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For each American End power outages in two days or else, Nawaz killed, Pakistan will lose $50m in aid: bill warns government PAGE | 22

Jahangir Tareen proposes solution to deal with power crisis

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012 Jamadi-ul-Sani 21, 1433

Fate oF Nato supply routes

Just a week more, Kayani tells US pakistan insists for enquiry against those responsible for salala incident g army says Kayani and allen focused on operations in border areas and coordination mechanisms g


A gilani firm on using ‘all options’ PESHAWAR: Security personnel look at the wreckage of a police vehicle after an IED explosion near the Gulbahar Police Station on GT Road. Two people, including a policeman, were killed in the attack. staff photo | story on page 28


pM says no law in country regarding contempt of court LONDON AGEncIES

Prime minister Yousaf raza Gilani on Saturday said he would employ all legal ways to get his name cleared of contempt charges, as he did not commit any ethical or financial crime. He was speaking at a luncheon hosted by PPP Britain in his honour. The Pm said it should be clear to all who wanted to send him home that this was a matter of interpretation of the constitution and he would go to the last extent. He said the political forces who took part in the movement for restora-

tion of judiciary wanted to take the court verdict in their favour. “There is no law regarding contempt in the country. it was only tried on me,” he added. He said the time had gone for someone to enter the power corridors through the back door. “There is a constitutional way to change the president or prime minister,” Gilani said. in an interview with Sky TV in London earlier, the prime minister highlighted the importance of Pakistan in the war against terror and urged the international community, especially the United States to share information for the success of this war. “We know the

importance of the United States. We really want to improve our relations. We are in the middle of discussions and i am sure that better things will come out,” he said. “There have been lots of ups and downs in our relationship,” he added. Gilani also described the relationship between CiA and iSi as “good”. “All high-value targets of al Qaeda have been achieved with the support and help of the iSi,” the Pm said. “Therefore, when we are working together so closely, i think there should be no hesitation in sharing information with Pakistan.” Continued on page 04


S an iSAF delegation led by General John Allen arrived here to put pressure on Pakistan for reopening NATO supplies, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani reportedly told the visiting emissaries that the government would take the final decision on the issue in a week’s time. The row between Pakistan and the United States over last year’s attacks by NATO aircraft on Pakistani border posts that killed 24 soldiers has been exacerbated by the US’ reluctance to tender apology and stop drone attacks – key demands put forward by Pakistan’s parliament for reopening NATO supply routes to Afghanistan. The iSAF delegation arrived for the most significant talks that Pakistan has hosted with the international military alliance and the Afghan military for a year, in a sign that tensions between Pakistan and the US are easing. Sources said the Pakistani side pressed the visitors for an enquiry against those responsible for the Salala attacks, and reminded them that there had been no formal apology from the US. The Pakistani military said in a statement that preliminary meetings between General Allen and Kayani focused on “operations in

border areas and coordination mechanisms to avoid untoward incidents”. “The tripartite commission is expected to meet after the arrival of Afghan army chief, General Sher muhammad Karimi on Sunday,” a senior security official told AFP. He said the date and time of the commission’s meeting would be disclosed later. The commission will focus on enhancing measures along the Pak-Afghan border and to improve co-operation at operational and tactical levels, the military said. Pakistani leaders are also scheduled to meet next week to discuss ending the nearly six-month blockade on NATO supplies. Prime minister Yousaf raza Gilani will convene the meetings which will also debate how to repair relations with the United States in time to attend a key NATO summit later this month.

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012



capital zoo deprived of lions, leopards, snakes

Tareen proposes solution to deal with power crisis

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Former Railways GM found involved in another corruption case LAHORE: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has filed a new corruption case of rs 340 million in purchase of 69 locomotives against former Pakistan railways general manager (Gm) Saeed Akhtar. NAB had arrested the former Gm on Bano scrap corruption scandal and he has been on physical remand. During interrogation, a new scandal emerged related to rs 340 million in purchase of 69 locomotives from China. Akhtar is accused of committing corruption worth rs 70 million in scrap scandal. During the hearing of the scrap scandal case, a NAB prosecutor stated that the investigation against Akhtar had been completed, and he was found to have been involved in another corruption scandal of rs 340 million on account of repairing Chinese engines. The prosecutor requested the court to extend the remand for 25 more days. The prosecutor added that the members of the railways’ executive committee were also complicit in corruption with Akhtar. While extending the remand for 15 days, the court ordered NAB to carry out Akhtar’s medical check up, and to unmask the culprits as soon as possible. onlInE

Musa Gilani refuses to appear before ANF RAWALPINDI: Ali musa Gilani, son of Prime minister Yousaf raza Gilani, allegedly involved in a prohibited medicine quota case on Saturday excused from appearing before ANF’s investigation team. According to a private news channel, musa was due to record his statement with the ANF investigation team but he excused himself from doing so. The sources said musa’s statement would now be recorded on may 14. onlInE

PML-N invites JI to join anti-govt movement LAHORE: The PmL-N has contacted the Jamaat-e-islami (Ji) asking it to join the PmL-N in its anti-government movement. PmL-N Chairman raja Zafarul Haq called on Ji chief munawar Hassan to discuss the movement against the government. Haq gave a personal message from Nawaz Sharif to the Ji chief. responding to the invitation, the Ji chief said if PmL-N was serious in running a genuine anti-government movement, it should first quit assemblies. onlInE

Two children die, nine injured in Daska roof collapse DASKA: At least two children died and another nine were injured when the roof of a house collapsed due to heavy rain in Peero Chak village in Daska on Saturday. According to police sources, some guests including children participating in a wedding ceremony were sleeping in the house when all of sudden the roof fell over them. rescue 1122 team and police reached the scene and recovered the bodies of Hassan, 12 and Haroon, 10 from under debris. The injured were taken to hospital. STAff REPoRT

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Lawyers observe ‘Day of Mourning’ over Karachi violence RAWALPINDI onlInE

Lawyers across the country on Saturday observed “Day of mourning” against the unlawful and unconstitutional act of former military ruler General Pervez musharraf in 2007. Five years ago on may 12, 2007, musharraf unlawfully imposed a ban on the movement of Chief Justice of Pakistan iftikhar muhammad Chaudhry at Karachi Airport, and did not allow him to enter Karachi to address the lawyers. The violence on that day included the deaths of over 45 innocent people, burning of lawyers’ offices, and attacks on media houses. Several Bar councils across the country, including rawalpindi, islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta, observed the “Day of mourning” on the call of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC). The lawyers boycotted court proceedings, wore black armbands and hoisted black flags at the Bar council buildings. They organised special meetings, and condemned musharraf’s unlawful act. Several rallies were also organised in the country. They also offered special prayers for the victims of the may 12 massacre. While criticising the present rulers, the lawyers said that the real culprits of the 2007 massacre were the coalition partners of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)-led government.

Shah advises PML-N to wait for next elections SUKKUR



iNDH Chief minister Qaim Ali Shah on Saturday said people had voted for the PPP government and President Asif Zardari which was the main cause of concern for PmL-N chief Nawaz Sharif. Addressing a public gathering at Kammo Shaheed on the Sindh-Punjab border, Shah said the people had voted for the PPP in the last general elections and the party came to power because of the struggle and sacrifices of Benazir Bhutto, adding that the party workers advised Nawaz to be patient till December. Criticising the PmL-N chief, Shah said Nawaz did not know the ABC of politics and was only creating chaos in the country. He said the PPP was well aware of the conspiracies against its government and it would not let the sacrifice of Benazir Bhutto for democracy go in waste. He said Nawaz was a coward and ran away

to Jeddah during musharraf’s regime and said the PmL-N did nothing for Sindh during its tenures in government. He was of the view that being a businessman, politics was not the field for Nawaz. “Nawaz Sharif had taken dictation from a dictator whereas the PPP runs the government in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the masses. it has given employment to the jobless and empowered the women in the country,” he added. He declared that the PPP would emerge victorious in the next general election as well and maintained that the government was the government of poor masses and that it had served the people of the entire country without any discrimination. The chief minister claimed that this gathering of more than one million was a warning to the PmL-N leadership that the people of Sindh and of the country, could head for Lahore. He also pointed out that Prime minister Yousaf raza Gilani had seen many difficulties and yet he was steadfast and determined.

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Syria violence kills 4 even as Un mission grows

‘Main Hun Shahid Afridi’- Pakistan’s very own cricket-based film

Holy cows no more India invites Sialkot Stallions to champions league T20 Our security agencies need to answer some questions.

coMMeNT Price will rise

Inflation explained.

Humayun Gauhar says: Hopeless but not serious: Our situation is not that good, but not that bad too.

Arif Ansar says: Nato’s strategic posture: It has to, and will, change.

Saad Rasool says: Pity the nation: Both sides of the judgement.

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KARACHI: City courts are deserted following a strike called by lawyers to mark black day on Saturday. onLIne

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Planning Commission says Thar Coal project unfeasible g

Member energy withdraws his statement later at night ISLAMABAD


ptI warns of marching to Islamabad


Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf (PTi) chief imran Khan has threatened to march to islamabad if the government did not implement Supreme Court’s verdicts. Addressing a convention of minorities, imran said the PTi would bring a tsunami in rawalpindi on may 27, adding that the rally would merely be a preparation for the tsunami march to islamabad. He asked the masses to prepare for it.

The PTi chairman slammed parliament for adopting resolutions in favor of convicted prime minister and against the apex court. Khan was optimistic that the PTi would form the next government. imran said the PTi stood with the people of Pakistan and if no solid difference was made by these corrupt ruling elite to improve the electricity situation soon, it should be ready to face the wrath of the people. PTI HOLDS TALKS WITH JI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf Vice Chairman Shah mehmood Qureshi on Saturday arrived here to attend the All Parties Conference (APC) organised by the Jamaat-e-islami (Ji). During the meeting with Qureshi, Ji chief Syed munawer Hassan remembered the Karachi violence of may 12, 2007, and stressed the importance of free judiciary. Dr Arif Alvi, Sardar Nadir Khan Leghari, Tariq ikram, and Firdaus Naqvi were also present on the occasion. The PTi leaders presented the point of view that there was only one path to choose i.e. a free and strong judiciary. Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed, Shah mahmood Qureshi and Sardar Nadir Leghari held a meeting to discuss the political situation in Pakistan after the conviction of Prime minister Yousaf raza Gilani. Justice Wajihuddin was also briefed on PTi’s stance on the may 12 issue.


S the government is finding ways to cope with prevailing energy crisis in the country, the Planning Commission has termed the Thar Coal project unfeasible. it was claimed by Shahid Sattar, Planning Commission (PC) member energy, while speaking to a private TV channel on Saturday. “The commission has concluded audit of the project and stopped release of funds for it on the grounds that we think it unfeasible. it’s not possible to produce electricity from Thar Coal,” Sattar said. He said the release of more funds of the pilot project would be ‘risky’. He said leading national nuclear scientist Dr Samar mubarakmand had failed to produce gas through Thar coal reserves. “The gas flamed for four hours only and then dropped off,” Sattar said at an international energy summit at islamabad. Dr Samar mubarakmand, who served as the founding chairman of National engineering and Scientific Commission (NeSCOm) from 2001 until 2007, ruled out Sattar’s notion, saying “not even a single penny was released for the project in 11 years”. “Oil and commission mafia is the major hurdle in this project,” he said. He has claimed that three times cheaper gas could be acquired through the project in comparison with iran and Turkmenistan gas pipeline pacts.

“iran-Pakistan and TAPi projects would cost $13 billion while 2250 mmCF gas could be obtained from Thar Coal at the cost of only $1.2 billion,” he said. He further said that the Thar coal project would change the country’s economy and people’s lives. Dr Samar said he never went to Thar. “Coal Gas remained flaming for almost four months and if still someone couldn’t see it, then it’s his fault,” he said. Later at night, the Planning Commission member, Shahid Sattar, clarified media reports attributed to him regarding the Thar Coal Underground Gasification Project. in a statement issued from the Cm

House on Saturday, he denied saying that the project was not feasible. Sattar rejected reports attributed to him regarding the project, saying he had only said that the tests regarding the Thar Coal Underground Gasification Project were being carried out and that its efficacy was yet to be determined. He said the statement attributed to him was wrong and baseless. meanwhile, a statement issued by the Sindh Chief minister’s House said Thar coal was the most viable option for providing security to the country. it said Pakistan had huge lignite coal reserves in Thar estimated to be 175 billion tons. The quality of Thar Lignite Coal was at par or even better than the lignite mined in other parts of the world. The statement pointed out that renowned international companies like rWe Germany, SrK United Kingdom, Sino Coal China, North east Coal Bureau China and China Coal Technology and engineering Group had undertaken detailed feasibilities in Thar and all of them concluded that Thar Coal mining was a technically, economically and environmentally viable project and that the coal could be used for power generation and other petro-chemical uses. Presently three companies, Sindh engro Coal mining Company, Oracle Coalfields UK and Sino-Sindh resources China have completed their detailed feasibility studies and their projects of open cast mining were expected to start within the year.

Khurshid Shah beats up SHo, assaults media SUKKUR onlInE

religious Affairs minister Khurshid Ahmed Shah on Saturday allegedly beat up an on-duty Station House Officer (SHO) and assaulted a media coverage team in Sukkur, a private TV channel reported. SHO inayat Soomro accused the religious affairs minister of slapping and tearing apart his uniform. The SHO, who was later suspended, said he was performing his duty and that was his only fault. The minister also did not spare media persons, manhandling the reporters and cameraman, snatched their camera, and forcefully took away the tape. A protest was held by Sukkur Union of Journalists against the minister at the Sukkur Press Club. The journalists condemned the minister for his act and called for the return of the cassette.

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

PML-N enters into electoral Continued fRoM page 22

MADRID: Balloons with a banner fly over demonstrators during a protest marking the one year anniversary of Spain’s Indignados (Indignant) movement in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol on Saturday. Dubbed ‘los indignados’ (the indignant), the movement which spawned similar protests worldwide, has called for 96 hours of continuous protest to culminate at the Puerta del Sol square where the movement was founded a year ago in a renewed protest over government austerity measures, banks, politicians and economic recession. reUters

Gulf Arab states face obstacles to unity push RIYADH REUTERS

Gulf Arab leaders meeting on monday will discuss closer union between their six states because of what they see as growing threats from iran and al Qaeda after the Arab uprisings, but significant political obstacles loom. Some members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which includes Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab emirates and Oman, worry that convergence might spell dominance by the group’s largest member, Saudi Arabia. They also view dimly reports that Saudi Arabia will merge initially with Bahrain, where majority Shi’ite muslims have rebelled against a monarchy that like the other GCC dynasties is Sunni muslim and is allied with the United States against iran. “Qatar sees this all as Saudi’s way of undermining the Gulf states’ bilateral relations and forcing its own agenda,” said a source close to the Qatari government. Smaller Gulf Arab states fear losing economic and political influence to Saudi Arabia, which has a population five times greater than the next largest member, Oman, and dominates the region’s allimportant oil and gas sector. riyadh’s overarching concern is its regional tussle for influence with iran, its Shi’ite islamist arch-rival on the other side of the Gulf, and it wants more defense integration and foreign policy coordination to help in that struggle. The Saudis believe iran used the fall of iraqi president Saddam Hussein in 2003 as a launchpad towards realizing region-wide supremacy, and they accuse Tehran of fomenting the uprising in Bahrain and unrest among Saudi Arabia’s own Shi’ite minority.

Hillary Clinton tops list of 20 most powerful moms NEW YORK InP


i T H mother’s D a y around the corner, ForbesWoman analysed the annual list of the world’s 100 most powerful women – based on money controlled, decision-making power and multiple measures of influence – and teased out the moms who are at the top of their game. From spheres of government, business, entertainment and philanthropy, these 20 moms rule the roost – and the world. This year, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, mom of daughter Chelsea, ranks

No 1. With one of the biggest jobs in the world, Clinton is still a mother first. Two years ago as Chelsea planned to walk down the aisle, Clinton used email to stay abreast of wedding preparations, review photos and offer support. Global diplomacy and duties as a mother-of-thebride were both “serious, important and stressful” jobs, she said at the time. Power moms must develop unique strategies to succeed in both boardrooms and playrooms. indra Nooyi (No 3), chairwoman and chief of PepsiCo and mom of two, says if her kids call in the middle of a meeting, she takes the call. Sheryl Sandberg (No 4), chief operating officer of Facebook and

mother of two young children, says she leaves everyday at 5:30 to have dinner with her family. executive editor of The New York Times, Jill Abramson (No 10) told Forbes that when her two children were

gilani firm on using all options Continued fRoM page 1 Prime minister Gilani told Daily Telegraph later that al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was not in Pakistan and the US had failed to provide any “actionable information” to suggest otherwise. “Why should i think he (Zawahiri) is in Pakistan? The CiA and Pakistan’s iSi are cooperating closely. They should work together and if there is any credible, actionable information, please share with us so that we can get hold of him,” Gilani said. earlier, Gilani cancelled his visit to Birmingham over security fears. Gilani had planned to address PPP supporters at the

international Convention Centre on Saturday, Birmingham mail reported. The “community meeting” was suddenly scrapped for fears of a “serious security breach by protesters”, according to a Pakistani official who helped organise the Pm’s UK visit. The official said: “it was left to the High Commission of Pakistan in London to make the necessary security arrangements but it was decided the rally had too many risks attached to it. Any boisterous situation could develop which could be a public relations disaster for the prime minister who is already under a lot of pressure.” News of the cancel-

lation came after Pakistan’s Supreme Court convicted Gilani of contempt for failing to initiate an investigation into allegations of corruption by President Asif Zardari. The ruling could see Gilani forced to stand down and be disqualified from being a member of parliament for five years. in a 2010 rally at the iCC in Birmingham, President Zardari was attacked by a protester from Coventry who later received a police caution. Birmingham-based opponents of Pakistan People’s Party said they had been planning mass demonstrations outside the iCC but were not aware of any threats to his safety.

young, she tried to be available and informed on their class work. “i haven’t been a workaholic who hasn’t been home for the important times – and just about all times are important in family life,” she said. “When i was the Washington Bureau Chief, i had a set of my kids’ high-school books. i liked to read what they were reading, so that i could talk to them when i got home.” Today, Abramson’s children are in their twenties, and she is transitioning to no longer having kids in the house. How does she cope? “i have a golden retriever puppy,” she noted. “i think for those of us adjusting to an empty nest, after we threw ourselves into raising

kids, that a loopy, hard-totrain, irrepressible, affectionate dog is a nice thing in [this period of] life.” many of the moms on the list have publicly acknowledged the difficulty that comes with being a mother and a professional, especially one with a high-octane career. Sandberg told Forbes in 2010 that when she was a new mother, “like everyone else, you try to do everything, and you just do everything badly all the time. When i first was at Facebook, i was definitely feeling way unbalanced and more worried about not seeing my kids. Then, i got my feet wet, got the teams in place, learned what we were doing, and now it feels more balanced.”

no need for war to ‘destroy’ Israel: ahmadinejad TEHRAN AfP

President mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday that war was not essential to achieve the destruction of israel, iran’s state news agency irNA reported. “The destruction of the Zionist regime does not necessitate making war,” he said in a speech during a tour of northeast iran. “if countries of the region cut ties with the Zionists and give them dirty looks, it will spell the end of this puppet regime,” said the hardline iran-

ian leader. Ahmadinejad, who is known for making fiery speeches against iran’s archfoe israel, has dubbed the Jewish state a “cancerous tumor” which is destined to be eliminated from the region. The president on Saturday also mocked Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Arab states of the Gulf over their huge oil contracts with the West, especially israel’s US ally. “if the leaders of these countries had some brains, they would not sell their petrol just to buy 60 billion dollars worth of arms,” he said.

party would operate under the flag of PmL-N — a merger believed by many analysts to be a breakthrough for Nawaz in forming an anti-PPP grand alliance. Last year, the Likeminded group had entered into negotiations with PTi Chairman imran Khan to discuss a possible alliance. But the talks broke down after imran asked the Likeminded leaders to join his party individually or collectively. The Likeminded group split, with Chattha and his supporters favouring an alliance with the PTi, while Humayun Akhtar pushing for joining hands with the PmLN. Sources said that it took Akhtar a lot of efforts to convince Chattha to agree to an alliance as the latter and Nawaz have been political rivals since 1993. Sources said that ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections, the PmL-N is inching towards its goal of piecing together a “grand political alliance”. After assimilating the SNF, the party has engaged the PmLLikeminded, a breakaway faction of the PmL-Q. Sources believe that Nawaz would use Chattha to launch an offensive against the Chaudhrys of Gujrat and seek Shujaat Hussain’s disqualification as president of the PmL-Q.

controlled blasts in UK town as ‘terror plan’ foiled LONDON AfP

Bomb disposal experts carried out a series of controlled blasts in the British town of Cheltenham, media reports said Saturday, after police evacuated the area and held two men on terror charges. The local men, aged 52 and 31, were arrested over explosives offences in Friday raids on two locations in a quiet residential suburb of the spa town, which is also home to Britain’s national electronic surveillance centre. Some 100 homes were evacuated overnight as counter-terror police investigated “items found in a garage” and the pair were then rearrested on suspicion of preparing or instigating a terrorist act, police said. Police warned residents to expect a “controlled disruption” at the site, where four loud blasts were heard in television footage broadcast by iTV on Saturday afternoon. Britain’s government communications headquarters, GCHQ, is based in Cheltenham, where thousands of workers gather intelligence through intercepting electronic communications. mainly based in a purposebuilt development known as the “doughnut”, they also defend the country’s own information and communications systems from hackers.

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

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Lawmakers want US to declare Haqqani a terrorist network WASHINGTON AfP

lonDon: Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani addresses Pakistan People’s Party Britain members on Saturday.

tareen proposes solution to deal with power crisis g

PTI leader suggests 210MMcFD gas should be diverted to power sector LAHORE STAff REPoRT

Jahangir Khan Tareen, head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf Policy and Planning Cell, on Saturday presented concrete policy solutions to deal with the ongoing power crisis in the country. Addressing a press conference in Lahore, he said 210mmCFD gas should be diverted to the power sector on urgent basis to curtail unprecedented load shedding. He added that the government should increase liquidity to deal with the circular debt so that furnace oil was available to the power plants. implementing these steps on an urgent basis could increase power generation by 3,000mW and reduce the circular debt, he added. Tareen also said that power generation could be increased by 1,000mW immediately by releasing water from mangla and Tarbela dams and the

water would not be wasted as it is required for sowing of Kharif crop in both Sindh and Punjab. Tareen also proposed mediumterm solutions, which included bringing down line losses from 20% to 10%, increasing collection to 95% and convert 4,500mW from furnace oil to coal. Undertaking the proposed solutions would enable the government to save rs 475 billion every year, he said. Criticizing the PPP government, he said the government had doubled the tariff in the last four years and spent rs 1 trillion in subsidy, but the situation had continued to deteriorate. “The circular debt has swelled to rs 450 billion and load shedding has become unbearable,” Tareen said. He added that the PTi was deeply concerned for the people of Pakistan and had, therefore, offered the government to implement proposed solutions to deal with the crisis.

Taliban leader vows to kill Quetta Shura leadership NEWS DESK A senior Taliban commander has issued a scathing statement about the death of maluvi mohammad ismail, the former Deputy military Council Chairman for the Taliban’s Quetta Shura, who was reportedly killed in Taliban infighting last month. mullah Ghulam Hassan, a senior Taliban commander once based in Ghazni province of Afghanistan and a close ally of ismail, blamed Afghan, Pakistani, and American intelligence agencies for creating divisions among the Taliban. Hassan also threatened several senior Taliban officials for their part in conspiring against the unity of the Taliban, in a videotaped statement sent to a Pashto news website called Taand on may 10. it is not exactly clear when the videotape was made. maluvi mohammad ismail, a top Taliban commander in southern Afghanistan who had long been under suspicion by other Taliban for graft, extortion, and robbery, was reportedly arrested by Taliban fighters in April. in early may, former Taliban members and Afghan intelligence officers confirmed that ismail had been executed by Taliban fighters linked to Pakistani intelligence, for allegedly engaging in backdoor talks with the Afghan Government and for accepting large sums of money to participate in such talks.

in the nearly 28-minute-long interview, titled “Taliban Commander says mullah ismail is innocent,” Hassan leveled a number of serious charges against the senior Taliban leadership, marking the first time that ferocious infighting among the Quetta Shura’s most senior members has been thrust into the media spotlight so publicly. Hassan accused mullah Abdul Qayum Zakir, the military Council Chairman, for the Quetta Shura and ismail’s replacement, of orchestrating the kidnapping and torture of ismail at the discretion of a number of Taliban commanders who had problems with ismail. in the most daring revelation of the interview, Hassan vowed to avenge the mistreatment and dishonor brought upon him and mullah ismail, by killing Zakir and four other top Taliban leaders, including Hafez majeed Noorzai, a prominent and fearsome old guard Taliban commander from Kandahar province of Afghanistan. in march, the Taliban claimed that they had arrested mullah Ghulam Hassan along with mullah Ahad Agha from Zabul province. The Taliban accused the two leaders of conspiring with the Afghan government and international Security Assistance Force (iSAF) leaders in Afghanistan and accepting unspecified large payments for participating in backdoor peace talks with the Afghan government. in light of the Taliban’s claim to have detained him, it is not im-

mediately clear how Ghulam Hassan was able to make his video interview, but reports in march and April confirming Hassan’s arrest might have been misinterpreted. Hassan’s videotaped statement rejected all allegations of misconduct against him and ismail, and personally rebuked Taliban commander maluvi Sadiqullah for an allegation that had misconstrued Hassan’s visit to the United Nations Assistance mission for Afghanistan (UNAmA) office as an unsanctioned trip to Dubai. Hassan also denied accusations that he had contacts with the Afghan government and that he had mishandled 8 million Pakistani rupees (approximately $88,000). To the contrary, Hassan claimed that he had been instrumental in securing the release of several Taliban commanders from Afghan custody by engaging UNAmA in southern Afghanistan. At one point in the videotape, Hassan addressed Taliban members and religious clerics directly, warning them that some senior Taliban officials such as maluvi Sharafuddin and “some others” were behind this conspiracy against him and ismail. On April 17, Sharafuddin, the Taliban’s shadow governor for Zabul province, was reported to have been gunned down, along with his aide murad Khan Kamil and three others, by unknown assassins in the Saro Nasar neighborhood of Quetta, Pakistan.

US lawmakers from both parties Friday urged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to declare the Pakistan-linked Haqqani network a foreign terrorist organization for its “indiscriminate attacks” on US interests. Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who chairs the Senate Select Committee on intelligence, and other lawmakers traveled to Afghanistan last week and met with President Hamid Karzai, US envoy ryan Crocker and US military officials. The trip “reaffirmed concerns substantiated by intelligence and our oversight work,” Democratic and republican lawmakers said in their letter to Clinton. “it was clear that the Haqqani network continues to launch sensational and indiscriminate attacks against US interests in Afghanistan and the group poses a continuing threat to innocent men, women, and children in the region.” They also said in the letter that with Taliban peace talks stalled for months, there was little incentive to hold back on the terror designation. “We understand there may have been reluctance within the administration to designate the Haqqani network while Special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan marc Grossman attempted to negotiate a reconciliation agreement with the Taliban — a deal that may have included or affected the Haqqani network,” the lawmakers wrote. “However, Ambassador Crocker told us last week that there have been no such talks since late last year, and that President Karzai has opposed their continuation. “it is clear that there is now no reason not to designate the Haqqani network as a foreign terrorist organization, and urge such action immediately.” The lawmakers said Clinton’s State Department acknowledged in November that

it was engaged in the “final formal review” on the potential terror designation. “Six months have now passed, and the Haqqanis have continued to attack US troops and the US embassy in Kabul during that period,” they said. The United States blames the Haqqanis, who are closely affiliated with the Taliban, for fueling the 10-year insurgency in Afghanistan, attacking US-led NATO troops and working to destabilize Karzai’s Western-backed government. Crocker blamed last month’s brazen 18-hour assault on Kabul — the biggest to hit the Afghan capital in a decade — on the Haqqani network, saying the group’s leaders planned the attack from North Waziristan, in Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt. Before stepping down as the chief of the US military last year, Admiral mike mullen caused a sensation when he told Congress that the Haqqani network was a “veritable arm” of Pakistan’s inter-Services intelligence (iSi) agency. A formal designation as a terrorist group would make it a crime in the United States to provide any money or support to the Haqqani network. Separately, representative Dana rohrabacher, an outspoken republican, proposed a bill that would require the Pentagon to list all Americans judged to have been killed by Pakistan-backed militants. For each death, the United States would deduct $50 million from its assistance to Pakistan and provide the money to the victim’s family. “For too long America has funded the Pakistani government, giving it free money, while elements of the iSi and Pakistan’s military operate radical islamic groups that are actively murdering Americans,” rohrabacher said in a statement. rohrabacher is known for provocative proposals that stand little chance of passage in Congress. He recently angered Pakistan by calling for self-determination of its restive Baluchistan province.

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06 News

Sunday, 13 May, 2012

Indian troops go berserk in IHK, capture armoury LEH onlInE

KHUSHAB: Pakistan Muslim league-nawaz leader nawaz Sharif addresses a public meeting on Saturday. Inp

Now, Pakistani men face revenge acid attacks from women



SiNG acid as a weapon to disfigure women has become a worrying trend in Pakistan. But now the tables seem to have been turned on them and Pakistani men are reported to be facing the brunt of “revenge attacks” launched by women. Over 8,500 acid attacks, forced marriages and other forms of violence against women were reported in Pakistan in 2011, the Daily mail reported citing the Aurat Foundation, a women’s rights organisation. The government introduced new laws last year criminalising acid attacks. Convicts would serve at least 14 years in jail. Pakistan - a traditionally patriarchal

society - has seen a sudden and mysterious rise in acid attacks being carried out against men by women, the daily said. One 24-year-old victim, Sheikh mohammad Noman, said his wife threw acid on him in a “revenge attack” when he refused to give her a divorce after she left him for her ex-husband, CNN reported. “She said, ‘i’ve got something for you, please forgive me’. As soon as i turned around she threw acid on me. The pain of the acid is still there, but my heart aches too because i loved her and this is what she give to me in return,” the man said. The report said the rise in attacks on men emerged following the suicide of a Pakistani woman who was scarred in an acid attack more than a decade ago. in march, 33-year-old former danc-

ing girl Fakhra Younus leapt to her death from a sixth floor building in rome, 12 years after the attack. in may 2000, her ex-husband Bilal Khar was accused of entering her mother’s house and pouring acid over Fakhra’ face as she slept. Her nose was almost completely melted and she underwent 39 surgical procedures over the last 10 years to repair her disfigured face. The attack also burned her hair, fused her lips, blinded her in one eye, damaged her left ear and melted her breasts. The mother-of-one moved to rome after the incident to continue her treatment. But she took her own life on march 17, and left a message saying she was committing suicide over the silence of the authorities on the atrocities. Bilal Khar - a former mP - was ar-

rested in 2002 and charged with attempted murder. He was released on bail after five months. Though Khar, the son of a wealthy Pakistani governor, was eventually cleared of the attack, the report said many people believe he could have used his family connections to escape conviction. This year, Pakistani woman filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy became the first from her country to win an Oscar for the best documentary for “Saving Face”, about acid attacks on women. The film chronicled the work of acclaimed British-Pakistani plastic surgeon mohammad Jawad. He travels around the country to perform reconstructive surgery on survivors of acid violence. The documentary was filmed entirely in Pakistan.

Tension gripped an indian army regiment in Leh after a group of officers and jawans clashed following an incident of alleged molestation involving an orderly and the reported capturing of the armoury by the agitated soldiers. The clash took place at afternoon in Nyoma sub-district, located 150 kilometres from Leh, when a jawan allegedly misbehaved with the wife of a major who beat him up, official sources said. The officers and jawans of 226 Field regiment were undergoing firing practice at this place. The major did not permit other jawans to allow any medical treatment for the ‘sahayak’ fuelling anger among the colleagues who objected, the sources said. The news reached the commanding officer of the regiment who was camping in a nearby police guesthouse. He immediately reached the scene and gauging the mood, shouted at the major for his reluctance to allow the injured ‘sahayak’ being taken for treatment. Seeing this, the major along with five of his officer colleagues beat the commanding officer, a colonel, in front of jawans. This angered the jawans who then went berserk and beat the other officers with sticks, the sources said. The commanding officer was immediately shifted to Leh hospital. Nearly 40 to 50 jawans then started a search for major rank officers. Two were found in a nearby camp and were beaten up, the sources said, adding they were rescued after an intervention by the local police. Three majors were still hiding and were believed to have moved towards Chashool army camp located on Sinoindia border, the sources said. Tempers cooled down this afternoon when general officer-in-command of Third infantry division assured the jawans, who had captured the armoury, that action will be taken against the erring officers, the sources said. Leh Superintendent of Police Vivek Gupta was camping in Nyoma along with heavy reinforcements following a report by the sub-divisional magistrate that army jawans, armed with sticks and knives, were holding protest, the sources said. Commenting on the situation, the Army Headquarters in Delhi said “due to some administrative reasons, there was a scuffle in an artillery unit during field firing”. “The incident is under investigation and necessary action will be taken.”

Underwear bomb plot: british and US intelligence rattled over leaks NEWS DESK Detailed leaks of operational information about the foiled underwear bomb plot are causing growing anger in the US intelligence community, with former agents blaming the Obama administration for undermining national security and compromising the British services, mi6 and mi5. The Guardian, while quoting Saudi sources, reported that the agent was not a Saudi national as was widely reported, but a Yemeni. He was born in Saudi Arabia, in the port city of Jeddah, and then studied and worked in the UK, where he acquired a British passport. mike Scheur, the former head of the

CiA’s Bin Laden unit, said the leaking about the nuts and bolts of British involvement was despicable and would make a repeat of the operation difficult. “mi6 should be as angry as hell. This is something that the prime minister should raise with the president, if he has the balls. This is really tragic,” Scheur said. He added: “Any information disclosed is too much information. This does seem to be a tawdry political thing.” He noted that the leak came on the heels of a series of disclosures over the last 10 days, beginning with a report that the CiA wanted to expand its drone attacks in Yemen, Barack Obama making a surprise trip to Afghanistan around the time of the Bin Laden anniversary and “then this inexplicable

leak”. robert Grenier, former head of the CiA counter-terrorism centre, said: “As for British intelligence, i suppose, but do not know, that they must be very unhappy. They are often exasperated, quite reasonably, with their American friends, who are far more leak-prone than they. The name of the British passport-holder has not yet been released but may come out through alQaida in the Arabian Peninsula. He is reported to have spent time at language school in Sana’a, the Yemeni capital, and been recruited by al-Qaida as a suicide bomber. mustafa Alani of the Gulf research Centre in Dubai told CNN that the bomber had been recruited by the

Saudis to penetrate al-Qaida about a year ago, in part because the group would be attracted by the fact that his UK passport meant he could travel to the US without a visa. “Apparently he was able to convince al-Qaida that he is genuinely ready to carry out the mission,” said Alani, who CNN said had been briefed by Saudi counter-terrorism officials. Alani said his understanding was that al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) intended the would-be suicide bomber to fly through a Gulf country to connect to a US-bound flight. The Saudi operation culminated with the agent and another Saudi informant — likely his handler — being whisked out of Yemen, Alani said. “my

information is that he was pulled out after the device was handed to him, and they ordered the green light to carry out the operation,” he told the US network. Yemen has been a key target country for the CiA and mi6 in line with the growing strength of AQAP in recent years. But the lead on the ground has been taken by the Saudi intelligence service, the mabahith, which is best placed to operate in the local environment and exploit links on either side of the border. Both the US and British intelligence communities are known to work closely with their Saudi counterparts and both have liaison officers permanently stationed in riyadh and Sana’a.

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

ISlAMABAD: A woman takes keen interest in dresses displayed during a launching ceremony of Bees by Salma & Anam at f-7. nnI

PPP to continue support for another province: MNA

Capital zoo deprived of lions, leopards, snakes

Qureshi flays Shahbaz for confrontational politics ISLAMABAD

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan People’s Party will continue to support creation of Southern Punjab Province to honour aspirations of local people. This was stated by member of National Assembly PPP, main Abdul Sattar while talking to APP. He said people of Southern Punjab had a sense of deprivation for long time and a separate province would offer a solution to their problems. He strongly criticized the Sharif Brothers for spending billions of rupees on in Lahore localities and said they allocated nothing for South Punjab. That is why people are now demanding separate province for them, he added. To a question, he said PPP is a political party that believed in egalitarianism for bringing qualitative improvement in lives of people of underdeveloped areas. He said the PPP and its allies took the first concrete step by adopting a resolution in the National Assembly that called for creation of separate province of ‘Janoobi’ Punjab. He thanked the all the political parties for supporting the resolution in Punjab assembly for creation of the new province. APP

He margazar Zoo in the federal capital, supposed to be model for other cities across the country, gives a miserable look with cages of lions, leopards and snakes lying vacant for the last several years. However, the blithe attitude on part of the city administration is more worrisome who could not manage to bring the missing animals to the zoo, neither by purchase nor exchange deals that are common with wildlife associations across the world. According to a CDA official, there had been no lions since last one decade when the animal died there owing to prolonged illness, though in 2001, the zoo had a pair of lions and six cheetahs.

IHcbA observes May 12 as black day

Water level in rivers improves, says IRSA

ISLAMABAD: The islamabad High Court Bar Association (iHCBA) on Saturday observed black day to condemn violent incidents of may 12, 2007 in Karachi. The lawyers, while observing black day, hoisted black flags at bar office and held meeting, said iHCBA President Syed Nayab Hassan Gerdezi while talking to APP. He demanded compensation for the families of lawyers who were killed and injured in the incident of 12 may. The day was observed on the call of Pakistan Bar Council and Supreme Court Bar Association. APP





indus river System Authority (irSA) Saturday said that the countrywide irrigation water shortfall has narrowed down to 32 percent from 45 and in the next few days it would further reduce to 20 percent. Talking to a private news channel, irSA spokesman Khalid rana said that water supply to Sindh has been raised to 50 thousand cusecs from 38 thousand, while that of Punjab to 77

The pair of lions died and the CDA donated the cheetahs on pretext of lacking facilities to house of the animals. According to the official, four were handed over to Loi Bher, Jungle Park Zoo and rest two to Jungle Wood Park of the Army. What to talk of purchasing the lion, the CDA could not even construct the facility to keep the lion at zoo, as in the past, the CDA had to stop the purchasing process of the animal due to the same reasons. As another blow, the female elephant `Saheli’ also died in the recent past mysteriously, though the exact causes of her death are yet to be ascertained as post-mortem report was not yet final. The official said the project of new margazar Zoo is in progress that would encompass all facilities and animals, which are now missing in the zoo.

He said under the project, the CDA has planned to bring three lions and a pair of leopards. The official said besides the project comprises fencing of existing enclosures for animals, development of sit-out areas, replacement of sheets at sheds, establishment of hatchery and incubators. moreover, a security system would be installed at the zoo including walkthrough gates, security cameras. The project also comprises repair of bear house, crocodile house, tube-well, water tank and retaining wall of F-8 enclosure. ramzan Sajid, the CDA spokesman said, the ongoing zoo expansion project comprises all features to make the zoo a stateof-the-art though financial crunch impedes the project, the CDA is trying its utmost to improve the facilities for animals at the zoo besides making up all deficiencies in it.

thousand cusecs from 67 thousand, Balochistan’s to 6 thousand cusecs from 5 thousand, while Khayber Pakhtunkhaw being supplied 3 thousand cusecs of irrigation water. The spokesman further said that water-levels in rivers have improved and the water shortfall in the next few days would be reduced to 20 percent only. WESTERLy WAvE TO PERSIST fOR NExT 24 HOuRS: Westerly wave still affecting upper parts of the country is likely to persist during the


Senior journalist Altaf Qureshi has strongly criticised Punjab Chief minister Shahbaz Sharif for leading protest rally against power load shedding. Talking to radio Pakistan, he said it is quite surprising to note that a Cm who is responsible for law and order in the province, is creating law and order situation on the issue of load shedding in his own province. He said confrontational politics will not create good atmosphere in the country. He said present energy crisis is a result of Nawaz government and musharraf regime’s wastage of national wealth during last 20 years. He said if iPPs did not function in the country today, Pakistan would have been facing severe darkness, he added. He reminded that iPPs were allowed to produce electricity by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto in the country, despite opposition from Sharif brothers. He said that Nawaz Sharif had forced iPPs to flee from the country.

next 24 to 36 hours, causing rain, dustthunderstorm in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir and GilgitBaltistan. rain/dust-thunderstorm is expected at scattered places of rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur divisions during Saturday night, while hot and dry weather is also likely during the day time on Sunday. in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, rain/dustthunderstorm is expected at scattered

places of malakand, Hazara, Peshawar, Kohat, Bannu divisions during Saturday evening/night while hot and dry weather is also likely during the day time on Sunday. in Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, mostly partly cloudy weather conditions are expected with chances of rain/thunderstorm at isolated places during the next 24 hours. However, mainly hot and dry weather is also expected in most parts of Sindh and Balochistan during the next 24 hours.

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08 Islamabad

Sunday, 13 May, 2012


33 °c High 20°c Low





34°c I 20°c

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36°c I 22°c

PRAyeR TIMINGS Fajr Sunrise 03:32 05:08

Zuhr 12:04

Asr 15:48

Maghrib 19:00

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RAWAlPInDI: An elderly woman carries recyclable materials in a wheelbarrow. afp

Citizens demand AC buses in twin cities as in Lahore RAWALPINDI



He citizens lauded the Punjab government for launching new CNG air-conditioned buses in the city and demanded that the same facility should also be provided for twin cities especially on the route of Saddar, rawalpindi to Secretariat, islamabad. The new CNG air-conditioned buses were launched on may 9 for Gordon College to rawat route. On the special instructions of District Coordination Officer (DCO) rawalpindi Saqib Zafar, the new CNG buses route has been extended upto Gujar Khan aimed at facilitating the commuters of the area. DCO on the public demand has also ordered for a new public transport route, rawat to Bindhoth which will have the pubic transport facility of Van and Suzuki. The commuters including Aslam, Atif, malik Amjad and Altaf told that they are facing inconvenience and problems while travelling in local public transport particularly at rawalpindi to islamabad route, adding that launching of new CNG air-conditioned buses for masses was a good step which should also be arranged for other routes. The citizens urged the Punjab govern-

ment to arrange the facility for other routes including rawalpindiTaxila route, rawalpindi-islamabad route so that the commuters could be provided relief. it is pertinent to mention here that the Punjab government has launched CNG bus service in rawalpindi in collaboration with a private transport company. COMMuTERS DEMAND ADJuSTMENT Of TRANSPORT fARES: The citizens belonging to various walks of life have expressed their concern over the demand of the transporters for raise of local transport fares and urged the authorities concerned to adjust transport fares according to CNG prices and relief should be provided to the commuters. The citizens urged the authorities concerned including Commissioner rawalpindi division and District Coordination Officer (DCO) rawalpindi that they should protect the citizens interest as the local transporters are charging exorbitant fares as compared to other cities of the province. Vice President Help Forum Chuahdary Nisar and others including Chaudhary Qasir Hayat, Dr Niaz Akmal, irshad ul Haq, President Al-Akhouat, Sanaullah Akhtar, muhammad Ali, Nadeem Ahmed of Sahour Foundation, President Aman Welfare Society Begum Azra

Gulzar, Syed Ataf Gillani, students Naveed Sharif, muhammad Aslam, Samia Naz, Fouzia, Samira, Jamila and representatives of social, political and business groups expressed their concern on the issue. They said that Commissioner rawalpindi Division in a recent meeting held here with the transporters assured them that the fares of the local transport would be revised. The commuters demanded that the local transport fares should be adjusted according to CNG prices and relief should be provided the them. “Transporters charge fares according to the petrol prices but on pretext of CNG closer days, most of the public transporters avoid plying their vehicles and those who operate, never complete their routes” complaint the commuters. The route violation has become a routine practice and even some transporters remained off the road during CNG closer days. All the transporters operate on gas but they got adjustment of fares from the authorities according to petrol prices. Due to shortage of transport on the roads, a large number of commuters are witnessed waiting on the stops. The transporters have also started over-charging without any official increase in the fares following surge in fuel prices. Commuters said that the transporters are bound to follow the cur-

rent rate list until it is revised. The commuters appeal the authorities concerned to take stern action against the local transporters for over-charging, over-loading and route violation. The overcharging of wagon and Suzuki fare by rs 3 from stop to stop by owners of Toyota Hiace and Suzuki plying on different routes of twin cities is not justified. The wagon drivers have started charging fare rs 15 instead of rs 12 from one stop to other stop on the several city routes unilaterally while no notification has been issued by the Transport Authority in this regard. it is injustice with the commuters to charge fare at the rate of rs 15 even for the distance which is less than one kilometer, said a citizen. “We have also been affected adversely by the hike in the prices of petroleum products but increase in fare by rs 3 from stop to stop is sheer tyranny,” said a group of students. On the other hand Punjab government has not increased fares from 2010 but the wagon drivers are violating blatantly the fares fixed by transport authority. They said that public transport vehicles running between the twin cities of rawalpindi and islamabad a matter of practice violate their designated routes. The commuters of the twin cities complained of problems because of non-completion of the routes by the public transport.

exhIbItIoN oF pottery


DATe: MAy 10 - 21, 2012 VeNUe: KHAAS ART GALLeRy (FRee)

DATe: MAy 08 - JUNe 24, 2012 VeNUe: NATIoNAL ART GALLeRy (FRee)

DATe AND TIMe: 05:00 PM, weeKLy eVeNT VeNUe: THe ceNTRe FoR ARTS & cULTURe

Please join us this Thursday, 10 May 2012 for Mohsin Shafi's first Solo Show at Khaas Art Gallery at 5:00 p.m onwards. Do spread the word and bring your friends to meet the artist in person and see his work.

exhibition of Pottery by SHeHeReZADe ALAM on Tuesday 8 May, 2012 the exhibition will countinue till 24 June, 2012 closed Friday, Saturday & Public Holidays

our drumming circle is a (free!) ongoing event and is held every Friday from 5pm to 6pm we are having a great time, and want to share the good time with you! our drumming circle has children ...

DIrt uNDer My NaIls


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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

Islamabad 09 Peace in South Asia linked to Kashmir settlement: JKlf-R ISLAMABAD APP

The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front-r in Occupied Kashmir has said that peace will continue to elude South Asia until the Kashmir dispute is resolved in accordance with the Kashmiris’ aspirations. The JKLF-r spokesman in a statement issued in Srinagar urged the international community to come forward and impress upon india to take concrete steps towards settling the lingering dispute on permanent basis, KmS reported. The spokesman said that people of Kashmir had offered supreme sacrifices of their lives for achieving the freedom of their homeland. “it was because of the martyrs’ sacrifices that the Kashmir issue had become a focal point at the international level,” he said.

IHc cJ constitutes 8 benches for next week ISLAMABAD APP

Islamabad: Pakistan Inter-faith league chairman Sajid Ishaq presents a shield to PTI chairman Imran Khan during a ceremony at a local hotel. nnI

oath-taking ceremony ISLAMABAD APP

The new office-bearers of Academic Staff Association (ASA) of international islamic University on Saturday took oath to their office for year 2012-13. President Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations, Professor Kaleemullah Bareech administered the oath, said a news release issued here. Those who took oath included Dr muhammd Sher Joiyya, president, Attaullah Watto, Vice President, Dr Zafar iqbal, General Secretary, Zehra Sabin, Vice President (female), Amir Usman, joint secretary, Shagufta Khanum, joint secretary (female), Faizur rehman, finance secretary and muhammad Amir, information secretary. Speaking on the occasion, new president Dr muhammad Sher expressed his concerns over certain irregularities in university. He said that after retirement of the rector of the University since 2010, adhocism prevailed in the university that triggered a number of irregularities including adhoc appointments. The decision-making bodies such as the Board of Directors lacked representation from the teaching faculty and literally outsiders made the decisions that impacted the faculty, he added. The new General Secretary, Dr Zafar iqbal said that in violation of the direction of the Supreme Court, contractual appointments were also made in the university. The newly elected body of the Association has called for an action against all such illegal appointments and setting up of a high level committee to scrutinize such appointments. The Associations also demanded for promotion of the academic staff those who are awaiting such promotions for more 25 years and requested the faculty members to rise above all petty political interests and play their vibrant role to make the university unique in the country. earlier, the outgoing president Dr muhammad Bashir presented the progress report of the Association. The chief guest Prof Kaleemullah supported the demands presented by the newly elected body of the Association.

Improved risk management vital to counter natural calamities: NDMA ISLAMABAD



ATiONAL Disaster management Authority (NDmA) Chairman Dr Zafar iqbal said improvements in risk management and emergency response is vital to minimize the destruction caused by natural disasters. He was addressing the seminar on “Disaster management” with special emphasis on the “Future role of National Disaster management Authority (NDmA) in Pakistan”, arranged by Department of Governance and Organizational Sciences (G&OS) of National University of modern Languages (NUmL). The Chairman NDmA said that disasters have struck in every corner of the globe, proving that no country is immune to their devastating effects. Though, the government of a

country is a major stakeholder for responding any disaster in the country and then rescuing common people from the effects of risk, general population can play a vital role in assisting the government functionaries for a quick and better management of any emergency, he said. Dr Javed said educational institutions and universities can educate and train youth about disaster management issues, the latest trends of disaster management, encourage dialogue about mitigating risk, dealing a crises situation, and concept of `building back better’ in natural disaster. The skilled, educated and informed students can be the active member of the authority and guide other to act independently till the time relief and disaster management teams get ready to response any calamity, he added. moreover, he briefed the students

about the institutional framework, functions, mission, future of the authority and its short and long term plan to lesson the impacts of any future disaster. The Authority is also working on the areas that include risk assessment, early warning systems, education, information and public awareness, reducing underlying risk factors, and preparedness for effective response. At the end questions and answers session was held in which students of G&OS asked questions from Chairman NDmA. Head of G&OS Department, maj Gen (r) Usman Shah expressed his gratitude to Chairman NDmA for sparing time for students and presented a university shield to the guest. Deans and heads of different departments of the university and a great number of the students also attended the seminar.

islamabad High Court (iHC) Chief Justice iqbal Hameedur rehman has constituted six single and two division benches to hear more than 275 cases during the next week, starting from monday (may 14). Six single benches include Chief Justice iqbal Hameed-ur-rehman, Justice riaz Ahmed Khan, Justice muhammad Anwar Khan Kasi, Justice Noorul Haq N Qureshi, Justice Shaukat Aziz Sidqui and Justice muhammad Azim Khan Afridi. First division benches comprises of Justice riaz Ahmed Khan and Justice muhammad Azim Khan Afridi while the second bench includes Justice Noorul Haq N Qureshi and Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui.

Police arrest 32 lawbreakers RAWALPINDI APP

rawalpindi Police on Saturday claimed to have arrested 32 lawbreakers including five gamblers and recovered 1046 bottles of liquor, 565 grams charras, 120 grams heroin, 10 pistols 30 bor with 34 rounds and two revolvers with five round. According to Police spokesman, Waris Khan Police recovered 1000 bottles of liquor from Khursheed while other outlaws were held on recovery of drugs, bottles of liquor and illegal weapons. meanwhile, acting on a tip-off Pirwadhai police conducted a raid at a gambling den in Bungish colony and arrested one gambler namely Khalid.

‘India afraid of Syed Ali Gilani’s popularity in IHK’ ISLAMABAD APP

The forum patronised by the veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani, has said that india and its puppet authorities in indian occupied Kashmir are afraid of the popularity of Gilani. The forum said this in a statement in response to the puppet Chief minister, Omar Abdullah’s remarks wherein he challenged the pro-liberation leadership to contest elections to prove their representative character, Kashmir media Service reported. The statement issued in Srinagar said, “Keeping Gilani consistently under house arrest is the biggest proof of his representative character.” The forum maintained that Omar Abdullah and his masters were so afraid of Syed Ali Gilani that they could not take the risk of letting him free. “Omar Abdullah may be backed by army and police, but he is unable to

confront politically an unarmed 82 year-old man. For this reason he (Omar) has completely restricted the political, social and religious activities of Gilani,” it deplored. The statement said that the puppet administration had largely restricted the activities of the veteran leader. “recently, after the restrictions were relaxed, Gilani tried to visit the families of a shell explosion victim and two martyred youth in north Kashmir, but he was arrested at Pattan and subsequently placed under house arrest again. He was not even allowed to offer Juma prayers,” it added. The forum said that the veteran leader was allowed to offer Friday prayers only twice in 2011 and so far this year he was permitted to offer congregational Friday prayers only once. it stated that the height of lawlessness was that the authorities did not produce any order, but the restrictions were imposed on gunpoint. The statement asked the Amnesty international and other

Human rights organizations to take notice of the puppet regime’s interference into religious affairs of people in the occupied territory. The forum asked also denounced harassment of youth by indian police in South Kashmir. it said that the police `for no reasons’ had started to summon the youth to the police stations. MARTyRDOM WEEK TO COMMENCE ON MAy 16 IN IHK: All Parties Hurriyet Conference Chairman in indian occupied Kashmir mirwaiz Umar Farooq, has said that Kashmir movement is alive in the hearts of people and they don’t need to come on streets every time to prove it. The APHC Chairman addressing a gathering in Srinagar urged the people to observe shutdown on may 21 in connection with the martyrdom Week to pay tributes to the Kashmiri martyrs, Kashmir media Service reported. “There are different phases in every struggle. There are times when people feel let down, but i assure them that

these times don’t last. No movement in the world has been immune to these kinds of phases. We have witnessed these phases in the past as well, but every time we rose up with more passion and vigour for realizing our goal,” he said. Announcing different programmes for the upcoming martyrdom Week commencing on may 16, the mirwaiz said, “On may 21, a complete shutdown will be observed in the Valley to remember the martyrs of Kashmir. People should join congregational prayers after Namaz-e-Zuhar at mazar-e-Shuhada eidgah in Srinagar.” He said that on the day a flag hosting ceremony would also be organized at Hawal Chowk, which would be followed by a rally to reiterate the commitment towards the cause. He maintained that a public rally would also be organized at Langate in Kupwara under the banner of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference on may 22.

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10 Islamabad

Sunday, 13 May, 2012

Mother’s Day invites focus on moms’ health ISLAMABAD



eOPLe across the globe including Pakistan will celebrate mother’s Day on may 13 (Sunday) to share their sentiments and express profound love for their mothers. The day to honour motherhood is celebrated on second Sunday of may and is a time to appreciate mothers and mother figures, expressing gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child. Like every year, the day will be marked with the old spirit and enthusiasm and public and private organizations as well as schools will arrange colourful programmes in connection with the mother’s Day celebrations. The mother’s week celebrations have started from monday and the private channels are telecasting special transmis-

sion in this connection while electronic media will present different plays and shows to highlight the importance of the day and recognize the amazing role of the mothers. Though mother’s Day celebrations take place at different times in the world but what is remarkably same are the feelings with which people celebrate mother’s Day. Several other countries celebrate their mother’s Day on different dates depending upon what they have decided about the specific day. mother Day is being celebrated in Pakistan and subcontinent for the past few years with zeal and zest. The people can send and give mothers day cakes, mothers Day cards, mum mugs, mothers day flowers, mother Day Bears, Small Fruit or Gift basket, Special mothers day Cakes and Sweets, mothers day gifts hampers, Candies made for

mother Day, Chocolates for mother Day. in the recent years, the most dedicated gifts for mother’s Day were Flowers, Perfumes, Cake and special sweets. mothers are actually the guiding force and are responsible for developing the character and personality of a child. mothers shape the lives of children and the mothers Day is the opportunity to pay tribute to them for their contribution. The tradition of mothers Day started with the ancient Greeks who celebrated their annual spring festival in honor of rhea, the mother of many Gods and Goddesses in the Greek mythology. Ancient romans too celebrated a spring festival by the name of Hilaria in honor of Cybele, a mother goddess, some 250 years before Christ was born. PC CELEBRATES MOTHER’S DAy WITH fOCuS ON MATERNAL HEALTH: The Population Council has called for celebrat-

ing the international mother’s Day with a focus on giving all mothers a chance to celebrate pregnancy and childbirth. “mother’s day is an occasion to pay tribute and offer gratitude to our mothers who have raised us facing many tribulations. in Pakistan, unfortunately, many households and families will be denied this opportunity because of the untimely deaths of mothers during pregnancy and child birth,” Dr Ali mohammad mir, Director Programs, Population Council said in connection with mother’s day celebrations. According to Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2006-07 and UNiCeF, Pakistan has an alarmingly high maternal mortality rate (276 maternal deaths per 100, 000 births) with an estimated 20,000 women losing their lives every year due to causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Just 16 percent of the poorest women give birth assisted by

a skilled attendant. He said that in Pakistan we must pursue strategies to ensure that all women have access to safe and effective maternal health services. “islam places especial importance on the status of mothers. in fact heaven has been placed under the feet of mothers. He said that most of the maternal deaths are preventable as they occur in women who have pregnancies that are too closely spaced or too many, in women who are either too young or too old,” he said. Dr mir informed that one of the most effective and efficient ways of preventing maternal deaths is by spacing pregnancies. He said that according to the Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2006-07, 1 out of 3 births are spaced less than 2 years apart and presently less than 22 percent of women are using a modern contraceptive method.

Medical labs to maintain quality assurance: Jamali ISLAMABAD onlInE

Federal minister for Science and Technology mir Changez Khan Jamali has said that the accreditation of first ever six medical labs will go a long way to maintain quality assurance and self accountability. Distributing accreditation certificates to six medical labs which will have recognition for being accredited by PNAC Federal minister said that importance of medical laboratories is increasing day by day in the era of technological advancements and competition particularly in the healthcare services sector. He said for laboratories, accreditation give them credibility and competitive edge and self accountability to maintain an effective quality assurance system. He said that it is the interest of patients, doctors, the society, donor agencies, NOG’s and the government that the medical laboratories operate at high standards of professional and technical competence providing quality services for the benefits of both patients and doctors. Federal minister said that Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) has already given accreditation to industrial and calibration labs, inspection and certification bodies. These certificates for medical labs accreditation are the first one and most important for health sector. Talking to Online, mir Changez Khan Jamali said that after accreditation with PNAC test results of these six laboratories would be more authentic and acceptable in the international world.

No plan to privatize power sector: Qamar ISLAMABAD onlInE

Federal minister for water and power Syed Naveed Qamar has reiterated the stance that power sector would not be privatized at any cost and in this regard no plan is under consideration. Talking to media men after talks with representatives of Hydro electrical central labor union here on Saturday Federal minister said that news about privatization of power sector is baseless. He said that government has decided to revoke the operate and manage policy. Federal minister said government is taking certain steps to eliminate electricity theft from the country. He said that to remove theft government is doing legislation and afterwards electricity theft would be dealt under criminal procedure act. He said that officials of distribution companies or consumers who are involved in electricity theft would be dealt under criminal codes and stern action would be taken against them.

ISlAMABAD: PTI Women Wing President fauzia Kasuri poses for a group photo along with other party workers after press confrence at national Press club. nnI

slum children paint t-shirts Next development budget likely to increase to raise funds for school ISLAMABAD APP

As many as 100 slum children have painted T-shirts to sell them for raising funds for the open-air school run by master Ayub here on may 13. The painting and sale of 100 painted T-shirts has been organized by revolutionist, a non-profit organization, collaborated with Boston University to celebrate the Global Day of Service. With the purpose of bringing joy to the hearts of the less privileged children of islamabad, they brought together over a hundred slum kids to paint t-shirts. These shirts will be on sale at the gallery to raise funds for the school that master Ayub is running from the last 27 years in a park located in F-6 sector. “Natural elements have always made it difficult for the open air school to run uninterrupted; hence all the money generated from the sale will be used to construct

a shelter for these students in a nearby slum. mr Ayub with the help of other philanthropists in the area has already developed some part of the shelter,” said the organizers of the event. This sale event is being jointly organized by the revolutionist, east-West Center Association islamabad Chapter and gallery 6. According to the organizers, this exhibit will help raise at least rs. 100,000 which will be a valuable sum to complete the construction and give the children a school to call their own. AIOu PLACES ADMISSIONS STATuS ON WEBSITE: Allama iqbal Open University (AiOU) has successfully gained its admissions target from matric to PhD level programmes for the Semester Spring, 2012, said mrs Arifa Salman, Acting Director Admissions (AiOU) on Saturday. She said that the credit of finalizing all the admission process prior to sched-

ule and starting mailing of books before time goes to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Nazir Ahmed Sangi for taking keen interest in facilitating the students. Director Admissions, mrs Arifa Salman said that books of different programmes have already been sent to more than 4.5 lac students by post. Director Admissions further said that during scrutinizing the admission forms, some admission forms were found incomplete /incorrect entries, complete information about these admission forms have been placed on websites She said that the concerned students have been advised to contact the admission department of the University at Sector H/8, or on email address immediately to remove the objections on their admission forms so that their admission forms could be further processed.


The size of next development budget may increase in the meeting of National economic Council (NeC) if provinces would demand for increase funds, say sources. The meeting of National economic Counsel is scheduled to meet on may 18(Friday) which would be chaired by Prime minister Yousaf raza Gilani. “The volume of Public Sector Development programs (PSDP) may increase in the meeting if provinces would demand for increased funds,” said the sources, adding that after the approval by the NeC the programs would make a part of the budget. in the meeting a rs 825 billion development budget would be approved out of which rs 350 billion has been recommended for federal and rs 475 billion for provincial development budget and a rs 120 billion foreign aid was also expected to be received during the next financial year starting from July 1,2012. in the meeting, Finance minister would also brief the NeC about the state of the national economy.

The Annual Plan Coordination Committee (APCC) had already recommended a rs.825 billion development budget to the National economic Counsel for next financial year staring from July 1, 2012. The Planning Commission is currently running 1,252 projects which have a total cost of rs2.83 trillion, however the local allocations for this fiscal year amounts to rs253.5 billion, whereas funding amounting to rs36.5 billion would be provided from foreign aid. The federal government, for current fiscal year 2011-12, was set Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) rs730 billion which is ten percent more than last year’s PSDP of rs663 billion. Out of rs730 billion includes federal development outlay of rs290 billion which is four percent higher than the 2010-11 allocation of rs280 billion. Out of rs290 billion allocations for federal development, rs10 billion have been earmarked for errA and rs430 billion for provincial Annual Development programmes. rs373 billion were earmarked in 2010-11 for the provinces to be spent through their Annual Development Programmes.

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

Solution to energy crisis We are the real ‘God gifted’ nation but have unfortunately failed to drag ourselves into the category of the developed ones. it is us, who have 850 trillion cubic feet of coal in Sindh. it is worth 25 trillion US dollars, but only if exploited. The question, which is really difficult to answer, is “why aren’t we exploiting our reserves?” i imagine myself sitting out the earth on at a different planet. The world would seem to be like a giant spherical country, and Pakistan one of its towns. The first idea that would blink into my mind would be that the residents of the town are burying themselves alive. Well, in my opinion there is a big YeS to the fact that we are burying ourselves alive. We have untouched oil and gas reserves under the barren mountains of Balochistan and the sands of Sindh – we have coal, estimated at 175 billion tons. if the natural gas we found in Sui could have been used for power genera-

The education budget tion projects, there would have been no such phenomenon of ‘loadshedding’, and we would have been immensely developed. But unfortunately due to lack of good plans and ideas, it could only be reserved for domestic use, CNGs and to be honest millions of pounds got wasted due to leakage in pipelines spread over hundreds of miles. The politicians have always proved to be heroes, but mostly only in the arenas of debates and controversies. The entire country is in a state of commotion and outrage but they are quite insensitive to the sufferings of the people. Due to a wide gap between the generation and the consumption, the industry is most affected and is at a standstill. The educational institutions, the hospitals, the households across the state are undergoing indescribable difficulties. i may say that the population is turning into psychological patients. Only if a minor portion of the debt (62 billion dollars

approximate) had been used in buying exploitation equipment, the result would have been great. “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Only if the government had looked forward to this perception, new dams could have been built and we would have been easily out of this disastrous situation. People mostly talk about the intensity of energy crisis but never give solutions to the problem. i would like to go towards the solutions, starting with conservation of energy. Keeping in mind, the rising population, and requirement of energy it is best to think about saving energy. Some minor steps can be taken to save energy, varying from unplugging unused appliances, saving daylight, turning off lights while leaving the room, and using light dimmers, to time management by the government. This might seem trivial but it can bring us out of this predicament. Apart from conservation of energy,

hydroelectricity, the solar, wind and geothermal and thermal power are the best alternatives to overcome the deepening energy crisis in Pakistan. i would suggest geothermal power, as there is a great capacity of generating 100,000 megawatts of electricity through this technology. Solar and hydel power is also the cheapest source of energy. Solar energy is the best and suitable form for Pakistan as the country has a potential of generating 29,000 mW electricity from the sun. The options to make energy are always open and could go on and on, but it is the sincerity of the government with the people to make policies for their good, that really matters. The basic reason of removing the pen’s cap is to tell that we are a resource rich state – it is a matter of exploiting them to make the country prosperous. And it is only possible if we think wisely. M IBRAHIM TARIQ Lahore

The day of infamy One would not have written about may 12 if it did not keep repeating itself. every time mQm wants to intimidate its rivals or even the High Court, may 12 is repeated. Karachi is a state within a state, a police state with a difference. The police are told to take a back seat while armed activists take over. On may 12, armed activists replaced security forces on overhead bridges to shoot at the opposition processions, if one is to believe Sherry rahman. The rangers were asked to lock themselves up in their posts, if one is to believe Asfandyar Wali Khan. The iG Police and the DG rangers told the High Court chief justice that they were helpless. That is when the locals decided to ‘go-to-the-mattresses’ and form their own gangs. The Lyari gangs are an equal and opposite reaction to the armed activists of mQm. Next we will see ANP carving out a Lyari of their own somewhere in Karachi. Until the culprits of may 12 are not brought to book may 12 will keep repeating itself. As long as the perpetrators of may 12 go about in flagged cars, may 12 will keep repeating itself. Could may 12 have been avoided if the deposed Chief Justice had come on another day? The answer lies in the statement of Wasim Akhtar made a dozen times on a dozen TV channels, shouting at the top of his voice, arms flailing, “We will come out every time you come out to receive iftikhar muhammad Choudry.” And the man is a coalition partner in the name of ‘mufahmat’. it is ‘mufahmat’ which is keeping the lid on may 12 and allowing it to repeat itself at will. KHURSHID ANWER Lahore

child labour Children are the flowers of heaven. They are the most beautiful and purest creation of God. They are innocent both inwardly and outwardly. No doubt, they are the beauty of this world. But there are also other children, those who cannot go to schools due to financial problems, they only watch others go to schools and can merely wish to seek knowledge. it is due to many hindrances and difficulties; desperate conditions that they face in life. Having been forced to kill their aspirations, dreams and other wishes, they are pressed to earn a living for themselves and for their families. it is also a fact that there are many children who play a key role in sustaining the economically life of their family without which, their families would not be able to make ends meet. These are also part of our society who have forgotten the pleasures of their childhood. The present government in Pakistan should make elementary education compulsory. Along with this, the government has distributed free books in primary schools so that parents, who cannot afford their children’s school expenses, send their children to schools. The major point is that this decision must be acted upon at all levels. SALWA NOOR Karachi

education presently holds a very important position in building up a society and Pakistani government has not taken any effective steps to undermine the education system of the country. With a population of 190 million, Pakistan bears the burden of one of the most illiterate countries of Asia. An estimated 103 million Pakistanis, or 63 percent of the population, fall under the age of 25 years. However, as a result of endemic poverty, the majority of youth in Pakistan do not have the opportunity to experience a childhood. Out of these 63 percent only a small percentage is able to receive good education as it is very costly here in Pakistan and very few people can afford it. At present the total budget set for education is three percent in Pakistan whereas india plans to raise its expenditure in the education sector by about a quarter to rs 520.6 billion. if the government could react to this illiteracy just by increasing the budget and offering education for free or at low cost, this could really help build an educated society and a prosperous Pakistan. HAFIZ MUHAMMAD KHURRAM AYUB Karachi

Acceptance of fear

for political gains, protest it is a “pleasant” surprise to see the Chief minister Punjab in between the people badly-affected from loadshedding. But i think it is too late. mr Shahbaz Sharif, where were you when gas supply to Punjab province was cut down and three-day loadshedding was started, resulting in a shutdown of hundreds of industries in Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and Lahore (the hubs of

industry). As the drawing room pundits have predicted 2012 to be an election year, it seems to be the best way to interact with the people before elections. MOHAMMAD QASIM RAZA Lahore

recently, i had my first encounter with the infamous street crime of Karachi. While going to university early in the morning, two robbers boarded the bus and looted the entire males’ compartment, mercifully leaving the females alone. i did not lose my belongings that day, but i did lose the bubble of false security i was living in. each and every person i talked to after this incident had experienced a similar incident. What was alarming was that people simply shrugged off their shoulders after hearing my incident. it is as if fear is accepted as a part of life. One almost expects misfortune to befall on them. Bad news is no longer shocking, in fact, it is considered quite ordinary. This unconscious acceptance of fear has led people to the psychological phenomena called ‘learned helplessness’ which is when a person feels powerless to change their situation. it is a sad reality, because the people of Karachi have accepted defeat from this problem. i can write a letter to voice out my anguish, but what else can i do about it, i beg to ask? KHADIJA MUSTAFA Karachi

Traffic jam Dearth of leadership it is very unfortunate that since coming into power of the present government the country gradually is sliding into an atmosphere of political instability culminating in economic and energy crisis. The crisis of today’s Pakistan is lack of visionary leadership. if the government side is deprived of any far sighted leadership, a total bankruptcy of visionary leadership is to be found in the opposition as well. in the given conditions, the people of Pakistan in general and the youth of Pakistan in particular will have to take the bull by the horns and initiate a struggle of their own instead of waiting for any messiah.

it looks that the ruling coalition is playing politics with loadshedding. it has punished Punjab the most, Pakhtunkhwa with 16 hours loadshedding while industries are deprived of gas and electricity

and CNG fuel stations are closed for 72 hours. While Karachi has 3-5 hours loadshedding in few areas while having lower tariffs and Kunda system in 50 percent city authorised by mQm. The PPP is appeasing mQm to victimise the entire country and Punjab in particular to bag its desired electoral results. The mere fact that the President reprimanded Naveed Qamar and ordered and end to unscheduled loadshedding seems like mockery and a joke to the nation when he is dictating party politics, country affairs on day to day basis ruining economy, PSmL, PiA, railways and ,many others. A M BILLALY Peshawar

Traffic jam has now become a daily routine, especially at peak hours. it is due to the rapid increase of vehicles and the construction of flyovers, bridges and the repairing of streets. People of the city are suffering badly as they cannot reach their destination on time. Patients going to hospital, students going to their educational centers, people going offices for work, all are stuck up on the roads for indefinite time. it seems that every one is in hurry and people brakes the rules of traffic and police become helpless. i request to the authorities to arrange traffic police in great numbers and they should make vehicles follow traffic rules strictly. HAIDER AMJAD Karachi

that yield lasting and equitable peace. The enmity the combat foot soldier feels toward the enemy is not based on greed, rather it is a desire to have the enemy stop the warmaking, whereas the people with capital desire the benefits of victory that come with conquest and forcible submission under unfavorable terms, which in turn leads to more bloody conflicts. The interests of the labor sector are for peace and upward mobility, while the interests of the capital sector are for maintaining the status quo, with the repression and oppression that is compelled to keep others in their places in the status heirarchy. The societies dominated by the part of the population with an interest in maintaining their dominance over others by keeping others out of policy decisions are also very bad at winning wars, be-

cause winning war is not in their interest, rather having a nation at risk of going to war is an excuse to suppress dissent, so they keep the nation in a risky state constantly. The approach of oppressive governments is to suppress the labour sector, to keep the benefits of access to public office to themselves, despite the concomitant threats to the nation's existence, but that imminent threat is used as an excuse to suppress dissent and access to public office. The nation which keeps the labour sector out of political office is vulnerable to the nations that allow such access, and will always lose their wars to the nations with strong labor participation in public affairs. They have always lost such wars, which is why the history of republics (meaning, res=Affair, Publica=Public, ie, governemnt is a public affair) is one of conquest and empire building, and the

history of the decline of republics is one of decreasing access to public office by the labor sector. The problem in nations struggling to leave second or third world status is the leadership that is invested intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually in sustaining a status quo that keeps labor out of public affairs. The quality of life is low and the security is tenuous and the freedoms are scarce, but the elites are not adversely affected by the widespread poverty in those nations because they are living separately from the majority which has no adequate voice to make the changes that would otherwise bring, prosperity, security, and freedom. it is the duty of the military therefore to have a commitment to bringing access to public affairs to the labour sector. KIRAN KHAN Lahore

When ZAB laid the foundation of PPP in 1968, he was also a newcomer as compared to the giants present in the political arena for 50 to 60 years, but the youth of Pakistan rallied around him and performed miracles for Pakistan. Let us hope that one of us from the youth will stand up and lead the revolution. RAMSHA MAHEEN Karachi

election and loadsshedding

Labour sector and war Those who are born without property, or the means to make a living from property, have only their skills or labour to earn a living. As the nation is built up by the work of the people so the people who labor deserve, to have not only their basic needs met, they deserve political power and opportunities to participate in the policy decisions that affect the nation's future security and prosperity. The nations where the labourers have had political rights to participate at all levels, have been secure and prosperous and also advocate for and advance freedom. The interests of the labour sector are closely tied to the chances of success in war, with a positive correlation of access to political power by those without capital, (that is, property from which money or profits can be made) to winning not only battles, but ending wars on terms

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

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12 Comment Holy cows no more All must be equal before the court


positive development emanating out of the Supreme Court hearings on Balochistan is the gradual waking up of the police to its responsibilities. The CiD is showing signs of effectiveness. A Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) spokesman died in an encounter as he tried to escape the police dragnet last month. That the terrorists are feeling the heat is indicated by attacks on police officers two of whom, an SSP and an inspector, were gunned down within days this month. The police is also more cooperative with the Supreme Court now. On Friday, the DiG Quetta informed the apex court that it is in possession of a CCTV film which shows FC taking away three missing Baloch from outside a hotel in Quetta. This is a serious charge that the DG FC needs to answer. While one sees the police trying to improve its performance, what remains worrisome is the attitude of the high officials of the security agencies. DG FC and the regional chief of the iSi declined to appear before the court in Quetta despite being called last month. The former was reported to be busy in meetings while the later was supposedly out of Quetta. On Saturday, the Supreme Court was told by an FC major that DG FC was busy in meetings and could not appear before the bench. This is unacceptable. When the Pm who being the chief executive of the country should be the busiest person can appear before the Supreme Court thrice, why can’t a Brigadier of the FC not show similar respect to the apex court? Discipline is supposed to be the foremost quality of an army. The failure to appear before the court indicates that there is something wrong somewhere. rule of law implies that all are equal before law, irrespective of their social standing. Are some people supposed to be more equal than others? The mindset of the sort can only damage the image of the premier institution of the state. One will agree with the SC that in matters of law no institution is bigger than the Supreme Court. What this implies is that others should accord it due respect.

Prices will rise The complete picture


nflation is a hot button subject, not just these days but it has always been thus. Prices will rise and what have you. Though the prices of yore are wistfully recalled by the older lot, they conveniently omit the fact that cribbing about inflation was a bit of a national pastime even back then. inflation as a serious problem in recent times came about in the musharraf era. Back when he took over, the economy was in a stagflationary state – low growth, low inflation. His financial mandarins decided to spice things up on the growth front by engaging in public spending and loosening the monetary policy. There was growth, yes, but it was accompanied by inflation, exactly as economic science says there will be. Soon, the inflation started outpacing the bit of growth we had seen. Sooner still, the central bank opted to eject out of the whole situation and tighten the monetary policy, regardless of what the Shaukat Aziz dispensation continued to do at the finance ministry in islamabad. That state of affairs continued into the present government’s tenure. The effects of a particular economic policy are hard to wear out. excess liquidity in the money markets is tougher to siphon out than inject it in calmer money markets. The international, unactionable pressures like the rising international prices of food and fuel. This is not to imply that the government is not to be blamed at all. By not subscribing strictly to fiscal discipline, the government has been borrowing endlessly from the central bank, fuelling inflation to no end. But it hasn’t all been a sob story. As was mentioned before, growth cannot be brought about by inflation – though the reverse isn’t true. A large feed into rise in inflation has been that of inflation in food items. That is because the government stuck to its guns and courted the criticism of the media by allowing farmers access to foreign markets. The result: though food items became expensive for the urban middle-classes and the salaried lot (to which most journalists belong) there was a measure of prosperity in the rural areas. According to a recent report, there has been a whopping five percent decrease in a particular level of poverty. millions of former subsistence level families now have a rudimentary but burgeoning disposable income. The question is whether the middle-classes are ready to put the working classes interests ahead of them.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

hopeless but not serious That’s what I told the Maverick

By Humayun Gauhar


here the hell have you been, old man,” asked maverick the monkey. “You don’t look quite yourself. is something

the matter?” “You don’t look quite so good either,” i replied. “i thought you would be in London with the prime minister’s huge entourage of sycophants, gallivanting around at state expense. You’re not very good at being a chamcha, are you?” “Nah,” he replied. “Too expensive. my wife always insists on coming along and spends too much money shopping. What the state gives stooges on a joyride as spending money is a pittance. Can just about buy an ordinary meal. Better to stay at home.” “That makes two of us,” i said, “the difference being that i happily take my wife with me everywhere. i won’t move without her, even when i go to Lahore for a few hours.” “You’re saying that to save your hide because you know she’s going to read this, aren’t you?” “No maverick. i really hate it if she isn’t along.” “Then she must be the best travelled wife in the world,” said maverick plaintively. “Probably,” i mused. “So what’s wrong with you?” asked maverick. “Well, my eyes are going. i can’t see too well any more; even what i write is a blur. i may have to stop writing entirely if this goes on.” “That’ll be a relief to some,” said maverick teasingly. “No, to many, i suspect,” i replied seriously. “They did an angiograph of my eyes and found some liquid behind both my retinas. So they’ll either do some laser treatment or give me three injections in each eyeball, two weeks apart. Neither will undo the damage, but may stop further deterioration. They say it is hemorrhage due to high blood pressure or hypertension, whatever you want to call it.” “High blood pressure is a symptom, not a disease,” maverick told me, as if i didn’t know. “it’s usually because of clogged arteries. is that it?” “Not that i know of. i’m having an angiograph of my cardiac and renal arteries on Tuesday. Only then will we know for sure.

The arteries of my neck are clear. my blood profile is great – high good cholesterol, low bad cholesterol, low lipids and triglycerides, urea, PSA and all the jing-bang lot under control.” “Then its not ‘pressure’ of the blood flow but ‘tension’ as in hyper, like you’re crazy. What are you so tense about? You’re not carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. if things go to hell, let them. You can’t do anything to stop it even in your own country, leave alone the inevitable ride to hell that europe is on and America staring military and economic defeat in the face. Whatever will be will be – Quai Sera Sera. maverick continued impishly, “They must have told you to lose weight, fatso, and stop smoking cigars.” “i don’t need a doctor to tell me that. even a monkey can see it. Oh sorry, i didn’t mean to offend you or perjure monkeys. Please don’t take it personally. i like you and your wisdom-filled visits.” “Watch it. You’re not on one of your television programmes on which you can say anything and everything and get away with it. remember, you are descended from us monkeys, and ‘descended’ is the operative word here, for you are a descent in evolution. if you had been an ascent, the phrase would have been ‘ascended from the monkeys’.” “Have it your way,” i said. “my optical condition is hopeless but not serious. The doctor has put me on a fruit diet, so i’m now like you monkeys, but the situation is hopeless because i love good food. i am a chef and am going to start a restaurant soon. my wife is skeptical about it, so i’m thinking of calling it ‘Khyali Pulao’. it is Pakistan’s national dish – imaginary Pilaf – living in a dream world. But then dreams are the stuff reality is made of. However, the situation is not serious because i have stopped smoking. instead, i’ve switched to those electronic ‘cigarettes’ and don’t miss my cigars any more. But i know one thing. even if i lose weight and stop smoking, my hypertension won’t go away. There’s something called wear and tear, you know.” “That’s the attitude,” my friend. “Take things as they come, especially those you can do nothing about. Start dictating, to man or machine. Go get one of those Samsung Galaxy ii Note gizmos that can take dictation in Pakistani english and transcribe at the same time. every problem has a solution. You only have to find it.” “Well, i just have to sell one more puppy to buy one,” i said. “i know that great mystical verse must be swirling around in your head: ‘Kagha sub tun khaiyo, chun chun khaiyo maas ray; do naina mut khaiyo, inhain piya Milan key aas ray’ – ‘O crow, eat my entire body, pick on it morsel by morsel; but don’t eat my eyes for they are longing to meet their Beloved’.” “Look, maverick,” i said, using a most unfortunate phrase for one losing the ability to look. “my inner eye is just fine. Some of us can see the Beloved even on the earth plane.” “So what does your inner eye tell you about our country?” asked maverick seri-

ously. “Frankly, my inner eye says the same thing: ‘The condition is hopeless, but not serious’. it is hopeless for the underprivileged many but not serious for the charmed few. Whatever the outcome of our crises, which in all probability will be more crises, the charmed few will always remain on top of the heap, particularly as long as they keep the masses hopeless with the old nostrum that, ‘God ordained your condition to be so. it’s a divine test’.” “i agree,” said maverick. “But things are also hopeless because the will and ability of those who you have charged to do something about it are wanting. However, they are not serious if one has the capacity to find solutions and the will to implement them.” “it’s a learning process,” i said. “Let it continue. Don’t abort it. Let it get as bad as it may. Only through suffering will we learn. it may take us beyond our lifetimes, but at least our progeny will live better lives.” “What’s the guarantee?” asked maverick mockingly. “in any case, i don’t know what you mean by ‘let the process continue’. even what you call abortion is part of the evolutionary learning process, be it intervention by the age-old military-judiciary-cleric nexus or chaos and anarchy or revolution. They are not aberrations just because you don’t like them. Let whatever has to happen, happen. Then roll with the punches, get up, dust yourself down and get on with it. in the meantime, you really have made humans of yourselves, haven’t you?” i knew maverick was using the word ‘humans’ where we humans would use ‘monkeys’. “Very funny,” i said. “How can you say that?” “Look at what you’ve done to poor Khalil Gibran. You’ve done his ‘Pity the Nation’ to death. He must be turning in his grave. There are people who are even adding to it. ‘Pity the nation that thinks a Liquid Propane Gasbag is a sage and its real seers are foreign agents and real agents are seers’. Or how about: ‘Pity the nation whose prime minister would upset the system to protect $60 million dollars stolen from the people’. Or, ‘Pity the nation whose judges order its prime minister to do something that he thinks violates his oath and the constitution’. You want me to go on? ‘Pity the nation that doesn’t understand the spirit of its constitution nor the intent of its makers, but interprets it to mean what suits them’.” “Stop, maverick,” i screamed. “You’re going to be hauled up for contempt like the prime minister.” “Sadly, your rulers only play to the gallery,” said maverick, “and very badly too i might add. But one day the right things will be done, when the movie ‘Planet of the Apes’ becomes reality. You’re not too far away from it. Good thing is, we won’t have to lobotomise you. You’ve already lobotomised yourselves.” The writer is a political analyst. He can be contacted at

foreign Press

US-Afghan pact intensifies internal disputes Tehran Times


o better understand the new strategic deal between the United States and Afghanistan, one should examine who the deal benefits. The Afghan government expects the deal to facilitate a withdrawal of US-led occupation forces from the country. US president Barack Obama can boost his approval rating in the run-up to an election. However, the deal has raised a huge political debate inside Afghanistan. Opposition groups have criticized the government, saying that the pact would prepare the ground for a sustained presence of US forces on Afghan soil. Pro-government groups say that the deal will make the US more committed to the reconstruction of the country as well as the training of the Afghan army and police. One of the main worries about the deal, especially among the opposition, is that based on the contract, the US will continue to support the country’s presidential system. This additional clause is viewed by many as the result of Afghan President Hamid Karzai who supports a centralized system of governance. His opponents, including members of the national front and his chief rival Abdullah Abdullah, are in favour of a

decentralized parliamentary system in which all states and tribes enjoy equal distribution of resources and income. many observers view a deal that will bolster a centralized presidential system as nothing more than a cynical way to benefit the Pashtu majority, which is politically represented by Karzai. The hazy roles defined for the US forces and their military bases under the pact are another source of uncertainty. The text of the pact makes no clear affirmation to establish new permanent bases. However, it grants access to all military installations and facilities which were controlled by the US during the time of occupation. The possibility of negotiating a new pact to establish military bases is ostensibly open to both sides – there are speculations about another security deal in the near future. The timing of the deal also proves the sensitivity of the issue. Obama’s unexpected arrival in Kabul at midnight to sign the deal clearly indicates that both he and Karzai urgently need the action to gain more support and leverage at the internal level. Although the deal was signed at midnight when the Afghan people were asleep, the Taliban was awake and responded to the signing of the deal with a huge bombing of Kabul the following day, demonstrating the extremist group’s anger towards the strategic partnership.

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Comment 13

nato’s strategic posture pity the nation A look at both sides of the ‘judgement’

It’s going to be a tough one

PoliTact By Arif Ansar


he North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) was born in 1949 in the aftermath of World War ii. Nato's first Secretary General, Lord ismay, famously described the organisation's goal as: "to keep the russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down." With the end of the Cold War and the Warsaw Pact, the traditional rationale for Nato's existence vanished, and the organisation searched for a new raison d'etre that could keep it united in the face of new emerging threats. Nato’s Lisbon meeting, held in November 2010, was only the third such strategic meeting since the end of Cold War. Like Lisbon, the Chicago summit is aimed at setting direction for the next decade and managing the transition and role of Nato in Afghanistan. However, at a broader level, the alliance is dealing with a threeprong threat: a resurgent russia, extremism and deteriorating relations with the islamic world, and emerging China. meanwhile, the interplay of the political dynamics between european powers such as France, Germany, russia, and UK have also evolved, with the Scandinavians and eastern european states becoming strong supporters of Nato’s mission in iraq and Afghanistan, as compared to France and Germany. Controversy also emerged as a result of France offering to sell arms, including its state-of-theart amphibious assault ship (mistral) to the russians, which NATO feels is contrary to its policy towards russia. Furthermore, the tensions between Nato and russia have fluctuated over the American missile Defense System meant

for europe. While Nato maintains it’s designed against threats emanating from iran, russia believes it’s a hedge against its missiles. The continuation of these frictions has led President Putin not to attend the G-8 session, to be held around the NATO summit in Chicago. Faced with its own economic difficulties and negative perception in the islamic world, American dependence on Nato and other regional allies, nonetheless, has increased. For example, in the middle east, recent events related to Libya, Syria, Yemen, and iran, have amplified the role of Turkey and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. meanwhile, in the aftermath of the Arab revolts, egypt’s fate hangs in the balance. The country has been forewarned that if it renegades on its treaties with israel, it faces suspension of American military aid. Pakistan awaits a similar fate for suspending Nato’s Afghan supply routes. in the Asia Pacific, the US is building partnerships with indonesia and malaysia. On the other hand, frustrated by Pakistan’s role, the shift is towards india and Bangladesh in South Asia. While Turkey, a Nato member, has taken on an assertive role as it relates to the situation in Syria, and previously in Libya, its demand for an israeli apology over the flotilla incident has complicated affairs with the alliance. moreover, the incident gave a boost to the credibility of Turkey in the islamic world at the expense of Sunni Arabs and Shiite iran. According to Turkish media sources, the country is preventing israel from attending the Nato summit in Chicago, despite pressure from US and other european powers. “There will be no israeli presence at the Nato meeting unless they issue a formal apology and pay compensation for the Turkish citizens their commandos killed in international waters,” a senior Turkish official has commented referring to mavi marmara incident. Additionally, Turkey has

vetoed israeli attempts to deepen its relations with Nato or to open an office in Brussels. Turkey’s foreign minister has stated, “The army of a country which you call a partner killed our citizens upon a political order given by its administration. We do not call this kind of country a partner.” The Turkish position on israel is similar to Pakistan, albeit less vocal, as it relates to the apology it has demanded of US for the Salala incident. Assessing from the media reports, it’s not clear if Nato did not invite Pakistan for suspending Nato supply lines, or if the country declined to attend the summit in the absence of an apology. in the future, Nato’s strategy in the islamic world is likely to be two-prong: first to prevent any coalition to develop along religious lines that is detrimental to its interests, and secondly, to escalate issues that hamper ties between emerging powers and islamic nations. For example, in 2010, trade relations between Pakistan, iran and Turkey showed signs of gradual progress. However, western focus and sanctions on iran’s nuclear programme has prevented any such regional economic cooperation to flourish. While the danger from extremists is still real, economic challenges are forcing european members to search for more than just military means to tackle it. However, it is China that has the potential for becoming the real motivating force for the alliance. The mounting prominence of india in Nato's realignment further justifies this estimate. For dealing with China’s rise, Nato would eventually want russia on its side while preventing any partnership to develop between China and the islamic nations. The focus of the Chicago summit may be on the transition in Afghanistan. However, it is this premise that will define Nato’s future posture in the region. The writer is the chief analyst for PoliTact ( and and can be reached at

By Saad Rasool


he detailed judgment of the Supreme Court in the contempt proceedings against the Prime minister has been announced. And with it, at least part of the cribbing from the Prime minister’s camp (regarding not knowing the detailed reasons for the order, prior to filing the appeal) must stop. The court’s judgment is legally sound and constitutionally strong. There cannot be much argument with the legal reasoning and nuances of the order – especially when one factual truth is manifest: the Prime minister, willfully and persistently, defied direct orders of the Supreme Court. The judgment itself, for it to have the desired effect, must be read in two sittings (preferably with a pause in the middle). The first, Justice Nasir-ul-mulk’s surgical account of the factual and legal issues embroiled in this controversy, and second, Justice Khosa’s passionate and eloquent note, which is almost a public appeal, resonating a brand of judicial and national idealism that has for long been missing in our jurisprudence. And by this virtue, this second part beckons a deeper look. it is important, perhaps, to begin with stating a simple truth: Justice Khosa is not only an immaculate legal mind, but is also perhaps one of the most prolific writers that our courts have seen in a long while. many of his judgments, from the honourable Lahore High Court, form the very standard of judicial rigour and eloquence (glancing through his book ‘Judging with Passion’ will illustrate the point). And characteristically, the instant note, reads like a page from Oliver Wendell Holme’s discourse. The idealist inside, who once took to the streets when Aitzaz Ahsan said, “Aik taraf thi janta saari, aik taraf thay chand gharane…”, wants to do the same for “Pity the nation”.

But let’s pause for a second and analyse the message behind the eloquence. This judicial note adopts the following trajectory: i) it concurs with Justice Nasir-ulmulk’s judgment in convicting the Prime minister, ii) it declares that the Prime minister’s defiance of the court is “symptomatic of a bigger malady” of disregarding the law, which we are all a part of, and therefore it is our collective responsibility to correct this evil, iii) it declares that court’s authority is a translation of the will of the people (through the Constitution), and thus “a person defying a judicial verdict in fact defies the will of the people at large”, and iv) it clarifies that no one can defy the people’s will for long, lest the populi rise up against such suppression (quoting examples of the Arab Spring, Stalin’s russia, and lawyers movement against General musharraf). Justice Khosa is absolutely correct. Prime minister’s defiance has no justification in law, and the antagonistic posture of PPP and its allies, against a judiciary simply trying to enforce its judgment, threatens the entire democratic paradigm. But wait: the argument cuts in more ways than one. First, let’s start by observing that the examples of suppression of “people’s will” (the Arab Spring, Joseph Stalin, and musharraf) all had to do with (unelected) authoritarian regimes, which were mostly military in character. This is markedly different from the situation in Pakistan today where (even if it is sham and incompetent) an elected government is in power. And as such, this fact weakens the other argument, which claims that judicial pronouncements are expression of public will, because the elected government and her Prime minister (that has successfully passed three constitutional amendments even) can claim a stronger affinity with ‘public will’ than the appointed judiciary. Next, it must be asked whether the contours of this “bigger malady”, which the judgment says has caused our “collective damnation”, envelops only the polity, the bureaucracy, the military and the people? Or does it also extend to the doorstep of our honorable courts? Depending on who you ask, the answer might start with an account of the

tainted history of the courts that have validated military coups and hung an elected Prime minister, and conclude with an allegation of biased dispensation of justice today. Now this answer doesn’t have to be true – but the fact that it exists and reverberates among many in Pakistan, is enough to dent the moral appeal of the judgment. Let’s make this simpler: whether one agrees with it or not, there can be no denying that starting soon after restoration of our judiciary in 2009, and climaxing in the contempt verdict against the Prime minister, there is a (significant) fraction of the population that has been casting doubt on the impartiality of the courts, calling them partisan. it must be asked, in fidelity to the sentiment of ‘Crime and Punishment’ quoted in this judgment (“The righteous is not innocent of the deeds of the wicked”), why the courts today are being viewed as biased dispensers of justice? Why is justice, even when it is being done, not been seen to be done, by all? Why is the court’s conduct not so equitable as to be beyond reproach? Why is there even an opportunity to cast doubts on the integrity or intentions of the bench? To dismiss these questions by simply saying that people who are aggrieved by the court’s judgments resent justice, is a convenient answer, but perhaps not appropriate. Political parties, individuals, special interest groups and corporations are aggrieved with judicial verdicts in every country. And even if unhappy with the verdict, they do not exclaim that the courts are biased. Why then, in Pakistan, is this a popular sentiment in not-so-inconsiderable fraction of the population? is it too sacrilegious to perhaps explore if the mindless crooks, who criticise the court and flaunt the law, might have a point? Joining sentiments with Khalil Gibran’s “though the word lie heavy upon your hearts”, i would add the following to his poem: Pity the nation where the dispensation of justice To kings, or beggars, or every single one Is done, but not manifestly seen to be done.

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‘Main Hun Shahid Afridi’


- Pakistan’s very own cricket-based film NEWS DESK riCKeT and cinema are two of the favourite pastimes of people in the subcontinent, and the success of films like ‘Lagaan’ proves that. The trend is being replicated in Paksitan toolast year, Pakistan-born and UK-based filmmaker Faisal Aman Khan made a film on the life of cricketer imran Khan. And now, it's Pakistan's former cricket skipper Shahid Afridi whose name - and possibly his cameo - will be part of a Pakistani film on cricket. The film, ‘main Hun Shahid Afridi’, is being produced by Humayun Saeed and Shazad Nasib, and is, of course, based on cricket. Pakistani actorturned-producer Humayun said, “it's for the first time in the history of Pakistani films that that a sports movie will be directed, produced and shot here.” But why is the movie titled ‘main Hun Shahid Afridi’? Says Humayun, "Today, every young boy in Pakistan wants to become Shahid Afridi. The story of the film basically revolves


around the life of a young boy and his struggle to become a cricketer. The story is very simple but the message is that people who want to enter sports, should concentrate more on their passion for the game rather than get into scandals and controversies." Humayun elaborates, "Almost 50 percent of the shooting of the movie is done. We have shot the movie at some popular stadiums in Sialkot, islamabad and Karachi. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has provided us the proper facilities and coaches to train the cast for the movie.” The movie is being directed by Osama Ali raza and has been written by Wasay Chaudhary. "The lead is being played

by a 19-year-old Noman Habib who is a talented actor and also a professional cricketer. i shall also be part of the movie and will be playing the role of a coach," adds Humayun. is Afridi acting in the movie? Says Humayun: “We had approached Shahid to act in it, but he refused to do it, mainly due to family pressure and religious reasons. However, we hope to convince him to make a special appearance in the movie.” Are there any plans to rope in international cricketers for the film? Says Humayun, "Why not? i have spoken to Shahid and he has shown some interest in taking the conversation forward to some of his cricketer friends like Sachin Tendulkar and Sangakkara.” Humayun also says that the film will feature the T20 format, which will be introduced in Pakistan soon in the form of the Pakistan Premier League. rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shafqat Amanat Ali have been roped in for two songs in the movie. "We want to take the movie to the global audience," says Humayun.

IMGC Global to distribute Pakistani film ‘Ishq Khuda’ globally NEWS DESK imGC Global entertainment, the largest distributor of indian films in Pakistan has acquired the worldwide distribution rights of Pakistani feature film ‘ishq Khuda’. Scheduled for an eid-ul-Fitr 2012 release, ‘ishq Khuda’ is directed by ace film maker Shehzad rafique, who has superhit films like ‘Salakhain’ and ‘mohabbtaan Sachiyaan’ on his directorial resume. Written by Pervaiz Kaleem it has Shan, Wiam Ammar Dahmani (UAe star), Ahsan Khan, meera and Saima in the cast. The music has been composed by Wajahat Attre while rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shazia manzoor and Sanam marvi have sung the songs. imGC Global entertainment, which also has the exclu-

sive rights of Yash raj Films, eros, and other big indian film companies in Pakistan, wants to play a vital role in introducing Pakistani films in the international market. Therefore they have acquired the rights of ‘ishq Khuda’, which will be the first Pakistani feature film to be released through imGC Global entertainment.

Mandana Ali and Saniya Q. Ali

Kiran Faisal and Maeen Faisal

Zainab Murtaza and Maha Murtaza

Iram Alam and Shah Rafi Alam

lAHoRE: Saniya Q Ali's Montessori House preschool hosted a Mother's Day programme to honour and recognise the love and hard-work of all their students’ mothers. The activity-based event was planned by the school directors Aliya Samar and Shaherbano bokhari.

It’s Mother’s Day-the celebrity way: MADonnA: because even though she pushes the envelope on being pretentious and ridiculous-and sometimes both at the same time-she’s still Madonna. AnGElInA JolIE: even though it's tempting to hate her for being so beautiful and so charitable and so in possession of brad Pitt, her airplane-flying, motorcycle-driving, save-the-world cool is undeniable. BEYoncE: Sunday May 13 marks another first for beyonce-her first Mother's Day as a mom herself as the 30-year-old gave birth to blue Ivy just four months ago. JEnnIfER loPEz: Jennifer Lopez is mother to twins Max and emme as she juggles her professional commitments as an ‘American Idol’ judge, not to mention her upcoming world Khadija Aftab and Omer Hassan tour with enrique Iglesias.



Aamir’s second ‘Satyamev Jayate’ episode: On child abuse? MUMBAI: After jolting the audience awake with the first episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’, actor Aamir Khan is all set to stretch his crusade further. After attacking the issue of female foeticide with a harsh and vivid first episode, the actor is probably looking forward to dealing with the issue of child abuse in the second episode of his maiden TV venture. Aamir’s show opened to an overenthusiastic viewership and boiling blood. Thereafter, the actor’s meeting with the chief Minister of Rajasthan also helped in cementing the faith of the people that ‘Satyamev Jayate’ is perhaps not just everything on television, but beyond it too. And now, sources say that the next attack of Aamir will be towards the rampant evil called child abuse. The show has received a tremendous response and the Indian government has already woken up to the grim truth about the skewed sex ratio. Aamir’s next on child abuse will perhaps be able to raise awareness among people regarding that malaise too. AGEncIES

Neha is Shahid's love interest in

MUMBAI: Actress Neha Sharma, last seen in 'crook' with emraan Hashmi, will now feature as Shahid Kapoor's love interest in ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’. "I am playing a guest appearance in Kunal Kohli's 'Teri Meri Kahaani'. As the film speaks about three different eras, I will be seen in 2012 era with Shahid," said Neha. Describing

her role, Neha said,"we both are from London University and how Shahid finds a soulmate in me will unfold in the film. However, later we end up finding our own soulmates." Neha shot for her part in London in September 2011. 'Teri Meri Kahaani', releasing June 22, is a love story set in three eras. It features Priyanka chopra in the lead with Shahid. AGEncIES

ni’ ‘Teri Meri Kahaa

Binish Rizwan and Abu Baker Baig

Jennifer Lopez

loS AnGElES: Justin bieber has not only taken the pop music world by storm, but he's also leading the fragrance industry, too. Later this month, he will be honored with the elizabeth Taylor Fragrance celebrity award from the Fragrance Foundation. with Taylor Swift and her perfume wonderstruck, the two young stars revitalised the celebrity fragrance business, up 57 percent in sales in 2011. Justin bieber's women's perfume Someday is one of the top sellers in department and specialty stores, and white Diamonds, the scent launched 20 years ago by the late elizabeth Taylor, tops in big box stores. bieber even briefly bumped perennial favorite fragrances chanel No. 5 and coco Mademoiselle out of the top sales spots last year. but he has some celebrity competition. one of the big new launches this spring is Madonna's Truth or Dare, and Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur has been a strong performer, too. AGEncIES

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15 Celebrating Motherhood LAHORE AnITA SAlEEM

Ammara and Abul Raffay Moeed

mothers are undoubtedly God’s finest creation. They appear to be ordinary human beings, but these creatures are inherently instilled with super human capacities. They can multitask like robots, bear physical stress as if they were hulk and endure emotional pain like angels. Their treacherous journey begins as they bear child and further goes as they invest their lives in rearing them. Yet if you ask them, they are most likely to say that they truly cherish their role as a mother. motherhood has its share of pains and pleasures and so this mother’s Day Pakistan Today catches up with celebrity moms as they get candid about their role as a mommy.

Abdullah and his mother

fashion Designer Sania Maskatiya feels that motherhood is marked by constant worries, however she also confesses that there is no greater joy on earth than being a parent. She feels that she is just as loving and caring as other mothers are and doesn’t see herself as different from anyone else when it comes to motherhood. The happiest moment for her is when her daughter smiles and cuddles with her. On the other hand, her daughter loves it when her mommy takes her out for a drive.

can be quite hard.” She admits having frequent bouts of guilt when she heads to work, but she gets going with the help of inspiration from her own mother. The happiest moment for meesha is when she is on a holiday with her daughter. meesha’s daughter on the other hand, loves it when her mommy sings to her. meesha’s advice to mothers is: “encourage your children to take responsibility. So many mothers either stifle their children’s personalities or inflate their egos to an unhealthy point by encouraging them unconditionally.” She encourages mothers to strike a healthy balance and rear responsible individuals.

Samia and Azmay Shahzada feel that the biggest challenge of motherhood today is to protect children from over exposure by the media. Compared to other moms they feel that they are less possessive. Their kids enjoy it the most when they acts like a kid in front of them. The happiest moment for Samia and Azmay is when their children “achieve little triumphs over their own abilities, like in swimming or sports or performing arts.” This mother’s day Samia and Azmay have just one advice for mothers, “each child is born with a specific temperament-there is no room for comparison.”

ever they want to do. Her children love it when she stays up with them late at night just to spend some quality time with them. Kiran’s advice to other mommys comes in the form of a quote by Khalil Gibran, “You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow. Which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.”

Garnier Spokesperson Juggun Kazim feels that the toughest part about being a mother is “realising that you’re an adult now and everything is not about you but your child/children.” Comparing herself to other moms she feels that she is “a bit too particular and over possessive.” The happiest moment for Juggun is when her son looks at her, smiles and says ‘i love you mama’. For her son, the happiest time is when his mother is off from work and spending time with him only. On this mother’s day Juggun wants all moms to know that there is no responsibility bigger than being a mother and it should be taken seriously.

Mahad and Ammara Fawad

Angelina Jolie

L’Oreal Pakistan Spokesperson Meesha Shafi is of the opinion that teenage children are hardest to deal with. “right now, my daughter is a delight and the only challenge i have faced so far is when i am away from her for work. That

Kiran Aman of Kiran fine Jewellery According to Kiran, the biggest challenge of parenting is, “allowing your kids to make their own mistakes.” She feels that letting children learn from their own experience is essential. As a mother she rates herself as rather laid back and the happiest moment for her is when her kids are happy doing what-

fashion Designer Mina Hasan believes that the hardest thing about motherhood is “trying to be a mom and everything else at the same time”. Compared to other moms she feels she is more liberal when it comes to autonomy granting. “i let my kids develop independent thought, and really value their opinions”. The happiest moment for her is when her kids make decisions that make her proud. mina’s piece of advice for mothers on this day is, “it is very important to continue having your own life, not just for yourself but for your children as well so you don’t become overbearing.”

Celebrity moms: Some of their parenting practices raise eyebrows


Celebs are just like us, right? Not always. in honour of mother's Day, we dug up some of the not-so-normal things celebrity moms have done through the years. See how Hollywood moms chart their own motherhood paths. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's daughter, Suri, has been sporting heels and makeup for as long as we can remember. The move sparked some debate over whether young kids should don highheel shoes. Now 6-years old, Suri definitely charts her own fashion path. "She'll really tell me what she thinks," Holmes told elle. "Like today i'm wearing brown suede pants, and she said, 'i don't like your pants.' But then she'll say, 'You've got to wear these shoes.' Or 'That's so pretty, mom. Wear that.' She's got a great eye." Angelina Jolie: Lots of attention surrounded the actress and Brad Pitt when their daughter, Shiloh, appeared in photos dressed in boys' clothes. in 2010, Jolie told Vanity Fair Shiloh dresses like "a little dude," adding, "Shiloh, we feel, has montenegro style. it's how people dress there. She likes tracksuits, she likes (regular) suits. She likes to dress like a boy. She wants to be a boy. So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys' everything. She thinks she's one of the brothers."

Justin Bieber to

Saif Ali Khan and Bipasha Basu

receive Fragrance

shoot together

Foundation award

K aran Johar

takes a dig at K at r i n a K a i f

MUMBAI: After Priyanka chopra, it seems Karan Johar's next target is Katrina Kaif. According to the filmmaker, the pretty actor doesn't know how to pose for magazine covers. "At recent party, Karan was overheard joking about Katrina's posing skills. According to our sources, Karan was reportedly saying Katrina's magazine cover looks are very monotonous. whatever be the magazine or background, Katrina's look is the same," reported Zoom. Sources also revealed that

the director mimicked Kat's pose as well. Karan Johar's observation is not totally wrong. Katrina does play safe with her looks, hairstyle and dressing sense. At recent events like Kallista Spa opening and blackberry curve 9220 launch in Mumbai and Delhi, Kat was clad in single colour, slightly above knee dresses and her hair was left loose like always. Seems like the b-Town beauty isn't too fond of experimenting. our advice: Simple can get boring with time, brush up girl! AGEncIES

MUMBAI: Saif Ali Khan is currently shooting in Greece for ‘Race 2’, and few know that former flame bipasha basu too is there shooting for a special appearance in the film. Saifu's fiancee Kareena Kapoor will be flying down shortly to meet him there. Says a source, "Saif has been shooting in Greece and bipasha is also there on a work cum holiday trip. She has taken some of her friends along and is currently chilling with them before the shoot starts. After Greece, the cast and crew will fly to Istanbul for the next leg of the 40-day schedule, which includes bips." when Kareena heard the news, she decided to join Saif there as soon as possible. She and bips have not only shared icy vibes in the past, but bebo is also the reason bips' dalliance with Saifu while shooting Race didn't go anywhere (just after completing the film, Saif and bebo started shooting for ‘Tashan’ and basu was history). Kareena is shooting for ‘Heroine’ in Mumbai and completing some endorsementrelated work, so she can't fly down immediately. "but the moment her ‘Heroine’ shoot gets over, she will fly down every 15 days to meet Saif," says the source. when asked, Kareena says, "why should I bother who is there with Saif? I am doing double shifts shooting for ‘Heroine’ and some ad films. I am not going to Greece till the ‘Heroine’ schedule is over, and that will be in the first week of June." AGEncIES

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16 Foreign News

Sunday, 13 May, 2012

Two freed Turkish journalists arrive in Tehran from Syria ISTANBUL AfP

Two Turkish journalists who were held in Syria for two months before being freed thanks to iranian mediation arrived in Tehran on Saturday, the Anatolia news agency reported. reporter Adem Ozkose and cameraman Hamit Coskun were flown to Tehran from Damascus, and the two men told Anatolia they were in good health and were about to meet relatives in the iranian capital. They will fly home to Turkey in the evening or on Sunday at the latest on a plane chartered by Turkish Prime minister recep Tayyip erdogan, the agency said. The journalists had last been seen on march 9 near the rebel stronghold of idlib, in northwest Syria, close to the Turkish border, where they were filming a documentary on the bloody crackdown on dissent. Anatolia, quoting local Syrian sources and witnesses, said the two men were arrested by a pro-government militia and then handed over to Syrian intelligence. erdogan had called for the two, employed by the islamist paper milat, to be freed. Describing them as “practically prisoners of war,” he warned Syria it would have to answer for them. Turkish Foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced their release earlier Saturday in a Twitter feed, saying he had been given the information by his iranian counterpart Ali Akbar Salehi. iran is one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s few remaining allies in the region, while Turkey has broken with him as a result of his crackdown on dissent which has left more than 11,000 people dead since march 2011. As the violence escalates, thousands of Syrians have fled to neighbouring Turkey, while Ankara has called on all Turks living in Syria to leave.

Roadside bomb kills 4 Afghan policemen HERAT

DAMAScUS: friends of Dima farah, who was killed in Thursday's suicide bomb attack, cry during her funeral at the Mar Elias monastery on Saturday. Two suicide car bombers killed 55 people and wounded 372, the deadliest attacks in the Syrian capital since an uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began 14 months ago. reUters

Syria violence kills 4 even as UN mission grows


A roadside bomb killed four Afghan policemen when it ripped through their patrol vehicle in western Afghanistan on monday, a provincial government official said. “A police pick-up truck hit a roadside bomb planted by insurgents in Qaraghul area in Qadis district of western Badghis province,” a provincial governor spokesman, Salahuddin majeedi told AFP. “Unfortunately, all four policemen onboard were killed.” There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but roadside bombs are regularly planted by Taliban insurgents fighting a decade-long war against NATO-led foreign troops and Afghan government forces. Afghan security forces are particular targets of the Taliban, as they prepare to take over full responsibility for security from 130,000 foreign troops by 2014. But roadside bombs often kill civilians, with two consecutive bombings in the southern Afghan province of Helmand killing eight people on Thursday, including seven members of one family. Over 3,000 civilians were killed in the war in Afghanistan last year, the fifth consecutive year the number has risen, the majority of them victims of roadside bombs, according to UN figures.




iOLeNCe in Syria killed four civilians on Saturday, one of them a woman, a rights watchdog said, even as a UN mission charged with overseeing a battered truce neared half its planned strength. in idlib province, a stronghold of rebels fighting President Bahar alAssad’s regime, security force gunfire killed a man and a woman during a series of raids, the Syrian Observatory for Human rights said. A third civilian was killed during pre-dawn shelling of the village of mork in central Hama province, the Britain-based watchdog said, while a fourth was killed by sniper fire in the northeastern city of Deir ezzor. Troops clashed with rebel fighters in idlib, in the flashpoint central province of Homs, in southern Daraa province, and in several areas of Damascus province, the Observatory said, without

any immediate word of casualties. The persistent violence came as the UN mission in Syria said it now had 145 military observers on the ground, just shy of half the force of 300 authorised by the Security Council. They are backed by 56 civilian staff. The observers are tasked with shoring up a promised ceasefire brokered by UN-Arab League peace envoy Kofi Annan that was supposed to take effect on April 12 but which has been broken daily. On Thursday, twin suicide bombings in the capital killed at least 55 people and wounded 372 — the deadliest attacks since the uprising against Assad’s regime erupted in march last year. State television said the army foiled an attempt to carry out a similar suicide bombing in Syria’s secondlargest city Aleppo on Friday. Both Damascus and Aleppo have been hit by a spate of bombings since December 2011 but the attacks have escalated since the UN mission deployed. State media have accused the West and its regional allies of opening

the door to Al-Qaeda through its backing of the opposition and state television has played heavily on the fears of the public. The broadcaster has repeatedly aired graphic images of the dead and wounded in Thursday’s bombings, alongside interviews with residents and nationalist slogans. “Syria loves life” flashes across the screen, followed by a clip from the interior ministry in which an eagle flies towards a Syrian flag. Photographs of gas cylinders and other makeshift explosive devices are shown, followed by a number for citizens to call if they have information. The main opposition coalition, the Syrian National Council, has accused the authorities of resorting to the “terrorism” itself in a bid to torpedo Annan’s peace plan. According to the Observatory, another 17 people were killed in violence on Friday, including 12 civilians, while the total death toll has climbed to more than 930, over two-thirds of them civilians, since the ceasefire.

Algeria Islamists reel from election fiasco ALGIERS AfP

Algeria’s islamists were reeling Saturday from a stinging setback in legislative polls which saw the ruling party come out on top, resisting the Arab Spring’s tide of democratic change. The regime argued that the results showed Algerians’ desire for stability, at a time when regime change was bringing chaos to other countries, and outright rejection of islamism, whose rise 20 years ago led to civil war. “election returns governing parties, status quo,” was the French-language el Watan newspaper’s headline Saturday. President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s National Liberation Front (FLN) won 220 out of 462 seats up for grabs in Thursday’s legislative elections, improving on its share in the outgoing national assembly. The seven islamist parties contest-

ing the polls could only manage a combined 59 seats, a setback after their predictions of victory during the campaign. The National rally for Democracy (rND) of Prime minister Ahmed Ouyahia, a nationalist party close to the military and loyal to Bouteflika, came second with 68 seats, compared to 62 in the outgoing house. While the results largely maintain the status quo, one notable change was the number of elected women, which rose to 145 from seven in the outgoing assembly following the introduction of quotas. Green Algeria, a three-party islamist alliance, garnered a paltry 48 seats and charged widespread fraud. “There has been large-scale manipulation of the real results announced in the regions, an irrational exaggeration of these results to favour the administration parties,” it said in a statement. in the wake of the popular revolts

that became known as the Arab Spring, moderate islamist parties recorded electoral victories in Tunisia, egypt and morocco. it warned it would take measures in protest but stopped short of clearly positioning itself in the opposition. Green Algeria’s largest party, the movement of Society for Peace, was until January part of a government coalition with the FLN and the rND. The country’s top two parties can form a comfortable majority of 288 seats and no longer need the mSP but the islamists could remain in government nonetheless. “We are maintaining these ties with between the three parties of the presidential coalition,” the FLN’s influential secretary general Abdelaziz Belkhadem, himself a moderate islamist within the party, said. A more radical party with more solid islamist legitimacy, the Justice and Development Front of Abdallah Djaballah,

only collected seven seats. “We’d already experienced islamism, nobody has forgotten this in Algeria... Voters were looking for security, stability,” political analyst Nourredine Hakiki said. Turnout had been expected to be low after a campaign that produced no new faces and failed to draw crowds. But interior minister Daho Ould Kablia announced a “remarkable” rate of 42.36 percent which he said confirmed Algeria’s democratic credentials. many Algerians and observers had predicted that ever deeper mistrust, especially among the country’s majority of young people, could lead to an even worse turnout than the historical low of 35 percent recorded in 2007. The opposition rally for Culture and Democracy, which chose to boycott this election, claimed the announced turnout was fraudulent and that the real figure “did not exceed 18 percent.”

Russian writers to lead thousands on ‘protest walk’ MOSCOW AfP

Several thousand russians signed up Saturday to take part in a “walking” protest against President Vladimir Putin headed by a group of the country’s best known writers, including novelist Boris Akunin. more than 2,000 people had signed up on Facebook by Saturday afternoon to take part in a “Test Walk with Poets and Writers” on Sunday in which the writers will stroll down moscow boulevards to a camp set up by protesters. Akunin said on Facebook that the event would test the authorities’ reaction after police detained more than 400 people on may 6 when a sanctioned opposition rally ended in violent confrontations on the eve of Putin’s inauguration monday. “Since it turns out that it is banned to walk along boulevards and public gardens, a group of desperate citizens, mainly writers, decided to go on a battle march,” he wrote, jokingly calling the participants “kamikadze.” moscow police have promised that they will not arrest people on the walk, scheduled to run from noon to 10 pm, as long as they do not break the law. “if its participants do not breach the law, there is no basis for stopping such acts,” a police spokesperson told the interfax news agency. in a new tactic, protestors have set up a peaceful sit-in in a park with several thousand gathering on Friday evening. So far police have stood aside, but government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said this week that the event would be broken up because it was illegal. Akunin, whose period detective novels have been translated into many languages, has attended opposition rallies and took part in a celebrity group that encouraged people to act as vote monitors at the presidential polls. The 12 walkers leading the protest also include journalist and poet Dmitry Bykov, known for his satirical monologues on current affairs, and rock musician Andrei makarevich, who backed billionaire mikhail Prokhorov in the presidential polls. Putin was inaugurated for his third term as russia’s president on monday. many opposition activists maintain the russian strongman who has dominated the country for the past 12 years cheated his way to victory in march presidential elections.

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

Foreign News 17 ‘occupy Frankfurt’ protesters vow to keep up vigil FRANKFURT AfP

SAnAA: A woman shouts slogans during a demonstration against the law of transitional justice, which will be discussed at the council of Ministers on Saturday. reUters

China denies preparing for war over South China Sea BEIJING AfP

Iran, IAEA talks under scrutiny ahead of Baghdad VIENNA AfP

China has denied it is increasing combat readiness in response to a territorial row with the Philippines over a disputed shoal in the South China Sea. The tense stand-off, which erupted last month, centres on Scarborough Shoal, a tiny rocky outcrop in the South China Sea about 230 kilometres (140 miles) from the Philippines’ main island of Luzon. The dispute began when Philippine authorities detected Chinese ships fishing there. They attempted to arrest the crew, but were blocked by Chinese surveillance vessels that were quickly deployed to the area. China’s defence ministry denied military units were getting ready for war, despite warnings in state media that China is prepared to fight to end the stand-off. “reports that the Guangzhou military region, the South China Sea fleet and other units have entered a state of war preparedness are untrue,” the ministry said in a brief statement on its website Friday. The Guangzhou military region in southern China has responsibility for the area. it gave no source for the reports, but rumours on the internet say China has ordered some military units up to level two of its four-level scale of war preparedness, one notch from the top which indicates full readiness. The two nations have had non-military vessels stationed at the shoal since April 8 in an effort to assert their sovereignty to the area. China claims virtually all of the South China Sea, which is believed to sit atop huge oil and gas reserves, as its historical territory, even waters close to the coasts of other Asian countries. The Philippines says the shoal is part of its territory because it falls within its exclusive economic zone. On Friday, around 300 protestors demonstrated outside the Chinese embassy in the Philippines to denounce “bullying” by Beijing. A Chinese state-backed newspaper on Saturday accused the Philippines of whipping up nationalism through the protest, but it added military conflict in the South China Sea was possible. Taiwan, Brunei, Vietnam and malaysia also claim parts of the sea. The rival claims have for decades made the waters one of Asia’s potential military flashpoints. “Nationalism seems to echo just as strongly wherever you go around the South China Sea. The Philippines is showing prominent such behaviour,” the Global Times said in an editorial.


OrLD powers will on monday be closely following iran’s first talks with the UN nuclear agency in three months, for clues on whether Tehran means business at an upcoming crunch meeting in Baghdad. The last time that iran’s envoy to the international Atomic energy Agency, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, and chief inspector Hermann Nackaerts met officially was in early February on the second of two fruitless iAeA visits to Tehran. Soltanieh said the resumption of the talks “proves iran’s determination to cooperate with the agency, confirms that claims against iran are baseless, and shows that all of the islamic republic’s nuclear activities are peaceful.” The two days of discussions behind closed doors in Vienna “will be a good test of iran’s intentions in the whole (nuclear) issue,” Bruno Tertrais, senior research fellow at the Foundation for Strategic research in Paris, told AFP. “The world powers will be watching closely to see if there are any signs of iran shifting its position and becoming

more accommodating,” agreed mark Fitzpatrick of the international institute for Strategic Studies in London. He cautioned however that any signs that iran was using cooperation with the iAeA as a “bargaining chip” ahead would “get the Baghdad discussions off to a bad start”. The iAeA said after the latest visit — branded a “failure” by Washington — that “major differences” existed with Tehran on how to ease suspicions that iran’s nuclear programme is not, as it claims, purely peaceful. in particular, the agency said that iran had refused Nackaerts access to the Parchin military site near Tehran where a major iAeA report in November alleged iran had conducted suspicious explosives tests in a large metal container. That extensive report focused on a number of areas where the iAeA believes iran carried out activities the agency said could only conceivably be aimed at developing nuclear weapons, at least until 2003 and possibly since. During the visits, iranian officials stuck doggedly to their assertion that the report, which has prompted Western countries to ramp up sanctions and raised speculation of israeli plans for

air strikes, was based on forgeries. But since February, hopes have emerged that with new US and eU sanctions due to bite from mid-2012, iran’s approach has changed. iran and the P5+1 world powers — Britain, China, France, russia and the United States plus Germany — held their first talks in 15 months in istanbul in April. They were hailed by eU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton as “constructive and useful”. Agreeing to meet again in may, the White House applauded what it called the iranians’ “positive attitude”, while iran’s envoy Saeed Jalili praised the “desire of the other side for dialogue and cooperation”. monday and Tuesday’s talks in Vienna could give early clues on whether these good vibrations will continue in Baghdad on may 23, when the P5+1 want to get down to the nuts and bolts of the almost decade-old dispute over iran’s nuclear programme. in particular, they want iran to suspend the enrichment of uranium to purities of 20 percent, most notably at the Fordo site inside a mountain near the holy city of Qom. Uranium enriched to 90 percent can be used in a nuclear bomb.

Visitors to Germany’s financial capital cannot fail to notice the tented village of the ‘Occupy Frankfurt’ movement at the european Central Bank, europe’s longest continuous ‘indignants’ protest. Over seven months, demonstrators have braved the often glacial conditions in their 50 or so brightly coloured tents placed next to a gigantic euro symbol — the logo of the eCB, guardians of the under-fire single currency. “in europe, we’re the only major camp in place for so long,” said Thomas, one of the representatives of the movement who, like many of their number, declined to give their full name. While major camps in London, madrid and New York have long since been dismantled, the Frankfurt “indignants” have vowed to continue their crusade against corporate greed with a global day of protest expected on Saturday. But the camp’s days could be numbered. The city of Frankfurt has ruled that it must be cleared from may 16. This prompted another spokesman from the movement, martin Behrsing, to compare the city authorities with russia “where every democratic protest that is not politically suitable is suppressed.” Despite this, the protest has been violence-free for the seven months it has been in existence outside the eCB. Thomas Drillich, a computer technician on long-term medical leave, said the reason the camp had lasted so long was that “we are peaceful and we cooperate with the authorities.”

NATo summit must protect Afghan women: UN KABUL AfP

The upcoming NATO summit in Chicago must ensure that special measures are taken to protect the rights of Afghan women as US-led coalition forces prepare to pull out, UN organisations said Saturday. There is widespread concern that gains women have made in the 10 years since the overthrow of the brutal Taliban regime could be lost in government attempts to reconcile with the hardline islamists when NATO troops withdraw in 2014. “Now is the time to deal with the longer-term security and protection needs of Afghan women who have long borne the brunt of the war in Afghanistan,” said Jan Kubis, special representative for the UN secretary general in Afghanistan. “Women’s specific protection needs should be central to plans being made as the Afghan national army and police prepare to take an increasing lead in security operations and the NATO-iSAF mission evolves from combat operations to training and assistance to Afghan forces.”

Palestinians say hunger strike nearing decisive point RAMALLAH AfP

Palestinian officials said on Saturday they expected a breakthrough soon on efforts to end a mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in israel, some of them close to death. But Amin Shoman, head of a monitoring group of Palestinian political factions, said that if israel gave a negative response, prisoners would intensify their fast and break off further talks with prison authorities. “The prisoners will stop taking vitamins and water and stop negotiations with the israel Prisons Service if they get a negative answer,” he told AFP. Shoman, and an official of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, which tracks the well-being of Palestinians in israeli jails, said they expected israel to announce “within hours” its decision on demands

by what israel says are currently 1,550 hunger strikers. They are protesting against solitary confinement, detention without charge and restrictions on family visits, education and various privileges. He said the israeli Prisons Service was expected to facilitate visits to prisoners by relatives from Gaza, who are not normally allowed to leave the coastal strip and travel through israeli-held territory, to resume prisoner studies and to make concessions on solitary confinement. He said two prisoners were moved from isolation cells on Friday, leaving 17, whose transfer is still a main Palestinian demand. Prisons service spokeswoman Sivan Weizman said it had been decided to move two prisoners from solitary confinement but could not say on Saturday if the decision had been implemented yet. Gaza’s Hamas prime minister said intervention by egypt had brought the

issue closer to a solution. “There was progress in talks between egypt and israel,” ismail Haniya said in a statement. “This is an important development concerning the demands of the prisoners.” egypt helped broker a deal in which israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was freed in October after more than five years of being held by Gaza militants in exchange for the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners from israeli prisons. Haniya has asked for its intervention in the current hunger strike. On Friday, the World Health Organisation urged israel to give quick and suitable health care to Palestinian hunger strikers, including their transfer to civilian hospitals. The UN agency said it was “extremely concerned” about their health, noting one suffered from the genetic blood disorder thalassaemia and has “refused his regular life-saving blood

transfusions in addition to food.” “WHO calls on the israeli authorities to ensure immediate and adequate access to appropriate ongoing health care for the hunger-strikers,” it said in a statement from its Jerusalem office. “WHO also requests israel to ensure that ... release to hospital be facilitated for prisoners requiring medical treatment.” The hunger strikes have drawn international attention, with the european Union and United Nations expressing concern. Two of those protesting, Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahla, marked their 74th day without food on Saturday. The hunger strikes have widespread support among Palestinians who have staged regular demonstrations in solidarity with the prisoners. Later Saturday, a joint Arab-Jewish rally was scheduled for Tel Aviv’s mixed Jaffa neighbourhood.

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

Azarenka to meet Serena in Madrid open final Page 21

India invites Sialkot Stallions to Champions League T20 NEW DELHI AfP


NDiA on Saturday invited Pakistan to take part in the Champions League Twenty20 tournament this year, breaking new ground in the stalled cricket ties between the arch-rivals. The Board of Control for Cricket in india (BCCi), which met in Chennai on Saturday, gave the go ahead to Pakistan's participation in the tournament which features leading domestic Twenty20 teams from around the world. "The BCCi has decided to invite a team from Pakistan to play in the Champions League to be held in india in October," BCCi chief Narayanaswami Srinivasan told reporters after the meeting. The BCCi's recommendation will be forwarded to the governing council of the Champions League which is owned by the cricket boards of india, Australia and South Africa, Srinivasan added. india and Pakistan met in the Asia Cup in Bangladesh in march and the

windies face defeat against england Lions

World Cup semi-final in india last year, but regular tours have been frozen since the 2008 terror attacks in mumbai, blamed on Pakistan-based militants. india postponed a tour to Pakistan scheduled for January 2009 in the wake of the mumbai carnage, which left 166 people dead and many hundreds injured. The latest move by the BCCi comes a month after Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, who was on a private visit to New Delhi, urged indian Prime minister manmohan Singh to consider reviving cricket ties. Srinivasan, asked if this was the first step towards reviving relations with Pakistan, said: "Today, the decision is limited to the Champions League. i don't want to say anything beyond it." Pakistani teams did not feature in the first three editions of the Champions League, an off-shoot of the hugely popular indian Premier League (iPL), which began in 2009. Pakistani players have also been left out of the iPL after taking part in the inaugural season in 2008.

sri Lanka says no to pak-australia series


West indies were facing defeat against england Lions on Friday after conceding a 194-run first innings deficit after two days of the four-day game in Northampton. The tourists closed on 28 for three, still 166 behind, and are struggling for form just a week away from the first Test at Lord's. Lions captain James Taylor made 118 and shared a century stand for the sixth wicket with Jonny Bairstow (50) and was then last out after adding another 130 with the last three batsmen - including 64 alongside number 11 Jade Dernbach. The West indies, who had been bowled out for 147 in their first innings, had their chances especially with the Lions on 98 for five at one stage and then 211 for seven, but they were unable to hammer home their superiority. That left england Lions to reach an imposing 341. West indies seamer ravi rampaul was the pick of the tourists' bowlers with three wickets for 79 runs from 24 overs. "i thought it was a big improvement from Thursday," said rampaul. "i thought i bowled too short (the previous day), and after speaking with the coach and some of my teammates, i recognised that i had to bowl a fuller length in these conditions." West indies' first tour match against Sussex ended last monday at Hove in a no-result, due to rain allowing just 34 overs, and rampaul said the weather could play a big role in the upcoming series.


Sri Lanka has dropped plans to host a limited overs series between Pakistan and Australia in August as it clashes with the island's Premier League, Pakistani cricket officials said Saturday. "it's disappointing," Pakistan Cricket Board's chief operating officer, Subhan Ahmed, told AFP. "initially the SLC (Sri Lankan Cricket) offered to host the series and we stopped negotiating with others." Since Sri Lanka told Pakistan of its decision Friday, Pakistan had started negotiations with other countries about hosting the series, including the United Arab emirates (UAe) and malaysia, he said. "We are looking for other venues

to host Australia... and hope to finalise it soon," said Ahmed. Pakistan is due to play five one-day and three Twenty20 matches against Australia from mid-August, the dates of which are yet to be finalised. Pakistan has been a "no go" zone for international teams since march 2009 terrorists attacks on the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore, which left eight people dead and wounded seven visiting players and their assistant coach. Pakistan has since had to play its home games in neutral venues such as the UAe, england and New Zealand. even before the 2009 attack, foreign teams had refused to tour Pakistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the United States in 2001 that sparked security concerns in and

around the country. Australia has not toured Pakistan since 1998 and forced their hosts to play in Sri Lanka, the UAe and england. Ahmed said that playing the upcoming series in Sri Lanka after its Premier League was not an option as the country would then be preparing to host the World Twenty20, from September 18 to October 8. Despite the development, he refused to accept Pakistan was isolated in the cricket world: "i will not accept that Pakistan is isolated, because other countries were willing to host the series." Bangladesh were also forced to postpone a planned tour last month after the Dhaka High court ruled Pakistan was "not safe" for the country's players on a petition filed against the two-match series.

Kaneria’s ecb hearing adjourned to June LONDON REUTERS

The disciplinary hearing into corruption charges against former Pakistan leg-spinner Danish Kaneria and english county player mervyn Westfield has been adjourned until the week of June 18, the england and Wales Cricket Board (eCB) said on Friday. The hearing was scheduled for may 21 but has been delayed at the request of Kaneria's lawyers, the eCB said in a statement. Kaneria was summoned to the eCB hearing after being named in a London court in February as a go-between in a spot-fixing scandal that resulted in a four-month prison sentence for his former essex team mate Westfield. The bowler, who took 261 wickets in 61 tests, has denied all the charges. Kaneria was arrested in 2010 along with Westfield on suspicion of spot-fixing during an essex match against Durham in 2009 before being released without charge. His essex contract was terminated in 2010 and he has not played for Pakistan since the scandal came to light. Westfield was the first english county cricketer to be convicted in court for spot-fixing.

Tanvir replaces Ajmal at worcestershire LAHORE STAff REPoRT

Worcestershire director of cricket Steve rhodes believes new overseas signing Pakistan all rounder Sohail Tanvir is the ideal replacement for Saeed Ajmal. The royals have landed the left-armer for the duration of the Friends Life t20 campaign after Pakistan spinner Ajmal was forced to pull out of a deal with Worcestershire because of international commitments. Tanvir recently featured in the miWAY T20 Challenge, where he helped the Highveld Lions to reach the final of South Africa's equivalent of the 20 over competition. The 27 year old also captains the rawalpindi rams in Pakistan's domestic Twenty20 Cup and his bowling figures of 6-14 for rajasthan royals in the inaugural iPL tournament remain the best return for the competition. Tanvir's top t20 score with the bat is 60 off 44 balls, which came against the Lahore Lions in his home competition in 2011. rhodes said he was delighted to secure a deal for Tanvir who was recently named in the 16 man squad to represent Pakistan in their upcoming two match Twenty20 series in Sri Lanka. Director of Cricket, Steve rhodes, said: "Sohail is an ideal replacement for Saeed Ajmal because Saeed was a tremendous bowler at the death and this is the type of role we want Sohail to play. Added to his bowling skills, he also has the ability to hit the ball hard which is an obvious asset at the end of our innings."

Afridi vows to support Hafeez LAHORE STAff REPoRT

Pakistan former captain and all-rounder Shahid Khan Afridi has promised to work new T20 captain mohammad Hafeez. He is sulking being ignored for captaincy after the Pakistan Cricket Board decided to stick with misbahul Haq for the Test and One-day format while handing mohammad Hafeez the top slot for the shortest format of the game. Afridi was a strong candidate to replace misbah but the PCB went otherwise for long time planning. The Boom-Boom player announced his retirement from Test cricket one match into his comeback in

2010. He issued a conditional retirement last year in protest of the PCB stripping him of captaincy in One-Day internationals and Twenty20s. Afridi said: “No doubt leading a national side is a big honor,” Afridi, who has played 342 ODis and 48 Twenty20s. But i have no complaints and am ready to play for Pakistan under any captain whether it is misbah, Shoaib malik or Hafeez. i wish Hafeez the best of luck with his role. i have supported him in crisis before and he will have all my support as the captain again”. He was of the opinion that these players had played under him and he had no issues playing under them, adding that is aim is to play for his country which is a huge

honor. The legend hitter was of the opinion that he was not desperate for captaincy and he was only concentrating his performance for the Sri Lankan tour. He observed, “i had a bad series against england but i recovered in the Asia Cup. Now i am looking for an improved show and eyeing key contribution for Pakistan”. The former skipper asserted that he was working hard and never misses his train-

ing. expressing hopes, he said that he will perform well against Sri Lanka. He also endorsed decision of the PCB for announcing separate teams for all formats. Afridi earned the man-of-the-series award in the ODi series against Sri Lanka in the UAe, which was his first tournament after reversing his conditional retirement. He also exhibited an all-round match-winning show in Sharjah where he scored a half-century and took five wickets.

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

Sports 19

Pakistan welcomes India invitation LAHORE STAff REPoRT


He Pakistan Cricket Board has welcomed the indian invitation to compete in the Champions League Twenty20 tournament this year and showed their keenness for reviving the cricketing ties. The Board of Control for Cricket in india (BCCi), which met earlier in the day in Chennai, approved Pakistan's participation in the tournament which features leading domestic Twenty20 teams from around the world. "We feel it's a significant and posi-

The invite to the tournament, to be held in October in india, came a month after Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari urged indian Prime minister manmohan Singh to consider reviving cricket ties, during a private visit to New Delhi. The Sialkot Stallions were meant to compete in the inaugural Champions League in 2009 but the plan fell through after the 2008 terror attacks in mumbai, blamed on Pakistan-based militants, strained relations. malik, whose marriage to indian tennis star Sania mirza in 2010 bridged the two nations' bitter sporting and political divide, added: "i think its a small step to-

tive development," Pakistan Cricket Board chief operating officer, Subhan Ahmed, was quoted as saying by a foreign news agency. "We had been in touch with the BCCi over the participation of a Pakistan team and hope that this step could lead to a revival of indo-Pak cricketing ties." The news was also welcomed by Shoaib malik, captain of Pakistan's Twenty20 champions Sialkot Stallions, who told AFP: "it's great news and i am happy to hear this." "We eat the same food and wear same clothes and when we play cricket people of both countries come closer," he said.

McIlroy misses Players cut, Tiger survives

Mobilink signs 10 cricketers as brand ambassadors



mobilink has signed 10 members of the Pakistan cricket team as the brand ambassadors for Jazz. A ceremony was held in islamabad where powerful cricketing performers including; misbah-ul-Haq, muhammad Hafeez, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Shoaib malik, Umar Akmal, Toufeeq Umar, Asad Shafiq, Abdur rehman and Azhar Ali were officially appointed as Jazz Brand Ambassadors. mobilink’s Vice President marketing, Jahanzeb Taj said; “We are delighted to create a strong and exciting alliance between Jazz and these accomplished sportspersons, who have won several accolades for the nation. mobilink has a long standing commitment to the nation’s passion for Cricket, as we continue to inspire the fans by recognizing these outstanding cricketers and sponsoring international tournaments.”

Gayle, bowlers power challengers to No. 3 PUNE cRIcInfo

Sourav Ganguly, the under-performing Pune Warriors captain, sat out of the game; Steven Smith took over the leadership; and the hosts made as many as five changes to their Xi in an attempt to avert a seventh consecutive defeat. None of it dowsed the powder keg that is the royal Challengers Bangalore batting line-up, though. ROHIT CENTuRy ENDS KOLKATA'S WINNING RuN: rohit Sharma and Herschelle Gibbs, playing his first game this season, set up mumbai indians with a 167run stand that helped end Kolkata Knight riders' unbeaten run of seven games. rohit, who made his maiden iPL ton, was in complete command and Gibbs settled in quickly despite having watched the bulk of the season from the dug out; the pair justified their captain's decision to bat, piled on a formidable total that proved beyond the hosts' reach and preserved mumbai indians' place in the top four. SCORES: Warriors 138 for 9 (Vinay 3-32, Zaheer 2-21, murali 2-16) by 35 runs. SCORES: mumbai indians 182 for 1 (rohit 109*, Gibbs 66*) beat Kolkata Knight riders 155 for 4 (Kallis 79, Yusuf 40*) by 27 runs.

World number one rory mcilroy missed the cut at the Players Championship after shooting a four-over-par 76 in Friday's second round which ended with a trio of Americans sharing the lead. Zach Johnson, Kevin Na and matt Kuchar were knotted at eight-under 136, a shot clear of compatriot Harris english. But with five players sitting a further stroke adrift and the course likely to get tougher over the weekend, the event widely known as golf's unofficial fifth major remains wide open. One player who will not be able to make a move on Saturday is mcilroy, who has had a miserable record at the TPC Sawgrass course where he also missed the cut in his previous two appearances at the venue before skipping the event last year. The Northern irishman, who had not missed a cut since last year's Wells Fargo Championship, carded five bogeys and one birdie on Friday for a two-day total of 148. "There is something about this place i just can't get to grips with," mcilroy told


A day after stunning the formidable Bryan Brothers, Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi and his partner Jean-Julien rojer went down fighting against india’s mahesh Bhupathi and rohan Boppanna in the men’s doubles quarterfinal of the madrid masters on Friday. Just hours after their impressive 4-6, 6-4, 18-16 victory against USA’s Bob and mike Byran, the Aisam-rojer duo lost 6-7, 6-7 to higher seeded Bopanna (ranked 12) and Bhupathi (15) in the last-eight stage of the tournament. Aisam, ranked 14 in the men’s doubles rankings, is likely to climb up the rankings ladder which is great news for Pakistan as they are hoping of an Olympic tennis spot for the first time in history. if Aisam fin-

LAHORE Punjab grabbed nine gold medals, five silvers and two bronze to win the inter Provincial Youth U-14 Boys Swimming Championship with 216 points. KPK got second position with two silver, six bronze and islamabad managed third position with two silver and a bronze to attain third position. All provinces from the country participated in this championship held at islamabad Sports Complex pool. in 200 m free style category: m.rizwan of Punjab topped first position while m.Hamza of Punjab secured second position. in 100 m free style: m.rizwan of Punjab won the first place, Hassan Ali raja of Punjab secured second position.

in 100 m back stroke: m.rizwan of Punjab got first position while Asadullah of KPK achieved second position. in 100 m breast stroke :m.Hamza of Punjab earned first whereas Alam Khalid of islamabad secured second position. in 100 m Butterfly: m.rizwan of Punjab got first and Alam Khalid of islamabad managed second position. m.rizwan of Punjab was declared the best player while Hassan Ali of Punjab was nominated as the fastest player of the championship. On the other side, the inter Provincial Youth U-16 Girls Badminton Championship held at rodham Hall, Sports Complex in which Punjab and KPK qualified for the final. The final tournament will be held at same venue on may 13 at 9:30 am.

National Veteran Senior final today LAHORE

PoNTe VeDRA beAcH: woods putts from the back of the 17th island green during the second round of the Players championship. reUters reporters. "i just need to try and get the hang of this golf course somehow, it's just - i find it pretty difficult but it's just one of those weeks." Woods had to fight to avoid missing successive cuts for the first time in his professional career after shooting a 74 in his opening round. The former world number one, who failed to make the weekend at Quail Hollow last week, rose to the challenge by

aisam-rojer fall to Indian duo SPORTS DESK

hopeful of renewing bilateral ties with india after the BCCi invited their neigbours to send a team for this year's Champions League T20 tournament. The Champions League is an offshoot of the lucrative indian Premier League and is contested by the domestic T20 champions of test-playing nations. Pakistan had not been invited to the first three editions of the event by the BCCi due to strained relations between the two countries.


ishes in the top-10 ahead of next month’s cut-off date then he and Aqeel will make the cut for London 2012. Aisam and rojer were brimming with confidence after knocking out the third-seeded Brians, regarded among the best doubles team in the world. But they failed to repeat the golden show against the indians. Bopanna is Aisam’s former partner and together they reached the US Open final. By reaching the last-eight Aisam has earned 180 points. These points will help Aisam to move to world number 13 in the rankings to be updated on monday. Aisam is currently ranked number 14 with 4025 points, and these 180 points will give him a boost he needed in his bid to book a berth at London Olympics. His partner Julien too will get a jump of three ranking spots to be placed on number 32 with 2220 points.

Punjab grab Provincial Swimming title STAff REPoRT

wards reviving indo-Pak cricket and i pray this continues at all level." "We reach Delhi from Lahore in 45 minutes and it takes more time to fly to Karachi, so Pakistan and india are that close," he said, speaking from Dubai. malik led the last Pakistan team to india in 2007. india's last tour to Pakistan was in 2008 when they featured in the Asia Cup. Pakistan cricket officials were

fORMER WEIGHTLIfTING SEC PASSES AWAy: Haji muzzafarr Ahmed Qureshi, former secretary of the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation and Pakistan Powerlifting Federation during 1990 to 2005 died in rawalpindi. During his tenure Pakistan won the highest number of medals at international level. Former president riazuddin Shiekh, Olympian Azam mian, Zubar Yousaf Butt, Akeel Javed Butt, Kh Samiud Din, Akbar Ali Ghakkar, Awais Akbar, Ch mohammad Amin, idrees Butt, Syed raza Shah Sports Officer Punjab Police, imran Ali Butt, Sohail Javed Butt, Naveed malik. mohammad Asghar, mohd Hanif, rashad Nadeem Butt, Azmat Ullah Ch, Prof Azhar, Professer Khizer Hayat, Ustad Shakoor, Ustad Ghafoor, Col Asif Dar condoled his death.

posting a 68 that included a string of four birdies around the turn that put him clear of trouble. "i probably could have gotten one or two more out of it but i really played well today. i was just very consistent and nothing spectacular, just real solid golf," said the 14-times major champion. it was a fair description of a round which leaves Woods six shots off the lead in a tournament he won in 2001.

Amar Cables will take on Karachi Omar in the 14th National Veteran Senior Cricket Cup final match on Sunday. The final of the Veteran Cup 2012 will be played at LCCA Cricket Ground Lahore on may 13 (today). The Pakistan Veterans Cricket Association has been organizing this tournament for the last 14th consecutive years. This year total of 82 Teams from all over Pakistan participated in the tournament. This was stated in a Press release by Nawab Ashiq Hussain Qureshi Chief executive Pakistan Veterans Cricket Association. All arrangement completely. Karachi Omar will be led by Jaffer Qureshi and Lahore Amar Cables by Ameer Akber. The match starts at 11:00 am and will be played 30 overs each Side. mr. Khalid mahmood ex. Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board will be the Chief Guest and distribute prizes at the Conclusion of the match at 5:00 p.m.

Brazil looks to flex its sailing might in London SAO PAULO REUTERS

Brazil is known as a soccer powerhouse. But if Olympic medals are any measure, it might just as well be known as the country of sailing. The South American nation has enjoyed more success on the water than in any other discipline and robert Scheidt is one of its biggest names. While not quite the household character in Brazil that former soccer ace ronaldo is, he's not far off, at least when the Olympics come along. "Brazil has won more Olympic medals in sailing than any other sport and although Brazilians don't know how it works 100 percent, they know it and they know the heroes," Scheidt told reuters in an interview in his home city of Sao Paulo. "When we win people stop us on the streets and congratulate us. We know we'll never be as popular as football, which is like a religion here, but we are doing what we love and we have a great level of support to help us make our dreams come true." Scheidt and his partner Bruno Prada are almost invincible in the Star class. The pair won seven of nine competitions last year and have been at the top of the world ranking almost nonstop since July 2010. They are the favorites to win the gold at the summer Olympics in London. if they do, Scheidt would become Brazil's greatest ever Olympian, overtaking another sailor, Torben Grael, the one-time king of Star. Scheidt has two gold and two silver medals, one behind Grael's tally of two gold, a silver and two bronze. "i think that robert Scheidt is among the best top 10 sailors of all time," said murillo Novaes, a yachting commentator for eSPN Brasil and author of a book on Grael. OLyMPIC CHAMPION HOOKER vAuLTS TO LONDON: Australia's reigning Olympic pole vault champion Steve Hooker is set for the London Games after clearing the qualifying height in Perth. Hooker, 29, making his first competitive outing in three months, cleared 5.72 metres on his second attempt to secure his berth at a third Olympics. A persistent knee injury and an accompanying lack of confidence had threatened to derail his Olympic campaign earlier this year. But Hooker easily cleared the required qualifying

height in a specially sanctioned meet held in his own purpose-built indoor training facility before an invited-only crowd of around 150 supporters. Hooker high-fived the crowd and hugged his coach Alex Parnov after successfully completing the 5.72m jump to huge relief after a turbulent few months. "i'm very relieved but at the same time so damn excited," Hooker told the Athletics Australia website. "For a while there i thought i was a shoo-in to make London and losing that certainty and having to fight like i have to get back was a challenge i didn't see coming. it is something that i am just stoked to have gotten over." I'M BACK, GATLIN WARNS AfTER DOHA vICTORy: Justin Gatlin, dead and buried after a four-year doping ban that saw him, in desperation, mull a potential career in American football? Not likely, the American insisted after scorching to a blistering 9.87 seconds to win the 100m at the opening leg of the 14-meet Diamond League here. Gatlin's time, his fastest outdoor season opener since he started professional sprinting at the age of 19, places him firmly in the same bracket as absent Jamaican arch-rivals Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake. Bolt and Blake skipped this meet, preferring to open their seasons on home soil and clocking 9.82 and 9.84sec repectively. Fellow Jamaican Asafa Powell finished just one-hundredth behind Gatlin in Doha, setting up the prospect of a battle royale between the US and the Caribbean island's finest sprinters come this summer's London Olympic Games. "i want everyone to know Justin Gatlin is back and i want the Olympic title," insisted Gatlin. it would be an unlikely tale for the athlete who claimed 100m gold at the Olympics in Athens in 2004, but then fell foul of drugs and served a fouryear ban, coming back in late 2010. His path back to form, and acceptance by meet directors and fans, saw him win a second world indoor 60m title in istanbul in march, after a first success way back in 2003. "You've got to take track and field as a soap opera with spikes on," Gatlin said of the global athletics circuit. Wherever he goes, there is always a question on doping lurking, something he never shies away from.

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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

laNDMark juDgMeNt

Deserved consternation amongst sports administrators SPORTS ThIS WEEk ALI AKBAR


N a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court has upheld the Pakistan Sports Board's Sports Policy limiting the number of tenures of office bearers in National Federations. Henceforth, all office bearers who are serving their third term or more will be ineligible for that position. They can move up to the next higher position for another two terms. This judgment is likely to cause consternation among sport administrators who have been hanging on to their posts for decades. Having had some experience in the sports administration field, this scribe feels that this judgment could have a lot of positive things to say for itself. As it is, our sports are at the extremely low ebb, yet we will never find an administrator who will have agreed that they have underperformed in the development of their sport. But then that is the case with the nation as a whole so why should sport be any different? Certainly, in tennis, it is a godsend. There are people in the PTF, who have been manipulating the sport for their own vested interests. As a direct result, the sport has almost died down. No new players are coming up and those that do come up are victimized just to maintain these people's hold on the sport. Kaleem imam's victory in the last elections had removed much of the flotsam, but unfortunately, some remnants remained and they quickly started doing what they do best, a potent mix of ingratiation, sycophancy and victimization. To the extent, a lot of tennis observers feel that things were back to square one. This, however, is a unique opportunity for Kaleem imam to get rid of the one

man who, more than anyone else, created the missing years of the past decade of Pakistan tennis, a setback that is going to take another decade to overcome. Thankfully, this malignancy has been automatically removed by the court judgment and Pakistan tennis can start to get back on its feet again. This is also a severe blow to the previous incumbents, Dilawar Abbas and rashid Khan, who were reported to be plotting a return. ON MADRID’S CLAy The clay court season has moved to madrid for the Spanish masters event. For the first time, rather than the players, it is the court surface that is making the headlines. The blue clay has been a source of resentment for the top players who say that they should have been consulted before such a drastic change was imposed on them. rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic were the two leading players who criticized the surface, claiming that it was too slippery and that it

was difficult to change directions. Certainly, it was evident that the players were having trouble moving on the court. Nadal lost for the first time to compatriot Fernando Verdasco and pawed the ground in frustration at his inability to move. The blue clay is made by taking normal red clay and removing the iron oxide thus giving it a white colour. The clay is then dyed blue and baked in a furnace. Beneath the clay is a rubber type mat. The organizers say the clay is essentially the same material, but somewhere, somehow they have got it wrong. The clay seems to clump together, leaving bare patches and has constantly to be brushed back into place. There were a slew of unforced errors from clay court masters like Nadal, errors that they would never make on the red clay. Perhaps the ATP could have tested the surface in some Challenger events and gotten the views of the players before


Looking ahead to the last round of fixtures in what has been an absolutely exhilarating season

THE IPL BLIzzARD in cricket, the iPL is in full swing with a blizzard of sixes and fours emanating from the bats of players like Gayle, Sehwag and rahane, the latter being the find of this year’s event. But perhaps the most impressive performances have come from AB de Villiers, who has performed some magical feats of improvisation under pressure. He may be one of the most complete cricketers in the game today, a capable wicketkeeper, a brilliant fieldsman and a breathtaking batsman. But please don’t ask who he plays for and that, perhaps, may be the Achilles heel for this league. For the casual observer, the teams have not yet developed an identity or personality that can be called their own. it is all a frenzy of slam, bam and rake in the dough. These leagues are money spinners for everyone and are a win-win situation, so it is no wonder that everyone wants to get on the bandwagon.

making such a drastic change. A needless controversy has been added to the already testy relationship between the players and the ATP. Fernando Verdasco though would not be complaining as he beat his friend Nadal for the first time ever. AISAM ON A HIGH Aisam Qureshi and Jean-Julien rojer saved four match points in upsetting top seeds, the Bryan brothers, in the second round. This is a morale boosting performance for the team that has been underperforming for quite some time. Waiting for Aisam and partner in the quarter finals is the indian duo of Bhupathi and Bopanna. Bopanna, a long time partner of Aisam till their split last year, has the experienced Bhupathi at his side and are seeded seventh. Aisam and rojer are just coming off their best performance in several months. This makes for a mouthwatering clash where both teams have something to prove.

on pCB’s squad announcement


EPL CRYSTAL BALL KUNWAR KHULDUNE SHAHID The reason this column is being published today, in lieu of its customary position on the Saturday pages is for the simple reason that we’ll have all the matches of the final round today, kicking off at the same time with massive convulsions in store in more than one place on the league table. Let’s hope the grand finale lives up to its hype as there are at least six fixtures, results of which could turn the league table upside down. The most important subplot today would obviously be manchester City being avoiding the mother of all capitulations away from their first league title for 44 years. This season has been no stranger to sides bottling up leads up top, but to expect City to not win against Queens Park rangers at home or for manchester United to cover an eight-goal GD bridge at Sunderland would need a skewed script that even Bollywood movies from the 90s would be proud of. United needed to pull that goal difference gap down against Swansea last weekend, but by

only matching their archenemy’s result at Newcastle they now need mark Hughes to pull out his manchester United shirt from the attic for QPr to fight for the result of the season. it’s not like QPr have nothing to play for – quite the contrary in fact. They can ascertain another season in the ePL by winning at the etihad Stadium and a draw is going to be good enough as well. However, QPr know that they’ll survive even if they lose, unless Bolton Wanderers pull off an upset win at the Britannia Stadium – which, considering their recent performances looks like a very long shot to say the very least. With Blackburn rovers and Wolverhampton Wolves already gone, it’s Bolton that look the likelier of the two relegation contenders to join them. Oh and Aston Villa are mathematically in the relegation dogfight as well, but for them to go down it would need every single footballing god to wear the Bolton jersey today and help the Trotters win by at least a 17-goal margin. Arguably it’s the race for Champions League football that is the most intriguing as it hangs on the proverbial knife edge. One of the reasons for

that is of course that not everything is going to be settled today, and the team that’s at the fourth position at the end of the day would keep an anxious eye on the Champions League final. The result of the final in munich would have a bearing on the teams qualifying from england, since a Chelsea win would see them qualifying for next year’s tournament with the top three on the league table joining them. As things stand Arsenal, Spurs and Newcastle are third, fourth and fifth with 67, 66 and 65 points respectively. A win for Arsenal at West Brom seals third and automatic qualification for them; if Tottenham better beat Fulham and Arsenal don’t win their game then they seal third and Newcastle need to beat everton and hope that results go their way to end up in fourth or even third – if some of the footballing gods choose the black and white stripes of Newcastle over Bolton’s all white today. Scrumptious prospects ahead, which jobs and reputations on the line and absolutely mammoth moments in store – a grand finale in every sense of the term.


Okay so the squad for the Sri Lankan tour has been announced, with the PCB selection committee making quite a few noteworthy statements. There have been some promising steps in the right direction and some moves that might need a rethink. Here are some pointers from the announcement: n Choosing mohammed Hafeez to replace misbah-ul-Haq as the T20 captain over Shahid Afridi and Shoaib malik means that PCB has earmarked discipline and a lack of notorious history as one of the major criteria for captaincy allocation. n Considering how Afridi has had the aura that he’s actually doing the nation a favour by playing for the country over the recent past, and how he has not been “feeling well” of late under misbah’s captaincy, Hafeez’s appointment has the potential of pulling out another quintessential tantrum from the Afridi repertoire. n The decision making screams out loud for Dav Whatmore’s involvement in it, who has clearly been calling the shots in the PCB drawing board and making some bold decisions. n Almost distinct sides for the three for-






mats, is clearly the way to go, and how things are going to function in international cricket for the foreseeable future. Sami has been hauled over coals for nearly a decade, but his recall makes sense. He might seem like having the brain of a snail often, but a lot of that has been due to the fact that he’s never had a proper guiding figure – he’ll have that now. How on earth has imran Farhat got back in the squad? Does he have another relative somewhere in the selection committee that we don’t know of? Ayub Dobar has deserved a chance in the test side for nearly three years now, and recognising his and Afaq raheem’s contribution in the domestic circuit is a great call from the selection committee. Faisal iqbal might have been selected, but he won’t get game time in all probability. Shoaib malik at his best is what Pakistan need in the middle order in both ODis and T20, since he has the most number of gears among out batting contingent. Abdul razzaq should still have had been considered for the ODis and T20s. We still lack that lower order finisher that razzaq has been over the years. Hopefully Hammad Azam can make that position his own.

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Azarenka to meet Serena in final MADRID



iCTOriA Azarenka and Serena Williams will square off for the madrid Open title after the current and former world number ones swept into the final with a minimum of fuss on Saturday. Australian Open champion Azarenka took a step closer to a fifth title of 2012 when she dispatched Agnieszka radwanska 6-2 6-4, before Williams, seeded ninth at the premier event in the Spanish capital, crushed Czech qualifier Lucie Hradecka 7-6 6-0. Belarussian Azarenka has now beaten third-ranked Pole radwanska six times in six meetings this year and rarely looked troubled as she seeks to improve on her runners-up finish last year to Petra Kvitova. She battered 29 winners on the blue clay of the manolo Santana show court, each accompanied by a trademark shriek of effort, before reflecting on her 6-1 losing record against Williams. "i was much younger and just coming on the tour (for many of our matches) but i have always been competitive against her and she is one of the toughest opponents to play against," Azarenka told a news conference. "it's going to be a different story this time," the 22-year-old, who was beaten 6-1 7-6 by Williams in the U.S. Open third round last year, added. "We had a very good match last year at the U.S. Open so i can take some of the positive things out of that and it's going to be the first time i play her on clay so we'll see." Azarenka has already netted more than $4 million in prize money this year and her only two defeats in 36 matches were to Frenchwoman marion Bartoli in the last eight in miami and maria Sharapova of russia in the Stuttgart final. On a muggy morning in madrid, a mere handful of spectators turned out to

MADRID: belarussian Victoria Azarenka celebrates defeating Poland's Agnieszka Radwanska after their semi-final match of the Madrid Masters. afp watch the match in the futuristic Caja magica (magic Box) arena, which started around 0900 GmT. However, with the sliding roof open to the dull grey sky, the stadium filled out for the second semi-final as Hradecka went toe-to-toe with Williams in a closelyfought first set when neither player managed a break of serve. The 105th-ranked Czech was through to the last four of a premier-level event for the first time and her challenge fell away in the second set as Williams gave herself a chance of a second title of the season following her success at Charleston. By reaching the final, the American 13-times grand slam singles champion, 30, is projected to climb to six in the rankings above Bartoli and Dane Caroline Wozniacki, another former number one.

Sports 21

Djokovic toppled by tipsarevic MADRID REUTERS

Novak Djokovic's frustration with the controversial blue clay at the madrid masters reached new heights after the world number one was beaten 7-6 6-3 by fellow Serb Janko Tipsarevic in the quarter-finals on Friday. Djokovic and world number two rafa Nadal, who was dumped out by Spanish compatriot Fernando Verdasco on Thursday, have complained bitterly all week about the slippery nature of the showcourt surface. The top-ranked Serb again looked ill at ease as his bid to retain the title he beat Nadal to win in 2011 ended in a whimper while Tipsarevic secured a semi-final meeting with third seed roger Federer. Djokovic and Nadal have threatened not to return next year unless the traditional red courts are reinstated. Tournament organizers have blamed the slick surface on excessive pressing that prevents the clay from penetrating the hard base. "i want to forget this week as soon as possible and move on to the real clay courts," said Djokovic who will chase a first French Open crown on the red dirt of Paris later this month. "it took me at least a week to try to get used to this surface and somehow find a

way to win matches and play a decent level of tennis," he told reporters. "There is no discussion in my eyes, it's very simple. No blue clay for me." Federer, the

2009 champion, has also expressed his opposition to the blue clay but the Swiss maestro has adapted to the conditions more effectively than the top two players and cruised to a 13th win against Spain's David Ferrer in 13 meetings. Watched by real madrid soccer players including Cristiano ronaldo and Xabi Alonso, the 16-times grand slam singles champion sealed a 6-4 6-4 victory with his seventh ace as he continued the pursuit of his fourth title this year. Asked if he was the new title favorite following the exits of Djokovic and Nadal, Federer said: "maybe. i have won it in the past so you figure as a player you can do it again. "But all the other guys are highly ranked as well and can definitely run through the next couple of rounds so i am aware of that too," the 30-year-old added. "i haven't played Janko that often so i don't quite know his game that well, like i know David's game for instance or Novak's or rafa's. "We'll see how that goes first and i hope i have a shot at the title on Sunday but obviously my focus is on Tipsarevic right now," said Federer. Seventh seed Tipsarevic, who beat Djokovic at the World Tour Finals in London last year, saved four break points in the first set before taking the tiebreak 7-2.

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For each American killed, Pakistan will lose $50m in aid: bill WASHINGTON



LLeGiNG that Pakistan has for decades leveraged radical terrorist groups to carry out attacks in india and Afghanistan, a US lawmaker has introduced a bill that proposes to deduct $50 million from the US aid to islamabad every time an American is killed “as a result of the actions of iSi”. Congressman Dana rohrabacher has introduced the “Pakistan Terrorism Accountability Act of 2012” in Congress. The legislation would require the Department of Defence to list all Americans killed by terrorist

groups operating with impunity inside Pakistan and Afghanistan and “supported by elements of the Pakistani government”. For each person killed, $50 million would be subtracted from US foreign assistance to Pakistan, a requested $2.2 billion, and given to the victim’s family. rohrabacher is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Oversight and investigations Subcommittee. “For too long America has funded the Pakistani government, giving it free money, while elements of the iSi and Pakistan’s military operate radical islamic groups that are actively murdering Americans. Americans will not accept this,” rohrabacher said.

“Pakistan has for decades leveraged radical terrorist groups to carry out attacks in india and Afghanistan,” he said. “Pakistan helped to create the Taliban and Pakistan’s intelligence service hid Osama bin Laden from the US for years. Today, one of the most dangerous and sophisticated groups killing American troops in Afghanistan is the Haqqani Network, which is closely operated by the Pakistani government,” rohrabacher alleged. The legislation alleges that Pakistan, through its inter-Services intelligence (iSi), maintains control and influence in Afghanistan through militant islamic networks, such as the Haqqani Network, in order to secure

its strategic position and expand its sphere of influence, not only in Afghanistan, but also in Kashmir and against india. Former chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral mike mullen, had also accused Pakistan of supporting militant groups in Afghanistan. He said the iSi directed the Haqqani Network to plan and conduct “the assault on our embassy (in September 2011)... We also have credible evidence that they were behind the June 28 attack at the inter Continental Hotel in Kabul.” mullen had also said “the Haqqani network acts as a veritable arm of Pakistan’s inter-Services intelligence agency” in a statement issued by his office.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

end outages in two days or else: Nawaz KHUSHAB onlInE

lAHoRE: Pakistan Muslim league-nawaz Secretary General Iqbal zafar Jhagra and PMl-likeminded Secretary General Humayun Akhtar sign an MoU of electoral alliance between the two parties. PMl-n President nawaz Sharif and PMl-likeminded leaders Hamid nasir chattha and Saleem Saifullah are also seen in the picture. onLIne

Cop among pML-n enters into electoral alliance with Likeminded two killed in peshawar IeD blast LAHORE



At least two people, including a police constable. were killed and 17 others injured in an improvised explosive device (ieD) blast near Gulbahar Police Station on GT road on Saturday. Condition of five of the injured was stated to be precarious. Per details, a convoy of police vehicles was heading to Peshawar from mardan when it was targeted near Gulbahar Police Station with an ieD. As a result, a police mobile and two auto rickshaws and several motorcars were damaged. Soon after the explosion, civil and police authorities rushed to the site and began rescue operations. The injured included six policemen and a woman. Police said around five kilogrammes of explosives was used in the attack. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa information minister iftikhar Hussain said, “it is yet to be confirmed whether policemen or prisoners in the mobile vehicle were target of the attack. An enquiry is underway.” Police said four prisoners were being shifted from mardan to Peshawar Jail in the police convoy. The prisoners also sustained minor injuries. Hussain dispelled the impression that frequent terrorist acts in and around Peshawar were a result of the recent Bannu jailbreak.

Leaders of the Pakistan muslim League-Nawaz (PmL-N) and the PmLLikeminded group on Saturday signed an agreement at raiwind to form an electoral alliance for upcoming polls, and agreed on a seat adjustment formula. Speaking at a press conference where the agreement was announced, Humayun Akhtar, general secretary of the Likeminded group, briefed the media on the number of seats allotted to the party. “According to the agreement made between the two parties, 30 (which comes to 11 percent) general seats in the National Assembly have been allotted to the Likeminded group in the upcoming elections,” Akhtar said. He said the same percentage of general seats had been allotted to the Likeminded group for all the provinces, adding that the allocation of reserved seats for women, minorities and the Senate was to be based on other terms. “The Likeminded group will be given a fair representation in the parliamentary boards, manifesto committees and bodies for future alliances,” Akhtar said. The Likeminded group, led by Hamid Nasir Chattha, has some of the political heavyweights of Punjab and Sindh, including Humayun Akhtar and Arbab Ghulam rahim. meanwhile, the Likeminded’s Punjab President Ata muhammad manika resigned from his position, saying he had not been consulted on the alliance with the PmL-N. On the other hand, PmL-N President Nawaz Sharif, while talking to a private TV channel, said that although manika was the provincial president of the Likeminded group, but his real connection was with the forward block of Q-League. replying to a question about the possibility of the Chaudhrys of Gujrat joining his party, Nawaz said the Chaudhrys were currently enjoying the government, and when their enjoyment comes to an end then his party would consider such proposals. earlier on Wednesday, Sindh National Front (SNF) chief mumtaz Ali Bhutto had announced that he and his

JOiNiNG the chorus against power outages, Pakistan muslim League-Nawaz (PmL-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has given an ultimatum to the government to end load shedding in two days or else he would join the protests himself. He was addressing a mammoth public rally organized as part of the PmL-N’s “remove Gilani” movement. “Over 20 hours of power outages have really irked the common man,” he said in an emotional tone. expressing despair with the present government, the PmL-N president said he would not sit idle until the fate of the country was not changed. He asked Shahbaz Sharif, the Punjab chief minister, to allocate a rs 1 billion as “Khushab Package”. “i request him to increase the already allocated amount of rs 500 million to rs 1 billion.” Nawaz said he had nothing to do with the power and government, rather his mission was to bring progress and prosperity in the country. “During our reign india was less developed than Pakistan, but now the circumstances have changed and Pakistan is being degraded throughout the world,” he added. Nawaz said no general had the right to topple a democratic government. “A military man wasted 10 years of my life,” he said. He said that the government led by the PPP had given the nation nothing but corruption, power shortage, lawlessness and unemployment. Nawaz said as the prime minister he rejected the US offer of billions of dollars in exchange for not conducting nuclear tests, while President Asif Zardari’s government had transferred millions of dollars abroad. Addressing the public rally, Nisar Ali Khan

reference against sharif brothers sent to paC ISLAMABAD InP

The National Crisis management Cell has sent a reference to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) for recovery of rs 3 billion from the Sharif brothers. According to sources, the National Crisis management Cell reference said that companies owned by the Sharif family were defaulters of rs 3 billion from 1998 onwards. it was said that the Sharifs had borrowed more than rs 3 billion from eight banks and other institutions. The reference was signed by National Crisis management Cell Director General Brig Javed iqbal Lodhi. The reference said the plundered money should be recovered from the Sharif family. earlier, interior minister rehman malik said a reference against the Sharif brothers would be sent to PAC for the recovery of outstanding dues. said both the president and prime minister were now convicted by the court. “We are not asking for votes in the upcoming elections, but asking you come on roads against skyrocketing powers outages,” he added. “The country’s top brass is making fun of the common people as they are looting the country’s wealth to transfer the money abroad.”

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Lak’s appointment as fIa Dg withheld ISLAMABAD: The notification for the appointment of Zafar Abbas Lak as the director general of the Federal investigation Agency (FiA) has been withheld. Sources said Lak would continue to perform his duties as the acting secretary for the Narcotics Division, while Javed iqbal would continue to head the FiA. Sources were of the view that implementation on the notification had not been cancelled; rather there was only a delay in this regard. Inp

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