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Indian police ask women Modi wins Gujarat to carry red chili powder for BJP third for rape protection time in a row PAGE 04

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Friday, 21 december, 2012 Safar 7, 1434

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Mahmood set to replace Khosa in Punjab Punjab Governor House denies Khosa being changed LAHORE STAFF REPORT

In a major political move late on Thursday night, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) high command decided to replace Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa with Pakistan Muslim League-Functional Punjab President Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood. The decision was made in a meeting held in Karachi chaired by President Asif Ali Zardari, who is also the co-chairman of the PPP. Continued on page 04

Hear no evil, speak no evil! Civil liberty and privacy at risk as NA passes ‘spying bill’ g PML-N, MQM resist ‘The Investigation of Fair Trial Bill 2012’, get 30 amendments included g


Despite the National Assembly appearing like a classroom full of rowdy children, the House on Thursday passed the crucial yet controversial “The Investigation for Fair Trial Bill 2012”, which authorises the state to intercept private communication in order to hunt down terrorists and could expose public privacy and civil liberty to greater threats. The 48th session of the National Assembly was opened by NA Deputy Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi, during which the Investigation for Fair Trial Act 2012, recently approved by the NA Law and Justice Committee despite heavy opposition - was tabled by Federal Minister for Law and Justice Farooq H Naik. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) put up strong resistance against the tabling of the controversial bill, calling it an attempt to curb civil liberties, people’s privacy and a tool for victimisation and blackmail. The bill was approved after incorporating amendments proposed by the PML-N and MQM during clause-to-clause reading, with inclusion of 30 PML-N clauses that were presented by Zahid Hamid and Anusha Rehman. However, three amendments suggested by the PML-N in the draft of the bill were rejected. “We in principle support the bill,” Zahid Hamid informed the House while de-

bating the legislation, “as it is the need of time to control terrorism and to prevent more civilian and military losses.” “However, we want this bill to be approved with some amendments ensuring the fundamental rights of civil liberties and privacy of citizens with some checks and balances to make it more effective and unquestionable,” Hamid added. He said it was for the first time that investigation against an alleged accused would be initiated, clipped with collection of evidences, prior to the registration of an FIR, and the party believed, there should be some criteria and permissions that might not affect the privacy. Anusha Rehman questioned who would ensure the privacy of the person accused prior to proven guilty. Continued on page 04

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Pakistan, US ties have weathered another storm: Sherry

InfoTAInMenT How will it all end on Doomsday 2012?

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Pakistan urges tangible steps by all for Afghanistan peace

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PESHAwAR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan addresses ISF ‘Tsunami Convention’ on Thursday. INP

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan has reaffirmed its support for Afghan-led peace process, emphasising that efforts in this regard need to be sustained and based on solid commitments and tangible steps by all stakeholders. “We have always highlighted the value of dialogue and reconciliation to address the question of Afghan security and to change the underlying dynamics of conflict in Afghanistan,” Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Masood Khan told the UN Security Council on Thursday. Khan added that the Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process was an essence of such a dialogue. “It rightly seeks to address the root causes of insecurity and tackles the fundamental nature of conflict in Afghanistan,” he said, taking part in the debate on the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. “Pakistan supports an Afghan-led peace process,” he said. He told the 15-member body that Islamabad fully backed efforts of the Afghan High Peace Council under the able leadership of Salahuddin Rabbani. His recent visit to Islamabad was productive and successful. “Pakistan will continue to contribute in the peace process. Efforts, in this regard, should be sustained and based on solid commitments and tangible steps by all stakeholders. We hope that unanimous adoption of Security Council Resolution 2082 (2012) will energise the peace process”. APP

36 people register to appear before Lal Masjid Commission ISLAMABAD: Thirty-six persons including Maulana Abdul Aziz and his wife Ume Hassan got their names registered to depose facts about the operation before the Lal Masjid Commission. Per details, those registered include at least 18 males and 14 females. The commission will continue to register the names of interested witnesses till the 26th of December, excluding public holidays. According to sources, the commission after completion of the process of registration will decide the sequence of recording of evidence. STAFF REPORT

CD shops blown up in Charsadda NOWSHERA: Militants blew up two compact disc (CD) shops in Charsadda while a blast occurred outside a house in Khyber Agency, a private TV channel reported on Thursday. According to the police, unidentified men had planted explosives outside two CD shops in Charsadda’s Sardheri Bazaar. No loss of life was reported in the incident. The police reached the spot and collected pieces of evidence from the rubble. On the other hand, explosives planted outside a house in Jamrud area of Khyber Agency partially damaged the house but the residents remained safe in the explosion. OnLInE

SC moved against recruitment of blue-eyed candidates in Balochistan judiciary ISLAMABAD: Violating the rules in recruitment, the Balochistan Judicial Selection Board has appointed several blue-eyed and politically-influential candidates as civil judges and judicial magistrates in the province. A constitutional petition was filed in the Supreme Court against the new appointments of civil judges/judicial magistrates in Balochistan, stating that blue-eyed and influential candidates were appointed by the Balochistan Judicial Selection Board Quetta. Gulnaz Baloch, one of the affected candidates, on Thursday filed a constitutional petition in the apex court in which allegations of nepotism and favouritism were made in the appointments of civil judges and judicial magistrate in Balochistan. The petitioner stated that injustice had been done to her by not only disqualifying her from availing the quota seat of Sibi zone in which Yahya Asif was given favour, but also disqualified from the women’s reserved seat. She said the favouritism and nepotism had been done by the interview panel because appointments of under-mentioned candidates did not reflect bona fide exercise of power on their part. OnLInE

friday, 21 December, 2012

PTI to flush out corrupt politicians: Imran Khan g

Says PTI special cell collecting data on civil servants who are following govt’s illegal orders PESHAWAR



AKISTAN Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Thursday said the reign of corrupt and inept politicians was over and the PTI government would recover the plundered wealth of the nation. “There would be no place for self serving politicians in a new Pakistan where everyone would be held accountable by the PTI government,” a fiery Imran told a youth convention at Tehmash Football Stadium. “There is no chance for Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif to rule this country in future for times have changed and so have the people. They would have to face strict accountability. We would recover the looted money which was transferred out of Pakistan illegally and has been kept in offshore accounts,” said Khan. “I would ask my old friend Asfandyar

Wali how he transferred his wealth to Dubai and Malaysia illegally. I would also enquire from Fazlur Rehman how he took his money abroad. I ask Altaf Hussain to return to his homeland and he would be exonerated from all his sins. He has been ruling Pakistan from abroad,” remarked Khan criticising political leaders from across the national divide. He said the PTI had created a special cell which was collecting data on all civil servants who were following illegal orders of the government despite clear orders by the Supreme Court disbarring civil servants to abide by illegal orders from the government. He said that one of the so-called leaders of a major political party had been groomed by the ISI while the other became a leader after his late wife left a letter for him. He said he had asked both these leaders to come for a live television debate with him but they were not prepared to face him. He said both these politicians were

now grooming their children to pass on their legacies of corruption to the upcoming generations. He reiterated his resolve to flush out corrupt and selfish politicians from the country and put an end to dynastic politics. He urged students to go from door-to-door and convey the much needed PTI message of change to the people at large. He called upon the people to not vote for those who had off-shore accounts in foreign banks because they were responsible for the plethora of problems being faced by the masses. “You are the future of this country and you have to lead from the front. So be ready for the future responsibilities because the ISF would provide the future leadership to the country,” he said. Khan thanked Nawaz and Zardari for buying loyalties of politicians who had left PTI and said that both parties were doing a great job by attracting turnouts, cleansing PTI from corrupt people during the process.

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Paris Hilton’s ‘Romantic and Magical’ Christmas Vacation in Aspen KSE hits 16,900 mark as TRG, byco shine


Team management to decide openers: Hafeez

Land grants: Remnants of the colonial era.

CoMMenT Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad says; MQM blinks, finally: After a well-rehearsed, but failed, strategy.

Adeel Amjad says; First, the basics: Our flawed primary education system.

In Spearhead Research; The polio murders: Part of a plan to desatibilise Pakistan, maybe.

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Shaikh under fire in Senate g

rabbani accuses finance minister of violating constitution in tax amnesty bill g Dar says fBr given powers of legislation ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT


INISTER for Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh came under fire in the Senate session on Thursday as members from the treasury and opposition benches slammed the government for violation of the constitution through the tabling of the tax amnesty bill in the Senate, four days after it was laid in the National Assembly. Senate Chairman Syed Nayyar Hussain Bokhari was forced to defer the Tax Laws (Amendment) Bill 2012 for today (Friday) after seeking sense of the House. Surprisingly for the treasury benches, it was none other than their own buddy and a seasoned parliamentarian, Mian Raza Rabbani, who raised the matter on a point of order even before the bill was tabled. Following objection by a treasury member, pin-drop silence was observed in the House and the treasury and oppo-

sition members looked onto Rabbani and the Senate chairman, having no clue of the situation. Rabbani objected to the laying of the bill by the finance minister only in the National Assembly, stating this was a violation of Article 73 of the constitution as the bill was not tabled simultaneously in both Houses and the finance minister had to table the bill in both Houses of parliament simultaneously on December 17. Reading out the proviso of the Article 73, Rabbani said the money bill had to be laid in both Houses of the parliament simultaneously and the Senate would have to send its recommendations to the National Assembly within 14 days. He said the bill had been laid before the National Assembly on December 17, while the same was being laid in Senate on December 20, which was a grave violation of article 73. He said the Senate had been deprived of debating and formulating its recommendations over the bill for four days. Leader of the Opposition Senator Ishaq Dar also agreed to the notion of

Rabbani, saying the bill was a serious violation of the constitution. He also said the government could not declare any bill a money bill without a certificate by the National Assembly speaker. Dar said why had the bill not been laid in the House when the Senate was also in session on December 17. He said under the law, even if the Senate was not in session, the government would have to summon the Senate session so as the money bill could be laid simultaneously in both Houses. Dar said the government had given the FBR powers of lawmaking, which was prerogative of parliament. He said introduction of tax amnesty scheme was prerogative of parliament, but the same had been decided by the FBR. He said the finance minister should clarify before the Senate whether it was a money bill or not. Minister of State for Finance Saleem H Mandviwala said the bill be deferred for Friday and the finance minister be allowed to answer questions by the members.

The chairman then deferred the bill, directing that any cabinet minister might appear on Friday and respond to the objections raised by the members. During the question hour earlier, State Minister for Communications Dost Mohammad Mazari was caught unprepared by members. The minister asked Zahid Khan to repeat a question four times and even then could not apprehend the question, forcing Khan to drop his query all together. Khan taunted Mazari by calling him “unable minister”. Earlier, the Senate chairman expressed his anger over the absence of ministers during the question hour and directed Leader of the House Jahangir Badr to arrange a meeting with the prime minister and brief him on the absence of the ministers. Rabbani asked the chairman to exercise his powers and pass fixers against the absent ministers. He said after the passage of the 18th Constitutional Amendment, the ministers were accountable to the House.

Lawmakers, religious Kashmir solution imperative leaders flay attacks for regional stability: president on polio teams Govt bulldozed fair trial bill: nisar


Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday said the government was bulldozing the legislation titled “The Investigation of Fair Trail bill 2012” despite reservations from opposition parties, adding that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz would review the bill if it came to power. During the readings of the ‘The Investigation of Fair Trail bill 2012’ prior and after the approval of the bill, Nisar said the legislation was important if the amendments by opposition parties were made part of it. He said legislating had never been an issue in Pakistan, but issue at hand was implementation of existing laws. The PML-N leader said the government always tried to bulldoze legislations in the National Assembly during its five-year tenure, despite reservations and opposition, and set a bad trend. He was of the view that his party had strong reservations on two other bills – Accountability Bill and Tax Amnesty Bill – and would oppose them as well. Nisar said now that the bill had become a law, issues like tapping of telephones, e-mails – already in practice by the intelligence agencies – would not be discussed in dark any more. However, expressing his reservations on the life of the legislation, he said the bill should have been initially imposed for a one-year period to judge its productivity or misuse. “The next government should have reviewed the bill after one year,” he added. Elaborating, Nisar said, “We want to keep its period as limited as possible.”


KARACHI: President Asif Ali Zardari has reaffirmed Pakistan’s continued moral‚ diplomatic and political support for the just cause of the Kashmiri people. He was talking to a seven member APHC delegation led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq that called on him in Karachi on Thursday. Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was also present in the meeting. The president said the Kashmir issue should be resolved according to the aspirations of the Kashmiri people and UN resolutions. He said there could not be

durable peace in the region without just settlement of the dispute. During the meeting, Zardari assured the visiting delegation that the Kashmir issue would be resolved per the aspirations of the people of Kashmir. According to Asif Ali Zardari, the PPP and the APHC shared a “bond of blood” and PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had said that the party’s “existence starts with the Kashmir issue”. The PPP would adhere to the vision of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto and, therefore, was bound to follow them, the president added. OnLInE

Balochistan lawmakers and religious leaders flayed the attacks on polio workers terming them as a massive loss for the entire nation. “Attacks on the health teams working against the menace of polio virus were beyond justification,” said provincial minister and PPP Balochistan President Mir Sadiq Umrani. Balochistan Minister for Inter-provincial Coordination Ruqaya Saeed Hashmi expressing her concern over the unabated incidents of violence against health teams said a typical mindset was opposing the anti-polio drive which was aimed at securing our children from disabilities. Balochistan Excise and Taxation Minister Mohammad Amin Umrani said there was a dire need to sensitise the masses about the crippling disease of polio. The service of the health teams who risked their lives working for the cause is commendable, he stated. Renowned religious scholars including Qari Abdul Rasheed and Maulana Hasan said Islam did not allow killing human beings.

Militants and rumours undermine polio fight MONITORING DESK Pakistan’s efforts to rid itself of polio are being hampered by a toxic mix of conspiracy theories about plots to sterilise Muslims and hostility from militants. The Muslim-majority nation of 180 million people is one of only three in the world where the highly infectious, crippling disease remains endemic and infections shot up from a low of 28 in 2005 to almost 200 last year. This week nine people working on a UN-backed polio immunisation programme were shot dead in Karachi and the northwest, murdered for trying to protect children from a cruel disease that can leave limbs flaccid and useless in a matter of hours. The Pakistani Taliban have denied responsibility, though they have threat-

ened polio workers in the past and in June they banned vaccinations in the northwestern tribal area of Waziristan, condemning it as a cover for espionage. Concerted vaccination efforts have seen infections in Pakistan fall to 56 this year, 45 of which were in the tribal districts, which are strongholds for Taliban and other militants, and neighbourhing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. “Certain elements we refer to as Taliban, though it’s a very general term, feel threatened by the presence of people going round vaccinating children in their areas,” Guido Sabatinelli, the top World Health Organisation (WHO) official in Pakistan, said. In Afghanistan, Sabatinelli said, the Taliban are “absolutely in favour” of vaccination, but in Pakistan suspicion of immunisation programmes intensified after the jailing of a doctor who

helped the CIA find Osama bin Laden in 2011 using a hepatitis campaign as cover. Resistance also comes from parents, often poorly educated and impressionable, who believe wild conspiracy theories about the vaccine. “They think polio drops contain pig fats, some said it will make the children infertile and they will not be able to become father and mother in future,” said Janbaz Afridi, a senior doctor working on the polio campaign in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sabatinelli said WHO and its local health partners had made strenuous efforts to work with religious leaders to dispel these myths — often spread by imams. The chief of Pakistan’s council of religious scholars told AFP that prayer leaders at thousands of mosques across the country will condemn the killing of

polio workers at Friday prayers. “There is no room for criticism against polio immunisation campaign, as top scholars at major Islamic institutions like Al-Azhar in Egypt, Deoband in India and Binouri Town in Karachi, have already issued fatwa (religious decree) in favour of the campaign,” Maulana Tahir Ashrafi said. This week’s campaign was aimed at reaching a million children who missed vaccination in a drive in the autumn, most in the northwest and Karachi. Polio in Pakistan is concentrated among Pashtuns, the dominant ethnic group of the northwest who also have a large migrant population in Karachi. WHO says Pashtuns account for three quarters of polio cases nationally but only 15 percent of the population, and in Karachi the figure rises to 90 percent.

friday, 21 December, 2012

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04 Gunmen attack passenger buses near Macch, three killed QUETTA STAFF REPORT

Unidentified gunmen attacked two passenger buses near Macch area of Balochistan’s Bolan district late on Thursday, killing three people and injuring six others. Some of the passengers were abducted by the attackers as well, a private TV channel reported.

Sources said unidentified assailants came out of nearby hills and opened fire on two passenger buses near Mach, spread chaos among the passengers. The Sadiqabad-bound buses were coming from Quetta. Initial reports suggest the attackers took some of the passengers hostage. The injured were transferred to a hospital in Quetta.

BJP wins Gujarat for 3rd consecutive term

The incident forced a blockade of traffic on Quetta-Jacobabad highway. Other reports said a clash had erupted between the attackers and paramilitary forces after they attacked the passenger buses. According to security sources, the exchange of fire between the attackers and forces had in fact led to the blockade of the main highway.


The PML-N leader said her party suggested validating the legislation initially for a period of one year, followed by a detailed review to improve it, whereas the 10 sub-laws in the present bill should be restricted to the five focusing on terrorism. Hamid said that present law empowered 15 intelligence agencies, but without any solid coordination, and if the recommendations by the PML-N were accepted, the agencies would have been reduced to seven but with strong coordination. He also mentioned his demand that any probe being initiated on demand of some other country should be triggered when a formal request was introduced by that particular country. During the clause-to-clause reading of such a sensitive bill, a non-serious and careless approach was observed by the majority of parliamentarians from almost all parties, most of whom remained encircling Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to get their various applications and requests approved. The parliamentarians kept on gossiping with each other in small groups, an issue duly raised by Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Raja Mohammad Asad Khan and some others. A few even enjoyed short naps, while a group of parliamentarians, including Mir

Muawar Ali Talpur, Kashmala Tariq and Rukhsana Jamshed Bhutta kept violating the rules of the House by taking photographs through their cellular phones and tablet PCs. At one instance, Kundi said, “No one is participating in the clause-to-clause reading of the bill and the House appears to be a fish market while such an important legislation is being taken up.” During the debate on the draft, Opposition Leader Nisar Ali Khan said the legislation would be illegal if passed in its present shape. “We would stand in the way of this bill to ensure security of a common man and would not permit government to get it approved in its present form.” Qaumi Watan Party chief Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao flayed the role of the government during its five-year tenure, saying completing tenure meant nothing as the rulers delivered nothing. Despite the importance of the bill, the government should have taken on board the opposition and other political parties who have reservations in this account, Sherpao said. He said legislations were introduced for the welfare of the public, not to abuse them or curb their rights. Zafar Baig said the legislation would be used as a trap for politicians as well as the general public and would not only curb civil liberties, but become a tool for blackmailing.

PML-N MNA Abdul Qadir Baloch said interference of the military was being legislated and legalised through the said bill and it would prove dangerous in the future. But the government argues that the law will allow investigations by law-enforcement agencies and security agencies “by modern techniques and devices” in cases related to terrorism. The bill became controversial because certain quarters felt it would pose a threat to people’s privacy and civil liberties. The legislation allows security agencies to tap people’s phone calls and intercept other private communications in order to catch terrorists. The government will also be able to access “data, information or material in any documented form any mean through audio visual device, CCTV, still photography, bugging, observation or any mode of modern devices or techniques obtained under the Act -documents, papers, pamphlets, booklets” for surveillance. The government can also intercept “emails, SMS, internet protocol detail record, call detail record and any form of computer based or cell phone based communication. It also includes any means of communication using wired/wireless/internet protocol-based media/gadgetry.”

quate for Benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place,” the 39page unclassified version of the report concludes. Despite all the criticism, the board found no U.S. government employee had engaged in misconduct or ignored responsibilities, and it did not recommend any individual be disciplined. Eric Boswell, assistant secretary of diplomatic security, and Charlene Lamb, deputy assistant secretary of state for international programs, submitted their resignations, a senior official said. A third official in the Near East Affairs bureau also resigned, the official said. Boswell and Lamb oversaw security for the Benghazi mission. Lamb testified before Congress about the security precautions. Documents show

Lamb denied repeated requests for additional security in Libya. Sen. John Kerry, who is considered the top prospect for the secretary of state job being vacated by Hillary Clinton, said the State Department “has taken a huge step forward to address the lessons learned from Benghazi.” “It’s a dangerous world we’re in and I think that this report is going to significantly advance the security interests of those personnel and of our country,” Kerry told reporters Wednesday. Veteran diplomat Thomas Pickering and former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, both members of the review board, visited Capitol Hill Wednesday to brief members of the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations committees in private.

India rape victim still critical, writes to mother ‘I want to live’

Indian police ask women to carry red chili powder for protection



Hear no evil, speak no evil! Continued FRom page 01

State Department resignations follow Benghazi report


India’s main opposition, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), scored a political hat-trick by winning Gujarat state assembly elections by a huge margin under the leadership of controversial Hindu nationalist Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The BJP got the mandate to rule Gujarat for another five years, bagging 116 seats in the 182-member state assembly, while the state’s main opposition Congress party won only 60 seats. After his emphatic win, the BJP chief minister tweeted, “no need of looking behind... We want infinite energy, infinite courage, infinite patience...” Modi, in power since 2001, has been tipped as a potential future prime minister. Under his leadership, Gujarat has developed highly and progressed into one of India’s economic powerhouses. However, he is often been described by his critics as a divisive figure and blamed for doing little during the 2002 communal riots in the state, in which over 1,000 people, mostly minority Muslims, were killed. Modi, who was at the helm at the time, denies all allegations.

HREE State Department officials, including two who oversaw security decisions at the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, resigned in the wake of a review of security failures there, senior State Department officials told CNN Wednesday. The independent review of the September 11 attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi released Tuesday cites “systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies” at the State Department. The attacks killed four Americans, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. The failures resulted in a security plan “that was inade-


The 23-year-old girl gangraped on a bus in south Delhi was brutalised so badly that she had only 5% of her intestine left inside her when she was brought to hospital on Sunday night. On Wednesday, doctors at the Safdarjung Hospital removed the remaining 15 inches of intestine in a bid to stop the spread of a life-threatening infection that had begun to develop in her many injuries. The girl is in a critical condition and faces the prospect of never being able to eat a meal in her life if she survives. But doctors said she was fighting on, and her brother told HT that she had written, “Mother, I want to live,” on a piece of paper. As outrage continued to build across the nation, he added: “We want the culprits to be hanged as early as possible.” A doctor in the hospital said that it appeared that the girl had been violated with a

metal rod. “It appears to be that a rod was inserted into her and it was pulled out with so much force that the act brought out her intestines along. That is probably the only thing that explains such severe damage to her intestines,” he said. According to sources, one of the accused persons who were brought to the hospital for a medical examination on Tuesday confessed to having seen a rope-like object — likely her intestines — being pulled out of the girl by the other assailants on the bus. The sources said that the girl had bite marks on her body. According to doctors, the girl withstood the surgery well and her vital parameters such as blood pressure, urine output, pulse rate and respiration are within the acceptable range of normalcy. Dr Athani said that the girl’s abdomen, which had been open until today, had been cleaned and closed, with a tube inserted in her stomach to drain fluids.


Seeing a rise in abuse against women in India, a police commissioner of Thane, Maharashtra, has advised women to carry red chili powder with them at all times. “Women should keep with them a packet of chili powder and make use of it if attacked by anti-social elements,” NDTV quoted him as saying. Earlier this week in New Delhi, a young girl was gang-raped by five men in a moving bus, while her male friend was beaten to an inch of his life. “The women have had enough. It’s time for them to act now. The women should learn self-defence and in case anyone is seen misbehaving, be it a known or an unknown person, they should inform elders about it,” he added.

Punjab Opp demands nominations for provinces commission LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Mahmood set to replace Khosa in Punjab Continued FRom page 01

The meeting was attended by PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, his son Ali Musa Gilani and Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood. Mahmood, who was elected to the Punjab Assembly from Rahim Yar Khan’s PP292 constituency and is closely related to PML-F chief Pir Pagara, Yousaf Raza Gilani and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf senior leader Jehangir Khan Tareen, is expected to take oath as the new Punjab governor on Saturday (tomorrow). Talking to a private TV channel, Mahmood said the decision would consolidate PPP’s position in South Punjab. However, a spokesman of the Punjab Governor’s House has refuted the reports, saying no such decision had been intimated to Governor Khosa and he will be meeting with President Zardari on Saturday. Mahmood was previously

friday, 21 December, 2012

district nazim of Rahim Yar Khan and is a distinguished businessman with interests in agriculture and dairy farming. He also owns two sugar mills in Jamal Din Wali and Sadiqabad. His two sons are also politically active; Makhdoom Mustafa is a member of the National Assembly while Murtaza Mahmood is a member of the Punjab Assembly. PML-F Member of the Sindh Assembly Nusrat Sehr Abbasi told Pakistan Today that the PML-F Punjab chief had met the PPP leadership in his personal capacity and the party had nothing to do with this meeting. “The PML-F leadership will decide his fate in the party in the next couple of days,” said Abbasi, who was on Thursday nominated leader of the newly formed opposition alliance in the Sindh Assembly. Latif Khosa was appointed governor of the Punjab after the assassination of Salmaan Taseer.

Opposition members in the Punjab Assembly on Thursday urged the speaker to nominate two members for the federal commission on the formation of new provinces in southern Punjab, but their demands were rejected. Speaking on a point of order, Sardar Ather Khan Gorchani of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) asked Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal to issue a notification stating which two members would represent the Punjab in the provinces’ commission. Gorchani said that the commission was continuing to hold meetings even without representation from the Punjab. He said that the speaker should select two MPAs for the commission. “It would be a great injustice to the people of south Punjab to be deprived of their rights due to PML-N’s stubbornness,” he said. He accused Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif of diverting development funds meant for south Punjab to Lahore.

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SC asked to restrain Shahbaz from exercising CM’s constitutional power ISLAMABAD OnLInE

The Supreme Court on Thursday was asked to restrain Shahbaz Sharif from exercising the chief minister’s constitutional power to dissolve the Provincial Assembly. The court was informed that the Punjab Assembly had already amended rules for the election of chief minister in preparation for the court’s decision on the appeal against the chief minister. Applicant Shahid Orakzai cautioned that the dissolution of the assembly would leave his appeal pending for more than four years, deem it ineffective and deprive him of his financial rights and costs on litigation.A full bench of the court requested the chief justice to constitute a larger bench to hear the appeal that challenged the chief minister’s dualmembership of the Punjab Assembly. In 2008, Shahbaz had been elected unopposed from two constituencies in Bhakkar and Rawalpindi.

Husband, wife found dead in house

ISLAMAbAD: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf inaugrates the yellow school bus project on Thursday.

Utility bills accumulated for 20 years for Auqaf mosques ISLAMABAD APP

The Auqaf Department of the Islamabad Capital Territory on Thursday linked payment of the outstanding amount of Rs 22.599 million on account of utility bills of 86 mosques with provision of requisite funds. The department had repeatedly asked the concerned ministry for release of funds so they could pay arrears accumulating in the last 20 years. An official said that Rs 11.539 million was outstanding for Sui gas bills while Rs 11.061 million was for electricity bills. The official said around Rs 5 million were allocated each year but they were not sufficient to clear outstanding bills. As soon as the required funds were provided by the government through a supplementary grant, the mosques’ outstanding utility bills would be paid and cleared.

Constables to be made more confident: IG ISLAMABAD APP

Low-ranking officials are the backbone of every force and the Islamabad Police would make efforts to strengthen its cops down to the constable level so they can perform duties in an effective manner for the protection of the lives and property of citizens. This was stated by Inspector General of Police Bani Amin while addressing the `Police Darbar’ at the Police Lines Headquarters. DIG (Headquarters) Sultan Azam Temuri, SP Dr Ghayas Gul, DSP Bakhtiar Ahmed Lillah and police officials from various wings were present at the occasion. The IGP said he had accorded priority to boost the confidence of lowers cadres, especially constables as they had to brave challenging circumstances and uphold law and order. “Their confidence will be boosted and they will be strengthened through even more facilities,” he added.


Education inculcates tolerance in society, says Pervez Ashraf ISLAMABAD



RIME Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Thursday said that education was a powerful vehicle for inculcating values of tolerance, moderation and coexistence among the younger generations. Addressing the launch ceremony of O and A level classes at a school the prime minister said there was a dire need of optimists who had the courage to turn challenges into opportunities, hindrances into chances and words into action. They should be prepared to take on challenges through quality, modern and proper education, he added. He said educational institutions had to come up to the expectations of the nation and inculcate these values in them. He urged these institutions to fulfil the need to foster a culture of research, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Ashraf said the youth could be an asset to put the country on the path of progress and prosperity, and his presence at the event was a reflection of the government’s commitment to education. He appreciated the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development and Federal Directorate of Education for introducing O and A level classes and yellow buses for schools. He complimented the ministry for encouraging educational institutions

of Islamabad to move towards modern education. He hoped that professors and teachers would go the extra mile to impart quality education to students. Ashraf said that spending on health and education would lead nation on a path to progress and achieve socio-economic development. He said knowledge had come to be identified as a factor of production and an engine of socio-economic development. “We are lucky that our country is blessed with immense natural and human resources and in order to leverage these advantages, we need to promote education,” he added. Ashraf said that investment in human resource development was not a privilege but an imperative to achieve a respectable place in the comity of nations. He said, “We need to determine the nature and substance of education and develop it.” He called for the prioritisation of educational needs and emphasised the need to depart from traditional and general education and focus on science, engineering and technology. “Our educational policies need to be aligned with demands of the market and industry and we need professionals duly equipped with modern education in their respective fields to cater to emerging challenges,” he added. He recommended a liaison between markets and educational institutions to produce requisite a

work-force to meets the demands of the industry. The prime minister said that education should be complemented with training and character building as they should go hand in hand. He said under the 18th amendment, the government had devolved education to federating units thereby empowering them to provide education. The federal government would only help them in terms of policy guidelines, he added. The prime minister said he had great expectations from students and the country had faith in their capabilities. Highlighting the importance of parents and school management in the education system, the prime minister said that students must be allowed to take independent decisions regarding their education and careers, he advised parents to let their children listen to their inner voice and pursue their dreams and refrain from imposing decisions on them. He urged teachers to improve the educational standard of government sponsored schools. Appreciating the Yellow School Bus scheme, he said it was a great step toward resolving transport problems of school children. He said these busses would be part and parcel of the school system. He said the government would provide sufficient funds to meet all education and health needs so students could continue their education.


A young couple was found dead with their throats slit in their house on Thursday at Sarai Kharbooza in the jurisdiction of the Tarnol Police Station, a police source said. According to details, 19-year old Nazim Rasheed had married Ambreen on December 4, 2010, and they had been residing in the area for one week. Nazim Rasheed had been a car mechanic and had been working at a shop owned by his landlord. On Thursday, their neighbors informed police about their death. The police shifted the bodies to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital. According to the initial medical report, there had been slit marks on their throats and it appeared that they had been slashed with a sharp-edged weapon. They had a one year old girl who was found alive in the house. The police informed the couple’s relatives and began an investigation.

Inauguration of high-quality solar panels today ISLAMABAD: The inaugural ceremony of the production of high quality solar panels from mono crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells will be held today (Friday) at the Pakistan Council of renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET). Science and Technology MInister Mir Chingez Khan Jamali will be the chief guest at the ceremony. The PCRET was established by merging the National Institute of Silicon Technology (NIST) and the Pakistan Council for Appropriate Technologies (PCAT) on May 8, 2001. It is the prime for coordinating R and D and promoting activities in different renewable energy technologies. It has close interaction and working relationship with NGOs and Provincial Agriculture and Social Welfares departments and other organisation working for the socioeconomic development of rural and semi urban areas of the country. APP

friday, 21 December, 2012

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06 Islamabad Toru gets Best Feature Writer award ISLAMABAD: Ihtishamul Haq Toru, a senior journalist from Peshawar, received an award for Best Feature Writer on Disaster and Natural Calamity from the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Ihtisham who is associated with the Daily Jang was given the award for writing the best feature article on the 2010 floods. Journalists associated with print and electronic media from all over the country had submitted entries in the contest and the NDMA had recently announced the results of the competition and appreciated Ihtisham’s hard work. PRESS RELEASE

ISLAMAbAD: workers of PTI stage a demonstration against tax evaders at D-Chowk on Thursday. ONLINE

PM lauds parliamentarians for their role in legislation ISLAMABAD APP

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Thursday said the present Parliament had carried out historic legislation and the contribution of its members would be written in golden words.’ He was addressing a meeting of a joint parliamentary group comprising members of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and its allies at the Parliament House. Ashraf lauded the parliamentarians for maintaining a harmonious relationship which had laid the foundation for ensuring the completion of the parliament’s tenure. The achievement has been possible due to the wisdom of President Asif Ali Zardari and the vision of Benazir Bhutto, he added. Commenting on the PPP’s relationship with its allies during the last four and a half years, the prime minister said the PPP had very good relations which had only strengthened with time. “We started as allies, turned friends and now are a family”, said Ashraf. He said that he valued the counsel of parliamentarians and hoped to continue to benefit from their guidance. He expressed confidence that the people would return the present coalition to power as they had carried out legislative work admirably. Ashraf said the development work carried out by this government was unprecedented and more than the work carried out by all past governments put together.

Policy research needed to solve energy crisis: seminar speakers ISLAMABAD



ROFESSOR Dr Khalid Rafique, a specialist in policy research, on Thursday said that lack of proper policy on research and management was the main cause of the energy crisis in Pakistan. At a seminar titled “Power Energy Crisis in Pakistan” organised by the IEEE chapter of the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NU-FAST), Dr Khalid said, “The power industry structure has major inefficiencies in the transmission and distribution sectors and the present generation mix of electricity which is heavily dependant on oil and gas.” Professor Dr Muhammad Saeed presided over the session. He emphasised the importance of the utilisation

of alternative energy resources like wind and solar energy, and a need for better policy options for a smarter power generation mix. He said that Pakistan’s per capita consumption of electricity at 47 watts/person was far below the world’s average consumption of 313 watts/person and this issue needed to be addressed at priority for a better future for the country. Dr Khalid said that policy research was a major of concern for the country and there was a dire need for encouraging an atmosphere of thought provoking discussions at the university level to help students understand real issues possible solutions for specific sectors. “Discussion of diversified fields will also encourage an atmosphere of exploration and research among students and pave the way for new inventions”, he added.

NUML students shine in debating moot ISLAMABAD APP

Students of the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) won the regional second round of the 15th All Pakistan Inter-University Debate Contest at the International Islamic University. Students who had won interdepartmental debates in their universities and colleges participated in the All Pakistan Inter-University Debate Contest. Around 60 participants from 15 universities in Rawalpindi and Islamabad including Islamic International University Islamabad, Quaid-i-Azam University, Arid Agricultural University Rawalpindi, COMSATS Islamabad, Fatima Jinnah Women University and several other universities participated in the English and Urdu debates. Contest rules required the speeches to be completely memorised, no notes were allowed, it had to be between two to three minutes in length, provocative or abusive language was not allowed and judges could disqualify any candidate. Mirza Atta-ur-Rauf from the NUML English Graduate Studies Department secured first position and was awarded Rs 7,500, while Ahmed Nawaz from the NUML Mass Communication Department secured second position and was awarded Rs 5,000 in the English Debate category. The NUML was declared the “Champion University” of the region. Both position holders will represent Islamabad at the national level debate contest in the

friday, 21 December, 2012

final round of the 15th All Pakistan Inter-University Debate Contest for the ‘Allama Iqbal Shield 2012’. NUML Director Students Affairs Muhammad Taj and Assistant Prof Habib-ur-Rehman, along with the competition winners and participants, presented the winning shield to the NUML Rec-

tor Maj Gen (r) Masood Hasan Hassan congratulated the students on their brilliant performance and said, “Participation in such healthy co-curricular activities is of a great benefit as they provide students with ample opportunities to excel in academic as well social life.”

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Islamabad 07


14 °C High 04°C Low

Partly Cloudy




14°C I 04°C

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PrAyer TIMInGS fajr 5:38

Sunrise 7:06

zuhr 12:05

Asr 2:45

Maghrib 5:03

Isha 6:32

CITy DIreCTory eMerGenCy HeLP PoLICe eMerGenCy AMBuLAnCe reSCue HILAL-e-AHMer eDHI founDATIon BoMB DISPoSAL fIre BrIGADe CenTre CIVIL DefenCe

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RAWALPINDI: A woman looking through stuff at a stall set up for Christmas.

80 percent of NAVTTC employees working on deputation: chairman ISLAMABAD



S many as 80 percent employees of the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) are on deputation from other departments. NAVTTC Chairman Muhammad Mumtaz Akhtar Kahloon on Thursday said the number of deputation employees had increased the specified quota and a letter in this regard had been sent to Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. The chairman said this was a violation of rules and he had been working for the NAVTTC without a salary. Kahloon said the NAVTTC had not

CITy STATIon (enquIry) reSerVATIon rAILwAy PoLICe

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AIrPorT fLIGHT enquIry PIA reSerVATIon

114 111-786-786

sent a summary of employees to the regularisation committee however the employees would be regularised based on their performance. The NAVTTC is a federal training department which provides training, boarding and stipends to the youth. Kahloon said the NAVTTC had given priority to the training of youth from Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Sindh, KP, South Punjab and North Punjab. He said the NAVTTC spent Rs 300 million on training every year, and so far 150,000 youth had been trained in different fields. He said around 150 international syllabi had been selected for training in different fields to compete in the international market. European Union, German Development Co-

operation (GIZ) and other international donors had provided 42 million Euros in funds for training, he said. The chairman said around 100 master trainers provided training in collaboration with the GIZ and other international organisations and a degree from the NAVTTC would be recognised at an international level. The NAVTTC facilitates, regulates and provides policy direction for skill development in the country, he said. Under the NAVTTC Act 2011, the NAVTTC is responsible for setting-up national occupational skill standards, development of curriculum, national qualification framework, labour market information analysis and public private partnership.

RAC pays tribute to working women ISLAMABAD




A seminar was organised at the Rawalpindi Arts Council in connection with the National Working Women’s Day, to pay tribute to working women in the country. The seminar was organised on the directives of Rawalpindi Division Commissioner Imdad Ullah Bosal, and was attended by a large number of women from every walk of life. Addressing the occasion, Senator Najma

Hameed said that women played their roles with full devotion for running households and the country. She hoped the rights of Pakistani women would be recognised soon. Bosal said that present circumstances for women were different from the past as the women today were aware and the seminar was the first step to empower them. Member National Assembly Tahira Aurangzeb said, “Our society cannot seize the rights of women when Islam has granted complete rights to them.”


Member National Assembly Nighat Parveen said that women were as powerful as men in every field. Member National Assembly Nisar Tanvir said the government acknowledged the role of women in the country. Women had also played a wonderful role in the Pakistan Movement, she added. Assistant Commissioner General Beenish said the idea to keep women at home was slowly changing in the society and people were paying more attention to the education of females.


Drumming CirCle

CoLLeGeS / unIVerSITIeS InTernATIonAL ISLAMIC unIVerSITy 9260765 BAHrIA unIVerSITy 9260002 nuML 9257677 quAID-e-AzAM unIVerSITy 90642098 ArID AGrICuLTure unIVerSITy 9290151 fJwu 9273235 rIPHA InTernATIonAL unIVerSITy 111510510 nCA rAwALPInDI 5770423 PunJAB LAw CoLLeGe 4421347

DATe: oCT 22 - DeC 31 Venue: KuCH KHAAS: ArTS & CuLTure

DATe: oCT 22 - DeC 31 Venue: KuCH KHAAS: ArTS & CuLTure

This yoga course will creatively and mindfully incorporate physical poses with the rhythm of the breath. The course will teach you the fundamentals of yoga, such as good alignment, body mechanics, and breathwork.

Instructor: Shahid waheed Timings : 4pm - 6:00pm Days : Monday, Tuesday & wednesday.

DATe AnD TIMe: 05:00 PM, weeKLy eVenT VEnUE: THe CenTre for ArTS & CuLTure our drumming circle is a (free!) ongoing event and is held every friday from 5pm to 6pm. we are having a great time, and want to share the good time with you! our drumming circle has children ...

friday, 21 December, 2012

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08 News

UN sees no hope for end to Syria violence UNITED NATIONS



N Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday said that there is no prospect of an end to the 21-month conflict in Syria. Ban told a year-end news conference on Wednesday that the only way to stop the violence was a political settlement, urging the deeply divided UN Security Council to unite and “give a very strong political direction” to the opposing sides. “Syria began the year in conflict, and ends the year in war,” Ban said. “Day by

day, the death toll has climbed. Month by month, the regional spillover has grown.” On his part, UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said in a report to the 15-nation Security Council that “if nothing is done to change the current dynamic, and to move toward a political solution, the destruction of Syria will be the likely outcome”. Feltham’s comments came days after Farouq al-Sharaa, Syria’s vice-president, conceded that neither side can win in the conflict. Sharaa is the most prominent figure to say in public that Assad will not be able to win the conflict. Speaking to the Lebanese al-Akhbar

newspaper, the vice-president said that he “realise[d] that change is inevitable”, but that neither side was in a position to, on its own, say that it was representative of the Syrian people. UN diplomats and officials, however, say privately that it may be too late for a negotiated solution in a conflict that looks increasingly deadlocked. The UN concerns come as Syrian rebels claim to have captured at least six towns in the central province of Hama. Qassem Saadeddine, a member of the rebel military command, said most of the rural western part of Hama province was under the control of the rebels.

“The battle is ongoing. We have freed many areas (of Hama) and we are studying plans to liberate more,” Saadeddine told Reuters by Skype from inside Syria. “Three-quarters of western rural Hama is under our control.” He said the towns taken by rebels included Latamneh, Helfaya, Kfar Naboudah, Hasraya, Tibat al-Imn and Kfar Zita, and that fighting had also broken out in the city of Hama itself. The Syrian Observatory for Human rights, an opposition-linked group which monitors violence across the country, said several of the Hama towns overrun by rebels came under bombardment on Wednesday. In Damascus,

rebels who seized control of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp on Monday declared the neighbourhood a “liberated area” on Wednesday and handed it over to Palestinian control. The Syrian opposition’s recent success is one of a few significant military and diplomatic gains in recent weeks. They have captured several army installations across Syria and secured formal recognition from Western and Arab states for its new coalition. The capture of large parts of Hama province could now give the rebels effective control of a stretch of territory from the northern Turkish border 180 km to the north.

MANILA: Filipino women gesture during the ‘One Billion Rising Philippines’ campaign to stop violence against women. AgENCIEs

Putin says Assad’s fate not main concern MOScOW AGEnCIES

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said that the country’s main concern in Syria is the fate of the nation and not that of President Bashar al-Assad. Speaking at his annual press briefing in Moscow on Thursday, Putin said he wanted to ensure that any solution to the conflict in Syria must prevent the opposition and government forces just swapping roles and continuing to fight indefinitely. “We are not concerned about the fate of Assad’s regime. We understand what is going on there,” Putin said. “We are worried about a different thing - what next? We simply don’t want the current opposition, having become the authorities, to start fighting the people who are the current authorities and become the opposition and (we don’t want) this to go on forever.” In his speech, Putin denied propping up Assad and stressed that Moscow was only seeking to avert a perpetual civil war. “What is our position? Not to leave Assad’s regime in power at any price, but to first (let the Syrians) agree among themselves how they should live next,” Putin said. “Only then should we start looking at ways to change the existing order.” Putin argued that Russia’s call for dialogue was meant to avert “an endless civil war” between the armed rebels and government forces who still control most of the capital Damascus. “We want to avoid (Syrian) disintegration,” Putin said. Putin’s comments came less than a week after Russia’s chief Middle East envoy said it appeared that Assad would not be able to fend off the rebels much longer. The foreign ministry later denied an official shift in Russia’s position toward Assad and noted that Moscow still recognised the Assad regime.

S Korea’s Park vows more diplomacy with North SEOUL AGEnCIES

South Korea’s President-elect Park Geun-hye on Thursday said that North Korea’s launch of a longrange rocket last week is a major security concern that underlines the urgency for more diplomacy with its communist neighbour. “North Korea’s long-range missile launch showed how grave the security reality is that we are faced with,” Park said at a press conference on Thursday, a day after she won a historic election, which made her the country’s first female leader. “I will definitely keep my promise to open a new era of the Korean peninsula through strong security and diplomacy on the basis of mutual trust,” the 60-year old conservative leader said. During the campaign, both Park and her main challenger Moon Jae-in offered competing commitment to improve ties with Pyongyang and its new leader Kim Jong-un.

France acknowledges Algerian colonial suffering ALGIERS AGEnCIES

Falling short of an apology, President Francois Hollande on Wednesday acknowledged that France’s colonisation of Algeria was “brutal and unfair”. “For 132 years, Algeria was subjected to a brutal and unfair system: colonisation. I acknowledge the suffering it caused,” Hollande told the Algerian parliament on Thursday on the second and final day of a landmark visit to the North African country. “We respect the act of memory, of all the memories. There is a duty of truth on the violence, the injustices, the massacres and the torture,” he said of the 1954-1962 Algerian war which ended in Algerian independence and France’s withdrawal. Referring to specific atrocities, Hollande cited the massacres at Guelma, Kherrata and Setif where nationalist unrest that broke out at the end of World War II was brutally suppressed by French forces, leaving thousands dead. “On May 8, 1945, when the world triumphed over brutality, France forgot its universal values,” Hollande said. The truth “must also be spoken about the circumstances in which Algeria was delivered from the

colonial system, in this war whose name was not mentioned in France for a long time, the Algerian war” of independence, he added. “Establishing the truth is an obligation that ties Algerians and French. That’s why it is necessary that historians have access to the archives.” The French president said after arriving in Algeria on Wednesday that he had not come to say sorry for the crimes committed during the colonial period. But he stressed the importance of recognising what happened as a way of beginning a new era in relations between the two countries, bound together by human, economic and cultural ties. More than half a million Algerians live in France, and hundreds of thousands of others hold French nationality, but many are also frustrated at not being able to obtain visas and seek a better life in Europe. Hollande promised on Thursday to “better accommodate” Algerians seeking to move to France and to streamline the visa process, saying that doing so was of “mutual interest”. It is necessary to “manage the flow of migrants” but the demand for visas “must not become an obstacle course, or worse still, a humiliation,” he told the Algerian parliament.

Yemen’s president shakes up the army SANA’A AGEnCIES

Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi on Thursday announced the restructuring of the army and defence ministry, in a bid to remove allies of former head of state Ali Abdullah Saleh, the country’s state television reported. Hadi took a series of drastic decisions on Wednesday, including one scrapping the elite Republican Guard which was under

friday, 21 December, 2012

the command of Saleh’s oldest son Ahmed, the broadcaster said. It was not yet clear whether Ahmed would remain in the defence ministry. Mohsen Khosrouf, a retired army brigadier, said Wednesday’s moves were “the most important decisions” taken by Hadi and warned, “no one can resist these decisions because they are backed by international resolutions, and any challenge will be a challenge to international community.” Incumbent Hadi

took over the reins of power in Yemen more than a year ago, after Saleh stepped down as part of a power transition agreement brokered by the US and neighbouring Gulf countries, following a year-long uprising against his rule. Restructuring the army was a top demand by Yemenis after Saleh’s ouster in February, but Saleh is still in Yemen and many blame him for behind the scenes maneuvering to stall the new leadership’s reform efforts.

The moves on Wednesday come after thousands of Yemenis marched across the country on Friday, demanding more rapid reforms and the removal of Saleh’s aides from key government and military positions. On Monday, a committee of National Dialogue by representatives from different political forces and NGOs said that the president should unify ranks of the army in order to proceed with national reconciliation.

Israeli attacks on media in Gaza criticized Tel Aviv AGEnCIES

Israel violated international laws by targeting media in Gaza during the November 2012 conflict, US-based non-governmental organisation Human Rights Watch on Thursday said. During the eight day conflict, the Israeli army targeted media personnel and offices of al Aqsa TV, al Quds Educational Radio, Quds TV, and Alwan Radio. The four attacks on journalists and media facilities by Israel in Gaza “was unlawful as it violated the laws of war by targeting civilians and civilian objects that were making no apparent contribution to Palestinian military operations,” the rights organisation said in a statement on Thursday. The attacks left two Palestinian cameramen killed, ten other media workers wounded and four media offices destroyed, including one in a building housing international media. The Israeli government has consistently defended the attacks by stating that the attacks were on legitimate military targets. However, Sarah Leah Whitson, the Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, said in the statement on Thursday that “journalists who praise Hamas and TV stations that applaud attacks on Israel may be propagandists, but that does not make them legitimate targets under the laws of war.” International humanitarian laws classify journalists and media workers as civilians who should be immune from attack unless directly participating in hostilities. If found guilty of breaking international law, Israel could be prosecuted for war crimes. The statement mentioned that both sides were involved in unlawful attacks on civilians.

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News 09 SC suspends acting PeMrA chairman ISLAMABAD OnLInE

The Supreme Court on Thursday suspended the acting chairman of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA) Dr Abdul Jabbar and stopped him from working as the acting chairman. A two-member SC bench of Justice Jawad S Khwaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain heard the case in a petition requesting the formation of a media commission. Justice Khwaja stated that a new chairman for PEMRA had not been appointed for a year-and-a-half. “Though the acting chairman PEMRA had been appointed to monitor the authority while a new chairman was being sought, Dr Abdul Jabbar had issued orders upon orders in his capacity of acting chairman,” he stated. Justice Khawaja said Jabbar would not continue working as the acting chairman and it was essential to have a permanent chairman for PEMRA. The SC then adjourned proceedings indefinitely.

26/11 case: Indian legal experts’ team arrives ISLAMABAD OnLInE

SIALKOT: A large number of vehicles seen waiting for CnG at a filling station on Thursday. ONLINE

Centre, Balochistan govts have failed: SC ISLAMABAD OnLInE

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the federal and provincial governments had failed in providing security to the people of Balochistan. A three-member SC bench of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed heard the proceedings of the case on a petition by the Balochistan High Court Bar Association over the breakdown of law and order and human rights violations in Balochistan. During the hearing, the chief justice said the Balochistan government had lost its constitutional authority to rule over the province. He stated that Habibullah Mujahid was recovered after paying ransom. “If the government had recovered him, the apex court would have given credit to the Balochistan government,” he said. Counsel for the Balochistan government, Shahid Hamid, told SC an abducted man, Qasim, was recovered when he was being transferred to another place, adding that Levies personnel had arrested the culprits in Mastung. The chief justice asked whether the culprits involved in abduction of Dr Saeed had been arrested. Hamid said it had been investigated so far that culprits involved in kidnapping Dr Saeed belonged to Quetta city. The CJ remarked that the SC was interested in the recovery of missing persons. “The Balochistan chief secretary has been maltreated by the Balochistan government because he supported and implemented the court’s orders,” Justice Chaudhry remarked, adding that they would protect the chief secretary. He said everyone knew who killed Shias in Balochistan and it was not a difficult task to control sectarian killings, just like they had been controlled in other areas of the country. “It is a constitutional responsibility of the government to protect life and property of citizens,” the chief justice stated. During the hearing, the Balochistan home secretary submitted a report regarding the law and order in the province, but the court declared the report unsatisfactory and the chief justice said no one had been arrested over killings of hundreds of innocent people and nothing had been done to control and improve the law and order in province. He said ministers rushed towards police station in order to get culprits released from police custody and if a federal minister could go to jail, why could provincial ministers not. The court said people were recovered after paying ransom and the law and order in Balochistan was evident from reports submitted by the federal and provincial governments. The SC ordered the counsel for the Balochistan government to submit another report on the next hearing and inform SC how was the province being ruled. An earlier interim order by the apex court on October 12 was reproduced that had ruled that the Balochistan government had lost its constitutional authority to govern the province because of violation of fundamental rights and a failure to establish the writ of law. The court later adjourned the hearing until January 14.

IP gas pipeline project at all costs: Khar g

foreign minister says terrorism threatens regional peace, economic stability ISLAMABAD



OREIGN Minister Hina Rabbani Khar on Thursday said the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project would be implemented at all costs. Talking to reporters‚ she said President Asif Ali Zardari will visit Tehran shortly. To a question‚ she said there were differences with the United States on the issue of drone attacks. The foreign minister said Pakistan strictly stood by its principle and position on the Kashmir issue. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim bin Salih Al-Ghadeer, called on Khar to extend an invitation from Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Saud AlFaisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, to visit Saudi Arabia at her earliest convenience. Khar said she would be very

pleased to visit Saudi Arabia, as Pakistan attached immense importance to its special relations with the country. She asked the ambassador to convey her best wishes to the Saudi foreign minister, adding that she was eagerly looking forward to her meeting with the his royal highness. The ambassador thanked the foreign minister for accepting the invitation, and noted that her visit would further enhance the exemplary relations between the two brotherly countries. Bilateral issues and regional matters of mutual interest were also discussed during the meeting. Separately, talking to a private TV channel, Khar said terrorism, militancy and incidents of violence in Pak-

istan and Afghanistan were a great threat for regional peace. She said Pakistan wanted the United States to have responsible exit from Afghanistan to keep regional peace and stability. The foreign minister said Pakistan’s role was to assist the Afghan government in achieving its objectives and responsible transition and exit of the US was possible through reconciliation. Khar said the two sides wanted that all elements which used violence to prove their strength, utilise political means to achieve their goals. She said national reconciliation between the Taliban and the Afghan government will be necessary for a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. To a question, she said peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan authorities in future should be held in Kabul and not on foreign soil. She said intra-Afghan dialogue woudl be needed to maintain peace in Afghanistan. Khar said Pakistan saw it role as a facilitator which helped the Afghans to maintain their sovereignty and take decisions according to their own needs. She said the international community had a consensus that peace and stability should be maintained in Afghanistan.

A four-member team of Indian legal experts has arrived in Pakistan to finalise the terms of reference of a judicial commission that is expected to visit India next year to gather evidence on the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The delegation, led by a joint secretary of the Home Ministry, includes legal experts from the Indian Home and External Affairs ministries. Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam – who handled the prosecution of Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist involved in the Mumbai incident – is also part of the team. The team will hold talks with Attorney General Irfan Qadir and other Pakistani officials to finalise the terms of reference for the second judicial commission that will go to India to investigate the Mumbai attacks. Pakistani authorities decided to send another panel to Mumbai as the findings of the first judicial commission were rejected by an antiterrorism court, as its members were not allowed to cross-examine four key witnesses – the police officer who led the probe into the attacks, the magistrate who recorded Kasab’s confessional statement and two doctors who conducted autopsies of nine terrorists killed during the attacks.

SC to issue judgement in IHC judges’ case today ISLAMABAD OnLInE

The Supreme Court will today (Friday) issue its judgement on the reference filed by President Asif Ali Zardari seeking court’s advice on resolving a controversy over the appointment of the Islamabad High Court judges and a petition filed by Advocate Nadeem Ahmad. A five-member special bench of the SC, headed by Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, had concluded proceedings in the case on December 14 and had reserved its verdict. The presidential reference, which included 13 questions for the court, was filed in the Islamabad High Court after the president had withheld notifications on the appointments of IHC judges, as recommended by a judicial commission meeting, on the grounds that Justice Anwar Khan Kasi was not as senior as the justice he was replacing on the judicial commission.

Pakistan, US ties have weathered another storm: Sherry WASHINGTON InP

In the wake of improved relation with the US, Pakistan’s Ambassador Sherry Rehman has said both countries have “ramped up” their cooperation in the past few months which indicate that bilateral ties have “clearly weathered” another storm. “The Pak-US relationship has clearly weathered another storm. In the past six to eight weeks both the governments have ramped up their cooperation as well conversations.” “Five working groups that have recently concluded intensive engagement in either Washington or Islamabad include defence, economic cooperation,

energy security, counter-terrorism, law and order, and strategic security,” Sherry said. “High-level meetings in Brussels have been productive,” she said referring to the meeting between US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar. “Trilateral meetings on Afghanistan continue,” Sherry said. The Pakistan ambassador was responding to questions on the improvement in ties between the US and Pakistan. In the last six months, the US has reimbursed more than $1.8 billion in the coalition support funds, with the last installment of $688 million being notified to the Congress by the Pentagon early this month.

friday, 21 December, 2012

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami

MQM blinks, finally After a well-rehearsed, but failed, strategy

n his confrontation with the Supreme Court, Altaf Husain has finally beaten a retreat. Reversing his previous belligerent stance, on Tuesday he directed the party’s coordination committees in London and Karachi, and leaders of zones, sectors, units and different wings to cancel all scheduled demonstrations against the SC’s decision to call him on contempt charges. He asked them to show patience and refrain from using inappropriate language against the judiciary. He appealed to MQM workers not to go to the Supreme Court on 7th January, which was in fact a decision of the party, and urged them to respect the sanctity of the court. He insisted that only legal and constitutional experts from the party should attend the court. “I do not want the sanctity of the court to be violated and I do not want to pursue the path of confrontation,” said the MQM chief. This was a big come down from the earlier confrontational posture of the MQM after Altaf Hussain’s telephonic address to party workers on December 2. The address contained highly derogatory remarks about the SC judges and also carried veiled threats of lawlessness in Karachi if action was not taken against the justices who had ordered the delimitation of constituencies. “To improve the law and order, it is important that such judges are expelled or the Chief Justice should take suo motu action… If the chief justice doesn’t take action then the case will go into the peoples’ court,” Altaf Hussain had thundered. He warned the judges to apologise for their remarks against the MQM or their “names will be wiped out”. The MQM’s anger mounted as the CJ did not pay heed to the party chief’s demands and the SC bench dealing with the issue ordered the Election Commission to move apace vis a vis the delimitation of constituencies. The diatribe led the SC to issue con-

tempt notice on December 14 directing Altaf Hussain to appear in the court on January 7. In his order, the CJ said that he had read the text of the speech and found it to be offensive and threatening. The language used in the speech was tantamount to an attempt to obstruct justice. The notice led immediately to the well-rehearsed activity in Karachi with “unknown young men” indulging in aerial firing and burning of vehicles. The exercise is considered necessary to ensure that the city closes down the next day. This naturally led the shopkeepers and traders to close their businesses. Food outlets, banks and petrol pumps were also forcibly closed. A similar exercise was repeated in Mirpurkhas, Tando Allahyar, Nawabshah and Kotri where there were shut downs for fear of mob attacks. The MQM initially denied having called for “protests” and maintained that these were a spontaneous reaction of the population which had great respect for Altaf Husain. The fig leaf was however soon removed. A couple of days later, the MQM started holding rallies against the SC order. One was led on Sunday personally by Farooq Sattar outside Karachi Press Club where he took the hype a step further. He declared among slogans against the SC, “The people today have given their mandate against this case against Altaf Hussain. And if speaking up for the rights of the people is a contempt of court then we will commit it again.” He further declared that all MQM leaders and the people of Karachi would appear before the apex court on January 7 at the time of the hearing of contempt notice. Subsequently, more rallies were taken out. In places the CJ’s effigies were burnt. Altaf Husain now openly supported the protests. In a statement from London, he said he valued public sentiments over the SC decision. He maintained that it was a legal and constitutional right of the people to hold peaceful protests. A day later, the MQM leader sent an emotional message to the party workers and sympathisers indicating that he might quit politics if they so advised. “I will submit your opinion to the coordination committee and decide about my future in its light.” This was meant to be an indirect call for more protests in his support and against the SC. The same day Farooq Sattar ruled out Altaf’s appearance before the apex court. While Altaf Hussain said he was afraid of none, the same day Farooq Sattar declared that his leader would not come to the country because there were threats to

primary level. The government in Punjab has taken no step towards the introduction of a uniform syllabus for the children. As a matter of fact, the syllabus introduced in Danish Schools is different from the other public schools. Pakistan bears the burden of one of the most illiterate countries of Asia. The majority of youth in Pakistan do not have the opportunity to experience a good childhood. The education at all levels is getting costly with each passing year while the government is ignoring the needs of public education sector in the country. The education sector in Pakistan, especially in Punjab, has emerged to be a very trendy business with very lucrative aspects. The competition in the market is getting stiffer with every passing day and the costs are reaching records heights due to this soaring competition among the investors with the best produce of educated youngsters in the market. The only difference being the inability of these youngsters to find suitable environment to utilise their skills. Thus, thousands of trained doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals have left the country for good and have settled down in Europe, America or other developed countries due to better employment opportunities and sound environment for progress and prosperity. The current education budget of Pakistan states an amount of Rs 4670 million

being proposed for Pre-Primary and Primary Education Affairs Service while an amount of Rs 5,699 million being earmarked for Secondary Education Affairs and Services. Similarly Rs 35,675 million has been allocated for Tertiary Education Affairs and Services, Rs 53 million for Social Welfare and Special Education Division and an amount of Rs 135 million has been allocated for Subsidiary Services to Education. In addition to this, an amount of Rs 963 million has been fixed for administration and Rs 679 million has been earmarked for Education Services. The aforementioned plan clearly lays out the spending on education sector with one major issue of curiously unsolved myth of moving forward in the years to come. The question herein comes with multifold problems. The federal and provincial governments try to avoid answering the needs of the public due to inherent internal and external threats. Thus, the demolishing of hundreds of schools in Swat or tribal areas or the presence of ghost schools is taken as a routine matter by the concerned corners of the government. The issue of conflict of interest is also relevant in such circumstances. Private education system has invested a lot to be taken seriously by the people of this country and without doubt, private education industry, with its growing infrastructure and a high target market, is one of the biggest in the country now. Thousands of private schools

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Land grants Remnants of the colonial era


any would readily agree that generals should not receive land grants and residential plots. Similarly, the judges and bureaucrats should not enjoy similar privileges. Other categories of government servants performing equally important and sometime equally hazardous jobs do not receive anything other than pensions after they retire. They are told that the dangers they face while performing their duties are trade hazards which they accepted while voluntarily joining the army. Why should a peculiar category be given extraordinary treatment? The grants are considered to be a remnant of the colonial era. Military commanders of more advanced countries who fought world wars and major conflicts spread over years were not given land grants. Neighbouring India too provides nothing other than pension to its generals. It is logical to question the continued prevalence of the practice in Pakistan? Land grants in the barrage areas of Sindh to generals and bureaucrats were, in fact, being criticised widely as early as in late 50’s, both inside the West Pakistan Assembly and outside. These gave rise to grievances that were to peak in later years. The land grants are, in fact, a reminder of the dominant position the military had acquired in society. Now that democracy is beginning to take roots, these are bound to be questioned. The grants to bureaucrats and judges have been frequently used in the past to reward docile government officials and members of judiciary willing to bend the laws and regulations at the bidding of the rulers. During the Musharraf era, the government approved a package for grade 22 officers which included a second plot. The grants were extended to judges in 2008. To keep both judiciary and bureaucracy really free and independent, the practice has to be stopped. Three cheers for the PAC to take a principled and courageous stand on the issue. The Committee directed the defence ministry on Wednesday to stop allotting agricultural lands to army generals and other military officials. It also directed the government to annul the policy of handing out two plots to grade 22 bureaucrats and to Supreme Court judges. The PAC chairman stated that the committee had no objection to the allotment of agricultural lands to widows, and martyrs’ families. Few would disagree with that. But is the PAC the right body to get the policy changed? Few would expect the defence ministry to carry out the directives posthaste. As things stand the Registrar of the SC failed to appear when called by the PAC. The best forum to stop the practice is either the cabinet or the National Assembly. The PAC would do well to approach the two.

By Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad


his life. He once again reiterated that the remarks by a SC judge against the MQM’s mandate in Karachi were discriminatory, illegal and unconstitutional. Instead of taking action against the judge who used such terms against the mandate of a democratic party, the CJ had issued the contempt of court notice against the MQM boss. Reiterating his party’s stance on delimitation of Karachi’s constituencies, Sattar said singling out Karachi would not be acceptable. “Door-to-door verification of voters should be carried out throughout the country,” criticising the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), he said voters’ verification and delimitation of constituencies was the commission’s task. “If Election Commission can’t take its own decisions…then it should be dissolved.” MQM had undertaken well-rehearsed exercises of the sort both against its opponents and allies in the past whenever it wanted its demands to be accepted. It invariably succeeded in arm-twisting. The perception was that similar tactics against the SC would produce the desired results. A day later, MQM was, however, singing a totally different tune. What forced the party to beat a retreat, the first ever in the last five years? One possible reason is the refusal by its coalition allies to support it against the SC. The PPP, which is keen to pass the rest of it tenure peacefully, is in no mood to take on the courts. It wouldn’t like its coalition partner to upset the apple cart. Earlier, nearly all political parties had called into question the accuracy of Karachi voters’ lists. Many also supported the delimitation of constituencies in Karachi. The MQM, thus, was totally isolated when Altaf Hussain launched the attack on the SC. The coalition allies are all seriously engaged in preparations for the elections. None would like any kind of social disturbance that could sabotage the elections. Many would in fact look at moves of the sort with deep suspicion. Similarly, the media is widely supportive of a peaceful transfer of power and does not favour any squabbling or act of brinkmanship that could scuttle it. While there can be two opinions about the apex court’s frequent use of its contempt powers, on one issue there is a widespread consensus in the country: nothing should be done by any political party that might delay the elections. The writer is a former academic and a political analyst.

First, the basics Our flawed primary education system

By Adeel Amjad


he current government in Pakistan has constantly sought praise for the insertion of Article 25-A in the Constitution of Pakistan. The right to education provided in the said article states that “The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law”. However, the ground realities are very different. The primary education of Pakistan is treated as a joke for the basic education standards and the growing control of private sector has defamed the public education system at primary level. Similarly, the Higher Education Commission is left with no choice but to constantly warn the government about the deteriorating situation of education system in Pakistan.

friday, 21 December, 2012

The irony is that President Zardari, in his recent participation to the UNESCO event in France for supporting Malala, started a fund for the global cause of providing education to children while the current government, his party PPP’s government, in Pakistan has done nothing to work for primary education in the country. The presence of thousands of ghost schools in the country is a real shame. Sindh’s education minister recently confessed the presence of thousands of ghost schools in Sindh only, while the Punjab government is more focused on creating a parallel education system through a new network of schools; thus, ignoring the issue of ghost schools. Similarly, the Balochistan government is a mystery and is better off left unsaid while Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is also facing criticism due to its badly structured primary education system. Punjab is treated as one of the developed provinces of the country where the provincial government is very strong and actively engaged in working for youth. The establishment of Danish School system, laptops scheme, internships and other such privileges to the students are a constant reminder of the willingness of the Punjab government to work for the betterment of youth. However, leaving aside the above mentioned achievements of Punjab government, no work has been done for redefining the curriculum at

and colleges are flushing down education by applying cramming and other methods in order to keep their records clean and make them more covetable. The approach adopted by the current government towards education is very passive. The federal government has claimed itself devoid of any responsibility after the passing of 18th amendment while the provincial governments have also not been able to lay down any plan for a consistent organisation of education system in the respective provinces. The creation of parallel school systems is not the solution to the problems. The government needs to realise that the purpose of literacy will not be served without creating better employment opportunities for the youngsters and promoting technical education sector in the country. The progress and prosperity of Pakistan depends on its youth. Both the federal and provincial governments in Pakistan have proved to be wrong on many issues. The recognition of right to education was a brave step but a lot is yet to be done to move forward. The approach needs to change and the democratic set up of this country must realise the fact that a strong primary education system will mean a stronger and prosperous nation in the years to come. The writer can be reached at

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Comment 11

The polio murders

foreign terrorists, many questions

Part of a plan to desatibilise Pakistan, maybe

Was the attack on Peshawar airport conducted by the Pakistani Taliban? If one accepts what TTP’s said-to-be shadow-spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan claimed while calling senior Peshawar-based journalist Saleem Safi on telephone that the audacious attack was the TTP’s credit, then question arises whether the TTP has in its fold foreign fighters from Central Asia and elsewhere? As far as TTP’s socalled ‘movement’ is concerned, there had been no reports so far, and it is not even believable that foreign fighters have joined the believed-to-be Pakistanspecific Tehrik-e-Taliban. If so, are the foreign fighters remnants of al-Qaeda? It means the claims of US officials are true that alQaeda’s back has been broken. If its fighters have been accepted by TTP, then there is hell of ideological difference between Al-Qaeda’s Takfiris and TTP’s Deobandi cult. “The heretics are liable to be killed till the evil is eliminated. Killing them is obligatory” is the Takfiri point of view, not that of the TTP. The hand-written letter found on Musa’b’s body, the terrorist from Dagestan (Russia) leads us to believe that the attackers have no link with TTP. First of all, to leave an identity or mark or a handwritten piece is not at all a tactic of terrorists, or even a possibility. The tattoos showing specific marks, the letter leading to certain conclusions can be an attempt that may mislead our investigators. Why the letter was in Urdu if they knew that their faces would be recognised as Uzbek, and the tattoos would prove that foreigners were involved? True that they might have been living in the tribal area for so long that they were able to read and write Urdu, but this all is not as easy to understand. There is a lot of ambiguity. This may continue to persist. But the most important question is what would have happened if the terrorists had succeeded in their designs. While one can figure out


series of attacks on anti-polio vaccinators with several killed and injured has led to a halt in the UN and WHO-backed drive to eradicate polio from Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the very few countries in the world where polio still exists as a threat to children. Till these attacks, the resistance to the vaccinations was limited to remote and backward areas of the country, mostly in the north and west where ignorance led to suspicions about motives. In the rest of the country, polio had almost been eradicated. The new violence puts thousands of children at risk besides badly eroding the already tarnished image of the country in the world. The pattern of attacks is eerily similar. Motorcycle riding armed men carrying out carefully targeted killings of the mostly female vaccinators and their drivers in selected areas, so far confined to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Karachi areas, though at least one attack has been reported in Lahore. This attack pattern is similar to the sectarian attacks that have been taking place in Balochistan and Karachi areas. The victims are soft targets – the foot soldiers of the well-funded and organised campaign to eliminate polio. Those carrying out the attacks are obviously doing so as part of an orchestrated and planned strategy with a definite objective. These are not random killings. The motive could be to bring the foreign funded campaign to a halt just because it is foreign funded. This does not make sense because there are other foreign funded projects that are not threatened so far. There could be objections to the vaccination on religious grounds by people who have their own interpretation of religion but no such views have surfaced. Like the sectarian attacks, these killings could be aimed at destabilising the country, destroying its image as a country and projecting the helplessness of the government against those with radical views and their own agendas. If true, this would make these killings part of the overall process of destabilising Pakistan and link these to the other violence in the country, including kidnappings for ransom. The immediate impact has been to bring the campaign to a halt and this goes against the country on many counts, especially because it makes Pakistan look like a country that does not have the capacity to sustain funded projects. This has far reaching implications. Therefore, an answer has to be found to make sure that the campaign restarts and continues. This means confronting and defeating the threat – something that has not been done so far. Pakistan is in the unenviable position of being a country in which the cracks and fissures that are kept latent through effective governance have widened to near uncontrollable proportions. Besides tearing the fabric of society apart, these have become exploitable vulnerabilities blurring the line between internal and external threats. Internal security, of which human security is an inseparable part, must be accorded the highest priority in our risk assessment and response options. Spearhead Analyses are collaborative efforts and not attributable to a single individual

security lapses – as DG ISPR, Maj-Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa said that this incident leads us to learn lessons – one must also recognise the timely role and action by our security forces, airport security force and police who failed the terrorists’ designs that could have led to disastrous situation. Whereas there a need to review the security, it is imperative that thorough investigation be made into the incident to reach the exact conclusion, which would certainly help in thwarting terrorists’ designs in future. ESCHMALL SARDAR Peshawar

Innocence of Muslims - Part II Reportedly, Part II of the preposterous movie “Innocence of Muslims” has been uploaded on the YouTube. It is produced by Imran Farhat, a Spanish national of Pakistani origin, in collaboration with famous US pastor Terry Jones. Earlier on, Terry Jones had worked for the promotion of the part I of this blasphemous film that was directed and produced by Sam Bacile, a real-estate developer from California. For the purpose he had collected about $5 million from about 100 Jewish donors. Source of funding for part II is still undisclosed. “Innocence of Muslims”, back in September 2011, had created mayhem in the Muslim world. Muslims around the globe got infuriated and took to streets to register their anger. Though the demonstrations were held in almost every Muslim country, these were most intense in Egypt, Libya and Pakistan. In Pakistan, fifteen individuals lost their lives in the demonstrations. The Pakistan government had banned YouTube in the country to register its protest and to stop further proliferation of profane material. That was a step in the right direction. It prevented the possibility of viewing and propagating blasphemous material that could incite masses. It also shows that Google as an institution is oblivious of the sentiments of

the Muslims and in fact is becoming a tool in the hands of those who want to infuriate Muslim Ummah again. The government should continue with the ban and must launch a strong protest with the concerned quarters to discourage such proceeds in future. A CONCERNED CITIZEN Islamabad

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Talk shows Watching TV talk shows lately has become a mental torture for the viewers. Once it used to be a good pastime to watch talk shows after 8PM on various channels. But now there appears to be no code of conduct and the anchor persons also do not have any control over the discussion. At times, all the panel members speak simultaneously and it becomes free for all battle of words. The sight is most obnoxious to the viewers. It is not known what is the criteria of calling members on the panel. We see the same faces of political leaders and the socalled specialists. Some of the party leaders who are in power in the centre, or in the provinces, who defend their party doings, make mockery of themselves as nothing is going right in the country. I suggest to NEPRA that they should lay down a code of conduct where in no one should be allowed to do character assassination of anybody and no foul language be allowed. The anchor person should ensure that only one at a time should speak and others should give their point of view on their turn. The heads of political parties should nominate only the elected representatives and avoid sending lady parliamentarians who are only nominated on the reserved seats. Performance of some them is revolting and disgusting. The anchor persons are also advised to invite a common man or a man from the street also who is the most hard-hit person in the poor governance of the present setup. The affectee of any legislation or a policy is a common man but he is never seen on these talk shows. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA Karachi

respect of the court “I do not want the sanctity of the court to be violated and I do not want to pursue the path of confrontation.” This statement by MQM's leader Altaf Hussain is a pleasant sign in the political sky of Pakistan. This statement should not be taken merely as a collection of words, but this is and it should be the outlook of every mature and seasoned politician. Only fertile nations can have such ideas about their judiciary and legal system. It is the duty of all the politicians, the lawyers, the armed forces and the citizens of Pakistan to follow the suit of the civilised nations of the world in this respect. The Islamic civilisation which had its profound and established legal system was also based on such golden principles. This is the major factor behind the progress of the civilised nations of today, and this is the secret of the uniqueness of the said Islamic civilisation. Because the societies in which the judges and the teachers enjoy respect, prestige and honour, make progress by leaps and bounds. SULEMAN MANSHA Lahore

Polio vaccination drive Six women have been martyred in just two days for carrying the noble cause of saving the children of Pakistan from the malady of polio. It’s a dilemma in Pakistan that whenever a vulnerable class of society becomes victimisation of extra-judicial killings, the respective provincial and federal governments become more responsive by promptly declaring award of compensation to the aggrieved families. I wonder why the same money which becomes immediately available from government exchequer for compensation purposes is not expended beforehand on improving security of these vulnerable classes. SYEDA SAIMA SHABBIR Islamabad

friday, 21 December, 2012

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12 Miss Universe 2012 crowned


eauties from 89 countries strutted their stuff Wednesday night in pursuit of the Miss universe crown, but only one woman would earn the coveted title. in the end a panel of ten celebrity judges, including Cee Lo Green and u.s. Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings, appointed Miss usa Olivia Culpo the winner. the 20-year-old Rhode island native beat out Miss Brazil (Gabriela Markus) Miss Philippines (Janine tugonon), Miss Mexico (irene sofía esser Quintero), and Miss australia (Renae ayris) for the distinction. Culpo follows in the footsteps of Miss angola, Leila Lopes, who earned the crown in 2011. the two-hour show was broadcast live from Las Vegas with musical acts One Direction and train lending their talents to the annual extravaganza. n e W S D e S k

She’s been awarded Golden Globes and Emmys, but Claire Danes received her best accolade on December 17 when she became a mother. The “Homeland” star’s rep has confirmed to People magazine that she gave birth to son Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy, but did not provide any more details. Danes’ decision to remain mum on the specifics is not surprising since she and husband Hugh Dancy hadn’t said much about their little bundle of joy, which she announced in July. But we do know baby Cyrus seems to have arrived a little bit early – or Danes was just throwing us off. In September, the 33-year-old told Anderson Cooper on his “Anderson” daytime talk show that she was due "beginning of next year." At the time, she also revealed that she and Dancy knew the baby’s sex, but felt it was “important” to keep it to themselves. When Cooper asked what kind of mom she would be, the actress responded honestly, “I hope a good one,” adding, “We’re going to love this person, I know that.” And if Danes didn’t already have enough to celebrate, little Cyrus made his entrance into the world just a day after the explosive (and highly-rated) finale of his mother’s hit show, “Homeland.” neWS DeSk

Amjad Khan to aid Malala's school with his film's earnings


MJAD khan, who is making a film on Malala Yousafzai, has decided to donate the first day collections of the film to her school. "I'm making this film because I wanted to do something for Malala and women like her. I realised making a film on her is a way of showing respect, but it isn't really helping her. That's when I thought about this. Either it will be the first day's world box-office collections, or `25 lakh, whichever is higher," said Amjad. nEwS DESK

Miley and dog Floyd take a trip to Philadelphia


OnaKshi Miley Cyrus may be across the country from her Los angeles home in chilly Philadelphia this week, but she got to bring a close family member along for the trip – her miniature alaskan husky, Floyd. On tuesday, the 20-year-old bundled up in a ridiculously large black scarf as she and furry Floyd took a stroll through a park in the City of Brotherly Love, where Miley is currently shooting the flick “Paranoia.” Cyrus must have picked up her pooch an early Christmas gift, since the next day she tweeted a photo of the pup gnawing on a plush toy, writing “Floyd still hasn’t let go of his favorite ball.” the former “hannah Montana” star has probably been hugging Floyd and her other three canines – Bulldog Ziggy, Rottweiler-Beagle mix happy, and her latest addition, Pit bull mix Mary Jane – especially close lately since she sadly lost her 2-year-old Yorkie mix Lila earlier this week. "For everyone asking... i have never been so hurt in my life. My heart has never been so broken. nEwS DESK

friday, 21 December, 2012

Zero Dark Thirty is military terminology for half past midnight, the time at which the pivotal raid to capture Osama bin Laden was scheduled by the CIA. There’s no more perfect title for a film this year, because it manages to suggest a witching hour, a veil of deadly secrecy, and a pinpoint-honed logistical operation all at once. Straightaway, Kathryn Bigelow’s movie -a follow-up of sorts to The Hurt Locker, which won Oscars for her and this film’s screenwriter, Mark Boal-is ready to think on its feet, and puts paid to some impressively silly pre-release rumours that it’s out to “glorify” torture as a method of intelligencegathering. There are many ways in which movies can glorify things, through camera angles, sound, performance, editing, and pretty much the whole arsenal at a director’s disposal, but Bigelow shuns the lot, and if you’re able to come away from the interrogation scenes feeling that a glorious goal has in any way been scored, you might need your head examined. There’s no doubt that Boal’s research into the decade-long manhunt takes this film into some morally difficult places, but he’s principally relaying the facts about what techniques were used -water-boarding among them-in the actual, exhausting and labyrinthine search for bin Laden’s whereabouts. At no point does the movie insist that these were the only possible tools, or that any one piece of information was single-handedly vital. Boal is right to say that his script has been tossed around, sight unseen, as a political “chew toy”, partly because of military co-operation in shaping the narrative, but the Department of Defense had no vetting privilege, and Bigelow is ruthlessly determined to bring the horror of these sequences home. As such, the first hour of the picture is dour, procedural and necessary. It has to convey the stalled efforts of analysts Maya (Jessica

Chastain) and Dan (Jason Clarke), among many others, to penetrate the spider-web of misinformation keeping the al-Qaeda figurehead at large. Not unlike David Fincher’s Zodiac, which took us through the life-sapping and thwarted efforts of police and journalists in trying to apprehend a serial killer, the focus here is on legwork and its frustrations: the human cost of this grim job is as palpable as the determination Maya finds to keep pushing ahead with it. Unlike Zodiac, we know that there’s actually an end in sight, but it often seems a million miles away, and that’s rather the point. Chastain begins to dominate the picture at the halfway stage, and grabs her chances with something like ferocity — what the character decides to sacrifice, in the process of following every lead and staking her career on the hunches she comes to trust, is having any other life at all. She shows us the buried tragedy of this, and other losses. The male ensemble around her keeps throwing up welcome surprises, whether we’re talking about long-useful supporting players (Harold Perrineau, for instance), or potent newcomers (Reda Kateb), or actors mainly familiar from comedy (Chris Pratt, Mark Duplass) making a solid mark. Still, it’s particularly special to see the perennially underutilised Jennifer Ehle on board, doing brilliant, substantial work as an initially testy CIA colleague whose friendship Maya earns. She’s every bit Chastain’s equal, and the film’s secret treasure. Finally, we’re at half past midnight, and Bigelow strides intently into the endgame, asking her composer, Alexandre Desplat, to goad the mission into life with his expert score. COurTEsy ThE TELEgrAPh

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ram leela shoot disrupted over workers’ non-payment



BeN AFFLeCK DROPS OUT OF KRISTeN STeWART MOVIe Days after Kristen Stewart confirmed that she will be appearing in the film "Focus," Ben Affleck is reportedly dropping out of it. According to Variety, Affleck will not appear in the film because "while the actor very much wanted to do the film, the timing just couldn't be worked out." Earlier this month, Stewart spoke with HuffPost Entertainment and confirmed rumors that she would star in "Focus." "It's a comedy," she told HuffPost. "I'm really excited about it. We start shooting in April." Affleck was originally on board to play Stewart's love interest, filming "passionate" kissing scenes, and appearing post-coital in bed with the actress. Stewart was cast as "an inexperienced con artist" who learns the trade, and becomes romantically involved with the veteran Affleck, according to Deadline. "Focus," which doesn't have a release date yet, is due out from Warner Bros. The film is directed and written by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa ("Crazy, Stupid, Love"). NEws dEsK

ARIS Hilton lives quite the life — shopping, mingling at red carpet soirees, and partying at the most exclusive clubs — and it seems like every week she’s taking yet another luxurious vacation. This week she was at it again when the hotel heiress and her boyfriend, 21-year-old model River Viiperi, got to spend part of the holiday season skiing, snowmobiling, and indulging in the good life while visiting the upscale resort town of Aspen, Colorado. Hilton, 31, was more than happy to share every moment of what she expected to be "a romantic and magical time" with her Twitter followers. "Just had a relaxing deep tissue massage," she wrote Tuesday. "Now in bed with @RiverViiperi cuddling by the fire watching Home Alone. Love Christmas movies." The perfumer was very affectionate when referring to her boyfriend of three months, calling him her "handsome love," "baby love," and that old classic "love." Expect Hilton and Viiperi to exchange some lovely gifts this Christmas (if that trip doesn't count as one!), since the former reality star is known for her extravagant tastes. Former boyfriend Cy Waits bought her a a white Lexus LFA, valued at $375,000, in February 2011, and last November, she treated herself to an early Christmas gift when she purchased a $300,000 red 2012 California Spyder Ferrari. Perhaps Viiperi will present his girlfriend with another pricey ride to add to her collection! NEws dEsK

The Real 'Dexter': Did Manuel Pardo inspire showtime serial killer? Did a real-life vigilate serial killer inspire the Dexter Morgan character on Showtime's hit serial killer thriller "Dexter"? is exploring a theory that ex-Miami cop Manuel Pardo, who was convicted on nine counts of murder and put to death by the state of Florida last week, could have been the basis for the protagonist of Jeff Lindsay's "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" novels that grew into Showtime's "Dexter." There are some vague similarities between Pardo and Michael C. Hall's serial-killer-of-serialkillers. Pardo was a Miami police officer; Dexter is a forensic blood spatter analyst who works for the Miami Metro police department. Pardo went on a three-week robbery and murder spree in 1986, killing six men and three women. He targeted drug-dealers, and in his final letter before his execution, called himself "a soldier" who was in a "war was against men who were trafficing (sic) in narcotics and no one else!" Dexter has spent seven seasons going after bad guys who fell through the cracks of the criminal justice system, though crossed a line and broke his "code" in Season 7. AskMen.come spoke to French serial killer expert Stephane Bourgoin, who analyzed the similarities in the killers' rituals, and noted that Jeff Lindsay was living in Miami during Pardo's murder spree and subsequent trial, which made front-page headlines. NEws dEsK

rOCk STAr DeATHS: STuDY SHOWS SOlO ACTS AT HigHer riSk THAn BAnDS Rock `n' roll will never die – but it's a hazardous occupation. A new study confirms that rock and pop musicians die prematurely more often than the general population, and an early death is twice as likely for solo musicians as for members of bands. Researchers from Liverpool John Moores University studied 1,489 rock and pop stars who became famous between 1956 and 2009 and found they suffered "higher levels of mortality than demographically matched individuals in the general population." American stars are more likely to die prematurely than British ones. Lead researcher Mark Bellis speculates that could be because bands provide peer support at stressful times. The research was published Thursday in online journal BMJ Open. NEws dEsK

The shooting of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Ram Leela was disrupted briefly on Sunday evening, after members of the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) landed up on the set with complaints of non-payment of workers' dues. Prem Singh Thakur from FWICE's vigilance department said, "Payment has been pending for long. I had to go to the set as many workers had been complaining about it. They don't file complaints fearing they would lose their jobs. Even their conveyance reimbursement was pending for some time." He adds, "I switched off the lights to get the producers' attention. Mr Bhansali asked me what the problem was. I introduced myself and told him about the issue. He immediately calledas his production assistant and asked him to clear the dues." When we contacted Bhansali, he said, "There is no payment issue. The person who told you this is lying and has vested interests. You can come and check for yourself." And while Bhansali may have been in denial, his office has given in writing to FWICE that all pending payments would be cleared in a week. NEws dEsK

JUSTIN BIeBeR SPOTTeD AGAIN WITH VICTORIA’S SeCReT MODeL Justin Bieber might have found a replacement for his longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez – the Victoria's Secret model he was spotted with last month! After the 18-year-old Bieber and Gomez, 20, ended their relationship of two years in early November, there was speculation that they'd eventually get back together, especially after Bieber was seen leaving Gomez's NYC hotel, and Gomez was seen sneaking into Bieber's trailer at the American Music Awards after the breakup. However, a new report says that the Biebs has once again been spending time with Hungarian beauty Palvin, 19. Bieber and Palvin were photographed together at the taping of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in NYC on November 7, where he performed and she walked the runway. She posted a pic of herself and the singer backstage, and the next day they went on a group outing to see Broadway's "The Lion King." Now a source has revealed to Life & Style that Bieber and Palvin saw each other again when he was in Miami for the Y100 Jingle Ball on December 8. "Justin and Barbara were

together in Miami," a friend of Bieber tells the magazine. "They aren't being bashful about hanging out and getting closer." The report is bad news for fans rooting for a Bieber and Gomez reunion, especially since Gomez reportedly called it quits with Bieber due to trust issues. Still, they do both appear to be heartbroken over the split. Bieber posted a tweet on Tuesday that could be interpreted as a message to Gomez. "Be a king, treat a woman like a queen," he wrote, along with a photo of the crown tattoo on his chest. Meanwhile, Gomez had a "sad lunch with a female friend" on Monday at an L.A. Hooters, a restaurant she and Bieber frequently visited together, after she reportedly split with the “Boyfriend” singer yet again over the weekend, according to Hollywood Life. NEws dEsK

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Infotainment 14 How will it all end on Doomsday 2012?


HEY say it won't happen, at least not today (Friday), but in the event the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world is right, scientists have foretold a raft of bloody and catastrophic fates for us all. Dark comets, famine, super-volcanoes, catastrophic climate change, and a plague of cancers are just some of the ends that could fulfill the prophecy. Astrophysicist Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered pulsars, believes the most likely disaster that could pencil Doomsday into Friday's diary is a black comet. Such an end would match that of the dinosaurs who after walking the planet for about 165 million years - homo sapiens has been around for a mere 200,000 years - were killed off by a 10km asteroid or comet that slammed into the planet. Professor Bell Burnell believes if the world as we know it is to end on December 21 it would have to be a dark comet that strikes. Dark comets have little of the ice and snow that most comets have, and a lot more dust which makes it much more difficult to spot them as they speed through Space. 'Comets normally are big, dusty snowballs. A dark comet has not much snow and a lot of dust. They are much harder to get a handle on,' she said. The collision itself, except for those near the point of impact, would be unlikely to be fatal to the world's population but it would throw up so much dust into the atmosphere that billions of people could expect a slow death. Huge quantities of dust would bring on an

'eternal winter' in which the sun would be obscured and crops around the world would fail, leading to mass famine. Dr Dave Rothery, a volcanologist at the Open University, foretells a similar end but he thinks the death-bringing dust would be put into the atmosphere by a supervolcano. More than 240 cubic miles of molten rock and debris are blasted into the sky by super-volcanoes. Much of it would remain in the atmosphere as volcanic dust which would, just as with a massive asteroid or comet, block out the sun and cause famine. 'It would put so much ash and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere that photosynthesis may break down," he warned. A similar, albeit less devastating, even took place in 1816 when a volcano in Indonesia erupted and put so much dust into the atmosphere that it became known as 'the year of no summer'. Other scientists asked by The Times what cataclysms could bring on the end of the world on Friday, in line with what many people believe is foretold by the ancient Mayan prophecy, included Bryan Lovell, a former president of the Geological Society. His favourite Doomsday scenario was a vast escape of methane caused by an undersea landslide. Methane is a greenhouse gas but it is about 20 times more powerful in warming the world than is carbon dioxide. Dr Lovell said a huge release of sub-sea methane deposits would accelerate man-made climate change and lead to 'catastrophic climate change not too many Fridays from now'.

But it is not just scientists who are putting forward theories as to how the world will end and they range from the unlikely to the fantastical. Among the favourites is that a rogue planet, Nibiru, which has long been inhabiting the far reaches of the solar system, beyond even Pluto, is now on a collision course with Earth. Scientists have dismissed the theory as ridiculous not just because no one has ever managed to detect it in the outer reaches of the solar system but because if such a large object was heading this way it would have been spotted by now Scepticism on the part of experts, however, has done little to diminish the determination of thousands of people to find a safe haven from disaster. In France the authorities have had to bar New Age followers from travelling to Bugarach, a tiny village home to fewer than 200 people, and the 'mystical mountain' where it is located. Doomsday fanatics have identified Bugarach as a place of safety on the grounds that aliens live hidden within the mountain and are waiting for the end of the world when they will rescue humans in the area. 'I have issued an order barring anyone from climbing the mountain. And those trying to get into the village will be stopped and asked what their business is,' said Regional prefect Eric Freysselinard. The village and the mountain will only be reopened to outsiders two days after the end of the world is scheduled to have taken place. The Doomsday prophecy is based on an ancient calendar from the Mayan civilisation that was based in what is now Guatemala in in Central America. The calendar lasts for more than 5,000 years but comes to an end on Friday, which has prompted fears it forecasts the end of the world. Other favourite Doomsday scenarios include a vast solar storm which will flare out from the Sun and engulf the Earth. An alternative doom-laden theory is that a rogue black hole will swallow up the Earth, or that a quirk of galactic alignments will trigger a disastrous reversal of the Earth's magnetic field. Vivienne Parry, a former presenter of Tomorrow's World, suggested a cancer that starts in foxes but can be transmitted to humans. Dogs, she suggested, would cease to be man's best friend and instead become man's worst enemy because the cancer would be transmitted through them. Foxes would bite the dogs, transmitting the cancer to them, and they would bite their human owners. She said that were all dogs to be destroyed as soon as people realised they were passing on an untreatable cancer the end of the world for humans could be postponed. But she suspects man's love of his canine companions would seal his fate because putting down every dog would be too much to ask. nEwS DESK

Fighting may have shaped evolution of human hand Google sells Motorola Home for $2.35bn Google has agreed to sell the set-top box business of its subsidiary Motorola for $2.35bn (£1.45bn). The deal to sell Motorola Home has been agreed with US firm Arris, in which Google will take a 15.7% stake. Google had been widely expected to sell the business, which it bought in May this year as part of its $12.5bn takeover of Motorola. Since then it has focused on revamping Motorola’s lossmaking mobile handset business. Arris currently makes equipment used by cable television companies. British company Pace had appeared in the running to buy the set-top box business, but said it had failed to reach a deal with Google. nEwS DESK

Fighting may have shaped the evolution of the human hand, according to a new study by a US team. The University of Utah researchers used instruments to measure the forces and acceleration when martial artists hit a punch bag. They found that the structure of the fist provides support that increases the ability of the knuckles to transmit “punching” force. Details have been published in the Journal of Experimental Biology. “We asked the question: ‘can you strike harder with a fist than with an open palm?’,” co-author David Carrier told BBC News. “We were surprised because the fist strikes were not more forceful than the strikes with the palm. In terms of the work on the bag there is really no difference.” Of course, the surface that

strikes the target with a fist is smaller, so there is more stress from a fist strike. “The force per area is higher in a fist strike and that is what causes localised tissue damage,” said Prof Carrier. “There is a performance advantage in that regard. But the real focus of the study was whether the proportions of the human hand allow buttressing (support).” The team found that making a clenched fist did indeed provide protective buttressing for the delicate bones of the hand. Making a fist increased the stiffness of the second meta-carpo-phalangeal, or MCP, joint (these joints are the knuckles visible when the hand is clenched as a fist) by a factor of four. It also doubled the ability of the proximal phalanges (the bones of the fingers that

articulate with the MCP joints) to transmit a punching force. In their paper, Prof Carrier and Michael H Morgan from the University of Utah’s school of medicine, point out that the human hand has also been shaped by the need for manual dexterity. But they say that a number of different hand proportions are compatible with an enhanced ability to manipulate objects. “There may, however, be only one set of skeletal proportions that allows the hand to function both as a mechanism for precise manipulation and as a club for striking,” the researchers write. “Ultimately, the evolutionary significance of the human hand may lie in its remarkable ability to serve two seemingly incompatible, but intrinsically human, functions.” Our closest relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos do not generally form fists, and the researchers think they are unable to: when a chimp curls up its fingers it forms a doughnut shape. Prof Carrier commented: “The question for me is ‘why wasn’t this discussed 30, 40 years ago.’ As far as I know it isn’t in the literature.” Asked whether the idea that aggression may have played a key role in shaping the human body might previously have been unpalatable to researchers, Prof Carrier explained: “I think we’re more in that situation now than we were in the past. “I think there is a lot of resistance, maybe more so among academics than people in general - resistance to the idea that, at some level humans are by nature aggressive animals. I actually think that attitude, and the people who have tried to make the case that we don’t have a nature those people have not served us well. “I think we would be better off if we faced the reality that we have these strong emotions and sometimes they prime us to behave in violent ways. I think if we acknowledged that we’d be better able to prevent violence in future.” nEwS DESK

Cop stops traffic with brilliant dance moves


ROVIDENCE, R.I.: Ah, Christmas in Rhode Island. Exquisitely decorated mansions in Newport. A red nose on the giant termite that sits atop a Providence exterminator’s building. And a traffic cop, doing disco and salsa moves in the middle of rush-hour traffic. Officer Tony Lepore is as much a holiday tradition as anything else in the state that issued the first jail sentence for speeding 108 years ago. Since 1984, he has entertained drivers, pedestrians and gawkers with dance moves in downtown Providence – all while directing traffic. “He is a Rhode Island landmark, more or less. He’s an icon, he’s like a little mini celebrity,” says Michelle Peterson, of Warwick. She’s an emergency medical technician and the mother of three boys who was introduced to the “dancing cop” years ago by her partner in their ambulance. This year, she took her boys to see Lepore, 65, perform and got him to pose for pictures with them. “It feels good to see him out here; it definitely brings the holiday spirit. I think people come out here just to see him and I think it brings some people to shop so they can see him.” The routine, Lepore says, was born in the month of May of the boredom and aggravation that officers typically experience while directing rushing drivers and jaywalking pedestrians. He was inspired by classic “Candid Camera” television footage he saw a day earlier that showed police officers elsewhere directing traffic with flair. “I didn’t know if my bosses were going to like it, so a lot of times if I saw a boss come down, I’d be doing my fancy stuff, then I’d go back and do it the old-fashioned way so I don’t get caught,” Lepore says. His secret didn’t last long. City residents began calling the police station and raving about Lepore’s moves. A few days later, The Providence Journal, the state’s largest newspaper, came out with a story on the sensation. The positive publicity encouraged officials to endorse the dancing cop, who continued to perform until he left the job in 1988, when he went into business with his brother with a food and vending service. nEwS DESK

Beauty queen causes power outage


ARAH J. Richardson has a smile that could light up a town — a service the town really could have used after cops say she drunkenly crashed her car into a light pole, leaving hundreds of homes and businesses in the dark. The reigning Miss Las Cruces, N.M. was arrested on Sunday and charged with aggravated DWI, according to KVLA. The 22-year-old allegedly crashed her PT Cruiser into a light pole, which fell over, hitting a nearby traffic light on Sunday night. The crash left around 1,700 nearby businesses and homes in the dark after the power was knocked out. The lights were back on by Monday. The Miss New Mexico and Miss America organizations are looking through contracts and policies to see what, if anything, will happen to Richardson’s title. “We are taking this very, very seriously,” Miss Las Cruces Executive Director Aleiha Direnzo told KFOX. “We usually don’t anticipate something like this coming up so we’re very surprised and saddened.” The Associated Press reports that Richardson posted bond and was released after being jailed for about an hour. nEwS DESK

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Team management to decide openers: Hafeez LAHORE



AKISTAN T-20 cricket captain, Mohammad Hafeez has said the team management will decide a combination of openers during the two T20 matches in the tour of India on December 25 and 28. “I cannot say who will be opening the innings, there are four to five options ahead of the team management which will be deciding a best combination to sustain the pressure of innings opening,” he told reporters here on Thursday after a specialized training session meant for T20 training at the Gadaffi stadium. He said it is the responsibility of the team management to come up with a match winning combination keeping in view the might of their opponents. To a question he said opener Ahmed Shahzad who is a contender in the opening pair, has made his place in the T20 squad after displaying good stint of form in the domestic premier event of the shortest version of the game. Hafeez said every match, no matter, it is being

Tom Moody named Hyderabad’s IPL coach

played against a weaker or stronger opponent has its own pressure and playing India brings in a lot of pressure but efforts would be made to put an impressive show to defy Indian challenge. “Hard work and higher display of commitment on part of players will be the key to success against India and I am confident that we will giving tough time to India,” he said adding: “one thing is very clear that we have a defined role for every player so that he should give his one hundred percent to enhance teams performance.” Hafeez

called upon the bowlers to support ace spinner Saeed Ajmal in bowling to share the responsibility. “There is no doubt that Saeed is a match winning bowler but there are other bowlers as well who should endorse his efforts with an exhibition of quality cricket which will be the need of the hour in T20 games,” he asserted. Pak T2O captain termed Pak-India team balanced and said undermining the strength of India after their test series loss to England is not a fair thought. “Test and T20 games are alt o gether different formats of the game and their requirements are also different and we will be there to

Tom Moody, the former Sri Lanka coach and Australia allrounder, has been appointed coach of the Hyderabad IPL franchise, which was bought over by the Sun TV network in October. Former national selection chief Kris Srikkanth will be its mentor and VVS Laxman its mentor-ambassador. The team's logo was also unveiled at a ceremony in Hyderabad, held two days after the franchise was christened Hyderabad Sunrisers. While both Moody and Srikkanth, the Chennai Super Kings brand ambassador for the first three IPL seasons, were in attendance, Laxman skipped it due to the death of a close relative. "This is a proud moment for us as we unveil our new name and logo and we are sure that the team will be successful in the forthcoming season of IPL 2013," Moody said. "We are keenly looking forward to it and our game will stand testimony to the competition we will give to other teams." Moody has plenty of coaching experience. He was in charge of the Sri Lankan national team for two years culminating in their run to the World Cup final in 2007, and also oversaw Kings XI Punjab in the first two seasons of the IPL. He has also had coaching stints at Worcestershire and his home state of Western Australia. Moody worked closely with Sangakkara, who is expected to lead Sunrisers in the next IPL season, during his time at Sri Lanka and Kings XI.

friday, 21 December, 2012

prove that our side is a best combination of talented cricketers”. To a question, Hafeez said Shoaib Malik has joined T20 preparations after arriving back home from abroad. “He had gone abroad with the permission of team management and his presence will be a good source of inspiration for players because he is an experienced player.” Answering a question he described former captain and now batting consultant of the team, Inzama ul Haq’s attachment with the team ‘a blessing’ and said his presence during the camp was very beneficial in terms of amending batting flaws of the batsmen. “He is a very experienced batsman and he contributed valuable efforts to improve the batting skills of the players and I Am confident that he is fully capable of further strengthening our battling by imparting his experience to the batsmen”, said Hafeez. He said the practice matches are of greater significance as they are helping the players to get back to the form and to get much needed batting practice ahead of a tough series in India . He urged the players to take India a tough opponent to beat in their own grounds.

wade ‘disappointed’ with missed chances NEWSDESK


Injured Southee ruled out of Tests in South Africa

Wicketkeepers are like umpires: the less you notice them the better. Just as spectators recall an umpire's howlers and forget the correct decisions, a wicketkeeper is remembered not for his catches, unless they are spectacular, but for his grassed opportunities or missed stumpings. Matthew Wade knows that over the past few weeks, he has been a little more conspicuous than Australia would like - and not just by virtue of unexpectedly bowling an over of medium-pace in Hobart. As Wade prepares for his first Boxing Day Test, he has tried to put behind him a pair of missed stumpings this summer that have stuck in the minds of onlookers. In Adelaide, Wade gave Graeme Smith a life on 46 when he advanced to the spin of Michael Clarke, and Smith went on to score 122. At Bellerive Oval, he denied Nathan Lyon a wicket when he couldn't grasp the ball cleanly while Nuwan Kulasekara was down the pitch. The Smith

chance was costly, the Kulasekara one not so much. But they were both occasions when Wade couldn't hide from the spotlight that comes with Test cricket, especially having been chosen over Brad Haddin at the start of the summer. Wade said his primary challenge was to main-

tain concentration over the course of a Test match; unlike the other fielders, who can get away with drifting off mentally every now and then, a wicketkeeper must always be switched on. "I'm disappointed, I don't need to read what's printed or what's said in the media for me to get disappointed or thinking about my glovework," Wade said at the MCG on Thursday. "You can't miss chances behind the stumps, it's as simple as that. I'm thankful that this [Hobart] one didn't cost us as much as what it probably did in Adelaide. When I wake up in the morning I've got to be looking forward, if I'm looking back all the time I'm not going to be improving at all and stuff like that is going to keep happening. "It's probably concentration, that's probably what it comes down to. I've definitely done enough technically, I do enough training. That's all I can go back to is finding a way to concentrate for a longer period of time and working on it at training."


Tim Southee, the New Zealand fast bowler, has been ruled out of the Test series in South Africa because of a thumb injury. He needs surgery for a ruptured ligament and is likely to be sidelined for six-eight weeks. Southee sustained the injury while diving in the field during a Plunket Shield match between Northern Districts and Wellington at Karori Park. He scored 156 off 130 balls and took seven wickets in Northern Districts' six-wicket win. "He landed heavily on his thumb while fielding, with scans indicating the ligament has fully ruptured and retracted," New Zealand physio Paul Close said. "After consultation with NZC medical staff and a hand specialist it was decided the best course of action is for him to have surgery. "He will commence rehabilitation immediately following the procedure, with a view to him returning to cricket during the home summer. The procedure is likely to keep him out of the game for 6-8 weeks."

Pollard among nine overseas withdrawals from BPL auction NEWSDESK Nine foreign cricketers, including West Indies' Kieron Pollard, have withdrawn from the Bangladesh Premier League player auction that will be held today in Dhaka. The BPL governing council, however, has also added two overseas players to the auction - West Indian batsman Marlon Samuels, and Sri Lankan opener Tillakaratne Dilshan. Pollard played for Dhaka Gladiators, last season's champions, and this year he was in the golden category, which has a salary between $75,000 and $150,000. england batsman Michael Lumb, who was in category A, also pulled out. The other players to withdraw were Craig ervine (zimbabwe), Cameron Merchant (new zealand), James Taylor and ed young (england), Michael Smith (South Africa), fawad Alam (Pakistan) and Chesney Hughes (west Indies).

Law demands ‘ruthless streak’ from Khawaja, others NEWSDESK As he set about the task of throttling back Usman Khawaja from Twenty20 to Test matches, Australia's batting coach Stuart Law spoke of his desire to return to the nation's batsmen the sort of collective "ruthless streak" that limited him to one Test in a career that ultimately reaped more than 27,000 first-class runs. Law had the help of Ryan Harris, recuperating from shoulder surgery, plus Ben Cutting and Nathan Hauritz to bowl to Khawaja at Allan Border Field, while time was also reserved for the Pro-Batter technology that allowed the left-hander to face up to a bowling machine synchronised with video footage of Sri Lanka's pacemen and spinners. He defended Cricket Australia's decision to pull Khawaja and the rest of the Test squad out of the BBL, and spoke with the passion of an unfulfilled international batting talent of the opportunities afforded to batsmen by the retirement of Ricky Ponting, who he debuted with in Perth in 1995. "We're trying to get a ruthless streak back into our batters that we had going through domestic cricket 2025 years ago," Law said. "If we can get that back where players aren't just scoring 60s and expecting the next step to happen, but they're scoring 100s, 150s and doing it consistently, not just once or twice but three, four times, that will put their names up in lights. "What an

opportunity now? Ricky Ponting, one of Australia's greatest has retired, you've got an opportunity to take over his position - you'd cut your own leg off to have that opportunity, and you want to be doing everything you possibly can to get it. I know Big Bash is a big part of the Australian cricket calendar now, but we're in the middle of a Test series. "We just got beaten by South Africa, we've gone 1-0 up, we want to put everything into winning this next Test match so we can take a series. That's our whole objective. If that means sacrificing a few play-

ers who don't play in the Big Bash, there's more games after this Test series to be involved in and surely we're all for the greater good of Australian cricket - the Test team is the No. 1 team to play for." Khawaja's time in Brisbane is geared more towards getting his batting rhythms and routines more right for Tests, after last summer's disastrous India series for Shaun Marsh, who came back into the national team via the BBL. Marsh made an audacious 99 for the Perth Scorchers in Melbourne, then cobbled a measly 17 runs in six innings against MS Dhoni's team, a contribution so meagre that it has probably ended his Test career. Law noted that if anything Khawaja's international shortcomings so far have been more as a fielder, runner and athlete than as a batsman, but that he would benefit from deliberate time to adjust. We just got beaten by South Africa, we've gone 1-0 up, we want to put everything into winning this next Test match so we can take a series. That's our whole objective. Stuart Law, the Australia batting coach "He's one of the better batsmen technically going around, he's very sound, [but] there's other things these days to playing cricket," Law said. "You've got to be able to do more than one skill. If you're not bowling you've got to be able to field, and that was pointed out to Usman a while ago that he has to improve in certain areas, as well as going back and scoring runs.

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Sports 16

nzC to organise former captains’ meet

PHF recommends Sohail for Pride of Performance award LAHORE

NEWSDESK New Zealand Cricket (NZC) is organising a meeting of its former captains in the New Year in order "to open better lines of communication" regarding the development of the sport in the country. The move came after several players had criticised the board for its handling of the captaincy issue, and for not accepting their help in taking New Zealand forward. "Former captains will be invited to attend the meeting which is intended to be an annual event designed to provide quality input from both the former captains and the players who were part of their era in cricket," NZC said in a statement. "Creating a vehicle for former captains and players to directly communicate their ideas and observations to NZC is complimented by the current constitutional review process that the board has committed to in the early part of next year." Martin Crowe, Dion Nash, Simon Doull, Craig McMillan and John Parker were some of the former New Zealand players who had criticised the board, saying it had turned down their offers.

flintoff Ko’d by shoulder operation NEWSDESK Andrew Flintoff's fledgling boxing career already appears to be on the ropes due to a serious shoulder injury. Former cricketer Flintoff, who made his debut as a professional boxer with an unimpressive heavyweight victory over Richard Dawson last month, has a torn shoulder ligament which will require surgery - casting doubt on his prospects of a second career fight. However, the results of Flintoff's training for his boxing career - which has left the former England allrounder fitter, stronger and leaner - have raised the prospect of the 35-year-old coming out of retirement to return to cricket, once his rehabilitation is complete. "The injury to his shoulder will be taken into account but at this stage we are ruling nothing in and nothing out," said a spokesman for Flintoff. "It is a nasty one but he has had a lot nastier during his life. "We will just wait and see and report back in the New Year and see where we go. There are certainly leads to chase." The shoulder injury appears set to dash New Zealand batsman Jesse Ryder's hopes of facing Flintoff in an exhibition. Ryder won a charity bout earlier this year and had expressed interest in facing Flintoff in the ring.



AKISTAN Hockey Federation has recommended the name of Olympian Sohail Abbas for President’s Award for Pride of Performance 2013. “He has played hockey for almost 18 years in the national team, which is a great honour and we have recommended his name to recognize his meritorious services as a player for the cause of hockey,“ said Secretary, PHF, Mohammad Asif Bajwa here on Thursday. He scored 348 goals and maintaining ‘world record’ for maximum goals in the world hockey, out of which he scored 80 goals in a single calendar year, which is another record in itself. He was declared the top scorer in various Tournaments having surpassed the record of Paul Litjen of Netherlands (267 goals). He was the top scorer in 8 international events and second top scorer in the Sydney Olympic Games. In the Athens Olympic Games, he was the highest scorer. He captained Pakistan hockey team in the 33rdChampions Trophy and 30th Olympic Games/London. He won Gold Medal for Pakistan in the Asian Games 2010. “The PHF is taking every measure to encourage players for their achievements and recommending the name of Sohail is a part of our effort to give due recognition to an outstanding player,” he added. HIL TO START ON JAN. 14, DELHI FACES PUNJAB IN OPENER: After being delayed once, the inaugural Hockey India League will take off on January 14 with Delhi Waveriders taking on Jaypee

Punjab Warriors in the opening clash of the event that will go on till February 10. The league will feature 34 matches in 28 days and will be played in five franchisee cities -- Delhi, Jalandhar, Lucknow, Mumbai and Ranchi. The opening ceremony will be held on January 14 at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in Delhi just before the first match in which Delhi Waveriders will face Jaypee Punjab Warriors, featuring Australian hockey star Jamie Dwyer. Jalandhar will host the second match at Surjit Singh Hockey Stadium where the home team Jaypee Punjab Warriors will face Ranchi Rhinos January 16. On the same day, Mumbai Magicians will later play their first match in New Delhi against Delhi Waveriders. Uttar Pradesh Wizards will commence their contest against Jaypee Punjab Warriors in Jalandhar January 17.

Ranchi Rhinos’ Bisra Munda Hockey Stadium will host its first match on January 18 against Mumbai Magicians. The first home match of Uttar Pradesh Wizards will be played on January 19 against Delhi Waveriders at Guru Gobind Singh Sports College in Lucknow. Mumbaikars will watch their first home match at the Mumbai Hockey Association Stadium on January 20 against Jaypee Punjab Warriors. The Republic Day will see the clash of titans when Delhi Waveriders will lock their horns with Mumbai Magicians at home and Uttar Pradesh Wizards will try to tame Ranchi Rhinos in Lucknow. Matches at Delhi, Jalandhar, Mumbai and Ranchi will be played under floodlights while matches in Lucknow will be played during daytime. Play-off semifinal matches will be played on February 9 with the HIL final on February 10. The venue for the semifinals and final is yet to be decided. All the matches will be live on Star Sports. “We are very pleased to announce the confirmed match schedule for the first ever Hockey India League, which will feature many of the big hockey stars from around the world,” Hockey India Secretary General and HIL Chairman Narinder Batra said. “It will be a real treat to hockey fans as they will see the toughest battles among the five teams. We are pretty sure that the HIL will become an unforgettable moment for all players, sponsors and spectators,” he added. HOCKEy LEgEND NO MORE: LESLIE CLAUDIUS PASSES AWAy: India's triple Olympic gold medallist and

Pakistan awaits tickets for cricket series in India LAHORE STAFF REPORT

A PCB source said that although a long list of requests had been received by the three travel agencies designated to handle the requests from Pakistanis wishing to travel to India for the matches, none had been processed due to non availability of tickets. The Pakistan Cricket Board is still awaiting the 3000 tickets promised to it by the BCCI for the muchanticipated Twenty20 and ODI series in India later this month. A PCB source said that although a long list of requests had been received by the three travel agencies designated to handle the requests from Pakistanis wishing to travel to India for the matches, none had been processed due to non availability of tickets. "The process outlined by the Indian High Commission is clear, the special visas will only be processed and issued if the applicants apply with tickets for the venues they

want to travel to," the source disclosed. "The problem facing the PCB and the travel agencies is that since they haven't got the tickets as yet from the BCCI, they can't process any of the requests." Another source said the BCCI had recommended names of some hotels where the Pakistani visitors can stay during their visit to India but even they are not yet complete. "The main problem is that the PCB has only authorised these three travel agencies to deal with requests for the matches in India. And until they don't have the tickets, they can't do anything," he said. The source feared that with time running out, the requests may have to be diverted to the last two ODIs particularly the last one in Delhi. "The PCB will only know how many tickets the BCCI has allocated for each venue when they get the tickets," the source said. The Pakistan team is due to leave for India on Saturday for the long-awaited series that will last till January 6. The source said the PCB was constantly reminding the BCCI to send the tickets.

Amir eyes April return LONDON AGEnCIES

Amir Khan is targeting April for his return to the ring and hopes a rematch with Danny Garcia can be made for later in 2013. After back-to-back losses against Lamont Peterson in December 2011 and then Garcia in July, Khan concluded 2012 on a more positive note last weekend with a 10th-round stoppage win over Carlos Molina at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. And looking to the year ahead, the Bolton fighter is planning for his next bout to be in around four months' time, with another showdown with Garcia who added Khan's WBA light-welterweight title to his WBC belt when he beat him - to come after that. Khan told Press Association Sport: "The next fight is going to be around April time. "That will give me a nice little break. Then I want to be back in the ring again and then trying for the rematch with Danny Garcia. "Next year should be a very good year for me. "In April I'm looking at it being a fight in the 140lbs

division for a world title, and then at unifying it with the Garcia fight - if he gets through his fight with Zab Judah (in February). "Boxing is a sport where one punch can change a fight, but hopefully he wins that fight, I get through mine in April and then maybe at the end of the year it will be a good fight with him." In what was the third defeat of his professional career, Khan was knocked to the floor three times by Garcia en

route to a fourth-round stoppage in Las Vegas. The 26-year-old has since switched trainers from Freddie Roach to Virgil Hunter and he feels confident mistakes he made against Philadelphian Garcia - who has indicated his willingness to fight Khan again if a satisfactory deal can be struck, but a reluctance for it to happen in England - would not be repeated in a rematch. "I was beating him (Garcia) convincingly and then got caught with a shot - I think I was beating him more easily for the first two or three rounds than I was Molina," Khan said. "I believe in myself in that fight. I got caught by a shot I shouldn't have been caught by. "Maybe I was too confident, thinking I was untouchable and that no-one could hurt me. "But it is all about regrouping myself and I will be back stronger now. "My new trainer is going to help me a lot - I already see a change in my style. "We are not going to make these mistakes again and we are not going to be giving opponents a chance now." In terms of his next opponent,

Khan acknowledged there has been "talk" about him taking on California's Josesito Lopez but hastened to add that "nothing has been finalised". He also confirmed he had not suffered fractures to his hands in the Molina fight. He said: "My hands are fine. I thought they might be fractured because they were quite painful after the fight. "After the number of shots I threw on Carlos Molina, you could see I was going to have injured hands, but it was only swelling. "There were no breakages or anything, so that is good." Further down the line, Khan is not ruling out the possibility of again facing Peterson, who claimed his WBA and IBF light-welterweight crowns by controversially beating him on points in Washington. Peterson subsequently failed a drugs test, with the WBA belt being returned to Khan, and the Briton is adamant the American must prove himself "100% clean" if they are to meet in the ring again. What certainly remains a goal for Khan is to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr, although he is keen to emphasise that it is a long-term aim.

one of the legends of the game of hockey, Leslie Claudius passed away here today after a prolonged illness. Claudius was suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and frequently needed hospitalization in the past couple of years. He was 85-years-old and is survived by wife and three sons. One of his sons Brandon lives with him in Kolkata and the other two sons live in Australia. In an illustrious career, Claudius had three Olympic gold medals - London 1948, Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956. At Rome in 1960, he led India to a silvermedal finish. Claudius was being treated at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a local hospital for abnormal fluid retention. "In fact his condition had got better yesterday and doctors were hopeful of discharging him. But today morning, it deteriorated," Brandon told PTI. In past last 11 months, Claudius had been hospitalised four times due to ill-health. Claudius was one of the five surviving members (Keshav Dutt, Grahanandan Singh, Jaswant Singh Rajput, and Balbir Singh Senior) of the 1948 squad that had won the gold in London when it hosted Olympics 64 years ago. One of the finest right-half and former captain, Claudius was also part of next three editions of the quadrennial extravaganza that won two gold and one silver, a record only matched by compatriot Udham Singh. In 1978, Claudius met with tragedy as he lost his younger son Robert (Bobby) in a fatal road accident. Bobby was considered very talented and had also represented India in the Mexico World Cup in 1978.

notts confirm Cowan signing

NEWSDESK Ed Cowan, the Australia opener, has been confirmed as Nottinghamshire's overseas signing for the first half of the 2013 season. Cowan, who will likely feature in the Ashes against England later in the summer, will be available for seven rounds of the Championship, as well as eight CB40 matches. The move, first reported on ESPNcricinfo, will give Cowan extra time to get used to batting in English conditions ahead of the Ashes. Notts will be his second county, after a stint with Gloucestershire in 2012, and the 30year-old has also played in England for Scotland and Oxford MCCU. He currently averages 34 in Test cricket after 11 matches, with one century. "I was very keen to play some Division One cricket and I'm pleased to have the opportunity to do that with Nottinghamshire," Cowan said. "There are a lot of good players at the Club and Trent Bridge is a great venue so I'm hoping to make a good contribution on and off the field." Nottinghamshire, who finished fifth in Division One in 2012, will look to recruit another overseas player after Cowan's departure. Last season, Adam Voges filled the overseas role, while David Hussey had previously been linked with a return to the club. Notts' director of cricket, Mike Newell, said: "Ed has an excellent record in Test cricket and there was an opportunity to sign him for a decent period given that a lot of Australian players were set to spend time in England on an A tour in preparation for the Ashes. Our priority was to find a player who we felt could score a good volume of runs in four day cricket but Ed has a good one day record as well and we're confident that he can make a difference for us."

friday, 21 December, 2012

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17 Sports Half-time talk fired us up: Lampard MADRID AGEnCIES

Frank Lampard revealed a dressingroom discussion at half-time sparked Chelsea's revival as they came from behind to beat Leeds 5-1 in the Capital One Cup quarter-finals. Chelsea had trailed to a Luciano Becchio strike but turned the match at Elland Road around with goals from Juan Mata, Branislav Ivanovic, Victor Moses, Eden Hazard and Fernando Torres. "We upped it," said Lampard on Sky Sports News. "In the first half we weren't at our best, a bit slow with the tempo of the game and we gave a away silly goal that allowed them to score. "Once we upped it with a bit of pace in our game you could see a big difference. "We had a word with ourselves at half-time." Chelsea flew back into London from the Club World Cup on Monday, but the journey from Japan did not appear to take any toll in the second half, especially once Mata equalised just a minute after the restart. Lampard said: "We didn't make the greatest preparation but there's no excuse, we had to up it. "The early goal gave us the impetus, we believed from then on and we didn't think we could lose the game.

wladimir to face Povetkin LONDON

ronaldo returns to Man united in Champions League



RISTIANO Ronaldo will return to Manchester United with ninetimes winners Real Madrid in the Champions League round of 16 and Lionel Messi's Barcelona take on AC Milan. Bayern Munich, last season's beaten finalists, play Arsenal and Juventus take on surprise qualifiers Celtic.

LAHore: Pakistan cricketers play during the second practice match at the Gaddafi Stadium. MurTAzA ALI

Big-spending Paris St Germain will face Valencia. But the fate of the two Spanish giants in Thursday's draw at UEFA headquarters attracted most interest and both were pitted against clubs with decades of European experience. Real, the Spanish champions, have been disappointing in La Liga this season and they finished second in their Champions League group behind Borussia Dortmund. But Ronaldo will be desperate for Real to rise to the occasion against the club at which he won the European Cup in 2008 and developed into a world-class forward. Real manager Jose Mourinho, once of Chelsea, will also come up against his old rival Alex Ferguson. "I'm sure it's going to be a special game for him (Ronaldo)," said Emilio Butragueno, Real Madrid's director of institutional relations. "I think the fans will be very, very happy with this very attractive, thrilling tie. "It will be a great experience for everybody." Barcelona are now 2-1 favourites to win the Champions League although they could hardly have picked a club with more experience of success in Europe in seven-times winners AC Milan when the competition resumes in mid-February. Messi has scored 90 goals in 2012 and has fired Barcelona to a nine-point lead in La Liga while Milan are 14 points adrift of Juventus in Serie A and finished second behind Malaga in their group.


The WBA have ordered the management companies of Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin to open talks over a fight next year. Klitschko became the WBA "super" champion following his victory over David Haye in July last year, while Povetkin is currently classified as the "regular" champion. The WBA declared ahead of the Klitschko v Haye bout that the victor should fight the winner of Povetkin's clash with Ruslan Chagaev last August. A timescale of 18 months was stipulated, and the WBA now want their two champions to face off before 26 February next year. Chris Meyer, managing director of Povetkin's representatives, Sauerland Event, said: "We have a four-week period to negotiate terms on the fight and will be in contact with the Klitschko management.

office bearers of SJAL elected LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The election of nSports Journalists Association of Lahore (SJAL) were held here on Thursday and Syed Ali Hashmi was elected as President and Ashraf Chaudhry and Aftab Tabi as Secretary and Treasurer for the next term of two years. The election meeting was chaired by senior journalist Sarfaraz Ahmad while former Secretary SJAL Asher Butt briefed all the members of the body about the amendments in the constitution which were finalized with consensus. The elections were observed by Sports Writers Association of Pakistan (SWAP) Vice President and representative of Sports Board Punjab, Sohail Ali. Syed Ali Hashmi of Samaa newswas elected as President, Ashraf Chaudhry of nawa-i-waqt as Secretary, Aftab Ahmad Tabi of news one as Treasurer for the two-year term while the other newly-elected members are Mona rana of BBC urdu, M Ali of Daily Times (Senior Vice Presidents), Shaikh Ijaz of waqt Tv, Musa warraich of Apna TV, zulqarnain Shaikh of Ary and Hafiz M Imran of waqt TV (Vice Presidents), Afzaal Chaudhry of Daily Khabrein, Abdul qayyum of Insaaf (Joint Secretaries) and Azhar Masood Khan of The nation Press Secretary. The executive committee comprises Sohail Ali (APP), Amir raza Khan (City42), Shahid Shaikh (Daily Jung), Shahzad Malik (Ary), farrukh Ata Butt (Jahan-e-Pakistan), Mansoor Ahmad Khan (frontier Post), Ghalib Bajwa (The news), Asher Butt (Pakistan Today), Abdur rauf Khan (nai Baat), fawad Asghar (Daily Insaaf) and Hafiz Shahbaz (nai Baat). The house also announced the new election commissioners for the next term which include Mukhtar Bhatti (free Lancer), Sarfraz Ahmad (The news) and raza Hameed (Daily Dunya).

friday, 21 December, 2012

farah has Chelsea hit back to thump surpassed the Leeds in League Cup greats: Salazar LEEDS AGEnCIES

Chelsea brought a ray of light to a largely miserable December when they reached the Capital One (League) Cup semi-finals after a 5-1 triumph at second tier Leeds United on Wednesday. The Londoners, dumped out of the Champions League as holders and beaten in the Club World Cup final already this month as dubious fans adjust to interim boss Rafa Benitez, went a goal down before storming back to set up a last-four tie with Swansea City. Leeds, rivals of Chelsea after a series of fractious games between the sides since an infamous 1970 FA Cup final, went ahead on 37 minutes through Luciano Becchio after Chelsea defender David Luiz had again charged up field and lost the ball. Chelsea, who had numerous chances in a rain-hit first half, struck back through Juan Mata just after the break

when his shot from the edge of the box following a fine move foxed the goalkeeper. Branislav Ivanovic headed in

Frank Lampard's corner at the near post to make it 2-1 on 64 minutes and forward Victor Moses soon increased the lead when he fired in after a mazy run. Eden Hazard then latched on to David Luiz's long pass before Fernando Torres completed the scoring for a strong Chelsea lineup, who host Villa in the Premier League on Sunday lying third. Swansea, Villa and fourth tier Bradford City, who stunned Arsenal, had already progressed to the last four last week as they chase England's secondary knockout trophy which provides a Europa League berth. Chelsea are at home to Swansea in the first leg in the week starting January 7 while Bradford host Villa. The second legs take place in the week commencing January 21. "The reaction in the second half was fantastic, especially with travelling back from Japan (World Club Cup) and having jet lag," Benitez told Sky Sports television.


Mo Farah's double gold at London 2012 was the greatest distance running achievement in history, according to his coach Alberto Salazar. The Briton claimed both the 10,000 and 5,000 metres titles at the Olympic Stadium. And Salazar reckons the level of competition at the moment means the 29-year-old's feat eclipses those of Lasse Viren, who won both crowns in 1972 and 1976, and Emil Zatopek, who also won the marathon in a long-distance treble in 1952. "I would say that he did it against better competition than has ever been done before," Salazar told Radio 5 Live's 'Super Coaches' programme. "There is clearly no doubt. I know Viren did it twice, I know others did it before that, Zatopek and so forth, (but) distance running now is more competitive by far than it ever has been before.

United to face Real in UCL MADRID AGEnCIES

Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Old Trafford to face Manchester United after Real Madrid were drawn against his old side in the last 16 of the Champions League. It will also pit Jose Mourinho against Sir Alex Ferguson in the most mouthwatering tie of the first knock-out round of Europe's top club competition. The only other English side, Arsenal will face last season's beaten finalists Bayern Munich, while Celtic will take on Itali a n

champions Juventus as they look for a place in the quarter-finals. In the other matches, Barcelona will take on AC Milan, German champions Borussia Dortmund face Shakhtar Donetsk, Valencia play Paris St Germain, Porto tackle Spanish side Malaga and Galatasaray will come up against Schalke. United have a slight advantage over Real in that as group winners they will get to play the second leg at home. Arsenal and Celtic, who were group runners-up, will both play their second legs away. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 118 goals in 292 appearances for United, but it was another Ronaldo - the Brazilian striker - who took the honours when the clubs last faced each other in 2003, scoring a hat-trick at Old Trafford as Real went through 6-5 on aggregate. The clubs first met in the European Cup in April 1957, when Real triumphed 5-3 in the semi-final. Ronaldo's last match for United was in the Champions League final defeat by Barcelona, after which he moved to Madrid for a world record ÂŁ80million transfer fee. Celtic boss Neil Lennon called his side's draw against Ju-

ventus "a beauty" but very tough. Lennon said: "Well in terms of glamour it's a beauty. Juventus are one of the great traditional European teams. They're current Italian champions and finished the group stage very strongly. So in terms of glamour it's great, in terms of qualification it is going to very tough, but it could have been any of the other teams and it would have been just as tough. "We will take it as it comes, we're looking forward to the games now and I'm sure our supporters will be as well. "We believe over two games anything is possible. Juventus are littered with world-class stars and have been very consistent over the last 18 months and have got a great winning mentality, but so have we. "To come through the group as impressively as we did, you just never know where you'll be in a month or two's time in terms of fitness and form." AC Milan sporting director Umberto Gandini told "Last season we faced them twice (the group stage and quarter-finals), this time only once fortunately. We are now used to playing in Catalonia. "We are improving and I'm

sure we will continue to do so until February. "We face a perfect machine even if they had more problems than usual this season in the group stage. Let's just hope we will qualify this time around. "This is the highest hurdle we could face but if we manage to pass it we can go all the way." Barca coach Tito Vilanova was having cancer treatment on his parotid gland on Thursday before undergoing six weeks of chemotherapy. Gandini said in support: "We are all very close to Tito Vilanova and his family and we wish him all the best for his surgery. "We hope he will be on the bench against us."

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Sports 18

Australian Open prize money raised to record levels MEBLURNE AGEnCIES


Singapore Cycling gets fitted out SINgAPORE: Fitskuul is an independent bike fit practice and cycling knowledge broker and the company will now work with the OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team as they plan to compete in 25 races in 2013, including the Tour de Langkawi in February. The OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team is in its second season and the team relies heavily on external support from corporate partners. Among the bike fitting technology Fitskuul brings to the table is Retul which uses infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) to precisely track a rider's movement. From there, dynamic real time data can be collected by the system to help Fitskuul optimize a rider's position. AGEnCIES

USTRALIAN Open organisers increased prize money for the early losers at the opening grand slam of the season to record levels on Thursday, a move which is likely to quell player unrest and end talk of a strike. The Australian Open will now pay more prize money per round than any other tournament, with increases also coming in doubles and qualifying matches, but mixed doubles saw a money freeze. The biggest increases were for first round losers in the men's and women's singles, who will now receive A$27,600 ($29,000), representing a 32.7 percent boost from 2012, with those exiting in the second round taking home $45,500, up 36.6 percent. The move is likely to appease the players council, led by 17-times grand slam champion Roger Federer, who had been calling for more revenue from the four elite tournaments to be passed down to those hitting the shots. "Our motivation is to make a major contribution toward helping ensure professional tennis players can make a decent living," Craig Tiley, the Australian Open tournament director, said in a statement. "As we have said in the past, it is a real issue and needs to be urgently addressed throughout the sport." In October, Tiley's team announced that the players would be vying for a share of a record A$30 million for the Jan. 14-27 event without giving the breakdown of how that money would be divided. Serbia's Novak Djokovic and Victoria Azarenka of Belarus pocketed A$2.3 million each for their singles successes and a repeat next month in Melbourne would give them A$2.43 million. While the multi millionaires at the top of the game will appreciate the extra rewards, the players scrambling to make the top 100 of the men's and women's rankings and those who mainly compete in doubles will be happier. At the 2012 event, Israeli doubles veterans Jonathan Erlich and Andy Ram shared A$9,500 for their first-round loss to the American Bryan brothers, offering little in the way of winnings once expenses had been taken into account. A similar result next month will see the pair collect A$12,500. "That is why the biggest increases are in the earlier rounds, qualifying and doubles which in effect rewards a lot of the lower-ranked players for their

achievements which, by the way, should not be undersold," "To just reach the main draw of a slam, a professional tennis player has to be among the top 100 in what is one of, if not the most, competitive professional sport in the world," Tiley added. "At the same time, we also still want to continue to recognise the incredible drawing power and contribution of the top players." On Monday, the men's governing body, the ATP, gave a lukewarm response to the U.S. Open increasing prize money for the 2013 edition by $4 million to a record $29.5 million. "The ATP remains committed to continuing discussions on this issue, with the objective of ensuring that the players' share of the revenues at the U.S. Open truly reflects the value that they generate for the event," the body said. Tiley said his team had been in full discussion with the players and tours before announcing their increases with more likely to come "It is always a balance which is why we undertook unprecedented consultation on this subject with the tours and players who have been extremely supportive," Tiley said.

LTA told to cash in on Murray effect LONDON AGEnCIES

If they hoped Andy Murray would have a Pied Piper effect after emerging as a grand slam champion, those who run British tennis have been sorely disappointed after figures revealed the country's crumbling public courts are standing empty. While world number three Murray's magnificent year and the rise of two young women into the top 50 has put a healthy gloss on 2012, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), so often hounded for a perceived failure to grow the sport, is under fire again. Sport England, the government body which distributes money to grassroots sport, announced this week that the LTA was in danger of having its funding drastically reduced unless participation levels begin to rise. "They need a stronger plan, they need the right skills to deliverit and they need to have feedback so they know what is working and change it fast if it's not working," Sport England's chief exec-

utive Jennie Price said after announcing the winners and losers in its 493 million pounds handouts. The LTA, which also enjoys a considerable windfall from Wimbledon profits, received 24.5 million pounds from Sport England for the period 200913 but over the next four years the amount available to tennis will fall to 17.4 million pounds. Of that figure 10.3 million pounds is being ring-fenced and will only be released if the LTA shows it can capitalise on Murray's U.S. Open and Olympic triumphs by enticing the country's youth to pick up a tennis racket during 2013. Sport England figures said that the total number of people playing tennis for 30 minutes each week had dropped 10 percent since 2008 despite the millions at the disposal of the LTA through Wimbledon profits and government funding. While acknowledging the LTA's successes over the past year, Sport England said it had to prove it was doing enough to continue growing the numbers swinging a racket. "The LTA has taken a while to grasp

that is a different market place now and you have to build participation despite so much competition out there. "You can't just shout, 'I am tennis, here's my product', the

sport has to start instead understanding what their customer wants. It has taken the LTA some time to understand this." "For the first time we have created a specific fund to reward success by (National Governing Bodies) who prove they can grow their sports. This is about backing winners," she added. Murray's success over the past five years has masked a lack of depth among British men with the next best ranked player being Jamie Baker down at 246. France have 10 players inside the top 100. Even Murray's rise is often used as a stick to beat the LTA as the Scot packed his bags for Spain as a teenager in order to maximise his talent rather than continue with a British system mired in mediocrity. Thanks to the rise of Heather Watson and Laura Robson, the women's outlook is brighter although a common thread at many junior tournaments around the country is a noticeable lack of young girls competing. The LTA said it would continue pushing the sport at grassroots and elite level.

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fitness scare for Serena williams NEW YORK AGEnCIES

Serena Williams has undergone surgery on both big toes, raising question marks about her fitness for next month's Australian Open. The American, who dominated the second half of the 2012 season, has withdrawn from a scheduled exhibition match in Thailand at the end of this month following last week's "minor procedure". A doctor's letter said Williams "was treated for a chronic foot disorder which involved minor procedures on both of her great toes." The Wimbledon and US Open champion had been due to face Victoria Azarenka in Hua Hin on December 29 but that will not now happen. Li Na has been drafted in to replace her. Williams' next scheduled appearance is at the Brisbane International, which begins on December 30. The Australian Open, a tournament Williams has won five times, begins on January 14.

oneAsia Tour to host qualifying school FLORIDA AGEnCIES

The OneAsia golf circuit will hold a qualifying school in California next month to cater for the growing number of Asian golfers based on the U.S. west coast, the tour said on Wednesday. The final stage of the American Q-school would take place at the Industry Hills Golf Club at Pacific Palms from Jan. 29 to Feb. 1, the tour said in a statement. There will also be a final stage school taking place in Malaysia the following week. "As we enter our fifth season, there has been phenomenal interest in OneAsia from around the world and we feel that holding one of our Q-School tournaments in the United States will satisfy that demand," OneAsia's Chairman and Commissioner Sang Y. Chun said in a statement. "With our tournaments all offering a minimum purse of around $1 million, it is hardly surprising that interest in OneAsia has spread outside the region. In just four years we have become a major golf brand with international recognition." Chun said holding a qualifying tournament in California made sense as more Asia-Pacific players were going to college on the U.S. western seaboard. It also offers facilities generally unavailable in Korea and northern China during the winter.

Woods plays down McIlroy rivalry NEW YORK AGEnCIES

Tiger Woods insists it is far too early to be talking up any kind of rivalry between himself and Rory McIlroy. McIlroy now holds the title of undisputed world number one after claiming four PGA Tour victories - including a major, the PGA Championship - in 2012. Such a position was long held by Woods and with the American finding his feet once more with three wins of his own this year, the pair are often said to have a burgeoning ri-

valry. However, Woods believes until the pair have gone head to head in a major event, talks of any great rivalry are premature. "Rory McIlroy had a wonderful year, and my hat is off to him," Woods wrote on his official blog. "He deserved Player of the Year. "Whether we develop a rivalry remains to be seen. Let's just let it play out and see where it takes us. We'll look at the results the next five or 10 years and see if it becomes a rivalry or not. "We'll have to win big events and play each other down the stretch. That hasn't happened yet. We've only played each other at Honda down the stretch. "We need a lot more of those type of battles, but in bigger events."

mcilroy wins writers’ gong NEW yORK: Another day, another award for both Rory McIlroy and Roger Chapman. They have landed Player of the Year awards from the Golf Writers Association of America along with women's world number three Stacy Lewis. The announcement comes 24 hours after McIlroy won the European Tour Golfer of the Year title and 53-year-old Chapman, surprise winner of back-to-back majors on the US senior tour, was given honorary life membership of the European circuit. AGEnCIES

friday, 21 December, 2012

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19 CeC vows to go ahead with delimitation in Karachi g

MQM calls move unconstitutional, PML-N backs sC, ECP order ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT


HIEF Election Commissioner (CEC) Justice (r) Fakhruddin G Ebrahim on Thursday said the task of drawing up new constituency boundaries in Karachi would be completed in the light of Supreme Court’s orders despite reservations of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement.

On the other hand, MQM expressed serious concern over the move, saying the delimitation was unfair, unconstitutional and synonymous to pre-poll rigging. Talking to reporters on Thursday outside the ECP, MQM’s Farooq Sattar said delimitation in Karachi was a conspiracy to stage a conflict between various communities living in the metropolis. “Why is Karachi being singled out for delimitation? If it’s necessary for free and fair elections, we demand new constituencies across the country,” the MQM lawmaker said. “There is no need for delimitation in Karachi alone,” he added. Sattar said that MQM had challenged the delimitation process in the city, adding that new census was necessary for delimitation. He said the move

would be worst for peace in the city. He said the ECP was working on the delimitation issue against the written stance and retracting from its stance due to pressure. Meanwhile, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Zafar Iqbal Jhagra said his party supported new delimitation in Karachi. Talking to reporters, Jhagra said the development would be beneficial for all citizens of Karachi. He said all political parties must support and stand by the Supreme Court and ECP decision of new delimitation in Karachi. The PML-N leader said the process of new delimitation in Karachi should be completed before the general elections so that it could not be used as an excuse to delay the polls.

Earlier, CEC Ebrahim chaired a consultative ECP meeting that reviewed issues of dual nationalities, correction of electoral rolls as well as delimitation of constituencies in Karachi in light of SC judgment. In the meeting, representatives of 15 political parties, including the PPP, PMLN, PML-Q, MQM, JI, Sunni Tehreek, JUIF, JUP and PTI discussed various important administrative matters pertaining to upcoming general election. MQM’s Farooq Sattar gave vent to party’s reservations over delimitations before the ECP meeting. In reply to MQM’s objections, CEC Ebrahim said measures were being taken for delimitation in Karachi as ordered by the apex court.

Thousands of polio workers Original Reko Diq mining agreement tampered with: CJ still without security cover ISLAMABAD


Two polio vaccinators shot at in Multan but remain safe


Thousands of polio workers in Punjab, mostly women, are still working without police escorts with a fresh attack on teams in Multan exposing the government’s “indifference” despite incidents of gruesome killings of vaccinators in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. After attacks on polio teams in Karachi, Peshawar and Charsadda, Interior Minister Rehman Malik told reporters that the government had given directions to polio teams to get police security before heading out on vaccination drives, which the victims apparently had not followed. On Thursday, two female polio workers had to rush for cover to save their lives when unidentified men opened fire on them in Shah Faisal Colony in Multan district. Lady health workers (LHWs) Khalida and Aasia remained unhurt in the incident that occurred in Shah Rukn-e-Alam police precincts. Multan SSP Operations Gohar Nafees confirmed the incident, saying the attackers would soon be arrested. However, he said the incident could not be linked to firing incidents targeting polio workers in Karachi and parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that had resulted in killings of polio workers. The three-day polio drive concluded on Wednesday (December 19), however, the two LHWs went to the residence of Ameer Khan Pathan to vaccinate his kids against polio on Thursday, a day reserved to immunise left out children. The SSP said there might be a possibility that LHWs were not targeted and

it was an incident of aerial firing probably meant to scare them away. Statements of the two workers were being recorded for legal action against the accused, he added. Sources in the Health Department told Pakistan Today that a polio team working in Samanabad area of Lahore had received threats on Wednesday, prompting the ‘demoralised’ lady health workers (LHWs) to go on a strike but they were later lured back to work. Unfortunately Pakistan, with 56 cases of polio so far, remains one of the three countries in the world where this preventable virus still occurs, the other two being Afghanistan and Nigeria. India despite having a huge population, completely eradicated the virus last year. International agencies have already warned that if the country fails to curb polio by June next year, international embargo will follow. To cope with the menace, the federal government, with help of international donors and UN agencies, organised a National Immunisation Day in this regard and vowed to completely eradicate polio from Pakistan. The Punjab government, on its part, took up the matter seriously with Chief Secretary Nasir Khosa himself chairing a meeting of all DCOs, and passing strict instructions to implement an anti-polio drive. Each DCO is the chairman of the district polio eradication committee with thousands of teams placed at points such as bus stands and railways stations, while many others going door-to-door. According to the district health authorities, in Lahore alone, around 6,000 indi-

viduals, around half of them women, are participating in the drive. The government has decided to have one female member in each team and they mostly include LHWs, officials from the education, revenue and other government departments. Lahore Health EDO Inamul Haq said the polio teams, especially females, feel threatened after the killings. “The parents don’t feel like sending their girls on the drive because of the obvious threat, but we have motivated them. The incidents of threat by unidentified men in Samanabad also took place, but threats and refusals cannot diminish our resolve to eradicate polio,” he said. The government is responsible of ensuring security to the polio teams, but the timings of the vaccination teams is such that it is not possible to get police escort all the time. “The teams start work at 6am and work until late hours,” he said, adding that the female workers are working on meagre salaries. Talking to Pakistan Today, Punjab government spokesman Senator Pervaiz Rashid said, “We will give complete security to the polio teams and the Multan assailants have already been arrested. We have strict discipline ensured and have directed our party workers to cooperate with the polio teams.” “We have also passed on directions to police headquarters to provide security to the polio staff,” he added. According to a senior WHO officer involved in the polio drive, Dr Nima Saeed the programme was in full swing in eight districts and partially in five districts. “Around 40,000 people, more than 70 percent of whom are females, are working on the polio drive in Punjab,” she added.


H earing the Reko Diq lease case on Thursday, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said that additional documents were used to tamper with the original form of the Reko Diq agreement. A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court was hearing the case consisting of identical petitions filed against the federal government’s decision to lease out gold and copper mines in Reko Diq in Balochistan’s Chagai district to Tethyan Copper Company (TCC) — a Canadian and Chilean consortium of Barrick Gold and Antofagasta Minerals. Reko Diq sits over the popular Tethyan copper belt and is known to have the fifth largest deposits of gold and copper in the world. The chief justice enquired what issues sprang up after the passing of several years that new documents had to be released. Counsel for TCC, Khalid Anwar, said BHP had not done anything unlawful, nor had it pressurised anyone into signing the joint agreement. Anwar added that the Balochistan governor had given permission to the

chairman of Balochistan Development Authority (BDA) for the joint agreement. The counsel said it was not the Balochistan government, but BHP, which was being plundered, as it had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for mineral exploration. In his remarks, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry said additional documents had been used to tamper with the agreement’s original form. He added that in the joint agreement, the BDA, not the provincial governor, was a party. The chief justice moreover inquired the need for delegating powers held by the provincial governor to the BDA chairman, observing that from 1993 to 2000, no issue was reported in the Reko Diq agreement.

SC to say final word on CNG prices today ISLAMABAD KASHIF AbbASI

In one way or the other, the suffering of motorists will expectedly come to an end today (Friday) when the Supreme Court (SC) announces its judgment in the CNG price case after having heard all stakeholders over the issue. A two-member SC bench headed by Justice Jawwad S Khwaja reserved its judgement on Thursday after hearing all parties. Earlier, the Supreme Court had ordered slashing of CNG prices by Rs 30 and ordered OGRA to ensure there was no change of prices until the matter was decided. Following the orders, CNG retailers and dealers went on an unofficial strike, severely affecting routine life of motorists. However, once the judgment is announced, likely today (Friday), CNG dealers will have to open stations. The CNG associations, through their counsels, on Thursday requested the court to fix the price of CNG at Rs 73 per kilogramme. However, Justice Khwaja said, “Fixing the prices is OGRA’s job … we will not intervene in the independence of OGRA.” A letter has been received by the SC wherein it is stated that CNG owners are still reaping profit, he added. The court observed that five years had passed but CNG station owners were yet to fulfil the conditions delineated in the licences, adding that OGRA should have cancelled all such licences. Abid Hassan Manto, appearing on behalf of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL), argued that the company only supplied gas to consumers, while the government fixed its prices. Salman Akram Raja

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.

Editor: Arif Nizami

contended that in 2003-04, a benchmark was set that by 2011-12 the companies would bring unaccounted for gas (UFG) theft to a level of 4.5. He said the SNGPL and SSGPL had independent boards. “The successive governments have plundered these companies for extraneous reasons.” Raja asked should the companies be allowed to do politics and the people let burdened by increased gas prices. Upon this, Justice Khwaja said: “Everybody is working to take money out from peoples’ pockets.” Raja said 1,100 employees were inducted in gas utilities with a stroke of pen, adding that due to high employees, the UFG had increased to seven percent. He said the real issue was UFG, adding that four fertilizer plants in Punjab had been shut for the last two to four months. Dr Waqar Masood, the petroleum secretary, informed the bench that a committee had been formed under the chairmanship of the federal law minister during ECC meeting. The secretary said the government had its own concerns and reservations over the CNG prices. Justice Khwaja said they had stayed the CNG prices, which were under debate across the country, however, the court would not be influenced by the debate. Talking to reporters later, APCNGA Chairman Ghayas Paracha demanded the government to reopen 700 stations “illegally” closed down across the country. Paracha demanded gas load-shedding be at least minimised, if not stopped. He said they were not suggesting prices to OGRA, rather informing about expenses.

friday, 21 December, 2012

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e-paper pakistantoday 21st December, 2012  

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