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Nation must decide if it’s with Taliban or against them: Altaf

NA speaker calls for policies in support of rural women

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Monday, 15 October, 2012 Dhual-Qi’da 27, 1433

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Doctors satisfied with Malala’s improvement g



UAE dispatches plane to airlift injured girl for further medical treatment Doctors say Malala making ‘slow and steady’ progress as expected in such cases No decision yet on flying her abroad for treatment ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI AGEnCiES

Doctors treating Malala Yousafzai on Sunday expressed satisfaction over the improvement in the condition of 14-year girl injured by the Taliban. Pakistan’s Ambassador to UAE Jamil Ahmed Khan told a private television network that the UAE was sending an aircraft to evacuate the girl for further treatment abroad. The plane was to fly from UAE at 3am. Earlier in the day, doctors at Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC) reviewed Malala’s condition and expressed satisfaction over the improvement. “Malala is making slow and steady progress which is in keeping with expectations as recovery of this type of injury is always slow,” the ISPR said. Doctors were monitoring her condition closely and a detailed medical check up was to be carried out on Sunday evening. The ISPR said Malala was still on ventilator in the intensive care unit (ICU) and a board of doctors was continuously monitoring her condition. A special medical team comprising specialists from abroad, senior specialists from civil set up and senior doctors from the Pakistan Army were keeping vigilance on Malala’s health round the clock, it added.The shooting of Malala Yousafzai has been denounced worldwide and by the Pakistani authorities, who have offered a reward of more than $100,000 for the capture of her attackers.On Saturday she showed signs of improvement by moving her hands and feet, though she was still unconscious and on a ventilator.“Doctors have reviewed Malala’s condition and are satisfied,” military spokesman Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa said on Sunday.He said no decision had yet been made on whether to send Malala abroad for treatment. “We are waiting for the doctors’ decision — we are ready to follow the doctors’ advice,” he said.The coldblooded murder attempt has sickened the country, where Malala came to prominence with a blog for the BBC highlighting atrocities under the Taliban, who terrorised the Swat valley from 2007 until a 2009 army offensive.Activists say the shooting should be a wake-up call to whose who advocate appeasement with the Taliban. But analysts suspect there will be no significant change in a country that has sponsored radicalism for decades.Thousands of people gathered in Karachi for a rally in support of Malala, organised by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).MQM leader Altaf Hussain called the attack claimed by the Taliban a shameful and cowardly act.Ahmad Shah, an SHO in Mingora, said nearly 200 people were detained over the shooting, including the bus driver and a school watchman.But most had been released.The shooting has heightened speculation that the army may finally launch a long-rumoured offensive against the Taliban in their stronghold of North Waziristan, on the Afghan border.

Pakistan wants anti-Taliban drive on both sides of border Pakistan to seek US military action against Fazlullah’s Swat Taliban g Attack on Malala proved last nail for Pakistani policy makers g Hot pursuits against Fazlullah’s men also being contemplated g




AKISTAN has decided to seek military action by the US and NATO forces against Maulvi Fazlullah, chief of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Swat chapter who is currently hiding in Afghanistan and is responsible for ordering the failed assassination attempt on Malala Yousafzai. Pakistan has been long urging the US and other NATO member states as well as Afghan authorities to eliminate the hideouts of Fazlullah, also known as ‘Radio Mullah’ and hundreds of his followers, who crossed over the border into Afghanistan after being defeated in 2009

by the army in a military offensive in Swat. The life attempt on Malala has, however, led the Pakistani authorities to conclude that there was no other option but to get rid of Fazlullah and his followers and for that, US would be urged afresh and asked strongly to launch military action against the fugitive Taliban leader, believed to be hiding in Kunar and Nuristan provinces of Afghanistan. Pakistani investigators were already suspecting the involvement of Fazlullah in the failed attempt assassination attempt on Malala. But on Friday, Sirajuddin Ahmad, a spokesman for the Swat Taliban, told a foreign news wire service that two killers from Fazlullah’s special hit squad had been sent to target the young schoolgirl, thus confirming the

suspicions of officials probing into the unfortunate incident. “Pakistan has also contemplated upon going for the ‘hot pursuit’ against Fazlullah and his fellow militants, who have in the recent past carried out several deadly attacks on Pakistani border posts from the Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nuristan and killed dozens of the Pakistani soldiers in Dir and Chitral districts in the process,” said a source, seeking anonymity. Nonetheless, Pakistani authorities’ first priority was to demand the US and NATO go for action against the Radio Mullah, take him out and eliminate all hideouts of the Swat Taliban on Afghan soil. The source said the attack on Malala by Fazlullah group could also be a part of

Taliban plan to restart their movement in Swat and Pakistani authorities were looking into the possibility. A Pakistani diplomat said on condition of anonymity that Pakistan would take up the Fazlullah issue with the United States soon. However, he also confirmed the disappointment in the Pakistani policy-making circles over the lack of action by the US and NATO forces so far against the terrorists wanted by Islamabad for serious crimes in Swat, Dir, Chitral and Bajaur Agency. “We hope our allies would not fail us now on this count and take swift and effective military action against Fazlullah and hundreds of other terrorists who have been involved in the killing of Pakistani citizens and soldiers,” he said.

Petrol, CNG down, everything else up! ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to cut petrol and CNG prices, while raising the rates of other petroleum products. The new rates will be effective from Sunday midnight. The petrol price has been decreased by Rs 2.9 per litre and CNG by Rs 1.91 per kilogram. On the other hand, the price of High Speed Diesel has been raised by Rs 3.16; Kerosene Oil by Rs 1.92; Light Diesel Oil by Rs 1.23; and High Octane Blending Component (HOBC), by Rs.2.95 per litre. After revision in prices, the new prices are: Petrol, Rs 103.46; High Speed Diesel (HSD), Rs 113.62; Kerosene Oil, Rs 103.87; and Light Diesel, Rs 97.93 per litre. Moreover, the Finance Ministry also approved a reduction in CNG price by Rs 1.91 per kilogram in Region-1 (Potohar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan) and Rs 1.75 in Region-2 (Sindh, Punjab), effective from October 15. nnI

Shia killed, three others injured in Quetta sectarian attack

THE EDGE OF SPACE: Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner sits at the edge of a launch capsule before successfully attempting jump from an altitude of 71,581 feet. Story on page 24

QUETTA: A man was killed and three others injured in an act of sectarian violence in Quetta on Sunday evening. Police said Haji Mohammad Ishaq, owner of a jewellery shop, was leaving for home with his brother and two other family members when two armed men on motorcycle opened indiscriminate fire on them just outside the shop. As a result, Ishaq was killed on the spot, while the other three got seriously injured and were rushed to Combined Military Hospital. Doctors said the condition of one of the injured was serious. DIG Operations Hamid Shakeel confirmed the killing of the jeweller and said all people attacked belonged to the Hazara Shia community. He said investigation was underway and police was looking at all aspects of the incident. Abu Bakar Siddiq, spokesman for banned organisation Lashkare-Jhangvi, called up newspapers’ offices and claimed responsibility for the attack. He also warned journalists against not carrying his statement in the wake of Supreme Court order that bars the media from publishing such statements. Shahzada zulfIqar

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President to launch anti-polio drive today

iNfOtaiNMeNt Man cooking squirrel destroys eight apartments

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Bomb recovered near Gilani’s public meeting venue MULTAN: The police foiled a bid to target public gathering of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani as it recovered and defused a bomb near the rally’s venue on Sunday. According to details, the police found a locally manufactured bomb weighing one kilogramme from Nagshah Chowk of Multan where Gilani was going to deliver an address. Police claimed the bomb would have caused massive human losses if it had exploded during the public gathering. The same locality was targeted with two bomb explosions on Saturday night, injuring five persons. The security in the area was beefed up following the recovery of the bomb. However, amidst threats, it was decided that Ali Musa Gilani, son of the former PM, will address the gathering instead of his father. AGEnCiES

Security for Dr Shakil Afridi tightened, guards changed PESHAWAR: Administration of the Peshawar Central Jail has tightened security for Dr Shakil Afridi, who was alleged to have been keeping a satellite telephone in his prison cell. Sources on Sunday said the officials on Dr Afridi’s security duty had been changed and he was not allowed to meet visitors. In addition, his cell would be checked four times a day. They said no satellite phone or mobile phone had been recovered from Dr Afridi. However, a few weeks ago, Dr Shakil had given an interview to a foreign newspaper over mobile telephone. inP

Constable, 5 militants killed near Peshawar PESHAWAR: A police constable and five militants were killed and another four were injured in armed clashes in Bara Sheikhan located near the outskirts of Peshawar on Sunday. Per details, the clashes started when unidentified militants opened fire on a police team engaged in a search operation in Bara Sheikhan village. The search operation was conducted following defusal of a high intensity improvised explosive devise (IED) in the area, during which a number of suspects were arrested. Heavy contingents of security forces were deployed on all roads and routes linking Peshawar with Bara region of Khyber Agency. Earlier, authorities in Peshawar had declared a high security alert all over the city after intercepting a telephonic conversation between militants who were making plans for attacks on government installations, security forces, media offices and other targets. STAFF rEPOrT

Man accuses wife of killing two children MULTAN: A man on Sunday accused his wife and in-laws of killing his children after a family dispute. According to the police, Imtiaz had filed an application at the Alpa Police Station, saying his wife had gone to her parent’s house in Lohari Gate after a dispute. He alleged that after a few days she had informed him that his two-year-old son Ahmed had drowned. On Saturday, she informed him that his daughter Mashqat had drowned as well. He alleged his wife and inlaws had killed his children over the dispute. The police are currently investigating the matter. APP

Monday, 15 October, 2012

LAHOrE: Christians attend a mass prayer for the recovery of child activist Malala Yousafzai at a church on Sunday. afp

families bring together political rivalry in Kp PESHAWAR SHAMiM SHAHiD

In Pakistan, politics is tied intricately with family ties, rather it has become synonymous with family owned enterprise. This is evident in the Bhuttos’ case. From Zulfikar Bhutto to Benazir Bhutto to Bilawal Bhutto, three generations from the same family have chaired one of the largest political parties of Pakistan. Similarly, throughout Pakistan’s districts, generations from the same lineage have been winning elections in their respective constituencies. However, it is not uncommon to see people from the same family having affiliations with different, often rival, political parties. While the business remains the same, the products might differ. Such an arrangement might be desirable to further the causes of free choice and pluralism but in reality it is a reflection on the opportunistic and self-serving nature of the political elite in the country. It has been noted on many instances that despite having opposing party and ideological affiliations, members from the same family safeguard each other’s common interests. The case of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is no different from the rest of the provinces. The political families in KP are also scattered among various political parties with severe rifts but members from the same family do not refrain from protecting their common interests. In this regard, Saifullah’s from Bannu, Arbabs and Jaghra’s from Peshawar, Hoti’s from Mardan, Khattak’s from Karak, Miangul’s

and Khan’s from Swat, Tarins from Haripur, Jadoon’s from Abbottabad and Miankhel and Kundi’s and Gandhapur from Dera Ismael Khan and Tank are of prominence. At the moment, Saifullahs from Bannu are scattered in at least four political forces. Salim Saifullah Khan is leading PML (LM), Humayoon Khan is member National Assembly on a ticket from PML (Q), Javed Saifullah Khan recently joined Pakistan Tehrik-e- Insaaf (PTI) and now Anwar Saifullah Khan has been assigned the task to stimulate and reactivate PPP in KP. So far Salim Khan, Humayoon Khan and Javed Khan are active in their own political spheres but it seems likely that in the near future, they will extend support to Anwar Saifullah Khan who is set to become PPP’s nominee for chief minister in the upcoming elections. The Khattak’s from Karak are maternal uncles of Saifullah brothers’ and once were very influential and popular in national politics. The Khattaks are now scattered in ANP, PTI and even in Jamiat-e- Ulema Islam (F). Raza Quli Khan and General (r) Ali Quli Khan are sons of General (r) Habibullah Khan and associated with PTI. Nawabzada Mohsin Ali Khan, son in law of late Aslam Khattak is affiliated with ANP as its central vice president whereas Ayub Khattak is affiliated with Fazlur Rehman’s JUI. On similar lines, Arbabs from Tehkal are divided into different political forces like PPP, ANP, PML (N), PTI and JUI (F) while those from Kankola, Charsada road are also divided in ANP and PML factions. Jaghra family is also disintegrated and

scattered in various political parties. Engineer Zafar Iqbal Jaghra is serving PML (N) as its central secretary-general whereas Iftikhar Jaghra recently joined PTI and was expecting a high position with support of Imran Khan and his loyalists. Javed Jaghra is supporting Engineer Zafar Jaghra whereas high level senior civil bureaucrat Salim Khan Jaghra, following his retirement is all set to back Iftikhar Jaghra. The Tarin’s from Haripur are no different. Gohar Ayub Khan along with son Omar Ayub Khan is associated with PML (LM) but they have developed links with PML (N) and are likely to change loyalties before the upcoming elections. However, former speaker Habibullah Tarin is inactive whereas exprovincial minister and ex-district Nazim Yousaf Ayub Khan is affiliated with PTI. The Rajas from Khanpur also established themselves in Haripur politics. Raja Aamir Zaman is considered active in PTI whereas his brother Raja Faisal Zaman occupies a seat in the KP Assembly on a JUI (F) ticket. The examples cited above are only a handful out of the pool that exists in the province and several other cases can be quoted to further assert the existence of an intricate web of family politics in the province. The existence of such rifts amongst the ranks of influential families can work in favour of individuals belonging to middle class families in the forthcoming elections. However, irrespective of what happens in elections, one can be sure that these families’ prioritise protection of common interests over public welfare.

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God will decide my life partner: rani Mukerji

5.839 billion rupees!

Jayasuriya has no fears in playing in Pakistan

editOrial nobel ambitions?: Prizes, here and there.

COMMeNt Arif Ansar says; After Malala: The art of zooming in and out.

Malik Muhammad Ashraf says; The dust finally settles: Judicial restraint and the government.

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Fazl regrets ‘political point scoring’ on Malala issue MoNItoRINg DESk Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Sunday regretted that some leaders were using the attack on Malala Yousafzai for enhancing their political image. “Some people are using the issue of attack on Malala for gaining political mileage,” he regretted, adding that “Malala Yousafzai is our daughter”. Addressing a large gathering during his party’s conference titled ‘Islam Zindabad’ in Sukkur, Fazl expressed deepest concern over the existing law and order and economic situation in the country, saying it seemed the country was made for target killings, corruption and

extortion. He said the law and order situation of the country was extremely poor and pointed towards the situation in FATA, Balochistan and Karachi. The JUI-F chief said the economic condition of the country could not be improved through accountability bills. He said though a number of sacrifices were “taken from us” for turning the country into a welfare state in the past 65 years, the poor were still facing exploitation at the hands of feudal lords. Fazl asked the Ulema to condemn the attack on Malala, but “first they should come forward and denounce the attacks on our madrassahs”.

Kp minister asks politicians not to politick over Malala PESHAWAR APP

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Barrister Arshad Abdullah on Sunday said the terrorist attack on Malala Yousafzai had saddened the entire world, but politicians should refrain from taking advantage of the issue. He said Malala was an ambassador of peace, education and hope, as she made constant efforts for spreading the message of the importance of girls’ education during testing times in Swat. However, he said some elements were getting political advantage from the attack on Malala and were making unsuccessful efforts to divert the attention of the masses. He said Malala had paid a heavy price for the country’s peace and education and she was the identity of Pakistan. Abdullah said getting political advantage from her sacrifices would serve no pur-

pose but would expose faces of such elements that strengthen the hands of extremists. The minister said, “We as nation should openly condemn the attack on Malala.” He said no party could match the sacrifice rendered by the ANP in the war against terrorism. Abdullah appealed to the people to stand united to uproot the menace of terrorism and militancy once and for all, adding that terrorism could only be defeated by making constant struggle with one direction and approach. He said Malala had proved to the world that Pashtuns were a peaceful nation and wanted peace in the world. Abdullah said the law and order in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Malakand division had significantly improved owing to successful policies of the government. The minister expressed optimism that the ANP would again form government in KP on basis of its performance.

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PST stands with Malala, demands NWA operation ISLAMABAD



HE Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) on Sunday expressed complete solidarity with Malala Yousafzai, demanding the armed forces of Pakistan not delay the military operation against terrorists in North Waziristan. Dozens of female activists belonging to the PST’s women wing assembled outside the National Press Club to stage a demonstration against the controversial anti-Islam film and the attack on Malala, holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans against the Taliban and the makers of the blasphemous film. Addressing the protestors, PST Central leader Mufti Liaqat Ali Sabri strongly criticised the policies adopted by the United States and the West for promoting hate material against holy personalities. Freedom of speech, said Sabri, could not permit material that hurt sentiments of believers following any religion. He demanded the US gov-

ernment hand over producers of the film to Islamic countries so that they might be punished accordingly. He also flayed drone strikes in the border regions of the country terming them counterproductive, demanding the US halt them immediately. Allama Ashfaq Ahmed from PST in his address criticised the silence of the media and political figures on the growing intolerance and extremism in the

society. He said those who supported terrorists and extremists were not serving the interests of the state but were in fact enemies of the state. The PST leader demanded the armed forces of the country to launch a military operation against the militants in N Waziristan claiming that otherwise the role of these forces would seem dubious to the people of the country.

6 militants killed in Orakzai clash ORAKZAI AGENCY: At least six militants were killed and a soldier of the Pakistan Army sustained injuries in a clash in Upper Orakzai Agency, official sources said on Sunday. Security officials said militants attacked a patrol party of the security forces in Barlas area of Mamozai tehsil in the wee hours of Sunday. A soldier sustained injuries in the attack, the official said, and was taken to the Combined Military Hospital in Thal for treatment. The officials added that six militants were killed and four others injured in retaliatory fire by the security forces. The forces also launched a massive search operation in Ghundai, Mula Pattay and Koranchki villages and recovered a huge quantity of arms and ammunition concealed in caves. There have been constant clashes between the security forces and the militants in the area, where the Pakistan Army has been engaged in combating Taliban militants while the security officials have claimed to have cleared 97 percent of the area of militants. Orakzai Agency is the second smallest tribal agency after Bajaur, which shares borders with the Kurram and Khyber agencies and is the only agency that does not share a border with Afghanistan. OnLinE

Malala’s friends vow ‘never to be subdued by militants’ NEWS DESk If the Taliban thought they could silence their critics and stop girls going to school with the attempted murder of a 14-year-old, then they reckoned without the angry defiance of her teenage friends. Malala Yousafzai still lies in a coma as military surgeons watch over her. The school she attended in the former Taliban stronghold of the Swat Valley has remained shut since she was shot in the neck and head by assassins on Tuesday. But that did not stop about 100 of her schoolmates assembling on Friday morning to pray for her safety. Some cried, while others described a role model, a girl who had blogged about Taliban brutality when even the government was prepared to turn a blind eye. It is not safe to reveal their names. But one teenager, who is in the year above Malala at school, said the Pakistani Taliban – which is engaged in a campaign to burn, bulldoze or bomb girls’ schools - could not destroy their dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers and professors. “We will never be subdued by the militants and their acts,” she said, clutching her headscarf in the modern, airy classroom where they had gathered. “Islam gives us the right to education and we will fight for our rights. We will never ever give up our mission. “This land needs us and we can only help Pakistan if we can complete our education.” The attempted assassination of a schoolgirl by fundamentalist thugs has horrified Pakistan, a country hardened to senseless vi-

olence after years of suicide attacks, sectarian shootings and political murders. Campaigners hope it will force the country to reassess its long-standing tolerance of extremists. And the military has hinted that it may finally launch a long-promised offensive against militant safe havens in North Waziristan, along the border with Afghanistan. Malala’s campaign began when she was only 11, writing a secret diary for the BBC’s Urdu Service. It was an immediate hit, revealing the terrors facing girls under Taliban rule. She described hiding books at home after the Tehreek-e-Taliban banned girls education and living in fear that their goons would throw acid in her face. In one entry, written in February 2009, she wrote about listening to the radio as Fazlullah, the cleric who ruled the valley, threatened a series of escalating bomb attacks. “He said that the next attack would resemble a cauldron exploding and after that a blast the size of a tanker exploding would take place.” She was writing days after the government had signed a ceasefire with the TTP and her lone voice is credited with helping turn opinion in favour of a military operation. The extremists were driven back later that year. Since then she has followed up the blog by speaking up for girls education in a conservative corner of Pakistan, where women are rarely seen outside the home, winning national and international recognition for her work. By rights she should be dead. In a series of media statements, the Pakistan Taliban has said the attack was months in the planning

and carried out by two experienced operatives, expert in killing with shots to the head. Their justification was that Malala was spreading Western, secular values at odds with local values. Malala was sitting next to her best friend, giggling and sharing jokes as their minibus – packed with 25 girls - lurched away from Khushal Public School for Girls in Swat’s main town of Mingora on Tuesday lunchtime. Speaking on Friday, that friend tried to remember the horrifying sequence of events that followed. One man dressed in traditional, loose-fitting shalwaar kameez had flagged down the bus and asked the driver whether he had come from Khushal school. As the driver tried to prevaricate, a second man, bearing the thick beard of the faithful, strode purposefully alongside the vehicle. He peered through the windows and called for Malala. When she spoke up, he raised his gun and fired without hesitation. “She fell down in my lap,” said the friend, in a quiet, halting voice. “Everyone was screaming. It was chaotic. Everything seemed to go dark. “We thought we were going to die.” Two other girls were wounded. Malala has been in hospital ever since and needed surgery to remove a bullet from close to her spinal cord. Her school was closed in the aftermath. Teachers expect half the girls to stay away in fear even when it reopens, possibly as soon as this week. But many of them are intent on defying the men who would deny them an education. “We will stand by Malala’s dream,” said

her best friend. The Swat Valley was once the Switzerland of Pakistan. Its rolling hills and snow covered peaks attracted trekkers in summer and skiers in winter. The region has recovered slowly since the Taliban was ousted, sent packing to havens in Afghanistan. Hotels have gradually re-opened and last week Pakistan’s state-run airline flew to Mingora for the first time in five years. The question now is whether hardening public opinion will force a lacklustre government and an overstretched – or unwilling – military to take action to clean out the Pakistan Taliban once and for all. Have the extremists made a tactical mistake, forcing a fresh offensive? In a message to The Sunday Telegraph, Ihsanullah Ihsan, a spokesman, defended the attack. He said the decision to assassinate Malala was unanimous and had been reached in accordance with Islamic law. He also dismissed reports that the TTP had been shocked by the level of public revulsion. “Not at all,” he said by email. “We are not supposed to care for the will of people, we are just obliged to follow Sharia.” Senior politicians from all parties have shown rare agreement by condemning the attack and the military has made sure Malala is being treated in its best hospital, by its best surgeons. The army has released photographs of General Ashfaq Kayani, Pakistan’s powerful military chief, beside her hospital bed overseeing treatment. “She has become a symbol for the values that the Army, with the nation behind it, is

fighting to preserve for our future generations,” he said in a statement. Islamic scholars in Pakistan have also issued a fatwa condemning the attack. The country’s foreign minister, Hina Rabbani Khar, summed up the stark choice facing Pakistan. “She has put it as a black and white question. She has put it as either you are with the future that she represents, or the future they [Taliban] are trying to impose.” Pakistan has shied away from such choices in the past. Its relations with Islamist extremists go back to the 1970s, channelling cash and support to Afghan groups and arming jihadis in disputed Kashmir against India. Malala’s shooting may have united the country in shock but Pakistan is far too complicated for this to be a tipping point, according to commentators such as Nadir Hassan, with The Express Tribune. He said Pakistan continued to hedge its bets in Afghanistan with the Haqqani network – a branch of the Afghan Taliban - and was unlikely to drop such a long-standing ally or give up its strategy of backing militant groups. “It might mean in the short term some action against the Pakistan Taliban, but in the long-term it will make little difference,” he said. Other “watershed” moments have come and gone - the killing of Osama bin Laden last year or the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009 – with little change in direction. In recent years Pakistan’s politicians and generals have not shown as much courage as Malala and her school friends in standing up to the Taliban.

Monday, 15 October, 2012

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04 News afghan ‘fraud’ puts nato troops at risk, uS report warns kABUL nni

NATO forces in Afghanistan have been exposed to greater risk of Taliban attacks because of fraud, a US government agency has alleged. A report said Afghan contractors paid to seal drainage channels – often used to hide explosives under roads – had failed to do so in more than 100 cases. A criminal investigation is under way, senior generals have been told. A BBC report in Kabul says if proven, the case is likely to deepen mistrust between NATO and Afghans. In a letter, special inspector general for Afghan reconstruction John Sopko warned senior commanders that an Afghan contractor paid to seal drainage systems along strategic roads had left the work undone or badly done. The Taliban have often used drainage channels to hide improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Hundreds of foreign troops have been killed by such weapons since the war began in 2001. To reduce the risk, the US military has paid contractors to install metal grates over the channels to prevent anyone getting inside. But investigators said there was evidence of fraud in the work and in many cases no metal grate was installed at all. “Given the increased risk of IED attacks against US forces resulting from missing or defective... systems, we are providing this information to you for immediate action and dissemination to all relevant personnel,” Sopko said in his letter to the top commander in Afghanistan Gen John Allen and Gen James N Mattis, head of the US Central Command. Philip J LaVelle, a spokesman for the inspector general’s office, declined to comment on whether any troops had been killed by the problem with the drainage channels.

police capture bomb-laden vehicle in texila MoNItoRINg DESk Taxila police foiled a potential terrorist attack bid last night on a tip-off. A man named Waheed was driving a vehicle which the police stopped. The vehicle was loaded with explosive material weighing 25 kilogrammes and around 400 detonators. The suspect was detained and further interrogation is underway.

ALEPPO: A Syrian woman is evacuated after being wounded in shelling by Assad regime forces in the Shaar neighbourhood on Sunday. The Syrian army launched a counterstrike against rebels in the north, in a bid to wrest back control of positions lost in recent days. afp | Story on page 09

5 British Marines charged with 2011 Afghanistan murder LoNDoN



IVE of Britain’s elite Royal Marines have been charged with murder following an engagement with an insurgent in 2011, the British Ministry of Defence said on Sunday. British military police had arrested seven Royal Marines last Thursday on suspicion of murder in connection with the incident. Two more marines were arrested, one on Friday and one on Saturday, taking the total number of arrests to nine, an MoD spokesman said. Four have since been released without charge. “The Royal Military Police (RMP) has referred the case of the remaining five RoyalMarines to the inde-

pendent Service Prosecuting Authority (SPA),” the spokesman added. “Following direction from the SPA these marines have now been charged with murder and they remain in custody pending court proceedings. “It would be inappropriate to comment further on this ongoing investigation,” he added. British media have reported that the marines were arrested after suspicious footage was found on a serviceman’s laptop by British police. The arrests are thought to be the first time that British servicemen have been held on suspicion of such charges during the Afghanistan conflict. Defence Minister Philip Hammond, speaking on BBC television, stressed that the rules of engagement must be followed. “Everybody serv-

ing in theatre knows the rules of engagement, they carry cards in their uniforms with the rules on them in case they need to remind themselves,” he told the BBC. “I can’t comment on the specifics of this case. They are not out there, this is something that happened last year. These people were back in the UK and not in Afghanistan at the moment. “We are very determined that rules of engagement will be followed, that any abuse will be dealt with through the normal processes of service justice and that is what is happening now.” The Royal Marines, or “green berets”, were formed in 1755 as marine infantry for the Royal Navy and have a reputation as some of the toughest military professionals in the world.

India ambivalent on its role in US pivot toward Asia: report WASHINgtoN SPECiAL COrrESPOnDEnT

New Delhi is increasingly showing signs of ambivalence on whether it would perform a leading role in Washington’s new “rebalancing” act in Asia, where the US sees India as the linchpin of its recently defined pivot toward the largest continent. The Washington Post reported Sunday it had become apparent that New Delhi was unsure about playing such a leading role, as desired by the United States. “So much so that some U.S. analysts are questioning whether India will ever be a dependable strategic partner for the United States, and whether New Delhi will ever match its global ambitions with a leadership role on the world stage,” a New Delhi-datelined report said. The newspaper report cited Colin Geraghty of the American Security Project in Washington, who noted in a report this month that while “the U.S.-India strategic partnership came with great hype about India’s potential contribution to U.S. interests,” a “sense of disappointment” had set in. In Washington, analysts and business leaders expressed disappointment in the past two years over the pace of reform in India, the lack of progress in civil nuclear cooperation and India’s continuing engagement with

Monday, 15 October, 2012

Iran, the Post report said. “While the longer-term logic of the relationship remains firmly intact, there is a growing sense that India will never be a truly trusted ally.” The U.S. strategic rebalance reflected the Obama administration’s belief that the center of gravity of American foreign and economic policy had shifted toward Asia and that maintaining peace in the Asia-Pacific had become increasingly important as a result of China’s rapid rise, the report said. In one of the few concrete measures announced so far, the U.S. Navy will gradually move more of its ships to the region, deploying 60 percent of its fleet there by 2020. “India clearly plays an important role in our rebalance,” Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said in an e-mail interview, looking towards India as an “anchor of regional stability and a partner on issues in the Indian Ocean and beyond.” Privately, said the report, some senior Indian officials said they would welcome a stronger American presence in the region. New Delhi, they believed, shared a strong strategic interest in hedging against China’s rise and in maintaining open sea lanes and free commerce throughout the region. Publicly, though, the reaction had been distinctly lukewarm, with Adm. Nirmal Kumar Verma, then Indian naval

chief, delivering what Indian media called a “snub” in August, when he said deployment in the Pacific and South China Sea was “not on the cards.” “We want strategic autonomy,” retired Indian diplomat T.P. Sreenivasan said in Washington last month, according to a Foreign Policy blog post. “We don’t want to be identified with U.S. policy in Asia, even if we secretly like it.” India’s reluctance to tie itself to the U.S. mast is partly a legacy of its Cold War antipathy toward Washington and distrust stemming from the imposition of American sanctions after India’s nuclear tests in 1974 and 1998, said the report. In recent years, the report said, India had also watched nervously as President Obama first courted China and then seemed to move toward a policy of containment. “The strategic rebalance has inflamed nationalist sentiment in China, and there is a sense in New Delhi that a little distance from the occasionally clumsy Americans is a generally sound foreign policy approach - especially when India shares a long, disputed border with the Chinese.” “India is a little wary about both the U.S. and China,” said retired Commodore C. Uday Bhaskar, a senior fellow at the Society for Policy Studies in New Delhi. “India would not want to be in a position where it is forced to defer to China, or make China belligerent by joining a for-

mal military alliance with the U.S.” American officials and defense manufacturers have expressed frustration over India’s refusal to sign two key defense agreements usually demanded of U.S. allies - enabling seamless communications between the two militaries’ weapons systems and guaranteeing mutual “logistical support.” Meanwhile, defense trade between the two nations boomed and India conducted more joint military exercises with the United States than with any other country, but experts say military ties still lack a strategic and political underpinning. According to the report, India’s tentative “Look East” policy, which is supposed to foster closer ties with East and Southeast Asia, had also disappointed some U.S. officials and strategic experts who would like to see New Delhi forging closer trade and security links with America’s Asian allies. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gave New Delhi a nudge last year, urging it “not just to look east, but to engage east and act east, as well.” Indeed, Clinton herself called India a “strategic bet,” rather than a surefire certainty, the Post report added. At the same time, the report referred to comments and conclusions by officials and experts on both sides that stressed value in the long-term bilateral relations.

Karzai condemns attack on teenage education activist


Afghan President Hamid Karzai wrote letters to top political and religious leaders in Pakistan, denouncing the Taliban attack on a Pakistani teenager who promoted girls’ education, and called for additional collaboration to fight the extremists. According to a statement from Karzai’s office, the president described the attack on Malala Yousafzai as an attack on all Afghan girls, one that contradicted the religion and culture of both nations. Karzai invited the political and religious leaders to help both countries take “coordinated, collaborative and serious action with strong determination against terrorism and extremism”, his office said in a statement. He said similar attacks had been perpetuated for many years on Afghan schools and students, pointing that Afghanis empathised with Malala’s suffering. In his letters Karzai said the voice and sorrow raised by the peoples of the two countries including political and national leaders must not be silenced, said the statement. The letters were sent to more than a dozen political and religious leaders, including President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif, Jamaat-e-Islami leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed, PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and PTI chief Imran Khan. On Saturday, schools across Afghanistan made prayers for Malala’s recovery following a decree from the Afghan Ministry of Education in a notable show of solidarity with Pakistan to defend girls’ education.

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NA speaker calls for policies in support of rural women ISLAMABAD



ational Assembly Speaker Dr Fehmida Mira said that rural women were one of the most vulnerable and marginalised segments of the society despite their significant role in the rural economy. She said that they were also subject to violence, economic exploitation and lack of basic healthcare. She said this on the occasion of the International Rural Women’s day being commemorated throughout the globe under the auspices of United Nations on Monday. Fehmida said that rural women comprised a major chunk of the population and played a significant role in the agriculture sector as well as rural development, however their contributions were not recognized at any level.

She said that with the advent of the latest technology in the agricultural sector, the involvement of women in agricultural work had not decreased. In addition to working in the fields they also had to care for children, older persons and do household chores. She underlined the need for an official recognition of women’s participation in the national economy and asked the government to devise policies for the betterment of women in the country to ensure their rights. Fehmida said that women in the rural socio-cultural panorama were confined to household cores and laborious work in the fields and did not have access to education. She said that education was an inalienable right of every individual and it was imperative to educate rural women to make them understand and face their diverse problems. She asked the government

News 05 3 kids die of gastroenteritis in Balochistan QUEttA APP

At least three children died of gastroenteritis in the Gandawa area of Jhal Magsi district on Sunday. Sources in the Health Department said that three children had reportedly died of gastroenteritis in the Qazi Ismail and Gahila areas of Gandawa, while several others were suffering from the same disease. The Health Department has dispatched teams to provide medical treatment to the patients.

to allocate funds to establish schools for females in rural areas. The speaker stressed the need for a provision of shelter, livelihood and medical assistance to rural women in affected areas on a priority basis. She asked the government to extend the

SME network to rural areas where enterprising rural women could have access to credit facilities to empower them economically. She also stressed the need to establish training and display centres at a Tehsil level for rural female artisans, so they could sell their craft.

Quetta cop shoots colleague over brawl QUEttA APP

A police constable reportedly injured his colleague at the University of Balochistan in the provincial capital on Sunday. Police sources said that a constable opened fire at his colleague at the University of Balochistan after an exchange of harsh words. The two were deployed on security duty at the varsity. The police shifted the injured constable to a hospital and registered a case.

Earthquake jolts parts of KP PESHAWAR AGEnCiES

Various parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were jolted on Sunday evening by an earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale. According to the Meteorological Department, the tremors were felt in Mingora, various areas of Swat, Mansehra, Mardan and other parts of the province. The epicentre of the tremors was Hindukush mountains range in Afghanistan. Panicked people came out of their houses as they felt the earthquake. So far there is no report of any loss of life or property.

President to launch anti-polio drive today ISLAMABAD AGEnCiES

quETTA: Frontier Corps (FC) personnel gather drug dealers and addicts near a nullah following a crackdown on Sunday. Forces confiscated a large quantity of drugs, including heroin, hashish and liquor in an operation against drug usage. onlIne

Moon sighting body to gather on Wednesday

Indian women, students hold rallies against Taliban attack on Malala NEW DELHI AGEnCiES

ISLAMABAD: A meeting of the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, for sighting the Zil Haj moon, would be held on Oct 17 (Wednesday). As per directions issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Committee would meet on the 29th of Ziqaad at the Pakistan Meteorological Department building, Main University Road, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi. The Zonal and District Ruet-e-Hilal Committee would hold their meeting at their respective places on the same date and time. The Zonal Ruet-e-Hilal committee, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) will hold its meeting at the building of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, near GPO Islamabad. APP

Women, including students, and the Muslim community in particular, took to the streets of Thane and Lucknow in India’s Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh states over the weekend to protest against an attack by Taliban militants on Malala Yousafzai. In Thane, school girls and women took part in a rally against the attack on the 14year-old Pakistani schoolgirl. They said Malala should be brought to India for treatment. One of the protesting students, Faiza, said prayers were being offered for Malala’s speedy recovery, Zee News re-

ported. “She was one among us, I will pray to God for her speedy recovery. We want such people in our country who fight for the rights of the women. Mumbai people will pay for her medication. I am standing in support of her because I also hate militants,” said Faiza. Malala is still fighting for her life after being shot by Taliban gunmen in Mingora on October 9 for speaking out for progressive education based on western mode of academics as for girls. Talking to the reporters, protester Afshan said, “The reason we have staged such a big rally is because, we want to appeal to the prime minis-

ters of India and Pakistan to get Malala in Mumbai... Malala initiated and took stand for the rights of schoolgirls, so we are with her and we pray to God for her.” The attack on Malala has been condemned across the world and has fuelled ire among the people specially Muslim women, who have now taken to the streets for the rights of women. Meanwhile, young students in Lucknow also took to the streets. Talking to reporters, a protester said the entire country was united against crime and injustice. Islamist group, Ahle Sunnat, passed a fatwa condemning the Taliban who tried to kill Malala.

President Asif Ali Zardari will launch the next round of the 3-day national polio immunisation campaign on Monday (Today). The president will make a special appeal to people from all walks of life to support the cause and contribute to the goal of a polio-free Pakistan. He will also be informing the international community that despite challenges Pakistan is making an all out effort against the disease and that there is a progressive improvement in campaign performances with sharp declines in the number of polio cases. Cabinet ministers, governors, chief secretaries, secretaries of health, parliamentarians and representatives of international partner organisations will also participate in the event to be held at President House today. The Prime Minister’s Polio Monitoring and Coordination Cell will be overseeing the nation-wide campaign to ensure that the set targets are met. In the provinces, the chief ministers are leading the effort whereas Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor will personally supervise the campaign in FATA. Prime Minister’s Polio Monitoring Cell National Coordinator Dr Altaf Bosan said that Pakistan had reported 44 cases of polio this year compared to 136 last year, whereas the number of infected districts had reduced from 41 to 26 in the same time period. Of the 44 cases reported this year, 33 were from FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone, highlighting that the virus was mostly restricted to these areas and the challenge of inaccessibility and security needed to be met with consistent efforts, Bosan added.

Monday, 15 October, 2012

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Monday, 15 October, 2012

The sacrifice only rich can make Traders say prices have been raised due to general inflationary trends ISLAMABAD

Bidding for sacrificial animal bazaars in RCB today



HE prices of the sacrificial animals have registered an unprecedented increase this year owing to increase in transportation charges and other associated expenses. Traders have started to bring animals in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and are herding in the streets to attract the customers though Eid-ul-Azha is still two weeks away. The sellers are demanding high prices for the animals because they have a lot of time to wait for the customers ready to pay their desired prices. Traders expressed the hope that sales would gain momentum in coming. "Maximum number of animals is expected to be sold on day before Eid-ulAzha as usual,” they said. Meanwhile, it has been learnt that the price of A category goat/sheep has increased from Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000, of B category from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 and C category to Rs 10,000 and above. But, despite the increased prices of sacrificial animals, demand of the animals is being expected to get momentum ahead of Eid-ul Azha in few days. Customers said that the prices were likely to come down in case a large number of animals arrived in the twin cities before Eid. The annual sacrificial animal market would be established in Sector I-11/4 of the federal capital for purchase of animals for the festival of Eid-ul-Azha from October 17.

RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has decided to arrange sacrificial animal bazaars at three sites and bidding for the establishment of the same will be held today (Monday). Sources said that sacrificial animal bazaar would be arranged at three locations including Dhoke Saidan, Chakara Road, and Peshawar Road. An official said that RCB is expected to get Rs2 million from bazaars as it will operate for 10 days. Entry fee for sheep and goats would be Rs200 while Rs300 for Ox and this would be charged from buyers. However, establishment of animal bazaar and open sale of sacrificial animals in the premises of Rawal Town has been banned. STAFF rEPOrT

TMA imposes ban on the entry of sacrificial animals RAWALPINDI: Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) on Sunday imposed complete ban on the entry of sacrificial animals in a bid to keep the city neat and clean on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. On the special instructions of District Coordination Officer (DCO) Saqib Zafar, Rawal Town Administra-

CtP launches drive against pressure horns, tinted glass vehicles RAWALPINDI APP

City Police Officer (CTO) Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Shah said on Sunday that the City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi had launched a special drive against pressure horns, tinted glass and smoke emitting vehicles. He said that strict action in accordance with the law was being taken against the violators of traffic rules. “Vehicles are being impounded while challan tickets are also being issued for not obeying instructions against pressure horns, tinted glass and smoke emitting vehicles,” he added. The CTO said the CTP would take strict action against the violators and special checking in this regard would continue. “The traffic rules are meant for the safety of drivers and the passengers,” he maintained. He stressed that traffic rules must be observed on roads as these were for the safety of the drivers and other road users as well.

tardy registration of criminal cases a routine with islamabad police ISLAMABAD inP

Citizens of the federal capital have expressed grave concern over the causal attitude of Islamabad police in registration of criminal cases. They said that police officials looked reluctant and tried to pose hurdles whenever someone visited police station to register a case. In addition, they also complained about delayed registration of car lifting cases by Aabpara Police Station. Sources said that a citizen of the federal capital, Muhammad Irfan, was deprived of his Hi-Roof, bearing number plate KQ-7416, on 01 October in Melody Market. But police, practicing the usual apathy, deferred to register the case for 10 days. Finally, an FIR was registered the other day.

tor Saif Anwar Jappa prohibited entry of sacrificial animals in the city for selling purpose. TMA constituted a squad to confiscate the animals besides imposing fine on the violators. Tehsil Municipal Administration squad will visit various localities including Cricket Stadium, Syed pur

Road, Pirwadhai, Khana Road, Marreer Hassan and Railway workshop. The average price of a goat this year has gone up from Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000. Dealers are demanding Rs 70,000-80,000 for animals which produce around 80 kg meat. STAFF rEPOrT

pMnh braces for more troubles ahead Ill-planning, lack of funds lands Pakistan Museum of Natural History in a major trouble ISLAMABAD APP

Inordinate procrastination has landed Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) into dire straits as the management finds it increasingly difficult to preserve important objects for posterity. As per details, the management of PMNH took up the ambitious project of stuffing and displaying of Saheli, a female elephant which died at Marghazar Zoo, and a whale shark found dead at Karachi shore, but soon had to abandon the project in the absence of required funding. The skeletons of both animals as well as stuffed body of the female elephant were scheduled to be displayed at the museum in June this year. "We are facing funds shortage to execute both projects as the government has slashed museum's budget by 20 percent," Director of the Museum Dr Rafiq said. He said the administration was in search of funding from any organization as the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi had been awaiting the display of these carcasses as both would add to the attractions of the federal capital. "We are in talks with UNESCO to provide funds for the projects. The display of shark's skeleton would cost around Rs 0.7 million and Rs 0.4 million are required for that of the elephant," Dr Rafiq said. Meanwhile, skeleton of "Baluchitherium", the largest land mammal in the world, resurrected at the Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) has become talk of the town as people from twin cities throng in large numbers to witness the relic of bygone era.

Baluchitherium is an extinct Rhinoceros and the largest land mammal that ever lived on the earth about 30 million years ago. It is called Baluchitherium: "Baluchi" for Balochistan; "therium" for Beast. It literally means the "beast of Balochistan" and was named so because it was first discovered in the Bugti Hills Balochistan (ranging in age from 30 million years to 20 million years ago). Giving details, DG PMNH Akhtar Javed said the average height of an adult Baluchitherium was estimated to have been 18 ft high at the shoulder. He said fossils of this giant land mammal, Baluchitherium, were first discovered in the Bugti Hills in 1908, and included only a few foot bones. However, the major discovery was made in 2000, when the joint team of palaeontologists from University of Montpellier, France and the Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Islamabad found almost complete skeleton of Baluchitherium from Chitarwata Formation, north of Sui in the Bugti Hills after a search of almost 3 years. "This discovery of the largest land mammal has greatly increased the geological significance of our country for research in the field of palaeontology and has made Pakistan known to geoscientists and biologists all over the world," he said. DG PMNH said the museums throughout the world were playing an important role in public education through research, exhibitions, lectures, film shows, club activities, competitions and many such other programs. Nowadays education through museums is being regarded as of indispensable importance, he said, adding

in line with its functions, PMNH was striving hard for promotion of informal education through different

means, mainly the visits of school and college students to the Museum Display Galleries.

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Islamabad 07

Remember us in your manifestos: Rural women

On the International Rural Women Day, women call for greater appreciation of their 80% share in agriculture-related labour ISLAMABAD APP


UNDREDS of rural women from different parts of the country gathered at Lok Virsa on Sunday for celebrating the International Rural Women Day and urged all the political parties to prioritise their rights in party manifestos. The two-day colourful function was arranged by Potohar Organization for Development and Advocacy (PODA), Lok Virsa, Women Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) and other organizations. Addressing the Int’l Rural Women

Day conference, the speakers highlighted the plight of rural women who performed 80 percent of agriculture work in the rural areas. The speakers lamented the fact that no agriculture policy existed either at the federal or the provincial level in the country. They demanded the government to formulate an agriculture policy with maximum incentives for the farmers and workers of agriculture sector. They also called for providing technical training to the women farmers to meet the growing demands and initiating soft loan schemes. The speakers strongly demanded to

ban those polling stations which had less than 15 percent of women voters during the upcoming elections. The rural women who had assembled from all the provinces highlighted that no political party had added a single line for their development in its manifesto. While formulating the budget, no one considers any allocation for the uplift, training and welfare of rural women, they complained. PODA Director Sameena Nazir appreciated the laws and legislations envisaged during the last four years. She said it was a responsibility of the representatives of political parties to

focus on implementation of these laws. WORD’s Aqsa Khan and Sisters Trust Pakistan’s Rehana Hashmi also emphasized on promoting awareness among rural women about their ultimate rights. Executive Director, Lok Virsa, Khalid Javed said women comprised more than 50 percent of the total population and hence their active role in the country's development was very crucial. He announced free entry of rural women in the Lok Virsa and Pakistan Monument Museum for two days of a week. Along with the conference, an exhibi-

tion was also arranged with colourful products made by the rural women coming from different parts of the country. The exhibition displayed around 25 stalls with different items including traditional dresses, shoes, jewellery, handicrafts, wallets, caps, vases and books on various subjects. The stalls were set up by Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO), PODA, Seher, Shirkat Gah, Beedari, Rozan, Irada, Children Global Network, Benazir Welfare Society, Silk Route Hunza, Trust for Conservation of Coastal Reserves, Catholic Women Organization and Acid Survivors Foundation.

Operation against buildings without fire-extinguishers starts today RAWALPINDI STAFF rEPOrT

Operation against factories without equipments to fight fire-hazards will start from Monday (today) in four districts including Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Jhelum and Attock. The operation is being conducted on the special directives of Commissioner Rawalpindi. Sources said action would be taken against all the factories, mills, plazas, and CNG stations, which were operating without fire extinguishers, closecircuit cameras, and emergency-exit points. Special teams have been constituted to materialize the plan, according to which the factories lacking such facilities will be challaned, and cases will be registered. It merits mentioning here that certain factories without adequate anti-fire infrastructure were issued notices inviting them to take relevant steps till October 13.

Predawn showers turn weather pleasant in twin cities ISLAMABAD inP

DO nOT BACKSTAB: Sindhis hold demonstration against Local Government Ordinance 2012 outside national Press Club. onlIne

pak officials to inspect Kishanganga dam site today ISLAMABAD STAFF rEPOrT

A Joint Inspection Commission of Pakistani and Indian officials are scheduled to inspect the site of the controversial Kishanganga hydro-electricity project on Monday (today). A three-member Pakistani team led by Indus Treaty Commissioner Asif Baig had reached India on Sunday to visit the

site. The disputed power project is being built on the Neelum River at Gurez in Indian held Kashmir. In September 2011, the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) had stopped India from any permanent work on the project in response to Pakistan’s appeal for “interim measures” against the dam which may cause diversion of the river’s flow. The ICA is expected to announce its verdict in February 2013. Pakistan be-

lieves the construction of Kishanganga dam on the Neelum-Jhelum River would deprive Pakistan of 13 percent of the river’s water, which would be a big blow to the country’s agriculture sector. During a hearing in August 2012 in the international court at The Hague, Pakistan placed the matter for determination before the court. The question was whether India’s proposed diversion of the Neelum-Jhelum River into another

Hamid Gul condemns ‘murderous’ drone strikes ISLAMABAD nni

Former Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt General (Retd) Hamid Gul on Sunday termed US led drone strikes as ‘murderous attacks’. Hamid Gul said that US drone attacks were violation of all international laws and human rights. “These attacks on Pakistani soil must be stopped immediately,” Hamid Gul told IRNA in an interview. The analyst added that according to American claims, 20 al-Qaeda leaders had been killed in the drone strikes whereas the total number of casualties in the attacks was 3250. “It means innocent people have been targeted in the strikes,” he noted. “In my view, Obama is the mur-

derer of all those innocent people who have lost their lives in drone strikes,” he said. He was of the view that these strikes were not even permitted in American laws; they were extra judicial killings. “They are part of a conspiracy to destabilize Muslim world,” Gul viewed. Former intelligence chief while expressing his views said that the drone attacks on Pakistani soil were tantamount to state terrorism against the people of Pakistan. “Drone strikes are sheer violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan,” he noted, adding that US did not care about the sovereignty of other countries. He was of the view that Americans were making all out efforts to destabilize Pakistan. “Their basic objective is to target nuclear program of Pak-

istan,” he warned. Former general said that the drone technology would ultimately create problems for the USA because other countries would try to acquire this technology to counter US hegemony. Majority of Pakistanis believe that drone strikes kill innocent people, violate Pakistan’s sovereignty and are against all international laws. Earlier Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar had said that US drone strikes on Pakistani soil were “unlawful, illegal and counterproductive.” To bring attention of the international media on this vital issue, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf or Justice Movement had carried out a march against the US drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal regions.

tributary, the Bonar Madmati Nallah, being one central element of the Kishanganga project, breaches India’s legal obligations owed to Pakistan under the treaty. Another dispute raised by Pakistan was whether India may deplete or bring the reservoir level of a run-of-river plant below Dead Storage Level (DSL) in any circumstances except in the case of an unforeseen emergency.

Predawn shower in the federal capital and adjoining areas brought cold wave of weather on Sunday. According to details, Islamabad and Rawalpindi received light rain in the wee hours of Sunday followed by dust storm which turned the weather pleasant. Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has predicted more rains in Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Kohat and some parts of Kashmir during the next 12 hours. Lowest temperature was recorded in Skardu 4C, while temperature recorded in other cities were: Islamabad and Peshawar 17C, Lahore and Faisalabad 20C, Karachi 24C, Quetta 8C, Multan 21C and Murree 10C.

12 miscreants including one woman busted ISLAMABAD STAFF rEPOrT

The federal capital police have arrested 12 lawbreakers, including one woman, for their involvement in the anti-social activities like stealing cars and selling arms and narcotics, and seized a stolen car, three pistols, one shotgun, 530-gram charas, 36 bottles of liquor and 40-gram heroin, police sources said on Sunday. They also informed that anti car lifting cell of the

capital police had nabbed Khan Qaisar and recovered a stolen car, Honda Civic, bearing registration number LXE-4421, from his possession. The car was stolen from the jurisdiction of Ghalib Market Police Station, Lahore. Meanwhile, Golra Sharif police arrested Ejaz Khan and Safeer Husain and recovered two pistols from their possession. According to the police sources, cases had been registered against the outlaws and they had been sent behind the bars.

Monday, 15 October, 2012

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08 Islamabad weather uPdateS


31high°C 20°C low tueSday



PU turned 130 years with 30,000 students in 13 faculties

wedNeSday thurSday 30°C i 18°C

30°C i 18°C

31°C i 17°C

Prayer tiMiNGS fajr 4:39

Sunrise 6:01

zuhr 11:58

asr 3:20

Maghrib 5:53

isha 7:16

City direCtOry eMerGeNCy helP POliCe eMerGeNCy aMbulaNCe reSCue hilal-e-ahMer edhi fOuNdatiON bOMb diSPOSal fire briGade CeNtre CiVil defeNCe

15 115 1122 9250488 2827844 9270698 16 9262830

hOSPitalS MahrOOf iNt PiMS POly CliNiC Cda Shifa iNterNatiONal ali diStriCt hQS ultraSONiC CliNiC hOly faMily

2222920 9261170 9218300 9221334 4603666 4444435 5556311-14 2824862 9290319

blOOd baNk PiMS blOOd baNk POly CliNiC blOOd baNk

9261272 9209123

COMPlaiNt waPda Sui GaS

111-000-118 1199

railwayS City StatiON (eNQuiry) reSerVatiON railway POliCe

117 9273614 1333

airPOrt fliGht eNQuiry Pia reSerVatiON

114 111-786-786


HE Punjab University, an oldest seat of learning in the sub-continent turned 130 years on Sunday with 30,000 students studying in 13 faculties comprising 73 disciplines. Tracing the history, Punjab University Chief Librarian Muhammad Hanif said that PU was formally established with the convening the first meeting of its Senate on Oct 14, 1882, at Simla with Sir James Broadwood Lyall as first VC. It came into existence as a result of a long drawn struggle of the people of Punjab after the War of Independence in 1857. Contrary to previously established three universities Bombay, Madras and Calcutta which were only examining institutions, the PU was both teaching as well as examining body right from the first day. He said the contribution of Dr GW Leitner, a Hungarian and a naturalised Britisher, was instrumental in the establishment of PU and he became its first registrar. “Prof AC Woolner, who remained vice-chancellor of this university during 1928-1936, played a key role in its development during the initial decades of this century. His statue still stands in front of the Allama Iqbal Campus of the university,” he said, adding that Dr Umar Hayat Malik became first VC after partition and Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran was its 51st VC. The strength of the faculty was greatly reduced because of the migration of non-Muslim teachers and scholars at the time of independence. NOBLE LAUREATES: PU has produced three noble laureates, Har Gob-


ind Khorana, Abdus Salam and Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. Hanif said that during the last five years PU had gone through a number of institutional reforms aimed at quality in teaching and research and a number of newly emerging disciplines have been added to make the varsity education relevant to the needs of the society. He said PU differed from the other universities because of its adherence to ideological and cultural values while maintaining a progressive professional posture. About library history, he said it was established in 1873. He said that in the beginning, only 2,000 books of Sir Donald Macleaod were purchased for Rs 2,500 in 1873 but now there were over 7 lakh books with 28 personal collections of eminent scholars. It has also emerged the largest e-library in the country with 63,000 Higher Education Commission digital books on line, he added. About academic achievements, Hanif said that a record number of 525 PhDs were produced during the last 5 year while 130 PU teachers presented research papers in international conference in the period. On the other hand, PU had hosted 31 international and national conferences and 215 books authored by teachers on different topics and over 1,000 research papers produced by teachers were also published in leading journals. He said it was the first time in PU history that all Baloch students and special students were being educated free with Rs 3,000 per month scholarships and free hostel accommodation and food.


Alfred Woolner 1878 – 1936 Statue of Alfred Woolner 1878 - 1936 outside Punjab University Old Campus Mall Road Lahore Pakistan. Dr Alfred Cooper Woolner was a noted Sanskrit scholar and professor as well as the vice chancellor of Punjab University, Lahore before the Partition. Dr Woolner served as honorary librarian of the university from 1902 to 1928. He was made principal and registrar in 1903. From 1928 till 1936 he served as vice chancellor. Punjab University's collection of over 8,500 Ancient Sanskrit and Hindi manuscripts is named in his honour. Also the only remaining intact statute (from the British Era) in Lahore is that of Dr Woolner which stands in front of the Pharmacy Department of Punjab University. Dr Woolner died in Lahore and is buried in the city's Gora Kabristan on Jail Road.


DRuMMing CiRCle

COlleGeS / uNiVerSitieS iNterNatiONal iSlaMiC uNiVerSity 9260765 bahria uNiVerSity 9260002 NuMl 9257677 Quaid-e-azaM uNiVerSity 90642098 arid aGriCulture uNiVerSity 9290151 fJwu 9273235 riPha iNterNatiONal uNiVerSity 111510510 NCa rawalPiNdi 5770423 PuNJab law COlleGe 4421347 Monday, 15 October, 2012

SePt 1 - 25 PakiStaN NatiONal COuNCil Of artS ‘Pawnay 14 august’ has broken all theatrical records in Pakistan with 28 performances and 15000 viewers in karachi and lahore is now ready to sweep islamabad off its feet. for more details call 0333 3377909, 0300 9558701

SePt 24 - OCt 24, 5PM VeNue: NatiONal art Gallery

date aNd tiMe: 05:00 PM, weekly eVeNt VEnuE: the CeNtre fOr artS & Culture

Sixty five artists will exhibit more than 165 works in what will be a testimony to Pakistan’s contemporary artists and an amazing journey through their growth and contribution to art over three decades.

Our drumming circle is a (free!) ongoing event and is held every friday from 5pm to 6pm. we are having a great time, and want to share the good time with you! Our drumming circle has children ...

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Foreign News 09 German held with 3.7 kgs of hashish in Indonesia

The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) escort ship Kurama (L) reviews foreign ships Sydney of Australia (3rd r), Persistence of Singapore (2nd r) and uSS Shiloh of the uS (r) during its fleet review off Sagami Bay, Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture on Sunday. Forty-five MSDF vessels and one ship each from the uS, Australian and Singaporean navies participated in the fleet review. afp

Syria slaps Turkish flight ban, hits back at rebels DAMASCUS



YRIA banned Turkish passenger flights from its airspace from Sunday in a retaliatory move, as its troops launched a counter-attack on rebels in the country’s north in a bid to regain lost ground. The reprisal over Turkey’s confiscation of an cargo of what Russia said was radar equipment being flown from Moscow to Damascus came despite a flurry of diplomacy intended to calm soaring tensions between the neighbours. Syria accuses Turkey of channelling arms from Gulf Arab states to rebels fighting its troops, who have been under mounting pressure across large swathes of the north, including in second city Aleppo. The flight ban went into force from midnight (2100 GMT Saturday) “in accordance with the principle of reciprocity”, SANA state news agency said. Since last Wednesday, Turkey had warned its airlines to avoid Syrian airspace

for fear of retaliation for that day’s interception of the Syrian Air passenger plane by Turkish jets on the allegation it was carrying military equipment. Ankara has taken an increasingly strident line towards its southern neighbour since a shell fired from the Syrian side of the border killed five Turks on October 3. It has since repeatedly retaliated for cross-border fire, prompting growing UN concern and a flurry of diplomatic contacts. After talks with his German counterpart Guido Westerwelle on Saturday, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu reiterated that Ankara would not tolerate any further border incidents. “We will hit back without hesitation if we believe Turkey’s national security is in danger,” he said. With the violence raging, UN and Arab League peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi on Sunday headed to Iran, the Syria government’s closest ally, after talks in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the leading backers of the rebels. Brahimi is on his second tour of the region after taking up his post at the start of September, replacing former UN chief Kofi

top gaza Salafist among 3 killed by Israel raids on gaza gAZA CItY AFP

A top Salafist leader whose Islamist faction has recently fired rockets at Israel was among three people killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza, sources on both sides said on Sunday. The first strike, which took place in northern Gaza late on Saturday, killed Sheikh Hisham al-Saedini, 43, head of Salafist group Tawhid wal-Jihad, also known as the Mujahedeen Shura Council.Saedini, a Palestinian with Jordanian citizenship who was also known as Abu al-Waleed al-Maqdisi, was riding a motorcycle through the northern town of Jabaliya when the strike hit, medical and security sources said.Fellow activist Fayek Abu Jazar, 42, was also killed. A 12-yearold boy, who was nearby, was wounded. Israel mounted a second air strike in the southern city of Khan Yunis early on Sunday, killing one militant from the armed wing of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and critically injuring a second, medical and security sources said. The dead man was named as Yasser Mohammad al-Atal, 23. The Israeli army confirmed both strikes, saying the early morning raid had targeted “a terrorist squad in the southern Gaza Strip in its final preparations to fire rockets at Israel.” The strike came shortly after a rocket hit an open field in the Eshkol region of southern Israel, the military said. Saedini was one of the top Salafist militants in Gaza who founded the Mujahedeen Shura Council, a Salafist coalition put together in late 2008 which has claimed a spate of rocket attacks on Israel in recent days. There was no immediate reaction from the group to Saedini’s death, with his funeral expected to take place in Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza at noon (1000 GMT). The Israeli army said it had targeted Saedini over his group’s involvement in “significant terror activity against Israeli civilians and... soldiers.”

Annan who quit complaining that he had not received sufficient support from the major powers. AIR STRIKES: On the battlefield, the military used fighter jets to bombard Maaret alNuman, captured by the rebel Free Syrian Army earlier in the week, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. East of Maaret al-Numan, troops tried to block a new rebel assault on Wadi Deif army base — the largest in Idlib province of northwest Syria, much of which is in rebel hands — where large quantities of fuel and tanks are stored. Battles broke out in Maarshurin and Hish, near the base, while warplanes bombarded the area, the Britain-based Observatory said. The counter-strike came as rebels captured three army officers in Idlib, said the Observatory which relies on a network of activists, lawyers and medics on the ground inside Syria for its information. SANA, meanwhile, reported that troops killed and captured “dozens of terrorists and destroyed anti-tank rockets” in the northern city of Aleppo, the country’s commercial capital.

Elsewhere, two explosions hit the upscale district of Mazzeh in Damascus early on Sunday, the Observatory said, adding that one of them targeted the car of a proregime lawyer who was critically wounded. SANA said the other blast was a “suicide attack” that caused no casualties. In Damascus province, regime forces took back control of a military base in Atibah, a day after rebels had seized it. At least 18 people were killed nationwide on Sunday, the Observatory said, in addition to more than 33,000 who have died since the revolt against the regime erupted in March last year. Human Rights Watch, meanwhile, urged the Syrian military to stop using cluster bombs, weapons that can contain up to 650 submunitions which are sprayed over a large area before exploding. “Syria’s disregard for its civilian population is all too evident in its air campaign, which now apparently includes dropping these deadly cluster bombs into populated areas,” said Steve Goose, arms director at the New York-based group.

Mauritanian president ‘accidentally’ shot by army NoUAkCHott AFP

Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz flew to Paris for medical treatment on Sunday after soldiers shot at his convoy and wounded him in what the government said was an accident. Abdel Aziz was wounded on Saturday after an army unit fired on his convoy as he returned to the capital Nouakchott from a weekend retreat. The government played down the incident, saying the 55-year-old was only “slightly wounded” and that the shooting was an accident as the soldiers didn’t realise that they convoy was his. “This was an accidental shooting on the presidential convoy as it returned to Nouakchott. The army unit did not recognise the presidential convoy,” Communications Minister Hamdi Mahjoub said in remarks on national television. A security source had earlier told AFP that the president had

been directly targeted. On Sunday, the president flew to Paris for medical treatment after undergoing an operation at a military hospital to remove a “bullet from his body,” a security source told AFP on condition of anonymity. The source did not specify where the bullet had lodged but said none of his vital organs had been hit and “his life is not in danger.” Unconfirmed media re-

ports in Nouakchott said variously that Abdel Aziz had been hit in the arm and/or the abdomen. Communications Minister Mahjoub had sought to reassure about Abdel Aziz’s health in his televised remarks. “The Mauritanian people can be reassured, the president is fine... He was slightly wounded, and he got out of the vehicle unassisted upon arrival at the hospital, where he walked in without difficulty,” he said. But earlier, a security source told AFP that Abdel Aziz was hit in the arm by a bullet that an unknown gunman fired at him as he was driving from his weekend retreat in nearby Tweila. The gunman in a car “directly targeted” the head of state, he added, without giving any indications as to the identity of the attacker or the motive. “The president’s life is not in danger, he got out and walked to a military hospital where he received first aid,” the source said.

MATARAM: A German man has been detained on the Indonesian resort island of Lombok for attempting to smuggle 3.7 kilograms (8.1 pounds) of hashish with a street value of $730,000, officials said Sunday. Rolf Oskar Josef Schweikert, 57, was arrested upon landing on Saturday at Lombok’s airport, arriving from Singapore with Silk Air, provincial customs office chief Listrijono told reporters. “We arrested again a foreign national trying to smuggle illegal drugs into the island of Lombok. The 3.7 kilograms of hashish were found in the lining of his suitcase,” he said. “The suspect could face a death penalty under Indonesian law,” provincial police detective chief Ricky Simon Paays said. Indonesian police arrested a South African woman on Thursday attempting to smuggle 2.6 kilograms of methamphetamine with a street value of $500,000 into the island. Indonesia enforces stiff penalties, including life imprisonment and death, for drug trafficking. Two members of an Australian drug smuggling gang known as the “Bali Nine”, who were arrested in 2005, are on death row, while seven others face lengthy jail terms. Another Australian, Schapelle Corby, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for smuggling 4.1 kilos of marijuana in 2005, recently had her term slashed by five years after a clemency appeal to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. AFP

Algeria TV boss convicted for sexual harassment ALGIERS: An Algiers court on Sunday handed down a six-month suspended jail sentence and fined a 76-year-old head of a state television station accused of sexually harassing three women journalists. Said Lamarni, who has been dismissed as director general of the Berber TV4 channel, was ordered to pay a 200,000-dinar (2,000-euro) fine, said an AFP reporter at the court. The prosecution had urged the court to jail Lamarni for one year in a case that sparked outrage in Algeria, where critics say verdicts in cases of sexual harassment are not implemented. Dozens of people, especially human rights activists, were present in court in support of the journalists who broke out in tears when the verdict was read. Lamarni, who was not present for the verdict, has denied any wrongdoing. Defence attorney Meslem Mounia hailed the verdict as the “first of its kind in Algeria.” “The verdict renders justice to women who are victims of harassment,” Mounia said. “Now harassment is no longer a taboo and victims can go to court and seek justice.” AFP

Russian circus cheetah attacks boy, 7: investigators MOSCOW: A cheetah attacked and seriously injured a seven-year-old boy at a travelling circus in the Moscow region, Russian investigators said Sunday. The cheetah attacked the son of circus staff after a performance in the town of Domodedovo on Saturday evening, goring his face and neck, the Investigative Committee said in a statement. The boy was hospitalised with wounds and blood loss and underwent emergency surgery, investigators said, adding that they were checking safety procedures at the circus. The injured boy is the son of the animal’s trainers, and the big cat attacked him as it was being put back into its cage after a performance, the Vechernyaya Moskva daily reported, citing local police. Russia has a number of poorly regulated travelling circuses that keep big cats in cramped and unsafe conditions and animal attacks on children are a regular occurrence. AFP

Monday, 15 October, 2012

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10 Comment Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

after Malala The art of zooming in and out

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

Nobel ambitions? Prizes, here and there


id the Nobel peace prize die, really, the day Henry Kissinger (‘73) got one? From that fateful day, all the other dubious choices seem top notch choices by comparison. The UN (‘01), for instance. Or the then newly elected – and still undeserving – American president, Barack Obama (‘09), who, it appears, was non-plussed himself when he got the award. Well, add one more to the better-than-Kissinger list. The European Union. The EU is being credited with bringing stability and peace to a continent for more than half a century. This is a continent that contains not only once rivals France and Germany but also many other turbulent undercurrents. Nobel prizes have to be given after a really long testing and vetting period. Keynes famously didn’t get one for economics because it takes economic theories of that grand a scale many, many decades to be accepted and the work of that most influential economist of the twentieth century is still the subject of vicious debate. By those standards, we should realize that the prize for the EU is not to be judged by the events of today but by the much earlier dream for a union of sorts within Europe. But many don’t take such a charitable view and have a set of very valid arguments in their favor. Interesting is also the possibility of the prize for economics going to the United States. Now, whereas the EU is going through a recession, at least its undeserved prize was for peace. For the US, whose own economy has seen better days, the economics prize would serve to cheapen the sanctity of the award. Even on a meta level, even if the recipient were hale and hearty, it begs to reason why practitioners of a science should get an award reserved specifically for theorists. Or has the Swedish committee been made aware of the utility of such an award for jump-starting an economy; the way an Oscar nod spikes a film’s box office receipts, would consumer confidence hike up in response to the Nobel?

PoliTact By Arif Ansar


here is hardly a country under so much global scrutiny as Pakistan. What its citizens think, how they act, where they travel, are all under constant surveillance. Sadly, usually any untoward event anywhere ultimately finds a connection with Pakistan and its troubled FATA region. A month rarely passes without an occurrence that brings alarm for international players and is a source of shame for Pakistan. Just as the global powers are increasingly concerned about the present situation in Pakistan and where the country is heading, the nation itself appears to be least concerned about its international image and about dangerous perceptions that are taking hold in the West especially. It would not be an underestimation to state that the West’s concern for Pakistan is greater than even the country has for itself. After all, it is renowned as the most dangerous and unique place on earth where nuclear weapon, extremists and secular elements coexist. The balance of power amongst these players is by no means stagnant. Consider for example the case of Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour. The month of October has proven to be no different and has brought its own surprises; Malala Yousuzai was tragically shot. The event ignited another round of international debate about Pakistan. The first and obvious concern is how are its citizens and politicians reacting to this outrageous event and how to interpret various official statements and opinions that have emanated ever since. Based on these ongoing assessments, prominent figures are continuously being evaluated and dubbed liberals, conservatives or extremists. However, it should be

noted that since the Swat operation, Malala incident is probably the first time that unanimity of views have reemerged against Taliban, which represents a bad omen for them. This is one of the reasons why there is talk about the North Waziristan operation. In the long run, shooting Malala may prove to be the worse atrocity committed by Taliban and whoever advises them. Irrespective of the motive, killing innocent women and children hardly ever win wars. The incident has also put the popular politician of Pakistan, who had just led the widely reported political procession to the tribal areas, on the back foot. While he condemned the dastardly act, Imran Khan has reiterated his support for a political solution to the interconnected quagmire in FATA and Afghanistan. On the other hand, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and even former first lady Laura Bush were quick to condemn the attack while conveying solidarity with the people of Pakistan. Obviously, the US recognizes the rare opportunity as the balance of power has shifted in favor of the liberal quarters. US Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Mike Hammer commented, “We feel that working together, we can address concerning issues of extremism and combating terrorism. And we are always looking for a path forward where our interests meet to see how we can most effectively advance these common interests.” The West is worried not only about the present state of affairs but also the future. For example, this week an event was held at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) examining the phenomenon of ‘Youth Bulge’ in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. To understand the political lineation and thought process of the youth is of critical importance to the US as antiAmericanism spreads in this nucleararmed state. On the other hand, as the western focus and concern about Pakistan grows, the country appears to be shifting its concentration inwards. The TV has minimal coverage of international affairs, and most importantly of Middle East, and most of the media discussion revolves around domestic issues. One explanation commonly presented for this is that it’s simply the dynamics of the market forces at work. Since Pakistani channels cannot compete with the coverage offered by channels like CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera, they stick to domestic affairs. The performance of the print media is

not much different. In most leading newspapers, ‘International Affairs Section’ has been reduced to just one page. This points to an alarming emergence of ‘tunnel vision’ at work. If it does not like what it sees, is the nation unconsciously deciding to close its eyes? Some intellectuals in Pakistan have also exaggerated matters when they suggest that the whole world is turning against Pakistan, or that the country stands isolated in the international community. This is far from truth. In the present geopolitical environment and economic pressures, two dominant scenarios are likely. Either world powers will decisively move towards political approach, and if that is too much to digest, an even bigger conflict may be in the offing. The Malala tragedy has been followed up with a drone attack in Orakzai Agency killing about 26, an attack on an army check post in South Waziristan, and a suicide attack in Darra Adam Khel that killed about 18 people. All sign indicate the country is heading towards another bloody round. While one cannot kill all religious extremists on the planet earth, the chances of success are perhaps better in engaging them and then trying to mellow them down. This is similar to what the original premise of the US strategy for Afghanistan entailed i.e., to wean off the reconcilable Islamists from those that are not. Any plan that is implemented from this point onwards should take care in not allowing radicals to gang-up or to repeat past mistakes. However, the fear remains if extreme Islamists will ultimately outmaneuver the moderate elements to control the helms of power. And, this is why the evolution of Egypt since the removal of Mubarak, carries immense implications for the rest of the Islamic world. What Pakistan needs at this point is to move away from reactionary policies that are impacted by the day-to-day events, and focus more on the long-term regional and global trends and patterns. To learn from what others are doing to cope with the dramatic change underway in international affairs and to focus on adapting and not by being aloof. In practical terms, what the country needs to do is to zoom out to see the larger picture, as opposed to just zooming in. The writer is the chief analyst for PoliTact ( and and can be reached at

the dust finally settles Judicial restraint and the government By Malik Muhammad Ashraf


n the judicial history, no case or decision of the SC has caused so much commotion and controversy as did the NRO verdict. While the court persisted with its position that in light of the decision, the government was bound to write to the Swiss authorities for the withdrawal of the letter written by the former attorney general, the government took firm position that the order could not be implemented as the president enjoyed immunity from prosecution in any court during his incumbency and the writing of letter would itself constitute a violation of the constitution. Bothe sides remained adamant on the position taken by them for nearly three years and many heads rolled in the process. The legal and constitutional experts were also divided on the issue and preferred arguments in favor of the positions taken by both sides. Those endorsing the stance taken by the court, argued that the decisions of the apex courts – whether wrong or right – become binding after attaining finality and therefore the government ought to implement it. The others argued that the court before giving the decision on the case should have kept in mind article 248(2) that granted blanket immu-

Monday, 15 October, 2012

nity to the president from prosecution. The dismissal of the former prime minister by the court also generated considerable controversy and many constitutional experts within and outside the country criticized the SC decision, saying that the court had failed to exercise judicial restraint and opted for an extreme measure. The stalemate looked like aggravating in view of the pro-active and belligerent disposition of the court and its repeated indications that the second prime minister would also meet the same fate if he failed to implement para 178 of the NRO decision. The government was faced with a situation where the options available to it were equally compelling from the legal and constitutional perspective. It is heartening to note that with a view to break the deadlock in the bigger national interest it decided to write the letter. The SC, after some jitters on the contents of the letter, has closed this controversial chapter by approving it. The danger of much feared clash of institutions has been averted and the dust has finally started settling. The settlement of this contentious issue could not have been possible without flexibility on both sides and it seems that the court for the first time has acted in conformity with the concept of judicial restraint and deserves to be complimented. The government,

honestly speaking, has also shown tremendous political sagacity and pragmatism by backing off from its earlier stance. In fact it has been showing similar kind of respect to the other court decisions where the court, seemingly, trespassed into the domain of the constitutional powers of the executive or the parliament to dilute the ambience of confrontation. The legal and constitutional experts believed that the SC decision in the appointment of chairman NAB and judicial appointments cases lacked legal and constitutional basis. The judicial reasoning in both cases was wanting to say the least. The SC judges in both these cases did not abide by the doctrine of limited judicial authority. In the former case, the SC declared the appointment of Deedar Shah as ultra vires because as contended by the petitioner, the president did not consult the opposition leader before the appointment as provided in the relevant rules. Giving their judicial reasoning, the judges pointed out that NAB law allowed chairman to serve only one term and prohibited grant of any extension. It further said that as Deedar Shah had already served as chairman NAB, he was now barred from being re-appointed. That is a circular reasoning. If Justice Shah was never appointed legally how can his work at NAB be counted as a term in of-

fice disabling him from ever being appointed again? The decision also said that the CJ must be consulted before appointing an individual as chairman NAB. The agency is an executive entity under the control of the prime minister. There is absolutely no legal and constitutional reason for the chief justice to get involved in such issues that fall within the jurisdiction of the executive as enunciated in the relevant statue. The Supreme Court also decided to hear challenges against the 18th Amendment in regards to appointment of judges, notwithstanding the fact that article 239(5) unequivocally said: “No amendment of the constitution shall be called in question in any court on any ground whatsoever”. The court through an interim order forced the parliament to re-amend the constitution to the liking of the court. The government obliged by bringing in the nineteenth amendment to accommodate the recommendations of the court in the hope that the gesture might prompt the court to back off from its stance of exercising powers over issues where its jurisdiction has been explicitly ousted. In both the above cases the judges of the SC assumed the role of legislators which they are not. They can interpret the law and say what the law is and not what the law should be. That is the prerogative of the executive and the parliament which are

responsible for initiating and passing any law respectively. The judiciary as a custodian of the constitution and protector of the fundamental rights of the people is not only considered as the most sanctimonious organ of the state machinery but also a foundation on which the civilizations are built. That is why the cause of judicial independence is ungrudgingly espoused by all the nations in their constitutions. The concept of independence of judiciary, however, does not imply absolute and unbridled freedom and trespassing into the domain of other institutions of the state. The cause of independence of judiciary and justice is best served when the judiciary abides by the tri-chotomy of powers enshrined in the constitution. Any deviation from it would be a travesty of justice, bound to create harmful consequences for the system of governance in the country. Now that a better sense has ultimately prevailed, one would expect the government to continue showing similar respect to the court decisions in the future and the judiciary to realize the fact that it does not have unlimited powers. It is bound to adhere to the internationally recognized principles of judicial restraint and the provisions of constitution that reflects the will of the people. The country will be better off if all the institutions stick to their constitutional roles.

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Comment 11

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

Savior of national pride Government’s persistent refusal to write and reopen those cases in Switzerland has been misconstrued. It was generally believed that it was Asif Zardari who wanted to save his skin but the truth was something else. Mr Asif Ali Zardari is the President of Pakistan and it is well known to all in the world. President of Pakistan has immunity under article 248 of our Constitution and this was well known to Mr Zardari. In fact, Mr Zardari enjoys immunity like all heads of the states in the world. No one can touch Mr Zardari. Mr Zardari, as the son-in-law of Bhutto and the loving husband of BB, was trying to prevent the posthumous trial of BB and Bhutto family in general. Z A Bhutto was the savior of Pakistan and his contribution to Pakistan cannot be listed in one page of your columns. BB was his daughter who had given Pakistan a new life. She gave this country democracy and saved our country from the clutches of usurpers who clamped Pakistan. How can Mr Zardari let a petty court in Switzerland try Benazir Bhutto? How can Bhutto name be allowed to go down the drain? When BB’s name was blocked from these petty trials the enemies of Pakistan started lambasting Bilawal Zardari Bhutto in an alleged love affair with Hina Rabbani Khar. Imagine the stature of Bilawal and that of Hina. Imagine the age difference. Imagine Hina as the mother of two kids. Imagine Oxon Bilawal and his looks. I am sure it is not difficult to understand that tens of thousands of unmarried girls would be dying marry him. This is all preposterous. Well done, Mr Zardari. You have proved your loyalty to BB and the Bhutto clan. I feel sorry for Gilani that he misunderstood and got himself in a ditch with his sons involved in drugs case and so many others. Zaradri sahib you are a true warrior of Pakistan and the savior of this nation, which in any case is languishing in tons of problems. AMJAD H MIRZA Lahore

Pti’s march The Kotkai-bound convoy was led by a line of expensive Toyota Land Cruisers – the parading cavalcade on posh Islamabad’s vast roads was simply fascinating – carrying the elite and top brass of Pakistan Tehreek-iInsaf to South Waziristan. Critics rightly called it “a made-for-TV dog and pony show that will be high on drama and low on substance and will resonate with Khan’s base”. Obviously it was a highly impressive as well as expensive show. Hundreds of vehicles had a number of times filled the fuel tanks; thousands of meters cloth was used for banners; hundreds of sticks were required to hoist the PTI flags; tons of rims of papers were used for posters; the long journey required night stay charges for participants at D I Khan; etcetera, etcetera. Yes, the message of drone

attack deaths, injuries and cripples was positively sent across the globe. But, did the drones stop? Just two days after the march culminated the fiercer than before drone attacks killed more than 21 people. The Taliban daringly attempted to kill Swat’s icon of peace and daughter of Pakistan, the 14-yearold Malala Yusufzai, and vowed to kill her again. Thus the perpetrators ridiculed Imran Khan, the participants, the entire nation, and the world. The march was peaceful, yet the outcome is painful. If one compares the PTI’s ‘peaceful march’ with the most dreaded anti-blasphemy rallies, which took lives of many and damaged properties worth Rs 76 billion, across Pakistan, there seems no difference. What if this huge money could have

kbd: national necessity It must be obvious to the party in power that Kalabagh dam is the most viable solution to the problem of water and power shortage. What has paralyzed the government into inaction is the fear of a strong reaction from the whole of Sindh and many parts of Punjab. These people believe what their leader had said that Sindh would become a desert if Kalabagh dam was built. They have been led to believe that KBD will deplete the flow in the Indus, that because of its location KBD will benefit Punjab at the cost of Sindh, that Punjab is already stealing Sindh’s water through the CJ and TP link canals, that KBD will have an adverse effect on the Indus Delta etc. All these suppositions are incorrect but who is to bell the cat. Very few national papers realize the gravity of the situation but even they are content to just print a few letters on the subject. What is needed is a more proactive role by the print and electronic media in educating public opinion on a subject proper understanding of which is vital to the survival of the country. Pakistan will never progress without robust growth in industry and agriculture to revive the economy, create jobs and alleviate poverty. The cosmetic measures being taken by the government by way of small dams and alternate means of energy will not suffice. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER Lahore

we shall prevail “We refuse to bow before terror. We will fight, regardless of the cost. We shall prevail, Inshallah.” This was stated by Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani after visiting Malala Yousafzai in hospital at Peshawar. The whole nation is shocked and praying for her life. People are angry and demand decisive action against Taliban whose agenda is to take over Pakistan and impose a medievalist system on the people of Pakistan. They share an ideology with Al-Qaeda and see fellow Muslims who are supporting democracy as being

spent on the rehabilitation of the people of South Waziristan, on the development of FATA, on educating those who have been hijacked by the Taliban out of financial exploitation? What if the same money is given to the army to well equip its armour, extend our fullest support at its back and join hands together in fighting out the terrorist networks, once and for all? Imran Khan, and those politicians sitting in the drawing rooms, must have been worried about the jawans and officers who warned him of ‘real’ danger ahead, as to how the sons of soil are risking their lives in such a treacherous mountainous area? They are not well equipped; even they are not having night-vision goggles while the enemy men have. Impressed by the propaganda, we have almost left

followers of western concepts. The constitution, parliament, judiciary and all state and national institutions based on democratic ideals are antithesis of Islamic political system. The women who do not put on veil and men who do not have long beard are considered westernized, secular, liberal and non-pious. Men and women who mix with one another are regarded as essentially wicked. Those who listen to music commit a grave sin. All such people have to be reformed by use of force. The question is if such an ideology is compatible with modern society. Those who believe that Pakistani Taliban’s violence is a reaction to American drones can hardly explain why they targeted 14-year-old Malala and warned that they would go after her again if she survived. Let the promise of the COAS to free the country from the menace of extremism and terrorism be soon fulfilled. I believe what COAS has told the nation; we will prevail if we stand up and be counted now. S T HUSSAIN Lahore

fbr amnesty scheme After many years of speculating that they have three million tax dodgers, out of a population of 190 million, within their cross hairs, the FBR has finally come up with a new scheme to capture these tax dodgers. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world, with an estimated population of 190 million, out of which the FBR collects taxes from only 0.5 percent of the population. Now the FBR wants to offer a tax amnesty scheme to all the tax dodgers of the past 65 years and is threatening them with the blockage of their CNIC and passport, effectively cancelling their Pakistani citizenship, which seems like a very bold move to increase the number of tax payers. Unfortunately, it is the only move FBR has been able to come up with in the past four years. Therefore, we all will be very supportive of it. I would like to request one addition to balance this act: that is to offer a special “Lifetime Tax Free” amnesty scheme to the 0.5 percent Pakistani tax

our men in khaki isolated. Nothing can match their will to sacrifice their lives for sake of us all. Has any of the politicians, from President to Prime Minister, Ministers or officials, visited the hospitals where the injured and maimed, crippled and limping soldiers of our army are meeting the treatment to survive? Not a single room of CMH and MH, AFIRM and operation theatres is short of them, really. No one can imagine of the miseries of their families and children. Do you? Change the way of politics, please. Change the lifestyle now. Change the policies and strategies now. The hustle bustle, the spendthrift postures and extravaganzas do not speak of this nation is at war. Think as a statesman. ESCHMALL SARDAR Peshawar

payers, who have been gracious enough to pay taxes for the past 65 years, that covered the cost of every Pakistani for 65 years. If you are going to offer amnesties to the crooks, then you should also offer amnesties to the honest citizens. SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER Peshawar

which shariat? It has been stated by a spokesman of TTP that since the young Malala was working against shariat she was attacked. The simple question is whether TTP has invented their own shariat or are they following the shariat of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Seeratul Nabi Vol-I by Allama Shibli Nomani and Allama Syed Suleman Nadvi (Page359) states that the Holy Prophet Muhammad had ordered (that the commanders of Islamic armies must not kill an aged person, a child, a teenager and a woman) (Abu Daud). Now if the above order of the Prophet is to be obeyed, can the murderous attack on Malala be justified? This is a hard question that ought to be taken seriously. Whenever the Prophet saw a woman’s dead body in war he strongly forbade slaying of women in war with the infidels (Sahi Muslim). As such, are the TTP not defacing the fair name of Islam by the methods adopted by them in trying to kill a Muslim girl? DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI Lahore

too much too far This Malala issue has gone too much too far. Yes, we are all worried for her and we all are praying for her quick and complete recovery. But I saw her picture today with BB in one of the footage. Our TV channels are giving her whole day coverage. Are we serious, or is it a prelude to something? My 11-yearold granddaughter asked me the other day, ‘Grandpa, is Malala the first one to be shot at?’ AMJAD H MIRZA Lahore

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Justin debuts video for new single with Nicki Minaj


he teen idol launched the promo via his Twitter page earlier today. Before tweeting the link to the edgy and colourful video Justin wrote a series of tweets about his recent troubles. he said: "Since I was 14 I have had a lot of things said about me, from dying, to taking hormones, to dying again, to stuff about my family, to saying I had a baby with a woman I never even met. nude pics, drugs, my family, my character... but today... today i get to be in on it..." he then added: "So to all of you... enjoy. Let's go for the 10 million mark! Me, @NickiMinaj this is #BeAUTYandaBeAT." The video begins with personal footage which was recently stolen from Justin and then uploaded to a blog by the thief. The clip also features an whole array of scenes including Justin, 18, flanked by synchronised swimmers, and dancing flirtatiously with rapper Nicki. nEwS DESK

BERLIN: US American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, also known as JLo, performs at the O2 World Arena. afp

Jessica Alba refused to strip for ‘Sin City 2’?


CTReSS Jessica Alba reportedly refused to strip for ‘Sin City 2’ because she isn`t happy with how she looks after giving birth to two children. The actress, who has two daughters honor Marie and haven Garner, is said to have used body double to shoot for provocative scenes. "She was crushed when filming began and she didn`t have her original body back so she told producers she wanted a body double," a source told Life and Style magazine, reports "her body is incredible, but for her it`s not good enough. She`s cut out carbs and does the P90X Ab Ripper twice a day, but she still isn`t happy,`` the source added. nEwS DESK

God will decide my life partner: rani Mukerji


oLLYwood actress Rani Mukerji, who has rubbished rumours that she is wed to filmmaker Aditya Chopra, says she has left her marriage destiny to god. "My name has been linked with several people, but 'upar waala' (god) will decide who will become my life partner," Rani said in reply to queries in a TV channel's show. Mukerjee, whose latest film " Aiyyaa" released Friday, reacted strongly to media reports about her secret marriage to Aditya, elder son of acclaimed filmmaker Yash Chopra. "The media can't even decide which year the wedding took place. was it 2007, or 2009, or 2012. Let them (media) make up their mind first. "I am fortunate that the people of this country consider me as their daughter and they are worried about my marriage. But birth, death and marriage are in the hands of 'upar waala' and what is ordained, shall happen," said the actress, who sported a rudraksha string on her left wrist. nEwS DESK

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‘LoopEr’ rEvIEw



CIENCE fiction and time travel have been literary and cinematic bosom buddies forever. Difficult it is then to find a new `loop` into the marriage of the two. Yet at times some intrepid filmmakers do find a new tale to the old twist. ‘Looper’ takes past ideas on time travel but makes a package interesting enough to reinvigorate science fiction cinema. And time travel. In 2074, time travel has been invented but outlawed. It is used in the black market by those who find it hard to kill people and dispose bodies due to advanced tagging technology. They send victims back in 2044 where assassins called Loopers kill people. Joe (Joseph GordonLevitt) is one such hit-man in 2044. One day Joe gets his own future, older self (Bruce Wills) to kill. A moment`s hesitation leads the older Joe to escape thus creating a change in the present and thus the future. In trying to close the loop, with his employers chasing both him and his older self, he discovers something bigger than himself. ‘Looper’ is an extremely nuanced film that has multiple things working for it. First is the element of science fiction. The loops in the story tangle your mind only for the film

to very deftly and logically - that is, if you are watching closely untangle all the elements. It takes elements from many science fiction films, be it the classic ‘Terminator’ series - essentially the story of an assassin from the future killing/protecting a child in the past - or the 2007 French film "Time Crimes", which is again about the loop of crime created because of accidental time travel. You can watch the film multiple times and unravel something new each time. Secondly, it is an extremely well shot action thriller riding on a brilliantly written script by director Rian Johnson himself. At another level, ‘Looper’ is a musing about lost childhood, about kids who grow up without parents or grow up extremely poor and what and where it leads them to. It is a poignant meditation on cause and effect, of what the poet W.H. Auden said: "Those to whom evil is done do evil in return." The film also excels technically. Be it the minimalist scenes of a near-future world that blend in with the story instead of crying out for attention like in badly made sci-fi films, or the background score of Nathan Johnson and cinematography of Steve Yedlin. Bruce Wills does what he does best. Yet, it is Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is a revelation. Levitt has grown as an actor over the years, migrating from TV to indie films to playing second fiddle in films like ‘Inception’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Here he shines as a man on the run in fight with his own older self. nEwS DESK

Kristen stewart fears attacK Kristen Stewart is worried her stardom might lead to someone killing her one day. The Twilight actress - who recently confessed to cheating on costar Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders - fears someone will log on to a social networking site to find out her location, then travel to where she is and murder her. In an extract from new e-book Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner - In Their Own Words by Talia Soghomonian, she told interviewer Sian Edwards said: ''Nowadays it's harder because everyone is on Facebook and everyone knows where you are all the time, and everyone's twittering. Like I'm going to die because somebody is going to say where I am and somebody is going to kill me. Someone's going to twitter my location and then it's going to be like, boom.'' While the 22-year-old star fears sites such as Facebook and twitter can be harmful in terms of her safety, she admits the communication possibilities on the webpages are ''really great''. She added: ''I actually think too much of

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13 Aamir heart touching wedding gift for Kareena

As friends and family of Kareena Kapoor gear up for her big fat wedding to Saif Ali Khan, her ‘Talaash’ co-star Aamir Khan has planned a special gift for her. Mr ‘Perfectionist’ of Hindi cinema, Aamir, who is currently busy shooting for Yash Raj’s ‘Dhoom 3’ in Chicago, will fly down to Mumbai to launch the music of his suspense thriller ‘Talaash’ on 18 October. Talking to DNA, a

When Salman spoke to Karan about Shan Rukh

anything can be scary, but at the same time it's also an opportunity. I mean mass communication is a good thing. It's actually a really great thing, it's just scary.''going to kill me. Someone's going to twitter my location and then it's going to be like, boom.'' While the 22year-old star fears sites such as Facebook and twitter can be harmful in terms of her safety, she admits the communication possibilities on the webpages are ''really great''. In an extract from new e-book Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner - In Their Own Words by Talia Soghomonian, she told interviewer Sian Edwards said newS deSK

The latest James Bond film Skyfall has been praised by critics, with some hailing it "the best Bond ever". Starring Daniel Craig in his third outing as 007, the 23rd film in the franchise has been directed by Oscar winner Sam Mendes. The Independent's Geoffrey McNab said: "If not a full blown triumph, this is certainly one of the best Bonds in recent memory." The Times's Kate Muir called it "a great British bulldog of a movie". "From the moment the orchestral sound of Adele belts out, sending a nostalgic shiver down the audience's collective spine, we know this will be a triumphant return to classic Bond," she wrote. McNab added in his review: "Mendes has gone back to basics: chases, stunts, fights. "At the same time, he has subtly re-invented the franchise, throwing in far greater depth of characterization than we're accustomed to in a series of films that are often proudly superficial." The Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye gave the film five out of five, calling the film "a fantastic combination of 007 meets Bourne meets Spooks meets Home Alone". Robbie Collin praised director Mendes in The Telegraph: "[He] is unafraid to let the quieter dramatic moments breathe...and ace cinematographer Roger Deakins makes the wildly ambitious action sequences the most beautiful in

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s equation with each other has often been under speculation. Their alleged enmity has been scrutinized enough time and again. However, the two industry heavyweights pretend as if all is well between the two of them. And Salman did exactly the same last evening on ‘Bigg Boss 6’ when Karan Johar along with the cast of ‘Student of The Year’ made an appearance on the reality show to promote the film. Salman was seen having a good time with Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan. As the three debutants were speaking about their film, Salman was quick enough to ask Karan, “Who would he have cast if you hadn’t cast three fresh faces in SOTY?” KJo too was promptly said that he would have signed Aamir and Salman for the film as they still look very young. Salman immediately quipped, “Why not Shah Rukh Khan?” KJo couldn’t find a better answer to Sallu’s question and limited himself to saying, “He is the producer of the film.” But Johar did say that had he casted Aamir and Salman in the film, it would have created history for having all the three big Khans on board. newS deSK

source close to the unit revealed, “Aamir Khan has managed to keep one day aside for the event from his busy schedule of shooting for ‘Dhoom 3’ in Chicago. He will be coming for a day to attend the event. Unfortunately Kareena will be the only one who won’t be there. So, Aamir along with the producers Farhan Akhtar and Riteish Sidhwani have come up with an interesting idea. They have decided that since Kareena is an integral part of the film and won’t be there they should have her there in some way. It’s an auspicious moment and a big celebratory time in Kareena’s life, so what better than raising a toast to her.” Aamir, who usually keeps away from social dos organized by his colleagues in the film industry, has decided he would celebrate Kareena’s happiness with his ‘Talaash’ team. “Aamir, Rani Mukerji, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Reema Kagti...everybody will say something about Kareena and their association with her. nEwS DESK

Hotel staff fired after gossiping about Aniston Jennifer Aniston has got a hotel staff fired because he discussed her with other guests and thus violated the celebrity confidentiality policy. The actress was staying at Encantado Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico, known for strictly following celebrity confidentiality policy, while filming her new movie "We're the Millers". Terry Siegler claims he was fired for briefly complimenting Aniston when asked about her by other guests. According to, Siegler only told guests that the 43-year-old actress was "very sweet and much more petite than he thought". He said he was only responding to other guests, who had asked him if he had seen the actress at the hotel, and the guests were later overheard discussing the brief conversation about Aniston by one of her entourage. Siegler said: "They brought Jennifer up first. Was I supposed to deny it?" He says he was fired for violating the hotel's celebrity privacy policy after Aniston's team complained to his supervisors that he was sharing private information about the actress to other guests. The hotel's general manager said: "I cannot confirm anything about our employee, but I will say that we have a very strict confidentiality policy and we do enforce those policies." courteSy toI

Don`t hurt rihanna again, Jay Z warns Chris Brown


INGeR Jay Z has apparently warned singer Chris Brown not to hurt Rihanna again or he will be in a big trouble. Brown, Rihanna dated each other in 2008 before parting ways in 2009 after the former was accused of physically assaulting the "Umbrella" singer. Jay Z, known to be Rihanna`s mentor and brotherly figure to her, called the couple for a concert but ambushed Brown for a little man-to-man talk. "he invited them as a couple to his concert in New York and backstage he called Chris to one side and told him if he hurts Rihanna, whether emotionally or physically, it`s over for him," quoted a source as saying. "he`ll ensure it will result in the end of his career," the source added. Meanwhile, Jay Z, 42, has given Rihanna a green signal regarding Brown and told her to follow her heart. "Jay Z told Rihanna that if Chris is truly making her happy, then to go for it," the source said. nEwS DESK

penelope Cruz to play Gucci murderess


CTReSS Penelope Cruz is reportedly in talks to play tragic Gucci heir Maurizio Gucci`s murderous ex-wife in a new film to be directed by master moviemaker Ridley Scott`s daughter. The 38-year-old Spanish beauty, who is currently shooting ‘The Counselor’ with Ridley, is slated to portray Patrizia Reggiani in Jordan Scott`s "Gucci", reported daily express. Reggiani was jailed in 1998 for hiring a hitman to kill her husband four years after the couple officially divorced. She became known as the Black widow throughout her trial. her daughters urged lawmakers in Milan, Italy to overturn their mother`s conviction on the grounds a brain tumour had altered her personality. The conviction was upheld but Reggiani`s sentence was reduced to 26 years. Last year she was offered a chance at parole, but refused stating. nEwS DESK

Yash Chopra down with dengue

B Bond's 50-year career." Skyfall sees Dame Judi Dench reprise her role as MI6 director M, while Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris join the franchise as Bond's co-workers. Critics also praised Javier Bardem's performance as villain Silva, with McNab saying "he combines pathos, grotesquerie and a Hannibal Lecter-like viciousness". Caroline Jowett added in The Express: "He is not a villain in pursuit of world domination like Ernst Blofeld, and he is slightly upstaged by his own hair but he never fails to sur-

prise. "That he can make us laugh at the same time only makes him more menacing." As one of the few US critics at the preview on Friday, The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy called the film a "serious and spectacular show". "Dramatically gripping while still brandishing a droll undercurrent of humour, this beautifully made film will certainly be embraced as one of the best Bonds by loyal fans worldwide and leaves you wanting the next one to turn up sooner than four years from now." newS deSK

oLLYwood veteran Yash Chopra, who has been admitted to a hospital here, is suffering from dengue, the filmmaker`s spokesperson said Sunday. Chopra, 80, was admitted to Lilavati hospital Saturday after he complained of weakness. "Mr. Yash Chopra was admitted to the hospital yesterday (Saturday) after being diagnosed with an attack of dengue. he has been kept under observation. he is feeling much better and should be home soon. Thank you all for your concern and best wishes," the spokesperson of Yash Raj Films said in a statement. The veteran filmmaker has been busy shooting his last directorial venture ‘Jab Tak hai Jaan’. The film is slated for a diwali release Nov 13 and will see Shah Rukh Khan romancing Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. nEwS DESK

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Infotainment 14 Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: 5 interesting features


H, Instagram. The photo sharing that can’t be stopped. Its gauzy filters have moved far beyond brunch photos and whimsical shoe-shots to become a hit in all sorts of other subjects, sports included. Teams, athletes and fans from the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball and pro soccer leagues have all flocked to the service to document and promote. Well, well. The Korean tech giant isn’t far behind when it comes to bringing up the rear. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is finally official. Not going by the name ‘mini’, it could ac-

tually pack a punch! With the successful run of its older brother, the S3 Mini hopes to mirror the success that defined the Galaxy S3. Let’s take at a look at the features that Galaxy S3 Mini will sport.

Display The younger sibling carries a Super AMOLED 4-inch display with a screen resolution of 800 x 400 pixels, fair bit of compromise when compared to the Galaxy S3. The resolution on the S3 Mini seems out-ofdate when the competition, hauling the same screen size, comes in better

HD resolution schemes. There isn’t tad much of a difference in screen resolution when viewed by the naked eye, though it’s not going to slip under the eyes of the experts.

processor Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on a quad-core Exynos processor clocked at 1.4GHz. It’s an interesting piece of detail when compared to the new kid on the block. It looks like the Korean giant halved the spec sheet with the Galaxy S3 Mini. Powered by a 1 GHz dual-core processor, the mini S3 is quite efficient for running applica-

tions and looks more than comfortable to run Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean. The chipset is a Mali-400 based GPU, meaning that the benchmarking results will be optimised; not nearly as capable as the Galaxy S3 but enough juice to power major applications and processes.

operating system It all comes down to who is garbed in Android clothing better; in this case, the S3 Mini. While the Galaxy S3 is still shipped with the earlier version of the Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, the S3 Mini will come with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out-of-the-box. It will grace Samsung’s TouchWiz UI while bringing in a more intuitive interface which the Jelly Bean carries. Score one for the S3 Mini.

Design The design echoes its elder brother, the Galaxy S3, with a few changes of its own. Stuffed into a thicker casing, the Galaxy S3 Mini mirrors the Galaxy S3 quite closely. Its removable battery rear, its plastic casing, the colour scheme are all a shade less than the Galaxy S3. The dimensions stand at 9.9mm x 63mm and weighing in at 119 gm.

Connectivity In the connectivity department, the S3 Mini isn’t behind the Galaxy S3. Both devices carry NFC wireless comm., both have the industry standard Bluetooth/GPS and Wi-Fi and both have a microUSB. The thing most about the microUSB is its MHL compliance. You can watch HD videos but with only the correct cable, a cable meant for Samsung’s own connectivity options. A downer, considering the USD 30 the cable costs. Reportedly, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is expected to hit the market during Christmas and it is expected to be priced between USD 350 to USD 430. nEwS DESK

Man cooking squirrel destroys eight apartments

A fire that destroyed eight units at an apartment complex in Holland Township, Mich., is believed to have been sparked by a man using a propane torch to cook a squirrel for lunch, the fire chief said. The resident was on a deck on the third floor of the Clearview Apartments. He was using a the torch to burn off the squirrel’s fur when the deck caught fire, Fire Chief Jim Kohsel told The resident, whose name was not released, was removing the animal’s fur in preparation to eat it, Kohsel said, according to Flames spread to the roof and other parts of the building. Eight apartments were destroyed and two dozen other units were damaged by smoke and water, the fire chief. The unusual cause of the blaze quickly became the talk at area fire stations. “That’s about as off-the-wall as it gets,” Plainfield Township Fire Chief David Peterson told

UFO sighting in Sri Lanka?


. R. Muthubanda of Mahiyanganaya (Kovilyaya) not only sighted the alleged UFO incident, but also recorded it via his mobile phone which he released to the media later that day. He has observed a strange object, what he describes as an object which looked like a ‘cart wheel’ floating about two feet above the ground. According to him, the mysterious object has been shining and though he wanted to have a closer look at it, he was afraid to approach it. After about 30 seconds the object had vanished. To clear the confusions on the incident, we contacted astrophysicist Dr. Kavan Ranatuga via e-mail, who commented that the incident was yet another stunt by the “publicity seekers”. He also questioned, “If someone says he saw some pigs fly, would you carry a feature story on it? UFO stories are no different.” However in the past, people have mistaken satellites and other celestial objects for UFOs. This may be one of the main reasons why astrophysicists are hesitant to carry out further investigation on the incident. Other than UFOs and aliens, there are a number of pseudo-scientific phenomena that cannot be explained with facts; yet cannot be completely discarded as fiction either. According to the interview in Rivira with Colombo University, Physicist Prof Chandana Jayarathna, such stories of ‘mystery apparitions’ have been reported from many parts of the country over the last few years. He also said that he couldn’t comment on the nature of the object unless the photos have been thoroughly analyzed using super computers. Once analyzed, if the video clip and the stills were proven to be of a genuine UFO sighting, then these sources would be sent to NASA for further study. According to veteran science journalist Nalaka Gunawardena, any object seen floating above the ground level without being properly identified is a UFO. He also added that people mainly from rural areas tend to misidentify things soon due to lack of exposure and awareness. To support his statement, he related this story about how almost a decade ago some villagers of Polonnaruwa mistook the headlights of a Jeep for a UFO. Further he pointed out that most of the UFO sightings in Sri Lanka and all over the world have taken place during night time though this incident is reported to have taken place at 6.30 am, in broad day light. nEwS DESK

‘peeping tom’ on Japan flight avoids charges A “peeping Tom” who used a pen-shaped camera to take an upskirt shot of a cabin attendant during a domestic flight in Japan has avoided charges after prosecutors failed to decide which prefecture the plane was flying over at the time, reports said. The 34-year-old man extended his hand with the micro-camera while seated and took the picture of the flight attendant, the Asahi daily said on its website on Sunday. He was arrested by police and admitted what he had done, saying he was “aroused by uniforms,” the report added. The man was on a Japan Airlines flight from Takamatsu in the

southwest of the country to Tokyo last month, according to an earlier report by Kyodo News. The police tentatively determined the photo was taken over the western prefecture of Hyogo based on witness accounts and their analysis of flight data, it said. But prosecutors judged they were unable to rule out the photo may have taken when the plane was over neighbouring prefectures, Kyodo added. “Peeping Tom” offences typically fall under prefecture-level law to prevent public nuisances and their applications require prosecutors to state exact locations of the crime. AFP

Best man saves life of groom twice


HILE a best man has a lot of responsibilities before a wedding, but Lance Corporal Scott “Ringer” Townson has set a new benchmark for others by saving the life of his friend and groom-to-be twice in a year. Lance Corporal Craig Turley was on patrol with the 1 Rifles in the Nar-E-Saraj district of Afghanistan nearly lost his left hand when an exploding grenade severed an artery. Exactly a year later he was bitten by a venomous snake while training in Kenya. Luckily for the 28-year-old, L/Cpl Townson, a medic, was there to help on both occasions. The fact both incidents happened exactly a year apart, on September 23, will have made choosing a date for the wedding a little easier, with the couple undoubtedly keen to prevent an unlucky third mishap. Clearly up to the task of being best man, L/Cpl Townson will now also be on hand when L/Cpl Turley marries fiance Amy Rhodes next April. L/Cpl Turley, from Marlborough, Wiltshire, told The Citizen newspaper: “When the hand grenade went off it created a lot of dust and fragmentation went into my left hand and it cut my artery. L/Cpl Townson: “I was just doing my job like anyone would” COurTESY TT

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azarenka wins sixth season title in linz Page 17

Jayasuriya has no fears in playing in Pakistan MUMBAI


BiPin DAni

ANATH Jayasuriya was not a member of the Sri Lankan team which last toured Pakistan in 2009 when the second Test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka had been called off following the attack on the bus carrying the tourists' team to the Gaddafi Stadium. Five Pakistani policemen escorting the team bus were killed in the gunfire and seven Sri Lanka players and the assistant coach Paul Farbace were injured. The bus carrying the match-officials was in a convoy on its way to the stadium ahead of the third day of the second Test. The fourth umpire Ehsan Raza was in a critical condition in an intensive care unit in Lahore. Now the former Sri Lanka captain will lead the World XI in Pakistan on coming Saturday and Sunday. The match is scheduled to be played against

the Pakistan team and both teams will have current as well as "not retired" players. The Pakistani team for the two Twenty20 matches will be led by their local hero, Shahid Afridi.

"Whatever had happened to our national team (on March 3, 2009) was bad, but yes, I have no security fear now and both teams will play the matches for the noble cause", Sanath Jayasuriya, speak-

ing exclusively from Colombo, said. The players will be staying in Shereton Hotel and the presidential-level security has been assured to the players, "Pakistan is our neighboring country and when the match is being arranged for the charity cause (flood relief), we had no hesitation to go there", he added. Several players from South Africa, West Indies and Afghanistan have agreed to participate in two matches. The organizers have also been trying to invite Farveez Maharoof for this fourday trip. The 29-year-old Sri Lankan allrounder was a member of the touring ODI team in 2009, but was later withdrawn for the Test matches. "Yes, I await government permission to travel to Pakistan", the cricketerturned politician, Jayasuriya added. "Since the match is being organized by the Sindh Province, I see no difficulty", he said. Organizers have Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) blessings to host both matches at the international venue, National Stadium in Karachi.

daredevils too pacy for Knight riders


What prompted Gautam Gambhir and Kolkata Knight Riders to bat second, under the lights, in South Africa, is unclear. And the plan clearly did not come off; it went horribly wrong on a track that had unreliable bounce, which the Delhi Daredevils' four-man pace attack used wisely after 60 overs were played out on the pitch. The Knight Riders were not only outplayed by 52 runs, five of their batsmen got struck, including the team's batting mainstay Jacques Kallis. Their top-order had an outing they'd do well to forget. Out of 168 day-night limited-overs internationals in the country, only 27 teams have won the game after deciding to bat second. At the SuperSport Park, only one

team has won in ODI cricket while none have done so in Twenty20 internationals. And against an attack that includes the towering Morne Morkel, the Knight Riders were swimming against the tide willfully. The uneven bounce confused them further and by the time the first ten balls of their innings were done, Daredevils had done enough damage. It started with the captain Gautam Gambhir, when Irfan Pathan removed him for a duck off the third ball, having the lefthander chip one to mid-on. Off his sixth ball, he brought one back into the other opener, Manvinder Bisla, who was trapped leg-before. Irfan had one of those better evenings, when he looked like bringing the ball back whenever he pleased. It got worse for the Knight Riders when Brendon McCullum cut one to Chand at point off Morne

Morkel's first ball, the seventh of the innings, for a duck. Jacques Kallis was the next man to walk off when Morkel rapped him on the fingers of his right hand while trying to fend off an awkward delivery. He had to retire hurt and did not come back to bat, but X-rays revealed that there was no fracture. The very next ball struck the next batsman, Yusuf, on his arm, as he attempted to leave a rising delivery. At the end of the fifth over, he was put out of misery when Daredevil's first-change bowler Umesh Yadav had him deflect one back at the stumps. By this time the ball started keeping low too. Manoj Tiwary and Rajat Bhatia added 47 for the fifth wicket but it was only a face-saving exercise. Irfan, Morkel and Yadav took two wickets each and Ajit Agarkar got one; except for the left-arm swing bowler, the other three struck the batsmen and kept them pinned on the backfoot. Daredevils too were in trouble when they batted, but the recovery was prompt. The 63-run fourth-wicket stand between Unmukt Chand and Ross Taylor put them in a strong position, especially after a 30run 17th over from L Balaji. Chand played some attractive shots to start off his innings and survived a chance on 14 at midwicket, where Tiwary dropped a skier. He cracked two sixes and two more boundaries to finish on a 27-ball 40. It ended when he completely missed an offbreak from Sunil Narine. The versatile spinner took three wickets while Brett Lee and Kallis bowled well too. But it would be the costly overs from Balaji that they could pinpoint for conceding more than the average score at the venue.

SCOrEBOArD DELHi DArEDEViLS DPMD Jayawardene* b narine 21 22 V Sehwagc †Bisla b Sangwan 14 KP Pietersenc narine b Lee u Chand b narine 40 36 LrPL Taylorc Bhatia b Balaji 7 iK Pathannot out nV Ojha†c Pathan b narine 0 P negic McCullum b Kallis 1 AB Agarkarc narine b Balaji 8 EXTrAS 11 TOTAL 160 Did not bat M Morkel, uT Yadav Fall of wickets 1-36 (Jayawardene, 5.1 ov), 2-58 (Sehwag, 8.3 ov), 3-64 (Pietersen, 9.5 ov), 4-127 (Taylor, 16.3 ov), 5-145 (Chand, 17.4 ov), 6-145 (Ojha, 17.6 ov), 7-147 (negi, 18.6 ov), 8160 (Agarkar, 19.6 ov) BOwLinG B Lee 4-0-19-1, L Balaji 4-0-61-2, JH Kallis 4-0-25-1, SP narine 4-0-21-3, PJ Sangwan 3-0-22-1, r Bhatia 1-0-6-0 KOLKATA KniGHT riDErS 1 MS Bisla† lbw b Pathan G Gambhir* c Pietersen b Pathan 0 BB McCullum c Chand b Morkel 0 0 JH Kallis retired hurt MK Tiwary c & b Agarkar 33 YK Pathan b Yadav 11 22 r Bhatia c †Ojha b Morkel B Lee b Yadav 13 PJ Sangwan not out 11 SP narine not out 1 EXTrAS 16 TOTAL 108 Did not bat L Balaji FALL OF wiCKETS 1-1 (Gambhir, 0.3 ov), 2-3 (Bisla, 0.6 ov), 33 (McCullum, 1.1 ov), 3-4* (Kallis, retired not out), 4-24 (Pathan, 4.6 ov), 5-71 (Tiwary, 14.2 ov), 6-82 (Bhatia, 16.2 ov), 7-105 (Lee, 18.6 ov) BOwLiG iK Pathan 4-0-19-2, M Morkel 4-1-25-2, uT Yadav 4-0-13-2, AB Agarkar 4-0-21-1, P negi 4-0-18-0 MATCH DETAiLS Toss Kolkata Knight riders, who chose to field Points Delhi Daredevils 4, Kolkata Knight riders 0 Player of the match iK Pathan (Delhi Daredevils) umpires Aleem Dar (Pakistan) and rJ Tucker (Australia) TV umpire M Erasmus Match referee rS Madugalle (Sri Lanka) reserve umpire S George

windies call-up spinner Permaul for bangladesh tour St JoHN'S AFP

Guyana left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul was called into the West Indies squad for the first time on Saturday, for the tour of Bangladesh. Permaul, 23, has played 45 first-class matches since his debut five years ago, taking 152 wickets at 24.59 apiece. He has just returned from a tour of Bangladesh with the West Indies High Performance Centre, where he collected 21 wickets across the three formats of the game. Permaul also skippered the West Indies A team earlier this year when they prevailed over India A in a home series. Meanwhile, Barbados batsman Kirk Edwards has been recalled, after losing his place for the third Test on the tour of England earlier this year. West Indies, who won the World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka last week, are scheduled to play two Tests, five oneday internationals and one Twenty20 match on their tour of Bangladesh between November 3 and December 12. West Indies squad: Darren Sammy (capt), Denesh Ramdin (vice-capt), Tino Best, Darren Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Narsingh Deonarine, Kirk Edwards, Assad Fudadin, Chris Gayle, Sunil Narine, Veerasammy Permaul, Kieran Powell, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, Marlon Samuels.

iPl invite bids for new team NEW DELHI AFP

The Indian Premier League (IPL) on Sunday took out newspaper advertisements inviting bids to set up a new team to play in the glitzy Twenty20 tournament that has transformed cricket in recent years. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which owns the event, is looking to replace the cash-strapped Deccan Chargers, who were thrown out for financial violations including failing to pay players. The advertisement, placed in the Times of India, said that the new team had to be based in one of 12 named cities, including Ahmedabed, Dharamshala, Hyderabad and Kochi. "The winning bidder will be granted the right to own and operate a new team which will compete in the IPL each year from and including 2013," it said. The BCCI added that the franchise would have to meet its eligibility criteria, and would have the right to qualify for the international Champions League Twenty20. Hyderabad-based Deccan Chargers were expelled from the IPL on Saturday after its owners failed to meet a deadline to submit $19 million as guarantee money to the Bombay High Court. Deccan Chronicle Holdings, a media company that bought the team for $107 million before the inaugural IPL in 2008, announced last week it had agreed to sell the franchise to a Mumbai-based real estate firm.

LIONS OUT FOR ANOTHER IPL SCALP FIRDoSE MooNDA When the Lions lined up against Mumbai Indians for the first match of the Champions League T20 in 2010, there were very few people expecting anything from them. Most of the crowd cheered Mumbai, even though the match was played at the Wanderers, and Indian flags waved from the stands. There was a moment of stunned silence when a young allrounder Shane Burger dismissed every young boy's cricketing hero Sachin Tendulkar. As the match turned, so did the spectators and at the end the Lions had a big victory and some of their home fans back. As luck would have it, the Lions have been drawn to open their CLT20 campaign against the Mumbai Indians again and they are expecting a grudge match. "They

will come at us this time around," Lions captain Alviro Petersen said. "In 2010, they were the favourites to win and we just did things well. One or two guys made big plays for us. This time will want to prove a point. They won't want to lose to the same opposition twice." The Lions of 2012 are an improved version of the team they were just two years ago. Then wide-eyed and largely inexperienced, they were just in it for the fun. This time they are in it to win it. "When we played the first one the guys didn't really understand what it was all about, especially guys who have not played international cricket," Petersen said. "This time, we're more aware of what we need to do, how we need to go about things. The preparation has been important for us and it has gone very well."

Like the other South African franchises, the Lions have had two first-class matches to start the season. They lost the first one badly but stormed to victory in the second, defending a small total on the fourth morning. Chris Morris, who was their top wicket-taker in T20s in the domestic competition, took 12 wickets in that match and is looking in top form ahead of the format he has gained the most recognition in. Petersen thinks Morris' development was spurred on by the inclusion of two overseas players in last season domestic tournament. Dirk Nannes and Sohail Tanvir will play for the Lions in the CLT20 as well and have turned their attack from middling to close to magnificent. "The bowling unit has come on in leaps and bounds," Petersen said. "Having the internationals helps bringing in other bowlers through as well. Chris Morris came through

really nicely last year and I think they had a lot to do with that. It's not just about performance; it's what they bring us a package." The same statement can be said for the way the Lions approach the game as a whole. There is a noticeable seriousness about them. "Twenty-over cricket is not really a slog at all. We've seen that you've got to have structure to it," Petersen said. "Power, skill all that sort of stuff are the key ingredients to being successful in T20 cricket. But most important is to have structure." Petersen said the importance of having a plan is evident in the fact that the batsmen who succeed in the format are all strong across longer versions of the game as well. "It has been shown over the years that the guys with good techniques have come out on top in T20 cricket over a long period of time." As recently as in the first

match of the tournament, Jacques Rudolph, a batsman thought to be suited to only Test cricket scored a blazing 83 not out for the Titans against Perth. The same strategic thinking is what Petersen believed will make a good captain in this format. He dismissed the idea of leading by instinct and spur of the moment decisions that people often think are made in twenty-over cricket. "You sometimes get a gut feel but it's really about execution of plans. If you leave it up to gut, you leave it to chance. I don't captain by chance." The Lions have made sure they leave nothing to fortune ahead of their first match. They spent four days at their smaller home base in Potchefstroom, where they had an intense camp and say they are "absolutely ready," to topple an IPL side once again. COurTESY CriCinFO

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Sports 16 CHAMPiOnS leAgue

All-round Henriques sinks Chennai JoHANNESBURg



blistering stand of 75 between Moises Henriques and Steve Smith towards the end of the innings was the difference as Sydney Sixers' 185 was enough to keep out Chennai Super Kings in a highscorer at the Wanderers. Henriques made telling blows on the field as well, as his three middle-order wickets derailed Super Kings' chase just as the asking rate started reducing. Suresh Raina threatened with an attacking half-century, but the lack of support at the other end hurt Super Kings' chances. Shane Watson gave the Sixers a rousing start after they would put in to bat, and the Chennai Super Kings spinners struck back with wickets but none of the bowlers were spared once the Smith-Henriques pair came together. When the Australian seamers were taken out off after four overs, the openers - Watson and Michael Lumb targeted the weak link in the seam attack. Yo Mahesh was carted for 18 off his only over, which included a clipped six over midwicket by Lumb. Watson was harsh on anything dragged short, and he made R Ashwin and Jadeja pay by cracking two sixes over the on side. Only a run-out could have ended Watson's stay and he fell in

amar Cables t-20 Veteran Cricket begins LAHORE: The third Amar Cables T-20 Veteran Cricket Tournament started with win for SPM Stags against Khayaban-eAmeen by 5 wickets and SPM Bucks win over DHL by 80 runs. First match, Khayaban-e-Ameen batting first 138/8 after 20 overs. Faisal Peerzada 29, Ashfaq Heera 23, Sajid Anwar 19, Ameer Ali 18 runs and Fayyaz Butt 13 not out. Imtiaz Tarar 4/20, Rehan Rouf 2/34 & Khawaja Naseer-uddin 1/11 wickets. SPM Stags 139/5 after 18.1 overs. Shakeel Malik 44 runs not out, Imtiaz Tarar 38 & Zahoor Ilahi 14 runs. Bilal Rana 2/27, Faisal Mehmood 1/18, Ameer Ali 1/19 & Hafiz Bilal 1/24 wickets. Rana Sohail Manzoor, Sagheer Ahmad umpire & Syed Najam-ul-syed was the scorer. STAFF rEPOrT

that manner four short of a fifty. He attempted a risky second run but wasn't quick enough for Ben Hilfenhaus' flat and fiery throw from deep cover which hit the stumps on the half volley. The spinners pulled things back for Super Kings after Watson's departure. R Ashwin struck twice in an over, removing Brad Haddin and Nic Maddinson as they tried to push the scoring. It wasn't the worst thing to

happen to the Sixers, though, as it brought Smith and Henriques together. The pair began by bashing two boundaries down the ground off the part-time leg spin of Faf du Plessis and from that point on, an above-par score looked possible. The bowlers hemorrhaged 61 off the last four overs, which included eight fours and three sixes. Bollinger and Hilfenhaus, who were held back for the final overs,

came in for some stick as the pair of Smith and Hilfenhaus muscled boundaries and played some cheeky ramp shots to exploit the infield. Super Kings got off to a circumspect start, limping to 7 for 1 after three overs. Du Plessis gave the chase a push with a flurry of boundaries through the off side, charging the fast bowlers to unsettle their rhythm, in particular Pat Cummins. Cummins had the last laugh though, when du Plessis advanced down the track to launch a straight six but couldn't clear long-on. Sixers captain Brad Haddin risked introducing his spinners when Suresh Raina walked in. Raina targeted his favourite cow corner region against the left-arm spin of Steve O'Keefe and was also alert to put away the length offerings from the seamers. The bowlers didn't exploit Raina's weakness against the short ball and with every Raina boundary, the game was Sixers' to lose. Like they had done with the bat, the Henriques-Smith pairing proved decisive, this time in the field. Raina aimed for the long-on boundary off Henriques' medium pace, but Smith took a well-judged catch at the edge of the rope. Henriques struck two balls later with MS Dhoni's wicket and that had all but sealed the game for Sixers, with 44 needed off the last three overs.

SCOrEBOArD SYDnEY SiXErS MJ Lumb lbw b Jadeja 18 46 Sr watson run out (Hilfenhaus) 12 nJ Maddinson b Ashwin 20 BJ Haddin*†c Hilfenhaus b Ashwin 26 SPD Smithc Vijay b Hilfenhaus 49 MC Henriquesnot out 14 EXTrAS 185 TOTAL DiD nOT BAT BJ rohrer, SnJ O'Keefe, PJ Cummins, MA Starc, Jr Hazlewood FALL OF wiCKETS 1-50 (Lumb, 6.1 ov), 2-78 (watson, 8.5 ov), 3-109 (Haddin, 13.1 ov), 4-110 (Maddinson, 13.3 ov), 5-185 (Smith, 19.6 ov) BOwLinG:Bw Hilfenhaus 3-0-26-1, DE Bollinger 4-0-39-0, VY Mahesh 1-0-18-0, rA Jadeja 4-0-29-1, r Ashwin 4-0-32-2, F du Plessis 4-0-35-0 CHEnnAi SuPEr KinGS 16 MEK Hussey c Lumb b O'Keefe 1 M Vijay b Starc 43 F du Plessis c Starc b Cummins 57 SK raina c Smith b Henriques S Badrinath c †Haddin b Henriques 6 MS Dhoni*† c Hazlewood b Henriques 8 rA Jadeja c rohrer b watson 2 r Ashwin c Smith b Starc 18 Bw Hilfenhaus not out 7 VY Mahesh c Lumb b Starc 2 EXTrAS 11 TOTAL 171 DiD nOT BAT DE Bollinger: FALL OF wiCKETS 1-3 (Vijay, 1.3 ov), 2-64 (du Plessis, 7.6 ov), 3-67 (Hussey, 8.6 ov), 4-122 (Badrinath, 14.2 ov), 5-141 (raina, 16.3 ov), 6-141 (Dhoni, 16.5 ov), 7-155 (Jadeja, 18.1 ov), 8-166 (Ashwin, 19.2 ov), 9-171 (Mahesh, 19.6 ov) BOwLinG: Jr Hazlewood 4-0-25-0, MA Starc 4-0-31-3, PJ Cummins 4-0-42-1, Sr watson 3-0-31-1, SnJ O'Keefe 2-0-161, MC Henriques 3-0-23-3 Match details Toss Chennai Super Kings, who chose to field Points Sydney Sixers 4, Chennai Super Kings 0 Player of the match MC Henriques (Sydney Sixers) umpires Asad rauf (Pakistan) and M Erasmus TV umpire SJA Taufel (Australia) Match referee rS Madugalle (Sri Lanka) reserve umpire JD Cloete

PCB asks Afridi not to hold press conference? Model town whites beat Pioneer Club LAHoRE


A scheduled press conference by flamboyant all-rounder Shahid Afridi, which had set the rumor mills working overtime, was called off after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) advised him not to address the media. Afridi was to brief the media persons at his residence this evening but the interaction was cancelled at the behest of the PCB. "The board has refused permission to Afridi to hold the conference as they say he is a centrally contracted player and can't speak to the media without obtaining a prior permission," a source close to the player said.

Afridi, who struggled with his form in the recently concluded ICC World Twenty20 championship, apparently wanted to talk to the media about his performance in Sri Lanka, where Pakistan lost to the hosts in the semifinal. The speculations were also rife that the 32-year-old might announce his retirement from the international cricket during the conference. "He is a contracted player and has to abide by all the rules and regulations for players in the central contracts," a PCB official said. Afridi, one of Pakistan's most experienced players, had stopped playing Test cricket since 2010 and features only in limited overs cricket.


Model Town Whites beat Pioneer club by 47 runs at E block model town ground in friendly fixture. Model Town White made 247 for 9 wickets in 40 overs. Rehman Khan 82, Zobir Ahmed 42. Zahoorullah Chohan took 2-35, Amin Khan 3-50, Hasan Azam 3-40. Pioneer club was all out in 39.2 overs for 200 runs. Hasan Azam 42,Wahab Usmanee 25, Mobeen Malik 20..Salman Ahmed took 4-30, Ehsan Ahmed 4-32. Man of match. Rehman khan.

PunjAB YOuTH FeSTivAl 2012


One of the most challenging phase of the Punjab Youth Festival 2012, the Divisional Level at its conclusion saw Rana Faisal of Sheikhupura claim the healthy baby competition title on Sunday at the Punjabi Complex near Gaddafi Stadium. The winner of the event Faisal in a stimulating mood before the media at the end of the competition raised a slogan ‘Rana No. One, Rana No. One’ and his parents thanked Allah Almighty for the win. With this event the Divisional Level will now mark the start of the Provincial Level in around two day’s timeframe with the winners of all the levels gathering in Lahore to compete in their events of mastery. Yesterday, 224-event and 23-sector, Divisional Level concluded with people getting involved in every kind of event that is possible for the entertainment of the province and also revive sports culture. On Sunday in the healthy baby competition, there were four competitors including Mohammad Ali of Lahore, Muhammad Ahmed of Kasur, Rana Faisal from Sheikhupura and Ali Ayan of Nankana Sahib while Population Department, Secretary, Altaf Izad, and

Population Department, CMO, Dr Zari Fatima were the guests and gave the prizes to the winners. After the weigh in and height measurement of the four participants, the competition began and Rana Faisal was declared the winner and was awarded Rs, 10,000 while Lahore’s Mohammad Ali

was second and was given Rs 8,000 and Kasur’s Mohammad Ahmed was third to get Rs 5,000 while Ayan was fourth. Besides the prize money, the participants were given certificates. In the divisional level competitions, Lahore District was visibly the triumphant and similarly in other divi-

sions of the province the main districts cities took the major competitions. Now all the activity will be held at Lahore from October 17 to 25 and will be followed by Guinness World Record events and the Punjab International Sports Festival in November. The events and competitions thus far

were participated by students of schools, colleges, universities, families and individuals from general public and the Festival is near completion there is going to be competitions now between the winners of nine divisions side by side having the involvement of people of all walks of life in the festival.

Monday, 15 October, 2012

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17 Sports azarenka wins sixth season title in linz


World number one Victoria Azarenka on Sunday claimed her sixth title this season when she beat German Julia Goerges in straight sets at the Linz WTA tournament. The Belarusian, in her ninth final appearance of 2012, overcame the fifth seed 6-3, 6-4 for a 14th career title. Azarenka's 2012 trophy haul began with her first Grand Slam in Australia, with follow up victories in Sydney, Doha and Indian Wells. But the 23-year-old then proceeded to lose the three following finals, including at last month's US Open, where Serena Williams' late recovery left her in tears, before her 6-3, 6-1 Beijing defeat of world number two Maria Sharapova.

indian-Czech pair win Shanghai Masters SHANgHAI AFP

Australian Open champions Leander Paes of India and Radek Stepanek of the Czech Republic on Sunday came from behind to win the Shanghai Masters doubles title 6-7 (7/9), 6-3, 10/5. The fourth seeds, who have already booked a place at next month's elite eight-team ATP World Tour Finals in London, lost the first set against Indian pair Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna on a tie-break. But the Indian-Czech duo, who were losing finalists at the US Open, levelled the contest after a single break in the second set and took the match tie-break 10/5. Seventh seeds Bhupathi and Bopanna were in eighth and last spot in the chase for a place at the season-ending finale in the most recent rankings. Indian veteran Paes, 39, said he was at the stage of his career when he was "playing for milestones, playing for history". "We've had a great year. It started off with a big bang. To do well early in a partnership is something that can happen," said Paes, whose victory at the Australian Open meant he had completed the full set of Grand Slam titles during his career. "But to continue playing well right through the whole year shows the quality of tennis that we play. For me personally what I really like about playing with Radek is we're looking to improve all the time. For me that's the potency of what the other guys feel."

ShaNGhai: Novak djokovic of Serbia holds the winners trophy after defeating andy Murray of britain during their finals match at the Shanghai Masters tennis tournament in Shanghai. afp

Indian-czech pair win Shanghai Masters SHANgHAI AFP

Australian Open champions Leander Paes of India and Radek Stepanek of the Czech Republic on Sunday came from behind to win the Shanghai Masters doubles title 67 (7/9), 6-3, 10/5. The fourth seeds, who have already booked a place at next month's elite eight-team ATP World Tour Finals in London, lost the first set against Indian pair Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna on a tie-break. But the IndianCzech duo, who were losing finalists at the US Open, levelled the contest after a single break in the second set and took the match tie-break 10/5. Seventh seeds Bhupathi and Bopanna were in eighth and last spot in the chase for a place at the seasonending finale in the most recent rankings. Indian veteran Paes, 39, said he was at the stage of his career when he was "playing for milestones, playing for history". "We've had a great year. It started

off with a big bang. To do well early in a partnership is something that can happen," said Paes, whose victory at the Australian Open meant he had completed the

full set of Grand Slam titles during his career. "But to continue playing well right through the whole year shows the quality of tennis that we play. For me personally

watson beats chang to win first wta title oSAkA AFP

Heather Watson edged past Taiwan's Chang Kai-chen in a marathon final at the Japan Women's Open tennis tournament on Sunday, to become the first Briton in 24 years to win a WTA title. The 20-year-old, in her first WTA final, squandered one match point while leading one set and hit a double fault on 5-4. She had to save four match points in the final set before winning 7-5, 5-7, 7-6 (7/4) after a match lasting three hours and 11 minutes. Watson, however, failed to achieve a twin triumph when

Monday, 15 October, 2012

she and Japan's Kimiko DateKrumm lost the doubles final to top seed Raquel Kops-Jones and Abigail Spears of the United States 1-6, 4-6. "I was in the changing room afterwards, changing my clothes, and I thought to myself, 'Did I really win?' So it's just starting to settle in," Watson said. "I've worked so hard for this moment my whole career -- that's why I practised so hard, ran all those miles and lifted all those weights, for moments like this. "Britain has been breaking quite a few records recently, so I'm happy I could break another one today. I'm proud to do this for my country."

Watson said Chang was "an amazing returner, so I wanted to go for it. What I've learned from my coaches is to go for it and not hope they miss. "As you get better and play the top girls, you've got to go for it because they won't give it to you. So I went for it and I don't regret it (double fault on her first match point). "Though if I had lost the match I probably would have regretted it. But I ended up winning the match, so I'll get over it!" she added. Watson is the first Briton to win a WTA title since Sara Gomer at Aptos back in 1988. For 22 years no Briton had even reached a WTA final until Laura Robson broke the

drought with her run to the final in Guangzhou, China last month. "Laura and I have come through the rankings together -- juniors and seniors -- and we're both very competitive, so when we see the other doing well, it pushes us," said Watson. "Knowing Laura did so well in China a few weeks ago definitely motivated me this week. But I think it's great we're really good friends off the court as well," she added. Watson, who received the winner's cheque of 37,000 dollars, has also won three ITF titles, at Wrexham and Toronto in 2010 and at Frinton in 2009.

what I really like about playing with Radek is we're looking to improve all the time. For me that's the potency of what the other guys feel."

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Sports 18

Djokovic denies Murray in Shanghai thriller SHANgHAI



OVAK Djokovic gained sweet revenge for his US Open defeat to Andy Murray on Sunday, saving five match points to seal a stunning 5-7, 7-6 (13/11), 6-3 victory in the Shanghai Masters final. The iron-willed Serbian was secondbest for long stretches but refused to buckle, sealing his 13th Masters title in a contest lasting three hours and 21 minutes as he hunts down Roger Federer at the top of the rankings. The thrilling duel, played out in front of a packed crowd at the Qi Zhong Stadium, hinged on a monster second set tie-break that lasted more than 20 minutes, which the second seed won to stay alive in the match. The defeat, in a contest packed with high-quality, spellbinding tennis, was defending champion Murray's first ever loss at the Shanghai Masters after he won the tournament in 2010 and 2011. "Could have easily gone the other way. He was five match points up," said Djokovic, who won the China Open before

coming to Shanghai. "When I faced those match points, I tried to focus on each individually. He was so close to the victory that I cannot say I was the better player." The Serbian, hot favourite to be year-end number one for the second consecutive season, said the title would give him a major boost as he closes in on the top spot, which he said was his "biggest objective". "It's something I'm aiming for. Obviously this is going to be a huge confidence boost and also is going to help me in the race for number one," he said, though he cautioned "it's still not done". A gruelling first set contained seven breaks of serve as the players went toe-totoe in a breathtaking display of power hitting, with neither able to grab the initiative. But the British third seed made what proved to be the crucial breakthrough in the 11th game, recovering from 40-love down to break for a 6-5 lead as an infuriated Djokovic destroyed his racquet, tossing it away in disgust. Murray, 25, broke in the seventh game of the second set for a 4-3 lead and looked poised for victory as he led 5-4, 300. But Djokovic produced a through-the-

legs shot, wowing the crowd as he began his fightback and then thwarted the Scot on his first match point before cancelling out Murray's advantage. The Serbian, 25, denied the Scot four more times in a pulsating shoot-out, sealing the set with a drive volley that was followed by a trademark fist-pumping celebration as Murray destroyed his own racquet. The third set went with serve until Djokovic made the vital breakthrough to lead 4-3. Murray could not find a way back, broken again as the Serbian sealed victory. "I'm obviously disappointed I lost the match," said Murray. "But it was a topquality match. Both of us played some unbelievable tennis at times. "It was literally the difference of one, two centimetres in winning the match and losing it. You have to put things into perspective. It was obviously a bit frustrating but it was so close and could have been a different outcome." Murray beat his rival in five sets in last month's US Open final to secure Britain's first men's Grand Slam singles title since the 1930s, just weeks after his Olympic triumph in front of home fans in London.

Bhullar completes commanding victory in Macau HoNg koNg

watch it Live PTV SPORTS Group A: Auckland v KKR 8:30 PM

rodgers keen on January spending spree LoNDoN AFP

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed he plans to improve his struggling side with several signings during the January transfer window. Rodgers' team are languishing in 14th place in the Premier League after winning only one of their first seven matches and the Reds boss believes their poor form is down to a lack of strength in depth. Liverpool are short of options in attack after failing to bring in a replacement for Andy Carroll following the England striker's loan move to West Ham. The need for reinforcements has increased after Italian forward Fabio Borini suffered a recent foot injury that left Uruguay's Luis Suarez as the only recognised fit senior striker at the club. Rodgers had been told to reduce the squad size and wage bill when he arrived from Swansea in pre-season, but he has spoken to the club's American owners about the need to bolster his squad in January and he is hoping to get the green light to bring in some new faces. "There are still areas we want to reinforce - and we have to reinforce as soon as we can," Rodgers told the Mail on Sunday.


Park edges out Choi for Malaysia win kUALA LUMPUR AFP

South Korea's Park Inbee edged out defending champion and tournament leader Choi Na-Yeon in a thrilling final day Sunday at the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia to win with a 15-under 269. The world number sixth ranked player kept her cool to become the third South Korean to win the tournament in as many years when she closed out with a four-under 67, defeating compatriot and friend Choi by two strokes overall. World number four Choi, who led from the opening day, could only finish with a level par 71 Sunday, conceding the title of the $1.9 million competition at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club to Park. Park, who had slowly but surely been closing the gap on Choi, finally took the lead on the par-4 13th when she had a tap in for a birdie while Choi could only par. Less than 15 minutes later that lead became two, when Park's irons came perfectly into play to set up another tapin for a birdie. "I wasn't nervous till about the 15th. It was an embarrassing bogey-bogey finish," Park said. "I prefer leading because I knew whatever it was, I had to play well." Down by two, Choi knew her chances of defending a title for the first time in her career was over on the par-5 16th hole. Park made a harsh of her approach shot and needed two attempts to get out of the bunker, but she then brilliantly made par from off the green. Choi, who had a chance for a birdie, fluffed her lines and failed to put pressure on her compatriot, leaving her two behind going into the final two holes. On the 17th hole, Park increased her lead to three after Choi crumbled and double-bogeyed the 17th, despite Park also bogeying the treacherous par-3. On the final hole, Park had a horrendous tee shot but salvaged a bogey to claim the top prize.

India's Gaganjeet Bhullar sealed a commanding victory at the Venetian Macau Open Sunday, ending with a three-under-par 68 to secure his second Asian Tour title in five starts. Bhullar withstood challenges from American Jonathan Moore, who finished two shots back in second place after a 65, and Thailand's Thitiphun Chuayprakong, who closed with a 70 to share third place with Bangladeshi Siddikur Rahman (66). The Indian was in control with an outward 31 to lead by three shots but bogeys on 10 and 13 opened the door for his rivals. Moore raced home with five closing birdies to put on the pressure but Bhullar responded by draining a sixfoot par putt on 17 to hold on to a slender one-shot lead into the last hole. He then delivered a bravura finish with a 12-foot birdie. "This is going to take a long time to sink in. I hit the ball so good. I was just

i'm no mole says real keeper Casillas MADRID AFP

in the perfect zone. More than that, it was self-belief. This is my first wire-towire Asian Tour title," Bhullar said. "I think it was more that I had to prove to myself that I'm a good frontrunner. I had to believe in myself. I did it and it was really special," said Bhullar, who earned US$118,875 for his fourth Asian Tour victory.

LEADinG SCOrES: 268 - Gaganjeet bhullar (iNd) 63-68-69-68 270 - Jonathan Moore (uSa) 67-68-70-65 272 - Siddikur rahman (baN) 66-68-72-66, thitiphun Chuayprakong (tha) 67-66-69-70 274 - Shiv kapur (iNd) 70-67-70-67 275 - angelo Que (Phi) 68-66-70-71, Scott hend (auS) 65-70-69-71

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas has described as unwarranted suggestions that he acted as a dressing room mole in an attempt to destablise coach Jose Mourinho. "Over the past few months, without wanting it, I've been linked to a number of affairs," the veteran Real skipper wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday. "One day they were saying I didn't encourage my teammate Cristiano Ronaldo (it's harder to find someone who admires him more than me)..., another time I'm a mole and I leak information. "After 13 years spent in the greatest club in the world it's quite simply unwarranted."

Rooney is England's future captain, says Hodgson LoNDoN AFP

Roy Hodgson has revealed that he sees Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney as England's future captain. With regular skipper Steven Gerrard suspended and vice-captain Frank Lampard injured for Friday's World Cup qualifier against San Marino, England manager Hodgson gave Rooney the armband and he responded with two goals in a 5-0 victory. Gerrard will return to lead the team in Tuesday's qualifier against Poland in Warsaw. But Rooney's mature display in his first competitive international as England captain convinced Hodgson that he could do the job on a permanent basis in the future. "Yes," said Hodgson, when asked if Rooney was a future England captain. "He was my vice-captain at the Euros from the moment he could start playing again. "He does take playing for England unbelievably seriously. I know being captain is something he's very proud of and

something he wants to do. "Frank Lampard has captained the team when both Steven (Gerrard) and Wayne were absent. "But I always had in my mind that Wayne would be the vice captain and when Frank comes back I suppose I've got a decision to make." Although Rooney first captained England for a friendly against Brazil in Doha in 2009, then manager Fabio Capello didn't think the forward was mature enough to be considered for the permanent role. But the 26-year-old responded to the honour on Friday with a double-strike that took him to fifth on his country's alltime scoring list, ahead of Alan Shearer, Tom Finney and Nat Lofthouse, with 31 goals. Hodgson also believes Rooney has banished the outbursts of anger that sometimes marred his play and that makes him a more valuable asset for England after some underwhelming dislays on international duty in the past. "I don't like to talk about him before I took the job," Hodgson said. "All the time I've been with him, including in the

Euros, I don't think he was as sharp and playing as well as he is now. "But in terms of his commitment and his desire and wanting to do the job he's every bit the same man today as he was then. "At the moment I am seeing the best of Wayne Rooney. Maybe in the earlier

games he could play for me he wasn't at that level. "Now I have to hope he stays at his best and that he stays fit and healthy and continues to do what he is doing for Manchester United at the moment, which means he'll do it for us as well."

Monday, 15 October, 2012

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Monday, 15 October, 2012

Nation must decide if it’s with Taliban or against them: Altaf


Amnesty int’l condemns iHK over draconian law ISLAMABAD APP

KArACHi: Supporters of the Muttahida quami Movement (MqM) gather during a protest procession against the attack on child activist Malala Yousafzai on Sunday. afp

MQM chief says Malala symbol of knowledge g Calls on army to ‘move ahead and crush the taliban’ g Party has always opposed uS drone strikes in tribal areas


Parliament likely to designate Malala ambassador of peace and education ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly and the Senate will resume their sessions today (Monday) after the gap of two days, during which resolutions declaring Malala Yousufzai an ambassador for peace and education are likely to be tabled, Pakistan Today has learnt. According to details, the sessions of the Senate and the National Assembly will resume in the evening, during which the government is likely to present the reports regarding present health status and the initial investigations related to the assassination attempt on Malala. Sources said the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid was likely to table two resolutions in both Houses of parliament in which it would be demanded that Malala Yousufzai be declared an ambassador of peace and education, while resolution would recommended the House declare Malala a daughter of Pakistan. These resolutions are being presented in both Houses of parliament following PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain’s suggestion to declare Malala an ambassador and to officially recognise her a “daughter of Pakistan” for her promotion of education and peace. In general, Monday is considered a private members day in the upper House of parliament during which members of the Senate introduce their private bills, motions, resolutions and the agendas for discussion on the floor of the House. anwer aBBaS




UTTAHIDA Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain on Sunday said it was time for the nation to decide if it wanted the Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah or that of the Taliban, and it had to decide whether it was with the Taliban or against them. “There is no third option,” Altaf said in a telephonic address to thousands of supporters in Karachi. Thousands of people rallied under the MQM banner in the port city in support of 14year-old Malala Yousafzai, the schoolgirl shot and critically wounded by the Taliban for promoting girls’ education and criticising the militant group. Altaf said Malala was the symbol of knowledge which the Taliban wanted to suppress. “The cowardly attack on Malala and her classmates was an attack on Islam, the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), and the humanity. It was an attack on the enlightened and bright face of Pakistan.” Addressing the heads of the armed forces and the ISI, Altaf said the nation was firmly united in 1965. “They were solidly standing behind their armed forces then, but the cold hearted attack on Malala Yousafzai had jolted the nation into even stronger

unity. Nations do not get such opportunities again and again.” The MQM chief called on the army to “move ahead and crush the Taliban” and 180 million people would be standing behind them. Addressing the people, he said it was time to decide if they wanted Pakistan to survive and progress or if they would allow it to be wiped out from the map of the world. He said mere lip service was not enough, as nothing would happen unless words are matched with action. “The enlightened segment of the society will have to come to the front. The civil society will have to come forward and assert itself for saving the country.” Altaf also called on students to “continue to go to your schools in order to dispel the dark clouds of ignorance. Education is the only way for opening the closed doors of the mind”. He praised those religious scholars who minced no words in condemning the barbaric attack on Malala as un-Islamic. He said the religious scholars who shied away from condemning the Taliban for their dastardly act were, in fact, filling their bellies by selling the names of Allah and His Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) for petty worldly gains. Commenting on drone strikes, Altaf regretted that some elements were trying to find some sort of justi-

fication for the brutal attack on Malala Yousafzai and her classmates by saying that it was a fall-out of the drone attacks. He said that the MQM had always condemned the drone strikes and the killing of innocent people in these attacks. The MQM chief appealed to the Supreme Court chief justice to take suo motu notice of the merciless attack on Malala and her class fellows. Speaking about the Lal Masjid episode, Altaf said certain anchor persons were saying on TV channels that women were burnt alive during the Lal Masjid operation. He said the names of the women allegedly burnt to death in Lal Masjid, their fathers’ names and complete addresses should be published in order to lay real facts before the public. The MQM chief asked Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and other judges of the Supreme Court to take action against killers and those who wanted to enforce Sharia by force. He said the Supreme Court should move against those who had looted national wealth but no party should be singled out, adding that the nation wanted justice and nothing else. Altaf paid glowing tribute to the officers and personnel of the army and other security forces who were martyred while working for the security of the nation. He called upon the country’s political leadership to get united on a single point of saving Pakistan.

The world human rights watchdog, Amnesty International (AI), has condemned the puppet administration of Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) for continuing to use the draconian Public Safety Act (PSA) to detain people without charge or trial. In a statement issued in New Delhi, the AI termed the Public Safety Act, under which police can arrest any suspect and keep him/her in jail for two years without trial, a “lawless law” and demanded all Public Safety Act detainees be fairly tried in courts of law or else released. “In 2011, Amnesty International released a report documenting how the Public Safety Act violates human rights. Not much appears to have changed in 2012. The Public Safety Act provides for arbitrary detention, in violation of the right to liberty, which India is bound to respect under international human rights treaties,” it added. Ananth Guruswamy, Amnesty International India director, said in a statement that the authorities in the occupied territory continued to use the Public Safety Act to circumvent the rule of law and the criminal justice system. “They resort to Public Safety Act detentions instead of charging and trying persons suspected of offences in court,” he said, demanding that the Public Safety Act was against the international human rights law and must be repealed. The statement said further violations facilitated by the Public Safety Act included “revolving door detentions”, ill treatment in detention, the denial of medical care to detainees and lack of reparations for victims. “The Amnesty International also found that Public Safety Act detention orders were still being used against children despite it now being prohibited,” it added. The AI deplored that the authorities often kept persons in detention even after the detentions had been quashed by the high court of the territory. The London-based watchdog maintained that even the chief of police in Indian-held Kashmir had acknowledged that around 15,600 people were detained under the PSA without charge or trial in the last two decades. “Detainees include political leaders and activists, suspected members or supporters of armed opposition groups, lawyers, journalists and protesters including children,” it added. The Amnesty said that the UN officials who visited the occupied territory had recommended that the Public Safety Act be repealed. The Indian-held Kashmir has long been a bone of contention between nuclear-armed rivals and neighbours, India and Pakistan. India claims Kashmir is its integral part, while Pakistan claims the Indian government has illegally occupied parts of Kashmir and it must allow the right to self determination to the people of Kashmir in accordance with UN resolutions.

Austrian daredevil jumps from edge of space LoS ANgELES AFP

Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner made a record-breaking leap from the edge of space on Sunday, landing safely in the New Mexico desert after freefalling from more than 24 miles above the Earth. The 43-year-old floated down to Earth on a red and white parachute canopy, which he had opened after reaching speeds of more than 700 miles per hour in freefall. Mission control erupted in cheers as Baumgartner made a near-perfect jump from a capsule hoisted aloft by a giant helium-filled balloon to an altitude of around 128,000 feet. “Sometimes you have to (go) up really high to (realise) how small you are,”

Baumgartner said shortly before he jumped, watched in live footage beamed around the world. He had taken more than two hours to get up to the jump altitude. Baumgartner had already broken one record, before he even leapt: the previous highest altitude for a manned balloon flight was 113,740 feet, set in 1961. The Austrian had been due to jump from 120,000 feet, but the balloon went higher than expected, to more than 24 miles (39 kilometres). The Red Bull Stratos mission was the second attempt for the skydiver after an initial bid last week was aborted at the last minute due to winds. The biggest risk Baumgartner faced was spinning out of control, which could exert G forces and make him lose

consciousness. A controlled dive from the capsule was essential, putting him in a head-down position to increase speed. More gruesomely, the skydiver’s blood could have boiled if there were the slightest tear or crack in his pressurized spacesuit-like outfit, due to instant depressurization at the extreme altitude. Temperatures of 90 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (minus 68 Celsius) could also have had unpredictable consequences if his suit somehow failed. The leap went off flawlessly though there was a minor problem as the capsule ascended: a heater failed on Baumgartner’s helmet faceplate, meaning it was becoming fogged up when he exhaled. After considering the options they

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.

decided to go ahead with the jump. Baumgartner’s 100-strong backup team includes retired US Air Force colonel Joe Kittinger, who had held one of the records he was trying to break: the highest freefall jump, which he made from 102,800 feet in 1960. “Let the guardian angel take care of you,” Kittinger told Baumgartner shortly before he leapt into the void. The giant balloon – which holds 30 million cubic feet of helium – is needed to carry the Red Bull Stratos capsule, which weighs nearly 1.3 tonnes, to the stratosphere. It is made of near transparent polyethylene strips even thinner than a dry cleaner bag, which are heat-sealed together. Very thin material is necessary Editor: Arif Nizami

to save weight. The Austrian has been training for five years for the jump. He holds several previous records, notably with spectacular base jumps from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Speaking before the launch, Baumgartner said he would be proud to be the first person to break the speed of sound in freefall. “But really, I know that part of this entire experience will help make the next pressure suit safer for space tourists and aviators,” the jumper pointed out. Sunday’s launch coincided with the 65th anniversary of American pilot Chuck Yeager breaking the speed of sound.

e-paper pakistantoday 15th october, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 15th october, 2012

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