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13 matt damon

The Academy Award-winning screenwriter and actor plays loving father to Alexia, wife Luciana's daughter from a previous marriage, and Isabella, the couple's first child. A second child is also on the way.

Brad pitt

If there ever is an Academy Award for the best performance as a father, Pitt would be nominated, simply for his parenting style. Pitt, already father to four kids, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh, is keenly awaiting the birth of the twins wife Angelina Jolie is carrying.

david BeCKHam


eLL, that's one way to celebrate. Serena Williams couldn't help but let loose after taking home her first singles gold medal at the London Olympics, screaming and dancing on the court after defeating Maria Sharapova. and we can't say we blame her. Williams became the second woman ever to achieve a career Golden Slam—winning all four of tennis' Grand Slam titles (the australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open), plus an Olympic gold medal— and the first player to achieve a Golden Slam in both singles and doubles. the term "Golden Slam" was first established back in 1988, when Steffi Graf won all four Slam singles tournaments and the singles gold medal at the Olympics that same year—and she remains the only tennis player, male or female, ever to achieve that feat. NEWS DESk

will smitH

Even Beckham's worst detractors in the media cannot fault the handsome football champion for his parenting skills. Praised by everyone as a model dad, Beckham is also known to be a devoted father to his sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.

The acclaimed actor is a complete family man, happiest when he is with his wife and kids. The doting dad has even shared the screen with his kids: son Jaden has acted with him in The Pursuit of Happyness and daughter Willow in I Am Legend. Treyball Development Inc., the Beverly Hills-based company that Smith co-owns with his brother, is named after his first son, Trey.

'playmate' sherlyn Chopra considers herself pioneer for sexual freedom in india The first Indian woman to pose naked for Playboy magazine says she is proud to have "pushed the envelope" in a country where public nudity in any form remains largely taboo. Minor Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra, 28, will feature in a nude spread in the November issue of Playboy magazine, although her Indian fans will be hard pushed to get hold of a copy. Playboy, along with a host of other foreign "adult" magazines, is banned in India, which has strict obscenity laws proscribing any public act or published material deemed to be "lascivious or appealing to prurient interests." News that Chopra has become India's first "Playmate" caused quite a stir, fuelled by Chopra herself posting nude out-take pictures from the Playboy shoot on the microblogging site Twitter. As well as some inevitably lascivious and prurient responses, many Indian Twitter users criticized her decision and accused her of a desperate publicity stunt to further her acting career. She had written to Playboy herself expressing an interest in posing. Her labeling as a "Bollywood legend" on the Playboy website was widely mocked in India, and Chopra admitted it was a "surreal" tag. "I know that I'm just a girl with big dreams," she said. Indian writers, actors and artists who have sought to push the

serena dances on tennis court after winning Gold

boundaries of traditional Indian morals have sometimes found themselves targeted by conservative religious groups, but Chopra appeared unworried at the prospect of a backlash. "The moral guardians have never done any real good to me or the society at large," she said, adding: "So let them do whatever they are good at while I do what I truly enjoy." The publicity generated by Chopra's shoot has been overshadowed in recent days by the release of what has been billed as one of India's raunchiest mainstream movies, Jism 2. Real-life adult film star Sunny Leone- born in India to Canadian parents- plays a porn actress in the movie, which has stirred controversy with its provocative publicity material and content. The mayor of Mumbai, Sunil Prabhu, ordered the removal of promotional posters for the film from public buses in India's entertainment capital after a local legislator complained the image used was obscene. newS DeSk

witherspoon lends pattinson a shoulder to cry on


eeSe Witherspoon reached out to robert Pattinson when he was left heartbroken by Kristen Stewart. She went through the same phase after allegedly being cheated on by former hubby ryan Phillippe, and did not want the twilight star to feel the same way. according to a source close to the 26-year-old actor, Witherspoon has always looked at Pattinson like a little brother, and the fact that she could relate to what he was going through prompted her to give him a place to stay and a shoulder to cry on. “reese went through a very public cheating scandal herself when ryan Phillippe went outside their marriage and hooked up with abbie Cornish, so her first thought when she heard about Kristen and rob was to reach out to him and make sure he was okay,” radar Online quote a source as saying. NEWS DESk

jennifer lopez reconsidering relationship with Casper smart


eNNiFer Lopez is taking time to think about her relationship with Casper Smart, who was photographed leaving a peep show just one day before her 43rd birthday. Sources are saying the couple has not split but these photos have shaken her up. Jennifer and Casper began dating last autumn, just a few months after her sevenyear marriage to Marc anthony ended in July 2011. the first leg of J. Lo’s tour with iglesias ends at the end of august in Miami, and the second european leg, begins in Portugal in early October. “Casper will most likely be sent packing when the tour ends in Miami. Jen admits that she fell for Casper and that he was exactly what she needed at the time to help get over her painful split with Marc, but she is just ready to move on now,” sources say. NEWS DESk

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