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Friday, 22 June, 2012 Shaban 1, 1433

Makhdoom Shahabuddin’s nomination withdrawn after ANF court issues his arrest warrant in ephedrine case g MQM proposes, PML-Q opposes Kaira’s last minute nomination g



Tayyab Hussain

espite three days of high drama and speedy political developments in the federal capital, the ruling coalition has failed to evolve a consensus on any pakistan people’s party leader out of the two shortlisted candidates, including Qamar Zaman Kaira and Raja pervez Ashraf. However, ppp co-chairman president Asif Ali Zardari late on thursday gave another surprise to the nation by conveying to the leaders of the coalition parties that Raja pervez Ashraf would be his party’s final candidate for the slot of the prime minister and that he had decided to drop the name of Makhdoom shahabuddin

due to the issuance of non-bailable warrants against him by an Anti-Narcotics Force court in the ephedrine drug case. However, due to Ashraf’s previous record as the minister of water and power and his dubious role in the Rental power project (Rpps) scam, leaders of major coalition parties, spearheaded by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), advised the ppp chief to review his decision and instead nominate Kaira for the slot as the upcoming months were important and the new pM should lead the way to resolve all contentious issues, including load shedding. the meeting could not resolve the matter and finally, all the coalition partners authorised president Zardari to name the new pM. president’s spokesman Farhatullah Babar said coalition partners announced their support to the ppp nominee as the candidate for the office of the pM. “it also decided that the name of the ppp

nominee will be announced by syed Khursheed shah at a press conference at 11am tomorrow (Friday),” he said. A source told pakistan today that the allies could not evolve a consensus over the name of the new pM as the MQM asked the president to consider nominating Kaira, but the name was quietly rejected by pML-Q chief Chaudhry shujaat Hussain through a common friend. the source said the ANp, however, supported president Zardari’s nominee and thus the meeting ended without a consensus.Finally, the source added, the meeting asked the president to take a wise decision, as at the end of the day, it would be the ppp who would have to face consequences of a wrong choice and the situation could also go out of hands of politicians. proving to be a dark horse, pervez Ashraf has “arrived” after a series of hectic con-

sultations within the ppp as well as with the ruling coalition. His nomination has been made despite reservations expressed by the MQM, but even that could not convince president Zardari to change his mind. earlier, a high-level delegation of the ppp, led by syed Khursheed shah, visited the residence of Chaudhry shujaat Hussain late on thursday night and informed him about his party’s decision to appoint Ashraf in place of Makhdoom shahabuddin. Challenges: it would, however, be a test of credibility for the leadership of the pML-Q as its parliamentary Leader syed Faisal saleh Hayat was a petitioner in the Rpp case under which the apex court had directed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to act against Ashraf and other previous water and power ministers for recovering billions of rupees. nomination papers: the political crisis deepened on thursday as five candidates submitted their nomination papers with the National Assembly, including three members from the pakistan people’s party (ppp), including Makhdoom shahabuddin, Raja parvez Ashraf and Qamar Zaman Kaira, while

Fazlur Rehman from the JUi-F and pMLN’s Mehtab Khan Abbasi filed papers for their sides. the speaker accepted the papers of all the candidates after a brief scrutiny and rejected the allegations raised by pML-N members against shahabuddin and pervez Ashraf. Kaira enters sCene: Later, the president directed former information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira to submit his nomination papers along with Raja pervez Ashraf and Makhdoom shahabuddin. Continued on page 04

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Friday, 22 June, 2012



Malik riaz gets 7 more days to arrange lawyer



bb’s services for Pakistan unforgettable: Farzana raja

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sPeciaL cOrresPOnDenT

s secretary of state Hillary Clinton has voiced Washington’s growing dissatisfaction with pakistan’s anti-terror performance but argued that sustaining a relationship with country is in America’s own interest. the chief American diplomat also recognized the oft-missed point that Washington has partly been responsible for the challenging relationship between the two countries. As relations between the two countries remain troubled and stalemated – over several issues including long-sought U.s. apology on last year’s salala attacks - Clinton used some stinging observations regarding pakistan’s policies and said the country is losing sovereignty, which, she argued, meant control over the territory. Her remarks indicated that Washington would continue to pressurize pakistan on the issue of Afghan militants finding a sanctuary on its side of the border. she told Charlie Rose show in an appearance along with former secretary of state James Baker, who led foreign policy efforts under George Walker Bush from 1989-92, that despite current difficulties, breaking off ties with pakistan was not the appropriate option. “i think that our relationship with pakistan has been challenging for a long time. some of it is of our own making,” Clinton told the program. she also demanded that Dr shakil Afridi, the pakistani who worked for CiA in hunt for bin Laden before his death in the American raid last summer, be released. But, Clinton said, she “completely agree(s ) it is not in our interests to cut off our relationship” with pakistan. “it is in our interest to try to better direct and manage that relationship,” she recognized. Washington, she said, is dealing with a country that “has a lot of difficult issues both for themselves and then for us and others.” “there are several things that we’re asking the pakistanis to do more of and better. Number one, they’ve got to do more about the safe havens inside their own country.” the Us secretary of state also took a swipe at pakistani complaints about Washington’s disregard for its sovereignty. “they talk a lot about sovereignty. Well, the first job of any sovereign nation is to protect your own people and secure your own borders. And therefore that’s what they should be doing, and by doing so they would help themselves first and foremost, help the Afghans, help us, and others.”

isLaMabaD: PPP leader Makhdoom shahabuddin talks to reporters after submitting his nomination papers for the election of prime minister on Thursday. oNLiNe

Holland to cut development operations in Pakistan ISLAMABAD OnLine

Dutch Ambassador to pakistan Gajus scheltema on thursday said Netherlands was cutting short its development operations in pakistan due to the continuous hostility, uncertainty and financial constraints. He told reporters Netherlands was taking difficult economic decisions mainly because of the Greek crisis and recession in europe that forced to cut the development aid and to adopt targeted funding. “this is because it has become impossible for Dutch government to continue operations in pakistan,” he added. the Dutch ambassador said although it was easier to do business in pakistan than india but corruption, religious hostility, political uncertainty and bureaucratic red tape, as well as law and order were the main reasons that led to the continuous decrease in trade and investment between the two countries. He was of the view

that pakistan had a great potential to become a progressive state but did not realise its potential. He said in 2010 Netherlands had helped pakistan with 25 million euros in the shape of humanitarian aid during the floods. He said there was a huge potential in agriculture and dairy sector in pakistan and Netherlands would like to invest in it. When the Dutch ambassador was asked to comment on the current political scenario of pakistan he said that it was the internal matter of pakistan. He was of the view that Netherlands want political stability in pakistan. earlier, addressing an alumni gathering of participants from Nepal, sri Lanka, Bangladesh and pakistan, the Dutch envoy appreciated the role of the Netherlands Organisation for international Cooperation in higher education for the second time in pakistan on reducing earthquake vulnerability through generating seismic micro zonation maps using geo information (Gis/Remote sensing).

Nasim Zehra to stay with Dunya News

NEWS DESK Nasim Zehra, anchorperson and Director of Current Affairs at Dunya News, has withdrawn her resignation after the channel management asked her to assist it in framing a code of conduct for anchorpersons. Zehra had tendered her resignation to Dunya News management after a scandalous interview of real estate tycoon Malik Riaz by fellow anchors Meher Bukhari and Mubasher Lucman. in her tweet, she said, “Dunya News has asked me to stay on help set up a Code of Conduct for anchors, which is a general consensus after interview/video saga was that code is a must. After thinking over the proposal, i realized that it provides me an opportunity to address an issue we are all concerned about so i have taken back my resignation.”

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Friday, 22 June, 2012


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adnan says ex-wife has links with militant groups

News 03 editorial

stand-in skipper Hafeez confident of team’s comeback

system in danger: Whither circumspection?

comment Mayank austen soofi says; Not so patrician?: On St Stephen’s college and its evolving elitism.

sajjad shaukat says; A new cold war?: Global power matrix in flux.

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Changing PM won’t matter unless looted money is brought back: Nawaz Saying PPP leaders working for ‘dirty cause’ ISLAMABAD

p Speeding van kills two iSi men ISLAMABAD KasHiF abbasi

two junior-grade employees of the country’s top intelligence agency – the inter-services intelligence (isi) – and one of their relatives were crashed to death by a speeding van of the National engineering and scientific Commission (NesCOM) here on thursday, police and eyewitnesses said. the accident took place at Nilor Barrier (No 1) on thursday morning in the precincts of Nilor police station. the isi men were riding a motorcycle (bearing “Applied For” registration plate) along with a student, when a speeding van of NesCOM bearing registration number (iDF 7485) hit their bike hard. Resultantly, the two isi employees – imran Masih and Naeem Masih – died on the spot, while Qaiser Masih, a student aging between 13 to 16 years, got serious injuries. He was rushed to the pakistan institute of Medical sciences (piMs) where he succumbed to his injuries. sources said imran,28, and Naeem, 21, were working as sweepers at the isi office. they belonged to the Narowal district of punjab, and were residing in the Nilor area of islamabad. eyewitnesses said the accident was caused by the rash driving of van driver. police said that after the accident, the van driver – later identified as Abdul Aziz – managed to flee after leaving the van on the spot. “We are after the fugitive driver and hopefully he will be arrested soon,” said Asjad iqbal, station house officer of Nilor police station.

sTaFF rePOrT

AKistAN Muslim League-Nawaz (pML-N) president Nawaz sharif has said that no change in the prime Minister’s Office will be beneficial for the country unless national wealth laundered in swiss accounts was brought back. “For how long will the prime ministers be made scapegoats? Why the Rs 6 billion deposited abroad are not being brought back? Why do they keep on sacrificing the prime minister?” Nawaz asked while speaking to the media at punjab House in islamabad. He said the looted money was the root of the whole matter, adding that the pakistan people’s party (ppp) had announced that even the new prime minister would not comply with the court’s orders of writing a letter to swiss authorities to reopen corruption cases against president Asif Ali Zardari. Nawaz said the ppp leaders were not opposing the judiciary’s decision on moral grounds. “they are not taking any moral high grounds,” he said, adding that the ppp actually had a very “dirty cause” and that the public had strong resentment towards it. He said the government was disrupting the entire democratic process by trying to cover up the money that was amassed by Z a r d a r i

through “commissions and kickbacks”. “should a man like this be placed at such a post?” Nawaz asked. the pML-N leader questioned why the parliament, even after being given a chance by the supreme Court, did not take the right decision. “they said the supreme Court’s decision was wrong. i say the supreme Court has set precedence in pakistan by taking such a decision,” Nawaz said, adding that in the past, martial law and other extra-constitutional steps had been taken to deal with such situations. Nawaz said the current rulers had brought uncountable crises on pakistan and the sincerity, skill and intent needed to bring pakistan out of these crises was not apparent in the government’s priorities. “As a result, the country is sinking deeper

All decisions by Gilani after April 26 challenged in SC ISLAMABAD OnLine

A petition seeking cancellation of all decisions made by former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani after his disqualification effective from April 26, 2012, has been filed in the supreme Court of pakistan. the petition also sought the cancellation of Gilani’s diplomatic passport, and inclusion of his name in the exit Control List. According to media reports, the petitioner argued that the federal budget for the financial year 2012-13 was also unlawful. in addition, the petitioner sought the cancellation of all ordinances passed on Gilani’s advice after April 26. this petition has been filed in the backdrop of a short order issued by the supreme Court on June 19, according to which the seat of the prime Minister of pakistan had been vacant since April 26.

and deeper into crises,” he added. the pML-N chief outlined the challenges faced by the country, saying that the issues had to be dealt with as soon as possible. the challenges, according to him, were restoring the country’s economy, which was marred by unbearable inflation and unemployment, dealing with electricity load shedding, upholding the sovereignty of the law and resolving the deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan and Karachi. He also put forth the idea of a foreign policy based on national interest, which would safeguard the interests of pakistan and “will bring us out of international loneliness”. Nawaz also confirmed the reports on his party’s candidate for the post of prime minister, saying he had decided to field sardar Mehtaab Abbasi.

Violent protests rage across country against power outages GUJRANWALA inP

Citizens of Gujranwala, Hyderabad, Charsadda and other cities staged violent protests against prolonged power outages on thursday. the citizens of Gujranwala protested on the fifth consecutive day and damaged a grid station on pasror Road. some of the protesters burnt tyres on Gt Road and pelted vehicles with stones. in Hyderabad, protesters damaged the property of HesCO. they said there was no power supply in Latifabad No 10 and 12 since the last two days. in Charsadda, protesters even stopped the vehicle of provincial minister Barrister Arshad Abdullah during the protests.

Woman gives birth to 8 babies in Peshawar NEWS DESK A woman has reportedly given birth to eight baby girls at a hospital in peshawar, a private tV channel reported on thursday. According to Aaj News, the woman who was admitted at the Hayatabad Medical Complex surprised the medical staff by given birth to octuplets, all of them girls. Doctors said the mother and her babies were in stable condition and would be allowed to leave the hospital soon. the woman’s family has requested not to release the identity of the mother.

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Friday, 22 June, 2012

4 killed in bombings in Peshawar, Quetta

PesHaWar: a man holds his injured children at a hospital following a bomb explosion at a shrine on Thursday. AFP

Us Congress debates threat from islamists WASHINGTON aFP

A United states congressional panel resumed a controversial debate Wednesday about radicalisation of Us-based Muslims, sparking questions by some lawmakers about its purpose. “the overwhelming majority of Muslim-Americans are outstanding Americans. Yet the reality is that the islamist terrorist threat comes from that community,” said Republican peter King who chairs the Homeland security Committee. the committee, in meetings since March 2011, has come under fire for alleged “witch hunting” and fueling the marginalisation of American Muslims. Democratic lawmaker Bennie thompson said he hoped the hearing did not feed into “the notion that the UsA is at war with islam. “i hope this hearing will not encourage the belief among Americans that our fellow citizens are apparently dangerous because of their religious affiliation,” thompson stressed. Democrat Al Green of texas said “i do not oppose hearings on radicalisation.” “i do oppose hearings that don’t focus on the entirety of radicalisation. And if you agree that we have Christians who become radicalised, why not have a hearing on the radicalisation of Christians?” he asked. Muslim witnesses, who testified, such as American islamic Forum for Democracy president Zuhdi Jasser, sought to shed light on their growing community and its concerns. “We can come to a consensus that islamism is a threat, and that’s why you need Muslims ... to lead the movement to separate islam from islamism,” Jasser argued. still some members of the Us Muslim community were up in arms at the very fact such a hearing was being held. “people are afraid of this scrutiny,” said Qanta Ahmed, a professor at New York University. Faiza patel, codirector of the Liberty and National security program at NYU, said “debating islam is not the government’s business,” adding that “the embrace of violence (by) American Muslims is contrary to all empirical studies.”

PESHAWAR agencies

Four people, including two children, were killed when bombs ripped through congested area of peshawar and Quetta on thursday. A bomb planted in a donkey cart killed three people, including two children, outside a sufi shrine in peshawar, police said. the explosives were planted near the panj peer shrine on the outskirts of peshawar. “three people have died and 21 are wounded,” police official Asif iqbal told AFp. the dead included a fiveyear-old boy and a four-year-old girl who had come with their parents, he added. “the bomb was planted in a donkey cart parked near the shrine,” he said. the donkey, whose front legs were tied with a rope, was blown to pieces, he said. the device was fitted with a timer and carried between eight and 10 kilogrammes of explosives, he said. Worshippers had gathered for a weekly event at the shrine, normally held on thursday evenings, when the bomb exploded. “it appears that the target was the worshippers who were gathered here,” another police officer tahir Ayub said. the shrine houses the graves of several sufi saints. the tomb of popular pashto poet Rahman Baba is also located near the panj peer shrine. there was no immediate claim of responsibility. Meanwhile, a bomb blast took place near a mosque in Ghaus Abad area of Quetta’s satellite town, killing a person and injuring at least 15 others. police and rescue teams arrived at the scene and moved the injured to nearby hospitals. No group claimed the responsibility of the attack so far.


Just a day after nominating him for the top government office, the pakistan people’s party (ppp) dropped the name of Makhdoom shahabuddin hours after an anti-narcotics court issued non-bailable arrest warrants against him. soon after receiving the warrants, a team of the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) carried out a raid at the Minister’s Colony to arrest the textiles minister however, it was not given permission to go beyond the main gate. the ANF raid team, which arrived on two vehicles at 4.00pm, kept waiting at the main gate for at least one hour, while seeking permission to move in and arrest shahabuddin. the team went back after the ANF team leader contacted shahabuddin’s

staff on intercom and was told that he was not home. shahabuddin, a staunch Zardari loyalist with a powerbase in southern punjab, had been textiles minister until tuesday. He was the consensus choice following more than 24 hours of crisis talks and intense horse trading between Zardari and members of his fractious ruling coalition. He was briefly finance minister during the 1993-1996 premiership of Benazir Bhutto. But it was his stint as health minister that led to his arrest warrant over the alleged import of an illegal drug in 2010. the warrants for shahabuddin were issued by Judicial Magistrate shafqatullah Khan after the deadline for him to appear before the ANF expired. During the last hearing of the ephedrine drug case, the supreme Court of pakistan had also directed the ANF to arrest shahabuddin.

the ANF is investigating the Rs 7 billion drug scam, which involves Ali Musa Gilani, the son of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. After submitting his nomination papers to the national assembly, shahabuddin thanked Zardari and shrugged off a question about his possible arrest by quoting a poetic verse, alluding flying high on “hostile winds”. political analyst Hasan Askari said suspicion would fall on the military for being behind the warrant, saying it was unusual for junior courts to intervene against senior politicians without being pushed. “Makhdoom shahabuddin’s chances are declining because the action by the anti-narcotics force gives an impression that the army is not favourable to him. it appears that the army wants to wind up the present government but without actually coming into power,” Askari told AFp.

RACE FOR PM PAkistAN’s sC hAs Boat carrying 200 asylum seekers capsizes off Australia Continued FRom page 01

Continued FRom page 24

He wrote that section 248(2) of the pakistani constitution stated: “No criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the president or governor in any court during his term of office.” the language of the above provision is clear, and it is a settled principle of interpretation that when the language of a provision is clear the court should not twist or amend its language in the garb of interpretation, but read it as it is, he said. “i therefore fail to understand how proceedings on corruption charges (which are clearly of a criminal nature) can be instituted or continued against the pakistani president”, Katju said. Moreover, “how can the court remove a prime minister? this is unheard of in a democracy. the prime minister holds office as long he has the confidence of parliament, not the confidence of the supreme Court”. Katju said the constitution established a delicate balance of power, and each of the three organs of the state – the legislature, the executive and the judiciary – must respect each other and not encroach into each other’s domain, otherwise the system could not function. “it seems to me that the pakistani supreme Court has lost its balance and gone berserk. if it does not now come to its senses i am afraid the day is not far off when the constitution will collapse, and the blame will squarely lie with the court, and particularly its chief justice,” the former indian sC judge added.


A sri Lankan asylum seekers’ boat, with 200 people believed to be on board, capsized off Australia’s remote Christmas island on thursday, with police saying scores could have died. Late on thursday, Australia’s Maritime safety Authority (AMsA) said 110 people had been rescued after the mid-afternoon accident in indonesian waters, according to Australian Broadcasting (ABC) television. the boat issued a distress call and capsized 120 nautical miles north of Christmas island, some 2,600 kilometres (1,600 miles) from the Australian mainland, AMsA said. Western Australia police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said a “large number” were feared to have perished. “some of the very early reports suggest that up to 75 people may have drowned, but i do stress that they are unconfirmed at this stage,” O’Callaghan told reporters. AMsA said

the cargo ship WsA Dragon and Australian military vessel HMAs Wollongong were on the scene to recover survivors from the water, while a defence aircraft dropped life-rafts which could hold 60 people. “We are very concerned for a large number of people who may have drowned,” O’Callaghan added. “We know from what we’ve been hearing from the aircraft that there were not 200 life jackets on board.” “We can also confirm that survivors are wearing life jackets,” an AMsA spokeswoman said. All aircraft and the two Australian military ships deployed had night search capabilities and operations would continue through the hours of darkness, she added, with another two merchant ships and two indonesian navy boats en route. it is the latest in a series of refugee boat disasters in the indian Ocean in recent years, as rickety and overloaded vessels packed with desperate migrants sink on their way to Australia.

non-serious pml-n: there was no serious effort by the pML-N leadership as the major opposition party remained a mere spectator throughout the day. No political contact was made and the pML-N again turned out to be in utter isolation. party position in na: the National Assembly will meet today (Friday) evening and by the time of starting the voting, there is a provision for contestants to withdraw the candidature. As per the party position, total MNAs in the National Assembly are 339 while three are vacant including the seats of Yousaf Raza Gilani and late Fauzia Wahab. the government enjoys the support of 236 members in the Lower House, while the opposition has a strength of 103 members. On the government’s side, the ppp has 124 members, pML-Q 46 MNAs, MQM 25, ANp 13, pML-F has five members, while the Npp and BNp-A have one member each.there are 18 independent members majority of those are also on the government’s side.

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Friday, 22 June, 2012

imran claims NADRA record offered to Us ISLAMABAD inP

pakistan tehreek-e-insaaf (pti) Chairman imran Khan has claimed that ousted prime minister Yousaf Gilani and former interior minister Rehman Malik offered to share the bio-data of country’s citizens with the United states. the pti chief was speaking during an exclusive interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. imran said never had any ruling elite betrayed its people as much as pakistan’s current ruling class. “this is the most shameful period of our history,” he stressed. WikiLeaks divulged an alleged leaked diplomatic cable according to which pakistan’s then prime minister and interior minister visited the Us embassy in islamabad, and offered to share National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) record. A front company, international identity services, was allegedly set up in the United Kingdom to fetch the record of pakistan’s NADRA, which holds the personal record of the country’s citizens. Asked about the leaked cable, imran said, “Not only have they done this, but countless people were handed over to the Us on the mere suspicion of being involved in terrorist activities.” “people have disappeared, people have been eliminated,” he said.

Federal govt turns down request to move shakeel Afridi to karachi

garHi KHuDa buX: Pakistan People’s Party chairman bilawal bhutto Zardari offers fateha at the grave of his mother and PPP leader benazir bhutto.


the federal government has refused to shift Dr shakeel Afridi to Karachi Central Jail after the Khyber pakhtunkhwa government made the request citing security concerns. Afridi was awarded life term by a tribal court for colluding with the CiA to track down al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden last year, besides maintaining links with banned militant outfits. the Kp government had stated in its application that Dr shakeel Afridi be shifted to Karachi on security reasons, as there were threats of terrorist attack on peshawar jail.



ORMeR prime minister Benazir Bhutto was paid glowing tribute on her 59th birth anniversary to commemorate her fight for the rights of the people and democracy. special prayers were held at her grave in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh, where ppp leaders and workers laid wreaths and donated blood to mark the day. Benazir was born on June 21, 1953, in Karachi, to former pM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. she inherited the ppp leadership after a military coup overthrew her father’s government. she won the election in 1988, becoming the first female prime minister of a Muslim nation. After completing her early education in pakistan, she pursued higher education in the United states. From 1969 to 1973, she attended Radcliff College and then Harvard University, where she graduated with a bachelors degree in comparative government. she then went to the United Kingdom to study at Oxford from 1973 to 1977. there, she completed a course in international Law and Diplomacy. she moved to england in 1984, becoming the joint leader in exile of the ppp. she returned to pakistan on April 10, 1986, to launch a nationwide campaign for ‘open elections’. she married a wealthy landowner, Asif Ali Zardari, in Karachi on December 18, 1987. the couple had three children, Bilawal, Bakhtawar and Aseefa. Bhutto returned to pakistan on October 18, 2007, but was killed when an assassin fired shots and then blew himself up after an election campaign rally in Rawalpindi on December 27, 2007. the special prayers at the mausoleum of the Bhutto family in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh Bhutto were attended among others by ppp Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Yousaf Raza Gilani and Chief Minister sindh syed Qaim Ali. in Lahore, the pakistan people’s party Minorities Wing held special prayers for the late party chief. Minorities leader Napolean Qayyum said the minorities of the country had special regard for the martyred ppp leader as she had always strived to ensure the protection of rights of the marginalized communities of pakistan. “On her birthday, minorities belonging to all faiths pray for the departed soul of shaheed Benazir and pray that the country comes out of the present crises. pakistan is our motherland and we are ready to give our blood for it as has our dear leader,” he said.

Man kills wife on request of separation MARDAN OnLine

A man killed his wife during a court proceeding, being conducted to decide an application for separation between the couple, on thursday. According to details, the accused, Hazir Zaman was living with his wife before issues arose between them, owing to which his wife left home about two months ago. Later, she filed an application with the Mardan Family Court asking for separation. While the court was hearing the case, Hazir Zaman opened fire on his wife, killing her on the spot. people present in the court held the accused and handed him over to police.


the ppp and its leadership will continue to uphold supremacy of parliament and the constitution and will continue its struggle for building a modern, egalitarian and pluralistic society in which everyone is allowed to shape his or her own destiny – the values for which our great leader, Benazir Bhutto, stood and fought for and when the time came even laid down her life for it, president Asif Ali Zardari stated in a message on thursday, the 59th birth anniversary of Benazir Bhutto.

president Zardari and polio Ambassador Aseefa Bhutto Zardari donated blood in the presidency. spokesman to the president Farhatullah Babar said the 21st day of June each year was celebrated by the workers and the leadership of the pakistan people’s party, commemorating the valiant struggle of Benazir Bhutto against extremism, militancy, dictatorship and exploitation of the most vulnerable segments of society and paying tribute to their leader and other martyrs of the country by donating their blood in the country wide blood donation campaign launched by the party.

the president in his message said Benazir was the only leader who rightly comprehended the threat that was being posed to the very fabric of our society. she led from the front the battle for democracy against all sorts of bonapartes and extremists. she believed in a moderate and pluralistic pakistan where ballot determined the ultimate choice of the people and where the House elected by the people representing their will was supreme. she also fought courageously against the militants and extremists bent upon forcing their ideological agenda on the people through brute force, the

president said. He said her clarion call to stand up against extremism, dictatorship and to banish poverty and ignorance is our road map to make pakistan a modern and pluralistic state. the president, on this day, has also asked the party workers to donate blood for all those who have also shed their blood or suffered otherwise for pakistan. ppp Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and ppp Vice Chairman Yousaf Raza Gilani also donated blood at Naudero House, Larkana. the blood collections are sent to hospitals to be used by those valiant sons of the soil who sustain injuries in their fight against militants and extremists.

indonesian court jails Bali bomb-maker for 20 years JAKARTA aFP

An indonesian court convicted bomb-maker Umar patek on thursday for his role in the 2002 Bali attacks that killed 202 people and sentenced him to 20 years’ jail, ending a decade-long probe into the atrocity.] patek was found guilty of premeditated murder and bombmaking in connection with the suicide bombings on a nightclub and bar on the resort island, indonesia’s deadliest act of terror. “He’s been proven to have committed an evil conspiracy by bringing in firearms and ammunition for terror acts,” chief judge encep Yuliardi told the West Jakarta district court after an 11-hour hearing. “He hid information about acts of terror and he is found to have taken part in premeditated murder. We sentence Umar patek to 20 years in jail.” patek was found guilty of all six charges against him, some of which related to Christmas eve bomb attacks in 2000 on churches in Jakarta. prosecutors had sought a life sentence for patek, sparing him the firing squad — which has executed three other key players in the Bali bombings — because he had shown remorse and apologised to victims and their families. patek maintained over the four-month trial that he played only a small role in the bomb-making and that he had tried to stop the operation, most of whose victims were foreigners, at the 11th hour. After more than eight years on the run, he was arrested in January 2011 in Abbottabad, where Us commandos four months later killed al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in a raid. patek is the last key player detained in indonesia to be tried for the attacks and the verdict closes the chapter on a long legal process. Victims, mostly Australian, have recounted their harrowing experiences in trials over the years, showing judges their scars from shrapnel wounds and burns, and describing psychological trauma.

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06 News captured French ‘Qaeda’ man headed to Somalia ISLAMABAD aFP

Officials on thursday said a French al Qaeda militant, linked to the 9/11 attacks, was probably heading to somalia when he was captured near the iranian border. Naamen Meziche was detained in May after disclosures by Younis al-Mauritani, captured in pakistan last year and apparently tasked by Osama bin Laden to plot attacks on Australia, europe and the Us. “Meziche was probably on his way to somalia when he was caught,” one security official told AFp on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to the media. the official said it was difficult to know exactly what route Meziche was taking on the day of his arrest. Western experts said he had been en route to the tribal Areas. But another security source suggested he was in transit from iran, en route to somalia. “Recently lots of al Qaeda people left pakistan to move to Yemen or somalia.

Friday, 22 June, 2012

Malik Riaz gets 7 more days to arrange lawyer ISLAMABAD OnLine


He supreme Court on thursday granted a week to Malik Riaz in the contempt of court case to arrange his defence counsel, as most of lawyers have been avoiding him to show solidarity with the sC. A three-member bench headed by Justice shakirullah Jan heard the proceedings of the case. Malik Riaz told the sC that he had not been able to arrange a counsel as no lawyer was ready to represent him. He requested sC to grant him 10 days to arrange a lawyer. Justice shakirullah Jan remarked, “it is your problem if you have not arranged a lawyer, you have to respond over the is-

sued show cause notice.” Riaz told the sC that he had contacted four lawyers and they have demanded some time to think. He stated it was a matter of grave concern that Raymond Davis could get a lawyer, but not him. He told the court that two resolutions were passed in islamabad District Bar that directed all lawyers not to defend him. Justice shakirullah Jan said annoyingly that bars should not pass such resolutions that created hindrance in providing justice to the masses, because every citizen had the right to be able to defend himself through a lawyer. the petitioner of the case informed the court that no one was stopping Malik Riaz from hiring a lawyer for his defence, as he had a full legal team that was defending him in various cases in courts. Malik Riaz

Court issues arrest warrants for Malik Riaz, 6 others in land scam raWalpinDi: An anti-corruption court on thursday issued arrest warrants for real estate tycoon Malik Riaz, his son Ali Riaz, along with six others accused in a case regarding the illegal transfer of 1,350 kanals of land. special Judge Ameer Chaudhry Khan, while issuing the arrest warrants, ordered the police to produce the accused before the court on June 25. in addition to the real estate magnate’s son, other accused include Muhammed Ashfaq, Milad Bibi, iqbal Hussain shah and sheikh sajidur Rehman. the court has issued arrest warrants of seven people, including Malik Riaz and his son Ali Ahmed Riaz in connection with a land corruption case filed in 2005.journed the hearing until June 28. oNLiNe assured the sC that he would arrange a lawyer after 10 days. Justice shakirullah Jan said in case Riaz was unable to arrange

a defence lawyer, the state would provide him one. the sC later granted seven more days to Riaz to arrange a lawyer and ad

Politicians in power better than general in control: Fazl ISLAMABAD OnLine

JUi-F chief Fazlur Rehman said it was better for a politician to be in power, than a general taking over the reigns of the country. talking to reporters after holding a meeting with pML-Q president Chaudhry shujaat Hussain, Fazl expressed deep concerns over the “current domination of the supreme Court judges [in political affairs]”. He said he had never underestimated the majority of the ppp, adding that during his talks with shujaat, a consensus had been reached over the issue of reelection of the prime minister and over the general socio-political situation in the country. “i am not under any false impression of my party’s position in parliament, and had entered the pM’s race due to challenges and issues facing the federation,” he said. Meanwhile, shujaat said he would hold consensus with his party, in order to vote for “Maulana sahib”, adding that had it been the issue of an individual vote, “i would have voted for him”.

child among 3 killed in landmine blast NASEERABAD inP

At least three persons including a child were killed in a landmine blast in the city’s suburban area of sohbatpur on thursday. According to details, unidentified miscreants planted a landmine in the border area of Dera Bugti and RD-238 of sohbatpur. the explosive device went off after a motorcycle ran over it, resulting in the death of three persons, including a child. police arrived at the blast site and shifted the bodies to a sohbatpur hospital and started search for the miscreants after erecting pickets on several places.

guJranWaLa: People block the main road during a protest against electricity load shedding on Thursday. oNLiNe

indonesia military plane crashes into houses, kills 10 JAKARTA aFP

woman dies in fireworks explosion MANDI BAHAUDDIN sTaFF rePOrT

A woman was killed in an explosion on thursday while making fireworks in her house in Mohallah tariqabad. Zahida and her husband Fazal Hussain produced fireworks in their house, for which they had stored explosive material which suddenly exploded. the explosion was so strong that it caused cracks in the walls of the surrounding houses. Zahida died on the spot. At the time of the incident, Zahida’s husband was not present at home. Rescue 1122 reached the spot and extinguished the fire. the dead body was shifted to District Head Quarters hospital for autopsy.

An indonesian air force plane crashed into a military housing complex in Jakarta on thursday, killing all seven crew on board and two children and an elderly woman on the ground, officials said. the ageing turboprop Fokker 27 split in two as it smashed into the military airport compound while on routine training, igniting a blaze that ripped through homes and sent thick smoke into the sky. An AFp correspondent saw dozens of firefighters battling the blaze at the Halim perdanakusuma compound, and what appeared to be the plane’s wing sticking out from the roof of a house. “All seven crew and three people on the ground were killed,” air force spokesman Colonel Agung sasongko Jati told reporters. “the plane has split into two.” the three who died on the

ground were two cousins, aged two and six, and an elderly woman, Jati told AFp, adding the six-year-old’s mother was in critical condition. there were no immediate reports of other victims. indonesia, a sprawling archipelago, relies heavily on air transport but has one of the world’s poorest aviation safety records, and military plane crashes are relatively common. in early May, a Russian sukhoi jet crashed into a dormant volcano in Java when it was on a promotional demonstration, killing all 45 aboard. thursday’s crash happened at 2:45 pm (0745 GMt), after the plane took off from Halim at around 1:10 pm. Mukhlis, 42, was at home in the complex and said she heard the plane flying low seconds before it crashed 700 metres (2,300 feet) from her home. “A few seconds after i heard the plane flying low, i heard a loud boom. i quickly ran outside and saw a column of smoke and flames in the distance be-

hind my house where it crashed,” said Mukhlis, who like many indonesians only goes by one name. A rescue team with torches was helping military personnel search for more victims on the ground in the dark early evening. “the aircraft was conducting training and there were no passengers aboard,” another air force spokesman, Asman Yunus, told AFp. Yunus said the military would look into the cause of the crash. Military spokesman iskandar sitompul said the plane was more than 20 years old. indonesia is in the process of updating its ageing military aircraft and equipment, procuring Russian and American warplanes, boats for its navy and parts for its transport planes. Another recent crash saw a New Zealand pilot and two indonesians killed in March after a helicopter chartered by the indonesian arm of Us mining company Freeport-McMoRan went down in remote papua province.

Talks underway but no breakthrough on NATo supplies: US WASHINGTON OnLine

talks with pakistan on the restoration of NAtO supplies are underway but no breakthrough has taken place so far, the Us state Department said. “We are continuing conversations at a political level, but i don’t have any progress to report,” state Department’s spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters at her daily press briefing late Wednesday. Replying to a query regarding the political situation in pakistan, she said: “We spoke about this a little bit yesterday. We’ve been able to work with the pakistani government throughout this period. they’ve now announced plans of their own for their own political transition, so our hope and expectation is that we can continue to try to work through these issues.” Nuland said the Us had seen cross-border militancy for more than a decade. “it is important to have action against terror on the pakistan side, on the Afghan side, and for Afghanistan, pakistan and isAF to continue to work together,” she said.

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Power outages aggravate water crisis ISLAMABAD OnLine

isLaMabaD: aseefa bhutto Zardari donates blood on the 59th birth anniversary of shaheed benazir bhutto at the Presidency. oNLiNe

capital’s traders split over shutter-down strike raWalpinDi: the traders’ organisations of the city and Cantonment area seem divided over the call given by Markazi Anjuman-e-tajran Rawalpindi to observe complete shutter down strike on saturday against power load shedding. there are three major factions of the business community, known as sheikh siddique, shahid Ghafoor paracha and Chaudhry imran groups. the first two factions, comprising traders of Raja Bazar, Cloth Market and Moti Bazar under the aegis of the Markazi Anjuman-e-tajran Rawalpindi, are in favour of observing strike to register their protest against the prevailing electricity situation and increasing inflation. they are of the view that hours-long power outages have badly affected their business and rendered many workers jobless. the imran group, representing Nankari Bazaar, Dalgaran Bazaar, Furniture Dealers Association, Banni Market, Mobile phones Association and Goods transport Association, has criticised the protesting traders for damaging the public property worth millions of rupees in the violent protest staged on June 19 (tuesday). According to the Rawalpindi Development Authority, the protesters damaged traffic signals and protective fences along the roads worth Rs 5 million. aPP

BB’s services for Pakistan unforgettable: Farzana Raja ISLAMABAD



HAiRpeRsON Benazir income support programme (Bisp), Farzana Raja on thursday said as a leader of the downtrodden, shaheed Benazir Bhutto took courageous steps to ensure better future of people and to safeguard their rights. in a statement issued here on the occasion of 59th birth anniversary of shaheed leader, she said today, at a crucial juncture of political history of pakistan when the ppp led elected democratic governemnt has attained a landmark achievement of presenting its 5th consecutive people friendly budget, it is coincidence that we are marking 59th birth anniversary of shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Farzana said life of shaheed BB, who was twice elected prime minister

and chairperson of the ppp was dedicated to the service of the people of pakistan and to make the nation a modern and progressive democracy. she said political observers that had opportunity to have some interaction with BB during childhood and especially of her late teen years, had already predicted about her glorious political career and highlighted her abilities to become a great political leader. truly, shaheed BB was born to lead millions of people pakistan as well as to emerge as a symbol of hope, resistance and struggle for the rights of the people. the political career of shaheed Bhutto reminds us of her unprecedented stand against the tyranny and for the restoration of the democracy in the country, she said. the Bisp Chairperson said after the restoration of democracy and the end of the long era of tyranny in the

country, the visionary leader did not seek revenge from the elements who were responsible for all the miseries inflicted upon her and her family starting from the arrest and subsequent judicial murder of shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. instead, she focused upon rebuilding pakistan and to serve the people with best of her abilities. Besides ushering new era of economic growth and development, shaheed BB augmented the defence of the country and provided missile technology to pakistan, which was an immediate need in that critical international scenario. Being an ardent advocate of the rights of women, she took various steps to enhance social, political and economic empowerment and emancipation of the women folks of the country including establishment of women’s banks and women’s police stations, she added.

shortage of water in islamabad has increased manifold amid increase in duration of electricity load shedding. the sectors of i-8, i-10, G-10 and G-11 are facing acute scarcity of water resource while some areas do not get water supply at all. the CDA approved a separate feeder for tube-wells, but islamabad electric supply Company (iesCO) is not maintaining a constant supply of electricity, they added. the islamabad Chamber of Commerce has also protested against electricity load shedding and the iesCO has ensured to eliminate the menace of unscheduled power outages within three days. Officials of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) shared the stance that those areas of the city are affected to which water was supplied through tube-wells. the CDA officials further said the complaints of citizens with regard to shortage of water has risen over 1300 per day, owing to which the CDA has increased the number of water tankers to 25. Despite its efforts, the CDA is able to attend to 900 complaints while the remaining go unattended, officials observed. On the other hand, water in Khanpur Dam, the dam which supplies water to islamabad and Rawalpindi, has almost reached dead level. Water level in Khanpur Dam has reached a height of 1920 acres feet while the dead level is 1,913 acres feet high. As a result, the supply of water to the twin cities will be affected further. Water engineer of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board, Ateeq Ahmed, said in an interview that water level has lowered due to extremely hot temperature, and water in tube wells has also decreased. He requested the citizens not to waste water by washing cars or otherwise. He added the RCB would continue water supply from Khanpur Dam and tube wells. Meanwhile, the officials of the CDA, Cantonment Board, Water and sanitation Agency (WAsA) and the irrigation department have held a meeting to discuss the water problem. Representatives of WAsA, Cantonment Board and the CDA have rejected the suggestion of decreasing water supply further. Consequently, water supply to the irrigation department has decreased from 80 million cusecs to 40 million cusec.

Holy Family ward boy rapes woman RAWALPINDI OnLine

A ward boy of Holy Family Hospital has raped a lady attendant on the premises of the hospital. According to sources, the victim was staying in the hospital as an attendant with his brother who was admitted to the paediatrics Department. Accused Abdul Wahid took the woman to a room and raped her. subsequently, the medical report of the victim confirmed the rape. the police have refused to register an FiR against the accused.


Rangers to be deployed to retrieve land from encroachers ISLAMABAD KasHiF abbasi

the islamabad Capital territory administration has decided to deploy Rangers in sector G-14 to get the encroached land vacated from the land grabbers so that the much-awaited development of the sector could be started. in a meeting chaired by islamabad Chief Commissioner tariq Mahmood pirzada, it was decided that Rangers would be deployed in sector G-14 to remove the landholders who have already been paid cost of their land under an award announced in 2005. the Ministry

of Housing and Works some years back purchased 4,000 kanals of land in the said sector from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for Federal Government Housing Foundation to construct houses for government employees. However, so far it could not take possession of all the purchased land. in 2008, the iCt administration helped the ministry by clearing 2,400 kanals of land of total 4,000 kanals. Later, most of the land was again occupied by the land grabbers. During thursday’s meeting, it was decided that the local administration on Friday (today) would deploy Rangers in the said

sector to check the encroachments. it was also decided that two pickets would also be established by the Housing Foundation to keep an eye on the land grabbers. it was decided that the officials concerned of FGeHF would be responsible for strictly checking any encroachment in the area by daily visits. the meeting was also attended by the Deputy Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmed, District Collector Farasat Ali Khan, the land acquisition collector and officials of the Federal Government employees Housing Foundation. the deputy commissioner gave a detailed briefing to the participants about the acquisition of land in the said sub-sec-

tors and handing over possession of land to the FGeHF. He told the participants as soon as the land acquisition collector received the list of award of built-up property of sub-sector, G14/3 from the FGeHF, he would issue a public notice of 15 days, which was mandatory under the Land Acquisition Act. the officials of the FGeHF told the participants that they had given a tender notice in the newspapers for starting development work in sector G-14/2, 3 and development work in G-14/3 would be started forthwith after completing the procedure as 2,000 kanals of land is available in the sub-sector.

it was decided that all the officials of related departments and allotees would hold meetings twice a week in the office of district collector to expedite the matter. the DC said that all the departments were required to work together to make the project a great success, ensuring transparency and alleviate the suffering of allotees. the allotees appreciated the efforts and work of the iCt administration done in sectors G-14/1, 2 and 3 and asked the officials of FGeHF to immediately start development work in sector G-14/3, in the first phase besides stopping any encroachment in the area.

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08 Islamabad

Friday, 22 June, 2012

weatHer uPdateS

44 °c High 0c 26 low





42°c i 26°c

40°c i 25°c

37°c i 25°c

Prayer timinGS Fajr Sunrise 03:24 04:59

zuhr 12:00

asr 15:40

maghrib 19:00

isha 20:36

city directory emerGency HelP reScue edHi control motorway Police Police GoVernor’S HouSe cHieF miniSter’S HouSe Fire briGade bomb diSPoSal mcl comPlaintS laHore waSte diSPoSal

1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

HoSPitalS mid city 37573382-3 SerViceS 99203402-11 mayo 99211100-9 General 35810892-8 SHeiKH zaid 35865731 Sir GanGa ram 99200572 ucH 35763573-5 itteFaQ 35881981-85 cmH 366996168-72 SHouKat KHanum 35945100 JinnaH 111-809-809 adil (deFence) 36667275 cHildren’S 99230901-3 deFence national HoSPital 111-17-18-19

blood banK Fatmid iSlamic alliance

35210834-8 37588649/37535435

comPlaint waPda Sui GaS

111-000-118 1199

railwayS city Station (enQuiry) reSerVation railway Police

117 99201772 1333

airPort FliGHt enQuiry Pia reSerVation

114 111-786-786

isLaMabaD: The participants of a workshop on Multilateral environmental agreements and introduction to remote sensing held at a local hotel. STAFF PHoTo

CDA’s anti-encroachment campaign launched ISLAMABAD OnLine


He Capital Development Authority, in its drive against illegally constructions, razed a shop, seven rooms and five illegally built boundary walls. the CDA also started an anti-encroachment operation in G-6, G-7 and sitara Market and demolished dozens of stalls and impounded 12 loaded trucks. On Lehtrar Road, they abolished one illegally constructed shop, 4 walls and two rooms. the CDA staff also demolished two rooms in e-11, Bari imam, and four walls. Fizzy DrinKs as hazarDous to health as tobaCCo: sugar-packed fizzy drinks are just as dangerous to health as smoking cigarettes, health experts claimed. Health experts want hardhitting public awareness campaigns to attack what they say are manufacturers’ misleading promotions that distract from the health risks. emerging sci-

ence on the addictiveness of sugar, especially combined with the known addictive properties of caffeine in many sugary beverages, should heighten awareness of the health threat similar to the understanding about the addictiveness of tobacco products,” the Daily express quoted public health expert Dr Lori Dorfman as saying. Dr Dorfman from the University of California and colleagues want soft drinks companies to stop explicitly targeting young people to increase sales. Drinking just two cans of fizzy pop a day has been shown to cause severe longterm liver damage, a condition normally the result of chronic alcohol abuse. it can lead to victims needing a transplant because the liver cannot process the huge amount of sugar. too many soft drinks can potentially cause diabetes and heart damage as well as being a major contributor to obesity. Diet drinks in particular have been shown to pile on the pounds because, even though

they have fewer calories than regular fizzy pop, they can trigger the appetite to eat more. those who binge on diet soft drinks every day have been shown to have 70 percent bigger waists after a decade. 10 outlaWs nabbeD: the islamabad police nabbed at least 10 outlaws and recovered 220 bottles of liquor from them while recovery of only 120 bottles was shown in record. A suspected truck was stopped by industrial Area police in i-9 Markaz, recovered expensive wire and arrested Hussain, tauseef, Zafar iqbal, Muhammad Jalil, Nasir Ahmad and Muhammad Maroof who were on board the truck. On the other hand, the duty officer of Aabpara recovered 196 bottles of liquor from shahbaz pervaiz. the police misappropriated 100n bottles and registered the case of only 96 bottles against him. in another incident, CiA police recovered 24 bottles from Gulfam and registered a case against him.


low calorie diet can help arthritis sufferers ISLAMABAD OnLine

A simple diet, which is very low on calorie and high in protein combined with regular exercise could end the misery of arthritis for millions of sufferers, according to new research. A relatively small weight loss can have a dramatic effect by reducing swelling, relieving pain and even helping prevent further deterioration of the joints. Researchers in Denmark found that patients on the strict diet for 16 weeks lost radical amounts of weight and reported a huge improvement in their pain levels, the Daily express reported. the drastic diet is based on an intake of as little as 440 calories a day, as compared to the recommended 2,500 for a man and 2,000 for a woman. Despite the method being controversial, the results of the study were described as a revelation by the team leader. Volunteers ate special shakes, soups, bars and porridge and took mineral and vitamin supplements to ensure that they received key nutrients. Moreover, the fat loss did not cause any reduction in the bone mass density. “it was a fantastic surprise that patients with little or no mobility could lose that amount,” professor Henning Bliddal, of Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, said. “thanks to the diet they were able to reduce their dependence on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.”



colleGeS / uniVerSitieS PunJab uniVerSity Kinnaird colleGe Queen mary colleGe GoVt. colleGe uniVerSity umt lumS uet lcwu SuPerior colleGe

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

date: marcH 31 to december 29, 2012 Venue: HaSt-o-neeSt centre, laHore Hast-o-neest centre for traditional art & culture invites you to its monthly Saturday Sitting with Janab ahmed Javed Sahib (director, iqbal academy Pakistan) on 100 Ghazals of maulana rumi 3:30 to 5:00 pm, last Saturday of every month

date: aPril 01 to december 30, 2012 Venue: Faiz GHar, laHore a unique blend of yoga, meditation, neuro-linguistic Programming, Sufism & more. achieve self-insight, mind-body harmony & better health. yoga master Shamshad Haider

date: marcH 19 to auGuSt 29, 2012 Venue: tHe KnowledGe Factory (tKF) bored of usual dance routines? Fitness workouts come with a 'yawn'?! whether you know how to shake or not, this's the place to bring your groove! learn to follow the rhythm, let loose, how to catch new steps and master old ones. mondays and wednesdays: 7-8pm, Per Session: 500 only!, monthly: PKr 2,500/-

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Friday, 21 June, 2012

Islamabad 09 commuters demand cut in transport fares ISLAMABAD aPP

the commuters of twin cities of islamabad and Rawalpindi have called for bringing down fares of intra-city and inter-city transport following decrease in fuel prices. the commuters urged the authorities concerned to provide them a sigh of relief, as the transporters are still charging higher fares despite reduction in oil prices. the Regional transport Authority punjab had recently increased transport fares from Rs 5 to 10 on the pretext of oil price hike, but as fuel prices have been reduced, people are awaiting its effect on fares too. the commuters said that mostly transporters operating in the twin cities use CNG as fuel, but the transport authority had issued the fare-list according to the prices of the diesel and petrol. the commuters appreciated the federal government for their generous decision for providing great relief to the people.

12 outlaws arrested RAWALPINDI aPP

isLaMabaD: The cDa Workers union activists protest against balloting of plots outside their headquarters. STAFF PHoTo

exercise helps beat common cold ISLAMABAD aPP

there may not be a cure for the common cold, but people who exercise regularly seem to have fewer and milder colds. On an average, adults can expect to catch a cold two to four times a year, and children can expect to get six to 10 colds annually, Health News reported. Researchers collected data on 1,002 men and women from ages 18 to 85 years in America. Over 12 weeks in the autumn and winter, the researchers tracked the number of upper respiratory tract infections the participants suffered. in addition, all the participants reported how much and what kinds of aerobic exercise they did weekly, and rated their fitness levels using a 10point system. they were also asked about their lifestyle, dietary patterns and stressful events, all of which can affect the immune was found that the frequency of colds among people who exercised five or more days a week was up to 46 percent less than those who were largely sedentary that is, who exercised only one day or less of the week. in addition, the number of days people suffered cold symptoms was 41 percent lower among those who were physically active on five or more days of the week, compared to the sedentary group. the group that felt the fittest also experienced 34 percent fewer days of cold symptoms than those the least fit. Moreover, colds also appeared to be less severe for those in better shape. Among those who felt the fittest, the severity of symptoms dropped by 32 percent and by 41 percent among those who exercised most. One limitation of the study was a lack of adjustment for all variables that might affect the outcome, such as exposure to cold germs at work or from children in the home. the study did account for a variety of factors, including age, body mass index and education. And after taking those factors into account, the researchers found that being older, male, and married reduced the frequency of colds. However, the most significant factors (besides being older) were perceived fitness and the amount of exercise a person got. One explanation for the finding could be that exercise activates the immune system at a higher rate than normal and causes immune system cells to attack viruses. exercise gets these cells circulating around the body; they engage the enemy and deal with them. this effect happens each time one exercises, and then the immune system returns to normal until one exercises again. Although, from the above findings it is clear that exercise plays a major role in immune response, more studies are needed to fully understand the effect of exercise on the immune system.

Child labour escalating in twin cities ISLAMABAD.



He citizens have expressed their concern over the rising menace of child labour in twin cities, saying the ever-increasing poverty in the country is the main reason behind child labour. they said it is quite surprising that child labour exists at the same rate in the federal capital as in the other parts of the country. they added that lack of opportunities, high rate of population growth and uneven distribution of resources and outdated social customs were the main factors behind this social menace. Children from the ages of 9 to 18 are almost equally vulnerable to child labour. Children work in the federal capital’s industrial area under extreme pressure and are paid less as compared to other workers. When contacted, the international Labour Organization (iLO) officials said, “We are convinced that hazardous work of children in specified sectors can be eradicated, given a concerted effort by government, employers, workers and civil society”. pakistan has already taken noteworthy steps that need now to be expanded. there is a need to highlight that children do not enter hazardous forms of child labour. the country will be gaining a new understanding of the extent and nature of hazardous child labour as it is planning to conduct a major new statistical survey in the current year. One of the major activities under the iLO projects is supporting the Federal Bureau of statistics in under-

taking this survey, the iLO officials said. there is hard need to give education to employers and workers about occupational risks. it is possible to protect young workers and ensure that the employers are not violating child labour laws, a concern of many international markets. the officials assured continued support of the iLO to the child labour elimination programme in the country and fullest efforts for setting and enforcing standards, providing training, outreach and education, establishing partnerships, and encouraging continual improvement in workplace for safety and health to child labour. smoKing tieD to sKin CanCer: smoking may not only cause wrinkles and sagging skin, it might also increase your risk of one type of skin cancer, researchers suggest in a new report. studies have linked smoking to a long list of health effects, including heart disease and lung cancer, but the evidence has been mixed for skin cancer. More than 3.5 million cases of the disease are found every year in the U.s., making it the most common of all cancers. While the two main forms basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are rarely deadly, researchers say they are on the rise, Medical Health News Reported. in a new study, Fiona Bath-Hextall of the University of Nottingham in england and colleagues pooled the available evidence on the link between tobacco and basal and squamous cell cancers, which start in the outer layer of the skin. Based on 14 previous studies, smokers didn’t appear to have higher rates of basal cell cancer. But they did have a 52percent increase in their risk of squamous

cell cancer, based on six studies that varied in size, duration and design. that extra risk is similar to that of ultraviolet radiation, the most well- known risk factor for squamous cell cancer, according to a commentary published along with the new results in the Archives of Dermatology. But the commentary, by Dr Joris Verkouteren and Dr tamar Nijsten at erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, also warns that the six studies were relatively small and were not necessarily comparable. Because all of the studies are based on observations, it’s impossible to say for certain whether smoking caused the increase in skin cancer risk. While current smokers had a higher risk than former smokers, there was no link with the number of cigarettes smoked per day or how long a person had been smoking. still, the researchers believe it’s likely that tobacco causes basal cell skin cancer, and Bath-Hextall called the findings “another good reason to give up smoking.” she said people should regularly check their skin for early skin cancer. she added that doctors should “actively survey” people at high risk of squamous cell cancer such as smokers. Oddly, smokers don’t seem to be at increased risk for melanoma. in fact, some studies have suggested they might even have a smaller chance of getting the disease although scientists are still trying to figure out if that’s really true. However, the task force recommends counseling fair-skinned children and young adults aged 10 to 24 years about cutting back on ultraviolet radiation whether from the sun or indoor tanning to reduce their risk of skin cancer.

the police on thursday arrested 12.outlaws for having illegal weapons, drugs and liquor from different parts of the district. According to a department’s spokesman, Bani police held Arshad.and recovered 1,295 grams of charas from his possession while Ganjmandi police nabbed Qasim with 120 grams of charas. saddar Barooni police recovered 110 grams of charas from tariq and saddar Wah police arrested Hasina Khanam for having 620 grams of charas. Ganjmandi police held Arif with nine bottles of liquor while Rata Amral police arrested Usman for having five bottles of liquor. Morgah.police recovered three bottles of liquor from Yousuf. taking action against people having illegal weapons, Rata Amral police held Arif for having a 30-bore pistol, while Khauta police arrested Nadeem with a 12-bore gun. Likewise, Jatli police nabbed Zia Ullah and recovered six cartridges from his possession.

adiala Jail canteen auctioned at escalated rate RAWALPINDI OnLine

the contract of the canteen in Central Jail Adiala has been auctioned at the rate thrice more as compared to that of the last year. Contractor Mubarak offered Rs 10.30 million bid for the canteen while the same contract was auctioned for Rs 4.285 million last year. ConstruCtion oF a Four-lane margalla avenue begins: the Capital Development Authority has started construction work to extend Margalla Avenue to four lanes. Margalla Avenue, having four lanes, will spread along 9 kilometers, starting from sector D-12 to sector B-17. the project will cost a total of Rs 588m and will be completed in one year. the construction firm has mobilised heavy machinery and the work has started.

UNESCO literacy plan: 2,500 students to be accommodated ISLAMABAD. aPP

the United Nations educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNesCO) would give basic literacy skills to 2,500 students in the third phase of its literacy programme, designed to use mobile phone both for learning and communication. Under the programme, launched in collaboration with cell phone operator, Mobilink, their skills would be improved by communicating with teachers through sMs based interactive lessons. As a value addition, the third phase

will also enable 100 participating teachers to coordinate with supervisors and report on student progress via data enabled siMs provided by Mobilink. According to UNesCO, MobileBased Literacy programme is a unique initiative that utilizes mobile technology to improve literacy for female students, aged between 15 to 25 years in rural and deprived areas. the current phase also extends its outreach to learners in KpK and punjab through 100 learning centers. When contacted, the country representative of UNesCO said three years back UNesCO started piloting mobile literacy project and through that small

project we have expanded the use of mobile phones for more than communication, now it is also an active tool of information, education and knowledge in pakistan. the UNesCO official said through this project UNesCO has made 1500 adult female not just literate but also made them connected to the world and empowered them to a degree where they feel empowered citizens, which we count as great achievement. Another 2500 rural adult females will be made literate through this current phase. the official said this programme uses use mobiles as a tool for

delivering educational materials to participating students. As part of the program, students and teachers are provided with mobile phones to improve on reading and writing skills, with two way interaction through sMs, the official said and added teachers will also be able to monitor and record progress of their students using unique mobile software, developed by Mobilink for the program. Mobilink official was also appreciative of the programme and said earlier phases provided great results, reaching out to 1500 female students and hoped to achieve more in third phase.

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g n i t c a s r e g n i

d a b d n a . . . d o go LOS ANGELES reuTers

pOp singers love to try their hand at acting, but some of them really shouldn’t:

Mariah Carey All natural and unshowy, Mariah Carey was a genuine revelation in the film ‘precious’ (2009). But sadly, no one has made it more than three minutes into ‘precious’ without running out of the theatres.

Eminem to be fair, he has only ever really played himself-although a mumbling, monotone version, in ‘8 Mile’. But playing yourself can be harder than it looks.

Jennifer Hudson Nobody could have guessed that an American idol reject would win an Oscar for her raw performance in ‘Dreamgirls’. Or, admittedly, follow it up with a drab role in the ‘sex and the City’ film.

Britney Spears it’s easy to pick on Britney spears for starring in ‘Crossroads’ (2002), but that’s because watching ‘Crossroads’ was like performing dental surgery on yourself with a tinfoil drill. Her place here is well deserved.

Rihanna Rihanna wasn’t given an awful lot to do in ‘Battleship’, but she still

managed to fail hopelessly. Your mum, given the chance, could grunt at a transformer more convincingly.

While in Bollywood...

the trend of musicians taking up acting has not been a success, even when it comes to our desi singers. Musicians like Himesh Reshammiya, sonu Nigam, Lucky Ali and shruti Haasan have all fizzled behind the camera, despite trying their luck as actors in films like Aap Ka suroor, Karzzz, Jaani Dushman, Kaante, sur, and Luck, respectively. pakistani singer Ali Zafar has been the only success story, both behind the mic, and on-screen as well, with films like ‘tere Bin Laden’, ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ and ‘London paris New York’ to his credit.

KARACHI: Nine West, a fashion wholesale and retail company best known for quickly translating runway trends into styles attainable by mass consumers, was recently launched in Pakistan by Burj Fashion, Project Manager Faisal Jamil, CEO Ayesha Ahmed and Asif Karim. PR







with militant groups


Ki Sawaari’. AFP MUMBAI: Neha Dhupia attends a smartphone product launch. AFP MUMBAI: Dia Mirza attends a smartphone product launch. AFP MUMBAI: Arshad Warsi attends a party for ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’. AFP MUMBAI: Salman Khan, Sharman Joshi and Ritvik Sahore attend a party for ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’. AFP MUMBAI: Sonakshi Sinha attends a smartphone product launch. AFP


Adnan Sami says ex-wife has links After the Bombay High court upheld pakistani singer Adnan sami’s plea and granted him divorce after three years of bitterness into the relationship, sami has now accused his estranged, Dubai-based wife, sabah Galadari of being involved in smuggling cases and having close ties with militant organisations. interacting with reporters, sami said certain publications in the Middle east have explicitly published such reports, validating his statement. He also agreed on filing a complaint with the police commissioner of Mumbai and Dubai police chief against his ex-wife for possessing portuguese citizenship. Meanwhile, Galadari said she has been emotionally hurt due to the allegations levelled against her.

MUMBAI: Amitabh 1duringBachchan poses a party for ‘Ferrari

Ayesha Omer

Aysha Ahmed, Asif Karim and Amanda Cauldwel from US Consulate

FIRST LOOK: Keira Knightley, Jude Law wow in ‘Anna Karenina’

animated film debut LOs angeLes: r&b star rihanna is set to make her debut in an animated movie by joining the voice cast ensemble of ‘Happy Smekday’. the 24-year-old has signed on as one of the lead voices of the film and she will be joined by ‘the big bang theory’ star Jim Parsons, reported aceshowbiz. ‘over the Hedge’ helmer tim Johnson will be directing the film while tom J astle and matt ember are writing the script. based on adam rex’s acclaimed children’s book ‘the true meaning of Smekday’, ‘Happy Smekday!’ follows a friendly alien race who use the earth as a hideout from their mortal enemy. dreamwork production plans to release the upcoming animation in the uS in 2014. rihanna was last seen starring in ‘battleship’ opposite liam neeson and taylor Kitsch. agencies

LOs angeLes: Keira Knightley plays the titular character in ‘anna Karenina’ while Jude law plays her husband in the film. Hollywood actor aaron Johnson will portray her young lover count Vronsky in the epic romance. opening with a dramatic music, the film’s plot becomes rather evident soon enough. the story, set in 19th century russia, follows a woman in a loveless marriage who seeks love elsewhere only to complicate her life. the passion, energy and romance is palpable sprinkled with insinuations of jealousy and self-righteousness. director Joe wright has previously worked with Knightley on

‘atonement’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’, and also directed ‘the Soloist’ and ‘Hanna’. renowned playwright tom Stoppard, will adapt the classic novel by leo tolstoy for the screen. Saoirse ronan (‘the lovely bones’, ‘Hanna’), matthew macfadyen (‘Pride and Prejudice’), oscar nominee emily watson, and andrea riseborough (‘made in dagenham’), Kelly macdonald (‘brave’) also co-star in the film. ‘anna Karenina’ has two other film adaptations, one starred Greta Garbo in 1935 and the other saw Sophie marceau as the lead in 1997. anna Karenina will be released in the second half of 2012. agencies

LOnDOn: the rolling Stones are planning a summer summit in london to discuss plans for a 50th anniversary concert later this year. mick Jagger and his bandmates teamed up for rehearsals in new york in april and now guitarist Keith richards has confirmed there are more sessions planned for July, reported daily Star. “it’s all very hush-hush. i’m going over to london for a bit, so i’ll find out more then,” richards said. the guitarist also hinted that the band may be recording a follow-up to 2005’s ‘a bigger bang’. “we’re going to talk about that in July and see. i mean, i’d love to get some tracks down and see what songs we’ve got. and that goes along with part of getting the band back together and getting things moving. So i’d love to cut some tracks,” he said. agencies

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11 Jennifer Aniston


los angeles: ‘Liz and Dick’, Lindsay Lohan’s Lifetime movie, is currently under investigation. Never a dull moment in the life of Lindsay Lohan and those she comes into contact with: two Hollywood unions are investigating working conditions on the set of ‘Liz and Dick’, after Lohan was found unresponsive and required medical attention and two crew members left the project. the investigation is being done by two Us acting labour groups international Alliance of theatrical stage employees (iAtse) and sAG-AFtRA. ‘Liz and Dick’ tells the story of elizabeth taylor and Richard Burton. Filming the project has proven somewhat difficult for Lohan, who was not only the subject of hospitalisation rumours (Lohan was later said to be asleep-not unconscious-and never went to the hospital) but also crashed her car while driving in Los Angeles. two other crew members were actually sent to the hospital for exhaustion and dehydration. Lohan tweeted that she had been working 85 hours in four days. One industry source said Lohan was viewed as a “ticking time bomb,” a macabre reference the source explained by adding, “if Lindsay hadn’t been making a movie, who would have called for help? As soon as filming wraps, she will be all alone again.” the 25-year-old actress is under a great deal of pressure to orchestrate a comeback. agencies

8-figure beauty deal LOS ANGELES agencies

Jennifer Aniston has been offered an eight-figure deal to become the brand ambassador of skin and hair care company, Aveeno. the company sells natural-based skin- and haircare products. “Jennifer would be great for the brand because she appears to be very natural,” the New York post quoted a source as saying. “the deal, still being negotiated, would be worth a lot of money, certainly eight figures,” the source added. the company’s current tV face is dark-haired, Dutch-born model-actress Daniella van Graas.

Emma Stone flattered

Deadmau5, Madonna Feud Rekindled: by Jim Carrey's Producer Calls Her A ‘Funky Grandma’ love message LONDON agencies

LONDON agencies

US Consul General

Madonna is a ‘funky grandma’, according to Deadmau5. Canadian progressive house producer Deadmau5 (real name: Joel Zimmerman) isn’t done bashing Madonna. Back in March, Zimmerman called Madge an “idiot” after she made a thinly veiled reference to ecstasy use at the Ultra Music Festival. though they sort of made up (Madonna made the unbelievable argument that she was referring to an unpopular house song, not to the drug widely associated with

electronic dance music festivalgoers, and Zimmerman backed off), a new Rolling stone article may have re-ignited the feud. “You can’t to be ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ and ‘funky grandma’?” Zimmerman said. “Fine. it’s not my place to say you’re irrelevant. if you’re going to come into my world, at least do it with a little more dignity.” to Zimmerman, it was a simple matter of respect. “i understand she has millions more fans, and is way more successful than i’ll ever be. But it’s like talking about slavery at a blues concert. it’s inappropriate.” Zimmerman is

Aamir to unleash his villainous side in Chicago

Rolling Stones planning summer summit

MuMbai: aamir Khan had been working really hard towards his role in the third part of yash raj Films’ successful ‘dhoom’ franchise. after the rigorous workout sessions and training in acrobatics, the actor is ready to roll. in fact, three days back, aamir called up aditya chopra to say that he can start shooting for the ambitious Victor acharya directorial from June 29. while the other cast members had already started shooting for ‘dhoom 3’, aamir had kept delaying his schedule. apart from preparing for his role in the film, Khan had also been busy with the climax of reema Kagti’s ‘talaash’ and his debut television show.

recently, Jackie Shroff, who plays aamir’s father in the film, was spotted shooting his portions at capitol cinema. aamir will however, have no shots in the location. in fact, the actor will start off his schedule at the yash raj Studios in andheri and after five days will fly off to chicago-a favourite destination of many bollywood filmmakers. according to a source, majority of aamir’s scenes will be shot there. aditya and aamir both wanted to shoot the portion abroad. “they wanted to keep aamir’s look a secret. that is also a reason for them to go for a foreign location,” added the source. agencies

generally not a fan of interviews and press, having argued extensively with reporters in the past. As he’s an artist who has spoken at length about not doing drugs and not making music for people who only want to listen to it while using MDMA/ecstasy, it’s understandable that Deadmau5 was offended by Madge. Her album, after all, was titled MDNA, another outright thinly veiled reference to the drug. And though Madonna is one of the pioneers of electronic dance music, in a sense, her new music is likely to strike Zimmerman as awfully formulaic.

‘easy A’ star emma stone says she was flattered after actor Jim Carrey declared his love for her in a public video message last year. Carrey, 50, caused a stir after releasing a clip in which he expressed his desire to have "chubby little freckle-faced kids" with stone. the 23-year-old insists she wasn't creeped out by his public declaration of love because she is a huge fan of the veteran comic, reported Daily star. "i was so flattered i can't even tell you. Honest! i was really flattered, i really was! Right before that video came out, we were at the MtV Movie Awards. there was like five of us, and we just went on this tangent of talking nice behind Jim Carrey's back. it was the greatest thing. You walk away, and you were just like, 'that felt so good, to talk about how wonderful someone is'," she said.

Anushka to romance

Ranbir, Aamir MuMbai: among the new bunch of talent which inundated bollywood to break the monotony of same old faces on the big screen; anushka Sharma is one actress who has charmed her way into the hearts of a-list filmmakers in the industry. with her brilliant performance in her debut opposite SrK in ‘rab ne banadi Jodi’ followed by a firebrand performance in ‘band baaja baarat’, no wonders the actress has grabbed significant roles opposite aamir Khan and india’s latest heartthrob ranbir Kapoor. Given her stunning looks and amazing figure, rumours were rife that ranbir had recommended anushka for the film. anurag Kashyap for his film ‘bombay Velvet’ was in search for a perfect girl to cast as the romantic lead opposite ranbir. However, anushka couldn’t accept the offer then as her dates clashed with raju Hirani’s upcoming project titled ‘Peekay’ opposite aamir Khan. the reason why two prominent filmmakers are vying for anushka’s time isn’t hard to understand. “the logic is simple: in that age group, she is the most talented actor in bollywood. you don’t have an option as good as anushka. raju Hirani and aamir choose anushka (for ‘Peekay’), so it shows that she is in for big things in the future”, said a trade expert. rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Peekay’ goes on the floors first (towards the end of this year) followed by ‘bombay Velvet’ early next year. agencies

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12 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Friday, 22 June, 2012

Not so patrician? On st stephen’s college and its evolving elitism

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-34330811-3 Fax: 021-34330900 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

System in danger Whither circumspection?


he ppp supported by allies has the required number of votes to get its nominee elected as the new pM and another one after his removal. instead of ending the ongoing confrontation with the sC, this could however further exacerbate it. One may differ with the way the apex court continues to pressure the executive to write to the swiss authorities. But once the court has delivered its judgment, it is must for everyone concerned to carry it out. this is what the ppp government has rightly done. there are only two ways to defuse the crisis. First, instead of advising the next pM to once again decline to carry out the orders of the sC, the ppp could agree to write the required letter. in view of president Zardari’s reluctance to allow what he calls the “trial of Benazir’s grave”, there is little likelihood of the party taking this course. second, to enter into talks with the opposition to put together a neutral caretaker setup and a firm date for early elections. president Zardari insists that his party has the right to complete the remaining nine months of its constitutional tenure. Legally, this may be a sound position but politically this does not appear to be feasible. the situation is rife with dangers for the system. the ruling alliance is at loggerheads with the opposition which is gradually moving towards the one point agenda of fresh elections. What is more, the government is simultaneously confronting the sC. Certain sections of the establishment might be happy over the way the sC has removed the pM, but they are perturbed over the way the sC is trying to rein in the security agencies. Meanwhile, the lawyers community has been divided into hostile groups, and the entry of some of the outstanding leaders of their community into bar rooms has been banned. the government has to realise the gravity of the situation. it must not take confrontation with the sC and the opposition to a stage where a small push from outside sends the system hurtling down the abyss.


t is the admission season in Delhi University. And according to newspaper reports, the elite st stephen’s College, the alma mater of General Zia-ul-Haq, has received a record 22,000 applications for 420 seats. i hang around in the college to find out just what the fuss is all about. (it’s surely not the Zia factor!) stephen’s is a sort of local Oxbridge where everything and everyone is different from Delhi’s other colleges, at least in name. Here, the canteen is the café, the hostel is the residence, and the teachers and students are called senior members and junior members, respectively. the annual farewell ceremony for outgoing students is termed Dismissal service. But today the college’s elite image is also being questioned. “st stephen’s’ elite status is a myth,” the college’s associate professor of philosophy K p shankaran told me, “ that is perpetuated by talking derogatively about other colleges.” Last year, former indian ambassador to pakistan Mani shankar Aiyar, an exstephanian, displayed what some see as snobbery typical of his alma mater. Responding to an allegation in a letter written by sports minister Ajay Maken to the pM blaming Aiyar for delaying Commonwealth Games projects, Aiyar said: “Firstly, we have to establish the authenticity of this letter. it contains By Mayank Austen Soofi words like ‘dichotomous’, which i cannot believe that a BA pass from Hans Raj College would know.” in response, 40 stephanians marched to Hans Raj to “express solidarity”. “We had to convey that today’s stephanians do not subscribe to the views of old boys like Aiyar,” said Udit Bhatia, general secretary of the college’s students’ Union society. “Now more stephanians attend festivals and debates in other colleges, where we see the brilliance of their students. We are no longer in a position to say that we are superior.” Running an institution that fancies carrying the burden of nationbuilding on its shoulders, the reverend Valson thampu, the college’s controversial 12th

Delhi calling

principal, says, “the business of st stephen’s is to produce leaders for tomorrow’s india.” in that, the college’s record is impressive. Look around and you will find the illustrious old boys. Montek singh Ahluwalia is deputy chairman of the planning Commission; Kaushik Basu is chief economic adviser to the finance ministry; and Kapil sibal and salman Khurshid are Union cabinet ministers. the college seems to have, at least partially, colonised other aspects of india too. in fashion, Rohit Bal; in cinema, shekhar Kapur; in tV, Barkha Dutt; and in literature, almost every renowned novelist, including Amitav Ghosh and Khushwant singh. thampu said, “st stephen’s College is now less snooty.” it’s rare for a college head to directly confess how snobbish his college is, or used to be. in no other DU college is the algebra of infinite merit as complex as it is in stephen’s. You have to be top-notch academically, have blue-chip public school pedigree or have parents belonging to the old boy network, be part of a religious quota or other reserved categories such as sports and physically handicapped, to get into the college. the exclusivity that marked stephen’s is now being challenged. the changes that are transforming india are being reflected in the college. According to the principal, 20% of the indian Administrative service and indian Foreign service officials in the 1970s and 1980s were from stephen’s. in the past five years, that percentage is not more than 10. the number of students from extremely poor backgrounds has gone up threefold in the last five years. thampu said that the interview round in the college’s admission process favoured english-speaking candidates, who had better communication skills than students from a vernacular background. “those more comfortable in indian languages felt intimidated by the ambience of the interview, a feeling aggravated by the awe the college in-

spires,” he told me. “since 2007, depending on the candidate, our interviews also take place in Hindi, and that’s why you find more people coming from the towns and villages of Uttar pradesh and Haryana.” professor shankaran, who has been teaching in the college since 1985, says: “st stephen’s was socially elite, but never intellectually. Well-read people are an exception. We are like any college, except that there are fewer rowdy elements and it is easy to manage the college due to a long tradition of political passivity.” the one time stephen’s became politically engaged was when quite a few students went underground to join the Naxal movement in the 1960s. to Ayesha Adlakha, a first-year student, the college is like a “camp” where you can meet adventurers of various kinds. “Coming here is the most liberating thing that happened to me,” says Adlakha, whose hair is dyed red. “people are so non-judgemental. You say and do whatever you want. everything we need in this world is right here.” the world immediately outside, however, is moving on, and the college may find itself left behind one day. it’s a fact acknowledged by st stephen’s’ living legend. David Baker, a retired history professor who lives in an apartment in a boys’ block, is busy writing a history of the college. “My book deals with how Delhi’s history overlapped with that of st stephen’s,” he says. “After crushing the 1857 uprising, the British reshaped Delhi into a commercial, industrial, railway city, and the college began in this new world. it acquired more importance when the city was made india’s capital… each chapter of my book explores what effects these two made on each other during significant periods. today Delhi has become a megalopolis of 16.7 million people. the college’s hold on the city has begun to taper. that could be the final chapter, but, in general, my proposition holds true.”

A new cold war? global power matrix in flux By Sajjad Shaukat


ven though all countries at various international forums have reaffirmed the resolve to cooperate for peace in the south Asian region and have expressed concern for the stability of Afghanistan, most of them involved in the process have started preparing for a seemingly imminent cold war between the Us and China. the Us is currently the only superpower in a unipolar world but the emergence of China as a new power centre has put it into confrontation with the country in multifarious ways. During his trip to Australia, on November 17, 2011, president Barrack Obama, while sending an unmistakable message to Beijing said, “the United states is a pacific power, and we are here to stay.” Us Defence secretary Leon panetta also made statements relevant in this context during his Asia visit. He revealed during his visit to singapore that the Us will shift a majority of its warships to the Asia-pacific region by 2020 as part of a new Us military strat-

egy in Asia. panetta’s Asia visit came at a time of renewed tension between China and philippines, the latter being a major Us ally. With regards to strengthening its position in the pacific, America has also cultivated security relations with New Zealand. it is also working with several Gulf countries to solidify its entrenchment in the region. American strategic thinkers take China’s military modernisation as a great threat to its military bases in the continent. Russia and China had opposed the Us-led NAtO attack on Libya, while they have asked the Us to resolve the question of iran’s nuclear programme peacefully. But America and israel are still acting upon a war-like diplomacy against tehran. the Us and China also have disagreement about many international issues. A notable one which has led them to being at loggerheads is the taiwan issue. Given that the Us is now butting heads with two big powers – China and Russia - right in our backyard, doesn’t this shifting scenario necessitate some adjustment in our foreign policy? Already pak-Us relations are in consider-

able flux. tensions already existed when the May 2nd operation took place which only worsened the situation. things came to a head with the November 26 salala incident. in response, pakistan blocked the NAtO supplies and closed the shamsi airbase. Following these incidents, since islamabad has decided to reassess its engagement with the Us, it would do well to take the emergent scenario into consideration. it seems that pakistan is doing that to some extent. it has rejected American duress with regards to the ip gas pipeline project with iran. Moreover, besides China, pakistan has also cultivated its relationship with the Russian Federation. Moscow and islamabad agreed to enhance bilateral relations in diverse fields. in 2010, the then Russian prime Minister Vladimir putin publicly endorsed pakistan bid to join the shanghai Cooperation Organisation (sCO). pakistan’s president Asif Ali Zardari participated in the 12th summit of the shanghai Cooperation Organization recently held in Beijing. While addressing the summit, hinting at Us overtures in the region, Chinese president Hu Jintao

said that the international situation had become complex, thus, leading to many uncertainties in the regional situation. He stressed that only if the sCO member states remain united can they effectively cope with the emerging challenges. it cannot be denied that the Us has key interests in this region and many of its recent liaisons with countries in the region can be explained in the context of its new designs. the Us has made many foreign policy adjustments and they point towards the fact that the Us is trying to buttress a few of its allies in the region to counteract growing Chinese and Russian influence. Moreover, the Us also needs to establish these relations to pursue its pressurisation campaigns against iran and pakistan and put its plans with regards to them into action. its pacts with Afghanistan and india are a case in point. it has repeatedly pressed india not to cooperate with iran while it has propped up india as a force and an ally in the region to tick off pakistan’s establishment. Leon panetta’s trip to the region thus makes sense in this context. During his recent visit to New Delhi, panetta revived the blame game and

upped the ante on pakistan by remarking that drone attacks would continue on terrorists’ safe havens within pakistan. While there, panetta also encouraged india to take a more active role in Afghanistan in training the Afghan forces. india which has already invested billion of dollars in Afghanistan has signed wide-ranging strategic agreements with both the Us and Afghanistan. this nexus is clearly aimed at neutralising pakistan and offsetting the influence of the emerging power of China and Russia. Rapidly developing geo-political differences among global powers in Asia show that the next cold war is likely to be waged between the Russia-China alliance and the Us-led block and many of their battles will directly or indirectly involve pakistan. thus, it is imperative that pakistan rethink its role in the region and reevaluate its relations not just with the superpower but with its neighbours and regional and international powers. it needs to abandon outdated foreign policy paradigms and wake up to the new ground realities.

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the second blow

riP, Fauzia wahab

During the 65-year long history of our country, the parliament received its second big blow by judiciary on 19June. it is not true that all the decisions made by apex court were always right. We had example of Z A Bhutto’s vital case in which the verdict was given by 3-4 judges. Nonetheless, the deciding judge, Justice Naseem Hassan shah, after many years of his verdict in an interview with Geo tV categorically said that had he wanted to save the life of Z A Bhutto, he could have done so but his advocate Yahya Bakhtiar annoyed the judges. this is not the first example of its kind. in 1954, when late Chaudhry Malik Ghulam Mohammad was Governor General (GG), the speaker of National Assembly Maulvi tameezuddin challenged the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly by GG in the apex court but the then Chief Justice of the supreme Court of pakistan, Justice Mohammad Munir, supported the decision of the GG and thus the judiciary delivered its first blow on the sovereignty of the parliament. it appears that the history has repeated itself in 2012 as the parliament has recently received its second blow by judiciary. throughout the world, the parliament is supreme whereas the job of judiciary is only to explain the constitution, not challenge every decision of the govt. Unfortunately, a group of people in pakistan have always tried to prove judiciary as supreme against the parliament and they have unfortunately succeeded in their designs. this will have highly bad repercussions on the sovereignty of the parliament besides on the future of the country as it is bound to further weaken it. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL Karachi

A great lady she was. May Allah bless her soul and give courage to the bereaved and the nation to bear this shock. she fought for democracy, human rights and women empowerment. through sheer hard work and sincerity, Mrs Wahab became the face of country’s largest political party (ppp). By virtue of her own personal background and dedication, she became a voice of the middle class, a self-made woman. through her visible and also indirect role as ppp MNA and office bearer, she did a lot for women empowerment. in countries like pakistan, it is very difficult for a woman to participate in politics and earn respect. Fauzia Wahab did it nicely and she set an example for all. she used to help and solve the problems of women hailing from middle class. And women also felt free to share their problems with Fauzia Wahab. she played a key role in a number of bills related to women empowerment. she was a popular parliamentarian and enjoyed

Say no to smoking through extensive epidemiological and clinical studies, researchers have shown that smoking is a health hazard of the first order. smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. More than 80 percent of fatalities in this category are due to cigarette smoking. it is a major cause of cancer of the oral cavity, smokers are six times more likely to contract cancer of the mouth, larynx, throat and oesophagus than non-smokers. it is also a chief cause of pulmonary diseases and is one of the leading causes of heart diseases. it is a contributory factor in cancers of the bladder, kidney and panaceas. the sale and purchase of this injurious to health item should be banned in our country. i request the authorities to take action against this deadly and fatal thing. ABDUL BASIT Islamabad

after fission now fusion the prestigious Scientific American journal of June 2012 has revealed a project known as international thermonuclear experimental Reactor (iteR) which will attempt to reproduce sun’s power here on earth. six countries and european Union have joined together to build iteR, the world’s largest experimental fusion reactor. A fund of 20 billion Us $ has been set up for the construction cost with a donation of 45.5 percent by eU and 9.1 percent each by six countries of UsA, Japan, Russia, China, india and south Korea. supporters agree iteR is the only hope in the long run in meeting the unquenchable demand of power. During fission a tiny fraction of uranium’s mass turns directly into energy. Fusion is the same except working backwards with light nuclei such as hydrogen coming together. if the project worked, the payoff would be large: energy would be widely available and cheap; fossil fuel would become irrelevant. the energy produced would be three times the nuclear. the start date of project is 2020. One wished pakistan also became a member of iteR in view of our serious energy problems. DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI Lahore

women rights Regrettably, millions of women throughout pakistan live in conditions of abject deprivation of, and attacks against, their fundamental human rights for no other reason than that they are women. Women in upper sindh districts, the districts bordering with Balochistan and seraiki belt, are the worst victims. so far, nothing concrete has been done to

Comment 13

massive support for her work. she embarked on her political career by volunteering for the ppp in the General elections 1988. in 1995, Ms Wahab became the information secretary of the ppp sindh Women’s Wing. she also remained a member of the party’s advisory council from 1994 to 1996 and chairperson of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s information committee from 1994 to 1995. Foreign affairs, finance and women’s development issues drew her interest in particular. Later on in 1998, Benazir Bhutto nominated Fauzia Wahab to become the Central Coordinator of the Human Rights Cell and was tasked to correspond with human rights defending organisations abroad. in 2003, she attended the National Defence College course for bringing the politicians and armed forces close to each other. she was one of the initiators of relationship with the National Democratic institute (NDi) and was invited to attend the “Win with Women – Global initiative” of the institute in December 2003.

ameliorate the plight of women who are the victims of violence and discrimination. in the past, a few cosmetic measures have been taken only to attract the attention of international donors. Had the past successive governments made genuine efforts the plight of women would have reasonably improved and young girls would not have been slaughtered as one was done last week in Jacobabad who married against the will of their callous parents. in the prevalent disappointing situation for women it is suggested that the problem should be tackled radically. We need to open to women new avenues of culture and social service and ample opportunities for public life. We need more changes in our culture to stop discrimination against women. Above all, we must work together to change this cultural attitude against women in pakistan today. HASHIM ABRO Islamabad

a sad event the Human Rights Commission of pakistan (HRCp) has called the disqualification of ex-prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani a sad and depressing occasion in a country where democratic traditions have perpetually been denied the nourishment they need to take roots. We all very well know who the HRCp has been pointing at for consistent and perpetual derailing of democracy in pakistan. that’s why HRCp was right to highlight the fact that supreme Court’s judgment (to dismiss an elected prime minster) was perhaps not unexpected. Will this judgment lead to better quality of life for masses, improved economy, resolution of power, water and natural gas shortages, elimination of

in June 2004, she was invited by the NDi to attend the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. she was appointed central information secretary of party in 2009. she chose to side with the ppp because she believed that it was the only political party open to liberal democratic values and the only political party that was not plagued by gender discrimination. Her dedication to ppp was matchless. she always defended her party in very difficult times. she was the most honest person. in my view, after BB shaheed, Fauzia Wahab was the only leader, who followed her footsteps. Moreover, she upheld liberal face of ppp in highly polarised, fanatic and charged environment of pakistan. No doubt, she was a courageous and brave lady. Outspoken secular voice is no more with us now. Her sad demise is a big blow for pakistan and the vacuum created after her death will never be filled. DR SAIFUR REHMAN Islamabad

terrorism, get the Baloch back in the mainstream, jack up the stocks market, improve the relationship with the Us and neighbouring countries, or will it lead to further political turmoil, enhanced uncertainty, dipping down the stocks market, forcing outside world not to deal with democratic government as it may get dismissed over a sneeze of a judge. i have failed to understand the logic behind such an action except that apparently we are all set for clash between institutions. to start the game judiciary has thrown its ‘contempt’ bait to catch anyone on any pretext. All the political parties who are at present rejoicing Gilani’s dismissal need to understand the trap; today it’s Gilani, tomorrow it could be their men getting thrown out of elected institutions at the whim of judges. institutions war of power and ego is on. Good luck to 180 million people who are just puppets, have nothing to do with the corridors of power. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

trial of graves every man, women or child who was born is destined to die and face trial for the sins that he/she may have committed during their lifespan. According to our religion, there is no escape from this inevitable accountability which every commoner, king, or emperor will have to face and only the Almighty alone has the sole jurisdiction to decide such matters. those who submit to the will of Almighty and seek forgiveness or make amends for the wrongs that they may have committed to their fellow beings can expect pardon from Him, and no offerings of ill-gotten wealth as nazrana/sadqa can settle these debts.

it is also a matter of faith that evading any accountability process only adds to the woes of an individual in life hereafter. it is because of this belief in hereafter that relatives of those whose dear ones have departed publicly ask everybody before their burial if the departed persons owed any debt. Our religion very clearly has stated that Haqooq-ul-ibad, that is the rights of fellow human beings, if violated can only be forgiven by those who have been wronged and the Almighty will only pardon sins concerning Haqooq Ullah. political martyrdom does not absolve the soul of accountability from Haqooqul-ibad. therefore, if the political heirs of Benazir Bhutto have any love for her, they should facilitate rather than avoid settlement of any claims that an individual, or the national exchequer may have, so that her soul rests in eternal peace. Nobody, not even saints can avoid trial of graves, that is a reality if we have belief in our religion. so this politics and exploiting the graves must stop. IRFAN BUTT Karachi

Sukkur, Guddu barrages the discharge capacity of sukkur and Guddu barrages needs to be increased. this will be no small task and will cost billions of rupees. Does it make sense to undertake this gigantic task and not try and stop the flood waters at source? the flood waters of Kabul, Chitral, Haro and soan rivers cannot be stopped by tarbela, Bhasha or any other dam on the indus expect by Kalabagh dam. How long are we going to go on increasing barrage capacities but not build the one dam that can take care of the problem? ENGR KHURSHID ANWER Lahore

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to pakistan today exclusively.

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Friday, 22 June, 2012

Sure-footed bartoli reaches eastbourne semis Page 17

Stand-in skipper Hafeez confident of team’s comeback

bell in favour of rotation policy


Galle: Sri lanka captain mahela Jayawardene (r) and Pakistan stand-in captain mohammad Hafeez shake hands as they pose for photographers with the trophy. AFP GALLE aFP


AKistAN's stand-in captain Mohammad Hafeez is confident his young side will regroup after the one-day defeats to challenge sri Lanka in the test series starting on Friday. Hafeez, 31, was thrown into the deep end when regular captain Misbah-ul Haq was banned from the first test in Galle due to pakistan's slow over-rate in the final onedayer in Colombo on Monday. Misbah was penalised for his team falling three overs short, which international Cricket Council match referee Chris Broad said was a "serious over-rate offence" in one-day internationals. Hafeez, who was made his country's twenty20 skipper ahead

Salman released on good conduct from london prison

of the current tour, has played only 26 tests and never captained pakistan before in the five-day format. But the all-rounder brushed aside the 3-1 loss in the one-dayers, saying pakistan were determined to do their best in the three tests. "Misbah's calm influence will be missed, but it is a great honour to lead my country in test cricket and i am ready for the challenge," Hafeez said on thursday. "test cricket demands discipline. everyone plays a role in it, not just the captain. We will be inspired by the good work we have done in the longer format over the past few years." pakistan have won seven of their last nine tests, including a brilliant 30 whitewash of top-ranked england in the United Arab emirates earlier this year. it is a remarkable record for a side that has been forced to play abroad due to other

Galle: Pakistan captain misbah ul-Haq throws a ball during a practice session at the Galle international Stadium. AFP teams' refusal to tour pakistan because of security concerns. pakistan's batting will revolve around Younis Khan, whose 76 test appearances make him the only player in the side to have played more than 50 games. the tourists will bank on their potent bowling attack led by prolific off-spinner saeed Ajmal, who was the world's leading test wicket-taker last year with 50 scalps in eight matches. this year, Ajmal has already grabbed 24 wickets in three tests against england, and remains the main threat for sri Lanka alongside left-arm spinner Abdur Rehman. sri Lankan captain Mahela Jayawardene said Ajmal and Rehman "could be a handful" in any conditions, but warned the tourists that the Galle wicket was not as spin-friendly as previously after being relaid last year. "the wicket looks good and

it will need a balanced attack to take 20 wickets," said Jayawardene, an accomplished middle-order veteran of 130 tests. sri Lanka have won just two of their previous 14 tests and lost six, but both those wins came in their last four matches, indicating a revival after the retirement of world bowling record holder Muttiah Muralitharan in 2010. sri Lanka will look to their experienced batting line-up of Jayawardene, tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar sangakkara and thilan samaraweera to put up a big first innings total for their bowlers to take advantage of. the Umpires Decision Review system (UDRs), made optional by the iCC in touring contests, will not be used in the series. the second test will be played in Colombo from June 30 and the third in pallekele from July 8.

Two teens kill grandmother on iPL betting: indian Police PANAJI aFP


pakistan's disgraced former test captain salman Butt has been released early from a British prison after serving less than a quarter of his sentence for spot-fixing, his lawyers said thursday. the 27-year-old was jailed for 30 months last November on charges of accepting corrupt payments during the Lord's test against england in August 2010. He was freed on thursday, according to his London legal company, 25 Bedford Row. Butt's father Zulfiqar said on Wednesday that he expected his son to be home within three or four days. Butt, teammates Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer, and agent Mazhar Majeed were accused of arranging deliberate no-balls in return for money. Aamer was released in February after serving half his six-month sentence while Asif, jailed for 12 months, was freed in May. the three players were banned for at least five years by the international Cricket Council (iCC), which has ordered the pakistan Cricket Board to rehabilitate the former stars. the trio has a right to appeal the iCC ban in the Court of Arbitration for sports (CAs) in switzerland.

indian police in Goa said thursday they had arrested two teenage males on suspicion of killing their grandmother and taking her money to gamble on indian premier League (ipL) cricket games. the youngsters, aged 14 and 15, were among a gang of five held by police for the alleged murder of 65-year-old Linda Cajetan Andrade, who was found naked in her home last month. the group are suspected of stealing 400,000 rupees ($7,100) and some gold ornaments from her home. "these boys wanted money to bet on the indian premier League and the (football) euro Cup," police superintendent Arvind Gawas told AFp, adding that the cash was used for betting but that it was unclear how much was gambled.

ian Bell has backed england's policy of rotating their bowlers in a bid to combat the draining effects of a gruelling international schedule. With the one-day series against the West indies already won with a match to spare, england's selectors have opted to rest three of their leading bowlers, stuart Broad, tim Bresnan and Graeme swann, for Friday's final fixture at Headingley. it is not the first time this year that england coach Andy Flower has taken precautions to avoid his squad suffering from burnout. Broad and James Anderson missed the last test against the Windies at edgbaston earlier this month after the series was wrapped up. Lancashire pace bowler Anderson wasn't completely happy to be forced out of action. But england batsman Bell is convinced his side must continue tinkering with their line-up to ensure the likes of Broad, Bresnan and swann -- the only three remaining english regulars for tests, one-day internationals and twenty20 -- are fresh heading into the forthcoming limited overs matches against Australia and the test series against south Africa. "there's a heavy schedule coming up. We need to look after these guys," said Bell, who has scored a century and a half-century in england's last two victories over the Windies. "there's this big series against Australia coming up, and south Africa after that. "the key to our success in one-day cricket is having five out-and-out world-class bowlers. "so if we want to beat the Australians, we want these guys fit and fresh and ready to go. "For the three guys who play in all three forms of the game it's going to be crucial." Young pace bowler stuart Meaker, all-rounder Chris Woakes and spinner James tredwell have been called up to the squad in place of those who will be sidelined at Headingley. And Bell claims the chance to give bigmatch experience to england's understudies is just as important as resting the established stars. "it's a good option to let them have a bit of a breather and it gives an opportunity to the likes of Meaker, Woakes and tredwell," Bell said. "When i played for the Lions, Meaker is genuinely fast - so it will be exciting to see him have a go. "Looking down the line, at World Cups and Champions trophies, it's great to give these guys an opportunity and gain more experience.

Afridi’s retirement talk surprises cricket circles LAHORE sTaFF rePOrT

shahid Afridi's sudden announcement that he is contemplating one-day retirement to focus on twenty20s has caught pakistan's cricket fraternity by surprise and raised questions about what is happening behind the scenes in the national camp. Afridi took everyone by surprise when, on returning home from sri Lanka after playing in the one-day series, he said he was thinking about retiring from ODis and just playing t20 matches. "i will be consulting my elders and seniors and will take a decision in next few days. But definitely if i feel i am not contributing to the team in ODis i don't want to carry on doing nothing," Afridi told reporters at the airport.

Cricket experts are viewing Afridi's remarks in different ways with the general feeling being that the 31-year-old who was removed as captain of the one-day side last year after a dispute with the board is not comfortable and happy in the present team set-up. "there is also a chance that Afridi might have sensed that the new coach Dav Whatmore is laying more stress on young players and wants to ease out the seniors slowly," one analyst said. But he pointed out that it is no secret that Afridi was disappointed when removed as captain after leading the side well. "He was disappointed that he was not considered for the twenty20 captaincy before the sri Lanka and instead Mohammad Hafeez got appointed."

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Friday, 22 June, 2012

Sports 15

‘Cricket Next’ Coca-Cola’s cricketing coup g

it’s between Josheela and Hoshyaar on the streets of Pakistan LAHORE agHa aKbar


epsi-COLA maybe the official sponsor of cricket both in india and pakistan, but Coca-Cola too has come looking for a sizeable slice of the pie in a game that is bigger than anything in the sub-continent. Only recently one saw cricket-based advertisements targeting the indian market with sachin tendulkar acting as Coke’s brand ambassador. Now this side of the border, in what looks like an extension of the not-sosubtle ‘Cola Wars’, Coke has pitched its tent firmly on the cricket ground in pakistan as well through its brand sprite by launching Cricket Next and roping in shoaib Akhtar and Moin Khan to provide it star attraction. For all intents and purposes, this is Coca-Cola’s returning its rival the ‘Nothing official about it’ compliment of the World Cup 1996 that not just mocked at its ‘Coke’s official drink’ status but also stole the thunder of its own campaign. that must have left deep scars, for subsequently pepsico seized the ‘official sponsor’ status, denying Coca-Cola a look-in into what is every marketing man’s dream in pakistan and india: latching on to the

Pcb should save the dying art of spin: Qadir

cricket bandwagon. Rizwan U. Khan, Coca-Cola pakistan's General Manager had a spring in his step as he made an extempore statement of intent: “Make a positive difference to cricket in pakistan by taking a fresh, dynamic and sustainable approach to the sport by promoting and encouraging pakistan's potentially undiscovered cricketing heroes." it was a high-octane launch, and with streetlights and with vendors’ stalls offering streetside-stuff was congruous with street cricket. the idea is fabulous, for it is simple, involves no hefty sponsorship fees, and goes directly to the streets and people by latching on to street cricket – with a promise to its cricket crazy participants: national spotlight. played with unrivalled passion, ‘Gulli Cricket’ has its own joy and charm, and a very rich folklore in that most of our frontline cricketers since the 1980s learnt their craft here before graduating to more organized forms under official patronage. the event touches base with the largest pool of cricketers at their closest: their own street. the sweep of the event is impressive: 700 streets in seven cities spread over six months. With the two squads that emerge

akhtar to scout talent from the streets of Pakistan



sTaFF rePOrT

sTaFF rePOrT

Lauding the pakistan Cricket Board’s decision to harness the experience of some of most well known and knowledgeable cricketers of the country, spin legend Abdul Qadir has asked the pCB to set up an academy to groom young spinners. the pCB’s scheme to spot talented players runs from June to september, involving three well known pakistani Cricketers - sarfraz Nawaz, Abdul Qadir and ijaz Ahmed – who will visit 16 cities around the country and identify the most talented players aged between 17-25. the result of these camps will be a shortlist of around 20-25 players who will then be requested to participate in a 4 week Advanced Coaching Camp at the National Cricket Academy, Lahore. Qadir told a television channel about the aims behind pCBs talent hunt scheme, the quality of talent on display so far as well as the current standards of spin bowling in pakistan. impressed by the talents, he said: “in my view, leg spin in pakistan needs special attention. infact, the pCB should set up an academy specifically for spinners, especially legspin.” “i will be more than happy to be involved in this project and will do my utmost – even if i have to go to every part of pakistan to discover and groom leg spinners.”

pakistan’s speed- star shoaib Akhtar has dispelled the reports that he is coming back in international cricket. Akhtar said thursday though he had thought to make comeback, doctors had advised him to rest. Akhtar said he would now explore new talent in the streets of pakistan. He had announced to retire from all forms of the cricket during the World Cup in Marach 2011. He is three wickets short of 250 in 163 one-day internationals and has taken 19 wickets in 15 twenty20 internationals. Controversial pakistan paceman shoaib Akhtar is to travel the country, playing cricket in the streets in a bid to talent spot young players and groom them for success. Akhtar, who retired from international cricket last year, had a career troubled by injuries, a dope scandal and disciplinary problems. the 36 year old and former captain Moin Khan will now embark on a seven-city tour of pakistan as part of a programme launched by a soft-drink company. the stars will each be part of two teams that will play matches in the street in order to spot young talent. "i want to return to my country what it gave me," Akhtar said during the launch.

PCB plans to establish head office in interior Sindh g

announces rs700m deficit budget LAHORE sTaFF rePOrT

the pakistan Cricket Board (pCB) has approved a deficit budget of Rs700 million for the fiscal year 2012-13 in its recent Governing Board (GB) and also planning to establish another head office in interior sindh. the meeting chaired by the board's chairman Zaka Ashraf approved the budget with the amount having an improvement on the Rs1.1b deficit budget that was announced last year. “the amount is a tremendous improvement,” a GB member was quoted by reports. A major chunk of the budget has been set aside for infrastructure development. the board had initially planned to spend a lot on administration but the GB members were against that move and asked Ashraf to allot that to development instead. “there are several stadiums that need renovation. there are academies and high-performance centres that need modification so we believed that infra-

structure development should get the major share of the budget and the chairman agreed to that.” the pCB is building two high-performance centres in Karachi and Multan along the same lines as Lahore's National Cricket Academy. it also intends to build a new stadium in islamabad and Larkana and the addition of a new head office in interior sindh was also discussed. the GB members also raised questions over the continued existence of Javed Miandad in the pCB who, despite being paid a hefty amount per month, does not play an active role in the board. Meanwhile, four regions have also been added to pakistan cricket – nominated by patron-in-Chief Asif Ali Zardari – which did not please the GB members. “Dera Murad Bugti, Larkana, Fata and Bahawalpur are now active regions. Bahawalpur is a good inclusion and Fata has tremendous talent but the other two regions have been included on political grounds. the teams of Quetta and Hyderabad don't even have 11 good players.”

from this extensive exercise shall be coached by Akhtar and Moin, the former tagged as Josheela and the latter as Hoshyaar, and the teams branded as Josh andHosh for a series of contests. the programme’s reach has been given further extension by bringing into play an interactive website and use of the social media. And aspiring cricketers who miss out direct participation in the campaign could still be part of the action through “capturing and uploading their street cricketing moments of Josh and Hosh via the interactive website”. the campaign, it was said, has already kicked off on the ground starting in Lahore on June 19, 2012. Always ready with a smart quip, shoaib Akhtar, recounting his own youth and association with gully cricket, spoke an evocative line that would touch a chord with many. “through this programme, in a way i’d be meeting with myself again”, said he, with disarming spontaneity Akhtar and Moin both sounded passionate about the event, without sounding fake like most on such occasions do. perhaps it was because both had emerged from street cricket and could relate to it. "in my view cricket played in the streets is Josheela cricket. Here you need instinct,

laHore: Shoaib akhtar speaks during the launching of the Sprite cricket next. STAFF PHoTo speed, quick thinking, a big heart – above all the passion of youth to prevail. this event has created a phenomenon, right at the grassroots. the event has my backing from the word go because in my opinion only Josheela cricketers can change cricket countrywide [taking it to a higher plane]”, said Akhtar. Moin was not to be outdone. “the event has created a platform for cricket lovers all

around pakistan. the passion is good but our players already have it aplenty. What our youth could do more with is cricketing nous, the Hoshyaari, to strike it big,” said he. Combining the natural effervescence of street cricket with the comfort that corporate support invariably obtains, if between the Josheela and the Hoshyaar, the two of them could find a gem or two it would be worth everyone’s while and effort.

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16 Sports nca emerging Players Program begins

Friday, 22 June, 2012

GALLE: Sri Lanka cricketers warm up during a practice session at the Galle International Stadium ahead of the first test match. AFP


A four-week NCA emerging players program-2012 started thursday at the National Cricket Academy under the supervision of NCA elite coaches/support staff. On THe recOMMenDaTiOn OF naTiOnaL seLecTiOn cOMMiTTee THe FOLLOWing 21 PLayers are aTTenDing THis aDvanceD cOacHing PrOgraM: usman Salahuddin, mohammad Saad, rohail ali (lahore), Shan masood, rameez aziz, anwer ali, Shahzaib ahmed, mohammad Hassan, Faisal tahir (Karachi), Sharjeel Khan (Hyderabad), mohammad yasin, bilawal bhatti, Prince abbas, Sarmad anwar(Sialkot), Gulraiz Sadaf (multan), zeeshan mushtaq, naeem anjum (islamabad), taimur ali (Quetta), Sadaf Hussain, yasim murtaza, muhammad rameez (rawalpindi)

national inter-club women Football starts LAHORE sTaFF rePOrT

the 5th National inter-Club Women Football Championship-2012 started at Karachi and Lahore with wins for Diya and sports sciences. Being organized by the Karachi-sindh Football Association, the opening day winner Diya WFC beat Rubaisha WFC by 20 goals at the Kpt Football stadium, Karachi. scOrer OF THe Winning TeaM Were Diya WFc: (Hajra 5 Goals @ 10, 12, 14, 29 & 16 minutes), (Kiran 5 Goals @ 6, 9, 15, 33, 48 minutes), (afshan 4 Goals @ 25, 46, 59, 57 minutes), rukhsar 2 Goals @ 54, 57 minutes), (Hateeba 2 Goals @ 51, 69 minutes), (nazia naz 2 Goals @ 68, 71+1). at lahore’s Punjab Football association organized match, Sports Science wFc beat model town wFc 1-0 at the model town Football. academy Ground, model town d block, lahore. Sports Science wFc’s lone scorer was ishrat Fatima 1 in the fourth minute.

Top ranked Indian player paired with low ranked

england unveil nz tour itinerary





india's top tennis doubles player will team up with a poorly-rated and inexperienced partner at the Olympics after two higherranked players refused to play with him, officials said thursday. Leander paes, ranked seventh in the world as a doubles player, will be paired with 207th-ranked Vishnu Vardhan, the All india tennis Association (AitA) announced following days of arguments in which even the government tried to intervene. Both Rohan Bopanna (ranked 13) and Mahesh Bhupathi (15) said they would not play with paes for a range of personal and professional reasons, including, Bhupathi said, that he was not trustworthy. paes and Bhupathi formed a long-standing and highly successful team for years, winning Grand slam doubles titles at the French Open in 1999 and 2001, and Wimbledon in 1999. the duo, who have represented india in the doubles at four Olympics, broke up as a full-time pair in 2002, but continued to team up for india in the Davis Cup and multi-sports events such as the Olympics.

england will travel straight to New Zealand at the end of their tour of india next January after the schedule for their trip was released on Wednesday. england will meet the Black Caps in three tests, three oneday internationals and three twenty20s in a two-month tour that will be their first trip to New Zealand since 2008. engLanD TOur OF neW ZeaLanD: February 4 - new zealand Xi v england, cobham oval, whangarei (t20 warm-up) Feb 6 - new zealand Xi v england, cobham oval, whangarei (t20 warm-up) Feb 9 - First twenty20 international at eden Park, auckland Feb 12 - Second t20 international at Seddon Park, Hamilton Feb 15 - third t20 international at westpac Stadium, wellington Feb 17 - First odi at Seddon Park, Hamilton Feb 20 - Second odi at mclean Park, napier Feb 23 - third odi at eden Park, auckland February 27-MarcH 2 - nz Xi v england, Queenstown events centre (four-day warm-up) Mar 6-10 - First test at university oval, dunedin Mar 14-18 - Second test at Hawkins basin reserve, wellington Mar 22-26 - third test at eden Park, auckland.

BD bring Zimbabwe down


Zimbabwe failed to build on their stunning win over south Africa and fell by six wickets to Bangladesh thursday in a noncap twenty20 tournament. Much was expected of Brendan taylor and his team after they shocked strong favourites south Africa by 29 runs tuesday, but a total of 149-8 off 20 overs proved insufficient at Harare sports Club. Bangladesh, needing a win to retain a chance of mak-

ing the final this sunday, responded with 153-4 off 17.3 overs to give recently appointed england-born coach Richard pybus his first win in charge of the tigers. south Africa play Bangladesh Friday and Zimbabwe saturday and the top two finishers in the table qualify for the final of an unofficial tournament as it falls outside the future tours schedule. scOres: zimbabwe 149-8 (20 overs) (H. masakadza 56, b. taylor 27, S. matsikenyeri 27; m. mortaza 2-28) v bangladesh 153-4 (17.3) (n. Hossain 41 not out, m. rahim 31, m. mahmudullah 29, m. ashraful 19). bangladesh win by six wickets.

Greece aiming for a giant killing against Germany GDANSK aFP

Greece are hoping for another euro 2012 giant killing when they take on Germany with the political spectre of the eurozone crisis hanging over Friday's quarter-final. Having shocked Russia 1-0 on saturday in Group A to confirm their place in the Gdansk last-eight clash, runners-up Greece take on Group B winners Germany, who are the only team with a 100 percent record at the european championship. the Germans are bidding to win a fourth european title and having won their three pool matches against Holland, portugal and Denmark, plus all ten qualifiers en route to the final, the Greeks start as underdogs. the David verses Goliath clash has added spice between two nations at the heart of the eurozone financial crisis with one Greek paper demanding "Bring us Merkel!" after their team reached the knock-out phase. German Chancellor An-

gela Merkel, who will attend the match, has provoked anger in Greece for leading calls on Athens to impose tough austerity measures in return for financial assistance from Germany to help to bring down debt. Both teams have already fielded numerous questions as to whether politics will play a role

with Germany coach Joachim Loew insisting: "As far as we are concerned, we are approaching a normal football contest". But it will be anything but just football for many Greeks, as their proud nation owes Germany billions of euros in bailout money and where Merkel is a popular hate figure.

Ready even to take a penalty: hart KraKoW: england goalkeeper Joe Hart has revealed he is ready to take a penalty if sunday's euro 2012 quarter-final against italy goes to a shoot-out. england have won just one penalty shoot-out in six attempts since 1990, a record of failure which has weighed heavily on successive english sides over the past two decades. However the supremely confident Hart told a press conference he would welcome the responsibility to be one of england's five penalty-takers should the opportunity arise at Kiev's Olympic stadium on sunday. "if they let me, i would put my name forward 100%," the Manchester City stopper said. "Hopefully it won't come to that (taking penalties) but i would back myself (to take a penalty) in a tournament. "if penalties are required then so be it," said Hart, who is one of the few players in the england squad to have tasted victory in a shoot-out. aFP

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Friday, 22 June, 2012

Sports 17

Nadal, Djoker likely to halt Federer’s run

watCh it Live TEN SPORTS First Test: Pakistan v Sri Lanka 09:30AM

murray named in britain's olympic squad LONDON aFP




OVAK Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are braced to deliver a potentially fatal blow to Roger Federer's fading hopes of matching pete sampras's record of seven Wimbledon wins. the great swiss is fighting time as well as an air-tight Grand slam grip developed by Djokovic, the defending champion, and Nadal, who have won nine of the last 10 majors between them and contested the last four Grand slam finals. World number three Federer, who celebrated the last of his record 16 Grand slam crowns at the 2010 Australian Open, will be 31 in August. sampras was 28 when he won the seventh and last of his Wimbledon titles in 2000; Djokovic is still only 25 and Nadal,

tanvir dar Hockey academy beat essen club in Germany LAHORE sTaFF rePOrT

it was Dar HA’s second game in Germany against the First team of HC essen 99 and the pakistani lads dominated the proceedings for the better part of the game and comfortably led 3-0 at the interval. the Lahore based academy was given a scare when the HC essen converted two penalty corners in the first 12 minutes of the second half to reduce the lead to the bare minimum. However, the Dar HA immediately regained the supremacy and entered the opponents’ circle almost at will. they added two more goals to emerge 5-2 winners when the final hooter sounded. star of the day was their outstanding forward, Bilal Mahmood, regarded as one of the finest emerging talents in pakistan hockey. All four of his goals were wonderful striker finishes; the beauty and maturity of them belied his tender age. scOres: tanvir dar Ha, Pakistan: 5 (bilal mahmood 4, Salman 1). Hc essen 99, Germany: 2 (Spaeker)

26. it wasn't long ago that Wimbledon represented Federer's traditional bolt-hole, winning five successive championships between 2003 and 2007, then adding a sixth in 2009. But even in his London safe haven, the shadow of Nadal has loomed large. the spaniard, who has just collected a record seventh French Open title, deposed Federer in a five-set epic in 2008, having been runner-up in the two previous years. Federer's triumph in 2009 came when Nadal was sidelined with a knee injury. in 2010, tomas Berdych knocked him out in the quarter-finals while in 2011, the swiss lost his first ever Grand slam match from two sets to love up when he was bludgeoned to defeat in the last eight by Jo-Wilfried tsonga. two months later, Djokovic overcame the loss of the first two sets, and saved two match points, to beat Federer in the Us Open semi-finals.

Sure-footed Bartoli into eastbourne semis EASTBOURNE aFP

Defending champion Marion Bartoli trod carefully on a rainslick court to advance to the semi-finals of the eastbourne grass tournament on thursday with a 6-4, 6-2 win over Czech Lucie safarova. the Frenchwoman, who plays next against either Bulgarian tsvetana pironkova or tamira paszek of Austria, was so intent on her victory that she automatically adapted to conditions to earn the win in 73 minutes. "We had like five minutes of rain i think after the first set, it started to get a bit wet," said the 2007 Wimbledon finalist. "But then we had sunny patches, so the court was dry again. "i was glad to finish before the rain started. But i was so focused on what i had to do that i didn't feel it was bothering me much. "But on grass you have to be very careful, because when it gets wet you can really hurt yourself quite badly, which is the last thing you want to do three days before a Grand slam." Bartoli is playing the Wimbledon tune-up for the

ninth year in a row and could become the first champion here since Justine Henin in 2007 to defend her title at Devonshire park. the winner lost just two points on serve in the second set and ended with four breaks of her opponent's serve. "so far, i've been able to play well and to stay consistent into my matches, which is really important on grass," said Bartoli, 23-13 this season with seven career titles. the fourth seed was joined as a winner by Klara Zakopalova, with the Czech winning the last five games to defeat Russian Anastasia pavlyuchenkova 6-3, 7-5. the contest was stalled by passing rain with Zakapalova leading a set and 6-5 after a sixth double-fault from her opponent led to a break point and the conversion. the pair came back out when conditions cleared and played for three more minutes as Zakapalova advanced a step closer to a possible second grass trophy after winning in the Netherlands in 2005. the other two quarter-finals were caught by another more lengthy rain interruption as German fifth seed Angelique Kerber faced 2010 eastbourne winner ekaterina Makarova of Russia and the pironkova-paszek match was halted by weather in the second set.

Andy Murray was on thursday named as the first member of the Great Britain tennis team for the London Olympics. the world number four will be competing in his second Olympics after Beijing when he lost in the first round of the singles and the second round of the doubles. Murray, who will also be playing doubles with his brother Jamie, said: "i can't wait for the Olympics to start, it's such an incredible event and for it to be in London is extra special. "i remember being part of the Olympic Ceremony in Beijing, which was an unbelievable atmosphere and like nothing i'd experienced before. Winning a medal this summer for team GB is one of my major goals."

Sharpova sets up wimbledon as her next target LONDON aFP

As Maria sharapova posed with the French Open trophy against the breathtaking backdrop of the River seine and the eiffel tower, the Russian's thoughts turned from her stunning surroundings in paris to a small patch of grass in south-west London where she hopes to cap her remarkable return to the top. sharapova's victory over sara errani in the Roland Garros final earlier this month was a cathartic moment for the 25year-old, who had gone four years without winning a grand slam as she struggled with the aftermath of serious shoulder surgery. Her gruelling journey back to grand slam glory, and the world number one ranking she now holds for the first time since 2008, is a testament to sharapova's fierce competitive instincts, but she has never been one to rest on her laurels. so, while the flashblubs and champagne corks were still popping in paris in celebration of her career grand slam, sharapova was already plotting a Wimbledon revenge mission. Just 12 months ago, sharapova suffered one of the more surprising defeats of her career as petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic romped to a 6-4, 6-3 Wimbledon final victory.

Hockey camp at abbottabad LAHORE sTaFF rePOrT

the training camp of national senior probables, in its final phase of preparations for the London Olympic Games, will commence at Army sports & physical training school tobe Camp, Abbottabad on 26th June 2012. THe PHF Has DirecTeD FOLLOWing 26 PLayers TO rePOrT TO Mr. aKHTar rasOOL cHauDHary, caMP cOMManDanT aT TObe caMP:imran Shah, muhammad irfan, Sohail abbas, Syed Kashif Shah, m. rizwan Jr., Fareed ahmed, rashid mahmood, muhammad tousiq, muhammad waqas, Shafqat rasool, abdul Haseem Khan, m. rizwan Sr., m. umar bhutta, m. Khalid bhatti, Shakeel abbasi, ali Shan, rehan butt, waseem ahmed, muhammad imran, Salman akbar, tasawar abbas, ammad Shakeel butt, dilber Hussain, imran butt, muhamamd zubair and aamir Shahzad. manaGer/cHieF coacH: mr. akhtar rasool chaudhary, coacHeS: m/s. Khawaja muhammad Junaid, ajmal Khan lodhi & Shahid ali Khan., PHySiotHeraPiSt: mr. Faiz-urrahman., Video-analySt: mr. nadeem Khan lodhi.

eaStbourne: anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of russia returns against Klara zakopalova of czech republic during their quarter-final match on the sixth day of the aeGon international. AFP

eaStbourne: angelique Kerber of Germany serves against ekaterina makarova of russia during their quarter-final of the aeGon international tennis. AFP

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Friday, 22 June, 2012

Pakistan’s SC has gone overboard: ex-indian SC judge NEW DELHI OnLine

Hindu press Council of india Chairman Justice and former judge of the indian supreme Court, Markandey Katju, on thursday said the pakistani supreme Court had no right to dismiss a prime minister or overrule the constitutional immunity given to the president. in an opinion piece published in the Hindu, Katju said, “i regret to say that the pakistani supreme Court, particularly its chief justice, has been showing utter lack of restraint. this is not expected of superior courts. in fact the court and its chief justice have been playing to the galleries for long. it has clearly gone overboard and flouted all canons of constitutional jurisprudence”. Continued on page 04


Prevention of dual national MPs must for stopping imported PM: CJP ISLAMABAD



HieF Justice iftikhar M u h a m m a d Chaudhry on thursday said if parliamentarian were not prevented from holding dual nationality, the influx of imported prime ministers would continue. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the proceedings of the dual nationality case. No one appeared before the court on behalf of MNA Farhat Mehmood and MpAs Nadia Gabol and Dr Ashraf.

Anwar Mansoor, the counsel for Rehman Malik, told the sC that they could not present nationality renouncement form because the British lawyer was on leave in spain. the court said it has been asking for nationality renouncement form of Rehman Malik for the last 11 hearings. petitioner Waheed Anjum presented evidences regarding dual nationalities of MpA tariq Alona and MNA Zahid iqbal by submitting photocopies of their passports. He said MpA Nadia Gabol and MpA Khadim Nazir also had British nationality. the sC then said the photocopies of passports provided were

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.

unclear and remarked if Waheed Anjum was found guilty, his license would be suspended. Waseem sajjad, counsel for Farah Naz isphahani, said lots of the overseas pakistanis would be affected if the court continued to interpret in this particular fashion. Justice Jawad s Khawaja said overseas pakistanis were loyal and sent $13 billion to the country.the chief justice said law allowed the general public to hold dual nationalities but it prevented parliamentarians from holding dual nationalities and they could not amend the constitution for interests of 10 to 15 people.

Editor: Arif Nizami, Resident Editor: Rana Qaisar

PkistanToday E-paper 22nd June, 2012  

PkistanToday E-paper 22nd June, 2012

PkistanToday E-paper 22nd June, 2012  

PkistanToday E-paper 22nd June, 2012