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Friday, 15 June, 2012 Rajab 24, 1433

‘Mediagate’ brings into question the role of the media as a watchdog against corrupt practices



sajid KHan LodHy

HAT trouble comes in threes could not be any truer than in the case of the latest scandal hitting mainstream media and social media, dubbed “Mediagate”. What started as mere allegations against Dr Arsalan Iftikhar that first turned into a storm that shook the very foundations of judiciary, has now turned into another earth-shaking scandal that has put at stake the careers of many prominent journalists in the country, and putting into question the role of the media as a watchdog against corrupt practices. “Bahriagate” or “Familygate” has seemingly opened up a Pandora’s Box, and Malik Riaz’s revelations have put some of the anchors on a warpath. After appearing in a press conference, which in itself spurred the Supreme Court to initiate contempt of court proceedings, the real estate tycoon and central character of Bahriagate, Malik Riaz, appeared in an interview on Dunya News TV channel, hosted by Mehar Bukhari and Mubasher Lucman, which has brought a rumble along the foundations of Pakistani media. First it was Najam Sethi of Geo TV and Syed Talat Husain of Dawn News who sparred and traded punches a few days ago, mostly over their intellectual capacity and professional integrity. Echoes of this episode had barely died down when this explosion was heard on the vibes. The recent interview was routine business but what really proved to be shocking was behind-the-scenes video footage that somehow got leaked and was uploaded on YouTube, and was soon doing the rounds in the social media. It appears from the footage that Malik Riaz had planted questions in the interview. The hosts also appear to be helping him prepare his answers, and in certain cases mouth-fed him some answers. He appeared to take full advantage of his position and contact with the management of Dunya News who told the hosts not to interrupt him and give him as much time as he wanted. The video also shows political scions of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif interrupting and giving their input to the hosts on points relevant to them. “Why don’t you start talking about it yourself, otherwise [if we ask] it will seem planted, which it is, but I don’t know if it should look planted,” an otherwise ferocious Mehar at one point suggested to Malik Riaz. Both Mehar and Lucman in the start reminded Riaz of mentioning ‘Code of Conduct’ for judges, where “as per section 4 listed on their website also, even if a judge is related to one of the lawyers involved in a case or personally knows someone in the case, they should quit,” Lucman says, while Mehar adds, “and in this case it’s his [CJ’s] son”.

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SC orders stern action against Arsalan, Riaz, Salman ISLAMABAD Tayyab Hussain

The Supreme Court on Thursday disposed of suo motu notice regarding the alleged graft case against Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, ordering the Attorney general to take strict legal action against Arsalan, Malik Riaz and Riaz’s son-in-law Salman Ali Khan according to the law as “they might have committed illegal acts”. Another SC bench, meanwhile, heard a petition challenging the ruling of the National Assembly speaker on the disqualifi-

cation of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and it is likely that the court will decide the fate of the prime minister today (Friday). During the hearing of the case against the speaker’s ruling, harsh words were exchanged between Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and Attorney General for Pakistan Irfan Qadir. This triggered a ruckus in the courtroom and lawyers started sloganeering in favor of the chief justice. Some angry lawyers also moved to round up the AG, however, the situation eased out upon the CJ’s intervention. A two-member bench of Justice

Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain in its order directed Attorney General for Pakistan Irfan Qadir to take strict legal action against real estate tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain, son of SC chief justice Dr Arsalan Iftikhar and Salman Ali Khan according to the law as they “might have committed any illegal acts”. “It is our expectation that he (Attorney General) will set the machinery of the state in motion so that all those who may have committed any illegal acts, including Malik Riaz Hussain, Dr Arsalan, Salman Ali Khan, etc are pursued and brought to

book with the full force and vigor of the law,” said the order. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja read out the written order in the open court. “We, as judges, should be the last people to draw premature conclusions which are required to be proved through evidence,” said Justice Khawaja. “Malik Riaz, Dr Arsalan or Salman Ali Khan are thus entitled to due process and fair trial. Article 10-A of the Constitution has now codified this principle of due process in the form of a fundamental right”. Continued on page 04

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02 News Today’s

Friday, 15 June, 2012



babar awan claims he is receiving life threats

clinton applauds Manmohan, gilani for improvement in ties

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Dr Arsalan vows to defend allegations against him ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s son Dr Arsalan Iftikhar on Thursday said he would defend all allegations leveled against him by real estate tycoon Malik Riaz, adding that he had confidence in judiciary. Talking to reporters outside the Supreme Court, Dr Arsalan Iftikhar said he neither visited Dubai nor had any plans to, adding that he was satisfied with ongoing proceeding of the case. Replying to allegations by Malik Riaz during his press conference on Tuesday, Dr Arsalan Iftikhar said, “Do I look like a blackmailer or don”.

Pakistan wants unconditional apology for Salala: Khar

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ISLAMABAD: Property tycoon Malik Riaz comes out of the Supreme Court building on Thursday after a hearing of the Arsalan Iftikhar case. ONLINE


Govt gets budget passed in NA, all demands for grants approved ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly on Thursday approved all 151 demands of grants for different departments worth two trillion, 78 billion, 952 million and four hundred thousand rupees for the financial year 2012-13. Earlier, the cut motions moved by several members were withdrawn, giving an easy sailing to the government. The PML-N members continued to protest by raising slogans against the government, prime minister and Pakistan People’s Party. The National Assembly also approved all 134 supplementary demands for grants and appropriation worth over Rs 602 billion for the year 2011-12. The leader of the opposition and parliamentary heads of PML, MQM, ANP and PML-F remained absent. Two PML-N members pointed out the quorum twice, but on count, more than 86 members were present in the House. The National Assembly adopted a resolution saying the speaker’s ruling on the prime minister’s disqualification could not be challenged on any forum. agencies

Mehdi Hassan will be laid to rest today KARACHI: Legendary singer Mehdi Hassan will be laid to rest today (Friday) at the Shah Muhammad Shah graveyard of the port city. His funeral will be held after Friday prayers at Al-Noor Society. He passed away on Wednesday after protracted illness. He was 85. Mehdi Hassan was born in Luna village in Rajasthan in 1927. His father Ustad Azeem Khan and uncle Ustad Ismail Khan were renowned classical musicians who trained Hassan in music. After his family migrated to Pakistan, he tried his hand at a few professions but once he started getting acknowledged as a singer, he decided to adopt it as a career. He was a trend setter in ghazal singing. Many singers followed him throughout the Subcontinent. Mehdi Hassan left nine sons, five daughters and thousands of fans behind him. nni

Man kills himself, family over petty issue PESHAWAR: A man shot himself dead after killing his two brothers and injuring his mother over a domestic dispute in the suburban area of the district on Thursday. According to police, the incident took place in Badha Ber area where a man named Dilawar was having frequent scuffles with his brothers over domestic issues. Today, the brothers of Dilawar prevented him from washing his car inside the house upon which Dilawar got infuriated and opened indiscriminate firing on his brothers and mother. As a result his two brothers namely Dad Khan and Noor Ali died on the spot while the mother received critical bullet injuries and shifted to Lady Reading Hospital by the area people. After the killing spree, Dilawar shot himself too and died on the scene. Hospital sources informed that the mother’s condition was critical. Police, after examining the bodies and colleting evidences, started further investigations. aPP


Pakistan on Thursday called again for an apology for a NATO cross-border strike that killed two dozen soldiers last year before it considered reopening supply routes to foreign troops in Afghanistan. Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, speaking to reporters in Kabul, also rejected reports that Pakistan was haggling with the United States over transportation fees for the supplies. “Pakistan still wants an unconditional apology and the reassurance that a Salala type of incident does not happen again,” she said, referring to the border area where the incident took place. Khar also said Pakistan was not supporting any militant group and that it was doing whatever it could to advance the peace process in Afghanistan, which she said, must be “Afghan-led, Afghan-owned”.

PML-N to expedite anti-govt movement, says Ch Nisar ISLAMABAD onLine

Opposition leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday strongly criticised the PPP government and expressed his determination that PML-N would accelerate its movement against corrupt rulers. Speaking to media outside the Parliament House, Nisar said that the current PPP-led coalition government was a serious danger for the national integrity and security of the country. He said that the PML-N would contact other opposition parties in the assembly to speed up their movement against the current rulers and get rid from them, while the PML-

N would also motivate the masses to become part of this anti-government drive. Talking about the Arsalan Iftikhar versus Malik Riaz case, he said that there were some elements in the ruling party who are trying to give an impression that the Army or any other institution was behind the case. However, the army has nothing to do with this case, while Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani never misused his authority. He claimed that the army had no threat from judiciary; however, corrupt rulers have danger from the independent judiciary. The current rulers are not serious to resolve the issues of the people, therefore¸ “we want to get rid from the corrupt rulers”, he added.

To question, Nisar said, “Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is not a dishonest man, he is our honourable Chief justice”. President Zardari was convicted from the court of Justice Qayyum besides Zardari was convicted in Swiss Case with Benazir Bhutto and the court sentenced him for six months, Nisar said. Responding to an allegation of Malik Riaz, Nisar said that he purchased two plots in DHA for amounting Rs 3 million and its transaction is still exist, moreover, “I bought these plots during the period of former dictator General Pervez Musharraf”. Talking about the rude behavior of Attorney General Irfan Qadir in the apex court, he strongly criticised his mal behaviour.

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Friday, 15 June, 2012

ForeiGN NewS

ArtS & eNtertAiNMeNt

Myanmar sectarian unrest ‘displaces more than 30,000’ adele regains the crown, holds off three debuts


News 03 coMMeNt

australia want to master all forms of game: clarke

a day at the courts: The saga continues.

in our best interests: Peace, but of course.

Qudssia akhlaque says;

A scandal most scandalous!: Let justice be done though the heavens may fall.

Rehman azhar says; Spouses of secondary citizens: A green passport isn’t a good enough wedding gift.

Mayank austen soofi says; Must love dogs: In Delhi, every dog has its day.

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Aitzaz, Bokhari’s entry banned in IHC, district courts g

iHc, district bar lawyers to boycott Malik riaz cases

I declined Malik Riaz’s offer to contest case: Aitzaz ISLAMABAD: Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has asserted that he declined an offer by real estate tycoon Malik Riaz to contest his case against the contempt of court charges. During an informal conversation with reporters at the Supreme Court, Aitzaz said Riaz requested him to become his lawyer, but he refused. Referring to media reports regarding the reference against the CJ, Aitzaz rejected all such reports, adding that no reference was being filed against the chief justice over bribery charges against his son. onLine



KasHif abbasi

HE Islamabad High Court Bar Association (IHCBA) and the Islamabad District Bar Association (IDBA) have banned the entry of senior lawyers Aitzaz Ahsan and Zahid Hussain Bokhari into the premises of IHC and district court for supporting real estate tycoon Malik Riaz in the Arslan Ifthikar graft case. In response to Malik Riaz’s press conference, in which he hurled serious allegations against Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, all lawyers affiliated with the IHCBA and the IDBA unanimously decided that none of them would be appearing in any court on behalf of Malik Riaz. Malik Riaz, the developer of Bahria Town, is facing dozens of land dispute cases in various courts.

NAB chief decides to keep hands off Riaz, Arsalan case ISLAMABAD sTaff RePoRT

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari has decided not to take up the case of real estate tycoon Malik Riaz and the Dr Arsalan Iftikhar case on the pretext that a dispute between two individuals did not come in the purview of NAB ordinance. In a statement issued here on Thursday, the NAB chairman said the Arsalan Iftikhar case was a case between two individuals and had no financial implications on the national exchequer. “It seems that it does not come under the NAB Ordinance. Anyhow, he ordered his legal team to look into the matter in case of registration of a complaint with NAB the case will be dealt on merit under the provisions of NAO 1999”. In the Qasr-e-Zauq case, NAB exercised its powers under Section 12C of NAO appointing the Lahore DCO ‘receiver’ with the direction to take over the possession of property No 1-E-III, Gulburg-III, Lahore (Qasr-e-Zauq) immediately in order to secure the public interest. The NAB chairman also directed to the Lahore DCO to fulfill all legal for-

malities with the required actions for example preparation of inventory of all items in the presence of present owners or their authorised representatives, to ensure proper maintenance of all accounts of income derived from the property, to remit the revenue generated in the name of the NAB chairman under a proper bank receipt and record and submission of weekly progress report for record and reconciliation of income/expenditure derived from said property. He also directed the Lahore DCO to furnish the compliance report by tomorrow June 15 positively. In the instant, the NAB filed a ref-

erence against Sheikh Muhammad Ayub and Mohsin Ayub which is pending before the accountability court in Lahore. The accused had cheated the public and embezzled a large amount belonging to the general public. The accused were asked to pay the whole liability of around Rs 600 million by June 15, otherwise all the accused persons will be arrested/prosecuted under the law. NAB spokesman Zafar Iqbal Khan while responding to the question on the issue of Arsalan Iftikhar case, said the NAB had never showed keenness for the case. “But in case of registration of a complaint, NAB will take action under its law and the case will be dealt on merit,” said the spokesman, adding that NAB law would adhere to its law vis-àvis Arsalan Iftikhar case. To another question regarding the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) land scam, the spokesman said NAB was an independent organisation and it will act under the provisions of National Accountability Ordinance. He said NAB’s investigation teams would make all efforts to remain transparent so as to avoid any influence whatsoever, either from the government or from any other institution.

Resolutions to the effect were passed by the IHCBA and the district bar in a joint meeting held here on Thursday at district court. “Aitzaz’s entry is banned for not standing with the judiciary against the contemptuous press conference of property tycoon, in which he leveled allegation against the CJP, and for representing Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in the Supreme Court in a contempt of court case. Whereas, Zahid Bokhari’s entry is banned for representing the real estate tycoon in the apex court,” Advocate Khalid Hussain, spokesman for the IHCBA and the district bar said. During the meeting, lawyers also expressed solidarity with the CJP and the judiciary. They condemned the charges leveled against the CJP by Malik Riaz. “Conspiracy is being hatched against the CJP and the judiciary. The lawyer community across the country will foil this and the IHCA will lead the movement to save the judiciary as in the past we did,” said IHCBA President Syed Nayyab Hassan Gardezi. On Thursday evening, various bar leaders met at the IHC to evolve further strategy in favour of the judiciary and against the property tycoon.

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04 News iran warns US over military bases in Afghanistan KABUL afP

Iran on Thursday warned a key international conference that a long-term US military presence in Afghanistan would fan regional insecurity and could plunge the war-torn country back into further chaos. Representatives from 29 countries gathered in Kabul for the conference, weeks after NATO agreed at a summit in Chicago to stick to plans to withdraw the bulk of 130,000 foreign combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. The Taliban militia, leading a 10-year insurgency against US military and President Hamid Karzai’s government, has begun the annual fighting season with a series of attacks which saw US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta admit that violence was rising. Karzai sought to reassure neighbours that strategic partnership deals signed by Kabul with several Western powers — particularly the United States — to govern relations beyond 2014, would not damage ties. But the foreign minister of Iran, an enemy of the United States that welcomes NATO’s departure from its eastern border, alluded to the KabulWashington pact by saying it added to security concerns among Afghanistan’s neighbours. “A particular country intends to prolong its military presence in Afghanistan in pursuit of its extra regional objectives. This certainly adds to the security concerns of Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries,” said Ali Akbar Salehi. The strategic partnership deal and efforts to establish foreign military bases in Afghanistan ran against regional and international moves to achieve peace, and “could turn this country once again into scene of security rivalries” he said. Afghanistan has long been a focus of imperial rivalry and scene of foreign intervention, most recently since the 2001 US-led invasion but also in the 1980s uprising against Russian troops that ultimately helped bring down the Soviet Union. Washington denies it is seeking to establish permanent military bases in Afghanistan, but American military sources say they envisage around 15,000 forces remaining in Afghanistan after the 2014 withdrawal.

Friday, 15 June, 2012

Resolution of Pak-US issues taking time due to complexities involved: FO g g

Spokesman says there are issues bigger than NAto supply line restoration Says talks between Pakistan and india on Sir creek to start from 18th ISLAMABAD



A K I S T A N and the United States are dealing with difficult and complicated issues and that is why their resolution is taking time, Foreign Office spokesman Moazzam Ahmad Khan said on Thursday. To questions at the weekly news briefing in Islamabad, Khan said both sides wanted to resolve the

issues, as they were aware that their relationship was important and critical for the stability and prosperity of the region. The FO spokesman said there were several issues that were being discussed in the light of the recommendations of parliament. “These issues have become complicated, particularly after the Salala incident and both sides are trying to bring their relationship back on track,” he said. Asked about the issue of charges for the NATO

QUETTA The Balochistan Assembly just took 25 minutes to unanimously pass the supplementary budget for the fiscal year 2011-12 on Thursday. Speaker Mohammad Aslam Bhootani chaired the session in which Balochistan Finance Minister Mir Asim Kurd Gaillu presented 36 demands of grants to the tune of Rs 27.978 billion. Non-development expenditures were estimated at Rs 12.316 billion while Rs 15.666 billion were earmarked for development expenditures. The

House passed the demands unanimously when the chair put them to vote. None of the three opposition members was present during the proceedings. Earlier, some members expressed their resentment and protested over the “media trial” of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry. Agriculture Minister Asad Baloch, who is also the Balochistan National Party (Awami) secretary general, said the chief justice took serious notice of those who were behind the enforced disappearances of Baloch youth. He said the CJP’s hard stand over

WASHINGTON sPeciaL coRResPondenT

the missing persons issue in fact disturbed the forces which had embarked on a smearing campaign. He said the Supreme Court had proved that two missing persons were in the custody of the Frontier Corps who were killed and their bodies were thrown away. He said it was a matter of great concern that a campaign had been launched against the chief justice after he took serious notices on the Balochistan issue. Irrigation Minister Sardar Aslam Bezenjo said the chief justice had taken serious notice of discovery of bullet-riddled bodies of the missing Baloch

youth upon which an anti-chief justice drive had been launched so that world’s attention could be diverted from Balochistan and the missing persons’ issue. “The media trial against the chief justice should be stopped forthwith,” he demanded. Minister for S&GAD and PML-N provincial minister Sardar Sanaullah Zehri lauded the efforts of the judiciary and said the judiciary had taken concrete steps for the supremacy of law and the constitution. JUI-F leader Abdul Wasey demanded an immediate end to the media trial of the chief

justice, saying that such practices might further weaken the position of state institutions. On the issue of less discharge of irrigation water from Sindh, Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani assured the House that he would take up the issue with the Sindh government. Minister without portfolio, PPP’s provincial president Mir Sadiq Umrani protested over release of insufficient canal water to Balochistan by Sindh. Bezenjo said Balochistan should get 6,500 cusecs of water but contrary to that, Balochistan was getting only just 4,000 cusecs.

The United States, India and Afghanistan will hold trilateral discussions to support their development work in the conflict-hit country as the international community prepares for the post-2014 scenario, when US-led NATO forces would end combat operations and hand over security responsibility to Afghan forces. “We agreed to move forward with a formal trilateral consultation among our three nations (India, Afghanistan and the United States),” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a joint media appearance with External Affairs Minister SM Krishna. The two officials spoke at the conclusion of the third round of the USIndia Strategic Dialogue. The decision for trilateral dialogue was set out in a joint statement issued after the dialogue co-led by Clinton and Krishna. Underscoring “the importance of sustained international commitment to Afghanistan as it assumes full responsibility for governance, development and security,” the statement said they intend to seek “new opportunities” for consultation to “promote a stable, democratic, united, sovereign and prosperous Afghanistan.

He said the ethic and legal framework of the media required fairness and objectivity; it required that journalists conduct due diligence before reporting any news so that rumours and insinuations were filtered out, particularly in matters of grave significance such as ones arising in this case. “Even when they have come across particular information, fair conduct requires it is checked and rechecked. From the statements filed by certain media persons in court the requisite due diligence prima facie, appears not to have been undertaken. Had this

been done, the concerned media persons would have found out what has been ascertained by us with very little effort.” He said Dr Arsalan and his conduct should have, from the very beginning, been kept separate and distinct from the integrity and independence of the judiciary. About documents provided by Malik Riaz with his concise statement, the judge said it were related only to 4.5% of the total money allegedly spent on behalf of Malik Riaz. The rest remained unaccounted for. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, the other member of

the bench, also added a short note saying that although family members of public functionaries were, properly speaking, not performing state functions, the alleged facts of this case highlight the necessity of extreme caution and discretion in their private and public dealings and conduct. Meanwhile, a threemember bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the case of the NA speaker’s ruling. Advocate AK Dogar, whilst presenting his arguments, said though Prime Minister Gilani was disqual-

ified by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, he was still running public office. He said that PM Gilani deliberately insulted the court, and that the speaker’s ruling was against the sevenmember bench’s verdict. Gilani’s counsel, Aitzaz Ahsan, said he would like to submit the power of attorney on the behalf of his client. The chief justice said the court did not want to prolong the judgment of the case, and that Dogar should only highlight legal points involved in the case. The hearing was later adjourned until today (Friday).

official letterhead of Bahria Town and containing names of 19 journalists with the amount of money, vehicles, property and other favours they received from the Bahria Town management. The Bahria Town management has denied publishing the list. In their defence, the management of Dunya News claims that the controversial video footage was stolen by a rival media group and thus could have been manipulated and edited into something it never was intended for. Mehar gave a dispas-

sionate defence of her actions in her programme ‘Crossfire’ while claiming that nothing out of the ordinary was done during the interview. “Everybody in media does what we did,” she said. “Journalists in that list are in the process of consultation on how to take legal action against Bahria Town,” she added. Meanwhile, sources told Pakistan Today that Lucman has been “suspended for three days” by the Dunya News management, and an enquiry has been started against him for his controversial actions during the in-

terview. Malik Riaz had in fact warned him during the interview that he would have to answer a lot of questions about his comment with regard to “having been pressurised by Mian Amir” on-air. Meanwhile, in a related development, Nasim Zehra has resigned from her position as the Director Current Affairs, Dunya News, in the aftermath of this leaking of behind-the-scenes video. The turmoil at Dunya News also brings into focus the role of emerging media barons and their hobnobbing with the powers that be.

supply routes, Khan said he would not go into the specifics but there were other issues bigger than the supply routes issue that were being discussed. When his attention was drawn towards the statement of the US secretary of defence about the so-called safe havens in Pakistan, the FO spokesman said Pakistan had repeatedly maintained that it was fighting against terrorism and extremism in its own national interest. “Pakistan has also made it clear that it will not

allow any sanctuary or save havens and will also not allow its territory to be used for another country. Similarly, Pakistan expects that other countries will not allow their soil to be used against Pakistan.” To a question about the alleged delay in issuance of visas to US officials by the Pakistani embassy in Washington, the FO spokesman said all requests for visas went through a process, which took some time and so it was normal practice.

He said talks between Pakistan and India on the Sir Creek issue would take place in New Delhi on June 18 and 19. The foreign secretarylevel talks between the two countries would be held in New Delhi next month, which would be followed by a meeting of the foreign ministers in Pakistan. He said the leadership of Pakistan and India had underscored the importance of resolving all the issues in a result-oriented and sustained manner.

BA unanimously passes supplementary budget for FY 2011-12 sHaHzada zuLfiQaR

US, india, Afghanistan to hold trilateral consultations

SC orders Continued FRom page 1 Giving reasons, Justice Khawaja said a matter of public importance in this case was the aspersion cast on the independence and integrity of the superior judiciary of the country. He said Malik Riaz had admitted in writing that the judiciary had been, and remains, ill-disposed to the grant of favours, despite his own efforts to the contrary. “To put it simply, even a resourceful person such as Malik Riaz had been forced to concede failure in his attempt to compromise the integrity and independence of the judiciary, despite the al-

leged payment of 340 million rupees,” he added. About role of media in the whole event, the judge wrote in the order that the series of events which comprised the run-up to this suo motu case also raised concerns about issues of media law and ethics. “It is indeed sad that the people of Pakistan were, for a number of days, held hostage to a fear about the independence and integrity of their country’s superior judiciary, on the basis of what has turned out be an utterly baseless allegation, withdrawn now by the same person who is alleged to have started it”.

Puppets on a strings? Continued FRom page 1 During the interview Mubasher Lucaman, known for his no holds barred approach, seemed upset and offended at the very idea of hosting a programme jointly with Mehar Bukhari, who in herself has seen a fair deal of controversy during her career as an anchorperson. He was piqued when Mehar insisted on deciding who was going to ask Malik Riaz questions. In fact, he did get up and walked out of the room when Mehar did not give in. Later, under persuasion by both his co-host and

the guest, he came back. He also said: “I’ll say it on air that I’ve been ‘pressurised’ by Mian Amir Mehmood and Malik Riaz to do this programme.” It also appeared that he was more interested in defending the political scion of the Chaudhrys of Gujrat, Moonis Elahi, who Mehar wanted to ask a question about from Malik Riaz, than asking direct questions from the guest. Lucman was also adamant in bringing into debate the name of Hamid Mir, host of a well-known TV talk show, for “taking a villa”

from the tycoon to which Malik Riaz resisted. Lucman apparently handed him a cell phone, in his support, on the other line of which was, he said, Abdul Qadir Gilani, the son of Prime Minister Gilani. Meantime, Maryam Nawaz sent a text message to Mehar clarifying the situation regarding allegations that Malik Riaz had given Hamza Shehbaz a bulletproof car. The video has become the talk of the town as almost every talk show was seen discussing it. Hamid Mir of Geo News used the video in his pro-

gramme, Capital Talk, and asked scathing questions from his guests that included Khawaja Asif of the PML-N, Qamaruz Zaman Kaira of PPP and Imran Khan of PTI. He was quick to point out the laxity shown by his colleagues in the media though he exonerated himself from all the allegations levelled against him in that interview. He insisted, “All of us journalists who have been named in the list must put ourselves up for accountability by the PFUJ and the courts.” He was referring to a list allegedly published on the

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Friday, 15 June, 2012

News 05

Clinton applauds Manmohan, Gilani for improvement in ties


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has applauded the leadership of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistan counterpart Yousaf Gilani for taking steps to improve their bilateral relationship. “I applaud the leadership that Prime Minister Singh and Prime Minister Gilani have demonstrated,” Clinton told reporters at a joint news conference with Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna, following the conclusion of the strategic dialogue which was co-chaired by them. Clinton said the two delegations discussed steps that the governments of India and Pakistan were taking to open up avenues for trade, investment and movement of people. Krishna in his remarks said the issue of safe havens in Pakistan was raised during the strategic dialogue. “We again stress the importance of eliminations of safe havens in Pakistan for Afghanistan’s security and the region’s stability,” he said. Later, in his separate interaction with journalists at his hotel, Krishna said he did discuss the improvement in India-Pak relationship. “We always discuss our relationship with Pakistan,” he said. “They are aware that India, particularly Prime Minister Singh has been going out of his way in order to extend his hands of friendship with Pakistan,” he said. “Of late there have been some responses which are very encouraging from the Pakistani side,” the external affairs minister said. Krishna, who is scheduled to visit Islamabad next month, told reporters that the two countries were still working on the travel dates. The minister noted that he had a scheduling conflict with the current dates being proposed by Islamabad. “I am due to visit Pakistan in the month of July. They have proposed a date which conflicts with my prior commitments in India, which are very important, as a result of that a message has been sent to them that they should rework the dates,” Krishna said.

isLaMabad: Prime Minister yousaf Raza gilani talks to the chairman joint chiefs of staff committee, air chief and naval chief at national defence university on Thursday.

Pakistan wants transparent relations with the US: Gilani PM says Kabul most important capital for Pakistan g relationship with india ‘stable’ and ‘peaceful’ g




RIME Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that Pakistan wanted transparent relations with the US keeping in view its national interest and the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security. Addressing the 6th convocation of National Defence University (NDU) on Thursday, he said only a politically stable country could successfully meet the objectives of its foreign policy. Gilani said instead of making unilateral decisions, a country could become powerful if it took everybody on board. The premier threw light on measures taken by his government to deal with issues related with foreign policy, economy, energy, and political stability. He claimed his democratic government led the policy of peaceful coexistence by establishing good relations with all neighbors. He noted the government was reinforcing a policy of reconciliation and negotiations and had resolved all national matters through national consensus. Gilani called Kabul the most important capital for Pakistan and said Pakistan supported such a reconciliation process in

Afghanistan, which was reinforced by Afghan people and Afghan government. He said in the regional context, trade relations with India were being restored. The PM said peaceful, stable, and sovereign Pakistan was indispensable for peace. About the condition of the economy, he said his government was successful in maintaining economic stability through rigid fiscal policy. He said the government was implementing short-term and long-term plans to meet electricity shortfall. Gilani lauded the role of NDU in policy-making. Gilani said that being part of a world that was highly interconnected and interdependent, the government had made a paradigm shift towards making its neighborhood peaceful, stable, and prosperous on the basis of peaceful coexistence. The prime minister said Pakistan was the first to suffer at the hands of strife in Afghanistan, and the first to benefit from peace in Afghanistan. “However, we strongly believe that the solution of Afghanistan will have to come from within Afghanistan. It will have to be led by the Afghans and owned by the Afghans.” Referring to Pakistan’s relations with India, Gilani said they were “stable and peaceful” and added “we have tried to transform this rela-

tionship by approaching it in a positive rather than in a traditional manner”. The Prime Minister said normalizing trade with India had been an issue that no previous governments wanted to touch. “But we decided to look at this issue from a purely national and regional perspective,” the prime minister said. He mentioned the resumption of full dialogue with India, which covered all issues including Siachin, Sir Creek, counter terrorism, water issues, and the most important of all, the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir. Gilani said Pakistan’s ties with China were a unique relationship that was deeply rooted and mutually beneficial. “The intensification of high-level contacts between Pakistan and China are a manifestation of taking this relationship to new heights,” he said. He described Pakistan-United States relations as multi-dimensional and important. “We are trying to have an open, transparent and mutually beneficial relationship with the US on the basis of our national interests, and in the light of recommendations made by parliament.” The Prime Minister said the country’s relations with the European Union had expanded and deepened. “We are grateful for the EU initiative on tariff concessions to our exports. In order to transform this relationship into a long-term partnership, we are currently working on a strategic dialogue with the EU.”

NA upholds speaker’s ruling amidst Opp’s protest ISLAMABAD aPP

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)led Lower House on Thursday adopted a resolution supporting the ruling of Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza in favour of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani after his conviction in the contempt of court case. The resolution, moved by Law Minister Farooq H Naek, was adopted by the House with majority vote amid protest by the opposition, which has been demonstrating against the prime minister after his conviction in the contempt case. “The speaker represents the House, the dignity of the House and freedom of the House, and the nation in a particular way. The speaker becomes the symbol of the nation and freedom and liberty,” stated the resolution read out by the law minister. “The House resolves and reaffirms the ruling of the speaker of May 24 in the matter of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani under Clause 2 of Article 63 of the constitution,” Naek said while presenting the resolution.

China’s claim on disputed island much older than Philippines’: experts ISLAMABAD sTaff RePoRT

In the backdrop of tensions between China and the Philippines over Huangyan Island in the South China Sea, the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS) organised a discussion on the subject here on Thursday. The Huangyan Island in the South China Sea attracted international attention in April when a Philippine warship harassed about a dozen Chinese fishing vessels in its vicinity. Tensions have been escalating in the area since then with claims and counter-claims of the exercise of sovereignty over Huangyan Island (also known as Scarborough Shoal) by Beijing and Manila. While Beijing claims exclusive sovereignty over the shoal and urges other countries to stay out, Manila wants international mediation for the resolution of what it calls a “terri-

torial dispute” with China. Mr Aarish U Khan, China expert at IRS who was the main speaker of the roundtable, said that China claims to have discovered Huangyan Island as far back as in the 13th century, and that it approved and published the names of the 132 islands, shoals, reefs, and sand bars in the South China Sea (including the Huangyan Island) as part of the Chinese Zhongsha Islands in 1935. Since then, it has conducted fishery, scientific exploration, radio communication, and sea traffic in the area, shared Khan. Khan referred to several official recorded statements by Chinese leadership in the 1950s, reaffirming Chinese control of the territories. He quoted Article 2 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone of 1992, which states: “The land territory of the People’s Republic of China includes the mainland of the People’s Republic of China and its

coastal islands; Taiwan and all islands appertaining there to including the Diaoyu Islands; the Penghu Islands; the Dongsha Islands; the Xisha Islands; the Zhongsha Islands [containing Huangyan Island] and the Nansha Islands; as well as all the other islands belonging to the People’s Republic of China.” Khan added that at the time of this reiteration, it was not disputed by any other country at the time (including the Philippines). Khan shared that Philippines started making public claims on the territory only after mid-1997, which culminated finally in the amendment of the Philippine Territorial Sea Baselines Act in 2009 to include Huangyan Island into its territory through a reinterpretation of the international maritime laws in its favour. Quite interestingly, however, according to Khan, the official maps of the Philippines published from 2006 to 2011 have all marked

Huangyan Island as outside the boundary of the Philippine territory. Khan shared that the Philippines’ claim of sovereignty over Huangyan Island rested partly on its geographical proximity to it. Khan asserted, however, that according to international judicial practice and international case law, geographic proximity did not constitute a basis for one country to occupy the territory of another country. He cited several examples of countries having remote off-shore territories, which are much closer to other countries than to their own. Khan also contested the Philippines’ claim on Huangyan Island on the basis of United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). “UNCLOS does not have any provision to change a country’s sovereignty over a territory, let alone empowering any nation to extend its EEZs to include territories of other countries,” said Khan.

Referring to some news reports, Khan shared that in 1997, a court in Olongapo, Philippines, dismissed charges of illegal entry of 21 Chinese fishermen at Scarborough Shoal, asserting that the prosecution had failed to establish Philippines claim on the territory. Under international law, he added, such judicial decision could create legal obligations on the Philippines state. Brig (r) Bashir Ahmed, Senior Fellow at IRS, added that since China was pursuing peaceful neighbourhood policy for several decades, and enjoying cordial relations with all the ASEAN countries, Japan, South Korea, and Australia, Philippines would be doing itself and the whole region a disservice by indulging into a territorial dispute with China at a time when the international strategists were looking forward to the 21st century as an Asian century owing to the development potential as well as progress of the region.

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06 News Suspected militants to be moved to special jails PESHAWAR onLine

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced to shift hundreds of suspected militants, arrested during anti-terrorist operations, to three special jails of the province. Sources said 1,800 suspects had been shifted to special prisons in Lakki Marwat, Kohat and Malakand Division. They said that thorough investigation would be conducted during their imprisonment to decide whether they would be formally tried or released. According to media reports, these prisons have been established after consultation with high-level military officials. A team comprising a military colonel and respective commissioner has been deployed at each jail to monitor the investigation process. All these suspects were arrested from Swat and other districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through military operation, but they were not trialed subsequently, as military officials were wary of the notion that such extremists would be released due to certain loopholes in the law. However, human rights organizations have been criticizing the arrest of such persons without formal proceedings of the law. Apparently, certain changes were made in the anti-terrorism laws owing to such criticism in order to ensure smooth functioning of the courts. The provincial governments have already categorized arrested people into three classes. In Class A, include those prisoners against whom cases have been filed and trials have been conducted, whereas future of the prisoners included in Class B and C will be ascertained after investigations of their crime.

Friday, 15 June, 2012

Apology over Salala incident will help mend Pakistan ties: US senator WASHINGTON sPeciaL coRResPondenT


MPHASISING the importance of positive relationship between the United States and Pakistan, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein has said the US should apologise to the key regional country over Salala incident mistakes. Feinstein, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, argued at a Congressional hearing that a US apology would help ease tensions in the bilateral relations and resolve the issue of Pakistani supply routes. Pakistan closed its crucial border crossings for NATO supplies into Afghanistan after the November 26, 2011 cross-border aerial strikes that led to deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers. The comments by Feinstein follow some hectic diplomacy by Pakistan’s ambassador to the US Sherry Rehman at a time of difficult climate on the Capitol Hill in the face of continued closure of Pakistani

land routes and sentencing of Dr Shakil Afridi. Senator Feinstein’s argument coincided with failure of a move by Senator Paul Rand to attach an amendment to a legislation that would have halted all aid for Pakistan until the South Asian country freed Dr Afridi, who worked for CIA to trace whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. Although Ambassador Rehman and her team of diplomats were able to get the move blocked through intense lobbying with lawmakers on the Hill, Congressional sources indicated more such legislative bids should be expected in the upcoming days. Addressing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee on defense budget for the next year, Senator Feinstein said: “You raised the question of the GLOCs (ground lines of communication). It is my information that Pakistan wants, most of all, some civilian announcement that mistakes were made on our side — and I think mistakes were made on their side as well, as

I’ve looked into this — and that the GLOC problem could be solved.” During the hearing, Panetta told lawmakers that that the closure of Pakistani routes for transporting NATO supplies into landlocked Afghanistan is costing an extra $ 100 million a month. In her remarks, Senator Feinstein understood that Pakistan would lower the cost of NATO supplies passage, “but the apology is all-important.” “The national security of this nation is best served if we can develop a positive relationship with Pakistan — and both you and I and others know what the road has been — and that there might be an opportunity to make a change in that direction, particularly with the new head of ISI, as well as some other things.” “So my question of you, and my — I guess my lack of understanding is why there can’t be some form of statement that in essence says if it’s believed — I have to believe it — that mistakes were made on both sides, and of course the United States apologizes for any mistakes that we made, and we have taken steps to cor-

rect that and see that it will never happen again,” Diane Feinstein asked Leon Panetta. In response to the Californian senator’s question, Panetta described the US relations with Pakistan as necessary. Panetta, whose criticism of Pakistan last week from Kabul added to lingering tensions in US-Pakistan relations, acknowledged that the US made mistakes during the Nov 26 cross-border incident. “It’s a complicated relationship, but it’s also a necessary relationship by virtue of our security needs in that area,” Panetta said. The US defense secretary said the two sides are still discussing the issue of Pakistani land routes. “The — this is an issue that is still under negotiation. There are discussions that continue with regards to how we can resolve this. The issue (apology) you discussed is one of those areas. I think General Allen — the United States has made clear that mistakes were made and they were made on our side; they were also made on the Pakistani side — and that we expressed condolences for the mistakes that were made.

3 killed across Hafizabad HAFIZABAD sTaff RePoRT

Three people, including a woman, were killed in separate incidents in Hafizabad late on Wednesday. According to source, five bandits in a car shot dead the driver of a tanker Ali Muhammad when he put up resistance at Mian filling station in Sukheki. The robbers snatched Rs 60,000 from Yasir Salman and the station guard’s gun as well. In another incident, Khalid of Shorkot was shot dead near a roadside restaurant near Pindi Bhattian. The motive of the offence could not be ascertained. Separately, a divorced woman, Nazia, was axed to death by her brother in Qila Bukhsha for honour. According to police, Nazia had been recently divorced by her husband and moved with her parents to Qila Bukhsha. Her brother, Mohsin, suspected that she had developed illicit relations with a young man in the village.

bagH: us ambassador cameron Munter meets with students during a visit on Thursday to government High school irja reconstructed by usaid. ONLINE

US expanding secret India seeks further access spy bases in Africa to 26/11 accused from US WASHINGTON inP

The US is expanding a secret network of air bases across Africa in order to spy on al Qaeda and other militant groups. The surveillance is carried out by small, unmarked turboprop planes with hidden state-of-the-art sensors that fly thousands of miles between air bases and bush landing strips across the vast continent, the Washington Post reported. The paper said the surveillance programme started in 2007 and underscored the massive expansion of US special forces operations in recent years and the steady militarisation of intelligence operations during the decade-long war on al Qaeda. Bases in Burkina Faso and Mauritania are used to spy on al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), while bases in Uganda are used in the hunt for the Lord’s Resistance Army, a brutal guerrilla movement led by Joseph Kony, who is wanted for war crimes by

the International Criminal Court. The Post said there were plans to open another base in South Sudan to help hunt for Kony, who is wanted in connection with a series of atrocities and operates in some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of central Africa. In East Africa, US aircraft operating out of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Seychelles archipelago spy on Somalia’s Qaeda-inspired Al-Shebab militia and have reportedly launched attacks on wanted militants. The Post said the fleet of surveillance planes is made up of single-engine Pilatus PC-12s, small passenger and cargo planes manufactured in Switzerland. The newspaper said one of the secret bases is in a secluded hanger in Ouagadougou, capital of the predominantly Muslim country of Burkina Faso in West Africa. Burkina Faso’s Foreign Minister Djibril Bassole, in an interview with the Post, declined to answer questions about US special forces operations in his country but said he appreciates US security cooperation.


India on Thursday sought further access to David Headley and his accomplice Tahawwur Rana currently in a US jail, with Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna asking Washington to help bring to justice the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. “India’s interest in further access to Headley and Rana, in accordance with our legal procedures, for the investigations into the Mumbai terror attack of November 2008, was raised,” Krishna told reporters at a joint news conference with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after the strategic dialogue which was cochaired by them. In response to a question on Pakistani-American Headley (51) and Pakistani-Canadian Rana (50), Clinton said the two countries were sharing information related to terrorism and

other related issues. “With respect to information-sharing it is our policy and practice to share information, and we do that. I’m not going to go into details because we think our co-operation on intelligence-sharing, on homeland security issues, on counter-terrorism has gotten to a new level,” she said. “It is very important to both of our countries. But it’s also important that, you know, we support the work that is done by our professionals and our experts in protecting both of our countries, and I think we are satisfied that that is occurring,” Clinton said. Later at a separate news conference, Krishna said terrorism had been one of the main subjects of his discussions with India. “She understands India’s concerns and how India has become a victim over a period of time of terrorist attacks coming across from Pakistan,” Krishna said, adding that the United States fully understands India’s posi-

tion. Headley has pleaded guilty to 12 terrorism charges, including his involvement in the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai that claimed 166 lives. Last year, Rana was also convicted of providing material support to t Lashkar-e-Tayyiba. However, he was acquitted of conspiring to provide material support to the conspiracies to bomb public places in Mumbai. The issue of Headley and Rana has not only been taken up by Krishna with Clinton during his talks, Union home secretary R K Singh specifically took up the issue with his American counterparts during the talks here. Foreign secretary Ranjan Mathai said at this point of time India is seeking further access to Rana and Headley. “We are looking for access right now. It is an ongoing process. Discussions are still going on. Question of extradition would come after that,” he said.

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babar Awan claims he is receiving life threats ISLAMABAD onLine

Former law minister and disregarded People’s Party leader Babar Awan Thursday said that he and his family are being threatened. Speaking to media people here, he said that he and his family are being threatened via phone from two different numbers, which he would disclose at appropriate time. He said that investigative agencies should fulfill their responsibilities. He said the government had also removed security from his house. Awan refused to answer a query when asked if he was being harassed by the Prime Minister’s House. The former PPP leader expressed reservations over the law and order situation in the country. When asked to comment on Arsalan Iftikhar case, he said he would not comment on the case since it was sub judice. Awan said he would stand by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and everybody should do so.

isLaMabad: birds walk in the water at Murghzar zoo to beat the heat. ONLINE

rbiSe not to register class 9 students under 13 RAWALPINDI onLine

Rawalpindi Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (RBISE) has imposed ban on the registration of ninth class students who are under 13 years of age. The board authority announced that up to June 30 all those students who are under 13 years of age are considered ineligible for registration while they have to wait for one year to get themselves registered with the board. Meanwhile, All Pakistan Private School Management Association has strongly condemned this move and said that thousands of students in Punjab would not be able to appear in the examination. The association warned the board administration that they would challenge the decision in court, if the board failed to withdraw it.

Diet pill could help beat obesity ISLAMABAD onLine

A diet pill aimed at curbing fat people`s appetites could soon be a reality, a newspaper reported. The pill would not only shrink waist lines but also the 4.2 billion pounds Natioanl Health Service bill for treating obesity related illness such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Scientists in the US believe the hypothalmus area of the brain - a receptor controlling body temperature, hunger, thirst and fatigue - is particularly sensitive to drugs which could hold the key to fighting flab, according to the Mail Saturday. Professor Domenico Accili, from Columbia University Medical Center, said: “We`ve identified a receptor that is immediately involved in regulating food intake.”

Security branch operating with vacant high-level posts RAWALPINDI



HE most sensitive security branch of Rawalpindi city police is facing problems of insufficient volume of security force given that the high-level posts in the department remain vacant. The security branch has no SP and DSP, whereas SP and DSP Headquarters have been given additional charge for the seats. Sources said responsibilities of security branch personnel include informing beforehand about any terrorist activity by spying without uniform, securing sensitive places, guarding VIPs, and doing security clearance. However, the acting SPs and DSPs do not engage the personnel in performing sensitive duties and they mostly perform typical responsibilities. To add to the problem, the volume of force in security branch is lesser than the requirement due to which the sentries have to manage extra slots of duty. SHoPS ARounD ADIALA jAIL DECLARED SECuRIty RISK: Law-enforcement agencies, while declaring the market around Adiala Jail a security risk, have demand its closure. After the daring attack on Bannu Jail, agencies in their reports have declared the shops and private parking ground in front of the central gate of Adiala Jail a security risk. Commissioner Rawalpindi Imdad Ullah Bosal, the jail superintendent and relevant officials are in favour of removal of the shops, said a reliable source. There are four shops in front of Adiala Jail and their owners have been given notices to shift them by police chowki Adiala on the orders of the district administration. SALE of unHygIEnIC BEvERAgES on tHE RISE: With the advent of summer, sale of unhygienic beverages is on the rise raising serious health concerns amongst the residents. The road side vendors selling unhy-

gienic drinks have multiplied. Due to high prices of juice and other soft drinks, the common man is compelled to rely on these drinks to quench their thirst during summer and often become sick. The citizens have demanded of the local administration to keep a check on these road side vendors to save the city from epidemic diseases outgoIng oMAnI Envoy MEEtS SEnAtE CHAIRMAn: Senate Chairman Syed Nayyar Hussain Bokhari Thursday said that Pakistan and Oman enjoyed traditional religious, cultural commonalities and values. While talking to out going Ambassador of Oman, Muhammad Bin Saeed Bin Muhammad Al Lawati at the Parliament House, he added that Pakistan and Oman were brotherly and friendly countries, however, enhanced cooperation in various fields was still required. Expressing his thoughts and sentiments about his 7 year tenure in Pakistan, the Ambassador proclaimed Pakistan as his second home. “If I had a choice to live here my entire career as diplomat, I would not have minded it.” He added. The ambassador briefed the Chairman about their significant diplomatic presence in both Islamabad and Karachi. He told the chairman that trade between the two countries has increased up to 400 million dollars and lots of joint ventures between Pakistan and Omani companies are going on. We are also supporting projects worth 45 million dollars in Balochistan to help our Balochi brethren to earn their livelihoods. Pakistani diaspora is also on rise from 18,000 to 200,000 in Oman which is contributing to build Oman’s economy and strengthening our bilateral relations. The Senate chairman lauded his efforts for building Pak-Oman ties further and hoped that his replacement Riab Muhammad Yousuf will also continue to do so. At the end, the ambassador thanked the chairman and extended invitation to him to visit Oman.

726 RESCuERS to PASS out toMoRRoW: The passing-out ceremony of 726 rescuers trained for KPK, Gilgit Baltistan, and South Punjab would be held in Emergency Services Academy Pakistan on Saturday (tomorrow). The rescuers have been trained at the Rescue 1122 Academy while 313 rescuers from Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa, 186 rescuers from Gilgit Baltistan and 227 rescuers for two tehsils of South Punjab have participated in the training. The training programme comprised two phases. Medical, rescue and fire-fighting training was given in the first phase while in the second phase, specialized training courses were arranged for the rescuers in the fields of communication, medical first responder (MFR), collapsed structure search & rescue (CSSR), communication enhancement and incident command system. Meanwhile, The Fire and Safety Association of Pakistan appreciated the initiatives taken by KP CM Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, Gilgit Baltistan CM Syed Mehdi Shah and Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif for the establishment of Rescue 1122. jouRnALISt DEPRIvED of BIKE : A journalist was deprived of his motorcycle outside the Capital Development Authority (CDA) office while police are using delaying tactics in registering an FIR. According to the details, journalist Abdul Hamd parked his motorcycle in the parking area inside the CDA headquarters. On his return, he could not find his motorbike. The CDA guards posted there had no clue to the bike. On protest by the journalist, they said it was individuals’ duty to take care of their belongings. The Aabpara police were reluctant in registering an FIR and told the journalist to write an initial application of the crime. When he inquired of the reason they told him that he was not versed in police formalities. The journalist has requested the higher police officials to ensure checking of thefts and recovery of his motorbike.

city govt to generate biogas from buffaloes’ waste RAWALPINDI onLine

The city district government has decided to shift buffaloes outside the city and to generate biogas from buffaloes’ waste. Buffaloes from across the city, including Cantonment board area would be shifted to Gawala Colony near Rawat area while the government has given the approval in this regard. Meanwhile, the DCO Saqib Zafar has set up a committee headed by assistant commissioner Saddar for this purpose. The committee comprises EDO agriculture, RDA representative and a member of the Gawala Association. The DCO told the meeting that buffaloes from Rawal Town and Potohar Town would also be shifted after the completion of Gawala Colony. He said that the Gawala Association would raise fund to purchase land for the colony while the government would provide infrastructure. He said that water and electricity connection would be provided soon.

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08 Islamabad

Friday, 15 June, 2012

weAtHer UPDAteS

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PrAyer tiMiNGS Fajr Sunrise 03:32 05:08

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isha 20:36

city Directory eMerGeNcy HelP Police eMerGeNcy AMbUlANce reScUe HilAl-e-AHMer eDHi FoUNDAtioN boMb DiSPoSAl Fire briGADe ceNtre ciVil DeFeNce

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isLaMabad: afghan refugees draw paintings during a ceremony for the preparation of World Refugee day organised by unHcR. ONLINE

RAC holds walk to mark Blood Donors Day RAWALPINDI

MAHrooF iNt PiMS Poly cliNic cDA SHiFA iNterNAtioNAl Ali DiStrict HqS UltrASoNic cliNic Holy FAMily

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AirPort FliGHt eNqUiry PiA reSerVAtioN

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AWALPINDI Arts Council in collaboration with Blood Transfusion Department Holy Family Hospital organized a walk in connection with International Blood Donor Day here on Thursday. Green Task Force Chairman Dr Jamal Nasir, Prof Dr Musadiq Khan and the Rawalpindi Arts Council director participated in the walk. The walk was started from Rawalpindi Medical College to Holy Family Hospital Dr Jamal Nasir said that purpose of organizing walk was to create awareness among the masses about blood donation, adding that blood donor is a hero because his donation saves life. Meanwhile, students and principals of Wiqar-un-Nisa Degree College for Women, Government Degree College for Women Dhok Mangtal, Government Degree College for Women Gawalmandi, Government Degree College for Women Peshawar Road, Government Degree College for Women Jhanda Chichi, Government Degree College for Women 6th Road, Government Degree College for Women F Block, Government Degree College for Women B Block, Government Degree College for Women Khayaban-e-Sir Syed and Government Degree College for Boys Satellite Town participated in the walk enthusiastically. ExERCISE DoESn’t HELP ALLEvIAtE DEPRESSIon: A study that investigated whether physical activity alleviates the symptoms of de-

pression has found that there is actually no benefit. Research published in the British Medical Journal suggests that adding a physical activity intervention to usual care did not reduce symptoms of depression more than usual care alone. This study contrasts with current clinical guidance, which recommends exercise to help those suffering from the mental illness, the Telegraph reported. Mental illness affects one in six adults in Britain at any one time. To carry out the study researchers recruited 361 patients aged 18 to 69 years, who had recently been diagnosed suffering with depression. Trial participants were then split into two groups to receive either the physical activity intervention in addition to usual care, or usual care on its own and were followed up for 12 months to evaluate any change in their symptoms. But the study discovered that adding exercise failed to alleviate symptoms of depression more than usual care alone, only increasing levels of physical activity. The study, carried out by teams from the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, is the first large-scale, randomized controlled trial to analyse the effects of exercise on depression. Earlier most of the evidence for the positive effect of physical activity in treating depression has originated from studies of small, nonclinical samples using interventions that would not be practicable in an NHS setting. “Numerous studies have reported the positive effects of physical activity for people suffering with depression

but our intervention was not an effective strategy for reducing symptoms” said Melanie Chalder, of the University of Bristol``s School of Social and Community Medicine. “However, it is important to note that increased physical activity is beneficial for people with other medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and, of course, these conditions can affect people with depression,” she said. “Many patients suffering from depression would prefer not to have to take traditional anti-depressant medication, preferring instead to consider alternative non-drug based forms of therapy,” said John Campbell, professor of general practice and primary care at Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (University of Exeter) “Exercise and activity appeared to offer promise as one such treatment, but this carefully designed research study has shown that exercise does not appear to be effective in treating depression.” This study has been published in the British Medical Journal. MEDItAtIon IMPRovES BRAIn WIRIng In juSt onE MontH: Researchers have found that just a month of meditation training alters brain wiring in ways that could open the door to new treatments for mental disorders. They looked at the effects of integrative body-mind training (IBMT) on two groups of university students. Scans showed physical changes in the brains of the volunteers after just four weeks, or 11 hours, of training. Nerve fibres, known as ‘white

matter’, became denser, providing greater numbers of brain-signalling connections. At the same time there was an expansion of myelin, the protective fatty insulation surrounding nerve fibres. The effects were seen in the anterior cingulate cortex region of the brain, which helps regulate behaviour. Poor nerve activity in this part of the brain is associated with a range of mental problems, including attention deficit disorder, dementia, depression, and schizophrenia. The study built on previous research based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans that first highlighted brain changes induced by IBMT. Scientists revisited results from two 2010 studies, taking a closer look at what the scans revealed. One involved 45 US students from the University of Oregon and the other 68 students from China’s Dalian University of Technology. The researchers found greater density of axons, or nerve fibres, after two weeks of IBMT training, but no change in myelin formation. After a month both increases in axon density and myelin were seen. Students undergoing IBMT also reported improvements in mood, experiencing reduced levels of anger, depression, anxiety and fatigue. They also had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. “This study gives us a much more detailed picture of what it is that is actually changing,” the Daily Mail quoted study leader Professor Michael Posner, from the University of Oregon, who carried out the original US research, as saying.



DAte: MAy 10 - 21, 2012 VeNUe: KHAAS Art GAllery (Free)

DAte: MAy 08 - JUNe 24, 2012 VeNUe: NAtioNAl Art GAllery (Free)

DAte AND tiMe: 05:00 PM, weeKly eVeNt VeNUe: tHe ceNtre For ArtS & cUltUre

Please join us this thursday, 10 May 2012 for Mohsin Shafi's first Solo Show at Khaas Art Gallery at 5:00 p.m onwards. Do spread the word and bring your friends to meet the artist in person and see his work.

exhibition of Pottery by SHeHereZADe AlAM on tuesday 8 May, 2012 the exhibition will countinue till 24 June, 2012 closed Friday, Saturday & Public Holidays

our drumming circle is a (free!) ongoing event and is held every Friday from 5pm to 6pm we are having a great time, and want to share the good time with you! our drumming circle has children ...


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Islamabad 09 world Day to combat Desertification and Drought on 17th ISLAMABAD aPP

isLaMabad: Hamim Qadri and other naat khwan women recite naats at a mehfil organised by Markazi Mehfil-e-naat. ONLINE

Four dacoits among 10 outlaws arrested ISLAMABAD

Construction of Naran-Lake Saif-ul-Malook Road starts RAWALPINDI


Islamabad police have arrested 10 outlaws from various areas of the city and recovered stolen mobile phones, looted cash, 22 wine bottles, two 30bore pistols from their possession, a police spokesman said. According to details, Sub Inspector Ghulam Mustaf from Koral police arrested four dacoits identified as Yawar Shah, Kamran, Israr and Arsalan. On a tip off, ASI Tariq Rauf from CIA police arrested a bootlegger Nauman Masih and recovered 22 wine bottles from him. Assistant Sub Inspector Muhammad Iqbal from Ramna police arrested a person Yasrab for his alleged involvement in mobile theft and recovered stolen mobiles from him. ASI Muhammad Mumtaz from Shalimar police arrested a thief Sajawal Kiani and recovered stolen items worth thousands of rupees from him. ASI Tanveer Ahmed from Secretariat police also arrested two thieves Ghaus and Mubarak Shah and recovered stolen items and 30 bore pistol from them. Sub Inspector Muhammad Idrees from Tarnol police recovered a 30bore pistol from an accused Rehmat Ullah. Cases have been registered against them and further investigation is underway.



HE Public Works Department (PWD of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) has started construction of Naran to Lake Saif-ul-Malook section of the road aimed at providing easy access to tourists to the world fame resort, almost 10,578 feet above the sea level in northern areas. The provincial government has allocated Rs 110 million for construction of the concrete road. Work on the project, initiated in May this year, will be completed in one year, PWD Sub-Engineer (Roads) Tariq Yusuf told APP. The lake, located at the northern end of the Kaghan valley, is accessible by 14 kilometers muddy and stony road from Naran through special jeeps during the summer season. While, on foot the trek from Naran to the lake takes around three hours. The lake, which is one of the highest lakes in the country, will be approachable to all tourists through their own vehicles in 10 to 15 minutes instead of around onehour-long bumpy drive in jeeps after completion of the road. A fairy tale called ‘Saif-ul-Malook’ written by renowned Sufi saint and poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is associated with the lake. It is the story of Egyptian Prince Saif-ul-Maluk who fell in love with a fairy princess at the lake. The impact of the lake beauty is of

such an extent that people believe that fairies come down to lake in full moon. President of T’Pak, an association working to promote tourism in this part of the northern areas, Seith Matiullah, talking to APP, expressed satisfaction over the construction of a concrete road. He said the amazing weather in Naran and the Lake surrounded by sky-touching mountains is great attraction for visitors during the months of June, July and August when most parts of the country witness extreme hot weather. Seith Matiullah was of the view that over 4,000 tourists daily visit to see the scenic beauty of the valley and lake, which would hopefully increase manifold after the completion of the under-construction road. Mostly, he said tourists visit the valley from June to September, adding, in the start of tourism season, over 4,000 tourists daily visit the valley and the number gradually increases to 20,000 per day. Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC on Sunday launched a bus service between Rawalpindi and Naran to facilitate local and foreign tourists in exploring the imaginary world and scenic beauty of the northern areas. It is the only bus service which operates at the route in summer season from June to August every year since 1997, for tourists from across the country, especially the twin cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. The PTDC is in constant touch with provincial governments for infrastructure

development in tourist resorts across the country. It collaborates with all quarters concerned besides providing technical assistance and highlighting importance of building infrastructure and communication network, sources in the PTDC told APP. They said the PTDC also motivates and mobilizes private investors by setting up its own hotels and motels in the farflung areas which encourage them for doing business there. PAKIStAn PoSt ExPAnDIng CountER-AutoMAtIon SyStEM: The Pakistan Post is currently expanding its counter-automation system (CAS) to all general post offices (GPOs). An official of Pakistan Post told APP here on Thursday that the CAS aims at computerizing the post office counter, adding that it provides state-of-the-art point of sale terminals which can handle all the counter operations and ensure integrated service provision at each counter. “Postal administrations, realising the change rose to the occasion, launched an array of customer-oriented products and services and were able to reclaim some of their revenues lost to courier services,” he said and added that Pakistan Post, keeping with the imperatives of market forces, introduced new products to respond to customer needs for a faster, efficient and cost-effective message services, including urgent mail service (city-to-city), urgent mail service (local and express mail service (EMS) International.

The United Nations’ World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought will be observed on June 17 across the world including Pakistan to highlight the urgent need to curb the desertification process. It also aims to strengthen the visibility of the dry lands issue on the international environmental agenda. Individuals and organizations in various countries, such as Australia, Algeria, Canada, China, Ghana, and the United States, have participated in the day in recent years. Many events focus on educational activities to help combat problems relating to desertification and drought. Promotional activities may include the distribution of awareness raising materials, such as calendars, fact sheets, posters and postcards, to educational institutions and the general public. The day may also feature educational case studies, forums or discussions on drought and desertification, its implications on society and ways to minimize the problem. However, the effort to fight against desertification and drought does not occur only on this day. Many countries have been making a progressive effort in proactively addressing the issue and looking for solutions. In December 1994, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 17 the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. The assembly acknowledged that desertification and drought were global problems because they affected all regions of the world. The assembly also realized that joint action by the international community was needed to combat desertification and drought, particularly in Africa. States were invited to devote the World Day to promoting awareness of the need for international cooperation to combat desertification and the effects of drought, and on the implementation of the Convention to Combat Desertification. Since then, country parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), non-governmental organizations and other interested stakeholders celebrate this particular day with outreach activities worldwide on June 17 each year.

load shedding perturbs people RAWALPINDI aPP

As the weather turned hot, prolonged load shedding has made the life of the people miserable. Mohanpura, Raja Bazaar, Naya Mohallah, Bara Market, Moti Bazaar, Sabzi Mandi, Sarafa Bazaar, Iqbal Road, Dhoke Ratta, Ratta Amral, Dhoke Hasu, Kashmiri Bazaar, Narankari Bazaar, Saidpur Road, Asghar Mall Scheme, Satellite Town, Shamsabad, Dheri Hassanabad, Lalkurti, Tench Bhatta, Chakri Road, Lalazar, Adiala Road, Raheemabad, Mareer Hassan and others are witnessing around 8 to 10 hours electricity loadshedding. Residents of different localities talking to APP said that load shedding has halted badly affected their business and work schedules. Adnan, a resident of Adiala Road, said that while we are paying huge electricity bills, but do not get electricity, he said and added the authorities should take it seriously.

Grieved artistes pay tribute to legendary king of ghazal ISLAMABAD aPP

The grieved artistes and classical music lovers have paid tributes to legendary king of ghazal, Mehdi Hassan, who gave a unique identity to the classical music of the country. Terming his death as a great loss for classical singing, Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) Director General Tauqeer Nasir said Mehdi Hassan was an institute of classical singing that was based on almost a century. “His contributions for making Ghazal singing popular are notable as he gave

a new dimension to Urdu literature and poetry in terms of singing in a melodious way,” he said while talking to APP. Mehdi Hassan’s melodies will keep on echoing in the hearts of people. Now it is the responsibility of art institutions and media to transfer his singing to the young generation by promoting the classical tunes of Mehdi Hassan, he said. “Mehdi Hassan was a university of classical singing and his songs, singing skills and style is the text of this university. We should acknowledge our artistes in their life by giving them due recognition and pass on their skills to future generations to keep them alive,”

Tauqeer Nasir remarked. The PNCA gave honour to Mehdi Hassan by holding a Ghazal festival in his life, adding on June 19 and 20, the PNCA will hold another Ghazal Festival in Lahore to pay tribute to the services of Mehdi Hassan for his dedication to classical singing. The fans of Mehdi Hassan expressed their sorrow and grief on social networking, saying, “Death of such artistes is unable to make them dead in hearts of people where they will remain alive, but the classical music industry will suffer as it has lost its main singer.” Institute of Preservation of Arts

and Culture (IPAC) also paid tribute to Mehdi Hasan for his contribution to Ghazal singing and playback singing for Lollywood. Mehdi Hassan was highly regarded in the Pakistan film industry and was honored with Tamghae-Imtiaz, Pride of Performance and Hilal-e-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan and Gorkha Dakshina Bahu by the Government of Nepal. He remained a leading singer of film industry. He was the 16th generation of hereditary musicians hailing from the Kalawant clan of musicians. Mehdi Hassan had his musical grooming from his father Ustad Azeem Khan and uncle Ustad Is-

mail Khan who were both traditional dhrupad singers. Hassan started to perform at a young age and the first concert of dhrupad and kheyal with his elder brother in 1935. In 1957, Mehdi Hassan was given the opportunity to sing on Radio Pakistan, primarily as a thumri singer, which earned him recognition within the musical fraternity. Some of the popular albums of Mehdi Hassan include, Kehna Usey, Nazarana, Andaz-eMastana, Series of Classical Ghazals, Ghalib Ghazals, Khuli Jo Aankh, The Legend and other collections from his concerts.

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Friday, 15 June, 2012

Margalla Park hub of diversity of birds, animals ISLAMABAD



ARGALLA Hills National Park (MHNP inhabits a wide variety of birds and animals and hardly anywhere in Pakistan one can see such a large diversity in such a limited area. Main reasons for high diversity of birds in MHNP are that this region combines many ecological components that together make it a unique location. No other Pakistani location could come even near in the number of species seen. As a result of a series of faunal survey of the park, 54 species of butterflies, 37 species of fish, 9 species of amphibians, 20 species of reptiles, 380 species of birds, 21 species of small mammals and 15 species of large mammals were recorded. The bird diversity is substantially high and

mainly associated with the Rawal Lake area. Talking to APP, director, Zoological Department, Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), Dr Muhammad Rafique, said this park has a good number of resident species in the well-wooded parks, and a number of birds particular to agricultural environment. He said Rawal Lake is linked to the Indus River System which is the fourth most important migratory flyway of the planet. Several garbage dumps provide important habitats, particularly to large raptors, but also to wagtails, starlings and pipits. Dr Rafique said most significant of all, MHNP has several resident Himalayan species, but also many winter visitors from high altitudes. The Margalla is also the most important extension of the Indo-Malayan biogeographical realm in Pakistan, with species that are found nowhere else except in a few valleys. Thick patches of

thorny forest, network of nullahs, steep slopes, comparatively high rate of precipitation, unapproachable cliffs, thick under shrubs and a link between the palins in the south and the Himalayas in the north make the MHNP a suitable habitat for various mammalian species. DIEtS MAy DEtERMInE DEMEntIA RISK: StuDy: Experts believe that a combination of nutrients in foods is very important but that diet is not the sole cause or solution where dementia is concerned. The foods we choose to eat may determine our risk of dementia, sticking to a diet rich in nuts, fish and vegetables significantly cuts the chance of developing Alzheimer’s, BBC health reported. A ‘Mediterranean diet’ containing plenty of fresh produce and less high- fat dairy and red meat has long been thought to improve general health. Dr Yian Gu and colleagues at Columbia University Medical

Centre in the US studied the diets of 2,148 retirement-age adults. Over the four years of the study, 253 of these older adults developed Alzheimer’s disease. When the researchers scrutinised the diets of all of the individuals in the study, a pattern emerged. Adults whose diets included more salad dressing, nuts, fish, poultry, fruits and green leafy vegetables, and less high-fat dairy, red meat and butter, were far less likely to develop dementia. Understanding the connection between diet and dementia risk may help prevent the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s for some people but it is the varying levels of specific nutrients that these food combinations offer that is important, say the researchers. `Diets rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E and folate but low in saturated fat and vitamin B12 appear to be best. Experts have long suspected that nutrients might modify dementia risk. Similarly, vitamin E might be protective

via its strong antioxidant effect, while monosaturated and saturated fatty acids could increase dementia risk by encouraging blood clot formation, say the researchers. With 35 million people worldwide living with dementia, it is important to focus efforts on research to develop new treatments. nARCotICS ContRoL SECREtARy vISItS Anf HEADqAuRtERS: Ministry of Narcotics Control Secretary Javed Iqbal paid his first visit to the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Rawalpindi Headquarters. ANF Director General Major-General Malik Zafar Iqbal and Director Enforcement Brigadier Muhammad Javed Iqbal briefed the secretary about the contributions of ANF in combating menace of drugs and the ANF’S functioning, said a press release. The narcotics control secretary appreciated the efforts of ANF and reiterated his profound support for it.

PNcA holds naat, qiraat competition for students ISLAMABAD aPP

Students from various educational institutions of the twin cities participated in a naat and qiraat competition here Thursday at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA). They presented naat and showed their skill of reciting verses from the holy Quran through qiraat. The competition was organised by the PNCA and the Ministry of National Heritage and Integration. Qari Naeem Mustafa was judge of the competition. In the category of naat, Rajab Ali from Islamabad Model College, G-6/3, got first position while Agha Waqar-ul-Hassan from Islamabad College for Boys, G-6/2 and Muzamil Ali from Islamabad Model School for Boys, G-6/3, got second and third position, respectively. In qiraat competition, Muhammad Bilal Awan from Islamabad Model College F-10/4 got first position, Umer Nawaz from Islamabad Model School, G-8/4, junior branch got second position and Muhammad Mohsin from Islamabad Model College G-8/1 gained third position. Speaking on the occasion, PNCA Director General Tauqeer Nasir said that qiraat and naat is part of our religion and culture. The purpose of organizing such events is to provide a platform to young qaris and naat khawans for exploring their talent and represent the country with young talent. Later, Tauqeer Nasir distributed certificates of participation and awards among the winning students.

RaWaLPindi: dr jamal nasir, dr Musaddiq and representatives of arts council take part in awareness walk in connection with World blood donors day at Holy family Hospital. oNLINE

AGPr employees’ protest continues ISLAMABAD: The strike of Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) employees continues, creating problems for various government departments on the closing of the current fiscal year. The AGPR Joint Action Committee continued its protest against what the non-fulfillment of employees’ demands and consequently, all offices and sub offices went on strike. The strike has been causing delays in release of development and non-development funds and the budget funds that would lapse on June 30 to the ministries and divisions at a time when the current fiscal year is about to end. aPP

isLaMabad: People take a bath in the water of Rawal Lake as the extremely hot weather continues in the capital. ONLINE

Short course on underground space utilisation continues at NUST ISLAMABAD aPP

NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE), School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE of National University of Sciences & Technology) is conducting one week short course on underground space utilization and tunneling from June 11-15. The areas of education for underground space utilisation and tunneling which will be covered in the short course includes specialized training for policy makers and project managers, engineers and designers working for urban and rural area development works to provide comfortable, safe environment and smooth working in tunneling field. According to official sources in NUST, the course also focuses on the designers, executers and planners to create the spaces for transport, parking, leisure, institutions and industries and to assist the engineers in tunneling field. It also includes planning and utilization of under ground space adjacent to the available space at surface and selection techniques keeping in view the strata usage and the requirement. The course will also focus on latest and advance tunneling construction techniques by blasting and state of the art tunneling machines and equipment. Tunnel/cavern execution problems, seepage, temporary and permanent tunnel support system, instrumentation, tunnel

ventilation and monitoring and case studies on Tunneling in Pakistan will also be covered during the course. Taking 40 winks in the middle of the day may reduce the risk of death from heart disease, particularly in young healthy men, say researchers. A six-year study found that those who took a 30-minute siesta at least three times a week had a 37% lower risk of heart-related death, reported BBC. The researchers took into account ill health, age, and whether people were physically active. Experts said napping might help people to relax and reducing their stress levels. The researchers in the study looked at 23,681 men and women aged between 20 and 86. The subjects did not have a history of heart disease or any other severe condition. This study has four advantages, it is large, prospective, limited to healthy people and have been very careful to control for physical activity Participants were also asked if they took midday naps and how often, and were asked about dietary habits and physical activity. The researchers found those who took naps of any frequency and duration had a 34 per cent lower risk of dying from heart disease than those who did not take midday naps. Those who took naps of more than 30 minutes three or more times a week had a 37 per cent lower risk. Among working men who took

midday naps, there was a 64 per cent reduced risk of death compared with a 36 per cent reduced risk among non-working men. Researchers said taking a siesta may reduce stress, hence the more notable finding in working men. Lead researcher Dr Dimitrios Trichopoulos, from the Harvard School of Public Health, said that in countries where mortality from coronary diseases is low, siesta is quite prevalent. WISE LAunCHES gLoBAL CALL foR noMInAtIonS of StuDEntS foR LEARnERS’ voICE PRogRAMME : Following the success of the 2010 and 2011 Learners’ Voice Programme in which 49 learners from 31 countries were carefully selected to participate, the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE kicked off its search for the 2012 generation of learners. WISE invites representatives of institutions, organizations, programs and networks to nominate outstanding and motivated young learners to participate in the WISE Learners’ Voice Programme. And, for the first time, learners have also been invited to apply personally by submitting an application which needs to be endorsed by a recommender. The WISE Learners’ Voice Programme engages young learners and supports their development as change makers and advocates in the field of education.

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Friday, 15 June, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

the issue of dual nationalities Two legislators - Farahnaz Ispahani and Rehman Malik - of the ruling PPP were disqualified by the Supreme Court. We believe that this is a biased verdict of the court against the democratic government and is creating rifts between the institutions. In the light of constitution, it is the duty of the executive and Election Commission to disqualify any legislator. And nowhere in the constitution is it written that Pakistanis cannot hold dual citizenship and cannot become legislators and bureaucrats. Court proceedings are widely condemned in Pakistan because

on one hand, dual nationals are given right to vote to elect members of parliament in Pakistan; while on the other hand dual nationals have no right to represent them (dual nationals) and nation as a whole. What an irony! Regarding dual nationality issue, Attorney General Irfan Qadir’s view is also very clear that the Supreme Court had no jurisdiction to suspend or disqualify any lawmaker and its earlier decision to suspend the membership of Farahnaz Ispahani was also without any authority. During court proceedings, Attorney General Irfan Qadir insisted

Asma’s allegation that the issue raised a question over whether or not the court had the mandate to disqualify parliamentarians. He also raised objections to the chief justice’s referral to the fake degree case as precedent, saying that the members would continue sitting in the assemblies to address the miseries of overseas Pakistanis. Even established democracies of the world have no issue with any public office holder who is a dual national. We have few examples from established democracies of the world. Arnold Schwarzenegger retained his Austrian

citizenship during his service as Governor of California while former Canadian Prime Minister John Turner was a dual citizen born in the United Kingdom. United Kingdom also has no issue with dual citizenship and holding public offices. In Pakistan, there should be a debate on the issue of dual citizenship and the Parliament should decide the issue and legislate as we have practical examples of established democracies of the world. FARHAD AHMED JARRAL, DR SAIFUR REHMAN Islamabad

Malik riaz: ‘real talk’ I also watched Malik Riaz’s interview with Dunya News the other day to simply gather my first impressions about his personality and also his business acumen, my university subject. He could have fared better. It is commonly known that an important norm of businessmen, who are out for profit, is not to challenge or even remotely displease others. Also not doing so with their body language. In the instant case of bribery, to emphasise his version of a point, he took out a small Holy Quran from his pocket. He came that much prepared for the interview. Earlier, as a matter of right, he may have discussed with a few reliable friends in privacy, who may be following the case, as to what to speak or leave out during the interview as well as in the SC. But I failed to understand one point. What would have been better for the Pakistani businessman’s secrecy and the goodwill of his firm was to write-off the involved amount of bribery or to opt for a legal action. Z A KAZMI Karachi

Appeal to chief Justice I would like to request the Chief Justice of Pakistan to uphold his personal integrity in the given circumstances because no position is worth more than a man’s integrity, particularly for a judge. It would be in the interest of the CJ and the judiciary that he does not attend to the Supreme Court till his son’s case is decided. No person is indispensable and the dignity of the judiciary as a state institution is far more important as it is responsible for protecting the rights of the citizens. Therefore, the CJ should protect the confidence of the people by setting high moral standards. Unfortunately, the CJ’s son has a created a personal dilemma for his father as many questions continue to be raised regarding the CJ’s lack of action when Aitzaz Ahsan informed him about his son’s activities. Why, as a father, the CJ did not know the nature of his son’s activities? How was his son able to become the owner of Rs 0.9 billion-business in just 3 years? Every thoughtful Pakistani knows that the menace of corruption has polluted every national institution and that the govt servants are not delivering those services to the people which are their rights without bribe. The value of money has taken over our moral values and honesty is considered a fool’s policy. The ruling elite class does not want to change the existing status quo. The rule of law is not acceptable to them. The politicians, civil military bureaucrats and businessmen are only interested in making money at the misery of the general public. Maybe the CJ’s personal sacrifice would change the status quo. S T HUSSAIN Lahore

Parking at city courts In city courts Karachi there is no proper parking and everyone tries to park their vehicles, car or bikes inside the premises of the city courts but security officials tell that parking is not allowed in the city courts and one has to go to the backside of the city courts to the Sindh High Court for parking. I think if this parking lot is converted into a multistorey parking plaza it will entertain four to five times more vehicles than it is handling now and will also ease the parking pressure. I hope that the government of Sindh and SHC would look into the issue and solve the problem. MUHAMMAD NOMAN RASHEED Karachi

This is in apropos to news item captioned “Threat to Asma’s life condemned – HRCP” (June 04). Everyone in Pakistan was shocked by the claim of renowned human right activist Asma Jehangir that her life was under threat from Pakistan’s security apparatus. The leading jurist, viewed with admiration inside Pakistan and abroad equally, has a demonstrable record of unwavering integrity characterised by her pronounced stance against Pakistan military and intelligence agencies, especially security establishment’s so-called controversial role in extra-judicial killings of Baloch people. Nonetheless, the critiques argue that the present character of Asma Jehangir has been politicised. While laying the claim, the influential leader of the Bar has not offered any proof to substantiate her allegations against most revered and widely respected national institutions. The emerging trend of incriminating security agencies without any plausible evidence casts serious aspersion on Pakistan’s future as a democratic state. This ought not go unnoticed. The only way to help Asma Jahangir and Pakistan is to expose those who want to eliminate an independent and progressive voice as well as those who want to malign security agencies leading to chaos and anarchy in the country. The government should launch an immediate and transparent inquiry to unearth the truth bedeviling the threats diverted on her. MATIULLAH NIAZI Talagang

Haqqani’s fate sealed

Pakistan is a cuckoo land? The souls of our founding fathers, men like Quaid-e-Azam Mohd Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Abdullah Haroon, Liaquat Ali, Fazalul Haq, Malik Barkat Ali etc must be restless that the country which they strived to create as a modern democratic welfare state has become a land where illiterate criminals rebuke superior judiciary at will, while the executive provides them VVIP protocol. For the few who have amassed billions through insider trading, corruption, institutionalized real estate land mafia dealings, influence peddling, organized crime etc, Pakistan is a cuckoo land, where laws are meant to be broken and honour of its daughters can be bought and traded as if it is a saleable commodity. Having successfully pilfered the state or plundered poor widows of their meager land holdings, these vultures have become so emboldened that they consider this country a banana republic, which has become a safe haven for criminals, rapists, smugglers, terrorists and land or drug mafia dons. They dare not indulge in such behavior in the countries where they have shifted all their assets that they had acquired illegally in Pakistan. These men and their families cannot even imagine to break laws or ridicule judiciary, nor even get

An achievement It is a moment of pride and felicitation for every Pakistani that Ms Shamshad Akhtar, a renowned economist and ex-Governor State Bank of Pakistan, has been appointed United Nations’ Assistant Secretary General in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Ms Akhtar’s elevation to this prestigious post in world’s most celebrated institution’s one of the vital and crucial arm, strengthens the fact that Pakistani nationals are no less than those of any other nation in excellence, professionalism and expertise. Her reaching to this celebrated slot has impressed upon the world that Pakistanis can lead the globe towards a happy and prosperous place. Ms Akhtar, a seasoned economist with over thirty years of global experience, has an impressive track record of policymaking and implementation in the field of economics, development and finance. During her term as Governor State Bank of Pakistan she was nominated for the award of Asia’s Best Central Bank. Asian Wall Street Journal, in 2008, ranked Ms Akhtar as one of the top ten Asian women professionals. She has served in various capacities in World Bank and Asian Development Bank. She has been handed over the office at a time when the task she has been assigned is of crucial importance during the global financial turmoil. However,

entangled with an ordinary cop in the countries such as Dubai, UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Malaysia etc. where their children live, but they consider it kosher to hurl insults at Chief Justice of Pakistan, which are carried live on television channels. These private television channels would not dare carry any such insults, if for example someone had courage to point a finger at the political party, whose target killers go on rampage in Karachi daily, because they fear the fate that has befallen men like Wali Babar. If these pirates are not checked and punished than Pakistan would become a cuckoo land, where people with wealth can come and feel free to do, what in their wildest dreams they dare not think of doing in other countries. This land tycoon has publicly stated that in Pakistan money buys anything and people can get away without paying taxes, ridiculing and scandalizing judiciary and public sentiments. If he gets away scot free, than nobody in this country will pay taxes, no institution will be safe and this nation may physically exist like Somalia, but it will collapse from within. TARIQ MALIK Lahore

she has rich and broad based development experience at her hands and does possess mettle and courage to do justice with her job. Ms Akhtar, Pakistan is proud of you. TASSAWUR BOSAL Mandi Bahauddin

women on billboards Exploitation of women projected through billboards is increasing at an alarming rate. One cannot find any billboards that are barred of women flaunting their slim bodies and beautifully caricatured faces, representing the epitome of fair maidenhood. These billboards tend to serve two major purposes. On the on hand capitalist’s agenda is propagated when these advertised products are used to build up aspirations and exacerbate the need to the people of acquire them. On the other hand, women are objectified. The sole reason for endorsing women models and actors are to both improve the ratings and make the advertisements more watchable as they are the source of attraction. Moreover, these billboards also create a conception of what a perfect, slim and fair girl should be, and with the frivolous delicacies and mannerisms, she can conquer all odds. Anything that is against this accepted decorum is vile, including even, the colour of the skin. Thus, these billboards not only use women to sell these products but also

through concealed manner discern that a Barbie doll appearance can win all hearts. The irony of the situation is that the models depicted on the billboards along with the girls who try to live with this conception of beauty fail to recognise their exploitation and in turn view this as their liberty. HADIA MUKHTAR SINGAPURI Karachi

Failure of religious leaders There was a news flash on a TV channel yesterday showing an old mother beaten black and blue by a wooden staff by her own son over some property matters. This shows abysmal failure of our religious leaders and imams of mosques who vociferously narrate the punishment in grave by the angels over minor lapses but fail to educate the people about the rights of parents and obligations of children as per command of Allah Almighty to deal with “Ehsan” the parents. Pakistan’s society has sunk to such low depth that we witness severe beating of an old decrepit mother by her cruel son that calls for a similar beating administered to the son by law of equity. This is a case which needs suo motu action by the Chief Justice of Supreme Court to teach a lesson to the “zalim” son as per tit for tat to bring home to the ignorant masses the gravity of offence and quick retribution by the long arm of law. DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI Lahore

Memogate commission’s report is out and understandably made public the same day it was presented to the Supreme Court. Apparently time-wise that was an answer to Malik Riaz’s allegations of blackmailing against Chief Justice’s son. Malik Riaz attended the Supreme Court proceedings the same day and held a press conference afterwards. It’s obvious when judiciary will work and behave as a trade union, not a neutral body to listen to two sides and decide on merit of arguments and evidence, Haqqani was going to be declared the author of the memo, an American buddy and a traitor. This report may make some people in establishment and their cronies in political-religious parties happy but it’s a slap on the face of justice who claims to be independent of bias. Memo commission was marred with controversies from the very beginning when it bestowed preferential treatment to Mansoor Ijaz, an American citizen (now who is America’s buddy?). Honourable judges’ remarks during the hearings and sponsored media trial were enough to judge the commission’s outcome. Report says that Haqqani is the originator and author of the memo; however, Mansoor Ijaz didn’t table any evidence that can prove the same, other than record of few calls but not the contents (or recording) of discussions during these calls, neither any written evidential exchange was presented. Obviously, Haqqqani can’t stop someone to imagine the whole story; that’ what the commission has done. Haqqani can’t be ever forgiven for writing a true analogy of Pakistan, his book “Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military” analyses the origins of the relationship between jihadist groups and military establishment. It sheds light on ways how a common man was used some times against Soviets, Indians and Americans, and sometimes against its own people. Judiciary has been an active partner in this game; memo commission’s report testifies this fact. It’s obvious that even wishing to bring military establishment under civilian control is a sin, and sinners shall be given exemplary punishment. Why doesn’t our judiciary recommend the parliament to tear off the page from the constitution wherein civilian supremacy over military has been made a basic pillar of a democratic Pakistan? Yes, for a democratic Pakistan, not for MMP — Mullah-Military Pakistan! MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

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12 Comment A day at the courts The saga continues


he short order is out and it didn’t spring any surprises. There should be an inquiry on the alleged wrongdoing of Arsalan Chaudhry, real estate tycoon Malik Riaz and his son-in-law Salmaan Khan. Everyone is innocent till proven guilty and that everyone deserves the right to a fair trial. So far this reads like a textbook. But it did get specific. Earlier the court has maintained that the suo motu action was, indeed, constitutional. Now it also said that Malik Riaz had, in fact, admitted to paying money in an attempt to buy a favourable verdict. This was followed by the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) saying about how both parties in an instance of corruption being damned. So, off to an investigation, then. As this very space has been used to elucidate in earlier days, the court isn’t a body of investigation. Which investigation agency actually gets to do its thing is another matter. The National Accountability Bureau chief has said that the alleged crime in particular doesn’t come within the bureau’s jurisdiction. But soon, the matter of the investigation agency is to be resolved and we will have to wait for an inquiry. It was an interesting day at the courts otherwise as well. Malik Riaz’s counsel Zahid Bukhari, who seems to have a penchant for choosing unpopular cases (Raymond Davis, Hussain Haqqani, Malik Riaz) has been disallowed by the Lahore High Court Bar Association and the Lahore District Bar Association by lawyers presumably loyal towards the current dispensation in the judiciary. Not to rankle Bukhari too much, whose practice has made a quantum leap higher than most of what Lahore can provide. To segue into another incident that incited lawyers of the “lawyers’ movement” dispensation, the attorney general exchanged some harsh words with, no, not the aforementioned lawyers but the justices themselves! The maverick lawyer, who happens to be the principal legal officer of the government, was constantly being reminded of his stature and position by the justices but the former didn’t take much heed and reportedly even whipped out a very specific digit of his hand. This led to some scuffling between him and the lawyers before the security intervened. Both Zahid Bukhari and AG Irfan Qadir’s incidents were avoidable. To the LHCBA and LDBA: don’t hate the player, hate the game. To the AG: calm down, you’re not doing yourself or your client (the government) any good with this attitude.

in our best interests Peace, but of course


t is in Pakistan’s best interest to improve relations and consolidate ties with India. Thus alone can it hope to bring down its defence expenditure and improve its economy. Kayani’s remarks in April this year regarding the importance of peaceful coexistence between the two neighbours so that everybody can concentrate on the well-being of the people were quite realistic. Attempts to improve the relations suffered a set back first on account of the Kargil misadventure and then on account of the Mumbai terrorist attacks. The incidents strengthened the Indian extremist fringe which is as opposed to good relations as their Pakistani counterparts. Pakistan’s long awaited agreement to give India the MFN status has finally broken the ice. A fillip was given to the efforts to improve the ties by President Zardari’s India visit in April this year. Pakistani entrepreneurs became the most vocal supporters of friendly relations with India. They also dispelled the notion that trade with India would harm Pakistani industry. Talks were held on the level of home secretaries leading to agreements on easing restrictions on the visa regime. The agreement could not be signed because the Pakistan side wanted more time. While the Siachen issue came under discussion in the meeting between the defence secretaries, no agreement could be reached as the Indian side had toughened is stand of the matter. Despite goodwill gestures from both sides, there has been little substantive achievement. All eyes are now turned towards the forthcoming talks between the foreign ministers. What is needed are courageous moves. India has to realise the need to abandon Siachen to the elements. Besides putting an end to unnecessary sacrifices on the altar of national chauvinism, the measure would generate enough goodwill. New Delhi has also to remove the non-tariff barriers that create hurdles for Pakistani exporters. Pakistan needs to step up the pace of legal proceedings against the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attacks. Meanwhile, it has to stop the extremist leaders of banned parties from spreading hatred against India through public meetings and the media. Unless this is done, there is little hope of the upgradation of talks to the prime ministerial level.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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Friday, 15 June, 2012

A scandal most scandalous! Let justice be done though the heavens may fall

cross currents By Qudssia Akhlaque


here are wheels within wheels behind every explosive scandal involving the high and mighty of this country. Whispering campaigns and media leaks that bring such scandals to the fore often lead to negotiation of some benefit for the socalled aggrieved party, and seldom to prosecution of the wrong-doer. Invariably what surfaces is much dirt and ugliness. The whispering campaign against the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s son, whose recent life offers a highly suspect rags-toriches story that culminated in a suo motu action by the CJ himself, seems no different. If it runs its course, this case is very likely to open a Pandora’s box of Pakistan’s corrupt movers and shakers and promises nothing short of a major shift of cultures. Noted individuals from key civil, military and media institutions have been dragged into this case, taking sides and passing judgments – driven by their whims or motives, corrupt or virtuous. While the purported whistle-blower and the intelligentsia run away with their own narratives and judgments, very few appear to appreciate that all Malik Riaz, Arsalan Iftikhar and their Bahriagate have done is to convince the people of Pakistan that there is no hope for the poor and the powerless. One needs to pay to get anything done in Pakistan, is how Malik Riaz summarised his insight of the Pakistani society and the prevalent business ethic during an interview with a private TV Channel the other day. An interesting perspective for a man who has amassed more power and wealth than any other in Pakistan of the last decade. Is it possible that the person at the centre of Bahriagate is unhappy that while he can claim, as he does, to have successfully bought the favour of every other institution of the state, he cannot claim that he has some control over the judiciary as well? And this, despite, as he alleges, having paid in excess of 300 million rupees to the Chief Justice’s son? Is Malik Riaz’s desperate cry really an indictment? If it isn’t, as it seems, then why are so many of the wise anchorpersons continually asserting, directly or indirectly, that judiciary has been forced on the back foot and not the three key players of the Bahriagate. Why do all allegations and analyses carry with them insinuations to the effect that Malik Riaz will not get jus-

tice from the Chief Justice or a Supreme Court headed by Iftikhar Muhammad Chauhdhry as its Chief Justice? The allegations against the CJ’s son, which will very likely lead to his prosecution, have been made public in a manner suggesting motives other than prosecution only. One cannot help but notice some clever-by-half calculations or rather miscalculations to “tame” the judiciary by forces whose vested interests have been undermined by its activism against corruption and violations of fundamental rights. If the purpose was to have the CJ out of the way, the architects of Bahriagate never factored in the possibility of the CJ taking notice suo motu and proceeding to have the case heard by the Supreme Court. Some might argue that Bahriagate has undermined the moral authority of the CJ, particularly after aspersions were cast by Malik Riaz during his press conference on Tuesday where he asked him three pointed questions regarding his meetings with the PM, with him under the cover of night in which, he claimed, Arsalan was also present. But is it possible that beyond the smokescreen of Bahriagate, there is a bigger war going on: the war of mafias of recent years struggling for domination over one institution that they cannot claim to dominate … dare one add, so far! Curiously the whispering campaign and media leaks regarding Arsalan Iftikhar’s “financial misdeeds” came on the heels of Bahria Town’s extensive advertisement campaign both in the electronic and print media, highlighting its various projects and corporate social responsibility. Notably it ran and has been running 10minute ads on all major Pakistani news channels and half page ads in all the mainstream newspapers. And what followed we all know. Bahria magnate’s version of the scandal splashed all over the media, in the news bulletins and talk shows. And all breaking news was replete with Malik Riaz’s version of Bahriagate. No need to repeat here details of alle-

gations against the CJ’s son as they have been all over the media that ran away with the story in no time. The figures floated for the alleged extortion by CJ’s son were repeatedly flashed on TV screens as if the payments were proved. It appears, and one hopes, Bahriagate will be the unraveling of the increasingly popular mindset: that every public functionary, every executive authority, every prosecutor and every judge has a price. One hopes Arsalan Iftikhar will get the maximum punishment on each count of corruption if proved that he was indeed a tool in the hands of this mindset, or its part. One hopes Malik Riaz’s contention that he did not offer bribe but was blackmailed into asking his son-in-law to bribe Arsalan Iftikhar will also be examined by the Courts to find if it amounts to an admission of the tycoon greasing palms to gain favourable settlement of his pending cases. One hopes the courts will also look into why he chose not to report the matter to the concerned authorities and instead collected material to himself blackmail the alleged extortionist. And why did he choose to go to the media first instead of going to the court. “Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling.” If Arsalan Iftikhar dug this pit for his father at the behest of Malik Riaz, it is his pit to fall into jointly with Malik Riaz. If it was Malik Riaz who did all the digging and thought he would pull a Musharraf on the CJ, then it is Malik Riaz’s pit. As a Pakistani, this scribe just hopes that the judges of this cause will be able to deliver. For it is not Malik Riaz or Arsalan Iftikhar’s cause, but it is the cause of every powerless Pakistani who wishes to live in a country where the judiciary has the courage and the capacity to deliver justice without fear or favour. The writer is a senior journalist and has been a diplomatic correspondent for leading dailies. She can be reached at:

foreign Press

Pursuit of happiness The Khaleej Times


he state of being happy is arguably the most debated topic by anyone from philosophers to economists to psychologists and sociologists. In The Theory of Moral Sentiments, economist Adam Smith tried to link happiness with morality, stating: “The consciousness, or even the suspicion, of having done wrong, is a load upon every mind, and is accompanied with anxiety and terror in all those who are not hardened by long habits of iniquity.” Bertrand Russell, who poured his thoughts on the subject into the seminal book, The Conquest of Happiness, advocates that a happy life must be, to a great extent, a quiet life, and concludes with the observation that a man becomes truly happy when he comes to feel himself as part of the stream of life. Happiness is now gaining currency as the must-explore indicator that humanity, in its mad rush for progress, perhaps overlooked. That is what Bhutan tries to demonstrate with its Gross National Happiness, a coin termed by the country’s former king Jigme Singye Wangchuck. So much so that we now have a branch of science called Happiness Economics. Whatever be the philosophical im-

plications of happiness, in measurable terms, the UAE is making a lot of nations envious. According to the UN’s World Happiness Report, the nation ranks 17th globally in terms of happiness and is the highest-ranked Gulf nation. Now a new report by the Community Development Authority in Dubai has revealed that the happiness average in Dubai is at 7.9 on a scale of 1 to 10. The survey, conducted in cooperation with the Dubai Statistics Centre, measures various variables, across all of which there is a sense of abounding optimism in the residents of Dubai on their overall quality of life, which contributes to that intangible feeling called happiness. Dubai, for many expatriates, is a conscious decision they make in their pursuit for a better life. The city has been variously described as a cultural melting pot or a ‘tabbouleh’, with each of the ingredient that goes into making this dish retaining its distinct flavour. It’s a common refrain among expatriates that the city spoils them; you live in Dubai with assured power supply, uninterrupted water flowing out of the taps, a maid to help you with the kids and in the kitchen, a grocery attendant to carry home your purchase and a fuel station worker to fill the petrol — conveniences that are hard to come by back home.

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Spouses of secondary citizens a green passport isn’t a good enough wedding gift By Rehman Azhar


ights and benefits arising out of citizenship is an essential concept to every legal framework. It is the duty of the state to treat all its citizens equally and guarantee the provision of rights they are entitled to. These duties of the state are also referred to as fundamental rights. However, sometimes these fundamental rights are negated by the parallel set of laws framed to achieve a particular purpose. A similar contradiction exists in Pakistan where Citizenship Act of 1951 negates the basics of the constitution. Its section 10 provides for the process married women can acquire citizenship in Pakistan but a married woman cannot earn citizenship for her spouse even by fulfilling all the other requirements, if her spouse is a foreigner. Constitution of Pakistan, the supreme law of the land, provides against such discriminations based on sex. Article 25(1) states that all citizens are equal before law and entitled to equal protection of law. Its section 2 denies the basis of any gender discrimination more vehemently and prescribes that there shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex alone. The act is a clear violation of these sections of the constitution that guarantee equality before the law. The act is a clear case of genderbased discrimination; however, it still exists. There had been efforts in the Pakistani parliament to change it but these efforts amounted to naught and were thwarted by multifarious factors. Dr Attiya Inayatullah, a PML(Q) member, introduced a private member bill to amend the Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951 on June 10, 2008. It sought to amend the section by adding that a man who is married to a Pakistani woman shall be eligible to apply for registration as a cit-

izen of Pakistan after fulfilling the conditions as laid down in section 10 of this Act, for a woman. A private member bill was also tabled by the ANP member National Assembly Bushra Gohar on February 17, 2010 that sought to amend the section to provide the married women right of citizenship for their spouses. The ministry of interior opposed both bills in the house. They are now pending in the parliament because either because of the inaction of the committees or because of the disinterest and apathy of the

that Afghan refugees and Biharis will misuse it and after divorcing Pakistani women a foreign man will be able to roam around in Pakistan freely. It also said that such a provision would provide ingress to Indian male citizens into Pakistan. However, the court rejected these concerns and decided on December 19, 2007 that the Act is discriminatory against women and asked the President of Pakistan to amend the Pakistan Citizenship Act within six months so that a Pakistani female’s nonPakistani husband could also

citizenship of any country is a sacred and earnest commitment of allegiance towards the constitution and laws of state. it cannot be ensured if laws relating to citizenship are not appropriately designed or discriminatory. one can only hope that the parliamentarians and commission on status of Women with its new powers will take note of this to ensure that women in Pakistan are guaranteed their legal rights. members as they have not taken any further interest in such legislation. In 2006, Federal Shariat Court in its original jurisdiction took suo motu notice using its powers under Article 203-D after a news item that citizenship was denied to a Pakistani woman’s foreign husband. The court asked the ministry of law, the ministry of interior and the Attorney General for an explanation on the matter. The ministry responded with the approval of Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights and showed bizarre concerns in case the provision is changed. It said

get Pakistani citizenship, just like a foreign woman married to a Pakistani man. Citizenship of any country is a sacred and earnest commitment of allegiance towards the constitution and laws of state. It cannot be ensured if laws relating to citizenship are not appropriately designed or discriminatory. This dichotomy of laws and discrimination do not hold valid ground. One can only hope that the parliamentarians and Commission on Status of Women with its new powers will take note of this to ensure that women in Pakistan are guaranteed their legal rights.

Comment 13

Must love dogs in delhi, every dog has its day


riends, today I will show you a nicer side of my city. . It is 3 pm and I’m in Vasant Kunj, a posh neighbourhood in south Delhi. Nosering, Sweety, Kaajal and Sudama are sitting close to a Mother Dairy booth. Sonya Ghosh is expected. An associate professor of English at the University of Delhi, Ghosh arrives daily in a Maruti van carrying six pails, two buckets and 20 plastic bowls. Driving through two sectors of Vasant Kunj, she also feed the fat Bullah and the old Kaali. They all are dogs. Milk, rice, daliya, soybean, pumpkin and chicken waste — all cooked together — is the meal Ghosh serves stray dogs at India’s first designated dog-feeding sites, set up in 2009. Today, the Capital has more than 100 feeding sites for stray canines, which number to more than two lakhs. No other Indian city has such a facility. I guess no city in Pakistan too can match Delhi in this instance, at least. “Some people praise me,” Ghosh tells me, filling up a bowl for the brown Marina who was abandoned by her owners. “Some consider me a crackpot. Others think I’m making money. But it’s coming from my salary.” The credit for setting up the dog-feeding sites goes to Ghosh and other activists. Harassed by some for taking care of stray animals, they had filed a petition in 2009 in the Delhi High Court. Over the next two years, the court gave them more than they had expected. Not only did it order police protection for volunteers feeding the dogs, it also directed the Animal Welfare Board of India By Mayank Austen Soofi (AWBI) to select dog-feeding sites in various neighbourhoods and decide on timings, along with the resident welfare associations (RWAs) and the local police. Every locality can have more than one spot. The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus has 15 sites; Vasant Kunj, 17; Golf Links, seven. This doesn’t mean that dogs cannot be fed if a neighbourhood if it has no feeding spots. I know a woman who lives in Noida, adjoining Delhi, and who feeds 17 stray dogs daily. This inspired other residents. With increased interaction, it became easier to catch dogs for sterilization and vaccination. In three years, the dog population in her locality came down from 70 to 40. Until the early 1990s, a dog was either taken to the New Delhi Municipal Council’s veterinary hospi-

delhi calling

The credit for setting up the dog-feeding sites goes to ghosh and other activists. Harassed by some for taking care of stray animals, they had filed a petition in 2009 in the delhi High court. over the next two years, the court gave them more than they had expected. tal in Moti Bagh to be electrocuted, or teams from the MCD would poison the stray, taking it away in a refuse bag. The killings stopped after the Delhi high court ordered sterilization instead in 1992. Today, after sterilization and immunization, the stray dogs are released at the same place from where they are picked up. This is more in the spirit of Article 51 A (g) of the Indian Constitution, which makes it a fundamental duty for citizens to show compassion to all creatures. Back in Vasant Kunj, Ghosh sees no dogs at a site at the corner of D-4 block, and blows the car horn. An obese dog appears immediately. “That’s Brownie No. 2,” she says. “He has been fattened by shopkeepers.” The shopkeepers in the area’s market have bonded well with dogs. The tailor, Vijay Kumar, gives Tiger biscuits to dogs. At Priya Drycleaner Walla, they get Parle-G biscuits. The boutique lady keeps milk for Bimbo, her favourite. The cooks at the Frontier Foods takeaway stall throw leftovers to dogs. Some customers order tandoori chicken specifically for them. At the Gulzar Chicken and Mutton shop, Jumbo prefers mutton trimmings. Caring for animals is not only a trait of the privileged. Ramesh, a labourer who sleeps on the Mathura Road pavement, lives with a street dog he calls Kaali. Patting the black dog, he says, “I may go hungry, but I make sure that Kaali gets her roti every night.” In the morning, before leaving for work, Ramesh feeds her bread and milk. Such caring brings out some of our contradictions. In a city that has thousands of malnourished people, we now have feeding sites for dogs. “Each species has a right to shelter, security and food,” says Ghosh. She has fed all the dogs and she is now returning home. Sweety is sitting alone at a feeding site, perhaps waiting for a certain Mr Mazumdar, who lives in the adjacent building, who might feed her later in the evening.

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Friday, 15 June, 2012

Adele regains the crown, holds off three debuts LOS ANGELES



R I T I S H singer Adele regained her place at the top of the Billboard 200 album chart for the 24th time with her Grammy-winning album ‘21’, holding off new entries from Alan Jackson, The Beach Boys and Neil Young. Adele’s ‘21’ sold 75,000 copies in its 68th week on the chart, buoyed by NBC’s special ‘Adele Live in London’. The album has yet dropout of the top 10 since its US release in February 2011. The ‘Someone Like You’ singer beat out debuts from three veterans of the

music industry. Country crooner Alan Jackson debuted at number two with his latest studio album

No rock star life for him, says tom cruise neW yoRK: tom cruise was in Manhattan to collect an award just days before his movie ‘rock of Ages’ hits the big screen. the actor received the fourth ever Friars club entertainment icon Award. the evening was a toast, not a roast. Alec baldwin hosted at the waldorf-Astoria, where speakers included such former co-stars as cuba Gooding Jr. and Kevin Pollak. cruise brought along his 6-year-old daughter, Suri, who not only got to stay up late, but to take in an r-rated tribute. A few f-bombs were dropped, including some on film by cruise during a highlight reel of his career. Numerous plugs were worked in for ‘rock of Ages’, coming out today. baldwin co-stars with cruise and the ceremony included a performance by the cast of the broadway musical on which the film is based. cruise plays the tattooed-and frequently shirtless-rock star Stacee Jaxx in the tribute to the big-haired, big-riffing glam metal sound of the 1980s. but when asked if he had the choice between the life of a movie star or a rock star, cruise said he would stick with his day job. “i love my job, and i feel very privileged to be able to do it. it has been a dream of mine, and i love what i do,” he said. cbs

Los angeLes: to quote ru Paul, Jessica Simpson better work it. the new mom has been hitting the gym hard since giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson on May 1, and the sweat sessions aren’t just for her “swamp a**” — the nickname she gave her backside during pregnancy. Simpson signed an estimated $3 million deal with weight watchers last month to be their latest celebrity ambassador. She has big shoes to fill: weight watchers’ last celebrity spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson, dropped several dress sizes and an estimated 80 pounds while repping the diet company. though she’s just begun her battle, weight watchers has faith. “Her talent, resilience and positive outlook already make her a great role model,” the company said last month. “And by deciding to trade in yo-yo dieting for a healthier lifestyle, we know she will inspire many women to join her.” agencies




Shahzad roy launches t-shirts line NewS DeSK After Abrar-ul-Haq and Junaid Jamshed, another leading Pakistani singer Shahzad roy has also launched his clothing line. Shahzad roy, who has always aimed at giving social messages through his songs, has debuted a new line of t-shirts that go with this same mantra. the t-shirt line is targeted at youngsters. though many other singers have launched formal wear for men, Shahzad roy has aimed to do something different through his t-shirt line. Shahzad roy’s shirts will come with social messages for the Pakistani youth and can also be purchased at Shahzad roy’s Facebook page.

JESSICA SIMPSON: Gym it to win it

‘Thirty Miles West’. The Beach Boys made their highest debut since 1974, as their 29th studio album ‘That’s Why God Made The Radio’ entered at number three and kicking off the band’s 50th anniversary celebration. One Direction’s ‘Up All Night’ fell to number six from fourth place, and John Mayer’s ‘Born And Raised’ dropped from two straight weeks at number one all the way down to number seven. Katy Perry climbed to No. 4 with her ballad ‘Wide Awake’, and Canadian pop star Justin Bieber stormed in at number five with ‘All Around The World’ featuring Ludacris as he continued on his worldwide promotion of upcoming album ‘Believe’.


1 MUMBAI: Neha Dhupia attends a promotional event. AFP


2 SEOUL: Emma Stone attends a press conference to promote her film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. AFP 3 SEOUL: Andrew Garfield attends a press conference to promote his film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. AFP 4 NEW DELHI: Shahid Kapoor, director Kunal Kohli and Priyanka Chopra arrive for a promotional event for their film ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’. AFP

MERYL STREEP to reprise her role in ‘Devil Wears Prada 2’? Los angeLes: After author lauren weisberger announced that she was working on a sequel to her best seller ‘the Devil wears Prada’—titled ‘revenge wears Prada’—there was only one question on every fashionista’s mind: is Meryl Streep ready to reprise her role as cutthroat fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly? At the crystal and lucy Awards, Streep told ‘Access Hollywood’ that she hasn’t heard anything about the project, but she’d be interested in reprising her infamous role. However, there is one thing that could keep Miranda Priestly from returning to the big screen. “i guess i would have to lose the weight,” she said. Fortunately for Streep, the progress on ‘revenge wears Prada’ is moving at a glacial pace, so it could be a while before she steps into Miranda Priestly’s fabulous heels again. agencies

‘LONE RANGER’: Johnny Depp movie gets too pricey Los angeLes: “it’s our intention to take a careful look at what films cost,” Disney ceo robert iger said last August when budget issues with the studio’s reboot of ‘the lone ranger’ hit the trades. About that: after trimming the budget for the Johnny Depp-led ‘lone ranger’ from $250 million to a more manageable $215 million, the film’s costs are back up to the quarter-billion dollar mark, reports tHr.

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15 Revealed:The type of people most likely to cheat



HAT does a cheating husband look like? According to a new survey by, a dating site for married people looking to have affairs, he’s likely in his 40s, been married for over 10 years and has two children over 10 years old. Of the 11,453 fathers surveyed (all of whom have accounts on the website), the largest percentage of would-be cheaters work in the IT/Engineering field, a career that’s moved up on the list since placing fifth

KARACHI: Grandeur Gallery CEO Neshmia Ahmed organised an exhibition featuring seven artists. PR

Undercover cops in UK can now have sex with suspects NEWS DESK Undercover police officers can start sexual relationships with suspected criminals if it means they are more plausible, Home Office Minister Nick Herbert said, according to The Daily Telegraph. There had previously been confusion about whether undercover police were allowed to go that far following the collapse of a case against environmental activists after it emerged the group was infiltrated by an officer called Mark Kennedy, who had been in sexual relationships with two women in the campaign. Kennedy spent seven years posing as long-haired dropout climber Mark “Flash” Stone to infiltrate activists and admitted having sex with at least two women during the operation. Herbert said it was important police were allowed to have sex with activists because otherwise it could be used as a way of outing potential undercover officers. A report on Kennedy said ‘he seemed to believe he was best placed to make decisions about how the operation should progress’. Kennedy worked undercover in 11 countries on 40 occasions, mostly on “European-wide protest issues”, but there was no single officer in control and the authorising officer was not even always told Kennedy was going overseas, nor given relevant information about what happened while he was there.

“it’s out of control,” said an unnamed insider to tHr. ‘the lone ranger’, which started shooting in New Mexico back in February is apparently weeks behind its schedule with script rewrites already underway. (For its part, Disney claims the $250 million budget number is not true.) Directed by Gore Verbinski (‘Pirates of the caribbean’) and produced by Jerry bruckheimer, ‘the lone ranger’ stars Depp as tonto, Armie Hammer as the titular hero, and Helena bonham carter. it was originally scheduled for release on December 23, but was shifted to next summer. ironically, both ‘lone ranger’ and the equally troubled ‘world war Z’ were both set to hit theatres on the same day this year. Already off to an auspicious start, ‘the lone ranger’ could be another high-profile bust for Disney. the studio took a massive loss on the $250 million-budgeted ‘John carter’ earlier this year. Fortunately, the studio earned quite a windfall on ‘Marvel’s the Avengers’, which is the third-highest grossing movie of all time. agencies

KATRINA is an overworked employee! neW deLHi: Not many people are aware of the efforts an actor puts in his or her work in a bid to deliver a hit film. behind all that glitz and glam, are long and erratic work schedules with barely any time to catch some good sleep. And bollywood’s top starlet Katrina Kaif stands a testimony to the fact, since she has been currently working non-stop for three films sans a break. As it is known to everyone, these days Kat is working on yrF’s ‘eka tha tiger’ and another film with Shahrukh Khan and training extensively for ‘Dhoom 3’ in her off time-all simultaneously. if all that work was not enough, there is a brand endorsement assignment in thailand that has come up in front of her. Post that, she has to make her way to chicago for another shooting schedule. However, Katrina did have a breather when she got to sneak some quality time to spend with her family while shooting in london. but even that shoot ended very soon. with all that work keeping Katrina on her toes 24x7, she is someone who deserves a mention in the list of bollywood’s overworked actors. agencies

in 2010’s survey. Here’s the full round-up of occupations that harbour the most cheating husbands: IT/engineer (10.6%), financial industry (8.2%) education (6.5%), doctors (4.6%) and lawyers (3.8%). What about cheating wives? In May, the site polled 2,865 of their married female members and found that the typical cheating married woman was in her 30s, married for five years or less and had a daughter under three years old. She is also likely to be a teacher, a stay-at-home mom or work in the medical industry, according to a representative from

How shoes can reveal what’s in your soul NEWS DESK You really can judge a person by their shoes and they do not need to see anything else to do so, a new study has revealed. Psychologists from the University of Kansas found that the style, value, colour and condition of the footwear can paint a picture of the owner’s emotional, political and other vital personality traits. It is such a giveaway that in the tests, observers who were shown a picture of a pair of shoes guessed around 90 percent of the wearer’s personal characteristics. 63 students judged the personalities of volunteers who provided 208 different pairs of shoes. The observers were asked to look at each pair and guess the gender, age and social status of the owner. This including whether the owner was an extrovert or introvert, liberal leaning or conservative, their emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness. The observers did well in guessing the characteristics of the owners in almost all the categories but they did miss some clues. They did not guess, for instance, that the most boring shoes belonged to those who found it hard to form relationships. Some of the clues are obvious. Expensive shoes suggest high earners, flash and colourful pairs belong to extroverts. Shoes that may not be new but are immaculate belong to conscientious types. Other clues are less obvious. Practical and functional shoes belong to agreeable people, ankle boots are worn by aggressive personalities and calm personalities wear uncomfortable looking shoes.

Restaurant delivers food and dirty dishes to fake ‘cooks’ NEWS DESK There are people too lazy to wash the dishes, and then there are people too lazy to even dirty them to begin with. The latter appears to be the target demographic for the new delivery service from the UK-based restaurant Housebites. A press release explained that Housebites now offers its customers the option of pretending “they have slaved away at a hot stove more convincingly by delivering dirty pans alongside the food.” “Cooked by a professional chef and delivered to your door, Housebites main courses, and now for an additional £5, customers can request the pans used to cook them for added authenticity,” the release says. Just make sure your friends don’t catch you sheepishly handing the dirty dishes back to the Housebites delivery people, or your clever-or almost criminally slothful-plot will be foiled. The release says Housebites got the idea for their new service from Twitter and Facebook users who begged them to deliver dirty dishes to their door. They’ve even added a £2.50 refund for people who take the time to clean their faux-dishes.

Woman shoots herself without a gun NEWS DESK We can’t blame guns for all the shootings in the world, because a Pennsylvania woman was apparently wounded by a bullet that exploded in her purse. The unidentified shopper in a Williamsport Lowe’s home improvement store was shot in the leg by a bullet even though she wasn’t carrying a firearm, according to the Sun Gazette. “Something must have hit the primer of one of the bullets,” a local police officer said. The 56-year-old woman was treated for her injuries at a hospital and discharged. Stories about people shooting themselves are old hat such as a man who blasted his crotch. But this is a new twist on a favourite: You hear of people who handle guns improperly and end up worse for wear. The lesson to be gleaned from this bizarre tale is clear: You might also want to consider keeping any random ammunition you own out of your handbag.

Big B mourns ghazal singer Mehdi Hassan`s death MuMbai: Megastar Amitabh bachchan has mourned the death of ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassana and said the era of soulful ghazal singing has come to an end. “Deeply pained to learn of the passing away of Mehdi Hassan in Pakistan... a vocalist of immense fame and unique sonorous voice,” Amitabh tweeted. “Mehdi Hassan, an entire era of soulful ghazal singing gone... now left with beautiful memories and personal meetings with him,” he added. the legendary Pakistani ghazal singer, born in india, passed away at a Karachi hospital wednesday after a prolonged illness. He was 84. He will be laid to rest Friday. recalling his meeting with Hassan, Amitabh wrote: “Mehdi Hassan once told me, he came from humble beginnings, and used to train and sing to the tone of the tractor sound in the fields.” agencies

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16 Foreign News

Friday, 15 June, 2012

indonesian jailed for blasphemous cartoons MUARO SIJUNJUNG afP

An Indonesian man arrested after writing “God doesn’t exist” on his Facebook page was jailed for 30 months Thursday for sharing blasphemous material about the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) online. Alexander Aan, 30, was found guilty of “deliberately spreading information inciting religious hatred and animosity”, presiding judge Eka Prasetya Budi Dharma told the Muaro Sijunjung district court in western Sumatra. Aan started an atheist group on Facebook on which he shared blasphemous comic strips, Dharma said. “Under the Electronic Information and Transactions law, we sentence him to prison for a length of two years and six months,” Dharma said. “What he did has caused anxiety to the community and tarnished Islam.” Aan was beaten by an angry mob and arrested by police in his hometown of Pulau Punjung in western Sumatra in January after posting the material online and declaring himself an atheist. The court had earlier indicted Aan with two other charges — persuading others to embrace atheism and blasphemy — and prosecutors had sought a three-and-ahalf-year jail term for him. But the court convicted him of the most serious charge and dropped the other two. Aan’s arrest sparked outrage among Indonesians and international activists, who showed their support on his Facebook group and circulated petitions to have his charges dropped.

britain’s top court refuses to reopen Assange case LONDON afP

Britain’s Supreme Court said on Thursday it has rejected an application by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to reopen his appeal against extradition to Sweden. “The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has dismissed the application made by Ms Dinah Rose QC, counsel for Mr Julian Assange, seeking to reopen their appeal,” the court said in a statement. Seven Supreme Court justices unanimously dismissed the move by Assange’s lawyers as being “without merit”. The court added that the 40-year-old Australian behind the whistleblowing website could not be extradited for at least two weeks. “In addition, the Court has ordered that... the required period for extradition shall not commence until the 14th day after today,” it said. The Supreme Court last month rejected Assange’s appeal against extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning about allegations of rape and sexual assault.

Hours after being freed, indian guru back in custody RAMANAGAR

Sittwe: Myanmar soldiers patrol past partially destroyed buildings on thursday. More than 30,000 people have been displaced by deadly sectarian clashes in western Myanmar. AFP

Myanmar sectarian unrest ‘displaces more than 30,000’ SITTWE



ectarian bloodshed has displaced tens of thousands of people in Myanmar, left dozens dead and many homes destroyed in western Rakhine state, a senior official said Thursday. Twenty-nine people — 16 Muslims and 13 Buddhists — have been killed since Friday, with scores more wounded and nearly 2,600 homes burned, said Htein Lin, security and border affairs minister for Rakhine. The toll does not include 10 Muslims beaten to death on June 3 by a Buddhist mob in apparent revenge for the rape and murder of a woman, which sparked the violence. Nearly 31,900 people from both sides are being housed in 37 camps across Rakhine, Htein Lin said at the first press conference by officials in the state capital Sittwe since widespread ri-

oting began on Friday. Hla Thein, Rakhine state chief justice, said that “nobody won, nobody benefited” from the violence. “What we got was refugees,” he added. “Everyone has a duty to prevent this happening again... but it’s very difficult to talk about peace when both sides don’t really trust each other.” The Buddhist Rakhine and Muslim Rohingya have accused each other of violent attacks, and in recent days local residents have been seen on the streets wielding knives, swords and sticks. Decades of discrimination have left the Muslim Rohingya stateless and viewed by the United Nations as among the most persecuted minorities on the planet. About 800,000 Rohingya live in Myanmar, according to the UN, mostly in Rakhine. Speaking a Bengali dialect similar to one in southeast Bangladesh, the Rohingya have long been treated as “foreign” by the Myanmar government and many Burmese, a situation ac-

tivists say has fostered rifts with Rakhine’s Buddhists. The Rohingya are subject to forced labour, restrictions on freedom of movement, lack of land rights, education and public services, according to a UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) report published in December. An uneasy calm has now returned to central Sittwe, which is under a dusk-todawn curfew. But evidence of the violence lingers: a decomposing body was seen in a sewage drain in the city. Tomas Ojea Quintana, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, has urged the reformist government to tackle the “root cause” of discrimination against Muslim Rohingya living in the strife-hit region. “The underlying tensions that stem from discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities pose a threat to Myanmar’s democratic transition and stability,” he said in a statement released late Wednesday in Geneva. “I urge all sides to exercise restraint, re-

spect the law and refrain from violence.” President Thein Sein, a former general credited for a string of political reforms since taking power last year, has imposed a state of emergency in Rakhine state. Hundreds of Rohingya, many of them women and children, have attempted to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh in rickety boats in recent days, but have been turned away. Bangladesh has now refused at least 17 boats carrying nearly 700 people, including many women and children, since Monday. The United States on Wednesday urged Dhaka to “respect its international obligations under the relevant refugee conventions” and not to turn away Rohingya fleeing the violence. “We are concerned that Bangladeshi authorities appear to have intercepted and turned back persons fleeing the ethnic and religious violence in Burma,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said, using Myanmar’s former name.


Indian police on Thursday detained a popular guru facing a series of assault and sexual abuse charges, just hours after he was set free on bail, saying the “godman” faced threats to his life. Swami Nithyananda was released from police custody after lodging a 50,000 rupee ($900) bond at the court in Ramanagar, 35 kilometres (20 miles) from Bangalore, but within hours he was back inside again, an officer said. Police inspector-general Bhaskar Rao told AFP there was the likelihood of “breach in public peace and danger to his own life because there is lot of resentment due to his alleged misconduct”. “If he is free, Nithyananda will return to his ashram and then we would have to provide hundreds of policemen to protect him so it is better he stays in safe custody,” Rao said. The 35-year-old was initially taken into custody on Wednesday for questioning over accusations of assault at a press conference and separate allegations of sex abuse at his retreat in the southern state of Karnataka. Nithyananda, one of many Hindu gurus in India who attract large numbers of devoted followers, earlier Thursday had walked out of court smiling and thanked his cheering supporters after being granted bail.

‘We’re in this together’, Murdoch aide told British PM LONDON afP

David Cameron received a text message from one of Rupert Murdoch’s closest aides saying they were “in this together”, Britain’s press ethics inquiry heard during testimony from the prime minister. The 2009 text from Rebekah Brooks -- the former head of Murdoch’s British newspaper wing and editor of shamed tabloid the News of the World -- raised fresh questions about Cameron’s links to Murdoch’s media empire. Cameron dismissed claims that his party made secret deals with Murdoch, but he was put on the spot over the text from Brooks, a close friend of his who appeared in court just a day earlier charged with obstructing justice. “I am so rooting for you tomorrow not just as a personal friend but because professionally we’re definitely in this together,” said the text, which was read out by counsel to the inquiry Robert Jay. The text was sent a day before

Cameron, who was then opposition leader, was due to address the annual conference of his Conservative party in October 2009. Brooks was chief executive of News International at the time. “Speech of your life? Yes he Cam!,” the text continued, punning on his surname and on US President Barack Obama’s 2008 election slogan. The text also suggested that Cameron -- who knew Brooks’ husband Charlie from their schooldays at the elite Eton College -- have a “country supper” to discuss an “issue” with the Murdoch-owned Times newspaper. Murdoch’s top-selling British tabloid The Sun had come out in support of Cameron just over a week earlier, dropping then-prime minister Gordon Brown of the Labour Party. Cameron admitted however that relationships between the press and politicians had been “too close”. He added that there should be “greater transparency, better regulation” in the future. The inquiry heard in May that Cameron signed texts to Brooks “LOL”,

thinking it stood for “lots of love”. Brooks, 44, has been charged with hiding material during the last days of the News of the World, which shut down in the wake of a public outcry when it emerged the tabloid had hacked into the phone of a murdered schoolgirl. She was granted bail by a London court on Wednesday and will appear before a judge on June 22 along with Charlie Brooks and four other people. Rebekah Brooks has also been arrested over allegations of phone-hacking and bribery. The News of the World is believed to have illegally accessed the voicemails of thousands of people including royals, politicians, celebrities and crime victims. Cameron also defended his decision to hire his former media chief Andy Coulson, another ex-editor of the News of the World, who has been charged with perjury in a case relating to a story in the paper and arrested over hacking and bribery allegations. “In the end it was my decision,” he said. Cameron faced questions about his government’s handling of a now-aban-

doned attempt by Murdoch’s US-based News Corporation to buy a controlling stake in pay-TV giant BSkyB. “The idea of overt deals is nonsense,” Cameron said. “I also don’t believe in this theory that there was also a nod and a wink and a covert agreement,” he added. Cameron’s appearance comes amid new reverberations from the scandal, with a rift opening in the coalition government over a parliamentary vote on Wednesday over whether to investigate the minister responsible for deciding on the bid. Murdoch, still owns The Sun, Britain’s best-selling tabloid, The Times and Sunday Times in Britain. Cameron set up the Leveson inquiry in July last year after the News of the World was shut down. The inquiry is due to produce a report, likely to include recommendations on the future of press regulation, in October. Police have arrested around 50 people in combined investigations into phone-hacking and bribery of public officials which opened in January 2011.

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Friday, 15 June, 2012

Foreign News 17

Suicide bomber hits revered shrine in Damascus g

At least 22 people killed in latest violence across Syria DAMASCUS



suicide bomber blew up a vehicle near a revered Shiite shrine in the Syrian capital on Thursday, wounding 14 people and damaging the shrine, state media and witnesses said. Official news agency SANA said the vehicle exploded in a garage 50 metres (yards) from Sayyida Zeinab shrine. There was “substantial damage in the area of the blast” and “the terrorist who carried out the operation was killed,” it said. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, citing anti-regime activists, said the bomb went off near security offices,

damaging the apparent target as well as the shrine, as seen in a video posted on the Internet. A witness said a van drove at speed into the parking lot at 6 am (0300 GMT) and exploded among parked vehicles, including pilgrim buses. The vehicles and a nearby police station were damaged, an AFP photographer at the site said. The windows of the mausoleum were shattered and its air vents ripped out by the force of the blast, which left a threemetre (10-foot) crater. Tiles on the minarets were damaged. International peace envoy Kofi Annan has warned that Syria’s 15 months of deadly unrest could turn into all-out sectarian war. Most of Syria’s 22-million population

are Sunni Muslims, while its minorities include Alawites, an offshoot Shiite community to which President Bashar alAssad belongs. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims, mainly from Syria’s ally Iran, travel each year to the shrine of Sayyida Zeinab, a granddaughter of Prophet Mohammed, in an area of south Damascus that is home to many Iraqi refugees. Also early Thursday, a car bomb in Idlib city in northwest Syria targeted a military checkpoint, the Syrian Observatory said, adding that an unknown number of soldiers were killed or wounded. At least 22 people were killed in the latest violence across the country, it said. International observers, meanwhile, visited Al-Haffe town in the Mediter-

ranean province of Latakia, a day after Syrian authorities said the area had been “cleansed” of rebel fighters, a UN spokeswoman in Damascus said. Syrian rebels withdrew on Wednesday from the besieged town and nearby villages that had been under intense shelling by regime forces for eight days, according to the Observatory. As the death toll of the conflict soars, Amnesty International accused Syria of committing crimes against humanity to punish communities supporting rebels. The London-based group called for an international response after claiming it had fresh evidence that victims, including children, had been dragged from their homes and shot dead by soldiers, who in some cases then set the remains on fire.

“This disturbing new evidence of an organised pattern of grave abuses highlights the pressing need for decisive international action,” said Amnesty’s Donatella Rovera on the release of the 70-page report entitled Deadly Reprisals. The advocacy group interviewed people in 23 towns and villages across Syria and concluded that government forces and militias were guilty of “grave human rights violations and serious violations of international humanitarian law amounting to crimes against humanity and war crimes.” The allegations came as the Syrian Observatory reported that more than 14,400 people have been killed in Syria in the revolt against Assad’s regime, including 2,302 in the past month alone.

Germany bans radical Salafist group amid nationwide raids BERLIN afP

cAiro: egyptian women chant slogans in front of the military policemen during a protest against presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq outside the Supreme constitutional court. AFP

civilians among 16 killed in south yemen ADEN afP

At least 16 people, including women and children, were killed on Thursday in clashes in Yemen’s southern province of Abyan where Al-Qaeda and the army are battling for control of the restive territory. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a military official said six civilians, “three women, two children and one man, were killed in a Yemeni air raid on the town of Shuqra,” one of the last remaining AlQaeda bastions in Abyan. The official did not confirm the ages of the children killed during the raid in which the intended target was militant fighters. Another 10 people were killed in Shuqra in fierce clashes between militants and the army, a local official said. “Clashes using machineguns between AlQaeda militants and the army, backed by local militiamen, left two soldiers dead and 11 wounded,” the official said on condition of anonymity. He said eight jihadists were also killed in the fighting that began late on Wednesday. Shuqra is the only town in Abyan besides Mahfad which the extremists still hold. On Tuesday, the military drove the jihadists out of the provincial capital of Zinjibar and Jaar, with Al-Qaeda gunmen believed to have fled east to Shuqra. On Wednesday, nine civilians were killed by landmines planted by militant fighters in Zinjibar, according to local official Mohsen Saleh.

Egypt court rejects law barring candidate Shafiq CAIRO afP

Egypt’s top court on Thursday ruled illegal a law that would have barred a Mubarak-era premier from running for president, but judged a third of parliament seats invalid, stirring fresh uncertainty in the politically divided country. “The Supreme Constitutional Court has ruled that the political isolation law is unconstitutional,” the state MENA news agency said. The court was examining the legality of the political isolation law which bars senior officials of the regime of ousted president Hosni Mubarak and top members of his now-dissolved National Democratic Party from standing for public office for 10 years. The law applies to those who served in the 10 years prior to Mubarak’s ouster on February 11, 2011 after an 18-day popular uprising. The top court also ruled that a third of the seats in the Islamist-dominated parliament were invalid. “The constitutional court ruled unconstitutional some articles of the parliamentary election law related to the direct vote system,” MENA reported, referring to the third of seats elected on a first-past-the-post system. The ruling military decided on a

Egypt court says whole parliament illegal CAIRo: Egypt’s top constitutional court on Thursday ruled the whole Islamistdominated parliament illegitimate, paving the way for the military to resume legislative powers, state media and a military source said. “The constitutional court affirmed in the details of its verdict that the parliamentary elections were not constitutional, and the entire composition of parliament has been illegitimate since its election,” the official MENA news agency reported. Members of the ruling military council were in a meeting and did not immediately issue a statement. But a military source said the court decision gave the military legislative powers. “We don’t want it (the power) but according to the court decision and that law, it reverts back to us,” the source said. afP complex electoral system in which voters cast ballots for party lists which made up two thirds of parliament and also for individual candidates for the remaining seats in the lower house. The individual candidates were meant to be “independents” but members of political parties were subsequently allowed to run, giving the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party an advantage. That decision was challenged in court. Mahmud al-Khodeiri, a senior lawmaker and former judge who won his seat with support from the Muslim Brotherhood, said by-elections were likely to be held for some of the seats. “There will be a re-election for some of the seats,” he told AFP after

the ruling, referring to seats won by candidates belonging to parties. He said no one authority had the right to dissolve parliament at the moment but elections could take place “after there is a new president.” Outside the court dozens gathered to demand the application of the law, amid heavy security. “That’s it, the revolution is over,” one protester shouted, as others chanted against the ruling military. “I reject Shafiq and Mursi, and if the court lets Shafiq stand or if there is a referendum on Mursi, we will go back to Tahrir,” the epicentre of protests that toppled Mubarak, said writer Samara Sultan, 30, before the hearing.

Germany on Thursday banned an Islamist Salafist group and hundreds of police raided more than 70 homes, schools and mosques across the country in a clampdown on “dangerous extremists”. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich banned one particular network, known as “Millatu Ibrahim”, for “working to undermine Germany’s constitutional order.” Authorities are also investigating two other networks, called Dawa FFM and “The True Religion”, with a view to a possible ban. According to documents seen by AFP, the interior ministry decided to ban Millatu Ibrahim, based in the western town of Solingen, after an explosive vest was found during a search of premises in Berlin last month. “The vest is a further sign of the organisation’s underlying aggression,” the papers said. The ministry said an inflammatory speech by one of the network’s preachers helped spark violent clashes between the Islamic Salafist community and police in Solingen on May 1. It had also found audio and video messages in which the group proclaimed war against democracy and threatened “unbelievers”. Around 850 police raided more than 70 different premises in seven different regional states, targetting flats, mosques, schools and local associations. The biggest operations took place in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse, the ministry said.

britain presses russia, iran on Syria KABUL afP

British foreign minister William Hague Thursday urged Russia and Iran to use their influence over Syria to achieve a peaceful end to the bloody 15-month uprising against President Bashar al-Assad. Hague met his Russian and Iranian counterparts in Kabul on the sidelines of a conference on the future of Afghanistan and stressed the need for the implementation of a peace plan proposed by international peace envoy Kofi Annan. Russia is a long-term ally of Syria and has refused to stop supplying arms to Assad’s regime, which is engaged in a bloody fight against the uprising that erupted in March 2011. Monitors say more than 14,000 people have been killed. Moscow came under fierce criticism from Western and Arab countries for vetoing two UN Security Council resolutions that would have sanctioned Assad for his use of force. “The foreign secretary asked Russia to use its full influence on the Syrian regime to ensure a peaceful resolution of the situation through a political process,” Hague’s ministry said in a statement. Hague told his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov he welcomed in principle Moscow’s plan for an international conference on Syria, the British Foreign Office said, but warned that Iran’s presence was “probably unworkable”.

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friday, 15 june, 2012

china prepares to host Asian beach Games Page 21

top seeds fall at edgbaston BIRMINGHAM afP

Italy's Francesca Schiavone and Germany's Sabine Lisicki, the top two seeds, both crashed out of the Birmingham WTA grasscourt event on Wednesday. The pair both received first round byes but probably each wished they'd played a match as they exited the Wimbledon warm-up tournament in straight sets. Schiavone, the first Italian woman to win a Grand Slam tournament when she triumphed on the clay of Paris to take the French Open two years ago, went down 7-5, 6-4 to Japan's Misaki Doi. And second seed

Lisicki was defeated in even more comprehensive fashion, losing 6-3, 6-4 to Poland's Urszula Radwanska.

Australia want to master all forms of game, says Clarke SYDNEY afP


USTRALIA'S limited-overs tour of England and Ireland represents the start of a twoyear campaign to make them the top nation in all three forms of the game, captain Michael Clarke said Thursday. Australia head the one-day ratings, but are third in the Test standings and sixth in the T20 format. "We've been the number one ODI team in the world for a while now but we need to continue to raise the bar," Clarke said before the one-day international squad's departure on Thursday. "I think our cricket of late in the shorter form hasn't been as consistent as we would like. "I think once we get on the plane it's probably the start of a twoyear journey for this Australian team, whether it be the one-day team, the Test team or the Twenty20 team, to have a lot of success and get back to being the number one in all forms of the game." Australia will play two English county teams and a one-day international against Ireland before facing fourth-ranked England in five ODIs. Clarke said he had been surprised by

England batsman Kevin Pietersen's recent retirement from ODIs. "I'm thrilled I don't have to play against him in oneday cricket because he's such a good player and he's had a lot of success and he's a natural in it," Clarke said. "But

England have a lot of good players in their team." Clarke nominated David Hussey to fill the batting role of innings closer and pacer of run-chases in the absence of his elder brother Michael, who withdrew from the tour for family rea-

Dar Academy draw with Holland’s Hurley Club LAHORE sTaff RePoRT

Down by two goals well into the second half against much older and experienced opponents of the men’s second team of Hurley THC of Holland, at Amstelveen in the outskirts of Amsterdam , the Dar Hockey Academy ’s colts staged a remarkable recovery. They equalised both the goals only to find themselves into the arrears again. The youngsters from Pakistan won everyone’s hearts by scoring the third goal with just three minutes left. The strong Hurley THC,s second Men’s team recently won the main reserve league of their country. They were further boasted by the inclusion of five first team players. The game began on the fast pace with the Dar HA making early inroads and fetching two penalty corners in the first 10 minutes without availing them. Hurley also managed to enter the opponents’ circle but failed to make an attempt at the goal. The game

slowed down a bit for the next 7-8 minutes. Then the hosts picked up the momentum and mostly called the shots until the first hooter. They made quite a few penetrations into the scoring zone and also earned a couple of PCs but couldn’t find the target. Dar HA also had a couple of good tries at the goal. However, it remained scoreless. Immediately on the restart, a wonderful opportunistic goal by Rakhal Stol off a quickly taken hit put the Hurly ahead. The visitors reacted immediately and had three chances over the next five minutes. A penalty corner was squandered due to a horrible drill. Then a fine flick from Sikander from the dee top was palmed away by the net minder. A goal labelled cross by Salman couldn’t be trapped by two strikers. At the other end, after a bout of neat and short passes, Hurley’s Chris Stroboer doubled the lead at the eighth minute. The very next minute, the pocket dynamo Rizwan earned a PC for the Dar HA. And a superb three touch drill saw Salman reducing the margin. The pole to pole stuff continued much to the delight

of the onlookers. Lanky Asad manged to equalise via a well-placed flat push on the next PC. But there was a further script in the story. In the 23rd minute, a long ball from the right side line surprisingly eluded a number of Dar HA defenders and Vlek at the far pole easily tapped the ball in to restore the lead; a case of poor marking. With their unbeaten European record of three years in danger, the Lahore based academy went beserk. They earned three penalty corners in a row without utilising any mainly due to poor shooting widely. The sustained pressure eventually paid off when in the 32nd minute, Adeel’s pass from the right was expertly flicked in by Rizwan to the immense jubilation of the Pakistani contingent. The drama continued till the very end when a defensive error led to a Hurley PC in the last seconds but the hosts couldn’t make out of it due to poor stopping. PAKIStAn: 3 (SALMAN, ASAD, RIZWAN) HuRLEy HoCKEy CLuB, HoLLAnD: 3 (RAKHAL STOL, CHRIS STROBOER, VLEK)

France feel heat as Ukraine loom stats corner S.PERvEZ QAISER


RANCE’S 22-match unbeaten run will count for nothing on Friday (June 15) when they will face similar challenges as they did against England in a Euro 2012 Group D clash against red-hot Ukraine at the Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine. This match will start at 21.30 hours (IST). This will be the seventh internationals match between the two teams and first in European Cup finals. France have won three and draw three in six previous matches played against Ukraine. They scored nine and conceded three goals in these matches. Les Bleus, who have not won a game in a major championship since 2006, will have to make their presence count in the box or they could face the possibility of a third consecutive elimination in the first round after leaving Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup without a win. In their last encounter, in June last year, France won 4-1at the Donbass Arena thanks to a brace and an assist from late substitute Marvin Martin.

France have failed to win any of their two previous encounters against host nations at European Championship finals. Laurent Blanc’s side are unbeaten in 22 consecutive games, only World Cup winner Aime Jacquet led France to a longer run without defeat (30). Andriy Shevchenko has netted four of Ukraine’s seven goals at European Cup and World Cup finals, three of these goals were headed. Against Sweden, Andriy Shevchenko became the oldest ever player to score a brace at European Championship finals. Ukraine were the only team to come from behind to win on Matchday One of EURO 2012. France are winless in eight consecutive games at European Cup and World Cup finals, which is their longest ever winless streak at major tournaments. The second match of the day will be played between England and Sweden at Olympic Stadium, Kiev, Ukraine. This match will start 00.15 hours (IST). This will be 22nd international match between the two teams and second in European Cup finals.

England have on six, lost six and draw nine in 21 previous matches against Sweden. They scored 30 and conceded 25 goals in these matches. Sweden defeated England 2-1 in the only match played in European Cup final at Solna on June 17,1992. England who played eight times in the final round, have never won their opening game at European Championship. In their last three tournaments, however – 1996, 2000 and 2004 – they won their second fixture. Ashley Cole has gone a record 95 outfield appearances without an England goal. Gary Neville, a member of the coaching staff at EURO 2012, set the previous mark of 85. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored in each of his last four appearances for Sweden. With his goal against Ukraine, Zlatan Ibrahimovic became Sweden’s top scorer at European Championship finals, five, one more than Henrik Larsson). Seventeen of Sweden’s 20 goals at European Championship finals have come in the second half of games. Sweden have won just two of their last 12 games at European Championship finals, losing their last three.


inTeRnaTionaL MaTcHes: Played: France won: Ukraine won: Drawn: Goals for France: Goals for Ukraine:

6 3 3 9 3

First meeting in European Cup finals


inTeRnaTionaL MaTcHes: Played: England won: Sweden won: Drawn: Goals for England: Goals for Sweden:

21 6 6 9 30 25

euRoPean cuP MaTcHes: Played: 1 England won: Sweden won: 1 Drawn: Goals for England: 1 Goals for Sweden: 2

sons following the premature birth of his fourth child. Clarke said he was confident that a pay dispute between Cricket Australia and the players would be resolved this month and said the last thing he wanted to do would be to go on strike.

Pak athlete Mubeen dies in mysterious circumstances LAHORE sTaff RePoRT

Pakistani athlete Mubeen Akhtar died on Thursday in a mysterious circumstances but family says she sustained head injuries as a result of tripping over the staircase in her house. Akhtar’s family confirmed the mishap and requested the media to not probe into the matter much. The 20-yearold athlete had run 100 and 200-metre races and had bagged three gold medals. She was also declared the fastest athlete in Pakistan. During the 44th National Athletics Championship, Akhtar clinched the women’s 100-metre race after clocking 12.64 seconds. Her coach, Bushra Parveen, reported to have said that her death was a great loss and it came at a time when she was about to achieve what she was striving for during the last 2-3 years. “She was a very sensitive and innocent girl. She only had one aim – to be the best, to be a champion.

lHc allows reconstruction of Pcb office wall LAHORE sTaff RePoRT

Justice Ibadur Rehman Lodhi of the Lahore High Court (LHC) allowed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to reconstruct wall of its office at Gaddafi Stadium that was earlier demolished by the officials of local government. The judge gave the permission after the PCB’s counsel, on Wednesday, informed that the district government was not allowing reconstruction of the wall despite a court order to this effect. Separately, the Gulberg superintendent (SP) also informed that instructions had already been given to police officer concerned for cancellation of criminal cases registered against the PCB guards. The judge deferred the hearing for June 25. The judge was hearing a contempt petition filed against demolition of PCB office’s wall, which was in violation with the court’s order.

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Friday, 15 June, 2012


reserve day for remaining Pak-Sl games COLOMBO agencies

The washout of the third one day international has prompted a re-think in the playing conditions of the Sri Lanka Pakistan series. Now there will be a reserve day for the remaining two games. “There will be no change of venue. We have decided on reserve days for the remaining matches. For Saturday’s match, Sunday will be the reserve day, while for Monday’s match, Tuesday will be the reserve day,” Sri Lanka Cricket President Upali Dharmadasa told The Hindu, when asked about the changes. This could mean back-to-back matches since there is a rain forecast for Saturday. This follows an initial request from Pakistan Cricket officials on Thursday for a change of venue because of the rain forecast for Saturday’s match too. Pakistan was in favour of playing in Galle, but Sri Lankan officials pointed out that the series was played day-night and hence, Galle, which has no floodlights, could not be the venue. In any case, Galle was also experiencing showers. The other option explored was Hambantota, which is in a rain shadow area. But the logistics of transporting both the teams, setting up transmission facilities and associated infrastructure in such a short time span in a town on the other coast was mind boggling. The idea was given up after going over these details.

qadir all praise for Pcb chairman

Sports 19

LRCA targets new heights g

Kh Nadeem presents its two-year performance report LAHORE sTaff RePoRT


RESIDENT Lahore Region Cricket Association, Khawaja Nadeem Ahmad on Thursday presented the two-year performance report of LRCA and expressed his satisfaction for achieving success in launching a comprehensive programme of activity to revive the at club level. He also laid out a plan for getting central contract for the top player of the region in three categories with category having recommended Rs 40,000 stipend. He also informed that the government will also allot two ground of the city to LRCA where floodlights will be installed while top class facilities will be established at these grounds. “It is a matter of great satisfaction for us that we have finally been able to put the Lahore cricket at the right track and LRCA is thankful to its office bearers and all the three affiliated zones in making LRCA a successful regional cricket body”, President, LRCA stated at a news conference which was also attended by Vice President, Imran Bucha here. Nadeem said two years ago when he took over as the President of LRCA cricket was in shambles and he presented his one point agenda of revival of Lahore cricket and their two-year performance reveals that they are getting rapid success in achieving this objective. He said record activity took place in previous two years to revive club cricket and to strengthen its base. “ We had the honour of starting Lahore Sprite cricket league in which so far 473 matches have been organized and through this league we selected LRCA

sTaff RePoRT


lAHore: President lrcA Khawaja Nadeem Ahmad addresses a press conference. STAFF PHOTO teams for PCB Sr inter district championship ”,he said adding “ we are strictly maintaining merit and we are selecting our teams on the performance of players ”, said Nadeem himself a former first class cricketer. He said LRCA has become a role model regional cricket body due to its commitment to re-establish Lahore’s status as the nursery of cricket. “We have taken lead by starting our bio-matrix programme to keep the up-date of record of players representing affiliated zones of LRCS in different cricket competition and through this useful system we will be able to know the exact strength of players in Lahore region”, said LCRA Chief. LRCA successfully organised U19 cricket league and now its U16 league will start from June 20 to identify new cricket tal-

ent, he said Nadeem expressed his special thanks to Secretary LRCA, Mian Javed Ali and other office bearers for extending full cooperation in supplementing his efforts for the uplift of cricket .” My special gratitude to my Vice President, Imran Bucha for coming up with brain storming ideas to lure sponsors to patronage Lahore cricket”,he said. He said LRCA will be selecting its teams for Quaid-e-Azam trophy through a transparent way. The sixty outstanding players of Sr inter district cricket tournament will be invited to attend a camp in which special attention will be laid on fielding, physical fitness and match practice to evaluate the individual performance of players so that teams should be selected on merit to produce desired results.


Pakistan’s legendary leg-spinner Abdul Qadir was all praise for Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) current Chairman Zaka Ashraf for the job done well. He said that that he is doing a great job for cricket in the country. Ashraf took over the role at the end of Ijaz Butt’s controversial tenure last year and has brought a sense of stability in Pakistan cricket. The Green Shirts faced a number of controversies during Butt’s leadership and most of the experts believe that those scandals, including the spot-fixing saga, could have been handled in a more appropriate fashion. It is not even a year since Ashraf took over the responsibility but the former great believes that he has already done some amazing things for Pakistan cricket. Abdul Qadir has no doubts in his mind that the Chairman PCB is committed for the revival of international cricket in the country and also appreciated his steps to enhance the quality of domestic cricket in Pakistan, which has been found wanting at times. “I must give credit to PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf, who in a very short span of time, had introduced revolutionary steps and this is sheer love and passion for cricket that he immediately started to work on domestic structure,” he expressed. Unlike some of the previous heads of the board, Ashraf has taken help from some of the former cricketers of the country to improve the standard of the game at the grass-root level. Pakistan team is presently doing well at the international stage but there are not enough quality young players coming through the ranks of national cricket.

east Zone blues all out against North Zone blues East Zone Blues has made 145 runs in ist innings against North Zone Blues in the 1st day of Sr Reigional Inter district Cricket Event played at LCCA ground on Thursday. At the end of the day North Zone blues have made 122/4 in 40 overs. Fine bowling by Salman Ghafoor was the main feature of the match. Now North Zone blues has 23 runs to level the score of East Zone blues and 6 wickets behind. Scores: East Zone Blues 145 in 48.1 overs. Naeem Arshad 47, Rana Adnan 17, Sher Baz Khan 15, Taimoor Talib 21, Shehbaz Akram 14, Siddiq Khan 11. Salman Ghafoor 4/10, Nabeel Pervaiz 3/40, M Tanveer 3/39. North Zone Blues 122/4 in 40 overs. Saad Ali 40, Waqas Ahmed 38, Riaz uddin 17(no), Tauqeer Tanveer 12(No). Israr Baig 2/25, M Ishtiaq 1/35, M Waqas 1/16. 16 wickets down 1st day. The 16 wickets has down in the 1st day of Sr Reigional Inter district Cricket Event played at Model Town . greens ground on Wednesday. Earlier East Zone Whites has all out 276 runs while West Zone Whites has . made 96/6 at the end of the 1st day. Now West Zone Whites needed 180 runs to level the East Zone Whites runs and 4 wickets behind. Fine century by Salman ALi and equally good bowling by Abdul Ghafar were the main feature of the match. Scores: East Zone Whites 276 in 70 overs. Salman ALi 100 including 1*6 15*4, Ghulam Shakeel 57, Munatazar Mehdi 34, Sabtain Serwer 25, Hafiz Umer 21, Azam Rafiq 14. Abdul Ghafar 5/48, Baber Manzoor 3/80, Zohaib Nisar 2/71. West Zone Whites 96/6 in 26 overs. M Zahid 34, Imtiaz Ahmed 15, Zaeem Ghazanfar 17(no), M Azeem 10, Ali Qasim 8(no). Aqib Mehmood 3/34, Shahid Khan 2/11, Mudasar Husain 1/20.

Swami Nagar win LAHORE sTaff RePoRT

lAHore: rehan butt and other members of the camp training at the National Hockey Stadium ground 2. STAFF PHOTO

Swami Nagar Sports beat Pioneer Club by 40 runs in the Madar-i-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah Memorial Cricket Series. Swami Nagar made 220 in 20 overs for the loss of nine wickets. Tahir 45, Ali AHmed 44. Hafiz Bilal three for 40, Hasan Azam three for 32, Zulfiqar three for 41. Pioneer Club 180 for seven in 20 overs. Nadeem Butt 52 not out, Munir Ahmed three for 40, Anwar Sunny three for 45.

Rehan feels protest camp a conspiracy against team LAHORE sTaff RePoRT

Former hockey captain and forward Rehan Butt has termed the anti-PHF protest camp established by a few Olympians "a conspiracy against Pak team" ahead of Olympics. "It is not the right time for such protests as the team is going through its final preparations for Olympics and such a negative campaign can hamper its performance in the mega event," he was quoted by Associated Press of Pakistan here on Thursday after attending a session of back up training camp for Olympics at outer ground of

national stadium. Rehan is among the 16 players who are attending the 10day camp to gain prime fitness to get a possible slot in the Pak team for London Olympics. "I will say it is a conspiracy against Pak team because the timing for such a protest is not suitable as the team has yet to play in Olympics,” he said adding " If the former Olympians are really hockey friendly than they should not have chosen this time for such a campaign which is harming the overall interest of hockey in the country. "I think they should have waited to see how the team performs in Olympics before launching their campaign." Rehan

Butt said it was quite unfortunate that the Pak hockey and the national hockey team are being targeted for not producing good results in its recent showings in Europe as the team is preparing for Olympics and yet to play the elite hockey event in London. He strongly criticised the former olympians Naveed Alam and Mohammad Saqlain for leading the ongoing protest camp against PHF and said these two players have a tainted past in hockey because of their indiscipline and wrong doings as players. Rehan said Naveed and Saqlain are known as controversial figures of Pak hockey and through their protest camp they

have mixed politics with hockey which is damaging for the game. "They are doing it (protest camp) for the promotion of their own vested interest," he said and adding: "It is the time to lend support to Pak hockey to enhance the morale and confidence of players so that they could come up to the expectations in London Olympics." Rehan said it is too early to conclude the performance of the team regarding its showing in the London Olympics and the critics should wait and see how the team performs in Olympics and then draw their future line of action against the team or PHF.

One-day football seminar at District-Province Level for KPK PESHAWAR sTaff RePoRT

PeSHAwAr: lt. col. Ahmed yar, Secretary PFF, and other officials during one-day seminar.

“Since 2004 Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), under the dynamic leadership of Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, had been carrying out all football activities centrally based upon PFF Annual Calendar. Resultantly, PFF was able to carry out 30 times more activities in last 8 Years as compared to the corresponding eight years of the old PFF set up”. This was stated by General Secretary PFF, Lt. Col. ® Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi TI (M) in a seminar on “Football activity at Dis-

trict/Province level for KPK at Shelton’s Green Hotel, Peshawar Cantt. Peshawar. The main purpose of this seminar is to help representative provinces and districts to carryout their own football activities including districts and provincial leagues, women leagues and youth football development activities, PFF has decided to hold subject seminar in all the four provinces and this is the third seminar for KPK province convened at Shelton’s Green Hotel, Peshawar Cantt. Peshawar attended by all the presidents and general secretaries of all district football associations of KPK. Lodhi said that in order to further accelerate football

activities, PFF congress decided in its meeting held on 17th September, 2011, that in next 4 years, Provincial and District Football Association must carryout their activities by generating financial resources themselves. To address the problems at district level, participants put forward a series of recommendations regarding the long-term development of football at district level, which focused on improving the governance of the sport; raising the standard at grassroots, youth and female teams; improving training for young players; upgrading football facilities and establishing football training centers.

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Friday, 15 June, 2012

Portugal beat Denmark to maintain exciting tempo WARSAW agencies

The exciting tempo of the European Championship extended into the tournament’s sixth day as Germany beat the Netherlands 2-1 after Portugal edged Denmark 3-2 on Wednesday. Germany forward Mario Gomez struck twice in the first half to settle the latest chapter in a classic rivalry of world football. Robin van Persie scored for the Dutch, who have now lost twice. Portugal’s early two-goal lead was cancelled out by two headers from Nicklas Bendtner for the Danes, before substitute Silvestre Varela struck a late winner. Cristiano Ronaldo had another disappointing game on the international stage, as the Portuguese star squandered two excellent second-half chances. Once more, the good football was tempered by bad headlines involving fans’ behaviour. UEFA threatened Russia with a six-point deduction in Euro 2016 qualifying as punishment for fans attacking stadium stewards Friday in Wroclaw. UEFA also ordered Russia to pay a €120,000 ($150,000) fine. The mayor of Warsaw apologized to foreign visitors after violent clashes Tuesday when Poland played Russia on a tense day in the capital city. The Germans and Dutch renewed their major tournament rivalry on a hot and humid evening in Kharkiv, Ukraine. A flop at Euro 2008, Gomez added to his winning goal against Portugal on Saturday with right-footed shots in the 24th and 38th minutes. “I justified the confidence that my coach had in me,” said Gomez, who edged veteran Miroslav Klose to be Germany coach Joachim Loew’s starting forward. The Bayern forward now has three goals here, drawing level with Alan Djagoev of Russia as tournament top scorer. Van Persie brought the Dutch into contention with a shot in the 73rd. The 2010 World Cup runner-up can still advance by beating

L'vIv: Danish forward Nicklas Bendtner (C) scores during the Euro 2012 championships match at the Arena Lviv. AfP

Portugal on Sunday. Portugal seemed in control in Lviv when defender Pepe headed in from a corner kick in the 24th, and forward Helder Postiga fired in a pass from Nani in the 37th. Denmark fought back when Bendtner scored into an empty net from a clever header across goal by Michael Krohn-Dehli. The Arsenal forward equalized in the 80th, rising at the far post to send in a header that Portugal goalkeeper Rui Patricio pushed on to the post and into the net. Varela rifled in the winner after initially failing to control a pass. Both teams have three points and can advance to the quarterfinals together, even though Germany leads with six going into the final round of matches. Bendtner could face disciplinary action from UEFA for apparent ambush marketing during his second goal celebration. He lifted his shirt and dropping his shorts slightly to reveal a gambling firm’s name on his underpants, in breach of UEFA rules protecting its official sponsors. Russia has been a standout at Euro 2012 but its fans have found trouble wherever they go. UEFA rules hold football associations responsible for spectators’ behaviour inside stadiums. On Wednesday, UEFA’s disciplinary panel ruled on incidents during Russia’s 41 victory over the Czech Republic. Police said violence flared when stewards tried to detain a man they believed threw a firecracker. Fans also displayed a nationalist flag adopted by far-right groups. UEFA announced a second round of charges regarding fireworks and flags, plus a fan on the pitch, at the 1-1 draw with Poland on Tuesday. Still, Russia fans were mostly innocent victims of Polish followers’ aggression in Warsaw. Police, who fired rubber bullets and used water cannon and tear gas, said Wednesday they had detained 184 people. A total of 19 civilians and 17 officers were injured, and officials said up to 140 people required some kind of medical treatment.

Anderson downs Lopez to reach last eight at Queen’s LONDON afP

South Africa's Kevin Anderson advanced to the quarter-finals at Queen's for the first time after defeating Spanish fifth seed Feliciano Lopez 7-6 (12/10), 7-6 (9/7) in the third round on Thursday. Anderson, seeded ninth, had never been past the last 16 in his previous four visits to the pre-Wimbledon warm-up event in west London, but he finally broke that sequence with an impressive victory over world number 17 Lopez. The big-serving Anderson had seen off James Ward in the first round of the grass-court tournament and received an easier than expected second round win when Sergiy Stakhovsky was forced to withdraw with an injury in the final set. At a towering 6ft 8in, Anderson can fire down serves with a potent combination of high bounce and fearsome power and, with his ground-strokes also improving, he has risen to

30th in the world rankings. The 26-year-old won the second ATP title of his career at Delray Beach in February and he was in the groove from the start against Lopez. Lopez has solid grass-court pedigree, reaching the Queen's semi-finals in 2010 and the Wimbledon quarter-finals last year, but he fell behind against Anderson as the South African broke for a 3-1 lead. Anderson's nerve failed him as he served for the set and Lopez took advantage to break back. It took an epic tie-break to settle the set and Anderson's composure held this time as he saved three set points before finishing it on his third set point. The second set followed the same pattern and again it required a tense tiebreak. After missing his first match point, Anderson finally ended Lopez's resistance to set up a quarter-final clash with Bulgaria's Grigor Dimitrov. Dimitrov ended giant-killer Nicolas Mahut's hopes of emulating his 2007 Queen's final appearance with a 7-6 (7/3), 6-4 victory. Mahut had shocked world number four Andy

Murray in the second round on Wednesday, but the Frenchman, who defeated Rafael Nadal en route to the final here five years ago, suffered a let-down against Dimitrov. The 30-year-old admitted after beating Murray that he is keen to be known for more than his losing role in the longest match in tennis history against John Isner at Wimbledon in 2010. Another long run at Queen's would have helped that aim but, despite breaking for a 4-3 lead in the first set, he couldn't finish off the gritty Dimitrov, who saved a set point at 4-5 with a lunging volley before converting his seventh break point of the game. Dimitrov is regarded as one of the more talented youngsters on the ATP Tour and the 21-year-old underlined his potential with a dominant display to take the first set tie-break. He pressed home his advantage with a break for a 3-2 lead in the second set and that was enough to see him through to the last eight in his first Queen's appearance.

loNDoN: Nicolas Mahut returns against Grigor Dimitrov during their men's singles third round match on the fourth day of the Aegon championships. AFP

Beaten Murray won’t panic over Wimbledon LONDON afP

World number four Andy Murray is adamant the shock end of his reign as Queen's champion won't damage his chances of winning Wimbledon. Murray had won the pre-Wimbledon warm-up event at Queen's Club twice in the last three years and he arrived in west London hoping for another extended run on the grass courts. But the Scot, who received a first round bye as the top seed, produced an error-strewn display that allowed France's Nicolas Mahut to complete a 6-3, 6-7 (4/7), 7-6 (7/1) secound round victory on Wednesday. Mahut, who was the runner-up at Queen's in 2007, is a solid grass-court performer and his confidence is sky high after beating former world number one Andy Roddick at the French Open last month. But Murray would still have expected to see off a player 61 places below him in the world rankings. It was the worst possible preparation for his latest assault on the Wimbledon title, but Murray, who has struggled with a back injury in recent weeks, remains confident he will be able to mount a strong challenge at the All England Club. "Oh, it's panic stations. I've just got no chance to be ready for Wimbledon now. It's going to be impossible," he said with a wry smile before providing a serious assessment of his form. "These result often happens. (Novak) Djokovic isn't playing the next two weeks, so there is no need for me to panic," he said. "I don't think it all went wrong. It was a very close match and it takes a bit of time to adjust to the grass courts. "The transition to grass isn't normally too bad, but I did struggle with my movement especially early on in the match. That's something that I will need to improve. "I just need a few more days to get my movement right, and then I'll play better." Murray, who suggested it was unlikely he would make a late entry into next week's tournament at East-

HAlle: Spanish rafael Nadal hits the ball during his double match with Marcel Granollers against Slovenia's Michal Mertinak and Serbia's Viktor troicki at the AtP Gerry weber open. AFP bourne, also hit back at criticism from Tommy Haas. The German veteran this week claimed the British number one exaggerates injuries on court in a bid to change the momentum of matches if he isn't playing well. Haas's comments came just days after former Wimbledon women's champion Virginia Wade described Murray as a "drama queen" when he suffered a back injury but recovered quickly to beat Jarkko Nieminen at the French Open. "In the time I have been on tour I've been called many, many things from my personality not being exciting enough. I have been called boring. It was said I was unfit, lazy, fake injuries. All sorts," Murray said.

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Sports 21

Gomez makes Dutch sweat on Euro future KHARKOv agencies


HIS game may well be billed as a tale of two centre forwards. In truth, however, the difference between these teams was more profound than that. Certainly Germany’s hulking striker Mario Gomez was as spectacularly efficient as Holland’s Robin van Persie was cowed, nervous and wasteful. Gomez’s two goals at the Metalist Stadium were memorable while Van Persie once again appeared a shadow of his real self until he scored a very good goal that came rather too late. Nevertheless, what was expected to be one of the games of the group stages between two European giants turned out to be a mismatch. Not until Holland were suddenly buoyed by Van Persie’s late strike did they ever appear to be the Germans’ equal. Barring some peculiar results when the group concludes on Sunday evening, Germany will move threateningly forwards in Euro 2012, full of ambition, purpose and technical excellence. They really do look a very good side, better even than the version that reached the semi-final of the last World Cup. Holland, meanwhile, are battling to stay alive as they once again reflect on some familiar internal problems and some defending that was so far from international standard as to be embarrassing. Van Persie will be hammered in Holland. That is unfortunate. Despite his long range

England are determined to end their decades-long jinx against Sweden on Friday in a Group D encounter which has assumed must-win status for both sides. Sweden's opening 2-1 defeat to Ukraine on Monday means that Erik Hamren's team will be eliminated if they lose to England, who have never beaten the Scandinavians in a competitive fixture. Ukraine's win has complicated matters for England, however, who must beat Sweden in Kiev if they are to avoid the possible daunting scenario of having to beat the co-hosts in their final group game next week to advance. "We are in a position where we can't lose any more games and hopefully we can win both," Sweden defender Jonas Olsson said. "We will focus on Friday first, try to get a good result there. It will be nicer to win both games and not be depending on other results.”

Sportscentre 07:30PM

UeFA to look into underpants celebration afP

KHArKoV: German forward Mario Gomez (r) and Dutch defender Joris Mathijsen run after the ball during the euro 2012 championships match at the Metalist Stadium. AFP goal in the 73rd minute here, the Arsenal player had missed two early chances that allowed Germany to settle, find their stride and score two first-half goals. Add that to his difficulties during the opening defeat to Denmark and his tournament has been poor. But this Dutch failure is collective, not individual. Anyone who was here last night will vouch for that. By the end, Arjen Robben was sitting in a vest by the Dutch dugout. Taken off as Bert van Marwijk’s team were chasing the game, the Bayern Munich forward has been ineffective. As has Wesley Sneijder, anonymous until he was seen arguing with Germany’s Thomas Muller as he left the field. Take these three out of any team and you will struggle. Add two





central defenders who play as though they have never seen each other before and you really do have a problem. Van Marwijk said: ‘Early on we had decent chances but the German goals came out of nowhere. We defended badly. Our offense and defense did not connect.’ As for Germany, they will head into their last group game against Denmark full of belief. Defeat in Lviv could still cause them a problem while a win for the Dutch over Portugal back here could still squeeze them through. The numbers would have to add up, though. Germany coach Joachim Loew must surely be expecting to see his side to progress. ‘We’ve taken a major step and opened the door to the quarter-finals,’ he said. ‘Now we have our destiny in our own hands.’

england ready to ‘Strong Woods good for golf’ end Sweden jinx KRAKOW



Count Steve Stricker among the many who believe Tiger Woods's triumph at the Memorial two weeks ago means the US star is a favorite to claim a 15th major title at this week's US Open. "I'm a bandwagon-jumper," Stricker admitted, even though it has been four years since Woods claimed his 14th major at the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines. Woods has won twice on the US PGA Tour this year, ending a drought that stretched back to 2009 and the days before a sex scandal led to divorce and swing changes and injury woes slowed him on the course. Woods's victory at Bay Hill in March immediately raised expectations for the Masters, but Woods tied for 40th in a disappointing outing at Augusta National. Stricker said that didn't matter. The sight of Woods winning one tournament still raised the expectation that more will quickly follow. "I think that just shows you the ability he has and what people see in the type of player that he is and

the type of shots he's been able to hit over the years -- and the uncanny ability to just get it done and win golf tournaments," Stricker said. "When he does win one, I think that's why we're all quick to hop on his bandwagon and say he's back." Whether or not Woods takes another step this week in his pursuit of Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 major championships, just having him in the mix is good for golf," Stricker said. "It's good for us, and it's good for whatever tournament he's playing in," Stricker said. "It brings a lot of attention to our game." US Golf Association officials will take advantage of that with a marquee pairing of Woods, Phil Mickelson and Masters champion Bubba Watson in the first and second rounds at The Olympic Club. "As a golf fan I love it," Stricker said of the superstar grouping. "Great for TV, great for exposure." Mickelson said he liked the grouping, because he believes Woods always brings out the best in him. And Mickelson likes the idea of being able to keep an eye on the player he always reckons will be one of his toughest rivals for a title. Tom O'Toole, chairman of the USGA's championship committee, said there were some logistical concerns in pairing Woods, Mickelson and Watson together, given the size of the gallery they'll attract.

UEFA are looking into whether Denmark's Nicklas Bendtner broke player advertising rules by flashing the waistband of his underpants after scoring against Portugal, a source with knowledge of the matter said Thursday. The 24-year-old striker scored twice in Denmark's 3-2 defeat in Lviv, Ukraine, on Wednesday as Morten Olsen's side battled back from a 2-0 deficit but were beaten with a goal three minutes from time. The source told AFP they were checking if Bendtner broke Article 18.18 of the "Regulations of the UEFA European Football Championship 2010-12", which states: "All kit items worn during the final tournament must be free of any sponsor advertising." That includes: "a) any event held at a stadium, from arrival at the stadium until departure from the stadium; b) for any training session designated as official by the UEFA administration; and c) at any official UEFA press conference." The waistband of Bendtner's green and white underwear had the words of a Dublin-based online betting firm. The company, Paddy Power, said on its website that they were "lucky pants".

Monster hole irks US open players SAN FRANCISCO afP

US golf officials on Wednesday defended their decision to setup the longest hole in US Open history for the 112th edition of the tournament this week. The par-five 16th at San Francisco's Olympic Club has been stretched by 61 yards to a monster 670 yards, the difficulty of the length compounded by a sharp dogleg left and a fairway that begins to narrow past 300 yards. The change is one of several that have been made to the course since the US Open was last held here in 1998 and several players have been critical, notably five-times US Open runner-up Phil Mickelson. Asked to elaborate on criticism of the 16th made during his regular pre-tournament news conference on Tuesday Mickelson said: "It's for sure the hardest hole on the course - and maybe the worst." "I think great holes provide different strategy and different options," Mickelson continued. "With the tee back on 16, it eliminates any options. "I would never say it’s unfair. I just wouldn’t say it’s a good hole." Asked to react to Mickelson's comments, US Golf Association Executive Director Mike Davis said he had to "respectfully disagree with that position."

China prepares to host Asian Beach Games BEIJING afP

As London prepares to welcome the world's top athletes at the Olympics, a little-known Chinese seaside town is gearing up to host the champions of some rather more obscure sports at the Asian Beach Games. More than 2,000 athletes will descend on Haiyang on China's east coast on Saturday to compete in sports such as beach sepaktakraw -- a cross between volleyball and soccer -- and beach kabaddi, a highly physical mix of tag and wrestling. Among the more mainstream sports at the seven-day tournament, held every two years, are sailing and beach volleyball, with top players due in Haiyang ahead of the Olympic showdown on London's Horseguards Parade this summer. But the crossover with the Games ends there. Thai athletes will hit the beach to defend their title in sepaktakraw, also

known as "kick volleyball" -- a highly energetic game where players use their feet, heads and chests to throw a rattan ball over the net. "Thailand remains the powerhouse" of the sport, said Abdul Halim Bin Kader, head of the International Sepaktakraw Federation. The Southeast Asian nation is the reigning Asian Beach Games champion for both the mens' and womens' teams. India, meanwhile, will be looking to keep its gold medal in beach kabaddi -- a game that combines the characteristics of wrestling and rugby. Each four-player team has to score points by sending a so-called "raider" into the opponent's court, who has to touch as many defence players as possible while chanting the word "kabaddi." The players who are touched by the "raider" will be sent out if they do not succeed in catching him before he returns to home court. The sport is very

popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran. The athletes taking part in this year's Asian Beach Games hail from 45 countries such as Japan, Kazakhstan, or Yemen. Other sports include powered paragliding, where athletes wearing a propeller on their back sit in a seat below a paraglider wing, and take to the skies to show off their flying and landing skills. "It's a little bit dangerous because it's the only event where the athletes are flying and the wind here can be very strong " said Jiang Zhongshui, one of the organisers of the Asian Beach Games, on the official website. Home fans of the more mainstream discipline of beach volleyball, meanwhile, are likely to be disappointed as China's star Xue Chen is not expected to participate due to a small ligament injury. She is however expected to recover and compete in the London Olympics.

HAiyANG: chinese officials carry the 3rd Asian beach Games torches on the final leg. AFP

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PAkiStAn URGES Unity in tERRoR fiGht g

Karzai says help of neighbouring countries and international powers vital to economic growth and peace in Afghanistan KABUL



OREIGN Minister Hina Rabbani Khar on Thursday accused governments of doing a “terrible job” at working together to tackle militancy in Afghanistan as she called for a more unified approach. Khar made the remarks on the sidelines of a ministerial conference in Kabul aimed at building greater regional cooperation on Afghanistan and its future beyond the pullout of NATO forces in 2014. She reiterated Pakistan’s stance that it has suffered enormously as a result of terrorism, and said a more united front was needed among international allies. “We have been

making the claim that we need to all work together to ensure that we win against them rather than they win against us,” she told reporters. “At this point in time, if there is a policy of divide and rule they are doing a great job at it and we are doing a terrible job at combining our energy, our forces, our resources to be able to face them as one.” In response to remarks by US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta that the US was running out of patience over Islamabad’s refusal to do more to eliminate safe havens for militants, Khar said that she was “glad we are not losing patience with anyone, despite losing 24 soldiers”. She was referring to NATO air strikes on a Pakistani border post in November which killed 24 troops and led to Islamabad closing the ground routes through its territory used

to supply coalition forces in Afghanistan. KARZAI: Meanwhile, Afghan President Hamid Karzai called for greater international cooperation to stabilise his war-torn country and defeat militants. He also called on Pakistan directly to support nascent efforts to end the 10-year war in Afghanistan. Karzai said the help of neighbouring countries and international powers was vital to economic growth and peace in his impoverished country. Representatives from 29 countries gathered in Kabul for the day-long conference, just weeks after NATO agreed at a summit in Chicago to stick to plans to withdraw the bulk of 130,000 foreign combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. The

conflict in Syria is also expected to feature prominently in meetings between foreign ministers, including those from Britain and Russia. Karzai also sought to reassure neighbours, Iran in particular, that strategic partnership deals signed by Kabul with several Western powers, particularly the United States, to govern relations beyond 2014, would not damage ties. But Iran, a sworn enemy of the United States that welcomes NATO’s departure from its eastern border, alluded to the KabulWashington pact by saying it adds to security concerns among Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries. Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said the deal and efforts to establish foreign military bases in Afghanistan ran counter to peace efforts and “could turn this

country once again into scene of security rivalries”. Karzai is keen to broker a peace deal with the Taliban, but the militants publicly refuse to talk to his government. Earlier this year, the militant group also announced that it had pulled the plug on nascent contacts with the Americans in Qatar. Karzai said the head of the Afghan High Peace Council would soon visit Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, but gave no dates, and urged Islamabad to support peace efforts. Afghanistan’s relations with Pakistan have been clouded by mutual blame for Islamist violence plaguing both countries. The next talks on Afghanistan will be in Tokyo next month and will focus on ways to ensure social progress — governance, economic prospects, health and education.

US, India see progress with nuclear deal WASHINGTON afP

KabuL: afghan President Hamid Karzai (cL) shakes hands with foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar (cR) during a group photo at the conclusion of the Heart of asia Ministerial conference at the foreign affairs Ministry on Thursday. AFP

Petrol prices likely to go down by Rs 10 per litre ISLAMABAD agencies

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has proposed a reduction in petroleum prices. As a result of fall in global crude oil prices — currently at an eight-month low of around $98 a barrel — domestic price of petrol may be cut by around Rs 10 per litre. According to reports, OGRA wants petrol price cut by Rs 10.24 per litre, High Speed Diesel (HSD) Rs 6.07 per litre, High Octane Blending Component (HOBC) by Rs 11.75 per litre, kerosene oil Rs 5.26 per litre, and Light Diesel Oil (LDO) rate reduced by Rs 5.02 per litre. The federal government will announce new prices of petroleum products on Friday (today). Meanwhile, the differences between the All Pakistan CNG Association and the government have been resolved, as the government has decided to keep the price of CNG 40 percent less expensive than that of petrol. The decision has been made after successful negotiations held in the last few days between the government and CNG association. The ratio between of prices of CNG and petrol will be maintained for a year. The CNG load shedding duration has also been reduced by two hours.

US deploys its biggest aircraft carrier near Gawadar KARACHI onLine

After failing to strike a deal on NATO supplies with Pakistan, the United States has moved its nuclearpowered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise into Pakistani territorial waters near Gawadar, according to media reports on Thursday. The ship’s deployment in Pakistan’s territorial waters is a violation of international laws. After the deployment of the aircraft carrier in Pakistani seas, the country’s security agencies are now investigating into the matter, sources said. They added that the movement apparently showed the increasing interest of the US in Balochistan province. “The US has moved its biggest aircraft carrier 65 to 70 nautical miles away from Gawadar in the second week of June,” a news website quoted its sources as saying. The USS Enterprise, which holds a crew of over 4,000, is a veteran of several wars.

The United States and India on Wednesday sought to dispel doubts over their relationship as a US company signed a deal on nuclear power, long a source of disappointment between the countries. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who once called US affection for India an “affair of the heart”, said that the world’s two largest democracies had entered a “new and more mature phase” in their partnership. “With respect to affairs of the heart, they usually have ups and downs, but that does not make them any less heartfelt or any less of a commitment,” Clinton said as she held annual talks with India. “There is less need today for the dramatic breakthroughs that marked earlier phases, but more need for steady, focused cooperation,” Clinton said as she met with Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna and other senior officials. But the deal that was arguably the most dramatic of the past breakthroughs between India and the United States — a 2008 agreement on nuclear power — has increasingly been cited as proof that the US-India relationship has not lived up to its potential. On Wednesday, US-based Westinghouse Electric Co announced that it was signing a preliminary deal with the state-run Nuclear Power Co of India to build the first US nuclear reactors in the South Asian nation. Westinghouse, a unit of Japan’s Toshiba Corp, said that it had agreed to conduct initial licensing and site de-

US PredaTor killS 3 iN NWa PESHAWAR: At least three people were killed and several others injured when two missiles fired by a US drone hit a commercial building located in Miranshah bazaar of North Waziristan Agency on Thursday morning. An official in Miranshah said the building collapsed after being hit by missiles, and three of its occupants were killed on the spot. He said the dead bodies were mutilated and could not be recognised. The official suspected that the first floor of the building was being used by militants. A number of US drones were hovering over Miranshah after the attack. It is the second drone strike in North Waziristan in less than 12 hours, and 15th in the past three weeks. Senior al Qaeda leader Abu Yahya al Laibi was killed in a similar drone strike last week. STAFF REPORT Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.

Editor: Arif Nizami, Resident Editor: Rana Qaisar

velopment work to build reactors at the Mithivirdi site in the western state of Gujarat. Clinton called the agreement “a significant step toward the fulfilment” of the landmark US-India nuclear agreement, but acknowledged that the deal was preliminary and there was “still a lot of work to be done.” Krishna, speaking later at a solo news conference, said the Westinghouse agreement carried “special importance” in light of the concerns expressed earlier by US businesses. The deal “opens up new vistas of opportunities for business in the United States,” Krishna said. Former president George W Bush spearheaded the 2008 deal, which recognised India’s global stature by giving it access to civilian nuclear technology after decades of being treated as a pariah for building nuclear weapons. But US companies have been reluctant to get to work in India as they are seeking greater protection from liabilities in the event of a nuclear disaster — a dispute that could still potentially affect the Westinghouse deal. The United States argues that other countries such as Russia and France enjoy an unfair advantage as their nuclear companies have the backing of the state which can handle liabilities. The issue is sensitive in India, where thousands died in 1984 in a leak from a US-owned pesticide factory in Bhopal. India has pledged to move ahead with nuclear power to support its growing economy and reduce the need for oil imports and dirty coal, despite rising global concerns about atomic energy since Japan’s Fukushima disaster.

e-paper pakistantoday 15th june, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 15th june, 2012

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