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sPorTs Friday, 16 August, 2013

appeal for pride of perforMance award for world chaMpion aSif

LAHORE: The Pakistan Billiard and Snooker Association has appealed to the Government to award President’s Pride of Performance award to world snooker champion, Muhammad Asif for his unique feat of winning the World title. “He has brought a big laurel for the country and we strongly believe that awarding him the Pride of Performance award is the best way to acknowledge his achievement at world level,” said Alamgir A Shaikh, President PBSA here on Thursday. He said ace snooker player, Asif is also the winner of the Asian 6Red Snooker Champion which enhances the image of the country at international level. “In spite of repeated assurances and confirmation from the Director General, Pakistan Sports Board, Amir Hamza Gillani that they have nominated the name of Asif for the Pride of Performance it is surprising to note that he has not yet been nominated for the prestigious award,” he said adding, “He is the most deserving player for the award and awarding the Pride of Perforward award will help suppor the cause of snooker in Pakistan at all levels,” He further appealed to the Government to release the cash wards money to him for his world and Asian titles. “Almost seven months have been passed by and Muhammad Asif is still awaiting his due announcement of Cash Award of Rs. 10Million (Gold Medal) and the recent Rs. 5 Million (Gold Medal) as per the National Sports Policy for winning the World and Asian titles for Pakistan”, he added. STAFF REPORT

There are two theories on hitting the knuckleball. Unfortunately, neither of them works. –Charley Lau

afridi turnS focuS to perforM like MiSbah P LAHORE


AKISTAN’S former captain Shahid Khan Afridi has shown his desperation to be consistent in his performance and for that his entire concentration is on improving his skills both as a batsman and as a bowler. “I have no intention to regain captaincy but my entire focus is to work on improving my performance. But the current spell of rains has disrupted the training sessions and now we are despite limited recourses practicing indoors to gain maximum out of the available facilities,” he said while taking to journalists here at the National Cricket Academy on Thursday. He further said that the West Indies series has given the youngsters a great boost and now with the bowlers the batsmen should also deliver during the upcoming tour of Zimbabwe. “Captain Misbahul Haq has complete support of the team and is performing brilliantly. I would also under his captaincy want to be consistent in my performance like he (Misbah) has been doing and my whole focus is to perform to win matches for the country,” he maintained. He further said that the upcoming series after the Zimbabwe tour against South Africa after the Sri Lanka series is relatively tough and the team has to work very hard for that.

“It is very disappointing that international cricket is not being played in Pakistan which is damaging the game in the country. But there is a need to improve the domestic structure to have quality players,” he added. Afridi further stated that the team is prepared for any kind of tournament and said that the selectors should have picked youngsters for the Zimbabwe series which

would have given the upcoming players healthy practice before the World Cup. “Had I opted out of the Zimbabwe series, there would have a lot of criticism and the step should have taken by the selectors,” he added. He further stated that there is a need to unearth talent by orgsinsing tournaments at different levels throughout the country.

Pakistan likely to play d/n Tests with sri lanka LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Pakistan and Sri Lankan cricket boards are planning to organizing a day/night Test series at the end of this year in UAE. The series between the two countries to be held later this in UAE will be held in December. The two of three Tests on the tour are scheduled in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and these could be potential venues to host the day-night Test. It has been learnt from an official of PCB that the talks are underway with Sri Lankan board. However, no decision has been made yet. Dubai sports city has also been made aware about the plan. In October last year, ICC approved the recommendation of its Cricket Committee for day/night Test matches. Teams now have liberty to decide on whether to play a day or a day/night Tests. Both teams are allowed; to decide the timings of the play, the playing

hours should be minimum six hours; and to decide the color of the ball. PCB was one of the first boards who welcomed this decision of ICC along

Cricket Australia. Pakistan Test Captain Misbah ul Haq also hailed the decision. Pakistan has been experimenting this in domestic first-class Quaid-e-

Azam trophy. The finals of 2010-11 and 2011-12 editions were played under floodlights. The ICC last year approved the idea of day-night Test matches but left it to member boards to decide on the hours of play and the colour of the ball to be used. No board so far has considered playing day-night Tests, but the PCB has shown interest in trying out the format. The board has organised day-night first-class matches and a few MCC fixtures in Abu Dhabi have also been played under lights. Pakistan will host Sri Lanka in the UAE between December 2013 and January 2014 for a bilateral series that includes three Tests, five ODIs and two Twenty20s. The series, the second bilateral contest between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the UAE, will be played in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The first Test has been scheduled for December 31 in Dubai, while Abu Dhabi and Sharjah will host the second and third Tests, from January 8 and January 16.

Trent Woodhill suggests on field third umpire MUMBAI BIPIN dANI

Trent Woodhill, who recently had a short stint with the Pakistani team as its batting coach and served the New Zealand team as its assistant coach, has suggested the novel idea of having one more on-field umpire. Speaking exclusively over telephone from Australia, where his wife recently gave birth to a first baby-boy, he says, “instead of continuing on down the road of technological advancement that, regardless of what the Warren Brennan’s (HotSpot inventor) of the world would have you believe, is not improving decision making, what if we went back to the ability of the human being to make the right decision the majority of the time and in real time”. “We currently have only two on field umpires performing several tasks such as the front foot no ball to the square leg umpire ruling on the height of a delivery. What if cricket went one step further and had an umpire directly behind the keeper, (similar to baseball) who could adjudicate on catches behind the wicket in consultation, when and if needed, with the umpire at the bowlers end. The bowlers end umpire would ultimately still have the final say on the

decision”, Woodhill, the coach in one of the IPL teams (Delhi Darevills), said.

“This would quicken up the decision making process and if there is any doubt the on field umpires

could go upstairs to the video umpire to look over available video evidence to confirm the decision by the on field umpires. It would get rid of the DRS by the players and make it only available to the three standing umpires and only when a decision is inconclusive rather than from the badgering of the players”. “We currently have a fourth official that is basically just a water boy for the standing officials who could immediately fill the ‘behind the keeper’ role. Every other moving sport such as Rugby, Football, AFL, Gridiron, baseball has officials in the thick of the action. Thus there is no reason why the extra umpire would get in the way and should help the on field umpires get back to making decisions without faulty technology impeding the game”, Woodhill added. The DRS (Decision Referral System) was seen as the technological advancement of modern cricket. Television stations worldwide-developed concepts such as ‘snicko’, ‘Hawkeye’ & ‘hot spot’, their inventors claiming foolproof status and no doubt cashed in on the added drama it offered a telecast. Though players and coaches remained extremely suspicious by what these gimmicks were, not only showing on the television but also the effect it is having on the game.

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