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pMl-n to move na for all parties’ Commission on Balochistan, says nisar

india tells un jammu and kashmir is its ‘integral part’

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tuesday, 2 october, 2012 dhual-Qi’da 14, 1433

Rs 15.00 Vol iii no 96 19 pages islamabad — peshawar edition

Man killed, several injured as sindhis protest splGo

protester killed as police fire on crowd to disperse people g

several vehicles torched as shutter-down, wheel jam strike observed in all districts of sindh except karachi g


HYDERABAD: Activists of Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party damage a government billboard during a protest against the approval of the Sindh People’s Local Government Bill 2012 by the provincial assembly on Monday. inp

Taliban offer protection to Imran Khan

Opp up in arms as Sindh Assembly passes LG Ord g

tragedies of Dhaka, one unit recalled as ppp-dominated Sindh assembly approves controversial bill KARACHI ISMAIL DILAwAR

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has offered to provide security to Imran Khan for his party’s proposed rally in Waziristan, The Daily Telegraph reported on Monday. Senior Taliban commanders said a recent meeting headed by the group’s leader Hakimullah Mehsud set aside earlier instructions to send suicide bombers to assassinate the former allrounder. Instead the group noted Khan’s strident opposition to US drone strikes against militants in its territory as it reversed course to offer security assistance. A spokesmen said: “We are ready to provide them security if they need. We endorse Imran Khan’s plea that drone strikes are against our sovereignty,” he said. “The anti-drone rallies should have been taken out by the religious leaders long ago but Imran had taken the lead and we wouldn’t harm him or his followers.” At a press conference, Khan said he had been promised the support of local tribes but was worried the government was opposed to allowing foreign peace campaigners and journalists to attend. “We feel no threat from any side but feel threatened by the forces which have been playing politics on this issue,” he said. “The government should take steps to provide security to the media persons, who would be covering the every bit of the proposed peace march.” neWS DeSK


ONDAy saw the Sindh Assembly up in an earsplitting bedlam as the Pakistan People’s Party coalition partners minced no words to oppose the Sindh People’s Local Government Ordinance (SPLGO) 2012, calling it a black law being passed overnight against the will of the people of Sindh. A majority of 149-strong Sindh Assembly supported the bill, while 18 members from the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F), National People’s Party (NPP), Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) and the Awami National Party (ANP) opposed it. As soon as Speaker Nisar Khuhro called the hurriedly-called session to order, PPP’s coalition partners from PML-F, PML-Q, Pakistan Muslim League-LM, NPP and ANP stood up and started shouting slogans against the SPLGO 2012. Sporting black armbands, the opponents of the ordinance tore copies of the orders of the day, chanted slogans against what they called a “black law” and later boycotted the sitting to stage a sit-in outside the Assembly Building. Jam Madad Ali Khan of the PML-F first confronted the speaker over his side’s long pending request for allotment of seats on opposition benches. The speaker said he could not allot the seats unless the Sindh governor ap-

LONDON: President Asif Zardari shakes hands with Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain before a meeting on Monday. Story on page 02 proved their resignations and all applicable rules took their course. PPP stalwarts like Finance Minister Murad Ali Shah, Senior Education Minister Pir Mazharul Haq, Food Minister Nadir Magsi, Law Minister Ayaz Soomro and Information Minister Sharjeel Memon one after another engaged in verbal clashes with the sloganeers, only to enrage the opposition members who sat on the floor of the House in protest. The speaker repeatedly called upon the protesting lawmakers to record their protest at their seats in line with parliamentary rules, but in vain. At one point, Shehryar Meher of the PML-

Q went to his seat to speak but found his microphone switched off. PML-F lawmaker Nusrat Seher Abbasi, backed by party member Marvi Rashdi and ANP’s Amanullah Mehsud, kept shouting “ordinance ka jo yar hay ghaddar hay ghaddar hay”. However, after heated debates and an ear-splitting rumpus in the House, the PPP and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), who form a majority, passed the disputed ordinance into law “unanimously”. The ordinance was tabled by the Sindh law minister. Continued on page 04

A man died and several others were injured across Sindh on Monday as the province went on a shutter down strike to protest the promulgation of Sindh People’s Local Government Ordinance (SPLGO) and a prolonged delay in the investigation of the murder of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) chairman Bashir Ahmed Qureshi. The death of a protester came when police opened aerial fire to disperse an unruly mob protesting against the SPLGO in Nawabshah. The city, like several others, remained completely shut during the day on a call given by Sindhi nationalist parties against the controversial bill, which was passed by the Sindh Assembly with majority on Monday. A large number of political activists and citizens took to streets across Sindh, chanting slogans against the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). Police fired teargas shells in several areas to disperse the mobs and was pelted with stones in return by the protestors. Police opened aerial firing on a crowd in Nawabshah, killing a worker of Jeay Sindh Quami Mahaz (JSQM). He was identified as 18-year-old Khadim Khaskheli. The angry protestors went on a rampage and attacked the police and rangers, forcing them to retreat. They also set on fire the airport police station. JSQM Central Vice Chairman Dr Niaz Kalani said police opened unprovoked fire and killed their activist and injured seven others. He said the party would hold peaceful protests in the entire province against the killing on October 3. The remaining parts of the province also witnessed a shutter-down and wheel jam strike. A complete strike was observed in Tando Mohammad Khan, Dadu, Khairpur, Jamshoro and Mirpurkhas, where traffic on the roads remained close to nil. Educational institutions and private offices also remained closed to express solidarity with the protestors. Sindh University, Mehran University and Liaquat Medical University in Jamshoro also remained shut for the day. However, the situation in Karachi remained per routine. Enraged people torched a school bus near Degree College in Sukkur, a trailer in Tando Mohammad Khan and a tanker full of crude oil near Gharo. Crackers also exploded in various areas of Khairpur, terrorizing the residents. The nationalist parties also staged rallies, sit-ins and token hunger strikes during the day. Awami Tehreek leader Ayaz Latif Palijo went on hunger strike in Hyderabad along with dozens of party workers. The Sindh Assembly on Monday approved a bill for creation of metropolitan corporations in five divisions of the province – Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Sukkur and Larkana. All 18 towns of Karachi have been restored while all tehsils and talukas of Sindh have been made towns. The decision drew widespread condemnation from nationalists and other parties, including the ANP, PML-F, PTI, PML-N and JI.

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British computer expert bids to halt US extradition

infOTainmenT Pedestrian gets head trapped in rubbish bin

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Zardari and Altaf discuss political scenario, SPLGO LONDON: President Asif Ali Zardari and Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain met in London on Monday and discussed crucial issues, including the current security situation and the deadlock over the Sindh People’s Local Government Ordinance 2012. The two leaders also discussed the political situation in Pakistan with a special focus on issues pertaining to Sindh, as well as the Balochistan and dual nationality issue. The president arrived in London on a private trip following a visit to US where he attended a meeting of United Nations General Assembly. Sources said the president, also the co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, discussed possible electoral alliance in the coming election with Altaf. NNI

MQM demands introduction of LG system in other provinces as well ISLAMABAD: The MQM on Monday termed the passage of the local bodies’ ordinance from the Sindh Assembly a rejection of the system introduced by former dictator Gen Ziaul Haq. The party also demanded the government introduce the system in other provinces as well. Talking exclusively to Pakistan Today at the Parliament House, MQM Senator Col (r) Tahir Hussain Mashhadi said voting on the local bodies ordinance in Sindh Assembly was a choice between the systems given by Gen Ziaul Haq and one introduced by Gen Pervez Musharraf. “And the representatives of the people of Sindh in the Sindh Assembly have rejected the system introduced by the Gen Ziaul Haq,” he said. Mashhadi said those who say new local bodies ordinance was the system given by another former dictator should correct themselves as the representatives of the Sindhi nation had amended and transformed his system into their own format keeping in view the interest of the people. The MQM senator was of the view that the local bodies system was an internationally recognized system that was being practiced in many developed countries, as it was considered to be a system that could deliver directly to the people. He said local bodies always remained a pillar of democracy. To a question, he said the opposition of the local bodies system and the ordinance by the ANP did not matter as eth ANP had only two members in the Sindh Assembly. Calling the passage of the particular ordinance a historic event, Mashhadi said 99 percent of Sindhi representatives had balloted in favour of the ordinance and 159 votes of the total 174 were in support of the new ordinance. The MQM senator demanded the government introduce and enforce this local bodies system in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan as well. ANwER ABBAS

Forces kill 7 militants after losing soldier in roadside blast KALAYA: At least seven militants were killed in a retaliatory offensive after a landmine blast claimed the life of a soldier and injured two others in Orakzai Agency on Monday. According to details, a patrol van of the security forces was hit by a landmine in the Mamozai area of Upper Orakzai. The vehicle was destroyed in the blast, leaving one soldier dead and two wounded. The injured troops were rushed to a nearby hospital. After the blast, the security forces started an operation in several areas of Mamozai and bombarded the suspected militant hideouts with heavy artillery. During the action, two hideouts were destroyed and seven suspected militants were killed. INP

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

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PML-F ministers, advisers ordered to submit resignations KARACHI ONLINE

Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) President Pir Pagara has ordered his party’s ministers and advisers in the Sindh government to submit their resignations to the governor. Sources said that Pagara had decided to sit in the opposition in Sindh Assembly following his party’s opposition to the Local Government (LG) Ordinance promulgated by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). The PPP’s allies in Sindh Assembly, including the PML-F, PML-Q, National People’s Party and the Awami National Party (ANP), had opposed the LG Ordinance. The PML-F decided to go in the opposition camp after rejecting the ordinance. PML-F Sindh General Secretary Imtiaz Sheikh said his party’s provincial ministers and advisors would act upon the directives of the party leader. He said that in the first stage, provincial ministers including Jam Madad Ali and Dr Rafiq, and advisors including Imtiaz Sheikh and Imamuddin, would submit their resignations. According to the PML-F spokesman, the governor refused to accept the resignations of PML-F members in addition to those from the National People’s Party and the PML-Q. The provincial ministers from the abovementioned parties had immediately presented their resignations before the Sindh chief minister. However, in the absence of any action regarding acceptance or rejection of the resignations, the PML-F president directed Sheikh to immediately hand over the resignations to the Sindh governor.

KARACHI: Opposition members of the Sindh Assemly protest against the Local Government Ordinance during the assembly session on Monday. online

Parliamentary technicalities lurking as controversy deepens KARACHI STAff REPORT

Parliamentary technicalities appear to be the major reason for a weeks-long confrontation between the PPP-led proponents and PML-Fled opponents of the Sindh People Local Government Ordinance 2012 (SPLGO 2012), the disputed piece of law that turned the Sindh Assembly into a fish market on Monday. As opposition parties including the PMLF, the PML-Q, the PML likeminded, the ANP and the NPP went on an unprecedented rampage in the provincial legislature against the SPLGO 2012, their counterparts in the PPP enjoyed referring to technical grounds on which the opposition supported the ordinance they dubbed as a “black law”. “Technically, I can say, they themselves got the ordinance passed by not sitting on their (allotted) seats despite my repeated requests,” Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Khuhro told reporters after Monday’s session. The PPP stalwart said he had been asking the opposition side throughout the assembly proceedings to bring their grievances, or amendments for that matter, on record by

going back to their seats, but to no avail. “They did not bring their grievances on record,” Khuhro lamented. He said he did not buy the impression that the “anti-Sindh” law was formulated overnight and then passed in the provincial legislature within minutes by the PPP and the MQM without taking other stakeholders on board. “I don’t buy this. We have several past examples when the assembly session was summoned on a one-day notice. Some of them were then the sitting ministers why did not they object,” he asked. On the other hand, the opposition parties felt that the PPP had tricked them using “parliamentary techniques” like not putting their proposed pieces of legislation on the orders of the day for Monday. Asked to respond to Khuhro’s reference to technical mistakes committed by his side during Monday’s sitting, Arif Mustafa Jatoi of the NPP termed the impression misleading. “Incorrect,” he told Pakistan Today. The NPP leader said he had submitted a resolution to reject the SPLGO 2012 that was never included on the agenda for Monday’s sitting.

“It was not even put on the agenda. A violation of assembly rules,” said Jatoi. Jatoi claimed to have submitted the resolution two weeks ago. “It should have been listed in assembly agenda. It being taken up or not is a secondary issue”. Reasoning the PPP’s alleged manoeuvring of the parliamentary techniques, the NPP leader said his move was not listed on the agenda because “I would have (then) asked for voting by division and the PPP and the MQM would have been walking out the same door”. Referring to another technicality, the NPP lawmaker said the speaker had himself gone against the “parliamentary tradition” by not responding positively to his side’s application for the allotment of opposition benches. “We have also applied for opposition seats which the speaker is bound to comply with but he is refusing again against the parliamentary tradition,” he said. Asked to what extent his side might be going in opposition to the disputed ordinance, Jatoi said next on his side’s agenda was “to get us seats on the opposition side”.

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Amy Adams: weddings are waste of money

PM still hopeful of some Russian love

west Indies oust NZ in dramatic Super Over

eDiTOrial waziristan march: Risking lives to save lives?

cOmmenT Arif Ansar says; A new world vision: “To be determined by an end is to be determined by what ought to be”.

Syed Hassan Belal Zaidi says; Rundown rundowns: Speculation sells more copies (and airtime) than facts do.

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PML-N to move NA for All Parties’ Commission on Balochistan: Nisar ISLAMABAD


Pakistan arrests 33 Indian fishermen KARACHI: Pakistan on Monday arrested 33 Indian fishermen, weeks after it announced the release of all jailed Indian fishermen as a goodwill gesture, a statement said. The fishermen along with five fishing boats were held Monday evening by Pakistan’s Maritime Security Agency (MSA) in the country’s territorial waters in the Arabian Sea during routine patrols, it said in a statement. “Five Indian fishing boats along with 33 crew members were apprehended for poaching well inside Pakistani waters (approximately 90 nautical miles),” it said. The agency handed over the fishermen to police for further investigation, the statement said. Pakistan and India frequently seize each other’s fishermen, accusing them of violating their respective zones in the Arabian Sea, but the fresh arrests come just 23 days after Pakistan announced the release of all Indian fishermen from its jails “as a goodwill gesture”. Pakistan foreign minister Khar Hina Rabbani Khar had announced the release during a visit of his counterpart S.M. Krishna in September. Before the latest arrests, some 32 Indian fishermen were still in Pakistani prisons awaiting clearance for release, officials said. India and Pakistan have fought three wars since independence in 1947, two of them over the Himalayan region of Kashmir, which is divided by a heavily militarised Line of Control and which both countries claim in full. AfP

sition leader also criticised the government’s weekly review of petroleum prices, saying frequent increases in fuel prices had made life hard for the white collar class. He said that his party’s government would have made it a tri-weekly review of POL prices, adding that the weekly review was benefiting the government while emptying the pockets of the general public. Talking about the consultative process for the caretaker setup for general elections, he said that as the leader of the opposition, he was not bound to consult everyone, but was doing so for the sake of democratic norms and values. He added that he had received two names each from various political parties and had finalised few names in the second round out of which the final name for the caretaker set up would be finalised. Nisar said that he would announce two names for the caretaker prime minister after finalising them with the consensus of most political forces. He said he would announce the names after dissolution of the assemblies, adding that after the passage of the 20th Amendment, there was no role left for the government in the caretaker setup. Nisar also criticised Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) chief Fazlur Rehman for his statements in favour of the government, saying the JUI-F chief was sitting in the opposition while feeling pain for the government. He further said that soon a “greater alliance” would be formed in Sindh against the Pakistan People’s Party to end its monopoly in the province. On Local Government Ordinance, he said that it was an agenda to divide Sindh for personal interests of President Asif Ali Zardari.


HE Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Monday decided to bring a resolution in the National Assembly demanding an All Parties’ Commission to initiate dialogue process with angry Baloch leadership. Addressing a news conference here at Punjab House, Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that his party was in favour of engaging all political parties in the commission to start talks with estranged Baloch leaders. He said that his party was not proposing the idea for political point scoring, but was trying to rectify mistakes of the past. Nisar also defended the “six points” proposed by Balochistan National Party (BNP) chief Akhtar Mengal, saying his demands were justified, while denying that they carried any element of treason. Nisar said the proposed commission would function in a parliamentary and democratic manner, while supplementing the Supreme Court’s proceedings in cases related to Balochistan unrest. Nisar said he was expected support and cooperation from all political parties which feel the Baloch people’s pain. Criticising the “carefree approach” of the federal government, Nisar said that the government officials were accusing Mengal of treason instead of meeting him and allaying his concerns. He said that Mengal had demanded the government to act against those who were responsible for atrocities on the Baloch people, adding that it was not an unjustified demand.

“If someone raises voice against the killings, involuntary or forced abductions, how could it be termed a rebellion or treason?” Nisar said the government was not playing its role, while parliament was not as functional on the Balochistan issue as it should have been. He said that only the Supreme Court was playing its due role in the crisis. He said that every government in the past was responsible for the crisis in Balochistan, adding that it was particularly the regime of former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf that aggravated the situation. He said the issue would not be resolved until the nation seriously deals with the problems in Pakistan’s largest province. The oppo-

nawaz using state money for politics: pti LAHORE STAff REPORT

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood has urged the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to take notice of misappropriation of state resources by Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) Nawaz Sharif for political purposes. He elaborated that Sharif distributed cheques of Rs 200,000 each to victims of Gayari landslide and announced Rs 200,000

for the flood victims in Tehsil Jaffarabad, Balochistan. “While no one can object to relief being provided to affected families, a question does arise regarding the money Sharif is distributing. Is it his personal money? Is he parting with a miniscule part of the vast Sharif fortune? Or is this PML-N money?” he questioned. “On any of these counts no one can object,” said Mahmood, “but if Mr Sharif is distributing my money - because Punjab government’s money belongs to me too as a

citizen of the province – he has no right to do so and I strongly object. He has no position in the Punjab government and by law is not authorised to go around doling out state money.” The secretary also said if Sharif really was using Punjab government’s money for politics, it amounted to pre-election rigging and it was unacceptable. Mahmood requested the chief election commissioner to take notice of political parties in government that were using state resources for political expediency.

Parliament has a rodent problem! g g

Senate body asks Pm to take action against absentee HrD minister, release matching grant to eOBi as promised Pension to be paid to families of 295 victims of Karachi factory fire ISLAMABAD TAYYAB HUSSAIN

Senate Standing Committee on Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) Chairman Hasil Bizenjo on Monday made a startling revelation, saying rats had badly damaged the sound system of the committee room No 1 of the Parliament House. The proceedings of the committee, during which a briefing was made on the affairs of the Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI), were affected due to the out-of-order sound system. The committee, which met at the Parliament House with Senator Hasil Bizenjo in the chair, took exception to

the constant absence of Minister for HRD Wajahat Hussain from the committee proceedings and decided to give a final warning to the minister for not attending the meeting for the second consecutive time without informing. The committee also decided to write a letter to Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf to take action against the minister concerned. “The prime minister should be informed that the minister was not behaving. It is the second consecutive meeting that the minister did not attend without any prior information,” said Bizenjo. The committee decided that the prime minister would also be requested to direct finance minister to release

matching grants to the EOBI as promised by the prime minister. The committee chairman directed the secretary to submit proposals and action plan on how to register all labourers with the EOBI. The secretary said the industrialists and business owners avoided registration of all labourers with the EOBI. “This is collective failure of all authorities that 90 percent of labourers are still not registered. Labour Unions are also non-operational while social security laws are being violated,” HRD Secretary Ahsan Raja said. He said there was resistance in agriculture, fisheries, coal, mining, and cottage industries against registration of

labourers while women and underage child labour sectors were the most neglected. The committee was informed that the EOBI had total assets of Rs 231 billion while Rs 73.98 billion was annual collection of contribution by the employees. Director-General (Operations) of the EOBI Javed Iqbal said that Rs 10 billion were being spent to release pensions to the employees and their families. He said if the government did not release matching grants to the EOBI, the institution would have zero balance by year 2030. He informed that the EOBI had paid pensions to the families of 35 martyrs of Karachi factory fire while in total the families of all 295 martyrs

would be paid pensions and other benefits. Earlier, Raja briefed the committee over the subject matter and said action would be taken against those officials who had failed to register all the employees working at the factory that caught fire in Baldia Town. Javed Iqbal said around 3,000 labourers were working in the factory but the employer had registered only 513 with the EOBI. However, he added that of the 295 fire victims, 254 were registered. He added that pension forms had been issued to the families of all 295 people burnt alive in the incident by the EOBI and all families would be compensated.

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

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04 News India tells UN Kashmir is its ‘integral part’ uNItED NAtIONS APP

The Indian external affairs minister told the UN General Assembly on Monday that Kashmir was India’s “integral part” on the ground that the people of the disputed state had chosen their destiny through his country’s democratic process. “An unwarranted reference has been made to Jammu and Kashmir from this podium,” he said, obviously referring to President Asif Ali Zardari’s speech last week in which he reaffirmed Pakistan’s principled stand that the decades-old dispute should be resolved through negotiations on the basis of UN Security Council Resolutions. “Our principled posi-

Balochistan journalists protest colleague’s murder QuEttA STAff REPORT

Balochistan Union of Journalists organised a protest in Quetta on Tuesday over the murder of TV reporter Abdul Haq Zahri in Khuzdar. Around 200 journalists gathered in Quetta Press Club, including ARy World Director News Owais Toheed and Matiullah Jan of Waqat TV. Despite resistance from police, the protestors broke through the barricades and raised slogans outside the Governor House. The participants raised slogans against the killing of journalists in Khuzdar and other districts of the province.

tion on the (Kashmir) issue has been consistent and is well known, he said. “The people of Jammu and Kashmir have chosen and reaffirmed their destiny repeatedly through India’s well established democratic processes. We wish to make it abundantly clear that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India,” SM Krishna added. “Within South Asia,” Krishna said, “we have sought to enhance bilateral relations individually with each of our neighbours and through the aegis of the SAARC. We have embarked on a resumed dialogue process with Pakistan and advocate a step-by-step approach to normalizing our bilateral relations.” On Afghanistan, the Indian minister said his country

supported the government and people of Afghanistan in their endeavour to build a peaceful, stable, democratic and prosperous country. “We are ready to partner with the Afghan people as they rebuild their country in accordance with their own priorities and national circumstances. The continuing existence of safe havens and sanctuaries for terrorists beyond Afghanistan’s borders is the major impediment to the restoration of peace and security in Afghanistan,” he said. “India is committed to creating an enabling environment where the Afghan people can live in peace and security and decide their future themselves, without outside interference, coercion and intimidation.”

DPC rally fails to live up to claims of mass mobilization PESHAWAR: Despite tall claims, leaders of Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) failed to assemble even 10,000 people for their rally against the antiIslam film and US policies towards Muslim countries. Even DPC leaders started dispersing well before the rally reached its planned destination on Jamrud Road. Amongst the more prominent persons taking part in the rally were Maulana Sami Ul Haq, former ISI chief Lt. Gen. (Retd) Hameed Gul, Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, Prof. Munawar Hassan and Maulana Mohammad Ahmad Ludhyanvi. The leaders while addressing the procession claimed that the movie was a deliberate attempt to provoke the Muslims and to undermine their solidarity. They as-

serted that the US was constructing a pretext for action against the Ummah. . They said America had faced a crushing defeat at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan and was now looking for an exit strategy, only before leaving US wanted to lay sufficient grounds for continued unrest and violence. The leaders commended the Taliban for their armed efforts against the US, terming their efforts as ‘a war for independence’. Compared to September 21 however the rally was peaceful and no violence occurred. The leaders did however warn the US that unless a change of policy on their part is witnessed soon, the PDC would issue a call for ‘jihad’ against all western allies. Staff report

KARACHI: Indian fishermen pictured in the custody of Docks Police Station on Monday. online

Pakistan denies australian sheep mistreated

taliban suicide attack kills 14, including nato troops





Pakistani authorities on Monday denied a report that thousands of Australian sheep culled over disease fears were killed improperly, insisting they were slaughtered in accordance with Islamic practice. A court on Saturday halted the cull of 21,000 Australian sheep amid a dispute over whether or not they are sick, but a senior official insisted the 7,600 animals already killed had not been mistreated. The shipment of sheep arrived in Pakistan almost a month ago after being turned away by Bahrain, and livestock officials ordered them to be culled after they tested positive for salmonella and actinomyces bacteria. But after an appeal by importer PK Meat and Food Company, the Sindh High Court rejected the test results and ordered fresh samples to be taken and sent to Britain for analysis.

A suicide bomber tore through an Afghan-NATO foot patrol in a crowded city on Monday, killing at least 14 people, including three foreign troops and their interpreter, officials said. Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack near a market in the eastern city of Khost. Four Afghan police and six civilians were also killed, and 57 were wounded, local officials said. “Today at around 8:30 am (0400 GMT) a suicide bomber on a motorcycle targeted a joint patrol in Khost city in a crowded area. “Six civilians and four police, including the commander of the quick reaction forces, were killed,” the governor’s office said in a statement, while the interior ministry said 57 people were wounded. NATO’s US-led International Security Assistance Force confirmed that

three NATO service members and an ISAF-contracted interpreter had been killed in the attack. The Taliban Islamists said on their website that the suicide attack was carried out by “a hero mujahid, Shohaib, from Kunduz”, claiming that eight foreigners and six Afghan soldiers were killed. The deaths take coalition casualties to at least 347 this year, according to an AFP tally. NATO has more than 100,000 troops fighting the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, but they are due to pull out by the end of 2014. Joint NATO-Afghan operations had been temporarily restricted last month after a spike in insider attacks, in which Afghan security forces turned their weapons against their coalition allies. Last week, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said most joint operations have resumed, but could not give a percentage.

rental power case: Sc not satisfied with naB report ISLAMABAD INP

The Supreme Court on Monday declared the report submitted by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) pertaining to the rental power case as unsatisfactory and ordered the bureau to submit another report by Oct 16. A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the case. NAB Prosecutor General KK Agha told the apex court that Rs 2 billion had been recovered and the recovery of Rs 3 billion was in the pipeline. The chief justice remarked that if investigations were not handled properly, the SC would initiate contempt proceedings against the NAB. The apex court rejected NAB’s plea for a two month extension to carry on investigations. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja said NAB was advocating people who had plundered tax-payer’s money.

Opp Up IN ArmS Continued fRom page 01 The assembly session also passed an adjournment motion-turned resolution to condemn the blasphemous movie that has hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims across the globe and triggered global violent protests. Tabled by MQM’s Parliamentary Leader in Sindh Assembly Sardar Ahmed, the resolution said the production and exhibition of the antiIslam film could result in turmoil and chaos across the world. The House also heard Humera Alwani’s complain that her privilege was allegedly hurt by Sindh Police DIG Mushtaq Mehar by his “irresponsible and nonserious” attitude towards the MPA’s repeated requests for a security guard owing to “serious life threats” being received by Alwani and her family. Opposition lawmakers later held a joint press briefing outside the assembly premises, saying the ordinance was the first step towards the division of Sindh. Jam Madad Ali Khan of the PML-F, Masroor Jatoi of NPP, Amir Nawab Khan of ANP and Shaharyar Maher of the PML-Q addressed reporters and called PPP a “traitor of Sindh”. The leaders demanded the implementation of a uniform administrative system from Karachi up until Kashmor.

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

They called the “so-called champions of democracy” in the PPP “traitors of Sindh” who earlier introduced the ‘One Unit system’ in the country in the past. Jam Madad and Amir Nawab Khan questioned why the PPP was in such a hurry to pass the ordinance. Amir Nawab said coalition partners could have reformed the 1979 Ordinance through dialogue, but it was never tried by the PPP. Referring to the Dhaka Debacle of 1971, Masroor Jatoi of the NPP said the policy of “you there, we here” should not be followed by the PPP leaders. Asked if his side was intending to resign from the assembly, Shehryar Mehar of the PML-Q replied in negative, saying they would go for a constitutional fight to oppose the law tooth and nail. On the other hand, proponents of SPLGO 2012, including provincial misters Sharjeel Memon of the PPP and Raza Haroon and Faisal Sabzwari of the MQM said it was unfair to oppose the ordinance without reading it thoroughly. Memon said the opposition never proposed a single amendment to the ordinance which was in the making for the last three years. “They perhaps are just politicking,” he alleged. Haroon said the difference of opinion was the beauty of a healthy democracy, adding that law was not new and was being formulated for the last couple of years.

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News 05

Govt making all-out efforts to raise living standard of Baloch people: PM ISLAMABAD



RIME Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Monday said Balochistan was one of the top most priorities of his government and he was taking personal interest in raising the standard of living of the people of the province. Talking to Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani, who called him at the Prime Minister’s House, Ashraf reiterated that he had directed all federal agencies to cooperate with the provincial administration in tracing the missing persons. He said he had directed the Balochistan chief secretary to comply with the orders of eth Supreme Court in its true letter and spirit. He said the federal government was eager to develop the province and had approved a special package for the purpose, adding that the Ministry of Finance had been directed to release all

PML-N leader, 2 guards shot dead in Hub QUETTA: Unidentified armed men shot dead a provincial leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz along with two of his bodyguards in Hub, the industrial town of Balochistan, on Monday. Police officials said Qadir Zehri, a PML-N provincial leader, was attacked by armed motorcyclists who opened indiscriminate firing on his vehicle on Sakran Road, killing him and his bodyguards. Police rushed to the scene soon after the incident and moved the body to hospital for medico-legal formalities. “The incident appears to be a case of target killing,” a police official said, adding that investigation into to unearth the real motive behind the killing was underway. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. ONLINE requisite funds for the completion of the ongoing projects in Balochistan on a priority basis. Ashraf said he had ordered the release of Rs 6 billion for the completion of Kachhi Canal on which the work was now being taken up on a fast-track basis. He said the early completion of all

these projects and the employment of the Baloch youth would help bring prosperity to the area. The chief minister thanked the prime minister for the support of the federal government and the personal interest of the prime minister in the development of the province.

Malik Riaz’s lawyer doesn’t expect justice from Suddle LAHORE ONLINE

Zahid Hussain Bokhari, counsel for property tycoon Malik Riaz, said on Monday that Shoaib Suddle had family terms with chief justice’s son Arsalan Iftikhar, and that his client was not expecting justice from him. Talking to reporters at Lahore High Court (LHC), Bokhari further said that he had no personal differences with Suddle, but was not happy with the methodology adopted in the formation of the one-man commission. He said that an individual should not enquire a case of such significance. In response to question, he said Suddle had again summoned him again on October 4, but he would not appear until his review petition against the commission is decided.

Truckers block Quetta-Karachi highway QuEttA APP

Truck drivers blocked Quetta-Karachi Highway for traffic in protest after two drivers were kidnapped in Mastung district on Monday. Local Levies said unidentified armed bandits had kidnapped two truck drivers early Monday morning and taken them to some unknown location. Long queues of vehicles were seen on either sides of the highway and local administration failed to arrive at the scene to clear traffic. Protesting drivers demanded early recovery of the kidnapped drivers and strict security on the highways to avoid such incidents in future.

India arrests 17 Pak fishermen GuJARAt ONLINE

A Pakistani vessel with 17 crew members on board was caught by the Indian Coast Guard for straying in Indian maritime boundary on Monday. The vessel was caught off Jakhau coast in Kutch district by ICG ship Sankalp during patrolling, they said. The vessel and crew have been brought to Port Bandar and will be handed over to police for further interrogation, ICG officials were quoted as saying. They will also be interrogated by the state and central intelligence agencies.

fAISALABAD: Villagers enjoy a traditional race of bulls at an event organised by the Livestock Department on Monday. online

SC rejects NAB reference against OGRA chief’s appointment ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Monday rejected a report submitted by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) over filing of a reference against the appointment of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Chairman Tauqir Sadiq. According to details, a three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the case regarding Sadiq’s appointment. During the hearing, the chief justice remarked that NAB does not need to undertake any sort of investigations in the wake of a judicial order. However, NAB’s prosecutor general said the bureau abides by the NAB Ordinance. The hearing has been adjourned until today (Tuesday). INP

British computer expert bids to halt US extradition LONDON AfP

Babar Ahmad, a British computer expert accused by the United States of raising funds for terrorism, has launched a High Court bid to halt his extradition, the Judicial Office said Monday. His application for an injunction preventing his expulsion to the US is expected to be heard in London on Tuesday along with that of radical cleric Abu Hamza and another suspect, Khaled AlFawwaz. Ahmad has been held in a British prison without trial for eight years. The European Court of Human Rights last week gave Britain the green light to deport Ahmad, Abu Hamza, Fawwaz, and two other men, and British officials had said they expected to extradite them within two weeks. But Abu Hamza and Fawwaz secured interim injunctions preventing their deportation from Britain pending Tuesday’s hearing.

The last-ditch challenges will be heard by two senior judges in London. A campaign of support for Ahmad, run by his family, friends and supporters, last year sent a petition signed by almost 150,000 supporters to the British government urging that he be tried in Britain. His father Ashfaq Ahmad told AFP last week that there was wide support for his son to be tried in Britain. “There’s a strong public opinion in favour of Babar being tried in this country. If Babar had been sent to prison here he would have finished his sentence,” he said. Ahmad’s supporter Karl Watkin has brought a private prosecution against him in the hope that it will force a trial in Britain, but the Crown Prosecution Service has yet to make a decision on the trial. Another of the five men due to be deported to the US, Adel Abdul Bary, has also lodged an application for his extradition to be blocked, which is being considered by a single judge.

file photo

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

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Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

Auto-thief nabbed; confesses theft of 20 cars ISLAMABAD STAff REPORT

Margalla Police Islamabad on Monday claimed to have arrested ring leader of a gang of auto-thieves who confessed to his involvement in over 20 car theft incidents, while the police also recovered a stolen vehicle as well as 1.150 kilograms of hashish from him. According to details, SSP Islamabad yaseen Farooq categorically directed all police officials to curb the crime of car lifting in the city and constitute special police teams for this purpose. Following these directions, a special police team working under the supervision of Station House Officer (SHO) Margalla Muhammad Hussain Lasi and including Sub-Inspector Ghulam Habib succeeded to arrest an accused identified as Ir-

Survey says action is still pending against 130 factories operating in residential area in Rawalpindi, Islamabad n Smoke, waste from the factories causing respiratory tract, stomach-related diseases





AWALPINDI district government might just be waiting for an incident in the likes of the Lahore and Karachi factory fires, which had claimed hundreds of lives, to justify action against illegal factories operating in residential areas, setting aside all rules and regulations. The inaction by departments concerned, against illegal business activities, is contrary to tall claims by the Punjab Government regarding the assurance of good governance, as unsafe and healthhazardous trade work continues unchecked in residential areas. Under the Punjab Local Government Ordinance, no business activities can be carried out in housing colonies and the Town Municipal Administration (TMA) Officer is responsible for ensuring a residential atmosphere for citizens. According to a survey, there are around 130 illegal factories operative in various residential areas of the city, out of which 40 are located in Khyaban-e-Sir Syed, Bagh Sardaran, old Baddar and Bangash colonies (Khyaban-e-Iqbal). Khyaban-e-Sir Syed, where illegal businesses, including the recycling of plastic for shoe making, leather refining and scraptrade on a large scale has turned into a volcano that may trigger anytime and cause loss of human lives, if immediate action is not taken against them. Residents of Khyaban-e-Iqbal (old Bad-

dar and Bangash colonies) told APP that illegal commercial activities in the area had made their lives difficult as they had to face the unpleasant smell of chemicals used in plastic recycling and leather refining, coupled with a lot of noise pollution, besides threat of fire incidents. In a written complaint to the Punjab chief minister and departments concerned, residents have expressed fear over an outbreak of asthma and occurrences of a fire incident similar to the ones in Lahore and Karachi. Small fires are almost a regular feature, as there is no fire fighting system or emergency exit, they added. Malik Asif Akbar, former naib nazim of the area, alleged that residential areas were being used for commercial purposes in connivance with the TMA staff as no one could dare start a business without the authority’s backing. He further alleged that bribes were given to officials by the owners of these illegal factories on a regular basis to run their business without any checks or fear. He said that main gates of such factories always remained closed to hide their illegal operations. Chemicals were stored in great quantity in these premises without taking safety measures, he added. He said that there was no adequate fire fighting arrangement in the premises of these factories, which were operating without registration at any government institution like the Provincial Labour Department, Civil Defence Department or Workers Welfare Board. Thus no inspection of these factories had ever been carried out by any

relevant government agency. Javed and Haider, residents of a house with a bakery, shoe factories and scrap godowns at the back, complained that the smoke emitted from the burning of scrap material, bakery items and the recycling of plastic for shoe making entered their houses from windows of their rear side rooms, due to which their children were developing asthma and sore eyes. A former Town Member of Rawalpindi Town Council, Shahida Shabir, requested the District Coordination Officer (DCO) to take immediate notice of the issue and clear residential areas of ‘lethal businesses’, which had become a hub for various kinds of commercial activities. She said that health-hazardous activities had polluted the environment and made lives of inhabitants in their surrounding areas miserable. She feared a break out of lethal diseases due to unhealthy activities, which were going on day and night there. The number of asthma patients was increasing in the colony, she added. When contacted, no official of the Town Municipal Administration was available to comment on the issue. However, an official on conditions of anonymity admitted to the mushrooming growth of illegal factories in housing colonies. He said that the DCO had directed departments concerned to shift factories from residential areas to the industrial zone and ensure appropriate safety measures and installation of fire fighting gadgets in all industrial units.

shad s/o Muhammad Sharif resident of Batagram. The police team also recovered one stolen Suzuki Mehran car (RIA-9252, model 2007) from him and he confessed to have lifted eight cars from Islamabad and several others from Sheikhupura, Lahore and Rawalpindi. During the initial investigation, he revealed his involvement in three car theft incidents in the jurisdiction of the Aabpara Police Station, two in the jurisdiction of the Kohsar Police Station and three in the jurisdiction of the Margalla Police Station. Police said that the nabbed accused was a court absconder and further investigation was underway to ensure the arrest of his other accomplices. IGP Islamabad appreciated the performance of the police officials and directed them to take effective steps to control the crime of car theft in the district.

PM appoints new CDA chairman ISLAMABAD APP

Prime Minister (PM) Raja Pervez Ashraf on Monday appointed Javed Iqbal Awan, a BS-22 officer, as the new Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), and tasked him to implement his vision of making Islamabad a model capital city. The decision of appointing the new chairman had been taken following intense deliberations while keeping in view a new roadmap aimed at providing all civic amenities for the people of Islamabad and

to leave a lasting impression on visitors who came to the city. It had also been decided that new members of finance, administration, estate management, environment and engineering would also be brought into the CDA to boost the working mechanism of the department. The PM had been holding informal discussions with people belonging to different walks of life including architects, environmentalists, city planners, politicians residents of Islamabad and retired bureaucrats in this regard.

Slum dwellers threaten collective suicide if not provided with security, alternative residences RAWALPINDI STAff REPORT

Residents of the underdeveloped areas (katchi abadis) of COD Fort Rawalpindi have appealed to the government and the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) to provide them with an alternative place to live before evicting them. While talking to agencies, Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Ashiq and others said that they had been liv-

ing in the slums for the last 70 years and now they were being expelled from the area by the government. They further said that about 16 extremely poor families were living in the area, who could not afford to move to any other place on their own. “If we are thrown out of our houses without providing security and alternative residences, we would be left with no option than to commit a collective suicide,” the residents said.

Legal fraternity’s role is important for normalising Indo-Pak ties: CJP n

Says there are no issues in the world that cannot be resolved through negotiations ISLAMABAD STAff REPORT

Jurists can play an important role in resolving issues between Pakistan and India through peaceful negotiation. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary (CJP) said this while speaking to a function hosted in the honour of an Indian lawyers’ delegation at the Supreme Court Bar Association.

He said that there was no issue in the world which could not be resolved through peaceful negotiation “The role of lawyers and jurists cannot be under estimated in terms of providing strong leadership in both countries. Unfortunately, both India and Pakistan have not been able to maintain normal neighbourly relations since their inception. Many issues have dogged this relationship” he added

The CJP said that the institutions of judiciary, in Pakistan and India, had a common cultural, social and colonial background. Both drew inspiration from the same source of jurisprudence and followed the same pluralistic and all encompassing representative democracy based on the twin principles of rule of law and supremacy of the constitution. He said that the two countries could

learn from each others’ jurisprudence. He said that the present visit and interaction between jurists of India and Pakistan will go a long way in improving understanding of each other and demystifying a lingering sense of mistrust and apathy towards each other. It is not very often that such a large number of legal luminaries and jurists from across the border come to this side of the erstwhile subcontinent. He said that the All India Bar Association deserved special acknowledgment for playing a key role for upholding

rule of law and constitutionalism in India. He said that the leader of the Indian delegation, Aggarwala, had played a significant role in mobilizing the collective wisdom of legal minds at an international level as President of the International Council of Jurists. During his speech, the CJP lauded services rendered by the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan, by saying that it also merits credit for its role in mobilizing the lawyers’ community, for achieving the cause of constitutionalism and rule of law in the country.

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Islamabad 07 Skin diseases up by 15% in July: fafen

motorway accident ratio decreased by 70 percent: iG nH&mP


Despite an alarming rate of traffic accidents across the region, the level of road safety in Pakistan has been enhanced, as the ratio of accidents on the Motorway has decreased by 70 percent, Inspector General National Highways and Motorway Police Zafar Abbas Lak said on Monday. Addressing participants of a refresher course titled ‘Road Safety Skills and Technique,’ he said that a lot of work needed to be done for further decreasing the ratio of accidents in the country. The Motorway Police must exhibit courtesy and tolerance while dealing with road users and no complaints of misbehavior would be tolerated. The training could play a vital role in personality development. Refresher courses were essential to keep up standards of professionalism. He said that the main focus of the motorway police was to make all efforts to facilitate road users and to provide timely and effective help to commuters in distress. He appreciated efforts of his predecessors in maintaining high standards of professionalism in NH&MP. He said that although NH&MP had received a status of excellence but a lot of effort had to be made to maintain standards. He requested officers of NH&MP to work harder to enhance the reputation of NH&MP. He said that the rule of law must be observed in all respects and no favoritism be extended to any one. The DIG (Training) of NH&MP, Shahid yar Khan said in his welcome address that on the directions of IG NH&MP, special refresher courses had been designed for officers to enable them to refresh their minds, to remember their previous training and to equip themselves with modern techniques.



Skin diseases had increased by 15% with an average of 3,275 scabies cases being reported per district in July as compared to 2,842 recorded in the preceding month, said a Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) report. It said that there were 25,827 cases in Faisalabad, Bahawalpur (12,254) and Gujranwala (11,158) had the most scabies cases reported in the observed month during which FAFEN governance monitors visited 90 health offices in as many districts across the country. The monitors found that the total disease burden had increased by 12% in July as compared to June. A total 2,470,345 cases of various diseases were reported out of which 40% of those were acute respiratory tract infections. Faisalabad with 93,219 cases was the highest reporting district, Sialkot (45,107) and Gujranwala (42,472) followed. Gastrointestinal infections constituted 23% of the total disease burden. Out of 580,522 gastrointestinal infection cases, 88% were of diarrhoea and dysentery and 11% of gastroenteritis. In the observed month, 11 % of the registered cases were of skin diseases. As many as 10,681 cases of animal bites were reported with 9,786 dog bites and 895 snake bites. Faisalabad had the highest incidence of dog bites (885 cases) while Rajanpur (93) reported the most snake bites.

reshuffling in iCt police ISLAMABAD STAff REPORT

The Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) Bani Amin Khan on Monday issued the transfer/posting orders of five Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). Diplomatic Protection Department (DPD) SP Khurram Rashid was transferred and posted as SP Industrial Area. DSP Ashraf Shah was transferred from the post of Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) rural circle to SDPO Industrial Area. He was replaced by SDPO Industrial Area, DSP Habib-Ullah-Niazi. DSP Naeem Iqbal was transferred from SDPO DPD and posted as SDPO Secretariat. Similarly, ASP Secretariat Ghias Gul was re-posted to SDPO headquarters. It is relevant to note here that Ghias Gul was posted as SDPO Secretariat last week from the headquarters, but within a few days he was again sent back to his previous post.

ISLAMABAD: Stones on under construction road at Kashmir Highway.


Crammed parking spaces in the capital need attention ISLAMABAD



RAMMED parking spaces in Islamabad need the attention of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), as lack of parking spaces is adversely affecting commercial activity in the city. The lack of parking lots, which also hinders traffic flow, causes traffic accidents and traffic jams on city roads, and has forced people to park their vehicles on the greenbelt. In the Blue Area, Karachi Com-

pany, Super Market, Aabpara and other big markets, drivers are seen frantically searching for a parking space all day. Most of them park their vehicles on the roadside, which often leads to traffic jams. CDA has so far failed to solve the parking problem in the federal capital. It has delayed its plan to construct parking plazas in various parts of the city for fours year. It has also not been able to properly implement its building by-laws under which a building owner is bound to make adequate parking arrangements. According to the by-laws, CDA is

bound to take action against those who do not provide adequate parking for vehicles. According to a survey, the majority of buildings located in various parts of the city have no parking facilities because of which people working there park their vehicles on the roadside or greenbelt. CDA Planning Wing Official, while talking to APP, said that the authority had finalized the plan and would soon start constructing parking plazas on selected sites. “The authority is working on a plan to identify sites for parking in the other markets of the city,” the official said.

Balloting for 392 subsidised tractors held RAWALPINDI APP

The city district government on Monday held balloting for 392 subsidized green tractors under the “Green Tractor Scheme”, which will be distributed among the youth residing in the rural areas of the district. Under the scheme, the Punjab government would give Rs. 200,000 as subsidy on each tractor. This year, 10,000 tractors would be given to young farmers falling within the age bracket of 18-30 years, while the same number would be given away in the next year through computer-

ized balloting. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Member National Assembly (MNA) Malik Abrar who was the chief guest on the occasion, pressed the button to start the computerized balloting. The district government had received around 2,048 applications from the youth of Kahuta, Kotli Sattian, Murree, Taxila, Kallar Syedan and Gujjar Khan. The provincial government had allocated more than four billion rupees for the scheme under which Rs. 200,000 would be given as a subsidy on each tractor, while the remaining cost would be paid by the selected farmers.

nepra asked to Make its puBliC CoMplaints Cell More effeCtive ISLAMABAD STAff REPORT

The National Assembly legislative body has recommended the National Electric and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to make its public complaints cell more effective for the redress of consumer’s complaints. A meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat was held on Monday at the Parliament House with Dewan Aashiq Bokhari, in which a comprehensive briefing was given over National Electric and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). During the meeting the Standing Committee showed strong concerns regarding the public complaints cell which was not facilitating consumers in the country. Legislators said that

on certain occasions complaints were registered with NEPRA however immediate steps had not been taken to address those complaints. They emphasized the need for immediate steps to make the authority accountable and to bring certain reforms to it. The legislative body recommended NEPRA officials to strengthen the consumer affairs section of the authority to make it friendlier and to facilitate the masses. To provide cheap electricity to consumers through alternate resources, the standing committee asked NEPRA to facilitate solar power technology and assist those companies which wanted to invest in the sector. The legislative body also asked the Ministry of Petroleum and Natu-

ral Resources and the Ministry of Water and Power to ensure their presence during the next meeting for a comprehensive discussion over certain issues of NEPRA. The legislative body asked NEPRA officials to submit copies of an agreement between NEPRA and power distribution companies. It also showed concerns over the appointment of Chairman NEPRA, and directed officials to give details pertaining to the criteria of his appointment. During the meeting, NEPRA officials informed the committee that finances were a major issue for the body. Officials said that power generation from furnace oil was expensive compared to gas, as the generation cost from RFOs was Rs 17/kwh, gas cost Rs 7/kwh, while HSD cost Rs 20/kwh.

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

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08 Islamabad pakistan’s working women 32 °c High fuel expensive brands boom 18°c low weaTHer uPDaTeS


weDneSDay THurSDay 33°c i 17°c

32°c i 18°c

friDay 32°c i 16°c

As women move from home-bound life into the working world, they are becoming more and more brand conscious and are focussing on consumerism n

Prayer TiminGS fajr 4:39

Sunrise 6:01

zuhr 11:58

asr 3:20

maghrib 5:53

isha 7:16

ciTy DirecTOry emerGency HelP POlice emerGency amBulance reScue Hilal-e-aHmer eDHi fOunDaTiOn BOmB DiSPOSal fire BriGaDe cenTre ciVil Defence

15 115 1122 9250488 2827844 9270698 16 9262830

HOSPiTalS maHrOOf inT PimS POly clinic cDa SHifa inTernaTiOnal ali DiSTricT HqS ulTraSOnic clinic HOly family

2222920 9261170 9218300 9221334 4603666 4444435 5556311-14 2824862 9290319

BlOOD BanK PimS BlOOD BanK POly clinic BlOOD BanK

9261272 9209123

cOmPlainT waPDa Sui GaS

111-000-118 1199

railwayS ciTy STaTiOn (enquiry) reSerVaTiOn railway POlice

117 9273614 1333

airPOrT fliGHT enquiry Pia reSerVaTiOn

114 111-786-786



beautiful, perfectly coiffed model, draped with diamonds, shoots a sultry gaze from the cover of a large-format glossy in-room magazine at a luxury hotel chain in downtown Lahore. The cover line on the ad-packed issue screams “Wow! World of Women,” according to a report published in the Washington Post. And with good reason: Economists say that in recent years, women have fuelled a retail boom in branded shopping, as they move from a traditional home-bound life into the working world. “you can go into any shopping mall or any cafe and you will see young girls sitting, having lunch, chatting away,” said Rashid Amjad, vice chancellor at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics in Islamabad. In many urban centers, the

days when girls were forced to abandon education and eschew employment in favor of remaining within the walls of their home seem to be on the decline. Traditionally men bear the burden of sustaining the household and women are not required to contribute to the family budget, so for many middle-class women, their paychecks are entirely their own to spend — a boon for the newly booming retail industry. “I can afford to spend whatever I like,” said lawyer Rabiya Bajwa, 37. “My income is roughly 20 percent more than what it was five years ago.” Bajwa does contribute to the household budget but her twoincome family enjoys a comfortable “cushion” and she splurges on expensive designer clothes. But this good fortune is not evenly distributed, said Hafiz Pasha, a noted economist at Beacon House National University, in Lahore. Pakistan, he

said, is still far behind in terms of women’s economic contribution compared to other countries in the region.“This growth is witnessed in urban centers where middle-class working women are found,” Pasha said. “In rural areas although the participation of women in the economy is more than the urban centers, they are not well-paid and their share in the economy is much less.” Although women have long been an underpaid and discriminated-against resource in the Pakistani workforce, they are coming into their own at a surprising rate. Since about 2002, Amjad said, the labor force participation by women, always traditionally low, has been rising. Many men left agriculture jobs so work was being generated and women readily moved in. Now, somewhere between 28 percent and 36 percent of women work in Pakistan, Amjad said, but many work in home-based businesses so their


numbers are not always easily discernible and frequently they are difficult to count. Three retail store owners surveyed in Lahore said the majority of their clientele are working women, and they credited them for increasing their business. “We started from a small store but now we have five outlets in various parts of the city,” said Hasan Ali, manager of Bareeze, a leading brand of women’s clothes. “We have been in the market for the last 10 years and roughly the business has expanded 40 percent in that period….There are those out there who don’t even ask the price, and pay.” Rukhsana Anjum, 47, a senior instructor at Government College of Technology for women, said she earns about Rs 100,000 a month. “Gradually in the last five years I have become brandconscious,” she said. “Today, definitely I spend more on my clothes and jewelry.”



cOlleGeS / uniVerSiTieS inTernaTiOnal iSlamic uniVerSiTy 9260765 BaHria uniVerSiTy 9260002 numl 9257677 quaiD-e-azam uniVerSiTy 90642098 ariD aGriculTure uniVerSiTy 9290151 fJwu 9273235 riPHa inTernaTiOnal uniVerSiTy 111510510 nca rawalPinDi 5770423 PunJaB law cOlleGe 4421347 Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

SePT 1 - 25 PaKiSTan naTiOnal cOuncil Of arTS ‘Pawnay 14 august’ has broken all theatrical records in Pakistan with 28 performances and 15000 viewers in Karachi and lahore is now ready to sweep islamabad off its feet. for more details call 0333 3377909, 0300 9558701

SePT 24 - OcT 24, 5Pm Venue: naTiOnal arT Gallery

DaTe anD Time: 05:00 Pm, weeKly eVenT VENUE: THe cenTre fOr arTS & culTure

Sixty five artists will exhibit more than 165 works in what will be a testimony to Pakistan’s contemporary artists and an amazing journey through their growth and contribution to art over three decades.

Our drumming circle is a (free!) ongoing event and is held every friday from 5pm to 6pm. we are having a great time, and want to share the good time with you! Our drumming circle has children ...

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Foreign News 09

Syria air strike kills children, clashes in Aleppo souk ALEPPO



RMy shelling and air raids killed dozens more civilians including children in Syrian flashpoints Monday, a watchdog said, while rebels and loyalists fought close-quarter battles in Aleppo’s main souk. On the political front, Syria accused Washington of seeking to topple the Damascus regime by raising fears over its

chemical weapons stockpiles and creating a scenario similar to that which led to the invasion of Iraq. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said an air strike on the town of Salqeen in the mostly rebelheld province of Idlib early on Monday killed 21 people, including eight children. The Britain-based watchdog said another 15 people were killed elsewhere, including by regime shelling in the provinces of Hama, Daraa and Homs. In a video released by activists from Salqeen, a number of the victims are seen

piled in the back of a pick-up truck, their bodies charred black with limbs torn off. “My God, my son is dead,” a man wails as he looks on at the bloody disfigured corpses, finally putting his hand over his eyes. According to Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman, among the dead are three children from the same family. In another video, the bodies of three small children, probably the same ones, are shown lying on a bedsheet with their faces bloody and mutilated.

“These children are from one family,” a man tells the person filming. Other footage shows residents and two Kalashnikov-toting men wearing fatigues walking over mounds of rubble in Salqeen. The camera pans to nearby buildings which have had their entire sides blown off, as a crying child can be heard in the background. The videos cannot be independently verified due to severe restrictions on foreign media imposed by the regime. An AFP correspondent in Aleppo,

meanwhile, said rebels and regular soldiers traded fierce machinegun fire in and around the historic souk, which reverberated across the centuries-old UNESCO-listed covered market. The fighting, which took place in an area of the souk facing Aleppo’s ancient citadel, came after parts of the market were ravaged by a fire, sparked by the fighting, on Friday night and Saturday. Traders told AFP that the army had no presence inside the souk area, which has been infiltrated by rebels.

Bangladesh deploys troops after attacks on Buddhists DHAKA AfP

KIEV: Ukrainian journalists hold white papers symbolising empty newspapers during a rally in front of the Parliament’s Commission building on Monday. afp

nigeria grapples with insecurity, graft after free poll ABuJA AfP

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday vowed his government would work to harness the huge potential of the oil-rich country, which remains dogged by poverty, corruption and violence. “I bring you today a message of renewed hope and faith in the immense possibilities that lie ahead,” Jonathan said in a national broadcast marking Nigeria’s 52nd anniversary of independence from Britain. “The baton is now in our hands. Let me assure all Nigerians that we shall not fail,” said Jonathan, who was elected last year after his predecessor Umaru yar’Adua died in 2010. While battling insecurity, “the fight against the scourge of corruption is (the) top priority of our administration. We are fighting corruption in all facets of our economy, and we are succeeding,” he said. With 160 million people, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation and its largest oil producer, but corruption is rampant. Despite the abundance of oil wealth, Nigeria has been unable to solve basic infrastructure needs, including a steady electricity supply, and thousands of public works projects remain indefinitely shelved. “We have exposed decades of scam in the management of pensions and fuel subsidy and ensured that culprits are being brought to book,” Jonathan said. He vowed not to interfere with the work of the anti-graft agen-

cies to enable them fight the scourge. Some people and companies are facing corruption charges following a parliamentary probe that found Nigeria lost $6.8 billion (5.3 billion euros) through the fuel subsidy programme between 2009-2011. Still, he said Transparency International noted in its latest report that Nigeria is the second most improved country in the effort to curb corruption. Jonathan said his government has dealt a blow to the electoral malpractice and violence that have blighted most of the nation’s past elections, adding that success in this area has been acknowledged globally. “We have cleaned up our electoral process; our elections are globally acclaimed to be free and fair. Nigeria is now on a higher pedestal regarding elections,” he said.

Bangladesh sent in troops to guard Buddhist neighbourhoods on Monday after Muslim mobs carried out fresh attacks on temples and homes over Facebook photos deemed offensive to Islam. At least six temples were attacked in different neighbourhoods of the resort region of Cox’s Bazaar late Sunday, with thousands of protesters smashing statues of Lord Buddha before riot police used force to repel the crowds. The violence began Saturday night in the southeast of the country and has since spread to at least five towns and a dozen villages, after claims that a young Buddhist man had posted Facebook photos defaming the Koran. “This was an organised attack. We won’t spare anyone who is found to have played a role,” said Faruk Ahmed, deputy police chief for the southeastern region, adding that nearly 200 people had been arrested. Twenty-five workers from the country’s largest shipbuilder Western Marine were among those detained in the port city of Chittagong and the company closed its shipyard on Monday. A senior army officer, speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity, said around 1,000 troops had been deployed in Cox’s Bazaar and 300 in the nearby village of Ramu, where a mob of 25,000 people ran riot on Saturday night. “We have secured the temples and Buddhist areas. Our teams have set up tents for the people whose houses were burnt,” he told AFP.

Tense Georgia votes in election showdown tBILISI AfP

Georgia voted on Monday in parliamentary polls that pit President Mikheil Saakashvili’s party against a billionaire tycoon who poses the first big challenge to his rule and has warned of mass protests if the elections are rigged. The showdown between Saakashvili’s party and an opposition coalition led by Bidzina Ivanishvili has turned increasingly bitter after a scandal over torture in prisons sparked protests across the ex-Soviet state. Ivanishvili has threatened mass protests if Western observers don’t declare a fair vote and his Georgian Dream bloc mobilised tens of thousands of supporters at the weekend for one of the biggest rallies Tbilisi has ever seen. “It is a day of historic importance for Georgia. The fate of the Georgian state is being decided,” Saakashvili, whose campaign was hurt by the prison abuse scandal, said after casting his ballot in Tbilisi. Ivanishvili said the elections would give Georgia a new government despite his concerns that they were being rigged in favour of the ruling party. “For the first time Georgians are making a ‘nearly’ democratic choice. I say ‘nearly’ because the authorities have already committed lots of violations,” he said outside a polling station in Tbilisi. The highly-polarised campaign in the country of 4.5 million people, described by OSCE election monitors as “confrontational and rough”, has raised fears of post-poll unrest.

obama throws down gauntlet to romney on debate LAS VEGAS AfP

US President Barack Obama prepared Monday for his first debate with Mitt Romney, saying the clash was about security for hard-working Americans, not rhetorical “zingers.” Obama heaped pressure on his foe, who is angling for a dramatic turnaround for his ailing campaign in Wednesday’s showdown, before bunkering down in a resort in Nevada’s rocky desert to shake off his mothballed debating skills. “The media is

speculating already on who is going to have the best zingers ... who’s going to put the most points on the board,” Obama told a flood-lit rally of 11,000 people in a Hispanic suburb of Las Vegas Sunday. “Governor Romney, he’s a good debater... I’m just okay,” Obama said tongue-in-cheek, as he upped the stakes in the classic game of expectations setting that rival campaigns wage before big debates. Obama sought to frame Wednesday’s face-off, the first of a trio of presidential debates, as a contrast between substance and style, and to paint himself as the champion of the hurting middle class. “What I am most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country going and restore security for hard

working Americans,” Obama said. “That is what people are going to be listening for, that is the debate you deserve,” the president told a crowd amped up by the Mexican rock band Mana. Economically depressed Las Vegas suburbs are a key battleground areas, which may determine the outcome of the presidential contest in Nevada on November 6. Ann Romney, the nominee’s wife, is scheduled to hold a rally in Henderson, south of Las Vegas, on Monday. Republican Romney and Democrat Obama will meet in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday night for the first of three debates crucial to shaping the remaining five weeks of the president’s bid for a second

White House term. During his preparation for his face-toface encounter, Obama has been assisted by a team of top-notch policy and communication advisers, and has had the aid of Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts — himself a former presidential nominee — who has played the part of Romney during mock debates. Obama currently leads the national race by five points in the latest Gallup daily tracking poll and in most key battlegrounds ahead of the November 6 election. While the classic pre-debate spin requires campaigns to play down the chances of their man, gruff New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared not to get the memo from the Romney campaign.

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

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10 Comment a new world vision

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

“To be determined by an end is to be determined by what ought to be”

Arif Nizami Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

waziristan march Risking lives to save lives?


mran Khan had initially planned a march to North Waziristan as the Agency had been the principle target of drone attacks. The aim was to express solidarity with the families of the non-combatants who fell victim to these attacks and to rouse the world’s conscience against drone strikes. Failing to receive assurance of safety from the local tribes, Imran now plans to march to South Waziristan instead where the attacks have been much less frequent. He is confident that the marchers would be safe on account of the guarantees reportedly extended by the Mehsud tribal elders. He would however be taking a serious risk by entering an area under the shadow of the militants. TTP spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan has already made it known that his organization needs no sympathy from Imran Khan who is considered by it “a liberal and thus an infidel”. Imran Khan faces a dilemma as he would be pooh-poohed by his political opponents if he cancels the march and berated if the marchers are attacked and suffer casualties. One hopes he has weighed all pros and cons before deciding to go ahead. A number of foreigners have arrived to join the protest, including former US diplomat Ann Wrigt who is leading a ninemember ‘Women for Peace’ delegation. The inclusion of prominent peace activists from the US would weaken the extremist stand that the entire West is against the Muslims. There is a perception that the establishment is divided over the drone attacks, some considering the strikes to be useful but unwilling to admit it publicly. While official spokesmen have consistently condemned the attacks, the reaction to the killing of two persons in Lahore by CIA contractor Raymond Davis was much harsher than to any single drone attack with much larger casualties. Suggestions have been floated that in order to make the strikes acceptable they should be conducted in consultation with the Pakistani agencies. Imran believes the government’s opposition to the march is motivated by its pro-Washington stance. The government has been accused by the PTI of creating hurdles by not issuing visas to foreign peace activists and journalists. FATA Secretariat has recommended to the government to deny permission for the march. Imran Khan has made it known that he would hold the government responsible for any untoward consequences resulting from a confrontation. If the government has any credible reports regarding dangers to the security of the marchers, it should share them with the PTI chief. If he still insists on going ahead, the marchers should be provided full security instead of being stopped by force.

Mighty Obvious By Syed Hassan Belal Zaidi

By Arif Ansar


n September 22, The New York Times published an opinion in the form of an interactive chart titled ‘The New World’. This article, authored by Frank Jacobs and Parag Khanna, presents what the future would entail for certain states. Basically, it argues that the existing international borders are not static and presents about 11 different places where they are likely to change. The surprising element is not about what is on the list but what is absent. Moreover, the arguments used to present the case are lopsided. yes, Balochistan and Pashtunistan are on the list. This is obviously not the first time someone has pointed this out, and, therefore, it should not come as a shock to anyone. Nearly all-major western publications have been presenting a dire outlook for Pakistan for close to two decades now, well before the present regional turmoil had presented itself ominously. Countering a narrative, first of all, requires an examination of the premise being used to build an argument. These usually get validity by repeated assertions in the media, and after a certain point, most people start to accept them as a given fact as perceptions transform to perspectives. For example, the study in question presents the reason behind the changing borders as an inevitability of geopolitics. It simply ignores the havoc and tensions that have consumed the world in the aftermath of the 9/11. The globetrotting drones, worsening worldwide recession, the struggle for energy resources, all are contributing factors. These causes have resulted in the resurgence of tribalism

and Britain when the UK ordered oil explorations in the waters near the islands in 2010. Another glaring omission from the projection is the Maoist insurgency in India, and the sectarian tension surrounding Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. Myanmar is quickly emerging as another hotspot where the shifts in the balance of power between the West, China and India are playing out. As a result, the Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh corridor is likely to become active in the future. In short, such interpretations that are routinely published are based on a western worldview and interests, and mostly carry consequences for emerging competitors such as Russia and China. For example, China absorbing Siberia, as the forecast states, insinuates anxiety in the Sino-Russian ties. Similarly, the coming together of North and South Korea is perhaps more threatening to other pacific powers such as China and Japan. From the vantage point of South Asia, an interesting prospect to consider would have been the possible fusion of Pakistan and India. The western powers are proficient at envisioning the outlook and what it means for them. That their future planning is connected to risks that their policies are creating for the world, deliberately or unintentionally, is a different matter all together. Lack of alternative and indigenous narrative regarding what the world may look like, gives further credence to the scenarios that are propagated. As Dr Iqbal put it philosophically: “The past, no doubt, abides and operates in the present, but this operation of the past in the present is not the whole of consciousness. The element of purpose discloses a kind of forward look in consciousness. Purposes not only color our present states of consciousness, but also reveal its future direction. In fact, they constitute the forward push of our life, and thus in a way anticipate and influence the states that are yet to be. To be determined by an end is to be determined by what ought to be.” However, its critical to visualize what that end is, as it may be different for different stakeholders. The writer is the chief analyst for PoliTact ( and and can be reached at

rundown rundowns Speculation sells more copies (and airtime) than facts do


here is no money to be made in the news business anymore.” It is something I’ve heard a lot of media executives say. “The people don’t want to hear bad news, which is all that we have to offer. This is why we must get creative, do something out-of-the-box,” they tell me, and all I can think is that this has to be the greatest justification for sensationalism ever offered by man. Something’s gotta give. The news media has for too long dictated what viewers can and can’t watch. For the thinking man, any one hour spent watching the mind-numbing cycle of breaking news can cause irreparable brain damage. Those prone to seizures and epileptic fits are warned against venturing near a news channel between the hours of noon and 10PM. Peak time, as we like to call it. If you have nothing better to do one day, just wake up one morning, turn on the TV and see it for yourself; the recipe is quite simple, really. your average news day begins with a few desk-concocted stories: weather, water levels in reservoirs, traffic updates and the odd court story (because

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012


and nationalism, which are threatening not just a few states but the whole concept of nation-state around the world. One of the important projections articulates that Gulf States are likely to form a union in the future. It is true that Saudi Arabia is especially interested in such a prospect, and a number of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) meetings have focused on this. However, none of these have produced any results. Considering the tribal orientation of the Gulf monarchs this is perhaps the last place on earth that may take a shape of a merger. Nonetheless, the element of fear can extract results that are otherwise unimaginable. Moreover, the blowback from what is occurring in Syria, and the role of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and western powers in arming the rebels there can be extremely perilous for the Gulf countries and the region. Consider the example of support for Afghan jihadist and Salafist in the 80s that ultimately resulted in the creation of Al-Qaeda. If anything, when the Arab Spring has run its course and the dust settles on the hoopla about Iran’s nuclear program, we may see some crude League of Nation style European mandates in the Arab world again. Past is after all, the best predictor of the future. How the independence of Kurdistan is presented on the interactive map is also intriguing. It appears not only to hurt the territorial borders of Iran and Iraq to a large extent but also minimally NATO member Turkey’s borders. This is surprising given the insurgency presented by Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), now supported by Syria, is increasingly becoming lethal for Turkey. Could this be because of Turkey’s support for NATO in Syria? Irrespective of that, the situation of Turkey is beginning to resemble that of FATA, with its military routinely coming under attack and taking causalities. Equally critical is what is missing from the forecast: for example, the issue of Falkland Islands (Malvinas). Argentina has now received the backing of Latin American countries for its claim of sovereignty over the remote islands of Malvinas, which was occupied by Britain in 1833. Argentina seized the island in a 74day war in 1980s. However, the UK was able to retake the islands. The eightmember countries of the Bolivarian Alliance (ALBA) recently agreed to bar any ships flying the flag of Falkland Islands, from docking in their ports. Diplomatic wrangling escalated between Argentina

our legal practitioners wake up the earliest). This leads into most channels’ morning shows, which cannot and will not be interrupted by the blaring red of breaking news unless something really, really big happens. But the really, really big stories are often never covered, so expect to see some really red tickers about the Karachi Stock Exchange, the interest rate and the power shortfall around this time. Most morning shows close in time for the noon bulletin, which is an amalgamation of stories that made the front pages of major newspapers, along with some human interest pieces, but not a lot of politicking. This is mostly because several politicians do not wake up in time to make the noon bulletins. These official press briefings and ‘emergency press conferences’ are usually scheduled between 1-5PM. This gives beat-reporters a chance to stretch their legs and have lunch or hitea, on the job. Any shows on at this time can expect to ‘return after this news update’, though many don’t. After 7PM, primetime kicks in and two-penny talk show hosts rule the airwaves between then

Today’s mouthpieces are paid to show up, make a few token introductions and then allow the raging bulls to go at it. Many a time, there is little or no direction for any given show and the participants maneuver the conversation (if a shouting match can ever be called one) anywhichway they like. and 11PM, interrupted briefly by the 9PM khabarnama. This is the time where political careers are made, or broken. These are also the slots that compete for ratings directly with the highest rated soaps and TV series on alternative channels. Needless to say, the soaps are better produced, but the storylines our colleagues in the news business come up with are beyond peerless. There is also a clear distinction between pre-9PM talk shows and post-9PM talk shows. The former are often venues for mindless psychobabble where the anchor has little or no control over the cocks that are fighting in the foreground. Gone are the days when TV show hosts were full of gravitas and charisma; they had screen presence and held the attention of the audience in the

palms of their hands. Today’s mouthpieces are paid to show up, make a few token introductions and then allow the raging bulls to go at it. Many a time, there is little or no direction for any given show and the participants maneuver the conversation (if a shouting match can ever be called one) anywhichway they like. Talk shows that follow the 9PM news are more soliloquybased: those holding forth view themselves as evangelists or modern-day soothsayers. Their monologues are interspersed with small-talk, designed to give a viewer the impression that the host is, in fact, sitting in their living room talking to them directly. But the things they talk about are so far removed from the lives of the average audience member that most people have to ask

someone, usually their parents (who watch these nighttime chat shows religiously) what the host is on about. Our media is not unique. Around the world, TV channels and newspapers are locked in this game of oneupmanship: who will get the drop on whom. Everyone wants that one scoop, that one piece of exclusive footage, that elusive lead or that one document that will blow the lid on the greatest conspiracy ever. Unfortunately, these are very few and far between. Besides, speculation sells more copies (and airtime) than facts do. This is because facts can become stale, but speculation stays fresh as long as it’s kept in the refrigerator of short-term memory loss. This means that half-truths can be repackaged and pawned off on to the unsuspecting masses without much in the way of remorse. After all, there is always just a 50-50 chance of their information being correct. On the whole, those are better odds than we’ve ever had in cricket, so why complain? Follow @mightyobvious on Twitter for more incoherence in 140 characters or less

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Comment 11

Editor’s mail Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

Ban on Pakistani newspapers Adding to tensions between the neighboring nations, Afghanistan banned all Pakistani newspapers in the country to block the Taliban “propaganda” from influencing public opinion. Such moves are not only bound to further strain the already problematic bilateral equation but also exemplify the sentiments of the US-backed Afghan government. On the other hand, different factions of the Afghan society have rightly criticized such an approach of Afghan government as imprudent and unwise. Before taking such an irrational step, the Afghan authorities should have realized that once the foreign troops’ pullout is complete, Kabul would need Islamabad’s cooperation in every sphere of life. True Afghan leaders’ alliance with India is supported by Washington; yet, Kabul must keep in mind, the vital role that Pakistan can play for peace and prosperity of Afghanistan. Afghan authorities should remember and value the old age transnational Pak-Afghan bondage that has always defied the existence of physical boundaries and divisions between both countries. It is Pakistan who has always entertained thousands of Afghan refugees by housing them, providing them food, employment opportunities and security. Both have borne the brunt of a war three decades back, they will be left alone to lick the wound inflicted by this long war with a horde of extremist groups at their hands to de-radicalise and reintegrate into the society, accompanied by a colossal pressure from the international community and Human rights organizations for not handling things correctly. This reintegration process may take another decade to begin as things in the South Asian continent move with a painful slowness. Hence belligerence, evident through such acts by Afghan officials, must be discouraged for peaceful friendly relations. Instead of focusing unfairly upon what Pakistan has allegedly unleashed upon Afghanistan, and reacting by childish ploys a few home truths need to be rammed into the short term Afghan memory. JAWAYRIA MALIK Islamabad

a call for interfaith harmony The ongoing protests and demonstrations all over the Muslim world triggered by the sacrilegious US-made online video that degraded Islam and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), demands re-visiting our interfaith relations with the western democracies. Ever since 9/11 terrorist attacks at WTC New york, this sort of ‘inkling’ has become a regular feature e.g., publication of a dozen of cartoons of the holy prophet (pbuh) by Danish newspaper Jllands-Posten in 2005, followed by a threat to burn the holy Quran by US Pastor Terry Jones. This systematic prodding frustrated all the sincere efforts of United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Group of Friends (UNACGF) directed to resolve religious chasms causing irreparable damage to interfaith harmony.

If we look at the problem introspectively, the genesis of the stand-off runs much deeper than it appears. At its nucleus, we have civilizational differences between two fundamental value systems in the world. The first fundamental value system is being practiced by the western democracies characterized by its enlightenment doctrine. The core values include the freedom of speech – that is, the freedom to say whatever one desires. The core dynamic is that many people in different civilization areas interpret the same events differently. The online film strikes most people in Christian cultures as a trivial piece of bad film making that is deplorable in every way but is inevitably protected by the right to free expression. The second set of

appeal to the ecP The government of Pakistan is passing through tumultuous times. It is quite clear that if the representatives of the people possessed some education or knowledge they might not have been so brutal in their dealings. They would have been awarding benefits to the entire nation irrespective of their vested interests. Only one idea comes to mind: what if the election commission sets a system for the representatives? What is necessary at this level is that the election commission examines all our would-be representatives before giving them a ticket to fight in the upcoming election. In this way, we will be able to select those people who are educated and judicious. What that examination must contain is another question. The English language, Pakistan affairs, current affairs, every day science, Islamic history and Indo-Pak history should be included in the course. All representatives must possess an education of the Masters level or higher so that they have the necessary knowledge of the education system in Pakistan. When such educated people will be elected, they will surely be able to improve the institutions of Pakistan. I request the election commission to implement this system for the building of a better Pakistan for the future. DR IRFAN ALMANI Lahore

more democracy? Past 65 years of Pakistan’s history show that periods of army rule and civilian rule alternated with calls for more democracy. People distributed sweetmeats with every change. So-called democratic govts got dismissed with similar charges of corruption and misgovernance. Dictators planned to wear a thin veneer of democracy by collating with political parties with the majority ruled as the dictators pleased. The hallow of kingship that we inherited at independence has never lost its lustre and always hung around necks of rulers that behaved like rulers from a dynasty with absolute powers. The condition of masses kept on deteriorating with each tenure of the govt. We saw

fundamental value system is practiced by 1.5 billion of world’s Muslim community spread all over the world. The western democratization of institutions has been taken from the Muslim concept of governance during the period of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). The core value of society is Islam itself – as a system and way of life. Although, Islam gives respect to other religions, but free speech do not include the freedom to question religious dogma. From this perspective, the current violence triggered by the video film represents a vast gulf of divergence between the two civilizational viewpoints. It is also an established fact that Islamic value system is not considered as an equally valid ordering of reality to Western rationalism. Therefore, Muslims

rulers in the shape of Amir-ul-Momineen and proverbial gurus with pir like charismas. The people are treated like flocks of sheep and goats for votes only with promises of better life for them that ends in a mirage later on with poverty level increasing each time. Unless and until we return to pristine purity of Islam, there appears to be no hope for the nation to stand as a beacon of hope for the masses. DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI Lahore

wither dictionary? Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard condemns protests against an anti-Islamic film as extremism (Sept 21). She has quoted the definition of extremism by an example. This may be accepted from an uneducated person but not from politician of her caliber, particularly when extremism is the cause for many on-going wars around the world in which over a million people have been killed and multi-trillion dollar losses have been suffered by a number of countries so far. Z A KAZMI Karachi

Smuggling of tyres I through your esteemed newspaper would like to highlight a very important issue the government should take notice of — smuggling of used tyres. Used tyres are considered an environmental hazard in developed economies. In the tyre industry there is an adage that says “never purchase a used tyre whose history you don’t know”. These used tyres are also carriers of epidemic diseases, as last year the government claimed that used tyres are habitats of Dengue mosquitoes. But, no serious action has been taken against the importers of these unsafe used tyres. Apart from other threats, the illegal import (smuggling) of used tyres is making the government incur heavy losses. Through this malpractice used tyres find their way into the market, fill in a certain portion of the demand and thereby forcing the legal importers to import less and the local industry to produce less. On both accounts the government loses

perceive the film as a direct act of blasphemy coupled with a concerted effort to humiliate, weaken and destroy Islam. The defense of the ‘right to free expression’ comes across as hypocritical and self serving. The reaction in the Muslim world to the blasphemous video filming should serve as an eye-opener for the West to introspect their attitude towards Islam, especially to understand and accommodate its value system. There is a need to develop interfaith harmony and the notion of “clash of civilization” has to be rejected. We are not living in an era of crusades but entered in the era of geo-economics. Let us not take the world back to the crusade. REHAN NAWAZ Lahore

plausible revenues. If smuggling continues, the repercussions will be even more severe in the days to come. I therefore strongly request to the government of Pakistan that it should take serious actions to put a halt on this smuggling, because it is beneficial only to smugglers, custom officials, and the retailers. ABU BAKAR KAREEM Karachi

Sindh assembly and SPlGO The ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) finally got passed the controversial ordinance SPLGO 2012 in the House of Sindh Assembly on 01 October in grim atmosphere despite majority of the members of the House being against it but the situation was created by the ruling PPP in a way that no one from the ruling party dared oppose it whereas the opposition parties demonstrated severe protest in the House. This reminds me of a resolution passed by the same assembly in 1954 favoring controversial One Unit. It is very sad that the PPP government pressurized its majority members in Sindh Assembly to support it. If it was so what is the justification of keeping Sindh Assembly intact? It is better to let Sindh Assembly disband as we would at least save huge amount of public money. The proper way on controversial issues is to present some amendments in the House and after detailed discussion article-wise, the law is amended in democratic atmosphere. Not like presenting the ordinance in highly threatening and cohesive atmosphere as was done this time. It is very sad that the PPP rulers of Sindh government who were posing themselves as champions of the rights of the people of Sindh are bent upon to murder the wishes of majority of the people. Further, the majority of ministers of Sindh government seem ready to sing the praise of Islamabad rulers by wrongly claiming that the ‘PPP is more nationalist as compared to others’ even though they are taking somersaults on all important issues. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL Karachi

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

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the not-soGlaMorous life The life of a model isn’t as glamorous as it looks! Cover girl Asphley Stetts, who has been modeling for over a decade in New York City, reveals the downside of her beautiful life in a blog, from admitting that she made more money from a second job as a cocktail waitress than she did from her modeling gigs and her fears of future financial stability, to her unhealthy obsession with staying thin. While most people picture models sitting around nightclubs sipping on expensive champagne, traveling first class to exotic destinations and living in luxurious apartments with closets full of designer duds, Stetts puts the average life of a model into perspective. “In reality, most models spend their days schlepping to casting after casting, usually being rejected from each one. They live in model apartments with three other girls, and only eat celery for dinner because they can’t afford much else.” After moving to New York City from Toronto after she graduated college, Stetts, who was signed by Ford Models at the age of 18, immediately booked an editorial job and was featured on the cover of Women’s Health magazine, but the gig only paid a measly $250. “In the beginning, my

i love villains, `krrish 3` a role of lifetime: vivek


Ctor Vivek oberoi, who would be a part of upcoming sequel of `Krrish` as the main baddie, says he loves villains. Vivek has played characters with grey shades in `Company`, `shootout at lokhandwala`, etc. “i love villain characters...they are so exciting to play. they are so different and challenging. i have played roles with grey shades, but this character in `Krrish 3` is completely black, i am a villain and i am loving it,” Vivek told Pti. `Krrish 3` will continue the story of rohit Mehra and his superhero son Krrish, after `Koi...Mil Gaya` and `Krrish`, both of which were hits. Vivek plays the main villain in `Krrish 3`, against Hrithik. “My role in the film is something that i have never done earlier. audience will get to see a different side of me in the film. i must say that `Krrish 3 is a role of a lifetime...of a twisted villain. i had fun doing the film. NEwS DESK

What does dia Mirza like in a man?


Ctress dia Mirza believes that the quality that makes a man stand out is his character. “i think character in a man makes him what he is. of course, we look for various things in a man but the one thing that makes a man stand distinctively apart from the rest is his character,” she told reporters sunday at the GQ Men of the year awards. dia, 30, is dating filmmaker sahil sangha. talking about the women in Bollywood, dia believes it is filled with some wonderful women. “i think we have many wonderful women in the Hindi film industry who are a combination of good looks and intelligence. to name a few, i would say Priyanka Chopra, lara dutta, sushmita sen, deepika Padukone...the list is pretty endless actually,” dia said. NEwS DESK

‘hotel transylvania’ checks in with top box office spot


He animated monsters who become dracula’s guests in “Hotel transylvania” scared up $43 million in their first weekend out, industry estimates showed sunday. another film in its premiere weekend, “looper,” a mob movie starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-levitt, trailed in second place with a $21.2 million debut. Cop drama “end of Watch” with Jake Gyllenhaal, was in the number three spot with $8 million for its second week in theaters. it was followed by Clint eastwood’s “trouble with the Curve,” about a baseball recruiter losing his sight, with $7.5 million. Fright flick “House at the end of the street” brought in $7.2 million in the number five spot, while teen comedy-musical “Pitch Perfect” was sixth with $5.2 million. the 3d version of pioneering 2003 animated movie “Finding nemo” was in the seventh spot with $4.1 million. in eighth was “resident evil: retribution,” cashing in $3 million. “the Master,” about the rise of a religious leader in the united states in the 1950s, played by Philip seymour Hoffman.NEwS DESK

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

fledgling career was actually costing me money. Sometimes the gas to drive to castings and the parking while I was in the city ate up the little money I brought home from jobs,” she confesses. With runway shows not paying her much more and sometimes being compensated with free clothes instead of money, she reveals that most models end up borrowing money against their future earnings from their agencies, which they have to pay back with inflated interest rates. With her modeling gigs failing to pay the bills, Stetts was forced to take a second job as a cocktail waitress three nights a week, a lucrative move which banked her about $1,000 per night and put her in the sixfigure bracket. But finances aren’t the only woe of being a model. “It’s scary relying solely on a job where you have to stay the exact same measurements all the time, but it’s pretty much my only job requirement,” she admits, noting that she has become a “gym rat.” “I don’t count calories, but I do try to make healthy eating choices and I work out five to six days a week. A good mix of spin, yoga and weight training keep me in check, and if a certain part of me (like my hip measurement) starts to get too big or small, I adjust my workouts accordingly. Getting pregnant or gaining weight could end my career. The industry is fickle and disloyal; I’ve lost clients I’ve worked with for years because a new designer said I was too big.”

The other frightening thing about a career on the catwalk is the reality of its’ “definite expiration date, in which you gain very few transferable skills.” “Sometimes I wish I had graduated and taken an entrylevel job at a company where I could have climbed the ladder and maybe even been a CEO by now. I would have a lot more job security and an impressive resume, but I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy my 20s and live it up in NYC the way I have, and that’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.” Courtesy radar online

record bosses put pressure on me to slim down: Aguilera

ranbir and I are good friends: evelyn Sharma

was heavier, darker and full of piercing! Let me tell you, that wasn’t an easy pill for them to swallow. “I had gained about 15 pounds during promotion and during my Stripped tour. They called this serious emergency meeting about how there was a lot of backlash about my weight. “Basically, they told me I would affect a lot of people if I gained weight - the production, musical directors. “(They claimed) people I toured with would also miss out if I gained weight because I would sell no records or tickets for my shows neWS DeSK

Already on her fifth film in Bollywood, foreign import Evelyn Sharma seems to be quite the popular face for ramp shows, like the one she was recently in the city for. And in true Bollywood style, she’s even had first her link-up, with co-star Ranbir Kapoor. Quiz Evelyn about whether there was sparks off the sets, which made her other co-star Deepika Padukone feel uneasy, and she says diplomatically, “Ranbir and I are good friends, while Deepika is... well... Deepika.” She goes on to add, “Ranbir and I hit it off well and since our characters in the film are always flirting with each other, there’s, in fact, no scene in which we don’t flirt. But, off screen, we’re just good friends.” CourteSy toi

The singer claims chiefs panicked when she allowed her frame to fatten up in 2002, prompting them to unsubtly push her into shifting 15 pounds. She says they warned her that her career would suffer if she didn’t slim down – and by 2006, she was at her lightest. Christina – who recently opened up about her new fuller physique – revealed: “During the promotion of my album Stripped, I got tired of being a skinny, white girl. I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl. “The next time my label saw me, I

robert Pattinson is sexiest man in the world TWILIGHT hunk Robert Pattinson has been named the sexiest man in the world. The actor, 26, beat Thor star Tom Hiddleston and Hollywood heart-throb Johnny Depp, who were second and third respectively. Other stars in the top five were Michael Fassbender and Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Glamour magazine’s top ten also numbered Robert Downey Jr, Taylor Lautner and Henry Cavill – who will be seen as Superman in Man of Steel next

year. More than 40,000 people voted in this year’s survey and notable entries in the top 20 include Alexander Skarsgard (14), Batman actor Christian Bale (18) and his Dark Knight Rises co-star Tom Hardy (20). The title comes in the wake of Robert deciding to take back his girlfriend Kristen Stewart following the revelation she had an affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Here’s the top 5of Glamour’s 50 sexiest men poll: 1) Robert Pattinson 2) Tom Hiddleston 3) Johnny Depp 4) Michael Fassbender 5) Benedict Cumberbatch. neWS DeSK

Varun Dhawan likes dark cinema His father David Dhawan is known for making comedies and he himself is making his debut with candy floss romance, but Varun Dhwawan relates more with darker cinema and would love to be part of scripts like “Dev D” and “Shaitaan”. “I would like to do more darker, edgier and realistic films. I liked ‘Kahaani’, ‘Dev D’, and ‘Shaitan’. It’s an art to do romantic films also, but given a chance I would love to do darker films. I want to do something different and not what everyone is doing,” said Varun. He is making his foray in showbiz with Karan Johar’s “Student Of The year” that will also introduce Alia Bhatt and model Siddharth Malhotra to filmdom. CourteSy toi

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13 salman returns as larger than life hero in `dabangg 2`


Ctor-ProduCer arbaaz Khan, who is making his directorial debut with ‘dabangg 2’, says he has recreated salman Khan`s larger than life persona for the 2010 action film`s sequel in order to relate with the audience. arbaaz said the heroism of salman has stayed on with the audience and is remembered the most. “there is everything in the film that audience would expect from their `dabangg` hero. the film by itself has a larger than life setting while salman too would be seen as a larger than life character. you would see heroism and all that is Chulbul Pandey`s trait,” arbaaz told Pti. this particular image of salman developed with ‘Wanted’ and has been the mantra for his success in subsequent films like ‘ready’, ‘Bodyguard’ and ‘ek tha tiger’. “the film`s basic construction is already in place and we have further built upon that. NEwS DESK

kareena kapoor gets candid about saif ali khan’s big proposal

K PARIS: Models present creations by Leonard during the Spring/Summer 2013 ready-to-wear collection show on Monday. AFP

Busan festival puts Asian film in spotlight Asia’s largest film festival rolls out the red carpet in South Korea on Thursday, offering a window into the region’s cinema landscape and a rare screening of a North Korean film. Organisers of the 17th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) have stressed the importance of the event in terms of promoting Asia’s film industry, within which South Korea’s booming domestic market is a current bright spot. Much attention is expected to be focused on North Korea’s romantic comedy “Comrade Kim Goes Flying”, with its filmmakers having been invited to the screening. It is the first time such an invitation has been extended to the North and Busan organisers say they are awaiting a reply. “We are proud to say that we have played our part in the cultural exchange between North and South Korea,” festival director Lee yong-kwan told AFP. Lee said one of the main aims of the event was to support and introduce to a wider audience lesser-known works and those of smaller production companies from across Asia. Farooki said the attention his film would attract after being screened at this year’s festival would draw

global attention to his country’s nascent film industry. Last year’s event welcomed more than 182,000 film fans. This year Busan will showcase a special sidebar devoted to Afghani films saved from the Taliban by the Afghanistan National Film Archive, while the Window on Asian Cinema section features 49 films from 11 countries across the region, including 13 world premieres. The festival, which has previously featured international stars and Academy Award winners including director Oliver Stone and French actress Juliette Binoche, will this year put Asian talent in the spotlight, with Chinese actresses Zhang Ziyi and Tang Wei making appearances. The Korean Film

Council recently announced around 120 million cinema tickets had been sold across the country by the end of August, a year-on-year rise of around 20 percent. Art-house maverick Kim Ki-duk became the first Korean to win the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice film festival with his tale of revenge “Pieta” earlier this month, and local films have topped box office charts. Among them is casino caper “The Thieves”, the second most successful Korean film in history, with admissions of more than 12.5 million. A joint Korean and Chinese production directed by Choi Dong-Hun, it boasts Korean stars Lee Jung-jae and Jun Ji-hyun and will screen as part of the Open Cinema programme at BIFF. Festival organiser Lee said one of the main roles of the festival was to support and promote such collaborations within the Asian film industry through its market and film fund programmes. The main competition of the event — the New Currents Award for debut or second-time Asian filmmakers — offers two prizes of $30,000 and has this year attracted a field of 10 productions from eight countries, including Lebanon and Iraq. afp

PFDC, L’Oreal announce labels for bridal week

areena Kapoor has finally put an end to the world’s curiosity about how saif ali Khan, her live-in boyfriend of five years and husbandto-be, uttered the three magic words to her. “actually, he never really said it… he isn’t that romantic,” says Kareena in an interview to Hello! india, for its latest issue. the ultimate sign of commitment came when saif got her name tattooed prominently on his arm, says Kareena “it means far more to me than a piece of paper. What bigger commitment can a man make than that? i have never doubted saif…” actor Kareena Kapoor recalls the moment when she fell in love with beau saif ali Khan. “We were in ladakh to shoot tashan. i had just broken up with shahid Kapoor. even though i had met saif socially, we hadn’t spoken much. When i spotted him near the hotel pool, he was tanning on a lounge chair, clad in just jeans. i told my friend, “oh my God… he’s so hot!”after our first shot, we chatted and he made me laugh a lot. i hope it always stays that way. today, we are best friends. i hope marriage only adds to what we share,” she said. NEwS DESK


The Pakistan Fashion Design Council [PFDC] and L’Oréal Paris on Monday announced the fashion designers and labels set to showcase bridal trends for 2012 - 2013 at the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2012; a platform which will define and present contemporary and traditional Pakistani Bridal fashion and make-up trends, fusing to create the ‘look’ for the bridal season 2012 – 2013! Designers showcasing at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week represent a diversity of aesthetics ranging from those steeped in tradition, design houses who focus on bridal fusion wear and those who are inspired by the more contemporary bride. Presenting collections at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2012 are: Misha Lakhani, AZZA and Sonia Azhar on Day-1; Asifa & Nabeel, Teena by Hina Butt and The Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio on Day-2; Élan, Layla Chatoor and Nickie Nina on Day-3 and Fahad Hussayn, Nida Azwer, Saai and HSy on Day-4. This year, the PFDC L’Oréal Paris team also takes bridal make-up trends to a new level with each participating bridal week style team presenting their solo trend shows daily, with their interpretation of bridal make-up trends for the season, using L’Oréal Paris products. The four make-up teams will be collaborating with one designer each for these trend shows on their respective days: Nabila [N-Pro] with Zaheer Abbas, Maram & Aabroo with Zara Shahjahan, Toni&Guy with Mohsin Ali and Khawar Riaz with Adnan Pardesy. Indeed through working with such diverse and creative stylists, L’Oréal Paris endeavours to build on its global tradition of associating with and defining the latest make-up trends and innovations.

amy adams: Weddings are waste of money


Ctress amy adams, who is engaged to darren le Gallo, thinks weddings are just a waste of money. “Weddings are not a good value and i like good value. still, i’d be disappointed if we didn’t have one,” quoted adams as saying. the 38-year-old also revealed she is less focused on her career since becoming a mother. she gave birth to the couple’s daughter aviana 2010 and says the youngster is now the most important thing in her world, leaving work in the shade. “i love my work but i’m becoming more successful at leaving it behind when i`m at home so my daughter feels i belong to her and not the world,” she said. she says aviana hates seeing her go out to work and she wants to do more to put her family first, without leaving herself unfulfilled. “i would like to focus more on spending time with my daughter. COURTESY HT

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Infotainment 14 thai broadcaster axes panda reality tv


Zookeeper Jeff Harwell dives into a pool closely followed by 450lb Bengal tiger Akasha during the Tiger Splash Show at Out of Africa wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona. the telegraph

In 1985, Eric covered a Vw Beetle in 1,659 computerized lights and drove it around New York. the telegraph

7 surprising sources of caffeine VERWORKED and sleepdeprived, more people are using caffeine as an energy crutch than ever before, experts say. That’s not all bad: In fact, 250 milligrams of caffeine per day—that’s two to three cups of joe—wakes up the brain, improves concentration, relieves stress, and may also help you live longer. But if intake is turning into addiction, you may notice side effects, including dehydration, trouble sleeping, anxiety, an upset stomach, and even problems during pregnancy. If you’re trying to cut back, you’ve probably already reduced the amount of coffee, tea, and sodas that you consume. But the sneaky stimulant can pop up in unexpected places. Since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t require manufacturers to list caffeine content on nutrition labels, it’s often hard to tell whether a product contains the stimulant, and how much. These 7 sources of caffeine—some hidden, some just plain weird—could be giving you the jitters.


ing Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Compared to the caffeine found in a regular cup (generally around 100 milligrams), the decaf samples had less, but some packed in over 20.

little bit of the stimulant. Candy bars generally have less than 10 milligrams, but the darker the chocolate, the higher the caffeine content. Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar has a whopping 31 milligrams, almost as much as a can of Coke! Some chocolate is fortified with additional caffeine for an energy boost—take the limited edition Snickers Charge, which has 60 milligrams of caffeine, about the same as a cup of tea.

Ice cream Caffeine really doesn’t do much to shrink your waistline, yet diet pill manufacturers have overloaded their pills with the stimulant. For example, taking 1,223 milligrams in a daily dose of Zantrex-3 is like having 12 cups of coffee, according to a 2005 analysis conducted by

Non-cola sodas Colas and other sodas like Mountain Dew are well-known caffeinated culprits, but others play less obvious roles in your daily caffeine intake. Some brands of root beer, such as Barq’s, contain caffeine. Both the regular and diet flavors have 23 milligrams per 12-ounce can, just 12 milligrams less than a can of Coke. Sunkist’s orange soda has a surprising 41 milligrams of caffeine, and A&W Cream Soda has about 25 milligrams.


Pain relievers If there’s coffee or chocolate in your ice cream, expect the scoop to deliver a small jolt. Many popular brands have coffee flavors that contain between 30 and 45 milligrams of caffeine per half cup, which is about the same as a can of Coke. Chocolate ice cream has much less, however; a half cup of Breyer’s All Natural Chocolate ice cream has only 3 milligrams, according to a Consumer Reports analysis.

Breath fresheners Decaf coffee The name implies that this cup of java delivers all the taste you love without the caffeine, but don’t be fooled. In 2007, Consumer Reports tested 36 cups of decaffeinated coffee from six coffee standbys, includ-

Weight-loss pills

FTER three years of following her every move, a Thai broadcaster has pulled the plug on one of the kingdom’s most-loved but lethargic reality TV celebrities — a giant panda. Linping, Thailand’s first giant panda cub, has won millions of fans since her birth in 2009, becoming the star of a live feed from a zoo in northern Chiang Mai dubbed the “Panda Channel”. But the show ended on Sunday after satellite-cable television broadcaster TrueVisions axed the programme as part of its plans to introduce new channels, to the dismay of her legion of fans. “I’m really sad about this decision,” said Supornthip Bunlased, 54, who was a regular viewer. “The programme is relaxing, particularly for people who are stressed about their work.” While no official viewing figures are available, national “panda-mania” is believed to have waned somewhat since the initial excitement over Linping’s birth. Buntragulpoontawee. Giant pandas, notorious for their low sex drive in captivity, are among the planet’s most endangered animals. Linping was conceived by artificial insemination after years of unsuccessful efforts to encourage her parents — loaned by China — to mate. Linping also officially belongs to Beijing. AfP

Caffeine is found naturally in cocoa beans, so any chocolate has a

The makers of Jolt Cola, which had the maximum amount of caffeine allowed in colas before it was reformulated as an energy drink, also sell caffeinated gum and mints. Two pieces of Jolt gum provides the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Three of Penguin’s caffeinated mints equal the caffeine content of a cup of coffee, and just one Foosh mint contains the same jolt.

A little caffeine can curb headaches, but in large quantities it can actually cause them, some research suggests. Many pain relievers incorporate caffeine to ease the pain, but if you take more than the label suggests, you could be taking more than you need. Two Excedrin Migraine tablets have 130 milligrams of caffeine, the same as a Starbucks Light Frappuccino with espresso— so stick with the two-tablets-per-24hours label instructions. NEwS DESK

pedestrian gets head trapped in rubbish bin


52-year-old became wedged as he put his head into a garbage can to try and retrieve an object, thought to be a cigarette, from inside. Police, fire crews and an ambulance rushed to the scene in Aberdeen, Scotland, where crowds had gathered to watch the bizarre rescue unfold. Fire crews spent 15 minutes cutting the top off the 4ft high bin with a high-powered saw normally used for cutting people out of vehicles. He was then taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, where he was treated for cuts to his face before being discharged. Ian Anderson, a bar worker at nearby Archibald Simpson’s pub, said the rescue had amused locals and visitors to the city. He said: “I thought it must have been a fire that had been put out by the time I walked past, because there was no smoke or flames.”When I got to the pub and people told me the real story, I could not believe it. Everyone was talking about it, and having a laugh about the commotion it caused. “A spokesman forz Grampian Police said: “We are unsure what he was looking for or what he had lost, and whether he found it. “We can also confirm that there were no criminal charges resulting from the incident.” COURTESY THE TELEGRAPH

Facebook private message rumour is 'false', site says A rumour that Facebook users' private messages were appearing on public timelines is false, the firm has said. Some users, mostly in France, reported that "private messages" sent between 2007-2009 were suddenly public. However, Facebook told the BBC: "[The] messages were older wall posts that had always been visible on the users' profile pages. Separately, Facebook shares fell up to 11% after an influential journal said the stock is worth just $15. On the messaging rumor, the social network said: "Facebook is satisfied that there has been no breach of user privacy." Another source at the company told the BBC that engineers said there was "no way" the two areas of data could get mixed up.

Private material The source said that "no mechanism" had ever been created that

would allow a private message to be published onto a user's wall or timeline. Similar rumours surfaced and were investigated in 2011, the

source said, but after "extensive investigation" they were proven to be untrue. Despite Facebook's statement, many users reported finding what they believed to be old private

material. "There are messages I've got on my wall that are most definitely private messages! From 2006 all the way up to 2012," wrote Poppy Dinsey, owner of fashion social network What I Wore Today. "I'm 100% sure by content and from memory. And also some posts on my wall were clearly beginnings of (private) group [messages]." Meanwhile, Facebook shares were under pressure after the US financial publication Barron's said the stock is worth perhaps only $15 a share, well below the $38-a-share flotation price. On Wall Street, the shares ended down 9.1% to $20.79, having fallen more than 11% earlier in the day. Barron's said: "Facebook's 40% plunge from its initial public offering price of $38 in May has millions of investors asking a single question: Is the stock a buy? "The short answer is 'No.' What are the shares worth? Perhaps only $15," Barron's said. COURTESY BBC

World’s heaviest pumpkin?


RGANIZERS of a fair in northeastern Massachusetts claim a Rhode Island man has set a new world record with the first pumpkin ever to weigh more than a ton. Leaders of the Topsfield Fair say the huge gourd grown by Ron Wallace of Greene, R.I., tipped the scales at 2,009 pounds on Friday, winning him $5,500 for first place and another $10,000 as a bonus for breaking the one-ton mark. The Guinness World Record for heaviest pumpkin is 1,810.5 pounds set by Chris Stevens of New Richmond, Wis., at the Stillwater Harvest Fest in Stillwater, Minn., in October 2010. A New Hampshire man appeared to break the record on Thursday. Steve Geddes of Boscawen turned in a pumpkin weighing 1,843 pounds at the Deerfield Fair in Deerfield, N.H. AGENCIES

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Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

Kvitova crashes to second asian upset Page 22 LADIeS IN greeN DO WHAT THe MeN COuLD NOT


Jhulan Goswami's all-round effort goes in vain, with nida rashid's triple-strike giving Pakistan a thrilling win COLOMBO



T wasn't a contest billed as the mother of all battles, nor was it one with too much fanfare and build-up. But despite all that, it was still an India-Pakistan clash, and reason enough for both sides to try their best. At the end of it all, Pakistan’s women did what the men could not, beating India by a run in Galle on Monday (October 1). Chasing 99, India ended on 97 for 8 from its 20 overs. It was its third loss in as many matches in the tournament. Pakistan was on the receiving end till about five overs into India's chase, but the turnaround was scripted by Nida Rashid, the off-spinner, whose triple strike saw off India's middle order and induced panic in the ranks. India, which was cruising along at 44 for one in the tenth over, suddenly lost three wickets in two overs, with both Mithali Raj (16) and Harmanpreet Kaur (5) back in the pavilion. Reema Malhotra tried to hit her way out of trouble and was bowled by Sana Mir, Pakistan’s captain, for just 7. Jhulan Goswami was the only batter who seemed capable of striking the big blows needed towards the end. But, Bisma Maroof dismissed Goswami (21)

Defeat leaves Pakistanis in a fury LAHORE

and Amita Sharma (7) in the same over to leave India with 14 to get off the final one. But Mir held her nerve and India managed only 12 as Pakistan squeezed home by the narrowest of margins. Rashid was the pick of the Pakistan bowlers with figures of 3 for 12 in four overs. She exhibited tremendous control and wasn't afraid to flight the ball even to the experienced Indian batters. Earlier, India looked sharp and disciplined as it restricted Pakistan to 98 for 9. Mir, who opened the batting, topscored with 26. Although cautious initially, she was in fine nick and looked for a big score before she was sent back by Rasanara Parwin, the debutant, in the tenth over. A lot was expected from Nain Abidi, Pakistan's most prolific run-scorer on the recent tour of Ireland. While she appeared well set, the Indian spinners did well to build pressure from the other end. With the run-rate languishing around four, Abidi had to go after the bowling and she was eventually out to Goswami for 25. Goswami was India's best bowler, with figures of two for 16 from four overs. Maroof and Javeria Khan failed and the lower middle order was exposed to the Indian spinners – Anuja Patil and Parwin – who had combined figures of four for 31 from six overs. Pakistan started the tournament

ranked below India, but after a determined defence of a small target, it was

they that walked away from the competition with heads high. For India, semi-fi-

West indies oust nZ in dramatic Super over


Fans and former players slammed Pakistan's preparation and tactics on Monday after the side's heavy defeat at the hands of arch-rivals India in the World Twenty20. Pakistan, one of the pre-tournament favourites, went down by eight wickets in the Super Eights match at Premadasa stadium in Colombo on Sunday, watched by millions in the cricket-mad country. The defeat leaves Pakistan with a mustwin last match against in-form Australia on Tuesday to reach the semi-finals, and ex-players questioned captain Mohammad Hafeez's decision to bat first after winning the toss. "Pakistan should have realised that India's strong point is their batting and they can chase a big total, so why did they bat first?" said former captain Aamir Sohail. "Our eleven was not chosen with India in mind." India rolled Pakistan for a meagre 128 in 19.4 overs before Virat Kohli smashed a brilliant unbeaten 61-ball 78 to steer his side home in 17 overs, avoiding an early Super Eights exit. Test great Zaheer Abbas said Pakistan went into the game against their biggest rivals under prepared. "It seemed there was no planning for the crucial match," said Abbas. "you need to do proper planning for a match against India but I saw that the team panicked and there was no plan to stop Kohli." The match was only the third encounter between the two sides in two years. India beat Pakistan in the semi-final of the World Cup (50 overs) in Mohali last year and also won the Asia Cup tie in Bangladesh earlier this year. "It hurts when we lose to India," said Ishtiaq Ali, who watched the match with a group of friends on a big screen in Karachi. "Pakistan should lose to any team but not to India, because its sentimental."



West Indies knocked New Zealand out of the World Twenty20 in a dramatic Super Over Monday after their group one match finished in a tie. Both teams were locked at 139 after 40 overs at Pallekele stadium, sending the match to the tense Super Over decider. New Zealand scored a challenging 17 off their six balls with Ross Taylor hitting a six off Marlon Samuels. But West Indies reached the target with a ball to spare as Samuels smashed the winning six off Tim Southee to keep his team in contention for a semi-final place. West Indies, who have two wins in three matches, now wait for the result of Sri Lanka's game against England later Monday, which will decide which two teams from the group progress to the semi-finals. "Samuels is my go-to man in pressure situations, he's suffering from a bad shoulder so that's why he doesn't bowl more," said West Indies captain Darren Sammy of the all-rounder. "It was a great fight-

back and I am very happy at that." A disappointed Taylor rued New Zealand's missed opportunity -- but admitted that the West Indies' Super Over was "pretty awesome". "We probably should have won it in normal time. Credit to West Indies, to score 18 of five balls is pretty awesome. When the first ball is a no-ball that goes for six it ruins the over," said Taylor. "That's cricket and we're going home now."The breathless finish came after Southee (3-21) and Doug Bracewell (3-31) restricted the West Indian innings to 139 in 19.3 overs, before Taylor's unbeaten 62 kept New Zealand in with a chance for an upset win. With New Zealand needing 14 off the last over, Taylor hit a six off the fourth delivery bowled by Samuels but managed just a single on the penultimate ball to leave his team two short of victory. Doug Bracewell hit the final delivery but was run out while taking a second run, as the West Indian players celebrated jubilantly. Sunil Narine took 3-20 off his four overs to keep New Zealand in check. Taylor hit three sixes and as many fours off 40 balls. Ear-

wEST INDIES J. Charles c and b Bracewell 8 30 C. Gayle c B. McCullum b Southee 6 A. Russell c franklin b Bracewell M. Samuels c Southee b N. McCullum 24 D. Bravo b N. McCullum 16 K. Pollard c Taylor b Bracewell 28 1 D. Ramdin c Taylor b Hira D. Sammy c franklin b Southee 11 S. Narine b Southee 3 S. Badree b Oram 1 R. Rampaul not out 1 Extras: (lb2, nb2, w6) 10 Total: (all out, 19.3 overs) 139 fall of wickets: 1-14 (Charles), 2-36 (Russell), 3-61 (Gayle), 4-87 (Samuels), 5-98 (Bravo), 6-102 (Ramdin), 7-123 (Sammy), 8-133 (Pollard), 9-136 (Narine). Bowling: Mills 2-0-25-0 (nb1), Bracewell 4-0-31-3, Southee 4-0-21-3 (w2), Oram 1.3-0-17-1 (nb1, w1), Hira 4-0-24-1 (w3), N. McCullum 4-0-19-2 NEw ZEALAND R. Nicol lbw b Rampaul 3 M. Guptill c Samuels b Sammy 21 B. McCullum b Badree 22 R. Taylor not out 62 J. franklin c Gayle b Narine 14 J. Oram lbw b Narine 6 N. McCullum c Charles b Narine 5 D. Bracewell run out 1 Extras: (lb2, nb1, w2) 5 Total: (for seven wickets, 20 overs) 139 fall of wickets: 1-8 (Nicol), 2-41 (B. McCullum), 3-52 (Guptill), 4-85 (franklin), 5-115 (Oram), 6-125 (N. McCullum), 139-7 (Bracewell). Bowling: Rampaul 4-0-23-1, Badree 4-0-18-1, Narine 4-0-203 (nb1), Sammy 4-0-35-1 (w1), Pollard 2-0-13-0, Gayle 1-0-15-0, Samuels 1-0-13-0 (w1) Super Over: New Zealand 17-0; west Indies 19-0 Result: west Indies win in Super Over after a tie Toss: New Zealand Umpires: Asad Rauf (PAK) and Aleem Dar (PAK) Tv umpire: Simon Taufel (AUS) Match referee: Javagal Srinath (IND)

lier, Southee and Bracewell rocked the West Indian batting after Darren Sammy won the toss and batted. Chris Gayle topscored with a fluent 30 while Kieron Pollard (28) and Samuels (24) also chipped in with useful contributions, but none of the batsmen could capitalise on their good starts. Bracewell provided New Zealand with a double breakthrough by dismissing Johnson Charles (eight) and Andre Russell (six) in his first two overs, leaving the West Indies in a difficult situation.

nalists in 2009 and 2010, there was no consolation.

Dominant watson leads aussie charge COLOMBO AfP

Shane Watson's brilliant form with bat and ball has propelled Australia's unbeaten run in the World Twenty20, but the star all-rounder warned rivals he was not finished yet. Watson's extraordinary display has won him man-of-the-match awards in all four of Australia's games and made him both the top run-getter and leading wickettaker in the tournament. Having thrashed India and South Africa in their first two Super Eight matches, Australia must still beat Pakistan on Tuesday to qualify for the semi-finals from group two. Watson, the 31-year-old vice-captain, said he needed to continue with the same intensity if Australia was to win the one major title that has eluded them so far. "I know how important every game is to us and, in a World Cup, there is no game where you can take your foot off the pedal," Watson said after the eightwicket win over South Africa on Sunday night. "I know how important it is for me to continue doing the simple keys and cues that I have got for both batting and bowling, and be able to hopefully replicate my deeds in one game after another. "In the end, it is so important to keep the momentum going. At the moment, things are going really well for all of us as a team. "We are really up for every game because we really want to show ourselves how good a Twenty20 team we are." Watson has not looked back since taking a wicket with his first ball in the tournament, removing Ireland captain William Porterfield with the opening delivery of the match. He finished with 3-26 in that game and then hammered 51 off 30 balls with five fours and three sixes to fashion Australia's easy seven-wicket win. In the next game against the West Indies, Watson claimed 2-29 and hit an unbeaten 41 off 24 balls before rain forced the game to be abandoned with Australia 17 runs ahead on the Duckworth-Lewis method.

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Sports 16




The District Level of the Punjab youth Festival 2012, which is the fourth stage of the hectic 90-day long activity, had competitions in 23 categories of events throughout the province on Monday. Apart from sports events including athletics, badminton, table tennis, billiard, arm wrestling, tug or war, kabaddi, taekwondo, weightlifting, bodybuilding and hockey, there were also qirat, and naat khani competitions while the other general category events will be held on Tuesday at different venues of the province. The competitions in the said events are being held in all the 36 districts of the nine divisions and till Monday noon 23 competitions of sports were held in which around 500 people in individual and team events took part and 118 won the events. In Lahore district competitions of sports were held at Iqbal Park Sports Complex and Punjab Stadium. At Iqbal Park, badminton, athletics cricket hard ball and tape ball events were held while at the Punjab Stadium around athletics of secondary school were held in eight categories and around girl athletes of 35 schools took part in the com-

petitions. Mamona Arshad of Ferozpur won the shot-putt event of the Schools category of the Festival at the Punjab Stadium while Rashida Zafar was declared second. In long jump, Fatima Zqaman of Pak Standard left everyone behind while Ramsha Arif of Shadman girls high school was second. Similarly, Iqra Javed of Milli Darul Atfal was the winner and Mibra Irum was placed second Samsani Khoi School. In the 200 metres race Iqra was the clear winner and Armas was adjudged second and similarly in 400 metres, Khadija was the winner and in 800 metres Khadija won the first position while Naila and Halima were declared second and third. Similarly at Iqbal Park athletics events, Mohammad Ishaq of Wagha Town UC 62 won the 800 metres while Mohammad Ali of Gulberg Town UC 98 was placed second. In 1500 metres race, Majid Ali of Wagha Town UC 62 and Mutafar Ali of Iqbal Town UC 113 were the winner and runner-up while in long jump, Mohammad younas of Wagha Town UC 51 jumped to victory while Adnan Nazir of Shahdra Town and in Shot-Putt Aleem Butt of Gulberg Town UC 98 got the first position while he was followed by Nadeem Akhtar of Aziz Bhatti Town UC 48.

Malinga sends England out PALLEKELE AfP


RI Lanka beat England by 19 runs to reach the World Twenty20 semi-finals along with West Indies Monday and send the defending champions crashing out of the tournament. Sri Lanka made 169-6 in their 20 overs before Lasith Malinga took a career best 5-31 to restrict England to 150-9 in their 20 overs in Pallekele. Earlier, West Indies defeated New Zealand in a thrilling Super Over finish. Pakistan play Australia and India meet South Africa in Colombo on Tuesday to decide the two semi-finalists from group two of the Super Eights round. Earlier, Sri Lanka's batsman posted a challenging 168-6 against defending champions England in their must-win match. Mahela Jayawardene top-scored with 42 off 38 balls, while Angelo Mathews hit 28 and Thisara Perera made 25 not out with two sixes to lift the total in the final overs at Pallekele. Both hosts Sri Lanka and title-holders England need victory to reach the semi-finals after West Indies beat New Zealand in a thrilling Super Over finish earlier in the day.

SRI LANKA 42 DPMD Jayawardene c Morgan b Swann 16 TM Dilshan lbw b finn 13 KC Sangakkara c Bairstow b Swann AD Mathews b Broad 28 BMAJ Mendis c Bopara b Broad 18 HDRL Thirimanne b Broad 13 NLTC Perera not out 26 1 KMDN Kulasekara not out 12 EXTRAS (b 4, lb 2, w 6) 169 TOTAL (6 wickets; 20 overs) Did not bat A Dananjaya, SL Malinga, BAw Mendis fall of wickets 1-35, 2-74), 3-74, 4-126, 5-126, 6-162 BOwLING: ST finn 4-0-24-1, Jw Dernbach 4-0-42-0, SCJ Broad 4-0-32-3, GP Swann 4-0-26-2, RS Bopara 2-0-12-0, SR Patel 2-0-27-0 ENGLAND 12 LJ wright c Dilshan b Malinga 3 AD Hales lbw b Malinga 2 JM Bairstow c Kulasekara b Malinga 67 SR Patel b Malinga EJG Morgan lbw b Dananjaya 10 1 RS Bopara b BMAJ Mendis JC Buttler c BAw Mendis b Malinga 8 SCJ Broad c Jayawardene b Dananjaya 1 GP Swann b Kulasekara 34 1 ST finn not out 2 Jw Dernbach not out 9 EXTRAS (b 1, lb 4, w 3, nb 1) 150 TOTAL (9 wickets; 20 overs) fall of wickets 1-16, 2-18, 3-18, 4-73, 5-76, 6-91, 7-93, 8-144, 9-147) BOwLING: AD Mathews 3-0-21-0, K Kulasekara 4-0-22-1, SL Malinga 4-0-31-5, BAw Mendis 4-0-40-0, A Dananjaya 4-0-26-2, BMAJ Mendis 1-0-5-1 Toss England, who chose to field Result Sri Lanka win by 19 runs Points Sri Lanka 2, England 0


Sri Lanka raced to 35 by the fifth over before Tillakaratne Dilshan fell leg-before to paceman Steven Finn for 16. He hit a boundary and a six off 12 balls. Graeme Swann then pegged the hosts back with a double strike, dismissing Jayawardene caught at deep mid-wicket off a lofted shot, and off the next ball had Kumar Sangakkara caught behind for 13. Mathews and Jeevan Mendis (18) added a quickfire 52 for the fourth wicket before England captain Stuart Broad dismissed both off successive balls with the score at 126.

festival to help promote hockey, says Mujahid LAHORE STAff REPORT

Secretary, Punjab Hockey Association, former Olympian ,Rana Mujahid said on Monday that hockey event of Punjab youth and Sports Festival will help in promoting hockey at grass root level. “This event is of greater significant as it focuses on reviving hockey at early level and there is dire need to organize such events on regular basis,” he said at a news conference here on Monday at National hockey stadium. Sports Board Punjab has assigned the task to PHA to organize hockey event of the festival. He said the event will involve hockey teams at tehsil, district and division level and by that way new talent will be identified. Mujahid expressed his gratitude to Punjab Government and Sports Board Punjab for giving Punjab Hockey Association the responsibility for organizing the hockey event of the festival.

He acknowledged the vision of Punjab Chief Minister ,Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif for engaging youth in a healthy activity by coming up with an idea to hold the festival. He said Punjab Hockey Association will organize hockey event in a befitting manner by forming various committees at all levels where the matches will be played. “We will be holding a meeting of all the divisional sports officers on October six to finalise the arrangements of the event,” he said. He further added: “PHA will extend all out cooperation to SBP for making this event a big success.” He said all the matches of the hockey event of the festival will be organized under the supervision of experienced and qualified technical officials and all the international rules will be followed in all the matches. “ PHA will soon announce the match programme of the event at different centres across the province.

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

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17 Sports PcB serves show cause notice to lcca secretary LAHORE STAff REPORT

The Pakistan Cricket Board has served a show cause notice to Secretary, Lahore City Cricket Association, Mian Javed Ali for his outburst against the body (LCCA) and its President. “Javed has violated the PCB conduct of holder of office rules and code of conduct for members of PCB general body which are equally applicable to him as Secretary of the LCCA,” said the sources in PCB here on Monday. It may be mentioned here that Javed gave an interview to a private sorts channel July last and made negative and derogatory statements against LCCA. He strongly criticized the working of LCCA and the selection process of teams by the President, Khawaja Nadim Ahmed, blaming him for running the LCCA in a one man show manner. “These all are in violation of the undertaking given by the Secretary LCCA after his election in 2010 and he was expected to be responsible and careful in his conduct to set an example for others to follow,” said the sources. They said Javed has been given a weeklong time to submit his reply in writing to explain his position failure to which ex parte disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against him.

nBP Gold cup Hockey Tournament postponed LAHORE STAff REPORT

The NBP Gold Cup Hockey Tournament which was scheduled to be played here from October 5 been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. “The event will now be held from October 15th said Organizing Secretary, former hockey Olympian, Rana Mujahid Ali here on Monday.

Hamza Shahbaz Tiger Dangal

Giza: italian driver michele cinotto and his co-driver fulvio zini of the Dessoude team compete in their nissan Buggy during the Pharaons international cross country rally near the Giza pyramids KD247. afp

Kvitova crashes to second Asian upset Murray a contender at every grand Slam: Djokovic


Hamza Shahbaz Tiger dangal will be held here on October 14 with Mohammad Ali Pehalwan and Rustam Pehalwan fighting in the title bout. Lahore district wrestling association is organizing the dangal for the revival of traditional style of wrestling, said, Convener Wrestling Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Arshad on Monday. He said apart from title bout a dozen of other bouts will also take place among promising grapplers of the province. “Various committees have been formed for the smooth conduct of the event “,he said adding: “Rana Mashhood Ahmed, Deputy Speaker ,Punjab Assembly will be the chief guest on the occasion.

monfils injury blow hands murray walkover tOKYO AfP

Gael Monfils pulled out of the Japan Open Monday with a recurrence of the right knee trouble that has plagued his season, handing a first-round walkover to US Open champion Andy Murray. The 26-year-old Frenchman lost to his compatriot Gilles Simon last week in the quarter-finals in Bangkok, which was only his second event back after being sidelined since May. He also reached the semi-finals last month in Metz. In Bangkok, he admitted how he had grappled with the knee injury, especially as it was unclear when he would be back in action. "It was four tough months for me, I didn't know when I would be back on the court. That is tough on the mind," he said in the Thai capital.

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012





ORLD number five Petra Kvitova suffered her second early exit in just over a week Monday as she crashed out of the China Open's round two at the hands of Carla Suarez Navarro. Last year's Wimbledon champion lost 6-3, 6-2 to the Spanish player ranked 46th in the world, after also being humiliated in straight sets by Croatia's Petra Martic at the Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo. The fourth seed from the Czech Republic had received a first-round bye in Japan before losing to Martic, then 73rd in the standings. And her poor form in Asia continued in Beijing, largely due to erratic serving. Kvitova, who has yet to confirm her

spot at the season-ending WTA Championships in Istanbul featuring the year's top eight players, hit five double faults in the match, while her opponent who did not make any. Elsewhere, world number one Victoria Azarenka progressed to the second round with ease, thrashing Alize Cornet of France 6-1, 6-0, while second-ranked Maria Sharapova came through 7-5, 7-5 against Romania's Simona Halep. "I put myself in a good position in both of those sets being up a break, and I let her back in the match a couple of times," Sharapova said. "That's certainly not the best thing, I'm not exactly proud of it, but the good thing was I was able to regain my focus and win that match. I'm happy to be through." Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki, who won her first title in more than a year in Seoul last month, maintained her recent good form with

a 7-5, 6-7 (6/8), 6-2 victory over Chanelle Scheepers of South Africa. In the men's event, last year's losing finalist Marin Cilic suffered a shock first-round defeat to wild card Marius Copil, ranked more than 200 places below him in the world. The fourth-seeded Croat took the first set by six games to three and looked to be coasting, but the Romanian world number 221 fought back with a number of big serves to take the second on a tie break, 7-6 (7/0) and the third 6-4. "I wasn't serving consistently well. When I had the break-up in all three sets I would lose my serve," Cilic said. The world number 15 lost to Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic in the 2011 final and was hoping to go one better this year. "I'm very disappointed as I always feel here may be the best of the year, and the conditions would suit my game almost perfectly," Cilic added.

World number two Novak Djokovic said Monday his conqueror in the US Open final this year Andy Murray has the "quality" to be a contender at every Grand Slam the Scotsman plays in. Murray's 7-6 (12/10), 7-5, 2-6, 3-6, 6-2 victory over the Serbian was his first Grand Slam victory in five finals appearances with world number one Roger Federer and Spain's Rafael Nadal winning 29 of the prior 30 major titles. "Murray, I think, is playing better than ever," Djokovic said in Beijing ahead of his first round tie at the China Open. "He won his first Grand Slam title. I'm sure that he's one that's going to be, in the future, one of the contenders to win every Grand Slam he plays in. "He definitely has the skill, the quality," added the five-time Grand Slam winner who is looking to extend his unbeaten record at the China Open. Djokovic has won the event on the two occasions he has entered it, in 2009 and 2010, but missed last year because of injury. "I really, really want to do well here," he said. "I won the bronze medal in these courts (at the Beijing Olympics in 2008), so I have really nice memories from this tournament." Chinese fans might be in for a special treat this week with Djokovic saying he would be willing to put on a performance of the popular South Korean "Gangnam Style" dance, which has become a youTube sensation.

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Sports 18 Pakistan women's first ever win in World T20



AKISTAN women defeated India women by one run to record their first ever victory in Twenty-20 World Cup at Galle International Stadium on Monday (October 1). Pakistan's first ever victory in women's Twenty-20 World Cup came in the 12th match. It was also Pakistan women's first ever victry in three matches over Indian women in Twenty20 cricket. It was second time in women's Twenty-20 World Cup and fourth time in Twenty-20 cricket when one run victory was achieved. Sri Lanka was the first team to win by one run in Twenty-20 World Cup. They beat Pakistan by one run at Basseterre on May 6,2010. Nida Dar recorded her best bowling performance in Twenty-20 cricket by taking three for 12 in four overs. It was Pakistan's best bowling performancce in Twenty-20 World Cup and fourth best in Twenty-20 cricket. Sadia yousuf's two for nine in two overs against New Zealand at Basseterre on May 10,2010 was the previous best for Pakistan

in Twenty-20 World Cup while Nida Dar's previous best was two for 9 in four fours against Ireland at Potchefstroom on October 16,2010. Nida Dar received her second player of the match award in 20 Twenty-20 matches. It was Pakistan's maiden player of the match award in women's Twenty20 World Cup. SMALLEST WINS IN TERMS OF RUNS IN WOMEN'S TWENTY-20 CRICKET: Margin Winner Loser Venue Date 1 run Australia New Zealand Darwin 19-07-2007 1 run Sri Lanka Pak istan Basseterre 06-05-2010 1 run West Indies Pakistan St Andrew’s 06-09-2011 1 runs Pakistan India Galle 01-10-2012 2 runs Australia India Sydney 28-102008 2 runs West Indies South Africa Paarl 28-10-2009 2 runs New Zealand Australia Hobart 21-022010 2 runs West Indies England Basseterre 07-05-2010

uS rising stars ready to grab ryder Cup reins CHICAGO AfP

Thailand confident of hosting f1 race BANGKOK AfP

Thailand's tourism and sports minister Monday told AFP he was confident the country would host its first Formula One race in 2014, with talks already at an advanced stage. "It's unlikely we'll have any problem," Chumpol Silpa-archa said, adding that negotiations with Formula One's governing body, the FIA, were more than halfway through. But he said the country was still looking for a suitable venue as an existing track in the seaside resort of Pattaya, about an hour's drive from the capital Bangkok, is "not perfect". "We will discuss the possibilities and will know more in the next few weeks," Chumpol said. According to the Bangkok Post Englishlanguage daily, the race is likely to be held at night as in Singapore, where Thai officials met Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone late last month. The move would mark a new milestone in F1's drive into Asia, where Singapore, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Japan and India will all host races next year according to the FIA schedule announced on Friday. Singapore last month extended its grand prix for another five years until 2017 after lengthy haggling for cheaper fees. Singapore held the sport's first night race in 2008, an event that has become a highlight of the season. High costs have caused friction for several hosts of Formula One, which has expanded aggressively from its traditional European domain. Formula One driver Mark Webber was greeted by an estimated crowd of more than 100,000 people when he raced a show car through the streets of Bangkok in December 2010 as part of birthday celebrations for the Thai king.

A strong contingent of US young guns appear ready to take the torch from a group of American veterans whose Ryder Cup careers could be coming to a close. A trio of recent major championship winners Bubba Watson (2012 Masters), Webb Simpson (2012 US Open) and Keegan Bradley (2011 PGA Championship) all had solid Ryder Cups at the Medinah Country Club. Bradley looked unbeatable in the team events and flamboyant Watson gladly took on the lead-hitter role which helped set the tone off the first tee for the US team in the first two days of competition. "I can't be more proud of this team," said US skipper Davis Love. "They conducted themselves with class all week. They inspired the fans to get behind them. This is one of the most powerful teams

ever put together but it's also one of the classiest teams." Watson and Bradley provided the youthful energy that inspired veterans like Phil Mickelson, who was appearing in his ninth Ryder Cup. Mickelson went 3-0 in team events while being paired with Bradley but failed to win his Sunday singles match, losing 1-up to Justin Rose. Even though the Americans self-destructed on a bloody Sunday, losing 14 1/2 to 13 1/2 to the hard-charging Europeans, Bradley was finding it hard to come down off the high of playing in the Ryder Cup. "I never felt more on a team in my life," Bradley said. "I am going to be disappointed that we are not going to get together tomorrow to all get ready to play." While the 26-year-old Bradley and 27-year-old Simpson could be mainstays on Team USA for several more Ryder Cups, veterans like 45-year-old Steve Stricker and 42-year-old Jim Furyk could be winding down their Ryder Cup careers.

Asked if he was looking forward to trying out for the 2014 Ryder Cup in Gleneagles, Scotland, Stricker replied, "I don't know. I'll be 47 then. It would always be fun to be part of but we will see. It is too early to tell right now." Like Stricker, Furyk finished with a losing record in the 39th Ryder Cup. Furyk missed an eight-footer to save par at the 18th hole allowing Sergio Garcia to win the match, giving Europe a 1312 lead and needing just one more point to retain the cup. Furyk was in contention at this year's US Open but faded at the end. He thought he should have won the match against Garcia. "I'm pretty sure Sergio would tell you that I out-played him today but I didn't win and I lost the match," Furyk said. "I've had a lot of that happen this year. "Losing the US Open this year, losing Bridgestone, I'll be honest, it's been a very difficult year.

watch it Live TEN SPORTS


Pakistan V Australia 03:00PM India V South Africa 07:00PM

ryder cup hero westwood to miss Dunhill event GLASGOW AfP

European Ryder Cup hero Lee Westwood on Monday withdrew from this week's Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland. Westwood won the Dunhill event in 2003 but has decided to pull out this time to recover after his efforts for Europe, who came from 10-6 down to retain the Ryder Cup with an epic fightback in the singles on Sunday. Westwood's withdrawal leaves only three members of the European side in the Dunhill field. The three Europeans are Paul Lawrie, Peter Hanson and Martin Kaymer, who holed the putt that guaranteed Jose Maria Olazabal's men would retain the trophy, plus Dustin Johnson from the beaten American line-up. South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius and American swimmer Michael Phelps are among the stars from other sports taking part in the pro-am format. The first three days are at St Andrews, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns, with the leaders playing the final round back at St Andrews.

europe lauds triumph PARIS AfP

Europe on Monday revelled in its golfers' last-gasp Ryder Cup win over the United States, praising a gutsy fightback from a seemingly hopeless position, as their opponents pondered their defeat. Plaudits came from the very top, with the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, sending a message of congratulations to Spanish team captain Jose Maria Olazabal for what he said was a "magnificent victory". "To beat such a talented US team, to retain the Ryder Cup and win on American soil, is a great tribute to your superb leadership and the unity of the European team," Barroso said. "you have fittingly honoured the legacy of Seve Ballesteros and cemented your own place in the history of this great competition," he added, calling the victory "an inspiration to so many people in Europe". The EU commissioner for sport, Androulla Vassiliou, called the comeback "extraordinary", as Olazabal's men reversed a 10-6 deficit going into the closing 12 singles on Sunday to win by 14 1/2 points to 13 1/2.

ryder Cup glory comeback for europe CHICAGO AfP

Europe produced the greatest comeback in Ryder Cup history to reel in the United States and retain the trophy at Medinah Country Club on Sunday. Trailing by 10-6 going into the closing 12 singles, Jose Maria Olazabal's men thrillingly won the first five matches out and went on to make sure of victory when Martin Kaymer defeated Steve Stricker 1 up in the penultimate match. The German clinched it with a sixfoot putt at the last. That gave the Europeans the 14 points they needed to make sure of keeping the small, golden trophy for another two years and then Tiger Woods missed a four-footer at 18 to hand overall victory to Europe 14 1/2 to 13 1/2. The Americans had started the 12 closing singles 10-6 ahead and needing just 4 1/2 points to win the cup for just

the second time in the last decade, the other time being at Valhalla, Kentucky four years ago. They got to that position by dominating the foursomes and fourballs play on Friday and Saturday, taking two sessions 3-1 and splitting the two others 2-2. Jose Maria Olazabal's team were left with the mammoth task of winning eight out of the 12 singles to put the overall match score at 14-14, thus ensuring Europe retained the cup as holders. No European side had ever managed to comeback from 6-10 down in the Ryder Cup and no US team had ever lost more than a two-point advantage on the final day since the competition began in 1927. Olazabal loaded his top guns at the start of the singles slate and there was some early momentum as Luke Donald quickly went 2 up on Bubba Watson in the lead match and Europe were ahead in three of the first five matchups with one

all-square. But gradually the US team settled in with some strong middle-order players and it became increasingly clear how huge the task on hand was for the Europeans. First point home was a blue one as Donald led from start to finish to see off crowd-pleaser Bubba Watson 2 and 1. The Englishman was four up with five to play, but missed a four-footer to win on the 14th. Watson took the 15th and then chipped in to nick the 16th before Donald clinched it with a superb bunker shot at 17. Then Paul Lawrie, Europe's oldest player, pulled off an upset by trouncing Tour Championship winner Brandt Snedeker 5 and 3. And when world No.1 Rory McIlroy, who nearly missed his tee-time due to a mixup over time zones, completed a 2 and 1 win over the previously unbeaten Keegan Bradley, and Ian Poulter finished a perfect 4-0 by defeating Webb Simpson 2 up, the overall match was tied at 10-10.

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

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Tuesday, 2 October, 2012


Free elections, recovery of missing persons only solution to Balochistan problem: Nawaz g

talal Bugti demands withdrawal of army, end of agencies’ role in Balochistan LAHORE



AKISTAN Muslim LeagueNawaz President Nawaz Sharif on Monday called for the recovery of all missing Baloch persons and a free, fair and transparent election, saying the two moves could prove the only ray of hope for the resolution of the Balochistan problem. Addressing a joint press conference after meeting Jamhoori Wattan Party leader Talal Bugti, Nawaz said the tradition of installing fake leaderships should come to an end and the murderers of Nawab Akbar Bugti should be brought to justice. He warned that political negotiations, not force, were the solution to the Balochistan’s problems. Nawaz said the present rulers were also responsible to a great extent for the deteri-

oration of the situation in the province, as they had done nothing except extending apologies and announcing a package. He pointed out that not only Balochs, but Punjabis and Hazaras were also being killed and no one was safe as there is no writ of the state. The PML-N chief said Akbar Bugti was killed by Pervez Musharraf through the army and his family members were not even allowed to attend his burial. He said he felt similar pain when his father died, as he, Shahbaz Sharif and their family was not allowed to attend the funeral. Nawaz said Musharraf also tried to award him a death penalty but could not succeed. He said there were forces in Balochistan who despite getting repeated wounds still believed in the federation and as such there was a need to run the country in line with the constitution and democratic norms. He said the wounds of Balochistan could only be healed if all political forces sat together.

Nawaz said time had come to resolve the Balochistan issue and the next election was a ray of hope in which people must elect representative of their choice. He said he had met BNP chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal and his demands were justified. Addressing attendants, Nawabzada Talal Bugti said the mistakes of 1971 were being repeated in Balochistan and people who had no support were being imposed on the people. He said the Sardari system was an established democratic system which gave power and support to the people. He held the FC responsible for kidnappings for ransom and killing people. Bugti also presented a Baloch who was kidnapped and later released, adding that he feared that most of the missing persons had been killed. He said if the country was to be saved, the role of agencies would have to be eliminated and the army, FC and other security agencies be withdrawn from the province.

russian FM due tomorrow ISLAMABAD SHAIQ HUSSAIN

PESHAwAR: Supporters of the Difa-e-Pakistan Council participate in an anti-US rally on Monday. afp

ex-KP lawmaker places $200,000 bounty on anti-islam filmmaker PESHAWAR STAff REPORT

Thousands of demonstrators marched in Peshawar on Monday against the US-made anti-Islam movie, while a former provincial lawmaker announced a bounty of $200,000 on the head of the filmmaker. It is the second time a bounty was announced for anyone who kills the maker of the blasphemous film which has triggered protests across the Muslim world. Ikramullah Shahid, a former member of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, announced the head money at the rally. Earlier, Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmed Bilour offered $100,000 for anyone who kills the film producer. The Pakistani government had disassociated itself from Bilour’s announcement after the bounty was condemned by the United States.

uS drone kills three in nwa PESHAWAR STAff REPORT

At least three suspected militants were killed when a US drone fired missiles on a motorbike in Khaiderkhel village near Mirali, on of the main towns in North Waziristan Agency, on Monday. Officials in Miranshah, headquarters of North Waziristan Agency, said the US drone fired four missiles on the motorbike. Three people riding the bike were killed on the spot and their bodies left badly mutilated. According to the officials, the bodies were beyond recognition, but the dead appeared foreigners. Militants in the area later moved the bodies to an unidentified place for burial. North Waziristan has been a target for repeated drone strikes by the US and CIA who believe the area is a stronghold of the Haqqani network, the group accused by the US and coalition forces of crossing over into Afghanistan and attacking allied troops.

Key witnesses turn hostile in rimsha blasphemy case ISLAMABAD KASHIf ABBASI

The case of Khalid Jadoon Chishti, the cleric accused of tampering with evidence in Rimsha Masih case to press for stronger blasphemy allegations against her, took a new turn on Monday when three witnesses in the case backtracked from their preliminary statements. As District and Sessions Judge Raja Jawad Abbas resumed the hearing of case against the cleric, the three witnesses said that they had been forced by the police to give statements against the cleric. Three witnesses including Hafiz Zubair, Khurram Shahzad and Danish Ahmed submitted their affidavits before the court and contended that they had nothing to do with their previous statements recorded before the police because the investigating officer had forced them to testify against Chishti. Last month, Ramna Police Station had recorded the statements of the three witnesses who endorsed the testimony recorded by Hafiz Zubair, the original witness who had told a magistrate that the cleric had tampered with the evidence against Rimsha by adding two pages of the Holy Quran in the burnt pages of the Noorani Qaeda allegedly burnt by Rimsha. In their affidavits on Monday, the three witnesses claimed that they had not seen the cleric adding Quranic pages to the evidence against Rimsha.

After their statements, the judge issued notices to Investigating Officer Munir Jaffri, District Attorney Mehfooz Paracha, and complainant Hammad Malik, while adjourning the case until October 3. On September 22, the police said that the cleric was guilty of tampering evidence against Rimsha, while adding that there was no proof against the juvenile Christian girl. The cleric has been in prison for the last one month. Meanwhile, the chief justice of Islamabad High Court (IHC) stayed the trial court proceedings against Rimsha until October 17. The same bench had delayed trial court proceedings against Rimsha until October 1 on September 28. During the course of hearing, the complainant’s counsel did not appear before the court due to his personal engagement. The court extended the stay and adjourned the hearing until October17. Petitioner’s counsel Abdul Hameed Rana had moved a petition, seeking cancellation of the FIR registered against Rimsha on August 16. He told the court that the police had registered a case against Rimsha under Section 295-B at the behest of Hammad Malik, a resident of Mera Jaffer area. The court had granted a bail to Rimsha against two surety bonds of Rs 500,000 each on September 7. She was flown in a helicopter to an undisclosed location after her release from the jail. She was arrested on August 16 for allegedly burning the pages of Holy Quran at Mehra Jaffar, a suburb of the federal capital.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov will arrive in Islamabad tomorrow (Wednesday) on a two-day visit to hold talks with Pakistani leadership on important bilateral, regional and global issues and to discuss ways to expand cooperation in the fields of defence and economy. “The foreign minister of the Russian Federation, Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, will be visiting Islamabad for bilateral consultations from October 3-4, 2012. He is visiting Pakistan on the invitation of Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar extended during her last visit to Moscow in February,” said a Foreign Office on Monday. The visit of Russian Foreign Minister is significant as it will happen after the announcement made by Moscow a few days back about the cancellation of President Vladimir Putin’s historic visit to Islamabad scheduled for October 2 (today). “The new schedule for President Putin’s visit to Islamabad will be on top of the agenda of Foreign Minis-

ter Khar and other Pakistani officials who hold talks with the Russian foreign minister and his delegation on various issues of mutual interest,” a Pakistani diplomat said, seeking anonymity. He said Pakistan wanted to open a new chapter in ties with Russia and authorities in Islamabad believed that the visit of the Russian president could play a vital role in this regard. “A couple of important agreements in the field of economy were expected to be signed during the visit of the Russian leader and Pakistani authorities wait anxiously for the new dates of his (Putin) trip to Pakistani,” he said. The Foreign Office statement, meanwhile, said, “Pakistan and Russia enjoy an excellent relationship based on mutuality of interest in enhancing greater bilateral cooperation and convergence of views on various important regional and international issues.” “The two countries also share the common objective of peace and stability in the broader region and attach importance to regional connectivity both in terms of trade and energy cooperation,” it said.

profitepaper pakistantoday 02nd october, 2012  

profitepaper pakistantoday 02nd october, 2012

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