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‘The generals at least kept the nation’s lights on’

Shahbaz pampers NLC with monopoly, jacked up rates

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Friday, 6 July, 2012 Shaban 15, 1433

Pakistan rejects Mumbai attacks onus pakistani foreign secretary strongly rejects any insinuation of involvement of any state agency in terrorism in India g Indian pM ties visit to pakistan with tangible results g


CHAMAN: Border security personnel check the documents of a first container truck carrying NATO supplies prior to crossing the border into Afghanistan on Thursday. afp

NATO supply restored on basis of reconciliation: FO ISLAMABAD ONliNe

Pakistan on Thursday again made it clear that restoration of NATO supplies had been made possible on the basis of reconciliation, however, no formal agreement had been made. During the Foreign Office’s weekly press briefing, spokesman Muazzam Khan said the decision to reopen the NATO supply route was made in national interest and US had apologised

by accepting Pakistan’s stance. “We have to take along the entire international community, we can’t afford opposition of 50 countries,” he said. “NATO supply trucks have started entering Afghanistan as Pakistan ended the seven month blockade of the route but we have not given permission for the transport of lethal weapons,” Khan said. Asked about the rules and regulations under which the route was restored, the spokesman said Pakistan restored the NATO supply on old conditions and talks were on with the US

for settling other matters. He said the opening of NATO supply route was a new beginning of bilateral relationships. He said NATO supply route was not only in the interest of US, but also beneficial for other countries that had good relations with Pakistan. The spokesman dispelled the impression that Pakistan was raising the tariff on the supply route, adding that there were several other issues involved. Continued on page 04


AKiSTAN and india ended two days of peace talks on Thursday, vowing to keep their dialogue on track despite renewed tensions over the alleged role of Pakistani “state actors” in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The same day, indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said his side was giving a serious thought to visiting Pakistan, but the tour would be no good if it did not pay off. “i believe a visit to Pakistan that does not bear fruit would be of no use,” he said. The talks between indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai and his Pakistani counterpart Jalil Abbas Jilani covered terrorism, confidence-building measures and the South Asian rival’s core territorial dispute over Kashmir. The two top civil servants in their respective ministries said they would meet again in islamabad to pave the way for foreign minister-level talks in September. The talks in New Delhi were clouded by charges arising from india’s recent arrest of Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari, suspected of being a key handler for the Mumbai attackers who killed 166 people in india’s financial capital. india says Ansari has admitted helping to coordinate the deadly assault from a command post in Karachi, and his testimony has renewed indian accusations that “state elements” in Pakistan were involved. At a joint news conference, Jilani insisted the charge was baseless. “i would very strongly reject

any insinuation of any involvement of any state agency in acts of terrorism in india,” Jilani said. “if we keep accusing each other that will be of no benefit, and we will not find any result,” he added. His remarks were a response to specific allegations leveled on Wednesday – as the foreign secretary talks began – by indian Home Minister P Chidambaram who argued that Ansari’s evidence could only lead to one conclusion. “it is no longer possible to deny that though the incident happened in Mumbai, there was a control room in Pakistan before and during the incident,” Chidambaram said. “it is clear that (Pakistani) state actors were there,” he added. Pakistan has indicted seven people for their alleged role in the Mumbai attacks but their trial, which began in 2009, has been beset by delays. Continued on page 04

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Friday, 6 July, 2012



‘good governance impossible without accountability’

WORLd vieW


New roles for Arab intellectuals

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SC rejects Malik Riaz adjournment plea ISLAMABAD: Rejecting the adjournment plea of real estate tycoon Malik Riaz pertaining to the absence of his counsel, the Supreme Court on Thursday remarked that it would not give any verdict without listening to Malik Riaz’s counsel. A three-member bench headed by Justice Shakirullah Jan resumed the proceeding of contempt of court case against Malik Riaz. Advocate on record Abdul Ghafoor pleaded the court that it must consider the request of the respondent and adjourn the proceeding of the case, as Malik Riaz’s counsel Abdul Basit was suffering from cardiac arrest and was not in a position to appear before the court. The court said Dr Basit only had to listen to the petitioners’ arguments which could be done for him by the advocate-on-record or by an assisting counsel. The substituting advocate could take notes and provide them to Dr Basit, the court said. Ghafoor said the case was very important and sensitive in nature and the respondent, Malik Riaz, had hired the lawyer after great struggle as no one in the legal fraternity was willing to take up the case. He said it would be unfair to hear the case in the absence of main counsel of Malik Riaz. Justice Jan said an order would only be issued after ample opportunity was provided to the parties involved. Petitioner Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf Gujjar requested the court to sentence Riaz under the contempt of court laws. Gujjar, former president of the islamabad High Court Bar Association, had earlier requested the court to include Riaz’s name in the Exit Control List (ECL). ONliNe

Missing prisoners’ case: SC orders treatment of 2 ailing prisoners ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has directed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief secretary and interior secretary to ensure medical treatment to two prisoners in the case of 11 missing prisoners from Adiala Jail. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry heard the Adiala Jail missing prisoners’ case on Thursday. Tariq Asad, counsel for the petitioner, told the court that the inter-Services intelligence (iSi) had kept the prisoners in illegal custody for 19 months under the Army Act. The prisoners were recovered from the iSi after the court’s order and then they were again sent to Landi Kotal detention centre where the condition of two prisoners Abdul Malik and Abdul Basit was reported to be critical, the counsel said. Despite court orders, these two prisoners had not been provided any medical treatment and neither were they shifted to a suitable place. They have not been tried and are devoid of basic facilities, we can only request the court as there is no one else who would listen, the counsel said. He also pleaded to the court for immediate release of these two prisoners. The chief justice remarked that the prisoners were shifted to according to the law and if any human rights violations had been made, then necessary action would be taken. “But you should also keep in mind our limitations, as we cannot go beyond our limit,” the CJP added. ONliNe

PML-N, ANP likely to oppose dual nationality amendment bill ISLAMABAD: The Awami National Party (ANP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Thursday expressed their reservations over an amendment allowing dual nationals in parliament. The ANP said that the law should only be applicable for the person’s nominated for the offices of president, prime minister or the army leadership and judges. Opposing the bill, the PML-N criticised the contempt of court amendment bill and said that the bill is equivalent to restricting the judiciary’s authority. Haji Adeel, a central leader of the government allied ANP, presented the party’s stance when President Asif Ali Zardari contacted him. Adeel said, “if such laws are not enforced, then people like Mansoor ijaz can also become the president of Pakistan one day.” ONliNe

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Opp won’t be part of any ‘unholy nexus’: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday reiterated that the PML-N would never be a part of any ‘unholy nexus’ that was out to curtail the judiciary’s role. in a statement, Nisar said the proposal for introducing amendments in connection with dual nationality and contempt of court bill would be strongly opposed. He said the rulers completely defaced the truth by repeatedly backtracking on issues. “The rulers have now started to focus on their attempts towards passing a controversial legislation after going back on their earlier statements issued in regard to NATO supply,” he added. Nisar said the government intended, through a constitutional amendment, to limit the judiciary’s role, and to protect its own interests by passing a dual nationality bill. “The rulers will not be allowed to use parliament for personal gains,” he said. However, he added that the government did enjoy two-thirds majority in parliament, and “so who are they trying to fool?” iNp

Opening of NATO supplies in national interest: PM ISLAMABAD App

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Thursday said the decision to open Ground Lines of Communications (GLOC) for NATO supplies was taken in the best national interest, in light of the parliamentary recommendations. The prime minister expressed the views while talking to PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Deputy Prime Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi. The prime minister said the drawdown of the “NATO and iSAF forces gets underway, Pakistan wants to facilitate the process in the interest of regional peace and stability”. He said peace and stability in Afghanistan was closely linked to peace and stability in Pakistan. The prime minister said Pakistan was partner of the international community and playing its leading role against forces of terrorism as a frontline state. He said prolonged deadlock over the issue of supplies could have hurt the country’s relations with the NATO countries, including friendly countries and brotherly Muslim coun-

tries such as Turkey, Qatar and UAE. The prime minister referred to the passage of legislation from the European Parliament that would enhance market access for the Pakistani exports from 2014 onwards under the Generalized System of Preference Plus.

Pleased US pledges wide-ranging ties with Pakistan WASHINGTON: Pleased at the reopening of Pakistani border for NATO supplies, the United States on Thursday renewed its resolve to forge a wide-ranging relationship with islamabad. As first NATO trucks rumbled into Afghanistan after a seven-month hiatus caused by last year’s Salala airstrikes on Pakistani border posts – the State Department said “going forward, the US looks to cooperative work with Pakistan on a range of regional and bilateral issues”. A spokesman told reporters at the daily briefing that the resumption of the border crossings – following US expression of apology over Pakistani deaths in Salala tragedy represented a “tangible” expression of its commitment in support of US peace efforts in neighbouring Afghanistan. Patrick Ventrell, director of Press Relations said Washington looked forward to working with Pakistan on regional security efforts including peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. speCiAl COrrespONdeNT

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Friday, 6 July, 2012




Veena Malik stops traffic

kse volumes trace the apex of aridity

pCB confirms Australia limited-over series itinerary

News 03 ediTORiAL Another round: The parliament makes its move.

COMMeNT Basharat Hussain Qizilbash says; An unreasonable Indian: Stuck on stereotypes.

kuldip Nayar says; India’s changing political landscape: The old guard and new ground realities.

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Hands off judiciary: Imran PTi chief warns against attempts to amend contempt of court law g Says ruling cabal doing everything to protect its corruption g Rules out possibility of alliance with PML-N




NEW DELHI: Members of the special cell of Delhi Police escort Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari, who is suspected of being a key handler for the 2008 Mumbai attacks, to a court on Thursday. afp

Onset of monsoon likely from today ISLAMABAD: Monsoon rains are likely to start from today, says the Met office. The first spell of monsoon rains will start from Friday and will continue till July 8. However, more rains are expected in the second week of July. Meanwhile, the weather turned pleasant in the northern region of the country after Azad Kahsmir and Abbottabad received some rainfall on Wednesday, while the weather remained hot and dry in the plain areas of the country. Temperatures as high as 47 degree Celsius were recorded in Bhawalnagar, Bhakkar, and Bannu. The temperature in other major cities was as follows: 34 degree Celsius in Karachi, 40 Quetta, 39 Lahore, 42 islamabad, 43 Peshawar and 42 degree centigrade was recorded in Muzaffarabad. According to the Met office, gusty winds are likely to blow in Lahore, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and Hazara division during the next twenty four hours. sTAff repOrT

ONliNe/sTAff repOrT

AKiSTAN Tehreek-e-insaf (PTi) chief imran Khan on Thursday warned against any attempts to amend the Contempt of Court Act, saying the rulers wanted to weaken the judiciary in order to protect their corruption. in a statement, imran said the ruling cabal had been trying everything to avoid accountability. “They took a number of steps in this regard: One, no law on accountability was allowed to be passed in the parliament; two, a sustained campaign was initiated to undermine the National Accountability Bureau; and three, the accountability watchdog was stuffed with handpicked individuals.” The PTi chief added that the only institution standing in the way of the corrupt regime was the Supreme Court of Pakistan, which had been constantly checking the corrupt practices of the ruling party over the last four years. imran said the most important decision taken by the Supreme Court was declaring the National Reconciliation Ordinance “illegal”. He said the previous prime minister did not implement the court’s verdict because he was mandated by his superiors in the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to protect the theft of billions of rupees committed by Asif Ali Zardari. “This led to his conviction under the contempt of court law, and disqualification as a member of the parliament and prime minister,” imran said, adding that the lesson learnt by the ruling cabal after this episode was to weaken the judiciary by amending the contempt of court law. “The provisions being amended will clearly open the way for the national office holders and members of the legislatures to refuse to obey court decisions, as they would face no penalty for doing so,” imran said, adding that the amendments would provide cover to the looting and plundering committed by the ruling elite. NO ALLIANCe WITH PML-N: The PTi chief also ruled out any possibility of striking an alliance with the Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N). He said that the PPP and the PML-N were not different from each other, as both of them had been enjoying rule in the name of so-called democracy. “When general polls are a foot

away, both of them have started playing their tactics in order to befool the nation for their vested interests,” imran said, adding that the PML-N’s leadership escaped to London while the country was facing challenging problems. NATO SUPPLIeS: The PTi took out a massive public rally from Lahore to Gujranwala to demonstrate against the restoration of NATO supply routes amid continued drone strikes. Addressing the rally at Gondlawala Chowk in Gujranwala, imran said the unconditional opening of NATO supply lines by the government was an insult to the nation. He said that drone attacks were still going on but the corrupt politicians were busy in safeguarding their corruption instead of safeguarding the masses. The PTi leader also denounced extensive load shedding, corruption, unemployment, and “futile policies” of the current government which included the restoration of NATO supply lines. He said that instead of revisiting their relation with the US and taking strong stand against drone attacks, the rulers had sold the nation by opening the supply lines unconditionally. “Our children are being murdered but these corrupt politicians who have assets abroad have plans to leave the country in difficult times. But we will not let them escape,” imran said, adding that both the ruling parties

(the PPP and the PML-N) were in partnership to maintain status-quo and stop any positive change in the society. He said the PTi, with the support of the youth, would wash away the corrupt elements. He warned of launching a “tsunami march” towards islamabad if the government tried to insult and clash with the Supreme Court. He said the plight of the common man was worsening with each passing day, as the country’s industry was closing due to extensive load shedding. He said that Rs 66,000 were being spent every minute to maintain the luxurious life styles of the corrupt rulers. He said the PTi was a sword hanging over the heads of the corrupt politicians, and it would not let them flee with the hard earned money of the masses. He pledged to eradicate load shedding and unemployment from the society after coming into power. He said that the Pakistanis living abroad were willing to insure the influx of capital in Pakistan to free their motherland from foreign clutches. He said the PTi was the party of the youth, and a truly democratic one in which anyone could become Chairman through elections within the party. PTi’s central leadership, including Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Javaid Hashmi, SA Hameed, was also present at the occasion.

‘THe geNerAls AT leAsT kepT THe NATiON’s ligHTs ON’ Political and economic crises stir nostalgia for military rule g Political analyst says price of milk has tripled and electricity has risen 500 percent uder the present regime g

NEWS DESk Beckoned by public spigots promising free, pure drinking water, tourists lined up last week to refresh themselves along the main drag in Murree. They soon discovered that the taps were dry. “We’ve gotten nothing,” said one thirsty visitor, Abdul Sattar, 47. And he wasn’t just talking about water, which hasn’t reached

Murree for weeks because severe power shortages have shut down pumping stations in the valley below. Nothing has come from democracy, either, a frustrated Sattar said — at least not as it is practiced by the barely functioning federal government in islamabad. A report in The Washington Post says the economy is bad enough to make Sattar and others nostalgic for military rule, when the generals at least kept the nation’s lights on. “The military is better,” said Amir iqbal, who co-owns Mr Food, a small eatery which had just two lunchtime customers. At 44, he recalls fondly the relative prosperity and higher economic growth rates that marked the nine-year regime of Gen Pervez Musharraf. And, although he was young at the time, he speaks positively of the era of an earlier strongman, Gen Muhammad Ziaul Haq. “When the army is in government they keep inflation low,” iqbal said. “They are good at governance and better organised.” Such yearnings for order are certainly not new in Pakistan’s 64-year history, says

the report in The Washington Post. The army, generally with popular support, has stepped in three times to topple weak governments and impose martial law. Judicial obeisance to the generals used to be the norm. But, styling itself as a corruption-battling people’s advocate, the current Supreme Court has inverted the narrative. it has spearheaded investigations into misdeeds of the

executive branch and the military. Some experts call Chief Justice iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry the country’s most powerful man. Critics accuse him of mounting a “judicial coup” in the name of the rule of law. His court picked off long-serving prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani last month for refusing to follow its orders and is poised to oust his successor for the same

thing. “A power struggle among the judiciary, the executive branch and, to a lesser extent, the army, threatens to destabilise the nuclear-armed nation at a time when its counterterrorism partnership with the United States has essentially fallen apart.” Whatever its shortcomings, the coalition government has prevailed for four-and-a-half years without a coup, assassination or execution of a top leader and is on track to become the longest-serving civilian government in the country’s history. But nobody knows how long the country can continue its slow stumble toward actual democracy: Pakistan, battling an insurgency, now faces a constitutional crisis during an economic meltdown coupled with devolving public order, as power-outage protests turn into deadly riots. DArkNeSS: “Democracy has brought darkness to the country, that’s it,” said political analyst and columnist Farrukh Saleem. He noted that since the end of Musharraf’s rule, the price of milk has tripled and electricity has risen 500 percent.

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04 News No light at the end of the tunnel Continued FRom page 19

Nazeer Ahmad, who runs a computer and mobile sales and service shop, said told Al Jazeera he had to rely on an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit to power the bulbs and fans in his shop. But that only lasts for a maximum of 90 minutes, after which the batteries must be recharged - for which electricity is required. “Although a UPS is cheaper than a generator, with a oneoff purchase cost of around $300, there are associated maintenance costs and those have been increasing. Batteries must be changed every 18 months. A few months ago each battery cost around $100, and now that has risen to $125,” added the report. Many businesses are responding to the power crisis by turning to alternative energy sources. Mahmood Ahmad of Grease Pakistan, one of Pakistan’s main suppliers of generators, told Al Jazeera the demand for generators running on diesel, petrol and gas had increased in recent years. “Over the last couple of years, it isn’t that we have started to sell or rent out more generators,” he explains, “but we have definitely seen the capacity [of the generators demanded] being doubled. So if 500 generators of one kilowatt were being used, now that requirement has jumped to 500 generators of two kilowatts.” The price of a generator starts from $135 and the cost of high-end models can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. And those prices are rising. “This year, we have seen an increase in prices,” Ahmad says. “We import these generators, so the prices are mainly affected by the fact that the rupee has been losing its value against the dollar. Going by the demand and supply rule, now that the demand is higher the prices should have gone down.

Friday, 6 July, 2012

‘God particle’ a gateway to new vision of universe SYDNEY



HE potential discovery of the “God particle” was a gateway to a new era that could see humanity unlock some of the universe’s great mysteries including dark matter said physicists on Thursday. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) unveiled data from the Large Hadron Collider on Wednesday “consistent with the long-sought Higgs boson”, an elusive particle thought to help explain why matter has mass. it was hailed as a huge

moment for science by physicists gathered in Australia, where CERN’s findings were unveiled via video link from Geneva at a landmark conference attended by hundreds of the field’s top experts. Following the announcement, scientists went into a frenzy speculating that it could one day make light speed travel possible by “unmassing” objects or allow huge items to be launched into space by “switching off” the Higgs. CERN scientist Albert de Roeck equated it to the discovery of electricity, when he said humanity could never have imagined its future applications. “What’s really important

Khan hoped the US would clear all dues of Pakistan under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF). He said that US had assured islamabad that it would respect Pakistan’s sovereignty in the future. Regarding foreign secretary-level dialogue with india, the FO

dark matter,” he said, referring to the hypothetical invisible matter thought to make up much of the universe. “it could be, for example, that the Higgs particle acts as a bridge between ordinary matter, which makes up atoms, and dark matter, which we know is a very important component of the universe.” “That would have really fantastic implications for understanding all of the matter in the universe, not just ordinary atoms,” he added. De Roeck said scrutinising the new particle and determining whether it supported something other than the Standard Model would be the next step for CERN scientists. Clarifi-

cation could be expected by the beginning of 2013; definitive proof that it fitted the Standard Model could take until 2015 when the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) had more power and could harvest more data. The LHC is due to go offline for a two-year refit in December that will see its firepower doubled to 14 trillion electron volts — a huge step forward in the search for new particles and clues about what holds them all together. De Roeck said he would find it a “little boring at the end if it turns out that this is just the Standard Model Higgs”. instead, he was hoping it would be a “gateway or

a portal to new physics, to new theories which are actually running nature” such as supersymmetry, which hypothesises that there are five different Higgs particles governing mass. The hunt for Higgs — the logical next step of which de Roeck said would be searching for, and eventually being able to produce, dark matter particles — has already had huge benefits to medicine and technology. Volkas said the internet was born at CERN as a solution to high-volume data sharing and other major spin-offs were likely to follow as physicists continued to “push the boundaries of pure science”.

Sherry Rehman sees ‘historic turn’ in ties after US apology WASHINGTON speCiAl COrrespONdeNT

The US apology over the deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers at Salala coupled with islamabad’s green light for transportation of NATO supplies to Afghanistan represents a “historic turn” in bilateral relations, Ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman said. The Pakistani diplomat told CNN in an interview that her country’s decision to allow NATO supplies into Afghanistan without imposition of any additional transit charges speaks of islamabad’s commitment to peace in the region. “Today and yesterday mark a historic turn in the relationship. We have been able to, i think, turn towards building on this opportunity and halt the downward spiral (in Pakistan-US ties),” she told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room program. Sherry was commenting on an end to a seven-month

standoff between two countries and sharp decline in Pakistani-US relations resulting from the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers in a November 2011 American air strike on Slalala posts along the Afghan border. The relations were also strained by several other issues including unilateral US drone strikes on tribal areas and last year’s US raid on Abbottabad that took out al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. The US, on the other hand, has its own set of concerns, including perceived Pakistani inaction to stem cross-border activities of Afghan Haqqani militants. Washington halted payment of billions of dollars in promised CSF money and aid for Pakistan after a spate of shocks in bilateral ties. Pakistan approved the passage of NATO supplies through its territory shortly after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US was “sorry” over the deaths of Pakistani soldiers.

NATO supply resTOred Continued FRom page 01

for the Higgs is that it explains how the world could be the way that it is in the first millionth of a second in the Big Bang,” de Roeck told AFP. “Can we apply it to something? At this moment my imagination is too small to do that.” Physicist Ray Volkas said “almost everybody” was hoping that, rather than fitting the so-called Standard Model of physics — a theory explaining how particles fit together in the Universe — the Higgs boson would prove to be “something a bit different”. “if that was the case that would point to all sorts of new physics, physics that might have something to do with

spokesman said if india gave us information, we had full right to investigate it. Refuting india’s blame game on Pakistan on Abu Jundal concerning Pakistani passport, he brushed aside all rumors in this regard. He again made it clear that no Pakistani institution was involved in sponsoring terrorism, stating that terrorists

were common enemies of both countries. “We must make concerted efforts to wipe out the menace of terrorism and extremism as terrorists can harm both countries,” he said. Khan added that Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar would represent Pakistan at Donors Conference to be held in Tokyo. She will leave for Japan on Friday (today).

lAHOre: lawyers sign a petition prepared by difa-e-pakistan lawyers forum against the restoration of NATO supply routes on Thursday. OnLIne

UK foils terror bid in London LONDON MAJid kHATTAk

The London police have arrested six people, including three brothers and a woman as part of an intelligence-led operation in London on Thursday. The operation included the services of Mi5, the UK’s national security intelligence agency, sources told Pakistan Today. A former police and community support officer for the London Metropolitan police was included in the group, however, Scotland Yard would not confirm that detail. Counter-terrorism officers investigating a suspected plot to attack targets in Britain carried out the raids. Although

police said they were not linked to any threat to the Olympics, officials say they will intervene quicker than usual in disrupting suspected plots in the run-up to the event, which counter-terrorism forces fear is a major target. One person was shot with a Taser stun gun and Scotland Yard said armed officers had been deployed during the arrests, which is an unusual decision and indicative of the risk counter-terrorism chiefs thought officers faced in carrying out the raid. Officials believe they are dealing with a plot inspired by al-Qaida ideology. A London Police spokesperson said those arrested included a 21-year-

old man and a 30-year-old woman who were detained at separate residential addresses in West London. Three other men, aged 18, 24, and 26, were arrested at residential properties in East London. The spokesperson further said, “searches under the Terrorism Act 2000 are being carried out at eight residential premises in East, West and North London and one business premises in East London. Public safety remains our overriding concern. Today’s operation in London is not linked to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.” One of those held was a British national who grew up in Dorset, a source in the Muslim community told the BBC.

PakiSTaN rejeCTS MuMbai aTTaCkS ONuS Continued FRom page 01

Addressing Thursday’s news conference, Mathai stressed that bringing those guilty for the Mumbai carnage to justice “would be the biggest confidence-building measure of all”. “We shall pursue this matter to its logical conclusion,” Mathai said of the indian investigation into Ansari’s testimony. Jilani insisted nothing should be allowed to prevent the peace process going forward. “There should be absolutely no setback, because a setback is something we

cannot afford,” he said. “Terrorism is a common threat to both india and Pakistan because citizens in both countries are facing terror,” Jilani said. “i, my government and my people are very serious about this... Terrorism is a serious issue. We need serious and sincere efforts to resolve it,” he said. Jilani said his talks with Mathai on peace and security, CBMs, Jammu and Kashmir and promotion of friendly exchanges have been substantive. “Both the countries face threat of terrorism. We should intensify our cooperation,” he said.

Expressing the hope that the equation would continue with the “positive trajectory”, Jilani said he had also put forward some suggestions on resuming cricketing ties. A joint statement issued at the conclusion of two day meet said the talks were held in a frank and constructive atmosphere. Both sides reiterated their desire to carry forward the dialogue process in a purposeful and result-oriented manner. it said the foreign secretaries reviewed the ongoing implementation of the already adopted Nuclear and Conventional CBMs. it was decided

that separate meetings of the Expert Level Groups on Nuclear and Conventional CBMs will be held to discuss implementation and strengthening of the existing CBMs and suggest additional mutually acceptable steps that could build greater trust and confidence between the two countries, thereby contributing to peace and security. The dates for the meetings of Expert Level Groups will be determined through diplomatic channels. The two sides also agreed to continue meaningful dialogue on the thorny Kashmir issue. They de-

cided to convene a meeting of the Working Group on Cross-LoC CBMs on July 19 in islamabad to recommend steps for strengthening and streamlining and effectively implementing the existing trade and travel arrangements and propose modalities for introducing additional cross-LoC CBMs. The foreign secretaries will meet again in islamabad, on a date to be decided through diplomatic channels, to prepare for the meeting of the external affairs/foreign ministers in September 2012, the joint statement said.

China reports bird flu outbreak BEIJING Afp

Authorities in China’s remote northwestern region of Xinjiang have culled more than 150,000 chickens following an outbreak of bird flu, officials said. The outbreak of the H5N1 strain of avian flu initially killed 1,600 chickens and sickened about 5,500, the agriculture ministry said late Monday. in an effort to contain the disease, agricultural authorities quarantined the area and culled 156,439 chickens, according to the ministry. The outbreak occurred on June 20 but was only confirmed as H5N1 bird flu on Monday, it said. The ministry and state press did not specify exactly where the outbreak occurred, but said it happened at a farm run by the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, described by state media as a semi-military government organisation of about 2.5 million people. Xinjiang is a vast region bordering Central Asia and home to a population of about nine million ethnic Uighurs, a largely Muslim and Turkic speaking people. China is considered one of the nations most at risk of bird flu epidemics because it has the world’s biggest poultry population and many chickens in rural areas are kept close to humans.

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Friday, 6 July, 2012

President shocked over burning of blasphemy accused

Top official’s appearance at Sherry’s barbecue signaled US apology: report uS National Security Adviser Tom donilon played key role in bringing a shift in Obama administration’s policy of not offering an apology g




President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday expressed and shock over the harrowing incident of a man being burned alive in Bahawalpur after he was pulled from a police station. The president directed Rehman Malik to conduct an enquiry into the incident and submit the report to the Presidency immediately. The president stated that no one would be allowed to take the law into their hands regardless of the crime committed. Zardari also instructed the relevant authorities to dispense justice according to the law. The man burnt alive, was reportedly mentally unsound and was accused of desecrating the Holy Quran.


S National Security Adviser Tom Donilon’s appearance at a backyard barbecue hosted by Pakistani Ambassador to the US Sherry Rehman signaled Obama administration’s decision resolve its dispute with Pakistan over the Salala incident and get the relationship back on track, a major American newspaper reported on Thursday. Citing US Officials, The Wall Street Journal said that Donilon played a key role in bringing about a shift in administration’s policy not to offer an apology – as demanded by Pakistan – over US airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in November, arguing for a compromise settlement acceptable to both sides. Noting that Sherry shuttled between the State Department and White House following the NATO summit at Chicago, the dispatch said she pressed for the apology, saying it was the only way to get islamabad to reopen the alliance’s supply routes through Pak-

istan to Afghanistan. The Obama administration’s message to the Pakistani envoy at the time, as delivered by Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides and others, was: “it isn’t going to happen,” the Journal said, citing officials involved in the discussions. “in the weeks that followed, however, the White House had a change of heart,” The Wall Street Journal said. Officials said the shift came in a flurry of meetings, and was signaled to Pakistan by Donilon’s appearance at the June 26 summer garden party hosted by Sherry. The shift by the White House was driven by several pressing issues. US officials said the mounting cost of using alternative routes, fears the closures would complicate a US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and by the Pentagon’s need for Pakistan’s cooperation in fighting militants. On June 13, Defence Secretary Leon Panetta told Congress the border closure was costing the Pentagon an extra $100 million a month. Surprised lawmakers pressed the White House to reach a compromise, the Journal said, citing US officials. Administration officials said Pakistan’s cooperation was critical to speed-

ing the withdrawal of heavy equipment from Afghanistan, as well as to reviving stalled negotiations with the Taliban aimed at ending the war. “Let’s just get this done,” a senior Obama administration official said of the White House’s thinking. The White House dispatched Nides to islamabad this past weekend with instructions to make it happen. “Donilon surprised Pakistani officials by attending a barbecue dinner that Mrs. Rehman held under a tent at her residence in Washington,” the Journal said. Officials said his attendance was seen by the Pakistanis as a clear signal that the White House wanted to resolve the dispute and get the relationship back on track. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aides, the newspaper said, have consistently urged an apology for US mistakes in the name of improved relations. Officials said the White House came to realize that there was no way that islamabad, in an election year in Pakistan, could reopen the routes without an apology to calm the irate Pakistani public and the military’s rank and file.

Man killed in Quetta, 2 abducted in Hub QUETTA sTAff repOrT

President puts moratorium on death sentences ISLAMABAD ONliNe

President Asif Ali Zardari has stopped the implementation of the sentencing of prisoners on death row till September 30. According to media reports, the law ministry has dispatched a letter bearing President Zardari’s directives to all prisons in this regard. in Karachi central jail, three prisoners Baram Khan, Atta ullah and Mohammad Azam - were to be sentenced to death this month on 17 and 18th July respectively. According to DiG Jail Karachi, Nusrat Mangantan, hanging of two activists of a banned organization has also been stopped on the directives of President Zardari.

pesHAwAr: Jamaat-e-islami activists shout slogans during a protest against the government's decision to reopen NATO supply route to Afghanistan on Thursday. afp

A man was gunned down in the provincial capital on Thursday, while two others, including a manager of a motorcycle company, were kidnapped from Hub town of Balochistan. According to police, unidentified armed motorcyclists opened fire on a man at Baloch Khan Chowk in the Pakhtunabad area of Quetta. As a result, he sustained critical wounds and succumbed to his injuries while being taken to Civil Hospital. The assailants fled from the scene. The deceased was identified as Siddiqullah. Police said the deceased was an Afghan national and a rickshaw driver, adding that the motive behind his murder was not yet clear. Police registered a case against unidentified people and started investigations. Meanwhile, unidentified men kidnapped the manger of a motorcycle company and his driver from Hub, an industrial town in Balochistan. Police said the manager, Hanif Asfahani, was on his way along with his driver Nawaz in Hub when armed men intercepted them, and kidnapped them. Police started investigation into the incident.

nek Mohammad’s ‘Good governance impossible without accountability’ brother killed ISLAMABAD ONliNe


Wali Mohammad, brother of slain militant commander Nek Mohammad, and his aide were mysteriously shot dead in Kalushah near Wana, South Waziristan Agency on Thursday. They were passing along a road when unidentified persons opened fire on them, killing them instantly. No one has claimed responsibility for the murder but tribesmen in Wana cite internal rifts among militants as the cause. Wali Mohammad’s brother Nek Mohammad was killed in the first US drone attack on June 17,

2004. He was a pioneer of militancy and armed resistance against the state. He made headlines in the wake of the infamous Shakai agreement with the armed forces through former Corps Commander Lt Gen (r) Safdar Hussain. He was garlanded by Lt Gen Safdar during the signing ceremony on April 24, 2004, but even then was pursued by drones in his native Kalushah Wana on June 17, and killed. Despite the assassination, a number of militants from the clans of Ahmadzai Wazir respected him and his family. Wali Mohammad Wazir’s assassination is likely to spark tension in the Wana region of South Waziristan.

Good governance and economic and social development cannot be achieved without adhering to the principles of transparency and across the board accountability. The present democratic setup accordingly pledges to take effective measures against corruption, said the Chairman NAB Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bokahari while inaugurating the two days 17th Directors General Conference that has started to review the performance of NAB during the previous year. Highlighting the role of the organisation, the Chairman observed that NAB, being the premier anti-corruption institution of the country, remains at the forefront with regards to provid-

ing requisite support in anti-corruption activities to all national institutions including the superior judiciary, Public Accounts Committee, office of Federal Ombudsman, and other anticorruption agencies operating all over the world. Appreciating the performance of NAB he said that it had set positive trends during the past seven months or so even though there was severe shortage of workforce. He felicitated the officials and expressed the hope that they will continue their efforts for achieving the ultimate goals of transparency and financial integrity in the public and private institutions. Directors General from headquarters, Punjab, Sindh, KP, Balochistan and Rawalpindi participated in the conference to give an overview of their performance during previous year.

The directors general would make their presentations over the period of two days after which the conference would conclude. Apart from making presentations about the performance in their respective

regions, the directors general would also deliberate upon various administrative and technical issues they counter while performing their functions under awareness, prevention and enforcement activities.

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Friday, 6 July, 2012



eeING scattered shopping bags, garbage and the worst possible graffiti in the city, no one could believe that we are living in the federal capital. Islamabad is recognised as the most beautiful city in the world, but unfortunately, some indecent locals of the area are ruining its beauty by spreading garbage. The residents throw wrappers and bags on the roads from their vehicles, which is extremely a vulgar deed. The scattered bags on the roads are badly affecting the beauty of the city. The Capital Development Authority started anti-litter campaign a few months earlier and imposed fine on several citizens, but the practice has slowed down. The locals urged the government that it should carry on with the respective in order to keep the city clean and create awareness of importance of cleanliness among the people in the city.

Minister visits ongoing NHA projects ISLAMABAD press releAse

Federal Minister for Communications Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan Khalil paid sudden visits to various areas of the country; issued directives to complete all on-going NHA projects as per international standards. According to details, Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan Khalil, nowadays is paying visits across the country to monitor progress on all on-going NHA projects. To this effect, he reached Sukkur today where he reviewed progress on Sukkur, Shikarpur and Jacobabad projects and later on inspected construction work on the projects included in the Larkana Package. On this occasion, General Manager NHA Syed Shabbir Ali Shah, Aziz Langah and other high officials were also present. The Federal Minister told the concerned officials that no compromise would be made on quality and pace of work and neither any laxity nor negligence, inefficiency would be tolerated in this regard. Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan Khalil said that he was personally inspecting each and every project of NHA in Sindh on the special directive of President Asif Ali Zardari so that these projects could be completed in time as per international standards. The minister further said the nation was fully aware that despite limited resources we had put country on the road to progress and we would solve all the problems faced by the people, the minister added.

ICT finalises monsoon emergency measures ISLAMABAD sTAff repOrT

The islamabad administration, in coordination with all the departments concerned, has finalised the flood contingency plan, in view of the upcoming monsoon rains and necessary protective arrangements in catchments. The officials of the departments concerned, including Rawal Lake and Simly Dam management, the CDA, assistant commissioners, magistrates, DHO, iCT, Civil Defense Department and iCT, have been asked to upgrade their level of preparedness to meet any flood situation in low-lying rural and urban areas, in view of the forecast of more rains and ensure effective coordination among them during the

rains. A control room has also been made functional round the clock. Relief and rescue teams, headed by the assistant commissioners, assisted by the CDA teams and Civil Defence Department, are also visiting the low-lying areas, including, Rawal Dam, Simly Dam, the Korang River area and other tributaries to ensure that protective arrangements are in place. Earlier, Deputy Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmed held a coordination meeting with the officials of the respective departments and it was decided that the managements of Rawal Lake and Simly Dam would announce the gradual release of water from the dams and prior to release of water, the peoples living in the low-lying areas


The Punjab Emergency Service of Rescue1122 is preparing a draft legislation on the fire prevention and community safety aimed at minimising risks to life and property besides impeding the increasing number of fire incidents. The draft legislation, which is being finalized in consultation with the Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service of the United Kingdom, will be forwarded to the quarters concerned for approval. The cooperation is the part of a memorandum of understanding signed between the two emergency services of UK and Pakistan. “An effective legislation was need of the hour as the Rescue teams dealt with more than 34,000 fire incidents, mostly caused by poor safety arrangements in commercial and high-rise buildings, during the last seven years,� official sources in the emergency service told APP.

Health dept asked to take anti-dengue steps ISLAMABAD App

1,000 cops perform duty on Shab-e-barat ISLAMABAD sTAff repOrT

The city police have made elaborate arrangements to ensure foolproof security on the eve of Shab-e-Barat and have deployed 1,000 cops from the security to worshippers at masjid and other places, a spokesman said. On the specials directions of inspector General Police Bani Amin Khan, SSP islamabad Muhammad Yousaf Malik devised a special security plan. According to the plan, SPs have been directed to monitor their areas and ensure effective patrolling. Special teams have been constituted for vigilance and patrolling while falcon squads and other police contingents will assist to ensure success of this plan. Security at exits and entrances has been enhanced.

would be informed in advance about their shifting to safer places. The rescue teams would remain alert in the catchment areas and announce through loudspeakers for shifting of peoples to safer places. it was decided that safe level of cushion in the dams would be maintained. Deputy Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmed said that the district health and livestock departments as well as iCT have started immunization drive in the rural areas against the seasonal diseases as part of preventive measures. He added that chlorination of all the water supply schemes in the rural area is also underway. The district administration has also identified school buildings for the establishment of flood relief centres.

Rescue-1122 plans to check fire incidents

islAMABAd: A vendor sells coconut water at his roadside setup. Sajjad aLI QUReShI

The health authorities have been asked to take preventive measures to protect the citizens of the federal capital from dengue virus. According to health experts, active monitoring and surveillance of natural mosquito is necessary during these days to check spread of the dengue virus. They urged the staff of departments concerned of the federal capital for proper solid waste disposal and improved water storage practices, including covering containers to prevent access by egg laying female mosquitoes. They said mosquitoes breed primarily in man-made containers like earthenware jars, metal drums and concrete cisterns used for domestic water storage, as well as discarded plastic food containers, used automobile tyres and other items that collect rain water. Dr Wasim Khawaja of PiMS said that dengue was a mosquito-borne infection, which in recent years has become a major public health concern. He said dengue fever is a severe, flu-like illness that affects infants, young children and adults. He added the spread of dengue is attributed to expanding geographic distribution of the four dengue viruses and of their mosquito vectors.

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Friday, 6 July, 2012

Islamabad 07 NuST hosts seminar on management innovation ISLAMABAD sTAff repOrT

rAWALPINDI: Amidst the increasing ratio of unemployment and inflation in the country, 50 daily-wage employees of Parks and Horticulture Agency (PHA) have been sacked from service due to the paucity of funds in the PHA. According to information, the PHA removed these daily wages employees under the verbal orders of higher officials while majority of gardeners were included among the sacked employees. Assuring that the Sacked employees would be reinstated after receiving finical assistance from the Punjab government, Director Administration PHA, Dr Afzal called finical crisis of PHA as a reason behind the removal of these employees. Meanwhile, the sacked employees demanded of the provincial government to take notice of this issue and to issue orders for their reinstatement. ONliNe

Rain to beat heat spell ISLAMABAD App

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Thursday forecast rain for different parts of the country which will beat the prevailing long heat spell, giving relief to the people. Rain/dust thunderstorm is likely at the scattered places of islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore, Sargodha and Faisalabad divisions during the next 24 hours. According to the synoptic situation, seasonal low lies over northwest Balochistan and adjoining areas with its trough extending southeast wards. Weak monsoon currents are penetrating into upper parts of the country and likely to persist for the next three days. Rain/dustthunderstorm is expected at scattered places of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including Malakand, Hazara, Peshawar and Kohat divisions during the next 24 hours. Mainly hot and dry weather is expected in most parts of the Sindh during the next 24 hours. However dust-thunderstorm/light rain is likely at isolated places of Sindh coast during the next 24 hours. The weather will remain hot and dry in Balochistan. Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, mostly partly cloudy weather is expected with chances of rain/thunderstorm at scattered places during the next 24 hours. Yesterday’s highest maximum temperature recorded in Bannu , Bhakkar, Bhawalnagar and Dalbandeen was 47 C. The maximum temperatures of other cities during the last 24 hours were islamabad 42 C, Lahore 39, Quetta 40, Karachi 34, Peshawar 43, Muzaffarabad 42, Gilgit 40, Murree 29, Multan 44 and Faisalabad 44C.

WASA clears Nullah Leh to avert floods RAWALPINDI App


ATER and Sanitation Agency (WASA) on Thursday announced that it had cleared silt and solid waste from Nullah Leh to save the low-lying areas from flood during the upcoming monsoon season. Talking to APP, Deputy Managing Director WASA said that Nullah Leh mainly in low lying areas have been cleared of silt and solid waste and further widened and deepened to save the city from the flood devastations. Gawalmandi area was especially focused during the cleanliness drive as due to heavily populated locality, a large amount of garbage and filth is thrown in the nullah which created obstacle in the smooth flow of flood water, he said adding, the section of the nullah has been cleared. City Sadar Road, Dhoke Charg Deen, Pirwadhi, New Katrian and Dhoke Naju were also critical sections of Nullah Leh which were cleared of silt and solid waste, he informed. The filth and all types of garbage were removed to make sure the

smooth flood water flow particularly during heavy rains in upcoming monsoon season. He urged the people to come forward and play their role in protecting especially low lying areas of the city from flood devastations, adding, solid waste, garbage, shopping bags should not be thrown in nullahs particularly in Nullah Leh as these create blockages in the way of flood water. As a result the flood water plays havoc with the properties and lives of the people, he added. Meanwhile, the city dis-

trict government has made other arrangements with setting up of special control rooms and flood relief camps to provide relief to the people in case heavy monsoon rains are recorded. On the other hand, the residents of low lying areas particularly Waris Khan, Glass Factory, Mokh Singh State, Dhoke Khaba, Umer Road, Nadeem Colony, Dhoke Elahi Bukush, Arya Mohallah, Javed Colony demanded more focused approach with visible steps so that the danger of flood could be minimized.

One of the renowned names in the field of creativity and innovation, Fredrik Haren enthralled audience at National University of Sciences and Technology with his cogent views on the subject area. As soon as he ascended the rostrum, the guest speaker started floating ideas and that too in a very interesting manner to ingrain in the audience the very essence of innovation. invited to the main campus of the university to conduct a daylong seminar on management innovation, the author of The idea Book (2004), counted among top 100 business books of all times, mesmerized the gathering of academics and scholars with his thought-provoking ideas punctuated with humour-coated examples to help them understand the worth of thinking in new ways. He talked at length on a range of topics, including: From the information Age to the innovation Age; why business creativity will become even more important in the future and why we are less creative than we think, but more creative than we can imagine. Fredrik is credited with over 1000 speeches, lectures and workshops on idea generation and entrepreneurship to more than 100,000 people in over 20 countries. He has held seminars for hundreds of organizations in almost every line of business, including Hewlett Packard, American Express, ABB, China Mobile, Nokia, Ericsson, Ogilvy and BiMBA. His bestseller, The idea Book (2004), aims at awakening the spirit of creativity and innovation among his readers. its 50,000 copies in the Swedish version alone have sold. it has also been translated into 15 different languages. His latest book, The Developing World (2009), is about creativity, dreams and a curiosity about the world, written about change and awakening and the dangers of not seeing what is going on in the world today.

ieSCO power shutdown notice ISLAMABAD App

islamabad Electric Supply Company (iESCO) on Thursday issued power shutdown schedule for various areas due to necessary maintenance and routine development work. According to iESCO Spokesman, power supply of the areas fall under the following Grid Station/feeders would remain suspended as under: - July 6 (Friday) from 6am to 9am, Best Way Cement Factory, C.S Shah, From 5am to 1pm Dhurnal feeder, D.S Bilawal July 9 (Monday) From 07am to 12pm, Tench Bhatta feeder, Capt. Aamir feeder, Radio Pakistan feeder, Azizabad feeder, Tench Bhatta, Radio Pakistan, Dk. Syedan, Azizabad and Surrounding area July 7-9 (Saturday-Monday) From 7am to 11am, Peshawar Road feeder, Millatabad feeder, Peshawar Road, Chour Chowk, Millatabad July 10 (Tuesday) From 7am to 11am, Saghri feeder, K/Syedan feeder, Redco feeder, Saghri, Mankiala, Bashndot, Kallar Syedan & Redco.

COL to help aIOU set up open schooling network ISLAMABAD App

Commonwealth of Learning (COL) on Thursday reassured its support to Allama iqbal Open University (AiOU) to set up open schooling network in Pakistan to improve existing literacy rate and ensure education for all, at primary, middle and secondary level. During a detailed presentation on the open-schooling project at the AiOU’s main campus, the visiting COL’s education specialist Ms. Frances Ferreira said that the COL will try to find out international donors to support the project which might serve as a model for other countries to educate people, through distance-learning

system. While eulogizing the AiOU’s project, she said COL would also be expending necessary technical support, like designing contents/ curriculum of the open schools that were to be set up in cooperation with the provincial governments. The presentation ceremony was presided over by the vice chancellor Prof.Dr. Nazir Ahmed Sangi. He hoped the COL would be strong partner in launching of this mega project that aimed at imparting basic education to around one million boys and girls during the next three years. “We need financial support of around $ 20 million from international donors as initial funding for the payment of students’ fee and to meet project’s cost. The project

will be made financially sustainable to make open- schooling system self-sufficient”. additional secretary Sindh Mrs. Aftab inayat who was present on the occasion assured the AiOU all out support of her government in implementing the project. The presentation was given by Bureau for University Extension and Special Programme Mir Mukhtiar Hussain Talpur,. He elaborated in detail various phases of the project and said that it would be a milestone providing basic education to people at the door-step. Under the proposed project, Pakistan National institute of Open Schools and Lifelong learning will be established at the AiOU to impart education at primary, mid-

dle and higher secondary levels throughout Pakistan, through distance and open learning system. The system has already been successfully tested in many other countries including UK, india, Namibia and Tanzania. The main beneficiary of the project drop-out girls who missed their education due to some social and financial constrains, boys, who are working as child labour and the adult who could not carry forward their education on different reasons, The vice chancellor further said the University had the capacity and required academic potential for developing necessary curriculum and other parameters to implement the plan in its true spirit. AiOU will develop a wide-range of ed-

ucational courses at post- literary pre-tertiary level and set up an effective open learning structures and system for those young and adult people who are currently outside the formal and non-formal education. Majid Rashid a focal person of COL also gave presentation on Rural internet Schooling Education. He said this project is a brain-child of the vice chancellor would be a part of AiOU’s vision of lifelong learning. it aimed at bringing people of all ages in the main stream of education system. This would be a novel methodology ensuring equal access to secondary education in Pakistan, he added. All deans and heads of various departments attended the ceremony.

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08 Islamabad

Friday, 6 July, 2012


34 °C High 26°C Low

Partly Cloudy




31°C i 26°C

29°C i 25°C

31°C i 26°C

PRAyeR TiMiNGS Fajr Sunrise 03:20 05:02

zuhr 12:12

Asr 15:57

Maghrib 19:22

isha 21:04


15 115 1122 9250488 2827844 9270698 16 9262830


2222920 9261170 9218300 9221334 4603666 4444435 5556311-14 2824862 9290319





ACK of basic facilities in different schools in Rawalpindi division is proof of the provincial government’s negligence in providing quality educa-

tion. Majority of schools have no roofs forcing the students to study in open atmosphere in all four seasons. There are a lot of other public schools that lack infrastructure. Many schools have no furniture in classrooms, and lack teaching staff, toilets, clean drinking water and playgrounds.

Clean drinking water has always been a big issue for public schools. A number of schools in the district have no water tanks and some that have them, don’t have drinkable water. A number of public school students get sick after drinking water from these tanks.

9261272 9209123

111-000-118 1199


117 9273614 1333


114 111-786-786


The district education department has set up a scrutiny committee for the recruitment of 992 educators in Rawalpindi. The recruitment of science and English teachers would be materialized up to August 11 while July 10 would be the last date for the submission of forms. The government will recruit 21 English teachers in grade-16 as senior schoolteachers while 55 teachers would be recruited as senior schoolteachers in grade-16 for chemistry and biology. For physics and Mathematics, the government will recruit 50 senior schoolteachers in grade-16. Meanwhile, recruitment of 537 junior teachers (science –math) will be carried for eliminatory schools in grade-9 while 186 and 143 senior eliminatory schoolteachers would be hired for grade-14.


Govt sets up scrutiny committee for educators’ recruitment


IT's summer AGAIN!

drummING CIrCle

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COLLeGeS / uNiveRSiTieS iNTeRNATiONAL iSLAMiC uNiveRSiTy 9260765 bAHRiA uNiveRSiTy 9260002 NuML 9257677 quAid-e-AzAM uNiveRSiTy 90642098 ARid AGRiCuLTuRe uNiveRSiTy 9290151 FJWu 9273235 RiPHA iNTeRNATiONAL uNiveRSiTy 111510510 NCA RAWALPiNdi 5770423 PuNJAb LAW COLLeGe 4421347

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Friday, 6 July, 2012

UN calls for sanctions against al Qaeda fighters in Mali UNITED NATIONS



HE UN Security Council on Thursday passed a resolution calling for sanctions against Al-Qaeda-linked fighters in Mali blamed for the desecration of the tombs of Muslim saints. But the council held back from giving a UN mandate to a proposed West African force to help the interim government to take back territory from islamist rebels in the north of the country. The 15-nation council unanimously passed Resolu-

tion 2056 which called on UN states to submit names of individuals and groups linked to Al-Qaeda “notably in the north of Mali.” islamist fighters have destroyed the tombs of several Muslim saints in the northern city of Timbuktu. The resolution warned that the desecration could lead to international Criminal Court charges. West African nations have been pressing for UN backing for a proposed intervention force they want to send to Mali, where a military coup on March 22 was followed by the rebel breakthrough in the north of the country. The council called on

West African states to provide more information about the objectives and means of the proposed force before it could act. The resolution noted the request by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union to give a UN mandate to the force. The council said it was ready “to further examine the request of ECOWAS once additional information has been provided regarding the objectives, means and modalities of the envisaged deployment.” African diplomats said details on the force would be provided within days.

eight-year-old dies of bird flu in indonesia

wAsHiNgTON: fireworks illuminate the night sky over the washington Monument (bottom) during fourth of July celebrations on wednesday. afp

Foreign News 09

NANCHONg: Chinese rescue workers evacuate residents from their home in the flood-hit town of Nanchong on Thursday. afp

palestinian call for arafat death probe backed by Tunis RAMALLAH Afp

JAkArTA: An eight-year-old girl in indonesia has died of bird flu, the health ministry reported Thursday, in the country’s eighth fatal case this year. The girl from Karawang district in western Java died on July 3, three weeks after visiting a market and helping to carry slaughtered birds home, the ministry’s website reported. indonesia is the nation hardest-hit by bird flu, with 157 other fatalities reported since 2003 out of 357 worldwide, according to the most recent World Health Organisation figures, which exclude the latest death. Bird flu, also known as the H5N1 virus, typically spreads from birds to humans through direct contact, but experts fear it could mutate into a form that is easily transmissible between humans. Afp

A Palestinian call for an international probe into Yasser Arafat’s death won official backing from Tunisia on Thursday, after a report showed the leader may have been poisoned. Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Malki told the official Voice of Palestine radio on Thursday that such an enquiry could finally “close the file” on Arafat’s mysterious death. And Tunisia called for the Arab League to convene. “We call for an urgent meeting of Arab League foreign ministers and the creation of an international committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death” of Arafat, Foreign Minister Rafik Abdessalem told private radio station Mosaique FM. “We are waiting for this Tunisian initiative to be translated into action and for the meeting to be held,” Malki said. “Then we will ask for an international investigation committee to be formed similar to the one formed into the assassination of (Lebanese Prime Minis-

ter) Rafiq Hariri so we can solve so many of the unanswered questions,” he added. “We want to show that the PA (Palestinian Authority) leadership and people are all anxious to know all the details surrounding Arafat’s death, so we can close this file.” On Tuesday, Al-Jazeera television broadcast the results of a nine-month probe it commissioned into the 2004 death of the iconic Palestinian leader that indicated he could have been poisoned with the radioactive substance polonium. The next day Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas endorsed exhuming Arafat’s body from its mausoleum at the Palestinian presidency headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah for a forensic examination. The supreme Palestinian islamic authority, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Hussein, said there was no religious law forbidding Arafat’s exhumation. “if it is necessary to examine a body for the needs of an inquiry and that requires its full or partial retrieval there is nothing to prevent that,” he told AFP on Thursday.

Fukushima was ‘man-made’ disaster: probe TOkYO Afp

Last year’s Fukushima nuclear accident was a man-made disaster caused by Japan’s culture of “reflexive obedience” and not just the tsunami that hit the plant, a damning parliamentary report said Thursday. ingrained collusion between plant operator Tokyo Electric Power, the government and regulators, combined with a lack of any effective oversight led directly to the worst nuclear accident in a generation, the report said. “They effectively betrayed the nation’s right to be safe from nuclear accidents. Therefore, we conclude that the accident was clearly ‘man-made’,” said the Fukushima Nuclear Accident independent investigation Commission. “We believe that the root causes were the organisational and regulatory systems that supported faulty rationales for decisions and actions,” it said. The probe is the third of its kind in Japan since the huge tsunami of March 2011 crashed into the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station.

China joins russia in staying away from syria talks DAMASCUS Afp

China joined Russia on Thursday in boycotting a meeting aimed at coordinating efforts to stop the killing in Syria, where three senior army officers were among the latest to be killed. Moscow confirmed that some Western countries had asked it to offer Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a haven in exile, saying it had dismissed the idea as a joke. in Beijing, foreign ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said China would not attend the so-called “Friends of Syria” gathering in Paris on Friday. China “at present does not consider attending the meeting,” Liu said. Russia has also said it will stay away from the meeting after accusing the West of seeking to distort a weekend deal by world powers in Geneva aimed at achieving a transition of power. The Paris meeting follows one in Tunis and another in istanbul, both of which called in vain for tougher action against Assad’s government. China did not attend either of those meetings, in which the United States, France, Britain, Germany and Arab nations Saudi Arabia and Qatar lead a group of more than 60 members, including most EU states and many Arab League nations. China backed Russia in Geneva on insisting that Syrians must decide how the transition should be carried out, rather than allow others to dictate their fate, and did not rule out Assad remaining in power in some form. The West has said Assad

should not be part of any new unity government. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed that Western nations had asked Moscow to offer Assad asylum and that Russia had thought it was a joke. He said the idea was first raised by German Chancellor Angela Merkel during June 1 talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Berlin. “Our side thought this was a joke and responded with a joke — how about you, the Germans, take Mr Assad instead,” Lavrov said during a press appearance with his German counterpart, Guido Westerwelle. Lavrov said he was “quite surprised” when the idea was raised again during the meeting in Geneva on Saturday. The foreign minister also repeated Russia’s displeasure with the slow pace of reforms pursued by its Soviet-era ally, but again argued that any attempts at forced regime change were doomed to end in even greater violence. “Yes, the regime bears the main responsibility,” but those who seek regime change “ignore the fact that we are not talking about a few dozen people — as they tell us we are — but a very large part of the Syrian population that ties its security to the current president.” On the eve of the Paris meeting, Amnesty international called for an immediate arms embargo on the Syrian government and for caution over the supply of weapons to rebels. “Amid growing reports of abuses by members of the armed opposition, states should also stop arms transfers to the opposition wherever there is a substantial risk that they are likely to be used for war

WikiLeaks begins publishing two million Syria emails LONDON: WikiLeaks said Thursday it was publishing over two million emails from Syrian political figures dating back to 2006 but also covering the period of the crackdown on dissent by Syria’s regime. “Just now... WikiLeaks began publishing the Syria files, more than two million emails from Syrian political figures, ministries and associated companies dating from August 2006 to March 2012,” said Sarah Harrison, spokeswoman for the anti-secrecy website. The latest disclosures could throw fresh light on the workings of the Syrian regime and its interactions with allies in the run-up to and during the current bloody crackdown. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the 16 months of bloodshed in Syria have claimed more than 16,500 lives. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is currently holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London seeking political asylum, said in a written statement: “The material is embarrassing to Syria, but it is also embarrassing to Syria’s external opponents. “It helps us not merely to criticise one group or another, but to understand their interests, actions and thoughts. “It is only through understanding this conflict that we can hope to resolve it.” WikiLeaks said the first files, released on Wednesday, reveal that Italian defence giant Finmeccanica has provided communications equipment to the Syrian regime since the unrest began. The communications system was provided by Finmeccanica’s subsidiary SELEX Elsag, in claims by WikiLeaks published by Italian magazine L’Espresso. WikiLeaks’ announcement comes a day after Russia denied having discussed with Washington offering exile to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. It also comes ahead of a meeting Friday in Paris of the “Friends of Syria” group of countries which support tougher action against Assad’s government. WikiLeaks said the 2,434,899 emails came from Syrian ministries including foreign affairs, finance and presidential affairs. There are around 400,000 emails in Arabic but also 68,000 in Russian. Harrison said WikiLeaks could not comment on the full contents of the release, which is being organised in collaboration with media partners in countries including the US, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. “This is a large data set. It will take time for these stories to come out,” she said at a press conference in London announcing the release. She refused to comment on how WikiLeaks had obtained the emails, telling AFP: “We never comment on our sourcing.” AFP

crimes or other human rights abuses,” it said. On the ground, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported at least 27 people were killed nationwide on Thursday, a day after 99 people died in the violence that has plagued the country

for nearly 16 months. The Britain-based watchdog has estimated that more than 16,500 people have been killed since the Syria uprising erupted in mid-March last year. Among the dead in this week’s violence, the Observatory said gunmen

killed a general and two other senior officers on Wednesday. Another general became the 15th such high-ranking officer to flee the conflict-wracked nation when he defected to Turkey on Wednesday, a Turkish diplomat said.

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Another round The parliament makes its move


n the present state of confrontation between the Supreme Court and the executive, there is a likelihood of another standoff between the two as the government introduces two new bills in parliament. The issue of the dismissal of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani will remain a matter for debate in days to come. The Supreme Court was unmoved by the argument that Gilani had declined to write the letter as he considered it to be against the constitutional provision providing immunity to the head of state from litigation. Gilani’s plea that he could not think of being disrespectful to the apex court and had therefore appeared before it twice was also rejected. The issue that heads of state and government cannot take timely decisions with the judiciary breathing down their neck has been raised by respectable jurists outside Pakistan also. The cabinet’s approval of a bill to change the contempt law and provide immunity to the government leaders is aimed at ensuring that the present prime minister who has to play a central role in overseeing an orderly transition of power is not removed prematurely like Gilani. The government will not have difficulty in getting the bill through on account of its majority in the National Assembly. The cabinet has also approved a draft bill proposing amendment in article 63(1) C to enable Pakistanis having dual nationality to contest election for the parliament. The argument by those opposing the bill that two nationalities can lead to conflict of interests carries weight. in case of legislators and ministers with divided loyalties, this could lead to decision that harm national interests. The argument that the expatriates constitute the backbone of the national economy on account of the remittances they send may be correct. But the large majority of the expatriates do not have dual nationality. Again, most of those holding two passports have neither the inclination nor the means to contest elections in Pakistan. This explains why the coalition partners are divided over the issue. it remains to be seen if the government can get the needed two thirds majority to pass the constitutional amendment. The parliament has the right to amend the constitution and law. The Supreme Court should not be seen to be creating hurdles in the way of the parliament as it performs the duty assigned to it by the constitution. All institutions of the state have to function in harmony. This is possible only when they treat each other with respect and do not transgress their mandate.

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an unreasonable Indian stuck on stereotypes


ost people desire to live in peace. if that is the case then why the states of Pakistan and india have failed in this quest? One may blame the politicians, diplomats, civil and military decision makers of both the countries for exhibiting tunnel vision at critical junctures to reach conflict resolution. This put the onus on the common folks across the borders to engage in meaningful dialogues to develop a better understanding of one another. Most people neither have the means nor the time to make visits across the borders to see for themselves how their counterparts think about them and their country. Often those who appear in the electronic media and write in the press have either peculiar agenda to pursue or experience certain invisible restrictions which do not allow them to freely express themselves. Moreover, these people are not ‘common’ folks in the real sense of the world. it was my desire to find how a common indian By Basharat Hussain Qizilbash thinks about Pakistanis that i picked up a book by Mr U V Singh, a highly educated indian with vast experience in corporate management and possessing a doctorate from New Delhi, a post-doctorate from France and having the authorship of three books to his credit including the ‘indo-Pak relations-glamour, drama or diplomacy.’ To gain the confidence of one’s opponents for fruitful engagement, one has to first engage the other with all the due courtesies and civilities. i leave it to the readers to decide how the people of the two

eye on History

countries can advance towards a peopleto-people rapprochement if an ‘educated’ indian has such feelings about Pakistan and its citizens. For example, he terms the creation of Pakistan a ‘nefarious adventure’. He calls its birth an ‘unpleasant act’. To him “Pakistan is like a fakir with only one cloak of anti-indianism to cover its body.” in his grand view, “The rationale of Pakistan’s existence is to be anti-india and anti-Hindu”; that Pakistanis blindly parrot out, “india is our enemy number one”; that its rulers are ‘mentally distorted’ and “Pakistan’s real intention is not to do anything to improve relations with india so as to keep its population poverty stricken and development denied”; and “without anti-indian opium, Pakistan’s rulers suspect that the country might not survive.” He then concludes that Pakistan is an ‘evil’ and india is a ‘non-evil’ much like Ronald Reagan labelling the erstwhile Soviet Union as an ‘evil empire’. After such harangue about Pakistan, he sharpens his tirade against the Pakistanis by branding the ‘Pakistani mindset’ as an ‘islamist mindset’ by which he means that the whole Pakistani nation is nothing but a mass of religious militants. He equates the post-partition violence as the ‘vicious islamic violence’- a deliberate attempt to establish a link between Pakistanis and their religion, islam- as being inherently violent. Whereas several historical studies have proved that the post-partition violence was primarily motivated by personal greed and sense of vengeance on the part of the perpetrators whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh. Moreover, though every student of religion knows that no religion preaches hatred and bloodshed of humans; this ‘educated’ indian argues that “islam was never a religion of peace” and that “sword and bloodshed have appealed [to the Muslims] more than dialogue and understanding.” With such sweeping generalisations about islam, he delves into the history of Hindu-Muslim relations in the subcontinent where he finds Muslims only as ‘invaders’, who killed, plundered and forcibly converted Hindus to islam during the course of interaction extending over a millennium. Without quoting any historical authority, he surprises the readers by stating that the All-india Muslim League had two ‘vicious militias’ that indulged in the killings of Hindus in horrendous proportions after the League’s Direct Action call in 1946. What were the names of those ‘vi-

cious militias’? ; Who were their heads? And who has historically investigated their ‘heinous’ acts? ‘Our worthy writer has not even bothered to answer these questions. There is an unmistakable hint of fear in this Hindu indian of Muslims, whom he look upon as ‘predatory invaders’. He feels a constant threat to his country from Pakistan, which is much smaller in size, numbers and defence capabilities than india. Thus, about the first indo-Pak war over Kashmir in 1947-48, he ignorantly asserts that Pakistanis tried to grab the whole of Kashmir ‘under the guise of a tribal attack’ whereas historical researches have revealed that the first indian Governor-General Mountbatten and Premier Nehru had secretly sent artillery and forces to Kashmir much before the tribal invasion. And then this ‘educated’ indian ‘innocently’ whips Mountbatten for fooling ‘Chacha’ Nehru to go to the UN for a favourable outcome of the conflict as if the ‘Chacha’ was not an astute politician but merely a ‘goofy kaka’. With sheer naiveté bordering either on ignorance or spitefulness, this indian makes a startling allegation that Premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto dreamt of separating india’s north-east by cutting it off at the chicken’s neck with the Chinese help and when this did not materialise then the state of Pakistan fuelled the Tamil insurgency. He brings his discourse to the present-day efforts being made for Pak-india normalcy by stating that “The leopard [Pakistan] is not changing spots; it is not ready for peace. Whatever it might say for public consumption, Pakistan firmly believes that peace with india is not in its interest.” in one go, our ‘educated’ indian has decided to act as the judge, jury and the executioner. He represents the educated and informed indians and is not the mouthpiece of india’s political or military establishment but ironically his views about the past, present and future of Pak-india relations are quite identical to the stereotypical ‘official’ views of the indian state. The propaganda machine of ‘democratic’ india has proved to be as good as that of ‘authoritarian’ Pakistan. Can there be a meaningful meeting of minds even with educated indians if this is what their views are about Pakistan and the Pakistani nation. Let the two peoples judge themselves. The writer is an academic and journalist. He can be reached at

India’s changing political landscape The old guard and new ground realities

Border Crossings By kuldip Nayar


he Bhartiya Janata Party seems to have a tryst with doom. in the wake of scams and scandals in the Congress-run government, the BJP was gaining ground. its performance in Parliament was comparatively better and its younger leadership assertive and more meaningful. But once again, the RSS men have been riding the party that has brought it back to square one. First Gujarat Chief Minister Narender Modi joined issued with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the concept of secularism and then RSS played the Hindutava card. Both have scotched even the remotest chance of BJP returning to power. A person who has his

hands tainted with the blood of Muslims cannot be projected as india’s next PM. Nor can the false clothes of culture hide the real face of adherents to Hindu Rashtriya concept. The BJP has, by and large, remained quiet. One if its leaders has spoken out of turn and questioned the very concept of secularism. But he was hushed up quickly. it seems that the party did delude itself with the idea that the Hindu voters were beginning to own the RSS philosophy. The BJP should have learnt the lesson in 2009 when it was all set to win but lost to the Congress. Political parties, including the Congress, do not understand the new electorate, mostly young. it is liberal in outlook and hates to mix religion with politics. This was the ethos which the nation adopted during the independence struggle and after freedom as a pole star under the leadership of Mahatama Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. True, regional chauvinism, which is co-terminus with caste and community in certain states, is rearing its ugly head. This is because the centre looks confused and equivocal when it comes to enunciate policies which demand secular credentials. Having little feedback from the field, New Delhi continues to monopolise power and fails to appreciate that the de-

centralisation would infuse life among the people in a state. Regional aspirations have got a new edge in the past years and the locals are fired with confidence that they can sort out their problems themselves and find a consensus quicker than the remote New Delhi does. This is the reason why Trinamul Congress won in West Bengal and Samajwadi Party in UP. The voters found the parties closer to them and more sympathetic to their problems. Even if these regional parties do not give them a better administration the people are not likely to go back to all india parties which they have found failing them again and again. They may try another party within the region because they are getting convinced that all india parties are not an answer to their problems of appalling living conditions. The idea of india may be pushed further into the background. There may be insurgents and separatists in certain areas to assert the identity of their caste or community, believing that in the affairs of all india politics they may get lost. Much would depend on how New Delhi handles the situation. The Sarkaria Commission on Centre-State relations has become outdated. Had its recommendations been implemented when the report came out more than two decades ago, the demand by the states to have more powers might not have arisen. The Centre has to curtail the sub-

jects it has, either voluntarily or through a Constitutional amendment. Apart from Defence, Foreign Affairs, Currency and overall financial planning, New Delhi should not have more subjects. Once it decentralises its power it should ensure that the decentralisation goes all the way, from the state capital to the district and then to the Panchayat so that people themselves participate in governance. The two main parties, Congress, the BJP and the Left would have problems. The Left does not seem to bother because it is dictatorial in its working. The CPM ousted a member from the party even though he had resigned after supporting Pranab Mukherjee, the Congress Party’s presidential candidate. Yet both the Congress and the BJP need to handle their members carefully. Both parties would have great difficulty for 2014 election, first in choosing the top person and then tackling him or her. Take for example the BJP, it is already wooing Vasundheraraje Sindhia, former Chief Minister, who thumbed the party and stayed in the wilderness because she was sure that the Central BJP would one day come to her and accept her authoritarian leadership. Problems of the Congress on this count are negligible. Sonia Gandhi has all the authority. That Rahul Gandhi, her son, should be nominated as number two has already been done. There is no dissi-

dence and she alone, more so after the departure of Pranab Mukherjee, has the confidence of allies in the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) she chairs. The BJP would need more and more assistance of RSS to sort out difficulties with the state leaders. Realising this, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat has announced that Modi has all the qualifications to become india’s new PM. However, this has naturally infuriated the BJP’s main ally, Janata Dal (United). its President Sharad Pawar has said that if Modi is the Prime Minister candidate, the JD (UP) would quit the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). What is wrong with having a Hindutava prime minister, questions Bhagwat? This question itself shows how RSS lives in a world of it own and does not face the reality of secular india. For the BJP, already a divided house, the confusion is more confounded. it realises that the country can never be ruled through a communal agenda. Even the former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee realised this and always put his liberal foot forward. He refused to oust his Principal Secretary Brijesh Mishra despite the pressure of RSS. But then the BJP’s problem is that it does not have a tall person like Vajpayee to withstand the pressure of RSS. The writer is a senior Indian journalist.

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Jinnah was here it is very sad to read the news that a historical house in Mirpurkhas is being demolished by its owners. Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah stayed in that house on Dec 28, 1943. The house is spread over 3200 square feet and was declared an evacuee property. The house was also divided into four portions. The Government of Sindh should take immediate action and should take the possession of that property. The house should be renovated and should be turned into a museum for the general public. All those houses where our national leaders stayed should be taken over by the government and should be declared heritage sites. i hope that the requisite authorities will look into the matter so that this house in Mirpurkhas will not be demolished. MUBASHIR MAHMOOD Karachi

dual nationality debate For those who advocate granting constitutional right to dual nationality holders to contest parliamentary elections in Pakistan, i have a question. if George Galloway, a British national by birth, were to willingly adopt Pakistani nationality, will he be eligible to be a member of House of Commons or House of Lords? The answer is no. it is the last and most recent oath of loyalty which an individual takes that matters and not the original nationality that he had. i have great respect and admiration for Lord Nazeer who holds a British passport, but if any of his British born children were to take a US passport pledging loyalty to USA, thereby renouncing loyalty to Her Majesty and the UK, they would become ineligible to contest elections for the House of Commons, House of Lords or hold any public office and ambassadorial assignment. it seems this coalition govt would go to any extent and submit to blackmail of their coalition partners at any cost, even if this compromises our state sovereignty, economic viability and defensive nuclear capability. ANEELA CHANDIO Sukkur

Comment 11

Will of the people? The Honourable Justice Jawwad S. Khwaja made a separate note on the Supreme Court detailed judgement in the National Assembly Speaker ruling case. He made a very interesting observation: he stressed that the constitution is supreme over all organs of the state, representing the will of the people. The constitution also explicitly states, in the preamble, that the will of the people should be used to establish a constitutional order. it also says in the third schedule, that the constitution embodies the will of the people. it is this fundamental principle that is the hallmark of our democratic dispensation. i must state that i am not a lawyer or a legal expert so cannot comment on the technical and legal implications of the Supreme Court’s decision. However, there are a few questions i would like to raise. The present constitution was approved by the parliament in 1973 whose members were not elected as a constitution making assembly when Pakistan comprised of two wings. Then how can it be asserted that the 1973 Constitution was made by the will of the majority? is it not the will of the people of Pakistan to get

in our own interest The Taliban’s (regardless of which side of the border they reside) must not be happy at the way both US and Pakistan ended their 7 months long stalemate on a positive note. The timings of the current agreement could not have been more appropriate as it precedes the all important negotiated settlement of Afghanistan problem in which both US and Pakistan are major players. As the US troops drawdown comes close, US wants quick results from its ‘renewed Afghan transition strategy’ that gives priority to diplomacy over military activity. Reaching an agreement with Pakistan and de-escalating tensions with it was only one component of this strategy the other and more important component is bringing the Taliban’s on the negotiation table for negotiating a future settlement of Afghanistan. Can the Taliban’s be trusted with a peace agreement? Their method of spreading ‘tyranny and fear’ by recently resorting to cold blooded murder of Pakistani soldiers was a gruesome act that was not only against the spirit of islam but against any ethics of war. By releasing footages of these mass murders on YouTube, the Taliban gave a clear message of what opinion they carry about an army that collaborates and cooperates with the western forces that occupy their land. This was before the agreement on opening of the NATO supply routes. What happens now, only time will tell. Can the Pakistan Army negotiate with them under the current conditions? Can such people be trusted by being made part of a political process and given control over any political space in Afghanistan?

socioeconomic necessities and speedy justice? What solution does the present constitution provide when a country is facing problems of internal disorder, sectarian killings, religious extremism and terrorism? Can the state organs of judiciary, parliament and executive try to work jointly to solve these issues and represent the will of the people in reality rather than principle? Which state organ actually represents the will of the people - the parliament or the judiciary? Which state organ has he power to amend the constitution? if the parliament can amend the constitution, then how are parliament and judiciary equal in protecting the will of the people? is it not true that the present PPP-led government and president were not keen on restoring the current CJ and a few other high-up judges? is it not true that the Army Chief played a role in restoring the CJ in March 2009? is it not true that the present judges adopted judicial activism that mainly targeted the PPP led government and its key executives? is it not true that the SC judges have shown

Can the Pakistan army ‘look the other way’ while its kidnapped soldiers are murdered? it is in the interest of Pakistan army to first plan and execute an operation in FATA to eliminate the threat that will continue to harm/damage national security. Gaining a position of tactical superiority against the militants is important before initiating any negotiations with them. Any peace accord signed with Taliban (a short term security objective) from a position of weakness will not hold and we will remain hostage to their military capability. Even after signing peace agreements if the Taliban’s resort to their violent methods, would Pakistan Army and US retain the choice to unilaterally act against them? in fact, they will be compelled to do so. if so, then why not initiate military operations to at least marginalise and reduce their capabilities. We have been accusing the US of violating our sovereignty. We can only claim to be sovereign if as a state we retain the ‘supreme decision making authority both within our territory and over our citizens’. it’s not the Commander iSAF or USA or the whole world reminding us that we are ‘not doing more’. it is us who have to make this decision. Sovereignty only exists if it is exercised. if the architects and executers of terrorist acts continue with their work without the fear of any reprisal, we are far from being sovereign. it is not the continuation of drone attacks but the continuation of our ‘failed Afghan policy’ that makes us less sovereign in the eyes of the world. MUHAMMAD ALI EHSAN Karachi

unanimity of views in the judgement against the executive and there have been no independent views of any judge on any case? Why has the judiciary been entertaining politically motivated petitions by the opposition parties? Do these parties represent the will of the majority of people? Why does the judiciary exercise caution in the interest of political stability and follow the rules of democracy and wait another six months when the new government is ushered in after the elections so that the much required letter to the Swiss Authorities can be dispatched then? is there no independent national institution which can rightly assess the judges’ performance? What about the accountability of those judges that have charges of corruption on their families? Why does the judiciary not allow the parliament to debate on its performance and its expenses? How do the people of Pakistan know the judiciary is in sync with the people’s will? S T HUSSAIN Lahore

unplugged The tug of war between the US and Pakistan has finally ended after the magic word was uttered by the fairy godmother Hilary Clinton. One must realise that apologising does not always mean that one is wrong and the other right, but that one values the relationship more than one’s ego. So, it is ultimately implied that Pakistan is very crucial a nation in South Asia and that it has been acting absolutely generously towards this war by offering both its territory and its armed forces for the cause. The closure of the Nato supply routes was just one of many decisions that had generated conflict with the US. Many of these divergences of views between the two countries have not just affected the war on terror but have had an adverse on Pakistan in particular has had to suffer multiple setbacks because of the ensuing impasse. The reopening of the supply routes surely will be beneficial for all stakeholders involved in the counter-insurgency movement. The Pakistani decision to unblock the routes shows a visible maturity in handling the affairs. At this point, it certainly cannot afford to be isolated and US-Pak harmony is a prerequisite for leading this war to a conclusion. The unblocking also goes a long way to show that we are still ready to pursue the long war objectives of purging the territory from militancy. The sacrifices of our soldiers ought to be acknowledged and our commitment must also be realised globally. This decision ought to be welcomed as it will have positive affects on the economic front. Not only will CSF payments be made but it would also help the local transporters earn their

living as they have been the worst sufferers. Pakistan also must wake up to realise its own interests after weighing the options. The withholding of the Coalition Support Funds and other aid money, it must be understood is something that Pakistan can ill afford at a time when the WoT becomes a colossal strain on the economy. in the absence of a strong case to project in front of the world, Pakistan ought to duck down from the various blows inflicted upon it to save its face, body and interest till it become strong and gains enough strength to take appropriate care of national affairs. KABIL KHAN Peshawar (II) This is with reference to the DCC’s decision to reopen NATO supply routes. A small segment of society which is unnecessarily raising objections and calling for mass protests should understands that hostility must not be given way to spoil the relations out of emotionalism. Enough has been done in terms of punishment for the US forces’ deliberate aerial attack on Salala check-post by sending a clear message that any such attempt by the US in future would carry severe repercussions. Also the opening of NATO supply would have a positive impact on the bilateral relations and pave the way for resolving long pending issues. it would also allow Pakistan to play its role for peace and stability in the region in a more effective manner. The decision to open GLOC has been taken keeping in view the best of national interests under the parliamentary guidelines therefore it should be respected by all the factions of the society within Pakistan. A’AYAN HUSSAIN Islamabad

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Depp and Vanessa Paradis had‘blazing fights’before their

Cocktail releases the music video for ‘jugni’



OCKTAIL‘S album has received superb audience reaction and with that we have seen four Pakistani talented singers making their debut in Bollywood soundtrack. The latest music video ‘Jugni’ depicts the preppy, fun side of the movie. Arif Lohar and Harshdeep Kaur lent their voices for Jugni. The song is a traditional Punjabi track with western music. A perfect blend of music, lyrics and vocals has led to the creation of this soulful song. The song was originally designed by Rohail Hyatt and Arif Lohar for Coke Studio and is now an ideal adaptation to the movie.The video shows all the three stars Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty taking probably the most confusing decisions. It portrays the turmoil one goes through when one is faced with two choices. It is the perfect song that defines the tagline of the movie ‘Some Friendships are too good to share’.‘Jugni’ is a song about choices that we have to make every single day . The song is perfect for situations we witness at times, especially when love gets complicated. TiMes Of iNdiA

OHNNY Depp started to drink “heavily,” after he had “blazing fights” with Vanessa Paradis before their breakup, according to sources. The former model and aspiring singer is said to have resented her partner’s successful career, causing huge tension in their relationship. “They’d have blazing fights. Vanessa would take her frustrations out on him. Johnny, in turn, started to drink heavily,” a friend said. According to the source, 39-year-old Paradis, pushed Depp to take up roles which went on the be a huge success, such as 2003’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.’ Paradis eventually began to resent Depp’s success-even though his 20 million dollar-a-movie salary paid for their lavish lifestyle. And with Paradis’ singing going nowhere, “Vanessa started to feel like she’d sacrificed her career for his,” the friend said. Depp, who earned more than 75 million dollar in 2010, grew resentful, too. “Nothing Johnny did was ever good enough for Vanessa. When he was working, she wasn’t happy. And when he wasn’t working, he was called a slob for not doing enough for the kids and her family,” the friend said. The two are parents to 13-yearold Lily-Rose, and 10-year-old Jack. The constant bickering led to vicious spats. “They’d have blazing fights,” the friend said. “Vanessa would take her frustrations out on him.” Depp, in turn, “started to drink heavily.” Though they continued to drift apart, Depp and Paradis always put their kid’s needs first. “it broke Johnny’s heart that the family he loves so much was becoming fractured,” the friend added. But in 2010 — the last time Depp and Paradis were photographed together on the red carpet-the singer decided to pull the plug. “Johnny was heartbroken,” the friend said. “But they agreed the kids’ lives shouldn’t be affected. That’s why they didn’t announce it,” the friend said. Since then, the actor has found love again with his Rum Diary costar, Amber Heard. “They are 100 percent dating. He treats her really well,” a source added. AgeNCies


ekta kapoor becomes victim of e-mail hacking


ITH the alarming rate at which the cyber security is being hampered by hackers these days, there is no doubt that even the celebrities are soft targets. So when television’s soap queen Ekta Kapoor’s personal e-mail account got hacked, we could understand how grave the issue was. A source close to Ekta had revealed that the latter was shocked to receive phone calls from friends who said that they got emails from her personal account which asked them to pay Rs 11,000 if they wished to audition for her shows. Apparently, Ekta, who stays in touch with her friends in the US through her email, was shocked to know all this. Since money was involved in the incident, she thought about taking the matter seriously. As a result, she sent text messages to all her friends saying that her account was hacked and immediately blocked the old e-mail ID and made a new one. TiMes Of iNdiA

OPrah WiNfrey CaughT iN a faMiLy feud PRAH Winfrey is embroiled in a bitter row with her stepmother. Barbara Winfrey, who is married to Oprah’s father Vernon, has accused the billionaire chat show host of forcing her out of her husband’s life. She claims that the 58-year-old has used her fortune to take control of the barbershop Vernon has run for more than 50 years. And now the 78-year-old has filed for divorce as the row over ownership of the barbershop threatens to tear apart the Winfrey family. Oprah bought the store in Nashville, Tennessee, last week after it went into foreclosure. She paid 475,000 dollars for the property when it was put up for auction. Barbara Winfrey said the purchase means that Operah, who now runs her own YV network, has gained control of the business and cut her out. “i know what is going on. i’m tired of it, and i’ve had enough,” the Daily Mail quoted Barbara Winfrey as telling WSMV TV in Nashville. Barbara and Vernon had opened the barbershop a year ago to replace a


frieda flaunts yoga moves


T seems that Freida Pinto’s character in Knight Of Cups is a fan or teacher of Yoga. The 27-year-old showed some yoga moves and massages on the sets of her latest movie along with co-star Christian Bale, who is romancing the Indian beauty in the movie, the Daily Mail reported. The duo was spotted filming together on the beach. The 38-year-old famously temperamental star, was all smiles as he filmed romantic scenes with Pinto at Santa Monica’s famous pier. The plot of Knight of Cups is being kept very hush-hush, but it is described as the tale of a man in search of love and truth. In addition to Pinto, he has also been working with Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman in recent weeks. However the Oscar winner appeared to be having the most fun yet as he got up close and personal with the glamorous Slumdog Millionaire actor in the sunshine. On Friday his character appeared to be getting a shoulder and head massage. AgeNCies

store at a nearby location. But the couple apparently could not make timely payments on their mortgage and the red brick building went into foreclosure. Barbara said she wanted to borrow more money from a bank to come out of the situation but that on advice from his famous daughter Vernon refused to take out a loan. “People are giving him wrong advice, and it’s leaving me in a situation where all i can do is fight for me,” Barbara said. “There is no reason for it to go into foreclosure like this. The property is upside down, which is what a lot of properties are. it cost us 481,000 dollars to build this building, but it’s only worth 350,000 dollars,” she said. “He believes what he’s told. His daughter doesn’t care about the community. His daughter doesn’t care about the barbershop. But i do,” Barbara said. in a statement to the TV station a spokesman for Oprah said: “Oprah purchased the property that was in foreclosure.” “Vernon Winfrey has been a fixture in the community for decades and will continue to manage

the business on a day-to-day basis,” the statement read. Barbara said that her husband has since filed for divorce and believes he does not understand the decisions he is making. “My wife and i, we have not been getting along well, and i did not want to endow myself to another drawn-out, struggling debt,” Vernon said on the TV show. AgeNCies

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13 first look at Preity Zinta’s ishkq in Paris


REITY Zinta’s film Ishkq in Paris has been the talk of the town for a while now. Finally, the first poster of the film has released and shows a glimpse of what the film is about. The first look shows the actress enjoying Paris with a man. The poster is divided into three 3 parts, the first shows the couple sightseeing around the Eiffel Tower in the evening, the centre portion shows the two sharing a drink at the bar late in the night and the third part shows them hanging out in the wee hours of the morning at the librarry cafe. While it is unclear who the actors are, and whether the couple is the same in all the three frames, it is certain that the film is about Ishkq In Paris. The film not only marks Preity’s comeback but even her production debut and that’s not all! The actress has apparently even tried her hand at cowriting the Prem Soni-directed film, which he had originally scripted himself. According to the director, Ishkq in Paris is supposed to be a typical Bollywood film. Ishkq in Paris, scheduled to release on September 21, will clash with two other women-centric films - Sridevi’s English Vinglish and Kareena Kapoor’s Heroine. COUrTesy HT

katie holmes says she is alright itish a In Pelle, a Br LAHOrE: Mod s, oe and for sh high street br ened accessories op d handbags an on s er w To in Vogue its first store PR ia ed m . Enyclo MM Alam Road i ent. MU rTAZ A Al ev e th organised


ATIE Holmes is getting her life back on track (and having some fun while she’s at it) following her decision to end her marriage to Tom Cruise. Just a week after her she filed for divorce from the Rock of Ages star, the Jack and Jill thesp and daughter Suri were all smiles as they grabbed ice cream at Sundaes and Cones in New York City Tuesday. And the darling duo was back out again Wednesday, shopping for Independence Day supplies at Whole Foods, including hamburger meat, buns, strawberries and bananas. As they were leaving the store, Holmes reportedly told a reporter, “I’m alright. Thank you.” News desk

VeeNa MaLik


AKiSTANi actress Veena Malik was in city for the publicity of her first Kannada flick. But her visit to the city caused public inconvenience too. A choco-blok at Kempe Gowda Bus station affected bus schedules for more than 30 minutes, when the actress came out in open to wave and fly kisses to her audience. Veena’s first Kannada film is the remake of the Hindi film Dirty Picture performed by Vidya Balan. The latter received best actress awards for this movie at various platforms in the Bollywood. Veena has definitely tried to make her presence felt amid the sandalwood fans by making

such appearances, but to the vain, people in Majestic bus stop were only wondering who the damsel is. As her car and fans gathered around, entrance for buses to the Majestic bus stand was hindered and traffic cops had tough time. Being the peak hour, commuters hopped down only to find buses clogged at all platforms. The exit routes were somewhat clear. People also hung from the skywalks at the bus station to catch a glimpse of the Pakistani beauty. News desk

robert Pattinson gushes about girlfriend kristen Stewart


WILIGHT star Robert Pattinson says his girlfriend Kristen Stewart is the only person who can understand him. The 26-year-old actor, who has been dating his Twilight Saga co-star for around three years, said she is perfect for him because she knows what he is going through, reported Contactmusic. “She understands exactly how I feel. She is an ambitious woman who wants to grow as an actress. She has an excellent radar for what is good and challenges me constantly,” he said. Pattinson also said it was nice to go to the Cannes Film Festival for the promotion of their films with her. “In the end, it was amazing to have each other’s support. Her presence at the gala screening of Cosmopolis made me really nervous. She was sitting in front of me. I kept looking at the back of her neck, trying to find out if she was liking the movie or not. I only calmed down when, at the end, Kristen told me she loved it.” COUrTesy HT

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Infotainment 14

Know your Memes AIMA kHOSA


F you are a frequent user of the internet, you will have noticed the current internet trend: expressing yourself through memes. But what is a meme, you ask. And how do they originate? What memes are world famous and what do they mean? Here is a small introduction to everything you want to know on memes. An internet meme is an idea that is spread through the World Wide Web. This idea can take several forms; pictures, videos, hashtags, websites or even just a word. The meme may spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, news sources, or other web-based services. An internet meme can stay the same but often they evolve over time, sometimes by pure coincidence, other times through commentary, imitations, and parodies. These memes evolve and spread rapidly, sometimes reaching world-wide popularity within a few days. internet memes usually are formed from some social interaction (such as rage comic or reaction faces), pop culture references, everyday situations people find themselves in, or even video games. Here are some of the world’s most recognizable memes.

TrOLLfaCe / COOLfaCe / PrObLeM?

‘y u NO’ guy Cover of jk rowling’s first Post-harry-Potter novel, The Casual Vacancy, revealed

Trollface is a black and white drawing of a face with a large mischievous grin that is meant to portray the expression someone makes while trolling. Posting a Trollface image into a forum thread is often used to claim that someone was being fooled or intentionally angered. The face commonly appears in rage comics indicating that the character is being mischievous in some way. Example:

“Y U NO” Guy (also known as “Y U No [X]?”) is an image macro series using SMS shorthands and carefree grammar as a way to bring someone’s attention on a particular subject or issue. The unique facial expression worn by stick-figure character is believed to have been traced from the Japanese sci-fi manga / anime series Gantz. Example:

yOu dON’T Say?

yaO MiNg faCe

“You Don’t Say?” is a rage comic face based on a contour drawing of Nicolas Cage that is that is used as a sarcastic response to an obvious observation or statement. Example:

Yao Ming Face is a rage comic-style contour drawing of the professional basketball player Yao Ming wearing a hearty smile. The image is typically used as a reaction face to convey a dismissive attitude towards someone else’s input in online discussions.


ITTLE, Brown and Company this morning unveiled the cover of J.K. Rowling’s first postHarry-Potter novel, The Casual Vacancy. Aimed at adults, the highly anticipated 512-page “blackly comic” book will be Rowling’s first since the Harry Potter series formally concluded in 2007, and her first to feature a plot set outside the Harry Potter universe since 2008. SyNOPSIS: When Barry Fairweather dies unexpectedly in his early forties, the little town of Pagford is left in shock. Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty facade is a town at war. Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils…Pagford is not what it first seems. News desk

fOreVer aLONe

internet Meme Database defines this as an exploitable rage comic character that is used to express loneliness and disappointment with life. Creators of this variety of rage comic occasionally alter one word or both of the words “forever alone” for a more humorous effect. An example of this would be:

researchers study what makes us ‘cool’ T O get to the heart of cool, the researchers came up with three separate studies. In the first, they asked participants (353 college students from a large Canadian university) to submit words that described cool. In the second, they asked participants to rank how cool or desirable these qualities were. “We wanted to tease apart coolness and social desirability,” says Dar-Nimrod, who is very aware that his last name is definitely not cool. “There is a lot of overlap between social desirability and coolness.” In the third and final study, subjects were asked to rank their friends based on these qualities. What makes a person cool? The Body Odd scrutinized the paper for suggestions. Although the following traits are actually more desirable than cool (according to the second study), these simple

steps will make you what DarNimrod dubs “cachet cool.” Be hot. When Dar-Nimrod first asked participants what words describe cool, he received myriad responses (1,639 to be exact). But again and again, he encountered words like “hot,” “handsome,” “beautiful,” “cute,” and “sexy,” with an overall theme of physical attractiveness. People agree that being attractive is cool. “Our research was kind of designed to see what goes into coolness evaluation,” he says. “What we found was that the dominant perception of coolness is revolving around social desirability and generic semigentrified traits.” Be friendly. Dar-Nimrod believed that coolness would have a rebellious feel to it, a James Dean “Rebel Without a Cause” vibe. What he found instead was that most people believe friendliness

constitutes cool. Be personally competent (successful). Achieving good grades in school or holding down a secure job with a good paycheck feels cool, according to subjects. In fact, being smart or talented was the second most popular suggestion of what cool is (the most noted cool trait was friendliness or popularity). Be pro-social. Participants believed people were cool if they volunteered or recycled or joined in socially responsible activities.Other cool qualities? Trendiness, desirableness, individualism, confidence and, yes, a sense of humor. What about the James Dean/Jack Kerouac cool that Dar-Nimrod thought he’d find, a coolness

Lifeguard fired for attempting to rescue drowning man


VERY lifeguard wants to be a hero, but you can’t just go around saving people willy-nilly. Tomas Lopez learned that the hard way when he got fired for trying to save someone outside of his jurisdiction. The 21-year-old lifeguard was working on Hallandale Beach in Florida when he was approached about a man drowning in the unprotected part of the beach. Even though it wasn’t technically his job, Lopez ran toward the man. By the time he got there, other beachgoers had pulled the drowning man from the water — but Lopez had already committed a serious offense. Lopez worked for private aquatic safety contractor Jeff Ellis and Associates, who is only paid to patrol a certain portion of the beach. Company spokesperson Susan Ellis said that having an employee leave his zone could have been a liability issue. But it certainly doesn’t look good that a lifeguard was fired for trying to go above and beyond the call of duty. News desk

World’s most expensive cupcake goes on sale in dubai based on rebellion and fighting “the Man?” (The researcher believes he exemplified this as a teen when he bought dark sunglasses and started smoking.) This kind of cool, which Dar-Nimrod calls “contrarian cool,” still exists. “There is a smaller and different facet … which is the dark, historical coolness, revolving around counterculture, risky behavior, irony,” says DarNimrod. “Going into the project, it is what I perceived as coolness. [It is] much less dominant.” News desk


HE world’s most expensive ‘edible’ cupcake has gone on sale at the newly launched Bloomsbury’s outlet at The Dubai Mall. The ‘masterpiece’ cupcake, named The Golden Phoenix, is only available at The Dubai Mall outlet of the boutique café and is valued at $1,010 (Dh3,700) and presented on a 24-carat gold Empire Morning Cake Stand with Cloch by Villari. The concept of Bloomsbury’s was created by Shafeena Yusuff Ali, daughter of Yusuff Ali MA, Chairman of the EMKE group, which also owns and operated the Lulu chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets in the Gulf region. The Dubai Mall outlet of the café officially opened on June 28, 2012, marking the one-year anniversary of Bloomsbury’s, which first opened its doors to food lovers last year in Abu Dhabi. According to the media statement issued by the café, the unveiling of The Golden Phoenix presentation on Thursday evening exceeded Dh100,000 ($28,000). News desk

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Radwanska reaches first Wimbledon final Page 18

PCB confirms Australia limited-over series itinerary LAHORE

teams since March 2009 terrorists attacks on the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore, which left eight people dead and wounded seven visiting players and their assistant coach. Pakistan has since had to play its home games in neutral venues such as the UAE, England and New Zealand. Even before the 2009 attacks, teams including Australia have refused to tour Pakistan in the wake of 9-11 attacks on the United States. Australia have not toured Pakistan since 1998.

sTAff repOrT


AKiSTAN on Thursday finally announced a limited-over series schedule against Australia, delaying the matches to late in the evening to avoid the heat in the United Arab Emirates. According to a Pakistan Cricket Board official: "Pakistan had to search for the venue for the series after Sri Lanka refused to host the matches as they clashed with their premier league season." The PCB also considered Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, which was ruled out over the danger of monsoon rains. But Australian Cricket Association fears over excessive heat in the UAE were allayed by scheduling the day-night matches as late as 6pm. "The matches will be held in the UAE from 28 August until 10 September. The series will comprise three one-day internationals and three Twenty20 in-

Pakistan, india cricketing ties feature in foreign secretary talks


Cricketing ties were amongst the many issues discussed between Pakistan Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani and his indian counterpart Ranjan Mathai during their two-day talks. Expressing the hope that the equation would continue with the "positive trajectory", Pakistan Foreign Secretary Jilani said that he had put forward some suggestions on the issue. Addressing a joint press conference, Mathai said there were issues of security. As for resumption of cricketing ties, it is for the BCCi and the cricketing body in Pakistan to decide, Mathai said. The joint statement, he said, emphasised the need to promote sports and media ties. Jilani also said that things are moving forward in the right direction on the issue. "i had discussion for the revival of cricket ties between the two countries. i think that we will continue with this formative trajectory that we have adopted over the years in moving forward in our relationship," Jilani said. The indo-Pak bilateral cricket ties have snapped after the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks even though the two teams have come face to face in multi-team events such as the World Cup. The Pakistan Cricket Board is pushing hard for the resumption of ties but the BCCi is playing hardball citing the busy international schedule. A desperate Pakistan has even offered to host the indians on neutral turf given the perils of touring the strife-torn nation which is facing considerable revenue loss due to international teams' refusal to play there. No international team has played in Pakistan after the 2009 Lahore terror attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team during some of the visiting players were injured in firing by terrorists.

Misbah’s selection predicament

ternationals," the PCB said in a statement. The series starts with a one-day match in Sharjah followed by two other 50-over matches in Abu Dhabi on August 31 and in Sharjah on September 3. The three T20 matches will all be played in Dubai on September 5, 7 and 10. Pakistan has been a "no go" zone for international

prOgrAMMe: First one-day August 28 - Sharjah Second one-day August 31 - Abu Dhabi Third one-day September 3 - Sharjah First Twenty20 September 5 - Dubai Second Twenty20 September 7 - Dubai Third Twenty20 September 10- - Dubai

england rest Swann for final aussie one-dayers BIRMINGHAM Afp

England's Graeme Swann will miss the final two matches in the one-day series against Australia, allowing him to rest his sore bowling arm, national selector Geoff Miller said Thursday. Swann, a mainstay of the England side in all three international formats, will be replaced by fellow off-spinner James Tredwell in the squad for the concluding fixtures of a five-match series against Australia at Chester-le-Street and Manchester on Saturday and Tuesday respectively. England have also called up seamer Chris Waokes, drafted in for Wednesday's abandoned match against Australia at his Edgbaston home ground, where rain meant not one ball was bowled, while Jade Dernbach and Stuart Meaker attended the funeral of their former Surrey team-mate Tom Maynard. Dernbach will be unavailable for the final two matches as well because of a

side strain. Miller said team management had always intended to give Swann a break after the Edgbaston match, where the wash-out left England 2-0 up with two to play in a NatWest series they had to win 5-0 to replace Australia at the top of the one-day international rankings. Former England off-spinner Miller added the decision had been made with a view to Swann being fit for the upcoming three-Test series with South Africa, where England will put their world number one status on the line. "We had earmarked the fourth and fifth matches in this series as an opportunity to rest Graeme, regardless of the result at Edgbaston, because we have to consider our preparations for the investec Test series later this month," Miller said in an England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) statement. "Graeme has some pain in his elbow at the moment and we feel that an extra week's rest will allow his elbow to settle. "Chris Woakes replaces Jade Dernbach, who has been ruled

out with a side strain." All-rounder Samit Patel (Nottinghamshire) and batsman Jonathan Bairstow (Yorkshire) have been released for the Twenty20 match between their respective counties later Thursday. Bairstow will also be available for Yorkshire's 'Roses' clash away to archrivals Lancashire at Old Trafford on Friday and he and Patel will rejoin England in time for Saturday's fourth one-day international.

reVised eNglANd sQUAd Alastair Cook (capt), ian Bell, Jonathan Trott, Ravi Bopara, Eoin Morgan, Craig Kieswetter (wkt), Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad, Steven Finn, James Anderson, James Tredwell, Samit Patel, Chris Woakes, Jonathan Bairstow

reMAiNiNg fixTUres Jul 07: 4th ODi v Australia, Chesterle-Street (0945GMT) Jul 10: 5th ODi v Australia, Manchester (1300GMT)


The Pakistan Cricket Board officials are unsure about including Misbah-ul-Haq in the squad for the Twenty20 World Cup. The PCB’s indecisiveness over selection of the 30-man preliminary squad is believed to be affecting morale of the cricketers. PCB chief, Zaka Ashraf has, however, played down the selection dilemma, saying that the board will stick to its policy on the matter. According to an official close to the team, Mohammad Hafeez is striving to get his ‘friend’ back into the team. “Misbah has been desperate to make a T20 comeback since the day he was dropped. Both players have convinced the team management, including coach Dav Whatmore,” reports said. “Neither the selection committee, nor the PCB chairman, is keen to recall Misbah. The reason is clear — they want to move forward rather than going back,” the official added. While a report has suggested that Misbah has already booked his place following a request by Whatmore, a selector said the decision is still pending. “We haven’t finalised the list yet,” the selector said. “The selection committee cannot confirm the selection of Misbah or any other player in the preliminary squad as we are still working on finalising the list. Hafeez is likely to be retained as captain,” the selector added. “But the delay is creating problems since other senior cricketers also have captaincy in mind. Recently Shahid Afridi has also shown his availability as captain,” the selector said.

Angry Australia aim for hockey clean sweep LONDON Afp

Australia's men's team may be looking to hold all the sport's major titles by winning gold at the London Olympics but coach Ric Charlesworth was far from content as his team headed to the Games. He's complained about the pitch that will be used for the tournament and slammed what he believed is an unfair match schedule. And he insists reigning Olympic champions Germany could well defend their title after beating the Kookaburras in a warm-up competition. "if i did the odds now, i wouldn't have us as the favourites, i'd probably have Germany," Charlesworth told the Wall Street Journal. "At our best, we've got skilful, speedy, flexible players and a way of playing which allows us to get penetration but we're going to be competing against teams that have got antidotes to that." in multiple world player of the year Jamie Dwyer, Australia have a potential man of the tournament but Charlesworth is concerned the relatively recently laid blue and pink artificial pitch in the Olympic Park won't have been played in sufficiently before the Games. "The pitch is an issue," he said recently. "The ball bobbles a fair bit. it does-

n't reward skill." Meanwhile, Australia won an appeal over being handed three early morning starts in their group matches. Charlesworth was furious when the draw gave his team three 8:30am games, which he said would require players to wake up at 5:00am in a major disruption to their daily tournament routine. At the same time, Germany avoided the early time slot altogether in the oppo-

site group. Hockey Australia fired in an official protest and the Federation of international Hockey said it has re-scheduled Australia v Pakistan on August 7 from 8:30am to 10:45am. South Korea against the Netherlands will be switched to the earlier start. New Zealand appear to be timing their bid for Games glory in style after winning the prestigious Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia with a 1-0 victory over Argentina. The Black Sticks haven't won men's Olympic field hickey gold since 1976 and, although ranked seventh in the world to Australia's first, could pose a threat. "it is great to have won our first Sultan Azlan Shah Cup," said New Zealand coach Shane McLeod. "But we still have a fair bit of work to do before the Games start." Eight-times champions india return to Olympic Games hockey, having failed to qualify for Beijing four years ago, although, given the last of their gold medals came back in 1980, they are not expected to be on the podium in London. in the women's tournament, Argentina will hope to crown the brilliant career of seven times world player of the year Luciana Aymar, 'the Maradona of hockey', with a first Olympic gold.

"On the pitch she is magical and extra-terrestrial," said Argentina coach Carlos Retegui of Aymar. Defending champions the Netherlands have been impressive in recent warm-up events but Great Britain's women are being tipped to do well in front of their own fans after only narrowly losing the Champions Trophy final to hosts Argentina in Rosario in February. "We saw them in the Champions Trophy, where they were the best team there, and that is the level we expect we will see in London," said Hockeyroos coach Adam Commens. The British men, ranked four in the world, are also medal contenders although it will be asking a lot to match the gold medal won by the 1988 side in Seoul. Their opening match against Argentina takes place against the backdrop of the 30th anniversary of the war the countries fought over the Falkland islands, a British overseas territory in the South Atlantic. Argentina's Fernando Zylberberg caused controversy with a television advertisement that showed him training in the Falklands islands. "The video ended with the voiceover: "To compete on English soil, we are training on Argentine soil."

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Sports 16

Federations given 2 months to execute Sports Policy ISLAMABAD sTAff repOrT


iR Hazar Khan Bijrani, President Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) said on Thursday that the PSB Executive Committee have given a twomonth deadline to all its affiliated national sports federations to follow the Supreme Court judgment regarding the implementation of the National Sports Policy (NSP)2005. Addressing a press conference here at the Pakistan Sports

Board Media Center after presiding over the PSB Executive Committee meeting, Bijrani, who is also Federal Minister for inter Provincial Coordination (iPC), said that all units unanimously agreed on the implementation of SC verdict but some were opposing the criteria of its implementation. State Minister iPC, Malik Azmat Khan, Secretary iPC Anees-ul-Hasnain Moosvi and Director General (Tech &Training) PSB Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera were also present on the occasion. Bijrani said that the proceeding of the

meeting ran smoothly and the PSB was not willing to intervene in the affairs of national sports federations. The Federal Minister further said that in the special meeting all the representatives of various federations were given open opportunity to express their views regarding the implementing the SC verdict in true letter and sprit. ”We are sincere to support the federation for the implementation of NSP,” he maintained. He revealed that the House also constituted a four-member committee to re-

visit the 4Xi and 4iia clauses of the NSP to make necessary amendments. “Both DGs PSB, legal advisor of iPC and Deputy Secretary iPC will be the members of the committee,” he viewed. To a question regarding Pakistan Olympic Association (POA), as they are not affiliated with Pakistan Sports Board and the SC had clearly mentioned the verdict doesn't apply on POA, Bijrani said that PSB would impose the ruling of SC on its affiliated sports federations. But have asked for their (POA’s) opinion to convince us that they are an affiliated

Rogge backs Beckham Ramprakash retires Olympic snub LONDON Afp


international Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge supported the decision to omit David Beckham from the British football squad at the London Olympics in comments to CNN on Wednesday. Rogge said that it was British coach Stuart Pearce's job to select the best players to give the host squad its best chance for success when the London Olympic tournament kicks off later this month. "if the head coach decides not to field the player that's the end of it," Rogge said. "This is not an issue for sentiment. it's not an issue for nostalgia. it's about being the best athlete in the world in your own place, in your own sport." Rogge, 70, said he would have "loved" to have seen former England football captain Beckham, a major player in the bidding to bring the Games to London, on the field in the Olympics. "He has done a great job in bidding for the Games," Rogge said. "He has a great personality. He has a very likeable person. But it's the law of sport." Rogge said he plans to watch competition in all 26 sports on offer at London, looking forward to seeing a swim showdown between US stars Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte and the men's 100-meter athletics final on August 5. "i want to see the fight between Usain Bolt and Yohan

Blake in the sprint," Rogge said. Blake defeated Bolt, the reigning 100m and 200m Olympic champion and world recordholder, in both events at last weekend's Jamaican Olympic trials. A CHANCe fOr yOUNGSTerS TO PrOve IN ABSeNCe Of BeCkHAM: David Beckham's shock absence from the Olympic football tournament has provoked a storm of controversy, but Stuart Pearce's decision to axe the aging star means the young prodigies of Brazil, Spain and Britain will take their rightful place in the spotlight. Beckham was widely expected to make Great Britain's final squad as one of three over-age players, but the former Manchester United and Real Madrid icon last week received an unwanted call from coach Pearce to inform him that he hadn't made the cut. The 37-year-old LA Galaxy midfielder was left out to allow Pearce to select Manchester City defender Micah Richards as his third over-age player along with Welsh duo Ryan Giggs and Craig Bellamy. Beckham responded with a statement underlining his disappointment and it is believed leading figures in the British Olympic heirarchy including Lord Coe, who worked closely with the player during London's successful bid to host the event, were also unhappy that such a globally recognised figure would no longer be part of the Games.

100 detained over gambling in Malaysia kUALA LUMPUr: Malaysian police have detained 100 people in nationwide raids on international crime syndicates who bet millions of dollars on the Euro 2012 championship, reports said Thursday. Police conducted almost 150 raids across the country in May and June in collaboration with officials from China, Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore among other nations, crime investigation chief Bakri Zinin told local media. He said the suspects from five syndicates were involved in betting worth more than 49 million ringgit ($16 million) on European Football Championship matches and several computers and mobile phones were seized in the raids. Among those arrested were two Singaporeans and two indonesians, the reports in the New Straits Times and The Star quoted Bakri as saying. He could not be reached for comment. Football is hugely popular in Malaysia, but sports betting is illegal and those found guilty can be jailed. Afp

East lose to West Blues LAHORE sTAff repOrT

West Zone Blues U-19 has outplayed East Zone Whites U-19 by 10 wickets in the Regional inter District U-19 Cricket Event played at at iteefaq Hospital ground on Thursday. Resuming 81/0 West Zone Blues has made 274/8 in 70 overs. Earliest East Zone Whites has made 200 runs. West Zone Blues has got 74 runs lead in 1st innings. in the 2nd innings East Zone whites all out on 90 runs and gave 17 runs target to West Zone BLues to win the match. Fine bowling by Haider Ali and Waqar Ali was the main feature of the match Scores: West Zone Blues 274/8 in 70 overs 1st innings. Fahad Usman 92, Ameer Khan 48, Shehryar Waseem 51(no), Wahdat ALi Khan 26, Fahad Farooq 21. Ali Sultan 4/40, Salman Daood 2/41, M Qasim 2/81. East Zone Whites 90 all out in 40.3 overs in 2nd innings. Adnan Danish 35, M Qasim 20. Haider ALi 5/16, Waqar ALi 3/11, Qamber ALi Shah 2/17. West Zone BLues 20/0 in 2.5 overs. Ameer Khan 12(no), irfan ALi Qadir 8(no). Final Score: EAst Zone Whites 200, and 90. West Zone Blues 274/8, and 20/0 Scorer M Arif.

NOrTH ZONe WHITeS OUTPLAy eAST ZONe BLUeS: North Zone Whites U-19 has outplayed East Zone Blues U-19 by 9 wickets in the Regional inter District U-19 Cricket Event played at at LCCA ground on Thursday. Resuming North Zone Whites 122/1 has made 308/5 in 70 overs in 1st innings. So North Zone Whites has got 17 runs lead in 1st innings. in the 2nd innings East Zone BLues all out on 78 runs in 27.2 overs and gave 62 runs target to win the match to North Zone Whites. Fine century by Faraz Meer and Asad Qaiser and dashing bowling by Asfand Mehran (6/18)were the main feature of the match. Scores: North Zone Whites 308/5 in 70 overs in 1st innings. Faraz Meer 109, Asad Qaiser 111, M Mateen 26(no), Mubashar Saeed 13, Babar Arshad 19. Shehzad Mirza 2/38, Bilawal 1/83, Habib ALi HAssan 1/49, Mudasar Zaidi 1/44 East Zone Blues 78 all out in 27.2 overs in 2nd innings. Salman Shafiq 14, Mudasar Zaidi 13, Rehan Malik 11, HAbib ul hassan 10(No). Asfand MEhran 6/18, M Waleed 3/13, Aftab Azwar 1/10. North Zone Whites 65/1 in 14.5 overs. Babar Arshad 23(no), Arslan Bajwa 29, Mubashar Saeed 4 (No), Sharjeel Shahid ¼. Scorer Azhar Hussain.

Former England batsman Mark Ramprakash announced his retirement from cricket with immediate effect on Thursday. The 42-year-old, whose career started with Middlesex in 1987, made the decision after being dropped from the Surrey team earlier this season. "i'd like to formally announce my retirement from first-class cricket. i'd like to express how

lucky i feel to have had such a long career," said Ramprakash at a news conference at The Oval, Surrey's headquarters. Ramprakash, a prolific run scorer at first-class level, was unable to transfer his domestic form to the international stage with just two hundreds in 52 Tests. "i've been asked about regrets in my England career many times, but you do the best you can," he said. "i couldn't have trained any harder and i did the best i could at that time. i went through many ups and downs,

unit of the PSB or not,” he said. Bijrani further said, international Olympic Committee (iOC) and Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) had written a letter to iPC and expressed their concerns and warned government that Pakistan could be banned from taking part in the international sports if they would interfere in the affairs of the POA and national sports federations. However, the government has sent a joint secretary for consultations with the iOC in which Pakistan’s government point of view would be made clear,” he said.

but did have some highlights," Ramprakash added. But it was a different story during a 25-year first-class career that started at Middlesex before he moved across London to Surrey 11 years ago. He scored 35,659 runs in 461 first-class matches since his county debut and more than 13,000 in limited-overs cricket. However, Ramprakash, widely regarded as likely being the last man in cricket history to make 100 first-class hundreds because of the reduction in domestic fixtures.

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17 Sports PFF determined to promote football at grass roots level

Friday, 6 July, 2012

WIMBLEDON: Belarus's Victoria Azarenka plays a forehand shot during her women's singles semi-final match against US player Serena Williams. AFp

queTTA: Pervaiz Saeed Mir, director development & Competition PFF, and other official address a football seminar. STaff phOTO QUETTA sTAff repOrT

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has carried out 30 times more activities in last eight years as compared to the corresponding eight years of the old PFF set up. This was said by the Director Development & Competition PFF, Wing Cmdr Ž Pervaiz Saeed Mir during a seminar on “Football activity at District/Province level for Balochistan at Municipal Corporation Hall, Liaquat Park here in Quetta. The main purpose of this seminar was to help the provincial and and district football associations and clubs to carryout their own football activities like districts and provincial leagues, women leagues and youth activities. This was the fourth such seminar organized for the development of football in Balochistan and was attended by the presidents and general secretaries of all district associations of the province. Mir further said that in order to further speed up the activities, the PFF has decided in its September 17 meeting that in the next 4 years all the provincial and district associations must also generate the required financial and resources to hold football activities. The PFF authorities also addressed the problems raised by the participants like the improvement in governance, promotion of youth and female teams, improved training for young players, upgrading football facilities and establishing training centers. in the end, the participants came to the conclusion that provincial associations should take a step forward in football development and with the help of District Government, a well-coordinated plan should be made to solve all the problems, including the allocation of resources and the development of football venues.

British controversy overshadows Games prep LONDON Afp

An ugly selection controversy surrounding a British entrant into the Olympic Taekwondo competition has been dominating the news ahead of the London Games. Olympic hosts Britain created a furore by selecting Lutalo Muhammad, ranked 59th in the world, ahead of the world number one Aaron Cook in the under-80kg division. European champion Cook appealed the decision and took his case to the British Olympic Committee (BOA) while the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) also launched an investigation into the fiasco. The BOA has since ruled in British Taekwondo's favour and Cook, who considered legal measures against them, has been left in the lurch. The problem stems from the fact that there are eight weight divisions for both men and women in international compe-

tition but at the Olympics there are only half that number. it means fighters who usually fight at one weight have to try to change their category in Olympic year if they want to compete at the Games. On top of that, each country is only allowed to select fighters in half of the available categories, meaning that national team squads comprising eight men and women are whittled down to just two of each. Muhammad was ranked seven in the world at under-87kg after winning the Europeans in his division but rather than stepping up to heavyweight, he opted to come down to under-80kg and try to challenge Cook. However, with limited time competing in his new category and with the combination of two categories -- under-80kg and under-74kg -- for Olympic qualification, Muhammad is actually ranked 103rd in the official Games ranking list. British Taekwondo said they had a specific slection criteria and that Muham-

mad had earnt his spot, but overlooking the world number one for a man ranked outside the top 100 has not gone down well. "We are extremely disappointed by the way in which British Taekwondo's selection process has been conducted," Jean-Marie Ayer, the WTF secretary general, said in the statement. "Our main concern is always that every athlete is given fair and equal consideration." Cook and Muhammad have fought twice in the past, winning once each. South Korea, the country that created the sport, are by far the dominant force and have been since the inception of international competition in 1973. Their total of 152 gold medals at the World Championships is 40 more than everyone else put together. However, last year they won only two gold medals in the men's divisions compared to three from iran, a marked shift in power. it was the first time the men's team had ever been beaten at a world

championships. And only three years ago, the women's team lost for the first time too, having their results surpassed by China. South Korea's dominance has been far less acute at Olympic level due in no small part to the reduced field, which means each country can only field two men and two women. it means only two of iran's three world champions Alireza Nasr Azadani, Farzad Abdollahi and Yousef Karami will be allowed to attend whereas South Korea could send both their male world champions Lee Dae-Hoon and Jo Chol-Ho. France, for example, have two women's world champions but that is in the top two weight divisions, over-73kg and under-73kg. The top weight in the women's Olympic competition is over-67kg meaning Gwladys Epangue and Anne-Caroline Graffe would have been competing for the same spot but for the former's tuberculosis which has ruled her out of the Games.

Corinthians win Copa Libertadores for 1st time SAO PAULO Afp

AACHeN: German dressage rider kristina Sprehe competes in the CdiO Grand Prix at the World equestrian Festival CHiO. The CHiO, the last major equestrian event before the London Olympics, takes place from July 03 to 08. afp

Brazil's Corinthians won the Copa Libertadores for the first time, defeating Argentina's Boca Juniors 2-0 in the second leg of the final before an ecstatic home crowd of 40,000 late Wednesday. The Corinthians prevailed 3-1 on aggregate as the two teams drew the first leg 1-1 in Buenos Aires last month. Striker Emerson scored twice in the second half (in the 54th minute and the 72nd), denying Boca Juniors a seventh continental crown in their tenth appearance in the final of South America's elite club competition. The Sao Paulo side had never previously gone past the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores. But they won plaudits this year by beating Neymar-inspired holders Santos 2-1 on aggregate in the last four. The Corinthians,

the reigning Brazilian champions, coached by Tite, also beat Vasco da Gama in the quarter-finals and did not lose a game on their run to the final. Their historic win sparked scenes of wild jubilation by tens of thousands of fans both inside the Paceambu stadium and throughout this huge metropolitan area of 20 million people. Amid exploding fireworks, Captain Alessandro lifted the trophy and passed it on to his colleagues before they all set off on a victory lap as die-hard supporters danced and chanted: "The Cup is ours!" and "We are the champions!" "it's great to be here, to wear this jersey," said a beaming Emerson. "We are going to celebrate now. We have to celebrate a lot. We deserve it. We don't have a star, but we are a very strong team and Emerson had an exceptional night," said Paulinho.

SAO PAuLO: Romarinho of brazil's Corinthians holds the Copa Libertadores trophy after their victory against Argentina's boca Juniors during their Copa Libertadores 2012 second leg final match at Pacaembu stadium. afp

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Friday, 6 July, 2012

Sports 18

When Serena is on song, opponent does’nt matter at Wimbledon ALI AkBAR


UST as we were running out of superlatives for Serena Williams in the second singles semifinal, that Victoria Azarenka broke Serena's serve to come back on level terms at 3-3 in the second set, first set to Serena. it was level pegging into the tie break with Azarenka gaining some ascendancy in the baseline rallies. But in the end it was the Serena serve, perhaps the most mechanically efficient ever in the women's game, that did the trick. On match point for Serena, ace down the center line. in all Serena served 24 aces, averaging two a game. it is hard to remember a match where such a high percentage of aces have been hit. And then there were the service winners and blistering ground strokes. When Serena Williams plays, the opponent ceases to matter. if Serena is on her game, as she was in most of today's semifinal, no player in tennis history can stay with her. in the other semifinal, the crafty Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland was too consistent for her good friend Angelique Kerber. Kerber had played an incredible match to defeat Sabine Lisicki in the quarters and that long match may have had a lingering effect on her semifinal performance. Kerber led 3-1 in the first set but Radwanska then broke back and pulled away with some error free tennis. The final between Serena and Radwanska will depend entirely on how Serena Williams serves. if her serves are going in and her ground

Lodhi top National Chess standings

strokes are finding their range, then Radwanska's role may be reduced to that of a spectator. The Polish girl is going to have to stay with Serena and hope that the American cools down and then reel her in with her crafty ground game. But Radwanska's serve is weak and could be attacked by Serena. With Serena playing as she did today, it should be straight sets for the American. There are a couple of intriguing semi finals in store on Friday. Roger Federer plays Novak Djokovic while England's Andy Murray carries his countrymen's hopes against the likeable Frenchman Jo Wilfried Tsonga. Tsonga was impressive as he cruised past Phillip Kohlschreiber in four sets. He has found maturity and self

Radwanska reaches first Wimbledon final LONDON



sTAff repOrT

Agnieszka Radwanska became the first Polish Grand Slam finalist for 73 years as the world number three cruised to a 6-3, 6-4 win over Germany's Angelique Kerber in the Wimbledon semi-finals on Thursday. Radwanska's first appearance in a Grand Slam final emulates the achievement of compatriot Jadwiga Jedrzejowska, who reached the French Championships final in 1939. The 23-year-old -- a Wimbledon junior champion in 2005 -- will play fourtime champion Serena Williams or world number two Victoria Azarenka in Saturday's final. Radwanska deserved her moment of glory on Centre Court after a remarkably composed 70-minute display in her first major semi-final and she could yet leave London as both Wimbledon champion and the new world number one. Deploying a consistent counterpunching game, Radwanska made just six unforced errors compared to 14 from the more aggressive but unfocused Kerber,

Defending champion Mahmood Ahmed Lodhi has made to the top of the National Chess Championships standings with six points at the end of the sixth round here at a local hotel on Thursday. The international master from Punjab defeated National Master Anwar Qureshi of Sindh in 39 moves of the match that lasted just two hours. Lodhi, who represented Pakistan in Chess Olympiad, had earlier defeated Raees Ahmed Ansari of Sindh in the fifth round after a mere 23-move match. The unfancied M Ayub of Punjab, meanwhile, jumped to the second spot on the table after he defeated Anwar Qureshi. On the women’s side, titleholder Nida Mishraz and Zenobia Wasif jointly share the lead with three points. sTANdiNgs: Men’s Mahmood Ahmed Lodhi 5, Mohammad Ayub (Punjab) 4.5 Anwar qurshi (Sindh) 4, Haseeb Ahmed (Sindh) umer khan Amjad Hafeez bajwa (both Punjab) dr Naeem Mirza Wahaab Ahmed Waqar Ahmed Madni (Punjab). Women: Nida Mishraz (Sindh) and zebibua Wasif (Sindh).

WiMbLedON: uS player Serena Williams plays a double-handed backhand shot to belarus's victoria Azarenka during the 2012 Wimbledon Championships semi-final. afp

belief ever since he held four match points against Djokovic at the French Open. His game and his temperament is steadier and allied to his natural power and athleticism, could be irresistable for Murray. Murray struggled to get past David Ferrer in the quarters and is in the semis for the third year in a row. He would dearly hope to go one better. The last Englishman to reach the Wimbledon finals was Bunny Austin in 1938 and the last to win was Fred Perry in 1936. This weight of history will be on Murray's shoulders as he steps on the center court tomorrow. in yesterday's post match interview, Roger Federer denied there being any tension between him and Novak Djokovic. He blamed the press for turning a small issue into a montain. But relations between the two are civil but not necessarily warm and there could be sparks on the court. Djokovic trails 14-12 in their meetings but has won six of the last seven. This is the first time they are playing on grass. Roger should have the edge but he seems to have developed a mental block against Nadal and Djokovic. He will have to bring his best game on court if he is to beat the top seed. Should federer win and then go on to win the title, he will be number one in the world. Aisam Qureshi generated some controversy following his Mixed Doubles loss in the second round. He and Hlavackova were upset by Fleming and Hsieh in a three set match on court 18. Following the match, Aisam refused to shake hands with the umpire and sat around even when the umpire and all the other players had is not known what provoked this uncharacteristic behavior.

WiMbLedON: Agnieszka Radwanska celebrates her semi-final victory over Angelique kerber during the 2012 Wimbledon Championships. afp who had been attempting to become the first German woman to reach a Grand Slam final since Steffi Graf at Wimbledon in 1999. "i'm so happy, it's amazing. i

played very good today," Radwanska said. "it's always tough against Angie. We are very good friends but of course on court we were both fighting for the final. "i think we were both a bit nervous in the beginning, your hand is shaking a bit, but after a couple of games i relaxed. "This is what i dreamed of since i was a kid. Everyone wants to reach a Grand Slam final. it is the best two weeks of my career." Radwanska's victory over Maria Kirilenko in the quarter-finals had ended four years of frustration after she suffered last eight losses at Wimbledon in 2008 and 2009 and three defeats at the same stage of the Australian Open. With that burden erased from her mind, Radwanska was able to play with freedom against eighth seed Kerber -once she recovered from an early break in the third game. Radwanska immediately retrieved that break and then broke for a 5-3 lead thanks to a pair of crucial Kerber miscues on the backhand side. The Pole closed out the set with a blistering ace that left Kerber rooted to the spot.

WAtCh it LivE STAR SPORTS Wimbledon Tennis 04:00PM

from Athens to London 2Nd OlyMpiC gAMes iN 1900

VeNUe: Paris, France dATes: May 14 to October 28, 1900 NUMBers Of spOrTs: 17 (95 events) NUMBers Of NATiONs: 24 NUMBers Of pArTiCipANT: 997 (975 men & 22 women) yOUNgesT gOld MedAlisT: unknown boy (France) aged about seven years in Rowing OldesT MedAlisT: eugene Mougin (France) aged 47 years and 193 days in shooting

fiNAl MedAls TAlly: COUNTry France united States Great britain Mixed team Switzerland belgium Germany italy Australia denmark Holland Hungary Cuba Canada Sweden Austria Norway Czechoslovakia india TOTAl

g 26 19 15 6 6 5 4 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 88

s 41 14 6 3 2 5 2 2 0 3 2 2 1 3 2 1 2 87

TriViA: The united States runner Fred Lorz finished first in the Marathon in the 1904 Olympics at St Louis but later admitted that he took a car ride for approximately 11 miles of the 25-mile race. Charlotte Cooper (britain) was the first woman to take the title of Olympic champion. We are not talking of gold medals as they were not yet awarded at these Games. Many countries won the first medal in their history in Paris Olympics, e.g. Spain, italy, Norway, the Netherlands, and even Cuba, india and Mexico. Norman Pritchard competed in four events for india in the Paris Olympics, the 100 and 200 metres and the 110 hurdles and the now discontinued 200 metres hurdles. He claimed silver in 200 metres with a time of 22.8 seconds. Pritchard claimed his second silver in the 200-metre hurdles. He finished behind American Alvin kraenzlein with a time of 26.6 seconds. Alvin kraenzlein (united States) won the 60m, the 110m hurdles and 200m hurdles, and the long jump. His record of four individual victories at one Games still stands for a track and field athlete. With the French rugby team, Frantz Reichel won the Olympic title, successfully dominating Great britain and Germany. This journalist and accomplished sportsman (boxer, gymnast, athlete and fencer) later became Secretary General of the Organizing executive Committee for 1924 Paris Olympics officially known as Games of the viii Olympiad. in the 1900 Paris Olympics, cricket was played as well but after the withdrawal of Netherlands and belgium only one match was played between the hosts France and Great britain. Great britain won that match even thought still that cricket match has no first class status.

QUiZ: Q: When was Hockey introduced in Olympic Games? A. 1908 Q: Why were Germany and Japan missing at the London Olympics in 1948? A. Germany and Japan being defeated nations, were not invited Q: Which country won all five Tennis titles in the 1924 Games at Paris ? A. united States Q: How many countries took part in the second Olympic Games in 1900 at Paris ? A. Twenty four Q: Who holds the men’s 100 metres record in Olympics? A. usain bolt (Jamaica)

Federer, Djokovic poised for epic first grass clash LONDON Afp

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer have met 26 times, but Friday's potentially epic Wimbledon semi-final will be a first clash on grass in their rollercoaster, sixyear rivalry. Defending champion Djokovic has won the pair's last three meetings, in straight sets on clay this year in Rome and in the semi-finals of the French Open. Those wins followed a morale-sapping semi-final loss for Federer at the US Open where the Serb, for the second successive year, saved match points before driving another dagger into the great Swiss. Both men go into Friday's clash having racked up impressive numbers. Djokovic, the US Open,

Australian Open and Wimbledon champion, is in a ninth successive Grand Slam semi-final and has played in four of the last finals at the majors. Federer is in a record 32nd semi-final of a Grand Slam. On paper, the grass of Centre Court should favour Federer, the six-time champion desperate to equal the record seven set by Pete Sampras. But the 16time Grand Slam title winner is playing down the significance of the surface. "Things are not that drastic of a change anymore from clay, hard court, indoor, to grass. But it is interesting that this is our first grass court match," said Federer. "i'm just happy that i'm around further than i've been the last couple of years. So it's been a good tournament

for me. it gives me confidence going into a big match against Novak." feDerer TArGeTS GOLD AT WIMBLeDON: Roger Federer has set his sights on crowning his remarkable record at Wimbledon by winning Olympic gold on his favourite grass courts. For the second time, and the first since the 1908 London Games, Wimbledon will play host to an Olympic tennis tournament, comprising men's and women's singles, as well as doubles and mixed doubles. While Great Britain's athletes and competitors will enjoy home advantage during the Games, even they will struggle to match the levels of familiarity and comfort Federer enjoys at the All England Club.

B 34 14 9 3 1 5 2 0 3 2 3 2 1 1 3 3 2 89

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Shahbaz pampers NLC with monopoly, jacked up rates LAHORE



UNJAB Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s penchant for all things military – in this particular instance National Logistics Cell, for short NLC – is bleeding the province’s exchequer. But the CM’s instructions sustain: NLC has to have a monopoly on all big-ticket, high-value infrastructure work in the province, never mind even if it costs an arm and a leg more than the civilian contractors – who actually end up executing it. Since everything military costs more – not unlike most countries all over the world – the NLC’s price tag is predictably higher – by a considerable margin. The CM knows it well, but he still has to have his way. And that translates into, Pakistan Today has learnt on good authority, the NLC rates jacked up by 15 per cent. And what does the

NLC do afterwards? it sublets almost all its work to private contractors! Only if the Punjab government invited bids and created a level playing field instead of handing hegemony to NLC, it would save it billions of rupees which could be used for what these were intended: the public benefit. Explaining how the market price is set, a senior officer on condition of anonymity said that estimates are collected from the Public Works Department executive engineers and sub-divisional officers (these rates are already inflated in any case since kickbacks have to be factored in) and are passed on to the finance department, which counter checks and approves. “The finance department rate is the benchmark and a contractor can bid higher but up to 4.5 percent and as low as it deems fit. But in case the bid is lower, the government locks the contractor through surety bonds to make sure it doesn’t renege later,” the official added. But here the CM has used

his discretion, and not just offered all major contracts to the NLC on a platter but at rates 15 per cent above the approved benchmark – for no obvious benefit. it just doesn’t stop here: other ‘relaxations available exclusively to the NLC’ are indeed fabulous too. One, the mandatory 6.5 per cent at source income tax is not deducted. Two, in case equipment not displayed on the finance department website is employed, an additional 4.25 per cent is dished out. Three, unlike civilian contractors, the NLC does not have to deposit 10 per cent security. The major projects given to the NLC recently include: the widening of the canal bank road costing around Rs1.6 billion, the Kalma Chowk Flyover at Rs2.7 billion, the Muslim Town flyover at Rs3.7 billion, Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi at Rs4 billion. Even the Lahore Ring Road which was initially given to private contractors through the highways department was later handed over to the NLC. interestingly, the NLC

sublet all the aforementioned projects to private contractors – who have all previously worked directly with the Punjab government on several projects. it might just be a coincidence but there is a monopoly within the monopoly. The NLC sublet all its aforementioned projects (together worth Rs12 billion, excluding the Lahore Ring Road) to one contractor – Habib Constructions. The latter, along with two others, built the Kasur-bound Ferozepur Road after Hussnain Cotex and Ecowest were blacklisted over delays. The Superintending Engineer Highways, Lahore Circle, Sabir Khan Sadozai says, “The NLC is preferred over civilian contractors owing to its reliability. We want to avoid the Ferozepur Road-like situations where a contractor flees, leaving us in the lurch. The NLC is huge and responsible – and can make up for a delay or a mishap.” The critics of the policy maintain that the SE’s justification implies that the NLC has grown bigger than the Punjab government itself.

“if the NLC can keep its sublet contractors on the straight and narrow, why can’t the Punjab government do the same? That when previously these contractors have satisfactorily worked with it, and it would save billions given to the NLC over the top,” the detractors question. Then there is the curious case of an NLC project collapsing quite spectacularly. instead of the NLC being held responsible as the principal contractor after the Harbanspura Bridge collapse on the Lahore Ring Road, the owner of the sublet Khalid Rauf & Co. was arrested and proceeded against. “According to the agreement, the main contractor – here the NLC – is responsible for any accident or mishap, and the government has nothing to do with the subcontractor. But since the NLC is not required to deposit any security and more than a year had gone by, the NLC went scot free, leaving the hapless civilian contractor to cop the consequences,” the highway department insiders claim.

naTO trucks cross border after blockade ends CHAMAN Afp

New delHi: foreign secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani speaks to journalists as his indian counterpart ranjan Mathai looks on during a joint press conference on Thursday. afp

ydA says strike not over yet LAHORE App

The Young Doctors Association on Thursday announced to resume work in emergency departments of three cardiac hospitals in Punjab. Speaking at a press conference, a representative of YDA Punjab Dr Amir Banday Shah said as the Punjab government had released all arrested doctors, YDA had decided to start work in emergency departments of Punjab institute of Cardiology (PiC), Faisalabad institute of Cardiology (FiC) and Multan institute of Cardiology (MiC). However, the strike in OPDs of all hospitals across Punjab would continue until the announcement of service structure by the Punjab government, he added. To a question about rulings of the Supreme Court that doctors fell under the compulsory service act and could not strike, he said everyone had the right to strike for his rights in a democratic country, but he could not comment about the specific law. He said if the Punjab government released four doctors of Mayo hospital who were arrested on charges of murder, the YDA would call off its strike in emergency departments of all Punjab hospitals. He said negotiations were underway with the Punjab government that might bring some positive results.

no light at the end of the tunnel NEWS DESk Frequent power outages are taking a toll on businesses across Pakistan, Al Jazeera said in a report published on Thursday. Most businesses and households go without electricity for at least 12 hours a day, making life extremely difficult. “The power goes off for one hour and then comes back for an hour,” Ali, a tailor explains. “So it is every other hour that we are without power. And on Sundays it goes for three hours at a stretch,” he told Al Jazeera. Ali said he relied on a generator to keep things running, but at a cost of roughly $125 a month. He cannot afford to run it as regularly as he would need to keep his business ticking over. The cost, he said, would be much greater if he kept the air conditioner running. But, he explains: “For me that is not an option; it is an expense that i cannot bear.” “When i have to ask my six to seven workers to stay back to finish the customers’ orders that we have, i have to order food for them and keep the generator and electricity going for longer.” “i can neither say no to the customers, nor can i always deliver. i don’t see a way out of it. We can barely make ends meet. We can’t run the sewing machines without electricity and in the evening, without lights, we cannot even cut the fabric because it is difficult to see.”

Despite the difficulty, Ali admits he is among the luckier ones. The situation is much worse in rural areas, where outages last for 16 to 20 hours a day. The electrical hide and seek makes it impossible to plan work. Over the past couple of years, the situation has deteriorated dramatically and the shortfall has soared to 7,000 megawatts. in 2010, power outages did take place and could last for up to four hours at a time - but they were monthly occurrences with advanced notice, enabling people to plan their lives around them. “Now, small business owners report a 50 percent reduction in revenue over the past two years,” the report said. The country’s power crisis might have reached the tipping point, but the factors behind it have been brewing for the past two decades. One of the key reasons is unpaid electricity bills: provincial and federal governments often fail to pay their dues despite being the biggest consumers. “Then there is the matter of electricity theft, in which some residential and commercial consumers bribe staff at the power companies in order to receive an unlimited supply. This, in turn, affects the supply to other households and businesses that must effectively pay the bill for those who do not,” Al Jazeera said.

The first trucks supplying NATO troops in Afghanistan crossed the border from Pakistan on Thursday after islamabad ended a sevenmonth blockade. Pakistan closed overland routes for NATO convoys into its war-torn neighbour after a botched US air raid in November killed 24 Pakistani soldiers at a border post, plunging ties between the “war on terror” allies to a new low. Following a bitter sevenmonth standoff, islamabad agreed to reopen the routes on Tuesday after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said sorry for the airstrike deaths. Three trucks loaded with mineral water were cleared to enter Afghanistan from the Chaman border post in Balochistan on Thursday, Chaman district customs official Abdul Razaq imran told AFP. “Three NATO containers parked in customs house Chaman for the last seven months have crossed into Afghanistan from the Chaman border,” he said. “We cleared their documents and allowed them to cross the border after we received a letter from the Federal Board of Revenue about the restoration of the NATO supply.” Malik Hukam Dad, an official from Pakistan’s Federal investigation Agency at Chaman, said three trucks had been cleared and two had already crossed the border. The majority of trucks for the NATO convoys have spent the past seven months standing idle in the Arabian Sea port of Karachi. Officials there said it was likely to be several days before they set off as measures to protect the containers from attack by Taliban

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militants were still being worked out. “The security situation is very bad so we cannot take any risks. We will be providing every possible security to the NATO truckers,” said Sharfuddin Memon, a senior Sindh home department official. The Pakistani Taliban have vowed to attack NATO supply trucks, and haulage associations have voiced fears for the safety of their drivers. Ehsanullah Ehsan, spokesman for the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), said the militants would strike at the convoys “with a new spirit and more effective strategy to destroy them”. The Defence Council of Pakistan, a coalition of rightwing and extremist religious groups, has called for countrywide protests against the NATO convoys. Rana Mohammad Aslam, vice president of the All Pakistan Goods Carrier Association, said that in view of the threats, truckers were installing tracking systems in their vehicles and taking other security measures. The land routes into Afghanistan are vital as the United States and its NATO allies withdraw troops and equipment built up in Afghanistan since the 2001 invasion. The blockade had forced the United States and its allies to rely on longer, more expensive northern routes through Central Asia, Russia and the Caucasus, costing the US military about $100 million a month, according to the Pentagon. As part of the deal to open the routes, which followed months of negotiations, Washington will release about $1.1 billion to the Pakistani military from a US “coalition support fund” designed to reimburse Pakistan for the cost of counterinsurgency operations.

e-paper pakistantoday 06th july, 2012  

e-paper pakistantoday 06th july, 2012