political leadership‚ religious scholars‚ civil society and media to portray and promote tolerance in the society. In a statement‚ he said the essence of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) were based on tolerance and respect for others regardless of their caste‚ creed or religion. He said those who opted to tread on the opposite path were alien to Islam. Gilani said extremism would never succeed in derailing the Pakistani nation to achieve its goal of a moderate‚ democratic‚ pluralistic and prosperous Pakistan as envisioned by the founding fathers.

Hundreds of Baloch youths join pakistan army QUETTA APP

A passing-out parade of the Pakistan Army’s Baloch Regiment was held in Quetta on Saturday where a group of another 350 Baloch youth were sworn in. Brigadier Khushnud Hussain was the chief guest of the event. He conferred shields and swords on the soldiers. Speaking to reporters after the ceremony, the brigadier said Baloch youth were being given extraordinary exemptions in age and education as part of efforts to address the sense of deprivation among them. The youth belonged to various parts of the restive provinces, including Mastaung, Quetta, and Loralai. The Baloch took oath of loyalty for Pakistan and expressed their resolve to sacrifice their lives in the line of duty.

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

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Sunday, 23 September, 2012

Over 12,000 booked for damaging public property To be released after submitting a surety bond of Rs 20,000 n 8 car snatchers, robbers in the protests also nabbed n




He Islamabad police have booked 12,500 people for ransacking public properties, blocking roads and obstructing police from carrying out official duties during the protest demonstrations on Friday against the American sacrilegious movie. Police had so far managed to apprehend 59 accused from various areas of the city. According to the police record, First Information Reports (FIR) had been registered mostly against unidentified accused. The Aabpara police on Friday night registered FIRs against 3,900 protesters from among whom only seven were nominated as accused. The Aabpara police produced the accused before the court of Civil Judge Abbas Shah on Saturday. The court ordered the arrested

accused to submit surety bonds worth Rs. 20,000 each for their release. However, only two accused could submit the surety bonds. On this, the court sent the remaining accused to Adiala Jail and ordered them to submit the surety bonds to ensure their release. The Secretariat police also registered FIRs against 6,000 protesters including 52 nominated accused for ransacking public property, launching an attack on police officials and setting motorbikes on fire. Apart from framing the 52 accused under different sections of the law, the Secretariat police also included the section of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) to punish the miscreants. Later, the police produced the arrested accused before the Anti Terrorism Court, No. 1Rawalpindi on Saturday. The learned Judge Chaudhry Habib-urRehman sent all 52 accused on a judicial remand for 14 days.

Meanwhile, the Sabzimandi police also registered FIRs against 600 unidentified accused for setting a Toll Plaza at IJP road on fire, while also damaging a government owned van and burning a car. While sharing details of the attack on the toll plaza, a police spokesman said that those who put the toll plaza on fire had been identified through CCTV cameras and the police was searching for them. Similarly, the Kohsar Police also registered FIRs against 2,000 unidentified people for damaging public property, setting a police picket on fire and looting police equipments. In addition, the police claimed to have foiled a bid of looting weapons from the Tarnol Police Station on Friday. According to a police spokesman, one ASI sustained a bullet injury while five policemen received fractures in their arms and legs during the incident.

Green belts, footpaths become victims of protesters’ wrath ISLAMABAD: The green belts and footpaths of the main parts of the federal capital have been severely damaged by the heavy containers and aggressive protestors on the occasion of “Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (P.B.U.H)” on Friday. The Islamabad police had placed containers on the roads, footpaths and green belts to stop the raging protestors from entering the Diplomatic enclave, and as a result damaged the grass and plants in the green belts and also damaged the flooring of the footpaths. Moreover, trees and

AtC sends 25 on judicial remand

asthma patients suffer as tyres burn RAWALPINDI: Pollution created by the burning of tyres by the enraged protesters agitating against the profane movie, especially on the “Youm-eIshq-e-Rasool” (P.B.U.H) is troubling the people who have respiratory problems. On the day of the nationwide protests, the residents of Rawalpindi passionately took part in the protest rallies. The majority of the protestors vented their anger by burning tyres on the main city roads. The smoke emitting from the burning tyres had polluted the city air to such an extent that the problems would persist for a couple of days more and would create problems for people with asthma and other respiratory problems. AGENCIES

signboards were also damaged by the tear-gas shells fired by the police to disperse the demonstrators. Besides, in the protests against the American blasphemous film, the protesters broke off tree branches to make clubs and damaged the flora of the city as a result of their actions. Angry demonstrators smashed the neon signs installed on roadsides, threw stones, burned down flags and police posts and created a mess on the city roads, besides polluting the atmosphere.

calm prevails after friday’s furious protests ISLAMABAD: Markets including Aabpara‚ Super and Melody are opened and traffic is also plying on the roads of the federal capital after Friday’s violent protests against the production of

a blasphemous film by an American. Calm prevailed over Islamabad as the major markets of the city opened up on Saturday. However‚ the roads leading to the Red Zone were still closed. In addi-

tion, police forces were placed on high alert and special security arrangements were in place outside the diplomatic enclave to avoid the occurrence of any untoward incident. NNI

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Police have taken 25 persons into custody for damaging private and government properties in the protests against the blasphemous film on “Youm-e-Ishq-eRasool” day observed on Friday. A manager of a private transport company filed a complaint in the Pirwadhai Police Station, saying that Ahmed Khan and Muhammad Raqeeb, along with his dozens of accomplices attacked and damaged their vehicles under the cover of protests against the blasphemous movie. On the complaint, police registered a case and arrested 25 persons including Ahmed Khan and Muhammad Raqeeb. Meanwhile, the Sadiqabad Police also registered a case against unidentified demonstrators for damaging private and public property, a police van and a Superintendent Police’s (SP) vehicle. It is quite relevant to mention here that the Islamabad Police had also started monitoring the videos of the protest demonstrations to identify and arrest the miscreants. According to police sources, police had contacted NADRA in this regard and the identified troublemakers would be booked in different cases under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA). AGENCIES


Former MD Azhar Abbass Jaffari still holding post despite end of tenure ISLAMABAD, oNLINE

The government has failed to appoint a new Managing Director of House Building Finance Company Limited (HBFCL) despite the fact that the term of the Managing Director Azhar Abbass Jaffari ended in January this year. According to sources, Jaffari still held the post of managing director at the HBFCL without any legal authority and approval from any quarter. However, Jaffari told agencies that

the Securities exchange Commission of Pakistan’s (SeCP) section 199 gave him the right to hold the position till the appointment of a new Chief executive Officer (CeOs) of the company. “I have written many times to the finance ministry for the appointment of a new CeO and seven members of the Board of Directors which were yet to be appointed,” he said, adding when the finance ministry would give him the directions to vacate the post, he would do so without wasting even a moment. The government had appointed

Jaffari as MD and Chairman of the HBFCL on January 5th 2009 for a three year term. According to sources, after the end of his first tenure posting on 5th January 2012, the issue of the retirement age became the most important in the light of various Supreme Court (SC) decisions, and in the light of the government’s own directive contained in the office memorandum no. 1/8/2011-e-6 dated 15th September 2011. Therefore, no authority in the world could give Jaffari a legitimate

second chance to run the government company, they added. Sources said that after the expiry of his term upon reaching the age of superannuation, Jaffari could not continue his position as the managing director of the company, and could also not use the public money to draw millions of rupees on account of monthly salary. In addition he was not allowed to spend millions of rupees on his traveling and daily allowances, as now all his visits were technically of a personal nature. But he was continuing his position at the helm

of affairs, they added. “Azhar Abbas Jaffari is continuing his post on the strength of the Board resolution passed in August last year. But the Board resolution has no legal standing whatsoever as the circumstantial evidences do not indicate any such ‘resolution’ was passed by the Board in August/September 2011, almost 6 months before Jaffari’s end of term in January 2012,”sources added. When contacted in this regard, the Secretary Finance Abdul Wajid Rana refused to comment on the issue.

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Islamabad 07 Hate film conspiracy to damage global peace, harmony: Qadri




He Tehrik-e-Minhajul Quran International Chief Patron Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ulQadri said Saturday that the blasphemous film is not only a step to hurt the sentiments of over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world but is also a heinous conspiracy to damage global peace and harmony. In his telephonic address to the participants of the rally arranged by the local leadership of Minhajul Quran, he said all three religions namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism revolved around the revered personalities of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H) and Musa (P.B.U.H). He said both the Holy Quran and the Bible not only condemned such sacrilegious acts but also regarded them as the worst crimes, while adding

that besides the Holy Quran, the Bible also forbid blasphemy against the prophets and the divine books. Qadri said that the constitutions and laws of the entire world neither allowed anyone to commit contempt of court nor could anyone show disrespect towards any Parliament or Constitution of a country. He said defamation of religions and holy personages was prohibited in a number of countries including Austria, england, Germany, the Netherland, Spain, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. He said when constitutions of the western countries had accepted these rights; it was the constitutional and democratic right of the international Muslim community to peacefully protest against the blasphemy committed against Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in accordance with the United Nations Charter of Human Rights. Qadri warned that such sacrilegious films were pushing the Muslim commu-

nity in particular and the peaceful and civilized world in general, towards radicalism. He demanded that all those involved in the project including the promoters, distributors and supporters of the movie should be apprehended under terrorism charges and should face the law. Qadri also said that the Muslims should undertake peaceful protests against the conspiracy to global peace and for the protection of the honor and sanctity of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and his religion. He further added that there was no justification for the people to resort to violence, killing, pelting of stones or any other negative tactics to put their point across. He said that unless effective legislation was carried out to check such heinous acts and until the basic principles were redefined, terrorism would not be eliminated and the dream of durable peace would not be realized by anyone. Thousand of youth, women, children

and elderly people from the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi took part in the rally that started from Liaqat Bagh and culminated at D-Chowk, Islamabad. The participants were holding banners, placards and flags and raised anti-

US slogans. Minhajul Quran General Secretary Rafeeq Ahmed Abbasi, Chief of Punjab chapter Ahmed Nawaz Amjum and President Islamabad chapter Syed Bashir Hussain Shan also addressed the protest rally.

foolproof security eNd TO NON-CONFORMiNG USe OF arrangements for ReSideNTiAL UNiTS STiLL AN eNiGMA medical entry test ISLAMABAD APP


Foolproof security arrangements have been made for the medical entry test to be held on Sunday. The centers for the medical entry test had been established in Govt. Post Graduate College for Women Satellite Town, Govt. College for Boys Satellite Town, Siddique Public School 6th Road and Ideal Cambridge School 6th Road. Walkthrough gates would be installed on the entry gates of each centre. Waiting halls had been established in each center for the people who would accompany the candidates, while proper drinking water facilities and sitting arrangements would be ensured for the visitors. According to a city district government spokesman, all arrangements in this regard had already been finalized. SSP Operation informed that the required police officials would be deployed for the security arrangements in all the centers and a comprehensive security plan had also been prepared in this connection. All roads adjoining the areas where the entry tests would be conducted would be blocked for all kinds of traffic and no vehicular traffic would be allowed to pass on these roads including the vehicles of the students and their attendants for

security reasons. Special information counters would be established in each examination center where the students would be guided about their roll numbers and the seating arrangement within the center. Besides, a shuttle service would be provided to the students and their attendants to reach their respective examination centers on time. earlier, the Rawalpindi Commissioner Imdad Ullah Bosal had also directed the departments concerned that power generators should also be arranged for the four centers of Rawalpindi city and for the entry test center of Cadet College Hasanabadal. On the direction of the commissioner, CCTV cameras and mobile jammers had also been installed at all centers so that the entry test could be held in a transparent and peaceful way. According to a City District Government (CDG) spokesman, the candidates from the Rawalpindi region, Chakwal and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) would appear for the entry test in the examination centers of Rawalpindi. He said that no candidate would be allowed to take mobile phones, hand bags or any other additional items into the examination centers. In addition, no other person would be allowed to enter in the center, except the candidates with the roll number slips.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has not been able to devise a strategy to bring an end to the use of above 1,000 residential units being used for commercial purposes in violation of the civic by-laws and these buildings pose a constant security threat within residential areas. According to the Islamabad Residential Building Regulation 2005, the use of residential units for commercial activities was forbidden and the CDA was empowered to impose fines or even cancel the allotment of the land to defaulters. Despite terror attacks in restaurants and foreign missions operating in the residential areas, the city management had yet

to work out a solution to relocate these offices and outlets to officially specified areas. According to a CDA survey, around 102 guest houses, 61 hotels, 113 showrooms, 62 clinics, 84 schools, 345 offices, 79 gyms or beauty parlors and 67 general housing businesses were operating in the residential areas. However, an official at the Building Control Section (BCS), who dealt with such cases, said that the parties which were running these businesses in the residential areas used their influence which rendered the CDA helpless. He said upon receiving complaints, the BCS issued a 15-day notice to the parties concerned to remove the violations at their own, failing which their cases were referred to the CDA Deputy Commissioner (DC) for trial under the Building Regulation 2005.

Death trap inviting tragedy on ninth avenue ISLAMABAD AGENCIES

The uncovered portion of the drainage line beneath a bridge on the Ninth Avenue underpass can cause an untoward incident anytime as the death trap remains invisible to the Capital Development Authority (CDA). While talking to agencies, commuters expressed concern over the casual attitude of the CDA, saying that the missing safety fence on the rain water drainage line could prove a death trap for the fast moving vehicles, particularly

the motorcycle riders. “I could have died today, but I managed to escape the death trap at the eleventh hour as some portion of the drainage line was without a safety fence,� Muhammad Ihsan, a motorcyclist told agencies. He said that the uncovered manholes in the middle of the roads and the missing safety fence were a question mark on the performance of the civic body. Residents demanded from the CDA to cover up all uncapped manholes and other death traps on the main roads of the federal capital lest anything bad happened.

He said so far, the CDA had referred 1,076 cases to the CDA DC for trial, out of which 450 had already been decided. He said the authority had also removed 465 violations on the orders of the DC where the misuse of various building had been ended. He said most of the times, the parties, who failed to get relief from the deputy commissioner moved to the civil or high court in a bid of delaying tactics as 31 such cases were under trial there. In total, 130 cases were pending before the DC and the CDA was awaiting a final decision in that regard. However, he said the end of this misuse was complicated, adding that the regulatory bodies which registered the educational institutions needed to be restricted from giving permission for the establishment of schools or colleges in the residential areas.

Federal educational institutions terminate aďŹƒliation with PU ISLAMABAD: Affiliation of all the federal educational institutions has been terminated with the Punjab University (PU) Lahore and they have been affiliated with the Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) Islamabad. QAU would hold all the graduate and post graduate examinations from the current year instead of PU. All the respective educational institutes had already deposited their registration fee with QAU in this regard. Following the passage and enforcement of 18th Constitutional Amendment, education was declared a provincial subject. Therefore, all the graduate and post graduate institutions functioning in federal capital had been affiliated with QAU. oNLINE

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

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08 Islamabad weather uPdateS

TO kNOw MORe, ReAd!

28 °c high 24°c low

Partly cloudy



29°c i 25°c

30°c i 25°c

wedneSday 29°c i 24°c

Prayer tiMinGS fajr Sunrise 04:19 05:43

zuhr 12:07

asr 16:42

Maghrib 18:29

isha 19:55

city directory eMerGency helP Police eMerGency aMbulance reScue hilal-e-ahMer edhi foundation boMb diSPoSal fire briGade centre ciVil defence

15 115 1122 9250488 2827844 9270698 16 9262830

hoSPitalS Mahroof int PiMS Poly clinic cda Shifa international ali diStrict hqS ultraSonic clinic holy faMily

2222920 9261170 9218300 9221334 4603666 4444435 5556311-14 2824862 9290319

blood bank PiMS blood bank Poly clinic blood bank

9261272 9209123

coMPlaint waPda Sui GaS

111-000-118 1199

railwayS city Station (enquiry) reSerVation railway Police

117 9273614 1333

airPort fliGht enquiry Pia reSerVation

114 111-786-786


Experts say technology causing a decrease in book reading habits



N this fast moving life everybody wants short cuts to achieve ones goals and for this purpose one finds easiest ways and thanks to information technology (IT) that made it possible. With the revolution in IT, book-reading habit is decreasing in Pakistan, as most of the students depend on computer and Internet facility, according to an Internews report. Shahid Khan, a lecturer at the Department of Journalism, Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) says with the revolution in technology reading habits are changing across the globe. “In our country there was a culture of reading books even if electricity was not available and people had to read books in streetlights or in the candle lights.” The fact is that libraries have been spending much lower budget on books than in the past, he says. “However now it has been noticed that book reading is becoming obsolete and CD, DVD, and Internet culture is becoming more and more popular,” he added. Najeeb Ahmed, a National University of Modern Languages student, said: “We cannot blame only digitalized era for this declining trend; there are several other issues including lack of public libraries and writing competitions, lack of encouragement at school level to read books other than course books”. Israr Ahmed a student said most of the libraries have not the latest books and other material for reading, so students depend on Internet and avoid visiting libraries, adding that concerned authorities should take step in this regard and provide all the latest books to the students. National Book Foundation (NBF) in this re-

gard is endeavouring to promote book-reading culture in the country. According to an official of National Book Foundation, their efforts are yielding positive results as the number of readers has increased in the recent years. For promotion of reading culture in Pakistan NBF has devised few schemes including the book dubs that are considered to be the most popular scheme in Pakistan though not a new phenomenon, reading clubs have proved a breath of fresh air into the dying book culture.

“the children who were too wrapped around adding friends and poking friends in facebook to really know the joys of a good mystery unfolding page by page, which only books can give,” “The children who were too wrapped around adding friends and poking friends in Facebook to really know the joys of a good mystery unfolding page by page, which only books can give,” Jonathan Douglas a director of a trust in england that has carried out a study on the reading habits of the youth said. According to a Gilani Research Foundation survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 27 percent say “reading is my habit”. Pakistanis read books. The majority of them enjoy informative and religious texts. The nationally representative survey showed that 27 percent of the respondents read books

AnWAr mAQSooD’S pAWnAY 14 Aug

apart from those prescribed in the students’ syllabi; 73 percent do not read books. These figures are an encouraging indication in a country with a low literacy rate. According to the latest economic Survey (2007-08) the literacy ratio in Pakistan in 2008 is estimated to be 55 percent. But since literacy is defined as the very elementary ability to read a simple sentence, such as a newspaper headline and to write a simple sentence, the figure should be read with caution. The data shows that a higher percentage (31 percent) of men read books as compared to women (23 percent). It is encouraging to see that among the people who read books, majority of the people (56 percent) claim to at least read once a week or more. eighteen percent (18 percent) said that they read books once every two weeks and the remaining [22 percent] read books once a month. 4 percent did not give an answer. When the respondents were asked “What type of books do you like to read?” from among a given list of choices, majority (41 percent) said ‘informative books’ followed by ‘religious books’ (30 percent). Next in line were novels/digests/magazines and Poetry books with 27 percent and 10 percent respondents respectively. The data revealed a slight difference in the reading habits of men and women. More men like to read informative books as compared to women who enjoy novels/digests/magazines and poetry books. Most people (52 percent) read books whenever they get the time for it. Before sleeping at night is also another favorite for 30 percent people. Fourteen percent (14 percent) said that they like reading books in the afternoon while only 5 percent liked to read in the morning.

30 YeArS of rohtAS gAllerY

Drumming CirCle

colleGeS / uniVerSitieS international iSlaMic uniVerSity 9260765 bahria uniVerSity 9260002 nuMl 9257677 quaid-e-azaM uniVerSity 90642098 arid aGriculture uniVerSity 9290151 fJwu 9273235 riPha international uniVerSity 111510510 nca rawalPindi 5770423 PunJab law colleGe 4421347 Sunday, 23 September, 2012

SePt 1 - 25 PakiStan national council of artS ‘Pawnay 14 august’ has broken all theatrical records in Pakistan with 28 performances and 15000 viewers in karachi and lahore is now ready to sweep islamabad off its feet. for more details call 0333 3377909, 0300 9558701

SePt 24 - oct 24, 5PM Venue: national art Gallery

date and tiMe: 05:00 PM, weekly eVent VENUE: the centre for artS & culture

Sixty five artists will exhibit more than 165 works in what will be a testimony to Pakistan’s contemporary artists and an amazing journey through their growth and contribution to art over three decades.

our drumming circle is a (free!) ongoing event and is held every friday from 5pm to 6pm. we are having a great time, and want to share the good time with you! our drumming circle has children ...

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Foreign News 09

Syria troops, rebels battle for Aleppo-Idlib link ALEPPO



YRIAN troops and rebels battled for control of a corridor near the border with Turkey on Saturday, monitors said, as rebel-held areas of Aleppo came under regime artillery fire. Loud explosions from shelling were heard across the northern city, an AFP correspondent reported. At least 11 soldiers and five rebels were killed in clashes in the Orm and Kaf Jum areas of the province of Aleppo, near the Turkish border, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. “The state has no presence except for military and administrative posts” in the western region of the province in northern Syria, Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP by telephone. He said the regime was determined to prevent rebels linking up between western Aleppo and the neighboring province of Idlib as this would form an extensive insurgent-held region on the border with Turkey, which supports the revolt in Syria. In shelling of several rebel-held district of Aleppo city, five members of the same family, including children, were killed in Maysar, said Abdel Rahman, whose Britain-based monitoring group relies on a network of activists on the ground. The Observatory said regime artillery gunners targeted the districts of Katergi, Shaar, Sakhur, Hanano, Arkub and Marjeh. In the central city of Homs, where rebels remain entrenched in many areas, at least one soldier was killed in clashes near the Old City, while a civilian also died in Juret al-Shiyah district, the Observatory said. Outside the city, four soldiers were killed in an attack on their

uae islamists deny forming military wing DUBAI AfP

An emirati Islamist group on Saturday denied press reports that it has formed a military wing and that it was receiving funds from abroad to set up an Islamic state in the United Arab emirates. The banned Al-Islah, or Reform, association is “pacifist, civilian and moderate and has never, and will never, choose to take up arms,” as part of efforts to push for reforms in the Gulf federation, the group said in a statement received by AFP. On Thursday, Al-Khaleej newspaper reported that Islamists detained in the United Arab emirates had confessed to forming a secret organisation that included a military wing aimed at establishing an Islamist state. Members of Al-Islah allegedly said they planned to topple the UAe regime, a federation of seven hereditary sheikhdoms, the newspaper said citing unnamed sources close to the investigation. “Investigations have revealed that the structure of the organisation included committees and local branches in every emirate, as well as consultative and executive councils and a military wing,” said the report.

vehicle and a man was killed elsewhere in the province, it said, adding that three rebels were killed in clashes in the flashpoint town of Rastan. elsewhere in the country, security forces carried out arrests and raids in the town of Hara in the southern province of Daraa while fighting

broke out in the village of Dael. The Syrian Observatory gave an initial toll of at least 31 people killed nationwide on Saturday: 10 civilians, 12 soldiers and nine rebels. It reported a total of 142 people, including 88 civilians, were killed in violence on Friday.

The opposition Syrian National Council warned on Friday that the deadly conflict which broke out in March 2011 was reaching “a point of extreme gravity” that could trigger higher levels of extremism in neighbouring states. The conflict could lead to “a cata-

Israel war on Iran ‘will eventually happen’: guards chief TEHRAN AfP

An Israeli war on Iran “will eventually happen” but the Jewish state will be destroyed as a result, the head of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards said on Saturday, according to reports. “War will happen but it is not certain where and when,” General Mohammad Ali Jafari said, according to the ISNA and Fars news agencies. “The shameful and cancerous tumour that is Israel is seeking war against us, but it is not known when that war will happen. They now consider war as the only way to confront us, but they are so stupid that their (US) masters should stop them,” he said, speaking during an armed forces exhibition in Tehran. “If they begin (aggression), it will spell their destruction and will be the end of the story,” he said. “This (war) will eventually happen as the (Islamic) revolution is moving rapidly towards its goals, and they

cannot tolerate this. And finally, they will impose a war situation.” The comments were the first time Iran has acknowledged the probability of open armed conflict with Israel. Previously, it has dismissed such a scenario as bluff on the part of Israel’s leaders. Tensions, though, have risen significantly in recent weeks, with Israel threatening to unleash air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. Israel believes Iran’s nuclear programme to be aimed at developing an atomic weapons capability that would menace its own existence, and its current status as the Middle east’s sole, if undeclared, nuclear weapons power. Iran insists its programme is exclusively for peaceful, civilian ends, but it is locked in a deepening standoff with the UN nuclear watchdog and the UN Security Council over the issue. Jafari said that, “even if they (the Israelis) act rationally, this incident

will happen.” He added: “everyone knows that they cannot confront the power of the Islamic republic ... But there is no guarantee of rationality, and it is possible that they will go crazy” and attack. He said a war with Israel would contrast with Iran’s last war, the 1980-1988 conflict with Iraq that was characterised by invasion and counter-invasion by massed ground troops. “We should use the experience of the sacred defence (during the Iran-Iraq war) to prepare for the future war, because its nature will be very different from the previous war,” he said. Fars quoted Jafari as saying that “we are putting all of our efforts into boosting our (military) capability so that, if an aggression occurs, we can defend ourselves and those who need our help.” He added: “We have become more serious in the face of the threats of the enemy against our country.”

Libya protesters oust Benghazi militias BENGHAZI AfP

Libyan protesters ousted a jihadist militia from its headquarters and seized a raft of other paramilitary bases in second city Benghazi early Saturday in heavy clashes that left four people dead. The seizure of the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia — which has been accused of, but denied, involvement in the murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans last week — came after tens of thousands took to the streets on Friday to protest against the power of the militias. The group’s members took flight as hundreds of protesters stormed and then torched its compound, and also evicted it from the city’s Al-Jalaa hospital, where they were replaced by military police, an AFP correspondent reported.

But to the alarm of senior officials, the demonstrators also stormed a raft of other paramilitary bases in the city controlled by former rebel units that had declared their loyalty to the central government. It was at one such base — the headquarters of the Raf Allah al-Sahati Brigade, an Islamist unit under the authority of the defence ministry — that the four people were killed in clashes between its fighters and hundreds of protesters, some of them armed. Around 70 people were wounded during the overnight violence, medics at Benghazi’s three main hospitals said. Worried Libyan authorities called on the demonstrators to distinguish between “illegitimate” brigades and those who are under state control, warning that the neutralisation of loyal units risked “chaos”. The warning highlighted the dilemma facing the Libyan government a year after

the overthrow of veteran dictator Moamer Kadhafi — while militias pose the biggest threat to its authority, its fledgling new security forces are dependent on former rebel units that fought in the uprising. The trigger for the assault on the paramilitaries was a “Save Benghazi” protest after the main weekly Muslim prayers on Friday that was joined by some 30,000 peaceful demonstrators. It drowned out a smaller rally attended by just a few hundred people called by the jihadists and hardline Islamists angry over a US-made film that mocks Islam and cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed published by a French magazine. Demonstrators paid tribute to Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans killed in the September 11 assault on the US consulate in the city that Washington now says was a “terrorist”

attack. “Libya lost a friend,” read one banner. “We want justice for Stevens,” said another. Jihadist militants of Ansar al-Sharia fired in the air as they retreated from their headquarters in the face of the overwhelmingly superior numbers of the protesters. On Saturday, the building was in the hands of the regular armed forces, an AFP correspondent reported. But the protesters, angry at the power in the city of a string of former rebel groups with varying degrees of loyalty to the central government, also stormed other paramilitary bases. Some 70 demonstrators took over the barracks of the Martyrs of Abu Slim Brigade, while others expelled militiamen from at least four public buildings, before some of the protesters moved on the Raf Allah al-Sahati Brigade base on the city’s outskirts.

strophic situation, with more extremism and damage also in neighbouring countries,” SNC head Abdel Basset Sayda told reporters in Rome. According to the Observatory, at least 29,000 people have been killed since the revolt against President Bashar al-Assad’s rule erupted.

islamists say Mali must apply sharia before talks GAO AfP

Mali’s government must apply Islamic sharia law before armed Islamist groups who control the north of the country will negotiate, an Islamist official said Saturday. Alioune Toure, a security chief in the city of Gao held by the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), was responding to an offer of talks made late Friday by Mali’s interim president, Dioncounda Traore. In a televised speech given on the eve of the country’s Independence Day, Traore said, “As we are preparing for it, we will wage war if no other choice is left to us....” “But we reaffirm here that our first choice remains dialogue and negotiation.” “I call on all armed groups operating in the north of our country to agree to commit resolutely to the path of dialogue and of negotiation in a sincere and constructive fashion,” he added. “We accept the hand Mr Traore has held out on one condition, that Mali implements sharia, the law of God, that’s the only condition,” Toure told AFP. But he warned, “If it’s war that they want, we also agree. God is the strongest.” Toure said that the Islamists did not consider Traore to be president if he did not submit to God’s law. “We are for holy way, nothing will stop us on the path of holy war,” he said. “I have nothing more to add.” Traore Friday described Mali’s present situation as a “tragedy” and warned that the nation’s very existence was at stake. He was president, he said, of a country at war, and the army needed to be “re-equipped, morally rearmed, put on a war footing and most of all reconciled with itself.” The muchanticipated speech came as the UN Security Council on Friday called for West African nations to produce a “feasible and actionable” military plan to retake northern Mali from Islamist militants. A statement from the 15-nation council expressed “grave concern” at the “increasing entrenchment of terrorist elements, including Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb” in northern Mali. Islamist groups and other rebels seized on the chaos of a military coup in Mali in March to take the north of the vast West African country. They have since imposed harsh Islamic law and desecrated traditional Muslim shrines.

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

all you need is spark Either to burn up your passion, or burn down buildings

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

hijacking the day of love Extremists in the garb of protesters


riday was declared the Day of Love for Prophet (pbuh) to convey that Muslims have a deep emotional attachment to him which the world must not ignore. The looting, arson and killings that took place were entirely repugnant to the image of the Prophet as benevolence incarnate known for forgiving those who had shown disrespect to his person and committed atrocities on Muslims. Massive but peaceful rallies would have forcefully conveyed the resentment against the notorious film. What happened was the opposite. At least 23 people lost their lives as a result of violence. In all seven banks, nine cinema houses, one armoured vehicle, and four police mobiles were torched. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa a church and the premises of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry were set on fire. Condemning the violence a PML-N leader rightly observed that the incidents would provide a handle to those who accuse Islam of promoting extremism. The day was obviously hijacked by the extremist elements. Masked men were in the forefront of the attacks at several places. Banned outfits joined the protests carrying their distinctive flags. Religious parties are on the defensive now with Fazlur Rehman accusing “outsiders” being responsible for the mayhem. Why didn’t these parties stop the extremists from using the occasion to pursue their agenda of violence? The government is to be blamed for failure to evolve a policy to deal with situations of the sort other than barricading Islamabad and suspending mobile phone services. After protests against the notorious film began in the Middle east, it had enough time to provide the people direction and leadership. It should have convinced them that there was no need for protests and that it was taking action in the international fora, and will educate the west about why the film hurt Muslims. even the opposition parties have done nothing to discourage extremism in their ranks. That the protests became violent after the Juma prayers should persuade the ulema, some of whom have condemned the violence, not to allow irresponsible speeches from the pulpit. The police and law enforcement agencies have been trained to control the milder type of slogan chanting protestors with batons and tear gas shells. What they encountered this time were motivated extremists attacking with firearms while using common protestors as human shields. It goes to the credit of these agencies that they managed to secure the foreign embassies and consulates under great stress. Three police officials laid down their lives in the line of duty while scores were injured. The agencies must henceforth plan for the new situation on the ground.

By Humayun Gauhar


as another war started?” asked a frightened American lady holed up in Islamabad’s Serena Hotel next to the anti-blasphemy protests last Thursday and Friday. She also saw on television the many fires and street battles raging in most other Pakistani cities. One was amused at her use of the word ‘another’, for she recognized that Pakistan is fighting many wars already, largely started by her country and continuing because of our stupidity and helplessness due to lack of an ideological anchor. This newspaper’s headline yesterday said it all: “everything but love” – meaning love for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who has repeatedly been blasphemed by western cartoonists and filmmakers under the cover of ‘freedom of expression’. While protesting peacefully against blasphemy is correct, the events of last week were outside the pale of Islam, which means peace. Someone should explain to everyone that all freedoms have natural limits that are crossed when they encroach upon other freedoms, like the right to life. The moment freedom of expression causes heartache to millions it ceases to be a freedom at all and becomes mischief. When it causes death and destruction, it becomes a crime and a calumny. Similarly, when protest descends to death and destruction, the right to protest crosses its limits and ceases to be a freedom. It becomes criminal. Our prime minister is right: sacrilege of all faiths and religions should be made a global crime. The Prophet (pbuh) would look askance at such protest, especially in his name. He forgave those who abused him because his way was love, moderation and tolerance. He convinced and converted people with discussion and debate, by example. Muslims should remember the story of the woman who hurled abuse and invective on the Prophet (pbuh) every morning and threw trash on him when he passed under her window. One day she didn’t, so the Prophet (pbuh) went up to her room to inquire why. He found that she was ill and consoled her. She was so touched and ashamed of her behavior that she became a Muslim. That was the way of the Prophet (pbuh): to win with love rather than war unless it was foisted on him. Politics that feeds on people’s anger and desperation hijacks protest. Criminals intent on looting and mayhem join in, as do an angry and frustrated people who destroy the symbols of power and prosperity that they don’t have.

It becomes a free for all. The marches where there were no politicians were all peaceful, but that doesn’t make for ‘good’ television, so we didn’t see them. ‘Iskra’ means ‘spark’ in Russian. It was the name of Lenin’s magazine. All a spark needs is a tinderbox to become a fire. Conversely, all a tinderbox needs is a spark to become a conflagration. It is a symbiotic relationship between spark and tinderbox, like between moth and flame. The Tunisian fruit seller who set himself on fire was the spark that ignited an inferno that is destroying tyrants. The continuing blasphemy against the Prophet (pbuh) could be the spark that starts a conflagration that brings clerics to power where they are not already. We saw a trailer of it last week as anti-blasphemy protesters set many a fire in cities big and small in the tinderbox of national frustration. Though Muslims take blasphemy very seriously, it could also be the spark that causes pent up frustration and anger to boil over and send everything up in flames. When I say ‘everything’ I mean the iniquitous system and a status quo that favors the few and deprives the many. If the fires don’t abate they become a conflagration that burns everything. The mullah has few votes but a lot of power born of people’s ignorance. You saw the power of the mullah last week. You have been warned. It is not only about faith and religion; it is also about global and local politics, prejudice and ignorance, stupidity and self-destruction. I once said that Pakistan is full of Muslims but empty of Islam. That is true of all 57 countries that are Muslim majority states. Nearly all are formally Muslims by accident of birth, not by understanding. Most observe the rituals of Islam assiduously, but without understanding. Understanding becomes all the more difficult when 80 percent Muslims are non-Arabic speaking. Not that Arabic speaking Muslims of today understand the Islam or the Quran that is in the Arabic spoken by the Quraish tribe in the time of the Prophet (pbuh), and that, I am told, had seven dialects. If they had been born in some other faith they would have been as ardent about it. It is about human nature and upbringing in a particular milieu. What to do? Three things: education, more education and then even more education. There is dire need for Muslims to be correctly educated, especially in their own faith, particularly the Quran, and not leave it to clerics and madrassahs. else they will be educated in dogma and ritual, not Islam, as they are. There is a need to differentiate between faith and religion. The faith is Islam as given to us in the Quran. What most Muslims follow is organized religion run by mullahs that have become de facto clerics camouflaged as scholars even though Islam recognizes neither church nor clergy precisely because clerics adhering to God’s earlier Messages had mutilated them beyond recognition and lost the faith’s spirit and God’s intent. Thus it was that God gave his final Message to Muhammad (pbuh) through the angel Gabriel in his own words albeit in human language. At the same time, He banned churches and clerics so that His Word could not be mutilated. He did not count on human ingenuity to find ways around His intent. First the scholar became de facto

superficially Muslim form over substance

By Syed Farhan Ahmed Shah


ecently, the Lahore High Court dismissed a petition seeking to abolish of the use of term ‘My Lord’ for judges and the act of bowing before them. This single case reflects so aptly what is wrong with us as Muslims. It reminds me of the constant condemnation of devotees

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

for performing the act of prostration at shrines as ‘shirk’. I don’t personally agree with the act of prostration at a shrine or elsewhere but all those who severely condemn it as ‘shirk’ should care to think about the intent behind that act. The act of prostration before Allah is for His worship (Sajdah al-ibadah). It is not the act itself which automatically embodies the spirit of worship but the intent of the one performing it which makes it so. Otherwise, didn’t Allah ask the angels to bow before Adam (pbuh)? Doesn’t the Quran mention the family of Prophet Yousaf (pbuh) prostrating before him? Have we ever paused to think that if a person chooses to do so at a shrine or in court, whether he is doing it with the intention of worship or merely out of respect (Sajdah al-tazeem)? In any case for a sajdah, there needs to be eight parts of body touching the ground (hands, feet, knees, nose and the forehead). Moreover, the sajdah could only be declared as

worship if the person is doing it with that intention. It is only when these two conditions are met that a person can be committing shirk while bowing down in front of anyone except Allah. Similarly, the term ‘Lord’ is linguistically used for a person who is in authority over a jurisdiction. It is used metaphorically for God. even in Arabic, the word ‘Lord’ is translated to ‘rabb’ and has other uses. It can be used in various phrases like Rabb al-manzil (head of the house) or Rabb al-maal (capital investor). However, on its own, the word ‘rabb’ is only used as an epithet of Allah. elucidating the same point the fatwa research committee at Islam Today explains: “The spectrum of meaning of the word ‘Lord’ is broader than its translation ‘rabb’ in Arabic. A Muslim speaking english can use it in accordance with english conventions. Its meaning is defined by its context and while in some contexts it only

cleric and now the administrator of the mosque masquerades as scholar by virtue of which he has become de facto cleric. If he were a genuine scholar of Islam he would know that that there is no place for clerics in the faith. Very early on, a caliph-mullah nexus emerged when caliphs seized power instead of being elected. They foisted dynasticism that is not recognized in Islam because it flies in the face of its democratic spirit based on debate and consensus. It is a nexus that exists to this day: then the mullah or qazi issued fatwas or edicts legitimizing usurping caliphs; now the judiciary passes judgments legitimizing usurpers. Then they issued many edicts legitimizing the illegitimate actions of usurpers; today they sugarcoat many of the establishment’s undemocratic actions. De facto scholarclerics also ‘gifted’ us many different, often self-serving, interpretations of the Quran. Result: Islam got divided into myriad sects, subsects, Sharias, movements and schools of thought, each against the other. Muslims are lost because they are divorced from the true spirit of their faith and the intent of God. Proof? Look at the Muslims’ conditions today: they are the most pathetic of all peoples. Compare some 1.5 billion Muslims to some 15 million Jews: see where the Jews stand and where the Muslims are lying prostrate. The former have education and knowledge, wealth and power. The few Muslims that call themselves educated have either studied at western universities and become alienated or been taught local, outdated curricula by rote and brainwashed by mullahs. Some have money because they have oil, money that they have wasted. Instead of making their own global currency, international banks and finance houses in which to keep their money in their own currency, they parked dollars in western banks and purchased western assets and placed themselves at the mercy of western governments. Thus when they don’t do America’s bidding it freezes their accounts and assets and all stooge Muslim rulers can do is bleat. Muslims didn’t encourage their own global media because they are scared of it. None made their own industrial base: at best they have set up western sweatshops for assembly and services and wasted their money in making tasteless clones of western cities and purchasing western weaponry that keeps western economies going. When the time comes to fight, they either lose or ask America and NATO to fly their planes, drive their tanks and defend them. The rulers we choose or tolerate are from amongst the worst, many an affront to Islam and a negation of its injunctions, like the dynastic, whether elected or otherwise. We are asked to choose from amongst ourselves and from amongst the best, not because someone is from a particular family no matter how odious. Blaspheming the Prophet – any prophet – is the worst kind of terrorism. But the biggest conspirators against Islam are the Muslims themselves for their ignorance. Islam’s enemies, real or perceived, don’t have to do anything except sit back and let the Muslims destroy themselves. The writer is a political analyst. He can be contacted at

applies to the Divine, in other contexts it applies to various civil authorities. When the term ‘My Lord’ is used to address a judge at a court of law – there is no problem, since there is no ambiguity regarding the intent. each language’s words must be used properly according to the conventions of the language in question.” On a deeper level, as stated in the beginning, it shows that Islam has been relegated to a religion of form and not substance, of letter and not spirit. The physicality of Islam has taken precedence while its spirit has faded into oblivion. To have your shalwar above your ankles, your head covered with a flowing beard is more important than kindness towards fellow humans and being upright. Like Naseer-ud-din Shah’s character says in the film Khuda Keliye ‘Darhi deen ki inteha hai ibteda nahi’, but who cares? It’s more important to look like a Muslim than simply being one. Saying prayers five times is religiously followed no matter how devious and dishonest we are otherwise. The point is if our namaz cannot result in us being better people, then it is merely reduced to an exercise regime. How appropriate then when Iqbal said ‘Log kehte hain bas Farz ada

karna hai, aisa lagta hai jaise koi karz ada karna hai’. One should ask the petitioners if it sounds okay to them to be entertaining all the worldly thoughts instead of God while in the middle of a sajdah during a namaz. Isn’t that blasphemous? Upon returning from a trip to the Scandinavian countries Iqbal remarked, while alluding to their general good character, that ‘I saw a lot of Muslims over there but no Islam whereas in my home country all I see is Islam but no Muslims’. We are quick to make a record smashing sized cake to celebrate the Prophet’s (pbuh) birthday rather than celebrating it by trying to follow his footsteps. To them, the label ‘Musalmaan’ is enough for salvation in the hereafter. Tum hayya aur shariyat ke takazon ki baat karte ho Humne nangey jimson ko malboose-hayya dekha hai Humne dekhein hain ehraam mai lipte kayi iblees Humne may khaney mai kai baar khuda dekha hai -(Iqbal) The writer belongs to a fakir family and works as a development consultant in Lahore.

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Comment 11

protesting with a purpose We are a nation of passion. And frequently it is misdirected

By Saad Rasool


acts first: some characterless imbecile in California – devoid of any sense of history, religion, or socio-political nuance – made a blasphemous movie, which makes no attempts of hiding the producer’s contempt for Islam or the Muslims. In the aftermath, the Muslim world has erupted into violent “protests”, claiming several lives in Khartoum, Tunis and Benghazi. Pakistanis too (not to be left behind), over the past week, have torn themselves to shreds through demonstrations that involved burning theaters, shops, office buildings and the loss of almost 20 innocent lives. But after bouncing off the walls for weeks, the Muslim world seems no closer to elevating the glory of Islam or remedying the blasphemy. So let’s get this straight: Our religion has been ridiculed, our beloved Prophet (pbuh) has been slandered, our centers of education and commerce are shutdown, our cinemas are burning, our vehicles have been vandalized and our people are dead. Still, the culprits behind all this remain smiling, unaffected and unimpressed. Does this sound like a reasonable conclusion to you? While I have not seen the movie myself, but those who have describe it to be absolutely abominable. And such blasphemy is bound to offend the sensitivities of even the liberal or moderate Muslims. As result, it must be met with our collective rejection and protest. The only question is what is the most effective way of registering this protest so that our voice brings about the requisite change? In this regard, the Muslim world (and thus, Pakistan) has two possible roads to walk down: 1) to continue banning internet, burning our own houses, and killing our

brethren; or 2) to counter this blasphemous offensive through collective state action at the forums of international diplomacy and justice. The first of these options is not going to get us anywhere. Let’s explore the second one. The forum first: since the movie was made by a private individual in the United States, the most appropriate forum is of course taking up the matter with the US government. Sadly, however, the entire Muslim world (even collectively) seems impotent before the US. And despite the countless protests and much shedding of blood, no tangible action has been taken by the US against the perpetrator, and neither have any steps been taken to curb future recurrence of such events. The next most appropriate forum to raise this issue is the United Nations (where the US is a participant), which can (partially) influence the US domestic and international policy. At the UN, one possibility is to have a resolution passed condemning this episode, and prohibiting any future recurrence. But UN resolutions (like dozens passed in favor of Palestine) are frequently toothless. This leaves us with the option of invoking one of the UN Conventions. And the most appropriate convention, in regards to religious freedoms and sentiments, is the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This treaty, adopted on December 16, 1966, has been signed and ratified by 74 countries, including Pakistan and the United States. Article 18 of this Covenant guarantees freedom of religion and practice. Article 20(3) goes a step further and prohibits any incitement to “religious hatred” that amounts to “discrimination, hostility or violence”. And the blasphemous movie (even if it is protected under the American interpretation of free speech) is certainly a violation of these Articles of the UN Covenant. However, the problem is that this treating is not “self-executing” – as in, the only way for it to be enforceable within a country is for that particular country to make domestic laws that enforce its provisions. Sadly, despite ratification, the United States has not changed the domestic law to be in conformity with the Covenant rights, as a result of which, the same are not enforce-

able in the US (as held in the case of Hain v Gibson, 287 F.3d 1224 (10th Cir. 2002)). And in 2006, the Human Rights Committee expressed concern over US’s non-compliance, recommending immediate corrective action. It is high time that the Muslim world takes up these deficiencies at the UN forum. We need to exert some pressure to have the US make laws in conformity with the Covenant. But who are we kidding? Nothing short of God Almighty coming down to Mount Toor can persuade the US to do something it doesn’t want to. Alternatively, therefore, we could lobby for making the Covenant (at least to the extent of religious freedoms and respects) self-executory, and have it be expanded to specifically cater to prohibitions against blasphemy. This, with a collective effort of the Muslim world, is perhaps achievable. And in any case, such a venture will be infinitely more productive and better use of our ‘blood, sweat and tears’ than burning down our own house. The truth is this: we live in a world where a film that insulted Christianity was banned by the european Court of Human Rights (in the 1994 case of Itto-Preminger-Institu v. Austria), whereas a similar film that offends 1.6 billion Muslims of this planet is “protected” under free speech. We live in a time when a european court “bans” publication and selling of Kate Middleton photographs, while affording no respect to anything pertaining to the Muslim world. Burning our vehicles, ransacking our offices, spilling each other’s blood, shutting down our schools and announcing national holidays will not bring us at parity with the rest of the world. Our passion has to be supplemented by our political, diplomatic and strategic prowess. Anyone can set themselves on fire and scream at the top of their lungs to get the world’s attention. What matters, instead, is getting the job done. And after two weeks of protesting, we are not an inch closer to our goal! The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore. He has a Masters in Constitutional Law from Harvard Law School. He can be reached at:

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

absence of leadership The 21st Sept had been marked as a protest day. It was declared a holiday and complete wheel jam and shutter down protest was made throughout the country. The government sponsored and spearheaded the protest. A job well done, but as usual aimless, without leadership and without any direction from the rulers. The PM came dressed in newly stitched and somewhat loose sherwani and addressed a convention in Urdu and english. The speech writer did a good job too except that Raja Sahib could not read or pronounce certain words correctly, both in english and Urdu. The rallies of young boys and miscreants did as much destruction of national assets and cars and vehicles as possible. Police and other law enforcing agencies were conspicuously missing from the scene. Destruction of property and national assets by this mob was never understood by me. TV reported this nasty mob as students and Afghani Mohajirs. Mob was seen laughing and enjoying the loot and arson. No political leaders from any party was seen anywhere. Ms Hina Rabbani Khar, integral part of the government, is in Washington issuing statements of US-Pak ‘close relationship’. Probably, she has not yet convinced KerryLugar to release one billion dollars outstanding for over a year. In my opinion, all party leaders should have come to the streets with their junta and marched peacefully to register our indignation. Films of these rallies should be dispatched to Washington to tell them that we mean business and any such future move should be desisted. The message should have gone from all political parties, regardless of their internal rivalries because the issue in hand does not pertain to area, money or authority; it pertains to Muslim’s faith, Muslim’s sanctity and love and reverence to our Prophet (PBUH). AMJAD H MIRZA Lahore

free and fair elections The Chief election Commissioner (CeC) Justice (retd) Fakhuruddin G Ibrahim has resolved to ensure free and fair general elections scheduled to be held next year. We have no doubt that CeC would try his best to fulfill his promise sincerely. Nonetheless, the past experience shows that

the general elections particularly in Karachi are held on gun point by one certain group. If the CeC wants to create an example about holding impartial elections, he should make Karachi a test case and ensure that free and fair general elections in real sense are held there along with the rest of the country. It is an undeniable fact that if impartial elections would be held throughout the country except at Karachi – the largest city, no one would recognize it as impartial as a whole. As peaceful citizens of Karachi, let us hope this time people of the city would be allowed to cast their votes on the basis of their free will and whatsoever may be outside pressure, would not be allowed in Karachi in any case. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL Karachi

what a pity! Several commentators are right in their advice to Muslims to maintain the sanity while protesting against the production of a mischievous film and publication of blasphemous cartoons; otherwise, all focus will be on the violent reaction providing further material for more provocative actions. It’s sad that political and religious leadership in Pakistan has miserably failed to put up a joint strategy to avoid violence in the name of protest against the film. Sept 21, which was planned as ‘Youm-e-Ishaq-eRasool’ (Love of the Prophet Day) will now be remembered as hatred-to-humanity day. That day more than 20 people were killed, hundreds were injured, countless properties and businesses were burned to ashes, banks and their strong rooms plundered, ATMs smashed to loot the cash, police checkposts and vehicles torched —- all in the name of protestors’ love for Prophet. Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad bore the brunt of Friday’s lawlessness wherein in Karachi alone several landmark historical cinemas were put on fire. We need to pause for a moment and ask ourselves – by doing all these mischievous acts, have we done any justice with the Prophet whose honor we are claiming to guard? No civilized country can allow this lawlessness regardless of any noble cause. Law shall take its own course, all those involved in looting, ransacking, putting properties on fire, killing, firing on lawenforcing agencies shall face the music in courts and their leaders shall be forced to pay for the damages their followers have done. Alas, our courts have no time for these criminals; they are quite busy disqualifying dual nationality legislators as finding them not ‘Ameen’ and ‘Sadiq’ (honest and truthful). They need to know that a number of Ameens and Sadiqs were out on streets on Friday, not afraid of any consequences as they always find courts on their side. It’s pity to see such a disgusting course to achieve a noble cause. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

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kareena’s Heroine is highly predictable H

eROINe is drably monotonous, its insights are shallow, most of the characters are caricatures and the lines that they speak border on the corny. Kareena Kapoor is a complete stunner in the movie. She steals the show by delivering a stupendous performance, feel critics. “With Bhandarkar watermarked on every single scene of the film, Heroine is highly predictable and somewhere disappointing for those who swear by his ability to reveal the unseen facts. From the feminine-traits of a designer to a back-bitching friend, from vicious women who pass the same comments to death being a turning point for the protagonist, stereotypes successfully kill the essence of this film,” writes Kanika Sikka, DNA. “Madhur treats the theme of Heroine with extreme simplicity and unfussiness for the avid moviegoer to decipher. I am sure, the viewer would experience explicit contentment to witness the truth behind the made-up faces of the film world, the shadowy secrets that lie behind the enchanting veneer. The lifestyle, the betrayal, the promiscuousness, the inane tittle-tattle… all this and more is what is expected from a plot that covers the movie industry and it’s all there in profusion in Heroine,” feels Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama. “Multiple National-Award winning filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar takes vicarious pleasure in giving his audience a ring-side view of various walks of life. His Chandni Bar (2001) dealt with Mumbai dance-bars; Page-3 (2005) showed the shallow side of the media and celebrity circus,” writes Meena Iyer, TOI. “In conveying the ebbs and tides of the life of a self-obsessed, impulsive and troubled Bollywood diva, the film taps into the tropes that constitute the Bhandarkar formula. The novelty has worn off. So, all that the audience is left with is an overwhelming sense of déjà vu,” writes Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV. “The movie

Lively, Reynolds expecting first child?

Actress Blake Lively’s behaviour on the set of “Gossip Girl” has fuelled rumours she might be pregnant with her first child with Ryan Reynolds. A source on the “Gossip Girl” set reveals Livelyhas been practically “glowing” and “indulging in more food than usual” since filming commenced, reports digitalspy. “Blake is usually really careful about what she eats, but since her wedding, she seems to be eating a lot more. everyone on set is on bump-watch,” said the source. Lively and Reynolds have not responded to the pregnancy rumour. The couple married earlier this month at Boone Hall Plantation at Mount Pleasant, near Charleston in South Carolina, in front of family and friends, including Florence Welch. They started dating October last year, after the actor’s divorce from Scarlett Johansson was finalised. They also starred together in the superhero epic “ Green Lantern” last year. CoURtESy toI

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

does a rinse-and-repeat from here on with heartbreak, love and heartbreak again. Watch the rest of the movie for more close-ups of Kareena’s bloodshot eyes, her incessant break-downs and some really confusing blocks in the story,” writes Roshni Devi, “Heroine is just Madhur’s unbalanced take on his heroines, with Sushmita Sen, Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra and Konkona Sen Sharma, among the few who get an unjust mention. even his first choice for ‘Heroine, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan isn’t spared with a hint that political influence can buy anyone the state’s highest honour – Padamshree,” writes Sneha May Francis, emirates 24/7. “On the face of it, Heroine had great scope to be developed into an interesting story. But director Madhur Bhandarkar gets confused – he wants to reveal the big bad world of Bollywood to the outsiders and tell a human story at the same time. There are lose references to real controversies – a star who edits his co-actor’s role, female actors partnering with a businessman to buy an IPL team when their careers are going downhill, a leaked MMS which brings ample publicity to a couple, a gay designer who is known to design saris and is a close friend to some top female actors, a star wife who decides which heroines his star husband will work with after a recent linkup and so on. The director entertains you by giving you a guessing game. You get busy trying to find out whether a character is based on a certain star or not. But that’s where the fun ends,” writes Suparna Thombare, Bollywood Life.


“Before the interval, the film is a mess up of fastpaced events. The second half, though slow, manages to bring these events into order to lead to a predictable end,” Sikka adds. “On the flip side, although the writing borrows from reality and has ample shock value, the writers could’ve avoided a few episodes in Mahi’s story, which seem unimportant. Besides, the track involving Ranvir Shorey and his film is stretched. Also, the writers have tried to cram too many instances/episodes in the screenplay, which only elongates the run time of the film. Moreover, the film focuses more on the lows than the highs. Had the writing depicted her stardom with the same zeal as the downfall, the impact of Mahi’s fall from grace would’ve appeared more persuasive,” says Adarsh. “And Heroine would have been crisper had it not digressed to cover every Bollywood insider account. When the maker attempts to show mainstream cinema’s condescending attitude towards art-house films, precious screen time is lost. Mahi’s attempt to play a prostitute and say scandalous lines are clearly attempted to woo the frontbenchers but the gig lacks conviction. The music is a complete let down and even the item song Halkat Jaawani fails to give the required `rise’ to proceedings,” Iyer adds. CoURtESy Ht

emrAAn hAShmi’S emraan Hashmi’s growing popularity is definitely a reason for him to smile, but it could very well also be a reason for his producers to frown. His fan base isn’t just restricted to the ladies anymore; he is hugely popular among kids as well. This was proved recently when one of his little fans dropped by on the sets of his next, Ghanchakkar, where he stars opposite Vidya Balan. A source present on the sets says, “Ghanchakkar was being shot in an apartment in Bandra, when a seven-year-old boy walked in with his friends. He desperately wanted emraan’s autograph and a picture with him. Since we weren’t shooting inside a studio, the entry could not be restricted.” The source adds, “A scene was being shot at the time, so the kid and his friends were asked to wait. As the shoot was taking long, the boy lost his patience and started bawling loudly and refused to calm down. Ghanchakkar was being shot in sync sound, so the shooting couldn’t continue with a child crying on the set. Finally, the shoot had to be stopped.” The shoot only resumed after emraan went up to the kid and spoke to him. Manish Hariprasad, creative director, Disney UTV (producers of the film) says, “The entire unit was amazed at the persistence of this little fan. emraan was in the middle of the shot, but when the kid grew restless and started howling, he stopped the shoot and clicked a picture with his young fan.” CoURtESy Ht




Anne Hathaway to wear a Valentino gown on wedding Designer Valentino Garavani says he did the dress for actress Anne Hathaway`s upcoming wedding to Adam Shulman. The 29year-old actress became engaged to actor Shulman in November 2011 after dating for nearly three years and the couple are set to tie the knot soon, reported Us magazine. “She`s a very good friend of mine. She`s like my daughter,” Garavani said. Hathaway and Garavani attended the New York City Ballet`s fall gala and the actress looked stunning on the red carpet in a sheer floral dress. The `Les Miserables` actress herself, however, has stayed very quiet about her upcoming nuptials. Hathaway began dating Shulman, 31, in 2008 after a messy split from Raffaello Follieri. “We hit it off immediately, but it took us a pretty long time to get together,” she had said. NEWS DESK

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13 i’m born to be a rebel: imtiaz Ali






He filmmaker who was in the city to attend the film festival talks about his Ranchi connect, the Indian film industry, his forthcoming film and more... Like the characters of his films — be it Jeet inJab We Met or Jorden in Rockstar — Imtiaz Aliis ‘born to be a rebel’. Yes, that’s how he describes himself. “I am born a rebel but people like me, have to restrain ourselves after a point. Life’s too short. Unless you are a rebel, you can’t enjoy life.” The director was in the city to attend the Ranchi Film Festival tells about ... INDIAN CINEMA HAS EvOLvED TECHNICALLy OvER THE LAST CENTURy, BUT HAS DEGRADED IN TERMS Of CONTENT. DO yOU AGREE WITH THE THOUGHT?

I think every decade has seen some change in content. But yes, there was a phase when cheapness was on sale and filmmakers used to put obscene and objectionable content unnecessarily in movies to spice them up. Degradation of content is not time-bound, it happens when people serve obscenity intentionally. And it not only degrades the content but everything that goes into filmmaking. DIRTy PICTURE WAS DENIED TELEvISION BROADCAST AND IT WAS ALLOWED ONLy AfTER 56 CUTS. IS IT fAIR? I would not call it unfair, but it also shows imbalances prevalent in our society. Why should there be any restriction on films when obscenity is served everywhere — be it on street hoardings, on the internet or journals. I feel government must ensure equal parameters for everybody. yOU ARE fROM JAMSHEDPUR, HAvE DONE THEATERS AND WERE fOUNDER Of IBTIDA, THE DRAMATIC SOCIETy AT HINDU COLLEGE IN DELHI. DON’T yOU THINk METRO CITIES HAvE MORE AUDIENCE fOR THEATER THAN WE SEE IN SMALL TOWNS?

Mallika Sherawat demands 30 bodyguards! MOVIe stars owe their popularity to their fans. But of late, fans of Bollywood stars seem unable to curb their excitement. And at times, it does cross a line (see box). That’s probably why Mallika Sherawat has decided to take pre-emptive measures before an all-India tour to promote her next, Kismet Love Paisa Dilli (KLPD).The actor, whose security cover already consists of roughly 15 bodyguards, has apparently asked the organisers to double it. “Mallika wants around 30 bodyguards when she travels to various cities for promotions. She wants to avoid any kind of untoward incident,” says an insider. During her discussions with the organisers, Mallika was clear that handling fans — in a lot of places —becomes difficult. “Seeing that a few recent incidents have involved female stars, the makers too don’t want to take any chances. So they have agreed to beef up Mallika’s security,” adds the insider. Mallika, along with her co-star Vivek Oberoi, will be travelling to cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru. “Since a few places have witnessed instances of misbehaviour, her concerns aren’t unfounded,” says the insider. Of course, Mallika’s added security is likely to burn a hole in the makers’ pockets. The extra security will cost the makers approximately R40 lakh more than earlier budgeted for. “The expenses can only go up, since they would be travelling with her,” adds the insider. While Mallika remained unavailable for a comment (till the time of going to press), producer Amit Chandrra says, “I’m glad that my actors are going out of the way to promote KLPD. So, as a producer, it’s my responsibility to make sure that their security is given utmost importance.” CoURtESy Ht

After porn and ‘Jism 2’, Sunny Leone now turns item girl! Indo-Canadian sensation Sunny Leone, whose debut in Bollywood was quite lukewarm compared to the tornado her being roped in ‘Jism 2’ had conjured up, is taking her liaison with the Hindi film industry further. That she has been signed to work with ekta Kapoor in a lead role in the latter’s ‘Ragini MMS 2’ is no longer news to many people. And now, the porn star has something else up her calves as well! According to the official

Twitter handle of an entertainment channel, Sunny is all set to do an item number in ‘Shootout At Wadala’, the crime thriller based on Hussain Zaidi’s book ‘Dongri to Dubai’. Along with Leone, Priyanka Chopra will also be seen in an independent item number. The tweet from the channel read: “Sunny Leone & Priyanka Chopra will reportedly do an item song each in ‘Shootout At Wadala’.” Hope this time you won’t let your innumerable Indian fans down, Sunny! NEWS DESK

No, I have done three or four theatre shows in Jamshedpur by selling tickets professionally and this was when I was studying in college. People in small towns have advantage over big cities. A film made by someone hailing from a small town will be different from others because they can feel the pulse of the audience living there and would easily understand the likes and dislikes of the audience. I feel Mumbai wale thode unfortunate hain because their world is very limited. Buzz is that Rockstar magic will be recreated with Ranbir, AR Rahman and you coming together together once again. Anoushka and Katrina might also be there as female leads. I have gone through such articles but the fact is I have not signed Ranbir for a movie. We still have to finalise the script and casting will happen late. I am not in talks with Rahman either. HOW DO yOU CONNECT TO RANCHI? I have a very interesting connect with city. My first school, St Mary’s, is here. I have my experience of first day in the school from this city. I still remember I was crying and my father took me to Hundru falls, so that I felt better. ANy CHILDHOOD MEMORy THAT yOU STILL CHERISH? There are many, in fact, I still love to read story books, eat a lot and love to travel. CoURtESy Ht

Shah rukh

gets steamy with Katrina in ‘JAB TAK HAI JAAN’


OMANCe is all set to get revolutionized in YRF’s upcoming film. even as the year’s most anticipated movie, ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ starring Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif approaches its release, the rushes of the film is generating a strong buzz nationwide. The film, which happens to be special in more ways than one, marks the return of Bollywood eternal lover, SRK as the romantic lead after a long time. Being directed by the King of romance Yash Chopra, the film is being touted as the love saga of the decade. But more than anything else, the fans are more excited about the remarkable pairing of SRK and Katrina who would be seen romancing for the first time on-screen. The two look great in the trailer as well as the promotional stills of the movie released by the makers. In one such still, Shah Rukh and Katrina raise the heat with some under-the-sheets action and the bold act, though shot aesthetically, looks really hot leaving little to imagination. Offering an intense love story coupled with steamy scenes such as these, one only wonders the kind of ripples the film promises to create when it releases this Diwali on November 13. NEWS DESK

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Infotainment 14 Zimbabwe city residents synchronize toilet flush Weightlifter Jonathan Walker prepares to lift a marrow weighing 54.3kg above his head after it won the Giant Marrow Class in the Harrogate Autumn flower show. the marrow was grown by Peter Glazebrook from Newark who took six first prize awards in the Giant Vegetable classes at the show.

Giant vegetable grower Peter Glazebrook kisses his world record onion. It weighed in at 8.16kg, beating his previous world record by almost two ounces. He won all six classes in the giant vegetable competition during the show at the Great yorkshire Showground.

5 hot alternatives to iPhone 5 FTeR many months of rumors, speculation and leaked info, the most anticipated device of 2012 is finally here. On one hand, Apple’s iPhone 5 doesn’t mess what made its predecessors so sought after — it’s still a sleek, all-touch device with an intuitive interface, countless apps and smooth synchronization with services like iTunes and iCloud — but along with a redesigned body and larger screen, Apple has bumped up the specs just enough to get fan boys (and girls) drooling. As popular as iPhone is — selling more than 25 million handsets worldwide last quarter alone (and iPhone 5 pre-orders topping 2 million in its first 24 hours) — they’re not the only game in town. In fact, many of today’s Android phones can outperform iPhone 5.


if you want a killer screen, consider: Motorola Droid Razr HD For the first time in iPhone’s 5-year history, Apple has bumped up the screen size to 4-inches. It’s a taller (not wider) display that now delivers a true widescreen presentation when held sideways (16:9 aspect ratio, like your HDTV, when held sideways). The new 4-inch still employs Apple’s “Retina” technology, which refers to the fact the human eye can’t distinguish the millions of individual dots (pixels) that make up the text and images. But those looking for a gorgeous screen might instead consider the upcoming Moto Droid Razr HD, an Android-powered phone. Due out this fall on Verizon, this Droid boasts a 4.7inch 720p HD screen with 1,280 x 720 resolution (iPhone 5’s screen tops out at 1,136 x 640 resolution). The Razr HD’s display also spans edge to edge, with just a little bit of bezel surrounding it. As with the previous Razr, this new phone — measuring 131.9mm tall, 67.9 mm wide and a svelte 8.4mm thin — can take a beating with its durable Kevlar fiber and Corning Gorilla glass.

if you want a solid cameraphone, consider: Nokia Lumia 920 OK, let’s get the obvious out of the way: Microsoft and Nokia screwed up by using a doctored promo video to showcase the photography and v i d e o recording capabilities of its upcomi n g Lumia 920, a next-generation Windows Phone 8 device. But make no mistake — this camera rocks, if our hands-on time with it following the September 5 event in NYC is any indication. On paper, it doesn’t look vastly different than iPhone’s iSight camera; both the Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 have an 8-megapixel realfacing camera (3264 x 2448 pixels) with autofocus and LeD flash. But the Lumia’s PureView camera offers exceptional low-light performance (taking in up to 5 times more light than other smartphone cameras), optical (not digital) image stabilization and support for a number of filters, special effects and other fun things you can do with your photos while taking them (or afterwards).

if you want a long-lasting battery, consider: Samsung Galaxy S iii Hopefully the iPhone 5 will have a better battery (or better battery management) than the iPhone 4S, but if you want a smartphone today that can truly last all day, look no further than theSamsung Galaxy S III (from $199.99 on 2-year plan). Apple says iPhone 5 can last 225 hours standby and delivers 8 hours talk time (on 3G). Claims were similar for iPhone 4S but I wasn’t alone in saying I got nowhere near this amount of talk time, even by dimming the screen, turning off push mail

and disabling some radios while not in use such as Bluetooth and GPS. By comparison, Samsung Galaxy S III offers — get this — 790 hours of standby and 11:40 hours talk time (3G). Remarkably, this is with this Android’s massive 4.8-inch screen, NFC (near field communications) radio and LTe 4G connectivity. Oh, and unlike the iPhone, the Galaxy S III’s massive 2,100 mAh battery is removable, too, just in case a serious traveler wants to keep a spare handy.

if you want a great-sounding phone, consider: HTC One X An HTC exclusive (HTC owns 51 percent of Beats, after all), the Beats Audio technology sounds impressive even when playing games, watching videos or listening to audiobooks or podcasts. Heck, even phone calls seem loud and clear on the HTC One X, if anyone still talks on their smartphone these days.

if you want a powerful smartphone that doesn’t break the bank, consider: Sony Mobile Xperia ion It’s no secret Sony is playing catch-up in the smartphone space as the company finds itself, but don’t dismiss the impressive Xperia ion as a powerful and versatile Android phone for half the cost of iPhone 5. On sale for $99.99 on a 2-year AT&T contract, Sony’s first LTe phone delivers broadband-like speeds in select markets. Its 4.6-inch screen is more than a half-inch larger than iPhone 5 (and it’s very purty, too) and unlike Apple’s device you can expand its memory via up to 32GB microSD cards. Its processor can’t compare to iPhone 5 and it’s an outdated Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) platform is a bit of a disappointment, but at least Xperia ion users can access to the Google Play store (formerly Android Market) and its more than 500,000 downloads. NEWS DESK

Apple maps disaster may solve China-Japan islands row wrong turn for sheep


flock of sheep took a wrong turn on their way down from their summer mountain pastures and ended up in an Austrian sports shop, local media reported Saturday. One sheep saw its reflection in the glass sliding doors of the Intersport store in the western village of Sankt Anton am Arlberg and proceeded to enter, followed by the rest of the flock. Amid much bleating, two shepherds managed to persuade the animals to leave, but not before they had caused a considerable amount of mess as they wandered around amid the bikes, shoes, skis and other sporting equipment on sale. “The broke some of the sunglasses and left a lot of dirt. We had quite a clean-up to do,” store manager Michael ess, 42, told the Oesterreich daily. “I have never experienced anything like it.” AfP


ITY authorities in Zimbabwe’s second largest city are appealing to home owners to flush their toilets at a specified time as a way to unblock sewers after days of severe water rationing. Bulawayo City Council has asked its more than 1 million residents to flush their toilets simultaneously at 7:30 p.m. Saturday when water supplies are restored. City officials say “synchronized flushing” is needed to clear waste that would have accumulated in sanitary facilities which will have been affected by days of water outages. Bulawayo’s two main supply dams have been drying up due to drought conditions prevailing in the arid, southwestern part of Zimbabwe raising fears of worsening water shortages before the rainy season starts in November. NEWS DESK

Apple’s new iPhone 5 may have been criticized for its glitch-ridden new maps program, but it may have inadvertently provided a diplomatic solution to China and Japan’s ongoing row over disputed islands. The new smartphone, which has dumped Google Maps in favor of its own version, has been ridiculed for misplacing major landmarks, shifting towns and even creating a new airport. But amid a row over an outcrop of islands claimed by both Tokyo and Beijing, Apple’s new iO6 software has provided a resolution of sorts. When a user searches for the Tokyo-controlled Senkaku islands in the east China Sea, claimed by Beijing under the name Diaoyu, two sets of the islands appear alongside each other. “The map has one set of islands for each country. Is this a message from Apple that we civilians must not get engaged in a pointless dispute?” one Japanese blogger wrote. The new mapping program

was released this week as part of Apple’s updated mobile operating system software, which powers the new iPhone 5, released Friday, and can be installed as an upgrade on other Apple devices. To the chagrin of many, the new operating system replaces Google Maps, which had been the default mapping system in Apple devices until now. As of yet there is no stand-alone Google Maps app available for the iPhone, although some reports say this is coming. The east China Sea islands, strategically coveted outcrops, have been the focus of a territorial dispute between Tokyo and Beijing, with tensions escalating dramatically after the Japanese government bought three of them from their private owners. Tens of thousands of anti-Japanese demonstrators rallied across China, with some vandalizing Japanese shops and factories, forcing firms to shut or scale back production. AfP

Holiday read is only read


LMOST one in four holidaymakers who took part in a survey admitted that they opened up a book for the first time when they were away. It was suggested that the findings reflected a lack of time for reading or “apathy” towards it. An online survey of 8,600 travellers, commissioned by TripAdvisor, the travel website, found that 23 per cent read a book for the first time on holiday. “A good book has long been a staple of a relaxing holiday and it’s encouraging to see that we still enjoy reading when we go away,” said a spokesman for the website. “But whether it’s lack of time, attention spans decreasing, or a general apathy towards reading, the fact that almost a quarter of us only manage to read a book when we’re on holiday really is quite a sad state of affairs.” The survey comes after separate research found that e-books sales were rising compared to a fall in the number of physical books being sold. Publishers are hoping that a barrage of “OlympicLit” will break book sale records this Christmas on the back of several autobiographies of Britain’s London 2012 athletes. CoURtESy tHE tELEGRAPH

From Canada, with love


Canadian dentist left his heart in Ireland, and he’s going back to find it. Sandy Crocker, a 34-year-old from British Columbia, traveled to Ireland on vacation in July 2011. While in County Clare, Crocker told the Irish Sun, he saw a beautiful girl in a cafe and asked her for directions. He only talked to her for a couple of minutes, but shortly thereafter he found that he couldn’t stop thinking about the pretty lass. In fact, over a year later, the love struck Canadian is still thinking about her. That’s why Crocker returned to Ireland earlier this month to spend four weeks searching for the mystery woman. “Maybe it’s a shot in the dark but if it is meant to be, if it’s fate, then I might bump into her,” he told the Sun. He describes her as being in her mid to latetwenties, with reddish brown hair and freckles, Irish Central reports. Those are the only physical traits Crocker has mentioned, but his profile on dating website Plenty of Fish described the girl as “gentle, graceful, the kind of girl who would enter a shoe store and leave with brown boots,” according to the National Post. The dating profile appears to have been closed. CoURtESy HUffPoSt

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Sunday, 23 September, 2012

Sharapova upbeat before Pan Pacific open Page 18

Hafeez not to overdo spin for New Zealand match Taylor hopes NZ counter Pakistan spin threat

Today’s maTch Pakistan V new Zealand england V india

record-breaking Mccullum savours bd bashing


Pallekele: Pakistan cricket coach dav whatmore (r) shares a light moment with cricketer abdul razzaq (c) during a training session on. afp PALLEKELE AfP


AKISTAN captain Mohammad Hafeez has played down the hype around his spin quartet ahead of his side’s opening match of the World T20 against New Zealand at Pallekele Stadium on Sunday. Hafeez said his team management had assessed the condition of the pitch and will avoid an over reliance on spin. “I am satisfied with the preparation of the team and we are ready for the big challenge. We know conditions here suit seamers so we are not going to rely on our spinners alone. We also have good seamers led by Gul so we will have a balanced combination for a winning start,” Hafeez said. After blowing hot and cold in the warm-up matches where they beat arch-rivals India but lost to england, Pakistan captain Hafeez said his team was ready for

bcci chief not to visit Pak for acc meeting: zaka

the serious business. “We tried out various combinations in the warm-up matches and now we are ready for the big event. I am satisfied with the preparation of the team and we are ready for the big challenge,” he added. Meanwhile, skipper Ross Taylor hoped his batsmen counter the threat posed by Pakistan’ potent bowling attack in the group D cracker. New Zealand thumped Bangladesh by 59 runs in their opening match on Friday on the back of a Twenty20 record score of 123 by Brendon McCullum in a match they faced three left-arm spinners as well. But Pakistan pose a far greater threat as they have the top three wicket takers in all Twenty20 cricket with Saeed Ajmal (60 wickets), Umar Gul (59) and Shahid Afridi (59). To add to Ajmal and Afridi they also have skipper Mohammad Hafeez and rookie left-armer Raza Hasan, meaning New Zealand may well have to play 16 overs of spin. But Taylor said the momen-

Pallekele: Pakistan cricket captain Mohammad hafeez inspects the pitch on the eve of the icc twenty20 cricket world cup match against new zealand at the Pallekele Stadium. afp tum gained from the victory over Bangladesh could be invaluable. "Hafeez and Ajmal have got very good records in the last 12-18 months. We have had an insight into the wicket and the confidence from the way we played on Friday, we'll hopefully take that also," said the New Zealand skipper. "We have prepared really well and I am sure we'll do the same against Pakistan." New Zealand have happy memories of the Pallekele stadium where they beat Pakistan by a 110-run margin in the 50-over World Cup last year, with Taylor notching a career best 131 not out. "I am not sure (whether this venue suits NZ more). It didn't spin as much as we thought it might. When you play a second time on it, it could probably spin a little bit more. We'll have to wait and see," said Taylor. "Pakistan are a lot more experienced than Bangladesh. They've played very well in the last 12-18 months. They've got world-class players but hopefully we

can get the better of them come the next match." After blowing hot and cold in the warm-up matches where they beat arch-rivals India but lost to england, Pakistan captain Hafeez said his team was ready for the serious business. "We tried out various combinations in the warm-up matches and now we are ready for the big event," said Hafeez. "I am satisfied with the preparation of the team and we are ready for the big challenge." Hafeez played down the hype around his spin quartet. "We know conditions here suit seamers so we are not going to rely on our spinners alone," said Hafeez. "We also have good seamers led by Gul so we will have a balanced combination for a winning start." The top two teams from each of the four groups will qualify for the Super eight rounds. Defending champions england and India have already qualified for the next round from group A. Hosts Sri Lanka and South Africa have also progressed from group C.

sa upstage sL in rain-shortened match SCoREBoARD


BCCI president N Srinivasan has turned down an invitation to attend the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) development committee meeting to be held in Islamabad on September 24, informed PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf. Ashraf told reporters here that Srinivasan would not be visiting Pakistan and instead has nominated a vice-president of the BCCI to attend the meeting. "He apparently has some other assignments and therefore he has nominated one of the vicepresidents of the BCCI to attend the meeting," Ashraf said. "The ACC meeting is a good platform for direct talks between Pakistan and Indian cricket officials and revival of bilateral cricket matches," he said. The PCB chief said the ACC meeting would be used to convey the message to the participants that Pakistan needed their support to revive international cricket in the country that has remained suspended since 2009 after an attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore. The PCB chief also said that he would soon be meeting the government officials to negotiate with the Indian counterparts to make the process of obtaining visas for the coming series in India short and simple.

Dashing New Zealand batsman Brendon McCullum Saturday showed pleasure over his record-breaking knock against Bangladesh, saying contributions to team wins are significant. The 30-year-old righthander hit 123 off just 58 balls -- the highest individual score in all Twenty20 internationals -- to guide New Zealand to 191-3 before restricting Bangladesh to 132-8 in 20 overs at Pallekele on Friday. "Obviously I am very pleased to be able to make that contribution," said McCullum, declared man-of-thematch after New Zealand's 59-run win in the opening group D match. Pakistan are the third team in the group, from which the top two will qualify for the Super eights stage. "There have been a couple of innings which I remember for various reasons," said McCullum, whose other Twenty20 century came against Australia at Christchurch in 2010. "This one is really up there among my best." Tim Southee (3-16) and Kyle Mills (3-33) then ended Bangladesh's chances with some accurate seam bowling. McCullum stressed a successful start was much needed. "You need to turn up and play incredibly well in your first game to give yourself the best opportunity of qualifying. Also the fact that left arm spinners have posed us some problems in the past it was nice to put them out to pasture for a while," said McCullum.

haMbantota: lasith Malinga (2l) celebrates with teammates after he dismissed ab de Villiers (r) during the world icc twenty20 match. afp HAMBANTOTA AfP

South Africa beat hosts Sri Lanka by a convincing 32 run margin in a rainshortened seven-over-a-side World Twenty20 group C match here on Saturday. South Africa were good with both bat and ball as their pacemen never allowed the Sri Lankan batsmen to chase a

daunting 79-run target. Skipper AB de Villiers smashed two sixes and a boundary during his 13-ball 30 while Hamshim Amla (16) and Faf du Plessis (13) were the other main run contributors in a total of 78-4 after South Africa were sent in to bat. Sri Lanka were without their ace spinner Ajantha Mendis, who took 6-8 in their win over Zimbabwe, after suffering from a side strain.

Heavy rain delayed the start by two and a half hours as a sell-out 35,000 crowd waited anxiously for action and although they got it late the fireworks in a shorter game gave them some consolation. Sri Lanka were never in the hunt, losing star duo Tillakaratne Dilshan (nought) and Mahela Jayawardene (four) in the first two overs. Dale Steyn was South Africa's best bowler with 2-10. Dilshan Mu-

SoUtH AfRICA R. Levi c Munaweera b Kulasekara 4 Hashim Amla st Sangakkara b Herath 16 faf du Plessis c J. Mendis b Perera 13 AB de Villiers c J. Mendis b Malinga 30 JP Duminy not out 12 A. Morkel not out 0 Extras: (lb1, w2) 3 total: (for four wickets, seven overs) 78 fall of wickets: 1-4 (Levi), 2-27 (Amla), 3-65 (de Villiers), 468 (du Plessis). Bowling: Kulasekara 1-0-9-1, Malinga 2-0-27-1 (w2), Herath 20-21-1, Mathews 1-0-8-0, Perera 1-0-12-1 SRI LANKA M. Jayawardene c Behardien b Steyn 4 t. Dilshan run out 0 D. Munaweera c Behardien b A Morkel 13 K. Sangakkara c de Villiers b Kallis 13 t. Perera c Duminy b Steyn 1 J. Mendis not out 7 L. thirimanne not out 5 Extras: (lb1, w2) 3 total: (for five wickets, seven overs) 46 fall of wickets: 1-4 (Dilshan), 2-8 (Jayawardene), 3-30 (Sangakkara), 4-32 (Perera), 5-40 (Munaweera). Bowling: M Morkel 2-0-9-0, Steyn 2-0-10-0 (w1), Botha 1-09-0, Kallis 1-0-9-1, A Morkel 1-0-8-1 Result: South Africa won by 32 runs toss: Sri Lanka Umpires: Richard Kettleborough (ENG) and Rod tucker (AUS) tv umpire: Steve Davis (AUS) Match referee: Jeff Crowe (NZL)

naweera and Kumar Sangakkara made 13 each. South Africa, who finished top of the group, and Sri Lanka qualified for the Super eight rounds. Both had beaten Zimbabwe in their opening matches. Sri Lanka will be in group one of Super eights while South Africa will be in group two, regarded as the group of death with India, Australia and Pakistan likely to be the other teams.

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Sports 16

Australia move after rain-hit Windies match

Pakistan have an edge over new zealand stats corner


S.PERvEZ QAISER Pakistan, the 2009 Champions, will open their campaign of the fourth Twenty-20 World Cup against New Zealand at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium on Saturday (September 23). This group D match will start at 15.00 hours (PST). It will be the ninth Twenty-20 match between the two teams and fourth in Twenty20 World Cup. Pakistan have won five and New Zealand three in eight previous Twenty20 matches between the two teams. Pakistan also have a good record against New Zealand in Twenty-20 World Cup. They have won two and lost one in three matches played against Kiwis in the mega event. New Zealand, ranked fifth in Twenty-20 cricket, have won 26, lost 25 and tied three in 54 Twenty-20 matches played sofar. Pakistan have won 34, lost 22 and tied two in 58 matches played sofar. They are ranked sixth in lastest ICC rankings. HIGHEST INNINGS TOTALS: New Zealand scoerd 185 for seven in 20 overs at Hamilton on December 28,2010 which is their highest total against Pakistan in Twenty-20 cricket. Pakistan's highest against New Zealand is 183 for six in 20 overs at Christchurch on December 30,2010. LOWEST INNINGS TOTALS: New Zealand were bowled out for 80 in 15.5 overs at Christchurch on December 30,2010 which is their lowest ever total against Pakistan. Pakistan's lowest against New Zealand is 132 for seven in 20 overs at Bridgetown on May 8,2010. HIGHEST INDIvIDUAL SCORES: Salman Butt who made an unbeaten 67 off 54 balls with eight fours and a six at Bridgetown on May 8,2010 holds the record of highest individual score on either side. The record of highest individual score for New Zealand is Martin Guptill who made 54 off 29 balls with four fours and equal number of sixes at Auckland on December 26,2010. BEST BOWLING IN AN INNINGS: Umar Gul's five for six at The Oval on June 13,2009 is the best bowling performance for Pakistan against New Zealand. This is also Pakistan's best bowling in Twenty-20 cricket as well as in Twenty-20 World Cup. Tim Southee's five for 18 at Auckland on December 26,2010 is the best bowling for New Zealand against Pakistan. It is also the best bowling for N Zealand in Twenty-20 cricket. PERfORMANCE IN T20 CRICkET: TyPE P W L T SUCCESS% New Zealand 54 26 25 3 50.92 Pakistan 58 34 22 2 60.34 N.Z v Pak 8 5 3 62.50



USTRALIA qualified for the Super eights round of the World Twenty20 by defeating the West Indies in a rain-interrupted group B match in Colombo on Saturday. Australia, chasing a challenging target of 192, were 100-1 in 9.1 overs when heavy rain forced the match to be called off in front of 18,000 fans at the Premadasa stadium. The Aussies, who were ahead of the par score of 83 at that stage, won by 17 runs, according to the DuckworthLewis method. Australia's second successive win -they beat Ireland by seven wickets on Wednesday -- leaves the West Indies and Ireland battling for the other Super eights spot from the group on Monday. The weather ruined a keen finish with Australia edging ahead, needing 92 more from 65 balls with nine wickets in hand. David Warner hit 28 in an opening stand of 30 with Shane Watson, before Mike Hussey joined Watson to add 70 in

42 balls for the unbroken second wicket. Watson was unbeaten on 41 off 24 balls with three sixes and two boundaries. Hussey was on 28 with three fours and a six. earlier, the West Indies posted 1918 following attacking half-centuries from Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels. Left-handed Gayle smashed 54 off 33 balls and Samuels plundered 50 from 32 balls after the West Indies elected to bat

in their first match of the tournament. Sri Lankan fans were treated to a flurry of strokes as Gayle hit four sixes and five boundaries and Samuels chipped in with four sixes and three fours. Australia rued a dropped catch at third man by Watson when Gayle was on four, as the opener pounded young fast bowler Pat Cummins for 18 runs in the fifth over. When Gayle reached his half-cen-

SCoREBoARD WESt INDIES: 2 D. Smith b Starc 54 C. Gayle c and b Watson 16 J. Charles b Christian 50 M. Samuels c Warner b Hogg D. Bravo b Cummins 27 K. Pollard c Hussey b Watson 10 D. Sammy c Warner b Starc 12 D. Ramdin b Starc 3 0 R. Rampaul not out 4 S. Narine not out 13 Extras: (lb10, w2, nb1) 191 total (for eight wickets, 20 overs) fall of wickets: 1-8 (Smith), 2-47 (Charles), 3-93 (Gayle), 4140 (Samuels), 5-162 (Pollard), 6-171 (Bravo), 7-187 (Sammy), 8-187 (Ramdin). Bowling: Watson 4-0-29-2 (w1), Starc 4-0-35-3 (w1), Cummins 4-1-41-1 (nb1), Christian 3-0-29-1, Hogg 4-0-30-1, Maxwell 1-0-17-0. AUStRALIA: 28 D. Warner c Ramdin b Edwards 41 S. Watson not out 28 M. Hussey not out 3 Extras: (w1, nb2) total (for one wicket, 9.1 overs) 100 fall of wicket: 1-30 (Warner). Bowling: Edwards 2-0-16-1 (w1), Rampaul 1.1-0-23-0 (nb1), Narine 2-0-16-0 (nb1), Sammy 2-0-15-0, Samuels 1-0-22-0, Bravo 1-0-8-0 Australia won by 17 runs (Duckworth-Lewis method). toss: West Indies Umpires: Aleem Dar (PAK) and Asad Rauf (PAK) tV umpire: Kumar Dharmasena (SRI) Match referee: Ranjan Madugalle (SRI)

tury off 26 balls in the eighth over, the West Indies had moved to a promising 80-2. He put on 39 in 23 balls for the second wicket with Johnson Charles (16) and 46 for the third with Samuels. Watson avenged his error by holding a high return catch to dismiss Gayle off the first ball of the 11th over, but Samuels took over to destroy the Australian bowling.

‘consistency crucial england’s Wright earns pietersen kudos for Pakistan’s success’ COLOMBO AfP

coloMbo: indian cricketer yuvraj Singh attends a training session ahead of their match against england. afp

Luke Wright's match-winning 99 not out off 55 balls for england against Afghanistan in the World Twenty20 was warmly greeted by axed team-mate Kevin Pietersen. "Thrilled for Luke Wright," Pietersen said in a post-match discussion on eSPN-Star Sports, the host broadcaster of the tournament for whom he is working as a studio expert. "He has been out for ages. He has come back in one of his first games since the last tournament and he has performed." Pietersen, who was man of the tournament when england won the tournament in 2010 in the Caribbean, has been cast into international exile for disciplinary reasons. Wright's effort, the best by an england batsman in the World Twenty20, powered the defending champions to an emphatic 116-run win over Afghanistan in a group A match in Colombo on Friday night. It knocked the minnows out of the tournament and lifted both england and India into the Super eights round from the group even before they clash in the last league match on Sunday. With no points carried forward into the next round and the Super eights groups to be formed on the basis of pre-tournament seedings, both teams will be playing for nothing more than personal glory. But england captain Stuart Broad said his team will not take the game lightly. "It is hard to call any international game a dead game," said Broad. "We will be fired up and wanting a win against India. Actually, we need to be at our best if we want to beat India.


Legendary leg-spinner Abdul Qadir firmly believed that consistency will be key to Pakistan’s success in the 4th edition of ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Championship. “Consistency should be in all areas of the game, batting, bowling and fielding plus fitness,” he told APP. You cannot even afford a small mistake in this shorter brand of cricket. “everybody knows Pakistan team’s unpredictable nature and their fiery brand. But without consistency in all areas of the game, they not reach the top,” he said. “At the moment our strength is bowling. But at the same time we needed good show from the batsmen,” he commented. “Picking the right combination for each match with close eye at their opponents strength and weakness will be very important. “No doubt we got superior combination with some dangerous players in the team. But there should be great deal of determination, enthusiasm with intelligence and killers instinct in the team, he maintained.

punjAb Youth feStivAl 2012

Competitions in third tehsil level begin LAHORE StAff REPoRt

In the third level of the Punjab Youth Festival 2012, competitions of school children (boys and girls) and the general public formally started at different venues of the province on Saturday. In the Tehsil level events which are being contested among the union councils in nine sectors and in 31 events, participants are getting back to norms of sports and healthy activities. On the opening day of the active competitions held at different towns of Lahore, Iqbal Park and Gulberg Town have sports events like Badminton, cricket, table tennis, tug of war, chess while at Punjab Stadium several athletics events were held. At Ravi Town, dress designing show was held at Gulshan Ravi Degree College for Women which was followed by contest of milli naghme. Waris Baig and Humera Arshad performed the duties of judges and also entertained the girl students by singing national songs. In Data Ganj Bax Town, Cricket hardball was held at Union Council 85 in which Rafi XI beat Bilal Ganj XI by

40 runs. In Wahga Town, Football matches were played between different union councils among which union councils 62 and 65 won their matches. In the Tug of War, union councils 65, 53, 50, 39 and 62 were declared winners. In Billiard, union councils 52, 65, 62, 42 while in Arm Wrestling, union councils 39, 65, 51, 53 and 65 won the contests. In Athletics, 100 metres race was won by Ishtiaq Mushtaq of union council 65. In Badminton, union council 52 defeated union council 62, union council 53 beat union council 30 and union council 37 outplayed union council 50 by a similar margin of 2-0. In the Volleyball matches, union councils 63, 65, 51 and 50 were declared winners. In Aziz Bhatti Town, Cricket hardball matches were held. Union council 41’s Ahmed XI beat union council 1’s Asim XI by 10 runs whereas union council 43’s Malik XI defeated union council 2’s Qadir XI six wickets. In Gulberg, Athletics and Cricket events were held. In Athletics , 800 M and 1500 M races were won by Mohammad Ali while Zebur Rehman bagged first position in 100 M and 200 M races. In Tug of War, union council 32

defeated union council 128. In the cricket hardball, union council 75 beat union council 76 by 7 wickets. In Table Tennis, union council 129 defeated union council 97. Shahzab, Mohammad Altaf and Mohammad Saeed were the winners from union council 129.Hamza, Tahir and Abdul Rafiq of union council 126 beat union council 128. In Iqbal Town, Cricket hardball matches were played among various union councils. Union council 120’s Razzaq XI beat Munawar Qadri XI by 1 run. In the final match, union council 110’s Qadeer XI beat union council 120’s Razzaq XI by 20 runs. The sports sector again has been divided into several sectors with four alone for schools. Two are for boys and girls and the same number are for secondary and elementary level while the fifth sector is for general public. The events including arm wrestling (three categories), athletics (eight categories), badminton, basketball, chess, cricket (hard ball), football, hockey, table tennis, tug of war and volleyball and the girls have seven common events with boys and their eighth event includes karate (three categories).

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

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17 Sports everton go second after swansea stroll

GelSenkirchen: Schalke's midfielder lewis holtby (front) and bayern Munich's midfielder toni kroos vie for the ball during the German first division bundesliga football match. afp cia, while Anichebe replaced injured Croatia SWANSEA AfP

everton swept into second place in the Premier League with an impressive 3-0 victory over 10-man Swansea on Saturday. David Moyes' side surged into a two-goal lead at the Liberty Stadium thanks to first half strikes from Victor Anichebe and Kevin Mirallas. Swansea's hopes of avoiding a second successive defeat were in tatters when substitute Nathan Dyer, who had only been on the pitch for 12 minutes, was sent off in the second half. Marouane Fellaini put the result beyond doubt with a late goal and everton's third win of the league campaign moved the Toffees level on points with leaders Chelsea, although they are likely to surrender that lofty position by Sunday evening. Swansea had handed a full debut to Spanish midfielder Pablo Hernandez, the club's record signing from Valen-

Junior handball team trials on 30th LAHORE: The Pakistan Handball Federation will hold trials on September 30 for the selection of the Pakistan Junior women and women teams to participate in the International Handball Federation regional Challenge Trophy being held from December 12 at Kathmando, Nepal. “The trials will be held at University of Agriculture ,Faisalabad and we will be fielding strong teams in the event “,said a spokesman of PHBF here on Saturday. Teams from India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Nepal ,Sri Lanka and Yemen will take part in the event .he said. Pakistan men won a silver medal in the last regional and Asian IHF Challenge championships held in Dhaka and India respectively. The boys born on or after 1st January, 1992 and female born on or after 1st January, 1993 are eligible to participate in the trials. StAff REPoRt

striker Nikica Jelavic for everton. After the disappointment of squandering the lead in Monday's draw against Newcastle, everton looked determined to make amends in south Wales and the visitors opened the scoring in controversial fashion in the 21st minute. Fellaini beat Alan Tate to a high ball and the Belgian midfielder's flick, which appeared to come off his elbow, reached Anichebe, who fired home to claim his second goal of the week. everton doubled their lead in the 43rd minute when Mirallas ended his wait for a first Premier League goal since his £6 million move from Olympiakos on transfer deadline day last month. Steven Pienaar unhinged the Swansea defence with a burst down the right flank and his low cross found Mirallas, whose initial shot was touched on to the bar by Michel Vorm before the Belgian striker reacted quickest to nod the rebound over the line.

ValkenburG: bryan coquard of france (l) and tom Van asbroeck of belgium (r) cross the finish line during the Men's under-23 road race world championships. afp

aamir atlas clinches Cas Int’l squash trophy ISLAMABAD


StAff REPoRt

StAff REPoRt

Aamir Atlas won the final match of the Chief of Air Staff International Squash Championship, 2012 played at Mushaf Squash Complex, Islamabad. Aamir Atlas won the Championship by defeating Farhan Mehboob with a game score of 11-8, 11-2, 2-11 and 11-2. Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, Chief of the Air Staff, who is also the President of Pakistan Squash Federation, was the Chief Guest at the occasion. The Chief Guest awarded trophies to the players. A large number of squash lovers from all walks of life witnessed the match.

Murray comes of age comment SABA AZIZ The summer of 2012 will go down in the history books of British sport as one to be remembered for years to come. Of course there were the London Games but then, for a nation which had waited for 76 years, there was finally a Grand Slam champion. As he broke down in tears at Centre Court, following a disheartening loss to Federer at this year’s Wimbledon Championships, there was a distinct feeling of déjà vu. Not many, maybe not even Murray himself, could have anticipated the way events were to unfold in the weeks to come. But for the discerning tennis fan there were signs which foretold much ---- the manner in which he competed, not only in that four-set final, but throughout the fortnight, showed that maybe the tide was beginning to turn. ever since his first appearance in the top 4 of men’s tennis in 2008, Murray has

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

almost always flown under the radar, playing the supporting act to the “Big Three”. While there was no denying the immense talent that the canny Scot possessed, the tennis world was not quite prepared to rank him amongst the likes of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, and rightly so. Despite his success in the relatively “smaller” tournaments (Murray had amassed a total of 22 ATP singles titles, which included 8 Masters Series titles prior to Wimbledon 2012), 4 runner-up finishes in Grand Slam finals, and multiple wins over the top 3 (Head to head records: 8-7 vs Federer, 5-13 vs Nadal, 58 vs Djokovic before this year’s Championships), a major title eluded the Scot. Whether it was the pressure of the overbearing British media, the lack of an obvious weapon in Murray’s game, his frequent mental digressions during matches, his ungainly on-court demeanor or his physical liabilities, especially at the business end of grand slams, Murray could not break through. But all of that changed at this year’s summer Olympics.

chroma open table tennis continues

With a new coach, this time former world number 1, Ivan Lendl, on his side and a renewed sense of conviction, Murray went on to win the gold medal, becoming the first British champion in over 100 years. This, coupled with a silver medal in the mixed doubles with youngster Laura Robson, made for a truly successful Olympic campaign for the Brit. More so, it set the tone for greater things to come from the Scot this summer. One of the obvious changes in Murray’s style of play was how frequent his aggression was. Whilst he is known for his amazing repertoire of shots and tireless defense, the Andy Murray at this year’s Olympics and later on, during the US Open, had much more venom and accuracy in his shot-making. The effects of Lendl’s influence on the Scot’s game were finally bearing fruit. He was getting more free points off of his first serve, and the quicker delivery paid dividends on the fast paced hard courts of Flushing Meadows. What was all the more surprising was his mental fortitude amidst

the chaotic, windy conditions in New York this summer. It was Murray’s resilience and the fact that he adapted the best under such tough, blustery conditions, especially in his semi-final against Berdych and the final with Djokovic, that enabled him to lift his maiden career Grand Slam title. History was made at this year’s US Open and the British press was not far from flaunting it. Murray was given a hero’s welcome back home in Dunblane, and deservedly so. As for the men’s circuit, Murray’s recent admission into the grand slam winner’s circle makes for a very intriguing dynamic. Ranked third behind word number 2 Novak Djokovic and number 1, Roger Federer, with injury sidelining the Spaniard Rafael Nadal, it will be interesting to see how the Scot fares in the upcoming indoor hard court season and later on at the Barclay’s year-end championships in London. For the time being, though, all of Britain can rejoice as their new favorite son has, finally, come of age.

A heavy programme was gone through in the Chroma Open Table tennis tournament here on Saturday as altogether thirty three matches were decided at Chroma table tennis hall. A good competition was seen between senior and upcoming players and 16 matches were decided in Group A and 17 in Group B. Shahzaib Maqbool and Waqas Ayub qualified for second stage group leagues by beating Abid Iqbal and Abdul Waheed. RESULTS: Group A: Asim Aziz bt Waqas Ayub 3-1, Asim Qureshi bt Hafiz Zeeshan 30, Salman Virk bt Shabnam Bilal 3-1, Faryal Minhas bt Ahmad Hussain 3-0, Waqas Ayub bt Jehangir Khan 3-0, Asim Aziz bt Shabnam Bilal 3-0, Asim Qureshi bt Ahmad Hussain 3-0, Faryal Minhas bt Sslman Virk 3-0, Jehangir Khan bt Hafiz Zeshan 3-2, Waqas Ayub bt Shabnam Bilal 3-1, Asim Aziz bt Faryal Minhas 3-0, Asim Qureshi bt Salman Virk 3-0, Jehangir Khan bt Shabnam Bilal 3-2, Hafiz Zeeshan bt Ahmad Hussain 3-0, Faryal Minhas bt Waqas Ayub 3-0, Asim Qureshi bt Asim Aziz 3-0 Group B: Mehboob elahi bt Shahzaib Maqbool 3-1, Qasim Aziz bt M.Abdullah 3-1, Yasir Bhatti bt Abdul Qayyum 3-1, Umer Zaka bt Adnan Mushtaq 3-0, Bilal Yasir bt Shahzaib Maqbool 3-0, Mehboob elahi bt Abdul Qayyum 3-2, Qasim Aziz bt Adnan Mushtaq 3-0, Yasir Bhatti bt Umer Zaka 32, Bilal Yasin bt M.Abdulla 3-0, Shahzaib Maqbool bt Abdul Qayyum 3-0, M.Abdullah bt Adnan Mushtaq 3-0, Qasim Aziz bt Mehboot elahi 3-1, Umer Zaka bt Abdul Qayyum 3-0, M.Abdullah bt Yasir Bhatti 31, Qasim Aziz bt Shahzaib Maqbool 30,Mehboob elahi bt Bilal Yasir 3-2, Umer Zaka bt Bilal Yasin 3-0. each group is comprises nine players and each player played four match. Four players from each group will qualify for final league of eight, which will be played today, Sunday. Winners will be awarded with cash prizes and gifts.

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Sports 18 Ghazanfar leads in 31st Punjab Amateur Golf LAHORE StAff REPoRt


T the conclusion of the second round in this three rounds (54 holes) title bearing 31st Punjab Amateur Golf Championship, in progress at the historic, Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course, six golf amateurs loaded with talent and golfing skills appear as front runners and in a position to go for the kill on the final day on Sunday. The leader happens to be Ghazanfar Mahmood of Rawalpindi, at a two rounds aggregate score of 148, and one stroke behind him are four contenders, Mubariz Ahmed (Islamabad), Sajid Khan (ASCC), Waseem Rana (DHA Karachi), and Fakhar Imam (Defence Raya). As for the defending champion Sardar Murad Khan, he is placed at a score of 152, four strokes behind the leader but all determined to use his knowledge of the home course to maximum advantage and unsettle the other strong competitors, including Ghazanfar. And he is quite capable of doing that as over the years he has really built up his temperament and can score well in tight moments of competition. In the second round Ghazanfar managed to make an impact through three birdies, 13 pars and two bogies, his round of one under par 71, the best of the day. His hitting looks pretty solid and accurate and much seasoned that he is, one can expect a fighting round from him in the final reckoning. Amongst the front runners Mubariz Ahmed, is a very young one, still in his teens and vehemently in search of such titles. The experts at Pakistan Golf Federation (Taimur and Mehmood) and Punjab Golf Association (Brig

sharapova upbeat before pan pacific open TOKYO AfP

French Open champion Maria Sharapova beamed with confidence Saturday and hailed a "tremendous" 2012, ahead of the Pan Pacific Open in Japan where she aims to reclaim the title. "In careers and in life, many things sometimes come together," said the power hitter, as she prepared for the Tokyo tournament starting Sunday that will feature 19 of the top 20 female players. "This year has been a tremendous year for me with so many experiences and things that I really wanted to achieve, especially when I was going through my injury," she said ahead of the $2.17 million event. The Russian was referring to a potentially career-ending shoulder injury that sidelined her for nine months during 2008 and 2009. "To be back here... healthy and number two in the world, I am really looking forward to it," said Sharapova, who won the tournament in 2009 and 2005. "It is a tough event, so many of the top players are here." This year her triumph at Roland Garros lifted her temporarily to the top of the world rankings. Having also won the silver medal at the London Olympics, Sharapova said she was determined to end her dazzling season on a positive note by winning the Pan Pacific Open. AzARENkA LOOkS TO BOUNCE BACk IN TOkyO: Victoria Azarenka is hoping to bounce back from her heartbreaking defeat at the US Open final and cement her place at the top of the world rankings at the Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo starting Sunday. The Belarusian, who was left in tears after losing to Serena Williams at Flushing Meadows earlier this month, said she has turned her focus to the $2.17 million title in a strong field, including Maria Sharapova and Agnieszka Radwanska, the world numbers two and three. "I am looking forward to starting this tournament," the 23-year-old top seed said. It features 19 of the top 20 seeded players, with just fourth placed Serena Williams absent. When asked whether her physical and mental fitness has improved since the New York tournament, the Australian Open winner responded: "I don't think so. It's been too

quick." She added: "It was a great tournament for me, the US Open. It was so close. I had a great experience there, absolutely no regrets. But I cannot wait to play these last tournaments as well as I can." Crowd favourite Sharapova, the French Open winner and silver medallist at the London Olympics, will be looking to avenge her US Open semi-final defeat to Azarenka and win back the title she held in both 2005 and 2009. "To be back here... healthy and as the number two in the world, (I am) really looking forward to it," she said. Radwanska returns to the Japanese tournament as the defending champion, after reaching her first Grand Slam final this year at Wimbledon, where she also lost to Williams. Petra Kvitova, the 2011 Wimbledon champion and world number five, also said she will be looking to regain the form she showed earlier in the year when she reached the semi-finals of the Australian and French Open. Chinese star Li Na and two compatriots are also in Tokyo despite tensions between China and Japan that have seen players pulling out of badminton and table tennis competitions citing safety fears. While Japan-China ties have soured over a territorial row in the east China Sea, Li's more immediate worry will be her fitness. The 30-year-old has a cold, an organiser said. Only three weeks ago Li said she needed to take a break from the sport after a shock defeat to British teenager Laura Robson at the US Open.


teen thompson on pace for title defence


lahore: Matloob receives Sayid Paper open champion trophy from faisal Sayid. staff pHoto (r)Akram)will be watching him with interest and fervent prayers for some wonderful performance from him. Others who played well enough but without the touch of excellence are M. Rehman (Royal Palm), placed at an aggregate score of 153 alongwith Salman Jehangir (Gymkhana), and Dilshad Changezi (Quetta), with Ashiq Hussain (Multan) at 154. The net section line up favours Fakhar Imam. This is an area normally dominated by middle handicappers but

in this championship, Fakhar as a four handicapper used his skills to good effect to end up the two days with a net score of 141. Two strokes behind in the net section is Salman Jehangir, another single handicapper, and Dilshad Changezi is at 143 net. Some tough competition is likely in the the net category also. At the conclusion of the Championship on the final day on Sunday, Zia ur Rehman, Chairman, Lahore Gymkhana will award prizes to the winners.

local hope uehira takes lead TOkyO: Local hope Masamichi Uehira was the surprise package on day three of the Asia-Pacific Panasonic Open on Saturday, firing a six-under-par 65 for a narrow one-shot lead. It was Uehira's best score of the week and took him to a total of 14-under-par 199, but nine players remain within four shots off the pace at the 150 million yen ($1.9 million) event sanctioned by the Asian Tour and Japan Golf Tour. Philippine sensation Juvic Pagunsan is in second. The reigning Asian Tour number one, he was leading for most of the round but dropped bogeys on 13 and 15 to settle for 67 at the Higashi Hirono Golf Club in Hyogo, southern Japan. Japanese Tomohiro Kondo, Koumei Oda and Masahiro Kawamura were a further shot back while overnight leader Hiroyuki Fujita posted a 70 to lie in tied sixth place on 202. Wu Ashun (67) of China, who played on the Asian Tour in 2008 and 2009, and Darren Beck (70) of Australia both shot holein-ones on holes seven and 11 respectively and are four shots back. Uehira, who has yet to win on the Japan Golf Tour, surprised even himself when he jumped into the lead courtesy of sharp shooting iron play and two closing birdies. "I want to be able to play the game without any stress. I had many birdie chances from good distances. I wanted to stay close to the top but didn't expect to be leading," said Uehira. "Somehow, my swing felt really good at the practice range and I kind of brought the form with me into the round. It is going to be an exciting final round. Let's hope it goes in my favour," added the 34-year-old. AfP

American teenager Lexi Thompson continued her march toward a defence of her LPGA Navistar Classic title on Friday, shooting a second round three-under 69 to stay in the lead. The 17-year-old Thompson has a one-stroke advantage over South Korea's Mi Jung Hur and Mindy Kim of the US with a 12-under 132 total. "Playing at the highest level as a junior and amateur has helped me to play well at this point," said Thompson. Hur and Kim each shot 65 and played in the same group on the links-style Senator course at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail's Capitol Hill complex. Thompson matched the tournament record Thursday with a career-best 63. Thompson was just 16 years, seven months and eight days old when she captured her lone win in eight tournaments in 2011, winning by eight strokes at the Navistar. Her age record has since been eclipsed by 15-year-old New Zealander Lydia Ko, who claimed the Canadian Women's Open last month.

umpires condole death of colleague’s brother LAHORE StAff REPoRt

A group of cricket umpires and scorers have condoled the death of brother of Qasiar Waheed, an umpire of PCB Penal. Jawaid Ashraf, Ahmed Shahab, Muhammad Kaleem, Prof. Nasir Hussain, Rana Sohail Manzoor, Saghir Ahmed and other (umpires) and Najam-us-Saeed, Zahoor Alam, Azhar hussain, Abdul Hameed here on Saturday expressed their heart felt sympathies with the members of the bereaved family. They prayed to Allah that the departed soul may rest in eternal peace and grant courage to the bereaved family members to bear this loss with fortitude.

tokyo: (l-r) ayumi Morita of Japan, Victoria azarenka of belarus, Petra kvitova of czech republic and kimiko date-kurmm pose in a photo session during a press conference one day before the Pan Pacific open tennis. afp

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

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Sunday, 23 September, 2012


Key Pakistan-US working groups to meet under roadmap of cooperation: Khar WASHINGTON SPECIAL CoRRESPoNDENt


N a step towards normalization of bilateral ties, the United States and Pakistan have agreed to revive meetings of working groups under a roadmap agreed at the meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar. Wrapping up her first official visit to Washington, Foreign Minister Khar said five working groups on security, strategic stability and non-proliferation, counterterrorism and law enforcement, energy and water, economic, finance and trade cooperation and defense consultative group will meet over next three months. “We have agreed on a roadmap of cooperation to advance relations in a sustainable way and under this five working groups will meet in the next three months —-these groups will cover the all aspects of Pakistan-US relations,” Ms Khar after her meeting with Hillary Clinton.

The cooperative move comes after a difficult 18-month phase in bilateral relations, during which the two countries scaled back bilateral cooperation. The relations between two countries started improving with the reopening of Pakistani supply routes into Afghanistan in July, a development, which was followed by a series of high-level contacts. Still, the two countries have to grapple with some serious differences like US employment of drones to hit militants holed up in Pakistani tribal areas. Ms Khar said she raised the issue strongly during her meetings. “We had a frank, candid and honest discussion on all issues including a long discussion on drones,” she told Washington-based Pakistani journalists. “I think that is what we have always said, we maintain our position on drones that they are counterproductive, illegal, and unlawful and we continue to engage with the United States (on the issue).” However, the foreign minister felt

“there is a deeper understanding in the US as to what are the negative fallout of drone strikes in Pakistan.” The foreign minister underlined the convergence of goals with regard to peace and stability in Afghanistan. “It is important that the people of Pak-

istan and the United States should know that we have convergence of interests —— the two sides have started building trust — - both Pakistan and the United States want peace and stability in Afghanistan.” She particularly noted Secretary Clinton’s announcement that the US will build Torkham-Peshawar road, saying it represents the first American step towards sharing the infrastructure load on account of NATO supplies traffic that passes through Pakistani territory to enter Afghanistan via border-crossings. “By and large I remain satisfied with the visit – this is a good first step towards putting the bilateral relations back on track,” Khar remarked. During the visit, Ms Khar also with US National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, US Trade Representative Ron Kirk, and USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah. The foreign minister she made Pakistan’s case for preferential market access in view of the multifaceted challenges facing the country. “I found understanding on the issue

Fresh protests registered as country limps back to normalcy


Thousands of protesters staged new demonstrations on Saturday against the US-made anti-Islam film, as the country tottered back to normalcy after Friday’s violent protests that claimed at least 25 lives. More than 5,000 protesters marched towards the parliament in Islamabad, including hundreds of women, chanting “We love our Holy Prophet (PBUH)” and “Punishment for those who humiliated our Prophet (PBUH)”. Around 500 people from Jamaatud Dawa staged a protest outside the US Consulate in Lahore, chanting “The US deserves only one remedy – jihad, jihad”. The protests were peaceful, in contrast to the previous day’s demonstrations.

Religious groups said they were also planning demonstrations in Karachi, the scene of the worst violence on Friday, after the funerals of some of those killed during the protests. Protests against the film “Innocence of Muslims”, which mocks Islam, have erupted across the Muslim world and tens of thousands took to the streets across Asia and the Middle east on Friday as Western missions closed amid fears of violence. Anger has also been stoked by the publication in a French magazine of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). On Friday the violence was worst in Pakistan with witnesses estimating that nationwide rallies mobilized more than 45,000, mainly members of right-wing reli-

gious parties and supporters of banned terror groups, although the numbers were still small in a country of 180 million. eighteen people were killed in Karachi on Friday. The combined total of injured in Karachi, Peshawar and in Islamabad was 229. Karachi, the country’s financial capital, bore a deserted look on Saturday as the city was still to recover from Friday’s shock. There was thin traffic in Karachi while the routes leading to the US consulate remained blocked. Hotels and shops were also closed. Transporters also announced staying off the roads due to fear of more protests. Business activities resumed in other cities, including Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar.

US drone takes out four militants in NwA PESHAWAR StAff REPoRt

At least four suspected militants were killed when a US drone targeted a vehicle in Land Mohammadkhel area of Data Khel tehsil of North Waziristan Agency on Saturday. Per details, a US drone fired two missiles when a vehicle was passing through village Land Mohammadkhel.

All persons on board were either killed or injured and the vehicle went up in flames, locals said. An official in Miranshah, headquarters of North Waziristan, confirmed that four persons were killed and several others injured. The identity of those killed could not be ascertained, but locals said they included foreign militants taking refuge in the area. The killed persons belonged to Hafiz Gul Bahadar group, an influential militant in Data Khel. Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.

Editor: Arif Nizami

and I hope for progress on it.” She also expressed Pakistan’s interest in getting US support for Basha dam, since the project would greatly help Islamabad in overcoming energy shortage. The foreign minister praised Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington Sherry Rehman for her efforts and extensive diplomatic engagement with US officials and lawmakers towards improving the important bilateral relationship. Regarding Afghan reconciliation, the foreign minister said a trilateral mechanism is in place, which is working on the issue. In this respect, she referred to the recent safe passage working group meeting in Islamabad. “The concept is there should be clarity in the reconciliation and what steps are needed to achieve the goal. Pakistan role is that of a facilitator – we have always said this should be Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-driven process. “There should be no doubt that Pakistan will do whatever is within its capacity to be able to assist its Afghan brothers and sisters.”

e-paper pakistantoday 23th september, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 23th september, 2012

e-paper pakistantoday 23th september, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 23th september, 2012