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Tuesday, 12 February, 2013 Rabiul Awal 30, 1434

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no free travelling for a month on Metro buses

ppp’s Kp leadership, anp not consulted over new governor

The Punjab government is seriously contemplating charging fare from the passengers instead of providing them free travelling facilities in the first four weeks on metro buses due to large crowds of rowdy people thronging to get a joyride on the newly-launched service. According to sources in various governmental institutions, agencies and security officials, the buses have been jam packed at the starting point on both sides of the route and passengers at bus stops had to face difficulty to board the already packed buses. paGe 02

With the appointment of Shaukatullah as new governor for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, unrest has erupted in the top ranks of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) provincial chapter. “Neither we nor PPP provincial president Anwar Saifullah Khan were invited to the oath taking ceremony of Shaukatullah,” said a PPP leader considered very close to Anwar Saifullah when contacted by Pakistan Today. “Almost all the top leaders of PPP-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have not been consulted over the posting of Shaukatullah as the new governor,” the PPP leader added. paGe 18

Government committed to welfare of non-Muslims story on paGe 03

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Pakistan is investing substantial financial and human resources to rid the country of polio. – Pakistani envoy to UN Masood Khan



LAHORE: A large number of people stand in a queue at the Shahdara terminal to travel on the Metro Bus on Monday. INP

NEWS Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

Six die as fog causes road accidents in Punjab LAHORE: Dense fog in parts of Punjab triggered road accidents on Monday claiming six lives. According to Rescue 1122 officials, a blanket of fog on a highway in Sheikhupura caught five vehicles in a pile-up leaving at least four people dead and over 15 injured. Furthermore, another road accident took place near Mandiali area. Elsewhere in Punjab, another mishap was reported near Sahiwal where a bus-truck collision left two people dead and 13 injured near Koreshah area. The injured were rushed to district hospital, rescue officials said. Meanwhile, authorities closed the motorway from the Kala Shah Kaku Interchange to Thokar Niaz Beg due to the dense fog and low visibility on the highway. Separately, the fog also prevailed in parts of Sindh where at least 12 people were injured in a road accident on the National Highway near Nawabshah town. ONLINE

Sindh EC seeks another 5 days to verify voters’ lists ISLAMABAD: The Sindh Election Commission has requested the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to grant it five more days to complete the voters’ verification process in Karachi. According to sources in the ECP, the verification process was scheduled to be completed by February 11, but would now be complete by February 16. Additional time was requested due to difficulties faced owing to the law and order in the city. INP

PIA airplane escapes disaster at Muscat airport KARACHI: A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 737 on Monday narrowly escaped a disaster at Muscat airport. According to reports, the airplane developed a fault in landing gears due to which it had to make a technical landing at the Muscat airport. Around 105 passengers were on board the airplane, which took off from the Sialkot airport. ONLINE

‘US spy’ found dead in SWA WANA: Militants on Monday killed an Afghan national over allegations of spying for the United States. According to details, the bullet riddled body of a person, stated to be an Afghan national, was found in Rustam Bazaar, Wana –tribal headquarters of the South Waziristan Agency (SWA). A written was also found with the body, stating that the man was killed over spying for US forces. INP

Govt not sincere in creating new provinces, says Nawaz PML-N chief says ruLers oNLy cookiNg coNtroversies RAHIM YAR KHAN



akistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n) President nawaz sharif on Monday said the government was not sincere in creating new provinces in Punjab. addressing a public gathering in Rahim Yar khan, the former PM said the government never wanted to establish new provinces and always created controversies. He said the aim of the government was to spread hatred among the people of Punjab and to extend chaos and unrest in the country. nawaz said his party was committed to restore Bahawalpur as a province and would create new provinces on administrative, not ethnic, basis. the PML-n leader lashed out at the rulers for their bad governance, which he claimed had increased the suffering of

the common man. nawaz said his first priority was to save Pakistan. “if we were given a chance to serve the nation, the condition of the people would have been different, the current government has enjoyed five years but did nothing for the common man,” he added. nawaz said reforms could be brought about and the system could be transformed if the voters elected sincere, dedicated and honest representatives so

that corrupt practices in all fields could be rooted out. Claiming credit for the reinstatement of judges, the PML-n chief said it was the apex court that was initiating suo motu actions against corruption, law and order, extortions and unconstitutional acts. “We saved the judiciary as the country will be further strengthened with presence of strong institutions,” he claimed. He said instead of accepting dictation from the Us, he followed policies that were in the larger interest of the country. nawaz called for an immediate removal of the government, which he accused of indulging in massive corruption. He said Pakistan was in the midst of all sorts of problems, adding that agriculture sector had been hit hard by the increase in POL and other input prices. the PML-n chief said the country was being run on borrowing from the state Bank of Pakistan, which was printing new notes to meet the government’s demand. He said that was leading to inflation and burden on the common man, adding that labourers had no jobs while the poor had been pushed to the wall.

Govt mulling charging fare for metro buses to curb joyrides LAHORE: The Punjab government is seriously contemplating charging fare from the passengers instead of providing them free travelling facilities in the first four weeks on metro buses due to large crowds of rowdy people thronging to get a joyride on the newly-launched service. According to sources in various governmental institutions, agencies and security officials, the buses have been jam packed at the starting point on both sides of the route and passengers at bus stops had to face difficulty to board the already packed buses. There were a number of people who travelled with their families just for recreation purposes and instead of coming down at any stop, made it a “round trip”. Those who had to travel on a need basis were, therefore, left stranded at terminals. A number of buses were also damaged the other day due to which the public circles are also demanding that the government take steps for ensuring that only passengers travelling per need benefited from the metro bus service and efforts be made to protect the national asset. Some circles have also expressed the apprehension that if the government did not start charging fare for metro bus service, the citizens would not avail the facility in the real sense. ONLINE

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United Nations should ask India to hand over Afzal Guru’s body to his heirs. – Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed




Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

QAdrI SNUbbEd by jUdGES sc QuestioNs cLeric’s Locus staNdi iN the case as he is a caNadiaN NatioNaL ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT


EHREEk Minhajul Quran (tMQ) chief Dr tahirul Qadri on Monday was given a hard time by a three-member supreme Court bench that questioned the maintainability of his petition, with the otherwise charged cleric left helpless and exhausted despite raising valid points over the composition of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Qadri faced further grinding at the hands of the media outside the court premises and the veteran cleric might now be regretting his decision to plead his petition on his own instead of hiring a lawyer. it was Chief Justice of Pakistan iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry who spearheaded the onslaught against Qadri, hurling a volley of questions at him to elaborate the locus standi of his petition, as he possessed dual nationality. the court time and again questioned the rationale of his right to file the petition over the status of his Canadian citizenship.

Qadri says he aPPeared before sc as a voter the three-judge bench of Chief Justice iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar ahmed and Justice azmat saeed directed Qadri to submit by tuesday the required documents regarding his claims of being a stakeholder in the democratic system of the country and the notification over his dual nationality. the bench was hearing a constitutional petition moved by the tMQ chief under article 184(3) of the constitution related to fundamental rights of citizens. in his plea, Dr Qadri wanted a declaration from the court against the composition of the ECP. at the onset of proceedings, the chief justice stopped the cleric from praising the judiciary and drew his attention towards his contentions. to the bench’s query, Qadri replied that he had applied for the citizenship of Canada in 1997 and got nationality in the year 2005. “Can the government of Pakistan, with all respect to you, allow such a person to retain its citizenship?” the CJ posed a question. “One thing is clear: you cannot be a member of parliament, because, according to the constitution, a dual nationality holder cannot become a lawmaker,”

PLea coNcerNs geNeraL PubLic aNd MaiNtaiNabLe Justice Chaudhry said. the bench inquired if he had acquired foreign nationality due to any threats, to which Qadri replied that he had not attained Canadian nationality on the basis of any dangers to his life. “after acquiring citizenship, one has to take an oath of allegiance,” remarked the chief justice. “How can somebody who takes an oath of allegiance to another country be loyal to Pakistan?” “if i seek allegiance of a foreign country, then how can i say that the parliament which represents the will of 18 million to 20 million people, is suffering from flaws,” the CJ observed. “Yes, i’m a citizen of Canada,” Qadri said, adding that he acquired the Canadian nationality as a religious scholar in an ordinary manner. the chief justice questioned him whether a person who had acquired nationality of a foreign country could retain the Pakistani nationality and drew his attention towards section 14(3) of the General immigration Laws. He reminded Dr Qadri that when he got citizenship of a foreign country, he expressed his allegiance to that country. “such a person cannot enter parliament

Govt committed to welfare of non-Muslims: Zardari ECP to discuss details on tax defaulters in meeting with Fbr, SbP officials ISLAMABAD: Aiming to bar bank defaulters and tax evaders from taking part in the forthcoming general elections, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is going to hold an important meeting with the Federal Board of Revenue and State Bank of Pakistan most likely on Wednesday. According to articles 62, 63 of the constitution, bank defaulters, tax evaders, and utility bill defaulters cannot take part in the elections. A senior official of the ECP told Pakistan Today on Monday the ECP representatives will discuss ways in which the SBP and the FBR could formulate mechanisms to scrutinise tax and loan details of candidates in the upcoming next general elections. “Once we formulate a mechanism to get information about tax and loan details of the candidates, only then we will be able to stop tax evaders from taking part in the elections,” the official said. In the past, a large number of tax evaders, fake degree-holders and even those lacking in characteristics as enshrined in the provision of articles 62 and 63 managed to become parliamentarians. Now, when the ECP is being widely criticised for its ‘friendly’ attitude regarding the implementation of articles 62 and 63, the electoral body is going to hold meetings with the SBP and the FBR to haunt tax evaders and bank defaulters. The election commission has also recommended some amendments in electoral laws, which also include the extension in the one-week period fixed for scrutiny of the candidates to one month period. Currently, the proposals are being discussed in the Senate’s Special Committee on Election Reforms, and there is likelihood that during the ongoing parliamentary session, the proposals will be tabled for final legislations. STAFF REPORT

under articles 62 and 63 of the constitution as he had showed allegiance to another country,” he added. Qadri maintained that under the relevant laws he was not allowed to contest elections and enter the parliament, but under the relevant laws, he could retain his Pakistani nationality. He further contended that he had taken up an issue which pertained to general interest and could be heard. He said that general laws for immigration also provided such exemptions. the CJ reminded him that under the Canadian law, he had taken oath of allegiance to the Queen and assumed duties as citizen of Canada. Qadri said he had appeared before the bench as a voter, as the law differentiated between the voter and parliamentarian. the chief justice told him that he should submit the required documents by tuesday as it would be significant and assured him that they would give him a full hearing opportunity. the CJ observed that the petitioner would also argue his locus standi in the case as it would have implications. to a query, attorney General for Pakistan irfan Qadir said a dual nationality holder could approach the supreme Court under the provisions of fundamental rights and there was no such bar. He said he would oppose contentions of the petitioner but he should be given an opportunity to put up the case. the proceedings were adjourned until today (tuesday).

PPP govt won’t delay elections


President asif ali Zardari on Monday said that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) knew well how to protect its supporters, as he reiterated the government’s commitment to the welfare of the nonMuslims living in the country. talking to PPP deputy parliamentary leader in the Punjab assembly, shaukat Basra at the services Hospital, President Zardari said that the PPP appreciated the zeal of its supporters and would not abandon them in any circumstances. Basra was injured on sunday after he was baton-charged by the police when he visited the camp of protesting doctors to express his solidarity with the young medical practitioners who were protesting for improving their service conditions. Later talking to Evacuee trust Property Board (EtPB) Chairman syed asif Hashmi at the Governor’s House, the president appreciated EtPB’s efforts for facilitating and safeguarding the rights of the minorities. Governor Punjab

Makhdoom syed ahmad Mehmud was also present during the meeting. the EtPB chairman briefed the president about various steps taken by the board for welfare of the minorities in the country and facilitating pilgrims. Recounting various measures undertaken by the present government for welfare of minorities, including allocation of reserved seats in the senate, five percent job quota in all federal government jobs, commemorating 11th august every year as Minority Day, establishment of a hotline for the timely redressal of grievances

of the non-Muslim citizens, the president said that the government would continue to protect and safeguard the rights of the minorities as enshrined in the constitution. President Zardari advised EtPB chairman to ensure that the religious places of the minorities were protected and saved from encroachments. President administers oath: the president also administered oath to senator abbas khan afridi as federal minister in a ceremony held at the Governor House.

LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday said the PPP government would not delay the general elections. Addressing the PPP representatives from Faisalabad Division, Bilawal said the Election Commission of Pakistan was independent in its functioning. He asked the office-bearers and elected public representatives to prepare for the general elections. He said the completion of tenure by the democratic government showed political stability in the country, adding that the PPP would win the elections on the basis of its performance. STAFF REPORT

Sadiq be deported to Pakistan by 14th: SC ISLAMABAD ONLINE

the supreme Court ordered on Monday that tauqeer sadiq, former chairman of the Oil and Gas Regulatory authority (OGRa), be deported back to Pakistan before his detention in Dubai expires on February 14. a two-member bench comprising Justice Jawwad s khawaja and Justice khilji arif Hussain took up the OGRa corruption case for hearing on Monday. in its order, the supreme Court directed the Federal investigation agency (Fia), the Foreign Ministry, the interior Ministry and other departments to support the national accountability Bureau (naB) in the deportation of tauqeer sadiq. the order further states that if the process to deport sadiq is not completed by February 14, steps should be taken to extend the detention period. the supreme Court (sC) also directed naB to present a comprehensive report on

the efforts made on its part from January 2 to arrest tauqir sadiq. Justice Jawwad s khawaja observed that the court would determine what legal action should be taken against the persons who helped tauqir sadiq escape from the country. “no doubt tauqir sadiq’s name was placed on the Exit Control List (ECL) but it seems apparently that he is roaming freely. if we see official record we will come to know that tauqir sadiq is present in Pakistan as per the documents of the immigration Department,” he remarked. Fia Director (Legal) azam khan told the court that the passports of tauqir sadiq had been revoked on January 2, 2013, and all the countries had been informed through interpol that tauqir sadiq was wanted by Pakistan.

Justice Jawwad s khawaja asked when and how this request was sent to UaE authorities by the Fia. He said that the documents be shown to the court wherein it was stated that the passports of tauqir sadiq had been cancelled. naB investigation Officer Waqas told the court that tauqir sadiq might leave the UaE on February 14. “We contacted UaE authorities due to which tauqir sadiq was arrested. now UaE authorities have changed their stance and Dubai authorities have told us that tauqir sadiq will be deported. But when we arrived in Pakistan we were told that it was a matter of his delivery and not deportation,” he added. Justice Jawwad s khawaja observed: “We had already said that tauqir sadiq

would perhaps never come to Pakistan.” the Fia director told the court that information about the revocation of passports of tauqir sadiq had been sent to all the countries through interpol. this information was sent to Dubai authorities through naB and the court. “show us the documents related to the letter sent to Dubai authorities,” Justice khwaja said. the Fia director replied: “We can write only to interpol.” amicus curiae khawaja Haris told the court that the interior Ministry had contacted Dubai authorities. Justice khilji arif Hussain asked, “What immediate steps should be taken by us that tauqir sadiq comes before us.” Haris told the court that a letter had been written by the Cabinet Division to the naB chairman on January 11, 2013, in which naB was told that the prime minister wanted to stay informed about the updates of this case. the hearing of the case was adjourned until February 18.

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04 N

I come from a family having vast experience in politics but I had to struggle for a better place in it. — Former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani

NEWS Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

Five Pakistani-britons die in car crash in Makkah but one-year-old baby survives NEWS DESK


one-year-old baby has miraculously survived a car crash which wiped out five members of a British family while they were on pilgrimage to Makkah. Mohammed Eisa Daniel Hayat was found cradled in the arms of his dying grandfather shaukat ali Hayat, 56, after the taxi they were travelling in left a motorway before crashing into a concrete bridge. Moments before, his soon-to-bemarried aunt saira Zenub Hayat had sent a desperate text message from her mobile saying that the car was travelling ‘too fast’. she also died in the crash along with her mother abida, 47, and 33-year-old brother Mohammed isshaq Hayat. Mohammad’s heavily pregnant wife Bilques – baby Mohammed’s mother – was also killed. the child was taken to hospital where he was treated for a dislocated shoulder,

broken arm and ribs. Mr Hayat’s brother sma said the one-year-old had been dubbed the ‘saudi miracle baby’, and added that he was only alive because of his grandfather’s actions. ‘He saw what happened as the car went out of control,’ the 58-year-old said. ‘He grabbed the baby, clutched him in his arms and cushioned him. ‘His actions saved the child’s life. the boy has lost everyone but luckily he has pulled through.’ the Hayat family, from newport, south Wales, had been in saudi

15 killed in Karachi violence KARACHI STAFF REPORT

at least 15 more people lost their lives on Monday as the ongoing wave of violence persisted in karachi. People were killed and injured in city’s ahsanabad, Gulshan-iiqbal, Landhi sherpao Colony, Lyari, safora Chowrangi, abul Hasan isfahani Road and Garden areas. the incidents spread fear among residents and shops and small businesses were reportedly shut in some areas of the city. Meanwhile, special investigation department of CiD police has arrested three people including two alleged members of banned

tehreek-i-taliban Pakistan (ttP) when they raided Manghopir and shershah areas. according to police, the arrested are involved in several acts of extortions and targeted killings including attacks on foreign health teams. indian fisherman flees from Karachi jail: an indian fisherman imprisoned in Malir Jail escaped on Monday. according to media reports, the indian fisherman was imprisoned for violating territorial waters. the DiG (Prisons) has suspended three police officials and ordered a search for the missing prisoner.

arabia for the wedding of 29-year-old saira and were performing the Makkah pilgrimage while they were there. as part of their trip, they had also decided to visit family in the city of Jeddah and hired a taxi for four hours to undertake the journey. they set off from Makkah at around 5am on Friday. shortly afterwards, saira texted a relative to say that she was worried about the vehicle’s speed. the taxi then ran straight into a concrete bridge, somersaulted off the road and

came to rest on its roof in a ditch. Rescuers rushed to their aid and thought that the whole family had perished, until they found Mohammed miraculously still alive. His family – including 30-year-old mother who was seven months pregnant – were buried in Jannat-ul-Baqi cemetery in Medina shortly after the accident. twenty relatives have flown out to saudi to visit the Hayats’ resting place and bring the little boy home. the crash has been blamed on the driver going to sleep at the

wheel. an investigation is underway. Mr Hayat, orginally from Pakistan, was a teacher and well-known member of the Muslim community in newport. His daughter saira worked as a pharmacist while her brother Mohammed had hoped to do a PhD in neuroscience at university. He was described as an excellent student. the family were also involved in a charity work and in 2010 they helped raise funds for victims of flooding in Pakistan.

If Afzal Guru’s family wants to visit his grave that can be considered: Shinde NEW DELHI AGENCIES

amid a row over delay in informing the family of afzal Guru about his execution, Union Home Minister sushilkumar shinde on Monday said that the family was informed in prior as per the rules. addressing a press conference, shinde said: “the decision to hang afzal was not politically motivated but was done as per the law.” the Home Minister was speaking about the delay of the letter which was delivered to the family two days after Guru’s hanging. afzal Guru was hanged in the tihar jail on saturday

morning, whereas his family on Monday received an official letter informing about his execution. However, shinde added that if afzal Guru’s family wants to visit his grave in tihar jail, that can be considered. according to reports, the letter dispatched by the superintendent of tihar Jail was delivered to Guru’s family this morning. “We got the letter early morning today. though we refused to accept it initially some of our relatives prevailed on us to see the contents,” said aijaz Guru, afzal’s elder brother. “What is the need of getting the letter delivered when the execution has happened three days back,” he added.

paKistan slaMs indian ‘hiGh-handedness’ ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan on Monday reaffirmed its solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and expressed concern over the atrocities committed by the Indian government in the area. Commenting on the execution of Kashmiri leader Afzal Guru, a government spokesman said, “We reaffirm our solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and express our

serious concern on the high handed measures taken by India in the wake of Afzal Guru’s execution to suppress the aspirations of Kashmiris by arrests and detention of Hurriyat leaders, curfews, blackouts and other coercive means.” The Foreign Office spokesman also called for the lifting of repressive measures and immediate release of Hurriyat leaders. APP

5 things for which Pope Benedict XVI will be remembered NEWS DESK On Monday, the Pope put in his two weeks notice. Or something like it. Pope Benedict XVi announced on that he would resign on the last day of the month after serving under eight years in the post. this will be the first time a Pope steps down from the Roman Catholic Church in almost six centuries. the 85-year old attributed his decision to his declining health. “after having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, i have come to the certainty that my strengths due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry,’ he told the cardinals in a Monday gathering. Benedict has been the head of the Catholic church since 2005, and succeeded Pope John Paull ii. a new pope is expected to be elected by mid-March. in spite of his rather short tenure, Benedict XVi has had a distinct impact. Here are the five he’ll be remembered for: 1. his conservative stances: Pope Benedict XVi has been widely considered a conservative reli-

gious leader, asserting that Catholicism is “true” and in direct competition with islam. He has stated that other religions are “deficient,” and has made a push to bring “the Gospel of Jesus Christ anew to the world, especially in the West.” He is also vehemently opposed to homosexuality and the induction of female priests. 2. the clerical abuse scandal: Controversy over the sex abuse cases consumed much of Benedict’s papacy, and how he handled it will always be a part of his legacy. Reports emerged in 2010 that Benedict XVi attempted to keep a convicted child-molesting priest in his post in 1985 when he served as a Cardinal

in Germany. “He cited the priest’s relative youth but also the good of the church” for pushing to keep the priest in his position, according to the new York times. in 2011, a group of sex abuse victims called for the Pope to be tried for crimes against humanity for allegedly covering up pleas of abuse at the international criminal court. 3. return to latin: in november of 2012, Benedict established an academy dedicated to reviving the longdead language of Latin inside and outside the Catholic Church. He maintained at the time that familiarity with Latin language and culture was of great importance for understanding the bible.

4. social media outreach: While Benedict XVi stressed the importance of some of the Catholic Church’s oldest traditions, he wasn’t scared to try out some new technologies. in December of 2012, Benedict launched his personal twitter account (@pontifex) in at least eight languages, including English, arabic, German, Portuguese, and spanish. He has 1.5 million followers on his English language account, but he himself only follows eight other accounts. Oh, and they’re all his own accounts. #papalswag 5. his comParatively short term: Benedict XVi will undoubtedly be remembered for the relative brevity of his tenure. the last Pope to resign was Gregory Xii, who resigned in 1415 to help end the Great Western schism, when there were multiple popes vying for the post. Church law technically doesn’t permit a papal resignation, if he is mentally sound and not forced out. But it happens. and, according to theological experts, if a pope chooses to resign, under canon law, no one is allowed to tell him he can’t.

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Our final battle is with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. —Former PM Yousaf Raza Gillani

ISLAMABAD Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

WeAther UpdAteS

180highC 070Low C


tUeSdAy WedneSdAy thUrSdAy 18°C I 10°C

16°C I 10°C

15°C I 09°C

PRAyER TImINGS Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 5:35 6:59 12:22 3:22 5:45 7:09

SAy It WIth FloWErS fLower veNdors exPect heavy saLes oN feb 14 ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT


aLEntinE’s Day has become the most important day of the year for flower vendors in the capital, as it provides them an entire day of booming business selling flowers and bouquets. these vendors start stocking tonnes of flowers from the start of February, especially beautiful fragrant roses and seasonal flowers to attract young people to their shops. Vendors in all major markets start placing large orders at nurseries for fresh stocks of roses during the first

week of February and sometimes store flowers in deep freezers to keep them fresh for longer. shopkeepers illuminate their premises with red paraphernalia including balloons, teddy bears, cards, romantic poetry books, ornaments, chocolates and lots of hearts and romantic quotes. Love is literally in the air in these shops and passers-by stop to think of their loved ones and pick up flowers. amir, a flower vendor at Jinnah super, said, “it had rained on Valentine’s Day last year and the year before that. thank fully it will not dampen our business this year.” “Valentine’s Day is our day,” he insisted. it gives us an opportunity to make a lot of money and charge whatever we please, as customers never bargain for prices on this day, he added.

kashif, another vendor, said, “i normally charge Rs 150-200 for a dozen roses on any normal day, but i sell roses at Rs 100 each on Valentine’s.” another vendor at the F10 Markaz said only rainy weather could affect sales as customers would rather place orders online. the growing trend of online shopping has become a threat to these shopkeepers’ business, as it facilitates buyers by allowing them to send bouquets and gifts while staying home.

National Savings employees protest salary non-payment eMPLoyees threateNed with terMiNatioN ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

several national savings contractual employees staged a protest demonstration on Monday against their proposed termination and demanded the release of pending salaries. Protestors said they had been waiting for the release of their salaries for four months and when they had begun protesting against the delay, the authorities had decided to sack them. Rizwan ahmad, a protestor, said, “We have been working without payment for four months and now that we have begun demanding our salaries the department has started threatening us with termination from office.” the employees had been working on the “automation Program of CDns”, in which a computerised system had been introduced in all branches of the national savings. the projects in

islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and abbottabad had been completed and the expense incurred was around Rs 400 million. abid ifitkhar, leader of the protest, said, “there was clear misappropriation of funds by the department and they won’t be able to function

without us.” Despite the Establishment Division’s orders for regularising employees, the case had allegedly not been forwarded to the regularisation committee due to the Central Directorate of national savings Director General Zafar Muhammad shaikh personal interests.

Fares being decided on transporters’ whim cNg is beiNg cited as aN excuse for aN exorbitaNt iNcrease iN fares islamabad: Public transporters have increased fares on various routes between the twin cities using the unavailability of CnG as an excuse. Many people use public transport daily to travel between the two cities and have to deal with the rude behaviour of conductors who charge increased fares on whim. transporters have been using the unavailability of CnG as an excuse to raise fares without official notification from the authorities. the practice has been going unchecked and that has encouraged transporters to overcharge commuters. several brawls have broken out between commuters and conductors over the matter and commuters have been demanding official fare lists. transporters have also been reported to discriminate between commuters based on route destinations. a passenger at Rehmanabad stop complained, “i am a government employee and have to travel between the two cities everyday, conductors do not let me on their vehicles as i have to travel to islamabad and back to Rehmanabad everyday.” another passenger said this has been going on for a while and transporters have been violating their designated routes and demand extra fare every time. asim ali, a student, said his parents could not afford to pay the high fare for transport and he would have to wait to go to his institute till the supply of CnG was restored. another commuter said the Rawalpindi transport authority had handled the matter cleverly and was pandering to these wellconnected transporters. He urged Chief Minister shahbaz sharif to take note of the issue and provide relief to people. Mutahidda transport Union President Malik Muhammad sultan defended all drivers and conductors and said they were not violating any rules. He rejected all allegations and said the organisation would take strict action against any drivers and conductors found violating official fare lists. APP

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7 percent children in the country are underweight. —National Nutritional Survey

ISLAMABAD Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

I WILL MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL: A roadside barber dyes the hair of a client. ONLINE


NA body directs oGdCl to focus on development in Sindh ISLAMABAD



HE national assembly’s legislative body on Petroleum and natural Resources has directed oil exploration companies to increase development in oil producing areas

in sindh. the national assembly sub-Committee on Petroleum and natural Resources held a meeting on Monday with nawab ali Wassan in the chair to examine development projects in sindh for the welfare of locals and make recommendations for future projects. the meeting discussed possibilities for improved management of the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and other oil exploration companies in case of possible obstacles in operations in the province.

the committee expressed disappointment over the insufficient development work carried out in sindh. Wassan said sindh produced 57 percent of the country’s gas but development in the province was unsatisfactory and these places did not have health and education facilities. the committee advised exploration companies to initiate a scheme to provide residential facilities to the poor, possibly through a ballot. OGDCL officials informed the committee that the company had spent Rs 635

million in its corporate social responsibility programme in a year and had focused particularly on sindh. Officials said the company was legally bound to spend up to Rs 66 million on infrastructure development but had spent an extra Rs 14 million. Petroleum and natural Resources secretary naeem Malik said that due to certain limitations and conditions set forth by the government, companies were restricted in their scope of development work. He said if the government removed these restrictions the situation would be very different.

Khurshid lauds Saudi Arabia’s hajj arrangements islamabad: Religious affairs Minister khurshid shah on sunday lauded the initiation of large projects by saudi arabia to facilitate Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. He praised these efforts at a meeting with Muassasah south asian Pilgrims Chairman Raffat ismail Badr at the Muassasah headquarters in Mecca. shah discussed arrangements for the comfortable stay of Pakistani pilgrims at the holy city and said the arrangements were commendable and appreciated by the entire Ummah. Ministry of Religious affairs secretary azam samma, ambassador of Pakistan to saudi arabia naeem khan, Consul General of Pakistan at Jeddah aftab khokher, Joint secretary shahzad ahmad, Hajj Director General abu ahmad akif, Hajj Mission Director Rafeo Bashir shah and Ministry of Religious affairs Director Baharullah Hazarvi attended the meeting. Muassasah Executive Committee members represented the saudi government at the meeting. Muassasah’s preparations regarding transportation, residence, private Hajj tour operators, location of Makatib and electronic systems, were discussed at length. Badr thanked the minister for visiting the organisation and said the Muassasah would keep up its tradition of facilitating Pakistani pilgrims. APP

islamabad: Private schools in residential areas have become a nuisance for residents and created concerns for pedestrians and commuters during rush hours. these institutes have occupied additional space by installing gates, additional gardens and road blocks for security reasons. they obstruct the smooth flow of traffic in the area and have become a leading cause of accidents in residential blocks. Private schools have mushroomed in residential areas in the recent years. they are a lucrative business and are cheaper to operate in residential areas. Government schools provide quality education but are not enough to cater to the population and parents resort to sending children to private institutes. shakir Hussain, a resident, said, “i live in sector i-10 where many people have set up schools in their homes, i get stuck in traffic everyday because of the extra space they occupy.” Most schools operate in homes without being registered with the Private Educational institutions Regulatory authority and the authority does not have enough power to keep a strict check on their actions, he added. kamran khan, a resident in F-10, said, “Most schools encroach on public space by extending the boundary of their schools by placing concrete blocks outside their gates that leads to traffic jams and overcrowded roads most of the time.” He said he had sent his child to a private school because of its academic reputation but had trouble picking and dropping his child as the institute had encroached on half the road. Capital Development authority (CDa) spokesperson Ramzan sajid said the authority regularly carried out anti-encroachment drives in residential and commercial areas and removed unauthorised construction. He said the CDa had allocated plots for institutes in the residential to be developed in the future. APP

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Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. — Malcolm X

NEWS Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

Pope benedict XvI to resign vATICAN CITY AGENCIES


OPE Benedict XVi of the Roman Catholic Church has decided to resign from his post due to ill health, the Vatican has announced. “the pope announced that he will leave his ministry at 8:00 pm (19:00 GMt) on February 28,” said a Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, on Monday. Benedict, born Joseph aloisius Ratzinger, is the 265th pope, and began his papacy on april 19, 2005. the pope had announced his decision in Latin during a canonisation ceremony on Monday morning, reported al Jazeera’s sabina Castelfranco from Bologna. she said the move to resign was “something that we have not seen in modern times”. Benedict, 85, said that he no longer had

the strength to fulfil his duties, due to his advanced age, according to a statement from the Vatican. “For this reason, and well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom i declare that i renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, successor of saint Peter,” he said. the senior cardinal of the Vatican will take over Benedict’s duties following his stepping down, until a conclave of Catholic Church cardinals can be held to choose his successor. the conclave could be held as early as mid-March, as the traditional mourning time that would follow the death of a pope does not have to be observed in this case. the Vatican said that it expected the period between Benedict’s stepping down and the selection of a successor to be “as brief as possible”, and that a successor could be elected before Easter celebrations. ‘fatigued’ and ‘exhausted’ ad-

dressing the press following the announcement, spokesperson Lombardi said that senior Vatican figures had noticed that Benedict appeared “fatigued” and “exhausted” in fulfilling his duties in recent days. nevertheless, he said that the decision to step down left church officials “incredulous”. He asserted that it was in full compliance with Church law. Benedict had hinted in a book of interviews in 2010 that he might resign if he felt he was no longer able to carry out his duties. the last pope to resign was Pope Gregory Xii, who stepped down in 1415 in a deal to end the Great Western schism among competing papal claimants. Benedict called his choice “a decision of great importance for the life of the church”. after resigning, the former pope will move to a summer residence near Rome.

07 N

after that, he will live in a former monastery within Vatican territory, Lombardi said. World reacts: immediately following the announcement, Francois Hollande, the French president, said the decision was worthy of respect. “i have no special comment to make on this decision which is eminently respectable,” Hollande said, adding that France “hails the pope who took this decision”. the German government said that it had “the highest respect” for Benedict. “as a Christian and as a Catholic, one can’t help but be moved and touched by this,” said steffen seibert, a government spokesperson. Yona Metzger, israel’s chief rabbi, praised Benedict’s interfaith outreach programmes. “During his period [as pope] there were the best relations ever between the church and the chief rabbinate and we hope that this trend

After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry will continue,” a spokesman quoted Metzger as saying after the pope announced he would resign. Benedict “will be missed as a spiritual leader to millions”, David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, said.

Guinean officials die in liberia plane crash MONROvIA AGENCIES

at least 10 people have been killed after a plane carrying a military delegation from Guinea crashed near the Liberian capital, Monrovia, Liberian government officials say. the Guinean officials were on their way to attend ceremonies for an annual armed forces day on Monday. a presidency official in Guinea said the head of the country’s armed forces and other senior military officials were killed in the crash. “there was the chief of staff and five other military officials on the plane,” said the source in Conakry, who asked not to be identified. “it’s clear that everyone on the plane is dead.” the plane went down in the town of Charlesville, about eight kilometres from the Roberts international airport. “there were 10 people on board this flight and none of them survived,” said Liberian information Minister Lewis Brown. the Guinean military chief, General kelefa Diallo, was on a security mission to Liberia, police in Guinea said. Diallo was a close ally of Guinean President alpha Conde. RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazilian revelers participate in the traditional bloco da lama (mud block) carnival on Monday. AGENCIES

Israel detains women over prayer shawls TEL AvIv AGENCIES

israeli police have detained 10 women at one of Judaism’s holiest sites for wearing prayer shawls, which Orthodox tradition sees as solely for men, authorities confirm. among those detained on Monday at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City was susan silverman, a reform rabbi who is a sister of the famous Us comedian sarah silverman, and her teenage daughter, police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld has said. two other Us citizens and israeli members of “Women of the Wall”, a group that campaigns for gender equality in religious practice, were also detained. the group routinely convenes for monthly prayer sessions at the Western Wall, revered by Jews as a perimeter wall of the Biblical temple in Jerusalem. some of its members have been detained by police in the past for wearing prayer shawls at the site and released without charge. the Western Wall is administered under strict Orthodox ritual law, which bars women from wearing the religious garb or publicly reading from the holy scriptures. Rosenfeld said the women had acted “against regulations set by the High Court”, citing a decision of a decade ago upholding Orthodox rules at the site to avoid tension between worshippers. the incident highlighted the divisions between the more liberal branches of Judaism and politically powerful Orthodox groups that traditionally limit the role of women in prayer.

inquiry ordered into deadly india stampede NEW DELHI AGENCIES

a government inquiry has been ordered into what led to a stampede that killed at least 36 people at a train station in the northern indian city where millions of devout Hindus have gathered for a religious festival, officials say. More than 40 million people were in allahabad on sunday to mark the kumbh Mela, a Hindu religious festival. People thronged to the main hospital in the city on Monday to see if their relatives were among the 36 dead and 30 people injured in sunday evening’s stampede at the train station. tens of thousands of people were in the station waiting to board a train when railway officials announced a lastminute change in the platform, triggering the chaos. Mohammed azam khan, the head of the festival’s organising committee, resigned from his post on Monday “on moral grounds”. Witnesses blamed police action for the stampede. “We heard an announcement that our train is coming on platform number 4 and when we started moving toward that platform through a footbridge, we were stopped. then suddenly the police charged us with batons and the stampede started,’’ passenger shushanto kumar sen said.

“People started tumbling over one another and within no time i saw people, particularly women and children, being trampled over by others,” sen said. Police denied they had used batons to control the crowd. Pawan kumar Bansal, india’s railways minister, said that an inquiry has been ordered into what led to the stampede. the chief medical officer of allahabad district said the death toll rose to 36 after 14 more people died during treatment, the Press trust of india and nDtV news channel said. Dr P. Padmakar, the medical superintendent of the main state-run hospital said 23 of the 36 people killed were women. tens of millions of Hindus had gathered for a holy bath in india’s sacred Ganga River for the most auspicious day of the world’s largest religious festival, kumbh Mela. the population of the city had swollen from its normal 1.2 million to about 40 million on sunday morning, with about 20 million packed inside the vast sealed-off bathing area on the banks of the river, ashok sharma, a government spokesperson, said. amid the crush, the thousands of volunteers on duty and police were urging pilgrims to take one short dip and then leave the freezing waters to make space for others behind them.

“aerial surveys by choppers, flying cameras and our estimates put the figure at around 20 million people taking a holy dip in the rivers,” sharma told the aFP news agency on sunday. Monumental task the Maha kumbh Mela, which began last month and ends in March, takes place every 12 years in allahabad. smaller, similar events are held every three years in other locations around india. the bathing takes place at an area called sangam, the confluence of the rivers Ganga and Yamuna and a third mystical waterway called the saraswati. Devotees believe entering the mighty rivers cleanse them of sin and free them from the cycle of rebirth. assorted dreadlocked holymen, seers and self-proclaimed saints from all over the country have assembled for the spectacle that offers a rare glimpse of the dizzying range of indian spiritualism. More than 7,000 policemen had been deployed to oversee the sunday bathing ritual, along with 30,000 volunteers, police say. Management of the festival requires a monumental effort - and a budget of $290m. thousands of buses and special trains were ferrying people to allahabad where the heavily polluted Yamuna river flows into the Ganga.

russia miners killed in blast MOSCOW AGENCIES

at least 18 miners have been killed after a blast struck a coal mine in the komi region in Russia’s far north, the emergencies ministry has said. a total of 259 miners were working underground when the explosion, which was reportedly sparked by a buildup of methane, caused the mine in the city of Vorkutinskaya to collapse on Monday. Rescue workers have recovered 10 bodies at the mine, Vadim kolesnikov, a duty officer at the Russian interior ministry, told the associated Press news agency. there were 23 men in the mine at the time of the blast, the emergency ministry said. two of them were able to get out of the mine on their own and three were rescued. Emergency situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov will personally go to the mine to oversee the rescue operation, Elena smirnykh, a ministry spokeswoman, said. the families of the dead miners will receive $66,000 each, she told aFP. some of the rescued workers were injured, said smirnykh, adding that a plane was dispatched from Moscow to the mine to help hospitalise the miners. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev tasked his deputy arkady Dvorkovich with the responsibility to provide assistance to families of the dead miners. Vorkutaugol spokesman Yevgeny sukharev said the company paid “unprecedented attention” to safety standards. “Everyone is in shock,” he told aFP. according to the company’s website, in 2011 the Vorkutinskaya mine won a corporate award for “worthy working conditions the basis for respect in the work force”.

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08 N

India should stop judicial terrorism in Occupied Kashmir. – Fazlur Rahman

NEWS Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

Kamran Faisal case:

Police fail to present relevant forensic report

PPP’s provincial leadership, ANP not consulted over new governor in KP PESHAWAR SHAmIm SHAHID

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Police on Monday failed to present forensic report in the Kamran Faisal Case before the Supreme Court. A two-member bench comprising Justice Jawad S Khwaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain resumed hearing in the case on Monday and police apprised the bench that the forensic report had not been released as yet. The court exempted the doctors of Poly Clinic Islamabad from appearing before the court following a request for the exemption.The court said the doctors would be summoned if needed. The hearing was later adjourned until February 19. ONLINE

APC to be attended by 25 parties

ISLAMABAD: Senior Awami National Party (ANP) leader Haji Adeel on Monday announced that 25 political parties and organisations would attend an all-party conference (APC) convened by his party on the issue of terrorism. Talking to journalists, Senator Haji Adeel said Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Pakistan Muslim League-Qaid (PML-Q), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazal (JUI-F), Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M), Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Pakhtoonkhwa Millat Awami Party (PKMAP), Balochistan NationalPartyAwami (BNP-A), Sindh Awami Tehreek, Sunni Tehreek, JUP-S, Awami Workers Party (AWP) , Tehreek-e-Islami, Sindh United Party, Qaui Watan Party, JUPNoorani and Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) had confirmed their participation in the APC. Tribal grand jirga (assembly) had also been invited to the APC through Maulana Fazlur Rehman, he said. ONLINE


itH the appointment of shaukatullah as new governor for k h y b e r Pakhtunkhwa, unrest has erupted in the top ranks of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) provincial chapter. “neither we nor PPP provincial president anwar saifullah khan were invited to the oath taking ceremony of shaukatullah,” said a PPP leader considered very close to anwar saifullah when contacted by Pakistan today. “almost all the top leaders of PPP-khyber Pakhtunkhwa have not been consulted over the posting of shaukatullah as the new governor,” the PPP leader added. though a number of party leaders attended the oath taking ceremony of the new governor, PPP-kP President anwar saifullah along with PPP-kP General secretary Humayoon khan, Health Minister Zahir ali shah and several other senior leaders were absent. President asif ali Zardari’s spokesman senator Farhatullah Babar, senator Rubina khalid, Provincial Excise and taxation Minister Liaquat shabab and azam afridi were prominent among the PPP leaders who attended the oath taking ceremony of the new governor. it may be mentioned here that after winning a seat in the kP assembly, anwar saifullah khan had joined the PPP and

made several attempts to get the top slot of chief minister. He was backed by a number of PPP stalwarts, including Pervez khattak who had joined the Pakistan tehreek-einsaf (Pti). However, President asif ali Zardari opposed the idea, giving a chance to the awami national Party (anP) which got the majority. Later, anwar saifullah khan received another set back when the anP leadership chose Barrister Masud kausar for the governor’s office. since the 2008 general elections, anwar saifullah remained the most fierce critic of anP’s policies at each and every forum. He even held the anP leadership responsible for the ongoing trends of militancy, terrorism and deteriorating law and order situation. since becoming the PPP’s provincial president, anwar saifullah ruled out the possibility of PPP’s electoral alliance with the anP. so far, anwar saifullah has remained silent over the posting of shaukatullah as the kP governor, but his aides foresee critical and tough time for the PPP in khyber Pakhtunkhwa when elections are ahead. Besides, some PPP circles, Federally administrative tribal areas (Fata) independent group headed by Hamidullah Jan and Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n) leaders are also unhappy with the posting of shaukatullah as kP governor. When contacted, kP information Minister Mian iftikhar Hussain said that the anP leadership had not been consulted over shaukatullah’s appointment, but they

appointMent of new Kp Governor is a part of pre-poll riGGinG conspiracy PESHAWAR: Expressing resentment over the appointment of Engineer Shaukat Ullah as new governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senior Vice President Engineer Amir Muqam alleged that the decision was a part of pre-poll rigging by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). “Engineer Shaukat Ullah had occupied ministerial office in the PPP government. Even his close relatives are contesting in the upcoming general elections. Therefore, he cannot be considered a neutral or acceptable person for this post,” he said while talking to journalists at a press conference. Flanked by Farid Toofan, Malik Jehanzeb and other senior stalwarts of PML-N Engineer Amir Muqam urged President Asif Ali Zardari to revisit the decision. The PML-N leader said that preparations were in full swing for next general elections and impartial, non-political and honest people should be posted at important offices. Furthermore, he said that in the last five years, the opposition had extended maximum support to the government, armed forces and other stakeholders for return of peace in the region but the present government had failed to meet the objectives. In response to a question, Muqam said that after consulting party’s central leadership, the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Election Commission of Pakistan might be approached in this regard. He said that it was the constitutional right of the president to appoint a governor. However, he said that when the elections were so close, it was important to have a neutral person for the post of governor. Answering to another question, Muqam said that that PML-N presence was stable in Bajaur Agency and other tribal areas. However, PPP was trying to influence the election process all across FATA, he alleged. STAFF REPORT

support the move. “shaukatullah belongs to Fata where people are facing several problems. We are sure that he will not go

bangladesh to amend war crimes law amid protest DHAKA AGENCIES

ISLAMABAD: AJK Prime Minister Abdul Majeed presenting memorandum to UN representatives to condemn the hanging of Kashmiri freedom fighter Mohammad Afzal Guru in Tihar jail, New Delhi. ONLINE

34% of 6 to 16-year-old children out of school in Balochistan aser survey says over 77% chiLdreN of Pre-PriMary age do Not get aNy forM of Pre-PriMary educatioN iN ProviNce QUETTA SHAHZADA ZULFIQAR

around 34 percent of six to 16-year-old children are out of school in Balochistan while over 77 percent children of pre-primary age do not get any form of pre-primary education in the province, reveals the annual status of Education Report (asER) survey 2012. the survey shows that school-going children’s learning ability in terms of reading Urdu or regional languages, English or doing basic level of arithmetic is alarmingly poor across the country. it says that almost 92.2 percent of Class iii students are not able to read Class-ii level story written in Urdu or regional languages such as sindhi and Pashto, while almost 78 percent of students cannot even read Class-ii level sentences. the report says 34.1 percent of six to

for addressing the tribesmen’s wishes but he will induct tribesmen into mainstream national politics,” he added.

16-year-old children are out of school in Balochistan, adding that percentage of girls not going to school is higher than boys as 21 percent of girls do not attend school as compared to 13 percent of boys. the number of children out of school declines drastically as the level of class goes up and for every eight children in Class i, only three children progress to Class X. asER survey 2012 has assessed learning outcomes of five to 16-year-old children, prevalence of early childhood education, volume of out-of-school children, mother’s education, role of private schools, private tuitions incidence, medium of instruction, students and teachers’ absenteeism, computer labs and libraries, missing facilities and government grants. its specifically-trained volunteer team that surveyed 16, 303 households in 825 villages located in 28 rural districts of

Balochistan and collected detailed information on 56,375 children aged three to 16 years of age, of which 59 percent were males and 41 were percent females. English reading and comprehension test reported that 68.1 percent of Class V students, 49.5 percent of Class Vi and 40.9 percent of Class Vii students could not read Class ii-level English sentences – raising serious questions about the students’ learning outcomes. the learning levels of five-16-year-old children were assessed through specifically designed language and mathematics tests, which covered language to Class iilevel text and arithmetic covering up to Class iii-level national textbooks. the results show that nearly 84.5 percent of children of Grade iii could not read even a sentence in Urdu or their own language. it says that 64 percent of Class V students were unable to read Class ii-level text, while around 63.7 percent of children could not read sentences of the same level. the mathematics assessment test covering up to Class iii standard national curriculum, asked from Class iV students, reveal that 33.3 percent of students were

able to do two-digit subtraction sums and only 16.1 percent children could solve three-digit division sums. asER survey reports that 34 percent of boys and 19 percent of girls were able to read at least Urdu/sindhi/Pashto. similarly, 35 percent of boys and 20 percent of girls were able to correctly read English language words and sentences, while 38 percent f boys and 18 percent of girls were able to do subtraction or division problems. Referring to private tuition, the report reveals that 16 percent of all children of the school-going age were taking tuitions as compared to only 1 percent of students studying in government schools. the data analysis also shows that 19 percent of private school students were taking tuition at Class i-level, whereas 10 percent of Class X students took private tuitions. the report says 56 percent of private schools and 14 percent of government schools do not have useable water facility. the asER survey report says that government schools across Balochistan have more qualified teachers than in private schools.

Bangladesh is planning to amend a law to allow the government to appeal for tougher penalties for war criminals, the law minister said on sunday, the sixth day of protests since a convicted extremist leader got a sentence many people think was too light. the war crimes tribunal sentenced abdul Qader Mullah to life in prison on tuesday on charges including murder, rape and torture, the second verdict in trials that have reopened wounds from Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence from Pakistan. the sentence sparked protests by Mullah’s supporters, who say his conviction was politically motivated, but also counter-protests by many Bangladeshis who think his sentence was too lenient and he should have been sentenced to death. Law Minister shafique ahmed said proposal to amend the law would be placed before the cabinet on Monday for approval, and would then go to parliament for ratification.

Anti-taliban lashkar leader's son gunned down PeshaWar: Doctor tehsinullah safi, the son of a peace lashkar head was gunned down in Peshawar on Monday in a targeted attack. an initial investigation revealed that two unidentified men fired at him near his clinic in the Budni area of Peshawar. He was rushed to Lady Reading Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Dr safi belonged to the safi tehsil of Mohmand agency, where his father was the head of an anti-taliban peace lashkar head. Police confirmed that this was a targeted attack and his attackers had successfully escaped. Further investigations are underway. two shia doctor have been killed in sectarian attacks during the past few months in Peshawar. STAFF REPORT

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All-out efforts are being made for durable peace in Balochistan. — Governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi


09 N

Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

SC seeks explanation from AGP on missing Adiala jail prisoners

PESHAWAR: Activists of Muttahida Qabail Party protesting at Sher Shah Suri Road. INP

PtI asks ECP to take action against dual national MPs ISLAMABAD

Cj takes notice of poor conditions of state-run schools ISLAMABAD


the Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (Pti) on Monday asked the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to take action against those legislators who had accepted holding dual nationality and resigned from their respective assemblies, Pakistan today has learnt. “a Pti delegation led by Jahangir khan tareen called on ECP secretary ishtiaq ahmed khan, and conveyed the party’s concerns over inaction by the ECP and sought a detailed response on its request. the Pti delegation included me and syed Javed,” Pti leader ishaq khan khakwani said. the delegation also sought a progress report from the ECP over the evidence provided to it about the misuse of funds and violation of the code of conduct for elections by leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n). “the Pti delegation also urged the ECP secretary to start disciplinary proceedings against 35 dual national parliamentarians who had resigned from the parliament membership,” he added. He said that the Pti delegation expressed its concerns over the inability of the ECP to take legal action against those former MPs who had been exposed as dual nationals. the Pti leaders urged the ECP to seek data from Fia’s record, as all people use passports for foreign travel and the Fia data could easily detect dual national MPs. the Pti delegation also asked the ECP secretary to take action against those ECP officials who were working on extension. they also urged the ECP to allow overseas Pakistanis to exercise their right to vote through electronic machines. they said that if people could make transactions of billions of rupees through electronic gadgets, why not the same could be used for voting.



HiEF Justice (CJ) iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Monday said that strict action would be taken against the persons found guilty of turning schools into cattle pens He gave these remarks while presiding over a 3-member bench of supreme Court (sC) during the course of hearing of a suo motu notice on the pitiable plight of state run schools. the chief justice observed “this is the case of paramount importance before the court. Education department functionaries are subjecting the children to worst ever injustice. Education of the children of the nation cannot be compromised. stern action will be taken against the elements found involved in turning the schools into cattle pens. the feudal class is opposed to education. thousands

of ghost schools are operating and hard earned money of people running into billion of rupees is being spent on these schools. if political influence is being exercised on education then it is a heinous joke and sheer injustice with the nation”. advocate generals from the four provinces appeared in the court while abdul Hafiz Pirzada appeared as amicus curie. Furthermore, the CJ said, “People are telling the court that cattle rather than children are sitting in the schools. as to why such facts are being concealed. this is matter of shame for us and you. Moreover, CJ remarked “sindh Rural authority (sRa) has sent a report that children are going to schools regularly and study is continuing therein. However, the affairs were found otherwise when checked on the occasion. the chief secretary should register cases and have the culprits arrested.” sindh advocate general informed that court that at least 56 schools were oper-

ating while 99 schools still stood closed. the petitioner, Rehmat Ullah, said that teachers had gone on deputation to the schools operating in the urban areas. He alleged that teachers came to school, marked their attendance for the entire year and left. Furthermore, he said that in one school, at least 156 children were enrolled but only one teacher was teaching them. Moreover, he said that in another school at least 14 children were enrolled and 11 teachers had been appointed. the chief justice said, “We direct district and sessions judges to compile data of closed schools within a week and inform us about the condition and budget details of functional schools. they are children of our nation.” the court remarked that billion of rupees were being spent on salaries and perks but the result was next to nothing. Furthermore, the chief justice said that provincial leaders were doing nothing but compiling reports. the hearing of the case was adjourned till March 18.

At UNICEF, Pakistan vows to boost security for polio workers united nations: Pakistan has reaffirmed its commitment to the eradication of polio, saying security for vaccination teams has been stepped up following the recent terrorist attacks on them. “We are investing substantial financial and human resources to rid the country of polio,” Pakistan’s ambassador Masood khan told the Executive Board of the United nations Children’s Fund (UniCEF). “Pakistan attaches highest importance to polio eradication,” he said after the board approved Pakistan’s Common Country Programme Document (CCPD) for the period 2013-2017. “We look forward to its effective implementation through strong collaboration amongst relevant government agencies and UniCEF Pakistan.” khan pointed out that despite “egregious” terrorist attacks against polio workers, the Pakistani government, all relevant institutions and civil society were persevering in the antipolio campaign. “additional steps have been taken to ensure the safety and security of vaccination teams,” he said. “UniCEF is an important partner in our efforts to achieve a world free of polio.” thanking the ambassador, UniCEF’s Executive Director anthony Lake lauded Pakistan’s commitment to fighting polio. NNI

PM not a monarch with liberty do whatever he wills: SC ISLAMABAD ONLINE

the prime minister is not a monarch with the liberty to whatever he wills, said Justice Jawwad s khawaja while hearing a case in the supreme Court (sC) on Monday. a two-member bench, including Justice khilji arif Hussain, resumed the hearing of a case filed by an officer on special duty (OsD).

During the hearing, the reply of former establishment secretary Ghiasuddin ahmad was presented. the reply said that Hassan Waseem afzal was performing his duty as principal secretary to former Punjab governor salmaan taseer when he was made an OsD and sent to the Establishment Division under the verbal orders of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. Justice Jawwad s khawaja remarked:

“We have to see what the legal position of the PM’s verbal orders is. Monarchy has been abolished since long. the PM is not a monarch that he can do whatever he wills. arbitrary decisions cannot work now; this cannot happen now that one is appointed here and another is appointed in kot safdar”. afzal told the court that he was working as principal officer with former Punjab

governor. During this time asif ali Zardari, who was not president at that time, came to the governor’s house and he was asked to leave, afzal said. Justice khawaja remarked that the salaries of government officials are paid by hapless people, adding that the court be informed if any king or prince was paying their salaries. the hearing of the case was adjourned for an indefinite time.

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has sought an explanation from the attorney general of Pakistan (AGP) about the prisoners gone missing from Adiala Jail. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the missing prisoners’ case on Monday. Tariq Asad represented the prisoners, while Raja Irshad and AGP Irfan Qadir represented the intelligence agencies and the government respectively. Tariq Asad said that the prisoners had been seized illegally and that the party involved was now coming up with legal reasoning in order to legalise the matter. The CJP asked why the matter was not being resolved at the earliest despite the fact that some prisoners were sick. In response, the AGP requested for more time to give an explanation. Subsequently, the court adjourned the hearing until Tuesday (today). ONLINE

PAt decides to contest upcoming general elections LAHORE: The Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) on Monday decided in principle to contest the upcoming general elections. The party will formally announce the decision within the next few days. According to sources, through its workers, the PAT conducted a countrywide survey to seek opinion of the people from various walks of life about whether it should take part in the upcoming elections or not. The survey revealed that the majority of the people was of the opinion that the PAT should contest elections in coalition with likeminded parties, eager to bring revolutionary change in the society. According to the sources in the party, though Dr Tahirul Qadri had resigned from the chairmanship of the party, he would informally supervise and guide the party’s political activities. INP

drone campaign will benefit from more oversight: Gates WASHINGTON: Former US defence secretary Robert Gates on Sunday defended the use of military drones, but said there was merit in restricting a president's power to use them to strike terror suspects. In an interview aired on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday, Gates said drones served a substantial military reconnaissance purpose. But when asked about the president having unchecked authority to authorise drone strikes on American citizens, Gates, who served under both presidents, George W Bush and Barack Obama, suggested there could be a system in place like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which required a president to receive judicial approval before tapping electronic or phone communications. APP

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Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. –Abraham Lincoln


From regal to imperial


how the office of india’s president is changing?

Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

Children of a lesser God double standards of us lawmakers


ROnEs have become the weapon of choice for the Us to take out alQaeda and taliban leaders without the loss of Us troops. after having been tried and tested in populated areas of Pakistan and afghanistan they are being employed in two other countries also. With the assassination of the Us enemies employed as a state policy, those included in the target list can be killed without sufficient evidence. Obama administration has thus simultaneously assumed the role of the prosecutor, the judge, the jury and the executioner. according to London-based Bureau of investigative Journalism the unmanned assassination machines have killed between 2,496 and 3,202 people in Pakistan since 2004 including 482-832 civilians, 175 of them children. this has led to protests by Pakistan’s government and the Parliament and public demonstrations in numerous cities by a number of political parties. a minority of Us citizens that include activists of american anti-war coalition Code Pink and the Occupy Wall street movement have protested against the civilian casualties. But the Us public opinion has by and large remained unaffected. Drones, however, created a little stir when three american citizens including radical cleric anwar al awlaki and his Us born son died in a drone attack in Yemen. Civil libertarian groups suddenly remembered that their constitutional rights to due process had been violated. the White House invoked state secrets privilege to have the case dismissed from court. With Obama’s decision to appoint John Brennan as the new Cia chief, the issue of drone attacks has suddenly assumed importance in the Us. Brennan has been a strong advocate of the drone attacks which has caused fears that any further killings of american citizens in the attacks might lead to a backlash among the general public. the issue took a serious turn when a number of senators wrote to Obama earlier this week demanding he shared the legal rationale for the killings or risk seeing Brennan's confirmation blocked. Obama finally bowed to pressure to hand over a 50-page classified opinion providing the legal basis for the killings of Us citizens by drones. that the entire debate in Washington is centred around the killing of Us citizens sends the message that american blood matters more to the Us politicians than that of the citizens of Pakistan, afghanistan, Yemen and somalia. While they failed to take any notice when thousands died in these countries, they now demand that a special court should review cases of american citizens before the administration orders their elimination. People in these countries are bound to ask if they are children of a lesser God.

Needless confrontation while poor patients suffer


HE saga of the young doctors is an unfortunate reflection on the state of our society itself. a closed mindset, a penchant for theatrical behavior, a stubborn unwillingness to negotiate or to meet one another halfway for resolving damaging disputes, and a ready resort to violence are familiar features which we cannot seem to outgrow in any sphere. that quite a few young doctors are on hunger strike for the past four days is or should have been a matter of paramount concern for the Punjab government and the Health department. But then one finds there is no health minister in the province to sort out such matters forthwith. this is indeed strange when one considers the tragic episodes of spurious medicines that claimed well over a hundred lives in two instances and the lingering issue of expired medicines and out of order equipment in the hospitals. that the young doctors are striking for the umpteenth time in the last four years and are being compelled to resort to such trade union tactics in a noble vocation is yet another example of our universal apathy and aversion to a facesaving compromise on both sides. the savage beating up of the senior doctors in a Gujranwala hospital brings dishonor and disrepute to the doers in the public eye, as does the callous turning away of seriously ill and poor patients who may have come from far off places for their treatment. some have died due to lack of timely attention. it goes against the very grain of the Hippocratic Oath which every new doctor is obliged to take, at least in foreign climes, as a solemn pledge to always serve suffering humanity. We must also admit that there are many idealists amongst the young doctors who are in the frontline in providing succour to thousands of patients everyday (sometimes three to a bed), they demand free medicines for the masses and raise a hue and cry when the latest machines installed at hospitals at taxpayer’s expense remain out of order for long, intentionally or otherwise. in fact they are performing one of the primary functions of any civilized state: providing affordable health services to the needy. the government must look after its own. the service structure issue must be settled – immediately and amicably. Both sides need to shed the hard line before the situation turns even more tragic. Doctors should also try to work with the politicians, and not turn into politicians themselves. the junior doctors in England also went on a peaceful strike recently to air their genuine grievances, but for one day only and that too after forty years!

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2850505 Web: Email:

Border Crossing KULDIP NAyAR


am surprised over the ease with which a public figure like Pranab Mukherjee has slipped into regal environment of President’s office. in six months’ time he is a different person in the midst of an array of kamarbandh (a belt-like rope around the waist) who bow whenever he passes their way. i thought he would change the office to bring it nearer to the people. But he has changed himself, to enjoy the ostentatious-ness that the British viceroys had displayed when they ruled the country. a function took me this week to President House (Rashtrapati Bhavan). i was particular to find out the difference between his style and that of his predecessors. But there was none. a gilded chair looked odd against three ordinary chairs placed on the dais. a buttoned-up officer, probably on deputation from one of the three services, placed the speech pad on the podium from where the president addressed. i must admit that what he spoke was relevant to the present situation in the country. Yet, this is where he should have changed. He must realise that he is only a figurehead, like the Queen in England. no doubt, he is the custodian of the constitution and all power resides in his office. But it is exercised by the elected government which is answerable to the people. Most of President Mukherjee’s speeches delivered so far are political and reflect his bent of mind as if he is still a member of parliament. His role should be that of a guide and philosopher,

but he endeavours to be an active politician. if President Mukherjee had ears on the ground he would have returned the ordinance on sexual harassment to women. Recommendations by former Chief Justice J C Verma should have been incorporated in toto. Women are opposed to the ordinance because it is inadequate and does not cover the points they had raised. strange, after the function Mukherjee retreated to his presidential quarters. His predecessors would mix with the invitees and even have tea with them. He is listening too much to bureaucrats who are creating a hiatus between him and the people. i have seen President Mukherjee’s entourage following him when he visits any place in Delhi. the traffic is stopped as before and there is a fleet of cars in the procession. i once asked Vice President Hamid ansari why he had such an elaborate security arrangement. He said it was not in his hands because the government wanted that way. i am sure, if he were to make it an issue he would succeed. Like the vice president, the president’s security is also in the hands of the government and guided by the Blue Book which lays down the quantum of security in the case of president, vice-president, the prime minister etc. First Prime Minister Jawaharlal nehru did not want the traffic to be stopped for him. But i recall that Home Minister Govind Ballabh Pant, with whom i worked as information Officer, rejected nehru’s request in view of security. Perhaps the president should have his own protocol division which at present is looked after by the Ministry of External affairs. the ministry is given to the old practices and emphasises on the ceremonial aspect too much. When he has eliminated buglers to herald his arrival and when he has deleted the prefix “manniya,” he can make some drastic changes, especially in stoppage of traffic. Mukherjee should be a person easily accessible and the office of president should not come in the way. When i was india’s High Commissioner at London, i found that the Queen had only one pilot motorbike guiding the car. there was no vehicle following her and the traffic was not stopped. agreed, the conditions in Great Britain are more settled than ours, although the terrorists

have been located there as well. still security is an obsession in our country. President Muherjee is a popular person who had practically no security till the other day. He should at least reduce it as well as the pomp and show which has become part of the office. intelligence agencies always exaggerate threats because they do not have to do any home work to assess whether a particular person requires the paraphernalia of gun-totting guards around him or not. i recall another example of a cool attitude of the British in the security field. When President R Venkataraman came to London on an official visit it began on an ominous note. an overzealous policeman mistook a shopping bag on a railway platform for a bomb. the Royal train was waiting at a station near Gatwick airport to carry the president and his party to Victoria station where the Queen was to receive him. the policeman sent back the train. no one questioned his judgment till the bomb experts had ‘defused’ the harmless shopping bag. By then the president’s cavalcade had been diverted to a crowded highway. the four motor cycle outriders did a tremendous job, enabling a fleet of cars to weave through a maze of crowded roads to Buckingham Palace where the Queen welcomed him. Even i was informed about the change in the arrangement before we entered the Palace. security apart, President Mukherjee has to change the functioning of Rashtrapati Bhavan and what the office entails. Dr Rajendra Prasad, india’s first president, did bring a whiff of fresh air when he stepped into Rashtrapati Bhavan which was until then the Viceroy’s residence. it was so different from the earlier functioning that the word went around that an indian had stepped in. the ceremonial humbug should be changed so that it is in tune with the people’s thinking. My complaint is that the office is already too regal and it is turning into something imperial. President Mukherjee may not have taken part in the struggle for independence because he was too young. But he can at least behave in a way that the style of living and contact with the public does not have the distance which the viceroys had with the people. The writer is a senior Indian journalist.

And now for something completely different… you can never be truly objective and some stories are more equal than others



OOD evening and welcome to another edition of Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” would actually be a better opening for most of the talk shows that adorn our tV channels. Fortunately, the news is an even bigger joke. speculation masquerading as reportage and opinion being presented as fact is an alltoo familiar sight on our hapless tV screens. and if you’re watching any of the decibel queens of primetime tV in High Definition, may God have mercy on your soul. But it’s not like they can help it. a 24hour news channel is an insatiable beast, it just wants more and more. no matter how big the story, it will be a ‘Macarena’ before you can say “follow-up”. investigative journalism is only a distant dream at this point and the public interest is bastardised every day by a two-bit sermonising televangelist. the three-ring circus of tahirul Qadri and the coverage around it left a bad taste in one’s mouth; and it’s not over yet. Partisan media is a by-product of the profit incentive: you can never be truly ob-

jective because some stories are more equal than others. Especially those stories that feature parties that advertise with you. the same can also be said of stories about people who pay you to play them up. While paid content is as old as the mass media itself, paid content that is not identified as paid content poses the real moral quagmire. Unfortunately, this practice is not uncommon: the incentives need not even be tangible either. it could be as simple as a reporter favouring the candidate he/she has a personal liking for. the same could be said for the owner of a media outlet. Personal bias, then, is irremovable from journalist practice. the same cannot be said of rigour, or the lack thereof. tV news today is a shambles. Reporters, in their race to get the story first, will twist facts and present half-truths. this is most true of court reporters and those on the “political beat”. While the former are guilty mostly of errors committed in haste, the latter have real license to play it fast and loose with the facts. Each channel has a handful of ‘political correspondents’, people who “have their fingers on the pulse” of the capital. these sensationalising sideshows are what keep talk shows and news bulletins on the air. in real life, things are not as glorious as it would seem. these beat reporters will do anything to spin a story today and graduate to their own primetime tV shows in a few years, where they will hold forth. i have the (perhaps unfortunate) privilege of being personally acquainted with some of our younger talk show hosts. they are usually good people led astray in the pursuit of the bigger payout. take iqrarul Hassan, who hosts ‘sar-e-aam’ on aRY news. a seasoned news anchor, iqrar is a knowledgeable young man with a clear

head and fiery oratory skills to boot. However, what comes off onscreen is so far removed from this reality and all we see is a man with a mic running around town chasing down bad guys like he were Chuck norris. Jasmine Manzoor is another, whose penchant for high decibel discourse drowns out whatever noble intentions she may have. kashif abbasi looks like he’s given up trying to host his show at all. While his guests scream incoherently in separate windows, he sits there unwilling to moderate, content in the knowledge that the ratings will keep coming in. it is ironic that in the midst of this melodrama, voices such as the infamous Hamid Mir seem to be the most rational. a far cry from his days of sensation-mongering, Mir has emerged a changed man. His stance on many issues has demonstrated a clear break from the state-oriented conservative agenda that used to be his hallmark. Granted, that this change has not come overnight and this certainly does not mean that he is somehow above all the malpractices that characterise our news media. However, it does herald a new era, one where experience and analysis is valued above the volume of one’s voice. But one reformed actor is not enough. the culture of catering to the People’s Meter needs overhauling. Public interest programming and investigative journalism need to foster and media owners need to be bold if they are to captivate their ever-increasing audiences. But until this happens, take your news with a pinch of salt and the Flying Circus as just that, nothing more. Follow @mightyobvious on Twitter for more incoherence in 140 characters or less

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There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them. –Sylvia Plath




Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan Fax: +92-42-32535230 E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan today exclusively

Pak-India relations the recent cease fire violations on the indo-Pak LoC, where the indians are making unnecessary hue and cry due to our army’s tit for tat action, is understood. they have a habit of creating an alarming situation, even if they are at a fault. What is not understood is our passive and very appeasing attitude towards india. are we under any misunderstanding as to the indian malafide intentions? time and again they have exhibited scorn and hostility when it comes to living in peace. they have planned to dry up the indus and other rivers. they are creating trouble in Balochistan by a proxy war. they want to use us as their market thus depleting our meagre foreign exchange and cripple our industries. still, we take them as our would-be friends. this is height of naivety on our part. if we forego our passive attitude, the indians will come down to their knees. Few things can be done straightaway to give them an immediate dose. these could be: no more MFn status to india; only trade with them on equal/bilateral basis; stop importing all indian movies; stop the appearance/hiring of indian models/actresses in our ads forthwith; and other actions can also be considered /debated in the parliament. RASHID MAQSOOD Lahore

Education top priority

Waking up in Waziristan Meet the warm, friendly side of Pakistan JENNIFER mCKAy


OUtH Waziristan was not exactly where i expected to wake upon my birthday in 2012. it is, after all, not yet at the top of everyone’s ‘must visit’ holiday places. to be honest, most friends had been somewhat horrified that i was making this trip, raising the spectre of all sorts of terrible things that could happen, though the more adventurous ones were envious because it’s a place of mystery that few get to visit. But despite the concern, it was peaceful, exciting and remarkably beautiful. south Waziristan is waking up and coming to life again after truly terrible times. i visited the areas around Jandola, Chagmalai, spinkai, kotkai, Janata and sararaogha in november to talk with the people who have returned after the military operations against the insurgents, and to see what’s happening in the reconstruction and rehabilitation activities. as a consultant who works across the civil-military divide and who regularly evaluates aid and development projects, i am able to assess the quality and outcomes of such projects. the first thing i noticed was that the locals were warm, welcoming and they weren’t carrying guns. nobody is allowed to move in these areas with a weapon. the long tradition of carrying weapons has undergone an enforced but important change. the second thing was that all women were not wearing burqas, were out and many were working in the fields. so, that quickly dispelled two well-worn perceptions. south Waziristan has extraordinary scenery with mountains and cliffs rising sharply against the skyline with a river meandering through beautiful valleys. However, the spectacularly stark terrain makes it a hard place to conduct operations and it is easy to see why the losses were so heavy in subduing the insurgency. although casualties have reduced since 2010, peace building will be a long-term challenge given the external influences at play in the region. But much has already been done to restore a peaceful environment for the local people to return to the area to rebuild their lives and it is already making a difference. For the rehabilitation and reconstruction of south Waziristan, the government of Pakistan is working in tandem with Pakistan army, and a very small number of international donors, Un agencies and local nGOs. the government has enhanced its footprint. as the security situation further stabilises, more agencies will be able to work in the area. Electricity services for 35 villages have been restored. an impressive new 117km road with excellent bridges transverses the area. this road will join up with a similar road through Wana, to connect with the indus Highway

to form a third trade corridor between the Pakistan, afghanistan and the Central asian Republics. this will contribute significantly to the economy of the south Waziristan and stimulate development and job opportunities. Health and education facilities are undergoing reconstruction with 12 health care facilities already completed while some 45 schools for both boys and girls are being rebuilt, many of which are already operating and more are underway. although most families have been eager to return, it has been tough for most. Many have returned to damaged or destroyed homes and a complete loss of their livelihoods. UnHCR is building one-room shelters for the more vulnerable returnees such as widows but to date, progress is slow and the shelters are not culturally appropriate as they are mostly built in the open, not with the traditional compound walls. a Pakistani nGO, Resettling the indus, is building, more culturally, appropriate houses, working with the local communities, and undertaking planning for a number of villages soon to be re-settled. as part of the resettlement package, families receive food support for a period of six months provided by the World Food Programme and their donors. However, after that, it can be hard as there are still very few jobs and many have to live on whatever savings they have until they can get work or set up a micro-business. Water systems have been restored in 35 areas. Markets have been built in 30 places to help locals re-establish businesses and are handed over at no cost, provided they are used for the purpose agreed. agricultural practices are being improved to make the small amount of arable land more productive. sports stadia have been constructed and are very popular for the favourite pastimes of cricket and football. the sports fields and a new community centre are also venues for festivals and Eid celebrations to bring the communities and those working there together. Discussions with the locals about what life was like in the shadow of the militants, their time away in iDP camps and with host families in other parts of Pakistan, and returning home, were revealing and deeply touching. as a woman, and a foreigner, i wasn’t sure that the men would be particularly comfort-

able with me. However, they extended their hands warmly to mine, talked freely and laughed with me and were entirely comfortable with me, mingling amongst them to take photographs. it turned out to be rather fun. Many spoke freely but others, still perhaps afraid of repercussions from any lingering militant sympathisers amongst them, were understandably uncomfortable in talking of the past. the terrible atrocities, they underwent at the hands of the militants, are still all too fresh in their minds. the achievements of the Pakistan army in south Waziristan are in stark contrast to the experience in afghanistan of natO/isaF with the donor-supported reconstruction through the Provincial Reconstruction teams (PRts). Despite billions of donor dollars pouring in to PRts, they have not been able to achieve their goals. Lack of ability to stabilise areas, sub-standard materials provided by contractors, plus a frequent lack of cultural understanding have been some of the main inhibitors. But the story is very different in south Waziristan. Unlike the natO/isaF troops in afghanistan, the Pakistan army is of the same country, the same people, and although it is still challenging, acceptance and cultural understanding is greater. also, as the army directly controls the reconstruction process on the ground, working closely with and for the government, donors and humanitarian agencies, there is full transparency and accountability. south Waziristan was a real surprise not only for me but the many people i’ve spoken to since. there is so little awareness of life there. Unfortunately, good news stories do not attract the same attention as the negative. Yes, there will be many big challenges ahead but people’s resolve is greater. Let’s hope that the goal of long-term stability can be fully realised and the people of south Waziristan can prosper in true peace and harmony.

South Waziristan was a real surprise not only for me but the many people I’ve spoken to since. There is so little awareness of life there. Unfortunately, good news stories do not attract the same attention as the negative.

The writer is a disaster management and civil-military relations consultant, based in Islamabad where she consults for government and UN agencies. She has also worked with ERRA and NDMA. She can be contacted at:

Due to use of internet, sMs, video games, lack of interest in reading and writing children and teenagers are having problems in academic areas such as spelling, reading, maths and writing. if the problem continues, then most probably in future there may be more students facing problems related to learning disabilities. already such students are labelled as ‘slow learners’ and discouraged to the extent that they leave school. this may be one of the reasons of dropout rate which is 50 percent in Pakistan. in order to overcome the problem some thinking and planning is required today. at the initial stage all educational institutions may organize screening tests at the primary and elementary level. this would identify students having problems in different academic areas. secondly, awareness campaign needs to be launched for teachers and parents providing them information about learning disabilities and remedies. Leaflets, posters, booklets can be prepared. seminars and workshops can be organized. thirdly, the teacher training and parents guidance programs and courses are to be launched and lastly remedial programs to be introduced. if the initiative is taken early it can have the positive outcomes. such caring gesture and future planning would help to overcome the future academic problems. Psychologically, negative propaganda can be countered through positive thinking and display of our patriotic concern through action. such a planning would contribute to lower dropout rate along with projection of quality education. it will also enhance harmony and solidarity on the national level. ANWAR PARVEEN Islamabad

Intra-party elections though our politicians clamour for early elections, yet no political party (except Ji and Pti) has ever held intra-party elections to choose their own party leaders at local, district, provincial, or federal level. the self-imposed chief of every party nominates individuals of his choice for local positions and their cronies and sycophants endorse such nominations. similarly, party tickets to individuals in constituencies are not granted on merit, but on the basis of wealth and loyalty of party owners (or so called chiefs) in order to tighten the grip over party cadre and perpetuate dynastic parties. Moreover, with exception of Pti, no party has so far come out with a clear cut election manifesto while elections are at the door, PML-n bragging to convert Pakistan into asian tiger notwithstanding. there is much talk about electoral reforms, rule of law, elimination of corruption, but little effort to achieve the object. the politicians and heads of organs of state pledge to strengthen the democracy without substance. i believe in a democracy where every individual’s is respected and no one is idolized or demonized. For me, democracy is for uplift of masses and not for wellbeing of few at the cost of many. therefore, i feel economic reforms are more important than other because everything hinges on economy. Without financial resources the very existence of the state is in danger. an economically sound country can lay foundation of a strong democracy and independent foreign policy and face other nations in their eye and not by leading a life of dependency which is worse than slavery. i being ignorant about economic complexities know that no person or countries can prosper whose “expenditure exceeds his means,” as Confucius said that those who don’t economize will have to agonize. no party appears to have prepared well thought out program to generate resources and increase economic growth without which all talks about free and fair elections, protecting and strengthening democracy, independence of judiciary remain a distant dream. Hence, all politicians, heads of pillars of state, bureaucrats, industrialists, business tycoon, media wizards, intellectuals, and all those who matter in the scheme of things are to join heads to solve this dilemma and evolve a long-term economic policy to steer the country out of the economic quagmire. RAJA SHAFAATULLAH Islamabad

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A arts

Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.” — Gabriel García Márquez

Grammy red carpet still features plenty of skin

McCartney wins Grammy for ‘Kisses on the bottom’


OME pop icons from the 1960s have won at the Grammys. Paul McCartney won the best traditional pop vocal album for “Kisses On The Bottom.” The ex-Beatle won his 15th Grammy, but it was his first solo album to win the top honor in its category. The Beach Boys, who reunited at last year’s show and launched a tour to celebrate their 50th anniversary, won their first-ever Grammy for “The Smile Sessions.” “The Smile Sessions” finally released recordings from the famously abandoned 1966-’67 sessions for the “Smile” album that was supposed to be the follow-up to Brian Wilson’s masterpiece, “Pet Sounds.” “Pet Sounds” earned no Grammys in 1967. Brian Wilson won his first Grammy for a track on his updated version of “Smile,” released in 2004. NEwS DESK

Kher turns director for robert de Niro


CTOR Anupam Kher’s first short film, a 29-minute flick titled I Went Shopping For Robert De Niro, is a tribute to his Oscar nominated co-star. The film, made under the banner of Actor Prepares (that’s also the name of Anupam’s acting school), is about two girls at the crossroads of their lives and what happens to them on a particular day when they go shopping for De Niro. The film has been scripted by Yamini Kshirsagar. “It is an interesting beginning for an acting-based production house to pay tribute to one of the greatest actors in the world, Robert De Niro, through the medium of cinema,” says Anupam. Apart from Yamini, who is also the lead actor, the film stars Rimal Arora. “It is a human story of hope,” says Anupam, who is all set to attend the Oscars later this month. Here’s wishing one of India’s finest actors a great directorial career. NEwS DESK



warning not to show too much skin didn’t seem to deter the stars out sunday for the Grammy awards. Jennifer Lopez was among those showing off thigh-high - or higher openings in their dresses, and she joked about it as she took the stage to present an award. katy Perry showed down-to-there cleavage in a seafoam gown.

CBs put out a memo earlier in the week asking that “buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered” for the televised award show. the memo sent out Wednesday also warned against “see-through clothing,” exposure of “the genital region” and said that “thong type costumes are problematic.” Miranda Lambert revealed some leg and laughed about the memo. “i thought it was funny,” she said. “Country music has never really been a problem with that.” singer-songwriter skylar Grey let out an “oops!” when asked about the guidelines. “i had to show the side boob,” she said. “What are they gonna do, kick me off?” andrew Dost of fun. said he read the memo, “but all we wanted to do is go as classy and timeless as possible.” Bandmate Jack antonoff joked that he was “showing off a lot of ankle” with his high pants that exposed his sockless look. Rihanna seemed to get the memo: the usually provocative star covered up in an elegant red gown. taylor swift wore a prim gold metallic floral cocktail dress by Jenny Packham to the pre-telecast awards before changing into something a bit more revealing for the red carpet. Beyonce wore a modest pantsuit. all three won early awards in the pre-telecast. “i think it’s just, you know, we should always stay classy and dress according to the event that’s being held,” ashanti said on the red carpet. “so i don’t think people should be limited so much and told what you can and cannot do. But, you know, you do have to have a certain class and prestige about yourself.” Even ashanti, though, revealed a fair amount of leg and cleavage. Hey, this isn’t the Oscars. Comedian kathy Griffin joked about the fashion warning. “i’m here to watch all the pomp and circumstance,” she said. “You want to see a lack of underwear. i’m open to all the forbidden parts.”

why priyanka chopra can’t sing for films


RiYanka Chopra, who impressed everyone with her hit international single, ‘in My City’, reportedly can’t sing for her Bollywood films as her contract with the music label that has produced her single doesn’t allow her to do so. the 30-year-old actress revealed that right now she is focusing only on her upcoming

album and she cannot sing for her movies until her entire album is released. the ‘Fashion’ star, who always had an inclination towards music, said that ever since she entered Bollywood, she has been regularly asked to sing for her films, but it was this opportunity that made her shed all her inhibitions. NEwS DESK

NEW YORK: David Beckham and his daughter, Harper bundle up and hit the streets of Manhattan on Monday after a massive storm slammed the Northeast.

writing mistakes you’re probably making - part i ERE’s a list of some highlights—or should i say lowlights. if you master all nine, i can pretty much guarantee you won’t be writing badly. in fact, you’ll be on your way to writing well. 1. being Wordy: i once had a student include the following sentence in an assignment:“not only do journalists possess an undying passion to uncover and showcase relevant information to enhance the public’s knowledge on current events, but exhibit a willingness to go to great lengths to obtain stories fit to print.” the sentence has a lot of problems, notably clichés and poor word choice, but the main thing is wordiness. not being wordy (in other words, writing concisely) is both selfish and generous. Generous because it contains an implicit acknowledgment that the reader’s time is valuable and that you don’t intend to waste it. and selfish because, compared to verbosity, it’s a much more effective way of getting your point across. Let me stress that by “wordy,” i don’t just mean using a lot of words. Many great sentences go on for a good bit. Rather, i mean the memorable idea expressed by Will strunk, as quoted by E.B. White in “the Elements of style”: “Omit needless words!admittedly, it takes a good deal of time and effort to follow that advice. it’s much easier to be verbose than concise, as the philosopher Pascal observed when he wrote, “Please forgive


the long letter; i didn’t have time to write a short one.” First drafts (mine, at least) are always wordy. Examining what you’ve written for needless words is tedious in itself. and when you’ve spotted them, you generally can’t just pluck them out and be done with it; the sentence has to be reshaped. i believe that today, wordiness is more of a problem than it’s ever been, in large part because it’s so easy to write on a keyboard. and once a sentence or paragraph is on the screen it looks so

shapely and professional! But good writers have always had to go through the pruning process. in the case of my student, the process leads to something like: “the best journalists are passionate about their work and indefatigable in tracking down stories.” 2. starting WeaK: Here’s the most underrated writing tip i know: when possible, make the subject of a sentence a person, a collection of people, or a thing. it sometimes seems natural to choose a concept or property or some other intangible

as a subject, but when you do, you’re generally forced into a weak or awkward verb or, at best, the passive voice. if you look at a good writer’s work, you’ll find that three quarters of thesentences, or more, have strong subjects. For example, i once had a student write in an assignment: “intelligence is a quality shared by every member of the family.” Following this principle, it’s easy to rewrite and improve the sentence: “Everybody in the family is smart.” (For use of “smart” rather than “intelligent,” see number 4, below.) One especially common weak opener are the expressions “there are” or “there is.” Fortunately a fix is usually pretty easy. a lot of the time, you just get rid of “there are/is” and a relative pronoun (“who,” “that”) and voila! For example, “”there are five poets who have given readings at the school this year” becomes “Five poets have given readings at the school this year.” My rule of thumb is that “there are” constructions are fine is you can replace “are” with the word “exist.” For example, i don’t have a problem with: “there are twenty-five three-star restaurants in Rome.” (it’s certainly better than “Rome boasts twenty-five three-star restaurants.”) Otherwise, rewrite. 3. ending WeaK: Having a strong ending for a sentence is as important as having a strong beginning for a sentence. i hope you can see how what i just wrote—while being grammatically correct,

precise, true, and relatively concise—violates the very maxim it expresses, and as a result ends up being as weak as the beer at a college mixer. (in addition, the subject— “Having a strong ending for a sentence”— violates rule 2, above.) Unfortunately, a great many of our first-draft sentences seem to want to end up with a whimpering trail of prepositional phrases, non-essential details, and other extraneous material. a word for this is “anticlimax,” and it’s not a good thing. Once you’ve recognized the problem—a key step, as always—the first thing to do is figure out which word or phrase best represents the takeaway with which you’d like readers to leave the sentence. then see if you can make this the last word. in the above example, it’s pretty easy to figure out that this magic word is “ending,” and then to shove it to the end. so we end up with: “Possibly the most important building block of a strong sentence is a strong ending.” You’re probably on the right track if you end with a noun or, once in a while, with an adjective or an adverb. Concluding prepositional phrases are unavoidable, to a certain extent, but try not to double or triple them. thus, “the priest went back to his homeland” is fine, but “the priest went back to his homeland after his vacation” is clunky. to fix that one, just do some shuffling: “after his vacation, the priest went back to his homeland.” — To be continued

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If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever. — George Orwell

ARTS Tuesay, 12 February, 2013

have you checked bookish yet?

13 A

Madonna greets Instagram with risque photos


OOkisH, the new book recommendation/editorial website co-funded by Penguin, Hachette and simon & schuster launched yesterday after nearly two years after it was created. the total investment in the site is estimated by Digital Book World at around $16 million, and the reviews have so far been mixed. “Overall, i think the long-delayed Bookish is off to a promising start,” reported Laura Hazard Owen at, who also noted that the site’s recommendation engine pulled out two spanish language titles as recommendations for readers who enjoyed the English-language edition of the tipping Point. Jeva Lange at the new York Daily news wrote that “Bookish stands as an easy, clean encyclopedia of sorts for browsing authors and their works with more simplicity and less pushiness than that of other huge retailers... i for one am rooting for it.” Paul Constant at the stranger, however, felt that “i don’t really see how Bookish becomes anything more than a momentary distraction,”

saying that amazon’s own recommendation system is good enough for most readers. On BookRiot, Jeff O’neal wrote that “i think many book buyers will prefer the experience of browsing Bookish to amazon or Barnes & noble, but i’m not sure that is enough to change readers’ buying habits.” Ron Charles at the Washington Post had one of

the snarkiest responses, writing “By some counts, Bookish is a tad latish. a little operation in seattle called has a 20-year jump on the new site,” adding that on a website that touts its ability to recommend overlooked titles, the site “leads with books by Jk Rowling, Hilary Mantel and tina Fey.” the greatest scorn, how-

Item numbers are like special appearances: Geeta Basra Pandit ravi Shankar wins world music Grammy

NEWS DESK Ravi shankar has won one last Grammy. the sitar virtuoso, ambassador of indian music and friend of the Beatles, who died in December at 92, won best world music album for “the Living Room sessions Part 1.” anoushka shankar, his daughter, accepted the award on his behalf. the sitar player and composer was also a nominee for her album “traveller.” On saturday, a lifetime achievement award was given to Ravi shankar at the Recording academy’s special Merit awards celebration. Just a few days before he died, shankar learned that he would receive the honor and that he and his daughter were both nominated in the world music category. singer-pianist norah Jones, shankar’s daughter, and anoushka shankar accepted their father’s lifetime achievement award saturday afternoon.

NEWS DESK Music and dance are the UsPs of any indian movie, feels Geeta Basra, who is doing an item number in “Zilla Ghaziabad” and claims “many come to watch a film just for one song”. the 28-year-old joined filmdom

in 2006 with “Dil Diya Hai”, in which she was paired opposite Emraan Hashmi. in her second film “the train” (2007) also, she teamed up with the same actor. after almost five years she will dazzle on the big screen in an item song and said: “i love dancing and our film industry is known for its dance and music.” “Many people do come to watch film just for one song. Music and dance is the UsP of any film. this is not a new thing, it had been here since Helen’s time. i personally feel an item number is like a special appearance,” Geeta told ians. Her song has been choreographed by Remo D’souza and she said: “He has choreographed the entire song and he has done a great job.” she describes the opportunity as second innings. “i feel, i am blessed that i got a second innings in the film industry. i am getting some good offers. Besides every actor has their own share of ups and downs. i am glad that without being from a filmy background, i have made a space for myself in the showbiz,” said Basra, who was born and brought up in Britain. “Zilla Ghaziabad”, said to be a political action-thriller, sees in the cast the hit team of sanjay Dutt-arshad Warsi, who tickled the funny bones of the audiences with their antics in “Munnabhai” series. they are joined by Vivek Oberoi, Minissha Lamba and Ravi kishan. the film is coming out Feb 22. “it’s a very massy film, it’s for the indian audience. it is nice to be part of action packed films,” Basra said, praising the film’s content.

ever, came courtesy of publishing expert Mike Cane, who tore into the site’s terms of service, pointing out that they include that Bookish reserves the right to refuse your ability even to link to their site if you “present false information about, or disparage, tarnish, or otherwise, in BOOkisH’s sole opinion, harm BOOkisH or its products or services.”

Adele wins best pop solo performance Grammy


aDOnna officially joined photo-sharing app instagram on sunday, and proceeded to share two racy images with fans. in one picture, the 54-year-old stares seductively into the camera while sipping a martini with a couple of green olives swimming in the cocktail. “Cheers motherf-ckers!” Madonna, who sports blunt blonde bangs and a lacy black bra, wrote in the caption. a second photo focuses on the “Like a Virgin” singer’s cleavage after an intense workout. “addicted to sweat!” Madonna explained. Within hours, Madonna had collected 27,000 followers as legions of fans rushed to ‘like’ her picture, the sun reported. NEwS DESK

notable tweets danny wood Monday workout done! #livinghealthy Starting the week off right!

paM Grier I enjoyed the Bob Marley tribute whom I play everyday. Just love Reggae. Steele Pulse, Yellowman are faves. Your faves from the Grammys?



RitisH songstress adele won the Grammy for best pop solo performance on sunday, the first award handed out during the main event on the music industry’s biggest night of the year. the 24-year-old singer, who swept the board with six Grammys at last year’s awards show, took the prize for a live rendition of her hit “set Fire to the Rain.” “My good luck charm, J-Lo,” she said as she accepted the award from Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. “this is amazing. i wanted to come and be part of the night. i loved it last year, obviously,” she added. Last year she won best song, best record, best album for her breakthrough “21,” best short video, best pop album and best pop artist, winning all six categories in which she was nominated.

euGene MirMan Now that the Pope has resigned, I hope he either does a multi-camera sitcom for @CBS or a reality show about living in Boston!

KiM Kardashian Awww just waking up in Brazil, seeing Kanye won 3 Grammy’s last night!!! That makes a total of 21!!!! That’s just so insane! Soooo proud!!!

Kirstie alley So The Pope just announced he’s stepping down...which I didn’t know was an option... did you ?

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infotainMent Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

Apple is testing a smartphone watch with iPhone features Apple reportedly is testing an electronic watch that has some of the functions found on its iPhone. Apple has been widely tipped to have a television in the works but now the firm is said to be testing an electronic watch as well. According to the Wall Street Journal Apple has talked to Foxconn about assembling a wearable electronic device. The newspaper’s source claims that Foxconn has been working on technologies for wearable computers and improving the power efficiencies of displays. In recent months Foxconn has shown interest in investing in Japanese LCD maker Sharp and might acquire part of the display maker. Apple’s decision to at least consider a so-called smart watch seems to be plausible, as a number of firms, Samsung included, are looking at pliable electronic materials for parts such as smartphone displays with the goal of making wearable devices. Last year Google generated interest with its augmented reality Project Glass spectacles, showing that there is interest in such devices. The Wall Street Journal’s source didn’t say what iPhone features Apple is looking to integrate into any smart watch, however it would be unlikely to supplant the need for an iPhone completely for revenue reasons. That means it could be little more than a second display or microphone for those Apple fans that feel the need to carry another of the firm’s products at all times. NEwS DESK

Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change. –Thomas Hardy

Software that tracks people on social media created by defence firm



multinational security firm has secretly developed software capable of tracking people’s movements and predicting future behaviour by mining data from social networking websites. a video obtained by the Guardian reveals how an “extremescale analytics” system created by Raytheon, the world’s fifth largest defence contractor, can gather vast amounts of information about people from websites including Facebook, twitter and Foursquare. Raytheon says it has not sold the software – named Riot, or Rapid information Overlay technology – to any clients. But the Massachusetts-based company has acknowledged the technology was shared with Us government and industry as part of a joint research and development effort, in 2010, to help build a national security system capable of analysing “trillions of entities” from cyberspace. the power of Riot to harness popular websites for surveillance offers a rare insight into controversial techniques that have attracted interest from intelligence and national security agencies, at the same time prompting civil liberties and online privacy concerns. the sophisticated technology demonstrates how the same social networks that helped propel the arab spring revolutions can be transformed into a “Google for spies” and tapped as a means of monitoring and control. Using Riot it is possible to gain an entire snapshot of a person’s life – their friends, the places they visit charted on a map – in little more than a few clicks of a button. in the video obtained by the Guardian, it is explained by Raytheon’s “principal investigator” Brian Urch that photographs users post on social networks sometimes contain latitude and longitude details – automatically embedded by smartphones within so-called “exif header data.” Riot

pulls out this information, showing not only the photographs posted onto social networks by individuals, but also the location at which the photographs were taken. “We’re going to track one of our own employees,” Urch says in the video, before bringing up pictures of “nick,” a Raytheon staff member used as an example target. With information gathered from social networks, Riot quickly reveals nick frequently visits Washington nationals Park, where on one occasion he snapped a photograph of himself posing with a blonde haired woman. “We know where nick’s going, we know what nick looks like,” Urch explains, “now we want to try to predict where he may be in the future.” Riot can display on a spider diagram the associations and relationships between individuals online by looking at who they have communicated with over twitter. it can also mine data from Facebook and sift GPs location information from Foursquare, a mobile phone app used by

NoteRaid, a social network for education? NEWS DESK

IbM’s Watson to start dispensing medical advice Dr. Watson is accepting new patients. The Watson supercomputer is graduating from its medical residency and is being offered commercially to doctors and health insurance companies. IBM, the health insurer WellPoint, and Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center announced two Watson-based applications—one to help assess treatments for lung cancer and one to help manage health insurance decisions and claims. Both applications take advantage of the speed, huge database, and language skill the computer demonstrated in defeating the best human Jeopardy! players on television two years ago. In both applications, doctors or insurance company workers will access Watson through a tablet or computer. NEwS DESK

more than 25 million people to alert friends of their whereabouts. the Foursquare data can be used to display, in graph form, the top 10 places visited by tracked individuals and the times at which they visited them. the video shows that nick, who posts his location regularly on Foursquare, visits a gym frequently at 6am early each week. Urch quips: “so if you ever did want to try to get hold of nick, or maybe get hold of his laptop, you might want to visit the gym at 6am on a Monday.” Mining from public websites for law enforcement is considered legal in most countries. in February last year, for instance, the FBi requested help to develop a social-media mining application for monitoring “bad actors or groups”. However, Ginger McCall, an attorney at the Washington-based Electronic Privacy information Centre, said the Raytheon technology raised concerns about how troves of user data could be covertly collected without oversight or regulation.

“social networking sites are often not transparent about what information is shared and how it is shared,” McCall said. “Users may be posting information that they believe will be viewed only by their friends, but instead, it is being viewed by government officials or pulled in by data collection services like the Riot search.” Raytheon, which made sales worth an estimated $25bn (£16bn) in 2012, did not want its Riot demonstration video to be revealed on the grounds that it says it shows a “proof of concept” product that has not been sold to any clients. Jared adams, a spokesman for Raytheon’s intelligence and information systems department, said in an email: “Riot is a big data analytics system design we are working on with industry, national labs and commercial partners to help turn massive amounts of data into useable information to help meet our nation’s rapidly changing security needs. “its innovative privacy features are the most robust that we’re aware of, enabling the sharing and analysis of data without personally identifiable information [such as social security numbers, bank or other financial account information] being disclosed.” in December, Riot was featured in a newly published patent Raytheon is pursuing for a system designed to gather data on people from social networks, blogs and other sources to identify whether they should be judged a security risk. in april, Riot was scheduled to be showcased at a Us government and industry national security conference for secretive, classified innovations, where it was listed under the category “big data – analytics, algorithms.” according to records published by the Us government’s trade controls department, the technology has been designated an “EaR99” item under export regulations, which means it “can be shipped without a licence to most destinations under most circumstances”.

One rainy night in March 2013, an american student, David confided in a friend about an idea he just had. it was at a boat party, David was quite inebriated. But he was worried since mid terms exams at his university were almost upon him and he was missing class notes. so he said to a friend, “What if there was a website where one could upload their notes and the other could just download them by simply searching for a few key words? it would save so much hassle from photocopying and printing and scanning. What do you think?” the rest, as they say, is history. David teamed up with 3 of his friends, called the project noteRaid and launched the website exactly 6 months later after spending a lot of money, time and commitment to making it work. so what is noteRaid? noteRaid is a note-sharing service designed to provide free notes to its users. the concept of noteRaid is simple. You can upload your notes to noteRaid and by filling out the noteRaid search engine, your classmates, friends and everybody else searching for notes from your class would be able to access them. the best part? this is all for free! On the website, the developers of noteraid wrote, “What makes us think that people will upload their well-written notes to our website, for free access to anyone in the world? Well, we trust a human being’s ability to do good – not just for their friends, but also for strangers. imagine how many students you will be helping out by simply clicking an upload button from any classroom or library in the world.” they explained further, “noteraid is not just about providing free notes to people all over the world, it is also an effort to save trees by cutting out on the usage of paper. today, as everything is getting more and more digitalised, we asked our-

selves, why not class notes? so remember this: each time you upload your notes to noteRaid, you will be helping out the environment by saving a lot of paper from unnecessary printing. noteraid accepts .doc files and pdfs and soon we will have the option of uploading audio notes as well.” the four developers of the website were quick to dissociate themselves from plagiarism. “We strongly advise anyone against plagiarism and request you to not bother putting up someone else’s notes and claiming them to be yours. the users of noteRaid would have a report button, which they can click to alert us to any material that should not be up on the website. For a better experience, there will also be a rate button on every uploader’s notes so that users can rate the quality of notes they will be downloading.” the story of noteRaid coming together is reminiscent of Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Within hours after launching the website, the website starting receiving hits from various countries including France, Pakistan, italy, Egypt and the United kingdom. the idea is simple and creates a niche for itself in the world of internet giants like Facebook and Google. talking to Pakistan today, David Deryder, CEO of noteRaid, said, “i am very hopeful about the future of noteRaid. as students, we could only put up so much in this. none of us had a programming background. so with whatever little resources we had, i think we did pretty well.” Furthermore, talking to Pakistan Today, Rimka sandhu, the marketing executive of noteRaid said, “We have great plans for noteRaid. We’re focusing on expanding the website via users, but in the near future, we have some exciting new things planned.” Users can use NoteRaid on and can find the developers on the Facebook page,

doctors treat ‘vampire’ who attacked people for blood A unique case out of Turkey: Doctors say they have treated a man with multiple personalities who was addicted to drinking blood—sort of a vampire, LiveScience reports. They caught on to the 23-year-old after he was arrested for biting and stabbing people in an effort to collect blood. He also had his father bring him bags of blood from a blood bank, according to the study in Journal of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. Doctors have traced the man’s behavior to traumas dating back to his childhood. His mother’s tendency to “freak out” and attack him may have triggered his multiple personalities, or dissociative identity disorder. But his traumas in later life were more severe, including the death of his 4year-old daughter, the killing of his uncle, and the sight of a murder in which “one of his friends cut off the victim’s head and penis,” the researchers write. Six weeks after his treatment, doctors found his bloodlust in remission but dissociative symptoms ongoing. The man also said his “drugs were merely sleeping pills, they would not cure him.” NEwS DESK

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S SPORTS Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

afridi fiNishes with 3-24 whiLe aNother oNe-day discard uMar akMaL scores aN uNbeateN 47

Mushtaq set to join delhi daredevils MushtaQ ahMed aNd keviN PieterseN wiLL work together for deLhi daredeviLs iN the iPL LAHORE: Mushtaq Ahmed, the former Pakistan legspinner, is on the verge of joining the Delhi Daredevils as a spinbowling consultant for the 2013 IPL season. Mushtaq signed the year-long contract recently, and is now waiting for the final paperwork to be delivered. “I have been offered a one-year deal,” Mushtaq was quoted by Cricinfo. “I have accepted it but the deal is yet to be finalised and is in process as written documentation is currently being exchanged.” After retiring from the game in 2008, Mushtaq has been the spin-bowling coach with the England team. The ECB employed him on a consultancy basis so he is free to work for other organisations when not busy with England. The Daredevils, who missed out on the finals last year after losing to Chennai Super Kings in the play-off, wanted to beef up their support staff. Before the auction, they had identified the lack of quality slow bowlers as a perceived gap in the squad. South African offspinner Johan Botha and Sri Lankan legspinner Jeevan Mendis were duly bought to join the unheralded Shahbaz Nadeem, the left-arm spinner, who was impressive last year. Mushtaq will pair up with Eric Simmons, the former South Africa bowler, who is the head coach at the Daredevils. He will also be the second Pakistan player to be involved in a coaching role in the IPL; Wasim Akram has been working with the Kolkata Knight Riders as a fastbowling consultant from the first season. STAFF REPORT

I’m fully aware of the atmosphere that awaits us in Glasgow because I’ve been there and experienced it first hand. – Nedved, Juve director




FGHanistan’ s warm-up tour of Pakistan got off to a losing start on Monday as they fell to an eight-wicket defeat at the hands of the hosts’ second-string team. Pakistan ‘a’ bowlers led by captain shahid afridi bundled the afghans out for a paltry 122 in 38.5 overs with the main resistance coming from Mohammad shahzad who scored 33 and Javed ahmadi who managed 23. afridi, trying to regain some form after being dumped from Pakistan’s one-day side, finished with 3-24 and Pakistan knocked off the required runs in just 16.1 overs with another one-day discard, Umar akmal, scoring an unbeaten 47. afghanistan are on a four-week tour of Pakistan to tune up for their two one-day internationals against scotland in the United arab Emirates next month before facing them again in the iCC World Cricket League Championship. india has not done enough for us: afghan coach : afghanistan cricket team coach kabir khan said that india despite being an influential cricket power in south asia has done little to help afghanistan move up the international ladder. kabir, a former Pakistan test pacer who has now been working with the afghanistan national team for last few years except for a short break, told Pti that the indian Cricket Board could do a lot more for

afghan players. “if you look at England they go out of their way to support the associate cricket nations in their region including Holland, ireland and scotland by allowing their players to play in their county and league cricket and helping them with coaching programmes,” khan said. “in comparison in south asia although they are four test playing nations Pakistan, india, sri Lanka and Bangladesh we don’t get that kind of support from them except Pakistan. india has the influence and money to do a lot for afghanistan cricket if they want. But so far we are still waiting,” khan said. He pointed out that the moment india starts providing proper support and encouragement to afghanistan cricket, it would quickly move forward. “there is a lot of passion for cricket in afghanistan and they are good players but we suffer mainly because we don’t have a Kabir Khan said domestic cricket structure. India needed to shed We don’t get enough matches even in this its psyche of looking region alone. Pakistan at Afghanistan has supported us a lot but we still need support cricket as being a lot but until india and from the other cricket similar to Pakistan other countries also push us nations in this region afghanistan will be very slow particularly india,” khan cricket in making progress as a cricket added. the afghanistan team is nation,” he said. in Pakistan to play a series of two khan has brought a 22-member squad to ODis and a t20 match from tomorrow at the Gaddafi stadium here. khan said india Pakistan, including many young players with needed to shed its psyche of looking at the sole aim of giving them exposure and afghanistan cricket as being similar to making available to them the top facilities Pakistan cricket. “We are two different and coaching expertise available at the cricket playing nations. Pakistan supports us national Cricket academy here.

the test pacer said that afghanistan was presently preparing for a tour to scotland to play its iCC league series of a four-day match, two ODis and a t20 match this year to help prepare for the 2014 t20 World Cup. “some of our players have now done really well and become proper professionals but they need more encouragement and we also need to find some young talent soon. Right now we are focusing a lot on improving our fitness and fielding skills.

West Indies beat New Zealand to throw event wide open ball 27 with four fours and a six. However when she was sixth out the West indies had managed only 117 in the 27thover. West indies slipped further to 159 for eight in the 44th over but shanel Daley contributed 37 off 64 balls and anisa Mohammed swung merrily to finish with an unbeaten 31 off 32 balls. the pair added 45 for the ninth wicket in just over six overs wickets to give West indies a respectable total. West indies opening bowler tremayne smartt used her in-swingers to good effect to snare three top-order new Zealand wickets. katie Perkins and Bates tried to consolidate before Perkins was run out by a brilliant throw from Dottin and when taylor snared nicola Browne leg before and Mohammed out-foxed Bates for a caught and bowled in the next over, new Zealand was in serious trouble at 83-6. Rachel Priest (36) tried to hold the lower-order together but her resistance ended when she was last out as the West indies sealed a superb win. anisa Mohammed followed up her batting heroics with 1-13 off 8.3 overs to be awarded Player of the Match. taylor also bowled well finishing with 2-26 off her 10 overs. West indies skipper Merissa aguillera was effusive in her praise for the team. “it was a great match. i have to give credit to everyone in the team. they executed all areas of the game well and

eNgLaNd, New ZeaLaNd aNd west iNdies caPabLe of joiNiNg austraLia iN icc woMeN’s worLd cuP fiNaL MUMBAI AGENCIES

West indies secured victory over new Zealand by 48 runs in its super six match today at the Cricket Club of india to keep its chances of qualifying for the iCC Women’s World Cup final alive. Batting first, West indies finished with 207-9 off its 50 overs before its bowlers put on an all-round show to dismiss new Zealand for 159. West indies’ win, its second of the super six stage, also ensured that it will join australia in the iCC Women’s World Cup final on 17 February if it beats Jodie Fields’ side in its final super six match in Mumbai on Wednesday. However, if the West indies lose, then it will come down to net run rate between them and the winner of the match between new Zealand and defending champion England. West indies faces australia at the MiG Ground on 13 February at 0900 indian time, while new Zealand plays England in a day/night fixture at the Cricket Club of india beginning at 1430 on the same day. after being put into bat first by new Zealand skipper suzie Bates, West indies lost opener natasha McLean early - legbefore wicket to sian Ruck. Coming in at number three, stafanie taylor was at her belligerent best and stroked seven boundaries in her 53-ball 49 which made her the highest scorer of the event – briefly. Later in the day Bates regained that honour in new Zealand’s innings.

need to be complemented for that.” aguillera felt that when they got past 200, they could defend it. “Once we had 200 runs, we believed we could defend it. We have a good line-up of spinners – stephanie taylor, shanel Daley and anisa Mohammed. We knew we had a good score on the board the bowlers did their job perfectly to take us home. “it was pleasing to see the other players stepped up when it mattered. anisa Mohammed deserves a special mention. While batting, she did exactly what the team needed. We had a target in mind and we achieved it. i am really pleased with the all-round effort,” said aguillera. new Zealand skipper Bates was bitterly disappointed, but felt that the West indies total was within reach on the CCi wicket. “i think on this wicket, if you have wickets in hand, even 250 could be chaseable. if we had got one big partnership, we would have got home easily But we kept losing wickets too close to each other and once that happened, the turned the pressure on us.” Bates felt that the batters let the team down. “i am disappointed that today none of the top five stepped out and in the end it was left to Rachael Priest and it was too much for her to do alone. We haven’t batted anywhere near where we are capable of batting. if we are to go forward and win the tournament, it is important that the batters fire.’


Despite taylor’s heroics, she found little support from the other end and wickets fell at regular intervals. Deandra Dottin tried to take the attack to the new Zealand bowlers as she hammered a 21-

west Indies 207-9, 50 overs (Taylor 49; Nielsen 3-27, Bates 2-36) New Zealand 159 all out, 44.3 overs (Priest 36; Smartt 3-39) west Indies won by 48 runs Current Super Six Points Table as of 11 February Teams m w L Australia 4 4 0 west Indies 4 3 1 England 4 2 2 New Zealand 4 2 2 Sri Lanka 4 1 3 South Africa 4 0 4

Td 0 0 0 0 0 0

N/R 0 0 0 0 0 0

Pts 8 6 4 4 2 0

Net RR +1.003 +1.136 +1.079 +0.952 -2.636 -2.157

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We’re working well together and the longer we do that the better that relationship will be. But it’s going to take a while before we’re going out for coffee. – Mike Hesson, New Zealand coach




HE Pakistani touring team romped home to a ten-wicket win against the Emerging Cobras team in their two day tour match at the Western Province Cricket Club on Monday. there were some good performances with the bat, particularly an unbeaten 74 from Younis khan, while Mohammad irfan had a match haul of seven for 40. On a difficult first day pitch, the Emerging Cobras were dismissed for 156. By close of play the Pakistanis had replied with 127 for four, Misbah-ul-Haq unbeaten on 44. the skipper retired overnight. leaving asad shafiq to claim the top score with an unbeaten 45, made off 96 balls. tanvir ahmed hit out, clearing the boundary twice on his way to 22. Johan Bothma was the best of the bowlers with three for 24. the lanky Brendon Young also troubled the batsmen, but the change seamers and main spinner Ockert Erasmus were ineffective. the Emerging Cobras reply was a shambles, despite the pitch playing better as the second day proceeded. Both openers were knocked over by tanvir

ahmed for single figures, and only a well-crafted 33 from keegan Petersen, made off 47 balls with five well timed fours, saved the home team from abject humiliation. Four batsmen were out for ducks, and the last seven wickets added just fourteen in 45 balls of mayhem. Mohammad irfan led the destruction, claiming three for 20 in his seven overs. Remarkably, twelve of these runs came in successive deliveries as Uwe Birkenstock hit three boundaries but the next ball bowled him. all the other bowlers got into the act except for Rahat ali. spinners saeed ajmal and abdur Rehman

Pedrosa leaves Sepang on top JEREZ: Repsol Honda Team’s Dani Pedrosa heads into the two-week break as the man to beat after ending the final day of the Sepang test on top. Pedrosa’s rookie teammate Marc Márquez gave everyone a scare in the morning as he crashed in the final turn at speed, although he walked away unscathed and could continue his work on his second bike. He stated that he tried to turn in despite missing his braking marker and lost the front. A record lap set by Spaniard Pedrosa of 2:00’100 was not beaten all day, as Yamaha Factory Racing’s Jorge Lorenzo ended just over three tenths off, himself focussing on a race simulation later in the day, as riders across the field dropped their laps times once more. His Italian teammate Valentino Rossi also showed that he could get below the 2:01 mark, leaving it until just before lunch to post his fastest time that saw him end the day in third behind his teammate. Spaniard Márquez, despite going quicker again on Friday, was this time unable to finish in the top three as he put in a lengthy run at the end, yet stayed a close fourth, challenged by the impressive Cal Crutchlow, the last rider below the 2:01 mark, on his 2012 Monster Yamaha Tech 3 machine. The Brit said afterwards he hoped to receive some of the upgrades the factory team is testing, as he feels there is some more speed to be found. AGENCIES

KARACHI: Chief Guest Khurram Khalil Nanitalwala inaugurates Woodward Trophy Under-17 Interzonal Cricket Tournament while Siraj-ul-Islam Bukhari, Ejaz Farooqui, Zafar Ahmed, Zafar Ahmed and Javed Akhtar Kiani look on.

swept away the tail as the Emerging Cobras were shot out for 78, leaving the Pakistanis just 59 for victory. the sunday blues in the pitch had all seemingly gone on holiday by the time the Pakistanis started their reply. By tea, imran Farhat and Younis khan had gone to 40 without loss without any scares. there was no time pressure on the

visitors, and the victory itself was completed in 21 overs but they went on to bat for another 22 overs before finally calling it a day. as this was solely a practice match, playing conditions were changed at the drop of a hat to suit the Pakistanis’ requirements. imran Farhat retired on 34 made off 73 balls. Younis khan played well within himself, but stepped up the strokeplay as he approached his half-century. He finished unbeaten on 74, made off 136 balls with ten fours. azhar ali had a long knock before being caught behind as Bothma came back for a second spell, at which point the match was terminated. the veteran does seem to have played himself into form after a first-innings failure, while Misbah-ul-Haq and asad shafiq in particular spent valuable time at the crease. With first choice bowlers Umar Gul and Junaid khan rested, and saeed ajmal drafted in to bowl a few overs at the end of the first innings, the back-up bowlers impressed. although Rahat ali got some disconcerting bounce, Mohammad irfan has ticked some boxes and may displace him in the newlands line-up. there were two injury scares. nasir Jamshed sprained an ankle early on the first day and sarfraz ahmed was hit on the nose standing up to saeed ajmal by a ball that bounced out of the rough. However, both seem to be unharmed and should be available for selection for the second test, starting on thursday.

Hamilton promises another runfest caN ross tayLor Make More of aN iMPact iN his secoNd gaMe back?



Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

beckham may make PSG squad for Marseille clash: Ancelotti PARIS: David Beckham is likely to feature in the Paris St Germain squad for the first time when the Ligue 1 leaders take on arch rivals Olympique Marseille on February 24, coach Carlo Ancelotti said on Monday. Former England captain Beckham joined as a free agent last month but has to improve his fitness before he can challenge for a place in the squad. Asked when Beckham would be fit to be called up, Ancelotti told French sports daily L’Equipe: “Against Marseille I think. We will see in the coming days but maybe he will be a bit on the short side for the Sochaux game (this weekend).” PSG, who lead second-placed Olympique Lyon by six points, travel to Valencia on Tuesday for the first leg of their Champions League last 16 tie. AGENCIES

hajvairy sports beat bucks in veteran Cricket LAHORE: Hajvairy sports outplayed SPM Bucks by 5 wickets in a match of the National Veteran cricket cup here on Monday at Shah Faisal ground. Scores: SPM Bucks batted first managed 212/7 in 30 overs. Kamran Mirza 64 not out, Nadeem Aslam 33, Ashfaq Aslam 24, Muhammad Sajjad 19 & Khadim Hussain 19 runs not out. Hajvairy Sports bowling Jamshaid Salman 2/36, Ray Zulfqar 1/35 & Mian Fazal 1/41 wickets. In reply Hajvairy Sports answered with 213/5 in 28.3 overs. Man of the match, Sarwar Bhatti 57, Muhammad Amir 42, Zafar Butt 22, Ejaz Butt 22, Jamshaid Salman 25 & Mian Munir 22 runs not out. SPM Bucks bowling Ashfaq Aslam 2/27, Javeed Butt 1/29 & Imtiaz Shah 1/35 wickets. Qaisar Waheed and Muhammad Asif were the umpires and & Waqar Ahmad was the scorer. STAFF REPORT

United praying ronaldo does not emulate namesake BERNE: The Champions League provides a crackerjack of a fixture on Wednesday when Real Madrid hot-shot Cristiano Ronaldo faces Manchester United, the club where he made his name, for the first time. United will hope the Portugal winger does not emulate Brazil forward Ronaldo who scored a memorable hat-trick for the Spaniards when the teams last met 10 years ago. The Real forward will not have to be concerned about being overshadowed by arch-rival Lionel Messi because organisers UEFA have again spread the last 16 over a series of dates, meaning the matches will take one month to complete. Messi’s Barcelona will not be in action until February 20 when they visit AC Milan for their first-leg encounter while the Arsenal-Bayern Munich, GalatasaraySchalke 04 and Porto-Malaga ties also take place next week. AGENCIES


Luke Wright’s assessment of the deluge of sixes that rained upon the Eden Park crowd during the opening twenty20 international was enthusiastic enough, but with a hint of reservations. England had cleared the boundary 15 times, only two short of equalling the world record, and Wright contributing four of them in a domineering 42 from 20 balls. new Zealand managed eight - and their innings never really took off. “to see fours and sixes, i suppose that’s what people come to watch,” Wright said. Rarely in cricket has the world “suppose” been worthy of such a debate. spectators assuredly do not want stodgy pitches and massive outfields, big hitting is demanded above all, but it has to be a challenge, otherwise you might as well just double up the boundary with the 30yard fielding circle. Wright, helped by a great batting surface, virtually blocked one of his sixes over the rope. Eden Park, if you take proper note of its tiny straight boundaries, is a rugby ground doing its best to fake its suitability for cricket. seddon Park in Hamilton, where the three-match series now moves, at least feels like a cricket ground, but the boundary hits are not much bigger. With campaigners also fighting to prevent a flyover affecting the atmosphere at Basin Reserve, nobody could suggest that new Zealand’s compilation of cricket grounds are in perfect shape.


Last year, the south african opener, Richard Levi, struck 13 sixes in a 51-ball 117 not out. aerial combat is likely to be resumed tonight. in auckland, the crowd lapped it up. this is very much the way in new Zealand cricket, but there is a balance and, without being po-faced over the sight of people having a fun night out at t20, it is about time the iCC debated it. England’s pace bowler Jade Dernbach was accidentally spiked on the arm in training, continuing a winter which has not lavished many favours upon him. For the moment at least, England’s faith in his variety still holds. Hamish Rutherford’s t20 debut was overshadowed by the return of Ross taylor, but his arrival is an exciting one. t20 would have been perfect for his father, ken, whose rapid triple-hundred at the scarborough Festival included 199 between lunch and tea while the media, largely unaware, was enjoying

a lavish sponsor’s lunch. allrounder Grant Elliott and seamer ian Butler are back in the new Zealand 13 after minor injuries ruled them out at Eden Park. Jimmy neesham has been omitted from the new Zealand squad. England have a doubt over Eoin Morgan (strained back) and if he is unfit Joe Root is expected to deputise. Root has had an introduction to international cricket, in all three formats, more successful than he could ever have imagined, but Morgan is England’s gun batsman in t20 cricket and he would be sorely missed. “One minute you are talking tactics about how to get a player out, the next minute he is in your side somewhere else. it’s strange. You have to be careful not to give away your weaknesses because your team-mate one day might be an opponent a week later,” said Luke Wright, England’s allrounder, on the strange world of a t20 specialist.

Quaid open table tennis from 15th LAHORE: The Qauid-e-Azam Open Table Tennis Championship will be played here from February 15 at Chromatex Table Tennis Hall. “Leading players, men and women and junior will be showcasing their talent in the three-day event which is a regular feature to promote table tennis,” said Abdul Qayyum Khan, Organising Secretary of the event on Monday. He said 100 national players including top national champion, Asim Qureshi, Bilal Yasin, Asim Aziz and Yasir Bhatti, prominent female top ranked players, Shabnam Bilal, Sadia Falksher, Ayesha Iqbal and Sanam Yasin and national junior players Subhan Qureshi and Salman Virk are the main attraction of the competition which aims at promoting table tennis. STAFF REPORT

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I liked the passion of the people. They are very fair-minded and honest supporters who wanted their team to be entertaining and do well. – Steve Clarke, Liverpool coach

17 S

SPORTS Tuesday, 12 February, 2013


( Qatar open wta

World No 1 ranking on the line DOHA



UCH more than the championship is on the line here at the total Qatar Open Wta event starting this week. three players are in the running for the world number 1 ranking this week depending on their

performance. serena Williams, the hottest play on the Wta tour last year, with two Grand slam titles along with the Olympic gold medal, will be the favourite. Victoria azarenka, the australian Open Champion, is the current world number 1 and will be looking to consolidate her position at the top of the women’s game. Joining them in a three horse race is Maria sharapova the veteran Russian, who at the age of 25 is considered an old timer in experience but not in years. in pre-tournament interviews, the trio was cagey about their prospects, with the usual self-effacing remarks. serena had been the form player at the australian Open, only to hurt her back and ankle and crashed out early. sharapova had also raced through the draw

there, only to lose a close match to Li na of China in the semifinals. Both serena and Maria preferred to look at the tournament match by match, refusing to put extra pressure on themselves by making projections. the pressure will indeed be on azarenka, who will be fighting to cling on to her number one ranking. But all players here know that, if healthy and fit, serena Williams is the player to beat. Many times over the past eight months, she has demolished her opponents in a manner seldom seen at the world class level. azarenka was well aware of her performances against Williams but preferred to look ahead rather than dwell on past results. this is one of the strongest women’s events apart from the Grand slams with only Venus Williams and Li na missing from among the top tier. sania Mirza, the indian heartbeat and now a doubles specialist, has entered in the doubles with american Battek sands. sania had an unprecedented start to her career, only to be slowed through injuries and the fact that the top players were just too powerful. azarenka and sharapova are both six feet tall while serena is built like a tank. the sheer power that these girls generate is quite extraordinary.

ItAly EdGE PASt US INto FEd CUP SEMIS MADRID: The world’s top doubles pairing of Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci helped Italy to edge out the United States and secure a place in the Fed Cup semi-finals on Sunday. Errani and Vinci have won three of the last four grand slam titles, including the Australian Open last month, and were too strong for American duo Varvara Lepchenko and Liezel Huber in the fifth rubber. Lepchenko beat the higher-ranked Errani and Vinci in singles play over the weekend to put the States in with a chance. But her and veteran Huber were unable to produce another shock as Errani and Vinci combined to win 6-2 6-2. Uzbekistan-born Lepchenko had earlier put the away side 2-1 up in the tie with a 7-5 6-2 defeat of Errani before Vinci levelled matters with a 6-2 4-6 61 win over Jamie Hampton. AGENCIES

The splendor of Serena SPORTS THIS WEEK By ALI AKBAR

Venus Williams has withdrawn from next week’s Qatar Open Wta event in Doha. Venus and her sister serena have been the greatest sibling act in the history of tennis. the two have won 22 Grand slam singles titles between each other along with thirteen doubles titles. Venus has, in the recent past, been suffering from an autoimmune disease and as a result, has been a shadow of her former self. in recent years, she has been overshadowed by her even more precocious younger sister serena who has won fifteen major titles to Venus’ seven. the two sisters have dominated the first decade of this century. serena continues to be in overpowering form as she has shown by winning the Wimbledon and the Us Open in convincing fashion along with the Olympic gold medal. serena will be on show at the prestigious Doha event. time, however, seems to be running out on Venus’ career. Born in Compton California, the sisters were taken to Florida by dad Richard and mom Oracene. they started learning the sport before the age of five and Richard took the extraordinary step of withdrawing the girls from junior competition so that the two could concentrate on their technique. they

had the additional advantage of having each other to practice with. the two sisters were superb athletes, with Venus blossoming first. she was a very tall girl with a huge wingspan which gave her great reach at the net. she also had the hardest serve in the history of women’s tennis, with one serve reaching 130 mph (208kph). Her strength was her athleticism, huge reach and a killer forehand that she hit harder than many of the men players. the Wimbledon’s fast, low bouncing grass suited Venus’ game to a tee and she won five titles there. she was eventually matched at Wimbledon by serena last summer as she also won her fifth title. Precocious as Venus was, she was outshone by her sister serena, a player of such power, technical excellence and competitive fire that, on her day, she could be the greatest woman player ever. Last summer, during the Wimbledon and the Olympics, serena averaged two service aces per game, making her serve almost unbreakable. With blazing power and accuracy of both wings, serena made a mockery of the world rankings, beating the world no 1 almost at will. serena has fifteen Grand slam singles titles and could continue to win more as long as she stays healthy. With Venus slipping, it will be up to serena to keep the Williams flag flying. Li na, the losing finalist at the australian

Open, has also withdrawn from the Qatar Open, citing the ankle injury that hobbled her in her match against Victoria azarenka. Pakistan, india crash out of super six Meanwhile, in cricket’s women’s World Cup, Pakistan has failed to make the last six as has india. the surprise package has been sri Lanka, who upset England in the early stages and then knocked india out of the reckoning. Pakistan’s batting was disappointing, failing to chase modest totals and setting unchallenging targets. the standard of the teams is improving and some of the swing bowling has been impressive. it also seems that the batters have added strength to their hitting, with flat sixes being hit regularly. the women’s game seems to be coming of age and it would well behoove the iL people in india to consider setting up a parallel women’s t20 League where they could play before the main men’s event. crucible of fire: Pakistan prepare to enter the crucible of fire of the south african pace attack in the second test at Cape town later this week. Having been dismantled by Dale steyn and co in the first innings of the first test, the boys seemed to have learned their lesson in the second innings and gave a much improved performance, leaving steyn’s outswingers alone. But there are more arrows in steyn’s quiver. He bowls at express pace

and with great accuracy, getting just enough swing to take the edge. Eventually it was with the second new ball that steyn ended Misbah and shafiq’s stubborn partnership. Earlier, nasir Jamshed had also looked good as he so often does, coming close to a half century. the south africans had evidently done their home work against Pakistan’s main weapon, saeed ajmal. they rendered him ineffective, with one wicket at well over a hundred runs. ajmal will have to rethink his tactics if his team has a chance to even the series. Pakistan’s other trump card, the steepling irfan should play. He would pose a unique challenge to the south african batsmen who are all in prime form. Hashim amla is the number one batsman in the iCC rankings, kallis the best all rounder and steyn the best bowler. the Pakistan coaching staff has its work cut out for them.

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The win Jerez event was amazing but also a big surprise. We have spent so much time and effort with the team in preparation - all of last year. – Sebastien Ogier


SPORTS Tuesday, 12 February, 2013




is to win majors.” On a chilly, sun-splashed morning at Pebble Beach, snedeker moved one stroke in front of playing partner Hahn at 14-under after sinking a four-foot eagle putt at the par-five second. Hahn, who had missed an eagle chance of his own at the second from seven feet, then lipped out with a five-foot birdie attempt at the third to remain one behind. snedeker remained one ahead after he and Hahn both birdied the fourth before being handed a two-shot advantage when his playing partner bogeyed the parthree fifth after finding a greenside bunker off the tee. Further birdies followed for snedeker at the sixth and the scenic par-three seventh, where he rolled in a 16-footer, as he moved three strokes clear at 17-under. the pacesetting american surprisingly bogeyed the par-four ninth, where he three-putted from 22 feet, to reach the turn in four-under 32, two ahead of the chasing pack at 16-under. Long regarded as one of the game’s best putters, snedeker immediately rebounded with consecutive birdies, sinking a 26-footer at the 10th and a 16-footer at the 11th to stretch his lead to four shots.

Zeballos surprises Nadal to win Chilean Open vINA DEL MAR AGENCIES

argentine Horacio Zeballos sprung a major surprise by beating Rafa nadal 6-7 7-6 6-4 to win the Chilean Open on sunday and clinch the first title of his career. World number 73 Zeballos held his nerve in the final set, breaking nadal when he was serving to stay in the match to seal victory after almost three hours in the Pacific coast city of Vina del Mar. “i’m shocked. i’ve beaten one of the best players of tennis

Servis Club down tauseef Club LAHORE: Servis club has won the opening exhibition match of 10th Muhammad Siddiq Memorial Cricket Tournament when they beat Tauseef Club by 35 runs at Allama Iqbal institute ground the other day. Mr. Waqqar-ulMunir Chairman Tournament Committee of East Zone Cricket Associaton was the Chief Guest. A large no of organizers were also present. SCORES: Servis Club (180) all out. Arshad Nadeem 61, Mudasser Ali 33, Azam Siddiq 37, Sattar Khan 20. Waqas khan 3/30, Shairrbaz Khan 2/35, Israr Baig 1/29. Tauseef Club (145) all out. Abrar Baig 33, Waqas Khan 18, Zeeshan Butt 24, Awais Manzoor 18, Ali Raza 10. Imran Ali 5/33, Adnan Danish 2/22, Sattar Khan 2/17, Farhan Asghar 1/37. Meanwhile, the East Zone cricket Association tournament committee meeting will be held on February 17 at 11 A.M (Sunday) in the Chairmanship of Chairman Tournament Committee Waqarul-Munir at his hose. Specially in the meeting Hanif Muhammad Memorial Event will be dicussed. All members of the committee will advise to attend the meeting in time. STAFF REPORT

wAtCh It LIve ESPN FA Cup: Leicester City v Huddersfield Town 12:55 AM

ESPN Bangladesh League: Khulna Royal Bengals v Sylhet Royals 02:30 PM

PU women prepare for varsity hockey


EDEXCUP champion Brandt snedeker finally reaped just reward for his red-hot early form on the PGa tour this year when he eased to victory by two shots at the Pebble Beach national Pro-am on sunday. Runner-up behind tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in his two previous starts on the U.s. circuit, the american world number six closed with a seven-underpar 65 to post a tournament record low of 19-under 267. Co-leader overnight with compatriot James Hahn, snedeker took control with an eagle on the second hole and never relinquished his grip on a glorious day of late winter sunshine on the picturesque Monterey Peninsula. american Chris kirk sank a 16-foot birdie putt at the last for a 66 to finish alone in second, with PGa tour rookie Hahn (70) a further three strokes back at 14-under in a three-way tie for third. it was snedeker’s fifth career victory on the PGa tour and his second in his last six starts, dating back to the tour Championship in september when he also landed FedExCup honours. “it’s kind of crazy to think about what’s happened the last four months,” a smiling snedeker told CBs after sealing victory with a par at the last before pumping his right fist in celebration and taking off his cap to acknowledge the crowd. “and to finish the West Coast (swing) off to win this way. it’s such a special place. to win at Pebble Beach on a beautiful day like this ... you can’t make this stuff up. it’s just too perfect.” snedeker, who had recorded three top-three finishes in his first four events on the 2013 PGa tour, said winning a first major title was now his top priority. “Finishing off a tournament like this with a win, it gives me a ton of confidence going into the Masters, the U.s. Open, all the great venues we have this year,” the 32-year-old said. “and that’s next on my list. i’ve won five times out here now. the most important thing now


history. it’s an incredible sensation,” an emotional Zeballos said. “i still think i’m dreaming. it’s an honour playing against him. i enjoyed being with him at the locker room, eating with him. He’s a great guy, i would like to ask him if he’s from this planet,” the argentine added with a big smile. nadal was playing his first tournament since suffering a shock defeat to the unfancied Lukas Rosol at Wimbledon last June, having been sidelined by a troublesome knee injury and his comeback delayed by illness.

LAHORE: Punjab University Women Hockey Team on Monday played a practice match at Johar Town Hockey Stadium to prepare for Inter-Universities Hockey Championship, which will be organized by Higher Education Commission. After watching team’s performance, PU Additional Director Sports Shamsa Hashmi expressed the hope that the girls were in form and would excel in the championship. STAFF REPORT

German Shepherd dog Show at royal Palm LAHORE: The 3rd German Shepherd Dog show was held at Royal Palm Golf and Country club, driving range area, over two days and participated by 190 German Shepherds from Abbotabad, Bahawalpur, Sialkot, Sheikhupura, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Faisalabad, Jehlum, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This dog competition was overseen by the German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan represented by Mirza Saif Baig who was the Ring Steward, whereas an international specialist Guenter Schwedes from Germany was the Honourable Judge. As for Guenter Schwedes, he is a man recognized internationally as a capable judge who carries out the assignment without flinching from the norms. The top dog of the event, in the open male class turned out to be a German shepherd named Cliffo who is owned by Zubair Malik. Runner up in this class was Duff Cervani, owned by Faheem Asghar from Lahore, and Esko owned by Malik Younis from Lahore came third. In the open female class the winner was Grappa, owned by Arsalan Baloch (Sheikhupura), followed by Xalia owned by Ijaz Ahmed, second and Lesse owned by Rana Tipu, third. Omer Mir, General Manager, General Manager, Royal Palm gave away the prizes to winners. STAFF REPORT

‘MSSST playing vital role in sports development’ PESHAWAR STAFF REPORT

the Malik saad shaheed sports trust (Mssst) is playing an important role for the promotion of sports at the grass routs level throughout khyber Pakhuntukhwa and the country as well. this was stated by Malik azmat khan, Federal Minister for state inter Provincial Coordination sports, Pakistan while visiting the Mssst Head Office at Central Police Offices Peshawar on Monday. azmat was received by syed ali nawaz Gilani, Member Board of trustees, irshad khan, administrative officer of the trust upon his arrival. Zahid ali, secretary Pakistan Wood Federation was also present on the occasion. azmat, who is also President of Pakistan Wood Federation said that after the approval of 18th amendment the sports Ministry and its related organisation are now being run under provincial control. the federal government, he said, was very keen to promote sports throughout the country. With the support of Mssst for the sports, we highly appreciate its

PEHSAWAR: Malik Azmat Khan, Federal Minister for State, receives a souvenir from the official of the Malik Saad Shaheed Sports Trust. efforts at the grass rout level in developed areas. He also viewed special documentary of Mssst mentioned that he is touched with

less the and this

presentation and paid a rich tribute to shaheed Malik Muhammad saad and all great shaheed Police Officers and Jawans of khyber Pakhuntunkhwa Province.

Malik azmat also wrote his impressions of Msst visitors Book and fill-up the membership and assure all out help to the Mssst.

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Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

Pakistan offers great investment opportunities: PM ashraf teLLs uk busiNessMeN he wiLL go to his eLastic LiMits to faciLitate their iNvestMeNt iN PakistaN LONDON APP


RiME Minister Raja Pervez ashraf on Monday said liberal economic policies had created conducive opportunities and ambience for foreign investment in diverse sectors of Pakistan’s economy. talking to the British investors, business executives and industrialists at a meeting in London, the prime minister said there was immense potential as well as

prospects for foreign investors in the country with 180 million population, which has growing needs in different fields. the business executives and investors who attended the meeting represented JCB, Bestway Holdings, international Health Partners, Conoco Philips Ltd, Habib Bank aG Zurich, taylor Wessing LLP, HsBC Global asset Management (Uk) Ltd, seventeen 74 Ltd, UBs, shell, Frontier Power, UBs Wealth Management (Uk), BnY Mellon asset servicing, Lloyd George

Management, London stock Exchange and Habib Bank (Uk). the PM, who is on an official visit to the United kingdom, invited British investors and businessmen to invest in Pakistan. “the banking sector is efficient and vibrant, the inflation and interest rate registered declining propensity while foreign remittances recorded 100 percent surge and exports hiked considerably,” he added. the prime minister assured the British investors and business executives that “we will go to our elastic limits” to facilitate them with regard to their investment in Pakistan. Pakistan went through some difficulties which were, however, managed well so there was no disincentive for foreign investment. ashraf further said he had come

across investors in Pakistan who appreciated the economic policies of the country and reposed confidence in the policies. Philip Bourverat, JCB director sales said there was enough potential in Pakistan’s economy. He, however, urged improved ties with neighbouring india, which he added would help pave the way for British companies to provide technology and other facilities in Pakistan. international Health Partners President anthony Dunnett said free medicines worth $75 million were delivered to Pakistan. “We are also negotiating with the EU and other countries to get more free medicines for Pakistan,” he said and appreciated transport of free medicines by Pia. the prime minister said the

government would support and would continue to assist provision of free medicines for the country. Zameer Chaudhary, chairman Bestway Holdings Ltd, reposed trust on the government and its economic vision and policies, which he said dished out dividends to the common man. Welcoming the prime minister, the participants of the meeting lauded ashraf’s visit to the Uk, which they said would help them comprehend the policies and future planning of the country on economic fronts. the prime minister added the the withdrawal of natO forces from afghanistan in 2014 would help improve investment ambience in Pakistan and open up more opportunities for foreign businessmen for making investments.

Pakistan test fires short range hatf IX missile

Iran, Pakistan start talks to finalise gas line project ISLAMABAD AGENCIES

iran and Pakistan have started several days of crucial talks to finalise a contract for the construction of a billion-dollar gas pipeline project between the two countries. the talks, which began in islamabad on Monday and would run for three to four days, focus on iranian company tabdir Energy Development Group’s decision to build the Pakistani section of the pipeline under an engineering, construction and procurement (ECP) contract. after the finalization of the contract, tadbir Energy will start laying 781 kilometres of pipeline inside Pakistan. Pakistan has constantly dismissed rumors that it might pull out of the project amid renewed efforts by the United states to convince the country to abandon the pipeline. On January 29, an iranian deputy oil minister said tehran would finance and help build the 700-kilometer section of the pipeline on the Pakistani side. “aside from a 250-million-dollar loan, iran will also provide the supplies and equipment necessary for the construction of the part of the pipeline on Pakistani soil,” Javad Owji, who is also managing director of the national iranian Gas Company, added. the pipeline, projected to cost about UsD1.21.5 billion, would enable the export of 21.5 million cubic meters (mcm) of iran’s natural gas to Pakistan on a daily basis. iran has already built more than 900 kilometres of the pipeline on its soil.

Parliamentary body rejects two ShC judges for not paying taxes ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

LONDON: Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf talks to a delegation of British businessmen in a meeting on Monday. OnLIne


Pakistan on Monday conducted a successful test fire of short Range surface to surface Hatf iX (nasR) Missile. according to isPR, the test fire was conducted with successive launches of two missiles from a state-of-the-art multi-tube launcher. nasR, with a range of 60kms and in flight manoeuvre capability, can carry nuclear warheads of appropriate yield with high accuracy. this quick response system, which can fire a four missile salvo ensures deterrence against threats in view of evolving scenarios, the isPR says. additionally, nasR has been specially designed to defeat all known anti-tactical missile defence systems. the test was witnessed by Chairman Joint Chiefs of staff Committee General khalid shameem Wynne, strategic Plans Division Director General Lieutenant General (r) khalid ahmed kidwai, nEsCOM Chairman Muhammad irfan Burney, army strategic Forces Command Commander Lieutenant General tariq nadeem Gilani, senior officers of the armed forces, scientists and engineers of strategic organisations besides others. addressing the scientists, engineers and military officers of strategic organisations, Gen Wyne congratulated them on displaying a high standard of proficiency in handling and operating the state-of-the-art weapon system. He said Pakistan’s armed forces were fully capable of safeguarding the country’s security against all kinds of aggression. the successful test has also been appreciated by the president and prime minister of Pakistan who have congratulated the scientists and engineers on their outstanding success.

Talks between Pakistani, Afghan clerics fail ISLAMABAD ONLINE

negotiations between islamic scholars from afghanistan and Pakistan failed on Monday, as the all Pakistan Ulema Council (aPUC) disagreed with the accord decided after negotiations. two sessions of negotiations were held between the scholars of Pakistan and afghanistan with an aim to pave the way for peace process in afghanistan and to boost friendly relations between the two countries. However, after the sessions, differences appeared between the scholars during a press conference. aPUC Chairman tahir ashrafi said the aPUC would not support any confer-

ence that excludes taliban from negotiations. He said the taliban were a stakeholder therefore they could not be ignored in the negotiations. “We want to end terrorism from every corner of the world, especially Pakistan and afghanistan, and would support all kinds of peace negotiations,” he said. ashrafi said that certain changes had been made in the negotiations held between the scholars from both countries, and that those changes were not acceptable to the aPUC. He said that during the negotiations it had been decided that a conference would be held on March 10 however at the press conference a new date had been announced, which was not acceptable to the Ulema Council of Pakistan. ashrafi said that if the United states

could negotiate with the afghan taliban to restore peace in the country, then there should be no ambiguity for the Pakistani government to initiate peaceful negotiations with the taliban. Earlier, addressing the reporters, Majlis saat-Ul-islam Pakistan Chairman Mufti abu Hurrira said that during the negotiations with the afghan scholars, it had been decided that in order to expedite peace efforts, a joint conference would be held in kabul on February 21 in which 250 scholars from both countries would participate. He said that these efforts were on non-government levels in order to assist the state in peace process. He said the conference would not be against anyone but only for peace.

the Parliamentary Committee on appointment of Judges on Monday rejected nominations of two additional sindh High Court (sHC) judges, recommended by the Judicial Commission for regularisation. a meeting of the committee presided over by its chairman aitzaz ahsan was held in the Parliament House. ahsan said both judges, Justice nadeem akhtar and Justice shafi siddiqi, were not paying taxes. talking to media after the meeting, aitzaz ahsan said the committee has reservations over the names of two additional Judges of sindh High Court (sHC) for regularisation, forwarded by the Judicial Commission because they are not paying their income taxes. He said a lot of stress was being laid on payment of tax returns for parliamentarians but this aspect was ignored by the commission while recommending names for judiciary. aitzaz went on to say he knows the Judicial Commission’s proposed judges would be regularised despite the parliamentary committee’s disapproval. He hoped that the prime minister would take notice of the parliamentary commission’s recommendation by disapproving their regularisation. the committee had earlier approved the regularisation of Justice nisar sheikh, one of the three nominations by the Judicial Commission.

Obama to propose deep nuclear arms cuts WASHINGTON AGENCIES

Us President Barack Obama will use his state of the Union address on tuesday to call for dramatic cuts in nuclear arsenals around the world, the new York times reported late on sunday. Quoting unnamed administration officials, the

newspaper said in recent months Obama had secured agreement with the Us military that its nuclear force could be cut by roughly a third. in his speech, Obama is unlikely to discuss specific numbers but White House officials are looking at a cut that would take the arsenal of deployed weapons to just above 1,000, the report

said. Currently, the Unites states has about 1,700 nuclear weapons, and the new strategic arms reduction treaty with Russia that passed the senate at the end of 2009 calls for a limit of roughly 1,550 by 2018. But Obama “believes that we can make pretty radical reductions — and save a lot of money — without

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compromising american security in the second term. and the Joint Chiefs have signed off on that concept”, the times quoted one official as saying. However, the White House is loath to negotiate an entirely new treaty with Russia, which would lead to Russian demands for restrictions on Us and natO missile-defence systems

in Europe and would revive a major fight with Republicans in the senate over ratification, the paper said. instead, Obama is weighing how to reach an informal agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin for mutual cuts within the framework of the new staRt treaty, but without the need for ratification, the times said.

E-paper Pakistantoday 12th February, 2013  

E-paper Pakistantoday 12th February, 2013