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Tuesday, 11 June, 2013 SHABAN 1 1434





Advani quits BJP over Modi’s nomination

No outages for Attack on NATO Presidency, PM, convoy leaves four generals and judges dead in Khyber

NEC approves projects worth Rs 1.1 trillion

South Africa send Pakistan packing

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday plunged into a crisis with patriarch LK Advani resigning from all the party posts in protest against the elevation of Narendra Modi as campaign committee chief, a development that stunned the party and left its allies in the National Democratic Alliance (NDP) in discomfort. PAGE 04

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) chairman on Monday told the Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power that all “big players” of the country were enjoying uninterrupted electricity. IESCO chief Yousuf Awan told the committee that met at the Parliament House with Senator Zahid Khan in the chair. PAGE 03

The National Economic Council (NEC) on Monday approved Rs 1,155 billion new projects, including Rs 540 billion federal Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) and Rs 615 billion provincial projects. According to details, the NEC allocated Rs 160 billion for the energy sector, whereas Rs 52 billion has been allocated for WAPDA and PEPCO. PAGE 04

South Africa lived to fight another day in the Champions Trophy as their bowlers defended a meager total of 234 against a cardboard-thin Pakistani batting line-up. Lonwabo Tsotsobe led the pack with maturity while debutant Chris Morris added energy and Ryan McLaren backed them up at the death.

At least four persons were killed on Monday when three containers loaded with NATO logistic supplies came under attack near Shagai Fort of Jamrud Khyber agency. According to details, the Jesh-iOsama, a militant group, has claimed responsibility for the latest attack on NATO supplies returning from Afghanistan via Khyber Pass and Karachi port. PAGE 03

Details of first innings


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N NEWS Tuesday, 11 June, 2013



Tayyab Hussain

resident Asif Ali Zardari on Monday made history by making his last and sixth address to the joint sitting of parliament as a head of state. in a short but comprehensive speech, the president touched all issues and smartly set a wishful agenda for the PML-n government, which his own party’s government failed to deliver in the past five years. President Asif Ali Zardari in his speech stressed the need to avoid confrontation and pursue “reconciliation”. He also stressed the need for setting up a truth and reconciliation commission. “We need to learn the truth about past mistakes in order not to repeat them,” he said and emphasised on carrying forward the fruits of democracy to the grassroots level. the president congratulated nawaz and said it was an honour for him to be the first elected civilian in country’s history to oversee the transfer of power in a democratic manner. “it is a cause for which Benazir Bhutto dedicated her life ... it is a cause for which i spent 11-and-a-half years in prison ... it is a cause for which Prime Minister nawaz sharif suffered imprisonment and exile ... democracy has arrived.” “i have no doubt that we will rise to the dream that our founding fathers had about Pakistan,” the president said and added a lot could be achieved “if we keep aside our prejudices and egos”. “Let us renew our commitment to the principles of democracy and the rule of law. Let us vow to uphold the supremacy of the Constitution.” Zardari said the country was confronted with serious challenges, adding that every pillar of the state must operate within its constitutional limits. “Let no organ of the state trespass into the domain of others,” he remarked. He urged the democratic forces to come together and join ranks. He termed it a matter of great satisfaction and pride that the parliament purged the constitution of undemocratic articles under the 17th Amendment and the powers of the president under Article

Khan says god saved him from being assassinated LAHORE: Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf Chairman imran Khan on Monday revealed that there was a plot to assassinate him on Gt road through a bomb blast before the general elections. talking to reporters, Khan said he was saved by God from being assassinated. the Pti, he said, would take to the streets after eidul Fitr over the election Commission’s failure to hold a transparent probe into riggings. “it would be the country’s biggest protest,” he said. Khan said he would raise his voice against election rigging in his maiden address to the national Assembly. to a question, he said that Fauzia Kasuri would rejoin the party soon. nni

Zardari urges unity, shunning confrontation president’s record sixth address calls for truth and reconciliation commission 58-2(b) of the constitution. President Zardari made it clear that the suspension and abrogation of the constitution was an act of high treason. “Let no one think of subverting the constitution,” the President said and added “no court shall validate it.” “they have reasons to be proud. they brought about the first major constitutional reform in more than three decades,” he said. He said that “piecemeal constitutional amendments” were designed to promote personal interests of the dictators. “they were not meant to strengthen democracy or empower the people,” he said and added that the outgoing parliament made a lasting contribution. He said economic hardships had caused pain, power shortages, rising militancy and extremism had compounded economic woes and stressed the need to find solutions to those problems. the president said Bhasha dam had already been launched that would generate 4,500 MW of power and store over 6 million acre feet of water. He said work on it and other energy projects like the thar Coal need to be stepped up, as the country faced a huge task. Zardari expressed confidence that the new government would overcome the challenges. the president said peace and reconciliation in Balochistan must receive high priority and called for addressing the issue of missing persons. in this regard he mentioned that a commission on missing persons had already been set up, which had made some progress. However, he said that a lot more needed to be done and “it can be done”. Zardari said the cycle of poverty must end and mentioned that a programme of poverty alleviation and women empowerment had already been launched. He said efforts to protect and empower them needed to be kept up.

Wants peace With neighbours, coming doWn hard on those Who challenge state’s Writ

President Zardari also stressed the need to further promote interfaith harmony. “We need to take measures to prevent the misuse of the blasphemy law for settling personal and political scores.” the president also called for integrating the disabled and special people in the national mainstream. Urging the need for a mechanism to ensure transparent accountability of all, the president said, “it must be across the board and not selective.” terming militancy, extremism and terrorism as the greatest threats to national security, the president said the nation was united against them. “We are ready to make peace with those willing to give up violence,” the president said and warned, “We should also be ready to use force against those who challenge the writ of the state.” He also stressed on economic development of the affected areas. Zardari said the government would not allow the use of its soil for terrorist activities against any country. “We will also not allow anyone to violate our sovereignty. the sovereignty of Pakistan must be protected at all cost and it will be,” the president said. Zardari said partnerships with the Us and europe needed to be further strengthened on the basis of mutual trust, mutual benefit and respect for sovereignty. He termed drone attacks serious violation of sovereignty and international law. “they are also counterproductive and are not acceptable,” he said. On the country’s diplomatic relations, the president said Pakistan sought a conducive and stable regional environment. He said the relationship with China remained the cornerstone of the country’s foreign policy and was not affected by internal political changes. He also mentioned his trips to Central Asia and seven visits to turkey, which he said demon-

strated the eagerness to strengthen ties with these countries. On Afghanistan, President Zardari said Pakistan looked forward to peace and stability in Afghanistan and wished success to the Afghan-led reconciliation and reconstruction process. He said the government was seeking to improve relations with all countries in the region for which the prime minister had already given the guideline. “the goal of prosperity and development will not succeed without regional peace,” he said. On india, he said Pakistan wanted to improve relations with its eastern neighbour and mentioned the steps been taken to liberalise trade with india. He said Pakistan also wanted peaceful settlement of the water issue and peaceful resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir issue, in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiri people. He said, “We do not want an arms race in the region. We believe in dialogue to resolve issues. dialogue alone can ensure peace and understanding.” On militancy, Zardari said, “We can fight militancy better, through dialogue and cooperation rather than doubting each other.” throughout the session, Zardari showed no sign of stress and carried himself confidently.

Chief justice takes notice of blasphemous content on the internet Monitoring DesK Chief Justice iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has taken suo motu notice on an application of a United Kingdombased Pakistani, Barrister Amjad Malik regarding blasphemous content circulating on the internet and has sought a report from Pakistan telecommunication Authority (PtA) chairman within a week. According to details, Malik had registered his complaint through the Human rights Cell of the supreme Court of Pakistan. According to a press release issued the apex court’s media directorate, the applicant drew the attention of the top judge towards the “ever-increasing blasphemous material circulating in the internet domain having far reaching implications on the minds, the lives and liberties of mainstream Muslim popula-

tion.” the applicant asked the court that necessary directions be issued to PtA, the government of Pakistan and the relevant institutions to block those objectionable pages promoting blasphemy in the name of freedom of expression and “take meaningful steps for the international convents to protect the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).” it is pertinent to mention that Youtube is already banned in Pakistan. the famous video sharing website was banned by the Pakistan’s government in september 2012 after it sparked anger and violent protests across the country and the Muslim world because of a blasphemous video uploaded on the site. Following the ban, an inter-ministerial committee comprising representatives from information technology ministry,

PtA, Federal investigation Agency, religious affairs ministry, intelligence agencies and other stakeholders was formed to look into the issue and suggest a solution. Last november, the committee suggested in its final report to the prime minister that the ban on the website be kept until it agreed to remove the video voluntarily or until PtA found a way to block it, which the latter failed to do. An it ministry official said that the legal way of getting Google inc. to agree to remove the blasphemous video was to file a formal request for which there needed to be Mutual Legal Assistance treaty (MLAt) between United states and Pakistan. However, the treaty was not initiated by Pakistani foreign office administration as it was a lengthy process, the it ministry official added.

Wants institutions Working Within their jurisdictions CONTRADICTIONS: the president in his speech called for establishing truth and reconciliation commission – a commitment made by former prime minister Yousaf raza Gilani in his first speech on the floor of the House which was never implemented by the PPP government. the president also termed the drone attacks a serious violation of sovereignty and international law which, he stressed, were counterproductive. However, in his party’s rule, the matter was never raised forcefully with the Us. Zardari referred to the missing persons and stressed the need to recover them. However, his party’s government never cooperated with the superior courts in recovery of missing persons and rather the government always toed the policy adopted by the security establishment. Hence, it seemed that the president was only playing to the galleries by raising this issue. the president also called for speeding up work on projects like thar Coal, as the country was faced with a huge task. But the sindh government never released allocated money to dr samar Mubarakmand, who claimed in media interactions that due to the funds shortage, his project was being undermined when it could have added hundreds of megawatts into the system. the PPP government rather went for rental power plants and installed new iPPs, but did nothing to help fund the thar Coal project.

five killed in Karachi violence KaraCHi agencies

Five people died in various parts of Karachi on Monday due to the deteriorating law and order. two bodies were recovered from the Bin Qasim area, while unidentified armed men attacked a car in nazimabad, leaving one dead. the ongoing violence in the restive Lyari also claimed two lives. As the wave of violence in parts of Lyari continued for the third day, armed rival groups in the area hurled 10 hand grenades. residents have been confined to their houses because of the intense violence, while the battle between the opponents left two dead and six injured. Criminal elements have reportedly set up checkposts on the top of the houses and have deployed machine guns. Police and rangers are unable to enter the area.

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Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

no more hyPocrisy on drone striKes: Pm tells ministers to cut expenses by 30%, be ready to face action over incompetence

naWaZ chairs maiden cabinet meeting, says us Will have to respect pakistan islaMaBaD KasHif abbasi


HAirinG the maiden meeting of his dream cabinet, Prime Minister nawaz sharif on Monday said the previous hypocritical policy on drone attacks would have to end now, while the Us would also have to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan “the dual policy of issuing public statements against drone attacks while (secretly) giving a go ahead to the Us to carry

Pti, Ji likely to announce KP cabinet ji likely to get finance, Zakat and ushr and health ministries laHore nadeem syed

the Pti and Ji are likely to announce the provincial cabinet in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) after successfully putting behind the controversy over the distribution of ministries. it is learnt that the Ji has now withdrawn from its claim over the education Ministry and is ready to get what the Pti gives on its own. sources disclosed that the Ji would get the Health Ministry instead of the education Ministry. the decision to give out the Health Ministry is a well-considered one. One consideration for giving health slot to the Ji is the polio vaccination controversy in that part of the world. the locals have been resisting the polio vaccination as something unhealthy or unislamic. it is believed that the Ji, being a religious party with roots in KP, is best suited to restore the campaign and lead it from the front besides clearing the concepts of local about the anti-polio drops. the Ji is also going to get the finance and zakat and ushr ministries. it is to be recalled here that Ji’s senior Minister sirajul Haq has already been working as the finance minister. As per agreement, all coalition partners of the Pti will get three ministries each. the deadlock was almost broken the other day in consultations between the Pti and Ji leaders in Lahore in the presence of imran Khan. Later, Haq who was leading the talks from Ji side got the green signal from Ji chief Munawar Hasan the other day. the controversy over the distribution of portfolios delayed the formation of cabinet in KP despite the fact that Pervez Khattak was first to take oath as the chief minister about two weeks back. the delay and wrangling over the cabinet slots was surprising for the political circles, expecting the new government in the province instead to get its acts together and focus on the formulation of provincial budget and show its mettle.

on with the strikes will not be allowed to continue under our rule,” nawaz categorically said in the cabinet meeting. “the Us government will also have to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan,” the PM said. He said all stakeholders would be taken on board to formulate a national policy on drone strikes. the newly-elected prime minister said his government would leave no stone unturned to resolve all problems being confronted by the people. He said strong and strict action would be taken against the corrupt elements and there would be zero tolerance against the corrupt and incompetent individuals. the prime minister directed cabinet members to prepare a plan of action and set targets within 15 days, followed by solid steps to achieve those targets. “i will support you and lend you cooperation, but you will have to set aside your personal interests and work with more dedication, vigour and commitment to produce better results," he added. nawaz said to review the performance of ministers, the government would check every department quarterly and the ministers would have to face termination if his/her performance was found to be below par. He said the government was committed to

intense fighting over nato containers leaves 4 dead

Wants action plan for priority targets drafted Within 15 days

address the issues of electricity shortfall, adding that all possible measures would be taken to improve the power supply situation. the PM also said that expenditure of ministries would be cut by 30 percent and urged members of his cabinet to work to achieve that goal. He said every public servant was bound to ensure punctuality in office for public service. referring to the manifesto of his party, nawaz said the government would have to reduce expenditure more than the mark mentioned in the manifesto. He said in order to resolve grave challenges like load shedding‚ price hike‚ poverty‚ economic destruction‚ terrorism‚ extremism and unemployment, there was dire need of joint and dedicated efforts, vowing that his government would overcome these issues in time. nawaz said effective measure would have to be taken to transform public sector enterprises into profit-earning entities‚ otherwise these should be handed over to the private sector. He directed his ministers to take maximum interest in solving the problems of the masses. "Pakistan should be our priority and our efforts must be focused on tackling the issues," he said, adding that the countrymen had reposed complete confidence in them by handing over a heavy mandate.

nawaZ served legal notice on KBd construction

21-member Punjab cabinet sworn in cm hopes ministers come up to the expectations of people laHore nadeem syed

A 21-member Punjab cabinet took oath on Monday at Punjab Governor’s House. Contrary to expectations, it was outgoing Governor Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood who administered the oath, not rana iqbal, as earlier speculations had suggested. the portfolios of ministers have not been announced so far. the new cabinet members are: rana sanaullah, rana Mashood, Bilal Yaseen, Mujtaba shujaur rehman, Malik nadeem Kamran, iqbal Channer, Yawer Zaman, Col (r) shujah Khanzada, tanvir Aslam, sher Ali, Asif saeed, tahir sindhu, Haroon sultan, Zakia shah nawaz, raja Ashfaq sarwer, Ch Muhammad Asif Malik, Ch Muhammad shafique, Atta Maneka, Ch abdul Waheed, and Hameeda Waheeduddin. A look at the cabinet shows that it is heavily loaded with figures from the PML-Q who joined the PML-n some time ago, as it turned out to be, probably, at the cost of the PML-n old guards. One commentator said 50 percent cabinet was that which served under Musharraf. Cabinet members like Col shujah Khanzada, sher Ali Khan, dr Farrukh Javed, Ch shafiq, Atta

PESHAWAR: At least four persons were killed on Monday when three containers loaded with NATO logistic supplies came under attack near Shagai Fort of Jamrud Khyber agency. According to details, the Jesh-i-Osama, a militant group, has claimed responsibility for the latest attack on NATO supplies returning from Afghanistan via Khyber Pass and Karachi port. The officials at Khyber agency said that 15 to 20 militants wearing uniforms of Khasadar forces personnel first opened indiscriminate fire on the three containers and later fired petrol bombs with help of a rocket launcher. Four persons were killed on the spot whereas two escaped. The petrol bombs led to all three containers catching fire. In the meantime, a group of personnel from Khasadar forces rushed to the site and opened retaliatory fire. After around 20 minutes of intense firing, the militants succeeded in escaping from the site. Coming to know about latest round of attack, drivers of a number of containers coming from Afghanistan have abandoned vehicles at Begyari, Landi Kotal and other scattered areas of Khyber Pass. The political administration, taking a serious notice of the attack on NATO supplies, ordered suspension of four officers of Khasadar forces. Militants of the Jesh-i-Osama group claimed responsibility for the latest attack. sHamim sHaHid

Maneka, Haroon sultan and Hameeda Waheeduddin have that have served with Chaudhry Pervaiz elahi and with Musharraf as their patron-in-chief. As the cabinet came into existence, the nagging question is how effective the new ministers would be in discharging their duties. in the past five years, the cabinet was least effective with the chief minister managing most of the portfolios himself and the remaining ministers taking back seats. “What role the cabinet play this time and how the ministers conduct themselves remains to be seen,” a local leader commented after the cabinet announcement. it has been learnt that some last-minute changes were made in the cabinet before the final oath. the inclusion of Bilal Yaseen, a close relative of Begum Kulsoom nawaz, was part of the lastminute changes. Begum Waheeda too made into the cabinet at the eleventh hour. Again, Lahore gets the largest representation in the cabinet. talking to reporters, Chief Minister shahbaz sharif described the new cabinet comprising experienced, dedicated and hard-working individuals. Congratulating the cabinet members, shahbaz hoped that they would come up to the expectations of the people and discharge their responsibilities efficiently. He said all parts of the province had been given representation in the cabinet. to a question, shahbaz reiterated that all resources would be provided for solution of people’s problems and development and prosperity of the country.

LAHORE : Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been issued a legal notice for not implementing judicial verdict regarding construction of Kala Bagh Dam on priority basis. According to the legal notice served by Feroz Shah Gilani, at least 3600MW of electricity might be generated out of Kala Bagh Dam, so the court orders should be followed without any delay. It was also said in the notice that if the judgment is not followed accordingly, they would file a petition in the Lahore High Court in this regard. online

naB interrogates PerveZ ashraf in ogra case ISLAMABAD: Investigators from the National Accountability Bureau on Monday interrogated former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf for at least three hours over the illegal appointment of former OGRA chairman Tauqeer Sadiq, read a newspaper’s report. Sadiq is wanted by the anti-corruption body over his involvement in Rs 82 billion corruption case, and is awaiting extradition to Pakistan after a verdict from a UAE court where he was hiding after fleeing the country. Sources said that the former prime minister told NAB investigators that he was solely responsible for the appointment of Tauqeer Sadiq and was not being directed by President Asif Zardari or Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Secretary General Jehangir Badr to do so. He also told investigators that media reports were falsely accusing him of issuing 200 licences to CNG stations. He also said that he had approved 68 CNG stations' licenses which were already approved in 2010 by his predecessor. agencies

equality claims fall flat: no outages for presidency, pm, generals and judges islaMaBaD sTaff reporT

the islamabad electric supply Company (iesCO) chairman on Monday told the senate standing Committee on Water and Power that all “big players” of the country were enjoying uninterrupted electricity. iesCO chief Yousuf Awan told the committee that met at the Parliament House with senator Zahid Khan in the chair, that there was no load shedding at the Presidency, the Prime Minister’s House, the supreme Court, the GHQ, headquarters of the isi, the national Accountability Bureau (nAB), the national

database and registration Authority (nAdrA) and the Judges Colony. Following the revelation, committee chairman senator Zahid Khan said at a time when the common man was facing load shedding of up to 21 hours, “all major players, who can afford generators, were enjoying uninterrupted power supply”. the committee directed iesCO to end the discrimination and apply load shedding schedule to all government departments and public office holders alike. the chair was of the view that no one should be exempted from load shedding except hospitals and centres man-

aging healthcare. in a threatening tone, he said “if this discrimination is continued then he will resign from his seat in protest. everyone should be treated equally”. talking about the KesC, the chairman of the committee said the committee would not allow the KesC to get 650MW of electricity from the national grid. He said the committee had the power to get the KesC privatisation contract ended and the company had virtually failed to honour its agreement. Khan further said the committee had the power to hand over the KesC to WAPdA. the committee also recommended the government stop recovery of

fuel-based tariff increases approved by the national electric Power regulatory Authority for eight months. the committee also expressed dissatisfaction over the briefing given by disCOs over load shedding. Zahid Khan said why recommendations made by the committee during its previous meeting on load shedding had not been implemented. the committee later postponed its meeting under protest over non participation of Khawaja Asif, minister for water and power, and water and power secretary, saying it would not meet again unless the minister and secretary took part in the meeting.

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04 N

NEWS Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

Zafarul haq appointed leader of house in senate islaMaBaD nni

A notification was issued on Monday for the appointment of senior Pakistan Muslim League–nawaz (PML-n) senator raja Zafarul Haq as leader of the house in the senate. After seeking advice from senior leaders of PML-n, Prime Minister nawaz sharif chose Haq for the post of leader in the senate. Haq will assume his responsibilities in a meeting scheduled to take place next week. His post will be equal to that of federal ministers in the cabinet. the position fell vacant when former law minister and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senator Farooq H naek, who was appointed leader of the upper house by caretaker prime minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso in his government, submitted his resignation last week when his party lost majority in the parliament.

advani quits BJP over modi’s nomination bjp chief refuses to accept resignation neW DelHi monoToring desK


He Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday plunged into a crisis with patriarch LK Advani resigning from all the party posts in protest against the elevation of narendra Modi as campaign committee chief, a development that stunned the party and left its allies in the national democratic Alliance (ndP) in discomfort. According to details, 85-year-old Advani, a founding member of the BJP and the senior most leader after Atal Bihari Vajpayee, resigned from all main forums of the party — parliamentary board, national

executive and election committee - a day after Modi was anointed BJP’s campaign chief for the 2014 Lok sabha polls. in a strongly-worded resignation letter to party president rajnath singh, who announced the appointment of Modi as chairman of the election campaign committee on sunday in the BJP national executive, Advani rued that the BJP was no longer the “same idealistic party” created by shyama Prasad Mookerjee, deendayal Upadhyaya, nanaji deshmukh and Vajpayee. singh rushed to Advani’s residence for a meeting and urged him to take back his resignation. Later he tweeted that he did not accept his coaxing. the dramatic development prompted leaders to rush to Advani’s residence in a bid to pacify him but he showed no signs of relenting. Advani turned down the pleas of senior leaders including sushma swaraj, Venkaiah naidu and Ananth Kumar to withdraw

the resignation, sources said. the party chief was also in a huddle with leaders including Arun Jaitley on how to tackle the crisis that has exposed the rift in the party wide open. in the one-page resignation, Advani wrote, “For some time i have been finding it difficult to reconcile either with the current functioning of the party, or the direction in which it is going. Most leaders of ours are now concerned just with their personal agendas.” Advani had skipped the three-day deliberations of the party in Goa over the weekend citing health reasons. this was the first time Advani had stayed away from the national executive and the office bearers’ meeting prior to it. important BJP ally JdU, already not enthused by Modi’s elevation, received with surprise Advani’s decision and indicated that it will have to review its position in the wake of these developments.

MODI DIALS ADvANI: Meanwhile, narendra Modi, who is at the centre of storm in BJP has tweeted that he spoke to Advani at length after he resigned from all party posts. He tweeted, “Had a detailed conversation with Advani ji on phone. Urged him to change his decision. i hope he will not disappoint lakhs of Karyakartas.” Private television ndtV reported that rajnath singh has refused to accept the resignation and several senior leaders are now trying to dissuade Advani from stepping down. sources say that despite his advanced years, Advani wanted to lead the party’s campaign and had ambitions to be the next prime minister. though once his protégé, Modi has outgrown his mentor. despite being a polarising figure in indian politics, many view him as a charismatic leader. He has been reelected three times as Gujarat’s chief minister, adding to his image as a leader who delivers.

KP cabinet to take oath NEC approves projects in two days: Yousufzai worth Rs 1.1 trillion islaMaBaD

pti has recommended special tax on foreign goods and pakistani products transported to afghanistan PesHaWar app

Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (Pti) deputy Parliamentary Leader in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly shaukat Ali Yousufzai on Monday said all matters with coalition parties have been settled and hopefully 14 ministers will take oath in two days. talking to reporters, he said the Pti strongly believed in politics based on consensus and all coalition partners have been taken onboard on matters of national and public importance. He hoped that the ministers would take oath in next two days for which all arrangements have been completed. He said KP cabinet would comprise of 14 ministers and five advisers. separately, the Pti has recommended special tax on foreign goods and Pakistani products, transported to Afghanistan under Pak-Afghan transit

trade agreement. Yousufzai said the proposal was put forward in order to boost the income of the provincial government. Yousufzai said tax would not only improve revenue of the provincial government but also help in curbing smuggling. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce President Yousuf sarwar has welcomed the proposal and said that this would improve condition of Peshawar-

Energy sector will be govt’s top priority: Ahsan Iqbal islaMaBaD nni

Minister for Planning Commission Ahsan iqbal on Monday said that revamping the energy sector will be Pakistan Muslim League-nawaz (PML-n) government’s priority for next year’s Public sector development Program. He said government had allocated rs 107 billion for the energy sector while WAPdA and PePCO would separately invest rs 118 billion. He said for the construction of diamir-Bhahsa dam and acquisition of land‚ the government had allocated rs 25.2 billion‚ rs 25 billion for

neelum-Jehlum Hydro electricity project‚ rs 14 billion for tarbela expansion projection‚ rs 10 billion for Karachi nuclear energy project whereas rs 42 billion were allocated for Chashma iii and iV projects. Moreover, the minister said for population welfare and education sectors rs 25 billion each were fixed while the government would spend rs 43 billion in FAtA and Gilgit-Baltistan. He said for transport and communication rs105 billion would be allocated. Furthermore, he said that the expected GdP target for the next fiscal year was 4.4 percent with 3.8 percent growth in the agriculture sector.

torkham road besides economic condition of the province. separately, KP Finance Minister sirajul Haq said the KP government would present a tax-free budget. Addressing a press conference, Haq said that the provincial ministers would not live like Mughal emperors and princes, but they would lead a simple life. “the air conditioner of my office will not be switched on until load shedding is abolished from every home of the province,” he added. the minister said that the Council of Common interests was formed by bureaucrats so nawaz sharif could not be blamed for it, however, he said that the present government would rectify it. He said that a proposal has been presented for reduction of budget of KP as compared to previous year on which KP government has requested federation, the federal government and the prime minister for review. Last year rs 93.2 billion were earmarked for the province and this year instead of increasing the amount, it has been reduced to rs 84.42 billion. He said that during last government funds were earmarked for 14 mega projects, but only rs 850 million were issued for one project alone, adding that no funds were released for projects like Lawari top tunnel, Ghushal Garh Bridge and northern Bypass.

Pakistan’s Haqqani, Afghanistan’s Saleh exchange barbs over Taliban, Pakistan Monitoring DesK exchanging various tonguein-cheek quips with Afghanistan’s Amrullah saleh, former Pakistani ambassador to the United states Husain Haqqani on Monday explained Pakistan’s narrative of terrorism and taliban by recalling how it spawned during General Zia’s regime in the 80s and how the same “strategic depth” argument was still being used by the security establishment in the country. He said that President Asif Zardari and Pakistan People’s Party government had to pay a heavy price for withdrawing from national se-

curity policies. He added that it remained to be seen whether Prime Minister nawaz sharif would also leave matters relating to security and foreign policy to the security establishment in Pakistan. Haqqani said the reason why Pakistan security agencies preferred to talk to the Afghan taliban was because they believed that President Karzai and his other officials did not wield real power in Afghanistan. Also, he said, Pakistan feared that just like in the 80s, Us again would abandon it to deal on its own with various groups in Afghanistan after the foreign troops pulled out in 2014 and believed, rightly or wrongly, that Afghan taliban hold the key to stability.

sTaff reporT

the national economic Council (neC) on Monday approved rs 1155 billion new projects, including rs 540 billion federal Public sector development Programme (PsdP) and rs 615 billion provincial projects. According to details, the neC allocated rs 160 billion for the energy sector, whereas rs 52 billion has been allocated for WAPdA and PePCO projects. the Capital development Authority (CdA) will be provided 21.5 billion and amount worth 100 million would be allocated for the economic Affairs division in the current PsdP. For health and population sector, rs 25 billion are being allocated and initially rs 5 billion have been set aside to the initial phase of tameer-e-Wattan Programme. it was decided during a special sitting of the newlyformed neC that was chaired by Prime Minister nawaz sharif at Prime Minister’s secretariat. the neC meeting decided to form a committee led by the Planning and development minister with all chief ministers as its members to consider issues and make a policy with clear guidelines. it also decided to form a committee led by the Planning and development minister with CMs as its members to consider issues and to chalk out a policy with clear guidelines. the council authorised the committee to also streamline the process of release of funds to the provinces. the council

also authorised the ministry to make adjustments within the approved PsdP size. nawaz sharif congratulated the CMs on assumption of offices and completion of smooth transition. nawaz sharif expressed the confidence that if they continued on the path of democracy and respect democratic traditions the days were not far off when they would be able to raise their heads high as a civilized nation. He hoped that the provincial governments would work for the implementation of developmental projects with sincerity. “We will not tolerate any breach of national trust. Funds should be utilized for the purpose they are intended and honestly”, he emphasized. the PM said that the biggest issues facing the country were load shedding, extremism and sectarianism, which have a direct bearing on the country’s economy. Peace is needed for economic activities, he added. “We have to eliminate corruption and plug loopholes and leakages to increase revenue. the present quantum of revenue collection, and size of the development programme is a shame for a country of the size and status of Pakistan,” he said, adding that the country needed revenues and these targets could be improved provided they rid the tax collection machinery of corrupt elements. “no one involved in corruption will be spared,” he warned. nawaz directed the Planning and development

minister to review the ongoing schemes reportedly amounting to nearly rs 3 trillion and come up with recommendations by July 31 so that a roadmap on their implementation could also be finalised. He directed Water and Power Minister Khawaja Asif to find a way out to provide additional electricity to Balochistan in view of the urgent requirement of water for the crops. the direction was issued in response to the request made by Balochistan Chief Minister dr Abdul Malik Baloch, who informed the prime minister that the province was presently receiving two hours of electricity only and this would adversely affect the standing crops. the PM directed the Finance Ministry to present a proposal to the cabinet containing recommendations for improvement in revenue collection, including structural reforms. the meeting was attended by Punjab Chief Minister shahbaz sharif, sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali shah, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, Balochistan Chief Minister dr Abdul Malik Baloch, Gilgit Baltistan Chief Minister Mehdi shah, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor shaukatullah, Azad Jammu and Kashmir PM Abdul Majeed, KP senior Minister sirajul Haq, Water and Power Minister Khawaja Asif and Planning and development Minister Ahsan iqbal.

Pakistan likely to buy Rs 21 per unit electricity from India islaMaBaD nni

technical experts of india and Pakistan were supposed to hold talks on Monday regarding the import of electricity from india. sources said that two proposals were under consideration for electricity import. the Water and Power Ministry authorities and indian delegation are in contact over the project.

A proposal suggests that 500 megawatts of electricity should be imported from india while the second proposal suggests that electricity can be provided to Lahore city from the nearest point for which installation of 440KV transmission line is needed. sources added that if the project is matured, it would take 18 months duration to complete. the tariff on imported electricity has been suggested rs 18 per unit while the consumers would have to pay rs 21 per unit.

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Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. –Albert Einstein



MOTHER KNOWS BEST: Nothing is more soothing to the gums than a deliciously cool kulfi in the summers. nni

ISLAMABAD Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

WeAther UpdAteS

410C high 230Low C


WedneSdAy thUrSdAy 40C I 23°C

41°C I 25°C

FrIdAy 41°C I 24°C

prayer Timings Fajr 3:18

Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 4:59 12:05 3:50 7:11 8:52

australian high commissioner gives thumbs up to elections islaMaBaD online Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan Peter Heyward said on Monday that the general elections in Pakistan were held in a free‚ fair and transparent manner. In an interview‚ he expressed his hope that the newly elected Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government would work diligently to overcome key challenges like energy crisis and terrorism. He said that Pakistani students are being encouraged to study in Australia‚ which offers exciting education opportunities.

no need for Beautiful roads: nawaZ islaMaBaD inp

the Capital development Authority (CdA) on Monday cancelled the tender for beautifying the roads leading to Prime Minister (PM) House on the orders of PM nawaz sharif. nawaz sharif has cancelled the tender in the interest of adopting austerity and saving this needless expenditure. the tender was issue during the previous government’s tenure for beautifying the roads leading to PM house by planting flowers and greenery.

sc frowns on ombudsman appointment process islaMaBaD



He supreme Court on Monday directed the Federal Ombudsman secretary to submit details of all appointments made since its inception in 1983. the court expressed surprise at the Ombudsman office’s appointment

process, remarking that no office could issue notifications of its head on its own, it could only be done by the lawful authority. A three judge bench comprising Chief Justice iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry and Justice Gulzar Ahmed was hearing the petition filed by transparency international Pakistan’s head syed Adil Gilani Pakistan.

during the proceedings, Wasim sajjad, Federal Ombudsman salman Farooqui’s counsel, requested for more time as his client was abroad for his wife’s medical check-up. secretary General Qazi imtiaz told the court that salman Farooqui had assumed charge as Federal Ombudsman on March 1 and clarified that the statement issued by the Ombudsman office was not a notification but a

Saad Rafiq inquires into Railways agreements with China islaMaBaD inp

railways Minister Khawaja saad rafiq on Monday sought the details of over rs 100 billion agreements with the Chinese companies for laying railway tracks and purchasing engines during President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to China. According to ministry sources, these agreements could be reviewed. the sources said that without taking the minister into confidence, top railway officials had completed the preparations for

issuing tenders for laying the shahdaraFaisalabad-Lala Musa track at a cost of $220 million. Further, the issue of 50 railway engines purchased was also being expedited by them so that the new government did not get a chance to suspend the agreements with China in this regard. According to sources 61 of 69 engines purchased from the Chinese companies have broken down. despite this, 15 more engines were being purchased from the Chinese companies. the sources said the matter could also be referred to national Accountability Bureau (nAB).


the islamabad Capital territory (iCt) administration on Monday finalised protective arrangements against potential flooding in the low lying areas of islamabad during the incumbent monsoon season. these arrangements were reviewed and finalised at a meeting presided over by islamabad deputy CommissionerAmer Ali Ahmed, while islamabad traffic Police, Capital development Authority(CdA), Meteorological department, Civil

defense, simly dam, rawal dam and other iCt officials also attended. Amer Ali Ahmed instructed the officials to survey the catchment areas in urban and rural areas and take effective protective measures in the wake of upcoming heavy rainfall. Assistant commissioners and other relevant officials were instructed to activate flood relief and rescue committees at the rural and city level and ensure the protection of life and property particularly in the areas surrounding the Korang river, soan rriver, simly dam and rawal dam. the dC instructed that timely water

discharge from dams should be ensured and people should be informed beforehand. He informed that a district flood control room had been established in the additional dC’s office to ensure effective co-ordination with all departments round the clock during the monsoon. station house officers (sHOs) were also instructed to ensure police deployment at the vulnerable rural areas. Further, magistrates were asked to identify school buildings which may be declared flood relief centers in case the need arises. islamabad district health officer was

directed to strengthen immunization against seasonal diseases in the rural areas during monsoon, and the cleaning and chlorination of water tanks was ordered. the dC also directed health care providers to strengthen routine immunization against measles. At the meeting, the iCt dHO informed the participants that disease surveillance was being ensured. Meanwhile, islamabad additional district magistrate enforced section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code and prohibited swimming and fishing in the dams, rivers and streams in islamabad for

statement made on assumption of office. However, the bench expressed dissatisfaction over the reply and stated that a department head could not issue notification himself as Farooqui did, adding that there was no precedent for this. the bench directed imtiaz to submit all details of appointments of Federal Ombudsman since 1983 to the registrar Office. the court adjourned the hearing till June 20 on Wasim sajjad’s request.

literary evening with aBdullah hussain today ISLAMABAD: The Academy Adbiyat Pakistan will hold a sitting with renowned novelist and scholar Abdullah Hussain today at 3pm. Famous writers like Intizar Hussain and Ayesha Siddiqa would talk about Abdullah Hussain’s art and personality. Hussain has authored famous Urdu novels like ‘Udas Naslein’ and ‘Nadar Log’ to name a few. inp

shuffling in caPital Police ISLAMABAD: Two Superintendents of Police (SPs) and three Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs) of Islamabad Police were on Monday transferred with the Inspector General of Police and Chief Commissioner’s approval, a police source said. According to details, SP Hafiz Ahmed Baloch has been appointed Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) SP while SP Gulfam Nasir has been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department. Further, DSP Muhammad Hussain Lasi who was Industrial Area SDPO has been transferred to the Security Division while DSP Liaqat Ali Langh transferred to the Special Branch from the Security Division. Similarly, DSP Muhammad Arshaf Shah has been transferred from Special Branch with a new assignment as Industrial SDPO Industrial Area, the source maintained. app

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If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law. –Winston Churchill

ISLAMABAD Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

canteen contractors and police forcing substandard food on inmates RAWALPINDI: Sources revealed on Monday that inmates of Adiala Central Jail are being provided substandard food. According to the sources, the prisoners can only buy food and daily use items from the jail’s canteen. Taking advantage of this situation, the canteen’s contractor has been selling low quality food and allegedly, they have the police’s complicity. According to a human rights organization called Global Foundation, some inmates on the condition of anonymity informed them in a letter that the jail canteen’s contractor has been duping them. They said that the jail administration forced them to buy substandard and over priced meat, cold drinks, rice and other food items from the canteen and did not allow goods that their visitors brought them inside the jail. The prisoners appealed to the Punjab chief minister and Jails inspector general to take effective steps to end this exploitation. inp

itP cracks down on faulty gas cylinders in public transport ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) on Monday started impounding public transport vehicles running on low quality gas cylinders. According to details, the ITP has started inspecting vehicles following the Gujrat incident. During the checking, four to five faulty gas cylinders were found. Traffic police officers said that the ITP fined and impounded several vehicles with substandard gas cylinders. Vehicles with maintenance certificates were let off. Use of poor quality gas cylinders is a legal violation and demonstrates disregard for human life. To avoid incidents like the Gujrat tragedy, the authorities will check vehicles scrupulously, they added. o nl in e

OBITUARY OF A BUS STOP: Roadside vendors have encroached upon a bus stop outside PIMS Hospital. sajjad ali

we want a consumer Protection comPlex: dcPc raWalPinDi



eLiCitAtinG Mian Muhammad shahbaz sharif on his election as Punjab Chief Minister for a third term, the district Consumer Protection Council (dCPC) on Monday demanded the provincial government to establish a Consumer Protection Complex in rawalpindi. the dCPC appreciated shahbaz sharif for his initiatives in the past five years to establish consumer courts and councils across the

province for protecting consumers’ rights and interests. Addressing the meeting, dCPC Focal Person idrees randhawa highlighted the importance of establishing a consumer complex in the city, saying that it would provide all necessary services under one roof. He said that the council was a unique department providing counseling, awareness and legal consultancy to consumers about their rights. Official sources in the council said that the Punjab government set up dCPCs and consumer courts in eleven districts of the province to

protect the consumers’ rights. these institutions are operating under the Punjab Consumer Protection Act (PCPA) 2005 in Lahore, Gujranwala, sahiwal, dera Ghazi Khan, sargodha, Gujrat, sialkot, Multan, Bahwalpur, Faisalabad and rawalpindi where instant and free relief is provided to complainants. they underlined the need for creating awareness among consumers about their rights and familiarizing them with the complaint filing procedure against companies manufacturing different products, shopkeepers and organizations.

RAC holds clothing exhibition to encourage women’s uplift

raWalPinDi inp

A dress designing exhibition by renowned designer saba Ahmed Khan started on Monday at the rawalpindi Arts Council (rAC). MnA tahira Aurangzeb flanked by naheed Manzoor inaugurated the exhibition. the exhibition featured more than 300 dresses, including both

embroidered and ready to wear pieces. they were all prepared with the help of local women from Multan and Bahawalpur, to support women’s uplift in neglected areas. tahira Aurangzeb said that the government is stressing women’s representation in every institution so that they might be able to play their role in the country’s economic

development, adding that it will initiate many projects for the women’s wellbeing. tahir also lauded saba Khan’s efforts to help women from neglected areas. naheed Manzoor praised rAC for providing saba Khan the platform to present her work, and said that rAC always encouraged women in every field.

sources advised consumers to always check manufacturing and expiry dates besides reading ingredients, component parts and instructions on products before purchase. Buyers should insist for showing products rate list, they said, adding “Always get a receipt for purchased products and hired services.” in case of violations, consumers should file a complaint with their respective district coordination officer, and in case of the Act’s violation, they should file a claim in the relevant consumer court.

caPital crime watch: 9 arrested ISLAMABAD: An Islamabad Police spokesman on Monday informed that 9 outlaws, including three car lifters have been arrested from various areas of the city. According to details, a Bhara Kau police team led by Sub Inspector Arshad Ali arrested Khalid Khan and Shahzad, allegedly involved in a murder case. Further, Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Amir Sajjad held Shoaib and Yaseen for a dacoity and recovered stolen valuables and a 30-bore pistol from them. Margalla Police Sub Inspector Niaz Hussain arrested Kashif Khan and Abbas Khan for their alleged involvement in car snatching incidents and ASI Muhammad Sharif of the Anti Car Lifting Cell arrested Noman and recovered a stolen car (UH142) from him. Moreover, Sabzi Mandi Police Sub Inspector Alamgir Khan nabbed Muhammad Ishaq with 200 Kalashnikov bullets. a p p

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My evil genius pocrastination has whispered me to tarry 'til a more convenient season. — Mary Todd Lincoln


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Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

22 Killed in iraq marKet BomBing BAGHDAD: A spate of car bombings have hit a market in central Iraq, killing at least 22 civilians and wounding 30 others, officials say. A police officer said three parked car bombs exploded virtually simultaneously early on Monday, tearing through a wholesale vegetable and fruit market in the town of Jadidat al-Shatt in Diala province, just outside the provincial capital of Baquba some 60km northeast of Baghdad. The officer added that the death toll could rise. No group claimed the attack, but Iraq is facing a surge in sectarian violence that officials blame on Sunni insurgents determined to drag the country into a civil war. Violence has spiked in Iraq in recent weeks, raising fears of a return to widespread sectarian bloodshed. According to the United Nations, at least 1,045 Iraqi civilians and security personnel were killed in May. The tally surpassed April's 712 killed. agencies

BANGKOK: Antigovernment protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks use an iPad in front of riot policemen during a rally outside a shopping mall on Monday. agencies

indonesian dies in saudi residency Protest JEDDAH: One woman was killed and part of the Indonesian consulate in Saudi Arabia set on fire during a riot by a group of 8,000 workers who had been waiting for hours to confirm their residency status. The crowd of Indonesians gathered outside the consulate in Jeddah on Sunday, trying to sort out their papers in the face of a July crackdown by Saudi authorities on illegal immigrants. "Some of them lit a fire near the walls of the consulate seeking to enter by force, but leading to the death of a woman," a source told the AFP news agency. Before the fire, rocks and stones were thrown at the consulate by the Indonesian workers frustrated by long waits to get their cases dealt with. The action was "limited to the walls of the compound and did not touch the offices," said the consular source. Videos posted online and verified by witnesses showed a fire against the wall of the consulate. Other pictures showed men with scarves over their faces setting alight plastic barriers next to the wall. A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday confirmed that an Indonesian had died during the disturbance. No further details were available. About 180,000 illegal foreign workers have left Saudi Arabia since April 1 under an amnesty that allows them to try to sort out their papers or leave without paying a penalty, a newspaper report said on Sunday. This brings the number of foreign workers who have left Saudi Arabia since the beginning of the year to 380,000. Asem al-Ghamdi, a journalist based in Jeddah, said that there was heavy security outside the Indonesian council early on Monday. He added that the workers gathered out of fear of losing their jobs and having to leave the country, and that some observers said that the Saudi government must extend the grace period. agencies

ex-cia man revealed as us spy leak source WasHington



former CiA worker has revealed himself as the source of leaked information on a secret Us spy programme that harvests internet and phone records of Us citizens and foreigners. edward snowden, a current employee of defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, said he leaked information on the Prism programme to protect "basic liberties for people around the world". "i do not want to live in a world where everything i do and say is recorded. that is not something i am willing to support or live under." in an interview with the Guardian newspaper, the 29-year-old said he had no intention of hiding "because i have done nothing wrong", but was aware that his actions had made him a target for Us agencies. the full interview was uploaded to the internet shortly after it was published by the newspaper. snowden leaked a presentation on the Prism surveillance system, which allows the Us national security Agency (nsA) and the FBi direct access to the servers of Us internet firms such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and AOL. it scooped emails, video chats, instant messages and more to track foreign

suspects. the nsA is also collecting the telephone records of millions of Us citizens, but not actual conversations. snowden told the Guardian that he worked in it security for the CiA and by 2007 was stationed with diplomatic cover in Geneva, switzerland, where he had access to a range of classified documents. "Much of what i saw in Geneva really disillusioned me about how my government functions and what its impact is in the world," he said. "i realised that i was part of something that was doing far more harm than good." He left in 2009 and later began working for Booz Allen Hamilton, a contractor for the nsA, in Hawaii. it was there, three weeks ago, that he decided to leak the information on Prism. "i hope this will trigger among citizens around the globe about what kind of world we want to live in," he told the Guardian. "i can't in good conscience allow the Us government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they're secretly building." Booz Allen confirmed on sunday that snowden was an employee of the company. it added that it would cooperate with any investigations. snowden spoke in Hong Kong, where he believes there will be an attempt by the Us government to have

him extradited. Any extradition request could be hampered if snowden can show Chinese authorities he could face abuse, torture or unfair treatment in the Us. DEbATE REOpENED: the leaks have reopened the debate about privacy concerns versus heightened measure to protect against attacks, and led nsA to ask the Justice department to conduct a criminal investigation. the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, has condemned the revelation of the intelligence-gathering programmes as reckless, and in the past days had taken the rare step of declassifying some details about them to respond to media reports about counter-terrorism techniques employed by the government. President Barack Obama, Clapper and others have said the programmes have been authorised by Congress and are subject to strict supervision of a secret court. thomas drake, a former senior nsA executive who also became a whistleblower, said: "the Us intelligence will do everything it can to prosecute snowden. His is a magnificent, extraordinary act of civil disobedience. He said Prism "goes far beyond any legal mandate, any war on terrorism, or any threat. i mean what's the probable cause - because they might need the data some time later?"


A coordinated suicide and grenade attack on the Kabul airport has ended with all seven attackers being killed, the Afghan interior ministry has said. the taliban earlier claimed responsibility for the pre-dawn attack on Monday, telling Al Jazeera that the target was the military airport. "there were seven assailants...two (suicide bombers) died detonating themselves and five others were killed in fighting," Mohammad Ayoub salangi, chief of Kabul police, said. "there have not been any casualties to the security forces, and

we have not received any report of civilian casualties so far," he said. Loud explosions and bursts of smallarms fire were heard during the attack, with the Us embassy sounding its "duck and cover" alarm and its loudspeakers warning that the alarm was not a drill. two of the hangars were damaged in the attack. the attackers armed with rocket-propelled grenades (rPGs) and machine guns took up positions in a building, which was under construction. in the past, the taliban has taken over buildings that are under construction to launch coordinated attacks. the nAtO-led coalition said that some international forces were involved

in the military response to quell the attack. "there were personnel from the international security Assistance Force (isAF) with Afghan forces but Afghan forces led the operation," a coalition spokesman told AFP news agency. Al Jazeera's Glasse said that one "troubling" development in the latest attack was that the attackers used rocket launchers with a range of up to 3km. in a separate attack in Zabul, southern Afghanistan, Afghan forces killed six men who blew up a car bomb and assaulted the intelligence department in the city of Qalat. pREvIOuS ATTACk: Kabul came last under attack on May 24, when taliban fighters launched a coordinated suicide

and gun attack on a compound of the international Organisation for Migration (iOM). A policeman, two civilians and all four assailants died in that attack, with the government lauding the response of the Kabul security forces for preventing further casualties. the effectiveness of Afghan forces is crucial to the government's ability to defeat the taliban fighters as 100,000 nAtO-led combat troops withdraw by the end of 2014. the police, army and special forces are being trained by the international coalition, but there are widespread fears that they will not be able to impose security after 12 years of war.

thousands flee as german dam bursts Berlin agencies

thousands of people have been evacuated to safety in eastern Germany after a dam burst on the swollen river elbe and farmland was flooded in an attempt to spare towns, with meteorologists forecasting more rain. in Magdeburg, one of the oldest cities in eastern Germany and a regional capital, about 23,000 people were asked to leave on Monday as water levels in the elbe rose to a record 7.48 metres - about 5 metres above normal and surpassing the level reached during devastating floods in 2002. there have been at least a dozen deaths as a result of floods that have hit Germany, Austria, slovakia, Poland and the Czech republic over the past week. Officials said more than 8,000 people were evacuated from towns and villages around Aken, south of Magdeburg. A dam at the confluence of the river elbe and the river saale south of Magdeburg burst despite attempts to stabilise it. A dyke was also breached, and a crisis unit said the high waters were likely to put further pressure on dykes in the coming days. in total, more than 36,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in saxony-Anhalt. some residents were also moved from Brandenburg, a largely rural state that surrounds the capital Berlin, and flooding of uninhabited areas was planned. Financial fallout: in Hungary, dykes had been strengthened at critical points to protect the capital Budapest from flooding, as the danube rose alarmingly. the deluge reached Hungary on Friday but so far authorities, soldiers and thousands of volunteers have managed to defend the villages and towns along the river, piling more than three million sandbags beside its dykes. Back in Germany, officials have estimated that the damage from the floods could amount to $8bn. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised $130m in aid for flooded areas. "We'll do everything humanly possible when it comes to reconstruction. Germany is sticking together in an admirable way at the moment and it should stay like that," she said. Along with citizens and emergency services, about 11,000 German soldiers were helping to fight the flood waters on sunday.

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NEWS Tuesday 11 June, 2013

LAHORE: Punjab Governor Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood administering oath to members of the Punjab cabinet on Monday. agencies

KarZai not sure aBout Positive outcome of war on terror KaBUl

a thai police discover 14 white lions at Bangkok home BangKoK app

thai police on Monday said they had discovered more than 200 live wild animals including monkeys, tortoises and 14 white lions during a raid on a house in the capital Bangkok. two thai men, including the owner of a pet shop at the city's popular Chatuchak market, were charged with illegal wildlife trading. if convicted they face up to four years in jail and a 40,000 baht ($1,300) fine. "We received a complaint about the smell from the neighbours and after investigating we discovered the animals hidden there," Police Colonel ek ekasart said. He said the lions were believed to have been brought into the country using permits for sales to zoos, but instead offered to private buyers. the two suspects deny involvement in illegal wildlife trade. One was found guilty of the same charge four years ago. Once the legal process is completed, some of the animals could be released into the wild and others sent to zoos, police said. thailand has a reputation as a hub of international wildlife smuggling to feed strong demand in Asia for unusual pets and traditional medicines made from animal parts.


FGHAn President Hamid Karzai, raising questions about the success of the Us-led war on terror, on Monday said that the Muslim world was in a state of tumult and questioned whether the international campaign against terror had reduced or further fuelled radicalism. Addressing a Us-islamic World Forum - titled A decade of dialogue - the president said he had repeatedly

taken up the issue with Us President Barack Obama and other western leaders. "Have we succeeded in this war against terror? Have we agreed on defining terror? Who is a terrorist and does the menace exist inside Afghanistan's villages and homes? Have we paid heed to real terrorist sanctuaries?" the president questioned. in a statement from the Presidential Palace, he claimed the anti-terror drive had certainly boosted radicalisation across the Muslim world - from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Mali and nigeria. "is it an unexpected outcome or is the west doing so intentionally? "in my opinion, it's necessary for the Us-led west to explain to Muslims they are impartial in the israel-Palestine con-

flict. Have they conveyed this impression? the answer is obviously in the negative," the president remarked. Karzai explained did not want israel to be wiped off the world map. He wanted the israelis to live in their country like all other nations, but said that the Palestinians should be given similar rights. He urged the islamic world, the United states and the west to work together for promoting tolerance and spirit of peaceful coexistence. He also called for sharing resources and know-how to ensure welfare and prosperity for all. in his speech, Karzai renewed his administration's call for Britain to transfer around 80 Afghans being held at Camp Bastion in southern Helmand province to his administration within the next two weeks.

Moosa Gilani, Makhdoom Shahab to be indicted in ephedrine quota case on June 24

QUETTA: An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Quetta issued arrest warrants for former president Pervez Musharraf, former prime minister Shaukat Aziz and former KP governor Owais Ghani in a case pertaining to veteran Baloch politician Nawaz Akbar Bugti’s murder in 2006 army operation. The ATC judge Abdul Samad Lasi on Monday heard the case and reserved the verdict. He issued arrest warrants for Musharraf, Aziz and Ghani in the murder case of Akbar Bugti whose killing led to widespread unrest in Balochistan. Musharraf has already been put under house arrest at his Chak Shahzad farmhouse as the Islamabad High Court (IHC) has approved his trial in the sub-jail in a case pertaining to the detention of Supreme Court judges during 2007 emergency imposed by him. nni

iran deports 44 Pakistanis QUETTA: Iran on Monday deported 44 Pakistanis illegally staying in the country. The Iranian security forces handed the 44 Pakistanis over to the Levies Force at Taftan border in Chaghi. These Pakistanis belong to various parts of the country and wanted to go to Europe after illegally crossing the Iranian border. online

woman sold for rs 330,000

raWalPinDi online

An Anti-narcotics Court (AnC) on Monday fixed June 24 to indict 11 accused, including Ali Moosa Gilani and Makhdoom shahabud din, in ephedrine quota case. According to details, Ali Musa Gilani, son of former premier Yousaf raza Gilani, had filed an application in the court seeking exemption from attendance in the court on permanent basis. the counsel for Ali Gilani told the court that it was not possible for his client to attend the court on every hearing due to security concerns. therefore, he asked the court to exempt his client from attendance. the court admitted the application for hearing, issued the notice to AnF and sought records on June 24.

arrest warrants for musharraf, aziz, ghani issued in Bugti case

Copies of the challan were also distributed among 11 accused. the court issued perpetual arrest warrants of former health secretary Khushnud Lashari. Moreover, the court, while reprimanding the investigation officer

on absence of AnF prosecutor, ordered the prosecutor to appear in the court on the next hearing. the court, while ordering Ali Musa Gilani to appear before it on next hearing, adjourned the hearing of the case.

DERA GHAZI KHAN: A panchayat “sold� a 25-year-old married woman on Monday after declaring her kari. According to the police, a panchayat in Darkhwast Jamal Khan area of Dera Ghazi Khan district sold the married woman identified as Parveen Bibi after declaring her kari with a boy identified as Abid. Father of the woman, Manzoor, and her husband, Allah Bachaya, on the order of the panchayat sold the woman to a man identified as Rafiq for Rs 330,000. The panchayat included 500 people. The police arrested six people, including two women, while the purchasers of the woman and other panchayat members were absconded. inp

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Tuesday 11 June, 2013

Pml-n leaders disaPPointing masses: Pew islaMaBaD



He Pakistan economy Watch (PeW) on Monday said leaders of the PML-n had started disappointing masses through their statements. “Masses have voted the PML-n to power to lessen their difficulties and not to take note of their fictional statements which are adding to the disappointment,” it said. PeW President dr Murtaza Mughal said ddjected and highly demor-

alised masses deserved to see a difference between the incumbent and the former corrupt rulers. He said some recent statements regarding load shedding and energy crisis indicated that the federal ministers were speaking the language of the powerful lobbies that might have financed their election campaigns. Mughal said one of the federal ministers had targeted the CnG sector, levelling allegations of theft against it while conveniently ignoring influential sectors responsible for annual theft of around rs 250 billion of electricity and natural gas. Majority of CnG stations involved in theft of natural gas are owned by PML-n and PPP leaders. some influential owners of CnG outlets will never pay gas bills

amounting to millions of rupees but would enjoy uninterrupted gas supply even during the load shedding. “the PML-n government should make public the names and political affiliation of such CnG outlets and take strict action against them according to the provisions of law,” he demanded. Mughal said the PML-n leaders should not issue hollow statements and put their pre-election words into action as reliance on speeches could trigger suspicions among masses about the aims and objectives of the new leadership. “PML-n will lose popularity if important ministries continued to follow the footsteps of former adviser to the PM on petroleum and natural resources who was a Canadian national,” he warned. According to data of a gas distribution

company, the PML-n and the PPP politicians from sheikhupura, Hafizabad, Lahore, sargodha, Kharian and Peshawar were prominent among those involved in gas theft. Moreover, two top PPP leaders from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had not paid bills of their CnG filling stations and industrial units since years. A former chairman of a textile body from Lahore was held in gas theft of rs 72 crores while former chairman of the same association from Peshawar was held for stealing gas worth tens of millions through direct connection. it remains a challenge for the incumbent government to public names of culprits based on data from gas utility and inform masses about the action taken against them.

Pti tables resolution against drone attacks in Pa LAHORE: the Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (Pti) Monday tabled a resolution in the Punjab Assembly against Us drone strikes. Party's lawmaker Mian Aslam iqbal submitted the resolution with the assembly's secretariat along with other Pti members. the Pti through the resolution has requested the federal government to adopt a concrete policy to stop the Us from drone attacks. talking to reporters after submitting the resolution, iqbal said drone attacks were breeding terrorism. to a question, he said the Pti had already tabled a resolution in the KP assembly against drone attacks following their commitment to voters that they would raise voice against killings in the tribal areas. He believed the resolution would be adopted unanimously. iqbal said the Pti was committed to playing a constructive and productive role in the assembly and it would support government steps for welfare of the masses and oppose all that were against wishes of the people. app

Pml-n to get majority of ministries in Balochistan QuETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister dr Abdul Malik Baloch is likely to form a 19member cabinet for his province that will comprise 14 ministers and five advisers. they said 10 key slots of the cabinet, including office of the senior minister, were likely to go to the PML-n, five to Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami and four to national Party (nP). none of the parties, however, has so far unveiled names for the cabinet. nni

fBr sets June 30 deadline for tax submission ISLAMAbAD: the Federal Board of revenue (FBr) on Monday announced that a fine would not be imposed on the submission of taxes until June 30. According to media reports, defaulters would have to submit their tax returns and duties without paying any extra charges until due date. online

multi-storey apartment block collapses in mumbai Monitoring DesK A multi-storey apartment block collapsed in central Mumbai on Monday evening with some feared trapped inside, a fire official said, on the second day of heavy monsoon rains in the city. "rescue operations are still on. We're not sure how many people are trapped inside," the official said after the collapse in the Mahim area, without giving further details.

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry meets the new attorney general of Pakistan, Munir A Malik at the Supreme Court on Monday. ppi

Small representation of KP in federal govt vexes people: Afrasayab islaMaBaD online

senior leader of the Awami national Party (AnP) Afrasayab Khattak said Monday Prime Minister nawaz sharif gave very little representation to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in the federal government, which was unjustified. He said the AnP was an independent opposition party in the senate and would raise voice on national issues. He said the AnP gave vote to Prime Minister nawaz sharif to carry on the tradition of consensus like past. Khattak said with the formation of the federal government, many questions were raised regarding FAtA and KP province as it happened first time in the history that only one minister was picked in the federal cabinet from KP and FAtA and reaming districts had been completely ignored.

“the people of KP and FAtA rendered countless sacrifices against terrorism as thousand of them were martyred and hundreds of thousands became homeless, but due to non representation, their problems would not be resolved and that would create inferiority complex in them, which would be fatal for the federation, especially at this juncture of time,” Khattak added. He said a large number of people were shelter-less in Khyber Agency and Kurram Agency, but there was no one to listen to their grievances. “Who would raise a voice for them, they have no representation. they are facing great deal of difficulties in getting themselves registered.” the AnP leader said there was not even a word in the first speech of Prime Minister nawaz sharif about FAtA, whereas the tribal Areas badly needed development.

Peace activist Idrees Kamal dies pESHAWAR: Known peace activist, progressive political worker and founding convener of Peshawar Aman tehrik, idrees Kamal on Monday died as a result of brain hemorrhage in Quetta. idrees Kamal, who was also a central committee member and provincial information secretary of national Party (nP). nP leaders said that idrees Kamal fell unconscious at noon and was rushed to the hospital where passed away around 3.00 p.m. He was around 45 and left a widow, two sons and two daughters. the body would be brought to Peshawar and he would be laid to rest in his ancestral graveyard at village tarkha near Akbarpura, connecting Peshawar with nowshehra district today (tuesday). Belonging to a middle class family, idrees Kamal was associated with progressive political groups since his school days. during his college and university days, he had served democratic students Federation in various capacities. Later he had joined national Party. Besides serving as a political activist, he was very active in civil society organisations. in mid-2008 when terrorism and militancy was at its peak, he had assembled like-minded peace-loving friends and had established Aman tehrik. Later he urged leaders to agree to common points and issued a joint Peshawar declaration, urging civilian and military rulers of reconsidering internal and external policies in special reference to Afghanistan. the declaration was commended at global level and become a valuable document. He had also attended a number of international conferences on peace and militancy. sTaff reporT

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COMMENT Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

Zaradari’s address


driving home the point

t was no easy thing to compose the President’s sixth address. normally the speech at the advent of the parliamentary year is drafted by government in power. the speech explains the prevailing situation and shares with the lawmakers the policies the administration intends to pursue during the ensuing year. during the last five years, Zardari was both the President of the country and the de facto chief of the ruling PPP. Zardari could very well defend before the House the policies formulated under his own guidance. this time, though, the government is being run by Mian nawaz sharif whose PML-n was the strongest critic of the PPP and has only recently defeated the latter in the elections. some of the PPP’s critics had suggested that this time it would be embarrassing for the president to read out a highly critical address prepared by the PML-n administration. they had failed to realise that while one may go to the extremes to run down the government during the election campaign, one has to speak and act responsibly when one comes to power. this is all the more needed in the critical situation being faced by the new government. to redeem its promise of ending the power shortages, resuscitating the national economy and putting an end to terrorism, the government needs all the help it can get from all political parties, particularly from a party which has 39 senators in the 104-member Upper House of the Parliament. the outline of the president’s address was presumably discussed between, and approved by, the PPP and PML-n. the speech focuses on the middle ground that still exists between the PPP and the PML-n i.e., a strong commitment to democracy. it also however underlines the concerns that PPP does not fully share with the PML-n and which include commitment to the empowerment of women, security and equal rights for minorities and the need to stop the misuse of blasphemy laws for personal gains. there were other things in the speech also which some in the opposition might have found difficult to digest. these were however put in a way which was inoffensive. For instance, Zardari gave credit to the Parliament, the PPP speaker and former PM Gilani for passing historic amendments and laws. While recounting sacrifices for democracy he noted that Benazir, nawaz sharif and he himself had undergone imprisonment and suffered exile. Zardari also took credit for being the first elected civilian in the history of Pakistan to oversee the transfer of power in a democratic manner. the speech will be discussed in both Houses of Parliament for weeks. those unhappy with parts of the address will have a field day criticising them in the president’s absence. While Zardari delivered the address, there was peace and calm in the parliamentary sitting. this is what he needed to conduct parliamentary business in an orderly way.

Pti’s post election crisis


party facing difficult task reconciling politics with rhetoric

t takes time for a new political party to mature – and it perhaps takes more time for those who have joined it from other political parties to develop complete loyalty. such is what troubles the Pakistan tehreek-i-insaf: after Fauzia Kasuri left the party in a public standoff, the consequences of the dispute over deciding the new cabinet in the Khyber Pakthunkhwa and Javed Hashmi’s apparent declaration of loyalty to nawaz sharif is threatening to spill through the party’s ranks. the debacles over Fauzia Kasuri and Javed Hashmi have raised questions about the credibility and loyalty of the Pti’s top leadership. When Hashmi, Pti’s designated candidate for opposition leader, spoke in the national Assembly on June 5, he declared that “nawaz sharif was and remains my leader as i hold him in high esteem.” the reconciliatory remarks received great applause from the members of the assembly. But it was not so from the Pti rank and file and leadership, whose pressure has forced him to withdraw his words. Addressing a press conference, Hashmi said, “respecting my people’s objection i take my words back. i bow down to the objections of my party leadership, workers and voters. i just cannot defend what i said if my people are not happy with it.” Hashmi called it a “slip of tongue” and “that he did not mean it how it was interpreted.” nonetheless, the questions will remain over Hashmi. On the other side, the Pti is having to deal with a difficult coalition in the KP. the issue of distributing portfolios remains outstanding, with the Jamaat-i-islami still thought to be demanding three ministries, including the education ministry. that the reformist Pti is allied with the islamist Ji and Pasthun national Qaumi Watan Party shall require the party to develop political maturity. that the dispute over the education ministry has continued into its third week suggests that the Pti to will have to “eat its words” over resolving the issue of corruption within 100 days, like its leader Javed Hashmi had to. the fact is that it is now reconciling its rhetoric with politics, and politics is the more difficult task. the tussle started when Ji chief syed Munawar Hassan met Pti Chairman imran Khan on May 16 and announced the Ji would get three ministries: finance, education and zakat and usher. Pressure from the Pti workers was telling, who insisted that education was a key part of the Pti manifesto and it could not be given to another party. statements from the Pti and Ji leadership suggest that the Ji is willing to let the education ministry go, but under what terms is the question. the Pti has asked for another week before announcing the cabinet. Given that the PML-n has announced its cabinet earlier this week, the questions over the Pti’s ability to do politics remain.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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the emerging goalpost in the next 100 days, where we are headed shall be evident


imran Husain

He new government of nawaz sharif, creating history by being prime minister for the third time, has finally been sworn in. As has the first twenty-five member cabinet. the stage thus being set for delivery of the numerous promises made, some understandably just rhetoric therefore undoable, and establishing modalities to make the right beginning. nawaz’s cabinet has no surprises. it is mainly the inner core that has sat before him each day for the last five years on gilded furniture in the ample salons of the raiwind residence. Unlike other parliamentary dispensations, Pakistan does not have a shadow cabinet and therefore no pre-disclosed policy. We shall discover anew apart from the tidbits collected and past history. the prime minister has stuck to his guns, by and large selecting a clean team barring perhaps shadows lurking over a couple. time will tell. the speech in parliament, post election as leader of the house, set forth the major priorities and sought to seek consensus on national issues. the onus having a simple majority is on the ruling party to strive for adequate representation to the provinces where other parties head governments. the formation of the neC and its first intended session on Monday is the first step in this direction. With the budget this week quick decisions are required especially the PsdP – which figures strongly on the agenda. no doubt the economy must be on the top slot of challenges facing the government. there are no quick fixes and the new finance minister will embark on the same road as those preceding him. Historically there is far too much government in Pakistan and non-development expenditure is colossal. the political configuration demands this and unless sacrifices begin at home it is unlikely that others will follow. the recent constitutional amendment does bring restrictions on numbers but there are ways to easily overcome this. Perhaps the time is ripe to follow the norms and make the sacrifices as the new finance minister suggests. this may in the short term alienate support even from within government but is essential for the

Editor’s mail

nation in the longer term. ishaq dar talked of the need for investment and revenue mobilization and the alarming figures of reserves and circular debt. the easiest way out is for government to ensure that big business pays its due taxes and does not hide behind accelerated depreciation and business “losses”. this would be step one in revenue growth to be followed by the seamless integration of the citizen into the tax net, relieving the burden on the salaried class. nAdrA has a very developed database, one of the successes of the PPP government, and provides the basis for a creative integration. it also needs to ensure that power in country is not subsidized and that industry and the privileged pay their actual power bills. Pakistanis want both, not to pay their bills and also to get power at subsidized prices. Circular debt can only be addressed if the energy sector is run on purely commercial terms. the fallacy that there isn’t sufficient installed capacity needs to be corrected. But yes, operational capacity due to large-scale mismanagement is below the required quantum. investment is required in plant and machinery, in terms of balancing and modernization but more importantly in proper maintenance and optimum performance in the generation and transmission. the PM’s decision for conversion to coal is good but it carries a longer gestation period due to technical and logistic issues. Human resource is perhaps the single most important factor in recovery and restoration of the energy sector. the appointment of the right manager with the required mandate will be the first step in achieving targets. the murmurings that government is considering change in shop timings are, for me at least, a very welcome step. i’ve spent a majority of the last four years in Bangladesh and there is nothing open after 8pm. restaurants take last orders at 10pm. sure there is a shortage of power but then they have adequately compensated with generators. Unlike us the majority live in apartments and therefore communal generators are installed. in the more prosperous areas blackouts are hardly felt. Changing habits is not hard; all it requires is commitment. Whether this is accepted across the entire country is the big debate. But the PML-n did change the Friday holiday, a courageous decision, and very successfully. We expect the same now. As foreign minister the PM will set the agenda for diplomatic cooperation. He has suggested vide a communiqué to the FO that a policy based on economic diplomacy is the vision of this government. Much is required to actually bring investment to the country. Law and order is of prime importance. retired government officials, civil and military, tend to live in antiquated bliss, especially after years in the wilderness. every statement is punctuated by “When i was…” i doubt the value of such contribution. there

could have been a significantly better choice as advisor. Having done this, government could perhaps consider appointing a larger foreign policy think tank to assist nawaz on current intricacies. the world has undergone a drastic change in the first thirteen years of the 21st century; it is this very duration that nawaz has been out of the loop. the relations with the Us and its allies will need handling with cotton wool, while maintaining dignity. the protests again drone attacks fall on deaf ears and it must be weighed how much effort and focus should be directed towards this. it is natural that the Us will concentrate on securing its exit next year and will leave no stone unturned to ensure significant success. if it means drones then there will be drones and there is precious little that Pakistan can do to stop it. relying on actions in 1998 and the consequences will be of no bearing. the world has definitely changed. Focus and concentration on national progress and development is of essence. the sharif brothers are builders. Pakistan can benefit greatly. nawaz built the first real motorway, a great boon, and this has led to many kilometers being made available in the north. shahbaz’ juggernaut starts at dawn. He has built a delivery network in the Punjab and things happen fast and furious. now other provinces have to be cajoled and inspired into following suit. the Pti government in KP is likely to make a significant mark if difficult circumstances permit. it is their first chance and they will want to establish a record of good governance to strengthen their significant vote bank in the Punjab. sindh and Balochistan have dismal development records. there is nothing on ground to show things will be any different. Change is here and will evolve given space. History has been created in multiple terms. Parliament completed a full term. elections were held successfully with a record voter turnout. A new party has won majority in a province. Power has been democratically and seamlessly transferred. nawaz has become PM for the third time. By the time this appears in print, President Asif Zardari would have addressed the parliament for the sixth time. this is of great importance in a country befuddled by political intrigue and conspiracy. Within the next few days, actually the first 100, of this government the emerging goalpost will be seen with more clarity. the moves to take effective control of the challenges and where it intends to lead us would by then be evident. there is hope, being the eternal optimist, but to secure a prosperous future for Pakistan and its people, sagacity, wisdom and a total closure on autocracy is required. that must define this government. The writer can be contacted at:

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can we grow up?

new governments

Can we grow up from primitive politics of treasury benches and Opposition? Can we take national issues as primary things to handle? Can we stop display of cheap versions of popularity tricks? Can we rise above party politics and think Pakistan as a nation? Can we stop filmy dialogues for explanation situation in Pakistan? if we can then i see some steps towards resolving grave issues facing the country or else we will be doomed in ‘tit-fortat’ and word war politics Allah has granted us this chance which, in my humble opinion, is surely the last chance. if we do not redress our problems and face them collectively and head or then we can safely forget the future of country and those of politicians what to talk of teeming millions of poor Pakistanis. AMJAD HABIB MIRZA Lahore

the time of elections is over. the new governments have come into seats. Popular parties, voted in by people, have assumed Centre and Provinces. Let us now begin rebuilding the lost paradise. Let all parties sit and formulate the priority list of works. Let us handle one by one and solicit the support of all stalwarts and thinkers and those professional ‘leaders’ of the parties. i will put on top of the list, Load shedding. i will put no 2 as restructuring the institutions like PiA, steel Mill, railways, nAB, nLCi, nHA, WAPdA, Power distribution network, Fertilizer production and distribution, Cities management etc. And no 3, let us revise mechanism to control unprecedented profiteering and price hike. How we do it and at what price we do it but we must do it to call Pakistan a civilized country with a name in the comity of world nations. AMJAD HABIB MIRZA Lahore

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Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

a pragmatic move the new government’s energy policy


lost in rhetoric our politicians

syed Haider azHar


love rhetoric. And why shouldn’t i? rhetoric has always served me well. those who have known me since the heydays of my public speaking career will vouch for the fact that my speeches, especially the ones in Urdu, were laced with rhetoric and i took pride in my ability to milk each and every speech to the fullest, often rehashing the same piece over and over again, a common practice in the public speaking circuit of Pakistan. A good orator finds the most effective and emotional rhetoric in the most unfortunate of circumstances. this may sound insensitive but had there been no Kashmir, Bosnia, rwanda, Palestine or poverty, the declamation competitions all over Pakistan would have been a massive bore. it’s not just me. We, Pakistanis, on the whole, love our rhetoric. in fact, there are very few things we love more than rhetoric; our insatiable desire to hog the limelight might be one; our ability to indulge ourselves in a bit of conspiracy theory, be it as a principal instigator or as a Chinese whisperer, is another. You throw these three in the mix and you have a potentially explosive and/or embarrassing scenario at hand. While most of us often get away with this proverbial foot-in-mouth disease, the 24/7 media outlets and the wonder that is the internet ensures that those who enjoy even the most insignificant of prominence on our national airwaves are made to relive their gaffes over and over again. ever since the boom of the private news channels in this country, we have had enough sound bites on our national airwaves to last us a lifetime. Be it a former law minister who sometimes fails to control an itch on nation television or lashes out at a reporter after inexplicably misinterpreting the term ‘long arm of the law’ (ah Wasi Zafar, how i miss thee); or one female parliamentarian explaining the origins of the political career of another; or a former prime minister, while giving an interview to an international news outlet,

asking the interviewer in what has to be the best example of when not to use rhetorical questions or how not to phrase them, as to why don’t all those who claim unhappiness at the state of Pakistan just leave the country; or this nation’s favourite multi-coloured tie enthusiast former interior minister appearing before dozens of journalists and cameras and stating with a straight face that the reason for the high number of killings in the largest city of the country was due to angry and vengeful girlfriends and wives (a whole new piece should be written as an ode to Mr Malik, the mothership of all quotable quotes); or a former world cup winning captain trying to explain to us how he plans on dismissing two batsman with one delivery; or the former chief minister of Balochistan equating a fake degree to a genuine one; or the chief minister of the most populated province wildly shaking the microphones a la Zulfikar Bhutto and abruptly walking off the stage at a function for no rhyme or reason, or choosing to sing a poem to prove a rhetorical point over and over again to the extent that the poet’s family issues a request to all politicians to completely stop using the poet’s pieces (at least Altaf Bhai provides us with a wider range of songs), or clips of the passionate CM promising to end the energy crises within six months, nine months, two years or three (i have lost count to be honest) only for his brother to come in to power and dispel the CM’s promises as statements made under josh-e-khitabat – formal Urdu for rhetoric; and the list goes on. is it really a wonder why we get most of our entertainment from news channels? What seems to be even more fascinating is how our politicians fail to learn from their mistakes. in collaboration with some of my friends who have a wealth of experience in devising political strategies, i pitched our services to a number of organisations including some of the mainstream political parties as political strategists and crisis management consultants. One aspect of our services was speech writing and preparing party members for their appearances on various television channels as guests or for other such interviews. What should be a necessary service in this day and age of electronic media was met with extreme reservation. We were advised in no uncertain terms that we had no business to coach elected representatives as to what they should say before the cameras. the main theme seemed to hinge around the question ‘how dare you?’. While someone may still be excused for being outwitted by an interviewer on live television, one can simply not overlook statements made by anyone in writing. You may be caught off-guard by a tricky question or may fail to clearly express your point due to a lack of

proper grasp of a particular language, mostly english as is the case with our politicians, on tV but you should be prudent enough not to state something in writing without giving it due thought. this is where the micro-blogging site twitter exposes the ignorance and/or absurd views of some of our politicians. in theory, the concept of interacting directly with your fans and followers is wonderful and keeps you in the loop as to their opinions about you. Hence, it is very tempting for our leaders to take up this forum. they often forget that all those who follow them may not be their fans or admirers and may just avail this opportunity to vent out their frustrations or just have fun at the politician’s expense and it is the reaction of our politicians to such a crowd that leads to further entertainment. An MnA from Faisalabad, for example, runs one of the most entertaining accounts on twitter because his replies to such provocations are often laced with niceties that one cannot repeat in public. the fact that some of his relatives and party leaders are on twitter as well and have yet to reprimand him openly lets one to believe that maybe they enjoy the show as well. More often than not, the followers hang on to every single tweet or statement as testament to the writer’s own views on a subject. take Mr imran Khan’s latest tweeting sensation on the killing of the ttP leader, Wali-urrehman, for example, and how the drone attack killing this ‘pro-peace’ leader of ttP let to the killings of our soldiers in retaliation. this naturally raises a number of questions. First and foremost, ttP has job opportunities for peace-loving leaders as well? secondly, is the leader of the Pti justifying the attack on our own soldiers? Yes we know you dislike the drones and we ourselves believe that drones are wrong, but do you really need to elevate the status of a leader of an extremist militant organisation, which are in the business of killing people and do not acknowledge the constitution of your country, to prove your point? Why not just label him a shaheed and get done with it? till our politicians start being more responsible and prudent with their statements, they are a Pr disaster waiting to happen. But maybe they enjoy it themselves. Maybe the spotlight, no matter how unflattering, is what they crave. Maybe the red light of the camera is too much of a temptation to turn down. Who knows? in the meanwhile, let the rhetoric flow. Let the entertainment go on. The writer is an advocate of the high courts, a guidance and career counselor and a public-speaking coach. The views expressed here are his own. He can be contacted at

ter taking oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan for a record third time, the major policy initiative taken by Mian nawaz sharif is the decision to convert all thermal power plants into coal-powered power units to contain the burgeoning energy crisis that has put the industrial development in reverse gear besides adversely affecting the lives of the masses. He made this decision at a high level meeting called at Lahore to discuss the energy situation in the country, and which was atmaliK muHammad asHraf tended by industrialists, CeOs of distribution companies, technocrats related to energy sector, officials of the Ministry of Water and Power and senior leadership of the PML-n. it was also decided to form a commission to look into the phenomenon of power theft and to suggest measures to eliminate the menace. Another decision made at the meeting was to remove the heads of WAPdA, PePCO, managing directors and heads of distribution companies and to replace them with competent officers to get things moving in the right direction. Ostensibly, the decisions taken at the meeting are very pragmatic, as tiding over the crisis requires a comprehensive strategy that adequately deals with issues pertaining to enhancement of electricity production, optimum utilisation of the already installed power generating capacity which is operating much below its potential, fixing financial variables hampering generation of electricity, managerial inadequacies and shortcomings, theft of electricity and above all rampant corruption in the power sector. All these factors have contributed to the energy crisis in varying degrees and therefore a well-knit approach to grapple with all of them was needed simultaneously. Only the technical experts can tell how long it will take to switch-over to the coal generated electricity and at what additional cost but one thing is certain that the immediate benefit of this move would be that billions of dollars that are spent on the import of fuel for generating thermal power in the country will be saved besides reducing our vulnerability to the fluctuating oil prices at the international level. the money thus saved can be utilised to tiding over the problem of circular debt for now and forever. notwithstanding the environmental concerns, the initiative is the best possible indigenous solution to our energy needs under the prevailing circumstances. thar, sindh, has estimated coal deposits of 175 billion tones, sufficient enough to cater to our energy needs. According to the feasibility studies prepared on the coal deposits at thar by dr samar Mubarak, Member science and technology, Planning Commission, these reserves can last well over 500 years and can be utilised to produce electricity, diesel and fertilisers. A 50 MW gasified unit is already in the process of being installed and likely to be operational very soon. dr samar believes that the success of this project will open the floodgates of foreign investment in Pakistan which is needed in the vicinity of Us$ 175 billion. We also have coal in Balochistan. Pakistan not only needs to overcome the present energy crisis but also needs to take care of its future needs to avert a similar situation in the future. According to iAeA, the demand for electricity in Pakistan is increasing by eight percent annually and by 2025, the country will require 49,078 MWs to meet its energy needs. that indeed is a very worrying situation. Apart from overcoming the power crisis in the short term by eliminating the circular debt and enhancing power generation through revitalisation of the existing installed capacity, we have to more than double the power generating capacity in the next 12 years to be able to conceive a sustainable development process in the country. there is also an imperative need to take rational decisions on the energymix keeping in view the likely impact on our financial resources, reliability of supply and other relevant considerations. that element unfortunately has been missing in the past policy planning which has also contributed to the current energy situation. some of the possible solutions to dealing with the problem of power outages that can possibly be employed are: the establishment of coal-based electricity units in every town and city catering to the local needs which can tackle the problem of line losses through the national grid and also increase the reliability factor of the electric supply. the government can ask and encourage the big industrial units to generate electricity for their own needs as is currently being done by a number of them. in most of the european countries, the big industries produce their own electricity for their plants and household consumption of their employees. this measure can reduce the burden on the national grid and spare sufficient electricity for smaller industrial units and households. successfully dealing with power theft and corruption in the power sector and improvement in the management techniques and changing the prevalent culture of lack of initiative can also immensely contribute to improving the situation. there is, however, an unqualified consensus at the global level that the energy security – without which no sustainable economic progress can be conceived – can best be secured by switching over to renewable energy resources which include wind energy, solar energy and hydel power. Pakistan has a potential of generating 150,000 MW wind energy, out of which nearly 40,000 MW can be produced from the sindh coastal corridor, according to a report of the UsAid. similarly, there is an infinite potential for generating solar energy. in view of the controversy over construction of Kalabagh dam and a pall of uncertainty hanging over the Basha-diamir dam in regards to its financing and international reservations on its location, we have no choice but to tap the wind and solar energy resources besides utilising our indigenous coal reserves for generating electricity. How well we can capitalise on the availability of these resources and how we manage to raise the finances required to tap them, only time will tell. nevertheless, it will require a well-thought out strategy with broad-based support and nawaz sharif probably seems fully mindful of this fact when he talks about keeping all the stakeholders on board.

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ARTS Tuesday, 11 June, 2013


why shouldn’t

i hiKe my fee, asKs

sonaKshi sinha

In an industry where superstition is rampant, a star being a lucky mascot can become a common belief after giving few consecutive hits. One such actress is Sonakshi Sinha, who is being recommended by most actors particularly since she has proved to be lucky for heroes like Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar. Akshay and Ajay reportedly keep recommending her name for their forthcoming films. While Ajay wants to work with Sonakshi after the success of Son of Sardaar but has to wait till later this year, as Akshay Kumar already has signed her for Vipul Shah’s Thuppaki remake. It is heard that Salman is also wanting her for Dabangg-3, Sonakshi no doubt is one of the busiest actors in the industry. But Sonakshi has kind of developed an allergy with the term ‘lucky mascot’. Obviously, she thinks it takes away her credibility in no time. Few days back, when Ranveer Singh, her co-star from their upcoming Lootera called her the lucky mascot, Sonakshi promptly said, “Guess people are signing me only because I have proved to be lucky, not because of my talent,” silencing one and all on the dias. Further, when somebody asked her whether she had hiked up her fee, the actress sounding sarcastic said, “Why shouldn’t I hike my fee, isn’t it my right to do so?” Looks like she is gradually going on the lines of her father Shatrughan Sinha who was also known for his quick repartee and heavy dialogues. neWs desK

Ctress Priyanka Chopra’s father dr. Ashok Chopra breathed his last today at the Kokilaben Ambani hospital in Mumbai. He was suffering from cancer since 2008. the Chopra clan including the actress, her mother and younger brother were with him at the time of death. Just yesterday, we reported how Priyanka has put aside work assignments and has been spending all her time praying for her father’s recovery. On Friday, Priyanka had organised a Mahamrityunjay puja at her home, for her daddy’s recovery. Back in 2005 when Priyanka was shooting for rohan sippy’s Bluffmaster, her father fell ill. even then, Priyanka had not shared her agony with anyone on the sets. Her frail father had accompanied Priyanka for an award function held in Vancouver earlier this year. she had won the best actress trophy for her stupendous performance as an autistic girl in Barfi!.

CELEb TWEETS: vishal Dadlani: i’m so sorry, @priyankachopra . strength, love and support to you. Sophie Choudry: Love, prayers and strength @priyankachopra to you and the family… Your daddy was the sweetest man and he couldn’t have asked for a more loving daughter. riP bipasha basu: strength to you @priyankachopra and your family. prabhudheva: so sorry to hear abt priyanka chopra’s father. i hope god gives strength to her n her family to cope up with this loss. My condolences. kunal kohli: riP dr.Chopra.Condolences to @PriyankaChopra. Had a great love for music. Met him in Vancouver last, amazing zest for life. Deepika padukone FC: Our heartfelt condolences to PC and her family :( Asha bhosle: deepest condolences to Priyanka Chopraji and

family on the passing away of her father. He loved his music, country and family. Anubhav Sinha: Oh no!!! Priyanka Chopra may God give you strength. Lots of love. May his soul rest in peace. Neha Dhupia: so sad to hear about your loss Priyanka Chopra. Condolences to you and your family. sending you tons of love and energy to get past this. Aadesh Shrivastava: i am very sad to hear about your loss Priyanka Chopra. Condolences to you and your family. Love and energy to get past this. M i n i s s h a Lamba: My heartfelt condolences to Priyanka Chopra and Madhuji. Prayers and strength to you. neWs desK

i want to maKe larger-than-life


neil nitin muKesh

Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh says he wants to make films on the lines of ‘Johnny Gaddaar’, in which he made his acting debut. Neil, who worked as an assistant director before making his acting debut, is all set for his home production ‘Paidaar’. “Besides acting, I love to make films be it as a producer or director. Everyone has their own vision of making films. I am a dreamer. I want to make larger than life films, which are fictitious but are great entertainers,” Neil told in an interview. When asked if he has plans to make films like ‘Dabangg’, ‘Rowdy Rathore’ or ‘Singham’, in which the heroes were portrayed larger-than-life, he answered in the negative. “For everyone, the definition of larger than life is different. For me larger than life means films like ‘Johnny Gaddaar’,” he said. “Johnny Gaddaar” (2007) a thriller directed by Sriram Raghavan, had Neil alongside Dharmendra, Zakir Hussain, Rimi Sen, Vinay Pathak and

Govind Namdeo. The film received critical acclaim and went on to be a hit of the year. It was later remade in Telugu and Malayalam in 2012. Neil says he wants to get behind the camera someday. “I would definitely like to get into direction. It will certainly happen someday but it is a little premature to talk about it. I want to explore all the areas,” Neil said. He was an assistant director for Yash Raj Films’ ‘Mujhse Dosti Karoge’. He is putting final touches to the script of ‘Paidaar’, which means eternal, which he has penned. There was a buzz that Deepika Padukone would be the leading lady in the film. “We have not considered anyone till now as we are still working on the film. We will either go with a superstar actress or a newcomer,” Neil said. If all goes as per the plan, the film will go on the floors this year itself. Neil will be seen next in ‘Shortcut Romeo’ opposite Puja Gupta and Ameesha Patel. The film a romantic-action- thriller is directed by South director Susi Ganesan. It will release on June 21. He is also doing ‘Ishqeria’ with Richa Chadda and another film titled ‘Dusshera’. neWs desK


ARE NOT CINEMA: KAY KAY MENON neWs DesK He is counted among one of the most formidable performers in Hindi film industry today but actor Kay Kay Menon is wary of being pigeonholed as a serious actor. Menon, 45, who starred in critically acclaimed films ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’, ‘Black Friday’, ‘Sarkar’, ‘Corporate’ and ‘Gulal’, says his attempt is always to portray “wholesome characters” in cinema. “People often accuse me of being serious. Have I played serious roles in ‘Honeymoon Travels’ and ‘Sankat City’ It is just that after the films were made, producers did not have money to bombard it all over the place. “If something funny happens

then it happens. My intention is not to break any mold. Intrinsically, every human being is either funny or serious. But, I try and portray a wholesome human being there,” Menon told in an interview. The 45-year-old actor will be seen next in medical drama ‘Ankur Arora Murder Case’, where he will play the role of a senior surgeon. The film, which hits theatres on June 14, highlights the issue of medical negligence in our country. “It is an assimilation of many real life stories as there are many cases of medical negligence in our country. My character is of a top surgeon, who has saved many lives but he commits a mistake in an emergency service,” he said. Though he has no fascinating for

playing grey characters, Menon says he enjoys being an actor as it gives him a chance to tap different emotions from within. “I don’t exactly relate to grey characters. All the characters I play are within me otherwise it would be fake. Every human being has a plethora of emotions. As an actor, we are lucky to take them out and portray onscreen. But in normal life you can’t do that. That is the charm of leading an actor’s life,” he said. Having started his career in showbiz as an advertising professional, his ticket to Bollywood was National-award winning film ‘Naseem’ in 1995. However, Menon was first noticed for his role as an idealist college leader in Sudhir Mishra directed ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’ and in Anurag Kashyap’s

‘Black Friday’ where he played the character of DCP Rakesh Maria. Despite his advertising background, Menon is disappointed by the marketing blitzkrieg behind Bollywood films as he believes the focus is more on the packaging than the content. “90 per cent of Bollywood movies are not cinema as they are more concerned on packaging and marketing. Though I am not against it, I feel it should not intrude in the creative process of cinema. Essentially, cinema is a different form of storytelling.” “As long as you are true to your script and market the film then it is fine. But don’t intrude in the process of filmmaking itself. Let marketing and cinema be different departments,” he

said. Menon, who was last seen in ‘ABCD: Any Body Can Dance’, is also shooting for his first Tamil venture ‘Udhayam NH4’ with veteran filmmaker Manimaran.

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I don’t think I really have any wisdom. Stay out of trouble. Good luck. Stay away from women because they will burn you, haha. –Jason Aldean

ARTS Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

13 A

SUPERMAN ditches red underwear in dicaPrio wants to



UPerMAn would not be seen in his old attire with red underpants worn over the blue bodysuit, in the upcoming movie ‘Man of steel’. Henry Cavill’s costume in the new movie has darker, moodier tones than earlier incarnations of the superhero and there are no shorts, the New York Daily News reported. the new suit is made from high-tech mesh material and instead of the short red pants worn over his costume, a sinewy muscular design in matching deep blue encircles will be seen on his waist. the director of the movie Zack snyde said that it is just a modern esthetic. Producer Chuck roven explained that there is a little embroidery that is a tip of the hat to the

helP heartBroKen


Actor Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly wants Robert Pattinson to rent a house near his pad in Miami, which will help him in moving on from his break up with Kristen Stewart. Apparently, Pattinson finally pulled the plug on his relationship with Stewart when he found out that she was still in contact with director Rupert Sanders. However, DiCaprio, who has dated a string of celebrities like Bar Refaeli, Toni Garrn and Erin Heatherton, wants Pattinson to move on and date other girls. “Rob’s been mooching around Los Angeles and staying on friends’ couches. Leo rang him and told him to have a shave, put on some nice clothes and rent a house near him in Miami for the summer. He told Rob he’s too young to settle down and ought to sow his wild oats,” thesun quoted a source as saying. Pattinson might take up the offer and listen to DiCaprio’s advice. “Leo’s right - he’s miserable in Los Angeles where there are too many memories of Kristen and mutual friends they have in common. He’s going to go down to Miami, put on a smile and see what happens,” the source said. neWs desK

trunks. He added that the director and the costume designers came up with many different designs that could preserve the trunks, but ultimately just couldn’t find a way to make them work with snyder’s new vision of a revamped superman. Costume designers Jim Acheson or Michael Wilkinson, who have given this new look aren’t doing interviews, perhaps to preserve the character’s mystery. the trunks were originally imagined by Joe shuster and Jerry siegel in 1938, and referred to circus strongmen and signified superman’s feats of strength. superman’s costume in ‘Man of steel’ strongly resembles the superhero’s look in dC Comics’ 2011 ‘new 52’ reboot series. n e W s desK

will mila Kunis and

ashton Kutcher

marry in uK?

BERLIN: Angelina Jolie glows in a white Ralph & Russo peplum dress at a movie premier on Monday. agencies

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have reportedly decided to tie the knot in UK as soon as Kutcher’s divorce from former wife Demi Moore is finalized. A pal of the couple told the Daily Star that the pair has become so smitten with England that they want to get married there and have already started deciding on Britain’s best locations for the marriage. The source asserted that they are desperate to get married as soon as possible because they want to start a family and they are slightly oldfashioned about these things. neWs desK


Brad Pitt

Out of the 16 movies from Hollywood to gross more than one billion dollars till date, five released during the past one year. the first flick to touch the magical mark was filmmaker James Cameron’s titanic (1997). the film has grossed over 2 billion dollars already, which includes the collection of its 3d re-release in 2012. interestingly, Cameron remains the only director to have two films, titanic ($2.3 billion) and Avatar ($2.7 billion), qualify for the exclusive two billion dollar club. Following the trend, there have been numerous films, mostly big budget productions, which hit the jackpot at the box office. From superhero adventures iron Man 3, the dark Knight rises and the Avengers, to the James Bond film skyfall, to director Peter Jackson’s Hobbit, here is a look at five films from 2012/13 which crossed the elusive billion dollar mark.

surPrises his fans

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt surprised his fans by showing up unannounced at the screening of his recent flick “World War Z”. The 49-year-old actor has been on a worldwide promotional tour for his horror film, reports He said: “I’ve been on the’s been amazing, but damn it’s good to be home.” “Thanks for coming out. ‘World War Z’ is big, it’s bold, it’s bada**. You’ve never seen anything like it. It’s the most intense thing you’ll see all summer. If not, we’ll give you your money back. Let’s get this party started,” Pitt added. neWs desK

THE DARk kNIgHT RISES the final installment in filmmaker Christopher nolan’s Batman film series, starring actor Christian Bale in the titular role, created ripples after the infamous Colorado theatre shootings. However, the dark knight literally rose to cross the one billion dollar mark, making the film the highest-grossing in the franchise at the worldwide box office. the film, which also saw actor tom Hardy as Bane and actor Anne Hathaway as catwoman, cost an estimated $250 million. HObbIT: AN uNExpECTED JOuRNEy Hobbit Grossing over $1.1 billion in the 11th week of its release, the film, which is a prequel to the Lord of the rings (LOtr) trilogy, joined its franchise kin in the $1 billion movie club. the Peter Jackson directed film made use of the strong LOtr fan base in the overseas market in

China, Germany and Britain, where it grossed over $700 million in tickets internationally. in the Us, the film made $301.4 million to date. SkyFALL in the latest part of the super spy series, James Bond, the iconic 007 agent finally became a ‘billion dollar man’. the 23rd part of the James Bond franchise made an estimated $ 1.1 billion dollars at the box office, making it the most successful Bond movie ever. the daniel Craig action film also broke the record for the highest grossing movie of all time in the United Kingdom. the film made $300 million in the UK alone and made $800 million overseas. IRON MAN 3 in the third installment for the Marvel comic action hero, iron Man 3 took just 23 days at the global box office to cross the one billion dollar mark. the film, star-

ring actor robert downey Jr, pits an entire iron Man army against evil forces. the 3d flick, which cost the producers an estimated $200 million, was directed by shane Black. it has already turned out to be the most successful film in the iron Man franchise, as iron Man 2 grossed $623.9 million and the 2008 original took in $585.2 million. THE AvENgERS the multi superhero project was a worldwide hit, as the Marvel heroes hit the 1 billion target bang on. the combination of iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and thor collected a net worth of a whopping $1.5 billion dollars, making it a bumper hit at the box office. the breakdown was $60.35 million in the Us and $88.88 million overseas. the Joss Whedon directed film now stands third in the list of all time highest grossers. it’s also the highest grosser of 2012. courTesy HT

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INFOTAINMENT Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

1863 indian massacre site uncovered in california

Archaeologists say they’ve stumbled upon a grim page in American history: the site of the 1863 Owens Lake massacre. The Los Angeles Times provides a history lesson: The Paiute Indians occupied land some 200 miles north of LA that proved desirable to an influx of ranchers in the mid 1800s. The Owens Valley Indian War broke out in 1861, but a seminal moment occurred on March 19, 1863: Settlers and soldiers battled with the Paiutes, who tried to flee their attackers by swimming into the lake, but were thwarted by a strong wind; nearly three dozen of them drowned or were shot. The tale of that day remains, but the exact location was lost. That's in part because officials diverted the Owens River in 1913 in order to feed LA's water needs, reports Grist; by the middle of the next decade, Owens Lake was no more. But heavy winds and rains in 2009 may have helped return bullets, buttons, and Native American artifacts to the surface; Los Angeles Department of Water and Power archaeologists found them during a survey last year. But the discovery is spurring a small controversy: The dry lake bed fuels toxic dust storms, and DWP has been charged with mitigating that with shallow flooding— at what is now thought to be the massacre site. neWs desK

The government has granted itself power it is not entitled to. There is no public oversight. The result is people like myself have the latitude to go further than they are allowed to. –Edward Snowden

ancient martians may have been hydrogen powered neWs DesK


HiLe it’s hard to imagine much life surviving on the arid surface of Mars, there’s still some hope of finding Martian life in underground habitats. But for any life forms to survive, they’d need some kind of energy source, like the way we breathe oxygen. One interesting possibility is that Mars life may be hydrogen powered. A group of researchers led by Lisa Mayhew, of CU Boulder, has identified a particular chemical reaction that may take place between iron-containing minerals and water, which produces hydrogen gas. so much hydrogen gas, in fact, that it could potentially support life in underground habitats — either here on our own planet, or in similar ecological niches on Mars. specifically, this chemical reaction is known to occur between seawater and igneous rocks under the ocean floor. near hydrothermal vents, at high temperatures, the rocks release iron ions into the water that react with the surrounding water to produce iron oxides and hydrogen gas. While this hydrogen (dissolved in the water) is produced in regions too hot for life to flourish (over 200°C), it seeps out from the rocks into cooler regions where some microbes are already known to be sustained by it. Mayhew and her colleagues have found the first evidence that this reaction can work perfectly well at lower temperatures too. she explains, “Water-

rock reactions that produce hydrogen gas are thought to have been one of the earliest sources of energy for life on earth.” “However,” she elaborated, “we know very little about the possibility that hydrogen will be produced from these reactions when the temperatures are low enough that life can survive. if these reactions could make enough hydrogen at these low temperatures, then microorganisms might be able to live in the rocks where this reaction occurs, which could potentially be a huge subsurface microbial habitat for hydrogenutilizing life.” With a reaction like this happening so easily, it gives some interesting insight into how primitive life may

have survived on the infant earth — and if primitive terrestrial life could have survived this way, then primitive Martian life could have just as easily done the same. Could hydrogen-powered life have lived on Mars? Currently, the possibility still can’t be ruled out. A mechanism like this one could certainly have provided a plentiful supply of energy for indigenous martian microbes. Mayhew and her team found that hydrogen could be produced at temperatures in the range of 50-100°C, by rocks containing a specific mineral called spinel. spinels are a common type of mineral found on both Mars and earth (they’re often found together with rubies here on our own

global floods of the future


A line of Greater Adjutant storks stand on a garbage dump on the outskirts of Gauhati, India. The once-common birds are declining because of habitat and food loss. agencies

town delivers dog PooP BacK to owners who didn’t PicK it uP A Spanish town has come up with an innovative way to deal with the problem of dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets: mail the poop back to the owners. Officials in Brunete recruited 20 volunteers to keep an eye out for offenders, the Local reports. When they spot someone not picking up their dog’s mess, they mosey on over and start chatting with the owner, as if they’re just interested in the lovely animal. “They’d ask them what the dog’s name and pedigree was. With that information they could find out the address of the pooch’s owner from a registered pet database we have,” a Town Hall spokesperson explains. The volunteer then picks up the poop and delivers it right back to the owner, along with a warning that they could be fined. The excrement is referred to as a “lost and found” item, and the recipients are sometimes caught on hidden camera, thinkSPAIN reports. Officials say dog poop on the streets has declined 70%. Before trying this approach, officials tried chasing owners who didn’t pick up poop with a remote-controlled “turd on wheels” carrying the message, “Don’t leave me, pick me up!” neWs desK

planet). On close investigation, the researchers found that the spinels helped facilitate the formation of hydrogen, allowing the reaction to proceed even at lower temperatures than it had been observed before. LIFESTyLES OF THE MODERN MARTIAN While modern Mars may not be burdened with an overabundance of water, it was almost certainly a much more watery world in the past. the recent discovery of martian pebbles give incontestable proof that rivers once flowed on Mars. that said, there’s some evidence that Mars may still be hiding water. Previously, other rockwater reactions, such as serpentinisation, have been suggested before to explain the presence of methane gas in the Martian atmosphere. the truth is, Mars is a mysterious little world. We’ve been sending robot explorers there for decades, but there’s a lot about it which is still a little puzzling. that said, we understand a lot more about our planetary neighbour now than ever before, and some things about it are, frankly, quite familiar. As it happens, Mars is familiar enough that some astrobiologists are confident that if we can find life anywhere else in our solar system, we might find it there. After all, it’s not all that much colder than earth, and has none of the searing heat and acid skies found on certain other nearby planets. if Mars is hiding warmer temperatures and liquid water below its surface, it’s just possible that some kind of Martian life might be hiding underground even today. While there’s no way of saying for certain, it’s an intriguing possibility.

simon cowell egged on live tv neWs DesK Climate change is going to bring more river flooding, says a team of scientists who have employed no fewer than 11 separate climate models to study the decades ahead. “Floods are among the most major climate-related disasters,” writes Yukiko Hirabayashi of The University of Tokyo and lead author of a paper in the June 9 issue of the journal Nature Climate Change. “In the past decade, reported annual losses from floods have reached tens of billions of U.S. dollars and thousands of people were killed each year.” This, and the fact that the primary worldwide organization that studies such things—the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)—has pointed out the need for better projections of river flooding, served as motivation for the new study. What the researchers found was

an increase in the frequency of flooding rivers in Southeast Asia, Peninsular India, eastern Africa and the northern half of the Andes. At the same time, river flood frequencies will drop in parts of northern and Eastern Europe, Anatolia, Central Asia, central North America and southern South America. In terms of the number of people exposed to flood risks, they found that depends on the temperatures to which things heat up. With a 2-degree Celsius rise in temperature, about 27 million people will be exposed to more floods. With a 4 degrees C warming the exposure rises to 62 million and at 6 degrees C it is up to 93 million people. The climate models were also used to study the outlets of some river basins. There they saw the frequency of floods increasing during the twenty-first century in just about every selected rivers in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Africa and Northeast Eurasia. They also

predict that what were considered 100-year floods in the 20th century will occur every 10 to 50 years in the 21st century. “This is very important and useful information, and shows that policy makers should take climate change into account when developing adaptation strategies,” said flood researcher Brenden Jongman of VU University of Amsterdam. “Also, the analysis of changes in flood frequency on a global scale is very important – this shows that in many developing countries the frequency of extreme events might be increasing.” While the latest IPCC report still states that ‘global warming might lead to higher flood frequencies and intensities, Jongman explained, this work finally puts real numbers on the flooding. “It shows that flood frequencies, flood extents and population exposure will increase under all climate (change) scenarios,” said Jongman.

A woman on Britain’s Got Talent has done what so many failed reality show contestants have long dreamed about: egging Simon Cowell live on camera, reports EW. During the show’s finale today, a viola player playing as part of a backing orchestra for one of the finalists jumped out of her seat, ran to the centre of the stage, and gleefully pelted eggs at Cowell as the performers continued to belt out “The Impossible Dream.” Turns out, she was a contestant on last year’s show. She later apologized for “overshadowing” the actual performers. neWs desK

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SPORTS Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

atlas declines to Be availaBle for world team squash laHore sTaff reporT

Aamir Atlas fails to make himself available for WsF World team squash Championship which being held in France from 09 to 15 June, 2013. despite a clear offer by President Pakistan squash Federation Air Chief Marshal tahir rafique Butt, for granting waiver from trials citing reasons of unfitness, he declined to be available for WsF World team squash Championship. Aamir Atlas abstained himself from qualifying trials on the pretext of asking waiver because of his performance and fitness in recently held Asian Championship, whereas, he appeared unfit. Aamir Atlas’ decision to stay away from WsF World team squash Championship-2013, despite his visa endorsed and a waiver by President PsF, is disappointing. this decision speaks about his fitness woes and without fitness he could not have qualified the initial rounds. to make transparent and fair selection, PsF executive committee’s decision insisted upon the players to appear for qualifying trials to select players after due process of trials while also looking at the possibility of inclusion of Amir Atlas in the event due to his performance during the recently concluded Asian individual squash Championship-2013. PsF comments that the trials that were initially planned to be held in the 2nd week of May, 2013 were delayed by about ten days in order to make room for Amir Atlas who was not medically fit at that time. subsequently Amir Atlas did not join the trials attributing his absence to medical unfitness. He also pulled out from Hong Kong Open which was scheduled from 28th May and rendered a medical certificate to PsF and PsA. He was supposed to report to PsB doctor for his medical fitness review which was also missed. At this stage while the president PsF was deliberating on adding his name in the WsF event contingent, Amir Atlas was again approached couple of days before the team’s departure, however, he once again declined his availability on purely medical grounds. the PsF while keeping its options open accelerated its efforts for the acquisition of visa for the players including Amir Atlas. Finally the team comprising Farhan Mahboob, nasir iqbal, Farhan Zaman and sheikh saqib left for France on 7-8 night with a delay of 24 hours attributable to Amir’s deliberate delays.

The last I looked at the scoreboard, Inbee had a solid lead, so I was quite surprised when suddenly I looked at the leaderboard on 18 and two putts would get me in a playoff – Catriona Matthew



est indies captain dwayne Bravo is confident of containing india’s batting firepower when the two sides meet in a key Champions trophy match at the Oval on tuesday. the winner is almost certain to take one of the two semi-final berths from group B after both teams won their opening games, albeit in contrasting fashion. india, the reigning World Cup champions, brushed aside injury-hit south Africa by 26 runs in Cardiff after an impressive batting display saw them post a commanding 331-7. the West indies shot Pakistan out for 170 at the Oval on Friday, but then showed their vulnerability while batting as they lost eight wickets while chasing the modest target. All-rounder Bravo, who replaced darren sammy as one-day captain ahead of the tournament, said the close result did not worry him as his side prepared to face the in-form indians. “We came out on top and that’s more important,” said Bravo. “it does not

matter if you lose eight or nine wickets, we got the two points that we wanted.” Bravo, whose side beat sri Lanka by 17 runs in a practice match in edgbaston last week, said winning two games in a row was the right morale-booster ahead of tougher encounters. Bravo, who plays for indian captain Mahendra singh dhoni’s Chennai super Kings in the indian Premier League, said the West indies had the resources to take

the world champions in their stride. “it’s another tough game against a team whose strength lies is their batting,” he said. “But we have the right bowlers to control their batting. “Cricket is played on the day. india could turn up on tuesday and be knocked over, or score a big total again as they normally do. “i have the right attack if i want to go with someone with raw pace. i have the

England can whitewash Aussies: Botham lonDon agencies

ian Botham has warned Australia that england are so superior to their old rivals that it would be no surprise to see back-to-back whitewashes in the forthcoming Ashes double-header. england legend Botham believes his country’s 48-run win over Australia in the Champions trophy on saturday is likely to be the first in a long line of victories in their meetings over the next few months. the former all-rounder, who tormented Australia with his heroics during several epic Ashes encounters in the 1980s, is so unimpressed by Michael Clarke’s squad that he believes england could win all 10 of the upcoming tests between the countries. england will look to retain the Ashes when they face Australia in a five-test series that starts on July 10 at trent Bridge and, if Botham’s bold prediction comes true, they will then dominate again when they travel to Australia for the Ashes rematch later this year. “Given that we’ve got back-to-back Ashes series between now and January, if we get a good summer - and you

rarely lose too many days to rain in Australia - make that 10-0,” Botham told the sunday times. “i’m serious. Why not? i think we’re that much better. All it needs is the players to believe they can do it. “Australia will be tougher than they look on paper, because they’re born fighters, but not only are they struggling to keep a fast bowler on the field for more than one game at a time, losing (ricky) Ponting and (Michael) Hussey has left a gaping hole in the batting. “they’re relatively inexperienced, which is a big minus coming to a place like england, and when i hear things like, ‘Phillip Hughes has a much better technique than when he was last here’, i think, ‘Well, that wouldn’t be hard’. “And if Michael Clarke continues to struggle with his back, then yes, 5-0 is definitely on the cards.” the main reason for Australia’s recent decline has been the retirement

of stars like shane Warne, ricky Ponting and Glenn McGrath. Yet Botham feels Australia’s players have often been confused by the input from their coaches. John Buchanan famously gave his players a document during the 2001 Ashes series which detailed the teachings of fifth century Chinese warlord sun tzu in a bid to motivate the team to inflict more misery on england’s beleaguered side. then earlier this year, Australia’s current coach Mickey Arthur was criticised after dropping four players for the third test in india when they failed to compete a team presentation. Arthur was angry that shane Watson, James Pattinson, Mitchell Johnson and Usman Khawaja didn’t submit feedback requested by team management after a thrashing by india. “the Australian philosophy of ‘work hard, play hard’ has always appealed to me, which is perhaps why i have so many friends there,” Botham said.

reserve bench that is strong enough to actually come up with the 11 that i think will do well against the indians.” Bravo said the opening win against Pakistan added to the joy of captaining the West indies. “it is a great personal achievement for me,” he said. “But it is not all about me as a captain. it’s how we all come together and try to make the best decision for the team. “the West indies normally do not start well in tournaments like this, so it was important that we get our first win out of the way and look forward to the rest of the games ahead.” india, who have won eight of their last 11 one-dayers against the West indies over the past three years, will look to continue their fine batting form over the past week. they chased down sri Lanka’s massive 333-5 with an over to spare in a warm-up game in Birmingham, with dinesh Karthik making an unbeaten 106 and Virat Kohli slamming 144. india then rode on opener shikhar dhawan’s 114 off 94 balls to pile up another 300-plus total against a depleted south African attack missing injured strike bowler dale steyn. But the bowlers will have to deliver against a line-up that has match-winning batsmen like Chris Gayle, Marlon samuels and Kieron Pollard.

duo reprimanded for excessive appealing LONDON: sri Lanka’s tillakaratne dilshan and Mahela Jayawardene have been officially reprimanded for excessive appealing during their Champions trophy match against new Zealand on sunday, the international Cricket Council said. the charges, to which both players pleaded guilty, were made by the umpires following a tense Group A game in Cardiff which new Zealand won by one wicket. “irrespective of the outcome of an umpire’s decision, players are not entitled to prolonged appeals as these can be construed as pressuring the umpires,” Andy Pycroft, a member of the elite Panel of iCC Match referees, said in an iCC statement. “Both the players accepted their mistake and apologised for their actions.” sri Lanka’s next match in the tournament is against hosts england at the Oval on thursday. agencies

Ramdin suspended for two one-dayers lonDon agencies

West indies wicketkeeper denesh ramdin has been suspended for two Odis, and fined 100% of his match fees, for breaching the Code of Conduct when he claimed a catch off Misbah-ul-Haq during the Champions trophy game against Pakistan at the Oval. ramdin has the right to appeal the decision within 24 hours to a judicial commissioner and, if he does, the sanction will apply only after the outcome of the appeal. if ramdin appeals, he could be available for selection for West indies’ second group match, against india on tuesday. “this is regarded as a serious offence as it is the responsibility of all players to act in the spirit of the game,” iCC match referee Chris Broad said. “i hope Mr ramdin has learnt his lesson from this incident and that we will not see such behaviour by him or any player in the future.”

the incident took place in the ninth over of Pakistan’s innings, when Misbah bottom-edged a Kemar roach delivery to ramdin. the wicketkeeper initially appeared to have caught the ball but lost control of it as he fell forward, and it slipped out of his gloves on to the grass. instead of bringing his mistake to the notice of the umpires or his team-mates, ramdin returned the ball to the square-leg umpire and joined his team-mates in the celebratory huddle. square-leg umpire nigel Llong, however, alerted the third umpire and the replay revealed the chance had been dropped. Misbah, who was on 0, was called back and went on to hit an unbeaten 96. Misbah later had said ramdin’s actions were not in the spirit of the game. “What can i say about that?” he said when asked about the catch. “i think he should have told them what happened, but i don’t know what he was thinking at that time. i would not be very happy if my wicketkeeper did that. if we don’t know anything, then it’s

fine, but if you know clearly that it’s not a catch, you should not claim that because it’s not in the spirit of the game.” West indies captain dwayne Bravo, however, had defended ramdin, saying the wicketkeeper did not act deliberately. “Unfortunately, he did not catch it,” Bravo said. “He’s a very honest player, and as i said, history shows if you check the records that we don’t have any stigma or negatives around us as a team. We have been true in our cricket careers and history has shown that we play the game in true spirit of the way it should be played. i don’t think we did something like this deliberately.” the charge - under article 2.2.11of the iCC Code of Conduct which relates to “conduct that is contrary to the spirit of the game” - was laid by the on-field umpires steve davis and Llong, third umpire tony Hill and fourth umpire richard Kettleborough. ramdin had pleaded not guilty and attended a hearing adjudicated by Broad on Monday.

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Thanks be to God I finish the race. Wow I also feel rusty in my race – Yohan Blake



Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

PaKistan restrict s africa to 234 BirMingHaM



AKistAn put in a spirited effort to restrict south Africa to 234 for nine in their iCC Champions trophy 2013 encounter at edgbaston, Birmingham on Monday. Hashim Amla scored 81 and anchored the innings, but Pakistan fought hard, bowled in the right areas. Pakistan’s fielding was good — Misbah-ul-Haq in particular was fantastic as he recorded three dismissals. south Africa captain AB de Villiers won the toss and elected to bat first. they had to deal with a setback in the lead-up to this game as Morne Morkel was ruled out injured and Chris Morris came in his place. dale steyn continued to be on the sidelines due to injury. Aaron Phangiso replaced the pacer rory Kleindveldt. Pakistan made only one change as Asad shafiq made way for Umar Amin. the Proteas openers got off to a sedate start and got to their fifty in the 14th over. shortly thereafter, Mohammad Hafeez trapped Colin ingram plumb in front as the left-hander tried to sweep but missed. Amla had a few strokes of luck as an edge went past his stumps and a chance was spilled at point. things just motored along as south

Africa were content in taking their time. Faf du Plessis walked in at number three as Amla got to his fifty off 65 balls. they reached their hundred in the 25th over and were building for a late surge with wickets in hand. there was a gradual shift in gears as du Plessis and Amla showed more urgency. in the process, du Plessis was out for 28 as AB de Villiers entered the field of play. throughout the innings, Amla was trying to reverse-sweep. He even scored a boundary in that fashion. But, that got the better of him when he gloved a ball to short-third man off the bowling of saeed Ajmal. it was now left to Jean-Paul duminy and de Villiers to take south Africa to a good total. there was no real change in pace as Pakistan’s bowlers kept a hold over proceedings. then disaster struck as they approached the slog overs. de Villiers and duminy were both runout in quick succession as the Proteas were yet to cross 200. A mix-up led to de Villiers’ dismissal, whereas duminy lost his footing as he was sent back by david Miller and couldn’t get back in time. Both runouts were effected by skipper Misbah-ul-Haq. How much was that going to affect south Africa? shoaib Malik trapped ryan McLaren as he walked across his stumps. the

aPPeal to the Pm from the sPorting fraternity of PaKistan

LAHORE: Mr. Prime Minister, like so many sections and strata of society in this country, Pakistan’s sporting fraternity is also looking towards the new government with the fond hope that it will address its many woes. the plight of Pakistan’s sports has worsened in the last one year and a half, specifically because Pakistan sports Board (PsB) has overstepped its mandate and in direct contravention of the Olympic Charter and international norms intervened in an attempt to take over the affairs of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA), going to the extent of creating a parallel POA manned by non-entities. Mr. Prime Minister, we want to bring to your kind notice that this brazen intervention has invited the wrath of the international Olympic Committee (iOC) and it has – as is its norm and practice – put Pakistan under strict observation, and after many warnings that were not heeded to by the PsB, the probability of global sanctions is seriously high. Without any fault of its own, in fact perhaps without being aware of it, Mr. Prime Minister, your government that has just been installed will have to tackle the international ignominy and opprobrium that the PsB is working overtime to invite on Pakistan. Mr. Prime Minister, as your government was about to be sworn into office, the PsB redoubled its nefarious efforts probably knowing that it will be stopped from its reprehensible actions once the new dispensation took over and has sanctioned an unprecedented rs.80 million of taxpayers’ money to the illegal body it has formed in the name of 32nd national Games. these Games are a POA property and the travesty is that these very same Games have already been held in december 2012 with the PsB deliberately denying any support. As a result of the inevitable iOC sanctions in response to the blatant violation of its Olympic Charter due to the intervention of a government organ (in this case, the PsB), Pakistani athletes shall be barred from ALL internAtiOnAL PArtiCiPAtiOn across all Olympic disciplines. Mr. Prime Minister the POA’s General Council – with all national Federations and other stakeholders present – has met in Lahore today (June 8, 2013) and resolved to appeal to you to help spare this country and our beloved flag the disgrace and humiliation that india is just trying to come out of after the iOC had suspended its membership in december 2012 by rescinding all PsB actions that violate the iOC’s instructions and Charter. We further demand that the PsB be reformed and instead of wasting the precious little resources that are dedicated to our sports each year on its bloated bureaucracy, it should be made to revert to its own Charter and devote itself to the promotion of Pakistan sports seeking the support and providing assistance to the national Federations so that we could truly become an allround sporting nation earning glory in the sporting arenas of the continent and globally. sTaff reporT


batsman called for a review, but replays indicated that the ball was just clipping the leg-stump. All eyes were on david Miller as the south African hopes rested on his shoulders. the boundary drought of almost nine overs came to an end in the 48th over as Miller smashed one through the leg-side. robin Peterson continued from where he left off against india. some crucial boundaries at the end were a shot in the arm

for the struggling side. it looked like south Africa were getting some momentum as the penultimate over of the innings by Junaid Khan went for 15. However, he hit back by scalping Miller’s wicket. Misbah was into the act again as he lept in the air to his right to pluck the ball in mid-air. did someone say he is 39-years old? Pakistan now need to chase 235 to win this game.

south africa ca ingram lbw b Hafeez 20 81 Hm amla c Hafeez b ajmal 28 f du plessis c malik b irfan ab de Villiers run out (misbah) 31 24 jp duminy run out (misbah) 19 da miller c misbah b junaid 4 r mclaren lbw b malik 16 rj peterson not out 1 cH morris run out (Wahab) am phangiso run out (Kamran) 0 10 extras (lb 5, w 4, nb 1) 234 Total (9 wkts; 50 overs) To bat ll Tsotsobe fall of wickets 1-53 (ingram, 14.2 ov), 2-122 (du plessis, 28.2 ov), 3-145 (amla, 31.4 ov), 4-186 (de Villiers, 40.5 ov), 5-195 (duminy, 42.6 ov), 6-203 (mclaren, 45.4 ov), 7-231 (miller, 48.6 ov), 8-234 (morris, 49.4 ov), 9-234 (phangiso, 49.6 ov) bowling: mohammad irfan 7-1-27-1, junaid Khan 8-0-45-1, mohammad Hafeez 10-0-38-1, Wahab riaz 9-0-50-0, saeed ajmal 10-0-421, shoaib malik 6-0-27-1 pakistan team: imran farhat, nasir jamshed, mohammad Hafeez, umar amin, misbah-ul-Haq, shoaib malik, Kamran akmal†, saeed ajmal, Wahab riaz, junaid Khan, mohammad irfan Toss south africa, who chose to bat odi debut cH morris (south africa) player of the match tba umpires bf bowden (new zealand) and ra Kettleborough TV umpire nj llong match referee j srinath (india) reserve umpire HdpK dharmasena (sri lanka)

BCCI suspend Rajasthan co-owner neW DeHli agencies

Cricket officials on Monday suspended the co-owner of an indian Premier League (iPL) team and announced plans for a major clean-up of the sport after an illegal betting and spot-fixing scandal. the Board of Control for Cricket in india (BCCi) held an emergency meeting in new delhi into the rajasthan royals iPL franchise and its co-owner raj Kundra amid the ongoing scandal. “Mr raj Kundra has been suspended, pending an inquiry, from all cricketing activities,” BCCi interim head Jagmohan dalmiya told reporters after the meeting. Kundra, the businessman husband of Bollywood actress shilpa shetty, has

admitted illegally betting on his team, according to police. three royals players, including test fast bowler shanthakumaran sreesanth, and numerous bookmakers have been arrested over allegations of spot-fixing during the recentlycompleted edition of the iPL. After Monday’s meeting dalmiya released a blueprint called “Operation Clean-up” aimed at stamping out “sleaze” and corruption in the multibillion dollar twenty20 tournament. Under the plan, iPL players, team owners and support staff face a “strict code of conduct”. Owners’ movements in team dugouts and dressing rooms during matches will be restricted. “removal of sleaze; no cheerleaders, no after-match parties for players and support staff,” the 12-point plan reads.

Cellphone towers will be jammed during iPL matches, and players will have to “disclose all financial transactions they are carrying out with any particular organisation or person”. A timetable for implementing the plan, which also includes a ban on players using microphones and earplugs during matches, was unclear. “if we are able to clean it, it will be a great service to the game,” dalmiya said. sreesanth, along with his teammates Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan, were arrested last month over allegations they deliberately bowled badly in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars during iPL matches. Police say the trio were acting under orders from international crime syndicates to give away a specific number of runs in certain overs after

striking deals with bookmakers. the players have denied wrongdoing. the BCCi suspended Kundra pending an internal inquiry after the businessman was interviewed at length last week by a new delhi police commissioner over illegal betting. “(Police commissioner) Mr. Kumar questioned him for 11 hours. He (Kundra) has come out and admitted to betting,” dalmiya said after the meeting. the internal inquiry is already probing Gurunath Meiyappan, the sonin-law of india’s cricket chief, who is part of the management of another iPL team called the Chennai super Kings. Meiyappan was arrested last month over accusations that he also bet on iPL matches. His arrest forced the cricket chief, n. srinivasan, to step aside pending the outcome of the inquiry.

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17 S

SPORTS Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

I was feeling very good about my ball striking all week – Harris English

will nadal, williams be unbeatable at wimbledon? lonDon agencies


iGHt now, French Open champions rafael nadal and serena Williams are as good as it gets in tennis. the next time we see them competing, at Wimbledon in two weeks, nadal will be merely a serious contender, while Williams will be the unquestioned favourite. Both have a won-loss record of 43-2 in 2013. nadal has won 22 matches in a row. Williams has won 31 straight, the longest single-season run on the women’s tour in 13 years. nadal’s Grand slam title total now stands at 12,

tied with roy emerson for the third-most in the history of the men’s game, behind only roger Federer’s 17 and Pete sampras’ 14. Williams is up to 16 major singles trophies, sixthbest among women, with Chris evert and Martina navratilova right above her on the list at 18. now comes the shift from the clay of roland Garros to the grass of Wimbledon, and that is where the similarities end. Williams is a five-time champion at the All england Club, including a year ago, and the way she’s playing at the moment, there is little reason to anticipate anyone beating her there this time. nadal, despite his recent form, is only one of a group of men who can think of themselves as possible champions,

along with no 1-ranked novak djokovic, no 2 Andy Murrray and no 3 Federer. “the objective now is to celebrate tonight,” toni nadal, rafael’s uncle and coach, said sunday, when his nephew won his eighth French Open championship by easily beating david Ferrer 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 in the final, two days after outlasting djokovic 9-7 in the fifth set of a wonderful semifinal, “and then we will see if he plays well at Wimbledon.” even the nadals acknowledge that rafa is not quite as superb on grass as he is on clay. How could he be? He is 59-1 in the French Open, with four titles in a row from 2005-08 and another four in a row from 2010-13, and the only man to claim eight titles at the same major tournament.

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He is continuing to get stronger, to improve – Christian Horner

mourinho “the happy one” at chelsea lonDon



Ose Mourinho described himself as “the happy one” after being officially unveiled as Chelsea’s manager for the second time. the Portuguese, who led Chelsea to back to back titles during his initial spell at the club between 2004 and 2007, has signed a new four-year deal to be the Blues’ new manager after leaving real Madrid in the summer. Mourinho famously described him as a “special one” at his first unveiling nine years ago, but on Monday he was a bit more restrained. speaking to about 250 journalists at stamford Bridge, the 50-year-old said: “i am the happy

one. i am very happy. “time flies. A lot of things happened in my professional life in the last nine years, but i have the same nature, i am the same person, i have the same heart, i have the same kind of emotions related to my passion for football and my job, but i am a different person in this moment. “if i have to describe myself, i would describe myself as a very happy person because it’s the first time i arrive in a club where i already love the club.” Mourinho left the club by mutual agreement six years ago, with many observers pointing to a perceived breakdown in his relationship with owner roman Abramovich. But he said on Monday: “First of all, that’s not true. “i read and i keep hearing that i was fired, i was sacked, we had a complete breakdown of our relationship - that was not true.




Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

wAtCh It LIve PTV SPORTS India v West Indies

02:30 PM

STAR SPORTS WC Asian Qualifiers: Iraq vs. Japan

07:55 PM

ESPN WC Asian Qualifiers: IR Iran vs. Lebanon

09:55 PM

aligarh cluB down ghari shaho gym LAHORE: Aligarh club has entered into the league stage of 16th tauseef trophy cricket championship when they beat Ghari shaho Gym by 6 wickets played at Model town Aligarh ground on the otherday. Fine batting by sami Aslam was the main feature of the match. scores: Ghari shaho Club 139/9 in 20 overs. Ameer Hamza 15, Zafar Gohar 41, salman Ali 14, M Kamran 34, raja Farzan 20. M Bilawal 2/28, M shakil 1/21m M Mateen 2/22, 4 batsmen runout. Aligarh Club 143/4 in 18.3 overs. sami Aslam 47, imran nazir Jr 31, Bilawal 33(no). raja Farzan 2/33, Asif 1/28, Kamran Khalil 1/23. SHININg CLub INTO SEMIS: shining club has moved into the semifinal of 28th M Yaseen Akhter Memorial cricket event when they beat Ghulam Qadir Memorial club by 5 wickets in the last quarterfinal played at model town Greens ground on tuesday morning. now shining club will meet with national Gym in semifinal. SCORES: Ghulam Qadir Club 161/6 in 20 overs. ihsan But 30, Miqnan Ali 22, Kamran shokat 28(no), Adnan Haider 14, Waqar Ahmed 32 M Mubahsar 2/24, irfan rasheed 2/31, sarmad anwer 1/24. shining club 163/5 in 18.2 overs. M saeed 24, Asif Khan 21, Humayon Farhat 37, Moazam Hayat 16, irfan rasheed 10(no), Asim naz 50(no). Waqar Ahmed 1/24, Adnan Haider 1/26, iftikhar manan 1/26, rizwan ahmed 1/28, KAmran shokat 1/25. sTaff reporT MugHALpuRA WHITES WIN : Mughalpura Whites has won the opening match of 3 matches series against tauseef Club by 47 runs played at Allama iqbal institute ground. Fine all round performance by Fahim Askari was the main feature of the match. SCORES: Mughalpura Whites 289 all out in 38 overs. Kamran Yousuf 22, ihsan 21, Adnan 16, Meer saeed 32, Afaq shahid 61, Ghulam shabir 51, Faheem Askari 41. sher Baz 3/57, Zeeshan Butt 1/18, Awais Mudasar 3/65, Waqas Khan 2/39. tauseef Club 239 all out in 34.5 overs. Waqas Khan 38, sher Baz 12, Qadeer Ahmed 47, ibrar Baig 17, Zeeshan Butt 16, Mohsin Agha 19, M ALi rana 50(no). Fahim Askari 3/41, ihsan 1/52, shabir 1/30, riaz 1/15, Waleed 2/56. sTaff reporT

froome wins criterium de dauphine CRITERIuM: Britain’s Chris Froome will head to the tour de France in great heart after winning the Criterium du dauphine. risOUL, France - Britain’s Chris Froome will head to the tour de France in great heart after winning the Criterium du dauphine on sunday. team sky team mate richie Porte of Australia finished second overall following the final mountain stage from sisteron to risoul, with spain’s daniel Moreno in third. the final day’s racing was won by italy’s Alessandro de Marchi after taking part in a breakaway of 24 riders, with a late attack by Froome netting the overall winner second place on the stage. Froome’s victory is the third successive overall victory in the race for Britain’s team sky, following triumphs for Briton Bradley Wiggins in 2011 and 2012. agencies

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dar manages to get his way in budget-making process finance minister pushes psdp upWards to rs 540 billion islaMaBaD Tayyab Hussain


inAnCe Minister ishaq dar succeeded in dictating terms to the bureaucracy in the budget-making process in Monday’s meetings and the allocation for Public sector development Projects (PsdP) has been increased from rs 450 billion to rs 540 billion to help install new energy projects to counter the load shedding issue on emergency basis, Pakistan today has learnt reliably. the PML-n government is all set to unveil its first budget tomorrow (June 12) for the financial year 2013-2014 with an estimated outlay of rs 3.6 trillion.

A well-placed source said the PML-n government aimed at making allocation of rs 115 billion in the budget for energy projects and some mega development schemes as per its commitment made to the people during election campaign. Finance Minister senator ishaq dar will present the budget 2013-2014 in the national Assembly on June 12 after getting approval from the federal cabinet the same day. He would present the economic survey for the outgoing financial year today (tuesday). the national economic Council (neC), under the chair of Prime Minister nawaz sharif, also approved rs 1,155 billion PsdP for federal and provincial governments with rs 540 billion for the federal and rs 615 billion allocated for provincial governments. “the budget deficit has been estimated at rs 1,620 billion (5.8 percent of GdP) with provincial surplus of rs 70 billion for the next fiscal year 2013-14. the budget deficit was projected at 4.7 percent for the outgoing year.

the GdP growth is projected at 4.5 percent for the next budget. the inflation target will be fixed at eight percent for the next budget against projected estimates of 9.5 percent for the outgoing fiscal year 2012-13,” the source added. the sources said the Finance Ministry had proposed to enhance salaries by 10 to 15 percent and pensions by 20 percent. However, the federal cabinet, before announcing the budget, will decide how much increase should be given. “the government is likely to earmark rs 627 billion for defence showing an increase of 10 percent against the revised budget of rs 570 billion of the present fiscal year. Allocation for the PsdP is likely to be increased to rs 540 billion in the fiscal year 2013-14 against rs 360 billion of 2012-13,” the source added. the source said the public debt may be reduced to $57.5 billion in the next financial year 2013-14 from $60.4 billion of the current year and the exports may increase to $26.1 billion in the year 2013-14 from $25.3

billion of the current year 2012-13. “imports are projected at $42.6 billion and remittances at $15.5 billion in 2013-14. the state Bank of Pakistan’s forex reserves in 2013-14 are estimated at $5.2 billion against $8.1 billion at the time of the budget announcement,” an official said. He added that the government may allocate rs 1.149 trillion for the payment of interest in the upcoming financial year 2013-14 against rs 1.028 trillion earmarked for the current fiscal year 2012-13. the government may also allocate rs 155 billion for the payment of pensions for the next fiscal year 2013-14 as against rs 141 billion of the year 2012-13. the sources said that the government was likely to keep rs 278 billion for the federal government service delivery as compared to rs 262 billion of the ongoing financial year. “the government has planned to release rs 364 billion for subsidies in 2013-14 against rs 237 billion earmarked for 2012-13, which has witnessed an increase of 5.5 percent in the

revised estimate. the federal government will slash grant to the provinces to rs 54 billion in the next year from rs 57 billion earmarked in budget of the ongoing year”. the estimated total revenue (tax and non-tax) in 2013-14 will be rs 2.833 trillion and FBr’s target will be rs 2.675 trillion. the projected amount for non-tax revenue has been estimated at rs 689 billion. Gross revenue will be rs 3.522 trillion. the federal government will transfer rs 1.628 trillion to the provinces under the nFC Award after which net revenue available to the federal government is estimated at rs 1.894 trillion. the government has planned to increase tax to GdP ratio to 10 percent of the GdP in the next financial year 2013-14 from revised estimate of 9.4 percent of the GdP of the current fiscal year. investment to the GdP will be raised to 13.6 percent of the GdP from 12.6 percent and consumption to the GdP will come down to 93.4 percent in the next fiscal year from 94.5 percent of the current year.

Pml-n loyalists eyeing governor’s office laHore nadeem syed

the race is on among the PML-n loyalists to get governor’s slot in Punjab and elsewhere as the party top leadership is all set to fill the positions soon. those in the race for Punjab governor’s slot include, rafique rajwana, Jaffar iqbal, Zafar iqbal, saeed Mehdi and dr Al Qama. rajwana is ahead in the race. He is a party loyalist and if the sharifs want to follow in the footsteps of President Asif Zardari he is also from southern Punjab. He is a Multan-based lawyer and is a senate for the second time. Jaffar iqbal is also very close to the sharifs. Being an old guard in the party his chances are not less than anybody else. He too hails from southern Punjab. saeed Mehdi, a former bureaucrat, is also in the queue for the coveted office. His first love was something to the effect of adviser to the establishment division. But with the placement of nasir Khosa as Principal secretary to PM, his chances to realise his dream are minimal. Mehdi has a long association with the PML-n. But so far he is not considered for any important slot. Being a grief-stricken he talking aloud about the injustice meted out to him. Mehdi was the one who faced the cases under former president Pervez Musharraf. even his family was singled out for his association with the sharifs. He is also considered for the office of the evacuee trust Property Board chairman, the position vacated by PPP’s Asif Hashmi. But the most upset among the PML-n top lot is none other than sardar Zulfiqar Khosa. Probably, his dreams of staging a comeback to the historic building seems to be unrealisable right now save any miracle. Probably, his family’s hobnob with the PPP in the dying days of the PPP government cost him dearly. Meanwhile as the race is on if not marathon, nobody is for sure what is going on in nawaz sharif’s mind, the final authority in this respect.

ali haider sold by kidnappers for rs 200m ISLAMAbAD: the kidnappers of Ali Haider Gilani, son of former prime minister Yousuf raza Gilani, have sold him to another party for rs 200 million. According to sources, the party that bought Ali Haider Gilani shifted him to a safer place in north Waziristan. sources revealed that Ali Haider Gilani, who was kidnapped during an election campaign from Multan, was kept at a safer hideout in Punjab by his kidnappers. However, his kidnappers sold Ali Haider to another party for rs 200 million cash. sources said it could not be confirmed what amount the new party was demanding from the Gilani family for his release. inp

KHYBER AGENCY: NATO supply trucks burn after an in Shagai area of Jamrud tehsil on Monday. inp

President’s address draws mixed reaction islaMaBaD/KaraCHi/laHore agencies

Hailing President Asif Ali Zardari’s address to the joint sitting of parliament on Monday, Chief Minister sindh Qaim Ali shah said it augured well for the cause of democracy in the country. shah said the president had created history by addressing the joint session for the sixth time. He pointed that President Zardari had ably performed his duties as the head of the state. “the president’s advice that all political forces should jointly move ahead for meeting the challenges being faced by the country is also the need of the hour,” he said. PML-Q President Chaudhry shujaat Hussain also praised President Zardari’s address. Minister for states and Frontier region Abdul Qadir Baloch said President Zardari’s address to the joint sitting of parliament would further strengthen democracy in the country. He said it was “good and balanced”, adding that it would have been better if President Zardari had given the same guidelines to the previous PPP government. Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (Pti) deputy Parliamentary Leader shah Mehmood Qureshi termed the address a “constitutional obligation”. talking to reporters outside the Parliament House, he said it was a short and conventional address and there was nothing new in it.

“the president has recounted the same challenges the country is facing for the past several years. security, energy crisis, law and order, inflation, poor economy and unemployment are all chronic issues,” he said. Qureshi said the president spoke about formation of a truth and reconciliation commission, an effective accountability mechanism, eth need to tap thar coal reserves, drone attacks and issue of missing persons. “What had stopped the previous government from solving these issues?” he inquired. “the PPP remained in power for the last five years but did nothing to redress people’s grievances,” Qureshi said. to a question, he said the Pti could have protested during the president’s address but avoided it to promote parliamentary traditions. “We will express our reaction when the House initiates debate on the presidential address,” he said. Pti lawmaker dr shireen Mazari said the president’s address was a conventional one. Mazari said the last PPP-led government had done nothing for the masses. “it is hard to believe in his words as his past government had failed to deliver,” she added. the Jamaat-e-islami (Ji) chief, Munawar Hasan termed Zardari’s address “plain rhetoric and an attempt to absolve the corrupt, incompetent PPP government and also to appease the incoming rulers in the name of reconciliation”. He said it was an irony that Zardari should be counseling the

state institutions to work within the limits of the constitution and the law as during the last five years, the PPP government under Zardari had remained in constant confrontation with the other institutions, especially the supreme Court, ridiculed its verdicts and refused to implement these. “the PPP government also gave little weight to parliament and its resolution on matters of immense national importance.” He said President Zardari had now described the drone attacks a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and “thus intolerable”, but the question was why had the PPPP government under Zardari been tolerating the drone attacks for the last five years and never made any serious effort to stop these because it dared not annoy Washington. the Ji chief said President Zardari had lauded the peaceful transfer of power but did not think it proper to refer to the allegations of massive rigging in the elections being made by all and sundry across the country. Hasan said President Zardari did mention the sacrifices offered by late Benazir Bhutto for the cause of democracy, but it was strange that he did not deem it proper to refer to the PPP government’s failure to trace her killers in the last five years. He said President Zardari did not utter a single word about the problems and miseries of the masses, nor did he make a mention of the targeted killings that had been going on in Karachi, during the last five years.

Published by Arif Nizami at Qandeel Printing Press, 4 Queens Road, Lahore.

govt to appoint achakzai as Balochistan governor QUetta inp

the federal government has decided to appoint former bureaucrat Muhammad Khan Achakzai as the new governor of Balochistan. sources in Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) said that Prime Minister nawaz sharif has sent a summary regarding the appointment of Achakzai to President Asif Zardari on Monday. Achakzai is the son of Abdul samad Khan Achakzai, a renowned freedom fighter of sub-continent and the elder brother of PkMAP Chairman Mehmood Khan Achakzai. He belongs to a strong Pashtun nationalist family who fought against the english colonial rulers and then struggled to acquire usurpation rights for the Pashtun within the framework of Pakistan. His father spent 33 years in jail during his struggle against the english colonial rulers and later the military dictators in independent Pakistan. He is a retired bureaucrat from the Planning Commission of Pakistan, where he served as a chief economist in Grade-22. Governor Balochistan nawab Zulfiqar Magsi has already sent his resignation to President Zardari. nawaz sharif has already decided to give the post to Pashtuns in Balochistan. Achakzai’s notification regarding his governorship is likely to be issued within next couple of days.

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